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File: 1680390217491.png (941.27 KB, 1000x723, proanascumbags93.png)

No. 1800695

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Previous thread: >>1787202
Jesus Christ that's the fastest a Pro-Ana Scumbags thread has ever moved I think.
Here's some takeaways:
>please for the love of milk stop blog posting, cowtipping, alogging or otherwise going against the rules of the site. Please.
>Can Admin Check My IP? No, but Ben can.
>The Police Are Fully Aware Of Lolcow [>>1791331]
See you all in prison, Nonnas!

Becca had a tube that was removed at 12:12 incase we forgot. Jaydie had 15.[>>1793045] and celebrated 101 days of institutionalisation [>>1796835]. Abby has her tube in, out, in, out and is off of day AND night observations. Well done, Abby, we can't wait to see what event or holiday is coming up that's worth digesting food for!Emily broke down over the vendettachan whose constantly clogging up the thread like her bathroom sink with the egregious amounts of foundation washed off in the evening. But then decided to create a collage for her Change.Org to try and get Lolcow shut down, kek [>>1790018]. True art. Speaking of art, Ganer looks like she's taking up pottery [>>1787352]…oh, no? That's apparently her scran, clay on rice cakes. Niamh was allegedly spotted buying equally bland snacks [>>1799827] and clearly >relapse-baiting. becca had a tube One nonna bit, hard, encapsulating some evidence of it [>>1799572]. Bethany was brought up again, for some reason. She's clearly been >tipped as since then she's deleted/ privated the vast majority of her content. The same for Zara although she most likely lurks as she deleted or privated a facebook post that contained SERIOUS SPOOP pictures [>>1798848]. Thank you to the farmers for logging the milk, though. Some of it is worthwhile. Marianne is another tiktok spoop full of bodychecks and lacking personality [>>1792626]. A bit like Cooney who continues to be dead behind the eyes and parading around in a myriad of eye-assaulting costumes as usual [>>1798933]. Enara continues to get ass pats for not swallowing naughty items like batteries but at least she's gathered some of her marbles since the last thread (because holy cow she was unhinged) [>>1798062]. Becca had a tube Ham continues to fetishize being overweight [>>1793557] and will forever hold onto the 2 weeks of severe anorexia that she beat with a single Costa! Oh, another Costa loving queen is LegLiftLaura ( who was in a documentary [>>1790614] ) who's finally settled down in milk production after realising that just ONE of her followers is a farmer [>>1794651]. her dietitian Lynn took it out. She did give us a nice Ham style belly shot, though [>>1800667]. Our historical cow, Fi, finds herself in a documentary! [>>1788452] A SOLID 5 minutes of fame, talking about her current Larp of Autism and its links with Anorexia. Thank goodness she stayed spoopy for it, right!? Speaking of larping, DID fanatic Melissa/Mosaic has come back to the thread now ENGAGED [>>1799167]
and still running from the "church" grifting for those gifts and still shaking her tin for a PEJ tube as she's "wasting away" with in and out NJ tubes. Speaking of grifters, skelly Ms. Sphynx [>>1788579] has started receiving presents too [>>1798832]! Becca had a tube by the way.
New cows and special guests include a wannabe Legliftlaura [>>1796314], the new " cptsexyd " who challenges herself with a tricky yoghurt whilst inpatient. [>>1794919]. Kate from ED Twitter [>> who's a shadow of our favourite edtwt sovereign, Nikol. More MASSIVE challenges were completed by * like…playing the Sims 4? [>>1794627] it was removed at 12:12
Oh, and another farmer forgot to crop her profile picture out (tut tut) [>>1790850].
Christ, that was a lot. Headbangers and mash as a refreshment, anyone? [>>1800428]

COW OF THE THREAD Has to go to Zara!
Not because she's milky but because of the divide in opinions. Has she graduated being a cow? Is she still a cow due to lack of accountability or apology in contradictions in behaviour? She also went to New York and "accidentally" posted a bunch of photos of herself [EG: >>1796878]. She's looking good, officially not >haggard. Well done, Zara. Now just address and apologise for the previous milky behaviours and you'll graduate the Pro-Ana Scumbags threads for good. Until then, may the gossip continue.
Yes, the Edinburgh girls (Niamh, Zara, Bethany and Abby) all know each other as they met in the Lothian CAMHS Ward.


By the way, Becca had a tube.

No. 1800705

File: 1680391995045.jpeg (16.38 KB, 828x186, DE2BFF4A-7781-4D1F-A3FB-785C9F…)

I would shit myself

No. 1800725

Isn't nikol the one who binged on condensed milk

No. 1800775

File: 1680401484691.jpeg (81.19 KB, 736x776, 5BAC6982-34AB-4A96-9CA5-6806F5…)

breaking news: nikol redefines literal words so that everyone is now cured of EDs!

No. 1800791

I didn’t know becca had a tube, I’m shook

No. 1800803

File: 1680408512900.png (304.75 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230402-000538.png)

No. 1800881

File: 1680416217642.png (4.05 KB, 156x159, 1680408512900.png)

Nonna, c'mon now.

No. 1800891

kek I don't even read these threads regularly but every time I pass by it seems like this happens, more than any other thread. i think it must be the anachan brains starved of nutrients that they can't manage remember to crop it out time after time.

No. 1800893

Can someone give me the rundown on her? I know shes been around forever, but I don’t really know much about her. She was on tumblr right? How old is she, does she have family, friends etc.

No. 1800899


kek it’s Chii again!

No. 1800900

Basically came from 4chan, her mum sent her to treatment, she sunk further into the disorder as "revenge" for being sent to treatment. She's become a medical anomaly (even more so than cooney). Allegedly has next to no real hair left (boing). Lives in a long term care home type of thing in a wheelchair. She's fucked in the head beyond your normal anachan, she sent binge foods to those in the tumblr/Instagram community when they decided to try recovery.
Her name is Ashley Isaacs but goes by Attacus now. She's only in her 30s.

No. 1800902

Massive KEK at her sending anachans binge foods

No. 1800903

omg it really is. That's fucking hilarious, her claiming to have moved on with her life having a partner and all that then she's still posting on lolcow probably jealous she isn't a spoop any more.

No. 1800935

Nikol's cognitive dissonance for her disordered views never cease to entertain. Remember, she doesn't and never did have an ED. Obsessing over the aesthetics of emaciation and eating habits is just healthy and normal.

It's like that episode of South Park where Cartman lies so much he starts to believe the narrative he creates is the truth and everybody else is wrong.

No. 1800937

Yeah she did for like a year. It was removed at 12:12 by her dietician Lynn

No. 1800938

File: 1680431052641.jpg (72.85 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20230402_112421_Ins…)

Not doing very good at it

No. 1800939

File: 1680431158190.jpg (Spoiler Image, 303.52 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230402_112603_Ins…)

Jaydies tube is out. So are her cuts !

No. 1800945

File: 1680432102358.jpeg (311.08 KB, 1284x2250, 12398B08-DD25-4952-81C8-FFD795…)

Does she just love using people, if you’re so sick and weak you can’t move. Get better move off social media

No. 1800955

File: 1680434973865.jpg (292.94 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230402_112739_Ins…)

Niamhs on a diet, dropped like 5/20 berries at breakfast

No. 1800956

For ppl who are supposed to be from a demographic of hardcore perfectionists, anas sure do fail at life pretty hard. Actual perfectionists set high standards and meet them, whereas spoops just buckle under their self-imposed pressure and nope out of adulting altogether so they never have to do anything at all. The idea that they're strong and have willpower just because they don't eat in an abundant food environment is so funny to me because in every other area of their life they're so weak willed. Guess they used all their mental strength up crying over a bowl of oatmeal.

No. 1800957

My favorite thing about anachans trying to make their diet "clean" and aesthetic sounding like only eating berries and vanilla drops is that the goal is to be a pretty and petite coquette but in reality it makes them bald, wrinkled, prematurely aged and left with a slew of disorders like wet brain and macular degeneration. So aesthetic.

No. 1800963

Kek when you failed at everything in life but still want to flex with something

No. 1800965

kek at 'navigating life' while just waiting for asspats on social media…
that's one fucked way to say a-n-a

No. 1800966

sage your shit

No. 1800967

Well congrats on your precious nose hose…
But there are enough holes left to heal from the ugly steel junkyard that she's carrying around in her face.

No. 1801010

What for? That's milk, anon.

No. 1801032

Jokes on me for thinking she’d stay in recovery for once

No. 1801036

Oh my god of course Chii is vendetta posting Ashley Isaacs that’s fucking hilarious

No. 1801056

File: 1680455529779.jpeg (221.85 KB, 1145x2036, BCDBA869-05EC-45B8-B169-637C0A…)

has this one been talked about before?

No. 1801080

Kek she's in the thread pic

No. 1801082

File: 1680459051460.jpg (256.59 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230402_190614_Ins…)


Ps. Don't forget that Becca had a tube

No. 1801084

I don't get it, is sorbet supposed to be like an ana food or something? I don't see how this is relapse-baiting.

No. 1801085

File: 1680459155217.jpg (Spoiler Image, 285.67 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230402_190557_Ins…)

Samefag 2/2

No. 1801087

Anon are you dumb? It's ice and berries and probably a tea spoon of milk. Such recovery.

No. 1801092

File: 1680459387645.jpg (185.68 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230402_191659_Gal…)

Caption suggests the post is about her friend. The first 3/6 pictures are just her.

No. 1801096

You don't see how posting the same pose in the same outfit to show weight loss and showing her favorite food from before her last admission is milky? OK…

No. 1801100

File: 1680459661336.jpg (314.72 KB, 1080x2276, Ihadatube.jpg)

Kek i see im too late with my tube joke

No. 1801101

Tinfoil that she's trying to do the EC thing of being such a pure anorexic that she has noooo idea that she's there's anything disordered about her thinking. Oh what a sick girl, so deep under ana's spell!

No. 1801102

File: 1680459951031.jpg (291.07 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_50360932_192300_Ins…)

So I see we're all on Instagram at the same time at the same time. Anyone else having an aneurism trying to understand this one?
Sorry, Becca, the bus did WHAT?
(The bus driver shouted a bunch of abuse at her when she was trying to get on and pay).
I'd pay to have witnessed this.

No. 1801108


why would you wear something 1000x too small on you in front of other people if you're so self conscious?

No. 1801123

NTA but nonna said she couldn't find the selfie of them all together, I think I know the one she's talking about and I'm pretty sure their squishmallows are in it too. Also, it was posted on lolcow 6 months ago so I can see the confusion.
Zara took the blonde out her hair at the start of 2021, so maybe late January time. I think the point nonna was making was that they all, at the very least, know each other and were all friends at one point.
I do wonder who the vandettachans are though as there seems to be at least 2

No. 1801197

I bet the abuse was something horrible like "no, you need to tap your card over here instead" or "can you please wait a few minutes, someone with a wheelchair needs to get off first">>1801102

No. 1801202

File: 1680473447880.jpeg (135.89 KB, 1124x986, 0732F880-2D82-4468-8ADC-5EB95E…)

EC has a new video I’m attempting to watch but the urge to shoot myself in the head is strong. She takes 800 years to get to the point and you can hear her sucking back her spit through her teeth. Her face looks like an actual skull. I think the tldr for this video is gonna be “don’t spread lies about stuff you don’t know about/u don’t kno wut it’s lyk u guise!!”

No. 1801214

No. 1801229

jesus, I didn't realize she was so overweight

why the hell did they leave an ng tube in for so long if she was clearly eating? I can't believe that she was 100% ng tube fed and they gave her enough to become obese

No. 1801235

It's her breakfast anon, it's pretty obvious what she's doing.

No. 1801335

kek did she end up actually making any coherent point? I’ve seen enough of EC’s stuff to know it’s probably not worth wafching

No. 1801347

Idk I feel like that anon who cropped in cece's profile pic that one time is doing this again. Just my tinfoil though

No. 1801390

File: 1680490421008.jpeg (190.21 KB, 1170x2163, D72BD482-441C-4661-A1AF-57C8EE…)

Dulcie joins the pad head club !

No. 1801494

Ayrt. I cropped the profile picture that was posted to point out that she left it in
I'm not sure what your point is but I've not called out any other farmers before so your tinfoil is wrong

No. 1801496

Eugina Cooney: "we need to talk"

TLDW: you guuyyysa I'm healthy okay! stop obsessively hating on meeee!

No. 1801572

File: 1680529563531.png (600.38 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230403-094456.png)

No. 1801579

This literally looks like an outtake from Obey the Walrus jfc

No. 1801582

Not a single hinge

No. 1801591

accidentally posted in the old thread

this isn’t six months ago, this is from 2020… and zara and niamh were never inpatient together. nor zara and abby. zara and beth (headbanger, BPD, tiktok) were tho. and beth was in later with abby and niamh. but not zara, she’s been out since spring 2020.

No. 1801595

How is she still alive serious question. Is it possible to survive 10+ years in such a low weight? Does she takes fluids or smth, blood transfusions? Even with that you can still not survive tho lol. Just how?
Btw, the reason she made that video if you check in her previous videos a nurse commented (not sure if legit or Facebook nurse one but she did seem legit), she told her that her skin is turning yellowish in some areas and that indicates kidney or liver failure (i forgot which one). Some backed up saying her eyeballs indicate that too and some other stuff.
Idk if she deleted can't find it i think it was in the video with her pimp-i mean mom! making a cake. Notice how she kinda covered she in her new video can't make out her skin color, kek. I hope she gets better but tbh she is a very toxic and dangerous bitch. We kinda similar age i used to idolize her and many emo phrase teens 10+ years about ago lol and she has really inspired many teens getting ana. She really is the queen of proana scumbags. She lost a lot of weight from her face just because a moid told her her cheeks are fat some months ago. You should have seen her reaction. Not seeing the usual "omg we are worried please get help you are so skinny sends 500$" but instead "you should lose some weight from your face you look fat sends 1$" Jesus fucking anas.

No. 1801647

she could binge like 2 x a week (her definition of binging). Maybe the surplus of calories power her for a few days.

No. 1801662

I’m actually don’t understand how EC has been so influential for young girls (obvs not blaming the girls themselves, I’m just wondering). I watched some of her stuff when I was quite young too and have only ever been genuinely disturbed because imo she’s spoopy to the point where she genuinely can’t look good or even human idk I don’t get it

No. 1801688

I think the point was just that they all know each other and were at some point all friends (maybe not niamh and bethany) and we know for certain that zara and niamh were friends as recently as January 2021. My tinfoil is that zaras posts about cutting people off who hinder your recovery/choose to stay sick are aimed at niamh and abby

No. 1801690

Negative attention is still attention and the look of concern and comments on how unwell they look sound like compliments because nobody gives them any attention otherwise

No. 1801702

yeah that tinfoil came up a few threads back i’m pretty sure, but why would zara be friends with niamh etc if she’s so against these people’s behaviour

No. 1801703

This is simply pathetic

No. 1801732

she only follows her on personal account (not milk, she doesn’t follow non-ed/mental health accounts with her mental health account) and i almost never see her liking or commenting on niamh’s posts. i think she ignores her or only still follows her to not cause drama. can’t imagine she likes her or thinks she’s a good person, judging by what she says and her views on body sucking in and checking etc. niamh is the epitome of attention-seeking overposer camhs kid, which seems to give zara a real stick up the arse

No. 1801743

Back then, at least when I was a teen, it was the depressed emoanaself harm era.
When you browsed tumblr, whether you liked it or not, your dash was full of ana and cutting chans. Ofc everyone had that emo burned bang black lame hairstyle with maybe some rainbow colored cheap extensions.
Popular emochans, were eugie she wasn't that much of a skeleton back then but still skinny, and Brookelle Bones. Brookelle and her emo friends were normal, weightwise too and actually cuties, might seem cringe to millennials now tho. Both eugie and brooks were all over tumblr and had their photos edited with lame ass cringe or suicidal quotes or both.
Onision was there too and all emochans had a boner for him He talked about his struggles with his weight and self harm shit too all while forcing his underage gf number2 or 3? to shave her head and become skinny? (is that dude alive or in jail for mass murder btw lol)
Anyways,eugie back then wasn't that unhinged, now she is on whole new level. The more weight she lost the more of a degenerate she became. From twerking her sacral bones- i mean ass, to flashing her diaper to her underage fans- the oldest isn't more than 16. I ironically check her yt once a week to see if she is still alive. Deep down I kinda care since I did kinda grew up with her and had my own struggles and emo phrase. I remember waiting for her videos to upload, unlike now she wasn't terminally online. If you check the comments on her yt many old fans comment similar stuff like that, see if she is still alive, if she went for recovery.
I don't remember if Venus angelic was in the same era, I think she was popular much later, but she wasn't promoting ana just how to get a green visa to Japan lol.
Wonder what the other tumblr era emo anachans are doing.

No. 1801747

Sorry for samefagging, but I forgot to mention the Polish ana and selfharm tumblr. I don't think it's still active (thankfully) but HOLY SHIT. Like in some crime film scenes, degenerates browsing freakish fetish darkweb sites? Yes, that was polish tumblr. The anas there were on a whole fucking new level.

No. 1801764

>Polish ana and selfharm tumblr
fuck tumblr and that polish ana cow who removed her own fat with a blade till this day im traumatized by this diy liposuction

No. 1801772

sorry off topic but i lost track a while ago. what‘s zaras instagram? can‘t find her anymore

No. 1801775

That was from the mildest shit there nonnie, the anachans there were not only chopping off chunks of fat but full limbs too lmao. At least now they only bang their heads to walls.

No. 1801778

Tbh I'm more surprised Ashley Isaac's is still alive. EC hasn't been utterly skeletal for .. at least 13 years straight. Ashley has never had a period of recovery, and is even worse imo.

No. 1801779

File: 1680557503019.jpeg (207.7 KB, 1170x1913, IMG_3424.jpeg)

she‘s seriously getting worse, amirite?

No. 1801789

No. 1801792

No. 1801797

File: 1680558571345.jpeg (216.92 KB, 1169x2005, 9AC496B9-81C6-4209-94C6-85A854…)

Enara has once again manipulated her way into hospital this time by swollowing batteries. Of course she’s thrilled about the (apparent) potential of an NG tube. This girl is such an embarrassment

No. 1801802

>He talked about his struggles with his weight and self harm shit too

Did he? I only ever remember him clowning on cutters and anachans

No. 1801807

There should be fines and criminal repercussions for munchies who waste hospitals and surgeons time like this through attention seeking behavior. It’s not like she’s a 20 IQ potato who can’t stop swallowing things she shouldn’t, she’s lucid and stable enough to write these posts out and act normal in other situations.

No. 1801817

I guarantee you she probably just eats in a very small caloric deficit. She actually lost weight pretty slowly, she just never stopped losing. Either that or she's AN B/P and the leftover food in her stomach that she couldn't manage to get up during B/P sessions sustains her. That would explain why her face isn't as skeletal as other anas around her weight.
I believe it, honestly. Every mental health facility has been infiltrated by HAES bullshit. I've heard horror stories of anas being forced to gain from underweight to overweight because they were a fat kid according to their growth chart.

No. 1801831

File: 1680562633523.jpeg (143.94 KB, 750x1227, D47FB853-7682-4507-811F-569915…)

Say you want attention without saying you want attention

No. 1801840

Do you guys have any links/screenshots/pics from it? You've got me morbidly intrigued.

No. 1801854

Not surprised if it gets attention she’ll do it

No. 1801868

File: 1680566160888.jpg (380.15 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230404_115453529.jpg)

I know its not kosher to comment on someone's non ed related appearance but lord almighty her face, more so her smile, jfc its painful to look at. Its like her mouth is being propped open by something. Even in the skinny photo it's just so off.

No. 1801874

some people are just plug-ugly. fact

No. 1801906

File: 1680570791970.png (217.42 KB, 750x1334, 36E01EF7-7DFA-4F25-B2AD-0CB02C…)

does anyone know how supported accommodation works because no way is laura getting to live there for free, in london as well which is insanely overpriced. apparently they’re painting the walls for her too, she’s like a child kek

No. 1801909

it would honestly probably cost the government less than keeping her in the hospital on 2:1 for another couple years

No. 1801919

File: 1680572173492.jpeg (74 KB, 750x990, 663630D3-CAD9-45D9-ABDC-60A4DA…)

Skincare is when you blur your face into oblivion harder than a facebook mom who just discovered facetune

No. 1801921

File: 1680572268686.jpeg (88.41 KB, 750x778, D2C440C0-145D-4116-A602-7FA7CD…)

she’ll still be on 1:1 in the accommodation though

No. 1801922

File: 1680572349116.jpeg (117.98 KB, 750x1066, 3ADED96B-C397-44E6-9152-F82557…)

Samefagging but you’d think she’d want to keep working the “so-called ana face” look if she’s so into her eyebags

No. 1801923

huh, maybe it's a group home type thing? help, uk fags.

No. 1801924

Why did i think this was greta thunberg at first

No. 1801928

File: 1680572846158.png (79.18 KB, 474x793, Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 8.46…)

It's really weird that ERC would discharge Aidel while on a cert for self-harming rather than sending her to a psych hospital. Makes you wonder if the self-harm was all very minor and clearly attention-seeking rather than an actual threat to herself

No. 1801929

A clear sign to avoid French braid looks if you have mia cheeks

No. 1801938

Everyone that self harmed when I was at erc got sent to inpatient. Sometimes cops came and took people away. Idk what’s up with Aidel. Erc doesn’t just discharge people.

No. 1801939

File: 1680574063980.jpeg (76.88 KB, 750x1016, 9B9FFC0B-A2CD-4D8F-AFC4-D36324…)

this grown ass woman is trying to join a best-ana groupchat with a bunch of teenaged girls. kate is 25 kek

No. 1801942

right? out of all the treatment centers/chains in the US, erc is one of the fastest to pull the trigger on involuntary treatment

No. 1801944

File: 1680574634919.png (617.29 KB, 1050x576, Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 9.17…)

Found another headbanger who's been in the hospital for over a year. they're like fucking clones at this point

No. 1801949

The only reason they kick people out is because of insurance, and Aidel is Canadian. So maybe she ran out of money? But she’s apparently going to treatment in California. I wonder if it’s Monte Nido.

No. 1801950

what do they do with drug-related stuff? do they ship people to drug treatment programs? Aidel is an addict, so maybe she got up to some shit with that?

(my tinfoil is that her addiction is also part of why she ended up at ACUTE)

No. 1801951

That makes sense. We had addiction meetings but anyone with active addictions aren’t really allowed at erc. Nobody had drug use problems when I was there. One girl was an alcoholic and she got kicked out. We’d get breathalyzed every night at the apartments and she failed.

No. 1801967

Imagine moving back in with your parents. Curfews, locked medicine boxes, contraband, a staff room manned 24/7 for when you need support

No. 1801987

File: 1680583080978.png (315.61 KB, 433x692, Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 11.3…)

how on earth could she already need to go back to IP after being out of ERC for a few days. She's still thin, but definitely seems residential-level thin rather than automatic inpatient thin.

No. 1801988

Sage your huge ass blog posts, and this seems like a samefag

No. 1801989

File: 1680583135393.png (123.54 KB, 430x732, Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 11.3…)

genuinely mystified

No. 1801990

File: 1680583232365.png (476.38 KB, 694x698, Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 11.3…)

this is Aidel currently.

What on earth could she have fucked up so badly in a few days that she'd need to go back to ACUTE for medical instability rather than even a regular IP program? Also, who the hell is paying for all of this?

No. 1801995

Weight isn’t the end all be all for inpatient. It’s the fact Aidel hasn’t eaten anything since discharge and she won’t. At least in inpatient, even if it’s for a few days, they can get some nutrition in her and make sure her labs are okay.

No. 1801996

you don't fly cross country to ACUTE for a few days of acute food refusal, though, you go to a local ER, get your labs fixed, and go to IP

No. 1801997

samefag: obviously weight isn't the only reason you might send someone cross-country, which is why I'm genuinely curious. Does she have some type of heart condition? A fucked up liver? Something else that a local hospital can't treat?

No. 1801998

They’ll tell you to go to Acute because they can keep you there and Aidel is a flight risk.
Aidel doesn’t have any money left.
They suggested acute because they already know her. She just left. It won’t be hard to get in.
Aidel can choose to leave the moment they tube her at any regular hospital. Regular hospitals also do no offer financial assistance.

No. 1802000

ACUTE does not take patients who can't pay (whether that's insurance or cash). They don't even take Medicaid.

No. 1802017

File: 1680587847205.jpg (375.49 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230404_065801_Gal…)

She's doing better than Abby, 2 days tube free

No. 1802018

Becca is winning, kek

No. 1802022

Ffs sage already, why are you non sagers retarded and never learn?

No. 1802023

I post and sage properly all the time, but fucked up this one time because I refreshed the page and the field wasn't autofilled. Didn't notice until after the window for deleting the post. Do you feel better now?

No. 1802025

Well it's hard to tell when all the non sagers posts look alike

No. 1802032

Sorry for not saging nonnies phone posting sucks, didn't realize it refreshed by itself.

Tumblr nuked everything but in case I find I'll post. Not ana related i think,but similar stuff were posted like this case. Beware the photos are very graphic and extremely gore.

No. 1802035

Literally insane. I remember coming across similar images when I was a teenager. I just can’t believe people like that exist.

No. 1802044

Some of you are way too proud to boast your IP stays, it's weird and always comes across like you're looking for validation or something. The fact you didn't eat long enough to be hospitalized should be a source of shame not a bragging point lol

No. 1802054

Polish ana tumblr is at the bottom of the ana iceberg, crazy shit, German one wasn't that far either. I don't know at this point if all this is triggered by ana or if they have munchausen syndrome. Can't explain how far someone can go for attention. Worst cases I've seen were the polish anachans and another fairly recent nutcase who had her legs amputated bc she rubbed her own shit at the wounds she made herself to infect them. Like the anachans she was a frequent patient at hospitals for ana,feedtubes blahblah [insert any type of syndrome, diagnosis here] but docs just gave up after a while, had enough of trying to save her legs and wasting skin patches. Insane.

No. 1802055

this. Anytime I see her smile it makes my body recoil, it’s so excruciating.

No. 1802073

She lies about everything. Lies to her drs/dietitian/therapist about symptoms and exaggerates things. She eats and just says she doesn’t. Sure she goes underweight for a second to get $$$ and credibility but really she just dehydrates before hospital or appointments so all the fainting happens in front of them. She recycles people after they stop spending money on her. Constantly saying she has bad friends while idolising the newest spender so they feel special and buy her more crap. She’s a total narcissist

No. 1802074

Off topic but Josie from a few threads back has turned full obese munchie now, and is a drug addict. Someone asked about her before, expecting her to be back in this thread for some reason… She's actually pretty boring now, it's just the standard munchie behaviour, they're a dime a dozen.

No. 1802076

The terms "wobble" and "blip" they all use make me enraged.

No. 1802082


No. 1802086

Sorry,I can't post it my WiFi is awful, her profile is public @strong.long.black_

No. 1802092

I'm curious to see what you guys are talking about but I'm too nervous to click, can anyone tell me what's the worst I'm going to see after clicking this link pls so I can see if I can take it?

No. 1802096

It's pretty extreme. Very bad scars, one picture of an extremely deep leg cut, like, to the bone, not exagerating, it's so bad it looks almost fake, you can see all the fat probably more than 3 inches deep, all the way accross. And another of a face cut up noughts and crosses style, it looks like its almost cut through the cheek. I don't think anyone needs to see this, it's not relevant and it's disturbing.

No. 1802097

Oh damn, okay thanks Nona I'm gonna sit this one out, I've seen enough gore on accident I don't want to put more images in my brain

No. 1802118


isnt the same girl who had a pad on her forehead in priory? with Emily?

No. 1802125

No that was aimee, this one is izzie

No. 1802126

File: 1680612978740.jpg (224.86 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230404_135609_Gal…)

~ "I don't get what's so milky about niamh" ~

No. 1802128

File: 1680614333473.png (160.95 KB, 501x911, recovery.PNG)

Bongs, is this a normal size for a drink? I wonder how many liquid calories that is.

No. 1802141

at least sage your shit, vendetta-chan

No. 1802149

no, i think nona was right! she was with Emily in Christmas photos i believe and she was wearing a pad on her forehead and 90’s clothes. Ill try to search through the theats

No. 1802153

File: 1680619715694.jpeg (414.23 KB, 1170x2070, 0168EF89-D925-41D7-8875-17D8DB…)

there you go

No. 1802159

This is a different person, like anon said, the one here is amiee, the one who was like 13 hours ago is izzie

No. 1802166

File: 1680621780573.jpeg (531.41 KB, 2048x2048, 90298F7F-9D0F-4B0B-A633-827A89…)

sure aimee

No. 1802177

Why would you sage fresh milk nonna

No. 1802182

File: 1680625125730.gif (925.5 KB, 1280x1280, ana starter pack.gif)

is this shit the new ana starter pack or something lol
>banging head
>ouchie patch
>swallowing batteries
>feedtubes for years
>braids and knock off uggs

No. 1802186

I don’t understand your point anon, that is indeed a basic fit and she’s allowed to refer to herself as cute if she wants. Still not milky no matter how jealous of her you are.

No. 1802189

It’s the BPD starter pack

No. 1802192

lmao why is there a stock image for eating batteries?

No. 1802214

"I don't understand"
Yeah we know
Literally look at how she's stood kek

No. 1802215

jesus niamh is the most bodychecking, hyper-poser little shit and poses in the most bizarre ways to look thinner (classic pro ana behaviour) and you’re still ass-kissing?? and it’s not just one anon posting her.

No. 1802217

“jealous” of a spoiled brat with an attention-seeking itch. no.

No. 1802218

>>1802017 new asshair, nice.

No. 1802234

What the fuck. 3 out of 4 cows with toobs/sanitary towels stuck to their foreheads, someone took a photo of it and not one person questioned it?

There seems to be a culture in the Glasgow priory, many cows seem to thrive in getting asspats for their behaviour there. More than most uk EDUs.

No. 1802256

>not happy it's 1:1 supervision
She's happy as a pig in shit. She just wishes that it was 2:1.
Not a brit, but that looks like she got an XL rather than a small (par for the course). if I knew what a small looked like I'd have a better idea of the scale.

No. 1802260

nona thats an old pic from thread 70 if not misraken. it was discussed. The question was if upon admission to P Glasgow you get a nose hose no matter what just for longer say

No. 1802294

Can y'all learn how to >>1396134

No. 1802301

I seriously dont get why so many anons accuse niamh posters of being jealous of her. I agree niamh isn’t the milkiest cow being posted atm and she isn’t ugly but come on she’s hardly pretty enough to warrant jealousy

No. 1802303

maybe it's niamh, kek

No. 1802304

Eh, she is a lot prettier than most cows. She has the delicate uwu body but not the haggard face. I mean compare her to that hairless cat bitch and it's like night and day. I do agree she's milky tho.

No. 1802305

File: 1680637749809.jpeg (207.92 KB, 1170x2142, 279F22AE-8BD2-4F2C-AFD6-6CDD43…)

is that a nappy?

No. 1802306

yeah she’s definitely more in shape than laura at the moment or one of those obese larpers but she still looks like untoasted white bread kek

No. 1802307

possibly but could also be a pad to hide the spoopy cameltoe

No. 1802309

Probably. Anorexia does cause incontinence. The only one I know that is honest about both pissing herself and wearing diapers is lucinda. Eugenia flashed her diaper too then tried to deny wearing one.

No. 1802311

Zara admitted to it as well

No. 1802329

Anyone who knows what happened to thread #90?

No. 1802335


Niahm has never, ever been milky…

Sage your shit.

No. 1802336

What a divide kek let people enjoy gossiping especially the farmers who are supplying you with milk. Skimmed (in your opinion) or not, it's more than you're bringing to the table anon.

No. 1802339

imagine how much less you'd have to read about niamh if you stopped throwing little shit fits whenever she's posted, provoking a bunch of infighting

No. 1802343

go away niamh, you’re pro ana scumbag material and always have been

No. 1802345

File: 1680644006431.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1950, nooooomh.png)

NEVER? Did this anon just say never, ever? …Kek okay newfag. Go back to reddit.

No. 1802354

File: 1680644882295.png (968.28 KB, 1284x2778, 3823B826-A408-489C-810C-24AD15…)

It’s odd to me that Stefania is 26 years old, has no graduate level or masters degrees nor has she ever had a real career-type internship or full time job. She lives 100% off of her parents money and considers babysitting or a job at Vineyard Vines that she held for maybe 4 weeks last year “a job”… We all know she spends years at a time in treatment for SI and ED splitting her time between New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell (both the location in Manhattan and the Westchester psych hospital) and of course ERC Denver. What strikes me as the most odd though is how she actively seeks out sick people who are significantly younger than her online to be friends with. Then when people come along who are around her age with successful careers and try to connect with her on normal things such as her obsession with Taylor Swift, she doesn’t respond to them in her comments. It’s very clear that she only wants to communicate with sick people about sick things and believes she is much younger than she actually is. I think she needs grow up and take some responsibility for life, get a REAL job, pay her own bills, and maybe make friends her own age.

No. 1802356

Why does that disco ball have limbs?

No. 1802358

let’s not forget telling others actually trying to recover “i’m sorry you feel bad because you eat more than me’. PRO ANA 101

No. 1802360

it's extra weird/pathetic when you look back through photographs and see that her weight hasn't fluctuated hugely throughout the years, even when in treatment. It really seems like she restricts to get herself admitted and then immediately 100% stops eating so they'll give her an ng tube and she can squat there for months unable to be discharged because she won't eat orally

No. 1802361

How is she still on her parent’s insurance?

No. 1802372

if her parents are wealthy, they might be paying her premiums for a marketplace policy now?

I don't know when she turned 26, but if it was recent maybe that explains why she hasn't had a months-long treatment vacay recently.

No. 1802374

She can’t be on her parents insurance anymore unless they are claiming her as a “disabled dependent” which they may be doing given her circumstances. Either that or they are paying a very high market-rate premium because she was just at ERC for quite a long time while being 26.

No. 1802375

File: 1680646384489.png (199.82 KB, 1051x668, Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 5.12…)

I looked back, out of curiosity, and she literally got her ng tube out on Feb 1st and then got discharged back to outpatient the next day. Fucking weird.

No. 1802376

File: 1680646471683.png (31.32 KB, 487x618, Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 5.14…)

Looks like she was able to stay on her parents' plan

No. 1802377

oh wow that was 42 weeks ago! So she’s almost 27

No. 1802378

File: 1680646692691.png (31.76 KB, 953x691, Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 5.18…)

Also, NY state has some laws that can extend coverage to age 29.

No. 1802379

yeah, she's a die-hard NEET

No. 1802398

File: 1680650060472.png (172.3 KB, 515x711, Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 6.14…)

Not Stef accidentally calling herself out for being "tired" of being a productive member of society

No. 1802411

Isn't this just about her old school? I don't think she actually works there, it was a reunion.

No. 1802413

yeah, it was a video montage about how she got so tragically tired of pretending to be perfect, going to school, dancing, etc and therefore, presumably, had to become a sick baby who does nothing.

I was just trying to make a joke about her accidentally acknowledging that maybe she spends so much time in treatment because she's scared of or doesn't want to participate in the real world

No. 1802417

File: 1680653232183.jpeg (222.67 KB, 1170x2048, 5AD79AC4-4631-4D66-8873-645B9B…)

Enara we can see straight through you. There’s absolutely no doubt that she’s purposely trying to damage her eosophegas so that she can get an ng tube

No. 1802418

The hospital she is in (Cairns) has been contacted by an anon letting them know that all she wants is an ng tube. Watch her be discharged any minute now(cowtipping)

No. 1802419

don't fucking cowtip

No. 1802420

What the fuck? She looks BMI 18, how is she even getting put into ERC?

No. 1802421

ERC takes people at all weights.

No. 1802423

as if her local hospitals don't already know her very, very well. You're not going to tell them anything they don't already know.

No. 1802442

Literally everyone at erc residential is normal weight. They make you fatten up in inpatient first if you’re not.
Also she claims arfid

No. 1802446

Ohhh I misunderstood, that checks out. I hate how she infantalizes herself, in so many ways. It's definetly the root of her problems.

No. 1802447

It's tall but the cup is somewhat skinny, it looks like iced coffee though? So not unusual to go for a bigger size.

No. 1802455

Nta and I agree she's really pretty, but her body is obviously starved and the fact she doesn't look haggard and wrinkly and bald yet is only because she's still young. It'll catch up to her just like it catches up to all anachans. Not really anything to be jealous of tbh, she's on the same pipeline as any other young anachan. It's sad, I hope she can recover before she lets it get too out of hand.

No. 1802468

luka scout and zara in their old pictures are what’s actually pretty, niamh looks 14

No. 1802469

Pretty sure actually, it was discussed in an older thread that at least some of the fervent Niamh defenders are herself it was quite convincing imo

No. 1802470

File: 1680661689988.jpeg (92.04 KB, 750x765, FA97CED6-E42A-477C-A400-5839E3…)

nikol has now started attacking other people for being too big kek

No. 1802485

File: 1680663142937.jpg (330.36 KB, 1080x2048, Iznodifference.jpg)

Imogen is empowering her lanugo

No. 1802498

What happened to Christabel?

No. 1802547

this debate is retarded. frankly i can't tell them apart. all anachans kind of end up looking like decaying fish, same vacant stare and blown out mouth.

No. 1802549

It wasn't a debate and you're just repeating the point I made, that Niamh is going to end up looking like every other anachan soon enough.

No. 1802553


I used to find Niamh the most infuriating but she’s made a few posts seeming genuinely so upset about her appearance and I think her body checks stem from validation rather than just being proud of being underweight. She’s so young but so obsessed with her appearance and I think she’s someone where being from this generation rather than a millennial has been to her detriment because of the focus on appearance on Ig and TikTok . She’s also academically smart (and from a normal background). It’s really sad imo

No. 1802562

Anyone know what happened with the classes that Ham was taking? I was sort-of hoping that maybe she'd get really interested in some career path and switch her obsession about "almost dying from anorexia!!!!" over to that.

Is she even taking them anymore? She never mentions it.

No. 1802563

File: 1680677044479.jpeg (206.9 KB, 1170x1923, IMG_3428.jpeg)

No. 1802584

Niamh, and most cows on this site who feel the same way, need to realise if they’re putting their lives out on the internet, they are opening themselves up to criticism. Nobody cares about you enough Niamh to actually be stalking or hurting you, it’s a gossip site.

No. 1802588

Whichever anon needs to rot in hell. Why is it so difficult to adhere to the rules of the site?

No. 1802589

I will admit that the anon who "saw her in the supermarket" is a bit creepy for that.
anyway, told you all the edi girls are linked with each other

No. 1802596

File: 1680682496530.png (4.98 MB, 1170x2532, 323AB601-A03F-48C1-8587-1F5F86…)

What on earth am I looking at

No. 1802601

File: 1680683239759.png (1.15 MB, 2048x2048, applemydear.png)

apple, my dear?

No. 1802606

Nta but that was creepy, that anon probably just lives near her and saw her out and about but like no need to report here about what she bought. Imagine how Niamh feels now heading out to the store wondering if someone is snooping on her and her purchases.

No. 1802610

Exactly. Stalking goes way beyond gossiping.

No. 1802613

Does it really matter? Seeing someone who’s got a lot of followers and wants attention in a public place and commenting about it, is not stalking. It’s not like anon was following her about.

No. 1802616

>Does it really matter?
Nta but yeah, yeah it does. There's a big difference in discussing what Niamh posts publicly and reporting on irl sightings of her. Just because she has a following and wants to be known on social media doesn't mean she's now not entitled to privacy, that's kind of moid reasoning skills tbh.

No. 1802620

>is not stalking
gerund or present participle: stalking
pursue or approach stealthily.
"a cat stalking a bird"
harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention.
It's stalking.

No. 1802631

Girl you need to touch grass instead of reaching so hard and making collages kek

No. 1802643

Plot twist: nonna was out in the Pasture whilst making her collage

No. 1802647

Saying you saw someone at a shop is literally not stalking, no one has harassed her with that info, and it's not like anon was following her there. It's on the same level as seeing everything she does on social media and commenting about it. Just because you disagree with someone doesn't make them a moid.

No. 1802652

I didn't call it stalking, I called it creepy.
>It's on the same level as seeing everything she does on social media and commenting about it.
No it isn't, that comparison doesn't even make sense lol. And I didn't call you a moid, I said it was the reasoning moids use to cross women's boundaries, invade their privacy and make silly rationalizations to excuse it. Anyway it's weird this is the hill you wanna die on but you're entitled to whatever you believe, and I'm entitled to call it creepy and weird, welcome to the internet.

No. 1802662

No one gave a shit when the 45792 anons said that they’ve seen Zara and what she eats / doesn’t eat on campus or how haggard she looks irl. I’m just saying - keep this energy for everyone or don’t bother at all

No. 1802664

I wasn't here for that or I would've said something too. Some of you have very poor arguments.

No. 1802670

To be fair, no idea who that person is but they've gone, from those thumbnails, from a healthy weight to overboard chonkers. People do often jump from one ED to another/cycle, its not healthy or something to glorify.

No. 1802679

Nta but considering how 3/4 of those are basically the same pic, I too struggle to find the milk. That being said, I think it’s a 50/50 split over niahm so I generally keep my opinions to myself and let those who enjoy her fishface pout farm and scroll myself past.

No. 1802687

The fact its basically the same pic IS the milk, proanas do this to compare the weight between them
I don't think she's particularly milky right now but she's giving us all the signs that she's going back to full-blown anachan

No. 1802688

What thread?

No. 1802689

Let people enjoy gossiping about 'niahm' and tinfoiling about how long it'll be until she's back in St John's with a face straw.

No. 1802704

File: 1680703043216.jpg (155.79 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20230405-215257_Ins…)

If ganer must swapped out Body Building with ED recovery she may have a chance. Her dillusion is so high. How much of a "rest" do you think she'll be able to sustain before she either restricts heavily (more than she does) or ends up with more over use injuries

No. 1802715

what's that lump in her abdomen?

No. 1802723

her uterus

No. 1802725

? on one side but not the other?

No. 1802729

Pretty sure she dropped college but i might be wrong

No. 1802758

back to school, retard

No. 1802767

it's a ligament, she's just standing/leaning in a way that flexes it visibly on one side and not the other.

No. 1802769

I have that same lump except mine is less pronounced, and it's only on one side too. It moves under the skin when I move around, I thought it was a hernia when I first noticed but it doesn't hurt. It's weird but I've seen other women with it too.

No. 1802770

Samefag but I just realized hers is definitely a ligament like the other anon said and mine is more to the side and just a lump lol, maybe it is a hernia

No. 1802772

File: 1680718346416.jpeg (451.64 KB, 1644x1170, A52B3B7F-47A0-4352-B89F-00925B…)

she’s just gained a lot of respect from me with that. cheers to zara hopefully graduating cowhood

No. 1802774

File: 1680718834938.jpg (88.34 KB, 1053x453, SmartSelect_20230405_141844_Ch…)

Wonder if that had anything to do with this. Anyway, good on her for not doubling down

No. 1802776

even if it did, hey, credit to her for actually posting it and actually coming across surprisingly not-arrogant and almost sweet? it's almost touching where she says how scared alone she was etc. despite hating all the shitty behviour from the cows, you can't deny that for superspoops who are legitimately extremely unwell (and lets be real zara looked at death's door), it must be horrible to live through. I hope she does actually mean this and I will be tentatively watching her with a newfound respect, icl.

No. 1802778

File: 1680719615103.png (508.07 KB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20230404-023528~2.p…)

No. 1802783

I don't know this cow but damn girl just eat a balanced diet and go to therapy

No. 1802795

Pretty relatable tho. So much conflicting info out there now I understand why they'd be so confused and lost as to what a balanced diet even is any more.

No. 1802796

File: 1680722513349.png (865.89 KB, 1080x1080, zaragrad.png)

Well done Zara
Don't come back

No. 1802800

File: 1680722841273.webm (2.85 MB, 576x1024, 99d9405f831b13fc787a000a8863a5…)

In honour of the graduation I'd like to reshare one of my favourites of hers

No. 1802803

I thought this was a good post too and showed some genuine self-reflection. Hopefully she continues in this spirit.

No. 1802806

File: 1680723478275.jpg (150.86 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230405_202944_Ins…)

>weight gain
Literally still has a tube

No. 1802810

That's true, but I think it's safe to say fruitarian definitely isn't it lol

No. 1802821

File: 1680726578232.jpg (273.46 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230405_212743_Gal…)

Her posts are TOTALLY about her outfits, just like this one is clearly about her hair.

No. 1802824

Is this her admitting to being a farmer?

No. 1802827

vid won’t play, what is it

No. 1802828

so desperately trying to pop that collarbone

No. 1802829

she’d look more normal if she put her fucking knees together but she insists on that stupid arse pose to try and look spoopy.

No. 1802831

Vid description:
Zara lipsyncing to "I knew this bitch named becky" with the caption "I knew this bitch who makes fun of pro ana accounts"
Then cuts to the audio saying "I am that bitch named becky" with Z pointing to herself

No. 1802833

damn this is really touching. good for her for reflecting on her behavior honestly and, by all signs, growing past it. the ability to do that bodes well for her. if zara ever sees this which i hope she doesn't if she's lurking, nothing good ever comes of reading anon comments about yourself even if they're "positive" i hope she at least knows we're earnestly cheering on her recovery.

No. 1802834

eh that's kind of a reach imo

No. 1802846

File: 1680730734528.jpeg (315 KB, 1170x2067, IMG_3443.jpeg)

the face of relapsing

No. 1802848

no, lots of people make fun of pro-ana bullshit without being farmers

No. 1802849

all these threads have done is confirm my suspicions about anorexia being an upper class white girl hobby lmfao
no one who actually has to work to live can afford to wreck their body as much as these retards do

No. 1802855

File: 1680731698017.jpeg (91.45 KB, 750x1163, 30B4E60B-AABA-4E25-8EB2-384525…)


No. 1802858

no please god what am i looking at thanks for giving me nightmares. and i‘m not even talking about her weight but the pose, the baby clothes that fishlike open mouth everything is just awful

No. 1802863

>this took guts
Something she certainly isn't lacking in. Fucking WHY THOUGH? Good lort girl pack that shit up.

No. 1802865

She’s literally 17 and at high school plus she lives with her parents

No. 1802868

>I didn't call it stalking, I called it creepy.
The entire convo was about stalking. Are you retarded?
>No it isn't, that comparison doesn't even make sense lol.
Someone saw her at a shop and commented on it. Sure it’s weird, but It’s not that deep.

No. 1802869

How does that disprove my point? So she's teenager financially supported by her parents, this means she has plenty of time and lack of responsibility to indulge in her anachan bullshit

No. 1802870

File: 1680732694690.png (448.21 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230405-181059.png)

No. 1802874

A LOT of guts, Laura…

No. 1802877

I RAN here as soon as I saw this

No. 1802879

her cheeks are so puffy from the purging. imagine her and abby on a ward together. it’d be the vomit club.
sad thing is she’d be relatively pretty without pulling stupid faces and tensing her neck all the time

No. 1802886

it's not a relapse if you never actually recovered lol

No. 1802888

You’re Reaching anon. Her cheeks are no where near puffy. She also said on her private story a month or so ago that she only purged in hospital when she couldn’t restrict. Very much agree that she’s ugly and annoying as fuck but she’s definitely not a purger like abby.

No. 1802890

“this took guts” has anyone told laura no one’s forcing her to post these..

No. 1802902

agreed, puffy? Where? What would she be purging, a mouthful of berrybile slush?…

No. 1802918

That's why I was asking not declaring it as a fact

No. 1802922

You gotta learn to sage if you're going to whiteknight Niamh this hard

No. 1802928

>The entire convo was about stalking. Are you retarded?
Then reply to the post calling it stalking and disagree with her, you replied to my post that just called it creepy, not stalking. Just because you disagree with us both doesn't mean we share the same opinions.
>Sure it’s weird, but It’s not that deep.
That's my point you literal invalid. I said it was weird and creepy I didn't say it was some deeper issue, eat a sandwich you sound like you have anachan brainrot.(Infighting)

No. 1802950

God she looks awful…

No. 1802996

It’s really not anon. It’s just the ones that post of social media.

No. 1802998

dumb stereotype that shows you’re uneducated, not everyone with anorexia is white and/or rich. difference is that it’s the rich white girls who have more access to treatment or a diagnosis for their problems. do 5 minutes of research before you run your mouth i beg

No. 1803000

Her mom needs to make her get a job or something that isn't influencing. If she really wants 'recovery,' maybe she should get out of the fucking house, as not focusing on your body is very difficult when you don't have time to.
"this took guts to post' No, it took gut to post.

No. 1803004

File: 1680748740223.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230405-223857.png)

No. 1803010

File: 1680749161039.jpeg (14.44 KB, 183x275, 71E9CA8E-26C7-4B7A-B6F8-CF3DA1…)

actually can’t believe this is the same person

No. 1803059

Oh my god, she actually looks like she has downs syndrome now, I almost felt bad because I don't believe someone with downs should be made fun of, but she doesn't seem to have it in the old photo… Wow. Like, she's not recovered at all, she's just using food as a coping mechanism in a different way.

No. 1803060

ikr the comparison is shocking. how can you let yourself go like this?? and again i‘m not primary talking aboit the weight gain. i mean she used to be underweight so good for her. but it‘s like she completely stopped looking after herself? i can‘t help myself thinking she SMELLS

No. 1803091

Poor people have social media

No. 1803092


Their point is someone’s done this exact thing, cropping an anachans photo into their op. Not that you did anything lol tf

No. 1803113

>That's my point
Ok and? My original point was it’s not stalking. It’s not. Move on.(Infighting)

No. 1803128

>is doing this again [ >>1801347 ]
Kek okay redditfag…

No. 1803129

Then why did you reply to my comment starting an argument when I clearly didn't say it was stalking? Jesus you are retarded, and now it's all "oh move on already" after you've dug your heels in and doubled down on your retardation, lol okay girl.(Infighting)

No. 1803130

File: 1680767452974.jpg (91.48 KB, 835x1410, Screenshot_20230404_071734_Ins…)

Stop infighting, ladies. Take a break. Farm some milk.

No. 1803131

No. 1803133

File: 1680768243188.jpeg (385.95 KB, 1170x2301, 053AA53D-2877-4371-877E-60FF2E…)

Does anyone know why she basically doesn’t eat vegetables?? Multiple wieiad post and that bit of cucumber is the only veg I see

No. 1803135

could be part of the autism larp, since many autistic people struggle with the textures of vegetables and fruits. Could be that it bothered her GI system when she was spoopy and she started associating it with discomfort. Could be she's just very British. Could be that she doesn't like many.

She's never commented, so pretty impossible to know.

No. 1803145

I tried looking back to see if this was posted already and couldn't find it so apologies if it's already been discussed but here's a clip from fi's documentary.

No. 1803147

Yeah, that one might have some potential of being a cow one day. But ffs, she's still only seventeen.

No. 1803148

Well, isn't it nice to see that she's got a full plate of nutritious food..?

No. 1803151

The Beeb is also into lifestyle topics.
NOT only your breaking news channel numero uno. Yesterday they showed footage of a cat climbing onto an imam in a mosque.
Long live British news standards, I'd say.

No. 1803182

She seems to make a huge deal of her "struggle" with eating fruit - to the point that adding a single apple to her intake was such a challenge and more scary that a proper increase in calories that her team allowed it to be a justified "increase" when she was gaining weight - I assume it's a similar excuse with vegetables, as I have also noticed that she doesn't eat fruit or vegetables, other than bananas which are usually the fruit anorexics avoid, and is far more comfortable eating chocolate and brownies etc - possibly to push the autism larp with the implication that she struggles with textures

No. 1803184

ofc she has found a way to ensure her discharge has been postponed, again. just as she always does. she can pretend she is disappointed, but she purposely sabotages every planned discharge, despite pretending she is excited about it, it's very clear that leaving hospital is the last thing she wants and she will do anything to avoid it

No. 1803226

File: 1680785231278.jpeg (257.95 KB, 1170x2532, 9B53413A-8F75-46DF-AC75-19B005…)

Just came across this one Maria @markivea on TikTok. She’s a Ukrainian skelly who does “mukbangs” (aka sniffs a ham sandwich or chews and spits KFC). Anyone seen her around before?

No. 1803266

this is the most self centred thing I have ever read. Why does SHE feel entitled to an apology? I’m sure being addicted to alcohol and coke, having a welfare check by the police called on you by your girlfriend, then meeting your now ex’s “guy” a few months later wasn’t traumatic for him at all and that things have been really breezy for him up until his untimely death

No. 1803355

Hungry. For some sweet, sweet attention.

No. 1803358

Yeah, she's been called out for adding a jump cut whenever she bites into something.

No. 1803364

Of course she’s going to clog the internet with her attention seeking/purposefully triggering relapse again. What a fucking cunt

No. 1804127

Is this the one who just mimes eating everything and then cuts before you can see if she actually ate it or not lol

No. 1804158

Noooo! I love collage anon I'm so sad she didn't make one for the "bile Berry smoothie" kek

No. 1804160

Nah she's clearly just posting pictures of her hair and outfits and we're all just REACHING so hard to twist it into being a body check because we are "making her milky"

No. 1804161

File: 1680808000729.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.84 KB, 490x865, 2.jpg)

Bitch then goes on to post all the meanie comments she's received. Maybe don't post stupid vids dancing and twisting around to show off your skelly body and then you won't get comments like that. There is no need to do that shit if you want to have a recovery account. She's deliberately triggering and she knows exactly what she's doing, so she deserves every negative comment she gets. Also right after this there is one of the worst jumpscares I've ever seen with her deathmask face right in the camera. Good job I'm too retarded to know how to post the whole vid.

No. 1804162

File: 1680808047450.jpg (55.39 KB, 477x859, 1.jpg)

Also wtf does that even mean?

I guess wolves wouldn't bother to kill her because there wouldn't be anything to chew on other than bones.

No. 1804163

File: 1680808248298.jpeg (27.39 KB, 828x251, 6B01EA66-3130-412D-BDD6-519742…)

Guess you wouldn’t have been invited nikol

No. 1804170

File: 1680808963079.png (2.08 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230406-152239.png)

No. 1804175

is this even true? i can't find anything about it online

No. 1804187

File: 1680811068600.jpg (33.86 KB, 371x400, nicole.jpg)

shes talking about this

No. 1804193

File: 1680811915779.png (1.32 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230406-161202.png)

No. 1804208

Christ. I'm a self confessed vendettachan of Abby but she's looking so so poorly in that one especially with the amount of blood on the bandage. Someone show her Beccas receding hairline, maybe that'll put her off

No. 1804213

Nothing Nikol says is true. It’s just one of her delusions.

No. 1804214

Seems legit

No. 1804225

even if this is real, the tone of this is so clearly sarcastic that it makes me concerned about nikol's mental state

No. 1804229

. >>1804208
she looks like a batshit crackhead. and why can none of the cows do their fucking eyeliner right? she looks like a clown

No. 1804235

Antipsychotics are hella damaging…. & the longer a person’s on them, the more likely it is for the type of side effects that she displays, to become permanent issues even if she were to come off the antipsychotics in the future! Wonder if she regrets taking her behaviours to such extremes now… it’s the perfect example of play stupid games & win stupid prizes!

Notable side effects will include:
The flat affect (as demonstrated in her lack of facial expressions, tone and rate of voice & apathy), the general heavily-sedated look, not to mention the newly acquired pre-diabetes she is also having to take meds for, the high cholesterol, high prolactin & hugely increased risk of cardiovascular disease (all mostly as a direct result of being given very high doses of either 1 or possibly a combination of several “last resort” style medications used OFF-LICENCE in the UK for patients with BPD whose behaviours have become totally unmanageable (like many of the ‘PICU’ patients/ revolving door admissions/years-long admission type patients. The psychiatrists in UK tend to put the severe BPD self-harmers on Clozapine…. As they deem the ‘benefits’ of mood stabilisation & impulse control still outweigh the fact that its the riskiest psych drug available & is literally cardiotoxic so has to be monitered very closely with regular blood tests ect!.

No. 1804242

off topic but as someone who was put on antipsychotics for severe hypochondria (it was the only thing that helped, even after years of therapy) your comment is utterly terrifying lol

No. 1804243

Holy mother of God, she's given herself black eyes with the amount of head banging.

No. 1804256

File: 1680818855518.png (49.26 KB, 339x352, Screenshot 2023-04-06 3.06.26 …)

I hope it's okay to post this here because her account isn't explicitly ED-related, but have any of you heard of Beca Michie?
>Genderspecial self-proclaimed "off-duty model" who films herself eating WIEIADs that are like 4 billion calories and is still somehow built like slenderman, claims to have Down syndrome (???)
>A lot of her videos have some creepy bald Mr Clean lookalike scrote who may be her boyfriend providing condescending commentary in the background
>Insufferable millenial "how do you do fellow kids" humor, thinks screaming at the camera is peak relatable comedy, basically the more fem version of fuzzz99
>Goes out of her way to cherrypick comments on her body and reply to them, filmed a video of her eating a bowl of yogurt in her underwear and whining about being accused of bodychecking, made a Twitter account where she searches up her own name and passive-aggressively responds to malnourished 13 year olds on ED twitter
>Some scrote on r/NYCinfluencersnark claimed he dated her and she's "fucking crazy", lied to him and his family constantly, obsessively used a waist trainer, etc.

No. 1804271

good to know that saying retard holds that much power these days

No. 1804278

Sorry but I'm calling this larp, she's never had trouble maintaining eye contact in any of the clips or videos I've seen of her, suddenly she can't do it like a severe autist. None of these mysterious ana/autism symptoms appeared until long after her teenhood of swallowing pills for er visits and suicide attempts. And I'm sorry but the whole "I've always felt different, had trouble fitting in" is like the hallmark of growing up, literally everyone has felt like that in one way or another in their life. I don't buy it, sorry for the sperg

No. 1804310

File: 1680822199984.jpg (155.31 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20230406-160004_Chr…)

Speaking of chii…this was from 8 years ago. She definitely is nowhere near her healthy weight. Kek.

No. 1804314

File: 1680822556970.jpg (195.61 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_20230406-160622_Chr…)

Reddit be the new place for herbody checking. I don't brlieve any of the things she says about regretting those sick pics. They're still on Reddit and she's still body checking lol

No. 1804315

She's cute

No. 1804316

yeah that is not a BMI of 20 lol

No. 1804380

she looks normal thin, not like "slenderman" kek

No. 1804391

File: 1680828678875.jpeg (199.81 KB, 750x1278, FA4E482D-A5F0-49A1-BC0A-B1FF83…)

she doesn’t look like slender man lol?? she’s average skinny bordering on skinnyfat bc she clearly doesn’t work out from her muscle tone/arms(Rattle rattle)

No. 1804435

File: 1680833549323.png (325.35 KB, 750x1334, 0393CDB9-FB3E-4288-8795-9185FC…)

She edits her body to look thinner in videos

No. 1804457

i hate this weird bitch. why did she censor her feet?

No. 1804458

When u have amenorrhea but want to fit in

No. 1804460

It's a typical reddit thing to do because creepy men with foot fetishes w ill save pictures with feet in them for masturbation fodder and/or repost them on foot fetish subs

No. 1804487

ok but this is some pretty hilariously poor editing tho

No. 1804488

This is the source of so much angst for me. I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices.

No. 1804490

sorry for asking to be spoonfed but does anyone know around when chii started coming up a lot in threads? i've read a lot of the backlog since thread 60 or so but can't for the life of me track down her beginning to appear here

No. 1804501

nta + not WK her but she does work out, she has made running tiktoks. i agree that she’s just healthy thin… that said, she is obsessed with bodychecking and always brings up her weight while also asking people not to talk about it. i think she’s more cringe and attention starved than she is milky tho

No. 1804504

this girl is only 16, if anons are throwing pissfits about niamh then i don’t see maria being approved as a subject either

No. 1804505

16 and up are fair game. random anons feeling otherwise and white knighting doesn't change the rules.

No. 1804511

How the hell do you claim to have downs syndrome? What the actual fuck is wrong with her.

No. 1804533

File: 1680849596221.png (275.99 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20230407-021656.png)

Has she been posted here yet? On TikTok she mostly complains and finds a reason to make everything somebody else's fault. On Twitter she interacts with other people, whining about how fat she is. She's been called out numerous time on her comment section and TikTok but continues to whine. One of the worst victimizing complexes I've seen. Loves boasting around at others even though nobody gives a fuck about her bulky persona. Honorable mention that she was infuriated after being denied into a skinnygossip account

No. 1804534

File: 1680849634505.png (147.42 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20230407-021308.png)

No. 1804535

File: 1680849673765.jpg (140.05 KB, 1283x1180, 20230407_023734.jpg)

No. 1804546

that‘s actually shocking. where i live people with said issues are mostly being treated with mood stabilizers. Clozapine is one of the last options since it has crazy side effects (like major changes in the blood count) and can cause longterm damage. also it‘s mainly or pretty much only used for people with resistant psychotic symptoms and schizophrenia but not for BDP or selfharmers

No. 1804550

kek what a retard

No. 1804564

I think that's an old post anon

No. 1804566

File: 1680858530467.jpeg (193.43 KB, 1170x2001, 21DA57BA-F65F-4F5C-94E0-8CBDF4…)

No. 1804568

who is this

No. 1804575

File: 1680860873743.jpeg (110.46 KB, 885x1344, 812ABC2B-1587-4E20-BE61-56B791…)

This just in! Everyone now thinks they’re autistic because they’re speshul just like fi

No. 1804586

Gatekeeping autism is weird nona.

No. 1804605

File: 1680865838167.png (311.92 KB, 612x612, milkshake.png)

No. 1804610

why would you willingly do this to your eyebrows?

No. 1804614

Oh that's just great. More LARPers putting pressure on already strained services and taking much needed help away from ppl who are genuinely struggling because they're autistic. These stupid women put so much emphasis on autism not being a disability when it absolutely is. No-one hears the voices of those with learning disabilities, nonverbal autistics (literally), those with impairments severe enough not to be able to work or even function to take care of themselves. There really needs to be a sub-category rather than just ASD so twats like Fi don't confuse the dumbass British public into thinking autistic = just a bit quirky and awkward and not liking certain food textures.

No. 1804615

It isn't gatekeeping to say every idiot with a single autistic trait shouldn't go around self-diagnosing and giving the public entirely the wrong impression of the struggles autisic people face.

No. 1804616

How do you know her age? I haven’t dug around much but didn’t see it on her profile

No. 1804625

File: 1680870736110.jpeg (80.07 KB, 749x1382, C213BF6C-26F9-4FAB-8D35-4E3FF8…)

and photos

No. 1804632

this dollar brand lucinda skinwalking

No. 1804635

File: 1680872371635.jpg (54.5 KB, 1080x574, Screenshot_20230407-085725_Chr…)

>the straight pencil eyebrows
>the large pupils
>totes schizo

This is so embarassing.

No. 1804636

I genuinely don't think treatment should be provided for anorexic adults. They love the attention they get from medical personnel.

NHS is already dying, of people want to choose to fuck their health then let them.

No. 1804638

File: 1680872900319.jpg (323.18 KB, 2880x2880, 20230407_090552.jpg)


she looks like blaire white without the bug eyed babyshoop i can't believe she willingly exposed herself with this video

No. 1804648

not so good for her because now she's obese. neither are good. she could in normal weight, that'd be good.

No. 1804649

So what's so milky about this one? Her account is private btw

No. 1804655

wtf lmfao it doesn't even look like the same person

No. 1804656

File: 1680875323947.jpg (345.33 KB, 1079x1857, Screenshot_20230407_214802.jpg)

Han posts

No. 1804659

this is hilariously bad holy shit her torso is like three feet long

No. 1804660

File: 1680875598013.jpg (327.01 KB, 1079x1499, Screenshot_20230407_215231.jpg)

Braids and Bubble Gums

No. 1804663

File: 1680875963870.jpeg (123.27 KB, 750x1294, IMG_7481.jpeg)

This is what Nikol AKA @smallervanilla is up to now. Still being a Pro-ana cunt on Twitter

No. 1804664

whats the obsession with french braids about? do skellys think it highlights their cheekbones or something? ive been seeing it for years in proana circles

No. 1804665

There’s something SO upper-middle class about French braids it could just be that

No. 1804669

Why are they celebrating this as if it isn't just another example of social contagion?

No. 1804678

It's basically for comfort/ extended wear. It doesn't need brushing and tieing and it's comfortable when you sleep
Plus a lot of the skellys don't have much hair, so it's a way they can have their hair up without looking half bald. Lastly…Nurses. They get bored, a way to relate. When it comes down to it the whine thing can be tracked to bored nurses

No. 1804686

there are plenty of adults with anorexia who aren't like this - you just don't see them because they're not posting this bullshit all over social media

No. 1804700

ok this actually makes a lot of sense thanks

No. 1804710

Does this retard understand that schizophrenia was never considered retardation by anyone with half a brain cell? It's not a developmental disability.

No. 1804711

Kek what? Have you never met a black person? French braids aren't upper middle class, they're just convenient when you're unwashed in a hospital

No. 1804718

File: 1680881510763.png (2.64 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230407-113135.png)

her lips are so fucked from purging

No. 1804719

because she's going by what lucinda says who is actually retarded to the point of disability because she posted results from a neurologist at one point. this girl just assumed the retardation came from the schizophrenia and not something else when she decided to skinwalk kek.

No. 1804720

File: 1680881552422.png (721.65 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230407-113126.png)

No. 1804726

File: 1680882678076.jpg (398.65 KB, 2880x2880, 20230407_115129.jpg)

No. 1804736

what does this have to do with milk

No. 1804746

File: 1680884617017.png (800.92 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_3480.png)

she‘s blaming the binge eating on her ocd i can‘t

No. 1804753

omg i love kotakoti!!! living doll queen!!

No. 1804757


the acid burns around her lips, dumbfuck

No. 1804763

This is perplexing to me, is she that bad at throwing up? Why on earth is her nose always so crusty? I dared to wonder that once before and was told it was because of the nose hose but clearly that is not the case.

No. 1804767

why do legitimately pretty women feel the need to do this to themselves? now she just looks like a retarded baby. i guess eating disorders really do eat holes in your brain.

No. 1804774

She’s on Twitter? What’s her @

No. 1804783

What's the @ on tiktok

No. 1804786

This is just sad, hope her Grandma is okay.

No. 1804789

I think the irritation on the sides of her mouth can also be caused by a deficiency in either Iron, Zinc or the B vitamins. And then purging probably worsens the sores. Not sure about her nose though, she always seems to be crusty.

No. 1804790



No. 1804793

File: 1680890170535.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1760, Screenshot_20230407-135543~2.p…)

No. 1804807

hate to say it but binge eating as a result of ocd is a real thing. you know how ocd people have to check that the light switch is off an extra 3 times, some have to eat another 3 cakes

No. 1804814

maybe you couldve replied to your other post then, asshole. it looks like youre just posting about her sick grandma

No. 1804821

Kek Where's collage nonna with the "this barbie" trend??

No. 1804829

I think ocd has played a large part in her issues with both restricting and overeating. I remember she talked about how she spends her entire day cleaning her house and taking showers multiple times a day. So it wouldn't shock me if she's now shifted those ocd behaviours around binge food.

It was nayaamrar but I guess it's smallebones now. Real subtle, lul

No. 1804832

She looks gorgeous in the first photo and disgusting on the second. I don't understand why anyone would shoop themselves to look like they got botched by cheap plastic surgery.

No. 1804840

File: 1680893847439.png (309.13 KB, 1512x1512, barbieniamh.png)

Ask and you shall receive
Is this what you mean?

No. 1804859

I really don't understand the mentality behind the evangelistic proana types like her. What do they actually get out of triggering disordered eating in other people, like what makes someone want to do that? It seems really sadistic. Is it that they genuinely think that having an eating disorder will improve people's lives?

No. 1804860

File: 1680895617103.jpeg (880.22 KB, 3910x2895, 403DBFCF-D639-43B8-816E-23583C…)

Possible cow? Does anyone follow Ivi/Broccoli Fanpage (https://twitter.com/lmndrp)?
She’s def pro but kinda boring and I’m not into edtwt to know if she has drama. She seems to only have one pair of jeans and doesn’t seem to have a job outside of being skinny on Twitter but her self absorption is kinda lulzy 1/3

No. 1804862

Nta but we really didn't need the post about her grandma when the photo with her lips was already posted right above. And why are some of you so aggressive for no reason? Why are you taking this so seriously lol

No. 1804863

File: 1680895728247.jpeg (121.1 KB, 1199x579, 9CAAEA6F-F0BC-4D03-B4DE-1FD52E…)


“Idk about you but my Ed is hilarious”

No. 1804864

File: 1680895901464.jpeg (163.85 KB, 1200x877, 77485366-BE30-43EC-96CA-E3E5BB…)


Crying cause not enough thoughts are prayers, flexing about expired ensure ion a pic that’s a check, also have to point out how flabby her arms are in her 1am check. Will go through more of her Twitter later if it’s interesting to anyone.

No. 1804879

I think it's because French braids are a hairstyle you often see on children and a lot of anas have Peter Pan syndrome
So glad someone finally posted this bitch. I can't stand it when grown women photoshop themselves to look like a child in obviously sexualized photoshoots and then rely on plausibility deniability. "If you think I'm trying to look like a child/pandering to pedos you're the weird one!!!" No actually, you know exactly what you're doing.
She complains about people making fun of her body and the way she photoshops herself to look like a baby but it's literally all she talks about, there's obviously a part of her that feeds off of it and enjoys the attention

No. 1804918

This Barbie knows exactly what she's doing

No. 1804919

File: 1680901700032.png (2.43 MB, 1280x1600, Barbiebanner.png)

No. 1804971

Kek, I love you nona

No. 1805004

Headbanging question:

I'm assuming this is done for the effect of the concern and questions a posted picture of the wound generates. It seems they're usually done by cows in in-patient, so I have to assume they're going for the immediate attention of a healthcare worker intervening to stop physical act of the banging itself - is that more or less the concept in a nutshell?

I'd love to see what would happen if they found a carer/nurse that just could not be assed that day and said "Go right ahead, knock yourself out - literally." and let it continue.

No. 1805005

I really think it depends on the person/Illness/dose, I along with many people have been on an antipsychotic for years and don't have any of the side effects Laura has. They simply slow down my emotional responses and so dealing with high levels of distress/anxiety is easier to manage. I think yes, if you are like laura then they can have this effect but I do believe she's being over medicated due to being inpatient and the staff just wanting to sedate her to make her easier to deal with, the right medication at the right dose can really save someone but unfortunately in this setting they are not given in the correct way

No. 1805023

Lolll so that's what unhinged 17 year olds on "ED twitter" with a kpop profile pic look like?!

No. 1805024

that's Nikol

No. 1805045

Basically although access to other forms of SH like cutting is limited while in hospital anyway. There can be plans put in place where patients are “allowed” to continue doing it with the onus being on them to use their DBT skills or whatever to stop. They’ll either do it all day long until someone has to medically intervene or move on to something else, like swallowing pens and batteries.

No. 1805058

File: 1680920475130.jpeg (53.39 KB, 648x900, 672788D5-4214-4FE1-82A5-EACB93…)

Speaking of Nikol’s Twitter. I almost felt bad for her but remembered she was intentionally sharing this with others.

No. 1805069

very late to the party but even if she did, that would probably be the first positive response to these threads kek

No. 1805076

not to sound like a wk but there’s no drama around her. she’s addicted to body checking but she’s not milky and doesn’t post anything that makes it seem like she’s having a great time (the ed being funny thing is a half joke, since basically all she eats is broccoli—it’s kind of her thing). she’s idolized for being thin and that definitely fuels/affirms her disorder but she’s far from being a cow.

No. 1805094

Okay, fair enough. I was only piqued cause Nikol follows her tbh and thought those bits were interesting. I appreciate the input/insight

No. 1805103

I’ve literally never met a black person with frenchbraids in, only ever upper middle white girls, specifically netball girlies & hospital munchies/anorexics

No. 1805104

File: 1680931241363.png (385.67 KB, 1068x1274, Screen Shot 2023-04-08 at 3.20…)

Meanwhile this hit tweet of her

No. 1805115

She's bodychecking 24/7 to impressionable idiots on twitter. She's a cow.

No. 1805121

When you ordered Wednesday Addams on Wish.

No. 1805135

File: 1680937659838.jpeg (68.78 KB, 828x855, IMG_8416.jpeg)

No. 1805150

Headbanging is a behaviour that's been present in psych wards for a long time. Take away the blade and they'll find new ways to hurt themselves.

No. 1805151

File: 1680940831343.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_20230408-032640~2.p…)

Paris has no free time

No. 1805159

Cute cats at least
Do you follow any other threads? These would be so good in a banner

No. 1805171

File: 1680946661545.gif (612.38 KB, 886x296, 20230408_103634 (1).gif)

Kek, not really, and I'm not a gif maker either. This was my best effort, if anyone wants to fix it up

No. 1805173

File: 1680946793370.jpg (155.63 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230408_103934_Ins…)

Looks like Ember from tiktok is relapsing too. I don't think they ever made it into the threads during their tiktok era but they were proper spoopy for a moment

No. 1805181

File: 1680949053664.jpeg (64.58 KB, 750x990, IMG_7554.jpeg)

This girl is the most controversial cow, kek. Supports recovery, whilst bullying Nikol.

No. 1805182

File: 1680949154814.jpeg (55.33 KB, 750x587, IMG_7553.jpeg)

Not to mention the unnecessary arm check. Anachans like her would break their bones, if it meant showing how spoop they are.

No. 1805184

File: 1680949446180.jpg (48.57 KB, 505x693, great idea.jpg)

Ganer is watching To the Bone. I'm sure this will end really well. Guess she's trying to live vicariously through the protagonist. Must be pining for her spoop days given how fat she says she feels in the 'off season.' Trouble is she has fuck all muscle tone whatever 'season' she's in.

No. 1805185

Pretty much spot on. It’s extremely rare to see one of these cows engage in head-banging behaviours when they are NOT in a hospital/supported living environment (& therefore no staff with the duty of having to intervene to stop them from self harming).

Usually, the only reason individuals engage in headbanging regardless of their environment or presence of others to stop them, is because of genuine autistic or other intellectual/developmental disabilities that are associated with poor emotional regulation, sensory seeking & self-soothing behaviours.

No. 1805191

haven’t actually looked at that girl’s profile so idk about her but to be fair nikol does deserve comments like those kek

No. 1805192

Well “Executive dysfunction” does makes it sound like a job title so clearly she has her hands full being a single mom to fur babies and ceo of dysfunction.

No. 1805195

File: 1680951358922.gif (849.55 KB, 1270x424, Media_230408_115557.gif)

Testing this one's resolution sorry

No. 1805198

shes annoying to say the least, shes a nicer version of nikol kek

No. 1805203

What did she do?

No. 1805214

>>1805185 oh wow a fucking blog post never thought I would but here ya go. Been diagnosed with bpd and have headbanged as a form of self harm but also came out in bpd ‘tantrums’ when people wouldn’t leave me tf alone to calm down, it sounds dumb as fuck typing this out so feel free to say so as well I know, I would continually bash my head in trying to make them scared enough to leave, it’s the last resort in my brain to get the situation to where I could ‘manage it’. I’m not up myself enough to believe my experience is only personal and not shared. So while I doubt so hard that any of the cows are like this I’m just giving an insight from personal experience ||red text fuck off I know||(blog)

No. 1805217

Why even post this

No. 1805222

that’d be the bpd and the brain injury

No. 1805231

I know that you people with bpd can't seem to ever understand this, but nobody cares about your super special experience

No. 1805233


omg, this!! ive never seen someone work so hard to look so normal.
what a life she's living…

No. 1805234

nice one!!

No. 1805236

Well, about that headbanging of yours…

No. 1805237

tell ya what, anon, the blog posting is making me want to bang my head and acquire some brain damage of my own

No. 1805251

Nobody gives a fuck about you larping bpd retards with concussions

No. 1805252

Just adding something to the headbanging topic. The only reason I see why anyone would do this is if they were by any chance being held down by staff. They do that in some places i think as a way to calm the person down but then again the people that are talked about here are probably just giving themselves these wounds as a way to get attention and also making it look worse by picking at it.

No. 1805258

god i forgot about ember. surprised she wasn’t on the threads

No. 1805268

Isn't ember a banned topic since thread number three of four ? She hasn't been milky for years

No. 1805271

Ember would have been a minor back in those threads, she's like 20ish just now. Maybe that was the reason for the ban? She certainly had a milky era on tiktok for a bit

No. 1805273

No. 1805277

File: 1680966060526.webm (1.93 MB, 576x1024, 680fd685afa0f3240a193430ac7dad…)

No. 1805278

File: 1680966429673.webm (1.1 MB, 576x1024, 4d9f2e56e5043cbbb552ebcb5671a8…)

No. 1805280

File: 1680966570159.webm (899.13 KB, 576x1024, 2a92bbbdc5f355bb914b6024f122f6…)

No. 1805284

so pretty in pic 1, whyyyyyyyyy girl

No. 1805298

much filter, so very pixel, wow.

No. 1805307

No one is forcing you to embarrass yourself online. This is like when a crackhead starts acting out and then gets mad if you record them.

No. 1805310

Sage for blogpost but I remember her from edtwt. She used to repost fatspo and shit about how fat people can’t have EDs and now she posts Tik Toks begging for sympathy because she was a poor widdle anorexic. Same thing with that bunnieslilblog girl. They can rebrand all they want but I was there, and the internet never really forgets

No. 1805315

File: 1680971735382.jpg (216.26 KB, 1080x1350, yucky.jpg)

Ganer's new pOwEr mEaLz look like some gunk that I scratched from the underside of my fridge.

No. 1805318

Gotta love those tard bangs of her.

No. 1805337

Can you try sniff out the old @ on edtwt ?

No. 1805338

Kek at the file name

No. 1805343

File: 1680973684911.webm (484.79 KB, 576x1024, e85a5dc59a8e693559badea71358ab…)

For years? Are you sure?

No. 1805345

File: 1680973746594.jpg (173.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230408_180846_Tik…)

Samefag for date and caption (2/2)

No. 1805358

File: 1680974916668.jpg (114.06 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20230408_182721_Fac…)

"Ember" is called Alana Stirling and is a Bible bashing Christian

No. 1805373

File: 1680976973006.png (88.3 KB, 750x1106, 46FB4D8F-4914-4A5B-B7A4-629491…)

Some tweets and reposts from her edtwt account. Apologies for the shitty collage

No. 1805377

That nona is referring to Ember Whann.

No. 1805378

ember who was banned was banned for selfposts etc. go back read the first 5ish threads.

No. 1805384

For thread continuity I've dug down and is is a good place to start on old ember

No. 1805407

File: 1680982294191.jpeg (54.93 KB, 640x640, 1680974441187.jpeg)

How embarrassing

No. 1805418

Kek saw this in the coquette thread and wondered if I should repost in here too
Ty nonna

No. 1805422

My only qualm was the fact anons were trying to bring her up when she was 15, and was excited for her 16th birthday. It was creepy as hell, and personally thought she should have instantly become a banned topic to make an example to stop being retarded with minors. Outside of that she's not milky imo, been waiting for people to actually bring up something milky bar body checks, messy rooms and frog faces.

No. 1805444

I thought you guys were talking about Ember Whann at first lol, now I feel old

No. 1805447

File: 1680987339477.png (56.28 KB, 431x686, Screen Shot 2023-04-08 at 3.55…)

Maybe stop swallowing batteries and then you don't have to be inconvenienced by being in the hospital, Enara.

No. 1805479

Nothing says power meal more than cat vomit on a rice cake and lukewarm water with a lemon tossed in. It’s finger lickin good!

No. 1805486

can we stop with the edtwt shit it’s not milky and it’s boring

No. 1805494

Kek me too nonna, what happened with her anyway?

No. 1805533

farm better milk then kek if you want content that isn't boring go out and find it

No. 1805535

it's not milky ? really? I'm genuinely interested why you think that, cause imo, edtwt is the most thoroughly pro-ana material we've had here for a while.
majority of edtwt is under 18; not saying you auto-grow into sanity on your 18th birthday, but there's a lot of over 18s that push it and gain an audience on borderline grooming minors into increasingly destructive behaviours. Whether it's typical milk or not, I think it deserves a platform to be called out on. Mentally ill gonna be mentally ill - but you don't have to consistently tell a bunch of 15yo's that killing yourself is better than being fat, or at all, really.. the Delete button exists.

No. 1805536

plus, without edtwt, where would nikol be

No. 1805578

File: 1681003182392.png (16.4 KB, 586x308, nikol.png)

No. 1805584

File: 1681003459995.jpg (340.31 KB, 1536x2048, FpDVNVjWIAMGAsR.jpg)

>You really fucking think I would gain all this weight if I didn't want to, baby
Why was she constantly posting her concerningly bloated stomach, how uncomfortable she was and whining about bingeing then? She's fooling no one…. Even if one wanted to gain weight no one would purposely put themselves on this situation… This is not even just fat, it's extremely uncomfortable bloat and a stomach about to rupture, she was lucky she didn't die like that toilet dead girl

No. 1805588

isn't she still bingeing?

No. 1805607

Nikol, for the love of god just get a fucking hobby you delusional twat lol

No. 1805608

File: 1681005226705.jpg (44.76 KB, 445x1093, Mandark.jpg)

Reminds me of picrel.

No. 1805615

File: 1681006109627.png (375.8 KB, 469x522, Screen Shot 2023-04-08 at 9.08…)

Looks like we're going to see a new performative recovery arc from Darcy.

No. 1805616

File: 1681006196651.png (64.42 KB, 471x531, Screen Shot 2023-04-08 at 9.10…)

Her plan is apparently to have someone eat with her twice a day and start exercising.

No. 1805618

i swear she just also said she’s fasting again..

No. 1805620

File: 1681006677323.jpeg (52.75 KB, 750x566, BC23B4AE-00A2-4235-80F2-8E96DF…)

We don’t even need to look for milk with nikol, she dishes it out

No. 1805621

kek, this is just cope because she's embarrassed that her ED turned into straight up bingeing

No. 1805629

Wish I knew, I miss those early threads with the weird rivalry between her and Emily Crocker

No. 1805643

File: 1681010066872.jpeg (151.76 KB, 750x1129, 317D53B9-AC4E-4A39-BE25-24CB4C…)

If i saw this at a playground as a child i would cry tbh

No. 1805652

same here, nona

No. 1805682

I'd probably ask out loud if she was dying to one of my parents. Her legs along with the fact she's wearing high heels is horrifying. How has she not broken her ankles?

No. 1805710

File: 1681025893625.jpg (273.63 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20230409_153735.jpg)

Ganer wants to remind everyone she used to be a spoop

No. 1805721

She probably is already struggling with the practical side of her course. Cue an 'uh oh' moment

No. 1805730

File: 1681030583616.png (332.11 KB, 696x547, Screenshot (19403).png)

Nikol is not handling things well

No. 1805731

File: 1681030934162.png (66.16 KB, 703x529, Screenshot (19401).png)

Samefag but I honestly feel bad for her, it seems like the only praise she's ever received was towards her being a spoop. It's sad seeing how she places all of her self worth in her appearance and body weight. She really is an interesting person and funny when she's not pumping out pro ana garbage, if she could just step away from edtwt and find some things outside of appearance that make her feel good about herself she would flourish. She has more personality than a lot of the cows tbh and a lot of potential.

No. 1805745

How old is she?

No. 1805748

Her twt bio says 20, I noticed she often posts pics of herself as a minor from her when she was a skelly which is its own can of worms

No. 1805751

File: 1681037518945.png (363.13 KB, 695x573, Screenshot (19399).png)

>I noticed she often posts pics of herself as a minor from her when she was a skelly which is its own can of worms
Yeah it's pretty strange

No. 1805759

that‘s why i pointed out her claiming that the binge eating is a result of her ocd. that girl is a lying cow full of shit. like she‘s either delusional or simply desperate af

No. 1805764

"delayed gratification" = her fucked up joints and her non-existing period, maybe?

No. 1805780

her mother is busy with work so she's moving in with another family? is that normal

No. 1805781

File: 1681046174298.png (1.32 MB, 1080x2095, Screenshot_20230408-041349~2.p…)

No. 1805782

File: 1681046231948.png (197.4 KB, 1080x2098, Screenshot_20230408-041206~2.p…)

No. 1805783

File: 1681046290615.png (428.49 KB, 1080x2095, Screenshot_20230408-041939~2.p…)

No. 1805784

File: 1681046320691.png (120.47 KB, 1080x2095, Screenshot_20230408-042223~2.p…)

No. 1805794


No. 1805808

This retard was just saying she did this all on purpose lmaoo >>1805578
Cope harder. I like her chaotic energy but the fact she was spewing so much pro ana garbage to impressionable teenage girls makes her deserve all she's getting. You can be mentally ill while only harming yourself and not others

No. 1805811

# osteopeniaRealness

No. 1805858

She gives me weird circular Lolita vibes, like she sees her spoopself as Dolores and current her is Humbert Humberting all over herself

No. 1805861

People must’ve not been giving her enough asspats for looking like someone’s mom after a week of intense Zumba classes.

No. 1805871

Ha. She really does look like that. The whole post just reads as one massive cope from her for the fact she looks like shit. I'm no Scarlett fan but she has put on significant muscle and actually trains/eats enough to make progress. She looks so different in less than a year. Comparing the two since they started off season around the same time and are both ex-spoops just shows how much of a failure Ganer is. I've seen gym noobs who look way better than her.

No. 1805873

>>1805615 going all in, but look at that shoulderbone! one last bodycheck for the road

No. 1805879

It looks like ascites. I dont know what normal "bloat" could be that extreme.

No. 1805918

And the “funny and interesting personality” in question is commenting on recovered people’s posts calling them fat. The only reason she’s funny is because she’s insane, if she got help she wouldn’t be funny anymore. Stop meatriding

No. 1805935

I feel that’s normal with a lot of people who recover so they either develop binge eating or they gain so much they’re then considered “overweight” or obese and then most time they just go back to their old self

No. 1805983

File: 1681071851704.jpeg (236.04 KB, 1170x2216, 420D5AC4-0706-475F-B966-2FF723…)

hxn seems to have relapsed again

No. 1805988

No it's not normal to need your mom to help you eat meals in your twenties lol, maybe she took notes from Fiona

No. 1806000

>Cope harder.
Me? What would I be coping for, it's not my life and I don't know her personally. I'm not saying she's absolved of responsibility for any of the horrible things she's said and done, just that I'm sympathetic to her. Relax it's not that deep.

>And the “funny and interesting personality” in question is commenting on recovered people’s posts calling them fat.
That's not what I was referring too obviously, that would go under the "pro ana garbage" I was talking about her posting. And I'm not "meatriding" just because I said 2 nice things about her lol, some of you need to calm down and not jump the gun anytime someone says something nice about a cow.

No. 1806002

Beat me to it, she's really going to be making a family friend sit with her for meals? Pathetic

No. 1806005

Her attention seeking tactics are honestly shocking. All her responses come across as some edgy teen

No. 1806008

File: 1681075449552.jpeg (342.59 KB, 1170x2173, IMG_3544.jpeg)

No. 1806009

File: 1681075482247.jpeg (334.31 KB, 1170x2179, IMG_3545.jpeg)


No. 1806019

File: 1681077239216.gif (408.78 KB, 220x220, bd8.gif)

No. 1806078

How long has this Angela Anaconda looking bitch been grifting as a recovery influencer? 10 years?

No. 1806147

I can’t figure out how she lasted as long as she has in the states based on the amount of money raised. She was in two residentials and acute Denver, htf is she affording this to still be seeking yet another treatment center

No. 1806173

I think she has a huge family, as Jewish people often do. Probably pretty wealthy.

No. 1806212

File: 1681107801274.png (770.72 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230410-022144.png)

No. 1806224

File: 1681110723881.jpeg (493.57 KB, 2014x2015, 461222C5-0881-480F-91AC-97C9AF…)

Aidel used to be so pretty. It’s a shame she can never go back to this.

No. 1806230

No. 1806232

I wasnt around for the threads, i just remember her as a felice fan skinwalker

No. 1806258

File: 1681118283248.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2102, Screenshot_20230410-045925~2.p…)

No. 1806267

seriously, how does a severely malnourished body cope with travelling? long distance flights, heat, high humidity, all of these seem kind of scary when you’re a walking corpse

No. 1806316

How is she affording this if she is too sick to work?

No. 1806319

Disability check, duh

No. 1806383


She has psoriasis you dumb fuck. Has stated it many times, has said the purging can aggravate it but it’s primarily due to psoriasis

No. 1806393

Not a newfag just haven’t been back for over a year. Why does this cow have an Asian person as her profile photo?!

No. 1806395

Having asian people, normally by koreaboos are not uncommon on twitter. Being western they're not dainty like asians and they're addicted to small things about their culture like kpop, and they are simultaneously shitting on it. Quite funny really. Edtwt is full of koreaboos because of kpop idols.

No. 1806403

Why can’t she go back to it?

No. 1806409

File: 1681149243551.jpeg (287.26 KB, 828x1534, B1D31E35-1CE1-4C39-9F36-995860…)

sorry for the delay (catching up after been gone for a while) but wow this reminds me of Ria. It’s both maddening and terrifying that this girl got a surgeon in CANADA to give her a PEG tube because she supposedly was not keeping any food down and NEEDED tube feeds because she just physically could not make herself eat (her words) and claimed she had too much weight to restore for just an ng tube. Meanwhile when she was admitted to “stabilize” (she kept saying she would go to ER and they’d send her home because they couldn’t find anything wrong in bloodwork or ecg etc so there was nothing to even stabilize) before getting her peg, she posted photos every day of processed refined carb foods she was eating in hospital WHILE she had an ng tube (so was not able to purge and somehow suddenly was able to eat foods that should be scary without purging and while already having higher calorie intake since she was on feeds). most of her stories are seriously fucked, she posts things with supposedly sad text but with a smiling selfie, complains about tube stuff forgetting that she literally CHOSE to have the tube kek I could go on forever tbh but I’ll shut up and let you creep her

No. 1806417

File: 1681149882283.jpeg (214.85 KB, 828x1792, 3FD9A8AD-B2EC-4638-B9FF-FC11F6…)

Begged for the tube then pretends she has to work to not be ashamed of it when she’s really thrilled with it. fucked that a surgeon would agree to this when she’s barely underweight and had no identifiable medical issues but claimed her ED was causing her organs to fail top kek

No. 1806445

didn't you post this word-for-word like a day or two ago, or am I going insane?

No. 1806468

Accidentally posted on the previous thread bc I hadn’t caught up fully yet to know there was a new thread

No. 1806469

I saw it too, don't worry

No. 1806471

File: 1681156000699.jpeg (123.22 KB, 828x1471, 63443E0F-BB61-43B9-AF61-CD5A20…)

She’s delusional if she thinks she’s recovering on her own

No. 1806475

SAGE YOUR SHIT, for fucks sake.

No. 1806481

Wow chill out

No. 1806484

Why would you sage fresh milk

No. 1806491

you don't sage milk, retard

No. 1806492

do you even follow these threads or are you just annoyed of seeing our thread at the top

No. 1806500

There was nothing about Emma at the top of the thread

No. 1806514

What are you talking about

No. 1806521

not only that but underweight/ malnourished brains are deprived of oxygen. how do they cope/survived when in planes the oxygen is even less?

No. 1806555

ah, gotcha, that makes sense. I thought I was fully losing it.

A good find either way.

No. 1806557

People posting actual milk are fine, but kek sage your commentary.

No. 1806560

I think you guys are kinda making it a bigger deal than it is? A lot of people fly when they're not in great health and are fine. Hell, air ambulances exist. Being overweight is actually a higher risk for flying because of the increased risk of blood clots.

The only actual risk for spoops, which none of you have mentioned, is that a long-haul flight could cause pressure breakdown on really bony areas if they're not shifting around enough or getting up.

No. 1806570

Nta but that was milky, you don't need to sage the cow posts just the opinion stuff like >>1806002 >>1805935 >>1806481 and >>1806500

No. 1806744

Her personality is being a condescending bitch with a superiority complex to hide her insecurities. It may be topnotch entertainment for us, but that's not generally considered a good personality in the real world

No. 1806768

I don't feel bad for that bitch at all. Don't waste your sympathy on it.

No. 1806779

File: 1681192429646.jpeg (123.39 KB, 947x2048, FtZoZqfWwAAajAn.jpeg)

I thought the meteor wiped out all the t-rexes

No. 1806780

That's okay I have enough sympathy to not run out, it's not a waste in my opinion

No. 1806847

File: 1681207852378.jpg (226.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230411_092926_Ins…)

Tell me why this was the first thing I saw when I opened instagram this morning. Niamh, gal, relax your neck before you injure yourself.
(Ps. Your lanugo is showing)

No. 1806868

I'm sorry your day was ruined nonna

No. 1806908

the true face of ana

No. 1806930

Seems like she’s blocking everyone that’s calling her out now, and being in an echo chamber is going to make her even worse. As immoral of a person as she is, I still feel bad. Older girls like Marianne need to stop commenting on her posts and feeding the fire, it’s honestly disgusting and shows how proana girls want others to drown with them

No. 1807059

I’m not one to call her OOTDs bodychecks or signs of relapse bc I don’t think they necessarily were but damn if she strained any harder her neck would snap

No. 1807065

Life would be more painless for you if you stopped stalking her all the time…
And sage your damn posts.

No. 1807071

why sageing here??

No. 1807077

Ayrt, I've not posted Niamh since December. People can be online at the same time cows post, you know.

No. 1807094

there’s always that anon jumping to defend niamh every time she’s mentioned and assuming its the same person posting niamh and i’m convinced that’s actually niamh defending herself kek

No. 1807115

File: 1681245270334.jpeg (209.94 KB, 1125x1619, BE2AE747-99C8-472B-81DA-641A10…)

Not surprised Nikol ended up how she did really.

No. 1807116

you're trolling at this point with this unsaged reply, right?

No. 1807121

File: 1681246382656.jpg (166.52 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230411_210553_Gal…)

This has to be shopped, whys she so long ??

No. 1807123

File: 1681246406004.png (536.2 KB, 2016x1512, PhotoRoom-20230411_211353.png)

No. 1807143

Lol sorta always thought the same esp since this wk anon always demands a sage for a post thats unsaged bc it's milk..what a dork

No. 1807182

File: 1681253540127.jpeg (120.07 KB, 1125x1466, IMG_1306.jpeg)

sick burn kate, you got the whole squad laughing

No. 1807183

The whole "fuck your dad" meme was dead about 4 years ago. And any dad in question would phone the police and report her as a horny crackhead on his doorstep, the ego on this girl is crazy. I swear some anachans think they look like Marilyn or Beyonce and everyone is just dying to fuck them.

No. 1807184

Samefag but I should've said Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell, they would probably think Beyonce and Marilyn are fat lol

No. 1807197

what if all that Niamh spamming comes from one bitter, single anon?

No. 1807198

your perpetual keking is giving you away, tard

No. 1807211

i’ve only commented here twice ever what are you talking about

No. 1807213

On one hand I definitely believe nikol’s parents fucked up for her to end up like this but also considering nikol’s compulsive lying habit… idk

No. 1807232

File: 1681259472489.png (25.93 KB, 756x486, ridic.png)

Can't believe how much this bodycheck blew up. Glad you saved it because she deleted it kek

Kate is so obsessed with picking fights with minors for no good reason. Plenty of people commented on her looking like an airplane/bird/eagle in that absurd pose but she chose to get all bent out of shape over this subtweet.
This joke has been made plenty of times in the past, anyway. People are always asking what BMI they look like while sucking in or contorting their bodies and getting dragged for it.

No. 1807233

File: 1681259655982.png (168.01 KB, 1200x2000, picrel.png)

This joke quickly escalated into Kate's creepy, obsessive followers sending a 17 year old rape threats…

…and Kate (who is, again, 25 and a mother of two girls) responding with: "you brought it on yourself"

No. 1807239

File: 1681260069629.png (304.16 KB, 1200x2000, picrel.png)

Kate, narc that she is, is absolutely relishing in her followers attacking this kid.

But! She's doesn't want the negativity to ruin HER day! So she's moving on.

Once again, acts like a total bitch, says some "peace and love to you my skinny angels" type shit, and everyone eats it up.

No. 1807243

File: 1681260429632.png (119.55 KB, 477x623, bfr.png)

That twitter drama was really emotionally taxing, so now Kate's drinking about it! And posting more bodychecks. And more "how many pounds are we losing this month, girlies?" tweets.

No. 1807247


One time i Fell in Nikol's rabbit hole and searched her name on YouTube, stepped on her father's account (his name is Alex if anyone interested)
Some of his videos are so weird he rant about meaning of life or wathever and there was one really disturbing where his kid are putting their swimbath and are clearly deranged but keep filming….. don't want to dig in again

No. 1807250

Lmao at “it’s been a hard day”, bitch ER doctors and frontline soldiers have a hard day, all you did was argue with kids online and now you’re day drinking. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 1807257

this bitch is crazy. i feel so bad for her kiddos

No. 1807259

Well multiple anons have claimed to have posted her before, I've posted her twice, so if it were just one person they would've gotten redtexted for samefagging by now when we all announce that we've posted her before

Half the people on lc say kek nona, why are you guys so weird when it comes to Niamh being a cow

No. 1807265

I used to think Niamh posting here to WK herself was a tinfoil, but I'm pretty much convinced now. She's too boring and beige to genuinely have someone (or multiple people) feel that moved to continuously defend her honor.

No. 1807269

I have a tinfoil that's it's Niamh along with her anachan friends wking her lol

No. 1807270

If so, I'm sure she's pouting about being called boring right now kek. (Oh no, am I the earlier anon just because I used kek?)

No. 1807272

Kek, oh shit now we're all the same person

No. 1807287

File: 1681266721756.jpg (161.51 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20230411_213041.jpg)

Not sure if it's really milky so saged. Amy has decided she wants to stop bping and do this anadiet instead.

No. 1807288

kek the person she said this to is 16

No. 1807311

Ana tip: your parents will totally not notice you cutting out all sugars, grains and dairy…

No. 1807312

yeah wtf lol this would be more blatant than suddenly going vegan out of nowhere

No. 1807322

she’s obsessed with what children think of her, it’s a bit gruesome

No. 1807400

File: 1681288051983.png (46.33 KB, 594x691, Screenshot (19461).png)

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I didn't realize that Kate girl has OF? I guess that's why her ego is so inflated, she must have a few simps paying to see her ribs or something

No. 1807434

File: 1681294067921.jpeg (258.07 KB, 1284x2286, 6FEC4021-0228-4254-A3E1-4D0AD4…)

Lurking fag here. But she has literally cancelled her giveaway for Somereason (probably because she didn’t buy the prizes) told people if they bought from her store she would include a free gift. And her mods are muteing everyone for calling her out

No. 1807440

File: 1681296006918.jpeg (31.3 KB, 1179x494, B56C5F15-665E-40AC-ABB7-D7A790…)


No. 1807472

That’s part of why she got posted in the previous thread, nonna.
See: >>1794886

She asked her followers if she should make one when she already had one from when she was fat. She recently deleted that one kek. When she made her new one she posted it on twitter to take advantage of having 20k followers and started bringing even more old men into a subtwt filled with kids.

She uses the names baasickate, baasically (maybe also baaasically), baaasickate, and sidedish0fkate (her old twitter handle) for everything. Her old OF promos from before she was skinny are on Reddit.

No. 1807484

>she’s too boring and beige
Which presumably is exactly why people get annoyed at her being posted?
Same, it’s wild knowing she has children and instead of going to therapy she drinks, starves and seeks validation online

No. 1807486

All the ana cows are boring and beige. Comes with the disorder. Personality as dry as cardboard.

No. 1807494

File: 1681306516389.jpeg (553.1 KB, 3072x4096, 2B20A5FA-A485-4D8F-B2E5-35F53F…)

No. 1807512

File: 1681310781269.png (1.65 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230412-104506.png)

No. 1807556

She's not always been ugly? That's a shame because she's never getting that body / face back

No. 1807570

They're always like this. I swear I've seen several cows do the same thing.

No. 1807640

File: 1681330918120.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.05 KB, 581x1069, AAC3A2AC-89B5-4C00-B857-595DFF…)

things that will never touch itself:
parallel lines
niahms knees

No. 1807663

man I have never met a single asian parent who would put up with this shit she does I don’t know how her parents haven’t locked her up or something

No. 1807667

NTA but I agree she’s not very milky, but there’s plenty of cows that I’m don’t think are milky and I just scroll, it’s sus that anons care so much about defending her so much I think

No. 1807669


What are you on?? I was watching her TikTok live yesterday where she did the giveaway and a random follower won hundreds of pounds worth of makeup. It's definitely been sent too. Someone's butthurt they got muted.

No. 1807671

She will be back ip in 2 months

No. 1807681

File: 1681336425858.png (476.26 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230412-175338.png)

No. 1807730

she looks more and more like a troon every time she posts. legitimately looks male af

No. 1807735

she's a woman, fuck off you (tranny) retard

No. 1807745

Nta but you can find her boring without pitching a fit every time she's posted, it would make a lot less posts be about Niamh if you did. Plenty of us have preferences towards certain cows or find other ones boring and annoying but still manage to not throw a tantrum anytime they're posted about.

No. 1807752

and the fact that she called an anon out for using “kek” which everyone here says, sounds like someone not too familiar with the site

No. 1807755

Small jawline, softer features, smallish ski sloped nose, higher cheekbone definition, no brow bone ridge. Are you blind? She even has hormonal acne, you're reaching.

No. 1807775


No. 1807776

ntayrt but as an onlooker you seem more mentally challenged than your alleged foe

No. 1807791


No. 1807801


No. 1807836

File: 1681355737676.jpeg (673.38 KB, 3658x3000, 6546C1F4-1344-4356-B9DA-93C7A3…)

This cow posted a video and that weirdo “elderly ana woman” spent the day rambling unhinged in the comments apparently . The idiot bated by answering back tho so I don’t feel bad for her.

No. 1807838

Def shooped unless her one mid-drift high drawer just happens to be naturally stretched longer than the other drawers.

No. 1807839


i followed that lady's account before when i saw her talked about on here, and she immediately started DMing me..just cute pictures, pictures of her dog and her as a child i think, some political stuff, and some screenshots of stuff she had typed out about being sick with Covid and tinnitus and her husband not taking her seriously and wanting to die. i never responded to anything, but every day she sent me stuff all day long! after a couple weeks i blocked her. i felt bad, but it was too much.

No. 1807841

Not to be racist but don’t Asian families hide this shit with mortal shame?

No. 1807843

Some of the comments were like ‘what’s wrong with your skin’ lol she looks really dirty. She needs a bath and to scrub herself clean cause she filthy. Like n2f vibes when she was a b/per

No. 1807844

I'm hopeful that she'll get really into good skincare and figure out how to take care of her skin while enjoying her elaborate make-up.

No. 1807859

She has an image to keep up so she can keep playing the victim and keep the asspats coming. It's a cow calling card. That or it's the bpd.

No. 1807860

She has an image to keep up so she can keep playing the victim and keep the asspats coming. It's a cow calling card. That or it's the bpd.

No. 1807895

File: 1681367554265.png (641.69 KB, 1079x1873, Screenshot_20230413-072937.png)

han with hospital bracelet? .

No. 1807929


It is. It’s the Hemnes drawers from IKEA, I see them everywhere . She’s definitely stretched the photo though. And I’m sure the drawer lines look wonky.

No. 1807930

File: 1681375100482.png (840.08 KB, 1121x628, Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.37…)

Josie made this super long post about how she now has type II diabetes but it has nothing to do with her being overweight and is 100% caused by PCOS.

The funny part being that recent research has shown that PCOS itself doesn't increase risk for diabetes - it's associated with diabetes because it causes weight gain and many women with PCOS already have elevated testosterone.

No. 1807933

File: 1681375281393.png (164.18 KB, 390x277, Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.41…)

The weight gain is more obvious in videos where she's not posing to hide it.

No. 1807945


She isn’t being subtle about relapse/health issues. Repeatedly saying in stories how bad she is doing and critical health but ‘details won’t help anyone’.

It’s pretty grim as she’s flaunting it after banging on about how she was doing better eating soups etc. Like when people post things just to spark the “u ok hun?” responses for attention.

It’s pretty sad to see. Stories the other day she said she “didn’t care about weight, her eating disorder was different” kek sure Han. Keep up the body checks while you keep on.

No. 1807964

File: 1681383056875.jpeg (149.17 KB, 995x1621, 76BB9E5A-AD98-49A6-BCA8-993F60…)

Pretty sure she’s obese now…

No. 1807970

what happened to that fitness influencer a few threads ago who got hospitalised for her ed and is now promoting recovery

No. 1807991

File: 1681387100296.jpeg (76.92 KB, 750x1038, C39D6014-663D-497F-99E6-5F93AA…)

No. 1807992

Posted before adding…

Out of hospital, preaching recovery with underweight photos, what I eat in a day posts, and eating a banana before going for a run.

No. 1807995

File: 1681387716478.png (1.04 MB, 1191x689, Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 7.08…)

Oof, yeah, I took another look at her profile and I think >>1807930 might actually be a reused image from a year ago (I attached a picture of her wearing the exact same thing on that deck that's from January 2022)

If so, it's pretty funny that she made this long post about how her type II diabetes is totally not because of her weight guys!!11!! but is actively trying to deceive people about how much weight she's gained

No. 1807996

File: 1681387813280.png (72.51 KB, 418x657, Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 7.10…)

Did you know that she had an ng tube???

No. 1808022

omg nonnie this is so funny. The brand isn’t he background confirms it
Her caption definitely implies she’s obese now and she feels like she needs to clarify that she’s not got a “fat person’s disease” despite her having gained to obesity

No. 1808029

Yep she went from deathly ill in hospital to running every day on not much food real quick.

No. 1808035

Omg? No way…bless her she must have been soooo poorly x

No. 1808045

I scrolled by quick and thought this was Cece at first, now I'm disappointed

No. 1808051

Let's say you're all equally retarded.

No. 1808069

My thought immediately went to that jen peach girl who went ghost and ran away. Always wondered where she is now

No. 1808075

File: 1681402157913.png (1.45 MB, 1080x2096, Screenshot_20230413-120825~2.p…)

No. 1808077

Kek does she know that at least one farmer is going to gain access

No. 1808095

Is that Nikol?

That's not a bloated stomach, she is pregnant.

No. 1808099

Nta but actually wanted to mention jen.peach right now, I spotted her replying to Rachel just some days ago. She hasn't posted any updates but is definitely back online and still in the ed community

No. 1808102


No. 1808128

Hopefully she lasts a little longer than 48 hours out of hospital this time, maybe stretch for a whole 72, kek

No. 1808133

Did she have a stroke or does she have some kind of… palsy? I remember anons saying her face was droopy because of medication, but it really looks like pudding. Also if she's proven anything, it's that if she gets out at all she isn't staying out.

No. 1808137

File: 1681406711055.png (428.58 KB, 1230x821, Untitled design (1).png)

Kate finally dropped realistic pictures of her loose skin

Still not that bad considering the obesity and two pregnancies

No. 1808171

looks pretty bad to me

No. 1808176

It's probably how fat her face is.
>discharge on monday!
And intake on tuesday, you melted slab of butter.

No. 1808185

Already following kek.

No. 1808204

File: 1681416391936.jpeg (262.95 KB, 1130x1993, C7C320BC-853F-4186-94C7-ABFDE8…)

if you actually look at niamh, her legs are slim but actually pretty normal, if she didn’t stand in such a spread-apart position it wouldn’t have the same effect as her strained body checking videos

No. 1808209

i wonder this too but I've never seen an explanation, my best guess is she injured herself doing some headbanging type bpd shit?

No. 1808216

yeah a lot of them often would from what i’ve seen

No. 1808220

Is Nikol converting to Muslim?

No. 1808223

She's always shitting on men (rightfully so) but she's interested in this shit patriarchal religion really?

No. 1808322

It's minimal for losing 100lbs in less than a year. Dropped 20 BMI points.

No. 1808324

File: 1681432650067.png (21.7 KB, 855x331, Screenshot 2023-04-13 203230.p…)

Imagine how traumatizing it's going to be when her four year old daughter finds her passed out on the floor one morning.

Starving herself in front of her kids all day, purging her main meal, and drinking on an empty stomach. How is she even taking care of them? One of them is a toddler.

No. 1808335

wtf wheres cps when you need them

No. 1808354

she looks like such a rodent when she smiles

No. 1808400

File: 1681442575000.jpg (106.68 KB, 1080x1350, 340474184_3200368633600750_168…)

I don't know anon she looks pretty skinny, maybe not spoop level but she's definitely below a normal weight.

No. 1808402

File: 1681442700645.jpg (176.25 KB, 1080x1350, 341151571_592546822906552_2541…)

Samefag but you can see her sternum sticking out.

No. 1808414


off-topic but I lol'd at this pic because it looks like she has a lil gimp arm.

once you see it you cant unsee it…

No. 1808420

I noticed she made a point of showing her lunch was a tiny bowl of fruit and that she measured her orange juice on a scale.

No. 1808426

how else do you think she got to such a dainty weight? duh

No. 1808427

File: 1681451451892.png (117.39 KB, 426x676, Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 12.5…)

Is Fi getting ready to embark on a munchie arc?

No. 1808429

maybe, and not WK her but she might also have complications from her ed. sometimes they come up well into recovery. i could see her becoming a munch though.

No. 1808430

That's what makes her a cow, the clear ana posing

No. 1808437

File: 1681456665694.png (340.97 KB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20230414-014802~2.p…)

There's an absolute shitstorm occuring currently on edtwt. Cutecurlycals or Thinspo Addict has been posting a bunch of bodychecks of daintyaly, who passed away a few years ago due to her illness. Edtwt is mostly siding against CCC, & many see her continuing to post about it as fucked up. So of course she's doubling down & posting even more daintyaly. Mass reporting, blocking, & plenty of rivalries seem to be forming.

Also just kinda makes me curious, especially in regards to people attacking CCC (not that I'm defending her at all), how many of them verify that every ana picture they retweet isn't of a currently dead girl? There's so much thinspo recycled from the past two decades alone, how would they know unless they verified each one? Even if they're not being as malicious, still seems slightly hypocritical, imo


No. 1808442

File: 1681458239206.jpg (69.02 KB, 476x865, Screenshot 2023-04-14 082712.j…)

This is what happens when you self-select a so-called treatment team of yes people who just bend to what you want because you're paying them with (other people's) money. Oh yes I'm sure it's a good idea for her to be weighing herself and not blind weighed/having it monitored in an appropriate facility. And I don't believe her lies about not being accepted or what was supposedly said to her in treatment before. All just excuses.

Good for this person for seeing right through her.

No. 1808443

File: 1681458294689.jpg (64.67 KB, 480x801, Screenshot 2023-04-14 080009.j…)

Wrong image before but point still stands. Meant to post this one.

No. 1808447

Lol I see it now

No. 1808448

Probably damage from the amount of times she overdosed on tylenol as a teen. Bpd chans always think od's in your youth are fine and won't cause damage if you get treatment soon after. But then 10 to 20 years later and their liver is fucked or they have symptoms of dementia before they turn 40.

No. 1808449

File: 1681461961732.jpg (53.12 KB, 488x874, lean back.jpg)

Notice how none of these involve eating more calories or burning less.

Bodychecks every time she does these stupid recovery wins posts as well by leaning back to make her thigh gap even larger and legs more spoopy.

She just wants all the headpats for recovery while doing none of the actual work.

No. 1808453

Looking like a troon, just wow.

No. 1808454

It's all about the long-term niceties that you buy with pretty much every ED.
Damage your organs in younger years, have fun all your (remaining) life…

No. 1808455

More like craving a bit of attention.

No. 1808464

Wait what? Can this really happen? (liver problems or dementia appearing decades later)

No. 1808466

File: 1681467813999.png (5.75 MB, 1170x2532, CC8220F1-21F5-452C-AEF6-FC91EB…)

Helps guyssss my life is soooo hard I don’t NO what to do

No. 1808475

I’m sure she has been posting the same thing for at least 10 years now, it’s so depressing and pathetic. I don’t feel sorry for her at all, her only saving grace is the fact she doesn’t seem to have doctors/nurses/psychs running around after her wasting time and resources like other cows. I wish she’d at least pick up a hobby (one other than children’s toys and attention seeking on the internet)

No. 1808478

same, she says “not accepting everyone” but obviously is, she can’t help herself. needs to get that sweet, sweet attention somehow (even if it’s negative) kek

No. 1808480

not a medfag just a shitty bio student but yeah, not sure about paracetamol OD but things like opiate OD can increase risk of Alzheimer’s/ dementia in later life by like 2-10% iirc

No. 1808499

YES NIAMH you're underweight but not as much as your sucking in, tensed and strained body checks would have people believe

No. 1808511

giving fisher price a run for their money with all those rattles, nonnie

No. 1808578

Fucking KEK nonna

No. 1808585

File: 1681490075786.jpg (326.69 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230414_173457_Ins…)

Hey did anyone know that becca had a tube?

No. 1808595

Same with benzo overdose

No. 1808649

god i hate her stupid little mouth

No. 1808656

File: 1681501873064.png (107.14 KB, 597x766, Screenshot 2023-04-14 154522.p…)

"disregard the kitty lip" kek
another milking shed has been added to the baasickate dairy farm! https://bere.al/baasickate

No. 1808659

She's lying for ed twt validation.

No. 1808672

File: 1681503452173.jpeg (84.89 KB, 747x1045, 3CC62D02-2D2B-4821-B112-03614C…)

Han is outdoing herself with a montage of clips filming herself crying and looking off camera, citing worst time of her life and trauma dates. Attenshun

No. 1808673

File: 1681503553284.png (186.11 KB, 646x821, Screenshot 2023-04-14 160604.p…)

You're right, she's lying.

If she looks like she's "been thrown down 3 flights of stairs and trampled by 18 dwarfs" and can't wear shorts because of it, why are there no bruises in either of these pictures?

Her skin appears blotchy from poor circulation and electrolyte imbalance. She loves showing off her bruises so she would have posted them if she had any.

No. 1808681

I get that she's lost a lot of weight and if it was just someone celebrating being healthier I wouldn't care. But she's a pro ana bitch so I don't feel bad saying she just looks regular thin and saggy as fuck. And the stupid TikTok turn your bikini top upside down trend looks ridiculous on her.

No. 1808682

File: 1681505341862.jpeg (92.77 KB, 1289x1355, IMG_8896.jpeg)

came here to post this. psycho bitch literally has beef with a dead girl. anyway, it looks like she deactivated because it's blank when i go to her profile.

No. 1808683

File: 1681505378608.png (20.2 KB, 601x501, Screenshot 2023-04-14 164820.p…)

She only has them half the time, which I suppose explains how she's able to do it.

No. 1808685

if my thighs looked like that at her age i'd kill myself. she must have absolutely no muscle mass whatsoever, nasty skinny fat bitch(a-log)

No. 1808691

File: 1681505901769.png (419.96 KB, 918x731, ccc_.png)

No. 1808696

File: 1681506506786.png (742.61 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230414-170834.png)

No. 1808699

What supposed issue makes her incapable of taking out the trash?

No. 1808738

File: 1681515877987.jpg (310.28 KB, 1920x1920, Wahwahwah.jpg)

These girls need to learn that fake crying isn't just making your face red and squinting your eyes. Not a tear,not a red nose, no snot,no puffiness. Everyone can tell and rs actually so cringe to watch
Here have some of Han
Cont next pic

No. 1808739

File: 1681515963790.jpg (209.65 KB, 1079x921, Screenshot_20230415_073630.jpg)

She lonely

No. 1808772

kate has a job outside of bodychecking and neglecting her children? news to me. must not be a great paying job like she says if she’s still shopping on shein and looking for a sugar daddy.

No. 1808773

i disagree, it’s one thing to not know someone you’re posting is dead and it’s a whole other thing to do it knowingly and on purpose to piss people off. it’s pretty well understood in ed communities that if someone who was once a member passes away, you don’t repost their pictures as thinspo.

No. 1808783

her waist in the second picture looks edited kek. why is it so blurry and unnatural looking …

No. 1808785

File: 1681523220073.png (469.67 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_1616.png)

samefag, this is what i’m talking about.

No. 1808786

also, wtf is she covering in the first pic? her waist doesn’t look that small in this shot, she actually has back rolls. not bone rattling, just find her attempts to look thinner ridiculous- wouldn’t put it past her to edit her bodychecks and think nobody would notice

No. 1808788

File: 1681523540925.jpeg (57.71 KB, 964x964, IMG_1618.jpeg)

dropped pic ffs

No. 1808789

Agree with this

No. 1808800

I'm sorry I worded my post poorly. I do completely agree with what you're saying. It's definitely been taken way too far in this situation & she's being fucking gross.
I think I've just seen too many posts that I've recognized as being from someone dead. But you're completely right, no one goes so hard defending it if it gets pointed out as this bitch is. Infact most seem to delete & feel very remorseful

No. 1808802

File: 1681526425513.jpeg (96.07 KB, 1125x713, D7D84075-6C88-455A-AF48-1B4FD6…)

yeah, she’s especially vile. it’s the fake disclaimer she had up that puts the cherry on top. never takes down pictures, even of peoples faces. and aly was very clear about not wanting pics used as thinspo. people of course would use them, but after someone has died, if you know that and disrespect them like that…horrid

No. 1808808

what gets me is judging by the photos of the account owner, she’s well into her 20s or even early 30s. i know many of our cows are around that age but they don’t run entire twitter pages solely dedicated to posting random photos of anorexic women… that’s teenager stuff. She’s clearly immature and petty but pretends to be so above it all. What a loser.

No. 1808822

File: 1681530448228.jpeg (76.33 KB, 1192x1018, 3559D348-4E9C-4394-9EC2-A76173…)

she’s 22 and just proved herself to be even more of a petty bitch. this is so fucking weird.

No. 1808823

She is clearly pulling back some fat and loose skin. Not trying to bone rattle either, but the pelvic tilt in those bikini shots is so obvious…I don’t understand how people still fall for that shit.

No. 1808833

Why the fuck would you be so bold about this statement

No. 1808841

Claiming to be "in recovery" is how these cows justify posting their body checks. It's so embarrassing.

No. 1808866

File: 1681538084331.png (605.88 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20230415-010543~2.p…)

No. 1808867

File: 1681538116802.png (25.21 KB, 1080x1115, Screenshot_20230415-010551~2.p…)

No. 1808868

File: 1681538140990.png (570.85 KB, 1080x1959, Screenshot_20230415-010559~2.p…)

No. 1808869

did they actually OD on multivitamins … that’s hilarious im sorry

No. 1808877

>and nothing happened
I'm shocked tbh I figured that was cardiac arrest level shit

No. 1808893

Surprised she didn't use an onion to produce some actual tears for her performance. Low effort.

No. 1808898

Interestingly only AFTER she was no longer underweight.

No. 1808900

Isn't she the one that showed the pic of all the loose skin on her thighs and abdomen? Where is it?

No. 1808920

File: 1681558422553.jpeg (143.03 KB, 1170x1851, A2B94534-42E0-4C7B-85ED-CBC327…)

ok but the sound and face implies she is not happy about it

No. 1808950

The facial expression screams shit I only have 48 hours to try and self-sabotage my discharge (again)’ kek

No. 1809190

I don't come in this thread often, but every damn time, I notice the cows itt have insufferable faces

No. 1809216

No. 1809223

she had the 'worst month of her life' for the 30th month in a row, but she'll get through it.

No. 1809226

I think those might have been laxatives actually, if they're talking about waking up in the middle of the night having to fight for their life in the bathroom and taking the entire thing for something to happen.

No. 1809260

nop vitamins c, e and iron that they ve got a reputation if u take more that the regular dosage can make you nauseous

No. 1809313

File: 1681598364276.jpeg (134.62 KB, 1284x1146, IMG_3960.jpeg)

Isn’t she 20, your mom is not gonna treat you like a 3 year old all the time

No. 1809345

File: 1681602125953.png (613.16 KB, 1080x2060, Screenshot_20230415-192814~2.p…)

No. 1809347

File: 1681602175203.png (594.41 KB, 1080x1965, Screenshot_20230415-193118~2.p…)

No. 1809348

File: 1681602217011.png (834.63 KB, 1080x2097, Screenshot_20230415-193438~2.p…)

No. 1809349

File: 1681602292626.png (720.66 KB, 1080x2211, Screenshot_20230415-193639~2.p…)

No. 1809350

File: 1681602319804.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20230415-193731~2.p…)

No. 1809430


Who tf is this? I see an Aus cow. Where is she is aus! And why would you post this shit. Clearly BPD attention seeking behaviour. Initially I laughed, then I was like seriously? This chick is dumb.

(Deleted the original reply cause I wrote ausfag, not aus cow)

No. 1809491

Do you actually think that about everyone who has AN?

No. 1809526

This is like that AN chick Allison on Intervention who huffed duster. Inhalants are nasty drugs to mess with.

No. 1809589

So Nikol is claiming to be Muslim. Does not wear “modest” clothing, a hijab, eat “halal” food etc. Definitely isn’t fasting for Ramadan. I don’t see any way she could be Muslim with her current lifestyle. I guess she could have the beliefs but I don’t see how she is a practicing Muslim.

No. 1809599

File: 1681630289365.jpg (159.99 KB, 1080x1080, halalachan.jpg)

deleted first reply because i forgot the image kekk

No. 1809652

Nikol must definitely be pretending to be Muslim for a guy, one she probably wants to be her sugar daddy, as she always says.

Ok, serious question here, how is it possible to get high on deodorant?
And also, how can someone swallow a teaspoon "again"?

No. 1809673

Fuck knows how someone manages to swallow a dead-ass teaspoon, pretty sure these cows defy the laws of biology nonnie! However I think the getting high off deodorant is because it’s a solvent? So it’s effectively solvent abuse, people can do it with anything in a pressured can I think?? (pls correct me if I’m wrong tho!)

No. 1809742

you can get high on deorant by inhaling it. super dangerous though. but that chick is doing this since like forever, might explain the stupidity of her posts. always self harming, getting in trouble with the police, stealing, hurting others, violence and sometimes ED content, but rarely

No. 1809751


Probably aerosol deodorants that she huffs (vid rel if it actually embeds cause the intervention huffers are fun).

I also can’t get over how she swallowed a spoon (I guess battery swallowing is amateur hour). Also the fact that she has a favorite police department to bother. They should just build an actual shoplifting case against her and keep her in jail for a long weekend before arraignment. Consequences have a fun way of putting the kibosh on bs sometimes.

No. 1809752

Ugh, sorry it’s not playing, it won’t let me delete.

No. 1809758

No need to post her in this thread. I’ve done extensive research on this girl and she is extremely unwell and does not belong on this thread at all. Why’d you bring that shit up anyways?

No. 1809763

Agreed, I can't see any proana shit in the posts either

No. 1809789

Is anyone in this thread well?

No. 1809814

Well, no, but they're at least not in active psychosis / detached from reality like this chick clearly is. The rest of the cows in this thread are also milky because of their proana behaviours and in all the posts she just seems to be a bpdchan who's fucked her perception of reality with solvent abuse.

No. 1809862

Does anyone else feel so confused by Laura? It feels like she’s an entirely different person now, almost as if she’s had a lobotomy or something. Seems like there are very few brain cells left, talks bizarrely, does this weird face all the time like she has no muscles and it goes lopsided

No. 1809864

What evidence has there been that she passed due to an ED? Most people who followed her are pretty sure it was from the drugs

No. 1809867

Pretty sure she was just on drugs to aid weightloss/ appetite suppression, no?

No. 1809878

it's common for people on schizo meds to bloat up and look retarded, she probably is a different person now her brain has been fucked up from long term use of schizo meds. This anon said it better >>1804235

No. 1809908

File: 1681672339822.jpeg (172.42 KB, 1170x2039, 0A4BA8BB-A4CF-49E9-BCFF-678931…)

Guys Hxn probs got covid but good news she got her first 50p from tiktok!

No. 1809978

This is my face when newfags come into the thread

No. 1810048

Thank you for the video anon, I didn't know about that, poor people.

No. 1810085

Swallowing spoons can happen to bulimics who use the end to induce vomiting. There are plenty of case reports in the medical literature. So it's definitely physically possible to do as a BPD attention-seeking tactic as well.

No. 1810107

What the fuck does a person gain by swallowing a spoon?! What is the so-called attention associated with that?

No. 1810109

emergency room trip, x-rays, surgical removal, etc

probably also pain meds if they need surgery, if they're into that

No. 1810113

File: 1681697651538.jpeg (52.92 KB, 1170x499, DBCE18E7-D187-47A4-B192-BE4D1C…)

So full of shit

No. 1810118

File: 1681698174063.png (560.09 KB, 1080x2242, Screenshot_20230416-222033~2.p…)

No. 1810119

File: 1681698214954.png (93.58 KB, 1080x2103, Screenshot_20230416-222237~2.p…)

No. 1810128

Aww man, this is milky but it's also very sad

No. 1810175

This is wild. Imagine having a favourite police station!

No. 1810186

File: 1681711430737.png (83.59 KB, 470x634, Screen Shot 2023-04-17 at 1.04…)

Josie trying to convince everyone that she's extremely anorexic

No. 1810194

Kek, that’s you I’m guessing? You privated your insta real quick after being posted.

No. 1810208

My guess is that she's been cooking up a "poor me" post since she was last posted. I wouldn't be surprised if she's posting here too.

No. 1810220


Just like Han.
She isn’t needs to start baking for them and emphasising she doesn’t eat the baked goods and she’s on par.

No. 1810250

File: 1681725179260.jpg (360.11 KB, 1290x2293, 342037281_725357329338491_3366…)

Darcy posted about lc, says she wonders how this site is allowed up and guesses that because it's anonymous no one can be prosecuted. Why do all the cows seem to think it's illegal to be a little mean online lol

No. 1810274

File: 1681734088592.png (704.45 KB, 1080x1955, Screenshot_20230417-081012~2.p…)

No. 1810275

File: 1681734157295.png (502.09 KB, 1080x1331, Screenshot_20230417-081735~2.p…)

No. 1810276

File: 1681734196881.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1997, Screenshot_20230417-081657~2.p…)

No. 1810277

File: 1681734273767.png (372.38 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20230417-081410~2.p…)

No. 1810278

File: 1681734322361.png (378.96 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20230417-081633~2.p…)

No. 1810279

How is her face so fat looking when her body is like this? Don't most anorexics have thin faces? Is it bloating?

No. 1810280

People doing this for fetishists really make my skin crawl, it's why Kelsey has long gone on the that list. But i see nothing relaxed in this one, christ the sucking in and tensing.

No. 1810281

She is bulimic, you can see the pictures on her twitter of all the junk food she eats.

No. 1810284

whats her twitter?

No. 1810292

File: 1681736487024.png (1.01 MB, 1079x1099, Screenshot_20230417-140150.png)

No. 1810373

File: 1681747315420.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 144.14 KB, 828x1439, 382986C3-E0BB-4D67-B8D7-A5AA40…)

FK’s onlyfans :/(:/)

No. 1810391

File: 1681749144380.png (596.58 KB, 1170x2532, F07A9C06-A637-404B-AAB5-BDDB1D…)

Jesus, Laura was inpatient for FOUR years???

No. 1810403

damn girl we get it u are severely mentally ill and also likely retarded

No. 1810437

File: 1681756480823.jpeg (256.18 KB, 1179x1993, IMG_3699.jpeg)

just in case anyone forgot

No. 1810451

Big shoutout to Lyn the dietitian, kek. Moment of silence everyday at 12:12 to remember this massively brave moment for super brave Becca

No. 1810462

Kek I RAN here when I logged into Instagram and saw this. Normally the tube reminder goes at the bottom of the update but clearly we needed an urgent reminder this week

No. 1810465

File: 1681758949304.png (236.99 KB, 1440x2464, Screenshot_20230413-203102.png)

No. 1810468

Kek. Oh I would pay good money to see what those DMs are going to be like.

No. 1810473

File: 1681759866622.jpg (185.99 KB, 1290x2293, 329255147_604772261535242_7831…)

Samefag but she replied to my post. Watch out nonnies, we're all going to be extradited to Australia and face up to 10 years prison time! Nice knowing you all, hopefully they can't find me here in Canada

No. 1810480

wait i thought she disappeared?? or am i mixing something up

No. 1810505

You're not mixing them up >>1808069 & >>1808099 mentioned her going awol and being spotted about online. Looking on her account i wonder if she's not facing coming back to posting as the latest post has a police report about her being missing and found on 2023-01-31 - or she's wanting people to still actively worry about her, whilst lurking on ed community posts.

No. 1810537

This has got to be a joke at this stage surely?????

No. 1810663

File: 1681777775552.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 399.71 KB, 1125x1822, 2667091B-C848-4A53-A332-49E2DB…)

EC’s god awful undead Sailor Mars cosplays always annoy me the most. Spoilered cause corpse.

And since you asked, no, Eugenia. The answer is no.

No. 1810708

Her ig was gone for some time and she said it was banned but idk how she got it back so soon. Maybe it was just her deactivating it for attention and to have something to talk about in her streams, wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1810743

File: 1681788316815.jpeg (128.62 KB, 828x1144, 03BC7148-4292-4779-9EDD-0B9F78…)

Edtwt is weird

No. 1810769

File: 1681791476301.jpeg (350.13 KB, 1170x1854, 8EF517C8-4E21-4B9E-9E3E-76B016…)

Bio says #fitnessmodel. Didn’t know Oompa Loompas could be one

No. 1810803

Just when you thought "this couldn't possibly get any worse", it does.

No. 1810806

thank you for the laughs, this clip was hilarious

No. 1810821

File: 1681802557482.jpg (260.33 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-04-18_03_22_48.jp…)

No. 1810822

File: 1681802577656.jpg (146.44 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230418_082108_Ins…)

Aw we've all missed or Fis Foodie Finds or whatever she called them

No. 1810823

File: 1681802585689.png (90.37 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230418-031733.png)

No. 1810824

Why is she taking these photos with her uncle?????

No. 1810829

excuse me ?

No. 1810838

File: 1681806521873.jpeg (123.59 KB, 1284x1236, IMG_3982.jpeg)

Why is she tubed at a healthy weight

No. 1810842

If you don’t eat, you get a tube.
Why do people keep asking this?
I don’t know who that is but in the us, they don’t just let you not eat.

No. 1810845

They should

No. 1810846

she's not inpatient

No. 1810859

what's her tiktok?

No. 1810864

File: 1681815994095.jpg (181.4 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230418_203420_Ins…)

Why is this cow such a money grabbing cunt. Shes clearly not recovering. Who wants to fund this girls death?

No. 1810876

Omg, exactly.

So, in US you just get a tube just by saying you are not going to finish your meal or what? Because, come on, we are seeing normal and overweight people getting a tube for what reason?

If they are overweight on the first place, that's not because they are not eating, so I don't see the point on the tube thing. I don't get it.

No. 1810879

A lot of the more for-profit residential programs have policies that if you refuse some particular number of meals/snacks within a certain time frame (so, for example, three within 24 hours or whatever), they automatically tube you no matter what. It's supposed to be an incentive to not do that, but obviously does not work with the bpd-anachans. They do it to everyone to avoid the actual skellies complaining about unequal treatment and/or the overweight patients complaining about the fAtPhoBiA.

No. 1810886

It really depends on the center. I know some anachans gun for the centers that do have tubes as options in the US so that they feel more validated(I.e. ERC). At these centers it depends on the “philosophy” of it but the policy like anons said is after a certain amount of time of food refusal you are either given the option to do better THEN, or accept the tube. Some places will base it off of vitals or weight but because of certain laws in place those numbers don’t end up mattering most times. Treatment centers that don’t offer tubes at that point typically send patients “up a step” to an inpatient or a local hospital for tubing.

Overall it’s pretty hilarious because it’s so obvious when the only residentials on their “list” of choices all offer Ng tubes. Ng tubing residentials also tend to have a longer wait for said reason.
Even then, it seems like the UK and Australia are more liberal with tubes. I know for some Australian hospitals they tube anyone coming in for an Ed.

No. 1810890

Sorry not just ERC,
Walden seems to tube just about anyone

And about Europe it also seems the rest of the EU is pretty trigger happy with tubes. But maybe they have their own reasoning, not sure.

No. 1810951

Jesus she’s still doing this shit? I remember all the shooping fails farmers pointed out of hers years ago. Doing an onlyfans for this is fucking sick

No. 1810954

FK? What’s the F

No. 1810967

It's an abbreviation of her username - fading.kelsey, no idea why they felt the need to shorten it though.

No. 1810970

Money grabbing cunt is right. Shame her stupid enablers can't claim their cash back once they realise she isn't using it for recovery. No-one should be giving her a single cent. What motivaton does she have to change when she knows she can leverage her gross appearance to guilt people into giving her money?

No. 1810992

Holy shit, she got even skinnier.

No. 1811005

File: 1681838684172.png (677.77 KB, 1079x1726, Screenshot_20230418-182417.png)

im surprised she actually went through with the discharge but i wonder how long it will last.

No. 1811023

Omg she’s Masai a

No. 1811026

She’s massive

No. 1811027

i didn't realize she was THAT big tbh

No. 1811029

This is the face (and body) of anorexia, ladies.

No. 1811030

honestly? i like leg-lifting laura and i feel a bit bad for her. it’s obvious she’s doped up to her eyeballs on antipsychotics that have made her gain weight rapidly (either due to appetite and nothing else to do in hospital or metabolic changes, or both) and i do feel glad that she’s been discharged. even if she goes back in in a few weeks because she’s institutionalised at this point, it’s good that she was ‘incident-free’ long enough that they let her out. i want her to have an N2F redemption arc where she gets to live freely in the wild and lift her legs all she likes (and finds something to do other than eat shit hospital food and swallow bog roll)

No. 1811043

My brain hurts… Is there a chance that she might be using slimming filters? It's not possible for someone to be this size… Right? She's always been shockingly thin but then she gets even thinner… I don't understand how it's even possible.

No. 1811095

she’s wider than the fucking table holy hell

No. 1811115

something i don't understand about Laura is that she posts lots of new pics and videos all the time, but she also literally posts old pics of herself pretty much every single day. that just makes it so easy for people to constantly see and compare the difference and how overweight she's gotten. is it not embarrassing to her that she went from being so small to so large? if it's not, then i guess that's good for her? maybe she actually accepts her current body?

No. 1811171

File: 1681857377466.png (727.08 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230418-183206.png)

No. 1811173

File: 1681857919927.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.42 KB, 492x907, 5DD7C7BF-3956-45B0-9CA0-2788A9…)

She actually almost died of organ failure last month. She posted it on her personal insta. She was admitted to a local hospital. I really do think the onlyfans was her, and probably had something to do with this being her worst relapse of all time. I went to a different high school but in the same area as her, I know some of her friends. She swears this time, though, that she’s going to recover. I can only hope so

No. 1811186


Where does she get this money wtf

No. 1811195

her uncle probably

No. 1811235

Nta but christ that's brutal. The pics i saw of her where farmers were pointing out her shooping fails she still had a lot of youthfulness to her face and looked like a teenager, but she has lost all of that now and looks to be in her 40s-50s. Sad. She was always one of the most disturbing people featured on these threads to me because of her willingness to objectify herself for the fetishist freaks. She seems genuinely very disturbed.

No. 1811242

i am cautiously optimistic for her. she hasn’t made it this far in literal years. hopefully she can go leg lift to her heart’s content out in the real world

No. 1811243

Yes the contrast is extremely stark compared to a few years ago. Back in 2017 I had no idea where her situation would go. I have disdain for her fetish content and pandering, so I hope she recovers

No. 1811296

does she have any socials or just only fans, can't find any

No. 1811300

i hope she can stay out of hospital for real this time too but iirc she also got discharged for a week ish not long ago so i’m not sure how optimistic we can be.. also she’s still on 1:1

No. 1811307

I gagged

No. 1811308

File: 1681870825151.jpeg (52.96 KB, 750x582, F3899340-FBF4-4505-B5A8-59D15F…)

says nikol, immediately after saying the most vile fatshaming things to young girls with EDs kek. ft the attempt at pretending to be muslim by changing her pfp and name

No. 1811310

do you know why she's trying to larp as being muslim?

No. 1811315

no idea, probably for attention as usual

No. 1811328

I saw this / think this too nonnas. And then I start to think about how strategically Laura plans her “relapses”, and while being in hospital so long is obviously a contributing factor to that, it’s hard to forget about her repeatedly “going missing” or “attempting” in the past that was just all a show for her. Not to mention the fucking documentary. I’ve said it in these threads before but Laura is one of the most intense cows for me. She’s genuinely retarded from her malingering and meds which is really sad but god I can’t stop thinking about how if she quit the game she was playing years ago, she wouldn’t be like this now. Hate to say it but Laura will be back in the ward soon, I don’t know if a person so doped up can exist without the routine of a controlled hospital.

No. 1811333

I can’t say I like her, but that is a really important point about the weight gain (not that anyone should be shamed for gaining weight anyway) because it’s not like you can binge in a hospital can you? You only get food when they give it to you, so she’s gained the weight on what the hospital is feeding her, and thanks at least in part to the antipsychotics

No. 1811336

the unit she's on probably doesn't restrict access to food since it's not an ED unit. So she can definitely overeat although obviously the meds are contributing to the overeating

No. 1811341

Honestly I still want to believe in the tinfoiling from a couple years ago proposing that “Kelsey” isn’t real and is just a character someone artificially produces images of kek. I don’t remember all the reasons proposed but it held a good case. I don’t believe you know people who are friends with her

No. 1811342

What’s her personal insta

No. 1811343

The Australian health system sounds wild. They seriously fund staff to do 1:1s with people who aren’t even in hospital??

No. 1811344

Where does the extra food come from though? You don’t just get free extra food. Any psych ward I know of has snacks locked up until snack time and they don’t really let people take a bunch for themselves. Maybe thats different outside of Canada though

No. 1811347

Laura lives in the UK, kek

No. 1811349

samefag, but it also doesn't seem like they're really discharging her - she's going to some sort of transition program where she lives in controlled, staffed housing with rules and expectations and whatnot. It's not a hospital, but it's not living in the actual community either.

No. 1811371

Europe is an entire continent with a lot of different policies nonny. At least here in Finland they're pretty conservative with tubing, they only put one in if your vitals are fucked and you refuse to eat. You also don't get tubed in a psych/ED ward, it's always at a hospital.

No. 1811393

File: 1681885938535.jpeg (48.65 KB, 750x827, 0787137B-CA37-4DF5-A776-60B78A…)

So, nikol is now spreading "manosphere" type messages, among other attention seeking behaviors like converting her entire page to islam and posting poorly google translated arabic.

(Can't be bothered to record the entire bullshit video to post here lul)

No. 1811411

Nikol better delete all those photos of scantily clad women. That’s not very halal of her.

No. 1811415

In lots of places (not ED wards obv) you can keep food in your room, have people bring it in for you, go out and buy it on leave, even get takeaway delivered. Plenty of hospital sites have vending machines, coffee places etc.
Yeah meds can cause metabolic changes but it’s not like the weight comes from nowhere or the laws of thermodynamics suddenly don’t apply. To get to her size you still have to (over)eat (and she didn’t exactly need to “restore” much in the first place).
I don’t feel bad for her, she’s had so many opportunities to sort her actual problem (BPD, not LARPed “anorexia”) out but seems content to remain a resource wasting hog. She’ll be back in before the end of May, mark my words.

No. 1811420

Wonder if she's receiving money from chaps or her uncle going by that weird other post. I can't imagine things changing much in recent years but I've known of people who were sugar babies and had their bulimia fueled with the money from it. So I can imagine her being ashamed if that's the case, not many people are proud of being a sex worker.

No. 1811423

All are private for the most part though:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/kelsey.sarah.18

though it seems her grandfather passed away in February, can't be helping things.

No. 1811426

Yea and there are units where food is served dining hall style where u can keep going back for seconds and thirds

No. 1811439

File: 1681901744234.jpeg (189.9 KB, 1257x828, Web capture_19-4-2023_105514_w…)

I'm sure most of you have seen her at some point but this girl is constantly acting like a toddler.She's recovering for her younger self "lil lilith" but needs to grow up and get a life. Who says "walki"??

No. 1811440

File: 1681901839643.jpeg (116.65 KB, 1378x766, Web capture_19-4-2023_105731_w…)

She thinks it's so cute to have all of these fear foods and she needs to make a video struggling with every single one despite recovering for months and months

No. 1811442

File: 1681902330043.jpeg (51.97 KB, 438x702, Web capture_19-4-2023_11122_ww…)

No. 1811443

File: 1681902409543.jpeg (41.36 KB, 452x644, Web capture_19-4-2023_1152_www…)

No. 1811444

She also has all the classic crying, shaking, pity me type videos

No. 1811452

Legit curious, did she ever mention where her anorexia stems? She looked well when she was at school younger years, can't tell if a project she did was satire but she went on road trips with her friends whilst underage and crashed a car into a deer, and her brother seems to be doing well in basketball. Does she feel outshined in the family so she starves for fetishes?

No. 1811476

even if there were certain limits on the amount of food she had available to her, she seemed to be allowed out to buy huge drinks from Starbs on a daily basis, all cream and huge amounts of sugar so she could cliam she only ate one meal a day, yet she was getting a huge amount of her intake from sugary drinks. ofc her meds have impacted her weight gain, but also all those milkshakes etc, even if she wasn't "eating" huge amounts.

No. 1811477

i'm assuming it may be as that image is a screenshot from a reel, but the gap between her thighs is incredibly blurred and distorted, plus she has blurred outline around her body, while the background is much sharper. whether she has actually slimmed herself down further or not, there is definitely a degree of editing going on.

No. 1811504

That dreadful camp guy made a video about her at the end of last year.

No. 1811531


Most acute psych wards in the UK let patients order takeaways etc and keep their own food in. I imagine it was restricted from Laura because she could do… whatever with it (much like toilet roll?) but she could defintielt access whatever food she wants.

No. 1811558

File: 1681921638052.jpeg (108.88 KB, 750x978, CF313A2B-788E-42AD-8805-E26231…)

No. 1811561

Piss off Sarah Hobbs you cunt

No. 1811566

Exactly. She has no self control.

No. 1811567

All those sugary drinks and no fruit or veg… it’s so sad really.

No. 1811570

wow, did not see that one coming

No. 1811573

you cry when you get posted and when you dont you self post. No you dont cry for attention

No. 1811590

she’s had body image issues her whole life. Exposure to social media at a young age, improper intervention from her parents (naïve midwestern parents), and a doctor told her she was obese when she was twelve or thirteen. After that her body issues spiraled and were exacerbated by the aggressive ED social media culture from 2011-2018ish. What you’re saying is very possible, I also think her mom is one of those athletic “I eat one almond a day” type moms. I think her parents were unprepared on how to handle an eating disorder of this magnitude. It’s a different world for kids now.

No. 1811602

File: 1681925971473.jpeg (30.68 KB, 780x607, EB0A82B0-5AE8-4F78-B7A9-72F586…)

No. 1811611

yea but are we seriously still posting her? she‘s recovering and doing so much better. she seems genuinely happy, isn‘t it time to move on?

No. 1811633

who the fuck is Sarah Hobbs

No. 1811635

anon who can't seem to sage, it's cute that you get mad about Emily being posted
and then immediately start snarking about others like a Big Ole Meany who needs to be talked to by Ben and the police
If only you learned to integrate so your hypocrisy wasn't immediately obvious

No. 1811639

(Old) Cow crossover! For those who don’t know, the girl on the left is none other than @sarahfinallysmiling who had an arc here a few years ago. Good for them although I can’t really imagine the anorexic dynamic between them being healthy, Sarah doesn’t look as though she’s gained any weight since she was last featured here a good few years ago.

No. 1811649

File: 1681930824713.jpg (269.52 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230419_200054_Ins…)

Ganer gains a new regular food item on her plate ?

No. 1811655

being shit at making your face look nice must be a mutually attractive trait. we have Emily who genuinely looks like an ugly frog like cross-dresser, and Sarah who insists on whiting-out her face and erasing her eyelashes.

No. 1811660

yes what the hell are those white pod things

No. 1811665

Pearl onions

No. 1811677


They are Lychees, Delicious fruit although hard to find in the UK.(sage your shit)

No. 1811681

why so Hangry and paranoid? t. not Sarah Hobbs.(sage your shit)

No. 1811720

No, pearl onions as nonna said before

No. 1811735

These are (small) pickled onions!!! British classic. An N2F favourite.

No. 1811736

No they're pickled onions you dipshit

No. 1811749

Learn to fucking sage, jesus

No. 1811776

File: 1681939012505.jpeg (211.55 KB, 1242x1785, 5CF525BB-2D35-49B7-967B-E13543…)

alice nevlin has actually gained weight

No. 1811782

Good for her.

No. 1811794

File: 1681940163907.jpeg (123.38 KB, 827x1454, 9774FDE7-DFDA-4EAA-B95C-B94B08…)

ew, wtf Laura, bleak

No. 1811806

She looks healthier, good for her

No. 1811808

lmao what is this response?? You sound like a pretentious Karen

No. 1811878

didn’t manage to screenshot while it was up but laura posted a photo of the hospital bathroom captioned “see ya” as if she subconsciously knows she’ll be back kek

No. 1811903

Is that a puréed “meat” or is she literally having mashed potatoes with tiny potato wedges? I guess this counts as variety.

No. 1811904

Looks like eggs with most of the yolk removed

No. 1811987

Nonnie have you never seen eggs

No. 1811989

File: 1681959860652.png (836.78 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230419-145742.png)

No. 1812000

Dump him lol

No. 1812066

its her disgusting microwaved eggs

No. 1812067

Colours, is that you again with the hate boner for Laura? Sure the nails look rough but it’s hardly milk. Some good stuff has been posted recently, stop trying to shit up the thread!

No. 1812070

File: 1681976841841.png (660.27 KB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_20230420-034122~2.p…)

No. 1812136

File: 1681997214860.jpeg (199.84 KB, 1091x1900, IMG_3991.jpeg)

Caption: “just because I have a medical device gives you zero right to talk about me”

And she has her page set to pink. Like girl we know your on this site who tf sets there color to pink

No. 1812137

How are they leaving the hospital with a tube idk she seems like she doing it for attention I’ve never seen a person go home with a tube

No. 1812144

>> who tf sets there color to pink
Exactly. Wasabi theme is way better.

No. 1812146

you sound like a retard

holy shit I thought this was one of Porgie’s trotters for a sec

No. 1812148

AWWW she looks so much better!!! She has this 'glow' she didn't have before, I'm wishing her a long and healthy life lol

No. 1812149

I’ve seen multiple people go home with tubes in the us.
Blog post sorry but it’s funny
Heard a sitter say that the last patient they knew that went home with a tube just refused to take anything other than tube feeds. Like acted terrified of anything else but happily took the feeds. Guessing this happens with bpd cases

No. 1812150

And because american doctors are so scared of getting sued

No. 1812151

>>1812136 what’s their tiktok?

No. 1812210

In most uk psych wards, even the PICUs, patients can still order takeouts (and many do so very frequently as the hospital food is grim). Longer term patients will also usually do online supermarket shopping & get it delivered, so she could easily have a stash of whatever food/snacks she likes at her disposal (some items depending on packaging might be banned due to potential for misuse as SH implements). There may also be various OT cooking groups, film night with sweets & snacks provided…. Not to mention her daily starbucks trips recently.

And following up with another point someone made earlier about her obsession with posting LW pics - shame on anybody around her who dares to forget she’s still fighting ‘anorexia nervosa’ & she was in a documentary about it. My theory of this obsessive LW picture posting/refusal to move on from her ‘ana glory days’ is because it’s the only thing that she feels has given her a sense of identity, value & recognition…. She continues to now
Post current pics alongside glory days pics to guilt trip anyone who might otherwise have dared to comment negatively on her weight, to instead be nothing but supportive despite how unhealthy she still clearly is (just differently!).

No. 1812259

What are those, pickled onions?
That'll make her carb farts more fancy, I guess.

No. 1812284

they‘re actually delicious no need to hate on literally EVERY little thing our cows do

No. 1812285

File: 1682022650271.jpeg (297.71 KB, 1179x1769, IMG_3873.jpeg)

are we not gonna talk about Neef showing off her bones half naked while everyone else is wearing winter clothes because it‘s been freezing cold in Europe lately

No. 1812289

omg waow such a tragically beautiful dainty sophisticated waif

No. 1812303

Don't forget about>>1812284
the ~*thermal tights* ~
Christ it seems pickled onions are sparking quite the debate
Kek I'm not one to Hi Cow but since we still don't know this person's social media I feel this has to be a self poster…*
Anything but jungle. anything.

No. 1812334

File: 1682029273243.jpeg (282.36 KB, 1179x2281, 659E06F3-B2CD-4887-91B4-712077…)

No. 1812335

File: 1682029315159.jpeg (293.81 KB, 1179x2380, 325D3AFD-C5B5-4262-9F6B-2FEEDA…)

No. 1812344

Nah I'm at home with a tube and know several people who are
Having said that, some Def do it for attention, not all doctors allow that, some do(blogposting)

No. 1812351

No one cares about your stupid nose hose

No. 1812353

She looks beautiful.

No. 1812362

"malnourished" kek

weight aside, this dude has glowing skin, very healthy looking hair, eyes that aren't sunken, etc. Dude has zero signs of malnutrition.

No. 1812368

Nikocado got tubed kek

No. 1812404

I meant that it's healthy looking. No dry skin flaking off, no sores, not even eczema. Just a little bit of acne that's probably age appropriate. Literally zero signs that he's "malnourished despite being fat" like the fat anorexia-LARPers always cry about.

No. 1812452

did nikol private her twitter

No. 1812461

File: 1682043769848.jpeg (128.28 KB, 828x1216, BBE85B7E-23C7-49BD-B044-BD3B33…)

No. 1812502

Wait.. that's not nikocado is it??

No. 1812527

What happened to Natalie/ Calabasas Girl?

No. 1812528

File: 1682053879647.png (298.5 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230421-011130.png)

No. 1812530

Nah just some other morbidly obese dude that wants attention

No. 1812565

File: 1682062308319.jpeg (183.17 KB, 1179x2189, IMG_3877.jpeg)

No. 1812567

File: 1682062369530.jpeg (306.73 KB, 1179x2218, IMG_3878.jpeg)

has she ever been posted? always body checking and complaining and posting pictures of the same damn mask-like face expression

No. 1812570


What’s does she complain about?
Seems like just another anorexic posting body checks disguised as outfit checks tbh. Pretty common & boring.

No. 1812584

She looks creepy but we generally don’t post body check accounts disguised as fashion accounts. No milk.

No. 1812597

lol where is this a fashion account. she literally brags about her ED all time and how concerning her weight is (see screenshot of story post). she used to get a shit load of anon hate, but it yeah it got calmer around her lately. she‘s been milkier

No. 1812607

i have tried following jer before, and i just couldn't handle it. she posts a million pics a day of just her ugly ass face and it'll be like the exact same pic over and over and over, she's fuckin hideous. and yes she does brag about her ED.

No. 1812631

I literally cannot wait until she's older and absolutely mortified by her past behaviour. The sad thing is her mum is obviously enabling her, taking the photos.

No. 1812633

What is wrong with these people's parents? I thought only EC's mother was nuts, but it it seems these families are the worst enablers themselves.

No. 1812671

File: 1682087384866.jpg (186.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230421_152728_Gal…)

So she was either discharged with a tube after having it out for ages or she's using old pics like our Becca, Ganer and Laura kek

No. 1812758

File: 1682099099083.jpg (255.69 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230421_184520_Ins…)

Thanks for sharing x

No. 1812777

File: 1682102972455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.55 KB, 664x652, eugh.JPG)

This looks like on of Kennedy's OF shoots?

No. 1812780

File: 1682103490936.jpg (64.7 KB, 738x607, surprise.JPG)

That skinny lover model croaked. Didn't see that coming.

No. 1812781

tbf niamh seems like the type who would throw tantrums if she didn’t get her way and maybe her parents choose enabling her over that

No. 1812819

>Uwu don't start! I'm not flaunting my sickness at all
Yet she continued to pose as a model and produce proana and thinspo content. I'm sad she died but she wasn't a good person.
What a fucking joke

No. 1812820

Good riddance!

No. 1812882

Boneskine huh?

No. 1812891

File: 1682115414944.jpeg (223.91 KB, 1032x1743, 3A8CF4B9-868A-4EF8-88BA-AF9470…)

saw this the other day while looking for the drama about ems new gf. if only she could see herself now

No. 1812985

It’s so fucking sad that she’ll never be pretty again.

Yes I thought she was pretty at a lower weight. Sue me.

No. 1813023

You know people can be malnourished at any weight right…

No. 1813028

are you dumb? the post you're replying to literally says
> weight aside,

No. 1813031

Why does it say toilet on what appears to be a train seat?!

No. 1813034

huh, I never realized she was kinda fat before her anorexia arc

No. 1813035

Kek are you? Saying “weight aside,” means “without even discussing weight” i.e. they’re saying their weight is an obvious contradiction but that without even getting into that, there are those other reasons why this person doesn’t “look” malnourished

No. 1813036

are you fat and your feelings are hurt?

No. 1813038

How do these people survive, jesus

No. 1813040

Interestingly for you, no I am not

No. 1813041

you just really deeply feel in your soul that this dude posting flashback tube pictures was probably genuinely on the brink of death from malnutrition and not doing some attention seeking shit/

No. 1813046

Some of you are ignorant AND weird. Sounds like some black and white thinking there bud

We can shit on proana fuckwits or malingering assholes without being ignorant assholes ourselves

No. 1813049

look, I genuinely think that anon was trying to say that malnutrition makes you look unhealthy no matter what your weight is so they doubt his claim becaue he looks pretty healthy and not because of his weight. I don't know why you got so bothered by that comment when there are like a thousand anon who trip all over themselves to call laura grotesque for being obese any time she's mentioned and talk about how they'd rather kill themselves than weigh that much

No. 1813055

No. 1813065

I believe that is a bus, and that is how toilets in buses are. They are different than train bathrooms, and you have to use a couple of stairs to get into them.

No. 1813072

>>You know people can be malnourished at any weight right…

Please anon.

Ok, so, place before all these people a dish full of healthy food and nothing else. Of course they'll refuse at first but, after three days, I bet they are eating their plates.

They are not anachans that don't eat, they are overweight, so they'll eventually stop the act and start ~nourishing~.

No. 1813078

So, completely unrelated and probably irrelevant: is Erik The Electric bulimic?

I saw one of his last videos and he had sodas and ice cream to eat in between zand he was in clear discomfort at the end of the video. It looked he was definitely going to purge after.

Again, sorry if this does not belong to this thread.

No. 1813089


I found her TikTok and she’s is definitely just showing off her tube, pulling it behind her hair and all

No. 1813091

Nikol is now Muslim but can’t even do simply prayers etc ir devoting herself. I use to be Muslim and the girl who did this all ducked up there lives some how

No. 1813092

No. Well, he does, or did have anorexia. And obviously his eating is disordered.. as this aint normal. But his challenges are legit. He isn't vomiting after these intentionally. He does a lot of exercise and has been really clear about that. He is actually in pretty good health and shows us blood test results etc. If you go to his electric talks channel he is pretty open about all of this. He is definitely not 'vomiting' these challenges.

No. 1813093

He's admitted to having disordered eating in the past, and I've seen plenty of speculation that he still is. Binging, purging (even if it's purely through over exercise). Apparently he's very strict with his diet on days he's not doing a challenges as well.
Wouldn't say hes milky though, just a disorderd mukbanger. Kek

No. 1813094

There’s no way a person with a normal relationship with food is eating 20k, 50k, 100k calories in a day.
There’s some sort of “purge” happening because he bikes 50 miles a day or some other extreme exercise. He doesn’t vomit.
What does he eat on a normal day? Does he ever have a rest day?

No. 1813154

Does Eric have a spot in any other thread? His old stuff is really milky, but not in a pro Ana scumbag way

No. 1813199

File: 1682172502071.jpeg (266.03 KB, 1170x1969, BB583235-1F18-4885-8AFB-941467…)

Truly one of the most disgusting cows her comments to anyone disagreeing with her are always made to make people pity and defend her. Literal scum

No. 1813200

File: 1682172605969.jpeg (127.19 KB, 1170x1149, 660EA4DA-1283-4009-826B-37B7E6…)

No. 1813206

File: 1682172932911.jpeg (153.72 KB, 1170x2195, DB4130D4-3E39-4928-B7F1-FD4F20…)

I think that some of these really gnarly anorexics truly have no other defining or interesting things about them so all they know to do is starve. She truly looks disgusting. Also think about chronics like Han or Paris. All basic white girls that only get attention when they starve themselves. What I don’t get is what motivates so many to film their “recovery” while obviously getting worse. For the asspats, the views, money?

No. 1813208

Who is this

No. 1813240

File: 1682176904530.jpeg (141.14 KB, 1125x1554, 792C5934-7AE9-43A6-8992-59DFBF…)