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File: 1431549412497.png (589.31 KB, 767x437, iamnotamodel.png)

No. 101158

Aly_Realrecover (Alyce) is a supposedly 19-year-old anorexic woman from Milan, Italy. She claims to be in recovery, and posts pictures of expensive meals, but it's likely that she's not eating them. She's also known to rip sandwiches and claim them as bite marks.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/aly_realrecover/
MPA thread discussing her: http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/335631-the-ben-and-jerrys-pint-challenge/page-5

No. 101160

She is so scary looking

No. 101161

File: 1431549497453.png (487.82 KB, 767x461, deliciousnes.png)

Picture of a delicious meal that she likely wasted.

No. 101166

File: 1431549646429.jpg (118.79 KB, 640x640, totallyeatingthis.jpg)

This is a photo of a sandwich that she totally bit into.

No. 101168

File: 1431549662694.png (1.95 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-13-20-45-33…)

This is her 2 months ago.

No. 101176

File: 1431550219073.jpg (305.22 KB, 1204x1200, Body 1 - Copy.jpg)

Proof that there is no way in hell she is gaining.

No. 101178

File: 1431550275430.jpg (86.17 KB, 1209x580, Face.jpg)

Face proof.

No. 101180

Her parents need to see these pics and wake up to the fact that their daughter is close to death.

No. 101182

Seriously. I can't believe her mother hasn't forced her into inpatient already. Why even give her a month to "gain?"

No. 101185

I notice in her food pictures she always describes her food in depth, says things like "super oily" or "super big", and always says how DELSIH and AMAZING it is. Its kind of creepy. Plus in a lot of photos she holds the food like its the bubonic plague.

No. 101186

She's getting way smaller.

No. 101187

I noticed that, she always says "It's super oily but it's LUSH

No. 101188

Because she's starving, so she's describing what it might be like to actually eat it.

No. 101191

Does Italy even have sectioning for adults?

No. 101194


No. 101195

Apparently not.

"Most Member States regulate compulsory admissions of mentally ill people by means of special
mental health laws. Only Greece, Italy and Spain do not. One of the main reasons for not issuing a
separate mental health act in these countries is to avoid stigmatic effects when separating rules and
regulations for mentally ill patients from those in effect for general health care. Many psychiatric diseases,
however, impair an individual's capacity for reasonable judgement, thus making legal regulations
necessary. This special situation puts mental health care in a position distinct from that of other medical
disciplines. Clear legal regulations for this special problem which adequately consider the civil rights of the
compulsorily admitted patients seem to be a good safeguard for the interests of the persons concerned.
Thus, there is no evidence that a not separated mental health law in itself constitutes progress."

No. 101198

LOL reminds me of a certain time I got caught in my bullshit. I made some jambalaya and threw some away so my mom would think I had eaten it. When she came home she asked how it was and I said "eh too salty" to avoid having to eat it in front of her. She ate some and said "are you kidding? this needs salt". Which led to an "have you lost weight?" argument followed by a weigh in. I hope someone close to her catches her in a lie

No. 101211

There are strangers calling her out here and on Instagram, I'm sure she's been caught irl. That isn't something she'd post on Instagram lol.

No. 101213

is she wearing a wig? otherwise her hair is in good shape for someone who is quite obviously extremely unhealthy

No. 101215

Maybe she needs to see this comparison. Both sides of her zygmotic arch are visible. Skeltons are spooky, not glam or whatever look she's going for.

No. 101220

She's not a chronic case. She'll lose hair eventually if she doesn't open her eyes to her situation.

No. 101224

She's only been anorexic for 2 years. Give it time.

No. 101225

The only real person she's tagged directly in an instagram photo is caterinawantslive, whose instagram is now gone

No. 101230

are there any instagrams like hers of delicious/cute food that aren't run by a delusional ed bitch?

No. 101231

Two years isn't long, and she hasn't been at this weight for two years.

No. 101233

Haha the meat isnt even "bitten into" what a dumb cunt.

No. 101235

Probably didn't want to absorb the calories through her fingers.

No. 101242

Never mind here she is:

And she seems to have recovered. How does that feel, aly? One of your recovery buddies did it

No. 101268

Part of the reason I hate her face so much is because she looks like a spoiled bitch who probably ruined other girls' lives when she was in school. A lot of us probably got called ugly or fat at least once, but could you imagine the torment coming from a pro-ana (is that a noun?) who takes out her self-image issues on everyone around her? I don't know why I picture her being like that. Maybe it's that stupid fake smile in all her pictures with food?

No. 101274

File: 1431557724776.jpg (398.27 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

No. 101278

I think it's the pursed lips thing

No. 101280

Bitch's face irritates me

No. 101282

My God even 42 weeks ago she looks so much better than she does now.

No. 101285

So, farmers, how do we expose her 13k+ IG followers to the depth of her lies?

No. 101291

I think she's thinspo to most of her followers. They can't believe she's trying to get better.

No. 101293


Well, the person who snagged Ashley's previous tumblr URL simply started following a lot of Ash's followers, some of whom then ended up coming here and becoming enlightened, so someone could create an instagram with a name similar to that of Aly's, and add some conclusive links to their bio. No picture uploads of her though, as that might get the account bahleeted.

This thread doesn't have much info on her yet, but the current and 1 or 2 previous Ashley threads here do.

No. 101295

File: 1431559081277.jpg (519.15 KB, 1021x612, pintyeahright.jpg)

And here she is enjoying A WHOLE PINT of ice cream tonight. It's the same ole photo with a little bit scraped off of the top. I'm sure she's been photographing the same pint for months.

No. 101298

I don't know. Aly is for sure not her real name. Shes also very careful about giving details of her life. And she lives in a big city. She has never used anyone's name but that girl's

No. 101300

if there's one thing these bitches have taught me it's that anorexia ages you at a quicker rate than meth

No. 101308

why is the lid face down D:

No. 101311

Is that even a spoonful gone? You can tell it's been sitting for quite some time too because it's melting. The top layer of ice cream in a new carton doesn't usually melt very quickly.

No. 101312

I like my ice cream rock fuckin hard out of 11

No. 101319


Because there's mold on the inside from it having been lying around for so long without getting eaten.

No. 101320

Really tho I don't think that's the same pint

No. 101324

For ~*presentation*~

No. 101343

Pretty sure she does the bread peek for presentation, too.

No. 101390

Bread peek?

No. 101483

like cleavage, but with meat and bread instead of tits and a shirt

No. 101502

Jesus. She was really pretty.

No. 101620

Yeah sure, 1000 kcal of ice cream as a "night snack".

OT but I live near Italy and when Ben&Jerry's got imported here and I tried it for the first time (exact same cookie dough flavour), it made me sick because that shit is too sugary. I don't understand how can anyone eat a whole pint. gelatto>>>>>>>>that shit

No. 101622

She was Ok. It's the skeletal shock that make you think that.
People you would have found normal suddenly look extra pretty when they're paired with the evolution pics into spooky skeletton.
Don't be fooled.

No. 101627

yes. it's what i call the PT effect.

No. 101635

I know what you mean. I can eat three or four times out of a pint. A whole pint would make me so nauscious.

No. 101656

Considering she's from Milan and the kind of pictures she posts, she definitely looks like the typical preppy, spoiled Northern brat with rich parents. Italyfag here, btw.

No. 101658

File: 1431600455447.jpg (309.35 KB, 807x1273, IMG_20150514_124501.jpg)

barely managed to touch the cheese with her fingernails lel
but touching salami is out of question

No. 101660

File: 1431601810196.gif (961.57 KB, 500x362, 65437829.gif)

god, she's showing us these lush bigger-than-face sandwiches and doesn't even fucking eat them.
ow man, those buns look delicious. they don't make them like that around where i live/work.

No. 101661

watch out aly the calories from those crumbs might absorb through your skin!

No. 101664

THIS BITCH IS DISGUSTING. seriously, seeing her in the recovery tags makes me barf

No. 101671

"recovery win of the day: I touched a jar of pickles!"

No. 101672

Yeah and that big chocolate pastry she posted before the sandwich today? She didn't touch that thing. She tore off the corner, maybe ate the corner, but the rest went into the trash I'm sure. I really wonder if she purges or if she just throws everything away. Either way, it's wasted $$ and that seriously pisses me off.

No. 101673

File: 1431608330195.jpg (14.34 KB, 124x325, stix.JPG)

Them legz

No. 101674

Her food is all so fancy. Imagine if she IS eating (and not purging) all this (not that that's happening). It must be heaven.

No. 101680

nasty… no.

No. 101681

sorry misread your comment

No. 101682

she never posts anything particularly healthy
like i get it - the most calorie dense foods generally arent healthy but still even in recovery it cant be good never to eat vegetables

No. 101694

What's there to gain for her other than IG followers and positive feedback? I really hope she's giving it to homeless people or something. The thought of her wasting all this LUSH stuff really angers me.

No. 101698

straw poll: how many of you have an eating disorder?

No. 101699

Internet "fame" and "friends." Her real life is probably lonely.

No. 101706

>Her food is all so fancy
Not really. You can get those buns with a filling of choice in any bakery or supermarket for dirt cheap. While I do not doubt that she is rich and likes to spend a lot of money, eating well with very little money is pretty easy in Italy. Sure enough it's still a damn waste.

I wonder what university is she attending. If it's the Bocconi then Aly's confirmed for filthy rich.

No. 101713

I was wondering which uni she's at. Unlike the other skeletor, there's very little information about her out there. Might do some digging around.

No. 101717

File: 1431615233700.png (280.49 KB, 719x970, AL11~01.png)

No. 101718

File: 1431615264600.png (432.72 KB, 720x879, AL11.png)

No. 101719

first one makes me mad, second one talking about gaining otherwise hospital, couldnt find sth about her mom forcing her to

No. 101721

well at least she finally admitted it

No. 101727


well yeah 50 weeks ago she did

No. 101731

File: 1431615884961.jpg (14.84 KB, 391x86, lol.JPG)

End of June is a long time ahead considering how frail she looks. Why are they leaving it so long?

No. 101732

File: 1431615962472.png (488.09 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-13-20-51-31…)

Old caption from few months ago.

I checked her old pictures. It seems to me that when she made the account, she actually wanted to recover. After failing to do so, she probably decided to keep pretending so she can get positive attention.

No. 101735

yeah seems like she actually gained a while ago and then maybe cut off her doc support

No. 101743

File: 1431616832697.jpg (117.71 KB, 1020x610, o.JPG)

She binges then.

No. 101744

>Why are they leaving it so long?
I'm guessing because she seems willing to improve and has talked to doctors, taking steps (at least in the past) to recover, so they can't just force her into a hospital with our laws.

Honestly, looking at this I feel sad. I don't understand why you people seem so mad at her. She obviously needs help. Fighting EDs isn't a linear path, there are relapses and you need lots of support in those times too. At this point I just hope she gets hospitalized and gets all the help she requires.

Idk, farmers, let's just not do something that might make her feel worse.

No. 101746

I'm just pissed because people who are struggling with eating disorders and recovery are REALLY sensitive. She puts on a front that she IS recovering, and while her words are inspiring, she still posts the outfit of the day photos where she is looking thinner. She's a walking trigger for so many of her thousands of followers. It's not okay for her to mislead impressionable folks who look up to her. That said, some of the responses here are pretty cruel, but she either needs to, admit to her lies/relapse, or at least stop posting body shots.

tl;dr: my kewl opinion

No. 101748

And to add, since the people who look up to her have eating disorders, they most likely have some strong body dysmorphia as well. She's pretending to be recovering and these people may look at her and think her body is a healthy goal to have, when it's NOT, and hasn't been for a long long time

No. 101751


This is why she's a lolcow. She's not scamming cash, but what she's doing is harmful to others.

No. 101754

File: 1431617241743.jpg (28.86 KB, 387x210, j.JPG)

She MUST purge to stay so skinny.

No. 101756

File: 1431617369526.jpg (56.52 KB, 422x577, agh.JPG)

Him again.

No. 101757

File: 1431617458832.jpg (166.46 KB, 1012x614, lies.JPG)

No. 101758

File: 1431617783278.png (959.33 KB, 938x613, 2.png)

9 months ago she was looking better, so sad

No. 101759

File: 1431617834749.png (878.61 KB, 886x668, 1.png)

No. 101760

File: 1431617920265.jpg (115.8 KB, 1029x598, l.JPG)

No. 101763

The thing is that I agree and understand all this, but I don't really think she's doing this with malicious intent? So it's like, yes, she needs to stop for the sake of the other recovering people who follow her, but at the same time treating her like she's doing this on purpose is also not fair to her?

The only 'right' thing I can see happening here is someone - a good friend, someone who has experience anorexia - talks to her frankly but with tact and explains why what she's doing is harmful to herself and others. Or, possibly, someone contacts her mother to explain the issue and point out that she must have started purging again.

No. 101771


How does she concentrate enough to pass classes if she never eats? She must be in a constant state of brain fog by now

No. 101779

Yep, see?

No. 101780

I don't think she is a "bad person" at all, but the reason she makes me raeg is that she knows damn well she is in the middle of a horrible relapse yet she keeps typing out these long bullshit captions about how she is fighting and beating anorexia.

Instead of just silently restricting, she is purchasing and preparing expensive food that she does not eat. She wastes her family's money and lies to her mother, who seems like a lovely person.

There is no reason for her to post an OOTD every single day. If you compare her selfies from now to ones from months ago she is visibly thinner and sicker. She posts them because she needs daily validation that she is thin. She comments frequently on the number of followers that she has and she loves the attention. There's no way she'd ever gain an ounce and have to "be fat" in front of her many followers.

Meanwhile impressionable young girls struggling with their own EDs see her "eating" tons and tons of rich, calorie dense food while she continues to get thinner, and that in turn makes them feel like failures when they DO quickly gain weight from eating a high calorie diet.

So yes, she is most definitely lolcow material.

No. 101818

That fucker again

The only difference that i see, is the lighting. Body on the right looks just as emaciated as the one on the left.

No. 101826

File: 1431624911683.jpg (594.14 KB, 1019x607, dessert.jpg)

Another fancy-ass dessert plate. I looked up the restaurant in the location tag and it's a seriously high end place. http://www.cioccolatitaliani.it/

Wonder what her technique is when eating out with her mom. Spitting into a napkin? Purging in the background? Smashing and moving the food around to make it look like she's eating?

No. 101827

um, let's make that purging in the bathroom instead.

No. 101828

Wow, she's trying really hard to compensate. She must be getting lots of messages/comments calling her out that she's hidden.

No. 101830

She could also just be eating when she goes out with her mom and fast for the rest of the day.

No. 101835

man thats so sad. like her mom met her between classes and took her to a nice place.

No. 101836

whenever i see artistic i think 'autistic' thanks lolcow

No. 101847

God that looks so gross.

No. 101861

I know, and this is what the wanarexics aspire to. The thigh chasm.

No. 101863

Speaking of that this starving in suburbia movie is so fuckin corny, my god

No. 101908

Now I'm picturing her mom on a reality tv show, talking to the camera, while Aly purges in the background ahaha

No. 101913

File: 1431632598726.jpg (220.09 KB, 1017x607, relapsebutomg.jpg)

She's admitted that she relapsed since last summer. The thing that pisses me off is that she doesn't admit that she's still in relapse.

Link if you want to read the rest of the caption: https://instagram.com/p/0u8IJBSqQr/

No. 101917

File: 1431633104465.jpg (175.72 KB, 1019x563, impatient-inpatient.jpg)

Here's the post where her mom discusses making her go inpatient.

No. 101944


This. As someone actually trying to recover…to see people like this who are SO POSITIVE about their #EDFAMILY and shit when they can actually afford to eat appetizing food….but they don't even fucking eat it…. Send it to me bitch I've been living on protein shakes for the better part of 6 months

No. 101946

her pre ED body was gorgeous…pretty damn sad

No. 101973

honestly for most people treatment should be now or never. there is no "oh just give me 1 month to get my shit together"
if anything the ED person feels "im not sick enough for hospital"
then they just get sicker

No. 101975

I remember her mentioning how she spiralled into anorexia for the first time after her BMI hit 19.

No. 102010

Yep I don't know anyone whose been given an ultimatum and has turned things around without at least IOP. Would you let a heroin addict take some time to turn things around? It's so dumb.

No. 102012

Maybe if the heroin addict was taking pretty pictures of themselves ~*totally not doing heroin*~

No. 102013

"gosh you're still experiencing withdrawal after a year? keep fighting!"

No. 102016

I agree. Her mother seems nice but rather foolish.
Like she said once that her mother weighed her, and that she was gaining slowly. It's obvious that she's losing, but even if she was gaining, what's her goal–a kg a month?

No. 102018

I swear everything they cook at home is cooked in oil. I imagine they just keep a 35 lb container in the cupboard.

No. 102040

Eh, I believe it. Italians are big on olive oil. My boyfriend's family (Sicilians) put it on nearly everything.

No. 102044

Yup, it's a staple in Italian cooking. Surprised that she hasn't replaced it with something else though.

No. 102047

nobody show her walden farms

No. 102049


I can answer that. My sister has an ED and what she use to do for weigh ins was she would wear baggy clothing to hide wrist and ankle weights. She also put lil baggies of sand in her pockets. So now she isn't allowed to wear hoodies. She has to put on a tank top and shorts so she can't hide anything.

No. 102050

also drinking massive amounts of water (incredibly dangerous) before stepping on

No. 102053

Plus eating salt/salty things so you get bloated and retain water. And holding in any poops, if you still est enough to have regular BMs.

Ugh. I'm technically recovered but thinking of all of my old "tricks" makes me sad about how much energy goes into living with an eating disorder. It's an exhausting way to live.

No. 102056

true story when i was in recovery i wasn't allowed fruit, vegetables, or water. the suck level was high

No. 102057

I feel you :(. It really is sad.

No. 102058

Why no fruit or veggies? Low cal? And I'm assuming the water because you'd use that to your advantage

No. 102059

no fruit or veggies b/c they were "voluminous" for how little calories were in them and they would fill me up too quickly, which makes sense… but by no water i mean literally I wasn't ever allowed to drink water (the theory was that I could hydrate with caloric beverages) and i was severely dehydrated for the better part of a year. i remember one time my mum left me alone in the kitchen and i wanted an apple SO BADLY that i had to hide it and smuggle it into the bathroom.

No. 102062

Wow, what the fuck? Why do eating disorder facilities seem to have no idea what they'r doing?

No. 102066

Unfortunately, some places really have no idea what they're doing. :/

No. 102067

wasn't even a facility, outpatient "family-based" treatment (parents feed kid based on orders of treatment team.) publicly begging my mum to buy me a banana and from a fruit stall was, in retrospect, the funniest thing i have ever done :P

No. 102069

you think thats bad my team didn't believe that i had started my period because my father had gone through my trash and not encountered any tampons, so i had to SHOW my parents a used tampon which they PROCEEDED TO SMELL to make sure i hadn't faked it with paint or something. So much cringe.

No. 102071

da fuck? did they sift through your poop looking for food particles too?

No. 102074

oh my fucking eww

No. 102081

Can you stop giving Aly ideas?

No. 102095

When I needed to gain weight I ate the food instead of throwing it in the garbage.

No. 102098

That sounds like torture. So in order to get healthy, you weren't allowed to do anything healthy? I get that you were recovering from anorexia, but they should have taken nutrients into account as well as gaining.

No. 102106

I'm sorry anon had that experience, but most tx centers in the states aren't like that. They tend to be more balanced, although I have been to places where the snack list was very anorexic-friendly (too much so, in my opinion)

No. 102114

Not the other anon, but…

A lot of centers seem to figure junk food must be everyone's worst fear and eating balanced is just inviting the disorder back in. So they stuff you full of unhealthy, non-nutritious food and insist any sense of balance or healthy eating is disordered.

I've seen it send people to the other end of the spectrum, leading them to binge eat, or compulsively eat, or binge and purge.

Reposting to add: Not all are like that, but many do seem to lean towards that way of thinking.

No. 102156

File: 1431664358398.jpg (20.03 KB, 480x360, instagramhealth.jpg)

If I was her mom I'd take away her phone and force her ass into recovery. Instagram is not helping her, all it's doing is hurting others.

No. 102159

File: 1431664503562.png (528.74 KB, 769x454, icecreamfuck.png)

I googled that chick's shit, and the first thing on her Instagram page was… big surprise… ice cream. Not B&J, but close enough.

No. 102161

File: 1431664684223.png (451.71 KB, 770x461, ohw8.png)

…These bitches are a dime a dozen jesus fucking christ. Antonia eats exactly the same as Aly, although it appears that she's actually in recovery.

No. 102174

Nevermind, I didn't look too hard. Antonia is actually recovered. She still eats pints of Ben & Jerry's, but she's turned her anorexia into fitness.

No. 102194

it has to take alot of god damn work to turn down something like that so small when you are literally starving. This is the farthest thing you can get from recovery
but maybe its because im a pudgy faggot lmao

No. 102211

oh my god I thought I was the only one. I had to show my bloody fucking tampon to prove it because they thought I was faking my period. also had to get weighed in just a gown and do jumping jacks to prove I wasn't wearing weights. uguugghhhhhh

No. 102216


THis was discussed in a doc on youtube. I think it as filmed at Rhodes Farm. I'm a Child Anorexic, maybe?

No. 102217

if you're asking, I'm talking about a treatment facility in the US. never been to Rhodes Farm.

No. 102221


Oh, I was just saying that it seems like a common experience, unfortunately.

No. 102243

I could never fucking show my tampon, eurgh.

No. 102248


I'd fucking tell them off and make them blood test me instead. They can tell if you're ovulating by looking at hormone levels. No way I'm saving a tampon for them to examine. It's mortifying and demeaning.

No. 102329

wait… that's a thing? that works?

No. 102330

I don't mind period things. Its when docs want to look at the shit you just had that makes me cringe. Periods in ok with. They're used to it.

No. 102332

Lol yes nigga. You'd be surprised what blood tests can find.

No. 102339

File: 1431692410747.png (4.91 KB, 257x364, 1373875278002.png)

I know of a sure fire way to help her gain weight.

No. 102345

In her latest photo her face looks so caved in and she has dark areas circling her entire eye cavity. She must be an expert at deception/wastefulness if she can post so many photos of different food yet still maintain this level of malnutrition.


No. 102346

There were some comments on that photo about how skeletal and ill she looks but she deleted them all, of course.

No. 102348

Maybe she's so deep into the dysmorphia that she believes she looks fine. Who knows

No. 102349

its nothing new

No. 102352

File: 1431695043228.jpg (492.44 KB, 600x903, dollfie.jpg)

jesus christ
how old is she? she looks like a woman almost on her elderly years
maybe even a older man dressed up and a girl

No. 102353

File: 1431695211598.jpg (80.77 KB, 640x640, 11254332_488035644681441_17717…)

She cut this in half… like with a knife, what the fuck

No. 102354


No. 102356

To show what's inside?

No. 102361

Yes, why not bite it though? Oh, because she isn't fucking eating it lol

No. 102389

File: 1431707866435.png (41.84 KB, 367x261, Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.3…)

I wonder how long it will take for these to disappear?

No. 102391

File: 1431707879152.png (17.87 KB, 363x85, Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.3…)

No. 102395

Mm, cat food ravioli

No. 102398

I doubt this is the first time she's been called out. She must spend s lot of time deleting these comments

No. 102468

Goddamn she looks absolutely terrifying. I just don't understand why she finds it necessary to fake recovery like this. If she were just a regular sick girl who was honest about struggling to eat more, I wouldn't have anything against her. But why go to such an extent to lie and act like a ~recovery warrior~?

No. 102469

I'm honestly afraid she's going to die before going IP.

No. 102474

That's me. She deleted the comments and blocked. The truth hurts.

No. 102482

Because she has 13k+ followers and loves the attention. Instagram is literally helping her die.

No. 102483

It'll make a nice epitaph for her when she's dead.

No. 102485

She's a stuck up bitch. Anyone else get that ~vibe~?

No. 102498

She said she was obsessed with Tiffany&Co and she eats at high end restaurants on the daily. She's a rich bitch for sure, probably stuck up as well.

No. 102510

File: 1431724193494.jpg (4.48 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Uh huh. She also had a high opinion of herself before she started to binge n barf - those photos of herself in a bikini. She's posing like you would messing around all IM SO GORGEOUS, but she's doing it without a hint of humour.

Out of all the ED people, I find her equine face the most annoying.

No. 102511

She's by far the horsiest of all our ED cows.

No. 102515

File: 1431724451679.jpg (45.38 KB, 500x458, horse meat.jpg)

No. 102525

File: 1431725133983.jpg (13.73 KB, 154x186, m.JPG)

Is she even really at university? I mean, I'm a lazy cow and didn't exactly put my all into work when I was at uni, but for the amount of time taken up by being in classes, essay writing, visits to places for write ups, I could never have fitted all the photo opportunities into it.

Outfit of the day, dining out, eating ~so many calories~, being social, shopping - how does she fit all that into a day?

No. 102528

File: 1431725267694.jpg (153.99 KB, 1019x599, Capture.JPG)

I feel like she took multiple pictures of one pizza once, and she posts it once a week or something

No. 102530



No. 102533

Probably. Her phone is probably full of photos of food, and she spreads it out over time.

No. 102534

ooo elaborate you have me intrigued

No. 102535

Honestly, I doubt she's capable of university. You can't learn when you're starving.

No. 102547

This Instagram just reflects/fuels her food obsession. She needs to quit her Instagram and get healthy.

No. 102560

I bet Ashley will outlive her. This bitch is doomed.

No. 102565

Suicide. Betchya.

No. 102567

Heart attack in the food court.

No. 102650

No. 102683

How do these chicks manage to go to bed and sleep with their stomachs growling and empty? I absolutely cannot sleep when I'm starving.

No. 102698

I think they're probably so exhausted they can't help but sleep… :(

No. 102721

It stops growling after a while

No. 102741

EDs negatively impact sleep and it''s not stomach growling, it's just the nature of the disease.

No. 102749

I was going to say that that sounds like some Rhodes Farm shit.

No. 102783

where I live we don't even have those, just supermarkets. ;_;
I hate living in Northern Europe

No. 102836

I don't know how some of them do. I guess exhaustion. That doesn't keep me asleep, though. I got to the point where I couldn't stay asleep for more than an hour at a time. Now I'm on shit-tons of medication to help me sleep and I barely sleep through the night no matter how un-hungry I end up going to bed. I can't imagine even trying to go to sleep super hungry anymore.

No. 102854

File: 1431750671091.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-15-23-30-10…)

what do we think? Same/different pizzas?

No. 102856

File: 1431750712550.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-15-23-30-16…)

No. 102857

File: 1431750748004.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-15-23-30-24…)

No. 102858

I'd say it could be different pizzas but the same order/type of pizza each time? Idk

No. 102859

No. 102860

I'd think the first one could be different, but the other two look exactly the same.

No. 102906

Yeah, she admits she always gets the "margherita" pizza.
I think they're different pizzas, though that would be a lie I'd love to catch her in.

No. 102908

Sure as fuck doesn't look like margherita pizza, looks like standard shitty American cheese pizza. I guess standards in Italy have really fallen.

No. 102909

I thought it looked like cheese too, but I had never heard of margherita pizza. Just googled it though, and yeah, I agree that it doesn't look like it, wow.

No. 102913

They look like frozen pizza. They also look like a disease or a big scab.

No. 102943

>not having a bakery anywhere, just supermarkets

What the fuck anon, where do you even live?? How is that possible? Sounds like a dystopian consumerism-hell.

No. 102950

Not that anon, but the only places close to a bakery where I live (major city in the UK) is the bread department of the supermarket or a chain like Gregg's.

Maybe in the leafy suburbs you can find a bakery on a high street, but major cities, nope. Not anywhere that actually bakes on the premises anyway.

No. 102959

File: 1431761625805.jpg (154.05 KB, 606x589, jammycappuccino.jpg)

Can someone explain something to me about Aly's breakfasts? Often, she says she tops her cookies with jam and then dips them in cappuccino.
Wouldn't the jam liquefy and "melt" into the hot drink? Would jam even taste good with cappuccino?

No. 102961

It's all binned.

No. 102963

One thing that drives me NUTS about her breakfast is that it's ALWAYS four cookies. (Except for once when she had six.)

No. 102994


Nah I'm an Italianfag and it looks like a standard pizza you can get from a regular pizza place here. Not too bad but nothing to write home about.

It's a cappuccino, not molten lava and yeah, it's an acquired taste I guess?


>implying it's actually going to be eaten

No. 102998

This looks gross. And I've tried dipping a lot of stuff in my coffee before jam and coffee sounds awful.

Though it's possible she just dips it into the foam. (Real cappuccinos are basically just foam on espresso)

No. 103001

File: 1431767494324.png (31.09 KB, 300x400, penn_jillette.png)

>Alice while taking pictures of her meals

No. 103009

She could still be enrolled at a university, visiting a lecture once in a while taking just a few exams.
Depending on what you're studying you'll have no restriction on how many years longer you'll want to study. She might be studying something where she doesn't have to be present at lectures and makes her fellow students give her the notes.

I don't know how it works in Italy but I rarely am actually required to visit our lectures and could study three years longer than intended if I needed to here in Germany.

Tbh, I kinda envy her for being able to spend/waste so much money. But it sucks that she never seems to buy something that she actually enjoys.

No. 103011

I laughed and then felt bad, fuck

No. 103015

As long as she pays the fees, there's no limit to how long she can be enrolled, and she doesn't need to show up anywhere or turn in anything.

No. 103016

> never seems to buy something that she actually enjoys.

She loves Tiffanys & co, and she always has new outfits and accessories.

No. 103023

Wow, that is so sad. I'm from Germany and while many bakeries are now chain stores and the quality went down in the last years, at least we have some kind of bakery and we still have some actual bakeries left.

But you do have some amazing sandwich stores up in the UK. Can't wait for the day when Pret A Manger opens a store here.


No. 103028

Independent bakeries, grocers, you name it are all disappearing because the supermarkets are everywhere. Those pop in Tesco and stuff. They might be cheaper, but I'd prefer to buy fresh stuff than pre packed, pre washed produce off the shelf for a few extra pennies.

Good luck with the Pret A Manger!

No. 103037

It had been the same in Germany, but now with the rise of hipsters and environmentalists and political correctness the old traditional bakeries make a come back. A small one and mostly in hipster middle class party of the city, but anyway.

Pret A Manger will probably never come to my city. Mayyybe to Berlin, but I doubt it.

Also on topic: I am so mad for Alyce for wasting all that damn fine food. Italian food is so delicious.

No. 103044

Oh, my bad. I overlooked that.

No. 103050

Yeah, I think most people are disgusted by the waste of good food. I used to be mad on ice cream and a friend who went to Italy on her honeymoon was telling me she'd never tasted ice cream as good as the stuff in Italy. Now I'm really off ice cream. Weird how your taste changes. I'm a coffee fan, so obviously I'd love to sample the Italian coffees.

No. 103051

That pistachio dessert aly [didn't] eat - I can't get it out of my mind. I'm a whore for pistachio.

No. 103053

The "showing off" part really bothers me too, as well as the not-eating part. Why waste the food - just to live this big lie on instagram?

Italy has great coffe. How anyone can think that garbage they call "coffee" in most places remains a mystery to me. I'm actually half italian so we always had an actual espresso machine at home. Anything besides espresso (and maybe cappuccino) just tastes horrible to me; I hate filter coffee.

No. 103112

That made me laugh, why would it melt? Plenty of people dip biscuits/cookies into tea, which is just as warm as coffee…

No. 103115

theyre talking about the jam. the jam would melt and fall off the biscuit/cookie and dissolve in the liquid, which would probably taste weird with jam in it

No. 103121

That's still a silly thing to say because it wouldn't. There are biscuits with jam on and/or in them and they don't melt either.

No. 103124

Agreed. Italy and Japan make some of the best coffee out there. France and Columbia's in there too. Good stuff.

But Italy is def number one when it comes to dark roast and espressos.

No. 103132

Japan?? Really?

Cuban coffee is yum.

No. 103145

Greek coffee is my personal favorite. I look forward to my town's GreekFest every year for the amazing coffee.

No. 103153

why are you retarded though? when you have as much jam smeared on a cookie as she does in those pics, some is inevitably going to slide off into your coffee when you dunk it. goddamn.

No. 103167

She throws all of it out, probably.

No. 103173

Why are you so fired up over the fact that you're wrong? Some might but not all. It's coffee, not lava, it's not going to melt the jam. Calm yourself down little buddy.

No. 103190

File: 1431809292774.png (332.83 KB, 357x346, tumblr_n5wk9dTBvy1r96x1xo1_400…)

you are arguing about jam melting in a hot beverage

No. 103207

No. 103239

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

If jam melts into a hot beverage and no one drinks it, does it taste bad?

No. 103244

No. 103292

Looks like Alice went to McDonald's today. At least she's throwing away cheap food today!

No. 103381

LOL confuscious

No. 103382


No. 103402

File: 1431826247104.gif (493.61 KB, 200x200, giphy.gif)

i love you anon

No. 103434

no, really
what the fuck is her age?

No. 103501

She's 19 going on 40

No. 103585

File: 1431867730333.png (369.36 KB, 367x618, Capture.PNG)

#recoverywin #edworrior

No. 103609

I was surprised when I read she was 19. I guessed late 20s. If she doesn't sort herself out, she'll look 60 in six months, if she lives that long.

No. 103612

aly - Overwhelmed from your lovely comments on my last pic

>didn't have to delete as many comments about how fake I am as I usually do

Gonna have to grab those comments she deletes in future before she gets to them.

No. 103616

File: 1431877907577.jpg (136.27 KB, 1025x613, tutdfgh.JPG)

No. 103624

I REALLY hope she sticks to that. In that picture she doesn't have the usual "look at me I'm so happy" expression she usually does - to me she looks kind of sad and resigned. So maybe she for real is going to go get treatment soon.

No. 103636

There's my buddy ps henriksen

No. 103642


No. 103648

I hope she makes it until then. Does she post about going to the doctor? So many of these people seem okay but have critical labs and are on the verge of death without realizing

No. 103653

Hope her parents have called her out on her losing weight. Maybe she'll make some drama so she doesn't go. I hope she does because she sure aint doing anything to help herself.

No. 103657

It would still dissolve. Jam would dissolve faster than cookie. Cookies are hard, jam is soft. Jam would slip off and fall in.

No. 103661


In order to help se ttle this argument, I conducted an experiment.

I put raspberry jam (which I hate, I'm at my mum's and she has it) on a cookie (as close to aly's method as possible), and made myself a cup of coffee.

I dipped the cookie with jam into the cup.

I didn't leave it long so it wouldn't drop into the coffee.

The jam did NOT melt.

The cookie and jam tasted REPULSIVE. The mix of the raspberry jam and coffee knocked me almost sick.

It sweetened the coffee which was gross because I hate sugar in coffee.

WE CONCLUDE jam does not drop into coffee, but the combined taste of snack and beverage was truly awful.

Hope this helps.

No. 103662

Our hero! Now aly will include that vivid description in the next jam/coffee post she makes. Thanks for helping

No. 103663

I am the scientist above. THe jam does not fall in/slip off. If you were careless it could do.

No. 103664

No problemo, anon.

No. 103665

THANK YOU. Maybe now that anon can stop getting so unreasonably aggressive over a meal we know didn't get eaten in the first place. If your coffee is hot enough to melt something it's probably going to burn your tongue anyway.

No. 103666

Wuh man. No one was being aggressive, people were just saying how they feel dude.

No. 103667

Coconut oil is the exception

No. 103668

Nobody uses the term 'retarded' when they're not being aggressive - >>103153

No. 103669

Lol u retarded? Everyone says retarded. You're probably retarded yourself.

No. 103670

Gonna cut yourself with so much edge.

No. 103671

madness detected

gonna drol on urself with so much rtard

No. 103672

We shoulda gassed the retards lmao

No. 103673

No. 103684

Whoa, anon. Please gain some awareness of how you're displaying yourself.

No. 103814

Oh gosh. I'm the anon who originally asked about the jam. Thank you for trying it out! I'm sorry that it was such an awful combination!

No. 103834

>getting mad at words
back to tumblr you

No. 104431

File: 1431999294437.png (2.69 MB, 2044x1222, 1.png)

Here's another "recovering" anorexic who does the exact same thing. Note the lack of ice cream-to-mouth contact.

No. 104433

File: 1431999456164.png (2.58 MB, 2046x1226, 2.png)

What do you think? Not eaten, or purged afterward?

Look at all those "happy points" (what a fucking disgusting name for calories; recovery from a severe ED isn't a fucking game)!

No. 104435

File: 1431999571703.png (2.47 MB, 2048x1222, 3.png)

It is truly a medical mystery how these girls manage to eat so damn much and either remain extremely emaciated or visibly lose weight.

But hey, ~*~recovery~*~!!!!!

No. 104450

Why do you have such a hard-on for Jen? you posted her in Ashley's thread today and no one talked about her. No one cares.

No. 104511

Posted in the wrong thread, deleted, reposted. No hard-on, I just checked. I just think it's funny how these girls do nearly identical things.

No. 104610

Uh, you realise taste is subjective and differs entirely with each and every person, right..?

No. 104613

Who cares. The point is the jam didn't slip off. Researcher was obviously being thorough with added detail.

No. 104614

(and it's not like taste is important with aly because she doesn't eat it).

No. 104623

File: 1432032667760.jpg (275.01 KB, 606x554, Untitled-1.jpg)

>There's no way I'm going in patient. Instead I'll convince everyone that a miracle has occurred and I'm suddenly feeling like I can deal with my ED by myself. Look at me eating ice cream!!! in the bin it goes

No. 104625

File: 1432032767148.jpg (13.04 KB, 471x107, 01.JPG)

(although not everyone is fooled)

No. 104648

I just picture her carefully setting up and taking dozens of selfies, which is why the ice cream is already melting. Gross.

No. 104669

if her mood is as great as she portrays then why the fuck is she so deep into ed?
is she just a manipulative bitch?

No. 104671

and im sorry but i highly doubt anyone with an ED becomes overjoyed at eating scary foods.
all these girls on IG are like woot woot pintparty
but honestly challenging fear foods is more or less "meh. i'll eat it without a panic attack. fine."

No. 104816

Those lines around her mouth freak me out. Even Ashleys stick legs arent as creepy as me

No. 104817

*to me not as me, hah

No. 104822

You are way more creepy than Ashley's stick legs.

No. 104823

I don't even know what it is about aly's face that makes me feel like I want to punch it. Her stuck up attitude and that stupid wrinkle mouthed pout I find really repulsive.

No. 104826


ED aside, I think she's got a high opinion of herself. She comes across as if she's better than everyone else, but humours everyone when she "encourages" them. Maybe she thinks she's good at deceiving people, so hates when she's called out for her fakery.

No. 104862

I wonder how she's going to explain how she magically gains weight in the treatment center when she was supposedly eating thousands of calories per day?

No. 104873

feeding tube?

No. 104874

Tongue not touching.

No. 104879

hate to be OT but thefitveganginger posted a video… there are no words

No. 104884

File: 1432066709283.jpg (364.72 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

No. 104889

File: 1432067057497.jpg (398.7 KB, 1022x622, aly.jpg)

Aly says she spoke with an ED center and then in the comments says she will wait to see if they make her go inpatient. Sorry, but if she actually sees a doctor and has labs done, there's no way they will not order her inpatient. Her face looks fucking dead.

No. 104893

She might need to be medically stabilized before IP at this point.

No. 104898

When she makes the wrinkly pout I think of this video

No. 104899

File: 1432067713374.jpg (19.33 KB, 480x360, image.jpg)

No. 104914

I was kind of talking about just the video itself… nightmares…

No. 104922


Starvation-induced mania

No. 104957

Does she keep reusing the same plastic Starbucks cup or is it an actual glass?

No. 104960

Her and Ashley's latest videos. Man alive.

No. 104966


It's one of those reusable ones you can buy. She probably fills it with unsweetened cocoa powder and water for her "chocolate shake"

No. 105018

God she looks so gross and old…

No. 105020

uh nope they dont sell ones like that. furthermore, starbucks doesnt exist in italy from what im told

No. 105047

No. 105424

She claims she's gaining. Yeaaaah. Nice progressively more visible sternum.

I wonder… she mentioned that her metabolism is slowing down, in addition to her invisible weight gain. Could this be preparation for real weight gain in treatment, so that no eyebrows are raised if she gets out and claims to have a normal metabolism now, or gets out and claims that they were feeding her 20,000 calories per day?

No. 105426

*oopsies, I meant to say 20,000 LUSH calories, joyful child. My bad.

No. 105429

Probably. It's clear she's not eating.

No. 105482

whenever she takes these pictures there's never any liquid visible in the straw and it really bothers me for some reason. at least suck some up and stop it with your teeth.

No. 105515

Why does she think she's fooling people? She keeps posting JUNK food and not healthy food. A real recovering person would eat well and not garbage since their body is already so messed up.

No. 105628

File: 1432141779320.jpg (100.54 KB, 927x546, op.JPG)

why would you cut a mars bar like that?

No. 105629

there's not even anything being sucked through the straw

No. 105771

I'm more interested in how she cuts them without crumbling the chocolate. Maybe she uses a hot knife?

No. 105787

If you cut them straight from the fridge it comes out like that. If it wasn't in the fridge then the caramel would've been oozing as well. I hate chocolate from the fridge.

No. 105849

More proof she doesn't eat it. As if her teeth could bite something that hard without falling out.

No. 106233

File: 1432224993382.png (3.58 MB, 2330x1180, Aly comparison 1.png)

I don't know how she has managed to con people for almost a YEAR into thinking that she's regularly eating and keeping down 3000+ calories a day (sometimes "binging" on FAR more; never any mention of purging, of course) and gaining weight. It's really fucking obvious that something fishy is going on, yet she has a huge following of people who truly seem to think she's ~really recovering~…

I also don't know why, if she wants to fool people into thinking she's gaining weight, she wears and photographs outfits that emphasize how emaciated she is. I mean, she's clearly fishing for attention online, but how are people in her real life not noticing her progressively getting thinner and thinner despite the MASSIVE amount she "eats"?

She looked so much better (right pic) around a year ago when she started her Instagram. Damn.

No. 106236

File: 1432225127941.png (2.09 MB, 1576x784, Aly comparison 2.png)

Another face comparison. If only the pic on the left was a "before" instead of an "after"…

No. 106237

So she IS wearing a wig. I was always curious about that.

No. 106238

She has also stopped showing her bare legs at all. I bet her knees are starting to look like Ashley's.

No. 106240

damn even though her legs are still twigs on the right, her face looks a lot better at least.

No. 106250

oh god i cant stand this bitch

all of the nice foods she has access to, nice restaurants, beaches, etc…

her life seems positively dreamy, (not that her home life cant be shit) and she'd rather live off of instagram as a skeletor, 'inspiring' other girls to trash their bodies… just… ugh, i'm jealous

No. 106365

I think she IS losing hair, because her hairline has visibly receded and she's hiding that with her bangs. but i don't think it's a wig. she has baby hair around her temples and where her part starts.

No. 106370

Is it a wig? The hairline looks far too natural. >>106365

No. 106393

its not a wig

No. 106521

I don't get how she has the energy to do everything she seems to do and smile all the fucking time. How does she even walk normally on those legs? She looks like she has almost no muscle left. How is she not just in bed all day feeling miserable (or in organ failure/dead)??

No. 106535


She's trying to convince her followers and her family that she's okay. I'm sure she feels like shit.

No. 106685

Only here bc Ashley thread is autosage

No. 106686

make a new one then

No. 106916

Anyone else notice how Aly always seems to talk about how she is sooo totally going to go inpatient on her OOTD posts?
I would bet she's doing it to get rid of the "you're too skinny" comments… and it's working. Sad how manipulative she is, and how gullible her followers are.

No. 106999

New thread:

No. 107998


Because a tiny trick-or-treat bag sized of candy at the theater totally means you're indulging in movies and ~junk food~ y'all

No. 108000


And this is kind of the same thing. That is so clearly one of those TINY mini cupcakes and she probably didn't eat more than that one bite taken for the photo. But she is WINNING AT RECOVERY.

No. 108001

Her bro looks sad in that pic she posted

No. 108004

She just hit 14k followers and is of course batshit excited about it. She's asked for ideas for a 14k challenge. Someone needs to challenge her to post an Insta video of her actually eating and swallowing food. A lot of food.

No. 108005

Toast. Toast is uncomfortable to purge.

No. 108087

Ugh all the food she posts looks so good. I want to try gnocchi and more B&J flavors now

No. 108088

ever since i started these ana lolcow threads ive been hungry like crazy
all this yummy food tho..

No. 108096

File: 1432440401701.jpg (87.29 KB, 640x640, 10838323_844349398939855_17895…)

her dad is hot

No. 108106

File: 1432441371985.png (713.86 KB, 1023x608, feedhim.png)

You guys, I think Silvio Burlusconi is ana now. That's not a full meal!

No. 108107

No. 108108


Really? Love yourself more, anon ;_;

No. 108109


Eat your fucking minimums, Silvio

No. 108110

Have some self-respect.

No. 108341

File: 1432496738006.png (2.55 MB, 2048x1226, deleted comments galore.png)

She's getting called out all over the place for her BS and she's frantically deleting all of the comments. It's sad but also pretty funny how desperate she is to maintain her facade of ~real recovery~. I wonder what she'd say in response to this thread and the comparison photos and such.

No. 108343

She looks ghastly.

No. 108344

you need jesus

No. 108345

File: 1432497587689.png (1.09 MB, 632x1076, 8.png)

How dare you! Can't you see she's gaining weight?!? Here's a photo from a few months back when she was in the earlier stages of her ~real recovery~. You can clearly tell she's getting better!

No. 108350

File: 1432499172343.png (164.94 KB, 480x800, 2015-05-24 22.22.53.png)

Waiting for when this is going to be deleted..

No. 108376

She deleted a comment I made and blocked me. Stupid dicks saying she looks fabulous.

No. 108385

File: 1432503286072.jpg (31.46 KB, 603x268, 1.JPG)

No. 108391

File: 1432503538567.jpg (18.4 KB, 593x123, 2.JPG)

No. 108392

File: 1432503564792.jpg (29.11 KB, 583x217, 3.JPG)

Not helpful.

No. 108432

I wonder how many of her comments are babble fro sycophants and how many are real talk.

No. 111077

File: 1432669715991.png (546.43 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-26-21-48-08…)

No. 111122

I already knew that was gonna happen, was just waiting for her to post and confirm it.

But… how is three/four days going to stabilize her enough? It seems like she would have to stay far longer than that?

Bet you anything she convinces her mom to let her continue to ~recover~ at home. She claims to have gained 800gr this week (which is less than 2lbs) and that was "more than usual" and freaked her out. Uh sorry but if she was even gaining ONE pound a week she would have been visibly healthier by now.

No. 111129


Electrolytes (she's a walking heart attack). Plus, she's severely dehydrated. She'll gain a ton of poop and water weight, guaranteed, which might make her edge over the minimum %IBW.

In hospital, they usually make you gain 3.5 pounds per week. Some people exceed that amount. If she had been following a meal plan she wouldn't look the way she does. I don't even know why she's pretending with the food since she's going IP.

No. 111178

3.5 pounds per week? giiiiirl i was on that 5lb/week grind lol

No. 111193

Like I said, some people gain more. Some people don't gain enough and need crazy meal plans because of hypermetabolism. Some people (particularly people who purge) have weird fluid shifts. Once they stop vomiting, they lose a lot of water weight. People who use laxatives have the opposite problem. I know someone who gained 20+lbs in fluid in less than a week once in treatment after having abused laxatives. She had to take Lasix.

No. 111198

Excessive fluid gain in a chronic laxative abuser: “pseudo‐idiopathic” oedema

"The patient was urged to cease all laxative and/or diuretic medications. A week later, she was re‐admitted complaining of a `bloated’ feeling, swelling of the extremities and shortness of breath. She had gained no less than 13 kg in weight."

No. 111227

How is she still pretending to eat when she's about to be admitted to an ED hospital and just got rejected from another one because she was too underweight? Clearly almost nothing Aly posted has been consumed by her.

No. 111311

Apparently she got out of it

No. 111328

She's an adult, so her parents can't really force her into the hospital.

No. 111568

She said she went to a different clinic that would admit her "inpatient/day hospital." I think she means a partial hospitalization/day treatment program. She balked at the idea of inpatient when the first place mentioned it, then went to this second place and apparently agreed to go there instead, so I'm thinking she's not actually going inpatient there but just doing a daytime hospital-based ED treatment program.

I still think she'll either find some way to get out of going there, or she'll magically continue to lose weight (or at least not gain any) while "in treatment."

No. 111702

>daytime hospital based ED treatment
cause that's gonna fucking work

No. 111713

When I went to a day treatment program, evening "snacks" (usually including a supplement drink) and all weekend meals were eaten at home and there was MUCH less supervision than in actual inpatient (people got away with hiding a ton of food, purging, etc.). You could obviously exercise during the time you weren't at the treatment facility, too. I can imagine why she finds the "inpatient" program, as she's still calling it, that she found appealing. I'm just surprised they're willing to take someone who's so far into spoopy skeleton land. What if she goes home from the program, purges dinner, and dies?

No. 111763

File: 1432741690329.jpg (1.14 MB, 1500x1500, OCDelicious!.jpg)

No. 111772

With all the weight she's lost in such a short amount of time I bet she's just a purge or 3 away from stroking out dying

No. 111773

yeah i know of a girl who does this ED program where you go to a place for like 4 hours and eat a couple meals and they watch you digest it (ha, funny cause youd be surprised how long food sits in the stomach). and shes still just withering away because im assuming those are the only things she eats all day but her dipshit family is like OmG ur doing so well look at all the food they give you and you eat it all! hilarious. lock these fuckers up

No. 111792

She fannies around with her food so much. If only she'd spend a tiny amount of the effort into cutting/displaying/taking photos into EATING THE STUFF (or keeping it down).

All that chocolate and coffee…

No. 111795

i think a lot of those were taken on the same day, if you compare nail lengths and the state of the nail polish - sometimes the same amount of it seems to be gone.

No. 111805

yea i've been there and they almost do more harm that not…
they force you to eat most of your daily calories within 1-2 meals because they only have you in their grasp for 6 hours. although they do it to ensure you are getting in -most- of your daily calories, the super dense meal is just a trigger to purge or restrict later

No. 111822


Yep. There are 12 hours partial programs, which would be better than a short one but who knows. She's going to be on a weight gain protocol so they will be giving her a lot of food. She's going to exercise (she seems like she exercises since movement restriction was what she was concerned about with IP) and purge the moment she leaves. This is a horrible idea.

No. 111829

I bet she takes a bunch of pics like that same day but spreads them out when she posts them.

I wonder if it's maybe not her buying food but a friend or something and she asks to pose with it for her IG

No. 111831

Do they take labs at the day treatment centers? Maybe there's hope that her labs are fucked up and they admit her? Not sure what Italy's protocol on stuff like that is since she's an adult. And maybe messed up labs/organ failure or something will open her eyes that she's fucking up her body.

No. 111837


They didn't at mine because it was a step-down from residential. It was assumed that if you were well enough to go to partial that you didn't have your head in the toilet/weren't skeletal. I am wondering if the doctors are going to just admit her to IP.

No. 111841


Actually, I went to another program that wasn't attached to residential (this one was at a Renfrew facility not in PA/FL) that didn't take labs either. I think they assume that you will take care of the medical stuff yourself at that level of care. IDK what it's like in Italy though.

No. 111846

File: 1432746937785.jpg (17.56 KB, 257x185, alychest.jpg)

Oh my god this is seriously disgusting…

No. 111856

File: 1432747759800.png (120.61 KB, 957x630, Tiffany.png)

That's an 800 dollar necklace.

No. 111859

Why would someone buy an advertisement of a necklace like this? looks like a store tag

No. 111862

I remember buying a lot of cheap silver Tiffany necklaces as Bat Mitzvah gifts lol. I think it's big in China now. It is tacky.

No. 111870

File: 1432748602970.jpg (113.27 KB, 1058x704, gross.jpg)

Yeah it was big in the early 2000's, like between 2000-03/04. They were to be worn with the velour juicy track suits

No. 111872

Looking back on it, I'd like to punch 13-year-old me in the face. My parents are middle class and I was going to these bat mitzvahs paying like 70 for a stupid necklace/bracelet as a gift and you can be sure that the kids I bought them for never got me any thing as nice. Ugh. I was so dumb. So dumb. Anyway, OT/b'aww/lolcow isn't a diary, etc.

No. 111880

I think yellow gold looks tacky whatever it is. Silver or white gold all the way.

No. 111884

Possibly; the photos I used were culled from the course of many weeks of her postings, but she could have taken them at the same time and been meting them out over weeks. I'm going to put together a few more collages in a bit, but she's definitely at least on six-brussel-sprouts-girl's level when it comes to OCD/food rituals and photographing her meals.

I'm glad to see that at least a few more people have been calling her on her shit in Instagram comments. They'll probably get deleted eventually, but still. I just feel bad for the younger/more naïve of her followers who are also struggling with or trying to recover from EDs and are taken in by her act. The fact that she's been passing her fake-eating and starvation (or purging or whatever she's doing) off as "recovery" and "weight gain" and "progress" is just surreal seeing as all you have to do is scroll through her Instagram to watch her get thinner and thinner as time progresses.

No. 111886


Who the fuck takes the time to garnish a glass of fucking orange juice with a piece of fresh fruit like that?

You can clearly see the knife marks from the serrated blade on many of those photos. I know that it was already obvious that she cuts/tears her food and doesn't eat it, but jesus.

Holy shit, and this just confirms that she has no regard for the money she's wasting by throwing away or purging all of her food. This bitch pisses me off so much.

No. 111889

File: 1432749723191.jpg (20.24 KB, 572x122, 2.JPG)

transparent anon - how has she not blocked you yet?

No. 111890

File: 1432749740356.jpg (16.54 KB, 590x125, 3.JPG)

No. 111895

File: 1432750079569.jpg (87.28 KB, 601x600, croissant.JPG)


Nobody eats a croissant like this. Who'd take the first bit at that point? You rip it in half or at least start eating one end.

No. 111908


Alice in Hugerland? Lmao.

No. 111911

Sorry, is she going inpatient still or are these old?

No. 111914

bizarre joyous child

No. 111916

that's the german translation of "Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia" by Marya Hornbacher (Alice im Hungerland). It's one of the best books about eating disorders.

No. 111927


I hate Marya Hornbacher.

No. 111931

No. 111934

Comments from today's photos. The one with the ribs.

No. 111937

OK così

No. 111943

it's not the only thing wrong with her but somehow, her referring to herself as a "child" really sets my teeth on edge. i hate when haggard, manipulative bastards like this one try to make themselves look cute and innocent with dimunitive words like this. also, like, child literally means "someone's offspring". it's something you can only be in relation to someone, not independently (unless you're super literary). lern 2 english please urgh.

No. 111946


Her family life is probably hell. She's holding them hostage. I bet everyone has to walk on eggshells around her weight.

No. 111947

It's pretty much standard "daddy's princess <3" rich spoiled girl fare here in Italy.

No. 111979

File: 1432755618422.jpg (1.97 MB, 1500x1500, OCDelicious! 2.jpg)

Different mornings over the last two-ish months

No. 111996

seriously fuck this hoity toity instagram bitch. how can her parents not see that she's not ganing weight? or is she gaining 1 gram per month and that's progress.

I guess if I were a parent any progress would be good but… fuck this bitch.

No. 111998

File: 1432757004424.jpg (3.71 MB, 1496x1200, OCDelicious! 3.jpg)

(Same as above, but without the spoons)

No. 112097

I have no idea! I've called her on her BS a few times now, and she'll delete the comment but not block me. Maybe I'm ~special~ somehow.

No. 112100

there is some serious OCD shit going on with how she sets up these photos, even going so far as to have different table cloths too. way too much time and effort going into pictures and not eating.

No. 112102

Right? They actually make me dizzy to look at in the collages above because they are so similar.

No. 112114

I actually find it mesmerizing. Every single photo is so similar, from the food combinations to the angles and even the placement of the plates. It's like a reflection of her overpowering need for control, which ties into her anorexia. But I digress.

No. 112124

What I find more compelling is that you can actually see the weight-loss in her hands. Disturbing.

No. 112163

bit off topic but my boyfriend leaves his ice cream to melt before he eats it until it's very melted. He has sensitive teeth, Aly might be the same. Though if she does even have a mouthful I bet she rushes to the toilet to spit it out or purge then throws away whats left.

No. 112171

The more weight she loses, the more she looks like a horse.

No. 112207

the OCD is so strong. This is an art gallery shit right here

No. 112210

File: 1432771097600.jpg (74.45 KB, 599x447, bleck.JPG)

Fucking hell. An OCTOPUS on her spoon. Dirty cow.

No. 112216

the way she describes everything as "SUPER RICH SUPER LUSH SUPER HEAVY…BUT!!!! SO DELISH!" drives me absolutely insane

No. 112218

fuck if i had a 'cute octopus' on my spoon i'd probably purge too NO THANK YOU

No. 112228

i think she is so incredibly hungry that she just loves to imagine what the food she takes pics of actually tastes like. i bet it's a coping strategy to just explain how "devine" "delish" and "extravagant" it is. like a strategy to help her starve herself

No. 112229

oh, and don't forget her favorite term to use "lush"

No. 112268

FABBY! What must people she's with think the way she takes all these photos? I'd be embarrassed if I'm with a spoopy and she's taking pictures of her food.

No. 112280

File: 1432775971976.png (316.85 KB, 251x500, neigh.png)

I got bored halfway through

No. 112472

very oily but…LUSH!!!

No. 112722

File: 1432845214569.jpg (1.38 MB, 1500x1500, Oddly 'bitten' sandwiches.jpg)

I have nothing to do right now and this is way too entertaining. Have some fingernail-"bitten" sammiches. She's been doing this for months.

No. 112728

These are art

No. 112747

I've never actually tried gnocchi myself

No. 112749

File: 1432846069568.jpg (3.19 MB, 1496x1198, LUSH OILY RICH CREAMY gnocchi.…)

Forgot my image.

No. 112755

it's weird how in almost all of them the meats are untouched, as though she "eats" the bread to show off the inside

No. 112782


if she's not eating it why doesn't she at least bite it and spit it out so it actually looks like teeth marks… dumb

No. 112783

Some of these look like they were of the same meal but they were posted months apart

No. 112784

File: 1432848595826.jpg (1.8 MB, 1500x1500, Impasta 1.jpg)

No. 112788

File: 1432848712286.jpg (3.55 MB, 1498x1202, Impasta 2.jpg)

No. 112799

I am studying abroad but those mediterranean meals Alice posts remind me of the food back in my hometown. What I wouldn't give for a nice plate of seafood risotto or some tasty gnocchi right now. And that bitch either throws it away or purges it, fuck her horse face.

No. 112816

I guess Italians do eat a lot of pasta. Or at least take pictures of it.

No. 112823

File: 1432850541431.jpg (1.64 MB, 1500x1500, SEE SEE I bited the dessert th…)

No. 112825

File: 1432850658497.png (760.74 KB, 1497x313, Same shit different day.png)

Yeah, she has assloads of really fucking nice food. It's making me pretty hungry.

No. 112839

File: 1432851361663.jpg (219.95 KB, 1027x627, 52299.jpg)

Getting called out on her "recovery".

No. 112843

Too bad it will probably get deleted

No. 112919

File: 1432856296842.jpg (3.58 MB, 1205x1500, PINTPARTYYYYYY.jpg)

Everyone knows that the best way to recover is by eating pints of ice cream. Aly is cheating a little bit here, because not all of the pints are Ben & Jerry's, and that froyo is lowfat. That is SO not ~real recovery~!

No. 112922

Fuck, some of those are finger nail prints too. Look at the top right one, it looks like she just reached in and pulled out some.

No. 112928

Same pint, different pics.

No. 112930

I thought so too, but I think the majority aren't

No. 112936

Possibly. There's a five-month (can't get her damn page to load past December right now) time gap between some of those pictures, though…I'm pretty sure she's purging/throwing out multiple pints for her "LOOK I'M EATING SO MUCH!" Instagram routine. That shit is expensive, too. Ugh.

No. 112939

Given her weight loss, I'd say she's purging, using laxatives, and compulsively exercising. No doubt.

No. 112940

No. 112986

File: 1432862960811.jpg (1.35 MB, 1500x1500, The many faces of Aly.jpg)


No. 112987

UGH that kissy-face is so fucking punchable

No. 113005

File: 1432865744317.jpg (2.26 MB, 1500x910, Kissy-face.jpg)


Older pics from this Instagram:

No. 113012

File: 1432866309374.jpg (284.5 KB, 1500x300, I don't think this is normal.j…)

Okay, last collage thing for right now. Thanks, Aly, for the art project!

No. 113014

File: 1432866432204.jpg (61.42 KB, 960x720, xxx.jpg)

Her boyfriends posts too many photos of them kissing. Get a room, guize.

No. 113017

File: 1432866775769.jpg (62.93 KB, 462x533, q.JPG)

looks like it's spread to her brother

No. 113043

File: 1432869002616.jpg (136.16 KB, 640x640, 10919700_829683390428335_17086…)

jfc it feels weird to see her without the skeletal face

No. 113047

He's going to break her.

No. 113130

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he broke up with her before he could break her. I can't find the post to confirm though.

No. 113135

Goddamnit she really pisses me off. She seems to have a lot of support, but she chooses to waste all their love and beautiful food for internet fame and wasting away.

No. 113161

Does it bother anyone else that she puts the lid face down on fabric? that bothers me to no end. Why doesn't she photograph these on a table?

No. 113197


I mean, admittedly I also suffer from severe OCD, but FUCK those lids man. I cringe every time.

No. 113202

not that great tbh. its like a little pellet of undercooked dough

No. 113222

Because she's a spoiled cunt

No. 113229

what is that one inch slice of cake on the end good god

No. 113243

File: 1432907143030.jpg (16.55 KB, 143x280, ugh.JPG)

Incredible that she's only 19.

Pic=my most hated face.

AND PUSH YOUR SPEX UP ONTO YOUR NOSE. This bitch annoys me for so many reasons.

No. 113257

File: 1432909123093.png (1.06 MB, 1078x526, joyfulexercisingchild.png)

The aly workout.

Must keep some right arm muscle for lifting Starbucks cup.

…and up…and down…and up…and down…

No. 113291

The "I'm-totally-finishing-my icecream-yummmyyumyum" face

No. 113298

File: 1432913634652.jpg (308.42 KB, 728x1043, 1416868189412.jpg)

>Be grad student
>cook and eat shit like rice porridges, spinach soups, chicken with beans & rice, and other budget meals all day erry day to save money
>got excited that I found a bag of cranberries for $1.50
>See this thread every time I go to lolcow
>See this bitch pretending to eat shrimp, clams, octopus, pastries, huge sandwiches with nice fresh deli meat, an entire pint of ben & jerry's, cookies with nice jams and honey, etc. etc. etc.
>knowing she just wastes it by throwing it away or giving it to her dog

This entire thread is ~triggering~ me. At least I can afford to make some of those pasta dishes, and maybe some of the simpler cookies. It always leaves me fanny flustered when I see people waste food, but spending so much money on all this stuff just to create some facade for people on FB to give you asspats blows my mind.

No. 113302

Her pie slices always piss me off because she always calls them huge. ALWAYS. But she's clearly using a dessert fork, which is tiny, which means the slice is tiny or normal at best.

No. 113309

File: 1432914507155.png (962.37 KB, 887x606, Untitled.png)

22 months ago

No. 113311

File: 1432914589690.png (755.6 KB, 798x559, Untitled2.png)

she used to have such a pretty face.

No. 113312

We should start a "cheap & healthy eating" threads over on /b/. I'm really interested in that spinach soup of yours, because a) I love soups, b) I love spinach and c) frozen spinach is 1€ a kilogram where I live.

No. 113321

Something about her face still screams of rich brat.

I'd like this. I still think about anon who spoke about tofu soup in the Ashley thread and I'm a poorfag too.

No. 113324

If she were poor she'd be b/ping rice and beans/cheap shit. She's not so she does it to expensive food. It's bad either way because it's waste. Why is her relative wealth triggering you? I'm a poor-chan too but the waste bothers me more than the quality of the food.

No. 113325

Lidl is good for cheap veggies and fruit, but they have to be used asap because they turn bad faster than the more expensive stuff on the market stalls. I need to make and freeze soups.

I don't care for aly's fancy foods. You can make anything taste good with the right herbs and spices. I do care about the waste though. It's disgusting.

No. 113326


This was me

not triggered anon btw

No. 113338

Part of me hates her, because of the fact that I barely get to eat because I can't afford it, but honestly? I just want this kid to get better. Like, jesus Christ. It is like watching a girl wither and die in front of my computer screen. I want to blame her and say she deserves pain, but someone just needs to get her fucking admitted to a hospital already. We all know she isn't getting better, she just can't accept it. And the fact is that you can't lead a horse to water but you can't shove its face in and make it drink.

No. 113342

She's ill and it's never good to see someone suffer (unless they're a dictator or a rapist or sthing). She's obviously bright if she's at uni and with cash on tap, she could do anything, but all that cash is no good to her if she ends up in a wheelchair or dead.

How she's getting away with not being treated is astounding, especially considering her parents could afford treatment.

I've never really seen a level of denial so high in anyone.

No. 113343

Her body looked so good.

No. 113344


Seriously, someone needs to find out about who she is and get in touch with someone, because no one deserves to die like this. She is legitimately ill, and after reading through this board I am really angry at most of the commenters, because holy shit, some of you guys are callous little fucks.

The girl is sick. Get her some fucking help. If you can doxx a bunch of stupid teenagers who play around and steal shit, you can find out who this girl is and call her parents to let them know she is just making herself sicker.

Use your resources of fucking insane bullshit to actually, you know, help someone.

No. 113352

Not so much that it's because she's rich only, but because it's a waste of both food and money combined. I am pretty jelly that she has all that fancy food, and I couldn't afford it. But the part that makes me angriest is that she is able to get all this nice food and then throws it away on top of it, just so she can take pictures of the food and put it on FB. It's like those kids who tell their parents they hate them when they buy the wrong color of ipad for Christmas, combined with the disgusting act of wasting food. It just seems to me that she's not only wasteful, but also an ungrateful spoiled brat. I will admit I'm pretty deriere disturbed because I'm also a poorfag, though.

No. 113356


She is sick and in denial. Sure, it is a waste of food and money. Yes, no ne is denying it. But have you ever been sick? Have you ever tried to deny that you were literally fucking dying and that it is because of your problems with food?

I really highly doubt you have. She is sick. You can be a cunt but jesus fucking christ, figure out a way to help her and THEN act like a cunt. By being complacent you are literally letting her kill herself. I don't know how you feel about that, but that doesnt make me feel fucking good. That doesnt give me the warm and fuzzies.

So yeah, maybe she is a fucking spoiled brat but she is a dying spoiled brat that needs to be in a hospital.

No. 113358

I womder if you put anorexics in situations where they are not allowed to eat(3rd worls ccountries, concentration camps)would they want food?kind of like when a suicidal person is put in a situation where death is being forced upon them and then then suddenly want to live.

No. 113359

I wonder if their breakup triggered her ED? Not sure what the time line is though

No. 113360

Seriously? You think someone from an anonymous message board is going to suddenly save this girl from her illness when she's been this way for at least a year? If it helps your conscience do it your damn self, no one here is going to make a difference.

No. 113362

She said she's had anorexia for 2 years.

Lolcow is probably not the website you are looking for.

No. 113384

You moron, someone already posted her non-ed instagram and Facebook.

No. 113386

Nah, she had an ED before the breakup. I do think the breakup triggered the relapse that she's not admitting to though.

Around February 23rd, she posted that she was having a bad day and that her friend gave her a cookie saying they were better than men.

She had already relapsed and lost a lot of her recovery weight. However, since then, she went even further downhill. My theory is that she was able to attempt recovery again for a few months, but relapsed again and refused to admit it, instead claiming she's eating 3000 calories a day and ~*~totally gaining~*~.

No. 113388

She pisses me off because she's so manipulative. There is NO reason she needs to run an instagram account tricking people. She can trick those in her life, but she does not need to bring others into it. There is no excuse for that.

No. 113401


I made a comment that was barely even critical/questioning of her "real recovery" and she immediately deleted it and blocked me.

No. 113404

Same here. She said it makes her feel bad to see negative comments posted on her wall - ie, she doesn't like to see the truth.

No. 113413

Calm your tits, no one is saying she shouldn't be in a hospital. People are angry that she's wasting food to get people on social media to like her and give her asspats, not that she has anorexia. If she was coping with anorexia and trying to eat, it'd be one thing, but she's going "look at all this food I'm eating!" and screwing up other girls with the same problem.

No. 113426

lol mine wasn't even negative, just factual, but she apparently also hates facts and blatantly obvious truths

No. 113434

no one here is 'letting her kill herself' It is not our responsibility to look after a 19 year old woman of whom none of us have ever met. She is someone who is putting themselves out on the internet as an amazing recovery angel and is actively going against that goal due to mental illness. We are not her family, we are not the mother and father that are allowing her to waste away. It is their responsibility and her responsibility to do something about this, my parents have been in the same situation when I was first diagnosed with Schizophrenia and despite loving me and wanting me to get better with just meds on my own they eventually had me admitted because to start with I could not control it with medication or cope on my own. They love her, and the best thing they can do for her is to have her put in some kind of therapy, it is not random girls on the internet that have this power.

No. 113441

Negative to aly is any comment that doesn't say - ooo you look great! keep fighting! stay strong!

No. 113551

spinach, beans and rice are some of the least expensive and healthy shit you can buy. I hate people who say you can't eat good and cheap. Buying premade food and fast food is 10x more expensive in the end.

No. 113557

I don't understand why she eats that Ben and Jerry's shit when she is literally within walking/wheelchair distance of some of the best gelato in the world.

No. 113562

Same with coffee. She prefers Starbucks dishwater to Italian espresso.

No. 113564

>implying she eats anything she posts

No. 113921


Bit of a status thing. Anyone here can get espresso and gelato, but starbucks (Haven't seen one in Italy tbh) and B&J's are foreign and rarer.

No. 113971

File: 1432992289204.gif (286.67 KB, 635x321, output_aTSiJP.gif)

Definitely lost weight. Check the increased number of creases in her ~fav pants

No. 113973

>But have you ever been sick? Have you ever tried to deny that you were literally fucking dying and that it is because of your problems with food?

Been there and done that, but I still didn't gather a huge following of other sick girls and lie to even people online for no reason. She's taking it even further than regular denial/treatment refusal.

No. 113987


Good catch, although I'm not really sure if it's from weight loss - my cheaper pants all do that after a while. I mean, judging from her face she lost weight, but I just can't see a difference in her legs other than these creases.

No. 114016

She does seem like a typical rich Milanese spoiled brat but I'm loling so hard at all of you posting about how expensive that food must be. Regardless of where Aly eats and how much she spends for it, Italians normally cook does dishes at home. It's not expensive at all.

Maybe she bought the cup abroad? When this thread popped up I assumed that maybe a Starbucks had opened in Milan but it seems that's not the case… There have been a few cafes imitating Starbucks where I live, even copying their logo but it's still different enough that you can tell.

No. 114023

No Starbucks in Italy, only Arnold coffee… and real coffee places as far as the eye can see.

No. 114033

Pasta is fucking cheap. I think whining about how much her food costs is dumb.

No. 114037

I get that she's annoying and not a great person but the people who wine about how much money she's wasting are complete morons. "I can't afford to eat so I hate her" ok but if she wasn't WASTING the money her parents earned, it wouldn't change your situation anyway. That's when I think people go into overdrive looking for things to bitch about.

No. 114077

oh my god thank you. These people think that pasta is $100 a noodle

No. 114078

Eh, the whining is born out of jealousy, even if not everyone can admit it. They can't have the nice food, but she doesn't even appreciate it.

My thing is her fucking jewelry/clothes. I wish I had $800 to blow on a necklace (even though I never would because holy crap what a waste). Today she posted a new Zara top, and as far as I can tell from their website, it cost at least $50.

No. 114083

Pasta is fucking cheap, but the other ingredients aren't, and neither are her clothes and her jewellery. I'm jealous that all this awesome stuff is being wasted on a dying bitch.

No. 114207

She never finger nail bites the meat. This brothers me so much and i don't know why

No. 114261

File: 1433026645233.jpg (10.1 KB, 153x172, image.jpg)

dat rib

No. 114271

The other day I ate a moldy bagel.

I wish I was able to not assume the worst about this person, but…

No. 114276

She only tears some of the top bread away so you can see what's inside.

Then she bins it.

No. 114332

Yeah, pasta and the loaves of plain bread or buns are cheap, but here are two of the restaurants that she has posted about:

Cioccolat Italiani: http://www.cioccolatitaliani.it/

Vanilla Bakery: http://www.vanilla-bakery.com/joomla/index.php/our-products/il-nostro-menu

Not outrageously expensive but still fairly steep.

Plus she buys fresh deli sandwiches or bakery pastries every day. Yeah individually those items aren't that expensive but most people don't indulge in those things multiple times a day, which really adds up to a chunk of change by the end of each week.

And no, I'm not jealous, I can afford the food that I want to eat, but I just hate wastefulness.

No. 114367

Where the hell does Joyful Child get such skinny skinny jeans? Surely childrens' sizes would be too short. Does she have them tailored? And if she does, how can her parents not notice her weight loss?

Also, I'm the anon who posted the sloppy, half-assed six brussels sprouts collage in the Ashley Isaacs thread, and these Joyful Child photocollages are so much better, especially the OCDelicious ones. A++ work.

No. 114373

I never understand why the parents of anorexics let them buy clothing at low weights. Just makes getting rid of that clothing later a difficult task

No. 114381

File: 1433039095467.png (137.42 KB, 177x447, Allegra Versace.png)

Anyone here old enough to remember when Allegra Versace (Itay's most famous anorexic) had a tube? She;s recovered now. She went to treatment in the states, though. Recovered, as far as I know.

No. 114405

So when people walk around with NG tubes like that are they hooked up to anything at all? I'm on mobile and I can't tell, it looks like it's going into a pocket?

No. 114410


IDK how it is for most people, but I had one for a month a long time ago, and it was only hooked up in the evening after dinner, and it wasn't disconnected until the next morning.

No. 114413


She's probably out on a pass. They don't re-insert it every time you hook up. You keep the same tube in for a few days at a time (at least) before it's changed. The end has a cap that keeps the part you hook up to the tube feed machine clean. Y

No. 114414


Oh, but i was in hospital, so i wasn't out and about.

No. 114415


Some treatment centers, like Remuda ranch, let people go on passes with tubes.

No. 114417

I've always thought that Allegra seems like a very genuine person, and it's refreshing to see a celebrity not portray anorexia as just an extreme diet after being told they're not pretty enough.

No. 114418

I meant hooked up to the kangaroo, not reinserted.

No. 114420

Anyone remember that girl from Big Brother who had anorexia?

No. 114421


The only people I know irl with kangaroos are chronic cases and they usually put it in a regular or something more discreet. Maybe Allegra was wearing something like that idk.

No. 114422


Nikki? with her NHS-funded boob job?

No. 114423


No. 114424


Portable tube feed machine that fits in a bag you can carry with you

No. 114562

well let's see… because they need to be clothed?

No. 114653

Um…no. Let's see,they need to fucking gain weight not need to wear leggings. I've seen too many teens and adult women cry over no fitting into their child-sized trousers and refuse to give away clothing they can't fit it. It's only a reminder of weight gain and makes things harder for the,

No. 114720


We still need to buy clothes that fit…Living in a bathrobe isn't especially conducive to socializing.

No. 114727

File: 1433099551208.jpg (28.72 KB, 298x604, twigz.JPG)

Why does she wear things that show off her legs? She looks like she's wearing a vest top without a skirt and it looks worse that she's wearing thigh high socks over tights.

I don't care if she buys childrens size, adult size or whatever floral nightmare but Jesus woman, wear a skirt.

No. 114730

File: 1433100455229.jpg (76 KB, 634x597, article-2129526-1294A582000005…)

Ohh, I remember her. I liked her on BB.
how could she be so hyper all the time (especially while dealing with an ED)

No. 114732

I remember her saying she ripped the gastric tube out when she was in treatment. Explains the bad scarring.

No. 114734

No, you intervene before they're near death and make them gain

No. 114735

I don't like most of her clothing choices

No. 114736

Me neither. Horrendous taste. Especially the florals and the jeggings.

No. 114737

File: 1433101085153.jpg (488.08 KB, 2000x1330, kekk.jpg)

No. 114738

She was the worst. I don't know why she was the breakout star from that season.

No. 114739

File: 1433101397308.jpg (29.95 KB, 369x625, ng.JPG)

She was hysterical most of the time, had that love thing going on with Pete, and so that's what people like.

She looks better now anyway.

No. 114740

Holy fuck what a mess
Does she still act as crazy though?

No. 114741

I don't know because I don't watch much tv these days. She tweeted about there being a special BB timebomb episode where they want to bring old contestants back.

No. 114742



fuckin lol

No. 114744

I liked the task where they had to do silent dancing and she was freaking out because her mp3 player wouldn't work…really screaming..then she's like, Oh it's working.

No. 114745

File: 1433102128549.jpg (11.39 KB, 223x346, thin.jpg)

She wrote a book, but I've never read it.

No. 114753

of fuck off, you know damn well anorexics dont socialize. at least not like other normal humans.
even in their skinny clothes they arent comfortable, lets be real.

No. 114764

I still try to get out of the house once or twice a week. It's not terribly enjoyable, but I feel obliged to keep it up.

No. 114766

Don't make me laugh, not all anorexics are locked in the house sitting on MPA all day..

No. 114767

At least not every day…

No. 114790


She's probably lost many of her friends. Tends to happen when you develop an illness that makes you obsess over/avoid one of the most essential parts of any social gathering (i.e. food).

No. 114796


No. 114833

i think i love you

No. 114846


That actually made me smile ^_^

No. 114970

i take a lot of xanax or klonopin, otherwise i wouldn't be able to sleep

No. 114977



No. 114980

maybe this is far fetched but could should be getting adderall? or some other kind of stimulant. she can obviously afford it? or blow? her parents seem oblivious enough and sometimes girls with EDs are willing to do literally anything to be thinner/not hungry.

No. 114986

if her family is as rich as they seem, perhaps they should look into inpatient/residential programs outside of italy? I'm getting the feeling they don't have many programs. idk what country/center would be best, but if $ isn't a problem, tho they average about $30k a month in the US. she needs something with ip ->residential->partial->iop. so she can step down gradually, and step back up if need be. it'd be good for her to have continuity of care.

No. 114988

I thought seroquel made you gain tons of weight.

No. 114994

well considering she's completely dependent on her parents financially and has no real responsibilities, she pretty much is a child.

but i still think the reason she refers to herself as a "joyous/happy/whatever child" is because she wants to remain a child, in a childlike body, a lot of anorexics do. "if i stay child sized, people will treat me with care and not expect much from me. they'll celebrate and give me attention over an ice cream i didn't actually eat"

No. 115004

"but you can't shove its face in and make it drink"
…you can shove an NG tube up its nose though

No. 115005

A lot of people with a history of sexual trauma gain/lose a ton of weight bc it makes the, feel like less of a target. Not all anorexics are spoiled brats.

No. 115007

File: 1433136515896.jpg (174.48 KB, 1020x605, notadress.jpg)

I don't know if she's just dense or honestly thinks all "dresses" should be that short. In this pic, she's wearing a Zara "dress," but as far as their site shows, the closest matching thing is a $50 shirt.

No. 115013

I think it's more like when you're that thin you can get away with stuff like that because you've starved away all of your secondary sex characteristics. If she had a "womanly" body, her outfits would look borderline inappropriate.

No. 115048

Body of a child, face of a 60 year old who had a bad life.

When's she going for treatment? Why are they taking so long to get her help?

No. 115075

What's with her "male best friend" betamax she keeps mentioning?

No. 115090


That's a rather common side-effect, but it doesn't apply to everyone.

No. 115104

but obviously they dont narrate those exact words in their head
no one is anorexic and consciously thinking "please pat my head because i ate a piece of bread today. please exempt me from all responsibility because i am so frail."
its more at a subconscious level

No. 115105

you sound very personally affected by this for some reason.
is it really because you cant afford food that you resent her so much?
isnt that what EDs are, after all? for middle to upper class people who can afford to turn down food since they will enver be in fear of a shortage

No. 115120

Plenty of poor people have EDs. But I agree, there is a lot of jealousy regarding her lifestyle.

No. 115140

oh yes, its definitely mostly subconscious. though some more self aware/honest anorexics will tell you that they know staying in a more childlike body lowers peoples expectations of you. of course, thats not the only driving force behind the disorder. theres genetics, trauma, and other influences. as with addiction, i believe "genetics load the gun, environment pulls the trigger".
i know i do this, tho not on an extreme level anymore like a certain "joyous happy child".
i have a masters degree, but I've just been nannying for over a year bc i don't want to get a "real job". and as long as I'm eating (and paying my own way, i live on my own and don't ask my parents for $$) nobody really says anything. Then again, I'm an adult and not financially dependent on anyone, so i really can't be told what to do. Aly is technically an adult too, but she's def dependent on her parents for $$. Italy may not have laws in place for involuntary commitment, but her parents can and should cut her off unless she goes to inpatient. Just like they do with addicts on intervention, she needs to be given an ultimatum. Difficult as that will be for her parents.

No. 115177

yeah, i'm poor as shit and i've had an ED for years. a lot of the poorer ED sufferers I know use the excuse "i'd rather pay rent/buy physical items/etc. than buy food". it's dangerous and insulting to think of eating disorders as a rich white girl's disease.

now this girl, tho? she's obviously wasting expensive shit. that straight up pisses me off.

No. 115220

same tbh
college educated but like … i'd rather not, with the whole real life thing

No. 115259


>be first worlder

>choose to study instead of working
>think stuff like porridge, spinach, chicken and beans are "poor people food" and pity yourself over how you have to live and eat like a normal, non-spoiled human being

No. 115334

File: 1433195767966.jpg (18.43 KB, 310x210, ffs.JPG)

If she's not going to sort out her weigh issues, then FOR FUCK'S SAKE GIRL SORT OUT YOUR NAILS.

No. 115348

>assume everyone lives like you do, in a 1st world country, or that people who go to college must be rich to begin with

Nice projection there, buddy.

No. 116311

she doesn't have enough nutrients in her body for having okay nails.

No. 116324


There is so much bullshit in that caption I don't even know where to begin. Yeah, a "sneaked pic" with the same odd smiling-at-her-food pose that's in every single one of her "sneaked pics". And didn't even leave a crumb? Yeah sure.

No. 116327

File: 1433349729415.png (1013.89 KB, 1040x629, 32005.png)

Getting called out on her shit again.

No. 116335

Dry salad. How inspirational.

No. 116338

I hate the way she shows of with her thinness, there is no reason why she should wear her shirt like that

No. 116408


maybe it's too large for her now and hanging it on one of her wire hanger-like shoulders is the only way she can keep it on.

No. 116409


…aaaaand the comment is already gone.

No. 116423

File: 1433360061840.jpg (23.63 KB, 599x141, al.JPG)

No. 116446

File: 1433362954605.jpg (252.95 KB, 1045x635, yeahok.jpg)

She really tries hard to make people think she's eating lots of high calorie foods. She wouldn't be wasting away still if she truly ate what she says.

No. 116450

The way she writes DELISH over all this stuff which she then bins really sets me off the deep end.

No. 116454

Delish, lush, super oily, pasta, pizza, ice cream, pastry. It's the same thing over and over again. And while olive oil is a big staple of Italian food, a dish should never be greasy or super oily.

She's probably considers it oily because it has oil in the name.

No. 116456

I think she puts it in to show how EXTRA CALORIES and totally DELISH and FILLING it is but really, if it's oily, you're doing it wrong.

No. 116458

I'm positive the dish isn't really "oily". If her mom used a teensy drizzle of olive oil so the food didn't stick to the pan, Miss Recovery Warrior would consider it absolutely loaded with oil and fat.

No. 116462

she's probably just describing what she THINKS it tastes like, there's no damn way she actually puts any of that in her mouth

No. 116474

yea sounds like she gives these super LUSH descriptions as a means of satisfying her hunger and dissatisfaction ?

No. 116484


i think it's the language barrier, i don't think she knows "oily" has a negative connotation for food.

No. 116489

File: 1433368301562.jpg (177.32 KB, 596x332, Untitled-1.jpg)

She ate DANG over her calories today. Good girl, inspiring, keep…gaining.

No. 116497

She ALWAYS has to point out how DELISH and FATTY and HIGH-CALORIE her AMAZING food was today.
And that it had EXTRA dressing and sauce. And NEVER forgets to point out how STUPID and USELESS ed is, and that EVERYTHING is SO MUCH better now.

She exaggerates so much to make it sound real, but it only comes off as fake. I don't even have to look at her body. Those captions are already enough to know that this bitch is lying for sure.

No. 116507

I don't understand the love Europeans have for Nutella. It tastes like oil.

No. 116514

Lol her template, maybe an OCD thing even

And the american version is painfully sweet

No. 116517

I think anon meant to fix her nail polish, not her actually nails. It looks like she smudged it majorly, which is odd since she probably gets it done professionally.

No. 116519

I fucking hate her "sneaked pic" bullshit. I call her out on it once because she was LOOKING AT THE CAMERA. But she claimed that she thought her friend only took one picture (there were two). Yeeeeah okay.

Even not looking at the camera, how fucking unobservant must she be to not notice every person she eats with pulling out their phone and taking a photo of her? I know she's focused on how her food will taste coming back up, but goddamn.

No. 116521

Just looks chipped af to me. Guess she doesn't have the energy to fix her nails, spending what little caloric energy she gets on arranging Instagram food photoshoots

If you can't taste the diabetes, it's not American.

No. 116530

Tbh I feel like Americans love nutella more than Europeans do.

No. 116547

Yes, the all Americans are fat wank. How predictable.

No. 116548

I agree. It's a fad food here in the States. I feel bad for the people here who liked it before it was trendy, because when the fad is over, it'll be difficult to find anywhere. Like Chupa Chups. IDGAF about nutella, but damn, I miss Chupa Chups.

No. 116553

OT af but listen up people: if you want some ACTUAL amazing hazelnut butter: get a shit ton of hazelnuts. buy in bulk. its cheaper and still high quality. roast those fuckers at 450°F for about 4 minutes until the smell fills the whole damn house. throw that magical concoction into a food processor with some cocoa powder and some nice dark chocolate. add a tiny bit of salt and something sweet (sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc.) blend it until it's flour-like consistency and then add a little bit of coconut- , almond- or other oil and keep blending it until it reaches the fantastic consistency of thick, creamy (or crunchy, do whatever the fuck makes you happy) peanut butter and then eat that shit right out of the food processor. THAT, my friends, is how you make REALLY FUCKING DELICIOUS "nutella."

No. 116554

I like nuts and chocolate together, but not as a spread. I don't know anyone mad into nutella (ukfag).

Yes I did mean the state of her nail polish.

I like the choc n cream or strawberry n cream chupa chips.

No. 116764

no it wont disappear when the fad is over. it's been around a long time my friend. i had it when i was a kid over 15 years ago

No. 116765

> If you can't taste the diabetes, it's not American.
love you anon

No. 116784

Nutella differs by region. Italian one is the best. German and east europan nutellas are shit.

No. 116798

Yet "anorexia is a first world problem"

No. 116801

File: 1433425718913.jpg (87.87 KB, 640x640, 11324393_1582060025378632_1272…)

Jesus christ she's even thinner. She's probably restricting as much as possible before the inevitable going inpatient

No. 116810

Her hands are the stuff of nightmares.

No. 116822

fuck, she looks some much prettier in the left one. She's got beautiful features from nature, why the hell would one fuck it up.

No. 116843

now this is an OT comment i don't mind.. thanks, i want to try that!

No. 116868

beautiful? each to their own but I don't think she's pretty. far too equine.

No. 116878

>each to their own but

should've stopped right there, really.

No. 116880

How is she in college and doesn't know how to spell S N E A K ?
Not Sneacked

No. 116881

I don't think she's pretty in THAT particular before photo, but the ones from pre-ED she really does have a pretty face. If she returned to that healthy weight and let her hair color be natural she would be beautiful again.

No. 116882

English is not her first language.

No. 116898

It's hilarious and ridiculous.
She also always spells strength as "strenght."

No. 116916

Her arms are disturbing. Ugh, it's so cringe-worthy when girls this skeletal make an obvious attempt to show it off.

No. 116917

She LOVES showing off how skinny she is.

Why are so many people saying in the comments how inspiring she is and falling for her BS? People aren't that naive are they? Woman eats 3500 calories a day yet LOSES weight and looks spoopy. WHY ARE THEY SO FUCKING RETARD? Does she get off to those comments because she's having a laugh at how gullible they are?

No. 116919

File: 1433442989877.jpg (17.81 KB, 586x114, well.JPG)


No. 116922

File: 1433443239675.jpg (38.67 KB, 595x588, blatant_af.JPG)

No. 116925

File: 1433443416867.jpg (46.78 KB, 591x613, untitled.JPG)

She is definitely an Ashley-in-waiting

No. 116987

What does she do with the food when she's supposedly eating with friends or family(the one taking the photo)? Does she eat and throw up? Does she not eat it and whomever is with her doesn't care that she does that?

I'm really curious about it.

This time she didn't even bother to pretend she was getting it in her mouth.

Does she goes out with other ED girls and photograph each other holding food?

No. 117003

my bet is she throws it up cause her teeth dont look too healthy anymore. that or fasts all day and when someone takes her out like mom, thats all she eats

No. 117033

I agree–she's either throwing it up or fasting all day.

What really sad to see is when she mentions that her mother has tears in her eyes over seeing her eat the whole thing.
1. I feel bad for her mother.
2. She's stupidly and obviously showing that she does not eat what she says she does. Why else would her mother cry?

No. 117037

File: 1433465829499.png (134.98 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20150605_0001.png)

More people are speaking out, or perhaps she's too busy vomming into plastic bags to delete as quick.

No. 117045

I'm Canadian and I thought the German nutella was weird.

No. 117057

Not sure if its still made but the only chocolate spread I liked on toast was Milky Bar white chocolate spread. Hmm mmm!

No. 117107

She's currently asleep lawl. Time zone.

No. 117169

Would messaging her mother on facebook change anything? Maybe she would see the quantity of food she wastes daily and would at least stop giving her money, or is she alreasy aware of what's happening?

No. 117170

I don't think she's purposely deceiving people. I think she's in denial and thinks if she keeps posting fake-eating and deleting negative comments, people will believe that she's recovering. She doesn't want to recover, she just wants people to let her continue what she's doing. She's probably terrified of being forced to get commited.

No. 117175

This. I don't think she's trying to manipulate or deceive people. She does need help but she's not malicious, although certainly harmful to herself and others. Too many farmers here simply jelly of her money or whatever and let that cloud their judgement.
We should contact her parents. If needed, I can translate anything /cow/ wishes to send them.

No. 117177

No. 117180

we need the anon who tested the jam-in-coffee theory to test this

No. 117186

>some unpictured (and love) air cured beef

why is it not pictured when she takes pictures of everything else?
she does this all the time, saying that she had something else that would make it an actual meal, but WHOOPS forgot to take a picture. Does she actually think people are believing her or is she just fully delusional at this point?

No. 117204

She said her potassium came back low - she's a purger for sure.

No. 117219

Not necessarily. Potassium is in food. Don't eat enough food, potassium gets low. I wouldn't be surprised if she were.
I sure her parents are freaking the fuck out and don't need people from here making their life harder. What she says about her parents is what she wants her followers to believe. I'm sure they're at their wits end, trying to get her into treatment but you can't commit people in Italy, it seems.

No. 117220

For someone so thin, she has a wide ribcage. At least compared to the rest of her body, but I guess that's just her bone structure.

She has a right to do whatever she wants but man, she must waste a ton of food. Makes me kind of mad considering all of the starving people in the world.

No. 117226

Jam n coffee researcher here. Unfortunately my food processor is broken! I'm also anon who idolises nuts (previous thread) so this saddens me deeply I cannot tako on this experiment.

No. 117227

For anyone who wants to try, making nut butter at home is as easy as grinding the nuts yourself in a food processor and adding a little oil to get the texture you want. My boyfriend and I have done this before with great success.

No. 117247

Well it either proves she is purging or that she is full of shit when she says she eats everything she posts. Someone should call her out on that because she probably has no idea she just outed herself in her own caption kek.

No. 117249

Are there people who believe she eats what she posts still? I figured her followers were humorist her or using her for thinspo

No. 117255

I would call her out but I enjoy watching the trainwreck happen and I know she'll instantly block whoever does it.

No. 117260

I made a snarky comment outing her on an alt account and she blocked me lmao

No. 117263

I wonder if she takes any diet pills. She has enough energy to go to uni and "lunch dates", so she could be popping something speedy…

…on top of barfing, of course.

No. 117268


Most younger anorexics I've met don't because the weight tends to fall off pretty easily. The crazy diet pill popping tends to be something that older anorexics resort to because their metabolisms aren't as fast. Although, if she uses laxatives, her parents better search the house. I read this book about a laxative addict (karen carpenter) and she had laxatives stored all over her friends house.

No. 117270

I saw a Karen Carpenter autopsy programme on tv and they said even though she was taking packets of laxatives, they don't show up in blood toxicology results. She took Dulcolax.

No. 117272

Oh, and she was always taking some emetic stuff. Can't remember the name of it, but apparently that contributed to her death as well. The amount of emetic she was drinking.

No. 117273

OT: She was also abusing ipecac. That's why she died. She had damage to heart muscle that showed it in the autopsy. Her brother is really creepy, btw. Like, super creepy. Married his first-cousin.

No. 117275

That's the stuff. You wouldn't know which end to stick down the toilet would you. Yeah, he does come across as creepy even without the cousin marriage thing.

No. 117280


I don't think it's a matter of which end to stick in the toilet. From what I've read about ipecac, it makes you wish you were dead because it is so awful and violent. Plus it damages your heart. So any wannarexics reading this should stay away from it.

No. 117285

Trigger warning to any bulimics or emetophobes (fear of seeing people vomit for the dipshits)

No. 117304

If that isn't staged, that host is a fucking nob. He has no idea what that stuff could do to a random stranger and FUCK how humiliating watching someone like up puke for cash.

That guy looks like he really doesn't feel well. That's explosive vomiting.

No. 117307

It's a really old vid and I don't think it's staged. I remember seeing it as a kid and being so freaked out. Shit is dangerous. And I think that guy got in trouble

No. 117308

File: 1433531639775.jpg (15.65 KB, 385x110, lush.JPG)

She does NOT purge. COMPLETELY wrong.

No. 117309

The only time I've seen vomiting like that was on Jackass where they drink a gallon of milk and the puke is flowin'.

You can't just give a medicine like that to someone whose health situation you don't know. Stupid guy for drinking it though. Would you drink some unknown liquid a random on the street told you to chug down so you vomit???

No. 117311

shit ipecac syrup should be illegal. i dont think theres even valid medical use for it anymore… it causes more damage than good.

No. 117312

Little Sprout is back to public!

No. 117314

Looks like you can't get it here in the UK

Not that I want to. I googled it and the first result is

yes, shaking my fucking head

No. 117316

The only time I'd say that not eating is healthier, if it's between these two things lmao

No. 117317

LOL she must be going through attention withdrawls

No. 117320

I think that anyway. Constant purging to me seems more damaging than starvation.

Yeah, I know! What a flake. Unless the person who dobbed her in owned up which I doubt.

No. 117322

I don't think they sell it in stores like they used to

No. 117331

Ipecac builds up in your system over time when you ingest it a lot, and like anon said, it's the heart that gets damaged. Karen Carpenter's autopsy report lists emetine cardiotoxicity and anorexia nervosa as the causes of death.

I've heard of shrinks getting emetophobics to take syrup of ipecac as a form of exposure therapy. I'm sorry, shrinks, but that's just too fucked up.

I honestly thought Aly wasn't purging until I read about her low K. I figured she was eating in front of family, probably pushing the food around a lot and hiding it in napkins and such… and just not eating anything at all any other time (most of her food photos could have been taken any time). Now I'm thinking that she's probably barfing it all. Silly me!

No. 117332

Are you the one who said she should edit the potassium part out of her caption? LOL

No. 117333


When I was a kid (mid 80's), my mom said she kept Ipecac in the cabinet because my pedatrician told her to. From what I know, pediatricians used to recommend it in case a child ingested anything toxic or poisonous.

No. 117334

perhaps low K due to excessive water to fool the scales, then diuretics?

No. 117336

File: 1433536654815.png (1.7 MB, 1279x767, ScreenShot.jpg.PNG)

Wonderful lighting for a purse-shot at the cinema. She's basically showing us where she hides the food she doesn't eat around buddies. Another thing - too many details to be true

No. 117341

Ew, at least keep yours nails clean, bitch
Lol at her having to say it was a Guess bag, she's so fucking obnoxious.

No. 117342

Italy here. Unless she threatened to jump off a building or something like that, or had violent outbursts towards others, she won't get committed against her will

No. 117344

Have we discovered the finger she uses to gag herself?!

No. 117345

Guess bags are cute but they are def not high tier bags at all. She's weird

No. 117350

Technically, this statement could be true. My potassium level was low long before I ever had an ED. She's obviously lying through her teeth about most of what she says, but might not purge.

No. 117352

That'll be the nail she's used to break the M&M so it looks like she nibbled it.

How can she take a sneaky pic inside her bag if it's dark in the cinema. I mean, if she used her flash she'd look plain weird taking pics inside her fucking Guess bag.

No. 117353

>might not purge.


No. 117371

That is true. My friend's mother still has a yellowed information sheet in her cabinet about using ipecac on children.

No. 117374

How does that not make sense?
>aly lies. a lot.
>however, aly might not lie about EVERYTHING
>potassium can be low without having an eating disorder
>so aly might not purge her food

No. 117389


I guess some people want to give her the benefit of the doubt. So if she can make strangers do that, it's no wonder that she has her family under her control

No. 117419

She's admitted that she has purged in the past, so why wouldn't she now? Seriously, she eats ALL THAT HEAVY, RICH FOOD and she loses weight?

No. 117443

I meant she might just heavily restrict rather than purge. Not saying she's getting anywhere near the calories she's claiming.

No. 117500

Has she? I swear I saw her claim somewhere that she had never purged.

No. 117502

*Has she admitted to purging, I mean. Not sure if that was clear now that I posted it, hah.

No. 117661

File: 1433612929386.jpg (40.75 KB, 401x370, mayday.JPG)

Yep. I cba to go through her 1000s of pics of food, but there's a comment about how she purged before her first attempt at recovery.

Now she's starting to faint. Nothing connecting to her ED of course. It's the heat, definitely not the ED.

No. 117667

but sugars only make it worse, what you're looking for is nuts

No. 117670

Are you feeding all those starving people yourself?
Because I'm sure her actions have little to no consequence on them. Just because there's starving African children with ebola and cancer out there doesn't mean people aren't allowed to be sad or have EDs.

I mean she may lie and do weird shite but don't pretend you care about the poor children or that her behaviour affects them in any way.

No. 117671

>the entire world lives in the same time zone as me
americans, everyone

No. 117672

I like this tbh, looks like some hippy-dippy art project

No. 117674

I'm seriously hungry and if it weren't for ms skeltal's bony fingers over there I'd have saved the photos for breakfast inspo

I never know what to make in the morning…

No. 117678

Escept I never said that people with ED's aren't allowed to be said. I just said she wastes food and it's a shame considering all the people in the world who don't have any.

No. 117680

When you're in ED recovery you're not allowed to eat some vegetables or even drink water in some cases
this is the fastest way to rack up the calories without much effort

No. 117681

This thread always makes me ridicilously hungry.

No. 117682

So? That's hardly her fault. I hate fake-ass people who 'worry' about the widdle chilluns but have probably never even volunteered at a soup kitchen.

No. 117685

My taste changed from sweet to savoury some years ago, but damn, when I see her with Lindt chocolate, I miss that stuff and audibly groan with lust.

No. 117689

tbh I wouldn't mind rooming with a hungry skeleton if that meant I get to have all this delicious food
too bad anorexics freak me the hell out

No. 117691

I don't know what kind of torture chamber you went to but in the states we're allowed to drink water and eat veg…
No, you wouldn't. They're control freaks and prone to emotional outbursts.

No. 117695

Her vitals aren't stable if she's fainting. Further proof that her whole "it's not my ED!!!" Schtick is bullshit.

No. 117697

One of the girls I was rooming with was spoopy ED skeleton. Most of the time she'd be drinking herbal teas or sometimes a cup o' soup. We thought she was restricting because she denied having a problem.

One night my other housemate went down to our kitchen in the basement and as you walked down the stairs she caught her wolfing down all the cold food we'd left on plates from earlier (of course students never do the washing up).

The toilet always reeked of ammonia puke, and she didn't have a stash of food so my experience wasn't too great having a hungry skeleton living with me :/

No. 117698

>I don't know what kind of torture chamber you went to but in the states we're allowed to drink water and eat veg…

HAHAHHAA you have no idea omfg

No. 117699

yeah i'm from the states too same thing. no water, no veg, no fruit

No. 117700

How did you keep hydrated?

No. 117702

Theoretically, with caloric beverages. In actuality, you did not. sometimes it wasn't even a disordered thing, i just wanted to drink some damn water

No. 117703

lollllllll "hydrated" that's a good one

No. 117704

I couldn't deal without having water to drink.
Jesus, it sounds like Hostel.

No. 117705

Not to mention that most 'HEALTHY!uwu' recipes you find online are a synonym for 'stop being fat'-foods and always involve some vegetables.

It's been mayo and macncheese + various meats for me for the past week.

No. 117736

I had waaaay too much fun and spent waaaay too much time making those. I wonder if these Instagram girls realize how similar the pictures they're taking are to each other? There's another girl, I forget her name at the moment, who's been in a psych ward for years or something and she eats the exact same things and posts the exact same pictures of all her food day after day after day. It's eerie.

No. 117737


I just hate wasteful people on principle.

No. 117741

Yeah, except you're making an assumption when you don't even know who I am. I have done plenty of volunteering and outreach for special needs children as well as poor kids.

No. 117748

the no water and no vegetables thing is insane. is it because vegetables are so filling?
i mean, they want you to put on mass, disregarding nutrients? surely vitamin/mineral-intake via vegetables is better than via supplements.

No. 117757


Nutritions aren't the most important thing is someone is severely underweight. They want the body to get to a more stable state as fast as possible.

Plus, animal products are generally more calorie-dense so you have to eat less for the same amount of calories in a lot of vegetables - I think it's easier to eat smaller amounts instead of bigger ones? (Apart from eating at all, fear foods etc.) Same with water. You shouldn't fill yourself up without consuming calories.

But yeah, it still sounds horrible. I couldn't do it. Imagine someone with orthorexia having to deal with something like that.

No. 117761

Would professionals consider things like food allergies and the like? for example, I can't imagine someone who has always been a vegetarian having to be forced to eat meat. I know a lot of people with ED's are vegan and vegetarian but it wouldn't bode well if someone went all these years without animal products or meat and suddenly had to eat it.

No. 117762

I was thinking that about religious based diets. If you don't eat meat for religious reasons they couldnt force you to.

No. 117772

PLOT TWIST: She gives all the food she claims to eat to homeless people. Like an anorexic Mother Teresa.

No. 117777


…she was adopted. Her adoptive family are poor. She inherited a load of cash from her bio family and now she spends her days teasing them with food for having to live a life of poverty until she came into money.

No. 117778

HAHAHA before recovery I had been vegetarian since I was 6 years old and there was no way in HELL that was going to fly

No. 117779

yeah vegetarianism is a big-ass no no

No. 117780

Some places will allow vegetarianism if it came before the ED, but veganism is a huge no.

Allergies depend. Where I was, they made one girl eat dairy even though she was lactose intolerant (as in, it was in her medical file- tested.)

No. 117783

Holy shit one time they didn't believe this girl when she insisted she was allergic to nuts and she went into anaphylactic shock because they forced peanut butter.

No. 117784

What's wrong with these places. Ffs.

No. 117785

it wasn't even a place, it was family-based outpatient. smh

No. 117786

tbh i thought all this was normal for recovery places/programs…?

No. 117787

Story time! I was forced into ED treatment at a really awful hospital/clinic when I was a teenager, and they made EVERYONE eat meat unless they could prove that they couldn't for religious reasons. Since I wasn't religious, too bad, so sad.

I stopped eating meat at a young age, both because I hated the taste and texture and because I was disgusted by the idea of eating "flesh" (I eventually got over it and realized that flesh can actually be pretty delicious). My vegetarianism wasn't at all about losing weight, and I didn't start calorie-counting, restricting, over-exercising, and rapidly losing weight until years later. Also, I'm not lactose intolerant, but I've always hated milk and most dairy products.

In the hospital, from day one, I was required to eat meat and copious amounts of dairy products, even though it made me sick. At first, they lied to me and tried to pass off meat as vegetarian imitation meat products, like I was so stupid that I couldn't recognize a chicken breast. Then, they basically just said that I had to suck it up and eat whatever shit they threw at me (and a lot of it was pretty disgusting - have you ever had to drink straight salad dressing?) if I ever wanted to get out of the hospital.

It was weird, though. At first, chicken and turkey tasted AWFUL after years of not eating them. After being forced to eat them for a few years, I started to really like them, and now I can't imagine going back to being a vegetarian.

No. 117788

did they ever try to convince you that butter was cheese? lol that one was my favorite

No. 117791

A really common thing amongst people with ED's seems to be the categorisations as foods as "Good" and "Bad" like people really into veganism and vegetarianism.

I know this one chick who was raised as a vegetarian (She later converted to veganism of her own volition) and all of her food issues seem to stem from this. Like loving the taste of cheese so she'd binge eat an entire block in the middle of the night but then feel so guilty about eating it and contributing to the dairy industry or whatever her parents had told her she'd spend the next hour throwing it up.

No. 117793

Hah, no, I never got that one actually…

No. 117794

Someone should follow sprouts diet and do the no sitting thing and report back to us

No. 117797

Peanuts are a legume, not a nut

No. 117800

Dumb bitch. That is wasteful

No. 117802

Someone should make an inpatient stories thread in /b/ because it seems like people want to share and other people are curious.

No. 117804

You're correct, but most people categorize peanuts as nuts for some reason. I don't know if it's the name or what. Plus most people who are allergic to peanuts are indeed allergic to actual nuts such as pecans, pistachios, walnuts, etc.

No. 117807

I can't believe she is only a year older than me jfc she looks elderly.

No. 117810

No. 117813

inpatient/recovery program horror stories thread yes

No. 117824

File: 1433630378394.jpg (10.03 KB, 276x183, gods.jpg)

I love peanuts. I may have mentioned this before.

They are the Gods of the food world. Straight out of the shell.

No. 117833

dry roasted unsalted almonds are god.

No. 117851

Pistachios all the way.

No. 117853

why cant they let you eat vegetables if its in addition to what you're already eating
"abloobloo it makes you fuller faster" as if they give a damn that im already stuffed on the 3000 other calories i'm eating. no water is absolute ludicrous

No. 117858

No. 117863

A fuckin men

No. 117864

really? stuffed? i could crush 3k easy, just not mentally

No. 117870

ok congrats. not all ED people want to ingest such large meals. in my treatment place, they didnt have many super dense meal options so we were all pretty stuffed. 1 meal could be like 1-2 veggies/fruits, beans, salad, milk, juice, a protein, and bread.

No. 117876


It's not even like an ED thing. Weight gain meal plans are pretty uncomfortable for the average person, much less a person with an ED. This is why some people choose to have tubes so that they can get supplements while they sleep as opposed to being constantly overly full.

No. 117883

Oof…I can only speak for myself, but going from eating a restricted intake for an extended period of time to being reintroduced to massive amounts of food was MISERABLE. It's extremely uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. If you're in such a position, chances are, your digestive system has been fucked to some degree, especially if you've been using/abusing laxatives and/or purging. Your stomach has probably shrunk and your digestion will likely be sluggish at first. You may experience extreme bloating, disgusting gas, horrible abdominal pain, miserable heartburn/reflux, and the worst constipation ever. Oh, and if you were a purger, you may continue to involuntarily upchuck your food. I can understand why people do anything to avoid treatment/weight gain.

No. 117884

ugh, the unintentional upchuck is the WORST. you're constantly so full that TMI warning if you burp, its always reflux because there's literally so much food in you that it's piled up to the top of your stomach. any small burp-like action can induce actual torrential vomit. the more you know

No. 117892

Also, the farts.

No. 117904


I am so triggered right now. I am going to go binge and purge and it's ALL YOUR FAULT LOLCOW

No. 117916

TW Fish TW

No. 118013

true, okay. it does depend what you eat

No. 118041

I remember being forced to eat packets of butter when i forgot to use them on my food.

No. 118046

File: 1433693286739.png (556.16 KB, 597x561, Capture.PNG)

No. 118065

File: 1433695098844.jpg (104.52 KB, 640x640, lol.jpg)

No. 118068

Look at her feet. I didn't notice it in the previous picture (though they're the same color there), but they're obviously suffering from poor circulation.

No. 118069

Of course she is. She's fucked and i don't believe we got to hear the truth about her test results.

No. 118070

Is she not going IP?

No. 118073

File: 1433698085888.jpg (107.98 KB, 960x843, 1414679761773.jpg)

>Forgetting to eat your butter

No. 118101

She went to one ED clinic and they said "get thee to an emergency room immediately," so she just went and found another clinic that apparently is willing to let her do day treatment/partial hospitalization only rather than being inpatient. She's still calling it "inpatient" on IG, though. Since she's as emaciated as she is, she has low potassium levels, and she's been passing out, it would be pretty irresponsible of a clinic to let her stay at a "lower level of care" when she clearly needs to be medically monitored more closely.

I won't be at ALL surprised if she just doesn't go to this clinic, either, though. I'm guessing they'll advise her to actually go inpatient and she'll balk and decide she doesn't need any professional help. She's doing soooo well at her ~*~realcovery~*~ on her own - why would she need professional help, anyway? Ugh. I can't believe she has followers who seem to take everything she says at face value.

No. 118102

that dark billowy clothing is pretty spoopy

No. 118117

She has terrible taste in clothes.

I'm convinced she won't get professional help. She seems too arrogant to accept it and can you imagine if she REALLY has to scoff her skull with 3500 calories a day while someone's watching and she can't barf?

Those high calorie drinks - I was put on those when I lost a lot of weight because of illness. I had 3 a day, which would be almost 1000 cals?? plus hospital food and a chocolate bar a day. I gained like FUCK. If her metabolism was so high, or she had an uber overactive thyroid, I think she'd be having treatment for that.

Her captions make me think her family is worried sick. I bet she's a bitch to deal with regarding actually GETTING HELP.

No. 118118

She does seem arrogant. Especially so when she considering being told to go to the emergency room being "rejected."

Also, yes, her mom apparently cries every time they eat a meal together and Aly "finishes" it.

No. 118124

to add to the no veggies/fruit/water treatment thing, the place i went had veggies and fruit with every meal (except breakfast- no veg at breakfast), water with every meal AND a caloric beverage, and fruit at every snack (3 meals, 3 snacks) but it was a residential program not inpatient so idk if that makes a difference.

No. 118161

angels sing where were you, Beverly hills?

No. 118177


There's a thread in /b/ for the inpatient/recovery horror stories.

No. 118178


Sorry I didn't link it correctly in /b/

No. 118183


this is so disturbing to me.

those are digestive biscuts, they're made so you have big poops.

No. 118184

It's called concocting. Very common for ~*starving individuals. But I think people dip shit in coffee/tea over there too

No. 118185

Examples of different concoctions:

> A paste of hot chocolate mix, powder coffee creamer or powdered skim milk, and sweetener.

> Sugar on scrambled eggs; peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches; condensed milk on bread.
> Flour or Bisquick® with eggs, oil, sugar, cinnamon and milk eaten raw.
> Peanuts and raisins in a cup mixed with cereal and honey or syrup.
> Mashed potatoes w/ Oreos®; Oreo® cookies with peanut butter, pickles, and chocolate.
> Bananas with peanut butter wrapped in cheddar cheese.
> Tortilla chips and peanut butter.
> Peanut butter, mayonnaise, banana, and potato chip sandwiches.
> Butterbeans, mayo, cornbread and onions mix.
> Mayonnaise with cheese, beans, ketchup, and beef.
> Chips in grits, potatoes, and milk mixed together.
> Cheese with eggs, marinara sauce, pasta and cut-up Slim Jims.

No. 118190

Idk about mainland Europe but people just eat digestives because they taste nice. They're equivalent to graham crackers over here, used for cheesecake bases as well. Dipping biscuits in tea or coffee is also completely standard.

No. 118196


condensed milk on bread isn't really a "concoction." It's sold in cafes.

No. 118200

Sounds like some ferocious munchies.

No. 118203

Ok anon they may be called digestive biscuits but the ingredients have no real indicators that they help with digestion… There's like <3G fiber per serving. That's not helping anyone with their #2…

No. 118204

A couple of these don't sound too vile

No. 118206

It's just an overhang from the Victorian era. We have a lot of sweets and stuff that were supposed to or thought to "Aid digestion" Or whatever that just stuck around because people like them. You can buy chocolate digestives, which are obviously not healthy or beneficial to digestion at all.

No. 118208

Thanks to these ana threads I am now aware that the chick who does my eyebrows is or was bulemic. Had no idea that weird front teeth wear is from puking. Thanks lolcow.

No. 118218

this sounds like the result of letting an 8 year old write a cookbook

No. 118223

File: 1433721224000.jpg (15.67 KB, 273x185, properdigestives.jpg)

Those look like crap biscuits. THESE are the real deal digestives. Dunked in a cup of tea.

Digestives are the most moorish biscuits in the world. The Pringles of the biscuit universe.

Made me laugh.

No. 118225

>Peanuts and raisins in a cup mixed with cereal and honey or syrup.

That's a fucking granola bar.

No. 118228

File: 1433721732155.jpg (31.63 KB, 373x211, high_times.JPG)

Is aly's feeling of being high:

- mania?
- starvation induced?
- post barf induced endorphins?
- speedy diet pills
- fake as hell?

No. 118233

It's going to take a medical crisis for her to wake up and realize she's in a critical state.

No. 118236

I don't think we'll be waiting too long. She's posting less and feeling ill BECAUSE OF THE HEAT. Either she dies in her sleep or she has some crisis. As much as I dislike her, I hope it's the second for the sake of her mum who seems really nice.

No. 118240

Well, with the low potassium and fainting, heart problems are right around the corner, if she's not experiencing them already…

No. 118242


Fainting plus poor circulation means she's already experiencing heart complications

No. 118247

I wasn't that skinny when I was doing ~1g of FUCKING METH nightly.

holy shit this girl is nuts!

what should we do about it tho?

how to milk the lolcow?

No. 118257

I checked out that post and those are nowhere near 350 cal each.. LOL. totally mini muffins

No. 118263

The lines around her mouth make me want to punch her. Are they there because she is so emaciated?

No. 118266

fake as hell

No. 118267

I think she meant "high" to mean her caloric consumption for the day was high. Her English isn't perfect.

No. 118268

File: 1433726365055.png (649.27 KB, 776x468, catdish.png)

She's an expert at making it look like there's more food in her photos than there really is. There's like 20 noodles here.

No. 118269

File: 1433726613605.jpg (75.91 KB, 595x609, blech.JPG)

Could be dehydration, but the only time I've seen lines around the lips like that before is from years and years of smoking.

the kissy kissy face

but w/e, some intensive moisturiser wouldn't do any harm.

No, but her captions are always saying how she's feeling over the moon and this…fake…over enthusiasm about life and food. Strange from one so skeletal.

This portion looks small when you imagine the size of a sweetcorn. Oh, the bit of lettuce is a "salad" apparently.

No. 118272

File: 1433726992749.png (2.37 MB, 1546x924, bighugelushoilylies.png)

No. 118274


I was going to ss the apple pie with the fork!

No. 118275

File: 1433727273336.jpg (100.15 KB, 607x612, bingo.JPG)

She smokes.

No. 118297

File: 1433731612391.png (515.25 KB, 458x459, heartbowl.png)

The cherries are cut in half, and there's about a millimetre of milk in that bowl. Maybe two whole teaspoons of granola.

No. 118301

No. 118308

File: 1433733927394.gif (520.76 KB, 500x281, WF-Gif-3.gif)

No. 118313

Am I the only one that's heart broken that yummy looking food is just going to the trash?

No. 118323

People are mad because she seems well off. In reality, people waste tons of food every day. I think that eating more than you need is also a form of waste but this isn't the HAES thread

No. 118351

If she is throwing them in the trash, someone please tell her to at least give it to a starving poor person like a homeless person at least.

No. 118352


Sprout isn't saying anything about CPS, but now she's stealing blog posts and being hypocritical since Special K cereal was a real part of her intake.

(Original post: http://bevulnerablehavejoy.com/2015/01/22/what-will-you-gain-when-you-lose/)

No. 118353

Yeh, I wish I had the means to eat food like that.

No. 118372


Her food really isn't special or fancy. Have you been to Italy? You have to go to the right places (not tourist-y) and it's crazy cheap. I ate so much incredible food with a low budget.

I mean, yeah, she seems to go to a little more expensive places with her parents, but other than that… Plus, I still think she eats it and fasts the rest of the day or purges it. Don't think she'd just throw it away.

Learn to cook and budget properly and you can have the most amazing food at home. Meat and dairy are usually the most expensive things, learn to cook and enjoy meals without them and you're good to go.

No. 118376

aw crap I have those lines too when I smile. I'm not as thin as her but I do smoke. I always thought they're from getting older?

No. 118387

File: 1433754317164.jpg (33.06 KB, 493x335, case-medical_study_photo_of_tw…)


Could be both, really depends on the person. Some people just have them naturally. Generally smoking makes skin age like shit though and a lot of people look 40 when they just turn 30. Especially if they never use sunscreen, which you should wear everyday in your face if you don't want wrinkles and age spots.

No. 118388

It's a combination of facial structure and skin integrity. Your skin becomes less elastic as you age and accumulate sun exposure, but extremely low body fat and malnutrition certainly don't help. Smoking also wreaks havoc on your skin.

No. 118395

File: 1433759295403.jpeg (29.26 KB, 316x237, 415358-smiling-faces.gif.jpeg)

Thanks for explaining, guys. Well I don't think my skin has aged a lot since most people think I'm a lot younger than I really am.
Oh and by smoking I meant I smoke about 5 joints a day (with tabacco because holland)

Still I looked up some pics of people smiling and they usually have those lines so I don't really get anon's problem with Alyce.

No. 118396


No. 118397

Well there's a difference between constantly smoking sigs and smoking a few joints.
And we have to use tobacco because our weed is too good/strong to smoke pure

No. 118405

ok I'm not saying that you're wrong… but I think it's just a literal translation. she was probably thinking "sono una bimba felice" ("essere felice come un bambino"). it's a fairly common expression, it means you're happy and carefree, not an actual child lol.

No. 118430

File: 1433773103124.jpg (27.65 KB, 382x208, pleaaaasefollowmeeeeeeee.JPG)

She appears to be desperate for attention, I mean followers, on her other non-ED account.

See, tag yourself #edfamily or #ana etc etc and you're immediately embraced into a special instagram club!

No. 118431

I might do this as an experiment, like the jam and coffee one.

No. 118433

File: 1433773486673.png (778.57 KB, 1018x611, alice.png)

Just 7 months ago… holy shit she is noticeably at a healthier weight here. Someone should link to this photo on her recovery account.

No. 118434

Her face looks 15 years younger. I mean, she's too thin there, but if she wasn't wearing such a short shirt, you wouldn't think she was at death's door.

No. 118436

aha, we finally get a full view of her blue and yellow pasta plate! https://instagram.com/p/kwlqmnDpOF/?taken-by=alice_eleanor

that's 16 months ago so i bet she just pushes a few noodles to the side for her close-ups now

No. 118437

File: 1433774066710.jpg (41.8 KB, 412x213, throwingawayfood.jpg)

She's admitted to throwing food away in the past. What's to stop her from doing it now?

No. 118438

she is absolutely doing it now.

https://instagram.com/p/g0BQMsDpHa/?taken-by=alice_eleanor her boyfriend bought her that $800 Tiffany necklace

No. 118439

File: 1433774390009.jpg (76.12 KB, 594x464, 01.JPG)

She had other Tiffany gifts as well.

No. 118440

File: 1433775518230.jpg (88.24 KB, 606x418, 1.JPG)

No. 118441

File: 1433775550360.jpg (46.17 KB, 601x260, 2.JPG)

No. 118442

File: 1433775570692.jpg (20.24 KB, 593x123, 3.JPG)

No. 118443

File: 1433775640083.jpg (20.35 KB, 579x135, 4.JPG)

>clever in lying

No. 118447

>"clever in lying"

Because no one can tell that she is a walking skeleton. It's so obvious that she's eating everything she claims to!
She's so delusional, she's honestly beyond helping herself. Her parents need to commit her somehow because all that malnutrition has destroyed her sanity

No. 118450

To be fair in a lot of parts of italy they do refer to some lettuce/tomato/MAYBE another veggie as a 'salad' (or at least that's what it translates as, I'm not a native speaker so I don't quite get the connotation).

No. 118451

She went from wanting to be really honest and wanting people to ask questions to deleting any comment that asks her how come she's so thin if she eats all that stuff.

I reckon she probably throws the food when she's alone and barfs up things she HAS to eat in front of her family. Probably considers the chocolate episodes a binge, so definitely voms that back up.

I don't understand some of the things she says, like how her stomach is "closed" today, but fair play to her - I can't speak a word of Italian, so…

No. 118453

Oh, the bit of lettuce is a "salad" apparently.

In Dutch salad can both refer to letuce, a full salad and a side-dish-salad, maybe it's the same for Italian?

No. 118456

Culture exchange! I'm a pig at the salad bar. I usually leave the leaf out of it though. I don't see the point of lettuce.

No. 118457

File: 1433778299115.png (1.74 MB, 1208x1214, Mommy's skirt.png)

This is her "I'm going to the ED clinic" outfit. Notice any difference between this and what she usually wears? Suuuure, it's because of the heat! Totally believable. Not like you're trying to cover up your visibly emaciated body with those "large clothes" instead of showing your bones off as much as possible like usual…nope, that couldn't be it.

No. 118458

I wondered if her mum had a word with her about her short outfits being embarrassing in public, but you're right about the clinic visit…EXPECT MORE LIES ABOUT HER CONDITION… I'd rather she dressed this way all the time. A linen shirt over her vest wouldn't go amiss either.

No. 118461

Yup. She's still wearing a low-cut shirt that will show off her chest bones, but she's put on a nice, thick necklace to hide that too.

No. 118463

Ew @ her disgusting knee. Her handas seriously look like claws.

No. 118468


No. 118469

File: 1433780255650.jpg (12.71 KB, 197x256, aly_hands.jpg)

No. 118471

I hope she doesn't put on a show at the ED clinic. If she eats a regular-sized meal, she's at a huge risk of refeeding syndrome at this point.

No. 118472

Someone should use an alt and tell her that. Then we can all lel when she spazzes out because why would she be at risk for refeeding syndrome when she's been sckoffing 3,500 cals a day?

No. 118475


The scary thing is, if you've been restricting for a long time, it only takes one regular-sized meal…

No. 118477

File: 1433781339131.jpg (113.21 KB, 950x600, yeah_riiiight.JPG)


> if all these things won't work I'll go inpatient for some days to "get me safe" and reach an higher weight through feeding tubes ? All in all nothing new ? I REALLY hope that the treatment will help me ? but ofc I won't refuse to go IP if he will consider it necessary. He has been quite positive about my situation and I feel stronger and even more motivated than before ? So: totally good appointment! ✅

Hope I didn't bored you darlings ? and that you're having a great time✨Let's fight, let's do everything possible to recover: I'm sure that we can beat it! Sending loads of positive vibes and love ?❤️

No. 118478

Note she changed the necklace. Note chest bonez.

No. 118480

Right, like she's really going to take those supplements and drugs.

No. 118481

she smokes? of all fucking things … she smokes too?

also totally drinking from that cup. yes .

No. 118482


of course:

That caffeine's really going to calm her down.

No. 118483

Tbh i can't really blame her for not wanting to go IP. Once you get in, in Italy, getting out can be hard. One of my friends spent two years in an ana hospital and she was supposed to be a short stay (and was nowhere near spoopy skeleton). Still, she needs treatment asap. You can't go the easy way for these things.

No. 118484

I posted this in the "A" thread, but I think it's sage


What's happening here?

No. 118486


yeah, her metabolism is soooo fast. That's why she was eating dry salad the other day.

No. 118491

Does aly know about this thread do you think?

No. 118497

Someone posted a defensive comment in broken English so maybe.

This was posted in the Ashley thread. I'm not the OP but it's interesting:

People on her fb are saying she's a scammer:

NYT mention: http://nytlive.nytimes.com/womenintheworld/2015/05/27/after-raising-more-than-200000-rachael-farrokh-severely-anorexic-calif-woman-will-undergo-treatment-at-home/

>Farrokh posted a video plea for help in April and opened a GoFundMe page asking the online community to raise money for her treatment at ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders in Denver, one of the only treatment facilities Farrokh and her husband said would admit her. However, Farrokh’s husband, Rod Edmondson, says her physician has instead suggested home treatment to rehab from her extremely fragile state. She currently weighs around “40-something pounds.”

“In Denver you’re looking at high altitudes and there is a number of different factors that are there,” said Edmondson, citing worries over the potential complications he believes the thin air could cause.

But a doctor from the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders said Denver’s high altitude isn’t cause for any extra concern. “In my experience, there is absolutely no contraindication to receiving care for anorexia nervosa at altitude,” said Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, a certified eating disorder specialist and assistant medical director of ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders. (Gaudiani, it should be noted, has not examined Farrokh and is not providing her with medical care.) In fact, 20 percent of the center’s patients arrive by air ambulance, a cost often covered by insurance, Gaudiani said. “We have a terrific track record of making sure that medically fragile or weak patients are transported safely to ACUTE rather than languishing in a local, possibly in-expert, hospital setting,” said Gaudiani in a telephone interview with Women in the World.

People on Rachel's fb page called APS on her. It seems like you really have to go hard for them to take notice, or maybe CA APS is more responsive.

No. 118501

Has anyone requested a wellness check for ashley through APS?

No. 118514

i do see some logic in the idea that when you FIRST start eating again, your metabolism can go into overdrive which is more dangerous than just continuing starvation. but doesnt this effect reach a plateau at some point? she has been posting lush oily meals for a while now so wouldnt the metabolic kick taper off at some point and allow for weight gain ?

No. 118520


It does plateau and taper off but for months afterwards you need to eat more than your regular meal plan to maintain the weight gain. And until you reach your IBW you have to eat loads. You actually have to eat loads as you get closer to it.

No. 118538

File: 1433787195518.jpg (27.09 KB, 407x236, alyisaliarsurprisesurprise.jpg)

We'll see how long it takes her to delete these or pull more bullshit out of her ass.

No. 118540

>not chocolate digestives
beware the false prophet

No. 118542

>Have you been to Italy?
No, I'm Finnish. I fucking wish I had good snacks like that.

No. 118543

File: 1433787795418.jpg (21.21 KB, 389x144, 2.JPG)

No negativity plx anon

No. 118546

Well..yes. Sometimes when I dunk a chocolate digestive, it makes the tea too scummy. Nice feeling to lick the melted chocolate off though. I'm kinda torn. I think the chocolate/no chocolate thing depends on my mood but NEVER digestives with dark chocolate. ewwwwwwww.

No. 118551

Gosh, I know. I'm just terrible. How dare I question inconsistencies!

No. 118554

Ensure! New opportunity to save her life!

No. 118555

She's the first anorexic I've known to complain about the heat.

No. 118556


Ugh, don't blame Aly for not wanting to drink Ensure. It tastes like absolute shit. I'm serious, it's just shit. Sugar-loaded shit with ingredients that are probably banned in Italy. Easy to purge, don't ask me why I know that.

She'd be better off using the amount of oil she claims to use on her meals.

No. 118558


Ensure also stinks. All of the flavors have this distinct smell. Makes me gag. It's more bearable if you mix it in things, like oatmeal.

No. 118561

They made me drink Ensure to try to put on weight like, 10-ish years ago. The smell STILL makes me gag.

No. 118569

Ensure doesn't taste too bad as long as you plug your nose. I think it was Boost that I hated all around.

No. 118604


Ugh I used to have nightmares about Boost, my mom tried everything to make it tolerable (mixing it with hot cocoa mix, even marshmallow fluff) but just…no.

No. 118606

Are you faggots really that picky? It's literally chocolate milk.

No. 118608

WHy not get a mass gainer if you're all going the route of liquid calories?

No. 118609


You've never had ensure or if you did, you had it only one or two times. It's definitely not the same at all.

No. 118615

File: 1433796009010.png (115.13 KB, 431x470, super-sad.png)

And it's deleted. Should have added more emojis.

No. 118618

File: 1433796117904.gif (559.32 KB, 400x276, 820.gif)


>pic related

You clearly have not tasted Ensure, Boost or any other nutritional supplement if you think it tastes anything like chocolate milk. This motherfucker right here likes some chocolate milk (except for at my worst when it was a major fear), and let me tell you, there is a major difference.


Mass gainers will likely terrify someone suffering from an eating disorder, and treatment teams try to keep away from fitness foods (which really confuses me as to why all these girls keep eating Quest bars) to avoid the 'I'll gain if it's all muscle' philosophy used to reason with an ED.

No. 118632

have you even BOOSTED
shits full of extra vitamins, giving it a funky medicinal taste

No. 118636

Yeah IU've had it tons. I don't mind it. I like boost too.

No. 118643

I hate chocolate milk. Maybe that's why I like ensure and boost. Even slim fast. I also love pretty much all the 4 protein powders I've had when people complain about the flavors. I also like plain ol fiber one bran. I guess I just like food

No. 118651


Ensure is fortified with vitamins that malnourished folks need. Plus, some of those supplements are specially formulated for people with kidney problems and/or tube fed people.

No. 118652

Jesus, can we stop talking about fucking Ensure.

No. 118658

I was hoping that people would take treatment talk to the thread in /b/ because it gets old and seems like bragplaining

No. 118666

Yeah, it's fucking boring.

No. 118673

No. 118676

Just realized you can make out the individual bones in her arm. Creepy.

No. 118679

she poses the way she does for a reason. she obv loves showing off her thinness.

No. 118681

Just another way for the ED people reading the thread to compete.

No. 118684

It's funny how they don't realize they're just as sad as Aly.

No. 118685

The OCD is strong in this one

No. 118686

Damn, she never eats anything other then oatmeal, fruits and questbars? That's truly sad

No. 118687

Do you think she counts the raspberries?

No. 118688

You know she weighs them on a food scale

No. 118700

Her captions make me want to gouge out my eyes.

No. 118701

Fruits are okay, but everything else is carbs and processed shit. No veggies or lean meats? Her organs are fucked.

No. 118702

Oats are your friend

No. 118728


Who cares how it looks as long as the food goes in?

No. 118740

so basically, she's going to be dumping ensure down the drain along with her huge, LUSH meals

No. 118839

Happy saturdayyy peopleee!?❤️?❤️? big nourishing happiness bowl of thick oats and skyr topped with raspbss for late brekkie on this amazing day☀️☀️?☀️☀️????✨???? every day is a party LIFE IS A PARTY. We know it, know it all. Just ok. OK. That simple. Love you ALL?? THE PARTYY NEVER STOPPSS???????????????????????☀️☀️❤️

Translation: I am so fucking depressed and I hate eating and everyone in the world.

No. 118841

"Yes I had oats again cos I love my dad so much and I just wanna smile give to get DANCE DANCE DANCE ALL DAY LONGG"

Translation: "Fuck you, Dad."

No. 118842

Tiny part of today lunch was this super juicy yummy peach and dcc questieeeee cos ITS SUMMER CELEBRATION TIMMEEE??????????????????????☀️?☀️??????????????? (and we give a FUCK) ppppppPARTYTYYYYY☀️?????????????????☀️??????????☀️???☀️? along with a huge bakery bunsieee and (yes there is an and, bc there is no such thing as enough or too much, you gotta let this happy baby cells of yours go crazy wild party and let them dance and jump around after being tortured and mistreated for faaaaaar way way wayyyy too long, I when you feel those happy lil baby bubs go cray cray party jumpy jumping around like happy kangorooooo baby hippo monkey funkysss you gotta let dem party and never never never deny or let them confuse or scare you bc they just gonna make you smile even brighter laugh even louder party even harder grow even taller and stronger make everybody happy make you feel the reality feel the heart feel the power the true the reality the power the freedom the happy the safe the life the party the heart the love the only true love the only true safe reality island that our hearts live on freedom lives on only there no where else only here the reality the heart the smile the laughter the love??❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️????????☀️?☀️❤️????????????????)… A berry burst trekkie nom to le tomtom??????????????❤️???? LOVE YOU POOos? your all amazing and loved and gotta treat and let your body do its thang and danceeee and partyyyyy all day and every damn second?☀️????✨ Sun is shining to the full today letting us sparkle more and more to our full and outer true only selves☀️?☀️✨ (Soz just rambling now heheh but you knowwwwwhatyougottanow ???????????☀️✨☀️✨?✨??☀️????☀️ luckily there is still much left of this FabbbbbbbilyfabfabFABB day ❤️❤️✨????????????????????????????????????AYYYYAYAYAY???????????????☀️☀️????❤️❤️

Translation: I puked this up.

No. 118857


"Recovery" Instagram drinking game:

>Take a drink every time you see a diet or 'light' food

>Chug your drink if they claim to like it better then the regular brand
>Take a drink every time you see a Quest bar
>Take a drink when you see #minniemaud on someone who barely eats 1200 calories a day

Aly specific drinking game:

>Take a drink when 'oily'

>Take a drink when motivational 'food is good my ED family!'
>Take a drink when she says she's gaining
>Take a drink when there's a fake bite mark in a food item
>Take a drink when you see a photo shot to look like there's more food then there actually is

Not responsible for alcohol poisoning, friends. Drink responsibly.

No. 118880

i advise against this. fast lane to blackout city

No. 118889

Not for every bloody meal.

No. 118891

She has the body of a 90 year old.

No. 118913

File: 1433854142636.jpg (89.19 KB, 632x639, jewconfirmed.JPG)

How many drinks for this

No. 118915

How about fruit for every meal then?

No. 118923

Fucking Jews, :^)
More pounds = less shekerus

No. 118936

Aly is going inpatient. Thank god

No. 118937

What's up with American insta recovery girls loving uncrustables so much? I'm guessing it's a combo of knowing the exact nutritional info and wanting to feel like a child. Plus there are whole wheat, reduced sugar ones.
They look so small that they must be mostly bread, which is the worst part of a PB&J.
They also look like tiny pasties, and pasties are disgusting.

No. 118939

They're ok I guess. I guess they like them because they can eat them quickly, and they're calorie dense. They taste… okay I guess. But they come frozen so they have that "frozen" taste to them, and when you thaw/microwave them they get kind of wet. Gross. I'd rather make my own personally.

No. 118942

File: 1433860581238.png (629.68 KB, 604x612, Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 9.35.…)


Doesn't look like she has an ED though?

No. 118945


The whole wheat, reduced sugar ones are only 190 calories, and they're probably a lot less scary then taking two slices of bread (120 calories?) and then taking some peanut butter and OH GOD WHAT IF I MEASURED WRONG THAT MIGHT BE THREE TABLESPOONS and then some jelly and OH GOD MOM FORGOT TO BUY SUGAR FREE JELLY

No. 118949

pffft I'll believe that when it actually happens

No. 118952

The bread is weirdly thin, kind of like squished bread, I guess. So everything is pretty proportional.

No. 118954

eating 'mono meals' (aka 10 bananas or 3lbs grapes or 6 mangoes) is pretty disordered in itself.
i really think extreme vegan diets are just a cover up for some EDs

No. 118955

Same here. She was claiming yesterday that she wasn't going inpatient and was just going to do psychotherapy. Now inpatient is set for the 11th, so we'll see if it actually happens then.

No. 118980

Have to agree with you

No. 118981

Yeah I was pretty surprised that Aly suddenly did a 180 and is going full inpatient. And not only that, but they are going to restrict her movement and feed her through a tube right from the get-go.

Someone explain how she goes from being able to drink supplements at home to being required to be tube fed? She's so full of shit!

No. 118982

Her doctor probably freaked out at her test results because she's almost at a crisis so arranged emergency admission. My theory based on not believing her blood results were as okay as she wrote.

Also get the feeling she's going to discharge herself as soon as she sees the tube.

Until then, enjoy your meals anon. Food is life and life is DELISH.

No. 118983

PS only reply to my comment above if you're telling me how inspiring and strong I am thnx.

No. 118985

Yep. The doctors took one look at her and realized she's at risk of dying anytime.

No. 118992

File: 1433869223192.jpg (23.59 KB, 394x157, lol_anon.JPG)

I chuckled.

No. 118994

She's gonna delete that so fast.

No. 118999

"look im eating food! its not restriction! its healthy! your body NEEDS this. its NORMAL"

No. 119015

Fucking hell, 97 comments about Ensure. Now I know how to break the ice if I'm ever around a bunch of recovering anorexics.

No. 119156

Anas love ensure.

No. 119158

Have you not read the comments? They hate it

No. 119160

lmao I actually didn't read the comments.

No. 119161

People having chemo, people on dialysis, people dealing with side effects of awful drugs for all kinds of illnesses and they complain their Ensure tastes horrible.

No. 119204

It's kewl to hate ensure. Fuck you guys i like it

No. 119255


No. 119295

I like it too. My mom made me drink it as a child.

No. 119301

Hating Ensure must be one of the things that gives you an extra point for being a kewl anorexic.

Points added for:
-each IP admission
-having a nasal tube
-having a gastric tube
-most ingenuous method of sneaky barfing
-anything else that makes you appear sicker than another person with an ED.

No. 119315


No the true anorexics like ensure because it's easy to purge, easy to estimate calories, and is always consistent. People who want to get better actually just eat the food because it's a step towards normalcy.

No. 119339


I don't purge and I like it. Or certain flavors, anyways. For me, sometimes I just wanted to escape the stress of choosing and preparing foods, so I said fuck it and consumed mostly that for a little while. I say mostly, because other foods are good for avoiding ensure shits. I still drink it sometimes. Blog entry? IDGAF.

No. 119351

I kind of envy all the attention anorexics get for being sick. They really romanticize it

No. 119364


I wonder if Aly is going to post pics in hospital.

No. 119399

you aren't allowed to have a phone in the mental hospital. especially if ur anorexic

No. 119414

Anon above me is likely right that there will be no phones allowed, but can you imagine if she did?
I'm imagining fights with the nurses as she tried to arrange her food so it's pretty enough to post on Instagram and trying to claim it's not a disordered behavior.
Or a "sneacked" picture of her smiling creepily at her food, even though she would have had to ask someone to take the photo.

I'm actually shocked she hasn't added "#inpatient" to her prepared tags list yet.

No. 119417

I've got an idea as to where she might end up, and if it's anything like a friend of mine's clinic, there's a strict no phone ban for the first 30 days, then she can it back in the evening after dinner, but her internet usage will be monitored (def. no instagram)

No. 119481

You might get attention on the internet, but most people you know IRL are going to completely ditch you after a while. Not too many people want to maintain any sort of relationship with someone killing themselves.

No. 119508

> all the attention
yea but when you are actually sick you don't appreciate it. you are just deep in disease and obsessive compulsion

No. 119513

Do you think she will be going in Italy or will her parents fork over the cash to send her to America? I don't know anything about where the best treatment centers are (except Denver?)

No. 119517

Why would they send her to America?

No. 119518

Because all I've heard about as far as top tier treatment centers is Denver and I'm not sure if that's worldwide or what. Also her parents are rich and I imagine if Denver is the best of the best (which I don't know) I imagine they would fork over the cash to send her somewhere good

No. 119519

There are treatment centers in Europe she can go to. I don't think she's super rich and able to do private pay. She has that necklace and lives in .milan but her clothing and guess bag are cheap

No. 119522

It's not like she actually wants to recover. Why waste money on her? Anything she does gain she'll lose when she gets out anyway.

No. 119523

I don't think she's that rich.

No. 119524

Obviously her parents don't believe that and will probably spend as much as they can to try to get her healthy

No. 119525

File: 1433949612522.jpg (67.94 KB, 480x535, pov.JPG)

They can't even afford new crockery! Look at the chips on this saucer. Mon dieu!

No. 119528

Oh the humanity!

No. 119529

Has she no shame!!! $800 dollar Tiffany necklace and trashed china. Fur coat/no knickers as we say.

I'd feel odd wearing that necklace if she isn't with the guy any more. I like to give everything back. Maybe I'd sell it, but I don't think I'd wear it. Never had and never will be faced with that dilemma though, so :D

No. 119537

Totally missed that the necklace was from her ex, I thought it was from her parents. She def should have given it back unless he told her to keep it. Even then I wouldn't wear it anymore

No. 119544

this doent look like a bite mark…..how the fuck did she manage to cut off a piece of a biscuit

No. 119545

Looks like she dunked it first, if that's the case she could have easily picked it off

No. 119546

For the sake of argument, let's say she really is consuming the 3,000+ cals per day and has hypermetabolism.

Would her blood work have worrisome levels in that case, based only on her body weight and not on the nutrition her body is getting?

I can't wait until this bitch is exposed for the fraud that she is.

No. 119549

They'd more than likely do a thyroid test if she told the doctor she's been eating 3,000+ cals a day and is that thin. She would DEFINITELY be put on some thyroid medication which would cause her to lose weight.

And aside from her making a "tell all" post on IG saying that she was lying etc I don't think she'll get exposed, per se. She'll just keep making excuses

No. 119550

I meant GAIN weight, my bad

No. 119615

why cant you wait? plenty of anorexics get caught lying about the same old shit like she does. she isnt unique. she tells the same lies they all do

No. 119857

>implying experienced doctors would believe a patient with anorexia

No. 119859

I left a comment on her hospital lunch photo that was full of emoji and GOOD LUCK BE A FIGHTER sentiments, but I asked her to explain why she has to prove she's motivated to eat and why she needs a tube if she was already eating 3,500 cals at home.

Deleted 2 minutes later.

No. 119889

Jeez, did her mom take that picture of her wrists with the IV? Embarrassing. I wonder if ash helped her find her tattoo artist since it looks like it was also done by a scratcher

No. 119890

on the iv pic
> "They told me that it will be harsh to eat at the beginning"
uh it shouldnt be, if you've really been eating everything you've been eating all that you post on IG

No. 119900

And magically, the penne pasta isn't super oily and LUSH!

No. 119907

Princess TippyToes is complaining already

>They had just "some" problems in catching my veins ? and nearly fainted at the third attempt; such an "expert" nurse

> the mousse tasted horrible

> pasta overcooked

There's an empty bed in her room and she hopes it stays that way. Lel. NO TIFFANY FITTINGS IN THE BATHROOM!!!1

No. 119909

thats because she actually had to eat it and food doesn't taste as magical and wonderful as her fantasies

maybe if she wasn't a wasted skeleton the nurse would have been able to find a vein.

No. 119915

Not implying that at all actually but there are some doctors who would eliminate everything possible first before coming to a diagnosis, especially if the person has mental health problems. Last thing they want to do is tell someone "Yeah sorry you're anorexic" when there's a slim chance it could be something else.

No. 119928

> eliminate everything possible first before coming to a diagnosis
> especially if the person has mental health problems
pick one
many doctors, or people for that matter, give a shite about mentally ill people. they shrug off their complaints, because of course "its all in your head"

No. 119929

* dont give a shit

No. 119934

Doctors treat people with mental illnesses like shit generally. You can have valid complaints but because of a note in your chart they'll ignore you. If you have a nental illness and its disclosure isn't necessary in terms of treatment because it's totally unrelated to the problem at hand (for example, you have chest pains and you're bipolar) it's probably better not to tell that to the doctor unless you want to be treated like a five year old hypochondriac.

No. 119936


But an exception to that would be if you had to disclose medications, since they can interact with stuff.

No. 119940

This is SO TRUE and something that really pisses me off. Even if they actually take a physical symptom seriously after numerous visits they'll still say it's a symptom of anxiety (eg migraine) without considering hormonal issues or w/e. It's worrying but they'll even say worrying there might be an underlying physical illness is hypochondria.

No. 119941

Yeah really, and three attempts to get blood is NOT that many. What a bitch to question the nurse's expertise over that.

No. 119943

Aly posts first nasal tube pic guize.

No. 119944


She's so dehydrated, I can imagine it being difficult for even a skilled nurse to blood

No. 119945

why is she wearing street clothes in the hospital bed?

No. 119946

The fact the her mom is taking selfies with her in the hospital is weird to me. Does she not realize the gravity of the situation? I wonder if there's some co-dependency there.

No. 119949

She's probably convinced her mum that keeping a diary of her "journey" is helpful.

No. 119950

Even with usual skin and veins and BMI, my regular blood woman has difficulty sometimes getting a vein. Wow, she's been there less than half a day and she's already found a dozen things to moan about. I hope the brat has to share her room.

No. 119958

Exactly. I pointed out that I was once in the ER and it took at least 15 tries for the nurse to get a vein because I was cold.
The picture is deleted now. Way to go, Aly. Rather than admit the error of your ways, you just delete the evidence.

No. 119962

File: 1434043656861.jpg (128.26 KB, 978x620, 1.JPG)

we not to ss and post these pics.

The break from the enthusiasm and the emojis is nice.

posting pic to document her journey…

No. 119963

NEED, not not* (I'm not even on autocorrect wtf)

No. 119964

Good excuse not to have to eat - her tube makes it difficult.

Any bets how long before she discharges herself?

No. 119966

was she admitted voluntarily or involuntarily? She doesn't seem to be the kind of person to voluntarily admit herself considering she tried to get out of it the first time. If it was involuntarily then I'm not sure they'd let her discharge herself but I'm not sure on the laws in Italy.

And yeah, when I read her complaining about it being hard to swallow and stuff with the NG tube I immediately thought oh now she has an excuse not to eat, great…

No. 119967

She said she "agreed" to go IP, but the next day it was arranged she went in today. I had the feeling she was pretending she had a choice. She's already complaining about the feeling of lack of control. I'm not sure what happened in reality, but if she IS voluntary I can't see her sticking it out for long.

No. 119982

File: 1434046306303.jpg (108.7 KB, 976x641, Capture.JPG)

No. 119986

Why are they giving her small portions of low(ish) calorie food if she's been losing weight on a high calorie diet. Oh, wait…

No. 119988

Someone please tell her how to spell STRENGTH

No. 119989

Where are all the icecreams gone
Where are all the cakes
Where's the oily pesto sauce
To lush up Alice's day.

No. 119990

idk, but that soup looks LUSH!

need some #nightsnacks although she's already WAY OVER 3500 cals.

No. 119991

It's STRENGHT. She is such a worrior.

No. 119993

haha, first I thought she was being clever and was saying ED WORRIER, but realised it's her spelling mistake :/

No. 119995

Isn't there a night snack after a perfect day?
Late at night she tosses and she turns and she dreams of what she needs

She needs a trashcan
She is holding out for a trashcan 'til the end of the night

No. 119996

Soaked up the liquid with her clothing, drops the pasta grit sneakily as she walks to the bathroom, smears the curtains with her FULL FAT cheese.

No. 119997

god she looks awful, she's like ashley level spoopy skeleton. the crazy thing is how quickly she got to this point.

No. 120004

Fuck off with making fun of her English unless you can speak perfect Italian.

No. 120005

That's the saddest fucking meal I've ever seen.

No. 120008


No. 120009

Therefore, fuck off making fun of her personality traits unless you have the same ones?

No. 120010

Nah, go ahead and make fun of everything else about her. Aly is fucking hilarious, but mocking her English is ignorant and makes you look like an uneducated American asshole.

No. 120012

and finding seriously ill people makes you look how?

No. 120013

File: 1434048974424.jpg (73.51 KB, 602x629, disnigga.jpg)

> implying only american's are commenting about her shit english

No. 120014

ill people hilarious*

Uh huh. There are Americans, then there are Others.

No. 120015

well, she is posting her spelling errors along with her oh so real recovery (prior to going IP) on the web for all to see. she has no right to not be made fun of.

No. 120021

hopefully she can do some soul searching this summer and resume uni in the fall before she seriously fucks up her life

No. 120023

File: 1434050676181.png (457.64 KB, 1356x530, 43rfi34t5.png)

not sure if someone has pointed this out already.
i've only read a few of her posts till now.
and i have noticed that she rarely ever describes what the food TASTES like (except for "delish" a million times). she mostly names it and describes what it looks like.
a sort of give away that she doesn't put it in her mouth.

No. 120026

Has been noted, but collages like this are always very welcome! FABBY!

No. 120030

No. 120042

File: 1434052545260.png (106.22 KB, 480x678, Screenshot_2015-06-11-21-41-46…)


No. 120045

The infamous #inpatient tag. Lots of fucked up shit in there.

No. 120050

No. 120051

I feel like the #inpatient tag is some kind of sick achievement medal for them to be able to use it on IG

No. 120052


No. 120053

I wonder what the hospital staff think whenever she comes in yet again to get stitched up

No. 120055

File: 1434053191018.png (110.61 KB, 479x627, 2015-06-11 22.03.03.png)

Right, why does she need to go to the hospital..

No. 120056

I feel like all these girls are in a bpd battle with each other.

No. 120058

Maybe they gain hitpoints with each cut and photo posted. WHY the need to post pics though.

No. 120059

File: 1434053592812.jpg (184.86 KB, 640x640, bpd.jpg)

"Pics or it didn't happen"? Or just showing off maybe.

No. 120064

are you trying to give her ideas? girls do the craziest shit to hide food in treatment.
i was at renfrew like 10 yrs ago and I'm pretty tall, so if i crossed/uncrossed my legs, my knee could graze the bottom of the table.. and one day my knee ended up with cream cheese all over it, bc someone "hid" it under the table during breakfast. bitches ;)

No. 120073

This is actually one of the most common mistakes for Italian learners.

No. 120088

Usually they are very annoyed. The first time they are nice but later they want you to go inpatient so you finally stop wasting a stressed doctors time.
It has to be exhausting to watch someone relapsing too.

No. 120099

How can one cut so deep without dying? They must live with family, who discover the deep fresh wounds and commit them. That, or, they truly don't want to die deep down, and go to the hospital themselves?

No. 120100

Cutting =/= suicidal

No. 120107


This is one of the worst cases of self harm I've seen:

tw in the url

No. 120109

No. 120110

Fuuuuck you can see her fucking femur wtf

No. 120111

That is insane, poor poor woman to be so tormented to do that to herself..

No. 120113

and have a high pain threshold

No. 120114

She might as well have chopped her limbs off, it would be the same pain. I can't even begin to imagine how anyone could do that..

No. 120125

Ever since I saw these pictures a while ago I've always wondered what happened to her

No. 120134

i just read something after some google searching that said she hinted at killing herself for a while, then one day had sliced a massive chunk of her arm from her palm to her bicep, and posted pictures laying in a bathtub. the person said the water got darker and people kept freaking out, til her tumblr went silent.

No. 120139

File: 1434064012728.jpg (30.89 KB, 742x256, 1.JPG)

Might be the same discussion thread, it goes on to say (pic)

No. 120140

File: 1434064447388.jpg (33.44 KB, 661x265, 1.JPG)

found this on tumblr

No. 120141

I'm curious to see what she looks like now

No. 120142

Um, Adam Lanza? Isn't that the name of the crazy asshole who shot a bunch of kindergartners at that school a few years ago?

No. 120145

me too

yeah, that's the person who wrote the question.

the person who has the tumblr answered. i found her name on a forum saying she knew her from the internet, googled the name and found this on the tumblr.

(the tumblr http://yroxis.tumblr.com/)

No. 120146

*obv not THE adam lanza

No. 120147

obviously, just creepy to want to use that name.

No. 120149

File: 1434065344831.png (2.18 MB, 1920x1080, 1421967773023.png)

is this her bf? idk when this pic was taken or posted

No. 120152

sorry im a dumbass the date says 01/08/2015. but idk when it was taken so

No. 120154

Nice work. Must be him. Her facial scarring isn't as bad as I'd imagined it would be, but it's good that she doesn't have any new looking cuts on the visible flesh.

No. 120156

it may be old but thast all i could find. and he appears to have a scar on his forearm as well. (as anon above me said, he's a cutter too) yikes. well i hope shes alive and doing better

No. 120157

She looks a lot younger than I thought she was.

No. 120158

That post from the tumblr person's from March, so it sounds like that pic is pretty recent.

No. 120159

I'm surprised she's wearing t-shirts, I wonder if she goes out in public like that

No. 120161

Idk, but I want to know more about her.

No. 120168

No. 120175

Think Aly will ever explain why her #inpatient meals look like soup kitchen rations compared to her LUSH and OILY pizzas and pastas and full pints of ice cream at home?

Surely her loyal ass-kissers, erm, I mean followers will finally notice something is amiss?

No. 120178

Fucking this.
It took me a ridiculously long time to get my very underactive thyroid diagnosed because my parents insisted to all the doctors I saw that I was 'depressed.' Because of that, none of them ever tested me for anything, they just said it was psychological, no matter how much I insisted that I really, really wasn't depressed, I was just exhausted, freezing, and felt like absolute crap. Other than these weird physical symptoms, I was normal. By the time I was of age, those notes were still in my file, so the new doctors said it was just depression too.
Ironically, I ended up with disordered eating tendencies because of my thyroid issue causing me to have great difficulty losing weight, which in turn lead to me actually becoming depressed and a whole slew of other issues that all stemmed from being constantly ill.
And now I'm 20 and finally have my damned thyroid medication, and I'm doing pretty fine.
TL;DR, fuck medical treatment of mental health issues, and also fuck HAES, because a large part of why my issue went ignored even at my insistence was because 'I wasn't overweight, so it couldn't be my thyroid.'

No. 120180

I'm glad her face doesn't look too bad.

No. 120182

If it wasn't for the regular thyroid blood check I get for being on lithium, they would've put all my underactive thryroid issues down to overeating/oversleeping on depression!

Still don't know if her followers are humouring her or plain fucking stupid.

Same. Of all the photos the face one disturbs me most. It's one of the least graphic, but…THE FACE.

No. 120183


No. 120205

She must spend a ton of time deleting "haters" (i.e. people who tell the truth to her face).

No. 120218

This is so true, no matter what your diagnosis. I'm fortunate to have a GP who doesn't treat me as my psych diagnoses; otherwise, my hyperthyroidism would probably still be undiagnosed.
There's a statistic that I cba to cite (Google it) that says that people with panic disorder are more likely to die from heart attacks than the general population. They're not more likely to have heart attacks, just more likely to die from them. Maybe there's a legit medical reason, but I can't help but wonder if this has to do either with it being assumed that it's just a panic attack, or with people not seeking medical attention, either from fear of not being taken seriously or because they themselves think it's a panic attack.

It's great when the other bed in the room is vacant, tho. No fighting over lights and such, and you get the bed on the window side by default.

Back to Aly, am I being a dick for thinking that she looks prettier when she's sad than when she's doing kissyface or awkwardly smiling at food?

No. 120228

I wonder what she'll do if/when she gets a crazy roommate. Is she in an ED IP unit or a general medical hospital?

No. 120229

I am reading more about that Rachael chick who raised like 200K for treatment…the boyfriend seems like he's co-dependent, a control freak, or too lazy to work so he's getting paid by Medicaid to be her caretaker.

No. 120233

File: 1434095680811.jpg (125.46 KB, 968x609, fag.JPG)

Sounds like medical ward judging by the latest update.

Obligatory cigarette shot.

No. 120234

aww man this is awful, I had to click it away. How can someone do this to themselves?
I really hope she's gotten help and is better by now, poor girl.

No. 120238

Yeah, it's really scary. I can't imagine what was going through her head

No. 120242

File: 1434101217674.jpg (18.04 KB, 295x121, lol.JPG)

No. 120244

>my night went terribly! an old ill woman was put in my room

christ, get over yourself. Yeah it sounds like she's in a hospital, not an ED clinic. Probably stabilizing before going IP.

No. 120247

Imagine being an ill old woman and having to share a room with aly! The last thing you'd want is some privileged 19 year old throwing a wobbly because she doesn't have a variety of flavours of Ensure to choose from.

No. 120263

Other people commented on her red bracelet, the photo was so obviously taken to show it off, but they deleted it post haste.

Oh and on her newest lunch photo… they're feeding her small meals because of the tube and "somanymedicines" guize. She's not at risk for refeeding syndrome at all, nope.

No. 120269

red bracelet? does this carry some significance?

No. 120270

Red bracelets are used in the 'ED community' to showcase that they have anorexia.

No. 120274

TIL. now i will never wear a red bracelet

No. 120299

I agree that she's prettier when sad. I had the kissyface and awkward fake smile.

No. 120302

No. 120348

File: 1434122154085.jpg (22.62 KB, 299x166, 1.JPG)

Her zucchini portion was still BIG and OILY.

No. 120350

Can't believe she's allowed to smoke. I thought the red bracelet was a thing like 10 years ago? People still do that shit?i wonder if the ultrasound is to check her reproductive system since she's clearly not menstruating.

No. 120354


I thought the sonar thing would be to check her heart muscles. It's not like her ability to breed is important at this point. Idk though. Probably checking out any organ damage?

No. 120357

No. 120361

Yeah I figured the sonogram was an echocardiogram to check her heart structure.

No. 120371

Achievement unlocked!

No. 120375

I don't know about Italy but in my experience they only order heart ultra sounds those for people with EKG abnormalities and holter monitor abnormalities. She's probably sicker than she realizes.

No. 120376

Oh I think she realizes it, she's just never going to post about it on IG because then she knows her gig is up and she'll have to admit to all the lying that she has done.

No. 120385

File: 1434126187984.jpg (128.31 KB, 640x636, DELISH.jpg)

could it be the first one for a new collage?

No. 120388

While she's IP she should substitute her Starbucks cup for the vending machine plastic cups. Notice she's not taken any selfies #ootd. Maybe the joyful child doesn't want us to see her looking unkempt. Check out the dirty fingernail.

No. 120390

She said her face is swollen

No. 120393

Yeah there's no way Little Miss Vain will post a selfie with what she believes to be a bloated face. She probably looks a lot prettier with the bloat.

No. 120394

I used Google Translate for one of her questions in Italian. Someone asked:

Excuse the question …. if you do not like not resp … but if you had to start over eating because you have not gained weight? And consequently the hospitalization ??? They have found some metabolic disease ???

Then she responded:

My picture metabolic / heart / liver is a disaster: it was I who want me to admit to save my life ?

So she's aware her organs are fucked.

No. 120395

she doesn't look jaundiced to me. does she look jaundiced to you? no doubt she has heart issues tho. i am doubting her metabolism is "fast", well, more than doubting. i straight up think it's bullshit. yeah i know it can happen in recovery, but that isnt what happened to her. her metabolism is probably sluggish right now.

No. 120397

File: 1434128787925.jpg (5.96 KB, 259x194, spockdonttakenoshit.jpg)

I like how she mentions how starving she is because of strict calorie control

No. 120402

I think she doesn't realize that "Ensure" is a brand name and not a general name for nutritional supplements.

No. 120403


No. 120404

So she's only pretending for English speakers?

No. 120413

File: 1434130644518.jpg (9.18 KB, 267x188, secrethandshake.jpg)

You must be Italian to join her secret society shhh. It's one of the higher levels of the secret anorexic club that uses things like red bracelets and dragonflies to identify one another, shhhh.

No. 120417

File: 1434130800112.jpg (117.32 KB, 959x671, 1.JPG)


No. 120421

File: 1434130855547.jpg (23.18 KB, 283x161, 1.JPG)

No. 120433

kek, as if she has a choice

No. 120439

Dragonflies? What is this? Sounds like you might be a member of the society.

No. 120442

Hell, no. I'm expose this kind of stuff. I'm like the Alex Jones of the ED world.

No. 120447

File: 1434132362479.png (709.5 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-06-12-14-16-41…)

One of Alice's "recovery fans"

No. 120448

See, it's a cult. Aly recruited her. It's all lies. Don't believe anything they say. WAKE UP!!!1

No. 120451

lol wut

No. 120457

No. 120458

File: 1434133301236.jpg (19.97 KB, 575x204, 1.JPG)

> (disfunction runs rampid in our family)

No. 120460


She does online school and she's even had to cheat at that so I'm not surprised that she's not the best at spelling and grammar.

No. 120461

I gave up at the Pop Tarts

No. 120463

Love how the person who wrote the urban dictionary entry wrote EXISTANT, not EXISTENT, then goes on to call people who say "rampid" mentally challenged.

No. 120466


No. 120468

I know. I feel like going back in time and commenting "cool story, bro".

No. 120470

Hi, IAmA a teenager, AMA

No. 120471

> I would draw food on all my papers and would write depressing poems in class.

No. 120473

is 8PM "early" for dinner in italy? I usually eat at 5 or 6 here in da south of the united states. plus those meatballs look good, judge me if you will

No. 120474

on second thought maybe she is just attached to her usual meal times, like fasting all day and eating only late at night?

No. 120476

I know posh people tend to eat "dinner" late. I'm a common Northern UK person, and we have our "tea" around 5-6pm

No. 120479

From what I remember reading Italians eat dinner really late.

No. 120481

File: 1434135769394.jpg (128.32 KB, 963x606, kissy.JPG)

Fucking kissy kissy face

No. 120487


I wonder if her mom tries to be her best friend. Taking selfies with your kid who has a tube up her nose seems so bizarre to me. I mean, if your kid has a chronic illness or something like cancer where weeks and months are spent in the hospital, I can see trying to strive for some normalcy by doing that sort of thing. But this seems off to me.

No. 120499

I thought people who have no control over their life eat dinner late lmao

No. 120505

I think she just loves her and wants to be part of documenting her life… doesn't look like this one's built to live long

No. 120507


I can't get my head around wanting your photo taken while you have a tube up your nose. It's all bizarre to me.

No. 120509

It's not for attention!!! It's to document the reality of eating disorders!!one1

No. 120514

It's not good how all her followers are her #EDfamily. She didn't get followers being herself, but she's "popular" as ED aly. If she recovers, she's going to miss that.