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File: 1462853945552.jpeg (71.43 KB, 625x419, image.jpeg)

No. 129036

Because the previous thread reached its reply limit >>123455.
(N.B. Previous attempt at this thread was hijacked by vegans & was subsequently moved to /manure >>798).

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624
Third thread: >>79031
Fourth thread: >>83974
Fifth thread: >>89109
Sixth thread: >>94114
Seventh thread: >>99329
Eighth thread: >>106059
Ninth thread: >>112288
Tenth thread: >>117640
11th: >>120427
12th: >>123455

No. 129039

Well it pretty much worked i think - never made a new thread before. Apologies in advance but description link to /manure version is not correct. But u seriously dont miss much if u dont read back thru that cringe thread!

No. 129041

File: 1462854996419.jpg (136.01 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

These people are disgusting.

No. 129043

That's not how you cross board link, bro.


No. 129044

File: 1462855128074.png (632.29 KB, 597x599, emberjacket.png)

Faker than her jacket.

No. 129045

I'm so sick of this girl's disgusting torso.

No. 129046

How she going to be a beauty blogger when shes still making that hideous ana face?

No. 129047

She needs to stop with that highlight

No. 129048


I don't even think it's an actual highlight in the makeup sense. It looks like she's gone in an app and used the 'whiten' feature and then just brushed that over where she thinks a highlight should be. That's why it looks so unnatural.

No. 129051

File: 1462857361760.jpg (114.35 KB, 850x638, bluesteel.jpg)

literally all I can see

No. 129060

Thanks bro ??

No. 129067

ember doesn't dress well… she looks like she just wear tacky/cheap Kmart shit. like that recent one she posted of an ill-fitted fake leather jacket and a cheap looking red floral dress with an elastic waist… ugh.

No. 129069

I mean, she is clearly trailer trash.

No. 129070

She should save her money and get her deviated septum fixed

No. 129072

no need to be a sarcastic cunt about it

No. 129073

it looks like she smeared dirt all over her face? is that supposed to be contour? still haven't fixed her eyebrows i see..

No. 129074

I wonder if Ember will ever regret this phase. Wasting her youth trying to look like an ~ana queen goddess~ but she just looks like shit.
I mean she looks alright, kind of pretty in some of her less shooped/overly contoured pictures. What a sad life.

No. 129079

it's fake, she can just take it out

No. 129090

Just going through this hollow_oli account and I still have a theory that there is an overlap between pro ana scumbags and sjws. Same bunch of people who go on tumblr and hide behind lgbt identities so they can speak over other people's experiences will see the appeal in pro ana (ie wanting to opt out of adulthood and live as adult teenager for full hugbox experience) and self-diagnose as ED, preferably with like 10 other mental illnesses to back it up. They're probably aware that this conflicts with all the activist fatties in their tumblr social circles so they keep it relatively lowkey and use side accounts. Is this a thing or am I crazy /pt/?

No. 129102

Deviated septum and septum piercing aren't the same thing

No. 129106

thank you tbh

No. 129107

LGBT isn't a mental illness or a cover up for attention seeking? wtf kind of implication

No. 129108

File: 1462883144808.jpeg (186.7 KB, 750x1086, image.jpeg)

when u flex ur neck so hard that ur eyes bleed

No. 129109

That's exactly what it looks like! Still looking like she's used a mud mask and not washed it off properly, I see.

No. 129111

Literally sucking her face in AND drawing the darkest contours on her cheeks. Who on this earth does she think shes kidding. My sides have blasted off into outerspace

No. 129112

I'm gay. As if tumblr sjws don't pretend to not be straight.

No. 129113

I think that anon is talking more about the fakeboi/transtrender part of the lgbtq community

No. 129114

She keeps doing the weird editing and contorting her face to skinny and sickly. I think she could look nice but she'd have to drop the wanna act and I don't see that happening any time soon.

No. 129115

yup, shes wasting the little potential she has

No. 129116

I truly think that if you're willing to put up with the social baggage that comes with being lgbt and still be out, t's coming from somewhere genuine, I don't think anyone would put up with bigots and ridicule and all of the negatives just for a little attention. on the other hand though I think they sort of play it up and use it like a badge the way that ember uses her ED as a prize on her attention trophy case. idk I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. a lot of lgbt ppl have to deal with the "you're just doing it for attention" narrative and I don't like to further that

No. 129117

I think that a lot of people massively play up their sexual orientation/gender on the internet which is what I think anon you replied to was getting at with "fakeboi/transtrender" etc. No actual backlash to them.

But I agree if someone comes out to their friends/families in real life instead of on some instagram account no-one they know has access too, then they're most likely not faking it.

No. 129147

It's just sad how obvious it is that's she's flexing as hard as possible. Her collarbones aren't even showing!

Jfc Ember, we've all seen Ashley and Aly. At least airbrush some collarbone tips like they have. It'll look more realistic than the stretching you're attempting to do.

No. 129150

File: 1462894559342.jpg (148.1 KB, 536x801, IMG_20160510_103100.jpg)


No. 129152

dont give her ideas

No. 129153

File: 1462894640740.jpeg (403.47 KB, 620x3222, image.jpeg)

That comment tho

No. 129154

Wtf is up with her forehead

No. 129156

she already uploaded a different version

shes really an pro ana stereotype

No. 129157

i think shes just not wearing any makeup?

No. 129159


+ she has no throat left after her awful editing. Embers photoshop skills are bad.

She will NEVER EVER look anorexic or scary skinny, she is way too chubby and soft + too dumb to do a subtle PS work

No. 129171

Ugh, why does someone feel the need to post a pic of themself after they've crying so hard they've got snot dripping out?
Looks like her forehead is unfortunately lit to me.

No. 129182

what the fuck is the point of posting a picture of a pack of gum???

No. 129190

Much ana, she's in a roundabout way saying she doesn't eat food, just chews gum. Sorry if that seems like reaching but that's what I got from it. Chewing gum is a massive thing with pro-anas.

No. 129193

yep, it's in the same category as tea/black coffee/diet coke posting

No. 129194

jfc ember honestly looks like she's had a stroke her face is so unfortunate

No. 129197

File: 1462903286963.png (2.66 MB, 1886x1208, Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 18.5…)

You can clearly see the bits she stretches with how mis-matched the tiles are the further down it goes. This didn't even need edited to be side-by-side, she literally just proves that she edits her photos.

No. 129198

And you get +5 Ana pts if it's sugar free!

No. 129200

Holy shit that's the ugliest tackiest dress I've ever seen

No. 129202

Oh god her neck. Poor thing.

No. 129206

Um, if you're able to wear a bracelet without it falling off you're not Ana enough. -5 points.

No. 129208

I love how her legs don't match

No. 129219

her calves always look so off
do they get wider at the bottom of the pic or is it just me? I mean I know she shoops but

No. 129220

The dress is cute, but there's no reason to pair it with the ugly leather jacket imo

No. 129222

File: 1462910601405.png (755.92 KB, 640x960, image.png)

hope its not too small

guess Em is real, she tagged some dictionary.chick(?) in the picture

No. 129223

File: 1462910665056.png (163.69 KB, 640x960, image.png)

ghost, not chick lol

No. 129239

holy fuckin shit!

this is a major plot twist because: dictionaryghost is isa euo's girlfriend. isa is famous on tumblr for running an ultra hipster art blog, has at least 100k followers, has been to inpatient 10000x, etc… that's so wild that scum like ember could associate with that crowd, they are literally complete opposites. Isa made a documentary film about eating disorders that specifically avoids using triggering content like numbers, IP stays and bones to get the point across. ember edits her photos to make her bones stand out…. the levels and layers of subtext here are astounding

No. 129240

Isa's a bitch, but her girlfriend is so sweet. I hope Ember doesn't drag her into some shit.

No. 129241

isa is sort of a bitch but I give her a pass because she always has the worst luck with her health, family issues, etc. it seems like she works really hard at everything. either way neither of these girls are even in the same realm as sweaty smelly ember and her tryhard stretched out "baggy" pants selfies

No. 129245

The film, if anybody is interested:

No. 129248

sorry for being out of the loop here but was it ever confirmed that ember went to IP? (i've been away with out internet for a while ugh)

No. 129251

i wonder if she or isa know how shitty ember is

No. 129253

Why ❓ does ember ?? always add interrupting emojis ⚠️ Throughout her posts ?? ?! She sounds ? Like a fricken idiot ?

No. 129257

Because she's copying Aly

No. 129262

Yeah, if it was a short moto jacket it could've been cute

No. 129265

Stop using the word "literally" you fucking faggots.

No. 129266

File: 1462919005764.png (211.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-10-18-18-45…)

called out ember on my sock puppet account… waiting to see how long it takes to get blocked because we all know that's going to happen
(was on the horrible pic of her in the gross public washroom)

No. 129267

And it's already gone

No. 129268

same anon that posted pic
aaaaaaand it took about 5 minutes
wasn't suprised considering her track record

No. 129272

interspersed emoji, swiftly deleting comments… she really is taking after aly

No. 129277


Please don't tell me this idiot is standing in some locations toilet room … putting her phone near upwards the toilet to take some stupid selfies of her cheap looking clothes ? How low can you get ?

No. 129278

could you imagine if her phone fell in the toilet?

No. 129319

kind of disappointed that isa would even fraternize with ember. i loved the film she made & it helped me turn a corner in recovery, blah blah
the fact that she even talked to ember makes me feel icky bc she's so pro recovery and ember's so not

No. 129321

sage bc i'm a fucking moron, i now realize it wasn't isa herself. SORRYYY

No. 129326

You still make a good point tho, isa's gf is really smart. Ember is just finding the things about her eating that can be considered disordered, like the kind of weird dieting lots of teenage girls do, and playing it up so the adults in her life will believe her. she's also low enough to try anything to fit the stereotype or has another underlying condition that makes her do awful things to prove how sick she is - I don't doubt that she sometimes restricts or purges because she wants so badly to fit the disorder. when she meets someone like dictionaryghost who feels that way for real, and doesn't know about her Photoshopping and how much she damages young girls online, of course someone with a severe ED would be fooled by her cover

sorry for the novel but it just makes me so angry that people who really suffer can be blinded by people who lie for personal gain

No. 129329

maybe it already has. she wouldn't ?make a post ? about that on instagram ???

No. 129389

I would say that someone who wants to fit the criteria of an eating disorder so bad to push themselves to starve/binge/purge are definitely disordered in some other way. I'm not doubting for a minute that she's ill in the head but she doesn't have anorexia.

No. 129439

File: 1462973392926.png (631.63 KB, 640x960, image.png)

This looks so awkward, is it because its streched?

No. 129441

File: 1462973853681.png (539.58 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

and of course she's begging for shout outs using blatant body check

No. 129442

Aaaand its gone

No. 129452

File: 1462976743199.jpg (120.81 KB, 750x882, image.jpg)

1. You cannot go from not running for months at a time and then randomly run 6 miles. She's lying.

2. She JUST posted about how she's still purging every day. How is everyone just chill with her posting about long, vigorous runs? Maybe everyone else just sees how hard she's trying to be disordered?

No. 129453


Just stop Ember ! Your chubby arms, your broad shoulders, your hiding legs, your fat armpits reveal that you are not skinny. stretching and slimming down your stomach doesn't help.

No. 129455

What happened to her recovery boobs? Guess she forgot to edit those in

No. 129456

Yeah, that's true. It took me months to build up to running and if you don't do it for a while you kind of have to start over and build back up to it.

No. 129457

File: 1462978576304.jpg (145.13 KB, 750x1005, image.jpg)

Then she is admitting to lying about her 'treatment team' clearing her to exercise, because no Ed specialist in their right mind would recommend exercising to someone purging 'every single day'

No. 129459

Yep and she claims she has an exercise obsession. Would they clear her to exercise if she compulsively/obsessively exercises? Nope. She's lying either about being cleared or about purging or exercise addiction. She's an embarrassment.

No. 129463

People might hae stopped caring about her because shes not popular anymore. Nice to see shes still a pos.

No. 129464

File: 1462979964790.jpg (128.46 KB, 1078x1332, cus2BkC.jpg)

She tries so hard to be a fitblr lmao

No. 129469

being a fitblr isnt hard lol

but it makes me wonder what her goal is? lose weight? gain muscle? I think she still looks the same after months? and yea I know she used to be fat lol

No. 129470

ok let me rephrase, she tries so hard to be a ~fitness inspiration~
When she's not pretending to be a sickly tiny anorexic she's pretending to be this strong growing mountain of muscle. Who even knows.

No. 129474

she should really make up her mind

No. 129478

Who cares anymore about Ember/Jenna etc?
Anyway, this woman is such a bitch to people recovering online, even kids. She's always posting crap on vegan accounts. Guess all the meat and eggs she eats have gave her an acidic tongue!

No. 129479

screenshots or anything? because she just posts a shit ton of food

No. 129480

Case in point for example her comment to this kid

No. 129481

can you post some info about her or something? because if shes just a rude bitch thats even more boring than ember and jenna

No. 129490

Please stfu, yes, we see you. Don't utter the word vegan or vegetarian in this thread again lest you want the ass burger fight to erupt and have the thread relocated to manure again.

No. 129492

clearly multiple people in this thread want to discuss Jenna and ember. Screenshots of your new cow or gtfo

No. 129505

Tbh I'm sure one of the people that constantly complain about Jenna being boring is Jenna herself, it was pretty much proven she lurks here.

No. 129506

no one would be surprised tbh

No. 129513

>chubby arms

No. 129515

She's the ugly version of creepy-chan.

No. 129522

Hi Emily

No. 129524

lol she's so embarrassing ugh I have so much secondhand embarrassment from Jenna. that sounds exactly like something she would do

No. 129525


Lol I am not Emily,
but Hi stranger !

No. 129526

File: 1462993037666.jpeg (45.22 KB, 386x272, image.jpeg)

No. 129527

File: 1462993069228.jpeg (65.11 KB, 552x446, image.jpeg)


never forget

No. 129528

the one where she's holding her pilly tank top up with her double chin to show off her fried egg nailed to a chalkboard tits, making a face like she's smelling something bad… that image has got to be the most awful visual that ever burned my eyeballs.

No. 129529

no, emily always throws herself into the mix when ragging on ember. something like "you're not skinny ember, unlike emily who's actually relapsing right now"

(also, im fairly certain emily was the one farmer who got banned a couple of threads back)

No. 129530

I don't get it. she has an ED? or she's a cam girl?

No. 129531

are these from the same time period she was claiming to have a bmi under 16? lmao

No. 129532

a camgirl with fake cancer and an exaggerated ED

No. 129539

File: 1462996030821.jpg (454.24 KB, 1280x1707, pVn9Vs1.jpg)

Nope but this one is. Such a fragile little ana butterfly, clearly emaciated and on the brink of death.

No. 129543

the cam girl shots were from March or April of 2015, and she claimed BMI 16 in September 2015

No. 129544

she's never looked any bigger or smaller from one pic to another. Jenna also got really mad at someone for saying that she looked like she weighs 130 lbs and that's fucking hilarious because 130 would be a generous estimate, she actually looks much bigger.

No. 129545

reminding her that she can't even get down to 130 must have triggered her :(

No. 129546

Jenna is my favorite cow. She tries harder than Emily and Ember combined and lies more. She sets herself up for this, we barely have to do anything

No. 129547

If anything I would say she looks way bigger now. In that pic I would estimate a BMI of 20 and now 22

No. 129554

tbh she should post more or something, but im probably missing out on most of the shit she says because i dont follow her

No. 129557

File: 1463000342251.png (699.92 KB, 640x960, image.png)

Ember Allen Poe is back guys lol
at least shes trying, hopefully we see another witch phase

No. 129558

She's definitely Witch Ember again, her new fb banner is some witch shit stolen from tumblr

No. 129559

I look like I am lying,
And I am I am lying,
Falling into as many personalities,
As my atoms will allow.

I am nothing but Ana now….

No. 129562

Jenna is boring as fuck at the moment. Sure, her lying about cancer was milky, and so were her fried egg boobies, but right now nothing's going on.

I miss crying Emily.

No. 129563

Oh man, so cringy.

Still, this is good for Ember! Maybe she'll start all sorts of new hobbies. Fingers crossed that she starts a whole new "creativity" phase.

And at least it wasn't another bloody stretched leg picture…

No. 129565

Any hAndwriting, anAlysists here?


No. 129567

I've been impressed with Crying Emily recently. She appears to be really trying with eating so she's maintaining at least. Her meltdowns are easing off too. I genuinely hope things get better for her.

No. 129571

by no means an expert but here's my analysis -

self esteem is dependent on the surroundings. somewhat withdrawn and introverted persona from the slope of the writing, and spacing of the letters and words is a tad neurotic. not likely to overtly pick a fight from the look of the t's; probably more inclined to suppress anger and other emotional outbursts in the moment a la linkin park. most interesting to me are the y and the g's as they do not extend below the line, indicating a lack of trust and overall physical frustration. generally low physical energy mode and low sex drive also indicated. the o's, a's, and placement of the dot on the i are revelatory of a rather narrowminded thinking. not likely to easily engage in new patterns of behaviour or try out new ideas.

would be better if it were a longer sample, as this looks a little stilted - perhaps so that her handwriting would be more readable for the picture. there is one particular letter which i would be most interested to see in context, as it's more or less revealing of a sense of integrity, or lack thereof

No. 129578

it's really obvious which posts are yours because you always type "anonymous" into the name line.

No. 129581

another thing: jennas posts get barely any attention now. It must be hard going from having ~ sooo many followerz to maybe like 12 active ones. lol she's fading away

No. 129582

there'll be milk if/when jenna's mom ever sees that message someone sent her

No. 129583

File: 1463007608162.jpeg (119.78 KB, 750x832, image.jpeg)

has there ever been a less fortunate face? i don't think any of the other cows are less attractive than Jenna. Being ugly doesn't make someone a cow, but being ugly and acting like you're top shit is certainly in the attention seeking category

No. 129584

File: 1463007658395.jpeg (131.9 KB, 750x1224, image.jpeg)

this was the ex boyfriend Jenna was so obsessed with btw. lol notice how she used all of the Ana thinspo tags???

No. 129586

Jenna fakes the confidence she wishes she had. It must be so time consuming to maintain that ego :/

No. 129587

swoledemort is right… her face looks like she had a bad allergic reaction

No. 129589

her features look so big compared to her face. Like the big eyes would be ok but it's big everything. Big eyes, big nose, big lips.

No. 129591

Wait, what? Who exactly do you think I am. I don't type anything into the name line…

No. 129595

You always put numbers in the email

No. 129602

always puts numbers in the email line and uses European spelling like colour, realise, etc. the numbers you enter correspond with a postal code in Germany. Anyways.. It's just really painfully obvious which posts are yours.

No. 129606

You're a fucking idiot. Love of anons keep numbers in the email ( it happens automatically) and lots of anons are probably European. Also, why does it fucking matter? We're still anonymous.

Let's get back on track now. Try to keep your autism in check.

No. 129625

Agreed i was just catching up on this thread and was wondering whats going on with crying emily these days… Tbh im super shocked to hear she seems to be trying to recover or at least not actively trying to become more spoopy. But that in itself has actually made me have a shred of respect for her, as she came across as someone who would 100% end up like ashley or maybe even cassie.

No. 129629

How bout you're an idiot. Anon meant they put random numbers in the email FIELD, not their email. And it's stupid af because learn to sage properly.

No. 129644

lmao literally no other anons have a random five digit number in the email field of their post except for that one person. but ok

No. 129645

if you have milk about cryingemily, post it. Jenna is more interesting imo.

No. 129647

I've seen comments like "Emily may be x,y, and z but at least she's not ugly like Ember" more than once in these threads. It's pretty obvious who wrote those.

No. 129664

I've followed Emily for like 4 years and she is much prettier than ember. You can say I'm Emily all day, idgaf. Doesn't make me Emily lmao. She has better teeth, bone structure, and doesn't look like she's always trying to pass a hard bm.

Didn't we all decide Emily got banned? W/e. As far as I'm concerned, every time someone claims any positive post abt Emily was a self post, I just assume it's ember. No one has enough of a vendetta for Emily than ember so why would anyone keep the claims of self posting up for so long.

inb4 hi Emily

No. 129665

I honestly wonder how many posts here are from ember. It's not hard to get around the rules as long as you're on a different IP address.

No. 129666

I would love to post jennas cam girl screencaps on tumblr but I don't know what the laws are and I don't want to get dmcad. I also don't know if it's illegal to screencap the cam videos, because it's like taking the cam girls services for free. It would be fun to watch her scramble to get them taken down like ember does.

No. 129667

She's cute!

No. 129701

Ember doesn't get how matter works. Learn 2 science you look dumb

No. 129705

Wouldn't she be underweight if she purges and exercises every day? She's huge. I'm sorry, but she's huge. I'm anorexic so maybe my image is distorted, but in my eyes her body is disgusting. Just being honest.(off yourself)

No. 129706

she isn't huge but she is not small. she says she has a small frame but it's average. that's her biggest problem, jennas just average. She's not huge or small, she's never had any hard or special thing happen to her to give her perspective or make her feel important. plain average boring Jenna who thinks she's the most special snowflake. so special that she can exercise and purge and it's still fine, so special that she can lie about something and never own up to it… she has no idea what life can really be like.

at least ember grew up most likely poor with divorced parents in an area that's not so great financially, so she appreciates things sometimes I guess. idk

No. 129708

I agree. She's not little. I would want to die if I were her size. She's 21-22 BMI and has a really unfortunate face on top of that. I don't consider myself an attractive person, but at least I don't look like her.

No. 129709

She's average. She's not disgusting. Your perception is extremely distorted. She's not skinny, but she's not huge by any means.

No. 129710

meh i think she's huge. she has a medium-large bone structure and this tiny head with large eyes/nose/lips. It's just really awkward to look at. I would hate to be her size.

No. 129711

Depends on your definition of huge. Anon said she was anorexic. To an anorexic (a real one), normal can look huge.

No. 129712

I don't understand why she claims to have anorexia. Who would believe that??

No. 129721

Sorry but you have an extremely disorted body imager if you think Jenna is obese/huge and would rather die than be her size. She looks slim, not obese or ana emaciated goals.

She might act like a plum online, but her body looks healthy and slim. You anorexia is making you think oddly.

No. 129725

ana chans get out reeeeeeee ect.

No. 129735

iirc this was her best phase. mostly because she was somehow…peaceful? sure she made up shit about witchcraft but still

i might be a bit TOO positive and naive about this, but maybe shes doing slightly better.

No. 129757

File: 1463042700406.png (515.2 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2016-05-12-04-37-06.p…)

Ok is this one of you bitches? If not then wtf

No. 129758

where tf is this from m8

No. 129760

those tits are trying to run away from each other.

No. 129761

File: 1463048327791.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2016-05-12-06-16-05.p…)

From this post
I was just browsing with my sock puppet

No. 129803

who's that?

No. 129811

"whos that" just a "recovered" anorexic who is lying about recovery but still is struggling and is losing weight again.(stop sending retarded, frivolous reports)

No. 129819

File: 1463062829471.jpg (85.09 KB, 364x612, IMG_20160512_091853.jpg)

Did her vagina flaps eat Harry Potter? WTH is up with this girl??

No. 129820

File: 1463063379138.jpg (21.05 KB, 204x281, Capture.JPG)

Idk about that, but her fiancee is a fucking hipster. Hissssssssssssss.

No. 129876

Yuck, why would she post this?! Disgusting.
I get showing off the legs, but can she at least pretend to have self respect and not show her saggy lips? Woof.

No. 129879

your samefag is showing

No. 129885

Who cares?

No. 129886

If you're going to post new people please include who they even are/what the deal with them is etc.
Otherwise it just gets really boring.

No. 129887

Oh silly Jenna… You are a long way from slim. Sorry to inform you.

No. 129901

Holly is actually a self righteous bitch though. Posts almost only body checks, bitched about someone from IG reporting her to CPS while admitting she just reported a person herself for the same reason. Wrote in one post that maybe she shouldn't post said body checks but decided it was okay because no one had said anything, while in fact people regularly do but she completely dismisses them.
She's a fucking headcase.

No. 129903

hllylzbth is not new…

No. 129907

Really? Wow what a hypocrite - do you have any screen shots or more info on her reporting someone to CPS?

No. 129912

lol hi Jenna

No. 129915

File: 1463083324221.jpeg (174.87 KB, 613x902, image.jpeg)

No. 129926

this is old milk and was discussed 2 threads back. can't find the post at the moment because I'm not on my desktop

No. 129928


Ik, but they asked for it and it was easier to deliver the screen shot again than dig through threads to direct them there.

No. 129943

I can't decide who is more interesting: cows like Jenna or Ember who lie about the extent of their ED, or people like Aly who lie about their recovery. IMO I think I prefer talking about the Jennas and Embers, I actually feel awful for Aly because she's in poor physical health and was in denial about it all for so long

No. 129945


Just saw Aly's thread. Now I know why copycat Ember wears a fake leather jacket too.

No. 129947

nah I think she just trying to be cool/edgy

No. 129948

File: 1463087419079.jpeg (171.93 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpeg)

little ~anas~ were white knighting Ember and she shut them all down. I hope it's one of you guys xD(xD)

No. 129951

who would pay money for that is the real question?

No. 129965

Did all of the anas miss that she mentioned her elliptical, which is cardio - not strength training? They're all defending her by saying she's exercising to build muscle.

No. 129970


No. 129978


embers gained so much weight recently and she KNOWS it, hence the tubby little cow has to keep editing her pics kek

No. 129980

How about the fact that someone would have to be a special kind of dumb to not realize that she's just overall sucking in enough to make her insides pop, outside of editing and stretching

No. 129981

File: 1463092399084.jpeg (428.92 KB, 1239x1969, image.jpeg)

I went back and looked at Kellbells profile and stumbled on this picture again…

What difference am I supposed to see here? Becsuse I can't find one at all.

No. 129983

Ok but talking about her vag is pointless and not lulzy.

No. 129985

Oh Luna

No. 129994

>This is what anorexia does
What? Turn you into the fucking moon emoji? How much you wanna bet this broad has never gone two consecutive days without popping food into her fat, greasy mouth?

No. 129997

I'm just so intrigued by the contrast. It's like there's either completely healthy or even whale sized wannas that insist they're oh-so malnourished and wasting away, or it's super spoopy "warriors" like Aly or healthycacia that really are on their death bed but insist they're making sooo much progress. Just… Why.

No. 130005


oh ember

No. 130008

File: 1463096054304.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1463095951985.jpg)

Fixed the stretch

No. 130009


now you just need to add about 50lbs

No. 130011

?????? wym

No. 130035

I still don't know what I'm supposed to seeing here. One pic she's smiling the next she's moon face. Are we supposed to see some weight loss in the face?!?

No. 130037

Anorexia took away her smile and changed the lighting.

No. 130039

Anorexia made her wear glasses and pull her hair back.

No. 130063

Thank you. This is an interesting discovery in what fake anorexia can do to a person. I hope she gets proper treatment for BED.

No. 130065

File: 1463108172381.png (590.96 KB, 939x582, Screenshot 2016-05-12 at 9.52.…)

No. 130067

Is this crying emily?

No. 130079

Profile says it's a christian gymnast, so no. No idea who the hell this is or why she's supposed to be interesting.

Anons should really do this >>129886

No. 130107

I'm surprised Ember managed not to post anything for a day.

congrats on her new most liked picture. 800 is truly a record for her

No. 130116

She edits herself like she has no idea what actual human beings look like and it drives me nuts. Her fake rib cage is always especially awful. That's not how it looks, dumbass!

And that's not even mentioning her inconsistent editing (rib cage hanging out by no visible sternum and normal arms) or absurd picture stretching. She looks like a giraffe in >>129197

No. 130119


This is what I am saying, she has no idea how body anatomy works. Same like McKenzie, both of their stretching looks completely abnormal…

No. 130121

not that anon but yes

instead of working on her "book of shadows" she should read an anatoby book or at least look up pictures before posting

No. 130122

She bought those 800 likes KEK

No. 130123

not even a little bit surprised by her anymore tbh

No. 130126

she works so she can buy likes and followers lol tbh she should do it more often just so it actually looks like she almost has 17k followers

wonder how much she pays for it…imagine all the shit she could've bought for that money

No. 130128

>>imagine all the shit she could've bought for that money

Perhaps some life experience that would give her a personality genuinely worth following and worthy of likes from strangers?

No. 130143

I think she prefers to stay at home and make up stories in her head while getting stoned.

She should serioudly start posting about herself/hobbies etc etc otherwise the very few followers she has will leave too

No. 130144

That would be great if she had hobbies other than getting stoned and preying on anorexics.

No. 130150

guess shes repulsed by anything that takes some effort

No. 130156

Ember isn't even a good pothead lol. I bet she smokes ditchweed

No. 130158

She doesn't even inhale normal cigs, so all that weed probably goes to waste on her anyway.

No. 130170

how do you know?

No. 130172

Because of all the dumbass smoking videos she's uploaded trying to be a cool kid

No. 130180

Yep, what >>130172 said. There's the gif of her with a cig in the last thread that didn't go to /manure where she takes a drag of a cig and blows it straight out.

No. 130182

File: 1463158795895.gif (866 KB, 275x207, 1461983351090.gif)

No. 130183

ah thank you, I don't smoke so I wasn't aware you could be doing somehow wrong

No. 130185

Aye, the point of smoking is to take the smoke into your lungs. Here she's holding it in her mouth v briefly and puffing it out. Maybe she wants mouth cancer as opposed to lung cancer, idk.

No. 130188

What a retard. She looks so dumb

No. 130189

Everything about her is so round. Round thighs, round tummy, round face, round nose, even round EYELIDS. I mean, I'd rather look like her than someone like Jenna (and THAT is saying something, but goddamn this girl is ugly.

No. 130192

At least she was pretty then. She's fucked her face up now

No. 130196

File: 1463161249654.png (280.42 KB, 284x542, kill it with fire.png)

>this is what EDs do to you :(

No. 130213

not even once.

No. 130215

File: 1463163247417.jpg (162.07 KB, 769x530, IMG_20160513_130050.jpg)

Posted and immediately deleted

No. 130217

File: 1463163355248.png (1015.65 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Holy shit this is embarrassing… I'm almost uncomfortable it's so bad. I can't even begin to describe how much embarrassment I'm feeling from this oh my god ?

No. 130218

LMAO what happened to her "recovery boobs"

No. 130219

She needs to empty her trash bin, maybe that's why she deleted lol?

No. 130220

There's so many food takeout containers in her trash bin lmfao

No. 130222

File: 1463163709232.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

okay ember

No. 130223

holy shit take the trash out ember, it's piling halfway up the wall

No. 130224

where the fuck her titties she was bragging about? at least make your bed if you're going to have it in the background. throw that blanket across it or some shit and empty your trash can what the fuck that thing is piled up to a foot of trash

No. 130225

So much food lmao

No. 130226

File: 1463164569931.jpeg (162.59 KB, 1024x798, image.jpeg)

I know we keep talking about her "recovery boobs" but since that photo's in manure I figured I'd post it to here with a comparison.
These photos are a few days apart and putting them side by side makes me laugh even more bc who tf is she fooling

No. 130227

push-up bra vs sports bra

No. 130228

I think its supposed to be a sports bra?

No. 130230

saging or samefag but i also just noticed the little note she put saying "excuse my sweater being caught on my bra" after someone in the manure thread mentioned that you can see the lining of her push up bra

ember stop

No. 130235

We know it's a sports bra, but she posted these fake boobs >>130226 last week calling them "recovery boobs"
That's the problem, she can't even lie right

No. 130242

The thing is, what's wrong with wearing a push up? Why does she need to lie? Just admit its a push up lmao ember stop

No. 130245

File: 1463169040681.png (239.34 KB, 640x960, image.png)

oh boy, way to throw your money away

No. 130246

wtf is that?

No. 130247

trying real hard to fit in with the beauty blogger crowd

i can't wait to see her smear this all over her face and have it look patchy af
she has 2 months to step up her makeup game

No. 130248

a new face highlight that has been widely talked about in the makeup community

jeffree star did a whole video on it.

No. 130249

That's the dumbest shit I've ever seen

No. 130250

lets hope she actuay puts some effort in this time
and dropps the yellow filter

No. 130251

If her body really looked like it does on the right, you'd see her ribs through her jumper in the pic on the left. Look at where her hands are resting, flat on her totally not concave stomach. How does anyone believe this shit??

No. 130252

Hey jenna stop trying to convince yourself youre slim. youre delusional if you think that.Everyone here is saying you're average/chubby so Im pretty sure you have the distorted mind.

No. 130254

Jesus shes straining her neck so hars she looks like she's trying to shit after being constipated for 2 days

No. 130257

No. 130258

Hey Jenna, if you're bragging about purging then you obviously hate yourself/your body size.

No. 130263

Jeffree is the only one I want to see that nasty product on, tbh.

Why would anyone else bother, especially Ember…doesn't even do her damn brows.

No. 130271

rainbow dust and messy brows… the look for middle schoolers everywhere

No. 130275

I fcome here 4 tha thinspoo

No. 130277

He's the only one that can pull it off.

That's why I can't wait to see ember with it on. Like mentioned before, she's got 2 months to fix her makeup skills

No. 130280


By the time she gets this shit in the mail, it'll already be old news and out of style. Then again, she's always pretty late to get in on a trend, so I guess it suits her.

No. 130282

50 bucks for something she will use once to take a selfie

No. 130283

she can wear it with her pilly af Aeropostale sweater lmao

No. 130284

sage for OT but I'm dumb and don't keep up with makeup, do you wear just one color at a time or do you literally put a whole rainbow on your face?

No. 130287

Stfu Emily

No. 130288

File: 1463184154113.jpeg (164 KB, 750x1229, image.jpeg)

Embers promoting these girls, dk who tf they are but their photoshopped asses are hilarious

No. 130289

You can wear one color, combinations of colors, or blending the colors together. I don't see why anyone would wanna use them all together because it looks dumb af.

No. 130290

You can use a combo of seperate colors, or you can put it all on your face.

No. 130292

File: 1463184764900.png (253.95 KB, 619x201, such model.png)


No. 130293

File: 1463184811740.jpeg (254.46 KB, 747x1180, image.jpeg)

>chronic and severe anorexia

Bitch please. And of course she made the go fund me.

No. 130294

She has the face of a 40 year old man

No. 130295

Perhaps a bit of a nitpick, but it's not even possible to be diagnosed with both depression and bipolar and once.

If she's going to fake a ton of mental illnessed, she might as well at least make sure they don't contradict.

No. 130296

Yeah, it's not. I mean, people with bipolar will present depressive symptoms, but they're a part of their bipolar diagnosis as a whole. No medical professional worth their salt would diagnose someone with both.
She's either lying or listing both in order to make herself look sicker.
What a dick.

No. 130299

Are you both retards?
You can absolutely get diagnosed with both.
I'm in no way defending the other retard in question, just stating a fact.

No. 130301

Nah, they're right. No professional in their right mind would diagnose someone with both bipolar disorder and clinical depression. A person may show signs of both but the professional is going to find the diagnosis that fits the best, not both.

No. 130304

I feel bad for all these dogs being made to live with these dicks.

No. 130306

File: 1463191965927.jpg (73.08 KB, 933x461, Capture.JPG)

That fucking fakeboi pisses me right off. Sfs DAILY which is more or less an ana directory for thinspo or pathetic suck in whannarexics.

For someone who wants to be a man she behaves like a typical female in so many ways. Even her speech and all her friends are female. Acreepy predatory dyke with a skinny fetish.

No. 130307

File: 1463192380273.png (696.77 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2016-05-13-22-17-22.p…)

Good Lord she actually bought stupid Kylie Jenner lip shit??

No. 130308

File: 1463193082880.jpeg (162.71 KB, 750x1144, image.jpeg)

this girl follows all of the cows posted here. I see her on all of their accounts. mom of 3, lives in buffalo ny. I'm posting this to see if she makes her IG private because that would basically prove that she lurks. I don't want to actively make fun of her because she isn't getting any attention for her ED like ember or aly or jenna but I can't control what other ppl do I guess

No. 130309

The quality is so shit. You're paying $30 for a good lip liner and a shitty liquid lipstick that cracks and dries your lips out like Namib. She just wants to be a beauty blogger so bad now so why not hop on the hype train

No. 130314

Funny considering all the beauty bloggers I've seen have nothing but awful things to say about this product so far.

No. 130316

I don't even see many beauty bloggers spend their money on these shitty kits, but you're right the few that have don't have much good to say about them.
I'm cool with ember trying to go through a beauty blogger phase though, she's only hardly touched the tip so far and it's already top tier laughs.

No. 130317

lol she's lying on the bathroom floor

No. 130318

"NOT IN RECOVERY" in her bio, but then a sentence down lets everyone know that she has children.
Fucking mother of the year.

No. 130320

These are the exact same formula as colourpop liquid lipsticks. She could have spent 10 dollars on the same shitty products.

If ember ever tries to beauty blog I will literally suffocate from her desperation.

No. 130327

This is the bedroom of a mid 20's loser neckbeard who still lives with his parents.

No. 130337

File: 1463202235622.png (435.6 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

It's nice that she takes the time to edit this into some pro-ana black and white shit

No. 130351

File: 1463207968464.png (7.52 MB, 1936x1936, image.png)

U guise I know we joke about ember being child predator and everything but I went through her entire following list on insta and she follows 10+ little girl cheer leading teams in insta with nothing but similar pictures to these. I'm starting to think ember is sick, with actual pedophilia.

No. 130353

This makes me so uncomfortable.

No. 130354

their small bodies must be her thinspo kek

or maybe her sister is a cheerleader?

No. 130361

This is the most proana edit I've ever seen

This looks like shit you'd find on a proana black & white tumblr circa 2012

No. 130363


This is disturbing as hell

No. 130364

Not only is this disturbing in the sense that these are children, but she's more than likely looking at their bodies thinking she looked like them. Which is on the same level as creepy 40y/o male pedophile

No. 130369

she should just stick to being a beauty blogger…
u cant believe she actually sat down and edited the picture like this

No. 130376

File: 1463216796427.jpg (480.94 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160514_035712.jpg)

No. 130389

i dont get it, whats your point?

No. 130392

Yeah, that's … that's actually genuinely disturbing.

No. 130394

No, you're wrong.

No. 130396

is this supposed to be showing her ~scoliosis~

No. 130401

I'm speaking from personal experience and conversations with multiple psychologists, but alright. It's irrelevant anyway. Anyone that lists their mental disorders in their bio regardless of what it is or how many they want to claim to have, looks like a fucking attention seeking whiney cunt.

No. 130412

2 back pics she posted, before and after IP
No scoliosis, visible weight gain and purposeful attempts at thinspo being posted.

No. 130414

Both posted after IP

No. 130418

Thanks for clarifying Ember

No. 130427

File: 1463237166215.jpeg (80.4 KB, 750x571, image.jpeg)


>> posts this ask.fm response re the photo on the left

>> posts photo on the right about a month later, showing entire back….spine is still straight

ok Ember

No. 130430

Real fur chest wins??

No. 130431

File: 1463239839559.jpeg (114.76 KB, 640x942, image.jpeg)

Here we go..,

No. 130432

>please help me buy medical necessities from my wishlist
>btw I just spent $65 on repackaged colourpop

No. 130433

Did she even try with this one? Most people of an average weight look like this in this pose. Where's ember's trademark smudge tool? Where's the fake protruding spine? 1/10 would not recommend

No. 130436

Ember why are your "recovery boobs" so goddamn low on your body?

No. 130438

It's very upsetting that Ember is relapsing into fake anorexia. <sad face> I was looking forward to her attempting to become a beauty blogger.

No. 130439

she might do both…gotta fill the two months waiting time with something!

arent her ribs supposed to show too and arms be thinner lol

No. 130447

I know when I'm going through a mental health crisis the first thing I do is take a strategicly posed photo and tell Instagram.

Can you really relapse back into a disease you never suffered from

No. 130459

It's funny how her love handles disappear within hours. Bad PS

No. 130460

File: 1463244915884.jpeg (163.6 KB, 750x1241, image.jpeg)

The comments. As if her photos for the past month haven't hinted towards a ~*relapse*~

No. 130462

File: 1463245189541.png (952.03 KB, 640x960, image.png)

whats wrong with her lips?

No. 130463

she deleted the comment where someone told her to put her phone away lmao but of course the one in german where the girl says she wishes to look like her is still there

No. 130464

I'd love to know what the people who aren't even speaking English are telling her. Poor fools.

No. 130466

No. 130468

There was more than one comment that wasn't in English but they got deleted.

No. 130469


germanfag here.

The comment is: I wish I would look like you!
Even though I eat potatos/ rice/noodles/ every day I´m not losing weight!
And even though I do sports!
I don´t have hope anymore!
Over the last few months I gained 8 kg!
Can you please help me?

inb4 sry for shitty English

No. 130470

the second one was that the girl who wanted to look like ember looks good the way she is now
the third was telling the girl that embers sick and thats not what you should be saying to a sick person, instead she should stop being lazy and do it the healthy way

No. 130471


Lol her arm is double the size as her photoshopped waist

No. 130496

dramatic relapse picture
then one with the family lol

I hope her little sister never googles embers name, poor kid

No. 130509

If she does she will find out Ember claiming her little sister was possibly transgender!

No. 130512

too bad ember didnt jump on the fakeboi trend herself kek

No. 130520

What if Ember is gearing up to turn her little sister into her little ana sister? Ew. She's such a creep

No. 130545

where did you get that from?
doubt it, maybe if they lived together but they dont so it would be rather hard for her to manipulate her

No. 130547

Oh she didn't hint at it or anything, but I randomly remembered her old tweets saying she wants a little ana sister who looks up to her combined with her following the cheerleading accounts. I can definitely see Ember lying about her sister developing an ED though.

No. 130548

Oh my sweet fuckin Jesus does anyone have a way of taking a photo of embers snapchat because she has one of a funhouse mirror and her legs and all I could think was "dang she didn't even need to use an app"

And then she got her Kylie lip kits and can't even fill in her lips

You were givin a lip liner and you still went outside your lip line

No. 130549

File: 1463259640686.png (42.73 KB, 594x263, image.png)

No. 130552

Wtf is wrong with her?

No. 130556

this is…disturbing. even more so because it was posted 4 years ago when she was 15-16…glad her sister isnt living with her anymore

No. 130560

I just saw the snap of her with the lip kits on. How can someone be so bad at something so simple. I didn't think it was possible but her with lip color makes her already paper thin strangely twisted lips look even more non existent. Not that it helps that she makes that stupid face squishing her lips together

No. 130567


No. 130570

Ember definitely has a thing for younger girls. It's unsettling.

No. 130589

File: 1463266997730.jpg (758.61 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160514_175907.jpg)

Posted these 3 in a row and deleted already

No. 130590

Ember looks skanky. She probably smells of dust. She looks unclean. Ew!

No. 130591

Ember's mother looks younger than her.

No. 130597

Not only does she photoshop and stretch to make herself look thinner, suck in her stomach and gut, pretend to be in recovery for an illness she doesn't have, suck terribly at makeup, make the dumbest faces, has a haircut that looks like it was cut by a child with safety scissors, but she doesn't know how to match patterns either. Never has an outfit irked me so terribly.
Also we all know her face isn't shaped like that, did she just photoshop the shit out of her cellphone selfies with family before posting them just to delete them? She's got a totally different facial structure in each photo.

No. 130605


All this behaviour can't be normal or healthy. I know this generation pretends to be something better than they are in reality, but Ember takes it to a new low level. I am sure it is a personality disorder - all this faking, lying and manipulating - for what ?

No. 130607

narcissistic personality disorder

No. 130609

Oh my god you can really see the brown smudges in these photos. I can see her little sister or mom trying to wipe the make-up off her face because they think it's food or dirt or something.

I'm not a make-up person at all so I have no idea what she was trying to do? Make her cheeks look sunken in or something?

No. 130610

Yeah she was trying to contour. But instead she used something warm toned it looks like (when you're supposed to used something cool toned or something that matches the shadow that occurs on your neck naturally from your chin.) And used way too much. And applied it the wrong way. And didn't blend properly. She literally looks like she has mud on her face. She needs to work on filling in her brows properly before she moves on to the art of contouring. But it's Ember, so she's not worried about contouring properly, she just wants to look as sickly and boney as possible. After all, she's "relapsing."

No. 130611

She's trying to make it seem like she has prominent cheekbones

No. 130613

I'm usually in the camp that thinks she's reasonably attractive (judge me tbh) but whatever she's doing lately looks like shit. She's aged herself ten years.

No. 130614

she does look skanky and dirty. I want to punch her in her puckered mouth.

No. 130615

File: 1463269349608.png (565.97 KB, 953x638, 1439648580858.png)

why why why oh why does she contour her cheekbones with what looks like literal shit
and WHY does she extend it all the way to the corners of her mouth???
thought she learned from ←

No. 130617

She could be fairly cute, not stunning but certainly not hideous if she'd stop doing all this ugly trendy crap. She's aging herself horribly and her face looks like better quality leather than her jacket.

No. 130620

Honestly, I think she's been looking older and more unhealthy because she's been trying to starve herself, using lax and water pills and possibly purging. Not to mention she probably doesn't have the best diet and she smokes (I think?). People that have eating disorders or try to give themselves one (through starving, purging infrequently) over long periods of time really do age themselves and end up ruining their body.

Though, really, having an eating disorder has nothing to do with wanting to make themselves look more attractive or "better". The root of eating disorder is the need for control to help curb anxiety.

No. 130621

Weird how she has literally never lost weight in her boobs when she posts her naked photos. They haven't shrunk or sunk like they would have if she had ever lost significant amounts of weight.
I suppose its not ~tragically pretty~ enough for her so she just pretends it doesn't happen.

No. 130624


lol my 8 years old daughter can do a better job to apply make-up than Ember. Did she smear dirt on her cheek ?

No. 130630

It looks like she took the same brown eyeshadow from her eye and just drew a line on the side of her head with it.

No. 130636

File: 1463272388847.jpg (145.98 KB, 400x600, lindsay.jpg)

reminds me of pic related.. another horrible contour job

No. 130637

her fucking eyebrows what the fuck

No. 130651

her new insta video playing that god awful auto tuned to satan's ass crack song with kylie jenner in it making that god awful duck lip face though…

No. 130657

File: 1463275289318.jpg (431.59 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160514_201402.jpg)

Video shots. Her arm on the left is killing me. Not much ana there

No. 130658

Look at how hard shes sucking in her neck lol

No. 130679


FUCK Ember! Does she just NOT realise how stupid she looks? How obvious it is she's sucking in so hard? So god damn stupid.

No. 130686

File: 1463282604365.jpeg (159.42 KB, 626x945, image.jpeg)

This is disgusting. Like it grosses me out. That eyeshadow looks horrible with that lip color and both look horrible on her skintone. She really has no clue what she's doing. She probably uses those foam tip applicators that come with her .99 nyc eyeshadow.

No. 130687

Shes doing a warm eye with a cool lip and it looks so terrible, like Ember needs to at least learn make up basics if she's going to spend all her money on it!

No. 130688

Her lips #Literally look like shit.

No. 130720

someone thread her eyebrows for the love of god

No. 130721

Bottom left looks like visitation day at the retirement home. Also polite sage for samefagging, mb.

No. 130734

Lol her contour looks like a bad sideburn. It even matches her hair.

No. 130754

I showed this photo to my friend who thinks she can't do makeup saying "if you ever think you're bad at makeup, just remember you're not as bad as this"

She thought ember wasa fucking cancer patient because of how decrepit she looks
It's like she reeeeeally wants to pull off the ~dead Ana~ look that ash has covered

No. 130770

Why on earth would you put any of these images out into the world as proof of your ugliness and mental illness? Ember baffles me.

No. 130794

Her makeup genuinely offends me.
She needs to go to Sephora / Mac and get a consolation on what colour she should use to bronze. Christ.

No. 130795

File: 1463319873055.png (1 MB, 1440x2236, Screenshot_2016-05-15-08-07-12…)

I think this cow has plenty milk to offer. Has a bmi of 40 (pretty damn obese) and snaps at anyone that asks about her bmi saying "bmi isn't even real and it can't tell if someone is healthy or not" .
Her followers kiss her ass so much, they cant be serious about her looking 150??when she looks a lot more than 241.
Her HW is about 290 and shes constantly posting comparison photos begging her followers to tell her if theres a differerence,yet she's been maintaining a 15lb fluctuation for months and months now.
She's had multiple breakdowns where she threatenes to starve herself until she ~disappears~, then she'd forget about it the next day and post about b/ping or the guys she fucks(and attempts to convince them that she's pregnant).
She'll go from being hella body positive one minute then cries about people only following her cause shes a "beached whale" the next.
I dont even think shes been below 150 lbs since she was in elementary school (she was 180 in 2012 with 'ednos' and gained a whopping 110 since her 'struggle')

Her whole account is just a flowing river of lols.

No. 130796

File: 1463319956091.png (992.25 KB, 1440x2221, Screenshot_2016-05-15-08-06-56…)

I really wonder what her LW was,she still looks completely massive

No. 130797

(forgot to sage)
loving those ass kissing comments. I've never seen a bikini look more atrocious

No. 130798

File: 1463320248513.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2187, Screenshot_2016-05-15-08-47-50…)

forgot pic too wow I'm slow today

No. 130801

She looks potentially entertaining but hardly a pro-ana scumbag. Lots of people with bulimia are overweight/obese.

No. 130802

sarah's been talked about here before. she's not really a pro-ana but she's trashy as all get out, there's not much milk on her anymore

No. 130803


Eewwwww that nose

No. 130804

File: 1463321505875.jpg (98.38 KB, 530x701, IMG_20160515_090104.jpg)

I lightened it but very crappy PS

No. 130805

Shes kisses ass/is friends with all the big proanas on insta like wastingzoe,and pretends to restrict all the time when she's not b/ping.Plus she tries to do the typical pro ana poses and body check comparisons. So I feel as though she's more of a scumbag,shes not an ~ana angel- like ember but she's still not on kadee's level to where she deserves her own thread.Still very snowflakey regardless

No. 130829

File: 1463330008681.png (675.82 KB, 820x558, cryingemilystrikesback.png)

Well, look who's back…
Does anyone find it peculiar that gameswithjames or whatever the fuck his name is comments on both Lauras and Emilys posts?

No. 130830

I belong in the ground! Bad devil child Emily!

No. 130856


It's so funny how she brags about buying the Kylie lip kits when really she's just a fucking moron since it recently came out that they are literally the exact same formula as the $5 colourpop lipsticks

No. 130857

But is it the same as colorpop

No. 130860

They're not the exact same formula as >>130856 said. But they are very, very similar.
The Kylie lip kits are bullshit, the Colourpop lippies use the exact same ingredients and still make profit while selling their products for $6. The same manufacturer actually lists Colourpop and Kylie cosmetics on their page, and it's owned by the same people that came up with Colourpop.
So why some people still don't believe they're virtually the same is far beyond me, I hope they enjoy being ripped off just to look cool for owning something with Kylie's name on it.

No. 130864

these double negatives are killing me

No. 130869

File: 1463345985343.jpeg (625.99 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

No. 130873

she looks like she lost weight

No. 130881

She's definitely there for BED.

No. 130884


Yep, she's definitely lost weight. Obviously she didn't have access to binge food.

No. 130886

File: 1463350854385.jpeg (106.74 KB, 750x581, image.jpeg)

little weird that this person sent a letter, it was returned and they sent it again and it still hasn't been received? There's another comment above that of someone else asking if she got their letter and she didn't even respond.

No. 130892

File: 1463351902287.jpg (166.65 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

combined with kadee's thread we are all collectively whale watching as well.

Also yes she has definitely lost weight - that binge eating treatment!

No. 130895

how long has Kelly been in treatment for?

No. 130896

She's been there since around April 1st ironically enough…. April Fools Day.

No. 130933

You think they explained to her she actually had BED? Or they're just letting her think she has atypical anorexia or whatever she thought.

No. 130938

i feel really mean for wanting to laugh at those signs. because ive been the girl making those signs too. but if i saw kelly in chiptole i'd die laughing inside

No. 130967

What drugs do I have to avoid to not end up looking like Ember?

No. 130969

>You dont look any more than 150!

What an insult to people who really are 150..

No. 130972

It's no different than telling a 60-year-old woman that she doesn't look a day over 30. It's not meant to be an insult to 30-year-olds, and nobody actually believes that the old lady looks 30. It's just a nice thing to say.

No. 130977

File: 1463382622129.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.2 KB, 1078x1245, W3r6mi7.jpg)

>this is my food baby and her name is tacos real talk tho: recovery bloat happens. it's normal. it doesn't mean you gained weight from one meal, it just means that your body needs time to process what you put in it. it's not the end of the world to look bloated after a normal-sized meal. it happens. by morning, you'll be back to your normal size and have the energy to actually get through your day without 90000 cups of coffee. embrace your food baby, all it means is that you're healing :)

So Jenna posted a picture of her "food baby" recovery bloat… but to me it does not look like bloat but a chubby stomach? Isn't bloat normally round and hard? Her stomach looks soft and like it's chub.

No. 130978

And she keeps tagging both bulimiarecovery and anorexiarecovery lol. Which is it Jenna? (When she reads this she will probably start tagging only anorexia)

No. 130986

I guess I can kind of see bloat, but looking at her back, it's also fat. If she is bloated, it's minor as fuck.

Neither, really. She's as much of a liar as any of them, and it'd be "disorderedeatingrecovery" at most.

No. 130988

dat shine doe
her forehead is like the sun I can't look at it directly

No. 130989

It doesn't look like a big bloat but its a bloat all the same. The stomach is distended in a slight downwards slope, but there arent any rolls or folds, which would be there if it was just chub.

Looks less like a recovery bloat and more like a normal person bloat though, and that's kind of suspect since she claims to purge daily. If her stomach is used to being stretched and emptied constantly it's not going to process food very well, but she looks like the average person at the end of the day.

No. 130991

That distension right above her pants is chub. A chubby stomach doesn't have rolls unless you're morbidly obese. I have some fat on my stomach and I have the same distension. I don't think she's fat or anything, but in the picture there's no recovery bloat, only some chub combined with a small amount of normal person bloat. Her hashtag that she looks 7 months pregnant is stupid and offensive to anybody actually experiencing recovery bloat.
I experienced the dreaded recovery bloat for months and I actually did look pregnant (I had family members ask me if I'm pregnant) and my stomach was round. She probably saw someone else post a recovery bloat pictures and wanted to get headpats for being #brave and relatable

No. 130992

File: 1463389921421.jpg (53.12 KB, 298x460, VC7mhEx.jpg)

Here is a picture of actual recovery bloat (the person is missymiller)

No. 130999

She is 100% being treated for BED she's so much less round than she was before

No. 131003

learn 2 reading comprehension, i literally said it was a normal person's bloat.

No. 131010

Yes, and I agreed with you

No. 131014

Wtf is a recovery bloat? You're just bloated. Adding the term "recovery" in front of it doesn't mean jack shit

No. 131015

File: 1463403098667.jpg (135 KB, 532x752, IMG_20160516_073953.jpg)

Posted and deleted immediately. I guess she's giving up, again

No. 131017

File: 1463404226211.jpg (1.09 MB, 2576x1932, 20160516_150608.jpg)

is GED something like "matura"?
an exam you take after you finish HS?

also, who's that girl on the right?

No. 131018

GED is a type of diploma you can get instead of a high school diploma by taking an exam.

No. 131019

GED is a test you take to get a diploma for people that dropped out of High School.

No. 131020

File: 1463405496669.png (2.96 MB, 1440x2194, Screenshot_2016-05-16-08-25-26…)

No. 131021

Recovery bloat is extreme bloating that happens when people recovering from restrictive eating disorders start eating normal food and serving sizes again and it is pretty painful. It's a lot more extreme than "normal" bloating.

No. 131022

Jenna made her IG private, guess she's still lurking on her "break"

No. 131023

File: 1463405597905.png (829.42 KB, 1440x1631, Screenshot_2016-05-16-08-29-25…)

I wonder if her friends ask her why she never smiles in photos

No. 131025

guess theres no need to screenshot her snapchat anymore lol

No. 131026

To add to the anons, you can choose to get a GED when you haven't graduated from high school. Iirc, it's done through community colleges.

No. 131027

File: 1463406240122.jpg (638.23 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160516_083550.jpg)

Left is Embers post. Right is new bff's posts

No. 131028

I sure hope Ember's face isnt really this lopsided.

No. 131029

Oh my fucking god her face is so chubby when she doesn't suck in her cheeks that's hilarious

No. 131030

i guess that bottom right picture explains why she's always sucking in her cheeks lmao

No. 131031

Holy shit kek. Her friend trying to learn the suck in duck face shit

No. 131034

dirty grandma

No. 131035

man this pisses me off more than it should

No. 131036

she looks nicer in the upper picture on the right than her own, less dirty


No. 131045

Ember has chubby cheeks, no wonder she sucks in all the time.

No. 131058

File: 1463417504207.png (410.38 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Nice recovery Ember. Does your doctor know?

No. 131062

she's gone full Wintergirls

No. 131065

shes finally putting some effort into something…which could damage her health…how smart

No. 131066

lol did Jenna finish taking a shit and then post a selfie??? she posted a "recovery bloat" photo on her old lord–swoledemort blog and in the caption I remember her bitching about girls in recovery posting a "bloated" selfie where their stomach was small. basically Jenna was pissed because she thought we should "normalize the big bloated belly" selfies. Don't worry Jenna, you might have deleted it but I remember it

It was 100% a vagueblog post directed at another recovery blogger whose bloat photo wasn't "bloaty" enough for Jenna. everything is a contest and Jenna wants so desperately to be the smallest. guess what: you're not!

No. 131068

>everything is a contest
and even though Jenna is the only one playing, she's still losing. How pathetic

No. 131069

she could have a chance at recovering if she stayed off of tumblr but she never will

No. 131070

tbh I think ember's eating disorder is much more severe than jennas and that's saying something.

No. 131074

Yeah, same. Ember's even better at faking it. Jenna's constantly trying to convince us that she's sick when she's not, like claiming that it's okay that she can't fast because anorexics must be faking it anyway.
Whereas Ember realizes that laxatives are cheap, so why not get some and take a picture.

Sage because I hate myself for saying this and making Ember cream her pants, but I hate Jenna more.

No. 131082

Doesn't bloat occur in the lower tummy though…? K

No. 131083

lmao no… with real "recovery bloat" like >>130992 you can still see the person's bones sticking out because the bloating only occurs in the lower stomach. Jenna stop making excuses for how chubby you are.

No. 131085


She believes she burned off 500kcal that means Starbucks is close…

No. 131086

she probably snapped this pic after someone else hopped off the machine lmao

No. 131093

Did Ember minorly edit her friend's features to be slightly uglier?

No. 131095

>tfw ur friend sucks her cheeks in better than you even though you've been practicing for years

No. 131096

File: 1463422515212.jpg (897.94 KB, 1512x1512, Instasize_0516141122.jpg)

This is what anorexia recovery does to you.

No. 131099

Is this bitch for real? kek

No. 131105

File: 1463424655806.jpeg (80.8 KB, 750x1074, image.jpeg)

Is the account she tagged one of y'all?
Either way it's funny because there's ONE photo that was restretched yet she says that all the pictures are photoshopped to make her look bigger. And all the photos are ones from here, lmao

No. 131106

It's probably Emily.

No. 131107

File: 1463424966963.jpeg (81.21 KB, 750x1222, image.jpeg)

God, here we go. Asspats up ahead

No. 131109

Wouldnt surprise me if she did it herself

No. 131110

definitely self done. She needed a reason to 'relapse'

No. 131111

File: 1463425200420.jpeg (51.61 KB, 750x986, image.jpeg)

Was she private before? Fuckin ember. Probably told the girl to put her page on private so people don't harass her when really she doesn't want everyone seeing her un-edited mug

No. 131112

Ember must be feeding her some delicious lies.

No. 131113

>>fake photoshop
So people not only create hate account about her and her friends but they also Photoshop her pics for her. OK Ember

No. 131114

> push her into commiting suicide


No. 131116

Notice how both Ember and the 'bully' account have both gone silent?

No. 131118

The bully account has been up for like a year. And just today deleted all the previous pictures and now post these new ones. Interesting

No. 131119

How can you tell its been up a year?

No. 131120

guys don't crucify me but i think we should leave this girl alone.. she seems to be doing a lot better/becoming more self aware??? she's a far cry from kadee, and i'm proud of her for losing weight. i don't think she'll provide as much milk as the spoony hambeast queen idk

No. 131121

Hey Ember

No. 131122

It's interesting that she's crying bullying when she runs @communitydrama on IG which is just bitchy shit about some girl. Remember on her ask.fm someone asked her to unblock her from @communitydrama? I'm surprised she kept that one up tbh.

It's all gossip girl xoxo type shit that Ember seems to favour.

No. 131123

Because I was already following it

No. 131125

It had zero followers when it followed me sooooooooo… Hi Ember :)

No. 131126

Maybe I'm confusing it with Emberwhannabe

No. 131127

try actually clicking the link to see what post is being referenced before you make yourself look dumb.

I agree, we should leave ppl alone if they're genuinely recovering

No. 131129

File: 1463428551588.jpeg (110.46 KB, 512x1024, image.jpeg)

She's so fucking stupid I swear.

No. 131130

She takes xanax? Doesnt she drink alcohol like every week

No. 131135

guess just smoking weed isnt cool anymore so she switched to pills

No. 131136

melodramatic pictures of a handful of pills are so fucking pathetic
ember is a histrionic, manipulative twat who never matured past the age of 14.
I thought she might be doing something responsible for once in her life by studying for a GED but unfortunately she's just thirsty for asspats from teenagers on instagram.

No. 131137

File: 1463429766406.jpeg (385.98 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Anyone else think it might be jolty doing this?

No. 131139

i still think jolty is the biggest troll of all time, but I doubt she's a farmer (other than lurking)

No. 131140

I also somehow hoped she finally pulled her shit together a lil bit with the GED and "beauty" blogging, but nope, same shit all over again.
Thats why she'll never have real followers (or above the age of 15), no one thats past 17-19+ or whatever wants to hear you bitch and moan how hard your life is

No. 131141

I actually think jolto desperately wants to be anorexic, be a spoonie or anything else that would get her attention.

No. 131154

File: 1463433276842.jpeg (284.01 KB, 1024x826, image.jpeg)

"I stopped promoting it and stopped posting it"
That's a bold thing to say after posting how many calories you fucking burned not even a few hours ago, and a couple of days ago posting a b&w picture trying to show off your bones.

And then conveniently deleted them before posting this long ass stupid rant so you don't look like a dumbass to all your followers who lick your asshole.

cant wait until she looks like a hypocrite in a week or two by posting more proed shit and then deleting this post.

No. 131155

They definitely aren't xanax unless it's off brand. She's fucking stupid.I'd look up the pill ID but it's hard to make out

No. 131156

File: 1463433546758.png (203.38 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

How is she a bartender at 19 years old.
And don't you need a license? I mean that's how it is in California. Unless she's doing it under the table, in that case she's a fuckin idiot for blabbing it on social media

No. 131157

File: 1463433643778.png (228.9 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 131158

Those are .25mg xanax. So they're real, but they're the weakest ones prescribed.

No. 131160

Basically, they're the "take it and shut up" Xanax prescription.

No. 131163

literally..I weigh just over 150 and look half her size..lol!

No. 131164

is someone harassing her family? lol

No. 131165

The only person harassing Ember's family is Ember.

No. 131166

File: 1463435723728.jpeg (252.55 KB, 750x1280, image.jpeg)

turtl.ed's personal account. I didn't know you needed expensive bath shit in order to literally just take a bath

No. 131168

Can she not just put some dish soap in the tub for bubbles and use candles like a regular person?

No. 131169

dish soap is so bad for your vajay tho

No. 131173

Bath bombs can be as cheap as 1€ if you don't get them at Lush and there's lots of cheap things to add to baths that make them bubbly and smell nice. She's probably hoping for gifts or donations. She's asking for donations on the recovery owls account now.

No. 131174

File: 1463436476502.jpeg (109.06 KB, 1536x466, image.jpeg)

Look Jolt, I know you'll see this since lol is your personal anorexia/attention whore directory. I would seriously quit while you're ahead (if you want to call it that) whether you are a farmer or just a serious lurker you need to stop, you need help and you need to stop fuelling all of these people that are talked about. you think you're cute and smart and you clearly think your witty, but really what you are, is autistic and thirsty and sad. I understand that HMV doesn't really pay much or probably give you enough hours to stay off the Internet, so, seriously get a hobby you're a sick individual who clearly needs help. You act like what you do isn't a big deal, but it's a cry for help in its own right. You're fucked. Face it. I wouldn't doubt it if you thought you were either a clever troll or some kind of inter web super hero, but you're not and I'm secondhand embarrassed for you.. Damn.

No. 131175

a bath bomb definitely has a better chance of giving you a UTI or something than a little bit of dish soap

No. 131176


Or if you were homeschooled in some cases.

GED isn't always a bad thing, some people have circumstances leading to them not being able to finish HS. (

No. 131178

Maybe I'm just sensitive, I get UTIs from almost everything; I have to rinse off after a bath really well or I'll be into the ER in the next few days

No. 131179

she is probably being paid under the table. I'm not from California but I took bar tending training as a minor. Did need to wait until I was 18 to get licensed to serve the alcohol though, so maybe it's the same way there.

No. 131180

In ME you have to be 21 to be able to do anything with booze here.

No. 131181

I think it might be anywhere in the US requires you to be 21 if you work with alcohol. Because 21 is the legal drinking age

No. 131182

lulz emily "broke her ribs" OK ??

No. 131183

Ember is likely lying about being a bartender, or else she works somewhere really sketchy.

No. 131184

File: 1463437196390.jpeg (224.48 KB, 750x1191, image.jpeg)

She claims lmfao
The comment under hers
>how can anyone be so hurtful
>I literally want to kill them

Fighting fire w/ fire lmfao

No. 131185

Yeah I saw that, does anyone know what the fuck was supposedly happening?

No. 131186

Your samefag is showing

No. 131187

File: 1463437261586.jpg (1008.52 KB, 2000x2000, PicMonkey Collage.jpg)

No. 131189

Ember needs to look up "anatomy of an apology." You describe what you did wrong, who it hurt, why it hurt, and you promise not to do it again.

No. 131192


She just works at a catering company. Idk about NY but you just have to be over 18 to get your pouring license here

No. 131193

Re bar-tending:

You have to be 21 to serve/pour alcohol. However most places don't really care tbh. Both my brother's (under 21) serve alcohol occasionally. It's not their job, but if the actual bartender isn't right there, they'll do it.

No. 131197

File: 1463438092393.png (210.26 KB, 599x624, emberwhannstotalk.png)

Maybe I'm just autistic, but this sounds almost genuine to me.

No. 131199

I'm going to email her just one scanned piece of paper with sharpie on it saying


No. 131201

so edgy!!!! i am In Awe Of U

No. 131202

thx i try

No. 131203


She's not serious because the second someone comments to stop posting pictures of her clavicle and her legs she will delete it

No. 131204

Well now she's going to be expecting it.

No. 131211

Genuine my ass. I left her countless asks saying how she going back on recovery and it's really bad to post things like that to impressionable people especially w/out a trigger warning in her bio. Basically acting like a concerned follower. Ignored & blocked

No. 131221

that's hysterical considering she once made a really edgy post about "stressed out so im taking twice my xanax perscription" as if .5mg is a big deal

No. 131223

File: 1463441422084.png (466.58 KB, 534x541, 2016-05-16 18.29.47.png)

She said running and tripped down a hill

No. 131224

Same exact shit happened to me today,in the original twitter rant photo she tagged me in it and once i commented it was deleted and I was blocked.I left 3 asks,not one reply. so much for "say it to my face" ember lmao

No. 131225

Nobody cares, Emily.

No. 131226

the OP of the next thread should say
>no crocker posting

No. 131230

That bandaid on her face. Lmao. Go away, Emily.

No. 131231

She's a chronic liar. What she can do is get off the internet and decide to do something with her life besides peddling her pro ana shit.

No. 131240

It's all a fuckin front to act like a pathetic victim to her followers. "Please stop bullying me and pushing me to relapse & suicide"

You fucking did this to yourself

No. 131244

Yeah nobody is obligated to feel any sympathy towards her. If there was some alternate universe where she really was genuine about not being pro ana any more she'd still be getting absolutely nothing from me.

No. 131252

Ember is the shallowest person I've ever had the misfortune of coming across. There is literally nothing inside of her. I wonder if she has ever had aspirations for the future.

No. 131253

Her whole 'pushing me to suicide' schtick is basically a poorly executed guilt trip towards farmers and others who call her out and it doubles as a kind of call-to-arms for whiteknights to come and bump up their own self esteem by protecting a fellow retard.
Everyone knows and privately acknowledges that she isn't suicidal or even depressed; she is just making empty threats and melodramatic pictures.
Its not even uncommon. Its like a little kid pretending to be sick to stay home from school because the teacher is mean.

No. 131259

ember- you need to change her name and get off social media if you want anyone to "leave you alone." that's what you get for being scummy in the past - even if you claim to not be pro-ana anymore, there are consequences to your actions. even if you're sorry about something, that doesn't make it "okay". you get all your validation from social media. that's a recipe for misery.

also you follow/promote little girls who are developing eating disorders and by so doing encourage their behaviors/promote them to other underage girls. your thinspo poses and laxative posts and neck tensing is toooo much. the second you stop taking thinspo poses/making non-tw posts about relapses, people will cut you some slack.

accounts with fewer followers and who are private, i understand if they're relapsing and want to reach out for help. but you have thousands of followers (though i'm not sure how many are purchased), many of them underage, to whom you are BROADCASTING black and white thinspo-esque pictures of your back and your legs and collarbones and triggering things like calories burned/taking more medication that has been prescribed to you. not for the eyes of underaged KIDS who are not mentally well.

you need to realize that you can't keep habits from your eating disorder and carry them into recovery (i'm in recovery myself & this is a hard realization). you can't be "recovered" or hell even "IN recovery" and be posting pictures of your thigh gap all bent over and tensing up your neck so we can see every bone in your thorax/head/neck. that is not recovery. i understand that nobody's perfect. but you need to take a step back and see if you want to commit to recovery, and you need to look at how your actions are affecting people who look up to you.

(sorry everyone for the wall of text/incoherency i'm just very angry)

No. 131261

I get the distinct impression that the majority, if not all, of her followers are just humoring her in hopes that some of that attention wears off on them and they gain more followers because of it.

No. 131264

sage bc sorry about typos i'm extra heated
i know ember's going to read this since she lurks here so often so sorry for this melodramatic post im cringing at myself

No. 131270

Chill, Jessica.

No. 131272

aren't you witty.

No. 131276

dear god.
>i'm nOT pro ana :(((
sage for old milk but if you ever have the time scroll through @embersrecoveryfanart it's hilarious

No. 131297

File: 1463451838986.png (465.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Little miss ember Allen Poe ember Allen plagiarized her little poem up there and still managed to fuck up the ending

It's not even that good to begin with.

No. 131301

wasn't even worth stealing

No. 131303

File: 1463453334382.png (281.63 KB, 1011x618, Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 6.52…)

dropped pic

No. 131304

It looks like Ember is trying to copy Isa (euo's) 'style' of journaling that she probably learned from being in treatment (?) with her girlfriend.

No. 131305

see https://vimeo.com/134263528 for what anon is talking about
(OT but i think she's a really good example of someone in recovery who uses their platform to spread awareness)

No. 131311

Ok, so idk where you're coming from, but as long as everyone follows site rules, nothing will happen. That means that can need contact cows/snowflakes or people in their lives.
Simply discussing this cow is going to do fuck all. It's when you piddly little asshats contact them/interfere in their lives that shit happens.

No. 131313

If I remember correctly, she has already been banned for being underage and posting in the Trashley thread. So she definitely lurks.

No. 131314

you could stop promoting eating disorders, stop taking proana body check photos, stop trying to be a public figure for 14 year old girls to aspire to have an eating disorder, stop glamorizing mental illness, stop desperately seeking out attention, stop posing images of your fucking pill bottles.. oh ember, the things you need to stop doing

No. 131317

'repost from wonderful.bones'
but you're not proana , right ember?

No. 131321

Anon is moralfagging because Kelly is "getting better".

No. 131323

dumbass. gtfo

No. 131324

yeah because everyone in this thread has SUCH a good track record for staying in their lane
>contacting cows' friends and family
>contacting cows' doctors
>contacting cows' employers
>straight up contacting cows

No. 131325

this is a thread for attention seeking and I don't really see her as attention seeking. how old is kelly even? if she's under 18 I feel like she's off limits. her parents and doctors tell her what to think. how would she know any better? she's not in the same category as ember or jenna. other than calling her fat, which is redundant, there's no milk here

No. 131326

File: 1463460390926.png (107.2 KB, 1018x264, Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.4…)


No. 131327

person who brought it up right here & that's exactly what i was trying to say (also didn't think of the underage part so good point)

No. 131329

She's 17. Why would Kelly be off limits and not someone like cryingemily, who is 16?

No. 131331

Has that tw always been in her bio or did she just add that after another anon mentions she gives off no trigger warning?

No. 131332

idk because I don't talk about cryingemily and I don't follow her. I think it's wrong to publicly drag minors on here idk maybe there should be a separate thread. either way I'm not talking abt kelly or anyone else who's under 18 and not actively harming other people

No. 131333

I think she just added it.

No. 131334

How old are you, if I may ask?

No. 131335

No. 131336

This was really nice. I enjoyed it

No. 131337


Top fucking kek, oh my god

No. 131367

yeah i really like her.
also apparently something she does on her blog is whenever she tws a post, she adds a bunch of random numbers after it (e.g #tw ed 75839) so people can't access a general #tw ed tag to purposefully trigger themselves or browse triggering content (if that makes sense). i have a lot of respect for her

No. 131401

I wonder if anyone is even going to bother to contact her on any of these since shell probably ignore 80% of the messagess that contain a negative word.

No. 131431

So I took Ember's invite to talk to her. Let's see what she says…. And or how long it takes to block my ghost account.

No. 131432

mind sharing what you told her?

tbh i feel like if its not direct asslicking she wont bother to reply

No. 131446

No offense, but I hope you know to wipe from front to back. Some girls are never taught by their parents how to properly wipe, and it never occurs to them that they might be doing it wrong, so they have chronic UTIs because they keep smearing shit particles all over their urethral opening.

No. 131449

Nope. Most states allow people under the age of 21 to be bartender. Over half the states have a minimum age of just 18.

No. 131453

File: 1463497554385.png (671.89 KB, 640x960, image.png)


Not even 24h passed

No. 131471

File: 1463500238042.jpeg (224.73 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpeg)

Awh she was mean and now my feelings are hurt by the pitiful little Ember :( So clearly she only want people with a personal problem to message her. Let me know if you can't read the messages well. I tried to edit them together so I wouldn't clog the thread.

No. 131473

She can't take any criticism can she?

> daily harass my family, friends and employe

ughhh, doubt it.

I'm surprised she didn't change her name yet

No. 131474

>invitation to address my actions
i think you did that pretty succinctly

although i am curious, is anyone on here willing to admit to "daily" harassment or is that a total exaggeration? i do remember farmers calling her work and emailing her doctor's office that she was taking pictures. but that was a couple of months ago

tbh i would be surprised if someone were really doing all these things, every day, and not posting about it here. anyone care to come clean or is she just pulling this out of her butthole

No. 131475

File: 1463500899520.png (371.13 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 131476

who would have the time to harass so many people daily? lol
We all know it did happen a few times, but it's most likely not on a daily basis.

someone would need a massive hate boner

No. 131477

She blocked me. Oh well. I actually said she was pretty and that she could make a life for herself if she gave up the bullshit. Guess that makes me a cunt. Oh well have fun lurking here Ember. I myself have never wanted to interact with Ember's personal life. I just follow her and her stupidity.

No. 131480

not surprised.
wonder how many messages she actually got

No. 131481

kek true.
i guess the only person with a massive love/hate boner that big is ember herself
well you tried, i don't think she really wanted whatever she asked about in her original post

No. 131482

Definitely an exaggeration.

No. 131484

Yeah like the whole rest of her life. Lol

No. 131485

Maybe she thought that no one would dare to talk to her "face to face"

wonder if shell make an update on the whole situation. probably not.

No. 131487

File: 1463502475196.jpeg (151.97 KB, 646x1024, image.jpeg)

Lmao I thought she was going to at least wait a week or two before making herself look like a hypocrite but guess i was wrong. First post is still up btw which I find hilarious

No. 131488

Wasn't she around for that diagram that said if Barbie was a real person she wouldn't survive because he body is so disproportionate? Like Ember you do know you have organs and you ARE NOT that skinny. Kek level 1000

No. 131489

by the amount of thinspo she looked at youd think shed knew what an anorexic person looks like

No. 131494

File: 1463503437620.jpeg (189.72 KB, 699x1140, image.jpeg)

Ended up getting blocked, oh well.

No. 131495

File: 1463503476974.jpeg (133.93 KB, 640x1028, image.jpeg)

I commented with a sock account on embers plagiarized journal entry poem picture giving the poet credit and she literally had the comment deleted and my
Sick blocked within a minute. And still hasn't credited the poet. What a cunt.

No. 131498

Has anybody actually contacted the original poet to let her know someone stole her work?

No. 131499

i sent her a message on tumblr

No. 131500

this is the same shit argument every pro ana uses ffs

i bet thats the "daily" harassment she talks about lol

No. 131501

*Call me out on my shit so I can block you so my 14 year old ~Ana soldiers~ don't know I'm dull trash* Ember doesn't have a creative bone in her body. No matter how many she photoshops to show.

No. 131503

I left a comment on her instagram

No. 131505

File: 1463504088495.png (344.13 KB, 1274x650, Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.5…)

This instagram user doesn't even exist, what is she trying to prove?

No. 131509

its prob old or she made a fake account to send those to her self

No. 131510

She tagged them, they changed the name. It's the same person as >>131494 I would assume. Even though you claim to have been blocked…

No. 131512

Ah, I didn't notice that looking on desktop. I'm all for calling her out on her utter bullshit but "You're a fat vile human…" and "Go hang yourself" is a little excessive.

No. 131513

File: 1463504428126.jpeg (155.68 KB, 640x981, image.jpeg)

She had a lolawyer.

Because she's not poor trash and can afford a cyber bully lawyer

No. 131516

Emily, didn't you do the exact same thing? Gtfo

No. 131517

>a random child from a gossip site

a site where she starts threads about herself to be vicious about herself and also make threads about someone who considered her her friend. Hmm.

No. 131520

I'm not even close to being Emily, she's a fat cunt just like ember.

No. 131522

Consequences will never be the same, cyber police etc.

No. 131523

File: 1463504922809.png (62.96 KB, 620x340, Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.07…)

I have the hardest time believing anybody was making death threats towards her innocent little sister, who has absolutely nothing to do with Ember's shit.

No. 131527

did someone really leak her adress once or is it all bs?

she really wants those pity points

No. 131529

I love that ember files copyright claims left and right on tumblr yet she straight up stole someone's work and posted it as her own.

No. 131530

Her and I are not even a year apart and she obviously lurks so she just shot herself down with that one.

No. 131532

Lol death threats towards her sister. Sure. When everybody here said they feel sorry for her sister.

No. 131535

She should change her name to "PityPatsForEmber"

No. 131536

It's like she's copying the ostrenga's life and posting it as her own lmao. At least Kiki & kota never waved around their "hate" Mail like it was some sort of medal

No. 131537

It's funny how everything she claims is being done to her, she is doing, has done and will do to others.

No. 131538

She deleted that after it was posted here saying the user doesn't exist ?

No. 131539

File: 1463505743472.png (456.07 KB, 640x960, image.png)

No. 131541

WTF is wrong with her neck?!

No. 131542

i cant

No. 131544

I clicked it and found the user though…

No. 131545

>>you win

No. 131547


No. 131550

gone, all of it

No. 131551

That's still of Snapchat though… I saw the tear and cringed so hard.

No. 131552

Tears from her eyedrops trying to get the red out from smoking all day before going to work.

No. 131561

No. 131563

tbh at this point i think she just had a crappy day and wanted some pity but it backfiered

No. 131605

File: 1463508141637.png (350.89 KB, 638x483, ew1.png)

yup, she's definitely latching on to isa

No. 131615

I love how she's straining her neck to promote a book by a girl who doesn't mention weights or do thinspo shots because she tries to avoid triggering people.

Why do all the pron-anas do the neck thing anyway? They do realise that the things that stick out aren't bones, right?

No. 131616

Why is her "business" e-mail embersrecovery? If I were her, I wouldn't want my illness tied to my career. I feel a bit sorry for her sometimes because she's damned herself. If she somehow managed to become a writer or an artist or whatever she's trying to be, she's got a pile of bullshit just following her around. She's not even 20 and she's already got way too much crap on the internet.

No. 131617

she uses "business" to mean "contact me so I can promo your products"

No. 131618

I actually believe that if she would just leave social media for a year or two it would really help her in more ways than one. Ideally she shouldn't use social media at all, but if she's trying to be a writer or artist or whatever she kind of has to. She just needs to really take a long break and allow people to move on and forget all about her. Same with Emily as well.

No. 131619

Does Ember have real emotions? I don't think she has anything inside of her, except smugness.

No. 131622

She could help herself so easily. She provides all the shit people have on her and a break from it would make it all dry up. All of the truthblogs, PULL and lolcow would just look like petty bitching from a long time ago to an employer and I doubt they'd care enough to sort through it all to find the facts. If she stopped providing fresh milk, she could easily shrug it all off. It's sad that she's so addicted to social media asspats that she won't just ditch it. If she fucked off of instagram she'd be able to focus on her recovery and whatever random pursuit she's picked up.

No. 131623

Posting your journal entries on social media kind of defeats the purpose of having a journal in the first place.
But then again the journal was probably just for asspats.

No. 131624

She could also try a cresh start with a different name/last name etc.

Bet shes writing all of this in her "book of shadows" lol

No. 131632

Y'all really need to leave the poor girl alone. There's really no reason to be doing all of this. If she personally pissed you off once or twice or thrice before just fucking get over it. Instead y'all are all acting immature as hell. Who comes on the internet to shit talk a 19 year old? That's just embarrassing . This is pathetic as hell. I don't even know this ember chick but even if she was hitler y'all are just going overboard.

No. 131633

Go away hood rat

No. 131635

I usually come here for laughs and at first this ember drama was hilarious but now you've just beaten it to death. There plenty other people to talk about. Just live this girl alone and find someone else to fuck with. It's gotten to the point where y'all criticize her for posting part of her journal ? Seriously?! Y'all fuckers are dumb as hell and need to find some new entertainment

No. 131636

I'd hope you put your email in as a joke, but I have this bad feeling you didn't. Highbulimic, since you're always asking, you look to be around 300 pounds.

No. 131637

It says highbulimlc. The highbulimic said highbulimlc is not her.

No. 131639

Wrong chick u fuckin dumbasses. I'm the optimized version. +Idgaf what u have to say about me cuz I already know I'm mother fucking the shit. This ember girl is begging for u people to stop. Leave her be until she does something personally to piss you off. N ember since you read this take a damn break from the Internet before you make ur self go crazy

No. 131641

Whoops. Oh well.

Ember can take care of her own damn self. If she really wanted us to stop, she's stop repetitively doing the same things that set us off each time. She knows what she's doing, and it's all on purpose. Stop falling for it like a moron.

No. 131642


No. 131645

I highly doubt she's cool with people calling her job to get her fired n contact people she knows irl to tell them how horrible she was. I'm not standing up for her I'm just letting y'all now how fucking pathetic you idiots are. She's not doing shit to piss y'all off. Just doing things We see every other Ana and Mia retard do. Y'all are nitpicking the most ridiculous things for what? If she wants to be stupid let her be stupid but fucking with her to the point where's she's beggin? Damn okay y'all win already congratulations, you win absolutely fucking nothing but enjoyment over it. Give the girl some mercy

No. 131647

>> criticize her journal
Because she fucking stole that shit. If she would Stop stealing, stop bullying and stop lying to children and we might leave her alone.

No. 131649

The people she started hate pages about begged her to stop too. KARMA

No. 131653

She made my life a living hell for MONTHS. She made a hate page about me and sent her pathetic little minions to send me hate and report all my accounts. She tried to make out I was bullying/stalking her when in reality it was HER doing it to ME. Yet you expect me to leave her alone because she's 'begged' once? Fuck off. She never left me alone after I asked her countless times.

No. 131657

Yeah she was a fucked up person at one point in time. So how long are you going to be salty for? A year? Two years? Rest of your life? Are you okay with being 40 and still coming to this shit site to add to the insults. I think you all made a point enough that she won't do stupid shit like that anymore… And if she happens to screw you again then have at it and continue to roast her ass. Give her a break and wait till she does something again to personally piss you off.

No. 131658


>>131653< this happened to me within the past few weeks, I still get people sending shit to my tumblr and ask. So fuck off, you don't know half the horrible shit she does

No. 131660

Can we get this autistic cunt temp banned thx

No. 131661

Fucking get over it. You bitches are so fucking emotional it's disguising. You are aBout to be salty for the rest of your life go ahead. You want to wake up everyday being pissed and thinking of new ways to get back at her go ahead. Or you could say fuck her I'm a boss ass bitch and don't need to stoop to her level (or past in in your case).

No. 131662

get to fuck you stupid fat cunt. We can talk about whoever we want here. Maybe if she wasnt such an autistic twat we wouldnt drag her all the time.

No. 131664

File: 1463514821043.png (8.68 KB, 275x177, 1460475305505.png)

She can always delete her social media

No. 131666

Banned for what? Speaking the truth? Making you realize how fucking idiotic Nd pathetic u actually are? Calling you out on your stupid shit..? Nah I'm not going anywhere(you are retarded)

No. 131667

>>131662 of course you can… Enjoy your misery :).

No. 131668

It's getting autistic in here. I can almost see the spectrum.

No. 131669

These comments are not from the same people dumbass

No. 131670

Speaking of angry autists claiming they're never leaving, did that big girl who rode the horses with the dead child ever come back?

No. 131671

anon, don't trigger her

No. 131674

What? Big girl on a horse with dead children?

No. 131675

>>131669 wow no shit?!

And Please come up with something better than calling me autistic? Autism insults are for white people.

No. 131677

sounds like a renaissance painting

No. 131681

Yeah, she came to defend one of the fat anas I thiiiiink, and was all 'come for me if you need someone to pick on!' and spammed the thread to fuck and claimed she didn't care about her dead child. In one of the last 3 threads I think if you want to look for it.

Someones gonna need to make this happen.

No. 131684

yup she claimed turtle.ed/detoxifi.ed helped her through the death of her daughter. (who might not have been her daughter?) she was literally posting gibberish for a while

No. 131685

>'come for me if you need someone to pick on!'
Why do people do this to themselves?

No. 131688

>white people
>is native
Try again, autie.

No. 131690

in general, i don't know - in this case, this woman claimed to have lupus or something and be dying and dgaf, so she spends precious moments on earth shitposting

No. 131692

Found it, thread 10.
First post here >>118485

No. 131693

Legit question for you. How come you pretended to be Laura for a while, and why are you now pretending to be highbulimic? That's kind of creepy.

No. 131695


Autism-chan has a fat brown girl fetish

No. 131696

She doesn't have a dead child. She's 23 and she claimed that last year, her daughter committed suicide. Bull fucking shit

No. 131698

Anyway, Ember posted on snapchat another math related pic. Maybe shes still trying to get that GED

No. 131700

is Starbucks an emotion?

No. 131731

A bit OT, but Crying Emily is 17. Don't make her younger than she is, she likes that

No. 131732

Unfortunately for ember the poet she stole her journal entry from gets 20,000+ notes on each poem. She's now aware that ember plagiarized from her and she's taking action and reporting ember. Fingers crossed this finally gets ember deleted. She would probably have to be hospitalized if she lost all those followers she paid for.

No. 131734

Sure, high bulimic. You're a trashy drug addict and you're fat. You're fucking obese. You're a disgusting whale. How does it feel to know that every time you walk down the street, people are looking at you and are disgusted by what they see? How does it feel to know that when you're in a grocery store people are judging you, asking why you're even there if you're so fat already? You eat your feelings and try to pretend you're happy with yourself, but you're just overcompensating. You're taking embers side because you hope that if we stop talking about her, we will stop talking about you too. It's not going to happen. You're uneducated, classless, and fat– and the only way a boy could ever love you is if you lost 150 pounds and then wore a paper bag over your face so he wouldn't have to see you.

And if you're not high bulimic, then you must be jolto– in which case, everything I said applies, but additionally you're insane and alone and have no friends because you spend all your time talking to weirdos on the internet who will never notice you nor call you "friend."

Fuck off.

No. 131737

File: 1463526716057.jpeg (125.85 KB, 640x1080, image.jpeg)

R u fucking srs ember you greedy cunt

No. 131742

It's neither of those people. It's a longtime lurker who used to pretend to be cryingemily's friend Laura, and then decided to become highbulimic when someone called them out for it. Their Instagram account is highbulimlc, as opposed to highbulimicic.

No. 131743

File: 1463527525800.png (356.11 KB, 893x587, Screenshot (29).png)

First for tasteful crotch watermark

No. 131744

How many stans are there? Jfc

No. 131748

File: 1463529646404.jpg (275.15 KB, 480x800, tGjg4HH.jpg)

please kill me

No. 131750

Think about this next time you try on a friend's shoes.

Those feet are too thin to be the real highbulimic's feet. This is weird.

No. 131751

Seeing this gave me ebola.

No. 131755

She made this her fucking twitpic kek
Not to mention she seems to enjoy stealing tweets too probably hoping people will think she's so edgy and funny

No. 131757

She has nice tits to be "emaciated"…

No. 131758

She wants to lop them off.

No. 131760

always made me cringe when shmegeh said that phrase

No. 131780

File: 1463537104254.png (1.62 MB, 1862x1194, Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.0…)

More edgy script photos

No. 131781

I think she recycled this one.

No. 131782

You would think she'd realize that kids younger than her are capable of being as naive as she was at her age. You would think she'd also realize that not every parent is a meat helicopter. Come on now. If you were able to be "pro-ana", they're just as capable.

No. 131783

I don't care if you think you should be able to pick your family, calling people who aren't your actual sister/daughter/etc your actual relatives is weird af and lame and makes you sound trashy

No. 131784

Of course they do but it's pretty rare you see this sort of definition on fat people. You ever considered that plenty of them put their value in whether or not their thighs touch and whether or not they can wrap their around their arms? Nothing to do with bones.

No. 131791


Does she realize there's literally nothing special about trazadone(sp?)? Anyone can get a script for it, it's a n00b pill that acts as a sleeping pill but can also help w/ depression…

No. 131792

All of her followers are on it too, apparently.

Do you guys remember when she posted her totes edgy antidepressants and everyone commented with their (incredibly low) dosage? That was funny.

No. 131793

Honestly. I was on it myself as well and even on top of my regular sleep meds and anti-depressant, trazodone is bare minimum as fuck. Not really something to post a picture of on ig and brag about, not that taking any meds at all gives you bragging rights but fuck it's not morphine or lithium or anything heavy like that.

No. 131797

trazodone made me feel sooooo shitty. maybe that's why ember is extra miserable all the time lol

No. 131798

Ember isn't miserable. It's all an act.

No. 131826

File: 1463545942993.jpeg (175.26 KB, 750x1146, image.jpeg)

which one of you runs this blog??

No. 131834

File: 1463549151391.png (399.23 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 131836

She told everybody she was buying overpriced Kylie Jenner shit and now she wants freebies? oh ember

No. 131837

Where did she copy that from? Ember has no original thoughts in her head, certainly not self-loathing ones.

(I see Asha too!)

No. 131838

whoever that on the left picture is, isn't very "ana", so lol at it saying "perfection". unless shes getting a new obssession with fit girls

No. 131843

Asha made a special celebrity cameo on my screenshot, kek

No. 131852

Does anyone here know anything about her? She has a Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxUH-qMjytSsVJKFCHhxvMw) but besides that I haven't got much.

No. 131854

You think she can't get more pathetic, but the cringe and desperation just keeps spiralling further down.

No. 131856

I guess beauty blogging was too hard for her and it didn't get her the attention she expected so she'd rather stay a fragile insect

No. 131868

Embers latest tweets though, lol

No. 131870

"Lmao "don't write quotes inspired by other people that are completely different than their original quote! Bloo bloo bloo you're a theif" ??"
"Apparently writing something similar in your own words is a crime now ? better call somebody who gives a fuck"
Cunt you literally changed one fuckin word, that's still theft and plagiarizing how dumb do you get

No. 131871

Besides the fact that yesterday she was also just "stealing" other popular tweets

No. 131874

Has she ever had an original thought? She's always trying to copy other peoples styles too.

No. 131877

File: 1463573490523.png (75.43 KB, 604x493, complaining.png)

kek not even any likes

No. 131879

I guess that's what happens when you buy twitter followers

No. 131881

I think its Kendall Jenner in that Calvin Klein campaign

No. 131882

File: 1463575013434.jpg (182.29 KB, 536x683, IMG_20160518_073350.jpg)

Posted and deleted immediately
Because the pic is stolen?
Because it's a dirty filthy blanket and you're embarrassed?
Because you forgot to double check your story before lying again?

No. 131883

Almost once!
When she was in her witch phase she made up the term "brown witch" (or was it grey?). Basically these witches were supposed to work with animals or talk to them or whatever. Basically just dumb bs.
But hey, she tried

No. 131885

File: 1463575539502.jpeg (84.66 KB, 731x784, image.jpeg)

No. 131886

File: 1463575558113.jpg (150.88 KB, 539x841, IMG_20160518_074456.jpg)

Literally begging for money now.

No. 131887

Sorry but that blanket definitely isn't filthy…

No. 131888

it's not dirty, but it looks really old. Maybe she found it at a thrift store or something.

No. 131889

Pretty sure she posted pictures of it right when she came home from IP. Doesn't look old to me.

No. 131890

It's old and covered in lint pills, yes it's gross

No. 131891

The bits of 'fluff' type stuff on it means its been used/worn a lot and bankets tend to take quiet a while until they become like that

No. 131892

Not really…I have a super soft blanket like that and it got pilled up in less than two days

No. 131895

File: 1463576546727.jpg (97.82 KB, 528x444, IMG_20160518_080107.jpg)

No. 131896

File: 1463576718939.png (212.71 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

So original

No. 131900

Nah, unoriginal: Tolkeins Radagast the Brown wizard primarily works wth animals. Not exactly niche either if you've seen the Hobbit or read the Fellowship of the ring.

No. 131902

S2G Emily posted one Photo of her spell book with sage and charms leaving it under her bed

No. 131904

this was a few years ago, before the release of the movie and she sure as fuck never read a book that thick lol
basically my point was that she tried and failed pretty hard
but thanks for the info, I wasnt aware it was in the books too

No. 131910

Wonder if Ember is now going to post a picture of her book of shadows…
probably not because its too "private" as she vlaimed once, basically an excuse to say she isnt working on one

No. 131914

File: 1463581739270.gif (1.03 MB, 245x208, 256.gif)

No. 131915

Ah, fair. Yeah I bet she hasn't. Radagast is the one that listens to the moth when Gandalf sends it from the top of Isengard and that book explains about all his animals ("much lore of herbs and beasts, and birds are especially his friends.")
He is only mentioned once in the Hobbit book, oddly.

I bet now, after lurking, she'll passive aggressively tweet and say she came up with the idea and it was original~ because the film came out years after she said it. She can't do that without almost relenting she's never read the books though.

sage for OT LoTR lore obsession.

No. 131922

shes too focused on her relapse now to do something like that imo
she also isnt openly stating to be a witch anymore, as far as i saw…might be her backup plan once the beauty blogging doesnt work out

No. 131963

Anyone seem to catch what ever Instagram spam ember was posting? I woke up with 16 notifications and only 1 new photo of hers

No. 131964

She deletes the stuff rather fast…
The last thing I saw that she posted was a picture of a brown haired girl in a white shirt (the kind where your shoulders are exposed, normal girl, no ana chan) with the caption "Her hair is pretty,
what do you think is beautiful about her?"
something along these lines

No. 131985

File: 1463596657632.jpg (167.66 KB, 530x864, IMG_20160518_133652.jpg)

No. 131992

Ahh makes sense

No. 132008

I guess you would have had to graduate high school or be in college to know what plagiarism is.

No. 132025

>Promo me and I'll post a photo of you for 30 seconds.

No. 132041

The fakeboi chick posted a sfs of EW for a few minutes earlier today. Idk if she did the same for her.

No. 132043

Probably for about 3 seconds. Why do Ember's stans keep promoting her?

No. 132047

They're all fibres in the same turd.

No. 132073

That's such a fantastic way of putting it, anon.

No. 132074

I'm so embarrassed for Ember. She's an adult posting pictures of her journal thats full of shitty misquoted poems and letters to Ana. It's actually uncomfortable at this point.

No. 132075

I know she's only acting, but future employers won't. She's ruined her name tbh.

No. 132082

oookkk this is just embarassing at this stage. Ember is a fucking adult woman trying her very hardest to appeal to teens on instagram with lame ass fucking journal entries to #Ana. ember needs to grow the fuck up! if any of my mates did this i would get soo much second hand embarassment over this. Ember wants to be 14 forever. her mentality matches.

No. 132084

Ember wants to be 14 because that's her fetish.

No. 132088


Joltography looks inbred. She looks like a future drug seeker lol.

No. 132096

The fact that she's personalizing anorexia is enough to show how pro-ed she is

No. 132108

File: 1463627854618.jpeg (351.85 KB, 640x772, image.jpeg)

ember is balding that hairline is so unfortunate

No. 132109

What is that facial expression.
She looks challenged.

No. 132113

she looks like a bad deviantart portrait.

No. 132127

Her nose takes up 80% of her face, yikes.

No. 132128

she looks like she had a stroke
also ember wyd with that contour all the way down to ya mouth, we've called you out on this several times, pls fix

No. 132130

Literally looks like an overworked mid-30's single mother of 4. I hate when people don't color coordinate. I think she has the worst fashion sense i've seen on this site. that's saying something. she is incredibly frumpy and dumpy

No. 132131

The way she contours reminds me of how they do theatre makeup to look people look elderly.

No. 132133

lo l funniest part of her photos? she looks like shit, and they are photoshopped as fuck. can only imagine the originals

No. 132135

Yeah no kidding. She photoshopped around her face to get it to have shape (or else it would look ROUND like the rest of her). So yeah… not buying the weird indent under her ear. Honey, you're not that thin. No one is fooled. You can't have weirdly emaciated features and a bit fleshy forehead.

No. 132137

"but you guyz Ana made me abuse photoshop. Look how sick i am"

No. 132138

I think she's going to crack a rib she strains so hard in her photos.

No. 132146

File: 1463632271855.jpeg (76.25 KB, 640x917, image.jpeg)

Accidentally deleted both my replies whoops but her sucking in is reaching new levels. This ig vid killed me

No. 132147

File: 1463632343104.jpeg (76.04 KB, 640x925, image.jpeg)

No. 132156

File: 1463633444978.jpg (2.88 KB, 79x92, ember.jpg)

lmfao ok ember

No. 132182

File: 1463635858420.jpg (51.19 KB, 945x531, aardvark-tongue-out.jpg.adapt.…)

If someone could photoshop her lips onto this aardvark, I'll love you forever.

No. 132186

she's on the verge of fish face right here
why the fuck

ember what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 132201

I tried my hardest to mimic her, she's straining so hard to keep her lips "straight" because it's REALLY HARD to suck in like she does and pout out without going fish lipped.

No. 132214

Do you think she could contour any worse??

No. 132219

well at least she's good at one thing

No. 132220

Jesus, will you just read the rules/info/meta already and learn how to properly sage?

No. 132225

The squint annoys me more than the obvious cheek-sucking. Looks like its always glary

No. 132253

I honestly wish she would follow some of the advice that was given to her by some farmers. The words used might be harsh but they are true and the advice is good, especially the one directed at her eyebrows.
Unpopular opinion: but she isn't as butt ugly as she makes herself to be. I mean, the crappy shoop and filter make her just look worse, not to mention the fish face. She was a normal cute girl a few years ago and now she's turned herself into a 40 year old. At least her makeup skills got somewhat better.

I don't understand why she doesn't want a legit new start? Just adapt a new name and stop doing the retarded shit you're doing…oh, wait, now I get it lol. But she'd still benefit from a name change, like, a lot. Even if people find out her real name she can still claim she made a new start, but no…

No. 132255

Same here; she makes my eyes feel sore.

No. 132256

I agree with everything you're saying but I don't understand why people keep saying she should start using a new name? She could just delete her social medias and remake using new usernames and, yeah, stop doing the shit she's doing.
What's the purpose in her pretending to have a different name?

No. 132258

Because it won't add more shit to her existing name. If you Google her name you'll see a lot of horrible things she said and did, which won't make her look good in the eyes of possible emplyers or people whose stuff she wants to promote etc etc etc

No. 132259

because she connected her accounts to her real name and "ember whann" brings up some pretty rough google results so it might be wise to go by another name if she wants to leave that behind. but she'll probably chalk it up to being bullied

No. 132260

Have you ever had a job or been in a position of power in a place of work? No one actually googles your name to check up on the petty shit you did in your teens. Most people would be out of employment if they did. And in the rare occasion they do, they'd google her name and have her explain and go "Oh, so you were a dumb kid but you're over that." and move on. Because it's really not that deep when it comes down to it.
Though I can't say she'd ever get a military career, but it's Ember so that's a little out of her reach anyway.

No. 132263

i personally never mentioned work, for me it would be a huge red flag as far as relationships and friendships. she's keeping up a social media account linked with little pro ana girls when she could be linking up with friends her own age. it's a sacrifice of time and energy. but anyways times are a changin' and the lines between work life and private life are growing thinner all the time. it just doesn't look good

No. 132265

If she wants to stay a waitress making $2 an hour fine. But where I come from more than 52% employers check social media. I've been in management for 10 years and it definitely effects our hiring process. If there are illegal drugs associated then that candidate will definitely be passed over. The world is changing and you can not expect to act like Ember and it not catch up with you eventually. She's only 19 or whatever, there's plenty of time for this shit to come back and kick her in the face

No. 132266

Look she's already 19. Any long-term friends she's going to have or not have chances are she's already made. Everyone else is going to be short term and it wouldn't be hard for her to say something to make it not a big deal. Not to mention why would just a friend google their friend's name anyway? Best friends are understandable for shits and giggles but I don't go around thinking "oh, I'm gonna google this friend's name today." And it's more comical material anyway. Not saying she shouldn't grow the fuck up. Just saying changing her name is a real fuckin stretch. Because again, it's not that deep.
So have I, and I didn't say employers don't check social media. I'm saying they don't check social media to see what juvenile petty shit you did. No one's going to care about her shittily photoshopped thinspo, the most she'd get is a "Hey, explain this. Then stop doing that shit." If she was posting bricks of girl and sheets of L and bottles of codeine then yeah she'd be passed over but she's not. She's just a ridiculous 19 year old. She could have nudes all over the place and that still wouldn't matter, though thank the fuckin lord we haven't had to see any nips or lips from her as I value my eyes. But nah, again, saying any of this stuff is going to really make a noticeable impact on future employment is, again, a stretch.

It's fun to come here and make fun of Ember but getting too deep and saying "she should change her name" "she'll never get a real job" "think of all the little girls she's affecting" is a little much. Who cares. Laugh at the cows, that's that.

No. 132268

okay. we just see things differently is all.

No. 132269

By name change I meant to change the name she uses on social media, not her legal name.
Just in case someone gets it wrong.

No. 132270

Right, I hella agree with that. But I've seen a few people talking about changing her name and that's just ?? too much.
Tbh if you're gonna have a decent presence on the internet then using a "stage name", if you will, is better anyway.

No. 132272

Not sure what line of work you're speaking of but we won't hire someone with pot smoking videos online, it doesn't matter what age you were, there are too many other candidates who aren't drug users

No. 132273

That's where you work, and in your state. In many states, even in states weed isn't fully legal yet, that's not going to affect your ability to get hired. Unless you're trying to get a military career.
So, again, who actually cares. It's not like she's out of the runnings for a decent career entirely. It's not even like it'll be any more difficult for her than it is for anybody else. And fuck, maybe she doesn't even want to find a different career and does want to stick to being a $2 waitress. Who cares. Just laugh at her, don't pick apart what she will or won't be able to do in her future because who ACTUALLY cares.

No. 132275

So what's the point of her changing her name? I'm 100% certain that someone is only going to find out and tie her "new" name to her real name and it will still follow her.

No. 132276

File: 1463663653878.png (136.48 KB, 640x960, image.png)

This is probably her most Aly like caption Ive seen so far

No. 132278

it still gives her a chance to start fresh and be able to say she changed. but that would require her to actually change ao that wont happen

No. 132279

Even down to the "handmade" pastry lol

No. 132287

File: 1463666402305.png (462.9 KB, 668x630, ew2.png)

she wants to be aly so bad

No. 132289

File: 1463666702695.jpg (320.16 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160519_090157.jpg)

Right down to the peace sign.

New video stills

No. 132291

Does she mean homemade? As opposed to a packaged Danish? Or a Starbucks Danish? Still a fuck ton of unhealthy.
Girl needs to go back to school ASAP.

No. 132295

Yes. It's a common typo of Aly_realrecover's because English isn't Aly's first language. I guess Ember is attempting to be Aly, like >>132287 said.

No. 132298

>Look, if my heels don't touch, I totes have a leg gap! That means I don't photoshop, guys!
Put her heels together and those legs will glue themselves together though. The saddest part is that it's a significantly smaller "gap" than her usual photos. She basically proved that she does photoshop (which we all knew anyway).

No. 132299

It's just that people follow Aly out of curiosity if she'll ever recover etc etc etc, while Ember is making herself even more annoying with the emoji captions.

No. 132306

>leaning forward
>short-ass video clip so she can hold the thigh gap pose

No. 132309

I just looked through her food diary insta for the first time and holy shit why is every meal she eats beige/cream/brown? It looks so disgusting, add some colour jesus christ.

No. 132312

Ember has u guys wrapped around her little finger! Bahaha.? ?

No. 132313

It's fun to lurk this thread tbh

It's like a symbiotic relationship

No. 132314

File: 1463672908402.jpeg (24.32 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

No. 132317

That's not how life works, sorry. I'm a teacher and I promise you, my boss googles every potential employee. It's standard practice. Every job I've ever had does this. Maybe if you're applying at your local McDonalds, no one will care. Once you get a job in the real world, you better have a squeaky clean record on the internet.

No. 132318

I'm not sure how old you are, but I'm going to assume you're a young teen. Employers will take note of EVERYTHING that comes up on a search engine. They're not going to say, "Oh look, this person was a child rapist but they were only nineteen at the time. Let's hire them!" The world does NOT work like that.

No. 132319

Can confirm. Am hiring manager.

No. 132320

Agreed. If Ember ever wants an actual job, she needs to change her first and last name. She can't take any chances of a future employer finding ANYTHING from her past. If she stays making $2 an hour as a waitress, she'll get away with it for a while. If she ever wants something better (or even a different waitressing job), she's fucked unless she moves away, changes her name, and gets off the internet completely. She's trashed any chance she had as a professional with her name.

No. 132321

You sound like you're 16. I'm going to have to burst your bubble and tell you that's not how life works. Ember Whann cannot be Ember Whann if she wants a job, lasting friendships, etc. And why do you think 19 is so old?? I'm not friends with 99.9% of people I met before I was 19. The lasting, significant relationships have all been with people I met after 19.

You need to experience some life before you make crazy claims like that.

No. 132331

Exactly. I worked in car insurance for a while and yup, we'll sometimes wack your name in Google.

I've had employers ask about an e-zine I wrote for on an interview(thankfully was a good thing) that is no where on my cv. So they do look.

No. 132333

It's too bad that she has such an uncommon name, too.

No. 132336

but then again, can you guys imagine Ember working a real job? she has never shown a spark of talent or interest for something else but stealing online personalities. I don't see her having any ambitions to change or get a better job.

No. 132339

It might hit her once she's 30-40 lol

No. 132342

Don't apologize! Anon who said crazy stuff needs to know better lol. Most lasting friendships and relationships (hello, marriage) occur well over the age of 19.

And yeah same with putting your name into google. No one's going to care that she was a teenager. The point is, her name is destroyed and she's toast. On applications they will often ask for your previous names/aliases. She's so fucked lol.

No. 132344

My sister had to change her name because there was a porn star with her exact name that came up when you searched it. She wasn't getting employed for that reason alone. So yeah, changing her name is going to be a must.
And yup, they ask for your previous names and sometimes they'll plug that into google. I was on a hiring committee and can confirm. We check everything.. don't be naive!

No. 132345

Very true. All it would take is one phone call to her work (she claims it's already happened, it hasn't) and she's fired.

No. 132371

Ok but your sister was a porn star
Not a dumb child on the Internet

No. 132379

Learn to read anon, a porn star WITH THE SAME NAME as her sister

No. 132382

That's actually quite common. There's a lady whose vagina is plastered all over the Internet with my mom's name. It's pretty uncomfortable.

No. 132390

HAHAHAHA I spit my water out laughing so hard she literally looks 50 years old. and that dolce know lipstick is fucking atrocious, shit color doesn't look good on anyone

No. 132408

Because she doesn't eat any veggies. She's probably got scurvy at this point

No. 132410

Not to mention she's pushing her ass out and bending over. Dat hunchback. Muh scoliosis

No. 132448

File: 1463687653353.jpeg (45.72 KB, 750x345, image.jpeg)


No. 132451

My sister was NEVER a porn star. LEARN TO READ, idiot.

No. 132454

Are you dumb? She said her sister had the same name as a porn star.

It just goes to show that internet presence (or just the appearance of it aka the same name) will ruin your life.

Ember has fucked her future.

No. 132469

Kek. It's blatantly clear who here doesn't have an education or a real job.

No. 132472

What the fuck is even with highbulimLc.

No. 132481

I really think she's someone's sockpuppet.

No. 132503

Weren't they just in here saying lay off ember or some

No. 132505

No. 132507


Just want to say that Ember looks average in the video. A far cry from her badly edited pictures.

No. 132518

File: 1463707071711.jpg (169.23 KB, 527x786, IMG_20160519_194544.jpg)


No. 132519

I wonder long she leaned forward and waited for the snot to drip out just right before she took the photo.

No. 132521

File: 1463707494145.png (79.95 KB, 425x455, wp_ss_20160520_0001.png)

Is she saying she's still breastfeeding to stop her killing herself?

No. 132523

What is with crazy anorexic bitches and breastfeeding? Didn't Erika Oysvuk from the Ashley threads breastfeed her 7-year-old or something?

No. 132525


I don't know, but breastfeeding burns more calories, so who knows?

No. 132551

No. 132581

Spoiler these type of posts please.

No. 132602

No. 132610

u rly have to ask bro

No. 132629

I wish I could screenshot Ember's snapchat of her scale. Supposedly she's only 76 pounds. HAHAHA

No. 132633



If someone has it, please share . I need a good laughter.

No. 132634

File: 1463745765901.jpg (1.34 MB, 2576x1932, 20160520_140019.jpg)

There you go anon
I usually don't comment on her weight, but seriously, no.

No. 132635

You're triggered by snot?

No. 132636

kek wasnt she supposedly 88lbs before going IP
we all see you've gained weight, Ember, stop embarrassing yourself

No. 132637


Dude… That's a thermostat not a scale

No. 132638

You all know that's a thermometer, right? Rofl

No. 132642

holy fucking shit i've never seen people make themselves look so stupid

No. 132643

Lmfao I knew something was off but I've never seen one of these

No. 132645


You probably noticed the fact the it's in a window and not on the floor.

No. 132647

File: 1463748032792.jpg (80.74 KB, 1024x623, Ci5maQoWsAExEQQ.jpg)

Her windowsill is fucking disgusting

No. 132648

File: 1463748107592.png (600.7 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

You're gross ember, get off the Internet and clean your window

No. 132650

Holy shit she has no shame does she? How can she even bring herself to show her face on the Internet anymore? Everyone around her probably encourages her and befriends her just to watch the pathetic trainwreck.

No. 132651

yall really nit picking now lmao calm down detectives

No. 132652

Seriously… I would never upload a picture like that if my window was that filthy. It's disgusting, she clearly hasnt taken a cloth to that in MONTHS. It literally takes 30 seconds to wipe down a windowsill.

No. 132653

OCD general

No. 132655

at least she had a good laugh

No. 132657

Not OCD, just not filthy trailer trash

No. 132658

This whole thread is prime example of farmers becoming cows honestly

No. 132665


88lbs ? In her dreams….

No. 132667

Too fragile to get rid of bathroom mould. Her lovelydelicate ana bones would shatter.
For real tho she lives like a pig.

No. 132668

hate mail? one hour after it's posted here she comments on it. fucking hell

No. 132670

That's a flesh eating virus waiting to happen

No. 132693

It's on a window and if it was a scale it would go higher than ~130 lbs. Are you 5 years old?

No. 132697

There's no way she would weigh over 130 lbs, more like 110-120, are YOU 5 years old?

No. 132704


The scale?

No. 132705

Oh honey. I'm not talking about her weight. Look at the pic in >>132634 , the highest the numbers would go is about 130 which indicates that it's a thermometer and not a scale

No. 132715

Good job Ember. Nice to know one comment on lolcow is "hate mail". You idiot you took the bait. Since we all know you're here ;)

No. 132716

>took the bait

are you implying anon knew it wasn't a scale when they posted it, because that's funny

No. 132717

File: 1463763999567.png (567.56 KB, 640x960, image.png)

she finally put some effort into her makeup, say what you want but this looks better than the shit before

No. 132718

Yes samefag here. For someone who "just wants the online hate to end" Ember does a GREAT job at staying up to date on the shit talk.

No. 132719

She didn't make an effort that's just the makeup the filter puts on your face.

No. 132721

looks better because it's not her makeup

No. 132722

that awkward moment when a snapchat filter does better makeup than you, ember.

No. 132723

Now I'm really disappointed lol

No. 132724

nah anon i thought the same thing at first but then i thought it was super weird that she would put so much effort into her eyes while her eyebrows still look haggard af

then again that wouldn't be surprising

No. 132725


Ember can't even keep her internet personas straight… What makes you think her eyeliner would be that on point?

No. 132726

wishful thinking

No. 132728

yes, this

No. 132732

File: 1463769093686.jpeg (125.68 KB, 750x1235, image.jpeg)

Ok and she also posted 2 more Kylie lip kits after just whoring out her wish list the other day.

No. 132734

Oops, sorry.

No. 132735

let's talk about the fact that she made the #HANDMADE #DANISH her fucking Twitter icon

No. 132738

Anon pls… This abortion of a thread is kept up by Instagram fags, tumblrinas, and mpa fats.

No. 132740

File: 1463773983708.png (448.73 KB, 722x608, Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.5…)

bored as hell lurking through ember's photo & media tweets and this one confuses the hell out of me?

this isn't ember? ember isn't anywhere in this what the fuck.
am i retarded

No. 132741

File: 1463774194902.png (310.65 KB, 744x612, Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.5…)

ok now it's more obvious that embers account actually belonged to someone else before it was hers but why

am i late on this? or did she buy someone else's account back in the day for followers (doesn't seem far off tbh)

No. 132742

File: 1463774406459.png (433.48 KB, 662x658, Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.5…)

pigtails, overalls, and..is that- is that an abercrombie shirt? how old are we?

No. 132746

Pigtails & overalls can be cute if you don't look like a forty year old

No. 132748

She looks familiar to me but I cant place her

No. 132749

She looks like a wannabe Sarah Jessica Parker. Horse face and all.

No. 132750

This is pretty normal fashion right now.

No. 132751

Ember's trolling y'all just as much as she's trolling her minions on IG.

No. 132752

She has you binging from the palm of her leathery hand.

No. 132753

I agree with this 100%. She probably knew someone here would mistake her weather picture as a scale and make a dumb remark on it. Like many before have said, to Ember any attention is good attention for her. It's in our best interest if we just drop talking about her.

She wants people to forget about her so let's ignore her and let her try and fix her life and see what happens.

No. 132777

Every time she gets ignored she loses her shit and does something stupid, just like her counterpart, whom I refuse to mention by name.

We need anons that have time to spare to create a non threatening insta and add all the wannarexics that are on private so we can have some fresh milk. Ember is boring af and you hoes are too reactive and thirsty to mess with her in a proper way.

No. 132779

How about we don't mess with her at all? Like you said if we leave her alone sooner or later she doesn't something rash for attention.

Honestly we shouldn't be interfering with any of their lives. No matter how shitty they are. It just ends up making artificial milk.

No. 132783

This. We shouldn't be interacting with any of the cows. We shouldn't antagonize them off site with masterposts and fake IG accounts. We shouldn't talk to them or their friends. Lolcow should stay on lolcow.

No. 132807

I didn't suggest we harass them or do shit. Just get in and observe.

No. 132815


Eugenia Cooney is 88lbs. Ember is twice as Eugenia.

No. 132816

ember is definitely more than twice the size of eugenia

No. 132822

Emily's in rehab..?

No. 132823


No. 132827

File: 1463795482246.jpeg (91.12 KB, 640x567, image.jpeg)

Embers little pro Ana group is growing disenchanted with her. At least the ones old enough to see a pg-13 movie without their parents.

No. 132828

No she's not. She posted an old hospital photo from when she fell and said she was "in detox" but her organs are "too fucked up"

I've seen alcoholics who drank gut rot booze for 20 years every day until they pass out and it's all the same. You go to a medical detox center with nurses and get valluum.

Hospitals do no assist alcohol detox period. Unless you're there for another reason and they'll put you on a drip of Ativan to keep the DTs at bay.

If Emily was still in the hospital she'd take pictures of everything.

No. 132830

lol she already did
also, it looks like since her organ damage (?) was exacerbated by her ribs being broken I think that's more of a hospital thing than a rehab center thing
>inb4 emily
nope sorry

No. 132831


Sage for correction.

No. 132832

You must be blind

No. 132833

File: 1463796157922.png (571.19 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

dropped pic my bad

No. 132834

No. Those are just pictures from her accident she didn't post from a few days ago.

No. 132835

Eugenia is literal skin and bones. Ember is on the thinner side of average sized. I'm thinner than Ember, and would still consider myself more than twice the size of Eugenia. She's a twig, an actual twig.

No. 132837

based on……???????

No. 132839

File: 1463796832479.jpeg (460.22 KB, 966x966, image.jpeg)

from her tumblr

No. 132840

Right because Emily hasn't faked hospital visits in the past. Like when she pretended to be hospitalized when she was really just in the ER when her friend broke her wrist.

Or when she filed a police report against ember. Or when she submitted lies about herself. Or just got caught days ago sending an anon from her home wifi about herself.

You can't use Emily's word as proof, her word is as good as shit

No. 132842

ok. so you have no proof. thanks for clarifying :)

No. 132843

Neither do you Emily. Stop trying to compete with ember you're both worthless.

Try not to crash your plane next time you fly, it would be a real shame if you died a fiery death.

No. 132845

Jesus why is it whenever someone jumps to her defense everyone thinks it's automatically her
I'm not trying to white knight, I just think emily's more honest/likeable than ember and she gets shit on a lot for stupid stuff

No. 132848

plus, that last part was a little unnecessary. and you wonder why she drinks

No. 132849

Dude, it's not 2004. I'm scared for your sense of fashion if you think this is normal for 2016.

No. 132850

File: 1463799215303.jpg (50.79 KB, 500x375, tumblr_o7f6w6rese1rrv3nko2_500…)

Natalie has reappeared again.

No. 132860

File: 1463805479325.jpg (23.37 KB, 200x256, mmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)

she's literally making this face

No. 132862

No. 132863

except that cat is cute

No. 132864

File: 1463808424639.png (68.56 KB, 581x309, Screen Shot 2016-05-21.png)

loool Ember but is your mom heartbroken that anyone who cares to plug your name into Google can see pages of evidence that she failed to raise you with any class, common sense or dignity? Is she heartbroken that you've ruined the name she gave you, as well as any chance of doing anything but following her footsteps working as a minimum-wage server well into adulthood? Doubt it, kiddo.

No. 132865

hancesolo on tumblr

No. 132878

Oh stfu. If she's that fucking retarded to be a "drunk" over some anon bullshit then she deserves it.
And anon is right, she goes full retard, just like ember does, when you ignore her. She's always trying to insert her name with ember when she's in this thread. She loves lying/ about shit and alluding to bullshit. And just because you believe she's more honest than ember doesn't make her so. That's like being the smartest kid with Down syndrome.

No. 132879

Dumbass. Just because you're on this thread 24/7 doesn't mean someone is actually going directly to you and telling you to change it. It's so obvious that you only interact with your sfs wannorexic Instagram followers and farmers. And your mom is probably ashamed of your high school dropout ass.

No. 132882

Her moms a minimum wage server soooo lol like mother like daughter.

No. 132892


You guys….I just realized something. Ember posted a screencap of her transaction a few days back where she preordered 2 rainbow highlighters. Those were the Prism ones by Bitter Lace Beauty. Then everyone on here kek'd because there was a two month wait on the preorder. So she purchased ANOTHER rainbow highlighter, from a different brand, Devinah Cosmetics (the one she posted a picture and a video of today) because she HAD to have one before they became irrelevant in a few months. Three rainbow highlighters and yet she's begging people to buy her stuff off her wishlist? Such a damn waste of money

No. 132893

No one is telling you to change your name, Ember. We're saying you should if you ever want a real job or education.

No. 132895

What does education have to do with her name? Don't have to be a good person to get into college.

No. 132910

No, but I'm assuming you have to be somewhat decent and not a complete pariah/walking joke, which ember currently is. AFAIK even a simple mental illness diagnosis on your file can fuck your chances up, couple that with her internet persona and it's bye normal life hello food tickets and autismbux.

No. 132919

Nah they can't fuck your chances up of getting into college. But she'd have to go to community college anyway as I think it's pretty safe to assume neither her nor her family can afford university.

No. 132965

I visited Emily in the hospital and she is actually in for alcohol detox. She was having tremors so bad she could barely walk when she got to the ER. She's still in the hospital right now and her body hasn't finished detoxing. She is waiting for a bed in a rehab facility

No. 132966

sure emily jan

No. 132972

Proof or gtfo
Just, no. In America such discrimination is illegal. Your medical information is confidential. Also, colleges eat that shit up if you disclose it. They love to hear how you overcame adversity.

No. 132973

PSST: Colleges do look people up. I worked in admissions for work study.

No. 132977

>mental illness diagnosis can fuck your chances up

Where the fuck do you live? That's highly illegal in the US

No. 132978

File: 1463851671509.png (17.07 KB, 621x176, wz.png)

>posts on instagram about how she's too anxious to post on instagram

No. 132980

File: 1463851811715.jpeg (Spoiler Image,179.52 KB, 750x1191, image.jpeg)

>had to show this rainbow highlight

Al I see is a vague green/blue discoloration which looks more like a bruise

No. 132981

What a whiny fucking baby
"Give me ass pats or I'll delete"
Just delete your page you autistic cunt

No. 132982

im no makeup expert but this is fucking awful. i see a stripe of greenish-silver next to that bronzer, it looks like she's trying to do halloween zombie contouring

No. 132983

Looks better than I thought it would, the dupe doesn't have as much colour so it makes for a nicer highlight imo

Nice pic too, Ember
If you genuinely used no filter then it's a look that works for you

Just avoid the concealer lips, that's kinda gross

No. 132984

I'm more amused by her beard

No. 132985

someone called her out on being manipulative and that + all the agreeing comments were deleted

No. 132987

nice duck lips ember. tryin wayy too hard to fake cheekbones
her brows look grimy and disgusting as per usual

No. 132990

File: 1463854749798.jpeg (80.77 KB, 750x350, image.jpeg)

This comment on that post made me cringe. Why are you on social media if you can't even comment? You must score extra ~Ana points~ for using an autistic about of emojis.

No. 133015

Ember still doesn't know where to put her highlight and her contour.

No. 133016

Lol no

No. 133030

File: 1463862202110.png (39.81 KB, 571x228, wz2.png)

another post about how she can't post…

No. 133032


No. Just, no. This girl picked up drinking heavily, what, a year ago? Two at the absolute maximum?

She would not be reacting this violently to withdrawals. I SERIOUSLY fucking doubt she's experiencing any. It sounds like she googled "alcohol withdrawal symptoms" because she does not realize how incredibly RARE it is to experience hallucinations and tremors of that caliber.

This is so fucking infuriating. Just another thing she can exploit so people will pay attention to her, good or bad.

How fucking shameful.

No. 133035

Made sure to delete the other first and then reupload the "read my last post" picture. Cringe

No. 133043

For fucks sake blend you simple bitch.

No. 133044

Wow Emily did you just read a million little pieces and get some inspiration for a new life-story?

Emily isn't having DTs and needs to go see the dudes who DO get them after 40 years of pickling themselves the slow way. Emily and ember are as pathetic as each other

No. 133045

Drinking heavily for a long period of time such as even a month can cause severe withdrawals in need of medical detox. If Emily has been an alcoholic for two years at her weight, she certainly can be experiencing severe symptoms. And if she was on a drinking binge two or more days, and started experiencing withdrawal WHILE still having alcohol in her system, it can be deathly. An actual deadly disease is different than ember having anaBuddies

No. 133046

I believe like her "organ failure" (read: impacted stool) it's nothing but an exaggeration. I do believe she abuses alcohol but if she doesn't drink large quantities everyday for an extended time she won't be detoxing. She may be uncomfortable with her body getting used to being sober, but it's not the same thing.

I honestly don't want to believe that she's lying about this. If she is, she's just as scummy and rotten as Ember. Just thinking about her lying about this makes me sick to my stomach.

I just wish these girls would get off social media, change their names, start therapy and move on with their lives. It's just so sad and embarrassing. They're going to wish in a few years that they used the resources they wasted to actually get better.

If someone like Shmegeh can get better and fix their life these people have no excuse.

No. 133047

I think the problem is that it's all just so unlikely that she wouldn't be caught by her parents if she was binge-drinking or drinking everyday. Doesn't she still live with them? That's some killer ignorance on her parents part if they never noticed.

No. 133050

hate to break it to you emily, but you're not the sickest ana-chan and you're not the sickest alcoholic either

No. 133055

What proof is there that she is pro ana? Not white-knighting here, she just lives close by me and I'm curious.

No. 133061

What do you mean at her weight? She's the size of a well-nourished adult woman. She's not emaciated or even thin. Any normal sized adult would have the same experience with heavy drinking.

No. 133069


actually if you judge from her body she is quite slim, but her face isn't and that could be alcohol face bloat.

No. 133074


No. 133077

Honest question, how in the world does emily expect people to believe she has been drinking enough to the point of getting these withdrawals when she's not even old enough to buy alcohol and she lives at home

there is no fucking way she's been sneaking enough of her poor desperate mothers vodka to get like this

she has to be there for some lame as fuck reason that she's trying to milk.

No. 133079

Probably constipated again and too embarrased to admit that, plus its far more insta-edgy and dramatic to be seen to be having to detox for alcohol withdrawals than for being backed up like a 90yr old.

No. 133098

so has she stopped copying Felice and is now copying Shmegeh?
way to be an original person Emily. jfc sort your life out

No. 133100

Because nobody believes she's Ana chan at her size so she has to come up with some other bullshit, attention capturing lies. Just ignore her, eventually she'll do something colossally inane.

No. 133113

There is no way Emily is experiencing alcohol withdrawal. I went from being underweight to binge drinking all day and night for a year and then got sober and the only discomfort I had was actually being sober. Calling bullshit. She's just watched too many episodes on Intervention lately.

No. 133156

I'm honestly baffled that on lolcow of all places no one has yet to mention how bloated she is

No. 133161

On some old threads she was talking about drinking vanilla extract to get drunk so it's very possible she is going through withdrawals

No. 133162

yeah i've heard vanilla withdrawals can be deadly

No. 133163

I kek'd out loud. Nice.

No. 133164

Vanilla extract is made with 40% vodka

No. 133166

Does anybody agree that Emily's ED seems kind of… forced? I followed her in like 2012/2013 and she was am average size for the longest time, then one summer (2014?) she was thin and now she's back to where she was. I don't think she's fat but it's always seemed like she really had the force herself to restrict.
I also remember one day the pro ana tag was suddenly covered in a picture of Emily (shared through Weheartit) and I told her about it and she didn't seem to care at all, it was more an "I know lol so funny" reaction. I kind of suspect she posted it on weheartit and tagged it pro ana herself.

She was relatively normal back then though, sad to see she's turned into such an attention seeker and liar.

No. 133167

And vodka is at most 40% alcohol, so her vanilla extract had 16% alcohol. Wow. Much edgy alcoholic.

No. 133171

Vanilla Extract contains 35 % alcohol.


She could also drink mouth wash. I do believe Emily drinks enough to go through withdrawal because of her bloated face. She looks like a young alcoholic. Though I also think she self posted and enjoys the attention.

No. 133174

OK, I calculated 40% alcohol in 40% vodka.
Maybe she drinks too much but this problem too seems forced. She just wants to be edgy so bad.

No. 133175

Lol @ Emily changing her IG bio to "detox/rehab". She really wants to make this her new identity. So cringey.

No. 133177

she's probably ecstatic that we're talking about her again

No. 133192

Her face is bloated as fuck, but it could be her facial structure of bruxism.

No. 133193

it's not that deep, she just has a naturally round face

No. 133217

But here's the question: Wouldn't her parents notice her being drunk and all the vanilla extract/mouth wash etc missing?

It's pretty easy to spot someone who's drunk vs. them being sober. Especially when they're a teenager and still living with their parents. So are her parents really that naive or is she exaggerating her alcohol abuse?

What pisses me off the most is that she's trying to make alcoholism seem so ~cool~ and ~quirky~. Like if you're actually having your organs fail and going through withdrawal is so painful why the fuck are you posting pictures about it. How about you get the fuck off the internet and focus on being sober. I'm so tired of all this bullshit. It's disgusting that they're getting so much attention for glamourizing mental illness and addiction.

It's really hard to believe Ember and Emily want to change their image and move on with their lives when they continue to glamourize all this shit.

No. 133223

Parents can be pretty ignorant. I basically emptied my parents wine cellar within a year, replacing full bottles with empty ones and watered down my father's whiskey. Till this day, 5 years later, we pretend it never happened.
Not saying Emily isn't lying but her parents not noticing or pretending not to notice isn't really a proof for anything.
Sage for semi-blog.

No. 133224

When it comes down to it, she just copying Felice again with the alcoholism just to be noticed.

You must be so happy to be the topic of boring conversation Emily.

No. 133227

Ever thought that just maybe.
Emily, the known liar.
May just. You know.
Not actually do the things she says she does?

No. 133228

File: 1463938325012.jpeg (83.73 KB, 640x477, image.jpeg)


No. 133230

Ewww. Spoiler pls.
Truth. She needs to be added to the kelly and Kadee thread.

No. 133241

She doesn't still claim to have an ED, does she??

No. 133248

well she comes here to anonymously call herself skinny, so i guess

No. 133249

Cringe. Can we just not talk about her anymore?

No. 133253

That fucking face. Chubba chubba choo choo!

No. 133263

Emily, how are you okay with posting selfies when you look like you're suffering from anaphylaxis? I'd hide in a dark cave if my face was that swollen.

No. 133265

yeah i mean if you have parents that are drug addicts or alcoholics its one thing, but she wrote on her tumblr (the vanilla extract incident) that her mom got angry when she noticed emily was drunk so theres no way she could be a hardcore alcoholic while living with her parents. maybe she drinks every evening but that wouldnt be enough to cause severe withdrals

No. 133266

Oh god, is that robbaaaay?

No. 133267

She just posted on her tumblr that she would drink two bottles of wine or around 20 drinks a day. No idea if that is true or whether that's enough to cause withdrawal but that's what she said.

No. 133272

I doubt this underage kid with no job has access to two bottles of wine a night.

No. 133273

Wastingzoe got deleted. I'm ridiculously happy about this.

No. 133274


No. 133275

Deleted by IG or self deleted? how do you tell the difference?

No. 133276

she's been deleted before. it's too bad she's most likely to come back and do the same shit + use the fact that she got deleted to guilt people for likes/comments/followers/sfs

No. 133278

If she got the cheapest wine possible that's still a $20 a day habit. And I'm guessing she can't just waltz into a store a buy it herself so the person selling it to her would charge a mark-up so.. yeah it's very unlikely she's drinking that much everyday.

20 drinks a day is also a hell of a lot more than 2 wine bottles. Where is she getting money?

No. 133279

? 20$ a day for two bottles of wine? is wine actually that expensive in the us? I could walk to the discounter and get a bottle for 1.50€ and I guess that's not even the cheapest one available…

but if her parents aren't caring that much I can see that working for a short time anyway.

No. 133280

I don't live in the US, but that's how much it is in Canada roughly. I think the cheapest here is around $8 dollars a bottle? I haven't checked in a while.

But either way even if it was cheaper she would have had to buy it from a third party because she's not legal age. They would charge her a mark-up if they had any brains. Either that or she has a fake id.

For someone who doesn't have a job even $5 a day is pretty steep ($35 a week + all the extra expenses like grocery's, outings with friends, etc). Unless her parents are loaded and don't care how much she spends.

Emily if you're reading this get off the fucking internet and focus on sobriety. You're getting too old for this attention whoring crap. I don't necessarily want to say you don't have a problem, but I don't think it's full blown alcoholism like you're claiming. Just please use this rehabilitation program and don't waste it.

No. 133281

>I don't necessarily want to say you don't have a problem, but I don't think it's full blown alcoholism like you're claiming. Just please use this rehabilitation program and don't waste it.

this. the real thing isn't pretty enough for instagram

No. 133282

To be fair a cheap bottle of wine at my grocery store can go for $3.99-4.99 a bottle, and be relatively tolerable. Wine bottles are pretty easy to smuggle and disguise from parents as opposed to aluminum beer cans, or bottles of brightly colored vodka and spirits.
At that, even if she were caught she doesn't have to tell them that she's drinking whole bottles at a time. I'm sure most parents would worry about who's their purchasing source, and not the fact that they're drinking the wine itself. Wine doesn't have as much of a stigma as that's not seen as the alcohol that kids binge drink with.

No. 133283

Housewives drink two bottles of wine a day.

If Emily was as bad as she's making it seem, she would be trying to get the bang for her buck. Spacebags or half gallons of cheap liquor, malt liquor or high gravity ice beer. Two bottles of wine wouldn't be enough for a heavy alcoholic who supposedly is experiencing organ issues, seizures, DTs.

Does she ulcerative colitis? Does she have the beginnings of liver disease? She has no sign of jaundice which is a symptom of liver damage from alcohol.

My whole life has been surrounded by alcoholics, rehabs, AA, deaths caused by liver disease, medical detoxes, etc.

This bitch is an attention seeking liar.

No. 133284

Trader Joe's here in the US has wine for 2 bucks a bottle.

No. 133285

File: 1463947994166.png (283.93 KB, 789x593, wz3.png)

i was right

No. 133286

You called it, my feed is now full of that shit. Goddamnit I am so sick of her cabbage patch face and manipulative whining.

No. 133287

Her face looks so much like Jimmy Pages kek

No. 133290

It's like she read up on all the withdrawal symptoms and desperate cases (mouthwash, vanilla) to realize how an actual alcoholic would drink. obviously there's no "right" way to be an alcoholic but you're right…cheap high gravity beers/ice/malt liquor would be the way to go. there's a reason why you don't usually see people WITHOUT a problem chugging bud ice lmao. She's doing this the most ~dramatic way with vodka and bottles of flip flop instead of franzia bladders

No. 133291

Whoops meant to say she read up on the desperate cases but didn't take the time to see how an actual alcoholic drinks

No. 133292

But they would see her drunk constantly. You can't just be sober all the time around your parents when you're drinking as much as Emily says. Even if she was binge-drinking at night the hangovers, smell and empty bottles would still be there. And her friends would start to notice as well.

Being an alcohol abuser is a lot different than just socially binge drinking every week-end.

No. 133295


Don't worry Emily, we all thought we were alcoholics when we first started drinking every weekend too!

No. 133296

nimwits. Emily said two bottles of wine UP to 20 drinks a day. Meaning two bottles was the average low.

No. 133298

How do we really know Emily isn't an alcoholic?

No. 133299

God Emily, do you believe yourself?

No. 133300

Wastingzoe is now less.food.

No. 133302

if she was she wouldn't be plastering it all over social media

No. 133303

You've got it wrong too. She said:
>two bottles of wine or up to 20 drinks a day
Her phrasing is shit though. It sounds like she's saying that two bottles of wine is 20 drinks. That's why people are flipping. Not that it matters since it's all a lie anyway.

No. 133304

We don't. I'm trying my best to withhold judgement personally, but it's really hard to believe her when she exaggerates so much already. A lot of us seem to have experience with what alcoholism and alcohol abuse is like as well, so we're going to be skeptical when things don't start to match up.

Honestly I just hope that she gets the help she needs if she is going to rehab. Though if she's lying she's really crossing a line this time. She'd completely ruin her whole image and future if she has "lied about being a substance abuser to get attention from people online" to add to her list. I can't stomach people who lie about being substance abusers so I'm trying to not think too much about it.

No. 133305

Well, she's been in a detox unit at the hospital for (almost) a week now? I don't see what hospital would keep her if there wasn't something medically wrong. You can fake pain or anything medical at a hospital, they would catch on in an instant

No. 133310

Does Emily have an older boyfriend or anyone who might be enabling her alcoholism?

No. 133312

shes not an alcoholic

No. 133313


To expand on this I think Emily HAS developed a sort of habitual drinking (and that's a big maaaybe even then.) or a reliance on drinking. But she is a far cry from an alcoholic.

It's just another way for her to get attention. She's said it herself, she needs attention. She's probably uncomfortable with being sober at worst, but she's not organ-failure-seizing-hallucinating-raging alcoholic as she likes to portray.

There's NO way she could get to that level without her parents noticing. They paid for her college tuition, she has a biiiig ass room (seriously it looks like a goddamn masterbedroom), she has obviously been spoiled. Of course spoiled=/= cared for but I don't think this is the case for her.

Alcoholism effects friendships and relationships and the way people look at you. At that point people start dropping like flies (and sometimes for very good reasons.) She'd lunge at the first chance to talk aaaallllll about any drama in her life that results from her alcoholism. She's already established herself as an attention seeking monger. Yet.. nothing.

She's in the hospital for something else, and she might've talked about her drinking and rehab was suggested. So suddenly it's "OMG GUYS I'M AN ALCOHOLIC THEY SUGGESTED REHAB" but honestly rehab isn't reserved for ONLY super severe cases of addiction (as she's trying to portray herself as.)
She's just so fucking clueless that she's fooled herself into thinking that. Because hey. Alcoholism really HASN'T touched her life as bad as she says it has, and she has no clue what she's talking about.

No. 133314

This thread needs autosage or /manure. It's fucking ridiculous. The point of it now is to bait two twats who read what's written about them here, they reply on ig or snap chat, you get all excited when they do etc and so on ad nauseam. Where did you kids come from? This was good before the whann spergs claimed it.

They're ugly, they're fat, they shoop, they lie…what do you get from it (and are any if you actually over 18). It's ENDLESS retardation.

No. 133315

She's probably really in the hospital for bulimia LOL

No. 133320

Do you have any proof she has actually been there all this week?

No. 133321

probably not, she'd jump at any chance to let people know if it was ED related

No. 133327

Late to the party, but this Twitter account used to belong to a fan of AHS and Disney stars. It had like 10.2K followers or some shit. The girl sold it with all the followers to ember, for like $120. The orginal owner of the account contacted me and let me know ember bought it. I HAD proof on my old tumblr but ember got it deleted from all the DMCA claims.

No. 133328

She just needs to poop like last time. Once a liar always a liar

No. 133329

her account now only ha 9k followers that's hilarious

No. 133331


lmfao wait wait wait she went to the hospital once for that? the fuck did she tell the entire internet about it for

what i find astounding is that the only reason she had follower in the first place was because she was a laughably bad felice fawn impersonator. the only reason anyone knew her name was to ridicule her, you would think by now she would have a sense of self awareness and stop doing the same lame shit she's been doing since she was 16.

wtf is it like to be so desperate and empty inside that you turn your life into an embarrassing circus just to get lolcow talking about you. i know both ember and emily read this shit, and to be honest i've been waiting this whole time for either one of them to acknowledge their obvious internet addiction and speak openly about it.

it's straight up unfathomable how they show literally no introspection whatsoever how is anyone that fucking vapid and worthless

No. 133333

She's literally never looked worse in her life, maybe people felt true pity for her.

No. 133335

>lmfao wait wait wait she went to the hospital once for that? the fuck did she tell the entire internet about it for

she said it was organ failure, further proof that she's nothing but a drama queen

No. 133336

File: 1463960100246.jpeg (81.68 KB, 623x752, image.jpeg)

Struggling.ashes is so full of shit. Posts things like this yet made a thinspo thread for herself on MPA.

No. 133338

File: 1463960332692.png (619.13 KB, 541x647, sa.png)

I was just about to post her in this thread. she has such an unfortunate face, too. I had no idea she was on MPA though

No. 133341

Yeah I just found her yesterday, new posts so it's not even like she can claim it's past stupidity or something.

No. 133342

File: 1463960546274.png (726.73 KB, 669x683, cbpn.png)

i dont even know where to begin with this. the double photo of half her face, the potato nose, the nonexistent upper lip, the juxtaposition of frumpy sweatshirt and fancy makeup, or the compliment fishing/personal acc promo

No. 133344

link to the thinspo thread she made about herself?

No. 133349

No. 133351

Was she burned?

No. 133355

File: 1463962222918.jpg (54.67 KB, 640x477, underage-no-job.jpg)

No. 133356

File: 1463962248071.jpg (47.31 KB, 500x503, vanilla-extract-alcoholism.jpg)

No. 133358

File: 1463962276703.jpg (67.62 KB, 415x446, 14lkk3.jpg)

No. 133359

File: 1463962292651.jpg (65.62 KB, 415x446, 14lkp8.jpg)

No. 133363

Not that anon but there used to be a girl on Tumblr, her url was floatingbetwee. She had an eating disorder. I think she was on the Tyra show. Her name is Cassandra and I know at one point she was pregnant and had a baby.

Anyways, she had burns on her face and chest I believe, from a fire when she as really little. Anyone know who I'm taliking about? I wish I knew what she was up to now….

No. 133364

floatingbetween, I mean.

No. 133381

Stop. This is just like those stupid ember memes that were made on tumblr……wow, what a coincidence.

No. 133382

Who dat?

No. 133388

File: 1463971468468.jpeg (175.1 KB, 1024x828, image.jpeg)

Not even two days later and she's begging for wish list items even though she just spent fucking $60 on lipstick

No. 133392

Annnnnnd it's gone.

No. 133401

Boring she been talked about before I think she pretty

No. 133403

Are you blind she gorgeous I don't see how it's a unfortunate face.

No. 133406

File: 1463977055770.gif (478.37 KB, 250x144, tumblr_lmfp4aFILY1qg08ql.gif)

No. 133407

You look like a burn victim. What app are you using that mushes your gross freckles together?

No. 133408


No. 133409

You have the greyscale.

No. 133410

Let's see what you look like

No. 133412

No milk here

No. 133414

Big ass nose

No. 133417

I haven't even posted a pic of myself

No. 133418

Learn to sage you scrubs. This thread is shit, I thought it couldn't get any worse after the slew of Ember bullshit but here we are.

No. 133420

Only burn victim I see is Emily

No. 133421

How old is struggling.ashes? She looks about 14, although her burns do age her a bit.

No. 133422

What burns I don't see burns on her?

No. 133423

On her cheeks. It looks like her eyelids were involved in the accident too. I knew a girl who was in a fire and she looked just like that. Couldn't grow eyelashes because there was too much scarring. This girl is just lucky the burns are only on her face.

No. 133424

File: 1463978195339.png (216.85 KB, 300x300, shireen.png)

No. 133425

Looks like makeup to me or maybe it just her freckles? I don't see the burns

No. 133426

I'm looking at her profile now her face looks normal to me

No. 133428

How old does it say she is? I guess 15. Am I close?

No. 133429

Not sure? I think she been losing a lot of weight lately

No. 133430

She never made a post about being burned and she doesn't look it at all

No. 133431

15? Yeah right, she's closer to 30!

No. 133432

Your blind she clearly isn't close to 30 sounds like jealousy to me

No. 133433

She looks better than ember and Emily

No. 133436

What a coincidence that the 40yo pro ana with the bro tattoos acknowledged her being posted here on Instagram and now a bunch of instaturds are shitting up the thread white knighting her haggard ginger fat ass

No. 133437

She not fat at all or a ginger

No. 133443

Yeah she is super skinny

No. 133455

admin-sama… help us…

No. 133458

No. 133459

You guys are idiots to think that's a burn on her face it called freckles have you guys not seen a burn victim before

No. 133462

Who gives a fuck what her face looks like. She has fucking kids herself yet still has the audacity to be a proana dipshit in a community that's mostly made up of children. She is scum.

No. 133463

She is far from that she struggling and lost tons of weight

No. 133467

You are obviously the same person shitting up this thread. I can tell by the way you structure your sentences. Get the FUCK out of here nobody gives a shit how much weight she lost or about any of the nonsense you are spouting!!

No. 133468

I find it funny you judge someone you never talked to or even know anything about shows how much of a scum you are

No. 133469

She is my friend so I'm going to stick up for her I'll blow this thread up if you guys don't stop talking about her

No. 133470

I come on here to get a laugh at ember or Emily what ever happened to crying Emily

No. 133471


Please stop. Your writing is giving me cancer.

No. 133472

No I don't have to stop stop talking about few of my friends on this thread than I'll stop

No. 133473

And leave thinmissy alone

No. 133474

by coming to this board and laughing at people you don't know and have never talked to, this also applies to you. you are also scum. no one is going to leave anyone alone just because you say so. you're not some almighty ruler governing over who can or can't be posted on this thread. I can also take an educated guess that your "friend" posted themselves to this thread.

No. 133475


Can admin ban this retard

No. 133477

No some low life scum posted my friends more than once you can't stop me from posting

No. 133478

awwww poor baby :'( do you need a bottle? do you need to be burped? or are you haaaangry??

No. 133479

I can smell the autism from here

No. 133480

Grow some balls and show yourself oh wait your a coward(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 133482

and you can't spell
why the fuck would we post a random image of ourselves on a proana thread? why do you type like you're 12?

No. 133484

If they weren't pro-ana then they wouldn't have been posted.
Its their own fault, so go have a cry and go get an education.

No. 133486

Who here thinks this board needs an MPA thread? It feels like a whole other can of worms.

No. 133489

seems redundant tbh. Also sounds like a pain in the ass. Why have two threads for people to shit up when you can contain it in one?

No. 133491

I'm here for the scrumptious milk that cows like ember, Jenna, Emily, and the hambeasts provide. not to see some illiterate 14 yo sperging up the thread with their whiteknighting. admin pls save us from this drivel

No. 133509


No. 133522

File: 1464011797754.png (455.71 KB, 637x667, ew3.png)

this level of tryhard is just pathetic

No. 133523

No she's not. She wishes she was, but she's obviously a very healthy weight.

No. 133536

She probably took his phone, sent that text herself and then deleted it so he wouldn't see it.
How does she even afford all that Ensure? Nutritional drinks like that are pretty expensive in Germany

No. 133537

In the US you can get like an 8 pack for $15 or something close to that

No. 133538

Samefag here but if she's got the money to fake her way into hospitals and pay those bills and buy overpriced repackaged colourpop lippies with Kylie Jenner's name on them, then she can afford Ensure.

No. 133541

File: 1464017953168.png (550.86 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

So this is embers billing paperwork for impatient. But it's for a cardiologist and cardiology clinic?

No. 133545

Sometimes, doctors you see don't take your insurance, or insurance has a co-pay/deductible, so you end up with a bill.

It's like if you went to the hospital and needed surgery. The anesthesiologist might not take your plan so you get a bill later on.

No. 133548

But why would she be receiving a bill from Cardiology Inpatient when she was supposedly IP for ED

No. 133549

File: 1464018686343.jpeg (58.31 KB, 640x453, image.jpeg)

This actually makes a lot of sense TBH. It's apart of NY PRES which is where embers "ED impatient" treatment was supposedly.

They do inpatient treatment to run and treat heart issues and ember was having a ton of EKGs before she left (which is normal for ED treatment too).

It also explains why ember was only gone a month. ED inpatient treatment is rarely that short, if ever. A month isn't even close to long enough to begin to address an eating disorder including weight restoration, therapy, etc.

Ember was never in treatment for anorexia. She was in treatment for cardiology, probably from her attempting to restrict and then binging because she doesn't actually have an ED.

No. 133550

Could be from the cardiologist that read the ekg's when she was in IP.

No. 133551

That's true but inpatient treatment is usually a packaged deal. The doctors all work under the same umbrella and clinic so all your treatment is billed from the treatment center. It's why inpatient is so fucking expensive.

No. 133554

File: 1464019290762.jpeg (19.54 KB, 473x311, images-35.jpeg)

>>smokeflakes admitting themselves into treatment like.
>>thank you mummy & daddy.

No. 133557

damn phone
*snowflakes, wannas etc.
you get my point.
screw them to heck.

No. 133558

What if she wasn't inpatient but at a hopsital instead??

No. 133565

File: 1464020500185.png (259.63 KB, 662x600, ew4.png)


No. 133577

poor sanders. he deserves better than to be associated with all those idiots.

No. 133583


Could she look any wider ? She is built like a man ….

No. 133587

She kinda fucked herself over trying to a thinspo pose in this outfit. If she stood normally, she'd look okay but leaning forward makes her torso look massive. She has quite a nice figure when she stands like a normal person but the thinspo pose gives her rugby shoulders.

No. 133588

He's associated with idiots for decades, now's not the time to change.

No. 133595

She posted something right after this saying "STOP messaging me for TIPS it's triggering!!! "

No. 133615

It's her lmfao. You can tell by the horrible typing and white-knighting. She types like a fucking retard

No. 133618

Keep it in /b

No. 133619

She is very clearly not "wasting".

No. 133623

File: 1464029351017.jpeg (174.22 KB, 750x1140, image.jpeg)

>I have the money

Alright ember I'll hold you to it the next time you post a picture whoring out your "recovery wish list"

No. 133624

Why even post the bill if it's only $40? I'm surprised she admitted it was that low and didn't try to get more donations

No. 133628

>why am I just getting this now?
because you didn't pay the first bill

No. 133633

She's wasting her life acting like a fucking retard.

No. 133653

$40 for an ECG??? Wtf America?

No. 133654

Its her co-pay, which is a fraction of the actual bill. Whatever insurance she has picked up the rest of it.. I wonder if w/e restaurant/catering place she works for has 50 employees or more. Any company with more than 50 employees must offer an insurance plan to their employees, and if they do, ember can stay on mommys insurance until she turns 26.

No. 133657

Why does Ember say her doctor is an ED specialist when the doctor is a normal pediatrician that does not seem to specialize in EDs?


No. 133659

she used to be. she got famous on insta for having a bmi 12 at one point and now all she does is re-post those photos and beg for likes/comments/sfs on them for weeks afterward, claiming OCD but refusing to leave the site even for her own sake. she deletes any comments of criticism as well

No. 133689


You can find pretty cheap wine.

But if she really wants to get drunk, why not just vodka? I've found 80 proof for $6 for a pretty big bottle. It's shit, but it does the job…

No. 133710

someone post her pics? screenshots? a cow on private = no milk

No. 133742

She obviously wasn't getting treatment for an ED. If she were in a hospital, she would have taken 10000000 pictures.

No. 133751

Length of inpatient stays tends to vary quite a lot, actually, and less than 30 is relatively normal. The main purpose of inpatient seems to be to increase your weight enoigh so that you're medically stable enpugh for other treatment, like IOP, PHP, or residential. that and the fact that insurance is shit about paying for treatment so you're lucky if they even approved a month's worth.

No. 133768

Saged for OT but regarding ED inpatient treatment length, my experience was really different.

Granted this was before a lot of the insurance reforms (which made ED treatment much more accessible), but I was at a BMI of <12 and only inpatient for half a month or so (I sort of forgot how long, but under a month). I did have a ton of EKGs before/during/after and had to wear a Holter monitor for part of my inpatient stay. I was released to day patient, where I continued treatment for about three more months. That is all my insurance at the time would cover, and we had to fight for everything, even though I was a preteen. I remember my mom on the phone with the insurance yelling at them for denying the EKG claims for not being medically necessary because my illness was "psychological." It was pretty surreal.

No. 133787

File: 1464099674862.jpg (129.63 KB, 535x761, IMG_20160524_091518.jpg)

I knew this dumb bitch deleted her account herself just to get more attention. I'm so sick of her shit

No. 133791

File: 1464100488118.png (763.43 KB, 624x622, wz4.png)

she's posted/deleted this one at least 15-20 times

No. 133792

why do all these ana-chans have the fashion sense of an elementary schooler

No. 133800

This pic is over a year old. It got alot of likes so she will post and delete it and beg for likes hundreds of times. It's annoying as fuck and she is now bff's with Ember. Hmmmmm

No. 133810

Because they can't fit clothing from the grown up section

No. 133815

File: 1464106032648.png (259.39 KB, 629x366, ew5.png)

because you're so morally superior, right?

No. 133816

The only people I saw do a month or less we're people who refused to follow the rules and were released to day care/PHP, people who's insurance lapsed, or were referred to another clinic.

Inpatient is not just for weight restoration, it's for those severely sick who need 24/7 around the clock care and monitoring in a safe environment. I've literally never seen anyone gain enough in 2-4 weeks to be considered weight restored just to be released. It's irresponsible and dangerous to allow a disordered patient to gain that fast.

No. 133824

File: 1464107921439.png (7.04 KB, 510x134, hancesolo.png)

Anyone with more medical knowledge than me know what might have caused Hancesolo's coma? Organ failure, maybe?

Also would she have some sort of brain damage after a month in a coma?