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File: 1634208861395.png (486.89 KB, 746x421, halloweentown.png)

No. 1347217

Last time:
Ham continues to munch her porridge and got an article in a low-impact online blog. Farmers were reminded that she was too weak to wash her hair.

Ganer also got recognition from some YouTube channel and a trashy magazine with her 'miracle transformation.'

Cecelia claims she has never posted photos at her LW and we instantly disproved that. She also announced she was not eating the food she posted on her insta at the start of this admission, seemingly because everyone needs to know she is still a sick middle baby.

Scarlettvfit did badly in her bodybuilding competition but refuses to accept that might be because she is still underweight. She has started a crappy coaching business to teach other people how to weigh their lettuce and suck in their stomach.

Anna has a week of no MCAS symptoms! Just to remind everyone she is still anorexic and struggles with fear foods!!!!!1!

New cow emisfighting documents her hospital visits and takes selfies with all the overworked staff.

Nourish goes on more dates. Sophie is still collecting her hospital bands. Niamh continues to bodycheck. Nik has been oddly silent (do lizards hibernate?)

Check them out here:
https://www.instagram.com/ceceliafrances/ (private)
https://www.instagram.com/hannahmblackburn (private)
https://www.instagram.com/nourisht0flourish (private)
https://www.instagram.com/savingshan (private)
https://www.instagram.com/emisfighting (private)
https://instagram.com/flourishingfxiry (private)
https://instagram.com/soph.ventiing (private)
https://instagram.com/smorven (private)
https://instagram.com/littlestlee2.0 (private)
https://www.instagram.com/a_wintergirl_thawing_2 (private)

No. 1347218

last thread: >>>/snow/1334985

No. 1347219

first thread, sorry if I fucked it up.

No. 1347236

Thank you, anon, for creating the new thread.
Very nice collage. That's the spirit..!

No. 1347239

File: 1634211909626.png (1.83 MB, 1260x1630, 1634059567141.png)

Red and yellow
Fruit on top
Another day
Another slop

No. 1347240

so inspiring, so touching

No. 1347270

Consistency. Is. Key.
.. to no progress at all

No. 1347318

File: 1634221033881.jpeg (724.86 KB, 828x1621, 4A0CCE29-1E22-4F1F-9535-ECE90A…)

anna is claiming to have never had dairy milk before… shes 19 , british and rich. of course she fucking has? the lies aren’t even remotely believable now

No. 1347323

If her parents were vegan I could believe that but they aren't. Anna quit your bullshit.

No. 1347326

Giving to trawl through her reels to disprove this

No. 1347336

File: 1634222213540.jpeg (65.22 KB, 828x474, E042059C-749F-4B2A-B6CA-ABF76D…)

Ok so for context she posted a photo of a banana with a fairly small amount of peanut butter. Claims she ran out but why would she have a jar of PB in her flat if is allergic to it?

No. 1347343

She's having her cheat week. She either demolished the peanut butter jar very very quickly with NO ALLERGY SYMPTOMS GUYSS or she's full of shit. Oh how I wonder which one it is..

No. 1347404

I believe she’s never had dairy milk. Only fairtrade for Anna.

No. 1347406

File: 1634225215412.png (527.92 KB, 681x507, pizzapart1.png)

1/3. This is the most contentious of the three repeated pictures I found on my dairy milk hunt (no luck there). I believe this pizza is the same as one from early this year/late last year. You can't see very well from the screenshot but the placement of the mushrooms/spinach and napkin look similar.

No. 1347408

File: 1634225252067.png (548.16 KB, 564x493, pizzapart2.png)

2/3. Self explanatory.

No. 1347409

File: 1634225299392.png (186.95 KB, 428x356, colinisnotangry, justdissapoin…)

3/3. She had the audacity to use the same photo! The funny thing is that the post hasn't even been that successful, so she is manipulating her audience for nothing.

No. 1347411

File: 1634225384019.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, 3A5DFD5C-FABD-45C7-89FE-44E754…)

She seriously… did that

No. 1347413

It was posted last thread, she has already made another video about being flat (big pick me vibes from it).Am I the only one who doesn't think she is 'omg gorgeous you could be a model!' beautiful? She has nice makeup and is undeniably pretty but not as special as she wants to appear. Maybe I am just blinded by my dislike of her though.

No. 1347426

I know I'm a little late, but very nice thread nonna! Couldn't tell it was your first.

No. 1347427

Anon who posted the second photo here, sorry for ruining the consistency. It bugs me every time I see it

No. 1347435

Am I the only one who thinks we bullied Nik out of posting on his recovery page? Or am I just a tinfoil?

No. 1347445

Oh I missed that. I did think at one point she could model if she wanted but she has now saturated me with the pout face I’ve been totally put off. It’s just the same thing again and again and again and modelling is actually a lot more than going from pout to grin. She is also noticeably losing weight, she reminds me of Hxn insisting she will not go back to the psych ward whilst obviously losing weight.

No. 1347453

Anon who does the collection here.
Don't you worry about it. And thank you.

No. 1347454

All the comments were people saying 'she's just doing the trend, why are y'all mad! she's in recovery, she can post what she wants!' - constantly showing your body while still at such a low bmi doesn't seem like it helps recovery, and only encourages tiktok users to comment on how thin she looks which someone in recovery would probably avoid, and either turn off comments or stop posting these vids. And since when is it ok to excuse shit content with 'its a trend', tiktok users love this braindead phrase these days.

No. 1347456

Idk what it is but sometimes girls at this size look just as haggard as hambeasts. It’s like their knees look painfully bony, like the skin is too thin and lots s significant amount of collagen, and usually when they smile the wrinkles in their cheeks look so severe that I cringe when I see it. I think she’s cute and aesthetically 100% better looking than really overweight women, but beside the obvious uwu smol pwincess pickme thing, she looks 50 and 18 at the same time. Weird because not all skinny girls look like this either.

No. 1347463

He will be back, nonna.
Soon enough.

No. 1347468

She does get called out fairly often (things like how she censors some pics but not others, is losing weight, has posted pro ana stuff in the past, is obsessed with her figure) but deletes any negative comments.

She is also now claiming she is in recovery trouble deflect negative comments but on her tellpmym she said she wouldn’t share whether or not she was recovering .

No. 1347486


That's not quite weapon-grade milk.
Have you got some real pro-ana stuff from her to show us?

No. 1347493

File: 1634229595831.jpeg (131.8 KB, 735x1249, TheBravestSoldier.jpeg)

the face of true bravery. inspiring

No. 1347515

That’s another one for last threads anon exploring the merch range. That promotional poster would be so inspirational

No. 1347533

You realise if we’re talking about a cow we don’t have to post 100% milk with every single comment? Go do some of the work yourself if that’s what you want to see.

I think she wants to keep her followers hanging on with saying she’s recovering then not recovering, saying she’s fine then saying she’s lost weight, also posting tells asking ‘are you in recovery’ ‘have you lost weights’ ‘are you using behaviours’ and answering ‘not helpful to answer’ (also a favourite of Hxn) - just ignore the tell, you might as well answer yes with that answer otherwise you’d say no?

No. 1347537

who is this anon constantly trying to stop discussion of niamh?? istg every time the little cow is mentioned her little fangirls pop up everywhere

No. 1347539

File: 1634231493460.png (3.8 MB, 828x1792, 82C6F24C-50E7-466C-96AF-58C2EC…)

she goes through odd phases of being very ~recovery influencer~, before turning straight back to being just as self obsessed and big headed as usual (“model posing”, “i’m so pretty” etc).

No. 1347559

>who is this anon constantly trying to stop discussion of niamh??

And who is that anon constantly bringing up the discussion of niamh, a teenage nobody with not much to show for???

Personal vendetta much?

No. 1347562

anon I love this

No. 1347564

I think it’s several people because she’s actually quite milky and pissing a lot of people off?

No. 1347574

File: 1634233943547.jpg (527.86 KB, 1080x1622, Screenshot_20211014-135053_Twi…)

No. 1347581

She's constantly on my tiktok fyp, i know she's young but a lot of even younger girls are defending her and saying she looks good, it's the kind of content that is really harmful with the current climate on tiktok where pro-ana content constantly slips through the cracks.

No. 1347590

it’s multiple anons, kek. defensive much? wonder where this IP address is coming from…

No. 1347592

File: 1634235247916.jpeg (219.64 KB, 1074x822, 5A8D2BA4-69BB-4B37-82C5-99E855…)

just thought this was a p clear display of how crippling hard she tries to look thinner- all in the legs, kek

No. 1347593

Rabbit teeth. Average looking, by no means ugly at all.

No. 1347600

she just loves fashion!! It doesn't matter that she has shared her school uniform/green cardigan combo multiple times before! Definitely not bodychecking in her school loos!

No. 1347615

shut the fuck up, sorcha

now we know it's you(hi cow)

No. 1347620

No. 1347624

keep your vampire fetish at home!

No. 1347626

who cares about some bratty teen on TikTok?

No. 1347630

You could argue that about any cow.
Who cares about a 30 year old on Instagram?
Who cares about a bratty mid 20 year old??
It’s lolcow, welcome.

No. 1347634


No. 1347676

File: 1634241920142.jpeg (142.45 KB, 827x1503, 47B22FD8-9C0C-4E07-B36A-CA36E9…)

All those re-feeding admissions have fattened her up. Surely she’s almost overweight.

No. 1347678

I made a comment under her videos and immidiately got attacked by 15 year old retards,and then she deleted my comment and blocked me. I think she blocks everyone who calls her out

No. 1347697

File: 1634243615342.jpeg (795.85 KB, 828x1418, A45FB1B5-1241-426B-A239-4AFEC3…)

why would anyone whos not attention seeking film the way to the a&e through an ambulance, the trip to the a&e and post in on tiktok while claiming how poorly she is but at the same time refused to answer to the "oh so worrying" questions about what happened again

No. 1347698

course she does, it's pathetic. she has zero consideration for anyone else, and is, to be frank, a selfish brat. no wonder she follows Zara/Ro/Hxn (from memory). She probably idolises them, or sees their manipulation social media and combination of spoopiness and arrogance and is copying. shows her immaturity too.

No. 1347700

More than one anon cba talking about her cause she's a baby acting like a baby

No. 1347742


She was at Glasgow priory at the same time as Hxn I think. Or just before?

No. 1347749

she was in a CAMHS/under 18 unit I thinking Hxn was in adults. She has met with Zara though.

No. 1347830

kek, that I would love to see. one an arrogant, snobby spoop pretending to be recovered and preaching about other people's actions.. the other, an attention seeking kid who behaves in all the ways Zara claims to despise. such a weird friendship- have they actually met?

No. 1347854

Just another attention seeker being desperate after she’s not inpatient or underweight anymore with all the “omg in hospital look at my cannula” shit. Has she been posted before?

No. 1347862

nope, she's from Edinburgh, and glasgow is adults

No. 1347864


Yeah, you're right. I thought OP was referring to the Irish Mary, not Niamh.

Irish Mary and Hxn were both at Glasgow.
Zara and Niamh are both from Edinburgh.

No. 1347868

Speaking of Hxn, she seems much more reasonable on her stories now she is getting more nutrition and is presumably a healthier weight. I always thought her behaviour was BPD driven but now I'm doubting that. Thoughts?

No. 1347896

This is an image board anon

No. 1347981

She only ever posts now when she's in hospital

No. 1348032

File: 1634277523192.jpeg (325 KB, 740x1192, 22800FEB-B14B-428D-8AEC-F98E17…)

Seeing as milk is fairly dry lately I am suggesting Joyce again. She’s a fentanyl addict with BPD and BPD symptoms surrounding food/AN-BP. She previously posted a photo with a tube used to drain her stomach and pretended it was an ng tube. She recently hopped on the munchie train and just got kicked out of php. She is becoming more active now that she is not in treatment. See munching I’m attached pic

No. 1348036

File: 1634277734145.jpeg (408.13 KB, 734x1132, 508E1783-2929-440E-A2C5-B7A869…)

BPD sperging and lies

No. 1348037

File: 1634277763703.jpeg (377.67 KB, 748x1177, 699E1DD5-FDB7-4B1D-AE7F-8F27E5…)

No. 1348044

File: 1634278073001.jpeg (346.63 KB, 750x1194, 5874D24E-4B0E-4985-8CE8-F71847…)

Aforementioned tube pic and some outdated factoids in the caption

No. 1348063

god I can't stand that doe eyed bambi look they always try to pull. you're not a sick kid with cancer, and you should be happy about that, cope you munchausen weirdo

No. 1348113

File: 1634287957132.jpeg (754.04 KB, 1936x1936, 2E361751-4B17-451D-980C-CD179B…)

One of these spoops is not like the others,
One of these spoops doesn't belong
Can you tell which spoop is not like the others?

No. 1348146

Nice find. Looking like an electrician's nightmare.

No. 1348147

That's easy! Upper left, because she's a soul eater and already a million years old.
Dunno about the other ladies, but they're obviously seeking for some attention on social media.

No. 1348272

Frankly, bottom left is real horrorcow material and I’m astonished she’s sitting upright in a car instead of a hearse. Her body is so frail like how did it manage the journey to the nearest drive thru?! Guess she really wanted that McDonalds.

No. 1348274

I’m surprised she didn’t die of refeeding syndrome after one chip.

No. 1348288

It's a shame for her, but even though she didn't get to eat the McDonald's, at least she got to hold them. I don't think she'll last much longer sadface

No. 1348294

She does look very frail. No wonder she needed help bathing and washing her hair. If you look past the big smile Ham clearly is on the verge of another collapse. Brave warrior

No. 1348309

Beginning to think “refeeding syndrome” is just a myth, nonnie. Our bravest warrior Cecelia ‘didn’t eat’ the normal portion of cooked breakfast she was first presented with in hospital and she’s still kicking….

No. 1348318

Surely if she lasts long enough to reach that hospital bed with her name on it they could bolus a McFlurry? Right???

No. 1348336

File: 1634322845550.png (2.65 MB, 828x1792, 9BD5745E-31E8-4BBD-99CF-FF1EF1…)

No. 1348340

File: 1634323191778.png (3.72 MB, 750x1334, 55459891-7630-41FA-950A-48831B…)

Grace is about to join the herd of New Farm cows

No. 1348363


Is she milky, or just ill?

No. 1348365

her tiktok is especially milky, she constantly posts old bodychecks and sewercide baits her audience of 15yo girls

I've followed this trainwreck for awhile as a personal cow. she has gotten kicked out of just about every treatment facility she's been to. she blames the facility every time, of course. saying the rules are "too strict" or that they just don't understand her.

No. 1348384

File: 1634327569179.png (7.58 MB, 1125x2436, 15158D1E-50AE-4EEB-AC5B-113D45…)

getting kicked out in June

No. 1348385

File: 1634327684211.png (6.32 MB, 1125x2436, 2065D099-1569-4479-956D-09FC90…)

from the same admission kek

No. 1348386

File: 1634327950402.png (6.35 MB, 1125x2436, B38EA190-2DF0-4F44-A709-6310E5…)

Went to another resi and had to step down to php, likely bc of conflict with another patient and she was constantly breaking rules and throwing tantrums (pt 1)

No. 1348387

File: 1634328001174.png (8.69 MB, 1125x2436, 2FE96661-F5A5-4BC5-A230-5F86FB…)

Pt 2 (caption)

No. 1348388

File: 1634328093107.png (7.82 MB, 1125x2436, 027CF151-4FB8-430D-AEBA-0583FD…)

Getting kicked from another resi
Fucking kek she still acts like it’s not her own fault

No. 1348390

File: 1634328171220.png (6.23 MB, 1125x2436, 3F7CC741-0950-4081-B454-1E77A2…)


No. 1348391

File: 1634328308464.png (7.67 MB, 1125x2436, B9CCBFB3-2F12-4AFC-8DD5-59B705…)

She’s obsessed w her old body checks, gee I wonder why treatment centres kick her out

She seems like the type to brag about her lowest weight during group therapy to purposely trigger the other patients

No. 1348393

File: 1634328350738.png (7.9 MB, 1125x2436, 9B11DEC7-6BE7-4E3F-8645-E83666…)

Imagine posting this

No. 1348394

File: 1634328448567.png (8.4 MB, 1125x2436, 06F70829-D66C-4A98-9E6A-C44F00…)

Kek nobody thinks you’re mature

Ok, sperging over. Sorry if it’s not milky enough, she just pisses me off so much and has such a punchable face

No. 1348396

Where’s this one from?

No. 1348401

pretty sure joyce is from the US. she looks like your everyday trashy vegas or florida rat imo but that's pure speculation.
in some vids where she talks she has a typical American accent

No. 1348403

Anon people are gonna be mad this is all unsaged.
I find her kind of interesting, I’ve seen her around but never really thought her milky. But do treatment centres really kick people out because they share they’re address? It’s not like they don’t advertise it on their own website….

No. 1348407

i didnt sage those bc i consider them milk kek
cry ab it ig?

No. 1348410

Anon, the crop tool is your friend.

(Your profile pic is showing)

No. 1348413

She's been doing this hospital porn narcissistic shit on social media for years and I'm glad it's being called out now. pics of you crying and explaining in a very detailed methodical way how sad you are and how terrible your life is, are not helpful and getting old news now

No. 1348417

Also anon… we can see your pfp

No. 1348445

Most definitely. And she only achieved her lw because she was a coke addict at the time

She’s from hicktown in the California desert. She went to college in humbolt for a bit before dropping out after accusing someone of raping her. Also has an identical twin sister

It’s a risk because she is in a residential neighborhood. She is not at a hospital.

No. 1348452

damn it, i forgot. wjhat can i do?

No. 1348461

If you’re a treatment centre why would you have an issue with someone saying they’re at that certain treatment centre though?
I’m not denying she’s milky but surely there has to be more to it?
I have noticed a rise in TikTok-ers (and yes imageboard but I’m not going to find them now) saying that nurses/staff from their ward or residential have found their tiktoks. If they’re not making it up it does kind of surprise me that the staff wound work all day in that environment and then watch it at night. Unless I guess it’s other patients snitching (which ig is more likely)

No. 1348462

Change your pfp you can’t delete if it’s more than 30 mins ago

No. 1348463

That explains it. They’ll keep moving her because they’ll still make money from insurance regardless. Would be interesting to see how they fared in with the UK’s NHS system aha

No. 1348474

File: 1634333863787.jpeg (108.35 KB, 828x471, 995AD361-1857-4D1E-8AF4-FAC71F…)

ive got so many q on this onez As not from
Canada i dont understand. Why wd a treatment center kick you out if you are at risk? is she not paying or is it free? and if you are at risk arenyt they oigated to refer you? unless you are not medically at risk right? and why they wdnt allow you to share why they kick you out if its not their fault? this is confusing me

No. 1348476

She has a public account with almost 29K “followers” and raging BPD. The company will try to protect itself and the other clients. Joyce tends to exaggerate so take her statement with a ton of salt

No. 1348486

File: 1634335078451.jpeg (204.76 KB, 828x1339, 99D06FB9-CCE0-41E5-8012-108E31…)

Hxn is doing an Instagram live, where she is coming across far less arrogant and looking better - and says she knows she’s being overly negative. Odd as she’s a major cow, but feel like it seems like somewhat better than the previous mascara cry face mumbling where she’s just a mean fuckwit

No. 1348494

Anon, please spoiler these kind of images

No. 1348495

If you can't deal with seeing people who are underweight… maybe don't read the pro-ana scumbag thread.

No. 1348501

File: 1634335814765.png (Spoiler Image, 287.54 KB, 274x485, rosequartzroller.png)

Niamh is talking about how her quartz roller has made her face 'way less puffy' and is claiming this isn't disordered but 'just a trend'. When the reality is she is just losing weight.

Reposted to spoiler because of shoulder tendon action (sorry thought you only had to spoiler for nudity/gore)Although I agree with other anon, if you can't handle some flexing you probably shouldn't be here.

No. 1348509

Kek nominated for next thread pic

No. 1348514

well-balanced meal #edrecovery

No. 1348515

Not a newfag, have lurked for ages and posted frequently following the rules but can someone please explain why saging is so important? Like, I'm happy to do it, but why is it such a big deal.

No. 1348517

I don't get it either TBH. Think it is just to show you know the rules and aren't a self poster/white knight. Also, you can choose to see only unsaged posts - i.e. only see actual milk and not the discussion around it.

No. 1348532

File: 1634338210474.png (4.82 MB, 828x1792, 59818D8F-771C-4D97-B9E2-DA0A9D…)

narcissistic bitch. could she pop her collarbones any more?!!

No. 1348537

Such rib cage, such recovery

No. 1348539

definitely just a coincidence that the biggest picture isthe one that shows off her ribs /s

No. 1348547


Yeh I agree, actually. I've thought that Hxn has seemed more reasonable for a few days. I wonder if nutrition is actually helping, rather than her being straight-up BPD-esque.

No. 1348565

she does go a bit demonic right before / on admission. shame she doesn’t have the wherewithal to pull herself together

No. 1348566

File: 1634342391019.jpeg (140.21 KB, 828x1472, B7D126E6-E21F-4ACB-9279-240E68…)

her tiktok comments are hilarious

No. 1348583

does anyone actually use that feature? i feel like the discussion around the milk is what makes lolcow interesting, otherwise we could all just be scrolling through these cows' instagrams in our own spare time individually

No. 1348584

She’s from the US. Not sure where but the tx center she’s bitching about in one of the caps is in SoCal. If you have good insurance it’s pretty hard to get kicked out of residential unless you’re repetitively non compliant or your insurance decides you’re not at enough medical risk to justify them paying for a higher level of care.

Based on her pics it could be either. She’s a bpd train wreck who’s probably a massive cunt to everyone while self harming in various ways, constantly lying and refusing to follow any recommendations or program guidelines and she’s at a normal enough weight to be fine in php or outpatient. Medically easy to care for but too much of a pain in the ass to put up with just for the money. Especially since she’ll likely never get over her bpd antics.

Patients like her are a cancer to tx centers leading other patients astray and just being an attention whore who’s also a major liability since she might accidentally off herself trying to get asspats. She’s a lot like old Cece but more trashy.

No. 1348597

File: 1634347332381.png (7.72 MB, 1170x2532, 488F7F0F-223F-4CC9-AD5C-DD6FCC…)

Omg I took a screenshot of her the other day when she randomly came up on my fyp cause what is with the stupid crying mascara face like it’s so ugly and surely fake

No. 1348607

She has at least 10 seperate insta accounts and 2 tiktoks just so she can recycle the very few pics she has of when she was an average weight. Having NG feeds whilst eating junk food has clearly done a number on her weight and skin(sage)

No. 1348610

Looks like watered down ink or paint imo. Def fake and uber cringe kek. Looks like a failed suicide by pills attempt too with that suction tube but that’s probably exactly what she wanted cause asspats.

No. 1348617

File: 1634352111366.jpg (540.83 KB, 2048x1536, FBsWV6vXIAI5ymQ.jpg)

No. 1348620

kek almighty, tis the season

No. 1348640

Minor PL, but I never saw anyone get kicked out of treatment in an NHS clinic. Discharged before they felt totally ready maybe but not “we’re done with your shit, leave now” even when there was aggro between patients.

No. 1348651

okay louise, my mistake

No. 1348709

eh, lots of anas use substances to keep hunger cues away. it's relatively common, especially in the ones whose families don't gaf about them lol

No. 1348758

Wow that room looks rank

No. 1348761

Breakfast for champions..!

No. 1348766

that's not a cow.
no milk at all.

No. 1348771

she has so many fangirls screeching 'she's in recovery that will trigger her, she is just underweight not bodychecking, you're just jealous she is smaller than you.' I'm sure they'll be kidding themselves senpai will notice them right up to her next admission

No. 1348773

she has definitely been a lot quieter lately so it seems the nutrition is helping - shame she has never been WR though if weight gain helps. Still periodically flexing her illness and being inconsistent with her Orri plans on tellonym though.

No, it might be useful for summarising threads but a lot of people sage actual milk.

No. 1348793

It’s not common but does happen within NHS. Mainly if the person isn’t on a section and is causing issue for the more vulnerable patients and staff as they are there voluntarily

No. 1348820

File: 1634382705797.png (994.54 KB, 750x1334, FF8F44D9-FF5E-4891-ACC8-2CB9B6…)

so if you’re not hungry, you’ve eaten enough already, and it’s not time to eat … you still need to eat. got it

No. 1348823


But anon, your hunger cues are going to be messed up for a while! If you even think about food you need to eat, it's the best way to recover kek

Stupidest fucking flowchart

No. 1348824

Now do it with "Should I get some decent therapy, dumb cunt that I am?"

No. 1348851

File: 1634387872784.jpeg (82.79 KB, 750x701, CC9BE8BB-3752-4184-9AAE-C1EC70…)

Im_powering firstly using out-dated research with her 3% statistic.
Secondly she thinks underweight = emaciated.
Her writing is so hyperbolic it’s like an exercise given to a 16 year old in a creative writing class, and not even being done well.

No. 1348854


What's the real number

No. 1348855

Where have you been? It’s 6% and gets mentioned by every single recovery account every other post

No. 1348856

You know the ones who are super proud to be in that 6% and show all their skelly tube pics but say you don’t have to be underweight to be ~valid~

No. 1348862

That’s probably why Imogen has changed it to 3%. She’s so happy to be in the top 3% of all of the disordereds.

No. 1348864

Vile person but bothers me the most in these is how gormless and vapid she looks. Also that room! Jesus, why do so many of these girls live in pigsties

No. 1348868

Completely wobbly, because it depends on the definition of ED.

No. 1348870

Just remember that you have to count in the fatties, too..!

No. 1348871

In fairness teens aren't known for being the tidiest but if she just lOvEs FaShUn so much (to justify the bodychecking ofc) why doesn't she take better care of her clothes instead of leaving them lying all over the floor?

It sounds like she is using a thesaurus for every word. Love that she always credits herself in her posts as if people would steal them otherwise.

No. 1348887

Nine percent, including obesity cases.

No. 1348906

File: 1634394333760.jpeg (333.35 KB, 828x1502, B7E6CE7D-87C9-4B12-AC3D-92269D…)

Dharma claiming to have periods is less believable than Ham not being able to wash her hair

No. 1349055

File: 1634407789928.png (320.79 KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_20211016-190835~2.p…)

Doesn't matter what you weigh, so long as it's mostly MUSCLE. No fat, pls.

No. 1349057

Adding, pic on right, she wishes.

No. 1349064

File: 1634408388724.png (5.18 MB, 828x1792, 7CFDE3A5-BC92-4C9D-B6DB-85BDB7…)

if she stood any stiffer she’d be made of wood. it must be exhasting to have to include full body, over posed shots of yourself in every single post

No. 1349087

File: 1634410743650.jpg (147.79 KB, 462x600, anorexic-barbie.jpg)

Ofc, that's what happens when you tense all your muscle to look skinnier and your role model is img.

No. 1349089

Jeez you can see how hard she’s tensing

No. 1349091

It's Ro's milky days turned up to eleven.

No. 1349093

molly got kicked out of nightingale, pretty sure it was bc she started acting up and headbanging

No. 1349094

I can't get over how much she's trying to be cassie/effy

No. 1349095

nightingale doesnt kick you out for headbanging. they can kick you out though because you are non comliant and triggering to others

No. 1349096

The unit she was on has literally like four beds, she was there for months and the wait list for one of like 15 beds across two units that cover some of the biggest cities in the country. It’s a shit or get off the pot situation, I’m kind of amazed they kept her that long.

No. 1349099

The headbanging/self harming stuff would be unsuitable for a private ed environment, which is what she was there for.

No. 1349100

Although I think she was deliberately non compliant the minute she got in there too.

No. 1349101

Samefag who can’t complete a sentence, the wait list starts at 3 months for critically ill patients who are told to just go to the ER if you think you’re dying while you wait.

No. 1349106

Molly who? Not molly.ella.jones?

No. 1349107

No. 1349110

I think it's more likely she just got discharged after a few weeks because she had a very mild case of ana and in no way needed or would benefit from inpatient treatment. Her family may be well-off but even then private treatment would add up fast.

No. 1349111

she said in a post/video i cant remember it was to do with being noncompliant

No. 1349114

it wouldn't be like Molly to twist things to make herself appear sicker …

No. 1349116

she also had headbanging marks when she came out of hospital, so idk she probably just acted up when she went in

No. 1349126

they edu nightingale dont kick you out for self harm/headbanging.
there must be another very serious reason that could potentially ruin their name

No. 1349136

File: 1634415693157.jpeg (285.34 KB, 828x1313, 504D52A4-7D9A-44A2-BC81-926DCB…)

Looks like Anna is adding another illness to her collection

No. 1349141

Tbh, that one on the right is exactly looking like her own chest, as of now.

But I'm pretty sure that she's still not over that eViL oVeRwEiGhT that she has to fight in her daily training sessions…

No. 1349178

Oh no - after her miracle recovery from MCAS anna now has another munchie diagnosis of exclusion favourite disease. If you’re unfamiliar with POTS symptoms google the list and see how fucking vague they are, and how they’d only really affect your life if you were a massive pussy. She’s still seething she didn’t get a proper chronic diagnosis like epilepsy or coeliacs kek. Die mad richie rich, money can’t buy it all!

No. 1349216

There are clinical tests for POTS but they don’t bother getting the tilt table booked if there’s an easy explanation like “patient doesn’t eat enough”.

No. 1349255

Half the people claiming POTS have a pulse increase between like 30 and 50 bpm. Imagine pathologizing normal physiology. Not to WK, there are some people who do have severe symptoms but their heart rate will be pushing 200, not 140 like most muchies show

No. 1349276



No one with POTS pushes 200. The general rule of thumb for SVT is your age - 220. If you’re an adult with a non-exercise HR of 200+, there’s something fucking with with you and you need to be in the hospital.

There’s also a lot more to autonomic dysfunction that a sped up HR, but that’s the only thing these clowns experience, apparently. (And none of them ever talk about it being orthostatic in nature.) Every idiot with an ED says they have POTS because if you’re fucking starving or purging, you’re very obviously going to have an electrolyte imbalance and that would make anyone’s HR be inconsistent.

No. 1349287

The formula 220-age is for max heart rate not svt, nonnie. Not all tachys are the same. They’d need an ecg to differentiate.

Agree that there is something off if your heart rates that high and it’s probably not POTS for the reasons you listed

No. 1349297

File: 1634446070263.png (753.98 KB, 530x939, sdfs.PNG)

Finding out that shes 18 and has added "modeling" to her bio…. continuing with the constant body check videos and being nasty to people calling it out.

No. 1349301

File: 1634446348563.png (974.93 KB, 538x942, aawear.PNG)

No. 1349302

File: 1634446508628.png (864.01 KB, 531x940, esrsrfs.PNG)

Im trying to find the good comments section to share for milk of how shit her personality/attitude is but if any other farmers want to look her tiktok is @q0rpz3 (Quinnlan (KetchupBoddle) )

No. 1349306

Can we stop bringing in these non-milk tiktok cows? There are heaps of them, they always do the same thing and it's never interesting. Just clogs up the thread.

No. 1349334

she’s not even pretty, like her hair is just a dead straw mess, she just looks like every other white child and her fashion sense is terrible.

No. 1349361

Remember when she was tagging IBD and Crohns on some of her tiktoks and then suddenly stopped after she got the results of her colonoscopy? Lolcow farms remembers.
Reminds me of venus angelica for some reason. Like if she wilted in a hot car or something.

No. 1349384

File: 1634462115342.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1974, CAAD2019-82E7-4CAC-9668-BACDF8…)

The way she bone rattles kek. Did anyone see her story last night? Glad to see someone call her out on exposing her children to her fucked up ed behaviours

No. 1349400

You're still fanatic about that girl, yes..?

No. 1349402


Seconded, nonnie. There are too many of them around and we should focus on the REALLY milky ones instead.
There's already one or two dozen on the radar already.

So stop posting that attention whoring TikTok bitches, plz.

No. 1349419

who is this? post her story if there is milk.

No. 1349430

Reeks of self post.

No. 1349436

Stop complaining and post milk then??

No. 1349449


Not the OP but stop white knighting her. Many people think she’s milky.

No. 1349450

I know, he's the one who forces himself to smile while holding the McDonald's, he's twice as skinny as the others because he has to put on a sweatshirt. my god, the others are already so skeletal I hurt about the superhuman effort she must provide to show nothing! But, I think about it how come isn't people post asking "how is she still alive?" or that someone is not reported in a post on Dasha that she was much skinnier

No. 1349451

Ham is such an inspiration! I did not feel valid because I ate at most 1 McDonald's once a month, I understood how much I was in denial because normal people eat at McDonald's at every meal, she is strong, courageous she goes soon to be able to eat more than once a day I can feel it! Me for my part I will challenge myself this Sunday to have a cheeseburger for the 10th first time just like her

No. 1349452

File: 1634474957060.jpeg (309.44 KB, 828x1445, BFECD5C7-A204-4D01-B3F2-2DD910…)

Gamer had a meal at a restaurant. Is this progress? Of course she still had to mutilate it with Tabasco but baby steps.

No. 1349454

She should tell her fellow co-eater not to put down a used knife back on the table.
Maybe munching pounds of proteine powder causes a lack of manners.

No. 1349455

> Many people think she’s milky.

May be true, or not. I think that there's only ONE person who tries to promote that non-cow around here.

No. 1349472

File: 1634477894190.jpg (680.17 KB, 1080x2340, Cece.jpg)

Cece farming for "oh but you were sooo skinny" dms. Not getting enough attention atm?

No. 1349474

has she stretched this photo? her face looks way longer the normal (and not in a gaunt/underweight/unhealthy way). So tempted to DM her saying something like ''you're so brave for going to treatment when you looked healthy!!!!" to watch her lose her shit (not actually going to of course).

No. 1349476

Someone make this make sense

No. 1349478

I think there’s actually one person who keeps trying to keep her away. I get you’re trying to protect her from the boolies but her cow behaviour is far more damaging to herself than we are.

No. 1349483

> her cow behaviour is far more damaging to herself than we are

No. 1349484

triggered triggered triggered

No. 1349485

It’s not hard if you use your brain. How do you think she’s going to recover if she spends 99% of her time taking body checks and bragging about her weight loss. She loves her underweight body. And has a huge following because she broadcasts her underweight body multiple times daily.
You can defend her as much as you want or be someone who claims it’s all fine ‘because it’s just a TikTok trend’ but you’re just an enabler.
Like I said. She’s never going to recover if she carries on with this behaviour. It’s far more damaging to her recovery than this board is.

No. 1349511

I wouldn't mind her being a banned subject due to anons behaviours when she was underage/just turning 16. But that's probably me being petty for the keks. >>1349485 No one here is any cow or sows saviour, we're not here for shoving people into recovery. We're just here for the laughs and the train wrecks. Sometimes you need to rememebr where you are.

No. 1349537

Looks like she’s got a flappy little bingo wing like my grandma does. Except my grandma makes a great roast dinner and isn’t a cunt.

No. 1349540

kilo sale? she should buy a few

No. 1349561

File: 1634489877156.png (2.04 MB, 1260x1630, ganer_slop_17oct.png)

There was a yummy treat for Ganer today. Guess, how it looked.

I won't continue this collage.
Those bowls are too boring even to look at.

No. 1349565

wtf is the beige stuff?

No. 1349572

I've enjoyed your record of Ganer's mealtime. It's been fun guessing what she's going to be eating. Definite Aly vibes with her breakfast of 7 biscuits and the same chipped cup.

No. 1349576

Cream of wheat. Tasteless slop.

No. 1349579

According to her Insta stories it's protein powder mixed with yoghurt. Maybe it's something different now.
But only by a little bit different, since she seems to dislike changes to her daily OCD routine.

No. 1349585

File: 1634491835914.jpeg (351.13 KB, 827x1367, 614C8ADF-BBEA-4FAC-A7FC-025806…)

Fair enough if she doesn’t want to read here but this just shows how arrogant she is in implying ‘her time and energy’ are do highly valued.

No. 1349588

Who's that. She's kinda pretty and not too spoopy.

No. 1349596

oh and given her most recent follows include Fiona, Lauren, Emily and Sophie it is very obvious she does read here.

No. 1349607

And she definitely doesn’t reply to posts commenting about herself

No. 1349638

File: 1634497829061.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1143x2171, 3CF5C6A0-967B-4B22-BA83-7CA5A4…)

Have you guys seen this one? She’s getting millions of views on tiktok for challenging fear foods, she says she’s just out of ip for anorexia but I mean I won’t lie, she looks massive.

No. 1349652

Ham is quaking in her boots

No. 1349654

she's certainly not spoopy but neither is she huge. If she was IP recently it is hardly surprising she is WR. Is she hamming up her fear for the views or is her weight the only potential milk?

No. 1349660

fishy. self post?

No. 1349662

File: 1634499494337.jpeg (219.09 KB, 828x1199, 0B2720C9-F988-4DE3-972D-82750F…)

So, a little investigating - probs not a self post (granted unsaged) as she does get a LOT of hits on her account. But it’s funny - her tiktok is rammed full of crying videos about needing to get over her ED, starting them all with “hello loves” and making a big deal about her follower count… (1/2)

No. 1349664

File: 1634499619642.jpeg (284.13 KB, 828x914, B28BF60D-A14B-4322-92B0-8AB513…)

But then on her Instagram, where people in her life actually probably follow her, she barely mentions it and posts shit like this, and is trying to flog her YouTube channel and wannabe lifestyle influencer vibe. Weird but scummy for sure (2/2)

No. 1349670

This is so funny lmfao nice try

No. 1349671

I'm wondering if some retarded anon is cow-tipping/baiting or she's self-posting.

No. 1349697

To be fair she has been getting a lot of views on tiktok so has been attracting sizeable attention like, millions of views.

No. 1349710

honestly; “i don’t read that site”, what bs. she’s one of the most irritating and hateable cows out there, and there’s one veryyyy protective fangirl shitting up the thread, either trying to make her a ~banned topic~ or trying to call her skinny/ pretty. BE MORE SUBTLE, NIAMH

No. 1349716

I don't think it is necessarily one white knight or Niamh herself. She has a lot of very aggressive fangirls (making fanvids and art, telling people who call her out to die) who I'm sure would defend her here.

No. 1349717

File: 1634504073401.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2391, 024D9492-7924-4C5B-86D5-872708…)

Ham: “guys I’ve come so far in a year this time last year I was really struggling and there was a hospital bed with my name on it, my mum was upping my calories and I was soooo underweight ;(“

Ham this near this day a year ago:
3 days “all in”

No. 1349736

File: 1634504942681.jpeg (227.1 KB, 828x1270, DBB382F4-23F8-45C9-95EC-D96003…)

Posted mid September 2020. Ate a whole bar of chocolate tearful holding the wrapper. “Not all in yet and bed still waiting” did her parents smoke green around her growing up or something

No. 1349737

Not a fangirl that suggested the ban, even if temporary, as it was obvious anons can't act right with the rules about minors. Just glad the Jannies clear pictures up quickly. It's clear there's more than one anon that didn't feel right about her being posted here, and no one is really white-knighting the lass bar that one person slightly higher up. She seems like a self obsessed kid, and she's probably enjoying the attention you're throwing at her, if not her herself feining "oh i don't have time" sure girl.

No. 1349743

Looks like those dog shaming pictures except she’s being shamed for eating a bar of chocolate kek.

No. 1349825

oh shut up and quit shitting up the thread. clearly more than one anon wants to post her, so if you don’t like it? leave. or bring other milk.

No. 1349893

File: 1634518971110.png (276.97 KB, 1170x2532, 0BDD1065-DB04-40AA-8094-175821…)

She banned

No. 1349894

I agree she is a huge cow, with the most punchable face

No. 1349908

Bullshit. I have hyperadrenergic pots, my hr was 200 during both a walking stress test and tilt table test.(sage your shit)

No. 1349994

Omg wait what? Are you sure she didn’t just delete?

No. 1350044


No one cares. Don’t clog the thread with your sooper illness.

No. 1350070

File: 1634530513999.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x2175, 4DC869AA-0BB0-47A8-B56D-9AD087…)

May be late to the bang wagon here but why are hams early post written like a fan fiction porno. Like why is she referring to herself in the third person?

No. 1350089

File: 1634531673104.jpeg (175.84 KB, 1170x1175, 01199C87-BDF0-4085-BB00-725391…)


Also any one else think ham mum might have a fat fetish/feederism?
I say this as she eats an entire family bag of mushroom rice

No. 1350160

File: 1634543415176.jpg (270.29 KB, 1080x1888, 20211018_174757.jpg)

HOLY SHIT look at the size of those pig trotters!!! Fuck, she gets bigger every day

No. 1350161

And again.
Fuck off sorcha, you sneaky Irish scum.
We know your ways of introducing yourself.

No. 1350163

The mascara reminds me of Sophie

No. 1350164

unlikely. she has had lots of accounts deleted before and people were calling her out a lot in the comments.

Kek, this is awful. 'Her stomach was growling' - she clearly hadn't learned anorexics don't have hunger cues then. The third person reminds me of an inverse of the Ashley/Mama Bear situation where the mum was pretending to be the daughter.

No. 1350176

File: 1634547324367.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1125x1999, 2EAD5E99-A0FB-479F-961B-7DCF2C…)

>anorexics don't have hunger cues
I’m sure some do, even if they’re all kinds of messed up. But yeah, it’s the little details like this that always trip her up. Same with posting OOTDs that have shown ‘normal’ weight distribution since the beginning. I don’t get how so many people seem to take her LARP at face value. She gets ever so defensive when actually questioned about diagnosis, treatment or that “hospital bed with her name on it” but really all she’d have to do to prove the nasty boolies wrong is post a pic of a letter, meal plan, whatever. Ham is the one on these threads that seriously makes me want to a-log.

Anyway, breakfast! Time to send our blood sugar into the stratosphere again with whatever…this is

No. 1350196

File: 1634549394284.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, D2209257-E9D5-44E5-BE0C-B7233A…)

Okay… so I wanted to do some digging to see what ham used to look like/if she was ever underweight etc. & since her personal Insta only has 1 pic I went to Facebook & im not sure if this is even her bc it’s a few years old + a few changes from brown-blonde BUT it does Acc have potential in terms of her face shape is the same & the eyebrows are the exact same + dimples in the same place + same name is quite a lot of similarities PLUS it’s clear the weight has fluctuated a lot & whether or not this is out ‘Hannah Blackburn’ I Defo think this girl had an ed which is A LOT of similarities for a not so common name…. But also the biggest surprise of them all….. if this is ham…. She was actually genuinely underweight in 2019!!!!

No. 1350204

To be fair she said she was ip for bulimia

No. 1350207

File: 1634550060909.jpg (322.08 KB, 1017x1017, 245529928_307393450777970_2032…)

I've seen some shoddy layouts and presentations.
But this one is outright butt-ugly.

No. 1350208

To be fair why do we call ham fat when she’s definitely healthy & this girl whose definitely like medically overweight “just wr”

No. 1350209

This doesn't look like her at all imo

No. 1350210

Nice find, nonnie.

No. 1350212

Tbf I agree but it was more the sheer number of similarities that got me like… one of the only young girls on fb with that name, definitely exact same face shape & eyebrows & dimples (& idk but I don’t see many people with hams face shape) + has an ed

No. 1350213

File: 1634550373035.jpg (272.87 KB, 1080x1350, 246065875_918305545763840_7608…)

I think the idea is quite amazing that she likes to be stared at like a pig at the state fair.

No. 1350215

Thought this was a N2F pic at first.
AYRT - of course some will have hunger cues but yeah, it is the collection of this along with all the other little things that don’t add up
Doesn’t look underweight to me.

No. 1350217

That isn't ham and also her being underweight in 2018 doesn't make any sense, when it was in 2020 that she claimed she had a hospital bed waiting for her or whatever

No. 1350218

File: 1634551420887.jpg (114.88 KB, 800x765, march 2018.JPG)

Not her.

Here's some Ham from the past. She was never underweight. March 2018.

No. 1350219

File: 1634551451671.jpg (150.05 KB, 1668x643, hamm.JPG)


No. 1350235


Wow that looks like shit. No wonder she's so obsessed with competing - she's a talentless loser at everything else.

She even fails at the most basic fundementals when it comes to building muscle. She just overtrains, tears everything down and gives her body no chance to rebuild. She's looked the same for ages because she won't stop exercise purging. She might not coach people this way, but she can't sell herself as an expert and cling on to ana at the same time.

No. 1350292

Her thumb should be almost as wide as it is long. It’s like she’s got a fucking chode where the digit should be (repost, can’t spell before coffee)

No. 1350323

Out of curiosity what BMI do you anons personally consider to be concerning? I’ve seen some people in these threads saying 15 is normal and others saying 17 is bad and being mad at the implication Ham was ever under 18

No. 1350327

lmao don't trust anyone in these threads, but don't listen to these hoes online either. Everyone is hardcore until it's their own life or someone they know.

you can be plenty sick at a bmi anywhere under 17, depending on where you started, your bone structure, and your age. Kids can get low quickly and though bmi isn't a valid measure for them, they are at danger of not only fucking up their current health but their chances of growing properly and stuff. Most of it isn't about that tired old "infeeertility" scare (some bone queens get knocked up because they assume they can't) but rather about bone density, growing to the height you were destined to be at, etc.

Ham has never looked unhealthy in her life.

No. 1350329

I’m from the uk, and when I weigh myself on this machine thing, on the ticket it says the bmi ranges are: below 18.5 is underweight, between 18.5 and 24.9 is healthy, between 25-29.9 is overweight and 30+ is obese lol

No. 1350330

It's not only about the pure numbers.
It's also about muscle mass, percentage of body fat etc. When in doubt, one just has to ask the friendly doctor. Not some ED forum or some whackass group on FB with their perpetual circlejerk.

No. 1350331

That’s not ham

No. 1350351

Exactly - doctors tend to start being concerned about BMI at much higher numbers than the ana-chans who frequent threads and forums. But to be fair if a person who doesn’t have an ED starts dipping below 18 without meaning to there’s usually a serious medical reason.

No. 1350359

The thing is we don't judge cows' weight, we also judge their behaviour about it. For example, Cecelia was ill when her BMI was 15 and that certainly isn't normal, but she is also being ridiculous when she claims she was dying at that weight.

You can't really judge when weight becomes concerning - other than the actual number there is the rate of loss/gain and methods used to achieve that, build, gender, body fat %, race, the patient's historic weight, mental state etc to consider.

No. 1350383


The BMI is grossly overrated. It does not define "fatness" or "underweight" in a precise, scientific manner. Like already mentioned there are a lot of other factors involved.
OTOH, the usual calorie counters won't mind, since they seem to love their numbers.

No. 1350385

Bmi 15 is pretty low anachan

No. 1350387

Cece was never bmi 15 kek. More like 17.

No. 1350408

I go in the celebricows thread too (I know…) and people literally never stop throwing around the word anorexia in there. Are there any celebs even close to a 15 BMI though? I can’t think of any who could be off the top of my head.

No. 1350417

File: 1634573172938.jpeg (843.56 KB, 828x1414, 06FB2D18-2248-4E4D-A4EE-19FE9F…)

how many accounts does she have? and why she needs so many?

No. 1350418

Maybe Natalia Dyer and a fair few of the high fashion models, but they're not cows.

No. 1350420

> "I’m learning it’s okay to trust others at the moment."

- Has difficulties trusting others.

- Posts all of her shit on her Instagram.

Hello ED, my old friend.

No. 1350427

Love how she didn't post for months and as soon as she gets spoopy with a nose hose she posts as many pics she can on all her accounts

No. 1350441

Japanese celeb Mirei Kiritani has a 14.5 BMI allegedly

Lisa from black pink got weighed in a tv show and her BMI was 16.3

No. 1350442

where do you live that people have to be under 15 BMI to be diagnosed with anorexia?
get off the Internet, skeleton, this is your busy season

No. 1350447

Chinks are people too

No. 1350448


yeah but those are all fucking chinks, not normal people(racebait)

No. 1350450


just shut up SJW cunt

No. 1350452

I consider Asian people normal people, more normal than those nappy headed baboons(racebait )

No. 1350453


well, everything is better than a spic cunt(racebait)

No. 1350455

But that's the whole Korea shitshow, they're rabid if heaven forbid the groomed for stardom kids gain weight. It's why it's awful kids from other countries are catching the kpop bug and internalizing all that crap. Talk about pro ana scumbags, yet it's celebrated.

No. 1350457

I don’t think that, I’ve just seen people here (not just in this thread) say 15 is okay.

No. 1350458

You don't have to hate them just because they're skinnier you know

No. 1350507

File: 1634580910939.jpeg (647.02 KB, 828x1324, 3C3E176E-61A3-4B06-9970-88520F…)

"im not trying to be difficult, it just comes naturally"

No. 1350510


Oh my goodness. She's sO vErY eDgY..!
And absolutely in the right place to be ironic & funnay.

No. 1350513

That chick is absolutely definitely suffering from an ED. Older celebs too like Renee Zellweger and Portia de Rossi. And then there are people who struggle really badly with disordered eating but are just o al slim and never severely underweight that just fly under the radar unless they publicly open up about it.

No. 1350525

Why are her legs so long?

No. 1350533

To make up for her shortened life expectancy..?

No. 1350539

The thigh to knee ratio is off. No way is that not stretched unless a parent is a giraffe.

No. 1350540

File: 1634582254759.jpeg (168.07 KB, 828x1412, 5A939DE8-2C2A-43BC-A69E-E5CBBE…)

May have been missed due to Ham’s one year all in lies, Fi’s tube shoot, Gerogie’s thumb and the SuperHam tiktoker, but Cece has put up quite the autobiography in her Instagram stories “for her new followers” including gems such as this (does she think she’s some manic pixie dream girl or something?)

No. 1350543

I'm not 100% convinced she isn't editing but spoopy legs can look like this, especially with muscle wastage of the thighs.

No. 1350547

I saved em all for future reference. She posted some great bullshit on there.

No. 1350548

Indeed. Something is off with ALL her proportions.
Head size, upper arms, all wrong.

Maybe some lens effect? I don't know enough about this Instagram shit.

No. 1350549

File: 1634582807199.png (634.95 KB, 614x902, Screenshot_20211018-183127~2.p…)

>Seen as healthy

Because you literally are physically. All that exercise and little food? Nope.

No. 1350551

hate to break it to you cece, but this does not sound like a serious exercise addiction - I'll refer you to Scarlett and Ganer. These are all more social/relaxing/practical forms of exercise rather than spending hours on the treadmill or lifting weights.

No. 1350595

Honestly, her "ED history" felt very much like telling on herself about how much she's exaggerated the severity of her disorder. She only did outpatient treatment until 20, did what must have been a short course because she still graduated on time that year, and then stayed out of treatment until her latest set of relapses. I'm not arguing that she doesn't have an ED, but that's hardly the course of a SEED patient.

No. 1350600

The emotional guilt she lays on her ex is out of order. Get over her or get counselling.

No. 1350609

>being mad at the implication Ham was ever under 18
that's because there is 0 evidence of that

No. 1350611

same anon, but I think something that's infuriating about a lot of the "ed community" on instagram, etc, is that they don't seem to understand that there's a difference between having a chronic eating disorder and having a severe and enduring eating disorder. You can legitimately struggle with an eating disorder for many, many years without ever falling into the same category as the twins, Ash, etc.

No. 1350616

She won't know because those people usually don't look for sympathy and attention on insta.

No. 1350617

Soz, they*

No. 1350621

File: 1634587837584.jpeg (488.68 KB, 750x1079, 63545703-E25C-4F41-810A-68DBE9…)

Sorry for the creepy blurred out face. But this photo is so funny. Cece clinging on for dear life and her fiancé desperately trying to get away.

No. 1350628

File: 1634588199396.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, B785F997-65D3-4CD6-8F6F-BD9793…)

This was from yesterday but I just found it LOLz that she keep showing this picture in relation to her 15 years of classical ballet training because this looks like she has had about 5 minutes at since a week studio that orders its costumes from a catalogue and never taught anyone how to point their feet. Granted any dancer has pictures on bad form but why would she choose this one to show over and over again? My guess is because the angle makes her look slightly skinnier than the normal sized teen she actually was. Also Soz for ballet sperg but stop making it en like you were on track to be a professional dancer cece.

No. 1350630

Whoops sorry for all the rage induced typos.

No. 1350637

I like how for the crime of simply leaving her (after realising she’s a crazy bitch probably) cece decided to punish her ex by doing all of those self destructive behaviours. People usually come out of a break up doing those sort of things if their partner abused them in some way.

No. 1350638

File: 1634589327271.jpeg (283.3 KB, 827x1418, 2E32F871-977B-4149-B663-61BA3C…)

More Cecelia trash , vent to follow

No. 1350639

File: 1634589630919.jpeg (153.9 KB, 828x690, CA9FE65D-73E7-49F6-89E5-1EA223…)

- so this will be the last admission ever.. commemorating for the next time she gets bored of the real world.
- it so extremely unusual to develop an ED 2 years before other MH problems. Normally the other stuff precedes or codevelops. Probably just went on her first diet at 13.
- clearly thinks so highly of herself despite her ~chronic low self esteem~. You’re not a perfectionist Cecelia. you are not kind as you clearly have no compassion for you followers, family or ex.
- why does it matter that she is self spoken so much? Just pushing the view she is a smol uwu child rather than a nearly 30 year old woman.

No. 1350641

Apparently she does have trauma, but I think all the behaviours are just a symptom of her BPD freaking out over abandonment. She definitely has narcissistic traits, nothing is ever her fault

No. 1350644

Have to disagree. Heartbreak makes you crazy, makes you want to die. Not eating because you feel so sick and depressed is an easy way for an ed to start up again. Perhaps that's all that's up with CeCe. She never got over it (she still fucking CRIES talking about it on yt). She needs help with that more than anything else.

No. 1350646

The hands kek. “Classical trained” and hanging there like a rag doll. At least she’s honest that ballet did not contribute to her ED. There’s no way a studio that put her on stage with that technique would be toxic enough to foster EDs

Curious how positive the traits she listed are. There’s a huge disconnect between these traits and her behavior online

No. 1350653

File: 1634591925467.png (151.29 KB, 709x970, Screenshot_20211018-221733~2.p…)

Lurk, lurk…

No. 1350663

File: 1634593276567.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, vitamins are my fear food.jpg)

This may literally be the first time I've seen a leafy green on Ham's plate? But of course it's garnish she didn't order next to the main event of a cup of onion jam and sausage on a bagel. Sausage bagel isn't the worst but Does she need jam with every meal now? Surprised she didn't ask for sprinkles on this.

No. 1350701

Lol most people that are admit they are into kpop are overweight, I guarantee you that kpop is not encouraging them to starve themselves, instead they are (trying) to push plus size acceptance in Korea

No. 1350705

I feel like most normies freak out at anything around 19 or below, and anything past the threshold of 18.5 sets off sirens. While being overweight is societally acceptable I think this is alright, being underweight is much worse for you

No. 1350707

>>1350441 (sage)
It really depresses me that people who's bodies I thought were just at a low but healthy BMI (like 18.5 minimum) are actually so much more skinnier and unhealthy than I ever realized, like fuck

No. 1350712

no1curr newfag

No. 1350792

File: 1634605958830.png (1.12 MB, 828x1792, 0735181F-F392-487E-A974-E3DB97…)

…so much for zara recovering at uni? she looks WORSE, if not at least the same. actually a bit sad about it, she seems to talk sense now but not actually enact it. and soooo arrogant still, she’s like imogen minus the fake niceness

No. 1350805

Those glands look worse. Is she really worse than im_powering? Zara isn’t the sanctimonious type

No. 1350834

Thats some impressive lanugo.

No. 1350839

File: 1634609997028.jpg (28.32 KB, 390x280, hand-monkey-260nw-455430082.jp…)


holy fuck that arm hair!! cant unsee!

No. 1350853

those aren’t glands- that’s her clenched jaw

No. 1350951


Forgive me bringing this back up bc I’m reading the thread later but i had a friend who almost died at BMI 15 it was like her third relapse and her body just started shutting down I guess?

She was really into sports and stuff though and she always said that her BMI was never low enough but she looked disgusting so bony and veins sticking out everywhere so I guess it was bc she had more muscle?

Also I swear bone density has something to do with it but I’m not a medfag so ignore me I’m probably wrong

On a more interesting note Dora is posting about a breakup- do we smell a relapse coming ??

No. 1350956

Look at the end of the day, just as the healthy weight cows always tell us, BMI isn’t the only indicator of health. It doesn’t tell us how much muscle or fat someone has, how much they’re eating or how quickly they’ve lost weight. It doesn’t tell us how they’re electrolytes are and if they’re out of whack that can cause sudden arrhythmias leading to death.
Now let’s put this discussion to bed because we’ve been off tangent for long enough and this isn’t a place for everyone to blogpost and it’s not a general ED discussion board.

No. 1350961

File: 1634624345210.jpeg (81.7 KB, 540x953, received_1744466015741565.jpeg)

Whoooaaa look out, here we go. Josie is on her mission to get admitted again… I highly doubt anyone actually sent screenshots to her Dad. It's probably just her excuse to cry out "ITS NOT MY CHOICE" when we all know it is very much her choice and she fuckin loves it in there. The amount of tube pictures compared to non-tube pictures says it all. How is she not being posted about more on here??? She is clearly milky if you look into her profiles (she has like 5)

No. 1350968

Wow this girl is just an absolute wreck I’ve never seen her before but just stalked two of her 4 (that I know of) accounts. She’s got like every medical condition in the book and such a massive cow. She also never looks to be underweight on either of her public accounts but idk ab the private ones. It just seems like she wants to live at the hospital forever.

No. 1350986

Nta but they are definitely glands. They're often like this in her pictures and she has admitted to chewing and spitting

No. 1350990


She's said how hard uni is compared to school. I feel a bit sorry for her tbh. She was coddled at an all girls (?) private school and told she was the smartest of all. Uni will hit hard.

No. 1350991

I think the main takeaway when we discuss BMI is that someone would have to be a very low weight for their cause of death to be starvation. The electrolyte imbalances and cardiac arrest can occur at any weight. Someone at a BMI of 15 isn’t dead from their weight but Ash would be. Under 12 is considered the death threshold.

Makes me think of the anorexia versus BPD discussions we have had. Many anorexics would maintain for one year to get off section and then have a massive relapse. Not Josie though! I’m surprised she’s made it this long without a suicide baiting or attempt

No. 1350993

15 miles cycling is not that much whys she making herself sound like ganer kek

No. 1351018

15 miles cycle will take you maybe an hour or 90 mins depending on your route and traffic. So cycling 30-45 minutes to work and back every day isn't exactly easy, but it's not disordered behavior at all. This is her burger frame of mind showing. Many people in Europe do that and still go to gym during the week.

No. 1351021

Yeah, she did go to an all girls private school in Edinburgh and that is exactly the problem: she's got to uni and realised she isn't the most academically talented person in the entire world and there are people from less privileged backgrounds getting through the work easier than her. I dont feel sorry for her. She's a sanctimonious brat who needed to taste reality at some point. I do hope she gets better and doesn't waste her life though.

No. 1351027

File: 1634637527436.jpeg (260.05 KB, 828x1464, AADB0C56-E576-46B3-A803-E47B27…)

The audacity to claim this isn’t a body check. She doesn’t love fashion, she loves herself. She also said she was going to stop buying from Brandy Melville (apparently they are racist and properly fatphobic) but is still tagging them in everything?”

No. 1351034

I mean, arent these are fucking pyjamas? On top of that she lives in Scotland and it is already freezing here. She's just embarrassing.

No. 1351048

I want to punch her face so bad

Also what is her hair, a birds nest?

No. 1351090

You sound ridiculous.

No. 1351105

most people on ed twitter are also kpopfags

No. 1351111

Because she is constantly running her hands through it and mussing it up for tiktok videos

No. 1351117

Is there any milk on her or is it only her posing in shit clothes every day? Fall outs with ana chans? LARPing? Isn't she just an ordinary kid with a boring tiktok?

No. 1351130

> Isn't she just an ordinary kid with a boring tiktok?

That's my theory, too. What makes her ProAna?

To me she's just a little teenage attention whore like a lot of others at her age.

No. 1351135

she alleges she doesn't purge and actually has emetophobia

No. 1351136

She has said chewing and spitting has fucked up her organs, maybe the glands are related to that as well?

No. 1351152

Chewing and spitting constantly stimulates the salivary glands all the same, so they end up swollen (can be permanently so)

No. 1351168

What’s the difference between chronic anorexia and SEED?
( I’m SEED but never understood the difference)

No. 1351174

One knows how to use google, the other loves blogging about it on lolcow

No. 1351178

Her demented bobble head appearance aside, if she’s already finding her University course boring this side of Christmas, it doesn’t bode well.

No. 1351194

Firstly, nobody cares about your eating disorder. Secondly, you probably don’t understand your own alleged diagnosis because there’s no real agreed upon consensus of what a SEED patient is and the term has little clinical significance.

No. 1351196

To be fair you don’t have to find every aspect of every module interesting, particularly in first year when more modules are compulsory

No. 1351228

She hasn't spoken about it being boring but has mentioned finding it very difficult. Blogspot but I done law at the same uni as Zara several years back and it is a bit of a worry that she's struggling with the course content and finding it much harder than Advanced Higher (Scottish A-Levels) already. Saying that, she clearly isn't eating properly and is likely still compulsively exercising so it isn't surprising her brain isn't functioning well after being malnourished for so long.

No. 1351229

No. 1351234

From what I’ve seen a lot of l anas can cope for a while at a certain level (GCSEs, a level, undergrad) but when they move onto the next stage they just crash. Probably just because they can’t cope with the requirement to have independent thoughts.

No. 1351244

Makes sense. Even minus the raging anorexia a lot of young people struggle with the jump to independent thinking in uni/as education progresses. I'm just surprised she's admitting to finding it a struggle. Doesn't really fit with the whole "I'm academically gifted and am gonna be the best advocate in the world" spiel she's been running with.

No. 1351272

No, anon has a point. When has she ever willingly touched a vegetable not in potato form? (lettuce in a Big Mac doesn’t count)

No. 1351292

Mmkay I'm interested, pls keep posting her updates lmao.

No. 1351306

Do any anons remember Ovi? What happened to her? She was a kpop fan hambeast wasnt she?
Last i remember she went private i think…

No. 1351340

As far as I remember her and her mom both were obsessed with anime?

No. 1351385

oh was that it? the k-pop thing somehow reminded me of her cowness

No. 1351396

when did she say it was difficult? all i’ve seen is her saying how dull it is, or how ~easy~ she finds it?
she keeps whinging about how difficult going out is tho, and being tired all the time (no shit)

No. 1351414


Iirc she answered a tell saying it wasn’t at all like Scottish highers or something, with the death emoji

No. 1351428

File: 1634678493845.png (632.81 KB, 828x1792, E809E535-A60B-4767-8722-8CAFD4…)

> bragging
i think it’s a shame she hasn’t struggled more academically in life, i think it would quash her ego for the better. regardless of how well she does in first year, at some point if she doesn’t actually recover she’ll not be functional, so it’s meaningless.
> food shopping is hard
no shit, careful zara, your anorexia is showing.

No. 1351429

she didn’t sit highers, she was busy in hospital kicking up a fuss

No. 1351443

File: 1634680171083.jpeg (807.07 KB, 828x1358, E3325E2E-AFD0-4B40-BC03-990602…)

No. 1351462

the way they type this supposed emotion and pain out so methodically and neatly. Almost sociopathic. So many of them listing their symptoms like shopping lists.

No. 1351486

probably just trying to act like she’s above it

No. 1351513

File: 1634686463138.jpeg (926.18 KB, 828x1528, F0C62DC1-AAD8-40EB-A78D-72D6C7…)

major kek @ the location

No. 1351524

Does it annoy anyone else when people use the term "recovery" to describe eating more when they only had mild issues with food/disordered eating to begin with? Or is this just me being too harsh?

No. 1351532

I know no one curs about my ED - not why I posted my question.
A few years back SEED wasn’t even a word here ( even though people like the twins were around).
SEED is a proper diagnosis / accepted ( in the UK now). Consultant at Casio and royal free written a book on it.
Still none the wiser as to the difference.

No. 1351547

imo fi isn’t that much of a cow, looks just like someone struggling with anorexia and yes she posts on social media but it’s not milky it’s just sad

No. 1351559

How old is she? She looks like she's aged 100 years in the last few months.

No. 1351579


Not a proper diagnosis unless it's in the DSM or ICD. Which it isn't So, no, it's not a proper diagnosis.

No. 1351583

It's not just you. People often seem to think their mild case of disordered eating is the same as a life-threatening ED. Laughable.

No. 1351586

She’s a cow, she’s been on various pro ana scumbag threads before. Anyone who posts as many toob and hospital selfies as her is a cow. Not to mention that she’s a raging BPDer who’s portrayed herself as the sickest snowflake ever for years. She glamorizes eds and self harm. No one’s saying she’s not sick but shes clearly an attention whore who loves showing off how sick she is like it makes her special.

No. 1351659

File: 1634698224075.png (41.44 KB, 633x391, cringe.png)

No. 1351688

>me, mer, whoreself

No. 1351713

The issue with Brandy Melville is they are literally encouraging ED behaviour. Their clothing is one-size, and that size is "tiny" so even if a girl is slim but naturally has wider hips or a butt then she's shit outta luck.

No. 1351715

Did she only just start uni? She might have had coursework-only assessment like many people in first and second year right now did at A Level/Highers.

No. 1351733

These people cannot comprehend the difference between sex and personality, no one cares whether you like dolls or bats they can find that out once they get to know you, they're just asking how to fucking refer to you in conversation. "I don't know I'm just natalie!" Yeah no shit bitch, now do you have a dick or a pussy or a mental illness?

No. 1351737

I think she means in the way you would call a god/diety by name

No. 1351754

begging for asspats again.

No. 1351756

oh look, samefag trying to pitch that little vampire again

No. 1351761

if it doesn't fit, just don't buy it

it's as easy as that

No. 1351778

i think people exaggerate about how small their clothes are. most of their skirts fit a 25/26 inch waist which isn't super small

No. 1351783

Okay but is she a god or diety? And people still need pronouns to be able to properly address her or talk about her. It's just another way for her to feel like a sooper speshul wittle snowfwake

No. 1351801

Are you one of the twins or are you just retarded? The way you write is fucked. SEED isn't an accepted diagnosis. It isn't even mentioned in the DSM. Sorry you're not super sick and special

No. 1351804


Zara is clearly lurking here. Since her finding uni difficult has been posted she's answered that Tell emphasising how easy it is for her and also deleted the tiktok comment she wrote about it being so much harder than advanced highers in Scotland. Kek. Hi Zara!

No. 1351810

I really wouldn't be a time unit surprised if that wasn't Maria posting. She types like her.

Anyone remember notso long ago people kicked against being labelled? Now they collect em. I'm SEED, I'm genderspecial, I'm an autistic, I'm madeupsexual. They even wear fucking t-shirts announcing it.

No. 1351811

(Fave autocorrect this phone's made. Time unit = tiny bit.)

No. 1351818

That's so true. Nobody used to want to be labelled as anything and now they're all #actuallyautistic and self-diagnosing DID because a real diagnosis is a "privilege". Fucking social media.

No. 1351822

Looking kinda emaciated. Compared it to her Insta selfies from some months ago.
Well, have fun at the university, gorl!
Learning will bring sooo much joy for you with a low glucose level.

No. 1351861

File: 1634724597976.jpg (240.71 KB, 1076x1794, 20211020_120554.jpg)

Does someone know "etherial.bonesO"
She is active on her storys, says she barely eats food, recovering from anorexia and now 4 weeks pregnant and says that the baby belly is showing which is just belly fat. Her stories are cringe af.

No. 1351868

Is the baby in her thighs? That's what's making her look huge, not the belly

No. 1351889

At 4 weeks the baby is the size of a poppy seed. Bumps don't show up until the 3rd trimester, lol.

No. 1351890

>>1351861 tbf, at 4'9 its hard to not look fat

No. 1351891

Says nosuchperson for me

No. 1351892

they show up in the 2nd trimester sometimes.

No. 1351897

Only if you have been pregnant before and if you are very very thin. Most pregnant women are bloated so they have a it of a gas belly, but thats not a baby bump yet.

No. 1351905

If you're eating well above your needs at any height you'll look huge, otherwise, all kids and midgets would always look constantly chunky otherwise. Heights not the problem itself, but ofcourse x weight would look bigger on a shorter frame than a taller one.

No. 1351907

Not always the case, can confirm!

No. 1351911

Her ass and back of the thighs look so… Bumpy…

No. 1351924

Midgets do look chunky though

No. 1351937

File: 1634736405214.jpeg (192.46 KB, 426x575, 1B406B8C-BB2F-4537-BD15-86E13F…)

niamh lurking but in the least subtle way possible. so much for “i don’t read that site”

No. 1351942

You were just bloated. Unless your baby grew at 2x the speed and came out at 20lbs, very impressive.

No. 1351949

Hundred of millions Chinese people raughing at you.

No. 1351974

Dude, at 20wks preg there's a bump and people can tell. And it's not bloating because bloating comes and goes.

No. 1352004

Why would she use the exact phrasing that was in this thread to say that lol that’s so embarrassing?

No. 1352029

It is in the uk

No. 1352030

Are there any photos of her?

No. 1352031

File: 1634745444480.jpeg (474.43 KB, 900x1184, ED6D22EC-E711-4D83-B92A-FDFC83…)

No I am not Katy or Maria !
It does exist
I am a nobody I get that - all I’m curious about it the diagnosis.

Anyone remember Lolita is dead,? Goth older lady on YouTube ?

No. 1352040


No, it is not. The DSM is by the American Psychiatric Association. The ICD is by the World Health Organization (i.e. is global). It is in neither. A random book is not a diagnostic tool FML.

No. 1352042


That is a book, by one author, not a national or internationally recognised diagnostic tool kek.

No. 1352043

Why are you showing this stupid book cover?

No. 1352058

Ask your fucking doctor, then.

No. 1352060

Nobody here cares about your SEED *~diagnosis~* and we’re not here to educate or validate uwu you either. Keep that shit to yourself or get out

No. 1352061

They have a medical condition…

No. 1352062

And not a single morsel was eaten/kept down…
“thriving” yeah ok Amy you look about 50 but continue

No. 1352081

File: 1634749932455.jpeg (664.65 KB, 828x1265, 0CACECD5-FABD-468F-9FB1-6A1C53…)

She’s still fat, braless and tw-ing these “body checks”

No. 1352085

To be fair, it's not just underweight bodies that can be triggering to some. You read some right trash from pro anas who use fat people as reverse thinspo/fatspo/what ever the fuck it is.

No. 1352099

must be rather chilly in that hallway

No. 1352108

File: 1634751926795.png (924.38 KB, 593x590, Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 18-25…)

So she went from anorexic to…slightly less anorexic with a bit of muscle?

No. 1352109

File: 1634752096491.png (16.04 KB, 295x346, Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 18-25…)

Let's see: she constantly complains about bloating and her digestion, so that's a lie, she whines about the UK weather all the time and is obsessed with moving to Australia (good luck with that they don't want losers and their immigration criteria are strict as hell) so not feeling the cold = another lie, she made up some crap story about losing her period when she lost her virginity so no, her hormones are not fixed and every damn IG story is about how exhausted she is (like, no shit sherlock, all you ever do is overtrain). Basically she's in exactly the same state she was at her worst yet sells it as recovery. Fuck off Scarlet.

No. 1352118

File: 1634753104852.png (4.53 MB, 828x1792, C82A95F7-E84E-4931-AE0E-8762AD…)

anorexia diaryyyy has been awful quiet since weight restoring, always predictable that weight gain magically brings a ceasefire to 99% of the bodychecking for cows

No. 1352119

the very same protruding ribcage

No. 1352121

lol @ "My hormonal health is as best as it can be at this momnent in time"

She's completely dry. That's her hormones as of now.

No. 1352123

Putting aside how obnoxious you are, that this is the most idiotic place to ask about YOUR OWN diagnosis, and that you are probably a cow yourself…Are you so brain starved that you have no critical thinking skills to understand the difference in the meaning of chronic vs severe and enduring? This is basic language comprehension not advanced calculus. GTFOH Ana queen.

No. 1352131

Camille got an ng tube yikes watch the nonstop tiktoks from here out

No. 1352133

File: 1634754050955.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1170x1998, A149C8DA-D1BE-4C69-9F1D-80270B…)


No. 1352141

And the jaw is being tensed HARD.
This seems to be the natural evolution of some cows - first admission at a low weight, weight restore, then every time they drop a kg back in for the nose hose despite looking pretty normal.

No. 1352143

Am I retarded? I promise Im not a newfag but I dont remember this cow

No. 1352146

Not her first admission though her second I think? And funny how as soon as she gets tubes another cow starts saying that there being “threatened with the hdu again”

No. 1352168

File: 1634757167713.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1170x1882, 5A3A1C82-7DBB-433E-A110-0262AD…)

She was on live claiming her bmi is dangerously low but she looks normal teen skinny no idea why they even tubes her

No. 1352174

>only placements left
oh god, she wants to do something medicine-related, doesn't she? I'd rather have Anna.

No. 1352177

They tube you if you don’t eat. It has nothing to do with body weight.

No. 1352178

iirc this is sorchas friend? if so, fuck off sorcha. if not, excuse me, just can’t place her at all

No. 1352181

No your weight comes into too they won’t tube you for awhile if u aren’t underweight and Camille said she reached 110% of what Of the bmi for her age/height when she was under camhs

No. 1352184

God this thread has gone to shit. The past 100 posts have been weird self posting and bone rattling. Fucking newfags

No. 1352188

Healthy hair? Bitch where, your hair is fried bleached straw. Glowing skin? Being slathered in an inch-thick layer of bronzer doesn’t count.

She’s making herself look a little bigger with the right photo being more zoomed in and the puffy sleeves, but if you look at her stomach and legs she’s almost exactly the same. She and ganer are peas in a boiled, unseasoned, carefully-weighed pod.

No. 1352197

thanks anon. is it ust me or has she actually lost a teeny bit of weight?

No. 1352203

File: 1634760791932.png (273.2 KB, 390x613, Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 3.11…)

It's always something with Cecelia

No. 1352208

Doesn't really matter. She thinks that she's always right, and that will continue her everlasting circle of dependence.

No. 1352236

> hormonal health is as best as it can be at this moment

It's in the shitter. That's where it is.
Overtraining & OCD veganism will ruin it.

No. 1352239

So zara has thyrotoxicosis which does give her a legit reason IN PART for her lack of weight gain, though of course not wholly. It can make you really poorly. I don't understand why she never registered with a GP in Dundee unless she's actually expecting to drop out.

No. 1352251

Where did you get this info? I thought it was exocrine pancreatic insufficiency?

No. 1352276

she has EPI…? mentioned it at the time of her prom. what the fuck are you saying

No. 1352280

yep, it’s EPI. she shared a post a while ago about PERT, and posted a pic of a pile of meds- one of which was creon, which is widely used to treat EPI.

No. 1352286

Good, carry on ignoring them Cecelia and you might actually do something decent for once in your life. Namely that other patients & staff won’t have to endure your pathetic ass much longer

No. 1352292

File: 1634768843706.jpeg (220.35 KB, 828x1294, 8FAA7AA6-BE52-4ED4-94F4-3BFE26…)

Niamh is still flexing her weight loss, despite lots of people calling her out on the tiktok video. And her skin looks less dull because of different make up and lighting conditions. Idiot.

No. 1352298

It’s just a trend it’s not that deep.
(/sarcasm, too many anons don’t seem to get that these days)

No. 1352322

File: 1634771218929.jpg (939.1 KB, 1079x1806, IMG_20211021_100617.jpg)

Well Josie got what she wanted lol. What a fucking drain of resources, she's not even underweight ffs

No. 1352327

File: 1634771421016.png (4.82 MB, 828x1792, FE24D1BA-9B86-4C4D-B45E-38F4AA…)

lmao look at the dent photoshop

No. 1352330

File: 1634771554670.png (2.62 MB, 828x1792, 383E7E9D-9A21-4EEB-927C-182531…)

interesting how they look so different in a video where she isn’t shopping

No. 1352361

You know nothing about me.
You seem to know everything so please explain to my starved head what the difference is between the two.

No. 1352365

I don’t think it’s shooped

No. 1352372

fuck off, nobody cares about you or wants to explain anything to you

No. 1352413

File: 1634778616273.jpg (43.52 KB, 652x544, dorian.JPG)

new herbs vidoe, there looking more like shit in every video

No. 1352417


Almost all women have a visible bump in the second trimester, and a lot have one in the first trimester, unless they're fat as fuck or one of those freakazoids that manages to remain tiny throughout the whole pregnancy.

However, no one has a baby bump at 4 weeks. This is just another delusional fatty that thinks it's normal to be obese while pregnant.

Sage because who gives a shit.

No. 1352421

File: 1634778928257.jpg (80.72 KB, 665x599, doria 2.JPG)

ass absolutely obliterated

No. 1352514

I've barely posted in this thread for that reason. Too much medfag about pregnancy and medfag acronyms. Shit randoms. Fucking Jenn. I think the days of the old cows are gone. Tiktok showcases too many larpers. Holding out because Pencilnik might return, cece, Georgie, ham. I want to know how their stories end. Molly was annoying, but amusing. Since she dropped her touch of ana, nobody new has been bingo worthy.

No. 1352538

4'9 does qualify you as disabled/a dwarf of some kind FWIW

No. 1352540

She also got Ronseal'd

No. 1352543

At least her fake wall of books is gone. That was so embarrassing.

No. 1352549

yeah i guess, either way a tapestry isn't a great background

No. 1352591

File: 1634789355898.jpeg (224.26 KB, 750x839, 41FF7208-28D5-4215-827E-AD7563…)

Highly doubt her dietitian is discouraging exercise

No. 1352597

File: 1634789631314.jpeg (168.31 KB, 750x914, 38BE9872-6FFD-4773-BAD3-67C230…)

Post of associated caption. I can’t believe insurance covered any part of her stay

No. 1352611

doesn't dairy intolerance usually do the opposite of that?

No. 1352637

Yeah I was just thinking that. I've never heard of dairy causing constipation.

Also not weighing yourself is Anorexia Recovery 101 and I'm honestly surprised she seems taken aback by this.

No. 1352646

File: 1634792106984.png (2.26 MB, 956x1182, n2fwtf.PNG)

yes, that is a hotel restaurant.
yes, n2f thought its appropriate to wear a sports bra to breakfast…

but hey, at least she finally removed those crusty AF, ridiculous fake eyelashes.

No. 1352665

> my dietitian is making me
kek you’re 30 years old not a toddler

No. 1352710

these are first-world problems, from a grown woman who has to invent her own problems

No. 1352721

It’s more appropriate than most of her clubwear. It would be perfectly acceptable with a jacket over top

It’s always people making her do things despite her being there voluntarily

No. 1352729

>but is she a god or diety?
I mean, she unironically thinks she is a vampire and encourages minors to believe they aren't human and starve themselves because eating is a mortal activity. But yes, it's just another ploy for attention. Why be a girl vampire when you can be a xirpire?

No. 1352753


Looks pretty real to me.

No. 1352757


Don't wanna change places with that poor dietician. Her precious snowflake just won't budge.

All the photos of Cece with her grin-stare are hard enough to endure, what must she be like in a patient talk.

No. 1352765

That’s because you don’t know the difference.
You obviously care enough to keep answering.

No. 1352766

Thought that was Paris at first glance

No. 1352780

It’s nice to see she feeling more and more confident and happy and comfortable in her body it really is making her glow but this isn’t me shitting on her
but can people please stop with pictures and videos where they are shoving food in there faces/half eaten food with clearly a full mouth like it’s so gross it not attractive it doesn’t look good

No. 1352792

You are quite clearly one of the twins. It isn't our job to explain things to you. I recommend you fuck off to MPA

No. 1352794

Neither of the twins would be able to write a coherent post- so I don’t think it’s one of them

No. 1352804

lol I honestly love this chick so much, her antics remind me a bit of Angelina Jolie in the 90's when she was kind of weird and crazy, it's very endearing

No. 1352808


Her hands look cleanish

No. 1352810

There's more than one person telling you to fuck off, believe me.

No. 1352817

omg no one cares about your little spoonie "diagnosis," fuck off back to tumblr

No. 1352842

who gives a shit, stop discussing her.

No. 1352850

I know I’m late to this but it’s annoys me so much when fitness influencers (think Anna archer) talk about ED recovery when they probably had disordered eating but not to the extent of full blown, life limiting anorexia. It sort of plays into glamourising anorexia with their overly positive, edited pages as well as implying you can recover from an ED by getting lean.

No. 1352856

>Fucking Jenn
kek say no more. But I 100% agree, anon. I used to enjoy Becky’s daily garden centre meltdowns too but she barely posts anymore (doesn’t look long for this world either tbh). Zara, Dora, Niamh, all the TikTok rugrats are pretty much interchangeable with one another. At least we still have Ham & n2f.

No. 1352898

and anna, I'm basically here for her magic MCAS flares and lies

No. 1352899

this is really damning. wow.

No. 1352905

File: 1634821325717.png (1.55 MB, 1231x2048, Screenshot_20211021-155859.png)

Hi, you're right anon! She has had dairy milk chocolate before.

No. 1352906

File: 1634821360188.png (313.78 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20211021-155854.png)

confirmation in comment

No. 1352911

Busted! What a lying little cunt.

No. 1352931

Definitely. Someone ban that retard.

No. 1352941

File: 1634825680590.jpeg (256.85 KB, 750x765, DAB0D303-3B75-4FB2-AAA7-4DF168…)

Just to show that it’s cadbury branded dairy milk chocolate to hammer home what a pointless lie it is. She really thinks she’s so smart when she’s actually barely above tard level.

No. 1352954

File: 1634826533397.gif (71.4 KB, 220x122, D8194F19-0C6E-4087-8957-EFB1D0…)

topkek. good work anon!

No. 1353009

Why did gym shark ever take her on in the first place?

No. 1353038

File: 1634833950349.jpeg (899.62 KB, 828x1540, F45CE0ED-7E38-4B76-A04C-65E0CF…)

does she even change from the childrens pooh sweater?

No. 1353054

Why is her face ten times more spooky than the rest of her?

No. 1353060

Because it's hard to cover up your gaunt face, unlike skelly body.

No. 1353068

File: 1634836531099.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x1850, 21DF1020-01EE-49A0-83A6-EA35EF…)

no one

absolutley no one

Camille:”I’m so sick I need to be watched 24/7”

Also anyone know why her feed looks blue?

No. 1353071

its just the measuring lines on the tube so they know how fardown it is in the stomach area

No. 1353072

that's not the feed anon it's the tube

No. 1353079

anon ur right she's lost enough to almost be the size of the average fat american lmao

No. 1353090


I thought the same thing. Looking at her previous photos she is susceptible to the spoopy face, even when not that spoopy in the body. It is unfortunate.

No. 1353107

She really likes to bathe in that sick-widdle-girwie routine.
Give her as much medical hardware as possible to pose with and she's going to be a happy cow.
Her recovery stories last back for years now and she's rather unbelievable.

No. 1353191

Imagine taking selfies like this and acting a total brat in front of whichever knackered HCA currently responsible for the watching. She looks quite well, relatively speaking. Is there a reason she’s blocking a bed?

No. 1353195

I think thou-who-shall-not-be-named said she wasn’t even admitted for ed reasons initially(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1353198

>I think thou-who-shall-not-be-named said
ok bye

No. 1353200

What reason would she be admitted for other than ed? Like seriously she’s 18 with zero health issues it was obviously thar

No. 1353210


No. 1353215

File: 1634850929078.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x2118, E034BE23-3048-46E8-B4D9-0E1F9E…)

Definitelyyyy not she took down tiktoks she was admitted with that girl into Tallaght and they were making tiktoks dancing in the hospital gowns outside. No way they’d be acting like that had she been admitted for an overdose

No. 1353225

So cold she’s wearing a big bobble hat and a thousand layers on her top half, yet neckline and sleeves are artfully positioned to show off the neck bones(?) hospital wristband and cannula. I don’t know if I’m just desperate for milk given the influx of tiktok self posting and vendetta shite lately but this one is promising

No. 1353314


Is her… Is her tube visible under the skin of her nose?? Spoopy face indeed

No. 1353320


That's the shape of her nose I think. It's kind of bulbous at the end. Not in a big or weird way, just its shape.

No. 1353327

the fact alone that this "anon" used "thou" in place of "she" is the only proof needed to warrant a "fuck of s*ha"
(for want of avoiding a 'hi cow' situation- FYI S, "thou" is the archaic form of "you")

No. 1353330

ffs- *off not of

No. 1353333

Honestly it’s so easy to tell it’s the same person. Out of sheer curiosity though, how are we sure it’s S*? I can see why it’s being thought but at the same time I wonder could it be her mam or some other estranged family? Sorry if I’ve done this wrong or broken any rules, newfag here

No. 1353335

I am so sorry to the other person I accidentally replied to who was writing abt Niamh

No. 1353350

I think it's just bunching in the tape holding it in place.

No. 1353554

Na, you guys are reaching. How is Fiona milky? Because she's had anorexia for years? Because she's relapsed? No milk. This thread has gone entirely to fuck with the shite being posted. I miss Italian Aly!

No. 1353557

I miss Porgie

No. 1353592

Honestly I feel like if anything it’s more likely to be Camille at this point, she knew of s before s knew who she was and definitely seems to love showing off being sick + atleast s* has some form of a following to be posted about on here but all this about Camille screams self post more than anything

No. 1353608

Nothing is artfully positioned. Maybe she's just not wanting to wear a fucking balaclava to cover her neck. Even if she wasn't emaciated as fuck, that is a pretty normal level of layering considering she's in the UK and it's nearly November. She's not milky, just ill.

No. 1353615

when will Nik come back from the war? This thread has gone to shit so fast. Did we boolie Ham out of posting her slow decline into diabetes too? I know some people were annoyed by her breakfasts being posted, but they were a nice little highlight for me. Every time I think she couldnt top the slop, she would.

No. 1353625

between ham and ganer the subtitle to this thread could be ‘Top that slop!’

No. 1353629

To be fair Camille has gained a following from s I mean recently all of S tells have been asking about Camille

No. 1353669

File: 1634913296730.png (1.37 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20211022-152825.png)

Have this! The coconut on the cement porridge is like when people put sand over vomit as a temporary measure. Anons who said she'd stop this shit when she started college…ha.ha.ha.

The new cows are so samey I can't remember which one's which. No probs, but just saying how the nature of ig proana has changed.

I miss Georgie and Nik too. Grade A branded on their rump.

No. 1353676


kek anon I love that! Finally an ana olympics where the participants wont die from malnutrition.

Jesus Christ. Why doesnt she try some granola if shes gonna have her breakfast look like a freshly laid brick? Some nuts and seeds? SOMETHING other than that porridge that she consistently butchers the texture of trying to add some "crunch".

Is it just me or does anybody else get annoyed at theses people like Ham who act like recovery is all about eating 700 "fear foods" per day, every single day of the week forever? It's a balancing act to always live a healthy balanced lifestyle with a ahealthy diet without micromanaging it in recovery, its not just an all you can eat and ass pats for every spoonful of sugar you shove down your throat. Sage for sperg

No. 1353796

I agree that you're a sperg but you're not completely wrong. I don't think anyone should be making their recovery into the theme of their Instagram, doesn't matter who it is.

No. 1353840

agreed Nona, finally someone said it

No. 1353862

File: 1634936126830.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1723, 221CF736-A3BF-4982-A66C-206BC3…)

did you not see her bodychecking posts? she’s been doing bodycheck ootd videos since she became spoopy again as well
says ‘transparency is hard for me’ yet posts a hundred pictures of her emaciated body with a tube
she’s not the milkiest, that’s for sure, but she’s not ‘just ill’, she’s documenting her illness in a pretty milky way on multiple ig accounts

No. 1353876

Rule #1 for hospitalized spoops:
"For Insta shots, surround yourself with a lot of medical equipment first"
Drips, cables, maybe arrange some displays.
That'll show them how really, really sickly™ you are.

No. 1353889

Yeah like the fucking toilet chair, lovely image.

No. 1353917

“Look how sick I am!”—definitely not a cow (kek). What a fucking attention whore. Also looks like her thighs are shopped.

No. 1353996

I miss smorven!

No. 1354162

I miss Felice, and Elzani

No. 1354170

wish Paris was still dancing tbh

No. 1354179

Why does she remind me of this shrivelled worm in a wheelchair from spongebob?

No. 1354180

I hate Niamh most of all because she is a pickme

No. 1354181

God forbid I take a picture of my face with the sign. Gotta make sure all the medical equipment and my spoopy body in the frame so I can prove how sickly I am!

No. 1354221

The genuine cases who avoided going IP but faked recovery (Aly), all the cry faces from the BPD ana's who didn't go ott with running mascara, those I miss.
ED instas a lot like Big Brother on TV. The first two series were good because the contestants didn't know what to do to gain favour with viewers. Then they became savvy in later series and it went to shit when they'd start fucking on camera or having fake meltdowns for attention. The spoopy have gone the same way.

O well, we've got Ham's date with her mum to look forward to today. Leeching a milky coffee and something sickly sweet or greasy from her.

No. 1354242

Might get Elzani back soon if her latest post of a tiny porridge bowl topped with one strawberry and one square of chocolate is anything to go by. I wonder if it's getting to her how much smaller Satara is than her now.

No. 1354257

File: 1634990475762.png (1.01 MB, 871x866, Screenshot (3543).png)

Wow it is smaller, not ana chan levels yet, maybe she's just decided to cut back on her sugar intake a bit? btw this is my first time posting a photo, did I do this right? Was I supposed to do anything to the photo before posting it?

No. 1354258

idk, if you compare the size of the strawberry an chocolate to the amount of porridge, it is rather small for what id say she needs. Unless she had a huge meal the night before

No. 1354261

True, I guess I was thinking more in terms of sugar intake. Why is she even eating these dessert type cereals every morning anyway lol

No. 1354262

File: 1634991080552.png (3.31 MB, 828x1792, 9F93FBBE-9CAC-4B45-8A71-6656BD…)

is this an attempt at a bodycheck..?

No. 1354271

File: 1634992016947.jpeg (333.75 KB, 820x1124, 9414C3C5-7182-400F-B5CA-862875…)

someone offers you 100 dollars if you eat this plate of food in n2fs bedroom. what do you do?

No. 1354284

i cant even name everything on that plate. looks vile

No. 1354287

get the hell out and call the cops

No. 1354289

With all that beans and onions it's gonna make you fart like a bull.

No. 1354296

File: 1634994652115.jpeg (487.26 KB, 750x710, D222BBEF-28E9-468B-8039-A25BC4…)

That chicken is not entirely cooked.

No. 1354311

I can see: some sort of curry with kidney beans, chicken, rice, baked potato, random butter beans, pickled onions(?), mayonnaise (?), sweetcorn and a couple salad leaves

No. 1354322

I’d pay $100 if it meant I’d never have to see this image again. Can’t be too mad with the way these threads are going though, say what you want about n2f but she always delivers

No. 1354326

File: 1635001057897.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, B66C69F0-2C2C-4CED-ABF5-F6A8F8…)

Scarlett and Ganer competing to see who does the most exercise on their ‘rest’ day

No. 1354341

love the three leaves of lettuce garnish instead of actually eating vegetables

No. 1354346

Out of everything it’s kinda funny that that’s what you take from this, anon. If you look at some of her previous creations she’s obv not a total salad dodger like Ham

No. 1354347

Elanzi and Paris were good discussion . Is Elzani doing anything with her life? Is Paris still weighing out strawberries and wallowing in self pity. Is smorven still locked up?

No. 1354358

I swear you’ve gotta be the Ham sugar sperg too who thinks people become obese off bowls of cereal alone

No. 1354374

I've never sperged on this thread, yet lol, but I honestly just thought the oatmeal and chocolate looked unhealthy for a breakfast item

No. 1354394

File: 1635013000545.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1056x1407, 75E1A84A-443A-45CB-9293-4A3DC8…)

Yess Niamh, pop those collar bones!

No. 1354395

Both a body check and a “look at me I’m so sick uwu” asspat grab. The hallmark pose of a bpd attention whore.

No. 1354396

File: 1635013290678.png (4.52 MB, 828x1792, 06EE2969-3782-4E69-997F-556CE6…)

interesting the discrepancy between her leg size in a video versus a shooped photo … she’s really intolerable. what a scumbag

No. 1354397

File: 1635013339327.jpeg (456.73 KB, 572x1004, 809B21ED-3786-4887-8F0F-AE9037…)

Ok is it be but has hams “weight gain” actually redistributed throughout her body I mean her stomach has gotten smaller

No. 1354400

nope, just in tight leggings

No. 1354401

or, god forbid, she’s always been a healthy weight and this is simply her growing up..?? women are supposed to develop into their 20s

No. 1354402

Yeah she doesn’t look big, she looks fine. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like her but certain people itt exaggerate her body

No. 1354405

Stop nitpicking her body. She looks same as always.

No. 1354409


You're really calling this normal sized girl ham?

Checks thread title.

Oh. Right then, carry on.

No. 1354410

She looks like a normal teenager. Her body and weight have never been an issue. The issue is she’s pretending she’s anorexic and using that to gain attention and sympathy.

No. 1354414

That's a set of thighs! Any self respecting Anna wouldn't post that shit. More proof she never had anorexia. Eat some more shit laden oats Ham

No. 1354423

Aly was IP

No. 1354426

File: 1635015462522.jpeg (780.54 KB, 1063x1728, FE5BE118-92AC-454D-9644-8564CD…)

Niamh pretending she doesn’t read this thread. “DM’ed me” my ass.

No. 1354433

> anon's Big Brother analogy

I know exactly what you mean and it is like that. In the end people went into the BB House to get famous, just like Ham/Anna/everyone is now trying to become a "recovery influencer" instead of just a normal Instagram account.

No. 1354443

File: 1635017160726.jpeg (190.15 KB, 828x1286, 55DE7D21-E454-4BA6-9E64-B80B9E…)

Not really milk but I find it funny to imagine how angry Anna must be at being called a small account.

No. 1354458

She was, but that was a last resort thing. She had to go in because she needed a nose hose. Then she was in for a week at most. She never said why she was there (even though it was obvious). That girl never wanted to be in a hospital.

Ham's looked like this all the time, or at least she did in Dec 2019. Her thighs were always large because she's pear shaped. She's gained a bit though. Not because she needed to, but because she's been scoffing shite pretending she had anorexia. And yeah, those workout leggings really hold everything in.

No. 1354483

I can’t be the only one who thinks the milk on Ham is pretty dry? At first I was interested when she said things that didn’t match up & was deleting comments etc, but picking apart her body doesn’t sit right with me. This thread blurs the lines between calling out pro ana scumbags and becoming them sometimes

No. 1354486

Id give anything to see a vegetable or an egg in her breakfast. Han's body is gonna suffer because of deficiencies and her mental health will suffer even more

No. 1354487

Honestly this thread has run its course. Time to put it out of its misery. Do miss the heyday of Italian aly

No. 1354488

Please spoiler Noursih To Flourish this is foul

No. 1354496

100? Anon I would literally rather participate in squid game

No. 1354497

Just shut the fuck up, sorcha.
This is the wrong place for your petty eVendetta.

No. 1354502

File: 1635025832658.jpg (111.09 KB, 800x501, aly.jpg)

Me too. But we can't have that any more.
She's just a chubby attention whore nowadays.

Good for her.

No. 1354503

You know it’s bad when you’re craving a good old dead eyed porgie selfie or an skeletal may selfie with a caption saying she’s fat and going to kill herself. For me N2F was the last good cow added to the roster. The likes of ro/zara/molly/anna make me a-loggy and all of the tiktok cows blend into one. I don’t think it can get much worse but i’ll hang around and find out kek.

No. 1354504


That just screams "stomach cramp".

No. 1354508

Ham's still of interest because she wants praise for being a recovery warrior. People new to her don't know she's actually not gained weight from a low weight and she never had anorexia.

She makes recovery look easy. Sit down, eat burgers, life is great because mum doesn't have to bathe her. All in a year. She's never experienced an ed, and gives an unrealistic expectation of recovery. She's disgusting.

No. 1354509

File: 1635026506526.jpg (76.84 KB, 275x239, 1439569483705.jpg)

Fuck, Aly is my all time favourite ex cow. So good at the time, with a happier ending. We'll, she gained weight. She still has erm something going on in her head that's a bit janky.

No. 1354510


"How to do food photography for your pot-bellied pig"

No. 1354517

File: 1635027816786.jpeg (424.15 KB, 750x1027, D64746F7-FE0D-45D6-A6EA-261A8D…)

Nourish over sharing about getting her period back, wonder if there’s an award for most grim caption.

No. 1354519

I heard that "The Fit Vegan Ginger" Anna is still around (somewhat). She downgraded to a regular illness-faker with a colostomy bag.

But honestly, 2015 was a real blast.

No. 1354526

Good for her.

No. 1354547

Thank god she's not going to be a mother

No. 1354584

fucking sorcha? i’m not even irish you utter autist, nor am i the only one posting niamh. take your fangirl boner elsewhere.

No. 1354602

Niamh was milky as hell in her psych ward body check days. Watching her try to defend blatant bodychecking is hilarious, imo she’s the worst out of the newer tiktok cows.

No. 1354650

That baby would have dirt all over them 24/7.

No. 1354676

Her behaviour is still insidiously milky and I'm confused as to/yet to work out why so many anons seem to rush to her defence. She's the paradigm of a pro-ana scumbag.

No. 1354678

bad bloods, anon
I want to compile all the Aly threads because we Aly fans suffered extreme discrimination at certain points. It's hard to enjoy Aly's cheese platter because the threads are not linked seamlessly to each other. And what a plate of cheese it is.

Her outfits. I was trying to explain her spoop outfits to my internet friend and they are so badly documented. Then we got the long socks and shorts, and the curves rock outfits, with that stretchy skirt barely fitting her…

No. 1354679

Yes, yes, yes
Aly is now obsessed with being a girlboss hustle culture woman with a secret sadness and emoness … which she "reveals" every other day. I kind of love it

No. 1354686

This thread is shit because the cows are dry and milkless. And anytime someone tries to post something there's a bunch of fat keyboard warriors hitting refresh with thier chicken greased fingers waiting to say "ThAtS NoT MiLKy" or "ShES NOt fAt ShES AvErAGe" or argue about how it's totally not unhealthy to choke down double you're sugar intake in one sitting and call it "breakfast." Whoever the spastic Nonnies are they need to go for a walk, people are allowed to think a bowl of sugar is unhealthy and that Hannah is slightly overweight. Cope.

No. 1354699

I miss these days

No. 1354702

What is happening with her mouth?
And why does she have the eyes of a demonic goat?

No. 1354706

Yeah notice how she was very rarely posting until she got admitted and now she suddenly posts multiple body checks every day? Thank you for calling her out because it’s been getting on my nerves and I thought it was just me

No. 1354707

Maybe you need to tackle your fear of sugar, sugar sperg anon. Having a piece of chocolate and fruit in porridge isn't going to give you the 'betus. Now if she was chomping donuts by the dozen, sure.

No. 1354708

I'm sperging about the absolute state of this thread lol, when did the diabetics come and boot out all the anachans who used to upload actual milk?

No. 1354716

i know, it just seemed like such an after thought that it amused me

No. 1354717

So the thread's a state.. How would you suggest we all go about changing that? My suggestions would be either providing milk that you deem lacteous enough or stop visiting the thread altogether.

No. 1354719

I think she could be quite pretty if she just dropped that brat pout and dressed normally.
But at the end of the day she's still just a teenager.

No. 1354727

Did you read what I said here Nona >>1354686
or did you just see "sugar" and get triggered about your method of cope? When people try to post milk they get a bunch of autists yelling at them that it's not milk and now the dairy farm is dry. I tried to post and got called a sugar sperger for thinking chocolate is not a breakfast item? I'm making a general complaint of the content available, as a reader since highschool I think I'm entitled.

No. 1354728

File: 1635065071749.jpg (31.94 KB, 512x384, bundy_maam.jpg)


No. 1354730

Tell that to the french, kek.

No. 1354737

File: 1635065882202.jpeg (279.66 KB, 1080x1860, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

How could we forget about Hannah!? One of the biggest cows in Australia. Just look at that circled part of the caption, literally saying that she chooses to get NG fed. She's all proud of herself when we all know she uses hospital and tubes for attention. If you ask me, it won't be long till shes back in hospital begging for a tube

No. 1354739

She's looking quite sturdy while pumping weights in the gym, if you look at her Insta from the last two weeks. Not spoopy at all.

No. 1354741

File: 1635066439862.jpg (136.42 KB, 750x1334, 247436348_416928213154350_5807…)

another round of "guess the spoop"

No. 1354753

What a tiny, smol spoon that is.

No. 1354754

File: 1635068541673.jpeg (483.24 KB, 828x1475, F7D3AB9B-CC70-4460-84B8-C56575…)


Smorvy’s not giving good milk I’m afraid. It’s literally the same shit over and over again, still taking up a bed, zero improvement and everything is everyone else’s fault.

Moved rooms recently and had a top-tier meltdown over it (obviously well-documented for Insta). Still nose-hosed of course.

No. 1354759

Thank you anon. Aus Hannah is certainly an underrated cow.
Raging bpd and loves to remind everyone how sick she is by scratching her face and hooking up a nose hose.

Umm, You don’t have to be spoopy to fit the pro ana scumbag role.

No. 1354765


they love small spoons

No. 1354766

Why do they keep her? I mean she’s literally in her room all day, right? Doesn’t engage with therapy, has tantrums - oops, I mean “meltdowns” - over the tiniest things. There are specialist placements for autism and behaviours like hers so why don’t they ship her out to one of those? She’s not as ~~complex~~ as she likes to think, it’s just a waste of a bed.

No. 1354767

(samefag sorry) she just seems like the type to stop eating out of pure spite, she’s such a hateful person

No. 1354768

You don't know much about EDs..?

No. 1354770


They're also really struggling for beds at that neck of the woods.

No. 1354771

Okay guys pls can someone share more from josievents or whatever the fuck one of her 10 account usernames are lol, I can't follow and she's been quiet on her mains except an occasional tube pic with her huge fucking moon face lmao

No. 1354773

Quite the opposite, that’s why she gets on my tits. Notice I said seems like not does (although…)
She’s not a nice person.

No. 1354779


Bc she’s a super speshul case, anon. Very difficult gastro issues (that interestingly she refuses to name or address whatsoever). Much ~complex~. Lies about not having reviews or tribunal opportunities. Claims she engages in therapy but in reality sits in her room 24/7 on 1:1…she’s the worst human being and a fucking psychopath.

Sorry for outburst, that cow makes me fucking furious.

No. 1354783

> she’s such a hateful person

There's no "seems like". You're obviously overreacting or projecting.

No. 1354785

Nope, try again. Or perhaps spend time on a ward with her and then see about reevaluating your opinion.

She “doesn’t have a care plan” either (where to even begin with that, kek)

No. 1354813

She posted like 8 other photos with her gut out

No. 1354827

I’d love to see a shift towards posting pro Ana scumbags who are from the mental illness/non recovery side of Instagram. it seems like there’s rarely new milk on here, we’ve a few good cows that are attention seeking enough to be worthy of posting, but I personally think the dirt is in the ~pro Ana “not pro Ana!”~ side of insta.

Everyone is on private but it’s sooo chaotic in raging bpd anorexia finsta land

No. 1354834

They said
> she seems like she would stop eating out of spite
Since you’re such an expert on EDs maybe you should eat a little protein so you can read properly.

No. 1354850

Idk if she has BPD or not, but if she does I could totally imagine her refusing to eat out of spite. Isn't it known that people with BPD self-harm out of spite? To get back at others? Maybe not all of them or all of the time, but I thought that was a well known thing? Again, I'm not sure if she has BPD or not but I'm just saying…

No. 1354855

thread has gone to shit and it does make me stop posting. Maybe no more twitter fags. The self posting by many people got insane and dominated for a while and wasnt fun. I prefer the OG pro ana scumbags, the IG recovery queens who post body checks and weird food.

No. 1354880

She doesn’t change totally institutionalised- she couldn’t cope with life even if they let her out. Her family must be a mess.
I think too she’d stop eating just to get at people.

No. 1354882

Sorry forgot to sage last post

No. 1354895

people use the singular ‘they’ if they’re referring to somebody else in a vague sense like that you stupid shit.

No. 1354896

Go back to school idiot. "They" is a generic third person singular pronoun, used in this case because the gender of the anonymous poster is unknown. It's English, nothing to do with the progressive alphabet stuff.

No. 1354902

File: 1635093675782.png (3.95 MB, 828x1792, 805DEA79-3E7F-4608-98CE-955E81…)

zara’s still (somehow) at uni with her spoopy shoulders out to repel everyone around her. i give it till christmas

No. 1354905

File: 1635093984515.jpeg (461.98 KB, 653x1412, 9DB4EF5D-37D6-4EEF-A2CE-1F5C8C…)

she’s even got the spoopy facial lines now

No. 1354906

File: 1635094045104.jpeg (220.94 KB, 786x914, C60EDF63-E1B4-467F-A88B-44D811…)

and her forehead is tripled in size- she mentioned on tiktok ages ago about losing lots of hair from her hairline and it’s really showing up

No. 1354909

It’s the swollen glands making her face look especially spoopy. Why did we need three separate posts about how Zara is very underweight and shouldn’t be at uni? Not exactly anything we don’t already know.

No. 1354914

>is there anything more “zara”
Hmm…arrogance? I know she was being rhetorical but that’s gotta be up there. Give a few more weeks until she drops out and he can tell her how smart and speshul she is in person

No. 1354919

File: 1635096126049.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1078x1438, CF027AF9-1334-4E50-880C-DAB647…)

Niamh posted her morning sucking in bodycheck wearing the same pyjamas as usual. Please Niamh, the grey tank top and shorts are begging to be washed.

No. 1354921

Can’t be asked to pick up the massive pile of clothes in the corner that mommy buys her lol

No. 1354924

File: 1635096518695.png (460.74 KB, 407x656, ss1.png)

she posted this as well. clearly never met any south-east asian women or anyone who has had a masectomy if she thinks she is the flattest anyone could ever ever be.

No. 1354931

File: 1635097162049.png (3.89 MB, 1536x2048, BC53516E-63F0-4CF8-9016-29FC66…)

Niamh pretending she has any insecurities and isn’t a self obsessed twat lol

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