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File: 1450595663988.jpg (124.45 KB, 597x588, aly is actually a dead or fake…)

No. 73958

Aly has changed her account to try to show herself, but the more she does, the more obvious it is that everything is about her ED.

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/aly_realrecover/
Last thread: >>64095

No. 73959

And can I just hop back to the last thread and say that Aly's dad does not have an damn ED?
You need to remember that we see everything through Aly's viewfinder, and that her ED touches every aspect of her life. (Hell, I suspect you have an ED based on your theory.) Him preferring not to eat sweets/pastries and drinking water means absolutely nothing except that he has taste preferences, and that's all.

Also, the last time they were out, he had fucking coffee or tea (he's holding a packet), so Aly can fuck right off with her "He only drinks water!!" bullshit. Her ED is clearing affecting her memory.

No. 73966

aly is just boring af now. she wont change

No. 73969

This has probably been said a thousand times before so pardon my newfaggotry, but surely she should be eating healthy foods to recover. Sure she needs to gain weight, but what about vitamins, etc?

No. 73979

Yes, God, the thing about her Dad having an ED was a joke that started here!

Maybe he just doesn't want to drink as much coffee as his withered daughter - nothing wrong with that. Of course she is obsessed with what other people are consuming and takes it as an insult that he doesn't want to pay for drinks and food at a cafe twice every damn day.

No. 73986

File: 1450627607387.jpg (246 KB, 1366x768, ali.jpg)

Someone's been deleting photos!! lalalala

No. 73988

Genuinely laughed out loud on the bus home when I read this title. A++++ anon!

No. 73989

File: 1450630198563.jpg (24.96 KB, 324x385, wtf.JPG)


No. 73990

File: 1450630577654.png (3.28 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 73991

File: 1450630623681.png (547.36 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 73992

File: 1450630651498.png (91.47 KB, 719x630, tubbs2.png)

No. 73993

I would feel so awkward if I was friends with someone who made that big of a deal over a waffle. Obsessing over every bit of food like it's a huge deal is a behavior opposite of recovery, anyway.

No. 73996

File: 1450631642903.jpg (47.08 KB, 500x404, bys-crackedblack.jpg)


Gurl chill it's obviously cracked nail polish.

No. 73997

File: 1450631820050.gif (792.96 KB, 500x257, slow-blink.gif)

Wow, man…that's a real meaningful waffle.

Please tell us more, Aly. Your eating disorder chatter is fascinating.

No. 73998

imagine being her friend and having her ask you to take photos while she looks down and smile while holding half eaten dessert foods….

No. 74000

>imagine being her friend
I can't even get past this one.

No. 74002

Lol she gettin' friendzoned and doesn't even realize…or maybe she does and she's in denial about that too.

No. 74004

I thought that design was just a reflection. Her actual nail though is nasty as fuck. This is why she needs to paint to the edges…

No. 74005

I'm imagining her male best-friend saying that and making that face. Christ. The poor guy. Probably had to hold back a grimace too as he was saying the eating disorder was not a problem to him.

No. 74014

I think what her "male best friend" and Aly have in common is that they're both in love with Aly… Not that I could ever understand why but I get the feeling he's into her or maybe used to be?

No. 74015

From what Aly has said about Pa Casati, I've thought that maybe he's a "health nut" or he doesn't believe in eating junk food if you have more nutritious options. Pardon me if i sound all GOMI here, but maybe he was one of those parents who allowed no junk food/drinks in the home, and this is how Aly considers him to be thy cause of her ED. Maybe he made a comment about brioches rotting people's teeth out and making them fat. Or something. IDK.

This is her first mention of Male Best Friend since before she deleted all pre-hospital photos in the Great Purge, is it not?

No. 74016

I think he simply has more traditional Italian eating habits rather than being a health nut, which would explain what Aly mentioned once about him not wanting to go to McDonalds as a family activity

No. 74018

Maybe he just doesn't like to eat shit food. That's not an eating disorder.

No. 74019

Not sure. He sets off my closet gaydar, but ofc could be wrong. I'd bet most of her friends, if not all, are now friends out if pity. She's the one who sounds desperate to rekindle the friendship, although banging I about the thing he has problems with isn't a good start.

As for Pa, he looks a good 10 years older than Ma. His generation aren't into junk food as much because they were raised in homemade cooking and not fast food.

No. 74020

Soz for fkin autocorrect. Banging on *
Out of pity*

No. 74030

Yeah it is. She mentions in the previous picture that he said the illness was difficult to face and they cut ties, essentially. I can't imagine why he'd re-friend her when she clearly hasn't changed.

No. 74031


No. 74033

She's holding more and more people to ransom over her illness.

No. 74053

see the guy still met up with her but he said that her illness has affected their friendship. i'd say all of her friends feel that way

No. 74065

I just think the dad wants her to grow up and to stop her shit, he's not an enabler. Aly mentioned he has a closer relationship with her brother. I don't think the father has a huge peeve with foods at all/an eating disorder. Remember the brother ate a cup of hot chips which isn't seen as some holy clean food, it's actually pretty fucking normal for someone to buy time to time. Aly probably likes to buy cookies and crepes to show instagram for 'recovery wins' because it gets more followers and shit. She's got 'SweetsQueen' in her fucking bio thing ffs. Sure, cookies and crepes are nice but I don't think it's normal to be like 'my one meal of the day will be a sugared croissant/jam filled donut/chocolate brownie/cookie/crepe' she probably guilts them when they tell her she should eat something that'll satisfy her more like a wrap or a sandwich

No. 74107

File: 1450662373706.jpg (46.64 KB, 558x554, 156 weeks ago.JPG)

I went to check on her "best male friend"s account. Must be difficult for all her friends when they remember looking well.

He's started using his ig again. Next post is his latest pic. Gaydar is pinging strong.

No. 74108

File: 1450662420661.jpg (46.17 KB, 585x522, boyband.JPG)

Is he in a boy band? That guy's eyebrows tho.

No. 74158

her mother prob told her she won't be taking her pics anymore so she had to search for someone new to do it

No. 74165

Yeah to this. And she lies so much; throws so much food away. If she's purging someone's got to be having to hear it. Living with a controlling liar who's preoccupied with food angles and emoji and won't eat till she's got them just right, and even then just eats a bite, isn't going to make for happy relationships. The foundation probably wasn't there to start with.

No. 74220

File: 1450722484916.jpg (144.26 KB, 1080x1080, Emoji hell.jpg)

I hope something interesting happens soon

No. 74241

File: 1450727436855.jpg (123.28 KB, 934x571, new old friend.JPG)

Not interesting, but we haven't seen this friend before. Is she building bridges with old friends or something?

No. 74444

Sounds like she's saying "booger day" in her newest video.

I wonder if anorexics are afraid of sucking down their own boogers for fear of calories. If they are afraid of lotion…

No. 74455

Actually, yes! I've seen questions on forums like "I have a cold! Am I consuming extra calories?!"
It was actually pretty interesting though because if you look it up, someone has done the science to figure out how many calories are in snot, and another person posted to explain that our body is considered a closed system, so even if you're taking in calories from mucus, it's calories that were already in you.
(Here's a link for snot calories: http://coolefitness.com/blog/number-of-calories-in-boogers/ )

No. 74494

File: 1450819978473.png (847.44 KB, 918x596, Untitled.png)

lmao another video. 'burger date with mama' bye

No. 74496

File: 1450820125442.png (534.2 KB, 874x580, 1.png)

she looks so uncomfortable. i still feel so fucking bad for her mum tho

No. 74607

File: 1450846517179.jpg (44.41 KB, 576x447, challange.JPG)

I just found this on instagram. I'd tag aly if I wasn't blocked. CHALLANGING (!)

No. 74610

>picks up the smallest & thinnest fry
Jfc Aly you couldn't try harder for a ~recoverywin~ video?

No. 74618

>I'm living again darlings

No. 74636

Holy shit they're zombie-making fries!

No. 74641

Got so used to her face that I forgot how emeciated and sick she really is. Seeing her in motion is just :( ick

No. 74642

This is sad, it's literally 1,000+ pictures of her and food. It could not be any more ED focused. If she wants to step away from her ED, she needs to move her focus away from food and onto other things. It's great to post some pictures of the food you've managed to overcome when you're feeling proud or need positive reinforcement but when you're life is all about that it's not good. You're just living, breathing and eating your battle with your ED without finding things to motivate you to be healthy and to take the space of that obsession.

No. 74655


totally right. are you new here?
this thread is about this and the previous was and the previous and so on….

you could just scroll down the Aly threads and randomnly stop and it would be the same or at least similar everywhere

btw: what does she say in this video?

No. 74662

I wanted to ask the same question. Is she speaking Italian or English? I could sound like I'm nitpicking, but she isn't even trying to speak English correctly (if it's English). I had two French teachers - one English, one German and they were obsessive about us pronouncing words correctly so we'd be understood in French. Imagine being taught English by Aly. You'd suck hard at conversational English. Co sidering she's teaching children, she's passing on bad habits in speech.

No. 74664


yes - agree with you. Maybe she speaks Itenglish or Englarian kek

No. 74675

To help you out,her latest video says
"Burger date with mama"

No. 74681

thanks anon!
k. so she has a "date" with her mom. cool. not

No. 74714

Well, she does always use the lesbians emoji when she talks about going out with mama, so…

No. 74764

File: 1450905165183.jpg (29.38 KB, 312x388, ss (2015-12-23 at 04.12.00).jp…)

She has such a disturbing smile. It's genuinely uncomfortable to look at.

No. 74768

She gives me bad vibes. Even if I knew NOTHING about her, if I saw her I'd get bad vibes. I've seen these faces before, and i'm never wrong.

No. 74778


what do you mean?

No. 74780

Jfc, she's so irritating. PEOPLE GENERALLY DON'T SMILE WHEN THEY'RE EATING ALY. It's weird.
At least she's not moving her hand in that circle motion while she swallows like all the other videos.

No. 74782

Honestly, her smile reminds me of my older sister's. Regardless of how genuine it actually is, it always looks fake and forced. I think it happens with people who are just completely full of shit by nature.

No. 74786

It's because it's a fake smile. She's imitating happiness with her face instead of actually feeling it. A genuine smile makes your eyes crinkle up at the corners. This type of smile is an imitation of one and therefore feels hollow and insincere.

A woman I work with has a smile like that and we all agree that even though she seems perfectly nice by all accounts, she "feels fake."

No. 74792

What if the eyes don't crinkle because she doesn't have any face fat

No. 74797

Seems like that could make a person's face crinkle even more; fat fills the crinkles in a little bit.

No. 74814

Plus her eyes are dead & lifeless, like a mannequin or a bot. Alybot.

No. 74845

Do we have the same sister?
How old is she?

No. 74846

File: 1450931087246.jpg (885.31 KB, 1920x1200, Grimace.jpg)

No. 74847

She's 25 or 26. She's my half-sister so despite growing up with her I never actually bothered to learn much about her because she's so incredibly awful as a human being. Sage for slight OT

No. 74850

I smile like this. I think it's kind of the universal micro expression of "somebody kill me please I want out I'm trapped," but I'm no expert Freud.

No. 74852

File: 1450934725713.jpg (19.99 KB, 183x275, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

This is it. Her eyes are blank like she has no soul. There's no sadness, no happiness, even no "meh". Even when her friends are forcing smiles for another Aly selfie their eyes express their pain.

Conclusion: Alybot or some kind of mind controlled guinea pig.

No. 74866

File: 1450939503983.jpg (294.87 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nuw03zTmWy1upnbl4o1_128…)

You're taking "crinkle" too literally, I think. (I agree with >>74797 that lack of fat would make someone's eyes crinkle more though.)
But taken in a non-literal sense, most people's eyes react when they smile. Take Ashley here, for example. Her lower lids are lifted slightly because she is smiling and actually means it. Despite having very low body fat, her eyes are still able to react to smiling.

No. 74879

File: 1450945931156.png (331.4 KB, 1257x613, dont call me dear.png)

Aly's account is stale af, but I still like to read the comments that sneak in. This is from that cupcake with the blue icing.

No. 74945

I really want to punch Aly in the throat because she can find already made (using this phrase correctly here, unlike Aly) gingerbread men everywhere whereas places around me apparently don't believe in that. I'd have to make my own if I wanted any. Grr, I'm just so jealous aND SHE DOESN'T EVEN EAT THEM.

No. 74946

File: 1450978830369.jpeg (244.13 KB, 1198x1471, image.jpeg)

Aly posted another video today of her "eating" the tiniest piece of the gingerbread cookie, funny how the video cuts off right as she's biting down onto the cookie, there were comments calling her out saying she wasn't eating it, but I wasn't able to screenshot them before she deleted them. I can't be the only one who finds these videos unbearable to watch. It's like a circus act…

No. 74947

It's hilarious and sad. It's like the bites kids take when you tell them "3 more bites" and they think that counts, lol.

Also what the hell is she saying? "A sweet Christmas ????" It sounds like "tee-va," but is it supposed to be "treat?"

No. 74948


It's "a sweet Christmas Eve" I think that she's saying

No. 74956

File: 1450986476914.jpg (166.98 KB, 540x911, IMG_20151224_124657.JPG)


No. 74960

why the fuck does she wear her hair like this, she looks so skanky

No. 74962

>she looks so skanky
This made me chuckle.

No. 74967

She's pictured "biting" the right arm but the left arm is broken in the next picture. Oh Aly.

No. 74972

Is it just me or has her English gotten worse and worse over time? Or has she just reached a point of starvation where her brain doesn´t function properly anymore?

No. 74983

her hair is in such a sad state

No. 74993

Her face tells me she isn't any healthier than she was. Six months into recovery and she still looks fucked. I've noticed with anas that their faces are one of the first indications of looking better, but she still looks so old and puffy.

She deleted the video or is my phone being a dick?

No. 75001

No she deleted it, too many comments calling her out/ arguements over her tiny bite

No. 75039

Holy shit she actually ate a night snack. 100 scaring muffins to whoever asks her why shes eating something not on her meal plan.

No. 75044

I love the idea of a gingerbread cookie conspiracy! But I think it's just that she posts her selfies mirrored for some reason. Maybe she can't stand to look at anything other than what she sees in the mirror?

No. 75046

> Maybe she can't stand to look at anything other than what she sees in the mirror?

This was suggested in an earlier thread, but conclusion was it's something to do with the front camera and the back camera. One of them flips it.

No. 75059

File: 1451024224862.jpg (164.98 KB, 870x543, gingerbread repost.jpg)

Oh, I take back my jealousy. This is actually just the same cookie from a few days ago.

I think we need to re-visit the theory. The front camera flips it. In this case though, someone else is taking this video, so it'd be the back camera. I'd say she purposely flipped the video, at the very least.

No. 75078

File: 1451048597790.png (263.78 KB, 460x441, wp_ss_20151225_0003.png)

Aly's Christmas message has filled me with good cheered and made the day more brighten.

No. 75080

I can't stop watching this and "booger date with mama"

No. 75083

File: 1451050844848.png (231.4 KB, 412x432, wp_ss_20151225_0002.png)

It's hypnotic. So uplifting.

No. 75085

File: 1451051154161.png (22.48 KB, 459x130, wp_ss_20151225_0001.png)

Should include this deleted comment.

No. 75086

OMG, her eyes in that video give me the creeps. She looks like a lunatic. And when she makes that stupid "kissy face" I want to slap her so badly. Does she really think she looks cute? And her pronunciation is horrible, how can she even think she might be qualified as an English teacher?
She´s so arrogant and full of herself, I can´t stand this girl anymore.

No. 75095

File: 1451057670178.jpeg (171.36 KB, 639x889, image.jpeg)

Posted then deleted right away, she looks like shit.

No. 75097

Almost looks like Dante

No. 75098

Hot uncle?

No. 75099

File: 1451059655496.jpg (225.1 KB, 534x841, IMG_20151225_100650.jpg)

Not deleted

No. 75100

File: 1451059683781.jpg (184.45 KB, 539x739, IMG_20151225_100635.jpg)

No. 75101

When you cover her mouth while watching that video, her eyes look plain dead.
Like someone else mentioned above, her eyes are completely lifeless and don't move or react in any way when she imitates smiles or even kissy faces.

No. 75102

Ugh, the kiss though! And after the kiss, when she does a slow, creepy smile and her eyes just get bigger.

You're right, yikes.

No. 75104

I couldn't watch the whole video, I can't ever watch them without feeling weird. Plus those dead eyes are too much.

No. 75108

Last time I tried to watch one, her English was completely incomprehensible. She's so arrogant about her poor English. She lives in a tourist mecca, there are plenty of opportunities for her to practice, but that would require tearing herself from her account.

No. 75110

File: 1451064970561.png (11.38 KB, 312x248, n.PNG)

That is not how a meal plan works

No. 75112

"Full" for a devoted skelly like her probably means like 3 bites.

No. 75269

File: 1451127341714.jpeg (172.48 KB, 750x707, image.jpeg)

Finally, a christmas present that is completely unrelated to Aly's ED!

No. 75291

Catching up on Aly's ig. I was aghast to read that one of the things she "ate" yesterday was HOME MADE SHRIMPS. I think her family might be sorcerers!

Anyway, after all this CAREFREEDOM eating she's been doing, there should be quite an increase in her weight at the next hospital control.

No. 75322

Damn, that's adorable and I want it. I love waffles.

No. 75334

Yay! Now she can stare at waffles she made at home!

No. 75336

File: 1451165910582.gif (665.77 KB, 375x360, 1449525155243.gif)

Sorry, ment to post this.

No. 75355

She has the same dead eyed expression every photo. Scary.

No. 75397

File: 1451180219503.png (599.23 KB, 917x506, Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 5.34…)

Oh woooow, a cheap trinket from a brand that Ali thinks is fancy, as a Christmas gift related to her REALRECOVERY!

Much real life, never ED thinking any longer.

No. 75399

Like a live waffle being stared at by a corpse. Another Aly gif masterpiece.

No. 75433

To be fair, that bracelet looks cheap but her auntie spent amost £100 on it, which is more than the ungrateful leech deserves.

Aly's got awful taste in jewellery (as we know). This brend is truly awful. Shoulda gone for Pandora or Chamilia.

No. 75454

File: 1451209482794.png (433.23 KB, 476x462, wp_ss_20151227_0001.png)

Oh god.

No. 75463

The casatis sing Christmas, packed full of your favourite yuletide tunes, featuring such classics as "all I want for Christmas is a smaller dinner plate" and "I wish it could be hospital control every day"

No. 75464

An album so dang (!) LUSH, you'll want to delve it in oil!

No. 75465

One challanging (!) track after another!

No. 75472

A meaningful Christmas album. You'll have tears in your eyes!

No. 75529

She's looking so sickly in the face. Very much like the "before" in her pitiful ~progress picture~.

No. 75538

File: 1451239378106.jpg (29.96 KB, 450x450, laughingcheeta.jpg)

You're golden, anon

No. 75582

You better watch out
you better eat fries
you better not pout
I´m telling you - she lies!

waffles queen is coming to town

No. 75596


Wow, a photo of Ali that hasn't been reversed! (my theory on that is she does her hair how she likes in the mirror, then panics when her hair is reversed in reality - so she reverses all of her pics to look like her mirror image.)

And she looks like cold shit. Her face is looking as spoopy as it was before she went inpatient in June. HOW can she not have been forced back inpatient? Fucking "supportive" family, loving this bitch to death.

No. 75601

I dont follow aly just stop in ocasionally and dear god this has gone on far enough…shes made no progress. Maybe 500g at most

No. 75610

I saw aly dumping fortimel
Down the drain one Christmas night just gone,
Oh what a laugh it would have been
If don casati had only seen
Skelly dumping fortimel last night

No. 75613


I want to see Pa Casati do some power chords. That open C isn't doing anything for me. I suggest a leather biker jacket too. He needs to be the one to sex up Christmas.

Someone wants a video of Aly singing. Please deliver.

No. 75615

It's the final weigh in, doo doo doo doo, da da da doo doo doo etc

No. 75617

File: 1451252792697.png (239.25 KB, 458x284, such recovery.png)

Damn, I'll have that stuck in my head all night now.

Here're two pics exactly a year apart. Face aged by 10 years.

1 of 2

No. 75618

File: 1451252907045.png (866.69 KB, 734x552, such healthier.png)

Possibly the same dress - a year apart.

No. 75623

Yeah me too, but at least I have arrested development to make it easier. Or not. I'm waiting for the final weigh in.

No. 75624

Fuck me she's lost a visible amount of weight for a year of supposed recovery. What a bitch I wish I could shift my beer pudge with such joy and posi vibes

No. 75639

Face and hair. That hair is holding on to memories of a better time.

No. 75676

Shed your beer pudge, your mental capacity and your bone strength with Aly's posi-vibe-method!

No. 75690

Her face looks way worse. I bet she's purging. Girl needs to get it together and get some help.

No. 75708


She looks slightly worse than a family member of mine who is a meth addict, an alcoholic, in her late 40s, and has had congestive heart failure twice.

No. 75709

Her layering of clothes hides her spoopiness well. She's not wearing baggy clothes because she's embarrassed at her weight gain (as some have suggested), she's wearing layers of woolies to hide her skelebody.

How many days til weigh in?

No. 75755

That's the picture I was thinking of when I saw her recent picture of the red dress. Damn girl, dat face.
Much progress, wow.

No. 75769

File: 1451319612448.jpg (73.73 KB, 294x406, butter.jpg)

Well, I think we just found out what Aly uses to purge. I'm thinking:
>touches butter
>tears of laughter emoji
>"I'm soo recovered guys!"
>tears of laughter emoji

No. 75785

File: 1451328286336.jpg (27.98 KB, 287x182, wise.JPG)


No. 75849

Weigh in is on Jan 13 so another couple of weeks.

No. 75852

such wise specialists

No. 76311

File: 1451436957923.png (82.53 KB, 175x203, wp_ss_20151230_0001.png)

I went a whole day forgetting Aly existed. I didn't miss much. She made some whipped cream.

No. 76315

Aren't all the croissants and pastries she eats made with butter? Or does it have to actually look like butter to make her vomit?

No. 76317

Thats why she eats them so she can vomit them back up because butter

No. 76353


I hope that isn't a relative because who leans so closely on relatives? Or anyone that isn't a close friend/SO?

No. 76356

Right? Don't hug your relatives, they have cooties and incest germs eww.

No. 76357

She looks like she's her dad's age.

No. 76404

File: 1451481554638.jpg (918.83 KB, 2000x2000, WmDev_635870782280884131.jpg)

He's trying. He's really, really trying.

No. 76405

File: 1451481666811.png (807.95 KB, 599x593, Untitled.png)

absolutely disguting

No. 76406

please spoiler the haggard hole of a face

No. 76410

Jesus glow in the dark Christ. If that's what posi-joyful-emoji-vibes does for you, I'll keep being a cold-hearted cynical bitch, thank you very much.

No. 76474

So Aly deleted more than 30 photos already. Maybe she's getting tired of herself.


She looks bloated af

No. 76667

File: 1451559092859.jpg (107.36 KB, 634x388, joyful blondie child.jpg)

SO, Aly's gone to "the mountains" with her friends for a break.

Will she use this opportunity to:
- ingest even less than usual
- look at the beautiful surroundings and have an epiphany that she really wants to really real recover and have a nice life


Is this some kind of intervention? Will she survive all the walking? How will she deal without Ma C within 10 metres of her 24/7?

No. 76675

Switzerland is well known for its hospitals. Maybe her friends have had instuctions from pa casati mafia king

No. 76676

Oh yes. That dignified clinic. Her friends are in on it. Oh dear.

No. 76681

Oh my god. Can you imagine putting up with your anorexic friend on a vacation for three days? She's going to annoy the fuck out of everyone when they go out to eat and she asks for a coffee and a croissant that she takes half a bite of every time, and she'll be too damn weak to do anything fun, and she'll probably have an emotional breakdown at some point over someone offering her seconds.

No. 76685

File: 1451573930332.jpg (188.21 KB, 792x1407, Screenshot_2015-12-31-12-45-41…)

When your thighs are as wide as your ankles you know you're winning the recovery game jfc!

No. 76693

Please. Aly. For the love of waffles GET SOME LOOSE FIT JEANS. Those…things…you wear are a crime against humanity.

No. 76703

File: 1451582377571.png (981.79 KB, 879x533, pol.png)


No. 76708

Are her friends posting on ig as well? Haven't they all got boyfriends? Is Aly the gooseberry?

No. 76752

I didn't know they left scarecrows up in the winter…

No. 76756


Martina isnt, Sonia isnt, Denise isnt… meanwhile the scarecrow posted 4 times.

I feel sorry for the dude that thought a hottie like one of those three would be there… instead aly-bot shows up in sweatpants.

No. 76758

File: 1451601446027.png (452.25 KB, 483x408, bot.png)


No. 76772


No. 76775

File: 1451609149389.jpg (89.52 KB, 603x497, christ.JPG)

Her friends all dressed smart, she's wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.

They ate burnt lasagne and something they scraped out of the waste disposal.

No. 76776

File: 1451609614888.jpg (8.33 KB, 392x288, spy anon.jpg)

I think anon could be listening to a number station. I'm sorry, I can't crack the code.

No. 76783

It's from most to least doable. Don't you chan?

No. 76801

She mentioned in the caption that there are also 4 guys there, so anon who called it there you go. I'm assuming she was invited out of pity..

No. 76812

She mentioned there are 8 guys plus the girls shown (5). So there's at least 3 guys leftover even if someone drinks enough to touch ali's bones.

No. 76813

File: 1451624783491.png (812.76 KB, 827x635, blondiechildfromhell.png)

She keeps mentioning how much alcohol she's going to have like she's so desperate to sound cool.

No. 76814


She's wearing those same sweatpants again. Everyone looks so nice and she's wearing sweatpants and a hoodie…

No. 76821


No fucking way. I bet those three guys would rather have a gay threesome.

No. 76822

"eh Alice,you're not having fun? what are you typing?"
"#edrecovery #edsoldiers #ednos #togetherwecan #fightingforfreedom #realrecovery #noproana #noana #beatana #beatinged #beatingana #anorexiarecover #anawho #anabitch #eatingdesordersrecover #recovery #recoveryispossible #togetherwecan #keepfighting #kickana #fight"

No. 76823

Oh, apparently not enough. I suspected that was what anon meant, but having different preferences threw me off (though Aly is always 5). Thank you for explaining.

No. 76824

No, Aly took a picture of her own vomit and tries to make us believe that this is a "tradition" in Italy. The flesh-colured chunks are pieces of her stomach which is starting to disintegrate and digest itself because it never gets any food to digest.

No. 76825

File: 1451646265342.jpg (174.52 KB, 970x1332, Screenshot_2016-01-01-10-59-10…)

So her strong start to 2016 is a black coffee. Way to go

No. 76828

I think it'd be kind of like when you're a kid and you're left alone with grandma/a really really fucking old relative and every time they nod off or have to exert themselves you're hoping to god they don't keel over and die there and then.

No. 76838

No. 76850

File: 1451662342751.png (622.56 KB, 979x979, img1451662286930.png)

Not one person is touching her in any pics??!

No. 76852

Who wants to touch a living corpse with dead eyes?

No. 77011

File: 1451725544849.png (1.03 MB, 1116x599, Untitled.png)

Left, NY 2015, right NY 2016.

No. 77013

Such amazing progress, that´s realrecovery.

No. 77023

How can you be "on holiday" when you do nothing but go to cafés and restaurants all year long ?

No. 77024

predictions for how aly's 2016 will go?

No. 77028

She's a real fighter: I predict one recovery win (!) after another.

No. 77034


Jesus, she looks like a different person… Who would have thought
Cigarettes, too much coffee and a diet of waffles, croissants and cookies makes you look and age like shit

thats what you get, when you eat biscuits for breakfast

No. 77035

>> 76813

look at her sad attempt at "festive" hair

No. 77158

Can't screenshot because phone, but in the comments of the walkers butter cookies photo Ali tells someone that part of her meal plan includes an ensure as her afternoon snack… did she have a December weigh in that she's hiding? Sounds like she got told she can't be trusted to eat enough in the afternoons and is back on a mandatory drink.

No. 77162

As far as I remember, she's always been on a mandatory Fortimel. She stopped posting them because because she finally realized how repetitive and boring they were. They just bumped her down from 2 to 1 back in September or so because, you know, her doctors are either shit or hoping she dies.

No. 77177

not meaning to be ot but is christieswadling lolcow worthy lmao

No. 77250

wait why can't Aly ride horses anymore?

No. 77267

She's too emaciated.

I think the concerns would be something along the lines of her fainting or having a heart attack while riding. In addition to that though, it'd be painful for her, and there's no way she could do anything more than have the horse walk around. (Trotting and running both require muscle strength that she simply wouldn't have anymore.)

No. 77273

Not really.

No. 77276

oh my god I think I just barfed a little. Check out Alys most recent pic

No. 77277

Her dry, dry pancakes or her fun family pic?

No. 77282

File: 1451821343590.jpg (160.6 KB, 746x775, image.jpg)

No. 77284


No. 77298

Oh my god, her poor brother. Why does she think these poses are appropriate to do with family members??

No. 77301

Holy f…, what is going on with her hair? I never noticed that there is such harsh colour difference between the upper and lower part of her hair.
And why is she grabbing her hair like that? To show us how brittle the ends are? Someone needs to come for Aly´s hair with a pair of scissors!

No. 77306

If this is her sexy look I'm disgusted. Her poor brother. And men in general! Bet he's thinking please fuck off

No. 77307

How is it not appropriate? Sex obsessed american detected.

No. 77308

Is it just me or is she looking bigger around the face?

No. 77311

I´m convinced that her anorexia has developed into anorexic bulimia. Her face and/or cheeks are swollen and often bloated.

No. 77317

That poor boy… i hope his friends wont find that pic… YUUUUCK! Whats wrong with that family!

No. 77320

This picture alone isn't gross. Nothing gross is happening in it. However, it's probably just an embarrassing picture for a younger brother. The way getting your picture taken with your family is when your 14.

No. 77324

Your 20 year old sister sitting on your lap grabbing her hair and pouting her lips at you is highly disturbing.

No. 77338

File: 1451843344475.gif (1.88 MB, 418x260, I_disagree.gif)

No. 77343

And her bony ass probably isnt helping

No. 77348

Theres no chance in hell you girls have a younger brother… that picture is too much.

Imagine how many takes it must have taken for that ACTIONSHOT
Poor dude gonna end up a serial killer

No. 77350

Aly's brother becomes a serial killer
He kills only spoopy skellies
He ventures across lolcow
All of our ana calves are slaughtered, and one brittle, old cow - assley
Only ember whann is left, crying around the no longer reanimated corpses
"Wah wah why didn't he kill me? I'm Ana too, you guys!"
She wails.
Our only clue to the murders is this >>77282 picture, which ember has found, and crudely photoshopped her fat face onto Aly's
"You see!!! He's trying to kill me in this picture! I am a SURVIVOR" ember wails, again
But all of her followers have been wiped out by Aly's brother's next onslaught, and her only replies come from herself

The murder saga continues

No. 77426

Anon my sides.

I want a novella about this. Truman capote cum Ember Allen Poo.

No. 77528

Want more, fucking top anon

No. 77608

That was a DANG good read! We need more anon

No. 77652

File: 1451923073079.jpg (14.39 KB, 191x268, nail polish.jpg)

I will never understand what the absolute fuck Aly does to her thumbs that the polish gets this bad.

No. 77761

Doesn't she have a weighin within two weeks? Expect lots of family burgers! Pro ana tradition to kick that clinics scale!

No. 77784

Picking apart all of her food probably takes its toll.

No. 77815

I don't get all this nitpicking about how "gross" her nails are.
So her nail polish is chipped. And?

No. 77821

because it's always chipped. I'm not even one of the anons who has ever said anything about Aly's nails, but it's pretty obvious why a person would nitpick such a haggard thing on someone who puts so much time/effort into public/displayed 'appearances'. It's not like it's once or twice that it's like this, it's always like this, different photos, different colors, so she does put time/effort into her nails - it's also another visible representation of how her outward appearance is deteriorating along with her general health/mental health.

you faggots who can't get over nitpicking in snow of all places, the board the was made to essentially be trash, need to fuck off.

start going out and finding real milk and posting real cows if you're going to constantly whine and complain about farmer's observations of these trainwrecks. nitpicking, nitpicking /=/ discussion

No. 77822

She needs a clear topcoat

No. 77873

January 13 iirc

No. 77879

File: 1451999925215.jpeg (205.79 KB, 640x983, image.jpeg)

She's obviously brain damaged because she had cocoa fucking yesterday and at least once over Christmas. I actually haven't been posting on here at all lately because she makes me so mad but seriously, is anorexia just straight up rotting her brain?!

No. 77880

Oh never mind it's a "throwback", my mistake! But im nearly sure she had it several times, if I'm arsed I'll have a look back, probably deleted to fit in with her lies though. Sick of her bs.

No. 77886

She had that sickly thick chocolate in a cup a few weeks so, so you're correct!

No. 77904

File: 1452008949245.jpg (23.68 KB, 294x271, puffer.JPG)

On the caption where she's showing her Kiko brend make up, what does she mean
>and this lil vanish child couldn't ask for nothing better
Vanish child?
Ffs, I wish her eyeshadow would come with a card explaining how to apply it.

Her face is undeniably puffy. If she isn't purging, what else could be making her puff up?

No. 77905

File: 1452008967593.jpg (22.79 KB, 281x300, puffpuff.JPG)

…and her latest

No. 77908


maybe crying?
Im sure she cries a lot, that little weasel.

No. 77911

She also had some kind of Italian hot chocolate a couple of months ago when she went out with her aunt or something. A few anons here looked up the menu for that place, I remember. She's so full of fucking shit.

No. 77912

File: 1452010282224.jpg (382.3 KB, 931x606, cuntaly.jpg)

More of her being a huge disgusting cunt to her followers.

No. 77915

Bitch needs a slap.

No. 77932

File: 1452014765606.jpg (304.85 KB, 935x601, firstinyearsmyass.jpg)

So today she posts a throwback (which was just a throwback to a few days ago) that she had her first hot cocoa "IN YEARS!". But the attached photo was posted 4 weeks ago.

No. 77934

Perhaps she wants to tell us that she intends to starve herself until she vanishes into thin air?

No. 77956

File: 1452020668567.gif (1.36 MB, 361x360, 1452020436162.gif)

She looks like shes going to vomit into her cup.

No. 77977

File: 1452027201537.png (743.13 KB, 912x539, Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.4…)


Right on schedule? Her mood is "all over the place" and she ate McDonalds today - I sense either a therapist appointment or a weigh in.

No. 77979

We need to do some digging. The cutest one should pest the brother. And one of us has to question Denise Papa. Im sure she hates her too. And put blame the old ass mother on blast.
Aly is a terrible person.

No. 78111

File: 1452066417640.jpg (152.97 KB, 1076x1480, Screenshot_2016-01-06-07-42-47…)

A picture from the trip, so looks like they don't like her as much as she likes them?

Translates as: And then you need the friend , that friend who needs no words or gestures you understand , that ready before you defend , then scold , one that does not judge you but loves you just as you are .

No. 78112

File: 1452066598376.jpg (198.75 KB, 1064x1213, Screenshot_2016-01-06-07-49-00…)

Where's aly? Did she actually go on the trip??

No. 78115

It looks like they went hiking or something. I wouldn't want to drag that whiny corpse up a mountain

No. 78116

File: 1452068799014.jpg (23.56 KB, 440x600, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

Weird to see more pics of preskele Aly on her friend's fb. She had good legs. Anorexia's almost changed her appearance completely.

No. 78117

File: 1452068840697.jpg (27.63 KB, 447x600, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

Good legs

No. 78124

This is the first time I've seen her with her friends socialising somewhere that isn't a cafe

No. 78127

File: 1452075018687.jpg (170.32 KB, 900x1026, aly1452066598376.jpg)

Look closer anon, she's there.

No. 78128

Oh look, she's hiding behind that waffle that's as big as face, ha!

No. 78129

What the hell is epiphany day? Is it an Italian thing? Why is it so dang challanging?

No. 78136

Christian thing. Some countries like Italy and France go mad on the religious holidays.

No. 78137

I had hoped to make it look more like she was the tree… but too lazy.

No. 78138

It's Christian holiday.
On this day usually we say to little kids that an old woman "Befana" leaves sweets and gifts for them in a sock. Like Santa.
It's the sweets part that is #challanging, poor "child"

No. 78141

File: 1452079143663.jpg (7.33 KB, 267x188, aly hates this woman.jpg)

Ohhh, thanks for explaining. I only know 6th January as "the day to take the tree down".

I just googled Befana and I get her reference to her followers being "witches" now. I thought she was being a cunt to them again.

No. 78146

File: 1452084283500.jpg (139.81 KB, 530x539, IMG_20160106_064231.jpg)

Maybe because I'm in the US but dirty laundry and washing machines, in the kitchen, next to a stove, is the weirdest thing I've EVER seen

No. 78148

If that's the weirdest thing you've ever seen, you should travel more.

No. 78150

From what I've gathered they live in a flat probably wasted so much money on alys food they have no money left for a nice house or a bigger kitchen. It is weird though, and note the Mac donalds bag in the background!

No. 78153

What's wrong with having the washing machine in the kitchen? That's not uncommon or has anything to do with living in a small apartment or not having money to afford a 'fancier' one ?

No. 78155

My assumption is about Aly not the general population. If they spent less money on food and eating out in fancy restaurants maybe they could have had a nicer home. I couldn't care less where your washing machine is.

No. 78162

It's pretty common in Germany too, maybe it's a european thing?

No. 78163

I know a guy in Canada with a washing machine in his kitchen. Is this seriously what we're focusing on?

No. 78165

proof this thread is shit. just let it die.

No. 78171

You should go outside more. You know, see some more stuff.

No. 78172

Where the fuck else do you put s washing machine? Everyone in the UK puts it in the kitchen unless you're uber posh and have a "utility room".

I think we expect her family to be rich because she acts like she's Lady Muck. They're just a working class family.

No. 78173

That dish scrubber looks disgusting though. Should get a new one.

No. 78180

Yep, Britfag here with a washing machine AND a dryer gasp in the kitchen.

No. 78188

Not the op but am a cadfag, most of North amurrica puts them in a separate room, closet or basement. Otherwise they don't have one at all, instead having shared building laundry (most apartments) or going to a laundry mat.

Nothing for us all to get our panties in a knot over, just small cultural differences op obviously didn't know of.

No. 78190

File: 1452098462630.jpg (229.6 KB, 1066x1334, Screenshot_2016-01-06-16-35-30…)

Dressing as a witch. Not a throwback so a new direction for her perhaps?

No. 78198

Whoever said "anyone can pull off a red lipstick" was not including Aly

No. 78205

Poor guy in the background just staring at the skelly. Must be scared to death.

No. 78219

Well I'm German and I've got the washing machine and drier in a seperate room in the cellar. I suppose it's more of a poor people or lower middle class thing…

No. 78229

I look up to you because you have a room for your washing machine, but I look down on those who use a laundrette…

No. 78232

File: 1452106228784.gif (633.06 KB, 363x360, 1452105711546.gif)

I know we're sick of talking about her nails, but COME ON!! She left a chunk of polish on her skin in addition to the chip and lack of coverage. She's doing it to us on purpose.

Also, I live in America and my Washer and Dryer are in a small closet away from everyone. Im not saying your lower class if it's in your kitchen, but What about lint in your food?? Also I don't want dirty undies near my food, and I don't want food near my clean undies.

No. 78243

This was explained Here >>78138

No. 78244

LOL I'm poor af and I have my dryer in my kitchen and the washer in the bathroom (there's a section in the wall for it)

No. 78246

The bathroom seems like a good place. I've seen nice homes where the bathroom and laundry are connected or next door to eachother

No. 78256

Having your washer in the kitchen is actually quite common in the UK and possibly in more parts of Europe as well.

No. 78265

kek she deleted the photo of her brother with the hot chocolate, the one that stated it was her first one IN YEARS.

Hi, Aly!!

No. 78278

dw, anon, I think it's really weird too

No. 78279

i feel like getting food on your clean clothes/getting dirty clothes near or in food would be inevitable tbh

No. 78334

Interesting, I always thought Aly was from a wealthy family because she doesn't work and frequents fancy cafes on a daily basis.

No. 78341

Via facebook stalking Denise and Sonia, Ali's "friends": They don't show any photos of Ali, even on a trip together. Both of them are engaged, and working jobs. Ali is regressing further into childhood as her friends grow past her into womanhood / adulthood. While I understand that's part of her disease, Ali's growing more isolated by the day as her friends grow up without her. If she wants to recover (lol) she'd better do it soon.

No. 78349

I wonder if it's the area. Like in Manhattan, space is expensive so rooms are small. Sometimes washers and dryers are cramped into small spaces, if there are any. It could be similar since she lives in Milan, and space ain't cheap.

No. 78484

Aren't her friends a bit young to be engaged?

No. 78490

Could be "facebook engaged" like Aly was. I hope so, anyway.

No. 78503

From my Insta-stalking it seems that the girls have been with their boyfriends for 3 to 5 yrs.

So wouldnt be that weird to take the next step. Maybe people in Italy get engaged at that age.

They seem normal anyways.

No. 78505


20/21 isn't that young, seems fine to get engaged at her age
I agree anon, it highlights how little aly has in her life at the moment, not too late though! >>78341

No. 78506

File: 1452170566852.jpg (132.9 KB, 964x1421, Screenshot_2016-01-07-12-41-40…)

Sonia IG
3 years and 6 months

No. 78517

It has a new recoverywin video. Im honestly amazed at her terrible english. This chick does nothing but fantasize about living a upper class US-life…
yet it takes 10 views and research to understand that she says "wrap burger and potatoes".
Shes all kinds of stupid.

No. 78519

File: 1452177118492.jpg (28.75 KB, 409x354, dang.JPG)

They all do this PDA pic thing.

I wouldn't have figured that out without translation.

No. 78526

Did she burn her eye on the straighteners or something? that eyeshadow!

No. 78533

File: 1452180399540.jpg (9.35 KB, 146x84, chipmunks.JPG)

Her friends must hate her. If your friend was so bad at make up you'd have to tell them, wouldn't you.

I've been holding back saying this, but her cheeks really do say the B word to me. Chipmunk cheeks.

No. 78540

File: 1452181271354.jpg (9.31 KB, 256x329, Screenshot_2016-01-07-12-55-53…)

And swollen mouth

No. 78542

Those are just her hamster cheeks. Over the years she's learnt to store food in them which she can rid herself of later

Just a part of her clever ruse to trick people into thinking she eats

No. 78552

File: 1452185724644.jpg (115.82 KB, 613x596, full of joy.jpg)

My original plan was to just to put every capitalized word on the side of the picture, but then I pasted "NORMALITY" on her forehead and everything went downhill from there.

No. 78560

File: 1452188420835.gif (467.25 KB, 275x215, ron approves.gif)

This really captures the hell she's made for herself and her family.

Freakin lush, anon.

No. 78563

Sounds like she says wrap booger

Great collage of Alyisms!

No. 78581

I'm slightly in love with you.

No. 78691


Her eye-shadow bugs me more than her nails.

No. 78762

if she has purging anorexia it'd explain the tooth ache/decay as well

No. 78771

I'd bet anything she's throwing up. It's the way she can deal with having to eat with people watching and to get them off her back that she wasn't eating enough.

Her electrolyte imbalance pretty much confirms it.

No. 78868

Agree she has to be purging subtype. Also notice her video cuts off before she actually swallows that bite of "potatoes-se"? Into the hamster cheek to spit out after? Of course it's the virgin bite, too, as usual. Such recovery, much win. I simultaneously feel awful for, and furious with, her family.

No. 78970

Right now, she´s not "demolishing" some super challanging meal, she´s demolishing her christmas tree. Those fir needles must be hard to chew with her decaying teeth!

No. 78978

File: 1452350309434.png (20.29 KB, 480x138, wp_ss_20160109_0001.png)

Yes but its something she hasn't eaten for aaaages! Challenging!

I liked when I saw this comment. Her joyful Blondie child pisses off her followers as well as farmers.

No. 79357

I believe you mean challAnging

No. 79408

If she says "beloved" one more time I am going to flip my shit. Also, I feel like she really needs some vitamins.

No. 79519

File: 1452530869790.jpg (18.14 KB, 253x241, mani.JPG)

I feel this way when she refers to herself in third person…which is almost every post.

No. 79522

File: 1452532431230.jpg (141 KB, 603x596, free the humans.jpg)

Aly finally admitted in this post that her hair is a damn mess ("my mad hair"). She said this is because they got ready in the dark, but her hair doesn't look any different than normal.

No. 79524

even though she's not super skinny which is my ideal, i really like her body -.- oh maybe its just her attitude. always smiling and a good friend, no, SISTER to our dear girl aly

No. 79526


It's legitimate art.

No. 79536

Why does she dip everything in coffee? Does anyone other than Aly dip croissants? It's ew.

No. 79538

It's a European thing

No. 79539

I used to like to dip mine in hot chocolate as a child. I also dipped my croissant into tea after a gastroscopy. Never tried coffee, but don't think it'll be too bad

No. 79550

coffee absorbs the calories and makes it easier to chew with her old lady teeth

No. 79551

No. 79834

Well tomorrow is the Day Hospital Control. With all of the holiday puking she's been doing (can't convince me she's not purging at this point) I bet her fucked electrolytes will land her in the hospital. We can only hope.

No. 79835

Jesus I had to watch her newest video like 10 times before I could figure out what she is saying. "Burger tradition"

No. 79843

I don´t think so, she´ll be eating a lot of junk food and salty foods to gain water weight and increase her sodium levels. And her stupid as fuck "specialists" will be happy with our recovery queen as usual.

No. 79844

Her pronunciation is so shitty. "Burrrrger trrrradition!"

No. 79845

File: 1452607388264.jpg (46.77 KB, 310x218, alli diet.jpg)

At the end of that video she gazes at the burger in the same way she does in all her pics. She's like one of those game show girls who show off the prizes by stroking them lovingly.

I'm not getting excited about tomorrow. Too much disappoint in the past. She'll get away with it again because her doctors are dickheads.

No. 79847

File: 1452608251973.jpg (144.46 KB, 716x960, IMG_20160112_070600.jpg)

I was looking through the tags of her "traditional kick-ed place" mama burger, and I want to try it. Looks good there. Plus the logo makes me laugh lol

No. 79848

File: 1452608398234.jpg (9.11 KB, 198x254, enid art.jpg)

Blimey, but racialistism!

No. 79849

kek, I was trying to think of the name of these tablets a few days ago!

No. 79850

jaw drops

No. 79851

There was a programme on tv last night about weird diets and these came up. The guy took double the dose then ate a very oily (!) Indian feast. He was on the throne all night and in the morning he had anal leakage of orange oil.

No. 79854

That's the standard side effect, isn't it? My friend was on them, and she'd only take them when she knew she wasn't leaving the house for a while. She gave me a couple to try, the same happened to me. I presume you'd just have to be happy to wear a pad or something all the time.

No. 79855

It's not supposed to happen if you have less than something percent fat in your diet, but everyone I've heard who use them get the leaking. Bleck, bleck.

No. 79869

ah the pills that give you loose stools if you eat too much fat
an effective means of weightloss indeed

No. 79877

File: 1452613662722.png (383.86 KB, 407x532, Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.45…)

Checked on Aly for the first time in ages and I'm glad I did because this manic smile at a burger made me laugh through the fog I'm in today. She is a treasure, even when she's being boring as fuck.

No. 79881

All ED habits broken. Totally normal relationship with food.

I love how she says she even ate her mum's leftover fries and expects us to believe her.

No. 79882

File: 1452615177380.jpg (29.85 KB, 280x209, IMG_20160112_101051.jpg)

She must be eating her polish for the extra calories before hospital day. So gross!

No. 79884

File: 1452615463294.png (921.51 KB, 916x587, 666.png)

it's obvious she's smiling out of fear lmao
also that last comment jfc stop the both of you are delusional

No. 79886

And the Oscar goes to … someone else. Gimme a fucking break, Aly.

Also, who are these enabling morons commenting that she looks so much better? I hope they'll be happy when she's dead.

No. 79897

Maybe they don't want to recover, because they need their thinspo

No. 79902

God yeah. Her caption on the burger just makes it all the more obvious. Almost everything is capitalized, and we know she's doing that out of fear, not excitement.

No. 79921

Didn't anyone else notice she is literally shaking especially in the beginning of her newest video??

No. 79925

How the hell does her family just let her do nothing all day but walk around to take pictures of food? She makes no progress, doesnt do anything productive and they keep repeating the same dumb traditions.
The father and his ugly ass mug, after he "suggested" going to a crappy bistro is too much. This needs to be a TV show. These people are freaks.

No. 79931

You are such a mean hater. Don´t you know that Aly is working her ass off every day as an English teacher?

No. 79932

Holy racism batman, I cannot believe that's a public sign in this century.

No. 79945

Bits and pieces of continental europe are racist, or they consider these leftover images just 'part of their culture' and barely even notice them.

No. 79946

File: 1452630251586.jpeg (118.74 KB, 640x721, image.jpeg)

Comments on this pic.
Good to see Aly still isn't fooling Everyone, also good to see the metabolism shit is still a strong defence…

No. 79948

I think they've just given up. They're past denial, past bargaining, it's just acceptance and wait for death.

I'm sure they'll still mourn but it's not going to be any shock when she kicks it. Probably a morbid sense of relief.

Wasn't there some talk of cousins or some distant family member suffering anorexia? It's probably nothing the family is new to.

Plus, you can tell from Alys breakdowns the docs/shrinks aren't fooled and obviously discuss with the family.

Doesn't really explain why they won't put her into inpatient. Probably money issues/Aly probably guilts/threatens them to stay out of it.

The most disatisfying part of cows/flakes is you never get the full story. You never get all the juicy details. And even when she dies - we'll never get the full closure. We might not even really know, though I imagine some friend/family might mention it on Facebook.

It's just too naive to keep believing everyone in Aly's life has the skelly wool pulled over their eyes. They don't.

No. 79949


> progress takes time

yes, but not a fckin year or more without any gaining

No. 79988

Keeping up with the Casatis - premieres Monday night at 8.30 on e!

No. 79991

That would be the most boring show in existence, though actually seeing Aly during one of her "bad wake ups" would be interesting.

No. 80002


had to be dubbed - no one would understand it, even if they spoke English

No. 80004

No. 80035

No. 80055

Id watch that show every day. Imagine her parents wake up, then Aly struts out to take a food-pic, brother goes to school, the family is busy. Meanwhile old Aly wanders the streets for hours to look for lush food to take pictures of. Killing time till her special date with… Mommy Casiati. Who has to take 45 pics to get the right angle of old Alys ugly face.

Groundhog Day with Family Casiati

No. 80173


I had to go back and look, but yeah - you're right, she's trembling. Low blood sugar? I'm hypoglycemic and I get pretty shaky if I haven't eaten in a while. My guess is this trick hasn't eaten 3 squares a day since 2013. That or an electrolyte imbalance again.

No. 80251

Day Hospital Control is in a few hours, guys. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd make a bingo card.

My prediction:
Super puffy face hidden by a #kickanatradition croissant, faked weight gain of around half a kilo, and something about how the doctors think she's doing soooooo well. If her bloods are off, it's not ED related. Definitely not ED related.
And a wrap with ma Casati. Yawn.

No. 80273


She's SMILEING because the docs aren't changing her meal-plan (!) because she's gaining.

Same old, same old…

No. 80280

Christ. How could any doctor tell this girl "Keep up the good work, see you in a month!"?

The only hope she has of living to see the end of the year is if Pa puts his foot down and sends her to a decent hospital.

No. 80286

Holding out for bad bloods and warm weather where she cant disguise her body with layers of sweaters.

No. 80288

Now she won't put numbers on her account?! Not seeming very proud of her weight gains like usual!

No. 80289

Samefag. Just read her comment that
>as usual I wont post numbers on this account

When asked about her gain. Its not AS USUAL. She usually tells followers how much she gained. I deduct she gained a poxy amount which is the weight if burger and fries she's holding in and water loading.

No. 80290

File: 1452684581672.jpg (139.37 KB, 972x1338, Screenshot_2016-01-13-11-28-20…)

Forgot image

No. 80291

Oh snap!

No. 80292

Bet she's dying for a piss every time she goes all the water loading

No. 80295

Maybe there isn't really any doctor. Day hospital control is just as fake as her recovery.

No. 80305

File: 1452687156178.png (787 KB, 845x597, cheese.png)

The fuck is this shit? It's creepy.
I thought this recording might be of her taking a bite, but she's just smiling at the dang cheeseburger. Why are people falling for this unless it just "feeds" their illness?

No. 80306

No. 80309

what's "water loading?" I've seen it in like four threads

No. 80310

She's RELIEFED her blood tests went well. She urges us to keep BELIEVEING. Her English is getting worse.

No. 80312

They chug loads of water before being weighed so it adds kgs/lbs.

No. 80314

And there goes the most exciting day of Alys January 2016… Cant wait to see, how she celebrates.

No. 80316

another year of her smiling at stupid ass pastries

No. 80322

File: 1452690944437.gif (895.02 KB, 216x216, alyexpress.gif)

No. 80324

File: 1452692464423.jpg (196.52 KB, 1072x1361, Screenshot_2016-01-13-13-38-27…)

A ton of FAT Italian cheese, a TON of Turkey (1 slice) tomatoes (1/2) and lettuce (1/2 a leaf) such a HEAVENLY BOMB!!

did someone say delusional

No. 80325

It can also be fatal and result in brain damage.

No. 80328

I bet we hear about a "bad wakeup" tomorrow when she gets up and freaks out about her weight gain, though we all know it's 99% water and shit.

No. 80330

An experienced doctor wouldn't fall for that, right?

No. 80332

To be fair to Aly and the doctors, gaining 1g of weight is still gaining /sarcasm. And all of that 1g has gone to her internal organs and hair first, so OF COURSE you can't actually SEE she's gained weight, what with her superduperlightspeed metabolism, you guys!
This shit is ridiculous. All these ana queens know where they can go and live if they want to starve themselves to death uninterrupted: Italy! Yay for Italy!

No. 80343

In Aly's accidental breakdown posts it even gives away that the shrink/doctors are telling her negative things, not positive or OK like she tells us.

There's obviously some other reason for her not being hospitalized. I mean look at ash, in amurrica, whose uglier skelly and not in hospital.

I don't think this act is a good representation of the doctors. They must not be able to force her in under the circumstances.

No. 80346

I agree with this. I don't believe her when she writes about how they're pleased with her progress.

How long ago was it they suggested an IP clinic but she was really resistant to the idea? There's no way she'd go voluntarily. Her parents are irresponsible for not taking steps to have her admitted.

No. 80356

File: 1452704324534.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160113-115238.png)

This is is the fullest I've seen her face in awhile.

No. 80365


sry for againfag but her nails and fingers eww

No. 80370

File: 1452706758456.jpg (590.8 KB, 1024x1365, PhotoGrid_1452706341044.jpg)


>But as usual I won't write numbers on this account

No. 80375

Probably just puffy bulimia cheeks.

No. 80384

Anyone able to do a hospital day control comparison of her wrap photos? I would but am on my phone

No. 80386

The fuck is this? I'd ask for my money back if I got this pitiful wrap.
It looks like they put a discarded lettuce leaf inside and then jizzed on it.
#HUGE #realrecovery

No. 80389

Her face proportions look so fucked up. I'm with >>80375 and several other anons now, bulimia cheeks for sure.

No. 80394

File: 1452709486825.gif (712.84 KB, 480x640, gif_20160113122401.gif)

23 week time span

No. 80395

You can't even tell which is the oldest and which the newest because of the lack of any kind of progress. Such recovery.

The only thing I learned here is that she likes to sit in front of balding men with glasses.

No. 80396

OMG so many REALRECOVERY WINS! Aly is always taking on new challanging (!) fear foods and you can see how full of LIFE she has become! :)

No. 80400


She needs to sort her fucking hair out. Please slap a brown dye on it, that growing out blonde straw is ridiculous.

Would be nice to eat so many calorific pastries and cupcakes etc and only gain 1kg, but then I don't puke it back up.

No. 80401

Thank you anon. Her hands don't change, it is literally just the pouches behind her cheeks that have gotten more puffy but not by much! So much progress, definitely not hiding behind layers

No. 80402

File: 1452710147825.jpg (955.58 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20160113_122954.jpg)

No. 80420

This was 13weeks ago. I want to see it

No. 80421

File: 1452712146680.jpg (184.62 KB, 653x960, IMG_20160113_120654.jpg)

Ugh. Forgot Pic

No. 80426

We ain't ever gonna see a doctors report. I'm not even sure why she said this to begin with…

No. 80429

All that's different today is the lighting's more flattering and her eye make up less hideous.

No. 80431

Would be great if someone could convince her to actually send scans of the doctor's report.

No. 80449

Yeah, and if we could send her those wrap pics and ask her if she sees progress. And what's this bullshit about not posting numbers? She's posted Her gains and loss before.

I used to be rooting for her. But, forget it. She thinks we're all really stupid, or that she's really clever.

No. 80467

Wish somebody could get in touch with her doctors and say how worried they are about her

No. 80543


Alright, I take it back, her face looks pretty much the same. Just lighting.

No. 80624

File: 1452749093511.jpg (265.31 KB, 1080x1080, 12107588_1676863369266832_5441…)

Because eating all those meals and facing those "fear foods" means you need to shove down high calorie drinks afterwards. #relrecovery

No. 80646

Definitely the latter. If Aly's established anything, it's that she thinks very, very highly of herself.

No. 80682

yeah, because they're going to provide that info to a PATIENT.

No. 80752

What? Why wouldn't they? Remember that we're talking about her physical-only doctors, not one concerned with her mental health.
I'm also so confused as to why you capitalized "patient." She's a legal adult, so of course she'd be the one getting her own information.

No. 80772

Not that anon, but generally they don't give stuff like that to a patient. If a doctor decides to dictate a history and physical and a plan of care, they just discuss what this info with the patient and the dictation and progress notes stay in the patient's chart. There might be info on there that they won't discuss/don't feel important enough to discuss with the patient, it's really up to their discretion. But I don't know how Italy does things.

No. 80776

In the UK you can read your medical notes if you request it, but you can't take the papers away with you.

In hospital, it's the same. I requested to read mine while on psych ward every night for something to do.

As far as wanting a report, I get a copy sent to me of reports docs send to the DWP to confirm why um unfit for work.

Not Italy, but I don't see any reason why a person would be denied a request to see their own medical reports.

No. 80783

File: 1452799927026.jpg (79.1 KB, 640x640, cwrap.jpg)


Nice to see Aly is still lurking here, because she posted her own ~wrap transformation pic~ kek.

>>I was the personification of Anorexia

Honey, you still personify your illness by making it your entire identity.

No. 80793


now: personification of Anorexia + purging cheeks

No. 80822

She was DIEING yet discharged herself after 6 days. Such was her determination to #realrecover.

No. 80825

Hey, I found a girl who copies Aly and has her as a recovery "role model", but I don't know if I should post her here or with the Proana Scumbags General.

No. 80826

Her face does look fuller

No. 80830

Yeah, compared to this pic her face does look fuller. I believe that she's not at her rock-bottom lowest weight anymore, but she still doesn't weight enough.

No. 80836

She even admitted in that caption that the wrap on the left was the first thing she had eaten "in a long time". Buuut we all know that the rest of that day was full of cookies and donuts and croissants and pasta for dinner and a whole pint of ice cream.

No. 80840

lulz someone just linked to this thread on her most recent photo. As if she hasn't already been lurking here for months.

No. 80843


Yeah she only ever admits to those things way after the fact, like with her "lying about eating", her "relapse before the hospital admission", etc.
Watch her admit to many of the things speculated on here 6 months or a year from now.

Even if her BMI may be like 12 instead of 10 right now she is still very much in the throes of her ED, and it clearly doesn't match what she shows off on her feed.

No. 80927

wow. i didn't know that kind of disclosure to a patient, let alone a mental patient, was even possible.

No. 80932

It's funny because she originally deleted the picture on the left to conceal her previous rounds of fake "realrecovery", and now she reposts it to show to us that "did too make progress!".

It's also funny that she always uses pictures with completely different lighting, angles, and locations for her "before & afters", even though she has been taking hundreds of pictures in exactly the same positions for months and months as a means of body checking.

No. 80979

To me, that picture on the right looks heavily photoshopped (soft focus effect). Everything is so blurry. Look at her eyes. Her eyeliner, her lashes and brows look as if you were looking at them through frosted glass, while in the left picture everything looks super sharp.
I´ll believe her "amazing progress" in a few months when it gets warmer and when she´s no longer hiding her body under layers of clothes.
We´ll see how that scary sternum of hers will look by then.

No. 81130

Tbh guys there is a difference even tho it's not much it's still noticeable.

No. 81226

File: 1452876090439.jpg (115.67 KB, 589x578, skele.jpg)

Okay I'll admit there's a little difference but not much. This shot is a lot better than the other one. It shows how her smile still sinks all the way into her cheeks because there's not actual fat there, and her skeleton hands are still the same as ever.
At 7 months into "recovery," she should be weight restored by now, not looking barely better.

No. 81298

File: 1452886608701.png (917.62 KB, 670x574, justsmilingatfoodtotallynormal…)

No. 81301

File: 1452887027135.jpg (481.31 KB, 2048x2048, 1452886960828.jpg)

6 months difference

No. 81303

She looks like 80 years old on the right

No. 81305

top kek

No. 81316

She's selective with the AFTER pic she uses. She looked at death's door in some pictures at Christmas, so she goes for a more flattering one to see her remarkable progress.

No. 81318

File: 1452890608865.jpg (213.91 KB, 750x960, IMG_20160115_133828.jpg)

Oops! Posted this by itself. I think I've fixed it.

Anyway I think it's funny she talking about others having no life When hers is so sad.

No. 81320

File: 1452892220331.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1072, Alyphonecases.png)

Ed sufferers are known to be obsessed with anything food related. Look at Aly's phone cases…

It is true, her ED is her life.

No. 81329


Why is every comment directed at people who think these snowflakes are dicks all OMG YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE A SHIT LIFE, GET A LIFE!!1

No. 81330

And btw, Aly, your fascinating cathedral looks like Strangeways prison.

No. 81341

actually that is a very cool cathedral. St Ambrose's skeleton is on display and he's wearing little bishop slippers on his bony feet. Highly recommend visiting!

No. 81343

It must be like looking in the mirror for Aly.

No. 81350

This bitch is boring as fuck now. There is no hope she will be hospitalized Anymore so not sure why I'm still following her still. Jesus, I wonder when she will actually choose recovery. Someone should ask her when she's going back to school bc it's about time since she has a recovery win!!!! Daily now. Isn't that what people do when they kick Ana down? They move on and get a life!

No. 81360

Yo, I haven't kept up with Aly since her November/December weigh-in. When's her next one? I want to play Aly bingo again or did Aly die?

No. 81441


Her last ~day hospital control~ was a few days ago. She says she gained since her last weigh in but didn't specify how much. She also claims she's totally fine and her doctors are so happy about her progress and she's happy she can live her ~real life~ and still gain weight.
Tl;Dr nothing changed

No. 81456

File: 1452958424540.jpg (72.4 KB, 626x293, male pattern baldness.JPG)


Skele doth protest too much.

No. 81461

File: 1452960710791.gif (1.16 MB, 350x196, 3c512251143103316637444125_700…)

I shouldn't be laughing. But… topkek, anon.

No. 81463


> Well, I answer THREE TIMES NOT!

sry, but what does she mean? Don´t get it?

No. 81466

She's trying to say, the answer is no to the 3 questions she asks in this statement. About ed being easy and kick whatever. She needs to study her English before her next teaching lesson KEK

No. 81467

It has been over 7 MONTHS and she is still emaciated. Not #realrecovery, babe.

No. 81469

Love the part where she says she's kicking harder than the doctors demand.

Purging has made the skele a feisty one.

No. 81488

I agree, couldn't help laughing … and I fucking love that gif.

No. 81497

File: 1452967333473.jpg (466.91 KB, 2048x2048, 1452967239990.jpg)

Does she need glasses or is she just that bad at painting her nails

No. 81505

If she took time out of her ED bubble sometime, she should search youtube nail, hair and cosmetic tutorials.

Funnier would be for someone to convince her to make some tutorials herself.

No. 81509

She wouldn't do that unless she could find a way of connecting her nail polish to her ED

No. 81532

Damn, Skelly Aly is really sticking it to the haters in her last few captions.
I love her manic outbursts. Cant wait to see her swollen face from all the crying next week or so :)

Is parisssslove one of us? She went HAM on Aly, asking for purging advice… I loved it.

No. 81538

I presumed the parisss person was a farmer. I saved some of the comments.

She's doing that thing where she really doesn't care what h8rs think but needs to post about how much she doesn't care.

Seriously canNOT wait til she sheds the layers and her followers comment on the facehugger.

No. 81539

File: 1452972647482.png (35.38 KB, 480x187, wp_ss_20160116_0005.png)

This one made me gag

No. 81541

Really glad I didn't imagine that rn

No. 81552

File: 1452976858049.jpg (551.15 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160116_132358.jpg)

I want to know why she deletes only negative comments if they are in English.
imstrongerthanyou is basically saying everything we say:
>your English sucks
>you want us to belive you follow a meal plan When you don't gain weight
>there are people who are really struggling ect…
(paraphrased useing google translate)

This was 8weeks ago, and it hasn't been deleted. I was looking for the parisssslove persons comments but can't find them. So, does she delete only English comments bc she only cares about what English speakers think? Just curious

No. 81559

he English comments reach a broader audience. She likely counts on people not translating the non-English ones.

No. 81560

Depends on when the comments were made I've noticed. If the Italian person wrote that a week later or something, Aly doesn't usually notice. She probably didn't bother to check. Idk though.

No. 81561

manccccc laaaaaad?

No. 81570

Twisting muh melon, anon

No. 81574

File: 1452984537567.png (90.4 KB, 169x230, wp_ss_20160116_0010.png)

Those swollen salivary glands though.


Also prissiness over someone asking her about shhhhhh PERIODS.

No. 81694

Man. Her father tells her she drinks too much coffee and she goes and post a photograph with her smiling at a cappuccino.

No. 81718

Now i'm going to use a color called "vomit beige," my #edfamily. Apply in shaky upward strokes, making sure to stay at least 1cm away from the actual base of your nail.

No. 81724

At least the pa has a brain. Glad to see someone's pissed off over how much money she wastes going out when she could easily get the stuff at home.
Someone should tell her that too. "Your dad is pissed off over the money. He wants you to eat like a normal person so that 30% of his paycheck doesn't go to a damn cafe."

No. 81730

I wonder if she realises what a drain she is on her parents' income. They obviously buy her cigs, whatever she orders at cafes, her clothes, make up - everything.

If she was living with Pa he'd stick her in a clinic. It'll be Ma Casati that's holding him back. Bro's been absent from her pics for a while.

No. 81732

Me again. Is health treatment free in Italy? Can't remember what's been said about that, but if it isn't, they're paying for that too.

No. 81759

File: 1453048614945.jpg (158.71 KB, 517x537, IMG_20160117_103529.jpg)

No. 81763

She's getting tons of supportive comments on the photos where she talks about her family struggles, way more than the 5 or 10 she normally gets. I hope she starts to understand it's okay to talk about ED struggles, just so she can stop being so delusional.

No. 81785

this cracked me up

No. 81807

Can someone SS the caption on her throwback photo talking about her dad screaming at her? She'll probably delete it as soon as she feels better. I'd do it but I can't right now.

No. 81813

I asked her is she ever craved savory foods and she deleted my comment. Didn't block me though (yet). Seriously though, who eats that many sweets day in and day out? My tongue would get bored.

No. 81826

She didn't talk about her ED struggles though. She was basically bitching about her dad.

>who eats that many sweets day in and day out?

Not Aly.

No. 81829

File: 1453056074929.jpg (119.99 KB, 634x619, dads a cunt.JPG)

No. 81837

struggles in general. It's not actually ED related, but it's a start -hopefully- away from the sunshines and rainbows.

i think she's getting bored of her account herself, maybe that's why she's posting behind the scenes stuff now.

No. 81867

File: 1453060150618.jpg (222.3 KB, 535x789, IMG_20160117_134828.jpg)

No. 81896

Are you new? She's posted struggles like this before. She always "overcomes" them with coffee and pastries, which SHOCKER she did today too. As far as emotional honesty, she's no better than she's ever been.

No. 81899

Too true. These kind of posts usually happen when someone comments how recovery isn't all rainbow glitter unicorn shit. That happened a couple of days ago. This is her attempt at being "real".

No. 81903

File: 1453064444862.png (34.51 KB, 462x201, wp_ss_20160116_0002.png)

One of those comments was by suspected farmer parissslove.


No. 81949

What if her dad really is a loud abusive asshole? It seems to me like her and her mom run away together to get away from him. Maybe he's the reason she has an ed.

No. 81954


Uh… no. If you can't tell that Aly is a manipulative little shit by now, you may as well just not visit this thread. If she was my child I would have "exploded" on her LONG ago about her awful fucking behavior. She doesn't get to hold her entire family hostage forever over her ED. It's her responsibility to get better, not theirs to enable her to death.

No. 81964

And I agree with you 100%. But none of that means her dad ISNT a huge asshole. She can be a manipulative shit and have an asshole for a father. It isnt necessarily a one or the other thing.

No. 81976

Well shes also a huge cunt, doesnt do anything with her life besides dragging her enabler of a mother to cafes to post pics on instagram.
Who the fuck would want a daughter like that? She wastes hundreds of euros on cigarettes and muffins and looks BAD!

Aly is a terrible person, theres no other way to put it.

No. 81979

PRECISELY! Thank you! Also how the flying fuck do they keep enabling all these cafe outings? The whole family is wack.

No. 81982

Maybe her dad understands the effect that all of that coffee and cigarettes has on her weight. They're sometimes used as appetite suppressant or make you go to the bathroom a lot more often. Why would he want to waste his money on things of that nature when she could be actually eating?

No. 81984


Yes. We don't know for sure if he's an asshole as you put it. But I didn't know telling your daughter to quit smoking/eating too much crap was something bad. If he tells her this things is because he cares about her, otherwise he wouldn't even get angry, we wouldn't even bother. Aly is just a stupid empty-headed spoiled brat, she's used to get her way and whatever she wants. What's keeping her away from recovery more than anything is the fact that she's not going to be "especial" anymore if she's weight restored. "My dad yelled at me! I'm crying! " That's all she gives away. But who knows how it all started? She never blames herself for nothing if you think about it: "Doctors say it's not my fault" "They're all so proud of me" "They're the reason I'm sick". It never is her responsibility. She's pathetic, selfish, superficial, three times stupid and it has nothing to do with her anorexia.

No. 81985

File: 1453072164260.jpg (88.24 KB, 606x418, dad1.jpg)

If my daughter had a history of lying, manipulating, hiding and throwing away food (all things Aly has admitted to) and I could virtually watch her destroy herself, I would not smile and nod at her pretending to be recovering either.
If my daughter prepared pancakes and waffles every other day pretending to be in #realrecovery, I might raise my voice as well. And I surely would talk to her about coffee and cigarettes, both of which are notorious for being used as appetite suppressants or distraction from hunger.

Old screenshots clearly show that even by her own accord her relationship with her dad worsened DURING the worst of her illness (meaning as a result of it, NOT her dad being ~the cause of her ED~), and then the relationship got better when she "started eating again" (will post screenshot next post).

No. 81986

File: 1453072194454.jpg (46.17 KB, 601x260, dad2.jpg)

No. 81996

>I should just EAT like NORMAL people do instead of being followed by an ED clinic.

She's definitely lying here (shocking, right?). First of all, if her other captions are to be believed, she already is EATING and is like, totes normal about it and is basically recovered!
Second, allegedly being monitored by an ED clinic is not synonymous with fucked up eating (since in theory it means you're working toward more normal eating), and it's something he would see as a positive, right? Unless he did something monstrous like telling her she should eat some vegetables some time. I can imagine her snapping back at him that they're not in her meal plan… lel

No. 82000

Samefagging to add that if I had an anorectic child, I'd sure as fuck be trying my best to get her to cut back on coffee and cigarettes.

No. 82005

She's got a problem with her dad's whole family for some reason.

Unless he's physically or sexually abused her or her mother he's no ogre. He works, takes them on holiday, makes the effort to go to cafés with Aly, lets her live under the parental roof, pays for her education…

He's got Aly's number and she hates the fact. She wouldn't flip flop about how she hates then loves her dad. I'd flip out on the bitch HOURLY. If anything, SHE'S the one causing tension in the family.

No. 82022

Uh… I don't know about you guys, but everytime I come into this thread and look for new pics of Aly I always do it hoping she's gained. I'm sure she will be an interesting cow even when she'll be not ana-chan anymore (and hopefully we'll get to see Dante again </3).
I have to say that… it looks like she's gained. Her face does look fuller. Remember when she hit the bottom like the left in >>80783 ? Fucking eat, Aly. Stay away from deathzone and we will milk you anyways.

No. 82028

I can't even imagine her without a food/lack of food obsession. I think this is all she's ever going to be.

I always look at the other customers in ANHERO café hoping.

No. 82034

Preach that truth, anon.

Aly is no different than a drug addiction who will do or say anything to keep from changing. From refusing to grow up, to her manipulation of her family members (both against each other and one on one- there's one reason her parents are separated and that reason is called Alice), to her deep state of denial. To continue to placate and enable an addict is to prolong their addiction while ruining your own life. Ali's mom needs to taking her fucking cue from Pa - they need to stand together and give her an ultimatum. Either she goes inpatient, or she gets out. As long as she knows she can regress into baby hood and put her family members against one another, nothing will change.

No. 82089


No. 82094


I think we have all been saying this for a long time now. And I believe everything you say is true.

I guess I wanted to bring something else to consider, that just because Alice lies and is manipulative, doesn't mean her dad is a saint. He is right to be upset about his daughters ED. But I bet it comes in random out bursts. I bet alice is as stubborn as he is.

I'm not saying she's Great. I think she's shit. But I just have a hunch she inherited it from her dad.

No. 82208

File: 1453110179080.jpg (69.46 KB, 294x407, normal.jpg)

I'm so glad someone made this comment. Like goddamn it, Aly, your dad is pissed off over the money you waste on treats, not at your existence. Take a step back and realize that because it's quite obvious.

No. 82213

I think her dad is just stand-offish and at most, prefers to have things his own way. He's not a saint by any means, but he's in no way as "evil" as Aly tries to make him. Aly is shit because she's manipulative and only cares about herself, but her dad? It doesn't sound like that describes him. I mean, I definitely agree with you though that he seems to let things bottle up and then explodes. But honestly, that's probably the extend of his crimes, so to speak. I doubt he's done anything truly awful to her.

Today's outburst honestly sounded rather reasonable. Sure, he shouldn't have shouted, but he probably just had had enough. She comes home reeking of pancakes, and all he can think about is how much of his paycheck is going to cafes. How Aly just has to have those pancakes even though they have a brand new waffle maker at home. How Aly just has to have a coffee outside every goddamn day, even though he bought her a milk frother and coffee machine. How they have to eat special dinners now because Aly is on a "meal plan," even though she never fills nor finishes her plate… Yeah, I'd fucking blow up at her too.

No. 82225

Fuckin ell, iyoh fellow manc anons

No. 82448

File: 1453135075780.jpg (167.21 KB, 641x920, Untitled.jpg)

Shit translation from German original by google. Obv "fake accounts.

Her brother has the dead eye in the sundae post.

(1 of 2)

No. 82450

File: 1453135133675.jpg (15.6 KB, 624x115, 1.JPG)

(2 of 2)

Comment before this one:
>@anorexicccx You trigger me sorry……

No. 82470

File: 1453138573122.jpg (219.12 KB, 1078x1139, Screenshot_2016-01-18-17-33-30…)

So aly claims that was her first MacDonalds sundae…

No. 82471

File: 1453138636417.jpg (126.64 KB, 1076x1485, Screenshot_2016-01-18-17-34-19…)

But here is a pic from 6 weeks ago of a MacDonalds chocolate sundae.

Also lurking much? Mentioned on here about lack of brother recently and here he is being posted on her IG

No. 82517

I bet, this was a coffee sundae, so in Aly world she gets to brag again, how BRAVE! she is.
Lets all pray, that she stays anorexic until she cant reproduce. Imagine Alys evil offspring throwing a fit in all of italys tackiest Cafes…

No. 82562

File: 1453152169089.jpeg (372.43 KB, 1261x1491, image.jpeg)

Found this comment under that photo, glad someone said it. Sounds like a farmer too.

No. 82576

File: 1453153463743.jpg (178.4 KB, 805x960, IMG_20160118_143407.jpg)

Her response.

I can't belive she thinks the flavor makes a difference. I thought you guys were kidding lol but she's serious about it.

No. 82580

Typical Aly. An ice cream sundae is a damn ice cream sundae regardless of flavour. Chances are the syrups contain the same amount of cals in each one at least from McDonald's, but hey Aly you keep riding those ED thoughts and behaviours until your fucking crotch is numb.

No. 82581

I thought this was a farmer then realized it was Aly and couldn't stop laughing! She MUST lurk here?!

No. 82583

File: 1453154785536.jpeg (321.42 KB, 1265x1409, image.jpeg)

Their response. Kek.

No. 82591

Always finding new reasons to get dem ass pats in.
The other day she had OMFG her VERY FIRST EVER #realrecovery #recoverywin DONUT… (…with a strawberry filling…) FIRST EVER in her WHOLE life.

Congrats Aly, you're trying new flavors, like your average blondie-child 5-year old.

No. 82601

Called it!

No. 82628

File: 1453159466139.jpg (119.55 KB, 934x596, Capture.JPG)

So, I've been thinking Aly has been looking better lately. Compared to the progress pic posted, there is definitely, well, progress.

To double check, though, I went back to the beginning of her account (the New Beginning and hospitalization). Her face is definitely fuller than it was during the initial days of her hospital stay. But there are some photos taken a couple of weeks after discharge, where she looks much the same as now. I'm thinking the new weight gain is 95% facial expression and lighting. She's ditched old photo angles that would show the gauntness of her face (kissy face/sphincter mouth, as well as looking up into the camera). Am I way off?

Evidence A attached.

No. 82629

File: 1453159542201.jpg (114.07 KB, 927x599, Capture2.JPG)

Last day of New Beginning hospitalization.

(apologies for subjecting you all to dead eyes)

No. 82630

File: 1453159589329.jpg (124.72 KB, 931x600, Capture3.JPG)

Hello Dante

But besides the facehugger, the face looks much as it does now, or am I delusional?

No. 82638

Samefagging - sorry, am catching up to ms. realrecover after a few weeks off

Sweet Jesus, you weren't joking. The smile at the end is apex creepy.

No. 82685

I feel like her face only really looks "fuller" when she's been loading up on sodium just in time for Day Hospital Control weigh-in.
In her most recent selfies from the last couple of days she's looking more gaunt again.

No. 82773

Hmm. You're right.

So 95% lighting, angles, and hydration.

Her skin also looks more radiant lately - I thought it was maybe some fat, but no, it's too even. Makeup? Hydration? Photoshop? (I doubt this, has she shooped before? Never conclusively iirc)

No. 82787

Shit, I never saw that one. Her ribs so clearly being out there seriously freaks me out. Eugh…

No. 82788

File: 1453189535881.jpg (211.33 KB, 730x960, IMG_20160119_003441.jpg)

Are you Fucking kidding me? So she's keeping some comments but deleting others to make it look like shes so good at shooting them down? Hahahaha!

No. 82793

I was just coming here to say that, hahah. What a pathetic move.

No. 82795


>This is a nonsense

No. 82796

Are you fucking kidding me

No. 82814

She spelled challenge correctly!

No. 82860

In no way defending Aly, but she said she made the pancakes at home. It was one rare time she didn't have them at a cafe.

No. 82944

Her sternal notch looks just as prominent now. I don't know if it's one of the areas that fill out later in recovery. But I think it's that there isn't enough fat in general. Her refusal to "put numbers on this profile" isn't reassuring.

I don't know about the bad bloods and EKGS and how they're all okay now - would that just be a positive effect of hydration?

No. 82951

File: 1453213522971.jpg (186.97 KB, 531x757, IMG_20160119_082324.jpg)

This last comment is too funny

No. 83008

She didn't shut down shit, she just deleted the second comment made after she tried to defend herself by saying the flavour was different

No. 83017

File: 1453222341777.jpg (50.06 KB, 624x588, Capture.JPG)

I'm waiting for Aly's #1 fangirl to start with comments asking why she herself is gaining shitloads in recovery (because she's actually eating IP), and Aly's still a spoop.

I can see it happening because she's already curious about how much Aly's actually gaining.

No. 83054

This gives me so much secondhand embarrassment oh gawd.
It's like on The Office when he brags about how he ~totally showed them who's boss~ but he clearly doesn't handle authority well.

No. 83056

Embarrassing. She's been more off the wall (than usual) lately. Maybe her medicines need to be adjusted.

I just lurked on her account and saw the merry Christmas video. Blimey. She's terrifying in motion.

No. 83084

her bragging about it is the worst part. especially since the deleted comment was up for a long time. and her come back wasn't even that good. especially not compared to the deleted comment lol

No. 83113

File: 1453234933090.png (595.58 KB, 824x480, Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.1…)

Oh, no! With all of these recovery wins, what news from Day Hospital Control could have made Aly have anxiety to the stars? Why is talking to her therapist about DHC so stressful?

No. 83114

File: 1453234973150.png (94.09 KB, 290x396, Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.2…)


Here's the rest of the text - it's a long one

No. 83123

She bitched about her dad, lied about what she's been eating and how the day control people think she's making remarkable progress.

I wasn't there, but she's predictable enough to guess.

No. 83142

File: 1453236876240.gif (702.42 KB, 400x160, frodofoam.gif)

I can't even bring myself to read this shit anymore because it's like being screamed at by someone on E. Every time she has a tiny coffee she needs to write three paragraphs in caps with minimum 30 emojis.

No. 83160


> it's like being screamed at by someone on E.

lol made my day thx anon

No. 83169

I can't believe she's actually proud of telling a person on instagram that they are a FAKE who is LYING because… she had a differently flavored sundae.

No. 83171

I asked her when she was returning to uni since she was real recovered!!!! Now and she deleted my comment. I'm so over this bitch.

No. 83190

File: 1453240512613.jpg (61.91 KB, 960x438, IMG_20160119_145202.jpg)


What do you suppose that means? Like free meals?

No. 83202

File: 1453241549878.jpeg (89.5 KB, 640x625, image.jpeg)

Girl: why do you write in english?
Aly: so everyone can understand me
Girl: but people that don't speak english…
Aly: they should learn it as it is the most spoken language, sorry for my frankness

i can't believe how pretentious she is and how much she thinks highly of herself, i think she's the one that should learn proper english spelling and accept it when native speakers correct her instead of acting all superior and shit
/rant . Sorry i'm just so fed up with her

No. 83206


One time one dude who worked at a cafe gave her something for free, she mentioned that momentous event. I cannot imagine how terrifying having her haunt their workplace must be for other customers - I'm assuming staff feel really bad for her, she looks like she's sick with cancer or something. They probably slip her an extra sweet in the hopes she'll do something besides throw it up or throw it out. In fact, if she's purging in public bathrooms, it would support others' concerns about illness / cancer. And god knows she loves the attention. Anything to feel special.

No. 83215

Actually the language spoken by most people would be Chinese, Aly, followed by Spanish. You should get right on that! You certainly do have enough free time.

No. 83217

File: 1453242401845.jpg (15.11 KB, 430x61, recoverywin.JPG)

Her #recoverywin sundae has slightly fewer calories than the one she ate a few weeks ago.

No. 83262

Maybe she's a mob daughter

No. 83290

or she's trying to make loyalty cards sound mysterious.

No. 83296

Maybe she purges the food whole and they resell it

No. 83297


Her meals are the floor model version of their goods. "There's a 10% discount off those, they've been held and smiled at, but they're otherwise good as new!"

No. 83305

>held and smiled at

Haha! It sounds almost cute.

No. 83308


she purges the food whole, the store it in a corner of the fridge she has rent there and the next day she has another "fresh" waffle to eat, purge and repeat this game.

Would also explain the no wheight gaining and why she can afford to go to restaurants so often kek

No. 83310


*they store it in a corner of the fridge…

No. 83317

File: 1453256225793.jpg (51.22 KB, 369x515, DANG VEGAN.JPG)

and resells it to…GUESS WHO!

No. 83340

I wanna feel sorry for Aly sometimes, but she's just so silly and harmful.

No. 83342

File: 1453263805874.jpg (87.72 KB, 620x633, LUSH.jpg)

Maybe by tutor she means babysitter, she takes care of the cafe owners babies by regurgitating croissants into their mouths and teaching them poor english

No. 83357

Like her food couldn't get any more gross.

No. 83362

That guy in the back…is familiar

No. 83418


uuuuh, that would explain the sometimes weird colours of Gingers food things! Because aly sends it over the Atlantic and that takes time enough to develop some mould

No. 83420

Oh that's just Dante, haunting your dreams.

No. 83424

File: 1453286807566.jpg (564.21 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160120_034349.jpg)

Are these the same guy?

who is Dante?

No. 83427

anon, it was COFFEE FLAVOURED SUNDAE, not CARAMEL. Gosh, get it right.

No. 83442

Dante is the man on the left who can only drown his misery of being in the presence of a spoopy skeltal in beer. Guy on the right is hot uncle.

No. 83474

So why does erryone on here git so damn mad about Aly?

Sure, she's amusing with her fake posi-vibe attitude, etc. But seriously, why dis bitch get y'all so flustered? She's just some boring ass, delusional, spooky skelly.

No. 83482

Could not find a listing for coffee flavour. Chocolate was probably at least 273 calories more though. How could I doubt her realrecover…

No. 83490

Thank god, I thought I was the only one who thinks he looks kinda hot

No. 83497

Because we can.

No. 83516

I think he's hot, but not as hot as Dante who always looks so well groomed. Swoon.

I like how Italian men actually grow their hair to a good length and it's nice and thick. I don't like how men here in the UK go for the clippers even when they're not even receding. I'm certainly hot for Italians.

Sage because I'm just musing about Italian stallions.

No. 83595

Am i the only one who thinks Dante==Sean Connery

No. 83717

File: 1453372265946.jpg (175.34 KB, 763x960, IMG_20160121_032520.jpg)

Wow. Its really jarring to see something so diffetent posted by her.

No. 83720

She's posted photos from this "shoot" in the past as well, but they're all deleted. I find it interesting that she chose one that hides her legs, because in the past when she posted shots that included her legs she thought they were fat and said the legs scare her like hell.

I really do wonder if she looks at these old photos and sees how much prettier she was. Or if she looks at them and sees an obese whale and unloads some bullshit ~posi-vibes~ on IG.

No. 84003

Damn, aly was kinda vibing that blake lively look back in the day. Maybe she finally sees it herself.

No. 84027

She looks so human..

No. 84028


I just checked the instagrams of two German recovery-instagrammers that were mentioned a few months ago (the ones that ate A LOT of chocolate for night snack)

They're both doing well! Visible weight gain on both of them, and they look beautiful.

For those who weren't around for the original posts -

No. 84029

Samefagging because I forgot my point.

See, Aly, it's possible, and it's quite fast if you don't fight it so much.

(though to be fair, although both have improved, forhappiness is still quite skinny and has a ways to go until weight restoration – but still, improvement!)

No. 84052

I wonder if it bothers her when people comment that shes looking better, bc she knows that means weight gain, and people can see it.

No. 84061

Wow she actually looks human for once. But her personality is still of a cardboard box.

No. 84066


For someone as into her own looks as she was pre-ED, losing those looks must have been quite "harsh". No wonder she seeks IG validation.

No. 84080

holy shit. how does anyone eat so much chocolate without getting sick of it?

No. 84102

Maybe the point was to be sick. I don't know, honestly.

One of them did say she gained 17 kg (or maybe 24 kg total), so she must've kept something down. https://www.instagram.com/p/BApv-9iEHUF/?taken-by=hanhudloe

I do worry for their pancreases. That is a metric ton of sugar and unhealthy crap. It's great that they're gaining weight and seeing a nutritionist…is there usually a plan to transition to more realistic meals once maintenance weight is reached?

No. 84124

i eat chocolate almost every meal
im a piece of shit

No. 84129

Hanhudloe lives in housing for young adults with EDs now and I'm pretty sure they won't serve as much chocolate and sweets as she had at home, though Hannah once admitted that she struggles with eating throughout the day and then allows herself the big night snack.
I think it's great that Hannah is open about her weight gain, but it bugs me that she posts so many before and afters, always showing off the same "before" pictures. Before and afters are actually often detrimental to those in recovery because a) they put the focus on the appearance rather than mental changes and b) they are often a way of the recovering person to show off their malnourished body from the past and to receive validation that they were very skinny.
All in all I think Hannah is a million times better as a role model and more relatable than Aly if you ignore the crazy night snacks (that she probably shared with her mum anyway)

No. 84297

it's a german thing. every german i know esp young ones just INHALE chocolate like it's a macronutrient. i swear to god it's got to be 25% of their diets, that and endless dairy products

anyone who's ever been in a german supermarket and seen the sweets section can attest to this

No. 84303

I´m not so sure…
I´m German and I have never seen anyone eating as much sweets as this hanhudloe girl (allegedly) does. I still don´t believe that it is physically possible to eat all this stuff without having to throw up.
But you are totally right about the dairy products. I only eat a bit of cheese from time to time, but many people here eat lots of yoghurt and curd and drink gallons of milk. Hanhudloe claims to eat 600 to 800 grams of yoghurt for her nightsnack (along with all the sweet stuff) and I don´t know how she does it.

No. 84304

File: 1453434983938.png (633.93 KB, 467x527, wxerctfuvyghjk.png)

what is in that cup?

No. 84307

really? The cup? What the fuck is wrong with you there are more important things to worry about in this pic!

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER HAIR? omg, someone shampoo it back to life idek. It's so dead and thin. I feel like it should be thicker. FUCCCCK.

No. 84308

Tbh I thought her hair actually looks decent for someone that has had that severely low a BMI for 2.5 years of #realrecovery
I have an ED and it doesn't take long for my hair to turn to shit, I guess it depends on what food you eat though.

No. 84336

Drinking chocolate? We've discussed this before, anon.

No. 84337

That's because ALL the nutrients from the food she eats goes straight to her hair, anon!

No. 84361

ofc, darling! With her super-posi-fast metabolism, her hair alone requires 3000 calories per day just to EXIST! smug emoji

No. 84378

So aly had a spontaneous blood test today but it's not her usual weigh-in? That is proof she was LYING about the doctors being soooo proud of her. She even said her next appointment was six weeks away.

Sorry Aly, caught you in another LIE!

No. 84380

Hmmm super spontaneous blood exams? Something's fishy…

No. 84382

Oh it's nothing, just a little bad bloods. Posi-vibes, people!

No. 84384

I grew up in Germany and while chocolate is a pretty popular sweet here, hanhudloes night snacks are still crazy and NOT normal. Maybe she eats a bite of everything, which would be more normal amount-wise.

No. 84395

Where are all of her breakfast, lunch and dinner pictures? All I'm seeing are some snacks and desserts and maybe one pizza or some pancakes/waffles every few days. I'm sure she has her phone when she eats lunch/dinner so where are the photo's?

And if she's only been eating sweets, her blood tests are already going to come back deficient in quite a lot of vitamins. Not to mention she's not eating enough already.

No. 84420

She decided she wouldn't show them, because they were very repetitive.

Who knows if she's eating anything else or not.

Is it usual to check for vitamins during routine blood tests? Maybe Vitamin B12 or Vitamin D…but I know at least the latter isn't covered by my insurance so maybe it's expensive.

No. 84445

Well in my own experience most doctor's like to check for specific levels in certain vitamins, though it depends on why the doctor issued a blood test in the first place. I'm assuming they'll also check her iron levels.

I guess if it was just a routine blood test they wouldn't really look for vitamin levels, but she does have anorexia and is trying to recover so I'm assuming they want to make sure she's getting adequate nutrition with her meal plan.

No. 84447

Yes, drs generally check electrolytes, vitamin D [this is a problem in almost everyone, though…], iron and other things.

No. 84452

>she does have anorexia
>and is trying to recover
>they want to make sure she's getting adequate nutrition with her meal plan
snort to everything you just said. First off, she's not trying to recover, obviously. Second off, these doctors don't give a fuck. She's going to die on their hands because they think 1kg per month is acceptable weight gain. The only reason she was put in the hospital again back in September or so was because of her blood. Otherwise they would have let the 0.5kg weight loss go. I'm guessing something in her blood was low enough to kill her or they would have just said "oh, eat more red meat" or something. They're incompetent like that.

No. 84569

I'm not eating disordered so idk if electrolyte lvls can fluctuate wildly? Sometimes my lithium lvls cone back too low and they want another test because apparently they can fluctuate for no reason. Could alys electrolytes have cine back low so it's ro see if they're back to normal?

No. 84570

Scuse typos ffs

No. 84576

Electrolyte imbalances are quite common in anorexia/bulimia sufferers and make the likelihood of faints and heart problems very much a reality.

No. 84589

They can. Some people need fluids (including electrolytes) every few weeks, so it's definitely possible for them to drop down very low in a few months.

No. 84600

Especially if one is abusing diuretics and/or laxatives.

No. 84625

man, I fucking hate Aly. I left a comment that simply asked "are you recovered?" and she immediately deleted and blocked. I KNOW she does this but I hate how she just fucking refuses to even entertain any thought that might be the least bit challenging for her to engage. Meanwhile she will tell people 100x over how she freezes her fucking fortimels.

No. 84630

Touchy bitch, how ridiculously unnecessary (Aly, I mean - in case you thought I meant you).

No. 84632

Long gone is unknown alice_eleanor who whored herself with #instagirl #beautifulgirl #model #followme tags.

She discovered bullshitting about recovery gives her 1000s of followers so she feels free to delete anyone.

So few comments though. Why did nobody even ask about her blood test?

No. 84661

Someone did ask…maplesyrupauline maybe? The results are due Monday. Meanwhile her instagram continues to be mega-boring.

I am amused that she's getting fewer likes and comments than before, despite an ever-increasing number of followers. Trainwreck watch!

No. 84662

File: 1453510820101.jpg (173.88 KB, 1168x748, Capture.JPG)

mfw when comment starts off as sensible then veers into wtf

No. 84665

It didn't take long for her to run out of interests (the tacky bracelets, the Disney muppets). Now her "interests" are a couple of shots of cathedrals in Milan and more and more shots of the CAFES she visits. Fucking incredible, haha.

No. 84666

Love how she's sticking her padded bra out but her hands are still skele 90 year old woman.

No. 84667

File: 1453511421391.jpeg (72.33 KB, 640x550, image.jpeg)

Idk how many farmers know/follow the blog Confessionsabouted, much less have a tumblr, but I was reading through it today and I saw this confession and I thought of Aly. I doubt Aly submitted this or has a tumblr in the first place, but this is fitting.

No. 84668

samefag - oh jebus, just found out her "interest" is Pokemon and was colouring pictures of them.

No. 84669


Ember sockpuppet

No. 84670

Dude. Fucking POKEMON were somehow related to her sister and the recovery process. I mean, whatever, like what you like, but not everything is about recovery

Also did she just print a photo that someone else coloured or are we meant to believe she coloured it? (because if she has a skill of some sort, that'd be nice to see)

No. 84671

I thought it was a farmer because of the comments on snowflakes accounts.

No. 84672

That chest is truly ridiculous, can't believe she hasn't been called out for it

The orange bikini picture doesn't show anything that would match it

No. 84673

How on earth do people not understand how disordered freezing fortimel is?
and her excuse for not being able to eat icecream… like wat… she might as well just have said her ED won't let her eat icecream

No. 84675

File: 1453511828890.jpg (18.01 KB, 272x275, yumyum.jpg)

I had another look. I thought those pencils were real, duh. Pokemon is ~meaningful~ because it symbolises her friend loves Aly for loving Pokemon.

No. 84679

Derp I just read the comments…it's not her work, she just printed it and doesn't know who the original artist is.
Aly…girl…find a personality pls

(also- that photo is horrific, is this before her hospitalization?)

No. 84680

Yes, but ofc she was #realrecovering.

No. 84783

Wait, why is freezing fortimel disordered?

No. 84787

it's an attempt to eat a nutritional supplement (that, by design, is meant to get calories into you fast and easily) as slowly as humanly possible.

also pretending non-junk food is something else is pretty eating disordered. see "protein pancakes" etc

No. 84793

Oh, I get it now. My thinking was: most of those supplement drinks smell disgusting, but taste fine, so maybe freezing it helps with the smell (though that's probably wrong). I didn't even think about slowing down the eating, and it's probably exactly Aly's plan (you know, if she ate/drank her Fortimel).

No. 84797

Interesting. I had thought it was a way to dilly-dally around with it. Fiddle with it to delay the actual consumption. Like with Aly decanting it into a little bowl etc.

No. 84843

At this point, with how long "2 1/2 years of severe anorexia" has been in her bio, I say we're a bit past 3 years which is just as amazing.

No. 84851

Because instead of actually allowing herself to have icecream she's freezing a nutritional supplement that shes probably forced to take.
I honestly don't even know why she would want to freeze it. I literally did everything to get out of drinking mine cause they taste nasty.

No. 84852

I was wondering when the last time she updated her bio was…

No. 84868

Yeah, hardly a flavour you would wish to savour and enjoy.

No. 84905

File: 1453570519806.jpg (74.84 KB, 586x590, pathetic.jpg)

Laughing at her piss-poor camera trickery. The thing is the size of her damn nail, but she's practically pressing it on the camera so it looks bigger. At least back in the day, she would throw some in the background so she could claim to be eating more. It's like she's not even trying.

No. 84909


Fortimel is actually nice though. Tastes exactly like milkshake, smells like milkshake.


No. 84913


Tripping down ~nostalgia lane~

Her captions used to be so much shorter and less shouty :( And there used to be actual discussion and drama while she was asleep

DAE miss old Aly_realrecover

No. 84923

File: 1453573955712.jpg (133.36 KB, 598x593, i think it might be extra.jpg)

I miss those captions too. She shouted "extra" at us a lot this morning.

No. 84924


Someone told her who the Pokémon artist was (@itsbirdy on IG) and asked her to credit him appropriately. Comment deleted, still no attribution given.

No. 84928

There's no more oily(!) sake emoji
Challenge is now spelled correctly
Strength is now spelled correctly (noooo)
No more #edworrior
Unbearable has now been changed to incredible (see pizza pic)

So much change, it's UNBEARABLE, I'm SPEACHLESS with sads :(

No. 84935

This hairstyle makes me rage. I just want her to put it all up in a ponytail like a normal person. I get why her dad yells at her to just be normal…I'm frustrated and just follow her on instagram. I can't imagine how people who know her in person feel.

No. 84948


Crump is now crumb

Unfortunately, donut is donnie.

She writes a lot about being SPONTANEOUS but how spontaneous is picking up a fucking pastry LIKE SHE ALWAYS DOES on an arranged trip to a cafe?

Some of the Alyisms still keep me looking at her account

Talking in 3rd person needs to stop.

@itsbirdy should report for violation of copyright.

No. 84960

>@itsbirdy should report for violation of copyright.

As long as she doesn't say that it's her work, is there a case for reporting?

Btw it seems Aly's abruptly forgotten how to construct words – SMILEING, BELIEVEING, CHALLENGE-ING. The errors with NOT/NONE are also new. God, I feel like I should get a degree in Aly linguistics :(

I'm happy to see DANG as dang ubiquitous as always.

No. 84966

Sage for samefag

What is she saying in this video? Is it English? The first word is burger, I think: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAcEmbISqbi/?taken-by=aly_realrecover

No. 84981

This photographer's had literally 100s of tumblr accounts deleted because people posted his years old photos of some bands. He files reports saying they're using them without his permission, but that's being a fool on cunt imo.

I noticed the extra Es! That's one of the first things you make mistakes with/quickly learn its incorrect when you're learning to write.

She's saying BURGER TRADITION in that video. Kind of boasting that she's loading up on sodium and scarfing down carbs before weigh in.

No. 84983

Full on cunt*

No. 84998

"burger tradition"
sounds more like booger tbh

No. 85002

I'm all about making fun of Aly's antics and all, but why do you keep giving her shit over her English? i understand the flaw in having her tutor others because hers is not 100% and her obnoxiousness towards people correcting her, but do you make fun of everybody that is learning English and makes spelling or pronouncing mistakes? I'm still learning a few things myself since it's my second language.

No. 85006

Because at least 95% of lolcow is made up of fuck ups. Everybody's here to make themselves feel better. I'm a fuck up, you're a fuck up, we're all fuck ups.

No. 85007

I think it's because she's teaching it to other people. But also I've heard she gives you shit for Correcting her

No. 85019

Because she's so fucking arrogant about her English. She literally thinks she's amazing at it. Granted, she did recently listen to someone about "unbearable," but that doesn't cancel out all of the deleted helpful comments.

Most people who admit that English isn't their first language on the internet are apologizing for it, even though they're writing better than native English speakers. Aly needs to learn from those people.

No. 85026

File: 1453594025266.jpg (106.77 KB, 906x580, told.JPG)

Addressed by original questioner.

No. 85033

But she IS amazing at it! She taught me, a native English speaker, that DELVED is the same as DROWNED. I never knew that.

No. 85034

she also deletes people correcting her. it's weird.
she's also remarkably bad at it and doesn't make the kinds of errors Italians usually make.

No. 85037

God, I wanna battle her just to kick her butt.

No. 85120

Am I the only one, who thinks heading for a real crash. Shes almost @ 40000 followers, shes the ED queen. Shes almost at documentary level.
The Clickbait sites must pest her for interviews.

This hag is ruining her life, i love it. How could she ever work as a media pro. She doesnt make a dime off of 40000 followers.

No. 85133

Maybe her parents will ask her to move out. All she does is waste their money dining out on uneaten "recovery wins". How long can they seriously keep enabling her deterioration. Someone as ill as she would be sectioned by the NHS at this stage.

No. 85144


I can imagine that one of her other mental illnesses (which she doesn't tell us about) is going to manifest and she goes nutso or something.

Idk, but her attitude is so shitty and her view on her ~recovery~ so deluded that what we think is "quirky" Aly is really some kind of mental Aly.

There's going to be a shit storm when she has to show off more of her body after Winter. Especially in June when after A YEAR she's still got the facehugger and pipe cleaner legs.

No. 85161

The recent uptick in desserts, addition of chocolate/nutella/maple syrup etc has me confused. Are these in fact additions to her daily caloric intake (if so, good for her) or is this a repeat of last year in that she's not eating anything substantial except what she photographs?

I dunno if I'm being a gullible sort
Probably am

No. 85168

Don't worry, her followers will still insist that she has a "hypermetabolism :)" and continue to say shit like "she IS recovering! You may not believe her, but I do! Such an inspiration, I love her insta!"

No. 85178

She literally went from saying how chocolate, sweets and pastries were her fear foods to eating them every day. If she's eating/keeping Thu stuff down she must have an amazing therapist…like God tier.

No. 85192

In case anyone cares. This bitch deleted that drawing instead of giving credit. I Fucking hate her so much.

At first I thought she was kind of cute, and at least not trying to be edgy about her illness. But, everyday I see something that pisses me off. Fuck her.

No. 85195

Oh shit, what if she does though? A while ago I noted that Instagram doesn't pay people. Gram'ers make money off sponsors and showing off products. Now remember how Aly said she had a deal with the cafes/restaurants? Maybe that's it! She gets free food (to purge) by advertising the places to her followers.

No. 85197

The picture is still up for me…? Scroll down a bit.

Hmm, now a cup of whipped cream and cocoa. Size unknown, but still. A couple of months ago this would have been unusual indeed. As another anon said, either there's been a monumental breakthrough or something's wack

But now there are realistic bite marks too, so she surely is eating something?

No. 85198

Yeah but how many people live in Milan? I hope the restaurants would have negotiated some ROI on their deal

In terms of ad stuff, I don't think Zara or Kiko or Guess would bother reaching out to her, they've got regular IG fashion bloggers (ugh) for that

No. 85212

I've only ever noticed ONE offer from a small company posted to her. They were some kind of health food company who asked if they could send her some freebies for her "recipes". Remember? She didn't comment so I don't think she took them up on the offer because she's never whored their product since.

She's really weird about giving out her address though. Remember when there were offers from followers to send her a real Starbucks glass (so good not to see that manky thing any more). She always said no.

Apart from wanting attention on ig, I get the impression she hides a lot of her private life. It's not just that she's dull and doesn't have much to show of herself, I think that she's hiding things? Idk. Channeling my inner psychic or smthing.

No. 85217

File: 1453664587698.jpg (22.64 KB, 971x142, skele wisdom.JPG)

Pics still there for me too.

I was thinking how odd it is she posts food with two bites taken from it. I then went to mpa to see if they're still talking about her and found this.

She might only be able to eat two bites then leaves it. OCD or whatever.

No. 85270

Oh shit. Sorry I see it now

No. 85276

File: 1453674387416.jpg (107.52 KB, 912x596, pulltheotherone.JPG)

This bullshit still.

No. 85278

"eating something" ≠ recovery.
You can eat two bars of chocolate a day and still lose weight because it's only 1000 kcal, so ~bite marks~, realistic or not, don't say shit.

Oh damn, never thought about that. I could imagine Aly showing off her instagram to various restaurant and cafe owners, being all like "look, I've got 35k followers and this picture of your croissant has 1000 likes, I'm giving you free advertisement!", and they were probably like "ummmm, ok, how nice, this one's on the house then".

No. 85281

File: 1453675659287.jpg (103.99 KB, 601x598, rip.JPG)

>You can eat two bars of chocolate a day and still lose weight because it's only 1000 kcal, so ~bite marks~, realistic or not, don't say shit.

You're right. I was temporarily hypnotized by Aly's lies. I'm better now, and praying for the dismembered remains of her past "bitten" donuts.

No. 85282

File: 1453676489995.jpg (41.8 KB, 412x213, waste.jpg)


Aly is the reason the pigeon population in Milan is so high.

No. 85283

File: 1453677573218.jpg (43.52 KB, 312x858, oldaly.JPG)

To follow up: if she's really eating all that and is still that skeletal, someone should ask her how much she was eating when she looked like this.

No. 85286

Why would she blag free donuts when she doesn't eat them? If she was sponsored by a coffee brend she'd be getting something good out of it, but why ask for things she takes a few bites of,

No. 85291

I wish I understood. In Italy is this fat? Did people call her fat? Did she feel out of control of her life and food was the only thing she could control? What makes a thin girl want to be a skeleton?

No. 85292

Aly hasn't posted any pictures of that gross old Starbucks cup in a while, I wonder if she threw it away finally?

No. 85304

Probably not. She's blogging only her most ~meaningful~ recoverywins now.

Don't know - IG fame? Validation? Wanting people to envy her?

No. 85308

>Validation? Wanting people to envy her?

Leaning towards these. She's said she's a perfectionist, the caption she posted by mistake was her angst at not being good enough. When people say they're proud of her, how well she's doing, how beautiful she looks then maybe it makes her feel good that she's being praised for something.

Unfortunately they're praising her for something she's not really doing (recovering), so she must feel worse so idk why she bothers.

I still feel that she thinks she's shit hot. She wants people to tell her she's gorgeous and amazing etc etc.

I don't think she's doing it for fame, because she could really use her ig notoriety for all kinds of things, but even if she did something as little as a magazine interview that'd blow the facade of her "recovery". If she was doing it for real, she strikes me as the kind of attention ho who would really go for being some kind of ED awareness spokesperson in the media (free trips, free stuff, a LOT more attention…)

No. 85313

No. 85314

Samefag but - this would have been her in early February 2015 (if she took the photo the same day she posted it)

She looks the same now.

No. 85323

So, she has a bad relationship with her dad, then she gained a little weight, and couldn't handle it? How much weight does a person have to gain to go from 18bmi to 19bmi? Just curious.

No. 85333

At her height (1.7 m) – 3 to 4 kg

No. 85335

So, she gained 6 lbs and flipped out? She must really hate her Dad.

No. 85341

> All in all I was naturally thin.

That's not true. There are a few pictures where she's carrying some weight. Not fat, but not "thin".

I imagine her cholesterol's going to be really high if she's scarfing all that shit she says she is.

Those bikini pics though, I'd say she was lower than BMI 18. She's toned but beginning to look spoopy.

No. 85348

She's perfectionist. Losing weight is an achievement, losing a lot of weight is even more so, controlling your eating habits 24/7 is too, etc. Losing weight can get addictive, and if you're already predisposed to "want to succeed all of the time"/can't deal with failure, you can easily go too far. Most anorexics are perfectionists.

Eating disorders develop for the silliest reasons, they don't need to be triggered by trauma.

No. 85449

Aly is happy to report that her blood tests came back perfect.

Ash and Aly have proved to me that the human body is truly resilient and amazing.

No. 85451

File: 1453739877199.png (529.71 KB, 339x595, tosspot.png)

that hair
those claws

No. 85452

File: 1453740003161.jpg (48.33 KB, 500x281, 212565011_0_640x640.jpg)

No. 85453

File: 1453740667209.png (642.05 KB, 588x591, hioljkhhf.png)

No. 85456

Of course not, in Italy this is considered slim. Anorexia is a mental disorder usually triggered by insecurity, shitty family environment and such

No. 85470

When I was younger I was praised/envied for being naturally skinny, so much so it became part of my identity. Eventually it lead to an eating disorder because I thought if I had any fat on my body, I'd no longer have anything worth praising.

>not ur blog, blog-chan

No. 85474

File: 1453746898929.png (112.48 KB, 327x135, h.PNG)

If u wouldn't see the face u would think those hands belong to an old grandma

No. 85481

Totally. Especially with the colour of the nail polish. I think it's odd Aly never posts self care products. Don't most women love bath products and creams etc? I say thus because she could use some hand cream.

I know 2 anos who say it was comments about their weight (one being a dancer) that lead to their illness. The dancer was abused by her father for years though, so I didn't really believe it was only the weight comment that started her on the rexia road.

No. 85482

Adding, second look - some of her finger joints look arthritic.

No. 85498

File: 1453750452531.png (767.39 KB, 413x512, tapatalk_1453745509517.png)

No. 85505

>has a very fast metabolism
>gained 6 lb quickly by cutting out sports


No. 85813

She's had a burger (!) two days in a row. Day hospital must be coming up.

No. 85836

File: 1453824848663.jpg (119.34 KB, 1009x588, pt1.JPG)

Autoblock: engaged

(part 1)

No. 85837

File: 1453824865616.jpg (118.31 KB, 1006x587, pt2.JPG)

Part 2

No. 85843

File: 1453826358102.jpg (247.05 KB, 1078x1529, Screenshot_20160126-163711_1.j…)

Maybe because her idea of a recoverywin is HALF a ferrero rocher!

No. 85885

File: 1453836189872.jpg (9.61 KB, 261x193, wtfno.jpg)

> we shared it

c´m on!

No. 85893

I'm honestly baffled by Aly's sharing of a Ferrero Rocher. Maybe I'm just gluttonous but I eat those things in one bite.

Her poor mother having to deal with that bullshit… but then again, it was a chocolate in her mother's bag, so maybe it was just another example of her coddling Aly's eating disorder.

No. 85899


seriously. how could you share that thing without making a mess and spilling chocolate all over your fingers and clothes?

No. 85924

God, I just want to see SOMETHING different from this girl

No. 85971

I still have "boygah tradishun" stuck in my head.

No. 85976


this! walked around in the city and passed a McDonalds suddenly my head went "burrrrger trrrraditionnn"

No. 85989

But don't you nibble the choc buts off first, separate the shell, scoop the soft chocolate out with your tongue, then let the shell melt in your mouth before eating the hazelnut?

No. 86033

YES! I love doing this. I especially love it when the creamy (Nutella?) is a little solid. I let it melt before eating the hazelnut.

No. 86036

I don't understand people who don't eat it our way. I even like melting the outer choc n nuts in my mouth before chewing the nuts, or licking it. It's all part of the pleasure innit.

No. 86039

It's like you guys are talking about a lover

No. 86040

When you "share" something tiny and crumbly like this the other person ends up with mostly your spit tbh.

No. 86082

If humans tasted like Ferrero Rocher I'd be a total slapper.

No. 86090

File: 1453866550721.jpg (118.15 KB, 1004x565, Capture.JPG)



No. 86138

I'm >>85893 and oh goodness, perhaps I will try that next time. Just once. ;)

No. 86139

I used to love eating Ferrero Rochers this way, but ever since I heard about their widespread problem with moth larvae, I can't eat them anymore. Saw a video on Facebook of one being chopped up and there were live insects wriggling around inside. But hey, more protein for Aly!

No. 86221

File: 1453911478757.png (974.93 KB, 587x594, hioljkhhf.png)

As usual, he's finished his whilst hers is still intact. He also looks like he would rather be abducted by aliens than do this selfie shit.

No. 86226

Bro is getting taller by the day.

I thought Aly was quite tall, but she's like 5'6- 5'7, which is close to average (avg height 5'5'' for white females).

No. 86254

I hadn't heard about that. Kinda desensitised to moth larvae having finding some wrigglers in a box I keep wool in and oddly I'm not as grossed out as I should be.

Ccasu marzum anyone?

So proud of you, Aly!!!1

No. 86743

File: 1453994278090.jpg (45.14 KB, 387x554, Capture.JPG)

Arm looks the same? Or maybe slightly bigger? I honestly don't know

No. 86752

File: 1453996161813.jpg (245.13 KB, 1056x1517, Screenshot_20160128-154520_1.j…)

She needs to add
>> cheers to leeching off my parents, being spoilt, wasting everyone's time and money, cheers to no longer having an education or any real hobbies apart from IG , cheers to REALRECOVERY!!!

No. 86759

sad to think she's documenting his puberty through pissed off selfies

No. 86767

The taller he grows, the more his smile and his patience with his sick sister disappear. p

No. 86886

No. 86927

Cereals are full of mites. When I found out I didn't eat muesli for weeks. Once I found a fucking COCOON in a can of mixed veg (don't judge me). If you think too hard about it it could mess your head up.

Sage for OT

No. 87094

I bought this organic all natural cereal and forgot about it in my pantry for a long time. Opened the box and the bag inside was filled with pantry moths. I'll enjoy my bug free chemical cocoa puffs

OnT-its extra protein for Aly

No. 87097

I've never heard of pantry moths. I've heard of weevils.

That cupcake pic on alys account…that is NOT a bite mark. She's spooned the thing apart. If you bit the cake it'd all look messy.

I've never known anyone mess around with food so much. It must be UNBEARABLE going to eat outside (!)with her as she breaks everything to look like a smiley mouth, or nicely presented. She tries to put off eating so hard that it's painful to see.

No. 87098

File: 1454046908914.png (25.97 KB, 460x135, wp_ss_20160129_0001.png)

Also getting out of posting an OOTD pic by saying she always wears a coat because it's cold. Way to get out of revealing her skeletal frame.

No. 87157

If you told me that was a posed corpse, I wouldn't be at all surprised.

No. 87224

File: 1454084430396.png (969.6 KB, 926x592, hioljkhhf.png)

dad's face
no words

No. 87228

so she went to the cafe with pa and he SpOnTaNeOuSlY offered her a croissant even though posing with a croissant is what she puts other through every morning?? I bet it went like this:
Pa:(to server) can i have a croissant and two coffees thanks
they get to table
Pa: do you wanna do your picture thing???
also how can this be her beloved bar there's slot machines in the background jfc aly your standards are even lower than i thought

No. 87265

File: 1454090142292.png (775.49 KB, 933x598, Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 17.5…)

Guys, I've cracked it. She left this little clue in a reply to a comment (pic related); her whole life, this account, everything is a performance art piece in her favourite genre. She is a true artist, method acting the part of Alice Casati in real life.

No. 87269

everywhere is special for Aly
her Dad probably suggests this bar because it's not hellishly expensive like everywhere else.

I have this weird theory that her recovery is tied up with having to eat stuff at fancy cafes. Like she is telling her parents she won't eat unless she can eat out X times a day like a rich kid. And then she probably pukes it anyway. But just a theory.

No. 87270

who fucking says "I like tragedies" when asked what plays are your favorites? Wouldn't a normal person throw out a few titles?

No. 87349

I dunno why her dad creeps me out so much.

No. 87354

How many years on fb and ig and not once has she ever mentioned going to the theatre.

She probably remembered tragedy is a genre from a uni lecture so threw that in to sound more convincing.

Yup, anyone not Aly would name their favourite playwrights or plays.

No. 87357

I'd guess it's meant not as a genre but as in greek tragedies. That's specific enough.

But maybe that's because I'm classical lit major, don't know how this sounds to most people.

No. 87467

What gives you that impression?
Honestly, >>87354 sounds more on point. Aly just threw out "tragedies" because she remembered it from uni lectures. She's probably only seen a play or two through a required Theatre 101 class and doesn't even really remember them.

No. 87470

The fact that "tragedies" to me immediately refers to Greek tragedies gave me that impression

Plus the fact that she's Italian

Doesn't mean I believe she really likes them, just that if that's what was going through her mind to pretend to like, it doesn't sound odd not name specific ones.

No. 87474

the way she types annoys me so much
aly_realrecover? Came back to the American Bakery Cafè with Mum ??? for one of our FABULOUS and #realrecovery ?? friday afternoons together ?✨ and since mood was already SO UP ? why not to #CHALLENGE MYSELF MORE than EVER against my illness ?? Well, I DID IT GUYS! I ordered my FREAKIN FIRST EVER❕ TOO #RECOVERYWIN ? and TOO LUSH ? CHOCOLATE TOPPED ?? CHEESECAKE SLICE❗️??
?? OMFG my #edfamily I'm still SPEACHLESS from that HUGE ? BOMB of DELIGHT ?? and Mum too when I DEMOLISHED it until the last crumb as SECOND (!) #afternoonsnack ??? Ofc an ETERNAL #actionshoot proof was needed ?? cause the REAL ALICE was SMILEING ??? JOYFUL and CAREFREE ? PRIDE and SATISFIED ? and everyday more SURE that #recoveryispossible ? I swear that the reward is OVERWHELMING darlings ?? and yes guys, we ALL have the POWER to #RECOVER ?? I'm sending so much motivation, STRENGTH and positivity right now ?? So get them and BE BRAVE ? Be YOURSELVES and DESTROY your ED ?? ILYM ❤️


No. 87475

bc he looks kind of creepy

No. 87497

What annoys me the most is that she is constantly talking in third person recently. She didn´t do that before (or at least not as much), did she?
Her brain is obviously shrinking from malnutrition.

No. 87498

She used to write in first person a lot more. Whenever I see her writing in third person now, I can't help but think of the Emilie Autumn (feel free to judge!) lyric "She speaks in the third person so she can forget that she's me". Maybe she does it to distance herself away from the reality of her situation and her life?

No. 87499

Samefag - didn't mean to armchair psych there but Aly's Insta caption writing habits are really fascinating.

No. 87507

File: 1454160641870.jpg (226.36 KB, 922x591, alyandthechipmunks.jpg)

Dem bulimia cheeks. (Pictures are backwards chronologically because I'm a lazy garbage person.)

>slot machines

I think those are arcade games. So that's… less trashy.

No. 87514

I don't think those are bulimia cheeks.

No. 87567

File: 1454180473012.jpeg (7.71 KB, 235x184, image004444.jpeg)

> Bilateral parotid gland swelling in association with bulimia


A lot of people seem to be misled by the fact that they're often referred to as "bulimia cheeks". To clear up the confusion, it's not so much your cheeks that swell up as the lower part of your jaw where you lymph nodes are.

No. 87569

File: 1454180633312.jpg (19.46 KB, 500x375, 20130925_222136.jpg)

Or your whole face gets bloated like this.

No. 87826

is it just me or are aly threads dying? like aly herself

No. 87843

She's too bundled up right now, so it's difficult to compare her weight gain (or lack thereof). I am waiting for warmer weather.

Her posts from today show a thinner lower face and prominent sternum again so it's all angles.

No. 87844

File: 1454255888616.jpg (113.91 KB, 1004x582, Capture.JPG)

Samefagging but I just checked aly_realrecovery and found this. Can someone verify she was in the NY photos?

No. 87845

File: 1454256139968.jpg (36.63 KB, 353x524, maybe.JPG)

I think this is her, on the far right

No. 87859

File: 1454258277304.png (981.19 KB, 1153x651, majsl.png)

Is this some kind of bug or did she just…?

No. 87862

The post count? Not a bug, I get the same #

No. 87868

After a quick scan, I see she's deleted all her breakfast biscuit photos, her crackers and fruit and afternoon fortimels. There are also fewer "regular"/homecooked meal photos.

No. 87869

File: 1454259160335.jpeg (557.6 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

I don't think it's true. Her photos look nothing like any of the girls in Aly's.

No. 87877

Also she's 16 so doubt the 20/21 ur olds would mix with her unless she's a sibling? She doesn't have any of the sisters on IG on either of her accounts

No. 87890

First post on that account says she has an eating disorder as well

I have the same reservations as you but why would she be so upfront about what she's said if it's untrue? She must know it can be checked

No. 87896

OOOHH! Milk bout ta flowww I can feel it! The REAL "Real Alice" [wish she would stop with the 3rd person singular shit, it's fucking spoopier than her bonelordiness!] is gonna sperg out with even more nauseatingly beetus emotes and caps and rainbows and stars. Even if the call-out was by a farmer, Aly's immediate panic, dash-n-delete act proves her typical cowardly guilt. Ooh I hope this will be some good milk…
makes OILY(!) popcorn; gets comfy; hitting PrSc like a boss!

No. 87906


I wonder why.

No. 87908

This "info" from her friend was posted on a fake Aly account, not her actual one

No. 87909

File: 1454264409386.jpg (130.5 KB, 848x796, run alessia fucking run.jpg)

Friend confirmed.

No. 87910

She's not friends with any of the others though, I don't buy it. No pics with Aly/nye/ other girls, not got others on friends lists etc

No. 87914

True, but does seem she knows Aly, and because she's not close friends with her she doesn't mind spilling what she has seen.

No. 87918

Alessia has her friends hidden. Unless you're checking their Facebooks?

No. 87920


Okay, this is the most stalker-ish thing I've ever done, but: Alessia is facebook friends with both Sonia and Denise (in addition to Aly). I can't see Martina's friends unless she adds me to her friend list.

No. 87941

I'm not doubting this is the same girl but I find it difficult to believe that her Sisters would be bothered about staying friends with Aly. They've got lives and boyfriends. Why watch her take pics of smiling at food just to stay her friend? I'd gtfo out of there.

No. 87944

File: 1454273659246.jpg (10.11 KB, 200x197, 7ba17b6c71ac00c0c3f56eda7b6bbc…)

No. 87945

File: 1454273673676.jpg (57.72 KB, 625x595, 1961648f4f90cea48c8b40eb86c903…)

No. 87946

File: 1454273814213.jpg (34.86 KB, 564x373, ff7c7fae388462cae630c3e135cb06…)

No. 87959

File: 1454276792699.jpg (13.96 KB, 215x154, a.JPG)

I notice she's growing some weird hairs, or is it thinning?

No. 87960

probably a combination of lanugo and thinning hair. recovery WIN(!) pastries all day long probably doesn't contribute a whole lot of vitamins…

No. 87962

These "new" foods are high in fat but will have little nutrients, I'm not surprised she's losing her hair but she should be putting on weight through snacks alone! She's posting so many treats pastries chocolate recently it's like she's out of control again, maybe back to bingeing like she used to?

No. 87964

I'm wondering the same; there was a sudden upswing in treats after the New Year, and now she's on like 3rd breakfasts and 4th afternoon snacks…just weird. If she's still eating regular food and crackers and fortimel etc, where does she fit this all in?

No. 87990

In her latest photo purge, not only are the non dessert afternoon snacks and fortimel supplements gone - her whole new years eve trip to the mountains is gone, too. So much for having the best sisters in the world and living a real life. The Real Alice is truly LIVING and BEATING HARD her disease with SWEETS!! and a GAINING of LIFE, not weight.

No. 87992

She's spending time carefully arranging her hair over that patch in latest pics.

Seriously, eating 2 pastries a day and that would put weight on ANYONE. Cupcakes, waffles, whatever, having been a little bit of a cake piggy in the past, it only took a toasted teacake and a cream cake added to dinner that made me gain around 14 lbs in a few months. (Suspect my boss was a feeder who wanted me to bulk up so bought me freebies).

Therefore, we can conclude, she is NOT eating any of this, except maybe a couple of bites. It's not possible to stuff yourself with multiple croissants and stay spoopy.

No. 87993

samefag to say - did you notice the size of the choc chip cookies she said she had for breakfast? They're huge. Is she telling us these are what she has for breakfast now?

No. 87995

File: 1454283888244.jpg (73.45 KB, 613x579, maxi cookies.JPG)

(I'm talking these)

No. 87998

I see the New Year's photos, they're still there.

No. 88023

Probably a dumb question, but why is this pic mirrored?

No. 88190

Not dumb, but we've pondered this before. The most logical answer posted was that Aly needed everyone to see how she saw herself in the mirror.
(Just for acknowledgement, someone did suggest it had something to do with the front/back camera on a phone, but it's the front camera pictures that are mirrored, not the back ones.)

No. 88195

Tbh I think Alessia envies Aly, she posted a cookie breakfast picture similar to Aly (arranged cookies surrounding a beverage) and she has an ED too but is nowhere near Aly level weight-wise.

No. 88218

File: 1454334760452.jpeg (93.94 KB, 640x561, image.jpeg)

She's basically saying that aly took pics of their friends' food and her portions were so much smaller that that. She only drank coffee and was constantly looking for an excuse to get up and move, she makes everyone lie and and take selfies with her with crepes and she only takes a bite

No. 88220

Where did you find this?

No. 88224

Second to last post on the aly_realrecovery mock account

No. 88275

File: 1454344579421.png (65.09 KB, 326x585, hioljkhhf.png)

she's gonna do it again those pint parties i fucking swear

No. 88278

Who the fuck cares? Honestly. She's posting shit that's probably true about Aly, so who cares what her motivation is?

(On the cookie crumb picture)

>NORMAL people do that when they feel to
Not really, Alice… Instagram recovery accounts are not normal.

No. 88280

File: 1454345533163.png (634.42 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Quoting anon from the other day, milk bout ta flowwww… Help me out people what do we want to know?
Turns out this Alessia girl is Aly's "male best friend's" gf

No. 88281

File: 1454345635318.jpg (79.86 KB, 403x514, Case.jpg)

This looks like something Ashley would have made if she had stuck with her iPhone case-making idea. By which I mean, it looks cheap and cheesy. And she probably paid way too much for it.

Side note: Aly still has palms! Her skelehands are not complete.

No. 88283

Wait, is she really 16 then? Is the guy younger than Aly, or is he 20 and dating a 16-year-old?

What I'd like to know: why do Aly's threats of "take a picture with me or I won't be your friend" work? Is her personality is real life worth it?

No. 88285

I think he's 20 years old dating a 16 year old, that's not uncommon in italy (am italian)
It's not that big an age difference, besides the age of consent in most european countries is around 14

No. 88286

I want to see any natural photos of Aly from that trip, where's she's unaware of the camera

Can you ask her if Aly ever got rid of her food

No. 88288

She sounds out of control at the moment. Her messages are manic full of posi shit like worse than ever, a major increase in snack food, I think she's lost it

No. 88289

You're right that it's not that big of an age difference. She just doesn't look 16, so along with the dating a 20-year-old, I thought maybe she just didn't update her info. Curiosity and all that.

No. 88291

Spammed the girl with questions, she seemed willing enough to spill the beans about aly but she hasnt answered yet.
Hope Aly isnt lurking and goes crying to her male bestie ab his gf talking shit ab her to mean haters

No. 88295

I bet the whole group is annoyed by Aly so even if Aly found out and told them no one would really care that Alessia spilled the beans.

No. 88296

Alessia has three accounts, an ed type one, a normal one and a slightly weird one under the name of Emily wotton

No. 88303

So 4/5 make an effort, one slobs around in joggers and a hoody
What you hiding Aly??

No. 88304

GREAT detective work anon, we're proud of you!
She's hot as hell for a 16 year old. Now we know, why Aly wanted to meet her old BFF. She was jealous and tried to drag the dude down with her.

Ask her if the other dudes at that party were into her and tried to smash.
And if she was alone, hiding by the horses, the whole time.

No. 88308

File: 1454350065647.jpg (154.64 KB, 1076x1506, Screenshot_20160201-180610_1.j…)

Yay or nay? Alessias bf

No. 88309

File: 1454350130002.png (297.67 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

More screenshots to come, please ignore the non-native english speaker persona i have taken up

No. 88310

File: 1454350144092.png (287.19 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 88311

File: 1454350164817.png (258.83 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 88313

File: 1454350181551.png (286.33 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 88314

File: 1454350197262.png (256.14 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 88315

Totally yay

No. 88319

Damn… so she rally is the evil queen surrounded by yes-women.

No. 88320

File: 1454351333097.png (283.87 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 88324

Totally completely yay.

No. 88339

Now THIS IS quality milk! Great work, whichever anon connected the dots and talked to alexa!

So The REAL ALICE is a manipulative attention vortex who can't hear the word no, and never eats? Quelle suprise.

No. 88362

I'm curious about what Alys Dad is like. But, idk if you can work in asking without sounding weird.

No. 88382

She didnt know her mom so i doubt she knows her dad but i'll try asking

No. 88392

When is her next weight in?

No. 88397

I don't think she gave a date, but she said it's 6 weeks after her last one.

No. 88403

File: 1454365568851.jpg (94.87 KB, 630x577, mememe.JPG)

>Mum told me she was having an awful day
>Went to give her a cookie at her office as part of MY #realrecovery
>to show her I'M #realrecovering
>to show her I'M a fighting daughter
>see it really is all about ME and my #realrecovery
>fuck w/e was pissing my mum off

No. 88413

3 tags out of 5 have "recovery" in them. i hope she starves to death

No. 88419

I noticed a new Aly thread on mpa. How many has she got there now?

No. 88436

File: 1454367357244.png (124.31 KB, 618x484, yeahno.png)

no, aly, normal people do not eat entire pints of ice cream in one sitting. ffs.

No. 88437

Ahahahahaha! In Aly's world we're all obese because we eat pints of ice cream.

If she's really wanting ice cream, why not give into her craving (as usual) and buy a tub. She only has that gelato anyway.

No. 88474

Link please?

No. 88477

I found this one searching "lolcow" to find the thread about this place. Aly came up in the results.

No. 88479

File: 1454374139878.jpg (22 KB, 783x207, yes.JPG)

If I had the cash and inclination to eat at cafes, I'd TOTALLY do this. Even down to getting some Fortimel. I know it wouldn't be accurate, but it'd give a pretty good idea how much you'd gain on her diet if she was eating it.

No. 88483

Oh god can you imagine how tired of sweets and rich foods you would be after a while? If someone actually went by her descriptions of her lush (!) and oily foods too it would knock it up even more.

No. 88484

I'd struggle hard. I imagine you'd feel like that guy in the Supersize Me documentary.

No. 88486

I'm on neuroleptics, bitch. I'll eat all that shit and then some. Bring it on.

No. 88516

"If you liked 'The fit vegan ginger cookbook' then you will like 'Eat like Aly'! Get that ana body TODAY!!"

No. 88529

The Alessia revelations are surprisingly not having much/any repercussions on Aly's IG. A couple of months ago any such info would be popcorn time. Did Aly successfully block everyone who would try that?

No. 88557

Reading those mpa threads, most of the anas on there were blocked. I, for one, got pissed off with making multiple accounts to post after being blocked. Just like food bounces off the Aly bubble, seems like the negative comments do too.

Is she the first snowflake who doesn't keep up with all the online gossip about herself?

Not that we needed confirmation, but Alessia's comments to anon were pretty much exactly word for word the things we've said - doesn't want to get well because she'd lose attention, "she can't think rationally anymore".

Tbh, this girl has/had an ED so I'm glad she's not close to Aly. Compare her maturity at 16 to Aly's. Aly's regressing to being a child with all the pampering from her mum and the Disney/childish BS she talks about.

No. 88558

>I, for one, got pissed off with making multiple accounts to post after being blocked.

should say, on instagram, not mpa.

No. 88605

I'm one fussy bitch, and that's a HUGE yay from me.

No. 88649

File: 1454411115920.jpg (231.11 KB, 1076x1536, Screenshot_20160202-110242_1.j…)

Princess Aly is having a melt down because lunch plans were cancelled. Get a grip woman! Make yourself a sandwich. Look after your brother and stop being such a selfish twat!

No. 88650

'mummy can't take me out to lunch because she works a full time job so just like that everything is terrible again :( :( what will i do precious ED family without my SUPER LUSH and SUPER OILY #RECOVERYWIN cafe outing that i'll take two bites out of and then vomit back up :( :( i am truly in #pain :( :('

jfc how can someone be that self-obsessed and totally unaware of the outside world… this bitch disordered as fuck

No. 88651

I'm thinking "any excuse" for a relapse

No. 88655

I'm thinkig she'll catch whatever her bro has and her immune system won't be able to cope, maybe something interesting is about to happen

No. 88659

yes!! Fingers crossed that she gets sick!!

No. 88663

Brother is extremely ill. Lunch is cancelled. Her brother is so selfish, god. Ugh, now he'll get the attention.

Love the ano account mandatory ciggie shot.

No. 88664

I'm so depressed I've had to use the black and white filter. Can't cope with colours right now

No. 88666

File: 1454414236759.png (41.65 KB, 435x217, wp_ss_20160202_0002.png)

Ily, crotch_bat.

No. 88669

Ugh, why am I pretty sure that the serious illness is a cough or diarrhea and Aly can't just let her mom make some soup for her brother without throwing a trantrum.

No. 88677

How dare my brother get sick I'M THE SICK ONE.

No. 88687

File: 1454424702843.jpg (157.47 KB, 914x804, Screenshot_20160202-144808_1.j…)

She was LOVING the fact mum was worried about her, spoilt little brat. My lunch was cancelled so I had to eat INSIDE! Poor me such a terrible existence having to eat at home.

She felt better as soon as mummy gave her money for croissants

No. 88689

Mom gave her money to shut the hell up while she takes care of her ill son who actually needs the attention.

No. 88690

Tbh, I think a lot of her behavioural problems are related to her extremely low weight- not because she's a bad person.
I was at a low weight once (not as a low as Aly's) and I can honestly say that I did not think rationally. Any change in plans would set me off the edge and the smallest things could make me angry/sad/depressed.

No. 88691

I have so much hate in my cold, black heart, but I'm not sure I have enough for how furious this makes me. I'd love to slap seven bells out of this self-centred self-obsessed bitch.

Also, "with a closed stomach"? I know she's Italian/ESL, but what the fuck does that mean?

No. 88693


I think she's trying to say she didn't want the food and tried to refuse it? Basically she's making her a fuss and trying to turn her Mother's attention back to her and her ED by refusing food.

No. 88695

She's such a spoiled cunt. Her brother was sick and probably had to be taken care of by their mother, but Aly can't stand for anyone to get attention other than her.

No. 88696

Get off your moms tit and grow the fuck up! God forbid something more serious happens to her family, I can't imagine the breakdown she'd have over not being in her routine and holding her family hostage day after day to play her little fucking games. ED's are about control and she has got that shit down to a science and it's spreading like a virus

No. 88697

the most satisfying revelation from the things alessia said is that Aly has other mental issues. which is obvious but has repeatedly denied

No. 88698

she has*

No. 88699

A lot of people with ED's (Esp severe anorexia) have other mental health issues.
Like shes gotta have something else going on too which is probably why its so difficult to treat her ED.

No. 88700

So princess Aly brought home two croissants and mom had tears of joy in her eyes. Well, buying two croissants is really an outstanding achievement!

This bitch doesn´t go to school, has no job or any other obligations, she does nothing all day except taking pictures of food she doesn´t eat and posting endless rants about her "real recovery" on instagram. But if buying something at a bakery is enough to make her mom cry from pride and joy, why should she make an effort to get an education or a career? Mom must be the worst enabler ever.

No. 88701

AND the fact that her doctors and parents are literally insane for letting her walk around in this state

No. 88702

I feel truly sorry for her Mom. You know your life is sad when buying a croissant makes your mom cry.

No. 88703

Honestly I´m feeling torn between feeling sorry for her mom and wanting to punch her in the face.

No. 88705

I wonder if her mom actually cries this much or if Aly just says she does for sympathy points.

No. 88706

File: 1454429573847.jpg (185.54 KB, 1072x936, Screenshot_20160202-161049_1.j…)

Now Dad has had to come home because precious Aly wants to go out for food again. Her poor family!

No. 88707

Mum must be stressed as fuck looking after her , so reckon anything sends her over the edge

No. 88708

If she refers to herself in third person again I might go off the edge.

No. 88709

She has a coffee maker at home! Why doesn't she let her mum/dad look after her brother for a while and just have one at home, incredibly selfish!

No. 88710

Yeah, this and her overuse of the word "bomb". I´m not a native speaker and it makes me want to vomit whenever I read it, so how stupid must it sound to native speakers?

No. 88715

I don't think it has something to do with weight. I got the same problem after I got attacked once. I think certain things just mess with the human brain and with routine we can just work on auto pilot. But once routine is broken the stress returns

No. 88717

Native English speaker here, and it does sound incredibly stupid. Part of it though is that it's an outdated phrase. Back in the 1990s, we'd say "this is the bomb!" to say something is cool/awesome, but almost no one uses it anymore.

No. 88719

Back to Aly though:

I'm fairly certain Aly's brother has a stomach bug. Which is exactly why she's reacting like >>88677 said:
>How dare my brother get sick I'M THE SICK ONE.
He's probably not eating (because he's vomiting), so she's upset because she's supposed to be the one who doesn't eat and gets attention for it.

It's been quite a while since she's used that phrase. It means she's not hungry, basically.

No. 88721

Funnily enough, I think "with a closed stomach" is one of the most expressive, evocative, and meaningful phrases she's ever written - because she's ESL, and sometimes, when she's being honest, it can actually come across as quite poetic.

No. 88732

I really hope her dad has some sense and yells at Aly for being such a selfish little bitch. We've heard about him yelling at Aly for fighting with her mother, so hopefully he'll come through here too.

No. 88744

"Mom I know he's sick, but what about ME??!!"

No. 88748

IF she actually has tears in her eyes I can guarantee it's from desperation and exhaustion.
If my deathly emaciated daughter brought croissants and I knew full well she wouldn't eat them (or restrict on other stuff), I too would find it hard to hold back tears.

No. 88785

… and she already deleted her "breakdown" photo, wherein she shows what a fucking brat she is when her entire family isn't focused on her. Not that she's ashamed of her behavior; people made comments she didn't like and we all know what happens when center of the universe Alice doesn't hear what she wants.

No. 88791

Is she literally autistic? Spazzing over a change in routine

No. 88800

The one where she says this >>88687 ? I think your instagram is glitching. It's still there for me.

No. 88815

File: 1454444533428.png (597.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160202-110246.png)

>>88649 this one has been deleted

No. 88835

shes really starting to drive me crazy. I want to see her go to the hospital. I want something to blow up in her face, and I want to be able to watch. I'm tired of her getting away with this insanity…

No. 88845

Everyone in her family always has tears in their eyes. Such a fucking drama queen.

No. 88859

Yep, it's a teary speachless epidemic in that household.

Also: ffff I missed the black and white cigarette drama entirely. Any good comments on the deleted post?

No. 88872

Nah. All were saying how brave she is and how she can fight it until >>88666 pissed on her parade. Yeaaaah!

No. 88878

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I hate this bitch! I have always known she's a spoiled brat, but this? THIS level of fucking selfishness?! I AM SO LIVID like seriously how prima-donna (sp?) do you have to fucking be? A family member is seriously ill and YOU'RE TANTRUM-ING OUT because you are missing ONE. SINGLE. FUCKING. OUTING.?! Dude. I can't deal. Like seriously I am so furious there are no words. Sorry for my salty-ass rage-post but GODDAMMIT she disgusts me on a whole new level after this! She irritated me before, but now? Now I fucking legit hate her. This is so beyond selfish and wrong on every level.

No. 88881

File: 1454457097189.jpg (67.54 KB, 626x609, smily smily.JPG)

It ended well for anyway. She got what she wanted.

I'm really starting to become disgusted with her mother tbh.

No. 88889

Ah, sorry. I guess I missed that one entirely!

Same. At first I felt bad for her mother because obviously she wants the best for her daughter, but yeah, now I'm just disgusted. She's fucking spineless. I understand she wants her child to be happy, but she's making Aly happy in the short run, while in the long run, this is going to lead to Aly's death if one of them doesn't get a grip.

No. 88900

File: 1454460608023.jpg (51.86 KB, 644x503, BLOCK.JPG)

Hey, guess what. No food is unhealthy!

No. 88903

No wonder Aly acts the way she does. Her family enables her, except maybe her dad.

If Aly had no financial support from her family and her family started making demands like gain weight or get cut off, she'd actually take recovery seriously.

No. 88907

okay i know she's acting like a total spoiled brat in this, but to play devil's advocate;
Does aly's anorexia come with some sort of OCD? We've seen some pretty convincing evidence in her pictures, and she probably eats out at cafe's everyday, so now she's probably linked that with 'fighting anorexia' (even though it's not really..) so when she's denied going out to the cafe to eat she thinks 'oh shit. I can't fight it today'.

Or she really is just being a little spoiled bitch and I'm giving her too much benefit of the doubt.

No. 88917

IF that's the case, she should be working on breaking habits with her therapist. If that's happening, then Ma isn't helping if she's leaving her sick kid at home to take Aly out when she spergs at a change in habit.

I was made to do so much really uncomfortable stuff when I was getting treatment for agoraphobia (different thing, I know, but still breaking irrational thinking habits is involved). I wouldn't allow ANYONE, including myself, "let me off" doing something I knew I had to do to recover. At the time I was living at the parental home and I'm grateful that my mum stuck to her guns and didn't let me get away with working on it.

Therefore…Aly could be OCD about it, but looks like she's doing fuck all to deal with it and shame on everyone around her who's allowing her to continue in her "comfort zone".

(Soz for the personal blog part but kinda relevant I think).

No. 88919

get away with NOT working on it*

Adding, her mother's literally stopping Aly getting her shit together.

No. 88923

File: 1454463460676.jpg (18.33 KB, 306x134, nope.JPG)

Three weeks ago (lunch with aunt and mum) someone wrote this.

Aly's previous comment was how the heating and electric wasn't working at home so they went out instead.

Nice excuse for that day, but didn't answer why she goes out to eat EVERY DAY.

No. 88933

Well, it's true that people recovering from EDs should learn to eat food that is normally considered "bad" or "unhealthy" and should learn not to associate food with things like purity. It's also important to decrease the "labeling" foods. Telling someone in recovery from AN to stick to healthy food is pretty ignorant (and let's keep in mind Aly doesn't even eat the food she posts, so the advice is absolutely useless)

No. 88935

Yeah she would stop fucking around quickly if it was her responsibility to apply for disability and she had to pay all those restaurant outings out of her own pocket.

No. 88951

"She got what she wanted anyway"

UGH that shit eating smug fucking look on her face. You're exactly right. She threw a tantrum, refused to eat any food because her outing with mama got cancelled, was pissed that everyone was focused on her brother, and like a toddler, she cried until her father came home from work to take care of her brother so Ali could get what she wanted.

These people need to take a hard line with this bitch if they don't want to spend the rest of their lives being miserable, bending over backwards to cater to their manipulative child. If she was a drug addict, they'd be the types to give her money to get high to avoid her temper, and then be wail the fact that she kept getting high. Same situation here. Nothing will change until they take a hard line with her. Cut the fucking cord.

No. 88981

Her lipstick is so glossy and pristine (aka untouched) in every post

How many tubes would she go through in a year

No. 88987

Well considering she hardly eats anything she only needs to apply one coat and it'll probably last the whole day

No. 88991

Hah, remember when she had lipstick on her teeth and she said it was raspberry jam? Lol omfg.

The only thing that sticks to her lip gloss will be her hair. When she does eat she pops a teeny piece of whatever she's torn apart into her mouth. Ice cream has never passed those greasy lips.

No. 89015

This picture has been deleted over night. Did drama happen?

No. 89019

no of course. I agree with you.
The only way to 'cure' a mental illness is to kind of desensitise yourself to the fear.
Her mother in particular seems like an enabler.

No. 89025

Ooo, that's odd. I would've checked for hater comments not long before she deleted and didn't see anything bad.

Nice of her to mention her brother's health today…oh, she didn't…but who cares because she's with Ma at a café with a croissant bomb in her claw.

No. 89030

File: 1454496820409.jpeg (180.53 KB, 750x842, image.jpeg)

It's obvious as to why she deleted it.

No. 89051

"Hannah the happy banana" is so misinformed. An NHS dietician would never encourage their patient to just gain weight on junk food binge, firstly it's not a normal eating routine, it's devoid of vital nutrition and there is a likelyhood that someone recovering from anorexia could develop bulimia or binge eating disorder. Hannah doesnt seem to eat vegetables or fruit so she deludes herself into thinking its healthy to just eat shit and "weight restore". God I bloody hate morons like that. Minnie Maude devotees are toxic.

No. 89052

Those of us who haven't been blocked yet should spam her account with questions about how her brother is. She'd hate that

No. 89065

I've had no idea she has a youtube account.It surprised me

No. 89068

I'm guessing it's not actually her uploading the videos

No. 89069

Any videos worth looking at?

No. 89070

Just the ones she's uploaded on IG already. The ones of her eating, booger tradition and the rest.

No. 89076

DARLINGS. So today THE REAL ALICE called her sister (the one with the teeth) to pretend to eat cakes with her at the American cafe to PROOF she isn't her eating disorder.

She smiled while holding a BOMB flavour FREEEEEEEAKIN cupcake.

To show she really isn't her eating disorder, she read some books about waffles. Not that she understood them because being in an American themed cafe, the books were in French.

Shame on you, Sonia. You too are killing her by pretending that she eats this crap.

No. 89081

That's such a tiny cupcake. Nowhere near the size of a "big sized (!)" cupcake.

No. 89082

She freaking deleted my comment asking about her brother.

No. 89083

Also, I'm really surprised no one has called her out on this convo w her "friend" there are screen shots to prove the convo, when is someone going to post these pictures to an ig account lol

No. 89084

No, you must be wrong. If it were not BIG SIZED how would it hold a TON of cream?

I didn't even see it! What a fucking monster!

No. 89085

File: 1454520465849.jpg (14.34 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)


No. 89086

Anyone else notice that she sent out posi-pistachio-vibes even though it was a #FREAKIN carrot cupcake? So she does copy and paste after all.

Whoever does it, please block out Alessia's name and other info. She really doesn't need Aly coming after her.

No. 89089

I'm a bit leery of this as I don't know if I want to embroil Alessia in IRL drama especially as she is also friends with the other "sisters". She's 16 and she may not have thought through her decision to be so open with her info.

No. 89091

Though I guess aly_realrecovery could post it and block out her name/photo? Even though alessia's pretty much given that info out herself in her comment, kek

I just don't want Aly-loons to gang up on her

No. 89092

She'll just deny/delete or ignore like she did with her journal entry

It's just hearsay until alessia gives us real proof? Anyone can say a mate doesn't eat/ has a bad relationship with a parent

No. 89095

File: 1454522146636.png (852.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160203-175338.png)

I've just noticed something
The heart topping (width) is in the middle of the cake, on the second pic it's as big as the cake. Did she swap cakes and put the heart on the other cake to make it look like she ate the biggest one?

No. 89096

File: 1454522160145.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160203-175323.png)

No. 89102



No. 89115

Holy crap. Yeah, I'd say that's a different cupcake entirely. Maybe she bought both sizes and threw out the bigger one?
The same thing happens with today's cupcake, but it's not quite as obvious.

No. 89120


Jesus, what kind of proof do you need? You want the girl to break into the flat of that weird family.

I swear some people…
Be thankful, that Alessia was open.

No. 89122

File: 1454526125454.jpg (163.1 KB, 1150x676, Capture.JPG)


FREAKIN SUSHI is a #recoverywin now too guys

Whoever asked about her brother - thank you.

No. 89129

Samefagging, sorry

greentext.stories – are you a farmer, or am I a terrible person? (or both)

No. 89136

File: 1454526474297.png (394.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-03-12-04-30…)

Some more people asking about her brother. She is one of the most selfish and delusional people I have ever come across. Her parents should kick her out.

No. 89145

File: 1454527862937.jpg (142.24 KB, 1068x1273, Screenshot_20160203-192946_1.j…)

The icing sticks out wider the heart on today's pic, but in the close up the heart is sticking out over the icing

No. 89146

File: 1454527884799.jpg (46.12 KB, 432x710, Screenshot_20160203-192937_1.j…)

No. 89170

How fucking weird it must be to go through poses, pictures, swapping food and then letting her touch/rearrange your food

How her friends haven't all cold shouldered her I may never understand. I'd have flipped my shot and avoided her a thousand skelly years ago, what the hell…

No. 89177

Perhaps they appreciate the free food. Aly's got most to lose if they pissed her off. She'd only be able to hang out with her Ma then.

Idk, I can't deal with anyone so self obsessed or talks incessantly about one subject. It's not that I'm bad with mentals being one myself and schizoid partner. Even ED friends I've had have never been anywhere nearly as dull as Aly and rarely spoke about it.

No. 89182

that doesnt even look good.

No. 89188

I also asked how her brother was (on the sushi pic) and it was promptly deleted.

No. 89196

wtf why?

She left greentext.stories comment up even though it also asked about her brother – maybe because it also praised her?

She's an odd one. Even if she did use bro's illness to seek validation for herself, she must know it's weird never to mention it again even if asked? If it's too personal to give out info about, why bring it up in the first place?

No. 89201

She's killed him in her brattish rage. That's why she's not mentioning him. Her mother will provide an alibi, but Pa might have to be snuffed too.

No. 89205

I had the same thought
Poor bro

No. 89222

File: 1454538086915.jpg (40.38 KB, 333x374, rip.jpg)

No. 89232

>every cafe second BEKFUST/afternoon snack/lunch is Xx_spontaneous_xX
>throws pussy fit when it doesn't happen
aly wat

No. 89300

honestly, at this point I'm just waiting for the moment where she suddenly stops posting because she's died or suddenly in critical care or w/e. Long term anorexia that severe will catch up with her

No. 89323

I hate Aly's eyebrows, I wish they were straighter

No. 89324

There've been so many spoops discussed here who are, by some miracle, still living. How icovery still breathes is beyond me. Maybe that's because I've only known of a couple of ig anas who've croaked.

The way she behaves I think she'd more likely get sectioned for being a crazy over her eating disorder. Her mental health is reaaaally getting bad imo.

THE thing that bugs me most about her face is the way her mouth turns up at the sides. Hm…difficult to describe, but a bit like the Joker. I had a bad fall out with an ex best friend with the same mouth thing going on, so that probably influences it. Also, her fucking EYESHADOW. jesus god.

No. 89325


I'm looking for a pic to show what I mean about her mouth, but it's really most noticeable in her videos.

No. 89326

god, Aly is so fucking boring but I can't stop checking her IG or coming to this thread. you're right, her mental health is SERIOUSLY deteriorating and it's becoming really obvious. something gon' happen soon, IMO.

No. 89327

If her behaviour wasn't tragic, it'd be funny. She's like a crazy in a sit com. The fact we can parody her so well. YES she's boring af, but I can't stop watching.

No. 89331

>SERIOUSLY detoriating and it's becoming really obvious

around what time would you say it started getting worse than normal? and why? just wondering cause i don't have much experience with EDs and i haven't been following aly that long, so to me she doesn't seem to get any better or worse, just stuck in this perpetual cycle of saying 1 thing (#realrecovery #recoverywin) but doing another (not really gaining any weight)

No. 89334

Yes like another anon said, total joker smile. CREEPY!

No. 89338

>THE thing that bugs me most about her face is the way her mouth turns up at the sides. Hm…difficult to describe, but a bit like the Joker.

YES I have been thinking exactly that as well. The creepiness of her smile adds to the overall effect. Like the Joker, or "It" (Stephen King)

>Also, her fucking EYESHADOW. jesus god.

Yup - the pink does her no favours, and the blending is nonexistent.

Agreed with other anons also - Aly's lolcow thread is the first thing I check after work even though she's wised up enough to make things quiet and kinda boring here

No. 89339

File: 1454554921779.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.44 KB, 960x540, 960.jpg)


Here I am, looking at my FREAKIN SECOND BREAKFAST #realrecovery

No. 89340


No. 89342

File: 1454555331537.jpg (15.53 KB, 197x217, ahg.JPG)


No. 89346

>around what time would you say it started getting worse than normal?

Not that anon, but in hindsight it's been creeping up since probably November? It's been more obvious since the New Year. When it began, suddenly there was chocolate (only a little) and regular-sized dessert, but it all progressed very quickly to now where she's eating richer versions of her usual desserts, consuming rich chocolate treats without issues, eating multiple desserts (more so than before), and sounding ecstatically deranged whilst doing so. She was progressing into multiple-CAPITAL WORDS happy EMOTIONAL captions before as well, but they seem to be longer and more CAPITALISED recently.


No clue. The disease itself atrophying her brain and messing with her thought processes (been there); or family dynamics? Or concurrent mental health issues – the Italian mistake post comes to mind

>so to me she doesn't seem to get any better or worse, just stuck in this perpetual cycle of saying 1 thing (#realrecovery #recoverywin) but doing another (not really gaining any weight)

That's the way she wants it to be, I think. Her disease will not allow her to accept weight gain, but she wants the validation that comes with trying to fight it

No. 89350

I'm >>89324

It'll be around the time >>89346 anon said. She's become - don't know the correct word - maniacal? That spelling doesn't look right. Anyway, not in the manic depressive sense, but the way she's saying MY THIRD (!) BREAKFAST and I COULD EAT A WHOLE PINT OF ICE CREAM ON MY OWN!!! Soon it'll be, here I am having my first ever croissant WITH A DIFFERENT BREND OF JAM IN IT!!! MY 5th #RECOVERYWIN BREAKFAST!!!

It could be around her birthday time, because that was when it was obvious everything she was posting was illness related, like the bracelet gift with the meaningful charms on it.

She's being so OTT and she doesn't even see it.

No. 89352

File: 1454556887753.jpg (36.84 KB, 406x412, jesus god.JPG)

I mean, how is this not batshit crazy. That's her SMILE OF FREEDOM.

No. 89355

samefagging, but I realised that this:
>ow where she's eating richer versions of her usual desserts, consuming rich chocolate treats without issues, eating multiple desserts (more so than before), and sounding ecstatically deranged whilst doing so.

could sound like she is recovering. Except, there is none/very little of the accompanying pesky weight gain. If she was truly eating all that and progressively recoverywinning her way to weight restoration, I'd be happy for her (though not as happy as her dentist).

No. 89361

Dare you to watch this 10 times and sleep with the lights off

Hmm– she does look a bit more filled out in the more recent videos here.

No. 89383

watching that video gives me goosebumps. The way she eats seems so .. mechanical? Almost like she's thinking about every move she makes from plate to mouth, like eating is something new to her. It's doesn't look 'natural' and it just makes it more obvious that she's not eating a single thing she posts. It's like a REALLY bad (!) actor auditioning for a role or sth…

No. 89403

The way she smiles at food in photos is so unsettling.
It looks like she's holding a baby and she's afraid to drop and kill it.

No. 89408

I think it's clear that she's at least gained some weight. She is still verrrrry underweight and obviously still fixating on food really hard. I predict she'll slooooowly get to a BMI of like 17 and everyone will be like, close enough, and leave her alone, and she'll basically be like this forever. I got a cousin who got weight restored like a decade ago but she's been a pain in the ass around food and exercise ever since (still "ate before" family meals, runs marathons and races all the fucking time, can't live without running a single goddamn day, etc).

No. 89410

I wonder if like she still has 6 arranged cookies every morning and still takes a photo, but doesn't post it on the internet. Like if she's still compelled to photograph and document every single thing she eats so she can count calories and whatnot. How creepy would that be to find, just albums and albums and albums of every item she's eaten every day.

No. 89413


This feels like a video for some creepy-ass anorexia fetish site. I feel gross just watching it. What the fuck, Aly?

No. 89418

looks like shell freak out while chewing whatever shes eating or wants to spit it out

No. 89421

Wow, I bet she does. How weird.

No. 89436

Really? You really think she's gained anything beyond her tube feed last June? I don't. She might be fudging her weigh in with sodium / water / not going to the bathroom/ loading up on food the night before.

But she certainly hasn't gained anything more than a 2 or 3 pound fluctuation since she got out of hospital the first time.

No. 89438

What I love about Aly: talking smack about her seems right. I'm addicted to her and the ginger, but I only talk about Aly.

She is just a bad person and faces zero adversity, because she used to be a cute girl. Her weird middle class family wastes most of their money for a girl, that does nothing with her life. I hope their washing machine breaks soon or something, so they cant waste the money on Aly.

It will be great to see her fall, when everything catches up.

And yes, her smile is disturbing.

No. 89474

Wonder how long this charade will continue for, her family can't really be bothered with another year or even day of going out multiple times just so she can pose with food they have paid for. Something has to crack, either Ally will die or her family will just break down with stress.

No. 89476

File: 1454599162634.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160204-151723.png)

>I haven't had sushi since July!!!

Aly darling you ate it a few weeks ago

Memory gone to shit

No. 89482


Yeah, you can see that her facial bones don't poke out as much as they did in photos like this:


It's not like a ton of weight or sufficient weight. It's just enough that her face bones are covered more. And her family will probably compare her to rock-bottom and be like , oh wow so much progress! When they need to justify giving up.

No. 89491

I agree, her face definitely looks fuller. Can't comment on her body (come on warmer weather!!) But she's less boney facially. Not saying this is because she's gained a lot of actual weight, I suspect bingeing/bloating/sodium overload

No. 89492

I'm not this ^ anon btw

Her ed has definitely aged her. She looks haggered, dry, pale and crazzzzy

No. 89498

File: 1454603544038.jpg (66.06 KB, 543x647, k.JPG)

I see someone suggested a "food or dog turd" game in Ginger's thread

It may be applicable here too

No. 89499

Is this the shoutiest caption yet? I can't keep track

No. 89502

It's like she's grimacing and thinking; "I can feel the calories seeping through my fingertips".


No. 89511

File: 1454604584944.jpg (28.99 KB, 310x605, mmm.JPG)

How lush and delish (!)
Wonder what it tastes like

No. 89515

File: 1454605017699.jpg (27.37 KB, 480x360, image.jpg)

haha it's really getting out of control. when i first started following her her RECOVERYWIN captions were like . . . almost sincere? but now she's yelling positive phrases and recovery buzzwords into an empty void, they really don't make sense anymore. even if she were eating more and her brain were functioning better and all that i think just the sheer strain of photographing and documenting and narratating the life of her food would start break her down. she really sounds like she's about to lose her mind, i am genuinely surprised she has kept things going this far, like anon said above she has her whole family indulging in her mind games. i really can't tell what's going on inside this girl and it's a little spoopy

No. 89516

File: 1454605341000.jpg (61.85 KB, 1072x309, Screenshot_20160204-170058_1.j…)

Binge binge binge

No. 89535

Nah, she didn't even yell "#RECOVERYWIN" which she has done in some captions.

I fucking hate "carefreedom." It's not even a good fake compound word. It's just stupid.

No. 89537

Is her "friend" still talkig shit? I need more milk

No. 89556

Eating some snacks is totally "OVERWHELMING," guys. Wow, such recovery. Inspirational.

No. 89591

Wow, she is absolutely playing switcheroo with those last two cupcakes she's had. The close ups do not match the wide angle shots. Not even close.

How does she even manage that? Tell her "sister" she bought it for her brother while she eats the tiny one?

No. 89608

Your cousin's story isn't all that unusual. A lot of ED-chans deal with weight restoration by purging "safely" i.e. overexercising. Many don't even realize that they're still disordered. Most people don't seem to realize that exercising a lot can actually be indicative of poor mental health, e.g. ED-chans who use exercise to purge, bodybuilders with body dysmorphic disorder, and self-harmers who use exercise to cause themselves pain.

No. 89737

File: 1454667621018.jpg (173.02 KB, 1078x1148, Screenshot_20160205-101807_1.j…)

>he is one of the main reasons for my ed

He just doesn't put up with your bullshit

Can actually see the anger in his face/hand , probably whispering under his breath FFS!!

No. 89762

Yeah, I'm in OP treatment for bulimia and we have to record all the times we've binged, vommed, restricted or over-exercised.

No. 89772

File: 1454689769519.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160205-152430.png)

> a FREAKIN never tasted before recoverywin# topping

Memory fading dear?

No. 89773

File: 1454689826647.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160205-162959.png)

No. 89777

First the sushi and now this. I wonder if her memory really has gotten that bad or if it's an accidental admittance that she didn't eat the previous postings.

No. 89790

File: 1454696419016.jpg (41.76 KB, 425x681, sup.JPG)

>you're fast asleep in bed at 2 a.m.
>you wake up when you hear a rustling noise in the corridor outside your door
>it's probably nothing, but let me go check
>corridor is empty
>suddenly, rustling noise directly behind you
>you turn and see this face
>do you:
1) scream and attempt to run away? (turn to page 61)
2) scream and attempt to attack? (turn to page 63)
3) scream and do nothing? (turn to page 65)

No. 89791

the addition of the syrup makes it a new combination, see

No. 89794


I´d scream "Croissants are in the kitchen! Take them and leave me and my family alone!
Here also is my last money for coffee!"

other idea: scream and attack with a 2l bottle of oil (!)

No. 89797

Are you crazy? She's gonna drink it and poop all over the place.

No. 89927

I think its actually a photo from the same day. I'm starting to even doubt that she goes to these cafes every day.

No. 89947

File: 1454730455175.jpeg (61.02 KB, 425x681, image.jpeg)

No. 89953

File: 1454732080244.gif (7.27 MB, 312x240, ILYSM.gif)

I was reading comments about how Aly is becoming more and more manic and screaming at us and I couldn't help but think of this episode. so I made a coupe of these. haaaa!!!

No. 89954

File: 1454732288193.gif (2.45 MB, 288x214, superPosivibes.gif)

2nd one.

No. 89966

I hope you have a super posi day. This is golden.

No. 89971


Magical! You're clever, you are.

No. 89986

They just look different. With the waffles, one has more nuts (could be scraped off though), and I think the sushi is a different variation. Of course, Alessia confirmed that she takes pictures of other people's food and also posts old pictures, so it's entirely possible that it's the same day, different person's plate.

(And now I'm just imagining her creeping around a restaurant asking people who just got their food if she can take a picture…)

No. 90005

I want that 4chan logo charm

No. 90023

File: 1454753662406.png (401.84 KB, 381x398, ew.png)

I always hope, she has a breakdown, when she doesnt post for a couple hours.

Pic: Is the Aly-Bot rusting? What is going on with her face?

No. 90051

I sincerely hope that isn't an attempt at smoky eye makeup

No. 90068

File: 1454777196415.jpg (234.66 KB, 1074x1537, Screenshot_20160206-164431_1.j…)

Noooooo don't you DARE move to the UK! I need distance from the haggered spoopy witch

On a separate note, the donuts are back! Sign of her going back to old photo stock?

No. 90070

Kek, can't wait to see her posting LUSH OILY food from Greggs.

No. 90071

Ginsters pasty and a pint haha

No. 90079

she'd probably post full english breakfasts daily, because they're even more LUSH and OILY

No. 90081

Don´t worry. Since Aly gets an emotional breakdown when she is separated from her mother for more than two hours, chances are slim that she will do it. Unless she persuades her mom to give up her job, abandon her family and come with her…

No. 90086

>"london is pretty shit ngl"

Please. Aly is too posh for Gregg's. I expect Pret's sandwiches at the minimum. More likely, she will discover London bakeries and tell us about them. I can't wait.

On another note, as she knows everything about London, I wonder if someone will ask her about it?

No. 90089

a nice guide for aly for when she moves over here

No. 90090

She has never been to London but wants to move there because she knows "everything"? So childish.

No. 90091

>On a separate note, the donuts are back! Sign of her going back to old photo stock?

That photo of her holding the doughnut does look current though.

No. 90092

I clicked on the video expecting an earnest attempt

Thank god it was

Roadmen 4eva fam

No. 90095

File: 1454786546687.jpg (339.06 KB, 931x1223, download (9).jpg)

idk her latest #reoverywin made me think if those chocolate bars she fucked around with

No. 90097

>>90095 snap! Disordered eating, pissing around with her food, and her captions are madness atm!

What does nfl mean on >>90086? Brain on go slow

No. 90098


what will she do there besides eating? or gazing at food?

No. 90099


I was wondering about what is on the board with the hand behind her?
maybe it says
"Don´t slap spoopy skeletons, although you feel the urge to do so!"

No. 90100

Refrain from slapping the annoying bitch

No. 90101

ngl = not gonna lie

No. 90102

Still no word about her brother, I see.

No. 90103

File: 1454788494362.jpg (18.57 KB, 300x300, thankyourandomcitizen.jpg)

No. 90148


I hear the family are filing a missing person report when Ma is finished scrubbing the grouting with bleach one more time.

Aly's never going to move to the UK. She thinks London/being British is like a Sherlock Holmes novel. She's as delusional as Ash with her trip to Japan.

No. 90165

I just realised the keychain thing is a K and not even an A? She either photographed another person's K or she bought what was left. It's from Accessorize and they were recently on sale

No. 90189

Someone should tell her to use caustic soda instead.

No. 90217


K for Killer. Brother killer.

No. 90220

File: 1454814300490.jpg (183.81 KB, 929x595, aly donut comments.jpg)

More confrontational comments on donut pic inb4 they get deleted. For real I wish her family would put an end to this bullshit charade already.

No. 90221

This. I mean in all seriousness how could they afford that? She must have an ungodly number of obsessively captured foodporn pics at her disposal; we already know she has admitted to being a faker/liar in the past. Dis bish is not recovering. No way.

No. 90224

Is that a lipstick mark on the lower edge of the donut?? (In the photo with the donut alone)

Is our Aly actually taking a bite of food like a normal human being?

Well I never.

No. 90225

She takes a bite like a normal human being, but spits it out into a napkin.

No. 90240

More like boner killer

No. 90281

lol bitch will die living in London. She'll soon realise it's too expensive getting a taxi everywhere and have to face the tube. She'll get crushed between the tube doors like a cream cracker

No. 90283

File: 1454846970483.png (589.07 KB, 1440x1754, Screenshot_2016-02-07-13-06-13…)

No. 90285

File: 1454847046808.png (93.92 KB, 1423x253, Screenshot_2016-02-07-13-06-20…)

No. 90286

I should NOT be laughing. Ima terrible person.
Did she post a pic of her leg or is it an excuse cause she had ro go IP?

No. 90287

File: 1454847383348.png (917.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160207-121525.png)


No. 90288

She'll use this as an excuse to not eat for 40 days bc of struggles.

No. 90289

Yeah whoops I forgot to post the picture thanks anon for helping!

She's probably going to be happy, she'll get a lot of attention because of this.
Also an excuse for not eating.

No. 90290

How will she cope with not going for croissants every day? Her ocd will be in overdrive!! I think they should put her in restbite care so the family can have a break!

No. 90291

Who gets runs over by a car kek. This will be interesting. Doubt she'll leave, then who would she cry to when nobody brings her shit from the bakery 5 times a day.

No. 90292

She's going to force Mama casati and her sick brother to buy croissants for her obv
Now that she's the sickest she deserves all the attention(!)

No. 90293

She did this on purpose to get attention, poor bro probably still bed bound so she did this to ensure she still was still top concern

No. 90294

Tbh we live in the same city and drivers are dicks to pedestrians. Nothing that can't be avoided with some attention.

I was thinking that too.

No. 90298

To me this reads like she freaked out over not being able to overexercise (I mean "to be hyperactive" of course) so obviously she's going to restrict even more now.

No. 90302

I'm sure there is more to this story. Was she out running in the night? Jaywalking with another recoverywin?

Even the picture looks weird.

It might just be an excuse to close the account, since more and more people are asking questions.

If it's real, I'm so curious how she's going to cope.

No. 90305

Maybe it's just a cover up because she's being forced into going inpatient.
Fuck, we can only hope.

How the hell is she going to cope for 40 days without her cafe visits, when she had a breakdown after missing one when her brother was sick?

No. 90306

Man she sure showed her brother for getting sick! She'll have her family running food errands all over the city.

No. 90307

A very dramatic development. Depending how badly it broke and if she had surgery, she will have recovery time, painkillers and not much movement initially. I know someone who was wheelchair bound for a week. She has the potential to go nuts here.

How TF is her leg going to heal with her starving herself?

Also, it's 'respite', kek.

No. 90309

Maybe she wasn't ferris enough attention and had a hissy for and threw herself into traffic? To be slightly fair, traffic in Italy is terrifying, but mostly for tourists. She should know to be careful as Milan is her beloved city.

No. 90310

Yeah I imagine having an entire leg in a cast would suck for anyone - navigating, showering, using the loo etc all much more difficult. I feel bad for her (for once) and even more for her parents as they're having an awful month.

Kek at the comments asking her to eat properly for healing to take place. I wonder what her non-plastered leg looks like.

No. 90311

Er…getting not ferris

No. 90314

that doesn't look like plaster, it just looks like a really pale leg

No. 90315

I think that's her leg it's just really swollen, and she's covering the other one to hide how spoopy it is

No. 90316

Or maybe the cast is just really small because of how fucking boney she is

No. 90320

I hope they put a tube on her at the hospital.

No. 90323

File: 1454858957215.jpg (141.14 KB, 632x935, Capture.JPG)

GOMI orthopods are stating this isn't a real cast. I welcome their experience and expertise if they are familiar with this type of injury, but in the mean time I looked it up:



It appears that for proper casting of tibial shaft fractures, knee flexion of 10-15 degrees is required, and the lower leg slightly externally rotated to maintain proper alignment. A straight cast is wrong.

No. 90324

Her leg is slightly bent

No. 90325

She's taken photo looking down, her feet flat on the floor

No. 90326

That's correct. When my son was 8 months old, I tripped and fell while holding up and he broke his tibia. When the orthopedist put the cast on, the leg was slightly bent.

No. 90327

I don't think her feet are flat on the floor though? The left toes seem to be off the floor. If her cast is done as it should be, she shouldn't be able to put her right foot flat on the floor whilst sitting (the ankle should be at 90 degrees to her leg all the time)

No. 90328

Ohh I see what you mean! And wouldn't she need some sort of op/ pins if it was all broken? Seems a quick turnaround for a completely broken leg

No. 90329

Depends on if it is displaced or not.

No. 90330

File: 1454861058124.jpg (67.41 KB, 785x726, Capture.JPG)

If it's a minor closed fracture, without arterial (and nerve?) injury or compartment syndrome, it can be managed non-operatively with a cast. See picture.

No. 90334

And i don't think it's a "completely broken leg", that's probably an Aly-exaggeration. A femur fracture would most likely need surgery and take a longer time for rehab etc.

No. 90335

Rehab sucks. I had a comminuted knee fracture stemming from a car accident [I was a passenger, guy ran a red light and side swiped the car] that was luckily non displaced. I had PT for 8 months three times a week + daily home PT.

No. 90338

I feel horrible saying this but honestly on the whole, she was lucky in that it could have been much worse for her.

It is a big thing to happen though, and it's a wise decision to suspend her account for that time. I hope this will allow her to rest and start gaining weight from whatever food she does eat. And maybe if she needs more supervision at home, she can't get away with skipping meals or hiding food as easily.

No. 90339

Damn, those are some cool news. Finally some action.

Will Ma Casati lose her job, as she has to be a maid for the little blond happy child?

Will Aly fall in deep depression, because she cant run around all day?

No. 90340

A normal person would see this as a wake up call, but Aly never takes anything seriously.

No. 90342

She's going to restrict like a motherfucker now that she's forced to sit on her ass.

No. 90343

I hope the doctors for leg aren't as delusional as the doctors for her weight.

No. 90344

Two things here. She won't stop posting. There's nothing else in her life, and she won't gain weight because she won't eat.

No. 90345

That leg will never heal if she keeps this up I know another girl with a less severe ED (still hospitalized but not as thin) who had a broken wrist and it took over a year.

No. 90347

Just to be skeptical here; another major Ana account just got run over by a car too… Strange that it magically Aly got hit now too? I think the other girl that got hit was Vs.wishes or something. Just throwing that out there.

No. 90349

Not saying this is what happened, but I woudnt be surprise if Aly went out of her way to get hit because she needed attention taken off her poor sick brother.

No. 90350

I'm with anon up there somewhere. I want to know the details. Why was she out at night? How did she come away from being knocked over by a car with only a broken leg when her whole body us a stick?
Was this a mafia hit n run arranged by Don Casari or young Mat?

Will she get a wheelchair? How will she weigh herself? Will her sisters be bothered to visit? Deactivating her account would be a tragedy at this point.

No. 90351

File: 1454865333768.jpg (13.43 KB, 276x183, compo.jpg)

No. 90352

How do people still believe Aly or Ash make choices based on how "wise" the decision is.

No. 90354

I guess it's because rational thinking people sometimes find it difficult to imagine what it's like to be brain starved.

This is when her account becomes interesting.

No. 90355

Ooo who?

No. 90357

Personal injury might be different in Italy. Also if it was Aly's fault, like her crossing against a light and such, she wouldn't really get anything. It's called comparative negligence.

No. 90358

Also it can be easily argued that due to Aly's ED, the break was worse than it would be in someone who is of normal weight with normal bone density.

No. 90360

She could've broken it by falling because she passed out and the car accident's her cover story.

No. 90362

I don't think she got hit by a car. I think her bone snapped doing something normal like walking down the stairs because she has osteoporosis brought on by her ED. This will convince her parents to send her inpatient and she's going to have to stop instagramming each meal, so she lied about a car.

No. 90364

No. 90365

I'm starting to be skeptical about the car thing too, if she was hit by a car in the position to break her leg that badly she would be battered and bruised, and no way would she be sitting up and able to take a picture like that yet.
However, the Italian health system hasn't really shown itself to be that capable yet…

No. 90368


Hm. Could've sworn it was her unless she deleted the posts; her legs were all bruised & she said she'd been hit by a car. Maybe it was a different account & I got it mixed up. But either way it seemed fishy that Aly suddenly got hit by a car right after another girl from a popular account did.

No. 90369

She will have to find new tricks to hide/get rid of her food now
If she can't walk or continue to be hyperactive and supervised at meal times she'll either actually gain weight (reason for quitting IG maybe?) or simply refuse to eat

No. 90371

File: 1454868952179.jpg (17.42 KB, 320x320, lel.jpg)

I don't usually go to GOMI, but looked for them talking about Aly and can't find it. Is it a Members Only thread?

Weird to see they've only just picked up on Ash.

No. 90372

No. 90374

File: 1454869765908.gif (27.38 KB, 384x384, cheers big ears.gif)

No. 90376

The GOMI forum is like a mix of farmers and prissy do-gooders who think they're better than anyone else. It's also odd to read a forum (other than dabbling in mpa) where people aren't anon.

No. 90380

Oddly enough, this morning at 5.30 am a 19 year old girl was hit by a bus in milan… I just find the slight resemblance weird

No. 90386

Well, Aly is 20 but it could still be her if they just reporter her age wrong. Also the translation says "young man" after it states "ragazza"… Translation error or is there really an inconsistency in reporting?

No. 90388

Since when has Aly been to a club at 5.30am though.

No. 90389

Someone who got hit by a bus would probably be seriously injured and not just have a broken leg.

No. 90391

Maybe she was in a car that was involved in a slight fender-bender, hit her leg on the door, and shattered her osteoporitic bones. Technically, if you're in a car that's in an accident with another car, you were still "hit by a car."

I read the last few pages of the gomi thread and they mention a couple posts that Aly's deleted: a photo of… tuna pizza (shudder), and a dark post where she mentions her brother and says something about wanting to "end it all?" Does anyone have screencaps??

No. 90397

Is there anything on the rest of the family members pages? I know mama casati has a pretty active facebook

No. 90404

File: 1454875373113.jpg (207.18 KB, 1056x1720, Screenshot_20160207-200055_1.j…)

Nothing on ma's fb

The whole report swaps between gender so could be her. 5.30am, out for a walk before anyone else wakes up.. sounds like her!

No. 90408


Noooo, Aly. Don't an hero plix.

No. 90410

File: 1454876029690.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160207-201210.png)

This is her IG map

No. 90412

File: 1454876051144.png (429.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160207-201218.png)

This is where accident happened

No. 90413

Just read that post. The tuna pizza pic is still there and I think the person's talking about the pic where she says her brother's ill and the one that she accidentally posted that we translated.

No. 90419

The article says it was a bus that hit someone.

No. 90425

File: 1454880684689.png (825.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160207-213046.png)

After zooming in on the pic it doesn't look like her

No. 90426

Sonia, Denise and Martine are laughing at a squirrel video on fb, so they're not overly concerned.

No. 90434

File: 1454882893781.jpeg (86.33 KB, 640x925, image.jpeg)

I wonder if they're lowkey making fun of Aly, or doing it on purpose as a way to exclude Aly from their lil group when she eventually logs on to FB and sees it? Because we know Aly doesn't do buffets.

No. 90460

I took it as a dig at Aly because one of them mentions sushi. Those three seem closer than Aly does to them. They do more things together.

No. 90463

Fun fact, in italian 'Alice' is pronounced "al-eeh-che" thought I'd mention this since I always read her name as alice

No. 90466

The expertise is strong with GOMI. You'd be surprised how many medical experts and lawyers who are happily married with fulfilling sex lives and fantastic children have time to frequent those boards.

No. 90468

its like in middle school where a group of friends would have an inside joke and exclude one person from the joke (or they are the joke). They probably make fun of Aly as much as we do.

No. 90470