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File: 1693960355535.jpg (685.53 KB, 1300x950, RL2AiC7.jpg)

No. 1893706

READ THE RULES NEWFAGS! Upper left hand tab that says [Rules]. Read it all. Then click the part where where it says "Check this guide to learn about posting on lolcow.farm." Read that too.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1883975

Last thread zillion things happened but, guess what? Nobody opened the new thread and the one who tried to, is a newfag. So, next time, open it sooner or we'll all have a shit thread like this one.


No. 1893725

File: 1693966431233.jpeg (620.46 KB, 828x1611, 71462AF4-9795-44E8-9306-34EC5C…)

New cow giving gypsy blanchard vibes claiming recovery yet posting juicy private stories trying to earn her “sick enough badge”

No. 1893727

what are the juicy private stories? I've followed her for a while now and find her whole "woe is me, I'm soooo sick but such a positive recovery warrior" shtick irritating but didn't realize there was any private milk

No. 1893731

Well done on the new thread Nona

No. 1893733

Where’s the cow behavior? I follow her she is irritating with her repetitive posts and clearly loves being in treatment, but there’s nothing pro ana about her. Sounds like you have a personal vendetta.

No. 1893735

File: 1693969328509.png (47.79 KB, 478x301, Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 10.0…)

challenge: Fi actually writes a sentence with some information

No. 1893736

File: 1693969383604.png (128.06 KB, 483x789, Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 10.0…)

She's definitely trying to tease an anorexia relapse

No. 1893764

That's an awful lot of words to say absolutely nothing.

No. 1893770

Private stories please. There's no milk on the public posts.

No. 1893775

Pointless putting Niamh in the picture since she doesn’t even post anymore, aside from the occasional vinted bodycheck (and even that’s stopped).

No. 1893779

File: 1693983209008.jpeg (609.32 KB, 1170x2387, 1EC3EED9-298C-44A0-A82B-7AE3B6…)

DID ana fake tubie is going munchie, who predicted?? Claims hyper mobile EDS despite never showing any hypermobility ever. Approximately an hour after this posted short clip on her pointe shows with her barely even on her toes properly let alone anything hyperextended. Can’t wait to watch this unfold

No. 1893781

File: 1693983442912.jpeg (481.6 KB, 1170x2373, 8CA420B3-3F43-45F3-9DD5-91938A…)

Mosaic did an interview overseas and is now going viral. Her Canadian wife who is absolutely in on the money laundering scam talks about having intimate relations with multiple alters whilst also talking about adapting to child alters and their needs. Much ew. Pedophile technicality? Either way I’m grossed out. Mosaic is selling child alters drawings to get her wife to NZ, who is falling for this shit

No. 1893782

I'm not the previous anon and the only reason I came on here is to write this in the hopes Niamh sees this. Niamh, I tried to contact you but I'm not sure if the messages went through. You remind me so much of my younger self, and it hurts my heart. I know it's much easier said than done, but you shouldn't give a single fuck what anyone thinks of you, especially people on here. Clearly they're so obsessed with you and won't stop mentioning you so please try to stop coming on here. You have so much potential. You deserve happiness. You deserve good health. You deserve to live life because a life trapped in anorexia isn't living. I promise you as scary as it seems, it's so much greener on the other side, there's a whole world out there. Honey you have an eating disorder, a severe one. I was in denial. I struggled for over a decade and here I am, still fighting every single day, but I'm better, I'm happier, I have a life now and I wouldn't trade the freedom I gained for the things I thought I lost. The reality is that this disease is awful, deadly. I had near death experiences, health issues to this day, isolation from the world, etc. You can do this. I know you can. And you know who I am so feel free to reach out to me any time. Sending you so much strength, so much light, so much love…(cowtipping, blogging, get therapy)

No. 1893783

And I get writing about wannarexics like Ham, I mean why waste your time on constantly coming on here either way but that is like whatever, but mentioning people like Dora, Niamh, Alice, etc is uncalled for. Why are you bullying people with mental illness? They already have enough on their plate. It's sad and you're more pathetic than the people you come on here to talk about

No. 1893786

boo hiss, don't message the subjects you moron

No. 1893788

You're the fucking moron don't tell me what to do(retard)

No. 1893789

And I'm not one of you pathetic people who constantly come on here to write. I'm trying to contact Niamh because I got off social media, not that I need to explain myself to you

No. 1893790

this isn't fucking craigslist missed connections

No. 1893791

File: 1693984564690.png (127.31 KB, 432x522, Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 2.18…)

Annnnd nobody is surprised that Enara self-sabotaged. Anons predicted it immediately.

No. 1893792

Oh blah blah blah. Keep your heartfelt sperging out of here please, no one cares. Find a way to message her if you have something to say to her, don't post your lifestory on a gossip forum for attention just "hoping" that she'll read it.

No. 1893793

"stop buwwying people with mentaw iwness" kek shut the fuck up everyone on here is probably autistic and mentally ill. and why is ham fair game but niamh isnt? you're no better than anyone else on here and you know it, get off your high horse retard

No. 1893794

my extremely tragic life, severe mental illness, and ultimate near-death spoop status mean that I'm required to bully at least seven people per day or I'll spontaneously combust and die. how dare you judge my needs.

No. 1893797

Because Ham clearly never had anorexia

No. 1893798

This makes no sense(dumping unsaged commentary back to back)

No. 1893799

"STOP BEING MEAN" screams the retard calling a teenage girl Ham

No. 1893801

I doubt Niamh is that difficult to contact ffs, send her a message on vinted or something, idk. No need to clog the thread with your sperg

No. 1893803

She’s probably ignoring her kek.

No. 1893812

File: 1693989763844.png (65.95 KB, 779x404, niamh.PNG)

Except she is still on social media, albeit a private hug box. I don't doubt that someone as chronically online as her still either has an edtwt or posts ED content/bodychecks somewhere, probably under an alias.

No. 1893816

All the other poor patients that are probs traumatised from this. No way would they allow her back.
I’m curious how she did it or like what she did it with? Did she smuggle in a blade or was it full crazy Pencil or like butter knife action?

No. 1893817

Yeah you don’t just randomly get hemachromatosis one day, probs cause she been guzzling iron tablets to get the diagnosis

No. 1893820

The fakest DID shit ever.
I’m reminded of that woman in australia who actually is like a rare example of real did and doesn’t behave like this and it’s actually believable and shit. Her dad raped her from like birth and stuff, proper fucked up trauma that actually causes Did.

No. 1893832

It’s not hard to smuggle sharps into a psych hospital - I imagine you’d be able to smuggle a knife in if you wanted

Also oh no, how will Enara cope without her regularly scheduled asspats(sage your shit)

No. 1893834

>someone as chronically online as her still either has an edtwt or posts ED content/bodychecks somewhere, probably under an alias.
Either find and post it or shut the fuck up.(infighting)

No. 1893851

File: 1693999552182.png (14.5 KB, 1800x82, learn2cope.PNG)

No, i'm an anon that really wanted to ban niamh as a topic because anons kept trying to get her in this thread as a minor. But i highly doubt it is just a "friends and family" account, or that she can resist posting body checks and other things. People don't just have a 180 turn in personality, she's still probably on MPA (the new name is failing memory right now). People who get caught doing stuff often don't just turn around and change as people, they just learn to avoid consequences. EPD445 is a recent example kek. She hasn't "graduated" even though i think that term is pretty cringe, she's just a cow that's gone underground, and the vinted stuff was milk for better or worse. Do you think for example colours has settled her arse down now she's gone back to private accounts? no, she's probably still frothing at the mouth over cows here, people don't change just because they've cut the scope around them as to avoid negative consequences. Learn to cope because you're awfully suspect right now.

No. 1893853

it’s called edsupportforum now if you’re looking for it, but yeah we’ve seen niamh “leave social media” and have a new account within weeks so many times that i really can’t believe anons think she will ever be able to actually change

No. 1893855

> […] Nobody opened the new thread and the one who tried to, is a newfag. So, next time, open it sooner or we'll all have a shit thread like this one.

BAYZED OP, at least the shit thread badge of honor on the thread pic makes literal sense now kek. What would make it perfect is if a mod redtexted it too

No. 1893857

File: 1694001259785.jpeg (337.21 KB, 1170x943, 2F9DF20D-AC2C-4082-85CF-F99583…)

No. 1893865

File: 1694001963551.jpeg (203.56 KB, 827x1050, F69DBBB5-C8EE-4FB8-9015-CA5DED…)

kek, her followers keep commenting and Laura just deletes them until she gets the response she wants

No. 1893868

>Learn to cope because you're awfully suspect right now.
It shocks me every day how fucking retarded you all are. I guarantee 80% of the thread posters here are skelly cunts themselves who have starved off the gray matter in their heads. “There’s no milk but we suspect there probably is!” I guarantee you ARE that vendettafag. What did she do then? Did she steal your discord daddy?

No. 1893892


This is so cringe. She is turning munchie for sure. If I recall correctly, only a few months back she was going on about being iron deficient and needing a transfusion. She just can’t get away from the poor me I’m sick and need all the asspats.

No. 1893902

But she has the energy to post on IG or FB or YT.
Her dog died?
Excuse for relapse…..
More attention
Will she be well enough to go back to uni…. That is the question….

No. 1893903

Bring back the days or crying Emily and when paris used to do her wacky dances and there people like Allegra and kryspykreme- there was decent milk.
Now it’s woke might that’s gone off
Even smorven was good or lolitaisdead- not is all drivel.

No. 1893908

you know constantly messaging someone despite not getting a reply back is harassment right? clearly she doesnt want to talk to you

No. 1893911

I mean you can suddenly find out you have it if you've not had a lot of blood tests in your life but I assume being a hospital-lurker she's not in that category.

No. 1893912

Who on Lolcow is saying "stop being mean" kek

No. 1893913

You'd struggle with a knife, but smaller things sure. I expect she found something there to do it with though.

No. 1893919

She's kind of outed herself posting here too. Even though she's a participant on the board i don't think she's going to want to talk to you now.
This anon apparently. >>1893868 LEAVE NIAMH ALONE!1. Makes me wonder if we have an Abby in the room with us. Probably the same retard who had their knickers in a twist about Rachel in the last thread. Did anything more come from that by the way?

No. 1893924

that particular dumbass anon who doesn't know how to sage and was posting here to send a message to Niamh was also telling us to stop being mean

No. 1893929

It wasn't super clear from this story, but by "private clinic" she means the Cairns clinic where she has regular respite admissions, not the program she had to be three months self-harm free to attend. So Enara may not be able to have her usual hospital vacations anymore…

No. 1893935

File: 1694018484370.jpg (214.17 KB, 1344x1360, Collage_2023-09-06_12_43_35~2.…)

No. 1893936

I really wish her to recover one day and I hope that she won't die or anything but…HOW does she keep going on such a low weight for years. She and Eugenia are going to bury us all at this point lmao.

No. 1893944

It’s practically impossible for women to get hemochromatosis since we are regularly losing blood through menstruation. Even if someone isn’t having periods (likely if she was actually as ana as she says but she doesn’t look particularly underweight) it is still unlikely because of her ‘restricted diet’ she claims to have. People who eat a normal and healthy diet rarely get hemochromatosis even. You’d have to be seriously overdosing on massive amounts of iron pills to manage it. (And even then usually you’d just get GI issues and get sick long before you got to hemochromatosis levels).

No. 1893945

File: 1694020877588.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1977, IMG_4379.jpeg)

This is beyond fucked up, pretty sure that’s a family member…

No. 1893946

Iron deficient to hemochromatosis?! She must be some kind of medical marvel.

No. 1893947

Constant mixed messages. She just keeps changing tactic until she gets the response and attention she wants. Same as she changes her ‘symptoms.’

No. 1893950

Wow she's really dug herself into a hole of no more attention here. Play stupid games, win the same prize the rest of us have to have.

No. 1893951

She lives on spite alone.

No. 1893952

She mentioned iron transfusions before right? Maybe it's iatrogenic. She could have been overloading on OTC supplements.

No. 1893958

Thank you nonna, I hadn't opened a thread here before.
Now it's derailing a little, but that's fine, I guess.

No. 1893964

File: 1694024430550.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1656, sxN342D.png)

EC dancing and everybody loses their minds.

No. 1893983

I'm a menstruating female who was diagnosed with hemochromatosis in my 20s. No ED, alcohol abuse or fucked up diet. Just genetics.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1894000

can't you at least sage your useless blogging?

No. 1894017

Those shoes are equally fucked up. Hideous.

No. 1894021

Why did she censor the other person’s shoes?! Were they even uglier?!

No. 1894025

A genetic condition would be the only way a menstruating woman could have hemochromatosis I believe, yes. But I am pretty sure Tamzin has talked about iron deficiency in the past. It seems highly unlikely to be able to go from one to the other like that.

No. 1894029

nasty pedo-pandering shot especially with her body type and socks/footwear. these are the anas that I hate the most, they seem to get off on sort of corrupting childhood innocence by attempting to extend it into their adulthood via starving themselves to the size of a child. grotesque. you will never be a kid again, grow up and get some hobbies besides mooching off your wealthy parents

No. 1894031


Glad I’m not the only one who sees it. It’s all a giant scam. I don’t believe she has DID or even an ED for a moment.

No. 1894045

Bonelord is going to bury us all and laugh at us while shaking her boney ass above our graves.
rattle rattle rattle rattle rattle

No. 1894046

File: 1694032912266.jpg (403.18 KB, 1080x2098, Screenshot_20230905_184813_Ins…)

Jesus shitting christ this thread has been up for no more than 20h and you're already bringing your brainrot in here
This is my reaction to your retarded ass:

No. 1894048

I’m more disturbed by that ratty triangle-banged dollar store wig. Thats an actual outrage.

No. 1894054

File: 1694033649591.jpg (2.05 MB, 1284x1853, IMG_3225.jpg)

This old cow may be back with a relapse

No. 1894055

File: 1694033703119.png (379.75 KB, 430x682, Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 3.57…)

May is such a perpetual victim. Her autism is being personally victimized by the fact that sometimes you have to make phone calls.

No. 1894060

File: 1694034243170.jpeg (186.07 KB, 750x867, 342E2353-6E2B-49D9-8F88-27CC10…)

For whoever was asking whether LLL ever had a tube in unthreatening last thread: she heard you. I am also surprised she doesn’t post about it more tbh but I think it only lasted a very short time. I don’t know why she was tubed at this weight but she was clearly very pleased about it as you’ll see from the next pic I’m about to post. (Actually the 3rd. If I’m allowed that many in a row without ‘flooding’).

No. 1894062

File: 1694034337201.jpeg (253.59 KB, 749x1110, 42582B2A-274A-4A67-B5CB-052A5D…)

Samefag 2/3
She’s on the recovery train with this caption but like an anon above said, it changes with whatever gets her most attention and comments.

No. 1894063

File: 1694034406101.jpeg (152.2 KB, 749x1070, 7E92CB72-B8D8-44D4-8A22-09378D…)

Doesn’t look like she hated it so much she needed restraints and to sh.

No. 1894064

Did anyone see the weird YT Short of EC singing ‘somebody call 911’ and saying she was locked in a hotel room against her will and not allowed out? Idk when it was from but the last couple of days. Any idea what that was about?! Also she looked like she was on some kind of uppers.

No. 1894067

Is this the video that you are talking about? That's classic EC, she knows how to click bait.

No. 1894074

Yea this one! Thanks nonna. Maybe she was just lying when she said ‘I’m being held prisoner.’ She said it kind of weirdly. The whole video she was acting weird really.

No. 1894075

Damn what account is this nonna? any more caps? Kek Laura, you eat more than three meals a day, one of those being a calorific tard meal of plain pasta and jarred sauce. Plus, the sugary frappes you think are low cal bc "soy". I'm not even an anachan, you just don't eat like that if you're sedentary, let alone if you were addicted to starving yourself.

No. 1894101

feel like she is actually really struggling though. she doesn't look well

No. 1894104

oh look, it's the anon who is obsessed with posting pictures of Em and trying to solicit comments about how sick she (suddenly?) is

No. 1894109

File: 1694040597841.jpeg (201.12 KB, 749x1092, 870F5DC5-7BC5-4208-A304-88FCBF…)

Another one of her many. Not active since Feb though. I think it was the only one she was honest on really.

No. 1894111

File: 1694040712986.jpeg (187.12 KB, 750x1107, 31E20818-D7AF-418C-8B7E-196CDD…)

No. 1894112

File: 1694040816378.jpeg (256.22 KB, 749x1113, C384C8D6-C571-446A-B6F2-33B36C…)

No. 1894114

File: 1694041461270.jpeg (165.78 KB, 749x1087, C0E171D5-FC1A-47B4-9F3D-58ACEE…)

It seems like she was actually honest on this one account I think……….Out of the many she has. But she’d also claim to not eat for weeks at a time so who knows?! But she doesn’t post anymore since Feb this year.

No. 1894117

File: 1694041756385.jpeg (361.01 KB, 750x1291, 0DAC9641-C65B-416A-A087-5CCE67…)

Not Han going into a freaking hospital again?!

No. 1894121


Why are all Em weight loss posts unsaged?

She’s clearly mentally ill, but in a desperate for attention way. Don’t feed into it by posting here. She’s a full blown narc who goes live all the time because she can’t bare to be alone, slags off her family constantly despite supporting her for years, laughs about how she doesn’t do anything for family or home and expects them to pay for everything and do everything for her. A few months back she went on a huge rant about how dare they be spending time looking after her younger brother when he was depressed and asking her not to film him.

Girl thinks she’s Britney Spears, just don’t give her the space. She isn’t internet famous, just a sad attention hungry goblin who needs better skincare and to get a grip with reality.

No. 1894123

at the risk of tinfoiling, I genuinely think they may be posts from Em or a friend who are just trying to stir up discussion about her. Last thread, there was a wave of this, then a wave of unsaged "Em is fat" posts, then another wave of unsaged "Em is clearly losing sooo much weight" posts. As if they were trying both angles when they didn't get enough engagement.

It's all stupid because, you know, maybe she is struggling, who knows. But that isn't instantly visible even if it's true.

No. 1894124

Apparently someone contacted Em's mum to say they were worried about her? Tbh on the stream the other night, it was revealed that Em's mum doesn't trust Em not to spend her student loan all at once, so she's taking the loan and sending Em an allowance of £50 per week whilst paying for her accommodation. Meanwhile Em on the stream is acting like a victim because she spent all her money on vacation and now doesn't have enough money to buy an ipad, and her mum wouldn't let her spend her student loan. Em was basically subtly begging her followers for money as she went through a fake online Tesco order to demonstrate that £30 a week would not be enough, because apparently her Pepsi max alone is £20 per week and she couldn't possibly shop anywhere cheaper than tesco. She was hinting that because she is so hard done by, by her mother, she won't have enough money to eat and will be forced to relapse.

No. 1894127

what a grifter. boohoo, forced to spend, what was it, 600 pounds in a day on partying?

No. 1894129

same anon, but maybe she can try getting a part-time job like the rest of the world if she needs to spend that much on soda per week

No. 1894135

She gets disability from the government. Kinda sounds like her mum might have a point by forcing her to budget a bit. The comments on the live were a lot of "that's no where nearly enough money for a week. Your mum can't do that!"

No. 1894138

britfags, how much does Em likely get per week for disability?

No. 1894139

Same fag. Everyone is poor at uni and she needs to get used to it. A lot of people are forced to work part time as they are not lucky enough to have parents who can pay for their accommodation

No. 1894140

File: 1694043367900.jpg (134.55 KB, 1080x1049, Screenshot_20230907_003822.jpg)

UK fag here. It depends which rates she gets. I doubt she'd be getting the mobility element.

No. 1894142

So she's going to be getting at least 68 + 50 (from her mom doling out her loan) = 118 per week? If her housing, textbooks, etc are paid for, then that's more than enough for food and some fun stuff

No. 1894144

Yeah it makes you wonder how much she was spending before if she thinks this isn't enough when she has no bills or rent to pay. But a lot of young people get this wake up call when they go to uni, and sometimes it forces them to grow up a bit. Why do I feel like this won't be the case for Em, though? She is already hinting that she is going to relapse because she feels so neglected by her parents

No. 1894149

File: 1694044243346.png (8.01 MB, 1170x2532, 73834C0F-14FF-49D4-95EB-94AC73…)

Would love to know what exactly Stef was “systematically denied” throughout her life. She’s an adult who lives in the most expensive part of the county off her parents. She doesn’t work- being a patient is her full time job. idk what this whole trauma thing is about but the video was her ballet pictures and dance class doesn’t typically qualify you for a ptsd diagnosis

No. 1894163

srsly not nitpicking but like another anon in these threads i've noticed she's always covered in dead skin, milia, and crusty spittle. initially i thought she was just retarded with bad hygiene (true) but if she's always taking photos of it zoomed in, then damn, ig she's leaving it on purpose to look more "sick" (deranged). gross.

No. 1894170

No ~validity~ when it took constant tomfoolery on the PDU to get tubed. Not even her 2 weeks of starvation got that. They don’t fuck around with stupid BPD-ing in those PD wards.

No. 1894171


Em also gets universal credit (another government payment) which at a minimum she’d easily get around £300 per month for not working.

Her PIP money might stop once she gets to uni bc technically if she’s able to live alone and get up for lectures and placements then she can look after herself..

But we all know she’s going to move out and realise what being an actual adult is and have a massive meltdown.

Tinfoil theory? She’ll end up back in hospital before she even finishes her first year at uni

Also love how she couldn’t afford an iPad for uni (£450) so she decided to spend £100 on a new tracksuit instead. Then had a rant about her dad for not giving her any money for uni and how nobody cares for her.
This girl needs a reality check, her mother must be a fucking saint.

No. 1894173

Come on now, these posts about Emily are clearly Emily herself

We know it's you(hi cow)

No. 1894174

Fiona would get high sniffing her own farts.

No. 1894197

marie and her twin…? did anyone see the replies before she took them down

No. 1894204

People said it was okay for her to keep it up and the usual “you’re so tiny stay safe” comments

No. 1894206

File: 1694054058421.jpeg (293.25 KB, 1170x1777, 5240DB24-4BB9-4638-A417-F70C0B…)

Really glad she shared this memory with everyone. Not a pic to trigger people at all

No. 1894214

File: 1694055600706.jpeg (407.93 KB, 1170x2420, IMG_9934.jpeg)

Her whole story right now is just a body check. She used to pretend to be a recovery gal when she made instagram reels of herself trying new food but now she probably just doesn’t eat. She openly admits she’s bmi 9-10 too

No. 1894220

wait, she seriously saves and displays her empty pepsi cans? WHY!?

No. 1894222

why do you think they're empty? they're probably full and she's storing them tin her room so nobody else drinks them

No. 1894226

Given that we’ve seen she’s not exactly on the ball with personal hygiene, I doubt it’s a conscious aesthetic thing and more just the genuine grimy bridge troll lifestyle.

No. 1894240

I don’t think that’s her twin. She’s posted her twin before and she wasn’t obese

No. 1894244

oh well no reason other than i've watched her lives before when i've heard her looking around her room asking if she only brought one can to her room, so i assumed she refrigerates them

No. 1894254

Ironic circumstances seeing as tamzin ie 'it' chose to have a hysterectomy because they never lost their period or felt 'sick enough'.

Toxic cow classic munchie

No. 1894255

The good old days, kek

No. 1894257

Sage your shit

No. 1894272

I posted about Em in the last thread, 100% saged and I'm definitely not Emily or one of her disgusting friends. It's so annoying that some anons think just because people post about a cow they're not interested in, it has to be a self post. but keep on your tinfoiling, I'm not bringing her up anymore

No. 1894284

I do feel for people whose autism/anxiety etc make it hard to manage phone calls, but how else do they do this? 99% of the PIP application process is done on paper, this is just to request the application not to have an intense phone conversation about your health problems.

No. 1894287

PIP wouldn't be affected by going to university, you can get it if you're working full time even. It's to help mitigate the extra costs of disability (including mental illnesses, but much harder to get for those). If she's on Universal Credit too then she's unlikely to keep getting that while at uni full time, depending what element she's getting (things like unemployment won't be applicable if studying full time and getting a student loan).

No. 1894288

but how she wants to be a doctor if she can't even bring herself to make a short phone call?

No. 1894293

Let's face it, there's more than a phone call standing between her and a medical degree.

No. 1894303

Seriously she did that?! Wtf?! Bitch is more ridiculous than I thought.

No. 1894306

>goes without saying that things are difficult
She literally just got back from a gofundme funded vacation, doesn't have a job, doesn't have to worry about rent or anything real. sOoO difficult

No. 1894308

Em has plenty of milk and I enjoy her being posted here. I think that comment was more about the particular style of post where it's just a picture of her and either "wow she looks so sick now" or "wow she's so fat", not about her being posted in general.

No. 1894312

And they’re really boring. Everyone stop going on about Emily. Who cares?

No. 1894315

Exactly. What things precisely are so ‘beyond difficult’ that it goes without saying? And who’s messaging her family? I don’t think she’s milky. The constant comments trying to make her a topic are annoying. ‘Does she look fatter?’ ‘Does she look thinner?’..…….Answer = no. People look different in different clothes and different angles. She’s nowhere near fat. She’s not a skeleton. Why do we have to have this discussion everyday about her?!

No. 1894317

I think she misses the advantages of being a sick ana. No responsibilities, free vacation, constant support and asspats. And I guess most of her followers are following her because of her ED, not because they are so interested in her.

No. 1894321

I used to like her but now I just find her annoying. Her e-begging for the most trivial shit ever was the final nail in the coffin.

No. 1894338

She had a hysterectomy?! I thought I was up tod ate on this cow? Evidence?

No. 1894341


Yeah, evidence? A doctor won’t just yank out a uterus for no apparent reason?

No. 1894350

Don't read more into it. Misusing the term pedopandering takes attention away from actual pedophiles.

No. 1894356

let people wear whatever they want, it has nothing to do with pedophilia

No. 1894367

Actually the most boring thing is infighting about whether certain subjects are milky. Sorry to blog but when I dont care about a cow, I simply scroll past

No. 1894375

Depending on the doctor, they’ll give hysterectomies as requested with no questions asked.

No. 1894377

We’ve got some newfags who bicker about the cows and their milk and cry when posts aren't precisely what they prefer, and there are no posts on this thread that piss me off more. We're not going to follow your stupid, made up, autistic rules about what you think is "good", so you might as well just stfu and save yourselves the trouble.

No. 1894382


No. 1894386

File: 1694094126475.jpg (Spoiler Image, 348.59 KB, 780x595, QuestionableLifeChoices.jpg)

Sometimes in life, people really do make some questionable life choices when they're on the grift. Ashley/"Tamzin" was into feeding foot fetishists, trying to find out about a hysterectomy but drawing up a blank so far.

No. 1894401

The person in the picture seems to be just a bit overweight, not in the obese category. Seems like her twin still

No. 1894407

File: 1694096682798.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x1977, IMG_4392.jpeg)

More saved up acute toob pictures as expected kek. Also I guess people that go to acute think they’re in some exclusive club because Momsfav has really been commenting a lot on her videos

No. 1894417

I think they’re friends from erc

No. 1894420

Of course they are lmao. I bet they thought they were so mistreated when in reality the other patients were just triggered af by them

No. 1894436

I doubt doctors will give a major, lifetime hormone altering surgery with no questions asked. A hysterectomy is major surgery!

No. 1894450

File: 1694101537659.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 540.05 KB, 1179x2161, IMG_0916.jpeg)

WTAF?! This is horrifying, but not surprising at the same time. I remember her talking about getting the hysterectomy as well. Searched hard to find it, she must have only spoke about it on her stories or she deleted it. I did come across this and instantly thought of LLL. What is with these cows all doing the same thing. Spoiler cause jump scare.

No. 1894452

at least LLL doesn't look dried out

No. 1894458

Ok jealous weirdo, it’s a baggy sweater, basic shorts, normal shoes, and normal socks. There’s nothing provocative about the outfit.(sage your shit)

No. 1894471

File: 1694104662455.jpeg (894.35 KB, 1242x1414, IMG_9429.jpeg)

No. 1894478

i'm so confused, how is that a huge step?

No. 1894490

because she’s huge…

No. 1894507

lol facts. but is this her first time being weighed in awhile or something? if they're not gonna tell her her weight, what's the significance here? you're yetting weighed, but you're not gonna know your weight..doesn't really seem like a big deal to me unless i'm missing something

No. 1894509

ayrt - I’m assuming she hasn’t been weighed in a while

No. 1894516

could you please fucking learn to sage

No. 1894527

Is anyone on stef’s private Instagram @stef_is_stressed? I would KILL to know what kind of shit she posts on there

No. 1894540

I said depending on the doctor…not ALL doctors, and maybe not YOUR doctor. The approval for this surgery also heavily depends on your location. I had my uterus removed at 24, no previous children, no previous or current marriage, no health conditions, and NO questions asked…I just DONT want kids. I know i’m not emotionally capable of being a parent any child deserves. I didn’t want to blog, but you’re wrong. It is a major surgery, and where I live everyone has the right to their reproductive organs, and can obtain this surgery. Check yourself before you doubt facts.(not your personal blog)

No. 1894547

where do you live if can ask (really just for educational purposes)? I thought female sterilization consists of blocking the fallopian tubes

No. 1894551

Do you think the hospital food made her this way or she binges?(learn to sage)

No. 1894558

I think it was a combination of hospital food, heavy duty antipsychotics (I think she was on clozapine at one point?) and being completely sedentary that did it, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of binging. You can get
takeaways delivered to most wards.

It’s a “huge step” for her dainty ana LARP, she’s trying to make herself seem uwu brave and strong by “giving up control” in terms of having to know her weight and presumably having meltdowns when she sees the number.

No. 1894561

kek i chuckled

No. 1894565

Same energy as Nikol posting her mom as fatspo, it’s crazy how Marie acted so sweet in her Insta days and posts stuff like this on twitter

No. 1894566

wait when did she post her twin?

No. 1894574

She’s got to be over 220 lbs

No. 1894619

Kek I didn’t even see that at first

No. 1894622

Drugs are expensive and clearly she needs those more than food. These cows are so damn gross.

No. 1894628

File: 1694120033656.jpeg (576.83 KB, 1284x2269, IMG_8822.jpeg)

Inb4 selfpost but what is the deal with em going on live every day, for multiple hours a day? Who asked for that (if anyone) or does she really just have nothing better to do with her time?

No. 1894630

Some people on Twitter will censor bare feet to dissuade fetishists. Maybe she was wearing sandals, or something with open toes.

No. 1894631

Those shoes are not normal kek and definitely not when put with those socks.

No. 1894644

why would i be jealous of someone who isn't even capable of feeding herself, the look projects a certain image and when you see the rest of her social media presence it's obvious she's obsessed with looking youthful/naive. it's weird af to want to die for an aesthetic like this and i don't understand the skellies who hold onto childhood sickly delicate dainty innocence so much they die trying

No. 1894667

File: 1694124743917.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 600.26 KB, 750x934, IMG_2666.jpeg)

kek there are some people, and then there are other people…

No. 1894678

At least she looks somewhat put together here. Her hair is done, her outfit is styled to match the cushions for the photo and she's not flashing her crotch with her leg up by her ear.

It does, usually, via clips or scarring (Essure, big nasty). I've never heard of someone being given a voluntary hysterectomy just because they didn't want children, as having the tubes tied is far less traumatic and doesn't affect the hormones or support to other organs internally. Not going to argue with another nona's lived experience, I just find it strange that a doctor would just do that if there was another option, but as she said she lives (somewhere) and I'm a UK anon and the NH generally won't sterilise women who don't already have children. There's only been a handful of women who've managed to get it done.

I'm sure it's dropping the ana larp for the psycho larp too. Eat what she wants, get drugged to the eyeballs, metabolism slows, continue eating like shit. Voilà.

It's harder to ignore someone begging for cash when they're doing it on live, that's my bet.

No. 1894693

At risk of rattle rattling I simply cannot imagine ballooning up like that..she really looks like that auntie in Harry Potter or violet from Charlie and the chocolate factory. Like, that is a pink balloon with a face on a sofa and I Will not be convinced otherwise

No. 1894695


She’s just an attention hungry child who doesn’t like being alone. Good luck to her Uni friends

No. 1894699

File: 1694128872470.jpg (647.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230908_085157_Ins…)

This made me laugh. Laura looking for lunch ideas other than pasta and milky drinks. Much ana

No. 1894703

someone tell her to try veggies

No. 1894708

Laura is lurking here hard. I'm the anon that bought up her antics in an old thread (ligature pic) and today she made a tiktok/reel out of those old photos, not really sure what the point of it was kek. what's next laura? no eating or dinking of two weeks after you get weighed? never change

No. 1894715

Has momsfav relapsed yet? Haven’t seen a thing about her on tiktok

No. 1894733

Not a med fag but you can get a full hysterectomy and leave the ovaries so it won’t effect hormones.

No. 1894734

I heard from a treatment friend that she’s not doing well

No. 1894752

File: 1694134658045.jpeg (600.56 KB, 828x679, IMG_9854.jpeg)

Old pic so maybe she became obese

No. 1894753

Are you for real? Have you got any evidence? I'm very interested. I have a friend with debilitating endo in Aus and drs refuse to let her have a hysterectomy

No. 1894757

Her tendency is to disappear from Tiktok when she starts a relapse, so that tracks

No. 1894768

At least she’s not posting body checks

No. 1894771

imagine having Marie as your twin

No. 1894775

She said they’re complete opposites and don’t get along at all. I bet it was a relief when she left for college.

No. 1894781

I hope the parents didn't neglect her to worry about Marie. Having a train wreck of a sibling can really, really fuck people up.

No. 1894809

File: 1694144153881.png (166.61 KB, 187x343, smel.png)


mosaic updates on the horrid hospital not giving her fentanyl for NJ placement. take more of that tramadol you're addicted to next time mel.
and never mind the thousands donated for pegJ placement, she's getting it done public and keeping the money. more squishmellows for the central city apartment funded by hundreds of weekly dollars of victim compensation for the "satanic ritual abuse"
why would you ever come clean with that sweet sweet secondary gain.
oh, and she definitely doesn't have did. narc, yes. munchie, yes. she is extremely well read on did and has a history of befriending people with dissociative experiences, learning all their symptoms, then dumping them and accusing them of faking and copying her.

No. 1894812

Sorry for being dumb, but where is Mosaic based? I get confused with some cows.

No. 1894813

new zealand, her wife is in canada

No. 1894815

Is she trying to get Canadian residency then? Or the other way around, wife coming to NZ?

No. 1894816

She wants to go to Canada. She was there for a few months after they got married on what I assume was a tourist visa and it seems like her end goal is to immigrate there. Which is really a stupid move because she won't get nearly the same level of social services as she's getting in new zealand

No. 1894817

Here and tamzin/Ashleigh were a weird couple. Tamzin/Ashleigh also claims religious trauma shit (which to me just sounds like what you get in a regilion) and both claim DID

Tinfoil that your Ashleigh/tamzin kek

No. 1894818

She and Ashleigh were friends, not dating.

No. 1894819


Glad someone else posted this one. Raised so much money for this surgical tube that will be placed for free, and isn’t returning any of the money. Where does all that money really go? Other than her stupid squishmallow addiction. This woman is the queen of larp kek

No. 1894821

it's really obvious that you're replying to yourself here, kek

No. 1894827

File: 1694146195325.jpeg (482.49 KB, 1170x2154, 4A571C01-A7D2-4BB4-9847-B85175…)

So I did some digging. No evidence of hysterectomy yet but she did get a PEG tube in 2021.
At the time claimed it was for anorexia, gastroparesis and hypoglycaemia but then in a later video claimed it was for oesophageal spasm

No. 1894828

File: 1694146239043.jpeg (444.01 KB, 1170x2234, 56AD13AC-491A-4135-9148-7D8BAA…)

2/ saying it’s for Ana and gastro p

No. 1894829

File: 1694146279000.jpeg (452.09 KB, 1170x2138, 1AA2AB1D-7DD9-4DDA-9B99-F87584…)

3 then this one like 6 months later explaining some oesophageal spasm shit

No. 1894830

File: 1694146314923.jpeg (485.9 KB, 1170x2180, C197811F-C36B-4EE1-BBFF-D574A6…)

4 this is the last video I can find they showed she still had it clearly from April 22

No. 1894833

File: 1694146544032.jpeg (497.86 KB, 1170x2164, C27A11D0-6CC3-4055-92B9-60C3E6…)

5/ And this one from late April last year you can see a covering or whatever you can it thing on her tummy and can’t really see the bump of the tube

No. 1894835

File: 1694146754714.jpeg (412.54 KB, 1170x2159, A48A0A18-B5DA-4D02-9682-529E90…)

6) And then 3 months later she’s claiming to need an NgT for her hypoglycemia and not her anorexia.

No. 1894836

File: 1694146880866.jpeg (478.31 KB, 1170x2154, 0F99F37B-1F6E-41E2-8101-46B6C1…)

And clear evidence showing a lack of PeG on the tummy

No. 1894840

What’s that got to do with a hysterectomy?

No. 1894841

File: 1694147285944.jpeg (492.02 KB, 1157x2299, BDAB8BD2-3FE4-4434-B538-2AFD76…)

Ah found it, the hysterectomy claim at least

No. 1894843

It doesn’t, but I thought it was milky

No. 1894846

If she’s had a hysterectomy there’s either a good reason the doctor would do it, or she just doesn’t want to have kids. I don’t find this milky personally. I’d get one of a doctor would approve it. They don’t in NZ unless you’re in menopause and had 50 kids

No. 1894850

It is milky, nona, don't worry. She's a total munchie.

No. 1894851

File: 1694150017036.png (533.37 KB, 427x718, Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 12.1…)

Why the hell is Han ordering so much shit and where does she get the money?

No. 1894852

Did you guys see the video of Eugenia going out to look at the moon and then her mom tells her not to go outside so she looks at the moon from the window?

No. 1894853

This is an imageboard. Post the link.

No. 1894855

No. 1894859

Holy shit. Things are probably worse in that house than I assumed they were

No. 1894860

Does her mom sleep by the front door?!

No. 1894861

Has anyone else watched OhLordyItsJordy’s yt videos on EC and Amberlyn?
He just covered the Moon thing with EC and yes mum seems to sleep by the window and even has bells on it. It’s creepy

No. 1894864

Am I confusing her with someone else or does Eugenia have a tard brother? Might be why the doors jingle to alert the mom.

No. 1894870

Her brother is obese but I never heard that he was mentally disabled

No. 1894874

Probs disability benefits

No. 1894884

What do Eugenia’s parents do for a living? Her house is worth over 3 million dollars.

No. 1894888

her gofundme money kek

No. 1894894

dad's a stockbroker/banker

No. 1894911

So is she actually called, Amber? Like is that her birth name, or was she Melissa at birth?

No. 1894919

Could this be a misunderstanding though? "(she) even thought I'd had a hysterectomy", not that she actually had one.

No. 1894920

Her real name is Melissa Lodge, on the old ED facebook circles she used to be Amber Lee, changed to Amber Rose now a days i believe.

No. 1894923

ayrt, thank you nonna

No. 1894932

I thought it was “even though I’ve had a hysterectomy”

No. 1894941

She says often her legal name is Melissa

No. 1894960

File: 1694175406769.jpeg (969.1 KB, 1124x1994, IMG_9947.jpeg)

Deep dove on that american Em in hospice and let me just say she is something else. Way to just drop your weight like that. Acting like she doesn’t know that it’ll trigger people

No. 1894963

OMFG, so Eugenia's mom doesn't let her out to see the moon just in the doorstep so she has to see it through a freaking window??? What the hell is going on with that family?????

No. 1894965

Where do you live and was it legal? >>>/g/108748

No. 1894987

File: 1694180135231.jpeg (587.79 KB, 750x1334, 86845811-FF37-42C4-A389-590815…)

So Katy (one of the twins)’s team have given up on her and are presumably recommending end of life care/ hospice. I feel genuine pity because she’s one of the few decent lolcows who is not pro ana/ attention seeking etc

No. 1894995

This was deleted and has been replaced by 2 reels of her when she was much skinnier. SO much post and delete. Just wow.

No. 1894997

To trigger herself and to remind everyone that she wasn’t always obese. The usual. I feel slightly sorry for her being at the weight she is but then I remember that she caused that to happen and forced and faked her way into so much treatment she didn’t need. And this is the result.

No. 1894998

Was Katy the one who was at st Anne’s or the one at Vincent square?

No. 1895000

I think an anon already said this but………..From this story I would say that we got this hysterectomy thing all wrong. The idea is based on JUST this story as far as I know and we are assuming it says ‘my Oma berating me for not having children even THOUGH I’ve had a hysterectomy’. We (readers of lolcow) are assuming Tamzin meant to type ‘though’ and it’s a typo. But if it’s not a typo and you read what she actually wrote it’s ‘berating me for not having children, even THOUGHT I’ve had a hysterectomy.’ That’s a big difference. Her family member is being mad at her not having kids and this family member EVEN THOUGHT Tamzin had had a hysterectomy. That’s a big difference. I think anons have been too keen to just see this as a typo and run with it being Tamzin saying she had a hysterectomy, when it’s actually not a typo and it’s a family member accusing Tamzin of having had the surgery.
Sorry for all the shouty caps but I think it’s quite a big deal, considering how far people have run with this hysterectomy story. I hope that makes sense. I don’t think she had one: was just telling about her family member accusing her of having one because she’s not having kids.
If she had had one I am sure she would have posted all about it kek.

No. 1895003

If you read it, it says ‘even thought I had a hysterectomy.’

No. 1895008

This is so fucked up. An adult woman is not allowed to open a door and step outside onto the doorstep to look at the fucking moon?! Because her mother forbids it?! And her mother seems to sleep downstairs by the door?! Why the hell can’t Eugenia go outside to see the moon?! Hell she’s a grown woman (well not really grown but you know), she should be well within her rights if she wanted to go outside at night without telling her mother why and go walk or drive for no fucking reason or go to a bar or…… Just sit in the garden or wander around all night if she wants to! She’s obviously really sick but she’s not without capacity. She should have the right to do what she wants without her mother controlling it when it comes to being outside or just opening a damn door! This is really creepy. Like the time she had to call her mother on her phone to ask if he could go upstairs or something? What the hell is going on?!

No. 1895010

sad. I was hoping the lack of momsfav updates meant that she was maintaining recovery but uncomfortable with her recovered body (despite the fact that she didn't blow up and is still objectively thin weight restored). She's the one who I most hope gets to live a normal life someday.

No. 1895014

Samefag. I wonder if she’s under a conservatorship like Britney? All I know is, that household is beyond fucked up. EC seems to be scared of her dad, never really mentions or shows him, never mentions or shows her brother except one old video I recall where she wanted to ask him something but wasn’t allowed to say his name and kept shouting ‘brother’ from out of her room. Why not just leave the room, stop the stream or whatever and go talk to him? Is she not allowed to do that either?! She puts on a show of loving her mother but it seems fake and not like a mother - daughter love at all. I wasn’t sure who is controlling who there but if she’s not even allowed to open a door without her mom’s permission……….. It’s all so weird. Something is really really not right in that household.

No. 1895027

They don’t say anything about her physical state so she might be maintaining. They just told me that based on her private Instagram posts she seems unwell.

No. 1895028

How is she not pro with all of the skin walking body checks her and her sister take if each other.

No. 1895038

File: 1694188036447.jpg (Spoiler Image, 526.31 KB, 1370x1954, IMG_20230908_115248.jpg)

So where the fuck are Lucinda's organs??? Do they just shrink with malnutrition?? I remember someone said they did an autopsy on a spoop and their organs were liquified, I wonder if that's the case with the unicorn. She purges everything except protein powder and a protein bar a week. She said she's moving to America in December and has to gain weight to presumably not die from the low air pressure, but with Eugenia and the twins traveling in their skelly bodies she's probably going to cheat death again.

No. 1895040

This is an image that genuinely makes me sad it looks like one of those really gnarly Christ on the cross crucifixes my Nonna has all over, with the hyper detailed wounds and emaciation. Both ends of the extreme weight spectrum are so depressing. Sage for nothing new.

No. 1895045

Not sure about the others but I don’t think Eugenia goes very far. She just seems to be driven around in her moms car, but doesn’t really travel.

No. 1895059

She literally just went to LA and recently to Disney.

No. 1895080

the cuts really do make it depressing. most anas try to present themselves as dainty and beautiful but lucinda having a scarred body with loose skin everywhere and giant veins while still having this sunny disposition is like…. genuinely such a shame. she refuses the antipsychotics she obviously needs and i'm sure it's because she thinks they'll make her gain. so she never gets better.

these days she tweets about chest pain and tremors when before she was exercising daily. i think it's her last days this time. everything she does to herself is so destructive.

No. 1895088


Nonna what a find!!!!

No. 1895132

Holy shit this made my hairs stand on end. Something isn't right, and I'm not a fan of EC by any means and think she's a bad person in her own right, likely a product of her environment. I'm legitimately freaked out by this.

No. 1895158

File: 1694201642594.jpg (880.26 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_2023-09-08-21-32-32…)

So her hair extensions are already out? Good thing she didn't spend her own money to get them done

No. 1895166

She destroyed them by not caring for them properly

No. 1895203

Her family seem well off, just from what you see of her house and the big extension they're building. I don't know if they give her money as well as whatever benefits she has but I know with the regular minimum UK benefits you can't be splurging all the time like so many of these cows do. Someone told me that benefits stop if you're in IP for a certain amount of time so I always wonder where all Laura's money is coming from. She's always buying shit to do up her Supported Living places she's just going to fake her way out of in 6 weeks or so. Plus new clothes all the time.

No. 1895213

File: 1694208475408.gif (612.83 KB, 640x546, K9PCy7A.gif)

No. 1895214

Samefag. Sorry for being retarded and not put the image in spoiler.

No. 1895217

I think some organs do actually shrink (like the stomach…Although she's bulimic so actually not for her), more from dehydration I think. She probably is very dehydrated anyway from purging. But everyone has visceral fat that just is around the organs and supports them, protects them etc. In extreme starvation even the visceral fat is gone and can cause problems eg kidneys can move around and 'drop' when not supported by the visceral fat. There will also be muscle wastage, including the muscles of the organs like the heart and intestines, stomach, bladder so they literally get smaller too.
Also she is lying on her back. Plus people obviously have different size frames ie skeletons so Lucinda may have literally larger bones than some other people who are built really small. Her actual pelvis, rib cage etc may be quite large and just wider and more angular compared to some people's so she may have visible hip bones at a healthy weight anyway. Starvation looks more dramatic with bigger bones as they will be a lot more visible and jutting out everywhere compared to someone like Han or Marie who are 'small boned/small framed' to start with. No amount of starving can shrink actual bones, only make them more porous (except the vertebrae which can compress with osteoporosis and make people shorter).
All that said, it doesn't make the picture any less shocking. I wonder what the US will make of her and what kind of insurance etc she'll have.

No. 1895219

File: 1694208969141.jpeg (313.13 KB, 828x1324, 522721A8-76BE-451C-975E-6E4D97…)

Yeah she’s getting chewed out again. It’s not milk but when she starts posting this stuff she’s usually gearing up to headband or choke herself back into the ward. She posted these exact pics yesterday. 1/2

No. 1895221

File: 1694208993157.jpeg (224.75 KB, 828x934, 8AA4B70C-C259-48D7-84BF-157572…)


No. 1895223

I was going to post this before and got distracted. She got owned there.

No. 1895237

File: 1694211081659.jpeg (214.89 KB, 750x726, A4DFB2E5-2166-4DA2-82D5-BA450D…)

Nothing really new and I find her situation really bleak tbh: the destroyed body and the delusions with the positive seeming disposition and excitement for her future. Whether she’s faking stuff or not it’s pretty grim……..But Lucinda saying that she can proofread did make me laugh.

No. 1895249

I'm already pre-ordering. I hope it contains tons of emojis!

No. 1895264

File: 1694215440883.jpeg (526.57 KB, 1179x2155, IMG_0918.jpeg)

1/2 Another words, attention seeking adult. She isn’t recovered from her ed, she is clinging onto the picture of being sick from the ed. God help the university she is going to. Probably sucking them for all she can. If she can go to university, do ballet and recover from an ed, then why does she need ndis?

No. 1895267

File: 1694215819950.jpeg (580.49 KB, 1179x2171, IMG_0919.jpeg)

2/2 does anyone know why she is consistently posting shit like this? I don’t think she has ever been held under the mental health act, so how can she make comments like this? my understanding of being detained under the mental health act means that the health professionals believe that you don’t have the capacity or ability to make decisions about your care or are in a state that puts yourself or another person at harm.
She is always going on about the ed protocol at her local hospital, but again - has she ever actually been treated under it?

No. 1895269

Because she's a liar. She always admitted herself to treatment (these cows have no idea how privileged they are to be able to just go get help and someone will help them) and then checked herself out because she didn't like it.

No. 1895277

She’s always been grinning away in private facilities in Australia before self discharging. Even the one time she managed to get a tube in public which she then self discharged home with to start the fake tubie life she was grinning away like the Cheshire Cat on coccaine. I’m not sure on her history in NZ though?

No. 1895313

Think she moved to Australia in like 2015 or 2016 from memory

No. 1895320

Holy shit kek, no way. Fuck that's so embarrassing. How did you even find that?

No. 1895329

File: 1694225786625.png (84.5 KB, 675x382, Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 9.18…)

Lyss whining about her father paying for her to come see him. Boohoo, my free flight has a long layover in NYC. She could go spend a couple hours doing something fun in NYC between her flights.

No. 1895341

Well tamzins tiktok is gone. Unless I’ve been blocked? There goes that fun

No. 1895342


Idk if this is a stretch but I was getting the same weird family dynamic vibes from Rachel.. Couldn't dig much up but she only talks about her mom and says she only leaves the house once a month? Wonder if it's a weird skelly thing.

No. 1895362

any porgie or littlest lee updates? I don't have access sadly. Another nonna said new farm has changed management, so are they still holidaying there? shay even?

No. 1895364

Leah had a short-ish admission lately but I'm not an Ausfag so I wouldn't have been able to tell if it was somewhere else. She's mostly busy being a student midwife and talking about how autistic she is.

No. 1895391

Okay so everyone's saying ECs mother is controlling but, if your daughter is an actual skeleton, isn't it like, dangerous to go out into the dark to look at the moon? Like did anyone even consider she's probably a high fall risk? Not saying her family isn't weird, they definetly are, but like I don't think its as dramatic as you're making it seem.

No. 1895395

She’s literally gallivanting across town. A little moon look see won’t hurt.

No. 1895429

Her farts must be a biohazard

No. 1895436

Tbh it's not hard to be detained under the mental health act in Australia, even just for a day in order to be assessed, so she could have just been scheduled for one day or a few hours.

No. 1895437

>Pro-Ana Scumbags #103: Laura this is so unnecessary
Yeah, with her mum. Not by herself sneaking out past her mum without telling her where she's going or what she's doing. EC clearly has anosognosia so for as uncomfortable as it is to see all those locks and Bells and controlling mum it would be just as disturbing and dangerous, if not more, for her to live on her own

No. 1895441

File: 1694245283901.png (2.53 MB, 1170x2532, 77DBA835-5FDD-4683-A072-40B3E5…)

Here’s the article written about healing the mosaic- oh the lies

No. 1895442

File: 1694245579625.png (2.46 MB, 769x5959, MellyMoo.png)

No. 1895443

"anything a person i don't like says is a lie"

i realize that y'all are awful but c'mon

No. 1895446

File: 1694246945851.png (57.89 KB, 729x1176, comments.png)

The comments are as you'd expect to, only picked a few. Why would you put this out there when you know the reception isn't going to be great? But then again she had to stir the pot for attention with the article around anti covid protests. last year

No. 1895448


‘Glorifying’.. accurate. Dressed like an anime toddler most of the time. The DID larping, the eating disorder or ‘gastro issues’ (that has never been proven), and of course it’s all for ass pats and $$$$

No. 1895457

Isn’t that what this entire thread is?

No. 1895470

It’s gone. Clearly she doesn’t like being called out. When she was called out over the ozempic use she disappeared. Now that she is being called out over her fake life she disappears again. Also proves that she lurks here.
I agree with your tinfoil. Everytime tamzin/Ashleigh is posted Melissa/Amber gets posted. It’s very sus. Add to this the fact that tamzin/Ashleigh conveniently disappears off social media when she is called out just makes it even more believable that she is posting Melissa/Amber.
When that friendship or whatever broke down tamzin/Ashleigh went viral on Melissa/Amber. Interestingly Melissa/Amber stayed quiet and didn’t mention what happened. I think tamzin/Ashleigh has a vandetta against Melissa/Amber.

No. 1895491

Why does her hair always, without fail, look so incredibly greasy? It's fucking gross

No. 1895494

Have you seen the shoes she wears everyday around town?! If she can handle those without falling and her mom is okay with it, she can peek out the front door.

No. 1895495

File: 1694261316469.jpg (299.2 KB, 657x652, pokemon.jpg)

What trauma from religion is she claiming to have? Just really curious. She actually sounds happy and healthy on her old IG account and youtube where she bangs on about god, jesus & being free of self harm etc. Around the period of 2012 i think it was.
And bumped into another article about Mel, are "personalities" supposed to grow exponentially? 50 last year, 96 now. It's not a flipping pokedex, you don't have to catch them all. I await the "I've hit a 100 milestone!" though kek.

No. 1895515

Rachel ‘baby bicep’ ? But isn’t she in the gym all the time working out? How can she only leave the house once a month? Or is there another Rachel?

No. 1895519

>DID is another one of those social contagions spread on TikTok. If she didn't have DID she'd be trans or 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗼𝗹𝗱 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀, 𝘀𝗵𝗲'𝗱 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗯𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝗮 𝗰𝘂𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗿 𝗮𝗻 𝗮𝗻𝗼𝗿𝗲𝘅𝗶𝗰

Precisely, kek.

No. 1895522

No they are not supposed to keep getting more and more. But supposedlypeople with DID can sometimes form more alters if they have another traumatic event in their life. Their brain already knows how to split and use amnesiac walls to deal with trauma so if they encounter more trauma it’s possible they could split more. The opposite is also true and alters can ‘fuse’ as the amnesia walls that were keeping the trauma holding parts separate to contain the trauma break down through therapy and the trauma becomes known to other parts/alters. Some people ‘recover’ from DID ie they achieve ‘final fusion’ where they are no longer a system of separate alters but all the alters are integrated to form one person. Some people don’t achieve final fusion and will always be a system of parts/alters. Some people don’t even want fusion and are functional being a system of alters.
So the answer as far as I know is that you can gain more alters throughout life and can also ‘lose’ them but they’re not really lost, just integrated.

No. 1895525

Samefag. Of course this is referring to real DID. Definitely a lot of people out there faking it but it is a real recognised condition. I can’t say whether Tamzin, Mosaic etc are faking but there are people out there with real DID for sure.

No. 1895528

File: 1694267798037.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, B7E8958F-4F0B-4043-8198-697F9D…)

Enara is really going full tilt at the moment. Is she ever at home?!

No. 1895529

File: 1694267850026.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 9FAB20B2-FECD-42F7-B4ED-E913BD…)

And getting chewed out for it.

No. 1895530

I've never seen a picture of Rachel in the gym, apart from a few years ago when she was 'recovered'. Are you thinking of ganer?

No. 1895532

File: 1694267963186.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, B7504DB0-821C-4388-BA29-4BCB95…)

And then gets mad when she tries AGAIN (every night I’m sure at this point) and is sent away. She wants everyone to know this is not self harm but a medical issue but does it really make a difference at this point? She just wants to always be in a hospital.

No. 1895534

I haven’t seen a picture of her in the gym either but she’s always talking about body building and lifting so I assumed she was working out. Or does she just do home workout stuff? I thought she had a body building coach and stuff? (Obviously not a good one as she’s not building any body, clearly).

No. 1895537

is she not aware they only transfuse at HGB 70 typically, or in Australia for known selfharmer seven 50?

No. 1895538

sorry, retarded. typically 50 in Australia for known selfharmers or if symptomatic/planned surgery creating more bloodloss

No. 1895541

File: 1694269716253.jpeg (513.64 KB, 1687x1080, BA152781-5794-4E41-804E-CFC9B9…)

“I don’t want anyone to hurt themselves because of me…but I do want them to know how I lost 18lbs in two weeks by taking laxatives, diuretics, purging, and fasting, how many of each I took, and making sure to show everyone how happy I am every time I lose half a pound by pissing out of my ass”

Kate loves making herself the center of attention by posting fucked up advice to her young followers, pretending it’s not advice (because those disclaimers are Super Serious), getting called out, and then acting like she’s a sweet, caring, and innocent mommy so that her braindead followers will shower her with support and protect her from “the haters” kek

No. 1895543

File: 1694269988705.jpeg (111.55 KB, 750x233, IMG_2668.jpeg)

samefag, forgot to include her latest classic Eating Disorder Influencer promo tweet (but she definitely doesn’t recommend doing what she does. but also turn your notifications on)

No. 1895550

girl just stop fucking eating and hit the gym if any supplement helped her lose it was probably just coincidentally her lymph nodes she fucked up purging calmed down while she was taking some dumb pills

No. 1895563

Her PIP won’t stop when she goes to uni. Going to uni/working/living alone etc is completely irrelevant to PIP. Her Universal Credit will though.(sage your shit)

No. 1895575

Actually, depends why she gets PIP especially if she has care components in regards to safety. The reviews are coming up again i think they said it's starting this month, they're clamping down again by sounds.

No. 1895586

Isn’t she away somewhere? I swear she posted she was in a hotel a few days ago. Is she hospital shopping?

No. 1895589

She doesn’t look like she’s lost any weight because all she’s done is dehydrate the fuck out of herself. She can’t be so dumb as to think she really lost 18 legitimate pounds can she?!

No. 1895605

unfortunately yes she's definitely that dumb

No. 1895608

I never understood the use of laxatives/diuretics to lose weight, tbh.

I get that is the only way to go to the bathroom when your digestive system is messed up, but other that that, what's the deal? It's only water weight, not fat.

No. 1895610

File: 1694283028750.jpeg (133.53 KB, 775x594, 0E7B6197-CCE9-4B1C-9C48-482176…)

all that matters to her is that she can say she’s “finally underweight” again, and claiming a loss like 18lbs in 2 weeks means she gets to make a clickbaity thread and in return receive what’s most important to her: asspats

No. 1895611

File: 1694283625191.jpeg (111.24 KB, 489x876, 88ABFC41-09D7-4E0E-97B2-6D8582…)

last of the Kate dump for today. one of the milkiest things about her is her spoop larp. on what planet would anyone believe that a woman who binges and purges truly considers 24g of crisps to be a binge and gets full from eating 30g of crackers (that would be two saltines)

No. 1895616

>it is a real recognised condition
That's debatable. The psychiatric community is divided on the issue, more so than any other disorder that has surfaced in the recent years.

No. 1895619

I mean EDs are a mental disorder for a reason - they don’t make logical sense.

No. 1895621

Kek what a dumbfuck. Your stomach shrinks and stretches as many times as you stuff it and then stop. It absolutely can accommodate incredibly large volumes of food even if you’ve fasted for 2 weeks straight like her super spoop self has done. Kek.

No. 1895636

I’ve met two people with DID and they maybe had two alters, rarely “split” into them. I find that hard to believe someone has over ten.

No. 1895656

if you eat something while under the effect of a stimulant laxative, the food won't stay in the small intestine for long, thus, it won't have enough time to have its nutrients absorbed
but this anachan is using laxatives to "get rid of food consumed the day before" which is completely useless and will only get her rid of the poop and water weight, not the nutrients and calories already absorbed

No. 1895678

Right? Lmfao. It's so pathetic that being a wannarexic for praise on the internet is what makes her feel complete and not, you know, being a fucking mother lol.

No. 1895679

File: 1694292697751.jpeg (125.74 KB, 750x356, IMG_2708.jpeg)

absolutely spiraling with the purging and lax abuse this year

she’s right on cue

No. 1895690

Isn't she afraid of some other parents from the children's school could recognize her?
What if they call social services or something?

No. 1895695

I was posted way back in 2019 and you guys aren’t subtle. If you’ve got a small account, a million follow requests or new follows is painfully obvious you’ve been posted. I never ‘lurked’ until someone else told me why I suddenly had new followers. And I deleted my socials because who (in their right mind) likes being posted on here? Especially when it’s usually all out of context or just tinfoiled shit.

No. 1895702

maybe she was stuck in Gloriavale kek

No. 1895706


Regardless of who posted mosaic, I think she’s milky and deserves to be here. Been following her for a while and find it funny that she pulls her tube out the moment she gains any weight.
And she says the all 93 or however many there now today, alters ‘are glad to be married to a female’ despite them having multiple different sexualities. If her did was real, surely some of them wouldn’t want to marry a woman.

No. 1895708

Her sooper guarded bin chicken group is her gloriavale Kek

No. 1895711

File: 1694295919073.jpg (634.44 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230909_224751_Fac…)

Any requests for what people want to see from in the group?

No. 1895720

Ohh we have an elite member here, thanks nona. Any of her whinging? Kek

No. 1895722

Ayrt. I had a long, close (and turbulent, they come with so much drama) friendship with someone with DID who has 5 alters. I've met and spent a fair bit of time with someone else who had 9 alters. I'm just going on experience with them plus what I've read. The people I knew, I have no doubt they have DID and it is real. It is very disruptive to their lives and just too much to make up and neither of them found it 'fun' or glamourous at all. They didn't split or integrate any new alters during the time I was involved with either of them and their alters were all fully formed and consistent in how they presented, spoke, behaved etc but I have been told (and read) that both can happen (splitting and integration).(not your personal blog)

No. 1895744

Once I watched this video about this woman with DID and I felt really sorry of her condition.
I don't know if DID is real or not but, tbh, after seeing how she developed her disorder, I understood that human mind may create certain shields to protect us from horrors, even when going mad is one of them.

No. 1895746

She wouldn’t know she is being posted here cause we post mostly her TikTok stuff and I’ve watched her follower numbers for months and she get at most 5-10 new followers a week with period where she is losing followers as well. She definitely lurks here.
She is known for going postal on friends. Previous lolcow Remi was another one she went postal on and then posted here. I wouldn’t be surprised if she posts here more than we realise.

No. 1895752

And…that's what you get. What did she expect? Yes probably now she is in need and it is horrible to get medically ignored, but that's the image the hospital has now for her. A munchie. Their attention will be on more urgent things like people in need who don't try to off themselves but got sick/in an accident. I do understand at some extent, she has been through something extremely traumatizing, but if she keeps doing that, there will be a time that she is going to be in a way worse situation but thanks to her medical history they won't give a fuck. She really needs to try to find a psychiatrist that will help her. Let's say she tries 100, 1 of them will help her. Same with Laura. The system sucks. Yes they are cows and yes medical staff are humans too, but they really need take them seriously and try something else, a therapy or something. Just giving them pills enough to knock off horses won't help them.
Both of them are punishing their selves. If they don't care for themselves nobody will.

No. 1895754

Honestly, I don't even think she's getting ignored - she's just not getting exactly what she wants. The issue is that there's some fluid collection from a recent surgery. She's gone to the ER and had the fluid drained like three times in the last few days, nearly once every day. She also invited this to happen by leaving the hospital early when she was admitted for this and REFUSING the antibiotics they wanted to give her to prevent infection in the first place.

No. 1895755

File: 1694301458661.png (410.55 KB, 419x670, Screen Shot 2023-09-09 at 6.20…)

Went back to check and yeah, they drained it for her three times in 72 hours

No. 1895759

I don't have any doubt that it is a real condition. I also don't doubt that people fake it.

No. 1895761

Didn't know all the information nonna thank you for explaining. I don't know what she is trying to do. Actually no, it's evident what she is trying to do and this will just keep repeating. If both her and Laura don't stop they are soon gonna end up like that retarded ballerina who had her legs chopped off after putting shit on her wounds, infecting them. The doctors did everything, even used donated skin tissue and blood, but gave up after hundred of times. Is she happy now bound on a wheelchair, never able to dance and need special bathroom to piss, shit and take a shower? And it's not like it was a terrible accident, she brought that to herself.
So what Laura and Enara, will you be happy if you end up like that retard? The first thing you can do to get better is delete all of your social media and stop lurking here. If you stop posting, you won't get posted here anyway.

No. 1895762


No. 1895763

File: 1694302862474.png (954.72 KB, 1064x940, Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 23.10…)

It's so ironic that Marie posted this literally a day after anons here accused her of pedo baiting

No. 1895764

Marie getting off on needing an infant BO cuff and literal baby diapers is the creepiest ana flex I’ve ever seen. I understand most Ana’s are stunted and the brain rot doesn’t help with the development, but her obsession with being a literal baby is fucking out there. Is she vying to be fed through a baby bottle?

No. 1895768

What was her name again? Did she actually get her legs cut off?! I had her new account but I forgot it and she doesn't post anyway but I didn't see anything about amputations. I just remember her from years back when she 'mysteriously' needed all these blood transfusions all the time and would be doing ballet in the hospital. Then I think she said they figured out it was because she had endometriosis that she was needing blood. Then she somehow revealed she had DID and then she had Bechet's disease which is a real thing creating skin sores. It seemed real and she posted all these videos of all the treatments she had. That was actually her doing that to herself?! How on earth?!
Oh I remembered her name: Kelly Ronahan.

No. 1895769

She had double above the knee amputations. She kept picking at the stumps and I think both have been revised to be higher amputations. She did blame it on Bechets disease, but it seemed like everyone knew it was self-inflicted. Some medfag on KF found posts about her case on an app that doctors use to post interesting cases, where the doctor said they suspected munchausen. There's not much recent news because she doesn't post much anymore.

No. 1895770

You remembered her name; you can find her thread, or, if you prefer, many many news articles on her life and death, rather than bringing up this unrelated, cursed, beaten bloodied horse, newfag.

No. 1895772

I'm looking at her account (well the only one I can find, she probably has more) and there is nothing after April 2021. She certainly had legs then. How the hell do you make sores like that and convince medics?! Also WHY since she apparently loved to dance?! Why would you make yourself unable to do it, purposefully?!

No. 1895773

She's dead?!
And fuck off, I didn't even bring her up. Someone else did in relation to Enara and Fairy.

No. 1895774

Fairy? Fuck off, colours.(hi cow)

No. 1895777

Yeah, it was Kelly something.
IIRC she was an anachan too thus why she needed the blood or it was something else, since she did claim 100+ rare illnesses but then chose to pick her legs instead. Her insta is getting down all the time too. But it is very expired milk, don't know what she picks now, (probably not her hands cause how is she gonna take photos kek), but her tactics really remind me of Enara. She also loved being in hospital at least 6 times a week.

No. 1895779

So not dead then

No. 1895780

You first.

No. 1895782

God, Kelly was the reason I found this place in the first instance because she posted about being posted.

No. 1895783

File: 1694305013830.jpg (471.1 KB, 1080x2106, Screenshot_20230910_011747_Fac…)

Lurky Turkey, playing spot the farmers already.

No. 1895785

Here. Apparently no, and she now is infecting her chopped legs. Some say they got amputated near her pelvis..Jesus Christ.
I found her old insta, she did post some rabbit food meals not more than 100 calories and claimed ED, but she is not an anachan so doesn't fit here. The link above is her thread, you can check out everything since she is off topic and better not shit the thread here with her even if saged.(Her shitting her legs is enough).

No. 1895787

File: 1694305474507.jpeg (120.29 KB, 828x404, IMG_9864.jpeg)

Lmao Marie is brain dead. Like wtf is she even saying

No. 1895790

File: 1694305867651.jpeg (217.72 KB, 828x462, IMG_9865.jpeg)

Marie trying to make people fat

No. 1895792

File: 1694305928649.jpeg (131.34 KB, 828x339, IMG_9866.jpeg)

Marie the criminal

No. 1895794

I don't like Marie, but this is obviously just a bitter joke because she probably gets asked for tips and tricks a lot.
And this is actually true - a lot of people with eating disorders shoplift food at some point, especially if they don't have an income.

No. 1895795


I don't think she's been in the gym for years at this point. That looks like all old content since she turned skelly.

No. 1895796

Kek. Andrea/aka wife/aka carer comes on here all the time. She doesn’t exactly hide it on their lives.

No. 1895797

Does she really? Huh. I used to feel sorry for her because it seemed like she was getting exploited / duped, but that makes me feel 0% sorry for her now. She's probably also just grifting.

No. 1895803

Thanks. Sorry, didn't mean to derail. Was just a blast from the past to hear her mentioned. Done now.

No. 1895816

Yeah I did too for a whole but I think she’s entirely in on all the bullshit mosaic does.

No. 1895819

Sorry if I’ve missed it, but what’s Tamzin’s TikTok @ ?? I search her name but can’t find her

No. 1895821

she just deleted it after we started talking about her. Her real name is Ashleigh, by the way. She started calling herself Tamzin when the DID larp started.

No. 1895824

isnt she like 4’7 can she even reach the shelves

No. 1895829

She posted that her bmr was 500 calories. That would suck so much.

No. 1895840

Nah she legally changed her name a while back. She announced it on her instagram before I was removed as a follower kek

No. 1895910

I dunno if it's Tamzin who's posting, but it's definitely someone from QLD - the number of QLD cows posted here is insane:


And heaps more I can't remember right now

No. 1895943

There's also a good reason why almost all the Aus ana larpers hail from Queensland. That state is extremely heavy handed with ED protocol whereas other states are much more nuanced. Which means that a postural drop and no other signs of acute physical illness due to an eating disorder can end you up in hospital on ED protocol, and it's quite easy to manufacture a postural drop or many of their other criteria.

No. 1895952

Np nonnie! I don't mind personally,since many cows discussed here aren't even anachans just munchies, but I think the reason Kelly isn't discussed here is due to the grotesque stuff she does.I haven't kept with her drama much but checking her thread now she keeps getting worse.
>can no longer wear prosthetics since she infected them again so they had to amputated till her hip
>pulled out all of her hair and teeth and claims it was bc of the pills
Don't remember which anachan is from Canada, but ain't the system there very strict with such behaviors? I don't know why they let her reach to that point and not just lock her in. Guess some people really can't be saved.
Eating a sock or slitting your throat is low tier munchie.

No. 1895963

That's fucked

No. 1895972

Tamzin is a bit different from the rest of he Queensland larpers in that she's originally from nz. Don't know her personally but have been in treatment with Mel(10+ years ago) and seemed like there was this group of girls who cycled in and out of the same treatment centres and all followed the same trends ie one of them is into christianity suddenly they're all born again. Now its the DID thing I guess. Regarding the religious trauma, there was a place called AGirlCalledHope part of Mercy ministries and I think some of the nz cows were involved. I recall Mel mentioning it but not if she had been there or just wanted to go.

No. 1895976

File: 1694350179292.png (157.49 KB, 676x507, DIDDiag.PNG)

I did see Ashleigh mention being in A girl named hope, even put on weight and sounded as if she was doing better without social media. But i haven't seen her talking about DID at all publicly or even in groups up to 5 years ago, was it a relatively new thing? i thought it starts in childhood. Imagine if she stuck to a healthy community outside of social media, she'd not have fallen into the DID larp. Can't find mention of Mel having gone to A girl called hope yet though.

No. 1895978

83 is low but not critical, that's why they sent you home. Maybe she's munching for a blood disorder because mental illness doesn't make her special enough anymore.

No. 1895983

Imo Marie is the creepiest specimen on this thread. She takes the child/infant larp the farthest of all the cows I've seen and on top of that she claims to have a boyfriend….how could he not be a pedo? Her whole life is so bizarre to me, it's creepier than Eugenia's antics imo she just has less coverage (thankfully)

No. 1896011

This post sounds exactly like all her posts. Poor me, trauma, ed, grief, no therapist. She just keeps going with the same story.

No. 1896160

File: 1694373383905.jpeg (634.03 KB, 828x1142, IMG_0938.jpeg)

idk if Bree Bell aka angel_shiit was ever a topic of these threads or if anyone followed her, but today I learned that she has passed away last year and I felt a bit sad about it.

No. 1896181

Fuck.. all her teeth? Oh my god.

No. 1896210

File: 1694379400079.jpeg (429.56 KB, 828x1433, 020D5089-8668-4E96-B36B-1A669E…)

Laura, it’s because you’re pre-diabetic combined with all the insane medication you’re on that has fucked up your hormones, contributing to you looking like a slovenly whale. It’s not because of your non existent “anorexia”, kek.

No. 1896211

File: 1694379561548.jpeg (701.51 KB, 828x1446, 48948069-2C88-43CC-966B-BCA6DC…)

>>1896210 In her previous post she was talking about shitting yet again. “Man in this heat it was awful!” is funny as hell to me.

No. 1896216

File: 1694380212832.jpg (1.5 MB, 1079x2149, Screenshot_20230910_221239_Gal…)

But is she in >absolute severe and extreme excruciating pain?

No. 1896224

File: 1694380981332.jpeg (276.23 KB, 1296x2048, IMG_1055.jpeg)

surprised to see this side of katy calling out someone else for bodychecking, it seems very unlike her (and hypocrite central)

No. 1896227

I forgot about anorexiadiary!! Obviously still cowing, it's been years…post more she's priv

No. 1896234

Kek, for all their faults and weirdness, I love the twins. True old school anas, it’s a breath of (semi) fresh(er) air compared to some of the idiotic younger girls. My biggest tinfoil is that they’re farmers, or more likely, lurkers. Some of the stuff Maria in particular comments on people’s posts really strengthens my conspiracy theory.

No. 1896235

I'd guess lurkers - they don't seem cognitively okay enough to figure out posting and I think we'd notice their enormous incoherence.

No. 1896237

Yeah, their obvious and identifiable incoherence is why I think they’re more likely to lurk rather than post. Either way, I think they’re more than familiar with this thread.

No. 1896238

it still amazes me that they made it through medical school; it would be really interesting to see some of their coursework or how they wrote then. I imagine that they were more cognitively intact because they hadn't been sick as long, but it's still amazing to think that at some point they were capable of memorizing a lot of information, doing organic chemistry which is notoriously tricky for even normal people, functioning on placements, etc.

No. 1896242

Well, posting here is not rocket science tbh…

No. 1896244

File: 1694384953286.jpeg (234.25 KB, 1170x757, 41D0B732-0638-4599-8B4C-4FDF34…)

I guess it’s good she’s finally moving out at age 33 but why can’t Lyss just make money??? “My mom and I can’t afford movers” girl get a JOB and stop expecting your mother pay your way through your 30’s. Having an eating disorder doesn’t qualify you for disability. She has every capability to work- except not wanting to- and just expects everyone to complete her adult responsibilities for her

No. 1896245

Lyss is already in her own apartment. I think she gets housing benefits or her mom pays her rent, not sure which. She's just moving from one unit to another. She does have a job, actually, but probably doesn't get paid much more than minimum wage. The idea of hiring movers to go from one unit to another is insane. Literally just carry your shit.

No. 1896246

same anon, but you're also wrong about disability. I imagine it's hard to get, but some people are on disability for their eating disorder. She's more likely to be one of them because she basically lives in hospitals and would have a lot of evidence to argue that she can't support herself and a lot of social workers to help her.

No. 1896248

from what i recall from her tellonym they’ve never met irl, so i assume it’s just some online “relationship” and she’s likely a bit delusional

No. 1896253

She wastes her money on binge purge food. Honestly she is so pathetic that she makes me want to get better just to never be 33 and like her

No. 1896256

File: 1694386267665.jpeg (807.79 KB, 1170x1619, IMG_9962.jpeg)

Stefania at it again flaunting the tube. Someone throw this girls phone out the window. She needs the validation of the tube to feel sick because she never is really skinny

No. 1896267

File: 1694387510482.png (445.93 KB, 424x691, Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 6.14…)

It seems like she's trying to imply that she's home, but that background is obviously not NYC.

No. 1896270

File: 1694387599993.png (51.35 KB, 408x270, Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 6.16…)

May and Katy are being treated by the same doctor.

No. 1896271

File: 1694387642005.png (48.76 KB, 193x185, Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 6.17…)

Also, mega kek at Katy's profile picture. What in the face-tuned hell.

No. 1896274

Anorexia is not a disability in the United States. PTSD and major depressive disorder are but I work in insurance and anorexia/all other Ed’s in the dsm will not qualify you for social security

No. 1896276

You can't use the eating disorder itself as a qualifying conditions, but you can use medical complications from the eating disorder (or other mental illness that you're diagnosed with). Like I said, it's not common but it does happen sometimes.

No. 1896277

No. 1896296

If she’s soooo fragile how come she never wears a mask in public?? Like even at the airport?? She’s desperate to show her tube off to the world and for everyone to feel bad for her it’s embarrassing

No. 1896316

File: 1694392663335.jpg (1.01 MB, 2500x2500, 1694392623703.jpg)

Why do people see Dorian as some all knowing ana god? I find her so fucking annoying all she does is desperately talk about how sooper spoopy she was and how current day anorexic will never understand how cool the og ana's were!!

No. 1896320

Apparently, Dorian thinks that EC is dying soon. I mean, we have been saying that for 10 years, so…

No. 1896321

I just don't understand why people think Dorian has some ancient ED intel and plus, I was sure she's already made more than one video on EC claiming the exact same things so..

No. 1896330

“Who is this elf person?” Kek.

No. 1896336

SERIOUS eating disorders like she’s a fucking doctor or some shit
She’s “been around”

No. 1896339

Two things we should do:
1- stop acting like Dorian knows anything, besides her VERY disordered and personal point of view about eating disorders.

2- it's a she. Cut it out with "they".

No. 1896344

Did you really just call Dorian "it" and then demand we use she/her pronouns

No. 1896349

Nah I'm hoping this is sarcasm

No. 1896373

Even a doctor can’t tell that someone is going to die from just fucking social media posts ffs

No. 1896389

Someone on Twitter made a compilation of people with record low bmis, most are dead. And then someone says “You forgot Marie!”

No. 1896423

the desperation to not use the word they for a single person despite "it's" sounding ridiculous kek.

No. 1896424

This is an imageboard EDtwitter fag

No. 1896430

It’s easier to post a link than take 15 screenshots(read the rules)

No. 1896443

I agree its weird and obviously disordered itself how authoritative she is with ed shit, but this and the way things are for EC right now feel so dire and big even though I'm usually just as jaded and desensitized as the next person here. I know there's examples of people at similar bmi's that we've seen posting for years and staying the same but does that really mean anything? Like them surviving is an abnormality right, isn't it more likely that Dorian has a point right now?

No. 1896451

File: 1694423982527.jpeg (306.41 KB, 1170x953, D043EDCD-A53C-4E3C-8032-45BD88…)

how does someone think this is a good idea to post

No. 1896455

File: 1694424683640.jpg (88.99 KB, 584x473, humblebrag.jpg)

I don't know of her and i don't mean to be insensitive, rest in peace if she's truly gone. Going by the public socials she seemed like a quirky person albeit lonely. I can't find any form of obituary or tributes from Toronto/canada that'd match her at all. And it's odd her death was on the queens day though if her mum actually appended the IG status.
twatter - @angelkittencake
IG: breebell._& angel_shiit
Can't find her facebook at all either but it's understandable if it's pulled down. And her google account was accessed as late as 08 2023 this year (could always obviously be the mum hearing about the google deletions and logged in the account for prosperity). Was there any post by her mum or anyone on her private IGs or is it just the bio?

I don't think we need to see the thread of all those who have reached single-digit BMIs, no1curr, just the post you were talking about.

No. 1896487

Holy shit, I genuinely said ‘what the fuck?!’ out loud when I read that…. Just wow

No. 1896488

i know the angle obviously exaggerates it but she is clearly skinny, nona

No. 1896496

Ehh, I agree though. I think EC is close. Maybe she has another year in her but this is end stage at this point. She has the luxury of being extremely qealthy her whole life and never having to work a real job.
But I'm sick of the preaching at people being critical of EC. Yeah some people take it too far, but get real. People just want her banned because if she stopped getting social media attention she might actually get help. Nobody shows this much empathy for morbidly obese people who die of heart attacks. I don't want EC to die but I'm sick of her pretending to not have an issue and that everything is normal. It's sad watching her lose all personality she ever had. Their are and were anorexics who had social media and were extremely sick like EC but never pretended to be fine and healthy. That's the difference between banning EC and people just because they are anorexic. Banning EC could actually save her life, but I think that chance has passed at this point and she just wants to die.

No. 1896510

I dunno, if Ashley Isaacs is still alive, Eugenia can make it too

No. 1896514

there was a point where she was making a huge deal of how she "wasn't eating" and was living on fortisip, yet would simultaneously post photos of the huge fraps she bought from Starbucks on a daily basis, with all the cream and toppings etc - which she didn't class as "food" yet stuff like that on top of fortisip, would contribute to wright gain, especially when on certain meds

No. 1896516

I think it's more about the sharp downturn, i don't think Ash has had that in recent years? I could be wrong. Wonder if Eugenias Grans' passing really affected her. As much as she grates on me, i hope she pulls up and out of this. I don't personally get why she's not 5150'd again other than her mum.

No. 1896517

she still has her GFM for "private therapy" with over 5K of donations - someone donated £100 fairly recently, so she is clearly using that money to fund her spending, as she has previously announced that she decided the treatment she was raising money to fund won't help her so she is dishonestly continuing to raise money for herself and refusing to return donations from people who are pissed that she is spending their money on clothes and crap

No. 1896524

Probably because a 5150 is a California specific law and she does not live in California

No. 1896525

Ofc this spiraling down is due to her grandma's passing. Her grandmother seemed to be the only person who really cared about Eugenia and maybe the only person Eugenia truly appreciated. You could see how EC seemed to be more relaxed around her grandma, and not pretending or acting, just the opposite of when she is with her mum.

I actually feel sorry for EC, despite that she really is a bad influence, I think she is truly a victim of her circumstances.

Being said that, we all know she is going to face a tragic end sooner than later, but I don't understand why Dorian had to comment about that now.

No. 1896536

File: 1694444477425.jpeg (120.57 KB, 670x717, IMG_2713.jpeg)

Kate’s up doing the lord’s work at 5:30am (triggering 14 year old girls)

It doesn’t take much time or effort to scroll through someone’s posts to find their age, and Kate certainly has plenty of time to do so while sitting on the toilet after her daily snack of 9 laxatives

No. 1896541

I agree with D I don’t think EC has much time left - her body can’t take what it could 30 years ago.
No doubt then there will be a big outcry as to how it happened etc …

No. 1896543

What’s happened do to Educating Shanny?

No. 1896551

File: 1694446790033.png (960.37 KB, 721x614, shanny.PNG)

In which way? she's still active on her socials it's only youtube that dropped off (i think there was some form of controversy back then? i'd have to go and dig around), and she has recently posted to IG that she's "coming back to youtube" on the 15th of September.

No. 1896552

Even if she were in California, 5150 only applies when you're actively stating you will kill yourself and have an immediate plan. If you just passively are killing yourself it doesn't apply. She would need to be saying "I'm going to kill myself/someone else by doing xyz" to get a 5150 hold. If you go in with your forearms slit open and say "I don't want to die" you're home same day

No. 1896561

File: 1694448918449.jpeg (215.41 KB, 828x1067, IMG_2624.jpeg)

So Edgy. why are these teenagers so obsessed with posting about their kinks? these are the same people who call out someone as soon as they turn 18 for being friends with minors.

No. 1896563

kek this girl is constantly on Kate's ass/poking the cow. never shuts up about Kate being on lolcow and is totally oblivious to how much of a cow she is herself

No. 1896566

ok, enough internet today…

No. 1896571

File: 1694450379036.jpeg (160.34 KB, 828x518, IMG_2664.jpeg)


she's constantly going on about how gay she is for Kate when she looks like a male version of projared.

No. 1896573

I meant to say something else with that image. But her actions often confuse me, she's constantly switching up on if she's transphobic/homophobic. I think she's just an attention-seeking grifter, but nevertheless annoying.

No. 1896601

She still relapsing and recovering over and over?

No. 1896627

>male version of projared
Oof, that was a painful insult nonnie kek

No. 1896631

Late, but it's a quick fix.

No. 1896632

I meant to say *female version of projared, but either works 乁(ツ)ㄏ these proana radioactive fart girls wanna look like prepubescent niggas anyways(乁(ツ)ㄏ)

No. 1896635

i’m a grown adult, what exactly are you rambling about?

No. 1896637

File: 1694459724181.jpeg (785.56 KB, 828x1430, IMG_0952.jpeg)

her mother posted this. idk what happened exactly. Bree used to be pretty milky, but then she got a bit better and her attitude changed for the better.

No. 1896638

Not sure how id prove that isn’t me, anon. i’m not even a “him”. But yes, im in fact, an adult college student with a job.

No. 1896641

File: 1694460202379.png (1.63 MB, 828x1792, IMG_2125.png)

Now i realize why you said i used someone else’s screenshot — I was bored one day and decided to just do a deep dive on a few users that behavior interested me. Yes, her old account is banned (that is showed in the ss), but she has 3 active ones as of date. i started becoming active on twitter a few months after that tweet was ever posted. here’s an example of a screenshot from me ; i use my mobile device for twitter. that screenshot i posted earlier can be found from looking up her old @.

No. 1896667

Damn, Kate is such a fucking cow kek, I wish her twitter was still public

No. 1896706

she’s off priv right now, give her a follow on a sock if you so wish(remember to comment, like, and subscribe!)

No. 1896770

File: 1694479114682.jpeg (293.37 KB, 750x1171, 48F130F1-1A2C-4582-B2E9-B01BFC…)

Not Laura making another reel as an excuse to post photos of herself with a scratched face but not obese.

No. 1896771

File: 1694479251167.jpeg (219.9 KB, 749x1104, 1556440A-CA2B-4A11-9394-D9DA47…)

And pretending to be excited about supported living again. Is this the 3rd or 4th time? I give it 6 weeks at the most. Also does anyone else think she’s filtered and shopped her face to try and look like Marie or am I imagining things?

No. 1896772

File: 1694479419809.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, 8C62F9A6-0B18-4EA8-8D8B-826077…)

But we know she’s actually obese. Im expecting this photo to disappear soon and possibly the reel of enough people get mad at it. (And what is the Crocs obsession I see with a lot of cows?)

No. 1896773

maybe she's outgrown her other shoes, kek, your feet get larger when you get super fat

No. 1896776

I still want to know about the sock. And the fracture boot. Laura's mysterious feet.

No. 1896793

Genuinely I don't understand how she's gotten so fat? Yes she's on a lot of meds but meds alone cannot cause this drastic of a weight gain. There's also no way in hell that someone with actual anorexia would allow this to happen. This isn't just normal weight gain, it's extreme. She must struggle with bingeing without compensation

No. 1896821

Maybe this IS her natural weight plus a bit more from meds and inactivity. Maybe she is naturally meant to be bigger than all those old pics she posts. Maybe those old pics really are 'extremely underweight for her and this is more her natural size? Have we seen her pre- any of….All this? I seem to recall one old old post at some point saying she didn't want to get 'as big as she used to be.' If I remember correctly.

No. 1896826

Nta but probably, she was getting into spoonie habits around the time she stopped making videos. Like staying up really late on purpose and then claiming insomnia when she was tired the next day, not eating enough iron rich foods and tanking her red blood cell count and getting extremely tired and faint all the time instead of just taking a supplement or eating some meat and spinach. She would claim gastroparesis all the time and then it just suddenly went away, same with a lot of illnesses or disorders she had, she'd vent about them for months then they'd suddenly disappear and new ones would take their place. About a month before she went awol on youtube she was claiming she was hearing voices and even did a livestream looking all over her house for babies she could hear crying but knew they weren't really there. Then the voices suddenly went away and she stopped mentioning them, she's like less intense version of Laura.

A reddit thread about her shenanigans went up and she couldn't handle any criticism. She kept bringing it up in her videos, they started getting some critical or mean comments, disliked starting coming in, when her ex fans (shanny fanny's) started going to the reddit thread to talk about the stuff going on in her private instagram lives like chatting with minors about sex or serious topics, showing a photo of her hemorrhoid butthole on a chat with potential minors in it, threatening suicide on live multiple times and then getting Danny to yell at her audience and scold them when they panicked and phoned the police to her house. After more embarrassing stuff like that leaked and her reddit thread grew she just stopped making videos and livestreams entirely, I think she even quit tiktok. She probably still posts to her private instagram but only very dedicated fans are allowed to follow and partake in lives.

No. 1896827

kek no she got a pass to go to a church service and instead of actually going to church spent the whole time filming herself for tiktoks with the toob for this upcoming week.

No. 1896828

how super christian of her

No. 1896833

File: 1694492276412.jpeg (153.83 KB, 895x711, 34E883DF-7B9E-4926-B07E-1499A8…)

a great place for 15 year olds and fetishists to connect. never mind that she always talks about how much she loves when men talk about how small she is

No. 1896862

File: 1694501486332.jpeg (720.21 KB, 828x1391, 5A990024-4EB5-49A6-8123-FCD9D8…)

Holy shit this made me laugh - Laura actually thinks of herself as an anorexic ballerina. She’s got to warn everyone about the dangers she faced in such a high pressure environment. You know, as the extremely talented dancer she is. Fucking. Kek.

No. 1896863

damn she's almost the size of porgie

No. 1896867

File: 1694503245208.jpeg (964.63 KB, 1125x2027, IMG_7111.jpeg)

IG - aryannakz

When your ‘hip dips’ ruin an outfit

No. 1896868


My god this cow needs a bra fitting

No. 1896875

to the nonna in the last few threads who asked about laura's initial self post, when she was a weird aspiring influencer (with bought followers) who was just getting into the ana larp. I finally found the fucking post. also for anyone asking for old photos. >>>/snow/259960

No. 1896876

Ffs we had this discussion like 3 threads back. It’s very easy to gain weight by eating more than you needs. Yes clearly her Anorexia wasn’t an issue. It’s not extreme - those people on my 600lb life with BMIs over 100 are extreme. She’s just gained a lot of weight. It happens to people, like half the world is overweight. Stop with the dainty uwu how can someone get so fat speel again.

No. 1896877

Tiktok is private. Share the milk if it’s more than just a skinny white chick

No. 1896880

sorry samefag but another other one of her self posts is here >>>/snow/877211

No. 1896881


Ok but her IG isn’t nonna ??

Literally a ‘model’ complaining about how her fucking bones are sticking out and ruining her outfit.. wtf

No. 1896899

i def think laura's bigger now than porgie ever was

No. 1896901

ntayrt but thank you for this nonna, the "edit profile" slip up is unbelievably fucking funny and so transparent

No. 1896906

Just took a stroll through that old Laura thread where she self posted and was surprised at how comfortable some farmer was with posting the bottom portion of her face kek she's really pretty though >>>/snow/260016

No. 1896907

File: 1694514810552.png (2.92 MB, 1170x2532, C8ED52A5-782B-43A3-9864-61FDDB…)

No more sneaking deodarent cans from coles for @lostallsanityx

No. 1896909

File: 1694515328314.jpeg (676.15 KB, 828x1313, EBE67A13-0980-4FE5-8674-7FFEF6…)

Damn nonna you might be right about that

No. 1896911

She was being posted in the first thread 8 or so years ago, I think she's been at this for longer than most anons realise.. I don't know if there ever was a "before mental illness" for her tbh. She never posts pics of her as a child either

No. 1896919

you're welcome nonna. also found some other interesting posts about laura that i can link, just didn't want to clog the thread

No. 1896921

i remember a picture of her slightly chubby(although not anywhere near the weight she is now), probably from when she was a teenager. I've been trying to look for it but I can't find, it's a pic of her with a side bang and a dark red dress if any other anons know what I'm talking about ??

No. 1896924

File: 1694518440596.jpeg (129.25 KB, 750x935, IMG_2720.jpeg)

massive kek

No. 1896927

I know the picture anon, will see if I can find it

No. 1896938

It's not easy to gain that much weight though, shes at least doubled in weight.. we aren't talking just a bit of weight gain here.

No. 1896939

Second this. You have to eat in excess for a LONG time to put on that much weight. Even with antipsychotics, hospital food (which is so disgusting you’d think people would lose weight) and being sedentary…she must’ve been ordering takeaways (can do so on some wards) and using her leave to have fatty, sugary Starbucks etc. because god damn she’s maybe TRIPLE her lowest

No. 1896954

Funny that she talks about how awful this site is when she’s the one who wanted to be here.

No. 1896985

Truly not trying to bonerattle but it blows me away how big she got. This is not normal weight gain at all, she looks like she’s wearing a fat suit. I def second the tinfoil about getting takeout a lot. It just looks so uncomfortable.

No. 1896988

File: 1694530019029.png (114.01 KB, 498x337, izza.PNG)

Oh newfags.. kek. Always tickles me.

No. 1897004

First, EDs usually evolve from one to another (orthorexia to anorexia, binge eating to bulimia, etc), so that is quite normal.
Second, there is no "perfect Ana" thing. I don't really get the "no anorexic would let this happen". Anorexia is one of multiples EDs out there.
And third, Laura wouldn't be the only person that puts on tons of weight after long starvation. Here you have a YouTube video of a girl going from 56 lb to 221 lb thanks to her ED.

No. 1897005

Thank god, of all the anachan cows here, I think she is one of the worst.

No. 1897023

File: 1694537671499.jpg (896.08 KB, 4096x3924, 1139463682.jpg)

Ehh, it's debatable. Not sure about her private TikTok, but her IG milk is limited to posting blatant body checks of her clearly underweight body

No. 1897024

File: 1694537766405.jpg (1.16 MB, 4096x3919, 2139463682.jpg)

and getting defensive when people call her out for sharing them and/or voice concerns about her weight in the comments.

No. 1897038

rereading some old threads that were linked above - what ever happened to Ariana Magro?

No. 1897060

File: 1694543160267.jpeg (913.89 KB, 1170x1228, IMG_4658.jpeg)

Whichever nonny said that she was relapsing was right on the dot. No wonder she’s been defending Stefania under almost every post. I guess ACUTE and ERC just really fulfills both of their attention needs

No. 1897061

Ew is that a troon(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1897062

It’s a bug, which is totally why she posted it

No. 1897063

When are Stefania and Momsfav not either at ERC or prepping for it kek

No. 1897073

she's so predictable. i didn't wanna burst the bubble of anons who were rooting for her, but i knew it was wasted breath. she's pathetic

No. 1897077

Between the pigtails, editing her eyebrows to look darker and making her eyes bigger, it's definitely possible that Laura is trying to emulate Marie.

No amount of filters or editing can make her look anywhere near as spoopy, though - esp given her less than stellar Photoshop skills as seen in the last thread, kek

No. 1897080

Nope, I'm pretty sure Sydney is cis. It's probably just the lighting (and lack of body fat) that's making her look more manly in that pic

No. 1897083

Where did you find this? I didn't see it on her TikTok, unless she posted and deleted it already

No. 1897098

I don’t get it. She doesn’t look like she’s lost much (if any) weight

No. 1897102

Honestly I see it

No. 1897106

Her tiktok story. And you can see it in her arms and face, although per following the attention seeking ana handbook she is sucking in her cheeks

No. 1897108

Apparently she also had a private insta, I’m surprised no one has posted anything

No. 1897110

No. 1897111

What is it? I’ll try and get accepted

No. 1897119

She’s obese and I’m not even saying that in a anachan way. She’s obese.

No. 1897130

Definitely. It genuinely makes me feel better about myself

No. 1897132

And in such a weird unfortunate way too? Why is she so like round in the middle

No. 1897140

File: 1694553561933.jpg (736.76 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20230912_222115.jpg)

Some people are concerned that Elzani isn't handling the breakup well, as she's posted a series of TikToks dancing around her kitchen with a broom

No. 1897141

File: 1694553663379.jpg (178.49 KB, 1080x873, Screenshot_20230912_222343.jpg)

Same fag. Elzani admits losing weight

No. 1897148

File: 1694553906052.jpg (765.17 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20230912_222544.jpg)

Will Fi make it back to uni now? I actually hope so. It's not nice to see she's gone down hill again.

No. 1897161

She's been posting more mirror selfies, I can't attach pics because they aren't on her story any more and I didn't think they were milky at the time but maybe there is an incoming relapse.

No. 1897163

It might be diabetic weight gain, Laura has mentioned she’s pre diabetic (meds and sedentary lifestyle, large amounts of carbs to keep blood sugar from rocketing, but also sugary beverages thinking it’s “coffee” kek). She’s talked about being put on metformin by the hospital. So she munched her way to a diagnosis, only it was type two diabetes.

No. 1897169

File: 1694555669423.jpeg (760.3 KB, 828x1325, DD5B5EC2-91AA-4687-B9E2-659656…)

the anorexic muffin man who lives on drury lane

No. 1897172

when momsfave sometimes spends time in other hospitals, kek

No. 1897173

I mean, was anyone expecting something else? It seemed obvious that she'd play at recovery until the supply of asspats got too low and then relapse so she could do it all again

No. 1897178

It was a matter of time.
Last thread some anon said that Fi was the same, but she is clearly worse.

No. 1897179

nothing to do with the lax shes been taking with her new found ‘freedom’ of supported living!

No. 1897186

I feel the need of WK-ing Laura here. I mean yes, she is obese and wannarexic, but I don't see anything wrong with her trying on some outfits while being fat.

No. 1897214

Omg. She WANTS to be posted here?! I do not understand self posters at all. She really deserves all she gets.

No. 1897215

Please do!

No. 1897217

Another post and delete? I missed this one. But wow. In the pic she posted in her PJs a week or so ago, saying that her flexibility was improving (and airing her vagina obviously) she looked like she had lost weight. (Comparing to the weird video where she first wore this cat pj set and and showed off her gunt).

No. 1897218

Proof or tinfoil?

No. 1897222

File: 1694563269208.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 87AFD901-3A11-4406-8698-5DC0A0…)

Did she do this herself? It’s genuinely disturbing. The focus on the genitals in particular.

No. 1897234

Classic Fi, she’s been doing this shit on and off for years. In a constant cycle of never being discharged from services, numerous hospital admissions, relapses and half-arsed ‘recovery’. Someone else must be getting too much attention, or maybe the ‘my ED is 100% all because of my sudden-onset autism’ larp is wearing thin and getting boring perhaps? Never fails to disappoint, its a shame she’s still doing the same old shit as an adult woman. Surely people are getting bored of it now.

No. 1897238

of course there's not nonna, I think it's more that the reels immediately go to her "flashback" photos whenever she posts these current pics. multiple times a day. one day is a "recovery" reel, and the next apparently she's purging three times and compulsively exercising.

No. 1897240

File: 1694565842127.png (212.32 KB, 430x628, Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 7.41…)

May seems like such an angry and bitter person about literally everything in her life. Here, she's raging because her doctor's office reminded her that she's due for a pap smear. Amazing that she's so fixated on "they're making money off my smear test!!!" instead of the preventative reasons that they try to have people do screening at regular intervals. Must be at the top of her class in medical school. (1/2)

No. 1897241

File: 1694565871165.png (250.89 KB, 429x644, Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 7.42…)

No. 1897244

Of course there's no problem with Laura trying on clothes. Everyone has to wear clothes. It's all the switching around from 'recovery mode' preaching and professing how happy she is to the constant posting old photos of when she wasn't obese, to the wailing about how bad her ed apparently is, and then the faking a million disorders and sabotaging all her discharges etc. The constant attention whoring. That's why she's a cow; not because she tries on clothes.

No. 1897250

What a fucking retard. Why not just mute the chat instead of leaving??

No. 1897253

I disagree. She seems smaller to me.

No. 1897267

File: 1694568431422.png (Spoiler Image, 862.51 KB, 1198x924, screenshot.png)

No it's from a edtwt fan. Artist went off on someone for sexualizing the art cause they QRT it saying "The pussy??" kek I highly doubt they were sexualizing it, probably questioning the strange location of it

No. 1897277

I saw this and thought it was weird as hell. The anatomy is off, whose vag comes up that high? It's like she's drawn a horse sized vag on her instead

No. 1897279

the artist is either a man or needs to see a gynecologist about why their vaginal lips go all the way up their mons

No. 1897293

>horse vag
No because this is literally exactly it I'm dying it's actually a horse vagina

No. 1897309

>from Earth
speaking as an earthling we don't own that

No. 1897329

File: 1694577187911.png (6.24 MB, 828x1792, 5BC8AB1F-7F5D-4EA3-B5F1-EADABD…)

The caption “sorry if your own lane sucks but please stay in it” addressed to people in recovery is gross. She’s so mean it makes my blood boil.

No. 1897334

how many hospitalizations and stints in php/iop/outpatient does it take for someone to no longer be in early recovery in Stef's world? Not responding to treatment is different than being early in the process and by this point any reasonable human being would know how to post responsibly. She's willfully playing at not understanding why her shit is inappropriate.

No. 1897379

File: 1694586292245.jpg (453.29 KB, 1079x1918, Screenshot_20230913_071816_Ins…)

Discharged, with the hose ?

No. 1897392

Well if she is a unicorn a horse vagina makes sense

No. 1897395

She looks like the fucking Michelin Man, kek

No. 1897401

How did you know the person even messaged Niamh? Niamh we saw you post before and got your ip address so we know this is you LMAO. HaRaSsMeNt. Get off the internet(hi cow, unsaged shitpost)

No. 1897403

File: 1694594098764.jpeg (668.78 KB, 2048x2048, 4FE4E4E2-1534-43E8-A158-1CD88B…)

Momo that u?

No. 1897410

I give it a week

No. 1897411

She has courage to post again after being called out I'll give her that(needs sage)

No. 1897416

What is her old YouTube channel? Didn’t know there was one(spoonfeeding request, lack of sage)

No. 1897420

Jen.peach or her "team" just messaged me out of the blue. Apparently I had asked her about her workouts somewhere in 2020, and now I get a reply about joining her new courses kek. Is she not running her own ig account or is "Lucy" just another persona?

No. 1897432

File: 1694600635880.jpeg (655.7 KB, 828x1331, IMG_1577.jpeg)

i honestly feel bad for this girl, seems like shes surrounded by enablers. @lukascout on ig

No. 1897433

tbh she looks really cute here

No. 1897437


How has she been discharged with a nose hose??

No. 1897441


I feel bad for her bc she’s so stuck in her mental illness but in all honesty if any if these cows actually wanted to recover then they’d listen - get off sm and stop posting body checks for random strangers to comment on

No. 1897452

Are you being for real? You can clearly see she has lost weight

No. 1897463

please at least sage next time you "hi cow" a week old post. it wasn't even an telltale selfpost, the anon with the saviour complex said that they were desperately trying to message niamh

No. 1897468

File: 1694607817631.png (3.22 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5980.png)

Kate’s new twitter

No. 1897469

File: 1694607819419.png (138.34 KB, 752x487, TMYoutube.PNG)

It's @imnoteeyore, but she only has around 3 public videos. Her god era IG was @awaayer.

No. 1897476

I think she's just kinda joking around and having fun, I like Elzani she seems like she'd be a really chill person to hang out with

No. 1897478

File: 1694609685250.jpeg (217.29 KB, 828x1103, 6CB37DDB-4283-44FF-96F6-7282E9…)

An observant nonna in this thread :
there’s no pictures of Laura at a younger age

No. 1897479

bless you nonnie

No. 1897482

File: 1694610046379.jpg (728.11 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-09-13_09_03_05.jp…)

how embarrassing.

No. 1897516

kek exactly what i thought she i saw this although idk how old she and the other girl are in this photo so this might be against the rules to post

No. 1897529

She asks to have the tube left in. By default that unit take tube in and out for each feed but she has tantrum about wanting it left in. Even tho she was manages a lot of her diet orally. If she has been discharged with it, that is not only unprecedented (definitely not something that unit/Edinburgh outpatients make a habit of, They won’t even let people step off the unit with one in) but also absolutely because she loves parading around a tube. She won’t use it for its intended use though. Probably will purge through it. Also, her mum is heavily involved in her care so if she has been discharged with the tube, she’s probably advocated for it. And Abby’s BPD doesn’t respond well to being IP anyway, she’s very disruptive

No. 1897532

Definitely thinner in the one she lifts her T-shirt up

No. 1897548

she’s really into letting the areolas slip these days

No. 1897549

How do you know all of this?…

No. 1897550

She is one of the worst. Drop the pity party

No. 1897560

She posts on her recovery account shit like "just because somebody's sicker than you doesn't mean they don't deserve space" implying she's the sickest of them all it's her catch phrase.

No. 1897597

You're probably asking an anon to blog.

No. 1897600

That's exactly what that is. Clearly another patient on the ward or involved in her inner circle.
Ntayrt but I also know that info about tubes in the lothians

No. 1897622

Being discharged with a tube is rare but it happens. She will probably be on a CTO (still sectioned but living at home under strict conditions and if she does not comply she will be back in hospital). The likelihood is that she was not making any progress on the ward and was most likely creating a bad environment on there as EDUs aren’t often well equipped to support complex PD patients. Her team probably decided that she was better off at home however will be back if any weight is lost.

No. 1897664

ayrt - you’re probably right, click bait… I am however both gullible & nosy!

No. 1897676

My looney tunes conspiracy theory is that this is smorvenposting kek

No. 1897692

File: 1694640747605.jpg (513.88 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_2023-09-13-22-35-19…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 1897694

the crazed expression on her face is really something

No. 1897696

Ayrt: Ok, I give up.
Wtf is Laura doing? This is impossible to defend now.

No. 1897704

Is this the only “stretch” (it’s a terrible one) that she can do? It’s only ever this leg and she never stretches her arms or tries to hold lines. So she seriously just puts her leg over her head and thinks it’s impressive and relevant to dancing?
Also, Laura’s tiktok is full of old “day in life” videos. I don’t know how to convert them to post here, but her tiktok is “Laura banks”. I found it kinda creepy, half of them are her filming the tv, heavy breathing, and obsessing about the dance moms kids. In one of them she gets on the floor in attempt to copy them. Kek.

No. 1897706

ok but i’m kind of impressed she’s able to do that at her size

No. 1897712

She knows she's posted here, she more than likely lurks, i wonder if it's self-degradation to keep herself sick, can't get well or find happiness if you're too busy feeding the machine.
Not even just at her size, no idea how mobility/flexibility is affected (if you keep practising) the bigger you get as surely muscles just to your weight to some degree, but i could imagine many would fall flat on their face like a pissed newt if they tried it.

No. 1897721

Who are we kidding, I’d be willing to bet a large percentage of Laura posts are posted by Laura herself. Any attention is good attention for her and she’s a known self poster as well.

No. 1897737

File: 1694645601230.jpeg (272.76 KB, 1164x2050, 248B7CA8-83D2-4915-9A43-EEF318…)

Has finding_lexiem ever been posted? She’s another new farm regular who has never been underweight but waltzes in for her comfort tube. She’s banging on about atypical anorexia and how soooper sick and valid they are. Aus fags your health care system is weird

No. 1897738

Didn't some anon post a thread or two ago and say that New Farm was tightening up their ed program and weren't going to allow that shit anymore?

No. 1897739

File: 1694645789030.png (72.99 KB, 775x165, Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 5.59…)

It's a private account, so can you post more milk? hard to judge from one screenshot

No. 1897744

I know this is old milk, but I want to talk about it anyway. What's the deal with Eugenia's mother? I disagree with people that think she hates Eugenia or tries to profit off her. Her family is already rich. I feel like her mom enables it and is extremely codependent on Eugenia and let's her do whatever she wants. It's clear she actually loves her, but her behavior is so weird. And in this video she almost looks sad and like she can't even look at the camera when addressing her weight while Eugenia nods along happy to be enabled. The family dynamics are so bizarre.

No. 1897763

“edit profile” okay kate kek

No. 1897767

No. 1897770

She posted the screenshot in her discord which is where I got it from

No. 1897771

how terribly embarrassing! good spot anon

No. 1897779

Why would an anorexic steal food? Or does Marie b/p?

No. 1897780

A lot of anorexics hoard food because they're obsessed with it. Or they eat super expensive zero-calorie shit that they can't afford.

No. 1897783

File: 1694651371885.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 341.14 KB, 1157x2141, 6D314B19-6945-47DD-9604-6F7EFC…)

She’s very careful to post selfies from up above so you can’t see her body and wears long flowing dresses… then posts this nonsense for clout

No. 1897784

File: 1694651436964.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 870.24 KB, 1170x2048, 53B156FD-7D3B-4B3F-886E-485B17…)

Regular sad tube shot despite self admission and no public hospital for real re-feeding

No. 1897786

Of course she claims to be bipolar totally not borderline because that’s not cool anymore and is atypical anorexia with regular tube holidays at new farm and limited self awareness. Works in some kind of maybe social work setting? Hard to tell from her socials what she actually does. Anyone from new farm know her with more info?

No. 1897818

>edit profile
Nonnies, she's gripping her foot for dear life and bent over nearly halfway.

No. 1897824

File: 1694656949257.jpg (Spoiler Image, 401.19 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20230913-215950.jpg)

how she compares having the dried up body of a 95 year old granny to being a unicorn is truly another level of delusion. she's not even bones in an appealing way it's like the skin from a raw turkey wrapped around a classroom skeleton. What the fuck is going on with her skin at the hips???

No. 1897830

She just looks disgusting, her skin looks worse than the skin of my literally dying 102 years old grandma. She seriously needs help, more than any of the cows in this thread tbh.

No. 1897831

Sorry for latefag but
>(story) added to Injuries
She has a whole damn highlight for whining about ongoing pain, each one dated and timestamped. That's autistic levels of cataloging.

No. 1897833

Good luck nona. Sometimes a negative role model can have the biggest positive influence. I had the same but for drug use.

No. 1897837

That post is doing the rounds on lots of stories, really annoying. If they had it their way (and I fear, they will get it) anorexia wouldn't have half its diagnostic critera. This isn't even me being a gatekeeping anachan but ffs it's a weight disorder for a reason

No. 1897839

the stupidest thing about all the crying tht anorexia shouldn't have a weight criteria is that they're literally doing exactly what they claim the problem is: creating a hierarchy of eating disorders where anorexia is the most important/serious, so they want that diagnosis. If they truly felt that EDNOS, bulimia, etc were "equal", then they wouldn't cry so hard about having those diagnoses.

No. 1897841

Looks like she's trying to show she's doing over-splits or whatever the hell it's called when you go… Well further than splits. But I don't think she actually is. Ass on the wall etc and the leg not in line with the other. I think it's an illusion. (Sorry blog and no1curr but I think I will try tomorrow if I remember and see if I can recreate this pose myself to see if she's cheating or not kek).

No. 1897843

it's atypical anorexia if a fat person is LOSING WEIGHT through starvation. not if you're just a fat person on a fast. but they wanted to be the victims of something and body positivity is losing popularity.

what does fucking piss me off is that ed clinics have a notoriously long waiting list, and these porkers are just taking resources away from people who are actually in critical condition.

No. 1897845

File: 1694660197006.jpg (3.62 MB, 4096x3072, 23-09-13-22-53-47-419_deco.jpg)

tbh lucinda is the only ed cow who could've had e-fame if she wasn't glorifying eating disorders and being body goals to a lot of kids. her art is good, she's funny, overly positive, and her fucked up makeup actually nails the unicorn thing she goes for.

No. 1897857

File: 1694661796576.jpeg (544.4 KB, 1290x2398, IMG_7714.jpeg)

The caption on the video, kek.

No. 1897859

"not rushing through treatment this time"

Bitch, didn't you just spend a year at Walden with a tube?

No. 1897892

She's who I feel worst for in all these threads, imagine if she was your sister, just super sad.
Goes beyond cowdom and I can't laugh at her, but I don't mind seeing her posted because it's good to see she's still alive. I think. Literal blogpost rn but sure who cares

No. 1897897

If the land whales refuse to eat to get their toob would it then be unethical to give them the say 1200 cal diet they need via tube to lose weight to get to a healthy weight and force them there? Instead of tube and full meals for extra calories they clearly don’t need?

No. 1897907

Not the above nonnie, but yeah Luci is the only one we speak of that I have deep sympathy and compassion for. I mean she's not a saint, but I do believe she's a very kind, if troubled, soul. I wish for her to be well and happy.

No. 1897911

ayrt - does, ‘smorven’ even know Abby? Oh wait, didn’t somebody post a few threads back that they were potentially on the same ward?

No. 1897916

I'd say spot on. Her mother is just a codependent enabler living in denial. I would wager Eugenia's brother having developmental delays plays a huge part in the family dynamic. But yeah, I'm tired of the conspiracy theories about her mother using her. Their house is a hoarder house from how much money that woman spends, likely with her absentee husband's money. She is not living off of Eugenia. Her mother is guilty of enabling Eugenia's disorder and letting Eugenia roleplay as a literal child well into her late 20s, but she's not forcing her into her ED or controlling her.

No. 1897932

Yes same ward.
No smorven has very little to do with Abby or any other patient

No. 1897933

When you are at an extremely low bmi, different families react differently. It sounds as if e.cs family has a conceived notion and trauma, 2019, regarding the idea of treatment.
“Being LOCKED in a mental hospital”
Also the mom obv has a fear of death and dying and is too protective so having her daughter in a psych ward with schizo killers isn’t ideal

No. 1897934

My parents told me to fake my weight at appointments before ip

No. 1897942

nobody cares, anachan

No. 1897947

Nobody is sending an anorexic to a psych ward with killers. At least not in the United States.

No. 1897956

Holy shit. Jesus christ. What the fuck. Oh my god. Idk I can't find the right words. what the fuck

No. 1897962

Feel free to screenshot the post on Discord with timestamps visible etc, because otherwise you're probably bullshitting. And i thought most "pro anorexics" use telegram nowadays due to discord ban risk (like Tatiana uses telegram for her rusky "follow my literal Russian sawdust" recipes), i thought discord is there for those who interact with kiddos more than anything.

No. 1897967

What fucked up parents you must have had, but i guess most ana chans come from some fucked up background. You must have loved the permission to engage in your ED and pandering. Cotton fucking wool. "We'd rather our kid starve to death than actually get correct help uwu".
Indeed, you can get violent people on psych wards but normally they're obviously monitored or on high/med secure. Or if they are actually killers they're probably in special units like broadmore. You're not going to find "schizo killers" on a bloody eating disorder unit. I can't tell if it's stupidity, or Chinese whispers that'd lead to the conclusion of "if you get help you're going to be locked up with literal murderers".

No. 1897981

i was the one who commented that and i’m most definitely not niamh, also the anon literally said they messaged niamh are you braindead

No. 1897983

File: 1694687006102.jpg (306.67 KB, 1080x2116, Screenshot_20230914_112332_Ins…)

No. 1897985

I wouldn’t put it past laura knowing how she lives off the attention, but isn’t this the worst type of attention? I can conceive of how a sick brain of an actually skelly anachan would thrive off attention from self posting but damn what does laura gain from showing off her rolls

No. 1897987

File: 1694687872152.png (1.21 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5992.png)

Here you go, this is her discord she links sometimes on her insta stories

No. 1898008

ayrt - she’s too self absorbed in her autism and self-denial that she even has an eating disorder

No. 1898013

Well she wasn't in a ward just for EDs at the time, from my understanding. The 5150 is used for emergency mental health crisis so she very well may have been with a bunch of schizos. She kinda says that in the Shane Dawson "documentary".

But I don't blame Jacklyn for doing that since her family was just ignoring the elephant in the room. Maybe she would have faired better in a actual ED treatment facility. Idk it's like her mom ia terrified being separated from Eugenia too long, but like damn, you're about to lose her forever.

No. 1898016

late but these kinds of people deserve to be infertile tbh they should never have kids if this is what they post and how they think

No. 1898024

looks like it got suspended already

No. 1898037

I feel the same about Lucinda. It's so sad she is so ill, I would love to see her recovering. But, honestly, her situation doesn't look good.

Regarding Eugenia Cooney's mother situation, imho, she has certain level of mental disability, maybe autism or something else. I'm not trying to sound offensive at all, it's just my opinion.

Ayrt: I cared about your blog anon!

No. 1898046

File: 1694698380148.jpeg (259.16 KB, 750x662, IMG_2762.jpeg)

kate’s bff confirms that she’s going to wait a while before making a new twitter account. nonnies following her instagram accs/in her discord will probably see an uptick in milk production

(forgot to sage before, sorry)

No. 1898048

These are old stretch marks on her hips. Her photos are edited with cranked up sharpness and contrast, so every scar, every imperfection stands out and looks worse.(sage your shit)

No. 1898053

Thanks! I totally forgot but I am so going to try and do that pose shes doing because I'm sure her leg is just further toward the camera and her ass/vag is resting on the wall. I might be wrong and severely humbled but we will see…..

No. 1898082

It's still hard for me to believe anyone WANTS to be posted here. Seeing that post with 'edit profile' in big letters was funny kek. And the way she called herself an attention whore too! So weird to me that someone wants to be posted about but I guess they really do.

No. 1898084

Same regarding Lucinda. (Although if she's faking her messed up writing etc that's pretty cowish). I wonder if/how things will change for her when she goes to the US. I'm not sure of the circumstances under which they're going and what kind of health insurance she will have. I just wonder if she'll get treatment there. She hasn't said which State she's going to as far as I have seen and she tends to not answer questions or reply to comments. She says it's hard for her but I'm not sure if she's playing it up or what. She obviously speaks really good English even though it isn't her first language (all be it she makes a huge mess of typing for some reason). She can write long captions that make sense once you decipher the mixed up writing (again; she must have to fight the autocorrect to write like that, which is odd, why would you?)
Like other anons have said, I don't find myself hating her. She was a bit of a nightmare creature to me at first but once I got more used to her I found myself really hoping she can get better. I know she doesn't want to though. Her sunny disposition, even if it's put on, is quite endearing and she seems to be, or have been pretty talented in a few areas. I'd like to see her have a better life.

No. 1898087

People just often feed off attention, good or bad. Or they need something to justify and fuel harming themselves/upping their behaviours. No idea if you could call it actually wanting though, you see it all the time with people purposefully putting themselves around triggers. Self-posters are a funny breed though.

No. 1898095

Also same regarding Lucinda. I think I saw somewhere she mentioned NY is where they're moving? If true I worry about her adjusting from being her whole life in PR to NY winters.

No. 1898101

File: 1694708692069.png (562.91 KB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20230914-172708.png)

laura moved accounts again

No. 1898103

>>1898013 Psych wards don’t make you gain weight. She had to be in some Ed program.

No. 1898120

And what do they do if the patient is severely underweight but they don't really have an eating disorder (ie: drugs, mental disability)? Don't they stabilise their weights?

I'm just curious because I bet, even in a psych ward, Eugenia would deny having an ED.

No. 1898128

Tbh, kind of glad. If only now we could see the Colours melt down live and in 4k kek.

No. 1898129

youre too biased. she has nothing going on for her other than her illness.

No. 1898137

ngl i really hope someone gets access and keeps posting her here

No. 1898169

I don't really understand why is she any better than the other anachans? All of them are clearly mentally ill and I really hope they manage to get their shit together one day

No. 1898172

I agree about EC's mom, I used to volunteer around adults with brain injuries and she reminds me a lot of them.

No. 1898177

File: 1694721021190.jpg (632.28 KB, 2304x4096, 1626822015523.jpg)

lucinda's actually retarded and schizo she posted these medical records on twitter like 2 years ago and they were done years before she made an account. i can't read spanish but i got these from the first thread and latinx farmers basically said it states she's severely mentally challenged


No. 1898182

File: 1694721304978.jpg (1012.78 KB, 2304x4096, 1626822108660.jpg)

No. 1898185

File: 1694721808050.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1668x2050, IMG_4020.jpeg)

Courtesy of google translate

No. 1898186

File: 1694721920210.jpg (797.27 KB, 2304x4096, 1626822048218.jpg)

No. 1898188

this is the one of the schizophrenia diagnosis


No. 1898189

File: 1694722203528.jpg (302.73 KB, 1621x2048, 1626822037308.jpeg.jpg)

woops dropped my pic

No. 1898190

Lucinda's thread has been unlocked

No. 1898197

This would be the absolute easiest thing to fake. There is zero definitive proof for any of her claims, expect the ED and self harm obviously. Her whole gibberish writing style is exaggerated as hell and there were times she slipped and spoke like a normal person. No one who is supposedly that mentally deficient would be able to write fan fiction, draw and stir up drama as well as she does.

No. 1898199

She's lied about her brother EXISTING and there's literal proof but everything she says is taken at face value by her fangirls. Insane.

No. 1898200

i totally agree with you, to me it seems so obvious that the gibberish writing is fake and over the top as hell. it's so weird to me that anyone actually thinks she really can't help that

No. 1898216


No. 1898224


whoah these are so full of obvious mistakes and absolutely fake, i feel bad for her tbh. she should consider leaving her old live, including useless embarrassing internet content behind now that she's moving

No. 1898230

>full of obvious mistakes

girl it's a google translate edit….

No. 1898235

I belive they are real. There is obviously a translated version of page seven in English, maybe translated by a farmer, but other than that, they seem legit.

Eurofag here, so I not sure how well is the medical situation in Puerto Rico, but I googled the doctor and everything looks ok.

I also looked for information about what would be like to have an IQ of 60 and, according to some websites, it could be like being a 6-7 yo child. Source: https://lmshero.com/60-iq/

I don't find difficult to belive that it is actually Lucinda's current situation.

No. 1898238

same, I wanna see if she stays out of hospital. but I have a feeling that she will go back to a public account soon enough

No. 1898242

I'm so glad i'm not the only one thinking this, she's shown notes and drawings of hers which were incredibly neat, yet she apparently has such bad tremors she can't type a 5 word sentence without making 10 mistakes… right. I don't understand the overwhelming caping that's going on for Lucinda itt and her own

No. 1898243

She stopped writing fanfiction in 2018 and even mentioned in the comments in 2016 that she was having neurological problems and that writing was getting harder. She was already doing the typos. She was also schizoposting on an even older One Direction fandom tumblr she had before abandoning it. Not to mention the blog suspected to be hers that was full of schizo ramblings from pre edtwt days that mysteriously went private when people found it. Plus the people who went to the same art school as her in 2019 who said she was evidently retarded in some way. Years before an internet presence and years before edtwt. So what, she was planning her larp years before some grand debut? Relax with the tinfoil.

The brother is a TIF.

Please keep up with our unicorn's lore.

No. 1898244

Yeah I think there real too, but I don't think she's actually as mentally stunted as these indicate. I honestly think she either hammed it up a bit for the test or she scored so low because she was in a state of anachan brainrot (if these tests were taken after her massive weight loss)

No. 1898245

File: 1694726141289.jpeg (776.1 KB, 828x1430, AEE77B3C-1730-4804-A977-7A5B2F…)

It won’t be for long, she’ll need “support” from her followers. kek at the just awful fourth position.

No. 1898251

Didn't she deleted her account?

No. 1898253

Ok, what about the clinic being fake? The doctor whose name is on the papers not being able to decide when and where he graduated? Her shifting "heart surgery" scars? The liver failure that was supposed to kill her months ago? How she photoshoped her sclera yellow when someone pointed it out kek?

Ignoring all of that, how do you explain someone so neurologically deteriorated keeping such a consistent aesthetic? Actual schizos and mentally challenged folks can struggle to keep up with basic hygiene, let alone curate their clothes, makeup, do photo shoots and editing, post aesthetic images on twitter etc.
That's just what anons suggested when it was proven no brother exists.

No. 1898254

I might be too esl for this, or it could be that the translation is bad, or I'm not enough of a medfag (or all three), but does this not mean that she has bipolar I. and not schizophrenia? But they also diagnosed her with major depression with psychotic features? Do these not rule each other out?

No. 1898255

the tremors are a side effect of antipsychotics it's not tourette's. venus angelic has videos with and without trembling hands and she's on antipsychotics.

i know she says she has a neurological/brain condition but the bitch is literally just a brainstarved schizo and in denial because she wants to believe she's gifted and powerful for plainly hallucinating. there is such a thing as starvation psychosis which obviously makes her condition worse. she's a headbanger too so that's even more injury. did everyone seriously forget she denies being schizophrenic? how is she faking something she denies? any retardation on record is just her in a psychotic state being unable to sit through an intellectual evaluation. i swear you closet otherkin twitterfags are only adamant about disproving her illness(that she denies) because you're busy larping as irl creepypastas yourselves.

No. 1898256

This story is already gone.

No. 1898259

>Her shifting "heart surgery" scars?
Nta but that's the only thing that seems real to me, they look real and the placement has always seemed to be in the same spot

No. 1898260

I guess we will see if she actually does or does not want to be posted.

No. 1898265

The doctors and the clinics are real, you can Google them:

The documents are photographs, so it's more difficult to shoop them, and I don't think she has elaborated a document about alleged neurological tests so she can prove it.

Maybe it's what other anon said above, that she is worse because anorexia, but there are other people that know her before twitter that can confirm she is mentally challenged.

No. 1898267

I don't necessarily believe they're fake, but I mean… you can just write this shit up in 5 minutes in a Word doc and print it.

No. 1898274

The clinic closed down, the doctor is just your average Puerto Rican unprofessional in medicine that other prfags can attest to, there's a literal keloid scar sitting dead center on her chest plus the scars from her ports, liver failure is easily treatable, and the jaundice looked legit to me.

>hurrhurr ACTUAL schizos-

It's literally a spectrum and symptoms depend on medication that Lucinda has admitted to refuse. Some schizos are college professors and some are the crackheads that zoomers use as reaction memes. I've seen plenty of schizos run actual blogs about schizophrenia awareness. This is the worst take yet.

No. 1898280


No one’s holding a gun to your head and making you read, Laura

No. 1898290

>does this not mean that she has bipolar I
That is exactly what it says and unless her diagnosis changed between the time this report was written (in 2020) and now, she isn't schizophrenic. I suspect that much of the confusion comes from this >>1898189 page of the report. It mentions a neuro-psychiatric assessment that was conducted in 2019 in order to differentiate bipolar 1 from schizophrenia, rule out the possibility of autism spectrum disorder, psychotic major depression or a mild intellectual disability.

I'm inclined to believe that the report is real too but I do think that the garbled text is a bit of an embellishment on her part. I was willing to be charitable and attribute it to some kind of motor side effect from antipsychotics, but she seems to retain enough fine motor control to draw.

I think that it is also worth mentioning that manic and psychotic episodes absolutely wreck a person's cognitive functioning. That isn't to say that Lucinda is brilliant or anything but if testing was done during or soon after an affective episode, the results could be artificially dragged down.

No. 1898293

isn’t that what she said last time that she would only accept people she knew, yet myself and i’m sure many anons got accepted instantly

No. 1898300

Ukfag here: They will put them on monitored food intake, involve dieticians etc if needed & prescribe them supplement drinks like fortisip or ensure. The difference is for Non ED psych patients, is that generally they will accept them & comply with nutritional plan… however any that dont are still going to be assessed for mental capacity to refuse any prescribed nutritional supplements etc & if they continue to loose too much weight & their physical health becomes too unstable , they will be admitted to medical hospital for refeeding just like ED patients. Regardless of cause, psych hospitals still have a duty of care & overall responsibility for the physical wellbeing of their patients & are duty-bound to act if a person isn’t consistently eating enough. Thats the part of the system that Laura exploited & still uses to get additional attention to this day.

No. 1898305

Thank you for clearing that up, I guess the report was just formatted so terribly it was hard for me to make sense of it

No. 1898306

Thanks for the explanation, anon.

It's insane that people like EC are not being treated properly but obese wannarexics are getting NG tubes for nothing.

No. 1898319

So she wants to supply her own milk for a minute I guess? She’s not above self posting and the lack of attention is gonna rattle her brain more than the meds so expect it to be at like 10 followers and somehow there’s posts here.

No. 1898324

this is fifth position, it's bad because she's chonkee.

No. 1898329

NAYRT, and not to blog, but no/it depends on the place. I was fairly underweight due to anxiety (and had history of ED), and ate one bite of food my whole brief psych ward stay and the only person who mentioned my weight was another patient guessing why I was there. I dont remember a ton bc it was a traumatic period for me but no one really seemed to care too much one way or another if i ate, because i wasnt there for ED, but anxiety. They encouraged it but i wasnt punished for not eating for force fed. Maybe if youre a longer term stay?

No. 1898331

I'm surprised she isn't wanting her 18k followers back. She went on about it enough in the documentary. I really wish they would do a follow up on her now.

No. 1898355

File: 1694736534321.png (3.81 MB, 750x1334, 90FC571F-A046-4EB0-AAC6-8E64D3…)

Not really milk but old Mary is pulling out all the trigger pics lately. In order to celebrate recovery. Sure it’s easy to ‘fight for the life you deserve’ when you get so many years of intensive help handed to you over and over.

No. 1898358

File: 1694736606524.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 69DB8134-9E7F-4DE3-A7C3-805289…)

No. 1898359

File: 1694736659696.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, 94207119-3F3D-4AB5-BA46-EA1525…)

That’s a money shot.

No. 1898360

File: 1694736751738.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, 373F5E44-AE8E-4671-BCF0-AD61A1…)

Ok I’m going to stop but ffs.

No. 1898364

File: 1694736952196.png (3.65 MB, 750x1334, F1D68D14-235E-4B74-A8BF-C4E1B6…)

‘Struggled forever,’ told she was hopeless, almost died, never give up hope, look at all the proof of how sick she was. Sure it’s easy to have hope when you had all those resources and admissions for year after year.

No. 1898453

Genuinely confused who’s taking these photos for the cows. They all seem to have these sad hospital bed pictures, but isn’t it embarrassing to ask your parents and what do they think they’re using the photos for?

No. 1898471

kate's bff Maddy is pretty cowish too. She has posted several photos of her meals vs her 13 year old daughters, emphasising how small her portions are, and posted photos of her 13 year old daughter on her edtwt account

No. 1898491

>all be it
sorry to be that person, but it's albeit nonnita

some psych wards have specialized ED programs within them which you can be admitted to from a 5150 depending on the treatment plan.

No. 1898492

File: 1694750361818.jpg (807.8 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230915_132219_Ins…)

Enaras showing of her recent sh scars no doubt trying to bait people into sending her tells about it so she can bask in the attention

No. 1898493

How is she not fucking dead? Has to be marker

No. 1898495

She only cut deep enough to leave a mark, not to sever anything that would kill her. It's all for attention and ass pats, she doesn't really want to kill herself, this is just how she gets people to notice her

No. 1898509

I hope that poor child never finds out. Jeez

No. 1898527

File: 1694756672652.jpeg (275.63 KB, 1170x1046, IMG_6027.jpeg)

Kate thinks she’s dying. Also debating posting shit as she says it or holding up and just posting a collage so I don’t out myself in the server but I’m not sure

No. 1898531

File: 1694756897284.jpeg (448.22 KB, 828x1247, IMG_9885.jpeg)

Just Edtwt things

No. 1898532

File: 1694756919436.jpeg (695.03 KB, 828x1663, IMG_9886.jpeg)

No. 1898545

This is most likely an effort to cope with a horrible situation with satire on the dumb shit pro anas were throwing around seriously in like 2010s instead of being actually serious. It reads like a pro ana copypasta and some people in the EDSF anorexia meme thread will be having a chuckle out of this.

No. 1898546

Nta but I've seen self harmers on tiktok who cut their neck and apparently if you don't go deep enough to cut an artery it's easily survivable. There was a girl posted here about 10 or so threads back who had brutal scars on her neck from cutting the same spots over and over again.

Please do it if you see anything milky kek, she's my favorite cow

No. 1898564

Enara no you do not need a goddamn permanent cannula

No. 1898566

Wipe that fucking smirk off your face ya ugly cretin

No. 1898567

Medfag and yeah same as anywhere. If you avoid the arteries you’ll be fine.
Looks like just a nasty cat scratch really

No. 1898576

Gearing up to be admitted back to hospital. It's even easier now she's on a CTO to get readmitted. This woman is just wasting resources and it's disgusting she thinks it's ok to use resources for followers.

No. 1898629

Thank you for your service.

No. 1898642

File: 1694782712830.jpeg (264.91 KB, 1170x1371, IMG_6034.jpeg)

Kate claiming to be 108 after days of lax abuse and drinking/purging. I just can’t help but wonder if her kids are aware of any of this going on

No. 1898648

I really hope her kids don't realize, but they will still be affected. People delude themselves if they think they'd not affect their kids with their actions, it comes out in weird ways too. Even if it's time down the line. It creates very insecure attachments, one day mummy is there, the other day mummy isn't, she's drunk, different, strange or too self obsessed/preoccupied. It creates in a kids head that things aren't stable or reliable.

No. 1898659

Children are a lot more aware then us adults give them credit for. Unfortunately they will be picking up on mums behaviour even if she claims to shield them from it.

No. 1898676

It seems like she only has them for part of the week. In some ways that probably shields them from her worse days, since I’m assuming that she at least saves her most unhinged behavior for the days she’s alone in the house. But that could also end up making it more obvious to them how her appearance, behavior, and disposition change week-to-week. Young children are generally pretty sensitive to changes in a parent’s mood. The weekly flip between environments could also make it even more jarring or clear that something is wrong with their mom. Kids can have a hard time adjusting with that even in the best of situations. Not trying to tinfoil even though it’s probably coming off as that, but I can’t see how their sense of instability wouldn’t be seriously amplified by the contrast of those environments

No. 1898714

imagine being her kids' father and finding out all this crazy shot she posts. omg i'd either be horrified or die from secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1898718

he was abusing her and cheated on her while she was pregnant with her second child (i don't remember whether or not they're both his so i can't definitively say "their second child"), so while he might be horrified or embarrassed, i don't have any sympathy for him. it was part of what contributed to this relapse for her

No. 1898719

File: 1694793508761.jpg (666.07 KB, 1920x1920, Frenz.jpg)

I think this chick was posted a while back but she's milkier and cringe aimzee24
She was friends with emilyx_jonesx when they were both IP. Ever since she hadn't got one photo without a diaper on her head or tube out her nose
More pics incoming

No. 1898721

File: 1694793588526.jpg (833.48 KB, 1920x1920, 3.jpg)

A definite UKfag with obligatory Priory sign pic

No. 1898723

File: 1694793721334.jpg (732.07 KB, 1920x1920, 2.jpg)

She seems to make personalised novelty T-shirts for her and her family. I've never seen that before. It's so cringe and screams special ED patient

No. 1898724

File: 1694793866799.jpg (901.49 KB, 1920x1920, 1.jpg)

She's a typical regressor with a large collection of stuffies which she goes on about all the time and how they help her with recovery and get through each day
(Bandage brain in all pics so far)

No. 1898725

File: 1694794214111.jpg (516.53 KB, 1920x1920, More.jpg)

Wouldn't be a cow without an awkward crotch shot and a breathe tattoo right under her strained collarbone

No. 1898728

Samefag her family seems to visit A LOT and fyi she's an auty

No. 1898755

I don't see the cow behaviour if she really is autistic.

No. 1898760

Auty? Like an aunty or an autist/retard? Can't quite tell your meaning.

No. 1898768

Just absolutely eye fucking the scratch on her neck she has no shame jfc.
Her children should not be subjected to this. Kate needs serious psychiatric intervention before her children stumble across their mother's corpse in a pool of alcoholic vomit. Fucking shameful.

No. 1898770

idk all seems pretty harmless, not really milky? like sure it's all a bit unfortunate/embarrassing, but no more so than recovery accounts are by default

No. 1898796

the shirt with the tube picture is somewhat milky, but honestly the other shirts are kinda funny/cute

No. 1898806

File: 1694807173412.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 264.73 KB, 1170x1832, 1DD2891E-8A84-4E95-9591-F6A282…)

Jesus Christ Marie

No. 1898824


Lucinda honesty has wasted her life and, at this point, it would be better off dying and hoping reincarnation it's a thing.

Time to let go. I'm sorry, but some people just don't get better.

No. 1898841

Wow she’s a cow from way back ! The Irish one whose father died and she was in Vincent square ,

No. 1898850


Always has to get her SH in her pics, along with her bare legs and crotch for some reason.

Sure she’s autistic but doesn’t excuse the body checks and fresh self harm shots

No. 1898869

File: 1694813352338.jpeg (611.05 KB, 1170x2148, C57DF71D-7D60-462B-BB26-0D3170…)

Hopefully it’s enough money to buy Crumbl cookies and socks so she can be financially independent from her mom before she turns 40

No. 1898883

Em’s little retarded maxi pad pal from the priory! I remember Em slating her on live for posting old body checks when she was at a healthy weight pretending they were current and for saying something along the lines of “sorry I’m still unwell and you’re not” when called on it kek. The constant SH and tube pics are embarrassing as fuck. I feel like she has the same brand of autism as Fi.

No. 1898912

lmao you've really got to be a next level attention whore to even want to own such a retarded mug, good lord

No. 1898921

actually, em had a go at her for posting a photo where she was straining to look more unwell (aimee shouldn’t have done that, but em calling people out for posting stupid attention seeking photos was stinking hypocrisy). then em went on live and tried to cajole her followers into sending aimee messages, then cried and played the victim when someone called her out for being a hypocrite. neither side was in the right there.

No. 1898940

imo it's a codependent relationship, with the mother enjoying babying her 30 year old daughter. mom has issues herself and is easily manipulated by eugenia lol. she thinks she can take care of eugenia just fine, believes everything shes told, i.e. no need for medical intervention. she sees nothing wrong with her 30 year old daughter living at home indefinitely, together with her 435 kids toys. tbf her mom probably feels helpless, and does nothing. but i bet she worries that one day she'll find eugenia dead in her sleep.

No. 1898955

I still don't buy Fiona's autism larp, she really hams up symptoms and acts like they've been there from the start. It's like she forgets about her old tumblr accounts and detailed shenanigans online

No. 1898963

Yup. She was everywhere. Up in Scotland for the whole program multiple times. Basically her whole life in services.

No. 1898964

File: 1694827563947.jpeg (242.82 KB, 750x963, 5316946D-4A95-46B2-880A-ABCB72…)

Did somebody say throat slitting?

No. 1898965

File: 1694827613252.jpeg (204.21 KB, 750x942, 77A59319-52C7-48A8-A206-536C42…)

No. 1898966

oh man, is this that girl who had chickpea in her username? I can't remember her actual name, but she was one of the earlier DID larpers and basically lived in the hospital.

No. 1898968

File: 1694827728243.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, 5BC4426B-7DD0-45A5-88FF-BB2E52…)

No. 1898969

File: 1694827833740.jpeg (165.29 KB, 470x725, 46232908-5D80-4B95-B751-603672…)

This saggy skin looks kind of nasty. I can’t find the most gross ones from earlier.

No. 1898970

File: 1694828171410.jpeg (169.02 KB, 748x956, 2CA022C1-84B6-4697-9C5E-8B6AC1…)

I forget her old names but she was in ip solidly for 11 years at least. Used to post all about DID but then in recent years fiercely denied she had it and it was all a mistake. I’m inclined to believe she does have it. It appeared that alters were posting on her old account and the younger ones gave away a lot of information about her life and trauma in the process. She hasn’t mentioned DID in a few years now apart from recently when she’s been back in IP most of this year and lately started dressing really differently and reposting some infographic type things mentioning DID.
Also cut her neck in the process of being in IP, clearly.

No. 1898972

File: 1694828688292.jpeg (73.55 KB, 501x581, A4C8884E-4F93-406B-AAAA-1592F7…)

Yea totally showing off the wig

No. 1898977

File: 1694829547698.jpeg (183.85 KB, 750x481, IMG_2780.jpeg)

kek as of 5 days ago Kate is posting herself in r/skinnytail. cant deny catering to fetishists now. not shaming her for trying to get money or whatever, just for being full of shit (which sadly can’t be helped by taking 20 laxatives)

No. 1898980

File: 1694829844901.jpeg (196.82 KB, 749x1063, 3E319148-362A-4FE6-8EC1-8F6B23…)

While I’m dredging up personal cows does anyone have access to Ceylon's current accounts? Before I lost access she was deciding to dress as a dude, complete with beard. She was always reposting her triggering poetry and showing off her many , many scars (and terrible dress sense). Claimed anorexia and meth addiction whilst being overweight.

No. 1898981

Em was toxic and nasty towards her - totally bully.
Classic BPD behaviour at its finest
Wasn’t even her business

No. 1898995

Is it just me or does she have too many ribs in this pic?

No. 1898997

Speaking of ENARA…. Apparently her notes now state that as of last month she is not to be admitted into hospital AT ALL unless she requires ICU treatment. FINALLY!!!

No. 1899013

File: 1694838878730.png (354.94 KB, 425x539, Screen Shot 2023-09-15 at 11.3…)

May finally admits what literally everyone already knew

No. 1899025

She is the spitting image of Fit Vegan Ginger

No. 1899026

nah it's just that at a normal weight you're only really aware of the bottom few, everyone has twelve sets that go right up to the clavicle/shoulder region.

No. 1899042

Kek thank you I HATE this bitch but haven't posted her because I wasn't sure she was pro-ana
The fake D.I.D makes me physically ill

No. 1899043

File: 1694843849887.jpg (679.71 KB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_20230916_080004_Ins…)

Samefag; food review. Nothing proana there that I can see, sadly.

No. 1899069

Imagine wearing a t-shirt with a pic of your adult daughter holding stuffed toys with a bandage on her head and tube.

No. 1899074

Did she say that herself?

No. 1899119

i really regret going and looking at Kate's reddit post history. my poor eyes.

No. 1899120

File: 1694870814672.jpeg (161.72 KB, 346x1056, 4E65F15A-8423-4C56-9DA3-83E4C4…)

Maddy has cow potential but it’s exhausting scrolling through her chicken tweets. That’s a job for another day.
She took away her daughter’s phone (for downloading tiktok, which is kind of based. Not sure if the kid has the phone back now.) some months ago and doesn’t let her use the computer except for homeschool, so the chance of her kid seeing her tweets is very low. She does seem to make more effort than Kate does to hide her behavior around her daughter, but that might just be because she’s 13.

No. 1899121

kek i almost added a warning about that, sorry nonnie
let this be a warning to future lurkers: the NSFW flagged photos on Kate’s reddit posts in onlyfans subreddits are closeups of her vag

No. 1899123

File: 1694871673054.jpeg (128.48 KB, 750x362, IMG_2794.jpeg)

other people’s kids don’t need to be shielded from fucked up shit on the internet, though!
maddy and kate (>>1896536
) are both hard at work triggering minors. “fuck them kids” as always

No. 1899151

A lot of those are jellycats too, they're not cheap.

No. 1899152

fat guy on florida golfing vacation-core

No. 1899153

Kek, perfect description

No. 1899159

Lmao I was trying to figure out what to call it thank u nonna. Tbh I like it it’s so ridiculous looking it’s almost whimsical kek the giant shorts with crocs really pull the look together

No. 1899160

What happened to that other one Aisling - Irish - ridiculous number of IG accounts, made yt videos for a while, played the autist larp.

Those were the good old days .

No. 1899167

This STINKS of self post, no one knows or cares about you.

No. 1899168

File: 1694877990755.jpeg (238.85 KB, 750x949, IMG_2795.jpeg)

kate’s new account is @dietkaate

No. 1899170

Rachael/Cassie doesn’t have DID and wasn’t forced to eat a fetus any more than Soren Hayes was. Some of you are mad gullible.

No. 1899172

>wasn’t forced to eat a fetus
Jfc what kind of lore is this kek

No. 1899192

File: 1694883205410.png (5.65 MB, 1170x2532, 3B4C0B1B-9E2D-43C9-9892-DD7E63…)

Sydney (momsfavdisapointment) just posted this. In the past she has looked much worse but I do think shes lost since coming home. I don’t dislike her nearly as much as everyone else on ed tiktok bc she seems a lot more authentic. I just hope she eats things other than ice cubes

No. 1899204

File: 1694884578539.png (172.05 KB, 397x389, wedding.PNG)

She seems to get asked about every now and then and was last briefly brought up 3 months ago (>>1841060
). Her accounts are private at present, so can't help with how she is but i'm assuming same old same old. She was at a wedding and still looks underweight, so not recovered. But not dead afaik.

No. 1899210

i get being mad that her shit keeps getting deleted, but how does she not realize how pathetic her old wrinkly ass looks when she keeps making new accounts? bitch you're a mom, it's a fucking joke that you're this ridiculously addicted to twitter.

No. 1899221

There's a fuck load of mums addicted to twatter though, normally political whatever pilled people. Bit weird you call her old and wrinkly though unless you are an embryo yourself.

No. 1899228

she proudly shows off her saggy loose skin, how is it weird to call her old and wrinkly lmao it's called stating facts. obviously lots of moms are addicted to social media. i'm talking about someone who keeps making a new one just for it to get deleted again. it's not a good look.

No. 1899235

Damn people really had faith she’d maintain recovery outside of res for a few months at least.. jokes on them I guess. I wonder what makes Sydney’s case so chronic. My guess is attention seeking similar to Stefania, but also we don’t know her entire history

No. 1899237

Like not to validate her ED but it’s obvious she’s lost a lot of the weight she gained back

No. 1899250

Ayrt I agree: not pro ana. She’s a personal cow mainly for the sheer amount of resources and ip she’s had and the DID/I don’t have DID conundrum. She also got a dog she was getting trained as a service dog for her fairly new autism diagnosis. Was finally living ‘alone’ with a whole care team coming in all the time. Now she’s been back in IP most of the year I doubt she’ll be able to have the dog back. Clearly can’t look after a dog.
I just posted her for the neck cutting.

No. 1899251

Sorry, how old is Kate?

No. 1899258

I’m the one who posted her. Forgot that was even her name actually. I wasn’t going to spell it out but that’s what she said. Apparently she was in some cult in the US I think, growing up. Has a brother here in the UK but barely mentioned. No other family mentioned.

No. 1899259

File: 1694891774146.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_4785.jpeg)

What the actual fuck

No. 1899262

25. 26 in october

No. 1899270

Totally natural pose right there. Very casual.

No. 1899271

idk looks like anorexia to me

No. 1899306

File: 1694897394265.png (1.09 MB, 1087x930, fabricbonanza.png)

the horrifying/surreal filter she's using and what could only be a window valance strapped around her chest are sending me

No. 1899309

File: 1694897878280.png (333.87 KB, 840x881, bka.png)

samefag but she's my favorite cow at this point. using a bodycheck for her amazon account is just hilarious

No. 1899314

Nope very definitely not a self post -sorry to disappoint you!

No. 1899316

Thanks that’s her

No. 1899321

the bulimia cheeks are killing me she looks like marlon brando in the godfather

No. 1899330

>>she looks like marlon brando in the godfather

No. 1899358

this comparison really takes the cannoli

No. 1899381

Still nowhere near thin enough for treatment

No. 1899410

File: 1694905420073.jpg (785.02 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230917_083335_Ins…)

I don't know if I believe this is legit or whether Enara is sending herself tells again. She really seems like the sort to have imaginary convos and arguments with herself just for the attention it brings.

No. 1899419

This seems extremely fake. Why would a nurse risk their license to let Enara know that she's a Big Old Fake? It's either someone trolling or Enara trolling.

No. 1899435

Why's she wearing a plastic bag as a bralette

No. 1899441

File: 1694909127258.png (718.67 KB, 698x857, image (1).png)

she has this thing where she buys clothes that are too big for her on amazon and then goes on twitter like "teehee it's too big." spooplarping

No. 1899447

File: 1694910205392.png (435.06 KB, 521x924, target-acquired.png)

we almost went a whole month without kate finding a new guy to get curved by, but the crisis has been averted
starting a new timer for how long it takes this one to realize she's actually insane

No. 1899448

I was just about to post this. Weird as fuck.

No. 1899450

To be honest, I don't see her as attention seeking. As I've said here before, she has a tendency to disappear from social media while she's relapsing, not constantly make videos showing herself off or etc, like a lot of the others here do. I'm not even convinced she's a full-on cow.

No. 1899452

You can literally get treatment for an eating disorder at any weight, dumbass

No. 1899469

She’s even worse than I thought! As an attention seeking malingerer I mean. I feel so validated in hating her, seeing all those old posts. Having an absolute time of her life in a psych ward for years and years on the NHS’ dime (well the taxpayer’s). And talking about herself in a fake Scottish accent. What the hell was that about?! God I would have hated her even more back then.

No. 1899491

Just because you can doesn’t mean you deserve to

No. 1899493

File: 1694917965350.webm (4.45 MB, 1080x1920, 8593849506.webm)

You know, I didn't believe Dorian's video at first when he proclaimed that Eugenia was dying, but after seeing this… I do.

No. 1899494

jesus, what is wrong with you? do you really, truly feel that momsfave has to get back to her skullface skelly bottom to "deserve" intervention? Given her history of serious illness, intervening earlier would actually be less costly and more likely to help her actually get better eventually. The point of treatment is to get and keep people healthy enough to function in their lives, not as some dumbass ana trophy.

No. 1899497


It’s colours

No. 1899499

ayrt, oh, that tracks and I'm dumb for falling for it

No. 1899507

Yes this is odd, and matches the comment that was written earlier than said something about her notes at the hospital. I really can’t imagine a healthcare worker being that shit cause emr are tracked so the hospital can check who’s seen it. Very odd but also wouldn’t put it passed some ducked up health assistant or something with a vendetta
Either someone’s trolling as anon said or Enara is making drama for herself.
Also tinfoil but a hcw wouldn’t spell munchausen like that imo unless esl

No. 1899509

File: 1694919694324.jpeg (351.77 KB, 1170x2018, FC740202-4CCE-4F50-9A19-6ECFC8…)

Sage cause not really milk but Darcy has been doing university stuff for a while now claiming recovery or at least not addressing her eating disorder but hasn’t gained any weight and I’m sure her natural weight is higher which she was like a couple of years ago before her relapse so I think she’s still pretty actively compensating and that must be super hard while trying to study to be a ambulance officer

No. 1899513

She was really getting high on the attention she got from that video. Her family situation is very bizarre. I wish I was a fly on the wall.

No. 1899516

I wish admin would ban colours again. If you look back at what she's been posting on her instagram, it's pretty obvious which recent unhinged posts are from her.

No. 1899541


What's colors Instagram

No. 1899542

She has an entire thread here >>1759128

No. 1899543

File: 1694922982212.jpeg (322.48 KB, 1024x1024, F55CC216-93C8-4FD2-8C94-0B55CD…)

Fi end of May and now. How do these girls (momsfav as well) lose so much weight so quickly

No. 1899545

Oh I'm with you nonna, plus the only reason Laura moved accounts is because those old threads got linked back. I hope anyone who's come from Laura's profile is aware of her behaviour now.

No. 1899548

Yeah this is Enara sending herself tells. She purposely spelt munchausen's wrong so she had a magical opportunity to deny the malingering speculation, and pin it on a fake anon spreading rumours. Enara you're a retard.

No. 1899550


I looked at it but I can't see her account. I'm dumb

No. 1899551

obviously, given that you're posting unsaged

No. 1899553

did you try scrolling down to this post >>1759537 with the big summary that has a screenshot showing one of her usernames?

No. 1899555


I did, and the account doesn't show which is strange

No. 1899556

File: 1694924645802.png (40.37 KB, 278x175, Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 11.2…)

jesus, how are you so fucking stupid? The screenshot on that post, which I'll also attach here, literally has the username in it. I'm not going to retype it for you.

No. 1899557


Says user not found. Sad times

No. 1899558

Then you must have interacted with her at some point and been blocked. The account is up and public.

No. 1899568

File: 1694926416919.png (152.03 KB, 720x1344, Screenshot_20230917-005459~2.p…)

Cow crossover

No. 1899579

File: 1694929162947.jpeg (536.63 KB, 1013x748, IMG_5295.jpeg)

This whale having to fly across country…

No. 1899582


No. 1899594

Either that or given the fact they can't sage they're too retarded to know how to type a username correctly. (British U instead of American butcherization).

No. 1899595

that seems pretty likely, given this reply >>1899541

No. 1899601

>your favorite small town girl
Why is she bragging that a lot of men use her as a hump and dump?

No. 1899625

File: 1694939567998.jpeg (660.43 KB, 828x1466, IMG_1014.jpeg)

she looks terrible

No. 1899641

Le epic trollface

No. 1899646

Do we know what happened between Em Jones and Sarah Cranny?

No. 1899651

These moms on edtwt are so unsettling, obviously one can have an ed at any age but surely at that point one needs to grow out of bullying 14 year olds on twitter… there was another one posted briefly in the previous thread iirc, hazie or something

No. 1899680

“i swear i didn’t know she was a minor! she ASKED to be triggered!”

No. 1899688

No. Wrong again.

No. 1899691

I hated her already but seeing those old posts and her self posting was something else. How did she get away with acting like that on a ward (which looked very cushy) without someone realising she’s not sick and just needs to be given the boot? Disgusting behaviour now but even more disgusting back then.

No. 1899694

File: 1694959132244.jpeg (67.35 KB, 789x321, IMG_6086.jpeg)

Sage for nonmilk but the server is basically just her talking about taking lax constantly and posting bodychecks

No. 1899708

Self post

No. 1899717

Somone check the ip. If she actually posted this..

No. 1899718

looking like a male tranny combined with a soaking wet rat, damn

No. 1899719

Just in time to ruin another family Christmas… I mean, at least Christmas 2022 wasn’t all about Fi for once, they got that much kek.

No. 1899739

she does laxatives and does 5 day fasts. this sounds really dangerous to be doing for her own sake, but more importantly her children. being a caregiver to two little kids requires energy. what if she faints and hits her head? and when they're old enough to fully recognize her eating habits? grow up. she owes her kids recovery, it's selfish.

No. 1899783

Em said on a live with Lauren once that her ex was basically using her for money and never paying for anything every time they went out (which they did a lot when they dated if you followed her during that time you prob remember them going out to drink and eat often). She said she felt used because she knew her parents are well off and she’s got money. Sadly didn’t download that live but yeah they were talking smack about her on that live and they unfollowed eachother for a while. Just started talking again apparently.

No. 1899784

I didn’t even recognise her at first. Has she started uni?

No. 1899800


No BUT does anyone remember Lara/lars? Her current recovery acct is stuck_in_a_puzzle. Used to be really good friends with Ceylon

No. 1899809

You continuously post unsaged, with an extra line between the post reply number and your text (which makes you very identifiable), and ask to be spoonfed.

No. 1899822

First time posting on here so kek

No. 1899835

File: 1694975434182.png (2.22 MB, 900x1336, Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 1.19…)

Stef is confirmed at Veritas - the restaurant in the background is in that area.

No. 1899893

File: 1694979313206.png (63.01 KB, 988x422, 6385940602.png)

The account is up, but it's definitely not public.

No. 1899899

It got switched to private as soon as she realized she was getting posted here and on her thread again. It’s been public pretty consistently for a while.

No. 1899901

lol niamh isn’t going to uni. she’s got an offer for 2024 entry at edinburgh university for nursing (not doxxing, she posted about it on her instagram publicly) but she’ll fail occupational health and i’m willing to bet she’s going to sponge off her mum forever.

No. 1899917

Have you seen Emily’s at uni, don’t know how long it will last. She’s always live on her little “priv” account

No. 1899926

File: 1694983802945.png (533.52 KB, 798x854, 2348728.png)

Probably not milky but since there was discussion about edtwt here's a post that got recommended while I was lurking edtwt cows. Imagine feeling entitled to hog the bathroom for 40min vomiting when you have guests who can probably hear you kek, of course the comments all act like the guy was the literal devil.

No. 1899932

I really don't want to give her the attention she so desperately craves but god how is it not obvious to people around her? She's known to the system/had past admissions so it's not like she'd be totally under their radar

No. 1899936

File: 1694985800838.png (392.43 KB, 476x643, Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 4.26…)

apparently becca tried her hand at make-up at some point, kek

No. 1899966

waterloading, weights, lying, not going to appointments. it’s not hard. she looks ugly and probably has very little life, no job or school or uni any time soon. and she’s almost 18 so doubt camhs are particularly fussed.

No. 1899972


No. 1899973


No. 1899974

File: 1694990525955.jpeg (229.16 KB, 749x1151, B85D98F3-55FB-4B12-90DF-0C89C6…)

Well, looks like it’s really happening. Maybe. How will she cope without a huge following and all the discussions here?

No. 1899976


No. 1899977

hasn't she done this dance (kek) before?

No. 1899978

Not you again. Enjoy the adult nhs kek. You’ll get nothing.

No. 1899980

For sure. We’ll see.

No. 1899983

Do nhs services force you into adult services? Idk how the uk system works

No. 1900016

I hope Lyn the dietician was careful not to smudge it when she removed her tube at exactly 12:12

No. 1900023

File: 1694996613206.png (509.2 KB, 468x586, Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 7.26…)

Impossible challenge for Stef: take a single selfie that's not in this pose that's clearly designed to make her arm look thinner and pop her clavicles as much as possible

No. 1900053

Fucked if I understand the nhs 'system.' They try to do nothing if you're an adult it seems.

No. 1900054

Unless you're one of their favourites and you'll be in for life. Otherwise they will do everything in their power to do absolutely nothing for you and make sure they obstruct you from getting care.

No. 1900064

File: 1695002595099.jpg (220.53 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20230917-210337_Chr…)

Nooo lucinda cute off her hair
She looked cute for a bit booo

No. 1900083

She didn't have much. Withholding judgement until I see her. Maybe it will be ok.

No. 1900159

Kudos for outing yourself as a minor on a board for fucking adults. Read the damn rules.

No. 1900161

That's just you, have you ever stopped and thought about how your actions actually lead to people turning their back on you? And tbh, i'm suprised i didn't bump into anyone recording your airport spergout, people normally do.

No. 1900193

She won't cope. She thrives of the attention hence why she always posts links to the documentary. Although now she has free support and a easy access pass to be readmitted to hospital so likely now she has got what she seemed to want maybe she doesn't need attention of her followers as she can just when lonely refuse meds and she will be back in hospital prancing around.

No. 1900194

You'll get everything if you do a Laura and pick up everyone else's little behaviours until you get put on a CTO. Seems people no longer want to have a child to get housing as the council waiting lists are decades long. Now they just play the MH system until they get free supported accomodation and support for life.

No. 1900195

If you play the system but have parents that will fight for you then you get everything. If you have noone so technically are more of a risk as you don't have a support network then I agree they leave you with nothing.

No. 1900197

She's already trying to pick up other people's behaviours and copycat them to get sectioned.

No. 1900225

File: 1695034888045.jpeg (209.03 KB, 1170x2080, 945D0F65-F730-4391-BE9A-26AC61…)

Excuse the shitty editing I just woke up but Kate admits to seeing a new guy and getting back into doing coke. Does anybody know when she has custody of her kids? Since joining this group she’s not mentioned being with them at all but has talked about drugs, alcohol, and lax abuse.

No. 1900254

Can't wait for the day you'll be old enough to realise what you just said here, may the cringe induced meltdown be slow and painful.

No. 1900274

File: 1695043201533.jpg (607.9 KB, 1440x2160, 20230918_212000.jpg)


Definitely no recovery going on here. Holy Bulimia cheeks! Wonder if she's deleting comments - people are just telling her how good she looks which is so fkd up.

No. 1900278

File: 1695043627459.png (468.3 KB, 427x728, Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 8.29…)

May is such a self-centered little dipshit who seemingly loves to aggravate people who are in charge of things related to her life. Yeah, sure, they're harassing you. It's not that they want to review all the records before your appointment.

No. 1900280

I've got at least 2 other anons agreeing with me that the nhs will do nothing but deny you if you are ACTUALLY seriously mentally ill as an adult. So you and your opinion are in the minority. The only way to get nhs help as an adult is apparently either to do a LLL and get in as a kid and then use faking and malingering to make sure you don't get out, or to just force and fake your way in by other avenues like the documentary (oh yea; LLL did that too).
I was going to add 'or have serious physical complications' as in the case of severe eds but when I think about it there are a huge number of adults in the uk with very serious eds with serous physical issues who are getting no help from the nhs at all, so thats not even true.

No. 1900281

Serious* not serous.

No. 1900282

Tbh I feel for the kids. Their father is a abuser a their mother is her. The cycle would probably repeat on them too. Poor children.

No. 1900283

You didn't 'bump into anyone'in the airport? Which one? Are you insinuating you work at one of the airports? Because I know of a certain cow who worked baggage security at Heathrow…….

No. 1900286

You have no idea how much this makes me rage. That walrus getting all of this for so long when there is clearly nothing wrong with her. The one saving grace is that she is morbidly obese so that's knocked her smugness down a peg or two. Can't call herself the freshest curdled creamy wee baby anymore. Or whatever the hell it was in the Scottish accent phase.

No. 1900289

>curdled creamy wee baby
KEK anon. Now she legit looks like a middle aged woman w her giant navel adjacent bosom and saggy pouchy face.

No. 1900291

she probably doesn't have them on the weekends then since i'm pretty sure she has them four days out of the week, which lines up with her 3 day fast/lax/diuretic routine. since she's a plumber (really can't tell how regular this work is for her), if her kids aren't in day care she probably has help during the week with childcare.

and wow this totally isn't going to blow up in her face way worse than usual when it ends, both emotionally and physically. she had mentioned previously (as in before this new guy) that she was confused because her heart rate was high at rest even though she's underweight, and if she keeps taking diuretics along with the purging, 9 lax at a time, nonstop vaping, and alcohol, this post >>1899739 is all the more a prescient warning.
she's not taking a prescription diuretic so it's probably not making her excrete sodium/calcium/potassium along with the water, so they could be making her blood pressure and heart rate increase instead of decrease. it goes without saying but coke seriously does a number on the kidneys, not just the heart. unsure what meds she's on re: bpd/depression or whether she's even taking them right now since she's throwing up all of the time, but there's no way the drug interactions would be negligible
she's so awful but this is just sad as fuck. her poor kids.

No. 1900293

File: 1695045049670.jpeg (190.99 KB, 743x1070, 4A614556-AD95-43AC-BB78-A91F5D…)

Byeeeeee! See you in hospital with your next faked illness, you curdled stick of butter.

No. 1900294

Kek she looks like a homeless schizophrenic 50 year old woman when she picks her dry lips, scratches her face for the camera and mouth breathes.

No. 1900296

File: 1695045671153.png (13.08 KB, 586x116, ss12.png)

amazing that kate got the bright idea to take 3 more laxatives than usual today after admitting she did so much coke this weekend that she thought she was going to die. just amazing

No. 1900312

File: 1695047396591.png (912.58 KB, 1334x750, IMG_2834.png)

It’s ridiculous that people believe her when she goes on about how careful and loving she is with her kids. She loves being a trainwreck and it just makes me think about the time she tweeted this (from >>1843788)

No. 1900331

File: 1695051276639.jpeg (211.75 KB, 750x558, IMG_2835.jpeg)

Kate’s bff went priv and I know I’m tinfoiling but I feel like it’s because she’s a lurker…although it could also be that 10 out of 12 quote tweets of the photo she posted for her daughter’s 14th birthday are pqrts kek it’s just never a good idea. She has non-ED related social media accounts to share those feelings on, I really don’t get these moms that share their kid’s lives with thousands of strangers.

No. 1900344

my god the nhs sperging… there’s no personal vendetta they have against certain people and other “favourities”, it’s just underfunded, that’s it. it’s been underfunded for so long that they haven’t updated training in mental health treatment for a long time, staff are ridiculously underpaid which obviously effects how well they do their job, in a lot of places in the uk they can’t put you ip because there’s no beds and oftentimes it becomes first come first served. but some people get lucky with where they live and get access to more treatment. it’s all about luck, 99% of people don’t have a good experience with nhs MH care or nhs in general. a health service doesnt have favourites

No. 1900350

What do you mean by favourites? How do they have enough tolerance for these snots to have faves

No. 1900352

I find it funny most of the people talked about here want to be therapists or ed councilors, unwilling to ever leave the realm of eds

No. 1900353

Basically, Laura/Colours feels as though the NHS has favourites because they keep some in the system longer than others. She thinks they're the reason she "can't get help", and not the fact that she systematically either pushes people away, or creates so much threat no one wants to work with her.

No. 1900354

File: 1695055584305.jpeg (445.22 KB, 828x862, IMG_4413.jpeg)

Lmao, what the fuck is this. I'm so done with Twitter


No. 1900363

It's almost like it's late 2000's eating disorder youtube all over again. Stupid is as stupid does. With facial recognition and AI archiving nowadays, are these really the videos and thumbnails she'd want to be attached to her face as she ages/grows out of her ED?

No. 1900379

Really fucking stupid. Pretty sure she’s a minor though.

No. 1900389

File: 1695061213955.png (20.52 KB, 597x158, 17.PNG)

I think she's 17, so fair game as board rules go (16+). It's just to post here you need to be 18+, granted i think some from that circle were posting earlier. And bumping into this, no wonder she seems like such a self entitled twozzler, parents spoilt the shit out of her.

No. 1900391

she's 17, she's posted her real permit like a dumbass, kek.

No. 1900398


This could do with a spoiler, nonna.

No. 1900401

sorry, I'm a newfag. I don't know how to change it, now that the 30 minute period is over. also made the mistake of using an emoticon a while back. (not an emoji but like an actual emoticon, didn't know if they were considered the same offense. )

No. 1900419

File: 1695067051872.png (3.36 MB, 1170x2532, CFE9784A-E1C0-4C5F-B14B-5BF73C…)

all of those words/the picture translates to: no she’s not in recovery

No. 1900422

Nothing is more disgusting than the anas with children. Kate at least has time to get her shit together before her kids reach sentient age, but this cow has a 14 year old? I feel bad for that kid. At the risk of personal blogging, I've struggled with AN off and on my whole life, and you can stop if you really want to. Really sick of the whole "it's a mental health problem you can't just stop" excuse bullshit. You can't fully heal the brain without therapy but you can exist outside your self absorbed bubble and stop engaging in behaviors. Especially when those behaviors are gonna negatively impact your kids

No. 1900429

I also feel really bad for her kids.. she censors faces, but like their bodies are out there on edtwt of all places. it's really not the smartest idea from all perspectives

No. 1900432

what you're saying is bullshit. you wouldn't tell the same thing to someone with OCD. yes its a behavioural illness but that doesnt mean that people can just stop anytime. you sound retarded

No. 1900461

Did you miss the part where I said 'if you really wanted to', retard? Yes, you can stop engaging in behaviors. For the same reason addicts can stop taking their drug of choice. Especially if that addict has kids. The difference is none of these cows actively want to change.

No. 1900471

I don't understand why she would be posting her 14 year old daughter on ed twitter, who likely also uses social media at that age. Can you imagine running into your mom's ed twitter account where she posts pictures of herself to disordered teenagers all day, and then you see she's also posted you without your consent?

No. 1900491

Her daughter is homeschooled and has limited phone and computer access, so it’s highly unlikely at least. But it would really destroy her trust and be pretty scarring

No. 1900497

i'm not saying change is impossible, but its not as easy as simply deciding to stop. some people are genuinely severely ill. good for you if you're able to press pause on your 'anorexia' when it no longer suits your current aesthetic, but that's not how it works for most people.

No. 1900512

Nta but without blogging, you could say a similar thing to someone with ocd. of course you can't just press pause easily, but a huge majority of people who seem to never recover and keep going round in loops (see: laura) have not truly tried/just don't want to

No. 1900515

File: 1695077093145.jpeg (148.8 KB, 1047x1164, 7001B862-A03C-4B79-80DD-93F5DD…)

No. 1900516

I don't think you understand what not engaging in behaviors means. It means taking the first steps like not having a fucking eating disorder twitter where you interact with people near the same age as your teen daughter, posting your BMI in your public bio, taking body check photos for that profile, and even posting photos of your daughter on that profile. You have every opportunity to make the decision to stop enabling your ED behavior by not engaging in it. That is quite literally the first step to recovery. Don't be a willful dumbass.

No. 1900518

I find it a little more understandable for people without a life outside their ED, like Laura and Eugenia, to actively not want to seek help. It's the only thing they have. It's the center of their universe. But when you have a teen daughter and still selfishly choose the ED lifestyle, which will eventually affect them, whether through their own body image issues, or through worrying their mom is going to die from ED, it's beyond me.

No. 1900519

No1curr, ex ana chan.

Still, Kate is disgusting. There are mums out there with EDs and they are not being stupid concerning their children.

No. 1900522

The fact is a majority of this entire board is an ex or active ana-chan, you don't win invisible anon points by saying lolcow-isms

The point is the anas with kids are especially sickening

No. 1900523

File: 1695077748494.jpg (1.07 MB, 1022x2160, Screenshot_20230918_175732.jpg)

Poor things purging vienna sausages.

No. 1900526

Kate isn't even anorexic, she's just romanticizing crash dieting like every edtwt girl with ednos. I think her drinking and doing coke and probably neglecting her kids emotionally and otherwise is worse for them than her "ed"

No. 1900527

damn. Kid's at home all day with her ana mom. Hopefully she doesn't wonder what those sounds coming from the bathroom are

No. 1900529

THe most certainly do. 1% of the people get 100% of the resources and never get kicked out. Nobody else gets a chance to even have a look in.

No. 1900530

I have no idea WHY they are faves but they clearly are or why do they stay in the system their whole lives when some of them are not even sick, just faking? There are a whole load of other people who never get anything and are literally dying.

No. 1900533

(Ayrt) Really? Dear lord! I had no idea that someone with an ED/past ED could be just reading this precise thread! (smh)

No. 1900535

Disagree. You can't just stop having a serious ed if you 'decide to'. You're basically saying it's a lifestyle choice then so that's 'pro-ana.'If you can just decide to stop then obviously it wasn't that bad. There are the wannarexics who can stop if they decide to, yes, but look at the really sick people like Ash. Do you really think they would choose that life? That they can just one day get up and 'decide' to not have anorexia anymore?

No. 1900538

Laura doesn't have anorexia. She faked everything. She is not a good example.

No. 1900539

kek at you double-posting to try to look like more people agree with you. This is a dumb slapfight. The truth is that once you're in the system, the NHS has a duty of care to you that's higher than to someone who isn't in one of their inpatient units. If they discharge you despite you making suicidal gestures and then you do fuck up and actually kill yourself, they're in a hell of a lot of trouble.

No. 1900541

Eds have been around long before social media and long before the internet. People were seriously ill and died of eds without ever talking to other people who had them, without taking pictures of themselves to share everywhere, without even ever meeting another person with an ed. You don't need social media to have an ed. It can be a completely private and personal thing, with no input from anyone else….And still kill you.

No. 1900544

Are you purposefully misreading the post? There is a difference between taking the steps to not engage in the behaviors and being "suddenly cured". Having an ED twitter where you post your BMI and bodychecks for minors to gawk at when you have a teenage daughter is a choice, and a behavior that can be separated from the disorder itself. You have to want to make the choice to stop fueling your ED by participating in behaviors and online spaces that reward you for it. It doesn't cure the ED, but it is harm reduction, especially to the children. Again: the difference is these cows have no desire to step outside their narcissism. If their children become collateral to their self destruct they could not give less of a shit

No. 1900549

I'm not trying to make it look like anything, except how evil and unfair and stupid the nhs actually is, which people seem so keen to disbelieve. And they 100% do not care if someone that isn't one of their faves kills themself. They just say 'we already wrote high risk of death by misadventure so we were right' and shrug and forget about it. I think people don't understand just how evil this 'system' is.

No. 1900552

And this is where I again reiterate, these cows are making the choice to not seek change for their children, they seek the disorder. Social media is a choice that adds an extra harmful addition to the entire dynamic that underlines how self interested they are. You can't drop an anecdote about the private decline of anorexia without acknowledging that these cows are making it an online spectacle, the very opposite of your argument. This isn't private to them at all

No. 1900553

if you're not colours, maybe you should think for a while about why everyone assumes you are are and whether or not you want to be that type of person

No. 1900555

I know, right?! You wouldn't think it to look at the entire board defending the ana moms!

No. 1900561

Oh these cows like Kate, sure. They're absolutely making a choice to be scumbags with their ed social media. I'd still call her a wannarexic.

No. 1900562

For speaking the truth about the nhs? That makes me a bad person?

No. 1900564

Kate taking laxatives to lose weight as a 25 year old just makes me cringe

No. 1900584

ayrt and agree, i meant the cycle of her being ip and attention seeking antics

No. 1900586

File: 1695083278309.webm (623.44 KB, 576x1024, 7280286542168395014.webm)


so proud of kate for spreading ed awareness. i feel so aware now

No. 1900588

Ofc her retarded ass uses tiktok

No. 1900597

File: 1695085685896.jpg (466.56 KB, 1458x1815, IMG_20230918_211211.jpg)

thank god it's not the cringey fakeboi buzzcut i was worried she'd troon out. ngl the alice cullen cut really suits her.

No. 1900598

File: 1695085822202.jpg (332.73 KB, 1105x1516, IMG_20230918_211137.jpg)

then she followed it up with new hair extensions

No. 1900600

She’s on and off with it. Goes priv when kids start calling her out for posting triggering content in recovery tags for attention, then comes back to lip sync and bodycheck every few weeks when the latest guy she’s been seeing tells her he doesn’t want to be in a relationship kek but back ahead of schedule this time because of her twitter accounts getting suspended

No. 1900602

The nose highlight looks like a giant pimple at the tip. I used to feel bad for her but now she makes me me so unnerved I want to puke. She looks and types like an imitation of a human. As if an alien or an AI wanted to present itself as a human and based its form only on proana twitter and decided to trick people into believing it's human just from this data. Crazy uncanny valley. I mean it in the worst possible way, but knowing Lucinda she'd probably take my message as a compliment.

No. 1900629

File: 1695091399809.png (6.62 MB, 828x1792, BEF49D23-70D3-42A6-B199-A30288…)

Image board so I’ll just add that the lyrics she’s mouthing are “feels like we had matching wounds but mine’s still black and blue but yours is perfectly fine.” Her desperation to prove she’s the sickest gives me secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1900673


Dorian is a delusional woman, nona.

No. 1900676

Yes. One you turn 18 they'll work towards getting you ready for handover to adult services. It's not on the day, off you go and good luck, existing inpatient stretches are allowed to finish naturally (although they look out for malingerers wanting to stay in CAMHS units), but it can still be really disruptive and pull therapy/recovery off track due to having an entire new team.

On the plus side, there's slightly more funding and more therapies available in adult services, but that's not saying much. MH services are one of the casualties of cuts to the NHS.

No. 1900678

It's a huge thing, ED and mental patients wanting to become counsellors, therapists etc. The same way munchies want to become doctors. The line between chosen lifestyle and chosen profession is blurred.

No. 1900680

The NHS doesn't have favourites, but all hospitals/clinical trusts have their craziest patients that they'd only admit or treat if they were to come in with a limb hanging off. Colours is one of those at this point, for sure - Enara too, it sounds like.

No. 1900682

Arent ED clinics basically allowed to refuse patients who abuse or assault the staff? I can’t remember if it falls under the Hippocratic oath thing but I see a lot of signs in hospitals and such just say abuse towards staff is not tolerated and will be treated as a police matter. I imagine patients who are overly aggressive or violent towards staff either get sedated or kicked out, but I’m not sure.(learn to sage)

No. 1900700

All medical services are, to an extent. Of course especially in psych some patients will be delirious or in an altered state and not in control of their actions but they'll still get a shot of Haldol in the buttcheek for their trouble. Someone like Colours who is disruptive in general would affect other patients, so that's a reason for her to be considered unsuitable for IP. And Legohead (whose name I can' remember) got sent to medium secure for assaulting a staff member.

No. 1900722

Omg Kek what was her Scottish accent phase?

No. 1900723

>For my own interpretation of what recovery means then yes!
Also Em: claims to be in hospice care because of her ED
Something's not adding up here..

No. 1900738

It's your very limited subjective experience which discounts and downplays your part in it. If you're constantly bumping into the same situation over and over as you say you do (people saying they'll be there and then "turning their back on you/denying help" have you stopped to think about YOUR part in it? Because you, and you alone, are the common denominator in it. Is everyone in the world awful and act exactly in the same way/think the same, or is it actually something you're doing/behaving/saying to create a self fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes the problem actually lies with you, no one is going to be able to fix it for you. Use your mindfulness to stop knee jerk reactions would be a start (i.e. stop telling people you're going to kill yourself because of them keeping themselves safe/away from the crazy, kek. Ever thought that more people, seeing that, will also want to stay away from the crazy and not get involved?) It's a fast track way of getting people to blacklist you from things if you're always so threatening/manipulative.

No. 1900750

its called a thread dumbass. the "entire board" would be referring to /snow/ in general. and in that case, no, not everyone is a skellychan

No. 1900755

Kind of weird how sure you are of who you’re replying to. And no, I’m ntayrt

No. 1900761

It's not weird to know what Laura Bestow/Colours talks like, the things she bangs on about, if you follow these threads including the ill-fated deleted one/her thread. JFC. She's always whine posting about specific cows (Fairy/Laura, han, enera, effy/NHS) at late evening - 3AM UK time too. All telltale signs. I wish i didn't know it was her posting, we're supposed to be anonymous here but she sticks out like every other self-inserting BPDfag going.

No. 1900768

Forgive me, Queen Lolcow. Your knowledge is superior

No. 1900770

Haha I remeber ratatouille, what a funny film

Queen anon: no1curr, stop blogposting!

scratches anus

No. 1900791

Does anyone remember the name of a cow from instagram who had really long bright blue hair and sometimes bright red hair, she was really underweight but then recovered and got kind of big, she smoked weed a lot and lived with her boyfriend i think. i've been wanting to check and see what's new with her, but i can't remember her name at all

No. 1900792

Ooo, say another lolcow slang! You're so cool

No. 1900793

Timeline? Kinda vague. Lots of them have the dyed hair and underweight to overweight chronicle

No. 1900804

You’re deadass wrong. They will do fuck all. Kids get more help than adults and the nhs will do all they possibly can to not give any treatment.

No. 1900807

File: 1695131276827.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4966.png)

A recent Nikol (nikolels, loveorscars, smallervanilla). She also deleted her twitter. Is she recovered now? Seems a lil out of place since she was still being an ana fetishist on twitter just a couple weeks ago. Saged for no milk

No. 1900809

Highly doubt that, both her insta accounts are still up and one is literally called "pro ana account"

No. 1900810

File: 1695131577673.jpeg (114.26 KB, 639x923, 32DA6213-C8BD-4741-AB17-5ADCE5…)

Yep I know who you mean.

No. 1900813

File: 1695131692224.jpeg (148.34 KB, 639x991, 4CAB3652-0C14-4031-860F-4CFCD4…)

I think there is a 3rd account I forgot but it’ll be mentioned on one of these. She split up with her bf and hasn’t posted in forever except once recently to say she got a job and quit smoking.

No. 1900822

yes, this is who i was talking about, thank you! been trying to find her for awhile!

No. 1900826

it's been years since i've seen her account, i thought i remembered her getting way bigger, but she actually looks great

No. 1900833

I'm surprised that she already deleted it

No. 1900858

Nikol got fat

No. 1900871

She looks good, cute outfit too. Hope she’s working on her wretched personality though

No. 1900877

She got to a healthy weight, good for her. Better to look well than to look like a golem. Hopefully her brains functioning better too.

No. 1900878

Try not being such an obnoxious maniac and they might start trying to help you.

No. 1900881

Looks like crazy oedema

No. 1900883

Nta but if you suspect colours just report and ignore, no need to write paragraph length replies derailing the thread just because someone has a stupid opinion you disagree with

Let it go, this isn’t the vent thread

No. 1900948

That's a good thing it means you won't be thrown in the looney bin again for wanting to be skinny. Finally! Not being able to be in child services is gonna rule

No. 1900986

before clicking on the image i thought it was stretched kek, wasn't she recently still quite thin?

No. 1901025

File: 1695164359260.jpeg (153.24 KB, 624x619, IMG_0332.jpeg)

EC got her TikTok “hacked” and someone took her name and I’m hoping that occupies her one brain cell for a while. Why the fuck don’t they just permaban her and be done.

No. 1901033

If you mean the photos she was posting on twitter, those were all of her age 14-16, when she still had an ed but hadn't become a skelly yet. I always thought it was weird she would try to pass them off as recent. Maybe she didn't want her admirers to see her fully recovered self. This recent pic is from her private account

No. 1901048

Considering that she literally believes she's not human, I think you're right.

No. 1901058

Fuck off on trying to police me into being a bigot. I'm not interested and I won't misgender people. Go cry about it on one of the anti-trans threads(lost newfag)

No. 1901060

I think it depends on the clinic, but many of them do refuse to tolerate violence of any kind, regardless of whether it's caused by your psychiatric state or not.

No. 1901063

Why report? What is your reasoning? Oh yea. None.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)