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File: 1455745448615.jpg (52.99 KB, 540x358, pro ana tip.jpg)

No. 94114

Because the previous thread is reaching it's reply limit >>89109

A place to discuss ALL of the edgy attention whores, proana wannarexics, and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram or elsewhere.

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624
Third thread: >>79031
Fourth thread: >>83974

No. 94116

File: 1455745557401.png (154.67 KB, 258x487, fr4.png)

Do you have an example anon?

No. 94117

File: 1455745608100.png (56.05 KB, 300x300, ember whann.png)

Does anyone follow Ember's personal instagram?


No. 94119

She looks so grossed out by him kissing her.
Those eyebrows!

No. 94121

does her face always have that horrible pinched look about it

No. 94122

She's not as abnormally gruesome-looking as people like to make out. She's not hot, but she's not hobbling around with no teeth and one eye either. She looks like a plain teen stuck in that awkward puppy fat stage to me. She could look better without the bad eyebrows and stoner squint though. I think she looks better in candids than in her instagram selfies, where she accentuates every single one of her flaws.

No. 94123

I think she makes herself look worse with her facial expressions tbh. She pulls the most constipated looking faces

No. 94124

Someone said earlier in the last thread that Ember was cute in an aging-lesbian type of way & I actually agree. That's a spot on description, I think.
As a girl who likes girls, I think she has potential to be attractive if she went for a more masculine, rugged look, but we know that wouldn't ever happen lol.

No. 94128

She definitely has the potential to look better. She makes herself look shitty. Some of her worst looks are of her own making. Trying to be a little waif makes her look like a troll under a bridge.

She lurks here so I hope she actually takes some of the advice people have given to her, like sorting out her eyebrows and stopping the muddy contour.

No. 94135

File: 1455747759296.png (1.05 MB, 1273x915, Capture.PNG)

yall remember starving kitten from >>80184 ?
she's back after claiming she left to be "normal" when in reality she left because lolcow got a hold of her child porn blog and sent the links and screencaps to her family on fb- >>80237

anon never really did say what happened after sending all the links

No. 94219

Is Ember's silence in social media meant to be because she's in IP? Because she's still following pro-ana accounts. She's followed quite a few today and yesterday

No. 94221

I think it's so hilarious and ridiculous that ember thinks she's prettier than Emily. Emily is objectively pretty- she has the right facial proportions. Her personality is shitty, but she has a pretty face.

Ember is plain at best. She's homely and looks absurd in every photo she takes and modifies. She's just not attractive.

No. 94224

Emily does not have a pretty face, she's ugly, just like Ember.

No. 94229

(Different anon) I find Emily pretty, she annoys the fuck out of me and is a total cunt but I wont deny that shes nice to look at.

Ember, however, makes me want to puke ever time I see her dirty fat fish face

No. 94237

I think that both amber and Emily are very very plain. I also think that emily is keeping up with her ed. I remember that I used to drink all the time because it used to make it easier for me to eat with my ED I would just literally and not eat until I had alcohol and then I would have something finally.

No. 94242

I'm kind of indifferent, she's pretty but her makeup is shit and so are her outfits

She looked better a little while ago at the start of her recovery, not long before she got bangs

No. 94265

Agree, plain af indeed. It's their bad teeth, bad grooming, bad makeup, and lack of style that make them ugly.

No. 94267

Its cause she actually likes underaged girls, not dudes.

No. 94270

Emily is pretty for an average looking 20 something

Ember just looks like crusty old dog shit

No. 94273

File: 1455764679983.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

"Aw ember isn't so bad looking" r u sure

No. 94289

Wow such a full, healthy looking face. Embers ed must be getting soo bad.

No. 94292

File: 1455766849168.jpg (87.01 KB, 615x751, Nicole-Richie.jpg)

ember is slowly starting to resemble this washed up hag

No. 94294

how old is ember now!? she still types and posts shit that a 14 year old would. she had the maturity of a pre-teen.. all the vague posts, the coupley photos.. she just seems so immature for her age :\ what happened to her?

No. 94299


Drugs n lack of actual life experience

No. 94305

File: 1455769136588.png (1.12 MB, 1072x1000, 6546646.png)

I dont understand how Ember manages to look so different in some of her photos

>pic vry related

She stopped mentally progressing at 16 when she decided smoking pot would be more beneficial to her future than finishing school.

No. 94307

This poor child's face is just so unfortunate. Her eyebrows will never look right. That nose is just tragic. And her eyelids look like labias.

No. 94313

Embers already a washed up hag tho

No. 94314

drugs? i kinda doubt that, even Ember is too lame to get her hands on drugs haha. Has this girl ever even left the state she lives in? the country? seems like it comes down to being an ignorant, sheltered american teen.

No. 94315

If anyone seriously believes this fat bitch is in IP they need to get their eyes and brain checked. Like especially if youve seen the cringy younow vids. What makes those vids even more god awful is that younow isnt even a website where you go to shake your ass. Like wtf kids use that site?? But i guess thata why ember decided to go on there.

Bitch cant even be a sloot right.

No. 94316

Weed is a drug

No. 94319

Lol ember doesn't even know the difference between a Vicodin and a vitamin. Literally.

No. 94323

File: 1455772580841.png (87.25 KB, 246x275, 1443665524590.png)

Aw yes the beaut herself. Shamu.

No. 94376

is this what this thread as resorted to? talking about how ugly or pretty girls are like you're in fucking highschool? omfgggg she's soo ugly, NO OMGZ I THINK SHE'S LYK TOTALLY PRETTY OMG

No. 94377

who pissed in your cheerios

No. 94379

I think CryingEmily still lurks on here. She's back to mentioning her meals are vegan again abd is alluding to her Friday Pret/Starbucks is going to be different.

Did anyone see her posts yesterday about her throwing a shit fit because some family were coming to visit? She really has a problem with attention being taken away from her. The visitors being there probably meant that frailanababy Emily couldn't have Mummy's full attention.

No. 94400

She's complaining about being ignored by people on ig now. Wtf? What kind of attention is it she wants? The sooner she realises her behaviour puts others off wanting to be with her, the sooner she can moderate it and get a friend (if that's what she wants).

I'll never get what it is attention seekers crave from people when they don't even display anything positive worth receiving attention for.

Btw, what's the burnt food in the OP pic? Is it a tart?

No. 94403

I think its a pizza

I dont want to know what shes like IRL

No. 94405

A burnt pepperoni pizza, it looks like.

No. 94406

File: 1455808676125.jpg (25 KB, 250x365, tumblr_n2ss8xabei1qcdl07o1_250…)

I liked her style a couple of years ago. She looks cute when she's dressed normal.

No. 94408

File: 1455808724134.jpg (44.07 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n15dyeJcZZ1ttrmizo1_500…)

Don't forget pic related

No. 94409

she ruined her face with the ugly bangs imo, it looks way too round/square or something with them

She looked waaay better with black hair than the bonde granny cut she got now

No. 94410

CryingEmily wants everything to be about her. She doesn't like peoole having other plans. She throws shit fits when peoole cancel on her for legit reasons and cries about it to her asspat squad on IG.

She's probably throwing a shit fit because she's losing followers. She doesn't really post on her main IG anymore and the food one is just a joke because it's the same every day.

Even Gracie has left IG after talking about how toxic the 'recovery' crowd on IG are. She made a post about how she's sick of seeing body checks, self harm abd people looking for asspats which is basically everything her girlfriend does.

No. 94411

She's trying too hard to look like an edgy tumblrlord and she's too old to pull that off anymore. She's over 18 ffs, it's time to stop dressing like a 16 year old

No. 94412

File: 1455809595600.jpg (53.13 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

okay, anon

No. 94413

she looks good from certain angles, while ember…well we have yet to see a picture where that happens

No. 94414

Thanks. Thought it was some kind of almond tart.

Emilys accounts are even more tedious than Alys. Why is her peanut butter sammich always in a plastic bag? I feel an IM DONE gone missing/trashing the house/beating herself up episode coming on…

No. 94415

she would take that as a compliment though bc nicole richie!!! ultimate thinspo!!!!!

No. 94416

Emily is cute, and actually has a personality and style. Ember just copies everyone else.

No. 94418

CryingEmily seems to want to remain in a weird toddler like state where she stays in the house with Mummy and is Mummy's top priority. She complains about her life being the same but never does anything to change it.

She's gonna have to do an Ember and start appealing to the younger pro ana crowd if she still wants attention. Most of the people she interacts with are making steps towards adulthood whereas she wants to remain a 17year old toddler who eats of plastic teddy plates and dinosaur mats.

No. 94419

Why are anons arguing about who's prettier? They're both lolcows, who gaf which one looks less of a minger?

No. 94420

Crying Emily really is Ashley -in-waiting, innit.

No. 94421


Emily doesn't have then willpower or self control to get herself into a state like Ashley's. Ashley is sick. Emily is an attention seeking alcoholic, not an anorexic.

No. 94424

Let's just admit it; Emily is a fucking ugly pile of shit. And now we can stop talking about how 'pretty' she is.

No. 94425

I didn't include that picture in this collage >>94305 because I didn't want to add any images that I knew for sure she photoshopped.

She made her eyes bigger and chin pointier here.

No. 94426

This thread is full of Emily and Ember arguing with each other lmao.

No. 94439

Ikr. Fuck off talking about who is uglier.

No. 94440

At least Emily has decent proportions in her face. No wonder ember dropped out of school with her giant squidward honker nose, rat teeth, dirty disgusting hair and skin, and labia eyes.

No. 94446

People are getting sick of CryingEmily.
Grace left IG, her other ex recoveringkittycat is nowhere to be seen on her IG comments, Same as Laura.
I can't wait for the crying pictures. Little Emily is all alone, cry cry cry

No. 94448

lmao you must be kidding. she has those bulging frog eyes, too small chin and a huuuuge forehead… and fat cheeks.

No. 94451

Thats why i said decent, ember

No. 94452

not even decent. you just wish, emily.

No. 94453

This thread is terrible.
Emily's better looking!
No Ember is!

They're both cunts. What the fuck does it matter?

No. 94460

Ember has posted a load of stuff on Facebook in the last few minutes. She's obviously staying away from Instagram and Snapchat so that people think she's in recovery but she's not capable of keeping quiet on all platforms.

No. 94462

She posted on ig and snapchat less than 24 hours ago….she's not staying away from anything

No. 94463

She's not faking recovery she hiding from all the questions as to why the fuck, if she's so sick, does she not have a bed yet. >>94426 both Emily and Ember are fucking attention seeking pedophile whores who have each other DOX them and harrass them just to get the reactions and attention from their 12 year old followers. They're in cahoots with each other

No. 94469

Whoa there how on earth is Emily a pedophile

No. 94470

A website about lolcows was never gonna be mature & you're in a thread that bitches about teen girls so you're hardly better than anybody else here

No. 94471

File: 1455821428077.jpg (4.8 KB, 273x184, JESUS WEPT.jpg)

No. 94472

They'd be more interesting if they conspired with each other but one of them would fuck it up somehow.

No. 94480

Not even 10 min after this post, she posts how "overwhelmed" she is by all the inpatient shit. Liar.

No. 94489

Shut up lol

No. 94490

When is Ember meant to be going to this IP facility?

No. 94494

When they have a bed for her… so never.

No. 94554

File: 1455839333033.png (18.8 KB, 560x251, T4A.png)

No. 94555

Sorry for the dumb question but whats embers snapchat?

No. 94559

File: 1455840330397.png (111.74 KB, 616x396, T4A.png)



>took 20hrs to get 242 likes and 1 comment

Real active bunch you got there lmao


No. 94563

Lol, remember when Emily took pictures of herself at a routine dr's appointment and tried to get her followers to pay for a laptop because she was going "to be in the hospital for a while"? Emily and Ember are two sides of the same coin.

No. 94566

Spoopiest she'll ever look.

No. 94567


No. 94568

My therapist told me today that they usually consider going IP when your BMI reaches about 12-13, and Ember just looks nothing like that?
I don't live in America though so it may be different.

No. 94579

a lot of anorexics go IP way earlier than in BMI 12 or 13 though

No. 94583

In many IP programs in the US, IP for anorexia is usually done until a patient reaches 85% Ideal Body Weight. The definition of 85% IBW tends to vary across programs, though, and sometimes you can be placed in IP even without a weight that low for other reasons like unstable vitals or even just proximity to other programs.

No. 94584

She looks like the marshmallow man

No. 94587

It can be unstable vitals, electrolyte issues, behaviors are too out of control (if you're purging a ton, suicidal or otherwise making the environment unsafe for other people)…Also, I know of at least one IP program that takes compulsive overeaters.

No. 94588


Meant to respond to


No. 94604

File: 1455853292242.jpeg (190.98 KB, 750x1175, image.jpeg)

No. 94609

File: 1455853782809.png (1.59 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1455853595324.png)

lulz this dumb cow talks about how she wants to start fresh yet here she is, still following proana accounts which belong to girls who ember will never be as skinny as.

she's dedicated the last 5 years if her life, faking an illness, and she is still having to do ana poses to make herself look skinny. how depressing lmao.

No. 94610

File: 1455853971957.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_2016-02-18-22-51-21…)

this girl only has 5k followers yet gets more likes in her pictures than Ember could ever wish for lol

No. 94612

>when you stand with your legs 2 feet apart to appear thinner

No. 94614


Black hair Ember was the only time, before I knew of her bullshit, that I thought she was kind of pretty. It suited her eyes very well and took attention away from her eyebrows because they matched/were slightly lighter for once.

Right now actually with the shorter cut, it could make her look gasp younger.

Ember I know you're lurking, stop being dumb and be honest with yourself. Dye your hair black again and not only will you look better but Emily will prob literally shit herself.

And on that note Emily needs to fucking stop with the black hair and maybe consider auburn or something that doesn't wash her out so much.

No. 94616

I don't know enough about CryingEmily, but I'm stoked these other people are moving on. She was so manipulative.

No. 94617

I think ember would look good with deep brunette hair

No. 94619

Yeah Ember would look much better with dark hair, maybe something shoulder length and with more volume. I don't think she's ugly, she could be pretty cute… but the way she styles herself is incredibly unflattering. It just doesn't suit her, she needs to stop and accept herself but that's NEVER gonna happen.

No. 94621

dis a shoop? maybe just weird details with the wall and toilet paper (?!) but i can't tell

No. 94623

That and her awful facial expressions but thats obvious

No. 94624

File: 1455856088330.jpeg (50.03 KB, 340x233, image.jpeg)

Had it, was still ugly. May I remind you

No. 94625

>Another EKG

Is she dumb

No. 94626

File: 1455857673746.jpg (29.57 KB, 194x219, https://33.media.tumblr.com/72…)

You do realize that image was edited right? >>94408

Ember is homely, no matter the hair.

No. 94627

File: 1455857738711.jpg (8.55 KB, 128x148, https://40.media.tumblr.com/45…)

Every proana scumbag thread needs close ups of Embers ugly mug.

No. 94628

File: 1455857816102.jpg (206.21 KB, 640x1077, https://40.media.tumblr.com/be…)

found a screenshot of her old instagram page

>media consultant


u w0t m8

No. 94632

File: 1455858185207.jpg (219.05 KB, 1600x1059, ember whann business solutions…)

Fawn's Shop wouldn't be where it is today without Ember's occult brand of business development strategy.

No. 94639

File: 1455858456481.jpg (201.83 KB, 720x1280, https://41.media.tumblr.com/fe…)

This is old milk but Ember still fucking acts like this to this day :$

No. 94640

File: 1455858530403.png (230.81 KB, 500x621, https://38.media.tumblr.com/fa…)

Oops didn't mean to mention that post number.

No. 94641

File: 1455858596788.jpg (94.07 KB, 720x1280, https://40.media.tumblr.com/23…)

one of Embers old pro ana instagrams

>cw: 90.3 lbs

No. 94642

File: 1455858609303.jpeg (76.46 KB, 380x491, image.jpeg)

Yep this is from when she discovered photo editing software. Like when she added fake digital make up and tried to say it was real

Picture because damn that's a fucked up profile if I ever saw one

No. 94643

File: 1455858633025.jpg (74.73 KB, 500x750, https://40.media.tumblr.com/e0…)

another proana account ember ran

No. 94644

File: 1455858722844.jpg (127.65 KB, 500x685, https://31.media.tumblr.com/93…)

kek she isn't an attractive girl by any means

even her style is outrageously bad, like wtf is this outfit?

No. 94647

File: 1455858841727.jpg (118.71 KB, 640x1136, https://41.media.tumblr.com/db…)

>Like when she added fake digital make up and tried to say it was real

You mean this? :')

No. 94649

File: 1455858913325.jpg (63.97 KB, 500x666, https://38.media.tumblr.com/a3…)

Crazy how full her face was back she was ~90lbs~ lol

No. 94650

File: 1455859081983.png (384.89 KB, 480x800, https://41.media.tumblr.com/81…)

this is how ember looks when she isn't bending over with her heels apart/toes together btw

No. 94651

I think she looks ok here. Not pretty but not ugly at all.

No. 94652

I like this look on her.

No. 94655

File: 1455859319205.png (1.7 MB, 1919x1565, PhotoGrid_1455859253668-1.png)

time has not been on her side

No. 94656

File: 1455859479025.png (191.1 KB, 432x540, https://41.media.tumblr.com/77…)

Ember set these goals in September 2013 and the only fucking thing she accomplished was dying her fucking hair, I am laughing my ass off. (she's never purged in her life so that doesn't count lol)

No. 94661

File: 1455860606673.png (183.43 KB, 346x396, Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.34…)

mfw i found a poem by ember that i don't think has been posted yet

No. 94664

er.. thanks for sharing it

No. 94665

File: 1455861707964.png (69.11 KB, 679x348, Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.2…)

No. 94666

File: 1455861728583.png (109.5 KB, 371x448, Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.2…)

No. 94667

File: 1455861749588.png (84.19 KB, 334x364, Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.2…)

No. 94668

This has been posted before but I don't mind reading her writing lmao, no wonder she stopped.

No. 94669


The bottom two tweets are creepy as FUCK. "I want a little ana sister I can coach"

Clearly nothing has changed. She sounds like a predator.

No. 94671

File: 1455862959506.png (630.34 KB, 1920x525, Screenshot_2016-02-19-01-21-35…)

Yup, she's always been a fucking creep.

No. 94673

I don't even understand how fucked up of a person you have to be to actually want to help a little girl starve her fucking self.

This is why she should never be left alone with her little sister. This right fucking there.

No. 94675

Have her parents not been made of her abusive persona online?

No. 94677

File: 1455864903794.png (312.46 KB, 702x405, 11209578_837294996306045_59109…)

the fuck

No. 94679

Ember has a nasty fucking mug, but she looks okay here. looks a lot younger, compared to the 45 year old aging lesbian predator she looks like now. damn shame she was cheating on her boyfriend online behind his back here.

Please tell me she was only 13 when she wrote this. Please.

No. 94680

File: 1455865092774.jpg (18.36 KB, 313x470, image.jpg)

No. 94681

I'm estimating 15-16. Its from 2012.

No. 94682

File: 1455865779129.jpg (50.7 KB, 338x600, 1445268810101.jpg)

She said this weird ass shit 3 years, 1 months, and 22 days ago. When she was 16 years old.

No. 94687

File: 1455867110521.png (35.49 KB, 352x352, tumblr_nayr8vDAIe1tktlwco1_400…)

No. 94688

File: 1455867304937.jpg (68.7 KB, 380x494, tumblr_n11twyggUl1sfezg7o1_400…)

Never forget.

No. 94712

Ember's boyfriend reminds me of Quirkie's ex-lover

No. 94714

Why is she constantly squinting? She looks like a dumbass.

No. 94715

He looks like a gay guy with his friend.

No. 94717

No difference in Emily's Friday menu so far. Usual dairy laden Starbucks frappe NO THANK YOU ANON. I COMMENT THIS EVERY FRIDAY

No. 94721

I wonder what she'd do if someone actually commented something like 'well done, it must be so hard struggling to eat your VEGAN chilli on a Thursday but quite happily drinking you dairy laden Starbucks'

No. 94727

When did Emily ask her followers to buy her a laptop? Proof? Sounds more like something ember would do…

No. 94730

She'd single out the comment and post a crying pic of course!

No. 94734

I'm glad her gang of whiteknights has finally started to move on. You never see their comments on her posts anymore.
Gracie has left IG and is back at boarding school
Recoveringkittycat (another ex) doesn't post as frequently on IG anymore and her last few posts were more positive
And Laura (not sure of her IG name) seems to be moving on as well, looking a lot happier and healthier.

Then we have baby CryingEmily.

No. 94745

Laura seems to have loads of accounts (I've seen three!). Yeah, she's looking good. As much as her WKs are/were annoying here, I like to think they're moving on. I don't know why Emily doesn't make an effort. It's like with Ash. How can you realise your life is shit but not actively do something to try to change.

No. 94746

Why are you talking about yourself in the third person Emily?

No. 94751

File: 1455901839174.jpg (165.19 KB, 534x827, IMG_20160219_110649.jpg)

Can't wait to see the pics as proof.

No. 94756

She posted a bunch on snapchat.

No. 94758

That's not proof. It's pics from last time. She keeps a stash to use during different lies

No. 94759

she posted a picture of a piss cup. shes disgusting

No. 94771

File: 1455903770075.png (647.75 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 94773

File: 1455903786184.png (523.54 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 94774

File: 1455903801137.png (412.09 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 94775

File: 1455903817140.png (760.81 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 94776

hasn't she posted those exact photos on snapchat before

No. 94777

File: 1455903832038.png (816.71 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 94779

File: 1455903859033.png (873.02 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Someone buy this girl some new pants, ugh.

No. 94780


I didn't think you could upload saved pics to your story though

No. 94782

again this pink thingie. she dumb.

No. 94784

It's just paper though. It'd be even dumber to show her boobs on snapchat, right?

No. 94785


There's a few apps out there for that kind of thing.

No. 94786

She deleted the snaps of the blood vials and piss cups. They had her ID number on them, and some truth blogger said that they could find medical records with her ID number. She's an idiot.

No. 94804

File: 1455905417831.jpg (88.49 KB, 531x420, IMG_20160219_120905.jpg)

There is an app for EVERYTHING!

No. 94805

I use to be able to upload pictures from my camera roll with snapchat on android phone (not sure if you can still do this or not?)

No. 94806

File: 1455905617112.jpeg (69.16 KB, 640x520, image.jpeg)

No. 94811

File: 1455907098771.png (552.66 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Shots fired?

No. 94812

the fact that she's always so quick to jump on people saying the most petty shit is so embarrassing of her. shouldn't she be out living the life she claims to have?

No. 94813

Wow, either she stalks Cookie's twitter or she's on here? Can't believe she's still blaming her for for the strvinggkitten account when she has no proof

No. 94814

The tweets are less than 20 apart i think. Damn ember. Lurkin hard I see

No. 94817

By saying this, you're proving that you lurk this girls twitter? What a fucking idiot Ember is. A creepy, obsessed idiot.

No. 94818

Who the fuck takes photos of their doctor while their not looking?

Ember, you so fucking weird. Someone should at least let them know she is taking pictures inside this doctors office, when cellphones aren't even permitted in patient rooms.

No. 94819

Isn't there some weird law about not being allowed to take pictures of people and post them online without their permission? I'd be so fucking creeped out if someone did that to me

No. 94821

I think that's only if you can see their face.

Taking sneaky pics of the doctor is beyond weird. You're supposed to be there to deal with an illness, not fanny around with your phone to upload a crap shot.

No. 94822

File: 1455909373286.png (421.87 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_2016-02-19-14-10-07…)

There's literally signs all over doctor offices which explicitly say that cellphone use is not permitted because it interferes with the medical practice.

It's one thing to take selfies while you're alone, but to literally be on your cell phone WHILE your doctor is standing next to you? That is such blatant disrespect, first if all. We know she isn't taking this shit seriously, but she definitely proved to the medical staff that she is only there for the attention that being tended too by medical professionals gives you.

>while all these people are running around, getting everything ready for tests, im just gonna take as many pictures as possible for the internet bc none of this even matters! weeeee

No. 94824

File: 1455909592965.png (170.87 KB, 992x433, Screenshot_2016-02-19-14-18-24…)

No. 94825

I was going to say that my GP's a wanker and I use a digital recorder incase I ever need to file some kind of report. I have to hide it because you're not allowed to record conversations without permission. I'd probably use my phone to record if I didn't have a dinky recorder, but that's for my own personal use. Whann would probably upload an mp3 of her private chat with docs (edited of course) she's that desperate.

No. 94828

Don't put that idea in her head, anon! Now well end up with an audio after her next EKG.

No. 94829

I could just imagine her taking these selfies and tensing up her neck whilst her poor Doctor stands there awkwardly

No. 94830

Can you imagine her splicing individual words together to make it sound like she's desperately ill. That would be comedy gold.

No. 94833

File: 1455910534072.png (1.14 MB, 2048x1054, PhotoGrid_1455910133914-1.png)

Just so you are all aware, her taking photos of her doctor without consent is absolutely against hopsital policy.

>Still or video pictures of hospital staff are not permitted without their expressed consent.

If anyone wants it, here their contact info:

publicaffairs @ med.cornell .edu

Columbia and MSCHONY: 212-305 -5904

The Allen Pavilion: 212-932-4321

Weill Cornell: 212-746-4293

Payne Whitney Westchester: 914-997-5920

No. 94835

She's not in Westchester. They dont have U of Rochester labs in NYC

No. 94836

File: 1455910821407.png (876.08 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_2016-02-19-14-39-11…)

No. 94838

More pictures Ember took inside her doctor's office.

No. 94839

That's the NY PB policy, she has attended there before and posted photos.

No. 94840

It's generally against policy in every hospital to take photos of staff members without their consent, unless you're attempting to report abuse or neligence.

No. 94841

There's no evidence these were taking on the same day or on different days. My bet is they were taken at the same time though.

No. 94842

Anyone have screenshots of her piss pot?

No. 94843

Am I the only one who genuinely what's Ember to be locked away in an inpatient ward? Eating disordered or not, that bitch is fucking psychotic.

If she legitimately goes, maybe she will talk to a therapist who will be able to figure out the UNDERLYING causes of her fucked up ways.
Maybe they'll finally address her creepy ass behavior and make her realize how much of her life she has wasted on smoking pot and editing her pictures so she actually looks thin for once.

I seriously hope this isn't another bullshit lie, it'll be amazing for her to be put in her place and realize that she has gone nowhere in life in the past 4 years.

No. 94844


No. 94845

But i wanna see how hydrated she is!

No. 94846

Creepy af

No. 94847

Can someone please call this facility and inform them that one of their patients is taking creepy illegal photos of doctors and POSTING THEM TO THE INTERNET???

*67 makes your number anonymous. SOMEONE DO THIS AND REPORT BACK.

No. 94848

you do it?

No. 94849

She didn't post the pictures of the doctor online, you guys did…

No. 94850


No. 94851

Do you even know what facility it is? There are lots of UR labs in Rochester.

No. 94852

All you gotta do is call their main office and say that Ember Lee Whann has taken images of their medical staff without anyone's consent lmao.

I'm sure they'll give you an email to send the images too.

No. 94853

Hey anon, how does snapchat work? ahaha

No. 94854

I WANT TO DO IT SO BAD, but my phone is broken and my contract isn't up until next week.

Who has a working phone and can call?? This is BEYOND creepy and illegal.

No. 94855

You make me wanna puke, no one wants to see her piss.

No. 94856

You can email their main office

publicaffairs @ med.cornell .edu

We arent your personal army, stop asking us to do stuff for you.

No. 94857

Someone call, please. She cannot be taking pictures of someone and posting them all over social media without permission.

No. 94858

Dude just find a fucking payphone

No. 94859


No. 94860

(585) 244-7200 is their office number

Don't forget *67 if you want to be anonymous

No. 94861

I'll star 67 the facility if someone gives me the number of the facility she's getting her tests done at. If she's lying about the place, then it won't matter and she will hopefully just continue to get blood drawn until she hopefully runs out. If she is telling the truth, then best case scenario is that she get locked away in jail for a bit. Either way, I see no bad outcome. I will report back if I know who which number to call.

No. 94862

No. 94863

There's no face, and no proff that photo even came from a real office. You really think sending them a picture of a doctors hands and blaming Ember will get her anything other than sympathy for ~cyberbullying~? I sure dont. If anything they'll take her side. Its been said before, contacting these people will only make you look bad, and make ember look like a victim, which is what she wants. Dont be stupid, dont fall for her game. This is exactly what she wants, more attention. And you're feeding it to her with a silver spoon.

No. 94864

You can't recognize the person from that photo so there's nothing illegal really…

No. 94867

It's against facility policy- it's NOT OKAY. The number is (585) 244-7200. All you have to do is say Ember Lee Whann is taking secret photos of their equipment, doctors, and facility and uploading them to social media.

No. 94868

Ember, get your big nose out of this thread.

No. 94869

Its not illegal if their face/identity isn't showing. Which it isn't. You're just going to make yourself look like a psycho…

No. 94870

Really guys, you're making yourself look ridiculous again.

No. 94871

No, it's against policy and they have a right to know their facility is being exploited.

Someone call now. Do not listen to Ember. She's the ONLY one who will look like a psycho. You're doing them a favor and giving them a heads up. I wuld want to know if I were her doctor.

No. 94873

Emily, don't you have planes to pretend to fly?

No. 94874

Okay so again, there's no bat outcome lol. If it IS against policy, she will get in trouble legally. Even if it isn't against policy, and we make her look like a victim and make them feel bad, it just ups her chances of being admitted for a longer chance of time. So really, literally it's a win win situation no matter what

No. 94875


(585) 244-7200

No. 94876

>94873 lol why would you ever think that could be Emily being FOR Ember

No. 94878

You're nuts. Its not going to get her in trouble. She didn't do anything illegal. Creepy, sure. But if it were against their policy they wouldn't let her bring her phone in the first place. Sorry, but this is way overboard.

No. 94879


Go away, Ember. Do you even REALIZE how fucking creepy it is to be photographed without your consent in an EXAMINING ROOM??? What if the roles were reversed?? What if it was the DOCTOR photographing their patient? "No face showing so it's not illegal"

Um. There are different laws, and she's definitely broken something. When it's a private meeting, it's the same as recording someone. You can't without their express consent.

No. 94880

No one will feel bad for a girl that was reported taking unconsensualof a doctor if it isn't against policy.

Socially, when you discover a STRANGER took your picture without asking, you are weirded out and generally like "wtf..?". If she doesn't get in trouble, they'll still be weirded out by what she did because that is weird.

No. 94881

This has 100% turned into a shitty vendetta thread. I'm bored, can we talk about someone interesting for once? And maybe break away from the tumblr fags who are overly ember obsessed? This is all just insanity amongst ourselves, nothing truly interesting going on.

No. 94882

Pretty sure that's not Ember.

No. 94883



(585) 244-7200

No. 94884

Taking a photo without permission of a doctor on private property is illegal though.

You can take photos of private property while on public property, but you cannot take pictures of private property while on private property, espically when there are signs which tell you that cellphone use is not permitted.

No. 94885

Either post something interesting or shut the fuck up, we don't care about your feelings.

No. 94886

>I'm bored

Go jack off or something, no1currs.

No. 94887

Screenshot of the signs in the office saying no phones???

No. 94888

THIS is a photo of a PATIENT! That's illegal dumbass. Ever heard of HIPPA???

No. 94891


Go away, Ember.

No. 94893

Why would that be ember kek

No. 94894

Shut the fuck up, you're starting to sound autistic.

No. 94895

Anyone call yet?

No. 94897

This is my comment. I work in healthcare and you can not take pics of patients. WTF would Ember call herself out on the actual illegal part lol?

No. 94899

I work in healthcare and you cannot take creepy pictures of your physicians. There's a policy for a reason.

No. 94914

File: 1455916434939.png (1.45 MB, 2048x1586, PhotoGrid_1455916137275-1.png)

Every single policy I find says roughly the same thing:

>We expect that our patients and visitors will use common courtesy along with their cell phones and we will remind them if needed. Patient or visitor use of the camera function of their cell phone is permitted, providing the photography does not include UCI faculty or staff or other patients.

I can't find a single policy which says that it is okay for patients to take photos of their doctors while they're not looking. Not a single fucking one.

Also, not only did she take a photo of her doctor while they weren't looking, she also took a picture of another patient as well. Oh and I just noticed the nurse behind the counter, looking as if she is trying to shield her face after she saw Ember taking photos of her.

Taking pictures of other patients is 100% illegal and serves no fucking purpose.

No. 94915

this really is fucked up and not okay. I would be very creeped out if someone was taking pictures of me while in the waiting room. MAJOR breach of privacy.
why the fuck does Ember fetishize everything medical? her obsession with putting on a "sick girl" facade is creepy especially because of her grooming tendencies ("i want a little ana protege!!") SO FUCKED UP

No. 94917

just sitting here laughing 'cause you're all so obsessed with ember

No. 94921

Sorry I had to delete and repost all of that because of a few typos >>94914

When I first read into her drama, I thought it was shitty but believed she could change one day.. but the shit she has done is literally irreversible at this point. She's damaged so many people around her with her terrible behavior. She literally cheated on a guy in real life because she was too caught up in all the attention she got from camming, manipulated people into buying her stuff under the guise that she wasn't just using them for their money (she even said herself she is only with Andrew for his cash), called DFACS on a family down in Georgia and almost had a woman's young children taken from her, and the list just keeps going on.

Every single life Ember has forced herself in, she has damaged or ruined beyond recognition. I feel bad for her family, I imagine she doesn't live with them because they couldn't handle what a fucking burden she is and the only reason Andrew let's her live with him is because he has to get his tiny troll dick wet somehow.

Her existence will never be beneficial for anyone, it has only been extremely detrimental for every person she fucks with and I don't think it'll ever change.

No. 94923

File: 1455917480808.png (553.13 KB, 476x596, weirddildo.png)

Sorry for OT (you're all talking about Ember), but could any of you photoshop a penis or a dildo? She seriously looks like one of those porn movie teenagers

No. 94925

Yes… I could… but I won't since she is a minor and that's a bit uncalled for.

No. 94926

What the fuck is wrong with you.

No. 94928

Dildos arent an R-rated thing tho, lol.

No. 94930

sorry but that's a lil odd.

No. 94932

File: 1455918328714.png (205.32 KB, 478x563, capture-20160219-234439.png)

No. 94933

If someone called the office, they have the right to know… Even if it's not stated, it's wrong as fuck. They need to know.

No. 94939

Sorry Ember, I'm not gonna put a dildo or a dick in the hands of a 16 year old. Though I'm sure your boyfriend will love to help you fulfill that fantasy of your's.

No. 94940

No. 94942

(585) 244-7200 is the office number. You can just say a few sentences and hang up. They need to know.

No. 94945

Not Ember, and not even the same person who asked for that edit

No. 94950

Nah, no one's calling anyway. You guys always just talk and then do nothing.

No. 94955

? WHO U talking too

No. 94956

As one of CryingEmily's former friends, she had this coming. Ignoring people, only caring about herself, only being negative, drama drama drama drama all the time 24/7. She may be ill, but being a bitch shouldn't be one of them.

No. 94958

No. 94960

I called the all the office numbers for embers doctors that were available but they are closed currently so I left messages for all of them to call me back or shoot me an email (of course I explained the situation and merely told them that I'm not sure of their privacy policy but I had concerns for one of the patients they have and what their policy is with posting pictures publicly of the staff and other patients without consent and gave them my email and phone to contact me back when they have a chance). I didn't name names, I just said I had some concerns that I would like to share. I'll keep you all updated with things.

No. 94963


Thank you so much for doing that. I work in a medical office and if one of our patients was taking sneaky pictures, we would NEED to know about it. Thank you again!

No. 94967

Gotta smize like Tyra.
She got all her fashion tips and advice for posing and shit from next top model.

No. 94970

Why is her juice wearing an ugly hat?
Is she trying to out do ally's creepy loving grinning by also dressing her snacks up in little outfits?

No. 94971

the samefag is so, so bad in this one

No. 94972

She bought it like that, all those types of juices have little hats on them. They also have loads of calories in them as well…>>94970

No. 94974

Holy crap that's weird. What are you meant to do with the tiny hat once you open your drink?
What a waste of fabric and money.

No. 94975

It's a charity thing. No idea what people do with the hats, the drinks themselves are actually pretty gross tasting.

No. 94977

File: 1455923647024.png (179.96 KB, 600x300, Big-Knit-2-600.png)

No. 94978

Shitty bait

No. 94979

For Ember, maybe. Why you biting?

No. 94980

If I were biting I wouldn't realize its bait, retard

No. 94985

It would be really interesting to see which posts in this thread are Ember.

How do people screenshot her snapchat and post it on here without getting blocked? I screenshotted a snapchat of hers once, immediately blocked. Hmm.

No. 94986

personally i just make a random new snapchat, add her, screenshot them then she blocks me haha but there are apps that save them

No. 94988

I mean they're cute and all but Christ, how useless. They could use the money spent on tiny useless hats and give homeless people new socks instead.

No. 94996

Ember ends a lot of her counter arguments with 'though' example from a older thread where she was caught out

'she's not snaggletoothed though'
'she said her bf bought it for her though'

She's a though-hoe ;)

No. 94997

Aren't her comments marked with 'Posted by Ember' text though

No. 94998

Not necessarily. She can use a different IP and post anonymously.

No. 95003

I'm pretty sure that when she got caught last time, it was from using AJ's stuff so since she's living with this new guy, she's probably using his IP address instead. Either that or she's done an Eboni and used something like Hola.

Tbh, it's funnier knowing that she's here because she's so damn easy to bait. Mention something on here and minutes later it pops up on one of her social media platforms.

No. 95004

What if she's going around to different doctors to try and find one that'll send her into ed treatment

No. 95005

That'd be hilarious

No. 95007

Her teeth are so bad. All this money she's supposedly spending on treatment could fix her snaggletooth problem.

No. 95008

File: 1455933422431.gif (452.82 KB, 320x240, original.gif)

Emily stirring up drama in this thread like

No. 95009

Cringe… emily is cringe.

No. 95010

Imstead of trying to go to treatment for an illness she doesnt have she should get a fucking nosejob

No. 95013

I think Ember actually might have anorexia. Yes, she edits her pictures but she's still very skinny… And not everyone with anorexia is super spoopy like Ashley anyway.

No. 95014

Lol nah.
Some overly excited GP might cave and diagnose her with OSFED just to get rid of her but anorexia is a stretch. She doesn't look slightly unhealthy without adding shadows under her eyes, washing herself out with filters, and making that weird squinty fish face. She's got none of the visible markers of any ED.

No. 95017

Shes definitely not anorexic. OSFED perhaps, but she's too heavy for anorexia.

No. 95019

even an overweight person could be anorexic, no one's 'too heavy for anorexia'. yeah they might not get a diagnosis for anorexia nervosa but still…

No. 95020

>overweight person could be anorexic

pls do not start this debate again

No. 95022

Atypical anorexia is osfed

End of discussion

No. 95023

c'mon anon i said pls

No. 95026

File: 1455941189242.jpg (9.79 KB, 225x225, image.jpg)

No. 95028

File: 1455941451345.png (333.12 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Ember… You're the creepy predator one, not us.

No. 95142

Is this her warning to her victims? Because if she think she we have to save her pics she's retarded. They're ALL on Google dumbass. Just look under fatass pedophile cunts

No. 95162

Anorexia is just a loss of appetite.

No, someone won't have the diagnosis of AN, but they can still experience anorexia

No. 95163

Omg, I remember Emily's cringe tumblr gifs. LOL, /r/ more like this please.

No. 95164

What a coincidence, she comes up when you Google "Squidward dick-nosed fat mentally deficient lying uggos" too.

No. 95174

All this talk about contacting her doctors is pretty reaching tbh
like i hate ember & she can go fuck herself, but it's a pretty insignificant offence guys…

No. 95175

it is for charity, the hats raise money for people who need warmth (hats, scarves, gloves) in the winter.

No. 95188

File: 1455987657877.jpg (43.02 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mekq7l3AHA1rl3a4xo1_500…)

as you wish, anon.

No. 95190

That's hysterical lmao. Hadn't seen that one before.

No. 95191

The cash the knitters spend on wool (if they don't already have some spare), and posting the hats to Innocent is more than Innocent raise selling the bottles. Unless it's a raise awareness of homelessness thing, if the knitters gave the money straight to Innocent, they'd raise more.

No. 95192

File: 1455991405755.gif (336.75 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mqd4jxZtTW1rl3a4xo1_400…)

No. 95194

I had no idea she produced such comedy gold. Keep it coming anon

No. 95196

File: 1455992410152.jpg (31.91 KB, 500x364, tumblr_mjijh2zGg11rl3a4xo1_500…)

No. 95197

anon where did you find this goldmine

No. 95200

Do people think CryingEmily will go the way of her former whiteknights and recover?
Or is she a future Ash? Destined to forever screech at Mummy to fetch her more Nakd Bars?

No. 95204

i got treated at outlook. it sucked. hope she has fun

No. 95210

I was really bored so I just searched her old usernames but in an embarrassingly in-depth way. I found a lot of interesting ones.

No. 95212

File: 1455995697851.gif (525.06 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mmlwazIR6B1rl3a4xo1_400…)

Google thinsiqnificants, thinsquids.

No. 95214

File: 1455995918137.jpg (30.19 KB, 500x348, tumblr_mqrnizP0gT1rl3a4xo1_500…)

No. 95215

lmaooooo that pose

No. 95217

File: 1455996671739.jpg (39.71 KB, 500x373, tumblr_mfi4246Hqd1rl3a4xo1_500…)

No. 95218

Can I request the gif of Emily trying her first cigarette. So much cringe I love it

No. 95221



OSFED is not anorexia. Period. I've been around the block enough times to know this. If you're over 17.5 BMI, you don't have anorexia PERIOD.

End of discussion.

No. 95222


Jesus fucking christ.

Anorexia NERVOSA is an eating disorder. "Anorexia" is an outdated medical term that literally NO DOCTOR USES ANYMORE BECSUSE IT GETS CONFUSED WITH ANOREXIA NERVOSA. Don't associate that with the eating disorder. You don't know what you're talking about.

No. 95224

I had "anorexic" written on my notes when I was on a medical ward. I wasn't eating because I had bad ulcers. Some docs still use it that way.

No. 95225

File: 1455997567232.gif (379.74 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mo8sfz9ZGm1rl3a4xo1_400…)

No. 95228

shut the fuck up already

No. 95229

File: 1455997913765.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, tumblr_mv1ap6WHd81qcdl07o1_400…)

No. 95232

File: 1455998332983.gif (1.29 MB, 320x240, tumblr_mqmardnxeu1rl3a4xo1_400…)

i don't have that one but take this patient anon

No. 95233

File: 1455998378639.gif (429.64 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mlb6pyLD9M1rl3a4xo1_400…)

No. 95234

File: 1455998426738.gif (1.25 MB, 320x240, tumblr_mv1ap6WHd81qcdl07o3_400…)

No. 95235

File: 1455998465603.gif (1.96 MB, 307x230, tumblr_ms3ikxgu9X1rl3a4xo1_400…)

is this it?

No. 95236

File: 1455998491739.gif (1.39 MB, 320x240, tumblr_n1d22y4eAL1qcdl07o1_400…)

No. 95237

File: 1455998503804.gif (1.24 MB, 320x240, tumblr_mv1ap6WHd81qcdl07o2_400…)

No. 95239

File: 1455998575771.gif (1.26 MB, 320x240, tumblr_msznmpb4Uj1qcdl07o1_400…)

No. 95240

File: 1455998653338.gif (224.34 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mmm0uj9Dft1rl3a4xo1_400…)

No. 95241

File: 1455998723225.gif (379.67 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mlw4cbTHlD1rl3a4xo1_400…)

No. 95243

It's been bugging me who she looks like and it's Winnie from The Wonder Years.

No. 95244

File: 1455998798849.gif (234.6 KB, 160x240, tumblr_mqpm3sU7PW1rl3a4xo2_250…)

No. 95248

File: 1455999584815.gif (1.34 MB, 800x533, meftV0q.gif)

No. 95251

This was my personal fave heh

No. 95257

Lol why was she making these dumb ass gifs.

No. 95258


Im well aware of the difference between anorexia and anorexia nervosa you fuckwit, that was the point. I'm saying that overweight people can experience anorexia the symptom. And, by the way, medical professionals do still use it. As someone who works in the pharmaceutical industry I see it all the time. So many medications raise the possibility of it happening.

No. 95262

for notes so she can have a shred of validation

No. 95269

Definitely a future Ash. Her family is full of enablers, and the attention they give her is too good to give it up.

No. 95271

CryingEmily posted a crying selfie on her food diary account earlier (deleted now) yet again whining about eating a bowl of vegetables/pasta. Apparently that's more problematic to eat than her fucking whipped cream Starbucks

No. 95273

Yeah and on her regular account cryingemily posted a body check whatever picture saying she saw a girl who smiled at her. She was too shy to smile back, then that girl smiled again and she smiled back. And she felt loooooooved and she probably will never see her again(because she was pretty) and now she's sad.. Ohhhhh so sad. Guess she and Gracie broke up. She just never stops being a whore

No. 95277

Why would you make gifs of yourself dramatically eating…?

No. 95282

A binge gif to go with her purging gif. If you notice She made one to appeal to every disorder

No. 95287

If she'd broken up with Gracie we definately would've heard about it. She wouldn't waste an opportunity to milk a situation like that for attention. We'd have had the cryung selfies, the allusions to self harm or suicide and the large text posts about how much she hates herself, is a horrible person blah blah blah

No. 95288

I feel like trying to bring back cringe pics of Emily from like 4 years ago is just the same as trying to bring back felice. Literally no one cares anymore and it's old news. If she was still attention crying out then it would be sort of funny but she hasn't really done anything.

No. 95298

Pretty sure some anons would call the authorities if she jaywalked or downloaded a movie. I mean they wouldnt actually call, but theyd beg other anons to do it because they know it'd be a retarded thing to do themselves.
I don't like Ember either but I don't fucking know her.

No. 95299

Fair enough but I and some others anons requested it. They're just really funny, idc about present day Emily and wish her no harm.

No. 95346

Agree. I'm just laughing at all the old milk I never got to see.

Like, imagine having to live with all that cringe? Fuck me, I'd die of embarrassment.

No. 95357

where is this purging gif

No. 95375

File: 1456015224160.gif (1.73 MB, 360x260, okay.gif)

Sometimes you got to tell yourself it's OK to eat.

No. 95384

File: 1456017056168.gif (327.55 KB, 320x240, li6OpQv1rffDY.gif)

No. 95386

All discussion of Aly should remain within this thread.

Old Aly thread: >>91978

After several votes and discussion, it was decided that Aly is not currently worthy of having her own separate thread.

No. 95391

Alright, am I the only one sick of Emilys old gifs. Like kewl I saw this years ago idc anymore…….

No. 95392

Okay emily

No. 95393

File: 1456019619842.gif (815.1 KB, 320x240, purge.gif)

No. 95396

Don't look at them then

No. 95397

get the fuck out the thread Emily.

Thank you kind anon for sharing, same here with I didn't see them back then and it this just reaffirms what an attention starved mong she was/is.

No. 95398

Why is Emily suddenly being talked about so much in this thread after weeks of silence?

No. 95399

Idk everyone literally stop talking about Emily she's p much irrelevant now ok

No. 95400

Get back to people who r relevant yea?

No. 95401


This is the weakest samefaggimg I've ever seen

No. 95402

Old news is shit news. No one curs n e moar

No. 96382

I don't have her on snapchat so I don't know but Ember's gone quiet on IG and FB. Incoming fake admission?

No. 96383

File: 1456027323366.jpg (37.66 KB, 500x375, tumblr_meq9ya2VUl1rl3a4xo1_500…)

nah, these are hilarious

No. 96384

File: 1456027393494.gif (861.83 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mnbi76cGEm1rl3a4xo1_400…)

No. 96385

File: 1456027436560.gif (415.92 KB, 320x240, tumblr_moyyw35Rlu1rl3a4xo1_400…)

No. 96386

File: 1456027889096.gif (109.36 KB, 320x240, cantstophiccupping.gif)

No. 96387

lmao that file name

No. 96388

File: 1456027991219.gif (138.93 KB, 250x188, tumblr_m9l5yzldbR1raj7y0o1_250…)

Is this Emily?

No. 96390

No. 96395

Kek, that gif. My old friends and I used to laugh at that because who purges like that?! Tie back your damn hair. (sage for ED-fag)

No. 96400

More like vanilla extract

No. 96402

Ember, you need a new joke

No. 96404

>itt people complaining about ember & emily but not posting anyone new??

No. 96459

File: 1456034680901.png (2.14 MB, 1176x1182, 1447151771599.png)

Not only has Aly got a broken leg, she's also been demoted to this thread instead of having her own. Let's have some fun catching up on highlights from my fav Aly threads past.

No. 96460

File: 1456034718955.jpg (305.22 KB, 1204x1200, 1446066042200.jpg)

thanks to the anon/s who made them

No. 96461

File: 1456034768424.png (346.49 KB, 800x342, 1445871487159.png)

No. 96462

File: 1456034836775.jpg (1.35 MB, 1500x1500, 1446091327272.jpg)

No. 96463

File: 1456034904885.jpg (1.14 MB, 1500x1500, 1444847435094.jpg)

No. 96464

File: 1456034978378.jpg (1.64 MB, 1500x1500, 1444847588611.jpg)

No. 96465

File: 1456035032371.png (722.47 KB, 594x596, 1446285690524.png)

No. 96466

She never airs out the face hugger any more - she learned to use her hair as cover. Will she live to see the summer, at which point we can see how this real recovery journey is an oroboros?

No. 96467

File: 1456035072737.png (612.66 KB, 911x478, 1446517143813.png)

No. 96468

Girl's running out of hair though. It should be out again in summer - unless it's getting her too much negative attention.

No. 96477

File: 1456036564122.png (586.86 KB, 600x960, NABrJpb.png)

more #joyful #posi #realrecovery from her old IG

No. 96479

Yeah this is why I voted against the merge. Everything was neatly organized and now… Oh well.

No. 96486

File: 1456038941612.jpg (99.97 KB, 858x536, 89oOHUu.jpg)

Christ she reminds me of a Labour MP's wife who is famous for posting sexual selfies

No. 96487

Guess if you have young children you could give them to use as a hat for their dolls.

No. 96489

Pretty much. Personally I find Aly unbearably boring and repetitive, but that's just me and it would've been nice if she didn't have to junk up this thread. Her's seemed well organized and highly productive too. We'll see how it goes though, she might get her own thread again eventually.
My sympathies to the anons who just lost their regular thread and got pulled into this mess. It's about to get messier.

No. 96493

Not even an Ana containment board?? Ugh this tread is a mess.

No. 96495

It was bad enough when ember and Emily C got put here. The Aly thread was the most organised.

Lolcow's becoming a weebo haven. I'm going to have to jump ship to GOMI or smthing equally tragic.

No. 96498

Yep. I admit I'm somewhat rustled about this.

No. 96502

File: 1456048029911.jpg (21.99 KB, 295x291, Capture.JPG)

If it wasn't for time zones and temazepam I would've been there to vote against, but ~tin foil helmet~ it's almost like admin has an agenda to do away with anything not weeb related.

Look at the threadsL
- repeat thread of some wannabe kawaii girl
- big tit weeb asian girl
- another weeb black girl
- a weeb trap
- weebs fucking asian guys

I'm surprised Anna hasn't been lumped into this thread. THAT FACE along with fugs like Ember. Jesus god.


No. 96504


Tbh I was a regular on alys thread. And this thread is a mess, I hate it.

No. 96505

Anna and ash should be here. The Ash thread is drier than the Aly thread by a mile. I'm really pissed that the Aly thread has been merged, it was organised and posted in regularly

No. 96506

the fact it was updated on the daily confuses me as to why she cant have her own thread. We had a nice little niche of Aly going on there… I really don't care for the rest of them.

I wish I could have been there to vote on it.

No. 96507

Well, I mean lolcow was originally for PT after /cgl/, so it's not really surprizing there would be a bias toward cosplay and weeb snowflakes and cows.

Someone actually asked Admin-sama on meta recently if we could tidy up the issue by adding a separate board for proanas, Aly and Ash called /eat/, and Admin said he would rather lock and/or delete all ana/Aly/Ash threads than do that, but that he wouldn't do either. So I'm guessing maybe Admin doesn't exactly like these threads or something.

I think, if admin would rather we not have these threads at all or it makes him uncomfortable or something, he should let us know so we can work something out, instead of just ruining perfectly good and well organized threads left and right.

It'd sort of just be nice if Admin-sama could just talk to us about his thoughts about the ana threads, rather than voting them out of existence with little warning while letting any obscure boring weeb have their own thread. I get snow has historically been about weebs and cosplayers, but it'd be nice if someone would just tell us if these boards aren't actually wanted on lolcow so we can find somewhere else to discuss them.

Admin-sama? Thoughts?

No. 96508

Same. Would have been nice to know in advance this was going to vote.
Well said anon.

No. 96509

>it'd be nice if someone would just tell us if these boards aren't actually wanted on lolcow so we can find somewhere else to discuss them.

These threads aren't actually wanted on lolcow.

If you're worried about clutter: pick and choose what "updates" you want to post, rather than posting every single thing a person submits to their Instagram or whatever.

No. 96510

Ok. Thank you admin.

Though this was my favorite place.
Can anyone recommend some where else to go to discuss Alice?

No. 96511

Thank you admin-sama. I'm sorry if we've made you angry or uncomfortable or anything. Would you prefer we find somewhere else to discuss them?

No. 96513

File: 1456052888800.jpg (50.69 KB, 512x512, movin on.jpg)

Yup. My lolcow.farm days are over. I'm just not into /cgl.

I'm a bit put off GOMI because there isn't the sense of humour and creativity that's on the aly thread (and this thread before all the merges). I'll check back and see if anyone has any ideas of other places to go to, but, as for posting, bai bai. ILYSM (!)

No. 96514

There have been so many Aly threads, why are we only being told now they're not wanted. Seems out of the blue. The threads were great fun, something that this thread lacks.

No. 96515

Probably because admin didn't feel like he could say anything after what happened with cgl. We've put him in an awkward position. I'm really glad he has told us now though.

Anyone keen to start a new imageboard or something like kiwifarms for Aly, Ash and ana discussion? It wouldn't to be to detract from lolcow or steal farmers from here, it'd be for stuff like this that isn't wanted on lolcow.

No. 96518

new to this thread due to aly moving here. who is this person, if you don't mind me asking? she has an unexpected body for an ana thread.

No. 96519

an ana board would just attract more… like flies.

No. 96520

I miss the aly threads, bad. I am the anon who posted the old images above.

No. 96521

I've not been made angry or uncomfortable. You are perfectly free to discuss them here, as long as the containment rules are followed.

No. 96522

Can't you discuss Aly at kiwifarms anyway? Ginge has her own thread there, people have tested her 'recipes'.

No. 96523

gomi is really pearl-clutchy, anon. half the stuff you say here will not be allowed.

No. 96524

Admin, while you are here, is this about all anas in general - like if Aly becomes interesting again will she be able to have a snow thread of her own in future?

No. 96525

Retired farmer anon. Yeah, I can't deal with their overuse of"snarky". I'm making an account at kiwis when I think of a username. Hope to see some of you there.

No. 96526

I lurk at kiwi so it may happen.

I am ex-gomi… you can try, but expect much personal blogging and useless debate. You can't tell people to shut up or get on topic. The site operator, partypantsnyc, is a cow herself. It's weeb-free so I guess there's that… boo.

No. 96527

Aly would definitely fit in over at kiwi, probably as a horrorcow like ginge, and it'd be far easier to organize things there.

Move Aly discussion to a kiwi thread, post the link here, and carry on with discussion of other lesser proana's here if admin is absolutely sure he's fine with us staying.

Aside from relocating entirely, that'd be the tidiest way to do things.

No. 96555

derailing tbh her mom is kinda hot

No. 96565

>carry on with discussion of other lesser proana's here

but admin clearly said these threads aren't wanted, so why not move all the snowflake threads? why check 2 boards instead of moving to 1?
i remember waking up to find all of embers posts had been labeled due to her breaking a global rule. i was so excited and entertained. i feel the opposite way waking up to this new arrangement.

No. 96574

>all these skellys complaining

You do realize there was a town hall meeting about this, right? Two of them, actually. You could have had your say then, instead of whining here after it was over. "oh but I'm not in the right timeline/I was at work/I didn't know!!!" Well maybe, if it bothered you so much, you should have made it a priority.

No. 96583

Lol this is so fucking stupid, you must be a teenager with no responsibilities if you think some imageboard thread is more important than A JOB or waking up at 4:00 am just to contribute to a poll up for two hours.

Maybe the polls should be put up on meta and left up long enough for the grown ups who have a life away from the Internet can be involved too

No. 96584

There were, but to be fair, there was really no warning about what the town hall meeting was about. I'm sure we should have assumed that it would be about the future of threads, but I personally had no idea that Aly's thread was even on the chopping block.

Plus, being in the wrong timezone or being at work at perfectly legitimate excuses. I completely agree with >>96583.

No. 96590

I see groups can be created at kiwi. I'm going to start a group for the ig skeles and wannarexics there. I'm not sure if it's permitted seeing how I'm new there, but I'm already missing the discussion. Anyone over there I'm "the Autopsy Incident" so hmu if you register.

There's already a Trashley thread.

No. 96597

Do you mind posting a link? I've never been there, and I want to find the right people.

I think I'm leaving too. Ill be back to check the Venus thread from time to time. But, this fucking blows.

No. 96600

is PULL still a thing? just go there.

No. 96601

ember's going to cream when she sees aly's been lumped into a thread with her.

No. 96603

I have a feeling if things keep going this way, lolcow is going to be for the birds. This is just slight over moderation. Half the fun is seeing bad posts, self posts, etc

The whole point of snow is to post nobodies and people not worthy of pt. I've been apart of too many imageboards/forums/groups etc to know how to recognize the death rattle and this is it.

No. 96604

Aly's thread was active. If other ana threads are still being kept around despite being /unwanted/ then why bother merging hers?

Though tbh I'm not sure how the voting worked

No. 96605

Nope, not a teenager and definitely not without reaponsibilities. It's just hilarious how much you people fucking complain about the smallest shit when you had the choice to do something about it.

Oh no, all of my skellys are in one thread, how terrible~~~ cry rattle cry.

No. 96606

not to be mean but all you guys complaining about the voting could have been there. you're a little ungrateful sounding since you're bawwing about this change that you could have had a say in and chose not to.

No. 96607



I'm diggin' the Tumblr threads right now.

I respect admin's decision, although I'm disappointed the board's taking the direction it's going. This place was kind of like 8chan /cow but with less testosterone. Oh well. I've found a new home, I think. I'll just miss you guize.


Not you though.

No. 96608

Having one thread for all anas/wanas makes as much sense as having just one thread for all weebs.

Ember, Aly, Ginge, Highbulimic, Ash, CryingEmily… sure they have a couple of things in common, but generally they're entirely different beasts. And having/wanting an ED isn't the only thing that makes them snowflakes.

No. 96613

all you anabananas are so annoying. this makes just as much sense as the weeb general thread since they're legit all the fucking same

>hashtag recovery

>totes eating look guise!
>veiled proana shit
>baww baww pay attention to me!

No. 96614

File: 1456080820402.png (203.94 KB, 500x281, mggh.png)

No. 96616

Does Aly have a thread over at kiwi? I thought we had a nice little aly-clique going on in her threads and they were active. Not really interested in wading through the other ana bullshit in this thread just to get to the Aly posts.

No. 96621

I'll join you if you create a thread there, never used it so a link would be great

I agree,enjoyed the humour and general atmosphere of the thread
Cba with the other anafags

No. 96624

Well. It wasn't a choice for me. I came home late and jumped in the chat, but that issue had already been crossed off the to do list. And it was clearly stated they had moved on.

Plus, I never suspected Alys thread was in danger. So how was I to know this would happen before hand? Also what should I have done, took a sick day from work? Reschedule my life? No, it isnt that serious.

It's like when your favorite show gets canceled out of the blue. We're just bummed…

No. 96626

A heads up that it was going to be discussed would have helped

Admin, can I how many people were involved in the decision? What were the stats before/against? Would be interested to see how many opinions changed the thread

No. 96631

It's interesting. Aly is Ash's same BMI, but she looks beautiful. Obviously she's sick, but she doesn't look like a monster. Aly doesn't look elderly or evil like ashley.

No. 96634

Ok random, but I didn't know emily croker claimed to have an ED. She's never been underweight and uses photoshop. Does this girl not have a life?

No. 96640

I don't believe they're in the same BMI. But Ash's been like that for longer, I guess maybe that's why she looks like a monster and Aly doesn't?

No. 96643

Aly used to have her BMI in her description. It was 10.

Ash is 42 lbs and 5 feet tall, not sure what the BMI for that is.

The point is, they're in the same ballpark and they look so incredibly different. It's fascinating.

No. 96644

Ash's BMI is 8 or something.

No. 96649

I think Aly USED to look very pretty, but she looks quite horrible now.

No. 96650

See you there. The ginge thread there is awesome, they're the ones attempting to make her nasty recipes and reviewing them.

The Aly thread was also great, no shit posting or blogging sages (unlike the venus threads, which are basically cancer right now.) Peace, yall!

No. 96651

>blogging sages
Why is sage even being used this way all over tumblrchan? Who cares if you didn't bump a thread on a slow moving board. The sage is pointless really and people think that personal stories and spamming a thread to shit is allowed if they sage.

No. 96661


No. 96662

anyone mind a quick summary of what happened? why were threads closed, what rules had been broken and why/ what threads are not wanted here?guess i'm not the only busy nosy asshole here wondering?

No. 96663

How many times do you morons have to be told that people have jobs, lives that don't involve the Internet 24/7, don't live in the same time zone as the admin, or showed up a few minutes late for the town hall and the subject was already closed before you realize that it has nothing to do with not being involved and everything to do with not having a chance to have a say.

It's not about what happened, it's about how it happened and the fact that polls are useless when only posted at a time when only a fraction of users are involved. Polls should be left up for at least 24 hours so non North American farmers/people with responsibilities/who missed the town hall meeting for whatever reason that happened to be more important at that time.

I get admin is only human and idgaf about ally being put in the Ana thread and I hope all the fucking weebs get thrown in one thread as well because they're incredibly BORING. It's about a user based board not entirely taking in account of the users feelings.

No. 96665


there was a town hall meeting chat last night and the day before. where they decided to combine all ana threads into this one. (except the Vegan Ginger is still going and Ash apparently.)

look here:

as far as I know, no rules were broken. no other reason given for the "why".

people feel that they didn't get to put in a vote. and that the rug had been pulled out from under them. so some people are leaving. basically.

No. 96668

File: 1456093521909.gif (838.5 KB, 275x197, image.gif)

This is not the complain about lolcow thread. This is the pro-Ana scumbag general thread. Stop clogging it up.


No. 96672

File: 1456094718058.gif (983.86 KB, 500x255, image.gif)

Oh no, the Ana-chans are leaving the farm, whatever will we do without them

No. 96675

Laugh at weebs, apparently.

No. 96690

This, 100%.

They did a poll on whether or not to merge Aly and Ginger's threads with the rest of the snowflakes/anorectics/etc. It was 17 to 17, a perfect tie. I was in the town hall and the decision seemed completely arbitrary. The reason Aly's was merged whereas Ginger's wasn't was because, paraphrased, 'Ginger's thread doesn't seem to be infested with underage PULL users like the other ones are.'

No. 96697


No. 96702

File: 1456096565168.gif (959.64 KB, 500x282, annabanana.gif)

No. 96707

Any opinions on the ED community on Tumblr? Especially the ED blogs that turned into fitblrs and pretend to be ~*healthy*~ ~*strong not skinny*~ and bla bla? They are a goldmine imo

No. 96720

Meh, they don't really interest me. I'm only really interested in Aly/Ginge level of deluded/lying.

No. 96721

Guess you're right. Also due to the format of Tumblr it's not easy finding lolcow-worthy material and following them or checking their blog regularly is required to understand why they are cows in the making.

No. 96725

Perfecthinsm is a basic bitch wannarexic attetion hoe. That is all

No. 96728

Obvious self post is obvious

No. 96729

I got there a few minutes too late for the Aly convo and it was decided already. I was only able to argue for the existence of Ginge.

I think that the Aly thread was misread/misinterpreted by admin (sorry admin but true). The infestation is here, really. Aly's threads were some of the best of /snow/.

No. 96730

I'm not an ana-chan, I just like to laugh specifically at Aly… nuthin wrong with that.

No. 96733

> Aly's beautiful

(eee, this shit was not getting said in the Aly thread)

No. 96734

For me this is the main issue. Looking back through past Aly threads, some of them were amazing, they were on-topic, they were funny.

If Aly hadda just put on some loli fashion, we could have kept her.

No. 96735

Alybananas, pls

No. 96738

My most hated ED cow-wannabe fitblr-fake recovery tumblr is lord–swoledemort. She acts like a recovery warrior but is on mpa and always posts pro ana thinspo bullshit.

No. 96741

File: 1456100465215.jpg (87.8 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mrdurgwUlm1rl3a4xo1_500…)

that's basically what she's infamous for on tumblr, so yes. she 100% photoshops and lies.

No. 96742

I guess only weebs get their own thread or something. Even Ash is weeb-ish.

No. 96762

I thought this thread was for wannarexics, not girls with actually low BMIs.

Didn't she, like Ember, tag her pictures with "FeliceFawn" and "thinspo"? The only reason anyone noticed them is because they are fucking annoying and did the most with the proana shit while messing up the tags. Truthblogs literally only gave Emily a break because she (hilariously) in the end Regina George'd Ember by making herself look like a victim that was "actually trying to recover". Because people who run truthblogs are delusional harpies, they defended Emily to be self righteous and "protect her recovery". It came out later she was anonymously sending threats and bullying herself while trying to blame it on Ember.

I personally have an annoyance/hateboner for Emily because that much hysterical bullshit can't belong to a weak bitch in forever21 floral print potato bag dresses who cuts themselves on their fucking upper arm for attention while actively trying to be an alcoholic for edge points.

No. 96768

Me too anon. How is it even known that she's an alcoholic, cause she says she is? Just wondering

No. 96771

Same, anon. She's so interesting to me because she's so pathetic.

No. 96775

Wow a whole 34 users voted ???? Wow can't argue that that's majority.

No. 96776

Does anyone have that gif of her where she's sitting on the floor and taking a swig of beer?
Idk where people are getting the "alcoholic" thing either… just seems like another felice copying

No. 96779


Scroll through the thread some please.
It's just a lyric from a La Dispute song (I think Such Small Hands?)

No. 96780

No. 96781

What do you mean Huh?

No. 96783

Oh, my bad I was sure it hadn't been posted. Thank you anon

No. 96790

File: 1456111818458.png (2.97 MB, 2048x1682, PhotoGrid_1456111461689-1.png)

Here's an example of Emily self submitting to truth blogs about herself.

>she's turning more and more into Felice

No, you're not Emily. I kind of believe this whole alcoholic thing is a lie for a bit of edge points. She was the one who called herself an alcoholic first.

No. 96792

File: 1456112053405.png (180.29 KB, 1080x1143, Screenshot_2016-02-21-22-33-09…)

No. 96794

>They did a poll on whether or not to merge Aly and Ginger's threads with the rest of the snowflakes/anorectics/etc. It was 17 to 17, a perfect tie. I was in the town hall and the decision seemed completely arbitrary.

No. That poll was just for Ginger. As a result of the split vote, and some decent arguments for why Ginger was sufficiently different from others in this thread, I decided to keep her thread separate for now.

There was a poll the day before for Aly, which was much less evenly split. No one wanted to bring Aly up again on day 2 after I asked repeatedly. Additionally, on both day 1 and day 2, no one could come up with a decent argument for Aly retaining a separate thread other than the fact that it would clutter this one.

If you would like to discuss this issue, please use >>>/meta/2196.

I won't do a site poll because they're too easy to game; much easier to game than the ad hoc chat polls. I could do a survey, but that would probably be unnecessary, since people can provide their views in that thread.

No. 96795

It's not like being an alcoholic is a badge of honor or something. It's a devastating illness. So is AN but people brag about that too. ~look at me im so sad and damaged oh and btw i have sh scars look~ i blame felice.

No. 96798

File: 1456112827349.png (1.26 MB, 2048x1925, PhotoGrid_1456112721406-1.png)

No. 96799

The thing is, I don't understand why it was a debate in the first place. The Aly thread was popular and and dare I say, quite funny.
I get that maybe some people didn't care but it was just one thread. Just skip it. Everyone wades through piles of manure to see stuff that actually interests them.
Why didn't we have a vote about anyone else except that Suzy chick?

No. 96802

File: 1456113598793.png (754.26 KB, 1080x1325, Screenshot_2016-02-21-22-57-36…)

Please listen to Admin and take this argument here: >>>/meta/2196

No. 96804

File: 1456113993488.jpg (104.68 KB, 576x1024, emily-crocker-with-overall-tro…)

No. 96806

File: 1456114130637.jpg (61.87 KB, 500x372, tumblr_static_large__3_.jpg)

god she's so cringe

No. 96807

Uh… I don't think that's Emily lmao. Way too thin.

No. 96812

File: 1456115078709.png (530.02 KB, 1080x1281, Screenshot_2016-02-21-23-22-20…)

This doesn't even look like Emily and there's a watermark in the corner. I did a reserve pic search and discovered that that belongs to some proana blogger that deleted years ago.

No. 96814

File: 1456115507763.png (493.69 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_2016-02-21-23-28-57…)

This is stilllugly/Aimee. She was pretty popular in the proana community back in the day but I'm having a hard time finding her current username.

This blog is full of images/posts she created, she reminds me of Emily if Emily was actually attractive/super thin.


No. 96817

File: 1456116168615.jpg (1.61 MB, 446x325, http://oi43.tinypic.com/6f6zuo…)

I wonder if Emily knew of this chick because they both have some similar looking images? This gif for example instantly made me think of >>95229

No. 96819

File: 1456116268591.jpg (365.22 KB, 1468x1100, 20160222_0008.jpg)

When you don't even have an ED but you gotta make ED awareness about yourself to look legit and remind everyone that ED's exist and you totally have one while copying Aly's emoji vomit so people will subconsciously associate you with someone who is sick and far more popular than you.

No. 96822

I was gonna say that most people will find posts like that annoying as fuck but then I remembered Aly is actually pretty popular and doesn't type like that because she is just copying someone else, that's just how she is.

No. 96823

If you're into recovery accounts, I'm sure multiple people follow both Ember and Aly and will be able to tell how fake Ember is by continously copying everyone around her.

No. 96826

She actually is copying someone else. Some other Italian anorexic with far fewer followers.

No. 96833

so, has ember said anything else about the IP facility for her pretend illness? or is she hoping everyone forgot about it so she doesn't have to fake being inpatient?

No. 96834

File: 1456120181457.png (423.23 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 96835

File: 1456120226337.png (225.43 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Ember, you make me sick.

Also, she's public again.

No. 96836

Stilllugly was so cringe, I've been waiting for her to come up here for ages. I think she goes as aimeefrenchtoast on tumblr, and is a camgirl now. Oh man, I miss her old embarrassing antics.

No. 96845

File: 1456126092947.jpeg (3.51 MB, 2280x3345, image.jpeg)

Admin rn

No. 96853

File: 1456129435067.jpg (38.63 KB, 544x489, fuck this area in particular m…)

Yeah this is aaaalll kinds of fucked up. Very disappointed. This thread is a fucking nightmare detritus heap. Frogs in a blender. Entropic fucktardery. Massive discontinuity. Alas, such is the prerogative of Admin. :/

No. 96862

Cry harder, little bitch.

No. 96875


The fuck is up with that lady's throat?

No. 96900

Why does Ginge get her own thread while Aly's doesn't anymore? makes no sense.

No. 96907

Because apparently that's what the voting decided. And while I don't agree with it, it does make sense in the fact that Ging is still doing laugh-worthy things, while Aly continues to rehash the same shit over and over. Still though, the Aly thread was active enough.
(sage for continuing this particular discussion)

No. 96909

I get that there was a vote and all but lumping everyone together is going to get confusing and disorganized.

No. 96913

Anon, please post pics. I'm intrigued.

No. 96918

Camgirl, yes. Aimeefrenchtoast, no.
I didn't think she was that bad compared to some of the others though, so what do you mean by her "old embarrassing antics"?

No. 96949

Not the anon who first brought up Aimee but I remember her constantly posting thinspo pictures of herself and whining about her financial situation while splurging on shit.

No. 96952

EMBER UPDATE: I heard back from the medical provider she says she goes to and she asked for more details on the public pictures she posted and she told me that was completely unacceptable and against their policy, especially because there was another patient in the picture without their consent. The lady told me that she was going to have a chat with their security and if they would like copies of the pictures she will ring me back and proper punishment will be enforced.

No. 96953

Oh and her ED was magically cured.

No. 96954

No. 96957

Autumn Hudson, you got screencaps?

No. 96958

Screen caps of my phone calls?

No. 96959

Seems like I'm going to wake up to fun tomorrow. I wonder how Ember would react after reading this

No. 96962

File: 1456163653041.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.33 KB, 250x188, tumblr_midzs25SiF1rl3a4xo1_250…)

and here's emily's lmao

No. 96963

panic delete and suddenly in intensive inpatient, lmao

No. 96964

Sad bait is sad

No. 96968

File: 1456164266838.jpeg (224.77 KB, 1276x1713, image.jpeg)

The only proof I can post currently is the first email I got back from the facility about disclosing information about the incident(s) on Ember. I asked them to either email me or call back and I recieved an email telling me to call when I had time. (I figured since i called on the weekend I wouldn't hear back until Monday or Tuesday). Keeping it as professional as possible, I blocked out names and personal contact info and I have been chatting with one particular faculty member there about the subject who is very helpful and has explained over the phone that yes, what Ember did WAS inappropriate and they are deciding on what the consequences should be. I should hear back soon after security has been talked to about the matter and will keep updated as much as I can.

No. 96972

Told you! You can not take pics of other patients seeking medical treatment you dumb dirty cunt. FYI It's time to get your vagina cleaned out again so you have more illegal and inappropriate pics to post.

No. 96973

A.H you are my hero. God bless. Hopefully Ember is going to learn to stop bragging about how *sick~* she is. Knock her down a few pegs and pray to the lord that she stops attention seeking her total sickness.

No. 96974

haha, good job farmer

No. 96976

Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a load of crap? I've never known a 'professional' doctor to type so badly, plus why are you blocking out the email? The email address is ON their website.

No. 96977

try harder samefag. no one but you think this is the right thing to do

No. 96978

Any chance you could prove this took place? I really want this to be true.

No. 96980

I'm not the same fag from before but I'm glad someone did this lol.

No. 96982

Eh. I don't think she was talking to a doctor. It could have been a receptionist or something. When I get emails from my doc they tend to be short and to the point about getting back to them.

No. 96986

It is the right thing to do! If she took pics of me at a private Dr appointment that I was hiding from everyone for whatever reason then that's just wrong.
It's not the Dr emailing herbiabjust the office manager. Which sounds right she needs to deal with it and bring the Dr into it if necessary

No. 96989

File: 1456166846805.png (770.55 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 96993

who is this and why do we care

No. 96994

File: 1456168615468.png (795.26 KB, 1404x576, vom.png)

Ember is shit talking a person for eating what looks like egg rolls or jalapeno poppers, while she eats bowls of stomach bile lmfao.

No. 96997


You absolutely cannot take pictures of your doctor in private practice and post them to social media, ESPECIALLY when you are lying and manipulating the whole situation.

Thank you again. I can't imagine being the doctor in that situation. It's totally inappropriate to take secret pictures. And then fucking post them.

No. 96999


those are a 'kroket' and two 'frikandellen'. it's Dutch food. Fast food tho so not really ana. That is if I'm right tho.

No. 97000

Also… Why do we have to use the term same "fagging"?? I'm not always PC, but come on… how old are you, 12? I'm aware that fag can also mean tired or cigarette, but COME ON. Can we not use that word? I'm gay and it just seems really juvenile and inappropriate. Like you wouldn't use the n word… Can we just not?

No. 97001

anyone know who's insta thats from?

No. 97003

shut up nigger

No. 97004

It's a twitter

No. 97005

If it's a tweet maybe screencap it next time instead, anon.
At first glance it looks like a bad attempt at derailing.

No. 97006

File: 1456169854675.jpg (78.91 KB, 1073x1248, CbwP1WiUMAEIMtK.jpg large.jpg)

But this picture is from someone's instagram…

No. 97007

the picture she posted is from a instagram

No. 97008


Really? I'm sorry you have such a pathetic life.

No. 97009

shut up nigger

No. 97010

"Punishment"? Ookay.

No. 97013

No. 97014

Lurk more nigger.

No. 97015

Krokets are the fucking best

No. 97016

>easily offended
Ur in the wrong place buddy

No. 97022

It's from turtle.ed's food diary IG. She was on asking earlier if anyone had proof of the rumour she heard that Ember had shit talked her food

No. 97024

Those snacks contain less calories than one of her Starbucks drinks.

No. 97025

Autumn Hudson, I have no idea who you are or where you came from but thank you for doing the thing we all wanted (and needed) but didn't. Please keep us updated with this process. Amen.

No. 97039

Everyone go to embers Instagram and report her latest picture of pills for "drug promotion" and get this bitches account finally deleted.

No. 97041

She actually posted a picture right before that one, except the pills were blue. She deleted right away and posted the white ones instead. Kind of odd.

No. 97043

What's the point, not illegal drugs.

No. 97044

What is wrong with her fingers… So wonky, like spaghetti. And that thumb doesn't even look like a thumb.

No. 97046

File: 1456179207150.jpg (165.17 KB, 1200x900, gsdgdfg.jpg)

No. 97047

File: 1456179275004.png (969.01 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

The pills look edited into her hand.

No. 97048

Nah, not really.

No. 97051

and so Ember went private again lmao

No. 97053

damn that was quick

No. 97054

File: 1456179675373.jpg (306.56 KB, 1276x2268, image.jpg)

As I promise, I'm keeping you updated and just checked in with the lady at the facility. i responded with copies of the pictures and she is going to review them and take necessary action.

No. 97055

hella. sends that shit

No. 97057

File: 1456179933805.png (806.66 KB, 1080x1651, Screenshot_2016-02-22-17-19-22…)


>wah i feel anxious thinking about how fake my entire life is so ima take double the amount of xanax a person is normally recommended and smoke weed. abusing drugs while mentally unstable is definitely going to make me feel better.

Impressionable teens read shit like this and actually believe that doing this type of shit, abusing prescription medication, will make their lives fucking better.

No. 97059

I lol'd, it's called dissociating Ember

And you wouldn't need Xanax if you were

No. 97061

I love that Ember tries to act as if her constantly feeling as if everything in her life isn't real is actually derealization, when it's literally her just realizing how much of a fraud she is.

No. 97062

If her doctor wants her to take 1mg of xanax, why would they only give her 0.25mg pills, she's obviously abusing pills like the scumbag she is.

No. 97063

No. 97064

how long until we see posts about ember's sudden "subtance abuse problem"

No. 97065

Looking forward to it

No. 97066

Read your own link, fam

No. 97067


No. 97069

Whatever, it's still derealization

No. 97071

i'm surprised she hasn't pretended to have multiple personalities yet as a justification for her behavior

"my alter did it!11" kek

No. 97073

I remember when I commented on her pictures and yes I'm obviously more beautiful and interesting than ember (Inswear im a badass motherfucker ) and then she told me I'm jealous even if I didn't say anything bad at all? "What the hell should I be jealous for?! What the fuck ember " and she was like "I know it you bitch you're stalking my account and you're jealous as fuck " . I still feel so much disgust against her .(lurk more)

No. 97074

the fuck does that have to do with anything

No. 97075

Don't know I just wanted to embrace my feelings

No. 97076

I mean aren't we talking about ember ? That rat face idiot

No. 97077

posts like that are the reason this thread is going to shit. no one cares about your feelings.

post something worthwhile or lurk moar

No. 97078

Oh sorry what do you wanna hear? I'm not a good person to gossip with

No. 97079

File: 1456182529713.png (400.9 KB, 858x619, Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.08…)

smoking cigarettes in bed is literally so fucking disgusting.
no one wants ash in their bed you grimy whore

No. 97080

Also it's not my fault this thread is going to be like shit . I commented here for the first time ever ;-; and all you do is HURTING MY FEELINGS .

No. 97081

either bad b8 or underage

No. 97082

lmao k bye

No. 97083

File: 1456182774140.jpg (472.37 KB, 1000x1046, IMG_20160222_171201.jpg)

No. 97084


Not underaged , you're obv not the nicest people here

No. 97085

Dude have you ever heard of a mobile's angle ? Sometimes your face looks fat sometimes very slim … Same happens with her hand . I honestly don't believe she ps her hand wtf

No. 97086

Yes she did lol. She stretches EVERY pic.

No. 97087

Looks like she is trying to copy holli_quinn and lilith_levisis now. Anyone who follows Ember could possibly check if she's following them? Or anyone from that clique, if you know of them. Emily C has been trying to lick their asses too.

No. 97088

File: 1456183279455.jpg (445.58 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160222_171959.jpg)

Video vs pic. Definitely not the same hands. Everything is PS that she posts

No. 97089

I didn't know … She looks quite normal in most of her pics don't know why everyone thinks she's sickly skinny … The most disturbing thing about her was (some time ago) when she posted a picture with the caption "I need your support buy me things from my wish list please help me and make me happy "(skinny jeans , platforms, such shit ) and then suddenly deleted the pic because she received so many complaints about her being so pathetic and ahhh it was so relieving to read :3

Poor ember . Her face looks like she's bathed in dogshit .

No. 97091


what the fuck is happening

No. 97094


She's way too obvious … It's just so fucking embarrassing …

No. 97095

File: 1456183658546.png (609.63 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_2016-02-22-18-24-19…)

We reported this image enough >>97057 that IG took it down and Ember had to put the old caption on under this picture instead >>97079

Oh and I used to report that image of her back every day and then one day, it was gone. Meaning IG removed it! If we keep reporting her dumb ass pics, IG will eventually get rid of this cow altogether.

No. 97097


may Satan be with us

No. 97098

File: 1456183764296.png (4.82 KB, 275x274, image.png)

this thread rn. garbage.

No. 97100

Yep, she does this to all of her pictures. It's a thinspo trick she learned from imskinnybeautiful2 lmao

No. 97101

You need to stop hitting the space bar before all those commas and dots.

No. 97102

this is so awkward

No. 97103

post your account then, I want to see what you look like! :^)

No. 97104

How'd you get the original

No. 97105


I don't care . This is my writing style so every time I'm here you know who you're talking to .
. .


Ok .,

No. 97106

I don't have it. I used the shortening tool until it matched her hand in the video.

No. 97107

Ember looks as if she reeks of cigarette smoke, I can't imagine how horrible that house smells. I have a strict no smoking rule inside of my home because I grew up with parents who sent me to school, smelling like an ash tray.

Those who smoke just don't understand how unappealing it is for that person to smell like a cigarette. It's a major turn off, on all accounts.

No. 97108

fuck off newfag

No. 97109

File: 1456184133016.jpeg (133.74 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)


oh you, believe me when I say I'm fucking fab because my mom told me so

No. 97110

Buy me milk first . Kek

No. 97112


what is the post you are reporting? aus fag here & missed it.

No. 97113

File: 1456184668989.jpg (10.07 KB, 166x304, Images.jpg)

No. 97117

File: 1456184952327.png (273.32 KB, 600x583, image.png)

How can one be so mean

No. 97119

I'm seriously going to shit on this thread and kill it bc you need new things to care about I mean LOOK at YALL you're complaining about a ps hand ?! What the hell go bake a cake or go to the museum or something

No. 97122

Not complaining, just pointing it out and laughing lmao.

No. 97125

Ember took images of a doctor, patient, and another staff member while they weren't looking, on private property, then posted the images online which is against the law in America. It's a huge breach of privacy.

No. 97126

whatever happened to Ember having BPD? as well as having Narcissistic personality disorder? she wants every illness she hears the name of on Dr. phil

No. 97127


Exactly why I contacted the facility. I can't let her get away with breaching confidentiality policies

No. 97129

Right now baking a cake in a museum while laughing at Ember's photoshopped hand. What else?

No. 97130

All respect

No. 97131

Why don't you report her on an advocate dude be like superman

No. 97132


im just doing what Jesus did. Sacrificing a goat.

No. 97133

what ever happened to Ember being a clairvoyant. remember when she said she could predict the future from her dreams or some shit? fucking kek, wish she'd bring back her try-hard wiccan "Autumn Holly' phase, start wearing bindis again and predict her ass being busted for faking mental illness. what a fuckin loser of a girl

No. 97135

I don't think she's faking it… She is sick there's no other explanation of her posting such idiotic drama bullshit, no normal person I know does this so as a logical explanation for her behavior (body checking, always craving for attention, parasitic behaviors etc) she's rather "suffering" from sociopathy

No. 97136

I would die to hear her talk about her psychic abilities again

No. 97138

She's a sociopath. Just read the Wikipedia article

No. 97144

Or she's just a very bored cunt

No. 97147


No. 97151

File: 1456187978367.png (95.78 KB, 258x275, image.png)

whenever you feel bad or have been having a bad day, just always look at this beautiful creature. So magical. Shiny. Rare. Ember whann ladies and gentlemen

No. 97152


No. 97153

After reviewing the posts in the previous few Aly threads carefully, I've concluded that influx of undesirable users as a result of Aly is not as much of an issue as I thought it might be - despite the skewed impression many of us had based on some of the townhall participants (you can see one particular incident described at >>>/meta/2224). Most of the posters in Aly's thread do not seem very similar to the Ember posters. Her thread also predates all of the Ember-tier threads that popped up on /snow/.

Her thread is now unlocked. We're going back to the rule we had before: every thread about ED/wannarexic/whatever people should stay in the ED general thread, with the only exceptions at the moment being Ashley, Aly, and Ginger.


No. 97154

And people who smoke don't give a fuck about what none smokers think or care about.

No. 97156

Thank you admin and also sorry some girls lost their cool. Embarrassing.

No. 97157

Four .25mg Xanax pills is nothing like taking a 1mg Xanax. I don't know why but when I take mine they work but when I take my moms and take four so it adds up to 1mg I still feel like extra shit.

No. 97158

Jesus fucking Christ what is happening in this thread today? Has there been a sudden influx of anachans? Are the weebs posting shit just to prove that this thread needs shutting down?

Or maybe it has always been this bad and the scales have finally fallen from my eyes.

No. 97160

from the wikipedia article on sociopathy:
. diminished empathy and remorse
. bold behavior
. feckless disregard
. high self-confidence and social assertiveness
. demand for immediate gratification
. Lacking empathy and close attachments with others
. use of cruelty to gain empowerment
. exploitative tendencies
. Coldheartedness
. disregard for moral beliefs

holy shit this is Ember to a fucking T

No. 97162

This used to be a nice place…

No. 97163

Ember just has a case of munchausen

No. 97164

Well that's a mental illness too

No. 97166

Lmao oh ember is a mental case alright but she's got nothing she claims to be diagnosed with. It's all fabricated in her mind even though she thinks she can fool a couple people of her fake illnesses. Everyone obv knows she's sick in the head from being literally psychotic. (And also obsessed with Emily and has copied her for years which I don't understand so)

No. 97168

W-why is your email Ember's name? Got a little hate boner, anon?

No. 97169

lmao emily, she's no more obsessed with you than you're with her

No. 97170

File: 1456189703070.jpg (189.33 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_mxext6ZgxU1qgn12qo1_128…)

why tf would anybody be jealous of this hambeast?

No. 97172

Bad b8 m8

No. 97174

Gtfo crocker, no body asked for your opinion. Nobody asked you to be born.

No. 97175

Spam that email incase active & real

No. 97178

File: 1456190360039.gif (1.62 MB, 450x300, ccatty.gif)

this is ccatty, here's what i know:


i found her a long time ago after hearing she was accused of selling masturbation videos of herself that weren't actually of her, but another girl with a similar body type. i forgot about her but recently saw a photo of her with a lot of self harm scars on her thighs and discovered she actually posts self harm images of her cuts while they're still bleeding.

more screenshots coming

No. 97179

File: 1456190636777.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 1634x1358, ccatty self harm.png)

screenshots of a few posts in her tag #tw


No. 97180

Hey while youre talking to ember's doctors, you should tell them shes also posting photos of her (possibly) abusing her meds (with the pic from >>97047)

No. 97182

That's… overstepping a little. Like, if AH does that, they may come off as a bit obsessive.

No. 97184

Ah, i just thought the docs should also know shes ripping them off yo get high, But, ya youre right that too much at once.

No. 97185

File: 1456191167458.png (43.45 KB, 543x505, ccc.png)

LOL look what i found on her blog!


Ember accidentally sent this to Emily without clicking anonymous first then deleted her account once emily posted her message lmfao

>HAHAHAHAHHA you fucking slut whore. You think you can get with Embers ex? He know's you are trash, look at you. You're a fat piece of ugly shit! He would never want someone like you. Ember is so much skinnier than you so why would anyone want someone fat like you?! NO ONE! Cunt. Lol, I hope you keep getting more overweight and kill yourself from how fat and ugly you've gotten! ? Kill yourself. Stop trying cunt you don't have an ED stop faking it. Atleast Ember is actually pretty from her ED. ?

fucking cringe

No. 97186

I sent the screenshots of ember abusing pills to the same provider; letting them know what's going on as in a "safety issue". Will keep you updated with responses.

No. 97188

Do you think theyll tell AH how the case gets resolved?

No. 97189

File: 1456191394937.png (26.21 KB, 515x543, no.png)

This email doesn't exist y'all.

Good luck

No. 97192

What the fuck? Now you're just gonna look like a creepy stalker. Which maybe you are, this is WAY out of line. Fucking petty little bitches.

No. 97195

I have a feeling ember is lurking and posting rn

No. 97196

No, Autumn will NOT look like a stalker. I'm a teacher and as a mandated reporter, you HAVE to inform the appropriate parties if someone is doing something that makes them a danger to themselves or others, and if it's illegal.

Drug abuse is serious and I honestly can't believe they prescribe benzos to her. She doesn't have serious anxiety issues. She abuses drugs, and that's a huge issue.

People like her make it hard for someone who really does need those meds to get them.

No. 97197

And Ember, we know you've been replying all day and telling us how "stalkerish" we are by making an appropriate, necessary report.

You've been caught.

No. 97198

Thats her comeback for literally fucking everything "ew youre stalking/obsessed with me wtf"

No. 97199

The staff member called me to ask if I would let her know if anything else she does that would "violate safety of her or anyone else she shows" so they can take appropriate action. Which basically means if I just let her know the actions that Ember takes and posts, if they are considered harmful, then serious matters will be enforced.

No. 97200

Yup. Ember is absolutely obsessed with anyone she thinks is cool. It's weird.

No. 97202

In other words


No. 97203

AH, you are a beautiful human being. Thank you for doing this.

Let's see. Drug abuse, yes. I would say lying about serious disorders would be a harmful thing. She's posting about getting treatment at facilities. Those facilities could sue her for falsely representing them and their treatment approach.

I would just go down the list of the infamous master list. Let them know she claims to have been hospitalized at the age of 7, 8, 9 with anorexia. Let them know she claimed to have ASPD, NPD, BPD, serious anxiety/depression, and now this.

She might actually be treated for whatever the fuck she really has- munchausens or narcissism. THIS COULD BE A GOOD THING FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

No. 97204

This is our one chance at stopping her. She's hurt so many people with her lies and manipulation.

No. 97205

I would also mention the IP scams. That's a big deal. I worked at a clinic and that is a HUGE issue if a patient is misreprestning his/her hsitory.

No. 97206

(Also, ember found my Instagram and blocked it; if anyone wouldn't mind posting the things she does that are considered harmful; that would be great so I can relay them to the lady at the facility. I've also known you have figured out who I am. When I posted, I didn't realize my email would be attached to it so I guess I'm in-anonymous now. If possible, if anything ember posts is controversial; whether it be ED, drugs, pills, addictions, drinking, anything… I guess just shoot me an email at autumnhudson344@gmail.com

And I will continue to be in contact with the faculty member at embers facility.

Thank you guys again.

No. 97207

Lurk more you retarded piece of shit

No. 97209

ember is such a fucking creepy attention seeking brat, why did she take 19484847 photos at the hospital? Anorexia is typically a disease filled with shame, not something the sufferer blabs to strangers on the internet about and parades around like some kinda trophy. that's her main fuck up with trying to make out that she has anorexia. she can't keep her fucking trap shut, very unlike an ACTUAL anorexic..

No. 97210


I would inform them about this. Also she made a FALSE CHILD ABUSE REPORT. She's a seriously fucked up, unbalanced individual. THEY NEED TO KNOW THIS.

No. 97211

Didn't ember used to call herself autumn holly or some shit,'?

No. 97212

File: 1456192472868.png (636.55 KB, 1098x744, fg.png)

No. 97214

yup, glad im not the only one thinking about that

No. 97215

I would call her a danger to society. They need to know all of her shit. NOW IS THE OPPORTUNITY TO STOP HER BULLSHIT.

No. 97216

Sorry ember. You're fucked.

No. 97217

You should mention how you're "worried" about her and "worried" about her effect on the community.

No. 97218

I'm not Ember. Now that the Aly thread is back I'll show myself out of this clusterfuck of a thread. Have fun.

No. 97219

Stfu, nobody thinks that she's sickly thin.

No. 97220

File: 1456193032766.jpg (662.89 KB, 929x652, 1039955.jpg)

No. 97222

Coincidence? I was thinking the same thing.

No. 97224

Whatever info about Ember you can come up with about abuse of pills/alcohol/food(lol) you can either send to my email autumnhudson433@gmail.com or send me a text or call @ 323-677-9245

I'm looking to get her off the streets of triggering other youngens and hopefully getting the help she ACTUALLY needs whether it be antipsychotics or what. She needs help. But not in the way she thinks. The lady at the facility is asking me for as much info as possible so I am open to as much as I can gather to put her away.(personal army / raid / obsessive)

No. 97225

Why would you post your number here lmao.

No. 97226

Pulltard, it's not that serious. Idk why y'all just don't let ember run herself further into the ground. She's never going to get anywhere and she's never going to accomplish anything.

No. 97227

THANK YOU!!!!! Did you get the master list? I have a screen shot of her admitting to having a fake ID (in which she claims to be 5'5).

Perhaps mention that she claims to have been 5'5 and 60 lbs, also debilitating scoliosis. You're right- this girl needs help and she needs to be off the street. They need to be aware so that she can get antipsychotics or whatever is necessary.

No. 97228


No. 97231

To the anonymous, I have a secondary account not attached to my phone, which allows me to chat with who I need without giving away personal info. Some people are more comfortable sending texts, and some are more comfortable with email. Either way, both are private and only will be shared with the faculty member I have been talking to about the circumstances about ember.

No. 97232

Also the faked doctors papers- I'm pretty sure that's on the master list. That's a huge liability as well. Do you know how to find the fake doctors papers she filled out?

No. 97234

Sure Doctor fucktard. Stop trying to diagnose this white trash spazz. She's just plain af and bored.

No. 97235

Go away, Ember. Adults are talking.

No. 97236

Bye bitch

No. 97237

Lmfao word anon

No. 97238

File: 1456193960269.jpg (154.14 KB, 795x960, tumblr_nhw7svm2Im1t5b5s6o1_128…)

No. 97239

>trust issues w/ "online friends"

No. 97240

Yeah. That paper is from California as well. I'll find the original. She tried so hard…

Fasifying medical documents is a crime so…

No. 97241

@yall just send me an email on it!! The lady I have been chatting with on the subject matter just needs to know what she has been posting ONLY about food/pills/drugs/alcohol/(things of that subject).

Not looking for plain boring drama. Just the facts on what she claims to have issues with so they can get her the "help she needs"

No. 97242

File: 1456194111299.gif (1.2 MB, 640x752, tumblr_nhx53lWRDi1u6bzp0o1_128…)

No. 97243

It appears she has issues with lying… That's her only issue. There are countless posts of her smoking pot and drinking (she's underage).

No. 97244

File: 1456194207613.png (103.86 KB, 1238x716, Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.06…)

No. 97245

Your investment to this shit is pathetic. Ember is a waste of resources but it brings on the lulz if you just let her get herself fucked over nothing. W/e the fuck you think you're accomplishing, it's not lolcow worthy.

No. 97246

I don't have access to my email at the moment. Can I try to send it tonight/tomorrow?

No. 97247


Hi Ember. We're protecting you and the community. You need help and that's what you're getting.

No. 97248

Lmfao you wish I was ember. Does it make you feel better to think that your shit talking is productive? Go to PULL for that shit. Farmers aren't meant to interfere with cows retard.

No. 97249


You type like Ember… because you are Ember.

Anyway, AH- I can't get to your email. >>97241

Your email is protected and it won't let me see it.

No. 97250

Disagreeing =/= ember.

No. 97259

sounds like something Ember would say.

No. 97267

File: 1456198489056.jpg (2.81 KB, 287x175, images.jpg)

Uh oh the wicked witch is here

No. 97269

this is why a good fun thread about a proper snowflake was destroyed. this bint Ember is cancer, and this thread is cancer.

No. 97273

There's something about these pictures that just doesn't look right. The ones where she's in jeans (#2, #9, #10) are the most egregious. Legs just don't really look like that. And her stomach area doesn't match up with her chest bones either.
I'd guess she's a mid-17 BMI and Photoshops the rest to shit. It's so weird, I can't always tell when Emily Photoshops because she does it so much I can almost believe one unfortunate person would actually look so weird and deformed.

No. 97274

Spoiler alert:
We're all Ember.

No. 97275

File: 1456199517437.png (97.61 KB, 270x275, ember.png)

such beauty, many jealuz

No. 97276

I think crying Emily is gonna keep doing the same old thing until her late twenties, if she ever stops.
I'm holding out for trashley 2.0. She'll be in a wheelchair surrounded by children's clothing and toys, crying about how nobody is nice to her because she was expected to not be a big nasty baby.

No. 97280

She can never get the eyebrow quite right.

No. 97281

If you compiled all her various bad eyebrow shapes into a collage, it would make an excellent 'what not to do' infographic.
She has perfected the art of ruining eyebrows. Pageant queens could hire her to sabotage their competition.

No. 97286

No. 97287

In a council flat with straw all over the floor and free range rabbits, don't forget the details.

No. 97292

File: 1456204296143.png (272.65 KB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_2016-02-23-00-09-07…)


No. 97295

File: 1456204700156.gif (236.86 KB, 332x214, image.gif)

Sorry the Ana-chans sent their armies of purgelords and chairdemons to rattle and whine at you until they got their way. But I suppose it's better that everyone has their own containment thread.

No. 97303

Holy shit, this bitch is insane.

I can forgive a 15 year old for posting blatant self-harm pictures and then growing out of it and never doing it again. but she looks at least over 21, so no, she's way too old to be pulling that shit.

If you have depression, social anxiety and BPD, you get treatment for it and try to live a normal life. That's what you gotta do. You can't live in a fantasy world forever.

Sorry if I'm a-logging but holy shit, this kind of person makes me rage.

No. 97310

Council flat, she will never clean it but crack a huge tantrum if anybody says its untidy.

Once a fortnight poor mummy will feel guilty about her daughter living in pig-squalor and clean it up. Emily will screech about invasions of privacy and things being moved.

Too many pets, none of which ever see a vet or get exercised. Don't ever point out their awful living conditions because that's harassment and she will vaguepost passive aggressive nonsense for a week.

Never gets a job, doesn't finish school, sits at home all day crying about all the pressure she imagines. Everybody just wants so much from her it isn't fair.

The only mystery is whether or not she will abuse her mum like Ashley does to Rebecca.

No. 97311

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say ember is A.H and is just trying to find out how much dirt anyone has on her.

No. 97316

i have that same feeling too

No. 97318

Ember lurks constantly. Don't you think "AH" would have made more appearances by now? It's not Ember.

No. 97320

I believe A.H. is telling the truth. Ember stalks her own content religiously – she knows precisely what she has posted, and she knows that all of this information is available online for public perusal. There is no motivation for her to do this, save for throwing us off the trail to avoid us reporting her for real.
There are more possible motivations I entertained, but Ember isn't cunning enough to pull them off. No, I believe A.H.

No. 97321

Nope..not if ember thinks she's being sooooo clever and sneaky by ~infiltrating muh haters~

She's stupid enough to think occasionally posting under her old magical hippy name is smart.

No. 97322

I still think she's looking for what people have picked out of the oceans of shit she's put out. She can't even keep track of her own lies, we've all seen that on about five different occasions and she's also not above inventing people like car-crash-Sarah.

No. 97323

That's plain stupidity on Ember's part, then. Not very fun to speculate on. I still believe it isn't her.

Curious to see if admin-kun is still scanning for Ember's IP, or suspicious proxy-like behaviour from possible Ember posts.

No. 97324

I don't think A.H. is her just because she's not smart enough to pull this off, and I just don't see enough motivation for it. But I don't see why anyone else would go through this trouble unless it's vendetta thing.

No. 97326

Well, ember is plain stupid. Its not like anybody expects a clever reaction from that mess.

>>97324. I don't really see how its smart if it is her though? Its not hard to pretend to be someone else online, and she and get anything out of it. Stupid and ineffective is her MO.

No. 97330

Whoever is behind this, I am pretty sure it is breaking the rules. I might be wrong.

>Personal information accompanied by requests to "raid" someone in any way are also not allowed.

>No egregious stalking or harassment which crosses over into the real world. Just use common sense. Even if what you are doing may be technically legal, please don't plot a year-long "psychological warfare operation" against someone "for the lulz". This site is not for ruining people's lives.

>inb4 someone calls me Ember

I just think a subset of posters are going too far. You're messing with someone's life and going to great lengths to do so, someone you don't even actually know.
I guess I'm just sick of this shit happening all the time. It never ends well anyways.

No. 97331

Why would Ember use "A.H." to find out how much dirt people have on her? She lurks here and the blogs so I'm pretty sure she knows and is past caring.

Not to mention A.H. literally just gave our her number. Has anyone called or text that number? Why would Ember dox herself over shit she already knows.

The only reason there would be for Ember to pose as someone reporting her to the clinic would be to stop anyone else doing it and she ain't that smart and she's been drinking wine and taking xanax all day to get over the fact someone contacted the clinic so…?

No. 97333

>>taking Xanax all day

Anon she had less than 2mg. Those photos of her pills are just for attention. She probably took .25mg and had a sleep.

No. 97334

Also what kind of spastic gives their number to lolcow?
Jfc AH might not be ember but they're just as dumb as her.

No. 97337

That anon said it wasn't his/her real number. At least I hope not.

No. 97339

Literally no one can be dumb enough to give out their number on an anonymous image board

No. 97343

Oh good. For a minute I thought it was their actual number and nearly died. Not even image boards can contain that much sperg.

No. 97358


Just an FYI, if anyone is curious, if you reverse-search the number, it's apparently from Los Angeles. Ember definitely isn't.

No. 97360

Why doesn't someone just *67 it and talk to whoever picks up?

No. 97366

I don't know, why don't you?

No. 97367


Because I'm a lazy fuck tbh

No. 97372

A.H., why contact Twelve Corners Internal Medicine? She was at a lab facility getting bloodwork done and that's where the photos were taken, right? I do not at ALL advocate for bringing this shit into real life, that being said, that lab facility would be the place to talk to if you're going to report the photos, not her primary care doctor.

No. 97392

File: 1456227275196.jpeg (68.39 KB, 459x661, image.jpeg)

I know michelle had her own thread, but i guess it's more appropriate to file her in here with the rest of them now. Anyway, i came across one of her fan blogs, and i can't for the life of me figure out how this isn't an obvious shoop? People used to scream about the wobbles being her "cheap mirror" but come on, look at this shit. This HAS to be edited.

No. 97393

Tbh the fact that she has fan blogs concerns me a lot more than her shooping

No. 97398

Well of course I agree, the whole pro ana "i'm not pro ana i just happen to only like skellies" is ridiculous. I just, pathetically, get real frustrated over the shmegeh stans who still to this day refuse to admit these were some pretty blatant shoops. I guess she rustled my jimmies pretty bad.

No. 97400

Oh my fucking god, you're beating a dead cow. shmegeh is old milk and will never produce any more because she realised how silly and unhealthy living through the internet is.
Just stop.

No. 97402

Sounds like you need to deal with your vendetta. She's been inactive online for ages, and aside from creepy fans still obsessing there's nothing to discuss. If you have to bring up a long dead cow can you at least bring along some milk?

No. 97403

You're both right.

No. 97415

at least she says she wants to get better, soon >>97220 but of course she's probably not going to do anything to recover in reality

No. 97433

File: 1456239528442.jpeg (165.19 KB, 1276x1248, image.jpeg)

Heyo Autumn here. SO. After all that struggle, they looked ember up in the system and have ZERO records of her. as juicy as I wanted this to get, it got juicy in a way where she is LYING ABOUT GETTING TREATMENT

No. 97440

Although I'm not at all surprised she was making the entire thing up, it relieves the nagging worry I harboured of her actually going IP and negatively influencing the people there earnestly trying to recover. Thank you for your work, A.H.

No. 97442

I don't believe this. How can they have zero records of her if she was there and took those pictures and all. This is too weird.

No. 97443

>>97433 i want this to be real but that message sounds so… fake

No. 97444

It's easy to explain really, she lied about where she was and said she was somewhere else to make it seem like she was sicker than she is. She probably took a ton of pictures at one place and is posting them every day to make it seem like she's ALWAYS at the doctors.

No. 97447

My guess: ember went for routine blood work/urine check for gynecologist appointment. She took a shit ton of pictures. The healing connection office was probably near her gyno and she just snapped a pic. Her pictures look like a standard clinic.

No. 97450


I agree. Why hide the 'to' email address?im not at all convinced.

No. 97451

lol plot twist: A.H. is ember.

No. 97455

I just have a habit of hiding all contact info, its second nature to me. My email is on here so I don't really care, like I said, it was just habit.

No. 97459

Not surprised. Ember doesn't need treatment since she doesn't have an eating disorder. She is a joke.

No. 97477

File: 1456246160175.png (980.65 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I really hope this detox tea company didn't send her this for free in hopes that she'd promote their product when it's blatantly obvious she has an eating disorder

No. 97479

File: 1456246530126.png (390 KB, 537x706, 1.png)

She also didn't drink wine either, apparently. (She made the tea post after some truth blog made fun of Ember for "copying Emily" because she posted the bottom tweet http://emberwhaaaaaaaan.tumblr.com/post/139799584774/i-s2g-im-sure-emily-made-a-wine-post-literally)

Ember is such a fucking loser though, like everytime she replies to us or tumblr via Twitter/Instagram, I cringe so god damn hard. Those who follow her account that are oblivious to her the gossip sites which she lurks probably just think Ember is just extremely passive aggressive and takes out of her inner frustration on the internet..

No. 97481

File: 1456246771052.png (99.53 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

This bitch

No. 97482

Lol you know they did. No weightloss tea would send promotional items to a fatty. They want people to think that the person they sponsored is in the shape which they are because of their tea. If they sent it to fatsos, people will think the tea doesn't help you lose weight lol.

It's such a scummy marketing scheme.

No. 97485

>y'all need Jesus
Ember I thought you were a witch

No. 97486

She's jewish now, remember?

No. 97491

File: 1456247405816.png (3.93 MB, 4440x1580, 1.png)

Got bored and made a screenshot of the 77 people who follow Ember's Twitter.

So many underaged (pro)anas, what a surprise.

No. 97495

she only has 77 twitter followers? how sad

No. 97497

inb4 she begs her (fake) ig followers to follow her twitter for a shoutout, like she always does, just to have like a handful of people fall for it, then get promoted and receive no new followers.

No. 97511


She was at a lab facility getting bloodwork done and that's where the photos were taken, right? I believe she tagged the actual location in a previous Instagram post. That's why they had no records of her - you contacted a doctor, not the lab place where the photos were taken. I do not at ALL advocate for bringing this shit into real life, that being said, that lab facility would be the place to talk to if you're going to report the photos.

No. 97516

>Your investment to this shit is pathetic.

your attempts to stop A.H. for exposing your munchausen syndrome to your provider is pathetic, and obvious. originally i would've said munchausens by internet fit you best, Ember, but now that you've taken your attention seeking into actual doctors offices, i'd just diagnose you with Munchausen syndrome.
i've been so tempted to report embers privacy violations, esp the pic of another patient. and if i did, id call from my office at the dept of health and mental hygiene…in the same state as ember. idk why i haven't, AH seems to have it under control tho. its definitely time ember got help for the mental illness she does have, not the ones she pretends to have.

No. 97543

I'm not even gonna bother reading what you wrote in response to my post because it is just retarded to think that just because I find this whole ordeal and thread cancer does not make me ember. Bitch has no milk and you flags don't know how to let milk flow.

No. 97549

Sure Ember. Why don't you drink some wine to calm down, now?

No. 97555

Sure Dr. PULLtard

No. 97571

>when you see your "pro-ana" twitter you use to follow ana lolcows who are on private

No. 97580

No. 97589

Wasn't she going through a phase tho calling herself "Autumn Holly"

No. 97598

Yes but don't tell the fucktards in this thread, it's damn near tin foil hat status.

No. 97602

what a fucking loser, does she just spend all day on the internet seeing what people are saying about her and replying passive aggressively via twitter? fuckin hell, get a life outside the internet Ember. this is clearly getting to her, she spends all her time on social media. what a sad life she leads

No. 97611

>does she just spend all day on the internet seeing what people are saying about her and replying passive aggressively via twitter
anon u must be new here ember's been doing this for ages now
sometimes she even makes ig posts about it

No. 97612

not new here at all, I didn't say anything about her only just starting to do this now? im just in awe of how long she has kept this bullshit up for. like isn't she bored of looking at her phone screen for the last 5 years like go outside Ember, go talk to some real people.

No. 97614

Going outside requires effort, same goes for earning respect irl, learning a skill, not being a stupid jerk, and getting all the asspats she so desperately needs.

She won't do that, its easier to lie around making up stories about being interesting for stupid sick kids and sucking the golden 'I'm a victim' tit.

No. 97615

Lolcow is not your personal army.

No. 97627

Thank you admin.

No. 97637

Heyo ##admin the why was I banned from posting(ban evasion)

No. 97647

Ah this isn't legit, Ember lives in America where there are HIPAA laws - a doctor's office would never tell anyone if someone had or had not been seen at their office

No. 97663

Love to say I told you so bitch
: ^ )

No. 97664

Exactly. God knows why anyone would believe this try hard.

No. 97687

Correct. I can't believe Autumn or whatever her name is actually thought this would work. Dont contact the lab where she got bloodwork done either. You already made a fool of yourself.

No. 97695

Don't forget viciously sucking her own cock. No wonder she has almost no twitter followers; that's all she does on it.

No. 97729

I think other users are pruposely trying to shit this thread up and the ana-chans are falling for it.

No. 97770

Autumn Hudson is just Whismical

No. 97771

Honestly sounds correct.

No. 97775

You can check her Instagram. She's a real person

No. 97776

What's her instagram then? @shopwhismical ?

No. 97782

Omg yes how'd u know

No. 97789

File: 1456332615979.png (12.5 KB, 571x80, capture-20160224-184832.png)

>>97495 lmao she's so obvious

No. 97791

Autumn Hudson's instagram? Well there's quite many persons with that name on instagram so…

No. 97793

File: 1456332975825.jpeg (410.07 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Found this amusing. Ember found someone new to copy?

No. 97794

She's the tattoo one
Google her email it comes right up

No. 97799

She's so pathetic, holy fuck.

No. 97807

A.H. isn't whismical lmao

No. 97809

If A.H. is whismical, that means admin banned her


Why is always assumed people like A.H. are her?

No. 97810

Arent Whimsical and Ember both banned from posting?
Embers obession with copying others is creepy as fuck.

No. 97815

File: 1456336619191.png (441.99 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Pro Ana group on fb recently went through a HUGE schism, E posted this in it today

No. 97816

File: 1456336655983.png (451.3 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 97817

File: 1456336685060.jpeg (179.89 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

No. 97819

>You need to grow up and stop acting like an entitled self centered twat…
>..Stop harming others for the sake of making yourself and your ego feel better.
She needs to take her own advice tbh.

No. 97820

Neither of them are banned. Ember just has to enter her name into every posts she makes though it's hard to believe she has gone this long without posting on a different IP.

No. 97836

Ember's not banned but in order for her to post she must say its her in the name field
However I'm p sure she's on a different IP address now since its been almost a year since the whole thing on lolcow started so I'm sure she's still posting anonymously

No. 97837

'Year'? she got called out for self post like a month ago

No. 97848

"Hasn't photoshopped for 4 years"
Dumb ass cunt just needs to stop talking.

No. 97850

That's weird because Butfirsttea is the one she was fighting with and said she was controlling her old account. So her copying her NOW is fucking hilarious

No. 97863

You just KNOW she means "I haven't used the software photoshop".
A blind man could see her photos are still edited, just with a bunch of shitty apps.

She probably thinks she's really clever for it too.

No. 97868

File: 1456350387563.jpeg (197.08 KB, 749x1157, image.jpeg)

Found this ~Ana queen~ on ig who claims she's pro recovery "but not in it" but looking at her pictures and captions she's clearly proana. There's no such thing as being pro recovery and not proana. Also ember doesn't follow this girl (yet) so cue ember following her once she lurks this thread.

No. 97870

I'm talking about the posts like 8 threads ago that are specifically labeled "posted by ember"

No. 97888

question - what does Ember have to say for herself about that post on her IG promoting a weight-loss tea… how is that pro-recovery? for a supposedly near-death underweight anorexic to promote weight loss tea to her vulnerable teenage followers? what a piece of scum trash. its the pic where she's sucking in so hard she probably burst an eye vessel. like how does she defend that? she is a walking contradiction

No. 97899

Lol she's a wannarexic trying to get attention for being emaciated while not actually being emaciated , she probably guzzles that tea thinking it will counteract all her weed munchy binges. And this whole "in recovery" while clearly being on the more pro Ana side is all over the place on insta and tumblr. She has enough followers that pull the same bs. They know it, she knows it. They have no shame.

No. 97901

kinda late to the party, but someone started reddit.com/r/blogsnark after alice went off the deep end and started banning people randomly from gomi. maybe we could continue discussion over there.

No. 97912

Forget Ember, this girl needs the friendship only bangs can provide.

No. 97917

Why leave when we don't have too though?….

No. 97920

I hate this "not pro, just struggling" horseshit. honey, struggling doesnt make you take photos that glorify emaciation and post them to instagram for attention. Struggling doesnt mean parading your illness all over the internet. that is promotion, does this chick have no brain? "not pro"followed by an image that blatantly promotes anorexia fuckin selfish dickheads, the lot of them. Ember, this asshole, any "ed account" is usually just a pro-ed account. blind leading the blind further into stupidity

No. 97921

and that's why I said "supposedly"

No. 97924

this entire website is a seriously unhealthy obsession, I mean do you really think there's no problem with obsessing over teenagers? It's honestly quite pathetic and I'm sure you all have much better things to do during your spare time than rant about Ember Whann. Youre seriously damaging people, you upset people and even cause people to leave all their friends behind just because they want to get away from the Internet. Why are you doing this? What's the point?

No. 97928

We enjoy being snarky assholes. that's about it. it's like reading a real life tabloid magazine. and besides, we could say the exact same to you anon. Why are you here? Why are you doing this? What's the point?

No. 97929


lol reminds me instagram user strugglingchey. Obese but anorexic, binge eater and purger. Uploads disgusting body checks all the time & constantly deletes all her photos and starts again.

No. 97931

Sometimes a crying selfie says more than words ever could. Just a tip for the future.

No. 97933

File: 1456357935859.jpg (345.17 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_o1ol54XdNf1s787ueo1_128…)

That catty girl is 18+ and posts images of her self harm constantly.. I almost want to report the images of her bleeding cuts because she has a good amount of followers and her posting that is all kinds of fucked up.

She begs people to buy her stuff/give her money, then uploads photos of gashes all over her body. It's pretty awful of her. Mentally ill or not, she does not need to be doing this kind of shit.


No. 97936

I think self harm photos are against IG's TOS. I could be wrong though.

No. 97937

File: 1456358384976.png (26.92 KB, 539x159, lmfao.png)

Ember is such a cringe worthy, passive aggressive bitch. I'm not even sure who/what she is referring too, as I assume most people don't, which make these vague ass tweet even worse. Why must she insist on embarrassing herself like this. No one finds that sort of attitude appealing.

Watch her switch to her "9k account" and immediately lose followers due to how much a nasty cunt she is. Again, no one likes a rude brat who thinks she better than someone because they ate chocolate toast kek.

No. 97939

I've never seen anyone put chocolate sprinkles on bread but toast and butter is hardly unheard of. Probably less calories than the starbucks orders she sucks down too. If anything is clogging her arteries, it's those.

No. 97940

Yes, definitely. This is rule #1 in the instannorexia handbook.

No. 97941

File: 1456358829195.jpg (37.73 KB, 403x604, P_Oi8vRiKPw.jpg)

Well, I have no interest in her Instagram. I do know it's against Tumblr guidelines to upload images of self harm, even if they're not the main focus of the image. The way she market herself reminds me a lot of Felice.

It was probably chocolate peanut butter or Nutella or something like that. Ember is just a petty cunt who know the exact words to use to get under a fellow proana's skin.

No. 97943

I have no idea who she's talking about, but seeing as she stalks several anorexics online, I assume it might be one of them. If she is talking about someone with an ED, that's so shitty of her to do (like everything else she does, I guess).
Ember, mocking other people's food won't make you any thinner or prettier and it sure as hell won't make you anorexic like you so badly want to be. Keep sucking down your diabetes in a cup.

No. 97944

File: 1456358995297.png (21.18 KB, 397x159, coco.png)

Me either, so I googled "chocolate sprinkles on" to see what it would look like and look what it immediately suggested. I assume it may be more common than we know.

No. 97946

they are and she has been reported. will likely be deleted soon.

No. 97947

Does anybody else see Ember as a fat trashy soccer mom in the future?

No. 97950

Putting sprinkles on buttered bread is done in Germany as well, though I think it's more common with colourful sugar sprinkles.

No. 97951


It's called hagelslag. Very common dutch food, they buy millions of boxes of sprinkles a year. They sell fruit flavoured, chocolate - all flavours.

No. 97952

tbqh i kind of miss Felice's antics

No. 97953


Also in Australia rainbow sprinkles on fresh buttered white bread is called fairy bread.

No. 97954

wtf i thought that was a worldwide thing!? damn everyone is missing out on fairy bread

No. 97956

File: 1456359480066.png (287.02 KB, 295x488, ember whann and her daughter.p…)

I could see Ember having a daughter of her own and controlling every little fucking aspect of the kid's life. From what she wore, to what she ate. Hell, I bet Ember would probably starve the poor thing, just so she can say her kid "caught her anorexia" lmao.

No. 97957

Ember and Margo need to do a collab.

No. 97959

Actually, in Netherlands that is a popular breakfast for kids!

No. 97960

Pretty sure she's talking about turtl.ed / her food diary petit.ed

No. 97961

File: 1456361747167.png (40.42 KB, 543x570, welp.png)

Welp I tried


Also, she has images of her bleeding cuts on her blog. So no, it's not just a scar


No. 97962

Here's the thing, you could start a fairy bread cafe in, say, the more fashionable parts of Brooklyn or Camden. A fairy bread truck if you will. You'd make a killing. Limit them like cronuts and watch the fuckers line up. Vegemite delights on the side.

No. 97963

Holy shit, what a self absorbed cunt. I usually have a good amount of empathy for self-harmers, but she deserves none. I hope that she gets sent to a mental hospital on a psychiatric hold so that she can get the help she obviously needs.

No. 97964

dude fairy bread is the shit
it's the stuff of my childhood
so fucking good

No. 97966

File: 1456362480736.jpg (48.82 KB, 525x350, wonderful.jpg)

No. 97967

come to think of it, it's very kawaii food. why the weebs aren't onto it yet, I don't know.

No. 97971

File: 1456363359805.png (597.48 KB, 1626x638, ccc.png)

ccatty is over 18 now, but in 2013, she purposely acted like fucking jailbait but would constantly lie about her age/whether or not she was in school.

i guess she has just always been very promiscuous on the internet. i wouldn't be shocked if she has child porn of herself on her blog or submitted sexually explicit pictures of herself to other bloggers (she does by the way, you can't help but to stumble upon it when you look through her archive from 2013-2014 when she was MOST DEFINITELY under 18)

Please don't post any of her old images/gifs please. remember: THAT'S CHILD PORN YOU'RE SHARING.

btw her old usernames that i know of are deerpotato, 69alienmoon, and cclamb.

No. 97974

File: 1456364465360.png (44.96 KB, 538x611, ccatty.png)

I tried reasoning with her >>97961 but either she forgot she has graphic images of her fresh cuts or she is just playing stupid, thinking she has done nothing wrong here.

Just reported every picture she had of her cuts, along with a few depressing as text posts.

>Pic related - just a handful of links I reported but not all

No. 97975

File: 1456364682038.png (Spoiler Image,249.06 KB, 1084x423, ccatty.png)

Her follower count is full of asspatters who I assume aren't aware of the type of fucked up images of herself she has on her blog right now.

No. 97977

Ember hasn't left her nest, she doesn't know shit about the world anyways

No. 98010

File: 1456373240035.png (15.64 KB, 533x247, ccc.png)

So telling ccatty that it's not okay to post gorey images of her self harm, immediately after she cuts herself is just our way of trying to hurt her? LOL okay then.

No. 98051

Ember has been on that chick's food diary for days now. Tweeting rude things about it and what not.

No. 98065

By telling ccaty you will report her pictures you give her the chance to delete them.

No. 98067

or just move accounts

No. 98080

How old is turtle.ed? I thought she was 13/14? Why is ember stalking a child ?

No. 98082

She is 18 I believe.

No. 98083

By the way Ember does nothing but stalk children.

No. 98084

What do you call it when you do the exact same thing? Lmfao

No. 98085

Are you german?I live I Germany and I've never seen this sorcery here. Seems more like an Australian thing. Like marmite.

No. 98091

Northern-Germanfag here. It's delicious. The colourful ones are lesser known, I think, or get more common the closer you get to the Dutch border. Friends brought them back when they were visiting. Milk/white chocolate ones I see in supermarkets.

No. 98104

Yes, born and raised in Germany. It's not something I've ever eaten, but I've definitely seen it before, though I guess it's more for children

No. 98109

idk what you're implying since a good chunk of the cows mentioned here are legally adults

No. 98119

File: 1456418691893.jpeg (99.84 KB, 750x1190, image.jpeg)

>tfw when you stand in a proana pose and your legs still aren't as thin as u want them to seem

No. 98122

Looks like she's gaining weight, even her ana poses and photoshopping aren't making her look skinny.

Maybe lay off the starbucks, ember? :')

No. 98123

I love the angle of the phone. She's trying so hard, it's adorable

No. 98130

File: 1456424287102.png (22.65 KB, 528x193, coco.png)

so over dramatic. i was about to say that caffeine withdrawals only last for about a week, but apparently she is still drinking coffee >>98119

her fat ass is just craving all of the whip cream and sprinkles she douses her drinks in.

No. 98132

Doubtful since she has a large amount of followers on her ccatty blog and the thought of losing that audience made her stop posting last night.

But Tumblr may just remove the content I reported and give her a warning, which I wouldn't mind. If she stops, I don't care if she keeps her blog.

No. 98133

Technically, no one is allowed to post about anyone under the age of 18.

So, no one is stalking kids here but Ember.

No. 98134

She had a picture of starbucks on her snapchat a few days ago. Who is she trying to kid.

No. 98135

Shes trying to kid herself obviously

If she lies enough she believes her own lies

No. 98139

Actually, rule's changed. They can be 17 but with admin approval.

No. 98142

Thanks for this info! I was in the townhall meeting when it was first brought up and didn't know he was alright with us discussing 17 year olds.

No. 98147

File: 1456426579811.jpeg (134.4 KB, 750x1080, image.jpeg)

This is going to a whole new low with trying to get her inactive / fake followers to like her photo. It's as bad as fadingzoe claiming to have ocd in regards to begging for likes (which ember will probably do soon too)

No. 98148

Lol at her low key response to >>98122

No. 98150

Does Tumblr do that now? It's been a few years, but it used to be that they deleted blogs who posted thinspo and self-harm with no mercy.

No. 98151

I think but who knows anymore when the proanas/self harmers all migrated to ig

No. 98152

File: 1456428255770.png (690.33 KB, 604x597, ember whann1.png)

This is probably one of the worse photoshopped image she has posted in a while.

Circle #1: She liqidfied this area so heavily that you can't even see the indents anymore, and the ones you can see are ridiculously warped.. She tried so fucking hard to make her arm look thinner here. It's killing me lol.

Circle #2: There is so much grime along the bottom of that wall, that you can see the dirt in every single wall indent near the floor except the ones between Ember's legs. Honestly, the entire area between her thighs are a slightly lighter than the rest of the image.

Circle #3: HER ANKLE, JUST LOOK AT IT LMFAO. I don't even feel like I have to say why this looked completely fucking stupid and unrealistic.

Btw, I sharpened the living fuck out of this image so the areas which were edited by Ember would be much more obvious.
Notice how her entire body is outlined, while the tip of her toes aren't. To me, that proves she edited her entire body some way or another, but left her toes untouched. The fact that her thigh gap is so highlighted just means she edited the hell out of it.. and I still cannot get over what she did to her ankle. Just, wtf were you thinking Ember? Lol.

No. 98153

File: 1456428335611.gif (1.22 MB, 1074x1084, ember-whann-gif.gif)

And here's this, since everyone loves turning to fotoforensic when it comes down to figuring out if an image is shoop'd or not.

No. 98154


She thinks she sounds quirky and special and worldly by pretending to be a coffee/Starbucks addict. Needless to say she knows nothing about (good) coffee because a) Starbucks coffee is not good b) she only drinks syrup-y shit anyway.

No. 98155

Can you explain what this shows? I have a hard time figuring out fotoforensics results.

No. 98159

File: 1456428948637.png (531.52 KB, 595x399, example.png)

fotoforensic is so god damn unreliable, I hate using it and I really wish people did not trust it so much.. But normally, people look for any area that is lighter than the rest of the image (Like the white outline around Ember's body)

Take a look at this picture for example. Can you tell which numbers were photoshopped onto that lottery ticket so people would think it's a winner? If you can't, it's the bottom 5 numbers on the right.

I hope that helps.

No. 98162

But guuuuys I haven't edited pics since I was 15!!

No. 98163

All she gets from Starbucks are frappuccinos, which is pretty much just a coffee milkshake.

I bet she stopped going to Starbucks bc she is a on "1,200 cal a day" DIET (which promotes weight loss) and if she had one of those, she would double her daily calorie recommendation.

I still believe that Ember's doctor is trying to help her lose weight, not gain it lmao.

No. 98164

However, photoforensics is unreliable unless you have the raw image that has been edited. It will not work on a screenshot of an Instagram post.

No. 98170

I'm not screenshotting her pictures, I copied and pasted the image URL from webstagram

It actually gave me a lot of information, I am currently trying to translate it.

No. 98175


something about a wannarexic claiming NEDA week just really makes me feel nauseous. How does she have the audacity?

No. 98183

Because she's a massive, massive cunt.

No. 98187

File: 1456432311541.png (211.18 KB, 944x606, luc.png)

>This may seem a little random but I just wanted to say you are a huge inspiration to me. I aspire to be like you. You could be going through anything, but you take the time in your day to help others, you are kind, unselfish and caring. So thank you, and I hope j grow to be more and more like you each day. Thank you xx

Who wants to tell https://www.instagram.com/luc13_/ that her fave is problematic lmao?
(Btw luc13 is a fourteen year old)

No. 98188

>I still believe that Ember's doctor is trying to help her lose weight, not gain it lmao.

This doesn't make any sense, she isn't obese, no doctor is gonna give her diet to lose weight. Stupid comments like this makes me believe a majority of this thread has those dumb wannarexic people posting.

No. 98193

>I'm making a list to take to IP with me
STFU Ember

No. 98195

Ember is supposed to be an adult.

No. 98198

You don't have to be obese to ask a doctor for advice to lose weight. Ember isn't anywhere near underweight, nor does she look sickly. Why would a doctor not help a person lose weight if they look like it wouldn't hurt them to do so?

How do you even know that Ember didn't ask for some advice on how to lose 5 pounds while she was having a non-related checkup? She could have very easily made an appointment to discuss her birth control/antidepressants, and asked for weightloss advice, which is why they would give her a 1,200 cal meal plan calendar.

Also, I think she had blood work done because a while back, she mentioned she had anemia. I'm not underweight or a wannarexic, but I suffer from this too. They probably took her blood so they could run a CBC, which is how you diagnosis the condition.

Mentally, she is stuck at 16. It's pathetic.

No. 98201

Oh yeah, psychologically she's stunted as the Hartley hooligans, but shes still an adult so its weird that anon said people who talk about her stalk children.

No. 98204

Most doctors in murrica (at least doctor I've been to) don't encourage low weights even if people ask. I just find it strange that a doctor would encourage a normal weight person to a 1,200 calorie diet.

No. 98209

You gotta remember though, she's sedentary as most sloths so her daily intake needs aren't very high. 1200 is enough to maintain for some people.

Assuming she didn't just print them off for herself.

No. 98210

Kek alright dude. 1,200 calories a day for a lazy bitch like Ember will not make her lose weight dramatically.

No. 98213

Damn embers getting fat. Even standing with her feet apart barely make her thighs not touch.

No. 98217

going aly-level with the emojis. not all the way but just enough

No. 98219

I would love to see a recent unedited picture of her. She's clearly gained weight, I wanna see how chubby she is now!

No. 98220

>Assuming she didn't just print them off for herself.

Most likely. This is the same person who would falsify medical documents taken from google images to prove to the pathetic proana community that she's totally sick like them.

No. 98221

File: 1456434400052.png (310.01 KB, 926x624, e.png)

Everyone is like "DRAW!!" and Ember so god damn uncreative, that she has to trace, which she also sucks at doing lol

No. 98224

File: 1456434595477.gif (199.4 KB, 543x431, ember-whann-felice-fawn-tra.gi…)

Just in case you can't tell this is a terrible tracing job, take a close look at the stray hairs Ember forgot to photoshop out hahah.

I love how she covered her tattoos/ear with hair and removed the neck jewelry too. I guess that was just too difficult to trace lol.


No. 98231

File: 1456435436081.png (88.34 KB, 1140x621, ccccccc.png)

ccatty is such a cunt (i think her name is Chelsea btw?)

No. 98238

this bitch actin' like she 12 or some shit

No. 98244


No. 98262

not even just the stray hairs but also some eyelashes and the indentation of her neck
sage for old milk

No. 98263

why do all the dumb proana bitches like Ember think shitty starbucks coffee is like some fancy drink? I had a starbucks once and it was fucking terrible. it's mass produced shitty american coffee, i always laugh at these stupid young american girls taking photos of their gross starbucks cup thinking it's like something to brag about. in any other country other than the US starbucks is renowned for being low-quality shit.

No. 98264

File: 1456445053869.jpeg (98.22 KB, 733x411, image.jpeg)


This girl is also 14. It makes me sick how many teen girls follow her and look up to this bullshit. Ember fucking loves it, too.

No. 98271

Dummies who fall for proana advice would fall for Starbuck's marketing. That coffee is bad compared to others out there.

No. 98306

Ember is basically broadcasting her underage drinking on snapchat with a bottle of vodka.

No. 98308

Her and literally everyone else. Why is this noteworthy

No. 98310

File: 1456459800320.gif (251.13 KB, 452x733, ember-whann.gif)

No. 98321

I thought she was 19?

No. 98323

She is. The legal drinking age in ny is 21.

No. 98324

lol in America it's considered low quality shit. It's McDonald's making coffee.

No. 98325

File: 1456464783960.png (13.48 KB, 1311x109, postedbyember.png)

never 4get

No. 98326


>underage drinking

GASP someone please call the authorities come on guise!! We'll get that bitch lel
Am I doing this right?

No. 98336

Yeah it's only white suburban high school girls and whitewashed girls in the neighborhood because they have absolutely no access to anything else, and are too retarded to not hide behind a label that was cool maybe a decade ago. I thought the awful trend of "hipster" "coffee snob" from years ago would have caught on to the suburbs by now or at least through tumblr but here we are.

Fuckin Ember with her thousand calorie drinks whining like a pathetic dumb ass instead of just trying to be tasteful.

No. 98338

If any of you had trouble falling asleep and needed some visual melatonin to knock you out, here's Emily looking extremely ragged for someone who's not even 21 yet.

Really just posting this for the jaw inconsistencies and how silly it is she posted two unflattering pictures looking like a dehydrated little boy, like really Emile you couldn't just post one and try to steal your poor mother's wine.

No. 98340

Coffee hipsters are just as bad if not worse than people who enjoy Starbucks.
If it tastes good what is the fucking problem.
I actually don't know anyone who thinks Starbucks is some sort of status symbol, they just happen to like it and that's that.

No. 98341

I think you dropped something anon.

No. 98343

File: 1456473288544.png (500.9 KB, 607x470, snoozefest2016.png)

Shit I'm sorry, I stepped away to drink a gallon of water.

No. 98346

Ember/Emily, why do you have to be so hard on her/yourself?

No. 98348

She's completely defeating the point of a cat eye by drawing a down ward line on the outer corner of her eyes. She's giving herself Down syndrome instead of lifting the corners.

No. 98349

When my friend recovered from anorexia, she got really round in the face too

It's weird after seeing someone so thin to look normal

No. 98357

I go to Starbucks myself but I still laugh at people who think Starbucks is a cool status symbol like Ember seems to think. She thinks no Starbucks = being deprived of high quality coffee and everybody should feel sorry for her. And where I live many teenage girls think Starbucks is the shit and they are superior for going there vs a local coffee chain. Maybe instead of buying drugs Ember could buy a French press and beans from her beloved Starbucks, but we all know she doesn't actually like coffee.

No. 98370

oh my god that contour makes her face look so lumpy and deformed

No. 98371

Not the contour it's the god damn awful Photoshop on her face and the stupid fake ass hair she added

No. 98375

I think she just might be using a different filter app

No. 98376

I've noticed her more recent pictures have a different 'tone' to them in terms of filters so that might be part of it

No. 98377

Why are her eyebrows and contour the same color? Christ, this is some of the worst makeup application I've ever seen.

No. 98383

I thought contouring was supposed to hollow your cheek bones not give you jowls

No. 98408

Emily just doesn't get make up and should give it a rest

No. 98415

File: 1456515243457.png (30.95 KB, 513x407, ember whann-1.png)

No. 98417

File: 1456515365396.png (100.84 KB, 528x884, ember whann.png)

No. 98418

So the pedophile now condones and encourages illegal underage drinking? That's real nice

No. 98424

Organ failure from being so 'underweight'.

Drinks alcohol and does drugs.

No. 98432

If ember was struggling as much as she says she is, and her doctor knows that she is, her doctor wouldnt prescribe her fucking aderall (which supresses appetite and is an amphetamine)

No. 98433


That was really funny, but why are those truth bloggers sucking Emily's asshole like she isn't just as much as a trashy try hard as Ember is?

No. 98435

because shes "recovering" and "has her life together" or some shit. But that wont last long with all the shit shes been pulling recently

No. 98437

I don't know why they favor Emily Crocker over every other attention whore they talk about (esp after they all realize just how manipulative she actually is) but Ember legitimately does obsess over Emily C. Just look at this message Ember sent Emily that was meant to be anonymous >>97185

>HAHAHAHAHHA you fucking slut whore. You think you can get with Embers ex? He know's you are trash, look at you. You're a fat piece of ugly shit! He would never want someone like you. Ember is so much skinnier than you so why would anyone want someone fat like you?! NO ONE! Cunt. Lol, I hope you keep getting more overweight and kill yourself from how fat and ugly you've gotten! ? Kill yourself. Stop trying cunt you don't have an ED stop faking it. Atleast Ember is actually pretty from her ED. ?

Emily Crocker inadvertently drove Ember insane, so to assume that every little thing Ember does is somehow motivated by Emily honestly isn't that been of a stretch. If Ember could, she would skin Emily C and wear her as a costume.

No. 98441

That would be the ugliest costume ever

No. 98445

Easier to groom them if they're wasted

No. 98455

Ember's anon messages are always obvious because she always says she's pretty.

No. 98467

And that one wasn't even anonymous

No. 98470

Ember keeps posting snapchat videos of her legs, too bad they're fat and jiggly lol

No. 98473

File: 1456534017381.jpeg (343.05 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

I like how her legs magically grew longer and thinner in 24 hrs lmfao

No. 98474

Her legs are not fat, they're just normal.

No. 98477

File: 1456535142062.png (2.18 MB, 1847x2048, PhotoGrid_1456534874436-1.png)

She abused the living fuck out of Instagram's adjust feature.

She tilted the image downward, so her legs would look super elongated and thin, but she also made her feet look 5x smaller than they really are.

I went ahead and readjusted the angle back to what I think the original looked like. She also edited her thigh gap but that's just a trademark of her at this point.

(Right image is the readjusted one, left is the one Ember posted)

No. 98482

File: 1456535644109.jpg (518.72 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_20160226_191014.jpg)

Taken same day

No. 98483

File: 1456536044203.gif (1.15 MB, 871x566, ember-whann.gif)

Why must you make us embarrass you like this?

No. 98486

File: 1456536374545.gif (182.52 KB, 284x484, GM_20160226_192245.gif)

No. 98487

File: 1456536518602.jpg (872.8 KB, 979x2000, h.jpg)

you can tell she avoids enlarging the area where the light wall meets the gray wall lining because then it'll be obvious she made her thigh bigger lol

>pic related - took me less than a minute to make this terribly photoshopped thigh gap

No. 98489

this seems a lil unnecessary, what are you trying to show us?

No. 98491

File: 1456536718350.jpg (86.37 KB, 532x397, IMG_20160226_193058.jpg)

No. 98492

Have fun at fat camp Ember

No. 98499

Nah, they're marshmallow-y and soft

No. 98500

where is the proana general? I'm a bit anorexic currently

No. 98501

File: 1456541049704.png (569.54 KB, 1102x1100, 724.png)

oh you

No. 98502

I was serious. But I already found the thinspos. Although, the pics you pullerinas post here work just as good. Keep on posting these skellys plz.

No. 98505

if you're legit check out myproana

No. 98508

File: 1456542517194.jpeg (15.66 KB, 236x136, image.jpeg)

All the stupid fucking skellys are migrating here. Go back to whatever hell hole you came from, we don't need you here, faggot.

No. 98510

No. 98513

Um yeah they are

No. 98520

It's just a troll, anon. I hope…

No. 98523

File: 1456548031105.jpeg (295.75 KB, 1282x1654, image.jpeg)

I swear this chick just lives to bitch & moan about anything and everything. If shit said on social media etc bothers you so much, get off the interweaves and go outside and make some friends or something, instead of sicking your Instagram army on people. Seriously grow up.

No. 98524

File: 1456548202422.jpeg (232.38 KB, 1270x1488, image.jpeg)

No. 98536

Why does Ember even bother making her Instagram private? She accepts pretty much anyone and then goes public two days later. What is the point?


Also Frank anon is my favorite kek

No. 98542

This may be a stupid question because I'm new to Ember, but is that her bathroom? I assumed it was a public restroom with the first picture because it's so gross and grimy, but am I wrong?

No. 98544

It's her works bathroom which is some shitty grungy hole in the wall

No. 98550

Every time she second guesses posts and/or deletes them she goes private then public when she feels shes got something to prove. Constant need for attention plus over sensitivity to outside perspective/criticism=back n forth behaviour in an attempt to portray one image or another

No. 98560

Ah, okay. Thank you! It does look pretty disgusting.

No. 98576

The only reason I got to Starbucks is because latte aren't really a thing where I am and they have lactose-free alternative which is not easy to come by either. Also a size tall drink is like 200cal, if it's her whole lunch it wouldn't be out of line right ?

No. 98583

Who's more lulzy, felice or emily?

No. 98584

No I wasn't trolling. Why do fatty pullerinas always hate on skellys? Is it because of high school?

No. 98587

Because a skelly, just like a fatty, is not a good thing to be. Work out and get a body that's actually decent instead of being a skinnyfat weakling.

No. 98588

Felice 100%.

No. 98590

Felice, duh. What kind of question is that?

>newfag detected

No. 98591

Why do I have the feeling you are chubby

No. 98592



No. 98593

File: 1456581535500.png (618.41 KB, 2048x694, PhotoGrid_1456581255541-1.png)

This is why Embers internet presence is so fucking terrible. She has young girls, like 15 year old "wanna.be.angel", thinking that if they starve, drink laxative tea, and exercise while doing so, they can have a super wavy and elongated legs just like Ember.

Some people just cannot spot photoshopped images like we can, and actually think Ember looks the way she does due to anorexia. Not because she is naturally thin with a shitty photo editing app.

No. 98597

File: 1456582255728.jpg (61.65 KB, 531x298, IMG_20160227_080829.jpg)

No. 98598

Why do people believe in her sky-high legs anyway? I thought she was short. Her edited legs are gonna end up longer than her real life body

No. 98599

I know we've been laughing at her always getting kiddie followers but I'm starting to feel sorry for her now. Imagine being an adult and only having children to talk to

No. 98601

skinny-fat falls under the label of fat on lolcow

No. 98603

File: 1456582563968.jpg (58.45 KB, 366x369, IMG_20160227_081412.jpg)

Can they not see the pics next to each other are NOT the same as the video?

No. 98604

File: 1456582646358.gif (3.57 MB, 785x566, ember-whann.gif)

these were all taken within a 24 hour timeframe, yet her legs look drastically different in every photo lol. I also dig how you tell just how warped the bathroom is when compared to other photos of it.

Her only friends are 14 year old on IG, her 32 year old hobbit boyfriend, and her 3 fingers.

Some people are too stupid to notice shit like this. Some people don't care enough to notice.

No. 98608

lol at these obvious faked thinspo photos being next to that post about EDs

No. 98609

Haha the bottom left is her normal fatass short self because she turned the phone diagonal and then could not stretch yourself without widening herself.

No. 98610

File: 1456583520214.gif (185.9 KB, 447x566, ember-whann.gif)

No. 98611

File: 1456583599224.gif (25.36 KB, 139x183, ember-whann1.gif)

Also wanted to point out how her short/fat fingers magically turned into thin/long fingers within half a year lol

Her anorexia sure is gettin bad :"( kek

No. 98613

No. 98616

File: 1456584580184.png (792.4 KB, 696x924, Screenshot_2016-02-28-01-47-31…)

No. 98617

Uhh did you post this, thinking we would add our own commentary or did you plan on giving us a little bit of info about this perszon? Liek who tf is this and why do we care? This screenshot alone isn't… milk worthy.

No. 98619

File: 1456585250435.png (308.59 KB, 970x530, 1453271225539.png)

>>?? going inpatient for anorexia [2/29/16]

Lol can't wait to see how active she posts while in "inpatient". She's going to The Outlook, which is in Westchester in NYC. According to this http://www.nyp.org/pdf/westchester_during.pdf None of this stuff is allowed in the patient unit: Cameras, recording devices, electrical appliances with a cord, laptop computers, etc.

If she really goes, we all will finally get a fucking break from this hideous cow.. but she isn't going… so aspect constant updates about "how hard" IP is underneath images of her photoshopped thigh gap that she took in some dirty Starbuck bathroom lmao.

No. 98623

>>Our goal is to help patients achieve and maintain healthy eating habits and a healthy weight.


Westchester Division
21 Bloomingdale Road
White Plains, NY 10605

If Ember really goes, at least we know that they'll legitimately make her fat.. unless she did what she did last time and get kicked out of "treatment" for failing a drug test thanks to her constant urge to smoke pot.

No. 98624

Westchester is not in NYC silly. NYC = 5 boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and unfortunately, Staten Island. Westchester is north of the city.. but anyway, Ember is obviously not going to The Outlook. that claim is fucking laughable.
You are right about how strict the outlook is tho, she can't have electronics.

so is she gonna prove herself a liar by "posting from IP" or, is she gonna pretend to "discharge ama" bc she can't stand to be away from her young teen fan club?

No. 98631

File: 1456587145171.png (424.64 KB, 600x909, 1453271225539.png)

>Westchester is not in NYC
I'm glad you said this because I only said it was because that's what Ember said when asked where The Outlook was.

It's fucking annoying that you can't even rely on Ember accurately telling someone where a building is located. I don't understand why she has to lie about everything.

No. 98632

Maybe if you're anorexic yourself, maybe then you might think that perfectly normal, even quite thin legs are "fat".

No. 98633

Emily, that ugly fatty lmao

No. 98635

File: 1456588706308.png (79.21 KB, 583x732, 1453271225539.png)

This dumb britfag http://pandaslittlelife.tumblr.com/ sent two truth bloggers the same message around the same time Thursday night, but forgot to click anon on one of them lmao.



>I know Ember personally and for so many people to victimize her is terrible.

You do not know Ember "personally" and she turns herself into a victim, not us. We're the one who proves just how much she victimizes everyone around her.

No. 98639

I don't think anon is talking about them being obese landwhale legs. I think they're referring to the % of fat. Somebody with the same size legs but more muscle wouldn't be called fat but Ember, even with her fairly slim legs, has "fatty" legs because most of their size comes from fat and not muscle. A lot of skinny girls get called fat because they have quite a high proportion of fat compared to the rest of their body. Soft-looking bodies tend to have more fat because that's what gives them the soft look. Ember is very soft.

No. 98640

Embers body fat percentage has to be above 26%, there's not a lean muscle on that cows body.

No. 98650

Wait, when was she prescribed adderall?

No. 98672

I pray to god that shes trying to end this ED persona she created with this "IP recovery" and jump onto something new or go away. but we all know theres no chance this will happen

No. 98680


It's more likely she'll post a selfie in a couple weeks with a straw up her nose captioned "NG tube :-((( #edwarrior #strongnotskinny"

No. 98685

File: 1456601566318.jpg (142.27 KB, 1076x1677, Screenshot_2016-02-27-14-29-13…)

No. 98686

File: 1456601638200.jpg (60.45 KB, 935x935, 5e1710f7-f582-47e4-8bd4-231d0b…)

No. 98691

Maybe normal people who don't have eating disorders find skellys like you insufferable because you're annoying and shitty and think that milk is calling someone fat.

Also lmao, I seriously doubt you were skinny in high school and I doubt you're skinny now. Only fattys front as pro-Anas on the Internet.

No. 98693

>you can't even rely on Ember accurately telling someone where a building is located.

she is an idiot. the only reason i can think of for her to say that is, Westchester is just north of the city, maybe a 30 min drive. Ember lives in north bumblefuck NY, the city is about 6? hours south of her. so to poor white trash like Ember, Westchester is basically nyc/as close as i hope she ever gets, i don't want her here. (but yea, its definitely not nyc).

No. 98694

File: 1456603715628.gif (4.92 MB, 600x981, ember-whann-andrew-sanders.gif)

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that Ember had to edit this image >>98152 severely just to make her legs look "thin" and they still look chunky in that picture.

No. 98695

Long Island fag here. From LI, it's about 45 mins to Westchester.

No. 98700


you two might as well be bodyshaming brick walls. no one cares.

No. 98701

>body shaming


gb2 tubblr

No. 98703

this thread is literally crawling with underage anas, its giving me cancer

No. 98705

Oh fuck off, since when did a medical facility saying they help their ED patients reach and maintain a "healthy weight" equate to making someone "fat"? I'm guessing you and many others here are just as disordered as the cows posted on this thread.

No. 98707

Yeah, this is the worst thread on this board by far. It's nothing but selfposting, 14 year old wannarexics, and people beating the boring ass dead horse that is Ember

No. 98714

Yeah like the people saying Ember is fat. She's not as skinny as she pretends to be but she's not fat :/

No. 98718

You don't have to be underweight to have an eating disorder. Ember cannot be diagnosed with AN if she isn't underweight, but could easily be diagnosed with EDNOS very easily if she simply says she purges/binges/etc. You don't have to actually provide proof that you engage in those activities and it's impossible to prove she doesn't have disordered thoughts.

Doctors will listen to and entrust in their patients and if they think they need help, they HAVE to do something. Espically if the person asking for treatment has insurance.

No. 98719

Yeah cause theres no such thing as white trash in nyc anon

No. 98720

When I say
>they think they need help, they HAVE to do something
I don't mean that doctors don't decline to treat patients, because they do. But all I had to do was mention to my doctor once that I needed help with my ED and I was immediately referred to an OP center and had an appointment within 2 weeks. Oh and my insurance covered everything. It was that easy.

No. 98721

She's cuter there than in any selfie she's ever posted.

No. 98722

She looks like a witch and her boyfriend looks like her evil henchmen

No. 98723

I said cuter, not that she looked good

No. 98724

even the homeless in nyc are less trashy than ember.
"redneck sheltered hillbilly" isn't common here.

No. 98726

>From LI, it's about 45 mins to Westchester

right, bc we wouldn't go thru the city, we'd take the cross island to the white stone bridge. if we went thru the city it'd take closer to 2 hours. but from the city, 40 mins sounds about right.
her being so close by annoys me, but also, road trip to westchester to slap ember? ill meet u at roosevelt field?

No. 98746

File: 1456618124450.jpg (65.92 KB, 422x750, tumblr_o2cf6m1wEP1uklxb4o1_500…)

No. 98747

Much sick. Many ana.

No. 98748

File: 1456618159253.jpg (91.21 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_naxnwjbKL01t5b5s6o1_128…)

No. 98750

True. From the city itself it's 35 or so mins away.

Ahhh, Roosevelt Field. Spent many days of my youth there.

No. 98753

File: 1456622658298.jpeg (69.68 KB, 750x1197, image.jpeg)

Her scale must be set to kg ?

But no really who the fuck posts this shit with the word recovery in their name? Posting numbers is proana and triggering as fuck
Also I find it hard to believe ember weighs 12 pounds less than myself with the way her body looks? How tf tall is she?

No. 98754

Ember claiming she weighs 88 lbs.
I'm actually very willing to believe she might be a little underweight unlike most anons who seem to think she's obese (ana chan infestation?)
But 88 pounds? Even if she's a fucking midget I don't buy it. This was a .gif by the way.

No. 98755

Fuck droppes pic but someone posted it thanks

No. 98756

Grab that wall harder next time so you can get down to 84 you fucking lying cunt

No. 98758

Aannd deleted.
Nice samefag though. The fuck is your point? Do you weigh 84 lbs and you think anyone over that is fat or something?

No. 98759

this chubby bitch is nowhere NEAR 88. I doubt she's even under 100 pounds. Look at her feet. they seriously look swollen. they do not look like they belong to someone who is underweight.

obviously she grabbed onto a wall or counter or something to skew her weight. so pathetic that she needs validation from pro ana teens this badly.

No. 98760

deleted already? fuck that was quick.
ihave post notifs on for her so i'm glad i caught it. the literally had it up for like 10 min…… i wonder if she didn't mean to post it to that account or?

No. 98761

File: 1456623381081.png (260.38 KB, 500x750, 1448217869776.png)

this is a screenshot from ember's old instagram. she's 5'5 btw.

No. 98762

plus the way her scale goes up is sketch af. with one foot on her scale it stays at 0 until she puts her other foot down and then it shoots up to 84… pauses a bit, then to 88 and stops/flashes.
like idk about other digital scales but usually the number gradually goes up especially with one foot on

i wish i could somehow record this and then post it but if i close the app itll get rid of the video

No. 98763

File: 1456623469430.png (1.67 MB, 1769x1088, 1448218519881.png)

No. 98764

you got a camera? record your phone

No. 98765

i got a shitty slr that doesn't record videos, a dead galaxy phone with no charger, and the webcam for my macbook lmao

No. 98769

Leave it up and download a video saver AP in another window and then you can gobsave it as long as its still open

No. 98770

File: 1456624731681.gif (1.57 MB, 398x434, dsg.gif)

No. 98771

HAH yeah fucking RIGHT ember look at your ankles and swollen feet NO ONE believes you are 88lbs, stop leaning on the counter

No. 98772

And she titled it "WHOA"

No. 98773

shes leaning back lmao, look at the angle

No. 98774

LMAO she has kankles

No. 98775

even as a normal sized girl ember has some nasty swollen feet..

No. 98776

But guys notice how sketch the whole video is.
The scale is at 0 WHILE SHE'S ON IT. Like wtf? Did she tamper with this thing?

No. 98777

That's the only explanation I can think of.

No. 98778

that or she has a ghetto ass cheapy scale

No. 98780

If she's 5'5 then she's claiming she's got a bmi of like 14

No. 98781

Let the girl pretend

No. 98782


yeah the way she brings her right foot onto the scale like she's about to fall and is trying to gain her balance. doesn't look like she is stepping on and looks like she is placing no weight on it at all, like leaning back on her heels or something.

No. 98785

>actually using cankles an insult
Please leave

No. 98791

Why does she look like she's sitting on a chair

No. 98792

this would actually make a lot of sense and explain why the scale says 0 while her foots on it

No. 98802

That scale def says 136 and she edited it to say 88 :,,,,,,,,,)

No. 98803

If she is claiming to be 5'5 and 88 pounds she's fucking retarded. I am 5'6 and just made it back to 130 and can produce the same exact pictures she does without photoshop. She is at least 130+ pounds if she's claiming to be 5'5 (which I don't even believe that based on her ID from a while ago) holy shit I hope people can see through her more now

No. 98804

No. 98805

You know, this could be reaching a bit but what if she was sitting down when she filmed this and had something heavy on her lap/knees to bring it up to 88? 88lbs is only 39 kg, she could easily find a couple of boxes or something weighing that much, put them on her lap and pressed down hard. When you sit and press down hard on a digital scale you can get it to read at 10lb or more.

The angle doesn't look like it's taken from standing but more like she's sitting in a chair. Plus decent scales normally take about 5 seconds to get your weight if you're standing because you're balancing on them, whereas a heavy stationary object reads quickly. This is tampered with somehow and knowing ember she always goes to great lengths to appear as ana as possible.

No. 98807

definitely tampered, not to mention the fact it was literally deleted 10 minutes after she posted it.

No. 98813

>she always goes to great lengths to appear as ana as possible
Yup, and "88 is the perfect weight" is the damn mantra of the pro-ana world.

No. 98825

lmao with how her ankles are angled she looks like she's leaning on something or sitting down hahaha.

if she was underweight, she would be all about posting ribs, hip bones, etc. Just hoeing it up, but nothing.

No. 98835


She's obviously grabbing the counter. She's 20-30 lbs heavier than 88 pounds. That would be quite skinny for 5'5. It's laughable that she expects people to believe that shit.

No. 98839


Her photoshopped images do make her look maybe BMI 14.8-15, so I'll give her props for guessing her fake weight pretty well. But her feet and ankles are an absolute dead giveaway.

No. 98846


I don't even think her photoshopped images look that thin. I've been in IP for anorexia so maybe my image of emaciation is distorted (or more accurate!).

Ember doesn't know what actual emaciation looks like because she's never been emaciated. No one looks like her photoshopped images when they're super skinny. She's not fooling anyone except herself.

No. 98860

You're far too kind. I'd say they look closer to BMI 16-17.

No. 98868

File: 1456670134051.jpg (194.76 KB, 1044x1377, Screenshot_2016-02-28-08-25-37…)


No. 98869

File: 1456670157644.jpg (168.25 KB, 1078x1266, Screenshot_2016-02-28-08-25-53…)

No. 98870

File: 1456670195407.jpg (191.9 KB, 1074x1566, Screenshot_2016-02-28-09-33-21…)

No. 98872

I've never wanted to actually punch someone in the face until right now.

No. 98873

she photoshops to make herself seem thinner, constantly glamorizes her fake ED, even whores herself out to be someone's "ana sister", and yet she's not responsible for vulnerable and impressionable children developing EDs? this makes my fucking blood boil.

No. 98876

>"dicked down"

No. 98879

This is so retarded.

No. 98881

For once Ember is right, she's not responsible for anyone's illness.

No. 98883

she's still giving false impressions of EDs to vulnerable children, leading some of them to actually get sick.

No. 98887

File: 1456675305399.jpeg (124.45 KB, 640x913, image.jpeg)

This is who she's arguing with.

No. 98888

File: 1456675359650.jpeg (101.05 KB, 640x914, image.jpeg)

No. 98889

File: 1456675508058.jpeg (154.82 KB, 640x1090, image.jpeg)


No. 98890

Agreed. It's as ridiculous of a claim as the whole, Barbie dolls give girls EDs thing. If someone is looking at thinspo online, then one is probably more susceptible to this sort of thing anyway. EDs have a genetic basis, and thr tumblr owner's sister has one. Generic vulnerability+forcing oneself to look at sick content probably was a bad combination. I don't like Ember, but she would have no influence at all if the truth bloggers stopped posting about her. Ember already ruined her own life. She's a high school drop out, her name is dirt (the only job she can get is a s a banquet waitress? ), and she is dating another guy in an entry level job who is alleged to be in his thirties…

No. 98891


Nah, trust me, I'm an inch shorter than Ember and I've been at those BMIs. It's amazing how unspoopy you can look at such low weights, especially if you're skinny-fat.

>inb4 "go away ana-chan"

No. 98892


Nah, trust me, I'm an inch shorter than Ember and I've been at those BMIs. It's amazing how unspoopy you can look at such low weights, especially if you're skinny-fat.

>inb4 "go away ana-chan"

No. 98895


>Blames Ember for posting triggering content that caused her and her sister's EDs

>Posts own triggering content

No. 98896

turtl.ed is not the same girl as the one who ran that Tumblr

No. 98897

I love how super supportive ana sister Ember Whine says "go eat another cheeseburger". Bitch, go with her and maybe you can get a calorie-loaded starbucks on the drive there.

No. 98899


I know, I meant some of the things in the post could be considered harmful: why mention the exact calorie burn, for instance?

Probably just being nitpicky, but it seems hypocritical.

No. 98900

File: 1456678691911.png (794.59 KB, 803x1162, 1453271225539.png)

When she is standing on one foot, the toes on the foot which she is putting all of her weight on looks… relaxed. Normally, when you stand like pic related, your toes should look strained, whereas Ember's does not. Like at all.

Also, to be honest, I wouldn't put it past Ember to ask her little 8 year old sister to record herself stepping on a scale. There's multiple possibilities for that scale to read 88lbs and the idea of Ember legitimately having a BMI under 14 is not one I am willing to accept. I also am very sketched out that it reads 0 while her one foot is on there, then jumps to 84lbs, then magically another 4 pounds is added on. That's.. very shady.

No. 98902

… why are you reading truth blogs…. please gb2t and bitch in their inbox, not to us. we don't curr.

No. 98907

A lot of the truth blogs are farmers too I think

No. 98908

But none of the truth bloggers knew of lolcow until after the original Ember thread was created.

No. 98912

File: 1456679866672.png (360.73 KB, 906x536, 1453271225539.png)

I've always pitied girls whose boyfriend's were shorter/as tall as them. Short dudes are always the creepiest, IMO. They think they're slick and sly but… no. They're all fucking weirdos.

No. 98914

File: 1456680079526.png (206.67 KB, 636x468, 1453271225539.png)

Damn Ember, why are your shoulders as broad as your man's?

No. 98918

Ember's sit is public again, in case any of you feel like reporting her posts again



(She deleted everything but 10 posts btw)

No. 98920

Think it's gone again?

No. 98922

Welp, today is supposedly her 'last day in rochester'. Nice to know she is spending it lurking a lolcow thread to see if she gets a name drop lmfao.

Fuck, her life is so sad. I hope to god she really goes to IP and no longer has unlimited access to the internet. I am looking foward to her leaving so fucking bad.

Please, don't let this be another lie. PLEASE TELL ME SHE IS LEAVING. Fuck, I may cry if she doesn't actually go the fuck away like she promised :(