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File: 1642516447094.jpeg (913.08 KB, 1080x1287, 8C9925C1-D5C2-4536-A72A-8FC02A…)

No. 1420439

our previous thread saw an influx of blogposting, vendettas and pointless sperging over porridge b and hospitals, methinks some anons need a refresher on what the thread is for…
the milk:
ham is getting bigger, and seems to be advocating for increasing a dress size twice a year (much recovery, brave little warrior)
n2f is still as unhinged as ever, with an aggressive return of simply otherworldly creations posed as meals and wild face paint only fit to be seen on drunken drag queens.
eugenia cooney is still somehow alive, go figure. the pointless posts about her are clearly adding years onto her lifespan.
fiona continued to confuse audiences with a mixture of body checks and breakdowns, walking and wheelchairs…. hospital admission incoming? we await with baited breath.
niamh continues to behave like a narcissistic brat with an attention-seeking problem, though a certain anon seems heartily reluctant to allow discussion of her… not suspicious at all, im sure.
in wild attempt at relevancy, cece has taken to posting ‘treatment stories’ on tiktok about her “chronic anorexia”… whilst looking remarkably normal. what a brave soul.
and major credit to anyone who can understand why sperg about josie’s munching and medical procedures is relevant to the pro ana scumbags thread… but anons certainly insist on the devotion of hours to argue about it. such fun!
emisfighting is.. very much not fighting.
life of hxn is illiterate
photoshop is rife
milk is dry

reminder to put sage in the email field and please resist the urge to post about yourself.. as impossible as that prospect might feel.

No. 1420448

File: 1642517077806.png (5.94 MB, 1170x2532, 03482316-B8F0-4790-BB2E-D3C312…)

sarah is still e-begging and thinks that eating one mcnugget on camera constitutes recovery

No. 1420459

File: 1642518944161.jpeg (512.8 KB, 827x1431, B57E03DE-3298-44FF-9FEE-112F8C…)

Thanks for the new thread anon.
Anna posted this which is incredibly unprofessional. I thought she was a prodigy who spends her days performing brain surgery and resuscitating babies? Shouldn’t she be to busy being gods gift to medicine to photograph patient related media?

No. 1420463

File: 1642519347784.jpeg (511.38 KB, 587x1258, CF6B3911-47D2-4B05-8332-ED5661…)

Just reposting image so we don’t have to keep going back to last board.

This tiktok ana got semi-popular off the trend of ‘things I got in trouble for saying in ED treatment’ and ‘so this one time in ED treatment’ but kind of before everyone started doing it. I think at the beginning pretty much everyone found her funny (aided by the fact that she is a skinny pretty blonde) but most of the things she claims to have said or done sound made up, and v triggering for other patients.
Off the top of my head some are ‘I called Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs a horror film’, ‘someone asked if we wanted seconds and I said absolutely not’ ‘someone asked what we should dress up for on Halloween and I said chocolate because it’s the scariest thing’.
She basically perpetuates a stereotype of the perfect, never eating, hating all food, ana, who looks down on others for wanting to get better. Hence now the backlash against her.

No. 1420469

Does she work? Or just sit on her arse stewing in self-pity and expecting handouts? She doesn’t strike me as one who even wants to get better.

What the fuck?!

(Thanks for the thread nonnie!)

No. 1420472

Okay in the last thread I said I wanted her to end up like Lucy Knight, but seeing this i’m now keeping my fingers crossed for a Robert Romano situation. He was also a cocky asshole, but unlike Anna he actually had the talent to back it up.

No. 1420491

I don’t normally vibe with your a-logging but this genuinely made me laugh

No. 1420492

Thread anon, what have you got against discussion of munchies? There’s a massive crossover with pro ana and always has been…

No. 1420497

Oh boohoo, you’re cold. At least you’re not being airlifted to a hospital for a medical crisis!

No. 1420504


this is the pro-ana scumbags thread. unless the munching is related to pro-ana scumbaggery, take it to a munchie thread.

No. 1420509

Sarah does not work, she still lives at home, totally dependent on her family (who she then complains about on her stories)… been the same for '10 years'

No. 1420555

All the people called out on their munching are pro ana scumbags… Anna, Josie, Emma are perfect examples.

No. 1420561

ntayrt but are there actually any active munchie threads on here? I haven't seen any myself.

No. 1420576

File: 1642528350920.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2061, 019FFF14-8148-4A52-8F99-490D18…)

of course she is hoarding food, why not share this behavior with her audience?
but 3 months ago wasnt she in general?

No. 1420579

No, they were banned, gotta go to kiwi farms for that

No. 1420595

Do you happen to know the reasoning for the ban? Just curious.

No. 1420609

Basically they were problem threads, full of blogging and people couldn’t behave. It annoyed the mods too much, iirc

No. 1420613

Don’t follow her or know much but when she says our fav llama cow is she referring to Fi? Yet Fi is following her?

No. 1420614

Optimum nutrition is the new manilife peanut butter

No. 1420622

File: 1642531840557.jpg (444.76 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20220118-134923_Ins…)

In what way does she "usually hide" her whinging and crying to mummy and daddy

No. 1420628

She doesn’t - they have a family sit down every Sunday to review the week together…. Assuming her sisters aren’t invited.

No. 1420630

She literally looks worse than ever what is she actually doing with the "therapy" money

No. 1420643

Imagine being her parent (or Morven’s, or Becky’s or Paris’s). I’d almost feel sorry for them if they didn’t clearly coddle them and encourage their trash behaviour

No. 1420658

thanks OP, now I have to go get myself a boba

No. 1420679

Basically any place to discuss munchies attracts people who are also would-be munchies and they can’t help but blog about how they know a cow doesn’t have EDS or POTs or whatever because actually they have TOTALLY real EDSPOTSGERD and it’s not like how the cow is making it out to be at all. The lack of self awareness makes the mods want to hang themselves. Our sister farms probably has the most successful munch thread because their board culture is heavily against blogging

No. 1420690

I briefly visited Ruby Granger’s tattle thread when everyone was speculating about her having an ED but Jesus Christ, every second post was “she looks pale, when I ate 200 cals a day I looked that pale, she will get pulled out of uni like I did when I got put in hospital for 2 years” - then 10 replies of ‘omg I’m so sorry I hope you’re better now’
If you’re posting on a gossip column don’t pretend to be nice, accept you’re a bitch and move on

No. 1420692

File: 1642537174783.jpeg (126.39 KB, 750x1334, 642C2386-709D-47A9-8507-EFF674…)

Names blurred because not really a cow but I think this is the philosophy porgie goes by. Never mind how ridiculous it is. If you ever eat less than your maintenance you’re underweight.

No. 1420695

Sarah doesn’t work. Her father is a GP though.

No. 1420750

she used to go to 'beauty college' or something but I dont think she even does that anymore, she's completely dependent on other people.

No. 1420763

Yes, this, munchies don’t know when to shut the fuck up and 98% of people claiming EDS, POTS and all that crap online are munchies. An ED one from munchie land is Jess (chroniciconic that was), who is extensively , hilariously documented on KF.
tldr most Eds munchies have some degree of ED but not enough to really be pro ana so they rarely qualify fully for this thread. They’re very entertaining though.

No. 1420837

what’s the equivalent thread of this on KF called?

No. 1420847

Look I've got to give her credit. It's Jan 19. Was defs expecting her in hospital by now.

No. 1420849

That made me chuckle more than it should, imagine legit ham planets/deathfats claiming they are underweight now because they're eating fewer calories than they normally do to sustain their gargantuion size.

I'm assuming it's the "Munchausen's by Internet" thread.

No. 1420963

If they claim the trifecta they’re muchies. Munch factor increases tenfold when they have the the trifecta and “MCAS”

No. 1420979

File: 1642554600991.jpg (1.61 MB, 1373x2048, pixlr_20220119120311442.jpg)

I personally love Jose. She's a larper and a munchie and I am neither a munchie or a chronic illness warrior. I've been sitting on this milk for a bit. I'm annoyed I don't have a pic of her amazing window displays she always has in hospital. That's what drives me crazy with her, the way she makes the whole hospital experience so ~aesthetic~

No. 1420980

File: 1642554644064.jpg (1.53 MB, 1373x2048, pixlr_20220119120958815.jpg)

No. 1420983

She's the ausfag version of cece

No. 1421033

Im glad Josie has never been underweight, not only would we never see or hear the end of it, but she’d also look SO BAD. She’s got that pro Ana forehead that really POPS when you’re a skelly

No. 1421057

Right! And she always has to ask for gifts and flowers to be sent to her. Ugh. But then she posts about how people shouldn’t ‘glamorise’ hospital

No. 1421113

In aus do they tube people at a much higher weight than the uk? Look at the difference between Fi and josie.

No. 1421141

File: 1642568429712.jpg (721.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220118-205507_Tik…)

Suprised noone has mentioned this cow. Unfortunately she only really posts on tiktok, but she drives me insane. Is clearly overweight. Always posts her NG tube. The hospital discharges her because she's medically stable, so she stops eating for a few days until they readmit her… and she's been doing this for months! I genuinely don't understand how she's not embarrassed to be there. She goes live almost every night where she shits on all the doctors and nurses, is so attention seeking, i can't even put her into words. I really hope I'm not the only one annoyed by her.

No. 1421143

File: 1642568523827.jpg (851.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220118-205530_Tik…)

Its really hard to get the jist of her just from the screenshots, but here's another, she just got discharged, went a few days eating "nothing but a few pickles" then readmitted, and of course posted about it immediately once she was in the ER.

No. 1421145

Why isn't she in a hospital gown if she's admitted? Is that normal wherever she is?

No. 1421147


Its a medical hospital they let you change into normal clothes if you're there long enough. Some of her videos are in a gown.

No. 1421150

File: 1642569154786.jpg (497.24 KB, 2880x2880, 20220118_211024.jpg)

I mean, if this doesn't sum it up… this was supposedly reenacting the hospital doc kicking her out lmao

Clear bpd, clearly larping a restrictive ED, I don't know why they keep admitting her

and saged sorry for being obnoxious

No. 1421152

"Discharged against my will" ….not to put all people with eating disorders in a box, but that is not something that people with eating disorders say

No. 1421153

Imagine asking for flowers. I can't even.

No. 1421156

Yes at any weight including obese, if your bloods are off. Which is not hard to achieve.

No. 1421158


That fucking annoys me. I don't think voluntarily going inpatient automatically = invalid ED. But the whole nature of anorexia is a fear of weight gain, of eating more, etc.

Everytime I've been in the hospital due to my ED (as an adult) I've left because my um… eating disorder.. made the whole thing unimaginably scary. And of course if I have the autonomy to just leave, I'm going to

No. 1421162

This is so much not what you say

No. 1421200

File: 1642578582152.jpeg (203.31 KB, 1241x2123, 7B5AF603-CFFE-4B19-B2D9-085084…)

Not even joking…

Also guys, Josie’s now deleted every post on all of her Instagram accounts? I went there for milk to follow up my comment with proof of her asking for flowers and came across nothing. Many sadness

No. 1421202

Ah dang!! I have a pic last thread of her asking for flowers. She sure is on the ball. Shame tho.

No. 1421238

Do they just get dumped on a general medical ward or are there ED wards? Is it private or free like nhs here? Whose money are they wasting?

No. 1421245


Yeah, some truly fascinating input you’re giving here. Stop blogposting.

No. 1421308

Usually the general medical ward is public free system until they are medically stable to go to private ED specialist unit but there are a few public ED wards that tube I think. Or discharged home like Fi

No. 1421340

So the public system is totally tax payer funded, but the private system also has some taxpayer funding. She's in public at the moment, however even if she was in private, I don't think she's 25 so she'd most likely be on her parents health insurance wasting their money too. No one really goes private unless you have insurance because it's over 1000 per day sometimes. But yeah her and chaibabie basically deleted everything now, except on their private there's still a few things. I'm sure it won't last long, with attention whores like them it never does.

No. 1421342

Unfortunately it’s likely the parents have a role in maintaining their child’s eating disorder and for Smorven and Fiona I’d say it’s certain that the parents maintain the eating disorder. Fi’s mum shouldn’t be reassuring her for 2 hours and she will have been educated about this by eating disorder services. She’s taking away Fiona’s opportunity to learn how to help and soothe herself, and ensuring that she’ll be spending hours reassuring her adult daughter for years to come.

No. 1421400

If ya'll haven't checked out the cringe fest that is cece's tictok you should just to be amazed at how truly incompetent she is at lip syncing

No. 1421417

The very same, smug smile.

No. 1421430

Mothership and fatherkins

Fi’s parents undoubtedly enable her ED, look at the way they have put her before her sisters year after year.

I can’t understand what Paris’s mum thinks she is doing either - she must have been the one taking the videos of Paris doing the ridiculous dances and eating and letting Paris totally control her own food and shopping. But then Paris doesn’t want to get better or grow up. Neither do Smorven or Fi because that would mean taking responsibility for themselves.

No. 1421445

File: 1642609700814.jpg (256.96 KB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20220119-111847_Ins…)

Holy christ her cry faces are a jumpscare. What is with fi and the crying being included? Surely when editing the footage she could cut it out

No. 1421452


Her meal plan increase is all of 40 calories (swapping from a Kvarg to a Frusli bar). Also, surely she should be keeping the yogurt in for phosphate and refeeding…?

No. 1421453

File: 1642610447132.jpg (315.27 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20220119-113836_Chr…)


No. 1421460

I wonder if, now it seems Fi’s other two sisters have essentially cut them off, Fi’s parents are clinging onto saving the one daughter they still have a ‘good’ relationship with.
But Hxn alluded to her parents basically saying they couldn’t take her back when she was sectioned this time round (same with wateremelons). I wonder if Fi’s parents will do the same. It sounds like they have taken that approach before from what she’s said on her tumblr.
Their children must go into hospital and they’ll get one actual decent, worry-free, night’s sleep and realise they can’t go back to how it was before. Fi’s parents must be getting close to their breaking point.

No. 1421466

File: 1642612223386.png (411.04 KB, 640x762, Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 17.09…)

Fi bingo

No. 1421474

dead. thank you anon but a llama is needed

No. 1421483


topkek, I'd say

No. 1421491

Agree. Also another belter line that features in most of her videos ‘I still don’t believe I’m as unwell as everyone says’ - emphasis on everyone, and ‘it’s this or
hospital’ is another frequent one atm

No. 1421493

"Handpainted bowl" is missing.

No. 1421511

Love it nonna. I’ve missed the bingos

No. 1421534

Just realised who she reminds me of. She looks like a white Porochista Khakpour (another munchie crying ~oPprEsHuN~ whenever challenged)

No. 1421543

Holy fuck that's a lot of PRN just to deal with less than 24 hours of an NG. She should be grateful she's getting nutrition and not a stomach emptying.

No. 1421544

Ha! Yes. So bloody true

Love those PK memories, thanks anon

No. 1421550

If you cover up her two sad, thin little pigtails she looks like a man in his 50s kek

No. 1421589

See, with Hxn’s parents I think paradoxically they did the right thing. It sounds horrible - “parents chuck out mentally ill, eating disordered daughter” - but they were clearly trying to break the cycle. Whatever dynamic played out at home wasn’t working as Hxn continued to waste emergency services time over and over and put anyone who cares about her through hell. I agree that there’s probably also a big element of “I can’t do this shit anymore”.

No. 1421595

Especially as even if she edited out the active crying, it’d still be obvious that she had been crying. She could get the same amount of asspats with less snot.

No. 1421609

Excellent and yes need a llama and hand painted bowl

No. 1421613

But without the snot it wouldn’t be so attention seeking.
What baffles me is why people record themselves snivelling and obviously crying and looking as awful as possible but then go and post it on TikTok or YT for everyone to see.

No. 1421630

>>1421595 Fi gives new meaning to the term "ugly cry"

No. 1421635

And I thought elzani was bad in some of hers! Two are comparable but then we know Fi copies elzani going by her leggings.

No. 1421660

do they not do bridles anymore?

No. 1421699

>>1421630 I feel like Elzani deserves a little credit for moving on with her life. Autism aside, she's not draining the nhs dry

No. 1421818

True but she will always be idolised by some cows because of her hospital videos.
Although she never had an ng.
But can you remember that first cringeworthy video of her admission - snot, crying, more snot, more crying.

No. 1421823

>>1421699 so similar to fi too with the "I'm so so so unwell"

No. 1421849

do they ever just allow you to not eat on a general medical ward and not tube you and just give vitamins like pabrinex?

No. 1421865

Google exists for a reason

No. 1421888

heres a tougher journey, cecelia: find a job and keep it without forcing your way back ip or trying to overdose on otc drugs

No. 1421924

Depends why you’re not eating, why you’re there in the first place and whether it’s impacting you medically I would say.

No. 1421953

File: 1642637565533.jpg (260.1 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20220119-190432_Ins…)

Why does cece do the weird slow blinking and raising her eyebrows in every story

No. 1421966

why do these clowns embarrass themselves on the internet? It's both hilarious and pathetic

No. 1421974

At least she’s not channeling overly attached gf for once, her eyes are distinctly less crazy here. But yeah, this woman seriously needs a job. Or a coloring book at least

No. 1421985

File: 1642639806780.jpeg (328.42 KB, 640x522, 3BAB0CF2-6802-4A94-A366-9CC1B5…)

Strangely, i find cece’s ugly crying tiktok face prettier than Fis. Fi looks nightmarish

No. 1421996

I'm not going to be able to sleep now. Gosh she frustrates me

No. 1422019

She looks like Nicolas Cage.

No. 1422024

romanticizing ED is bad, says the 30 year old woman posting crying selfies on tiktok

No. 1422031

at this point it feels like these people are romaticizing the act of being a warrior who's suffering because of their ed and not the ed itself

No. 1422057

File: 1642644419242.jpg (318.11 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20220119-195259_Chr…)

Cece bugging her eyes out again

No. 1422073

Ding ding ding! Some people just switch to having a victim complex in recovery

The caption is funny. It’s cringe that she is recreating videos teens made. Doesn’t sit well with me when adults follow children or young teens in the recovery community

No. 1422077

fuckin' battle of the foreheads with these two

No. 1422090

I have a theory that NO ONE is actually sending Fi these spoons, and she’s actually just ordering shit herself online and passing it off as gifts. Late night thoughts.

No. 1422094

this fucking sent me

No. 1422162

Am I the only one who really doesn’t find her milky anymore? Take your whinging about her forehead size somewhere else and bring back some actual cows(sage your shit)

No. 1422207

File: 1642665564220.jpg (174 KB, 1080x2084, 20220120_175748.jpg)

Well would you look at that… Josie must have made an absolutely remarkably fast recovery considering she's now able to type full paragraphs and make new Instagram accounts… The whole TBI was a load of bullshit in my opinion. Also she's made yet ANOTHER new account. This must be like her 50th account

No. 1422208

File: 1642665670345.jpg (105.47 KB, 1080x2098, 20220120_180000.jpg)

Only just realised Enara actually added me to her CF kek. But she's back at wasting resources… Called an ambulance on herself because she can't stand being away from hospital for more than a few days… What an absolute joke

No. 1422213

Give it a couple of days and I’m sure there will be a post on there somewhere about how she has SO many follow requests to get through as well(sage)

No. 1422245

Pretty sure all of us have 50 fake accounts tho let’s be real

No. 1422256

Still able to post her shit on social media.
Not too sick.

No. 1422259

File: 1642673538103.jpeg (942.36 KB, 1170x2082, BBED74FC-89CB-493A-BE32-5F01BA…)

Fiona reminding people that she is ill

No. 1422260

Probably. Surprised she hasn’t copied the smorven thing of not being able to open mail or presents people sent her.

No. 1422261

Wonder what people have said to her to make her post it.

No. 1422276

File: 1642674870148.jpg (608.43 KB, 1080x2037, Screenshot_20220120-202834_Ins…)

Munchie mode now she can't larp anorexia

No. 1422279

File: 1642674978970.jpg (715.11 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20220120-202924_Ins…)


She claims appendicitis but I bet she did something on purpose

No. 1422290

Is that where the caption ends? Because it’s missing the very important piece of information that FND has no actual biological cause and is a psychosomatic disorder. Usually munchies hate the label because it’s basically an ‘it’s all in your head’ label reworded to sound medical, and munchies love to claim that their symptoms are 100% real and true. Glad she’s realised she’s not thin enough to make a restrictive ED believable though

No. 1422293

Kek like she was ever thin enough for people to believe her

No. 1422309

She has been saying for a long time (6 months?) about how she can’t walk because of her muscle wastage from her sooper severe anorexia when we pretty much all said here it looked like FND. But rem insisted that she was the one person who lost enough muscle after being underweight for a month to not be able to walk while spoops are able to run around fine.

No. 1422320

i usually laugh with the cows here but Remi annoys me so much.
She comes off so annoying and bitch and know it all. Plus she doesnt look 27\28 to me, i thought she was 40

No. 1422321

File: 1642679914586.jpeg (506.96 KB, 1800x1800, CE01C480-6957-4376-8248-9D54E5…)

I hope you can read this properly but this is cece’s cringiest tiktok to date. Plus an example of the comments it received.

No. 1422323

There’s a comment saying she knows she had bone marrow failure because of low WBC count. Pretty sure that doesn’t mean your body is failing though. And in the video she implies that bone marrow failure was the cause and low WBC was the effect. Make it make sense

No. 1422324

Low WBC isnt 'bone marrow failure' at all. You can have low WBCs due to an ED, but thats very different to actual 'bone marrow failure'. Oh Cece

No. 1422338

File: 1642682904989.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x2405, 374CD032-F13D-41CE-B1C2-2F3ADC…)

cows being friends never fails to amuse me. what do they even talk about? especially this combo- hxn talking about how doom and gloom and woeful her life is, and zara pretending to be a much recovered superior ~influencer~?

No. 1422340

What infuriates me the most is the driving 60mph on a highway and repeatedly losing consciousness. Irresponsible as hell or she wasn't driving herself but failed to mention that. I do believe she's so fuckin stupid that she herself was driving. Even edtwitter faggots are smarter than her, preaching that you should NEVER ever drive when fasting.

No. 1422362

Love how she isn’t using photos of herself as backgrounds to these anymore because she’s not a spoop now

No. 1422370

File: 1642688047918.jpeg (913.5 KB, 1150x1747, B4E8D46A-9E43-49CC-B915-8CAE2A…)

if we thought that recovering_jas was bad at photoshop… this is next level shit. not a cow per se but a highly amusing sight

No. 1422372

File: 1642688170852.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2315, C32A4CED-EAFA-4ACD-A521-A10E0B…)

> recovery is possible
> ed recovery
> fighter

No. 1422398

kek anon I thought about posting this one the other day, not much milk unfortunately but the shooping here is practically Laura level

No. 1422404

you can always tell by the hands which look borderline healthy here and don't really match up with the twig legs

No. 1422409

I think she’s made a huge effort to hide the photoshop around her hands which is why the door looks so jagged around it

Also clearly ‘losing consciousness’ once doesn’t sound as dramatic as losing consciousness ‘repeatedly’ but ANYONE with any sense would pull over if they even felt a bit like they would faint on a motorway. Not our precious ana queen. Probably hoping for a pile up for major spoop points.

No. 1422430

No way would her hair and cheeks look so healthy if she was really this spoopy.

No. 1422432

Knowing how dramatic she is, ‘losing consciousness’ probably means blinking

No. 1422435

kek anon

No. 1422473

Aside from the photo it’s the number and ridiculousness of all the # tags about recovery and warrior that make me laugh

No. 1422485

Cece trying to blend in with Gen z tiktok kids is probably the most embarassing thing I've seen

No. 1422492

Malnutrition causes low WBC count

Electrolytes have nothing to do with involuntary vomiting. As a newly licensed SLP she should know better

No. 1422494

She just went private lol
Lurking much?

No. 1422507

File: 1642700744710.png (6.87 MB, 1170x2532, 8B4F67DB-9D2D-4BB6-92B1-8BF07C…)

a more realistic shot of her legs, kek

No. 1422508

She’s following like 99% of the cows discussed here too (can’t screenshot since she’s gone private, sorry, but she’ll probably delete anyway). Definitely a lurker/farmer. And definitely not as unwell as she makes out with a face shape like that.

No. 1422511

File: 1642700817936.png (7.07 MB, 1170x2532, 7EE7CF0E-5155-458C-882C-566532…)

this is a more full screen version of the OG photoshop… lol

No. 1422515

Conveniently placed text box to try and disguise the wonky door lines…rookie mistake

No. 1422519

File: 1642701418265.jpg (317.22 KB, 1045x1797, Screenshot_20220120-125603_Chr…)

Cecelia trying to look delicate and dainty with her weird blinking is absolutely sending me

No. 1422527

File: 1642702104729.jpg (428.28 KB, 1536x2048, karo.jpg)

Has anyone else been seeing this girl all over tiktok, instagram and twitter? Goes by Karoline/Crystal. Likes to flaunt her skelly body and then complain about people commenting on her weight.

No. 1422530

File: 1642702160141.jpg (8.63 KB, 181x278, karo 2.jpg)

No. 1422531

>>1422527 Def have seen her around she's a cow for sure. I'm a dumbfag but why does her face looks so full/healthy

No. 1422536

prob is a puker

No. 1422540

File: 1642703327489.jpg (323.46 KB, 1064x1814, Screenshot_20220120-132728_Ins…)

Zoomer tiktok fashion is a tragedy

No. 1422571

She really delights in sharing her struggles with ‘sever anorexia’ doesn’t she?

No. 1422575

Caption is a blatant lie, she doesn’t think that at all and shoehorns the fact she’s had treatment into everything. Like, we get it. And we also know those places probably take just about anyone with decent insurance. She must be seething about never qualifying for ACUTE

No. 1422589

File: 1642707794135.jpg (333.53 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20220120-125558_Chr…)

>>1422519 the fear food sperging is out of control with all the cows

No. 1422607

I’d really think the bigger issue is eating a number of calories that you’re not ok with. The second hand embarrassment of her lip syncing along to Melanie Martinez is intense.

No. 1422611

I can't unsee it. A deepfake would slay me

No. 1422650

File: 1642713259721.png (995.34 KB, 2823x1295, Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 11.07…)

Fi had her important appointment today that she realised she is "not fine".
She pointed out how unwell she still is.
She is still on the wheelchair.
EDU is still on the cards.
She also had a melton off camera "so we didn't have to see her cry this time" - Fi, are you reading much on here?
Also to that point, ever heard of landscape mode while filming?

No. 1422665

Controversial opinion maybe but war stories aren't inherently bad. Sometimes it's good to see where things can lead if you don't get help, a wake-up call without it having to actually happen to you. The picture of the chick who died on the toilet still sticks with me, and it makes me wonder if that's how N2F or Lucinda are going to go, blooming grim.

No. 1422669

Kek at the Elzani vid in the suggesteds, looks like the YouTube algorithm is working well

I’m sure it varies but for most people if you have enough awareness to realise the dangers shown in war stories and do something about it I don’t think you’d need the warning in the first place

No. 1422673

File: 1642714723260.png (1.02 MB, 804x1158, moo moo.png)

this cow has been admitted approx. 30 times in the last twelve months but still asks her followers for advice on what to take when she gets admitted again - bestie, take your entire bedroom and move in if you love the hospital that much.

No. 1422681

I’ve missed her, she’s so blatantly pro ana. Has she been doing anything milky in the past 6 months of so since since she was last mentioned here? And unless you’re doing a year+ admission you shouldn’t be bringing a huge amount of stuff, it doesn’t help to be too comfy (not that she cares though)

No. 1422690

A poorly disguised attempt at “look everybody I’m going ip again!”
Probably won’t even read the replies

No. 1422698

who it the chick who died on the toilet??

No. 1422723

File: 1642719736114.jpeg (674.72 KB, 960x1641, FEA62BF9-71DB-4CB8-BAE6-8BCEAD…)

Enera's private story update. She also called 000 for a mental health responder, but did not go anywhere and did not relapse.

No. 1422773

File: 1642724351623.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 35.66 KB, 394x400, DE71E626-93E0-4501-B01D-247CEB…)

It’s an old pic of a bulimic girl who died from a stomach rupture while purging. Sad, slow, painful death. Undignified and miserable.

No. 1422825

lucinda can't wait to die like this. mental illness is fucking scary.

No. 1422837

Jesus that is grim. Bulimia is a hell of a drug…. Why is she naked????

No. 1422859

File: 1642734730156.png (2.75 MB, 1208x1175, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 9.59…)

No. 1422862

File: 1642735048385.png (2.44 MB, 1206x1153, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 9.59…)

No. 1422869


this is the paper that image is from. sounds like she was alone at home.

No. 1422871

File: 1642735686864.png (2.43 MB, 1063x1267, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 10.0…)

No. 1422873

File: 1642735731935.png (2.13 MB, 1192x1151, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 10.0…)

No. 1422901

And strange how there was a comment on here about her sending herself things to her own PO Box then she makes a video talking about how grateful she is for all the cards and gifts and how they keep her going.

No. 1423005

I agree but how is this related to pro ana scumbags?

No. 1423033

Who even are all these people asking for her po box because I have seen none

No. 1423042

Such a good dainty ana didn't even finish her veggies TUBE HER ALREADY!!

No. 1423044

When n2f's oats look healthier than ham's.. Albeit the nutbar in the middle is weird as hell but at least it has almost a whole banana, walnuts and no sprinkles and syrups.

No. 1423067

it’s not, certain newfags are obsessed with posting random tiktokers

No. 1423097


That's got to be one special talent.
Everything looks not only disgusting, but also unhealthy and artificial.

No. 1423114

Why is the time stamp crossed out

No. 1423116

Pre sure she lives in a state where chronic anas are allowed to maintain a low bmi. They basically cater to their behaviours.

No. 1423120

File: 1642777532266.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x2060, F0F9EAE7-4F1F-4C2E-B0B7-D034CE…)

No. 1423126

How can she post this shit after preaching you don’t need admissions to be valid? And why that photo? It’s neither from nine years ago or from today - does she really think it represents her recovery more than any other picture? And it’s so unlikely she committed to recovery on exactly the first day of her first IP admission. And finally it’s kind of pathetic that’ she is claiming she has had super severe anorexia for nine plus years but only ever gotten to a BMI of 15 that one time. Sorry for the rant.

No. 1423135

>>1423005 ntayrt but it's crystal/Karo who was mentioned upthread. She isn't really milky but she's def pro ana

No. 1423136

>>1423126 She's never been bmi 15, more like 16-17 based on her pictures. So severe indeed.

No. 1423141

>>1423120 Seventeen admissions in a country where just about anyone will get admitted with the proper insurance. Kek. Come to my country Cecelia, you would never have been admitted here, they only accept actual skellies or ppl who purge so much their bloodwork is a mess due to that.

No. 1423143

Probably anon being cautious. A while ago Instagram would alert you when someone screenshotted stories, along with a timestamp, so people could figure out who screenshotted what and when, but it got removed afaik in 2018. Not sure if they've brought anything back in similar.

No. 1423151

she deleted it and posted the same thing with a video of today.
Cece reading here?

No. 1423154

did this actually happened to you anon?
because from what i read is a myth

No. 1423156

crazy eyes

No. 1423160

File: 1642781199507.jpg (233.73 KB, 1071x1818, Screenshot_20220121-110430_Chr…)

>>1423126 back during ceces acute larp I did some digging looks like ACUTE in the US discharges skellies to residential once they gain up to bmi 14.

No. 1423167

Not even 17 admissions to ‘treatment’ per se - she counts her 2-3 days in general for fluids as an admission

No. 1423169

bmi 14 is allowed for discharge from inpatient right?? it doesn’t have to be 15??

No. 1423174


Totally depends on the patient at acute. Some will get discharged at much lower BMIs and because they have more beds now, they regularly admit people at higher BMIs too. The criteria stated online isn't all too accurate.

Besides cece didn't go to acute, she went to a local hospital that I'm actually familiar with and know, will admit anyone. Same place that repeatedly admits addi (mentioned a few days back)

No. 1423175

cece is so fucking hypocritical - saying you don't need hospitalization to be uwu valid, then constantly reminding everyone how "sick" she was. Honestly, a fucking insult to those who really are sick for long periods of time. She was admitting because she stopped drinking water kek

and she was on the tube voluntarily which very few genuinely sick anorexic patients would even accept. I can't stand her

No. 1423177

>>1423169 correct. Most acute patients are death skellys so they discharge to erc or similar once they gain to bmi 14. Cece admitted to erc at what looked like 17

No. 1423187

>>1423167 it's so funny that Cecelia calls it "acute care" what a try hard

No. 1423188

File: 1642783508430.png (33.14 KB, 712x233, clipping.png)

Not me, I remember it being brought up years ago though. I started making sure to use a chrome extension after that. In current time - I believe if you screenshot disappearing/time-limited private photos and videos sent to you the sender will receive a notification when you screenshot it still - can't see any mention of that being changed. But as of right now it still seems anonymous to screenshot stories.

No. 1423221

Am I desensitised or does she not look all that shocking in terms of weight? I’ll take the bone rattler comments idc. Just the way she made sure to get the toob, cannula, leads, hospital bracelet all in the shot. That smirk. She looks happy as a pig in shit

No. 1423222

>>1423221 no, you're absolutely right. She looks just normal skinny.

No. 1423226

It's also notable that despite having the ng and an iv, nothing is actually running because she's not ~imminently dying~ like she tried to imply.

No. 1423231

File: 1642787019175.jpg (228.79 KB, 1077x1639, Screenshot_20220121-124158_Ins…)

Not exactly pro ana scumbaggery but her posing and "teehee I'm so cutesy and dainty" drives me over the edge

No. 1423232

Especially for a supposed SEED patient as she’s so fond of claiming. Even she wasn’t..well, her…I wouldn’t even automatically think anorexia looking at this. But no doubt after reading this she’ll share those 2 “low weight” pictures to really put us in our place!

No. 1423235

I get she’s going for the uwu dainty waif swamped in baggy clothes uwu thing but here she just looks like a fridge

No. 1423245


she does more than read here. sage for tinfoil but i’m convinced she wrote both of these posts trying to defend herself

No. 1423247

File: 1642788298597.png (3.95 MB, 960x2079, C089B582-D869-42D6-B0D6-10B38E…)

No. 1423248

File: 1642788310316.jpg (350.64 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20220121-130202_Chr…)

Yet again top kek. She deleted this tiktok but it was full cream

No. 1423252

No one is saying you can't have an ED and be overweight, BED and bulimia exist, both have commonly bigger bodies. Not all ed's are restrictive disorders after all. Now if you're morbidly obese and claiming to have crippling anorexia & are starving every day without weight loss/ending up gaining weight, people are probably going to give you the side-eye (but i'm sure the cows can claim to be starving because of feeling the slightest hunger - whether emotionally driven or otherwise).

No. 1423255

… I know what she’s trying to say but why should having an ED ever be okay? It’s a mental illness and (when not being larped by a fat aussie who shits so much she needs to go to the ER) can do terrible things to your physical and mental state.

No. 1423257

I must be totally desensitised then as she looks like a healthy adult woman to me. I wouldn't believe it if you told me her bmi was below 18.5

No. 1423258

File: 1642789165510.jpeg (222.99 KB, 828x1272, A90E36E3-9F34-453B-99D5-B84968…)

Is it just me or is she actually filling out?

No. 1423262

I hope she gets better. I really do.

No. 1423271

Believe me I’m here for the Niamh slander but I don’t understand why some anons post pics of people who are IP on NG (other example is Emily in Glasgow) and act surprised they’re putting weight on or that that is milk. They’re on ng feeds, of course they’re going to gain weight at some point.

No. 1423277

What’s S3 like in Addenbrookes Cambridge? Apparently they only allow you out at BMI 15 seems a bit dumb

No. 1423286

Go ask your fucking therapist, this isn't a support group for anachans

No. 1423299

Rattle rattle

No. 1423306

Who is Emily?

No. 1423317

emistrying, we arent here to spoon feed you. read the threads.

No. 1423319

of course she is, she's in hospital. big deal?? weight gain isnt milky. the milk was her posing and photoshopping, the inappropriate attention seeking photos and videos, and narcissistic obliviousness (or lack of giving a shit) about the hundreds of people she upset, and the people she directly insulted.

No. 1423327

>>1423258 maybe I'm soft but agree w anon gaining weight in ip isn't milky you're supposed to. Niamh is an absolute scumbag but it isn't because she may have gained on ng in hospital

No. 1423328

That's descriptive for around 90 percent of all regular TikTok accounts.
So where the F is the milk here..?

No. 1423336

File: 1642796374572.jpg (419.11 KB, 1038x1522, Screenshot_20220121-151742_Ins…)

The real question is does she ever do anything besides "just breathing" christ

No. 1423337

what she really needs is DBT for her raging bpd.

No. 1423344

File: 1642797244032.png (2.55 MB, 1218x1263, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 12.3…)

No. 1423346

i believe she did before. doesnt seems to have worked

No. 1423351

There’s no way she’s been admitted to treatment that many times, going off her own posting and history. She’s making a lot of shit up or at least counting ER visits or each treatment step down as separate. She’s been to treatment maybe 3 separate times at most, and medically hospitalized twice, both only a day or a few days and of her own doing (purposely dehydrated herself and then her OD larp).

Cece is such an attention whore larper, not a SEED patient who’s spent years in and out of IP and resi like she claims. Even more pathetic considering she’s a 30 educated professional who was grown up but then decided to regress to angsty BPD chan.

Spoiled adolescent tumblrina is a bad look for you, Cecelia. Rate me MOTI but she’s the most cringiest, pathetic ana larper of the bunch bc she had a real life as a successful adult, but chose to throw it all away for asspats and fake helplessness.

No. 1423352

hi Niamh.
you know the language but not how to sage?

No. 1423353

Shut up. Weight gain is hard enough without random strangers commenting on it. Niamh can be a pos but she is still only 16 and clearly is very sick. I would find it unlikely that she wouldn’t lurk on here and it’s not even milky ?? I don’t like the girl but there are limits.

No. 1423355

Shush this isn’t Niamh but I had to delete because I forgot so sage lmao. I got accused of being Abby the other day as well so you all need to stop thinking I’m someone else.

No. 1423356

File: 1642798737916.jpg (295.96 KB, 1058x1786, Cece.jpg)

I'm with you, nonnie. Cece is the worst of the bunch in my opinion. Many of the others discussed are legitimately very ill, so even with cow behavior, I don't feel the same rage.

No. 1423357

File: 1642798834434.jpg (262.92 KB, 1079x1549, Cecetiktok2.jpg)

No. 1423360

this is for us, guyz
we must all really hate ourselves soooo much to be boolies of poor cece. And wow, she told us everything will be ok once we mature! How is it she can't fathom her content is ridiculous, obnoxious and problematic, not that the problem is everyone else?

No. 1423362

>>1423360 why the fuck is she whispering is she trying to seem more uwu delicate

No. 1423382

File: 1642800674748.jpeg (423.69 KB, 2048x2048, 68580AC0-DF40-4FD6-9152-36425D…)

ahs coven aesthetic…bet she thinks their sisterhood is akin to her treatment sisters

also what the fuck you are 30 years old why

No. 1423388

She would make a decent witch. I'd love to see her give up this SEED-larp and move on to embracing her inner wiccan goddess or whatever. New black wardrobe. Dark lipstick. Posts about spells and shit. Pagan rituals instead of ED rituals. I'm here for it. Go full witch, cece!!!

No. 1423417

Maybe but I'm pretty convinced it's enara self posting again. Especially because last time the anon who posted a screenshot from her story suspiciously had a timestamp of 1s lol wondering if they crossed it out this time to avoid being called out again

No. 1423419

File: 1642803526289.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2080, CD37E87C-CFA7-4919-AB7F-C37232…)

No. 1423426

Look just now even Porgie’s oats looked healthier than Ham’s. If a megafat can manage a bowl of oats without sprinkles and chocolate surely Ham can too.

No. 1423438

>>1423419 am I the only one who feels this is super manipulative "managed to stop crying because of this gift…send more:

No. 1423449

Why do so many of the literal adult-aged cows have a thing with naming Jellycat toys?? Also love how getting free gifts made her magically stop crying. Will she make an Amazon wish list next and go down dog Becky’s freebie route??

No. 1423461

she does so much more than breathe
she cries. and … yeah, that's about it

No. 1423465

She looks so normal in the picture on the left. Much prettier and feminine than in the tumblrina delicate spoop poses

No. 1423466

No, it’s very much reminiscent of Becky the dog

No. 1423518

File: 1642810296037.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1284x2284, F346DAF7-B62E-47FD-ADD1-F6DD04…)

Not sure how interested anyone is in Paige any more but does anyone else find it funny that she considers Fiona to be inspiring? Especially since she’s gone down the SEED path after about a month of being discharged. What possibly could be inspiring about anything Fiona has ever posted?!

No. 1423531

File: 1642811233249.jpg (167.49 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220121-182600_Sam…)

Not sure if anyone was actually interested in her but she's on Twitter as well as insta I think? Here's her Twitter accounts. 1/2

No. 1423532

File: 1642811265786.jpg (679.21 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220121-182618_Sam…)


No. 1423555

But I thought she was trying to be Jewish.

No. 1423563

Nobody cares about random edtwt girls. Also nice outing yourself as one.

No. 1423567

File: 1642813161594.png (306.94 KB, 539x243, Untitled.png)

Her head looks like a butter bean.

Is she just hanging around at home now? How hard must she be trying to get put back IP.

No. 1423576

File: 1642813834711.jpg (1.9 MB, 1920x2560, 22-01-22-11-01-39-603_deco.jpg)

Apologies if anybody saw my other post, I had a bunch of dumbass spelling mistakes to fix.

Alright, I may have a new contender. Katie_fitness19


Something was always suspicious about this one to me, she preaches health and recovery but I get Ganer vibes, in that she probably just replaced pure restriction with over exercising. I was scrolling through her account today when I realised she's reusing old clips & pictures for separate what I eat in a day posts. This is an old trick, reminds me of the hay day of these threads when I think Aly used to reuse images (when she wasn't obsessively posing new pictures). Also pictured in this shitty collage is her use of a kid's spoon, which is generally a hallmark of anachans. I'm yet to really comb through her other food posts to see if there are more repeats but if anyone's interested I can take a look. Bored in isolation anyway.

No. 1423605

File: 1642816951334.jpeg (396.72 KB, 1153x1301, 8402B954-13BE-4125-9352-78AEF8…)

I find Paige funny, period. Still waiting on bookanon

No. 1423742


Can I just point out that with Cece, she ALWAYS posts toob photos/when she was slightly underweight lmao. Then takes them down. She says in this video "I took down photos people thought were triggering" but she deadass does this once a week at least. She knows exactly what she's doing. And the funniest part is that she actually thinks she was spoopy.

Hi cece, we know you're reading. Noones jealous or triggered by you voluntarily getting tubed at a nearly healthy weight. And you're not getting "bullied" people are simply stating the facts.

No. 1423779

I fucking love that dress. I’m so sorry can anyone tell me where it’s from?

No. 1423793


the most suss thing is nobody ever sends her their handle so she can say thank you, she just 'receives' all these gifts from anonymous ppl and we r supposed to believe ppl just give her these things? lol she's a liar

No. 1423798

File: 1642839121993.jpeg (729.13 KB, 828x1478, 52BA108B-7A71-4607-B85C-F0447F…)

let’s play guess who! giant glob of peanut butter edition

No. 1423801

fat cunt porridge

No. 1423810

Still healthier than Ham’s sugar fests and less revolting that nourish crusty ass bowls

No. 1423822

Unless she's using a different device than all the other posts then I'm hesitant to believe that to be honest.

No. 1423823

That peanut butter looks very artificial and suspiciously smooth staying in shape like that.. How many additives and sweeteners in it?

No. 1423824


I was so close to posting her here as well. I followed her back when she used to post calories and macros, and when she says she has increased/is reverse dieting it's a downright lie. She went through a period where it looked like her food went down and then she just brought it back to previous levels. It was always 2200 calories according to her and she's probably exercising way more than she lets on. I get so sick of her preaching recovery and body acceptance when she looks the way she does. Not that milky, but definitely a cow.

No. 1423837

what happened to that amy on the mend girl with autism? she seemed to be genuine

No. 1423839

what is it specifically about bmi 15??
is that like the minimum healthy for most units orrr??
like as in they couldn’t make u gain more?
some say lower is okay so like wtf knows

No. 1423840

you can eat whatever u want as much as u want whenever u want…
says those who exercise hardcore everyday, don’t rly gain to an actual genuine weight and still eat the most disordered shit like rice cakes…
alright for everyone else to do it tho while you stay engaged

No. 1423845

learn how 2 reply properly

there's nothing "about" BMI 15 as units work on a case by case basis usually, BMI 15 is midway to healthy, and not considered "severe" so acute or medical usually ships skellies away around then, but as I said it's case by case and the BMI 'guidelines' on pamphlets & websites is merely there as a vague approximation

No. 1423853


Idk Cece is supposedly west coast and the replies you picked were using typical UKfag slang. I wouldn't put it past her to affect an accent in order to go 'undetected' on here though kek

No. 1423860

integrate, will you?

No. 1423862

File: 1642849127794.png (2.98 MB, 1223x1281, Screen Shot 2022-01-22 at 5.56…)

Kek the foot.
That is not a healthy looking foot.

No. 1423869

Love the baby spoon. Nearly as good as Fi’s engraved ones

No. 1423871

And where has she posted her PO address? Not on her YT or Tick-tock. Instagram?

No. 1423872

That plate hasn't been washed in forever

No. 1423882

rattle rattle. BMI of <15 (i.e. 14.9) is considered 'extreme' according to the DMS-V. BMI 15 is certainly considered severe by everyone who isnt a brain dead anachan

No. 1423884

but a bmi of 15 is not severe so they’d let you be discharged at that. i wonder if any allow lower…

No. 1423887

TRIGGERED by mentioning BMI?

Are you, nonna?

No. 1423892

I actually mentioned Kora first, I didnt know she had a twitter. I still think she's milky for posting her skelly body everywhere and complaining when people comment on it

No. 1423894

yep, me & the DSM be rattlin' them bones

No. 1423896

i'm actually taken aback at how retarded you are.

No. 1423898

The milk is dry today

No. 1423899

I think it takes into account acute accepts single digit bmis and that's the lowest they could allow them to leave/go to Stepdown programs

No. 1423900

If you happen to know your exact BMI, you're still in good shape.

No. 1423904


Yes more about her. She says she's always been super thin and lean but there are photos of her fresh out of treatment and she was nowhere near as low bodyfat as she is now.

No. 1423912

File: 1642858417390.jpeg (167.94 KB, 750x1334, DED0E79B-9966-4A19-B404-CB0544…)

Anyone who knows anything about medicine knows this is just a standard medical degree. It isn’t two degrees.

No. 1423913

Too many posts to integrate, but please can we not keep on about BMI - it’s boring. I know the milk is dry but posts about discharge BMI etc are boring and clogged up the last thread.

No. 1423930

No. 1423945

I’m book anon! I had to give up because her illiteracy and lack of actual cohesive writing was a nightmare to wade through. Sorry to disappoint but she said a whole lot in that book that boiled down to saying absolutely nothing at all. I might try again with her new one in the hope her literacy skills have improved somewhat.

No. 1423962

she feels so awkward mentioning her po box, yet she's dedicated multiple posts and YT videos to share the details - ensuring her address is included in the description on her YT - and now people are so desperate to send her gifts, she's had to add the address to her stories so it can be included in a PO box highlight! she's so desperate for gifts, it's embarrassing. even if a few people were asking for her address, they could easily scroll through her grid and find it - but that obvs wouldn't give fi the perfect excuse to share it and remind everyone that she's sooper sick and gifts make her feel better.

No. 1423970

18.5-16 underweight
Between 16-15 is severely underweight
Less than 15 is very severely underweight
So I guess like that’s the minimum a body can medically deal with

No. 1423975

she is so desperate for attention is sad

No. 1423982

File: 1642867407091.png (587.33 KB, 600x960, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 6.02.…)

No. 1424002


No. 1424028

bmi 15 isn’t badly underweight wtf. espec if ur short

No. 1424030

WHO. CARES. Stfu please with this bmi crap

No. 1424031

Will you fellow skellies plz stop to rattle about your bmi crap, that would be nice.

No. 1424032

god this thread has gone to shit. A bmi of 15 is severely underweight.

Between 15 and 16 Severely underweight

BMI below 17.5 in adults is one of the common physical characteristics used to diagnose anorexia. There are also different tiers of anorexia based on BMI ranging from mild (<17.5), moderate (16-16.99), and severe (15-15.99), to extreme (<15).

Category[1] BMI (kg/m2)
Underweight (Severe) < 16.0
Underweight (Moderate) 16.0 – 16.9
Underweight (Mild) 17.0 – 18.4
Normal weight 18.5 – 24.9
Overweight 25.0 – 29.9
Obese ≥ 30.0

random copy pastes from wiki etc tc, rather than from mpa or edtwt or whatever cesspit you anachans come from

No. 1424039

asking for a proper bmi on edtwt


No. 1424047

jesus christ! go ask somewhere else

No. 1424048

lets be real, anyone with more than two sparks of intelligence / the. ability to understand information … are far away from EDtwt

No. 1424053

File: 1642875213192.jpg (62.73 KB, 360x240, scum.jpg)

No. 1424054

… BMI literally takes height into consideration so a BMI of 15 would be bad if you’re 6’4 or 4’9, please get back into your grave skelly.

No. 1424069

Your typing style is annoying, plus the fact that you don't seem to know how to reply to posts. Integrate or gtfo.

No. 1424070

bmi literally takes into account a person's height, ffs. the bmi numbers and categories apply exactly the same regardless of height, because height is part of the equation. go use google, ffs.

No. 1424076

Is this recent or?

No. 1424079

She's talking about in third person again. Will watch later

No. 1424081


yes, on YT today. still not body checking though, judt ootd

No. 1424085

File: 1642877586506.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1170x2058, AB8A25C8-574A-4467-A0FE-0F5BFE…)

people who were saying she is 16

No. 1424089

And how many times can she say struggling in one video?
Where have the hats gone?

No. 1424091

Super possibility of some new maybe decent milk.
Anything is better than BMI posts.

No. 1424092

She's eating a smol bowl of porridge with her clown spoon, some cheese toast and a white choc bar.

All of that spiced up with a lot of woe-is-me.

End of story. 1/5 will not watch again.

No. 1424095

lol. 1/5 for me as well and it was long and painful to watch

No. 1424108

And on her wAy tO rEcOvErY she still continues with her bowl fetish and some bodychecking.
Sure, Jan.

No. 1424116

not for exceptionally short like 4’7
and i don’t think it’s low low

No. 1424118

It will only make you a small skelly, nothing else.

No. 1424126

You are factually wrong and also absolutely no one here gives one single fuck what you personally think is “low low” you brain starved retard.

This thread has gone to complete shit thanks to all you BMI sperging inbred anachans.

No. 1424129

A 4”7 adult with a BMI of 15 would be 65 pounds, which, sorry to break it to you, is not healthy.

No. 1424132

Shut up, dwarf.

No. 1424142

shut the fuck up you idiot

No. 1424148

okay well not unhealthy unhealthy
i’ll piss off now whatever

No. 1424169

File: 1642883451259.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.25 KB, 831x687, when you see it youll shit bri…)

Oh dear, the next generation of cows are so dull compared to the likes of Aly, Crying Emily, etc.

Idk what makes some of these skeles seemingly unaffected by their illness, but Dasha is out every night, looks like a corpse, yet dicks like Fi stay in and cry about being so sick every day. As for her PO Box, when did she get one? It's not a usual thing to have a PO Box unless you want your address anonymous (ie you want internet strangers sending you free shit).

No. 1424174

File: 1642883616926.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x2436, EE57B83A-1797-419E-9FE6-30E335…)

who’s cowtipping?

(tinfoil: cece is a farmer and asked herself this so anons stop shitting up the thread with bmi bullshit)

No. 1424176

She sent this to herself for sure.

No. 1424193

No. 1424202

File: 1642886249548.png (2.16 MB, 1040x1086, Screen Shot 2022-01-22 at 4.16…)

No. 1424204

Aldi roulette

No. 1424206

File: 1642886351688.png (377.45 KB, 1195x972, Screen Shot 2022-01-22 at 4.16…)

No. 1424209

Does anyone here know about Around the Dinner Table? Its a bunch of parents force-feeding their kids 3,000-6,000 calories a day of crap food, adding oil to Nutella, and general stupidity. There is so much fresh milk there.

No. 1424212

from ATDT. topkek.
"My D was an athlete (from 6yrs) and very similar to your son in that it started as clean eating (at 15yrs) however the restriction of fats, even for a short period of time, wreaked havoc on her brain. Please look up the Minnesota Starvation Experiment and the effects on the men who took part.
We acted on advice here and immediately (through blind panic) commenced LSUYE (Life Stops Until You Eat) to allow her body and brain to lift out of starvation mode during the refeeding process. We stopped all exercise during this time. She also had suicidal ideation and it was necessary to have a safety plan…for a time we supervised 24/7 and had a lock fixed on a downstairs cupboard where all sharps, medicines and cleaning fluids etc were housed. We slept with her for a time too especially when the thoughts of suicide were loud and compulsions were strong. By doing this we created a feeling of safety for her. "

No. 1424214

the parents there do seem crazy, but I think having an anorexic or suicidal child can be enough to make you crazy too.

No. 1424215

" don't think it is ever possible to fully convey how truly terrible it is to live with their brutally stubborn determination to remain non-weight restored, the stress of worrying about suicidal thoughts/intentions, the sheer weirdness of living with someone we no longer recognize to name just a few… but I think I have some understanding of what you're faced with. It is so freaking unfair, and I'm so sorry your household has been taken over in this way.

I'm sure you know the only way out is to push through those final pounds. There is no good option: either you will have to drag her through at home, or she will need a higher level of care. How can we help? '
more ATDT

No. 1424220

Frustratingly milky. I have seen posts ‘my daughter is weight-restored but still has anorexic cognitions’ and advised ‘well she isn’t weight restored then, she needs a few more pounds’ so parents hide more oil, butter, cream etc in their food.
That website is one crazy cult.

No. 1424223

It’s the parents who take their door of their sixteen year old child’s room that are the scariest to me. They seem very narcissistic, the answer is always more weight, therapy is never needed and the professionals don’t know their shot.

No. 1424226

The threads for pro-ana scumbags, not exasperated parents trying to get their kids well anyway possible. We don't need Maudsley sperging along with others.

No. 1424230

For a second I was confused. Could it be Ganer, I thought? The ketchup on the side, the dry looking rice, the pattern and color of the plate all screamed Ganer to me. But since when has Ganer had pizza and beans? Must be n2f! Must be! The plate is in her hand, classic n2f pose. And the beans and plate looks grimey. The rice looks dry and old. Definitely n2f. Gagging at the sight of that cashwew pile on the wet and simultaneously dry looking pizza and those beans that look like they've been jizzed on. Almost fooled me there n2f. Almost.

No. 1424231

It has been mentioned briefly in the past so go scour the past threads.

No. 1424232

Maudesly method is bad is it makes kids gain to overweight BMIs

No. 1424233

Medicine and surgery are actually two different degrees. The standard medical degree takes 6 years then if they want to do surgery they need to do a seperate degree AFTER the 6 years which is another 5-6 years. It'll take on average 11-12 years to become a surgeon. Hope that helps

No. 1424236

Isn't it just swapping your eating disorder to another basically?

No. 1424237

Why does she need to be in the wheelchair for this? She's spoopy obviously but not wheelchair spoopy

No. 1424239

As someone who is being forced this way, it is horrific, inhumane, and has driven me to seriously considering suicide. I’m not pity seeking, but my parents won’t consider any other method, and I have been driven insane. It doesn’t work, and it’s fucked me in the head, along with ruining my relationship with my parents.

No. 1424241

It will only fuel their ED.

No. 1424244

It’s evidence based. Stop rattling your dumb ass bones, recover and have a life.

No. 1424246

learn the rules, no one fucking cares and no blogging allowed. jesus this thread has gone to shit the last year.

No. 1424247

It isn’t bad, it’s the best evidenced way to treat kids with EDs and there’s some degree of support for it in young adults.

It’s hardly surprising ana chans don’t like it. Why would they? Doesn’t make it milky, this is the pro ana scumbags thread. In case you missed that.

No. 1424250

That’s not what Anna is talking about. She is pretending the standard medical school degree is two separate degrees for more clout.

No. 1424252

File: 1642890018787.jpeg (421.6 KB, 750x1100, 01038806-35F6-4A0F-8DAF-406572…)

“17 times in treatment” there you go - if every move between medical centres is counted as a separate stint in treatment

No. 1424287

A farmer claimed one of our cows parents posted there. Can't remember which one.

No. 1424295

Listen anon, eating disorders are stupid. They ruin your life. They can follow you everywhere and taint every good experience. Gain the weight. Your parents love you and want you to live a full life with real meaning. Recover. I guarantee you that the life you will have if you continue with your eating disorder is a tiny shadow of any other life you have. You will look back and regret the time you wasted. Also don’t blog here.

No. 1424328

This is so absurd. number 7-12 are basically one treatment stint in multiple programs. Lots of people move from different levels of care or even from one treatment center to another without claiming each one was a separate time in treatment.

No. 1424344

What are you doing here if you are under age? Children are off limits for discussion so shouldn’t be posting either.

No. 1424349

Sounds like the original Rhodes Farm back in the day with Dee Dawson feeding kids excessive amounts of M&S food and liquefying high cal foods because there was no ng or ensure.

No. 1424369

Why does she think ANYONE wants to watch her eat the same damn thing every day? It's SO boring. Also stop with the hand fiddling, it's not cute.

No. 1424371

>>1424079 If I hear the phrase "We WILL get fi back" one more time I'll an hero

No. 1424380

This just proves most of her treatment was outpatient too.

No. 1424383

Do most other anons consider php and iop treatment? Don’t mean to be bone rattling but I only consider res and ip as treatment and have always seen the non milky accounts describe their treatment in rounds or stints. Never counting every level of care change as a separate treatment stay

No. 1424394

She basically is in hopsital for a month at most. If she was the soppy sick frail angel she would be in hospital for longer. Embarrassing

No. 1424400

It’s the “we” that irks me- why not just say “I” ?

No. 1424422

File: 1642907421139.jpeg (296.79 KB, 1125x2210, 8D8EDB80-BD63-413E-9EDC-8EEE30…)

Why doesn’t this surprise me… Enara saves and treasures every single hospital band she gets

No. 1424425

File: 1642907519179.jpeg (318.95 KB, 1125x1747, DDECAE9C-38E0-49B7-8095-C5456B…)

This girl (Denny) is an absolute joke. Another obese Aussie who goes begging for tubes. Look at the poster she made behind her bed, how embarrassing

No. 1424427

Yep and she is Kiyahs friend… Speaking of Kiyah, her TikTok is full of attention seeking videos. Let me screenshot one

No. 1424428

File: 1642907788619.png (5.77 MB, 1125x2436, C70C716F-E71A-4EC8-9EF8-C86740…)

Of course she’s scratched her face up, same as Denny does. Why do they do this? Attention? Also what a joke, Kiyah photoshops all her Instagram photos to make herself look skeletal and then posts these TikToks clearly showing her HEALTHY looking body

No. 1424438

File: 1642909072218.jpeg (797.11 KB, 2048x2048, 6578F154-1C69-40B5-B23E-4A9B2B…)

Idk if anyone else feels this way

No. 1424461

Who is she?

No. 1424462

Face scratching is the new head banging .

No. 1424468

Regular cow her name is Emily

No. 1424480

you literally sound like the HAES cunts that say it’s healthy to be obese

No. 1424499

File: 1642919517166.jpg (280.87 KB, 1440x1943, Screenshot_20220123-173050__01…)

Shay going down the munchie route. Why do these cows go from anorexia to chronic illness

No. 1424540

I remember seeing a picture of her sitting in front of those double doors in her kitchen before and with all the land out back I assumed she was at some countryside cafe. I’m guessing her parents are wealthy - but if they are why are they always browbeating the NHS into treating Fi instead of paying for private healthcare and letting people who actually want to recover to have the NHS access? Do we know much about her parents?

No. 1424544

I’m not sure it’s the brag she thinks it is to be holding all those hospital bands with her arms cut up like Christmas hams. Looks like she’s quantifying wasted hospital time and resources. Congratulations on not mutilating yourself or inducing illness for the first 23 days of the year, I guess.

No. 1424545

Need to be 18 to post here anon.

No. 1424552

Those are her trophies. Who's really surprised about that?

No. 1424553

Dude the standard medical degree that takes 6 years in the UK is actually a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery. That’s just what it’s called. But dunno why she’s trying to make it sound like it’s 2 degrees, surely saying you’re in med school is enough

No. 1424555

Honestly, she's stupid enough that I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she really thinks it's two degrees in a meaningful way.

I'll never understand how she got into med school.

No. 1424557

Anna always wants to sound more impressive, especially to her instagram audience =, which we can assume is below-average-intelligence

No. 1424558

im sure once ive seen somewhere that they are developers. I think its her dad company and her mum works there but im not sure

No. 1424562

iirc they’re property developers/investors so they’re pretty well off.

No. 1424563

File: 1642930869296.gif (957.38 KB, 245x232, giphy.gif)

No. 1424569

Paige is a munchie who started off with anorexia but now a hardcore munch who has had amputations. dying_stardust on Tiktok. There is a huge history of her mum posting on ATDT which was discovered initially on one of the Reddit munchie subs, I think the now defunct r/Munchsnark. It is documented in part on the Munchausen’s by internet thread over on KF, along with various more recent updates. No point replicating it here as Paige is no longer really an ana chan. But atdt was a big part of the story as it showed how completely horrible she was to her entire family both as an anorexic and a munchie.

No. 1424573

Are those fucking cashew nuts on the left pizza?

No. 1424586

Nor the twins.

No. 1424589

No doubt paying for her to be at uni and go to some posh private school.

No. 1424595

It's honestly not much of an achievement when you've spent the first 20 days in a private clinic

No. 1424597

Regular cow on here? Or on social media in general? What’s her handle? Not seen her before but looks possible milk. How old?

No. 1424598

Look at journeytoemma.

No. 1424602

read the fucking threads, learn to sage and quit asking to be spoon fed. she's been mentioned here many may times

No. 1424627

>>1424422 looks like that dainty little arm could use a bigger watch honestly

No. 1424631

that's exactly why fi has a PO box! definitely perceives herself as an insta recovery warrior, worthy of gifts from all those who she "inspires". she shares her address wihh absolutely no shame at every possible opportunity - very clearly believes she deserves gifts for being so sooper sick. hence the reminder in every video!

No. 1424632

Did sage !
Been on and off here for 10 years and still no idea who she is.

No. 1424635

What I want to know if it's not her sending her own gifts who the fuck is spending nearly 40 quid on a Teddy Bear for her?

No. 1424636

She has done this for ages, she has a stoma now

No. 1424642

File: 1642945735248.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1125x1698, C58A2497-40C5-4355-8535-9A3A08…)

Look who’s out of hospital when just a week ago she was claiming it would be a “lengthy admission”. Seems absolutely fine. Standing up, posing for a photo and drinking alcohol… So much for a TBI that would leave her “impaired” forever

No. 1424645

What was the caption? Any other milk on that account? Shay is a major cow. She had an admission for her ‘anorexia’ a little while ago. Apparently she had muscle wastage and needed physio.

No. 1424648

File: 1642946487404.jpeg (836.95 KB, 828x1125, 0BA1E8EB-D75B-4CB6-8FD6-FF0154…)

Katie fitness reminds me of Jen peach

No. 1424661

IG name is: emilyx_jonesx

No. 1424713

File: 1642956687252.jpeg (368.03 KB, 960x1618, 0B48865F-49BC-4C3B-99AD-D1F665…)


No. 1424722

I find posting this to your social media, even on private, cringey as hell. Begging for sympathy from the few people she lets see that..

No. 1424729

Listen I don’t know anything about BDP fake suicide attempts for attention but is that even enough pills to overdose on? Considering there’s no proof she even took them anyway I guess it doesn’t matter

No. 1424735

File: 1642958129075.jpeg (16.32 KB, 600x600, EjJopdb.jpeg)

No. 1424750

File: 1642959066312.png (916.19 KB, 598x960, Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 7.27.…)


does this person looks like someone who struggles financially? I bet she buys all that stuff with mummys and daddies money and if they send her something cheap i don't think she will publish it

No. 1424752

She brings such little value to the world it’s actually astounding. Everyone stop what you’re doing and go spend your hard earned money on a teddy bear for a jobless 25+ year old.

No. 1424757

Her parents see to live for their work. Their house is modest for people who must be raking in the cash. Must save it all up and let taxpayers pick up the tab for their daughter's hospital stays.

No. 1424766

>>1424635 the caption on that one was especially ridiculous. If she's so ill she can't walk, (as she has to remind us ten times per post) why is she running around to musicals and such during a pandemic? "Doing more of what Fi loves" when will she do anything, even a tiny thing, for someone else?

No. 1424768

File: 1642960864492.jpg (396.67 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20220123-130020_Ins…)

Referring to herself in the third person as fi again

No. 1424771

File: 1642961092963.jpg (322.63 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_20220123-130201_Ins…)

Sage for slight sperg but it's hard to feel sympathy for a jobless woman whose biggest challenge is being taken out to see a play and who can supposedly only stop crying while opening her teddy bears. The wheelchair shchtick is incredibly grating. We get it, Fi. You're unwell

No. 1424778

Weird how when it’s something fun and something she wants to do she has a ‘day off’ from larping the wheelchair, alongside her big scary banana added to breakfast. If you’re that u well you do nothing but cry about getting out the wheelchair, how does one get a day off? What a fucking joke she is.

No. 1424783

What was it Fi was supposedly studying at uni? Which uni was she at ?

No. 1424785

And all her protein bars and fancy yoghurts aren’t cheap food- and bet she doesn’t pay for her own groceries .

No. 1424787

No. 1424805

psychology ofc

No. 1424824

I should have guessed that!

No. 1424878

I'm confused, which disorders arent "stupid" according to your opinion ? Is there any mental health issue that's "smart" to suffer from ? Unless you are a pro Ana scumbag, no one with a brain feels it's smart to have a ED

No. 1424920

What happened to amy on the mend the girl with ginger curly hair?

No. 1424922

File: 1642974102031.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1170x2085, BE23C7A1-BC30-49EF-97E7-F7A840…)

why do i smell bs?
if she had gp she wdnt be able to tolerate ng feeds.

No. 1424932

the majority of "recovery warriors" who "inspire" people to send them gifts generally share photos thanking people for sending them general self care stuff like face masks, "motivational" cards and handwritten quotes, maybe a fidget toy or a friendship bracelet. fi, however, receives endless engraved teaspoons - which aren't cheap - and expensive jellycat plushies! if she isn't buying those gifts for herself, her parents are buying them and sending to her PO box, probably to prevent the tantrums that fi will throw if she realises her "friends" aren't showering her - their recovery role model - with gifts.

No. 1424937

Yes she was admittedly in treatment and ~severely underweight~ for half of 2019. This makes a formal diagnosis only applicable to her at that time. Nearly everyone has gastroparesis when actively engaging in their ED. No doctor worth their while would diagnose gastroparesis in a patient who recently weight restored. If she had a gastric emptying scan she would have posted a shitston about the radioactive eggs

No. 1424950

havent thought of that possibility - which is also v sad. but either way the gifts are coming out of her parents pockets

No. 1424951

>>1424768 I'm not saying she isn't ill but the wheelchair is a total larp if she's well enough to be fucking around to musicals and Christmas lights etc

No. 1425001


What I don’t get is how Chelsea went along with it all and wrote out those huge lies of captions on her post while she was in hospital. And the GoFundMe for a new car?? How selfish, she should know better than to be on the roads if she’s having seizures and crashing her car. She will get someone killed

No. 1425012

Wonder what kind of car she'll buy with the 800 she scammed off people. A shitbox2000?

No. 1425018

Chelsea's being used by Josie, both her parents died in a car crash, and then years later her sister died in one too. Josie knows this, and has manipulated her into playing along to keep up the facades. Same thing with anorexia, josie started larping it after her friends had it.

No. 1425088

File: 1642983582827.jpeg (466.01 KB, 960x1712, BAAF3C7C-09C6-4D09-8D85-89AAEC…)

False alarm, not a suicide attempt. Just being a raging attention whore

No. 1425113

god, such an embarrassment

No. 1425138

>wasn't intended to cause alarm or distress

No. 1425144

If you actually read the caption she does say that it’s non alcoholic and you can clearly see it on the bottle in the last slide.
Plus you can see her crutches in the photo so obviously she’s still struggling with her walking. And she never said it’d be a lengthy admission either by the way.
Im not trying to white knight but they are just facts if you took a second to read.
Plus it’s her personal account and we all know they are off limits for cows. Btw not self post whatsoever I actually don’t like Josie much but posting that here is just boring. Move on. It’s not milky, maybe on another thread.

No. 1425151

Yeah have to agree with this, I don’t see any milk. If you read the whole caption it makes sense. Also, you CAN see the crutches. And I’m pretty sure she never said she was having a lengthy admission, she was in there for a few weeks anyway which is a long time. We don’t see her private posts anymore either, we don’t know shit all about her condition. Like anon said, move on

No. 1425188


The milk is questionable. But it is milk. Yes, she has a crutch. Yes, it isn't alcoholic. Does that diminish the extent of her previous exagarations? In my opinion, no. She claimed to be so ill that she would have to learn to walk, eat, and do everything again. She claimed she would be toobed. You don't just completely re-learn to walk in a few weeks, she must have just been unbalanced. The fact she's now made her account private, and deleted most of her pro ana scumbaggery, only goes further to show she's a cow in my opinion. If you aren't a scumbag, you should have nothing to hide.

No. 1425234

File: 1643011490186.jpeg (428.46 KB, 1125x1970, 3A4FCE6D-679B-4CAB-993E-032E93…)

HOLY SHIT SHE IS FUCKING HUGE!! That’s what she gets for begging to have a tube shoved down her throat for 2 months…

No. 1425239

"personal accounts are off limits"

Since when? Stop white knighting

No. 1425242

Does anyone have access to her private? I think she started a new page and there’s word that she’s posting again on an old page but I don’t have access anymore to confirm that

No. 1425250

We know she’s a lying munchie faker who larps anorexia like she does everything else.

Don’t whiteknight.

No. 1425256

Crutches for a TBI from a car accident that wasn’t even reported. Whether or not you think she’s milky she exaggerates and munches to high heaven. Why is she released from the hospital if she’s sooooooo unstable and frail? Normal people would ask for the crutches to be held to the side and out of frame

No. 1425266

I love how she was literally dying days ago and now she's back at the gym daily.

No. 1425267

Also you can literally buy crutches from the shops, it’s not like the hospital gave them to her, she’s probably faking. Wasn’t she also supposed to be tubed?

Should get the world record for learning to walk, talk, eat and use the toilet all within a week after a supposed traumatic brain injury from a car accident “so severe” that it wasn’t reported anywhere in the state

No. 1425270


It makes me sad because she seems like a smart girl with aspirations to study nursing and a bunch of other stuff, but she wastes away her life faking medical disorders/car accidents and trying to suck up money and gifts from hard working people (her GoFundMe for a car she shouldn’t even be driving). She’s going to mooch off people for the rest of her life unfortunately

No. 1425280

Apart from under age accounts and a few specific people from previous threads I didn’t think anything was off limits . If someone posts something on social media then it’s up to them what they post . Pretty much every cow knows this site exists anyway and by posting things they know they could be discussed on here or any other forum.

No. 1425284

Personal accounts aren't off limits at all. Sorry nonnie, but if it's online, it's up for grabs - in fact it makes more sense if you're so concerned about cows privacy to only allow posts from public (personal) accounts

No. 1425285

samefagging cuz I know Josie's josiemackey account is private now, but it wasn't a few days/weeks ago

also this 'personal accounts are off limits' bs only gets brought up with Josie…. huh.

No. 1425287

Fuck, that doesnt look normal or comfortable. That looks like some severe bloating

No. 1425294

File: 1643022553550.jpg (35.88 KB, 600x484, 031b2722-8ffe-4439-9b27-228ffe…)

agree, she looks like she has a chest wall deformity

No. 1425296

Who on earth are making these rules, never had them before. Personal accounts and vent accounts aren't off limits surely? Though no one should be touching the poo in any sort of way.

No. 1425299

The only accounts off limits are from people who would have risked getting the thread banned (threads 14-19) anything else is out there. If someone has a personal account they can chose who they let follow and it’s up to them.

No. 1425300

File: 1643024039110.jpg (Spoiler Image, 616.53 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20220124-123307_Ins…)

what a nice picture to wake up to

No. 1425301

Well at least her body is looking way healthier than before. She's just as grimey looking as before though. Those russels signs on her hand?

No. 1425322

Lol I love n2f, she just gives zero fucks

No. 1425329

File: 1643029818178.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 362.17 KB, 1271x1653, 1508169942736.jpeg)

hadnt even noticed them yet,

also for the newer ones:

this is how she looked first,

No. 1425341

Opinions on if she will relapse? Or has she genuinely recovered ?

No. 1425348

I think if she were to relapse it would've happened already. But it seems she may be still suffering from bulimia.

No. 1425350

Yeah, I'm not convinced that she's actually recovered. I think her eating disorder behaviors have morphed and/or she's picked up some alcohol issues as a replacement.

No. 1425353

She exercises a lot so she has a nice physique given what she eats. She just talked about her lunch being over 1000 calories and that some bodies just need more so if her meals are all that high calorie I'm not surprised she's purging. She'd be waay bigger if she kept it all down.

No. 1425399

danny devito bod wtf

No. 1425490

File: 1643046395510.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2111, A47D0821-3337-4851-B05F-864C4A…)

back on the wheelchair today

No. 1425526

Lol. She ‘walked’ fine in London for her trip to the musical though…

No. 1425587

Exactly and she said she struggled with sitting down for so long in the car and theatre- yet surely she should be used to sitting down all day in the wheelchair and if she really was too ill to do anything.

No. 1425601


"They see me rollin, they hatin…"

No. 1425639

File: 1643055074757.jpeg (330.88 KB, 828x1405, C7DDDDE9-E10F-40A8-B9D5-D79C8D…)

How is bodybuilding socially acceptable when actual competitors say shit like this?

No. 1425699

Sounds like a cult

No. 1425747

File: 1643061576125.jpeg (843.24 KB, 1800x1800, AAB8DC65-409D-40A9-99A3-85DF9D…)

Rem showing off dat munchie [and former ana chan larper] smirk. She’s claiming chronic pain, not a symptom of FND since FND is a nice way of saying mentally ill faker so nice to see she’s also an addict now too. Goes along well with her prior asspat addiction. ED larp to munchie pipeline complete

No. 1425770

The way you type is retarded, fix it. I don't see any pro ana milk in that post.

No. 1425771

I’m sure Scarlett styles herself and wants to be just like a girl called Georgie Cooper - she’s not a cow and doesn’t have an Ed , and is just a body builder ( youtube Georgie Cooper, georgiefit, ig @_georgiefit and @coachedbygeorgie) but the stuff Scarlett does is so similar to her even down to the same bikini.
Totally irrelevant to this thread I know.

No. 1425781

File: 1643063207304.jpeg (849.97 KB, 828x1563, 35AA4195-C147-41AF-BEC3-F3D5C6…)

wow goals(don't use emojis)

No. 1425787

don't emoji. and this isn't milk. are you newfags 16 years old or something?

No. 1425800

It’s not milk because she’s bragging about what a terrible person she is? Just because you all love to talk about the same four fatasses. God forbid someone new gets posted.

No. 1425837

Except in the past, we used to make the effort to explain why the person was milky, give a summary of things they'd done. Not just lazily drop a screenshot and encourage a pile on.

No. 1425849

Well I would say the TikTok gives a good summary.

No. 1425980

File: 1643077694565.jpeg (945.78 KB, 1284x1568, D1F5BF8A-4612-4EB7-81CE-24C0A8…)

- To seek attention and validation for being the sickest Ana who ever was

No. 1425993

File: 1643079004617.jpg (308.2 KB, 1080x1981, Screenshot_20220124-214830_Chr…)

The facial expressions

No. 1425997

File: 1643079867481.jpg (631.43 KB, 1079x1845, Screenshot_20220125-123745_Ins…)

She's a cow reckons she needs a heart monitor for her sooper bad heart condition she probably doesn't have. Moooo

No. 1426041

File: 1643083868922.jpeg (862.85 KB, 1125x1286, EEECC0F3-D916-4E2E-ACFC-B775CF…)

this confirms that cece’s most recent IG posts have been recycled pics of her at a lower weight. the face shape is just too different

No. 1426091

That’s not milk, her pics are labeled as throwbacks when they’re old

No. 1426185

To document their journey is the most irritating one , normally going round in circles or round in revolving doors.

No. 1426231

File: 1643110543094.jpeg (180.81 KB, 828x1131, F8580052-B91D-401B-9C5C-D2594F…)

So after a 2 year admission, Paige still won’t stop the purging and has ended up in an EDU after a few weeks.

No. 1426240

File: 1643112244097.jpeg (508.67 KB, 1747x1022, 41368CA5-3286-49BB-AF02-384D5A…)

Not surprised tbh, she’s another one that’s totally institutionalised. Clearly weight restored in her most recent pics though (unless she’s reusing old ones)

No. 1426250

She has reused that left pic about 10 times now.
Not sure why she has been offered another admission weeks after being discharged from a 2 year admission where she was given every therapeutic chance to recover. At this point she needs to be left to her own devices so she can put her skills into practice. It’s a total waste of resources.

No. 1426252

this reply is so fucking snarky, what a raging bitch

"ErM like i wouldn't have these problems if it wasn't for my eating disorder" ok why would you have ED complications at a healthy weight, in recovery, if you're "in the best position ever.. mentally"?

No. 1426255

"Been offered" more likely she asked

No. 1426267

It is making me wonder if a lot of the newfags are underage, the rise in tiktok and people trying to edge edtwt into here makes me side eye. Farms aint a daycare.

No. 1426292

Most came from edtwt after the Ambrose thread. Unfortunate because the thread was gold, but edtwt teenage skellys couldnt resist to bring their sperging here.

No. 1426297

They whined and whined for their own thread and now that they have it they're not even using it

No. 1426308

Pro ana threads have been shit since the 50's mate, they've been in decline for a long time due to newfags and self posting
Good, now everyone can stop asking for one. pathetic

No. 1426309


not WKing, cause I do think this is 100 per cent a massively exaggerated attention grab, but where did the purging accusation come from? I think its more likely that she's come out of hospital, realised how dysfunctional she is, felt unable to cope with adulthood and begged her team for another admission . maybe she deliberately skipped a meal or fainted or something.

No. 1426325

File: 1643122669878.png (6.22 MB, 1170x2532, 339FA96D-BBF4-4A0B-9AE4-9C1A01…)

what a motley crew. who takes these pictures and why????

No. 1426329

How long has that one been wearing a forehead diaper?

No. 1426339

one could write the whole bible and the lotr saga on cecelias forehead and there still would be room left

No. 1426342

she was discharged from what i understood

No. 1426345

>>1426292 honestly hope admin bans the pro ana threads I scroll them sometimes but they're as dry as the sahara

No. 1426353

No . They are dry at the moment but cows would behave much worse if there wasn’t the risk of being posted here

No. 1426389

you think?
honestly, sometimes i feel like cows such as Fi love it being posted here and the attention and audience they are getting

No. 1426400

>>1426353 I have to agree with nonnie. Besides privately mocking cows doesn't run the risk of cow-tipping. Not being a moralfag just think these threads have run their course.

No. 1426413

gotta agree. The BMI sperging, self posting, infighting about Niamh, blogging… the glory days of this thread are looooong gone. Nobody brings any milk anymore, just endless shit posts. Writing this all out makes me wonder why any OG anons even come here anymore.

No. 1426426

File: 1643129224668.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1170x2153, 8F2117EA-E888-49A7-B30D-0B3C9B…)

> pizza.

No. 1426449

sure. can you recover without eat “pizza” without the pizza dough?

No. 1426460

Elzani was good milk before she recovered , but the days of Claire , Paris ( before she got dry), Smorven at one point and a few others have gone. There were some others but they didn’t stay milky long - remember tangoed Hannah?

No. 1426463

>>1426400 the OG threads with alyrealrecover and ginge…not an ogfag but browsed once or twice. None of the idiots posted here these days are entertaining and anonymous sperging out about whatever bmi not being that bad kek anons are worse than the cows lately. Just my two cents. Inb4 I know I don't have to read the threads I just can't imagine flogging the dead horse much longer

No. 1426464

>>1426308 elzani and Molly were the last good cows

No. 1426474

I come in hope things will get better. I still enjoy Cece and Ganer, and have a softspot for N2F. But the milk isnt really there with them.

No. 1426486

I think a lot of the milk is moving to TikTok. The heyday of instagram has come and gone for the most part. The milky insta recovery girlies are generally older than TT

No. 1426504

That looks to me like a pizza dough, there was this YouTuber who does low calorie recipes from time to time. Granted her calorie count included you know.. cheese/toppings. This just looks grim. That pudding is probably in the same vein, looks dry as hell. "homemade" means corners are normally cut, probably sweetner laden and tastes like utter dog shit. Makes me chuckle, keep kidding yourself in believing it's recovery.

No. 1426518

And they all seem to be going the munchie route now so can they really still be posted here? There is probably still a lot of milk on Insta but a lot seem to be private and use random hashtags to avoid being deleted on Insta rather than the attention seeking older ones that have no clue. Sadly the milk may start dwindling even more!

No. 1426570

agreed i think we need to suck it up and actually look at the tiktok anas for milk cuz ik it’s there. if you don’t wanna download tiktok that’s fine but you can’t both complain about there being no new milk AND shut down any new conversations that come up, it’s annoying as fuck

No. 1426583

You can pretty easily browse TikTok on a computer now, so I think we can definitely hunt for milk without installing the app

No. 1426704

File: 1643148123879.png (656.97 KB, 757x1325, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 5.01…)

Ashley Issacs grandmother is dying

No. 1426710

File: 1643148530507.jpeg (560.56 KB, 1500x1382, 46C72A37-27ED-4228-9789-14499A…)

Has she got a IG or TT? She has a YT just called EDB - not enough to know if she’s potential milk, but she’s going on about the IP bed hanging over her, autism, engraved teaspoons, documenting her journey, getting the old Ellie back blah blah - unless she’s been watching too much of Fi. And she works in mental health and has a chronic health condition. Unless she can turn things around she’s facing admission on medical grounds ….

No. 1426715

ro, dora, elzani , zara, han, ham, Paris, Niamh, cece, Fiona, Paige… they're all on tiktok (and I believe that's where some of them were found originally anyway).

the only danger with TikTok is it is so full of underage kids posting total shit, there is too much watery content mixed in with genuine milk, so the anons need to pick carefully

No. 1426721

File: 1643148954528.jpeg (322.9 KB, 1394x1175, D224A314-BE20-48D0-B14F-7C0836…)

Or this Amy Bronwen Ellis. Claims to be SEED, 3 stone 13, set up a go fund me for treatment. Cries to camera.

No. 1426723


3 stone? fucking hell

No. 1426724

TT is harder to screenshot than IG,
Ro was fair game until she recovered and Dora doesn’t post much.

Elzani and her hospital video will always be amusing. The one video I want to see is the one she made of IP in the haldon- but I doubt we ever will.

No. 1426726

i looked at the youtube. she's not a cow or milky, just very ill. not fair to put her on here just for crying and a go fund me, look at the state of her and she can't get funding for treatment.

No. 1426727

Can you come up with some vaguely decent milk or cows?

No. 1426728

can you link it? cant find it.

No. 1426730

No. 1426731

Agree TT cows need to be included. We can’t complain about the lack of milk when every under 30 year old (plus Cece) has moved over there mostly. And reject anyone from TT.
It does still need to be actual milk though. There are a lot of skellies crying on the internet, this isn’t just a general discussion board.

No. 1426733

File: 1643149906524.jpeg (605.71 KB, 750x1147, C5D1268D-4808-4B0B-AE37-61DE79…)

This tiktok cow has been brought up before but shut down her account pretty quickly so fairly sure she lurks.
Lots of videos, mainly body checks, sucks in horrifically and it’s not subtle at all.
That’s why she looks barrel chested here. Probably doesn’t breathe once the whole video.

No. 1426736

(the ‘ad’ is the Just Eat song)

No. 1426750

Not exactly milk that nonnie cmon

No. 1426789

>>1426726 this might piss off some anons but someone just having a gofundme isn't inherently milky. Sure, many of the pro anas leeching money from the public are scum, but I see anons quick to jump at any rando with a gofundme or wishlist. Saged for autism but there's a difference between fi and her engraved spoon sniveling vs someone failed by the public health system

No. 1426807

I think we might need to define milky for TT just so we don’t have anons posting screencaps of every video posted and to prevent the younggins from shitting up the thread.
One day the children will realize we were alive for the boom of pro ana journals and tumblr. She looks bigger from sucking in kek
Generally agree. GFMs in countries with central healthcare, exaggerating severity of ED, or begging for a hundredth round inpatient are full fat

No. 1426840

File: 1643157276009.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3222x2819, 29725636-3CC5-4218-813A-7F84DF…)

I’ve contrast posted these two before bc Cecelia is so desperate to basically be this girl or someone else like her. They are polar opposites, & it’s funny af. Cecelia: “bad gi pain”. What damn pain at your weight restored body?? Cassie: just had a peg tube placed but posts about healing & going back to work this week. It’s actually sad this girl isn’t getting better. Cecelia is irritating bc she isn’t that sick yet so wants the attention of being sick. I wish she’d get over her over dramatic, jobless, live with my parents at 30 self.

No. 1426852

>>1426840 fucking kek cassie got outed for self-posting. She's absolutely as vile as they come, took photos of other patients in treatment without their permission, threw adult tantrums when they took her crayons, etc.

No. 1426855

File: 1643157950169.jpeg (308.43 KB, 1421x1237, 41058760-BAEA-4E8C-928C-8A66D9…)

Have we discounted Christabel ? She’s old enough - her TT seem to consist of opening body checks for videos of what I eat in a day on bed rest

No. 1426857

File: 1643157985412.jpeg (304.74 KB, 1619x1170, 58B4410B-9CFB-4B1A-933D-2B34C1…)

More christabel

No. 1426859

Extremely high possibility >>1426840 is this chick self posting again. She seems extremely milky but is private can anons share some more about her?

No. 1426860

What do you really expect from acute patients? They didn’t get there by complying and being well sounded. That’s kind of stupid. Anyone who ends up at acute obviously has some serious issues. Cece’s stupid self is more attention seeking and her overdramatics annoy me.

No. 1426886

This girl isn’t making any physical progress over months. All she posts is body checks, says she’s on bed rest, & crying videos. Who stares into a camera to cry & then shares it online?? Cows. She’ll probably turn out like all these 30 yr olds still trapped in their ED & in & out of treatment, living with their parents.

No. 1426909

File: 1643160631747.png (5.44 MB, 1170x2532, E1858ACF-E0B0-43B1-9286-20A24D…)

TikTok cow. Another previous acute patient who has shared her extra special tube and crying face about it. Meanwhile she’s at ERC actually hiding in the closets from staff and also having a piss fit bc they took her “fine line pens”’. Wait, another Cassie lol. I’m starting to be convinced all these acute girls are the same breed.

No. 1426911

Note she Amazon wish list in her bio. Big eye roll.

No. 1426921

File: 1643161202326.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3222x3222, A23596D3-FA50-4587-B30B-D4D5AB…)

No. 1426935

>>1426911 specifically targeting acute patients seems like a new low even for us

No. 1426976

eh, the crying tube face is milky but the pens and closet seem like jokes.

No. 1426981

It's not about targeting acute patients. They just happen to have the most milk unless you stumble upon someone with bpd or another Cece. Their behavior is regularly outlandish bc of how gone they are. Take it or leave it.

No. 1426986

I've followed that one for ages. She got super sick real fast. I don't think she's particularly milky, she's pretty unwell.

No. 1426987

>>1426859 this chick is so embarassing. She's no better than Cece

No. 1427012

I think she is posting body checks to her young audience but agree with anon. >>1426921
2/4 are cringey trends. The tube pic and amazon wishlist are milky. Curious that she hasn’t had her account deleted. Niamh must have pissed off a lot of people

No. 1427042

File: 1643168906373.png (3.56 MB, 1170x2532, 1CEEC7C9-99C4-447C-ABC8-C6DFD1…)

“I hate it” but let me make a video about my 2nd tube & share it online for thousands of followers to view. Let me also tell them I’ve been hiding my food because it’s not going to negatively affect them at all. Complete sarcasm.

No. 1427045

yeah it looks like she went to college looking totally fine at least in the face and immediately ate nothing but a few pieces of melon for 2 months. I feel like maybe only Caroline got spoopy faster

No. 1427086

Can we ban this form of mini modding where rando anons get to decide what is milky or not? We are at a dire, dearth of milk situation. Let people post new cows and stop immediately WKing or defending them or saying theyre not milky or just really ill. It shits up the thread. Give anons a chance to show us why someone might be a cow instead of jumping to say why you personally think they’re not.

No. 1427091

Then there needs to be a “standard” of what IS sufficient milk for this thread posted at the top then. Fine and agreed.

No. 1427102

Someone can be ill and still be milky

That face reminds me of elzani crying ( minus the tube)

No. 1427103

Do they not have the nhs in wales?
If someone was 3st 13 they would be in hospital general if not edu.

No. 1427147

File: 1643180906993.png (5.95 MB, 1125x2436, 677147AB-6210-4A1A-985B-B1EB32…)

turning herself into an inspirational quote is a new low, even for fi

No. 1427156

Bore da, cariad. Wales same as elsewhere in the UK. If she didn't bother to show up for appointments, she was left to her own devices. When she needs medical help, they'll patch her up, but 3 Did Not Attends or lack of interaction, then out.

No. 1427159

KEK what is this??? "I just saw a video earlier" then the quote + her name and tag at the end… like she just discovered her own video? wtf is this narcissistic dribble holy fuck

No. 1427161

Does the borderline incoherent writing style of this post remind anyone else of the twins?

No. 1427162

Ew fuck off. What do you not understand? Learn comprehension. You understand missing 3 appointments means the NHS kick them off treatment?

No. 1427166

I'm just making fun of your terrible writing, not actually unable to understand your post.

No. 1427189


naked probably because she wanted to weigh herself before and after. also puking gets vom flecks all over your clothes, easier to shower after.

No. 1427192

You understood it, so what's the problem. Stop shitting the thread up with tinfoil.

No. 1427209

File: 1643192054447.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, 48A79590-5B68-433F-8B20-A5CB49…)

Another vote for this one

No. 1427218

The first three words are Welsh and Did Not Attend is terminology for no showing an appointment without any reason. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and all that. Incoherent writing? Maybe you’re just dumb

No. 1427221

But if she wants to recover as much as she says why would she not go to at least 3 appointments ? Or let herself fly off the radar? Surely she would engage with any help offered.

No. 1427222

Nothing is too low for Fi.
She kept posting on TT about her eating her breakfast and snacks etc then comes out and says she hasn’t been finishing them . So which is true?

No. 1427229

File: 1643197056169.png (8.1 MB, 1170x2532, 477CEC08-35D0-494B-8D6C-110FB9…)

emsinrecovery has changed her tiktok name (finally admitted she’s nowhere near a recovery model?) but still posts the same shit- chipmunk purging cheeks, straining neck tendons, and constant “woe is me” hints about hospitals and how specially sick she is- whilst remaining seemingly dependent on her family and still living in her childhood bedroom.

No. 1427230

File: 1643197091181.png (7.71 MB, 1170x2532, 84D317D2-4945-4A91-BE9E-0CC5E2…)

first thought= let me just post this on tiktok

No. 1427231

I watched her latest yt. She blames everyone but herself for not recovering with the NHS.

No. 1427232

Not as innocent and blameless as she appears at first

No. 1427234

Lollita is dead or whatever her name was, was also funny .

No. 1427238

She got a new spoon off a fan though nonnie, so her mood and recovery is safe for another day kek

No. 1427239

File: 1643198421909.jpeg (350.23 KB, 828x1478, A3D648B8-5C46-429F-84F9-34FBCA…)

Sage for not really milky, but Smorvy appears to be…wait for it…eating?! Seeing she’s lived on black coffee and NG feeds for years now Imma take this with a pinch of salt though.

Nothing new from her main account, sad face.

No. 1427241

File: 1643199150050.jpeg (896.79 KB, 1125x1761, 5AFC0F97-B57F-4C41-9D5A-7E6674…)

Acting like the sickest of the sick, I think this one could actually be the new Cece

No. 1427242


did she though? cause if it was a real "fan" im sure the would have a username to tag

No. 1427243

>>1427147 quoting herself is hands down one of the top 5 funniest things fi has done. She is so self-important.

No. 1427252

She’s been known to do a lot of elaborate cooking for her family and eat nothing herself. She probably is still living off a liquid diet.

No. 1427254

At least this one's actually pretty skinny, dare I say almost spoopy, unlike Cece.

No. 1427262

She’s no spoop

No. 1427267

Like the 10p bowls of soup.

No. 1427269

File: 1643204009600.jpeg (227.97 KB, 828x901, C96BFC12-7911-42E2-8625-DD5C40…)

Skylar is getting discharged soon so I was scrolling though her account and found this: there are murderers in medium secure? What the hell did she do in that one incident to get transferred there?

No. 1427273

Speak English or fuck off

No. 1427275

Stop yourself ana chan she’s clearly bigger than Cecelia the spoopy queen

No. 1427288

Like >>1427252 said, Morven is one of those creepy crypt keepers who cook obsessively for her family but won’t eat a morsel herself. She probably stands in the corner staring in disgust as they eat it.

No. 1427359

I’d love to know. You specifically have to be “a danger to others” for it and she just looks like a thug tbh, can easily imagine her battering someone in a BPD rage

No. 1427405

What? Years back Smorven used to make big batches of soup for her family then post on IG how she had got all the ingredients for 10p , or sometimes she would stretch to 20p.
My English is fine.

Cooking obsessively for her mother kind and fathership but never eating herself under some excuse like she didn’t like the texture

Or cutting up apples into silly numbers of slices

No. 1427472

File: 1643219886442.jpeg (636.61 KB, 749x1334, E8A3C3E9-A41E-4733-8C9A-5368CC…)

Competition: who is the sickest ana-chan???
> Camille /Millerssecrets (who OD’s every month to get her tube)
> Charlotte Charles (the new cow that sucks in her stomach so much she looks constipated)
> or She Who Must Not Be Named (the dreaded Sorcha.Blossoms)

No. 1427476


Seeing all the cows interact on tt is surreal, I bet they all think they're competing with each other
Who can be the skelliest scumbag of them all…

No. 1427561

File: 1643226741663.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1284x2217, 6B83B91F-4B99-4FEA-9B90-8869A8…)

I never thought the words “just keep going” would induce such burning rage in me

No. 1427586

she's finally getting out? Incoming posts about how awful it was and how the staff were abusive then

No. 1427594

Fiona the brave?? Jesus christ I want to hurl

No. 1427597

Hopefully she'll start producing milk again

No. 1427618

File: 1643231054590.jpeg (292.77 KB, 828x1324, EAE6EADF-15DA-41C9-8FE2-575957…)

Anna telling her followers how great having ED friends is, with no mention of the possible disadvantages. And why is she censoring anorexic in an image?

No. 1427721

>this is sounding very risky doesn’t it!
How is this dumbass in medical school? Sit down Anna, you were anorexic for all of 5 minutes

No. 1427743

Nah because Camille actually was weight restored right before Christmas and then OD’d for the purpose of a tube and then had a big fight with who not shall be named cause Camille felt invalid for never being in a hdu while S had been in there for 4 months so that’s Camille’s “goal”

No. 1427806

These sickest snowflake competitions are hilarious when it’s two retarded ana scumbags sperging about dumb shit like low blood sugar. Low BS is kind of a given with ana chans, even the larpers, and isn’t the emergency they’re bragging it is. Sure, low BS can be a legit emergency in many cases, but if it’s a BPD attention cow who’s taking selfies the whole time, give them some juice and ignore them. Otherwise it’s just playing into their quest to be that coveted sickest snowflake ever. As long as they’re conscious they’re fine, and doubt either of them actually larp enough to pass out.

No. 1427811

It's just occurred to me that I've never seen a SINGLE pic of her looking underweight or ill?

No. 1427821

File: 1643244275716.jpeg (663.63 KB, 1165x2196, 9DF1B456-83A4-47C3-8F8A-EE4838…)

Bekahs been back at it…

No. 1428130

File: 1643274395654.jpeg (168.5 KB, 719x1242, A21A2C8D-6D78-408F-AA76-1A66B0…)

Omg anon can’t you tell she was minutes away from death here??!?!
In fairness she was underweight, but only very slightly and an anon who went to school with her confirmed she’s always been slim anyway.

No. 1428131

Finally some good milk. Is she still institutionalized?

No. 1428132

Didn’t she attack a ward nurse pretty severely? She’s one of the few cows who actually scared me because I’m pretty sure she’s got retard strength. There’s just something about her eyes that scream ‘I will hurt you and not care about it’

No. 1428134

File: 1643275384821.png (8.73 MB, 1170x2532, 13F1E512-0234-4396-8CD2-5D0F9C…)

punchable. i know that ‘s connection to this one made me reluctant to engage but her tiktok is a goldmine of second hand embrassent.

No. 1428139


I don't remember the cow, but one that scared me was the girl who attacked a fellow patient and a nurse (maybe more than one/once), severe bpd so might have been bek, or two separate cows

No. 1428140

katbeatsanorexia? she went to medium secure and looks a LOT different now…

No. 1428156

File: 1643280257031.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1433, 600E5B48-6E92-4F4D-8C31-7379DF…)

ohhh I remember her from old threads, she was never spoopy and always exaggerated but looking at picrel, wow..yeah, I’d say she beat anorexia alright. Should probably change that username. katbeatspeopleup

No. 1428165

Deleted my previous para. Believe she was diagnosed BPD and ASPD because she set her hospital room on fire and beat staff and patients up. Remember something about malingering too. She had these odd seizures.
Has always refuted BPD and said it was autism. institutionalised and infamous in her local hospitals… is she being discharged from secure any time soon?

No. 1428167

samefag kek the way I've typed looks like I'm a twin. I'm not!

No. 1428175

honestly she looks very special needs

No. 1428193

Why is there no tape on the tube? Looks decidedly like she’s got hold of one and put the end in and over her ear just to take a photo. Are there any other TT with it in?

No. 1428195

Which threads was she in? Am interested to read her history.

No. 1428201

yes, plenty. that’s a bit far-fetched anon, even for these threads

No. 1428205

Ah pretty far back, I would say 2017-19? Maybe earlier… There's more to it, she's a really complicated case

No. 1428209

Dorian's new video… Dressed as a damsel in distress, sad music, low voice, suicide talk 'someone's going to kill themselves over cancel culture'.

No. 1428246

fake tubes abound in munchieland, why wouldn’t they catch on with wannabe spoops as well?

No. 1428248

Wow way to make other peoples’ deaths and suffering about yourself! She even admits right at the start she didn’t know of any of these deaths due to “cancel culture” kek yet acts like she’s been an avid supporter of these celebs. It’s performative bullshit, as per.

No. 1428255

People take screenshots, Dorian. You weren’t hacked. People looked at things you had publicly posted, things that were a pro ana group in the end (mentioning before she had ana meet ups, that’s how they’ve met. It wasn’t a private conversation on a DM it was public shit with other pro anas on tumblr)
She so loves to twist everything to make herself the victim. I don’t agree with and never would participate in doxxing but when you’re making your entire life public to creepy anas on tumblr and sharing address and meeting up? You can’t fucking whinge that you were doxxed. And NOT EVERYONE experiences worrying about googling their name because hers is so open and blasts their shit all the place. People will talk about freaks. Not everyone has experienced googling their name and getting upset because not everyone has put so much shit out to the public view.
And she goes “I’m genuinely so BORING hahah” if that’s so, then why don’t you shut the fuck up and stop posting.

No. 1428259


Absolutely fucking pathetic, as per. LARPing autism and ADHD and being trans just to avoid work and accountability. Trying to make herself look more pale and frail. Get off fucking youtube and stop taking the cash from it or learn to take the heat for your actions, bitch. Quit using fake identities as excuses.

No. 1428342

File: 1643303515333.jpeg (734.99 KB, 750x1334, E120B647-82AB-46B4-859E-7B5725…)

Camille (millerssecrets) complaining about the tube when she voluntarily admits herself every month to get it
(There’s not even a bridle on the tube bc they know she won’t pull it out!!)
She reached 110% of her goal weight, so she’s not a ~sick anachan uwu~. She just wants to be like her bestie S*

No. 1428345

For real. I didn’t know there was drama about her setting a room on fire. She was one of the only cows claiming autism that I believed actually had it because of how she looks

No. 1428360

Camille is an embarrassing cow for sure but you can mention her without always referencing (selfposting…?) sorcha. ditch the vendetta.

No. 1428385

Insufferable. Maybe if she didnt make her entire life about her past she wouldnt be 'cancelled'

No. 1428386

File: 1643307657843.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1016x2020, 9732959E-01EB-4E93-AD51-3EF8B9…)

looks like Emilys friend is going downhill again

No. 1428410

>>1428255 where can I see the caps about the meet ups?

No. 1428477

Why is she outlined in white?
Which unit?

No. 1428516

File: 1643314162318.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x2058, 222B2513-81EC-4F11-B105-C287EE…)

looks like Christabel has been to hospital since yesterday and shes already started asking people for gifts

No. 1428521

She needs to get someone to send her some rubber reusable eco straws then she would run out or be on her last one!

No. 1428539

File: 1643316211213.png (3.88 MB, 1125x2436, 61982795-3E38-4AD7-859B-D34DC2…)

Paige's cow-ness is exemplified by the fact that she thinks she's Hermione; her lack of self-awareness is showing lol. Her whole schtick of oh no! i'm so misunderstood and smart and broken and brave! gives me the ick.

No. 1428572

Normally a sign of shooping/editing app but I'm not a shoop expert

No. 1428573

this girl is so dim how did she get 2 books published?

No. 1428579

File: 1643318330693.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2391, 537B9783-298D-4971-8837-A034CB…)

previous stories she refuses to answer questions about hospital, then randomly announces she is “2 days in”. anyone else think this is all a total fabrication?

No. 1428580

~e-books~…. which are FULL of spelling mistakes and shoddy grammar. and published by a charity i believe

No. 1428655

I was thinking of cube head who went to secure last year

No. 1428752

If you'd met her you wouldn't think shes autistic, lets put it that way. But she was somehow diagnosed as level 3 autism (said all the right things??)

No. 1428763

She was at the Glasgow Priory with @emisfighting but I thought she was discharged not long ago

No. 1428765

File: 1643329003251.jpg (59.07 KB, 800x767, another sign of shoop.JPG)

Unless warped wardrobes are a thing…

No. 1428771

File: 1643329116214.jpg (61.69 KB, 800x767, edit.JPG)

Reposted to add where she didn't brush some black from her tights away.

No. 1428783

File: 1643329709491.png (1.45 MB, 1468x1362, img.ibb.co:vJDP2Zh.png)

No. 1428790

But this is a screenshot from her Tiktok. Does Tiktok have the option to shoop videos? I thought that was a relatively advanced skill? (Sage for potentially dumbfaggery re: photo/video manipulation)

No. 1428804

Did she ever admit what she actually did?

No. 1428806

she beat people up and tried to set fire to her room. and she alluded to it

No. 1428810

She constantly, or at least in the past attempted suicide. She claims her only mh diagnosis is anorexia and she's in hospital for her autism even though you don't go to psych for autism. She said that her suicide attempts are special because they're logical so it doesn't count as mental illness.

No. 1428815

yeah… she was quite notorious for wanting to stay in hospital but never admitting it and doing lots of things to sabotage discharge. she just couldn't manage living outside a hospital. I think her diagnosis now is mixed PD, bpd and aspd.

No. 1428824

Oh really? She always vehemently denied any sort of pd

No. 1428831

yeah, she was diagnosed with it but she fought for it to be removed saying it was just autism, but you cant go to a secure unit just for autism.

No. 1428847

she said on her insta she's just gone to general. I do feel sorry for her but her tiktoks are pretty bodychecky

No. 1428886

Yeah she's always been big on just straight out arguing shit that is illogical or not true and being willing to die on that hill.

No. 1428933

Honestly, either she is lying or she is finally going bat shit crazy. There are parts of the video that are quite worrying.

But that's assuming she isn't just fishing for attention. She isn't even a perpetual teen, she is just purposefully refusing to grow up because that would imply taking some responsibility, for her actions and her life.

No. 1428937

yeah she was discharged about 2 months ago

No. 1428955

I agree, I think the weird lines are just a curtain hanging and blurry, skelly legs which have weird muscle indents when they are that spoopy

No. 1428977

I spoke to an old friend of hers. Basically because she was a munchie and on so many meds from so many docs. She had a bad drug interaction. The autopsy showed an Oxy OD. She hung out at Dani’s, went to the bathroom and never came out. she fell over and died

No. 1429021

Most people with a PD or BPD deny it or want to get it removed because that labels them as problem patients.

No. 1429031

What's this about ? Didn't that girl died like a year ago ? in her IG the " we will always miss you" kind of messages are like 46 weeks old.

No. 1429044

Ya but only recently did Dani and kellys family actually tell anybody what happened. I know one of her friend’s and I asked about it. I always got weird vibes from Kelly. I followed one of her 13 instagrams at one point after following The Kadee chronicles and she was a nut(namefag)

No. 1429051


you dont need to enter your actual email, Alex.
good job doxxing yourself.

No. 1429063

I used kellys friends email. I’m not stupid she’s legit all over kellys feed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1429065

File: 1643350019206.png (541.92 KB, 1355x599, xxalex.PNG)


you are fucking stupid because 1. you put in an email instead of saging, and 2. you think anyone here gives a fuck abt your vendetta

learn how 2 use the site

No. 1429068

I came on the site to see if they updated the tea on palette face dumbass. I usually just read the site not post. I don’t got a vendetta I was just updating. No need to be a fag

No. 1429073

if you read enough you'd know how to use the site, NoBoDyImPoRtAnT

No. 1429076

Ard lmao
You rlly gettin mad because I not “using the site right” 🤣

No. 1429079

yes, it's called integrating & like i said if you lurked enough or read the site rules you'd know how to post and reply to posts properly so people know wtf you're talking about & you don't doxx yourself or whoevers email you're using

No. 1429082

File: 1643351920337.png (467.85 KB, 625x645, jdsaj.PNG)

I think it's so funny how these cows that go private just make their bloods slightly off by restricting ~in some way~ and think going inpatient is valid when they're obese & paying out the arse for their admissions and tube feedings

unsure if brianna has private healthcare but she's definitely someone who manipulates the system

No. 1429083

I don’t give a fuck.
It a page full of people making fun of internet losers.

No. 1429084

samefag but her smug fat face says it all

No. 1429085

yeah & you;re currently an internet loser

No. 1429087

nice reply you got me(retard)

No. 1429089

Wtf most people with anorexia will do anything to keep their bkoofs stable to avoid admission

No. 1429090

I think she's definitely sick in the same way that emisfighting is but clearly milking (pun not intended) it. Her tiktok is pretty much all ED "humour" ft. bodychecking or flaunting her spoopiness

No. 1429092


also, emojis will evoke the banhammer.
honestly you sound like a butthurt newfag loser thats trying just a bit too hard to backpaddle her way out after getting called out.

No. 1429094

my thoughts exactly.. porgie, fiona, brianna, any cow perpetually in hospital all know how to get their bloods out of whack just for appointments so they can larp the "doctors suggested IP i'm soooo sad"

No. 1429097

So using emojis make me a butthurt newfag loser? K lmao
I not even back paddling what there to even call me out for? Cause my post wasn’t relevant enough for you? Ok lame ass. I done talking to you I ain’t got nothing to prove to you. I was just tryna update ppl bout pallet face. Bye fag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1429139

>>1428765 that's a fucking curtain anon use your head

No. 1429174

File: 1643367183733.jpeg (404.6 KB, 1170x2059, 61B54802-133A-480F-B6C2-B25638…)

How does she eat this shit? Honestly that looks repulsive.

No. 1429179

I think thats a protein mug cake she's tipped out the mug - only cos she did similar with a chocolate protein mug cake. Much recovery

No. 1429190

It looks like ice cream.
Reading the captions it sounded exactly like something Smorven would have written.

No. 1429193

She’s going to be there for sometime I think given her TT what I eat in a day of an egg and pasta lunch and a sandwich for dinner, while being alone in a room she can exercise all she wants and unless she’s on 1:1 for meals I can see a lot of it going AWOL.

No. 1429207

File: 1643375842502.png (6.02 MB, 1170x2532, 38581740-C7A1-4E37-93B6-0F9EEA…)

i take back all i’ve said before about zara recovering- she looks worse somehow even in massive clothes

No. 1429208

File: 1643375901360.png (8.17 MB, 1170x2532, 7B9EBA91-8621-4F7E-8A0F-FE4AF0…)

her hands are so spoopy it looks like they were pulled out of the grave

No. 1429214

She made cookies in that video and comments asking her if she ate them/if they were good and she said she didn’t eat them because she can’t.

No. 1429218

i mean, true, EPI pretty much rules out fats

No. 1429220

File: 1643377782914.jpeg (364.55 KB, 1170x2010, EA97B03A-0674-473C-ABA8-F651BC…)

Yes, but obviously her ed is thriving having a perfect excuse to bake for others.
Couldn’t help herself but include this shot to show off that elbow

No. 1429229

fi is milking the absolute fuck over her most recent snack increase. all she's done is trade one granola bar for a slightly different one - a whole twenty calorie increase, because if anything is gonna keep fi our of hospital, it's changing a frusli bar to a nutrigrain one!

it's actually a little scary that her team have allowed themselves to be so manipulated by fi that, despite all the tearful dramatics, she's entirely in control! it's little wonder that fi approves of her current dietitian when it's obviously been easy to decieve her into believing that she's so terrified of fruit, for example, that her weekly increase will be an apple, or whatever lies she's told to convince her dietitian to introduce an increase of 20 calories! it's very obvious fi is aiming to end up in hospital, because absolutely no legitimate treatment team would believe that increasing her meal plan by such minimal amounts is going to have any impact whatsoever on "getting fi back". they're probably just playing along with her to keep her complacent, while they search for a bed.

fi will be delighted to get her toob back - visual proof that she's "sooper sick" without her having to film daily reminders!

No. 1429249

she is weight restored now but was reliant on toob feeds

No. 1429251

has anyone noticed that molly deleted herself off the face of the earth?

No. 1429254

you don't need to type anything in the boxes except sage in the email box…

and yeah, anyone know what happened to her? she was making aesthetic wholesome oxford videos last time i checked.

No. 1429257

She has a thread on tattle now and people there hypothesised that she deleted her videos again because she found it (like she did when she discovered us)

No. 1429263

File: 1643382728763.png (8.99 MB, 1170x2532, 6A05C7DB-26A4-423C-8E9E-C174F1…)

she’s like a skeleton of a person. do universities not care about their pupils? how is she not referred to mental health services? genuinely asking, i don’t understand how she appears so functional and (seems to) have maintained a pretty high level of awareness and ability to do <stuff> ?

No. 1429268

Some people are somehow just able to maintain a semblance of normality at a very low weight. She probably is doing worse emotionally, socially and academically than she lets on but it seems like she is just used to it. I’m sure she’ll crash and burn at some point though.

She knows what to say to manipulate services. I’m pretty sure she must have chosen her uni because they don’t have a weight requirement (most uk unis will ‘suggest’ you take a leave of absence if your BMI is below ~15). Bureaucracy will mean it is hard for other students or lecturers to effectively refer her to the uni well-being services but people would probably feel awkward doing that anyway.

No. 1429273

File: 1643384017743.png (314.59 KB, 405x605, ittybittyuwu.png)

Imogen now flexing her flat chest. How long until this becomes an ana trend to show off how underweight and dainty you are? (the audio is the "a-b-c-d-e-f u" one that's popular right now)

No. 1429274

Given the fact you keep saying you're "nobody important" across multiple social medias, including your youtube "(I'm Alex. (They/them)• NJ• nothing special)" It does make one wonder if you outed yourself, glad you didn't know how to integrate newfag, it's giving plenty of keks.

No. 1429280

Link to tattle thread please ?

No. 1429282


That’s no trend. I have no boobs even at my fattest hahahaha.

No. 1429283

tbh i like her star dishes, i want some

No. 1429284

look at some Chinese baddie streetstyle videos and you'll get your answer. You can definitely elongate and slim videos for tiktok.

No. 1429292

File: 1643386651584.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x2013, 676940B6-6170-46AC-9A36-F6DD1B…)

self promo because we need to help her get sponsorships and money.
oh and more people to “buy” her gifts

No. 1429297

google? search it up yourself?

No. 1429306

At least she was sensible enough to protect her future employment prospects. Unlike every single other cow here.

No. 1429319

who knows, maybe she even realized that she was being embarrassing

No. 1429330

Open a PO Box, get a good sob story going, spend years repeating the same recovery shit so people think you’re super brave for fighting for so long and shamelessly drop grovelling hints nonnie! You never know you might get lots of snazzy shaped bowls/plates and the odd inspiration tea spoon too in the post! Kek

No. 1429381

File: 1643394868993.jpeg (731.61 KB, 750x1334, 36F770BA-19E9-4F57-973B-A1E5F6…)

Not to bone rattle but I honestly think she looks like a BMI 12 or less.
Her ~recovery guru~ persona is so performative and fake. EPI isn’t an excuse to stay a skelly. if she were rly committed to weight restoring, she could easily bulk up on tubs of 0% fat yoghurt, or drink fortijuces (they’re fat free)

No. 1429391

File: 1643395669411.png (474.34 KB, 460x784, Whatever Scar.png)

Scarlett full of it as per.

This proves nothing. She was a literal child then so of course she was fucking skinny. Doesn't mean she's meant to be naturally emaciated as an adult. Dumb bitch.

No. 1429426

You beat me to it anon. And she’s not even skinny (for a kid) here. She’s so unprofessional, I can’t believe anyone pays her to ‘coach’ them

No. 1429428

Has Fi got BPD? Or is she larking the autism thing instead?

No. 1429429

Didn’t Katy or Maria just get accepted onto some uni academic course or something?

No. 1429430

No. 1429433

You shouldn't have spoonfed the baby. They could've literally just typed her name and tattle on google…

No. 1429435

I Don’t know how many people know this but they are fighting atm why, there fighting over who is sicker

No. 1429440

No. 1429444

Katy did, but it’s a remote teaching thing (think openuniversity). And given she is actually receiving treatment from ED services, albeit in a harm reduction capacity, the uni is less liable to being sued if she passes while studying.

No. 1429451

I’m too kind- that’s all I did ! But I was curious to read the thread myself. I hadn’t noticed molly had vanished off YT.

No. 1429452

File: 1643400126153.jpeg (568.66 KB, 750x775, A5377413-E90D-4B0D-88C2-A1AEEF…)

Is it just me or are some of N2F’s creations looking…slightly normal? Not completely, but they’re not as vomit-inducing and she seems to be eating with other people/not in her hovel of a room.

No. 1429454

File: 1643400192911.jpeg (1011.7 KB, 1125x1875, 2A7090CE-EFEB-4B5D-B22E-978DF1…)

Can we not ? Probably the most cringe video of the last two years.

No. 1429455

Is she still in Vincent square or St Anne’s? Or at home as out patient? I really can’t see the point in her getting another qualification the state they are both in.

No. 1429456

has Holly Gabrielle ever being discussed here?

No. 1429458

File: 1643400284874.jpeg (360.75 KB, 750x678, 3801240F-419D-4551-BEF1-6EC23B…)

2/2 like i’d actually eat this it’s just pasta w cheese, spinach and tuna from what I gather

No. 1429467

Is this… Still raw?

No. 1429469

She’s at home but she was in a&e a few days ago because of a fall and subsequent skull fracture.

No. 1429472

I don't know, I think it's actually good for her to have something to focus on outside of her eating disorder. For actual SEED patients like that, a big focus of treatment is usually trying to get them involved in meaningful activities that might motivate them to eat more / stay medically stable or at least make their lives happier.

No. 1429476


I wouldn't want to eat any of her food, no matter what it looks like. I feel like I'd never know where it's been, let alone the state of her fingers and nails when she prepared it.

No. 1429480

that’s not bone rattling it’s the truth.
don’t know much about epi but if she’s on meds like she says, she could gain weight even if it was slow.
she looks awful, i bet it drives her other anachan groupies wild watching her run wild without repercussions whilst they’re left to post crying videos from hospital >>1429454

No. 1429481

are those grapes washed or..?

No. 1429552

File: 1643409510173.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1284x2141, E39EAEEA-D142-4309-8718-171995…)

We nearly made Paige self-discharge lmaooooo

No. 1429555

Has she admitted to the BPD ? She seems fully aware of the stuff “ that Fi does because of the anorexia or autism” but never how manipulative BPD is.

No. 1429556

Yes but although she’s highly irritating there’s no milk . Yes she claimed to have an ED but that’s about it. Why do you think she’s milky?

No. 1429557

Well at least she went to a&Zoe for something other than her ED.

No. 1429559

i stopped watching her cause i found her v annoying. i dont know if she is milky but i want to read the threats

No. 1429561


if you ve been an og follower youd know that a few years back she was diagnosed and hospitalised for bpd (ruby ward if not mistaken) but suddenly the bpd diagnosis is offensive an autism is the new cool, so she no longer has bpd and is now autistic

No. 1429562

I hope no one here is touching the poo/cow-tipping.

No. 1429568

I’m op of that post, absolutely not. I just assumed she was referring to us as in the overall board by “internet trolls”

No. 1429585

I dunno anon, if you look closely it seems like she's also got some cashews, sweetcorn and mayo in there. Who know what else is mixed in…

No. 1429594

She’s always been the stereotypical revolving door BPD cow (og Insta/Tumblr followers will know ). She literally used to blame everything on ‘her BPD’ and ‘voices’ when she was an avid Tumblr user. Now blames everything and all behaviour (manipulative or otherwise) on anorexia and the apparent “ASD” diagnosis she successfully managed to Larp. ASD seems to be the newly sought for diagnosis on Insta and TikTok it seems because no one likes having that once super special PD diagnosis now? Although I don’t frequently go on the latter.

No. 1429606


I'm guessing her bf cooked this for her tbh

No. 1429616


Can we please fucking start saging this shit. I swear there’s a whole bunch of newbs that don’t know the rules and aren’t saging shit.
Learn the rules, or stop posting.

No. 1429624

Are we talking about the same holly Gabrielle?
Where’s the stuff on her bpd and autism posted? I know she’s talked about her ED but never mentioned autism. But she’s as annoying as fuck.

No. 1429625

Another person who has vanished off YT and IG is Lucy Ward , think she was something like @healingluce.

No. 1429627


no Fiona. must have replied to the wrong person

No. 1429632

omg i remember her! she always had the potential to be a bit milky. What happened to her?

No. 1429666

File: 1643418104154.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.64 MB, 1920x2560, 22-01-29-10-55-35-848_deco.jpg)

This one is a wild ride, anons. @loveorscars
Super-spoop who claims to have (or had) binge eating, but definitely doesn't purge you guize! Is either in absolute denial over the state of herself, wilfully ignorant or is fucking with everyone. Constantly gloats about being "healthy" and better than the people who starve themselves and any criticism in her direction is jealousy, according to her.

No. 1429668

File: 1643418245782.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 1920x2560, 22-01-29-10-57-50-553_deco.jpg)

Samefag, just to reiterate she's so healthy and nourished, obviously. She has a highlight dedicated to her body checking. Unsurprisingly that another well known spoop follows her (@katekusmina). Spoilered because jesus fuck

No. 1429672

Ausfag and there’s a doctor who when they were a medical student developed anorexia and the uni didn’t step in until she was a BMI of 10. Also there’s no way unis actually have information of your weight and height like you don’t give them that info so there’s no real way to monitor them. Obvs the med student just had people visually concerned but when they first said ah you need to see a doctor it had been so long she was yeah bmi 10.
TLDR unis don’t give a shit, especially in aus

No. 1429674

She went off to do paediatric nursing at uni ( or that’s when she left YT) so guessing she saw sense about not having all her ED and mental health stuff public on IG or YT for everyone to see.
One of her close friends from Haldon Lottie Lives still posts , but not very milky anymore.

No. 1429689

At least she didn't post with her shoulders showing for once. She really should just delete herself off the internet, or go back to strictly music or (shitty) fiction writing, and cut the trans/ASD larp. It's so disingenuous. And she's never going to have actual interests/well-being if she keeps weight suppressing in order to ED-bait more successfully. Like it's fine to just not be made for the 9-5 life, or just to not want to, if you have the means/talent. Just quit with the special snowflakeism.

No. 1429722

I know it was a typo but got me thinking wasn’t there a cow a couple years ago called Zoe?

No. 1429790

File: 1643429896323.jpeg (568.53 KB, 828x1152, 7F91FD04-8B66-4D57-8CDE-397CB3…)

Saged cause I know there are a lot of strong opinions on Eugenia but jfc.

I don’t think I can stomach the video. Another anon might have to take one for the team. Winter outfit?? She’s surely trolling us at this point. Her sustenance is purely the pity and hate she gets in the comments.

No. 1429804

I think that she’s so fucked up that she’s self aware about it. Which doesn’t really make sense but Eugenia’s mind is probably a glimpse into hell. She’s merging sexuality with her infantilized self. She knows exactly what she’s doing. I really do hope she just fades like a bad memory and people stop commenting on/watching her shit because that’s when the real self implosion will happen.

No. 1429809

Does anyone have access to her priv insta @laurennfights

No. 1429813

I've seen her mentioned somewhere else, also thought she was slightly milky but only in a petty high and mighty way, she definitely isn't coping and fully knows what she's saying imo

No. 1429828

File: 1643436021111.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, B74A8270-9566-4D8A-920B-F54E6C…)

It’s a 16 minute video where she eye fucks herself and body checks under the guise of a winter clothing haul. By the skimpy clothing you would never guess she lives in connecticut where it’s been around -4f/-20c. I actually felt sick watching her creepy arm tendons moving, I do not suggest subjecting yourself to this freak show.

No. 1429831

She probably doesn't leave her house, she would perish if she actually experienced that weather. Even still, these are hardly outfits. They're so skimpy and trashy, I remember when she actually used to have kind of cool clothes and shoes, but now it's the equivalent of skanky dress up costumes you buy at lingerie or party shops.

No. 1429836

I was just about to post her!
Posts bagels with huge amounts of cream cheese and greasy pizza. Then says “You’re just jealous that I can eat normal amount of food maintain this weight.” Yeah sure. She’s lolcow material for sure.

No. 1429859


Everything >>1429831 says. They're winter outfits for Cooney because she only leaves the house once when it's cold, and that's briefly to show off the Christmas lights at her house.
Also agree how tacky her outfits are. I don't even know where a woman would wear these outfits. At her age, she can't get away with wearing so little (size aside). Her lack of interaction and socialising's made her ignorant of how people dress. I think she grew out of her emo thing a long time ago and now she doesn't know what to wear, or rather she DOES know what to wear to show off her body (which is the only thing that interests her now).

Her face is starting to look haggard, which makes the cutesy (?) thing she's going for (?) even less appropriate. She's like some weird old lady from a horror film at this point. It's as cringe as watching Tammy Slaton try and fail to fit into that XXXXXXL Halloween costume.

No. 1429868

File: 1643445776175.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1828, FC3C81B3-5941-44DC-8067-2E8C91…)

(1/2) Soph is claiming csa for bpd attention seeking at 17yrs old needing security to restrain her

No. 1429869

File: 1643445805505.jpeg (915.12 KB, 1125x1565, 9C7AF3AC-7AC0-4B97-8AA6-F7C66F…)


No. 1429872

"I've ran away" shot is imminent. Her face is alarmingly free of bruises/cuts.

No. 1429880

These tiktoks are a week or more old, who knows what she's up to now

No. 1429882

What country is she in?

No. 1429898

File: 1643449099669.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3459x3353, 46A7F482-6B77-425F-B2B8-CAE8A5…)

After watching this I was recommended her misa cosplay from a week ago and it’s also pure nightmare fuel.

No. 1429899

Trash bag-core wear

No. 1429908

just wake me up when this hag is dead

No. 1429912

Her 30s are gonna hit her like a train. This is just depressing to watch.

No. 1429925

>misa cosplay
more like Rem

No. 1429927

Her face is starting to get sharper. She either purged a lot before or she's finally becoming like that one russian spoop with a horrible face

No. 1429946

File: 1643454547730.jpeg (131.49 KB, 750x493, 0C5337F9-A1C7-4BF2-882E-B0B4CA…)

Reading the tattle life thread on molly, which isn’t actually very interesting at all , I don’t think the posters on TL think much of lolcow.

No. 1429962

Eugenia was banned several threads back

No. 1429967

That person needs to get off their high horse, tattle is basically diet lolcow

No. 1429971

no she wasn't

No. 1429989

File: 1643461763128.jpeg (276.96 KB, 828x1302, 8399A4B1-6AD8-46C1-811D-5AD82F…)

It should be a crime to call weetabix and yoghurt a cheesecake

No. 1429990


Ha beat me to it I was going to say it's lolcow lite.

No. 1429992

Eugenia may have been a banned topic years ago to keep wks from shitting up the threads but her milk is fair game these days and she is giving. Nothing wrong with liking a cow but she is a cow and a proana scumbag so no need to minimod

No. 1429994

her veneers make her teeth look huge. she looks like an emaciated horse.

No. 1430005

Damn, nothing ages you prematurely like Anorexia. She looks haggard and old as fuck.

No. 1430006

I didn't know she had veneers. Damn. Wonder what else has malfunctioned in her

No. 1430008

File: 1643463591485.png (170.02 KB, 481x750, tumblr_ngcs0yW9nm1qe2t2to1_500…)

She should cosplay Yzma.

No. 1430009

I wish she had enough hair left to just style her own hair like Misa's. Wig looks cheaper than a pair of banana peels
I don't know why I googled emaciated horses for comparison but it made me very sad. Someone lets a horse suffer like that they face animal cruelty charges, but not when a mother lets it happen to her daughter… God bless the USA, right?
Kek, underrated comment. Rem cared about someone other than herself though

No. 1430016

To be fair I don’t even think camille & S are fighting I’m p sure it’s just camille whose actually said on live she wants to get admitted to the hdu to be like her which is weird

No. 1430033

Listen, I like weetabix. I wouldn’t compare them to the biscuit base in a cheesecake.

No. 1430039

I keep seeing this on normal healthy eating pages, why is everyone turning into little anachan chefs this year?

No. 1430079

She’s in Quebec, Canada but she moved there from somewhere in Europe (based of her typing in Russian sometimes, that would be my guess).

No. 1430100

File: 1643476954532.jpg (869.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220129-171918_Ins…)

Nobody jump on me, but is Ro still gaining weight? I don't know if that's the reason but she's looking different every time she posts. Great she committed to recovery and achieved it but she's looking a bit meh compared to a few months back. Like her features are different.

No. 1430105

ik! im actually impressed and proud of her

No. 1430107


No, she looks really good. Stop bone rattling about someone who has worked hard and actually done something decent. Zero milk now.

No. 1430109

What you see is recovery. Actual recovery from a person with actual anorexia. She looks great and she's still struggling with it, so stfu and post shit about the fakers.

No. 1430112

Not bone rattling. Just surprised at the very recent complete change in her face. Could and should have worded it better. Indeed good on her. She's done exceptionally well.

No. 1430138

Has her nose always been that thin? the whole look is oddly giving me Michael Jackson vibes, it's so jarring.

No. 1430139

to be fair, i don't think it's been confirmed but i believe she has them just because her teeth are abnormally white and considering how far in she is with her ED.

No. 1430156

Tbh, she's a quite normal looking gal.

No. 1430161


Apart from the eyebrows. Those get me every time.

No. 1430186

File: 1643483929374.png (3.65 MB, 750x1334, 10357EAE-581F-4263-965C-FD7740…)

Sophie (soph.ventiing) flexing her head banging wounds and black eye. Typical BPD antics.
Do we have any evidence she was ever actually “severely underweight” like she claims? She’s never even been diagnosed

No. 1430190

I think her mirror is a little warped and makes her face look a tiny bit lopsided. No big deal, good on her for actually recovering.

No. 1430195

File: 1643484626648.jpeg (287.8 KB, 828x1351, 8E68CC93-BFD1-489D-87D9-BD8DDC…)

It’s interesting how the Russian girls always seem to get away with being openly pro ana

No. 1430196

File: 1643484733766.jpg (225.7 KB, 1080x1631, 20220129_193110.jpg)

>>1430186 she has been underweight

No. 1430201

Leave Ro alone, zero milk anymore. She’s put in the effort and done really well and got her life back.
If you want to criticise someone for turning into a chipmunk look at Elzani: her cheeks are really chubby now as is the rest of her and she’s still eating like she’s in a phase of extreme hunger. Meanwhile doing nothing with her life except playing with a puppy, cooking, and living off the bank of mummy and daddy.

No. 1430215

She doesn’t look underweight at all here. I think she probably has been slightly UW at some point but definitely not severely enough to develop the chronic heart condition she claims

No. 1430222

this reads like 2014 tumblr thinspo quotes kek she's definitely not eating as much as she claims

No. 1430223

KEK This has the same energy as the HAES whales, it’s just the other end of the scale.

No. 1430234

Looks slim-normal, just another BPDcow jumping on the ED bandwagon (and yes I know those can be co-morbid but she proved the lack of dx herself by sharing her notes). This one would do/claim literally anything for a scrap of attention. I don’t understand why she’s had the tube so long?

No. 1430236

this is “underweight”??? kek, hardly. by this logic, cows like zara are dead

No. 1430237

the tube is for gastro problems rather than eating disorder
she’s posted about putting vodka down it.

No. 1430246

Anon, you're rattling over there. Sure she's not emaciated, but yeah, that picture does look like someone who is on the low end of normal to underweight.

No. 1430247

>>1430236 you can be underweight and not a total spoop like Zara. She's deffo a lil underweight here like bmi 17?

No. 1430259

File: 1643490574442.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1170x2028, AE0322F0-5B48-4781-BBB5-DC2881…)

You admitted yourself retard. Your voluntariy

No. 1430269

File: 1643491742429.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x2019, 2F81436C-9256-4CFE-92C9-154131…)

that was fast

No. 1430277

File: 1643492308026.png (2.16 MB, 1239x1340, Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 4.37…)

a warm bowl of diabetic poop slop

No. 1430281

File: 1643492673888.png (2.37 MB, 1189x1186, Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 4.44…)

No. 1430282



What I don’t understand is how, when you’re clearly in the midst of some mental health crisis, you can somehow find the energy to post on TikTok/Insta etc. It makes no sense to me.

No. 1430284


Really? I haven't seen Elzani post about food in a while, and the few things she has shown have been so much smaller than the stuff she used to make. I agree about her being coddled and doing nothing with her life (no I don't think she's autistic) but I haven't seen any evidence she's overeating. And she isn't chubby if you look at the rest of her family's build. Alisha is only slimmer because she's always watched her diet like a hawk and is into wellness trends.

No. 1430286


yeah, wasnt she discharged from Glasgow like 2 months ago?

No. 1430291


Yesss but she was far from weight restored. She looked like she’d gained like a kilo the whole 8 months or whatever she was there. She shouldn’t have been allowed to drag weight gain out for so long.

No. 1430297


seriously is glasgow like the worst unit?
why do they keep them so long with ng and not weight restore and then discharge them?
Lauren is not the first that ive heard

No. 1430299

She looks like a reptilian.

No. 1430321

File: 1643495496210.jpeg (660.06 KB, 750x1334, 11A3FFE8-088F-4BD8-82F2-D702BA…)

I bet she just wanted to be tubed like her bestie Em (emisfighting) in Glasgow again.
Next she’ll start bashing her head off the wall to get a big red scab like Em

No. 1430331

not to WK but i think lauren is very much an anorexic in her own right without the influence of em. and i don’t see how watching your friend gain a bunch of weight in the priory would motivate anyone to try and copy.?

i think she just wants as many hospital shots as possible

No. 1430332

varies greatly patient to patient (think noodles4noodles, lifewithhxn, emisfighting- all made to gain a lot of weight whilst there)

No. 1430333

File: 1643496264450.png (4.37 MB, 750x1334, 899A429C-F68D-455B-8E91-6B1162…)

Wonder what her “biggest step” will be? it took her 8 months to drink a sip of water.
Usually ana-chans love water bc it fills you up and speeds up your metabolism?

No. 1430334

File: 1643496329152.jpeg (124.74 KB, 858x800, 789B4502-599F-4BCA-BF8B-02C419…)

All through her recovery people on here were saying she was autistic because of her awkwardness .

No. 1430336

File: 1643496381707.jpeg (139.2 KB, 259x460, CAA6BBDD-268F-40B0-A16B-D2B154…)

Another chubby cheeks shot

No. 1430337


Yeah no shit she's awkward but that doesn't make her autistic. She just doesn't want to work or face the adult world.

No. 1430338


Eh on that basis her and Ro both have chubby cheeks and puffy faces. No point judging one and not the other. Plus at that point in recovery a lot of weight/water retention often shows in your face.

No. 1430339

Nightingale in London is pretty awful, 4000 cals a day, no outdoor space - discussed previous thread - they can’t ng so they restrain and syringe feed.

No. 1430340

No Ro doesn’t have chubby cheeks or a puffy face.
Go back read past posts about Elzani on here for the repeated comments about people saying she was autistic.

No. 1430343


Okay whatever. You keep telling yourself that. I have read those posts and I don't agree with those people. She has no excuse for living the way she does and shouldn't be able to use autism as an excuse for doing sweet fuck all with her life.

No. 1430348

who tells this bs?
the meal plans are individualised.
also they ng if you are not complying. they section and ng when needed.

no outdoors is like a prison and also they usually dont discharge you at min bmi but at set point which is way higher and sucks.

No. 1430349

It’s not the same unit. Someone asked Em in one of her Tellonyms and she said it was a different one. Which makes sense as everyone seems to be discharged underweight and she said her goal/maintenance bmi is 15

No. 1430364

File: 1643498254013.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x1928, BB946616-A295-42A6-925F-14B34A…)

that’s bullshit, she’s clearly past BMI 15 now. she said that was her target to be allowed to do something i think, not for discharge or maintenance.

No. 1430365

File: 1643498307893.jpeg (1.45 MB, 834x1916, 6FE3FE2D-1DD9-4047-85D1-952FE6…)

No. 1430367

She doesn't have autism. Its probably brain damage bc she was malnourished for so long.

No. 1430371

learn to sage. and stop sperging about elzani, she's not a cow anymore.

No. 1430372

File: 1643499047678.jpeg (240.63 KB, 750x1334, 870B96A8-5663-4821-8315-B6F651…)

Perish the thought that she might eat a whole pizza!
Still our ana queen!

No. 1430379

when I last checked on her a few weeks ago all her selfies were still super spoopy, had she been reusing old ones?

god forbid anyone think she is not the sickest ana ever. why would she choose this question to answer, it's not going to make anyone other than herself feel better

No. 1430384

File: 1643500567771.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x2057, E32AAF6D-F3BF-4446-AB70-131B86…)

speaking of

No. 1430387

File: 1643500829141.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1164x2250, E7FDF85C-A92F-4444-BBBD-680508…)

why does she look so pudgy and grimy?

No. 1430410

It’s almost like feeding tubes cause weight gain

No. 1430420

yeah, she reposts her spoop pics all the time

No. 1430430

File: 1643503940861.jpeg (205.8 KB, 867x1342, 644AAE7A-81AA-48FB-9DF6-6226A9…)

Confused is an understatement. Just buy one?

No. 1430471

"We will get Lauren back" sounds like someone has been talking to fi

No. 1430472

Imagine wearing those earrings in public…

No. 1430493

I think Em's grimy skin is bad fake tan

No. 1430535

No they aren’t individualised it’s just standard half portion full portion increases etc, and no they don’t ng because they aren’t linked to a medical hospital so they can’t. Yes most people are either sectioned when they go or get sectioned once they are there.

No. 1430536

Paris is confused about everything. Blame the fucking bridge incident that she still goes on about or bullying at school. She’s jumping on the ‘ I want stuff for free’ idea. At one point she was stupid enough to post her address on her IG for everyone to see.

No. 1430537

And got to get those flexed hands in the photo.

No. 1430575

seriously? this isn't chubby. Fuck off.

No. 1430590

She looks nice

No. 1430602

Anybody at a healthy weights cheeks do this if you smile widely, it’s not milk. You just sound bitter.

No. 1430604

File: 1643531106593.png (318.85 KB, 560x460, tuna.png)

Tuna with corn and mayo is a totally normal combination. Not sure about the cashews, but eh, could be nice to get some texture in there.

No. 1430605

(shit sorry forgot to sage, been a while)

No. 1430614

At first I thought she had done a stuffed pear. She really seems to like her stuffed potatoes

No. 1430616

you are so wrong.

No. 1430617

Have you been there then?

No. 1430618

we dont blog here remember?
suck it up and stop spreading rumors

No. 1430621

Not blogging not been there just curious as to how you can be so sure about what it’s like if you haven’t .

No. 1430623

she's obviously alluding to the fact that she has been there but doesn't want to blog about it kek

No. 1430635

Tonight's dinner:


No. 1430636

would you plz stop rattling your bones and fuck off

No. 1430639


This could easily be a BMI 15…

No. 1430645

File: 1643542101136.jpeg (518.7 KB, 1800x1800, 27AE7B30-C548-4A03-9666-69129C…)

Anna: I’m not allergic to oats!
Anna: regularly shown to eat oats

No. 1430647

This aging meth whore look is bleak

No. 1430670

I know it's normal in the UK, but it definitely sounds incredibly gross to me as a non-UKfag

No. 1430679

Can't find the old message, but meitu, a popular editing app, has options to adjust body size in videos now, I just saw it when I was using the app for work. I bet plenty of these anachans are using that to look spoopier in their videos

No. 1430686

File: 1643546789208.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x2067, B94DBEB0-9479-4D00-9E30-24C4E6…)

wtf is a 7:1?

No. 1430698

File: 1643547524887.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x2116, 86F71124-E57C-4AA3-8D78-E7C480…)

who lets their parents film them for 5+ minutes crying hysterically?
and why would a parent let their adult child do that?

No. 1430708

Is she trying to sound like a schizocow at the end there? Like how that ana tranny that got her own thread believed if she starved herself she’d turn into a unicorn?

No. 1430713

she won't be aging much if she goes on like that

No. 1430715

this one is proper mental, has been banging on about the devil and 'the evil' making her do things for months

No. 1430728


probably something she made up to make it sound like she needs seven people watching her at all times

No. 1430739

File: 1643552715098.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x2184, C996A850-E76D-4166-8C23-1EB05D…)

recovery_for_jas back with her shit shooping. i don’t get why- she’s pretty skelly anyway so why the obvious edits?

No. 1430742

File: 1643552822093.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1065x2035, 4288AE72-76BC-47BA-BBA3-200AF0…)

the legs in this one never fail to make me laugh

No. 1430743

File: 1643552924952.jpeg (355.72 KB, 960x1638, 1BEAA3FA-A494-4FF4-AFED-1207A4…)

No. 1430764

File: 1643555327357.jpeg (216.14 KB, 750x1334, 9BD11417-4345-47D5-B279-D48279…)

Recovery_for_jas (the skelly shooper) claims to eat more than anyone else she knows (including full pizzas, takeaways, desserts etc) …
Yet has not gained a single pound from months of “all in recovery”.
Tinfoil: she’s purging, spitting or just not eating what she posts.

No. 1430772

pathological liar, can't even post a picture of what she actually looks like without falsifying it somewhat

No. 1430782

File: 1643557950999.jpeg (227.24 KB, 828x1225, B90B5548-DF1D-4877-83F5-ABCCC5…)

Can’t believe a thirty year old’s days are so empty. She has been out of inpatient for months and she is still living like she’s on a holiday. Why isn’t she volunteering or building up her skill set? And I’m very concerned she feels the need to add rabbit feeding to her to do list.

No. 1430786

File: 1643559111067.png (6.44 MB, 1242x2688, DE173F87-286C-4A9E-B720-A532B3…)

Sorry who is this and where is our grimy queen? She looks….normal?

No. 1430787

File: 1643559364605.jpg (576 KB, 1170x664, William H Macy Fargo.jpg)

No. 1430788

Sorry that youve forgotten what a normal human face looks like, ana-chans. Stop bone rattling and get something to eat.

No. 1430800

I'm not sure if this is what she's going for or not, but sometimes having easy checkmarks for a to-do list gives you positive momentum. If you can do a set simple task and feel accomplished you can end up doing follow-up things even if they're more challenging. Or maybe she is that narcissistic and social media-obsessed that she'll forget her dependant if not prompted.

No. 1430803

I’m sorry. This has sent me over the edge. What the fuck is this lmao?? Is she posting this as a joke? I usually only lurk these threads but this image has triggered a bewildered rage in me. For the amount of calories on this plate you could easily have something actually plesant tasting, and what kind of unhigenic nonsense is shoving chocolates WITH THE DIRTY WRAPPER STILL ON(???) onto your dinner plate? Is she british? Nonas i feel violated looking at this travesty of a plate

No. 1430808

Kek, you must be new here nonnie!

No. 1430811

That's N2F. She delivers premium milk, newfag.

No. 1430822

reading this forum has actually killed off more of my brain cells than you probably all have combined. realising people live their lives and think like this when most of you are in your prime years that you will never get back is actually the demise of humanity. i genuinely feel sorry for you all, not only are you all bullshitting each other, youre bullshitting yourselves. i understand eating disorders are mental illnesses but i actually think using your own time and energy to get involved in a forum like this speaks more to your morals than anything else. this whole thing reeks of a jealousy and competitiveness that i actually think only somebody in a sound headspace could smell. genuinely you will look back at this and cringe. if you think your eating disorder or judging those in recovery will make you better than the rest and satisfy your own superiority complex then youre actually deluded because this is stealing your best years from you. nobody is looking at you with respect for being lighter than them or being admitted or whatever, other than people who are in the same boat as you and that boat is fucking sinking. if you have an ed and recovery just isnt possible for you for whatever reason fucking get a therapist rather than being chronically online like an obsessed ipad kid. its embarrassing. grow the actual fuck up and gain consciousness some of you. i would actually rather be obese than waste my days chatting shit about people who actually want to do something with their lives just because you know youre too adequate and sad for anything better. some people in your general age bracket are married with kids or have high paying jobs and are living dream lived because they got their fucking heads down rather than up their arse. actually scum of the earth some of you genuinely x("in this moment, i am euphoric")

No. 1430826

Do you want to use the word 'genuinely' any more, nonnie? This reeks of Paige. You're reading this forum, you're clearly using it so what's the problem?

No. 1430827


Don't blogpost.
Sage your shit.

No. 1430830

Why don't you pop out some kids or get a high paying job rather than rinsing the NHS dry and turning anorexia into an identity?

No. 1430831

yes girl slay

No. 1430832

genuinely would skullrag the lot of you so just shut your fucking mouth and get a life bitch x

No. 1430834

I don’t know, scum of the earth might be too nice to describe us - would you agree anons? And as a fellow britfag, don’t sign your posts with a kiss. It makes you look like you’re seething and coping even harder.

No. 1430836

you sound wise, unlike the others here, KEK. who even uses kek anymore? you’re all just jealous, competitive fuckers who spend your lives obsessing over anorexics… are you okay?? seriously, you must have some shit going on in your lives that forces you to talk shit about ill people on a forum. it takes a sick person to engage in this.

some things i want to address:
find fiona annoying, block her
think you’re doing something by calling zara a spoop and guessing her bmi? realise she has a chronic illness that slows her weight gain down, while she is also recovering from anorexia which is a hard thing to do in itself. stop commenting on her body.
criticising all these anorexic people for simply having an online presence WHILE dealing with anorexia? how SAD.

seriously, none of you have a single interesting thing going on in your lives if this is what you find entertaining. nobody cares what any of you have to say. you’re so laughable and embarrassing.

also, commenting on “ham” for her weight gain? calling elzani chubby? you’re the bunch of meal high school girls who preach one thing while doing the opposite. this forum reeks of pro ana.

do the recovery community a favour and get a life. if you have an ed, focus on your own recovery instead of tearing everyone’s else’s down.

well and truly, nonnie

kek x

No. 1430837

it's cute that you think shitposting on the internet takes so much time that we couldn't possibly have jobs, families, etc. Some of us have enough brain cells to do both.

No. 1430838

how embarrassing for you if you do have a job and family and this is the shit you get up to in your spare time

No. 1430839

ill do what i want bitch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1430840

No. 1430842

I'm terrified nonnie

No. 1430844

It's you isnt it Paige

No. 1430845

why are you actually talking and using code words like some illiterate twelve year old haha well jealous of your life mate!!!!! xxxxx

No. 1430847

seriously not got a fucking clue who paige is mate haha just embarrassing yourself now

No. 1430848

Not all of us have eating disorders here. I don't. But most of us are sick of mental illness being flaunted, performed and encouraged on social media. Posting angry paras on here will do fuck all, this thread has been around for years and years. The fact you have read so much suggests you're more invested in lolcow than you like to think.

No. 1430849

The way you type and you think you have the upper hand? kek

No. 1430853

so it’s tradition to post here. what a sweet one, seriously, it’s almost interesting!

maybe take a look at yourself and go to therapy because i’m pretty sure it’s not a normal behaviour to obsess to this degree over other people, especially their mental illnesses.

No. 1430855

why don't you fuck off back to where you came from?

No. 1430856

Are you two the same retard samefagging? same writing styles, and fuck off with that fake cutesy arse kisses shit. I agree, you are severely lacking in the brain cell department. But I'm guessing you're someone who has had one of your friends outing you here, seen it all before.

No. 1430857

you think you have a leg to stand on using “kek”. your grandma probably has herbs in her cupboard longer outdated than that saying.

No. 1430858

That was creative. you've got better things to do than obsess on here, remember? Gotta get that high paying job

No. 1430871

I'd want to see proof Zara has that illness that makes weight gain difficult. Seems awfully convenient and an excuse for her to pretend to recover while not gaining to me. Kind of like how they all have emetophobia or however you spell it to make it seem like they'd never purge when they're likely raging bulimics/anorexia purging subtype.

No. 1430878


That was… An interesting update.
Also it's funny that someone thinks we're proana… Like… Hello? It's literally called proana SCUMBAGS for a reason. They're SCUMBAGS. People who fake it, flaunt it, or are otherwise lacking self awareness all reek of poop. And it's poop that's more entertaining than the trash that's on TV these days, which FYI, there are endless docu series based off murder and much worse, but no one gets antsy when they discuss how exactly granny was slaughtered, in fact people make popcorn. And as for intelligence… Never in all of the threads have I seen someone type so poorly, or so obviously be a samefag. So who is lacking in braincells, exactly? Could it be you?

No. 1430879

"using code words"

Are you too stupid to figure out what "nonnie" means or is "terrifying" too many letters in one word for you?

No. 1430901

File: 1643572299471.jpeg (297.79 KB, 828x1421, D80C4639-95D9-401C-826A-7874B7…)

>to sick to fit in
So much for her ‘you don’t need a diagnosis to be valid!?!?!!’ preaching.
Cece, darling, the only way you are considered ‘too sick’ is your raging BPD

No. 1430902

The picture for the next thread should be a compilation of all the ridiculous BMI sperging and that lovely note from the righteous warrior who came to bless us with her insight. That's all this thread is. Even N2F has forsaken us by learning how to dress like a proper human. We have nothing left.

No. 1430904

translation: her ED/BPD support group monologues are only gratifying to her when in the presence of people who are diagnosed with similar illnesses. Simply being sicker than someone with undiagnosed depression is boring. She needs to be surrounded by ana queens who have 13 treatment stints….because she has 14!!! good job cece

No. 1430909

File: 1643572703435.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x2409, 5431590A-37A0-41EF-9FEA-E15F3D…)

why is does she write like Fi?
also, looks like she is going back to her bestie - Emily

No. 1430918

Am I reading this right that she's counting an online DBT class as a Treatment Center she's been to?
She must have been so mad that her boba tea war stories were met with normie reaction of disgust and pity that she's a grown woman who has achieved nothing but posting cringy tiktoks

No. 1430919

Has she been sectioned?
Thumbs up and a grin because she has got an ng.

No. 1430920

File: 1643573739371.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, 2797A9C0-B844-4DAC-BB09-1EEEC6…)

Lauren Earl’s taking inspiration from our recovery queen with this caption

No. 1430921

File: 1643573788775.png (334.9 KB, 750x1334, E1EF0C9A-CD1D-47DF-87C9-5C3778…)


No. 1430924

File: 1643574015885.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 2A3FCA64-13B1-425E-82AE-55D217…)

Meanwhile Emisfighting is about to drink a fortisip orally for the first time in 8months.
It’s about time since she still attacks staff 2x a day when they do a NG feed.

No. 1430925

File: 1643574039716.png (2.62 MB, 1170x2532, 9A69F46C-48B7-4E7F-8561-3227BB…)

yes Lauren, Fi is such an inspiration. Someone to look up to

No. 1430942


There's a LOT of cows on Tiktok but no one seems to want to have anything to do with that. Instagram is dying and it needs to be accepted here because there's nothing really to talk about, the milk is skim at best. The grimey queen is basically retired, but her legacy has not ended, and it shall be passed on to the bovine of Tiktok, which is where we must go.

No. 1430945

Even if she did have what she claimed there’s medication that could improve her quality of life, i’m almost certain she doesn’t take it as prescribed and tries to exacerbate her condition to keep her weight down.

No. 1430946

she posted a letter confirming diagnosis on her private account before she removed almost all her followers, back in august or something?

No. 1430948

she definit rly does not take them i’d bet all the low fat yoghurt in the world on it

No. 1430960

Zara is apparently on medication for EPI, yet still hasn’t gained a pound.
I think she uses EPI as a cop out so she can preach ~recovery~ and deflect criticism while getting to keep her skelly body.
It’s like blaming your emaciated body on a peanut allergy.

No. 1430962

It's 100% an excuse and you can tell how disordered she still is from her insistence that she's gained "SO MUCH WEIGHT". Even if she has gained some, it can't be that much.

No. 1430979

it does explain why she was able to leave MH services so easily- scottish adult services will ditch you pretty quick if you have comorbid health conditions that make their job harder.

No. 1430980

No doubt she’s using RO-DBT as a flex because it’s supposed to be used for those who struggle with over control and she likes to pretend to be the most ~~restrictive~~ anorexic ever. In reality she probably sticks out like a sore thumb among her “less sick” groupmates

No. 1430995

How many farmers are going to want to filter through an app predominantly for children though? I can understand the hesitancy. Bumping into reaction videos of TT is enough to get a notion of the utter brain rot existing over there.

No. 1431006

two or three years ago, yeah, but it's not a children's only app anymore. it's like any other social media platform with all age ranges.

No. 1431009

and instagram isn’t full of brain rot? wake up boomer

No. 1431018

File: 1643582693012.jpg (564.32 KB, 1440x1754, Screenshot_20220131-094416__01…)

Just read this chick has anorexia. Um what

No. 1431032

what happened to that one aussie cow? forgot her name but i think it was like zoe? user name was something around stress.messy.depressy some bullshit like that. i used to follow her back in 2019 and completely forgot about her existence up until today. anyone know what happened to her?

No. 1431044

She absolutely thinks she’s better than her peers despite being a literal addict who was seemingly only “overcontrolled” after being exposed to skellys at erc. I’d pay money to hear her talk in group

No. 1431045

Restrictive eating isn’t anorexia and I really hate that she’s only “identifying as anorexic” because it’s like outrage bait or whatever. Proana was a huge trend and it thrives because of misogyny and trauma, misusing it is so fucked up. Every woman I’ve ever met has dealt with some form of an eating disorder, and most don’t have the time or money to go into some vanity treatment. You eat or you’re taken advantage of and/or die, and no one knows. If anything she has a binge disorder and restricts occasionally out of obvious guilt. I seriously don’t fucking know how you get that big, and restricting once you’ve destroyed yourself will force your body through so much stress and likely hold onto weight more.

No. 1431106

File: 1643592011838.png (1.91 MB, 2390x895, zo.PNG)


https://www.instagram.com/readysteady_zo ??

still alive, doing the ol' hospital hokey pokey and pulling out NG tubes on video.
not really active on readysteadyzo, but adds stories everyday on ventingzo account, mainly bitching about her brother/construction noise/work hours… nothing milky these days.

No. 1431126

I honestly don’t understand how people get a diagnosis of anorexia without a chunk of weight loss. Like you apply anorexia behaviours to any person and guaranteed they will lose like 20% of their body weight in a few months. Like how are people with no weight loss or people gaining weight getting diagnosed with it. Unless it’s been only like a week but the article about Tess holiday said she did it for 10 years. Clearly wasn’t persistent anorexia. More like a restrict/binge cycle. People bang on about weight stigma but literally the hallmark of the disease results in weight loss.

No. 1431135

I think the only reasonable explanation is sort of what you’re suggesting, anon, which is they are calling people who engage in any pattern of restrictive eating anorexic. So even if it is a restrict/binge cycle and even if they don’t lose weight they are being treated for anorexia/diagnosed that way because they restrict. According to the NEDA website, People with BED do not engage in any compensatory behaviors. So extrapolating from that, if you binge, never lose weight but also restrict, you are anorexic. We might as well end this thread right here right now because apparently no one is LARPing they all really have anorexia.

No. 1431136

File: 1643594961077.jpeg (517.12 KB, 750x1334, ACC1A8B4-0D90-4969-A44B-17E0F9…)

Oops dropped pic

No. 1431210

I read an article about her and she was saying she had anorexia AND when she went on a meal plan to treat it SHE LOST WEIGHT. and she was upset about people commenting about her weightloss because she has anorexia. Im sorry but if youre losing weight on the meal plan that means you were overeating.

No. 1431213

The one with the dead best friend? God knows lost track of that cow ages ago no milk

No. 1431220

What was the context of that post? Why did she post about people saying she looked healthier?

No. 1431222

File: 1643603743250.jpeg (245.97 KB, 876x1115, E8A200D1-89E1-41AA-B83B-CE898B…)

Laura is back in ACUTE for the billionth time asking people to donate to her gofundme, taking sicky selfies, and using her special sailor moon blankie to decorate. I give it two days before she shares her Amazon wishlist again containing more hair bows.

No. 1431223

File: 1643603887148.jpeg (560.21 KB, 1124x1318, AF6C6575-35A5-4559-B589-A38A38…)

Notice this subtle shoop, where she has elongated tf out of her face and torso for her tri-monthly “they let me get fresh air” at ACUTE photo.

No. 1431224

That’s nearly as bad as the elongated ones Smorven used to do on IG with her legs

No. 1431225

Blame that Tabitha Farrar - she bangs on about anorexia at any weight .

No. 1431226

But how does her hair look so nice?

No. 1431304

She shopped the hands too.
I thought she meant people with anorexia can have ED thoughts if mentally restrictive. Surely no one besides deathfat proana larpers believe Tess holiday.

No. 1431343

Extension? A wig?
Same as Eugenia does

No. 1431381

According to her state it's quite unlikely that it is really her own hair…

No. 1431385

I can’t stand Laura, and she deserves to be posted here bc of her photoshopping. No one even knows what she looks like bc of her filtering. She’s been to acute over & over. She probably waits till she meets the minimum criteria & can’t wait to go back so she can show she’s sooo sick. Thing is, acute requires residential after acute. Laura signs herself out every time!! She doesn’t want to get better. She wants attention. She’s like a damn child obsessed with being sick and wearing teddy bears.

No. 1431393

She was probably skipping one meal but eating 5 other large ones and saying that’s restriction and therefore it’s anorexia.
imo there needs to be a new category cause people who restrict and continue to lose weight and become spoops are clearly in a different ballpark to Tess holiday anorexics

No. 1431412

There is a category - OSFED. They just don’t like it bc in the ~ED hierarchy~ it’s at the bottom

No. 1431427

File: 1643636059242.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 994.51 KB, 1170x1856, B3B70B72-B7F8-4845-8DE6-E3AB9D…)

compare this … to this
anorexia. sure, tess.

No. 1431428

That comment is the most delusional thing I've seen all year

No. 1431430

Any updates on maymystical/ghostofme? Is she still claiming water retention?

No. 1431444

File: 1643637818092.gif (1016.53 KB, 500x213, 3194cd274e52f83869a5e45d450db9…)

Comment made Audrey cry.

No. 1431446

File: 1643637936699.png (955.18 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20220131-085715.png)

Speaking of crying, Ham still wants us to believe her anorexia makes her mascara run.

No. 1431458

whats her username?

No. 1431468

When you get there too late for a Maccies breakfast

No. 1431488

Pro Ana is now males and patriarchy's fault now ? get the fuck out of here this isn't the woke times page

No. 1431500

i dont get how pro ana is anything to do with men apart from the odd fetishistic pervert. it's mostly women egging eachother on and slowly killing themselves

No. 1431550

File: 1643649119169.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, DA10BA9C-3854-4C30-8269-E045FE…)

Tiktok commenters are tinfoiling that carolines_music is in a relapse as she has visibly deteriorated. (former skelly munchie who denied anorexia and got ambulance called on her by concerned tiktok followers)

No. 1431556

I always thought that was bulimia? Binging with subsequent compensation, regardless of what it is. Though i must admit it's kind of amusing if spoops and co. get pissed off that their super special badge of honor can be applied to ham planets and the likes.

No. 1431594

File: 1643654580494.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1170x2174, B23ED4DA-4911-450C-B0D2-DC9CAD…)

i dont understand why she doesnt walk

No. 1431602

Waifs are too delicate to walk. She’s looking healthier in the legs. Shocking how terrible her face looks compared to her body but I guess that’s what starving yourself and being insufferable will do to you

No. 1431605

She only walks when it suits her (I.e visiting uni to help friends with their projects, musicals in London) can’t pass that photo opportunity in the wheelchair whilst in public for all her adoring fans…

No. 1431614

>good afternoon sir, can I assist you and your elderly mother with any heavy lifting?

No. 1431627

Oh god not another one calling her parents parentals. Next she will be cutting up her Apple into stupidly thin slices. Somehow can’t see her head banging but you never know. Was Fi ever IP with smorven in Glasgow ?

No. 1431630

The wheel chair is completely overcompensating.
It would only burn 50ish calories to let her go for a quick walk to the shop.
Then again, she probably loves the chair because it screams “I’m such an unwell ana chan, give me sympathy (and send free gifts to my PO Box!!)”

No. 1431637

>>1431222 laura deffo has extensions–those spooky geriatric hands God. I can't stand her and I'm not a wk but she is looking terrible which doesn't help her I'm a child deal. I imagine she leaves res at bmi 14 shortly after she discharges ACUTE then decompensates immediately bc she's an attention whore.

No. 1431638

>>1431594 her face looks so much worse than her body geeze. Inb4 rattling accusations I'm aware she's spoopy.

No. 1431641

Maybe she's just Hella dehydrated

No. 1431647

Is that a garden centre? Giving Becky the dog vibes here. Funny she’d prefer to sit in a wheelchair when nobody can actually prevent her from walking atm. Attention > burning calories. Our resident ana qween Cece would be horrified

No. 1431650

anons these are the funniest things to come out of this godforsaken thread in weeks can we kiss

No. 1431657

File: 1643661638816.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x2170, 9D9B251C-852E-41E9-8800-8ED6BD…)

she even makes her friends push her around town

No. 1431659

only if you buy me a McFlurry first, I’ve got my Lanas Basket warrior spoon all ready to go

No. 1431660

Omg I remember harriet. she was another ana insta, anyone remember her? She's a doctor. Was obsessed with hedgehogs. She could be quite pro. That's all i can remember.

No. 1431661

I remember her. There were multiple ana doctor accounts.. the girl with diabetes who was actually sensible and not a cow (no criticism of her) and the graduate medicine one, think her name was Zoe? or Chloe maybe?
Anna is not original.

No. 1431678

The pair of them really do look erm, exceptional

No. 1431691

I don't understand how she keeps getting away with this. Surely ACUTE has realized this is her pattern by now? Why not insist she discharge to ERC res (ACUTE is known for pushing hard for ERC anyway) where they can cert her until she's weight restored?

No. 1431705

based on my observation of other acute spoops, it seems like they let them cycle a few times before trying to make sure they go to erc on a cert. I think they probably need some evidence to present in court to say 'sure, this person is complying while they're at acute, but we know from their history that they aren't going to after they leave' in order to get a cert on someone who isn't actively non-compliant

No. 1431784

She refuses to go back to ERC apparently because she knows she’ll get certed there and it’s “traumatic” (ie: she knows she’ll actually have to gain weight) so she throws a tantrum and begs for “good wishes” every time she’s nearing discharge. Last time she went to Veritas, stated they were only doing “harm reduction” because she was sooooo sick and then she discharged herself anyways like always. I cannot stand her attention grabbing whiny posts when she doesn’t even try to get better. She also still talks about her One Direction crush like she’s a teen.

No. 1431790

File: 1643671066840.jpeg (610.7 KB, 1124x1481, E3CECD0F-5D5D-4403-9EEB-8CE411…)

Our super sick kawaii ana princess definitely wears a wig

No. 1431794

whats her username?

No. 1431795

It’s from her Facebook

No. 1431796

@ strawberryruffles

No. 1431797

The fact that she only has one standard bag running is laughable. I’m so sick I don’t need any electrolyte or blood bags hung up. But I’m not so sick to take pictures of myself that are against the rules bc I need attention.

No. 1431805

I'm surprised ash still has hair. I thought she had been bald for over a decade.

No. 1431807

Omg I had no idea she was on the gram, the shoops are even worse on there lol

No. 1431813

File: 1643672102994.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 580.78 KB, 1124x1395, 39869D6D-0BA6-4F23-8577-440786…)

Shoop jumpscare

No. 1431820

File: 1643672257478.jpeg (163.06 KB, 720x1047, 45EE543B-8978-4397-878B-86A1E8…)

Bone structure that no human being has

No. 1431827

eyes pretty much on the sides of her head, like a crocodile

No. 1431829

LOL just imagine her IQ if she think this kind of stuff is cute, looks proportioned, and shareable. She’s literally busy ruining the prospects of ever having a normal life and job and good reputation. It’s half comical and half pathetic. She’s definitely mentally unstable because no even half sane anorexic would share this stupid stuff.

No. 1431830

Did she get rid of her @lauraingraham_poet account (or whatever the username was)?

No. 1431832

Yes ! I think she was called Healing Harriett - bad acne- med student - never really sure what her ED diagnosis was. Wonder how she and Fi met and got to be such good friends .

No. 1431883

Sahar Tabar, is that you?

No. 1431885

Does Veritas even do harm reduction admissions? All I've heard of them is they make people gain to whatever their pre-ED weight was, even if it was overweight, and they love to tube nearly everyone

No. 1431886

that's a wig

No. 1431894

why does she drag her parents out where she knows they'll have to push her around

No. 1431896

veritas and most other residentials in the us will do harm reduction agreements with particular patients. also she definitely wears a wig shooping aside shes in a bad state and ive known it was at least extensions for a while

No. 1431909

Thats what I don’t understand, she is in a really bad state but how did ERC (like a year ago) and Veritas let her sign herself out even if they do harm reduction? Whatever happened to the whole “if we let you do this (leave ama) we’ll be held liable so we’ll keep you here” thing?

No. 1431960

No. 1431983

Getting certed/sectioned/committed really doesn't happen as easily as people make it seem on the internet. People even leave ACUTE AMA sometimes.

It also really varies by state. Veritas is in NC, which doesn't do frequent commitments for eating disorders the way that, say, Colorado and Minnesota do.

No. 1431996

I was actually wondering if it's hard to do in the US. You don't need to do much at all to get sectioned in Aus and it seems so in tbe UK too but with the bonus that they keep you for 3 years.

No. 1432000

There are a few states where it's become sort-of common, but in most it basically doesn't happen. There's just not a lot of legal precedent for anorexia/bulimia being considered an acute danger to self that removes your ability to have capacity in the same way as acute suicidality or psychosis. There's also a larger cultural shit against long term institutionalization that probably comes into play. Most public long term psych treatment in the US was closed a long time ago in favor of community based care. In fact, medicare won't pay for most residential treatment, only for inpatient.

A lot of the Australians on instagram who seem to cycle in and out of the system at normal-ish weights would not be involuntary patients here and would need private insurance.

Commitments here are also much shorter term. Depending on the state, it's usually a 72 hour hold and then they can go to court to get 30 day orders, 90 day orders, etc. Minnesota is one of the longer ones, with six month and one year orders. So some of these people are sometims on 30 day certs and then get healthy enough that the order isn't renewable.

No. 1432055

Yeah the hospital stays in aus arent that long, even under section. The long term psych institutions have been abolished. I am endlessly fascinated and appalled by the uk anas that are sectioned for like 2 years and come out underweight and on supplements?!? Like what are they actually doing in there.

No. 1432073

Yeah, I guess I should have said that all of the states whose laws I'm familiar with also don't have a different term for an outpatient treatment order / commitment / whatever and inpatient. So if someone gets committed for six months, they almost definitely will spend a lot of that as an outpatient. I know you guys in Aus have a separate CTO thing, right?

Anyway, I'm with you. The UK system is bizarre.

No. 1432076

Sorry to be a pain but did d.parxom (think that was her user) delete her account or change usernames? Really emaciated one who used to be into sports then was into fashion or summ

No. 1432077

She’s Dp.trendsetter now, on private

No. 1432095