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File: 1464218840863.jpg (10.47 KB, 259x194, 1793657.jpg)

No. 134257

Previous thread reached reply limit >>129036

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624
Third thread: >>79031
Fourth thread: >>83974
Fifth thread: >>89109
Sixth thread: >>94114
Seventh thread: >>99329
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No. 134259

where we left off
>kellbell flying off to another treatment center
>livtoflourish can suck in her ribs but not her thighs
>ember can't figure out which internet persona will get her the most attention

No. 134260

File: 1464219269782.png (404.36 KB, 645x440, ew6.png)

does anyone believe that her face really looks like that?

No. 134262

Not naturally. She's sucking in so bad she probably choked on saliva after the picture was taken.

No. 134263

Holy shit his teeth!!

No. 134264

She literally looks like a bad fan drawing of herself.
How did she take this photo and think 'yeah I look good here. Potato face is so hot I will upload it'

No. 134268

She looks like she straight up smeared dirt on her cheeks and I bet it looks hilariously bad irl
Real nice "contouring" there.

No. 134273

That, fucking. NOSE.

she needs to concentrate on contouring her cartoon size nose and stop worrying about trying and failing to contour her cheeks.

No. 134277

There's nothing wrong with her nose. Love /snow/s warped standards. You guys are like 15. Go do your homework.

No. 134279

File: 1464223090311.png (140.12 KB, 632x359, ew7.png)

aaaaaand i got blocked.

No. 134283

Her lips are so tigggght >>134262

No. 134285

I spy cloudy.claudy, her sockpuppet account.

No. 134287

ember's sockpuppet?

No. 134293

She looks like she's smelling something foul

No. 134298

So tired of ana-chans clogging up these hreads. the last one was a total nightmare.
calling thin girls fat and calling a normal breakfast too much food won't give you extra ana points. fuck off back to mpa

No. 134303

I'm not talking about the calories. It's the sheer VOLUME of food. My stomach couldn't fit that much even now. For someone who claims to be dying from anorexia within a year, that's pretty hard to believe if she's used to eating 2+ litres of food/drink for breakfast alone.

No. 134305

Actually I already have a college degree and you haven't graduated high school. And before you say "omg you're so pathetic what are you doing on lolcow" it's because I fucking can. I got an education, a good paying job, health benefits, and a home. I can afford to spend time on what I like. Don't take this as "holier than thou."

Why don't YOU go to some homework? Change your name? Finish high school? You could get a real job someday.

No. 134306


Not an ana chan here. I couldn't eat that much oatmeal for breakfast. That's super filling. Yikes… I can't imagine how stretched out her stomach is.

No. 134307

I "got" an education?

Have. The correct word is have.
Sage for grammar shit.

No. 134311

File: 1464231352460.jpeg (45.8 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)


No. 134314

Besides the obvious deformities? lol

I've been out of high school for years, but I do have a paper for graduate school I need to finish so thanx for the reminder!

No. 134317


It's actually not big… That's pretty typical for someone trying to eat a balanced meal, which they enforce in treatment. That's actually small in terms of exchanges compared to most plans (probably because if anything she needs to lose weight).

The only thing weird is that one packet of sweetened oatmeal is usually 2 starch exchanges (making two packets 4 exchanges). Even so, it's not big IMO.


Most places count it as one or the other. Like at one place, 1/2TBSP PB=1 fat OR protein. So if you had 2 TBSP, you could call it 3 protein and 1 fat. (Renfrew does 1TBSP=1 exchange which is bullshit, but whatever)

No. 134320

When you are inpatient you are prescribed a meal plan. Patients with anorexia will often eat more than a fully grown males requirements for breakfast, so you saying you can't handle two servings of oatmeal isn't the point.

No. 134321

File: 1464235299942.jpeg (89.05 KB, 432x658, image.jpeg)

Oh come now. this is an anonymous imageboard. you don't get asspats for eating less than everyone else.

packet of oatmeal (prepared with water) is around 43 g or 1/3 cup. 2 packets = 2/3 cups. that's like a tiny little bowl.

>not ana chan I promise!!

Sorry but your ana chan is showing

No. 134325

most nut butters don't have more than 8g protein per 2tbsp meaning no, u couldn't count that as 3 protein, even if calorically the value would come out similar. 2 tbsp pb is usually 1-2 protein exchanges, 2-3 fat exchanges

sage for non snoflake discussion (i fucking hope)

No. 134326

i will if it means we can stop talking about it.

No. 134337

Yes, I got an education. It's past tense. You need to go back to school to get yourself an education.

No. 134338

You are such an idiot, I am dying laughing right now… Ever heard of past tense verbs? Someone needs to go back to school.

No. 134339

The point is, she doesn't have anorexia. Why would she need a big meal plan if she is there to lose weight and stop binge eating??

No. 134340

UM. Sage for grammar shit yourself. Anon was right- got was correct in that sentence. The verb "got" applied to anon's education, job, benefits, and home. Anon got a job. Anon received a job. Anon earned a job. Anon didn't "have" a job. Anon earned/got/received job.

Do you realize that "got" is exchangeable with "received" and "earned"?? It's a past tense verb.

Please go back to 2nd grade.

No. 134341


Got is the past tense of get. Person above was right! You sound like a fucking idiot.

No. 134342

It's not a big meal plan. Having a meal plan period will put her on a schedule and stop binge eating on top of whatever other therapy or help should be getting there which would then help her lose weight.

No. 134343

will you retards just shut the fuck up
fuck i hope admin bans all of you

No. 134345

this thread is going straight to manure just like the one before last.

No. 134347

That's what happens when a thread that's supposed to be about a group of cows is inhabited by a bunch of people that are really just obsessed with two people specifically. Everything else is try hard milk and literal idiots arguing over proper/improper grammar and what their education level is on a fucking imageboard

No. 134352

This thread is going to get put in manure if they don't stop… Again.

No. 134354

Exactly, I think the anon who was saying it was a "huge" breakfast must have disordered eating ideas themselves. As you said, regular full meals helps to stop the physical need to binge eat.

No. 134358

agreed. all that "ooh i cant eat two packets of oatmeal" shit was so mpa-tier it's embarrassing. they probably eat an entire pizza for dinner every night and wonder why they can't stop binging kek

No. 134377

File: 1464265563574.jpeg (139.6 KB, 750x844, image.jpeg)

No. 134378


Any treatment center I've known of you can. They usually stress flexibility, but whatever.

Sage obviously.

No. 134385

Wow. Now there's an assumption. I've never in my life had a problem with binging. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. I'm very fit and healthy. It sounds like you're projecting… I'm going to make the assumption that you are obese and don't know what a treadmill or a carrot is.

No. 134386

that's rather rude… i kind of think 2 packets are excessive for breakfast. like why would you need 2?

No. 134387

Will you shut the fuck up and get back on topic?

No. 134388

When do you think the Ember sex tape is coming out?

No. 134389

File: 1464269092829.png (540.9 KB, 620x626, ra2.png)

i know theres not much milk on annie but this made me laugh

No. 134391

Why not ask her bloody dietician then?
Honestly serving sizes for cereals are tiny, if you think inpatient is only going to give you 30g of oats or cereals you are in for a surprise. The key is to introduce adequate sized meals, having two sachets of 30g oats is perfectly normal.

No. 134392

I'm kind of surprised that Ember hasn't told us and dramatic tales from IP yet.

No. 134394

Anon, how in the hell does category 4 count as 'wannarexics'?

No. 134395

they may not be wannarexic but they're still attention whores

No. 134396

File: 1464271791370.jpg (35.96 KB, 620x490, oatmeal.jpg)

I can't even tell if the anons in this thread are elaborate trolls or for real.

No. 134397

Who gives a flying fuck. Move on already. No one cares about your damn oatmeal.

No. 134402

File: 1464273856717.png (89.26 KB, 379x379, oatmeal-bowl.ashx.png)

No. 134403

This is no longer "Pro-Ana Scumbags General #14". This is now "Oatmeal Debate General". Time to move to /pt

No. 134405


>Oh my GOD, her thighs are HUGE. She must not really starve herself. GUH. I could never eat that much food. So gross.

This thread belongs on MPA.

No. 134406

File: 1464274121078.jpg (130.26 KB, 728x546, oatmealana.jpg)

This just in! Oatmeal is for fatties with big thighs and a BMI of 18.

No. 134411

File: 1464276111385.png (266.58 KB, 545x351, 2g oats.png)

No. 134416

I feel this. I feel this so hard.

No. 134431

Spiritually feel

No. 134448

File: 1464283484563.png (306.75 KB, 501x583, Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.2…)

tf are these

No. 134450

File: 1464283809831.png (299.47 KB, 1024x610, Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.2…)

ok so she literally spent money on fake piercings

No. 134451

Bless, I used to wear those as a kid.

No. 134456

File: 1464284559816.jpeg (184.77 KB, 858x1024, image.jpeg)

Inconsistent stretching at its best

No. 134459

Idk why she would elongate with her push up bra, makes those saggy titties droop even more

No. 134461

File: 1464284803476.jpg (505.96 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160526_124432.jpg)

Video hands vs her stretch armstrong hands. And those thighs they just keep growing

No. 134462

Does she not realize that she's not fooling anyone?? She makes herself look like an ugly cartoon character.

No. 134467

The hutch behind her is a different size in all her pics

No. 134470

Her floor panels change in width every time too

No. 134471

That person's face is perfect for your comment, and I love it! Good find, anon

No. 134473

File: 1464286786779.jpeg (193.48 KB, 750x1101, image.jpeg)

These bitches are shameless as fuck
I don't know if this girl is private or not. I've been following her for a while and all she really does is post videos of herself smoking and average photos of her body where she sucks in. Not much milk but I felt like this photo deserved to be here

No. 134476

>my mom's having medical complications but… me

No. 134480

File: 1464287788920.png (9.86 KB, 1336x556, 3Vv2G6v.png)


No. 134481

This actually makes more sense than a lot of the reasons people are wanna/anorexic. Imagine growing up and seeing your mom in and out of the hospital because of weight complications. Imagine being at every doctor's appointment where the doctor tells your mom "if you lost some weight…". Of course you're going to make the connection that high weight=dangerous.

No. 134482


No. 134484

Do we know this girl's name? It would be interesting to let her mum know that her bratty kid is sneakily posting pictures of her online.

No. 134485

dont tip the cows

No. 134488

That's so disrespectful. How could you post a picture of your mom like that? Poor woman.

No. 134489

we have established that this is a normal portion size for ED treatment.

No. 134491

I only follow a couple of the girls posted here on IG because I use my real account. I only follow them if they have thousands of other followers and their account is private - if it's not private then I can just lurk, no need to increase their follow count. my insta is private and I've gotten requests from maybe a dozen randos, all ED accounts who follow ember/emily c/crying emily, that DID girl, etc basically all of the ppl in these threads. what gives?? my account isn't ED or mental health related, I don't understand why my account is getting attention from people using this forum as a directory and it makes me super uncomfortable. I don't want a sock puppet account because I'll definitely lose the password, and I don't really lurk more than once every few days so it's more work than it's worth. I just want to know why my account out of thousands of ppl who follow those girls happened to stand out to someone shopping for new ppl to follow.

No. 134495

File: 1464295045411.jpeg (86.01 KB, 640x899, image.jpeg)

What a normal comfortable looking facial expression

No. 134499

it's the same face hollow_oli makes

No. 134503

File: 1464296631849.png (645.16 KB, 654x614, kb6.png)

lmao she's doing the "show off my collarbone" pose

No. 134505


how many coins does she manage?

No. 134506

File: 1464296895956.jpg (96.69 KB, 960x960, 1937157_1691642887789271_26795…)

asian stretching apps and proana poses at its finest, girls called tascha and shes from the UK and her instagram is full of disgusting proana content, ill try find her insta url now

No. 134507

No. 134508


just thought youd want a new cow to milk ahaha

No. 134509

she's private, post screenshots

No. 134510


she blocked me a few weeks back for calling her out on her thinspo pics, if anyone can go follow her you will see for yourself! sorry about that hahah

No. 134511

spaceshipto75lbs has the ember collar bones that make no sense like wtf I've never actually seen someone irl with collar bones that are curved so much

No. 134512

her fb is semi public though

No. 134515

File: 1464297318974.jpg (88.39 KB, 1080x1080, 12976357_1712423752345067_1900…)


i just followed her, the spoop is real

No. 134516

No. 134517

I need more milk on hollow_oli

No. 134521

debating making my own thread about tascha but idk, i dont wanna clog this one up with her?


No. 134527


She is private though.

Anyone remember botox lipped Healthycacia ? Her last post says she gained 10 KILO in 14 fucking short days. Rofl Aly needed 1 year to gain 11. (Not that she is a good example)…

No. 134530

go follow her then? she accepts everyone ahah

No. 134540

go away eboni

No. 134543

hi tascha

No. 134546


funny how ive just been talking to eboni and she was actually the one who gave me the idea to roast you on here ahaha

No. 134548

come down to grove tascha, you'll get banged out you dirtty little sket, faking a mental illness is absolutely disgusting

No. 134560

If she's an Ana snowflake she belongs here. Read the rules and updates. Admin assigned all Ana Chans to this thread.

No. 134561

yeah han fucking agrees with me you'll get smashed love

No. 134565

these threads get progressively worse with each go.


No. 134567

the cows have taken over the farm

No. 134568


moo fucking moo lad

No. 134570

Show off her double chin more likely.
To be fair, she's not trying to push her clavicle out, its probably not a 'muh collarbones' thing.

No. 134572

Great blog post

No. 134582

File: 1464305711281.jpg (40.52 KB, 491x325, 14tv2a.jpg)

No. 134585

We saw your shitty meme the first time.

No. 134586

vallies got me forgetting what i posted sorry

No. 134587

not even once

No. 134588


meth < downers

No. 134589

First she's transgender now she helping her wear stupid shit in her nose, nice sister

No. 134591

drugs are drugs bud you sound retarded announcing it either way

this threat is honestly shit it's not even about ana scumbags. someone delete all of this. the whole of the ana scumbags threads. you're all so embarrassing.

No. 134592

please tell me she's only wearing that because her little sister thought it was cool

No. 134595

Uh huh. Right.

No. 134596

Nope, she just spent someone's hard earned money on that crap

No. 134597

Holy shit that ring is huge on ember it looks so bad

No. 134600

isn't eboni banned? no one talk about her other than answering that question pls

No. 134602

one of the cringiest things about ember is when she gives a disclaimer about something in the photo. I hate when people do that. "excuse my messy room", "please ignore my chipped ass nail polish/messy hair/etc" like there's a good chance no one would give it a second thought until you point it out. it shows that you're obviously insecure about it

No. 134603

like if it's that important fix it before taking the damn photo

No. 134606

Jesus Christ Ember you're 19 years old. Just go and get a real piercing, don't be such a pussy.

No. 134609

I actually love her and always hope the best for her. she genuinely sick and seems like she's really trying to get better. someone bitched at her on IG for wearing a spaghetti strap dress when she was in the hospital bc it was ~triggering to them. cacia doesn't do anything lolworthy though so she's not really a cow, just a skelly

No. 134610

I just checked and that shop is selling those tacky fake nose rings for $5. They're about $1 on eBay, Ember is a fucking moron.

No. 134611

File: 1464309804154.jpeg (76.98 KB, 750x1014, image.jpeg)


No. 134612

It's extremely easy to evade bans.

No. 134616

Blur her sisters face if you're going to post that

No. 134621


You LOVE her ? WTF ?
She is a skelly who has posted several thinspo / bodychecks while making stupid poses like a model. If that isn't lowcow worth then I don't know. There do was a time before social media when anorexics hide in oversized clothes and stayed at home most of the time.

No. 134623

She's cute.

No. 134624


fantastic… thanks to Ember's abuse of the slimming tool her nose is now the most prominent feature of her face. I fear it is going to beat her sister.

No. 134625


ewww those lips

No. 134627

File: 1464314388579.png (445.01 KB, 485x425, 5uyb7QR.png)

What is 'cute' about her ?

No. 134629

uhh this girl looks fine to me? what are y'all on about. i think she's pretty. nice eyes, brows, nose.

No. 134631

File: 1464314987640.jpg (53.3 KB, 465x316, image.jpg)

Her lips.

No. 134632

She's cute! She looks like CL.

No. 134633

Lol um no? The bitch posts her picture on her public Instagram which she whores out all over the Internet. Her sisters face is more secure here than in embers hands.

No. 134635

She's cute. She looks Korean.

No. 134637


Stop calling her cute. She looks very… like most on Instagram. Instagram lips, Instagram make up and Instagram hair.

I just wanted to point out in my post earlier, that she claimed to have gained 10 kilo (!!!) in just 2 weeks LooooL

No. 134638

She's cute!

No. 134639

She's cute, you're just jealous. Is she part Korean?

No. 134641

You're kidding right? She doesn't look Korean at all, even part Korean. The chick is white. Just that. White.

No. 134642

samefagging to make fun of myself for saging wrong first

No. 134643

It's so weird how looking on her IG her stomach, or at least abdomen looks pretty and toned and just has a good thin fit look to it. But then torso up and hips down she looks spoopy skeleton. Her hip bones creep the fuck out of me

No. 134649

Umm she does look Korean. She's cute ^^

No. 134650

She looks like CL!

No. 134651

stop samefagging and start saging

No. 134652


Jealous of what ? The porn lips ? The life achievement of being an anorexic Instagram attention seeker ?

I have no idea why you would think she is Korean. Educated yourself how people from Korea look like…

No. 134654


Too bad that I can't put people on an ignore list here…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 134655

she is kawaii desu!!!

No. 134656

She's cute tho if she didn't put too much make up lol I like her style!

No. 134657

wow. gorgeous! Just don't put too much make up!

No. 134658

Holy shit get out of here fuck this thread

No. 134661

You guys are so salty, sorry you're not cute like her ^^

No. 134662

it has nothing to do with whether she's cute or not, you're literally spamming constantly samefagging saying the same thing "she's cute she's cute!!!" you can't even sage. you're being a nuisance. there's enough retardation on this thread there doesn't need to be anymore. go suck her ass in her instagram comments, not here.

No. 134664

she's cute tho!

No. 134665

Anyway I'd rather get back to the oatmeal tbh

No. 134667

No, she's ugly. Let's move on.

No. 134668

LOL that's what I'm saying

No. 134670

>>134668 >>134664

It's against the rules to self post. You need to find a life. Also you're not fooling anyone. Go back to insta, please.

No. 134671

why does this always happen?

No. 134672

Attention whores want us to talk about them.

No. 134673

I really don't like when people use Japanese and Korean tags to gain followers. Hashtag seoul?? but she live in US?

No. 134675

no one cares what you like and don't like. real milk or gtfo

No. 134677

File: 1464321664210.gif (841.48 KB, 245x190, 1460237749058.gif)

No. 134678

pretty much to gain followers. They're weeaboos and koreaboos. tsk

No. 134679

Ember's poor sister might turn out to look like her.

No. 134682

If she starts sucking her cheeks in and shooping, yes.

No. 134689

lol um i know? however posting children on this specific website is nasty af.

No. 134690

All the samefagging in here… Put it in manure already

No. 134699

File: 1464328585669.jpeg (111.07 KB, 639x913, image.jpeg)

I stumbled on this girl and she's a hot mess. Her whole insta is drugs and her disorder. She used to go by "effy" because she said "everyone compared her to effy from skins"

No. 134716

she really made a gofundme to afford fixing her laptop??? if you can afford drugs you can afford getting a laptop screen fixed you fucking pleb

No. 134717

Why do these girls think they are edgy and glamorous and ~tragically beautiful~ with their drugs? They're trashy junkies

No. 134718

Not if you're fucking for them, ayyyy

No. 134720

there are some drugs that just aren't worth sex. it doesn't matter how bomb the pussy is a motherfuckers gotta make their coin and that drugs for sex shit isn't gonna work all the time. she's got money to pay for a laptop screen is my point. and gofundme is fucking stupid.

No. 134721

they don't think they're glamorous or tragically beautiful. you've hit it on the nail with edgy though. and they probably think it makes them look hard.
junkie is a harsh word my dude but you definitely look stupid posting pictures of or with your drugs for the internet. blow that line and put the fucking phone camera down, it's the dumbest fucking thing i've ever seen followed by huf socks.

No. 134728

90% of the time I'm pretty sure their coke is ground up paracetamol or those five quid legal highs

No. 134731

Yeah, junkie was harsh. What I meant to say is they aren't better than your average drug addict just because they are closer to the beauty standard.

No. 134739

And what drugs might those be?
I've never met a dealer that wouldn't settle for sex.
If you hit up several dealers, you're in the clear. I know people that make careers out of that shit.

No. 134744

she's cute though!

No. 134759

File: 1464348827528.png (925.51 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This girl is so cringey, please tell me that isn't baby food

No. 134769

Oh god her head looks like it's trying to float away from her neck.

Also I don't understand the faux nosering thing. It looks so damn obvious. Just pay the $50 and get the real piercing for god sakes. It doesn't even hurt.

No. 134785

I think it's one of those applesauce things for kids so they don't make a mess

No. 134786

Yup that looks like baby food alright

No. 134791

so many of these anas are lazy as fuck; surely there are more calories in baby food than if you were to prepare some fruit? it doesn't take five minutes to cut a few strawberries up.

No. 134806

How are they supposed to maintain their childlike mindset if they can handle a knife?! No, it makes much more sense to eat from a pouch; that way they don't get messy.

No. 134817

were you drunk? srs question

No. 134822

When Ember's sister gets to a certain age, she's going to realize what Ember has done either by googling her name or finding out from a relative. That poor kid.

No. 134823

Agreed. Ember has literally ruined the rest of her life.

No. 134825

She will never get a real job. All the employer has to do is google her name. She's fucked and she did it all to herself.

No. 134826

I just feel sorry for the sister. Ember ruined her life and has only herself to blame. Her sister didn't do anything to deserve it. I feel bad though… Kid is already ugly and might end up looking like her sister. I couldn't stand it if i knew i would look like Ember.

No. 134827

Ember is just ROUND. Round thighs, round tummy, round cheeks, round eyes, round everything. You know how some people are super angular with bones and facial features? Ember is the opposite. I could never put my finger on it before. She's just a little chubette.

No. 134828

While she might not be overweight, she'll always look chubby just because of her features and proportions. And no, sucking in doesn't help.

No. 134829

Maybe her sister will find these threads one day and she'll post candids of Ember. Yikes

No. 134835

She does not look chubby. Take your ana-glasses off and look again.

No. 134836

Hi Ember. It's your features that make you look round. Someone with angular features would look thinner, it's just the way it is.

No. 134837

I think she looks chubby. So does Ember. If she thought she were thin, she wouldn't do the stupid ana poses and photoshop herself to look like a cartoon character.

No. 134838

Is Ember her real name? Maybe she was smart enough to choose a name that sounds normal but isn't her real one. At least that's what I hope for.
I don't really understand how people can be stupid enough to associate their real names with something like pro ana.

No. 134840

its her real name

No. 134841

Oh well, that's just sad.

No. 134845

She's a little girl. Don't snark on her or call her ugly.

No. 134847

Nope, that's her actual name. Her mom's name is Jessica Fires. I'm wondering if "fires" had something to do with "ember"

No. 134848

It's not like Ember is called Jessica Smith or something. She's going to have to change her name one day.

No. 134850

is this thread seriously being bumped by the same anon samefagging for the past hour

No. 134853

No. 134857

Seems to be the same moron calling Ember chubby

No. 134858

ember IS chubby though, i used to be her best friend, i used to video chat with her and shes a whale in disguise lad

No. 134860

No. 134861

screenshots or gtfo

No. 134862


screenshots of my skype calls a year ago? get real

No. 134863

File: 1464375731712.jpeg (115.23 KB, 750x1219, image.jpeg)

A new phone, and a new iPad mini. And if she still posts her wish list I s2g

No. 134864


Or they'll disappear like Stamina Rose

No. 134865

well then gtfo

No. 134869

No. 134871

Are you trying to say she's skinny?? She's got a good amount of body fat on her. She's sort of skinny fat with rounded features. THis makes her appear chubby.

No. 134882

Not Ember, I'm just not as blind as you are.

No. 134883

go away vendetta-chan no one curr

No. 134914


sage goes in the email field.
learn it. Love it.

Lmao my stupid ass phone reported my first post.

No. 134919

Are you very overweight? That might skew your perception :/

No. 134933

File: 1464389975905.png (718.17 KB, 624x669, attentionHO.png)

"detox/rehab", hospital gown pics, new ~th*nspo~ with edgy cigz, all photo descriptions bombarded with emojis, large new following..?

a new ember on the rise?

No. 134935

File: 1464390314161.png (358.19 KB, 573x563, Screenshot_2016-05-27-16-03-43…)


No. 134936

Isnt Emilyologist like really old news?

No. 134937


No. 134939

No. 134961

Always a self post

No. 134963

I'm confused why Emily is home taking shitspo when I thought she was going directly to rehab after the hospital?

No. 134968


According to her blog she is waiting for a bed to open up at the rehab facility

No. 134969

Wrong again. Better luck next time, ana-chan.

No. 134981

She's so full of shiiiit

No. 134985

File: 1464402313194.jpeg (101.46 KB, 640x1077, image.jpeg)

Her stomach hurts aka I'm pulling all my stomach fat and love handles to make me look thinner while pushing my shoulders out to pop my collar bones.

Ember since you read this: your baby percs aren't going to help your stomach. In fact all that Tylenol filler is horrible for your stomach in the first place.

No. 135002

She'll get nice and high taking those on a empty stomach.

No. 135016

I don't think Ember ever has an empty stomach, lol.

No. 135036

File: 1464424804921.jpeg (41.37 KB, 383x556, image.jpeg)

Why the fuck has Emily got gloves on in one of those pictures? I'm in hospital, better waste medical supplies to take wicked selfies…

No. 135054

Every pic she posts is more revealing to her true shape. Keep it up Ember I'm enjoying the shit out of these pics you chose to take and post.For real proof we need a bikini comparison pic against the one you posted last year. Aly gives us transformation pics, you should too

No. 135060

File: 1464435727155.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.56 KB, 640x540, image.jpeg)

Tell me that doesn't look like ember

No. 135062

spoiler it

No. 135063

File: 1464436090483.jpeg (52.68 KB, 750x215, image.jpeg)

Ana-chans are finally starting to call Ember out on her shit

No. 135066

File: 1464436690991.jpg (78.01 KB, 320x523, IMG_20160528_065036.jpg)

Crying Emily is sad because she can't edit her calves as small as her thighs because of the baseboard #photoshopproblems

No. 135069

Will she ever vacuum her room?

No. 135082

According to her they're about to loose their house

No. 135084

File: 1464444045188.png (476.84 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20160528_0001.png)

She's gone on a date. She looks thrilled about it.

No. 135085

File: 1464444271597.jpg (118.63 KB, 1080x1350, 6tag-263037174-125459208479349…)

No. 135105

Surely she must be seeing someone to help with her E.D and depression? At that weight you are bound for hospital!

Looking at these photos months on from when she was frst posted about I'm sad that she is still stuck in being miserable and starved, it's no way to live. Not for her or her family.

No. 135107

I'm laughing at her posting pathetic pictures with tears running down her face on the internet at angles to try to emphasize her ~*~**~misery~*~*

No. 135111

She doesn't want to get better. She's said before that her ED is what makes her interesting. She values asspats and IG followers more than her own health. She also wheels out the 'bloo bloo we might lose the house' status every few weeks too. Maybe instead of focusing her energies on faking DID and being a pwecious baby who needs mummy she should work on recovery and sort her life out.

No. 135120

Yep. If she really is that concerned about her family losing their house she can get a job and contribute financially. Realistically she probably plans on collecting disability all her life

No. 135159

Her legs freak me out so much

No. 135187

She has to want to get better first, which she doesn't.

No. 135190

She's on anti depressants and is supposed to attend CAMHS. She admits to not going to appointments, water loading before weigh ins and said some time this week that she won't let them weigh her at her next appointment.

I'm not sure what benefits she claims at 17, but on most it's possible to get a few hours paid work and you get to keep it without it affecting how much you get from the government. Even that'd be a help.

I'm always a bit dubious when anyone on benefits says they're in such a dire situation. I get state benefits and have to pay bedroom tax which leaves me with not very much after bills. HOWEVER, it's management of what you've got left that helps you keep your head just above the water. If there're any arrears on rent, there are ways to deal with it. She's overblowing the situation and/or her mum's being useless with money.

No. 135202

It won't help their financial situation of she insists on eating brands rather than supermarket equivalents. The Nakd Bars, Meridian Peanut Butter, the Innocent Apple Juice and the fact that when Mummy makes her sandwich she puts it in a bloody plastic bag? What a waste. It wouldn't seem like much but if they really were in that dire a situation, switching to supermarket bargain brands would save in the long term

No. 135207

I thought that. Nakd bars are about 75p and they're tiny. I really think it's a case of mismanagement of cash. She has a fancy iphone, for example. Mines's a cheapo version that does the job well enough. I wish she'd buy some multisurface cleaner and dusters though.

No. 135209

My mum was broke for most of my life and we almost exclusively bought supermarket brands. Nothing name brand unless it was on a heavy discount.
They probably spend recklessly and at the end of the month after their fun expenses they realise there's not enough left. Otherwise how can they afford the things she shows off on her IG?

No. 135214

File: 1464470070975.jpg (102.91 KB, 601x652, Capture.JPG)

She's feeling "so happy" now. Date went well.

Supermarket own brands are fine. The only thing I HAVE to buy branded is HEINZ BAKED BEANS. Thrifty spending isn't difficult and there's very little difference in taste usually.

No. 135215

that's a cute picture, to be honest. she doesn't look half as ugly as she makes herself in her ana-pics.

No. 135216

Probably because she wasn't spbbing

No. 135217

Wonder if he knows what he's in for, or if he even really cares.

No. 135220

File: 1464471330019.jpg (102.11 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

This fucking nerd just uploaded a picture of sea salt in a bag and a medicine dropper and is pretending it's drugs. I cannot. What rig is that big around and goes by ML instead of units.

And that's not what crystal looks like. At all.

No. 135221

File: 1464471540106.jpg (33.44 KB, 500x263, 5ml-oral-syringe.jpg)

Probably an oral syringe. They're used to give medicine to babies, you can buy them at walmart.

No. 135223

She's not doing her usual sucked in cheeks face here.

As someone who lives in the UK, Starbucks and Pret A Manger where she gets her Friday lunch from is pretty damn expensive too.

No. 135226

Likely a self-dx DID too by the looks of it. Jesus it's like edge bingo with some of these people

No. 135227

That's funny. Her profile is private but I gather she's another DID bandwagon jumper?

There'll soon be meltdowns about her ruining everything.

No. 135228

Rehydration salts for her sick kitten?

No. 135233

To be fair, it does look like it might be decent cocaine, which you can inject. I've only ever snorted it so I don't know if that's the kind of syringe one would use, though.

No. 135234

Not what decent cocaine looks like and that's definitely not a hypodermic needle.

No. 135236


you've apparently never seen "decent" cocaine. it doesn't even look like shitty cut coke that's worth any amount of your money

No. 135239

File: 1464475438191.png (956.64 KB, 1322x526, ppaaannnniiiicccattaacckkk.png)

Oh no, megfindshersmile is having a panic attack guise.

No. 135240

Drywall dust and a rabbit syringe. Adorable.

No. 135241

the amount of attention whoring is giving me cancer no one that deals with panic attacks would be sitting on their phone posting pictures on instagram to tell the world one after the other
why do these hoes insist on making themselves look fucking dumb

No. 135242

People like this are the reason mental illness doesn't get taken seriously

No. 135243

Decent cocaine is not crystallized like that and meth isn't ever in uniform little pieces. That's table salt.

No. 135244

File: 1464475875680.png (72.66 KB, 449x562, woeisme.png)

Panic attack's done, now she's spamming giveaways and whining about how no one pays attention to her.

No. 135245

File: 1464475967169.png (391.66 KB, 468x628, gimmestuff.png)

No. 135246

File: 1464475994212.png (454.82 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

1 hit of cane sugar got me feelin like….

No. 135247

Oh wow. Normal sized pupils. Who is she really kidding "must be some good shit damn" the fucking idiocy blows my mind

No. 135248

Literally the first thing I noticed about this picture is the zit above her eyebrow.

No. 135249

File: 1464476558373.jpeg (334.51 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Her legs changed a lot in five seconds

No. 135250

File: 1464476772008.jpeg (40.18 KB, 739x222, image.jpeg)

No. 135251

who is this because she actually looks really cute

No. 135252

File: 1464477409856.png (394.84 KB, 672x326, ct.png)

clearly.thin in pictures vs videos. sure, cbmi 15.3

No. 135253

I don't get people documenting their ~panic attacks~ on ig, and I don't get how someone pretending to be taking a hit of whatever we're supposed to believe she's injecting with an oral syringe would want to spoil the buzz by doing instagram.

Fucking. arseholes.

No. 135254

To put this into some context, Aly is apparently BMI 15 now.

No. 135255

She looks vaguely like a korean person who had surgery to look western, that's it. And I mean super vague.

But let's be fair, she's bottom of the barrel considering the droves of lonely and insecure girls with that instagram heaux style and it's getting real stale. Felice Fawn glamorexia with skinny-tea-pusher aesthetic.

No. 135256

Ohhhh gross, she's obviously the one claiming to look Korean. That's fucking nauseating and embarrassing as hell

fucking find yourself.

No. 135257

She's cute tho! she looks like CL

No. 135258

How fucking sad will she be when she wakes up from her Effy Stonem delusion to find herself a serious addict when she realizes she pissed away her life to feel loved because a television character was loved who she could do a good impression of.

the only people that get away with drug abuse are people with trust funds and they're usually garbage people to begin with from neglect.

like "cocaine.puke", why don't you do yourself a favor and forgive you excuses of parents and live a better life for yourself. I just don't want to believe she is this useless than snorting something is the only thing she can do. Stop throwing a tantrum and make better choices.

No. 135262

deleted after someone who was an actual IV drug user called them out

No. 135266

No. 135267


Why do girls take such ugly photos from angles like this and why do their followers give them likes?

No. 135269


I saw that exchange, it was great. I wish I thought to get screen shots.

No. 135270

you have fucking spammed this earlier please shut the whole entire fuck up.

No. 135271

to hide their ugly faces, they get likes from plebs or they buy them. it dumb.

No. 135273

She's cute tho.

No. 135274

But she's cute!

No. 135277

Decent Coke does look like crystals. Just like snow, ergo the street name. You guys claiming to know so much about the drugs these losers brag about using is just as cringe.

No. 135278

Stfu before you get banned. Your unintegrated user is showing.

No. 135279

Not the same anon but since I already commented on "decent" Coke- yeah absolutely crystals. But those little balls in the picture do not fall under that. My first thought would be aspirin to make the solid "balls" but those look uniformly round and have me baffled.

No. 135280

^ samefagging but oh shit i figured it out, insides of a pill capsule.

No. 135281

being knowledgable about it is different than bragging about usage, or fake usage.
and for the record, it's called snow because of the "pure" white color.

No. 135283

I can't identify drugs, but I know what a syringe you use to give medicine looks like, so it's not like you need massive knowledge of drugs to know her post was BS.

No. 135285

Most street names are based on appearance or depend on the culture. That name is based on its appearance. That's why it's also called snowflake and Snow White. Much knowledge.

No. 135287

It's extra funny because the Baggie that her "coke" is in has a couple little holes in the top from where the state/tag thing went through it because it's obviously one of those baggies that comes on new clothes with an extra button in it or whatever. Not a dime bag at all.

No. 135291

No. Rocked cocaine has some shine from binding agents (and you'd be hard pressed not to find rocked Coke these days) but it's not actually crystallized.

No caps? I'd love to see that.

No. 135295

i know this chick irl and she definitely is not cute shes a walking skeleton and full of bs with all the lies she posts on insta

No. 135297

You are missing the point. The point is that it looks like crystals, it's shiny, it glistens like flakes of snow. All cocaine is cut with something, but the shiny property of it is inherent to pure cocaine.

No. 135298

she's cute tho! she looks Korean

No. 135324

what does she lie about??

No. 135352

You're autistic tho.

No. 135355

TBH I'd be interested in knowing how much of a thing the trying to emulate Effy Stonem/Skins junk is with pro anas as a whole. Especially now when Skins originally ran from 2007-11(ish)? Obviously this girl doesn't still call herself Effy but any retard could've seen through that.

No. 135356


Skins was a brilliant show that raised awareness of various health and social problems but unfortunately many teens though the alcohol use and mental illness was something cool.

Cassandra "Cassie" Ainsworth was in the original series and was anorexic amongst other things. She's known for saing "oh wow, lovely" etc and was a massive idol .

No. 135366

Please stop insulting CL like that.

No. 135385

Skins wasn't good it was a stupid show about whiney teenagers who didnt contribute to anything in life. It failed to raise awareness of any kind and caused teenagers to become even worse, whiney assholes. That show created people like Ember and CryingEmily.

The only good thing to come from Skins was Nicolas Holt in MadMax

No. 135408

Do people who actually have DID really know that they have it? I thought that people with that illness couldn't tell that they had alters? Idk maybe I'm just naive but from everything I've read about DID, the people suffering weren't able to distinguish different alters.

No. 135409

My uncle has DID and he's semi-aware he has alters. The only things he is aware about them is stuff other people tell him.

No. 135443

File: 1464540638400.png (2.16 MB, 1936x1936, image.png)

Check out all the money I have, and the iPhone. And iPad. And overpriced lipsticks.

But please help me recover by buying me more shit.

Fuck embers a cunt.

No. 135444

Sage to lol at her bragging about making 100 dollars in tips. That's chump change for a server lol

No. 135448

She said its $200 but I'm p sure she's lying

No. 135456

Of course she's lying. She's only saying that cause everyone laughed their ass off when she posted about earning like $80 last time.

No. 135460

Can you imagine Ember ass-kissing for tips? Ugh… that girl.

No. 135464

Anon is just memeing on all of you

No. 135475

I wonder if she tells customers about her friend Ana.

No. 135476

"I was inpatient, you know."

"That's nice, dear."

No. 135485

File: 1464547661672.png (252.02 KB, 357x346, image.png)

You killed it anon. That shit was good powdered milk. I love it when new fags get their jimmies rustled.

No. 135494

Whoops I'm sorry! Didn't realize that's what you were doing

No. 135510

Does anyone else get the impression that this thread is 90% Instagram anachans snarking on each other?

No. 135512

At least some of them tried to assimilate, the rest just use kek without really knowing what's going on

No. 135513

it is. when attention whores get posted here they run to instagram with "lolcow was mean to me!!!" and that brings in a whole new wave of underage anachans shitting up the thread

No. 135514

It's hilarious when they call each other fat.

No. 135545

Don't you just love all the "when I was in IP…" Posts?
That's ok, it wasn't me, but I love farmers abuse the new fags in this thread. They're a special kind of autism.

No. 135557

It's just like all the weeaboos in every other thread. There have always been anachan farmers.

No. 135559

Sage because of forgetting to reply.

No. 135624

>Does anyone else get the impression that this thread is 90% Instagram anachans snarking on each other?
It is.

No. 135627

Not sure if this is particular interesting but highbulimic is already talking about quitting a job she got less than a month ago cos she 'hates everyone' as well as doing the usual stuffing her face with junk and whining about how she's gonna delete cos no-one cares

No. 135632

provide screenshots?

No. 135638

File: 1464573991759.png (672.12 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 135639

File: 1464574021289.png (531.85 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 135640

Someone had a case of BPD

No. 135649

me: waits patiently for her to delete all of her social media

No. 135654

well for starters she is claiming to be inpatient at an ed ward but she actually refused to be admitted & is lying about her recovery. A while back she would post obvious thinspo pics and tag it as weight restored and get into full on fights with people about that being her "normal" weight. I knew the bitch in high school - she is severely underweight and so sick in the head

No. 135655

defs not korean, she's white as can be

No. 135657

she looks like CL!

No. 135667

i swear to jesus

No. 135671

This fucking meme, I swear to god

No. 135693


Who the fuck is CL

No. 135696

wow, so cute!!

No. 135697

Even with context, I'm not understanding why this spam is funny or "good powdered milk."

No. 135705

A rapper from Korean girl-group 2NE1.

No. 135709

It isn't now all the newfags are pretending they knew what was going on all along

No. 135743

File: 1464620297713.jpeg (94.74 KB, 640x874, image.jpeg)

Oh my god how fucking boring are you emily? All she had to upload is some fucking cereal that everyone has fucking heard? I'm just finding this really funny how she thought it'd be a good thing to upload.

No. 135751

being boring isn't milk.

No. 135752

the only milk here is the literal milk she's pouring in the cereal. next

No. 135754

anyone else noticed emily has bought almost 4K followers since she started "detoxing"

No. 135756

She's just mad she's not getting enough attention before her fake treatment center excursion

No. 135802

She's literally buying them as we speak. She had 12.9, and when I typed in her name, it showed 13.4, then her profile switched to 13.6. If she has that many, she should average more than 400 likes per photo…

No. 135809

Why yall assume everyone's buying followers dang they got follow apps for iPhone and android now for like p much every social media you can "like" pics and it gives u coins u can use for likes or follows

No. 135826

because it seems incredibly easy to do and because the likes don't match up with the number of followers

Not saying you're wrong, of course it's possible

No. 135845

Semantics. Regardless, she's taking desperate af measures just to gain followers. She was at 9k foooorrrrreeevvveeerrr. This is just absurd.

No. 135893

File: 1464660119513.png (29.32 KB, 579x243, kb7.png)

treatment center refused to give kelly ridiculous amounts of drugs so she left

No. 135895

More like got withdrawals

This girl is getting a free junkie buffet

No. 135924

File: 1464672204950.png (414.53 KB, 745x1169, image.png)

i dont know why food accounts do so many emojis. its like aly

No. 135954

Sorry if I'm being dense, but what does "lifting the comment for u guysssss" mean?

No. 135972


no idea

No. 135995


Again the new others docs are fault and she knows everything better. I would ask myself why I am always in trouble with the medical staff and medical decisions. They probably told her that she isn't an anorexic, and the treatment should be 'strict diet and sport' instead of dozen pills and meds. She is delusional big time.

No. 136003

Isn't that kinda against the rules?

No. 136010

File: 1464712592224.jpg (71.37 KB, 407x399, IMG_20160531_112530.jpg)

Ember you pro ana BITCH. Just stop posting, stop editing, and stop talking

No. 136012

K Mckenzie chill out

No. 136013

Hey guys! Instagram updated their policies so ypu don't have to be logged in to report photos or accounts!!!!!! Everyone go report all of embers thinspo pics and her account and with enough of you guys, we can get her deleted!!(fuck off)

No. 136014

(Also you can report anonymously as many times as you want!) start reporting!

No. 136015

Was this posted first? because it's different than the one on her insta.

She also made a new blog. Wonder what or who she'll copy next lol

No. 136016

Jenna is claiming a good friend from high school committed suicide. Does anybody else smell bullshit?

No. 136017

Not her. just sick of the hypocrisy

No. 136018

You're bitching about editing but you're the one who edited this picture…lol

No. 136019


No. 136021

File: 1464714011561.png (111.49 KB, 683x623, ro.png)

that's not what "free" means

No. 136022

If she wants to go about it this way, she has to register as a charity like the recovery buddy people do.

No. 136023

> I want to make them free
> pay me

At least she would be doing something creative with her time

No. 136024

Hi Ember. The pic was lightened to show off your editing skills

No. 136026

File: 1464716094922.jpeg (376.11 KB, 1242x1828, image.jpeg)

Comments on that pic

No. 136028

The fakeboi chick needs gtfo. How harmful are hers and EWs sucked in to fuck stomachs to gullible chubby kids who think they really look like that. Stupid cunts.

No. 136030

Eww….fake boi's profile pic…why.

No. 136033

he looks cute

No. 136034

…for a chick

No. 136035

Yeah, technically he is a girl but he's transgender. You can think it's a phrase/attention or whatever but i'm gonna call him by his preferred pronouns :)

No. 136036

Kys and go back to tumblr

No. 136037

File: 1464719835212.jpg (12.01 KB, 400x225, hollow_aden.jpg)

You're such a good person.

I don't know if looking like an embarrassing Big Brother contestant is the look, but that's what hollow_oli is currently giving.

No. 136038

Deleted already

No. 136039

Never had a tumblr in my life, but i have had transgender friends that have had to deal with shitty people.

No. 136040

File: 1464720106210.png (671.3 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>dabbing grease off
Have you been reading winter girls again, Ember?

No. 136041

theres a difference between fakebois and actual transgender people

No. 136042

Bona fide transgenders have my respect. Fakebois are dykes with a stick up their ass so do not have my respect.

No. 136043

>it took 12 minutes of dabbing grease for anyone to notice how ~disordered~ i am

No. 136057

No one cares. Trans are mentally ill and fakebois are everywhere because they need special attention.

No. 136058

I'm imagining Ember with a stop watch and her pizza. Ha!

No. 136066

She doesn't. She's the ugliest one of them all.

No. 136069

File: 1464731387214.jpeg (190.86 KB, 1536x1415, image.jpeg)

Speaking of Mackenzie, I recently downloaded an app to see if I could mimic her shooping to see how rediculous I would look stretched out like she does in all of hers & boy did I get a good laugh. Who is she honestly kidding? I'm not saying she does or doesn't have crohns, but how can her followers not see how shooped she is, if you reverse the height of her pics she actually just looks average. She makes a big deal of people asking her if she has an ED, but almost all of her posts are like body checks, what I really wonder is what is the point? Why post shooped body checks, claim you're physically ill & bark at people who question it? I'm assuming she does it for asspats, but that in itself is sad, girl must have no self esteem…

No. 136096


Who knows, her followers photoshop too, so why would they call her out on that ? BTW she is the Queen of bad waist-editing. Even 7 years old can see that her belly is freakishly small.

No. 136100

File: 1464734766212.jpg (142.6 KB, 521x628, IMG_20160531_174415.jpg)

Looks like somebody fell off the wagon

No. 136102

Go away emily no1cares

No. 136109

only in the sense that it was probably an acquaintance and not a "good friend", Jenna doesn't seem to have any friends

No. 136111

I'm laughing because I have a screenshot where she said it cost $4/owl, hang on I'll find it

No. 136113

If they really are your friends, get them psychiatric help.
Sage for OT

No. 136114

File: 1464737818023.png (6.76 MB, 1936x1936, image.png)

No. 136115

Yes she literally said she doesn't have any friends back home and all her friends were from college. She literally never talked about hanging out with friends before she got her new job.

Does anyone here follow Jenna's personal Insta?

No. 136119


What is the point

No. 136120

assuming because one of these is not like the others

Sage for "who cares?"

No. 136123

File: 1464740607058.png (578.08 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Complains about how huge she is. How much she needs to lose weight and wants asspats from IG then goes out like this

No. 136124

Ok, honestly I used to think Emily was very pretty in a weird way back in like 2013/2014 or whenever the height of her felice fuckery was, but what the fuck happened?

No. 136125

You know, I can't help but wonder what the fuck is the point of shooping when you're wannarexic. I mean, wannas as a dieting community made sense because although nobody was anorexic, everyone admitted they weren't underweight and exchanged stories, "pains", failures, etc.

But IG is image based so it makes no sense for these people. They're not skinny, they can't post their real bodies and still claim to be ~ana~. And since they're shooping and pretending to be "successfully eating disordered", they can't complain about their constant binging (normal eating) or real weight etc. There is quite literally no point beyond receiving some shallow attention.

No. 136127

your vision improved

No. 136129

haha probably.

i feel like she gained a lot of weight though

No. 136130

She seems like a huge twat. Who spends all their time taking & shopping photos when they supposedly have a child. She clearly wants the young Ana's to worship her & its fucking sad. Like please grow up already, aren't you suppose to be 30 or something. If you spend your life on IG posting unrealistic photos of your body you should seek help. Mackenzie is one of the biggest IG wannarexic's I've ever seen.

No. 136134

gaining weight is part of recovery. emily is a normal weight and seems to be recovering from her eating disorder. isn't a supermodel, but whoever posted that isn't either. I fail to see the milk here, 0/10 anon no more Emily posts until she does something worth talking about.

No. 136135

did Jennas mom ever reply??

No. 136138

I'm pretty sure the anon saying they messaged her mom was Jenna herself, to keep others from doing it.

No. 136140

i thought that too, but wasn't there a screenshot?

No. 136147

… i think she looks great here

No. 136148


No. 136149

I do too tbh but the second someone says that it's always "hi Emily" lol k like if you think she's anything worse than average I would definitely like to see what you look like.

No. 136150

what this proana BS ember?

No. 136151

People here shouldn't be messaging mothers anyways.

No. 136154

The screenshot showed neither the IG handle of whoever sent it, nor who it was sent to. For all I know Jenna messaged herself from her second account.

No. 136155

I'm not a huge Emily fan. She is average.
Ember however looks plain unwashed and developmentally impaired due to the constant fish face

No. 136156

I don't condone it either, but to be fair Jenna has spread lies and publicly whined about her mom to thousands of followers. She portrayed her mother as severely mentally ill, severely alcoholic and borderline abusive.
The message was also supposed to be about Jenna's "cancer recovery", not a "look what your daughter is doing online" type DM

No. 136157

So how is that your problem? It's against the rules anyways, my guy.

No. 136158

Fucking gross arm cuts. Why do women wear clothes that show off their cuts? Like, have some goddamn self respect and keep that shit to your fucked up retard self.

No. 136159

File: 1464746298746.png (1.35 MB, 1178x1114, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.5…)


lol emily made her way onto an mpa thread about glorifying hospital/hospitalisation

bet she'll fuckin cream herself over this when she finds out from stalking this thread (if she hasn't stalked mpa first)

No. 136160

I'm not the one who sent it. Nobody sent it because it was Jenna pretending.
Are you Jenna because no one seems to care when people want to call Ember's employer to find out if she's in IP

No. 136161

>Are you Jenna
Obviously, she seems like the type of person who reads rules before she posts

>Blah blah Ember

People complain every time farmers contact people who aren't involved, stick to gossiping dude

No. 136162

Out of all the things worth criticizing about her, you choose her healed cuts? Yawn.

No. 136164


Why won't it let me load that page? MPA is showing up as 'not a real webpage' ??

No. 136185


probs cause lolcow didn't make it a proper link and put an archive link in the middle of it before the 'tw' part of the link.

copy the link till 'obvious-' then just type in 'tw/page-2', that should do it for you

No. 136187

Still not showing up for some reason… Can someone post the actual url or screen shot
Of it?? MPA for some reason has never loaded for me

No. 136191

It's just a photo dump of ~lil hospital aesthetic things~ and is probably not worth your time.
Also, some mpa pages may require an account (which is also not worth your time).
Here's the link shortened if you want: http://bit.ly/1ZbMqGQ

No. 136194

File: 1464751056338.jpg (72.83 KB, 920x578, Capture.JPG)

Don't know if her mfc happened, but ew.

No. 136195

Holy hell autist, calm the fuck down and learn to sage
Jesus, her arms are massive blobs.

No. 136196

Deleted first pic of her. Forgot to spoiler the vadge.

No. 136199

File: 1464751242860.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.01 KB, 926x587, 1464750959160.jpg)

Christ, this thing won't spoiler. Take 3.

No. 136200

self post or? her most recent photos she doesn't look emaciated at all. and she has no followers, she's kind of a nobody. she's gross, but where's the milk?

No. 136201

FFS, not a self post. Where's the milk with that fucking Emily you're all creaming yourselves over?

No. 136202

no one actually cares about emily. it's some samefag posting about her continuously.

No. 136203

More interesting to have a #daddydomlittlegirl #babygirllifestyle #daddydomlittlegirl wannabe emaciated pr0n star than that piece of attention seeking shite.

Oh good. Can we ban that Emily…I mean, that person who samefags her?

No. 136204

Btw, before the EW/Emily fan jumped on board the ana threads, this was for attention seeking anas. ALL of them. Milk or not much to go on. It used to be good here. Now I'm holding out for perma autosage.

No. 136206

They're/Emily is not breaking any rules. It's best just to ignore it but these rabid anons just won't let it be.

This thread stinks like a bunch of self posting/white knightlong lately.

No. 136212

Do you like showing off your nasty-ass self harm scars too?

No. 136264

Good lord, they're healed. Get the fuck over yourself. Some people do dumb things in their past, and you can't exactly expect them to hide their scars forever. Not covering them is not showing them off. (Unless they're fresh wounds, in which case, that is almost always showing them off.)

No. 136268

She's at a beach, wearing a swim suit.. what else is she supposed to wear?

Some people have healed scars. We've all made mistakes that we regret, and you're gonna live with them forever. Some people just have to deal with them being somewhere that people can easily see. Maybe you should work on being a more forgiving person, because you genuinely sound like an angry piece of shit.

No. 136271

Wearing a t-shirt years after you self-harmed is not the same as 'showing off.'

Don't cut your own self on all that edge, faggot.

No. 136272

i respect emily more now knowing at least she's being more honest about her attention whoring. she should just become a cam girl that way she's making money out of humiliating herself.

No. 136283

I wear clothes that show my completely healed barely visible scars when the weather requires it. That doesn't mean I'm showing them off.

No. 136290

she looks just like sophie from peep show in that last photo

No. 136294

Did hollow olli (or w/e their name is) always have "witch" in their bio or did they add it after Ember made a post about it?

No. 136297

File: 1464785173529.jpg (210.85 KB, 1080x1536, kZ34UeA.jpg)

I found a wannabe Aly. Didn't Aly post pictures like this with chocolate all the time?

No. 136298

File: 1464785224348.jpg (374.47 KB, 1050x1592, mJoS8NR.jpg)

Wannabe Aly captions

No. 136305

what's the milk? healthy looking girl posts pics of range of different food w captions that would probably be really helpful to a lot of people recovering. the only real problem with Aly was she claimed to be in recovery so long without gaining. this girl isn't a cow

No. 136306

She posts 90% sweet shit (like Aly) and posts emoji filled saccharine sweet captions (like Aly). She blatantly copies her.
Nothing scandalous I just think it is funny people copy Aly's shit to gain followers

No. 136307

>>male witch
Was definitely not there before

No. 136308

Warlock, you fucking fakeboi

No. 136309

not that anon but it said witch yesterday.
Meh, it's just another lable for them to sound spehshul

No. 136310

warlock doesn't have the best connotation, so 'witch' is fine for males. although hollow oli is cringy regardless

>before 900; Middle English warloghe, -lach, Old English wǣrloga oathbreaker, devil, equivalent to wǣr covenant + -loga betrayer (derivative of lēogan to lie)

No. 136329

Guess it's time to get ready for the totes magickal fragile damaged ana butterflies now

No. 136331

so you're saying "it was good here" before when there was "not much to go on" lol okay. sounds fun

No. 136332

I thought it was funny when he got his last IG terminated because it was ~technically female nudity. but he "worked his tits down so he doesn't require surgery"

No. 136334

Aly actually stole that "pose" (or whatever you want to call it) from a different ED account. It might have even been from this girl, but it was too long ago to remember usernames.

No. 136335

Don't cut yourself in general, sicko.

No. 136336

Can these bitches lern2anatomy already?

No. 136340

it looks like she sucked in so hard it snapped her ribs out of place

No. 136345

File: 1464801586057.jpeg (302.48 KB, 1284x1617, image.jpeg)

Bloo bloo. These posts always make me want to slap these kids. Like instead of passively saying your followers don't interact with you etc, why not try doing it yourself, or maybe get some irl friends, fuck. Does IG make these kids social outcasts or what..?

No. 136347

File: 1464802232890.jpeg (229.58 KB, 1229x1449, image.jpeg)

O no. We have a whole new level of attention seeking over here.

Forget DID, we are on to possession now!

I actually know this girl, but I can't stand up for her with this

No. 136348

i guess DID wasn't edgy enough for her

No. 136351

She's been in "recovery" for years, yet only posts "fear food" challenges and over describes every emotion and taste. Everything she posts is SWEET FATTY etc.
This is still disordered behaviour.

Also people with anorexia tend to love seeing others describe or consume junk food, they like pretty pictures of it as it allows them to experience the pleasure of such but without having to eat it. She isn't healthy to someone who is actually wanting to recover and move on from an e.d

No. 136352

Nice comeback, have fun being a shitty human being who lacks even a modcum of compassion for your fellow man. l8r

No. 136353

I fucking hate this kid. All she does is whine and pity herself. It's pathetic.

No. 136354

I'm sorry, but not everyone wants to see your putrid self harm scars. Cover that shit up. There might be children around.

No. 136360

How are they different from other scars, you flawless human being and perfect role model?

No. 136361

Please just stop responding to the troll/retard. It's not like you'll put some sense into them.

No. 136362

Because they're disgusting. The whole world does not need to know of your masochism.

No. 136364

It's like a huge advert screaming, "I'm a fucking spastic and my daddy diddled me."

It's horrific and nasty.

No. 136366

File: 1464805962225.jpeg (685.42 KB, 1936x1805, image.jpeg)

Surprised she hasn't deleted these comments.
Also, hello fakeboiiii

No. 136367

Guess because it's funny, sort of

She's also promoting anas again

No. 136368

…does she not understand Mandy's comment or is she purposely being retarded.

No. 136370

>your god is fake and your relgion is bullshit
wow such enlightenment

No. 136373

The words are too complex for her lol
> how dare you insult my religion you know nothing about!!!
> your god is fake and religion bs

No. 136375

Ember, sweaty, the girl is implying that you are more bothered about your body and image than your 'spiritual being'. If you were a real pagan (or witch, whatever the fuck youre trying to be) you would know that your SOUL and positive attitude is waaaaaaaaaay more important than if you look skinny and how hot you look.

Guess you're failing at everything. Sux2bu.

No. 136380

I'm pretty sure hollow_oli put "male witch" in his bio right after Ember posted this, bandwagon much.

I had the impression that this girl was calling Ember out as a fake/shitty witch because she practices paganism or whatever herself, so it's funny that Ember called her God/religion bullshit when they likely have the same one, kek.

Also these comments were deleted, probably just after they were posted here. Typical.

No. 136395

once they were posted she most likely actually read them

Wonder if shell post more about being a ~witch~

No. 136396

mandy woke af.
>your god is fake and your religion is stupid
stop hitting yourself ember

No. 136398

File: 1464813743493.png (745.55 KB, 640x960, image.png)

what is that shadow on the left?

No. 136402

Ember's chest is very raised from sucking in! She's stupid as fuck. She can't even do fakorexia properly. ?

No. 136403

File: 1464814160593.png (398.01 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I love watching this bitch get called out and then immediately deleting the comments

No. 136405

Give yourself a break and stop sucking in you look like youre in pain ember

No. 136406

She deleted in in less than 2minutes lol

No. 136407

Ember u ain't fooling no one with those normal sized arms

No. 136412

No wonder her stomach hurts all the time shes constantly sucking in

No. 136413

What's so special about fakeboi?

No. 136414

nothing. just another ana chan.

No. 136417

She tried to present herself as a biological boy for a bit, it was the only interesting thing about that account. There was a dumb "I need to tell you, my loyal followerzzz, that I am trans" confession at some point. The general reaction was "No shit."

No. 136422

File: 1464817842153.jpg (59.15 KB, 431x596, such skinny.JPG)

She also likes to think she's emaciated, but is obviously not.

Now she posts numerous sfs of wasting zoe and EW … AND THAT'S IT.

No. 136423

File: 1464818177495.jpeg (499.72 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


My absolute fav thing about Embers latest body pics is that it completely proves she stretches her photos. 2 pics taken the same day, posted the same day, but her torso is a completely different width in each of them!

No. 136427

Looks zhe same for me

No. 136428


3.2.1 Ember is busy photoshopping her arms.

No. 136432


nah, the left one saw too much 'slimming tool'. Funny how 95% of the wannarexics focus on slimming down their waist while forgetting about arms /shoulders. They always reveal you are a normal sized person.

No. 136437

the way she holds her arms in photos also gives it away, pulling them back to make them smaller by comparison like in >>136398

No. 136443

I absolutely believe ember photoshops or sucks in or whatever. But the fact that two pictures taken on the same day look different means nothing. Water/bloat/gas/food/shitting/etc. can play a huge role in body shape.

Also, I have a theory that Ember intentionally posts her triggering fucked up photos for two minutes on purpose knowing full well that someone from lolcow is going to screenshot and post it. That's her way of still getting her "sickly" photos out and getting attention, while still playing the victim.

No. 136448

File: 1464819564092.jpeg (150.03 KB, 1024x812, image.jpeg)

Flipped the other one so they look more similar angle wise. But one body is "wider" that the other and don't even get me started on the sucking in vs flexing

No. 136452

That megfindshersmile girlie is so far up her own arse. I want to punch a wall every time she posts. What a whiny cunt.

No. 136454

Damn, tried pushing my legs out like that, fakeboii must daily taking this photos. Sorry kid but you don't have a gap and that's just that.

No. 136455

Must ache**

No. 136470

I agree with you about her posting those on purpose. She knows people will fucking screenshot it….

No. 136471

File: 1464823227537.jpeg (218.83 KB, 750x1194, image.jpeg)

>When I was sick

Does she believe she's recovered? But she's also obviously trying to make herself look thinner, not just feet together but heels apart. Why wouldn't she crop that stupidity out if she wanted to emphasize her thigh gap.
Sorry, a little off the typical topics of convo, this effy girl just confuses me. Idk if she's in denial or fishing for ass pats. Both?

No. 136478

The thing is, guys rarely ever have thigh gaps anyways because of their narrow hips so why try?

No. 136479

Ew whatever underwear is going on there is cutting into them thighs

No. 136481

Even sucking in she's just normal, healthy 20something size. She's got a silly idea of what anorexia looks like if she thinks a bit of rib under big ol' tiddies is it.

No. 136483

She's definitely on the lower end of normal, but she doesn't look emaciated here at all. She looks like a thin girl sucking it in.

No. 136484

that's all it takes to be anorexic on the internet

No. 136486

Yeah, but she's not a guy.

No. 136487

Because she's a trans.

No. 136489

Because although she likes to think she's male, there's nothing male about the way she thinks. Males being ana chans is extremely rare on ig.

No. 136492

actual guys don't wear shirts with "he/him" written on it and label themselves "male witch uwu". fakebois do.

No. 136494

She has incredibly feminine body language and it's ridiculous that she can't just be a butch dyke because that wouldn't be special enough. She's a woman, not a man.

No. 136495

>protect trans kids without dysphoria
>protect trans kids who are just faking it for attention
>protect trans kids

No. 136496

She might as well just say she's a lesbian, I doubt she'll ever go on T

No. 136497

File: 1464828562414.png (1.31 MB, 1157x1206, hashtag bodychecking.png)

No. 136499

now that's the shit that makes my blood boil

No. 136530

I know you meant this as a joke, but that's honestly probably it. She's probably too dense to realize that she's pulling muscles in a bad way by sucking in all the time.

No. 136552

nah, stop, that girl is actually trying to get better. she was sexually harrassed earlier this year and you can see it fucked her up even more.

No. 136567

Implying what, that there's some kind of double standard? The guys on the top row aren't pretending to be mentally ill.

Has anyone else checked out the MPA LGBT sub-forum? There's plenty of fakebois, otherkin, self-dx DID types etc. floating around there.

No. 136569

How can you look like that between BMI 19 and 25? I know enough people with an underweight BMI who look way bigger than that.

No. 136582

File: 1464867382635.jpeg (136.36 KB, 640x963, image.jpeg)

Loads of milk on this girl- @life.as.emmie on insta and this is her venting
Thought you lot would appreciate even if she's a smaller account that I follow on my sock puppet

No. 136583

File: 1464867480664.jpg (10.66 KB, 236x280, 4a8152f4ec26f39a1faed6e9387a48…)

all i see

No. 136586

If you want to see something really fucked up on mpa, I recommend checking out the bpd section. Would post an example but the one I had in mind is way tl;dr

No. 136587

I was showing that when males use #bodycheck on ig they're usually showing the work they put in at the gym to look buff. Females use it to suck in or show they're fucked up with a ~disorder~ which is what the fakeboi does, so she has a female way of thinking…or sthing even though she wants so hard to be male.

No. 136589

Go for it anon. I rarely browse MPA but it's such an incredible echo chamber of attention seeking garbage.

No. 136592

File: 1464871483463.jpeg (210.43 KB, 750x994, image.jpeg)

Nice thinspo Emily ?

No. 136594

Where the fuck is her belly button

No. 136595

kill yourself, emily

No. 136597

Link it please, I find TL;DR enjoyable

No. 136598

No. 136599

>she was sexually harrassed earlier this year

I'm aware, but she was pulling the same "i'm so recovered, look at my bones!" shit before that. So I guess the sexual assault gives her a pass to show off her bones and pretend to be in recovery and not have anyone say anything.
I believe she was in recovery from her addictions (even tho she did buy drugs from the neighbor who assaulted her) but not her ED, not for a second, She's always posted thinspo, both before and after.

No. 136600

>I just finished faking my suicide attempt
oh boy.

No. 136603

File: 1464874256929.jpg (528.95 KB, 960x960, caesarapp_2016628269896.jpg)

2 year difference. Must be all that alcohol

No. 136604

Lame, it says I don't have enough posts to view the thread. Even MPA knows it's full of shit.

No. 136609


I don't see a difference other than angle and lighting

No. 136610

Wow, I read that same post on a different imageboard something like two weeks ago. Had no idea the source was MPA.

No. 136614

File: 1464876690837.jpeg (248.56 KB, 694x1143, image.jpeg)

No. 136615

wtf man… not sure if this is real or trolling. are there really people like that out there? as someone who actually expierienced some of these fake things this angers me so fucking much i'd like to slap the shit out of her. on the other hand, makes me feel sane

No. 136618

What baffles me the most is that everyone in that thread seems to think what's she's doing is totally normaly and reasonable and no one is really saying anything against it.

No. 136621

sounds like Trisha Paytas

No. 136625

no one's gonna hold her accountable because "muh bpd"

No. 136628


honestly someone who does all of these things is clearly severely mentally ill. I don't really get when I see someone this bad posted on a board and everyone goes all out saying that they wish they could slap them or kill them etc when clearly this is a sick sick person.

they should still be held accountable if they harmed someone.In that case I think they should be mandated to serve for their actions in a treatment center or something.

If a depressed person couldn't get out of bed and was shitting all over themselves I wouldn't say muh depression omg so lazy pathetic!!! I get that this person's actions are horrible (and people who were harmed by this do NOT have to have her in their life/forgive her) but this attitude confuses me.

No. 136632

obviously she's ill, but that doesn't mean everyone should dismiss her actions as normal

No. 136641

File: 1464883051594.jpg (368.02 KB, 1063x1478, IMG_20160602_095628.jpg)

Good fucking god.

No. 136643

File: 1464883195833.jpg (23.23 KB, 589x226, Capture.JPG)

No. 136644

Wow what a quick recovery! Two bites to completely normal in a day.

No. 136650

File: 1464884265101.png (403 KB, 523x618, ho.png)

do your circulatory system a favor and buy pants that fit. it'll stop forcing your legs into that weird wobbly shape too

No. 136661

emily you stupid slut you are normal as fuck please stop posting here no one will ever fucking care.

No. 136662

pushed deep into the thick pile of dough that is her body.

No. 136664


I never said that.

No. 136667


its pretty funny how you can see her fakeboy vag here

No. 136670

Hey Emily! Do you not notice the amount of cellulite built up in your thighs and love handles??

No. 136674

chill ana-chan

No. 136675

that, or Emily should stop talking to herself.

No. 136676

cellulite is a normal, albeit gross looking thing that can happen to women of all sizes as long as they have any body fat

No. 136677

Dif anon that is making fun of her body - The only reason her cellulite/fat is relevant is because she is legit psychotically obsessed with being a tumblr wannarexic because she is incapable of contributing anything to the world. The only reason she was underweight in the first place is because she abused her faster teenage metabolism and slightly restricted while whoring her body all over tumblr. Now that she miserably tried to become an alcoholic so people would pay attention, she has this wack body that's flabby as hell but still doing the same ana shit. All for tumblr.

I know that's common knowledge, but I wanted to clarify it's not meant in a proana way. It's just how can you be in your 20s and have literally no direction in life when she clearly has so many opportunities and comes from a good family. I think if she way trying to do anything maybe people wouldn't say anything, but she lives for tumblr and can't even do that right.

No. 136680


I hope you know metabolism doesn't slow down significantly, it is usually a small difference of around 100-300 calories less needed than during growing teen years. I promise you she is just eating more now and the alcohol weight has def caught up with her now

No. 136685

haven't seen a beached whale in a while

No. 136690

Yeah… I didn't criticize her body, but I think people here wouldn't call the wannarexics like Emily, Ember and Jenna fat or chubby if they didn't pretend they were tiny little things

No. 136695

why is she pulling up the shirt showing off her thighs? she could easily hide them by only using the right picture. does she really thing she looks emaciated?

No. 136705

I would've thought the last thing you'd want to do if you were a "male" was to flash your camel toe.

Yes, she thinks she looks emaciated
>my fat percentage is super low

No. 136712

People here call anyone and everyone fat regardless of who they are or what they've done. The only person that Ana chans dont call fat is Ashley

No. 136714

Most of the time they probably aren't skinny either, but your average chubby MPA user

No. 136715

File: 1464901800988.png (476.4 KB, 1196x720, sketch-1464901349941.png)

Meg from last night. Deleted now.
Joltography is desperate to send a happiness package.
Still not sure if trolling.

No. 136717

File: 1464902054186.png (317.27 KB, 1196x720, sketch-1464901007578.png)

Also this from earlier.
Now deleted ofc.

No. 136720

File: 1464902510503.png (588.79 KB, 1196x720, sketch-1464902402280.png)

Sorry the milk keeps flowing.
This is so funny. She manipulates everything.

No. 136722

Where does Jolto find the time? She's even branched out into Venus' crazy mom drama now with appearances in Margo's IG comments.

>u r strong u can get through this i know u can

No. 136725

She's the same as us, she gets off on drama. Also she's a troll, even though she wouldn't admit to it to herself.

No. 136728

Ember put a photo on her snapchat story where her legs are perfectly normal sized lmao

No. 136732

have you seen her fucking eyebrows tho?????

No. 136734

megfindshereyebrows needs to be her blog for eyebrow related support.

No. 136735

She's a legbeard who thinks she's cute and really clever for stirring the pot. Nobody could convince her she's not a super funny troll. Its pathetic.

No. 136741

>im not pro-ana i know people with mental illnesses

No. 136748

Meg looks like she draws her eyebrows on with shit.

No. 136749

File: 1464908317435.png (668.19 KB, 681x616, ho2.png)

they look so greasy…

No. 136757

Meg should take eyebrow advice from fakeboii here.

No. 136780

Gross. Men bathe, dumb bitch.

No. 136788

She looks like a deformed Justin beiber.

No. 136789

File: 1464917688805.jpeg (2.01 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

I'm surprised ember would let this see the light of day. No thigh gap even bent over with her ass pushed out? Girl hasn't spent enough time dabbing that grease off her pizza.

No. 136793

Justin Bieber looks like deformed Justin Bieber.

No. 136845

that tiny feet
not even stretching seems to help anymore

No. 136846

The way she's angled herself just makes her legs look stumpier.

No. 136852


Such a difference from her edited pictures. Ember looks average.

No. 136854

she probably has a hard time accepting it, soon she won't be able to impress the young anas anymore
guess its time for her to jump onto something else

No. 136859

Makeup guru

No. 136863

File: 1464947099964.jpg (135.74 KB, 1280x720, sister ember of the high holy …)

Don't sell her short, she could always start vlogging about her IRL witchness.

>blessed be, impressionable teens

No. 136864

Except people actually like Justin.

No. 136869

And deleted

No. 136871

it was not from instagram

No. 136882

hahaha that's embarrassing. ALL CAPS mean business

No. 136895

Don't think that'll last long. She isn't patient enough to wait until she gets better at makeup and gains followers. She expects her accounts to just boom up overnight. But she seriously needs a new persona, even the insta anas are catching up on her shit. Maybe her ello blog will bring something new.

>file name

Part of me would love if she did but another part of me would be annoyed af because she most likely wouldn't put any research into it and just make shit up etc., just like the laat time. Besides, witches aren't "cool" anymore. The trend died down.

No. 136917

File: 1464966456209.jpeg (180.46 KB, 750x1216, image.jpeg)

I wish this cow wasn't private, she's got a lot of milk. This is the same girl who posted her mom saying how fat she was

No. 136920

When ur life is just so hard u gotta overdose on Tylenol

No. 136922

>I hate to see all these girls that so fit and pretty
Is she actually ill or? otherwise she can move her ass to to work out

No. 136937

That's not how wannorexia works.

No. 136946

Yikes I forgot

No. 136958

File: 1464977367799.jpeg (155.49 KB, 750x1100, image.jpeg)

No. 136970

Why are you posting the same shit? We've seen this and the mountain high trash can full of them. They're fat disgusting pigs, we know this

No. 136973

I think anon was pointing out the comments?

…I just went to check out his page, and seems like he's blocked me even though he accepted my follow request ageeeeeeeees ago. Embers doing, probably.

No. 136974

I'm blocked too. Amazing.

No. 136979

He added me after I liked one of his old pics after they had just started dating, but I checked a bit ago and I was blocked.

I feel like she went through and blocked all the girls

No. 136980

File: 1464982362408.png (496.68 KB, 682x406, 3BKDQH5.png)


photoshopped vs photoshopped vs reality

No. 137029

a thigh gap is technically supposed to be when you have your ankles and knees together. not an ana-chan, I only know that from lurking blogs and this thread
so technically even her photoshopped or stretched legs don't have a gap.
I bet that after she reads this, her legs will magically change shape again

No. 137030

Nobody wants your greasy boyfriend, Ember.

No. 137033

how dare you she dabbed the grease off for twenty whole minutes while her friends lamented for christssake ember when are you going to stop this shit

No. 137034


No. 137039

Holy shit I thought you were talking about Andrew.

No. 137052

I couldn't imagine dating such a short guy either, I'd have back pain too if I was bending down all day to talk to him face to face.

No. 137055

Knees together? Ankles together I understand but I just tried my hardest to push my knees together and that's not happening
You're right otherwise though, she can't pride off her "thigh gap" when she points her toes in to deliberately make her legs appear more separated.

The whole thigh gap thing makes me actually lol. Most people that have one just have it naturally, it's fuckin bone structure not goddamn weight loss. I know so many thin fit girls that do not and could never have a thigh gap because that's not the way they're fuckin built. You'd have to be hella emaciated to magically have a thigh gap if it's not something you have naturally.

No. 137060

The power of prayer and the lord's work.

No. 137093

>I just tried my hardest to push my knees together and that's not happening
Maybe you're bowlegged or have large or muscular thighs? It's usually not impossible to put your knees together, but the size of your thighs and the alignment can play a part.

No. 137094

The pizza dabbing story was ridiculous, but I love the fact that she's pro ana enough to dab at grease but she's not pro ana enough to just put down the pizza slice lmao

No. 137096

I have really small thighs, and legs in general. I'm one of those people that have a natural thigh gap because of my bone structure, whether or not I lose or gain weight. I'm definitely not bowlegged, as far as I can tell. I know someone that is, so at least not compared to them.
Saging because nothing to do with kek worthy ana-chans. I'm just genuinely curious as to why my knees don't touch now, I thought that was normal lmao.

No. 137097

Samefag. Update: doing google searching. Might actually be slightly bowlegged. Fuck.

No. 137099

Anon, don't worry about it. Honestly, if your doctor never noticed or brought it up during checkups then it's unlikely to be serious enough to cause problems or require treatment.

No. 137106

File: 1465007815051.jpeg (222.05 KB, 750x1056, image.jpeg)

Am I th only one who thinks her makeup is absolute shit here…………………

No. 137116

Slight bowlegs are common and almost never an issue. Most people don't actually have completely strait legs. I am slighly knock-kneed which is a big factor in me never having a thigh gap no matter how small my thighs get (i have been quite underweight in the past)

General rule when legs are together side by side:
Can put feet together but not knees = knock knee
Can put feet and knees together at the same time = strait legs
Can put knees together but not feet = knock knee

No. 137129

Your makeup is always terrible.

No. 137148

The photoshop mess up on her necklace tho

No. 137196

(i tried to sage sorry if i did it wrong)

I think you meant to put bow legged for feet together knees apart

I'm slightly knock kneed, my ankles touch but it's uncomfortable to stand that way because my knees are pushing into each other, but because my knees touch my thighs aren't able to no matter what.
thigh gaps are much more complicated than just skinny legs vs. thick legs its fucking ridiculous how obsessed these kids are

No. 137202

sage goes into the email field

Did ember post anything on her new blog?

No. 137210

File: 1465047099611.gif (725.35 KB, 400x225, image.gif)

No. 137219

I fucked up
Yes thats what i meant

No. 137269

File: 1465067983162.png (504.86 KB, 672x669, megfindsherdelusions.png)

bitch where?

No. 137278


No. 137291

Lol, didn't even see that

No. 137298

She's trolling, right?

No. 137299

She is unbelievably serious.

No. 137300

File: 1465081093797.png (491.54 KB, 697x569, hano.png)

caption/comments on a video of this girl crying

No. 137301

I need more cryingemily in my life.

No. 137314

File: 1465086432269.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Emily C sent me this on snapchat today……

No. 137330

And what makes you think anyone's going to believe that?

No. 137332

Antidepressants, a clonezepam, acid reflux medication, a muscle relaxant, and what looks like an ibuprofen and some sort of gel capsule OTC supplement. Much edge.

No. 137333

She looks like a man in a funhouse mirror..

No. 137339

File: 1465089485982.jpg (32.9 KB, 584x124, 1.JPG)

She aint crying. She's feeling luvved up with her man.

Emotional blackmail much? I hope he doesn't read that for his sake.

No. 137340

It's vitamin D.
Hear it can get you super high when mixed with advil

No. 137351


Much edgy self harm cuts

No. 137391

can she get banned she's just shitposting herself

No. 137392

who she boyfriend?

i need emily's boyfriend to cage fight ember's boyfriend, that is the only way.

No. 137395

What? I've taken these together several times and nothing ever happened.

No. 137425

File: 1465128658955.png (288.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-05-13-04-30…)

lol rich coming from her. Wonder if she reads here.

No. 137462

Her eyebrows are the Slaton sisters.

No. 137485

That post was dripping with sarcasm and you still didn't pick it up. I feel bad for you.

No. 137581

She's obviously taking the picture in a way to show them off.. Emily C always does this sort of shit. No, I'm not the sort of person who thinks that a person wearing a t-shirt while they have old, healed scars from previous self-harm is "showing off"– but Em always makes a point to show off her fresh cuts in all her pictures.

No. 137587

Not that anon, but no, it aint.
People mix everyday shit together to get a high. Like battery acid and sudafed.

No. 137601

You retards are why god doesn't talk to us anymore.

Aren't underage people not supposed to post here?

No. 137609

File: 1465171556846.png (249.84 KB, 708x455, mfhs.png)

i give it 10 minutes until she posts again

No. 137610

Your saltiness over your flopped attempt, schadenfreude : ^ )

No. 137626

She's done this 10 times this week.

No. 137673

I feel bad for you too now.

No. 137684

File: 1465191376966.png (501.16 KB, 811x587, Screenshot 2016-06-06 at 12.34…)

slow claps

No. 137709

is that a fucking bowl of fucking cheese

No. 137712

You are retard if you believe in god…

No. 137715


Legit had to un follow this Munchausen's bitch. After she uploaded like 20 posts doctor shopping and begging for a cast on her foot and getting 100 million tests done to prove she had a tiny little stress factor APPARENTLY…. fuck. Fat fuck is so annoying.

No. 137718

File: 1465206964379.png (1.67 MB, 1936x1936, image.png)

Bored, so I wanted to see how many fake accounts were following Emily C, and it's ridiculous how many accounts are following her without profile photos or posts. And a lot of the ones with profile photos also have no posts and are following over 600 people.

Sage bc everyone dislikes Emily

No. 137729

File: 1465208980823.jpg (138.07 KB, 791x989, 6tag-263037174-126651483377015…)

Lovebite. Classy.

Emily, people do not need to see your self arson. We know you're fucked up. This is just too emo.

No. 137730

Soz, forgot to spoiler that shit.

No. 137745


Nothing wrong with lovebites. Stop being a prude, faggot.

Anything new with Ember? She has me on block and i'm bored.

No. 137747

File: 1465218119703.jpeg (341.64 KB, 1270x1645, image.jpeg)

After deleting all the previous posts, now it seems she's hinting at suicide, but I doubt she'd ever get the balls to go through with it. This girl is too much.

No. 137749

Love bites are trashy as fuck. Are you 12 or something. Jesus F Christ.

No. 137750

Do you post your lovebites on the Internet too?

No. 137752

Hickeys? Or self harm? What am I looking at?

No. 137754

Burns on arm. Hickey on neck. Unless that's some weird self harm bruise idk.

No. 137757

She deleted it before I could get a screen shot but earlier this week she posted a close up pic of the burn on the top of her arm asking her followers if it was a third degree burn.

She seems eager to show off that she's burning now rather than cutting. Does anyone remember when she used to post videos of her 'trips' when she was huffing? They always used to be good for a laugh.

No. 137810


add ember on snapchat if she's blocked you on instagram (username is emberrrw) - it's great entertainment

No. 137818

File: 1465237894811.png (286.37 KB, 480x581, wp_ss_20160603_0001.png)

This is it.

No. 137821

I'd say it's about 31 degrees Celsius.

No. 137938

File: 1465276236406.jpg (63.25 KB, 925x420, not so hollow.jpg)

Correct me if I'm wrong but I can't imagine hollow_oli is six feet tall, meaning this isn't even remotely underweight. I'm a little surprised someone so blatantly pro ana would post such a regular/healthy weight.

No. 137946

File: 1465279980209.png (569.15 KB, 861x580, Screenshot 2016-06-07 at 1.12.…)


Is this a parody or not? I'm a little terrified

No. 137948


That girl's photos of herself are terrifying. She looks like a starving child. I don't think it's a parody account, she has 1.4k photos. That's too much dedication for a parody imo

No. 137949

I think they mean in the post style. It's a lot like the one Italian Anachan, Ally? I think her name is. Her thread is usually on the first or second page of snow at all times.

No. 137951


The typing style does have a lot in common with Aly. But this girl seems to be from the Middle East and English isn't her first language. Coincidence?

No. 137952

"oli" never said she/he was underweight. she/he always said healthy bmi. they suck in so much to look underweight tho. lmao

No. 137978

Can people please screenshot instead of linking? This is an image board for a start, and not all of us are 14 year old girls with MPA accounts.

No. 137989

people like oli annoy me way more than people like aly or that sasii girl. what's it like engineering your whole online persona to revolve around the illusion that you are critically underweight because it really does look pathetic and sad as fuck. maybe they should upgrade to being a neet, at least then they can keep the stupid cutesy typing quirks uwu smol

No. 138015

Already done >>136614 You can stop whining now.

No. 138019

File: 1465309867066.jpeg (291.39 KB, 750x1044, image.jpeg)

Cellulite central lulz

No. 138020

Hey Emily. Nice try, but nearly everyone has cellulite.

No. 138054

It was more of a general request for people linking from MPA than directed at that poster. Come back when you're 18.

No. 138093

not cellulite. serious photoshop. the pixels are smeared to hell and back

No. 138100

In Her snap chat video of her skating in them, She has no idea how to skate properly.

No. 138121

The only interesting Emily is cryingemily

No. 138122

sage crocker if you're going to post her

No. 138135

Parody or not – and I'm seriously suspecting/hoping it's a parody – that shit is fucking hilarious.

No. 138136

File: 1465340696431.png (639.95 KB, 930x593, LUSH.png)

Meh, probably not a parody account, but I suspect she's been on Aly's insta, she's even using her favourite word!

No. 138137

how is a can of tiny sausages able to be described as "lush"

No. 138140

Aren't those kidney beans?
I'd guess it's just a word she picked up from Aly.

No. 138143


Ew why would you eat beans right out of the can

No. 138151

Dem knuckle cuts.

No. 138157


bulimia knuckles.

also pretty bulimic to eat food straight from a can - bulimiachan here and i end up dong this during my binges…something about physically trying to get food into body ASAP but also slightly self-punitive in a way as it feels more shameful and disgusting when eating in such a degrading panic and thats all the head says im worth.

sage for blogpost

No. 138163

no shit

No. 138167

Jesus H. Christ, even for a recovering anorexic, this girl's meals look like nothing but binges. One post she eats an entire carton of Breyers as night snack. And she's still spoopy?

No. 138168

Might've cut herself getting the can lid off.

No. 138170

She says "challange", "bomb" and refers to herself as a "little girl" and "child" too.

No. 138171

She follows Paris Melody Raven and Ash, yet she says she'll block any triggering images.

No. 138173


No. 138181

>Why can't I be dead?

Because you're too stupid to be able to kill yourself. I can't believe people fall for this blatant attention-whoring.

No. 138200

File: 1465360244241.jpeg (94.65 KB, 750x1182, image.jpeg)

No. 138201

File: 1465360530848.jpeg (25.04 KB, 350x373, chicken0.jpeg)

No. 138203

Damn son! Her grill is fucking busted! It's fixable at least…

No. 138206

Oh my god her hairline…

No. 138211


Well I guess she truly nailed the witch aesthetic

No. 138214

File: 1465367381011.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 138221

Fucking vile! WHy?

No. 138226

white trash genetics.

No. 138235

File: 1465379233939.png (576.36 KB, 640x960, image.png)

Which filter is she using that it makes her ALWAYS look so damn dirty?

No. 138236

i wish she would get locked up so we dont have to deal with her fucking ugly face anymore. she annoys and infuriates me so mcu

No. 138246

Are they doing Donald Trump impressions?

No. 138253

Don't actual overly skinny people try to hide their skinny bits? Like, if you lost lots of weight due to illness, anorexia or whatever you wouldn't try to flaunt it with ultra tight legging pants fit to burst.

No. 138254

Also these legs are so normal. How does this person think they are anorexic? Are they in the beginning stages of their anorexia? How are they so sure they have it if they don't really restric and are normal sized?

No. 138255

Lol she's sucking her belly in so hard


No. 138257

Why is this girl sucking in her stomach so much? I don't get why these girls can't just take normal pictures and be normal. They'd get followers and attention too, no need to suck it in.

No. 138259

Her teeth are jacked up, what an unfortunate face to live with

No. 138260

Kind of her own fault for wasting her money on weed and makeup she cannot properly use instead of getting braces

No. 138275

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzVoHhPaeZQ Anorexia is DESTROYING his LIFE

No. 138277

What does sage mean like I jus never understood

No. 138280

Google is your friend. And so is /meta/

No. 138281

File: 1465400277901.jpg (105.54 KB, 800x600, sage-leaves-green.jpg)

You don't know about smoking sage? How old are you?

No. 138286

Back to MPA

No. 138289

File: 1465401477495.png (747.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

CryingEmily's gonna kill herself again.

No. 138309

No. 138314

Olli's cheek sucking everytime she stops talking is killing me!! Crying Emily, please take me with you!

No. 138315

oop still gotta make sure to put arm up for maximum ana pose

No. 138317

top kek

No. 138319

They probably think anorexia has nothing to do with weight so they can get away with it because it's just a mental disorder. Why else would Kelly and Kadee be able to get away with it?

No. 138354

What a fugly creature

No. 138358

I thought she was just not blending her bronzer at her cheeks, but look at that hairline…

No. 138361

File: 1465420377759.jpg (105.04 KB, 500x500, oli-town.jpg)

She sort of passes for a guy who didn't make the final round of auditions for O-Town if you can't hear her, but audio does no favors.

No. 138364

the girl in this pic has worse eyebrows than ember

No. 138369

I wouldn't even find her wonky teeth funny if she wasn't such a bitch to everybody else about theirs. I still remember her trying to drag everybody else for not having perfect teeth.

No. 138372

File: 1465423474957.png (646.68 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

What do you think kelly means when she says Ed urges? Until she is talking about bulimia but she has never mentioned purging. Binging perhaps? I can't believe she is talking about restricting, also thinking about it isn't the same as doing it. She is fat, does she want to have professionals tell her it's okay to overeat?

No. 138373

Kelly is probably confusing recognizing that she needs to lose weight and feeling shame about her size with having an eating disorder.

No. 138376

Exactly anon.

No. 138384

They're both doing the cheek sucking…

No. 138414

Anon….how old are you?

No. 138416

Fat unicorns on her shirt…interesting.
Fucking yawn. Nobody wants to talk about you, you stupid bitch, get over it.

No. 138426

File: 1465439943768.jpg (85.36 KB, 927x599, erm.JPG)

What difference am I supposed to be seeing here, except her legs are a bit hairier on one of the pics?

No. 138431

Her knees look like baby heads.

No. 138436

she needs to fucking shave what an ogre
I've never seen such disgusting unsightly legs

No. 138439


the legs are visibly fatter in the pic on the right

No. 138483

File: 1465457134839.jpeg (35.32 KB, 411x379, image.jpeg)

No. 138484

probably just her body is making her want to skip a meal because she's not actually hungry and she is interpreting that as "muh anorexia"

No. 138485

File: 1465459536222.jpg (261.05 KB, 900x900, 1462750780589.jpg)



No. 138492

File: 1465466269900.jpeg (353.23 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)


This user claims to model and help out at a pet shelter, not much about her age but its obvious she has some ED and denies it. Never answers questions about it and despite her uploading food idek if she eats it. Girls on her IG croon over her skele body

No. 138495

Did she have her own thread?
People were making fun of her shaved widows peak

No. 138496

yeah she was in a tumblr thread

theres a page about her on skinnygossip as well under her old name (girl nah)

shes obnoxious and abuses the fuck out of lengthening apps

No. 138497

Um wut u mean hunty

She not a natural footsize 18?

No. 138498

What sort of urges? Urges not to eat cheesecake? That's a healthy urge at her size.

No. 138500

Her legs looked manlier on the left

No. 138505


lol bitch ain't modelling at that weight
no legit agency would allow that

No. 138506

that awkward moment when you feel huge…
and you are

No. 138508

File: 1465473550645.png (660.43 KB, 640x960, image.png)

Was about time

No. 138511

That dumbass couldn't pass a driving test much less a GED test

No. 138514

showing off that drastic 10-pounds-in-a-week stress related weight loss

No. 138515

Her thighs look so much chubbier when she doesn't have her extra tight pants on.

No. 138521

Her thighs look mildly smaller, but her calves look bigger. It honestly just looks like her body evened out her legs a bit.

No. 138522

the impossibly tight jeans re-distributed the fat

No. 138534

File: 1465484322979.png (225.99 KB, 501x441, henrycreep.png)

No. 138535

This reeks of self post, but someone should tell him that he seems to be sexually attracted to turtles too…
(I still want to know wtf is up with her back.)

No. 138536

I'm most definitely not Henry nor Ember.

No. 138537

what's going on? is that the ana fetishist guy or?

No. 138541


If we talk about "Girlnah", she is signed with an agency. But she isn't their best booked Model.

No. 138542

Yup. It's Henry Roth.


He's a fucking creepster.

No. 138543

Wow. I'd love the approval of an old pervert with paedophile tendencies. So jealous.

No. 138545

she poses/photoshops herself thinner/taller. IRL she is much less scary looking.

No. 138551

LOL at the super obvious cruntain on her legs.

No. 138557


maybe she is doing Minnie maud.
But without restricting before

No. 138561

Trapezius muscles. Perfectly normal thing.

No. 138565

File: 1465492558264.jpg (40.89 KB, 473x595, yayyyy.JPG)


Emily lives!

No. 138598

Pepperoni pizza arms.

No. 138602


if you question her and YOU have an ed she'll have her followers get your account deleted. she's fake as hell and a shit mum

No. 138604


they're kidney beans. High potassium and protein

No. 138608

you can get potassium from potatoes or bananas, but I guess beans are the lowest in calories in comparison.

No. 138615


ya and another country so ?

No. 138619

She seems like she spends most of her time taking photos of herself and shopping them to Hell & back. Other than walking her dogs and taking baths she seems like a serious loner. If she actually does have a child she clearly doesn't spend enough time with them. It's like she's one of those 30 somethings that never grew up

No. 138620


couldn't agree more. seriously needs to be deleted so she can get a life

No. 138623

Jenna has been dumped by her new boyfriend already. Hilarious considering how much she talked about him on her blog. Or maybe he was another thing she made up, like her cancer

No. 138631

That's not true

No. 138634

Yeah srsly like get a life dude oh my god

No. 138635

Did someone have beans or do I smell Ember in this thread?

No. 138636

File: 1465508488100.jpeg (134.78 KB, 741x1192, image.jpeg)

But ember I thought you made like $200 in tips at your job?

No. 138638

Ok don't hate me for asking about the crock but does anyone know Emily c's snapchat username?

No. 138639

Ask her your damn self.

No. 138641


I believe it's ecrocker

No. 138643

You can show off your chump change tips, your tacky purchases of overpriced lipstick/makeup, brag about a new phone (bitch, where?), but you can't buy the books?
What a retard. Nice ass kissing at the end too. Aren't you supposed lick ass before you beg for something, not the other way around?
Dumb bitch will look up how to change her ip, but she won't bother looking for a torrent.

No. 138645

>Donate to me!
>I habe a job and make 200$ in tips.
>I can afford an iPad and various overpriced products.
Ember what the fuck?

No. 138647

You can't pretend to be poor while pretending to be rich, Emboar.

No. 138650

Tf is up with this post? Why does it look written by a kindergartener? Is she trying to appear semi-literate now that she's begging for money for her "GED classes" (doubt she ever goes).

No. 138653

File: 1465511085251.jpg (34.15 KB, 520x311, drake.JPG)

No. 138654

She deleted it already. Bitch be lurking hard.

No. 138655

The link is gone too. Dumb cunt is such a free loading trailer trash High School drop out cliche

No. 138658

Bragging about getting highschool education. Can you get more pathetic than that?

No. 138660

File: 1465513326678.png (815.88 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

CryingEmily's back to her vague-posting tricks

No. 138661

Kek. How embarrassing. Bitch, you're supposed to hide the fact that you're an uneducated dropout. Fucking publish your shameful GED when you finally got it. Cause you look stupid af talking about this shit again after you said you would a long ass time ago.

No. 138662

File: 1465513394248.png (649.42 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

More vague-posting and more showing off of self harm

No. 138664

Yeah. Guess she took an overdose of pillz and had her stomach pumped. There's always some major commotion when she's in a relationship. At least her boyfriend didn't come here asking us to help him to help her.

No. 138672

H-has her boyfriend came here before?!

No. 138675

Her girlfriend.

No. 138676

She's so fucking desperate for approval.

No. 138677

No but her ex gf, Gracie, came here one night to tell us to call the police because Emily had posted a vague ig pic implying she was being followed or abducted or sth. We didn't and so she called us cunts. She wouldn't go away.

No. 138679

I remember that. It was funny as fuck and Emily was probably getting off on Gracie's anxiety.

No. 138681

It was entertaining. I remember how Grace kept saying how worried she was about Emily but was then gonna wait 20mins(?) to call emergency services.

No. 138683

She also posted on Instagram absolutely flipping out because she didn't have the balls to actually call 999. Apparently she started dialing and had a panic attack. Emily's BPD probably loved it.

No. 138684

Links/screenshots? I don't go on Ana thread much because of the constant chat about thigh gaps and ip stories but it has good milk sometimes. If you know what number thread it's on i'll dig for it.

No. 138686

Entertainment starts here:

>I am Gracie. Scarlett Grace, but I prefer Gracie.

No. 138692

File: 1465520396333.jpeg (29.13 KB, 255x210, image.jpeg)

God that reminds me of my borderline ex.

No. 138696

She's started seeing someone new, so probably more of her dramatics to come.

Best part of the Gracie episode was how it was revealed by google street view that the place Emily was at and "in danger" was some railings outside her housing block.

No. 138698

Surely if her ED and BPD were as bad as she makes out to be, she wouldn't have been released from the hospital after just one evening?

Saying that, I guess if it says on her medical records that she pulls this crap all the time I suppose they will have just released her back to her mother.

It seems, at least, that Grace has moved on. She only has one IG account now and she rarely posts on it. When she does it's nothing like the drama/hysterics she used to post when she dated Emily

No. 138699

Idk what happened, but I've been on medical wards and they kick the stomach flushed ones out as soon as. It takes a lot more to get admitted onto a psych ward because of lack of beds.

No. 138704

File: 1465524158474.jpeg (710.24 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Ember, if you're gonna photoshop, why the hell don't you keep it consistent? Nobody's body changes that drastically within a month.

No. 138705

Thats the most true non-thigh gap I've seen from her, i dont think this is shopped at all

No. 138713

Gotta love how as soon as this thread starts talking about someone else, Ember pops up with her usual bullshit thus ensuring this thread once again becomes the Ember show.

No. 138719

Gonna be honest, I doubt the "shooping" that all these anons scream is actually shooping. I'm guessing she's leaning her phone against something and does it differently every time.

No. 138720

Funny because as soon as you mention anyone else, someone screams self post.

No. 138722

Terribly sorry, I'll clarify.
'Ember pops up with bullshit' = Ember lurks on here, sees she's not being talked about so posts bait on her IG like a body pic or some other shit that pretty much guarantees it'll be screenshotted and dissected on here because we all know how much the 'Queen' loves to be talked about.

That better?

No. 138727

Am i the only one who enjoys Ember's bullshit? Not particularly right now, but when she's messy its always great to me. idk

No. 138753

I really did used to.. but she just pisses me off now. it's not funny, or sad, or anything. she's a gigantic sack of shit. this is melodramatic but as much as I laugh at lolcows I always think the best of them, that they'll get their shit together when they're older and become decent human beings. Ember (and maybe Margo) are the only exceptions

No. 138764

She stretches the fuck out of her pics making herself taller and whole body thinner by doing so. She may not edit her non existent gap anymore but she grows and shrinks 2 feet with each pic, along with her furniture in the background kek

No. 138774


Rofl, her torso saw the stretching tool and her legs are more than short and plain average >>136789

No. 138806

I meant her new photo not the older ones

No. 138807

Completely agree. Fucking shit cycle. It's eerie af.

No. 138808

Cause it usually is. And if it isn't, its a post from an unassimilated user who makes shit posts like: "anyone ever heard of xyz?" With no milk, links, etc. just a stupid pic of a basic wannarexic doing the same tired ass poses. The quality of this thread is utter shit, but it wouldn't hurt you fags to adopt the chan's way of posting. Problem solved.

No. 138821

Stop calling Ember queen, all you new fags and ana's dont belong here with your petty non-funny shit. PT is queen, fuck you and go to some ana board. I HATE this fucking thread.

No. 138822


The only thing Ember is queen of is Queen of the Trailer Park.

No. 138826

Feel free to fuck off.

And you.

No. 138827

File: 1465582496525.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.24 KB, 931x595, snapqueef.jpg)

I envy you because you probably haven't been as exposed to Ember's bullshit to catch this, but most likely anyone calling her "queen" is referencing how she desperately calls herself that. Pic related.
saged and spoilered because Ember fuckin sucks

No. 138838

sperge less and post more milk then, or gtfo if you hate this thread so much

No. 138855

Camera angles can do that..

No. 138856

To add, the dresser in the background looks pretty normal. If she was stretching them they'd look weird.

No. 138862

what has she done? Post pics?
You fucking idiots think thats milk?

No. 138864

There is no milk. Go home.

No. 138870

STFU there are dozens of examples of proof of her stretching. Just read the threads before making yourself sound so ignorant

No. 138873


expect that Ember doesn't work with angles,

download 'BeautyPlus' (android), take any pic which shows your whole body and then test out the 'Beautify' tool to 'minimize' waist, legs, arms etc. If you have done this, you can stretch your legs with the 'Height' tool. It's shocking how easy and quick you can shoop yourself into a desperate skinny looking Ana.

No. 138885

throwback to ember calling herself "queen of bones".

No. 138915

Kek, why you ass blasted?
Relax, don't cut yourself on that edge.

No. 138916

Bitch, why are you going up to bat so hard for some stupid ass pics, it ain't milk no matter how many times you say it. Cue your bullshit whining/"gtfo of this thread" sperging.

No. 138920

Emily c's latest IG pic finally shows herself without photoshop. Cow.

No. 138931

Screenshot or fuck off.

No. 138932

File: 1465611486035.jpg (181.53 KB, 1080x1327, sagemutherfucker.jpg)

if you're going to talk about shit, please fucking screenshot it…
pulled off google. guess this is what you're talking about

No. 138934

Cow? She looks normal sized. Go away, ana-chan.

No. 138935

you must be new and not know about crockers bullshit

No. 138942

god emilys brother look so derpy, like his head is too big for his tiny face. Seemingly there are no good genes in that family.

No. 138967

To be honest, I think she looks nice here :/

wtf is up with the rehab thing though? is she going or not?

No. 138974

Uh, this place is called lolcow and calling one a cow doesn't necessarily equate to being fat.
I agree. But I think it's cause it's not a focused shot of those grimy ass teeth, her god awful makeup, and her typical uggu "I'm trying to be sultry but am coming off like I just took a desperately needed shit" face. Her bulging forehead is disturbing though.

No. 138982

Cow? You gotta be kidding me. go back to myproana. Emily looks a normal/healthy weight. you're delusional

No. 138983

why are you all so desperate to hate Emily (I think she looks amazing and no I'm not Emily fuck off) while ember over on snapchat has her cheap ass back massager set to the weight loss setting
(sorry 4 no screenshots I don't wanna get blocked)

No. 138985

The subjects discussed on lolcow are often referred to as cows. Get over yourself.

No. 138986

Why does everything Emily wear look so fucking cheap???

No. 138992

we call people like emily and ember fat because they lurk and pretend they're deathly thin. gb2tumblr angry-chan.

No. 139001


McKenzie does read LOlcow. My tiny,bitter sweet IG acc was named here and minutes later I had a follower request by her….

No. 139002

File: 1465637238698.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1875x1205, bellend.png)

this anachan i'm following on my sockpuppet posted a vile photo of her cling film wrap.

No. 139004

I hope this thread dies, its literally anas shitting on other anas, there is not fucking milk, someone having ana or being avergae weight while being ana is not fucking milk, go away, this is cancer, you retards even sperg in some of the other threads..

No. 139005

>having ana


No. 139010



Who forces you to come here? Exactly, nobody. So just do something what has substance here or outside, if you can't or won't fuck off

No. 139012

File: 1465645202312.jpeg (318.82 KB, 1267x1463, image.jpeg)

This is just sad, she doesn't want to leave the house because she hates herself, so her kid is missing school. His girl needs to be locked away. As a parent it disgusts me that someone can be so selfish, disordered or not, this isn't okay. Get over yourself and take care of your damn kids. No wonder your other baby daddy wants nothing to do with you or his kid. This girl needs a reality check.

No. 139013

Thank you.

Proving anons point here. 'So just do something what has substance here'? Holy fuck, go back to MPA and start paying more attention in school.

No. 139014

I wanted to say at least she has self-awareness for how selfish her behaviour is, but now I'm wondering if it's worse to be self-aware and then not fucking do anything to change your abhorrent behaviour. Her poor child.

No. 139016

Ehh, I'm not the one referring to anorexia as "having ana". So you're probably the one who should go back to MyProAna

No. 139017


Truancy is a crime bitch and they will arrest you for not taking your kid to school

I understand struggling with mental illness and PPD as a parent but if you cannot take care of your child's basic needs then you are unfit to be a parent

No. 139021

this girl is like 19 with two kids and all she talks about is wanting to be as spoopy as she was before she got pregnant. i feel so bad for her kids

No. 139023

CPS needs to intervene.

No. 139026

inb4 anons start doxxing this chick to report her to CPS

No. 139034

Wow, stellar argument newfag.
By that standard then most people should gtfo this thread because it never receives anything of substance.

No. 139046

No. 139083

File: 1465672494049.png (560.64 KB, 625x575, ct2.png)

i actually laughed out loud when i saw this

No. 139090


I also think Emily looks nice here. She looks better without the cheap 90's mall goth makeup. Inb4 hi emily

No. 139094

I-I think they're being sarcastic? No one can be this dumb

No. 139096

what are those dark lines on her chest?

No. 139098

this cow claims to be bmi 15-something too. it's like a reverse-Aly.


No. 139099

File: 1465679298461.jpeg (83.33 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

saged because every1 hates ember

but her anatomy is getting worse kek

No. 139100

This is the same person that posted a bag of sugar and a children's medicine syringe and tried to make it out like they were shooting up speed and then got called out and pretended it never happened.

No. 139104

Holy Fuck. The shape of her thighs are top kek. Couldn't edit the top of her right thigh and forgot to edit the bottom of her left. She's retarded

No. 139106

It's tape residue. Maybe she had an ekg or a thirty day monitor or some other kind of thing taped to her, because it's also on her lower abdomen

No. 139108

that's what my first guess was, but I thought it was unlikely because most normal people would've taken a damn shower or at least scrubbed the sticky shit off their body before it got the chance to get all filthy like that.

No. 139109

The amount of tensing up is hilarious.

No. 139110

Why does she bend forward in all of her photos, does she think we won't notice?

No. 139112

sometimes that stuff is really hard to get off, even with showers.

No. 139121

File: 1465685461017.gif (362.67 KB, 220x252, where.gif)

>clearly thin
>so much muscle

No. 139122

There needs to be an instagrammorexia PSA that tells these idiots that muscles and tendons in the neck don't mean you're skinny. The tense neck thing makes them look gross, not underweight.

No. 139123

File: 1465687423069.jpeg (93.12 KB, 637x991, image.jpeg)


wtf ember

No. 139126

File: 1465689231807.jpg (116.99 KB, 532x628, IMG_20160611_185137.jpg)

These look like her real chunky monkey thighs I thought she had

No. 139127

Jfc can we please just all report each photo individually so this fucking Ana shit head gets suspended

No. 139128

File: 1465689778714.jpeg (144.62 KB, 640x994, image.jpeg)

Sage for more ember but omg those shorts are showing too much detail….

No. 139129

Ember's house house is depressing. Those floors are disgusting. It would suck to be that poor.

No. 139131

That's because they're panties

No. 139135

I actually just reported a large number of her photos for all the issues i could come up with, but I doubt anything will come of it

No. 139136

I'd feel bad for her weight gain if she wasn't a piece of shit, girl can't achieve her goal proana aesthetic even stretching her pics and posing with her hands up

No. 139137

They should be reported purely because she's repping the fupa to her 12 year old followers

No. 139142


Looks like she discovered BeautyPlus App and used it on all of her Photos. Bored much, Ember?

No. 139144

File: 1465693060150.png (508.88 KB, 1032x601, Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 5.57…)


No. 139146

File: 1465693372678.png (64.44 KB, 674x246, Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 6.02…)

sage for double post but if her icon isn't the most proana shit i've ever seen…

No. 139148

Ever heard of a bikini wax?! Disgusting cunt kek

No. 139151

everybody PLEEEEEEASE report all these blatant thinspo pictures
it would literally make my YEAR if this bitch's instagram got deleted(fuck off and die)

No. 139153

I'm currently in the process of communicating with Instagram via email regarding Ember Whann.

I sent them a lengthy email detailing, complete with screenshots, the various blatent pro-anorexia pictures she posts, proof that she deletes them to avoid being caught/deleted as well as comments she has made to other users which could be construed as bullying. I also provided proof that she used a previous account to create a 'hate-account' about another user (Mackenzie).
I have also sent a detailed explanation of her follower base explaining that she follows young children (under 16s) and that her Instagram behaviour clearly presents a danger to vulnerable young children with mental health problems.

No. 139155

Apologies for the two posts, I accidentally clicked 'new reply'.

Instagram have assured me they are investigating her account and are taking this all very seriously especially considering the fact she is (essentially) an adult who is using her online presence to deliberately manipulate children. So yeah, fingers crossed. I've kicked up quite a stink with Instagram over this and I'll update as soon as I get another reply.

No. 139156

No one is taking this bait lmao

No. 139157

Ember clearly is considering she just posted promoting her 'food diary' account as a 'back up/food diary' account

No. 139158

Has Ember ever said why she didn't finish high school?

No. 139159

File: 1465700032305.jpeg (128.12 KB, 750x1026, image.jpeg)

anyone else notice Crocker e-begging earlier?

No. 139166

I honest to god can't stand shit like this. Buy it yourself.

I'm so sick of tumblr girls promoting their amazon wish lists at every opportunity because they're cute and know they can get away with it.

No. 139167

I mean everyone shit themselves when she stopped updating, if you're this invested wouldn't you want her to stay for more of her powdered milk?

No. 139184

Not everyone wants to go bare, so she went with the "landing strip." A fact I never wanted to know.

No. 139191

Ember has a fucking huge pubic mound. Now we know where all that take out goes, her obese labia.

No. 139200


No. 139214

that's not a landing strip it's a crotch beard

No. 139216


Honestly, she's so pathetic at this point that I wouldn't even miss her at all. I hope she stops updating ASAP. The milk is sour. All she's doing to going out of her way to be thinspo for young, impressionable idiots.

No. 139222

File: 1465733076522.jpg (138.03 KB, 530x637, IMG_20160612_070218.jpg)

Oli and Ember must go to the same waxing salon. KEK fucking disgusting

No. 139223

Why does she even want GED classes? If she even gets around to attending them, it's not like her puny, fried brain is going to retain any of the knowledge taught to her there.

No. 139224


Actually I am surprised that her account is still there and wasn't deleted yet. Her account is so plain obvious pro (photoshopped) Ana.

Same with hllylzbth, her OOTD posts are nothing but "Look how skinny I am" pro Ana glorified posts.

Instagram has deleted many accounts which were 1000 more harmless.

No. 139230


honestly her account fucking horrifies me. Can you imagine one day if her kids decided to google her name (kids do random shit when they're bored) and they come across her fucking skeletal bones and vadge lips all over the internet? jesus does she not think?

No. 139234

Comments on this should be good

No. 139237


No. 139246


Crying. That must be a little tuft of hair poking out from the unnecessarily large black dot

No. 139251

Why censor the photo instead of just putting on underwear? nobody wanted to see this

No. 139265


No. 139283


If it is indeed a tuft of hair, I'm pretty sure that shit is long enough to braid ?

No. 139286

Damn son, you could probably swing from that shit.

No. 139287

How about we not talk about a minors (oli) pubes

No. 139288

Yeah I feel weird about this.

No. 139293

File: 1465758240984.jpeg (161.68 KB, 1277x1473, image.jpeg)

Everyday & multiple times, Kuza aka; Turtl.ed; aka recovery owls (which she no longer makes or sells apparently) begs for people to follow her main account and to be active. I don't think I've ever seen someone on Instagram so thirsty for followers, likes & comments as her. Her posts are dull body checks or random things which she ends up deleting daily, I just don't get this kind of mentalitiy.

No. 139295

She shouldnt even be posting those photos, she's like 15 or something iirc

No. 139300

File: 1465760863011.jpeg (50.29 KB, 640x526, image.jpeg)



No. 139304

i'd bet all of ember's grubby waitress tips that she's just getting regular headaches from using her phone too much

No. 139305

'But muh problems'!!
Bitch tons of people suffer from migraines and don't point it out in their social media bios, wah wah get a job you useless tit.

No. 139309

File: 1465763062234.jpeg (219.11 KB, 750x1018, image.jpeg)

Emily is back to buying crusty shit wigs again

No. 139315

just pity her. she's trying (and failing) to be like her more popular insta friends

No. 139318

File: 1465765001064.png (173.54 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

CryingEmily is already done with her new boyfriend. Look out Gracie!

No. 139323

Sex with crying Emily? Ew.

No. 139326

File: 1465768485562.jpg (108.85 KB, 528x812, IMG_20160612_165229.jpg)

Fucking Hypocrite

No. 139331

She's 17.

No. 139339

ember since you clearly lurk here, FUCKING BLEND YOUR MAKEUP

No. 139341

File: 1465774150770.jpeg (339.97 KB, 1242x2002, image.jpeg)

Ember the jewelry designer clearly wants nothing to do with you especially with fucking poses like this. "Look at my necklace guys!! Report all the Anas but not me"
And what the fuck are your shorts even doing

No. 139345

It looks like her crotch is in the process of eating her shorts

No. 139353

Could her posing even get more forced/awkward?! Her shit posture kinda reminds me of that Acacia girl i these pics.

but i wish she would put some more clothes on, those shorts are disturbing me.

No. 139358

Those shorts are stupid looking as fuck hanging off her waist but skin tight on the thighs / crotch. Also she must have a constant sore neck and shoulders from straining so hard.

And btw your totally normal arms give away the fact you're not skeletal Ember.

No. 139359

File: 1465778516630.png (299.99 KB, 562x561, Screenshot_2016-06-12-20-35-26…)

Can't fool me with your wobbly thighs and your fat pussy lip hanging down Ember

No. 139371

….how exactly is this not proana content ember? youre a fucking retard

No. 139375

Holy Fuck, look at her thumb on her right hand top kek ember

No. 139379

Jfc if she sucked in any harder she'd implode.

No. 139388

I was speaking with the owner of ladylockslife (she's a sweetheart; mailed me an item of hers a month or so ago) and ahe told me ember sent her messages on Instagram practically begging to "promote" her jewelry if she would send her an item for free but she refused to do it because of obvious reasons.

No. 139389


No. 139392

Nice b8 you lying shit

No. 139393

File: 1465787050786.jpeg (166.34 KB, 750x1172, image.jpeg)


No. 139394

File: 1465787128997.jpeg (240.26 KB, 750x1292, image.jpeg)

2/2 this is turtl.ed's current food account

No. 139396

File: 1465787337662.jpeg (335.87 KB, 1242x2130, image.jpeg)

Come on now.

No. 139407

File: 1465791231757.jpg (42.81 KB, 577x657, 1.JPG)

Can't be sure, but she might've pruned her bush. She's pulling her knickers and tights down (for some reason) and it doesn't look as rampant.

No. 139412

>Bless you for complimenting my face, now compliment my man's vagina.

No. 139436

hollow_oli is the most disgusting creature ever lived on earth

No. 139444

She's a straight up lesbian who wants attention from sick girls

No. 139463

And the chia pet pic is deleted, lurk much Oli?

No. 139480


Funny how no one wants her to promote their stuff so she has to buy it or they give her something so she fucks off lol
Oh Ember, you'll never be a promoter, you suck at it too much.

No. 139484

File: 1465826456799.jpg (68.98 KB, 750x750, lHyfDRC.jpg)

This is why Minnie Maude is dangerous, this woman obviously had mental health problems around food, but that doesn't mean they will be fixed by eating yourself to obesity. It's sad really

No. 139546

File: 1465839677016.png (1.91 MB, 1864x1196, image.png)

she says she's gained 89lbs "so far" - she's still gaining weight. it's just killing yourself the other way. MM is fucked up.

No. 139547

File: 1465839864559.png (2.04 MB, 1868x1200, bingebingebinge.png)

No. 139552

Yes she claimed that she used to starve herself and obviously must have self esteem problems then, but she physically was never underweight going on that before photo, she looks maybe overweight then. The issues surrounding food could have been addressed without going on MM and gaining 89lb on a body that did not need it. This is why qualified medics need to be consulted, not some bullshit Minnie Maude creator who doesn't think bing eating and obesity are serious health problems.

It's such a scam, and all these followers are destroying their health.

No. 139553

Minnie Maude is just an excuse to binge like hell

No. 139582

File: 1465847945623.png (181.8 KB, 640x960, image.png)

Guess she's buying them so fast the browser can't load it

No. 139584

fucking kek

No. 139585

>>buy me books for a test I will never take while I spend my $50 paycheck on fake followers

No. 139592

Samefag, but not the first one who posted about her. I didn't want to chime in on the "is she/isn't she disordered" conversation as the account is fairly fresh and I don't feel like there's enough to go on to determine if she had EDNOS or bulimia or not. There's nothing kadee-levels of questionable anyway. Completely agree with you though on MM points.

saged for no1 curr

No. 139596

File: 1465852521615.jpg (123.31 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 139625

she and emily both need to chill out with the fake followers. their post engagement is terrible. 21.2k followers and you can't even get 300 likes on a photo? kek

No. 139628

> but first let me take a selfie..

No. 139629

Emily actually gets like 600 or 700 likes on her photos.. Ember barely gets half that and she has "more" "followers" lmao

No. 139631

600-700 likes from fake accounts

No. 139632

She's been hinting with the dissociation since she came back. Not sure where she's going with that one…

No. 139634

File: 1465863007873.jpeg (563 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

this girl makes me crazy.

No. 139644

if she's not getting money, how can she pay for car insurance and gas? not to mention spoops shouldn't really be driving due to medical issues.

No. 139678

thats literally the 5th gofundme page she has either had created for her or has created for herself. she gets government assistance plus her parents dish out money to her - shes a fraud

No. 139679

File: 1465873079443.jpeg (94.31 KB, 640x1001, image.jpeg)

this one was created in february

No. 139692

At least people aren't donating. I think everyone knows that she will never recover. She loves her ED and her precious tube (that has has for 'digestive issues' she said, not related to her ed')

The singing thing-she posts videos of herself lip syncing to lesser known artists that do covers plus videos of her real voice so it's easy to tell that she's lying. No one has called her out on it though. That would be hilarious.

No. 139709


You're right she seems to talk non stop about 'disassociating' lately, when she's never mentioned it before. Not sure she even knows what it means, sounds like being tired/daydreaming on that last post.

No. 139710

She is working full time for once most likely and is confusing a hard days work with dissociating imo

No. 139719

Bekah Georgy is an embarrassment to the human race. She met her boyfriend on the psych ward. They both are spoops with tubes. Fucking weird.

No. 139753

Swear I used to know this girl through Facebook around 2010-11. She was mutual internet friends with a bunch of the girls I was in IP with (I was in IP in Scotland, nobody I knew had ever been IP in the US). Last I heard she was talking about getting a PEG.

No. 139754

wow you've been in IP? tell me more, you must be a true ana queen

No. 139761

She baiting you guys. We talked about other people claiming this and she wants in on the attention train

No. 139776

Dude chill, I'm only here for the dramz

No. 139782

So petty. Not everyone wants to go spend $50+tip to have some 3rd worlder that can hardly speak English groom their cooch toddler-smooth. OT but the idea seems unecessarily humiliating for both parties involved. This is a trend I just can't hop on.

No. 139783

File: 1465915318394.jpg (156.43 KB, 530x798, IMG_20160614_094046.jpg)

Promoting drugs again Ember?

No. 139785

I don't care what you do with your crotch beard, just refrain from posting pics in white underwear where we can see the outline of every pube. Keep it to yourself

No. 139791

File: 1465916939906.png (165.35 KB, 471x649, wp_ss_20160614_0005.png)

When people who try hard to be trans bang on about being trans inevitably it draws more attention to the fact they're really the gender they were born as.

Same goes for healthy size girls who try to appear anorexic.

Image related.

No. 139795

Guess she figured the weed goes with her ~witch~ aesthetic, next sjes gonna call herself a green witch lol

Idk shit about weed but why is it in a wooden pipe thing? Doesnt in have to be in glass or something like that?

No. 139796

Honestly, Ember would probably be way more popular if she posted a lot of weed stuff and didn't mention mental illness.
I know weed is pretty popular on social media, instagram and tumblr hop all over that shit.

No. 139798

most likely for ~aesthetic~. weed does not have to be in glass, it can be smoked out of a lot of things, though a lot of people prefer to. can't figure out if her thing is wood or bone or what, but what a cute amount of weed she's got there.

No. 139801

File: 1465920112509.jpeg (93.23 KB, 750x739, image.jpeg)

No. 139802


ew. so tacky. might as well go get a "hand crafted ivory pipe" from an elephant and brag about it (not same thing but both still trashy af imo).

No. 139805

So vegan

No. 139811

The difference here being that antlers are naturally shed and not cut off by poachers to sell..

No. 139812

And she's not even skinny, just completely average.

No. 139813

Except for deer hunters who kill them and cut their antlers to hang on a wall or sell

No. 139817

She's getting her titties in a twist on that pic. Too damn sensitive to have a public account if she can't accept that people don't see her as a male, emaciated body. Get the feeling she's baiting too. Sad life for her.

No. 139819

Jesus Christ. This is hwy I hate Minnie Maud.

No. 139870

Please stfu and stop projecting. You sensitive fags have to make everything tumblr tier.

No. 139873

Don't start….remember thread 13.1 is in manure because of shit like this.

No. 139882


you DO know that ember claimed to be vegan and IS a tacky cunt right? I can't wait for her followers to jump down her throat if she posts this to instagram.

No. 139906

She did post it to IG and immediately deleted it

No. 139933

"If you're thinking about food, you're hungry"


No. 139976

wtf is that proana as fuck icon about? Ember is a shameless fuckwit, doesnt give a shit about recovery or anything that isnt gaining instagram followers. tacky, tasteless and an all round ugly person. ugly face, ugly body, ugly personality.

No. 139977

File: 1465960214150.png (97.61 KB, 270x275, 1439813757420.png)

never 4get Ember's make up skills lmao

No. 139980

What is going on with her eyebrows? It's like chola lipstick liner, but for your brows…

No. 139982

File: 1465962437838.jpeg (78.06 KB, 640x858, image.jpeg)

Never forget embers real face

No. 139987

File: 1465964583915.jpg (208.73 KB, 768x1024, baby-hawk.jpg)

No. 140011

I fucking hate Minnie Maud, the founder is a complete fraud who lied about being a physician then later admitted she had no credentials. She's just a crazy woman who's so bitter about her life she wants to make everybody with an eating disorder fat. So many girls that tried out Minnie Maud ended up with BED, but when you're desperate to get better you believe what G.O. writes (that it is absolutely not possible for someone with a restrictive ED to develop BED).
I looked at the MM forums a few times and it kind of seems like a cult - when someone brings up criticism or mentions their negative feelings, they tell them to eat more and just keep eating. When someone says they are done with MM because they are close to overweight, they tell them it's their anorexia talking.
There are some really good MM criticism Tumblrs for those who are interested.

No. 140075

File: 1465996824148.jpg (93.63 KB, 534x737, IMG_20160615_081806.jpg)

Can't get attention for being a whore
Can't get attention for fake ED
Can't get attention for disassociating
So you turn to day drinking to copy Emily

No. 140080


MM is the biggest crock of shit I've ever experienced in ED recovery. There's no way in hell you're gonna get a person with restrictive anorecia(no b/p subtype) to eat like that. If you're thinking about food you're hungry? Bull shit. Whoever uses that as a "recovery method" is a fucking idiot

No. 140081

don't compare her to this cutie

No. 140092


No wonder she's getting so far and bloated. Vodka isn't kind.

No. 140093

Samefag for *fat

No. 140126

Because emily was the first person to ever drink vodka. Why are these names always attached to each other on posts?

No. 140128

Because Emily says she's about to go to rehab and it's an easy attention grabber that Ember can copy

No. 140149

File: 1466020469493.png (637.18 KB, 926x592, EW.png)

wtf is this brand new figure she's dreamed up? she looks nothing like this in any other photo she's posted before

No. 140150

File: 1466021128821.jpg (397.05 KB, 960x960, caesarapp_2016615141842379.jpg)

OK ember

No. 140151

She looks like a cello case.

No. 140154

HAHAHAHA top fucking kek

No. 140156

File: 1466021987541.jpg (3.88 KB, 124x125, 1465536664847s.jpg)

No. 140157

Honestly who gives a shit it would be the equivalent of her posting a herbal supplement. I hate her fucking guts but seriously,"promoting drugs"? It's hardly a drug literally asprin has killed more people,weed has killed absolutely no one. If anything it's way safer for her to "promote" this shit than the handfuls of her prescription meds.

No. 140160

Ember's photoshop skills are getting worse and worse.

No. 140161

File: 1466023559069.jpg (169.19 KB, 720x1123, IMG_20160615_134241.jpg)

i'm cackling; she blocked me so fast

No. 140166

She needs to chill with the shooping
She couldve gotten more attention by the fitness community, her body isnt that bad, just need to gain some muscle. But I guess that would take too much effort and being approved by 14 year olds is more important

No. 140168

What confuses me most is she's not skinny for a guy at all.. does she not know how anatomy works? Men carry waaay less fat than women. Youre way more likely to come across a skinny guy than a skinny girl.So this makes absolutely no sense.

No. 140169

legs spread wider, more sucking in,more stretching. Honestly how can she not find it exhausting to keep this charade up for so long ? Literally NONE of her followers will remember her in 5 years and all of this will be for absolutely fucking nothing.

No. 140170


This comparison is gold, nice work.

She just wants to have every ideal and it's so unrealistic, she wants to be spoopy ana at the same time as curvy hourglass and it's like no that's not how anatomy works

No. 140171

> 5years

even now she's a nobody, if shed lost her account the kids wouldnt care, no one would notice shes gone

No. 140173

Not one of her followers asked where she was when she went to treatment for a month kek

No. 140193


OMG the waist ! Muahahaha Ember just stop, your photoshopping 'skills' proof that you have NO idea of body anatomy

No. 140195


Loooooooool It's time to start a glorious Instagram account for Embers terrific photoshop skills….

No. 140201

Yeah I know, I just highly doubt ember would give up in the next few years so I thought of a realistic number. But I completely agree ,even her instagram "besties" would forget about her after a couple days/weeks. Everyone else wouldn't even notice.

No. 140207

File: 1466029418332.jpg (48.94 KB, 474x597, emily is crying.JPG)

Emily's vowed to be the spoopiest. I think a lot of us reckoned she'd become Ash the Second, and here it begins.

No. 140216

i can't believe her mummy hasn't put her back in hospital already??

No. 140221

What a punchable face. I'm surprised her and Ash aren't bffs.

No. 140224

File: 1466030500275.jpg (46.07 KB, 289x397, how unimportant i am.JPG)

Complains that she hates CAHMS yet fucked off most of her appointments. Perhaps if she'd actually bothered to accept their help she wouldn't be feeling as shit as she does right now.

No. 140301

Why does Emily's supposed "recovery body" look better than Ember's supposed "recovery body"?

No. 140303

this is a joke of hers, right?? i mean, look how stretched towards her waist her left arm is… and she's not proportioned correctly? god if she's going to do this horrible of a shoop job she could at least TRY

it's like her badly shooped chin all over again

No. 140304

I don't mean this to whiteknight Emily, but she's not going because she feels like they're not helping at all. Didn't you read at least up to the third sentence? You do realize that mental healthcare can still be shit, right?

No. 140307

Yes I read it all. Did you read her comment after?

>Tbh though I'm the twat who lies and says that everything is fine and I'm managing and shit but I don't want their 'help' anyway. Its pure utter bullshit

There you go. She doesn't benefit because she lies, waterloads, etc. She doesn't want their help, so she won't get any. I know mental health care is wank, but it's what you make of it and she made nothing of it.

No. 140335

Her poor belly button looks like it's about to disappaer, she stretched it so much.

No. 140367

File: 1466065285278.png (293.06 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is she talking about lolcow? She's taking a a 'break' from IG now because of it.

No. 140369

Bitch, stop using the word "anorexia" and maybe someone will take you seriously. Try EDNOS/OSFED or BED. You're not anorexic.

No. 140372

The same shit just went down in the Kadee thread. I hate all you snitching newfags.

No. 140375

Yeah I saw that. Does anyone know if Kadee and Kelly talk to eachother? Maybe Kadee let Kelly know after finding it? Goddammit. Why must people provoke them.. let the milk flow freely!

No. 140376

Hey, no one in their real life is calling them on their shit. It's nice to know they can finally hear a reality check from somewhere.

No. 140378

Reality check? They're so deep in their bullshit that hearing criticism from one person isn't gonna do shit. If a damn doctor is still givin her what she wants, why the fuck is she gonna listen to some ~haterz~?

No. 140379

File: 1466067012692.png (105.86 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Fuck you all summer newfags!!!!!!

No. 140380


Can u imagine how she she will go into a clinic with a bunch of REAL anorexics and the stars she would get when 300lbs girl comes in and introduces herself "I am Katee and anorexic?!"

No. 140388

I thought it was just Kadee, or did someone tip off Kelly as well?

Slight OT / blog but I've actually seen a 300+ lb cow claim to be anorexic in an ED clinic group.

No. 140389

This some PULL tier shit. Always sperging out on the cows and then acting like it's such a huge help.

No. 140390

Kadee has been private. Kelly went private, came back, went public, and is now private again because someone tipped her off.

No. 140435


I don't care. They are attention whores and will go public soon anyway…

No. 140443

File: 1466076264437.jpeg (29.69 KB, 403x389, image.jpeg)

Then why ask dumbass?

No. 140487

How did that go? was the cow a laughing stock?

No. 140507

>I hate all you snitching newfags

I bet it was Jolty, that psycho loves to "warn" the cows. Jolty, i know you lurk here: Shut your social pariah mouth. Nobody likes you.

No. 140508

I don't think it was her. She was active on Kadee's page for a month without telling her.

No. 140541

File: 1466095061322.jpg (31 KB, 295x248, contraception.JPG)

It's a given that anyone discussed here will be told about it by one of the two cows I'm thinking of, or one of their WKs.

In other news, CryingEmily thinks she's got knocked up. She's doing a test tomorrow morning.

No. 140547

Which cows are you thinking of?

No. 140550

Imagine cryingemily with a crying baby. She's smother it and blame an "alter".

No. 140551

Whann and alcoholic Emily.

I've been wondering how her her DID is coming along.

No. 140564


Eww hopefully she isn't pregnant.

No. 140594

Yeah, I would've thought that too but I think she learned her lesson from incidents with the Trashley thread.
You know what though, I'm more inclined to believe that that retard Candice did alert her to it. She did her PULLtard callout the most amateur way, she's definitely stupid enough to link her. It all happened suspiciously fast. And whose to say that it wasn't a Kadee Sockpuppet she was responding to?

No. 140627

>I dont need anyone else making my life any harder!
Easy. Stop reading this site.

No. 140642

Wouldn't it be more likely that you haven't had a period for 9 months because your body is underweight and malnourished?

No. 140647

File: 1466101040693.jpg (19.27 KB, 299x144, okay jan.JPG)

Well, of course our Emily thinks she's fat and therefore healthy even though she hasn't had a period. She'll have had sex during the pat 2 weeks and now she thinks she's pregnant. When will dumb bitches start using contraception? Anyhow, she's being dramatic as per and of course she isn't pregnant but needs attention and a drama.

No. 140651

Also, considering she only had a week (if that) of sex and that was 2 weeks ago, it's really unlikely she'll be getting morning sickness so this confirms that she's panicking about not bothering to take precautions.

No. 140658

File: 1466101498663.png (135.86 KB, 517x356, k.png)

RIP one of the best cows of all time

No. 140678


No. 140693

File: 1466102630721.gif (670.44 KB, 540x489, 160a4524-fc28-4ee1-9145-979b3a…)

No. 140694

File: 1466102673913.gif (272.46 KB, 279x578, tumblr_inline_o8vhl8jJU91u7aie…)

This is reverse photo shop of embers recent

No. 140695

File: 1466102697170.gif (104.91 KB, 279x305, 2f0e16b3-dba6-49aa-8006-2d1880…)

No. 140696

File: 1466102741151.gif (446.08 KB, 540x489, 74c0e39e-f81b-46d3-bfb2-972ed3…)

No. 140697

File: 1466102756453.jpeg (95.73 KB, 781x350, image.jpeg)

Was fun while it lasted

No. 140856

That's why I can see vagina flaps. Too much shop kek

No. 141036

They're practically the same person.

No. 141037


CAMHS is generally shit, they say unhelpful things and discharge you once they're bored with you.

Not whitenighting but I don't blame her spoopy ass for not going.

No. 141110

Oh, she's not gone! She'll be back for mroe attention haha

No. 141112

She's not really gone.

No. 141113

It's so funny that she's from Snohomish!! I'm from the next town. I bet we went to the same treatment place in seattle. GOD if she walked in and claimed to be a 300 lb anorexic, I would lose my shit laughing.

No. 141317

File: 1466182452685.jpeg (77.4 KB, 750x734, image.jpeg)

Onision used one of Emily C's gifs in his videos lmaooo

No. 141327

File: 1466185034657.jpg (98.54 KB, 268x537, IMG_20160617_123155.jpg)

Posted and deleted and replaced with a less obvious shopped pic

No. 141341

you are all thick.
her body looks different due to the different angles she uses it is not photoshop. for example if you were lying on the floor and looking at her figure it would obviously appear as hourglasses where as if you took a look at her from an above angle her waist would hollow.

angles guys not photoshop.

No. 141349

Ember went from 18.7 to 21.9 over night… Ooooookay…..

No. 141350

Wtf is wrong with her ribs? Aren't they suppose to have a curve? Why do they look like isosceles triangles

No. 141354

We are not ignorant we know about angles and Ember does Photoshop. Go through the threds and the proof before making yourself look like a dumbass

No. 141355


I am NOT thick, and I am NOT blind. How about you ? I can tell when photos are badly edited, I can tell when someone has no idea how body proportions work.

No. 141359


Please tell me you just wanted to fool us, if you really believe Lamember's photos have just some 'angles' issues going on…


No. 141361

File: 1466188635785.jpeg (507.43 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


And a whole new shape once again. Where's the 'hourglass' gone?

No. 141363

What the hell is wrong with her left hand in the left pic?

No. 141364

File: 1466189290811.png (700.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

And here's how CryingEmily looks when she's not cheek sucking and widening her eyes.

No. 141365

File: 1466189418361.jpg (42.27 KB, 279x249, IMG_20160617_134416.jpg)

At least she's only half alien

No. 141373

Is that cryingemily's mum? She needs a good wash!

No. 141375

Middlesborough??? Found the page here

She hasn't done her pregnancy test. I'd be more concerned about getting a chlamydia test tbh.

No. 141382

Tippitytopkeks! Bless you anon, this seriously made me bust out laughing! ^_^

No. 141385

I Was about to post this, I'm surprised she even did. It proves how average she really looks/is.

No. 141386

It's good to see she's growing that mullet out.

No. 141388

She looks a lot less ugly than in the selfies she chooses to post.

No. 141389

She's probably exhausted from having to deal with a six year old seventeen year old day in day out. CryingEmily's older sister had an ED too so her mum's been dealing with this shit for years.

No. 141409

Different anon. I've looked through the proof and half of it is still related to angles and lighting. A shit ton is shoop but not all of it.

No. 141410

She looks less punchable like this.

No. 141411

Emily actually looks really pretty and cute when she isn't sucking in her cheeks and posting crying pics. I wish she would just stick with her natural self ?

No. 141414

She's probably afraid to wash because Emily might off herself while she's in the tub.

No. 141416

Mama Hazell is going to have a heart attack from stress. You're killing your mummy, Emily.

No. 141421

Hi Ember.

No. 141422

Hey Ember, you're not fooling anyone. Literally.

No. 141423

Emilyologist just posted a back to back video and picture and it shows how much she edits herself. I don't even know if she realizes she effed herself over

No. 141426

strange how whenever ember is criticized, someone immediately tries to change the subject to whatever ecrocker is up to…
ember is a brain dead burnout who is too lazy to even work on her GED and preys on young impressionable girls. she will always be more pathetic than ecrocker ever was.
at this point ember and her retarded shooping/ neck tensing just disgusts me.

No. 141427

Hey, if you're talking about the vid she posted on instagram with the leaf crown thing, it's a snapchat filter that like smooths your skin and edits your face a bit.

Not saying she doesn't edit herself, but in that video I don't think she was trying to be slick about it haha

No. 141432

This is the problem with her though. She doesn't want to look natural. She wants to be a spoop because it makes her look ~special~ That's the reason that she stopped eating as soon as she got out of hospital. She looked too normal and she wants to look ~different~

No. 141433

Jesus Christ you are obvious.
So why is your face more round on a SC filter that slims your face than a pic of you with a regular camera?

No. 141436

I'm not Emily, I was just trying to explain theres a filter on it because someone mentioned a similar filter in the camwhore thread.
Maybe I was wrong, sorry if thats the case.

No. 141464

My god what a fucking cave troll
those fucking snaggle teeth

No. 141472

OT but this is the best WTF picture ever! I am curious, does anyone know who this is/where the pic came from?

No. 141475

No. 141702

File: 1466292065421.png (342.99 KB, 666x365, hano2.png)

i hate it when anachans try to pull the "i never noticed how skinny i was" thing

No. 141708

File: 1466292808573.jpeg (213.39 KB, 750x1104, image.jpeg)

Photoshop/filters or weight loss? U decide.

No. 141709

Anyone could do that if they arch their back far enough and pull down their bikini. What a total cry for attention

No. 141711

No1curr. Stop posting this bland basic bitch.

No. 141712

File: 1466292982440.gif (1.03 MB, 245x208, 256.gif)