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File: 1528203986396.jpg (27.18 KB, 268x275, 1526902862129.jpg)

No. 602344

The language of courage and inner strength: a wonderful cow that keeps giving.
Our queen, our beloved, our mermaid.

Recently she moved with her boyfriend, the very same night she went back to her parents for dinner and for some reasons we might never know, she decided to run away, as she's an empowered 22 y/o.

She's also slipping in the deathly arms of alcholism, the monthly addiction trend she decided to put up. And I say, really old fashioned for the spring/summer 2018 collection.

>We're not fragile like flowers, but more like BOMBS.

Previous thread >>554293

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aly_sjourney/

No. 602354

Best possible thread picture.

No. 602384

has she been messaging you guys lately? I don't even follow her, but she messaged me a while back asking for ''opinions.'' that yells desperation for any kind of attention

No. 602410

What did she wrote? Screen it

No. 602453

File: 1528217805261.jpg (410.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180605-185313.jpg)

No. 602454

File: 1528217831370.jpg (606.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180605-185508.jpg)

No. 602455

File: 1528217845106.jpg (326.93 KB, 720x1138, 20180605_185404.jpg)

No. 602457

File: 1528217905913.jpg (277.69 KB, 720x476, 20180605_185548.jpg)

Bitch can't count
"Only 2 treats in the last 5 days"
I count 5

No. 602458

File: 1528217917910.jpg (409.96 KB, 720x738, 20180605_185611.jpg)

No. 602472

File: 1528218486141.png (10.98 KB, 312x66, Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-05 um 1…)

I want to punch her moonface whenever she says she "managed" something. Aly, we all know that you are stuffing your face with junk food 24/7, so please stop pretending you are "orthorexic" or still struggling with eating.

No. 602502

Well, honestly the junk food makes sense considering. This all looks like binge food she would usually throw up. She never learned what eating like a normal person is like. Well, she does know because her followers will tell her either nicely or harshly but she will call them haters and explain why eating healthy is a sign of an ED
Can't wait for next year when she's overweight.

No. 602509

This bitch really adores herself. I’m sure she’d have no problem being obese if it got her the most attention. Just look at what she’s wearing, her hair, the pose, her lipstick. It’s so flashy. So look-at-me! Histrionic af

No. 602530

File: 1528222711967.jpg (568.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180605-201705.jpg)

No. 602532

File: 1528222727045.jpg (488.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180605-201708.jpg)

No. 602534

File: 1528222959981.png (528.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180605-142057.png)

What a strong inspirational woman she's quoting. #feminist #woke #bopo #careeroptions

Also that "proof" of her good skin was like…not effective. She doesn't look like Donatella Versace or anything but for a normal weight 22 y.o. she is looking rough and puffy

No. 602576

File: 1528226231152.png (1.48 MB, 1360x626, a usual week.png)


I doubt she even knows who Monica Lewinsky is.

Okay, so those are the "sweet" treats. How about things like a WHOLE, greasy, shop made pizza?

Generally she eats more than 2 treats in 5 days.

No. 602578

Funny considering she publicly shames her followers when they call her out.

No. 602606

She gets the most comments when she points out there's a ~hater~ and milks it for all it's worth.

No. 602631

>it feels so wierd to be home

Wasn't she just there Yesturday for lunch? She acts like she's been gone for years. Is she staying overnight at her mom's? It's been ONE day…

No. 602679

Berto wasn't invited to the celebrations then.

No. 602695

File: 1528234325318.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 9CA7FF41-E1BF-412B-BF13-CD012A…)

Is it just me or is it extremely unappetizing to leave the shells on the shrimp? They’re in there with the pasta, which means you’ll have to manually take the shells off yourself (and de-vein the shrimp so you’re not eating their poop) Aly’s pastas always used to look appetizing but they’ve really gone downhill, probably because she doesn’t care about / barely eats any food that’s not burgers and sweets. .

No. 602704


I don't eat seafood so that does nothing for me. Even if I did eat shrimp, the plain spaghetti's the thing I find really unappetising. It's spaghetti without a sauce and that's like eating rubber bands.

No. 602748

Once had crisp coated prawns made by an italian nonna. The shells were in there, had to slyly dig them out my mouth while watching the said nonna crunch them away shells and all.

How long do you think the living with Berto phase will last? She will run back to Ma sooner or later.

No. 602755

File: 1528237206347.jpg (13.31 KB, 225x225, alys fortune told.jpg)


I think she'll think of any excuse to go back to Ma's and her "living with him" is really staying over more often. I don't even consider them co habiting.

They fight a lot, so…

She's not going to see Ma at lunchtime, so…

The novelty of food shopping and more sex is gonna wear off (especially if he's wanting it when she's soooo tired after work), so…

She'll make an excuse about money or something and move back in with Ma, even though that's more or less the situation now.

No. 602838

tbh i think it could go one of two ways. either she moves out in the next month, probably along with a HUGE DRAMATIC BREAKUP in which she invents a story of ABUSES (!) and RELAPSE, SO HOLLOWED (!) and tries to play it off as STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN. this will be followed by her getting back together with him after another month and pretending the breakup never happened ("We've been together SIX years my lovelies, my MAN has always stuck by my histrionic poorly dressed ass (!)").

OR they actually stay together until she coerces him into proposing after a year (with a ring pop bc #recovery #NoWheat) and they have a horribly trashy wedding two months later, in which she wears a dress ten sizes too small that shows her entire ass. then exactly nine months later she has the first of their three kids, and they remain codependently and unhappily married until she dies at the age of 41 from a heart attack brought on by eating nothing but donnies, faps, and french fry pizzas for 20 years.


No. 603218

I am a bad person but dude, seeing the second option would be a ride…

No. 603219

File: 1528280055385.jpg (327.02 KB, 720x1049, 20180606_121349.jpg)

So this confirms our theory she already quit her job lmao

No. 603225

I hate that all her retarded followers cheer her on and believe this stuff, it makes her think her lies are plausible.

No. 603240

She is so still aggrandizing.

Chugger job: the LITERAL FACE of Save the Children


she can just say, "like any inexperienced and uneducated 22y/o I'm working a shitty minimum wage job but it's hard bc I'm new to the workforce and I'm still pretending to have an ed"

No. 603244

> way higher salary

probably up from minimum wage to 2 dollars extra

No. 603308


Don't report me for WKing, but you don't understand. Aly is solving the problem of third world poverty and starvation single-handedly. Having known the effect of malnutrition first hand, she is devoting her life to saving little children from the same situation. No doubt she's going to hand out smartphones from the back of the lorries so they can post their journey on ig. She's an angle.

No. 603341

Bitch never had an office job in her life did she

No. 603369

Lol she’s so over the top with her job descriptions. If she ever worked for McDonalds as a cashier she would be a BREND AMBASSADOR and the face (!) of the company overseeing finances and accounting.

I guess we will find out the truth soon enough. Did she quit or did she just jump to another mundane job?

No. 603377

Definitely quit. She hasn’t posted any more chugger pictures after the first…2? 3 days?

No. 603412

File: 1528307003346.png (7.56 KB, 319x164, numbers tw.png)

I bet she's telling everyone she's planning on going private because her follower count's dropped a lot this past week.

She fancies everything up. She's moved into a room, a basic room with a fold up bed that doesn't even have bed linen yet she writes:

>I've MY home right now to think about and organize 🏠 (and MY lil family 💑🐹) and time for food-blogging gets much reduced.

She needs to ~organise her house and family~.

No. 603430

This morning she had 47.1, she bought a bunch of followers.

No. 603432

GUYS, did you already saw that rid-bitch' videos? She's still reading here. Hope she'll change her hair because it looks like death weath. She's so offended, lmao.
Hi, Aly. You don't trick us. We know the truth of your fake life.

No. 603436

HAHAHA, I DIDN'T BOTHER WATCHING THEM!!! I never watch her videos because her voice is so fucking awful.

Aly, going private wouldn't change anything. I have a bunch of accounts following you, as do other anons here. Besides, you can't make us stop posting here/delete our comments/block us, so put yer big girls pants on deal with it.

Yeah, let's see that contract. No redacts.

No. 603438

File: 1528311170443.jpg (30.42 KB, 552x655, 12795514_1734798760083643_2702…)

Oh, and feel free to fill this out. You can email it back to sage@lolcow.farm

No. 603525

File: 1528317632183.jpg (201.92 KB, 1024x1024, 20180606_133956-COLLAGE.jpg)

Again with this selfie

No. 603530

That hairline.

Her lifestyle is terrible for her health, but is it really bad enough to make her go bald? Can being a spoop permanantly ruin your hair?

No. 603618

No but frying it can fuck it up quite effectively.

No. 603622

> Can being a spoop permanantly ruin your hair?

ime it does take quite a lot to get back healthy hair. seems like hair stays dry and fragile for quite a while after anorexia. maybe it’s different for everyone tho?

also she straightens it daily so thats another reason. she needs a haircut so bad ffs

No. 603693


I was going to say it's probably heat damage from straighteners. Places at the top that haven't had bleach on it have snapped off. She's never really had her hair scraped back before so I think she's just unfortunate enough to have that hairline.

I've only ever known one girl with a peak like that. Aly thinks her hair's her crowning glory. That's how deep her delusions are. She can't see how awful, damaged and stupid it looks with a 100 shades of henna.

No. 603710

File: 1528330892031.jpg (19.64 KB, 199x262, gorl.jpg)

K well she posted five videos at once so I'm not going to gif any of them, but here's the gist:

>Ok, I make a video 'cause I've too much to say and sorry if I'm so destroyed, after all day workink that's how normal people look, destroyed.

>I don't know 'ow many times they told me I'm fake. They said I'm not workink and they posted pictures-a with my coworkers-a, they said-a I wouldn't have moved-a with my boyfriend and uh well 'ere I am-a, in my new 'ome.
>And today again "Alice you are a liar" well I can't stand it anymore 'cause too much is going on, life is 'ard ekspecially in with so many changes-a. I don't know if I should keep this account, my fault that I opened so much and trust people.
>Well I will accept-a de new employment, do you want a picture of the contracts? No problem! I have nothing to hide, but I really don't know if I should-a keep dis profile open, I have a lot of doubts, I'm sorry.
>It's easy to attack on food or recovery, well, everybody has his own opinion, but about life, IT HARD-A, to be attacked-a, about life. And… nothing else, that's all.

No. 603768

Damn, I missed it! I think they are all deleted now so thank you for the recap anon.

I thought she said she would only come back for a laugh? I wonder how often she really comes back to read here.

Alice, Just stop exaggerating everything you do. It's all boring and you cant pretend its exciting. We see right through it, and it's really awkward. Regular life is pretty fucking boring. Get over yourself hun.

No. 603897

I wonder if she'll ever relapse? A lot of previous Anas who gain this fast either get obese or relapse because it's clear none of their issues were solved with food. The obsession of numbers become intake rather than lack of.

When Aly feels she's being too "Ana" she has cake for a snack after her pasta dinner.

I'm guessing her leg accident just flipped her to the other extreme, not that this entire thing hasn't been said a million times.

I guess the worst part of me almost wants to see her relapse, but it'd be nice to see her just take care of herself instead.

No. 603941

she sure is a lying, drama-seeking moon face with a fast food addiction, but I think it's still kinda fucked up to hope relapse upon anyone. I think that even with shittalking there's this thin (pun intended) line that shouldn't be crossed

No. 603969

agreed. Her brain isn't malnourished anymore so if she just went to a therapist she might actually be able to address her personality disorder and other serious mental issues. When someone is emaciated, that's usually a complete waste of time.

No. 604194

Seems like finally she's at an office. In her awful daily looks in such important HEADQUARTERS office.
I bet it isn't that company of Save the Children, maybe she's a secretary again. And still weird that doesn't having a career degree she has an important job. And more weird that in "first" day she's taking selfies like "see me lolcau, i don't 'ave nothin' to 'ide"

No. 604249

File: 1528385969448.gif (6.4 MB, 320x554, 20180607_093541.gif)

She wore her "drunk aunt" crop top to work today. I'm surprised she's not complaining about not being able to lunch outside.

No. 604308

her future is fucking depressing (!)

No. 604348

She reposted the donut from here >>602576

>I couldn't be HAPPIER

We don't belieeeeeeve yooooou (!)

No. 604440

File: 1528398503177.jpg (15.13 KB, 157x221, omg.jpg)

mmhmm not puffy at all

No. 604460

>my own office
- a table

How long before she quits this one? I give it a generous 3 weeks.

No. 604575

File: 1528407876815.jpg (152.81 KB, 720x491, Screenshot_20180607-154033.jpg)


No. 604644

Sounds like something they'd say to a special needs to give them confidence. Remember her last boss actually applauded her. I'd pat her on the head but I'd be scared of making her receding hairline worse

No. 604647

Next 50 followers who comment that they're proud of her DIE.

No. 604952

File: 1528438794052.jpg (87.62 KB, 483x617, sojellyofyourhair.jpg)

>lonk ´air, *uck ´aters

No. 605093

No. 605271

File: 1528479583902.png (962.5 KB, 487x865, break.png)

No. 605272

File: 1528479598282.png (491.81 KB, 481x861, fav.png)

No. 605481

File: 1528493194003.png (20.25 KB, 284x362, proud.png)

Img related.

Everything's okay now. Her amazing job, her life with Berto.

>I'll be back in case of a relapse. I'll be active and supportive for you only.

I hope you will understand and you won't be mad at me; I no longer need to feel 'special' 😅 I can now.. just living. Normally and free ❤️

She can now just living.
(No more Aly…for now)

No. 605483

File: 1528493327509.png (227.84 KB, 309x556, tell her youre proud.png)

No. 605488

File: 1528493436726.gif (294.58 KB, 360x203, anigif_enhanced-24966-14225504…)

No. 605493

Her definition of a "relapse" is having a hissy fit and postponing a burger for an hour, so she'll be back.

Her first fight with Berto will be an epic relapse. She might skip dinner and fill up on Oreos at 11pm.

No. 605537

Sure, Jan. She just called her super serious struggle to have lunch at work a relapse the other day.
See ya soon, Aly.

No. 605548

File: 1528498374326.png (575.8 KB, 750x1334, 29682F58-9E10-490C-9A6F-C35092…)

leaving for good…….?

No. 605558


As if. She doesn't have wifi at Berto's. That's more the reason she won't post as much…for now.

She'll crash in a few days.

No. 605566

I read this as berto is mad Aly is always on her phone so they had a huge fight and gave her an ultimatum.
She didn’t say as much but her words have a semi serious “tone” about them.

She will still post daily. Likely at lunch or on the train to work. She’s not gone.

No. 605800

She’s lying. She’ll still be posting about her relapses five times a day. Bet there’s a post tomorrow!

No. 605807

She must be furious that her farewell post only has 26 comments (out of 47.2 k followers) and not one of them is begging her to stay. They’re all like “good for you!” I feel like more than anything, the lack of attention over her leaving will be why she doesn’t leave. She’s addicted to IG and attention and her posting style shows she’s still ruled by OCD (and binge eating). She only said she’d leave as a new way to get attention… brace yourself for blackout posts when it doesn’t work.

No. 605822

Yep. She has an addiction to social media, she is dependent on it for emotional regulation. It’s going to ruin her relationship unless she gets real help, ASAP.

Where have all her sisterfriends disappeared to, lately? Do they not hang out with her anymore!

No. 605865

We need to put together a timeline of Aly's employment history. I'll start when I have an hour to kill

No. 606053

File: 1528569134914.png (405.25 KB, 350x633, Untitled.png)

This is charity working how??

No. 606061

she wasn’t even gone 24 hours

No. 606064

Even in the blurry picture her hair looks like straw.

Her MARKETING INVESTIGATION(!) is standing at a store and trying to get people to fill out a survey…sooo professional! lol

It's not charity work anymore, but it's similar.

No. 606066

"Some of our stores". So she works in an alcohol shop now? I mean, the usual charity shops I go to, Oxfam etc, sell fairtrade goods and natural skin/body care products but not alcohol.

Not one follower's going to pull her up on this…

No. 606067

and yeah, her hair looks so awful but she looks surprisingly nice from a distance.

No. 606092

It sounds like she’s working for a marketing agency, if she’s doing market research for a client of her company - whether it’s the store she’s in, or the beverage makers. There is no charity work involved. She lies to sound like she’s saving the world. Everything has to be a big deal, with her.

No. 606095

Also why the heck is she getting people to take pictures of her while she’s working? It’s not just unprofessional, but so immature. I have only ever seen teenagers in their first job doing things like that.

No. 606122

Nothing says "the devil wears prada" like sneakers

No. 606284

cream on white, no socks, leggings instead of pants

we love a professional queen

No. 606317


Despite still lacking any sense of style, she has obviously been told to dress more professionally. This is not something she'd choose, I mean she's all covered up, it's odd to look at.

And yeah, what does this have to do with charity work, is she still in the same company? Is this another made up job? Who takes the pictures? Wtf.

No. 606387

She posted a bunch of old pictures from last summer on her alice_eleanor account…

No. 606430

I was going to say, she is updated her old account now, but only with year old throw backs

No. 606441

Oh and I thought she was too busy for ig now. She'll scoot on back to her main account when she realises a plain ol girl ain't gonna get her many comments. She used that old account to show Bert she was a new person, now she's trying to convince herself…by posting old pics lol.

No. 606659

I wonder if she thinks lolcow doesn't know about https://www.instagram.com/alice_eleanor/

No. 606692

She's basically just standing there, at a supermarket and asking shoppers to try some of that beverage thing. The Devil Wears Prada kinda job my ass.

No. 606846

File: 1528653064348.jpg (465.96 KB, 719x1107, Screenshot_20180610-114829.jpg)

>Hi everybody guys

I wonder if it still feels wierd to be back at her parents place for lunch…you know since she moved out…

No. 606867

File: 1528655597544.jpg (113.78 KB, 919x589, 2.JPG)

Okay, Aly, the new dresses. Nice to see you took our advice and you're not looking like a teenage slut any more. The fabric looks cheap and they're generally poor quality, but it's a start :thumbs up:

No. 606868

File: 1528655663710.jpg (37.82 KB, 367x377, Capture.JPG)

And Aly, go easy on the whitening tool. Your eyes look like you're using white paint as eye drops :thumbs down:

No. 606871

File: 1528655799003.jpg (71.94 KB, 590x593, Capture.JPG)

And finally, this. Just stop. I know it must be hard to get hardly any likes on your other account, but reminding people you were once a spoop isn't doing anyone any good. That's not the way to get attention any more.

No. 606884

Exactly what I was going to say…
I don't know if it's very common in other countries but here - in Spain - in some large shopping malls you can find people trying to sell you products of a certain brand … I guess they hire you as marketing assistant … My cousin - who does not have the HS graduate because he dropped out - is working for a company that basically sends you one day somewhere to sell x, next day to another place…What I'm trying to say is that she's making it seem as something special when actually ANYONE can do this job, just stand there and ask at least 50 people per day if they want to try / buy something…

lol I find it hilarious that she's still lurking here sometimes, like her desperate last attempt to gain attention ''I CAN'T leave, those HATERS won't win!''

No. 606888

Is that like when someone's full time on, say, the Chanel counter in a store and they stand there asking if you want a spray of it? Only Aly's doing it for a different company ever day? That'd suck after a couple of weeks.

She's a moron for not finishing up at uni. Not that people with degrees are superior or anything, but chances are she wouldn't be doing these awful dead end agency jobs.

No. 606923

I bet she drank on the job.

No. 606955

File: 1528662426013.png (2.19 MB, 1080x1365, IMG_20180610_132640.png)

Shave your armpits, lazy bish

No. 606958

wtf why did she only whiten four teeth lol

No. 606970

This thread is now on autosage because of the rampant nitpicking and lack of milk. You can report the OP once there is something of interest happening to get the thread reevaulated.

No. 607068

>Is that like when someone's full time on, say, the Chanel counter in a store and they stand there asking if you want a spray of it? Only Aly's doing it for a different company ever day?

It's usually like this, yeah, but shittier because the brands they have to promote aren't that big/good/expensive. In Aly's case, she's just promoting some cocktail drink so…How convenient for her (!)

No. 607071

lmao, she's standing in the liquor aisle of a supermarket or a mall store. This has literally zero to do with Save the Children. "HUGE promotion", huh? She's just job hopping, kek.

So she's preparing for a big COMEBACK, girls and guys.
"I decided not to leave IG completely, I'm going to be a lifestyle blogger now." yada yada.

No. 607074


looking at the old pics on that account she seems like a completely different person. it's crazy what the ed did to her.

No. 607291

Sort of a weird sudden thing to do? Aly has never been very milky and people have always nitpicked her appearance. People are usually pretty good about saging this thread too but w/e I guess.

No. 607364

File: 1528706502281.png (227.35 KB, 350x608, 2good4u.png)

Yeah. I'm fine with it, but it's odd we didn't even get any red text warnings. A lot of cows on here aren't exactly milky and it's all about how shooped their pics are, but moving on…

How the hell is anyone supposed to answer this question by Aly. She won't do DMs so tell her how else she can communicate with "us". Erm…WHAT???

No. 607497

Look, she already upset about leaving

No. 607498

File: 1528719545949.png (649.23 KB, 720x1093, 20180611_071848.png)

Opps forgot pic

No. 607537

File: 1528724951595.jpeg (390.1 KB, 741x1167, 45DE8850-64E0-49D8-8D43-E50521…)

Never change Aly. Never change. Nobody cares that you’re “leaving IG” mainly because you’re not and you don’t matter to a bunch of strangers. Feel bad for those followers who actually spend each day commenting on her shit. She’s so selfish it’s unreal.

No. 607585

Lol that's funny. What a humourless cunt. Her honeymoon period of being adult didn't last long.

No. 607590


ignores 4 positive posts to focus on the one negative

No. 607605

This thread has always been good at autosaging itself. Aly has been a cow for many many years here and we have never caused any trouble. I have to wonder if you are a new mod?

Also, why would we report OP? We collectively create each Aly thread. As I said we do not cause trouble. What is happening here?

No. 607606

File: 1528731408678.png (287.14 KB, 307x535, same old shit.png)


Plot twist - Aly DID hack lolcow and is now modding the site (!)

>new life

No. 607608

it's the same in Italy! it's a very common job that anyone can do, you obviously don't need a marketing degree to sell samples.
I believe she's just working as a secretary monday-friday and as a promoter on weekends or occasionally.

sanbitter is a soft drink, it would be funny if she claimed to be drunk on that

No. 607609

She's really desperate. Her 2k and something followers in alice_eleanor are not enough to her attention needs.

No. 607610

File: 1528731736820.gif (502.36 KB, 500x211, ah.gif)

Nothing speaks more professional than a tacky Chinese symbol tattoo

No. 607620

In my country these kind of jobs are like these: somedays you spend them at malls giving samples and filling surveys, at the evening or other days you stay at office filling the results in an excel sheet. There's no thing like brand ambassor, even less without a college degree.

No. 607631

This tinfoil fan fiction totally crossed my mind. Thanks for the laughs anon.

I’ll bet that’s a shared computer. At a job I had, the break room had an office area with a computer people could use to check schedules, print shit, etc. She probably has to type in her “findings” for the day along and shares this computer with multiple people.

No. 607638

She probably reported a "fake account" and now feels like a master hacker.

No. 607667

what does “fake account” even mean? al those fake accounts are living breathing human beings. does she think they’re all robots or somethings

No. 607678

There's a way to stop her blocking an account. Leave the comment, then block her. The comment stays but she can't block you. Go back when it's obvious she's not on her phone and unblock her. Rinse and repeat. I've been using the same account for ages doing that.

She's slowly dropping followers every day.

No. 607836

Cool, so she’s basically admitted that she only said she was leaving to get attention. She can barely even come across as normal and mentally stable for a single post… And then she immediately scuppers the impression in the next post. She is still much sicker than I even thought.

No. 607839

> I didn't defeat Anorexia and various mental issues to settle for ✋🏻

No, Aly. This:
> I didn't defeat Anorexia and various mental issues

No. 608020

File: 1528757840382.jpeg (52.52 KB, 720x184, EEEE665D-DB1F-4C82-B107-02104F…)

This is jokes lol as if making an account doesnt take max 30 seconds.

Rly? the comment actually stays up? are you sure? Can someone test this rn, comment something, block her, then we see if it’s still up? I’d do it but my browser isnt letting me make new accounts

No. 608451

File: 1528798246817.png (85.25 KB, 446x708, wp_ss_20180612_0002.png)

I'm Danny Torrance. Here's how I post and block. Just posted and blocked now. Usually I change the username.

No. 608453

File: 1528798266395.png (92.68 KB, 459x753, wp_ss_20180612_0001.png)

No. 608457

This was after I blocked but she still sees the comment.

No. 608671

She bought a bunch of followers the past hour. Jsyk.

No. 608673

File: 1528822927875.jpg (15.03 KB, 289x104, 2.JPG)

And deleted this

No. 608832

File: 1528831724293.jpg (62.58 KB, 652x258, Screenshot_20180612-132704.jpg)

Is she trying to say her job made her lose weight already?

No. 608840

This is so cringey. You can easily fluctuate a couple sizes depending on the brand. She’s obsessed with getting attention and feels that the only way to do that is through her weight

No. 608866

This is ludicrous. Her meals have been noticeably healthier. Its nor like IF she lost a few pounds we'd notice.

No. 608964

Office dress code

No. 608965

File: 1528842011729.png (2.41 MB, 1080x1327, IMG_20180612_151837.png)


No. 608969

Why do her lips look so terrible there? I can't figure it out

No. 608985

Not even a week in and she's already ~hollowed~.
Better quit before it's too late for you, Aly.
Btw, how's therapy going? Oh, that didn't happen? What a shocker.

No. 609003

File: 1528845183117.jpg (106.15 KB, 720x696, _20180613_020900.JPG)

Nobody is telling her to quit the job because she's still so fragile and it's bad for recovery and blah blah. She's done this shit and "leaving IG" and just about everything so many times that people aren't buying it anymore. Less comments, dropping followers. Probably a major breakdown on the way and it's going to be beautiful.

No. 609011

I thought most people would be a size (or more) less in that style of dress compared to tight jeans. Anyone else noticed this?

No. 609160

Looks like the dress fits her just fine. I highly doubt this is a size smaller. And even if the tag says “ size x” I doubt it’s a true size. She has an office job…how on earth could she be losing weight?
It’s like the tanks and undershirts you buy at the cheap clothing stores. I always have to buy the largest size just for them to be comfortable. But I don’t get all ~sensitive~ about it.

No. 609207

She can't be so naive about dress sizes? She spent three years obsessing about her size to not know about vanity sizing vs. true sizing.

At Primark, skirts and dresses are ridiculously generous whereas one of their jeans lines is spot on.

She's gearing up to telling us she's leaving because ~muh important mental health~. No wage, no more having to live at Berto's. Back to Ma and fancy lunches.

No. 609210

I'm wondering if she's lying about the dress being smaller. In my experience, Tally Wejl (where she bought the dress) runs smaller than other stores.

No. 609280


Yeah, I assumed she was lying. She’s just started doing these angled-from-above pics to make herself look thinner, because that’s obviously her next plan to get attention since pretending to quit Instagram didn’t work.

No. 609333

OT but it looks like we're finally off autosage again?

Tally Wejl sizing is a joke. Just bone-structure wise it's often impossible to fit into their pants

The fact she still has followers who support her is unbelievable to me. How many times did she play the "I'm going to leave ig for good/my job makes me lose weight" game? At this point I'm convinced bread has an higher IQ than dogsandpos

No. 609379


Not just their sizing is a joke…

No. 609400

File: 1528892863180.png (633.36 KB, 871x537, long time.png)

Erm…I don't know what to say

No. 609401

Oh, I get it. I thought she meant she hadn't had carbs for a long time, but she means lunch time was a long time after breakfast. or?

Is that the same day? The yogurt position looks the same.

No. 609434


even the paper on the desk is at the exact same spot

No. 609452

>attempting carbs

Aly, shut up. You dont know lasagna, pasta, donuts and brownies all have carbs? All the things you've posted in the last week.

No. 609487

File: 1528903536000.jpg (312.76 KB, 1400x626, eattherainbow.jpg)

her clean and light summer recipes cannot make up for the amount of energy that is needed to fulfill Aly´s very professional tasks…she needs to be careful or she´ll be skele in a week

No. 609542

I understood it as "didn't have carbs for lunch for a long time", too

No. 609570

is that just a piece of bread?

No. 609654

File: 1528915050833.jpg (58.01 KB, 567x374, domaci_slani_klipic1.jpg)

Maybe it's a sandwich and you can't see what's inside but if it's just a slice of bread…then what the fuck? I know people eat pic related with yogurt but an actual slice of bread?

No. 609670

Everything about Aly seems so… poor to me? Her clothing style, her hair, her weird obsession with McDonald's, the parts of her home you can sometimes see in the background, her understanding of office dress code, everything. I don't know where people get the idea from that her family is wealthy.

No. 609672

From her old posts.
She used to dress/style herself miles better when she was a spoop and used to go out to eat in restaurants constantly, and that's not really cheap to do on a daily basis

No. 609742


Once again, this confirms to me she's special needs. She thinks that sliced tomato, cheese, tinned sweetcorn and tuna is worth bragging about when it's something a 6 year old could manage. Now she takes a slice of bread to work as lunch and eats the yogurt first.

She hasn't posted today - ~triggered~ by comments? Left her job? Maybe she had a bad faint because lack of pizza and donnies at midday?

No. 609765

File: 1528921152270.jpg (441.43 KB, 720x1044, 20180613_221748.jpg)



No. 609766

Oh god, she's talking about how she reintroduced carbs into her diet… girl, in the last days you posted a sandwich, lasagna and sushi

No. 609768

>winning dinning
Is she back with her retarded "recovery wins" that she had 327 times before?

She's really desperate for attention at this point

No. 609771

I knew it… She didn't just mean attempting carbs for lunch. She meant it as if she had cut carbs out of her life all this time.

I think shes getting bored. Shes not even trying anymore

No. 609783

File: 1528922908086.jpeg (53.01 KB, 419x483, 7FFE0AC1-081C-4005-8B96-96D739…)

Her “Devil wears Prada” job is actually working for a supermarket chain. The logo is clearly visible in this pic - it’s IPER.
She also wrote she was promoting Campari “IN ONE OF OUR STORES”, so my bet is she’s hired as an in-store promoter. No way she could get any other job involving “office” and “stores” without a degree here.

No. 609805

Keen eye you've got there! Wow, she should be going on business trips to London with that important job.

She's now fishing for comments because it's her ~rebirth~ day, as if she actually started recovery when she was in hospital for a day.

No. 609834

File: 1528925481629.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180613-172714.png)

How many mood swings does she have every day, jeez. Also working the angles so her followers can see how hollowed she is from carbs/fats restricting.

No. 609837

What is she doing with that lighter in bed?!

No. 609858

No way will she stay there on her own.

No. 609859

Self arm

No. 609887

>The fact she still has followers who support her is unbelievable to me.
I think that 90% of her followers don't read the long-ass captions and the other 10% probably haven't been around long-term or don't use IG very much.

No. 609923

move on Aly. lol whats the lighter for? edginess?

No. 609948

File: 1528931143983.png (362.07 KB, 332x586, one night alone i kill me.png)

She's flicking it off and on in the video. I used to do that subconsciously when I was bored. She might do it when she's bored but she wants EVERYONE TO KNOW SHE'S BORED.



No. 610177

Interesting that she and Berto don’t visit each other’s families - except for that one disastrous trip where she fled home to mummy early. Always a good ingredient for a long term relationship, that…

No. 610427

File: 1528980865901.png (627.04 KB, 638x553, Untitled.png)

Supermarket job is too stressing. Our recovery queer has to eat at the desk. How awful.

No. 610449

File: 1528983788493.jpg (31.93 KB, 496x286, itslonktho.jpg)

She finally noticed herself that she´s balding. It´s probably stress-related or due to a lack of carbs in her diet

No. 610464


A mixture of stress induced alopecia and her not being able to take a lunch break where she can reintroduce food into her life.

I'm so worried about her. She's looking hollow and overnight she dropped another dress size. That dress she's wearing is hanging off her fragile frame. Ugh, I'm so triggered.

No. 611199

she’ll start claiming it’s because of a relapse soon

There’s no way she even has her own office, anywhere. There’s probably another 4 interns in this room that she’s not showing. For example >>608965 here it looks like there’s another desk beside her

No. 611437

File: 1529063072433.jpg (428.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180615-134417.jpg)

Her lips….

No. 611443

Yeah you can also see another phone and multiple desks in this selfie: >>608965

No. 611499

Have you ever tried to make your lips do that yourself? LoL it feels really stupid

No. 611500

File: 1529074278955.jpg (59.42 KB, 522x379, Screenshot_20180615-085047.jpg)

I just noticed she changed her bio

No. 611506

File: 1529074957010.jpg (85.13 KB, 323x430, 20180615_165939.jpg)

What a *uck is she doing here, smelling the leftover nugget grease on her hands or what

No. 611553

Pulling a Vicky. Gotta use the hands to hide the moon face.

The fuck is going on with her mouth. It looks like a prolapsed anus. And her hand??? God Aly, why are you so insufferable.

She’s like the picture equivalent of someone who chews loudly and with their mouth open. It’s unbearable and you want to kill someone.

No. 611582

Ahh look at her! She's overjoyed to be alive and recovered!

Idk how Berto can look at that 7/24. Ma's a batshit bitch so she won't be affected, but JFC it's easy to understand why her friends buggered off. She really is unbearable.

Desperate for public comments as opposed to intimate DMs. Yup, that's Aly. When she pulls that kind of stunt it's mind boggling how her stans can actually stick by her. Ick.

PS Happy FRI - YAY (!)

No. 611906

File: 1529103912533.png (Spoiler Image, 369.72 KB, 345x566, relapse.png)

Spoilered for hellish nail polish.

All is not well in the city of Milan. Thirsty for milk…

No. 612419

File: 1529164102323.png (842.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7898.PNG)

No. 612428

She did updated with a good old black post.

No. 612429

File: 1529164764273.jpg (51.19 KB, 717x858, Screenshot_20180616-095746.jpg)

No. 612512

I don't see comments telling her to leave. She's bored because Berto's away. Her whole life is rinse and repeat. You'd think she was sick of herself by now and do something to change.

No. 612574

how is Aly’s hair so fucking long after being extremely skinny for 2 years and then constantly straightening it?!? I get that her hair looks fragile and ahe def needs a cut but I’m so shocked at how long it is regardless. It was way shorter in 2015. when i straighten my hair too much it starts to break away and the rate at which it breaks off at the ends is the same rate at which it grows aka stays the same length. How come this didnt happen to her? Does she have naturally thick hair? (I cant tell)

No. 612587

I don't know how it usually works, but she wasn't spoopy as in really spoopy for that long really. She only recently said she lost her hair but she's always said she had no hair loss before that. Her hair def doesn't look fine when she was BMI 10.6 (!)

I'd say the damage we can see now is straighteners. It must just grow fast or she rubs McDonald's grease into it.

No. 612757

File: 1529192163830.png (323.47 KB, 310x554, dangerous.png)

She's gone to Ma's so she won't be an alcoholic while Berto's away.

No. 612768

Aly's hair looks about 25cm shorter in those hospital pictures from 2015. Normal, healthy hair grows about 15cm per year, so it's completely normal for hers to look that long after 3 full years, especially since she's been in recovery for the majority of that time, and she's obviously never given it a trim.
The main reason why her hair also looks "fuller" is because it's fried and dry.

No. 612996

but after getting no haircuts (trimming actually helps with hair growth bc of split ends I believe), having it really dried out due to constant straightening and that period of restriction she had. She has to have developed a bunch of split ends, straightening brittle hair so much. I just can’t believe that the split ends aren’t breaking off quickly. Her diet isn’t exactly helping her hair situation. There was a time when she kept it curly I remember though

maybe my own hair is just fucked

No. 613422

File: 1529260378359.jpeg (433.09 KB, 750x1146, 1FAD4C21-2D73-4F43-B0B5-3D6AD1…)

So Aly lost 3lbs (!) this past week… which is most likely poop and water weight, I love how she says she hasn’t weighed herself in ages yet knows she’s lost 3lbs off what she weighed before. She’s so full of shit it’s unreal. So Berto goes home for a bit and so does Aly, she’s a women child and will be for life.

No. 613431

HOW THE FUCK does this make sense: she hasn’t weighed herself in AGES but she lost 3lbs in one week. so… she weighed herself LAST WEEK. are people calling her out on this shit?

No. 613433

Yay! I thought autosage had killed this thread off. I came here to post this with the pic because her dad's face is lol.

She's living with her parents and stopping over at Berto's no matter how much she says she lives with him. Now she's going back to ana behaviours, alcoholism and saying how hurt she is by haters for comments. Just accept you're not interesting, Aly.

No. 613447

File: 1529261683754.jpg (14.5 KB, 288x94, Capture.JPG)

Posted this comment. Deleted and blocked within a minute.

No. 613448

Duh, no she didn't delete. I forgot I blocked HER lol.

No. 613553

File: 1529270997894.jpeg (326.03 KB, 750x1078, 8153ED92-2729-4D6D-9599-895C59…)

No. 613557

File: 1529271139484.jpeg (307.48 KB, 750x1020, 40C97D76-2167-45AE-997C-665FB6…)

No. 613558

File: 1529271195000.jpeg (278.47 KB, 750x874, FB072838-4F4D-496E-A558-19EDE0…)

No. 613583

oh no, Aly’s gonna block her :(

Lol at how Aly thinks because someone just created an account, their opinion is instantly worthless.

No. 613611

File: 1529273298969.jpg (13.9 KB, 279x228, 2.JPG)

I like that cupcakes has got the balls to tell her. She needs followers who don't say what's obvious.

>I'm no more affected by numbers…

Sure, Jan.

No. 613613

I mean needs followers who say what's obvious. My brain's all fucked today. Must've lost 1.5kg in a week.

No. 613616

She just DELETED that “havent weighed self in ages” remark. What a fucking idiot lol

No. 613617

Are you actually developmentally challenged, Aly? No shit the answer was for you.

Jfc she's so fuc*ing insufferable.

No. 613619

I thought it was impossible to find anyone who's a massive mess and isn't on drugs, then along comes Aly.

How she gets away without a diagnosis for something I do not know…

No. 613663

Anon, be nice, she’s has a realy bad alcohol problem. She drinks 2 BEERS a day sometimes. Pray for Aly

No. 613695


>loneliness 24/24

Wait, does this mean when she says "7/24" or "8/24" it actually means "7 or 8 hours a day", instead of around the clock? I don't know if this even makes any sense.

Cupcakes seems too smart to be following Aly, I wonder why she bothers. Smart as in not total brain-dead like the rest.

No. 613741

She keeps focusing on these imaginary people who told her to leave Instagram when it was her idea to leave. She's the one who said she was leaving and she's mad if they agree?

No. 614098

File: 1529335812278.jpeg (297.65 KB, 750x620, 9BFC77F6-7E8E-4081-90C1-C995AC…)

3 pounds Aly, you lost 3 lbs, I doubt your clothes felt bigger but keep looking for those asspats. Christ this stuff makes me rage. And everyone kisses her ass just like she hopees they will.

No. 614145

Doesn't look like she lost weight. The stitching on her new dresses are pulling at the seams.

No. 614147

and what's 7/10?

No. 614164

end of May until June 17 = 1 week?
7/10 days?
As usual her global updates make no sense.

It's completely ridiculous that she still clings to the claim that she's never been able to work without losing weight.
Get this, millions of people work without fainting or becoming hollowed. Only literal morons who can't feed themselves like an adult do.

No. 614169

File: 1529343143868.jpg (19.22 KB, 584x218, a.JPG)

She sits on her ass all day, how can she lose weight?

She posted this on facebook. Her employers.


No. 614172

File: 1529343220195.jpg (50.08 KB, 436x528, a.JPG)

All their jobs look shitty. This is from their fb page.


No. 614174

File: 1529343371467.png (234.83 KB, 302x338, a.png)

and finally…

punchable is not the word.

No. 614213

File: 1529346349162.jpeg (380.4 KB, 750x1074, 91ABF37D-1893-40CE-9CA8-0F08F7…)

No. 614251

damn I wonder who that is and what the comment was and if they are a farmer. I hope it wasn't a farmer it just makes the shock of being blocked more intense. lol

No. 614313

File: 1529356242795.jpeg (339.8 KB, 1242x1079, 9DBD8F98-DC23-4FB8-9451-DC00A9…)

confirmed that her job consists in promoting shit in stores and supermarkets
>>Devil wears Prada

No. 614354

Is this a fucking joke? what kind of EX anorexic doesn’t realize you can easily fluctuate 3 days… hell, in 1 day!

No. 614713

File: 1529379619552.png (8.99 KB, 252x72, Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-19 um 0…)

"Friends, parties,…". Lol, Aly. If you had friends and went to parties, wouldn´t you shower your followers with pictures? I don´t call having lunch with your mother "going to parties with friends". And "responsibilities and successes"…well, let´s rather not talk about that. Are you delusional to the point of believing the shit you post or do you think your followers are?

No. 614731

It's a pity these hoards of friends didn't visit her at Berto's place for company so she didn't have to drink herself to death.

I think she's delusional and her followers that comment are dumb. By "followers" I mean the half a dozen who bother with her. Even Berto goes back to his family regularly for long periods of time.

No. 614844

File: 1529394503199.png (12.81 KB, 291x77, 2018-06-19 followers.png)

Her amazubg followers. Wauw!

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