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File: 1458071345732.jpg (54.28 KB, 489x325, 1456850140167.jpg)

No. 106059

Because the previous thread is reaching it's reply limit >>99329

A place to discuss ALL of the edgy attention whores, proana wannarexics, and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram/Tumblr or elsewhere.

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624
Third thread: >>79031
Fourth thread: >>83974
Fifth thread: >>89109
Sixth thread: >>94114

No. 106066


No. 106100

File: 1458077290130.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She was fine before tbh ?

No. 106101

I don't get it… She didn't need to gain weight before. She wasn't underweight.

No. 106103

Her stomach and shape is great for someone who gained weight damn

No. 106104


Well, you know how Mess Holliday and her crew are. Anyone who's not a fatty must be "sick."

She doesn't look especially bad in the after, but she was better looking before.

No. 106109

Agreed, she looked better before.

No. 106115

I mean, I too prefer her thinner body, but if she was at that weight due to unhealthy eating disordered behaviours then good for her for overcoming that.

No. 106119

File: 1458078266737.png (2.2 MB, 2048x1841, PhotoGrid_1458077874280-1.png)

Just because she wasn't underweight doesn't mean she didn't have an eating disorder nor does she seem to be proana.

Chances are, she stopped engaging in whatever disordered behavior that caused her to maintain her weight and posted these before and afters as a way to feel better about her weight gain.

Besides her obvious struggles with weight and eating, why did you post her? Maybe I am missing something but she does not seem like an attention whore or a wannarexic.

My point exactly.

No. 106127

Well… she would have to be underweight to have anorexia.

No. 106132

File: 1458078990664.jpeg (229.77 KB, 750x1190, image.jpeg)

Like >>106119 said, she seemed to struggle with eating and weight. Plus, according to this (which I can't confirm if it's true or not), she was underweight - enough for the criteria of anorexia.

No. 106135

Welp, just checked my stat counter on my gossip tumblr and ember visited. How's that inpatient going??

No. 106136

Who was it that contacted her bf and got details where she actually was??

No. 106156

would Admin be willing to see if she has lurked this thread?

No. 106157

I saw Ember at Starbucks. It's especially weird because I'm in Edmonton. How's that IP going, fuckface?

No. 106158

No. 106160

Picture or something.

I don't know if I believe you but if it's true, what a desperate fuck.

No. 106162

Fuckin' bitch lied about going to IP so she could drink lattes in Canada. What a whore.

No. 106165

~recovery by Starbucks~

No. 106166

Typical Ember.

No. 106169


recovery can be from a lot of behaviors, restriction is only one, and a lot of people's setpoints aren't "slender," either for genetic reasons or effects of various prolonged eating habits. unless she's not actually a recovered person but claims to be, or is shaming other people, this call-out seems unnecessary. unless u can explain?

No. 106174

It's Samantha. One of Emily's old butt buddies (was skinni.sadi on IG before she was deleted) She clearly has a vendetta against this girl.

No. 106182

Emily who?

No. 106193

Kek setpoints.
Nobody has a set weight, that's retarded anon.

No. 106195

wish you had proof.

No. 106205

If ember is in edmonton, how is she going on tumblr from her workplace?

No. 106207

It's Arse Anders.

No. 106217

who is she and probably not, admin doesn't seem to likeep these types of threads.

No. 106218

What does Ember look like in person? She obviously photoshops herself to look thin. Is she normal weight or slightly chubby?

No. 106219

Canada anon- what was she like and who was she with??

No. 106220

I have ember's IP flagged- i just recognized that.

No. 106223

Pleas fuck off, obvious bait is obvious. Stop flooding this thread with this nonsensical bullshit.

No. 106225

I get the feeling y'all miss Ember

No. 106240

I do. I miss Ember, and Crying Emily, but there's no milk. I'm dying here.

No. 106277


I mean, having been through the whole treatment/ED/weightgain thing myself, she was definitely underweight in the before. Likely around a 17. Her current probably puts her at a solid 20-21. I think people today have a pretty distorted idea of what a "healthy" bmi looks like.

No. 106278

BMI of 17 is barely underweight.


No. 106280

OK, but it's still underweight. And you don't technically need to be underweight to have an ED. Why are we criticizing how underweight she was? It's not like she blew up to an overweight BMI…. she looks pretty healthy to me.

No. 106282


According to her height (5'8) a BMI of 17 puts her 19 lbs below the cut off for underweight. And if I were at her BMI I'd be around 87 lbs. It's irrelevant how underweight she was.

No. 106283


*9 lbs.

No. 106299

This thread is truly shit. Lmao some bitch is bmi 17 what a fucking whale lol? I actually have no idea who you're even talking about or why, just go away.

No. 106307

Right??? So many fucking stupid special Ana butterfly cunts about.

No. 106308

She looks hot as hell now. I'd much rather look like her than a prepubescent boy with a vitamin deficiency.

No. 106399

I have been waiting for someone to bring up Jenna/lord-swoledemort tbh she's so cringey. Biggest tryhard. Goes apeshit when people criticize her recovery but posts endlessly about being jealous of people who don't gain in recovery. So much subtle ana bs but she doesn't do drugs or self harm so none of you are interested

No. 106404

Lawd. Emily is supposedly dying her hair today. I wonder if she will pull a Felice and try to dye it red but only get the roots ?

No. 106407

LOL yep. You summed up exactly how I feel about her.

No. 106422

I've posted a little bit about her in the past thread. I agree wholeheartedly. Have you checked her blog today? She keeps bitching about Freelee (has done so multiple times in the past) and how Freelee is an ass for commenting on other people's food, but Jenna has done literally the same.
Plus blatantly lying about her weight and diagnosis and bragging about her disordered ways.
Add to that supposedly lying about cancer in the past and she's the biggest cow in the recovery community.

No. 106423

She's been discussed in these threads before (complete with full frontal body check pics). If there's milk on her then post it. I've been on her tumblrs and it's just a posh face kid loving her body and trying to appear anorexic. Believe me, if I'd seen something worth posting here, I would've.

Where're screenshots of the fake cancer fiasco?

No. 106424

tbh there isnt a lot of milk in the recovery/fitblr community, just a lot of annoying people trying to become popular

No. 106429

>people who don't gain in recovery

No. 106431

Some ana chan is looking for buddies on omegle, by spamming unrelated tags. I don't have insta and the account is private, so I thought I'd leave the link here for other people.

No. 106537

She's cute. ^^

No. 106539

File: 1458176204535.jpeg (280.21 KB, 1260x1479, image.jpeg)

Bruh. This chick is so weird. She's also trying to pretend to be the amazing delphicity to attract followers. What a loser. If u visit the profile go ahead and report her while you're at it if you'd like

No. 106540

File: 1458176224516.png (198.47 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 106541

File: 1458176321707.png (176.6 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

2/2 lol she's so dumb and bitter about a guy she broke up with idk how anyone follows her

No. 106542

File: 1458176878976.png (674.44 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

literally posts endlessly about how weight doesn't define an ED, can have an ED at any weight, constantly spewing those "friendly reminder that…." bullshit posts about how you can have an ED and not be skinny but turns around and gets pissed when ppl who are recovering are still thin. pretends to be healthy but constantly posts about wanting to be thinner lol like please delete honestly just because you reblog pictures of brownies doesn't mean you're a good role model. omfg I don't even know or follow this bitch but everything about her feels fake and attention seeking and snowflakey

No. 106543

I thought that was a farmer pretending to be Crying Emily's friend Laura. It's Laura's eye and she commented on Aly's, Ash's etc profiles.

No. 106544

and the link isn't delphicity

No. 106552

I JUST GAVE THEM A SHOUTOUT AND delphicity commented saying that wasn't her so I was hella confused?

No. 106553

(This girl reminds me so much of Chin-Chan if she'd had a chin. Posting only because I thought I'd found her and she'd had a prosthesis https://www.instagram.com/brokenbabydoll/)

No. 106560

Please die in a fire

No. 106564

File: 1458180588916.jpeg (722.88 KB, 1294x1652, image.jpeg)

I honestly don't think Aly is mentioned enough on here
Who the fuck starts in recovery over a year ago and has stayed skeletal

No. 106575

There's an Aly thread, dumbass.

No. 106579

my sides

No. 106620

Is she trans? Seriously, her face looks like a lumpy male potato.

No. 106621

That's a farmer.

No. 106622

Aly got her own thread back here, after being moved to this thread for just one day.

No. 106626

That's what I thought- was she male?? Her face is really hideous. Why would she post so many selfies???

No. 106627

I do believe she's a biological female. I found her browsing #inpatient. It scares me she's a mother. She appears extremely mental. The likeness to Chin Chan caught my attention. This one really is syndromey level fug though.

No. 106630

File: 1458192056150.jpg (37.81 KB, 464x693, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

I'd like to say she scrubs up well, but I'd be lying. Not sure what ED she has, but IP x 10.

No. 106640

File: 1458194275281.jpg (253.72 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nfu2fbeqWV1t0kjuzo1_128…)

She copied everything about her ED from birdyally - symptoms, behaviours, diagnosis, veganism, safe foods, recovery, "look how cute I am today" attitude. She only became popular/well known because of Ally. Now that Ally's left tumblr she doesn't know what to do with her recovery anymore, so she's gone back to trying to get attention as a fitblr.

Before and after pic she posted a while ago.

No. 106663

File: 1458202891742.jpg (61.4 KB, 400x533, AdpbeKj.jpg)

That must be almost a year old. What bothers me about her old before and afters is that she is like "Thanks to 25 pounds weight loss" when she admitted she lost weight by purging. It's like those fucked up pro ana before and afters.
And she said she was never overweight lol.

She still has an active myproana account that she made as a backup for the account that was outed. She used her old account to post purging tips.
She tries so hard to become Tumblr famous with her annoying captions. Bitch your face is not inspirational.
She said she lost the password to her triggering side blog but she recently deleted posts there (like when she posted she was 94 pounds)

No. 106697

File: 1458222716522.jpg (342.39 KB, 1280x1707, 5tH3lm3.jpg)

Ew, those nails. And she went on a date like that. Is it really so hard to take off your nail varnish if you include your nails in a picture you intend to share on your blog that supposedly has tens of thousands of followers?

No. 106700

File: 1458222959149.jpeg (76.48 KB, 750x572, image.jpeg)

admitting a few days ago on March 13 that she still purges and "doesn't see it ending any time soon". maybe stop posting body shots and acting like a fitspo/recovery blog if you can't stop talking about purging? she didn't have to answer that ask. she supposedly "gets so many messages" and chooses to answer one where she gets to slip in a subtle "look at me I still b/p". if she were thin she would get reported for encouraging ED behavior but because she posts about working out and isn't a skelly she gets a pass. she should have her own thread

No. 106703

I saw that. Interesting that it's ok for her to share that she is still b/ping all the time but if anybody else mentions it she attacks them. And also interesting that she chooses to answer that but no questions about her "cancer".
And if she's "recovering" why does she drink sugar free drinks at Starbucks? She didn't post it on her Tumblr because she knew she would get shit for it, but I saw it on Snapchat.
At this point I'm convinced she made up her anorexia diagnosis and either didn't see a doctor at all or was diagnosed with bulimia and said her dx was anorexia to fit in with the rest of Tumblr.

No. 106704

Oh and I forgot to mention, she had her own thread but it was closed. I found it when I googled "lolcow lord–swoledemort"

No. 106707

that tumblr message reeks of self-submission

No. 106710

i'm not great at being able to tell but her eye looks an awful lot like bbyg_laura? she was an old recovery account that now just posts photos of her body and gets a lot of comments from people worried about her weight loss.

No. 106716

She tries so hard to be Ally, and I bet you her not so subtle posts about people not gaining weight in recovering is about Ally on Instagram (healingally). Also, Jenna had the audacity to say that lying about cancer is fucked up, when fitaj lied about it recently. All her posts about 'rapid weight gain' as if she ever actually got to a low enough weight to gain.

No. 106719

I didn't know Ally was active in Instagram now. When Jenna saw her account she probably got jealous when she saw Ally didn't gain any noticeable weight lol.
What did Ally ever do to Jenna? Is it just jealousy? I remember when Ally was healingally on Tumblr and she made a post like "I have to remind myself that I either recover from this disorder or I die from it" and Jenna promptly made a post saying that's not always true, there's an in between etc her obviously trying to get people on her side. In the end barely anybody agreed with her

No. 106726

I think Jenna is reading this thread because she just made it so you can only go on her blog when you're logged into Tumblr lol

No. 106728

hahah Jenna's posts about "haterz" look just like ember's. she's better milk than ember because she posts more often and she's even more delusional. you don't need to photoshop to be good material for this board.

No. 106729

Probably is. Probably regularly Google searches herself to see if anyone has caught on to her fake ass yet

No. 106737

Doesn't everyone Google themselves every morning, praying for haterz?

No. 106738

It's Laura's eye, but the person running the account is a farmer.

No. 106748

File: 1458235087062.jpg (989.83 KB, 450x254, UETtr4K.jpg)


When an "anorexic" cannot imagine that there are anorexics who can go a whole day or more without eating. So anorexic.

No. 106751

She sounds like she needs to get off the internet/Tumblr and keep herself away from ~triggering~ crap.

No. 106752

Keeping nothing down (and not losing any weight) doesn't make you anorexic. It makes you bulimic. She's so determined to be anorexic but doesn't fit the criteria

No. 106753

File: 1458235981016.jpg (83.63 KB, 750x674, image.jpg)



No. 106754

She's constantly spouting about how it's your own responsibility to stay away from things that trigger you, but she's still on Tumblr and still has anon on. Or how she complained about someone posting before and afters all the time a few days ago, said she unfollowed and yesterday whined about them again.

Yes she says restriction is her main behavior but she is always referencing to not keeping anything down, struggling with bingeing and purging and so on. That's bulimia, not anorexia.

No. 106756

Omg so she's definitely reading here. Hi Jenna! I thought you were a responsible adult that stays away from things that trigger them!

No. 106757

Another way she's trying to be Ally - by acting like a whiny helpless teenager

No. 106759

Aaaaand now she pretends she was referencing anon messages with her tag about her nail polish.

No. 106762

Jenna if ur reading this I'm ur #1 fan pls reblog my selfie ~

No. 106763

Maybe people care about your chipped nail polish because it makes you look like a disgusting unkempt slob. Oh sorry, you're part of the "trash squad" and proud of not showering for days.
Smelly, dirty nails, greasy hair - so attractive.

No. 106764

YES and don't forget the insincere compliment!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 106765

File: 1458237488339.jpg (96.81 KB, 750x621, image.jpg)

Bitch step off your high horse. Half those messages are from people calling you out for being a whiny wannarexic trash can

No. 106767

And she acts like those messages are recent. The inbox count includes messages you sent that were replied to privately. Showing your inbox count is the new popularity contest on Tumblr.

No. 106768

File: 1458237752303.png (68.57 KB, 546x660, sjw.png)


>thinking about making one of these but related to proana scumbags

No. 106769

File: 1458237794024.jpg (219 KB, 750x1015, image.jpg)

Hey Jenna I have a new diagnosis for you

No. 106770

Anyone know what these things are called? Trying to google them but I have no idea what to search.

No. 106773

She should just disable her inbox, tbh.

No. 106774

Who is this

No. 106776


No. 106778

Nah then she can't act like a victim anymore

No. 106782

Holy shit that's pathetic kek. Sorry Jenna, but yeah it does make you less sick. Most people with eating disorders (including bulimia) have succeeded in fasting for at least a day. Even most wannarexics have fasted.
The fact that she tries to play it off as "they're lying" just makes it that much more sad and pathetic.

No. 106783

This. She wants to cry Anorexia without actually suffering.

No. 106786

Yes, I fully agree. It's not even a "wahhhh I am a failure I can't fast for a day" type post, no, she accuses other anorexics of lying about this which is so pathetic, she puts other (real) sufferers down because she feels inferior to them.
She simply is unable to comprehend not eating anything for a whole day which is a clear sign she's not anorexic imo. There are so many reasons why anorexics feel the need to fast like feeling unworthy of food, punishment, not being able to push themselves to eat etc and she cannot relate to any of them?

No. 106807

>calorie-less salad

No. 106816

Is CryingEmily still relevant? She just posted a crying selfie, but I don't think it's milk-worthy enough

No. 106829

was Jenna friends with Kayla/odolnost?

No. 106836

They followed and reblogged each other but idk if they talk(ed) outside of tumblr

No. 106838

File: 1458252868442.jpeg (238.98 KB, 750x1290, image.jpeg)

No. 106839

Uhm wow that's very clearly a reference to Jenna :,)

No. 106845

I'm interested. I don't follow her venting account.

No. 106852

So as soon as Ally posted a picture where you could see her body, Jenna goes and "subtly" bitches about it on her Tumblr? Why you so jelly Jenna? Didn't you say recovery is not about gaining weight? It's truly pathetic that an "adult" 23 year old like Jenna hates on a minor.

No. 106871

File: 1458256997030.jpeg (452.96 KB, 1259x1247, image.jpeg)

Bad bad shooping
Fuck man, she looks like an freaking stick
breathing_brea on inst

No. 106878

I'm no expert but I don't see any shoop, she's just contorting herself to look thinner

No. 106880

Not the poster but are you blind?

I mean if you can't see the giant warp maybe you can at least spot the corner of carpet coloring that shows up on the blue trunk

No. 106884

They need to stop subtly posting about each other and fight. My money's on Jenna because she lifts

No. 106888

Ember lost another hundred followers on insta lol

No. 106890

Yes they need to stop but Jenna has always tried to copy Ally AND they are on different platforms now. Ally = Instagram, Jenna = Tumblr. It's not like they are forced upon each other.
And I am more willing to cut Ally some slack because she seems legitimately sick and doesn't exaggerate her illness and she's much younger than Jenna. They wouldn't even know each other probably if it wasn't for Tumblr so it's pathetic that Jenna seeks out Ally's social media only to post hateful jealous vague-posts.

No. 106891

File: 1458258467693.jpg (155.82 KB, 750x1296, image.jpg)

Oh boy.

No. 106892

Ahahahahahaha omfg haha. She'll be rubbing it all over herself.

No. 106893

When she's back from "IP" she will totally play up her ~IP experience~ and use this all to make herself sound sooo sick. I fully expect her to add "Relapsing after IP" to her description.

No. 106895

Why would anyone want used clothes that more than likely reek of cigarettes?

No. 106896

I'm not so sure. I'm hoping a real experience of being at an ED unit will knock some sense into her buttery little head.

No. 106897


No. 106903

File: 1458259351323.png (1.9 MB, 2048x1375, PhotoGrid_1458258784700-1.png)

>I ordered two punk wigs by accident

That's a blatant fucking lie if I've ever heard one lmfao. Emily, since you obviously lurk here, post an image of your two pink wigs! Would love to see them ahah. I mean, she has bragged about her online shopping for years, pretty positive she wouldn't ACCIDENTALLY spend more money than she intended, especially when she has to penny pinch for alcohol lol.

Soooo, Emily is now trying to sell an overpriced wig that she has already worn. Why spend $20 on something that probably has lice when you can get a NEW one for $13?

I love how she immediately starts to lie and attempt to deceive future customers into buying her shit. What an amazing business tactic lmfao, she sure is going far.

No. 106906

Those clothes look like they've been washed and dried on high heat multiple times. They're trashed.

No. 106908

Who looks at this and thinks, "Yep. This looks totally realistic."

No. 106910

Those fucking "hats" though.

No. 106912

Seriously. They look horrible.

No. 106917

no one cares about Emily. she's a boring basic average white girl. literally no one cares about her. she's selling her old used clothes on depop just like literally everyone else who has a few followers and think they can make a buck. she knows what the wigs look like, it seems like she's just having fun with dumb wigs. unless she does something new stop trying to bring her up. I can tell you're from tumblr. Every time someone brings up Emily this thread dries up.

No. 106919

Every post about Emily is by Emily.

No. 106920

File: 1458262059799.jpg (788.12 KB, 2000x3042, wig.jpg)


Hey obviously I (Emily) lurk because who doesn't want to know what people are saying about them? Also I do want to just say that yes, by accident I DID order two wigs by accident without knowing. I'm selling the other unused one for the price that I paid for one plus shipping. I just need to get rid of things I'm not going to wear/use. I don't see anything wrong with that.

No. 106921

Dude props for coming here and showing proof. I don't even know what to say

No. 106922

Ps u look great

No. 106924


Honestly I'm not tryna bullshit people like I genuinely need to get rid of things and I'm very low on money so if people buy things from depop then yeah cool that's great for me, but if not then I will just donate stuff to free-will or give them to my friends who like them. The only reason I'm on depop is to HOPEFULLY make even just a little bit of money to pay bills and such. Student loans and car insurance will be the death of me tbh :/ if anyone has an issue with me seriously just don't be anonymous and come send me a message on tumblr or email and we can privately talk. I don't wanna start drama guys

No. 106926

(also sry I'm not wearing makeup or anything I just got home from a long day at work and feel poopy)

No. 106927

great. now we can talk about someone else.

No. 106928

Emily are you responding to yourself?

I don't know how this works for Amazon US but isn't shipping the same for two items as it would be for one item…? I really doubt you paid $12 for shipping

No. 106931

Lol Jenna posted a close up of her all vegetables meal when she previosly criticized people for taking close ups and she criticised people for having only vegetables as a meal. Trying so hard to convince us she's really really sick you guys :(

No. 106932

How do we know for sure that that was Emily posting? Seems suspect.

No. 106933

The pictures right as we talked about her possibly lying about having a second pink wig…?

No. 106934

It was $20. Give it to goodwill or give it away or bin it. JFC.

No. 106935

Better still, send it to your friend Ashley. She needs a better wig.

No. 106936

If Jenna says 'tbh' or 'honestly' one more fucking time

No. 106937

Have you noticed how she always mentions being proud of being a 'white girl'? Yes jenna we get it you're so white for liking Starbucks and Lush bath bombs.
In the thread someone made about her on snow (that's closed now) I'm pretty sure she posted twice, but at least the "she never said that lmao" comment.

No. 106940

Seconding. Ash would love it.

No. 106941

She just tries so hard to be someone she's not. Whether that be like Ally or other tumblrinas, she's just a poser that thinks she's sooooo important to the mindless people that only followed her being she associates with people that are actually relevant

No. 106948

This is so cringey

No. 106974

File: 1458276404705.jpg (98.98 KB, 800x600, pic27.jpg)

Thank you for taking the bait. I didn't think you actually would, this is glorious.

No. 106975

Well now that I know Emily C lurks, I can't help but be convinced she posts.

Wonder how many of these are self posts.

No. 106983

OMG really Em? If this actually happened, it's called "RETURNING" sweetie.

No. 106985

She's still around!? Jesus Crust, when I was in high school and had a private Facebook and tumblr her mug was everywhere. That was a good 6/7 years ago.

No. 106997

in fairness, you don't have to have fasted or eaten next to nothing to fit the criteria for AN. in fact i'd probably put fasting as more of a purging behaviour considering it will usually lead to a binge if it isn't in response to one. i do see her point with the post.

certainly not saying she was AN but this post alone doesn't make her less legitimate.

No. 106998

How did you not notice the total being double what is was supposed to be?

No. 106999

How can an anorexic absolutely not fathom someone not eating for a whole day? And that post combined with everything else she's shared about her ED imo shows she's bulimic not anorexic.
She was also active on MPA long after she claimed she deleted her account, bragging about purging lamb and broccoli or some shit.

No. 107002

AN b/p subtype exists. Anorexia isn't just "not eating at all ever". Again, I'm not saying that she was actually anorexic, just that that post alone isn't the proof people are treating it like it is. If she got underweight through purging, she could still have been diagnosed AN b/p.

No. 107004

Finally someone that actually knows what they're talking about

No. 107008

What is important to take out of that post is that purging is her main behavior. And she recently said she majorly struggles with bingeing and purging. Anorexia b/p subtype is characterized by mostly restricting and then bingeing and purging on top of that. Bulimic main behavior is bingeing and purging, but that doesn't mean they never restrict - bulimics often tell themselves "I will restrict/fast tomorrow".
I think it's still telling that she has such difficulty imagining not eating for a day that she feels the need to accuse anorexics of lying about it. The accusation (that reeks of jealousy, by the way) is what bothers me most about the post and that she desperately tries to put herself in the same category as restrictive anorexics. She wants to hear "You are just as good at anorexia as them". (And I still doubt she was diagnosed as anorexic to begin with)

No. 107010

File: 1458301964240.jpg (24.56 KB, 290x425, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

>purging lamb

I hope she chokes on her vomit

No. 107012

I looked at her MPA posts again and she posted about purging spaghetti, yet on her blog she says pasta is her safe food and has always been? ?

No. 107014

Very low-bmi anorexics find it hard to fast for an entire day because their body is already pushing its limits. There are studies that show "high intake anorexics" (meaning restricting between 800 and 1500 kcal for a long period of time) are more successful as far as success goes regarding anorexia. They have lower BMIs and binge less.
Fasting -> Binging. Fasting is more of a wanna than an ana behaviour. Anorexia is about controlling your intake, eating specific things, calories, math-games… eating nothing wouldn't really satisfy those urges. But „I need to lose 20lbs for prom so I’m going to fast the entire month“-wannas will never understand that.

Jenna’s still dumb though.

No. 107015

Jenna is not a very low BMI anorexic though lmao. She's probably not even underweight anymore. If she doesn't restrict for the most part and wasn't underweight when diagnosed how was she even diagnosed with anorexia?

No. 107016

that's why I said she's dumb. a+ reading comprehension.

I just stated that it isn't true that level 10 anas totally must be fasting like some anons here claimed.

No. 107017

And Jenna has made so many posts saying "you don't have to fast to be anorexic" "anorexia is not fasting half the day and then eating three grapes" "you can eat 2000 calories a day and still have anorexia" just clearly trying to tell herself she's anorexic. Wouldn't it be "more anorexic" to justify that she's perfectly fine and not in need of help if she eats 2000 calories a day? Like, all those things are true, but most anorexics would use those facts as reasons they don't need help and that they don't have anorexia.

No. 107018

Not to mention if she had actually been diagnosed, she would've posted proof of her diagnosis by now. She already posted her scale picture (that could've easily been manipulated). Ally posted her diagnosis and when Jenna was asked she was all "I don't need to prove anything to you guys!!!" That's because you don't have anything to prove, Jenna. You're bulimic, not AN.

No. 107019

Another thing is, they could be eating higher amounts of calories and then just exercising it all off.

No. 107021

Which is more bulimia. A lot of it falls on her not being underweight, never being underweight, binging and purging, yet refusing to call herself bulimic because thats not gonna get her as much attention. She's undeniably wannerexic

No. 107026

See, I disagree because eating like, 1200 cals or so is not binging. Also sometimes with the b/p subtype, there's laxatives involved or diuretics. But if someone just exercises their calories off then IDK, I don't think it fits the b/p subtype. Maybe there needs to be another category for people who just overexercise.

And I wasn't talking about Jenna, but I agree, Jenna wants attention and asspats and not fitting into a certain category won't give her the attention she wants.

No. 107033

File: 1458311560630.jpeg (434.04 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

Are we going to completely ignore the fact that Emily in her wig photo is wearing the same shirt Felice has…..

No. 107034


Not underweight, no binges before purging, purging normal amounts of food. Maybe this is what Jenna has.

No. 107041

These girls have no personalities of their own.

No. 107044

Holy shit I just realized that she commented on Emily's sales post. Gross.

No. 107045

She was diagnosed bulimic, according to her info. Then magically in '14, she was diagnosed anorexic, I forgot the subtype though.

No. 107046

She was "re-diagnosed" as anorexia b/p subtype in 2015, or so she claims.

No. 107047

Yes, that was it. Thanks.

No. 107048

Let's not forget that she gave out purging tips on MPA. Wannarexic for sure.

No. 107049

Coincidentally, right after Ally was diagnosed. They both were on mpa too and were 'outed' via hate blogs that posted screenshots (that suspiciously look like self posting…)

No. 107050

I thought the exact same thing today, what if Jenna "exposed" herself - shouldn't she have been careful about her MPA account after Ally was outed? She even had a selfie that she had on her blog as a profile picture on MPA. And she continued to post on MPA after apologising, possibly to add fuel to the fire?

No. 107051

Anorexia can also be about purposely pushing your limits though, and that's where fasting comes in. I've seen plenty of underweight non-wannas go on water fasts just to test themselves. The difference between them and wannas is that if they do set a time span, it's realistic, whereas wannas will say it's for an entire month, like your example. Different people are different and all, but fasting is still a common behavior among anorexics (in which they've at least tried it or can fathom why someone else has.)

Was she ever underweight to begin with?

No. 107052

What if Jenna made all of that hate blogs, even the Ally ones…

No. 107053

She claims that she was, and after a few workouts she's now posting flex pics claiming she's 'rapidly gaining weight' from 'muscle memory' or some bs, implying that she had all this weight to gain from her ~super emaciated~ bod

No. 107054

What if Jenna was the one who exposed Ally after seeing her on MPA, got jealous when Ally got so much attention after being exposed and decided to "expose" herself?

No. 107055

Fuck I wish I could prove it

No. 107056

She claimed a weight that put her at 15-16 BMI at some point but never looked it. Now she looks BMI 20+ after gaining "10 lbs".
If she was really restricting and purging as much as she pretends wouldn't she have a really hard time building muscle so "quickly"?

No. 107057

No. 107058

I never saw that lmao. About the looking like a troll in person: when she worked at Lulu she refused to say which location or even say where she lives and freaked out when she got an anon saying they saw her at work, but now all of a sudden she's okay with it? Maybe she didn't want anybody seeing her ugly mug and completely average body.

No. 107059

No. 107060

"What kind of sick…twisted douchebag…"
Nika hon, those are facts. It's called being honest ;)

No. 107064

Exactly. She claims she was underweight, but was she actually ever underweight? As far as pictures show, no.

No. 107065

You look best without makeup.

No. 107068

So does my ass cheek

No. 107077

Yeah, she said she gained ten lbs within a month. I don't buy it.

No. 107080

Maybe Jenna has reverse-BDD, so she sees herself as thinner than she is. The weights she gives are weights she thinks she looks in those pictures, rather than what the scale actually tells her.

No. 107083

Very real possibility

No. 107087

I’m the anon you were replying to: I don’t disagree. I didn’t meant to say fasting doesn’t occur among anorexics. I just don’t think it’s the typical or most common behavior like many seem to believe. True anas survive on air and diet coke blabla… bullshit.

A lot of girls who’ve been through different BMI-stages will say: Fasting at a BMI of 21 - A breeze. Fasting at a BMI of 17 - difficult. Fasting at a BMI of 14 - Results in fainting after a couple of hours. If you don’t want to draw attention to your disorder you try to stay within your limits, no fasting. The most „successful“ anorexics I know are those who consistently eat a specific amount of calories. They can go like this for years. Walking skellies like Ally.
Those who try to push their limits on the other hand end up in hospital much faster.

To the people discussing Jennas diagnosis if she has one at all: you guys have to drop it. Yes, the DSM exists but it’s still a matter of interpretation. You might go to several doctors and one will classify you as bulimic, the other as ednos, the last as AN b/p subtype (if you’re not a lardass.)

No. 107088

She should change her name to Lord-Voldemia because she's definitely not 'swole'.

No. 107089

She wants so badly to fit the typical 'Ed warrior' mold. Skinny and disordered → Fit and healthy. It's only a matter of time before she starts bulking and cutting

No. 107095


No. 107096

Would she also be the one who sent messagess to random people on tumblr how to find Allys CP?

No. 107097

I mean, Jenna was a cam girl

No. 107098

lmao seriously?! With that face I wouldnt even think about camming.
Was that before sbe said she had an ed or after?

No. 107099

File: 1458325496092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.6 KB, 1080x1656, image.jpg)

Nude body checks: check.

No. 107101

Both I think. She even had herself listed in the skinny category and lied about deleting her profile lmao. So dysmorphic. Now she says she only cammed for a month, but back then she said she made so much money with it and was a total pro.

No. 107102

that sad ass…good thing she started lifting

No. 107103

Man, this just keeps getting better and better.

No. 107104

That untoned body is unfortunate

No. 107107

You're late. brought this up in one of the last threads.

No. 107108

everyone is without a doubt gonna criticize because that's all you anachan's do but her body is cute sorry

No. 107109

Just wanted to clarify that pic is old. But yeah she looks fine here, it's just funny because she called herself skinny at the time. I have a body like that and would never ever call myself skinny or even slim.

No. 107110

Hi jenna

No. 107111

Ok Jenna

No. 107112

It's not that there's something wrong with her body. I actually think it looks fine. But she was pretending she was super skinny when clearly, she wasn't. And she's given out purging tips on MPA. She is not a good person.

No. 107114

She doesn't own who she is. She constantly lies about who she is and can't accept the fact that if she's anorexic at all, she's not very successful at the losing weight part. She pretends to be underweight and exaggerates her sickness, and that pisses people who are actually sick off.

No. 107117

I'm not Jenna :( but you can see her hair is brown in the nude which it hasn't been for a year. I remember when it was first posted and she vague posted about "old nudes not being problematic if they were taken at a healthy weight" or some shit but quickly took the post down lol

No. 107118

And she brags about shit that's just not true. How would you feel if your friend that's cleary not underweight constantly openly talked about and bragged about how they never keep anything down and are super emaciated?

No. 107119

How did you guys find Jenna's Tumblr? It wouldn't surprise me if some of the posters in here are other pissed off recovery bloggers. I think many in the recovery community are sick of Jenna's hypocritical shit.

No. 107120

Same anon here. Yes, she's clearly not underweight there, just saying her body was cute before people come in inevitably calling her fat.

No. 107121

I found out abouy her when she was mentioned a while ago here.

No. 107122

I actually run a fitblr blog. Found out about her via other people who reblogged from her. Followed her for a only a day and had to unfollow because shes annoying

No. 107127

Same here. I followed her for maybe two days but couldn't put up with her constant posting/whining.

No. 107128

File: 1458329645725.png (8.61 KB, 814x194, surejan.png)

Lmaoooooo! You're kidding yourself, Jenna.

No. 107131

this is fucking embarrassing jfc

No. 107151

Jenna is Lord Swoldemort? I can't keep up with all these anas.

No. 107154

Yes. And she has her regular account and a venting accout on tumblr.

No. 107155

Yes Jenna is lord–swoledemort but her blog is currently only accessible if you're logged into Tumblr

No. 107158

And her whine blog is jennawhines but she says she doesn't post her triggering content there anymore because she lost the login info.

No. 107165

Three weeks until Joltogs is rocking this shirt too.

No. 107175

File: 1458333645550.jpg (150.14 KB, 750x946, image.jpg)

Nice subtle thigh pose. If she's gained she's trying really hard to hide it.

No. 107176

I don't think she's lying about having lost the password to her side blog. Why would she want to keep those posts up?

No. 107178

The screencap I posted is new, though. She didn't have that post a day or two ago.

No. 107179

She's such a liar. Jesus Christ.

No. 107185

I'm sorry! I was mistaken. It was posted in December, FML. Maybe she did forget the password then.

No. 107189

I don't think she gained. She's eating dressing-less salad and her breakfast seems to be half a Lara bar.

No. 107190

Did Ally really lie about her age? Some say she did so the older fitblrs would accept her

No. 107191

I'm just waiting for her to delete one of the posts we discuss lol

No. 107195

Yes. She never owned up to it but she said she was 19 for a while. She would always flirt with older Fitblr guys and post booty 'progress' pics. Her and Jenna are alike in a lot of ways

No. 107197

"Then they made me eat my own child's flesh. "

No. 107200

I'm sure it'll happen.

No. 107202

BS confirmed.

No. 107204

Ew, I didn't know that. Yes we shouldn't forget Ally has done messed up things as well, blatantly lied about her ED, was very active on Myproana, subtly bragged about her disorder when she claimed to be recovering and much much more.

No. 107205

How embarrassing. Those thunder thighs are killing me

No. 107207

Yes, this. She's apologized but they're empty apologizes, since she just keeps doing it

No. 107216

Absolute shit. Dee from hardly_whole claimed that ages ago and now dunt talk about it and now the same thing happened to her
Both a load of bullshit

No. 107229

Does she even have DID? like, how do we know she isn't faking?

No. 107233

I was under the impression that someone with DID doesn't remember their alters/their alters behavior dued to disassociation. Am I not understanding it correctly?

No. 107235

It's possible she's been diagnosed with DID but there's a lot of controversy around the validity of DID as a whole. A lot of professionals believe it's therapist induced.

No. 107237

The only person I've known to have DID is that Autumn person and a lot of people seem to think she's fake, too.

But I have heard that the validity of DID is controversial as well.

No. 107244

File: 1458345082532.jpeg (200.97 KB, 750x1250, image.jpeg)

First off, when did Emilys chest bones become prominent again? Second, how is she friends w babytrash?

No. 107245


Digging that camisole tho ngl.

No. 107248

I just saw that. Wtf.

Something I thought about the other day; she posted a picture in a car (possibly driving), saying she was on her way to an interview or something. What if one of her babypersonas came out during either one of those? Does she supposedly have control over her alters? Some posts suggest not.

No. 107249

Deets on babytrash?

No. 107250

No, don't alters come out as a response to something triggering.

No. 107251

that's not prominent, that's pulling your shoulders back and upping the contrast on the photo

No. 107252

Odd how every alter of every ig and tumblr person has the exact same way of signing off which "little" is uploading, eg ~Skye.

A few years ago I subscribed to a youtube channel if an older woman (50plus) who had a DID diagnosis. She was the only internet person I've ever truly believed wasn't faking. It wad always her, the host, speaking and her vlogs taught me a lot about her mental illnesses.

She suddenly vanished from youtube and now all I see is kids pretending to be 6 years old and doing the ~Skylar thing.

As for ~Cassie and her #satanicritualabuse, she's spent too much time on abovetopsecret/Ickes forum.

No. 107253

It's a coping mechanism

No. 107254

They didn't show up on her snapchat photo. Anyone have a way to secret screenshot?

No. 107262

It's highlighter. Applied badly.

No. 107269


This is such a RA cliche (I was made to eat my baby). It's these claims that started the whole panic in the 90's.

I believe Cassie is mentally ill but the DID is too tumblr-esque.

No. 107270

Is emily trying to be ember now

No. 107271

Someone's gotta fill her shoes.

No. 107405

wait who is this and what's her deal? like can i get a quick rundown on her because her blog and instagram are confusing the fuck out of me?

No. 107406

File: 1458409054000.png (905.54 KB, 1043x719, jiljkl.PNG)

same anon as >>107405
i'm lurking this did chick's insta and came across this and if this isn't such fake bullshit i don't know what is.
like this looks like an adult specifically going out of their way to over-fuck up their hand writing to make it look that of a child's

p sure even if one of your ~multiple identities~ was a child, their writing still wouldn't be this laughably atrocious

this is one special lil snowflake

No. 107408

File: 1458409862448.jpg (53.7 KB, 599x399, 2011-10-busted.jpg)

>flip-flopping which direction to write letters in like "a", "d", and "e" even though she clearly knows which direction is right from the fact that she does it right almost every time, and even kids who don't know don't do that–they choose a direction and stick with it consistently
>writes "safe" and then "saf" on same page, forgetting that she already showed knowledge of how to spell the word, something kids also almost never do

No. 107414

This is the worst shit ever. It looks like she did this with her non-dominant hand.

No. 107416

Emily's chest bones aren't showing wtf. That photo literally shows nothing except a tacky camisole.

No. 107426

Not to mention, if this were actually from a child, it wouldn't makes sense for her to show knowledge of the "ee" sound (in "see") and then not apply it when writing "keep" and "keeping" as kids that age write/spell based on the sounds of the words.
I was going to suggest that too! It's definitely an adult writing with the non-dominant hand while attempting to write/spell like a child.

No. 107430

File: 1458416313126.jpg (135.46 KB, 750x847, image.jpg)

Yes I bet those 12 hours were so cleansing

No. 107431

File: 1458416678843.gif (143.47 KB, 489x378, innerskelly.gif)

Anyone else notice this?

No. 107432

Translation: wahhh I need ana points by pretending I'm in a bad place when I'm not….

No. 107433

Notice how she always said pasta was a safe food and that she never had a problem with it so it made her feel less sick…so she finally made a post the other day about how she ate pasta for the first time without binging.

Gotta pretend like things bother me for the ana points

No. 107436

Yeah and prior to that she was eating out a lot/going on dates and shit. Sorry but if youre really uncomfortable with eating out then usually you'll do everything you can to avoid it.

No. 107438

Pretended like meat grossed her out then suddenly 'overcame' her fear by eating meat all the time. Only said meat grossed her out because Ally did.

No. 107441

Or how she always said carbs are her safe food and she only restricts fats and then suddenly it was national cereal day and she said ~in honour of national cereal day I challenged myself with cereal even though carbs are a fear for me~ lol she's so fucking fake.
And she ALWAYS said pasta was her safe food, it's obvious she just wanted headpats for eating pasta without bingeing.

No. 107442

File: 1458417655058.jpg (156.46 KB, 750x1047, image.jpg)

Dem chest bones

No. 107444

Or how she decided to try veganism because Ally did, and when Ally said veganism is restrictive (no shit) Jenna suddenly said it was too and attacked anyone who was vegan in recovery. I guess I can't blame her too much for being a fake, the real her isn't gonna get her attention

No. 107445

this is so obviously fake it almost hurts. it's stereotypical 'little kid' writing and no four year old can spell or write in straight lines like that.

No. 107447

File: 1458417952427.jpg (133.72 KB, 750x897, image.jpg)

Can we talk about this…

No. 107448

Oh god yeah its so fucking obviously fake. Shes trying way too hard

No. 107449

did emily draw that herself? Jesus, it's terrible. is she gonna get people to draw fanart of her like ember now?

No. 107452

she has to ask people to draw her #drawmeandillshoutyouout

No. 107463

uhh what? she has an ed now too? did she say wich one or anything?

No. 107464

People have been drawing Emily for ages. Just go to emilyologist.com/tagged/fan+art

She never asks people to draw her, the only thing I ever see her asking for is to send her messages "when she's bored"

No. 107465

Yeah I can believe this, she probably has a lot of mindless followers just aching to be noticed by the oh so wonderful emily

No. 107466

I'm not sure what you want to talk about, but she doesn't know how clothes work.

No. 107468

Who the fuck drew this?

No. 107473

maybe the artist wanted to draw her with big boobs but failed? lmao ok I cant even make myself believe that.
I also wonder who the artist is? Emily herself or some ana chan? because it looks way worse with the "bones" sticking out

No. 107477

File: 1458425662065.jpg (63.72 KB, 619x497, bm.JPG)

I see this trend increasing.

Pic related.

No. 107479

The user is tagged on her IG. The artist was @ex_ghoulfriend (which correct me if I'm wrong but from following Emily drama for so long wasn't that someone who Emily had beef with like ember?)

No. 107486

Emily probably decided to give her a break since she's clearly retarded given her drawing.

No. 107492


She was never skinny what the fuuuuck

No. 107493

btw emily's cell number is (978) 309-5281. I don't feel bad posting this because she's posted mine in the past.

No. 107494

Why do people think we'll call someone just because we gossip about them

No. 107497

no one wants to talk to you emily

No. 107500

Phoning her right now. This is going to be great. As soon as she picks up, I'm going to scream, "YOU'RE FAT" and then giggle and hang up. Oh boyyy! I can't wait!

No. 107501

Why the fuck would you bother?

No. 107502

I'm a master troll.

No. 107503

wow ur so clever omg i wish i could come up with that geez sooo cool

(Really hope, >>107502 , that you're actually trolling us though and don't do that. That's pathetic.)

No. 107504

I wouldnt bother wasting the minutes on my cell..

No. 107505

File: 1458431860334.jpg (45.7 KB, 600x547, ankles together is one of the …)

Do her thighs look insanely blurry in this first photo? She has a normal thigh shape, but they just look blurry. Or am I just over-focusing?

No. 107506

File: 1458431980616.jpg (780.56 KB, 1484x1900, IMG_20160319_185559.jpg)

So you're just taking over as Photoshop liar queen while Ember is in hiding/in treatment/in her pedophile basement trolling while still blocking people? Fatass cunt

No. 107507

Sucking in while inflating the lungs to full capacity isn't anorexia. Sick of this shit. It's like a chicken carcasses impersonation contest. When will it stop?

No. 107508

Gonna need some proof of where the first "bigger" pic is from.. Never seen it before.

No. 107512

Whatever Emily, it's what the pic looked liked before you edited it.

No. 107513

Anyone under 200 pounds can look like this

No. 107515

Ugh! Emily! Pick up your phone! Jeez.

No. 107516


Wait who is this?

No. 107517

Emily crockpot

No. 107518

ACTUALLY, as a matter of fact Acacia Brinley the fake fat whore does photoshop. If you can be assed look at the photo she has on her instagram. It is basically a photo of her riding on a bike and her thigh goes in due to the liquify effect. It's obvious that she has self esteem issues about her big fat tree trunk thighs.

No. 107519

So like where is the orig pic compared to what emily posted? How do we know u didn't stretch that bc tbh it looks like u stretched the top photo and posted hers under it to make it look like she photoshops………..

No. 107522

I'm gonna tell her that her refrigerator is running and she better go catch it!

No. 107523

seconding dis
i need 2 see the orignial if i am going to believe any of the shit on here…..

No. 107526

Settle the fuck down. It's just an example to show what her original most likely looks like. JFC

No. 107529

nice b8. not her number

No. 107530

Yeah, I called it and the person who answered sounded skinny.

No. 107531

I literally hate this thread. You certainly don't have to be anorexic to do that but you can't fucking be like 150 pounds or w/e like you're implying and make that pose and look like that jesus you stupid ass anachans

No. 107532

Tried it and couldn't do it?

No. 107533

File: 1458435908257.jpg (631.1 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160319_195527.jpg)

Emily posts her own Photoshop proof so we don't have to. (both pics posted today)

No. 107534

Yeah cause I'm 201 pounds :(

No. 107535

Fuck me emily let herself go

No. 107547

File: 1458437700489.jpg (79.35 KB, 595x599, trashy tights.JPG)

Again. All angles and shit.

In this pic her thighs are of a slim person. They spread out because she's sitting down on the floor naturally.

She's a healthy weight. Chest bones aren't the realms of anorexia. I've got them but my thighs and ass are fat. Her tits are too big to ever get the skinny looks she's after. Can't suck your bangers in, hey.

No. 107548

slim person* as in not anorexic. Untoned.

No. 107609

File: 1458452584441.jpeg (108.85 KB, 750x728, image.jpeg)

1/2 posted on friday 3/18

No. 107610

File: 1458452627569.jpeg (252.06 KB, 750x1290, image.jpeg)

2/2 posted saturday 3/19

No. 107619

Yes this thread can be quite tedious. I hope that the posters calling this Emily woman and the notorious Ember fat, not underweight and worse are just being sarcastc otherwise it seems they too are just as body dysmorphic as the women poster here. Also it's boring as heck seeing people like Ember and Emily posted over and over again.

No. 107623

She wants to be pitied so bad. Like, wahhhh feel sorry for me that I am a healthy weight.
And notice how she makes it sound like she has much more weight to gain?

No. 107624

And she's stupid because pretty much nobody can eat what they want in excess and still be slim

No. 107637

>wants to be seen as ~*totally ana*~
>uses the same excuses that morbidly obese HAES bitches do

No. 107649

Yep so embarrassing. I highly doubt she has a special snowflake metabolism that somehow stores every calorie she eats as fat. She says she doesn't have a metabolism because of MUH THYROID CONDISHUN even though she's been medicated all her life.
Oh and anybody remember when she got all the messages about her body not looking underweight? Someone came to her rescue and said "it's ok you just have a small frame" and she said she didn't. Now that she wants pity she says her frame is small.

No. 107656

Tedious yes, but it's less about thinking these people are actually fat more about contrasting what they're saying to what people with their heads out of assholes are seeing.

We are as mean as all the other people on lolcow tho ;)))))););););!:));)4)-)$2)3!72!-!/!

No. 107660

So now Jenna says she's afraid of the calories in alcohol, despite constantly bragging how much she drinks and snapping pictures of wine bottles? (btw it fucking disgusts me that she romanticizes excessive drinking when her mom and some of her ED recovery friends are (recovering) alcoholics)

No. 107670

>We are as mean as all the other people on lolcow tho ;)))))););););!:));)4)-)$2)3!72!-!/!

riiiight. but you're not witty or funny. please, go back to MPA.

No. 107686

"I don’t have a thyroid (literally, there is no thyroid gland in my body) and therefore my metabolism is recreated by a pill that i take daily. super easy, low maintenance, nbd, but it’s less effective than a regular metabolism, and hypothyroidism caused by not having a thyroid means i naturally sit at a higher weight. my dosage changes constantly as my body does and with a normal person, the metabolism would follow suit. mine doesn’t, because it’s recreated by a pill. just something i have to come to terms with and accept. i spent my whole life resenting that, but if i want to break the restrict/b/p cycle, accepting that my weight is naturally a little higher has to happen. "

Ok….so Jenna had a complete thyroidectomy. So did my friend. She had absolutely no thyroid and guess what…she's on meds and gasp, is even on the thin side!

Jenna is just bs'ing, as usual.

No. 107687

She could try not eating like a fatty.

No. 107690

obviously jenna isn't fat but even she admits that her weight is normal (not underweight) or implies it anyway, and she said she didn't do any lasting damage from her oh so terrible purging (remember when she went to the doctor for her earth shattering diagnosis and said she "didn't fuck her body up as much as she thought" or whatever). everything she does and says is so extra and over the top, good thing she can admit she's attention seeking or she would be straight up 100%delusional. I'm just waiting for her to alienate the rest of the fitness bloggers by invalidating their EDs in an attempt to make herself feel better.

No. 107701

She didn't have a thyroidectomy, she says she was born without a thyroid. I have next to no thyroid tissue left because of Hashimoto's and I don't have problems managing my weight with a balanced diet.

No. 107703

She had sort of already done that. You know the quote "if you're not recovering you're dying"? Many in the recovery community use it as a motivation to get better, but special snowflake Jenna made a post about how that's not true at all and it's totally possible and not dangerous to live between recovering and dying. She did receive a lot of backlash though.
Or how about "going vegan to restrict in recovery is ok because at least you will eat something" (even though she previously said it's a misconception that anorexics never eat)

No. 107712

She sounds like Ash.

No. 107714

You're right, that's the problem with this thread, most of the posters seem as delusional/disordered as the girls they're posting about it's so exhausting to see, you just have to roll your eyes and bite your tongue and scroll past it everyday.

And there's such a huge lack of milk, people like Ember and Emily (and now this Jenna girl) who are boring as fuck are obsessed over while that DID girl isn't even being discussed anymore despite being the most interesting topic this thread has probably ever touched on

No. 107716

Eh, isn't the end result the same though, taking synthroid forever and ever until you die? how do we know Jenna isn't making that up, anyway?

No. 107727

Jenna is fat and boring.
Post some ohchickpea!

No. 107730

File: 1458498596895.jpg (302.36 KB, 719x1207, IMG_20160320_122824.jpg)

This fucking hoodie. Every attention whore has it.

No. 107733

Yeah I don't think she's lying about having hypothyroidism but being on the right dosis of meds results in being able to live like any other person, yet she makes it sound like overweight is inevitable.

No. 107740

File: 1458499419778.jpg (327.34 KB, 719x1009, IMG_20160320_124206.jpg)


No. 107743

The Satanist who made her eat her baby?

No. 107745

Her daughter is now a part of her. Forever. TBH I've eaten like five babies and I'm not even upset about it.

No. 107746

If you look way far back in her insta ( I was creepin ) she seems perfectly normal??? Aside from having an eating disorder… Like I don't understand where this "DID" came from? Attention??? Wtf

No. 107748

Idgi she's had a kid? can someone give a quick rundown on this chickpea

No. 107749

File: 1458500220136.png (534.94 KB, 1160x774, Capture.PNG)

how do people even know she's dead… lmao

No. 107750

i can imagine some DID snowflake killing off alters to weasel their way out of the lie

No. 107751

It happened suddenly. I used to like her feed but really recently she mentioned DID once and from then on she went berserk with the idea.

Yeah, this is way too obvious. So dramatic. "How do you know she's dead?" "Cassie told us"…oh right then, she's reliable.

YES! Didn't think of that one.

No. 107752

Also, pretty sure her lil.bean account was where she posted her paintings. Not it's dedicated to her alters.

No. 107753


No. 107756

Lmao what did she hang it from? Her friend's hands so she could take a dramatic photo? She took the time to make it black and white? Ahahaha.

No. 107757

File: 1458500934887.jpg (28.74 KB, 330x361, o hai.JPG)

Here's another joke. This shit. Seriously.

BTW, hi Jolto!

No. 107758

…And Bacon the cat!

No. 107759

Do they just throw in a random animal for fun, or what? My new alter is Bob the Alligator.

No. 107760

>Pure Angel, but can also become a leopard and/or robot


No. 107766

If I'm reading this right, she's claiming that her alter has alters? And she's ftm now? What.

No. 107776

cassie seriously enables this boy i know on ig, one day he just suddenly had alters despite not having a disassociative disorder (and we would know about it if he did because he overshares his whole life) and when i called him out on how suddenly he had these alters, cassie butted in and made me feel like it would be TRIGGERING and ABLEIST to question him any more about it. but his alters are obviously fake and whatever is wrong with him isn't DID but she really took him under her wing.

No. 107778

>we hung out once

No. 107779


It seems kay.kee and warren knew him in real life so he might really be dead.

No. 107780

>>107766 i'm not sure if anyone's posted this but this is cassie/ohchickpea's tumblr: http://we-notme.tumblr.com/post/136032900397/all-about-us i think it's kind of weird how she's using pictures of other people's children to represent her own alters? idk

No. 107781

I don't understand why she hashtags all her "disorders" clearly something is fucked up about her, but she certainly doesn't have alters. No person with multiple personalities is going to sign off as each person and hash tag all sorts of disorder related nonsense.

Sage because she pisses me off

No. 107782

She's really put a lot of effort into this.

No. 107783

I hope this bitch didn't lie and tell her mom that she was abused and Satanists made her eat her baby.

No. 107784

She's got a lot of time to kill, and being surrounded by mental illness doesn't help.

She pisses me off too. There're already debates about the validity of DID, but before it became "popular" I knew of people who claimed multiple personalities and they seemed legit, like not making it up for attention. This Cassie's jumped on a bandwagon and it pisses me off for those really dealing with symptoms of DID. Just like fake anas.

No. 107785

Someone bought Emilys pink wig..

No. 107786

Was it Ember?

No. 107788

I've seen mental illnesses become popular and then go out of fashion on the Internet since 2000. First it was bipolar, then schizophrenia, then OCD, then Aspergers, then DID. Now DID is fading out of popularity and BPD is the new kewl disorder to have. It's actually hilarious.

No. 107789

I've never heard of someone having MPD/DID knowing really "who is who" in a sense. It was always "I blacked out for two days and don't know what happened" sort of thing. She's basically turned it into the journal entry fanfiction sort of bullshit. And she just recently started the DID thing, correct? I found her profile a year ago and she just mentioned self harm and anorexia. One of her friends/followers also has DID and has 25 alters and they list it in their bio with a list like Cassie has on who everyone is and what age. Sound like someone saw the article about Billy Milligan

No. 107792

Yup. I know a tumblrina who over the past 10 years said she was anorexic, then had ADHD, then bipolar, but now she's switched to physical illnesses. She gets more cash on gofuckme for her physical illness scams (ie money for "wheelchairs" though posts pics of herself dancing on facebook).

No. 107794

She mentioned. DID very recently. Maybe the end of Las year. When I'm on my laptop I'll try to pinpoint the post.

No. 107799

Yes it seems to have just sprung up. Surely if the trauma was childhood it would have been triggered then or even earlier, not just something that develops in your adulthood within weeks?

To me it seems just like playing pretend, like when you are a child and you have to challenge yourself so you pretend to be a brave, strong character or in her case as an adult and you want to be devoid of responsability you start acting like a child/baby/bear kek. She seems to be backing out of adult responsability like living independently, talking to the police etc and instead plays like a child instead ?
What I find concerning is ho her followers basically egg her on and encourage all these pretend characters/ "alters" which I'm sure goes against her teams medical advice.

No. 107800

Odd how all her personas are able to know her password, work a phone etc surely each alter would be completely ignorant about such things especially the kids?

No. 107802

No, I meant lying about not being born with a thyroid.

No. 107804

I can guarantee that if we look up Cassie in two years time, she won't have DID.

No. 107807

I guess it's possible but why? Then again I'm 99% sure she lied about having cancer for no apparent reason so who knows.
Btw looking back on some of her old cancer posts, what does " not tolerating chemo" mean? She posted a pic of her still having her saying "shoutout to my body for not tolerating chemo". ?? Kind of assuming she meant she didn't tolerate chemo and thus can undergo treatment that let her keep her hair. But doesn't literally everybody not tolerate chemo which is why it's such a bad experience?

No. 107808

Maybe for sympathy? maybe as an excuse for her to say she has an ED but she's "naturally" bigger because of no thyroid.

Not tolerating chemo would probably mean having crazy side effects, but that would include hair falling out. My boyfriend's mom's bff had breast cancer. Lost both her boobs and her hair fell out.

No. 107810

Now I'm 100% sure Jenna faked cancer. She used to have some posts about her "cancer" tagged as fuck cancer and cancer. They are all gone now. Lord–swoledemort faked cancer. How fucking pathetic do you have to be?

No. 107811

Meant to add the the bff had cancer this year, so it was very recent. I do know people are given different types of chemo drugs as well but I do believe most of them still had side effects like nausea, fatigue, hair loss, etc. And yes almost everyone experiences that.

No. 107814

You see, if someone was undergoing some kind of cancer treatment, getting "intensive surgery" and regularly in the hospital, they wouldn't look perfectly healthy and they wouldn't go to the gym every day. Those were some clues she never had cancer.
Then the sudden stop of mentioning the cancer on her Tumblr and no mention on her Instagram where she is connected with people from real life.
And now scrubbing all her "cancer" posts.
She's disgusting. Faking cancer for pity and popularity points.

No. 107815

"eva" is the only one who makes videos on ig, and when someone mentioned this cassie made a video of her acting like one of her older alters.

No. 107817

What if Emily starts claiming her dissociation issues are transforming into DID. I might die.

No. 107818

Which one?

No. 107820

I want this to happen.

No. 107824

Yeah. The mom's bff didn't want to be seen until after her treatment was finished because she was going through a lot and probably looked like hell and was super sick.

No. 107843

These attention seekers should act out being a targeted individual. Gang stalking pics. Those people are lulzy af.

No. 107848

Exactly. Each persona would have their own things. They are all "individuals." They wouldn't all use one account. and all her alters wouldn't have the same accent
Her videos of "Eva" have different voices. One sounds super baby the other just sounded like she was talking higher pitched

No. 107862

Jenna, if youre as adult as you always pretend and youre not bothered by anonymous 'lintlickers' why did you delete all your cancer posts? Theres no excuse for being such a horrible human being. How stupid and brainless do you have to be to lie about having cancer so people from Tumblr will feel sorry for you?

No. 107863

This has to fucking stop.Cassie is clearly unwell and bitching about her on an anonymous cancerous website such as this is only going to fuel her illnesses and who the fuck are you all to say she is lying or faking. She doesnt deserve any of this

No. 107865

Fuck off

No. 107868

She's picked the edgiest sounding disorder and will drop the act as soon as she feels she isn't getting as much attention as she deserves from it. Then it will be something new, a devil possession for all I know, who cares. The point is that her whole life is about being the cutest and most insane patient she can possibly manufacture. She's milking the mental health syst harder than we've milked any cow.

No. 107869

Annnnnd now Jenna password protected her whine blog. I thought she forgot the password to it?? liar.

No. 107870

SRA has been debunked over and over again so no shit she's lying about satanists making her eat a baby

No. 107874

File: 1458514627604.png (431.07 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Googled her real name (Rachel Temple-Simpson) and this was the first thing to pop up.
From March-July of 2014 she did "Ed advice"

No. 107875

lololol she password protected her whine blog omfg she's definitely reading this board!! hi jenna!! are you really getting less rude anons now or are you just trying to put on the fakest show ever for your 4 loyal followers who believe your ed is as bad as you try to make it seem

No. 107876

File: 1458514953800.jpeg (320.94 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

Posted on 3 July 15
Yep she definitely ate her child's flesh. (It was a burrito)

No. 107877

She is such a pathetic liar. You cannot password protect primary blogs, so this means her whine blog is the secondary blog - she never even needed any login info to access it. She lied about forgetting the login info as an excuse for posting triggering content on her blog.

Jenna no wonder your boyfriend dumped you, ignored you and cheated on you multiple times. You're a big fat adult baby mooching off your parents, lying about cancer and your eating disorder, lying about your weight, lying about being vegan, romanticizing excessive alcohol when your mother is allegedly an alcoholic and you're pro anorexia. I wouldn't be surprised if she lied about her mother being alcoholic for extra pity points.

No. 107878

I wish there was a way to take all this new info to Tumblr. But sadly, the stupid recovery blogs think facts are mean and lies :(

No. 107879

no shit
you can scroll through her insta and even a year ago there's not a single mention of DID. just a normal girl with an eating disorder

No. 107886

File: 1458515715805.jpg (221.67 KB, 1062x1619, h0aJFpb.jpg)

Lord–swoledemort "not tolerating chemo" for her fake cancer

No. 107888

Jenna probably loves this attention, posting about it would only give her more. That's how she got attention on tumblr in the first place, from hate

No. 107890

ok jenna
(sorry lol I understand this argument, but I can also imagine Jenna coming here and saying this so none of her Tumblr fake friends find out what a bitch she is)

No. 107893

dude I fucking hate her lol but I think it's true. She used to get pity for talking about people referencing her here. She'll get tired of keeping up with the lies and leave eventually. She hates not being the center of attention.

No. 107895

File: 1458517065485.jpg (89.68 KB, 921x587, uhhuh.JPG)


I'm struggling to find Cassie's first mention of DID, but I found this which is a taste of things to come.

No. 107898

Really fucking stupid when normal girls twist themselves to look thinner. She's a random, dime a dozen, scrawny girl with a ugly face attaching herself to a sick online eating disorder fetish community for attention instead of working at developing her skills.

Same as Emily, same as Ember, etc. etc.

No. 107900

(also odd how her "alters" never make an appearance on her facebook https://www.facebook.com/cassiebelly )

No. 107901

This post gave me the hiccups.

No. 107904

File: 1458518459950.png (906.02 KB, 936x609, fdgh.PNG)

i couldn't find a post that first mentioned it either but this is the first one where she actually used some of her "alters" names and someone asked wtf she was talking about

No. 107905

>bitching about her on an anonymous cancerous website such as this is only going to fuel her illnesses

Maybe it's best she fuck off the internets then. She wouldn't be able to google mental illnesses and conspiracy theories that fuel her "DID".

No. 107906

Can you drink some fucking water instead of stealing your mom's wine already- you're an adult, take care of yourself.

You don't seem to fucking get it, posting here is the worst thing you can do. Stop self-sabotaging your own personal growth and get the fuck off the internet, especially some shitty gossip site where I can promise you no one actually gives a shit about you. The people that are the most obvious idiots get posted here, and you actually answering us is extremely pathetic. Take this site and tumblr as a whole out of your obviously too small world, because you're already too old for this dumb shit and no good can come from it. Grow the fuck up enough that you don't care what some bored people who just want to roll their eyes at desperate girls online think about you, and marvel at how much your life improves, I dare you.

Your life has only gotten worse, stop being this fucking stupid please.

No. 107909

I reaaaaaally don't understand the who,e baby-eating shit. Like, I get that she's been through some sort of trauma, but satanic baby eating rituals? Nah. Not buying it.

No. 107911

Oh fuck off, she's boring and you are too.

No. 107912

Wait, she's got cancer now?

No. 107913

File: 1458519210483.jpg (34.5 KB, 332x404, the beginning.JPG)

So…24 weeks ago Cassie was confused about feeling dissociation. Pretty common with anxiety, yeah? Then she talks to her therapist about it and suddenly dissociation is DID https://www.instagram.com/p/8YSkiWxXdr/?taken-by=ohchickpea

No. 107914

File: 1458519392004.jpg (90.89 KB, 928x594, f.JPG)

Four weeks later, they're beating her in the face.

No. 107916

No. That was in early 2014. Anons noticed she never answered any asks about her cancer, suspicions were brought up here and suddenly all her posts about her cancer are gone. Surprise surprise.

No. 107917

in the comments there she says she switched therapists recently. i wonder if she has one of those quack psychs who had her "recover" memories that never actually happened. that could explain the sudden onset and the satanic ritual bs.

No. 107918

So the theory that DID is therapy-induced holds true in her case.

Thought this post was interesting (too long for me to screencap, sorry) : https://www.instagram.com/p/_-ObqwRXcp/
It sounds like her alters were also excuses for relapsing and recovery stints.

No. 107919

File: 1458520072291.jpg (235.08 KB, 1271x953, tumblr_nr2tnl4dSp1qcdl07o1_128…)

She doesn't have "bangers" how the fuck did you mess that up.

No. 107920

In her earlier posts she struggles dealing with housing benefit and sorting out ESA. It's almost as if she's playing the mental card to get out living independently.

So weird if this is therapy induced because I've never known of any place in the UK that takes DID seriously, and with the SRA scandals in the recent(ish) past, they kind of…don't go there. My old shrink doesn't even believe PMS exists.

No. 107922

I'm p sure she's written about the fact that her psychiatrist won't diagnose her with DID. They think she's borderline, or something. I think her therapist will talk about the DID, but her psychiatrist won't?

No. 107923

Can people just stop talking about Emily already. It's boring as fuck. This DID chick is more interesting.

No. 107924

lol wut

No. 107925

File: 1458520850676.png (458.12 KB, 947x812, dfgh.PNG)

another ana snowflake begging for money ( i follow her on my sock puppet account so idk if she's public or not, sorry )
but she's claiming she doesnt have enough money for rent yet she's posting all these photos and videos of her smoking? like- maybe if you didn't spend all your money on weed you'd be able to afford your place.

No. 107927

It's all at the 24 week mark where she comes out as DID.

> my consultant doesnt like to diagnose things but they have given me an idea of what it is. i dont want to say (yet) though.

>radiantagnes@s0ya thats okay. Neither my psychotherapist like to call me 'borderline'. It sometimes makes it even harder when you have a stigma!

No. 107928

She's private, but sure I want to give her cash to fund her weed habit.

No. 107929

Hmm. Yeah, I don't think she's faking, I think she' just started misinterpreting her feelings, and then it all sorta snowballed from there. If she was abused during her childhood, it makes a lot of sense that she would wish to be a child again (as her childhood was probably ruined completely) and at the same time she probably wishes she could be stronger/kinder/older/wiser/more impulsive/whatever else. So, "alters" stem from a "normal" emotional response to extreme trauma

No. 107931

if her did was traumagenic in origin, it wouldn't have just popped up out of nowhere so recently like it did though. it's more likely iatrogenic or imitative.

No. 107932

Hmm. it could also have been "triggered" by therapy. Talking in depth about the abuse could have been what made her resort to DID as a coping mechanism.

No. 107933

Yeah that girl who is begging for money is a big time drug addict she smokes so much

No. 107936

I thought her abuse was being raped at 19. Her alter reported it to the police and now she's not sure if I happened. Where does the eating babies part fit into this?

No. 107953

File: 1458526574830.png (14.18 KB, 754x299, yualwayslyin.png)

Alright I couldn't help myself this is too funny - she mentions the abbrevations 'RA' and 'SRA', and a fair number of asks are vocal support to anyone who is a survivor of RA/SRA.

Satanic Ritual Abuse. Legit what she is claiming happened to her as child.

I thought it might be too good to be true but no, going to wiki about this and moving to the 'evidence' section produces the best kind of lulz.

"The evidence for SRA was primarily in the form of testimonies from children who made allegations of SRA, and adults who claim to remember abuse during childhood,[90][97] that may have been forgotten and recovered during therapy."

It's too good I can't anymore, someone help

No. 107956

sorry to samefag, 'nother relevant part of the wiki. I'm just doing what she told me to do. "With both children and adults, no corroborating evidence has been found for anything except pseudosatanism in which the satanic and ritual aspects were secondary to and used as a cover for sexual abuse."

No. 107957

I'm open to "out there" ideas, but the guff I've read from SRA "survivors" is reaaaally far fetched.

I really do think she's been googling DID because she got confused about dissociating. This lead on to her discovering SRA. I wonder if she posted the Monarch butterfly recently because she'd been reading up on Project Monarch/MKUltra. She spends a lot of time online.

I remember all those kids being taken into care in Rochdale in the 90s because they made up stories about SRA.

No. 107959

File: 1458527579716.jpg (54.37 KB, 316x533, cool story.JPG)

Oh, and here's one of chickpea's friends.

No. 107960

>Basically she is hot lel
You aren't fucking shapeshifter

No. 107964


The wiki article was shit and littered with broken links. Read up on the summary of Rochdale - fake, it was all fake.

No. 107965

I feel the same way reading chickpea's tumblr. She makes it up as she goes along.

She gave birth at 11 and ate it. It's going to get even more ridiculous.

No. 107967

"we only just found out about her but here is a super detailed description of who she is"

No. 107968

It'll be amazing to watch it all crumble because even among professionals, most of them are skeptical that DID is even a real separate disorder. Trying to fit the 'clinical' definitions is so vague, and changing all the time she'll get tied into knots trying to cover all the bases.


Reading this, confirmed a lot of my doubts about DID sufferers.

No. 107970

sometimes I want to play house with my alters like Cassie.

No. 108643

jenna pretends to be smart, waves around her english degree and rants about muh feminism and then says that restless leg syndrome isn't real despite the science behind it.
She's so annoying. Anyone remember that time she threatened an outing blog with her daddy lawyer, and when screenshots were posted she starting playing victim lol

No. 108644


honestly birdyally was a shady cunt, disgustingly pro ana until she left.
Jenna claimed to be bulimic then claimed to be anorexic to copy birdyally, now she's lost weight but i doubt she has a diagnosis, definetely an ED though.
The dumb bitch claims to be allowed to workout because her therapist said it was okay, but no nutritionist or medical doctor? Would someone with b/p tendencies really be allowed to do cardio and heavy lifting? Nuh uh

No. 108648

i know the blog posted the screencaps but what is her new mpa account? I thought she abandoned it as she claimed or is that yet another lie

No. 108649

i agree all the way

No. 108651

Wouldn't you just be talkng to yourself?

No. 108654

a certain recovery blogger messaged me (they were in ally's recovery squad attention whoring group chat)
Word is that ally and thegirlwithouted became annoyed with jenna for blatantly being an attention whore, even though ally was more like jenna 6 months ago >_>

No. 108656

birdyally isn't so innocent, she pulls the age card way to fucking often and if we look at her past she's just as bad as jenna, shes just better at what she does with the whole attention whoring act
She has "improved" a bit, less body checking and admitting to her faults. I'm happy she has apologized to people and stuff and I wish her best in recovery.

No. 108657

The account is jnl9281 she is not posting anymore but made all the posts after claiming she left MPA, one is even from November I think

No. 108659

Lol they are prob not the only ones. It's so obvious that Jenna tries hard to become a big recovery bloggers with her text posts like the PSA type posts, the stupid quotes under her ugly mug and the hashtag shit, yet everyone sees through her. Now that recovery blogging isn't working out she's going back to being a fitblr.

No. 108663

Jenna has made multiple posts about not having a healthy relationship with exercise. She doesn't even have a GP or dietitian

No. 108672

File: 1458558183220.jpeg (318.21 KB, 1276x1645, image.jpeg)

Turtl.ed is one of the rudest people I follow on my sock puppet account. She had some give away and a few people asked today what this post was about. The pic was just of a number generator.& as always she's banging on about people being active. If you're so hungry for attention & affection get some real friends & maybe a puppy fuck.,.

No. 108675

i don't think jenna's talking about the cancer anymore so why are we? it'd be different if she were trying to get sympathy for it but I don't see her doing that.

No. 108677

Because the whole thing was probably a lie.

No. 108679

i don't know, i don't really see why it matters if it's something she hasn't spoken about in years. like i said, if she were trying to get sympathy over it now then she's a piece of shit, but it was a long time ago and she hasn't brought it up.

No. 108680

Because it shows what a despicable person she is, that she takes her pity lies way too far, and that she doesn't mind lying ahout being sick for attention.

No. 108681

hi jenna. Also she changed her url to justjennanicole , shes lurking on this thread

No. 108682


I wish someone would "out" her on Tumblr like they did with Ally, but we all know the recovery and fitblr community would just ignore the proof and lick her ass even more. Too bad.

No. 108684

she'd just get more attention and pity.

No. 108685

I wish someone would, too. Jenna would probably like "Guys I didn't lie I was just so traumatized from the cancer treatment I stopped talking about it :("
Justjennanicole aka jennanicole92 aka lord–swoledemort you're a piece of poop :~) and no amount of scrubbing the evidence will ever change what a horrible shameless person you are

No. 108686

Yup. Thats what I said.

Guess we can all hope she just fucks off or sets herself up to failure somehow

No. 108687

she did get outed by fitblrexposed and allyby theresmoretotheotherside or something and jenna played the victim card like ally except after apologizing she posted purging tips again. Not the smartest cookie in the jar.

No. 108689

Where did ginge's thread go? Did they merge it with this one?

No. 108696

nope. its still there, just on page 3-4+ I think

No. 108698

did Ally leave by her own will or did people ask too many questions? I sort of hope Jenna will fuck off on her own too lol

No. 108702

Left on her own because Tumblr was hindering her recovery. Tbh I think she just wanted to restrict without being criticised

No. 108703

I guess I can respect that? Is she on any social media?

No. 108704

Yeah healingally on IG where she posts pictures of dressing-less salad and whines about her ED being so hard. She was more likeable when she was healingally on Tumblr, at least she pretended she stopped glorifying anorexia.
I see she is wearing her fitbit again when she said back on Tumblr it fuelled her ED because she obsessed about her steps and calories. Sad.

No. 108706

Ally's IG posts show that she recently met up with girlwithouted. Wouldn't a meet up be 'triggering'? I can just see it now

No. 108707

File: 1458572673864.png (18.58 KB, 493x310, Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.0…)

Lol she's too scared to delete because she'd lose all of her followers so she just 'fake' deletes. Ok Jenna, too bad everyone knows you're not really gone and you'll be back after your ~break~.

No. 108708

She changed her URL to justjennanicole

No. 108709

Well Eleri says it was good because they motivated each other to eat. Tbh I always found it really triggering eating around other people with EDs because these things always turn into an unspoken competition

No. 108710

Even worse lol. Do you think it's because of this thread?

No. 108711

Yeah of course. She's so stupid she thinks the people on here won't find her. There's also a thread about her on Myproana. It's actually the second result when you Google her username + Tumblr. She says she got a new job as social media director for a non-profit. Maybe she's scared they will find her lol.
Jenna Lewis aka lord–swoledemort aka justjennanicole from Tumblr is a wannarexic asshole :~)

No. 108712

Eleri seems like the no bullshit kind, I can see her not 'allowing' Ally to restrict. Still, they both post about struggling so it could've gone either way. I don't care enough to ask

No. 108714

omfg she's not the "director" lmao she's just helping with their social media, i.e. they just gave her the password to their Facebook fan page and she's going to post from home in her jammies. Ember did literally this exact same thing like two years ago, said she had a "contract work from home" job doing "social media" ffs those jobs are a dime a dozen on craigslist lol good luck with that Jenna

No. 108716

she thinks a lot of herself for someone that can't even land a waitressing job

No. 108717

Yeah, bragging about a job where the most exciting part is that she gets to wear sweatpants? Much adult. It's also only 6 months. And it's a small non-profit. Wow. Can we discuss how deluded she even was to think all the big companies would be chasing her and her English degree after graduating? Lol.

No. 108718

She probably thinks she's too good for a service job that would at least cover her bills. She'd rather mooch off Daddy Lewis even though she publicly shamed him because he only got so far in life because white male privilege. Jenna if his race and skin colour bother you why use his money? Just wondering

No. 108719

Okay with the stupid :~) face, this is beginning to look like self-posting. Either stop using it, admit you're Jenna, or GTFO.

No. 108720

All the bloggers in their 20s on tumblr are weirdly stuck in their teenage attention whoring years

No. 108721

I am not Jenna I used it because it annoys me so much when she uses it and it looks so stupid. But fine :)

No. 108722

like literally where does she got the money to shop at her ~artsy~ whole foods markets? and buy $10 jars of peanut butter? does she ask her parents that she constantly whines and bitches about????? ungrateful.

No. 108724

Yes her parents (the while privileged male and the "alcoholic") pay her food. Isn't it disgusting that her parents have to pay for her food that goes down the toilet anyway? And she's proud of that and says it's totally normal? (I'm not hating on adults living with their parents, but it's embarrassing that she shamelessly mooches off them and then proceeds to complain about them on her public blog)

No. 108726

one day she complains about how triggering her mom is, the next day she complains about her mom passing out drunk from her alcoholism. can't really expect an addict to focus on your problems instead of their own, jenna.

No. 108727

Yeah how selfish do you have to be to complain about your mom's addiction and how much it bothers YOU, an adult? She's aware she can move out any time? Also her family's info is publicly available, maybe she should be more careful about what she shares online about her parents considering she didn't even want to share which Lululemon she worked at. Which is fine but she should respect her parents privacy too.

No. 108728

Uh…wasn't Ally's mom an alcoholic too? Isn't alcoholism big in the recovery community now?

No. 108729

Oh was she? I never followed Ally in her bigger more popular days. I know there is one recovery/fitness blogger who is in recovery from alcoholism and she's quite popular in the community.

No. 108731

Oh and Jenna is very into glamourising alcoholism. Bitch it's not cute that you feel the need to drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself because your ex cheated on you. And no it's not cute that you have cocktails for breakfast. And none of your other exfessige alcohol is cute or funny or quirky. In fact its quite disgusting if your mom really is an alcoholic. Wow what a support you are to her, if she even is an alcoholic.

No. 108732


No. 108734

Does jenna think that just because it's her personal blog that she can get away with being a shitty, offense, excuse of a person?

No. 108736

Maybe she wants to be like shmegeh and play up her alcohol addiction.

No. 108737

Oh no don't give her any ideas.

No. 108738

I can totally see Eleri and Ally gossiping about Jenna at their sleepover and reading or posting on this thread.

No. 108740

I could see Ally for sure

No. 108742

I've noticed that Eleri has not acknowledged any of Jenna's most recent posts. Maybe they were the anon saying they've heard Eleri and Ally are sick of Jenna and her attention seeking?

No. 108746

It makes you look like you're posting "mean" opinions ~*ironically*~, which in turn is making it look like either self-posting or stupidity. That's all.

No. 108748

eleri seems to be real in her own recovery but when it comes to her "recovery warrioz frands" she seems to keep her mouth shut. Typical enabler.
All those attention whores complain about the things they all do and when a specific name is called out they keep quiet and defend them

No. 108749

Yeah like Jenna's passive aggressive posts about Ally being an attention whore

No. 108751

they both are, the only difference is that jenna lewis is a 23 year old who needs to grow the fuck up. At least allison can be a fuckup at a young age without much pentalty.
The fact that aly left residential treatment because she couldn't last a week without posting body checking selfies is pathetic. So many girls with EDs would kill to have the privilege for such expensive treatment. She may be off of tumblr but like another anon said, to restrict without judgement.
Fuck both of them

No. 108753

Lol did she really? That's fucking rich, especially because they used to be friends

No. 108760

I'm sorry, I'm fixating on this, but I still can't get over the satanic baby eating thing. Like, what the fuck?

No. 108761

I'd rather talk about that than whiny Jenna and boring Ally.

No. 108763

I had a friend growing up whose parents were Satanists. They were normal people. They certainly didn't sacrifice babies to the dark lord or abuse little girls, but a lot of people were afraid of them. This type of shit makes me so angry.

No. 108764

literally get over it. it was a nightmare or fantasy of a seriously mentally ill person. that's not milk, just sad and nothing to gawk at

No. 108765

Are you lost? By that extension we shouldn't be making fun of Ashley because 'it's a seriously mental ill person'.

No. 108767

Literally no.

No. 108768

I get so angry when I think about her telling her mom that Satanists made her eat her baby. Like, what a thing to tell your mother.

No. 108769

I feel like you guys forget you don't need to be underweight to have a ED and nobody's ED should be invalidated because of ones weight.

No. 108770

Unless someone at an average weight is claiming to have anorexia

No. 108771

Who currs.

No. 108772

I find them both interesting in the dramu sense tbh

No. 108775

honestly who cares unless you're also anorexic, that's why this thread is obviously full of fucking anorexics

No. 108776

Anything new with highbulimic or CryingEmily?

No. 108778

>You can't have disordered eating habits if you're within the normal weight range.

Okay. I mean no one in the medical world thinks this but okay.

Anyways on topic -
>>108768 Yeah I know a few satanists and they are very nice, very friendly. The hysteria in the 1980's and 90's I thought had been put to rest but no. TBH I think she was sexually abused when she was younger, by an uncle or family friend, and that's it – but there's a thousand girls with stories like that so how to make herself stand out, hmm.

No. 108780

Because it's an attention grabbing claim

Are you a fucking idiot, I said anorexia

No. 108781

Did she actually? I thought maybe she just mentioned that she had been abused, but I didn't realise she told her mum she ate a baby

No. 108782

Anorexia is disordered eating. Wtf is going on

No. 108784

Anorexia is a specific diagnosis for a specified type of disordered eating combined with a low bmi but ok

No. 108786

my point is unless they have something else that makes them interesting no person with normal eating habits is going to give a shit if their only attention grab is that they say they're anorexic when they're only "slightly" underweight or average instead of "omg total skeleton"

No. 108787

I don't know if she told her mom, but she told her mom who her abuser was. One can only assume with all the therapy and issues, her mom or parents would be privy to a large section of these traumatic memories coming back - but so far I haven't heard a pip. It's on her tumblr tagged under her alter annabell I think? Or Anna? It's not a long tag list, maybe 3 pages.

Done arguing with you, why don't you fucking check the DSM-V and look at the criteria list? Low body weight + disordered eating habits is not the only way to get diagnosed as anorexic. http://eatingdisorder.org/eating-disorder-information/anorexia-nervosa/

No. 108789

Idk tumblrinas self dxing anything without fitting the criteria sends me into autist hell

No. 108791

The average/heavy weight one is OSFED, btw thanks for proving my point

No. 108793

Another anon here, just saying that you are actually wrong, so please just stfu. Anorexia nervosa and EDNOS/atypical anorexia are not the same thing

No. 108794

take it to the pro-ana thread. As much as youd like to believe psychologists are super strict about the weight, that's cute, but IRL the play it more loose depending on the severity of habits. Argue about how to preserve anorexia as a term for the thin beautiful waifs you clearly want to be.

No. 108796

File: 1458586857674.jpg (31.2 KB, 422x450, A closer look.JPG)

>Intense fear of gaining weight or of becoming fat, or persistent behavior that interferes with weight gain, even though at a significantly low weight
>Even though at a significantly low weight

No. 108797

Most psychiatrists actually are, but if they want to diagnose people incorrectly then obviously that's their choice.

Why do you care? Is it because you desperately want to be labelled under the same name as the aforementioned waifs? Sounds that way.

No. 108798

I can't understand why anyone cares about her saying she ate a baby. it clearly didn't happen, why does it matter that she told her mom, her therapist etc? and by that logic then why DOESNT faking cancer for attention and telling a whole blog full of asspatting followers about that matter? most of the people posting in this thread don't see why the fake baby eating matters at all since it's literally a hallucination so turn it into something interesting or gtfo. lol go back to tumblr

No. 108800

who cares if she told her mom? she could tell her mom anything but it doesn't mean it's true?

No. 108801

It would be interesting if she had actually eaten a baby but …

No. 108802

I think she has just became institutionalised, getting caught up in a fantasy world where nothing else but the internet and mental illness criteria is relevant to her day to day life. What matters is normalising such mentally ill behaviour, seeing it as aspirational, cute, fun etc which is what is happening on her account with her fans.

No. 108803

The story is funny to me in a sense that one of my friends is a bulimic that says she was abused by a cult.

I didn't realize the whole cult thing was so popular, but at least she didn't take it this far.

No. 108804

It's fucked up if she told her mum she was abused by a satanic cult? And ate her own baby? Are u dumb lol

No. 108805

are you actually complaining about the baby eating discussion as if it's not interesting enough for you wtf is then

No. 108806

No. 108807

Has anyone actaully said that blogging about fake-cancer is okay?

No. 108808

What does it matter? Her mum is a human being with fears, hopes and a mental health too. Having her daughter make such cruel shit up is childish. You forget Cassie/Racheal/Anna? is an adult woman who is also at risk of being emotionally abusive to her loved ones.

No. 108810

it didn't happen. not interesting. next

No. 108811

Plenty of anons seem to find it interesting so fuck off lol

No. 108813

File: 1458587651826.jpeg (76.94 KB, 750x592, image.jpeg)

"it was time for a change" like when a message board discusses your lies and inconsistencies, that seems like a good time for a URL change

No. 108814

File: 1458587791499.jpeg (190.33 KB, 750x948, image.jpeg)

says she can't afford to see a dietician but suddenly has an appointment when it's mentioned here. I hope she tells the dietician about all of her really bad super ana b/ping

No. 108815

literally though what is it you find interesting then? fake DID is boring? but maybe posting images of normal sized girls over and over and calling them fat is mind bendingly stimulating?

No. 108817

I haven't called her fat. there are other people on this thread who have, idc how big she is. I think her lying over and over again about multiple different things for attention is far more interesting than some ig baby who had a nightmare and told her mom about it. then again, none of this is milk, we're all just waiting for ember to "come back from IP"

No. 108818

So tired of this multiple personality girl. Anyone have anything new?

No. 108819

She made up a fucked up story. What else is there to talk about?? If you've got something, post it

No. 108820

I actually find people faking mental illnesses both hilarious and interesting, that's why I post in this thread

The fake anas, the fake BPD, the fake DID
It's funny af to watch them scramble to pretend to have it the worst

No. 108821

Were you around when she acted like she was too poor for therapy and that she didn't want her parents to pay for that? Yet her parents funding literally everything else in her life including her binge food is fine.
Or when she said she made lots of money freelancing and now she claims to be poor

No. 108822

I think because a lot of people haven't been to an anon image board before that they aren't used to seeing fat being thrown around

It's because:
1. We know they're reading it
2. Just board culture

Also I hope Ember never comes back, the ember hate gang knows nothing about boundaries and a lot of people posting about her are way too invested

No. 108823

the ED fakes are funny because they want attention like the name of this thread implies. the DID girl is an entirely different kind of fakery imo, I don't mind seeing her discussed but she's not being praised as some kind of beautiful inspirational health guru the way Jenna is.

No. 108824

she didn't want her parents to pay for it because then she'd actually have to recover, or at least pretend to try

No. 108825

Does anyone follow highbullimic?

No. 108826

I consider the fake DID to be on a different level, like if someone was faking schizophrenia or like how Sarah (blueeyedbarbie) was faking CF (as in there's a whole new level of commitment than just saying you aren't eating enough)

I actually like Jenna being posted because I think the fake ED and then fake recovery crowd (aka the special snowflake fitblrs) always delivers some decent milk

No. 108827

I do, there isn't anything new.

Same old "I'm so fat" posts

No. 108828

same to all of this but with Sarah it was easy to tell she was faking, with stolen photos, fake medical equipment, way more followers and scamming people out of money. we'll never get that satisfaction with Cassie unless she straight up admits that she's lying so it's boring as hell talking about her hallucination of eating a baby. unless she does something that produces actual milk, the Ana snowflakes are better discussion material
someone needs to get access to Jenna's private blog. I know she's posting somewhere, I can feel it

No. 108829

Sarah really pisses me off because I have two friends with CF, one of whom knew Eva Markvoort [65_Redroses]. He had a double lung transplant and the other one is a parent and it's hard to read about her constant declines.

No. 108847

Fucking hell, don't bring her here again.

Different tastes, I suppose. That Jenna's boring to me and her face is hella punchable. I like the ana/DID chick because I want to see how ridiculous it gets.

There's room for them all on here though and really appreciating the break from Whann.

No. 108850

CryingEmily fucked up her already ugly hair, posted a crying selfie a couple of days ago, still eats the same ugly ana shit, and is whining again because she wastes her mother's time and money

No. 108852

Agreed. I find some of the other anas tedious, but at least the whole DID thing is new and interesting. I'm just wondering where it'll end up.

No. 108853

Pic please. Has the mullet gone?

No. 108854

I'm waiting for the tabloids over here to pick up on her story.

No. 108855

I wanna see some DID with one persona that's like extremely anorexic and another that's a HAES advocate.

No. 108856

Tabloids over here. Are you scottish too?

No. 108858

I could see that happening, although it seems as though her psychiatrist is trying to put an end to the DID thing. They seem to think she had BPD, which is more likely.

No. 108859

Now that would be fantastic. Apparently all her alters still eat vegan.

No. 108860

England here.

I'm waiting for her to "involve" a celebrity or politician.

Surprising considering that one of them is supposed to be an abusive twat who beats her up. You'd stick steak pies down her gullet and not ~respect~ her veganism, wouldn't you.

No. 108865

That's hilarious.
One of them needs to be a freegan dumpster diver, and a fatty who only eats meat, taters and candy.

No. 108867

This. I could see her have memories "resurface" and it be an elaborate satanic cult story involving all sorts of celebs

No. 108868

Not that I'm saying she's lying,mom sure she isn't deliberately making this up. I think she belives all this shit.

No. 108869

Is this person anywhere else other than tumblr? The selfie body pics are flat out bragging.

Nooooo, it's not me.

No. 108872

Holy shit I wasn't expecting that level of emaciation

No. 108876

>>108867charlie sheen poured tigers blood in my eyes and made me fuck a goat

No. 108877

Those ass wrinkles though..

No. 108881

You wouldn't think she was that bad without clothes. If she doesn't die soon, she'll be like Ash the Second.

Oh, he did that with me so I'd believe her.

No. 108883

File: 1458599235506.png (688 KB, 814x606, emily-and-her-ugly-hair.png)

There you go, anon

No. 108884

Thanks anon.

WHY is she keeping the mullet? She should cut it short like a pixie cut. Does she go to a hairdressers in the 1970s or what?

>My dissociation is getting worse

Hi, I'm Alice and I'm going to have lots of fun today.

No. 108885

File: 1458599623377.jpg (79.69 KB, 473x598, a.jpg)


No. 108887

wow i expected her to be a lot younger than 30 or so. i like to think that one might have more to do in life than post emaciated selfies on tumblr at that age. her face looks like a little boy's and her body looks like an ancient grandma's

damn =[

No. 108890

She looks .. exactly the same.
Why is she keeping this weird scene hair / mullet cut?
It honestly looks like she cut it herself.
Her eyes are very pretty through, I must admit

No. 108901

did she shave off her brows

No. 108908

i think she pulled them out over a period of time, because hair pulling is just another symptom of how ~sick and fragile and delicate~ she is

No. 108909

This picture makes me want to put her out of her misery..

No. 108928

I used to think she was really cute but holy hell when did she get so ugly

No. 108935

So basically Jenna got caught in her lies and made everything private and changed her url? Fuck I wish someone would make a hate blog outing her. She's trying to cover up everything and pretend like she's the perfect recovery warrior, giving advice to people as if she's competent by any means

No. 108956

I miss ember, does any one else miss her?

No. 108957

No. 108960

Me neither.

No. 108961

Actually yeah I do.

The entertainment.

No. 108962

Half the Ember shit was speculation, the other half was y'all posting her chewing the inside of her mouth to pretend to have cheekbones and her ten thousand leg photos

No. 108965

>>108956 Hfy I do

No. 108985

she's a dyed in the wool dweeby girl and her fake eating disorder has allowed her the illusion of authority she knows she could never command in any other way. She exists solely through interaction with us yet for some reason her eyebrows are eternal and remain untouched…

when will she be "released" from her "ward" anyway?

No. 108987

Yes but I enjoyed that. Especially anons getting all salty and calling her bf/work/hospital/parents. Those people were the true lolcows really.

No. 108989

Like that anon who claimed seeing her at a starbucks in Edmonton, or the one who said they got all the deets from her boyfriend… and then suddenly dissapeared.

No. 108991

She's intentionally making herself ugly for the crazy points. Shitty hair, no eyebrows, just ONE stretched ear (with a taper as jewellery wtf), biting the inside of her cheeks and opening her eyes as wide as possible. Look at how beautiful and tragic she is.

No. 108997

Holy shit, I remember her from like 2012 or so. I'm kind of sad to see that she's just gotten worse. I'm surprised her Tumblr wasn't deleted at some point too.

Sadly, she's 30.
(She posted a picture that she said was "from 2009, just before I turned 23.")

No. 108999

She's 30, with the body of a 90-year-old woman and the face of a 13-year-old boy. She'd probably be really cute at a normal weight with longer hair and some decent clothes/makeup.

No. 109008

Anon you replied to here

I'm ngl I enjoyed that too, but after awhile it made me a little uncomfortable how crazy the anon were about it

Also, her face was so tiring, and every post became about her it was like the plague

I feel like I have Ember PTSD and you guys saying you miss her is triggering me

No. 109017

File: 1458639822934.jpeg (151.35 KB, 1536x931, image.jpeg)

End of caption reads "please ignore all the FAT on this picture.." All this kid does is photoshop all her photos and is very clearly sucking in until she turns inside out in this photo. Then writes captions about how fat she is and looks for asspats and shout outs. But next to no one seems to call her out on this shit.. Not pro anything my ass..

No. 109029

…what's wrong with tapers?

No. 109030

Where the fuck is her belly button??!

No. 109033

I'm so jelly of her tits tho

No. 109035

I think I've found the film that the DID girl seems to have watched?


But the whole thing was based on a psychiatrist who was eventually outed for lying about the whole thing

No. 109036

Their original use was to help stretch your lobe and make the transfer for plug you actually want to wear easier, rather than dead stretching. if that makes sense.
Tapers also (with how heavy they get as they grow in size) can cause your lobe to form at an awkward angle. Just Google it anon.

No. 109038

Super soft and thick looking 'anorexics'

Instagram names :

RECOVERY_FIT_POLICE (fattest anorexic ever?)

What kind of disorder they think to have it can't be anorexia nervosa.

No. 109039

They haven't posted in almost 2 years

No. 109040

I didn't realise that. Oh, shit. I hope they're okay.

No. 109041

Uneven weight distribution in the fistula which can cause excessive thinning of the skin and make it look pretty shitty looking. They are okay for short term use but shouldn't be worn as your main jewelry all the time.

No. 109042

moonliqhtpuke has bulimia, not anorexia

No. 109044

File: 1458655474402.jpg (74.4 KB, 640x640, 926364_201843046853906_1014382…)


Holy fuck, recovery_fit_police's gut. That and there's tons of pictures of huge meals she's eaten. Anorexic, my ass.

No. 109055

What has this thread come to

No. 109058

Some of these women seem to think "anorexia" means "self-conscious of one's weight".

No. 109059

it was fun while it lasted

No. 109060

Steer it in the direction you want to see it go. It's not hard.

No. 109062

I'm the one who recognized her ( >>108997 ), and derp, I didn't realize that either. Makes me wonder if she died or was just sent inpatient (her last post was about a weigh in).

No. 109068

I thought maybe the girl may have watched "The Woman with 7 Personalities." Apparently the woman in the video has now mostly recovered from it and only very rarely has her other personalities come out.

No. 109075

Just want to follow up with this. I just rewatched the documentary and am almost 100% convinced the DID girl watched this one.

Helen (the woman in the documentary) says that when she was 16 she got pregnant from one of her abusers and was forced to abort the fetus and eat it. Sounds almost exactly like the instagram girl doesn't it? Not to mention the documentary also touches on Satanic Ritual Abuse (Helen believes it happened to her if I recall correctly).

No. 109085

I know everyone is sick of the dry milk dust coughing out of Ember's sad udders, so feel free to disregard if this doesn't interest you.

Curious to know if anyone can pinpoint what kind of phones specifically Ember and AJ have? If so, I am almost certain I can definitively prove whether or not Ember has been in inpatient.

No. 109102

I'm the one who posted her and I didn't realise her last post was so long ago.

I googled her and someone asks if they know what happened to her on mpa, but nobody knows.

No. 109104

(Found an account on there called headology, but not sure if it's her http://www.myproana.com/index.php/user/92493-headology/)

No. 109106

(me again, it's her)

No. 109114

Last active today at 2:26pm

No. 109116

Thats not her

No. 109117

Are you sure? They're a 66lb anorexic B/P subtype…

No. 109120

It's definitely her. She posts pics of herself after being IP. Put "headology mpa site:www.myproana.com" in the google search box for all her posts.

No. 109123

File: 1458673864801.jpg (34.67 KB, 1137x259, h.JPG)


No. 109146


People like recovery_fit_chick is are what this thread should be about. "Diagnosed Anorexia" in her bio. Clearly overweight. Sucks her fat in, calls herself fat. Practically shits herself to get a bone poking out.

No. 109147


recovery_fit_police not chick…soz!

No. 109204

Correction: some of these women seem to think anorexia is skipping a meal and feeling hunger pains for the first time in their lives.

No. 109207

File: 1458687750321.png (23.52 KB, 2019x240, Capture.PNG)

no idea why i decided to look at headology's posts
dear god this is pathetic and disgusting.

No. 109213

File: 1458688117662.jpg (87.93 KB, 367x600, image.jpg)

Kekeke that's fucking insane

No. 109215

She certainly loves to talk about purging.

No. 109218

Its good to have a hobby.

No. 109323

>can't have food going to waste
is she trolling

No. 109334

I mean yeah that's the disease, I've done shit like that but the fact that she's willing to admit it is what's really sad

No. 109337

File: 1458695937285.png (1.2 MB, 971x863, Capture.PNG)

now at this point i'm just lurking mpa and posting the grossest proana shit here
like it sounds like people are proud of how low they are lmao then again i shouldn't expect much from a website called "myproana"

No. 109339

If that content belongs anywhere it's MPA but that's about it

No. 109343


I've been on MPA for 2 years simply because I'm close friends with a lot of the girls, I don't post in any subjects to do with my actual disorder but I get the community feeling with the posts I do make

So it's safe for me to say that that girl you've just posted is a total fraud, she's one of the most special of snowflakes because a lot of us don't believe she's disordered, just milking what attention she gets from actual disordered girls.

Seriously go through her posts

No. 109476

File: 1458711151609.jpeg (382.77 KB, 2048x1687, image.jpeg)

>horribly edited photos
>tags photos with proskinny/skinny girl/etc
>knows she's sick/thin and brags about it

No. 109477

I'm not a fraud. I've been diagnosed and have been inpatient. Im not trying to brag about how sick I am you don't even know what I've been through with my eating disorder. Just because I post a picture of how shitty my room is doesn't mean I'm looking for attention. The original post op posted a pic of vomit in her hair. It's a site for eating disorders. What do you expect? We're all mentally sick and it shouldn't be a competition

No. 109479

Good job confirming that >>109337 is a self-post. Otherwise there's no way in hell you found this site so fast.

No. 109482

No1 curr. Ur still proana scum

No. 109489

How old are you?

No. 109498

Yeah that's disgusting but it's what eating disorders do to you. Eating disorders are not "teehee I live off diet coke and cigarettes and daintily purge into the toilet sometimes"

No. 109539


"We're all mentally sick"

Mmm nah there's a lot of fatty wannarexics on that site. "Help I'm stuck in a 3 day binge!"
"I'm on a wait list for inpatient… omfg can't stop eating KFC"

No. 109540

I'm not Ariana but you realize there are eating disorders other than anorexia right? And you can go to treatment for them too? And anorexics can experience bingeig as well, though not as frequent as those with bulimia, BED and OSFED

No. 109542


Pictures are legit. She has posted and deleted several videos, stick thin legs. Next.

No. 109645

<<horribley edited
Not edited at all fucktard
Why does everything have to be fake.
Just because she's not fat doesn't mean she uses Photoshop

No. 109666

I mean the fact that she over uses filters to make her bones more prominent
Did you not read the caption of her photo?
Lurk moar idiots

Either way she's still proud of her eating disorder and wants the world to know it ie
>proana scumbag
>attention whore
>eating disordered snowflake

No. 109672


Filter ? Which though - Filter like Mayfair change the color of a picture while filters like warp tool change your body.

No. 109680

There are so many MPAfags in here, it's starting to smell like ammonia.

No. 109693

this thread is dying faster than skeletors like Aly kek

No. 109699

I haven't checked this thread in a while but I'm curious.

Did that Ember bitch manipulate her ass into an inpatient center under the ruse that she has a severe eating disorder, only to be found legitimately insane and is now unable to leave due to just how psychotic she is? Like I assume she went in, thinking she would finally be able to have an IP story to tell all her lil proana followers, only for her to be actually psychoanalyze by a licensed therapist and almost all of her real, underlying issues were discovered and addressed?

I like to imagine Ember, spending the majority of her time alone, in her room, hair tied up while wearing ugly stained sweats, waiting for her daily therapy sessions, where she breaks down about all the years she wasted on the internet, obsessing over anorexic girls, running hate blogs for them, fan blogs for herself, lying to every single person who gave her the time of day, getting so caught up in the attention, she cheated on her fiance of 4 years, and completely ruining her own name by the age of 19.

Ember has a lot to get off of her chest lol.

No. 109705

No. 109714

Yeah, I would have expected Ember to leave by now.

No. 109728

I wonder when ember will come back from her IP vacation

No. 109742

File: 1458767392944.png (378.63 KB, 898x545, 1454559961621.png)

Edited, Her innie bellybutton would prove she was sucking in.

No. 109749


No. 109771

What did we miss with that ohchickpea girl? She's moaning about deleting her social media because of some tumblr blog? I've missed everything..

No. 109784

I was just wondering that. Where's the DId thread on here again?

No. 109801

We can only hope thats whats happening, anon.

No. 109858

No. 109867

Why does Emily C take all of her selfies in the same angle

No. 109870


omfg struggling chey makes me laugh so much. morbidly obese anorexic who has never lost a bit of weight.

No. 109872

File: 1458780917393.jpg (223.91 KB, 750x1138, image.jpg)

3 lunchables. So anorexic.

No. 109874

Ew, so gross when people post food on their blankets. Put it on the table you whales.

No. 109877

File: 1458781830454.jpeg (837.82 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)


No. 109878

File: 1458781860524.jpeg (606.31 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)


She's always facing the same direction??

No. 109879

A lot of people have a "good" side. Maybe she just knows her best angles

No. 109907

File: 1458786064397.jpg (42.08 KB, 750x477, image.jpg)

This is why she doesn't post front face shots lol

No. 109909

File: 1458786628576.png (106.61 KB, 566x445, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.28…)

ten bucks says she literally didn't do shit today with a dietician. why didn't she do the typical jenna attention whoring and post about how 'nervous' she was days prior to the appointment? I'm calling bullshit.

No. 109911

maybe she should stop getting that moronic fucking haircut that just makes it worse

No. 109912

tbh i think she's kind of pretty

No. 109915


I mean, in her defense, she is attempting recovery. Recovery looks different for everyone. And in the caption it says 900 calories, which isn't an uncommon caloric requirement when recovering from anorexia.


Heh, I eat in my bed. I'm weird about eating at "normal" places… I have to be "comfy" when I eat.

No. 110010

And how the dietician supposedly makes her weigh all her food when she just recently overcame that. I just can't believe that a dietician would force you to re-adopt disordered behaviours.
Did you see her post about how much money she makes freelancing? When she just recently said she's struggling with money

No. 110026



There are many skinny fat wannarexics who abuse tools.
Yeah I am looking at you Ember and McKenzie !

No. 110053

she looks the best in the 2nd picture on the last row.

No. 110083

>>110026 ha, yeah some of McKenzies shops are the worst/my faves. It's cute how she thinks NOONE notices.

No. 110084

>>109878 wow in the 1st pic, inferior row, she looks way skinnier. I mean, her face. I'd say the same about the upper one ubt it looks more like only an angle game. Also emily that style fits you nicely, unlike the third upper one.
But I also kinda like her features so whatever.

About the face direction, it's really common, if you see my pics I make the same face-angle-stuff combination in almost every one of them. I admit I'm basic(?

>>inb4 hi emily

No. 110086

File: 1458829155461.jpeg (162.05 KB, 750x1062, image.jpeg)

someone submitted to edcynic about Jenna Lewis aka justjennanicole aka lord-swoledemort. there is no way this isn't about her

No. 110088

File: 1458829420181.jpg (133.08 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Arms above head, sucking in so hard, and still looks fat.. I get so much secondhand embarrassment from turtl.ed. Does she claim to have anorexia? Or is it bulimia, or something else, bc that would be a little less obnoxious. And referring to her as "my tiny turtle"? What's tiny about her?

No. 110089

It's embarrassing that she posts these but she's not fat. Wtf? She's probably the same size or smaller than other girls her age.

No. 110096

So now Jenna says talking about the guy she's dating is "creepy" when she literally talked about their sex and what he looks like. My guess: he dumped her wannarexic ass

No. 110097


Tiny, right ?

It shows the idiocy of the wannarexics gang. One photoshops her waist to the size of a toast meanwhile she calls a BMI 20 girl 'tiny' ? WTF

No. 110098

i can't for the life of me figure out why people like turtl.ed. my guess is mob mentality

No. 110099

It's embarassing that she posts these photos and claims to be anorexic. I swear some of these wannarexics have reverse body dysmorphic disorder. She wouldn't have posted that, and wouldn't have wanted the pic used for a shout out, if she didn't think she looked thin in it.
And I think she's in her 20s? Not sure, but if she's 20+ I wouldn't consider her a "girl". She's not "fat" but she is thick and there's nothing tiny about her, no matter how hard she sucks in. She actually looks like she's gained weight since joining the wannarexic community.

No. 110104


That's even worse and more hilarious when we talk about people +20. We can't blame their puberty.

No. 110114

I wouldn't class her as "thick". IMO she's more doughy, like a chick that was chubby and lost weight without workout out and toning up resulting with them still having chub in certain areas.
She definitely gained weight since she joined forces with the others. If I can recall correctly, she was actually thin and slightly, if not completely toned. I think she couldn't keep up with looking as /skinny/ as her photoshopped "friends" and started binging because she felt bad for looking bigger.
Didn't she also have problems with Ember or rather, Ember was talking shit about her on Twitter and she was responding on Instagram in her captions. (The comments she responded to were screenshots of Embers Twitter,) I'm pretty sure Ember told her to enhale more cheese burgers or something song those lines which is funny now, considering she did end up gaining an obvious amount of weight since that ~triggering~ comment lmao.

No. 110116

Something along those lines*

No. 110124

she's not fat at all BUT when her whole Instagram persona is based on her ~eating disorder~ and when her personality is so catty/nasty it's hard for me to not to be at least a little critical of her body where i really wouldn't care otherwise

No. 110141

she's not anorexic, I saw her post a couple of weeks ago that she hasn't been diagnosed with an ED but has "some unhealthy eating habits". she wants ppl to think she has an ED, she used to tag her photos as thinspo until someone called her out

No. 110152

Lol @ Jenna describing herself as ' small ' and her body being a reason people think she looks like a teenager. Yep Jenna every teenager in this world has huge guns and saggy tits.

No. 110153

People tagging their own pictures as "thinspo" are so cringey wtf

No. 110161

I think she's 18 years old and now she said that she wants to lose weight healthily bc of her bad eating habits lol its so annoying to read her "I want to die and i'm going to kill myself but I can't because my favourite band release a new album soon" ok girl

No. 110162

Excuse me?! Oh yes, I forgot, that ~true depression~ right der!
OMG, I'm totes gonna kill myself yea but ONLY after ma fav band releases der new song <3 then I can hang maself to der new tune! I might even write der lyrics on the wall in my blood! #realdepression #thinspo #depressionqueen

What an idiot.

No. 110168

Leave her alone she isn't fat at all

No. 110171

Half the people that have been discussed in this thread aren't fat at all. They just think they're way thinner than they are, and try too hard to get others to see it.

No. 110181

Emily is looking homely/soft AF in my opinion, her faceshape really bothers me and her arms look chubbier than ever? Also, why she did try to look like a 45 year old cat lady?.. Those glasses, with that hair.. What look is she going for?

>inb4 emily comments about how ~*she looks different due to recovery*~, how ~*beatifully she sings*~, and that ~*she's still pretty*~ kek

This video is only two weeks old btw.

No. 110183

I'd probably be understanding about her weight gain if she didn't try to make herself look so much thinner in her selfies. Like that one where she obviously highlighted her chest bones…like if she's not gonna accept the weight gain, then we're not gonna accept it

No. 110185

Emily just has a round face. It's what helps her look younger. She's still skinny, she just has a youthful skull shape.

No. 110186

She didn't even enter recovery, she just gained weight after drinking alcohol every chance she got for a year and a half but try to pretend she was getting better, when her life was actually falling apart.
Turns out, she got kicked out of college because she wouldn't stop getting drunk in her dorm room, was sent back to her parents house for underaged drinking, and her mom caught emily stealing all of the vanilla extract (apperently she would drink it and get drunk?). She's a fucking mess lmfao.

No. 110187

Ember looks skinny compared to Emily, don't play yourself.

No. 110188

Everyone has shots that aren't flattering to them due to angles and timing and things. That still from her video is just an unflattering moment. She's not an ugly girl and she's not fat, but she's not skinny either. She's just average

No. 110189

I feel like some of these are definitely self posting. No one likes Emily enough to defend her

No. 110190

Ok Emily lmao.
Emily is FAR from skinny. What about those ~lingerie in the sea~ shots where the panties dug into her chub? She's not fat but she's not as skinny as she wants to think she is

No. 110191

Her arms…look completely normal to me. Sure, they aren't on the super skinny side but they definitely don't look fat either.

No. 110195

File: 1458848523228.png (2.93 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1458847929349.png)

…… I am just going to leave this here…

No. 110196

Someone already baited that dumb cow into proving she lurks lmao >>106920
If you really think she isn't white knighting herself, you're in denail. I almost think every post in this thread about her, are Emily herself but who knows.

>Emily from two years ago was my favorite though. She's definitely a lot fatter nowadays.

No. 110197

File: 1458848636455.png (4.91 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1458848442651.png)

No. 110200

Emily used to be p adorable back when she looked like this >>110197 but her new look >>110195 is atrocious wtf

No. 110201

How can someone be so """thin""" and have such a doughy, undefined, and featureless face? She looks like a pug, man.

No. 110204

That stupid fringe and those fucking glasses… why?

No. 110205

File: 1458849774463.jpg (31.36 KB, 333x500, d287af078cb2bc69cbd3a99d36a6a8…)


Does she think they make her look.. smart or sophisticated or something?.. She almost reminds me of a uglier version of Zoey Deschanel.. Is that what she is going for?

No. 110212

Ember is gross next to Emily.

No. 110215

she looks so jowly there… like an old woman

No. 110218

She probably looked cuter because she was younger, and younger kiddos are cuter than older kiddos. Do we expect a 21 year old person to look cute?

No. 110219

She was really underweight, it was obviously not healthy.

No. 110220

You're a fucking pedophile, aren't you? Wtf did you just say?!

No. 110221

I think a big part of it is the bangs, if you don't have a v-line face bangs are brutal.

No. 110223

>really underweight

Point? she currently looks overweight and it's disgusting. Majority of society can agree skinny looks better on everyone. Emily looks like her old 12 year old self again.

Also, if Emily didn't still shoop herself thinner and burn chest bones into her body, I wouldnt give a fuck about her weight gain.

There's a reason everyone hated Felice for "recovering" and it sure as hell wasn't because she "got fat". It was because she gained weight yet continued to shoop her body down to half it's size. Emily is god awful at editing, so it's more obvious when she is attemptingto look skinny again, but regardless it's still fucked.

No. 110224

She even doesn't look underweight tbh.

No. 110225


Fuck off, creepy anachans calling normal people "fat" and "overweight" and "doughy". That's more fucked up that Emily herself.

No. 110226

Get over it. Emily is not skinny except maybe in a group of landwhales

No. 110228

Haha Jennas latest selfie is totes supposed to prove ~*the boy*~ didn't dump her. That red face though. Perfect skin my ass. Also why does she refer to her ex as her boyfriend? And it's disrespectful af that she posts that she would drop everything to get back with her ex (who allegedly cheated on her, used her for sex and said mean things about her body) when she's dating a new guy? She just wants to be ~tragically heartbroken~. Her sucking up to Nikki Blacketter as if she's ever gonna reply is pathetic af. News flash: Nikki doesn't give a fuck that your babyfaced ex dumped your fake lying ass

No. 110229

You must be fat too

No. 110237

File: 1458854277533.jpg (176.01 KB, 667x500, image.jpg)

please control yourself

No. 110247

what about those chest bones, Emily?

No. 110248

they're both gross

No. 110252


LOL k, if that makes you feel better you can think that.

No. 110253

Why won't you just fuck off Emily? No one ever white knights anyone here, espically a big fat cow like yourself. We get it, you don't appreciate us pointing out how gross you now look. Get the fuck over it or get back in shape.

Just stop self posting on lolcow already, it's obvious when you're doing it.

No. 110254

The person you're replying too IS emily, so yes, she is fat lmao

No. 110255


Normal people ? My ass. These girls needs to go offline to glimpse at real people. Slim, skinny, thin, fat, obsese people on the streets…

No. 110257


Come on, you can do better than that. Anyone can check my IP address. I'm thousands of miles away from Emily.

I don't mind ripping shreds out of pro-ana wannarexics but a bunch of wah-wah babies pointing out every flaw is what they do on myproana.

No. 110258

Check muh ip

No. 110260

i feel like anon thats hell bent on calling emily fat is ember, since she has so much free time on her hands from 'inpatient' she's probably shitting up this thread with her emily vendetta. plus embers fav insult is to call those who are atually struggling with eds 'fat'

No. 110261

Emily isn't fat she's totally normal.
It's just that the difference between her selfies and normal pictures is so obvious, but yeah the anachans need to fucking relax.

No. 110272

Emily looks like an average weight, she's bloated from the alcohol too

Idk why you care so much about her weight gain

No. 110286

She's a proana attention whore, why else do you think we discuss her? Jesus Emily, stop trying to whiteknight yourself. you won't win this fight.

No. 110287

File: 1458862931318.png (463.24 KB, 525x842, Screenshot_2016-03-24-19-40-49…)

Emily is doughy as fuck, get the fuck over it already.

No. 110289

Why do you guys think everyone is self posting, are you ok?

I live in Canada m8

No. 110290

how is any of this news? unless Emily is producing new milk, gtfo

No. 110291

Go away Emily. You're obvious as fuck.

No. 110292

I'm considering baiting you lolcows ITT now

This paranoia is getting amusing

No. 110296


lurk moar

No. 110299

Emily is not doughy. Seek help.

No. 110300

What do you consider this? >>110287

No. 110301

Average. Healthy. BMI 20.

No. 110302

You can be doughy AND have a bmi of 20. Actually that happens quite often.

No. 110303

File: 1458865237499.jpeg (167.12 KB, 750x1169, image.jpeg)

Wtf is this shit. I don't follow sofie so I can't see her shit but why is she begging for money from her followers to meet someone?
An online friend? Wtf raise money yourself you lazy bitch?

No. 110307

Anything over 19 is fat. Obv if you let your BMI get that high you havr no self control.

No. 110312

If you don't think you're a cow I've got news for you

No. 110313

zoe and naomi are dating i think. one lives in serbia and one in the US. do their parents even know that they're soliciting money to ship one of them halfway around the world?

No. 110315

Why not just get jobs?

No. 110316

File: 1458865690848.png (3.81 KB, 312x145, bmi 3464577455.png)

No. 110317

Wtf aren't they both underage? (Assuming so since Zoe is like 16 or w/e)
This has to be illegal in some sort / against the rules of the website they're using to raise money

No. 110318

Thread summary
>she's fat
>no she's doughy
>she's skinny, anachan
>i miss ember
>omfg Emily is fug
>BMI 20 omg fatty
>that's not fat anachan
>etc ad nauseum

No. 110320

File: 1458865803929.png (199.72 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

"We do not know how to raise money"
Get a fuckin job??????

No. 110322

why get a job when you can just as easily exploit your ig followers

No. 110323

And in return give them a shout out!

No. 110324

Thank you, Summary-chan. We'd be lost without you.

No. 110331

File: 1458866761417.jpg (148.43 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Not anorexic but a huge Lulzy attention whore

No. 110356

No. 110363

Who cares about any of this? This thread is for pro-anas. Emily isn't claiming to be an ana-chan anymore. She's not photoshopping herself or doing anything lulzy, so she is off topic. Can we please get back to laughing at REAL proanas now? God damn.

No. 110366

>Being this autistic

No. 110367

As long as she's still highlighting her chest bones and trying to seem sicker than she is, she's pro ana. Lol.

No. 110397

bruh emily shoops herself thinner so she can still appeal to the proana followers she gained back when she was literally a thinspo blog, and didn't she just have another thinspo blog exposed a month back

emily will always be proana scum kek chill

No. 110400

Ok but she's just boring now. I'm not whiteknighting her like most drama blogs do nowadays, but there's no real milk.
I mean sure post the occasional thing about her thay's cool, but dont post about how fat she is 20 times in a row, no one cares.

No. 110401

I had to look through her Tumblr for that since she has it on "other Tumblr users only" and search somehow doesn't work. Wasn't worth it.

I think one of the things that annoys me the most about Jenna's Tumblr is how much of a failure at Tumblr etiquette she is. This text post explained it perfectly:
>writing comments in the tags vs in the caption is sort of like being on a school field trip and whispering something to your buddy while the guide is talking vs. raising your hand and stopping the tour to let everyone know that you think that painting kinda looks like a butt

Jenna constantly needs to comment rather than write in the tags. She honestly thinks people care that much about her opinion.

No. 110411

This is the thing about Jenna.

She thinks she's smarter, skinnier, sicker, more popular, and funnier than she actually is. Being humble is a completely foreign concept to her. There's a difference between being confident and falsely bragging about how you're a certain way when you're really just not.

Fuck. Get over yourself Jenna. You've never been underweight, you're definitely not as sick as a lot of people, and your life is pretty sad and pathetic at the moment. Not that you can't bring yourself up, but it's time to grow up and stop whining and bitching about things you can clearly change.

There's nothing more annoying than people using their disorders as an excuse for not doing anything with their lives, when help is accessible. Jenna is so privileged and lucky to have access to help but chooses to complain about every little thing that's not perfect in her life to gain sympathy and attention.

No. 110426

And her constant attention seeking… She acts like she's so adult, but every issue in her life is portrayed in a way that will get her pity.
-Still talking to her ex after their breakup and then whining that he cheated on her multiple times
-One day saying her boyfriend is the best, he makes her so happy bla bla then she says he's ABUSIVE?
-Saying her freelancing doesn't get her much money vs now saying she makes a lot with it
And so on. Jenna is a lying, wannarexic, cancer faking attention whore. And you know she wanted to become famous for being ~*the cancer survivor fitblr*~

No. 110427

Oh and when her Myproana account was exposed, she allegedly received messages saying "I hope your cancer comes back". I'm pretty sure Jenna self sent that anon for extra pity points because she hadn't brought up the cancer in years, didn't bring it up after that and still never specified what type of cancer she had. (Because she never had cancer)

No. 110434

I am one of the people who exposed Jenna. She definitely did send herself hate. When I first posted the screenshots she claimed photoshop and threatened to sue for defamement and get her daddy involved, when I got her mpa account leaked she pulled the victim card "my ed made me do it".

No. 110435

I don't mind discussing stupid cows but some of you seriously don't understand eating disorders. Don't call someone with a normal bmi fat it's fucked up jesus Christ

No. 110436

Oh her ED made her post purging tips! She couldnt help it!
She tries so hard to be special. First ~fitblr in ldr~ then ~fitblr fighting cancer~ then ~fitblr mixed with ana working at Lululemon~ and so on. Her next venture is supposed to be ~cooking blogger recovering from ED~ Also, Jenna, hint: your degree in English and liking Harry Potter do not make you special.

No. 110438

And about self sending hate, I remember when she was discussed on another thread here and she obviously lurked and got an anon saying "People on lolcow say you're fat" when nobody even did that. Making up shit for pity as always.
Her parents don't even know about her blog. Would have been hilarious "Daddy, plz use your ~white male privilege~ to shut down these meanies for exposing that I help other people throw up their food!!!!" She said not even her friends know about her blog or that she has an eating disorder. Would be hilarious if someone she knows was on here and found out about her wannarexic ways

No. 110439

She's the typical English major liberal feminazi pseudo intellectual.
Her food obsession is gross, why post food you're just going to binge and purge. I remember she said she appreciated that her ed made her eat vegetables more like what the fuck?
Does she actually think her shitty rice cakes with hummus constitute a healthy meal? Her food pictures are shit anyways lol

No. 110441

She claimed that I and other mods were defaming her, no bitch you did thst yourself. She's claimed that us, exposing her for giving a child purging tips through pm was going to ruin her future career and reputation.
She bitches about not getting hired and maybe it's because of her camming and the fact she's a 23 year old Taylor Swift obsessed child that needs to grow up and act like it. You don't use her full name on the Internet on your shitty blog that has all of your disgusting lies plastered all over it. Fake cancer, wannarexic bs, camming. She needs to stop blaming other people for her own shit

No. 110444

Yup she thinks she's sooooo smart and a gift to this world.
Her food obsession and the way she broadcasts it is disgusting too. She just wants worried anons saying she's into cooking because of her ED. Or how she posts about her funny ironic obsession with tv shows like chopped and super size vs super skinny.
And I remember that. Her ED makes her eat more vegetables and fruit? Wow surely something to be proud of, Jenna. You're disgusting and obviously pro anorexia.

No. 110446

Yeah. "Poor me, nobody takes me seriously because I'm thin and pretty and dress like a tween :( and wear heart shaped sunglasses :( muh oppreshun!!!!" A 23-year-old's life shouldn't revolve around her Tumblr blog

No. 110447

No. 110448

What is it with adults faking diseases ?

Did McKenzie make up her cancer too ?

No. 110451

I wish people in the ed community would speak against recovery bloggers like Jenna wannarexics get outed but fake recovery seems to be "in"

No. 110452

File: 1458899485674.jpg (40.52 KB, 367x384, https://41.media.tumblr.com/4d…)


dem jowls are from b/p. that's why the glands are so swollen

No. 110456


You think fake wannarexics should call out fake recovery girls ? There is no ED community. There do is a gang of attentionseeking and mental disorder .

No. 110457

There are some legitimate recovery blogs and a community of anti pro ana blogs, though some of the APAC bloggers are insufferable

No. 110460

the best part about this god awful thread was the DID girl, but now you lot are back to talking about the ever so boring fucking Emily and Jenna?

No. 110463

There's a thread for DID now.

No. 110465


My mistake. I am spending too much time on Instagram and this place is 80% full of frauds. Fake recovery, fake anorexics.

No. 110469

No, she posted proof of all her diagnosis

No. 110476


Do you know what kind of cancer she had ?

No. 110481

Jenna & Emily are both boring af, we need new cows

No. 110482

Ok Jenna

No. 110483

Wonderful contribution, how about you spend some energy doing footwork instead of bitching about it. You fucktards always complain but never find anyone new to put up on the chopping block.

No. 110485

jfc. i dont understand ed's? k, i've only had one for half my life, so about 15 years, but ok. more like you don't understand why people mock these girls.
no one would be calling these girls fat, doughy, or thick if they weren't contorting, sucking in, and photoshopping themselves in an attempt to appear thin/sick nobody actually thinks they're obese or something. though id probably kill myself if my body ever resembled turtl.ed's.

No. 110491

While it's true, we could've done without your ~sob blog~ story. Your on an anon board, not mpa.

No. 110495

It was cervical if I remember correctly. She posted her medical paperwork after ember accuser her of lying.

No. 110505

lmao at ember trying to expose other people

No. 110507

I wish someone who follows Jenna's personal/whining blog would find this thread. I almost followed it but didn't want her to block me. I also wish the "truth bloggers" on tumblr would post about her but, just like on this thread, if she isn't posting about doing drugs or being an edge queen it's not as interesting

No. 110508

Yeah faking cancer and lying about other things is pretty scummy.

No. 110509

Hardly a sob story, I'd say it was fairly relevant for anon to mention

No. 110510

where's the anon that found ember at starbucks?

No. 110517

Holy shit does anyone follow thinmissyy on Instagram?

No. 110518

Umm… I think it's safe to say that anon was being sarcastic, little one. Ember didn't travel roughly 2,500 miles to drink Starbucks in Canada.
(Links to the posts: >>106157 >>106162 )

No. 110520

love how these girls will prattle on and on about how fat they are, yet always have "thin" or "little" in their usernames

No. 110522


I am sure she said ovaries.

Who is DID by the way ?

No. 110523

She's not private at the moment, so no need to follow. But she's been posted here before, and it got boring fast. Sure, she posts tons of pictures in thinspo posts, but there's no milk beyond that.

No. 110527

*thinspo poses, sorry

No. 110529


Just lurked. She looks normal in clothes no wonder she posts to prefer ribcage.

she follows the afwul thiinly, who photoshops

No. 110537

File: 1458922328863.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 155.23 KB, 640x1063, image.jpeg)

This girl ebony has been getting more & more attention seeking and full of milk for months now. She has ig & ask.fm. At first i genuinely felt for her & her experiences seemed genuine & legit, then as her profile got more popular, she started claiming to uave an ED and posting pics of fortisips whenever she could, despite being normal weight, then as her 18th drew nearer she was literally desperately trying to get herself sectioned and in hospital so she could validate all her suspect claims of mental illnesses which she would always avoid directly stating what she was diagnosed with stating her "team" didnt want to diagnose her cos she would be going to adult services shortly. This girl (18yrs old) "runs away from home" threatening to kill herself knowing full well every time her mum calls the police and she gets sectioned by them, only to be assessed by a doctor and sent straight back home!! (This was happening on a daily basis). Then when that wasnt workinng she started taking overdoses, getting "found out" by her mum & taken to a&e (where she posts constant pics & updates on her ig) but then refuses to get treatment until they have to sedate her and waste an ICU bed so she has the antidote…. This has happened more than once. Now shes trying to get the government benefits to pay for her to have horseriding lessons cos she thinks shes entitled to it despite claiming shes too ill to work even a few hours a week!! So many ppl have called her out on her BS and she just keeps on going…. So much milk!!

No. 110538

Show Proof of thinnly girl Photoshopping? I don't see it

No. 110539

No. 110542

Soz didnt realise her ig profile was private - but check out the ask.fm as thats full of milk. @LifeLongRide

No. 110558

We arent moralfags.

If you want social justice, go to PULL, Tumblr, or MPA ffs.

No. 110559

Yawn. Can't find her askfm.

No. 110564

Jenna (lord–swoledemort / justjennanicole) looks like a horse/pig hybrid tbh

No. 110566

File: 1458931814470.jpg (320.3 KB, 1280x960, cx4RhIv.jpg)

Is this normal behavior for a military ball?

No. 110567

For upper middle class kids in Britain, yes. Unfortunately.

No. 110568

File: 1458931971032.jpg (286.63 KB, 960x1280, Ic7sAxT.jpg)

People should stop kissing her ass saying she's 'human embodiment of sunshine' lmao

No. 110572

That's sad. Then again she is not a particularly classy person anyway considering she didn't even take a shower before going to the ball and she was going to wear a short trashy party dress until anons told her that would be inappropriate

No. 110574

who says its a sob story? i'm more accomplished/higher functioning than most adults, especially in the US, considering only 8.9% of the population has a masters degree.

No. 110575

Id say shes the sun…because shes so hard to look at

No. 110579

To me, she looks like a really ugly version of Colleen, aka Miranda Sings.

No. 110581

I don't really see why you've posted her. I've followed her for a while and I see no milk

No. 110582

No. 110679


No. 110680

Come on, I'm super interested in how she overcame her dramatic eating disorder to be a super genius.

No. 110685

>I'm super interested in how she overcame her dramatic eating disorder to be a super genius.

why do i have to overcome my ED to be intelligent? if i had posted my weight, or BMI, then telling me to "go back to MPA" might make sense, but i didn't. what i posted was relevant to the stupidity i was responding to. and at the end of the day, if you live in the US, your tax $$ will fund my salary/pension regardless (if you're even employed). keep whining.

No. 110691

Stfu attention whore. You want Ana points? This thread isn't about you so you don't need to mention your 15 yr long Ana mode unless you want to be one of the snowflakes yourself. You've now posted 2 posts bragging about fuck all.
>probably kill myself if my body ever resembled turtl.ed's.
Stfu and please go back to mpa.

No. 110710

File: 1458947090436.jpg (10.05 KB, 250x199, Nyum.jpg)

If you're so smart, why you get an ED?

Your move, cow

No. 110716

File: 1458947546417.png (64.39 KB, 550x716, emilyologist.png)

No. 110718

most anorexics are smarter than average.
most people on MPA are not anorexic.
i like your pizza cat.

No. 110727

That's just a stereotype, the young, intelligent, perfectionistic overachiever.
I'm a granny-chan who has been around ED "communities" both on and offline for over a decade, and one thing I've learned is that there are a helluva lot of ED patients who aren't the brightest crayons in the box.

No. 110729

LOL, that reminds me when Erika [Ashley's anorexic bff] said she had an IQ of 170. HA.

No. 110732

just curious, how old is a "granny-chan"? 40? older?

No. 110741

>Suffers malnutrition but expects their brain to function higher than everyone else

Ok, Lia

From my experience people who brag about their intelligence are some of the biggest idiots I've ever met

No. 110743

That's everyone's experience dude.
If you have to say it out loud, you're trying to convince yourself more than anyone else.

No. 110744

Yup, this.

I actually used to be considered fairly bright. When my ed got really bad I was essentially I fucking idiot with less brain cells than Ember.

No. 110745

you're actually right. i had to eat more/weigh more during grad school or i would't have been able to do it. it was infuriating.

No. 110746

That's not how you sage.
Type in sage with a lowercase s in the email field.

No. 110754


More proof; Ebony has deleted her ask.fm since the initial lolfarm post - just highlights how much she stalks stuff related to herself and is trying to remain "genuine" seeming. Dont worry though, when she deletes her profiles they r usually reinstated within 24 hours anyways!! ? Keep checking, i promised u milk; there will be milk!

No. 110760

No. 110761

I'm not an, I have ednos but I can confirm. There is no way to function properly if you're constantly restricting. Let's all stop with the anorexic white girls stereotypes

No. 110767

File: 1458955995918.jpeg (142.9 KB, 640x782, image.jpeg)

Omg kek. I am following her and had screenshotted some of her more tell-tale ask answers cos shes so damn fake and i had a feeling she wuld delete cos she has in the past so many times. Its like shes trying to pretend she never said half the stuff she did but she forgets once its been on the internet its there for good! Shes such a 2 faced attention seeker.

No. 110768

File: 1458956070322.jpeg (115.85 KB, 640x692, image.jpeg)

No. 110770

File: 1458956436602.jpeg (162.39 KB, 640x958, image.jpeg)

Does anyone else still follow crying emilys ex friend laura? Omg shes not so much an ana snowflake as she genuinely struggles with an ed and doesnt seem to flaunt that around on her social media profiles like the other wannarexics do, but fml she posts staged selfie after selfie, day in day out, wirh comments asking if she looks 'fat' or ok? For someone with such supposed low self esteem she posts more selfies than the mf kardashians put together!!! ? Dont know if she deserves any thread of her own just yet but shes deffo attention seeking and constantly crying out for validation from the rest of the wannarexic community.

No. 110773

i know first hand ebony's a piece of shit but for god's sake shut the fuck up

No. 110774


It's over, it's done. RIP lolcow.

No. 110775

I stopped looking because those wide eye selfies freaked me the fuck out.

I agree. Idek of Ebony, but I don't give a damn. Depends what benefit she's on, but it's a piece of piss to dob her in if she's saying she's unfit for work but horse riding.

No. 110776

Thinking she's self posting. The RIP happened when the same person wrote r instead of are.

No. 110777

just curios how old is everyone in this thread and how did they find it? i foudn it during the milk with gracie and emily and its like a trainqreck i just cant look away

im 20 o.o

No. 110778

File: 1458960196218.jpg (94.23 KB, 860x592, Capture.JPG)

Okay, so just looked at Laura again. Ffs.

Go away please.

No. 110779

No. 110780

e.e i hope i live that long
but tbh im scared cut of my bulimia o.o

No. 110781

Gotta love dat lazy eye.

No. 110782

Yeah its hard because I've had ana since I was 11.
I was diagnosed with BPD at 15.
It's really fucked me up.
My body is so weak now…
Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms.
At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.

No. 110785

im sry

No. 110786

Those feels.

Not that EDs are a competition, but I'm much worse than you :( I'm actually rotting from the inside AND the outside, yet I'm still alive. The stench is ungodly. I'll never be a mother :(

No. 110797

Are people trolling right now??

No. 110805

What the fuck is going on here

No. 110811

Do you really need someone to answer that question?

No. 110815

I don't think so. This seems pretty serious.

No. 110819

Yes, but I think it's in response to people who weren't trolling and acting in a similar manner

No. 110830

this is dead serious

No. 110841

Bonus: she wore her Fitbit to the ball

No. 110853

STFU. nobody cares about your stinky ass, your exaggerations or lies. Go get some info from Ember on pedeatric ED units, she should be able to give you great info.
WTF is happening here, serously?

No. 110856

>tfw you clearly didn't recognize the troll

No. 110863

You're a fuckng idiot.

No. 110864

I'll be nice and explain the joke for you.

No. 110892

Does she only have one facial expression? (That of a fish)

No. 110900

File: 1459005880916.jpg (150.39 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 110901

File: 1459005904893.jpg (196.63 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 110912

She's full of shit, but pretty boring tbh.

No. 110923

Someone has the butthurt.

No. 110949

File: 1459015276374.jpg (660.82 KB, 1875x1592, IMG_20160326_125709.jpg)

Who does this bitch think she fooling

No. 110977

File: 1459018644564.jpg (115.85 KB, 431x555, IMG_20160326_133529.jpg)

Nice shop on the gap crying Emily

No. 110980

File: 1459019615720.jpg (518.46 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160326_140719.jpg)

Lurk more eat less budah belly

No. 110981

wtf is wrong with you people?! thinmissy is not photoshopping! when you have an ed, and you're that underweight, you get bloated whenever you eat or drink.

No. 110983

Stop self posting retard.

No. 110985

i don't even know what that is. i came on here to defend someone who doesn't deserve this treatment. i had never heard of this joke of a website until i noticed she was getting hate for her mental disorder.

No. 110986

i have no desire to learn how to "post" properly on this website; i'm just defending someone who deserves to be defended.

No. 110987

This site is lame Bet your parents are proud

No. 110988

then why are you on it? like i said, i have no desire to become a regular on this website.

No. 110989

How old are you and how old is thinmissyyy? How do you know her?

No. 110990

What do you have against Laura?

No. 110992

i'm not comfortable with sharing ages with you people. i follow her and she's such an inspiration recovery wise to me, so i feel like it's my duty to defend her.

No. 110994

Then just fuck off. Neither of you have to visit here.

No. 110995


It isn't your duty to defend anyone.

No. 110997

it is to defend myself. i have an ed as well and i hate how people on this website talk about us. it's a mental disorder. we can't control it a lot of the time. you have no right to talk like that about people with an eating disorder.

No. 111003

GTFO wannorexic or admin will get your ip and dox you.(NYPA)

No. 111005

i am not a wannorexic. i've had bulimia since i was 12 years old.

No. 111009

You and the rest of these "ED sufferers." Good for you fatty.

No. 111011

She's right guys, there's nothing wrong with sharing body checks when you have an ED

If you trigger your friends by sucking in and posting so you look thinner it's their own damn fault for looking at the pictures

I mean, it's a mental illness! So you can excuse all the shitty stuff they do because the ana goddess has come down from heaven and said it's OK

Besides, recovery means posting body checks and saying you're not pro ana

No. 111019


Holy shit you girls haven't booked a ticket on victimhood. …. an ED (more like attention deficit) isn't the end. You are a bunch of lazy crybabies who should go outside facing people with real problems. How about going to visit a hospice ?

No. 111021

That's cold… But very accurate.

Why are we even tolerating them. Ignore them and they will leave

No. 111022


I'm glad someone understands. How can you be in recovery if you don't call your followers "lovelies" and have "don't report, just block" in your bio
People don't understand the commitment

No. 111025


It really inspires my recovery to see people exploiting their followers and eating disorders

No. 111027

So you've had bulimia for two years? Mannnn, that's rough.

No. 111047

File: 1459028062568.png (142.96 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Regarding Cassie's SRA story…

No. 111088

I'm sick of histrionic anas sperging out over Easter eggs. Either eat them a tiny bite over a year, give it away or become Hindu ir smthing. It's a fucking made up tradition. I'm looking at YOU, Emily. Ffs.

No. 111133

Soo.. how long has Ember been gone now?
>mfw this question is actually on topic considering this current mess

No. 111135

Ember is the true queen of /snow/. Or at least this thread. Say what you will but she kept things interesting and is the literal definition of a special snowflake. It's not a compliment.

No. 111138

She's gonna be so happy when she sees this

No. 111140

I'm cool with that, it's cute.

No. 111157

No. 111248

jenna sure talks about bingeing a lot for someone who says they were diagnosed with anorexia.

No. 111249

Jenna definitely lied about her weight at the time when she claimed she had received an anorexia diagnosis. Back then she claimed she was 97 lbs.
She recently said she wasn't underweight when she was diagnosed with anorexia though. At 5'4" (which she claims to be) a 17.5 BMI (old cufoff for anorexia) would be reached at 102 lbs. A BMI 18.5 would be reached at 108 lbs. So she admitted she was above 108 lbs in August, when she acted like she had a BMI of 16.something. Something doesn't add up :)

No. 111255

>such an inspiration recovery wise
>has THIN in username

stfu. i assume you don't want to share your age bc you're a minor. so get out.
trying to white knight her will only get her posted more anyway.

No. 111274

File: 1459104684592.jpg (461.14 KB, 1280x1707, sT4Khxe.jpg)

Why does she think this is a good look?

No. 111275

File: 1459104838400.jpg (376.83 KB, 1280x1707, G7lGlDN.jpg)

Does this look like sub 100 pounds to anybody? Honestly wondering

No. 111278

Jennas old camming profile where she puts herself in the "skinny" category. Such body dysmorphia.


No. 111279

not unless she's less than 5 feet tall

No. 111280

File: 1459105289104.jpg (13.82 KB, 300x286, horsesmiling.jpg)

I wonder if she enjoys dressage.

No. 111281

That off the shoulder exposed tan line is so classy.

No way under 100.

No. 111282

Lol no… if she's average height she's at least 150, probably closer to 170

No. 111284

She is 5'4" and said she was in the 90s when this pic was taken.

No. 111285

No way

No. 111288

she looks 130-ish then

No. 111289

The dress looks like a UK size 10. It'd be hanging differently if she was under 100.

No. 111290

File: 1459106207175.jpg (131.79 KB, 1078x1417, cfluM2t.jpg)

Shit pro anas post. Bonus: Jenna said she never was overweight in her life.

No. 111291

soooo you went from fat as fuck to slightly overweight? wow so anorexic

No. 111293

You guys keep posting the same things. It's not milk, it's getting boring.

No. 111294

Post something more interesting? Easy to solve.

No. 111298

File: 1459110057574.jpg (146.92 KB, 1078x1371, YmFAQUU.jpg)

More from when she said she was 97-100 lbs, BMI around 16-17. She is obviously sucking in and it's embarrassing that she even posted this.

No. 111299

File: 1459111049845.jpg (153.7 KB, 1078x1678, o4lCRm4.jpg)

Some of the now deleted posts about her made up cancer.

No. 111300

File: 1459111088306.jpg (43.51 KB, 1078x621, psUsPf6.jpg)

No. 111301

File: 1459111130725.jpg (140.31 KB, 1068x1596, ShwaVQk.jpg)

"cancer sucks lolz"

No. 111302


No fucking way. She's a healthy BMI, maybe even on the low end of "healthy" like a 20. I'm sorry, I think it's incredibly bullshit for her to ever say she was 90-something. But it's also bullshit to call her heavy now.

No. 111303

Anyone follow my.thinspo.diary? On instagram. Posts shopped pics and fucked up stuff

No. 111306

That's just a wannarexic who can't stop eating biscuits and posts other peoples thinspo pics though.

No. 111310

Yeah she's a boring wanna. Next.

No. 111312

I want her to get outed for this dumbass cancer bullshit. It's so obvious she was trying to hide it by wiping out her archive and changing URLs. The screenshots are gold and I'd love to see someone make an anon blog and post the screenshots for all of her little followers to see.

No. 111314

She's also trying to hide she was a pro ana/thinspo blogger and scrubbed the evidence that her URL used to be onemonthtosexy. She had a post tagged followers where she had posted her follower count and the URL was onemonthtosexy.

No. 111315

When you Google "onemonthtosexy tumblr" you find posts where she self promoted.

No. 111316

The thing with outing blogs is that they just give people pity. It serves as a platform for them to get more attention because they complain about being bullied

No. 111318

That's the whole premise of the thread, fam

No. 111323

I mean I would love for everybody to know what a despicable person she is (can you even get lower than faking cancer for attention on your Tumblr?) but she would turn it into an opportunity to whine about the mean bullies and how she really did have cancer but was so traumatized she deleted all her memories when someone dared question her story.

No. 111324

Yep exactly. It'd be an opportunity for more ass kissing

No. 111337

Nah, out her. It would cause her genuine discomfort.

No. 111338

Every time Jenna gets brought up, some anon says she's boring and to not post her

I'd be happy to see MORE Jenna

No. 111345

I doubt she would get THAT much sympathy for lying about cancer. Everybody's kinda sick of her "someone made a hate blog about me omg bullies" shit lol

No. 111411

literally someone who is better on tumblr than I am needs to out her where the people who really count would see it

No. 111423

Same, I'm not good at tumblr but a 'hate' blog sounds fun

No. 111424

I can do it at some point this week. Hate blogs do get taken down by staff pretty regularly though, so I'm not sure how long it'd last.

No. 111432

don't call it a hate blog. call it a truth/exposing blog lol
you can get around those rules verrrry easy

i had one about felice/kiki/ kotakoti/ and some bitch named aly antorcha that lasted quite a while because "exposing" efamous people and saying you want to keep them from negatively influencing younger people seems to make it ok

No. 111435

You could spice it up by only posting about the cancer

No. 111439

what's jenna's blog

No. 111440

No. 111442

you can only see it if you're logged into tumblr

No. 111443

so source the post faggot

No. 111444

i have one

No. 111445

found it. her blog… is so boring? am i missing the milk or something? this bitch has nothing interesting going on about her

No. 111447

She's like every bitch in this topic, they're all boring

No. 111448

everyone's just waiting for ember to come back lol

No. 111449

there are way more proanas on instagram who photoshop their pics/lie/crave attention but everytime we post them it;s like
"yeah they been mentioned yawn. next one pls"

i read something earlier about thiinly editing her pics
i follow her and she genuinely seems thin so i want someone to point out the shoops

imfuck_ed was also fun too. just waiting for her to have her baby because i'm 90% sure she's going to go back to photoshop her body sickly thing like she used to before pregnancy

No. 111450

File: 1459144608497.png (1.37 MB, 997x898, tr..PNG)

like all her other side photos of her bump look normal as hell but that first one where she's sitting on the ball… is that fucking normal??? it looks like the entire pregnancy is in one spot of her stomach or something wtf

No. 111451

I still hope she never comes back

It's healthier for everyone, everyone was stuck in an Ember cycle

No. 111453

Eleri most definitely reads here lol. She made a hint that there's no evidence that "anyone" faked cancer. If Jenna did not fake cancer:
-Why did she delete all the posts about her cancer when the story was questioned on here?
-Why did she never specify what kind of cancer she had?
-Why does she literally never bring it up anymore?
-Why does she ignore anons who ask about it?
-How was she able to go to the gym every day, look completely healthy and have completely healthy hair when she was going through such intense treatment, including intensive surgery? In fact her biggest worry was getting sexy for her boyfriend.

And Eleri,it's telling that the discussion of Jenna increased so much when you and Ally were together and that you started licking her ass again when someone mentioned you aren't acknowledging her anymore.
By the way, stop trying to be a recocery blog when you post blatant pro ana shit and brag about your behaviours and actively refuse to change your situation. It's disgusting.

No. 111455

Jenna's URL is justjennanicole you can only view it when you're logged into tumblr. She changed her URL and set her blog to private when the fake cancer discussion started.

No. 111456

Oh and Eleri (and Jenna), stop whining about unsolicited advice. If you post about all the weight you're going to lose before treatment on your RECOVERY blog of course people are going to say something. You know there's the option to make private posts right?

No. 111458

>>111450 lol what the fuck is that first picture? it looks totally shopped and the stomach is a weird shape

No. 111459

@ imfuck_ed is horrible at her shoops. you just have to scroll down to her pre pregnancy pics and all of them are fucking awful. they were posted in a previews wannarexic thread.
shes young as hell, has a drinking problem, claims to have an eating disorder, she already has one other child and i think she once said she tried commiting suicide like… WHILE THIS CHILD WAS STILL WITH HER.
her arms are beyond repair and she walks around the house and shows her kid all of it
she's honestly so fucked up lmao

No. 111462

here's her other shoops that have been pointed out


No. 111465

File: 1459147981988.jpg (462.97 KB, 1280x1707, THYI7v7.jpg)

No. 111466

File: 1459148302892.jpg (205.37 KB, 1280x1280, TXWpFqU.jpg)

This might be one of the ugliest pictures she has ever posted.

No. 111500

Kill yourselves.

Closer to 115-120 imo.

Use it.

No. 111502


She shrinks her waist. Most snowflakes literally rape their apps to achieve it.
You can see it when their stomach looks mini compared to the rest and then their proportions look way off. McKenzie is the queen when it comes to that. Bad enough that no one tells her how stupid her editing is when her shoulders are double as broad as her waist.

Let us not forget that these girls don't spend much time to photoshop the pictures. The apps are very easy to use.

No. 111535

She says that's what her stomach looks like right now at 36 weeks when she has a contraction. This crazy bitch pisses me off so much.

No. 111542


Lol, eleri posts pro-ana shit? Not trying to argue that, I just don't see it. I follow her, and I feel like her posts are sickeningly recovery everything, to the extent that she doesn't recognize how fucking shitty recovery actually is.

No. 111546

aww, are your feelings hurt because you look like her?

No. 111550

The fact that she's openly not in recovery is pro ana to some.

No. 111628


Are you Eleri? She refuses to go to treatment because then she would be forced to lose weight before. But she's the skinniest in her therapy group!!!!!1!!!!!!!! She says she doesn't care about the physical consequences of her ED. Etc etc.

No. 111630

What's pro ana about her is that she says she's in recovery then brags about her behaviours.

No. 111632

Don't worry that sounded just like Jenna.

No. 111639

Ember just posted to her Snap story. A picture of the motorway with the text "I'm coming home!!!"

No. 111640

oh shit. here we go again

No. 111642

File: 1459174056843.jpg (108.04 KB, 528x759, IMG_20160328_090558.jpg)

Oh how I'm waiting to see the fatness spilling off her ass

No. 111644

Can't wait for her Wintergirl-y tales from IP.

No. 111652

I think she either hasn't gained that much at all (maybe 5 lbs) and is going to continue what she was doing before she went IP. Or she gained and is now going to photoshop like crazy. OR she is gonna go straight into 'relapse'.

No. 111654

She's still going to be insufferable whichever route she chooses.

No. 111655

File: 1459175145578.gif (6.22 KB, 400x400, transparent ghost.gif)


preparedness intensifies

I'm pleased she is returning. Thread is getting way too Wintergirls without Ember's consistent dramatics.

No. 111659

This thread was better off without Ember and I'm so salty she's coming back. Happy you all get to lick her sorry ass again for every last inch of shit she spews, but she's not half as interesting anymore as some people here seem to think.

No. 111660

Lol wow a whole three weeks in inpatient sounds like she was real sick ??????

No. 111661

how long until ember puts "relapsing" in her ig bio

No. 111662

I know it's not an option, but this thread IS the Ember thread. I wish she had her own again. All the sketchy wannas on ig won't get a look in now even if someone posts some.

No. 111668

I want her to just use this as a chance to stop all the bullshit. She can come back, say she's in recovery and drop the pro ana bullshit now. She can stop contorting herself and photoshopping to look skinny too. Maybe she can finally start to do something useful and abandon the internet drama.

No. 111669

What facility makes you wait to the day after the Easter holiday to discharge you?

No. 111673

lol none

No. 111676


Yeah. Now let the fanfiction stories begin. I bet she will write that the people couldn't help her, she needs to go to the hospital first and she declined.

No. 111680

Ain't gonna happen.

No. 111692

I wish Ember had her own thread. The endless discussions about her really clog up this one.

No. 111712

Oh fuck off with that already. Ember is the qween of whannarexics and I refuse to believe otherwise.

No. 111715

File: 1459181118181.png (82.22 KB, 612x534, 70.png)

DAYUMM EMBER, back at it again with the fake followers

No. 111719

She has always photoshopped like crazy, I kind of doubt she will take any photos, sort of like how she hid her hair after she ruined that too.

No. 111720

Now I'm wondering about which blog you were, anon.

No. 111728

File: 1459183239141.jpg (209.46 KB, 962x890, ember whann emily crocker.jpg)

No. 111729

I choked on a grape, this is lovely!

No. 111730

I'm choking. She's already posted a thigh gap pic on Snapchat HAHAHA. Way to go Ember

No. 111733


No. 111735


No. 111738

Yes they do. I'm no Ember fan, but nothing runs any differently on "Easter Monday" in NY. That is not a holiday here.

No. 111743

Just saying any facility here would have released her on Friday to be home for the holiday on Sunday

No. 111746

Since you didn't provide a screenshot, I'm just going to assume this is bait and now swim away.

No. 111748


Everyone knows she instantly blocks anyone who screenshots her Snapchat newfag

No. 111749

File: 1459186017544.jpeg (722.37 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

Here's Ember's screenshots. I had to take pictures of it with my iPod bc if I screenshot them she would immediately block me but here! She posted some food pics too. She's at a restaurant as we speak

No. 111750

File: 1459186062653.png (144.1 KB, 788x304, 70.png)

>166 likes in 3 hours

What a sad lil life this cunt lives. No one currs, not even her fellow proana scum fans.

No. 111751

File: 1459186085860.jpeg (644.1 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

Here's One of Ember's meals that she posted too

No. 111753

File: 1459186161886.jpeg (335.09 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

Oh and in case you guys think I made it up I took a picture of her name on Snapchat to show that I actually did view her snapchat

No. 111754

File: 1459186249825.jpg (25.56 KB, 236x353, tf.jpg)

Did they stretch her out in that IP center???

No. 111755

File: 1459186278692.jpg (257.27 KB, 719x1280, LMDj7fu.jpg)

But she was never overweight you guys. Not when she had the gut like here >>111290 and not in this picture.
I don't even care if she was overweight at some point personally, but she's not exactly helping people with EDs by making a taboo out of developing an ED when overweight and lying about it.

No. 111756

… no one doubted you. just provide screenshots in your original post, instead of flooding the thread.

No. 111757

Luv her thighs in the mirror.

No. 111759

God damn, can't wait for this thread to become even more flooded by those of you with a wicked vendetta against Ember. We get it, you think she's fat. That's not worth posting about anymore!

Hit us up when she produces quality milk.

No. 111760

Ew. I do prefer fat Jenna to normal sized Jenna though.

No. 111761

She looks 135-145 there. She's got a small frame so I can see how she's maybe not overweight, high end of normal. Her frame just makes her look fat as hell I think

No. 111762

Why does everything she eat look extremely like stomach bile? And what a lovely bowl of pissy soup. Overall great image Ember, I am so jealous of this pile of grease you're shoveling into your gut right now.

No. 111763

She'll literally find anything to bitch and whine about. Tons of girls would kill to have a small frame yet she complains about it

No. 111764

I'm no chef but that looks like creme brulee to me.

No. 111765

Her butt's pretty nice

No. 111766

File: 1459186916981.jpg (54.71 KB, 554x503, Creme-Brulee.jpg)

You seem to be correct. So that means she ate a 550 cal dessert, way to go Ember!

No. 111767

A 14 year old kid just commented on this post, saying that she missed Ember.


It's creepy how she attracts all of the youngins, why does she have no friends her age? She only seems to talk to 12-16 year old girls and her 32 year old boyfriend.

No. 111768

I won't be convinced until I see a picture of the empty ramekin. I think she's just done an Aly 'macerate it til it looks like I've attempted it'. Whether it's coz she's not eating it OR she wants to appear as ill as Aly, idk.

No. 111769

The healthy ranges for small frames are different than normal frames or large frames. And I have a small frame and am not much taller than Jenna and I looked like that at 145. I think she claimed to be ~125 in that time but idk

No. 111770

I don't think that's Creme Brulee… The inside reminds me of potato mash texture-wise and she has a corn emoji on the picture.
Also, funny how Ember is playing rich lol.

No. 111772

Medically speaking a doctor won't differentiate between small and large frames. That's anachan shit. Even so, it's like a 3 pound difference

No. 111775

Brulee can appear lumpy, it's a difficult consistency to master. Also, I am unaware of any other dish that crystallizes on top with a cream interior.

As for the corn emoji, who knows, but thats undoubtedly a shitty brulee.

No. 111777

I found a calculator that gives you the "ideal weight range" for your height and frame size. I entered my height 5'5". For a small frame the ideal range is up to 130 (which really happens to be the weight where I start looking fat) Medium frame 141 and large frame 155.
I'm not sure if it's anachan shit. Someone at 5'4" who weighs 145 and has a small frame will have a higher body fat % than someone with a medium frame at the same weight. More fat around the middle = increased risks for diseases related to high weight.
Doctors look both at BMI and waist circumference (where I live). The "dangerous" waist measurement cut off is pretty high so I doubt Jenna was at risk for obesity related diseases in that picture with the shorts, but a) she looks pretty big b) from the hints she has given about her "HW" she used to be in the overweight range. The problem is that she now denies it to sound like a super sick anorexic that was hot and skinny all along.

No. 111778

I have a small frame and I am 5'5". When I was 120 I looked nothing like jenna claiming to be 90 pounds. Hell I looked on the thin side, she is defnetely not underweight. She is just fakign recovery to lose weight in hopes of being like a anachan

No. 111779

Maybe she wants to pretend it's polenta…? Why else the corn emoji?

No. 111780

Same and I looked like this >>111298 when I was ~125 (let's not ignore she is obviously sucking it) but Jenna claimed she was below 100 pounds in this. (This was posted a few days before she said she was 97)

No. 111782

Fuck knows, but I can't find any polenta with that glaze.

Also it's sure got 32in waist chan in here all of a sudden.

No. 111783

I think we've all established she lied about her weight. It's not milk.

No. 111784

Maybe that's some kind of casserole with tons of cheese on top? I mean I guess it might be creme brulee but creme brulee is delicious and that shit looks nasty.

No. 111785

Anyone can have an ED at any weight, fact, jenna preaches this religiously.
But then why does she feel the need to lie about having anorexia? This bulimic wanna-ana is losing weight purposely in ~*recovery*~
I just wish her stupid followers would see through it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 111786

She is obsessed with spouting that EDs come in all shapes and sizes yet she makes sure to convince people she is scary skinny.

Does anybody else find it disgusting when the "recovery" bloggers compliment each other's bodies?

At the time when she saw a doctor for a diagnosis (allegedly) she posted "I got a different diagnosis than I thought, but that's ok" or something. I think she thought they would diagnose her with anorexia but they slapped the OSFED or bulimia diagnosis on her. Of course she couldn't admit that because then she would not fit in with the cool kids.

No. 111789

exactly, and she's right EDs come in all shapes and sizes but lying about your diagnosis just makes you a lying piece of shit. I'm pretty sure she came up with AN b/p on the spot because of birdyally and her obsession with her. Just couldn't admit to having bulimia.
Does anyone remember when ally would vague blog about someone copying her? Pretty sure it was directed towards jenna for posting her shitty diet popcorn she copied from ally looool

No. 111791

It's almost like HAES, except with eating disorders. And yes you can have ED at any weight but you sure as hell won't get diagnosed with AN if you're normal BMI or higher.

No. 111793

exactly. this is why this needs to be on tumblr, on a truth blog (not a hate blog, that won't last)
all of the screenshots are here. someone with a tumblr account post them there! maybe Jenna will respond if everything is public. or maybe she'll just go away

No. 111794

Yeah I'm gonna launch it this week, don't worry

No. 111797

File: 1459190172495.jpeg (473.55 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

Emily posted a pic of her wearing a white fur coat 17 weeks ago and now Ember has one too. She will neve give up her obsession with Emily

No. 111798

In the countries where the DSM is used, you might be diagnosed with AN at a normal BMI, but realistically only if you started starving yourself at a very high BMI.
In my country the BMI criterion is still 17.5 as far as I know.
And yes EDs do come in all weight ranges, that's right, but she doesn't practice it. She feels the need to lie about her diagnosis and contradict herself.

No. 111802

Not true, atypical anorexia is a subtype of OSFED.
Anorexia requires a low bmi for treatment purposes.

No. 111803

Believe it or not, Emily bought that hideous coat a couple weeks after Ember bought her's. The table have turned.

No. 111804

Ember doesn't have an eating disorder, so you never have to worry that she isn't really eating the shit she takes photos of. Trust me.

No. 111805

File: 1459191292093.jpeg (101.42 KB, 640x766, image.jpeg)

New lolcow potential: As predicted ebony has reactivated her ask.fm. Scroll down to the meaty stuff Which is pretty entertaining reading of her trying to appear like she isnt an attention seeking wannabe.

No. 111806

Doctor discretion indicates what a low BMI is. If you're losing rapidly or your doctor thinks your BMI is low given your weight history, they'll diagnose you. Most doctors use their judgement. You may be diagnosed at a "normal" weight technically speaking

No. 111807

"Persistent restriction of energy intake leading to significantly low body weight (in context of what is minimally expected for age, sex, developmental trajectory, and physical health) ."
All the wannarexics were happy when this change was introduced because it meant they had a chance to score the magical AN diagnosis. The fact is that there is no specific number as to what a "significantly low body weight" is anymore. And unfortunately there are some HAES doctors out there :(

No. 111808

want to give me a anonymous tumblr url so I can submit screencaps to you?

No. 111809

File: 1459191800816.png (26.59 KB, 678x208, 70.png)

Her follower count jumped up 200 followers but she can't even get 200 likes on a post that's been up for 5 hours, so so transparent.

No. 111811

Fuck off Emily, no one is copying you. You wear generic as fuck outfits, stop being so surprised that every other white american girl dresses just like you.

You are not special. I don't care how many times you talk about the cheap, rusty clothes you get from goodwill.

No. 111812

nobody gives a fuck about ebony because she is about as interesting as a foot wart, stop posting about her

No. 111813

Stop wasting replies, telling other people to stop posting proana scum. If they're 17+, they're fair game.

No. 111814

Ally vague blogged Jenna, then Jenna went and stalked her IG and vague blogged about how jealous she was of people still 'early' in recovery (Even though they've been 'recovering' for amount the same amount of time now?) that don't gain weight. So basically she's jealous of Ally because she's probably not really in recovery. She also bitched about Ally posting close ups of food etc. then said that she was a worse version of Jenna. LOL

Jenna likes to cover up the fact that she's a shitty anorexic by pretending like her non-disordered behaviors (liking pasta, not being able to fast) are just her disorder being invalidated uhhh

No. 111815

Hunch over more!

No. 111819

So how would you go about spreading the word when you've finished a post about Jenna faking cancer? I have finished a post on a blog I created for this. (I'm the poster that posted the screencaps of her cancer posts. If anybody wants to make a blog too, like the other anon, feel free though. The more the better I guess, seeing as she'll try hard to get the blogs deleted)

No. 111821

Message people she associates with. Tag them in posts, post in her tag, etc.

No. 111823

I've done this before, they'll just cover shit up and accuse us of lying. Better to make a permanent anonymous blog that isn't hate so it can survive like fitblrexposed but I think the mods all left

No. 111824

Yah but I have my doubts about messaging people she associates with. They are all ass kissers and won't publish the facts :(

No. 111825

you might have submitted to me a few days ago? I didn't post because I'd rather post onto another blog than that one

No. 111826

I did not submit to any blogs (but I'm not the anon that offered to make submissions). I have an idea who you are though. Did you receive anonymous messages about this a few days ago?

No. 111827

Crap, I want to make a second blog so Jenna won't find the blog as soon as I post the URL here when it's not even ready, but Tumblr doesn't let you make a sideblog until you confirm your email address. And they havent sent me the confirmation yet.

No. 111828

yeah but I think someone else did too I have multiple subs I haven't posted you can pm me if you want on a dupe account

No. 111830

I submitted to you

No. 111831

Make the blog only viewable if you're logged in and block her account.

No. 111832

File: 1459193747138.png (514.53 KB, 1440x2444, Screenshot_2016-03-28-12-17-20…)

Birdyally follows ember Emily and alyrealrecover bwahaha

No. 111833

Ember actually has the start and end dates of her "IP treatment" in her description now..

Seems like all she did this past month was waste every fucking bodies time. Wasted the hospital staff's time, her boyfriend who drove 20 fucking hours total to drop her off and pick her back up. And she wasted her own damn time, I wonder if she is out of a job now due to her stunt. Idk, doubtful, her mom is fucking the boss which is how Ember got the job in the first place.

So far, she has still acted like a lil attention whore. What the fuck.

No. 111834

If any of you want to submit to my blog about Jennas fake cancer, submit here: submitformilk.tumblr.com (very original URL)
Any lies she was caught in, further proof she faked cancer, something you think should be mentioned, anything.
I have a post about her faking cancer saved as a draft but ready to go, but I'm open to changes.

No. 111836

File: 1459194392234.jpg (94.48 KB, 537x601, IMG_20160328_144436.jpg)

Progressing well lol, gaining shit load of weight is more like it.

No. 111838

Exactly!! Thank u nice anon :)

No. 111840

Guys, the exposing blog is justfakingcancer if anybody is still interested. Jenna deleted her blog just now though :) Just further proof she lied.

No. 111842

She deleted justjennanicole? Must be lurking on this thread. Hi Jenna, you're pathetic. Can't even own up to your lies.

No. 111843

Yep. I guess she got scared when I posted the throwaway URL for submissions. The person that now has the URL justjennanicole is NOT Jenna.

No. 111844

File: 1459195466710.jpg (52.36 KB, 750x695, image.jpg)


No. 111847

Ha! What a pathetic little liar.

No. 111848


Welcome back!

No. 111853

File: 1459196550032.png (315.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-28-13-21-36…)

Ember is lurking. She just went private

No. 111860

Embers been on private for a month Sherlock.

No. 111862

she wasn't this morning >_>

No. 111863

She must have deleted moments after I announced I was going to spill the beans.

No. 111869

Considering she was at 14.5, I guess the first thing she did when she got back was buy followers.

No. 111870

It's so obvious ember is the one in control of his insta.

No. 111872

I remember her posting like a goodbye video crying and chugging vodka and you could hear her little boy talking in the background. They're still on her IG

No. 111873

I like how she has an unlock emoji next to the hospital. Like its some type of achievement, oh yeah, to her it is..

No. 111883

Could mean that she is no longer on "lock down", aka being in IP.

No. 111884

Achievement unlocked! Inpatient
Next achievement: feeding tube
Next achievement: death

No. 111901

I love that she deleted her blog omfg

No. 111903

I am also going to make a blog about Jenna (I'm just tuning in sorry). I don't think she should get to run away from lying about CANCER ffs.
On the off chance she really has it, why not just say so and take the sympathy points

No. 111904

please do anon. people are getting really butthurt and making excuses.

No. 111911

I know a guy from a music forum I belonged to who faked cancer. It takes a very special kind of fuck up to fake it. For years he wouldn't admit he'd lied to get people to like him and would probably still not admit to faking. We called him Asscancer. He was lolcow material, but shame so long ago.

No. 111918

It's gonna be even better than my immortal.

'Anorexia since breast feeding. Bottle feeds x120000. So bullied. Feeding tubes in middle school. Internet bullies since she was five. Left school because 500 bullies gave her anorexia again. Anorexia ^2. Then lolcow, then force fed and strapped down in tragic tragedy, group therapy reveal about being raped 100 times by either her mums bf or aj,whoever she feels like at the time. Feeding tubes everywhere. Imminent organ failure because she missed Instagram, more bolus'. Mean other jealous patients. Coma. Everything's fine now! Pat my ass so good. '

No. 111924


I so agree!!! Jenna can't just lie about having fucking CANCER and expect to get away with it.

Wouldn't it be funny to act concerned to her actual friends and family about her "cancer" and then "Oh you didn't know? She posts it constantly online"