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File: 1659559050200.png (2.19 MB, 1170x1516, 025F93A9-E337-4E80-9FC9-D81F93…)

No. 1606196

Last time on….

Our resident BIPOC queen Zara is looking worse than ever but doubling down on her “no comments on my body!!” shtick. Her teeth have literally halved in size in the course of a year. Is it bruxism, purging, chewing & spitting or all of the above?

Hxn is maintaining both her weight and status as a one-woman drain on the NHS and Thames Valley Police. She may or may not have jumped off a motorway bridge in the process. Lots of absconding, vague-posting and general attention seeking.

Cece finally got her coveted tube. Cue posed, bike-seat looking selfies to document the momentous occasion to her long-suffering friends & family and a handful of anons.

Fi is still breathing. She’s out of the wheelchair now!

Rosie made a new MPA account after her old one was discovered by anons and proceeded to come here and shit up the thread for a bit to insist that it totally wasn’t her.

Leg-liftin’ Laura was still wasting away in hospital refreshing the thread every two minutes to see what anons are saying about her.

Spoopy shooper Laura is in desperate need of a haircut. The jury’s still out on the exact extent of her emaciation and shooping.

Ganer continues to do her thing as autistically as ever but, in the words of another anon, is back to looking more “skelly on roids” since she’s cutting.

Narc Niamh continues to polarise the thread. She inspired some pedo sperging about her tits and whether they may or not be tuberous. Point and smile.

Momsfavoritedisappointment isn’t looking great. Porgie has fully transitioned to munch-dom and is claiming hEDS. There was some brief discussion about whether Jennette McCurdy counts as an ana celebricow but she doesn’t. Nikol is still insane.

Remember to sage, keep the milk flowin’ and most importantly, keep breathing!

(shit thread but no one else was making one)


No. 1606201

mostly a lurker but ty for the decent thread, nona.

unrelated but I don't see how Zara is milky in the least. seems like she's just sick.

No. 1606206

Kek at the thread title nona

No. 1606208

This is so annoying. The same could be said about Skelly Laura, Momsfave, EC etc. A lot of them are sick

No. 1606209

File: 1659559967619.jpeg (470.72 KB, 1170x2069, 023C3474-59F7-4D6F-850D-4827FC…)

Wonder how many days it’ll take to get her to acute again. Will she have to pass out and hit her head or have a seizure or something? What the fuck is her family doing

No. 1606212

File: 1659560127860.jpg (319.65 KB, 1080x1786, Froggymouth.jpg)

Let's take a break from the death spoops with Niamhs messy room

No. 1606213

File: 1659560136987.jpeg (449.24 KB, 1170x1975, 0974A571-2601-4136-9F85-8EB89D…)

This pic shows how bad things are because of the lighting omg. I wonder what happens behind the scenes other than a very dysfunctional or sociopathic family

No. 1606215

Like does she lock herself in her room all day other than when she escapes outside to go on her daily long walks? How does she interact with people with a fried ana brain? How has a doctor not hospitalized her? Tbh because she doesn’t show us many life details it’s kinda interesting what’s causing the rapid rapid deterioration

No. 1606219

Anon, you're nit-picking a teenager having a messy room. Come on now, it's not milk. Heck even with different mental health conditions you end up with messy rooms, bordering hoarding shit holes. Give the niamh boner a rest.

No. 1606229

Walking Dead-tier spoop, absolutely terrifying

No. 1606230

That's abso-fucking-lutely no milk at all.
At least sage this shit. She's just another teenage camwhore.

No. 1606240

I swear it's the same obsessed pedo moid posting this child over and over. She's non-milky and not even spoopy. Omg, a teenager has a gasp messy room? Drag her!!

No. 1606275

File: 1659563926092.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x2016, 9A8AEA80-332F-42A6-8BE3-26EA02…)

The threat pic made me laugh! thanks anon.

our hella triggering queen made it out of the wheelchair. kek. and she made a big deal out of it like she was disabled and out of miracle could walk again. wanna know who falls for these shit

No. 1606277

I'm not trying to rattle but she looks better

No. 1606287

But what about all the standing up photos of showing off her stupid outfits? Or standing up in west end theatres? Kek, put a wheelchair behind her to stand up from and it's suddenly amazing and inspirational. Praise Jebus!

No. 1606296

File: 1659565215899.jpg (254.38 KB, 610x795, muh_hairline.jpg)

Ganer playing the bikini beauty.
Maybe she can sell her forehead area to a sponsor?

No. 1606301

She can WALK again? It's a miracle, folks!
No pop concerts and musicals in plain sight.

Coming next: Nervous before next appointment, eating her cereal bowl in fast-forward style.

Crying after appointment and being brave. Breathing.

No. 1606317

File: 1659566073596.jpg (Spoiler Image, 325.32 KB, 666x846, 1659565215899.jpg)

No. 1606319

Depends on the crowd of anons tbh. Sometimes they seem ready to eat Niamh alive.

No. 1606321

Jesus christ the theatrics. She's so dramatic. Who wants to bet she'll use the newfound freedom as an excuse to backslide and find herself back in the chair?

No. 1606355

File: 1659568509152.png (4.24 KB, 863x23, sdfghjhgfdsdfg.png)

There's our little deformed titty queen! Star of the whole damn thread! My vote would've been for this Nona's clever title though.

No. 1606356

Her tragic brows make it worse.

No. 1606381

File: 1659569817417.png (1.53 MB, 1787x961, findingfisdiabetesorwhatever.p…)

Fiona's made such a fuss about "gettin out tha wheelchair" when the only time she used it was to make her senior parents wheel her around the supermarket but then was fine enough to go across town chairless with her friends on multiple occasions at a much lower weight. Why do her parents put up with her shenanigans? I wonder what BPD attention seeking antics she'll get up too now that she's getting closer to a normal weight, albeit she's got a long way to go, but she's probably already got some ideas like the ~voices~ returning or whatever it was she was larping before.

Her eating videos are ridiculous, the only whole food item she eats in a day is a banana, an apple, and 4 little slices of cucumber. The rest is just sugary oats, multiple protein bars, these frozen dessert bars (sometimes 2 a day), those soreen cakey things, dehydrated chickpeas, cheddar crisps, bagels and biscoff, over processed lunch meats; it's all junk food garbage. No wonder she feels tired and awful all the time.

No. 1606385

But how is she not putting on weight. Like is she purging or over exercising? Cause surely with all this processed junk the calorie content would be high?

No. 1606387

Samefag also don’t those protein bars she has have higher calories than a normal person snack?

No. 1606389

File: 1659570535520.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 357.48 KB, 1170x2532, 8372E2C4-3C5F-4D5D-9ACC-DC4FC4…)

Momsfavdisappointment got bitten by her neighbours dog just for the opportunity to show us her forearm sized thigh 1/2

No. 1606390

File: 1659570556064.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 383.33 KB, 1170x2532, 8EA99872-73FA-4227-9D3E-80EAD7…)

No. 1606397

Looks like a nipple

No. 1606401

She doesn't show everything she eats in a day so it's possible she's still under eating but what she does show is just snacks, and it's all processed junk that's high in carbs but low in actual protein and fat. The bars only have about 15 to 20 grams of protein each, and not all of the protein is absorbed. Over processed sugary food like that can either make a person pack on the weight or they just burn through it and stay slim, it all depends on metabolism. Unless she is purging which I wouldn't put past her.

No. 1606417

i didnt know a great dane can attack?
they are the most gentle dogs despite their size

No. 1606420

she is known for over exercising.
If i remember correctly from tumblr days she was doing thousands of star jumps everyday. Her dad in an interview said they got woken up frequently in the middle of the night because she was exercising.
She was running too and counting steps. Her neighbors called her parents on multiple occasions because they saw her exercising while she wasnt allowed to leave the house

No. 1606451

Fat lot of good the wheelchair did her then?

No. 1606463

Probably not a vicious attack but like was playing or something and accidentally got scratched

No. 1606465

that is a stretch if you find that to be any form of a body check, spoopy material, ana anything. Quit trying to turn everything into something from this girl's tiktok. Go away and Find someone else(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1606507

>>1592764 previous thread

No. 1606513

Not really. They just cost more

No. 1606753

the average person who will just pick at cake or sweets or biscuits will end up eating like an extra 500-600 cals a day through snacking minimum, like 1/2 a bag of sweets or a chocolate bar even down to a couple of biscuits, the average person who doesn’t cal count won’t realise how much fat and sugars and crap that they just pick at all adds up to so many calories, even down to drinks some normal will just drink a hot chocolate and not even assume it’s adding to their intake but the reality is a hot chocolate usually has no less than 350 cals in and some people will have that with a snack of biscuits or something on the side.

No. 1606757

Sorry fucked up forgot to sage…

No. 1606762

fucking kek

No. 1606771

File: 1659597378095.jpeg (152.99 KB, 1024x1024, 0B170EDD-2F37-419F-9024-0BB6F4…)

Momsfavdisappointment comparison.
Left is from tiktok when she was at college 23/9 and right was her tiktok today. She was IP at acute I think basically one month after that tiktok last year so I’m guessing not long now for her.
Also fuck off anon complaining about posting her, she’s a mega anachan, very sad but interesting so fuck off or bring milk yourself

No. 1606776

Either bring actual milk about her or stop posting her, it’s getting pathetic

No. 1606779

Only slightly but she really does

No. 1606783

She might be a cow but I genuinely feel bad for her and you can tell how brainfried she really is. She’s headed down a very deathly road. I know a few of the cows being discussed here are in the same boat and it’s honestly devastating that they managed to bring themselves to this point and don’t even realize it/care anymore

No. 1606804

God, she looks like a strung out 40 year old

No. 1606901

File: 1659616715573.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1873, 37CB8060-1D9D-4035-86C8-A1BC6D…)

not only she smiles but the tube is out!
hope she keeps going like that

No. 1606924

>>1606901 the broken English makes this look like a self post (yes I'm aware ESL farmers aren't unheard of)

No. 1606936

not a self post but not english either

No. 1606944

She looks good. I hope she's able to move on with her life.

No. 1607020

I was looking at her recent posts today, she looks so much better. Let's just hope she doesn't keep acting so brainfried much longer

No. 1607028

Eugenia family vibes

No. 1607034

She just is in her room all day criticizing others for their non recovery content while making her own non recovery contentment deteriorating and bashing her sister for doing well

No. 1607036

Not really. Amerifag families have very little avenue to commit adult anachans, even deathspoops like EC, momsfave, Laura etc that we all wonder about. Judges are fickle and holds are not as common for ed patients, even very very sick ones.

No. 1607038

Nah Hanna seems the type to post about this place if she knew about it at all

No. 1607087

Ok anachan we're really proud of you for not snacking ok sweetie? You're so pure and skinny we promise.

No. 1607094

Great Danes are pretty big. I feel like she’d need at least stitches if she were “attacked”. I hope nothing happens to the dog because of her.

No. 1607119

You basically have to find a way to trick your family member into traveling to Colorado because it's the only state that really does it without an entire legal rigamarole (such as getting guardianship which requires lawyers, etc). That's why ACUTE and ERC Denver are located where they are.

No. 1607120

It's also easy to do in Minnesota, which is where momsfavedisappointment lives. Melrose is pretty notorious for holds/commitments.

No. 1607180

I'm sorry if this counts as medfagging but no eating processed junk food doesn't make you gain weight "differently" than whole foods. it's just CICO, you don't magically gain more or less because it's carbz and sugarz

No. 1607205

Exactly, calories are calories regardless of where they come from. Junk food simply has more of them (although not always)

No. 1607215

Thank you nona. So many spergs on this thread fear-mongering the anachan lurkers

No. 1607239

I'm not an ana chan, it's literally the opposite I'm built like a twig and trying to gain weight so I don't look like a 12 year old boy with no boobs and no butt lol. I wasn't sperging or fear mongering jeez, I said one thing. I just noticed that some of my friends and family eat sugary processed food like crazy (same as me) and don't gain much from it while others eat half the amount I eat and gain weight. Everyone's metabolism is different that's all I meant. Didn't mean to trigger everyone. which is pretty easy to do on this thread for some reason(no1curr)

No. 1607242

File: 1659639855717.png (11.57 MB, 1170x2532, 24ABD77A-F86E-4E5E-8CB3-DEAB73…)

I feel like this is the most fucked up blue butterfly fi has done

No. 1607289

File: 1659643866849.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1284x2211, 71200CB5-E966-48FE-ACAF-6D710C…)

Back to MPA with you. No1curr.

The whipples LARP continues for anyone else who wants to break up the momsfav sperging.

No. 1607292

idk anon it adds up, she’s gained weight and she isn’t using it as an excuse for anything.

No. 1607304

> she’s gained weight
According to… her. There's no real evidence.

No. 1607317

OT but who else thinks that when they do icebreakers in school, Hams is that she beat anorexia? The sheer mental image of Ham raising her hand and saying "Hi, I'm Hannah, and I beat anorexia!" with dead silence afterwards has been giving me keks for a good few days.

No. 1607319

look at her face tho, she’s fatter

No. 1607321

Not everyone that's thin is an anachan dumbass, I'm on medication that makes me lose weight. Why the fuck would I be on mpa if I'm trying to be the opposite of an anachan? You guys are braindead and can't think of anything beyond the lens of this thread, go back to school.

No. 1607325

File: 1659646190696.jpeg (511.26 KB, 1284x2778, 6E72F741-A922-41AE-82B7-2D5934…)

I don’t understand how more people don’t talks about this cow…like her whole account and stories are just a cry for attention…like this sort of post wanting people to give her gifts…she always posts about having hypo episodes with her BF and collapsing, how his family tolerates her I have no idea

No. 1607327

File: 1659646221506.jpeg (711.16 KB, 1170x2412, 9EDC2C65-2C5F-4BE1-A3A5-878568…)

interrupting the shitty blogposting sperger with some rather hilarious back-and-forth between recovery_kay and her followers on her vent account

No. 1607329

File: 1659646250509.jpeg (303.93 KB, 1284x2778, 830B7B71-3004-4DB7-901E-A35988…)

Also Hans blatant body check this morning that she did so out of breath I was concerned she was having an asthma attack or something.

No. 1607334

she is honestly pathetic. some cows i have hope for (niamh if she recovered, zara is at least at university / working / doing something with her life, even ham is at college)- but han seems to have absolutely nothing

No. 1607335

File: 1659646602861.jpeg (278.42 KB, 1170x1058, 34349FD8-BC2A-4E26-A999-B033FF…)

top fucking kek

No. 1607336

File: 1659646618396.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x2041, 8DB63320-0EBA-4DFE-901D-07B6B9…)

nonna I’ve always thought the exact same thing.

Looks like misfits are gifting her now, no doubt she’ll scoff 6 in one go and spin it as LisTeNinG tO hEr BoDy uwu

No. 1607338

Who is this?

No. 1607355

Kek “a pile of weight,” guess it’s the supposed “oedema.”

No. 1607358

why the fuck dont you post who s account is this?

No. 1607374

File: 1659648546405.jpg (58.44 KB, 742x749, rattleLCB.jpg)


No. 1607382

She actually looks okay ish

No. 1607383

Kek okay it still isn't science

No. 1607439

the way Fi filmed that "I did it" reel, where she's sitting in the wheelchair and then stands up - in slow motion - is so overdramatic. implying it's the result of a miracle and she has suddenly gained the ability to walk - despite having been perfectly capable of skipping around London for days as it suited her, and only dragging out the wheelchair for clout, when she wanted to remind her followers that she's sooper sick.

she was never confined to a wheelchair in the way she's insinuating - it was always entirely her choice. standing up is hardly an achievement, nor is it "inspirationa!" when she's been walking around with absolutely no issues for months. but with Fi, it's anything for the asspats. kek.

No. 1607471

I don't even believe her team mandated it, at least not for that long. Maybe during her leaves from general.

No. 1607520

After many years of following this one on previous Insta accounts, Tumblr (absolute GOLD mine) it’s nice to see others can also see through her bullshit. Fi never lets her followers down with the same dramatic and attention seeking ways she’s had for many years, keep breathing and never change Fi, kek.

No. 1607599

I think Fi still has a blog.

No. 1607651

Her whole recovery is a nauseating larp

No. 1607689

Hope no one tips her she's kind of sweet and dopey.

No. 1607741

Agreed. I think she’s still deluded that she’s doing oh so well in recovery but I would imagine starving yourself wouldn’t be on the forefront of your mind when you’re dealing with such health issues. If she’s lying about them, then she did her research really well

No. 1607743

You can tell just by looking at her face. She was ultra spoopy and now she’s just… spoopy

No. 1607746

I watched her stories and was genuinely concerned about her, she sounded awful

No. 1607748

She seems to have lost a bit of weight in the past month or so but I feel like that’s not the main issue with her at the moment. Her family are probably focusing on her tendency to run away or jump off of bridges just for the hell of it. She’s still quite underweight but it kind of looks… normal on her… ish? Like, normal for a 12 year old given how stunted her growth was

No. 1607769


"she's gained weight"

She looked in the mirror and found out she was fat.

No. 1607770

nta but she didn't say it was scientific evidence retard. most of you just see the word "carbs" and immediately lose your fucking mind over it lol

No. 1607776

the misfits bars are hams. the other one idk

No. 1607785

Kek what is this gurl on sounds as delusional as nikol

No. 1607820

She does indeed

No. 1607842

No. 1607847

File: 1659690763448.jpg (29.6 KB, 683x235, lying fi.jpg)



that's a true goldmine full of shit

No. 1607879


It's so easy what you do
Just stick your ugly head in a loo
Munch a bar, let the camera roll
As Fi keeps on being an eternal troll

No. 1607889

File: 1659695840901.jpeg (457.2 KB, 1125x2000, F6C4E032-4E04-4953-9619-E593BB…)

Kek at all these, this girl has made my night. She does have a point about those like our beloved CeCe who want the trophy tube and acute stay.

No. 1607893

She's not wrong though on a fair few of those points. Doing things voluntary is better for you than being physically forced, it does how ever force your hand into choosing voluntary to avoid dragging things out. People have this idea of what recovery should be, everyone's path is different and it's bloody sad when people are like "buhhhh you're doing it wrong/can't say that/can't do that". It's like sorry snowflakes, but people can't always pander to you. It's not a race/you must fit a mould and if you're triggered by someone else's journey maybe get off the net, it's not the place for you.

No. 1607900

Nta but not everyone that cares about calories and not eating junk is an anachan you retard.

No. 1607902


The posts she’s added the ‘borderline personality disorder’ tag to speak for themselves

No. 1607918

Most everyone who cares about calories is disordered, period. Doesn’t have to be anorexia for it to be a problem. Live your fucking life without looking at stupid numbers, try to eat more whole foods than junk food, listen to your body instead of munching too much/depriving it, and you’ll be golden. Unless you have a health condition that requires you to count your calories or it’s your last resort to escape obesity, then you’re just like the rest of the anachans

No. 1607927

sage for nitpick but why the fuck are her hands so big

No. 1607965

Just the camera perspective

No. 1607969

File: 1659706932592.jpg (183.74 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20220804-222039_Chr…)

This was my favorite. "Blood pressure in my boots"

No. 1607972

God I miss Cece

No. 1607975

The way she rhymes "Fi" and "fiona" to everything and talks about herself in the third person is so bizarre

No. 1608065

Is this milk nonnie? No? Why no sage nonnie?

No. 1608078

Sage for blog but I actually count calories/macros to make sure i'm getting enough and hitting my brotein, I'm very active and lift heavy, we're not all sedentary fatties that can't eat more than 1500 kek.
> Inb4 body building is an ed i'm not a body builder.

No. 1608082

File: 1659713097540.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2360x1546, BFC863D4-E405-4F82-BF35-1988DE…)


I mean the blue butterfly is used both as a pro Ana symbol and as a pro recovery/awareness symbol (screenshot of top google image results, red = definitely pro Ana, green = awareness/recovery).

That said Fiona was definitely in the online spaces that used and use the pro Ana symbol so this usage of it is still disturbing

No. 1608101

>>1608082 idk who suddenly decided the blue butterfly means recovery, just seems careless and weird? Like at least change the colour. Imagine if "quod me nutrit
me destruit" suddenly meant recovery, just odd

No. 1608105

That's automatically redtexted nonnie dear

No. 1608107

File: 1659714761816.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x2002, DDF07C69-1CBD-4504-B8BF-5C3A13…)

has this one ever been talked before?

No. 1608116

Fiona and EC are cows, but I thunk the endless sperging about the blue butterfly emoji is a reach. Sure they're pro ana, but neither seems bright enough to be sending a subliminal encoded message like that

No. 1608118

She's the only one I check the thread for. The deathskellies depress me and the larpers get boring.

No. 1608122

Put “Sage” in the email field so it doesn’t bump the thread to the top

No. 1608125

We're not in the 2000's anymore, people wouldn't specifically use the blue butterfly to mean pro ana given how the internet and eating disorder spaces have changed. Mean should people brigade that the blue butterfly is on social media in the first place? why not any other colour? Butterflies in general have a meaning of hope and freedom, so I can see why it's used in recovery too. The overused latin phrase (that I still kek over that people have permanently stuck to their bodies, muppets) isn't something so freely spun into a positive. That phrase is probably something the Fat Acceptance lot should probably think about though, self-destruction through (mal) nutrition but hey ho.

No. 1608145

Yeh people also think of butterflies shallowly as ‘becoming beautiful’ so it just depends if your ideal is recovery or anorexia

No. 1608176

Someone has a crush

No. 1608218

File: 1659725361157.png (2.36 MB, 828x1792, 061FAD2C-4A25-41B8-AABF-0C60C8…)

New cow, she’s been in “recovery” for over a year and posts food diary’s with diet foods and low cal breads and issues recovery has tags while still staying super spoopy for months while claiming to recover

No. 1608222

No but looking at her profile she only has one post. Hardly milky nonnie, come back when she does something funny

No. 1608232

Nta but she was our last great cow

No. 1608247

Sage your shit posting and fuck off.

No. 1608263

File: 1659729592279.jpg (1.23 MB, 2640x1350, reverse_fi.jpg)

"the placebo effect"

No. 1608266

Already a contender for the next thread pic

No. 1608401

she's a very sweet girl and seems truly genuine. fuck off, this aint milky nonnie

No. 1608434

How insulting to those with genuine disabilities that keep them in a chair

No. 1608449

especially labelling it in her stories as "i finally made it!" as though her ability to stand is miraculous and as though she hasn't shared multiple photos of herself standing and walking over the previous months.

"this girl is back on her feet!" - the way she's written that caption, she is purposefully implying that she has been physically unable to walk until now, as opposed to the reality that she chose to use a wheelchair as it suited her, yet was perfectly capable of walking the whole time. it's uncomfortable viewing, knowing that it will be seen by people with genuine disabilities who don't have the option of deciding to ditch the chair and walk around London whenever they fancy a theatre trip, because they rely on it. it's not a fucking fashion accessory, and that reel is basically mocking people who use a wheelchair because they physically are unable to stand.

No. 1608461

Yes, she’s actually recovering. And will recover. Leave her alone, she doesn’t belong here.

No. 1608463

Doesn’t seem like it

No. 1608475

File: 1659750188093.png (365.63 KB, 720x1444, Screenshot_20220806-114127~2.p…)

Porgie, who's toob is out (until the next toobing asap), is now documenting all what she's eating including cereal with yoghurt and other toppings, McDonald's, Ben and Jerry's ice cream and now this….at first she says her appetite is back but she then remembers she has to fake Gastroparesis so she totally has no appetite guys. Okay?

No. 1608476

She’s gone from only doing supplements and liquids to having a chocolate cupcake, pizza, and ice cream all in one day. She’s genuine and actually in recovery. And if you knew her, you’d know how much progress she’s made mentally and physically. She is just private and doesn’t post many pictures. Anyways, all the more reason she doesn’t belong here at all.

No. 1608524

This is so terrible lol. What sort of English is "worried words are corresponded". I know anons in the Luna thread love to rag on her poetry but its one redeeming feature is she doesn't force awkward rhymes in there

No. 1608530

File: 1659754756492.jpg (170.04 KB, 828x1191, gc.jpg)

nonna, she also blessed us with this

No. 1608538


scary is a fukn understatement. that shit needs to be spoilered.

Also, imagine the amount of attempts it took for her to get this one photo that seemingly hides how much of a fucking landwhale she is.
If there was any higher stretched angle, Pythagoras himself wouldnt be able to figure it out.


No. 1608543

File: 1659756721632.png (1.37 MB, 967x1369, n2fcuckoo.PNG)

behold our queen, N2F, who really did just get the name of her latest BF tattooed across her ribs.
She has only been seeing him for just over 2 months…

never stick your dick in crazy, kids.

No. 1608548

oh noooo, n2f, nooooo

No. 1608568

N2f, no, what are you doing? Seems like she traded one problem with another.

No. 1608578

kek nonna I should have

Poor Porgie, waking up staving because she wasn't being fed overnight (her words). God she's disgusting, I actually don't think Georgia can fit in her camera frame at a normal angle anymore, I'll always be curious to know how she sees her own relfection

No. 1608580

Oh fuck. This is why she needs irl friends not fuckbois. Well yolo as the kids say, I guess. N2f gonna do what n2f is gonna do for better or worse.

No. 1608621

Pretty unhinged behaviour from n2f but I actually really hope it works out for her. I wonder if the bf knew she was gonna do that?!

No. 1608665

She’s gonna regret the tattoo regardless of whether they stay in love forever or not but I really hope they do for her sake. She doesn’t need another reason to go off the hook again

No. 1608669

That's insane and sooo far over the top, even for her..!
Good to know that she might just learn her lesson rather soon.

No. 1608677

She can take the ring off and throw it away but the tattoo….. maybe she could cover the name with a big bird or a bottle of skinny syrup.
Maybe we’re all being cynical and actually witnessing the beginning of a lifelong love.
Fingers crossed

No. 1608682


One should never make lasting provisions for appearances that might be temporary.

No. 1608686

I was just about to ask for an update on n2f as I missed her. I wasn't expecting this though kek

No. 1608724

File: 1659783648167.png (4.85 MB, 750x1334, 061C10E3-2041-4802-A9B5-B2EF54…)

Italian anachan, claims to be in recovery yet she constantly posts bodychecks and brags about how she weighs less than 30kg/66lbs and how shes about to die. Nobody can stand her but at the same time she has tons of people defending her shitty actions….Zara 2.0?

No. 1608731

Late but bullshit, the cooneys problem isn't logistical, it's mental. Forgive the sperg but they still own at least two million dollar homes in affluent areas on opposite ends of the country but fucked off the LA home after she got involuntarily committed for the bare legal minimum length of time they could hold her before mom bailed her out. They can afford to move to Colorado if they want to and I guarantee EC goes wherever mommy does since she's as much the family dog as buzz is. If cece can get herself to ACUTE so can Eugenia, the family just doesn't want her to recover and actively fights against allowing her to be even assessed for treatment. She's a spoiled rotten rich girl who gets what she wants instead of what she needs. She always has since infancy, as evidenced by her mother letting her sleep upright in a car seat as an infant, which can cause death by positional asphyxiation since a child that young isnt strong enough to hold their own head up. There are so many anecdotes of smother Cooney declaring she knows what's best for her daughter against the advice of everyone in the world with two brain cells to rub together and it is horrifying to see someone born to such privilege show glaring signs of severe emotional neglect if not outright abuse, all while defending her abuser to the grave because that's all she's ever known.

TL;DR EC's a sadcow whose narc mommy needs her daughter to love her more than she wants her daughter to live

No. 1608739

…could you not have started with that

No. 1608742

Oh honey, no… well, at least the placement looks easy enough to cover up when shit goes sideways. >>1608677
Kek, the fucking skinny syrup. N2F's first love

No. 1608757

look for a runway and come down again

No. 1608762

>>1608724 Italian Aly 2.0?

No. 1608763

File: 1659793227527.png (2.09 MB, 961x1273, phallicporgie.PNG)

hey nonnettes i just came home tipsy and was NOT ready to see Porgie with what I thouht was a dildo at first.
gotta love the magical 180degrees turn her gastroparesis or whatever the fuck illness she is munching atm, disappears when she is hungry for a corn dog

No. 1608766

File: 1659793713697.png (1.37 MB, 969x1257, phallicporgie2.PNG)

also, caption reveals more behind the LARP.
Ice creams AND hot chilli sound like a big no-no for someone with gastrointentsinal issues.

but dont fear, our delicate waif walked 8.5km.

No. 1608774

File: 1659794593966.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, 52C379C9-7DA3-4FF2-A285-86C176…)

She was """venting""" and while talking she moved her phone in order to show her poor followers her boney back, kek.

No. 1608779

Thats the most she will walk all year.

From toob to all this food. She would be given soft diet at first if it was a real health issue with her guts. But nup, got to get all that fried shit in.

No. 1608785

File: 1659796063484.jpg (249.09 KB, 1080x858, AvgStepsPerKm.jpg)

I really thought it was a giant popsicle until you said it was a corndog
Congrats to porgie for hitting 10,000 steps probably, rip her knees carrying a whole planet like atlas himself

No. 1608807

File: 1659798702945.jpg (102.47 KB, 614x1218, 297582489_n.jpg)

Ganer practising her posing in her kitchen while sucking it in very hard.

No. 1608845

god, her head look like a fucking baby's with hydrocephalus

No. 1608855

I actually think she has a really cute face.
I know that she doesn't have the looks for that type of competition, but I wanted to say it anyway because so many people here make fun of her face.

No. 1608877

To be fair you're supposed to do the 10k (now 12k recommended) over the course of a day, and someone her size and not used to doing it could probably cause an injury doing it in one swoop without working up to it. I don't know how sedentary she is (must be quite to be that size). And 10k on average is about 100-120 minutes, so it could be a lot of walking for her. Good job ham-planet for at least moving today, keep it up.

No. 1608896

God please no, can they be any more obvious??

No. 1608897

Wow she looks more exhausted and irritated than I’ve ever seen her

No. 1608902

I dreamt last night I had a pair of clear hooker heels like ganer that I had kept under a chair and every time I’d pass them throughout my day, id look at them like “soon” cause I was going to be competing against her without any kind of training whatsoever with full faith I’d still place ahead of her. Pretty uneventful but still traumatized by the cow dream invasion.

No. 1608911

You know what, I’ll agree with you. She isn’t bad looking or ugly, she just has all these features that seem incongruous cause she doesnt figure out the best way of highlighting her good features and downplaying the wonkiness.

I’m low key curious to know what she finds attractive in a person and if she thinks she’s attractive/sexy or if that isn’t something she thinks about at all, cause it seems like the latter which is weird considering the world she’s obsessed over.

No. 1609045


Her personality is ugly as fuck. The only reason she didn't drop dead in the middle of the gym training when she was totally emaciated is dumb luck, and the fact she still promotes her way as something to aspire to for other people with EDs is totally disgusting. She's arrogant, conceited and it shows in the way she poses, turning her nose up at everyone around her.

No. 1609069

not seen many mention her but does @ rainsrecoverie seem sus to anyone else like the whole copying ro thing and now shes got into some acting company based in the US. this is quite a reach but it feels like some stuff is faked/exaggerated to add to her sob story

No. 1609085

god knows how much rain eats because she’s gone from a super spoop to normal looking within 2 months. i’m happy for her but jesus that was fast

No. 1609088

File: 1659821403040.jpeg (270.16 KB, 730x699, 12FE699B-A01B-42C0-831C-769485…)

end of may

No. 1609089

File: 1659821424672.jpeg (235.27 KB, 813x631, 47359B60-747B-4429-8368-9A6E6A…)

start of august

No. 1609099

not really. if you’re actually eating for recovery you gain pretty “fast” (ie, in inpatient around a kilogram per week is now recommended). that’s about 4 kilos a month. end of march march- start of august that’s at least 16 weeks.

No. 1609100

to add: good for her.

No. 1609102

it just seems fast because we're used to seeing majority of anas draaagggg out the process of weight gain and act like it takes years and make up excuses

No. 1609106

File: 1659822561423.jpg (582.9 KB, 1076x1439, Screenshot_20220806-224820_Ins…)

Speaking of the girl who pasted her head onto Eugenia's skeleton - anyone catch this weird af photo caption on her Insta?

The whiter the skin the better? Posing next to her brown skinned friend????? Wtf?

No. 1609123


Um, hang about, aren’t these the actresses from that dreadful ass soap Hollyoaks? Is she doing a fictional role-playing finsta featuring Perry Lomax as a closet racist?

No. 1609139

Yeah, the white woman is definitely Ruby O'Donnell and I think the other woman is Haiesha Mistry

No. 1609148

Her face is like a stretched out oval, her skin looks like tan rubber, and her eyebrows look like they're stenciled on. Thats being generous.

No. 1609152

File: 1659827266929.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 459.82 KB, 1206x2208, FCFDC77B-430C-4C4E-BE63-8E6DE0…)

I don’t believe she has been mentioned here before, but fucking kek. Imagine being at Starbucks and seeing someone with a fresh bash across their forehead. Doesn’t even try to cover it up.

No. 1609154

File: 1659827533558.jpeg (345.5 KB, 1176x2208, 2C7F67E2-9424-4AF4-82F3-57F135…)

She has to be joking jcf. Talk about attention seeking.

No. 1609157

Her cat is done with her attention seeking bs.

No. 1609193

Probably functional dyspepsia kek.
Aka “indigestion” - everyone needs a toob for that right?! The tube larp is over landwhale. Get home from the exhibition back to your normal lard filled diet.
I await the next installation of new farm admissions because not having the toob meant not enough attenshuns… I give it 6-8wks, max. Probably something to do with being dumped by her “girlfriend” too

No. 1609197

Proton pump inhibitor, spoonful of Pepto Bismol when it flares up, and avoid the spicy shit.

There you go Porgie, you can lose the toob now.

No. 1609214

Valorie or some anchan did 10,000 steps by 6am. That’s like a still for the ana
Chan but for her it’s probably like a whole ordeal to move that body that much

No. 1609372

Any movement for a land whale is an ordeal. We put 1.5x of our weight, through our knees when we take a step - so what’s that for porgie, 300kg?!
How porkers legs still hold her up is a mystery

No. 1609416

She looks good. It’s normal that she gained weight fast because her metabolism was definitely VERY messed up after starving for long enough for her to drop to such a low weight. I’m glad she didn’t play the refereeing syndrome card, it’s refreshing.

No. 1609419

She said she’s been in recovery for 4 months and she looks like she’s gained way more than 16 kilos but that’s not unusual for someone who’s actually recovering

No. 1609420

What the actual fuck is this person doing, imagine how much she lacks attention

No. 1609444

well given the account is called "pez.lox", after a character called "Perry lomax" from hollyoaks, safe to say it's just a shit tier troll with an obsession. IMO ofcourse.

No. 1609461

finally, a cow with a truly decent weight gain.
wish her all the best.

No. 1609463

File: 1659860324543.jpg (171.34 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20220804-071949_Ins…)


No anon…THIS is attention seeking

No. 1609471

Weight gain isn't the hallmark for recovery though, don't know her but fingers crossed she's doing it healthily and isn't just hopping the fence so to speak. But she is looking much better.

No. 1609475

This is entirely speculative but I wouldn't expect her to gain this much weight just for appearances. They usually gain up to a point where they're still underweight but it's not as worrisome so people leave them alone (like Niamh when she said she's doing sO wElL but just couldn't bear to gain any more weight at the moment). She also sounds much happier. I don't know, I hope it sticks and she's not trying to fool anyone.

No. 1609476

Oh, the butterflies. I know it's a symbol of recovery now, too but I HIGHLY doubt that's what hers symbolize…

No. 1609478

nonnie, it's just fucking butterflies goddamn

No. 1609484

No butterflies are just butterflies to a raging anorexic

No. 1609485

any updates on emptyr0se? or rosie in general? it's like we scared her away, poor thing

No. 1609487

good. hypocrites like her deserve it

No. 1609489

File: 1659866805886.png (3.87 MB, 1698x1500, recoveryqueen.png)

Alice showing off the huge amount of weight she's gained, obviously "very close to a healthy weight". She's not lying when she says she's gained since she was at her lowest (nearly a year and a half ago) but she was VERY spoopy so I don't know why she's acting like she doesn't still have a long way until she looks okay. She's gained max 5 kilos since last summer and that's being generous. Also, she must be deleting tons of comments because there's nothing mentioning her legs

No. 1609507

She literally looks the same as last year??? I'm surprised she's managed to maintain her weight so well while fooling everyone around her.

No. 1609521

Sometimes a butterfly is not just a pretty insect. Especially a blue one.

No. 1609526

It's so nice that her face fat seems to cover her overbite in a complimenting way.

No. 1609530

whatever minor gastro issues porgie has that she played on to manipulate her way into getting a toob - standard indigestion, heartburn etc -it's very obvious that she's purposefully choosing to eat foods which have the potential to irritate her stomach and cause her symptoms to flare, so she can dramatically exaggerate and get herself a new toob as quickly as possible. poor porgie is missing her favourite fashion accessory.

No. 1609568

Stfu anon she looks great. People who actually weight restore often do so in a matter of months.

No. 1609580

She’s actually pretty at a normal weight. No one looks good with every bone in their face protruding

No. 1609581

I wonder how much prettier she’d be at a healthy weight

No. 1609603

never posted on here b4 but i needed to when i saw this mf lol she’s not sweet or genuine she’s blocked me on both ig and tiktok bc i commented on her tiktok that she was repeating clips from her wieiads lmfao… she couldn’t have possibly made it any more obvious literally every day was the same clips and photos

No. 1609610

I’m sure it’s the angle but has she finally actually gained? Her chest looks less skeletal here.

No. 1609612

File: 1659889336023.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1980, B9F812C0-55F3-4B05-8BA9-9D295E…)

her face is getting really scary

No. 1609613

File: 1659889417323.jpg (97.67 KB, 1213x1440, FB_IMG_1497529407294.jpg)

you sound … butthurt

No. 1609621

File: 1659890156673.jpg (270.04 KB, 986x1080, 297906252_n.jpg)

Why enjoy nature when you can flex your amateur muscles, just for the cam..?

No. 1609630

File: 1659890742732.png (1.47 MB, 1170x2532, B27B1D34-B003-478F-B946-AB5C02…)

I know this isn’t very milky but it’s really fucking interesting if true

No. 1609633

samefag but it’s like 7 ss longer too

No. 1609639

File: 1659891462569.jpeg (138.7 KB, 1080x1666, gainer.jpeg)

The picture of health

No. 1609645

lo and behold - it's the return of skelly ganer

No. 1609657


No. 1609662

She’s so unsymmetrical too, does she ever train her legs??

No. 1609678

sage but macros matter

No. 1609691

She hits the gym every day, but her training exercises seem to be repetitive and rather inefficient. Muscle memory. That's what you get if your body doesn't get enough rest, btw.

No. 1609718

yes and i'm not gonna derail any further, i was just pointing out that you don't gain more weight from carbs than any other macros just because they're 'unhealthy'

No. 1609722

File: 1659897349518.jpeg (15.18 KB, 201x251, E750BE33-E8F7-44A9-AB4F-C06DE3…)

No. 1609728

Technically yes. Half her spoop to gym rat clips are her doing leg presses as a skelly vs now. It’s the only way she can prove she’s made any progress.

No. 1609730

LMAO fair but i couldn’t care less i just thought it was funny how people were saying she’s genuine and in recov and shit but she is not fr

No. 1609741

Thank you annon. She obviously lies about her intake and most of her foods she posts are super low calorie or fake stuff like fake bread, low cal dressing and low cal boca patties, low cal supplements that don’t even look like supplements, etc. who ever defended her is either her or more in denial then her. She’s been in recovery for months and looks the exact same. So obviously she isn’t recovering. Which is ok but is cow behavior to use recovery hashtags and be a recovery account when she’s not even doing the work

No. 1609838

Wow she really looks like shit

No. 1609852

Her biggest issue is not eating enough you can train everyday but you have to get enough sleep and eat a shit tonne, I doubt she goes over 1600 on a good day.

No. 1609889

Excuse my sperging but why is she telling her telling her followers this stuff? Especially telling them that if they don’t wash their hair with shampoo twice, that they are dirty. It’s recommend, but not necessary and doesn’t mean you are dirty if you don’t. I want to know her thought process before posting these things.

No. 1609890

No new milk as far as I’m aware, she seems to be eating well according to her Tiktoks and don’t think there has been any more activity on the empty rose MPA but I could be wrong as I’m not on the site myself and just going off of what other people post.

No. 1609914

This reminds me of mid 2010s and tumblr days where chans would buy boxes of Quest bars. And by boxes I mean 4 at a time

No. 1609915

I miss tumblr days non

No. 1609918

Tumblr days it used to be a dragonfly? And red string bracelet for ana, blue for bulimia. Times have changed but there has always been subliminal pro symbols

No. 1609923

It's not unusual for bulimics to go from b/p to substance/ alcohol abuse and risky/impulsive behaviour, so yeah nonnie you're right

No. 1609955

well, ocd is often irrational like that

No. 1609992

OCD and health anxiety is a hell of a thing, in her mind she's informing and 'helping. If this is her daily routine I really feel sorry for her

No. 1610020

RIP I didn’t screenshot it but Momsfavdisappointment shared a tiktok of her in pj shirt and shorts and climbing into bed with some text about some Ed treatment bullshit but you can very clearly see her emaciated body and she’s deleted it. Anyone get caps?

No. 1610086

File: 1659931579472.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1920x1920, Just no50.jpg)

Cookie made a '2013-esque' dad, black and white story. I assume it's about saying how bad anorexia is blah blah (I dunno I don't speak French) while blatantly showing ridiculous body checking and unnecessary pics
But it's in the name of recovery right… so it's ok…..

Spoilers cause… well you'll see

No. 1610088

File: 1659931729086.jpg (512.21 KB, 780x1344, Screenshot_20220808-075816_Ins…)

I swear glasses girl has been featured here before or is my bsl just low kek Her and cookie seem to be bestys

No. 1610102

She’s like an eco activist’s worst nightmare. The amount of plastic and paper towels she goes through. Yikes. Also she posts at hotels sometimes. Does this ocd just…stop on vacation?

No. 1610144

I saw that video but no caps sorry. honestly she needs to just delete tiktok until she recovers. Pretty shit using inspirational recovery hashtags while you're so outwardly relapsing.

No. 1610174

Oh god yes that's so accurate

No. 1610176

She's always posted good eating days on Tiktok even when she was detailing her b/p's on MPA so that's not a factor. I'm curious if she made yet another more anonymous account

No. 1610177

It's so pathetic that she can't help posting these

No. 1610178

Yes please if anyone has caps of that they should share them please

No. 1610213

She never needed the wheelchair outside of hospital. People a lot sicker than her don't have one. The waiting list can be years for an NHS wheelchair even for those that are unable to walk. Her parents probably bought her one from Argos thinking it were needed as they saw she had one in hospital and in their minds would stop her burning more calories when home.

No. 1610228

There's no need for the fully naked sunshine minge ones though….well all of them really but especially sunny vag ones

No. 1610236

i doubt it, she didn’t post on her first one in nearly a year so i don’t see why she’d make a new one now

No. 1610245

File: 1659956679795.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20220808-070128.png)

not as much as you heart bodychecking,Niamh. saged because not milky

No. 1610266

Because the wiltingr0se one got outed. She’s clearly not doing well and was never truly recovering so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still browsing MPA for tips and tricks from the pro ana gods. Besides, emptyr0se is clearly her. No other idiot would be so pressed that the account is being discussed here if it wasn’t actually her

No. 1610267

Yeah she keeps posting the most blatant bodychecks and I still can’t tell if she’s losing weight or if I’m still not used to her showing her body as much after getting out of IP. Either way, she’s clearly still very underweight regardless of what some of the summerfags here say. That’s very clearly not her natural body (which Niamh herself has confirmed)

No. 1610269

File: 1659959371765.png (3.46 MB, 828x1792, 43BBBD66-20E4-443C-8C1E-9D3A3D…)

Nikol is so insane and so staunchly pro-ana in the most archetypal way, I believe she deserves to be some kind of bovine mascot for these threads.

No. 1610289

ntayrt but this just doesn't make sense. she hadn't even logged on in like four months at the time of the screenshot at >>>/snow/1592442, so why would she have a sudden compulsion to start posting/browsing again when everyone's suspicious?

No. 1610294


oh look
it's hateboner-chan again

didn't they tell you that the girl is only sixteen?

No. 1610298

sixteen or not she's still a fucking retard anachan.

No. 1610299

File: 1659964457090.jpeg (518.11 KB, 750x930, 5373F15E-FE59-4720-8304-75EBDB…)

imagine having your daughter looking like this and not forcing her into treatment. she's on eugenia and zara's same level of spoopiness

No. 1610313

i doubt it was her parents idea, as if they tried to force Fi to use a wheelchair, she would simply have refused. same with her treatment team - even if they advised it, its not a suggestion that could be enforced, and no other anorexia sufferer would embrace opportunity to adhere to a sedentary lifestyle. it was Fi's idea, because she realised how using a wheelchair in hospital brought her loads of attention - especially when she was pushed around in it dressed as an elf and draped in tinsel - and wanted to have a physical reminder of her "sooper sick" status once she was home.

I agree the wheelchair was bought but her parents, but Fi will have manipulated them into believing she was doing it to aid her recovery, not because it benefited her in terms of her constant need for attention - it was entirely her choice, which is why she used it when she wanted asspats and sympathy, but was perfectly able to ditch it when she wanted to walk around London and go to theatre shows without it.

No. 1610316

Still replying to your own posts, are you.

No. 1610320


At the end of the day the wheelchair is just a prop for her LARP. Her parents will believe any kind of BS that comes from her.
Her doctors are suspicious about the oh-so-very-slow weight gain but can't prove anything as she's not IP any longer.
She will fall off the train in a hurry, once she's not under external supervision any longer.

No. 1610324

Hey can you shut up maybe? Like it or not you’re allowed to post 16 year olds here. She’s not the milkiest but you’re fucking obnoxious.

No. 1610326

File: 1659968331261.jpeg (375.82 KB, 750x735, ACD7D7E0-ECD6-4953-97ED-45296B…)

HILARIOUS how Zara is using old pics of herself at a somewhat "healthy" weight as an "after". Who does think she's fooling? We all know she looks like the "before" picture rn. What's even more ridiculous is the people supporting her and ass-kissing her in the comments.

No. 1610327


why do you answer your own postings

its so obvious it hurts

No. 1610341

File: 1659969372010.jpeg (285.37 KB, 828x868, CC2DC982-C8BA-4F9B-99C8-246C57…)

Fuck you Zara. The post is about how you’ll never feel validated by your ED regardless of how spoopy you get. And how only now she realises she was ~always valid~. So why all the skelly face pictures? To someone with ana brain this post probably translates to ‘if I get skelly like Zara I’ll feel like I deserve to recover’

No. 1610342

File: 1659969486937.png (11.12 MB, 1170x2532, 77BF1984-E7F9-4AB9-9AE7-54F0C5…)

It really is shocking how diff she looks

No. 1610357

No anon, the reply was mine and I didn’t post the photo

No. 1610359

What I find weird about the post is that all of the severely underweight photos she attached were from this year and she said she had active anorexia that was impairing her life in all of them. At the same time, she’s spent the past few months talking about how anorexia isn’t on the forefront of her brain anymore and it’s not what’s keeping her from getting better. I’d be willing to believe either story if she only kept it straight.

No. 1610360

Again, not the same person but go off

No. 1610361

Let’s not forget how she always complains about people posting before and after photos when that’s literally as bad as it can get. Her body doesn’t have to be in it when her face says it all so loudly

No. 1610372

You are constantly answering your own posts. Now I see it, too. It's absolutely ridiculous to think that we wouldn't notice that.

No. 1610373

These are really depressing, to see a normal, pretty teenage girl deteriorate in slow motion into a dehydrated skeleton and pretending she's "recovered."

No. 1610374

I both don't see how Niamh is currently milky but also see other girls get posted for being less attention seeking and eaten alive. Farmers are so fickle

No. 1610375

God you're so fucking annoying. Even if they were to answer their own post, why would you care? Shut the fuck up, retard.

No. 1610376

The wheelchair is a souvenir from general imo. Similar to the acute blankets. Fi holds onto it.

No. 1610377

File: 1659973800285.jpeg (17.76 KB, 373x344, D5E5EBF2-F21D-4055-8E93-63C426…)

Nice PFP, blondie!

No. 1610378

What the fuck are you on about

No. 1610381

just ignore 'em, they're just an obnoxious retarded fag

No. 1610388

That’s incorrect. These posts were all made by different people (one of them being me) as you have already been told twice. Go meditate or something

No. 1610391

Change your profile pic so that some lurking idiot here doesn’t decide to go on a scavenger hunt

No. 1610403

Ooh blonde with a jew nose! Someone’s family survived the holocaust!(racebait)

No. 1610408

File: 1659976564373.jpeg (83.52 KB, 560x560, oink oink.jpeg)

how ya doin miss piggy..?

No. 1610434

Anon pls you’re coming across as way worse here

No. 1610440

Gotta love the queen of body checks (smelly twin Katy) commenting not to post anorexic pics. Kek fucking psycho

No. 1610443

If it’s NHS property and not one she’s had her parents buy for her, they’ll ask for it to be returned (they do with crutches anyway)
Luckily for Fi though, she’s got an array of posts, photos and videos so nobody ever gets the chance to forget the chair kek

No. 1610460

this is really cringe

No. 1610462

File: 1659982177588.jpg (349.94 KB, 828x1202, RDT_2022080.jpg)

Kek I was browsing fakedisordercringe and this made me think of several cows in this thread

No. 1610489

File: 1659984137095.jpeg (387.17 KB, 1054x1066, 8391B2A4-61BC-4352-AFE0-CF4C10…)

>they’ll ask for it to be returned
And they won’t see it for dust lmao

Still think her parents bought it though unless it’s just a few places that use picrel

No. 1610492

File: 1659984364674.png (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 828x1792, 33F01FDC-5A5D-4ADD-8915-5366CD…)

Sedrica, the cringy and hypocritical ana chan inspirational poster, is out of the hospital and on vacation looking like this.

No. 1610499

Has she ever been discussed here?

No. 1610501

Are you old enough to be here?

No. 1610545

Oh God forbid somebody actually contributes to the thread, you stupid pricks.

No. 1610620

She might have been discussed here briefly. The screenshot posted here looks like it was taken from Instagram but she has a much bigger following on TikTok @sedrica.doerksen, where basically the only thing she posts is her severely underweight body dancing but claims to be a recovery account.

No. 1610632

anyone knows why Fi stopped posting on TT?

No. 1610635

Was I not anon/cowardly enough for y’all damn lmfao. I like that pic tbh I stand by it

No. 1610642

From what I can see at this resolution it looks like a nice photo… just crop the screenshot next time kek

No. 1610643

File: 1659996180585.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1146, ED6EE185-8B79-44B1-AB30-98C6C4…)

ofc zara finds a way to post spoopy pics

No. 1610644

File: 1659996228810.jpeg (807.78 KB, 1170x1105, D9AFF531-98C0-47E8-BEAB-36A505…)

No. 1610649

Try reading the thread before you post next time

No. 1610657

dw about the hate, i'll never get the witch hunts on here when someone leaves a pfp in screenshots.

It should be a case of notifying your fellow farmer (who is milking the cow for your lulz, afterall). Not "oMg! jEwNoSe!!".

…unless if that comment was written by the cow in question. in which case, kek.

No. 1610663

it's more that you'll get blocked by the cow if they can identify you. people are being snarky about it, but are trying to look out for you

No. 1610675

File: 1659997591217.jpeg (189.2 KB, 822x721, 8F047B16-45F0-44BD-8938-A97398…)

When cows collide on Zara’s latest “recovery” post

No. 1610679


Your profile pic is a topless body check. Drowning pixie dream girl is a pretty pro-ana sounding name too anon

No. 1610693

Jew nose???

No. 1610709

They are referring to >>1610403 .

No. 1610741

Cant agree more, its so ironic calling out a farmer…as a farmer. Like congrats, but back to the milk.

No. 1610742

Thanks. Somehow I missed that.

No. 1610744

Agree, it's funny as fuck. If you're farming you really aren't above other farmers.

No. 1610745

Inb4 "normal slim teen" when we all know she has an ed

No. 1610761

I'm late but this 100%. It has never and will never take years to weight restore, even for the spoopiest of spoops.

No. 1610765

yeah, research has shown that it's safe to gain 4-5lbs/week and that's what most inpatient programs in the US aim for. Even the places who cater to the spoopiest spoops. Lower levels of care will still aim for like 2lbs/week.

No. 1610781

Fuck off with hate-boner/vendetta-chan accusations it's annoying as shit. I don't like seeing a 16 year old getting posted either so I scroll past and ignore it, learn to do the same retard. You people are clogging up the thread every fucking time with these dumbass complaints: "that's not milk" "don't post her" "she's not a cow." For fuck sake shut the fuck up!! Whining is only gonna make them post her more dumbass.

No. 1610811

File: 1660006403785.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, F72DF33F-27E6-406C-96DF-D696EC…)

becca shading zara, as she should

No. 1610832

Damn I miss cece

No. 1610844

File: 1660010738663.jpeg (281.13 KB, 1024x1024, 14991457-1276-4C73-8201-740922…)

She reuploaded it

No. 1610863

Omg no way. Sush an exciting post. Yawn can you add a little more umph to this. Next, I'm bored

No. 1610865

I Spy a girl crush / CeCe fetish. Why won't you just dm her personally and tell her that Stalking is ruined 1) blame the idiot that contacted acute 2) anyone reposting her personal IG from her 300 or so following must be suicidal / outright stupid 3) make an effort and do it yourself(Emoji )

No. 1610867

Stop whining and find new milk if you’re so bored

No. 1610870

She probably got her phone taken away because of the cowtipper

No. 1610876

File: 1660015842364.png (612.19 KB, 924x642, yikes.png)

I was watching Eugenia's video where she goes shopping and saw this woman's reaction to her walking into a shoe store. I know I know "that's not milk!" I didn't say it was I just think it's interesting to see some peoples reaction to her because she doesn't go out very often. Don't sperg at me just ignore it if you don't like it.

No. 1610888

It’s a good photo indeed and thank you for your contribution, not everyone takes the time to do that

No. 1610891

“not on ig”

No. 1610892

Right, just look at Rain. It does take some people longer but definitely not years upon years. For example Zara certainly has health issues that make it more difficult for her to gain but there’s treatment out there which she has undoubtedly been offered many times but won’t take because she knows it will instantly make her gain weight

No. 1610893

Especially when the after pictures are current pictures

No. 1610896

I don't know why anons are coming at you so aggressively, frankly I'm relieved to see normie farmers with friendly looking pfp's and not the usual black & white sad girl body checking image or some cringey bpd-tier shit like that lol

No. 1610902

this is the funniest part. It's some pro ana shit she's dressing up as recovery inspiration porn

No. 1610937

File: 1660024605578.jpeg (454.68 KB, 1125x2436, 6BBCDDBF-2BF7-41AB-9CAF-B5BE2E…)

Why do some cows have such a fucked up families. Like do they make it up or is this stuff real because honestly the idea of it is terrifying.

No. 1610951

File: 1660026439981.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.53 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_9109.jpeg)

She really is like this. As someone who's met her, I tried to make dinner for her and took me like… a day and a half before I noticed she wasn't eating or drinking anything that wasn't sealed until the moment she opened it herself. I asked her straight up if she was afraid she was going to get drugged, but no, it was the germophobia.

No. 1610953

Are you a scrote?

No. 1610955

Why don't you sage your shit
Don't piss on others when you can't even integrate. Fuck off with your highschool bs

No. 1610956

It’s actually not fucked up imo, the parents don’t know what else to do other than count the food to make sure their kids are eating/aren’t binging. It sounds fucked up to people with fucked up brains (I’m talking about the cows like bambi) who just want to be left to deteriorate in peace

No. 1610958

Yeah I was thinking it's parents actually giving a shit about their child's health and taking control the only way they know how. What are they meant to do? That isn't abuse or shitty, it's shitty when parents dgaf and let their kids get to near death or use their disorder for profit (EC)
Personally I would have liked parents who gave a shit but meh what are you gonna do

No. 1610962

File: 1660027632815.jpeg (911.62 KB, 828x1450, 3445471E-6C78-4A26-B7CC-FBF0B7…)

I found this girl in Nikol’s following list. Influencer with 12k followers and extremely spoopy. None of her comments are concerned ones.

No. 1610995

most of the cows follow people like this because they use them as “thinspo”. there are few top accounts that mostly everyone follows

No. 1611007

I got a chuckle out of this at least so thanks anon. The expression of “processing what I see before me” followed by “abject horror” is quite something.

No. 1611008

Nobody has a girl crush on cece. She is the ugliest fucking person alive. No matter what weight she is.

No. 1611041

File: 1660041418863.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, C05B804F-0935-4AD7-8278-6A4B80…)

She knows damn well what she’s doing

No. 1611043

what about it nonnie, is no zara content aloud. kek.

No. 1611063

Rainsrecoverie is one of the most annoying recovery people imo, why is she always holding her mums hand?? Isn’t she like 16? She acts like a 7 year old, and everything she does is pretty much copying ro and other yt people.

No. 1611091

i agree with you, nonnie. she's the type of person to have developed anorexia just to receive attention. also i don't get why she acts as if she's above everyone when people mainly follow her as reversed inspiration (fatspo). anyways seems that she hasn't received any attention from her parents, that's why she's constantly attached to her mom. i bet that when she had her ed she blamed her mom for it, so she could make her feel bad and automatically have her spend more time with her "sick" daughter. wait until her little "fame" dies down, she'll either relapse or say that she has developed a freshly new disorder

No. 1611093

It's not that dumbass. Everything was already posted and you came here thinking u brought us some new milk but instead you only clogged the thread. Retard

No. 1611114

They meant that someone already posted it, idiot

No. 1611115

It’s because she’s copying Ro who used to do the same

No. 1611119

i’ve noticed that her mom is saying supportive things but it doesn’t sound like she’s very worried about whether it’ll help rain or not. i’m not sure if it’s because she’s convinced that rain is truly committed to recovery and will eat either way or because she can sense that she’s not as afraid of food as she’s trying to convince everyone and her mom is just playing along in front of the camera

No. 1611121

ah yes that’s the inspiring recovery content people want to see innit

No. 1611126

Who is this? Is it a recovery account?

No. 1611135

File: 1660051414534.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1104x1438, 86AF1B7D-34EA-47BF-B54F-E72A31…)

now is it really her antibiotics or the fact that she is so malnourished that is making her hair fall out

No. 1611148

File: 1660052946166.jpg (1015.47 KB, 1920x1920, Name.jpg)

Blue butterfly's galore

No. 1611149

Lmao my favorite munchie top left corner

No. 1611197

it’s rosie? mpa rosie? look at the username lol

No. 1611210

Is there a munch specific thread, I’ve had a look but can’t see one. So many munchies id love to discuss here

No. 1611217

There used to be, I think they were called spoonie threads but it was essentially the same thing as a munchie thread. It's still got room in it it's just been pushed to the bottom of the catalog because people lost interest and stopped posting in it about a year ago. I miss them so much, I have two spoonies I'd kill to talk shit about lol

No. 1611218

File: 1660060586024.jpeg (93.14 KB, 1206x2208, 1C6BE9A7-6E99-4C66-B3B6-985E02…)

I’m just now noticing this, but I think cece deleted her instagram. Is this happening for anyone else?

No. 1611238

I didn't think antibiotics could have that side-effect. Sounds dubious to me. Can any medfags confirm if what she's claiming is possible?

No. 1611255

Awe did someone get butt hurt for being called out(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1611256

You aren't posting anything new dumb ass. You literally post things that 1) everyone on here already saw 2) its reposted…
So so creative. A gold sticker for you

No. 1611257

I googled and apparently it's supposed to be temporary as antibiotics cause vitamin B depletion; I narrowed down the search for whipple's and found nothing. Obligatory not a medfag.

No. 1611265

You got blocked. I’m not a follower but when I search her account still comes up

No. 1611271

Not everyone knows what a BHC even is, a bloody horny chicken, a bored Hantu charading? Context would be helpful otherwise it's not milky.

No. 1611276

There's a reason for anonymity with these sorts of places, but if you don't mind other's knowing who you are, that you frequent this sort of place, open yourself up for others checking out your profiles etc. and it potentially show up for workplaces then it's up on you really. I get the 'tism makes it hard to think ahead like that but you know. I personally love it when potential cows out themselves here, especially if they're semi-close to the cows they're talking to, quite funny.

No. 1611277

I’m definitely not blocked, it’s probably just a glitch for me then, because I have never interacted with her before and I don’t follow her. Unless she is going around blocking random accounts.

No. 1611283

And to add to that, I have another account as well and I can’t find her on that either

No. 1611284

File: 1660065542799.jpeg (760.38 KB, 1127x1305, C1488FE3-8EA1-4BE6-86D3-13AB21…)

Probably because her friends can tell that this is photoshop kek

No. 1611286

You are annoying, childish, and stick out like a sore thumb. Go back to not integrating at school instead of not integrating here.

No. 1611290

This was what I thought when I saw that ss too. Like cmon you couldnt see the bluriness? it’s a munchie

I don’t like how Nikol behaves but jesus christ I wouldn’t wish this kind of mental illness upon my worst enemy…

No. 1611291

Removed previous reply. OP is incorrect her handle is @ceceliafrances and is still up.

No. 1611292

Behavioral health counselor. They’re the people in charge of running groups and monitoring meals and the milieu. They run everything that the therapists don’t.

No. 1611313

That Cece cowtipper was beyond fucked up. I genuinely feel bad for her at this point.

No. 1611314

It's generally advised to stay anon in places like this because this isn't the sort of thing that's socially acceptable. Own it if you want though.

No. 1611349

Oh alright, thank you anon

No. 1611352

File: 1660069830239.jpeg (108.83 KB, 900x900, 50D450EB-C5BE-4DC6-9710-015A64…)

Kek well maybe she should try eating more food then, seeing as vitamin B is in most whole foods. The antibiotics aren’t taking from her already-depleted levels then and she can keep her hair.

No. 1611425

I watched that video too. What I don't understand is why she and mom compliments so much the staff afterwards, "they were all so friendly people, like we had a lot of fun, so nice people working there, right mom". They are payed to be friendly in customer service or does EC expects rudeness and bullying constantly? Also funny that her mom has a dying voice as if she's on the verge of death, while EC is lively and full of energy (well sort of).

No. 1611502

It's a side effect of sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim which is the long term antibiotic for Whipple disease
Medfag not a WK

No. 1611515

Sorry for slight OT. But no one calls it that. It’s co-trimoxazole. You are not a medfag. And it’s an incredibly rare side effect. She was already having hair loss, just as always looking to blame any physical symptom on anything but anorexia.

No. 1611517

Fuck off Non med fag loads of people refer to it at that or bactrim

No. 1611526

Theyre probably used to people being unable to hide their horror at the sight of a hamplanet taking her pet skeleton for a walk and filming it. Its rude to stare, but they're putting on the freakshow for free

No. 1611537

It’s Rosie aka @rosierecovers on Tiktok

No. 1611541

ACUTE and US programs like it aim for 4-5 lbs/2-3 kgs a week. Rains weight gain is fine.

No. 1611547

Not a medfag but from personal experience with more heavy duty antibiotics I can confirm that hairloss is one of the side effects. However, I think the fact that she’s losing is greatly due to her malnutrition combined with the medicine side effects. I don’t remember ever reading anything or being warned about getting bald spots from them lol. I personally lost some hair while I was taking them but it wasn’t even noticeable

No. 1611556

It was embarrassing as shit to brag about cowtipping, but posting body checks to social media from the hospital can't have been conducive to recovery. I'm not sure why people thought tipping staff would have gotten her kicked out of hospital for doing what skellies do? I'm gonna miss the milk but it must be better for her mentally not to be able to publicly document her illness

No. 1611610

Eugenia and her mom are super fucked up and sad but “pet skeleton” had me howling

No. 1611612

I may or may not have knoweledge that Hannah is admitting to ERC itu again soon. Idk if she and her barely 18 girlfriend broke up but how triggering and upsetting would it be to have your significant other relapse that badly if you also have an ED? Another reason why people in treatment shouldn’t date, let alone move across the country for each other.

No. 1611625

And she’s soooooper excited to make new friends seeing who’s there currently and planning the meet up! Incoming TikTok milk!

No. 1611626


That’s done in treatment in a medical setting where you can be monitored. It’s not advised as an OP. In that setting it’s more like 1/2-1 kilo a week.

No. 1611699

Might try to resurrect. See ya there nonnie? I’ve got a few I’m burning to discuss too.

No. 1611740

Meant to respond to you about rate of OP a weight gain.

No. 1611749


Hope I'm replying to the correct comment, but parents doing whatever they can, even if it is stuff that seem extreme, it's much better than letting your daughter starve almost to death for years, like Elzani's parents did.

You wouldn't believe the stuff parents of drug addicts have to do. Anorexia or bulimia sometines make people act like addicts too.

No. 1611753

File: 1660102005192.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1125x1879, 65B67F16-3450-43E6-9331-671589…)

Momsfavdisappintment failed in 5th grade apparently to become IG famous so she is continuing this pursuit of fame by using her eating disorder as a way to gain popularity and followers

No. 1611788

File: 1660107993464.png (1019.34 KB, 676x825, Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 1.06…)

Elzani got really fat

No. 1611791

Yikes, all the actually ok recovery YouTubers get fat :/

No. 1611792

I know she is fat because I am BMI 23 and my arms look pencil thin compared to this

No. 1611793

Rattle rattle. You can barely see her body in this photo but she looks like a normal weight here and in all recent photos I see on her account

No. 1611797

No one here cares what your BMI is. people are built differently.

No. 1611800

She could be shorter than you or have more fat but I guarantee you your arms aren’t pencil thin if you’re BMI 23

No. 1611801

Go away rattler, she looks very cute and happy. God knows her body needed the gain after all those years of spoopiness

People have different fat disposition and muscle tone, it's not one size fits all. I can't believe you people even need that explained, are you 13?

No. 1611804

rattle rattle!
Overweight maybe but I wouldn't call that "really" fat. She seems to carry weight on her limbs more than around her middle anyway. Good for her she looks much happier

No. 1611825

She looks fine, go rattle on MPA

No. 1611826

Seems like she actually recovered and looks great

No. 1611827

There are people whose arms >>1611804
She doesn’t even look overweight

No. 1611830

Gtfo teenfag and sage your shit ffs sake just write sage in the email section and stop fucking up the feed

No. 1611837

Can you pls share a link?

No. 1611840

stfu bonerattlers, just because you're salty that she actually reached a low weight there's no need to post her here. She's recovered. Leave her alone.

No. 1611842

Go for it! I miss those threads, if you bring it back I'll engage with it and defend you from any "this isn't milk!" fags, lol.

Pretty sure this is the current one, it's almost full though. Anyone interested in making a new spoonie/munchie thread? I would if I wasn't internet retarded.

No. 1611854

does anyone know what happened to bored_with_ana? tried going back several threads and couldn't pinpoint when she disappeared

No. 1611880

Hey, let the porter call themselves a medfag, they’re working in the hospital after all

No. 1611885

she deleted her account a while back. Good for her tbh, clearly she eventually did get bored with ana.

No. 1611893


speaking of old cows, does anyone have any updates on Becky the moocher. she was @tinyboosteps or something similar. tried searching that to no avail.

she was the one always posted her amazon wishlists guilting ppl into buying her shit
and her traumatised looking "assistance" dog.

Just wondering if she has kicked the bucket yet, as last sighting she seemed preettyyy fukn close.

No. 1611901

There's the illness fakers sub on reddit and fake disorder sub if you're thirsty

No. 1611919

Bit cruel, medfags (legitimate, working ones) would be fucked without porters. Anyway, sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim is genuinely a treatment for whipples. However, hair loss is a very rare side effect. Other anon saying “wah wah it’s called co-trimoxazole“…different hospitals will use different terms for the same medication or did you not realise that?
Long story short, it is possible the antibiotic has caused hair loss but it is likely exacerbated or even solely due to malnutrition. An actual medfag.

No. 1611943

Shut up, sped. She looks fine and isn't a cow anymore.

No. 1611944

She hasn't been obsessively posting the teenage gf as of late

No. 1611950

I'm lk happy she's living her life now. She was full cream

No. 1611953

It was just a joke, actual autist

No. 1611976

File: 1660136247414.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.32 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20220810-145534_Ins…)

People still trying to get her number. Noob teeny bopper pro-ana cringers probably
But damn I'm surprised ash has enough muscle to move her mouth and arms

No. 1612010


No. 1612017

It's grisly and at the very same time fascinating how you can literally see her skull.

No. 1612084

Every time I see her on this thread, I get more and more shocked that she isn’t dead. Most start to show complications at her bmi. Can’t believe she hasn’t broken a bone because I am in no doubt that she passes out.

No. 1612089

They probably broke up

No. 1612116

she's now bored_with_larping

No. 1612135

Isn't that @heybooxy nowadays?

No. 1612162

I know she’s a cow but that’s really really sad. I feel like she’s just making the most out of her last moments at this point. I don’t understand why she’s still on social media

No. 1612165

She doesn't seem to have friends that she knows outside of her social media. I find that extremely sad. This is also someone who genuinely would need a wheelchair to go anywhere not precious dainty Fi who just needs to learn to breathe!

No. 1612237

I dont think she’s been posting anything. Her TikTok is gone

No. 1612280

the ro skinwalking was (still is) weird but good on her for sticking to actual recovery.

No. 1612375


thats the one! ty anon.
does anyone have any recent pics of her? shes gone private and I dont feel like adding the insufferable cunt.

No. 1612469

Underweight people freak me out at the best of times I think I'd need therapy if I saw that skelly out and about kek

No. 1612486

Same, even deathfats are nicer to look at than skellies

No. 1612522

Yeah, you worry they're going to drop dead all the same but you can't literally see their bone structure.

No. 1612528

File: 1660179651015.png (424.09 KB, 430x570, Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 8.01…)

Someone needs to inform Ham that you're supposed to stop frequently outgrowing clothes once you reach adulthood.

No. 1612532

Kek at the strategic placement of her left arm and the undies pulled up high to look like an hourglass

No. 1612570

minor blog but i had a drama teacher who was skelly level…i dropped out.

No. 1612573

I honestly don't blame you that shit is gross

No. 1612632

Exactly. It's sad when anyone destroys their healthy body with disordered eating, but at least the fatties don't resemble crypt-dwelling ghouls. There's almost nothing more disturbing than looking at a skeletally thin human being, they carry an aura of death and decay.

No. 1612655

Stop killing yourself then Zara, you currently don’t even look like alive enough to be a monkey anymore. You look like a creepy pasta man from the Minnesota starving experiment. Do something or you will die, along with the people you’ve irreversibly triggered with your content …

No. 1612657

Someone needs to take her phone away permanently for a while and force feed her already. She obviously uses it to body check and further spiral. She’s also disgusting for deleting comments about how her videos r negative for her viewers as they can see her rapidly losing

No. 1612670

Exactly, I don’t know if the illness has made her this cruel or it’s her but regardless, what she’s doing on tiktok isn’t okay in any way. Not a single one of her videos, especially not the #recovery ones, is even remotely helpful. She knows she’s going down and she wants to bring everyone down with her

No. 1612682

File: 1660196565124.png (3.88 MB, 1125x2436, 9D812FD3-80B9-40AC-B4C7-DD6F11…)

Kay straining to show us how spoopy she is. Does anyone else think she’s gained recently though?

No. 1612696

No. 1612697

This wannabe influencer should stop stuffing her face with pancakes and cake every day before she outgrows her health and gets diabetes.

No. 1612698

What ana chan who hates their body wears a bikini and takes so many photos of her though ?

No. 1612700

No. 1612703

File: 1660199857456.jpeg (519.37 KB, 869x1293, 5648AD2F-2609-468E-9450-8D4CAB…)

No milk, she just posts her art now

No. 1612717

She always talks about "Instagram vs reality". And then poses and pulls up her panties to look skinnier. What a joke. And who even pulls up the pants like this in reality. It's just the low IQ "influencers" who are doing this for photos.

No. 1612734

Her head is so red from straining it looks like it's about to pop like a balloon

No. 1612736


such a shame, she was one of my fav cows. ty anon.

No. 1612737

Kek you can see the veins in her forehead

No. 1612740

File: 1660207769945.png (527.07 KB, 468x854, fis foodie shite.png)

Fi inadvertantly giving an accurate description of all the stupidly expensive protein bars she eats…or takes a bite of for her 'review.'

No. 1612745

File: 1660208952568.png (524.64 KB, 633x1184, Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 5.09…)

Nikol is weird

No. 1612755

who cares about her protein bars.
oh wait she is dying for sponsorships. such an influencer

No. 1612761

Oh shut the fuck up nonnies. Seriously, nobody gives a fuck. Take your sperging about calories and carbs and macros elsewhere.

No. 1612768

Sage but nobody gives even a tiny fuck. Take it to reddit

No. 1612770

File: 1660212809699.png (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 750x1334, 001845E0-5272-4FAD-A39E-3246A2…)

One of the worst cows. She fetishizes a deadly disorder just like Eugenia. I guess that the narcissism doesn't die with the brain. Spoiler just because

No. 1612774

Hahaha this is the spoop who posted her butthole on Instagram. A "makeup" account? Did she get banned for the butthole pic or just for being open about having an Eating Disorder? Her career is hopelessly intertwined with her ED like EC but she doesn't post kingdom hearts cosplay videos thrown together from wish dot com and spirit Halloween, so I think her adult-oriented audience makes her less scummy than EC. A grown woman depending on skelly fetish simpbux feels a lot darker when trying to feed off an audience of tiktok zoomers at the same time.

No. 1612777

Can’t believe she’s wasting her life on the same shit, if she makes any money off her tiktok she’s basically being Eugenia now with the body checks and scaring people. At least we know her true colors now, someone that HEARS in their comments they actively trigger others with the recovery tag while still posting the same content

No. 1612784

Absolutely howling at her mistyping "white" as "shite"

No. 1612789

Does Nikol not know that gay people exist or…

No. 1612800

File: 1660218467395.jpeg (832.56 KB, 1170x1003, 00476F62-6D0F-473B-A8F4-26E599…)

Of fucking course they are, totally not the lowest cal foods in existence lol

No. 1612806

File: 1660219115185.png (7.57 MB, 1170x2532, 50BB57B2-31C4-4D5D-AF0A-5140A2…)

now who would ever believe rosie is drink a non diet drink, she just exposed herself that shes gonna purge it even tho the fries made it obvious too kek. i mean cmon who believes she’s actually “challenging” herself like this without gaining

No. 1612817

This is so skim I don’t even like rosie but there is nothing about that that indicates she’s going to purge.

No. 1612830

Girls, be quiet, your eating disorders are showing. You microanalysing someone else’s food isn’t funny, entertaining or any semblance of milk. You’re both just wrong anyway; pasta is low calorie? A portion of chips and a small fanta is a huge meal that must surely be purged? Come on.

No. 1612838

What about this is really a foodie find I get her shtick is protein shite but it all looks the same. Also what is with her obsession with white chocolate sage for nitpick

No. 1612842

Crazy. I had some Mandela effect shit going on where I was thoroughly convinced she was dead.

No. 1612851

Agree with anon, there’s nothing here to say that she will purge it. If her intention was weight loss / no gain I cannot imagine choosing a non-diet drink. This may actually be a recovery win.

No. 1612859

I kinda feel bad at this point. She hasn’t posted anything milky in a long time and any time she posts something that suggests she is actually recovering, all you cows assume she’s purging. And all the MPA shit just doesn’t add up, why would she make a new account and start posting as if nothing happened, as soon as her old account gets found which wasn’t active for a long time? Just my opinion.

No. 1612869

and once again she forgets what she has said in previous posts about her super low weight (after originally stating she was never underweight) In this post she says she was wearing these jeans 'in the depths of her Ed' So you were never under weight Ham! Make your fucking mind up

No. 1612889

File: 1660230155849.jpg (136.78 KB, 934x758, YouHaveTheBrainrot.jpg)

Do you summerfags know where you are?
Nikol's right. Lesbians are not as disgusting as men. Whether she's bullshitting or not it's a win-win, either she quits publishing body checks for validation or the milk keeps flowing.
>all you cows assume she's purging
A fraud who ran a "recovery" account while still actively engaged in proana suddenly gets the benefit of the doubt when she posts a suspiciously purgable meal why? Because she purged her mpa account? Fuck off, whiteknight

No. 1612918

File: 1660233147491.jpg (583.3 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20220811_165037.jpg)

n2f eating a breakfast that looks scarily…normal.

No. 1612920

wtf sage this, it's no milk at all

No. 1612933

I agree w u, ever since what’s been exposed Rosie is super milky and no one would really want to defend her

No. 1612944

You're probably thinking if Becky, or solostinmymind.

No. 1612962

Legit curious, is she a snowflake under the LGBTQ++alphabet soup umbrella, like "asexual", or just in the closet? The hateful troll comments and cow-tipping probably aren't coming from men though.

No. 1612966

File: 1660237011388.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x2035, 801F13F3-34F5-4417-9B44-055BEB…)

not a body check

No. 1612971

I agree with you, but to be fair sometimes when you get chip shop meals they can't guarantee you get what can you want. Normally it's full-fat pop. And if you're using the fizz for purging then who cares about the calories? So the pop itself isn't a recovery indicator. Just hope she is doing okay.

No. 1612977

Rosie has already said on MPA that she doesn't have a problem with eating for maintenance and a non-diet drink is fine in that case. I don't think I'll ever give this girl a single pass after the shit she pulled with MPA alongside her recovery account. Take that and add it to the fact that she hasn't gained weight in her 1+ year of recovery (and has in fact lost a significant amount) and you've completely lost my support for her "recovery" mainly because I know for a fact she has no intentions of actually recovering anytime soon. She can stay sick all she wants but she's crossing a fat line by preaching something she doesn't practice herself.

No. 1612979

Except for her

No. 1612980

She's been posting bodychecks practically every day now but let's not forget that she openly doesn't want to take accountability for posting triggering photos for all of her vulnerable followers to see

No. 1613000

None of her outfits are what one would think of as an outfit kek

No. 1613033

outfit of the day. because ofc you wd casually go for a walk or to a cafe in your bra

No. 1613059

Looks clean too. This new fella is doing her good. I hope it works out.

No. 1613077

Lol I can’t believe those plates are actually clean enough to eat off of. Our feral child has come so far really.

No. 1613094

Go have a snack and come back.

No. 1613123

She actually talks about how she wouldn’t wish her anorexia on anyone and how people shouldn’t glamourise the illness because of how horrible it is.

No. 1613178

Hope she gets some special care from her BF these days. She's doing fine, it seems.

No. 1613209

You are right! Thanks nonnie

No. 1613263

Holy shit! Been off lc for a month or two, come back to check on my favourite thread and wtf. Ganer's actually showing muscle and is now a TIM??

And this one looks like a Hartle Hooligan here.

No. 1613385

File: 1660268352360.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1999, 817CAA92-E08D-4A0F-8FD2-749B5B…)

Possibly milky, this girl who posts really restrictive ‘fuel my body’ wieiad posts and is pretty spoopy, she looked ok in some of her old posts, wonder what her story is…

No. 1613398

We love to see it. Good work, n2f

No. 1613416

she’s right

No. 1613425

Lol did anyone get mom’s fave’s humble brag about the punishment of wearing a gown at meals, assuming because she smuggled so much food down her panties, before she deleted it (Tik Tok)

No. 1613430

She’s pro for sure

No. 1613436

According to her tags and comments she’s PRO RECOVERY why would ANYONE think differently people can be pro recovery and struggle you know!!!! And it’s important to document your skull face to other mentally ill people on the Internet because we need sweet boney ass pats no matter the cost!

No. 1613440

File: 1660275457311.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, F9969815-6EBE-4ED1-A1AE-4939D1…)

our princess of grime giving slight ‘Ganer eye’ vibes.
but nice to see her happy these days.

No. 1613475

File: 1660281467594.png (7.66 MB, 1170x2532, D96F8F28-48C7-4F99-90F0-DF59A0…)

she deteriorated so fast holy

No. 1613477

Okay she’s like really pretty now. Eyelashes need work, but she looks great!

No. 1613496

Agreed, other cows should see what recovery does to a person

No. 1613498

She’s terrifying. And to think that she’s still a teenager…

No. 1613528

She really is so pretty, imagine if she cleaned up a bit.

No. 1613535

We need more of this kind of example, who'd want to recover when you see the people morbidly obese larpers claiming they're beating/beat anorexia? Must be their worst nightmare, especially flapping their bellys on TikTok, swear the app needs to be nuked. N2f is glowing, and it's wonderful to see.

No. 1613584

File: 1660289625269.png (428.18 KB, 470x588, Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 2.34…)

Fi just "got out of the wheelchair" but is immediately fine to go hiking with her parents. She's so bad at making her shit believable, kek.

No. 1613594

the way she made sure to start filming when she had her ribs in a close-up view, backed away from the camera complete with a twirl, to emphasise her shoulder blades - but yeah, definitely not a body check. just an ootd, because i'm sure she then left the house wearing a bralet as a top. her body checks are so blatant, she's not even trying to hide it anymore.

No. 1613621

File: 1660292846731.jpg (599.74 KB, 1787x1806, 1659569817417.jpg)


I think they are triplets now.

No. 1613625

Always going to be an absolute QUEEN. Actually so happy for her and her recovery tbh!

No. 1613630

Welcome to the good life, N2F.

No. 1613642

She has such a sweet face, she genuinely gives off the vibe that she's a nice person in real life. Also the ganer eye thing isn't that uncommon and can start happening as people age. I actually have a bit of ganer eye, no clue what causes it but it drives me nuts cause it makes my face somewhat asymmetrical.

No. 1613645

She’s saying she’s only be accepted at one place in the comments… choo choo ACUTE, wonder where Cece is now

No. 1613659

File: 1660298170334.png (1.67 MB, 2217x723, whythough.png)

Why does she film herself eating like this? She genuinely looks like a sped.

No. 1613667

File: 1660299121100.png (7.01 MB, 1170x2532, 707C9E86-6B61-41B7-B0E3-0EA142…)

Way to go, body checks under the recovery tag(don't use emojis)

No. 1613668

File: 1660299150065.png (848.71 KB, 1170x2532, 30F5CBD1-E9B2-45CD-8FE9-E68A5C…)

Caption of the image

No. 1613681

File: 1660301668361.jpg (27.39 KB, 619x628, nintchdbpict000338481653.jpg)

Even though she's more Earth based, she's still endearingly cute. Only thing is that stupid bf name tat. If she likes her new body now, she's going to hate that when it's over. Old and jaded but it's not going to be forever. Heartbreaks a bitch so I hope at some point she doesn't slide back.

Not pissing on her parade and I hope she really enjoys whatever she's doing, but I have concerns for when the honeymoon period is over.

Did posh Molly ever relapse into super serious anorexia, did her "brother" ever mutilate her chest?
Is Ham still posting undies shots? Been away so long but the CeCe chat is quiet. Hope she got that wheelchair!

No. 1613701

Anyone else itching for a cece update? Not to be a sperg but I've seen her post count keep going on. Someone give us the goods

No. 1613702

File: 1660304935924.jpg (370 KB, 1063x1944, Bossedit.jpg)

How the fuck was this well earned? Her entire life is a holiday. Also the "bossed it" make me laugh

No. 1613715

She's only fooling herself. When she makes the effort and looks less like the Hartley triplet, then she deserves to self congratulate herself. Lying about recovering gets you nowhere. She needs to have a minor accident like Aly. That kicked our infamous cow up the ass.

No. 1613718

Of course she's got to remind everyone multiple times that she's too delicate an anachan to walk

No. 1613730

File: 1660308302095.png (4.44 MB, 1170x2532, 76AFC936-3117-4472-9A77-870BFD…)


No. 1613738

Anon I’m screaming, what a masterpiece

No. 1613739

It actually looks really good too

No. 1613742

She’s using insurance as an excuse (which is fair to be honest, insurance companies suck) for not a giving a shit about triggering others

No. 1613743

Can’t say I am because she actually fucking enrages me yet I can’t look away

No. 1613745

She also acts like she’s on fucking Medicaid or something. I’m sure she has some nice private insurance but lives in Minnesota and has to do a single case agreement, like the rest of the world.

No. 1613753

First of all, learn to sage. And second of all, I wouldn’t call this girl milky in any way. The post is uninformed (according to the teen ed recovery community rules) in terms of all the numbers she’s throwing at people and the before and after photos but I looked at her account and there aren’t any red flags. She’s lean but not unhealthily so and she’s a yoga influencer so it’s normal that she shows her body. Idc if this comes out as WKing but there’s just really nothing there.

No. 1613755

“It was just a joke” is often an excuse used by actual retards kek calm down babe

No. 1613756

Not defending her but I wouldn’t be surprised if her insurance company is hesitant to pay for yet another potentially fruitless stay at a fancy treatment center. She’s been there so many times in the past few years and she always relapses the second she gets out. Everyone deserves treatment but on paper it kind of looks like she’s taking advantage of the system

No. 1613757

Wow she looks really good here, and that dress looks cute on her. Everyone's going to sperg at me for saying this but I actually really like this girl and find her very sweet and friendly. She reminds me of n2f but more bpd-esque.

No. 1613758

So they probably lost water and waste out of their body for a few days and claimed she was nearly super sick? Also when does a body check become not a body check? at what obesity range do you need to be for people to not kick off, and instead you become "brave" for showing your body in recovery? strange world.

No. 1613760

nta but girl she is the one that's calm, you on the other hand…

No. 1613762

There has got to be a filter on this. Do you guys really think she looks better? She’s not eating grime anymore but I think the way she’s going is so much worse

No. 1613764

I was correcting a literal mistake and clarifying the situation. Gosh maybe I should take a deep breath, a lorazepam and a snack

No. 1613766

I mean no disrespect to that child but is that real or some botched photoshop

No. 1613768

You might want to look up the hartley hooligans twins, it's not photoshop. Aren't they dead now or something?

No. 1613770

would that spammer plz shut the fuck up..?

No. 1613771

Yes, only the love starved boy child remains.

I suppose hooker chic is better than heroin chic but she's still feral.

No. 1613772

File: 1660310606171.jpeg (567.29 KB, 1513x1513, FE312E98-556E-4CA3-9603-6D34BD…)

Oh sweet summer nonny, it’s very real. The Hartley hooligans.

No. 1613775

I was wondering why there's a sudden influx of posts after a lull but I honestly just think a lot of farmers are on the same time zone and go on around the same time if that's not what you're referring too sorry just ignore this lol

No. 1613791

Holy fuck. May they rest in peace.

No. 1613806

If anyone wants some milk Marie’s freaking out on story because somebody stole her thinspo

No. 1613807

Did the parents stage this photo what the actual fuck

No. 1613809

Post it before she deletes it! I don't have Instagram

No. 1613813

Wonder if she culled the last farmers

No. 1613815

File: 1660313284614.jpeg (9.14 KB, 264x191, images.jpeg)

Yes, her parents made a freak show of their kids. IMG related.

No. 1613817

Oh and check out the threads

No. 1613822

That's bloody grim. Thanks for the link anon

No. 1613840

File: 1660314466904.jpeg (384.21 KB, 1125x1903, 31522623-B58D-4934-9006-D02A81…)

Ok we’ve got a lot of pictures coming. Won’t show all because similar

No. 1613842

File: 1660314490232.jpeg (457.21 KB, 1125x1714, 1FE3DC25-D9A7-41E9-A12E-145423…)

No. 1613844

File: 1660314524312.jpeg (590.29 KB, 1125x1872, 6D593014-D4A2-404A-8B6A-8C1E8A…)

No. 1613846

File: 1660314546869.jpeg (589.26 KB, 1125x1882, 9B842EE4-C8AF-4E9C-A344-E44CF3…)

No. 1613847

File: 1660314570752.jpeg (635.53 KB, 1125x1978, EA6D1E49-9AC8-4D22-A291-1E114E…)

No. 1613848

File: 1660314591213.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1931, D105AA5B-E0D8-4400-A698-A71073…)

No. 1613853

stop your fucking spamming, will you..?

No. 1613856

Nta but I asked this Nona for the Marie milk, go away if you don't like it

No. 1613859

Would that stupid anon fuckface please stop self-repyling right now

No. 1613869

Calm down you fucking schizoid and close the goddamn tab she's not fucking self replying you weirdo.

Thanks for posting these. (Once again for the retard schizo nona I don't have instagram so I couldn't see these.) And that's very creepy I hope it's not actually a 13 year old girl larping as her, I get more of an scrote with a fetish type vibe. But Marie should know better tbh like this is what happens when you post content that appeals to sick people, they do sick shit with it.

No. 1613872

This is actually pretty shitty. “Person with no use” I’m guessing some scrote friended her and they took her pics for revenge anticipating the block they’d get after messaging her.

No. 1613874

Dude, they asked so I shared. I’m sorry it takes up so much space, there’s no other way to post pictures but one at a time. And I’m not self replying. No need to be such a jerk.

No. 1613887

File: 1660315676738.gif (16.6 KB, 267x32, 1659803483842.gif)

No. 1613891

Good God. That's genuinely upsetting

No. 1613892

Have a protein bar and cope

No. 1613899

They’re very clearly not replying to themselves, calm the fuck down or leave if you don’t like it. At least that person is bringing milk unlike you who keeps complaining about nothing

No. 1613957

The thread is more clogged by that anon insisting randoms are replying to themselves than said randoms

No. 1613994

How strange & unhinged, so the "13 year old" is literally copying Mary's images, and changing their name once caught? Guessing they've changed it again? I'd feel unnerved, people are fucking weird.

No. 1614039

File: 1660325683926.png (6.58 MB, 1170x2532, 3A4619A7-1BE9-4417-802A-7FB7A7…)

I feel bad for how her torso is built, I can get how she relapses

No. 1614043

Sorry wtf is supposedly wrong with her torso? Despite not being fully developed due to her being 16 and not even a woman yet?

No. 1614052

Her torso is fine, moid.

No. 1614061

Rattle rattle

No. 1614062

File: 1660326531826.jpeg (251.81 KB, 750x938, 1658781525556.jpeg)

No. 1614066

She will be so pretty when she finally grows up and stops living off of smoothies and minestrone soup.

No. 1614187

Anons literally can't cope with a cow being pretty kek

No. 1614305

If only she would trim the lashes! They'd fit her eyes better.

No. 1614315

There's still nothing wrong with that 16yo girl, hateboner-chan.

No. 1614326

Fucking leave her alone. She's literally undeveloped by four years, of course she doesn't look like a 16 y/o.

No. 1614347

One of my greatest recovery motivations lately is to not have under eyes like Fiona’s

No. 1614356

No1curr about your eating disorder, blogger-chan

No. 1614359

nta but you clearly do if your willing to waste time barking back with the "no one cares!!" everytime some anachan makes mention of it lol

No. 1614360

Exactly, Fiona looks like she hasn’t slept in ten years. I do feel like her eyebrows are unfortunate but there’s not much she can do about those. I think she’s pretty at a healthy weight, ana face doesn’t do anyone any favors

No. 1614383

Literally nothing wrong with this. It isn't even a body check

No. 1614390

It clearly is a body check.

No. 1614455

Okay fine then, Fiona’s wrinkly, the end.

No. 1614485

File: 1660363264032.jpeg (204.16 KB, 1165x2094, DB049CA4-62BD-4FC9-AF27-9507A3…)

Land whale porgie somehow got a script for medical cannabis for her imaginary problems, enjoy getting even fatter with the munchies retard

No. 1614502

File: 1660365662175.jpeg (536.26 KB, 828x821, 16A838F7-03DA-4E6F-B6DE-57E894…)

look at her now

No. 1614509

back at the ITU, I'm assuming?

No. 1614518

Nothing if your into heifers

No. 1614520

oh stoned binging porgie saga??! fingers crossed she starts posting boomerangs of her blowing out smoke & her meaty hooves holding tiny bent spliffs

No. 1614544

rattle rattle

No. 1614545


No. 1614551

File: 1660372475461.jpg (285.55 KB, 1080x2275, IMG_20220813_124508.jpg)

Does anyone remember Maureen? You know- the life long anorexia warrior who can do no wrong and only deserves our pity. Well do I have milk for you…
Maureen sent a series of images that I am sure we've all seen and there for shall not be reposting of herself and Rachel Faroke to an Instagram account unrealated to ED unprompted and for no apparent reason. When the appropriateness of this was questioned she had a rather embarrassing meltdown, which as was promised to her at the time is now being shared publicly.

No. 1614552

File: 1660372617778.jpg (288.18 KB, 1080x2084, IMG_20220813_124249.jpg)

Another titbit from warrior Maureen

No. 1614557

File: 1660373144063.jpeg (501.46 KB, 828x1355, 47F0E6FC-773F-44A6-B823-449CAC…)

Send these images to her niece.
Also this isn’t me being creepy. The two comments say “This is my niece. She is on Facebook.”(cowtipping)

No. 1614564


Contacting lolcow's family members is creepy… I am sure moron's family are more than aware that she is a scumbag.

No. 1614565

Lol I’m the anon who posted about her being abusive in the comments on Emily Jones’s posts before I gave up due to the amount of WKs defending the “poor defenseless old lady with a TBI.” Curious as to how this exchange came about. In before “no milk.”

No. 1614570

File: 1660374426790.jpg (377.98 KB, 1080x2131, Screenshot_2022-08-13-12-41-29…)

No idea why Maureen initiate the exchange, there is no obvious reason. I was like holy shit, I recognise her from proanascumbags (occasional lurker).

No. 1614572

She seems to be improving. Wonder if shes sour that she has no bridle on the beloved nose hose this time.
Anyone taking bets on how long she stays weight restored on dischagre?

No. 1614585

Don't cowtip or contact the family. Bloody out of bounds as craycray and shitty Maureen is - the family doesn't deserve it. Normally you mellow with age, it seems like she's still the same old same fucking old maureen. I wish she'd go back to edtwt, I missed that whole era and no one there seems to have posted screenshots (or I'm too much of a boomer to get how to find them in obscure places). Wonder if that's the neice she tried to get me to comment on her weight claiming it was herself when she was younger too.
>>1614557 I saw that on her IG too, thought it was so bloody weird and random that she was just sharing her nieces FB.

No. 1614589

Rachel and her skeezy bf are the biggest scammers. She was basically addicted to Fentanyl and took money from donators

No. 1614620


it's not cowtipping if you just shake the udder

No. 1614634

Don't fucking touch the cows
This is why we lose them cause tipfags feel some kind of righteousness and involve themselves when it's none of your God damn business
If you feel like molesting a cow then get off the fucking farm

No. 1614647

She looks stunning is this hxn

No. 1614661

This seems more like a troll account, any actual proof it's Maureen?

Also don't encourage cowtipping dumbass especially because that might not even be Maureen's neice it could just be some rando. Fucking fumbly ass newfags have no clue what they're doing.

No. 1614670

File: 1660389535138.jpg (352.59 KB, 1080x2145, IMG_20220813_181512.jpg)

Account in question. Playing devil's advocate, revenge faggery is milky.

No. 1614675

Thank you so much. It looks like she’s at ERC.

No. 1614681

Anon do you have the caption?

No. 1614702

File: 1660392168612.png (1.32 MB, 720x1600, 298363632_1784766235210444_553…)

Judging by the hair Emily is going throught it right now. I've also colour fried my hair in a bpd meltdown, rooting for her to pull through.

No. 1614708

Beige queen kek

No. 1614709

I really don’t get the hate around Fi. She’s trying, and the absolute mental torment of an eating disorder, never mind autism and other issues. It’s hell. What’s actually milky about her? And don’t say the wheelchair the parents etc. because that isn’t FI. Her parents should be the milky ones.
To me, she’s just a very sick girl trying her best. Is it just that she’s posting on social media? I mean would you be kinder to say, a close friend behaving the way Fi does.
Assuming most people in this thread have experienced ED’s to some level, I'm struggling to find any bad feeling myself toward her.
If I’m banned or attacked for this, fine. But I think Fi deserves to be left alone

No. 1614716

Wtf? What’s Maureen’s username?

No. 1614727

the wheelchair is 100% Fi

No. 1614729

Take your weird old lady hate boner elsewhere or post actual milk, messaging an obvious troll account and receiving troll like responses is not milky newfag

No. 1614730

I agree, everyone is calling fi dramatic and making fun of her but she’s clearly autistic and that’s not cool to be talking shit about.. I scrolled way back in her Insta and low key am terrified by how long she’s been sick for, and to be fair she’s pretty honest most of the time

(I don’t understand the wheelchair thing either tho tbf)

No. 1614764

This is exactly how she used to speak, so I don't personally doubt it's her.
Maureen is following that account from her main, so assuming it's her account. She used to pm a lot of political shit when trump was in office over the pond. She never got the hint that I didn't care, tried ignoring it until it got insufferable.

No. 1614778

File: 1660397030337.jpg (49.33 KB, 1141x890, msbold.JPG)

i wish when facebook yeeted accounts they kept the messages because some of her posts were gold.

No. 1614779

If you’ve followed her for years on various platforms before she went all ~influencer~ you’d know how she presents isn’t how she really is at all, she has a habit of LARPing symptoms of people she’s been around. New diagnosis every couple of years, loves the drama. She’s always been the same, always will.

No. 1614782

File: 1660397420060.png (3.86 MB, 1170x2532, 3AC38B84-39C6-4708-9372-D2B32E…)

So I’m personally not an anachan but she actually does look God fucking awful. Body ody like Roger from American Dad

No. 1614783

I have no clue why y'all praise her so much and are talking about how "pretty" she looks. She looks like a cheap hooker on drugs.

No. 1614785

Then why didn't you just block her? You are very weird for being so involved with the cows, post milk or fuck off.

No. 1614789

>>1614782 "so I'm personally not an anachan but…" sounds like something a covert anachan would say

No. 1614792

She does look slightly mentally retarded and yep, also like a used hooker

No. 1614795

File: 1660398223939.jpg (256.42 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20220813-154325_Ins…)

Probably the most cringe bullshit I've seen today

No. 1614796

It’s because she used to look and act like she came out of hell… or was still in there. She was milky of course but many anons felt bad because you could see she was genuinely struggling and continuously going further downhill. She might not be your definition of pretty in this photo but she’s a hell of a lot better looking compared to a few months ago and she seems to really be doing well. WKing, I know, but I have a soft spot for n2f

No. 1614798

I’m not sure how autistic you’d have to be to think that someone outright saying that they’re not eating disordered before saying that someone else looked better when they were disordered would read as anything but what I originally said

No. 1614800

I have a soft spot for her too, but that photo is whack and I feel like there has to be some filter making her face look so weird in it. She'll probably never be a normal person, but her life does seem genuinely better now in her weird crazy diamond way.

No. 1614801

I know ED’s aren’t all about the weight loss and stuff but she literally lost 5lbs and called herself an anorexic on death’s door. You can tell how badly she’s faking it by the way she’s looking at that piece of chocolate or whatever it is

No. 1614803

Exactly, she looks like she slept with her makeup on but hey at least she’s improving unlike some of our brightest like Zara and Fi (I know they’ve gained a bit but still) instead of constantly complaining about the wind blowing in her direction

No. 1614812

>didn’t know how I’d ever make it through
You’re permanently fat and nasty looking because you seek attention through pretending to starve yourself to death

No. 1614823

so underweight and on death's door that she had a hospital bed with her name on it. never forget.

No. 1614826

I was just confirming that what she is sharing on one of her many many accounts is in line with what she has historically posted (2018). That it's not a troll or vendetta account. Just ignore if you can't keep up, anon. It's not weird to be involved with a cow when you've known them for quite sometime on ED facebook, long before you discovered lolcow. Good grief, get a grip.

No. 1614882

I never get the wk logic of x is actually sick because a lot of them are. We have larpers sure but not all of them are.

No. 1614888

File: 1660404745035.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1997, D21D40DC-C99B-4A05-876C-754FFA…)

How is Kay getting away with this crap! Blatant body check. Claiming recovery these and all this bull crap and kek at the hashtags under her posts?

No. 1614900

Stop embarrassing yourself. Quite clearly Moron initiated the exchange - the screen shots prove it.

No. 1614905

They were obviously following her or somehow engaging with her posts, how else would this random woman just select someone to harass and it just so happens to be an ~occassional lurker~ Also you can't embarrass yourself on an anonymous imageboard lol this isn't highschool faggot

No. 1614909

File: 1660405897350.png (226.97 KB, 359x592, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 10.5…)

truly a recovery icon

No. 1614913

N2f may be a used hooker but she's our used hooker

No. 1614914

File: 1660406010973.png (380.14 KB, 429x510, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 10.5…)

look how much weight she (hasn't) gained since this picture from February

No. 1614919

Or maybe Moron was intrigued by the content of the account in question…
Proof would be appreciated when making wild accusations.

No. 1614921

At least roger has a butt

No. 1614923

Let me break it down for you a little. Maureen often see's other people's comments or content and she does PM people out of the blue. Girls in ED groups used to complain about her telling them to off themselves, or that they weren't sick etc. She used to do it all the time on posts where people would say they feel/look fat, and she'd message them one way or another saying well yeah - they are, even if they were underweight. Or she'd dump how she is the best anorexic and is dying, woe is me there is no help. You do not have to be the one initiating anything with her. As for myself, we hadn't spoken in years. Her old account was gone, and out of the blue she started dumping politifaggotry in my FB inbox. And then swiftly followed the same old woe is me shit about her anorexia that she is somehow both cured from and dying from. It feels pointless sharing my one sided screenshots though as her replies are long gone. I am hoping for the keks she does interact with one of our current cows just to see what'd happen.

No. 1614928

I wouldn't wish it on anyone but imagine ruining someone's wedding day by starving yourself and collapsing mid-ceremony. All the gawks/stares she must get taking away from the main attraction of the day.

No. 1614930

the photoshop, kek

No. 1614936

in total fairness, she lost a shit tonne more weight after february, and she’s visibly gained from a few months ago. but net progress is nil

No. 1614938

File: 1660407453439.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 627.04 KB, 749x1796, 94AD8F2B-9314-4E50-B173-7F6AC7…)

terrifying that she’s so functional ??????

No. 1614942

I agree she normally does shoop but I don’t see any evidence of it here so she’s either got really good at it or she hasn’t shopped this ?

No. 1614944

File: 1660408262664.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 789.72 KB, 1170x1257, 60E66C16-AB96-4AAE-8F7B-359282…)

the legs are awful bent

No. 1614972

it's severe bloating, it stands out even more bc she's still underweight. she'd look a lot more normal if she wasn't bloated

No. 1614988

File: 1660411430723.jpg (42.84 KB, 649x463, moebiden_maureen.JPG)

Not sure if this helps confirm it for you anon but here's Maureen replying to her own post on her other account on the moe biden account.

No. 1614997

Fucking hell all that shoop gave me a good laugh and to think that she’s already so goddamn spoopy and still goes out of her way to make herself look like even more of a rough stick

No. 1614999

Not WK but that’s right when she started losing rapidly again and she wasn’t hiding it because she was pretty comfortable with using her failing organs as an excuse. I doubt she’s trying to convince people she now weighs more than she did in this photo but she has in fact gained a little bit of weight since a couple of months ago

No. 1615001

Terrifying that she was function a couple months ago when she was even worse. The human body truly is amazing

No. 1615002

Look at the duvet between her legs (which are also not the same size)

No. 1615008

i appreciate is not the place for this here but she can do a lot of things for her brows. so many brow specialists those days. Brow bars are everywhere these days

No. 1615011

Shooping doesn't negate spoopiness it's just funny

No. 1615012

Cause she’s come a helluva long way and she has a decent personality. Yeah she looks crazy but 100x better than the food stained sheets, chocolate smeared on her lips, and sugar-free syrups crusting around her nailbed and outside bushes.

That’s why I don’t get when other anon’s claim we’re all jealous and don’t think anyone is pretty lol.

No. 1615013

She won't be functioning normally though. I'd bet my life that she's resting for a lot of the days we only see a snapshot of her so-called recovery. She's very young and has some medical knowledge to propped herself up, but make no bones of it, she's wheelchair territory by now. The starvation high only lasts so long.

No. 1615028

File: 1660414427120.png (4.39 MB, 750x1334, 854A2ED7-5636-49BB-B887-169750…)

Niamh’s two noodle “ramen” I’m screaming-

No. 1615050

she’s honestly pathetic. hope she enjoys wasting her life

No. 1615054

>eats a shitty bowl of ramen
wow niamh is such a pathetic bitch wasting her life smh

No. 1615058

She is actually really pretty though most spoops would look better with a bit of meat on them but she’s actually really attractive

No. 1615101

Oh yeah. Because that's what matters most. Not what a disease is doing to your health, but how fuckable it makes you.

No. 1615143

is this a troll comment lmao

No. 1615161

It's shooped but she's spoopy as fuck

No. 1615162


No. 1615179

File: 1660426036819.jpg (558.2 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_2022-08-13-22-26-08…)

No. 1615189

Can you not, samefag? it's a little, as you say, pathetic.

This is why i hate it when kids goad the cows. Let them spiral on their own without intervention if they were ever going to. Thought Laura was doing well? But at this point is she ever going to leave the damn system to people that need it?

No. 1615198

Unfortunately I think as she knew she were doing better she were looking for an excuse to relapse. She has BPD/EUPD they easily get institutionalised and she clearly has been. There needs to be a maximum stay in these units and more accountability not giving into behaviours. On normal psych wads those with BPD in the UK have been discharged for engaging in behaviours as it's seen as attention seeking especially if the behaviours escalate whilst on the words. Unfortunately her behaviours have definitely increased whilst she's been inpatient.

No. 1615217

this makes me so sad. like others on this forum, i wish the best for niamh and believe that if she snaps out of now she could have an amazing life

No. 1615229


Why do you answer your own shitty posting..? Are you completely retarded?

No. 1615234

Stop self posting and go attention seek elsewhere

No. 1615241


You think she doesn't need it ? Even considering all the attention seeking and dumb shit she did for years, it's still pretty clear she is nuts. Professionals seem to agree considering the drugs they have her on.

No. 1615249

She’s sooooo happy. The queen in her castle.

No. 1615300

Anyone know what it said?

No. 1615307

File: 1660436341546.png (3.26 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20220814-021151.png)

You think niamh's ramen is bad? She posted just before 133 calorie bagel thins to her story wich she then used to make a (hardly) 300 calorie lunch. She really can't just starve in silence, she has to make a whole spectacle of herself complete with daily bodychecks directed to her vulnerable audience. 1/2

No. 1615308

File: 1660436395239.png (3.69 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20220814-021155.png)

No. 1615321

And your followers needed to read that today because…?

No. 1615323

Exactly, most of these illnesses are based on mindset and knowing that you can always go back to treatment if you relapse doesn’t exactly serve as the greatest motivation for recovery. It would be unfair to put a cap on the amount of times one can go in because some people genuinely can’t help it but I feel like the unlimited pass is hurting more people than it is helping

No. 1615338

I’m very sorry this girl feels that way, but it is an insensitive and triggering thing to post on social media. Talk to a therapist or someone to help you, sharing this just triggers people to feel as bad as she does now and is unnecessary on social media.

No. 1615341

I feel like maybe you're new and giving her the benefit of the doubt but she's in her 20's i'm pretty sure. She knows the script, has had a recovery account since the early stages of these threads so no pleading ignorance.

No. 1615345

I’m the anon that wrote that reply, and I agree with you. I think she should not have posted that caption.

No. 1615361

i was not samefagging lmao i was pointing out how mad someone got over less than perfect ramen. i don't love niamh or whatever but that was such a dramatic response to a bowl of food. sarcasm you autist

No. 1615410

Hannah and Cece are in the ITU together as of thursday. I wonder if they’re on the same wing.

No. 1615414

The ITU is just one wing now, so yes they would be together…unless cece somehow managed to be placed on the regular ip/res unit. I’m assuming we’ve got some pending gold content in the near future with those two there.

No. 1615516

Sis could do with a trim

No. 1615520

Woah Laura has a secret hater too, only 117 followers on her "safe space" acc. Not so safe after all? Anyway… Instead of going such extremes, she should talk about her medications with the doctor. I am pretty sure they would understand her concerns and try fixing it so that the meds would not make her gain weight. She cannot just deny medications alltogether in a ward setting can she? Won't they just give her injections then? As for just quitting eating AND drinking… that's just dumb Laura. (Pretty sure she reads here.) You just need the medication fixed a little bit aswell as your diet, probably.

No. 1615536

File: 1660468611500.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x2059, A9AA8A2A-0A32-4618-856E-AFD3F3…)

kay admitted to photoshopping? this is unprecedented

No. 1615538

Not even 300 calories. 120 calorie bagel plus about 10g of light cream cheese, we’re talking more around 150.

No. 1615543

thank you O' Queen Anachan… your calorie counting skills are by far bettter than all in the land.
Praise be to you. /s

No. 1615551

Yes nonnie but she actually lost a veritable shite ton of weight in the few months following that February photo. She has definitely gained a bit since that weight loss as she is looking better facially now than she was a couple of months back. There's a glimmer of hope that she isn't just gonna drop dead in the middle of a uni lecture

No. 1615566

Thing is, you don't make a recovery account when you've no intention of recovering. Ofc recovery is hard and, but if she wanted it, she'd do it. She's too into showing how shit she looks. Autism isn't an excuse. Loads of ana's are autistic. She knows what she's doing.

No. 1615569

Laura never was spoopy. In that docu she's so proud of she isn't spoopy. Ofc she can say she's not going to eat and drink, but putting it into practice, she won't be able to do it for more than two days tops. As anons have said, she's saying/doing anything to stay in that unit. Idk if it's the case with a BPD specific unit, but general psych wards only admit to stop someone offing themselves or hurting others. She keeps upping her game when she might be at a point she's going to be reintroduced to the wild. The MH system's all fucked. Waste of NHS funding.

No. 1615579

I mean, she was never seriously spoopy and that documentary was the thinnest she has been, but she was definitely underweight in it. Totally agree with everything else you're saying. Any foray in restrictive eating is just a symptom of her BPD.

No. 1615581

She IS functioning though anon. She has managed to get top marks all through her first year at uni as well as working the past few months. She also appears to do at least some socialising. Doubtless she rests a lot between doing those things and her days of compulsive walking are probably done for atm, but it is still pretty remarkable (even when taking into account her age and relative intelligence).

No. 1615623

Honestly props to her. Respect that.

No. 1615632

Have you missed all of her posts about how she was too sick to get out of bed and had to wear diapers because she was incontinent? Her university even bought her a desk to use in bed because she couldn't get out of bed. She might have been turning in decent academic work, but you can't look at the overall picture of her life during that time and call her functional.

No. 1615647

unless is a self post. Hard to believe she chose those 110 followers and one of them has the balls to post her here

No. 1615650

sorry im stupid but what is itu? is it part of acute?

No. 1615653

No, it's one of the inpatient units at one of the Denver locations of Eating Recovery Center (ERC)

No. 1615672


Which Hannah? Aren't they all ukfags?

No. 1615690

ahhh thank you nona. So Cece got upgraded from Acute to Erc?

No. 1615698

She really isn’t far from what her spooped photos were anyway I assumed she was more healthy weight, anyone else?

No. 1615725

Isn’t that long faced chick that groomed her teenage gf named Hannah? I think it might be that chick? I forget her nickname here.

No. 1615750

Yep- they broke up i’m pretty sure

No. 1615758

Any proof of this? I hope to God it’s true for the teenagers sake.

No. 1615783

Gave me a laugh anon cheers

No. 1615787

Anons always assume shoop=the shooper isn't spoopy but they pretty much all are emaciated as fuck making it even more sad and desperate. It's pretty clearly a body dysmorphia cope

No. 1615792

Not stupid it's just infamous amongst amerifags

No. 1615825

File: 1660499011877.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x2068, DF42C6BD-243E-440D-B4D8-B2FED7…)

Fiona wants us to be kind because not gaining weight because she over exercises and/or purging is her choice of “recovery”
breathe guys and always choose kindness

No. 1615839

Hannah is healthyhappywhole on her socials…she deff got tipped because soon after being mentioned last month as her postings significantly decreased. I’m am sort of assuming the girlfriend is in treatment somewhere. She wasn’t doing well and hasn’t posted content in awhile. ..which would make sense if healthyhappywhole decided she wanted to return to her favorite place ever - erc - since her gf is likely in treatment somewhere.

No. 1615847

File: 1660500776575.png (10.23 MB, 1242x2208, BA01CA50-6463-4B58-A986-6F5DC0…)

holy fuck

No. 1615849

that's a deathfat

No. 1615850

No. 1615852

Deathfats getting off on calling themselves anorexic is… something

No. 1615857

File: 1660501678635.jpeg (579.89 KB, 750x1110, BEC5C62B-89F0-41ED-84B2-D76EFA…)

Rain's seems to be fully weight restored. Props to her, especially for finding the courage to wear a bikini. It is very hard for those with an eating disorder or recovering from one, proud of her!

No. 1615858

File: 1660501813821.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, D081ECEE-29C9-4667-AE87-030530…)

Also seen Rain's wonderful recovery progress, how did we even forget to mention Lauren??! I am truly happy to see her doing much better than before. There is still hope!!

No. 1615864

She still posts just on her Instagram with a small following

No. 1615866

She looks great. Nice to see her owning it

No. 1615876

File: 1660503073458.png (3.88 MB, 750x1334, 62A6BF27-4669-45AB-9B71-9E8E5F…)

cows like this one fucking bitch need to be humbled. she got upset because people voted that she had a bmi of 16+ (she posted a bodycheck along with the poll). she is disgusting, especially after the statementes she made. if i find out something about her personal life, i will make sure that these disgusting statementes will haunt her. DIGITAL FOOTPRINT IS A THING

No. 1615891

She's complaining about people using an option she put there herself? Manufactured drama. Though didn't edtwtfags have their own thread?

No. 1615915

File: 1660507535640.jpeg (114 KB, 1170x215, FDE6F0F9-1167-4121-A53F-894346…)

oh. seems like this explains a lot.

No. 1615947

shut the fuck up and leave that girl alone. yes, it's not great that she's posting that but stop acting like she's a horrible person. ED's make you do some crazzy shiz and in the grand scheme of things this really isn't that bad. she's also a young, impressionable teenager who spends a lot of time on social media so she's probably just copying what she sees around her. i hate this forum. its full of shitebags (yes, me included) that need to get a fucking grip on reality and stop harassing unwell teenagers because we're making it worse, all of this is perpetuating their fucking illness so stfu

No. 1615957

File: 1660510467092.gif (2.25 MB, 498x350, real-housewives-pointing.gif)

No. 1615958

Hear me out i know rain copying ro was questionable and creepy af but i feel like it actually saved her life and thats great. I'm guessing it was to do with autism and mirroring

No. 1615962

Glad to see this chickey out and having fun with friends, she looks great and it's nice seeing her happy and smiling.

No. 1615972

File: 1660511231346.png (4.72 MB, 1125x2436, 255F729F-21A3-46A1-9A81-AD74E7…)

Ah yes, anorexia recovery star. Did she ever have a lw or is she just the boss level of Porgie?

No. 1615980

It is a bit scumbaggy to be posting low calorie food to this audience considering though. Being ill doesn’t make it okay for her to do this. I don’t think she deserves to be slammed hard, like the anons who go crazy insulting them, that’s way over the line. But called out for it on here isn’t so bad. Niamah, despite what some people are saying, has done scummy behavior considering she knows people look up to her.

No. 1615983

I can’t with “traumatok.” Tho I do indeed feel traumatized after looking at her so maybe the tags is appropriate after all.

No. 1615993

Newsflash, Laura: refuse and they’ll just depot you instead. Carry on eating and drinking like you always have and quit the anorexia LARP already. No shame in admitting you’ve only ever been mildly underweight and use restriction as a weapon, staff are used to it.
How this woman has spent so much time in PD units, presumably with specialist therapy? and still manages be to this much of a moron is beyond me.

No. 1616015

File: 1660514229665.jpeg (566.91 KB, 1051x1691, A5D6970D-ED4A-4F12-AC8E-6ADA1D…)

Our resident beige Big Mac queen is shilling spices now

No. 1616024

File: 1660515079932.png (1.33 MB, 1573x917, Screenshot (11785).png)

She did a fit check with her nerdy professor and I'm so sorry for saying this Nona's but I wanna fuck him

No. 1616029

take ur daddy issues elsewhere….maybe to ur therapist's office

No. 1616030

He's not old enough to be a projection of daddy issues, and I wanna fuck my therapist too bitch lol

No. 1616034

love yourself more, nona

No. 1616051

I agree and I like that she isn’t being overly dramatic and she’s actually showing her followers that she practices what she preaches.

No. 1616052

You need help

No. 1616057

She 100% knows exactly what she’s doing with every inadequate meal and bodycheck (sorry, ootd!) she posts. She knows it’s not okay, she knows firsthand how harmful it is to see what she’s posting and she still refuses to stop. She’s undoubtedly ill and struggling but being 16 doesn’t excuse her shitty behavior one bit. You can’t just brush it all off with “oh, she’s still a kid, she’ll learn” because many people have tried to help her learn (including nice people) and she basically tells them to fuck off.

No. 1616062

Holy shit it’s Moonchild!!! She was on the threads about a year ago JUST AS ROTUND as she is now while claiming to be anorexic. She said she was admitted to PHP for her anorexia (surely they coded her as binge eating or bulimic) and then DFE’d because she was being dragged as badly as when Tess Holiday was claiming she was an oh so frail anachan. Interesting to see her back

No. 1616070

girl take ur transference outta here

No. 1616071

Does anyone know how Kennedy/Kelsey is doing nowadays? saw people talking about her on an I'm going to hell for this reddit. Saying that she has posted to her instagram with an onlyfans account containing skinnny fetish pictures of herself? Not sure which IG account they're referring to, her @kennedy.vanasten is private. Fingers crossed it's just a scrote and that she's not actually going down that path and is still doing okay.

No. 1616086

File: 1660520616480.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x1970, 236E4E28-7B53-411E-B734-914E2C…)

as much as i despise her for constant attention seeking - she looks good for once! weight gain started to show finally

No. 1616095

Flex that arm moar Fifi! Also why is her face always beet red

No. 1616139

What in the fuck… Why did she ask in the first place? Then her bio kek. Not bmi fagging, but she is complaining they guessed 16 and her bmi is barely below that.

No. 1616198

File: 1660529359413.jpg (Spoiler Image, 978.7 KB, 972x1540, Screenshot_20220814-220357_Ins…)

is this the kelsey you're talking about? no idea if this is fake or not, comments say she's even verified

spoiler for obvious reasons

No. 1616201

Sun, maybe. It was 95 in the south of England yesterday.

No. 1616209

Good? Her face is beat red and you can see her muffin top. I get being nice but maybe do some planks fatty

No. 1616213

rattle harder, skelly

No. 1616214

Rattle rattle anon, go eat something. Your brain seems to be deprived. That’s obviously bloat which is normal.

No. 1616216

File: 1660531591312.jpg (139.7 KB, 720x1023, Screenshot_20220814-204257_You…)

Okay so Im posting on a positive side, but this youtuber is much more sane and tolerable than these insufferable cows. Im not 100% sure how to feel about their constant yoyo dieting but at least theyre honest and aware of what theyre doint

No. 1616223

Enjoy your osteoporosis, you dumb bald skelly

No. 1616231

At least my room isn't a trash bin like this gurl who pretends to be in recovery. She really should do planks though

No. 1616233

Why are you posting this here? Nobody cares about some wishy washy weightloss vlogger on a thread about bashing skelly scumbags… did i miss something? Did someone ask for this?

No. 1616260

That's not a proana scumbag that's a deathfat, wrong thread. I don't even think lolcow has a deathfat thread. Take it to kiwifarms.

No. 1616311

Planks don’t fix bloating, and I’m not medfagging. It’s basic knowledge that a non deprived brain would be able to comprehend. Go bait somewhere else jcf.

No. 1616315

Does Kiwifarms have a thread like this one?

No. 1616317

No, Kiwifarms has a thread for deathfats. Learn to read, retard.

No. 1616319

She could be esl, or internet retarded, no need to be so flippant.

They don't have a general pro ana scumbags thread, but they have one for Eugenia Cooney. You need an account to post though, the layout is pretty different from this site. There's a thread for the fat acceptance movement as well, this is the link for it: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/fat-acceptance-movement-fat-girlcows.2042/

No. 1616323

Oh and here's the link to the list of different deathfats. https://kiwifarms.net/forums/deathfats.105/

No. 1616359

Yes they do but it's not very active. Look in the beauty parlour section, there's a pro ana thread

No. 1616363

I hate that video so much her faking being scared of a brownie chunk
You can see a full chocolate covered mug with a empty plate with what looks like it had some sort chocolate crumbs in it under her face which she probably just had before the video (unless her mum shoved her cup under her face which I doubt it) Every time I see that fake video her ‘forcing’ herself to eat then instantly enjoying it shock face makes me want to scream every time it so fake

No. 1616404

It's been very hot and humid in the UK. Is she based in the UK?

No. 1616417

she is, and it's indeed been awfully hot these past few days

No. 1616419

why do you continue to post irrelevant shit about niamh? a pack of bagels, come on.

No. 1616433

someone seems to be vErY bUtThUrT

No. 1616434

all right. so let's forget about her and find another cow.

No. 1616467

Piggy grunts. I wish "recovery" was as simple as Ham's was. Cows included. Fucking bitch.

Stop leaping to Niamh's defense every.fkin. time. whichever anon it is. Your she's a sick little girl schtick is wearing thin.

No. 1616469

File: 1660560116601.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 1920x2189, InShot_20220815_114124760.jpg)

No. 1616472

On her videos where she shows what she's doing un a day she eatd pizza, cakes, massive milkshakes and mostly garbage. So "anorexic". We need WW3 especially for people like this(sage your shit)

No. 1616483

niamh's instagram could be very nice but it's obvious her clothes are too big for her in an unflattering way. It takes away from the disguise of her account being for fashion because someone into fashion wouldn't post a bunch of I'll fitting clothing. I hope she gets better, she could be a pretty successful lifestyle "influencer"

No. 1616485

I 100% agree anon. Maybe weird for Ro, but ultimately harmless in the grand scheme of things. It seems to have worked for her, and it's nice to see that she seems to be doing well

No. 1616486

> random youtuber
> sane and tolerable
> insufferable cows
> they
go back

No. 1616517

what was the point of her poll when she has her bmi stated in her bio? she just wanted validation that she looks smaller than she actually is, it backfired,hence the tantrum!

No. 1616520

she explains in the caption that prior to taking the photos, she had a "wobble" and says that's why her room is a mess, which i assume means she had a tantrum and screamed and cried and threw her stuff around - which would explain the red face.

No. 1616594

Wtf is a "wobble" she makes me rage

No. 1616595


Stupid fucking twee chocolate box language that almost all UK fags seem to use these days. And I'm English, so I have to hear this shit all day every day from people.

In Fi's case it translates to toddler tantrum because her supposed autism is just a total LARP. Her stomach isn't even out of proportion with the rest of her. I've seen a lot worse. She's just melodramatic and full of shit about everything.

No. 1616598

Tbh she doesn’t even look bloated. Her stomach is still quite flat.

No. 1616616

"Wobble" and "breathe" both nearly give me an aneurysm

No. 1616618


Forget about it,y'all. She's been pulling this off for the better part of a decade now. This is not about her calorie counting, or eating porridge in front of a camera.
Once the thrill of being pampered or adored wears off, she'll be off the wagon again and turn into the usual skelly mess before going IP.

No. 1616626

Take your meds anon

No. 1616634

Now you’re just cruel and ridiculous and trolling. She’s not fat and you saying this just sounds proana.

No. 1616640

Eugenia Cooney missed this opportunity.(sage your shit)

No. 1616707

Not really cooney flashes all the time

No. 1616713

We've used the word wobble for donkey's years, "give yer head a wobble youth", or falling off the wagon type of wobble when it comes to addictions. So I wouldn't say it's a modern occurrence.

Onlyfans are saying that the account is confirmed as verified, not that it means much given that you can buy verified accounts easily. It's one of two things, a fetisihist making money off her suffering. Or it's her actually catering to them. But then equally sad because if she's relapsed and is back in that place I feel awful for her.

No. 1616715

Probs just bloat, go back to MPA

No. 1616719

And she already makes money off doing so without changing her image from a "child-friendly content creator" by even having an onlyfans account.

No. 1616728

File: 1660580875467.png (904.08 KB, 1080x2199, ganer_loses.png)

ganer is already looking gaunt from prep and she still has a month to go, this is just deliberate relapse and it's wild that she's still getting so much validation posting her repetitive "inspirational" reels while dropping weight like crazy and eating spinach and egg whites

No. 1616747

the videos where she uses the hashtag “walking” kek

No. 1616755

This is horrible. What's supposed to happen from here, weight training chans?

No. 1616767

Nobody is even shaming her on her huge platform

No. 1616771

File: 1660584115441.png (1.77 MB, 1251x708, streakofpiss.png)

Checked up on this cow.
How's that recovery going, Pencilneck?

No. 1616870

She will continue to restrict her eating for weeks to come, deleting most of her bodyfat in due course.
Then she will be painted and greased like a rotisserie chicken and going on stage for a silly, insignificant competition at her local gym.
We will continue to find all of that documented on her Insta account.

No. 1616881

>had a tantrum
>screamed and cried
>threw her stuff around
this is hilarious. i can see it now, grown up adult fi storming around her room yelling abuse at her parents, trashing the place, acting like a toddler, while her parents stand and cower in the doorway offering to take her on a nice trip out in the wheelchair so she can buy some of her special yoghurts to then post for her foodie finds

No. 1616931

goddamn he looks worse

No. 1616935

Anorexia & anorexia fueled aging, along with natural aging. It's all downhill for someone who wants to be an actor.

No. 1616937

his body looks surprisingly not spoopy in the third picture. Are these taken at really different times? It's hard to imagine the face in the first one on the body in the third one.

No. 1617000

What is his instagram? I’ve been here for a while and I may have seen him mentioned once or twice, but that was a long time ago. He looks underweight, but from the third picture definitely not spoopy.

No. 1617034

File: 1660602873971.png (9.95 MB, 1170x2532, 78792E04-1A50-4AAC-9654-680C3C…)

not milky but why she standing like that kek

No. 1617058

Ah, I missed him. Are those recent images?

No. 1617109

she does not have nearly remotely enough muscle for even a bikini category.

No. 1617114

File: 1660607180237.jpeg (435.88 KB, 1206x2208, A0703253-6874-4F2C-AD68-674726…)

What an awful looking birthday cake

No. 1617115

Ham makes me want to a-log so badly.
Why is it that we have so many anorexics (and one larper) named Hannah? Hxn, Ganer, Ham…

No. 1617117

Open your mouth wider for that tiny little spoonful. Have mercy.

No. 1617118

Using the watch to hide her wrist cankles, top fucking kek.

No. 1617224

File: 1660613811911.jpeg (1.05 MB, 948x1640, 393A9D32-2C48-45F2-9799-96F2A9…)

christ, i feel bad for her.

No. 1617277

And this is why you don’t want an Ed… she looks like gollum and horrible.

No. 1617364

I can’t even begin to imagine how fucked up your brain must be to be set on self-deteriorating despite the amounts of help and treatment it’s been offered

No. 1617403

File: 1660631539581.jpg (1.01 MB, 4096x2619, InCollage_20220816_183030530.j…)

How the fuck does someone go from A to B in 4 months. Especially after being in res for 5 months and you know.. the monitoring that would come after it? How is she even functioning?

No. 1617423

tbh the only thing that pisses me off abt this is that she’s advertising shein kek

No. 1617430

She always stands like that so her legs look thinner. They are already very thin but you know…anachans.

No. 1617434

Omg ur so quirky and interesting. Please derail the thread more.

No. 1617436

Sounds very Scottish. Hmm.

No. 1617438

Anons asking about Pencilneck - he deleted his "recovery" account, and only has his "acting" account
He claims pic #3 was last year. Yeah right. He used to post pics in a random time span but there isn't one new pic where he doesn't look like a sack of spoopy shite.

No. 1617454

And I know mental illness isn’t about appearance so it’s a moot point, but she looks so much better/prettier in the first. It’s just sad.

No. 1617458

Yeah but appearance is a core indicator that something is wrong with her particularly and when she cuts her weight in half in four months and looks half-dead again, that's when you know she's in a very very bad place

No. 1617468

I would think that this "prep" or whatever it's called would be extremely dangerous for ex-anorexic with a possibly weakened heart/ organs. Also I wonder if she'll be able to bounce back and gain all the fat she lost, or will she like this body so much she would want to keep it? Only time will tell. Also… Altho mentioned a million times… The lack of muscle. Yikes. As she will stand in a line with the other roasted chickens onstage, the chickens who actually HAVE muscle, will everyone just play along like as if she fits in. She needs another hobby, she sucks at this.

No. 1617485

Has some vendettaanon edited this photo to show Cece’s profile pic or do we think it’s actually her?

No. 1617492

not everyone with an ED does it for vanity, Karen. Its a mental illness. Stop nitpicking looks.

wow that's awkward.

No. 1617495

KEK, good catch nona

No. 1617500

Update: it doesn’t seem Cece follows Fiona, so unless she is lurking and unfollowed quickly it’s probably a vendetta anon.

No. 1617505

She should clean up that messy pigsty of a room, dammit.

No. 1617519

"Roast Chickens"

No. 1617532

She 100% would have unfollowed her - or she wasn’t following her in the first place and was just doing some instalurking. Fi does have a public profile.
Top kek CC - in treatment but fucking around on IG & lolcow. Recovery kween

No. 1617543

No. 1617550

Yeah looks like whoever this was was browsing Fi's IG page, you can see another one of her posts cut off at the bottom, so they aren't necessarily following her.

No. 1617557

She shouldn't have dyed her eyebrows either

No. 1617582

Niamh always stands knock kneed trying to look like a newborn fawn but instead looks like she has a stick up her ass. Also the fish face is prominent in every pic of course. The WKs will run to her rescue of course but Niamh is milky based on her raging narcissism which is linked to her ed, as is displayed here. Sick of people saying “she’s just a self absorbed teen uwu!” as if eye fucking the camera while constantly posting body checks isn’t milk. Skim, but still ed behavior.

The person picking apart her boobs and torso was weird tho.

No. 1617600

Learn to crop CeCe

No. 1617626

File: 1660656350129.png (7.97 MB, 1242x2208, 6B17E167-57D4-4835-8D7A-5120D1…)

non milk, but does han ever brush her hair

No. 1617641

It’s been discussed before, not super milky but hypothesised she makes sure she looks as shit as possible to appear sicker.

On an unrelated note, it pisses me off that she is CONSTANTLY baking, eating none of it herself and claiming this isn’t disordered. It would be much better to just admit it’s part of her ED but less harmful than other behaviours than spreading misinformation.

No. 1617671

jfc those bags, girly get some sleep, damn

No. 1617688

If that's not someone trying to frame Cecelia as a farmer I think we now have the answer as to why there are so many Cece wk on here, holy shit lol, I honestly hope it is her that would be hilarious

No. 1617693

Wel that’s embarrassing, Cece. You’d think having to leave your new job for your trip to the anorexic Mecca would make you take this shit seriously and recover, yet here you are still being the most immature “adult” on the internet. GTF offline and work on being a real adult. You’re pathetic.

No. 1617705

Too lulzy to be true that it's actually Cece imo

No. 1617715

I think so, as kek worthy as it would be for her to be posting here whilst in treatment, the icon seems awfully incorrectly compressed as if someone had taken the profile picture from a screenshot and resized it (not a native IG resize). Kind of tempted to do an experiment with it actually to see.

No. 1617727

It actually looks 100% real. The profile photo is the exact size and it’s not aligned on the top with other icons on the left which is exactly how it looks on ig. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Cece because she’s pathetic enough to do it but if it’s someone who’s trying to frame her, they really did pay attention to the last detail

No. 1617769

i feel like if it was someone framing cece they would’ve tried to do a lot more damage than just say “nice birthday cake” lol

No. 1617781

Wonder if one day we'll be treated to a post reveal from the farmhands, not had one for a while. But the anon leaking from her page as been pretty sus prior to this, lack of captions, or milk etc. "Look at her" (potential phishing for weight comments).

No. 1617784

File: 1660667336517.jpg (376.91 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20220816_172114.jpg)

Han explaining that she is not diagnosed with an eating disorder or any mental ilness, while still running a gfm account asking for donations to fund treatment "for anorexia" . Is scamming people like that even legal? It was only recently she was sarcastically responding to people, and refusing to return their donations despite them explaining they wanted it to fund their own treatment, because they had donated it to her so it was HER money. Totally scamming people!

No. 1617796

And of course she’s going to refuse to elaborate because ‘it might be triggering’ and ‘circumstances’ are to blame for any issues, not her behaviour. I personally find Hxn one of the most awful cows at the moment, don’t understand why she isn’t discussed before

No. 1617797

Kinda Cece thing to comment the aesthetics of a cake. No family member bothered to make her one I expect.

Her or not, grow the fuck up Cece. You're too old to be doing this shit for attention, too old for tiktok, to old to be lurking. Nobody cares about you.

No. 1617798

Third person. So many of these creatures use third person. Anon is rolling her eyes.

No. 1617801

You do know that there are anons here that are the same age and older right? Go back to school summerfag.

No. 1617804

Mate, I'm old enough to be your mother. I don't mean to old to post here, I mean too old to be doing what she does. I wouldn't self post or argue with anons at her age.

No. 1617823

Tinfoil that some bored cecefag framed her because they miss our former thread star

No. 1617825

File: 1660669999764.jpg (48.61 KB, 675x600, pencils.JPG)

For the PencilNeck curious - he was tagged in this in January. Haggard Harry Potter.

It's from one of his "film roles".

No. 1617839

they could also have just changed their picture to match cece's, I guess

No. 1617841

kek, that haircut is not doing him any favors

No. 1617845

Neither are the shoulder pads!

No. 1617847

Does she even have access to her phone on the itu

No. 1617849

No. 1617850

Cece - forever endless cycle of gaining to a healthy weight, being delirious about how great recovery is, posting pics making us know she's restricting and pics of her weight loss (but don't comment on it), her family being concerned, pushing for IP, going ip.
Rinse and repeat.

No. 1617892

I still can’t understand how a human being can have a neck this small. It must be constant agony.

No. 1617895

>beige Big Mac queen

nona im with you, i cringed so hard when she switched facial expressions so quickly as if that's how any anachan would react to eating a fear food. and to think that's like her most viral video? her desperation to be an IG influencer reeks. i am 99.9% positive the majority of people who follow her just laugh at her bad acting or as shown in previous threads, are purchased.

while he doesn't look spoopy, he is definitely borderline emaciated, it just doesn't show bc iirc he said somewhere he's above 6' and bone structure of moids is far different from girls. not sure if its just me but i feel desensitized to spoops like EC, etc.

No. 1617906

Does anyone know is Cece is sectioned or whatever it's called in Colorado?? Iirc she didn't want to go to erc

No. 1617925

She did the other day and actually looked good. Tbh, in between bodychecking, starving herself and planning hangouts with police officers, I’m not surprised she doesn’t always find the time to brush her hair

No. 1617931

If I didn’t know better I’d say good for her but it’s obvious it’s just a bunch of lies that she’s convinced herself of. No ed? Look at yourself (also lost weight since getting discharged). No mental illness diagnosis? Tell that your weekly subscription at the local police station who I bet are tired of chasing you around town. She really needs something to force a reality check on her. Read a self-help book or something, idk

No. 1617997

It wasn't so much about his neck but his flamboyant rEcOvErY pErSoNaLiTy.

No. 1617999

Also the fact that og cow chii had a hate boner for him

No. 1618006

I think once you have bags like that they're permanent even if you start sleeping more and the only way to get rid of them (temporarily) is with fillers? I may be mistaken.

No. 1618020

File: 1660686725370.jpeg (758.61 KB, 1156x2191, 7220FABA-0EF0-427B-868D-482D92…)

yeah she def doesnt meet the critera for anorexia

No. 1618025

Okay this is the biggest fail of a framing of Fi, and reiterating that it was defs Cece that posted about Fi’s cake. Tinfoil that it is cece faking to be Fi kek

No. 1618039

Was I not anon/cowardly enough for y’all damn lmfao. I like that pic tbh I stand by it

No. 1618040

KEK i love you nonnie

No. 1618042

Has anyone noticed ED accounts hiding behind celebrity/model/kpop idols on twitter a lot? It's so weird because it's like their putting pinterest boards on twitter.

No. 1618049

File: 1660690447754.jpg (Spoiler Image, 168.9 KB, 1897x847, HPsSUIg.jpg)

samfagging, there's something comical about they/them anachans on twitter spending their freetime making fun of fat tiktokers and posting overedited pics.
different flavors of delusional

No. 1618050

Tinfoil, it was Cece who posted Fi, but it was also her who posted about herself as an 'Anon who still had access to Ceces account' just to see what we had to say about it.

That's why she also wouldn't post the caption with them at first

Only this time with Fi she forgot to crop

No. 1618061

I'm going to have to tin foil with you. Her account (the account attached to this thread) is no longer active, or I just can't find her anymore due to name change or something. There were people asking for the caption to the image that was posted a few days ago that was oddly cropped, and there was no follow up to that either.

No. 1618070

File: 1660693020334.png (638.65 KB, 475x641, Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 6.37…)

Guess who is going on another treatment vacay at Veritas?!

No. 1618071

File: 1660693051052.png (46.32 KB, 465x215, Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 6.38…)

On the verge of death, as usual

No. 1618072

Totally agree, But her current diagnoses are kinda irrelevant if she's sharing with her followers that she isn't diagnosed with an ED or any mental ilness - true or not, it's still a huge slap in the face for those who supported her by donating to her GFM which clearly states it's riaising money for private treatment for her anorexia. she's now saying she doesn't have anorexia yet didn't use any of the donations she took for anorexia treatment, and her GFM is still active and still begging for donations to help her recovery from AN. one way or another, she is lying, but it's vile that she's announced to all the people who donated money that she won't be spending it on therapy because she isn't diagnosed with a mental illness while also making it clear that she'll be keeping every penny she stole, because if people donated to her, that was their decision and she doesn't have to return it - despite totally scamming them.

No. 1618100

I prefer the anachans

No. 1618103

That’s a pretty dry ass cake tbh

No. 1618113

File: 1660696250988.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 971x3196, Screenshot_ree.jpg)

Insta started somewhat normal and then just went to bodychecks.

No. 1618122

Iirc she's been brought up before here, she reminds me of both Alice and EC put together. She knows exactly what she's doing with her skelly checking

No. 1618126

File: 1660698011578.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1080x1345, IMG_20220817_015847.png)

Sleep paralysis demon enters the room

No. 1618134

Okay now that it's happened twice I think it's a bored anon fucking with us

No. 1618145

Cece probably realized she forgot to crop and made another post to make it seem like a random anon to save her ass

No. 1618183

I agree w this one plus Fi has a different icon on her ig?

No. 1618185

Agree. No way Cece and Fi are dumb enough for this level of mistake. Anon, whoever you are, the gig is up

No. 1618189

You guys are so obsessed with her but the cows don’t actually like being posted here on this shitty thread. Why do you think she deleted all her accounts? No one wants this, I don’t think hardly any cows actually self post

No. 1618249

>>I don't think hardly any cows actually self post

…but this sounds 100% like it was written by a self-posting cow. wtaf is going on in this thread?! is this cow-ception? cows within cows?

i dno what or who to believe anymore with the amount of lurking self-posters.
I miss the old days when self-posters would not only get banned, but even mentioning their name would get you banned (i.e Tilly). these new threads are basically the Cece and Fi show.

No. 1618253

File: 1660713970484.png (7.48 MB, 1284x2778, E57D01A2-8A30-43CC-860B-AE7A67…)

Blatant body check asking whether or not these tracksuits are too big…and then going…they could probably be tighter and pulling the drawstring…literally this girl is beyond desperate.

Also yeah she never seems to brush her hair atm, is permanently looks like she’s not touched it for weeks.

Also she’s annoyed that her parents are getting their kitchen re done and it’s causing her stress because she can’t [obsessively] bake and not eat and “it’s causing [her] so much stress].

Is she an only child because she does appear to be so spoilt?

No. 1618254


100% agree, she also never replies to tell about refunding people for the GFM, or what’s going to be done with those funds…honestly it should be reported as it’s illegal and so bad now

No. 1618255

i also think that was written by a cow bc it doesn’t make sense kek just bc cows don’t want everything they post shared here doesn’t mean some don’t still want a bit of attention

No. 1618270

"edtwt" is full of wannerexics and kids just looking to mimic eating disorder behaviors to lose weight or gain mummy and daddy's super special attention. Wearing fatphobia on their profile as if it makes them special and edgy. It's a complete and utter dumpster fire. Shame the edtwt thread didn't carry on >>>/snow/1403875

No. 1618312

She’s not an only child although she has said she wishes she was. Has a younger sister (who has PTSD because of Hxn’s actions) and an older brother. I get the impression neither want anything to do with her.

No. 1618313

File: 1660720845355.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, D7202DC3-0D7F-4690-A0C5-2CF351…)

“I’m not promoting anything”


No. 1618314

File: 1660722071654.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 301.07 KB, 1169x2215, 31CC1C8C-5F2D-45C8-AFC7-EE6B34…)

No. 1618315

shit sorry forgot to Sage. Was too wrapped up in my nightmares about luka

No. 1618319

now THIS is fake, you can see the profile photo is bigger than it should be and it's not sitting in the same spot. there's also some tiny little thing underneath it which indicates it's been shooped on there. whoever you are, you're pathetic (what are the odds it's cece?)

No. 1618320

"obesespo" do they really need a thousand different names for fatspo

No. 1618324

The name on the thread was incorrect, remove the dot it's @ceceliafrances.
Gone are the days of calling it reverse thinspo, now they make it look like they're wanting to be fat/obese with their new choice of words ('spiration to be obese) kek.

No. 1618325

Are you new here or are you just a self-posting cow trying to lure off suspicion?

No. 1618329

Yeah cuz skin absolutely hates nutrients and all that terrible stuff

No. 1618332

I've heard becoming obese (or trying to) is a form of self-harm to some of these which is actually hilarious

No. 1618342

I think she's more raging BPD

No. 1618374


Why does this feel like some kind of deliberate sabotage with that half crop haha. Probably some cece obsessed nonnie

No. 1618387

"Of anyone wants to send messages or send anything…"
These cows are fucking thirsty
Anazin wish lists, asking for pressies and things to 'help them keep going'
A relapse and being admitted? Kek
Wonder if she did a porgie and just dehydrates herself, it's a joke. Hoooow do these moo moos get admitted? I know petiole who are actually compromised and can't get a bed, it's f fucked
Wonder if we'll get food/ eating blogs kek

No. 1618389

Same fag
My bad with typos

No. 1618390

I just read the blog in the bio of that Luka girl that was just posted, and it was a blog post about anorexia. It was surprisingly well written and a good depiction of anorexia tbf. I don’t know if this makes it better or worse because she’s sharing how debilitating it is while simultaneously romanticising it in a way - and then also posting literal body checks when she’s clearly saying she has anorexia so isn’t even trying to fool people that she’s just naturally small or whatever

No. 1618421

Fiona is far too absorbed in her own world to be a farmer. Some idiot-chan is bored and trying to frame the cows. Cece probably IS a farmer but only to wk herself

No. 1618431

I feel like her writing the blog so well is her way of romaticising it. The fact that she is a 'shopaholic' but post numerous photos wearing the same outfit with hardly any accessories is odd to me at least.

No. 1618440

Yes, I read her writing too, it was interesting. I was going to post Luka on here a couple of months ago, but reading this made me delete it because I wasn’t sure she was a cow. Because it was surprisingly thoughtful and honest. But if so, why does she act like she does on Instagram? You would think she’d know better. I’m confused by her.

No. 1618445

Nikol is so out of touch with reality

No. 1618465

no matter what she does I can’t get myself to hate nikol. She is a cow indeed but she’s just so out of touch with reality that it’s like watching a car crash

No. 1618470

Same. She reminds me a lot of n2f with her unique brand of crazy.

No. 1618473

File: 1660744832387.png (24.99 KB, 640x640, ceces dream buggy.png)

Don't forget, Ham bought a shitload of followers. The real anas who follow her will just be downloading the pics of food they wish they could eat. The type who watch mukbangs.

600lb or wannabe 60lb, they all end up pic related.

They will always be poor versions of actual posting cow, the Lich Queen, coming over here with her professional glitter glue.

No. 1618494

I agree. If it was a random obsessed anon, it was definitely a different one because the anon who posted Fi doesn’t know how to crop pfp’s correctly kek. But I think it’s most likely cece.

No. 1618502

It’s she like 25ish? Homegirl could put a mini fridge and like toaster oven or microwave in that mess of room if she’s jonesing that bad for food she doesn’t eat. She could use that gofundme money and relieve her stress with overnight shipping instead of whining but then that would be like a normal (albeit disordered) adult solution/problem solving.

No. 1618520

>>1618189 BPD Laura self posts all the time, the only times she gets brought up is when an 'anon' posts a screencap of her instagram with no description. It's so obvious every time, especially since she's been caught doing it before. Also: S*rcha

I'm not saying either Cece or Fiona posted those caps, because they were retardedly obvious shoops by some retarded anon, I'm just saying that quite a lot of cows actually DO post about themselves because they are attention depraved broads

No. 1618526

I haven't been lurking for that long, does anyone know around when laura got caught self posting bc I don't remember that

No. 1618527

She was inpatient somewhere, and had her friend take a picture of her by a TV i believe. It was an original picture and not one posted to her social media. Will have a dig about.

No. 1618529

No way, I’m pretty sure she’s 20 at most

No. 1618531

Laura was caught self-posting photos about 2 years ago: >>878212 not sure if there was any other times?

No. 1618542

She is 20/21 but will be pissed you thought she was older. She loves to mention how often people think she is ~16 because of her size

No. 1618547

I found it here >>259960 if the link doesn't work it's in thread 16

No. 1618556

Damn it’s been 5 years. She’s really screwed herself. I forgot what her face used to look like.

No. 1618559

File: 1660756207075.jpg (272.51 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20220817-143006_Ins…)


No. 1618561


I caught that in real time. The idiot didn't know how to cut the size of her img and kept deleting the fuck ups. She was first alerted here because she was bff with Crying Emily. They'd make each other cry.

No. 1618562

Both are brain dead morons.

No. 1618564

Suck in and pose harder Ham

No. 1618565

She might as well get an OF account at this stage. She needs a bikini top where she doesn't spill out at the sides.

No. 1618574

File: 1660757484202.jpeg (488.47 KB, 1124x1836, 8A5B1DCC-5017-4D7F-A4A7-B6738B…)

Can’t tell if she shooped or not but also…

No. 1618577

File: 1660757576204.jpeg (333.35 KB, 1124x1634, B502691C-77FD-48F7-A17D-674BB6…)

What is this a crossover episode? Two of our most childish uwu infantile widdle baby lolcalves are insta buddies

No. 1618579

I don't understand what's with anons not being able to recognize shooping when it comes to Laura, there hasn't been a more obvious cow since Kelsey

No. 1618584

It’s Laura, of course it’s shooped. Everything she posts is.

No. 1618588

ah great thanks nonas

No. 1618589

>>1618574 I have marfans and my hands are freakishly large but not even comparable to this. Does she shoop the hands bigger as well as making the rest of her smaller so she looks even more shrivelled??

No. 1618599

I don't think she pays any attention to her hands and feet, that's why they are so comically large in every photo. She just drags inwards on her limbs and frame, and says "good enough"

No. 1618624

File: 1660761615890.jpeg (1013.37 KB, 1125x1632, BFFE4654-94E1-4B14-B1E2-C0AC6D…)

could it be that our recovery queen is being admitted?

No. 1618644

She baits like this semi-regularly, though, whenever she has an appointment. I feel like she's just going to spit out another illness that prevents her from gaining weight.

No. 1618653

Laura always shoops but this one threw me off. The hands are freakishly huge but the cat looked normal unlike her bestie she shooped into a monstrosity a few weeks ago

No. 1618684

File: 1660765900194.png (8.44 MB, 1170x2532, EF453414-F690-48B7-A4A7-405B63…)

Some of the cows in here pale so deeply in comparison to Nikol because she’s actually staunchly pro-Anorexic without any kind of inclination or belief that it could be harming her, whereas there’s people like Ham and porgie who try to conflate their personal insecurities into being as severe as Nikas kek

No. 1618694

ProAna life goals, like usual

No. 1618715

Mental. I firmly believe there’s no hope for her at this point. She definitely could survive a long time especially if she doesn’t follow through with the binging hiatus but her head is forever messed up. Most severe anorexics have at least a vague sense that there’s something wrong with them deep inside but she seems way too deluded to have any common sense to hold onto. Lost cause. She’s like the dumb one in sitcoms who always spits out the stupidest shit that they’re 100% convinced makes total sense. I’m talking flatearther shit

No. 1618739

File: 1660771373480.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1170x2014, 9D2B2C98-6A18-4E45-B150-E885D9…)

does she even know what intuitive eating is?

No. 1618751

File: 1660772415988.jpeg (837.79 KB, 1170x1457, 06762356-381B-48C5-91FC-858AEA…)

Remember Lauren who used to be bffs with Emily in Glasgow and got discharged mid June?
Shes back in hospital a few weeks now, posting every few hours complaining about everything but never updates what happened.
posting photos with huge bruises on her forehead (1/2)

No. 1618753

File: 1660772488721.jpeg (487.14 KB, 1170x2023, 0DDF4151-52D6-4881-A2AE-C20156…)

and obv inadequate meals and everyone says she is triggering and while she apologises she is still posting them (2/2)

No. 1618778

she was claiming recently that someone mistook her for a ten year old.

No. 1618804

Jeez look at her leg bones. Skelly level 3000. It's honestly disgusting

No. 1618808

inadequate? for hospital food? what a strange nitpick.

No. 1618835

This video made no sense but I feel like that always tracks with anas, doing everything to disguise their pro behavior while simultaneously having starved off their brain cells.

No. 1618857

Have you seen the comments defending her? Theres a person concerned about her and there ya go, a bunch of fags defending the ultimate untouchable spoopy queen

No. 1618915

I think she was saying they leave little bits because they're normal and stop when they're full

No. 1618929

I agree anon.

No. 1618935

Hopefully. She needs to be detained and have her phone taken off of her.

No. 1619020

Ummm, why is this a word for word copy of my post earlier on this thread lmfao?

No. 1619047

File: 1660801063656.png (509.25 KB, 797x538, Screenshot (11893).png)

>Can’t tell if she shooped or not
Nona the kitties face is smooshed in lol

No. 1619051

I think that anon is memeing your original post, gave me weird deja vu though lol.

This is the most plausible tinfoil, Cece's icon didn't look shooped in but the Fi one was too blatant and obvious. I think it's Cece trying to make her original fuck up look like a planned troll.

No. 1619054

not wk'ing nikole or anything but i do feel for her in the sense that she's experiencing the "other" side of eating disorders (binging) which must be extremely difficult for someone who was so restrictive/underweight for so long. I can see how she would go even more hardcore into believing food is satanic and the enemy if she suddenly began to uncontrollably eat. Proana yes but deluding herself into thinking it's genuinely not bad or unhealthy

No. 1619091


Also look at her fucking hand. Lmao.

No. 1619129

not a nitpick. check her fucking account and comments, the photo was just an example

No. 1619139

I think the point of her showing all the leftovers was that intuitive eating means stopping when you’re full even if it means you leave a single bite on the plate but it’s still such an odd video to make. Only a deeply disordered person pays such attention to how others are eating

No. 1619161

She is 100% my fave cow. She's such a wild ride, you never know what's around the corner.

No. 1619174

Why would she shoop its clear looking at the bones in her legs and her arm that she's a death skelly. Seems…idk redundant for her to do but cows gonna cow, spoops gonna spoop

No. 1619175

It's a joke nonnie

No. 1619176

Tinfoil that it wasn't Cece at all because I think she's a very active farmer and knows better. Some troll

No. 1619181

Her body sucks. I can’t quite put my finger on why. Her face always looks demonic and rodent-like.

No. 1619199

I also think Cecelia actively farms other cows

No. 1619209

Her body is fine nonnie. If she were anyone else, I wouldn't even notice her body because it's not remarkable in any way. I just think her energy or whatever is so bad that simply looking at her can tell you how fake she is

No. 1619217

She did follow practically all of the cows on her recovery account, often very soon after they were first brought up here

No. 1619230

Ham's body is fine anons just hate her. She's not even ugly. She's just a larger.

No. 1619232

Not to rattle but how is that an inadequate meal if she’s in treatment? They don’t let you starve in there, I mean they would plate her at least the bare minimum. It looks halfway decent to me

No. 1619240

Honestly, zara is so full of shit. Prattles on and on about about recovered she is, then refuses to gain a morsel of weight. She's so deluded, I hope her doctor finally has the guts to section her before she actually does kill herself. Tje fact she's gone so long in her state is baffling. She's very in denial and it's painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain cell. She pretends to be some great recovery idol, yet remains entrenched in her ed. Her concurring issues aside, her main struggle is clearly her rampant anorexia (that she likes to deny) cuz if she admitted to still being anorexic, doctors would force her ti gain weight. Never seen a bigger hypocrite in my life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1619260

File: 1660831824611.png (480.84 KB, 516x544, Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 9.10…)

she's in a general hospital and they don't really seem to be controlling her diet much. That one isn't bad, but a lot of her posts are basically salad and lunchmeat. (pic related)

No. 1619261

File: 1660831847636.png (442.71 KB, 524x483, Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 9.11…)

with this being her after eating shot

No. 1619264

It’s not fine. It looks extremely dumpy and unattractive. If I had that body I would want to kill myself and go on to the next life already because nothing can save it. She looks like a human pig hybrid.

No. 1619267

neither of those anons but maybe Hannah actually puts more value into her life and herself as a person than you do, and maybe she doesn't want to rope herself just cause men might not necessarily find her porn material… jesus anon get therapy, you sound like Nikol

No. 1619282

File: 1660835300972.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1978, Screenshot_20220818-170729-431…)

Has he been mentioned before?
Just keeps waffling on about how extremely ill he is

No. 1619283

Yikes ana-chan, maybe you should be on a suicide watch for when old age catches up with you. The body normally goes downhill after a certain point (whether aging, kids, poor diet like in the case of anachans they rapidly age etc) and if looks alone is a reason to neck yourself then eh, I hope you've had a fulfilling life I guess. Her body is fine, she is obnoxious granted, but wouldn't most want a stocky body of sorts compared to being unwell with potentially lifelong consequences (unless you're mentally unwell and retarded)?

No. 1619285

Larger was a typo of larper kek

No. 1619288

The username being a copy of Hams is hilarious

No. 1619289

noooooooooooo I hate the male anachans there so annoying and men are literally everywhere can we keep them out of this thread? please?

No. 1619293

it's just her face i have an issue with bc why does she smile like that it's creepy

No. 1619297

Only teenagers and the profoundly stupid think this way, anon. If having an attractive meat suit is your raison d'être then your future looks bleak.

No. 1619298


Yikes, calm down, Nona. She’s basic at worse and average at best. If she posed like a regular human, she could make her average ass body work for her but she’s too obsessed with her ana recovery larp, so she makes herself look worse/idiotic/unattractive/like a joke. She doesn’t need to off herself so much as gtfo the internet.

No. 1619299

File: 1660836231531.gif (903.13 KB, 290x190, 4E950E58-9835-40AA-B94E-695D6B…)

No. 1619301

Pathetic viewpoint. There's more to the world than the body

No. 1619304

'Social media isn't real! Here's a pic of me sucking in and where I'm not sucking in!' posts multiple pics of herself sucking in

No. 1619310

I've always thought the exact same thing about her. It's her eyes I think – whenever she smiles she doesn't 'use' her eyes. That and she's so desperate (for attention and to be special).

No. 1619311

Men are such attention whores, you can find boys of this exact build and frame in every single college-age ‘stoner’ friend group except the saner ones don’t keep the skinny faunlet aesthetic until pushing 30.
Their faces are so ugly it ruins any “look” they’re going for by starving themselves. He should invest the money he saves from food into extreme plastic surgery. Hairline lowering, eye lift, lip defining filler etc. At least paint your eyebrows so they don’t look like arrows being shot into the sky. It’s so uneasy, he stares at the camera like it’s the roadkill of a baby deer. This is not what “starving male” looks like. He’s still a fat pig, mentally and physically.

No. 1619316

I was totally with you up until “fat pig”. Come on.

No. 1619318

Rattle harder

No. 1619321

Tbh I think it’s a self post. He only has 200 followers and calling them “a fat pig” sounds like something he would say.

No. 1619331

Male anorexics are everywhere? We’ve literally only had PencilNik. Posting the occasional moid isn’t going to ruin your all-female ana harem, so just chill tf out. That being said, he looks irritating and not in a fun milky way, so there’s that.

No. 1619337


Nah no selfpost, I posted him
I don't know about the fat pig comment that wasn't me
Wouldn't call him a fat pig, just a fucking annoying exaggerating fake attention seeker

No. 1619338

read it again I said men are everywhere not male anachans lol. and Nik was so annoying I'm happy he's rarely posted anymore. also I'm really not that pressed about it I was being lighthearted and jokey, it's you who needs to chill if you're taking it personal, eat a protein bar

No. 1619351

NMales maybe depending on what ever space you're used to going to but male anorexics aren't everywhere though, and to be fair, it's interesting to see cows from the other sex. Farms aren't supposed to be your lesbo thinspo hug box.
Do you pick apart women and recommend surgery the same way you do blokes anachan, go eat a burger, your brain will thank you. I swear there's been one specific bone rattler, so annoying.

No. 1619357

This is so weird lol, I have no idea how anyone could say those things or “fat pig” about him unless they are him. Definitely self post.

No. 1619360

nona read it again, I said men are everywhere not male anachans, or read the post above yours as I already explained. it's a lighthearted post you don't have to take it personal, thought the multiple o's in the no was indicative that I'm half joking. some of you are so weird and get mad over nothing. I'm not here to view ""lesbo thinspo"" you weirdo I'm here for anachan milk. and I said nothing that would warrant me an anachan because I'm not so I'm kind of thinking your just projecting on that one, eat some sugar and calm down

No. 1619363

Go back to MPA anachan, no farmer is going to sympathize with your lack of self-esteem because of your eating disorder. She's a brat but she looks fine and she's the exact same size as half the human population who's within their own healthy weight ranges.

No. 1619365

"Everyone is shocked as I am incredibly sick" I couldn't imagine spending two minutes with this person without wanting to leave

No. 1619369

Excuse me hahah this grown up male individual has the body of a tall 12 year old girl, the opposite of a fat pig. Where did all of you anachans come from and what gave the idea that rattling on lolcow will get somewhere

No. 1619376

General hospitals still tube if you don’t finish your meals. She most likely doesn’t have an eating disorder on her medical record then, because I agree. It looks like she is controlling her own meals. I looked at the posts when she first got admitted and no hospital would feed patients broccoli for the main course of a meal.

No. 1619377

this is obv an azealia banks tier over exaggerated shit post, it’s not that deep anons and I agree with most of the things

No. 1619383

She's been really coy about why she's there, but based on some of her earlier posts I suspect she probably took an overdose, like a typical bpd patient, and they're keeping her for some reason

No. 1619413

File: 1660846319989.jpeg (341.51 KB, 828x1616, 69492779-20DC-4FA5-9DB0-024885…)

Lmao bc that’s not over exersizing still

No. 1619435

File: 1660848132355.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x2002, 93CC412D-3EF2-42A5-A1D8-206946…)

She claims she’s 4’7” and wears a lot of clothes that seemingly fit her sick frame, I feel like she almost has a sick obsession with wearing children’s clotheS. Just like Laura? I wonder how many of these SEED patients agre regress

No. 1619447

are these not subway salads?

No. 1619448

They are, she's been buying and eating them because she claims the hospital can't supply anything she can eat

No. 1619449


yes she keeps giving the impression that they either dont give her food or hospital doesnt have food.
those salads are not something someone who just came out of an edu and want to recover should order

No. 1619452

File: 1660850023860.png (41.35 KB, 450x244, Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 2.14…)

Looks like she's on general psych

No. 1619454

who is this? the dress is cute imo

No. 1619459

boo hoo men being posted ruined your fapping session to skellies? go groom kids ana coach

No. 1619461

Nta but your reading comprehension is complete shit, where are you getting any of those assumptions from?

No. 1619470

girl what are you on about, are you insane? I'm here for the shit talking of anachans and ana larpers, who the fuck is actually using this thread for skelly porn? you are aware those sites actually exist right and if I wanted to see that I could just go over there, not hang out in a thread discussing very specific cows, half of whom aren't even anachan. you're brainrotted, I'm calling it now your end stage anachan and projecting all over the place. "ana coach" get a grip bitch you sound completely fucking delusional.

No. 1619478

Geez Louise, is she an orphan? Why are her parents letting her skeletor like this? I swear she’s visibly lost since she was first posted.

No. 1619486

Not everyone wants to be a lazy lump in recovery. You don't need to stay sedentary for the rest of your life.

No. 1619502

Apparently her dad is a doctor so yikes

No. 1619552

I can’t with his Jack Skellington tee good lord.

No. 1619610

File: 1660864433905.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1986, 80B0BD24-2D1C-40BC-A41B-300119…)

She posted this on her story. Have fun dying.

No. 1619636

>lazy lump
There's a difference between getting up and moving around in recovery and doing 28k steps. Rattle harder.

No. 1619638

That’s why I called her and Laura lolcalves because they dress and act like children. I wonder what Marie’s parents must think glancing over to see their uwu sick victorian child making twee dancing videos in their living room instead of going to college. It must be extremely awkward.

Speaking of college, wonder if Laura is actually going to make it to her classes this fall? I’d love for her to actually go but I don’t see her being able to walk OR wheel herself across campus.

No. 1619715

it must be especially awkward because her twin seems to be a normal person doing developmentally appropriate college stuff

No. 1619753


Sage because of blog, but you can be really ill and anorexic looking like him, not every anorexic looks like Eugenia C, i know because I did for 10 years and I'm not sure I looked much worse than this dumbass.

The T-shirt and 90s hair it's a bit much tho.

No. 1619760

That person is afab too so technically not a moid

No. 1619764

so a woman? we're not "assigned" a sex at birth you dumb twitter fag we're just women or men depending on the genitals. go away with your dumb made up terms

No. 1619770

Calm down Adolf!

No. 1619871

Who's her twin?

No. 1619881

File: 1660895330779.jpeg (1.04 MB, 867x1288,