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File: 1629164769037.jpeg (540.91 KB, 1653x1061, E7572078-7B26-487A-AC13-B9DEC4…)

No. 1301579

Previously on the proana scumbag thread:

Cecelia is finally lost her toob and is back to playing recovery kween, but only when she’s not the victim of anything and everything.

Georgie Porgie is back at New Farm and has found a toob again. Still fat and getting fatter.

Nourish (N2f) is modeling and exercising while continuing to make vomit on a plate (or bowl, depending on the meal).

Ganer is doing the same thing she’s done for the past 3-4 years. Overexercising, eating the same couple meals, and crowing about her “recovery” like she’s not already got a foot in the grave.

Ham’s finally baby-stepping into adulthood by going to college, but since she’s a Brit she’ll still be home filming fear food challenges of foods she regularly eats. Meanwhile HamMum keeps cheering her on/enabling her weight gain and unhealthy diet.

Creepy skeleton Nik continues to play the role of a functional adult male while seemingly in total denial of reality.

Anna still isn’t bored with ana nor talking about her period, though she’s decided to focus on being a MCAS munchie who only eats 21 foods, except when she forgets what she’s claimed to be deathly allergic to. Or when it’s time for overpriced sushi. Side note, you cannot stick a birthday candle in a peach and convince people it’s the equivalent of a cake.

BPD Laura fucked up her IP discharge, but did anyone except anything different. She lives for hospitalization, as seen of TV which she can’t shut up about years later.

Hxn is visibly decaying but seems to think otherwise.

Sorcha self-posted quite a bit, but otherwise is too dull to mention (and might be thread-banned). Either way, no one cares about you, Sorcha.

The various other orbiting cows such as Molley, Ruby, Smorven, Ro, May, Elanzi, Lee, Zara, Dharma, and Soph are their same old boring yet insufferable selves, but haven’t produced enough milk recently to be memorable. (If you have any, add it).


Previous thread:

No. 1301598

this OP is much better formatted and includes the last thread, should we stick to the other one someone made or start posting here?

No. 1301605

please let's use this one the other op is embarrassingly bad

No. 1301669

Only took 3 tries to get a thread that wasn’t copy and pasted shit, thanks OP!

No. 1301670

Dear goodness I've been dying to tell you guys that N2F has appeared in my dreams. She penetrates the blood brain barrier I tell you. Thought the thread was officially dead and I had no one to tell

No. 1301675

oh anon i haven't even been keeping up with these threads or her account and i think about her so much! i'm so glad she's becoming seemingly more normal and went out on that date!! great to see another cow begin to graduate

No. 1301724

Finally lol I wanted to mention this

So did ham lie about being taken out college/say she didn’t go because of her ED?

No. 1301785

She must’ve been16 in this but the dates don’t seem to add up fo a full 2 years. She’s mentioned quitting because of ~mental health~ before but in picrel she’s trying really hard to blame it on her “ED” …yet barely any weight loss, no mention of treatment whatsoever (probably because she never had any, or an actual diagnosis to begin with) and it just doesn’t make sense to anyone who knows how this stuff usually goes.

tl;dr Ham’s a big fat liar. But we already knew that.

No. 1301786

File: 1629197432234.jpeg (994.63 KB, 1125x2055, C8BE0ADE-9B4E-4E63-832B-620D37…)

Shit dropped pic sorry

No. 1301847

File: 1629208322832.jpeg (337.9 KB, 640x920, 427A9291-5E19-4BE4-85B6-E5F8D2…)

May as well post this here if we are migrating from the other thread! Just molly being an attention seeking larper and slipping the whole ‘my hair was falling out’ sneaky brag in there. Shame because I thought she was losing her status as a cow but she has to remind everyone how spoopy and frail she (never) was!

No. 1301851

The “I can engage in conversations” is funny, from what I remember of her videos she never shut up

No. 1301853

Agreed, it’s so far removed from what brain fog actually looks like & interesting to note that she didn’t mention stuff like this on her actual recovery channel/account when undergoing her super serious anorexia recovery, only now when she wants to show off how much of a speshul recovery warrior she is does she mention judging other people’s food for example- definitely didn’t just google a list of symptoms

No. 1301854


I can kind of believe a lot of these happened for Molly because she was definitely underweight (not a lot and not spoopy) - amusingly Ham posted an almost exact same list of symptoms which was obviously copied. And iirc Anna made a TikTok with the same list.
Has this just become the expected sooper serious symptoms now? You get actual spoops living their life and then cows with a BMI of 17.4 saying they can feel their body shutting down and exhibiting every symptom the dsm lists…..

No. 1301855

Samefag. But thank you fir making this thread. I have been dying (and not from malnourishment) without it. I need to now post all the annoying things from the last few days so expect a bit of a flood.

No. 1301859

She may have experienced some of the symptoms on this to a mild extent at most but being slightly underweight doesn’t even alarm doctors/nurses most of the time and tbh I doubt she was fully restricting at any point to experience the symptoms of malnourishment, the posh cows know exactly when to stop, chances are she was depressed and a lot of the symptoms cross over like lack of passion for hobbies etc but she has to make it all about her v serious 6 month bout of ana

No. 1301860

File: 1629209939844.jpeg (154.4 KB, 750x1334, 56632BC4-7AE1-45A5-BF26-5C9570…)

1. On the discussion of Ham’s porridge - this is what she thinks her toppings look likes
A real Instagram vs reality here.

No. 1301863

File: 1629210001846.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 7FD1E1FE-9E4A-47D2-953B-A6EC67…)

2. Niamh (noodles4noodles) has made a crocheting account, I generally don’t think she is a cow but her pfp choice is scummy imo

No. 1301864

File: 1629210092116.png (1 MB, 750x1334, 5AEEB65E-AE51-4D99-80FF-F7ECD0…)

3. Our anaqueen - who remembers each admission in this much detail? Surely you’d lose count at some point? Obviously not for Cecelia who treats admissions as luxury holidays

No. 1301867

File: 1629210242195.jpeg (123.76 KB, 750x1174, DA67692E-FA59-4B03-800B-5F50A4…)

5(?) (it’s been a hard few days kek) - Anna picking up diagnoses. I’m tempted to just ask if she has any random illness for her to say ‘yes ugh’
Anna the only thing you suffer from is privelege-itis

No. 1301868

File: 1629210328654.png (3.87 MB, 750x1334, B9EC44A5-0C83-4940-A54F-4C1A6C…)

6 and final - Ham will NO LONGER MISS OUT on the daily cake sessions she has had for the last two years. Two hours into her first day at college she will go into a hypoglycaemic coma. I’m genuinely worrried. She will need Anna’s disabled dog more than Anna does(n’t)

No. 1301869

File: 1629210514973.jpeg (345.48 KB, 750x1238, 48ED4513-BD57-4109-A9AA-4A320C…)

4 - reuploaded because I left pfp in (throwaway account)

It’s wildfire season - time to discuss Climate crisis Cecelia? No. Time to wail about missing summer and not having a summer holiday. Boohoo Cecelia missed out on tanning under a burning tree this year

No. 1301871

Note to OPfag:

You'll find pencilneck Nik's Insta now under "nik.jonas.official".

You're welcome.

No. 1301873

File: 1629211344136.jpeg (830.56 KB, 1170x2063, 99C81761-B525-4158-AC20-D01BF4…)

Lifeofhxn is finding every excuse to show off her new neck wound in similar fashion to her body check OOTDs. She does my head in acting like a doomed SEED case when she’s like 20 and could probably turn it around if she stopped being so non compliant.

No. 1301892

File: 1629213342661.png (448.54 KB, 828x1792, 0F272334-9DF8-4B4F-AC4C-B25544…)

the shit thread included some ss of her tellonym, highly suspect that she sends many to herself given the frequent grammar errors (confusion between “your/you’re/to/too”)

No. 1301894

File: 1629213499259.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210816-175956.png)

Oh god, more confusion with threads. Can a kind anon help my ol'lady memory out and tell me who the ana chan was that loved Trump? Those Make America Great Again baseball boots are etched into my brain, but I forgot who the old snowflake was. Ty in advance, have some porridge.

No. 1301897


And while they’re on it help me out - I thought the Mars spread looked like that in the jar so if you stick a knife/spoon in it will get mixed together? How did she keep the colours so separated??

No. 1301901

File: 1629214394003.jpeg (553.58 KB, 750x977, A3782A32-14C2-48DB-ADD4-8F6839…)


a quick google has told me I’m right. How tf has she done that to her porridge. She is putting me off oats for life.

No. 1301903

she has skimmed the top of the jar with a tablespoon, obviously. Just looking at it makes my teeth ache

Possibly Terri? Or Bella? I'm not well informed on the older cows so probably wrong.

No. 1301904


No no I know she has. My disbelief is seeing it coated and crusty because it hasn’t mixed up and wondering why the hell she has skimmed the top off and not used it like a normal person. You don’t even skim the top off when it’s inside a jar. It’s more Ham thinking her breakfasts are as aesthetic as rich health bloggers who use exotic fruits, nuts and seeds and her aldi knock off sugar spreads are the same thing.

No. 1301908

The fucking triad … Jesus anna at least be more original in your munch at least, you’ve got the cash to find a private doctor who can give you some much rarer badges of honour

No. 1301909

Jesus, just looking at this sugary mess makes me want to brush my teeth.

No. 1301914

File: 1629215786736.jpeg (133.63 KB, 817x432, 087BD272-584A-4EA5-BE61-A8D167…)

someone commented on her wildfire post calling her on her bullshit kek

No. 1301916


Kek and she even had the opportunity to acknowledge what the wildfires meant. And doubled down on saying ‘it means I’ve missed celebrating summer’. So while firefighters and animals die, and homes burn down, she still goes on holidays to treatment she doesn’t need and cries about it.

No. 1301917

Stop being so insensitive!! She is clearly the only person affected by this- wait

No. 1301923

File: 1629216485526.jpeg (154.3 KB, 828x742, B0535DC6-D71D-44D1-976B-61A462…)


She is unstoPable kek

No. 1301927

File: 1629216845877.jpg (43.51 KB, 992x558, 0.jpg)

Muelsi has always been the queen of breakfast. Porridge is for wankers.

Fuck the destruction and death, Cecelia wants cute new freckles.

No. 1301930

That deranged smile haunts me. It’s like the opposite of Porgie’s dead fish eyes, she always manages to look like a complete maniac. Would not want to encounter her in the wild

No. 1301937

I think it’s because the eye in our left in the photograph is slightly more closed that the other - makes her look like she’s doing an annoyed twitch of something.

No. 1301943


I think it’s because she’s deranged

No. 1301946

File: 1629217614111.png (32.1 KB, 127x275, 1629207883192.png)

Okay, sorry for my thread confusion. I posted this earlier in the other thread but will reshare here since we're using this one now. Anyway, from last night. No words kek. Chronic, severe, poor Cecelia, her life is so scary and awful with her severe anorexia. This woman has two brain cells left.

No. 1301951

File: 1629217812102.png (505.2 KB, 989x541, firestarter.png)

The hills have eyes…

No. 1301952

I just saw this on her story too, it's like she's setting the stage for another 'relapse' so she can continue her larpy insta and keep scrapping for attention from her gullible followers

No. 1301955

File: 1629218006239.jpeg (77.69 KB, 346x640, C16526C7-4B3C-4980-8F2F-D0DE2C…)

Still chuckling about this one to be fair anon… “person with xx chromosome”

No. 1301965

is cece enby now? what is this strange gender expression rant?

No. 1301967

Oh Jesus, she's jumped aboard the pronoun train.
She gets catcalled by men? Really?

No. 1301970

File: 1629218841051.jpg (22 KB, 409x536, 00.JPG)

Oh, she's a girl. A ~cis~ woman. Today, at least.

No. 1301976

She’s never been a spoop, has she? ofc not everyone with anorexia gets there but the only thing “chronic” and “severe” about this girl is her capacity for bullshit

No. 1302001

Age confirmed here 29 going 30

No. 1302004

Any update of cows like grace or anorexiadiary?
or any of the lesser mentioned cows?

No. 1302034

File: 1629221867945.jpeg (235.97 KB, 750x1334, 00E809F8-49D7-45BF-8EEE-7961A8…)

The hypocrisy of this coming from someone who has about 5 Instagram accounts. She is probably the only person who non-ironically still thinks she is #nolikeothergirls

No. 1302047

What other thread? I've been waiting for a new thread to appear for 4 days, and this is the only new one I've seen?

No. 1302048

File: 1629222801316.jpeg (385.65 KB, 750x771, 7308CAA7-A883-4265-B15A-2D5BE7…)


She was BMI 12 before her last admission don’t forget anon. This was her on her way to treatment then…

No. 1302052


“I see so many spoiled kids so I won’t have a kid because it will be spoiled”
Has she starved all her brain cells off? Don’t spoil your kid then?

No. 1302053

Someone made a thread in meta kek, like a day after the last one was full, wrong format wrong everything, it got deleted.
Someone then made this thread, >>1300469.
Wasn't formatted right but it was better than the other and in the right spot and it had been 4 days.
Now we're onto this one

No. 1302056

I doubt she's even capable of conceiving at this point.

No. 1302058

Real Recovery is great and all, but she’s going to have a shock on her next dentists visit when they point out all the sugar damage.

No. 1302060

Thanks! I'm glad someone made a new thread because I wouldn't have found that other one lmao. Retard didn't even put "pro ana" in the title of their thread.

No. 1302086

op of the other shit thread, i tried to follow the instructions but i can agree it failed, i just wanted to revive the thread, thats all.
she does look a bit underweight but hardly much, especially for how much she exaggerates it

No. 1302089

Fighting fuck all. This twat really boils my piss. Never been anorexic, shit at pretending, copies all other recovery accounts and is an embarrassment. Fact

No. 1302090

BMI 12 my ass. She looks like maybe 16ish here. This chick is insane if she thinks people don't see right through her bullshit.

No. 1302100

no one ever told her that she doesn't have to birth a child (I hope she will never have a child, poor child) and that you, well, don't need a bathing suit, you don't have to go swimming. And never in my life anyone has been mean to me because I don't wear heels or bras with wires, maybe get a fitting one?

Oh, I just can't with her anymore. Next saga will be her becoming non-binary and that will be the reason behind all her problems.

No. 1302101

And yet she still acts like a spoiled, self-pitying teenager. I get having BPD, but c'mon.

No. 1302103


She’s setting the stage for when she can’t restrict any more. Doesnt want the munchie route? No worries. Be a non-binary lesbian bra-less barren hairy xx-chromosomed homo sapien.

No. 1302104

Shit, anon, don't give her ideas. Next thing we know she's gonna say she developed anorexia due to dYsPhOrIa and wanting to look less feminine.

No. 1302106

File: 1629226170756.png (584.43 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210814-154833.png)

She had nothing to recover from. This is the usual crap she eats.

Btw, she's doing drama at college. I give her performances on her account a F

No. 1302109

Looks like she wants to give Pencilneck a run for his money kek

No. 1302114

File: 1629226774467.png (1.23 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210817-195705.png)

N2F has relapsed. She's putting food together and eating on her bed again. Had to zoom in to see what the hairs were.

No. 1302115

I think they're A levels. Both cows can externalise the interior. Use their experience of faking recovery for their art.

No. 1302119

Is that a hairtie on her wrist?? Bloody hell, that's nasty.

No. 1302127

anorexia diary gained weight in treatment (so the OOTDs have essentially stopped), seems to be back in hospital, looks much better tbh

No. 1302130

File: 1629228412338.jpeg (633.81 KB, 828x1626, 0A83C4FD-A940-484C-9DA6-D9E8D0…)

grace has lost weight, looks so much better for it. says she has an eating disorder non-specified

No. 1302131

File: 1629228458866.jpeg (667.67 KB, 828x1626, C87098EE-3838-4B13-9CFC-38BC2A…)

No. 1302136

emsinrecovery is straining to the max to look skinnier on tiktok,
zara has been crying about weight gain whilst posting tiktoks with her lumpy shoulder blades out,
sarah finally smiling is still begging for money
lifeofhxn is wasting away and banging on about how she’s “too mentally unwell” for hospital
anna is still munch munch munching about her ~chronic illness~
sophventing is slicing herself open and claiming to not eat or drink for days.. whilst maintaining a near healthy BMI. still no anorexia diagnosis, just BPD-induced-restrictive-eating, despite her claims otherwise.

No. 1302139

No. 1302143

To answer your question her user was spaceship something or other. I think she changed her name and I don’t remember a ton of details about her other than she was obsessed with her former university therapist, Mischa.

No. 1302154


Oh god was this the one who claimed her therapist gave her a scarf one of his patients (who had committed suicide) gave to him, then said it was ok if she killed herself, then left and shot himself?

No. 1302158


No. 1302165

call me cruel, but I'm here to see her transitioning to a male because being female is oh so fucking hard

No. 1302168

Drama. Fucking hilarious.

No. 1302170

Making sure to get her cuts in there cause you know our kween Cece she may smile but inside she's so uwu sad face and we MUST know it

No. 1302173

If she grew a beard she'd look like Manson with those bulging eyes

No. 1302175

File: 1629231848886.jpeg (162.71 KB, 750x330, EA927094-1447-4B3C-BE80-118BF7…)


Cuts are the least of her worries. She was two weeks away from death. Caroline’s music is the picture of health next to that face.

No. 1302182

You fucking retards had to make 3 new threads for no good reason. Next time someone make one BEFORE the thread hits 1200 posts please it sucks to jump from thread to thread only to read the same bullshit all over again.

No. 1302184

No. 1302199

normally I notice fresh cuts and scars and stuff like that immediately (many self-harming friends, own self-harm history, etc) but I didn't even see hers and that are the cuts she made a fuss about meeting her co-workers sleeveless? They look like well thought of placed scratches so everyone can see that she suffered so bad. How I hate people making their cuts/scars an accessories.

kek thank you, had a horrible day and you made me laugh

No. 1302200


No. 1302205

excuse my lack of knowledge on the british school system but how can you major in 3 different things at once? do british unis do it differently than the rest of the world?
if not, she must be going to a university with really easy programs if she can do 3 studies at once kek

No. 1302208

shes not at uni shes at 6th form doing her a levels which are the exams you use to get into uni

No. 1302210

right i don't remember the last time the new thread was linked on the old one
it's always everyone waiting at /snow/ after the thread gets locked, waiting for one anon to do one for the team and make a new thread kek and then they always turn out shitty

No. 1302211

oh ok i thought she was already accepted to a university thanks for clarifying

No. 1302242


Next time you come in here calling everyone fucking retards and complaining about how they’ve done the dirty work, pull your finger out of your arse and do it yourself.

No. 1302244

Thank you very much. My god, it was driving me nuts. She was, at that time, the most loathesome cow. Now they're all on her level.

She already has that Manson's women vibe.

She hates people commenting on her weight loss, but she looks good. She must feel physically better for it.

No. 1302246

I'm not complaining about the threads themselves. I'm complaining about you absolute fucking dumbfucks who couldn't stick to 1 new thread but had to make a new one after another for god knows what reason. Retards.

No. 1302255

the other problem is people can’t shut the fuck up after the ‘Locking immanent’ auto message because they think their blogpost about how they’re totally not as fat as a cow etc is really important, and the thread gets locked before a new thread can be created and linked

No. 1302266


Well I look forward to you creating a new one when locking is imminent

No. 1302267

File: 1629237569498.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, CD4F8533-F634-43E0-A008-380E38…)

Please can we all appreciate that this is a 30 year old woman - sorry, xx chromosomed being.

No. 1302269

Possibly yeah, I though that too (not to categorise all self harm but) they look way less like they were done in a deep emotional state and more for another attention ploy

No. 1302270

Read up & it says why the new one was made retard

No. 1302271

File: 1629238318168.jpeg (165.47 KB, 750x1126, 5F22B055-CF7B-4637-ADD8-3DEFED…)

So much pick me energy

No. 1302273

Just came here to share this exact image.

Her fucking voice is even worse than I imagined it ever could be.

No. 1302275

peak millennial behavior

No. 1302278

Wow, one whole letter per month!!! Such devotion.

No. 1302280

Feel free to do the next thread yourself then retard.

No. 1302286

Anna just shared on her story a tik tik saying "This is your daily reminder that hot people do not go on diets for the summer, hot people are working on unlearning fatphobia and being anti-racist. Stop cutting out your food groups diane." This girl is thick. Its almost as if… she is cutting out… her food groups..

No. 1302303


Chances are she's going to regret her topic choices. Bets are she's only doing English lit to be like Molly and her posh friends, I don't think she's had one original thought in her entire life, everything about her is like a cheap discount version of different recovery influencers.

No. 1302306


And didn’t she win an art prize in that design competition? Yet isn’t doing art which is a relatively easy a level (don’t come for me) - mostly coursework and a long exam where you get to produce art?
Isn’t her mum a careers advisor at a school or something iirc? Pretty poor advising done here. If she’s thinking of going to uni drama and sociology will get her nowhere. Plus unless things have changed don’t you need 3 a levels plus one AS?

No. 1302308

Says the chick who’s self diagnosed herself with the three most popular munchie illnesses despite her own posting history refuting her. Anna is not only an entitled shitlord but dumb as a box of rocks as well.

No. 1302327

Wah wah the title didn't have pro ana in it gotta make a new one even though there is already 2 other threads out there

No. 1302344

With that mix of subjects, I can see only Humanities as a degree subject. But WOAH let's not be too swift. She's likely to drop out again. Why even bother to uni and be lumbered with debt for a degree in a crap subject. As soon as she discovers she still can't get on with people, she'll leave college.

Drama,though. Hahaha.

No. 1302361


Everyone else is over it. Move on, stop being so autistic.

No. 1302400

With all the sugary crap she crams into her maw I wouldn't be surprised if she had a sugar crash sometime.

No. 1302404

Kek she'd blame the side effects on restriction or something of the sorts

No. 1302406

To be fair, some men will catcall anything resembling a woman. My longhaired male friend used to get confused drunk men whistling at him.

No. 1302408

Yes those would be A Levels. She's obviously trying to keep up the "I love books" thing with the Eng Lit choice. I'd like to see her do well, though. Make friends, stop living vicariously through an "ED recovery".

No. 1302412

She's so much of perfectionist that even her selfharm has to be neat and orgainsed.

No. 1302517

I kek‘d

No. 1302526

File: 1629269763834.jpg (480.27 KB, 720x1465, Screenshot_20210817-011009_Tik…)

Sage bc new milk?
Not sure if anyone cares, but this girl Greer has been LARPing atypical ana for months if not years. She manages to both fake anorexia and recovery at the same time. Her Instagram is a wild ride.

Not only that, but her TikTok is pure insanity with underestimating intake and overestimating calories burnt.

Lastly, she's faking at LEAST 12 other disorders at the same time, including but not limited to: a jaw disorder that she forgets she has, Tourette's which never shows up, and dyslexia in order to hide her general idiocy. Lots of milk if you ask me.
Oh, and she's obese btw.

https://instagram.com/greers.x.life if anyone is interested.

No. 1302532

Most schools don't offer AS levels anymore, it's normal to just take three A-levels and stick with them for two years.

No. 1302545

Has been active for 2 days, 13 followers and 4 videos . 50 followers on her recovery instagram. If you're going to self-post to try to up your follower count, do try to make it less obvious.

No. 1302552

File: 1629272848988.jpg (422.87 KB, 720x1465, Screenshot_20210817-112437_Tik…)

OP here, I wasn't really calling attention to her "recovery" page, more to her instagram and other tiktok. Here's a screenshot from that. This seems so self-posty of me, but this girl is really such a cow.

No. 1302553

I'm starting to register Biscoff as a way to identify cows

No. 1302565

I don't understand the craze tbh. To me it tastes like pure sugar with a bit of cinnamon mixed in.

But I suppose according to recovery Insta, giving yourself type 2 diabetes means you're rebelling against dIeT cUlTuRe and healing your relationship with food.

No. 1302573

Cant post any screencaps as on laptop which is fucked, however if you look through her anorexia highlights, from 70 weeks- 4 weeks ago, i personally see a lot of milk. Full of body checks, self deprecating attention talk, bragging about hospital appointments and then binging and purging etc.
If you want a new cow, does seem worth a look.

And no, not a self post before yall critique me

No. 1302583

But anon! She said it wasn’t self harm so it is totally okay to flex it! /s

No. 1302591

Don't stress op - it was a valiant attempt, and now you know how it works for next time

No. 1302604

File: 1629280385836.jpeg (802.33 KB, 1125x1939, C30AFE2B-15E8-4D7F-9DAC-5601AE…)

this bitch literally makes everything about herself. this new staff member is so dainty and thin and frail and triggering but remember guys, i was 10lbs less than her at my LW!

No. 1302609

How dare she have a different body type

No. 1302613

File: 1629282397297.jpeg (988.98 KB, 1170x1640, D2EA9A43-94B4-4941-89BE-A50115…)

Has Dora lost some weight?

No. 1302624

10lb more than her LW - so in other words maybe a BMI of 18? So frail and triggering

No. 1302651

no her arms look perfectly healthy.

No. 1302653

Such a punchable face.

No. 1302655

this is such a mimimi, what will she do if one day at her work someone is skinnier than her? Or has maybe more scars, triggering, right? And assuming that someone has an ED because they are thinner than you is such an annoying trait, okay, everything about her is annoying.

No. 1302665

If that woman has got one talent, then it's "looking and grinning like an idiot".

No. 1302706

I can only imagine what she's gonna process in therapy when she actually gets out of hospital and is in public. Imagine seeing someone skinny at the supermarket then having a total flip.

No. 1302718

someone skinnier, someone taking stuff she has been addicted to, someone with more scars, someone with breasts, someone wearing heels. You can be sure, she will find things that trigger her and will tell the person that they trigger her and that they should care about her and avoid triggering her instead off working on her triggers.

No. 1302747

lolwat. how does she cope with the other anorexics there who are bound to be smaller than her, then? starting to think this chick has some kind of reverse body dysmorphia or is genuinely delusional given the ludicrous claims of “BMI 12” “tiny” & “frail” … literally just shut up already Cecelia, for a fully grown, adult woman of THIRTY someone who’s been in treatment sooooo many times you should be over this type of silliness already.

No. 1302764

Even the Drama is a Molly-inspired choice. Sure, it’d be nice to see her do something productive and quit the LARP but chances are she’s gonna feel completely thrown in the deep end, especially when the first savvy person calls her out (you just know she’ll be harping on about her sooooper serious “ED” before first lesson’s over). She’s done nothing but doss around and eat for two years, her only ‘friend’ is her mum and not everyone is as nice as the similarly stunted weirdos who lick her arse on IG. We’ll see.

It’s a shame narcissists like her and Anna can’t just be dumped on a desert island where they can all tRiGgEr and hurt each other’s feefees to their hearts content. BMI 18+ ONLY (don’t worry, they both qualify)

No. 1302768

Is she honestly claiming that her thighs used to be smaller than her arm currently is??

No. 1302775

I love the filter on this, turning ce into the proverbial green eyed monster she is. Is she saying that the woman is 10 lbs heavier than her lowest weight yet is still has a ‘tiny frail’ body? Jesus, Cecelia, if she’s that then how could we describe your lowest weight? Your minuscule fragile body? Or how about your dainty waif skelly body just to give you the LARPers most wanted labels.

No. 1302777

File: 1629301996161.jpeg (684.1 KB, 1200x982, 185D2982-1B13-4465-968F-CD1260…)

let’s take a look shall we?
……oh. busted again.

(not my timeline btw, credit to anon in the last thread. seeing her through the years makes her SEED claim even funnier)

No. 1302789

honestly, in most of the pictures she looks like a BMI 18.5 or more, she lacks hips and breasts and therefore looks "thinner" than she is. If that body is an indicator for an unhealthy starved body many women I've seen walking around here should get a tube immediately. And don't get me wrong, I know you can be sick at a healthy weight, but her BMI 12 bullshit is stupid, I've seen people with a BMI around 14, they look way different and skinnier than she ever did.

Also, I find Nov 2020 funny, it looks like she edited that picture a lot, in no other picture she has such "fragile" calves.

No. 1302809

As well as angles & posing, some of these look elongated as well. idk if it’s just the way anon could fit them in or what but even then… and inb4 bone rattler!1!! comments, yeah maybe she was a little underweight at some point. Everyone carries it differently, blah blah blah. It’s more her claims of being “severe” and “chronic” that get me. Do they apply it differently in the US because here any professional suggesting that would be laughed out the building

No. 1302824

The woman could have a terrible illness that makes her skinny. If CeCe thinks the woman's skinny, and she thinks she's been spoopy, the worker is possibly plain old slim.

Cecelia is the one I want to do a makeover on (it was Aly in the past). Out of white, hair do, new bins…

No. 1302827

Definitely stretched.

No. 1302869

Trust our special waif CeCe to get triggered by other humans and their existence. Funny she is only bothered by this staff member, no complaining since telling us all she's the biggest anorexic in a room so I'm guessing she's the smallest person in existence again or some shit or is pretending she is. Kek. Also nitpick but her face is infuriating

No. 1302872

She's definitely not severe, the only chronic thing is her ridiculous attention seeking behaviour. Like one of those kids who refuses to eat dinner unless they get a new toy (or tube in her case)

No. 1302879

I'm in no way bodyshaming or bonerattling, but seriously, who and why the fuck is one giving "normal" people anorexia diagnoses and NG tubes ?! How? Why?! What? As someone from Western Europe- It's mindblowing for me

No. 1302886

File: 1629309444999.png (1.45 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210818-185449.png)

This seems to be the latest ana ~community~ fad. Ofc, with Ham she added pure sugar.

No. 1302895

File: 1629309986714.jpg (74.14 KB, 750x750, schogetten-lotus-biscoff-100g-…)

maybe they should try that chocolate, saw it today at the supermarket and had to think of all our brave recovery warriors. Hm, I could make a recovery account only eating that chocolate, because it's my fear food, they would love and support me.

No. 1302904

As long as you 'challenge' just a square everday, they'll fall and kiss your feet recoverychan

No. 1302905

Exactly!I don't get it.NG used to be last resort when medically unstable or non compliant. Think where insurance is concerned they tube anyone. Anyone severe enough to really NEED a tube wouldn't want it and wouldn't be posting posing pics! These twats love it!

No. 1302908

And idk might not be the same for everyone but I always feel like having a tube makes you gain way faster and just means your in hospital for longer. Most SEED patients will go to hospital, eat to get out and then relapse

No. 1302913

but only a bite, not showing them that I've eaten the whole square and then I'll make a gofundme for my recovery costs or for me transitioning to male, not sure right now.
So, if anyone ever finds a Biscoff chocolate recovery instagram, it's me, please share all my milk here and support me getting fat, no, healthy.
(If I wouldn't hate social media and showing my face so much…)

No. 1302914

Agreed some SEED patients are too far gone to want recovery, they play the game to get out as fast as possible so they can slip back under the radar of services and get the weight back off. The larpers think a tube shows the world how sick.

No. 1302915

Right? “Oh, sorry, you can’t work here anymore, the patients are triggered by your size.” “I have Crohn’s.” “Yes, well, you’re too spoopy for our ward, we’ll have to let you go.”

No. 1302916

I recently learned that Cecelia is only 5’3. A BMI of 12 easily looks like a BMI of 16 on someone so short.
Show me a spoopy five foot tall person.

No. 1302923

File: 1629312347611.png (460.12 KB, 720x682, Screenshot_20210818-194436~2.p…)

Here's one

No. 1302933

They must be like BMI 9 or something though.

No. 1302936

She's becoming n2f while n2f is getting her own life together

No. 1302938

Are you actually retarded anon? The whole point of BMI is that it is relative to height. A BMI of 12 looks emaciated at any height. It doesn’t matter that she’s short, a BMI of 12 at her height means she weighed 68 lbs!!! I would be absolutely shocked if she was ever less than mid/high 80s. Can’t be arsed to look up old pics but that chick Aimee archega is also really short and probably got to about that weight and she looked veeeery spoopy. Cecelia is a severe and enduring pathological liar.

No. 1302940

I would call that a "nice bikini figure".
Say what you will.

No. 1302941

Kek spat me brew out laughing about Ceceila being severe and enduring pathological liar! Bang on the money anon!

No. 1302969

I’m just saying that when I was that BMI and I’m 5 foot 2, I sure as hell didn’t look like a skeleton. Everyone carries weight differently.

No. 1302980

File: 1629316395835.gif (1.59 MB, 498x354, Sb4V689.gif)

No. 1302982

nobody doesn’t look emaciated at a 12 BMI.

No. 1302983

STFU, midget. No one believes you.

No. 1302998

blog blog bloggity blog, no one cares about you

No. 1303033

congrats on your bmi 12 anon. would you like some free manilife with that?

No. 1303047

Are you sure you didn't confuse 12 with 21?

No. 1303060

Lying to make friends kek

No. 1303064

What happened to discussing BMI being haram? It'd reaaaally help if it was brought back, no?

No. 1303067


No. 1303068

i mean no one really discussed it before the blogger came to announce how spoopy they were.

No. 1303074

File: 1629324834478.jpg (28.42 KB, 400x301, good spliff m8.jpg)

Nah, we're always guessing the cows' BMIs. I'm guilty of it myself.

Btw, I'm 5ft 2in as well. Nothing to say about my BMI BECAUSE IDK IT, but it'd be great if clothing companies made shorter sleeves.

No. 1303087

Go and cry elsewhere about your fucking child clothes.

No. 1303089

no1curr about your height blogger

No. 1303092

That's cool, but what exactly makes you think anyone here cares?

No. 1303096

Oh fuck off, lanky streak of piss.

No. 1303097

and you

and you


No. 1303098

are you 3 yrs old

No. 1303101

Ladies please, it’s pointless arguing about our BMIs when we’ll never be truly spoopy like the brave warriors featured in this thread like anna or cecelia.

No. 1303102

Are you humourless cunts from twitter or something? I know the cows are getting poor, but wtf happened to anons?

or Georgie

No. 1303104

what humour is there to have about someone saying mehmehmeh? And btw, this thread was never massively humorous. In the heyday of pro ana, everyone was a sardonic cunt.

No. 1303109

Okay, you don't get it. Move the fuck on.

The first proana threads were very funny, but, you won't get it.

No. 1303114

Kek I think you don't get how retarded you sound.

No. 1303116

Ok, move the fuck on.

No. 1303118

Ok edgelord.

No. 1303130

File: 1629327772071.jpeg (227.33 KB, 750x1212, 09BE71F7-2CD8-456C-A0CE-E873D4…)

I have a present to stop the fighting.

Australian Soph swallowed an unspecified object (I’m now guessing it was a razor blade) and is pretty much live blogging the experience on her stories. Including the air ambulance ride, running from security guards, and internal bleeding. I think she has really fucked herself up rn, in ITU but happily documenting it on IG of course.

Also has a TikTok now secretaccountsophie.

No. 1303134

Bandaged arm on full display of course kek.

No. 1303135


And that same one eye black. No other head injuries - she must know exactly where to hit to get a black eye for a dramatic show

No. 1303153

File: 1629331161003.jpeg (226.81 KB, 828x1234, B01A898A-CCBC-4B0A-9526-57A933…)

Thanks for saving us from dwarfgate anon, this is a ride

No. 1303165

sorry for slight ot but how munchie do you truly have to be to swallow a fucking RAZOR BLADE? i didn't know people (apart from prisoners) ever did that shit before discovering this thread. i get people are self-harmers but cutting is just levels below actually ingesting a sharp object on purpose.
i imagine it must be super painful so how do they even get the courage of doing that after experiencing it the first time?

No. 1303171

Anon actually does have a slight point, being a BMI of, say, 18 at 5'0 vs. 5'9 are going to look very different. That's essentially why there's a new BMI system that started floating around a few years ago. However, a BMI of 12 always will look emaciated no matter what, you're right.

No. 1303184

File: 1629335839518.jpeg (317 KB, 750x1063, E3BD5E98-064F-4141-BA10-E8FBB4…)

We previously sperged about Cecelia’s BMI and decided it was below 17 but no where near 12. Her yt shows her more underweight but she has no muscle so she looks pudgy

In other news spaceship is engaged to some dude

No. 1303195

It is not unusual for former ED or psych patients to become specialist nurses or aides in that area. i thought it must be triggering too when I first realised this but learning to live with other people and not letting them influence your eating habits or self image is a major part of recovery.

No. 1303197

"When you've experienced more trauma every single week than most people do in their life"

Bitch, you made the conscious decision to swallow a fucking razorblade. Mental illness is a terrible thing to suffer with, but this is self-induced trauma.

No. 1303199

Also what a awful thing to say. You know any chance of empathy is gone in this girl if she can say shit like that.

No. 1303210

these god damm revolving door BPD drama queens.

No. 1303213

okay Ceceilia. Tons of short people with low bmis still look emaciated. You're just a fake.

No. 1303217

It's so far beyond "normal" BPD attention seeking behavior though, it's crossing into M-word terratory.

No. 1303218

I've noticed a lot of the bpd cows have started swallowing things lately, mostly batteries.

No. 1303231

batteries, blades… shame the pill that tells them they’re raging narcissistic attention seekers just seems too hard to get down.

No. 1303256

has she ever seen a news

No. 1303281

Maybe she put it inside some food or something before swallowing it? Like inside pickle, maybe? Who knows.

No. 1303312

many of them swallow it like it is. How you feel pain while haven self-harmed for a longer time can be different from other people. Most of them have another perception of things and their mind just process that stuff in a different way. And this swallowing shit is not new, like maybe 10 years or more ago there was a documentation on TV in Germany and they also had one patient who swallowed everything to hurt herself. Difference today is just that you have them all over social media, telling everyone their methods of pain and self-harm can be, like an ED, a competition. If only they wouldn't have excess to their phones while being such a danger to themselves.

No. 1303317

Swallowing inedible objections is a known BPD behaviour and actually it happens more than you’d think in an inpatient setting. Batteries are favoured, but people will swallow pennies, broken bits of cutlery, plastic, staples, anything really. They’re inevitably disappointed when the doctor says to just wait for the object to pass naturally. Most BPD pts are angling to go to the hospital for the swallowed object where they can either perform some histrionics or attempt to abscond.

No. 1303331

File: 1629357613527.jpg (376.72 KB, 748x1283, 20210819_091855.jpg)

I feel like this is an indirect towards our Lizard man kek

No. 1303339

she doesn’t follow the creep, i thought it was maybe aimed at dora or zara

No. 1303344

It’s possible, and she might not follow him because she doesn’t approve of his version of recovery. But there are so many pro-ana and validation accounts masquerading as recovery that it is likely not to be directed at anyone in particular.

No. 1303355

Oh, thank God she promised. Now I can sleep easy.

No. 1303369

File: 1629365475033.png (644.69 KB, 750x1334, E250990B-8137-40CD-B566-0149EA…)

Sophie update - she did get discharged, it couldn’t be removed surgically and like somebody said it does just have to pass kek so she threw a massive tantrum, ran, her ‘fave security guard caught her’ so she came back, now she’s agreeing to be discharged again.
And her mum is totally done with her shit.

No. 1303372

What a little shit. How old is she again?

No. 1303373

Imagine having to pass a razorblade through your stool. Yikes.

No. 1303386

Why didn’t they just let her go if she ran away? keep the milk coming anon, she is a special class of cow

No. 1303414

File: 1629370235395.jpg (667.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210819-124342_Ins…)

Pencilneck posted a story of himself eating pancakes and it's complete nightmare fuel. His skin looks like that of a 70 yr old man.

No. 1303418

File: 1629370653169.jpg (22.05 KB, 489x367, buffy410.jpg)

damn, he looks very recovered, he actually beat his ED, good for him

No. 1303423

To avoid then having to get the police out after her and the time/cost/hassle that incurs. When someone absconds it’s a lot of paperwork, especially if they’re on a section.

No. 1303427

My God she is awful. Not surprised her poor mums over her shit.

No. 1303429

You could make a horror movie trailer out of that

No. 1303441

25 going on 80

No. 1303443

The fact they’re waiting for the object to pass implies it is not a razor. That’s something they would likely remove surgically, whereas batteries, plastic, staples, pennies etc don’t pose much risk and can get along the digestive tract and out the other side just fine.

No. 1303444

Literally ash-tier in this picture, yikes. Thriving!

No. 1303448


Medfag - they do actually let razors pass and from what she said I think she has swallowed a razor. They will try and get it with a tube down the throat if it’s still in the first part of the intestine. Once it’s gone past there it requires keyhole surgery but that has its own risks so they don’t go in and get it unless it punctures the bowel. You let it pass and just keep an eye on it because the signs of a punctured bowel are v obvious.
You are doing more harm to somebody if you operate and take out a razor when the majority pass without damage once it’s gone into the bowel without doing damage getting into the bowel. (most damage is usually before the intestines)

No. 1303451


Man alive. mummified leather face. He looks like Kenneth Williams here. Why does he post himself eating? It looks repulsive.

No. 1303458

File: 1629377612534.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 4000x3000, Cecelia.jpg)

Even the most BPD "totally not as severe as my anorexia!@!@@" cows can become underweight at some point.

Dug through Cecelia's whiny "Anorexia Journey" YT video after an anon mentioned her channel and found these pics.

Can we please stop sperging about how she's only ever been a little bit underweight as if weight loss is some kind of difficult achievement. You're all starting to sound like cows yourselves.

She's an attention seeking cunt who's wasting her life, but there's no need to make a song and dance about how you've totally been sicker.

Sage because this is barely a contribution but I'm sick of these threads being filled with the same shitty arguments as if it even truly matters.

No. 1303468

File: 1629378484054.jpg (68.71 KB, 754x732, 14608767.jpg)

#smile #recovery #selflove

No. 1303478

Kind of creepy for you to post this candid pic of Nik anon.

No. 1303489

File: 1629381584618.png (2.79 MB, 828x1792, FF5CBF9C-045F-4D28-A6DD-BEF26C…)

she’s fucking insane, her poor parents

No. 1303501

look at thighs, arms, posing etc. stop trying to make us think you were a skelly cecelia.

No. 1303511


No. 1303534

Hey Nik.
Your breakfast doesn't work if you do it only once per week.
Just sayin'.

No. 1303549

her poor parents. makes me not want to have kids tbh imagine your own child threatening to kill themselves 24/7 for attention. i'd probably kms before they could lol

No. 1303558

Thanks, medfag anon. I thought something like razors might be an exception to the rule but your explanation makes a lot of sense.

No. 1303562

File: 1629388841848.png (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 828x1792, 81374468-22E6-409D-8E11-28C597…)

may i remind everyone of the time she sent her dad the pic of her carving “fat” into her arm…??

No. 1303573

Dont they slice up your insides?

No. 1303587

trying to imagine shitting out a blade. not nice

No. 1303591

her dad seems like such a sweet parent too.. man fuck her seriously

No. 1303594

She's so obviously sucking in

No. 1303639

Yup. and why the fuck is she filming herself in a doctors office??

No. 1303673

Even if she takes laxatives? That'll make her shit liquid, rip her ass

No. 1303715

Got no prob with annas going into treatment when not emaciated. It's a head fucker and they can be ill without being at deaths door physically but I HATE these larping cunts like Ham. Never been anorexic or anywhere near yet in "recovery' Cecelia is an attention seeking twat but has had an ED.Tube pics make her an attention seeking cunt

No. 1303730

Lmao anon

No. 1303735

She’s does it to her self for attention. If it was ‘real’ she wouldn’t be posting it on every single social media going
Annoys me cause it’s so ova attention seeking

No. 1303752

Anon i know exactly which documentary you were talking about. The girl was severely harming herself and was already in some kind of institution. She swallowed a raizor blade but then told the nurses. I felt really sorry for her.

No. 1303753

whats it called

No. 1303761


Sorry. Yes obviously she is underweight. But in the first pic she is pushing her butt back to force the thigh gap. Obviously her feet will not be touching. She is sucking in. So yeah underweight but using every trick in the book to look more underweight than she actually was. And I’m guessing this was her LW, probably her first admission and has been chasing that number ever since.

(is this the weight she claims her thighs are as big as her arm now? Her arms must be huge)

No. 1303762


Don’t, you’ll give nik ideas for his next food challenge

No. 1303767

Speaking of, I just watched him "eating" pancakes. Doesn't show himself swallowing.

No. 1303768

It’s German though

No. 1303776

I'm convinced every anon in this thread is German at this point

No. 1303779

I'm not. I only got the word "day" and "seven" from the first 5 minutes.

No. 1303781

annoying there's no CCs

No. 1303783

Sorry nonnys germany hates subtitles

No. 1303806

Right I’m sorry but as much as I’m up for agreeing cecelia post a lot of triggering content it is clear that she has a eating disorder and that it is severe. I’m so done with people saying she’s faking her Ed she is not yes she maybe exaggerating it but we all know having an Ed makes you strive to be sicker, makes you feel uncomfortable at the weight you are at and want to be smaller it explains sucking in and purposely angled photos.

It does not excuse her tube pics or certain other behaviours, but can we please stop saying she’s not underweight or not skelly in photos like that because your all coming across as some desperate shitholes who just want to say that she’s not skinny when she would make you look like a whale (obviously unless you yourself are anorexic and therefore just as much of a cow as she is by commenting on her weight when you are probably liking posts about how no one should comment on someone else’s body!

No. 1303818

It's not severe. Get to fuck. Kek

No. 1303824

Bye then?

No. 1303832


Bore off Cecelia white knight no one has said she wasnt underweight, we all acknowledged she was. We’re also all saying she’s exaggerating her illness, exaggerating how underweight she is/was (which btw you can do at ANY WEIGHT) and doing that amongst all her well-documented cow behaviours. So you don’t need to come and repeatedly say she’s underweight and has anorexia. We all know what anorexia is. We all know what underweight is. We also all know what a BMI of 12 looks like… and know that if you’re not skelly you shouldn’t post a body check and say that’s what your BMI is. Now piss off.

No. 1303834

hey Cecelia! do you miss the nose noodle yet?

No. 1303836

Did she cut her neck?

No. 1303843

Speaking of Cecelia’s yt channel, does anyone remember that “a day in my life with anorexia” from many threads back? It was a really cringe short video which was posted in this thread pre-Cece’s introduction as a cow, but now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it was her (due to the the completely monochrome apartment, autistically pacing around to burn calories before eating a sliced up apple despite the filmer clearly being a healthy weight person)? Been scouring the threads but can’t find it anywhere.

No. 1303877

File: 1629405736156.png (1.38 MB, 720x1305, Screenshot_20210819-223454~2.p…)

Kek. Molly on the gf ibs bullshit bandwagon. Why dont they get a life ? Hunting for the purfect gf bread @ mark & Spencer > having a normal teenager life ? Ffs posh mol'

No. 1303886

File: 1629406099218.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210819-224346_Ins…)

Something about his mouth area just looks so off to me

No. 1303891

she has said on her tellonym that is isn't SH but won't elaborate on what it is.

No. 1303894

Ah, thank you, couldn't remember the name, I've just seen to many German documentations about self-harm and ED over the years, kek

her father sounds really nice, I would happily swatch my parents for hers and then she could talk about daily trauma and no one caring and so on.

he looks worse than before, must be because he is recovered.

No. 1303904

about as severe as a fucking nettle sting, kek.

No. 1303933

If the bpd cows really wanted to harm themselves they wouldn't run to the hospital immediately after swallowing garbage. They'd just let it do damage.

No. 1303941

Is she trying to claim chronic illness or that her sooper sever ed caused her body to not be able to process some foods? And gluten free shopping isn't THAT hard or does she need the gf bread people with eds eat specifically?

No. 1303944

Sorry to samefag but WHERE did this ibs/intolerance suddenly come from? She's had bread many times before. And pastries. Is Molly relapsing?? A new reason to restrict?

No. 1303949

File: 1629409770262.jpg (257.34 KB, 1072x1763, inbound2358220044720721935.jpg)

Speaking of which…

No. 1303958

If she wanted to die that bad she should just go to some forest or a place with no people and do her tricks there, but oh no no where'd she get the attention then? At her funeral it wouldn't be as fun for her.

No. 1303960

I don't think she's relapsing. She's just boring as shit and trying to find something that makes her seem remotely interesting.

No. 1303965

can they make a rule that devices you can film and take photos with aren't allowed for mentally ill people in hospitals anymore? I know, would mean no more milk for us, but how annoying it must be having to care for people constantly posting everything online. Also, no phones, no internet = no attention = possibility to finally change your behaviour = not influencing other kids

No. 1303983

and she wouldn't swallow razor blades there's like 10000 more effective suicide methods. isn't she on a bunch of medication, just swallow your entire prescription and your chance of dying is pretty high but no she has to do shit that will land her in a hospital but won't kill her cause if she dies she can't enjoy sweet sweet attention

No. 1303985

In Aus if you’re admitted to PECC (psych emergency care centre-public hosp) they take everything off you. No phones etc.
More than likely Sophie is just in an emergency bed, where they’ll assess and discharge her as she’s wasting space.

Aussie milk mostly comes from the cows in private psych wards where you can have everything from phones to shoelaces to UberEats (cough…porgie)

No. 1303994

Yes! I remember it. So cringe. Was 100% her. Have no clue how to find it soz.

No. 1304025

you mean this video? It's long, but there is a sliced up apple.

No. 1304043

File: 1629414786137.jpg (558.3 KB, 720x1465, Screenshot_20210819-004259_Ins…)

From her ed instagram lol.. Not sure "light" is the best word to describe her.

No. 1304044

She actually seems to have such a nurturing and caring family, I feel bad for her father who has to deal with these obscene histrionics.

No. 1304056

File: 1629415623985.jpeg (78.61 KB, 828x462, 8DC7A140-9AD3-424A-8571-A417C0…)

So seedy

No. 1304057


This one though, she gets asked which is the favourite place she's been to for treatment and says she LOOOOOVED suchaplace.

Also "hasn't given much thought to her SEED dx. Ok then…

No. 1304058

Soz wrong one

No. 1304073

File: 1629416497103.jpeg (189.59 KB, 827x1244, 905D8001-C707-4EF6-A5CC-D9420F…)

Imagine her and Ham in a larp off

No. 1304078

Tin foil, but this sounds like Ham. The way she writes "Ed", and thinks anorexia is all about ~being smaller~ >>1303806 The last part sounds like someone who hasn't quite integrated with the thread. Wasn't going to mention it until the larper was mentioned above. I think she wants to be a farmer.

No. 1304113

Anon, you might actually be onto something.

No. 1304134

Thanks anon but no, it was a different video, it was a lot more produced and acted out, like “this is the reality of sooper severe anorexia, I have to pace for two hours before I can allow myself a measly apple for lunch. Please tell me how sick I am”

She mentioned in her first yt video that this was her “new” channel, so wondering if the video was on an old channel that was since deleted once farmers found it.

No. 1304207

File: 1629430996593.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.11 KB, 427x436, fa.JPG)

No. 1304209

File: 1629431039274.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.29 KB, 606x430, arm.JPG)

possible new cow.

No. 1304213

File: 1629431502651.jpg (55.56 KB, 867x640, d.JPG)

i don't know how this girl walks around looking absolutely crusted with dirt

No. 1304223

I can’t upload photos but can someone please upload Cecelia’s recent post from her personal account? Truly one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen

No. 1304231

File: 1629433309235.jpg (932.09 KB, 1080x3635, poetry.jpg)

No. 1304250

Wait, since it's a throwback post, is she claiming to be 75 pounds in this picture? Because… no.

No. 1304254

5 stone 3 kek in her fucking dreams

No. 1304266

Kek she has a highlight called “Wk. 2 Roadtrip” which shows her at that time in Joshua Tree looking perfectly healthy. Like very much healthy. And many pictures and videos of her eating as well.

No. 1304325

File: 1629442158808.png (471.98 KB, 587x401, NedMcDodd.png)

Guess I know where I've seen this fuckface before.

No. 1304338

excuse the possibly dumb question but does Nik count as SEED? Or do you only qualify once you've been through 20 unsuccessful treatments a la Cecelia?

No. 1304353

File: 1629444755300.png (505.75 KB, 589x445, Ned2.png)

Found another one.

No. 1304369

Jesus Christ anon, this is golden.

No. 1304375

I mean, he has been to a specialized ED clinic twice. Looks like he is a serial relapser, so I guess he could qualify.

No. 1304381

Good find. That neck makes it perfect!!

No. 1304394

UKfag here, some hospitals in the UK do have that protocol, like some in Cornwall, but others dont.

No. 1304395

As another anon said, some hospitals do have a smartphone ban and patients can only use them off ward or in an airlock or visiting room. Unfortunately it’s become less and less common owing to the Care Quality Commission outlining a best practice indicator of allowing inpatients to keep their smartphones and devices etc.

No. 1304396

Ah yes, the common anorexic behaviour of licking your utensils clean.

No. 1304400

SEED definitions vary, and there's a couple different rough subgroups ('enduring' vs 'unstable', with the former being more chronic and the latter more acute). "Treatment failure" isn't part of every definition; some people have long-tterm intractable eating disorders because they avoid treatment. There are 80 year olds who've maintained underweight BMIs since they were 20 and have never been in mental health treatment and whose families think of it as just "mom/grandma is really skinny". Not sure how long Nik's been like this – duration-based SEED definitions vary between 5 and 10 years as their starting mark (which is why it's so absurd for teenagers to claim it).

No. 1304417

File: 1629452121487.jpeg (771.04 KB, 828x1468, 8A006237-41CC-458F-A75E-976EB1…)

has this one ever been metioned? all her posts are showing of the noodle

No. 1304418

ayrt, I've first found out about Nik in 2016 and was surprised to see him brought up here thinking "wait, I know this guy" only to see that he doesn't look any different from five years ago. It's really weird to see him approach his 30s now when he was in his early 20s then.

No. 1304423

Where did you first find out about him, anon? I'm curious

No. 1304428

no way has she ever been 75 pounds

No. 1304439

File: 1629457323136.png (134.64 KB, 552x786, seed examples.png)

High-functioning SEED is pretty interesting. If he's been like this for the better part of a decade, he may well be SEED by now, but it's not a label people are enthusiastic to give. Which might really be counterproductive – pushing clinical recovery on people who don't fit full SEED criteria but are clearly leading up to it doesn't work out much better than doing it for outright SEED, and can make it harder to achieve functional recovery.

No. 1304446


Whatever the actual definitions of SEED, personally I think of it as someone who is well into their 20s, definitely underweight (like <16) and lives with anorexia rather than trying to get better (or at least makes minimal attempts at recovery so gaining like 1kg every year). So Nik for me wouldn’t be if his food challenges are legit (even though I doubt they are) because I think that he goes through recovery-relapse too much even if we don’t see it on his pics.
Ash, twins, yes.

No. 1304449

The lack of agreed upon consensus is exactly why the term SEED is completely arbitrary at this point though.

No. 1304451

File: 1629459469797.png (33.24 KB, 757x162, hxnselfpost?.png)

More evidence that hxn is sending herself tells because of the your/you're errors? Or perhaps her tells are just all from the same person.

No. 1304452

That video where some girl was choosing between an apple or a plum or something, and went for several walks, right? Wouldn't put it past our Cece. I think it's been deleted though.

No. 1304453

I don't actually remember, I'm sorry. I just know that I somehow stumbled upon him when I started developing my own ED. I think it was through either youtube or instagram, but I lost interest in him again immediately, so it's interesting I recognized him again so quickly. But as I said, he looks exactly the same so that must be why.

No. 1304454


If you go on MPA there are a few threads saying ‘show me your pics at x BMI’. There is one for BMI 13. Cecelia is claiming this is 13.2.
All I’m saying is…… it does not match up to all of the others.

No. 1304466

I remember that one, it has been deleted unfortunately

No. 1304496

That’s the one! Thanks anon for validating that I’m not crazy. Too bad it’s been deleted would have loved to rewatched the cringe.

No. 1304497

I'm the OPanon and I think some anachans were misunderstanding my original post. I'm aware she's bullshitting and exaggerating her lowest weight, but this is still underweight by an amount that is not unsignificant. This was mainly for anons that say she's always been healthy or had a "bikini body". I don't really think a saggy flat ass and clearly seeing the spine of the scapula is a bikini body, but maybe my view is less warped.
Arguing about her BMI is just cow behaviour. This thread is to discuss pro-ana behaviour and has lost its way for a number of months now.

No. 1304536

Source for this?

No. 1304564

Agreed, Cecelia being a pro ana scumbag has nothing to do with her BMI. We all know she’s been underweight, the issue is more than she’s lied about how much and moreso the number of hospitalizations she’s had. Plus her other scumbag behavior, like how she’s acting like a spoiled and entitled child while being a very nearly 30 year old woman. Her incessant tube selfies and seed brags. Her BPD tantrums. Quitting her job to stay in treatment longer when she’s technically fine except for being a huge attention whore. Timing her recent relapse to miss her sister's wedding, acting like it was merely a coincidence and not intentional like we know it was. The airport wheelchair, lies about medical complications (her “kidney failure” and “bone marrow failure” kek she was working with kids during both, the former during covid too like kids aren’t already the worst to be around if you’re medically compromised with organ failure). Her obsession with her home ‘team’ and going to treatment in general. Cecelia’s weight is the least cow thing about her though it does add to the whole picture of cow-ness.

No. 1304818

Gatekeeping hunger now, these munchies feed off pure spite in competition to eachother

No. 1304822

"Temporarily gluten free" Holy shit celiacs like my friend get blood in their stool stop making up diet restrictions and eat your damn bunge biscuits

No. 1304823

File: 1629486407039.jpg (511.99 KB, 720x1465, Screenshot_20210820-084003_Ins…)

Giving up on what, Greer? Your fake anorexia or your fake recovery?

No. 1304826

No. 1304828

Anyone got any thoughts on Gee's journey and her horrific creations

No. 1304835

File: 1629486996358.jpg (842.57 KB, 1080x1846, 20210820_211454.jpg)

If his therapist actually believes that he is recovering, they need to have their license revoked.

No. 1304859

I'm so sick of all these cows who are entering bikini competitions as a very unconvincing recovery guise. Totally pro ana and can't admit it.

No. 1304862

learn to fucking sage

No. 1304870

imo I think it’s also cow behavior that she is lying about her bmi by a lot, and posting poems including her fake weight on her personal account for anyone she knows to see. I don’t mean to bone rattle and I’ll stop but the fact that she’s posting her bmi and lying about it is incredibly attention seeking and pathetic

No. 1304872

Please explain "sage" I've read the rules and can't work it out.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1304874

Just type sage in the email field. Do we need to put this info to the beginning of threads??

No. 1304897

Yes I think so

No. 1304902

I dare you to zoom in on skelators eyes….. Zombie vibes

No. 1304903

He asspats himself for "no longer counting calories". He doesn't need to breakfast is either 4 pancakes or 2 bread things with spread. Lunch is, just looking at it, less than 400 calories (possibly a WW thing). Night snack a Magnum (mini) and Doritos.

Well done for not counting calories because there's no need.

No. 1304906

File: 1629492098336.png (409.3 KB, 720x1059, Screenshot_20210820-103658~2.p…)

Maria's latest a few days ago. Another bodycheck at Costa. Not sure wtf her caption means. Showman?

No. 1304913

File: 1629492486745.jpeg (577.93 KB, 1125x2436, 3BD5098D-3DBF-492A-A7C6-8B4661…)

Yet another swing and a miss from our fave recovery qween. EDs miraculously disappear at the weekend, apparently.

No. 1304924

That fucking smirk is unbearable.

No. 1304930

File: 1629493446539.gif (203.39 KB, 480x402, yay.gif)

How come all people with EDs don't know this? Are they stupid? Don't bulimics know that at weekend you really don't have to b/p! I remember Karen Carpenter telling me how she loved Friyay because she told her eating disorder to sod off and went to Costa for the largest cappucino and a Biscoff cake!

I think the part Ham missed is sometimes anorexics don't do their ED during the week, but DO at the weekend.

Everybody is different. Ham doesn't, and never has done, anorexia anytime during the week.

No. 1304945

When they spout these phrases 'I believe in you' and other such shite, do they think that has actually ever helped anyone?

It's so insincere and phoney. I cringe whenever I see it.

No. 1304949

File: 1629494955315.jpeg (789.42 KB, 1518x765, 813946EC-7FD3-4DF4-A382-392103…)

as far as the twins go this is an easy one (even though it still feels like decoding the rosetta stone tbh) “no apologies” is a track from the greatest showman movie. she was pissed after getting called out for posting body checks in a see through skirt from infamous ana mecca brandy melville. oh, and katie also wanted to show off her new trainers. take it or leave it guys THIs is. ME.

No. 1304964

File: 1629495845531.jpeg (442.57 KB, 1125x2008, BCE2C1A7-6DCB-4675-8E5A-C6FC3D…)

Well excuse YOU, anon. I think you’ll find she’s an inspiration. A beacon of hope for us all.

No. 1304966

Her face makes me want to a-log so bad

No. 1304971

Naaaah. She sent that to herself. Nothing can convince me otherwise. I refuse to believe it.

No. 1304973

Tinfoil but she wrote this herself

No. 1304993

The grammar is a dead giveaway too. She actually DOES need help - not for the “eating disorder” she’s never had, but for whatever is making her do this because it’s fuckin pathological.

No. 1304998


Ham has got EDs confused with diet culture. One you can turn off, the other you can’t. Ham, just because you can quit your diet at the weekend doesn’t mean everyone else will forget they’re anorexic.

Her face looks like a game of stick the mouth on the moon.

No. 1305016


One should show the therapist's face when he/she learns that Nikkiboy still is at 115 lbs, like for the last two years?
Boy is too busy photographing and instaspamming his chocolate biscuits.

No. 1305033

Don't think his therapist believes anything of it and I wonder how many more hours he will get paid, there is an end to therapy sessions covered by your health insurance. It's just so annoying that people like him take away a spot someone who really wants to recover would need, but has sometimes to wait years for to get.

But maybe he pays for the therapy sessions out of his own pocket, then his therapist would be stupid to let him go.

No. 1305037

I know nothing about education system or medical system in Germany with regards to if it's free or not BUT he seems to be quite well off.

The place where he lives ain't shabby, he's had cash to travel to America, he doesn't seem to work, he's doing a BA and plans to do an MA. He sure as hell can't afford much with his occasional extra parts. He's either from a rich family or a trust fund kid. Only way he could afford therapy. Why even go to sessions when he has no intention of recovering.

No. 1305050

You get therapy sessions for free to some degree with your statutory health insurance in Germany, but there aren't many free spots, so you have to wait for years sometimes. There is also an age limit for the statutory health insurance for students and he is over that limit, so he would have to pay for it (around 110 € a month). If he has private health insurance it's completely different, but I don't know much about it, can't pay for it, so no idea how it works.

Education is also mostly free, except the private acting school he went to, that had to be paid for and the rents in Berlin are a nightmare and expensive in the better parts of Berlin.

I also assume that his family supports him financially. Never saw the place where he lives, but I can't imagine him being poor or living from social welfare.

No. 1305064

File: 1629504676585.png (56.17 KB, 598x275, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 7.10…)

Cecelia already foreshadowing the return of the tUbE…

No. 1305075

File: 1629505212704.png (32.17 KB, 308x290, nik1.png)


I'm calling BS.

He really should be focussing on caloric values, to ramp up his intake and build up some fucking bodyweight. Gradual increase to a healthy 2,000-2,200 kcal/d should be part of any program.

Yes, of course, therapy might consist of a "slow progress" but when will this theatrical ghoul start to eat for real?

No. 1305077

this is actually something I was wondering about in one of the other (shit?) threads iirc. There's no way he can afford where he's staying from his minor acting parts, so I'm assuming he lives with his parents. It's either his family taking care of him financially, or he's working some job which I doubt for obvious reasons.

No. 1305081

File: 1629505446314.png (20.15 KB, 264x242, nik2.png)

"So EvErYoNe KnOwS i'm A sIcK wIdDlE bOy."

This persistent drama whore.

No. 1305112

Think his parents live in Osnabrück, that would be too far away to commute every day, except he is writing his bachelor thesis while staying with them and not living in Berlin right now. Either he has/had a roommate while being in Berlin (don't think so), lived in a shitty part of Berlin (don't think so either) or his parents pay for everything. Would love to find out his parents jobs, that would give a better idea of his financial background.

No. 1305125

His brother's on FB. All that's there is a bazillion pics of the Golden Gate bridge. Not much info except he looks SO UNLIKE Pencilneck.(dont post Family members)

No. 1305174

Eating "for real" with cal counts can easily make someone relapse in full swing. I think it would be best to eat meals and snacks only when hungry without focusing on cals (1500-2000 is very achievable if you listen to hunger cues) and refrain from numbers while working on enjoying food and life again

No. 1305176

File: 1629515227464.png (1.31 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1128.PNG)

cecelia is implying she used to do coke

No. 1305200

Anon you do realise that is Mr pencil neck? Nik is short for Dominik. Loving how many profiles he had though. The audacity.
P.s. Deffo living off mummy and daddy

No. 1305207

If you'll look closer, you'll see it says "Family: Nik."
Anon just cropped out the brother's name.

No. 1305209

That's what makes me think she's munch-ajacent. She wants the medical attention because the attention from being a metal case wore off.

No. 1305210

I remember it being an insurance issue a few years back. Hospitals didn't want to take responsibility for $500 smartphones in case they got lost or broken. The obvious option would be not to bring the phone to the hospital in the first place, but how else are you gonna document your tube and crying at dessert?

No. 1305215

To be half fair to Molly here, cutting out gluten for a trial period to see if symptoms improve (and if they come back with a vengeance when gluten is reintroduced) is not an uncommon way to diagnose an intolerance. As she's using GF bread etc, I hope this isn't just a relapse in disguise. I have a bit of a soft spot for Molly, I know, but I want her to recover and move on.

No. 1305247

The whole thing right from ‘I am bruised’ is lyrics from This Is Me from the Greatest Showman. Quite a nice/inspiring song tbh.

No. 1305264

Thanks for the explanation. I thought she was just off on one. All that canderel.

As above anon said. On Nik's FB page, someone with the same last name liked his pics. Clicked and it said he's his brother. Didn't put his name or face because against the rules and unnecessary. Sadly, no clues about their family wealth, or lack thereof.

No. 1305267


Hurr-durr "Eat enough when you're hungry."
Well put, anon.

But if you just took one single look at that guy, this golden principle obviously doesn't fucking work for him.
He's showing off as some picky, playful eater but doesn't realize that it is not enough to build up a healthy weight.

That's material for a long-lasting inpatient treatment in a facility. Nothing less.

No. 1305272

Gluten? Thought that was some vegan fashion thing of the 2010's.

It does not make your balls fall off.

No. 1305276

I tried to find more information about his family background, know what his brother learned, where his brother went to school, but that's it. Sadly his surname is not very nice for a google search.

No. 1305282

'Lücke' actually means 'gap' in German, so I guess that already foreshadowed him having a thigh gap kek

No. 1305287

File: 1629535063619.jpg (429.55 KB, 720x1465, Screenshot_20210820-172301_Tik…)

The tea is literally WHITE! And mind you, she's still pretending to be anorexic on her other accounts at the time of this post.

No. 1305290

it's like she wants to be all "oh em gee look at me i'm so sick and disordered and frail! uwu" while at the same time trying to portray herself as this weird "it's so hard to recover but pity me and validate me for it!!!!" i've seriously never seen anything like it

No. 1305293

looks 99% milk to me

No. 1305302

File: 1629536991954.jpeg (176.21 KB, 750x850, EA8F3D73-8F2A-4A76-8B32-46BC1F…)

Anna is social media rep at the uni nutrition society. That chocolate cake doesn’t look very MCAS friendly Anna

No. 1305303

So you would try to sniff around, getting facts about his family to evaluate their wealth and deduce from it the possibility that Nikki could get some extra healthcare for his eating disorder, or not.

You must be bored. Very bored.

No. 1305308

It took me 5 minutes to find that information, so, not bored, just sleepless.

No. 1305346

Since when is she jewish ??

No. 1305361

Sayin 'shalom' does not make a Jew.
We did it in highschool for a short while because KoOl AnD eDgY.

No. 1305364

>learn to poach and egg
She tries so hard to project an air of intellectual superiority (as well as a general air of superiority but that’s because she’s a smug upper class bastard) but these constant typos make her look like a world class tard. I know she’s dyslexic but so am I , and I know several other people who are, and they don’t make such obvious mistakes at her level. Also she’d never eat a slice of chocolate cake, she has her dainty image to maintain.

No. 1305367


She is Jewish though, she says shalom most Fridays and has said quite a few times that she is Jewish, I don’t think that’s cow behaviour I think that’s just skipped your notice

No. 1305371


And she’s the social sec of a NUTRITION page and they couldn’t find someone who could at the very least poach an egg? And she makes it her goal for the entire year? Poach one every morning for a week and you’ll get the hang of it. I’m just surprised she didn’t mention it was a quail egg.

No. 1305404

Everyone in annas life must be fucking retarded. Why out of all people would she, the anorexic, muchie, only eats 19 foods, dumbass, be the one to run a nutrition account for a university…

No. 1305428

File: 1629557648774.jpg (620.9 KB, 1080x1947, Screenshot_65029.jpg)

Nik is on his bachelor thesis, anyone know what it's about? Obviously has to do with Harry Potter. Eh.

No. 1305433

Oh yes. Doing your thesis about children's books.

That's one of the usual ED patterns: "Not wanting to grow up."

So very recovery. Much adulting.

No. 1305435

I wish he'd stop saying THESIS when it's an ESSAY.

Nta but I want to know about his family. I want all the juicy shit like how his parents shut him out of the family for being a homosexual who wants to wear makeup and do musicals.

No. 1305437

On his FB it says "Theater- und Filmwissenschaften", so basically drama & film.

No. 1305438

I just noticed I misread that and thought you were asking what he's studying. Hope it still helps.

No. 1305440

because people who meet her irl realise that she’s not anorexic, or “chronically ill”, and eats normally off camera, kek

No. 1305442

Let's all hope that this heavy stuff is not too scary for him.
No one wants to trigger a rElApSe.

No. 1305446

File: 1629559765451.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.57 KB, 1242x2208, Daniel-Radcliffe-cock-pics-3.j…)

This'll make him feel better.

No. 1305453

Do you mean Daniel's peener or the horse?

No. 1305456

Harry Potter's winkle. The "horse" is, in fact, the Belinda Lucinda chick. She has transformed into a unicorn. Here, though, her head horn is not showing, unlike Potter's magic wand.

It's good to see Nik, as a gay, hasn't disowned JK Rowling for being gender critical. I might even consider watching 5 minutes of a HP film.

No. 1305457

What inpatient places allow smartphones and social media?? Are these munchies really filming their ED warrior battle inside the hospital??

No. 1305465

To be fair if my uni was anything to go by it's really not difficult to get on a society committee at uni, probably no one else wanted to do it lol

No. 1305468

p much all UK hospitals allow phones, most australian ones too i think. america sometimes don’t…? maybe?

No. 1305522

The girl who organised, edited and wrote for our uni creative writing magazine wrote poetry like verses inside greeting cards. She did it because nobody else wanted to, so it happens.

No. 1305540

File: 1629570445338.jpeg (163.97 KB, 750x1084, 79CFCC38-48A5-4503-9B24-36898C…)

How desperate for attention do you have to be to send your anorexic followers over to a dietics pages, and just for a few likes?

No. 1305543

File: 1629570690063.jpeg (260.89 KB, 750x1034, 8DA14985-8328-4533-90DE-6E9504…)

Anna’s heat allergy is conveniently not relevant in Greece. Also, anyone keeping track can add bell pepper to her list of allowed foods

No. 1305544

The heat at Wimbledon and while she playing tennis didn't bother her either.

No. 1305576


This YouTube channel was suggested to me. She’s SO disordered. Her “meals” consists of safe low calorie foods.
From “What I eat in a Week in Seoul Korea”:
Breakfast: Tiny sweet potatoes, a zucchini, and a bowl of lettuce
Lunch: Zucchini, lettuce, carrots, and buckwheat
Then she shows her groceries which are vegetables and bread, and mentions she has vegetables from lunch leftover..
Dinner: two slices of toast with brown sugar and butter and chamomile tea
Later on mentions that bread is unhealthy and she needs to cut the habit.
Her other videos consist of trying kpop diets like eating just and apple for breakfast. Later on mentions she didn’t quite feel full after three days of that and decided add blueberries! She often drinks psyllium husk powder to feel full.

No. 1305577

File: 1629573982807.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x2036, A5EC1197-D076-40D4-B493-DBF0F1…)

Terrible day ~in recovery~ for our brave little fighter here. Guess the cafe run out of cake.

No. 1305593

If he's describing it as his "Bachelors Thesis" it might be the German equivalent of a degree dissertation so often 100+ pages. On Harry fucking Potter.

No. 1305597

Sorry, "heat allergy"? Does she mean she gets prickly heat like everyone else?

No. 1305598

can we get a ban on bmi talk next thread? it's shitting up this one (and the last few) and no1curr. this thread is about cows/milky behavior/pro ana behavior not bmi. go back to MPA. these threads are almost unreadable.

No. 1305600

Yes it really does take courage…. but for Han all it takes is a sad face and some smudged mascara.

No. 1305607

Of course she's Jewish; The Eternal victimhood complex sort of gives it away. I mean: Someone criticised me on lolcow - Oy vey, tis anudda Shoah!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1305625

thank you for this autism anon

No. 1305651

German here. You are right, he is finishing the written part of his bachelor degree.

looking at the books it seems like it has something to do with death, mythology, religion, god and, of course, Harry Potter.

No. 1305692

I'd cry too if I looked like a dodgy tranny with fucked up brows. She thinks we're warriors. Thanks Ham.

He called another essay a thesis though. He asked his followers where the location was of a cemetery in a shitty film. Whatever, 0art of my degree was film studies. If we'd suggested writing about Harry Potter, the lecturer would've had is kicked out of the class. HARRY POTTER.
Ohhh, I wonder if the essay 9s about the controversy about JKR introducing kids to witchcraft.

No. 1305695

it's very different from university to university in Germany what gets accepted as a theme for your stuff, so it could be, that at another university it wouldn't have been possible to write about Harry Potter.

It might be possible that his essay/thesis will be publicised on the homepage of the university, so, we Germans might be able to get a look at it. Not that I want to read it, but at least we could tell you all what he did write about.

No. 1305746

File: 1629590424929.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 581.85 KB, 750x1228, 64BB04B4-456D-4DB7-A3D6-0BFABC…)

N2f…. Stay off the “blush”

No. 1305750

Wow I didn't even think this was N2F at first. Looks like a 40 year old women

No. 1305751

No. 1305752

I'm tired of her.

No. 1305753

Tired of who?

No. 1305756

I'm an idiot. Meant to respond to the pic of N2F. Very over the weird facade she presents on social media.

No. 1305760

Oh HEY remember lolitaisdead? This showed up in my suggestions. I think she's still alive.

No. 1305770

File: 1629593052763.jpg (532.24 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20210822-024239_Ins…)

"im clean of all ed behaviours"

then why are you still making body check videos?

No. 1305774

I wouldn't find it surprising if she did used to do coke, or at least tried it a couple times. Many people with BPD lean towards self destructive habits with instant gratification. It could also explain the initial weight loss that kick started her mild bout of anorexia. She could easily afford it when she was working a full time job if she wasn't spending much on anything else.

Its also possible she tried it once or twice, and is exaggerating it to induce worry as even using once will leave behind cravings later on as she describes, so I don't think her implications are entirely false.

No. 1305778

File: 1629594223232.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1449, 867A0F6E-82D5-48F7-AD1B-C783E9…)

almost unrecognisable

No. 1305779

Bottom half is the most likely situ for crazy eyes
She's proven to be a big fan of trying to gain sympathy from the tiniest 'problem' or manipulating other people's issues to turn them into her own so it wouldn't surprise me if she had one line, saw people on IG with legit substance misuse problems and decided that'd be her new larp trying to latch onto the jfam community

No. 1305811

File: 1629596437813.jpeg (357.61 KB, 828x1074, 677ED160-097B-4AC0-B403-6F2409…)


She’s “newly Jewish”. I forget when but she discovered like a distant relative of hers was Jewish recently (like 4-6 months ago) and has been “embracing” her Jewish side. I think she recently started going to virtual temple services for Shabbat. But she celebrated all Christian holidays growing up and still does.

She did a YouTube video about trying Jewish foods and did super generic ones and like not even more traditional Jewish foods like kugel, latkes, or gefilte fish. The video is painful to get through and she takes you grocery shopping with her at the beginning. Also what is that outfit?!?!?

No. 1305816

File: 1629596839673.gif (453.05 KB, 499x281, dilate.gif)

Who looks at the reaction of their pupils in a mirror while doing coke. Is she that much of a narcisist she stares at herself while high? I don't get how else seeing her own pupils dilate in a video would make her crave drugs. Unless she's just thinking of that one scene from Requiem For A Dream and romanticising Class A drug use.
Can't wait for her DRUG ADDICT WARRIOR RECOVERY arc.

No. 1305819

can someone please tell her we just eat normal fucking food 90% of the time

No. 1305826

Anon, you're silly. What would she make a video about then?

No. 1305837

please link it here if you find it

I think at my Ösi uni only doctoral theses are posted online.

No. 1305841

"That Time I Took My Scale to the Mikvah"

No. 1305848

File: 1629601380512.gif (1.56 MB, 498x278, muppets-miss-piggy.gif)

She's really pulling that muppet face with that expression. In other subject, it really bothers the hell out of me this "group therapy" language being used so much on her posts: "Im so proud of YOU" Like you don't me or anyone watching, it reeks of attention seeking and constant validation, also the most fake and manipulative people talk just like that.

No. 1305851

It just makes me laugh. Imagine a 30 year old SEED patient seeing this pathetic simpering child pretending that her saying "I'm proud of you" is going to cure people.

No. 1305919

Is a certain Aussie she-who-must-not-be-named still banned? Is there a list of banned cows anywhere? Just wondering because she has been stirring up shit lately

No. 1305925

Nup, fair game i say. She was banned to discuss because she was a self-poster, yet these days cunts like Sorcha can self-post all they fuckin like and not even get a slap on the wrist!

I love the fact that she is stirring up shit. Pls share.

No. 1305928

yeah i'm down to bring tilly back up

No. 1305934

Was literally about to post this. I'm quite proud of her, she seems to be really happy these days.

No. 1305941


Agreed, I think she looks really pretty here!


And Ham you don’t fucking SEE me. I don’t follow you and even if you did let’s say I b/p’d 5x, went for a 10 mile run then c/s a bowl of your stupid oats and didn’t put any of that on Instagram. Would you know? No. You dont fucking ‘see’ anything (and know I sound like I want her to kek) but why do her followers get sucked in with this language? Do they just believe it?! It’s absolute tripe and the most generic tripe she recycles daily!

No. 1305950

Got the british look nailed

No. 1305951

I have a feeling that Molly's ed phase was just to kickstart her social media career and gain a lot of followers

No. 1305957

I don't think she was staring in the mirror with the intention of seeing her pupils dilate, but eventually when you do end up in front of a mirror you will notice the difference in your eyes.

Seeing her eyes in the video could easily tr1gger the urges to use not because she misses her pupil size but because it serves as a reminder that yes, cocaine exists and it is out there and you could have it right now and it will make you feel better, and THAT is probably the reason for the craving.

Also, it's not totally unheard of for people to stare at themselves whilst high, do it on acid and its a trip and a half, but coke, not so much.

No. 1305965

File: 1629627578120.png (330.28 KB, 426x663, tilly.png)

OK, Tilly anon here - hopefully I won't get banned for this.

So for context she shared a photo of her story of her breakfast - a 150 calorie no added sugar Up and Go (a breakfast drink in Aus and NZ). Imogen/im_powering then called her out on this on her own story with a photo of her aesthetic recovery warrior breakfast.

Tilly then went on a rant, claiming Imogen eats too much and just generally being bitchy and a huge hypocrite.

I don't like Imogen at all but Tilly has no self-awareness and should have her phone taken away because she is just embarrassing herself. Not sure if she is interesting enough at the moment, but would be happy to post any more milk since a lot of our cows are being quiet at the moment.

No. 1305970

i say keep it coming, idk who she is but she seems pretty milky

No. 1305976

This is so 1989.
Love it.

No. 1305978


yassss!! finally someone is calling out that cow im_powering (the one who was taking those TINY bites of a protein bar, never showing her actually chew/swallow any).

this bitch thinks chowing down on 6x crumpets daily AS A SNACK, despite still being underweight after YEARS in recovery, is an a-ok image to portray to a massive audience of young ED sufferers.
ive never really liked tilly, but good on her for knocking im_powering down a peg. shes had beef with her before as well, yeah?

No. 1305990

Yeah, they had beef here:

No. 1306002

File: 1629634670193.jpeg (312.5 KB, 825x1413, 1946D7E1-0EEB-4F9C-87CA-F36585…)

Hxn got sectioned (again)

No. 1306004

Is CeCe crazy eyes goes full addiction recovery warrior I'm going to have to stop reading this thread. She's infuriating enough as it is without trivialising even more people's life problems

No. 1306005


It can't be all that bad, since they didn't take her phone away.

No. 1306010


If Tilly could stick to the bottom left rant and quit the ‘she stuffs herself sick’ stuff she would probably have a lot of people on her side - she’s absolutely right that Im is constantly hypocritical with ‘let’s not glamourise hospital/ED’ but then bangs on about it non-stop, repeats the same trash with her infographics ‘I have an ED BUT’ bullshit without ever really recovering - showing that she’s underweight, coming out of the blue every now and then to say ‘I was nearly hospitalised this weekend guys but I turned it around’ and always showing herself eating the same things so… where was the relapse? I do believe she does relapse but then she’s clearly faking eating a lot of the time or filming a lot of footage in one day or doing a Nik? And she has so many followers because she portrays that ideal of recovery that you can eat what you want and stay underweight and appease the anorexic body ideal.

Tilly’s got a great point, it’s just a shame she then goes overboard so no one actually listens to her.

No. 1306013


I mean they almost never do in the UK, unless you're manic and they need to do it to prevent you from spending excessively and such.

She looks sad… but, play stupid games and win stupid prizes. She must have been doing something to get s136'd - it was kind of inevitable she would get sectioned off the back of that. She is apparently on an acute ward. Will no doubt be in an EDU ASAP.

No. 1306030


This is just me being autistic but unless I heard wrong (she was talking v quietly and has that underweight nasal voice) she said she is still in a 136 suite and waiting for an acute ward before going somewhere else - some 136 suites are set up like mini acute wards now because once you’re sectioned you have to have a bed in 24h and it’s a loophole to get around lack of beds. You can get a room with a bathroom in a 136 ‘place of safety’ and technically you have a bed. Means they have more time to hold you before moving to an acute ward.

Sorry for autistic sperg

No. 1306032


Every Brit policeman can take you out for 24 hours off the streets for a Section 136. Just like that.

What a fascist crap country.

No. 1306036

File: 1629638556525.png (2.75 MB, 828x1792, 9A6D6615-29E2-4932-9E45-EDF592…)

she says she’s been in a 136 suite since friday as there’s no beds, she’s back in hospital despite “telling myself it would never happen” (so the whole ~i can’t go IP i’m so extra speshul~ was total BS).

No. 1306037

File: 1629638644826.jpeg (334.98 KB, 828x989, A2F23D07-ADBA-4D3E-BE08-FF8A26…)

….smells like bullshit

No. 1306038

Oh, it used to be even better. No 136 suite? Off the police station you go. Strip search, suicide jacket and a nice stay in the exact type of cell normally used for actual criminals. Maybe if they didn’t have nice cosy suites now these borderline personality disasters would think twice about their antics.

No. 1306040

I'm surprised and wasn't aware that Imogen is at risk of hospitalisation - she is definitely underweight but seems to be maintaining. Such bs that hers is one of the biggest recovery accounts .

It really irritates me she will get a bed quickly and people who actually want to recover will be pushed further down the waiting list.

No. 1306043

>think twice about their antics
Until earlier in the year a lot of England had "Serenity Integrated Mentoring" where a BPDfag gets their own personal cop all the way up their ass. It was very 1984 and a grift based on woo some random ex-cop dreamt up. GG, NHS!

No. 1306051

> a grift based on woo some random ex-cop dreamt up.

Translate because wtf does that mean


I don’t want to derail the thread but sectioning isn’t exactly fascist, it has a lot of issues definitely and inpatient itself has a lot of issues but look at people in America where it’s much harder to be forced into treatment (Eugenia Cooley, Caroline’s music) - if they could have forced weight restoration maybe their brain wouldn’t be so fucked up from being so malnourished.
Maybe if hxn does stay in treatment long enough to get some decent weight her brain might start to repair, it won’t fix her anorexia but all the side effects of malnourishment will start to heal and it could do actual help.

No. 1306053

File: 1629640276395.jpeg (88.29 KB, 750x530, F69A6170-4EB7-48A8-B27A-3863DC…)

At what point did she put her email in her profile? Before or after she did that acting job?
Is she trying to get scouted….. from an ed Instagram profile? (I can’t even call it a recovery profile)
And bold move to have her whole name associated with this account

No. 1306061


It is not about sectioning someone, but it's about the ability of a simple policeman on the streets to do so. Quite shocking, isn't it.

No. 1306071


Not at all when you consider the circumstances a person might be in when they are sectioned. It’s not always people like Hxn. It’s also people raving with a knife in their hand convinced there are voices telling them to stab people. Lots of dangerous situations. You can’t leave that to paramedics to deal with. They don’t have the safety gear etc to deal with that.

No. 1306072

I actually disagree with you here and really commend ham for changing her profile a bit and try to move her identity away from just being an ‘anorexic’ if you can even call her that but yeah I think she’s doing a good job so commends to her it’s defo not easy for her to be changing her content like this

No. 1306073

Now THAT'S what I call a piss-poor comparison.
Walking along with an eating disorder and wielding a knife are two different pairs of shoes, blabbermouth.

No. 1306074


Seriously? She has a personal profile but is trying to get scouted specifically from a profile where all she talks about is how many times in a month she gets 136’d?

No. 1306075

Don’t behave like a crazy faggot on the street and you won’t get sectioned anon

No. 1306076


Yes but you don’t get 136’d for just walking along with an eating disorder, numbnuts.

No. 1306077

You ask why police can section… dangerous situations caused by mental health issues are why. Retard

No. 1306079


As another anon already put it - It shouldn't be up to the discretion of a simple cop with maybe three years of mainly non-medical job training.

But go ahead and dream your dreams of your fascist control state.

No. 1306087

On her stories she’s just said she’s setting up a go fund me for private day patient treatment. Kek what? Who would donate? She’s pissed on every opportunity she’s been given for free and clearly has no intention of changing

No. 1306095

whats her personal?

No. 1306099

This is probably a stupid question but what would day patient do that IP can’t? Like I get it is probably a nicer environment but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is any easier to recover there?

No. 1306105

Hasn’t she already said very recently that she’s been turned away from private day patient because a) her mum would have to go with her and b) her BMI is too low?
People are going to donate money that literally cannot be used

No. 1306107


Can go home in the evenings, won’t be sectioned so they can’t ng or force feed…

Basically she’ll go and get therapy etc without actually eating or changing her habits

No. 1306109

Yep, she said it’d take too long to have her in medical recovery or something so wasn’t worth it - or similar. Super recent.

She’s now bragging about where she’s staying and that she has her own living room and bedroom on the ward. Great resource waste Han

No. 1306117


That was different, someone asked if she should go to a medical ward not psych to be stabilised and she said she couldn’t be in a medical ward until she was stabilised because they couldn’t keep her there for months (although others are). Tbf it’s probably her risk of acting out they wouldn’t be able to deal with.

No. 1306133

I’ve realised why she wants to go to Orri:

From their website: “we do no talk about calories, nor do we lay down rules”

No. 1306140

File: 1629648671065.jpeg (84.03 KB, 814x532, 8A1523E4-B0D2-4E81-98CE-928D52…)

50k for day treatment, sure Han that’s worth it with your track record

No. 1306143

File: 1629648922575.jpeg (147.39 KB, 750x1184, BB46A000-0ECA-4F88-A84B-4F79A3…)

Cecelia must be having a ball now one of her photos has been censored. Another badge of honour for the ana queen.

(Don’t know why it’s been censored, just a close up of her in a t shirt, doesn’t even show her body)

No. 1306146

I think you're mistaking lifeofhxn for Ham. This is a different Hannah, who's definitely anorexic for real

No. 1306147

That ability falls to police because of the lack of social care available & people who don't take themselves to A&E. It's a necessary thing for police to do, puts in place the short section for someone to be assessed for their further care. If someone has a breakdown when services are closed who else is working 24/7? Paramedics don't have the ability to 136/135 someone if they're called to help, they'd have to call the police too. Hardly fascist intervening to help people, it's used if someone is an immediate danger to themselves due to their mental health and they don't have services or support in place to help them at that time. Police have a duty of care kek

No. 1306149

File: 1629649198036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.95 KB, 432x734, AC8F17E4-7DF4-4866-B96E-A1BF81…)

Self harm scars, makes sense but yeah she must be delighted

No. 1306211

File: 1629655919638.jpeg (249.4 KB, 750x963, 91528AE0-3D33-469F-AC7B-6D5123…)

It’s OKAY to gain weight says Ham in a pair of jeans that quite clearly will zip up

No. 1306213

Ham you forget to take the tag off your old jeans you’ve “grown out of” kek

No. 1306215

i think the point is theyre new jeans my dude. it is weird she didn't zip it but I don't think shes insinuating they're old jeans that don't fit.

No. 1306221

My bad anon, Ham just instils rage

No. 1306229

The jeans look a tad baggy, good that she has room to grow some more.

No. 1306246


Original anon - she said she bought new jeans in her normal size and they were too small (tbf I thought the same, it looks dumb like she’s trying to pretend she’s grown out of her clothes…)
But they do look baggy and normally when people do this you can visibly see that the zip won’t even meet. What are the chances that in a week we see her in these jeans. She’s really struggling to stay relevant every time someone points out she’s quite far into her recovery now.

No. 1306253

so those jeans are not meant to fit her after all?

No. 1306260


The lich queen got a new wig, color me shocked.

No. 1306272

So she’s gone from a perfectly normal, average size at the height of her “anorexia” to…still a perfectly normal, average size? Okay, Ham.

No. 1306273

Are my eyes fucked or do I spy photoshop

No. 1306274


No. 1306276

No warped panels on that door. She's looking normal and fakes her ED. Welcome to the farms!

No. 1306280

Why does she keep shoes in her room? Do brits walk with shoes inside too?

No. 1306283


What's happening here?

No. 1306285

File: 1629663180401.png (214.43 KB, 341x635, Screenshot_20210822-211031~3.p…)


No. 1306290

Fat pudging out. Too small bra?

No. 1306303

its a pretty common and normal thing thats happens, usually items that are a tad too tight in tthat area but the rest fits fine. its a pain

No. 1306318

Generally considered quite normal in the UK? Unless I'm strange too.

No. 1306325

Totally normal & strange to nitpick at

No. 1306388

File: 1629669648434.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2124, 3442CDCC-BDDD-44CF-86C2-2C84BC…)

Just found our newest cow on tiktok. Even worse than ham. At least ham reached a normal weight this girl has been overweight with her ‘anorexia nervosa’ she says it’s not atypical anorexia as she’s too severe and has lost the most weight her doctor had ever seen. Huge larper here

No. 1306391

Yes it appears I am. Apologies I thought ham was actually considering changing her content so something other than recovery from her non existent ed

No. 1306394

Do you know if she has an insta? Figures she might because maximum exposure. It doesn't even look like an overweight stomach. Looks like there's something wrong with her insides and she's pushing it forwards.

When did ~anorexics~ suddenly feel excited at showing their stomach (fat or not) on sm?

No. 1306396

I haven’t looked into this girl yet but she’s potentially the worst faker I’ve ever seen by the looks of her. To be pretending to have anorexia for attention is disgusting and I mean look at the size of her. Such a waste of precious time and resources definitely has BPD I’d say just attention desperate

No. 1306400

File: 1629670561806.jpg (28.16 KB, 401x437, hamspo.JPG)

Just getting something off my chest. Ham posting these things and making sure her @ on them is twistin my melon, man. Is everyone supposed to repost it and give her more asspats? A never been anorexic wanting to be a professional anorexia recoverer.

No. 1306404

File: 1629670724130.jpeg (719.13 KB, 1170x1898, F2A405D3-E918-447D-B9DA-6DFEA5…)

There’s a good few pics of her but I’ve just found one of her super emaciated with anorexia guys call an ambulance:(( very visably at her lowest weight here

No. 1306405

File: 1629670817739.jpeg (418.83 KB, 1170x2095, 0D09B856-69A9-418B-B728-4F9567…)

She’s in therapy for anorexia with the NHS as she’s severely underweight clearly guys

No. 1306410


It’s pretty obvious you’re self posting lol, kinda embarrassing for u

go get meanspo somewhere else, nobody cares

No. 1306412

That's the conclusion I reached. Finding her account because she was tagged? Ofc…

No. 1306413

File: 1629671336687.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x2124, 594DE87D-A724-4F1A-9FBD-E8CD74…)

Genuinely wish that was true but this bitch won’t get off my fyp and I’m personally sick of these people wasting tax payers money.

No. 1306414

A One Direction fan suddenly finds lolcow when another One Direction fan is posted. Coincidence?

No. 1306424


"this bitch won’t get off my fyp"
Anon, you follow her. A quick use of the block button will solve your issue.

No. 1306428

File: 1629673085815.jpg (115.9 KB, 1360x734, mm.JPG)

Michaela Wall is indeed larping.
Img confirms. Self posting because she made her account private. Confirmed by her being a massive twat on ig.
Bye bye

No. 1306448

>I haven’t looked into this girl yet but she’s potentially the worst faker I’ve ever seen by the looks of her. To be pretending to have anorexia for attention is disgusting and I mean look at the size of her. Such a waste of precious time and resources definitely has BPD I’d say just attention desperate

Apparently so if you're self posting on lolcow thinking it's your personal meanspo board. We dont do that here.

No. 1306470

File: 1629677752104.jpeg (384.6 KB, 828x1534, 182CA1D9-D2DC-45E5-B5EA-8A0762…)

why the fuck does this seed patient looks exactly the same in my eyes as pre admission?

No. 1306482

She weighed DOZENS of pounds less.

No. 1306484

File: 1629679202145.jpeg (776.8 KB, 828x1300, D076676A-4323-4573-A459-769CDC…)

Gee, I don’t know.

No. 1306494

File: 1629680197176.jpg (548.4 KB, 720x1465, Screenshot_20210822-022804_Tik…)

Greer is just withering away, she's just so frail and fragile! If only somebody could help her eat properly! #anorexic

No. 1306495

File: 1629680236822.jpg (278.57 KB, 720x1465, Screenshot_20210822-034022_Ins…)

Same anon, this is from her story

No. 1306521

Christ, how bad would a BPDfag have to be to get that service? Personal experience and friends who've had episodes up to and including trying to jump off bridges (no not me) haven't resulted in such "Serenity". TBH it just sounds like rewarding the disorder with the attention it makes you crave.

It means that a former policemen thought it was a great idea for managing mental illness within the community. It wasn't, though.

No. 1306527

I would imagine she looks the same. Don’t breach HIPPA plz.

No. 1306529

You can't even see scars, or tell there are any. Bit OTT on Insta's part imho.

No. 1306531

yeah i was actually starting to not mind tilly with her seeming to actually want help to recover but she lost it with this stuff

also im_powering gives me mjr korey vibes from like a few years ago complete fake recovery while staying spoop

No. 1306573

Actually the DSM-V, as opposed to the IV, states a "significant low body weight" as its very first diagnostic marker for anorexia nervosa. LOL Cecelia.

No. 1306575

Just tell us she's the biggest one there.

No. 1306586

Instagram is a bitch when it comes to self-harm scars, you can be recovered for years and they will still censor your old, healed scars.

No. 1306589

first trauma anniversary? for what? being told no?

No. 1306590

File: 1629687041848.png (220.56 KB, 1080x1428, IMG_20210823_034938.png)

I had a look and it seems like there was some numbers originally involved in her post but it's been edited to remove them after a comment

No. 1306597

I bet she changed "10 pounds" to "dozens".

No. 1306662

na man most girls have that

No. 1306705

At least she's not lying to herself about just being bloated or that her uterus is sticking out

No. 1306706

Such original quotes

No. 1306708

is that a hospital bracelet or just a fucking ugly bracelet

No. 1306715

It looks like an admission band to someplace. Annoying people keep them on for weeks. I notice she went to some theme park two weeks previously.

No. 1306750

File: 1629711834835.png (1.22 MB, 828x1792, 5311E8EA-936D-4F34-B07A-CB39AF…)

anorexia diaryyyy is posting old sucked in body checks (not bone rattling, ik she was spoopy which also makes the sucking in doubly unecessary) and using heavy filters on videos because she’s gained weight in treatment and can’t risk losing her followers who are only there out of morbid curiosity

No. 1306770

Hxn’s go fund me is up and she’s asking for 30k, jeez

No. 1306781

could you spoiler that shit plz

No. 1306783

File: 1629717273959.jpg (91.27 KB, 1243x763, hxn_beg.jpg)

Anyone else got some Shekels left..?

No. 1306788

File: 1629718349109.jpeg (147.9 KB, 480x1073, 7C6EBE0E-154E-4EE0-AACD-92C1DC…)

Here is the beg! If she wants donations she needs to explain how Orri will be able to offer more intense support than IP.

No. 1306790


That fundraiser in on for the better part of two years now…

Gorl, if you want some luxury beyond the NHS treatment then pay with your own money, instead of sucking other people dry.

No. 1306796

Holy shit. Why do these cows always act like their anorexia is so special and needs such specialist intervention?

No. 1306798

A gfm makes sense for people who don’t have a health system set in place, not for someone who wants to upgrade their treatments.
What a spoiled brat

No. 1306854

File: 1629729817180.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, 204EDD3A-0756-4835-93D1-20BEDD…)

nitpick blah blah but to the anon banging on about dora losing weight in the last thread- she looks slim but healthy, (arms, face, legs), but the reason she looks thin is because she’s got no tits, same as anna

No. 1306892

Nitpick idc but if you're begging for 30 grand I want to see you proof read it haha. AS IF she is begging for more intense support when she is literally about to be transferred to an EDU. If she actually utilised the help she was offered she would be in a much better place. I appreciate it's not that simple, but fundraising for private care is not the solution.

No. 1306943

Has she ever talked much about her parents? I always got the impression she was from a pretty well off family but I could be wrong.

No. 1306950

She has vague posted about how they collude with her ED and about how she has rocky relationship with her Dad. Her Mum quit her job to be Han's carer. Don't think they are especially well off

No. 1306952

Because they refuse to admit genuine recovery is hard and requires letting go of attention.

No. 1306998

I knew her. We were in treatment together. She is massively attention seeking- I’m pretty sure she’s been in and out of hospital more times than I’ve had hot dinners kek and is desperate for the toobe

No. 1307004

piss off you fucking spoop

No. 1307007

File: 1629747173240.png (52.36 KB, 748x161, hxnhxnhxn.png)

With every bit of extra information we get, I'm even less inclined to donate to her fundraiser.
1. You can get leave from IP when you make enough progress - oh wait, you're not actually planning on making progress
2. There is this magical thing called voluntary inpatient treatment
3. Your day is what you make it. Sure, IP doesn't offer interesting activities but you can take initiative and find productive uses for your time
4. The only reason her treatment has been entirely weight focused is because she is non-compliant and refuses to participate in therapy.

No. 1307019

The thing about hot meals was a joke/expression btw

No. 1307041

learn to sage, don’t be a retard

No. 1307043

File: 1629750391768.png (4.56 MB, 828x1792, 111C6750-A323-4368-B914-81F724…)

dora’s daddy is paying for her to go to oxford….brookes. kek. bet that stings

No. 1307046


Don’t worry lil spoop I got it.
Has Han finally decided to commit to recovery or is she trying to worm her way out of another EDU stay? I would be amazed if the Orri would take her with her BMI, needing her mother with her at all times, the amount she self harms leading to police intervention (which she states is due to s/h and not ed reasons…) - that is a LOT of risk to manage in an outpatient setting even if it was just therapy with no nutritional change. Now imagine therapy + adding food into the diet and increasing meal plan + weight. Sounds like a very expensive disaster to me.

No. 1307051

thats what im thinking. this scumbag is trying to get away from another ip admission. with orri she wd get to go home and use all her behaviors and be with her mummy. I dont think orri wd accept her with her bmi. they will reffer her back to inpatient

No. 1307068

Imagine being given that cash and wasting it on a clinic. With £30k you could have a p epic holiday. She doesn't want help. Give it to a Make A Wish charity or something.

No. 1307074


I doubt she will raise 30k. It’s not going up much atm anyway. So what happens if she raises 5k in about 3 months?
She’d be much better doing physical stabilisation in hospital, pulling her finger out of her arse and committing to recovery so when she is released she is ready to recover rather than back at square -100.
But she will literally give up and refuses to admit that it is a choice to do so. So much preaching now that ‘mental illnesses are not a choice’ - no, but recovery IS. And despite all her complaining, a lot of people in the uk recover with little to no support. At least in hospital she can talk to nurses sometimes, other patients, have prn, some therapy groups even if it’s 1-2 per week.

No. 1307079

Exactly - in regards to people recovering without support, look at people like Ro and Mary who are doing well even though they probably have far less support than they had in the past. With 30k, or even a fraction of that, you'd be able to pay for excellent therapy, a private dietician, lots of expensive food challenges and so on.

No. 1307089

She’s been crying for weeks for not getting enough money from student loan so she had to get a job during the summer omg not her having to live like the majority of people :O but anyway I found it disgusting her complaining about not getting enough financial assistance while her family are VERY well off heck her dad was an Olympic team medical doctor. Student financial assistance is intending for those from underrepresented backgrounds and helping them overcome the financial barrier to attending uni not so Dora can spend more money on far too oversized men’s hoodies

No. 1307095

File: 1629755311725.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1170x2093, 66510C9B-CEC2-407C-8BCF-67B5D2…)

Point proven

No. 1307097

File: 1629755570961.jpeg (77.56 KB, 411x585, 346AED6C-A086-4552-9851-FD2B82…)

Meanwhile, Imogen continues to flaunt her tiny body and no response to Tilly, who has now been admitted to a psych ward

No. 1307101

How many times has she reused this photo now?
(Btw for anyone wondering, Tilly was admitted for drug induced psychosis not anorexia)

No. 1307154

File: 1629761114927.png (2.43 MB, 838x1455, im_skinnyshadow.PNG)

you forgot to mention that even her shadow is a subtle bodycheck/"recovery" flex.
i wonder how many bowls of cereal she "ate" this morning? 12? 15?

No. 1307163

File: 1629761767906.png (2.15 MB, 822x1479, im_skating.PNG)

samefag, another shadow pic but thats not why im sharing this. its the fact that shes preaching "rest = self preservation", while clearly she is outside rollerskating as exercise…

this image truly sums up what a hypocrite fucking cow she is!

No. 1307173

its like shes trying to be korey

No. 1307196

Sorry this is extremely OT but Amerifag who knew someone who said they went to Oxford but actually went to Oxford Brooks and I could never figure out what that meant. Is it like saying you go to Columbia College in Missouri and trying to get people to believe it’s the Ivy League Columbia University?

No. 1307201

Basically yeah

No. 1307207

yeah oxford uni is “oxford”, you know? oxford brookes is like the shitty knockoff

No. 1307231

Yeah this is just Dora wanting the expensive private hospital. There are definitely day hospital treatment programs in the UK and you don't have to travel to other cities to find them most of the time.

No. 1307242

it's hannah not dora but yes correct

No. 1307383

I watched Ro's eating followers' fear foods video from 6 months ago and it was just like watching Ham but way less annoying and with healthier foods.

No. 1307405

There are quite a lot of facilities run by the NHS in Britain. But they're obviously not good™ enough for our precious snowflake.
You just cannot treat someone like that.

No. 1307411

IF hxn somehow gets a place at Orri, she’d still have to change so many things that she’s not comfortable changing. It’s going to be so hard for her and if she gives up, she’ll be able to say “see I tried everything and nothing works I’m incurable”. She can’t get better if she can’t deal with the attachment issues with her mum. She can’t get better if she keeps restricting herself to ridiculous rules and blaming others for not helping her change them the way she wants. She needs to put her hands up and say “I need to use the help and stop this” instead of thinking she’s the only anorexic in the world who thinks and feels the way she does and requires treatment that no one else does. IP is traumatic as hell. Being forced to quit behaviours that you’ve relied on for years is hell. Making attachments healthy is hell. She can’t keep waiting for it become easier before changing because it won’t. That’s life. Sorry for the rant but long story short: 30k won’t change her mindset.

No. 1307417

Well put, anon.

And no amount of money in the world will reverse the damage that she already did to her body.

No. 1307422

File: 1629797813399.png (219.52 KB, 285x313, Screenshot_2021-08-24 Help Han…)

Just in case you wanted to see the progress or just her sour, stupid fuckface:

No. 1307431

£215 so far

No. 1307455


Don’t know exactly how this works but can’t you sometimes get nhs funding for private treatment? I see people talking about getting funding approved a fair amount.
This go fund me isn’t going to go anywhere unless it attracts press attention. She needs a good daily Mail article or something (which of course will focus strongly on how the nhs has failed her and is not fit for purpose).

No. 1307458

She already spent ages in a priory which is private

No. 1307476


So has already benefitted from private care (although I suspect this was paid for by the nhs, a lot of people in priories are) but this time it’s different…

No. 1307508

Can she even access the private care until she has the full £30k? She could be done with her perfectly fine NHS treatment by then (not that I think she'll get to the money goal) unless she's going to half arse the treatment she has now, 'relapse' and blame it all on the NHS. Then probably cry because there's no way she's going to get £30k. Anyway isn't she a fabulous actress with a well off family why can she just pay for it herself? This all reeks of a middle/upper class spoilt girl paddy

No. 1307510

I don’t think you can say she benefitted from her 500 months in the priory (entirely her own fault though)

No. 1307540

The Priory also take NHS patients.

No. 1307541

Sorry, missed this >>1307476 (blurred eyes), but yeah, I think her stay at the Priory would've been NHS.

No. 1307557

File: 1629823324995.png (1.42 MB, 1466x739, pencilneck pizzuh.png)

No cheese pizza. The go to pizza for the non vegan.

No. 1307559

Broccoli and aubergine on a… pizza? Oh Nik

No. 1307600

sure thing, Nik, if this has nothing to do with your ED, why do you keep talking about your ED… and besides that, the pizza looks ugly

No. 1307605


Pizza time! And by the way guys, it’s a total coincidence that this pizza is just a load of vegetables on bread, totally not an ED thing.

Nik just not feeling up to a video binge today? I guess he’ll the four cheese pizza next time he needs to do a food challenge/b/p sesh

No. 1307606

You know nik, you wouldn’t have to justify your disordered eating habits if you just didn’t post this shit on your RECOVERY focused IG account. But hey how would he get asspats, I guess?

No. 1307609

I'd be less harsh on his cheeseless pizza (they don't use vegan cheese?) if he'd ordered something else to compensate, like garlic bread or a side of whatever they do at pizza places in Germany.

No. 1307617

There are no sides to pizza. It's vegetables on bread, that's literally an entire meal. There's also corn which is one of the more calorie dense vegetables. And the crust looks really thick, that's gotta be around 1000 calories (I'm horrible at guessing though). In theory this would be a fine thing for someone recovering from an ed to post.

With that being said, I doubt he kept the pizza down. The fact that it looks fucking disgusting and extremely plain was probably a huge plus for him.

No. 1307626

Sage for autism but this is the kind of shit that makes people think vegan food is bland and boring. Throw some mock meat or vegan cheese on that and it would be a whole different story.

But I guess that's what being a true spoop makes you do; choosing the most flavorless foods because they're lower in calories. Can't imagine that thing tasting too good coming back up though kek

No. 1307628

There may be corn on it, but not enough to contain a significant amount of calories.
In my opinion, this is not so much disordered because of the calorie count, but because it was undoubtedly the lowest option on the menu. It may be 'enough' but healthy or truly recovering people will choose what they like the most when spending £10+ on a meal.

No. 1307635

>I doubt he kept the pizza down
This is how I see all his food pics. Things to purge. His lips look all cracked as well.

If he did keep down what he eats in a day, it's not even enough to keep a healthy weight adult going.

No. 1307639

File: 1629830989099.jpg (41.61 KB, 390x516, Capture.JPG)

No, Ham, strawberry fizzy pencils don't count as your one of your five a day.

No. 1307644

File: 1629831089793.jpg (5.35 KB, 225x225, winky.jpg)

No. 1307660

ha ha ha proper made me laugh

No. 1307682


You could not sound more anorexic ‘vegetables on bread is a meal’ ‘it’s ok because he has corn which is a calorie dense vegetable’
- can you not see how disordered it is to go out for pizza which usually means meat, cheese - fine if your vegetarian or vegan to not get those things, but I’ve seen vegan pizzas and they look good. This literally looks like someone has taken pizza dough, put two or three safe foods on, and pretended it’s a ‘win’ and TOTALLY not disordered because that’s what a non-Ed mind would chose anyway. I’ve eaten pizza with a lot of non-disordered vegans and I don’t think any of them would be happy with this. It looks disgusting.

No. 1307699

not gonna lie most vegan cheeses suck because they taste of plastic but anyway he's not vegan is he??

No. 1307706

File: 1629835710614.png (243.7 KB, 596x1434, ghvh.png)

Still not sure if this fits the thread well, but anyone here know about the "Skinny Gossip" forum's admin? The whole website seems creepy (I once lurked there and read some weird shit from mods/admins), but knowing it's run by an actual anorexia fetishist scrote, and that there are at least some actual women posting there regularly knowing that is pretty sickening. The softcore porn requirement is disgusting, too.

No. 1307707

"The fact that I'm talking about MY EATING DISORDER all the time has got nothing to do with MY EATING DISORDER".

Says the man, continuously photographing himself holding some food.

No. 1307717

He doesn't seem like a fetishist, just like somebody with a preference for thin girls. It's weird when you make any preference known public. On the pedo allegations, he's not the one who receives the photos: the site owner, FashionThin does.

It's not creepy to send a model scout (what FashionThin's job is) a fully clothed photo of your full body.

If you don't feel comfortable, simply don't do it. Nobody is forcing you to. I think people blew this way out of proportion because they were angry they weren't spoopy enough to get in.

No. 1307720

File: 1629837349493.jpg (349.33 KB, 720x1465, Screenshot_20210824-010909_Ins…)

coffee or… milk?

No. 1307722

anon he runs a site for disordered teen girls and "has a preference for thin girls" so its not a fetish? why are trying to defend this scrotes fetish so bad

No. 1307726

according to some vegans I know we have quite tasty pizza with vegan cheese in Germany. Even some frozen vegan pizza seems to be very good. Never tried it, so can't say if it's true, but he isn't a fan of cheese, so why try vegan cheese?…
I also know some vegans with an ED, they wouldn't eat that stuff, if they go for pizza, then the whole deal.
The picture alone would have been okay, but the whole text justifying his choice makes it so disordered, you can't ignore that. And no, he is not vegan, but it would that would be perfect, he wouldn't have to write long texts, just "I'm vegan" and everyone would understand and admire him.

No. 1307729

I'm not defending anything, the site is not for disordered teen girls, it's for women who want to be healthy and skinny. If you looked at it past what's seen on Twitter, you'd understand. I don't see anything wrong with it, but maybe that's because I'm thinking of it from a modeling perspective. There's nothing wrong with thinking young Chanel Iman or baby Vlada are beautiful. They were. There just seems to be a double standard when it comes to men appreciating the thin aesthetic.
The admins on the site actually ban members who have eating disorders and aren't actively trying to get better. Eating disorders are very scarcely discussed on the site. I know that it might be hard to think of another world outside spoop and edtwt, but it is possible to want to be skinny and not be anorexic. Believe it or not, there is a world outside of ed Twitter

No. 1307733

>There just seems to be a double standard when it comes to men appreciating the thin aesthetic.
we get it you want to suck his dick, fuck off back to your "modeling" sites

No. 1307734

n1curr go suck some scrote you tard

No. 1307736

Sure, as long as you stay on ed Twitter where you cry about a piece of bread

No. 1307738

File: 1629838262381.jpeg (194.77 KB, 1026x1463, E9QeQyAXEAEDtVt.jpeg)

>the site is not for disordered teen girls
You have to below 18 BMI (and IIRC they accept people of all ages, not just adults) but you can't have an ED? Stop delusionposting lol, they're trying to cover their asses and tell users not to explicitly say they have an ED so that no one blames their site when one of the anaposters dies.
Imagine worshiping some scrote who calls himself The Bullcock and said a child model had dick-sucking lips.
Also, the bitch is fat and you know it. "Maybe it's because mine sucks" lmaooo.

No. 1307739

>self denial
gross, men cant hide the fact that they love seeing women in pain

No. 1307742

You're not accepted, so you wouldn't understand. The people on there can have EDs as long as they're not actively being destructive. It's possible to be skinny without being disordered, anon! I know it's hard to conceptualize when you willingly surround yourself with ed twitter wannabe spoops, but that's what the real world is.

You clearly know nothing about the modeling world and I don't blame you for it.

I would send screenshots from the site to prove my point, but I respect user privacy. Maybe next time they open up applications, you can try to get in. It's seriously not as bad as the jealous edtwt fags make it out to be.

No. 1307744

File: 1629838701297.jpg (55.61 KB, 1100x618, neildegrasse.jpg)

woah hold on ladies! we've got a real spoop modelchan! no1currs about your scrotes site and his fetish for women starving themselves

No. 1307746

File: 1629838917752.png (34.13 KB, 330x225, B39BEF70-0616-46F9-822C-DF82FE…)

No. 1307747

So act like it!
This cope is hilarious.

No. 1307749

no1curr as in nobody envies sending their nudes to a man for him to jack off so they can larp being a model, we know your life revolves around scrotes attention but people arent impressed on the farms

No. 1307750

File: 1629839137476.jpeg (41.72 KB, 600x315, rFtfbTL.jpeg)

Yeah, the real world is totally about sucking obese, decaying pedoscrote dick and writing long posts about how much you love them. Very glamorous model shit.
Former members have trashed the community, too. All this shit is just so ugly. Even the ED "wannabe spoops" and MPA members are less embarrassing.
>The Bullcock, gracefully scrolling through his folder of anorexia porn lovingly curated by the mentally ill ana-chan users on his forum, then jacking off to the latest essay sent to him by an 18 year old wannabe model who desperately doesn't want to get kicked off the site (she will soon be banned because she made a VIP member jealous that one time, and her body check didn't show enough of her belly-button. Shame.)

No. 1307754

go back to chatting shit about Gigi Hadid's weight on your home turf.

No. 1307757

Sure, the modelling world, the girls that died, because they were 1 cm too big, the women that quit, because they wanted to live healthy, all the women that are nothing more than a clothing rack. Without the money most girls wouldn't care to ever become a model.

This has nothing today with jealousy and every MPA tells you the same stuff about MPA like you tell us about Skinny Gossip now "It's not so bad, you are all just jealous, blabla".

No. 1307761

You're autistic and you don't read I see! Here's a crash course.
1. TB (male site manager) doesn't receive the images, FT (female model scout) does.
2. I was fully clothed in the picture I sent in, I was wearing a hoodie and jeans IIRC.

So once again, the cope is hilarious!

No. 1307762

Go back to crying about gaining 0.1 kg on yours.

No. 1307763

Sure he doesn't. Sure he never gets to see them. Denial.

No. 1307764

MPA isn't bad at all, they're not even pro-ana. I'm convinced you people seriously cannot do your own research. Wanna know bad? Check out ED Discord.

No. 1307765

Maybe he does, but at the same time I don't care if he does? Why would I care about somebody seeing me in a hoodie and jeans? It's something I'd post on my insta.

No. 1307766

nobody here is surrounding themselves with proana shit like you spoop-chan, this is humiliating at this point and you've already defended your "i admire the self denial these young women have" scrote. so why continue?

No. 1307767

Because I am unimaginably bored, and this is quite entertaining. Keep the copes coming.

No. 1307769

You also don't care that he's an ED fetishist and a nonce with no willpower or self-restraint of his own. There's no way to defend that, so I don't see why you're trying. It's sad.

No. 1307770

Why do you assume that people don't know what they are talking about, some of us might even have a MPA account or have been on pro ana sites before you were even born.
Go back to your oh so healthy Skinny Gossip site, while you browse hardcore ED discord.

No. 1307771

I'm not defending him at all, all I do is share my thoughts. I'm never "for" or "against" anything. I think that's a dumb thing to be as it shrouds the truth.

I think it's embarrassing to share your sexual preferences online, no matter what they are, but I don't think he fetishizes anorexia either.

No. 1307773

entertaining yourself by defending scrotes and larping as a model on a Mongolian flute carving board?, get a life kek

No. 1307774

I never said or even implied I was a model, just that I know about the world. I'm again, not defending him. You wish I was, as it would be easy for you to be "against" me, as you're the type to be for/against things.

Either way, ED discussion boards are always funny to me. They all act exactly the same way and seem to be oblivious to it. Get back on topic though, surely I can't be this interesting. Go back to shitting on those struggling with mental illness to stroke your own spoop cock. You're not any better than the people you feel like you have the authority to talk down on.

No. 1307776

you have to be below 18 bmi to be accepted. that says it all. now shut the fuck up bone rattler

No. 1307778

>shitting on struggling people
the whole thread is about larpers nonita, which one is you?, im sure ham struggles a lot scarfing down her third biscoff

No. 1307779

>I'm not defending him at all,
>There just seems to be a double standard when it comes to men appreciating the thin aesthetic.

No. 1307780

Get back on topic. I'll just keep responding as long as it's about me. Embarrass me by ignoring me or something.

You need to be underweight to be accepted, yes. I'm not sure why that's an issue? The site wasn't even his to start off with.

It began with "SG" ("Skinny" Gurl) who invited her boyfriend (TB) to help her incompetent ass with code and such. She transferred ownership to FT, and TB just stayed to help with technical stuff. The site is run by women, you have no clue what you're talking about and yet you speak nonsense like it's fact.

No. 1307782

>I'm never "for" or "against" anything
easy way of living, always just in between, never having to decide which side to take, even though there might be a side you truly can't support

Well, I'm done, I've been on that Skinny Gossip forum before and there are enough as disordered as on other ED websites.
And sure, designers love skinny girls without boobs and hips, makes it easier to construct the pattern and believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

No. 1307783

the fact that you're not sure why that's an issue, again, says it all.

No. 1307784

I'm not talking about the larpers kek
I'm talking about the ones like ganer or nourish or zara who seem to actually be struggling with something nefarious.

No. 1307785

File: 1629841372280.jpeg (117.02 KB, 704x1024, do.jpeg)

How is this not on-topic? The thread is called "Pro-Ana Scumbags". Female cuckquean lets her tubby scrote coder boyfriend establish a persona on her ana forum and call himself "The Bullcock" as he rates girls and women's bodies, demands they provide him with softcore porn and shower him with worship posts, talks about his sexual exploits, etc.
If this is really "Skinny Gurl", I'm gonna die laughing.

No. 1307786

My point is I don't take sides. There's always valid and invalid points on either side of an argument. In fact, I've actually agreed with some of the things that would argue against SG, but since nobody knows how to argue effectively when everything's anonymous, the situation is already far too polarized for anyone to come to an agreement.

The people who are anti-SG have never been on it and are just taking their info from twitter (from people who have also not been on it kek)

Once again, keep talking to me and I'll keep responding. I'm not the topic at hand here, and I'm not sure why I'm so interesting to you lot.

No. 1307787

1. I'm not the topic
2. The site isn't pro-ana kek
3. You have no clue what you're talking about because you can't be accepted

No. 1307788

No one said you were the topic, and it obviously is.
>can't be accepted
Kek, I never applied, and all this shit is coming from people from the site. It's trash and you're pathetic for worshiping a fat neckbearrd, get over it.

No. 1307789

How many times do you want to reiterate to people 'you cant be accepted'? No one's jealous of your pathetic little starving club. And your attempt at being diplomatic comes across as idiotic and performative, not nuanced like you think it does.

No. 1307790

skinny gurl-chan, if you’re going to kek can you not redditspace to make it a little more convincing

No. 1307792

I'm just wondering why you're all talking about me non-stop. Even I'm bored, so peace.

No. 1307793

Can we stop with the SG discussion? it is really shitting up the thread and we're not going to come to any conclusion with it. In other minor news, Hxn has raised another £20 today and is now at £225. Just £29,775 to go!

No. 1307794

Must be because you're so damn interesting, right? You write just like a 00s pro ana skank. Off you scuttle.

No. 1307795

Seriously, the "You can't be accepted!!" is like some kind of thirsty reverse psychology she learned from the groomer himself because they're running low on fresh meat.
If you need validation that you're acceptably skinny from an average-sized woman and her fat scrote boyfriend, I don't know what to tell you.

No. 1307797

>the people who are anti-SG have never been on it
you wish, girl, you wish

and I'm back to doing my other boring stuff now, kek

No. 1307799

get a fucking room and stop shitting up the thread

No. 1307811

File: 1629843296824.png (29.41 KB, 890x357, 1628726246304.png)

Bringing this over from both the Lucinda and Carrd Cringe thread, since she doesn't really need her own thread herself.
Possibly new EDtwt cow, she had her own thread before that's now locked >>60883 , genuinely is under the delusion that she doesn't need to eat, and that food is corrupted filth because she's a psychic vampire that was revived by angels after she overdosed.

No. 1307812

autists, begone. this thread is a mess enough without arguing about other websites and shitting it up

No. 1307813

samefag, oops, didn't think about cross board thread linking, meant to link over to >>>/w/60883

No. 1307816

File: 1629843795307.jpg (26 KB, 500x333, veganella.jpg)

"It was offered" Where you in an altar or something? I made vegan pizzas for some of my eco friendly frens, vegan cheese is basically very much some potatoes and olive oil well mixed, with some salt and pepper. It will melt very nice, but I guess he doesn't want those calories, fats and carbs around his meal. Gee I wonder why, it literally takes some minutes to boil the potatos and a couple more to mix all in. Super easy.

No. 1307826

>The people on there can have EDs
>as long as they're not actively being destructive
The fucking levels of starvation induced brainrot

No. 1307833

Cheese is one of those items that just can't ever be anywhere near as nice as the real deal.

I missed the hoodie girl sperg. Of she's still here, let me tell you The Bollock likes skinny women because their dainty hands make his microdick look bigger. Oh, and really, you're I'm so embarrassed for you.

No. 1307836

Oh now I'm so embarrassed about my autocorrects.

Plot twist, hoodie girl is Ham.

No. 1307838


No. 1307845

File: 1629846772215.jpeg (187.23 KB, 750x1334, 93F52D0E-1CBB-4FA6-998F-F73BD4…)

Ham recruiting for her method of recovery. Stay tuned, it will be the next HamMaud method. Add a desert per day per kg you need to gain.

No. 1307849

Yay! She recruited a binger! Ahhh BIG HUGS

No. 1307855

Hopefully she just turns into a HAES page soon, three desserts isn’t recovery jeez

No. 1307866

and gaining weight as fast as possible won't fuck with you mentally ill mind, sure.
Damn, 3 desserts and snacks, if you keep that up and it doesn't feel comfortable, you might get another eating disorder, binge eating.

No. 1307872

File: 1629849822968.jpeg (598.49 KB, 750x1332, E49A8181-D8E0-4597-8451-ED1B16…)

lol this immature little bitch

No. 1307874

File: 1629849918312.jpeg (580.28 KB, 750x1326, 2C3A9804-2409-4175-9910-E0E47B…)

next story slide. i don’t even know what to say at this point except she is unbelievably pathetic

No. 1307878

File: 1629850120792.jpg (190.62 KB, 720x1007, 20210824_180601.jpg)

Clinical Psychologist posts… Hope all these anas coming to the board take a hint

No. 1307881


came here to post it as well.
poor cece lost the ability to drink her boujee coffee. oh no, no one saw that coming

No. 1307886

Can’t wait for the toob pics… insurance must be hating it. Wait til she blames the new staff member with her arm sized thighs for a “relapse”

No. 1307890

I understand when you post a major step in your recovery, like 1 year or so, but everything else is what the post says, just another reason to show how unwell you still are or how unwell you were. I really wish all these recovery accounts would notice that they are doing more harm than helping anyone.

exactly what I was thinking, it will be that one thin staff member and she will be the reason for her step backwards. Also, she could tell everything online, she might even had her Starbucks day, but it looks better if she is still so sick and fragile…

No. 1307892

>is under the delusion that she doesn't need to eat, and that food is corrupted filth
>bmi is like 17-18


No. 1307894

atleast she isnt gunning for a toob kek

No. 1307898

Oh she definitely is, but she’s not IP any more so it probably is harder to get. Or they’ve told her if she’s non compliant to the point of needing a tube again she’s getting kicked out. No tube and residential is better than being discharged, she can’t play sickest lil snowflake ever at home and she definitely doesn’t warrant a higher level of care.

No. 1307904

imo this is just a prelude for her to post in a few days that she wasn't able to eat enough and had to get tubed again

No. 1307907

Anon please don’t tell me you’re an edtwt user. the girls in that screenshot could be this thread’s cows themselves.

No. 1307911

this cow has never talked about being tubed though

No. 1307922

oops, sorry, I'm an idiot and thought that comment was about Cecelia

No. 1307943

16 hours later just £10 more. I think most of her followers know this isn't her do-or-die chance. It'll just be another attempt that fails.

No. 1307947

STARBUCKS privileges? What is this? A hospital for WHITE LADIES?

No. 1307966

No. 1307985

She having dessert with breakfast too? Sounds a bit excessive, not trying to be bone rattley here, just think that you should eat proper food instead of desserts for weight gain.

No. 1307988

Someone called this earlier. Damn she is so predictable

No. 1308049

wats her insta cause gigameki doesnt get anything

No. 1308060


Please tell me that’s a zoolander reference… I just want Cecelia now to do the ‘white woman’s Instagram’ challenge but IP style…
Starbucks privileges… Ng tube pics… wardrobe decorated with Demi lovato quotes…

No. 1308064


Again so passive - “once again I’ve been called non-compliant” - well Cecelia did you comply? How about ‘once again I stopped eating my meal plan?’ ‘Once again I realised I was about to be discharged so I manipulated the system?’
People are out there dying from an ED and her ‘consequence’ and sitting there staring at her empty hand that should have a Starbucks cup in.

No. 1308068

File: 1629882625271.jpeg (149.83 KB, 750x1200, FBB58B95-67EF-4092-BC1E-131BE5…)

Does anyone else hate her daily positives? By mentioning completing breakfast she is just flexing the fact she didn’t finish her other meals and snacks. Especially pathetic because she is clearly not leaving a lot of food, just enough for the coveted non compliant label.

No. 1308069

I'm not even sure if I believe her her "am not compliant" bullshit. It might be that she is eating what she gets served and just makes a fuss on Instagram so no one can say that she is cured at this point.

No. 1308071

AYRT. Of course it's a Zoolander reference.

Cecelia is already peak white woman Instagram, with her tastefully decorated apartment and curated food pictures.

No. 1308089

>Does anyone else hate her daily positives?

Yep.They should be written in a private journal, not posted on insta. Nobody fucking cares about her fucking overalls.

No. 1308099

File: 1629891788019.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210825-134107_Ins…)

The way she lines up her ingredients in the back gives me N2F vibes. Her page might be headed down a similar path if she keeps this up.

No. 1308103

File: 1629892305719.jpg (145.64 KB, 1215x834, Capture.JPG)

The off brand products as well. Definitely lifted this from N2F. She's just a pastiche of the popular recovery channel girls.

This chunk keeps tagging Ham, ha.

No. 1308104

wat is it with recovery queens putting all manners of shit on their oats, spose doin it for the gram

No. 1308107

Cinnamon. It's always fucking cinnamon.

No. 1308123

if I were in recovery from anorexia that would frighten the hell out of me and I'm amazed how fast Ham was able to heal her brain from her very serious, deadly illness. She truly is the recovery queen.

No. 1308129

The chocolate bar on top of porridge is very n2f esque

No. 1308141


Every time she realises it’s a bit too fast she releases another video of her crying over a made up fear food… give it a month and she’ll be crying over porridge or biscoff

No. 1308145

File: 1629895594463.jpeg (335.21 KB, 750x1029, 04CB5457-F2F1-41B5-8C53-4F7CEB…)

Hxn asking for tells but replying to even nice ones (like ‘if you can show you’re ok you’ll get to go home sooner’) with ‘BS’.
Anyway pretty sure this is her way of giving us a shoutout. Glad we could keep you entertained Hxn. Maybe tone down the defensiveness and actually consider what people are saying?

No. 1308146

I'm still waiting for her video crying over something like broccoli as her fear food.

No. 1308148

She always needs to be the helpless victim, doesn’t she? Has anyone been IP with her and if so can you comment on whether she had the opportunity to go to groups or therapy?

No. 1308153

The nicer unit comment probably refers to the 136 suite of the ability to be lower down a waiting list/ less urgently need a bed. If you don’t need to wait for the first available space to come up they will try far harder to get you into your nearest unit.

No. 1308170

File: 1629898336898.jpeg (666.04 KB, 828x1176, 8A5159AB-AB56-4142-A98E-603B79…)

> flowed

No. 1308172

anna ffs

No. 1308173

is she trying to imply she has lanugo? Because it is commonly known was ‘peach fuzz’.

No. 1308180


I mean there’s dyslexia and there’s that… she’s just losing the ability to speak now

No. 1308182


People have said before to her that she should go to Ellern Mede which is private but you can go in NHS iirc? Which obviously she said a big fat no to. But I think that is what that tell was getting at, if she’d accepted an ip place when it was less urgent they could have put her on the waiting list for one like that rather than just next available one.

No. 1308188


You know what I think I’m thinking too much into this. Maybe she thinks peaches are just pushed into the ocean in Greece and flow across to the UK.

No. 1308197

Pretty sure she’s shooped abs on in the first photo of this post. They don’t look real and if you look at her latest reel they aren’t there…

No. 1308200

File: 1629900598343.jpeg (515.61 KB, 750x875, 8ED2F0B4-445F-498C-A2FA-84E838…)

No. 1308201

File: 1629900695267.jpeg (410.93 KB, 750x1023, 81B28C15-6F55-4BAB-8248-E17539…)

Ok Anna… you don’t get abs in a week, I thought you were meant to be good at science

No. 1308202

File: 1629900762920.jpeg (480.53 KB, 750x1171, C95894E4-ED7A-47CA-AD77-CDF7D7…)

No. 1308205

her hair colour is different in the first one, but i can say that they do look photoshopped af

No. 1308207

To be fair her hair was wet from the sea so maybe that’s why it looks different. It just annoys me because she’s preaching such a fake recovery

No. 1308210

I agree. If you zoom in it’s just not right, they look all blended and strange. So embarrassing because clearly her sister follows her and is going to be thinking why tf has she done this. She needs to get a life, preaching about how body shape doesn’t matter and then shooping abs. Pathetic

No. 1308213

File: 1629901531589.jpeg (514.85 KB, 750x758, 6F08E322-4D3E-4095-921A-95CDC0…)

This came up on my explore feed from a chef’s page - I legit think this is what Ham thinks her porridge looks like.

No. 1308218

I agree they do look strange. I’m shit at photoshop - but I think they would be more prominent in the sea photo because she’s leaning forward so flexing them, the others photos she’s standing straight so they wouldn’t be as activated.
Idk I also thought she’d shooped her thighs like she did before but her whole body outline looks a bit strange so maybe it’s just a low quality photo?

No. 1308219

The only girls I know with abs that toned are national-level athletes - not a body you’d be able to sustain while in bed most days because of muh MCAS

No. 1308226

I think she has abs, but I guess she used something like the burn tool from Gimp to make the contrast more visible, therefore it just looks fake.
Wouldn't it be nice if all of us had so little problems in life that we would need to photoshop our holiday pictures instead of just enjoying being on holiday, again, while your whole life is a holiday.

No. 1308231

Calling a fakey fake.

Real muscles need a lot of calories, if you want to build and maintain them.

So no fucking way she didn't shoop this.

No. 1308234

difference being, N2F’s food is high protein and she works out a lot. Ham’s food is high carb and she does … nothing

No. 1308249

did we learn why she was sectioned this time?
didnt she post a story few weeks ago celebrating a year hospital free or?

No. 1308254


Yup she said she was 136’d I think because of SH but then put on a s3 because of her ED - low glucose and low white cells

No. 1308269

is ham incapable of eating fruit unless it’s coated in chocolate?

No. 1308285

File: 1629909577300.jpeg (91.45 KB, 828x462, 565F03EF-8A0F-4CD6-B994-4C2C8A…)

Kek ok Han

No. 1308286


So drink your fucking ensures then

No. 1308289

Pleased to see more and more people are calling her out for her bullshit

No. 1308290

File: 1629910129817.jpeg (824.34 KB, 828x1447, 2070B651-5D9F-4346-8BBC-633538…)

embrace yourself. noodle pics are coming

No. 1308298

It’s so wild to me as an American that severely ill people are just able to leave and go out whenever they request? They didn’t even let us walk or go to the bathroom unsupervised.

No. 1308301

File: 1629911688439.jpeg (118.52 KB, 828x603, 0C31E8F1-AB23-4E16-BE90-681471…)

Hypocrisy at its finest

No. 1308303


I mean, you can't. Even if it wasn't for Covid Hxn would not be allowed out on leave. Categorically. So I dunno what she's complaining out. It kind of comes with the territory - she's just been sectioned and is apparently (and undoubtably) very unwell. No consultant in the UK would grant this person leave.

No. 1308306

tbf, most IP units in the uk don't let you got for walks or to the bathroom unsupervised - at least initially. seriously though, the reason she's been denied leave is probably far more to do with ith the fact that they know damn well she'll have to have police intervention within a few hours - nothing to do wihh covid! easier to keep her in hospital than waste police time,and she undoubtedly knows that's the reason. just gotta find an excuse to post a photo of herself with her toob.

No. 1308307

i don't know her and wasn't there at the same time as her, but i have been to one of the units she mentions frequently, not long before she was there, and i guarantee she had access to therapy and groups.

No. 1308316

Now you wait just a second anon, cinnamon on oats is godly TwT

No. 1308318

she's set on having treatment at Orri, presumably because she's read that they don't focus on calories or food or enforce rules - but their dietitian previously worked at a different unit, and she's no pushover. i think han's gonna be surprised that she can't manipulate them and refuse to eat.

also, Orri do online day patient treatment for those who live out of area, so why is she trying to raise so much money claiming that her mum would have to accompany her when she could engage in the treatment sat at home and presumably pay less? i guess that wouldn't be conducive in terms of creating dramatic poor-me stories.

No. 1308336

She’s eaten enough to reach a healthy weight. I have no clue why she thinks lying about being labeled noncompliant is believable

No. 1308353


As far as I know in EDUs you are supervised to the hilt - not allowed to use the bathroom or anything for quite a while.
In acute psych if you’re informal (not sectioned) you can technically leave whenever you want, but if you’re at risk and try to they can slap a section on you pretty quickly.
If you’re sectioned then they usually give you leave but definitely not straight away, usually like 30 mins once a day then building up to a few hours. Mainly to test how you are outside before being discharged.
Han would definitely not have any leave because there is always a risk of the patient absconding. And like anon said she’s been sectioned because of the risk to her physical health. Tbh in the last couple of weeks when she’s started declining I think she’s just become more delusional. Maybe once she gets some feeds in her head will screw back on.

No. 1308375

File: 1629917178973.jpeg (860.33 KB, 828x1564, 018D2C74-00FD-4880-BF64-90054F…)

has this one ever been metioned before?
is she fake crying over an apple?

No. 1308377

because literally begging people to donate thousands to fund her treatment isn't enough, han is now begging people to send her gifts?!

No. 1308380

I was at a unit with the dietician that’s now at Orri and luckily I was compliant so we got on, but she is one stern woman! Hxn might think she could get away with things, but that dietician puts up with zero shit

No. 1308382


She hasn’t even put the right address.

No. 1308385

File: 1629917958255.gif (990.87 KB, 500x262, WAHWAHWAH.gif)


Cecelia is possibly one of the oldER people in the clinic, yet she's giving me vibes of Brittany from THIN. Brattier than the young brats. I just waaant to be thiiiin.

Sounds like a shitty thing to say, but she needs to get a new relationship if the only thing that kept her from all this business was having a long term girlfriend.

I should grow up, I know, but this looks like she's giving the Invisible Man a hand job. (Yes, he's well hung).

No. 1308387

yeah, exactly this! two of the therapists used to work there too! the dietitian was pretty scary when she wanted to be, and incredibly stern. she may not talk calories, but she won't put up with hxn's shit!

No. 1308388

Was she not up to this shit when she was in a relationship?

No. 1308389


You can’t say that, she’ll want hand jobs banned from Instagram

No. 1308397

Is it bad that I want Han to get into Orri just to see her face when the dietitian gives her a reality check?

No. 1308404



No. 1308408

Nice that Anna’s severe and life-threatening anaphylaxis takes a break when it’s time for dessert.
Shhh anon, one’s told Cecelia she’s an adult yet. She thinks she’s still a uwu little girl who deserves asspats any time she doesn’t throw a tantrum.

No. 1308413

Devastated Hxn is locked up again, we could have had a cow crossover.

No. 1308422

File: 1629921315310.jpeg (497.03 KB, 1282x2232, BE0111E0-A388-4E1F-ACE8-66CF7C…)

She has the audacity to ask her followers to fund her private treatment, proving how she isn’t going to bother with the IP bed she has been given, whereas many die before they get lucky enough to access care.

And then asks people to send her a ‘’little something’ or message her if they want to send her something off a wish list…like why not say “if you want to send me something please just donate to the GFM in my bio”.

Honestly she is such a spoilt brat it’s disgusting. She isn’t even making an effort to raise any of the money herself.

No. 1308530

Shes ignoring all tells that has been sent to her about this. Iv sent loads trying to call her out and nothing

No. 1308552

Anna is showing what everyone else is eating. She is eating the peach, barely in the picture. It's bait.

No. 1308585

File: 1629935088460.jpeg (212.07 KB, 828x1409, DD1CE9F3-E34B-4B19-80B6-BDA451…)

Kek is she forgetting shit she said a few days ago?

No. 1308605

File: 1629936767485.jpeg (110.05 KB, 828x540, 4D331BB2-58D9-4794-88E2-E1ED77…)

Love a crossover 1/2

No. 1308607

File: 1629936791483.jpeg (190.43 KB, 828x1472, AEABB528-311D-4EFE-905E-8179FC…)


No. 1308628

It’s because she was using it as a figure of speech when they were being literal.
She looks better at a higher weight. Her face filled out and she looks less like a horse

No. 1308630

File: 1629940329858.jpeg (795.87 KB, 828x1792, 20693A3B-23A3-4608-8BCE-8F1C68…)

i think they’re really pally which is weird to me, zara has this current persona of being “no bullshit” and frequently seems to ~call people out~ on their behaviours, and han is a toxic cow and a half.
also the age gap is a bit off, no? zara’s 16 and han is 20??

No. 1308631

nvm sorry retarded me zara’s 17, still weird friendship tho.

No. 1308632

File: 1629940654889.png (1.36 MB, 828x1792, 94E9089A-526C-4CC6-B92D-BFE303…)

2nd tell down, people are really pumping her for an opinion, she’s not reallt giving one other than a blasé “i wish we didn’t have to pay” .. she seems v childish lately

No. 1308633

aw poor naive anon believing that anna didn’t eat the cake… she did. because she’s fine. kek

No. 1308635


Hxn clearly has a big issue with wanting to remain young. She's admitted it fuels her eating disorder. It's one of the reasons she hates adult IP as she doesn't want to be around actual adults. So being friends with a minor seems part of that.

No. 1308645

File: 1629941652986.jpeg (311.83 KB, 828x1263, BC29A629-0B70-43DA-802D-FDA29A…)

Wonder if she donated… nice chandelier.

No. 1308646

Can someone explain what the fuck her living situation is to me, because all I can gather from her instagram is that for some vague reason she doesn't live with her parents even though she's a minor

No. 1308699

Cecelia strikes me as just unbearable to be in a relationship with.

No. 1308701

wait, she's already in a hospital? And is trying to fundraise private treatment despite already being in an NHS EDU?

No. 1308708

from what shes said before her father owns a flat in the middle of the city that she moved into for a while…? she’s not a minor in scotland tho, and she says she’s moving cities and going to university in a few weeks . daddy is paying for accommodation i assume

No. 1308719

File: 1629950328857.jpeg (735.06 KB, 827x1792, 9C3094A5-C6F5-4973-8BB5-9B6E51…)

slightly unrelated but look at those glands … right?? i’m no medfag but what causes that? she says she’s got a fear of sick / vomit and doesn’t purge. but those glands are massive

No. 1308776

Oh yes - you see, NHS EDUs are not 'specialised' enough to help her, which is why she needs people to pay 30k for her private day patient treatment.

No. 1308785

could just be her tongue

No. 1308786

Some people's glands can swell up like that when they have a cold or seasonal allergies.

No. 1308800

Strikes me as unbearable in general tbh.

No. 1308904

Emstrying should change her name to Nottrying cause it's getting ridiculous. She so pro ana and can't admit it. Keeps arguing that she's totally fine. Whilst also just making sure everyone knows she is super dizzy and failing to accept feeds. Kek. Life aims.

No. 1308913

True dat. She's a truly ugly person on the in- and outside.

No. 1308917

this reeks of vendetta posting.
em has been posted before, shes behaving like a shitty person but is also clearly increasingly mentally ill and probably genuinely retarded, judging by the pictures she’s posted of late.
she has never claimed to be fine, (rather the opposite, her account is full of histrionics and cryptic, dramatic “i can’t do this” / “this is hell” etc etc posts) and to my knowledge is being sent to the glasgow priory at the start of september.

No. 1308931

not to ut out the self post label but does eem like a self post a lot

No. 1308975

File: 1629995095476.jpeg (328.54 KB, 1170x2139, CBF87A1A-E1FD-49ED-A4C1-216D0A…)

Holy fuck Elanzis sister has really dropped pounds. Wonder how it didn’t trigger her to see her sister lose so much weight

No. 1308987

File: 1629996063457.jpg (60.6 KB, 504x740, sj.JPG)

Slenderman posted a What I eat in a day. Seems to prefer to spit and not swallow.

No. 1309005

Just looked at her tiktok, it is almost all weight loss journey content. Good for her for getting healthy but I hope she is doing non-disordered and is being tactful around Elzani.

No. 1309085

File: 1630001915579.jpeg (241.73 KB, 828x1087, 85E969D1-E43A-4E75-A786-9A26E5…)

Finally tubed

No. 1309094

She's lost it at a slower pace than if she was restricting and actually looks healthy. Fuck Elzani. She commented on sis being a fatty in her video. Elzani can move out and get a life if it bothers her.

No. 1309096

She looks awesome. Good for her.

This exactly. The sisters shouldn't have to tip toe around Elzani

No. 1309111

File: 1630003853425.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x2032, 9A08679F-1B65-4241-BCF0-06AA3E…)

Guys I know this subject is so banned but honestly couldn’t help myself her. BPD queen has lost the weight she regained in hospital and in all honesty I think she’s gearing up for inpatient admission number 7 hahahahahah when will this end(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1309115

File: 1630004229641.jpeg (187.56 KB, 1284x674, 157B21E9-EB64-4A0E-BEC2-263E68…)

Don’t come at me I’m not a regular poster but I noticed someone on Edtwt under the name sitara. I’ve been wondering for a while if it was satara but obviously she wouldn’t use her real name. Could be just me being to suspicious but I don’t know. What do you think?

No. 1309119

File: 1630004404876.jpeg (122.61 KB, 740x538, 9A64D02A-BCC6-4FFE-A1BC-9FEBB7…)

Pt 2 - it’s just looks too similar to me. It has to be her!

No. 1309121

nah i dont think she wd use her real name and her pic

No. 1309129

thats not her you absolute mong

No. 1309135

A smart family would be monitoring any weight loss at the house VERY closely. But if they let Elzani reach such levels of starvation until they intervened, we can all be sure they never did anything to make sure Satara's weight loss is healthy.

No. 1309201

File: 1630011132161.jpeg (283.81 KB, 828x1443, 6A39E325-1EAC-4AEA-999F-ECC02A…)

So inspirational

No. 1309208

the amount of peanut butter there jfc

No. 1309210

File: 1630011739456.jpeg (982.5 KB, 828x1521, CE67EBBD-7491-4DCC-B214-D85232…)

whats the second ed? im so confused

No. 1309222


Yes. Satara whose sister is one of the biggest ED influencers in the UK has an ED twt account with her real name and picture. No way will that get back to Elzani AT ALL.

No. 1309223


Some people are excited about going on holiday. Some people are excited about starting a new job or university.
Meanwhile Han is sitting in an EDU excited about having a nurse help with her feeds.

No. 1309225

File: 1630013385645.png (4.99 MB, 750x1334, 80013B0C-F4BD-426B-AB02-FB4DED…)

Ham had porridge with pb and period clots for breakfast

No. 1309237

that doesn't even remotely look like her wtf are you on?

No. 1309238

There was a family on the TV recently that shared their story of their three daughters all developing EDs one after the other. You can know all about EDs, even have one yourself.. but you cannot stop someone from getting one just because you can be 'attentive'

No. 1309239

Oh my Christ anon kek

No. 1309246

I'm sorry but what on earth is this chick consuming on a daily basis to remain this size?

No. 1309253

2 Hams

No. 1309260

File: 1630016350925.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x2074, 10548AE8-C4CA-49B6-81A7-81BCCB…)

What a shocker

No. 1309269

How much more weight does she think she has to gain? She seems to be constantly eating shit all day. And anon, >>1309225 , thanks.I feel less disgusting thinking the same period blob thing.

No. 1309296

Is the screenshot implying she's lost 100lbs? If so, good on her. I think she might be implying she got over BED and developed anorexia?

No. 1309303

I can’t reveal how I’ve gathered this intel without doxxing myself but I’ll share it anyway.

Anna is currently abroad at the moment which I’m sure you’ve seen but now she’s saying she has amenorrhea once again. She’s gotten a referral from her own GP for the best specialist in amenorrhea in the London clinic on Harley street which I doubt will be cheap.

What I don’t understand about this is, isn’t amenorrhea missing periods for at least a few months while she mentioned on live less than a month ago that she had gotten her first period in recovery which was obviously bs. How has she gone from horray it’s back to needed the most expensive UK specialist so fast LMAO

No. 1309308

She's obsessed with periods. This is part of her period obsession. Yes, she's had 3 or 4 regular ones recently.

No. 1309313

i've seen a couple more fat girls on tiktok saying they're in recovery from two eating disorders. maybe they mean binge eating and anorexia (lol) cause to them going on a diet and failing is going from ana to bed. just speculating.

No. 1309357

specialist in amenorrhea? come on, there is no such thing. yeah yeah I'll google this specialist but I'm sure it's just some gyn. anna's been baiting hard with all her bodychecks and tard MCAS shit. It's her need to keep attention on herself that's the real problem. Maybe she thinks with chronic "illness" she can get more concessions for her exams.

No. 1309358

I said it was bait. I don't have an opinion on what she ate, nor do I care, but her "MCAS" just seems like a way to spend all summer restricting while being with her family

No. 1309379

File: 1630027736331.png (5.73 MB, 828x1792, 7A66DE5B-808F-4630-AC96-CE0E60…)

The video was one of those ‘talking to your past self’ things - first it said that she’d gotten weight loss surgery, and while it worked initially and she lost 100lbs, she went on to develop bulimia. Pretty sure with weight loss surgery you’re not actually able to consume large volumes of food?? Unless it can be undone with repeated binging?

No. 1309389

It seems like her parents spoiled her just because they could but don’t actually genuinely care about her, so she just ended up incredibly self centered and obnoxious. They probably just give her anything she wants, including her own flat despite being a minor? And she doesn’t seem to mind because it means she can do whatever she wants without anyone holding her accountable in terms of her “recovery”

No. 1309412

I legit thought was Porge for a second

No. 1309430

according to my 600 pound life a surprisingly high number of people who got surgery eat until their stomachs stretch out again
of course this is not peer reviewed research but we love dr now

No. 1309441

This is actually true.
If someone gets the surgery and eat as prescribed for a time, then gradually increase the amount eaten until they're overeating again, they can wind up back where you started. This is why good doctors recommend intense therapy before the surgery, because patients need to get to the root of why they overeat and depend on food so much first. Most don't get back to the point where they are so obese again though.


No. 1309443

File: 1630034785700.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 626.13 KB, 828x1115, 07127CCE-2369-42F1-B878-C8004C…)

I’ve been following this girl for a few years. She seems to be just existing at this weighr. I don’t think she’s been in treatment.

No. 1309448

what makes her a cow though? Just being anorexic won't cut it. Does she pretend she's fine?

No. 1309451

You mean the gastric band? Or the one in wich the cut off a part of your stomach? From what I heard the success rate for people with no previous serious weigth loss treatment is very low. I can't imagine most people who get THAT fat, can really solve by just having an operation.

No. 1309463

Band isn't done anymore. Sleeve or bypass usually ends up in weight gained back and stomach issues which in turn could easily turn into bulimia aka just weight gain.

No. 1309464

Okay never mind. She’s not a cow. My mistake. It’s just that she’s been living this normal life for years. She’s even a lawyer apparently. But how has no one stepped in? She travels and takes pictures with friends all the time I’m just wondering how she survives.

No. 1309468

OMG i follow her too. It's so weird, no one ever comments on it. They say she looks beautiful etc. None of her family seem to even give a shit to be honest. I think she's worth a mention because she posts pics of her body all the time and I think she knows that she's triggering people .. she's just not an ED account.

No. 1309487

She's been mentioned here before

No. 1309488

>>1309238 anon do you remember the name of the programme?

No. 1309505

File: 1630054421434.png (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 828x1792, 567A5D97-24A0-4281-8342-6AF517…)

soph venting again…. what goes through someone’s brain to post this shit

No. 1309507


It’s mostly thought nowadays that band/sleeve/bypass/whatever causes weight loss not because the stomach is smaller physically but because the smaller surface area means less ghrelin (hunger hormone) is released, making you less hungry. So yeah if you keep eating more, stretch your stomach it stimulates release of the hormone more - eat more - hungry - weight gain again.


Afaik about Zara’s situation, she lives in her dad’s flat because he’s away most of the time? I agree though I think it’s mostly that they show love with money more than actions, mainly from her mother, it seems she gets on well mostly with her dad but he’s just not in the picture a lot. Tbh I think Zara is losing most of her cow qualities, we need to do a study looking at how cowdom can correlate with malnutrition in some cases because since she started real recovery I think she has become a lot less of a cow.

No. 1309512

>>1309505 what body part is that…?

No. 1309519

File: 1630061305959.jpeg (126.4 KB, 750x1235, 7A7AF912-4AD8-4D2F-8FDC-94E925…)


Not to mention this bait (clear blue is a pregnancy test)

No. 1309522

Maybe "I will get a lot of attention for this"..?

No. 1309524

File: 1630061815556.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x2108, 4204FF20-6B87-4BBB-AB8B-E1F98F…)

I didn’t realise Anna read on here so much but the morning after she the post about her this goes up on her story…

No. 1309526

She immediately removed the stitches that were put on? What a brat.

No. 1309528

File: 1630061986203.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1170x2013, 9AEA3263-6BAD-4D4D-8923-422A1E…)

Tf is this crack hoe snorting

No. 1309531

Looks like pulverized meds but I think this is just a set up. Coke/amphetamine doesn't leave fine dust like that behind, does it?

No. 1309533

File: 1630062602302.jpeg (181.96 KB, 1102x2013, 856D41A5-AC86-45FA-AE25-012845…)

No. 1309534

my bet is on icing sugar.

No. 1309535


Paracetamol probably


The time frame is a bit confusing, think she removed old stitches first then either had them redone or cut again and had new stitches in.
The shocking thing in all of this is that she has a boyfriend, not sure how long they’ve been together but how he puts up with all of this shit is beyond me

No. 1309536

Why is Anna saying people are talking about her wtf did I miss

No. 1309539

That 'line' of wheat flour might clog the USB port of your phone, so you better watch out, gorl.

No. 1309542

File: 1630064544232.jpeg (874.24 KB, 1170x2024, 6ADB37D3-2A7E-41CB-8AC0-5DC8E8…)

I heard sorcha talking about the fact that she’s been posted on this thread and I’m sick of her shit so I’m clearing this up. She legit was diagnosed with bulimia and bpd but pretends online like she wasn’t. I was in the same HDU as her in Tallaght hospital (it’s in Dublin) and she’s so fucking milky and cowing you wouldn’t believe the shit the nurses doctors and even her dietician said about her the minute she left. In a way she was sooooo fucking annoying on the unit but kinda sad because it’s even all the staff know she’s not going to recover and she just has a life of admissions ahead of her.

No. 1309543

No. 1309544

Looks like crushed pills.

No. 1309545

I’ve just looked on her page for the first time since her ban and she’s still denying her bulimia diagnosis and getting overly defensive about it. Has she actually confirmed her bpd diagnosis as well or is she still rejecting that?

No. 1309549

When did we start saying she had bulimia? I knew everyone was saying she has BPD but why bulimia

No. 1309551


Ugh as little as I want to get into Sorcha debate because I think I might be talking to Sorcha pretending to be multiple anons… she has mentioned before how she used to purge multiple times per day, but surely she would be AN bp subtype

No. 1309552

Samefag. But as a follow on Sorcha hasn’t been mentioned for a long time. And looks like she was doing well. Now might be relapsing and bang. Sorcha on the threads again. I think her self posting is legit just another behaviour of hers.

No. 1309553

File: 1630066512821.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1996, 8204A11A-779A-4A2B-8F6F-702DDC…)

She claims that she doesn't binge but has openly posted about it before lmao. It’s the whole thing of wanting to be a perfect dainty anorexic so they like to pretend they don’t binge. She’s a known purger through lax and vomiting for some time now. As well as diuretics.

No. 1309559

I totally agree anon timeline wise when she was struggling the most she was posting on here extremely frequently but once she was making progress and discharged it completely stopped

No. 1309561

File: 1630067235755.jpeg (848.71 KB, 1170x2010, 911F4425-0CCB-4B9F-A908-C837C6…)

According to her she’s only restricting.

No. 1309578

'OnLy ReStRiCtInG'

No. 1309650

Restrictive subtype? Sure.

(But do we have to talk about her? It’s just giving her what she wants.)

No. 1309652

File: 1630083179776.png (446.23 KB, 720x1049, Screenshot_20210827-174552~2.p…)

Slenderman has some kind of seizure on his latest post where he does not agree anyone larps anorexia.

Speaking of, Ham shows us her acting skills (v weak) on hers as she gets emotional about her little ED community. Ahhh.

No. 1309653

File: 1630083257516.jpeg (136.45 KB, 750x1317, C46A8800-F8FB-43AB-B989-4814DE…)

this made me snort. context the sound is saying “oh my god just shut the fuck up”

No. 1309654

File: 1630083293366.jpeg (163.67 KB, 750x1315, 0F9CD1D9-15C0-4964-A83B-D97DAF…)

he’s so cringe it hurts

No. 1309660

I realised one of the things that makes him look so creepy - when he talks normally he moves his upper lip quite a lot (this might just be his German accent idk) but when he makes reels he really pulls up his upper lip. We see his teeth and gums and its way more than is natural. Combine his pale face with red mouth and he looks like Dracula about to take a bite.

No. 1309671

His teeth are sinister.

It's odd he's commenting on something about "teenage girls" when he's in his late 20s.

Waiting for his Pringles/Doritos and Magnum/Cornetto pic. These give me attention n asspats posts are so repetitive. Nik and Ham are the worst offenders.

No. 1309672

Also adding, he doesn't look as sinister talking German. Could just be he hasn't morphed into Slenderman yet.

No. 1309675

File: 1630086319788.jpg (39.73 KB, 506x678, spoopman.jpg)

Just take a moment to imagine:
Maybe he will look exactly like that, when they find him lying on the bathroom floor.

No. 1309703

File: 1630089302117.jpeg (155.97 KB, 750x1273, A26F3066-87D1-409E-BCB7-3CF233…)

His FDOE is also very creepy. Half of it is him dancing with an empty pan and spoon. Probably because he that is his only acceptable portion size.

For those wondering… he eats 4 pancakes, a bowl of oatmeal, slice of cake, slice of lasagne, and packet of popcorn.

No. 1309709


>>he eats 4 pancakes, a bowl of oatmeal, slice of cake, slice of lasagne, and packet of popcorn.

..being a guy, around 6ft3 (190cm) who should gain some decent weight. What a tool.

No. 1309715

This was so uncanny valley. Pretty sure he is actually an Old One.

No. 1309718

Ham just did a straight up copy of Ros vid. Proper larping twat.Recovering from fuck all and is heading towards obesity

No. 1309719

>4 pancakes, a bowl of oatmeal, slice of cake
For Ham that’s a light breakfast, so why can’t you can do better, Nik? Say NO to Ed today! Make this ~~lil community~~ proud!!! (hugs uwu)

No. 1309729

File: 1630091717688.png (3.16 MB, 828x1792, 43398FFE-E860-49D1-896A-32A5B0…)

aw boo hoo shan can’t take her mummy with her so she’s throwing a paddy

No. 1309734

File: 1630091957066.png (2.78 MB, 828x1792, 24C1D163-0A0C-4022-AEC5-053436…)

this one was mentioned a while ago for endless sperging about “full fat coke”, shes now a tranny claiming to be in a ~severe relapse~, fakes having tics on tiktok, now fakes being super sick with anorexia

No. 1309735

No. 1309738

File: 1630092036072.png (3.22 MB, 828x1792, DF8873BB-233E-43CE-BB62-6930B1…)

the arm of a super spoop

No. 1309752

Wow, for a second I thought his neck was going to snap with the weird dancing and his head would fly off. What a fucking weirdo.

No. 1309756

File: 1630093532341.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 162.58 KB, 747x929, 2AF0C611-E044-4951-84FD-EF212C…)

Katy is back to body checking in service station cafes and it made me wonder - who is driving her to these places? Is she allowed to drive herself? UK anons, don’t drive anywhere until we have confirmed she cannot make her life anymore of a car crash than it already is. Oh, palliative care is also being involved again so recovery isn’t going that great for her.

No. 1309758


king's cross is a train station, so (hopefully) no driving involved.

No. 1309763

Even if he does eat and keep down everything he shows in this video on a daily basis, there's no way in hell that would be enough for a 190cm tall grown man who appears to be pretty active to gain weight. Mf is lying to himself and all of his followers lmao this community is truly a joke.

No. 1309784


She definitely would not be allowed to drive. I would be surprised if she had the brain capacity to operate a car full stop. Anyway, doctors can stop patients from driving if they have illnesses making it dangerous.

No. 1309787

File: 1630095945317.jpeg (368.87 KB, 1800x1688, 9544565D-91AB-4577-BADC-DF1A17…)

>lmao this community is truly a joke
How can you say that, anon?!? This community is eVeRyThiNg and you should think before you type because now you’ve made self-appointed valid qween ana recovery warrior Ham cry. I hope you’re happy. No hugs for you.

No. 1309791

What's this blimp crying about now? Is this recent?

No. 1309793

She made a video on her ig with clips of her crying in the beginning to show how bad she was doing when she wasn't in recovery and then happily eating food in recovery because Recovery. Is. Worth it!

No. 1309803

but, but, if she wasnt in recovery then it means she was deep in anorexia but her face is chubby?

No. 1309807

File: 1630096864616.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1556, 9E54BC20-69C8-442B-A064-CB52DA…)

if you want a good laugh, go read the comments of this tiktok

No. 1309824

anorexia nervosa is not a WEIGHT disorder ok??!1!? it doesn’t MATTER what the nasty old DSM/ICD says or what those meanie ED services think, Ham is 100% justified and accurate in her self-diagnosis despite fitting zero criteria. she has 10k bot— er, followers. so there.

No. 1309835

Can we leave Paris alone? She's really got enough on her shoulders and speculated she has autism or some developmental disorder. Even laughing at her dance gifs never felt right to me

No. 1309838

This is Lolcow not insta

No. 1309841

Since when did autism become a get out of farm free card?

No. 1309854

Why don't you just piss off and get back to your Instagram, whore.

No. 1309858

Did she delete this? I can't see it.

No. 1309860


Don’t, everyone is already having epilepsy on Zara’s page because they’ve all suddenly found out that there is no weight criteria in the dsm V…… even though it came out 8 years ago and still specified ‘significantly underweight’. The atypical anorexics are all excited.

She needs to get a sharp needle and poke herself. She only has three photos of herself crying and they’ve been overused a LOT. The girl with severe anorexia, who had a hospital bed with her name on it, has only cried about 3 times in her year long recovery. Shockingly her 10k+ followers haven’t noticed…

No. 1309861

No. 1309863

File: 1630100108378.jpeg (162.9 KB, 750x1176, 7B122B5F-3A51-4F20-AC1C-3498BF…)

Priceless. (anon, go back a while, it’s from June)

No. 1309867

Genuinely think this is how Ham saw herself at the start of her *journey*

No. 1309872

If we didn’t bully people because they’re an autist we wouldn’t have any form of lolcow now - considering cwc, the original cow, is the poster child for pure unbridled autism. Paris knows what she’s doing and is opening herself up to whatever comes her way.

No. 1309873

Definitely not Porgie. She looks like she ate two hams

No. 1309876


lol who cares? she’s an entirely grown ass woman, older than a lot of us here that’s been faking recovery for years and contributed absolutely zero to society.

No. 1309916

The only real difference between ham in recovery and ham not in recovery is that she didn't wear makeup, started wearing it and bammm recovery queen appears. Legit the only 'glow up' I've ever seen her go through. Her uwu sick face is just her without makeup

No. 1309933

I love that she made a video purely to highlight this fucking hilarious comment that a lot of people would've missed otherwise. Ta Paris.

No. 1309948

File: 1630107641720.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080, hams better life.png)


All those chips on her shoulders, you mean? Paris rarely gets a mention here because she's so tedious. Stop gatekeeping. Like you watch her because you think she's an amazingly inspirational, funny person? Fuck off.

No. 1309989

File: 1630111575427.jpeg (552.97 KB, 1125x1916, 6EF26368-7D83-48FF-A550-97FF4B…)

oh sweet cecelia….please stop

No. 1309993

Inspired by peas.

No. 1309994

Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 121 lb
Ideal Body Weight (IBW): 171.34 lb
29.38 % below IBW

Needs to gain 50lb. To gain 50lm in 6 months he needs 3402 calories a day.

you will need to increase your daily calorie intake from your normal maintenance level of 2442 calories per day, up to 3402 calories per day, boosting your calorie consumption by about 959 calories per day.

From a dinky tool online.

No. 1309996


it does for sure. why the fuck would she post that anyway gross

No. 1309997

File: 1630112458602.jpg (27.88 KB, 525x238, not bony or blue.JPG)

Doesn't she mean "bony blue TINGED hand"?
They look fiiiine.

No. 1309998

She used to be bulimic, anon. It's amazing how many calories a bulimic can consume daily once they've completely stretched the capacities of their stomachs, truly terrifying stuff. One of my mutuals even used to eat 20k per day before she recovered.

No. 1310000

At least she's not a qualified lawyer but gives it up to work part time at M&S and spend the rest of the time in the gym and obsessively weighing and photographing the same meal every day like Ganer.

No. 1310001

oh good, the ridiculous fake freckles are back

No. 1310002

just posting pics of your body shouldn't be triggering lolz

No. 1310004

Binging (with purging or not) and laxative abuse is a more common self destructive behaviour in BPD patients than restrictive type anorexia is because it's more immediately effective. BPD is all about the "do the thing now" whether it's helpful or harmful.

No. 1310005

As if it wasn't already proof that most anorexic cows are just clinging to dependency.

No. 1310006

Londonfag, can comfirm this is Kings Cross station. She's at Pret A Manger cafe.

No. 1310060

File: 1630118874661.jpeg (46.84 KB, 320x548, z9jieajdzij71.jpeg)

No. 1310069

How 2012

No. 1310121

ok but this is just terrible writing
its tinged not twinged and she jumps between present and past tense through out
An F from me(sage your shit)

No. 1310127

Every time I read one of Cecelia’s posts I lose another brain cell.

No. 1310128

She posted on another story that she wants to publish a book of her poems. Top kek! What a psychotic narcissist. Who would want to read her garbage “poetry” about an eating disorder??? her prose is genuinely terrible and the genre is cliche 2000s emo shit at best. Her head is so far up her own ass she can almost see daylight through her mouth.

No. 1310162

Her spastic dancing brings joy to my day.

No. 1310203

Ah, the good ol' Vogon poetry.

You recognize it all the way through the galaxy.

No. 1310210

idk anon, she probably knocks Paula nancy millstone jennings off of top spot for worst. also I like the implication that she eats with her hands like a toddler.

No. 1310215


+ the implication that she was sat almost dying at a table in hospital, her frail trembling hand reaching across to eat just one pea. Reaching across the table of course, not as if her plate would be served up for her (it’s more poetic this way). Ignoring the fact that she had already eaten egg, sausage and burritos (and complained about how bland it was).

No. 1310236

Bet she googled the macros for this poem

No. 1310242

She was relieving the other patients of their own food. Didn’t you know, she is the frailest and spoopiest little girl ever?

No. 1310246


She writes like most fiction authors wrote eating disorders if they have no experience of eating disorders. Like those ‘I’m a female written by a man’ tiktoks. Most anorexics being re-fed in hospital say they feel gross, bloated, spotty, overfed, and like a whale.

No. 1310294

probably the same twats that read paige's bullshit

No. 1310447

I imagine the way weight loss surgery induces vomiting if you overeat could trigger someone into bulimia. Haven't googled it but seems plausible

No. 1310545

kek her normal healthy hand reached across the table to pick up her phone and take a picture of the burrito before eating the entire thing easily because she suddenly had no problem with solids…
how poetic

No. 1310555

File: 1630177714858.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2095, E6F56EE4-5661-4CBB-BCDE-13FA1F…)

Zara losing weight again I wonder if she’ll make it to uni before she gets admitted

No. 1310556

File: 1630177943632.jpeg (203.46 KB, 750x962, B1213C96-DB58-4EF1-8E88-013C0A…)

Cecelia trying to claim she fits into kids clothes (we have had this discussion countless times before but Cecelia is clearly not fitting into 10 year olds clothing). a few posts ago she said target has only recently started stocking her size. I get Americans are obese but I refuse to believe a huge chain didn’t stock a size 6/8 until now

No. 1310561

Jesus Christ she’s 29?? She’s been pulling this shit for 16 years wtf

No. 1310563


What makes you think she's losing weight?

No. 1310569

some childrens lines run quite big. like for example zara xs is exactly the same as kids 11-12

No. 1310580

I can fit into children clothes and I'm a normal weight and like 5'9, they make clothes for children that are this big, because guess what, children grow differently and some are quite tall while being young.

And this whole "Oh, I have stuffed animals, I'm a child", you can like stuff that children like and you aren't like a 13 year old in your mind. And why do you have food rules as a child, except for those your parents made.

Wish all those hours of therapy wasted on her would have gone to someone who truly wanted to get better and couldn't afford it.

No. 1310616

File: 1630183750526.jpeg (42.14 KB, 319x386, 7BFB6D4C-9500-41BD-A991-063A40…)

“so I don’t look like an adult woman”
kek the delusion. for a 29 year old she looks rough - not in that desiccated, haggard state lots of long-term spoops end up in, but if she walked into a bar or w/e nobody would bat an eyelid.
childlike and childish have completely different meanings, cecelia.

No. 1310618

Have to disagree with you there. She looks average for a 29 year old, I don't see any roughness. She loves to think she looks 12.

No. 1310627

File: 1630184403072.png (1.67 MB, 828x1792, E1112AD4-2529-4207-90D4-CBBDD4…)

hxn has taken to copying ~recovery account~ posts with ZERO shame… 1/2

No. 1310628

File: 1630184439263.jpeg (334.76 KB, 985x828, 2582DC63-2B74-4D5B-AED6-969DC5…)

ro AND zara… (ex) cow crossover with hxn?

No. 1310629

she looks baby faced but not in a cute, pretty way- in a froglike, arsecheek kind of way

No. 1310631

if I would see here like that, I would think she as a mid 30 wife with 2 children. She doesn't look old and rough like others, but she doesn't look so young that you would want her ID if she buys alcohol

No. 1310638

File: 1630185672129.jpeg (212.06 KB, 750x1000, D9F03BE1-7073-433D-A3D4-4E2F7D…)

Any anons dedicated enough to make a collage of all Han’s unnecessary toob pics for when she is discharged and flips back to claiming she never shows the nose hose?

No. 1310646

She looks like a legitimate 39 year old

No. 1310647

File: 1630186079498.jpeg (118.06 KB, 742x631, A50CF64A-511B-4592-8DDB-D8AD21…)

Also low key shaming people for not ripping their tubes out? Most people keep theirs in to comply, keep privileges, avoid the distress and pain of insertion/removal and to avoid making more work for the staff.

No. 1310662


Like some disillusioned typist in her early thirties, that's what she looks like.

No. 1310681

i was inpatient with hxn for a while and shes back at that same hospital. its down the road from her house and even when non compliant on the toob she got leave EVERY day all day to go to SCHOOL and just had to be back in the evening. it was so unfair lol

No. 1310682

never left her room or tried to socialise with anyone and kicked off about not having the biggest room until she was given it

No. 1310683

what a brat

No. 1310684

also normally if you rip it out don't they put a bridle on?

No. 1310693

"they can't force me to keep it in because i can just take it out" - good luck with that hxn, when they start using a bridle!

No. 1310705

File: 1630189880204.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1170x2079, 26880CA9-55A4-405D-856F-B5E4E3…)

Even when it’s not a toob pic, have a peek at her bow-legged thigh gap enhancing pose kek

Therapy doesn’t have to cost bare dolla Hxn. There are perfectly good therapists for less than 30k out there but obviously her super serious not like the other anorexics case warrants such specialist treatment.

No. 1310711

when i was ip with her she took it out after every feed and they never put a bridle in

No. 1310715

bridles are v uncommon in the UK tbh

No. 1310716

some places prefer to remove them if they can afford to, prevents people siphoning / sucking up feed and tampering

No. 1310771

Yet there's NOTHING to back up these claims on her personal insta.

Her food choices are those of an adult. She ain't no Ham.

Her body is definitely that it a woman
Breasts, hips, yup…woman.

Her clothes are too frumpy to be from the kid's section. I never did see a child wear skinny jeans. Especially not ones in white or beige. Her look is meh high street chain fashion.

Who the fuck DOESN'T have a few stuffed plushie things. Gtfo.

She travels, does road trips, studied, has relationships, does other "adult" things. Even her apartment is conservatively decorated in white.

She is one of the least childlike women I've seen on IG.(learn2integrate)

No. 1310814

Is this an old picture or did she manage to get a toob again? No secret that’s what she was gunning for, but didn’t think ERC would give in to her bpd histrionics. If it’s new safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more selfies from her.

No. 1310924

File: 1630207266514.jpeg (221.21 KB, 750x1017, 52F33C69-962B-44DB-B492-F198A5…)

Cancer patient larp. Muchie crew coming soon!

No. 1310943

File: 1630210901547.jpg (562.53 KB, 2160x3840, 20210829_154000.jpg)

Maybe not milky enough but anyone seen this woman on tiktok? Appears that she went through a divorce and lost a tonne of weight with a sort of 'revenge' mindset. "60,000 subs from him to me" while wrapping her hand around her upper arm. She has a "before marriage vs after marriage" comparison video which is actually sad, she was beautiful before. Many videos start with close up of her legs and look like body checks really. She also posts videos with her young daughter. Apologies if she doesn't deserve to be posted here, she's nowhere near ceces cow status that's for sure.

No. 1310950

Cecelia: Queen Of Youth or the Youth Services desk at the library?

No. 1310958

I see that more as Zara's XS range being scarily small. Then there's shit like Brandy Melville which is "one size" - if you're a spoop.

No. 1310959

Did she request to get leave to go to school? I know someone who was in IP ED treatment who was allowed to come to school when we were in year 11 a few days a week.
I understand wanting to keep up with your education, not get left behind etc.

No. 1311005

shes the healthiest looking SEED patient I've ever seen <3

No. 1311007

Why is she dressed like someone's grandma?

No. 1311015

Farmhand: >learn2integrate
Anon: been here 6+ years

Wtf is up with the new mods?

I really don't think she found her outfit in the ~literal~ kid's department.

No. 1311028

Reddit spacing for starters anon.

No. 1311037

Those lips are a disaster

No. 1311039

She looks like a normal adult who wears size S-M and not kids clothes. Kek cecelia keep dreaming.

No. 1311045

>>Anon: been here 6+ years

Just get another hobby, then.

No. 1311050

Jesus this is such an odd nitpick.

No. 1311052

File: 1630232554503.jpeg (243.03 KB, 720x1280, 34B02A5A-8202-4784-9732-E75EAA…)

pretty sure shes been mentioned here before but ella has decided to quit insta cause she got called out for saying she was wearing kids clothes

No. 1311053

File: 1630232626934.jpeg (199.35 KB, 720x1280, F7402019-9DFD-4889-84CA-221E12…)

The callout in question

No. 1311055

Samefag again but this is flourishingella but the milk happened on her lyfstyle account

No. 1311061

they may be less common, but they are definitely used in the UK if you insist on pulling your tube out constantly.

equally, if her toob is only in for feeds, and then removed, why is she specifically ensuring that she's taking selfies when the toob is in? if it's out the majority of the time, there's endless opportunities to take photos without it.looking for validation, eh hxn?

No. 1311066

File: 1630236368341.jpeg (699.54 KB, 1125x1973, 6F73FB21-0062-4CB5-BBFF-1051B5…)

she watermarks it like she thinks people are going to steal it…

No. 1311068

The Abba song mixed in there kek

No. 1311077

Gimme gimme gimme attention after midnight

No. 1311084

God, the emotional manipulation … “I’m an awful person i deserve to die” then in the next sentence “its everyone else’s fault because they didn’t spell it out for me” if she is planning on actually quitting wouldn’t she have deleted her account? And as an aside, she says she gets cryptic messages but the comments said “your clothing size is irrelevant and mentioning it is validation-seeking”

No. 1311086


Tbh (apart from then using a lot of resources when you have to put in a tube all the time) if she’s saying she doesn’t resist feeds and doesn’t mind having the tube put in they probably don’t see the problem with her removing it. The problem is with people removing the tube when they then have to be restrained to have it resited. Because that’s a pain in the arse. And if she has sensory issues it’s much kinder to let her sleep with it out - something like that can then get more cooperation than just draconian ‘you must do this because we say’.

No. 1311088

File: 1630239846179.jpeg (142.42 KB, 750x483, A0AA7FB0-0AC6-40A7-BF80-1AE9DA…)

Kek who is this though - ‘you are VERY triggering because I am VERY UNDERWEIGHT’

No. 1311090

I’m sorry but i’m having trouble interpreting this as anything other than ‘you’re thinner than me so i’m upset’. Seems like a cow herself…

No. 1311093


How is saying you’re very underweight ok but not ok to say you fit into children’s clothes.
I mean they’re both ok or both not. Yeah definite cow

No. 1311107

Just fuck yrself

Never posted on reddit. Complain about wall of text or complain about breaking up points, your choice.

No. 1311110


Diff anon, don’t really give a shit but do think it’s strange that mods ignore the massive shitposting from Sorcha etc then red text somebody for writing in paragraphs

No. 1311116

Thanks for sharing that was so insightful

No. 1311161

File: 1630248698107.jpg (119.98 KB, 1334x1334, 107668976_616526175624753_8793…)

I think this is her. Idk about underweight, but her tits are enormous.

Also "likes" ARFID and mental health awareness pages. And EDS,

No. 1311176

File: 1630251700478.png (843.05 KB, 720x1288, Screenshot_20210829-163631~2.p…)

Someone must've mentioned weight jain and cowntry to Pencilneck.

He says his life is eating, sleeping and studying. Two of those things I believe.

No. 1311196

Idgaf about his English pronunciation I just wish he'd start blinking, him & crazy eyes could be related with their creepy staring

No. 1311218

File: 1630255096628.png (686.89 KB, 720x1273, Screenshot_20210829-173513~2.p…)

IMG is how the reptile blinks when malnourishment destroys their second eyelid.

No. 1311266

He doesn’t look far off attending his own.