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File: 1575229133655.jpg (110.14 KB, 614x1136, 1574204584289.jpg)

No. 900161

Grab a sugar-laden starbucks as we continue to send our #support to the best and the bravest #EDrecoverywarriors on instagram and beyond*

(*photoshopping, ebegging, bed blocking, crotch baring, scab picking, POTS munching and anorexia diagnosis all optional)

previous thread >>>/snow/883248(shit thread)

No. 900175

File: 1575230466961.png (13.17 MB, 3087x3087, 9CF01B3C-BFA0-4CC3-85BA-58454F…)

Anybody else notice she’s looking plus sized now? Also, the left is the original she was tagged in. The right is her edit. In the original you can see how filthy her clothes are. But gotta change the filter to look pale and smudge out the dirty clothes.

No. 900186

File: 1575231889741.png (180.39 KB, 1033x874, wannarexia.alert.png)

Searching for known members, I found some funny posts- these were from the ANOREXIA part of mypancakeaddiction. These posts are not recent, but I lurked their profiles and nothing's changed. Are we focusing on instagrammers or are forums like MPA fair game?

Not very detailed thread description, lol. But OP pic is great.
I wouldn't call that plus sized, but her face and shoulders look filled out. Definitely gained weight.

No. 900195

Apologies, first thread. Pic courtesy of anon >>895467

Pancake is a goldmine. 99% self diagnosis, shitloads of DID fakers, admin is nuts. Fair game imo

No. 900218

This screams of selfpost. I don’t think anyone would call her “plus sized” unless they were fishing for someone to respond saying she isn’t.

No. 900227

lmao those are my two weaknesses, obese CW and medically impossible UGW. these girls need special ed classes more than anything

No. 900235

It’s ridiculous how often people want to say self post. Bekahs isn’t a self post. She’s legit bordering on overweight now. It also irritates me how she clearly edited her photo.

No. 900238

File: 1575239013727.jpg (259.03 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20191202_082238.jpg)

She was mentioned in the last thread after posting about peeing herself, but ah, yes, much emaciation. She's now using a second account as a food diary, @rexie.skeleton or something. Curse To The Bone for making "rexie" a thing ugh.

No. 900244

if Bekah recovers even somewhat, that's a good thing. I hear your bones rattling, anon.

Bekah is a longstanding thread subject and not a self-poster (that we know of).

No. 900258

File: 1575242111371.jpeg (599.24 KB, 828x1498, D575C388-E09F-4C89-AB86-984881…)

I’m deeply triggered that georgieporgie is 100g away from her goal weight for today. Any guesses as to what it is? 250? The waif is going to blow away in a strong gust at this rate!

No. 900263

Right? I've looked at her profile too and damn. Pancake is like MPA's cowardly sibling, too. MPA only hides certain parts of the forum, but everything is hidden on pancakes unless you register. What's with this fear of being discovered, lol? I wouldn't be surprised if anamanaguchi was lurking this thread.

>>900227 But they are calorie-counting pErFeCtIoNIsTs, anon. On a serious note, is that why they're always looking for a buddy? Asking for tips?

No. 900327

Measurements like 100 grams matter when you’re so emaciated you’re about to die. For Georgia, it’s probably just a matter of doing a wee and she’d be at her goal of 100kg. She’s clinging to this eating disorder so hard. If she redirected the effort she could have achieved something worthwhile instead of extremely short fasts followed by binging.

No. 900351

She's 100% over 100kg, unless she's really short. her calves alone are probably like 40kg each. Girl does my head in.

No. 900359

torn up over 100 grams? top kek trying to LARP anorexic mindset

No. 900372

File: 1575255845480.jpeg (116.8 KB, 750x1150, B0D73796-26D1-413D-84D3-97C6E4…)

Doesn’t she claim POTS? I’m no medfag so idk if this would be something normal for that or if is she just making this all up (the vitals) to sound sooper sick and spoopy? I always attributed her high heart rate rate to her high body mass stressing out her heart. Overweight ppl breath harder and get out of breath their hearts have to work harder to do simple tasks so I always assumed she’s just fat and out of shape lol. Anyone have any ideas on what she’s trying to get at here? uwu ana or look at my severe POTS?

No. 900384

She’s trying to sound sick. Severe anorexics can die in their sleep when the heart slows down for sleep since they have exceptionally slow hr as it is. Georgia probably had a hypnic jerk and hopes it’s heart damage from not eating all her lunch.

I’d guess about 125kg average, 88kgs as a lowest adult weight. Looks to be average height, like 165cm or so.
She needs to stop reading wasted and unbearable lightness so often because it’s getting too obvious she’s referencing them in her play.

No. 900395

yeah she's such a classic hypochondriac like focus on something like this to distract yourself from your terrible life and forehead wrinkles like you're fine you used an app (?) to track your heart rate it's not gonna be 100% reliable

No. 900414

Yeah her and shay have POTS apparently so use the tachycardia as MUH unStaBle anoReXiA

No. 900428

Both of their self-diagnosed POTS are just for asspats, because no one takes their anorexia claims seriously for obvious reasons. Ana chan munchies just realized jumping on the “spoonie” wagon gets them more attention, so it’s easy for them to post random shit like their out-of-shape heart rates and #thathappened stories about passing out. Anyone can dehydrate and caffeinate themselves into POTS symptoms, so an IG POTS diagnosis means absolutely nothing. Same for all the other popular easy-to-fake illnesses, it’s just for asspats. Playing the sick snowflake anorexic doesn’t get the “oh poor you”s it used to, but apparently being “chronically ill” does.

No. 900430

Whether Georgia is 100 and something kilos or 90 something kilos, she’s still severely obese. Good for her for supposedly losing 10 kg, but we all know she’s a dramatic little turd and she truely doesn’t look like she’s lost anything. That’s when you know you’re fucking massive, when a 10kg weight loss isn’t noticeable not even enough to shift you out of the morbidly obese category.

No. 900432

Bekah is a career attention whore. She’s not recovered, she’s just found illnesses to fake that let her be sick forever, without having to ever be responsible for herself or give up her eating disorder. Just now she’s gained weight by pretending she’s a rare unicorn spoonie snowflake or whatever, who’s so special she has to have a long term nasal feeding tube because she can’t have one that’s hidden under her clothes. She’s still the disgusting trash who taught young girls how to purge out an NG tube during ED treatment and has been kicked out of pretty much every ED recovery program in the US.

No. 900452

File: 1575272671683.jpeg (553.51 KB, 750x1093, B5D16B9C-56DF-400B-80E2-2864DE…)

First off, which photo is before and which one is after? and second, she’s being admitted in january? why? this is the first i’ve heard of it. i’m over her and her useless admissions. you’re fine eating and other than thinking you’re fat you have no other symptoms.

No. 900485

File: 1575279878460.jpeg (1.21 MB, 828x1527, 45E19719-8F1A-4630-8C13-FC1952…)

She had to go back ASAP because “muh anorexia is gettin so bad”, duh! Clearly an urgent case. Life or death. Can’t have her losing any more weight!

No. 900502

Tbh her face looks less fat on the right picture, but even so, the only worrying thing about her is her dead inside stare. Unless that's all an act too.

No. 900507

Just lose weight like a normal person you fat cunt. She's pretending to have an ed so people don't call her out for being a greedy pig, so she can eat all her sugar high cal junk without getting told off for it. Stop lying.

No. 900531

File: 1575289789331.png (5.79 MB, 828x1792, 59E153BF-A8C9-4D29-BF66-E129C5…)

That’s my issue with her too. Like, I dgaf that’s she’s fat, it’s how she pretends eating is SsooOooOo hard and she’s desperately sick with anorexia that pisses me off. Who do you honesty think you’re fooling, Georgia? Healthy vegetables and roasted meat is challenging because it’s not the shitty junk food you usually eat, not because you’re a dainty ana fairy! Note: she was eating a lollipop and mozzarella stick in recent previous posts.

No. 900538

i just cant imagine proudly attaching your face to this whiny bullshit. she needs to leave the internet & actually work on herself gd

No. 900541

This is my problem with her, too.
I get the whole ‘you can have an ED at any weight’ thing; but claiming atypical anorexia without actually losing a significant amount of weight after all these years? That ain’t AA.
Eventually one with AA would indeed become anorexic as they are literally afraid of food and weight gain.
If she is fasting/restricting between binges I’d say bulimia. If no compensation pure BED. If a combination of factors for random amounts of time, with no distinctive pattern, OSFED.

I’d have sympathy for her if she were honest. As for the POTS? BS. She’s overweight and inactive, HR monitors are not accurate and give ‘off’ readings frequently.

Maybe the psych stay will do her good as she definitely struggles with her mental health; but she will resist getting better despite being given help because then what is there for her to whine about?

I suspect her ‘fainting’ incident was just her looking to avoid work and/or get asspats. It’s not uncommon for self-harmers to pull stunts like this, or even for normal people to feign passing out to avoid work.

Curious to see how the dainty one survives Christmas food.

No. 900556

I honest to god believe she’s got zero eating disorders. Not Ednos or binge eating, even. She’s just fat, lazy and attention seeking.

No. 900561

Also, tachycardia isn't anything over 100, it's more like anything over 120. I'm at 99bpm right now and it's just because Georgie's munchie bullshit is pissing me off. God, her shambling her blubber from her bedroom to the kitchen would probably get her above 110.(blog)

No. 900562

Ugh, she's doing the childish ana thing with sippy cups and cute. Winnie the Pooh next.

She's full of shit. Nobody can suddenly switch their fear of food on and off. Saturday: so scared of food I'm on diet coke. Sunday: had a roast dinner! Nope, nope, no.

She was definitely avoiding work. She posted a few days ago that somebody had given her shit at work.

Sad she fell into the ed for friends thing because she's actually got potential to be something else seeing how she's studying and has ambitions. Generally the ig anas don't have anything else (except Becky who makes things some times, but intellectually she's dull).

Not only insta ana chans. So long as anons post screenshots if it's on another forum (particularly a closed forum), I'd say it's okay?

No. 900570

Agreed, anon.
It’s not unusual for most young people to have a slightly raised HR. There’s so many things that can affect it that it’s mostly irrelevant to document it unless it is actual tachycardia that is affecting ones life; even then it can be easily managed with the right medication. Has Georgie-porgie ever mentioned being on a beta-blocker for her super serious POTS?

A lot of these insta-anas really should appreciate the help they are offered, especially if their insurance covers it. Some countries literally do not have the bed space for those in dire need and these cows hog beds whenever possible.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the cows get into munchiedom once they move on from their ed… there’s already a few who seem to be experimenting with vague sYmpToms

No. 900576

When you actually ARE fat, thinking you’re fat isn’t a symptom of an ED. It just means you have some grip on reality.

No. 900602

Considering she lurks here, I expect to see her talking about how she’s prescribed beta blockers for her “POTS” anytime soon

No. 900657

Beta blockers wouldn't be advisable in POTS..
Generally it'd be fluid, salt or fludrocortisone to increase blood pressure in turn preventing the tachycardia.

High or low HR on it's own is not POTS.

POTS is tachycardia in response to movement (i.e. sit to stand) DUE TO the drop in blood pressure. If the tachycardia isn't accompanied by a BP drop… it's not POTS/ autonomic dysfunction it's just really severe lack of fitness/ some other heart condition that needs investigation!

No. 900675


Actually a lot of expert doctors still use beta blockers for POTS with more refractory tachycardia.

But she doesn't have POTS, so it's not really relevant. POTS is inherently a pointless thing to discuss in this thread because a valid POTS diagnosis can't be made in a patient with active ED… And with the fat girls, it's extra ridiculous because although it's not at all codified or part of the criteria, there absolutely is a POTS 'look', and doctors with any expertise know that. Fat, deconditioned losers claiming POTS are just unfit. Anorexics claiming POTS are just anorexic.

It's a different clinical entity, even though the majority of POTS patients are also pretty thin (but not anachan thin).

No. 900738

You’re mostly right, but beta blockers are used to treat POTS successfully in some cases. There’s multiple meds used, not just fludrocortisone (which doesn’t help everyone, fyi). However, Georgie Porgie doesn’t have POTS, so if she’s prescribed beta blockers, it’s for their interested use, as her blood pressure is desperately trying to fight against her obesity.

No. 900746

All this medfagging and no one is pointing out that Georgia would need significant postural pulse changes to even be considered for a diagnosis. She’s a young, obese woman. Not the poster child for a POTS diagnosis or atypical anorexia given her lack of weight loss and general size

No. 900774

Probably has beta blockers because she has an obesity induced cardiac issue. Wouldnt be surprised if she has PCOS or diabetes. She is high risk for metabolism disorder

No. 900788

Why has she been kicked out of so many treatment programs?

No. 900808

She’s been to so many because she made it her mission to see them all. She was banned for teaching younger patients tips and tricks. The only one to outshine her eating disorder field trips is Ariana Magro (if anyone has leaks on her plz update)

No. 900810

Also an extensive history of noncompliance. Her insurance eventually refused to pay for anything else except a nursing home, and that’s when she went the munchie route and started claiming that she couldn’t go to treatment because her fake illnesses were “too complex” kek. Eventually she just started pretending that she doesn’t have an ED, and went total munchie. But overall just being a general attention whore and scumbag in numerous ways. Like her current feeding tube is on her face on purpose, she didn’t have problems with her G tube, it just didn’t get her enough asspats hidden under her shirt. And she was a nanny with another tube on her face, while claiming she passed out often. She’s also had numerous “give me money” schemes to pay for treatment she wants just for the asspats and to escape any adult responsibility.

No. 900811

Ol’ toothless! She hasn’t been mentioned in a while. Probably still gaming the system in some way or another.

No. 900829

She seemed to go from years of hopping to and from treatment centers to nothing but I unfollowed her. My biggest regret. Would love any leaks she’s one of my faves
(For anyone interested she was mentioned around thread 16 or so?)

No. 900855

This is an image board.

No. 900891

So post some instead of whining about it. And learn to sage, newfag.

No. 900923

Anybody else sick of miss pathological liar ig user scumtier?

She constantly makes and deletes post about this mysterious disease she has, but it’s very obvious she just has an ED. When other people have posted photos of her with them she comments things about her thighs being chubby or whenever she posts selfies with her obviously empty stomach out she says “belly full of ___” like she’s trying to say she’s gorged and her stomach is full.

I know that there’s no way no one else has noticed this. Once she said “I always knew this would one day kill me” like she has cancer…. insanity.

Not proana but if someone could point me to a better thread I’d gladly migrate there.

No. 900948

I don't follow her, but she has been mentioned here before earlier in the year ( >>821620 ). Googles picking up that she was mentioned in thread requests, but they said to dump her here. Seems like another photoshopping attention seeking munchie though.

That being said, wonder what happened to atravelsaway in the end. New name new ploy somewhere?

No. 900957

First time I've heard of her although I do remember the pic anon posted above.

Not much content to go off, but she kind of loves herself and even with so few posts she's really annoying. Idk anything about her.

atravelsaway - that's pilot Patrick's girlfriend? Lol. She's got to be around somewhere. That was some big time stalking/delusion going on. Hope she isn't in another coma.

No. 900969

I first thought that this is the same person as used pet / Aubrey (also known from the egirl thread). She is also very sickly uwu and seems sketchy af

No. 900970

File: 1575385639949.jpg (646.22 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20191203-100507_Ins…)

i was the person who posted about her in a previous thread. she's absolutely in it for the asspats and attention but gets away with it by claiming this ~mystery illness~ idk if she photoshops but shes a girl who thinks its okay to dress like a little in public so she's a bottom-feeder anyway

she also whiped her account not that long ago, i see that as another attention seeking tactic

No. 900973

Something wacko's going on because that knee to waist ratio's as bad as Kelsey's grasp of anatomy.

No. 901006

How's that self love going?

No. 901034

i just cant get over her punchable face. a decade of anorexia? shut the fuck up porgie.

No. 901062

File: 1575403025033.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 270.87 KB, 483x718, A5D17E47-4099-4CE8-857D-C1EBAF…)

As requested. No it is not a self post.

No. 901069

Wtf is that

No. 901088

File: 1575406307662.jpg (560.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191203-214954_Ins…)

No. 901089

File: 1575406408748.jpg (632.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191203-214946_Ins…)


"belly full of" yeah…., especially love the #ootd

No. 901126


Does she do anything else?

No. 901137

not anymore, just noticed she deleted practically all her photos and her highlight that in short said something along the lines of "please dont comment on my weight I have a severe chonic illness"

No. 901144

she did have a sex work side account but idk what the @ is
#ootd lmao girl this is some hooker shit

No. 901157

File: 1575413234391.jpg (488.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191203-224555_Ins…)

Laura trying to appear totes anorexic by using childrens cutlery and bowls. Very paris and so even.

No. 901166

She's going to say she has DID, I swear. Hope her story involves Satanists.

This is fucking pathetic. She caught the toddler wanarexia from instagram.

No. 901190

Also chronic illness isn’t an excuse to be underweight forever. If she truly was sick and couldn’t eat enough, her doctor/s would do something. Toobs aren’t just for ana chans and munchies.

But her problem is less chronic illness and more ana scumbag attention whore syndrome.

Maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t an OOTD require clothes??

No. 901361

She’s a tubie—she wiped her account after people were fed up with her shit and commenting about how her supposed “illness” wasn’t adding up. Before she had tons of selfies of her posing to look as thin as possible with a tube in her nose, constantly.

I wish I had thought to keep caps but the way she talked about her so-called chronic illness was super fishy. She’s just a spoiled anorexic munchie, doesn’t have to work or lift a finger. She’s totally allowed to photoshop (there’s plenty of old pics with major warping around her waist) as long as she claims a super sekret illness she will never give a name or speak of other than to say it’s why she poses like a thinspo queen.

She had a greasy boyfriend for a short period and when he posted a mirror selfie of them together, she was doing the thinspo pose with her legs wide apart and still commented something about how chubby her thighs looked with a keyboard smash. That’s when I knew she was full of shit, spoken like a true neurotic delusional rexy.

No. 901362

Also to add: some months ago she shaved her head claiming her hair was falling out in rapid patches “because of her illness.” She didn’t shave it to the scalp, she left a good 2cm of hair and it was full with not a single sparse or bald patch. I’ll check to see if she has any Russian fan account or whatever when I get the chance to post the proof.

No. 901516

File: 1575462479272.jpeg (41.38 KB, 755x392, image.jpeg)

Rebecca Leung looking a lot more healthy -wonder if Elzani will still idolise her now.

No. 901530

This isn’t milk. Gtfo.

No. 901620

File: 1575481068845.png (4.49 MB, 828x1792, 8B5795B5-F940-4234-948E-C506DD…)

Recovery.chii being an attention hungry cunt again. Note no body shot because she’s probably losing weight again.

No. 901687

File: 1575492040000.jpg (206.52 KB, 491x582, 20191204_203827.jpg)

Some of today's grossness….

No. 901694

Is that not even on a plate?

No. 901700

I think the red/white/brown/orange situation is a receptacle and not food but you can never be sure with her.

No. 901711


Thought it was melted cheddar cheese and some gross thick sauce at first glance. But it's likely a plate shaped like a reindeer with a santa hat?

No. 901741

Dat alpro lid tho. Yummmmy. /s
It’s crazy that somehow in her fucked up brain she posts these things without realizing how utterly disgusting her surroundings are. Even serious hoarders generally try to hide their filth, not give it its own instagram platform.

No. 901822

I think i see the reindeer and santa hat now. thanks anon. I was having some serious optical illusion issues

No. 901890

I…I think it’s just sitting on a very dirty stool

No. 901892

Its a winnie the pooh with xmas hat plate

No. 901914

It’s 100% not Winnie the Pooh, it’s a reindeer head with a Santa hat as >>901711 stated, Pooh doesn’t have antlers kek
Now that we’ve sorted that out, the plate looks surprisingly clean for her. It must’ve just came right from the store, not used yet, and undoubtedly not washed before using it here either!

No. 901931

To the left…is that an envelope? A food splattered parcel? Good lord she’s a disgusting bulimic mess

No. 902037

Did Chii start her account again?

No. 902076

Don’t think so. Since “taking a break” from her account she has posted a couple of time to let people know she’s still alive.

No. 902079

File: 1575562406952.jpg (25.7 KB, 364x590, a life of grime.JPG)


To the left is parcel. Possibly some of the free syrup she gets sent to her. Also - get ready to gag - a yogurt lid with a USE BY date in JUNE (I can see the 6/20. It looks like a rat's been chewing on it.

No. 902083

File: 1575562723469.jpg (367.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191205-161742_Ins…)

No. 902089

They don't sell Ensure in the UK as far as I know. We have Fortisip.

No. 902091

As a person who knows her irl I can confirm that she’s not coming back and that she actually seems to be gaining weight and being normal around food (as far as I can tell. Idk.) I know her through treatment and generally don’t like her but she actually seems to be doing better than I’ve ever seen her.

No. 902097

We have ensure here in hospital and can be prescribed by GP - not too sure about for sale in chemist, (they have ensure juice, ensure plus, etc.) Suprised she's not asking for universal flavours, ensure has chocolate etc. Didn't journeytoemma used to do something daft like make a slushy icecream with them? Not actually seen fortisip strangely enough (and hope i never have to), could be a region thing.

No. 902102

File: 1575566846756.jpg (66.37 KB, 696x590, cant do today.jpg)

Yeah, could be regional. On medical wards and ED units here in the North, Fortisip is the standard.

I know that in some areas cancer patients were refused NHS prescriptions of Ensure because they're £3 each. Yeah, probably depends on the health authority, although I don't even remember it existing as an option in the UK a couple of decades ago.

I don't understand why Laura (who doesn't need any help hydrating with sugary drinks) would want to waste 300+ calories on liquid. We've seen her eat fancy chocolate and avocado things so obviously it's not like she has a fear of solids. Still, makes her appear more disordered, eh.

Sad to see Becky can't do anything today. Not that she had anything to do (but later was pictured with some naff Harry Potter trinket in a shop). Haven't had a crying shot for a while, so I'll leave this here.

No. 902107

Doesn’t sound like you are actually friends with her son wondering how exactly you are able to “confirm” that she’s not coming back and also appears to be eating normal?

No. 902108

I literally ran into her yesterday at the grocery store and she looked like she gained weight (she was in a winter jacket so it’s hard to tell) and she regularly goes out for coffee with a mutual treatment friend and apparently orders lattes and baked goods and whatever. And on Facebook it looks like she’s out doing normal people stuff.

No. 902122

File: 1575570207497.png (7.29 MB, 1242x2208, 4FEBFF8B-BD57-4290-B108-489969…)

How pathetic, and obviously searching for validation and attention. If someone honestly said she had chunky legs you know there’d be 25 stories bashing them. 2 weeks out of treatment and she’s already blowing all that money

No. 902206

Did you see her story where she asked people for an opinion on a poll and then blocked the people who voted for the 'wrong' answer, just because it pissed her off? What an unstable mess, hard to believe she's 28

No. 902211

You think blocking is harsh? She'll shoot to kill anyone who says her thighs aren't shrinking!

No. 902219

File: 1575587147168.jpg (895.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191206-000137_Ins…)

" if you dont feel sorry for me, for being in this position I put myself in, you're a mean fucking bitvh and you're blocked"

No. 902224

File: 1575587253981.jpg (746.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191206-000023_Ins…)

why do you post 8000 stories of you taking a shit, like just relax damn, no one cares. love that she didn't want to be an e-begger but still asks for stuff

No. 902226

File: 1575587285005.jpg (928.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191206-000036_Ins…)

No. 902231

ya it's almost like you have a personality disorder, weird right? go to therapy, goddamn

No. 902236

File: 1575588885737.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, 9FC38F03-4DAB-4BC6-B59F-6524C4…)

I don’t even have words for this bullshit…

No. 902237

What an unusual thing to post is she really bored or just so deluded that she thinks her describing herself taking a shit is interesting kek? Omfg I regret whatever I did to get blocked, I’m missing out on some quality cringe lol.
>>902219 well that answers why she’s insta obsessed and has no real life outside of it … insta the only place she can make every comment nice to her and censor out anything that is critical or even a minor annoyance. She doesn’t have to account for literally anything, and she gets asspats for her wanorexia lol. It’s like an alyhugbox. It’s interesting she acts all confident and egotistical but it’s clear she’s very insecure. I remember watching her lives and she just reeks of desperation. It definitely comes across in these ott posts

No. 902250

those stories were endless it was at least 10 stories of just talking about her BM. And she’s honestly surprised her body suck after fucking it up with lax and restriction? Kek

No. 902261

File: 1575591088527.png (2.34 MB, 1536x2048, BA10FE82-B37F-412E-83A3-29FD82…)

OMFG i seriously can’t stand this cow! she comes off as an attention seeking pro ana whore to me!

No. 902267

File: 1575591637893.jpg (99.86 KB, 809x602, 0.JPG)

I had to unfollow she pissed me off so much. Her follower's comments are p much the kind Cooney used to get:
>The face you make when you haven't eaten a real meal for years ..

With ana chans wking her.

I mean, why post this to illustrate beetroot soup?

No. 902268

File: 1575591678346.jpg (65.07 KB, 792x591, blek.JPG)

…and this is plain pathetic

No. 902271

Crop out your icone, diarrhea.

No. 902283

That’s really good to hear, I hope she stays okay

No. 902470

I am co-signing this prediction right now.

No. 902472

damn this girl looks boring

No. 902519

She's pro ana. If you follow her side account she posts often about how she wants to die, how she only drinks almosd milk from an actual baby bottle, and posts shoutouts to pro ana accounts. I dm'd her and asked her why she promotes those accounts and she said "because they buy shoutout"

No. 902530

what is the side account? i'm thirsty for milk from miss "i just burn more than i eat"

No. 902537


Who even is she? Paying her for a shoutout? Is she supposed to be famous? Who the hell would want a shout out from a baby bottle suckin' girl who's way in love with herself.

She reminds me of creepy chan.

No. 902553

Claims she's not an e-begger but had one of her followers buy her a whole halloween costume, for her to not ever wear it. She's delusional

No. 902579

her side is belosnezhnoe. forgot to mention she drinks baby formula from a bottle and when she posts food sometimes people will be like "will you eat that?" and a couple times has responded something along the lines of "should i eat that? or is it too many calories?" shes legit crazy

No. 902737

>>902579 clearly she's trolling, I don't know how people fail to see it. People get all sorts of butthurt when they see a girl as underweight as her and she knows it, y'all are amusing her. No milk here, that's just what girls like her and Katya Andreeva do

No. 902742

This is true. All she has to offer is people speculating about her weight as she posts pics of herself with pizza and cheesecake. It's not as if her style's anything to draw a person to her. Most of her followers are going to be wanarexics and those perverts. She's dull. Nothing about her except being thin. Meh.

No. 902963

dont insult creepy chan like that

No. 903076

It’s disgusting that she is doing this, the very fact that she is flaunting a mental illness around and portrays eating disorders as a glamorous condition shows how sick she really is, and to engage in these behaviours should be considered assisted suicide, there is no doubt in my mind that her posts trigger people.

No. 903211

Off at a tangent but anyone know anything about the twins? Or that Hannah McKee girl?

No. 903284

>>903211 the twins are still alive. One was admitted recently for a couple of weeks

No. 903309

File: 1575814613188.jpg (900.53 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20191208-091311_Ins…)

the only thing milky about hannah is she refuses to gain weight & is one of the MANY anachans who loves kid shit as an adult woman. pic only somewhat realted (mostly nitpick bc i hate when ppl say "adulting" like taking care of yourself & your responsibilities is something new or difficult) other than that she's engaged & just got her first apartment away from home which is way more than 90% of what the other chicks in this thread will ever do

No. 903351

Hannah McKee is probably the best out of any of these losers. She loves to show off her spoopy legs in tights but at least she doesn't spend her days e-begging or living off her ma.

No. 903386

Same old with the twins. Coffee shops, cats, co-dependency. M actually seemed to be doing slightly better when K was IP but don't see that lasting tbh

No. 903411

I so agree about all the kid stuff… it's so embarrassing. I feel so bad for their family.

No. 903418

What about Laura Jones? I think her name was weebabe or something?

No. 903422

How does a woman who uses children's colouring books and watches kid's films and uses the term "adulting" manage to hold down an adult relationship, let alone get engaged?

Is she actually capable of leading an adult life and uses all this childish crap for effect/to fit in?

No. 903428

I get the impression Maria is being forced to stay like this by katie

No. 903432

I cant speak to how she manages to be in a relationship or hold down a job, but (without wanting to WK) I think in the case of Hannah a big part of her fixation on certain things - many of which are childish - is because she has a long standing ASD diagnosis. Ive known her for nearly 10 years now and can categorically say that unlike certain cows cough smorvs cough cough its actually a legit diagnosis and not just one she exaggerates ridiculously.

No. 903453

i think shes a teachers aid or something similar, so like …. having an affinity for childish things seems slightly more appropriate than if she worked in an office, but i still find it cringe in general
idk shit about her relationship but its not hard at all to find men who think a childish woman is cute

No. 903454

>>903418 I think she finally got out of hospital and is in supported living. she started a hashtag about travelling with mental illness? she's not very milky.

Does anyone know Hannah(?) she loved oasis and cats. Had several cat tattoos. had an awful relationship with her mum. Refused to gain weight. I used to follow her on tumblr. She was pretty popular on there.

No. 903456

Talking about smorven, she confirmed what everyone's been saying (that she's healthy) in a picture of her legs. I wonder what she'll do now that she isn't spoopy any more. Honestly did not believe Morven restoring to a normal weight would ever happen in my lifetime.

(I'm aware this is shit-tier milk but the milk hasn't been fresh since the glory days of Em W)

No. 903457

File: 1575843114006.jpg (893.67 KB, 1080x1692, 20191208_221205.jpg)

Forgot to include the screenshot because I'm a bona fide retard.

No. 903458

Is she still in hospital?

No. 903460

Yep. Still in hospital with a tube. Only juat been granted leave apparently

No. 903461

No. 903462

File: 1575843654430.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191209-082047_Ins…)

No. 903465

File: 1575843990522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 370.99 KB, 1080x1502, Screenshot_20191209_082630.jpg)

The wavy ass twig arm and Betty Spaghetti limbs have me rolling

No. 903466

hahahaha, not to mention her spine! bitch be looking like a fuckin stegosaurus

No. 903472

File: 1575844972612.png (605.45 KB, 720x631, Screenshot_20191208-223844~2.p…)

Those head bumps look like dermal implants. They all be wanting to be looking like dinosaurs.

Phone home. If she had those proportions, her neck would snap.

No. 903474

File: 1575845345711.jpg (458.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191208-224837_Ins…)

No. 903477

File: 1575845407463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 609.06 KB, 720x1440, PhotoEditor_20191208_224924805…)

So much fuckery going on

No. 903478

At least you can smile about it, eh.

No. 903483

File: 1575846454527.jpg (577.88 KB, 1074x1911, 20191208_230744.jpg)

Good question, Laura, why ARE you like this?

No. 903506

If youre talking about the Hannah i think you are, shes still refusing to gain weight despite multiple ‘no this time i really mean it, im going to really try’ announcements, has a bmi in single digits, still does ridiculous stuff with her food and still has a terrible relationship with her mum.

sage bc no new milk just another anachan spinning her wheels for years online

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