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File: 1690867029610.png (671.55 KB, 900x781, no100.png)

No. 1874088

See on the top left, how it says [Rules]? If you're a newfag, click there. Read it all. Then click the part where where it says "Check this guide to learn about posting on lolcow.farm." Read that too. Sage, integrate, and stop fucking a-logging. Jesus.

Previous thread: >>1862789

Marie/Elise is still out of hospital, and shocked by how weak and ravenous she is. We can't imagine why eating less than half her daily recommended intake isn't making her feel better.

Enara stopped self-harming long enough to go to the middle east, but could barely eat while she was away. Thank goodness the UAE had Fortisips… and McArabia Chickens.

Laura swallowed a sock, for some fucking reason. It didn't get her hospitalized, but her brand new "hallucinations" managed to earn her a 6-month section, which she likes so much that she posts constant images of herself smiling, dancing, and stretching.

Becca claims to be struggling so much that if things get any worse, she might end up with her tube again. Which Lyn the dietitian removed at an angel number time that must be immortalized forever, or bad things will happen.

After lostallsanityx signed a reply with her real name, we found out that she has news and academic articles written about her run-ins with the law. At last update she was still huffing deodorant, lighting fires, and being a general nuisance.

Zarviving is looking better and we're glad.
Abby is not looking better, despite alleged outpatient treatment.

Colours seems to have figured out how to evade her ban so she can vendetta-post some more. She says she's not pro-ana, though, a claim we believe about as much as we believe Enara's a SEED.

Rachel continues to tell everyone how wonderful recovery is while gaining no weight whatsoever, and said in a recent video that "success scares [her]". (Unless it involves someone buying her something from her Amazon wishlist, or publishing an article about how sick she is.)

Speaking of people who say one thing and do another, Stef spent an almost-7-minute long video talking about Lolcow and the shame she feels. Because nothing says it's not about "wanting to look a certain way" more than uploading dozens of body shots she's taken from every imaginable angle.

Emily started a GoFundMe to get other people to pay for Laura's vacation, and thinks it's hilarious that she spent most of her vacation money in two days. Another shining example of cow responsibility.

Eugenia's grandmother died, and then she flashed the world on a livestream for the 324583th time and cried about it. Nourish2flourish almost flashed us, too (do the cows know what undergarments are?), but she seems to be doing better for the moment.

Link list is mostly copied from the previous post.
Kate is back to her original name, but she'll probably change it again the moment she sees this.



No. 1874131

I think Lauras sock swallowing was bullshit. How could she not be hospitalized to have it surgically removed? How is it even possible to swallow a sock? At best she maybe shoved it far down her throat and tried to swallow it but they pulled it out and she's fine.

No. 1874159

my theory is it was one of those tiny stocking socks or ballet socks. Another anon also pointed out that she probably didn't actually swallow it and that staff pinned her down and removed it with long forceps before she "ate" it. kek.

No. 1874160

jesus imagine doing things like these that subject herself to that kind of humiliation…just why

No. 1874162

File: 1690885859233.jpeg (425.98 KB, 828x1232, 05547D9F-D37C-479C-8FFF-DAD087…)

What the hell does she mean by “get support”? She’s on a section is she not? Also this photo makes her look like a retarded garden gnome

No. 1874188

she means support from her followers

No. 1874189

no shit, anon. that's what's retarded. she's apparently on a section and yet she's asking for support online.

No. 1874191

she wants the unconditional validation that the ed recovery community on instagram tends to give out, ala Ham. so she wants to post about some gross or horrifying thing that she did and/or happened to her and have them all coo "that's okay!! you couldn't help it!! you're so brave and not even fat!!"

No. 1874194

well forgive me, you seemed confused

No. 1874197

yeah, you're right especially considering her constant posting and deleting. she gets the attention just by alluding to whatever "trigger" or "incident" she's thinking up and only goes through with it when the attention isn't adequate.

No. 1874217

>I'm going through enough
yeah I'm sure dancing around your hospital room is oh so hard

No. 1874228

I really can't tell if she's aware that at least 3/4 of her problems she caused herself? Lots of people are mentally ill, how many of them have got themselves admitted for this long? I've got a severly schizophrenic family member, even they haven't been in hospital for anything like as long as LLL has.

No. 1874274

disappointed it wasn't one of those grippy socks, classic BPD cow move!

No. 1874294

File: 1690903562864.jpeg (753.54 KB, 2048x2048, 21A24D14-8FCE-4DDA-A1A4-077057…)

I think it’s wild to post obvious body check comparisons to your healthy body on an account where your followers have Ed’s, and then have the nerve to claim that you’d “never intentionally post harmful things” and post a video crying about being called out about it. No one wants her dead or wants to steal her insurance identity, they’re just tired of the constant stream of bs that comes from her account. She can say all she wants that she’s “just” posting her outfits on vacay but posting from vacay doesn’t have to include a million body checks and then comparing that to healthy pics.. just say you’re pro and move on girl

No. 1874295

File: 1690903688157.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x1977, IMG_2733.jpeg)

More body checks every day

No. 1874316

File: 1690905935096.png (444.55 KB, 1079x1876, Screenshot_20230801-170702.png)

i wonder what time and day it was 32 weeks, 13 hours and 53 minutes ago?

No. 1874317

I'm honestly disappointed, I really enjoyed the idea that she was doing all the autistic calculations by herself

No. 1874323

She's definitely alluding to ED stuff, which no one will take seriously because of how much she's chunked up. Don't worry Laura, we know how you got so fat - that mega cocktail of antipsychotics. I love how she's scared of ending up on LC but doesn't stop the attention posing.

No 'grippy socks' in psych wards in the UK. We're forever behind the times.

No. 1874331

What is LC?

No. 1874334

The place where we sage our shit

No. 1874342

File: 1690909630619.png (138.87 KB, 853x728, Screenshots_2023-08-01-13-09-1…)

No. 1874345

File: 1690909864059.jpg (328.19 KB, 1440x1279, Collage_2023-08-01_13_12_35~2.…)

No. 1874349

File: 1690910676099.png (970.88 KB, 853x1785, Screenshots_2023-08-01-13-27-0…)

No. 1874352

File: 1690911272730.png (2.31 MB, 1072x1968, Screenshot_20230801-133236~2.p…)

what a fuckin attention seeking retard. might as well scribble out the whole bottle at this point, or just not post this pic at all

No. 1874353

which subreddit?

No. 1874356

She has literally doubled in size and wants everyone to coddle her and her “anorexia” that was only a bpd extension to get hospitalized in the first place. She’s so transparent

No. 1874358

oh no, we're going to have an influx of reddit newfags now, aren't we?

No. 1874361

File: 1690911832216.png (1020.07 KB, 1244x692, Screen Shot 2023-08-01 at 12.4…)

How long ago was the left picture? It looks like she's been obese for a while (picrel, dated January 2022)

No. 1874364

File: 1690912178041.png (376.6 KB, 426x454, Screen Shot 2023-08-01 at 12.5…)

Maybe it's because you go to the emergency room 2-3 times per week, Enara

No. 1874368

what a bitch. you're NO BETTER than the violent, naked patient. if you don't want to be exposed to other patients, keep your fat ass away from the hospital for 5 seconds.

No. 1874369

File: 1690913133423.jpeg (Spoiler Image,468.4 KB, 828x976, IMG_9383.jpeg)

Recovery queen

No. 1874370

The entitlement, should be deeply ashamed coming there so much and wasting their time

No. 1874372

File: 1690913284748.jpg (1002.42 KB, 3464x3464, megan ronnie.jpg)

anyone know of this girl? megan ronnie aka _thewellnessdiaries on tiktok / @megan_ronnie on instagram. she claims to have developed anorexia during lockdown but her pics from that time don't exactly look as supe severe as she portrays her ed, has gained a large amount and all of her content is about EDs to the point it seems that she has no other interests and hobbies, she uploads multiple skits and videos about ed recovery daily and still does the 3 meals 3 snacks thing despite being overweight by bmi, obviously not massive but she seems to cling to the ed identity, reminds me of Ham. maybe not milky enough but i find her kind of fascinating

No. 1874378

Ngl but after reading what enara has been through I can't blame her for her actions. Her country should pay for her counseling and mental health for life. I don't know her country's rules but at least here if anything happens to you during your military service they gotta pay for you for life and not only your Healthcare, compensations too and monthly allowance.
But if she was a mercenary that's another case, they don't pay you anything usually but depends who hired you.

No. 1874379

File: 1690913704056.jpg (559.34 KB, 750x1039, iona.jpg)

sorry if she's been mentioned before but this girl (_youve_got_this_ on tiktok) claims to eat 10k calories a day despite being pretty slim, prootes this to her followers as "extreme hunger" and preaches that you must eat all of your "mental hunger" and cravings even if you feel full, sick etc or you can't recover, frequently replies to comments with this kind of advice and swears she eats all of this and doesn't purge … really disturbing, hard to capture it without posting the vids but the amount of food seems physically impossible to digest, liikely bulimic but swears down that she's a recovering anorexic

No. 1874381

the Australian government IS paying for all her care and her living expenses

No. 1874383

i did include her username. _thewellnessdiaries on tiktok.

No. 1874388

When you’re level 2 or 3 risk but are able to cope for 5 hours and verbalize your disappointment instead of acting on your urges. You remained safe while nursing staff who actually USE their training are at immediate risk and you are disgusted because you saw how mental illnesses besides bpd manifest. Does this woman actually have a nursing degree? Did they not round in emergency?

No. 1874389

I don’t think she’s a cow. She seems like one of the few more genuine people in the “rEcOvErY cOmMuNiTy” and I’d gladly take a ham doppelgänger because at least they’re not being proana and triggering

No. 1874393

I'm pretty sure that Enara's brief clinical experience was with diabetes (so basically being a diabetes educator) and she never worked in clinical mental health.

No. 1874405

This is like when people who post here try to act superior because they're "calling out" the cows. If you want to gossip it's not illegal, but farmers and non farmers alike pretending to be above it all are hilarious.

No. 1874408

jeez did she find out she was posted here already and delete her insta? it's not coming up for me. i just wanted to see more pics cuz she doesn't look overweight to me in the pics you posted

No. 1874414

She has a tracker?? Well, that explains some shit

No. 1874421

I've followed her for awhile and she's incredibly genuine, and actually gives really good recovery advice. She clearly practices what she preaches, unlike some people. Not even remotely milky

No. 1874431

are you the same person who posted megan? go find the real pro-anas and not the ones who actually eat. i'm tired of seeing this feed clogged up with fake milk

No. 1874437

sure they won't see her, her name is known to everyone working at that hospital and they are so done with her shit and know that she won't harm herself in a way that can't be treated in time. She annoys me so much, I know people with worse mental health issues that would never go to a hospital, don't have therapy because of costs and no available spots and just deal with their shit on their own and most of them are succeeding and started to heal over time. If they would have got the help and financial privilege she has, they would have been recovered so much faster, while she will never recover because her whole personality is her illness.

No. 1874438

File: 1690919024104.jpg (56.52 KB, 432x495, ibeatanorexia.jpg)

When your username makes people think of this guy

No. 1874457

"Actually eat" sure bud. With actual eating you mean flushing it down the toilet? Ur delusional

No. 1874459

File: 1690921934785.jpeg (935.85 KB, 1242x1240, IMG_9236.jpeg)

Laura, is that you???

No. 1874464

Anon, if you can't read the screenshot, then there's no helping you.
Either you typed the wrong username or you're blocked. Her Instagram is still up and active.(@megan_ronnie) Her tiktok is up too.

No. 1874469

My brother had that as his background image on the family computer in 2002 and that was my first exposure to the word anorexia.

No. 1874476

File: 1690923852488.jpg (119.78 KB, 1068x595, iona.jpg)

you know that people in recovery from anorexia can have really high metabolisms for a long time during AND after weight restoration, right?

also, she does not eat 10k every day now. she did it once recently, and admitted she didn't find it easy the way she did before, because her appetite has decreased since her extreme hunger days. which is very normal and expected.

as someone who's watched her off and on for awhile, i don't think she's lying. her videos are really detailed and the things she says add up if you know anything about AN recovery. bodies need a sometimes shocking amount of nutrition not just to gain fat and muscle tissue, but to repair organ damage, etc.

i actually think she's done really well and i'm happy for her

No. 1874484

holy crap, this is a before and after? looks totally different and much younger

No. 1874491

File: 1690925087596.png (463.62 KB, 853x1547, Screenshots_2023-08-01-17-21-0…)

when cows collide

No. 1874497

Literally, XXXLaura is my self-pitying fave; unhinged alongside Deodorant Arsonist

No. 1874512

Stfu about meg. She’s the loveliest person to exist. Basing the severity of someone’s eating disorder on their weight is just as bad as the the “professionals.” Take your disgusting comments elsewhere. Meg does not deserve a place on here.(sage your whiteknighting)

No. 1874516

Nta but the first photo was from at least 2019. She’s of the same “dainty ballerina turned obese” ilk as Laura, except she’s insane of the criminal variety rather than the sock-swallowing variety.

No. 1874527

how!? what has she done? i don't remember anything criminal from her! mostly i remember her posting pics of her bed after she pissed in it lmao

No. 1874535


damn, i wish i didnt read that. my jimmies are now rustled.

the way she lists all her symptoms AND then the response she shouldve gotten, makes me know she went into the ER with a plan… to receive asspats&hugs, NOT to kill herself.

is this fat cunt that desperate for love & attention she actually waltzed on down to the ER at 11pm, then bitched about having to wait because of more urgent cases being triaged first?
Isnt that the nature of the ER?
this bitch is delulu.

No. 1874538


stfu, this is not your personal blog.

No. 1874541

You've got to be shitting us. Fuck off

No. 1874574

File: 1690931911370.jpeg (1003.79 KB, 1170x1491, IMG_1795.jpeg)

I love how Eugenia is indestructible, stronger than the twin towers, couldn’t die even if she tried, but a little Freelee wannabe? Dead by midnight.

No. 1874596

File: 1690934318235.jpg (43.24 KB, 306x466, zhanna.jpg)

This was how she looked about a month before she died, according to the Daily Mail. Supposedly she died of a 'cholera-like infection', but that's a bit like saying Welsh Amy died of an infection. She did, but only because her body was so weak from starvation that it couldn't cope.

Apparently Zhanna thought she was immortal, and refused to change her diet or accept any help in the months before her death. Sounds familiar.

No. 1874599

File: 1690934905781.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1524, IMG_2493.jpeg)

This background, kek. I wonder what she edited out

No. 1874607

She wasn't a mercenary, she was still in basic training. And even though terrible things happened to her, she's still a cow for taking up so much of doctors time at the ER. If she's sat there for 5 hours and not tried to swallow a bedpan I think she's safe to go home. Or else she's waiting for a single diazepam like a 'well done' reward.

No. 1874608

Sage, please. So you believe that other people do deserve to “have a place on here,” so long as they aren’t people you personally like? The general consensus is that she’s not really a cow, either log out or stop getting your hypocritical panties in a bunch

No. 1874612

I just thought she was a laura type, you’ve got to be a special kind of fucked up to actively seek living in a locked facility at the age of 30. Does she light supermarkets on fire a la lost all sanity?

No. 1874628

I've seen pictures of anorexics who easily look 20-30+ years older when emaciated. It can age you a ton.

No. 1874629

In regards to her plan, she might want to swap out heading to the ER with go out to the middle of the woods, or else I don't think she'll have much success. I don't think it could be any more clear why they made her fat ass wait. But hey, free naked guy floor show.

No. 1874631

jen.peach next then?

Also, samefag - getting reply errors.

No. 1874633

She's so pissed that violent, naked people get seen before her, when she had enough self-control to come to the ER and ask to be seen. She also hasn't bothered to mention how many other people were in the waiting room, or what kind of things they were in for - not that she was likely to know if they were quiet like her.

It's fucking Australia. Public healthcare systems aren't going to coddle you when someone else is more ill and needs more urgent attention. Plus, like you said, they definitely all know her at her local mental hospital by now and are probably not at all happy to see her. When staff sees you as manipulative and attention seeking, say goodbye to them being kind, or getting actual help. But I don't think she cares what kind of attention she gets from them, as long as the attention exists.

No. 1874643

Imagine being an actual nurse and not understanding simple concepts such as staffing and funding shortages which leads to delays. Nevermind the fact that she's a regular there and they know it's not as urgent as she claims.

No. 1874644

Wow, what a flex.

No. 1874645

She acted so mad about her "exposure" to that patient, too. It's a fucking mental hospital. I don't know what she expects to see except mentally ill people.

No. 1874650

I kinda hate how everyone will comment on eugenia cooney videos with stuff like"she used to be soooo pretty =(" I can't help feeling that shit fuels her because she was sick then and you keep equating her worth to being pretty. Idk maybe I'm being extra but it rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1874660

I think it was just the regular ER not a specialist mental one. Saying that, I've definitely seen raving naked people while in the regular ER.

No. 1874663

File: 1690942463347.png (78.86 KB, 659x373, Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 03.16…)

No. 1874676

Giving her what she wants

No. 1874679

We don’t have any idea what Eugenia eats. We know she eats yogurt but that’s about it. She doesn’t eat only fruit and vegetables. Honestly, I’d love to know.

No. 1874682

Where is the proof that she eats yogurt?

No. 1874684

armchairfagging: sounds kind of like the mind of a munchie like kelly ronahan but with psychiatric illnesses instead of physical ones. extensive knowledge of hospital workings, check. severe trauma in the past, check. she admits that she finds comfort in the care provided by nurses.

No. 1874688

she needs psychiatric care, just not the kind she thinks

No. 1874689

Does this mean her 3 months of being SH free starts over? What a waste of space.

No. 1874700

She made a video just after getting out of the hospital, she goes to the fridge, gets a teeny tiny yogurt out and plonks it on a counter, then says she doesn’t feel comfortable eating it on camera and that’s it.

No. 1874702

Skip to 1:29

No. 1874705

oh wow, her voice was at least somewhat more tolerable back then. she speaks sooooo high pitched now i really can't handle listening to it for long, it's like nails on a chalkboard. i seriously don't know how she stays online talking for fuckin hours in a fake ass cartoon voice

No. 1874712

Hey, everyone needs a hobby.

No. 1874713

the only reason she even stopped in the first place was to go on her trip. now that that's over, she's back to her usual crap

No. 1874724

>battling anorexia

No. 1874740

Public eating disorder battle? You mean denying she has one?

No. 1874742

Cooney is turning 30 next year??

No. 1874746

Literally came here because of the daily fail article, it’ll sure give her some precious precious attention for 15 mins. Wonder who tipped them off? Tinfoiling that they’re in on it somehow.
It’s more likely it’ll encourage wks and newfags to come here tbh

No. 1874752

and I thought she is a trained nurse, aren't you used to patients that aren't, well, not so clear in the head and undress and scream and rage? I've seen so many mentally ill, sometimes nearly naked people behind train stations, if they don't attack you, you just ignore them and move on with your day. How privileged she is to be able to be mad about people needing real help in an ER. In know, that she would have to wait for more than 5 hours in my country to be seen, especially if they know her name, she probably would be send home to see her regular doctor the next day.

No. 1874762

mb i'm retarded and don't use reddit, so i thought that was the mod's username kek

No. 1874787

Not supermarkets, just her room on the (non medium secure) psych ward. She is a Laura type, just got in too deep and can’t get out of forensic services now.

No. 1874790

To be fair, well-known accounts (the sort that normally cover the worst of lgbtq, immigration, or purposefully take things out of context for political reasons etc) have been sharing about her saying "do men find this attractive". Think Oli London did too, was only a matter of time that dailyfail and other leeches picked it up for content.

No. 1874814

Personally I think she would have turned out like this regardless of whether she experienced a trauma or not, so I have zero sympathy for her. It seems to just be her rancid personality.

No. 1874817

100%. She did not need to be acutely seen, definitely not ahead of the obviously psychotic patient who needed police intervention, evidenced by the fact that she sat like a good girl for 5 hours in the waiting room waiting for her attention and didn't, I dunno, try to leave to kill herself???

No. 1874819

ewwww :(( they let an ACTUALLY mentally ill person having a crisis into my field of view :(((((:(((()

No. 1874827

This is so pathetic. What a stunning lack of self awareness and egotism that leads a person to complain so bitterly that they aren't the most important person in the whole ER.

No. 1874829

File: 1690981828924.jpg (235.83 KB, 1440x1280, Collage_2023-08-02_09_12_17~2.…)

No. 1874831

File: 1690982276020.png (1.71 MB, 853x1538, Screenshots_2023-08-02-09-16-0…)

No. 1874833

can't wait for the spontaneous schizophrenic break down on the 20th!

No. 1874838

I wonder if Laura pulled this stunt bc she didn't like the last living place? I'm serious, she may have…

No. 1874843

I honestly kind of agree. She knows how to work the system and as soon as she’s out she’ll pull an even bigger stunt in the hope of getting sent somewhere more cushy the next time. It’s so predictable.

No. 1874864

Blows my mind how many cows become actual cows after 'recovery'. Do they just switch starving for binge eating?
They either get fat or become health/fitness nuts like ganer or jen peach. Just swapping one disorder for another.
Do any of them actually figure out how to be normal with food?

No. 1874867

As a total aside, that is some really awful-looking food.

No. 1874871

A lot will just jump ship to another body related obsession because they never dealt with the issues. For some they do mess up their bodies due to behaviours and if you're not taught how to correct it you're just going to pack on the weight easily, and nowadays being fat is glorified with no regard for health. No one wants to correct physical issues because "it might push them back to their ED" so they're treated with kid gloves 24/7.

No. 1874883

The antipsychotics these people are on aren't doing them any favors, either. At least one or two of them can cause metabolic issues, and several will cause more weight gain the more of the med you take.

No. 1874887

I think what gets me is she can describe her symptoms of crisis down to a tee ("forced speech" etc). This sounds awfully like she's made a checklist of symptoms to show up to the ER with to get attention.

No. 1874889

What did she do to end up in psych for three years? Christ.

No. 1874904

This article is honestly so stupid. They're acting like she just lost the weight, when she's been this size for a long time. Nothing has changed, so why write an article now?

No. 1874932

i dunno how much longer they're staying, but em and lauren are still in ibiza, they got there last friday and were almost out of money by sunday, so then what are they doing for money now? i was on em's live last week when her mom came in and gave her some kind of card and was talking to her about how to use it and then her stepdad came in and gave her some cash. i'm guessing they've reloaded the card for her. if her parents are that beat to throw money at her, why does she even bother with her gofundmes

No. 1874939

She attempted on a suggestion from tell I think
>>1874864 eating disorder sufferers if not having plenty of support and therapy will most likely not know how to eat for nutrition and will either go from overweight to underweight all through their lives or will try to be fit and then relapse, go IP, try again etc

No. 1874988

A suicide attempt doesn't tend to get you three years in a semi secure hospital. It usually gets you on the waiting list for therapy.

No. 1875002

File: 1691002029907.png (1.68 MB, 853x1652, Screenshots_2023-08-02-14-49-0…)

no one blames diet when people die from ED? lmao what?

No. 1875007


I'd love to know what Jen thinks people blame AN malnutrition deaths on if it isn't their diets.

Also, these fruitarians are fucking delusional. It literally takes a two-second Google search to find out that an only fruit and vegetable diet is too restrictive to be healthy in the long term. Do her followers actually believe this bullshit?

No. 1875014

No one is saying Zhanna died because she was a vegan. Jen is being so sneaky here. They're saying - correctly - that she died because she ate only fruit and probably not much of it either. Like it or not, we need fats and proteins to live.

No. 1875022

I have a headache just looking at jen's posts, don't know how she lives like that, a fruit only diet seems even worse than jordan peterson's insane meat only diet

No. 1875030

Jen also claims to be an ED therapist because she worked 3yrs in mental health facilities which according to her “qualifies her in Canada.” Such bs. You need a masters degree, hundreds of supervision hours, and then requirements for licensure. She’s presents as an authority in nutrition and psychology when her education, training, and experience fall incredibly short. Delusional and narcissistic (sense of grandiosity) for sure.(sage this nonmilk)

No. 1875053

Suicide attempts got her in hospital in the first place I think, I remember her posting quite a few ~goodbye cruel world~ type of messages around 2019/20 and she regularly used to cut her throat. Setting a fire in one of her old units (which she alleges was an attempt) is what landed her in long term, medium secure hospital.

No. 1875054

File: 1691008373893.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2130, IMG_9244.jpeg)

Holy shit, it’s Chucky!!!!

No. 1875055

Laura, who we know reads here, is probably eyeing her matches right now

No. 1875058

I mean, that carnivore shit isn't healthy either, but at least it would make you feel full. I can't imagine what a stomach full of only fruit all day every day must feel like

No. 1875068

Depends on the fruit, you have to have a lot of fiber-heavy fruits, just like anything else you need to feel satiated. Most of it's mental.

Both fruitarian and carnivore are gay as hell and only these weirdos and trad failchads care

No. 1875112

They must be far stricter nowadays. I recall a girl setting fire to her room's curtains one night (because she wanted to go out for a cigarette and knew they'd evacuate everyone) and all she got was a needleful of sedative in the bum cheek.

No. 1875113

Oh Sharni. It's BANGS you want to hide that 5-head, not a fucking great scabrous mess.

No. 1875114

Fats and proteins don't just come from meat, nona!

No. 1875118

No shit. No one claimed that.

No. 1875119

someone explain why shes a proana? did legohead ever had an ed?

No. 1875151

When the fuck did I say that?

No. 1875168

Maybe it depends on what gets set on fire, the person's reason for it, etc

No. 1875204

achychually fat only comes from animals, plants have oils not fat

No. 1875205

Either you're joking or you skipped health class.

No. 1875207

I'm pretty sure nowadays arson in a psych unit is frowned upon whatever the reason!

No. 1875211

you're going to die when you look up the nutrition facts for oil

No. 1875217

Jen Peach still looks like she has bulimia face in a lot of recent pictures, including this one. Not as bad as at her worst (because, holy shit), but still. Sort your shit out before you try to do the guru thing, girl.

No. 1875223

I can just imagine someone living off avocado and walnuts wondering why they're not losing weight kek

No. 1875250

Is she purging through the chronic diarrhea an all fruit diet must give her?!?!

No. 1875259

I can only assume so.

No. 1875272

File: 1691031178264.png (340.21 KB, 853x995, Screenshots_2023-08-02-22-53-1…)

i love that she's not getting what she wants hahah makes me so joyful tbh

No. 1875273

wait, i thought it was 3 months? did they change it to 6? omg that's too funny if that's what happened

No. 1875275

File: 1691031385717.png (435.9 KB, 424x700, Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 9.58…)

Enara making up for her sunpar er experience by going back and getting a one night admission

No. 1875286

It's a requirement for some programs here too. I assume it's because the therapy itself might cause emotions to bubble up that the patient would usually use self harm to deal with, and being able to abstain for 3/6 months means they've self-managed this urge recently.

Fucking hell. Imagine just turning up and taking a bed to sleep in for the night. They should have given her her one pill and turfed her out, if that. I don't understand why her doctor can't just give her 3 emergency benzos or something, something impossible to overdose on but that means she stops taking up services just for one fucking pill.

No. 1875288

casual hospital sleepover before her coffee date

No. 1875294

File: 1691034911628.png (604.07 KB, 1095x587, Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 10.5…)

Aidel is back in the hospital in New York this time. How the fuck does she pay for so much healthcare in America?

No. 1875310

Her family is Jewish. It’s her parents’ money. Why not go to her local hospital though? I still can’t believe they inserted a g-tube into a known purger. Medical malpractice(racebaiting)

No. 1875311

She went to the hospital in Canada a few times and they kept her very briefly each time and discharged her again. My guess is she went to America to try to get a longer hospitalization.

Not all Jewish people are rich. Her family does seem to be, but it's still a dumbass use of their funds and I'm not totally sure her parents were on board with this round of medical tourism - an American friend paid for her plane ticket to NY so she could go to the hospital there.

No. 1875328

File: 1691041795783.jpeg (Spoiler Image,214.89 KB, 1125x1254, IMG_0047.jpeg)

“pro-recovery” bpd queen

No. 1875331

File: 1691043413372.jpeg (806.84 KB, 750x1536, A88303F5-4021-4A06-A60F-26F4F5…)

I’m still catching up on threads but just want to drop in with this cow who posts videos of herself crying and being fed by her mother. Not just this one video but a bunch of them. I couldn’t think of who would enjoy this absolute cringe more than the nonnies here

No. 1875333

this is some bpd ass shit from someone who doesn't seem to have ever been skelly and is somehow managing to eat two slices of cheesecake for a snack on her own despite needing mommy to put hot fogs in her mouth later that night.

No. 1875336

File: 1691045645000.jpeg (233.75 KB, 828x1436, B32B2311-A102-41CD-A33A-2F8F2D…)

you get taken by an ambulance and the first thing you do is film the whole ride? KEK

No. 1875337

Is this one the hotel faker?

No. 1875344

Anon who posted the pic… idk why she’s in this thread tbh but I know she’s been posted here before so just thought I’d share, kek. In other words, I had to see this, so thought I’d inflict it upon others haha

No. 1875364

the (public) drs here won't give her even one to take home, anon. they know she doesn't actually need them and they'd just be encouraging her attention/drug seeking. hence why all of enara's psychs are private.

fuck she's such a piece of shit, I can't (but can) believe she went to the hospital just to sleep in a different bed.

No. 1875376

From what I remember she’s similar to Kat & Laura (think they might even have been friends at some point?). A BPD mess who claimed anorexia at a relatively healthy weight, gained a shedload more to the point of obesity and has spent the past few years bouncing around locked wards, including medium secure for what anons have speculated was beating up staff or other patients. I’ve kinda missed her kek

No. 1875384

Who TF stands on a hospital bed when they’re supposedly “sooper sick” strange ass behavior for an American hospital at least. If I caught a patient doing that I’d immediately stop giving them any attention because clearly they’re not feeling that unwell.

No. 1875386

This might be the cringiest thing I’ve ever seenZ her mom feeding her?! What in the actual fuck is that. Why are so many ana Chans stunted in their development they act like literal babies.

No. 1875387

No, the one who has massive binges daily yet claims she fasts every day

No. 1875411

File: 1691064568557.jpg (659.15 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-08-03_08_08_23.jp…)

fucking laura and becca instantly piss me off every time they smile because they purposely do this weird shit! they both have pics of themselves smiling normally, so i know they can, but they CHOOSE to smile like they're fucking mentally tetarded, why!?

No. 1875415

File: 1691064875713.jpeg (334.68 KB, 828x1167, 431C5740-5175-4276-9634-BDEFE2…)

exactly. she claims to have fasted this whole month but posted 4000 calorie binges all the time and when called out she says that she doesn’t count her binges in her daily intake because she purges everything

No. 1875421

File: 1691065583381.png (3.82 MB, 750x1624, 5FFDB78F-8CC2-4D1B-B96A-096591…)

All of the cows in this thread’s doctors should take a leaf out of her team’s book
kek at the bites nail, looks around anxiously

No. 1875422

File: 1691065673270.jpeg (841.34 KB, 750x1536, 0CD42D8C-0AF5-4A25-8CCD-34FAB4…)

samefag because this is just a few posts later despite her having videos of herself being fed by her mum’s hand pinned to her page kek
Totally self unaware

No. 1875423

cant explain but the carefully posed photo in contrast with the fucking sockettes is killing me

No. 1875425

File: 1691065968643.jpeg (492.69 KB, 1170x2056, 15F4917C-82C2-43C4-B77C-87D4EB…)

Hotel faker wanting bariatric surgery. I actually felt sad reading that as she’s obviously been reading somewhat into it yet is so underweight. No surgeon in their right mind would go anywhere near her.

No. 1875429

God she is just FROTHING to be inpatient, it's so embarrassing.

No. 1875433

dainty warp tool queen

No. 1875434

Someone commented on the post asking if she was wearing shoes or socks. Jen said she wears socks because she likes to “feel the Earth”……..while stood on a fucking slab of concrete kek

No. 1875435

the most embarrassing part about it is that she has regular, scheduled respite admissions to a psych unit where they seem to know and coddle her. She's just sad and "struggling" because her next admission isn't soon enough.

No. 1875437

File: 1691066778449.jpeg (334.63 KB, 1407x824, BEF0E786-628E-41BB-A408-137A97…)

oh please god no. incoming redditfags you better learn to fucking integrate

No. 1875438

if you can't navigate lolcow, maybe you're just not cut out to be a farmer

No. 1875441

No. 1875447

File: 1691067862095.jpeg (791.47 KB, 859x1176, B902792E-B235-4AC3-87C1-CB5789…)

em now lol

No. 1875448

File: 1691068005561.jpeg (715.29 KB, 1242x1407, CF0D7F4E-F7E7-41E8-80C2-E96FC0…)

good for her if she’s happy but i don’t understand how someone does from being a super spoop to probably closer towards the higher end of healthy and is happy showing her body like that. it kind of screams that her anorexia was for attention (and bpd) rather than actually caring about how she looks

No. 1875451

File: 1691068271922.jpeg (144.43 KB, 692x1424, 5F115D7F-7716-47B2-A2FE-AF759C…)

No. 1875458

She looks absolutely fine anon?? Calm down

No. 1875462

Because she’s in active recovery, the goal of which is often becoming content with how you look? The gfm stuff was funny but your nitpicking of Em and Lauren (with the same typing style each time) is so fucking redundant and annoying.

No. 1875466

rattle rattle

No. 1875468

>screams her anorexia was for attention (and bpd) rather than actually caring about how she looks
wait what? how does that makes sense? since when is anorexia "caring about how you look", are you trying to say you think she never thought she saw herself as fat? even so, that's not why people get sick. you sound dumb, anon

No. 1875472


Why are you WK for Enara? She didn't even serve one deployment. The cow has travelled more for her conferences than she ever did with the military. She's no more a soldier than someone in the reserves.

No. 1875475

rattle rattle…
With some of you, these girls can never win

No. 1875476

Wasn't she raped at gunpoint at some time during her training? That's still terrible even if she never was a soldier

No. 1875478

Wait, so any time that SHE decides she isn't safe to be at home, she rocks up to A&e for a lorazepam tablet and a sleepover?! What is this hospital system that provides her with B&B services? Why can't she be given a few benzos to use when she needs time, just not enough to OD.

No. 1875479

Sadly there are plenty of people in the online sphere that are using her death as a scoring point "See! this is why being vegan is a starvation diet!" when it's a person slowly dying because their ED/severe food rules has limited them to two or so foods, mainly fruit (think it was jack fruit and something else). And the cause of death in general hasn't even been announced, doesn't matter much to the trashy newspapers though or people using her death. Where's the "omnivore diets big bad, this omnivore anorexic died hunched over a toilet".

No. 1875486


She looks healthy, and a million times better than she did when she was unhealthy. I don’t know what warped perception you have of size but your rattling is obvious .

No. 1875487

ive never seen her on here before def not a cow but i agree she is fascinating. i dont think she actually had anorexia bc in all her skits she portrays the binge restrict chronic dieter cycle, i just find her annoying honestly like get a job. nobody gaf ab ur ed(don't use emojis)

No. 1875489

She looks way better now anon, and even if she didn't, I think you have misunderstood the point of recovery.

No. 1875501

File: 1691077867257.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1179x2058, IMG_3084.jpeg)

My guess is she is flying to Denver for that ACUTE admit, soooo mysterious

No. 1875509

I’m betting it’s that idiot that’s been asking for the 100 link since like thread 96. That level of retardation must be hard to live with.

No. 1875528

File: 1691080724845.png (2.18 MB, 853x1582, Screenshots_2023-08-03-12-40-5…)

No. 1875531

Integrate better, newfag

No. 1875532

sage your emoji'd twitter-faggotry, anon.

No. 1875535

Everyone has “bad” angles suck a dick
you paused her story to nitpick her stop projecting(sage your shit)

No. 1875538

I think she looks really good, minus the raggedy extensions and fake talons, but if she took care of her hair and maybe got less ratchet looking nails she’d look great

No. 1875540

File: 1691082029356.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1969, Screenshot_20230803-125911~2.p…)

i don't really understand this pic, does anybody know what's happening here? is she handcuffed to a seat? it seems like the handcuff is coming out of the seat? why would tshe not just have her hands handcuffed together? pretty much makes this seem like a staged pic

No. 1875541

Retarded comment, stop bone rattling.(sage your shit)

No. 1875542

Nta but that wasn’t even wking, she was just saying she felt sympathetic that she was raped and was talking about the health care she should be/possibly is receiving

No. 1875545

>getting support after meal times
is she trying to insinuate that she's been purging?

No. 1875552

ugh she just posted last week that she was gradually coming off 1:1. i guess she misses having someone watching her at all times.

No. 1875565

Damn what a find, ty for sharing the keks nonnie

No. 1875571

Bring on some arson probably two days later to kick it all back off again in a hopefully nicer ward!

No. 1875577

this picture screams "see, i wasn't always this fat!!"

No. 1875590

I can guarantee she’s mentally planning on how to sneak the most pics and vids as possible in ACUTE. Funnily she has a big enough following and lolcow presence that people will probably tell ACUTE about her bs and maybe she’ll finally get her phone taken

No. 1875595

Maybe having her phone taken would teach her that what she's doing is actually part of her ED and not normal

No. 1875598

can you all please sage your shit

No. 1875604

File: 1691091071565.webm (3.64 MB, 480x854, gaminglivestreamer.webm)

Rachel wants to be a gaming live streamer. It's so painfully obvious that she's trying to follow in Eugenia's footsteps.

Also, who said her voice was comforting?

(apologies for the stupid watermark)

No. 1875634

So she's basically saying 'look I'm purging and I wasn't always fat.' If that was the whole 'doing something really brave and scary' thing then I'm disappointed. And if she's purging 1) I don't think it's working (not to encourage purging as a form of weight loss) and 2) did she purge the sock?

No. 1875635

So she's cuffed but allowed her phone and somehow the other hand is able to hold said phone at such an angle that she can photograph this? I call bullshit. If you're handcuffed or in restraints you do NOT have your phone available to you; they have taken all your shit and will not be letting you sit there and take pictures and go on social media, even if it was physically possible.

No. 1875643

why would an ex-offender take a picture of herself in cuffs? why is she proud of that?

No. 1875655

I'm happy to keep the few BPD headcases around, they're like comic relief in this thread.

No. 1875672

my god. there are a lot of things we can say about laura, but at least she’s not an arsonist

No. 1875676

ALSO she says she can't eat anything except almond milk and sugar free pastilles or whatever…in ip now she's struggling with salad scraps despite her caloric binges kek

No. 1875682

How old is this person? She seems to be in a pediatric/adolescent ward

No. 1875697

File: 1691100554114.jpeg (654.41 KB, 1169x2396, IMG_6685.jpeg)

This lady is a total cow & has been for years. She’s a mom of like 4 kids? She’s never very underweight but in & out of the hospital or inpatient posting pics of her kids while she’s been tube fed at a healthy weight. She plays with her baby on the hospital bed. It’s ridiculous. You can’t be that super special & sick if you are constantly birthing healthy kids. You dont need a tube. Get a real job. She flashes her ekg stickers.She seems like such an attention seeker. She does not want to get better. She treats it like a game. I hate her shares. All of your kids are growing up. She should have had the sense to stop at 1. And a mental health order? What? Maybe for having a personality disorder.

No. 1875706

there were never any cases where children developed an eating disorder because their mother had horrible and disordered views on food, never… I feel so sorry for the children, at least she is making herself sick and not her children, even though their mental health will suffer, hope the father is a healthy and stable example as a parent. And I hate how parents show off their children on the internet without their consent, don't want to know how many paedophiles follow her instagram, so glad I grew up before the time of social media.

No. 1875710

File: 1691102126117.png (1.06 MB, 720x898, fs6tb.png)

Just because she wasn't BMI 12 doesn't mean she wasn't underweight. Also, it seems her last child was born premature, probably because she was unhealthy during her last pregnancy.

No. 1875718

File: 1691103376810.jpeg (540.63 KB, 1170x2070, IMG_6687.jpeg)

I feel terrible for her kids too! It is completely unfair on them. It’s repulsive she’s breastfeeding while on a feeding tube at a healthy weight. Also, what kind of treatment center would actually allow that?! You’re wasting your life & the lives of the children you created by having them visit through hospital stays. Clearly it’s the husband who’s taking care of the kids. She can’t when she’s in & out of the hospital being woo is me/I’m so sick & miserable. She named her files “ip + baby”, “ip 2022”, “ip 2021”. I dont see her as deathly sick. I see her as manipulative & careless. Her body checks are so intentional while making a caption about how nice the day is.

No. 1875720

she's definitely got cow potential, but your commentary is borderline weird. There are proven benefits to breastfeeding and keeping babies with their mother, so going out of her way to do that is actually beneficial for the baby. And if she's pregnant or breastfeeding, obviously they're going to hospitalize her and tube her at higher weights. The medical system in general reacts more quickly when the welfare of children is involved, which means reacting more quickly for pregnant women.

No. 1875746


Kek you idiots want your anorexics to have all their bones showing. If they aren't bmi 13 or lower they aren't true ana for you?
Rattle harder we couldn't hear your wasted brain bounce around your skulls.

No. 1875759

What country ?

No. 1875761

This is such bullshit. Enara has a support worker and the world's most pointless service dog, she doesn't need 'respite' psych stays to be pre-scheduled. This is the most entitled thing I've ever heard although I get the DVA are treating her with the softest of kid gloves and the firmest of asspats. It's just insulting to people who need urgent psychiatric help. Imagine going in to recover from a breakdown and the girl next to you just fancied a timeout from reality for a week. Ridiculous.

I'm aware I sound like colours here. I am not colours.

No. 1875765

Another anon said upthread to the same question that they won't give her any to self-treat with.

No. 1875767

File: 1691110607773.jpeg (953.73 KB, 1536x1818, IMG_0172.jpeg)

Since Kimiperi was mentioned recently: that doesn't translate to a healthy BMI, I can tell you that much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1875769

File: 1691110637201.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1536x1844, IMG_0173.jpeg)

No. 1875770

If she is off to ACUTE then good luck to her! I just hope they take her phone.

No. 1875772

I'm absolutely with you, nonny. I wouldn't mind seeing some proof of it from the other anon, though.

No. 1875774

I'll post a screenshot next time she talks about the respite admissions. In the past, she's mentioned things like not being sure she can wait until her next admission, etc, and here's one example >>1875275 where at the bottom she mentions not being able to ask for an extra respite admission because her psych is on vacation. I know that isn't really what you were looking for, though, so will keep an eye out. It' inconvenient that everything is in her stories, which I don't have saved to randomly reference.

No. 1875775

I'm almost certain there'll be more begging for replacement extensions when she's home, because she's wrecked hers with seawater and sand.

No. 1875778

i mean, you're probably right, but honestly they already looked like shit, the only day they looked sort of okay was the first day. i was watching her live the very next day, and her hair was a fuckin wreck

No. 1875780

this is a serious question: is it fashionable in the uk right now to have unkempt hair? lauren's has also looked really unkempt in their lives, which made me curious if it was on purpose

No. 1875781

The trend among younger people seems to be oversized clothes and long undone hair, not unkempt though.

No. 1875783

It's too bad they won't give her even 2 or 3 to take home. You can't do any self-harm with that amount, but it might prevent her from using up money and resources to get them from hospitals

No. 1875785

they could write her a daily prescription that she has the option to pick up at a pharmacy once per day (it's done for required meds when people have high overdose risk, so I don't see why they couldn't do it for prn), but let's be honest: enara also wants the attention and feeling of being cared for, so she would still call crisis lines or go to the hospital anyway. I honestly don't think the drugs are the motivator for her.

No. 1875786

She's milky but you gotta pull it back a bit you sound like a vendetta chan, and don't direct the post at the cow by saying "you" like your talking directly to her. And this next comment is directed at you and the sudden influx of newfags, stop the overuse of exclamation marks.

No. 1875788

Don't put anything in the name or subject field retard

No. 1875794

She doesn’t need luck, she’s been wanting and planning this for years. I can just imagine her throwing a tantrum in the ITU because the other girls were in ACUTE first and she wasn’t

No. 1875796

Are you retarded nonna she’s just holding her baby here, not breastfeeding

No. 1875799

Dear Lord.
Weird, these guys wizened up to her bullshit.
No, that one's Marie—check her username.

No. 1875805

Breastfeeding burns a ton of calories, definitely not ED recovery oriented.

No. 1875808

Baniievaa is Not Marie

No. 1875810

Jesus, come on. She might have an ulterior motive for breastfeeding, who knows, but it's also a medical fact that there are benefits for the baby from breastfeeding so it's stupid to immediately assume that any breastfeeding mother with an eating disorder is only breast feeding to burn calories.

No. 1875819

Yes it is…?

No. 1875824

Baniievaa is literally Asian are you blind?

No. 1875826

Marie is white as far as I can tell, currently eats almost 1000 cals a day, and doesn't purge. Unless they're both named Marie?

No. 1875827

File: 1691117377877.png (403.41 KB, 853x1886, Screenshots_2023-08-03-22-51-2…)

she's 17

No. 1875828

hey "this is Marie" anon, please take note that Marie is in her early twenties and not 17

No. 1875830

File: 1691117625054.png (89.35 KB, 853x432, Screenshots_2023-08-03-22-55-3…)

she lives in china

No. 1875831

File: 1691117898353.jpeg (761.92 KB, 1170x2179, IMG_6693.jpeg)

Juliana is mad she got kicked out of treatment while she makes joking tiktoks. Her entire recovery has been not taken seriously. They obviously got sick of her constant admissions and behavior. You don’t get kicked out of treatment for no reason, especially outside of the US. Playing her victim card.

No. 1875832

this is about something that happened over a year ago. She seems to actually be doing well after her most recent admission (which she wasn't kicked out of)

No. 1875833

File: 1691118061764.png (446.43 KB, 426x681, Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 10.0…)

this is not a collection of drinks purchased in Minnesota, kek

No. 1875845

Why the fuck does it sounds like she’s about to start a new religion

When did she share she was raped? I mean yeah sympathy because that sucks but the public healthcare system is doing the right thing putting boundaries on the care she can receive. Being raped doesn’t fully account for her bpd antics and overuse of hospitals

No. 1875846

enara shared that a long, long time ago. It's why she's got a disability pension from the military.

No. 1875848

In the least victim-blamey and skeptical way possible, does Australia require proof of assault to approve disability pension? Here in the US, you must go to court and have a conviction to receive compensation of money and therapy. I find it hard to believe her mental health is all tied to a sexual assault around age 18 but see how this could have run her life off the rails

No. 1875878

File: 1691126433376.png (415.74 KB, 422x584, Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 11.4…)

guess what nonnas, it's fortisip time

No. 1875904

What is Marie’s username?

No. 1875906

is this enara?

No. 1875907

No. 1875911

she’s japanese but lives in hong kong since she was around 6

No. 1875912

I'll err on the side of probably and guess that she was already prone to being a big mental mess, or just needed something to set the ball rolling. I don't think they'd need to convict the perp to prove she was raped, a pelvic exam can show that as can proof she hadn't left the base (is that the right term?) at the time. I don't know about her rape in detail though, but I do believe her.

No. 1875913

2 a day is 600 calories. I severely doubt she's not eating enough to meet her daily needs without drinks given to spoops.

No. 1875914

she needs a lot of calories to maintain her weight, kek

No. 1875915

I cannot fault your logic, nonnie!

No. 1875926

Sorry but what's her tiktok?

No. 1875927

>Being raped doesn’t fully account for her bpd antics and overuse of hospitals
Didn't say it did, and neither did the anon I was referring too

No. 1875933

File: 1691145266777.jpeg (604.68 KB, 1179x2371, IMG_0539.jpeg)

The doctor that prescribed coffee.cats ozempic needs their license revoked. Using a weight loss drug to apparently treat binging and purging doesn’t seem right at all. This along with the apparent help she can’t get just doesn’t make sense. Apparently because she can’t get help she has had to take her recovery into her own hands. More like she is enjoying flaunting the nose hose and on track to not recover at all. She clearly wants to be a super severe seed patient and can’t handle the fact that she’s put weight on, so she’s turned to weight loss drugs to make up for the fact that she isn’t a perfect ana.

No. 1875939

File: 1691146291405.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x2127, IMG_9249.jpeg)

No. 1875942

this bitch seriously makes me want to a-log so bad. how many years more does she want to stay in hospital, and more importantly, why is whatever medical staff she’s under playing the game along with her? get this girl actual bpd treatment, take her off of antipsychotics because lord knows they’re actively frying her brain (and she probably, most likely, doesn’t need them) and get her to do some actual sports that’ll teach her to connect to her body in a healthy manner instead of larping as the oh so dainty ballerina that she is not. the fact that she reads here and remains absolutely oblivious to what a waste of resources she is is absolutely wild

No. 1875944

She also mentioned she got into the military because she had no diagnosed mental illnesses which I found interesting. You'd think the body would have been obvious by then.

No. 1875945

A nose hose AND ozempic, oh my.

No. 1875954

oh my god?! a day after she gets approved for supported living?! she posted yesterday that "it's later than I would have liked but it gives me time to stabilise and reduce/stop behaviours" wow. laura doesn't shock me because I'm so used to seeing her antics but this is a scummy new low for her.

No. 1875955

kek what a manipulative bitch. on her insta she posted about how her uncle is getting her binge food all the time yet on her twitter where she has over 20k followers she keeps saying shes struggling to eat anything besides monsters and still fasts since the beginning of july

No. 1875959

Good grief this is embarrassing to watch. I don't know whether I'm amused or irritated with her antics.

No. 1875966

does anyone else remember that bit in the stacy dooley documentory she was in where she said when shes struggling she gets more followers? she really needs her phone & social media taken off her, she wont recover otherwise. i doubt she has many positive relationships to be honest

No. 1875979

she is not going to like what will probably happen to her weight if she's moving even less now

No. 1875981

File: 1691154240851.png (511.37 KB, 468x584, Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 8.06…)

Em's skin seems to have gotten a lot better. I hope she keeps treating it well; her acne looked really painful and I can't imagine it helped her self-esteem

No. 1875983

kek, was just thinking that. the image of her fat ass apparently falling is something. also the weird medical speak like "ligature" just shows the environment she wants to be in. maybe she broke her foot from trying to get herself up en pointe? crazy that laura's been around since the early threads, she just doesn't stop.

No. 1875987

Genuinely curious, how long has she been in hospital for now? Hypothetically, could she just keep doing this until she's an old lady? And the hospital would have no choice since she apparantly knows what to do to keep herself admitted?

No. 1875989

File: 1691156097622.jpeg (375.15 KB, 1125x1382, IMG_6755.jpeg)

Her eyes just make me wonder what else they’re doing other than whips …

No. 1875996

Yeah, I thought I felt the ground shake earlier. Must be those *~fwagile~* osteoporotic bones (not 100% joking, obesity is a risk factor)

No. 1875998

File: 1691158133223.jpeg (231.34 KB, 749x1078, 52B41899-6614-48FE-B82F-380AA9…)

So let me get this straight……..One day she was in bed, massively messed up and head banging and face scratching and zombified on drugs because of the ‘spiders’ and ‘voices’,………The next day they’ve all gone and she’s happy as anything with her 6 month section, dancing around her hospital room like old times……… Then she preaches bopo and recovery for about 5 seconds before she whines for help with purging after meals………NOW she hears the words ‘supported living’ again and professes to be happy but actually instead apparently tries to off herself. (I don’t believe it for one second. There is nothing in psych ward rooms you could hang yourself on, obviously. Why would she climb on the window? I guarantee they don’t have curtain rails, it would be the Velcro strips or something similar if there are even curtains or blinds that aren’t between 2 panes of glass so you can’t get at them!) But either way she falls on her foot somehow - probably leg lifting and over balanced or tried a jump from a dance routine - and her ass falling on her foot BREAKS it! So now she can’t exercise at all and will get even bigger. I can see the karma before my very eyes. (But also think this will give her momentum to start more ridiculous antics and ultimately put her back in a general ward, angling for an ng because she’ll ‘refuse to eat’ because she can’t exercise). How much to bet she also blames ‘anorexia’ and ‘poor bone density/osteoporosis’ for this injury?

If she had stayed in supported living (with everything paid for and still 24/7 help but also some degree of freedom) she could be back in dance classes by now and doing what she apparently loves and misses: dancing and leg lifting all over London or wherever the hell she is. Instead she gets to sit on her ass for weeks and not even dance to her phone. Hmmmm.

No. 1876000

File: 1691158363582.jpeg (112.19 KB, 750x1009, 1AB32ECD-FA70-45F7-9630-D681BC…)

I think this is more likely what happened when she was dancing and spinning around to her phone in her room. UK should get some psych ward socks like the rest of the world maybe. Can’t slip over and also very difficult to swallow.

No. 1876003

Samefag. I wonder if she’ll blame the hospital for her injury or take the ‘fragile Ed bones’ line. I also wonder if they’ll stop her from dancing in her room now. Then hospital won’t be so fun anymore. She’ll have to go back to spiders and ‘bad man voices’ and lying in bed with a scratched, droopy face instead.

No. 1876021

Imagine looking in that window and seeing this.

No. 1876025

laura singlehandedly generating more business for the trauma ward

No. 1876027

Iirc it's been ~4 years,and at this point her team must have noticed she does not want supported living with freedom at all. I'm wondering too,wouldn't the next step be to get her into a closed dorm/living group? Also very expensive,but no hospital ward and she could be downgraded to a lower level of care later in her life. In my country,closed supported living is a thing for longterm-nutjobs like her who cannot just walk around on their own,so they do not have to stay in a hospital for years and years. Or was her last supported living already sheltered to the max and she failed even THAT?

No. 1876028

it baffles me too, surely at some point they must just kick her out? at least she’ll maybe learn to get her act together and become vaguely functional

No. 1876041

She’s literally asleep

No. 1876045

File: 1691162694799.jpeg (173.71 KB, 827x1425, 58DAEAC7-B56F-4293-95FF-DA3B84…)

is she seriously feeding that dog chocolate knowing damn well how toxic that can be for them?

No. 1876046

Nooooo! What an absolute dick wad!!! This makes me really angry

No. 1876047

File: 1691162874216.png (8.08 MB, 1640x2360, IMG_0335.png)

How do people feel about em_fit.x claims to be recovered and now does coaching despite being obviously underweight and over exercising.

No. 1876059

File: 1691163450291.png (1.6 MB, 853x1538, Screenshots_2023-08-04-11-38-5…)

No. 1876069

It's blatantly some bits of hotdog. Time for an eye test.

No. 1876070

Nta but time to learn to sage

No. 1876073

File: 1691165293915.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1284x2004, IMG_8476.jpeg)

I know she’s pretty locked down these days but talking of remaining in hospital for years on end. I don’t understand why or how some of these people keep getting readmitted at seemingly no real benefit. I think for all smorven’s whining about her unit(s), she’s totally institutionalised in the same purposeful way Laura is. Is the close friend anon still here by any chance?

No. 1876075

I love how these cows use words such as ‘unfortunately’ like they’re not absolutely loving the fact they’re back on hospital yet again with no adult responsibilities except taking pictures of stuffed animals and complaining about the care and resources that they’re draining from others. What a life to have kek

No. 1876078

At least she's in EDU as she tries to make out her food and eating difficulties are all autism related which is clearly untrue.

No. 1876080

I think she’s a healthy weight now and has been for quite a while. That isn’t to say she can’t still have the same emotional and behavioural difficulties as when she was a mega spoop but it’s so bizarre and predictable that she spend: so much time trying to get admitted where she knows she will be tubed. Not sure why she hasn’t been put into a supported living environment like Laura, it must be a real drain for her parents having their nearly 30 year old daughter living in this ridiculous cycle when they should be enjoying their retirement years.

No. 1876083

Really? I know she was a healthy weight. I wonder why she needed to be stabilized in a general hospital though? I assumed it would be ED behaviour related if her bloods were "dodgy".

No. 1876098

Is journeytoemma still in hospital?

No. 1876103

>GW 84lbs
But it's all natural and people are just assuming the craziest stuff, right? She makes me go absolutely mad.
Thank you for these, nona, though please learn to integrate next time.

No. 1876125

She needs to change her name. She hasn’t flourished for many years now. She should be FlounderingFairy.

No. 1876148

i hate these mental illness gentrifiers so much they wanna play the mad act and get attention for it but god forbit they encounter someone actually fucking insane or even worse someone actually unhinged get more attention than them they lose their shit

No. 1876159

Did Lauren Cook aka Felice Fawn ever recover from anorexia fr?(lurk more)

No. 1876160

KEK she’s flourishing in her mind: succeeding at getting exactly what she wants and staying in hospital for basically ever. Remember when her new account to supposedly ‘move on from mental illness and get to know the real Laura’ in supported living was called Sad Fairy? Didn’t sound very celebratory. And when she started ‘struggling’ there it became Flourishing again? Kind of says it all.

No. 1876164

I don’t understand why they don’t. Other countries have limits on the amount of time someone can be taking up a bed, especially if they’re a revolving door patient and clearly not getting better. Even in EDUs, so the person could still be physically quite unwell but be discharged if they are not making progress after a good amount of treatment. It sounds harsh but it makes for a more fair system at least: it’s more likely that most people who need help will have a chance at getting some, instead of some people getting years and years of resources and others never getting in the door at all.

No. 1876167

File: 1691173845031.png (1.1 MB, 853x1550, Screenshots_2023-08-04-14-27-0…)

No. 1876171

Maybe she's the real autistic cow in the thread, not Fiona—-with how much she hates change and has her safe ward. Joking, obviously.
Sidenote, how much weight do you have to exert to break your foot bones?
She should become a DID larper.

No. 1876173

Kek I don’t think I will ever understand her always speaking in third person.

No. 1876174

All her alters would be called Fi.

No. 1876186

As soon as she started posting the throwbacks to when she was underweight I knew it was all over.

No. 1876190

I shouldn't laugh but kek anyway
How the fuck did she manage to find a ligature in there anyway? These places have magnetic curtain poles so they come off under pressure, and pipes to the bathroom sink sealed behind units. Allowing shoelaces or belts would be a big oversight. Then again, attention seekers are creative.

No. 1876192

No diagnosed mental illness doesn't mean no mental illness. She just might not have sought treatment so there was nothing on her records. It's easy enough to fake being mentally healthy if you're not actively manic or psychotic, harder to fake being mentally unwell!

No. 1876193

enara is definitely genuinely mentally ill and I don't doubt she was traumatically raped. Unfortunately she's also got a shitty personality and is a very self-centered and selfish person which is in my opinion what makes her a cow.

No. 1876196

sage but isn't Ashley Issacs still alive, technically? she was the original immortal skeleton queen

No. 1876204

We always appreciate screenshot evidence

No. 1876206

This is why I always ask for proof of things. We love to talk about how Lolcat is full of the real truth about people, but plenty of "farmers" just make shit up to create drama

No. 1876207

It's the same with munchies. Going outside, living life, doing normal people things as a dainty sick chronic illness warrior doesn't get nearly as much engagement as a new diagnosis, hospital admission or anything about struggling.

No. 1876208

No one with any dance experience and even half a brain cell would attempt to get up on pointe without proper shoes. I think she did try to rig up a noose out of something but more in an attention way than an actually suicidal way.

No. 1876209

I'm dying that the filter put a dog nose and ears on the actual dog. Also it's eating something else, not chocolate.

No. 1876212

File: 1691180022435.jpg (150.99 KB, 1149x1045, Collage_2023-08-04_16_14_04~2.…)


No. 1876214

omg what do you mean? she has reposted her old pics and vids every single day for as long as i've followed her. that's not a new thing.

No. 1876215

File: 1691180368702.jpg (28.8 KB, 945x346, 6446898413594666.jpg)

The self posts are starting to sound like bots, they all say the same thing. The only thing I feel about this account is amused that half the followers are purchased.

No. 1876221

The NHS definitely doesn't have a revolving door for psych or ED patients who don't make an effort to engage with therapy or adhere to their treatment plans - with an exception for those people whose mental illnesses make them a danger to others, obviously.

No. 1876222

> Sidenote, how much weight do you have to exert to break your foot bones?

Not very much if you've caught it at a bad angle. My friend fractured a bone in her foot while dancing (not on pointe) and that was just from tiptoe not a jump. No delicate ED bones either.

No. 1876223

Oh, I definitely agree there. Her personality just seems utterly rotten.

No. 1876230

I mean, she’s larped PTSD, psychosis and got a BPD diagnosis previously (previous Tumblr/insta 2014 onwards followers, iykyk!) so maybe once the super special ASD diagnosis she’s managed to lard doesn’t get her the asspats anymore and the ED becomes less of concern to those around her, DID might be the next badge for her to aim for, kek

No. 1876243

That anon was talking about the pinned pupils in the post they replied to.

No. 1876252

Nonna she does it all the time, there’s photos in the old threads of her “on pointe” in regular shoes. She doesn’t even have that one brain cell.

No. 1876253

are the pupils not just because it’s bright and sunny? she’s even squinting in the pic

No. 1876268

I haven't watched the documentary because I don't think I could without throwing my electronics at the wall. I would like them to do a follow up now though; see how far she's come since she forced her way into that and where it got her.

No. 1876270

What would you call Laura then, if not a revolving door? (Granted she won't ever even get her fat ass out the door in the first place, just spins it all the way around back in without even stepping out first).

No. 1876274

Off topic kind of but Britney Spears posted the exact moment she broke her foot in a video once. (She's a whole other topic and I really like her so not hating at all, hope she'll be ok with everything). She was just dancing barefoot, spinning around and she landed her weight onto one foot when it was kind of on its side. Heard the thing snap!

No. 1876275

From the looks of it, probably? Her alcoholism though, probably not.

No. 1876279

People are gonna rattle rattle me but I'm not saying she is fat, just that by the looks of her legs she's definitely beat anorexia kek. What a bleak way to celebrate a milestone birthday

No. 1876281

File: 1691189486536.png (244.31 KB, 362x626, Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 5.53…)

You would be objectively correct to say that's she fat

No. 1876285

Oh I didn't realize that was her kek

No. 1876291

something i've noticed with Laura's larp is she says "the bad man" tells her to kill herself and this why she does it? I mean, I can understand that behaviour if you're a (severe) lifelong schizophrenic and I sympathise. Only, she's not? the staff must be able to see through such intense make believe? all of a sudden she just hears voices because she had a random flashback and attempts like she's on autopilot? No. "The bad man", ffs may as well be the hat man at this point, kek.

No. 1876294

I'm sure he'll be back if there is talk of discharge or anything less than full supervision 24/7 at least 2:1 at this point. Hell, give her 4 point restraints and an NG tube to prove how sooper sick she is for life. Nothing else will suffice.

NHS staff must be actually brain dead to not see through her.

No. 1876307

File: 1691192136480.jpg (1002.03 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-08-04_19_37_37.jp…)

No. 1876311

'Not genuine so I stopped.' KEK. Said she'd start up about them again. Are her Lives on TikTok btw?

No. 1876317

given her permanence in the ward and physical size, she’s gone past a door and become the wall

No. 1876318

fi, fi, fo, and fum
is she just sitting there on live like a dead fish?never change, laura.

No. 1876320

i wonder if that means they're gonna take her off the section

No. 1876321

Why can I not see these?

No. 1876322

Don't worry, the spiders will come back if they do.

No. 1876340

Nothing but a drug user showing off - still abusing her body and mind. Not cute or funny

No. 1876345

You’re the brain dead one if you think public psych hospitals/wards provide even half decent “support”

No. 1876347

Her entire nipple is visible through that very sheer shirt. massive kek

No. 1876348

Her uncle also helped her create bodychecking pics at some point, it's very unsettling.

No. 1876352

She’ll blame the hairdressor for the state of her hair extensions - take no self responsibility

No. 1876357

What’s she been through?

No. 1876359

You lot are so fucked. She is a perfectly normal and healthy body size. Do you actually not realize how few people are naturally thin?

No. 1876360

This is unbelievably fucked and like I don’t think it’s got enough outrage/trash talk here. How could a GP prescribe someone with an eating disorder that medication?!?

No. 1876365

Ausfag here but this standard treatment for BPD. They often self harm or attempt for attention and admissions so they are denied on those occasions but have these regular respite admissions so they can get the attention or support they need without rewarding sh behaviours to do it.
So actually if they increased her planned admissions or made it more clear to here what was happening I reckon we’d see less of her presenting for some meds and going home.
Also I don’t get why they can’t give her meds to take home, we all know the chronic risk of suicide is low in these bpder’s because they want attention not death

No. 1876367

I really don’t think her parents are rich. She used to post lots of photos in her mom’s apartment and in her dad’s, neither were anything nice

No. 1876369

They do in the UK. They're not state asylums.

No. 1876372

She says she was raped at gunpoint during military training. No one here can find any reason to doubt her claim, because she was given a full military pension without ever having been deployed, and they cover all her psych treatment. Unless she tried to sue them, which I doubt, it points to it being true.

No. 1876373

Oh thanks for the info that's pretty interesting. It's definitely not the standard in the UK, but I can see how it would be helpful like dangling the carrot of a planned admission (even if it sounds very entitled) as a reward for not swallowing batteries that month. I see how it could work.

No. 1876374

Yeah, she's said before that she can't have her respite admissions if she's self-harming soon before them and she gets discharged if she tries to self-harm while there. So it seems to be used as an incentive for her, which makes a twisted sense.

No. 1876377

Why are some of you (or honestly probably one samefagger) so fixated on stef wanting to go to acute? There is no way that’s where she’s going, she’s no where near extreme enough to need treatment there

No. 1876378

good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been thinking this. I didn't post because I didn't want to get accused of rattling, but I really doubt she meets their admission criteria right now. She's probably back on the ITU (I do think she's in treatment given the plane photo and then her next story post of a picture of a quilt and some jesus music)

No. 1876380

wait, you're saying this about Kat? stop, she's definitely obese

No. 1876386

Was it her GP who prescribed it? This seems like some specialist off-label prescribing because it's thought it could be useful in addictions.

No. 1876390

you really believe >>1876281 is a perfectly normal and healthy body size?

No. 1876398

File: 1691204884150.png (1.62 MB, 853x1389, Screenshots_2023-08-04-23-08-5…)

someone was asking about claudia recently. she posted on her story today, so she's still alive at least

No. 1876404

File: 1691205264647.jpeg (664 KB, 828x1388, IMG_9432.jpeg)

Damn can’t believe Kat used to look like this.

No. 1876405

maybe she'll be able to get back there now that she seems to be on a path to discharge and getting off some of those antipsychotics? I think she mentioned that the dietitian there was going to help her lose weight healthily too.

No. 1876406

If you got the money like stef does I’m sure ACUTE will take her. She talked previously about last summer meeting acute criteria but not able to go due to having secondary Medicaid coverage. I’d assume if she met criteria last summer she’s meeting it now? Not saying I agree but just based on context.(sage your shit)

No. 1876407

So I guess you don’t know the bullshit history of bmi. “Obese” is crap, especially for a completely normal sized person like Kat.

No. 1876408

Yes? It’s called curves. Fucking hell diet culture has rotted all your brains

No. 1876410

She's alive, yes.
>widdle to mean little.
Strength, courage, and wisdom not to a-log.
Idk about obese, overweight fits her a bit better in my opinion.
Hi Ham.

No. 1876411

what is wrong with you? she's written about how she gained weight from antipsychotics and it's unhealthy but an unfortunate trade-off that had to get made and her fucking medical team are on board with helping her get back to a normal weight.

No. 1876414

From what she has said, a specialist prescribed it. But it doesn’t make sense to prescribe a drug specifically for obesity and weight loss to someone with an ed. it is a drug for weight loss and diabetes of which she doesn’t have either. Apparently she has reactive hypoglycaemia which is why she needs the tube - this is not diabetes though and if she used the tube properly she wouldn’t need this drug. >>1876360
I’m surprised she isn’t talked about more here. Always going on about her she can’t get treatment for her so so severe ed. Like - she obviously isn’t that sick if she can’t get treatment. Oh, wait….. she can’t get what she wants cause she isn’t actually that sick. If she is as sick as she says then she would be getting admitted to hospital without any questions asked.

No. 1876417

oh boy. does kat have a history of ever posting or lurking here? it's hard for me to believe anyone but she herself can be trying to convince us she's not fat. you honestly sound crazy.

No. 1876418

I think she's milky as fuck but lost access a long time ago when she privated all her accounts. Is she public again?

No. 1876426

I think her family and family friends come together to support her

Iirc it was Cece who had secondary Medicaid. Stef has private insurance through her parents because New York State allows children to stay on until 30

No. 1876430

If she meets criteria she’ll still be the fattest one there. Embarrassing.

No. 1876441

I agree that she is milky as, but also lost access to her IG and she locked everything down. Her TT is public still though. Anyone here got access to coffee.cats IG? She goes by tamzin now.

No. 1876444

File: 1691209811146.jpeg (166.52 KB, 986x1193, BFBD23A3-D38C-422E-8843-EA183B…)

what happened to this bitch recovering? she looks terrible kek a year of preaching on social media, e-begging for weight loss scales and jumpsuits, and cringe ass tiktoks just to make zero progress

No. 1876455

Calling a spade a spade is not "diet culture"

No. 1876456

you cannot be for real, i do not accept it as a possibility

No. 1876457

You're right but you gotta sage
You too newbie

No. 1876462

>Being a normal weight is rare
>Obesity doesn't exist, bmi means nothing
>This fat girl is just ~curvy~
>"Diet culture"
Go back to twitter or HAES tiktok, or at the very least shut up about your fat activism, no one gives a fuck here.

No. 1876465

she's so much "better" that we can still see most of the outline of her eye sockets

No. 1876466

So sorry…. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve forgotten to sage.

No. 1876472

I might be able to believe she looks larger than she actually is because her boobs are massive. I know the pain of looking like I'm wearing a tent because clothes hang off the chest..

No. 1876473

I'm sure Kat's said she's overweight/large/fat or other allusions to it and mentioned trying to get healthier recently.

No. 1876478

I do but it's honestly not very exciting. She often posts without a caption and there's just not much milk to bring to the table

No. 1876493

That’s a shame. Just the little bits like using ozempic are about as milky as it will get i spose

No. 1876494

But but but…she’s gained 13 whole pounds! Kek it doesn’t take this long to weight restore if you’re actually doing it.

No. 1876495

One of her tiktok lives showed up a few weeks ago and I watched it. She was “cooking pancakes” and chatting to her “fans” who were all up her ass about how amazing and beautiful and strong she is. 10 minutes later and the pancake still wasn’t cooked?? Apparently it’s because it’s on a low heat so she can talk to her fans. What I see is someone faking recovery to show off their body and using ED behaviours publicly, such as making food and not eating it. She also ignored the comments calling her out about this and just thanked everyone for the gifts. Very Eugenia-esque of her.(sage your shit)

No. 1876508

Kek! I smell the bones of an Englishman(sage your shit)

No. 1876511

Do you guys just not know how to sage?

No. 1876533

Redditfags either learn to intergrate or gtfo and lurk moar jfc

No. 1876535

Yeah no kidding, and ease off the exclamation points ffs

No. 1876542

she said she had mental health issues prior to that but didn't disclose it when she joined the miilitary(sage your shit)

No. 1876544

Are you actually retarded or are you continuing to not sage on purpose? Do you not know what it means? Help me understand

No. 1876545

I guess she didn't seek treatment as they can see your medical records, also lied when applying. She's damn lucky they didn't deny her coverage of healthcare after she was pensioned out because of that.

Also for the love of god, type "sage" in the email field Please!

No. 1876550

Every time you don't sage you bump the thread with your non-milk redditfag, attracting more of your kind. It's fucking annoying when it's something that' already been said, retard.
Just put "sage" in the email field for fuck's sakes and have decent board etiquette

No. 1876572

Oh the medical system being fatphobic, that’s a first

No. 1876575

Not Kat. Sure she might be considered a “small fat”, but your dramatics around her being “obese” make YOU sound crazy

No. 1876577

The bone rattling here is getting so fucking annoying. Stef is nowhere near fat. Will she have the highest bmi among the other patients, maybe but that doesn’t make her fat you dense anachan

No. 1876582

File: 1691244004552.png (677 KB, 853x1887, Screenshots_2023-08-05-10-00-5…)

em's made another gofundme

No. 1876583

She could get it for free but oh no that takes too long so give her your money so she can get it for free faster. What a brat.

No. 1876584

kek you sound fat

No. 1876592

that's more than obvious

No. 1876597

nobody but you cares about distinguishing this finely between different levels of fat.

No. 1876609

Nope I’m underweight (not blogging, just responding to the ignorance), just care about people who are fat and wish more people would unlearn dietculture and anti fatness crap. Especially in a page for calling out pro ana bull, as diet culture and anti fatness are embedded in pro ana thoughts and behaviours(not your personal blog)

No. 1876610

I don't think you understand lolcow. Have you ever read any threads other than this one?

No. 1876618

File: 1691250262452.png (1.26 MB, 853x1643, Screenshots_2023-08-05-09-43-2…)

No. 1876643

tbis is not a place for camling out this is a place or making fin of pzople. take your moralfagging back to twitter

truly beyond parody

No. 1876645

File: 1691253080454.jpeg (648.63 KB, 2048x2048, 8C540EFA-3D2B-42F8-A40D-4EAAA7…)

I know you didn’t mean it like that but the “hoping she’ll be okay with everything” read like you meant okay with you mentioning it here and now I’m picturing Britney doing a full scale “exposure” of lolcow and it’s sending me.

Daintieskinny. Pic is for the confused nonas cause that whole thing triggered my autism. Eva/Baniieva top and Marie/Daintieskinny on bottom.

No. 1876654

File: 1691255347420.jpeg (237.51 KB, 827x860, FBFD67E0-5C5D-4894-A09F-436E1E…)

evas hair reaches to her waist while maries hair reaches her shoulders. also, evas face is way chubbier so if you think theyre the same person you must be really blind kek

No. 1876662

File: 1691256856365.jpeg (748.96 KB, 828x1240, IMG_0517.jpeg)

look who’s back

No. 1876663

I can't stop laughing when I imagine that anon who kept posting over and over in these threads about how Lucinda was definitely 100% for sure dead reading this

No. 1876666

oof. drunk post?

No. 1876668

she really looks like jenna ortega here. she's so pretty without the retarded unicorn makeup. part of me thinks she looks healthier but the chest looks spoopy as fuck.

No. 1876670

Lucinda is always barely coherent (or not coherent). She genuinely has schizophrenia and seems to never be medicated well or totally in touch with reality

No. 1876673

Queen is back thank God she's alive holy shit!!! Iconic

No. 1876679

Damn, wonder if she'll just repeat the whole song and dance again

No. 1876680

Oh wow. I am glad she is alive. I hope she is glad to be alive, too.

No. 1876686

you know she isn't. she'll be back to her boring rattling schedule within the week

No. 1876687

Wow and she actually looks…dare I say…almost healthier?? I’m pleased to see this ngl. Good on her for gettin a lil meat on her face

No. 1876688

>heart surgery scar tissue
kek at the sperg on kf who insisted she had no scar and was faking the whole thing. lucinda is genuinely retarded she's one of the few honest cows, she posted results from some cognitive test they had done on her. everything from her makeup to her editing has been atrocious and sloppy and even in this picture her lipstick is all over the place.

No. 1876690

That was me and boy am I glad that she made me eat crow. she’s one of the more harmless cows so I’m quite happy to see that she didn’t kick the bucket

No. 1876697

This is giving off spoilt brat vibes

No. 1876700

So many people here don't seem to realize that you can be really medically unstable without being emaciated. Also that ACUTE will admit you at any weight

No. 1876701

"really medically unstable" in this context would mean something like "in organ failure" or extremely ill in the hospital with another illness that's complicated by the eating disorder. Without commenting at all on her illness, Stef is very clearly not in that category.

No. 1876704

i miss georgia, she used to be my favorite cow late 2020/early 2021. i haven't checked up on her in a while, does anyone know if she's still doing the same old, leaving and going back to inpatient all year long?

No. 1876707

Porgie’s probably got her balding head and dainty trotters in a fridge somewhere.

No. 1876709

If she is going to ACUTE (which nobody knows for sure) she has to be at least somewhat medically unstable. Seems just as possible to me that she's going residential.

I'm definitely not defending Stef. I just get pissed when anons say someone MUST be faking because they're in hospital and aren't walking skeletons. You don't need to be BMI 10 to fuck up your body

No. 1876711

ayrt. I absolutely agree with everything in that response. I don't have any particular investment in where Stef is going (although I agree it's probably residential and I don't think anyone brought up ACUTE except that one weird vendetta anon who likes to post about how fat Stef is compared to everyone else?). Just wanted to clarify what type of medical instability ACUTE in particular looks for because it's a small unit. In general, there's a lot of medical instability that will qualify someone for inpatient care and it's not as high of a bar as some anons think.

No. 1876713

File: 1691262981874.png (317.75 KB, 468x585, Screen Shot 2023-08-05 at 2.16…)

We actually do see this all the time, Ham.

No. 1876719

You're blatantly trolling to trigger all the skellies ITT, kek

No. 1876720

File: 1691264374200.jpeg (76.97 KB, 500x667, 334E1F4C-ACBC-4A95-9EE1-F11689…)

has ashley died yet? tried searching, no idea if she still has her own threads anymore

No. 1876722

Yea a wall is about right. Can't be a revolving door when she can't spin around anymore.

No. 1876726

Ha! No just meant I genuinely hope that Britney Spears is ok in life because of all the stuff that happened to her. Her IG is very odd and I remembered the video where she broke her foot. Certainly not a cow though.

No. 1876729

Whoa. Why can't she write?

No. 1876730

No one said she’s fat, just that in comparison she would be. No denying that it’s the smelly Mecca. Yes they take normal weight people who are medically unstable but most normal weight people aren’t medically unstable enough that they can’t go to regular old IP like everyone else.

No. 1876734

schizophrenia allegedly. but it's also a theory worth noting that she has a misdiagnosed brain injury that causes psychotic symptoms and accounts for the fucked up speaking and typing(personally i agree)

No. 1876735

I prefer the layman's "brain don't work good", personally

No. 1876740

ERC’s ITU can handle most medical complications. It’s unlikely Stef needs to go to ACUTE before ERC

No. 1876746

Yeah she’s still online but never posts anything milky.

No. 1876757

Wrong thread, retard.

No. 1876759

File: 1691269209688.png (60.97 KB, 476x225, Screen Shot 2023-08-05 at 4.02…)

I'm genuinely sorry about her dog, but the "at exactly 11:45am" is sending me

No. 1876761

>suicide baiting

No. 1876763

I don't see it? she's saying that she wishes she could be there when he's put down, not that she wants to be with him once he's dead

No. 1876764

agreed. i think this anon is interpreting it wrong

No. 1876777

Shes alive, posts on ig every so often. Idr the name of it though, but there is a thread on kf

No. 1876780

you say that like kf is up reliably

No. 1876781

learn to use tor

No. 1876782

No. 1876793

Nta but someone telling you to follow the rules in place for this site is not spoilt kek, are you 14?

No. 1876802

>small fat
>unlearn diet culture
>anti fatness
Can you leave or shut up already? No one cares about your fat politics or whatever it is you keep sperging about here, this thread has been filled with more retards than ever since getting posted about on reddit

No. 1876806

they're definitely a twitterfag or tiktokfag judging by how they type.

No. 1876808

i was gonna post this, but i figured people would just feel bad about the dog. i feel bad about the dog obviously, but the exact time thing kills me, she ruins everything with her retarded bullshit.

No. 1876810

it's also making me laugh because that's obviously the appointment time and there's no way that it will actually happen at that particular time since they'll have to do some preliminary stuff first (if the vet is even running on time)

No. 1876812

File: 1691276021250.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1831, IMG_2988.jpeg)

Someone’s wanting some extra pity comments today with the sucking the cheeks in

No. 1876813

Mini Australian cow round up for those without access

Tamzin became Aussie citizen so she can keep abusing health care system and benefits. She also legally changed her name from Ashleigh to Tamzin. Still wearing wigs to represent her quirks I mean totally real personalities. Has dialed down the ballet crazy after huge falling out at her ballet school, big surprise they worked out she’s nuts. Still self inserting NG tube. Still crazy.

Porgie just finished ECT. Is struggling with food but had 100kg to lose before that’s an issue so don’t worry she’s ok folks. Points to her for continuing to work and live independently.

New farm tube autism queen Leah is experiencing real life with university clinical placement, god help those poor birthing patient having her assist them while she bitches about how hard her life is. She still struggles to wash dishes and go to shops, predicting an admission again anytime soon to help her cope with her very difficult and sad life.

No. 1876818

omg…maybe once everything is ready to go, the dog will be put to sleep forever at exactly 12:12

No. 1876820

but what will Lynn be doing??

No. 1876828

Plot twist: Lyn is the vet.

No. 1876829

that's why she hasn't visited since the ng tube was removed; she career changed

No. 1876844

anon can you give us the low down on the ballet school drama? So curious

No. 1876846

Let the coffee.cats milk flow. That's the cow that frauded the ndis and went to 'Merica.

No. 1876851

I feel so bad for laughing bc (apologies for slight blog post ig?) when I was there with my dog when she got put down it was honestly the most heart breaking thing I’ve had to do so I emphasise with her feeling upset - but the ‘Lyn is the vet’ made me inhale my drink. Thankyou for the keks nonnie

No. 1876853

Kek none of the above ya cocky fucks. I’ve been coming to lc since like 2019 and came through IG

No. 1876854

and you still haven't realized that this is the wrong place for soliloquies about "small fats" and "diet culture"? that's pretty embarrassing for you

No. 1876865

She frauded NDIS? Is she a narcissist or something? She frauds NDIS, gets a doctor to prescribe her ozempic, inserts her own NG tubes at will, and larps a million and one different illnesses. I really want to hear more. How did she fraud NDIS, and how did the ballet school dump her?

No. 1876866

I think the story is that she got some funds paid directly to her and used it to pay for a plane ticket to the USA for vacation, but other anons probably have more details

No. 1876867

i'm with you. this is one of the milkiest cows i've seen in awhile. i'm so curious

No. 1876869

File: 1691282342109.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.43 KB, 596x641, Screenshot 2023-08-06 003724.j…)

lucinda posted again

No. 1876870

Tamzin goss incoming.

First, she had a VERY public meltdown when she and the other kiwi DID faker had their post holiday falling out that was all over TikTok. Then she posted this publicly on Facebook and tagged her dance school, therapist, QLD health, , literally everybody, and suddenly in true tamzin style started claiming rape and all this shit which is what she always does when things blow up in her face. Elsewhere she has claimed that the dance school was actually another religious cult. Also worth noting no health service would force you to contact police as a rape victim in order to treat you that is just insane to claim. Screenshots to follow X4.

She’s been frauding the NDIS the whole time. She sees a fake therapist (it’s an ED recovery coach) and uses the funds for cruises, USA ballet holiday, those weird soft toys and ballet lessons which are apparently her true therapy and then claims the NDIS won’t cover the therapy she actually needs. She’s just bat shit crazy. In a recent TikTok video meltdown she claims she has lost the ability to self manage her funds and now they are managed by a provider and she has to actually use them as they are designated for therapy and what not.

No. 1876871

File: 1691283066214.jpeg (848.77 KB, 1170x2004, 3746053F-E37E-45E6-B6CA-CF4725…)

No. 1876872

File: 1691283162029.jpeg (786.48 KB, 1170x1957, 3B369FC2-F178-408E-9452-379F8C…)

No. 1876873

File: 1691283262633.jpeg (767.78 KB, 1170x1932, 0536DDF9-B838-434A-B5C1-BAF0E9…)

No. 1876874

File: 1691283364129.jpeg (821.27 KB, 1170x1924, BCA8EE52-D17A-4D4B-B886-ABFBCA…)

No. 1876875

this is wild. she's claiming that all these unrelated people simultaneously decided to dump her because … why?

No. 1876876

kek, love the lapse into I at the end when she forgets she's larping

No. 1876881

How can be you be here for nearly 4 years and not work out how this thread or lolcow as a whole works? You're either dense or lying.

No. 1876887

Why the fuck would she ask her dance school for help with housing? Not like she's training to be a ballerina in a theatre school. Also she didn't bother to look for a room to rent for 3 weeks so that's on her, but suddenly after living in a regular flat she needs supported living? Bullshit.

No. 1876889

I'm guessing the therapist dumped her because she "reached out" in her housing frenzy and crossed the appropriate contact line into making threats to her own safety if the therapist didn't help her. Maybe everyone else got the sharp end of the crazy stick too.

She says "I" in the very first image too.

No. 1876893

She is so unhinged. This whole thing reads like “poor me, I’ve got it the worst”. For someone who apparently knows what help she needs, she sure does good job at not helping herself!
Her whole post has me laughing to the point of tears. Does she really think what she is saying is believable? No wonder she has lost so many friends.
Maybe she needs to look at herself - so many people dumping her suddenly - sounds like she is the problem…. Not the system.
She keeps going between using I and we through the whole thing - there is no consistency through her story at all. She is so unhinged it is hilarious!

No. 1876896

It’s so funny that she needs supported living…. Yet here she is living by herself without the need for the apparent support she needs. Kek

No. 1876897

Maybe her therapist finally saw through her ridiculous larp

No. 1876898

is her 'religious cult' backstory also bullshit?

No. 1876901

I’d love to know more about this actually. She is so open about apparently being raped recently twice… and talks about trauma shit all the time…. But never actually talks about her apparent religious cult trauma more than stating just that.

No. 1876903

Depending on where in QLD she is, if she's close to Brisbane she'd be near all those new age cults in the Northern Rivers. If she's near Toowoomba she'd be close to the church based ones.
But to be frank, she's likely just LARPing.

No. 1876905

isn't she originally from NZ? Or was the cult thing supposed to be after she moved?

No. 1876906

I agree that she is larping all of her ridiculous claims. Who knows where she lives now - she seems to love somewhere new every year or two. Probably cause the people she is around see’s through her larp. Seems even her own family see through her larp.

No. 1876907

File: 1691287008244.png (456.22 KB, 446x521, Screen Shot 2023-08-05 at 8.58…)

I went and looked at her tiktok and jesus, how much money do you think she spent on the squishmallows in this shot?

No. 1876908

File: 1691287180071.png (460.37 KB, 404x660, Screen Shot 2023-08-05 at 9.01…)

oh my god there's more. She could have sold all of these and probably had a month's rent, kek

No. 1876909

File: 1691287307465.png (562.76 KB, 449x731, Screen Shot 2023-08-05 at 9.04…)

not a hint of self awareness

No. 1876913

File: 1691288192098.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1179x2359, IMG_0548.jpeg)

You’re so right…. Didn’t she herself have (or still has) a go fund me? And is asking for money all the time as well?
Repost - found her go fund me she still has. She has no self awareness at all.

No. 1876914

File: 1691288194413.gif (1015.41 KB, 500x203, callcoming.gif)

No. 1876915

No. 1876916

File: 1691288326202.png (135.69 KB, 401x150, Screen Shot 2023-08-05 at 9.21…)

dying at this caption on one of her videos. just left the freudian slip in, did you?

No. 1876917

thanks so much nonnie!

No. 1876919

File: 1691288554117.png (479.56 KB, 445x643, Screen Shot 2023-08-05 at 9.25…)

kek at her obviously tube free face

No. 1876920

File: 1691288945432.jpeg (398.75 KB, 1179x2008, IMG_0549.jpeg)

Did some digging and found an old profile of hers. Turns out she has been larping the ed for more than a decade. When her ed larp didn’t give enough asspats decided she needed to dial it up a notch and larp did instead along with a tube to try and get the ed larp thing happening. This cow brings all the milk and keks

No. 1876924

to take someone with a tube for what??
hospitals deal with people w/feeding tubes all the time, I'm guessing they asked who manages it/requested it in the first place (because it was her, she does it herself with no medical input) and also needs a tube but holding coffee cup…right…

No. 1876925

probably psych hospitals, which do often decline patients with ng tubes unless they're ed units since they're often just not equipped (don't have pumps, the bags, etc or staff that are used to using them)

No. 1876929

NDIS is actually pretty easy to fraud if you choose to self manage the funds you just submit invoices for shit and state it’s disability related and they pay it the only time
It would be discovered is if she gets audited or something looks super suspicious and gets flagged but most self managed claims are basically automatically paid

No. 1876930

The hospitals would treat her if she wanted treatment but they won't play with her with golden gloves and tutus

No. 1876945

I would think that hospital would treat her if there was something to treat. I dare say they see through her larp and see that she is making everything up.

No. 1876965

Holy shit. More ECT? This must be some sort of malpractice. There's no way someone could be/should be having so much ECT. Especially if they can function enough to live alone and work.

No. 1876966

Well. That is incredibly disturbing. I’m glad she’s alive, though I cannot foresee this ending well. Hopefully they’ll unlock her thread soon!

No. 1876969

I want to know everything about her being dumped by the therapist. Why? Also what was the actual fall out about with mosaic.
Side note recovery coaches actually are funded by NDIS.

No. 1876971

File: 1691298693537.png (573.05 KB, 423x706, Screen Shot 2023-08-06 at 12.1…)

Enara is apparently having pony club drama, kek.

No. 1876973

File: 1691298759257.jpeg (598.95 KB, 1284x1097, IMG_4534.jpeg)

I don’t get how she’s getting tubes literally every single day. No offence to her but she doesn’t look like a malnourished skelly. Now she’s using her Ed for money knowing daum well she gonna be tubed the day she get out res

No. 1876974

File: 1691298868231.png (549.16 KB, 429x712, Screen Shot 2023-08-06 at 12.1…)

Mosaic is having her wife give her showers and carry her around the house.

No. 1876975

Wow. This is top tier lack of self awareness, truly.

No. 1876976

I want to know what happened between her and mosaic as well. I lost privileges when all that went down between them and mosaic didn’t share details of what happened. In saying that…. not sure if I believe what Tamzin says though with what I’ve read with what she posts.

No. 1876977

is this club for children? seriously, how can she expect parents to want her around or involved with their children in any way? maybe they don't know about all her antics, but if she walks around with headbanging wounds, face scratches, etc. come on, nobody wants their children exposed to that. it's a part of life they have to learn about eventually, but i don't blame parents for not wanting their kids around a 30+ adult who swallows batteries for fun

No. 1876978

File: 1691299960118.png (1.48 MB, 853x1548, Screenshots_2023-08-06-01-34-3…)

No. 1876980

Also why did Tamzin and Christine fall out? Anyone know?

No. 1876981


If you rabbit hole her current IG you will find a few years ago her being admitted to medical with an NG, self discharging with the NG and admitting it, and from then on buying NG tubes and self inserting at random times yet never using them and being pictured eating meals with her house mate. She’s literally been doing it for years. At one point she somehow convinced a GI to give her a PEG which she never used but loved the photo opportunities but he pulled it pretty quick. The other NZ DID chuck tried to get one from him too but he refused

No. 1876982


Private psych usually happy with self managed tubes if you’re bringing all your own gear which you would have if you’re from home anyway if it’s not ED related. She’s just a liar

No. 1876983

is she at least getting paid by the ana fetishists she's pandering to or is she just that insecure she's doing this for free. like sometimes girls whore it out on ig and i can understand how they can personally be into it in a julia fox kind of way, but this is just so corny specifically appealing to the scrote gaze it's like…. girl why. who hurt you.

No. 1876985

Reading between the lines I think the fall out between tamzin and mosaic was literally all the fake personalities competing with each other constantly for attention especially with such a prolific social media presence?

I don’t know about tamzin and Christine though, I think Christine just finally saw through the bullshit and kicked her out because she’s been very quiet about it on her end

No. 1876990

It did seem as though Tamzin was copying mosaic in so many ways - guess mosaic didn’t like the idea of someone copying her larp. As for Christine kicking Tamzin out… good on her - though how she put up with Tamzin’s bullshit for so long is beyond me.

No. 1877013

Leg lifting Laura should have her own thread.

No. 1877016

tysm anon this is the best milk in a long while and please, if you have any porgie photos or content..

No. 1877052

whats her @?

No. 1877056

File: 1691314236124.jpeg (104.91 KB, 827x1067, C848244D-06A7-4975-A752-DDC1F7…)

No. 1877060

I have no idea who this is but kek at her attempt to sound like the best ana. 400-500kcal is a normal meal and should fill you up. Congrats on being normal.

No. 1877068

This girl is retarded. She made a blogpost gushing about how she’s launched her own fashion brand, and that she’s so proud of herself for reaching her dreams and that she knew she was meant for greatness or some bs because she didn’t go to university. Meanwhile her ‘fashion brand’ one shitty lingerie set from aliexpress with a bow sewn onto it, and her amazing brand website is the basic default web template. The delusional ~I’m so successful and have achieved my dreams of being a designer~ copeium is kekworthy but so pathetic

No. 1877075

File: 1691319881486.jpeg (667 KB, 1170x2128, 6BD433DD-2142-4EC2-A3AD-3C03F4…)


Tamzin unsurprisingly tries to switch from a raging eating disorder to gastroparesis, as is the norm. Becomes obsessed with tubes. Self discharges with this tube in. Screenshot 1 with current active IG name at top

No. 1877078

The Uniqueen is still breathing holy shit… and she looks like a sleep paralysis demon in the second pic. First one is so much better, if she became healthy she would be a stunner. Too bad the 'tardism ruined any chance of that.

No. 1877079

File: 1691320175413.jpeg (545.78 KB, 1170x2153, E560CB3D-0884-45E6-8DEE-0B4D45…)


Tamzin used stolen syringe from hospital to do a gravity feed… attached to a mop. Never runs another feed through another tube for the rest of her time larping the NG life. Difficult to screenshot the comments due to different account names and so many different users but she claims she should rather be eating and trickle feeds every hour are helping her and are easier than sipping drinks… even though both go into her stomach. She never did manage to upgrade to a J tube like her other DID ex-bestie did. This saw the end of her ED related psych admissions according to her IG timeline and brings us almost to the beginning of dress up time.

No. 1877081

What was she even putting down the tube? That looks too pale to be regular feed. Did she water down milk of something? And the constant name change is such an eye roll.

No. 1877088

kek, getting some real allyson vibes from her attempts to pass off her ng tube as medically necessary

No. 1877095

The Allyson milk was top tier. Curious if she and that roommate of hers still sleep in the same bed.

No. 1877097

Maybe they don't include her in group chats and decision making because half the time she's away in hospital and the other half she's suicide baiting.

No. 1877099

this one reminds me of that other aussie cow bree, the one who has vlogs of herself on youtube getting an nj inserted while being rude to and filming the hospital staff. they even kinda look the same. that anachan smile.

No. 1877100

I disagree. She's not milky enough for her own thread.

No. 1877105

haven't been here in literally forever, so can i just ask whatever happened to that italian ana who used to make her mum go to cafes with her and take photos of them holding a(n uneaten) biscuit every single day? all i remember is she had really wide scary eyes and was blonde, and i think her name began with an "a". did she ever recover? or is her mum still looking sadly at a biscotti in a cafe to this very day?

No. 1877140

File: 1691333252902.jpg (671.38 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230807_001517_Ins…)

So whitney has been sectioned after her attempt to leave the country a few days ago.

No. 1877142

So basically this chick just has undiagnosed celiac disease and is a black hole who can consume anything as a result?

No. 1877144

How have I not figured out how it “works”. I know how it works, that doesn’t mean I can’t try to bring in some rational points or decency from time to time. Even if it makes one person think or change how they talk/act then it’s a win.

No. 1877145

What is Tamzin's Tik Tok. I don't think its linked

No. 1877147

Italian Aly? Not sure, don’t keep up with her. Someone else may know.(sage your shit)

No. 1877161

Sorry for asking to be spoon fed, can I ask why she had her own thread?

No. 1877174

File: 1691338947600.png (1.32 MB, 853x1528, Screenshots_2023-08-06-12-17-1…)

they just let people walk out the doors of a psych hospital…a couple days after whatever the fuck stunt she just pulled? it's so stupid..in the US, if you're in a psych hospital, you're in there til discharge, you don't get to leave at all unless you have to go back to a medical hospital.

No. 1877177

i never understood how lucinda was so beef-jerky-looking compared to other spoops who just have really small but smooth limbs??? like her body is so veiny and her limbs look like a slim jim it's bizarre.

No. 1877178

Yeah, I guess because your treatment is of higher quality to ours because you pay for yours

In terms of laura she confuses the hell out of me, one second she's saying she's not gonna eat then literally hours later she's posting pics of food or high calorie drinks. I feel like she doesn't and never did have anorexia, if I was in her situation there is no way in hell I'd let myself get to the weight she's at, which makes me think the "anorexia" was just a tool she used for ber EUPD attention needs

No. 1877183

sorry but i really don't believe that she hurt her foot trying to hang herself or whatever. it's way more likely she fell while dancing around her room but was too embarrassed to say on social media, but she also still wanted the attention that came with posting about it

No. 1877186

Nta but shut up already ffs no one cares

No. 1877187

Tbf lots of people with anorexia can end up big in their recovery. The point of real recovery is not engaging in behaviours to control your weight but to learn to live with your body even if it’s a set point higher than what it was before the ED.

No. 1877188

Wow. I haven’t been able to see her for a while but she was always….Odd. But all this?! I saw a freaking out crying video in a car about ‘domestic abuse isn’t real if you’re not sleeping with them’ and then she seemed to disappear and I had no access. Your therapist leaving you is really shitty though. Really shitty. Not sure why everyone else left at the same time. What did she do?!

No. 1877189

I don’t believe she ever had a real Ed or real bpd. Just some weird attention seeking and when she was given too much attention that she didn’t need she got so addicted to it. Anyone with AN would not let themself get to that weight, or if they did they would not show it off in pics and do all they could to lose it. I just don’t believe she would let herself get that big if she actually had AN. And then surely someone with AN and bpd, at that weight would be excited for supported living because as soon as they had more freedom they’d either exercise like hell to lose weight and/or use the freedom to kill themself if they wanted to so much. Laura didn’t do any of those behaviours when she had the freedom to, only once she was back under the eye of more staff.

No. 1877190

File: 1691340798220.png (1.15 MB, 853x1772, Screenshots_2023-08-06-12-54-3…)

No. 1877192

Same in Canada. In acute psych if it’s high security then there is no leave, certainly not for days at a time! No phones, no own clothes, no possessions at all. Dr has to sign off on patients getting things from their bags like books. But no phones, iPads at all, no internet, no leave, no going to other parts of the hospital. You’re there and you stay there and there is no outside shit. Seems like the UK is really weird and has no idea what they’re doing, making these places that people want to stay in forever. And letting them do so.

No. 1877197

File: 1691341413619.png (1.09 MB, 853x1550, Screenshots_2023-08-06-13-05-0…)

we really can't get a break from laura showing us her crotch

No. 1877202

yes! i completely agree with you, that's how it is in the US too, and that's why we don't have people who want to be in these places. the people who get stuck in places long term are people who truly can't take care of themselves in the outside world. not people who just don't want to grow up and be babied in a hospital forever.

No. 1877220

It must depend on the region. I'm also a Canadafag and there are units here where you can get passes, but usually only if you've improved a lot and you're close to being discharged. Most I've ever seen is a two-day weekend though.

No. 1877234

she isn't in what they call a high secure unit in the uk, though. for an example of that you'd have to look at a place like broadmoor. my guess is that she's in low secure, or possibly medium secure

No. 1877242

Do y’all really not know people who have been in remission or actual recovery from AN? Not everyone is actively relapsing when they gain weight

No. 1877247

Probably because of the amount she posted before. Lots and lots of content. I'm not sure why her thread was locked, but I assume it's to do with 50 posts a day asking if she'd died if she'd not posted that day.

She's not necessarily "walking out the doors". Costa is a huge chain in the UK and there's a small branch in many hospitals so if her ward is a part of a larger hospital she might have been allowed there with an escort. Definitely not the same as just walking in and out. I recall sectioned patients being allowed around the hospital grounds as long as they had 1-1.

Either she hurt her foot falling while dancing (which isn't unlikely, it can happen to anyone whatever their weight if they're falling from tiptoe), or she was making an attention seeking noose and they saw it for what it was, but in any case she fell before she could get the attention and the broken foot satisfied her needs. I don't think they're treating it like a real threat, she's still in her actual room with all her stuff which IME isn't what happens right after.

No. 1877267

she lost a shitton of weight VERY quickly (bmi 38 to bmi 10, check her twitter for pinned pic) and is also a prolific cutter. she's bulimic and has been in extremely poor health for a few years, especially since she had open heart surgery.

No. 1877276

She's 30 and childless, does she honestly expect parents to listen to her when it comes to goings on with their children?
How did you come to the conclusion of celiac disease?

No. 1877277

I'm bmi 13 now and weight 95 lbs. I'm less than the thread number yay(no1curr)

No. 1877280

Shut up and eat a fucking steak. I'd recommend a vegetable as well but in your case that would be considered cannabilism.

No. 1877286

It’s really easy to be anachan if you’re celiac especially if you don’t know it and haven’t ever gone gluten free, you just get used to feeling like garbage all the time. Undiagnosed celiacs often eat insane amounts and can become UW skinny on 2000 cal a day, and easily become spoops at 1200-1500 or anything less.

No. 1877288

AYRT, thank you; I was wondering because ice cream and other stuff like that can be thickened with flour (and thus, most ice creams are probably not GF) and from the screenshot, it looked like she was binging on ice cream/other caloric dense foods.

No. 1877295

1. That veg thing was funny not gonna lie.
2. No thanks my goal as I’ve stated on previous threads is bmi 12 or 11

No. 1877298

you’re 6’ tall? KEK you’ll never be a dainty waif, keep starving fatty

No. 1877299

Steak is actually gross i cut out meat years ago.

No. 1877300

I’m skinnier than you(no1curr)

No. 1877302

File: 1691354386889.jpg (389.05 KB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20230806_134016.jpg)

Lol, I guess zara's big new thing is asking strangers for money. Pathetic, and of course it's so she can have even more excuses to talk about her anorexia and her poor sick self. Get a life and grow up

No. 1877308

File: 1691355264600.jpg (24.35 KB, 390x280, fat-woman-eats-hamburger-plays…)

>I'm bmi 13 now and weight 95 lbs. I'm less than the thread number yay

No. 1877320

File: 1691356346155.png (5.41 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0377.png)

Abby back ip again. Surprise surprise

No. 1877321

File: 1691356383582.jpeg (772.36 KB, 1125x2187, IMG_0376.jpeg)

Rumour of Niamh being ip too

No. 1877328

how can she do this shit with her mom just staring at her. go sit your ass down. she came to visit you, not watch you make dumbass tiktoks.

No. 1877340

She also overexercises which will give you big veins and make your body overall very toned and bulimics are chronically dehydrated as well. Most spoops start at 130lbs max and get skelly-tier by just starvation and laying around so the limbs stay soft. Lucinda's been actively working out for 4 years therefore the veins and muscles of someone typically active show up on her now emaciated body.

No. 1877346

no they're just assuming. niamh just posted on her insta stories the other day telling people to go check out the clothes she's selling, i'm sure she's not gone inpatient.

No. 1877349

I’ve never come across ice cream thickened with flour personally kek but a lot of ice creams have cookies or other toppings mixed in which may have gluten. Plus you don’t even have to eat a lot of gluten to trigger the response that fucks up your intestines and makes it impossible to absorb nutrients. You could kiss someone who ate/drank something with gluten and fuck yourself up.

No. 1877361

You do realise Broadmoor is a forensic hospital right? High security is only for dangerous patients who have committed crimes.

No. 1877368

Italian Aly appears to be recovered. She looks to be maintaining a healthy weight and traveling a lot with her bf. She does swim a lot and seems pretty serious about it but she looks good and does a lot of other stuff too.
She was jumping around dead end jobs for a while and claiming her bmi was still too low (whilst looking a normal weight but obsessed about the number) and she was too weak, kept finding the jobs too hard and quitting with stress or something every couple of weeks, only to start a new, equally crap and stress causing job the next week. I stopped following her around then.
She actually weirdly had some kind of cardiac event a few years back: I think an actual cardiac arrest, related to a genetic heart condition, but made a full recovery. I only picked up her story again about 6 months ago but seems like she's doing well. Sorry for the length.
IG is @itsaly_eleanor. Still a bit annoying with the constant asking for engagement from followers but I think she may really have recovered from the ed: good for her!
She's in Japan right now on vacation.

No. 1877370

What’s her new account username?

No. 1877371

And can she PLEASE do the other leg for the love of god?! I am actually concerned for the balance of her pelvis and spine. Not to mention the fact that she's standing on only her broken foot for this picture.

No. 1877374

i know that, but the anon i was replying to talking about laura being in high security clearly doesn't

No. 1877375

Completely off topic but why are all the posts showing up with the time stamp an hour behind what it actually is for me? Sorry, never had that happen before. I haven't changed time zones or anything.

No. 1877381

Kek now this will forever bother me too

No. 1877382

Didn’t mosaic remove her NJ straight after finding out she’s getting her pegJ surgery?

No. 1877386

I don't know exactly what you mean. But I honestly don't think I have met a person who has completely recovered from anorexia. Either it's constant relapsing, living with it at a level that means you can have a somewhat normal and more healthy life and be physically stable, or switching to a different ed or different addiction.
It lingers even if you manage to maintain a normal weight. People often switch the addictive focus to other things like exercise or drugs but the ed thoughts are the same and some behaviours even.
For someone who had anorexia (say Laura did, but I don't believe that), then relapsing would be losing weight, not gaining. Unless she changed to BED, which can happen.
But to answer your question; no, I've never met anyone completely recovered.

No. 1877387

File: 1691362991263.jpeg (229.6 KB, 1179x1114, IMG_0560.jpeg)

Very far from mentally chill I’d say.

No. 1877391

wow she’s she stupid - why put all that weight on your broken foot?

No. 1877393

These places in the UK seem like a real soft touch then! What's the point of them?! These cows need a bit of actual psych ward experience with real, on your own, prison cell metal toilet locked seclusion rooms and restraints if you do things they don't like, no phones or social media, no getting your hair braided and going on outings to coffee shops.

No. 1877394

I think stupid is probably what she’s getting at here

No. 1877396


No. 1877397

Why are you coming on here to announce that? You think anyone cares?

No. 1877398

Sorry. Couldn't hold it in. Had to have someone else share the pain.

No. 1877399

I'm not familiar with the UK system, no. Seems batshit and ass backwards imo.

No. 1877400

Eh, in some better wards they have outside time for inpatients, but it’s in a super secure area where you wouldn’t be able to escape. The ones that don’t let you get any fresh air are so fucked up.

No. 1877401


No. 1877403

Had balconies. With REALLY high and strong glass kek. Agreed that no fresh air/ 'outside' access would be terrible. Nice views too.

No. 1877429

Not everyone with BPD is determined to stay in that cycle either. It's a bastard to get a handle on, but not impossible.

No. 1877432

As most 'recovered' anorexics will tell you, the physical recovery is a walk in the park compared to the mental. Even healthy weight you have to keep doing the work mentally to avoid relapse.

No. 1877435

She's not in medium secure, no way. Remember when Legohead went off to medium secure after assaulting a nurse or something and got her phone taken away? Laura's posting a lot, she's in general psych is my guess.

No. 1877441

What’s Ganer up to?

No. 1877452

File: 1691372780968.png (1.08 MB, 853x1651, Screenshots_2023-08-06-21-47-5…)

No. 1877462

Looks “better” physically but still her own fucking problem mentally

No. 1877493

bmi 38??

No. 1877498

Kek that wife of hers is going to be so relieved when she goes back to NZ for her shiny new j toob

No. 1877505

Lol I need to see that pic. What’s her Twitter? Or post it here

No. 1877513

This cow obviously visits here cause I see she’s disappeared of TT and I can’t find her on IG or FB. She locked down quickly. Clearly doesn’t like being called out on her bullshit.

No. 1877517

Why don't we go back to her own thread? >>1775242

No. 1877519

it's locked

No. 1877524

File: 1691390275418.jpg (667.67 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230807_074026_Gal…)

Ntayrt but I got curious so here you go

No. 1877533

jesus christ this girl is actually retarded/developmentally disabled. i thought she was playing a bit but now i think she’s genuinely mentally not grounded in the real world

No. 1877536

if you compare her to some of the people trying to larp delusions, it becomes even more obvious that they're full of shit.

No. 1877538

Broadmoor is a high-security psych hospital. They’re few and far between in the UK, I think there’s only 3/4. Your every day person with MH issues would not go there, they’re for people like Ian Brady etc. Criminally insane, very dangerous forensic patients etc

No. 1877540

I’d guess at general too. I highly doubt she meets the threshold for even low-secure

No. 1877557

Yeah that's exactly what I said lol(sage your shit)

No. 1877570

ayrt - ohhh I’ve just read your comment properly, kek. You were saying that Broadmoor is high-security, for criminal/forensic patients. My bad, nonna. Don’t forget to, ‘sage’ though

No. 1877572

I think she's definitely got something aside from her ED but the typos seem like a larp, during the whole fiasco where twitter accused her of "outing" that tif she was going back and forth retweeting and defending herself and her posts got more intelligible as she got more heated kek

No. 1877577

Kek can you imagine an anorexic in there

No. 1877580

An ana in Broadmoor? They wouldn’t last a week, kek

No. 1877584

File: 1691412262872.webm (990.07 KB, 576x1024, d3dd92f4-8497-4b33-9e03-719c80…)

Abby is apparently in IP again, comments on the video mentioned Niamh and she showed up on her "benjiisgod" account to wk herself (1 of 2)

No. 1877585

File: 1691412305718.png (204.42 KB, 1504x854, jhgtfrdetfyghuj.png)

2 of 2

No. 1877591

she's so fucking corny. bitch nobody is impressed or thinks you've matured at all by taking a social break because you still can't stay off that shit. ridiculously addicted to attention, so pathetic.

No. 1877595

I didn't notice that, should a new one be made or will we keep Luci here?

No. 1877612

She’s literally going to fucking die soon if she doesn’t improve. That’s not “speculating about her health” she should be grateful that anyone gives a shit about her since she clearly doesn’t about herself.

No. 1877614

You must look and smell like shit, just like they all do.

No. 1877616

Pics of what changed your mind?

No. 1877621

File: 1691419658093.jpeg (720.58 KB, 828x1723, IMG_6770.jpeg)

Is Stef saying she was raised by a single mom? Or what’s going on here with the hashtag

No. 1877624

Clearly she’s a 9-year old child bride left by her baby daddy after he impregnated her. Kek. This is bizarre and kind of a slap in the face to single moms. Often, it’s better for the kids to be raised by a single mom than to have them sacrifice their kids mental health and safety being stuck in a shit marriage.

No. 1877628

Ayrt, yeah it’s very strange because it does sort of sound like she’s saying she is a single mom (not getting appreciation for the sacrifices she’s had to make)?!

No. 1877633

Are you dense? Did you even watch the video?

No. 1877634

Nta but sage ffs, it's not that fucking complicated

You too you dumb cunt

No. 1877636

Ayrt it wasn’t a video for me, just that photo with a song

No. 1877641

it's a joke about her "raising" a webkinz pet as a single mom. Some of you are so dumb, I swear to god.

No. 1877643

How come every recovery channel follows the same formula

>mommy hands the plate

>cries and has meltdown
>day ruined
>world has quite litrally ended
>crocodile tears
>red face

>notices plate

>takes one bite

>tears disappreer


No. 1877644

what is stef's tiktok name?

No. 1877646

it's @stefaniasstories

No. 1877654

File: 1691425140604.jpeg (997.2 KB, 1170x1859, IMG_3045.jpeg)

Marie is back to swaying to music to show off her spoop

No. 1877655

File: 1691425299847.jpeg (340.55 KB, 1170x1765, IMG_3046.jpeg)

And the asspat comments she was vying for

No. 1877656

File: 1691425438330.png (24.68 KB, 403x117, Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 11.2…)

look at this garbage ass reply. Marie definitely needs to become a raw vegan, that'll fix the spoopiness.

No. 1877659

she looks like a ninety year old woman trying to dress as a child

No. 1877661

Is she really watermarking her stories in case someone reposts them?

No. 1877662

people have actually stolen her pictures/videos and made accounts pretending to be her before

No. 1877664

Tf you mean pretty, she literally looks like Steven Tyler.

No. 1877670

Oh my god someone cut off her arms

No. 1877683

Haha! I thought this same thing, nona!

No. 1877697

Out of interest, how short is she?

No. 1877699

Beverly "Angel Of Death" Allitt (a MBP nurse who killed and disabled multiple children) managed to be anorexic for a while in Rampton which is also a secure hospital like Broadmoor, though it's arguable this was a conscious manipulation/sympathy tactic on her part.

No. 1877700

I can't help laughing that Abby posts this for sympathy and all the comments are worrying about Niamh instead kek

No. 1877703

did they know each other in real life at some point?

No. 1877706

They were IP together before iirc

No. 1877708

tbh you have to be clinically insane to go from morbidly obese to skeleton in 4 years

No. 1877713

I’m not trying to bone rattle but I feel like 4 years is actually a reasonable amount of time to go from like 300 to 90 even for a normal person who’s a non anachan

No. 1877731

File: 1691438122989.jpg (3.44 MB, 4096x3072, 23-08-07-13-09-42-846_deco.jpg)

>actual jenna ortega clone
>chooses to do retarded makeup that makes her look like a creepypasta gangnam unnie

she needs to stick to this makeup style and drop the burn tool shoop it's such a W for her to be irl enid sinclair in the tim burton body of wednesday addams. too powerful.

No. 1877735

She’s honestly a stacy

No. 1877744

I don't know why the "cold virus in the middle of winter" red nose has taken off as a look. I saw a troon (fakeboi) in my city the other day out in public with a fuckin painted red tip of her nose.

No. 1877761

I guess it's the modern equivalent of the "tuberculosis chic" thing from the Victorian era. So dainty, such fragile.

No. 1877764

Kek agreed

No. 1877765

File: 1691442847118.jpeg (82.89 KB, 750x1334, received_792115632491107.jpeg)

No. 1877771

What is Abby’s new tt?

No. 1877774


No. 1877776

who is this?

No. 1877777

Thanks, how do you guys find their new accounts so fast

No. 1877779

That one has been the same for a couple months I believe, it was abbyboba4 or something before. When the account gets nuked or changes names you just tiktok search their old handle and most of the time their new tiktok shows up

No. 1877783

What is it with all these anachans mutilating their foreheads? It's so cringe.

No. 1877790

gotta make sure everyone can see it

No. 1877795

I never thought she had real AN or bpd either. I think she has autism and is a bit slow on top of it, which could explain why she likes living in a hospital and does everything she can to stay in one. Constantly taking pictures of that same leg lifting pose is also peak autism - surprised she hasn't been screened for it.

No. 1877798

Nahhh she’s defo not autistic, she’ll be claiming that next tho

No. 1877802

It's sad,she could play a dark presence spooking victorian-esque dusty hallways in a horror movie- without getting make-up on before.

No. 1877806

That was pretty fetishisy nona. Gross

No. 1877813

Nta but how was that fetishy? Anachans do smell, almost geriatric like someone from an old folks home. Smells like diaper and non functioning sweat glands and backed up bile.

No. 1877836

How do you know? My sibling is a chronic skelly and is so vain they wear sm perfume and junk

No. 1877862

I've known a few, your sibling probably uses the perfume to hide the smell kek. It just makes sense, if their body is so unhealthy it throws everything out of whack, including the way they smell. It really is similar to how elderly people smell, no hate to either parties.

No. 1877907

>this cope

i love how this is like. the ultimate fabricated lie spawned purely out of spite by everyone who quit the abc diet and added a "survived an ed" lore to their personality. a healthy female body is pumping out sweat, farts, and coochie vapor the human body is meant to smell, therefore a body that's chronically shutting down isn't going to smell like anything. if anything it's cigarettes or ketosis breath which can happen to anyone who skipped breakfast. like. spoopy anorexics literally just do not smell. at all. i feel like tiktok blew this up in the past year and everyone ran with it because skelly-tier anorexics only exist in like 0.5% of the population so no one can really argue with them.

healthy bodies smell, kids.

No. 1877910

frankly, skellies may actually smell less because they have trouble staying warm even in hot weather so they probably sweat a lot less

No. 1877912

1. self harming inpatient gets attention from staff
2. head banging is "easy" as it requires no contraband/sharps and for a bonus is really visible afterwards for extra attention
3. monkey see monkey do

No. 1877913


>>"3. monkey see monkey do"

but zara hasn't ever headbanged, has she?

No. 1877914

>healthy bodies smell, kids.
Yeah like BO, not like geriatric urinary incontinence kek. I don't know what your sperging about in that paragraph about the abc diet and tiktok cause nobody said anything about that, and I didn't say normal weight women don't smell or that only anachans smell. And you type like a twitter zoomer

No. 1877916

Nta but your post screams "cope" way harder than the anons you're replying too

No. 1877940

replying to this comment but context for anyone interested in Laura - I lurked some super old threads where she was first mentioned and she would spam selfies all with captions like “I wish I was pretty like other girls, but I’m so weird looking and skinny”. The time stamps said this was 7 years ago. I can link threads later (it was around numbers 5-10) but it was insane seeing those old caps and knowing it’s always been attention seeking based on image for her. And now she’s ruined her life ig, kek.

No. 1877958

File: 1691472717057.jpeg (759.39 KB, 1170x1545, IMG_3067.jpeg)

Laura Ingram published a book with her schooped body on it

No. 1877962

Is that the same Laura Ingram who wrote really obviously attention-seeking bullshit like this, which someone was stupid enough to publish? https://bluemarblereview.com/severe-and-enduring/

No. 1877966

Anyone can self publish. Russell Greer did it, anyone can.

No. 1877978

The reality is, more people fetishize chubby and fat people than skeletal people. You look and smell like old hags and that’s the truth.

No. 1877979

So she KNOWS she smells like shit and is trying to cover it up…

No. 1877991

File: 1691480749687.jpeg (657.07 KB, 828x1303, 60FB64B0-7B43-4EE6-BCD9-6C37EE…)

Leave after she tried hanging herself with a makeshift ligature because of “the voices”??? So basically it’s confirmed that her fat ass just fell over while lifting her leg kek

No. 1877996

That or they can't wait to boot her out even if it's just for a little while. I can imagine they're sick of the sight of her by now kek.

No. 1878024

God, what a load of first creative writing class purple prose 2012 tumblr-esque drivel. What’s with these “writer” anas and having such a tentative grasp of the English language? Not sure if it’s appropriate to “identify” myself but I’m the anon from old threads who started to review thenextpaige’s book but I had to give up after not even one chapter because it was so incoherent in every way imaginable. Laura Ingram’s writing gives me similar vibes.

No. 1878025

File: 1691491193599.jpeg (80.64 KB, 750x422, F500C90C-4D04-498B-90AD-4EA3BE…)

curiosity got the best of me and I read some of it and this is a wild sentence

No. 1878027

File: 1691491482428.jpeg (222.61 KB, 750x769, DD57149B-CDEF-4633-9AF2-CBD3A4…)

(2/2) the biggest pick-me in the ward kek

No. 1878030

The crazy thing is that she didn't self-publish, this weird ass skelly bitch actually has several legitimate publications. Too bad she won't ever eat anything, then maybe her writing would be better.

No. 1878031

you can tell she’s never read any novel other than Wintergirls kek
and used synonym tool for all her obscure words

No. 1878032

It looks like she's got skelly brainrot from rattling around for years at death-tier spoopiness. I've always wondered how she thinks it's legitimately cute to look like a skeleton with a ratty dollar-store wig. Delusional isn't the same as creative kek.

No. 1878034

File: 1691493337495.jpg (217.44 KB, 842x1512, Screenshot_20230808_070720_Chr…)

I know we've speculated that Stef is in treatment and I def think so but she's honestly pretty and doesn't look spoopy unposed as much? Wonder who took all of these countless body videos in Italy though

No. 1878037

Why does this one constantly post herself as a child who even has that many childhood photos on hand

No. 1878038

File: 1691493698754.jpeg (134.87 KB, 750x1288, ED3856B1-6A25-4739-83F4-F7138E…)

I had a dream where XXXLaura was wearing this hoodie while incarcerated and busy ~lIgaTuriNg~ and breaking her foot a la ballet dancer. I desperately need a photoshop expert to make it a reality

No. 1878039

This is too funny! The overuse of synonyms is sending me under

No. 1878040

Because nona the childhood pics send the message of it being a beautiful tragedy kek

No. 1878042

Kek but if you're having dreams about the cows it's time to log off

No. 1878046

Reminds me a little bit of jonezie or whatever the user was.

No. 1878062

File: 1691499051633.jpeg (229.04 KB, 1284x813, IMG_8490.jpeg)

She seems to think quite highly of her brain power if this is anything to go by kek

No. 1878087

kek, how is "saving pink tissues and patterned paper scraps" supposed to be a good or meaningful thing?

No. 1878088

If she's back for am erc vacay why no toob tiktoks though

No. 1878091

Iirc anons found this before and it was published when she was in highschool. She's too skelly to do a real job and likely delusional enough to think writing is her calling. I know she was going to go rattle her bones around a college last fall but I'm pretty sure it never happened??

No. 1878092

She might have gotten on a plane for another reason I think we're tinfoiling too hard. Anyone know why cows like Stefania and Hole and even old Cece love ERC but the superspoop types like momsfav skelly laura etc say having a tube there "traumatized" them.

No. 1878094

I hope she doesn't go dark like Cecelia did.

No. 1878100

Bc the “superspoop types” are (& in no way to minimize anyone’s ED) next level crazy & not in a bpd way. They’re so entrenched & disordered that they’ll never really pull out & can’t see their full behavior at it’s full truth. They’re always a few months away from being locked up at acute or dying again bc one thing set them off. They have no moderation or true goals they believe in. They succumb to ED fighting all the way bc it is very terrifying & real to them.(sage your shit)

No. 1878104

File: 1691504836136.png (433.46 KB, 853x1544, Screenshots_2023-08-08-10-24-5…)

No. 1878119

Because no one with true annorexia and not a moderate case for bpd/attention seeking would ever want to be force fed through a tube. It’s literally a true anorexic’s worst nightmare and they will do everything they can to avoid it, because yes it’s absolutely traumatizing. The others just do it for clout and validation to pretend like they’re sooper sick and spoopy when really they’re average at best.

No. 1878124

File: 1691507682323.png (1.42 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_2084.png)

Recovery for medicine might be the most insufferable cow right now. Constantly complaining that everyone else in GROUP treatment is triggering her and trying to be sickest, while she attempts to humble brag about how sick she is and how she can’t manage food and needs a 1:1. Either get the treatment you clearly wanted and STFU or GTFO. No one is forcing you to be there. Yes, treatment sucks that’s the point but the constant complaining about something you signed up for is infuriating. I feel bad for the staff and other patients that have to put up with her BS day in and day out.

No. 1878125

"Last Banged my Head" for next thread title

No. 1878134

File: 1691509704910.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1179x2379, IMG_5215.jpeg)

has this girl been posted yet

No. 1878139

The way she was very proudly showing off her weight loss makes me think she finally met her only life goal of ACUTE and they aren’t letting her post

No. 1878143

File: 1691512728278.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x2053, IMG_2085.jpeg)

The way she relates to a quote about working hard yet admits she doesn’t have a job. Kek. These cows are delusional.

No. 1878151

Yeah they might have rightly dismissed it as an attention grabbing stunt and didn't give her what she wanted. I mean, she got some medical attention from breaking her foot which has probably satisfied her need for now.

No. 1878153

> hair the color of Nagasaki's shroom

Christ almighty this is amazing/bad and I can't look away!

No. 1878154

It's kooky and creative nona. Be the main character you want to see in your own prose.

Shame she's starving away her brain power, with an apparently prodigious vocabulary like that.

No. 1878155

I know it's lolsome tracking her tube removal and her head banging, but I'm sort of proud she's not made herself a forehead fanny for almost 3 months.

No. 1878158

I have a soft spot for Becca esp bc she seems genuinely slow lol

No. 1878162

pretty much. anorexia is extremely rare no matter how much the media and tiktok insist that ednos = anorexia for ~inclusivity~ and ~body positivity~ with the whole uwu you're sick enough uwu, so you have a bunch of blatant misconceptions now because people cry gatekeeping if you say otherwise.

what's very prevalent is ednos crash dieting because they suddenly want to look like bella lombardi, being miserable about only eating rice cakes and energy drinks and abusing lax when they binge, so they check themselves into treatment to milk the attention they get from the #edrecovery tag. there's a genuine desire to get help and break the cycle because "the ednos isn't anorexia'ing" and the recovery arc will always make them feel better about gaining the weight back. then they spread misinformation about how anorexics totally eat a lot etc etc and can be fat under the atypical anorexia excuse.

fact is, some people actually starve to cope. and enjoy it. and go days without eating. and binge, and purge in a number of ways, and return to a 200 calorie a day intake. because there's some underlying mental illness drawing them to starve and enjoy looking in the mirror and seeing a corpse. of course it sounds obnoxious that it makes them the best anorexic, but it's just stating the literal characteristics of the disease that anorexics starve to lose weight and will cut off anything that gets in their way because it makes them happy to be anorexic. then they fucking die. all of them. and they die without regrets.

No. 1878164

I'm 99% sure she wrote this when she was in highschool because I used to follow her years ago and it looks familiar but that said I doubt she got much better as a writer running around spoopy as all fuck, I don't see how she can concentrate to read and study between all of the starvation, ACUTE and hopsital admissions and whatever the fuck else she does. I think anons are too quick to say she's not talented at all. I think she could have been an okay writer (not like…great or anything) if she didn't go superspoop. Tl;dr she's got skelly brainrot but I don't think she started out retarded.

No. 1878167

You sound like nikole saying being an anachan makes you pure. Human beings stink. Anachans stink worse.

No. 1878168

What are those eyebrows

No. 1878170

I think it's not the worst writing, some's actually quite good but it's so self obsessed and that's the main issue.

No. 1878171

Omg I miss all the milk from that munchie. What a trip back in time reading her name

No. 1878172

I wonder if "mama bear" knows she passed. A dark tale all around.

No. 1878175

Almost certainly. Doctors talk to each other.

No. 1878176

Wait she passed???? How?

No. 1878178

Jonzie08? From covid

No. 1878181

Holy shit I had no idea

No. 1878188

File: 1691520013581.jpg (71.41 KB, 659x1046, Poopyspoopy.jpg)

I googled her and tried to find something published within the last year. Kek a lot of the results are the fox news host for you amerifags but fairly certain this is her. She's a cringefest for sure but anons are typically sharing her highschool writing as far as I can tell by dates and a loose idea she's in her upper 20s?? (I could be way off base hard to tell with spoops) I'm something of a litfag and she genuinely has some good pieces. If she recovered I think she could be a writer if she wanted. It seems like she's pretty widely published in literary magazines, which do have to accept the pieces and can be pretty selective.

No. 1878191

Rip tidepod queen. I wish she'd gotten treatment for her raging munchausen I'm sure it contributed to rona taking her out. I think she died in 2021?

No. 1878195

No. 1878210

No job but pays to upkeep the brows, lashes, lips. Must be nice to have a government funded face.

No. 1878214

Was she the one who drank dish liquid

No. 1878217

File: 1691523475928.png (4.45 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0408.png)

Niamh’s new TikTok?

No. 1878232

File: 1691524750584.png (751.15 KB, 659x863, Screenshots_2023-08-08-15-59-5…)

her natural face is so fucking ugly, so i can't really blame her for being so over the top but her makeup looks are truly horrifying

No. 1878263

That's just how Hammy acted.
That filter is working overtime and then some. Also can't wait for her to do something stupid and attention seeking just in time for her leave to be put on hold.
Genuinely, is there a point in splitting hairs between the 'true anorexics' and the bpd anorexics? There's a venn diagram of them and in the middle lies attention seeking behavior, though I guess with the bpd-chans in the thread they tend to spend the rest of their lives in a ward or boomeranging back from relapse to recovery and back forever.

No. 1878268

someone needs to take this bitch's phone away

No. 1878271

Literally if she doesn't want people finding her she needs to keep her fucking rat face off the web…she physically cannot keep herself away from social media

No. 1878276

who is the cow that gained a lot of weight and got diabetes now? i thought that was jonezie?

No. 1878278

that's Josie, who is Australian and did not have any of the same backstory of drinking tide kek

No. 1878281

File: 1691530162617.jpeg (117.9 KB, 750x981, DE687369-09FF-448F-8310-77A31E…)

She’s going to Edinburgh university so someone def needs to report her if she starts this year/doesn’t take a gap year to recover with a treasured nose hose as she’s absolutely not at the BMI needed to study nursing kek(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1878306

Don't force her to recover. She just got into her dream uni with great results that would be a major troll on her life. Anyone here should know treatment for anorexia is terrible and flawed.

No. 1878309

nobody here should touch the shit, but not for the reasons that you're saying. if she's not occupationally fit, they'll catch it and deal with it. someone from the internet "reporting" her is crossing the line into harassment.

No. 1878311

It's pretty obvious from reading how she writes about herself that she has a considerable ego.

No. 1878313

That's always been my tinfoil but would be cool to see it confirmed. She literally doesn't have anything diagnosable (well maybe ptsd if she was assaulted). Nobody with an ed would let themself be made so huge by a place and not do everything they could to lose it and want more and more freedom for that. And never want to go back to the place that made them so obese in the first place.She's given up on the ed idea because she gets more attention from general psych stuff and she could never do super spoop level anyway ( because it wasn't real!)She should never have forced her way into that documentary and so much treatment. It literally has ruined her, even if she doesn't realise it with her thick skull. Was it worth it Laura? Just think; you could still be doing dance classes and airing out your vagina in every park in London with your 'gf' at your side…….But look what you chose instead; to be obese and unrecognisable, sitting in a hospital that's making you more obese and irrelevant by the day, desperately trying to fake every mental illness known to man so you can stay there and have people be interested in your escapades. Posting the same 4 years old pictures over and over of before you became a malingering blob.

No. 1878315

Wow dreaming about them?! That's too funny.

No. 1878316

File: 1691535882286.png (539.28 KB, 429x682, Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 6.06…)

It's such a hallmark cow thing to insist that they're being specially persecuted

No. 1878317

File: 1691536031162.png (218.97 KB, 426x574, Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 6.09…)

oh, kek, there it is: one of the many who were diagnosed with bpd and then claim it was wrong and they're actually autistic

No. 1878319

As the anon who posted the link to her teenage writing, I will say that some of her more recent poetry isn't bad. It just baffles me that someone would have published "Severe and Enduring" to begin with. I'm sure they had no idea that they were feeding her disorder by accepting it, so I don't blame them for that part, but it's also genuinely not great work. She really needed to tone down a lot of the descriptions and overall de-dramatize the prose. It's fine to write this sort of thing when you're still young and working on your craft, but the editor who received it should have had better sense than to publish it.

No. 1878320

LLL's boot picture is gone, probably because nobody was buying the bullshit story that came with it. The amount of post and delete with her is hard to keep up with.

No. 1878328

she's one of the people who always posts on her story when she posts on her feed telling people to go check out her new feed post. a lot of them do that, it's so embarrassing. especially becca because she keeps reposting it on her story for days afterwards. BUT…then they barely ever respond to any of the comments! so clearly these fat bitches really aren't looking for support, friendship, or connection. they really just want asspats, it's gross.

No. 1878330

LLL baffles me. Living up to her name I see but the leg lift with the boot was especially painful.

No. 1878334

I hate the 'new post' stories. As if they have something to promote.

No. 1878336

Ayrt, I just thought repeatedly linking to something we know she wrote as a young teenager is just not really an accurate representation. Anons acting like the cows literally can't be cringey and off-putting but have some redeeming qualities are sperging. I agree that it's not a great piece but the anons insisting she's got 0 writing ability when she's widely published in a bunch of legitimate journals are just as retarded as she is for ruining her potential to spoop out and become a useless NEET.

No. 1878337

You desperately need a life holy shit(sage your infighting)

No. 1878338

There's always some fuckwit on here that goes cow-tipping. The retard who called ACUTE about Cece comes to mind.

No. 1878341

Dismal. I wonder how many total ana cows have died over the years?

No. 1878342

Cmon nonnie she's got to promote her leg lift duh!! No one's ever seen it before

No. 1878344

Ayrt: I agree with you in a literary sense. The main reason I posted that story was to confirm that it was the same person, but also to highlight the pattern she has of being incredibly blatant with her pro-ana shit. Once I was sure it was the same person, it didn't surprise me at all that she'd flaunt her body on the cover of a book.

No. 1878348

Makes sense, def wasn't trying to infight. Sad to see someone who could do something worthwhile choose to just be a skelly NEET.

No. 1878349

Log off, sperg-chan.

No. 1878364

File: 1691541376803.png (4.36 MB, 828x1792, 81D7FFB8-3919-457C-B35F-C746D1…)

She’s been in “recovery” for 6 months taking thousands of dollars from people for what? She looks like she didn’t gain an ounce. Yet preaches so much and doesn’t take one word of advice she spits out. She pisses me off so much with her cringy content and hand movements and winking. She needs to be taken off the internet such a pathetic selfish individual

No. 1878368

File: 1691542799457.png (3.71 MB, 750x1334, FDEFF494-E2C5-46B5-9ACD-0503D3…)

No. 1878374

Was she the one who went for a day trial at st Anne’s?

No. 1878376

She’s awful- no weight gain and yes cringey and preachy

No. 1878377

yeah, she's in their day program now and whining about how mean it is that they're asking her if the program is right for her / talking about discharging her because it's totes her autism making her refuse to eat at some meals and then whine and cry about the supplements and they should be more understaaaanding

No. 1878378

Who told her she was autistic?

No. 1878379

Omg why is it always nursing or medicine with these cows? I'm pleased for Niamh though, she's obviously smart as Edinburgh is a very competitive university to get into. I hope no one cowtips but I do hope a member of staff has a discreet word with her and convinces her to get into therapy at uni. Maybe if the education she's worked so hard for is put under threat it would be incentive to get healthier.

No. 1878380

Does no one ever consider that someone could have autism and BPD at the same time? One is unavoidable if it's pre-destined, the other comes about due to childhood instability or trauma so they don't seem mutually exclusive.

No. 1878382

More than the munchies, I think. Anorexia has a horribly high mortality rate compared to other mental illnesses.

No. 1878384

File: 1691543809594.png (838.21 KB, 570x723, Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 8.16…)

recoveryformedicine also made a big list of things that are totally autism and not ED and gave it to staff to tell them to stop correcting her for it. It's not very legible, but this page includes "eating with small cutlery" and "leg shaking". Another page not in this screenshot had "eating slowly" and "standing up and walking around after meals"

No. 1878385

I mean, her eating disorder is pretty obvious. If they notice that she's having trouble with performance, they'll likely talk to her about it.

No. 1878386

File: 1691543869115.png (863.63 KB, 590x738, Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 8.20…)

this is the other page I mentioned

No. 1878389

aw i'm actually really happy to hear that she's doing well, thanks for spoonfeeding me nona.

No. 1878398

I do understand her point here and how autistic behaviours around food could be annoying her nurses at St Anns who are only looking for ED things. I think they're probably already sick of her saying it's autism though, it would help her case if she could get a letter from a specialist explaining this assuming she's not diagnosed herself via tiktok.

No. 1878399

File: 1691544947835.png (170.2 KB, 749x706, image_2023-08-08_213301730.png)

same vibes. but seriously, i dont get this. your followers aren't checking what brand of protein shake you're chugging down to buy it themselves or whatever bs she's believing.

No. 1878400

some of those things could be legit autism issues, but some seem pretty like pretty obvious anorexic things that she's trying to pass off as autistic

No. 1878401

She clearly has no idea that if you're genuinely autistic, leg shaking can be redirected into other stims that are acceptable in a treatment setting.

Also, if food-related triggers are the only things that make her have meltdowns, she has a very improbable kind of autism.

No. 1878402

honestly, they seem like they've adapted a lot for her. despite the whining about not getting enough consideration, they've: let her not eat meals from the canteen like everyone else because she said it was too overwhelming, always sit by an open door to minimize smells from others' food, and have been giving her a special short individual check in at the end of each day

No. 1878403

same anon, but they also let her separate all of her foods and eat each thing independently before she even made this little list

No. 1878404

File: 1691545455900.png (1.16 MB, 746x743, Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 8.46…)

different autistic people have different sensory preferences, I guess, but this is an unexpected collection of food for someone who is super autistic to choose to eat (recoveryformedicine)

No. 1878406

File: 1691546058847.png (345.19 KB, 589x744, Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 8.49…)

Okay, so, I went back into May's history and there's some milky stuff from when she was working on what sounds like a neonatal ward. This is letter her manager wrote asking for her to be required to see occupational health before returning to work.

No. 1878408

File: 1691546197861.png (947.1 KB, 1188x569, Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 8.57…)

and then here she complains that her manager drew a boundary and said she wouldn't call to chat every goddamn day (which is insane for someone who was only working 11.5 hours per week). That letter was on Jan 24 and this is on March 10, so I guess her manager called every day for almost two months because May made vague threats about spiraling if she didn't

No. 1878409

File: 1691546208638.jpeg (817.04 KB, 828x1350, IMG_9456.jpeg)

No. 1878412

Tbf there probably isn’t great record keeping of deaths by munchausen’s, a lot of times it’s never formally diagnosed. I bet the death rate is actually higher than you’d think

No. 1878420

Not to blog, but it is very individual. I don't have major food aversions, but can't stand canteen cooking smells or certain foods touching each other on the plate.

No. 1878421

Oh it seems the autism is a self-diagnosed thing then? From this description she sounds more BPD or anxious like she's using work to avoid having to be alone or at home and treating her colleagues like her therapists.

No. 1878425

she says that she was diagnosed in 2020, but she's deleted her old account from then and her current one starts in 2021, so we don't have any details on the diagnosis. It definitely sounds like her manager either thinks or has been told by May that it's not an official diagnosis, though

No. 1878428

TBH if she was seeking a diagnosis in 2021, she could well still be waiting. Adult autism services are massively oversubscribed in the UK.

No. 1878433

I mean, I really have no idea but she's said in other posts that she was diagnosed with autism in 2020 and this letter is from January 2023. So there's some mismatch somewhere, whether it's May claiming the diagnosis before it's been formalized or her manager just being skeptical

No. 1878444

This is embarrassing. Imagine working in a professional environment that is patient facing and being this crazy. Wowwww. She’s lucky she didn’t get the total boot after this. Also, it’s standard practice to be cleared by occ health after medical leave in the US - at least in a hospital setting.

No. 1878445

Actually, she’s gained 14 whole lbs kek. She clearly wants to keep the extreme spoop act going because she knows that’s what gets her the most views and most money/gifts. Apparently she can’t gain weight quickly because her metabolism is just so incredibly fast it defies all odds. Eat more, you’ll gain no matter how fast your metabolism is.

No. 1878452

Meh no makeup face is much prettier imo

No. 1878460

Amys baking company gone ana

No. 1878465

Exactly she is using the autism larp to try to get out if being told she has b pd or euphoria which a lot of uk people still don’t like , and as excuse Ito not do things in terms of her anorexia.
Aside - Tabitha faerie- she got diagnosed with autism when her Anorexia was bad they they removed the label.

No. 1878470

They're not mutually exclusively but it's commonly known that young women get misdiagnosed with bpd because a lot of clinicians don't understand the female presentation of autism. So it's a real thing, being misdiagnosed. But it's also possible to have both. Especially because living as an undiagnosed autistic can be very traumatising.

No. 1878471

I do too! She’s so obviously missing half her brain cells that i can’t even bring myself to a-log about things that drive me crazy when other cows do them, like when at 12:12PM exactly 91.2 days ago dietitian Lyn r

No. 1878473

I get you nona, I'm one of them. I guess the difference is I'm not desparate to be undiagnosed with BPD because I understand how my early life shaped some of my behaviour. Denying a diagnosis means you don't get the right therapy either.

No. 1878477

Yeah I agree, if it's the case that you have both. Was just saying that some people legitimately get misdiagnosed! I think probably a lot of people with both do want to erase the bpd because of the stigma.

No. 1878496

Feels like you have a vendetta against this cow tbh…seems like the same anon posting.

No. 1878503

There are definitely lots of baseless accusations flying around this board lately.

No. 1878507

Being held against your will by the state does sound traumatic.

No. 1878508

File: 1691567830150.jpg (271.5 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230809_155707_Ins…)

Enara made a story complaining about how hard her life is and how she needs help with basic self care like showering brushing her teeth and making her bed. Confirmation shes a smelly bitch.
She also mentioned how one of the only things she can manage is looking after her service dog but said even that is being forgotten recently. Poor dog.

BTW this is the highly trained service dog that won't even jump into the back-seat of a car on command

No. 1878511

She does have a legit diagnosis. I used to follow her old account (darkandtwistypanda or something like that) and she did get diagnosed with autism officially in 2020. There was a lot of history with her uni etc. and a lot of milk surrounding the BPD thing (overdoses etc.) before then but I think her uni were a bit unfair ngl.

No. 1878528

Same here, I've discovered it's actually a really common thing to happen to undiagnosed autistic women.

No. 1878529

She might just be someone's personal cow. Definitely milkier than a few posted recently.

No. 1878533

makes sense. it seems very plausible that someone who is actually autistic might sometimes struggle to see how things that are related to their autism are also related to their eating disorder and can't become acceptable on an eating disorder unit because of the impact that they have on other patients (thinking mostly about the request to be allowed to walk around after meals, which would definitely start some shit with the other patients). It makes sense that someone who has trouble set shifting and thinking flexibly would have difficulty understanding that some things can and should be totally accommodated as-is and some things need to be redirected into other coping skills that are more appropriate for the situation.

No. 1878534


No. 1878547

File: 1691583506971.jpeg (176.51 KB, 750x1097, IMG_4133.jpeg)

I guess this is what Nikol looks like these days, even though she's still posting pics of her 14 year old self on twitter and passing them off as recent. She stopped binging and restricting, but she still comments on people's bodies on twitter and romanticises other people having eating disorders. Does that make her more akin to an ana fetishist now?

No. 1878551

I’m always so curious what goes through her mind. She’s one of the truly unhinged ones. She was in love with being a spoop and adamant she’d go back once her binge fest was over. I wonder what changed.

No. 1878557

I think the only reason people don’t talk about her more is her lack of posts. Dutchie has been sick for years, bed ridden, tube fed, once uploaded a photo of her leg gashed open bc her brother supposed kicked her when filled with edema. She doesn’t get better. She doesn’t go to treatment anymore. She has a twin brother & lives at home. She’s in school to be a vet. I don’t know how are starved brain, in a wheelchair did any of that course work. She calls a 10 lb weight gain over YEARS like it’s some ultimate success. A cow & sick, just doesn’t share round the clock.

No. 1878561

File: 1691588703853.png (276.09 KB, 751x695, naya.PNG)

No. 1878565

>can you see, everything is swollen and bloated


No. 1878568

this is obviously a long shot but does anyone remember a ginger girl called daisy from the UK who had anorexia?? I remember she had a greyhound and liked horse riding. Despite being quite treatment resistant I think she eventually realised she had a big problem and I know she physically recovered before I lost track of her. Does anyone remember her/her socials? I wanted to see if her recovery actually stuck lol

No. 1878578

File: 1691591144075.jpeg (938.33 KB, 1125x1575, IMG_8391.jpeg)

Guess she was mad no one noticed her posting/farming Niamh.

No. 1878579

File: 1691591213321.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1269x2002, IMG_8516.jpeg)

These girls learn fast that secure isn’t the hugbox they’re used to in general MH services. Also I think she has well and truly beat anorexia kek

No. 1878582

File: 1691591392106.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, 516AC90E-7C68-478C-9B17-26A92C…)

Kat’s looking rough. Imagine posting this to your story for other people to see. I believe that the ward could really be abusive because shit goes down on locked wards but the ugly cry face is really putting me off, esp having just learned that she lit the ward on fire and got into fights with other patients.

No. 1878583

Ah sorry nonna looks like you beat me to the punch by 3 mins, should I delete?

No. 1878584

secure/forensic/PICU’s are a whole different ballgame to acute wards… these cows make it their aim, by any means possible, to get there and then shit themselves when they realise that they don’t belong there because there’s actual ‘crazies’ and criminally insane patients there etc

No. 1878607

File: 1691594461279.jpeg (169.46 KB, 1008x1792, IMG_1170.jpeg)

Anyone remember pepsimaxsops? She stopped posting but idk what happened to her

No. 1878608

Even in a regular (non secure) psych ward there's shouting, screaming, fighting and random acts of violence. I was woken up one morning by another girl trying to throttle me in my bed. Just part and parcel of the loony bin, I'm not sure what she expects. Nurses shouting at patients for crying or making fun of them isn't professional, but we only have her side of the story. She says 'shouted at for crying' and I hear 'they didn't fall for my manipulation'.

No. 1878615

Do we/you know what type of ward she’s actually on?

No. 1878617

File: 1691595331746.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230809_163726_Gal…)

1212 and 1311. Lunch time truly is a trauma anniversary isn't.

No. 1878626

She’s in low secure now I think, having been stepped down from medium.

To explain the seriousness of this situation for non-UKfags, you can get into low through persistent self harm and suicide attempts and being violent during restraints etc, but medium is pretty much reserved for people who would otherwise have been imprisoned. The only thing above it in terms of security is somewhere like Broadmoor. You have to not only be a danger to yourself, but to others in a serious way, to end up like Kat and Legohead in those units. The patient group is very different to what you’d find in acute or even PICU, they are extremely unwell in a way these girls can’t even compute.
Apologies for sperg.

No. 1878634

What the bloody hell did she do to end up in medium-secure?! The only difference between them all really (from what I understand) is that high-secure has more seclusion rooms than low & medium. It’s pretty much the same set up, I just think that medium & high can take more patients and they have more staff & room. Anybody is welcome to correct me if I’m wrong

No. 1878637

my world is shattered, she said it was going to be at 11:45 and it WASN'T

No. 1878640

No. 1878643

File: 1691598614543.png (251.92 KB, 402x400, Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 11.3…)

she looks like the anorexic version of Amy, from Amy's baking company fame (an episode of Kitchen Nightmares that became really well known because the owner was a total nightmare)

No. 1878645

Holy shit yes! They were the most deranged people I've ever seen

No. 1878679

No. 1878709

File: 1691608444381.png (1.54 MB, 853x1761, Screenshots_2023-08-09-15-13-0…)

No. 1878732

The fact that the twins pretty much kicked their eating disorder off to spite their mother really fumes me

No. 1878751

Imagine taking thousands of dollars from the Austrailian government with no hoops to jump through beforehand and turning around to complain about how hard life is. Not to even mention going and sitting in a hospital and taking up a bed that someone else needs when you have a bad brain day. Good lord the entitlement from this fat fuck is raging.

No. 1878757

I feel like it has happened to multiple people who read this thread.

No. 1878765

File: 1691613651852.png (279.57 KB, 597x525, 376945850465.png)

She's such a catty bitch. The only reason she won't go back to looking like this is because she'd just binge her way to a normal weight again.

No. 1878774

Lol can’t do that to her parents again?! I thought she said her parents were making fun of her for getting “fat” right when she started bingeing like crazy?! She’s out of her damn mind. This is also the same girl who refused to admit she had anorexia, though so there’s that.

No. 1878781

3:11. Too bad she didn't get her angel number this time. Kek

No. 1878800

You get actual help and treatment for a personality disorder? Must be nice.

No. 1878803

File: 1691619419540.png (1.11 MB, 853x1236, Screenshots_2023-08-09-18-19-2…)

No. 1878805

Not looking after the dog? That is not ok! Someone save him! Take him away!
What does he even do when she's in hospital every night? He's just at home alone? Who's going to take him out? Who's going to feed him and give him water? Not to mention the general interaction and stimulation and love any dog deserves?!
Animal cruelty or neglect is not ok. I really hope someone is monitoring HIM and takes him out of this situation. Too many cows selfishly have dogs when they really should not, unless they're a family dog with others to care for them too.

No. 1878807

File: 1691619813358.png (1.76 MB, 853x1552, Screenshots_2023-08-09-18-22-1…)

No. 1878810

What a colourful response

No. 1878813

Probably the most normal thing she's ever posted.

No. 1878848

They let you have phones in medium and low secure? I don’t doubt there’s abuse but it seems unwise of staff to be abusive when it could be recorded

No. 1878849

High secure hospitals (Broadmoor, Rampton and Ashworth are the only ones) are basically for the 'criminally insane'. Few people leave once they're inside, unless it's to go back to prison to serve their sentence and they're usually not considered for release due to the severity of their crimes. Put it this way - even diagnosed NPD serial killer Denis Nilsen didn't get sent to a secure hospital!

No. 1878851

The way their mother tells the story, they were about 11 and their father remarked that they were starting to develop hips and they decided to try and avoid getting 'womanly figures'. I wonder if their mother, who seems rather upper middle class, was constantly yo yo dieting herself and it rubbed off on them.

No. 1878856

reminds me of an anorexic black girl at uni who also sh

No. 1878859

File: 1691624703063.jpg (400.69 KB, 1080x2804, Screenshot_20230809_184122~2.j…)

She looks the same, 20lbs my ass

No. 1878867

pretty sure she was always an ana fetishist whatever weight she was

No. 1878869

Don’t know who that is, but a diagnosed NPD serial killer didnt even get sent there?? who goes there then

No. 1878872

File: 1691625607024.jpg (148.27 KB, 818x1266, 21757485843.jpg)

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that there has definitely been some weight gain since the first picture (taken June 5th)

No. 1878890

File: 1691627170378.png (1.12 MB, 853x1589, Screenshots_2023-08-09-19-53-3…)

No. 1878892

hmm….i'm not on twitter so i don't know if she's been posting pics there, i just know i haven't seen her being posted here and haven't seen her posting on insta. that actually makes me feel like she's more real than some of the cows here who keep posting constantly even when their weight is blowing up. i expect people who are actually ashamed of their weight to hide from social media. that being said, even though she gained some weight, her face still looks so old especially with that hair

No. 1878895

Kate isn't one of the super dramatic or malingering cows. She just acted like she was super spoopy when she was maybe slightly underweight, which annoyed people.

No. 1878898

That’s not fucking trauma, Jesus Christ these cows

No. 1878903

You’re telling me a serial killer got diagnosed with NPD but not antisocial personality disorder??

No. 1878906

Why does she have cellulite on her forehead?

No. 1878909

The strained neck and retard face in the before, kek!
130 at like 5'6?? she's barely in the 18s.

No. 1878910

all the fighting she was doing on twitter was pretty damn dramatic imo

No. 1878915

He's also not being used for what she had him expensively trained for (mh service dog) so he's probably stressed all the time without any work to do or outlet for energy. I half suspect he lives with her mum though.

No. 1878916

People worse than that. I guess the reason Nilsen didn't get sent there is he accepted his crimes, plead guilty and fully cooperated.

No. 1878920

Maybe he would have now, but this was in the 80s. His killings were sexually motivated, but it's possible (I'm just armchairing) that shrinks assumed violence was inevitable in gay sexual encounters too.

No. 1878922

It's definitely giving soccer mom vibes

>Complaining about obs at night at a psych hospital
She'd be bitching if no one checked in on her too. It's not like they come in, turn all the lights on and shake you. The doors have panels to see through and there's usually a dim light they can turn on from outside. Interrupted sleep makes many MH issues worse.

Old headbanging scars?

No. 1879005

Her legs definitely say 130(rattle rattle)

No. 1879029

Ameriburger here. Thanks for the sperg, it clarified quite a bit. Would it be correct in assuming that leg lift Laura is probably in a low secure? Sure, she swallows socks and reposts old photos, but she seems pretty tame when it comes to physically harming other people. I wonder how many patients/staff Kat assaulted, or if it was just the lighting the building on fire thing.
12+12 and 13+11 are both 24, I suspect the next major event will be 11:13 or 14:10
Her arm looks like a (depressed) baby’s with all the extra fluff. Maybe she should change to KatEatsAnorexia

No. 1879047

This is one person who confuses me. She used to state she was in hospital for autism as she is diagnosed at the highest level yet it's obvious she has MH issues but they were locking her up as she's autistic. I also don't understand if she's autistic at the highest level isn't that usually people who are nonverbal and have no social skills yet she moved abroad to live and work for a while!

No. 1879050

nayrt, but I think she’s in acute… I don’t believe she’s actually said

No. 1879070

i support women going braless, but seeing her wearing this top in a pic with her mom is kinda awkward

No. 1879075

She always infuriated me with this claim. And that her suicide attempts were ~different~ because they were based on logic. Nobody gets locked in a mental hospital for just autism…some sort of care facility if you're non verbal and can't look after yourself, yeah, but she is perfectly capable of looking after herself on a day to day basis.

No. 1879081

Same! I used to follow this one a few years back and she literally used to live in Iceland (in her own!) where she had some sort of job regarding accounting (iirc, it was something along those lines anyway!). Perfectly capable of being an adult. Then suddenly she gets an ‘autism’ diagnosis and spends the last couple of years in and out of hospital, complaining about her care packages and the NHS and claiming she can’t look after, or do anything, for herself. Must be the same autism Fi has where once you’re diagnosed you completely regress and become reliant on asspats forever kek

No. 1879093

File: 1691658646319.png (937.04 KB, 853x1187, Screenshots_2023-08-10-05-12-3…)

No. 1879094

File: 1691658931174.png (1.22 MB, 853x1568, Screenshots_2023-08-10-05-15-1…)

the daily videos of the blank stare then the retarded smile are pushing me over the edge

No. 1879109

I honestly struggle to understand how these ‘exorexics’ (Laura & Kat) manage to get themselves this big. That’s not solely medication, surely?

No. 1879118

Whitney/brex is in hospital again and on NG but she confuses me so much because she's not even underweight and never gets admitted to EDUs, so surely her anorexia isn't that severe?

No. 1879130

medication making it difficult to lose weight combined with unrestricted eating and then holding onto sodium/water. Their necks and faces give the steroid moonface vibes to me but antipsych meds can definitely cause that as well. When LLL’s only exercise is lifting her leg and straining herself to swallow socks she can really pack on the pounds. blog but when i was in recovery for ed and ulcerative colitis i put on 45lbs in 6 months from steroids and the hunger they caused

No. 1879134

Come on newfag its well known that anorexia can turn into BED - remember Brittany Burgender or whatever her name is that went from like BMI 10 to proper obese in only a few years? It’s not unheard of, and like the combo of rebound extreme hunger from long term starvation with actual recovery and then psych meds then can lead to weigh gain. Yeah it’s still gross and diabetus gonna get ‘em but it happens it’s not like it’s totally unheard of.
Stop trying to make yourself sound like the perfect waif Ana who can’t understand how people get fat

No. 1879139

Does anyone have thoughts on what her motivation is for those?

No. 1879148

No it’s not just medication. You can absolutely lose excessive amounts of weight while on antipsychotics, even if you’re not exercising. Calories in, calories out. She’s eating like a cow every day, clearly.

No. 1879150

Holy fuck I didn’t realize Brittany was ever extremely overweight like that!

No. 1879153

antipsychotics often change your metabolism though, and they can also make you insanely hungry. The people who manage to lose weight on antipsychotics are probably the lucky ones who don't get the heavy side effects.

No. 1879154

Amen, thank you.

No. 1879155

Some can also have the unfortunate side-effect of sleep-eating/waking at night to eat. They'll eat a ton before they become awake enough to realise what they're doing.

No. 1879157

Don't think we didn't see you hornyposting about Zara's dad before it was deleted anon. Don't be weird.

No. 1879158

Not true, I've looked into this in depth and it's just not the case that they change your metabolism. I've been on them for 4 years and I havnt gained weight on them.

No. 1879165

All that starvation just to lose hair instead of weight kek, I guess the new cut is supposed to minimize the shedding

No. 1879169

Can you BPDchans stop blogposting, no one gives a shit kek

No. 1879170

I was trying to be nice to this bitch before but damn she makes it hard

I hope Niamh does quit social media, she's just starting out in life and she has so many opportunities to thrive. I hope she looks to Nikol like a cautionary tale of what not to become, a miserable jealous cunt reliving her starvation days because she has absolutely 0 to offer and can't stop binging because she's fucked her hunger cues to hell and back.

No. 1879173

File: 1691675067279.png (99.54 KB, 1815x340, lkiujhigytfrdesdfghjk.png)

Samefag but of all the comments to get pissy about why was mine there? I used to believe what I originally wrote about her having potential and being funny or whatever but over the months I realized how wrong I was, she's just a wretched human being. And Nikol since you're going to be reading this for validation points I just want to say no one is writing "scripts" about you everyday, those all seem like different anons and you get mentioned maybe a few times per thread when you act cowish enough to be mocked. No one is thinking about you daily except maybe that fat autistic looking faggot pining after you're attention in your tiktok comments. That's your fan girl, what an achievement. But you're right about me being delusional, I was pretty dumb for thinking you were interesting or had potential, just a lost cause through and through, enjoy growing old on edtwt.

No. 1879193

cows like nikol who call out what’s said here pretend they don’t say way more harmful things to others on edtwt

No. 1879203

hey learn to sage and interact and then post about your vendettas. Brex doesnt usually show full body and she is rarely triggering, you keep posting but no one finds her milky as no one interacts. Some people are sick

No. 1879225

File: 1691684592712.jpeg (331.77 KB, 1170x1143, IMG_3110.jpeg)

No. 1879229

Gotta hand it to them for being honest.

No. 1879237

I think some of the crazier anas like Marie see it as a competitive thing. Like to her circle, admitting how sick and close to death their body is is the same as bragging , really. They’re jealous of being so sick

No. 1879262

File: 1691688991724.jpeg (912.99 KB, 1284x2147, IMG_8525.jpeg)

Kats “anorexic brain” the jokes just write themselves don’t they. I’ve been following her for years and she has never really been underweight either. She was even called out here for shopping her pics and responded saying she had shopped herself bigger so as not to trigger kek.

No. 1879264

File: 1691689104146.png (1.8 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230810-133451.png)

this was a video she posted to her stories, and there's an employee next to her bed in the video. if they knew she was recording, they should have smacked the fucking phone out of her hand honestly, why are they allowing that, this other patient deserves privacy wtf

No. 1879338

is this someone who's been discussed here before?

No. 1879341

I second the amen. I'm so tired of the idiots who whine about not understanding why eating disordered people behave as though they have eating disorders. Being fucked up about food is not exclusive to restrictive EDs, and switching EDs is relatively common. Just because OP's tiny brain can't comprehend it doesn't mean it isn't valid.

If you still don't believe me, here's an academic study that proves it: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2710504/

No. 1879400

File: 1691704143755.png (522.32 KB, 423x674, Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 4.50…)

Fi is such a goddamn vagueposter. This is like her third story today referencing some vague bad thing that she won't explain

No. 1879412

Fuck I hope she didn't forget to breathe.

No. 1879414

it's hard living life on manual

No. 1879440

File: 1691708139061.jpg (882.99 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20230810_235648.jpg)

If you mean Daisy Henson, she appears to be doing pretty well. She's doing a PhD and doesnt post about her ED anymore

No. 1879441

her neediness is so gross. every fucking day she posts multiple stories with some kind of apology and how sorry she is that she hasn't been up to answering messages. but also every fucking day she posts multiple stories with screenshots of messages she's received with some text saying how much she loves her followers and saves all her messages. it's like she has to show everyone how much praise and admiration she gets in her DMs and prove how many people think she's special. she can take the time to do that but not take the time to instead just respond to the messages themselves. that's disgusting to me seriously.

No. 1879443

Agreed. My personal ick is when people say they are sorry for not responding to messages, because it's not genuine. They want to tell people that they are getting so many messages (attention seeking)

No. 1879454

Attention seeking and Fi go hand in hand, nonnie! Hit the nail on the head though. Got to keep the support and ass pats going somehow I suppose!

No. 1879459

This sadly isn't true. There are cases here of autistic patients being locked up for years if their family can't manage them at home. There just aren't enough therapeutic/group home style facilities so those with more challenging behaviour can get shunted off to hospitals. There's also been a lot of abuse reports in both homes and hospitals against patients with more severe autism. Shit's messed up.


No. 1879465

I wonder if she had some sort of a breakdown. Assuming she was diagnosed as an adult with autism, she could have been trying to juggle the plates and it all got too much. I do know a couple of women this has happened to.

No. 1879471

Nta but I have posted her recently.

She was discussed a bit over the last couple threads, she gets pretty milky when she relapses and ends up in hospital. Lots of tube selfies and sad eating videos from what I remember with the standard dramatic 'inspirational' caption.

I don't remember exactly what was said but I know she would go live on tktk and whinge about lolcow and her bullies after she got out of hospital last time.

No. 1879482

She's one of the criminal cows right? I seem to remember this.

No. 1879496

File: 1691714823602.png (140.92 KB, 704x867, edtwtretards.png)

Comments on her post 1 of 2
>~it's literal stalking~ to repost a few things from public social media accounts
>~definitely on a watch list~ for making fun of a bunch of cows, most of whom are in their 20's
>~it's harassment~ to gossip about public social media accounts

No. 1879497

File: 1691715006970.png (204.4 KB, 701x855, edtwtretards2.png)

2 of 2
>~literally the female 4chan~ you know where we post revenge porn of our ex girlfriends, get antisemitic and racist over everything, post ai generated soft core cp and make rape threats about random influencers who rejected us… yeah totally the female 4chan

No. 1879498

kek because nothing gives off job vibes like tumblr posting about your wanorexic crash diets and/or how you're too emaciated to have bladder control

No. 1879499

Laura has also posted extra large calorically dense sugary drinks in the past.
Ambien does that, I'm not sure stuff like Abilify does. Seroquel (which she's also on) also comes with a serious craving for sweet stuff. (Not medfagging, I've been on two of these)

No. 1879500

It's funny when people who have no idea what an imageboard is call us the female 4chan, the only similarities is website format and anonymity but because they've only seen 4chan follow that layout they see other imageboards and go "duhhhhh hur dur female 4chan!!"

No. 1879518

File: 1691717386550.jpg (719.89 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230811_110052_Tik…)

Yea. She literally has 'ex offender' in her tktk bio kek.

No. 1879532

File: 1691718882720.jpeg (306.02 KB, 1314x537, 03552861-955F-43E8-8F37-EEB7E7…)

Arrested for ABH….at fourteen?!? Kat could never

No. 1879544

>lolcow mostly posts minors
It's amazing how shit like this gets taken as gospel. Idiots.

No. 1879546

Her bio says she was in care. The post-care support here is really shocking, one of my friends at university was in that 6% of care leavers to make it to further education (compared to 37.5% of other 18-19year olds). She said for most people, unless they'd been fostered from a young age by the same family, it was basically goodbye and good luck once you turned 18.

No. 1879578

Why the fuck does she feel the need to post and rate everything she eats? If you miss a day or week or two, no one cares for you to catch up. So ridiculous and boring.

No. 1879580

I guarantee that if you asked her, she'd blame it on autism

No. 1879587

omg right!? i swear i feel like this "catching up" thing has been going on for a month already..maybe even longer? she posts a shit load of pics from her camera roll every day on her stories and talks about what she remembers from that day. it's so bizarre. it's basically the same shit every day too, so what's really the point? she really thinks she's that important good god

No. 1879592

Ah dang my bad. In Aus there's a lot of group homes and services for autism and I've never heard of someone being in hospital long term for it here. Obviously it often comes with comorbidities where you do.

No. 1879594

Yeah, Seroquel is the main one implicated in sleep-eating and night-eating.

No. 1879627

>mostly posts minors
kek that’s literally against the rules here and people get called out for it what

No. 1879639

this. it just feels part of a larp and what she thinks autistic people do

No. 1879648

I read that as sex offender at first

No. 1879700

File: 1691764197588.jpeg (1 MB, 3222x3222, IMG_6933.jpeg)

I’m so sick of em.sorge
Another grown women whos been to treatment over & over & blasts her sick pics all over insta. Why is anyone letting her out?!! She has zero responsibility in life, undoubtedly lives with family. Despite riding the bus, she seems privileged & ungrateful. She can’t share healthy pics but looses some & starts sharing all the time.. All these seed cases are basically the same. Every time she’s hospitalized it’s pic pic pic, look at my tubes & veins.

No. 1879836

I hate how these girls will have huge followings but will act completely oblivious as to why they are bad. Even if they aren’t toxic they are still promoting these disorders to thousands of girls. I’m sick of it

No. 1879878

NTAYRT but i was wondering about a similar girl, but i dont think it was this one.

Ginger, brit, super smart, i think oxford or something, loved reading i think. Something about sunflowers in name. She was skeletor but at some point attempted recovery. Any chance you remember? I hope shes doing ok

No. 1880023

I totally remember her but no clue what her handle was. She was studying physics at Oxford. Was tall, ginger, freckles and had the ‘tism but quite believably.

No. 1880028

File: 1691803273032.jpeg (952.44 KB, 828x1357, E984BAAC-64F0-475F-98BD-C51D22…)

Rachel wannabe always posts stuff on their story giving advice on nutrition and feeding yourself and body positivity yet doesn’t look like she does the same for herself

No. 1880041


I’ve never seen her posted here before.

No. 1880044

She genuinely looks like a gremlin.

No. 1880050

Ooof, she looks like a shrunken head

No. 1880057

File: 1691805989668.jpeg (245.41 KB, 828x1528, IMG_9500.jpeg)

Post more of her. I can’t view her profile.

No. 1880071

The diff been her pfp and that pic is nuts(sage your shit)

No. 1880187

File: 1691822981718.jpeg (187.61 KB, 828x1364, 35081151-6FBB-4546-8278-C4A0B6…)

love how Laura forgets to pull her fucked up lopsided facial expressions when she’s not pretending that she’s about to kill herself

No. 1880249

bpd is/was honestly a fad diagnosis though, like how bipolar used to be.

No. 1880258

File: 1691843140148.jpeg (505.58 KB, 750x1102, IMG_1210.jpeg)

we’ve had socks, spoons, now keys, i wonder what the next item they’ll have to fish out of these cows is going to be

No. 1880259

File: 1691843267783.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1211.png)

kek at hidden agenda, she thinks she’s the main character

No. 1880262

BPD diagnoses are falling out of favor because of younger patients insisting it's complex PTSD instead.

No. 1880278

File: 1691845741872.png (1.68 MB, 853x1544, Screenshots_2023-08-12-08-56-5…)

No. 1880286

Idk, BPD is very distinctive, especially compared to C-PTSD, despite what people say

No. 1880289

Well Kat, in the real world you don't need supervising when you go outside. She doesn't consider they need to schedule who's going to escort her?

No. 1880340

Nta but I forgot about the whole complex ptsd thing, I had never heard of it before the past couple years and now everyone seems to have it. The diagnosis really do come in waves like a trend, I always wonder what some of these people really do have if it's not whatever is "trendy" at the moment, or if they have anything at all. Some of them just seem reasonably upset about something like a death in the family or having to leave school during the pandemic and then get slapped with the "complex pstd" label. It's like no one is allowed to be upset anymore without it being pathologized.

No. 1880341

File: 1691858686132.png (6.57 MB, 1170x2532, 4FC05AB5-2417-4618-A9DE-BFF849…)

Has anyone been in treatment/came across this lady? she’s 33 and been at this for at least a decade. Her following is primarily on Facebook where she posts v neck pictures in January and other cringey Shit. Doesn’t have any type of career outside the whole professional patient thing. Not sure why her mom still allows this when her Lyss is a completely capable grown up who choses this over being an adult. Seems to never end(namefagging)

No. 1880345

File: 1691859811289.png (6.27 MB, 1170x2532, 03EE5F10-EDA1-4BA6-83AD-ACCE61…)

No. 1880346

psychfag here
cptsd was added to ICD in 2018 after lots of debates that some individuals with severe and prolonged trauma meet more criteria. its still not in the DSM and there still debates but its a formal diagnosis that doesnt cross out BPD.
What confuses me with these online wanna have trendy diagnosis is that CPTSD shouldnt be given lightly. Is about people who are trafficked, held hostage or prolonged svere abuse, Just because it has some of the bpd symptoms, doesnt mean you have it

No. 1880353

She constantly e-begs and asks others to post her venmo. Begs to go to treatment then makes long videos about how she purges every bite of food and acts like a victim when the other patients distance themselves from her toxic bs. I was res with her once years ago and a friend was at acute when she was. Also posts constantly begging someone to go to Wegmans with her daily? Her old fb got hacked and I didn't add the new one AFAIK. Proudly states she's been to over fifty treatment centers.

No. 1880361

> “oh btw I swallowed a key”
she’s ridiculous kek. she’s laura if laura had been inclined to smoke meth and commit arson rather than just sit cabbaged on her fat ass on her monster antipsychotic cocktail.

No. 1880364

I don’t think Laura is a danger to others tbh, never known her to be

No. 1880377

Oh shit that's interesting, thanks for letting me know

No. 1880380

Cute pfp kek

No. 1880403

Has anyone told her if she doesn’t like the treatment she can just, yknow…leave? She’s not on section or CTO and the waiting list there isn’t exactly short

Or ‘autism’. I find it funny a lot of them have been under services since they were kids - literally spending months on CAMHS wards, some of them - yet somehow it was “missed”? Not saying that’s the case for everyone obviously and I know some symptoms overlap but idk how many can really be “misdiagnosed” ?

No. 1880406

Who hasn’t? And try at least 2 decades. She’s been on the proana and revolving-door-treatment circuit since her teen years and that’s where her level of maturity has stayed. Alyssa is a straight up manipulative bitch who plays the sweet, innocent, delicate ana snowflake who’s just trying to finally get better to treatment staff, but is a raging narc cunt to other patients and anyone else who’s not in a position to give her asspats. She’s only nice to other cunts who are sabotaging theirs and others’ recovery, but will not hesitant to lie, manipulate anyone available, start and spread rumors, and throw anyone and everyone under the bus to save her little baby ana snowflake image. It was bad enough when she was actually young, but now that’s she’s closer to middle age than her preferred perpetual childhood it’s just pathetic and outright creepy. Her entire existence is her eating disorder, she has no intention of every recovering and she thrives off asspats and being coddled.

No. 1880464

Where’s the milk? Posting some random anorexic who pissed you off in treatment is not it

No. 1880555

File: 1691887809167.png (651.88 KB, 828x818, 938GH295KS.png)

It is and it isn't. For proper diagnosis of disorders like BPD and C-PTSD, in particular, the diagnostic process would require lengthy, comprehensive interviewing, and for conditions like personality disorders, getting to know a person over a longer period of time is also very helpful. A lot of diagnoses made in hospital settings are done after maybe one or two hours of interview time, tops, and a lot of that time is likely spent ruling out a whole host of other disorders.

The truth is that BPD is a very easy diagnosis to make when you have a patient who is emotionally dysregulated and has any component of suicidality or self-harm in their presentation. A lot of professionals either have not been trained in proper comprehensive interviewing for things like personality and trauma disorders, don't have the time to do it, or simply don't see it as a priority. The DSM has changed a lot in the last 20 or 30 years, and plenty of professionals who trained under the DSM-III or even the DSM-IV still do not see outside their training. When you think of it this way, it's very unsurprising that a lot of people end up misdiagnosed, or that older clinicians miss key diagnostic elements that weren't being looked for 20 years ago.

No. 1880582


No. 1880583

Idk that abh is alarming, it’s when only minor injuries occur, like scrapes and bruises