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File: 1435936849941.jpg (53.7 KB, 538x586, nana blondie.JPG)

No. 131511

Restrict aly threads? Gone over our plan for aly recovery inspiration? Dang NO! Put those stupid #alyishidingfood thoughts away and indulge in some #DELISH #OILY #closeupporn debate about this ~inspirational~ #FIGHTER who is definitely looking better (…) Be strong, darlings…

Other ED lolcows also under the microscope.

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No. 131514


Her iphone case business must've really taken off.

No. 131519

I hope this thread was cooking with tons of oil too sake emoji

No. 131528

yes, but oddly no jam :/

No. 131539

File: 1435939512578.png (37.22 KB, 1138x96, Day treatment eh.png)

I'm glad that even some of her devoted followers have been asking when she's going back to her "day treatment" program. No responses from dear Aly so far, except for pic related. Sure sounds like a legit ED day treatment program to me…(the ones I've heard of in the US tend to run Mon-Fri from like 8 or 9am until 7pm or so, so you eat at least the large majority of your meals and snacks there - supervised)

If she's actually getting "treatment," it sounds like she's just going to meet with a dietician and a therapist once or twice a week, if that. I'm honestly shocked that that's considered acceptable for someone in Aly's physical condition, but then again, I'm underinformed about Italian laws and their healthcare system.

And I wonder why it's suddenly so hard for her to go out with friends to a buffet - she "risk[s] to restrict on the meal plan" now, but before, when she wasn't on a meal plan, she was eating whole pizzas and having pint parties, "gaining weight" on her own (lol), and apparently not having any problem with restricting?

Girl, your lies are showing like mad. It's okay to admit that you relapsed and were/are struggling. That's not surprising for someone with an ED. You'd probably get fuckloads of support from your legion of admirers for being ~so brave and honest~, but it's too hard to come clean after so many months of posting all of those lies, I guess.

No. 131544

Her newest photo:

Mom is almost done eating her gelato
Aly's is melting
And he has lipstic- I mean"raspberry" on her teeth

No. 131545

Oops typo, she

No. 131548

Hahah, she's just holding it while it melts, wow…I wonder if she threw it away with her mom right there? Is her mom an enabler? Next time on Dr. Phil

No. 131549


Yeah, I think she's too embarrassed to admit to the lies so she's going to keep on pretending. Shit like this is why no one should document recovery (be it an eating disorder, substance abuse, etc) on social media. People feel like they're entitled to updates/nitty gritty details and it's hard to be honest about relapsing and setbacks (which are always a part of recoverY0.

No. 131557

My friend's sister did one of those outpatient "eat meals here" programs. She still wasted away. Guess what she did? Followed their program, but restricted all day before and all day after going in.

No. 131558

> a buffet

She's said she has problems eating in public. Hmm…could it be because she actually has to be seen eating? No, no, can't be that.

I notice the gas huffing anorexic's ig has been deleted. She actually looks well on her latest fb pic after being IP for the 100th time. I hope she's realised she needs to stay away from ig instead of ig deleting it.

No. 131560

She said "damn" this time. It's damn possible!

No. 131562

>Shit like this is why no one should document recovery (be it an eating disorder, substance abuse, etc) on social media.
YES. I don't think people realize the extent to which the shit they post on the internet is not only publicly accessible but very difficult to wipe away all traces of. Even if Aly does actually go on to recover and decides to delete her Instagram or something, she's still going to have all of these images of her as a spoopy skeleton and screenshots of her lying her ass off floating around the internet.

No. 131567

So do we still think Ash is going to outlive Aly, given her recent photos?

No. 131568

Thoughts on someone creating a sockpuppet to link Aly to all of these threads? Of course she'd probably soak up all of the attention and love it.

No. 131570

I doubt she'd even look.

No. 131573

I really don't think Ash is going to live another year to be honest. She's looking worse than ever and it's happened over a short period.

I'd do it, but I suspect she already looks here. She's the kind of person who'd google her name/usernames. Maybe why she said damn instead of dang.

Can't stop thinking about that peach and raspberry sorbet. I could murder one of those right now.

No. 131574

Someone on IG tipped off ginger to lolcow

No. 131575

Someone on IG tipped off ginger to lolcow. I'm betting that same person already tipped off Aly.

No. 131577

I used to think it was ash who was doing it.

No. 131579

I doubt Ash still has the energy for that. Do her friends still do her bidding for her?

No. 131580

It's probably a quiet fetishist tbh.

No. 131581

File: 1435943219985.jpg (23.25 KB, 310x149, princess anna.JPG)

What's this? veganminger is A PRINCESS?!?

I'd be the coworker who would've written GET SOME HELP.

No. 131582

No. 131583

Is that what was scribbled out?

No. 131585

Looks like he likes Ashley's glasses.

No. 131588

Maybe he thinks they'd magnify his tiny dick.

No. 131592

Ewwwww he even posted a pic of a woman with a NG tube, how the FUCK is that sexy? Liking thin women, even very thin women, I can understand, but…the living dead, like Ash? Seriously? The only thing I can figure is that it has something to do with the women being frail and vulnerable (and/or childlike), which really creeps me out. Sorry for not being all open-minded and kink-positive or whatever, but something about the extreme anorexia fetish screams "predator" to me.

No. 131593

Oh god, that makes me think of a comment I read from one of these guys once, posting about a picture of a painfully emaciated (like, "how the fuck are you still even alive, your life must be a nightmare of pain and suffering" emaciated) woman. Something along the lines of "Wow, so sexy! She's so skinny, I bet I could see my dick bulging through her stomach as I fucked her." I wish I could bleach that out of my memory.

No. 131594

Has anyone noticed that Ashley follows 33 people on instagram now? Maybe it's because that's her weight now. Although I'm not sure that's possible…idk.

No. 131595

File: 1435944859750.gif (54.08 KB, 500x282, U9yXgtK.gif)

A friend? For ash?!

No. 131596

I'm not sure IF* that is possible.

No. 131597


in high school, I remember sitting next to a couple of boys talking about their sex life. the one said he loved to have sex with the skinny girls because he could see her stomach lift up where his dick was. disgusting. we were all in the corner of the class and he was whispering so it wasn't like he was bragging to the whole class. he must've not know that I was sitting right there and coule hear EVERYTHING. scarred for life.

No. 131599

Henry Roth must spend every second of his wa(n)king day thinking about skinny women. Most of his friends have profile pics of skinny women.

No. 131603

Is ash taking photos for this guy? How does he have photos of her in… positions… that we haven't seen?

No. 131615

File: 1435945987931.jpg (51.45 KB, 1342x224, denial.JPG)

He posted a pic of this girl

She says she isn't anorexia and it's just her genes, even though one of her ig photos is of her in hospital with kidney problems.

No. 131616

File: 1435946033645.jpg (98.67 KB, 442x627, genetic.JPG)


No. 131618

As much as I hate to defend Aly, her mom is not almost finished with her ice cream. The cup is still pretty full. It's just white so it blends in.
However, yes, Aly is letting her ice cream melt, and I would not be surprised if she threw it out after the picture. Maybe she claimed she doesn't like melted ice cream.

No. 131622

She already deleted one comment from that pic

No. 131643

File: 1435951400905.jpg (31.38 KB, 581x183, banhammered.JPG)

No. 131649

Ugh, fuck her. I just wanted to point out how her mom still has ice cream. I'm not understanding why she deleted that comment if it said what the person says it did.

No. 131652

Wow, did anyone see the original comment? At least Aly seems to be showing her true colors more and more lately. Maybe at least a few of her adoring fans will wake the fuck up and stop praising her as the ~model of Real Recovery~ she so clearly isn't.

No. 131690

>those legs

this is so disgusting i can't even deal.

No. 131691

Didn't see it, but she deleted the post asking why she deleted the comment wtf

No. 131693

File: 1435959240625.jpg (13.94 KB, 588x111, how.JPG)

yes, aly, just how do you do it?

No. 131700

Wow she's like Ash except up and walking around, how does that even work when you have no muscles?

No. 131707

File: 1435960315664.jpg (100.89 KB, 963x592, so glamorous.JPG)

The Russian girl's family seem well off. Her house is something I can only dream of and she wears designer clothes. She loves to show her body…

No. 131708

File: 1435960341341.jpg (98.33 KB, 545x605, giraffe.JPG)

and those giraffe legs

No. 131714

That's a plastic tub. Not so fancy. Not saying she's poor but a lot of people live in big, fancy-looking houses and get stingy when it comes to construction.

No. 131721

File: 1435961149453.jpg (141.33 KB, 600x600, file.jpg)

She doesn't have anorexia though…and aly really does eat so much lush oily food.

No. 131723

I think I might've seen it. But they wrote nothing different from the others saying she should go to the buffet, just a normal commenter who wasn't enabling her. Did she delete everyone's comments who told her to go out to the buffet, but only keep the ones that said to stay home? Wow…

No. 131726


are you talking about the photo she asked everyone's opinion? i guess you're right then because there really isn't very many commenters saying to go to the buffet (also, the buffet where she knows there won't be enough for her kek). but i didn't see it earlier so i wouldn't know.

No. 131728

No. 131735

File: 1435963270111.jpg (597.25 KB, 400x225, n508ff66c9d342.jpg)

she looks like a fucking holocaust victim

No. 131780

My mom weighed around 93 pounds at five feet six inches and wasn't this thin… genetics my ass

No. 131791

File: 1435968470766.jpg (214.65 KB, 640x640, 10624481_1454979264767674_1164…)

Metabolism: It's a hell of a drug!

No. 131792

This is her ask.fm but you 'll have to deal with shitty google translate

She says she's 168cm (need to do a conversion thing) and weighs 39. I guess that's kg?

On some of her pics she's already got that old face or a 14 year old.

No. 131793

Someone linked her to an anorexic lover pag on vk and she said "it's not the first time"

dang metabolism

No. 131795

He's posting about how a skeleton is the perfect woman yet he says "Anorexia kills like cancer" and "A sad end to starve to death" does he not realise that the girls he wants to fuck are wasting away and that only a handful of people in the world are naturally emaciated and they all have some other medical condition causing it? Those men have a fetish for half dead chronically ill women basically.

No. 131796

File: 1435969468841.jpg (130.46 KB, 451x600, file.jpg)

Next step would be being a necrophiliac. He'd be an interesting case for psychologists. Him and that other one, Marc Pfennig. They're always hanging out at the skinny groups encouraging the women to keep losing weight.

This is the worse pic of that girl's legs I think.

No. 131799

She has to weigh less than that. Maybe 39 ibs not kg.

No. 131803

She would be deader than dead if she weighed 39lbs, that's what a 3 year old weigh. It's definitely in kilos.

No. 131804

That makes her BMI 13.8

No. 131807

No way is her BMI 13.9. I would guess in the 10s, maybe lower.

No. 131810

She looks shorter than 168m, idk idk

No. 131812


No. 131817

Erm, 13.8. Typo. Point still stands, although I'm not sure how that poor girl does.

No. 131819

She could weigh 39 pounds if she was reeeally short, like maybe 5 feet or under, but she doesn't look it. I do think she looks closer to having a single-digit BMI (which some people can survive at - it's not really "living" - for quite some time) than a BMI of 13.8, TBH.

I think she meant 39 kg, but that she's drastically exaggerating her weight.

No. 131820

She says it's her metabolism. She says she weighs more than she does. She's anorexic, so she's going to lie about it.

No. 131821

Bit jelly of that bedroom
Never seen her before tho

No. 131823

Her room's huge. Did you see the massive tv she's got in there too? Once again, we ask, why aren't her parents doing anything?

No. 131824

Maybe they think the Ed is because they didn't give her enough attention, so if they keep buying her stuff and letting her do what she wants she'll be cured

No. 131825

Idk why there are so many anorexics who are super active in former soviet bloc countries. Shmegeh had a huge russian following, IIRC.

No. 131826

*super active on social media

No. 131827

File: 1435973988474.jpg (54.69 KB, 663x509, kek.JPG)

This Dave Carlson't another of the weirdos.

No. 131833

File: 1435974631479.jpg (69.17 KB, 641x650, kek again.JPG)

No. 131834

Is Mishel using a photo of pre-ED Ashley as her profile pic?

No. 131836

YUP. A 4chan one!

No. 131837

File: 1435975013025.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46 KB, 604x403, bleachingmyeyes.jpg)

HOW does this guy think this is sexy? shudders

No. 131838

I've never seen Ash pre-ED, was she ok looking?

No. 131840

idk. an actual site for veiny women. jesus.


No. 131842


No. 131844

Bitch, where the fuck is the goddamn spoiler thingy?? Jesus fucking christ… Is this also a fetish? Being so skinny your veins are all visible?

No. 131846



No. 131849

check the earlier ash threads

No. 131851


have we got some GOMI people here or what?

No. 131854

The fuck is GOMI?

No. 131863

Just did, she was actually cute wtf

No. 131867

No, I'm not from GOMI, lol. I asked if the person with Ash's pic was Shmegeh because "Michelle Alessandra" is her first and middle name. She's depraved enough to post on a site full of fetishists and using a pic of Ash as her avatar is keeping in line with her sense of humor. Plus the typing style.

No. 131869

GOMI is a support site for evangelical christian women enduring the hardships of menopause.

No. 131876

File: 1435979774538.jpg (78.31 KB, 607x638, 7.JPG)

Think he's given himself the name as a Shmegma ~tribute~

No. 131877

File: 1435979781323.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.17 KB, 604x299, assholegap.jpg)


No. 131879

haha, i saw the tag before the spoiler edit! dang you! i'd only just got the whole #assholegap thing stored away in some part of my brain I hoped would never be accessed again.

No. 131880

Why isn't the veiny dead body above spoiler edited yet? ;_;

No. 131882

LOL. Sorry.

No. 131883

File: 1435980131409.jpg (74.6 KB, 633x626, oh lord.JPG)

oh god. he's a member of a Shmegeh fan page.

No. 131884

Wasn't shmegeh supposed to go to anime expo boston this year? I remember people being afraid she'd see haku and bother him/try to rekindle their dead friendship.

No. 131885

no idea. you could ask on her thread here. all i know is her legs are as bandy as hell.

No. 131887

Meh, don't wanna bump her thread. I'm pretty sure she lurks lolcow and it would make her all too happy to know that her thread is being bumped.

No. 131904


Oh my fucking God, that's so sad.

No. 131929

#assholegap #anus #tailbone #sexy #beautiful #skinny #thin #bones #ana #mia #ednos #thinspo #diet #weightloss #goals #perfect #ribsaremadeinthekitchen

No. 131944

Yeah I was exaggerating. Just she doesn't look 85 pounds maybe 79 or so

No. 131983

Got to say, spoopy skeletoness aside, kristina_kindra has a really cute face!

No. 131989

File: 1436002549883.jpg (82.04 KB, 604x604, image.jpg)

Has anyone seen these photos before? I'm pretty sure it's ash…

No. 131990

File: 1436002583556.jpg (77.48 KB, 604x604, image.jpg)

No. 131995


Are these from vk? I've seen pics like this there thrown in with Ashley's and I've wondered if they're her. Usually she tagged them with her tumblr url, but idk. Looks like the type of shitty plastic jewellery/ugly clothes she'd wear, but never seen her look veiny.

Aly's ig feed has become so dull. Pic of biscuits, pic of Ensure, pic of pizza…zzz

No. 132008

File: 1436010424723.png (123.77 KB, 1202x270, no.png)

This caption makes me want so badly to punch her in the face. WOW you're SUCH a BRAVE ~Real Recovery~ WARRIOR so INSPIRATIONAL such COURAGE! Just say no to your ED - it's that simple, because FOOD is STRENGHT!

No. 132010

File: 1436011366359.jpg (94.1 KB, 453x604, image.jpg)

>>131995 Yeah, they're from VK, I've spotted a few I think may be ash, I did notice this one where the bands are very similar… Silly skeleton!

No. 132026

>Is ash taking photos for this guy? How does he have photos of her in… positions… that we haven't seen?

No. 132028

They're from an IG account that ash used to have. I think it was called mockingbird slaughter or something

No. 132030

>>132028 but when she had that she still watermarked them, does anyone know if she actually knows about her photos on the VK pages?

No. 132032

File: 1436014915588.jpg (115.16 KB, 640x827, image.jpg)


No. 132037

You think she doesn't Google herself constantly and dig stuff up? She kept this thread in an open tab for months

No. 132038

I'm wondering if Aly knows about the fetishists. They're disturbing to say the least.

No. 132042

>>132037 very true, I wonder what she thinks about it though…

No. 132050

I don't know why she was going after her sick followers for money and gifts when sh has a whole untapped market in the fetishists lol. Unless she's already gotten stuff from them.

No. 132053

Sending all of my strenght to you farmers for the 4th. Eat all the delisious foods and ENJOY it because you DISSERVE it. I am challenge YOU farmers to FACE your fears today.

No. 132077

File: 1436022795266.jpg (70.76 KB, 309x372, fakefakefake.jpg)

Let's team up, because this caption makes me want to punch her in the throat.
Gosh, people struggle with recovery, how horrible! It's so easy, just add LUSH, DELISH OIL.
Sorry not everyone is as fake as you, Aly.

No. 132090

Omg. What a cunt!

She was probably put off using men for favours when her mum went apeshit after she found out her daughter was flashing her twat online and meeting up with men. She had a fight and baw baw tried to kill herself over it :( If she lived alone, I bet she'd do it (if she doesn't already).

No. 132091

Wow, fuck that shit. I am so done with this bitch. And yes, this is personal to me. I'm not proud to admit that, over the last year or so, I became severely underweight due to a combination of OCD-related food behaviors, severe functional GI problems, and overworking. I've been in and out of hospitals and am currently attempting to gain weight so I don't fucking die, and IT'S NOT FUN. IT'S THE OPPOSITE OF FUN. I suck it up and shove food into my face even when I don't want to, even when I'm in severe pain, even when I'm bloated and nauseated, even if I'm still feel full from the last time I ate hours earlier, etc. Fuck you and your heaps of LUSH (!), OILY (!), DELISH (!) foods, Aly. I shouldn't take this personally, but it just really grinds my gears.

No. 132095

File: 1436024433479.jpg (15.71 KB, 562x113, pick me pick me yeah.JPG)

Why are people crawling up her bony ass?

No. 132101

She was a minor then. She's reached the age of majority and her mom can't say anything to her. She apparently hid that attack on titans jacket. Who knows what other things she gets online from admirers

No. 132104

There're skinny pr0n sites for free, so I'm not sure people would pay for n00d ashley. It's possible. She could do it while her mum was out.

No. 132109


No. 132110

Apparently more of the GOMI people are coming here and doing their pearl clutching routine while devouring every post. Because they're so above it all.

No. 132112

File: 1436027742621.png (6.67 KB, 203x249, images.png)


No. 132113

We need to see how many of Aly's pictures we can get removed from IG because fuck her, seriously. I was on the fence about hating her but this just sealed the deal.

No. 132115

I think she's realized that any body pics get deleted

No. 132116

I reported all the #ootd and pics on her other account. Not sure what else we can do.

No. 132118

Does "eating disorder content" in the TOS only mean skinny pics? I don't know. I'm going to report the account itself and pictures of her as well. There are others like her with less gratuitous content who have been deleted.

No. 132119

Also, I'm doubting that the content mods are humans (although apparently facebook's were/are so maybe I'm wrong). I'm guessing there's some algorithm at work. So just keep reporting and something will happen is my guess.

No. 132121

File: 1436029088890.jpg (21.66 KB, 295x292, baw2.JPG)

I report the severe self mutilation accounts. Some are still there after weeks, but others are gone the next day. No idea how it works.

I haven't read ToS, but going to now.

No. 132122

Well, that community guidelines section is a load of bollocks.

No. 132126


No. 132128

File: 1436030278628.jpg (41.07 KB, 590x223, b.JPG)

maybe an anon here. good to see this inbetween all the asskiss comments

No. 132140


God do I hope this dumb bitch drops dead from her oh-so-real recovery. It is one thing to just generally be a fake bitch but it is another to outright put down those who are really trying and struggling. Fuck she irritates me.

No. 132153

I'm not able to snap a screenshot right now, but did everyone see the recent "sunny Ensure" photo she posted, making reference to the lipstick mark on the straw?

She totally reads lolcow if she felt the need to point that out, because omg guize, if she touched her lips to the straw that TOTALLY means she drank it.

Aly, YOU ARE A LIAR and you're not fooling anyone with half a brain in their skull.

No. 132187

lol I post on GOMI and I'm a farmer as well, can't we just get along? I promise, we're not so different after all.

No. 132189


Tell that to racist grandma-chan.

No. 132192

haha I know, there was one poster who was like "lolcow is a bunch of teenagers and they're awful" and I think everyone else just assumed it was true. But I comment both places, GOMIers aren't pearl-clutchers, farmers aren't angsty teens trying to dox everyone. just find it to be a funny feud.

No. 132195


I don't think it's a feud so much as people being annoyed at that GOMI poster bragging about trolling here. That, and the other one who pretends that GOMI is anything but a place to shittalk ginger.

No. 132212

Huh wow. That comment is still up. Aly must be otherwise occupied.

No. 132214

If you're a farmer, why are you including your actual e-mail address in your post while still claiming to be "anonymoys"? Do you understand how this site works?

No. 132216

We're all catty little bitches. Let's be catty -together-

No. 132217

This is legitimately making me wonder if she's in the hospital after suffering a medical crisis.

No. 132219

Or she's sleeping.

No. 132225

It's not late in Italy rn though

No. 132237

So apparently both of ginger's parents are visiting this weekend. I hope they take action and do something before their kid collapses on that track. She goes there so early in the morning that if she had some sort of medical episode, no one would find her for hours probably. Which is fucking sad.

No. 132241

It's always late when you're too emaciated to function.

No. 132242

Her dad probably freaked out when he came to visit her and is bringing her mom with him this time to try to talk some sense into her… At least, I hope so.

No. 132249

Anorexia causes some people to sleep more, but it's just as common to cause insomnia.

No. 132259

>And one tattoo doesn’t exactly equal the value of a weeks worth of groceries :-)

A good tattoo would be several weeks worth of groceries.

No. 132262

Not if your "groceries" consist of huge loads of binge food. Some people spend $100+ a day on that shit.

No. 132263

>And one tattoo doesn’t exactly equal the value of a weeks worth of groceries :-)
Jesus Christ, how much is this bitch spending on groceries? The most basic tattoo should cost around $100 from a reputable artist. That's 3 weeks worth of groceries for one person.

No. 132266

Is that ash? She's the last person is take advice from regarding anything

No. 132267

Tattooing a skeleton means the guy is probably not reputable.

I do agree with you though and even if it was $50 that can go pretty far on groceries.

No. 132271

I bet that she went to an apprentice

No. 132272

Where did she get the money for this tattoo?

No. 132273


No. 132274

Probably her SSI money

No. 132275

how the fuck does one person survive on $33 per week for food?!

No. 132277


In my area, you could probably live on a food budget of less than $8/week. Lentils, moderate-quality bread and multivitamins.

No. 132278

Ashley is seriously trash. I've been really empathetic toward her in the past, but she's never going to even attempt to change all the shitty things about herself and her life. She will always be a lolcow. And lol, how does saving up for a tattoo for six months make the logic better, Ashley? Why weren't you saving up for food for six months? And yeah, like others have said, the cost of a tattoo could definitely buy you a good amount of food.

No. 132279

She doesn't eat food though.

No. 132280

She b/ps a lot though. That adds up.

No. 132281

Well, she posted again and didn't delete that comment, so I guess she just doesn't care (or she hasn't seen it yet, but that seems unlikely given how she apparently watches her Instagram comments like a fucking hawk)

No. 132282

I get $130 monthly in EBT and it works out fine for me. I just stock up on fresh bread and cold cuts from Publix, and lots of chicken, Mediterranean vegetables, and spices from this ethnic market near me. I guess I don't really eat that much food, but I can't imagine spending much more a month than that.

I bet Ashley would spend >$130 daily on food. I see these people when I'm in line at stores and they'll have their carts half full with indulgent crap and it comes out to $150+ in one haul. Like, $5.99 for a fucking little bin of Haagen Dasz ice cream. I could buy two pounds of chicken breasts for that, which would be a meal daily for a week and a half if I was eating it every day.

I have no fucking sympathy for b/p-ers. You need to have the luxury of being able to afford massive quantities of food to indulge in those practises. Even if you're getting shitty McDonald's food or packages of beans, that still ends up being loads of money. So yes, if you regularly b/p, you are a privileged piece of shit.

No. 132283

Totally. So what? I'm not saying it will cover Ashley sized binges, I'm just pointing out again that her priorities are skewed and she's a POS for begging for food while she goes out and spends money on tattoos. It's been said time and time again, though. I just feel a particularly great dislike toward her after reading her response on her tumblr regarding the tattoo. Then again, all of her tumblr replies really repel me.

No. 132288

I don't think anyone disagrees with you. Except forestcat, maybe.

No. 132289

Eh. I don't think it's that simplistic.

No. 132292

It's a mental illness and a compulsion. I think that if you believe that all people with EDs are like Ash and brag about 70 dollars on b/p food, then yes, I can understand your anger. But I don't think that it's something that people who are truly sick would brag about, and they seem quite shamed by it since so few of them discuss it openly, although it must happen. Of all of the ED lolcows, I think that Ash is the only one who brags about that behavior (and I don't think the others even mention it). That is pretty revealing of how those who b/p feel about it because I doubt that everyone discussed here solely abstains from food without b/ping (and by purging I mean compulsive exercise, laxatives, and vomiting)

No. 132296

This - it's like an addiction. It's not just a choice, like "oh, I think I'll start binging and purging, great idea!"

No. 132299

By that logic you should hate fat people since they regularly buy and consume more than they need per their caloric requirements

No. 132301

File: 1436053613397.png (946.86 KB, 991x656, Aly 7-4-2015 2-2.png)

Soooo Aly isn't deleting these…I really hope she leaves them up instead of just deleting them when she gets back from dinner or wherever she is right now.

No. 132311

File: 1436055807075.png (1.02 MB, 953x631, so cheesy.png)

No, Aly. That's a plate of plain white rice. Do you think your followers are all literally blind?

No. 132314

Not the same person, but I do kind of hate fat people for that reason, yeah.

At least most fat people have some shame out it. This chick is an off-the-scale narcissist.

No. 132315

I hope someone calls her out on this ridiculous shit

No. 132316

Where are the fucking cheesy and oil, Aly? WHERE?

No. 132321

I notice that even though she asked for ~real recovery~ accounts to follow, she hasn't added ANYONE. Follows 100. Pretty sure it was 102 or sthing yesterday.

Am I the only one who thinks that she's pretty ugly facially? Idk it her ugly personality has affected my judgement, but I don't think she could be considered "pretty".

No. 132345


No. 132349

Where in the name of fuck is the cheese? Maybe that powdered Parmesan crap but I seriously doubt a true Italian would put anything but fresh shaved Parm on her rice.

No. 132359

No cheese, but I can see a tiny bit of oil. It's like a few droplets of urine at the top left of the plate.

No. 132363

It's not necessarily about being able to afford the food though. It's also about faking it. I went into credit card debt to support my c&s problem because, as others have said, it's an addiction and a compulsion.
I regret it so much now. I wish I could say it was pure stupidity, but at the time, it helped me get through a rough situation.

No. 132367

File: 1436059930100.jpg (94 KB, 632x554, Blueberry and strawberry flag.…)

Random, but I think my favorite game is playing "spot the food in the description" on Ginger's account.

I was so happy to see this picture on her account today because it's the first time she's posted something that doesn't make me instantly gag. I mean, the cookie is probably nasty as hell in real life, but at least it looks pretty!

No. 132371

File: 1436060151261.jpg (97.15 KB, 949x579, mmm.JPG)

That cookie looks really underbaked.

On a similar theme, I just like looking at food and THIS looks delish. I saw the person's tag #girlswholift and thought it was a tumblr shoplifter kek. She's not a lolcow btw, just a random edworrior.

No. 132373

Couldn't eat it, I'm allergic to strawberries. I'd probably go for raspberry, but I want to make some of these.

No. 132378

Thank god it's not just me. I stared at that photo on Instagram for like five minutes going "WHERE IS THE CHEESE??!!!" I thought maybe I was blind or something. Is it supposed to be white cheese all mixed in with the rice? I don't even know.

No. 132382

Looks like boiled rice to me. Plain boiled rice.

No. 132383

idk tbh that looks like it has cheese on it, where the yellowish spots are, and definitely oil (shiny)

No. 132384

That's what I thought. Why does she post closeups of her pictures if she's going to describe them misleadingly? I don't get it.

No. 132386

yeah there's actually kind of a gross amount of oil in the top left. like, plain oil doesn't make anything taste good. oil and rice? ew? ew? ew?

No. 132387

Oil's nasty. I hate watching cookery shows but hate when at the end they pour a load of oil on the salad or whatever. #butternotoil

No. 132388

(obv not butter on salad. i don't like oily dressings. lemon juice oh yes).

No. 132389

>and I really don't give a sh*t to that stupid illness
Shit like this. Yeah, great, Aly, whatever; even if that's true, it's really minimizing to your followers who are actually struggling with their EDs. People die from that "stupid illness" - are they just too "stupid" to make the "choice" to join you in ~Real Recovery~? What about the ones who DO seek help and die anyway? Fuck you, Aly. Fuck you.

No. 132394

Yeah, maybe it does, I don't know. It's just not what I'd picture "cheesy rice" as looking like.

No. 132396

Belittling other people who're struggling with food is beyond disgusting.

Whatever ~real recovery~ is, it's the same as if she was trying to kick drugs or drink and she's saying "Oh I'm too good for AA, to sit in meetings where people are being all negative talking about how they want to drink!! Just put thoughts of alcohol out of your head and have a ROYAL day!"

No. 132398

File: 1436061739794.jpg (141.76 KB, 1152x768, 101021_0342_1.jpg)

I googled images of cheesy rice. This is one of the pics that have the least cheese. Nothing like that boiled rice she's got on the plate.

I know, it looks awful.

No. 132400

Is it possible the "cheese" in question is that dried, grated parmesan stuff?

No. 132402

Possibly. If it is, it's hardly the ~super cheesy~ thing she's claiming it out to be. Same goes for ~huge plate~.

No. 132404

This plate looks so tiny :/

No. 132420

You'd think Aly would be more careful in choosing what she posts online after having obviously seen the 'fake' comments on her IG and after possibly having seen these thread here on lolcow … If I were her and still wanted to continue to facade, I'd understand that I'd have to up the ante, not start acting even more transparent and nasty … Is this girl mentally ill and highly untelligent?! Or just craycray from no calcals? ffs

No. 132421


Perfectly sums up why I have no sympathy left for Aly at this point and kind of just want her to drop off the face of the Earth.

No. 132424

File: 1436064857819.jpg (209.66 KB, 720x720, buy me food tho .jpg)

I apologize for giving this ghoul more attention, but her poverty act is so offensive to me.

If Ash really got Coach frames from Target, here's the price.

Her mother probably footed the bill for the exam and the frames, but still. Orlando has multiple America's Best locations, where she could have done that 2 pair for $80 plus free eye exam deal. Since, you know, she can't afford food and all.

No. 132428

SSI money. We're all paying for her glasses.

No. 132437

don't forget that the frames usually don't include the price of the lens

No. 132450

I can't even imagine what the doc was thinking as he examined her eyes. He probably rethought his life decision being that close to the gaping maw of death

No. 132456

Malnutrition can cause problems with eyesight, and it can even lead to blindness, so he or she might have been thinking about that.

No. 132461

Yeah I've seen it happen to another anorexic.

No. 132463

They're going to publish something in a medical journal about her. I wonder if there's any doctors that she's seen who would love to use her as a case study

No. 132465

About who? ED patients with single digit BMIs aren't that rare. Denver ACUTE sees a bunch every year

No. 132468

No. 132469


No. 132470

Her face terrifies me. I wonder if her parents are going to stage an intervention

No. 132472

Who knows. Their giving her attention might be feeding the disorder. The situation is ripe for an intervention though. Once school starts I don't know how she's going to be able to exercise compulsively, skate, and do school work. It will be a disaster.

No. 132473

Oh, and she has a job too. Forgot about that.

No. 132474

If she doesn't end up Keeling over on one of her runs her malnutrition is going to tank her schoolwork. I can't imagine she'd be any good at studying in this state while juggling all those other things on top of it

No. 132475

And "cook" all of her disgusting concoctions, arrange them artistically, photograph them, and post them on Instagram.

No. 132478

I also think it's weird that she tags he workplace in her IG posts. I wonder what her co-workers think of her. I think I'd alternate between pity and annoyance. No one is that happy all the time. No one.

No. 132480

Why are spex so expensive? Even the budget range is a rip off for a piece of plastic.

No. 132481

The lady doth protest too much.

No. 132482

I don't know. And coach isn't even a good brand.

No. 132488

I just get the impression that she must stink so bad, like mustard and BO.

No. 132490

…and Deep Heat spray. Her breath must smell bad for sure.

No. 132491

File: 1436072700495.jpg (18.26 KB, 287x206, arhg.JPG)

this is horrific

No. 132493

if she's getting SSI, she has medicaid and possibly medicare too. so she'd use medicaid for the exam, and SSI $$ for coach glasses. either way its all tax $$.

No. 132494

Don't forget she's never worked either.

No. 132496

This is sad. Why hasn't a friend at least stepped in? If I had a friend her size who worked out 7 days a week with no rest day I'd at least get suspicious. She has days where she runs, skates, and does yoga/goes to the gym. It's clearly not normal even to an uninformed bystander.

No. 132529

Wowwww someone is massively calling our ali on her insta..,

No. 132530

File: 1436081215405.jpg (368.65 KB, 1215x554, Shiiit.jpg)

I just came here to post that! Screenshots before deletion!

No. 132536

Different screenshot from a different anon:

No. 132537

File: 1436083230146.png (1.45 MB, 656x2293, Aly 7-5-2015.png)


No. 132542

File: 1436085660775.jpg (37.83 KB, 418x294, NuhqG.jpg)

No. 132543

Sprout's Instagram is gone

No. 132551

File: 1436089178602.png (256.13 KB, 425x381, fuckingkek.png)

No. 132554

Surprised the hospital allowed phones in for her to photograph all the oh so amazing recovery feeds/meals. Unless it was a general ward which is usually what happens when you are basically at deaths door, not something to brag about!

No. 132555

Regular hospital wouldn't give a shit. They only take your phone away in ED clinics.

No. 132564

She was just in a regular hospital (for not very long at all, either), and they apparently didn't give a shit. I'm 99.9% sure she wasn't being monitored by a nurse or professional while she was having her meals, or they wouldn't (shouldn't) have let her do her eating rituals and set everything up just so to photograph it, let alone upload and share the photo with other anorexics online.

No. 132567

Yeah, in a regular hospital she would have had no trouble at all in setting up her photoshoots, usually they just drop the dinner cart and pass later to collect the dishes. And I'm sure the sick old woman in her room had other matters to think about. As long as Aly didn't try to take pics of other patients\nurses, no one would have cared

No. 132572

Goodness, I would have imagined that the meals would have at least been monitored. Else what is to stop the patient from restricting/purging etc?

When I read hospital stay usually that would mean an emergency placement in a general ward to keep you stable and healthy enough to enter a psychiatric inpatient programme which is strict and lenghthy. Shame she is presenting this sugar coated view of recovery where even being fed by an NG tube because you are dying is some sort of magical lush experience

No. 132579

File: 1436098308867.jpg (58.43 KB, 360x480, vomitjuice.jpg)

damn i'm checking out the fit vegan ginger's recipes and what the fuck is this shit?

1. 2 medium size oranges, peeled
2. 1 cup water
3. 2 T protein powder of choice
4. 10 drops orange flavored stevia
5. 2 tsp psyllium husk powder
6. 1/2 tsp chia seeds
7. 1/2 tsp shredded coconut
8. 1/2cup fresh blueberries
9. Cinnamon, optional

1. In your vitamix, combine oranges, water, stevia, and protein powder. Blend until smooth.
2. Pour into a bowl and mix in psyllium powders. Add blueberries and stir. Top with chia, coconut, and optional cinnamon. Enjoy! "

a real life human being not only concocted that puke liquid and drank it, but decided it was delicious enough to share with the world. bitch must be so malnourished that anything that enters her body tastes good.

No. 132581

her taste buds honestly must be so fucked. especially seeing as she puts like 10+ drops of stevia in EVERYTHING.

No. 132583

1. 1/2 cup fresh vomit
2. Two blueberries, for garnish

1. Pour vomit into a bowl, making sure it looks nice and chunky.
2. Put the blueberries in and then scoop them out with a spoon. You're ready to snap a pic!

No. 132584

Ashley got a new tattoo, Who the fuck even does these? And is she being sarcastic with the honor roll, perfect friendships, perfect athleticism post?

Also good someone's calling aly out on her shit. She'll never admit it though

No. 132585

Jesus, at least blend it with ice or something! Puke soup.

No. 132586

File: 1436099080022.jpg (619.59 KB, 995x653, haters.jpg)

"……..we only know what is the truth ? I won't stop being what I am: POSITIVE&FIGHTER ?? and wish you a ROYAL sunny Sunday darlings ☀️ Don't stop believing ❤️"

so funny how she called the people calling her out on her bullshit "haters". tbh the way they worded their posts wasn't even very aggressive or bad.

No. 132590

They check you don't leave leftovers, but I'm sure a lot of that hospital food was magicked away.

No. 132591

She realizes that a smile is supposed to convey an emotion, right? What she's doing here makes her look like some kind of homicidal robot.

If she's going to sweep the other posts under the rug, why bother discussing them?

No. 132593

Don't forget to report the pic.

No. 132595

>5. 2 tsp psyllium husk powder
>psyllium husk

Metamucil is a laxative that you can drink in powdered form. Psyllium husk is it's main ingredient.

So not is she an exercise anorexic, but she uses laxatives too.

No. 132596

*not only is she

No. 132597

Eilish deleted?

No. 132598

nah some people just use that to keep regular ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 132599

yeah what happened to sprout?

No. 132601

She wrote on her blog that she's started writing a book ahem so she's probably too busy. Sad because she was saying her only friends were her ig followers :/

She was posting less and less anyway. Maybe she's using her blog now instead.

No. 132603

>Psyllium husk

When I read that I thought it was a psychedelic. That would've explained her facial expressions and Jesus delusions.

No. 132605


Well, all the high-fiber food I can think of is also full of carbohydrates.

If I wanted to keep getting fiber while cutting out carbs I would probably use metamucil too.

No. 132606

she's supposedly a high carb vegan tho

No. 132609

The comments she got on that weren't all supportive, lol

No. 132610

File: 1436106664343.jpg (370.18 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Lol this exists

No. 132612


Her recipes contain surprisingly few grains for someone who runs that much.

I'm sure she gets lots of fiber from roughage and crap like that. She must be really paranoid about colon cancer or diverticulosis.

No. 132614

I followed!

Wonder who tipped them off to aly?

No. 132616

A farmer tipped off ginger and left a comment about lolcow. Probably something similar happened with Aly and Aly deleted the comment

No. 132621


bitch is clearly not the happy ray of spazztastic sunshine she makes herself out to be. her comments to people on her IG are aggro as hell.

to me she's more irritating than other ED cows. how she's lording her phoney overenthusiasm and religious nutcasery is simply infuriating, as if there's something wrong with you if you can't starve and exhaust and delude yourself into thinking life is just GRAND.

No. 132624

File: 1436109076942.jpg (24.07 KB, 301x165, 1.JPG)

She's like aly in that way. Over emphasising how ~joyful~ they are is a way to cover deep misery. I see this with people in real life who don't have any mental illness diagnosed. Their lives are simply not what they want it to be, but they come out with shit like LIFE IS GOOD!!! I hate dishonesty. It doesn't get you anywhere.

Nice one whoever wrote this, but how long til it's deleted…

No. 132629

All of these ED people have fragile egos. It's worse when they become know-it-all recovery gurus who dispense inaccurate and harmful advice.

No. 132632

>Is it sth to be killed for? No!

That's my favorite part. Go on a homicidal rampage bc nobody believes I maintain a BMI of 10 while eating these LUSH, huge, delish, and ofc oily foods? DANG NO!

Great strategic placement of her "wet" hair over her sternum, btw!

The more she puts on this façade and the more layers of bullshit she adds, the more disgusted I get. She will never admit her fake recovery. I feel so sorry for her poor mother. And for the poor girls who think they're failures compared to her, or that they have shit metabolisms because they're actually gaining weight. I feel bad for her sycophantic followers who attack anyone who dares to question their queen.

She's succeeding in doing what many others who are very very deep into their disease would love to be able to do: she's getting heaps of praise for how good she's doing, how inspirational she is, and how beautiful and strong and brave she is, but she doesn't have to actually change her behaviors or gain any weight.

No. 132635

I hope she gets deleted

No. 132640

They are now… Sigh.

No. 132649

New here! I did this on her Selfie. She will probably delete it. Sprry! I don't know how upload a photos.
"PLEASE DONT DELETE THIS OK? THANK U. I HATE to say it on this photo so I'm sorry but you looking skinnier then you did after leaving the hospitale ? Please don't delete this comment. You delete so many comments so I think they mean is you are ALWAYS positive-which is a nice good thing!- But you never show any struggle with increasing or eating a lots of oil. Recovery isnt ALL happiness and kittens. Maybe share with us you're real struggles with finishing a meal or tell us if you actually didn't eat something. Tell us why you needed to go to hospitale last month. Because you showed us that you were eating 3000 or 4,000 calories a day yet needed a feeded tube? I'm sorry that makes NO sense. You don't need to put on a front! You don't ever need to lie to us strangers. This is where you get freedom from your family and doctors. This is where u can tell us the truth and vent your true feelings. It's OK to struggle some times. It's OK to not be ok. ? You will probably get more followers if you showed us your REAL realness. And criticism is OK. Like me I am not hating you right now, I am trying to HELP. I PROMISE. Don't delete this! PLEASE. "

No. 132652

You know how people who make accounts on social media, pretending to be some random celebrity. They always make their screen name "theREALmirandacosgrove". But it obviously isn't the real Miranda Cosgrove. I feel that way about her name on instagram. Aly REAL recovery. Uh.

No. 132659

look at comments on Aly's tuna pasta salad kek

No. 132660

She's gonna delete your post as soon as she sees it.

No. 132663

what is aly's personal ig?
where is sprouts blog?

No. 132664

To upload pics just click "choose file".

And she's gonna block you lol

No. 132669

File: 1436116524585.png (770.23 KB, 973x627, Wut.png)

No. 132673

>Great strategic placement of her "wet" hair over her sternum, btw!

Noticed that.



No. 132674

File: 1436116837503.jpg (65.03 KB, 711x478, oof.JPG)

Guize, she blames us

No. 132675

Celery and chocolate syrup? Really? Ew

No. 132676

Correction - aly's personal blog

No. 132677

No. 132678

Idk man, I feel kinda bad for her

No. 132679

I don't think anyone reported her though. I wonder if Ash did it like she called CPS on her.

No. 132680

File: 1436117114479.jpg (22.91 KB, 292x209, grr.JPG)

There was nothing to report. No selfies showing her emaciated. If she needs someone to blame, then okay, blame an anon IB.

Lol at aly's anger typos.

No. 132681

Okay, how was sprout deleted with nothing that violates the TOS but Aly is still around? Wtf? And yeah, I never reported sprout because I kind of pitied her. She's so deluded. Sprout, since you lurk here, GET HELP. YOU NEED TO GO IP. You can't do it alone. And stop beating up your mom.

No. 132682

I'm ~passionately~ against proana sites, but at least she's giving some less toxic advice to people who already b/p (about stopping their teeth rotting etc). Still, I'd love to see that page deleted.

No. 132684

There really WAS nothing to report. I think you can email them to report a page?? I doubt anybody here would go to the trouble of doing that if we haven't done it for a cow like aly.

I feel bad for Sprout. She's really confused and lonely and I hope she makes friends through blogging. Her ig feed made me sad looking at what she eats. Nobody here hates her (from what I gather), and are generally concerned. As I said though, if she needs to point the finger at this site, feel free, but it doesn't take away her problems. GET SOME HELP YOU STUBBORN CHILD.

No. 132687


Rest in (vegetarian) pepperonis Sprout

No. 132688

Amen. Rest in (six) peas.

No. 132692

File: 1436118329105.png (801.93 KB, 1781x348, Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 12.4…)

Don't worry guys, Sprout will just use Pinterest.

Poor girl is so obsessed with food she'd never let herself eat.

No. 132697

This is so sad.

No. 132699

thousands of pictures, wow.

it's like if I pinned loads of expensive clothes I wanted but will never have EXCEPT she could have her foods eventually.

No. 132707

No. 132717

File: 1436121108201.png (827.27 KB, 973x642, Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.30…)


Oh god she used to look so…normal. It makes me depressed to see how she evolved.

I'm gonna go to the fanon wiki thread, this is a downer on my day.

No. 132718


Oh my god, thousands and thousands of pins from a girl so scarily underweight. Eilish, please get help. I know we're a bunch of catty bitches on this forum, but seriously, people aren't kidding when they say things can go south quickly when you are as emaciated and malnourished as you.

No. 132725

Speaking as a severely underweight person (I lost weight due to a combination of severe OCD and GI problems) who is currently actually trying to ~restore~ weight so I don't look so much like that pic above of the veiny woman, FUCK YOU ALY, I wish it was as joyous (!) as you made it out to be. I am in constant pain and GI discomfort and it really ISN'T fucking positive all the time, I don't care how much you try to convince yourself or others that it is.

No. 132776

File: 1436134048699.png (1.13 MB, 656x1683, Aly 7-5-2015 5.png)


No. 132778

Given that people here are all too happy to take credit for doing stuff like reporting accounts or leaving comments, and that no one has taken credit for the deletion of sprout's account or the CPS thing, I really think it was one of her Instagram "friends." The recovery "community" is toxic and she was rude to people who left comments at times. I think she just pissed off the wrong person. Still think Ash called CPS though, since anonymous phone calls are her MO and people did try to report ash to adult protective services (so it was something that she knew was an avenue she could pursue). Plus ash turns on all of her friends eventually.

No. 132779

Lol all of those comments are calling her out

No. 132781

What, not even some lipstick marks on the spoon? Is she aware that most of her followers have not been lobotomised?

No. 132782

Yeah it looks pristine

No. 132785

After bedtime in Italy is a prime time to browse her account and grab screenshots before she wakes up and goes on a deleting and banning rampage.

No. 132786

Eilish, your Instagram account was NOT a safe place. You need to get away from the online ED community and work on getting better before you end up either killing yourself or with irreversible damage.

No. 132790

Seriously. Like that idiot who told her about that 20 cal Starbucks drink. I'm pretty sure she learned how to obsessively count macros from IG as well. Why would you want to solicit advice and support from other sick people? IG is not a proxy for real life relationships. And if you had so much trouble with online school this year that you had to cheat, there's no way you will be able to handle the stress of regular school or an AP/IB track. Get help. An stay away from Ashley. There are 10 threads about her here that should give you plenty of reasons.

No. 132793

Yea I don't think any farmers do the dirty work on these recovery IGers… We don't even hate the girls, just like their milk

No. 132797

…what kind of lipstick do you wear anon, mine never gets on my spoons, only rims of cups and straws

No. 132798


I wasn't referring to lipstick. Usually when you use a spoon to eat ice cream there are some remnants of the ice cream/smears/streaks. Look at how shiny the surface is. That spoon looks like it was taken out of the drawer and never used. I don't understand why I have to explain this.

No. 132799

Oops, sorry you weren't asking me. Wrong anon.

No. 132802

I was trying to make a joke about the straw thing from earlier.

No. 132811

Twist: There was no CPS call and Sprout deleted her own IG.

No. 132812

File: 1436140838376.png (50.11 KB, 291x442, Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 6.59.…)

I'm keking so hard right now at @ally_beats_ed

No. 132813

File: 1436140860602.png (52.12 KB, 287x447, Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 6.59.…)

No. 132814

File: 1436140897392.png (53.04 KB, 293x433, Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 7.00.…)


(avoid flood)

No. 132816


I am the person behind like four out of five things she's pissed off at so lel

Sprout's spreading the word.

>NOR are you with us during every breathing second of the day

Sprout pretty much shared every breathing second of her day though.

>lol she admits Aly is full of shit but I bet she still worships her


For some reason this reminded me of "DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS". Which, by the way, is something people with severe anorexia can get against their will. Their bowels stop working properly.

>If you have something bad to say about us, say it to our faces

We've tried to multiple times, and we got "ARE YOU MY FUCKING DOCTOR? BLOCKED YOU TRIGGERING SHITCUNT"

>The Girl Who Has Resorted to "Binge Eating"

You ate like 5,000 calories of nut butter in one sitting. Is that or is that not binge eating?



No. 132819


Okay, I'll have a long hard think about our actions and maybe we should stop posting what we think abou….

Naaaaah. Stfu. They always want to involve themselves in other peoples ~dramu~

You got a few posts here, now piss off.

No. 132821

File: 1436141702252.jpg (31.84 KB, 285x265, wk.JPG)

Oh for Christ's sake - disagreeing with aly is now "cyberbullying". These people are so fucked.

We had accounts deleted. We comment H8 on everyone's ig. Sweeties, lolcow.farm isn't that powerful.

No. 132823

File: 1436141812238.jpg (16.28 KB, 281x121, 1.JPG)

That tuna thing pic. She's cut a CHERRY TOMATO into five pieces. Is she trying to pass it off as a normal size tomato?

No. 132824

File: 1436141912791.jpg (14.37 KB, 281x211, Clarence_281x211.jpg)

Dear girls of the ED Instagram community,

Please consider actually recovering from your eating disorders or you will die.

And when you die, do you know where you'll spend eternity?

You'll spend it with me. Talking about Jesus.

No. 132826

File: 1436142309677.jpg (214.41 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

1. Get professional help.
2. Stop posting on Instagram and make friends with people who don't wallow in being part of an #EDfamily.
3. If you can't deal with criticism, switch off your fucking laptop/phone.

No. 132827

I don't know who this girl is. But if lolcow could get accounts deleted that would be awesome

No. 132828

It's my dream.

No. 132831

Seriously. If aly and ash weren't hurting/ exploiting sick people I think we'd all be happy. If we had the power to delete Instagram accounts I think that is where we would focus our energies. Not on nobodies. The only person sprout is hurting is herself. And her family. But that's her business.

No. 132836

>nicknames for us
>websites our parents went on
>with us

Sorry Sprout, just you.

No. 132838




No. 132839

That's the mini. I was wondering why they didn't have a net weight on it, it's because they don't put them on the mini's. so she left a single bite for her parents?

No. 132841

Actually all of her ice cream is miniature now that I think of it. None of them have sizes. Google "_insert ice cream brand here_ 100ml"

No. 132842


No it isn't. It's that giant spoon.

No. 132843

Are you sure? I did a quick Google and every product photo of the mini size has the weight printed on it.

No. 132847

Yes, but it's not really on front. She's angled the tub so you can't see.

No. 132848

If those girls have been reading these threads (and not just regurgitating what they've been told), they've read about anorexia fetishists. I wonder what they think of that?

No. 132849

File: 1436144756372.png (54.41 KB, 300x200, 100DulcedeLeche 100ml.png)

No. 132850


They're reading these threads and wondering why we post anon, yet twist their tits at the idea of being doxxed, finding personal info about them. Do they not understand the internet?

No. 132851


The 500ml size carton has a slightly larger % of red, while the red and white are around an equal % in the 100ml minicups. I can't tell which one is in Aly's picture, due to the angle.

No. 132857

File: 1436145965558.jpg (588.53 KB, 641x1280, cookiedoughfraud.jpg)

This is more telling to me. Here's the difference in a Cookie Dough pint size package and the one that she posted. My guess is that dish she used is a little crystal pinch bowl, not a regular sized bowl.

No. 132859

Yeah. There isn't room on the mini pot to write the description like on the pint size.

No. 132861

Maybe they'll understand why ash never told them about lolcow after finding out who she really is by reading the threads.

No. 132865

This thread just makes me want ice cream even though I feel sick and nauseous.
Fuck you lolcow

No. 132866

who is this?

No. 132868

who's the person who ate 5,000 cals of nut butter in one sitting? i think i've found a friend xD

No. 132870

no idea, but whoever it is seems to think they're important here.

No. 132871

I think sprout self-deleted after being embarrassed by what she saw on lolcow. I hope she moves away from social media and focuses more on real life.

No. 132882

That would be great if she realized that. Now if only Aly and freaky as fuck ginger walking nightmare would do the same

No. 132889

Also, PSA to instagram folks: there are pedos/fetishists looking at your "body checking" posts. And that "ana" buddy who helped you lose weight? That was probably a pedo too.

No. 132908

File: 1436152430483.png (23.05 KB, 1101x538, Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 10.12…)

OH SHIT, @ally_beats_ed is GONE.

Guys maybe we do have magical powers

Let's try to get Aly to come here

No. 132925

Holy fuck.

No. 132938


Correction: not ded

>chocoally@icedfancy Idk who these people are but I did figure out that it had to be someone who followed me because they posted some nasty comments on their vile site while I had my account on provate for a few hours; therefore, the only way they could have seen my letter was if they were following me during those two hours. If those crim shows I watch taught me anything it was to stay one step ahead of the game. And I will DM you ❤

She watches crim shows you guys. She's going to create a GUI interface using Visual Basic to trace our IP addresses.

No. 132942


That "skeleton.beauty" person is probably one of them.

"pics plz? :)"

No. 132943

I think these girls need to know that the people looking at their pics are not just girls their age. Some of them are creeps who could potentially be dangerous. I feel like, as a kid raised in the 90s, I had a lot more common sense re:talking to strangers online…

No. 132955

>I feel like, as a kid raised in the 90s, I had a lot more common sense re:talking to strangers online…
YES. "Stranger danger," especially wrt the internet, a new and potentially ~scary~ technology, was a big thing among parents of that generation. Even back when I was just talking in text-based chat rooms or playing Neopets, my parents kept a close eye on me, and I was extremely reticent about sharing any personal information whatsoever. Thank god. I look at my brother, who's six years younger, and he's all over Tumblr, Reddit, who even knows where else, sharing who even knows what kind of personal information, posting pics of himself that I'm not sure he realizes will essentially never go away, etc.

No. 132956

File: 1436165651337.png (1.42 MB, 657x2559, Aly 7-5-2015 5.png)

Comparison shot - before Aly woke up and went on a deleting spree:

No. 132957

File: 1436165750494.png (1.27 MB, 656x2192, Aly 7-5-2015 5-2.png)

vs. after the deletion and blocking that she did upon waking up..

No. 132972

I wanted to punch that person in the throat. Why would you help her restrict further?! Ugh.

No. 132973

>>132957 did this emily.recovering.life person delete her account or just change names? I tried to look her up but couldn't find her.

No. 133009

File: 1436192029224.jpg (140.52 KB, 978x640, ICECREAM.jpg)

This is it. This is the last straw fitveganginger now you've done it. I'm 50 shades of done with you and your disgusting food but adding ice cream to something so pure as celery? you are a monster and you can't fucking taste your own food

No. 133010

File: 1436192167735.jpg (84.48 KB, 500x443, tumblr_lscadzaaQo1qgeygd.jpg)

too many of the people that say "weird but delicious" are fucking nuts
anyone remember undressed skeleton putting sugar free jello on everything…

No. 133011

File: 1436192313930.jpg (102.46 KB, 691x865, Bha4wIm.jpg)

Fiber one, sugar free ice cream, sugar free angel food cake.

No. 133013

No. 133016

looks like actual dog vomit

No. 133022

tbh that one looks good……………….

No. 133032

So I see the Jell-O, but what the hell is everything else?

No. 133044

maybe they eat that stuff so that they'll be put off to food.
you know, so that they don't enjoy it as much. if they did it constantly, they might condition themselves to not want to eat anything since they associate eating with a disgusting taste.

No. 133048

yogurt (fat free for sure), blue jello, fiber one (50% of your daily fiber!) and grapes lol

No. 133050

i only speak for myself but i ate that stuff cause it was "safe"

No. 133058

File: 1436201238521.png (118.89 KB, 1180x384, DANG YES!.png)

Nope nope nope nope nope fucking NOPE.

I was a severely restrictive anorexic in my young teens and I NEVER ate weird food combos like that - I'm not trying to say that I'm somehow "better," don't get me wrong, I just don't understand these horrific concoctions…?!?! I think the weirdest thing I did was dip baby carrots in salsa (which I legitimately enjoy the taste of; I'd fucking eat salsa out of the jar with a spoon though) and try to use just a tiny bit of nonstick cooking spray in place of EVER cooking in any significant amount of butter/oil (I wound up with some messes). Fucking vegetables with stevia and shit, though, what the hell?

Also, I like Aly's comment in this pic. That's DANG RIGHT, Aly! Screw that DANG meal plan (!) and just "eat" whatever you want! (eyeroll)

No. 133068

> dip baby carrots in salsa
it's so fucking good though, that's not weird I'd drink salsa if I could.

No. 133072

homemade salsa > crack

No. 133075


No. 133079

well you're just dang unimaginative and boring (!)

No. 133103

File: 1436207048885.jpg (16.07 KB, 275x125, 1436081215405.jpg)

when it's deleted it's true someone said

No. 133104

ginger might be the worst i've seen
oatmeal, ketchup, and vegetables do not belong in one bowl (and im a ketchup maniac)

No. 133110

This is ludicrous

No. 133112

I think one post would be sufficient, anon.

No. 133113


No. 133115

Morning guys; what shit has happened overnight? Catch me up.

No. 133116

Why don't you do what everyone else does and just read the posts in the thread that have been posted since you last checked it?

There are some really weird posts the last few minutes. I can't help but wonder if this thread has been reposted anywhere recently.

No. 133129

omg a new person SHUT IT DOWN

No. 133132

Are you a robot? You're speaking like a robot.

No. 133133


No. 133134

the fuck is happening

No. 133137

i finished dinner and it was DANG delicious full of oil and salsa and so on ahahahahah dang.

No. 133138

i put oil on my pizzaaaaaaaaaa

No. 133139

you guys make me laugh

No. 133141

Aly deleted some comments, Ash screamed at her mum, Erika screamed at Yustuf, Jess sold owls.

No. 133142

oil on pizza ahaha it's nothing because i joined her pint party, she ate a whole one

No. 133143

this thread is spiraling someone make a new one jesus

No. 133144

>>133141 can we make em deleting their accounts hehe

No. 133145

dang just dang

No. 133146

Did you see that someone commented on one of her frozen Ensure pics asking how she makes frozen Ensure? (DUH) She wanted to know so she could make some out of her breast milk. I hope she was a troll.

No. 133147

Seriously where did all these dumbfucks come from? I haven't seen such shit-posting in a while.

No. 133148

>>133145 this word drives me nuts

No. 133149

Probably /cow/

No. 133153

>>133147 people enjoy reading eh

No. 133155

>>133153 I enjoy posting

No. 133158

lol again

No. 133160

Hello my lovely friends. I hope you will find your peace soon. The bible says we should love each other. No hate. Make them feel good. You poor lonely souls, may the father forgive you. You are so young and full of hate. May Jesus forgive you the pain he felt.

No. 133162

………… ………… ….

No. 133166

>May Jesus suck a bag of dicks

No. 133168

I'm 27 faggot.

No. 133171

Do you see how much you are hating. For what? For nothing. ENLIGHTING YOU SOUL!! I PRAY TO GOD!!! FORGIVE THEM, PLEASE DO!! IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT! Father, we need your advices!!!

No. 133172

gotta spread the love

No. 133173

27 and such a dumbass? hell, you never leanred.

No. 133174

* learned

No. 133175

MAKE PEACE!! NO HATE!!! We will be in paradise if we spread love!! Let's try together! You will find your way with god's help!

No. 133176

File: 1436211697051.png (10.16 KB, 224x225, download.png)

No. 133177

File: 1436211748295.png (295.72 KB, 378x423, Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.41…)

as per OP's pic, she has been covering her mouth in almost all pics.
but you know she still got duck face behind that banana

No. 133178


No. 133179

Yeah. No one here really gives a fuck when people troll. Sorry :/

No. 133180

I wonder what's wrong with her mouth. Maybe she contracted the herpaderp.

No. 133181


You still can see the skeletal sides of the face

No. 133182

>>133177 sucked to many cocks

No. 133183

Or not enough. Sperm has calories.

No. 133184

it's easy she makes duckfaces to make her face look skinnier baha yah that's so DANG real recovering

No. 133185

>>133183 she is real recovering so calories ain't no problem. she likes it oily

No. 133186

LORD IS WITH YOU! DON'T FORGET THAT! You have to do one thing five times a day. Praying. For you, your family, all the other lonely souls. HELP THE LORD!! HELP THEM!!!

No. 133187

Maybe she is getting the Ashley teeth.

No. 133188

ppl need to stfu

No. 133189

>>133187 whats Asley Teeth if I may ask?

No. 133190

She could still be trying to remove those raspberry seeds from that raspberry ice cream she didn't eat.

No. 133191

Plus it's dang (!) so lush

She said damn once. I wouldn't be so bothered by her use of dang and damn if she used them properly.

No. 133192

>>133190 hahaha thought the fckn same

No. 133195

File: 1436212352951.jpg (88.36 KB, 902x902, 11417329_1032653890101395_9257…)


I'm not sure, she recently uploaded a photo where she was smiling and her teeth look great.

But yeah, besides that photo she's been covering her mouth in photos lately

No. 133196

>>133191 lush in her face DANG lush

No. 133197

She needs to do something with those gosh DANG hot mess she calls her eyebrows. Good god they look terrible

No. 133198

can eyeballs lose weight?

No. 133201

>>133197 like everything of her

No. 133203

>>133198 no but brain can

No. 133213

i wish da lord would help aly and ginger with their brows. DANG

No. 133219

♫ ♪ daaaang, daaaang, DAAAANG. I wish you could smell what I'm (dang!) smellin'. You bite the LUSH the LUSH bites back my #edfam. Daaaang Daaaang DAAAAANG (!) ♪♫

No. 133221

File: 1436213548246.jpg (34.61 KB, 479x250, yay.JPG)

I preordered a copy.

No. 133222

Where was this thread posted? Are these Tumblr kids?

No. 133224

>the Fit Vegan Ginger
jfc can you get any more common than that

No. 133225

could've come from a few places. they're piss poor at whatever it is they're trying to do.

No. 133226

I feel like most vegans would even turn their noses up at the crap she considers good.

Take all your veggies and put 5 cups of stevia on them and you have a great snack!

No. 133230

Where did she even get her nutritional information?

I eat at veggie/vegan cafes sometimes, and there's no way anyone would ask for the things she makes. Vegan food can be so tasty but if I saw her food and hadn't seen any other vegan food, I'd be instantly put off.

The stevia on veg. No words.

I hate that #thisiswhataveganlookslike tag. It's as fake as if she put #thisistypicalveganfood on her pics.

No. 133235

(donald) duck face

No. 133240

ginger queen needs to see a dentist

No. 133271

File: 1436218284928.png (673.13 KB, 969x634, horse face.png)


No. 133272

those chompers remind me of grav3yardgirl's

No. 133281

At least she seems to own it (caption) as does grav3yardgirl. Being a fake and/or manipulative bitch is a hell of a lot worse than having less-than-perfect teeth.

No. 133297

Looks like Ethel from Archie Comics.

No. 133301

i fucking love how lolcow just carries on and doesn't feed the trolls omg

you guys literally just kept chugging along this is perfect

No. 133303

The British don't have big teeth. We have crooked teeth.

No. 133306

At least they know now:


No. 133308

File: 1436220582161.jpg (51.51 KB, 631x619, youdidnoteatthat.JPG)

I need to comment on this pic. She was "craving something sweet". If I have a craving I do NOT let it sit on the plate while I drink coffee. She also likes do dip croissants in coffee. Verdict, that croissant wasn't eaten. Not then, not ever.

No. 133313

Is it a thing for people to put sugar on their croissants over there? If they're anything like the buttery piles of shit we have in America, that's pretty gross.

No. 133315

Not here in the UK. I only know of normal butter croissants and the ones with chocolate inside. I've seen pastries like that with some maple syrup shit on top, but not buttery ones. I thought in Italy they were big on oil, not sugar.

No. 133321

You don't happen to have a larger version of that image, do you? My granny-chan eyes can't make that out.

I wonder if she deletes replies that are in languages other than English and Italian…

No. 133324

The only word I can make out of that is UNACCEPTABLE if I zoom in and squint.

I was thinking the same about the comment thing. Someone could post something negative in German or whatever and she wouldn't know although I'm sure she'd google translate it being so paranoid. If you put loads of heart emojis in she'd probably think it was complimenting her.

No. 133329

Croissants are pretty bland on the continent from what I remember, you usually have to sweeten them yourself. If you get them from a proper bakery they're even like that here in the UK.

No. 133340

I dunno. I've seen some pretty epic maws on British chicks.

No. 133342

Some of the royal family have got that equine teeth gene, but I didn't think anyone would think British teeth were particularly large. Some Scots have big teeth which is something that made me think that maybe Ashleigh Realdoll could be Scottish after all.

No. 133343

modelled on a Scottish girl at least

No. 133344

Why do people keep posting this twatwaffle? Is there anything actually lulzy about her?

No. 133350

Apart from her sad youtubes, no. No more lulzy than any other internet tryhard. It's because she was a farmer who was exposed for being a bit of a dick that she gets posted.

No. 133440

File: 1436234014936.png (51.41 KB, 1208x164, Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.18…)

Soooo I see Aly's claiming that the reason why she stopped posting OOTD pics (and, presumably, why she went back and deleted almost all of her old ones) is that she "always received so many hurting comments" on them. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?? 99.9% of your comments are heaping praise upon you, and the other 0.1% you delete almost immediately, except for a few odd exceptions (pic related - why did she let that one stay up when so many others, even ones that were way less negative/critical/truthful/whatever, were deleted posthaste?).

Also, apparently her "new start since 06.15" means that all of those months before when she was in "Real Recovery," she wasn't really, REALLY in "Real Recovery"? Now it's super real, really for realsies REAL "Real Recovery"? But she won't openly admit that she ever posted anything deceptive. I swear, she thinks her followers don't have functioning brains or something - and, from what I've seen, she's right about a lot of them.

No. 133482

File: 1436236416173.jpg (14.57 KB, 318x366, Screenshot_2015-07-06-21-28-49…)

No. 133501

What's wrong with her earlobe?

No. 133507

File: 1436237842385.jpg (38.86 KB, 504x824, Screenshot_2015-07-06-21-54-04…)

No. 133526

jesus fuck that's terrifying

No. 133531

it honestly took me a minute to realize this was photoshopped

No. 133532

File: 1436238684589.png (570.69 KB, 889x618, New canvas.png)

size comparison

No. 133545

>A big cup of espresso and a HUGE (!), super delish, super oily (!) croissant with extra butter, of course! That pastry was nearly as big as my head! And you're dang right it was on top of my meal plan! I thought about restricting for about half a second, but then I said "NO!" to this stupid disease, because food is a PLEASURE!

No. 133557


That's too ridiculously funny… Hopefully some of her followers are seeing the deceitfulness in how she makes her food look bigger…

No. 133569

I didn't even realise it was. She always looks like a deformed toddler.

No. 133571

>>133569 are you sure it's photoshopped?

No. 133572

Eh, don't knock it. It's the only part of her body with some padding in it.

No. 133573

No. 133574

she's like forestcat and jess. not actually cows but fun to watch them cry.

No. 133575

She also says "DELISH" too.

No. 133577

oh yes, her boyfriend came here to defend her. he's a dick as well.

i'm getting onto Cultwatch with this.

No. 133578

hey guys do u know more of fake recovery accounts bcus I'm busting fakers and decided to include fake recovery accounts too. i tagged aly_realrecover so just look at her tagged pics. sorry for having a crazy account but yah das it. but any more would be cool

No. 133579

stick around. anons will know of others. i get too excited by the food to care if they're faking or not.

No. 133585

lol same love me some food. except that banana ice cream with celery wtf that made me quiver

No. 133587

I don't even look at her ig, apart from what's posted here. The food, the face…I thought that kind of deep level horror could only be found on the darkwebz.

No. 133628

is everyone from this site from uk ecause everyone is sleeping right now or something?

No. 133639

Is that the picture I posted of someone tearing Aly a new one? If so, here's the original: >>132530

No. 133640

Nooo, ahaha! She was saying that she had to drink Ensure to supplement her meals due to breastfeeding, which is why she was interested in making it into ice cream.

No. 133641

Great now I'm picturing Aly saying "I will suck your dick if I can pour olive oil on it first" and then putting that anus mouth on some poor guy's penis.

No. 133655

File: 1436251665470.png (934.18 KB, 658x1183, Aly 7-7-2015.png)

Whoa whoa whoa, what is going on with her hair here? And GODDAMN, those BONES.

>And with a great, SHOUTED "fuc*k you Anorexia"

That's kind of funny coming from someone who's been looking more and more like a spoopy skeleton every day for the past, I don't know, 9 months (?).

>So here I am, fighting harder than ever, pushing myself everyday more: I feel so positive and motivated right now and nothing will stop me: I'll get my body, health, beauty BACK

I honestly wish I could believe this. It would be nice to see her actually turn things around. I just don't think it'll actually happen.

Also, dat teeny cup and mini pastry, such calories, very recovery. AWESOME JOB ALY SO INSPIRASHUNAL!!!

No. 133659

File: 1436251988410.png (2.01 MB, 1276x1278, Cute and huge (!) shortbread p…)

Oh, and check out the size of that pastry compared to the previous close-up Aly posted of it.
>cute and huge (!) shortbread pastry with apricot jam

I don't know. Maybe she's actually so cognitively impaired at this point that she DOES think that's a huge pastry. Maybe she DOES think she looks like she's gaining weight. Or maybe she's just a lying, manipulative bitch. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but…ehhhh.

No. 133666

>>133659 dang lying.

No. 133694

Well, I am relieved. Oops at misreading. I knew someone who made soap out of breastmilk and sold it on etsy, so I thought ice cream was something someone would really do.

No. 133695

>crappy hair where?

That bit at the front that looks backcombed to give volume because there could be some hair loss going on.

Nice to see she's got the confidence to wear a t shirt that exposes her bony shoulder and veiny arms. WHOP WHOP.

No. 133704

The way she has that shirt draping off one shoulder…
>Hey guise look at my sternum and collarbones and shoulder bones and teeny tiny arms guise see see see

No. 133708

For the love of fuck, there's no such thing as a HUGE CUP of espresso. All the espresso cups in Italy are standard, and by the looks of it, she's drinking it black. Also that thing in the other post is the saddest croissant I've ever seen. Shit looks uncooked.

No. 133711

Any theories on how Aly's hair still looks so good?? I mean compared to other anorectic people.

No. 133712


It does have a lot of length and thickness considering how sick and malnourished she must is. Maybe she's just lucky, but when you've got the kind of money I think her family has then it's very affordable to get subtle, natural-looking extensions, high-end hair products and keratin treatments.

No. 133717

I think it's genetics and maybe some luxury care, but mostly genetics. I'm actually jelly as fuck because I have Dakota-tier thin hair.

No. 133718


Anyone think she lurks here? I'm wondering if she started covering her mouth because everyone here was saying it was an anal sphincter hahaha. She already insecure about her body (obviously) so maybe she took it to heart? Geez Aly all we meant was stop that ridiculous duck face.

No. 133720

If she does, then I will say this: ti prego Aly, fatti ricoverare.

No. 133722

I was thinking how brittle it looks, but that's probably the bleaching? It's not thick hair though. That bit on top is definitely backcombed to give some height.

I'm grateful we don't have to look at her 60 year old smoker's lip lines.

Note how she said the PROOF of her eating that pastry is a pic of her dipping a bit in her coffee. Never actually seen her eating.

No. 133730

…did you just tell Aly she looks fat and pregnant?

No. 133731

Christ, the ugly bitch can't keep off ig today. Must be so tiring for her.

No. 133733

>Went out for #lunch with mum since tomorrow she'll be busy and we can't skip our weekly appointment we met at her place

Her mum's place? I thought she lived with her?

No. 133739


wait it all makes sense now, maybe her parents are divorcing or sth? i went back a few pics and shes always talking about 'cant wait for mum to come home'but then they just meet up somewhere. Also complaining how stressed and mean her dad is. maybe she's living with her dad (who works) & brother(who goes to school &stuff), thats why she could prepare and throwaway everything while beeing alone without anyone caring?

No. 133740

*being thanks crappy phone well done

No. 133741

Doesn't matter what she says.. it's all a lie

No. 133748

Weight loss obvious, though I'm not surprised

No. 133758

I think it means "you got it aly, do your recovery"

No. 133768

makes all sense and shows that she doesn't want to recover bc she said her dad is the main reason of her disorder and if she lived with her mother she would gain more bc her mother pays attention nd her dad not. If she wanted to recover she would go to her mother.

No. 133772

>Can't even calculate today's extra calories

6 biscuits, one mini tart thing, a peach, a veggie burger, a bit of rice and some veg. Not even 1000 there.

Wonder why they chose to live with their dad? If he's the reason for her disorder, why? What a bitch to pin the blame on him.

No. 133773

No. 133774

i went to Lush to buy shampoo yesterday and all i could think of was Aly

No. 133776

I don't know that I can say she is a bitch to blame her dad. My mom was 100% the reason I had an eating disorder as a kid. She would call me fat in front of friends - tell me that I am clearly fat just look at my stretch marks. That was all during puberty and she was/is fatter than I ever was.

Funny enough when I stopped eating her way to deal with that was to come in my room and scream at me that I better start eating.

Sorry for the OT but that is one thing I will say I don't hate Aly for.

This shit though - if she was eating over her meal plan she wouldn't look so shitty. Fuck her for being a lying bitch and making everyone thing recovery is just soooo easy.

No. 133778

The Italian words means: please Aly, pay attention or something like that.

I'm right, am I not haha
Why would you live with someone who brought you to Anorexia and why do you avoid people who would care? Bc she doesn't want to recover.

No. 133780

File: 1436281582092.jpg (41.3 KB, 550x412, alys cafe.jpg)

Your mum IS a bitch then, but we don't know why she's blaming him. If it was divorce, then that's a shit thing to blame him for if the marriage was bad. I'm speculating anyway, so I'll stfu.

google says: please Aly, made hospitalize

No. 133782

Dang this is lush (!)

No. 133785

File: 1436282481645.jpg (149.39 KB, 974x637, delish.JPG)

i checked on gummybearprincess' account and it gave me a couple of cavities.

there're a couple of pics of salad with #cleaneating on them, but she's still existing on cereal.

No. 133791

I think her boyfriend would be more of a cow than her, but I can't find anything more about him than his facebook.

No. 133794

>"I don't give a sh*t to the stupid ED voices in my head. I've already had a second bfast? I'm too high in calories? I'm way over the meal plan? SO WHAT⁉️ I have to gain and I LOVE this kind of things"
…said no anorexic, ever.

No. 133799


Yeah, I'm with you here. Not to say people shouldn't take personal responsibility for their own shit, but parental influence can really fuck with you. I've never had a full blown eating disorder, but I also spent my child and teen years with my significantly overweight mother telling me I was fat. She'd point out specific places on my body or comment on how I looked in clothes. Then she'd blame me for being that way. She kept the house stocked in Pop Tarts, toaster waffles, chips, cookies, and we ate processed/frozen dinners or heavy meals most days. I had to go to work with my parents during the summers and we'd eat fast food for lunch every day. After I moved out and was able to buy my own healthy groceries, I lost 70lbs. My mom is still fat.

Yeah I know #personalblog and no1curr, but parents can really fuck with your head.

Aly is still a lying cuntbitch. She'd be showing SOME kind of visible weight gain by now but she's still wasting away.

No. 133804

Ha she deleted my insta comment. I said something along the lines of so far a huge pastry eh?

No. 133807


Let me know if you want this deleted/scrub out account name

No. 133808

shit man i eat like this

No. 133811

File: 1436290229736.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-07-12-27-23…)

Ginger's pretending vegetables are cereal again

No. 133815

did someone recognize that a few other recovering kids there are starting to critizize Aly

No. 133816

>>133773 poor Aly's dad

No. 133818


it's fine, no need to scrub; i'm not blocked yet by her though..

No. 133819

>> 133805 this speaks for itself haha she pisses me off like seriously

No. 133820

>> 133818 NOT YET but she will. dan (!)

No. 133821

dang (!)

No. 133823

What's wrong with just eating that shit straight? Why does she have to combine every thing with every other thing?

No. 133853

File: 1436295772411.jpg (11.89 KB, 296x53, amaaazing.JPG)

It's getting difficult to decide if some of the people commenting are taking the piss of if they're serious.

No. 133856

She's fucking disgusting.

Anyone who looks at that account will see she's seriously mentally ill. Milk with veg confirms it.

No. 133862

im a Jew, i don't care what the bible says. and if jesus was so important, we would've nailed him to an upper case T.

No. 133878


this girl used to run a fan blog of herself, naming herself the "thinspo queen", when really she's the queen of photoshop and attention whoring.

No. 133880


Same person as this? (Ember Shan Whann?) It's a pity both accounts are private.

No. 133881

Asddfghhjkllg i don't know how the "shan" got in there, sorry

No. 133886

Nice try Ember at hoping to be relevant

No. 133924

File: 1436304223903.png (669.3 KB, 981x588, Screenshot 2015-07-07 at 4.22.…)

Legit scared @becominghappyagain is going to get the beetus. This is her lunch.

No. 133940

File: 1436305552157.png (23.14 KB, 296x99, Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 5.45…)

she only had a little bit of each

No. 133942


This is a binge. There is no way she ate 4 donuts and 2 egg rolls. I've been in recovery for 2 years and can't eat more than two without contemplating barfing.

No. 133955

yea i cant imagine anything in recovery, whether 1 day or 1 decade, being able to eat that much and be completely 100% all is dandy with the world
i firmly believe ED is hard wired. certain people are predisposed, and once they get sick, even if they recover, its with them forever.

No. 133957


serves them right tbh

No. 133962

I want to put this question sensitively, so TRIGGER WARNING incase it's not. You know how in recovery it looks like you're encouraged to eat sugary crap? Is that not a problem that some get addicted to the sugar, eat too much and end up legit overweight as in obese?

No. 133966

adding…I ask this because after a healthy diet, I stopped eating cakes etc because I know they're too nice and addictive and they made me overweight to begin with. I don't see it as #fearfood, more like, I'd rather not start eating sickly stuff and fill up on nice healthy snacks instead.

No. 133969

Why are you asking about this here when you obviously came straight from the current MPA thread discussing this?

No. 133988

I don't go on MPA. I didn't even know.

No. 133994

I don't know if it's a symptom of what people are encouraged to do in recovery, or just the fact that a lot of anorexic people can't seem to do happy mediums. It's either all or nothing with them.

No. 133997

Yeah, fucking idiots, being mentally ill. What chumps.

No. 133999

It was that pic of all those donuts that made me ask. That friend of Ashley's who's in recovery was eating a lot of crap and now she's having relapses. It sounded like her nutritionist was trying to get her to eat crap and it's fucking her up. Idk.

No. 134002

File: 1436311112736.png (1.13 MB, 656x1742, Aly 7-7-2015 4.png)

I've noticed she's getting more criticism in general (pic related; she hasn't deleted these comments yet). It's great, IMO. She still has tons of white knights, but her true colors are really starting to show, especially with all of the deleted comments and people getting blocked.

No. 134006

can't tell if troll

No. 134012

It makes me sad that she wastes such delicious food the way she does. Her followers are fucking delusional.

No. 134019

_katiesjourney <3

No. 134049

I can fucking smell it. Oh my god. This is legit triggering something in me.

No. 134051

Which friend? Gummybearprincess?

No. 134066

No. 134068

Fuck. Her "friends" are really just a collection of sad, pathetic, mentally ill people.

No. 134195

That's what this thread has become. It was different when ash had a following and was using them but she's old news and most of these people are pathetic and sad. I don't know, personally I don't see the lols here anymore. But to each her own. Carry on.

No. 134196

They're all pathetic and sad. She's pathetic and sad. They're all pathetic and they're all either going to starve themselves to death or commit suicide.

No. 134249

Yeah, I guess it's just when I think of lolcows I think of scammers/narcissism of the Venus/Margo/Onision type (lol at when she and her mom tried to raise 100k for her cheesecake book and actual lols at Onision's book. I hope he writes another one so that girl will make more YouTube vids reading them and commenting on them). I think that Aly is extremely depressed and what she's said abut her family life seems like the tip of the iceberg (the stuff about her family, the weird closeness with her brother, her dad beings dick). I don't think she's trying to mislead people as much as she's trying to mislead herself. The anorexia and the IG account seem like a coping method gone wrong. Ginger makes me shudder. She has no friends and her concoctions are terrible. I do t know if she actually realizes how sick she is. The tangential ED people who have been posted here are mostly people I pity. And I'm ot gonna pretend to be some holier-than-thou person because I have laughed at some of Aly and Ginger's posts but they've both getting sadder by the day for me. Esp when I think about the fact that th first 15 minutes of Aly's day is spent Google translating and deleting "haters" (you know that's the first thing she does). Bet she spends more time managing her IG account than she does spending time with friends (seems like she doesn't have many left). The excessive policing of her IG account and the OCD photoshoots make me wonder if she's even enjoying it anymore. I'm sure her family is annoyed and embarrasses by the incessant selfies at mealtimes and in public. Just another thing to control, I suppose. Sorry for the novel, feel free to ignore, etc. tl;dr: these girls have me feeling the sads these days. sage-ing this comment because I'm embarrassed by how long it is.

No. 134273

OCD is a hell of a drug.

No. 134304

Some people are really weird with their bodily fluids, so it's possible that someone out there has made ice cream out of breast milk.

No. 134388


Dat #adultswithed tag tho

No. 134399

Does she know about the threat?

No. 134407

She needs to stop wearing these off the shoulder tops… They're just showing off her boniness in the only way she can now that she doesn't post ootd's every fucking day.

No. 134409

Most of insta's #adultswithed are in their late teens. Maybe a few under 21's too.

No. 134421

I love being able to read all the realistic comments she gets while she sleeps. Her little bubble pops and her facade falls apart for 7 or 8 hours every day. The time difference between USA (where I am) and Italy makes it so that I get to watch the drama unfold right as I'm off work.

No. 134422

jfc, this sounds a lot like my mom. Her thing was always the "thigh gap," which came after her encouraging me to lose weight with tasteless diet foods when I was 13 (I dropped 27kg/60lb).
At first, in order to not be classified as a "disgusting fat pig," the thigh gap had to be there when my feet were shoulder width apart. Then it was when my feet were together. AND then it was when my feet were crossed. Now she screams at me that I need to eat, goes on and on about protein and tells me that I should be institutionalized.
So yeah, I blame my mom for my ED.

No. 134444

Thighs not touching when your feet are shoulder width apart I can sort of understand but when your feet are crossed? That's fucking insane. Your mom definitely has issues. I hope you can get out of there if you aren't already, anon.

No. 134446

"thigh gap" is genetic. blame your mom's shitty genes. She sounds batshit insane

No. 134448

I know right? Also, there is one older man that posts pictures with ED being Erectile Disfunction lol

No. 134455

to be fair, that is a large cup of espresso. i'd be crawling up the walls from all the caffeine

No. 134464

People should understand finally that an ED is not about having this dumb 'thigh gap' it's a trend not more

No. 134478

File: 1436367899520.png (227.01 KB, 536x541, tumblr_n82ahbOtjA1r5bvp5o1_540…)

yea my thighs are chubby as hell but i still have a gap (feet together)

No. 134494


That picture is THE most un-scientifically sound logic I have ever heard in my life.

Having a tight vagoo isn't even a good thing. Mine is really tight and inserting tampons feels like internal carpet burn and after 8 years together sex with my partner is so occasionally very sore and with blood spotting because my skin towards the back of my vagina near my anus keeps tearing to accommodate him. It fucking stings, not to mention I can never get him to last longer than 5 minutes.

No. 134504

this is just bullshit people say to feel better about themselves. Having a tight gap is probably mostly about genetics.

No. 134518

It's a way for fat girls to put down skinny girls. "Okay, yeah, I don't have a thigh gap, but YOU HAVE A GIANT VAGINA!" cries into icecream

No. 134520

have you talked to your OBGYN about this?

No. 134522

I cringe whenever I read someone posting about #thighgap #collarbone etc on ig or tumblr. Seriously, who the fuck cares if there's space between your legs? It makes some women look bandy as hell. I…just…don't…get…it.

No. 134523

and thank FUCK #bikinibridge didn't catch on

No. 134524


I haven't because I never really considered it that big of a problem.

It only ever really occurs when I haven't seen my partner for a while. Like right now we're both at university so we only really get to see each other about once every 1-2 months when it's not Summer, but it's like every time I have a sex with him after some time apart my vagina "resets" and that first coupling is very sore and stings like I've been cut around the opening. After that I readjust though and it's fine again.

Bear in mind he is a big guy down there though, like almost 9 inches in length so I think it's just an unfortunate combination of big penis meets little vagina.

Does this sound like a problem to you? You're giving me second thoughts.

No. 134525

are you lubed up enough?

No. 134527


Oh yeah, definitely. We usually keep a tube by the bed.

No. 134533

My ex was pretty big and he always hurt.
My SO luckily is perfect size for me.

No. 134534

So apparently this is always when they lay on their backs….not that big of an accomplishment since everyone's stomach goes down when they lie on their backs

No. 134537

lolcow has an onision thread?!?!? why did i not know this

No. 134539

I wouldn't get too worried about it being a health problem or anything… sounds more like Vaginismus to me, which is what I have. I've been married 10 years and sex still completely sucks for me. I managed to give birth with zero problems. Vaginismus is mostly a mental thing which causes subconscious clenching of your muscles, and just "trying to relax" doesn't work.

My husband isn't huge but he does have a significant curve. Always wondered if that contributes to our problem, since I use tampons with no problem.

No. 134549

who the fuck wants a tight vagina? and i'm not talking about pelvic muscles because that's a different thing entirely

No. 134551

File: 1436379651350.jpg (39.95 KB, 372x562, why.JPG)

OT about wagina's a sec. Why do doctors allow an IP with feeding tube DIET COKE?

No. 134564

Because coke zero is super delish, lush, oily, et cetera.

No. 134593


idk but I don't know what is with anorexics and their obsession with "diet" variety food labelling when the diet shit is actually so much worse for you.

No. 134608

Easy, they don't care about being healthy, they only care about being as thin as possible.

No. 134618

Ditto pre-packaged microwave meals/cereal/bars in order to have a determined calorie and fat content as opposed to a nutritious home made version

No. 134619

the only benefit I can think of is better bladder control when you're menopausal. lol

No. 134623

Wasn't the #bikinibridge a 4chan social experiment/fuckery? Definitely a good thing it didn't catch on, in any case.

No. 134626

No. 134627

no way! calories are toxic. gimme that aspartame erryday

No. 134628

No. 134632

tell his dick to "just relax"

No. 134665


you know what?

thank you, i think i realized i'm quite done with peeping into the lives of "cows" without any real drama.

No. 134672

I saw a lot of posts about the "bikini bridge" on theCHIVE. Dunno if they're still doing them, though.

No. 134682

Top kek

No. 134699

I agree, but then again most of the people obsessed with shit like this don't care about actual facts

No. 134741

sounds like ashley.

I still find these people fascinating and I will keep returning.

No. 134765

Different anon, I'm conflicted on this. When this thread first opened it honestly was like 99% nitpicking at the typical things that people with EDs can't help doing (being manipulative, lying about their food intake). I dunno about these other girls, but Aly's insistence on doing this to such a huge audience just rubs me the wrong way. Most people with EDs lie to avoid in-patient or being confronted by friends/family, Aly has nothing to prove to any of these people yet she posts these pictures strategically shot to make her food look so much bigger, etc… Why? I just don't get why she doesn't abandon the account if she relapsed and can't admit it. I wish her the best, but I find her behaviour ridiculous even from an ED standpoint.

No. 134801

File: 1436406367746.jpg (27.67 KB, 594x172, n.JPG)

No. 134891

File: 1436418529473.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1920, sock puppets.jpg)

Okay…. So… I might be going out on a limb here but I think aly is creating sock puppet accounts. All three of these accounts have no posts and 3 or fewer followers and they all have a really weak grasp on the English language and are defending her against a barely mean comment.

No. 134897

That last person, the.contadino, could possibly be Prince.

I've said before, it's difficult to tell if these kind of comments are people taking the piss or if they're actually real.

I'll agree though. It sounds like her style of speaking/writing.

No. 134898


Imma fess up to being contadino (Italian for "farmer" - original, I know). Was trying to be so effusive on the HONESTY & TRUTH angles to highlight her obvious dishonesty & lies. Hadn't occurred to me that it could be seen as a sockpuppet, but now that you point it out Aly probably would write something like that, except without any trace of irony or sarcasm. She probably would have thrown in a few lushes & delishes for good measure though.

No. 134899


Hahaha I kinda did sound like Prince, didn't I? Not intentional, was just going for trying to sound as young & dumb as possible.

No. 134900

She uses a lot of ! and ?

Aww, you're not Prince then :(

No. 134901


HAH I thought it might be a troll but with the other accounts it just seemed too coincidental. I would totally not put it past her to make sock puppet accounts. Anything to make her look more legit and hold onto her imaginary recovery.

No. 134902

> brave, pure, honesty


No. 134903


Yeah, sorry to disappoint, but I'm not Prince guize :(((

It scares me to think that I've been reading her threads for so long that her writing style has sunk into my subconscious to the point where I even punctuated like she does. As long as I don't start talking about oily this & lush that, I think I'll be ok…

No. 134905

Please someone say they're thoughts.puzzlement because I can't deal with someone actually asking if someone would tell lies on the internet.

No. 134906

File: 1436420151131.jpg (22.1 KB, 571x120, journey in imagination.JPG)

These ED threads have changed a lot of the way I think about products I see. I've started noticing Quest type bars and immediately think of this site.

>aly's journey into recovery

No. 134908

Not me. Oh, I know lots of gullible people on the internet, but aly's defenders take it to a whole new level.

No. 134909

Soooo #OOTD. I'm guessing another off the shoulder bones number.

No. 134910

Was wondering if she would keep or delete my contadino comment. Wasn't sure if she'd get it & take offense, or actually believe it's sincere. If she thinks it's for real she must be more malnourished than she appears.

No. 134911

not a #OOTD!!! A #silly #fruit #delish selfie!

Because she knows we will report her full body posts and its too easy to spot the weight loss.

No. 134912

File: 1436420686988.png (1019.59 KB, 656x1581, Aly 7-8-2015.png)

THIS. I don't want to sound all pearl-clutch-y and "oh lord, think of the children!"-y, but a lot of the people Aly's deceiving are young, impressionable, and have eating disorders themselves. And she has thousands of followers who apparently believe wholeheartedly in the truth of the ~Real Recovery~ act she's been putting on. If I was one of those followers and I was actually in recovery from an ED, I'd be wondering why I was gaining so much weight while eating far less than Aly…

On a different note, I cherish this time of night because of the comments that appear on her posts after Aly has gone to bed, before she wakes up and deletes them. I really hope a decent number of her followers see them, too. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE! That ice cream cone is like an inch tall and ALY IS MADE OF LIES! ILLUMINATIII

No. 134913

Wow, I tried to post that quite a while ago and it didn't go through. Was stuck on 98%. Thanks Obama.

No. 134914

I posted as "or1th3na." That was the only comment I made. Aly blocked me as soon as she woke up, it looks like. I wonder what percentage of her comments she deletes and how many people she's blocked so far?

Oh well. Time to make a new account. I didn't think that one comment would get me blocked, TBH. Whatever. I just hope some of these comments are getting seen before they get deleted.

No. 134919

File: 1436422189776.png (1.02 MB, 661x1671, Aly 7-8-2015 2.png)

kek, and here we have the comments AFTER Aly woke up and did damage control. And no, Aly, that really isn't "day treatment," pls stop

No. 134920


Now she's hearing voices guys

No. 134922

Just wondering why Aly bothers to buy and photograph smaller versions of food (miniture ice cream tubs for ants instead of regular ice cream servings etc) when she's going to vomit it back up anyway (?) or not eat it at all (re: the bread "bitten" with her fingers.)

Do people here think Aly is a purger? Or that food doesn't even pass her lips at all? Which one?

No. 134927

I think she'd be in even worse physical condition if she was eating all of the food she posts and purging it. Not that she seems to be in great health by any means, but I don't see any of the classic signs of bulimia when I look at her (e.g., teeth rotting out, wounds on her hands, broken blood vessels on her face, dem cheeks). My opinion is that she's just photographing food she doesn't eat (all of, at least). I'd guess that she eats things like that mini ice cream cone in front of other people to seem more "normal," but when she's alone, she photographs other people's food, throws the food away after taking her pics, or puts the food back where it came from after she's had her fun with it.

It isn't unrealistic to think that she DOES eat at least some portion of what she claims to eat, though. She could even be eating like 1200+ calories/day or something and maintain her weight or slowly lose.

No. 134938

It was the lizard people not wanting you to expose the TRUTH.

I think she eats a bit of what we see. Probably leaves quite a bit and gets away with it. Other things she puts back in the cupboard or throws away. I eat less than 1000 cals a day (fucked thyroid barely functions) and it maintains my weight. I gather that's low calorie for a day, so if she's got a normal thyroid function she's got to be eating less than 500 a day??

No. 134939

She pads her "meals" journal out with coffee a lot. Not many calories in a frothy coffee.

No. 134981

It's fun because she often takes it black and caffeine is a cutting agent. Recovery, amirite?

No. 134997

It depends. Fucked-up GI system anon here - I maintained my weight on about 1400 calories/day for a number of years, because that was all I could physically make myself eat. I was underweight but "medically stable." Then, I got a bunch of ulcers, and I started losing as soon as I stopped being able to eat that much. I was still losing weight (albeit undesirably) while eating at least 1000 calories/day. I was basically sedentary and am, I believe, shorter than Aly. Her BMR is probably higher than mine, so I figure she could probably keep down a good chunk of that food and still ~maintain her figure~.

No. 135001

they are likely a farmer or troll, as what they said is actually a meme/quote

No. 135003


I think >>134927 is pretty spot on about what she does with the food. She definitely doesn't eat all the food she posts, but she probably buys things like those miniature ice cream pots and tiny pastries and espressos because she tends to eat those things with friend in public or she'll mention she's with her family. She probably does eat those HUGE, LUSH 100-300 calorie 'meals' and then restricts for the rest of the day. I think it's a bit of a myth that anorexics NEVER EAT - they just eat under 900 calories a day over a long period of time, which constitutes a starvation diet.

That's how Aly and Ash function - they eat the tiniest amount possible to maintain their skeletal weights, but still just enough to keep their bodies hanging on to life.

No. 135024

>I think it's a bit of a myth that anorexics NEVER EAT - they just eat under 900 calories a day over a long period of time, which constitutes a starvation diet.
Absolutely. I'm not proud of it, but I "lived" as a "functional," chronic anorexic for around eight years. I was very underweight and ate probably 1000 calories/day on average (which I know is OMG SO MUCH to a lot of anorexics, but if I ate any less, I couldn't function at all). When I lost some more weight and wound up in ~the danger zone~, even medical professionals seemed to be incapable of wrapping their minds around the notion that I hadn't just been "not eating." It seemed like everyone assumed I had literally been fasting, or maybe eating like 100 calories/day or something, for an extended period of time. Umm, no, if that had been the case, I would have been dead. I just figured out the bare minimum I could eat to survive. I was very weak and definitely cognitively impaired, though, and, looking back on it, my memories of that period of my life are pretty fuzzy. I count myself lucky that I don't seem to have done much permanent damage to my body, aside from osteoporosis. I actually feel bad for Ash, because she seems to have done enough permanent damage to herself that, even if she decided that she wanted to "recover," she wouldn't be able to live a normal life. I think, at this point, Aly could still turn things around, though. I just don't think she will.

TL;DR: Anorexics don't just "not eat," and eating the absolute minimum that your body needs to not die is a very bad idea, kids.

No. 135026

(I think you were referring to me, posting as or1th3na, not thoughts.puzzlement; I am indeed a farmer and stupidly assumed that Aly wouldn't get the meme, but she at least detected the sarcasm, because my comment was deleted and I was blocked)

No. 135035

File: 1436450452197.jpg (313.47 KB, 1078x1696, crystal bowl.jpg)

So she finally posted something in the crystal bowl that shows its true size. Those are fucking apricots. That bowl is so tiny it barely holds two apricots. I think its safe to say when she has those HUGE DELISH ice cream bowls, she's barely getting a half cup.

No. 135040

lol at people thinking anorexics dont eat at all
im with you anon, eating the bare minimum to function
also im 5'2" so if i gain a few pounds its pretty obvious. ugh short life

No. 135052

Someone with one of those alt accounts should call her out on this, seriously.

Anyone notice how she keeps referencing her "meal plan" yet she's not eating anything with real consistency? Like she just photographs whatever and calls it part of her "meal plan". The only thing that she's added is fruit, which is funny that before she was 'eating' all of these dense high calorie foods and now that she's gone to the hospital she's eating fruit.

The meal plan does not exist. And she's obviously not in the day hospital program and has been ignoring/deleting any comments asking her about it.

No. 135056

To be fair, she is allegedly now drinking two Fortimels (FFS, Aly, they aren't "Ensures" - that's a brand name, not a generic title for nutrition drinks) a day instead of one. But yeah, she seems to be posting almost the exact same foods as before she was hospitalized (and what a joke that was), but with more fruit and fewer high(er)-calorie items like candy bars. She talks so much about how she eats tons of things above and beyond her meal plan, but she's so quick to dismiss or delete posts questioning the specifics of said meal plan. Yeah, I'm SURE you didn't ask your "dietician" how many calories/exchanges your "meal plan" added up to, nor did you ever even attempt to add it up yourself. Right-o.

No. 135066

This is what I've been wondering for a while now any questioning of the meal plan gets a vague answer or a delete. Come on Aly you can't honest expect people to believe this shit anymore. Everything is so well thought out before but the facade is slipping, also clearly "day treatment" was bullshit. You don't "go when you're called" what the hell is that?! She's gotta be called out on this. I can't stand it anymore. Her "recovery" is seriously damaging others who follow her and it's kind of sick really, I wonder if she knows the impact her bullshit has on some..

No. 135071

parmesan crap? fucking pleb

No. 135076

Reminding farmers who struggle here that healthy meals a day keeps the ash ghoul away.

No. 135080

I only saw my family for 2 or 3 hours in the evening hours, so I backloaded all my calories into one meal to give the illusion of eating ~*~*~SOooOOo MuCh*~*~*~

No. 135081

Here here

as i stuff my face with chicken and rice

food is good for yer health

No. 135082

sorry but what is an "exchange?"

No. 135086

so there's this cool new thing called "Google"

No. 135087

ALy posted a new #OOTD

No. 135092

File: 1436458788384.jpg (175.34 KB, 1080x1080, 10932451_869045266506034_11864…)

Sternum more visible than before. Her boobs look strange, stuffed?

No. 135094

Also her pants… the ol' familiar "lowest BMI" pants.

No. 135100

Some treatment facilities use them instead of counting calories. You'll get a meal plan with a certain number of "fat exchanges," "carb exchanges," etc. and you can make choices like nuts vs. cheese based on the different exchanges. I think it's supposed to get people away from rigid calorie-counting.

No. 135102

totally not showing off the leg gap…

No. 135104

I love the "explanation" she gives. No Ally you didn't delete them to "start fresh" you deleted them because you were getting reported, but hey why start telling the truth now. Everything's covered with her hair and the pose seems like she's trying to appear bigger, those pants don't seem any tighter. Sternum looks the same bony mess as always… Girl, those wasted meals could really do you some good

No. 135105


Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to imply the figure was 900 exactly; a person technically just has to consume less calories than their body burns every day for an extended period of time really. Hence why the vegan ginger's exercise obsession coupled with her ridiculously low calorie and nutrient intake is so terrifying. Sorry you had to go through that as well and I hope from your use of past tense you're recovered now!

Having said that, I guess even if Aly did eat the better part of her mini-meals then she'd probably still be emaciated, especially as she subsists primarily on coffee and tiny portions of ice cream. I just wonder what Ash's pickings amount to and consist of…

No. 135116

I still reported the new body pic

No. 135126

Me too

No. 135127


Sorry, meant to respond to you. reported it too. FACK

No. 135137

Fucking called it. I knew this was the exact excuse she'd use for taking down her old OOTD photos. It was so incredibly obvious from them that she'd been losing weight, I'm just surprised she didn't take them down sooner.

No. 135140

The thing I really don't get about Aly is why lie to all of her "edfamily". Like 10 years ago when I was active in eating disorder groups it was the one place we could talk honestly about shit. I get the lying and hiding shit from family but her edfamily would likely be understanding of any struggle she had.

Instead we get Aly eating super lush/oily/full fat foods and other BS. I guess that is why she enrages me so much. That and the putting down of people that are struggling she did like a week ago.

No. 135146


Oh my god she's wearing a SHEER TOP! I can't imagine wearing something like that at a low weight when you know people can count your fucking ribs from across the street.

She LOVES being emaciated. She wants to be stared at. I just don't understand it. When I was at my lowest any bit of attention made me so uncomfortable I would leave or just not go out in the first place.

How she seems to function so highly at such a low weight completely baffles me.

No. 135155

It's okay, we've got a full backlog of her selfies and ootds

Perhaps there's so much "honesty" between her and her family seeing the real side of her, she comes to instagram to put on a facade that all is well and happy

No. 135156

Perhaps it's the only place she can hear "OMG U R SO STRENGHT" since her family, hopefully, is saying she isn't doing enough or trying hard enough.

No. 135157

Wow she even deleted the comment from here:
"Oh so you're in outpatient, not in PHP"

Why would she even do that unless her intent was specifically to deceive people into believing she's receiving a "higher level of care" than she is? There is no good reason for her to have deleted that comment (or many of the other comments she has deleted). She doesn't want her lies about being in "day treatment" exposed, so she'll even delete (and probably ban the poster of) a totally benign comment stating a fucking undeniable FACT.

And this is why Aly grinds my gears - not because she's mentally ill, not because she does things that just about all anorexics do, etc. Because of this massive fucking deception she's trying to pull off for her thousands of devoted fans. It's really sick for her to constantly post about her JOYOUS (!) days full of excursions with friends, shopping, trips to the beach, restaurant meals, etc. and rub it in the faces of all of her followers who actually ARE in real treatment programs where they, you know, fucking RECEIVE TREATMENT instead of continuing to frolic around living their lives just like they were before.

TL;DR time, feel free to skip: Yes, I will admit that I have a gigantic chip on my shoulder here. I went through ED treatment about half my lifetime ago. It was hell. Being inpatient was hell. Downright mean doctors and nurses, painful insertion of IVs and feeding tubes, constant use of chemical restraints and threats to get me to comply, no phones or laptops or cameras or any devices of the sort, no walking five feet from the bed to the (locked) bathroom, no visitors except my parents, restrictions on fucking EVERYTHING (including what I was allowed to read and watch on TV). Being in day treatment was hell. All day, Monday through Friday. Nearly as restrictive as inpatient. Being surrounded by other patients with EDs who were constantly acting out and encouraging me to pick up even MORE disordered behaviors - no, I don't want to be your fucking "ana buddy" when we get out of treatment, fuck off. I missed half a year of school and spent it basically being babysat, doing shit like coloring in coloring books and knitting while being forced to rapidly gain a massive amount of weight (close to 50 pounds in the course of a few months). And THEN there were the years of follow-up outpatient appointments - multiple times a week; had to miss school for those, too - that only stopped when I turned 18 and ran the fuck away from it all.

And that's just my story. I know of others who have had it much worse - people who have spent literally years in inpatient treatment, for example, not to mention the people who have DIED. I know I should just brush it off and stop grinding my fucking axe, but seeing Aly make a mockery of this whole thing makes my blood boil. "La-di-da, look at me, I'm in 'real recovery,' it's so wonderful! I love food and everything's marvelous and I'm going to remain emaciated despite "eating" all of the things you wish you could eat without gaining weight, LOL!" FUCK YOU. Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck you.

I need to step away from this shit but it's become an obsession. I should have some fucking empathy, but instead, I have a personal vendetta against this girl who lives half a world away from me and has literally no connection to my own life. I am fucking pathetic and I fully realize it. I am a nearly 27-year-old failure at life, on disability, living with my parents, constantly thinking about suicide. I guess on some level, although it's really hard to admit, I'm really, really jealous of Aly, or at least of the façade she puts up. Who knows, maybe she's ~really struggling~ on the inside. All I know is that the act she portrays to the world makes me feel physically ill and violent.

No. 135160

>She LOVES being emaciated. She wants to be stared at. I just don't understand it. When I was at my lowest any bit of attention made me so uncomfortable I would leave or just not go out in the first place.
Yeah, I think someone else in one of these threads observed that there seem to be two types of anorexics: the ones that flaunt how thin they are and the ones that go to great lengths to cover up how thin they are. I was one of the latter. No one saw me in anything less than long sleeves, long pants, and some sort of coat/jacket that went down past my butt to hide my sagging pants. I wore layers upon layers, even when I was hot, to try to make myself look bulkier. I hated being looked at so much that I barely ever left the house or had contact with anyone for YEARS. No one had any idea that I'd lost like 20 pounds fairly rapidly. Those habits are so ingrained that I still can't even bring myself to wear a t-shirt or shorts in public.

>How she seems to function so highly at such a low weight completely baffles me.

Yeah, I figure she must just be getting barely enough calories to keep functioning, but she can't sustain being at that weight forever. If she falls and breaks a bone (I'd be shocked if she didn't have at least osteopenia, if not osteoporosis), or if she gets sick and loses a few pounds, or if she decides to restrict just a little bit more, she could die (or end up with serious and permanent health problems on top of what she probably already has).

No. 135166

being underweight even for just a few months can bring on osteopenia…
damn some of these girls dont know what permanent damage theyre doing…

No. 135168

Brb… I need to make a cheeseburger

No. 135169

im jelly by the day of her meals she doesnt eat
that seafood salad..

No. 135171

File: 1436471247749.jpg (133.18 KB, 640x920, 0519db50e6c8403873281bc2fec585…)

No. 135176

There's no way those are her real boobs. She either stuffed her bra, is wearing a bra with crazy amounts of padding, or both.

No. 135186

File: 1436472257500.jpg (142.52 KB, 604x604, PY7lWZQC-uQ.jpg)

The only difference I see is her legs look thinner than in the older pics.

No. 135196

I think she might be skinnier in this picture but I have to laugh at comparing the boob size in the two pictures.

No. 135205

File: 1436473649400.jpg (118.76 KB, 619x789, FullSizeRender(1).jpg)


I was srs. PS it's delicious

No. 135207

Yep, I was underweight and didn't menstruate for like six months MAX and when I got a bone scan, I found out I had severe osteoporosis. At age 14. Yay. I'm pretty lucky - I still haven't broken a bone, unless you count the couple of hairline fractures I've gotten in my hands from punching things (oops). I wonder what Aly's bones are like? I doubt they're in good condition…

Restricting is bad enough, but when combined with purging and/or diet pill abuse and/or laxative abuse, you can really fuck up your body. I'll never forget the laxative-abusing young woman I met who had to have most of her colon removed in her early 20s because of necrotizing colitis ;_;

No. 135208

She looks so disproportionate with her new stuffed bra or whatever that is making it look like she actually has breasts while the rest of her is skin stretched over bone. Makes me think of the extremely low body fat female bodybuilders or really skinny porn stars I've seen who have giant, bizarre-looking implants on their bony-as-fuck chests.

No. 135210

Well if she keeps going she won't be walking around much so it won't matter. I'll bet ash's bones are hollow.

No. 135216

To me it looks like a t lightly padded uplift t shirt bra. The size of the cups on the actual bra are making it look as if she has bigger tits than she really has. Kinda personal experience.

No. 135217

Yeah, looks like one breast is almost as big as her head.

No. 135220


> #Throwback to yesterday ? in front of the restaurant ? Since a couple of days many of you here asked about my outfit-pictures, why I deleted the old ones and why I don't share them anymore. Well this is the new shirt I bought ?? and yesterday #ootd ???I'm not posting body pictures anymore and cancelled most of the old ones because I want this to be a NEW BEGINNING ? Usually received too many rude comments on them and I looked pretty more emaciated than today; I don't want that memories or my body's changes to influence my journey. I want to look better and healthier day by day without stress or unhelpful opinions ? Idk if the improvements are noticeable but there are and I just want to look forward a completely recovered version of myself ? and leaving the past relapses/mistakes behind ? I can't forget them for sure but I don't want anyone to compare this Alice to the "past Alice" if it does make sense ? Enough said ? Hope I explained everything well ? and I wish you a fabulous rest of the day #edfamily ☀️ Look at the future, look for the BEST version of yourselves ✨ and don't stop fighting even a minute of your life: #realrecovery is hard but also the wisest decision we can take ? I'm sending you all my positivity, motivation and love.. Stay strong honeys ❤️

> I don't want anyone to compare this Alice to the "past Alice" if it does make sense

Yes, yes it does make a lot of sense

No. 135222

> Idk if the improvements are noticeable

No they're not.

No. 135224

I'd really like to know what's going on in the heads of the WKs who argue that Aly is actually ~gaining~ weight and looking great. One of them was trying to defend her by being all, "there is a thing called being hypermetabolic, you dummies. Learn some science." (not her words, but that's the gist) Bitch, do you even science? She gains about a thousand new followers a day, so I guess that most people cba to check her (now quite revised) history.

No. 135227

FFFFUUUUCCCKKK the "hypermetabolism" excuse makes me so mad, because YES, that is actually a thing, but NO, it would not be occurring in someone who has consistently been eating like 3000+ calories of lush, oily food a day for at least months, if not a year (I'm not sure exactly how long her charade goes back - at least through last Christmas). Why the fuck would that suddenly occur NOW? When, from the looks of it, she was consuming LESS in the hospital than she was claiming to have been eating at home? WHY, ALY, WHY??? It's not your metabolism, it's not your genes, you're not visibly gaining weight, you don't look way different like some of your followers are claiming ("OMG SO RADIANT SO BEAUTIFUL SO MUCH HEALTHIER WOW GOOD JOB!") - it's all just fucking bullshit and I can't believe how many ignorant people continue to fall for it.

No. 135233

File: 1436477199097.png (2 MB, 1440x2019, Screenshot_2015-07-09-15-40-01…)

This is how big her crystal bowl looks when she's not holding it up with her fist.

No. 135256

I think I hate Aly more than Ash. Ash is sarcastic and miserable and ~so edgy~, but she's no Aly.

No. 135275

And at least not 100% a liar

No. 135277

89% liar only.

No. 135300

Her entire insta is a bunch of lies but "only 89% liar"


No. 135339


I dunno, I get what you're saying, but I kinda think Aly's cruelty to other sufferers is mainly driven by her illness and she might actually be a nice person despite this ridiculous recovery facade. I get the feeling Ash is a douchebag to everyone ED or not.


Anon is referring to Ash

No. 135387

IDK…Aly seems like she'd be an obnoxious, entitled, prissy little brat regardless of the ED thing. Who knows, though. She might be a nice person. Her behavior on the interwebs (the constant comment deletion and blocking especially gets on my nerves) doesn't do much to support that idea, though.

No. 135388

I don't think I would've particularly liked aly either way. She seems too hungry for attention, bitchy and competitive in general. I also don't pick up any sense of humour or anything interesting about her. She doesn't even seem to have any hobbies.

Let's imagine (try hard) that she's really doing the recovery thing. If a year down the line she's at a good weight and getting on with life, she's still going to be a blank who feeds off her ED asskissers.

Not comparing as such, but a person like Erika (who btw is looking obviously healthier despite shit life events) has stacks of personality (yes, some of that's disordered but who the fuck isn't to some degree). You can picture her making a go of her life. Aly seems so meh. She's supposedly studying literature but she never mentions what she's reading or gets anywhere near passionate about books.

aly's a dullard and I can't see that changing whatever her mental state.

No. 135389

I was writing that tl;dr final part when yours popped up. Yes, that's how I feel about her.

No. 135393

File: 1436487945422.jpg (29.41 KB, 265x553, 1.JPG)

Posting this just because I'm proud of how Erika's going with her recovery. I know some people are meh about her, but you can't say she hasn't done well especially considering issues she's having with money and her relationship.

If I was in recovery, she'd be my ~inspiration~ I doubt she comes here any more, but idk, feel warm n fuzzy to see her looking on the right track.

No. 135395

holy shit she's done incredibly well. good for her!

No. 135400

Yessssss erika we are so proud

No. 135409

I was wondering how she was since she made her ig private. It's great to see her doing so well.

No. 135435

No. 135436

Aly pisses me off a lot more than Ash. I feel like Aly's actions have negatively impacted many more people than Ash. Aly's account spreads the message that eating disorder recovery is easy and fun and all about constant binging without visibly gaining weight. Meanwhile, Ash's accounts (unintentionally) do a rather decent job of portraying how sad and pathetic a severe eating disorder makes your life.

No. 135439


Ash convinces people to buy her stuff. Aly convinces people that she's actually eating what she posts.

No. 135440

Who is Aly fooling besides herself, though?Even MPA is on to her and every night she gets called out until she wakes up. Reporting her account to IG is more effective than anything else.

No. 135442

If an anorexic genuinely wanted to recover and saw pictures of this chick, could she be discouraged since the "recovery" didn't actually work?
Imagine how this would look if a 'former' alcoholic posted pictures of himself drinking 'ginger ale' with empty whiskey bottles all over and tagged them #realsobriety

No. 135443

File: 1436497169189.jpg (13.87 KB, 267x97, 1.JPG)

She's fooling people like the ones in the pic. Are they actually seeing a "transformation"? Do they think that she's gained by eating and that it's okay if they still look skeletal because she's "looking so much better"?

I see no difference. Even her facial expression is the same. That fake smile.

No. 135444

She wasn't even at a specialist clinic. A week at a general hospital being tube fed and now her doctor rings her up when he feels like it is considered day care.

No. 135470


So what if people believe she eats what she says she does? And that person doesn't seem like she was harmed, she'd (wrongfully) attributing a positive change in her perspective to Aly by being "inspired" by her fake positivity.

I do get annoyed by how Aly trivializes the struggles of people who are actually trying to recover, and I do think that her OOTD posts are thinspo for many people. I actually think that people from MPA come here to this thread for thinspo and to screenshot her OOTDs after they're deleted from IG, but that's another issue…not saying that posters here should censor themselves for the benefit of those people, but if we're talking about harm to others it's worth mentioning.

Accounts like Prettyinthinn are more harmful than Aly, IMO, because she tries to make having an ED into a lifestyle. Like an ED is a choice that one can live with indefinitely when the truth is that it will inevitably kill you. She talks about how much happier she is with her ED and how she has managed to find this balance between starving and doing school work, and even gives tips on how others can do the same. I think she also posted once about hiding vegetables under a thin layer of starches so that she could get away with eating less and her parents would be happy. All that is fucked up. Aly just looks horrible and it's pretty apparent that she's lost her looks from her ED and is on her way to her grave if she doesn't turn things around. That seems like enough to deter all but the sickest ones who actively look for people like her to be "thinspired."

I think Ash is also dangerous in that she looks for these vulnerable pre-teens, like Eilish, to be friends with. I remember seeing posts where people would tell Eilish to eat more, then Eilish would lash out, and Ash would say something encouraging that behavior. I mean, really? Make friends your own age, Ash, and stop looking for kids to ruin. Plus, we did see her actually go after people, like Gia and Erika, and the harm and hurt that caused. Aly doesn't stalk her "haters" she just deletes them.

I will just continue to report Aly in the hopes that her account will be deleted.

No. 135476

peak bone density isn't reached until your mid 20s though. after that, females lose 1-2% of bone density until menoause. so if you were 14, you still had almost a decade to reverse a significant amount of the damage. when it comes to osteoporosis, Aly is running out of time to make repairs.

No. 135487

File: 1436500979976.png (854.53 KB, 1450x480, FUCKING DELICIOUS.png)

Another TL;DR here. Seriously, I know, no1curr, not your personal blog, etc. Just skip this post - I'm writing it anyway.

Seeing that picture makes me want to cry (in a happy way). I came across Erika when both of us were at our lowest weights. I actually had almost shaved my head right before she shaved hers, which was kind of funny. I was also having a hell of a time getting any treatment due to insurance, financial, and logistical issues. I was too "medically stable" (LOL, I could barely even get out of bed, but my electrolytes were somehow still fine, soooo…) to be kept in the hospital. I was repeatedly admitted, assessed, given IV fluids, told I was "stable" but severely underweight and needed to go straight to a residential treatment center, and discharged back home. However, no ED facility I contacted - and I contacted a large number of them from all over the US - would accept me because I didn't weigh enough. I didn't even know they had MINIMUM weight criteria. I could have gone to Denver ACUTE, but my insurance wouldn't pay, I'm poor as fuck, my family would have had to mortgage their house again to send me there, and I couldn't live with that; I hated myself so much that I figured it would be better for me to just die than to burden anyone with potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

No one I contacted had any helpful advice or assistance to offer - they just kept saying the same things. "You need to be in residential." Well, they won't take me, so what am I supposed to do? "Then you need to go to the hospital and be in IP first." The hospitals (at least in my area) won't keep me when there are other people who need the beds and I'm "stable," and, regardless, I can't afford it. "Well, you really need to be in residential." Did you not hear me the first time?

At that point, I was so depressed, discouraged, tired, and in pain that I had completely given up and accepted that I was going to die - I was just waiting for organ failure to set in. I just wanted it to end. It was pathetic, and thinking about how I was back then makes me want to punch myself repeatedly in the face. I could barely even think, let alone carry on a conversation or do anything productive. Seriously - fucking pathetic. I can't believe I let myself get to that point.

Anyway, I started reading Erika's updates and seeing how she was choosing to get better for herself and her children. No one forced her into recovery, and she wasn't just doing it to placate her parents or something (I did that when I was a stupid teenager). She was another grown-ass woman, only slightly older than me, making the choices I was too weak and scared to make on my own, doing the things that she needed to do to get better. When she got sent home from Denver and kept eating and gaining weight by herself, even in the midst of such shitty circumstances, I started to think, "Maybe I CAN do this." And I have been. On my own. No thanks to the treatment centers that didn't even bother responding to me once they heard my weight (yeah, I know, liability issues; it was still pretty demoralizing). No thanks to the hospitals who discharged me in horrible condition and told me I just needed to go to one of the aforementioned treatment centers that refused to take me. I saw Erika do it, and I experienced it firsthand - sometimes, the only person who can help you is YOU, and even though helping yourself can be really fucking hard when you're severely mentally ill, it's not impossible. It's FAR from the cakewalk Aly makes her "real recovery" out to be, though.

I haven't made as much progress as Erika, but I'm trying, and I'm going to keep trying. Starting around a week and a half ago, I've been eating over 1,600 calories a day for the first time in close to 10 goddamn wasted years. I even got over 2,000 on a few of those days. And I've learned that nuts and nut butters are actually very tasty, not disgusting like I'd convinced myself they were. I just finished eating one of these - see pic - and holy shit, it was so good (delicious, NOT "delish"), I couldn't believe it. It was still scary as fuck to eat, though. But I'm going to do it again. I'm going to keep doing it. I want to have an actual life, not a miserable pseudo-existence as a pitiful waste of space and resources.

My experience is NOTHING like how Aly portrays "recovery." Here is what MY recovery has been like so far: I have more energy and feel MUCH better physically, of course. I've tried and enjoyed some amazing new foods, and I'm excited to try more. I don't go to sleep every night wondering if I'll wake up in the morning. I don't constantly feel my pulse to see if I'm bradycardic, tachycardic, or having arrhythmias. My family isn't as worried sick as they were about me. That's all great. However, I have nearly nonstop stupid, irrational thoughts about food, my body, gaining weight, etc. I'm physically VERY uncomfortable much of the time (thanks, GI system). I change my mind and decide to go back to restricting about 10 times a day (but I don't do it). My mind immediately goes to thoughts of self-harm and suicide after eating and when I feel like or think about how my body is changing. I have crazy mood swings and cry way too much. I feel like I'm having an extended episode of PMS. I'm very isolated and, most of the time, I don't even want anyone to see me. I could go on and on. I know I'm "doing the right thing," but it's definitely not all sunshine and roses.

Back to Erika - I'd never actually spoken with her until recently. I sent her a message letting her know how (I know this sounds cheesy as hell, but it's true) she inspired me and gave me hope that I, too, could find a way back from the hell I was living in. Her response to me, a total stranger, was so sweet and caring, I couldn't believe it. I cried like a babby. She let me know that, if I need someone to talk to, I can reach out to her. I only know her from what she's posted online, of course, and I'm not in any way trying to say that she's a perfect angel or something. But she is a fucking success story. She's beating the odds. And, unlike Aly, she's actually a REAL positive influence and a role model for her followers. I can only aspire to do so well in my own "journey" (I loathe that word) back to health.

TL;DR summary: Thank you, Erika. Fuck you, Aly.

No. 135489

THANK. YOU. i lost my period for almost a year and a half, but i was young enough that proper nutrition/health, etc., can reverse it.

Woot woot for bleeding and pain

No. 135492

here here! I really hope she keeps going and doing so well… also, good for you :)

No. 135493

reverse the possible bone damage, that is

No. 135494

File: 1436501741419.jpg (607.55 KB, 750x420, evil fuckers.jpg)

Yeah, I know. Too bad I've had to be on a high dose of proton pump inhibitors since I was 15 (I'm almost 27 now). I was put on them back before all of the news came out about how bad they are for you and how they fuck with your bones, but if I stop taking them, my reflux is unbearable and I develop ulcers and gastritis. I took calcium supplements religiously for years and my bone scans only got progressively worse. I haven't had a scan in a while now and I shudder to think what the results would be. Life lesson: eating disorders are bad, kids. Also, don't take PPIs from strangers. Actually, don't take them at all.

No. 135495

No. 135497

Me too, and thank you…that really was an embarrassingly long post, and I'm not sure why I made it, except that I'm feeling especially sappy tonight and that picture of Erika hit me really hard. I'm going to go hide now and pretend I didn't just pour out my life story on lolcow general.

No. 135500

man that shit looks good. Imma get my own as well.

No. 135506

What's hilarious is that she keeps claiming that she doesn't know the calories of the meal plan, but then she'll let it slip that she's had too many calories.
Now, I think that's "too many calories" in her anorexic mindset, not the meal plan. But it still shows that she counts calories. So even if she was following a meal plan, there is no way she'd do it without counting calories of it.

No. 135508

I'm really proud of you! I'm happy Erika's influence is helping other people. This is what true recovery should be.

No. 135515

I read it all!

>sometimes, the only person who can help you is YOU, and even though helping yourself can be really fucking hard when you're severely mentally ill, it's not impossible.

That's so true. Mental health treatment is abysmal. My condition isn't an eating disorder, but one of the effects that was fucking up my life was agoraphobia. As an inpatient for x amount of months, the only thing I think helped was being given the right meds for depression. Out of the pit it was so frustrating wanting to live but not being able to even go out. The limited CBT sessions afterwards give you good advice how to deal with it but it really is up to you to persevere and do it yourself. It really is a slow and fucking difficult thing to do.

Anyhow, still got the mentals, but I got a life back. Still get setbacks, but that's normal.

Aly's joyful recovery, however, is far from normal.

I remember being told recovery takes patience and how difficult it is and I used to groan, but in retrospect I'm so grateful for the honesty. What aly's doing is kind of putting unreasonable demands on others to be as much a ~motivation worrior~ as she says she is and how it's such a breeze and she can shut out those "stupid" thoughts.

tl;dr fuck you, aly.

No. 135516

Love choc chips in bars. I prefer choc chips to actual full on chocolate flavour.

No. 135517

File: 1436505400332.jpg (11.46 KB, 260x60, kek.JPG)

Is this person talking about the stuffing in aly's bra?

No. 135540

No that was me trying to rile up Aly somehow into being like "no I haven't gained at all!!!!!" because we all know she hasn't.

No. 135541

File: 1436510209796.png (1.53 MB, 972x1276, #chipporn.png)

Awwww yeah.

I just did a Google Image search for "chocolate chip bar" to try to find an appropriate pic and got lost gazing at all of the beautiful brownies and shit. And then I realized…I was one step away from looking at #CHUNKPORN. #chipporn is OK, r-right guys? Right??? (pic related) I'm not aroused, I swear, just hungry and maybe drooling a little bit.

No. 135542

So I decided to translate one of the Italian comments that she responded to and she is much less polite to her Italian followers… I wonder what that's about? Does she realize that more of her followers are English speaking so she thinks she can get away with it?

>>aly_realrecover @ michillotti ?? you think I make photos of food that I prepare by following a meal plan to the letter or go to the restaurant and then not eat ? You realize that it's ridiculous / unfeasible ? ?

>>michillotti @ aly_realrecover not surprise me sincerely because the portions that photographers do not eat even a person who weighs 100kg
>>michillotti @ aly_realrecover the point is that I do not understand what may serve to do so … Fine , sorry for the controversy hope will lead to reflect
>>aly_realrecover Sono portions of a meal plan given to me by a dietitian DCA ; do you want to ask her ? ; ) If you have comments to write these things do not just follow me ! thank you and good day michillotti
>>michillotti @ aly_realrecover I do not need to ask anyone because not only she has studied nutrition , then it falls ill . Besides the fact that no one is saying that she has given you this diet . I only say that is unfeasible ( anatomically and physically ) you can take the amount of food . Quiet , if that is the problem not follow you more

No. 135546

File: 1436511777811.png (1.19 MB, 658x1870, Aly 7-10-2015.png)

There's some Italian-language dramu going down on Aly's latest breakfast post…I ran it through Google Translate and attempted to clean it up a bit (I'm not fluent in Italian, sorry if this is shitty):

>michillotti: Can I tell you something without you getting offended? Because in any case it is not my intention to offend anyone. But why lie so shamelessly about the amount of food you are taking? What is the point?

>>michillotti: If you ate really even half of the things you post you'd be much better! It would make more sense…
>aly_realrecover @ michillotti: You think I make photos of food that I prepare by following a meal plan to the letter or go to the restaurant and then not eat? You realize that it's ridiculous / unfeasible?
>michillotti @ aly_realrecover: It would not surprise me sincerely because the portions that photographers do not eat even a person who weighs 100kg
>michillotti @ aly_realrecover: The point is that I do not understand what it may serve to do so…Fine, sorry for the controversy, hope it will bring you to reflect
>aly_realrecover: They are portions of a meal plan given to me by a dietitian DCA*; do you want to ask her? ;) If you have comments to write these things do not just follow me! Thank you and good day
>michillotti @ aly_realrecover: I do not need to ask anyone because not only she has studied nutrition, then you fall ill. Besides the fact that no one is saying that she has given you this diet. I only say that is unfeasible (anatomically and physically) you can take the amount of food. Calm down, if this is the problem I will not follow you anymore
>aly_realrecover @ michillotti: Ok, it was a pleasure and goodbye!
>michillotti @ aly_realrecover: And also accepts the comments you do not like, I do not understand why you are so stirred up. Maybe think it over. If you accept only the comments of the people you worship it is meaningless

*I think she means a dietician who is registered with the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (?)

Slow clap for michillotti, telling it like it is.

No. 135548

File: 1436512275508.jpg (1.85 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1436512134791.jpg)

I went back to the first thread and grabbed some pre-hospital pics to compare to- she's clearly not gained any weight. I think the only reason her face is fuller is that she's more hydrated.

Sorry for the shitty collage. I'm on mobile.

No. 135550

Hah, you beat me to it. But there's more! I did my best at translating.

>_elenasjourney: Ali do not listen to her! Honestly they do not seem exaggerated portions of food, I think they are right portions for those who must gain weight as you should eat according. @michillotti excuse? That is bho*, I see much better and I do not see why she should lie. @aly_realrecover Keep it up please!

>michillotti @ _elenasjourney I assure you that if she ate even half of the things she photographs, she would not need to be hospitalized. In any case, if you go talk about it somewhere else, certainly not here in your profile. It does not seem right either. And in any case, perhaps it would be better not to give heed to you rather than to me. To tell her, "Well done…you are very good" does not solve anything!
>_elenasjourney: But if she was hospitalized and given a food program do not think that she does not follow from! I'm talking about now since she was in the hospital, not before…I think it is followed by competent doctors, and I like many others have seen big improvements cmq* if you want to write me direct on
>albanicola: (in English) She knows absolutely nothing about eating disorders and nutriens needed. Please educate yourself a little bit before writing things like those. @michillotti
>michillotti @albanicola I guess you understand Italian. I do not speak English well and do so before. If you want to pretend not to understand what I'm saying go ahead, it is PHYSIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR HER STOMACH TO INCLUDE THOSE QUANTITIES OF FOOD. So please, before you advise others to learn, try to study something yourself!

*I have no idea.

No. 135554

And, of course, she immediately responded with the number of calories in a Fortimel when someone asked her. You know she knows this shit off the top of her head. The anorexics I knew in treatment were, of course, obsessed with calorie-counting and trying to find the lowest-calorie food options, even if it meant cutting out only 5 or 10 calories (there was a lot of "OMG GUYS I snuck into the kitchen and found out that the PB&J sandwich is like 10 calories less than the cheese sandwich!"). The dieticians were constantly debating with people the validity of the way "exchanges" were calculated and getting in arguments over things like exactly what size orange qualifies as a "medium orange" or how our baked potatoes weren't all identical ("My potato's slightly bigger, NO FAIR! I'm not going to eat!"). Seriously, I never met an anorexic who was just like "whatever, I don't care how many calories are on my meal plan, and I'm going to eat as much as I want on TOP of my meal plan, too!" Not to say that they can't or don't exist, I'm just very, very surprised by and dubious about Aly's behavior.

No. 135555

she's going to have the worst wrinkles around her mouth from drinking through a straw this way (not to mention all her other health problems if she survives)

No. 135567

>After all the junk food I ate today

I want to shove her off a bridge.

No. 135571

Aly doesn't want to get better, but wants endless praise. That's why she does this. She insults the basic intelligence of everyone by keeping up this charade, she insults people that are struggling with EDs by saying they should just be ~happy carefree children~ who realize ~food is so DELISH~. You say you live with your parents. Aly is an adult and still being taken care of financially by others (I think she lives with her dad?).

She's an attention whoring, lying, disrespectful mooch. Yes, your life is shit, but is being a spoiled princess worth it if you're also an awful person? Anyway, I doubt she'll live for much longer.

I have a similar background to you. I totally understand that deep self loathing that comes with being unable to take care of yourself, with being a burden, with being incapable of being a functional human being. I get it. But, to be totally honest, I'm glad I'm not Aly. I'm jealous of how much money she seems to have access to, but she's an awful person.

You might be an awful person too, I don't know, but you at least have some decency. You feel bad about inconveniencing others, you feel bad about hating some girl you don't even know in real life, you don't have an instagram that's basically a shrine to yourself, you don't insist that you're totes perf and people who are struggling just need to try harder. Morally, you seem to be a hell of a lot better than her. Be proud of that.

No. 135573

Wow I must admit I didn't especially follow or totally believe in Erika but seeing a real difference changed my view on her ! She doesn't hide or make excuses ! I hope she won't relapse and stay strong

No. 135603

From Aly's breakfast photo from this morning it looks like there was more Italian drama going down, but she only deleted the girl who made the comments (@michillotti) but none of the replies.

No. 135607

I like that michilloti person's pics. The holiday ones and the chihuahuas.

I'm aroused. When I saw that pic of aly's where she'd put some choc chips on her huge bowl of frozen Fortimel, I was so sad when I realised that after taking the photo she probably dumped the choc chips. Brownies don't do it for me, but these little square things are fine #closeupchipporn

No. 135609

Italian anon here.
>Michilotti: Can I tell you something without offending you? Because I have no intention to offend…But why lie so overtly on how much food you actually eat? It doesn't make any sense. If you really ate at least half of the things you posted, you'd feel better! And it would make sense!
>Aly: Do you think I take pics of food I prepare following my meal plan or go to the restaurant and then not eat? It would be ridiculous and unfeasible!
>Michilotti: It wouldn't suprise me since the portions you have been posting would be big even for a 100 kg person … I don't understand what sense there is in doint this … Ok, I'll stop arguing but I hope you think about this
>Aly: These are portions from my nutritionist's meal plan! Do you want to ask her about it? ;) If you have to post comments like these then simply don't follow me! thank you and good day!
>Michelotti: I don't need to ask, because your nutritionist isn't the only one to have studied nutrition, so you've fucked up there. Besides, nobody is claiming you didn't get a meal plan from a nutrionist, just that it's impossible, physiologically and physically, that you have been eating all that stuff. Be assured that if this is a problem I won't be following you anymore .
>Aly: Okay, it HASN'T BEEN a pleasure and bye!
>Michelotti: Learn to accept comments you don't like. I don't understand why you get so mad. Be reasonable. Accepting only comments from people who worship you doesn't make any sense.

No. 135610

Just adding that it's not especially weird for a 19 year old to still live with their parents in Italy, especially since apparently she doesn't need to transfer for uni, but I agree Aly has issues
If you post the originals, I'll happily translate them.

No. 135612


my favorite places

No. 135616

That's >maybe 2 pounds of difference. Regardless, she looked much better on her last day at the hospital than she does now.

No. 135617

yea ~*zomg 3x inpatient*~ here and the best case scenario i've seen is one girl always ask for extra item during night snack.
other than that, everyone stuck to plan. maybe because everyone wanted out asap.
i never saw anyone on the tube and there were people probably in the low 70lb range.
again just restating no one was EVER aly's level of euphoric

No. 135625

Erika's husband hid some serious money issues from her and she'll be evicted in 2 days. Sad.

No. 135627

God damn that sucks. Erika is trying her ass off and keeps getting more bad shit thrown her way.

Then we have Aly who doesn't have a care in the world besides her ED and lies her ass off.

Yes - she is somehow eating tons of calories and not putting on shit for weight at all. When your BMI is like fucking 10 she would at least have put on 10lbs or so by now.

To just maintain she would have to be eating like 900 calories or so. The two Fortimels would add up to around 500 calories alone if MFP is right. Add in all the super lush and oily food and she should be gaining so much faster. Sorry for the obvious information she just irritates me so much.

No. 135631

> These are portions from my nutritionist's meal plan
doesnt mean you're eating them / keeping the food down
i think she is confused why people are commenting on her portions
aly we are not saying "wow why are you eating so much" we are saying "wow how can you eat that much and not gain?"

No. 135632

So he waited until atpfter the citizenship papers were filed. I hope Erika divorces him and that his ass gets sent to Siberia.

No. 135633

She's always been ruder to the Italians.

No. 135635

Probably because she doesn't know how to express rudeness as well in English.

No. 135636

tbh how did she petition for his citizenship? you need to meet certain financial criteria to bring spouse/children to the US for citizenship

No. 135639

File: 1436539122392.jpg (440.2 KB, 974x640, chickenlegs.jpg)

If just one of her goddamn lemmings comments on how her legs look "better" I will lose my shit. How does she even walk on those disgusting sticks?

No. 135641

"Reacovery is worth it, trust me." Sure thing, Aly.

No. 135642

someone already responded praising her legs. I reported the photo.

No. 135644

legs crossed, sitting in a chair and still thigh gap
walking dead status

No. 135650

Thank you, I felt like an idiot trying to cobble that together from Google Translate and dictionaries…

FUCK NOOOO!!! I didn't check her page for a while and was just hoping she was doing well in treatment and was away from all of the shitty family stuff that had been going on. I can't believe how much crap she's had to wade through ON TOP OF nearly dying from a severe chronic illness.

No. 135652

Annnnd she's already deleting all the comments on it

No. 135654

Erikas fundraiser link http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/mama-s-hope-for-recovery-from-acute-illness/331142

So frustrating that she actually wants to get better but is having money problems, and that Rachael farrokh scammer raised 200K. Not to mention all of the gofundmes other nonsense on tumblr

No. 135656

Reporting that shit.
How many pictures can get taken down on an instagram account until it gets banned?

No. 135658

File: 1436545685692.png (89.94 KB, 1188x186, Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 9.24…)

Going to donate. Just can't decide how much. I'm tempted to give a lot, but I don't want to feel like a chump if Yustas just takes the money or something. I wish I could directly pay off some of Erika's bills. I totally would. I'm a relative poorfag, but she needs the money more than I do right now.

On the topic of Aly, dat not-so-subtle bragging about her follower count…stay classy.

No. 135675

That's the link in her IG but maybe you could DM her questions?

No. 135677

Erika's going to bounce back after all this. She seems determined to dump the useless husband. She must be feeling stronger mentally now she's more nourished so that's going to help. I like how she really is honest about recovery. A few weeks ago she admitted that with other things going on she'd been neglecting her eating schedule a bit but was back on track.

I was just going to write >>135675

No. 135680

>Afternoon Snack

No. 135700

sprout's insta is baaack

No. 135701

You sure? Same name? Still looks gone to me

No. 135702

who else is only here to see who drops dead first lol

No. 135741


No. 135745

does anybody read the coversation under aly's pic you posted this one with the fortimel she never drinks and her legs and the chair

No. 135747

i love your comment. it's encouraging. can't say much more now but wanted to say sth at least.

No. 135749

i feel like this great post is wasted on a site like this. or maybe it isn't. it's great is all i want to say. thank you

No. 135750

I'd be lying if I said that wasn't one of the main reasons. Ashley, soon…Aly, depends if she has a fatal barf but could possibly go any minute, Sprout - think she's got years. Btw, her ig's still gone when I look at the old url.

No. 135751

It's not wasted here. After only really being exposed to really poor diet recovery people, or fake recovery, it's great whenever I hear of excellent progress like anons and Erika. Mental illness is a cunt, so it's always A+ when it gets kicked in the crotch.

No. 135752

reading it now

No. 135753

tink's pretty self obsessed

No. 135760

This Tink is an Aly worshipper

No. 135768

Dumb kid thinks she knows it all. I hate when somebody's been through an illness and they think it makes them an expert on it as if everyone's experience is the same.

No. 135770

Aaaand they are gone. Aly thanked tink for being so supportive.

No. 135771

I'm the anon who made that embarrassingly long post, and I just wanted to say thanks - I originally came here for the entertainment and stupid drama, but I've stayed because of the presence of truly kind, intelligent, supportive farmers. It sounds ridiculous, but really, without this site, I'm not sure I ever would have stopped wallowing in self-pity and gotten my ass into gear.

I started out following the Ashley threads and went on to find this bizarre community of super-disordered people on Instagram. I realized that I REALLY did not want to become one of those people, and my eyes were opened to the disgusting fact that I was pretty much already there. I'd just been shutting off my brain, autopiloting on toward death, and remaining in deep, deep denial about it all. It's been difficult, frustrating, and painful - again, NOT joyous (!) whatsoever - but I've finally started taking action to avoid becoming another miserable, bitchy, wheelchair-bound spoopy skeleton (or just plain old dead).

And Ash, if you're reading this, I want you to know that you're my "reverse thinspo" - you make me want to eat, not purge, and become a healthy and functional adult, because I never, ever want to end up like you. I'm truly sorry for whatever happened to you that shaped you into what you are today. Despite your many flaws, I really do wish the best for you. Your life must be hell, and even if you "brought it upon yourself," even if you're dragging other people through hell with you, even if you're actually a completely rotten person at your core, I still wish that you could heal. I want to believe that you just have a really bad case of the hangries and that, if you put what's left of your mind to it, you could at least regain enough of your health to be able to go to Japan NOT via air ambulance…

Oh, and I REALLY wish I had the cash to donate to Erika. What a mess of a situation. I feel guilty but also incredibly lucky for my mostly-supportive, non-abusive family (and lack of children).

No. 135772

Btw, the money in the youcaring account goes to Erika and not Yuatas. I DMed her asking since someone raised the issue and she took care of it so that Yustas will not have access to the money. :)

No. 135775

i feel you. i struggle with depression and watching pixy fuck up her life more and more helps me get my ass out of bed every day and go to work and use every bit of energy i have left. no ed troubles for me, thankfully

No. 135777

they're reverse thinspo for me too lol

No. 135782

Anyone notice how Aly doesn't have a night snack anymore? I guess she figures she doesn't have to lie about that since she now posts a morning and afternoon snack.

No. 135783

i can feel her exhaustion from keeping this facade up. cringe

No. 135784

Good to know. Thanks.

No. 135788

I could slap all aly's followers who tell her she's looking better. They're quick enough to call anyone who asks about calories h8rz, but they're more damaging making her believe she looks healthier. She's still wearing the same leggings she wore pre hospital. That tink person said maybe aly feels self conscious about weight gain. Erm, she wears SKIN TIGHT leggings and off the shoulder tops. She KNOWS she's still skinny. She'd be covering up more if she was insecure about any gain (not that there is any).

No. 135790

>supportive farmers

we have a reputation for being a bunch of bitches, but anyone who's truly recovering gets stacks of support. i posted that pic of Erika because it was great to see how well she's doing even though i though maybe i shouldn't post it because it doesn't belong here. i did though just because i'm proud of her. nobody deserves to be in pain, even aly, but i can't support someone who obviously isn't interested in changing her ways.

No. 135796

File: 1436564803109.png (1.09 MB, 658x1802, DELETE DELETE DELETE.png)

kek, aly went on a deleting spree in the comments on that leg picture, but maybe she's logged off already, because there's a big fat comment (guessing it's from a farmer) that's been sitting there for a while now screaming "delete me!"

No. 135800

Amazing comment. No hate- just facts. That's how it needs to be done. No one is attacking Aly in the comment, it's just pointing out contradictions and calling her out on her lies she's spewing out.

No. 135830

Yeah, she's probably asleep by now. She wakes up in about 7-8 hours.

No. 135858

unfortunately truth doesn't seem to matter, as her fangirls carry on singing her praises regardless. that comment has already been followed up by more ass-licking:
>@aly_realrecover you are beautiful ❤ only 19 yo and so inpirational and strong. You inspire me so much, don't let the negative comments get you ❤ sending you much love from Slovenia

yes, ignore the facts. such inspiration, so strenght, what an amazing recovery worrier. i just wonder how long this will go on and how it will pan out.
- will aly's account get deleted, and, if so, will she return?
- will she eventually get tired of playing the game and abandon her account?
- will she turn into another ash and keep updating her instagram with food pics and ~*~cute selfies~*~ from a wheelchair as she slooooowwwwwly withers away?
- will she suddenly die and leave everyone hanging, waiting for an update that will never come?
- will she actually really, really, really, for realsies this time, seriously "real recover"?

only time will tell!

No. 135867

Wish I could donate to Erika too. Im the anon who has an upcoming job in Disney and joked about seeing Ash but we get 3 free tickets for park entrance and I would love to give them to Erika and her kids if she is out of recovery.

No. 135869

Erika deserves nice things but people like Aly spend money without a thought and Ash just uses her followers for nice things she doesn't deserve

No. 135870

I hope for your sake it's not the Disney College Program

No. 135872

Its their professional internship, im an international student. What is wrong with their college program?

No. 135873

I wish I could take credit for that comment, but it's not me.

If I was aly and SERIOUSLY really real recovering for real I'd leave that comment up. When I gained weight it'd be a big fuck you to all her doubters. As it is, she isn't really recovering and it'll be deleted, but I'll be looking for any responses before it is.

I donated to Erika when she created the account but jesus fuck I've got debt recovery on my back so can't help out financially. Anything non cash based I'd willingly help her out with if I could. If I had a $800 tacky Tiffany necklace from an ex to pawn, I'd do it.

No. 135876

File: 1436572483118.jpg (36.25 KB, 252x276, jfc.JPG)

What kind of sick fuck would think that's the reason someone would post "negative" comments.

No. 135893

>what kind of sick fuck
You answered your own question, anon. This person is obviously a sick fuck too and had deluded themselves to believe that their mental disorder is enviable in some way.

No. 135898

>all this food

No. 135902

My god all of these hangry chicks have severe brain deterioration. The whole point of @semantic.syntactic's comment is that Aly is NOT, in fact, eating "all this food".

You know the biggest thing that pisses me off is that she is getting away with practically admitting that she was in danger of refeeding syndrome after MONTHS of stuffing her face with oily pasta, entire pizzas, and whole pints of ice cream. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO FUCKING STUPID.

No. 135906


Kids paying their schools full tuition to spend a semester working low-skill/no-skill jobs (custodial, fast food) getting paid min. wage and able to be fired without cause. It's like paying someone 20K+ to work at McDonalds.

No. 135928

File: 1436577819876.png (164.43 KB, 1312x338, Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 6.20…)

Pic related is who. Dat user icon…100% pure ED chick right there. Tell me I'm wrong.

Seriously though, I do not understand how people can be that dense.

No. 136016

It's awesome, isn't it? Let's see… would we rather have discomfort now plus increase the risk of esophageal cancer, or would we like to fuck our bones and have a B12 deficiency?
And silly me, I thought I wouldn't get stomach problems since I don't purge. Eating disorders are awesome.

No. 136028

That profile pic. Batshit insane. Look at those dead eyes.

No. 136031

File: 1436590445372.jpg (101.74 KB, 423x750, tumblr_nqzpaoudqF1rbh7czo1_500…)

This picture just seemed really relevant to this thread.

No. 136069

is that white thing fish?

No. 136073

You browse /ck/?

No. 136076

File: 1436596724648.png (1.67 MB, 657x3451, Aly 7-10-2015 2-2.png)

Fucking lol, this exchange is still going on and this idiot white knight is unbelievable. She was presented with a fuck ton of information on Aly's shenanigans and she doesn't refute ANY of it, she just says "I tend to live by the optimistic 'innocent until proven guilty' so if she states these things on her account, then I accept them." BUT WHYYYYY??? And hasn't Aly been "proven guilty" a great number of times? I just do not understand why people would believe these things unquestioningly when they're so full of holes and stuff like Aly's EXTREME comment moderation is going on right there for anyone who cares to watch. Did these people never learn about the concept of critical thinking? Ohhhh what a world.

No. 136078

Was she one of Ash's white knights too?

No. 136081

Maybe. I don't know who she is, I've never seen her before (elmon_x, that is).

No. 136105

File: 1436604432825.jpg (41.01 KB, 268x313, dat chest.jpg)

Oh gross her chest… reported.

No. 136108

Aly doesn't seem to have any personality outside her eating disorder. This sickly sweet and happy act and her weight look like all she has. I doubt she'll drop the act even if her army of proana teenage fans does find someone new to fawn over.
Like, why bother with acting so cheerful she could just bust when she'd get the same level of attention from her cult/fans anyway?

No. 136112

OMFG, you guys — SHe's photoshopped her legs smaller and her boobs bigger! I fucking swear, look at all the blurriness round her legs and the tips of her hair!

No. 136113

File: 1436607035131.png (2.39 MB, 1080x1080, shooped.png)

Blurry bits circled …

No. 136114

I think she likes to be "better than others". She mentioned before she is a perfectionist.

No. 136121

File: 1436608292180.png (71.82 KB, 604x304, Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 2.47…)

Dear fucking lord. These white knights. I am going to be sick. Are they all actually delusional? I just don't get it. They can't REALLY think that she looks like she's gained weight and is ~sooo much healthier~ than before, right? They can't REALLY believe every word that she says is the gospel truth, right? RIGHT?! How can you possibly trust someone when the proof of their lies is so blatant and all over the place? I can't make myself understand. Maybe I'm the one who's going crazy here. I don't know anymore.

No. 136127

It's probably a bunch a delusional Ana/ED girls who see Aly as an inspiration- in all the wrong ways. Aly proves that you can be a liar, that you can fake a recovery, and still be praised. That you can lie about eating LUSH (!) food and continue your old habits yet claim that you're sooo in recovery.

Basically it's many Anas' wet dream: Continue their ED behaviours secretly but also be praiseed for recovery.

No. 136137

The stained tablecloth is knocking me sick


No. 136145

I swear you should read the newest post of sandy.unique the girl who critizized her

No. 136149

I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. You'd probably be appalled at my house on certain days

No. 136150

File: 1436619147958.png (1.26 MB, 989x647, Capture.PNG)

Fixed that for you, brave ED worrior

No. 136151

No. 136171

i thought thats the shadow…
man farmers have a knack for seeing things in extreme detail, sometimes to a fault

No. 136173

You are seeing things. I don't think Aly has ever been one to shop things, she is a spoopy enough skeleton.

No. 136195

But that one boob is at least 2 full cup sizes larger.

No. 136210

She looks so disgustingly sick in this picture. Her skin is Yellow with jaundice… Her liver must have started to fail.

No. 136224

File: 1436630198752.png (1.12 MB, 662x1799, Bitchy McBitch.png)

And she legitimately has people telling her that she looks better/healthier/GOOD and like she's gained weight. My jaw can't drop any further at this point.

I also can't believe what a nasty bitch she was in the comments here (see pic) - she then went back and deleted her own comment once she got called on how rude it was. Nice job, Aly. Nice job.

No. 136238

File: 1436632323340.png (4.11 MB, 2500x2000, OCDelicious breakfast time wit…)

I found a new source of OCDelicious photos: https://instagram.com/strugglingjessi/

No. 136240

Damn, I eat the same foods a lot but this is crazy.

No. 136248

good lord

No. 136251

ok here's what I don't get. What's wrong with eating the same thing all the time? I mean, it's kind of dumb to keep posting pictures of it, but what's the harm in the actual consumption??

No. 136257


Oh, I wouldn't be critical if anyone else had a stained tablecloth. Aly seems to think she's above all and someone wrote a comment how she makes "all her meals look classy". I was thinking lol because she has chipped nail polish, lipstick on her teeth and chipped plates AND NOW, quelle horreur, a stained tablecloth.

I like the owls. They deserve better than to be coffee stained.

She looks hours away from death.

No. 136258

File: 1436634610638.jpg (10.9 KB, 244x47, duh.JPG)

The intelligence of her followers. She explained how she makes her frozen Fortimel (which most think it an INCREDIBLE ORIGINAL idea)…

No. 136259

File: 1436634804186.jpg (91.06 KB, 843x567, uh oh.JPG)

Is this how veganginger started with her recipes? How long until aly's putting spinach with milk?

No. 136261

Lul the lipstick … situation… reminds me of those poor old ladies who are so old and their vision is so fucked that their makeup is just god awful but damned if they don't try!

No. 136262

Concocting… proof she's starving herself.

No. 136278

i'm not defending aly but putting cookies and choc chips in a vanilla ensure-type thing isn't concocting jesus

No. 136280

it is for someone hwo usually eats such LuSh StUff!

No. 136283

OCDelicious collage anon here. IMO, there's nothing wrong with eating the same thing all the time. My father has had an English muffin with butter and jam on it nearly every morning for at least as long as I've been alive, and probably a lot longer. Why? Because he likes it and it's convenient. I eat a lot of the same foods every day, too, and for the same reasons. I'd say it's "disordered" if you eat the same foods every day because you fear that "something bad will happen" (e.g., you'll gain weight) if you deviate from your rituals. What I don't understand is why on earth you would photograph the exact same meal over and over and over - and then post it on the internet for the public to see. I'm baffled. I supposedly have "severe" OCD and I thought mine was pretty bad, but my time in these threads and on Instagram has really put things in perspective for me. Is the "taking photos of your disordered behavior and posting them on the internet" thing a compulsion that some of these others have but I lack? Is it an attention-seeking behavior? It seems so irrational and bizarre and it SCREAMS "mental illness" to me.

No. 136296

I think it's just a maladaptive habit they have developed. I don't think it's necessarily attention whoring, at least not 100%

No. 136305

I get times when I OD on something new. I'll eat it for, say 5 days on the run, but then I get bored. I don't think it's weird to keep eating something if you can tolerate eating it over and over, but JEEEEEZ it doesn't make good ig viewing, and this new person…she must make some ungodly smells >>136303

No. 136308

File: 1436641846230.png (3.57 MB, 2500x2000, OCDelicious dinner time with s…)

Here's another from the same user. Dinner. ;_;

No. 136310

File: 1436641932912.jpg (34.52 KB, 254x278, uh.JPG)

Okay, so she's taking exaggeration to a whole new level. Trying so hard to sound like she eats SO MUCH.


No. 136311

Could all those sprout, broccoli and cauliflower dishes be the exact same day with the food arranged differently?

No. 136312

>OF COURSE with oil

I think she's already gone full Ginger.

No. 136315

More and more people are calling her out on her shit in a roundabout way; she's getting snippy about it… Maybe if she gets fed up (haha, fed) enough, she'll say "fuck it" and go full-on Ashley.

No. 136316

File: 1436643224455.jpg (51.52 KB, 542x587, a.JPG)

She looks really ill. Those dark shadows, the colour and texture of her skin. How does she manage to get away with minimal "treatment"? Her face is getting hollow again. She looks fucked. How long until the most hardcore aly worshipper starts questioning why she looks so bad?

No. 136319


what gets me is, she calls it her "real recovery". as if the other people who are having problems or even relapsing while trying to get over a fairly complicated psychological disorder are failing to recover because theirs is a "fake" recovery. insincere, self-righteous cunt. if she could go back to eating and enjoying food that easily, why the fuck did she get an ED in the first place anyways?

No. 136321

I STILL swear her boob and thighs/calfs have been PhotoShopped larger. Come on, someone else at least pretend to acknowledge the blurriness around her legs …?

No. 136322

Whoops, quoted an irrelevant post accidentally.

No. 136325

I don't think she uses her laptop much to photoshop. I imagine she's constantly staring at her phone screen. I can see some blurriness, but it looks more like some weird seam thing going on with her leggings.

No. 136327

File: 1436644874711.jpg (74.11 KB, 641x654, 1.JPG)

I found this girl on vk. She was a member of one of the proana groups and she posts pics of her bonez.

I see she does ballet and I've noticed a few of the EDs from that area of the word are dancers or gymnasts. Where do they get the energy from when they're so weak?

Not a lolcow, seeing how proana doesn't seem to be considered a problem where she lives, but this is her https://vk.com/id104105853

No. 136346

Hey now, be nice.

She probably just spilled some vomit on there from her purge bowl.

No. 136349

File: 1436649975974.jpg (221.52 KB, 967x614, go sandy.jpg)

No. 136351

No way they can dance. Their joints couldn't take the effort.

Bunch of liars, honestly, probably trying to make their lives more interesting for the internet.

No. 136353

there should be an ig account of her deleted comments.

No. 136355

> I receive so many DMs of RECOVERING people who told me they relapsed and feel like a fat loser. And if I ask why they tell me about Aly and her pictures.


No. 136359

File: 1436652923894.jpg (39.92 KB, 587x355, 1.JPG)

There're pics of her doing dance shows. I always wanted to be able to do the splits.

Aly needs to gtfo off the internet. Ash was a leech for cash but nobody looks at her and aspires to be her, whereas aly's way more damaging in that respect. We should petition instagram. She's a fkin danger.

No. 136361

The girl in the British flag shirt is just staring at her in horror. God damn, that must be painful as fuck when you're that thin.

No. 136363

I watched a show with a kid who developed this disease where he couldn't store fat (literally had 0% body fat before an experimental drug helped). He felt excruciating pain when he walked because the fat that pads the feet was no longer there :(

No. 136365

How is she not a lolcow if she posts pro-ana shit

No. 136367

It makes me sad because it reminds me of when giraffes slip and their legs break because they fall in this position.

If I had a daughter, there's no fucking way I'd get her into ballet (not being sexist, the men just seem more athletic build).

Fuck. Ouch. Yup, that's the reason people need some fat. Bones need to be cushioned.

She's a cow for putting herself up as thinspo, but I'm not sure if she qualifies as a lolcow in general because she isn't lying about her condition or scamming anyone. She's not putting herself out there as an e celeb, so…
Of course she's a dick though and definitely likes the attention from the skinny lovers on vk.

No. 136369


I kind of agree, but I also think that there comes a point where you just have to be responsible and avoid this sort of media if it triggers you. And a more general point (that I'm sure wont make some people happy): I see a lot of people posting here who have struggled with EDs for years and are in their late 20s and on disability and they sound angry like they're projecting that on Aly. I dunno, I think you guys still have a chance to turn things around and that lurking here and being angry at Aly isn't productive. Aly is an idiot, and I report her pictures and hope that she gets deleted. But I feel like a lot of the anger towards her is misdirected anger and frustration that would be better used in working towards recovery. tl;dr Aly sucks, but if you're obsessively reading these threads because you're a chronic case and you're projecting your anger (from misspent years with the ED) at Aly then maybe it's time to take a hiatus.

No. 136371

Tbh, I've often wondered how the ED anons deal with being on the Ash/Aly threads. It's good to read about anons who see them as reverse thinspo, but I don't think I'd put myself through the risk of triggering if I was in recovery or recovered.

I made the mistake of going on a crusade and trying to get self harm ig accounts taken down, but found that after a long time it was making me think and act on impulses. I didn't think it'd bother me, but yeah. I walked away.

No. 136374

me again. I think the same about AA meetings. How can recovering alcoholics deal with hearing people talk about wanting to drink? Once I thought about taking zyban to stop smoking but I'd have to go to some kind of AA style group meeting while on it. Sitting in a room talking about smoking when you really really want a cig? No thanks. (Got into vaping anyway. Not as harmful and tastes better).

No. 136378

I think a lot of them are rationalizing their own behaviors because they aren't "as bad" as the lolcows

No. 136379

Partially true for me, but i don't honestly know where my ED started years ago or what caused it. I do like to see things others are making mistakes with to help myself better since I can't afford therapy yet. I've got the eating part down, just not the issue identification. Sometimes I don't even realize that something I'm upset over is truly me being upset over eating. I never wanted to be bony or thin. Idk wtf happened. Erika is kind of my role model in that sense.

No. 136381

Forgot to add sometimes it feels good to be able to laugh at some shitty things someone else is pulling (6 sprout, same meal every day, etc) that I've overcome myself

No. 136386

Could it be chemical imbalance? Every therapist I've seen has always asked what I think started my depression/anxiety/related symptoms issues but I couldn't say. My childhood was content, I've never suffered abuse, my self confidence is good. I can put it down to chemical imbalance but I'm really not sure if that could be the cause of an eating disorder? Sometimes shit just happens. The mind is too weird.

No. 136387

(must add, not ED so not saying chemical imbalance caused one with me)

No. 136389

Or a Tumblr/blog site because tbh fuck Instagram.

No. 136390

>I see a lot of people posting here who have struggled with EDs for years and are in their late 20s and on disability and they sound angry like they're projecting that on Aly

Well since it sounds like you're directly referring to me (the anon who, earlier in this thread, stated that they are nearly 27, on disability, and have struggled with a chronic ED), I'll just say that I don't find these threads "triggering" in any way. Yeah, Aly makes me angry, but not "triggered," and I don't see how that anger is a bad thing. It makes me try even harder to get myself away from being anything like Aly. I AM "working toward recovery," but I also have a lot of free time, and I spend some of it on lolcow. I don't see how I'm "projecting" wrt: Aly, though. I try to get her harmful shit taken down off of Instagram and I follow these threads, that's all.

No. 136392

Instagram really are a bunch of twats. I've seen more anti pro ana accounts taken down than the number of harmful accounts I've reported. So fuck em.

Tumblr - could be issues with identity , the way we had to refer to Ash as "A". If it was to happen then, yeah, blogger or sthing.

No. 136394

Very possible. I'm saving up for professional help to find out

No. 136397

File: 1436658322365.png (8.47 KB, 496x215, vomvom.png)

>screenshot from Ashley's blog

I seriously just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

No. 136399

Jackie ate her out when they met.

No. 136404

Hmm… Ash is A, so we'd need a new nickname or something. Like how questtorecovery was Sprout (though that was more a term of endearment from the OCDelicious crowd).
We could easily nickname her Lush or Delish or Sake (for the emoji). Any preferences?

No. 136407

Okay I just retched…,

No. 136408

I like Lush, although that makes her sound like an alcoholic. Couldn't we just call her Aly?

No. 136409

No. 136413


No. 136414


No. 136416

Lush sounds like a hooker name tbh

No. 136417

or a drag queen

No. 136422

Hmm…while the wheels were in motion for creating an aly expose blog, she's not getting any negative comments (unless she's staying awake 24 hours to delete as soon as they appear).

No. 136423

File: 1436664830817.jpg (30.61 KB, 550x545, ocd.JPG)

This person exists on Greek yogurt, Quest bars and Starbucks. I really can't tell if she's reposting the same pics over and over again, her meals are so similar (pic related)

Collage anon might be interested.

No. 136424

I understand "safe foods" and congrats on doing recovery, but I don't see the point of that account because it's the same thing every day.

No. 136427

i don't understand how these people think "blendicanos" or sexpressos or whatever the hell are actually good. taste buds must be shot to hell.

No. 136432

I've never had them and I don't like Starbucks blends :/ I like coffee hot or on warm days I'll have an iced latte. That's as adventurous as I get. Maybe they think it tastes shit but it's a fashion thing??? Idk, but tastebuds must get affected at some point.

No. 136438

She says she buys a lot of hentai, so if she's sexing I'd say she's doing it to herself. Or maybe I'm just avoiding the thought of her at it with another person (not that the thought of her doing it for herself is any less disgusting).

No. 136449

She BUYS hentai? This isn't 1998.

No. 136453

File: 1436668313850.jpg (61.14 KB, 497x611, 1.JPG)

She has people gift hentai to her … plus she posted this on tumblr, although when she ever pays bills idk and no idea where her $ come from

No. 136458

does she outright ask people to buy it for her?

No. 136463

it's not on her wishlist, but Neckbeard sent her some and she drops hints that she's into it. someone said they'd sent her a gift and she said "please no more porn", so idk.

i get the impression she doesn't get many gifts these days.

No. 136464

File: 1436670784873.png (408.77 KB, 473x531, veganvom.png)

No. 136465

I also get that impression.

No. 136473

Screw the book. She should have a cooking show. There's a show about a guy who travels and eats shit like camel testicles, so why not?

No. 136474

File: 1436673759104.jpg (53.09 KB, 386x460, 1406232661969.jpg)

Who is Jackie? I want to see the face of this weirdo, also is there any proof this happened?

No. 136476

Collage anon IS interested, awww yeah. The OCD is so strong with this one. And I'm just picturing her walking into Starbucks like twice a day every day and ordering a "sexpresso." Cringe. I thought "blendiaccino" or whatever it was was bad…

No. 136480

File: 1436675329569.png (840.95 KB, 2000x2250, OCDelicious sexpresso time wit…)

There were sooooo many more photos, I had to limit myself here. I could have gone on and on.

No. 136487

For the love of all things redundant… @_@

Those photos could be turned into one of those photomosaics. It would be a photomosaic of a sexspresso, of course.

No. 136488


Deer god why.

No. 136489

I want to see this animated.

No. 136494

That would be awesome actually.

What, like a flipbook or something? It'd be all spazzy since she's not holding the cup in the same place consistently, unfortunately.

No. 136502

If I cross/uncross my eyes like I was looking at a magic eye image I can see the cups in 3D

No. 136506

Any idea how much do we have to cover up her identity to post about her? Like if I post photos from her Instagram, do I have to blur out her username?

Ha, I like aLie!

No. 136512

Seriously, anyone ever seen a photo of Jackie? Is ash the only one to mention her name?

And I thought of a better nick name. FortimAly or fortimel Queen

No. 136518

File: 1436690952556.jpg (50.52 KB, 455x525, j.JPG)

No. 136519

Incredible! Fancy doing one of the nutribar thing in the silver foil?

No. 136522

File: 1436692582582.png (864.12 KB, 2100x2400, OCDelicious PM snack with reco…)

And some PM snacks. So redundant.

No. 136527

This is Art.

No. 136532



oh don't worry sweetheart, i wouldn't look at that smile with a ten-foot telescope.

No. 136535

That many?? Jeez…. How many dollars is that

No. 136538


have we talked about the hclf vegans?

like this girl is "recovered" from her ed and her poor starving body is obviously crying out for something other than raw fruit because it's not digesting that 3500 calories very well

this just seems like a way to binge without worrying about it. i mean she ate 2kg+ of papaya in one go. her poop must be insane

No. 136539



she also posted a q&a where she said she doesn't believe orthorexia exists because pharmaceutical companies want to give you cancer. hypomanic tbh.

No. 136540

hclf must be a pretty miserable existence :(

No. 136547


How can she think she's healthy if her lips go blue in warm melbourne winters.

It doesn't even snow there. I mean it's 11 degrees there right now.

No. 136552

You are doing god's work. I thank you.

No. 136553

OCDelish artist, have you saved all of your work? Could you possibly put them all into one? I would love to make a desktop background, or even a quilt.

No. 136554

You should blow it up on huge canvas and submit it to one of those modern art museums

No. 136556

She looks perfectly healthy to me.

Being a hclf vegan myself, I can say that it is a pretty amazing lifestyle. I feel a million times better health wise and have so much energy; I really enjoy eating lots of wonderful fruit and have meals that are cruelty free meaning my conscience is clear.

No. 136559


You honestly think she looks healthy? She looks about 10/15 pounds away from Aly. You sound disordered yourself.

No. 136560

She's just a slim girl - she's not skeletal.

No. 136561

nothing is cruelty free unless you are getting everything from a local farm. most of that fruit you're eating is picked by migrant workers making 1 dollar an hour in pesticide filled fields (and no, buying organic doesn't help because certifying organic is usually 100% meaningless). don't kid yourself, eat like a normal person.

No. 136562


Did you miss the part where she says she's recovered from an eating disorder.

That's not weight restored.

You sound orthorexic.

No. 136563

Considering she has had an ED she is definitely way too thin with that kind of disordered eating.

No. 136564

HCLF veganism is a weird ana cult

you tards are starving yourselves of vital nutrients. HCLF vegans are literally afraid to eat nuts. they eat 0 protein. this is idiotic

No. 136566

I guess it's better than eating nothing but it seems like a miserable life. Imagine not being able to enjoy food with your family or friends. It's like in that thin documentary where that girl brought her own thanksgiving dinner to her family's house because she couldn't have anything they cooked because it wasn't "safe" for her diet.

No. 136567

hclf vegans are fucking crazy. Must be their diet.

No. 136568

i was thinking fahrenheit dear god

No. 136570

actually, one watermelon has 27 grams of protein.

No. 136571

a large artichoke has about 5.3 grams of protein

No. 136574

every single plant-based food has at least some protein in it. The protein needs of an adult female can range from 45-200 grams per day. It all depends on your diet and type/level of activity.

No. 136576

y'all are still fucking crazy. there is 0 evidence based research for this diet. the china study has been debunked by so many more reputable studies and this is disordered eating turned to 1000.

No. 136577

hey farmers, eat a whole watermelon

No. 136578

The comments slating HCLF veganism are simply ridiculous. The reason why these women are living such restrictive/disordered lives is because they are mentally ill and using th excuse of HCLF veganism as an excuse. As someone who I guess has followed a high carb vegan diet for most of their life the meals that people like "fitveganginger" show are not representative of this lifestyle and are simply the meals of an anorexia sufferer.

You also have to stop being so selfish with your food choices. Food isn't just about the taste, think about the ethics, the sustainability and christ the poor animals slaughtered to make that "oily cheesy SUPERLUSH" meal that Aly doesn't eat but just photographs.

No. 136579

Those are complete proteins. Rice and beans would be a complete protein. A PB sandwich would be a complete protein. Soy by-products are complete proteins.

No. 136580

was just gonna say that. and i'm actually serious.

No. 136581

Those *aren't I mean.

No. 136582

There is no such thing as ethical consumerism. You're buying something that doesn't exist.

No. 136584

idg why her hair is still so nice. her skin too, actually. considering

No. 136585

How can someone binge on 10 kilos of melons or live of only raw vegetables and fruit every day, that's fucking crazy.

I bet you niggers have crazy explosive diarrhea.

No. 136586

her skins looks dehydrated and like an old persons tho. like it's paper thin.

her hair is nice though but i wonder how much of that is hairspray and expensive products. and i wonder how it looks in real life and not just posed in pics.

No. 136587

racist troll, you can talk about how dumb hclf diets are dumb without being a racist troll

No. 136588

Don't know if this is Ash in her chairgrave race trolling.

No. 136589

Yeah, the bags/wrinkles under her eyes and weird anus lips betray her deterioration.

No. 136591

Her hair looks really dry and damaged IMO… healthy hair doesn't look like hay

No. 136592

Why thank you. I'm having fun with it. I don't know what I'll do with them…I keep wanting to make bigger, better collages…

She goes to Starbucks 3x/day sometimes and often mentions that the baristas must hate her for always getting that damn Frankendrink. I have no idea how they even charge people for that thing. Real venti Frappuccinos are what, $4-$5?

No. 136597

I used to have a bad starbucks habit. Not even an ED thing. I did it for the caffeine/ease. Now I just buy shitty coffee in bulk and drink a few cups in one sitting to start my day.

PSA for coffee drinkers: DO NOT brush your teeth directly after drinking coffee. I'm dealing with some teeth issues now because of that. FML. Ignorance is costly

No. 136598

Actually my poops are nice light and easy to pass - unlike massive heavy stinky sinkers that take a good few minutes to push out when having eaten animal produce. As Freelee would say hclf vegans have 'fruity fluffy floaters'

No. 136599

I am not that racist troll, I just use nigger as a part of *chan vocabulary dear tumblrina

No. 136600

omg you have drunk some nasty koolaid

No. 136601

hi ash

No. 136602

>as Freelee says

god you bitches are dumb

No. 136603

Why do you think I'm Ash? I am not pro-eating disorders and that includes this fruit HCLF bullshit

No. 136606

This is why ed sufferers shouldn't follow these threads.

No. 136607

go back to 4chan

No. 136608

Everyone stop shitposting

No. 136611

I wish I could dang delete the fakers in here

No. 136612

Eh, I have a history of disordered eating but never went on any of those fad diets. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted, just less of it. I guess HCLF vegan "works" for some people, but I'll pass, thanks. Others are free to do what they want - it only irks me when they try to say that everyone NEEDS to eat like they do or they're unhealthy/stupid/gullible/going to die young/whatever.

No. 136617

I thought the brittleness of her hair (visible from halfway down to the ends) was something to do with her bleaching, but it's not even harsh lightener she uses.

No. 136618

File: 1436714539937.jpg (195.55 KB, 990x634, 94275482.jpg)

Aly is not all fake sunshine and fake rainbows today and I really fucking like it.

No. 136619

File: 1436714559788.jpg (2.7 KB, 145x130, 45673563254.jpg)

No. 136620

She's found out people are suspicious of her JOYFUL CHILD act so she's throwing some depression in.

The way she writes i love you at the end makes me cringe.

No. 136621

File: 1436714758064.gif (601.74 KB, 300x300, spazzyhand.gif)

your collages are the bomb.

the autism is strong with this one.

No. 136622


Seriously, you need to do something with these things.

I'm going to search really hard for more collage material for you. This is going to take a lot of beating though.

No. 136624

that's aimed at collage anon AND gif anon if you're going to do a partnership thing in future.

No. 136629

That's perhaps true, but one of the most harmful thing she does is make it seem like ALL recoveries should be beautiful and positive ALL the time or it's just a fake recovery. I'd love to see her cut that shit out more than anything.
As long as she claims to be struggling with eating food, she can keep lying about eating it. She'll get caught in those lies anyway–either by her parents or death.
The fake-as-fuck positivity can go though. Stop making others feel like failures because they can't put on such a front all the time, you know?

No. 136636

where's the freelee thread tho

No. 136638

meh not really many lulz to be had. Just a vegan lady with some crazy-ass followers.

No. 136639

Who's the bearded dude in Ginger's latest post?

No. 136641

Probably just some dude from church that she photographed to convince us that she has friends.

No. 136642

Especially if it's shitposting about shitting

No. 136643

someone with the same long head gene

No. 136644

File: 1436716552593.jpg (51.32 KB, 575x574, ahg.JPG)

this pic is scary. her body size compared to her head.

No. 136646

not to mention her chest. she claims she doesn't have an ED and then she posts this? lol ok.

No. 136648

why does she make those faces, her face fills me with rage, its so punchable

No. 136649

As somebody who actually scrapes by monthly for food and dire necessities, this really pisses me off. When I just got my glasses recently, after going a year without any after my pair broke, I got the cheapest ones I could. I think they cost around $30 - $50 and have some shitty design on them as a result. Fuck this stupid cunt. If she was really as poor as she claims, she wouldn't be spending almost $200 on a pair of glasses.

Sorry for the blog post, but this shit makes my blood boil.

No. 136650

oh no shes perfectly healthy and totally not using veganism to disguise disordered eating. She's VEGAN YOU HEAR ME VEGAN PRAISE JESUS U DISGUSTING BLOODMOUTH

No. 136654

wow this is so reportable

No. 136655

File: 1436718121867.gif (734.58 KB, 200x200, spazzy starbucks.gif)

here's another. looks like she's shaking it like a maniac.

No. 136656

or Parkinson's Disease

I think it' stupid to pay that amount on a first pair of specs. I've worn specs/contacts since I was a kid (well, contacts when I was a teen), and it wasn't until late 20s I bothered to save up for a nice pair after always going for the cheapest range at my opticians. If I barely went outdoors or didn't need to wear them full time, there's no way I'd spend a lot. I just get the lenses replaced when my prescription changes (upside of more expensive specs is I actually look after them better and so far haven't sat on them).

No. 136658

Poop that floats is a sign of excessive gas, which doesn't surprise me given the massive amount of raw fruit you people consume. It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it. Are you constantly gassy and bloaty?

No. 136659


>Stools that float are most often due to poor absorption of nutrients (malabsorption) or too much gas (flatulence).

No. 136684

It looks like rejected footage from the video for that Death Grips song "I've Seen Footage".

No. 136685

The whole cup wasn't full. You can tell from the coffee ring that it was filled about half way.

No. 136689

Sorry for the dumb question. I have only been partially following this thread but why the fuck does Aly tag her food as oily? Da fuck.

No. 136696

We actually don'tk now the answer

No. 136697

I wouldn't say gassy more than anyone else, but bloating occurs often. Then again when I was eating a vegetarian diet, or even before that a meat inclusive diet- bloating occurs.

No. 136738

There are three theories out there:
1. She doesn't realize that "super oily" has a negative connotation in the English language,
2. She wants to appear like she's eating a TON of LUSH calories,
3. She's so deluded that she thinks everything is oily (specifically, her mother uses a normal amount of cooking oil so stuff doesn't stick to the pan, and that's a HUGE amount to Aly).

No. 136776

"guessing it's from a farmer"
lol you left that comment obviously because the X is next to it to delete it.

No. 136783


Normal Italians love olive oil and put that shit on everything. Aly is pretending she also puts it on everything so that it doesn't seem like she's restricting as much as she is. Olive oil has calories and if she mentions putting it on her food, people will think she's eating more calories than she actually is.

No. 136787

Olive oil has lots of calories, though. I lost my shit as a budding pro-ana preteen when I found out that 2 tablespoons of olive oil had something like 120 calories. My family uses that shit on everything, even just to grease pans. It really adds up.

I guess Aly watches people cook and sees them pouring olive oil all over pasta and pans for sautés and just imagines them pouring liquid calories all over everything. When it comes time for her to eat, all she can picture is it just being soaked in calorie-laden oil. So by 'oily' she just means 'was cooked with oil.'

No. 136788

There is a girl on instagram named Michelle who is on that weird diet/lifestyle of just eating raw fruits. And no surprise here, she used to have anorexia. She does eat huge servings of fruit though, but I still feel like it is disordered eating. If she goes with her friends to eat, she won't order anything if there aren't any raw vegan items. I saw her bring her food once though. She even talked about how she changed her diet during her relationship with her boyfriend, and wanted him to do it too. And has talked about how he disgusts her by what he eats. But the thing is, she ate "normal" like him once before. But anyway, I don't remember her username since I have unfollowed her.

No. 136808


No. 136816


No. 136827


No. 136830

OT, sorry, but everyone is nicely dressed in that pic.
Why must murica be so lazy.
Must be exhausting to post all this food you are pretending to eat all day kek

No. 136837

I stoppednfollowing the spoopy skelly scene, but what happened to queen skelly Ashley?

No. 136839

her and jackie got married and adopted forest cat

No. 136848

WHY the fuck is she drinking compact Fortimels at her weight?

No. 136854

What about smegma?
Is she still gone and boring? I really wonder what she looks like currently.

No. 136856

What's a compact fortimel?

No. 136857

I'm wondering… is it the language barrier, does Aly think that brief sadness/having a bad half of a day is depression, or is she actually depressed? Depression would make sense, given her malnourished state, but I feel like her Sunday posts were trivializing depression.

I have some long-term major depression that I've been trying to get rid of for years, so I'm probably just being cunty and oversensitive

No. 136858

yeah, that was reeeeally fucking embarrassing and cringeworthy. i'm not an instagram user and only created that account to post those stupid comments. i didn't even know what "x" you meant until i stared at my own screenshot for a while. i wanted to toot my own horn and have someone see my stupid overly long bullshit before it got deleted. i feel like an ass now. sorry guys.

No. 136884

It's alright anon it at least was a good post.

No. 136895

To be fair, native English speakers say they're depressed when they're feeling brief sadness.
But I completely agree that she seemed to be trivializing depression, especially when she was sad for half a day and then perked right up. (Of course, that was after ice cream, so it may have been the purge-induced euphoria.)

No. 136901

File: 1436775111450.jpg (13.15 KB, 299x85, throat punch.jpg)

Then again… going through her old shit and found this comment. I know it's a common stance to have, but it's usually a stance people who don't have and/or don't understand depression take.
So my vote would now be "no, she definitely doesn't have depression."

No. 136944

File: 1436791876937.jpg (603.95 KB, 1227x1260, Untitled.jpg)

NEW and IMPROVED aly with 10% more lush & oily selfies.

No. 136946

i think if you are severely depressed/anxious to the point that it affects you physically (ie anorexia or other issues) then at least TRY anti-depressants.
yes there are all different kinds and affect everyone differently, but i feel like they teach you "wow i can go outside/eat food/talk to others/enjoy my life without crippling sense of despair" so that once you get off the pills, you realize its possible. when you are so deeply depressed you dont even think its possible to reclaim life.

No. 136956

nvm actually the compact ones have more or the same amount of calories just less ml. (I thought they had less which is why I was shocked)

No. 136958


Your point still kind of stands though. Aly's been intaking pretty much the exact same calories every day for a significant amount of time in recovery now. Why is anyone purchasing/allowing her to purchase and have the smaller versions of Fortimel when she's previously been drinking the regular ones? Surely that's a step backwards? Though her post does make me think she really was struggling and actually for once evoked a tiny bit of sympathy, I don't get why she or anyone else is buying her 'less' or small versions of anything.

No. 136978

the smaller container is the same calories.
it has more calories per mL.

regular = 1.5cal/mL
compact: 2.5cal/mL

No. 137000


Actually, oddly enough, it's a step forward. Or it could be if she's also eating other things. If you want to increase caloric intake, it's better to eat things that are more calorie-dense, like the compact Fortimels/Ensures/whatever they are. (So that you can intake more calories before feeling full. Like eating a cup of mashed potatoes vs. a cup of lettuce.)

No. 137001

I'm amazed that she can stand/walk/has energy for someone so thin.

No. 137043

but…how does that work? how does she not eat when she's with family/friends? don't they notice she's barely eating? is it her only meal of the day? i don't know shit about ed-life so it baffles me. she doesn't seem like a neglected "child" so, what's going on? how does this shit fly?

No. 137044

i've been wondering about that, too. what's it like? aren't you in constant pain? she barely has any muscle mass.

No. 137047


It wasn't too hard for me to hide my ED from family (until i passed out from malnutrition or something), all i did was pretend to eat meals by taking them in my room.

I'd literally just have bags of uneaten food in plastic bags, and I'd wait till nighttime to dump them.

Rinse and repeat till the lies catch up with you.

(Sorry 4 derail.)

No. 137055

It could be that she spits bites into her napkin. That's just the tip of the iceberg of ED tricks.
For her family's sake, I hope it's merely that she ate the meals at the restaurant and restricted later.

I feel so bad for her brother and mother. They look like nice people. Her brother is only 13, and his eyes already look so sad in pictures he takes with Aly.

No. 137056


This would be great for some hipster music video

No. 137058

I thought I had a handle on my depression up until I started taking anti-depressants. When you're so fucked up for so long, you start thinking of it as normal.

I hate when people tell horror stories about how they took anti-depressants and had a bad reaction, therefore NO ONE SHOULD EVER TAKE THEM. Motherfucker, I took birth control pills and had a bad reaction, that doesn't mean no one else should take them. Different meds affect different people differently.

(I starting taking anti-depressants because I'd developed postpartum depression and psychosis. I was 100% against anti-depressants up until that point.)


I wouldn't be surprised if Aly is depressed. We know she's fucked in the head, but she isn't exactly honest about her imperfections, so our armchair psychiatry is mostly speculation.

No. 137089

File: 1436816240729.jpg (551.23 KB, 1370x1190, REALrecovery.jpg)

She's definitely losing weight. Here's a shitty collage showing her totes real recovery.

I think most/all of us assume she's not eating in private. The question is what she does when she's eating with other people. Does she spit her food into a napkin as >>137055 said, does she purge, does she only eat with other people, does she fiddle with her food the whole time and then claim she's full?

No. 137091


Her teeth look too healthy to vomit, maybe she abuses laxatives.

Probably a fiddler though.

No. 137098

Yeah, but if she only purges occasionally, her teeth might not be visibly affected by it.

No. 137108

This is a good point. I always forget that people can also purge through their butthole, not just through their mouth.

No. 137112

>I hate when people tell horror stories about how they took anti-depressants and had a bad reaction, therefore NO ONE SHOULD EVER TAKE THEM

I had people telling me the horror of lithium before I started taking it but it's the best thing I ever did.

No. 137114

Trying a band around her waist to look less skinny, lol.

No. 137118

I never go to ED communities so I'm not sure if I'm some kind of special snowflake but I have a massive b/p problem for about 8 years now and my teeth are literally perfect. The acid only shows up when I've completely emptied the stomach. I also use water to purge with my stomach muscles so don't have any scars on my hand.

No. 137120

are they perfect though? have you been to a dentist? 7 years on bulimic, my teeth werent perfectly white but they didnt hurt or look fucked up or anything at all and now i need 2 root canals and 3 crowns.
just my advice but go to a dentist just to be safe. otherwise you lucky, girl

No. 137124

LOL let's see your bitewings and backs of teeth.

No. 137125

I would bet your teeth are fucked and it just hasn't quite caught up to you yet. You aren't some medical anomaly that doesn't puke up any stomach acid ever.

No. 137127

Uh, ignore this if this is inappropriate or triggering, but what does 'using water to purge with [your] stomach muscles' mean?

Some people just have much stronger teeth than others. I brushed my teeth maybe once a year from the ages 14-19 and two years later, my teeth are still fine. I would go to the dentists for my yearly cleaning – brushing my teeth for the first time a day before the appointment – and they would gush over how healthy my teeth were, and how I clearly took very good care of them. It's a genetic crapshoot. Really stupid to assume that everyone who purges has shit teeth.
Also, my guess is that Aly purges, but infrequently. I think that if she eats out with her family and has more food than she'd like, she'd purge then, but that would be maybe a couple times weekly at absolute maximum. I don't think that would fuck your teeth up that badly.

No. 137129

To binge and purge regularly for 8 years and think your teeth aren't at all affected is also "really stupid".

No. 137130

Holy SHIT. I've been lurking these threads and didn't realize she was this small

No. 137132

1. chugging water and vomiting it back up to wash the food out of the stomach. DO NOT DO THIS DIPSHITS. DO NOT. YOU CAN DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

2. sorry but 8 years, gotta be some damage at least moderate

No. 137133

Jokeing aside, Ash stalked her for a while before she met Erica.

No. 137135

Plain-yet-pretty in the first image to hideous in the second image.

No. 137136

Nah, you just can't taste the acid until you get to the end.

No. 137138

i thought its kind of just all mixed into the food… so like theres always acid erosion when you purge, but you may not taste much acid unless you wait awhile to purge ?

No. 137139

MPA service announcement thanks
but true advice
even though i used method #1 for all 7 years and here i am

No. 137141

Is that what they call "flushing"?

No. 137142

Someone asked aly about her bowel habits (even adding a poop emoji). Miss Prissy hinted that she had no constipation problems because of all the oil and fruit in her diet. I'd guess she uses laxatives.

No. 137144

Looks like I missed some "negative" comments on her latest #OOTD post.

No. 137147


No. 137148

Ginger's posted a pic of what appear to be her parents??

No. 137149


THIS. Unless you are having regular dental check-ups/x-rays, you won't have a clue until something starts hurting.

No. 137150

Oh Jesus. It was sometime during the past two weeks and I cba to look through all her comments. It'll still be there though because she answered it. I'd look for it, but the asskissing comments really grate on my nerves.

No. 137168

File: 1436828164938.jpg (214.66 KB, 733x1600, dcs-2232b_2z.jpg)

Lite salt for you

No. 137169

Exactly my point. So when you're purging the food, you are purging acid, but you won't taste it because it's mixed in with the food. Other anon was implying there was no acid until her stomach was empty of food.

No. 137170

Are you trying to brag? EDs really fuck with your head, don't they.

No. 137172

File: 1436828974430.png (101.62 KB, 1196x312, yep sure.png)

lol @ "ask them if you don't trust me" - how can anyone at all believe her by this point?

No. 137173

File: 1436829141445.png (135.96 KB, 1218x420, day hospital program she said.…)

annnnnd "day hospital program," fucking lol. who does she think she's fooling when she posts pics of her doing shit obviously NOT being in a "day hospital program" all day erryday???

No. 137176

I know she's being rhetorical, but sure Aly, give me their name and number. I -will- ask them. Because no, you are not gaining weight, and until a professional tells me such, I won't believe it.
(Of course, even then I'd be skeptical due to scale-fooling tricks…)

No. 137177

living_for_rap is such an aly fangirl it's embarrassing

No. 137178

gummibearprincess is comment on her now. says she looks beautiful.

No. 137193

I can't stand her. Shes started making me so mad. Like, I get being in love with your eating disorder and not wanting to let it go.

But she's deceiving all these people that you can be a fully functioning person at a bmi of 10 and you just can't! I was a bmi of 13 at the same height as her and could barely make it down the street without feeling like I was going to die of exhaustion and anxiety. She's fucking killing herself in front of thousands of people and LOVING IT.

How she hasn't been sectioned is beyond me. She needs serious, intensive medical and psychiatric help. Or she's going to die.

I don't know. I can't take it anymore. I might have to stop following this thread cause it gives me so much fucking rage.

As someone who went into treatment barely functioning and took full advantage of every resource and told the fucking truth even when it gave people the wrong impression this is so fucking insulting to anyone who takes treatment seriously. Two years later I'm in the healthiest relationship of my life, finishing school and looking for jobs to be a real, contributing member of society. Real recovery is tears and anxiety and slip ups that last longer than a few hours.

I don't even know where I'm going with this. I've been struggling a lot lately and seeing Aly seemingly live a normal life while she's thinner than I ever was is fucking with my head.

I'm sorry to rant here. I just had to get it off my chest.


Fuck Aly. Fucking liar.

No. 137204

>I don't know. I can't take it >anymore. I might have to stop >following this thread cause it >gives me so much fucking rage.

Seriously. The anons who post here with EDs are really harming themselves by following this thread and seem irrationally angry at times at this girl. You're not the first one who's said something similar.

>Two years later I'm in the >healthiest relationship of my >life, finishing school and >looking for jobs to be a real, >contributing member of society.

That is awesome. Keep it up! Be proud of your recovery. And if you need to protect it by staying out of here, then you do you.

No. 137212

1. someone should actually ask for the info of her "specialists"
2. how the fuck do you "fool" a medical instrument in the presence of medical doctors

No. 137213


I dunno if the anger is irrational, but i do agree that girls with EDs should be wary of this thread.

I personally don't post here that often, because its hard for me to see some of these girls so thin and not recovering too.

No. 137219

I meant like water loading (drinking a ton of water before the appointment) and putting weights in your clothes/shoes. They only kept her in the hospital for a week, so who knows if they're smart enough to make her take off layers?

No. 137221

Thanks i needed that so i dont die while flushing


No. 137226

Maybe her doctors or whoever are just sick to death of getting nowhere with a girl who is obviously non-compliant and determined to be her own expert in her disorder. Behind her sickeningly sweet facade she's probably a belligerent, manipulative little bitch. She's clearly got nothing going on in her life other than her IG account and her anorexia, bitch will cling to it with her bad manicure until her heart pops.

No. 137233

Too lazy to reply to all the comments but I have a cleaning every 6 months and an X-ray every year since that's what my insurance covers. also got my wisdom teeth removed a couple months ago.

Even if my teeth are "still damaged" and you can only see it through an X-ray the point of my fucking post is you might not be able to tell if aly has been purging for a couple months.

But I think I'll just continue to lurk this thread just to see if any of them die because fuck contributing, you all are the angriest cunts on lolcow by far.

No. 137253

I'm non ED so aly doesn't make me angry in the same way she must recovering anons. She doesn't really make me angry as such, but her downplaying of the bitch it is dealing with mental health issues pisses me off. I hadn't read that comment she made about how anti depressants are never needed because you have the strenght inside you. Bullshit. So I can relate to that feeling that she's making people feel shitty or weak for doing things she says as an expert she wouldn't. She's probably worried anti depressants would give her the munchies.

Also dislike intensely her shitty personality and way of treating people.

I'm sticking around because I want to see what happens 6 months from now (if she's still alive) and she's still a skeleton and trying to pass off that she's gaining weight.

> I've been struggling a lot lately and seeing Aly seemingly live a normal life while she's thinner than I ever was is fucking with my head.

Probably best you don't follow her, but remember she isn't living normal life. She's putting staged photos up on ig with a lot of lies about how well she's doing. She'll be feeling like death a lot of the time. She thinks people on ig really care but they don't and she spends way too much time obsessing over a stupid account.

You beat it and I don't want this dumb bitch to make you ill again. I don't really give a fuck what happens to her because even without her disorder I imagine she's a hideous person.

No. 137284

Eww. These bitches never leave, do they?

No. 137310

Okay, while people may have sounded a little malicious, their point is that it is impossible to be unaffected by purging. I think they just wanted to make sure you knew that.
I'm sorry, but I do agree with that. Your teeth may be okay now, but it won't remain that way forever. Just be as careful as possible.

No. 137311

Oh, and I think a second point I want to make is that EDs are scary shit. Even with strong genetics, they will have side effects. It might take a while to catch up with you, but it will if you keep up the behaviors.

No. 137316

>I'm sticking around because I want to see what happens 6 months from now (if she's still alive) and she's still a skeleton and trying to pass off that she's gaining weight.
Same. She's been doing it for more than 6 months already. I'm just wondering how and when it's going to end.

No. 137366

File: 1436879151802.png (439.98 KB, 795x605, Capture.PNG)

Less than 1 year of purging using your method. My teeth looked awesome too and I've always taken care of them: floss, brush, xylitol gum. Never binged. Only occasional purging.

Appearance doesn't say much about the health of your teeth. Just saying. You probably have more problems than you think, and I'm sure your insides are fucked too.

No. 137373

File: 1436881433254.jpg (206.17 KB, 1060x722, coffee4aly.jpg)

Aly is on her 4th coffee today. Definitely not suppressing hunger or cravings….

She might have a heart attack from all that fucking caffeine in her tiny body.

Outside of coffee I'd say she's had like 500 cals today. And that's being generous. #reallyfakerecovery

No. 137376

People may have been "the angriest cunts" about it but I agree with them. You cannot purge for 8 years and not expect damage and digestive enzymes are always present in puke. You seem a little sensitive so maybe you shouldn't contribute though.

I assume Aly only eats in front of people and then restricts the rest. She could be purging but sensitive anon is right about the fact it can take awhile to show.

No. 137378

Oh fuck, now that'd be interesting. She