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File: 1528203986396.jpg (27.18 KB, 268x275, 1526902862129.jpg)

No. 602344

The language of courage and inner strength: a wonderful cow that keeps giving.
Our queen, our beloved, our mermaid.

Recently she moved with her boyfriend, the very same night she went back to her parents for dinner and for some reasons we might never know, she decided to run away, as she's an empowered 22 y/o.

She's also slipping in the deathly arms of alcholism, the monthly addiction trend she decided to put up. And I say, really old fashioned for the spring/summer 2018 collection.

>We're not fragile like flowers, but more like BOMBS.

Previous thread >>554293

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aly_sjourney/

No. 602354

Best possible thread picture.

No. 602384

has she been messaging you guys lately? I don't even follow her, but she messaged me a while back asking for ''opinions.'' that yells desperation for any kind of attention

No. 602410

What did she wrote? Screen it

No. 602453

File: 1528217805261.jpg (410.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180605-185313.jpg)

No. 602454

File: 1528217831370.jpg (606.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180605-185508.jpg)

No. 602455

File: 1528217845106.jpg (326.93 KB, 720x1138, 20180605_185404.jpg)

No. 602457

File: 1528217905913.jpg (277.69 KB, 720x476, 20180605_185548.jpg)

Bitch can't count
"Only 2 treats in the last 5 days"
I count 5

No. 602458

File: 1528217917910.jpg (409.96 KB, 720x738, 20180605_185611.jpg)

No. 602472

File: 1528218486141.png (10.98 KB, 312x66, Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-05 um 1…)

I want to punch her moonface whenever she says she "managed" something. Aly, we all know that you are stuffing your face with junk food 24/7, so please stop pretending you are "orthorexic" or still struggling with eating.

No. 602502

Well, honestly the junk food makes sense considering. This all looks like binge food she would usually throw up. She never learned what eating like a normal person is like. Well, she does know because her followers will tell her either nicely or harshly but she will call them haters and explain why eating healthy is a sign of an ED
Can't wait for next year when she's overweight.

No. 602509

This bitch really adores herself. I’m sure she’d have no problem being obese if it got her the most attention. Just look at what she’s wearing, her hair, the pose, her lipstick. It’s so flashy. So look-at-me! Histrionic af

No. 602530

File: 1528222711967.jpg (568.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180605-201705.jpg)

No. 602532

File: 1528222727045.jpg (488.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180605-201708.jpg)

No. 602534

File: 1528222959981.png (528.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180605-142057.png)

What a strong inspirational woman she's quoting. #feminist #woke #bopo #careeroptions

Also that "proof" of her good skin was like…not effective. She doesn't look like Donatella Versace or anything but for a normal weight 22 y.o. she is looking rough and puffy

No. 602576

File: 1528226231152.png (1.48 MB, 1360x626, a usual week.png)


I doubt she even knows who Monica Lewinsky is.

Okay, so those are the "sweet" treats. How about things like a WHOLE, greasy, shop made pizza?

Generally she eats more than 2 treats in 5 days.

No. 602578

Funny considering she publicly shames her followers when they call her out.

No. 602606

She gets the most comments when she points out there's a ~hater~ and milks it for all it's worth.

No. 602631

>it feels so wierd to be home

Wasn't she just there Yesturday for lunch? She acts like she's been gone for years. Is she staying overnight at her mom's? It's been ONE day…

No. 602679

Berto wasn't invited to the celebrations then.

No. 602695

File: 1528234325318.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 9CA7FF41-E1BF-412B-BF13-CD012A…)

Is it just me or is it extremely unappetizing to leave the shells on the shrimp? They’re in there with the pasta, which means you’ll have to manually take the shells off yourself (and de-vein the shrimp so you’re not eating their poop) Aly’s pastas always used to look appetizing but they’ve really gone downhill, probably because she doesn’t care about / barely eats any food that’s not burgers and sweets. .

No. 602704


I don't eat seafood so that does nothing for me. Even if I did eat shrimp, the plain spaghetti's the thing I find really unappetising. It's spaghetti without a sauce and that's like eating rubber bands.

No. 602748

Once had crisp coated prawns made by an italian nonna. The shells were in there, had to slyly dig them out my mouth while watching the said nonna crunch them away shells and all.

How long do you think the living with Berto phase will last? She will run back to Ma sooner or later.

No. 602755

File: 1528237206347.jpg (13.31 KB, 225x225, alys fortune told.jpg)


I think she'll think of any excuse to go back to Ma's and her "living with him" is really staying over more often. I don't even consider them co habiting.

They fight a lot, so…

She's not going to see Ma at lunchtime, so…

The novelty of food shopping and more sex is gonna wear off (especially if he's wanting it when she's soooo tired after work), so…

She'll make an excuse about money or something and move back in with Ma, even though that's more or less the situation now.

No. 602838

tbh i think it could go one of two ways. either she moves out in the next month, probably along with a HUGE DRAMATIC BREAKUP in which she invents a story of ABUSES (!) and RELAPSE, SO HOLLOWED (!) and tries to play it off as STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN. this will be followed by her getting back together with him after another month and pretending the breakup never happened ("We've been together SIX years my lovelies, my MAN has always stuck by my histrionic poorly dressed ass (!)").

OR they actually stay together until she coerces him into proposing after a year (with a ring pop bc #recovery #NoWheat) and they have a horribly trashy wedding two months later, in which she wears a dress ten sizes too small that shows her entire ass. then exactly nine months later she has the first of their three kids, and they remain codependently and unhappily married until she dies at the age of 41 from a heart attack brought on by eating nothing but donnies, faps, and french fry pizzas for 20 years.


No. 603218

I am a bad person but dude, seeing the second option would be a ride…

No. 603219

File: 1528280055385.jpg (327.02 KB, 720x1049, 20180606_121349.jpg)

So this confirms our theory she already quit her job lmao

No. 603225

I hate that all her retarded followers cheer her on and believe this stuff, it makes her think her lies are plausible.

No. 603240

She is so still aggrandizing.

Chugger job: the LITERAL FACE of Save the Children


she can just say, "like any inexperienced and uneducated 22y/o I'm working a shitty minimum wage job but it's hard bc I'm new to the workforce and I'm still pretending to have an ed"

No. 603244

> way higher salary

probably up from minimum wage to 2 dollars extra

No. 603308


Don't report me for WKing, but you don't understand. Aly is solving the problem of third world poverty and starvation single-handedly. Having known the effect of malnutrition first hand, she is devoting her life to saving little children from the same situation. No doubt she's going to hand out smartphones from the back of the lorries so they can post their journey on ig. She's an angle.

No. 603341

Bitch never had an office job in her life did she

No. 603369

Lol she’s so over the top with her job descriptions. If she ever worked for McDonalds as a cashier she would be a BREND AMBASSADOR and the face (!) of the company overseeing finances and accounting.

I guess we will find out the truth soon enough. Did she quit or did she just jump to another mundane job?

No. 603377

Definitely quit. She hasn’t posted any more chugger pictures after the first…2? 3 days?

No. 603412

File: 1528307003346.png (7.56 KB, 319x164, numbers tw.png)

I bet she's telling everyone she's planning on going private because her follower count's dropped a lot this past week.

She fancies everything up. She's moved into a room, a basic room with a fold up bed that doesn't even have bed linen yet she writes:

>I've MY home right now to think about and organize 🏠 (and MY lil family 💑🐹) and time for food-blogging gets much reduced.

She needs to ~organise her house and family~.

No. 603430

This morning she had 47.1, she bought a bunch of followers.

No. 603432

GUYS, did you already saw that rid-bitch' videos? She's still reading here. Hope she'll change her hair because it looks like death weath. She's so offended, lmao.
Hi, Aly. You don't trick us. We know the truth of your fake life.

No. 603436

HAHAHA, I DIDN'T BOTHER WATCHING THEM!!! I never watch her videos because her voice is so fucking awful.

Aly, going private wouldn't change anything. I have a bunch of accounts following you, as do other anons here. Besides, you can't make us stop posting here/delete our comments/block us, so put yer big girls pants on deal with it.

Yeah, let's see that contract. No redacts.

No. 603438

File: 1528311170443.jpg (30.42 KB, 552x655, 12795514_1734798760083643_2702…)

Oh, and feel free to fill this out. You can email it back to sage@lolcow.farm

No. 603525

File: 1528317632183.jpg (201.92 KB, 1024x1024, 20180606_133956-COLLAGE.jpg)

Again with this selfie

No. 603530

That hairline.

Her lifestyle is terrible for her health, but is it really bad enough to make her go bald? Can being a spoop permanantly ruin your hair?

No. 603618

No but frying it can fuck it up quite effectively.

No. 603622

> Can being a spoop permanantly ruin your hair?

ime it does take quite a lot to get back healthy hair. seems like hair stays dry and fragile for quite a while after anorexia. maybe it’s different for everyone tho?

also she straightens it daily so thats another reason. she needs a haircut so bad ffs

No. 603693


I was going to say it's probably heat damage from straighteners. Places at the top that haven't had bleach on it have snapped off. She's never really had her hair scraped back before so I think she's just unfortunate enough to have that hairline.

I've only ever known one girl with a peak like that. Aly thinks her hair's her crowning glory. That's how deep her delusions are. She can't see how awful, damaged and stupid it looks with a 100 shades of henna.

No. 603710

File: 1528330892031.jpg (19.64 KB, 199x262, gorl.jpg)

K well she posted five videos at once so I'm not going to gif any of them, but here's the gist:

>Ok, I make a video 'cause I've too much to say and sorry if I'm so destroyed, after all day workink that's how normal people look, destroyed.

>I don't know 'ow many times they told me I'm fake. They said I'm not workink and they posted pictures-a with my coworkers-a, they said-a I wouldn't have moved-a with my boyfriend and uh well 'ere I am-a, in my new 'ome.
>And today again "Alice you are a liar" well I can't stand it anymore 'cause too much is going on, life is 'ard ekspecially in with so many changes-a. I don't know if I should keep this account, my fault that I opened so much and trust people.
>Well I will accept-a de new employment, do you want a picture of the contracts? No problem! I have nothing to hide, but I really don't know if I should-a keep dis profile open, I have a lot of doubts, I'm sorry.
>It's easy to attack on food or recovery, well, everybody has his own opinion, but about life, IT HARD-A, to be attacked-a, about life. And… nothing else, that's all.

No. 603768

Damn, I missed it! I think they are all deleted now so thank you for the recap anon.

I thought she said she would only come back for a laugh? I wonder how often she really comes back to read here.

Alice, Just stop exaggerating everything you do. It's all boring and you cant pretend its exciting. We see right through it, and it's really awkward. Regular life is pretty fucking boring. Get over yourself hun.

No. 603897

I wonder if she'll ever relapse? A lot of previous Anas who gain this fast either get obese or relapse because it's clear none of their issues were solved with food. The obsession of numbers become intake rather than lack of.

When Aly feels she's being too "Ana" she has cake for a snack after her pasta dinner.

I'm guessing her leg accident just flipped her to the other extreme, not that this entire thing hasn't been said a million times.

I guess the worst part of me almost wants to see her relapse, but it'd be nice to see her just take care of herself instead.

No. 603941

she sure is a lying, drama-seeking moon face with a fast food addiction, but I think it's still kinda fucked up to hope relapse upon anyone. I think that even with shittalking there's this thin (pun intended) line that shouldn't be crossed

No. 603969

agreed. Her brain isn't malnourished anymore so if she just went to a therapist she might actually be able to address her personality disorder and other serious mental issues. When someone is emaciated, that's usually a complete waste of time.

No. 604194

Seems like finally she's at an office. In her awful daily looks in such important HEADQUARTERS office.
I bet it isn't that company of Save the Children, maybe she's a secretary again. And still weird that doesn't having a career degree she has an important job. And more weird that in "first" day she's taking selfies like "see me lolcau, i don't 'ave nothin' to 'ide"

No. 604249

File: 1528385969448.gif (6.4 MB, 320x554, 20180607_093541.gif)

She wore her "drunk aunt" crop top to work today. I'm surprised she's not complaining about not being able to lunch outside.

No. 604308

her future is fucking depressing (!)

No. 604348

She reposted the donut from here >>602576

>I couldn't be HAPPIER

We don't belieeeeeeve yooooou (!)

No. 604440

File: 1528398503177.jpg (15.13 KB, 157x221, omg.jpg)

mmhmm not puffy at all

No. 604460

>my own office
- a table

How long before she quits this one? I give it a generous 3 weeks.

No. 604575

File: 1528407876815.jpg (152.81 KB, 720x491, Screenshot_20180607-154033.jpg)


No. 604644

Sounds like something they'd say to a special needs to give them confidence. Remember her last boss actually applauded her. I'd pat her on the head but I'd be scared of making her receding hairline worse

No. 604647

Next 50 followers who comment that they're proud of her DIE.

No. 604952

File: 1528438794052.jpg (87.62 KB, 483x617, sojellyofyourhair.jpg)

>lonk ´air, *uck ´aters

No. 605093

No. 605271

File: 1528479583902.png (962.5 KB, 487x865, break.png)

No. 605272

File: 1528479598282.png (491.81 KB, 481x861, fav.png)

No. 605481

File: 1528493194003.png (20.25 KB, 284x362, proud.png)

Img related.

Everything's okay now. Her amazing job, her life with Berto.

>I'll be back in case of a relapse. I'll be active and supportive for you only.

I hope you will understand and you won't be mad at me; I no longer need to feel 'special' 😅 I can now.. just living. Normally and free ❤️

She can now just living.
(No more Aly…for now)

No. 605483

File: 1528493327509.png (227.84 KB, 309x556, tell her youre proud.png)

No. 605488

File: 1528493436726.gif (294.58 KB, 360x203, anigif_enhanced-24966-14225504…)

No. 605493

Her definition of a "relapse" is having a hissy fit and postponing a burger for an hour, so she'll be back.

Her first fight with Berto will be an epic relapse. She might skip dinner and fill up on Oreos at 11pm.

No. 605537

Sure, Jan. She just called her super serious struggle to have lunch at work a relapse the other day.
See ya soon, Aly.

No. 605548

File: 1528498374326.png (575.8 KB, 750x1334, 29682F58-9E10-490C-9A6F-C35092…)

leaving for good…….?

No. 605558


As if. She doesn't have wifi at Berto's. That's more the reason she won't post as much…for now.

She'll crash in a few days.

No. 605566

I read this as berto is mad Aly is always on her phone so they had a huge fight and gave her an ultimatum.
She didn’t say as much but her words have a semi serious “tone” about them.

She will still post daily. Likely at lunch or on the train to work. She’s not gone.

No. 605800

She’s lying. She’ll still be posting about her relapses five times a day. Bet there’s a post tomorrow!

No. 605807

She must be furious that her farewell post only has 26 comments (out of 47.2 k followers) and not one of them is begging her to stay. They’re all like “good for you!” I feel like more than anything, the lack of attention over her leaving will be why she doesn’t leave. She’s addicted to IG and attention and her posting style shows she’s still ruled by OCD (and binge eating). She only said she’d leave as a new way to get attention… brace yourself for blackout posts when it doesn’t work.

No. 605822

Yep. She has an addiction to social media, she is dependent on it for emotional regulation. It’s going to ruin her relationship unless she gets real help, ASAP.

Where have all her sisterfriends disappeared to, lately? Do they not hang out with her anymore!

No. 605865

We need to put together a timeline of Aly's employment history. I'll start when I have an hour to kill

No. 606053

File: 1528569134914.png (405.25 KB, 350x633, Untitled.png)

This is charity working how??

No. 606061

she wasn’t even gone 24 hours

No. 606064

Even in the blurry picture her hair looks like straw.

Her MARKETING INVESTIGATION(!) is standing at a store and trying to get people to fill out a survey…sooo professional! lol

It's not charity work anymore, but it's similar.

No. 606066

"Some of our stores". So she works in an alcohol shop now? I mean, the usual charity shops I go to, Oxfam etc, sell fairtrade goods and natural skin/body care products but not alcohol.

Not one follower's going to pull her up on this…

No. 606067

and yeah, her hair looks so awful but she looks surprisingly nice from a distance.

No. 606092

It sounds like she’s working for a marketing agency, if she’s doing market research for a client of her company - whether it’s the store she’s in, or the beverage makers. There is no charity work involved. She lies to sound like she’s saving the world. Everything has to be a big deal, with her.

No. 606095

Also why the heck is she getting people to take pictures of her while she’s working? It’s not just unprofessional, but so immature. I have only ever seen teenagers in their first job doing things like that.

No. 606122

Nothing says "the devil wears prada" like sneakers

No. 606284

cream on white, no socks, leggings instead of pants

we love a professional queen

No. 606317


Despite still lacking any sense of style, she has obviously been told to dress more professionally. This is not something she'd choose, I mean she's all covered up, it's odd to look at.

And yeah, what does this have to do with charity work, is she still in the same company? Is this another made up job? Who takes the pictures? Wtf.

No. 606387

She posted a bunch of old pictures from last summer on her alice_eleanor account…

No. 606430

I was going to say, she is updated her old account now, but only with year old throw backs

No. 606441

Oh and I thought she was too busy for ig now. She'll scoot on back to her main account when she realises a plain ol girl ain't gonna get her many comments. She used that old account to show Bert she was a new person, now she's trying to convince herself…by posting old pics lol.

No. 606659

I wonder if she thinks lolcow doesn't know about https://www.instagram.com/alice_eleanor/

No. 606692

She's basically just standing there, at a supermarket and asking shoppers to try some of that beverage thing. The Devil Wears Prada kinda job my ass.

No. 606846

File: 1528653064348.jpg (465.96 KB, 719x1107, Screenshot_20180610-114829.jpg)

>Hi everybody guys

I wonder if it still feels wierd to be back at her parents place for lunch…you know since she moved out…

No. 606867

File: 1528655597544.jpg (113.78 KB, 919x589, 2.JPG)

Okay, Aly, the new dresses. Nice to see you took our advice and you're not looking like a teenage slut any more. The fabric looks cheap and they're generally poor quality, but it's a start :thumbs up:

No. 606868

File: 1528655663710.jpg (37.82 KB, 367x377, Capture.JPG)

And Aly, go easy on the whitening tool. Your eyes look like you're using white paint as eye drops :thumbs down:

No. 606871

File: 1528655799003.jpg (71.94 KB, 590x593, Capture.JPG)

And finally, this. Just stop. I know it must be hard to get hardly any likes on your other account, but reminding people you were once a spoop isn't doing anyone any good. That's not the way to get attention any more.

No. 606884

Exactly what I was going to say…
I don't know if it's very common in other countries but here - in Spain - in some large shopping malls you can find people trying to sell you products of a certain brand … I guess they hire you as marketing assistant … My cousin - who does not have the HS graduate because he dropped out - is working for a company that basically sends you one day somewhere to sell x, next day to another place…What I'm trying to say is that she's making it seem as something special when actually ANYONE can do this job, just stand there and ask at least 50 people per day if they want to try / buy something…

lol I find it hilarious that she's still lurking here sometimes, like her desperate last attempt to gain attention ''I CAN'T leave, those HATERS won't win!''

No. 606888

Is that like when someone's full time on, say, the Chanel counter in a store and they stand there asking if you want a spray of it? Only Aly's doing it for a different company ever day? That'd suck after a couple of weeks.

She's a moron for not finishing up at uni. Not that people with degrees are superior or anything, but chances are she wouldn't be doing these awful dead end agency jobs.

No. 606923

I bet she drank on the job.

No. 606955

File: 1528662426013.png (2.19 MB, 1080x1365, IMG_20180610_132640.png)

Shave your armpits, lazy bish

No. 606958

wtf why did she only whiten four teeth lol

No. 606970

This thread is now on autosage because of the rampant nitpicking and lack of milk. You can report the OP once there is something of interest happening to get the thread reevaulated.

No. 607068

>Is that like when someone's full time on, say, the Chanel counter in a store and they stand there asking if you want a spray of it? Only Aly's doing it for a different company ever day?

It's usually like this, yeah, but shittier because the brands they have to promote aren't that big/good/expensive. In Aly's case, she's just promoting some cocktail drink so…How convenient for her (!)

No. 607071

lmao, she's standing in the liquor aisle of a supermarket or a mall store. This has literally zero to do with Save the Children. "HUGE promotion", huh? She's just job hopping, kek.

So she's preparing for a big COMEBACK, girls and guys.
"I decided not to leave IG completely, I'm going to be a lifestyle blogger now." yada yada.

No. 607074


looking at the old pics on that account she seems like a completely different person. it's crazy what the ed did to her.

No. 607291

Sort of a weird sudden thing to do? Aly has never been very milky and people have always nitpicked her appearance. People are usually pretty good about saging this thread too but w/e I guess.

No. 607364

File: 1528706502281.png (227.35 KB, 350x608, 2good4u.png)

Yeah. I'm fine with it, but it's odd we didn't even get any red text warnings. A lot of cows on here aren't exactly milky and it's all about how shooped their pics are, but moving on…

How the hell is anyone supposed to answer this question by Aly. She won't do DMs so tell her how else she can communicate with "us". Erm…WHAT???

No. 607497

Look, she already upset about leaving

No. 607498

File: 1528719545949.png (649.23 KB, 720x1093, 20180611_071848.png)

Opps forgot pic

No. 607537

File: 1528724951595.jpeg (390.1 KB, 741x1167, 45DE8850-64E0-49D8-8D43-E50521…)

Never change Aly. Never change. Nobody cares that you’re “leaving IG” mainly because you’re not and you don’t matter to a bunch of strangers. Feel bad for those followers who actually spend each day commenting on her shit. She’s so selfish it’s unreal.

No. 607585

Lol that's funny. What a humourless cunt. Her honeymoon period of being adult didn't last long.

No. 607590


ignores 4 positive posts to focus on the one negative

No. 607605

This thread has always been good at autosaging itself. Aly has been a cow for many many years here and we have never caused any trouble. I have to wonder if you are a new mod?

Also, why would we report OP? We collectively create each Aly thread. As I said we do not cause trouble. What is happening here?

No. 607606

File: 1528731408678.png (287.14 KB, 307x535, same old shit.png)


Plot twist - Aly DID hack lolcow and is now modding the site (!)

>new life

No. 607608

it's the same in Italy! it's a very common job that anyone can do, you obviously don't need a marketing degree to sell samples.
I believe she's just working as a secretary monday-friday and as a promoter on weekends or occasionally.

sanbitter is a soft drink, it would be funny if she claimed to be drunk on that

No. 607609

She's really desperate. Her 2k and something followers in alice_eleanor are not enough to her attention needs.

No. 607610

File: 1528731736820.gif (502.36 KB, 500x211, ah.gif)

Nothing speaks more professional than a tacky Chinese symbol tattoo

No. 607620

In my country these kind of jobs are like these: somedays you spend them at malls giving samples and filling surveys, at the evening or other days you stay at office filling the results in an excel sheet. There's no thing like brand ambassor, even less without a college degree.

No. 607631

This tinfoil fan fiction totally crossed my mind. Thanks for the laughs anon.

I’ll bet that’s a shared computer. At a job I had, the break room had an office area with a computer people could use to check schedules, print shit, etc. She probably has to type in her “findings” for the day along and shares this computer with multiple people.

No. 607638

She probably reported a "fake account" and now feels like a master hacker.

No. 607667

what does “fake account” even mean? al those fake accounts are living breathing human beings. does she think they’re all robots or somethings

No. 607678

There's a way to stop her blocking an account. Leave the comment, then block her. The comment stays but she can't block you. Go back when it's obvious she's not on her phone and unblock her. Rinse and repeat. I've been using the same account for ages doing that.

She's slowly dropping followers every day.

No. 607836

Cool, so she’s basically admitted that she only said she was leaving to get attention. She can barely even come across as normal and mentally stable for a single post… And then she immediately scuppers the impression in the next post. She is still much sicker than I even thought.

No. 607839

> I didn't defeat Anorexia and various mental issues to settle for ✋🏻

No, Aly. This:
> I didn't defeat Anorexia and various mental issues

No. 608020

File: 1528757840382.jpeg (52.52 KB, 720x184, EEEE665D-DB1F-4C82-B107-02104F…)

This is jokes lol as if making an account doesnt take max 30 seconds.

Rly? the comment actually stays up? are you sure? Can someone test this rn, comment something, block her, then we see if it’s still up? I’d do it but my browser isnt letting me make new accounts

No. 608451

File: 1528798246817.png (85.25 KB, 446x708, wp_ss_20180612_0002.png)

I'm Danny Torrance. Here's how I post and block. Just posted and blocked now. Usually I change the username.

No. 608453

File: 1528798266395.png (92.68 KB, 459x753, wp_ss_20180612_0001.png)

No. 608457

This was after I blocked but she still sees the comment.

No. 608671

She bought a bunch of followers the past hour. Jsyk.

No. 608673

File: 1528822927875.jpg (15.03 KB, 289x104, 2.JPG)

And deleted this

No. 608832

File: 1528831724293.jpg (62.58 KB, 652x258, Screenshot_20180612-132704.jpg)

Is she trying to say her job made her lose weight already?

No. 608840

This is so cringey. You can easily fluctuate a couple sizes depending on the brand. She’s obsessed with getting attention and feels that the only way to do that is through her weight

No. 608866

This is ludicrous. Her meals have been noticeably healthier. Its nor like IF she lost a few pounds we'd notice.

No. 608964

Office dress code

No. 608965

File: 1528842011729.png (2.41 MB, 1080x1327, IMG_20180612_151837.png)


No. 608969

Why do her lips look so terrible there? I can't figure it out

No. 608985

Not even a week in and she's already ~hollowed~.
Better quit before it's too late for you, Aly.
Btw, how's therapy going? Oh, that didn't happen? What a shocker.

No. 609003

File: 1528845183117.jpg (106.15 KB, 720x696, _20180613_020900.JPG)

Nobody is telling her to quit the job because she's still so fragile and it's bad for recovery and blah blah. She's done this shit and "leaving IG" and just about everything so many times that people aren't buying it anymore. Less comments, dropping followers. Probably a major breakdown on the way and it's going to be beautiful.

No. 609011

I thought most people would be a size (or more) less in that style of dress compared to tight jeans. Anyone else noticed this?

No. 609160

Looks like the dress fits her just fine. I highly doubt this is a size smaller. And even if the tag says “ size x” I doubt it’s a true size. She has an office job…how on earth could she be losing weight?
It’s like the tanks and undershirts you buy at the cheap clothing stores. I always have to buy the largest size just for them to be comfortable. But I don’t get all ~sensitive~ about it.

No. 609207

She can't be so naive about dress sizes? She spent three years obsessing about her size to not know about vanity sizing vs. true sizing.

At Primark, skirts and dresses are ridiculously generous whereas one of their jeans lines is spot on.

She's gearing up to telling us she's leaving because ~muh important mental health~. No wage, no more having to live at Berto's. Back to Ma and fancy lunches.

No. 609210

I'm wondering if she's lying about the dress being smaller. In my experience, Tally Wejl (where she bought the dress) runs smaller than other stores.

No. 609280


Yeah, I assumed she was lying. She’s just started doing these angled-from-above pics to make herself look thinner, because that’s obviously her next plan to get attention since pretending to quit Instagram didn’t work.

No. 609333

OT but it looks like we're finally off autosage again?

Tally Wejl sizing is a joke. Just bone-structure wise it's often impossible to fit into their pants

The fact she still has followers who support her is unbelievable to me. How many times did she play the "I'm going to leave ig for good/my job makes me lose weight" game? At this point I'm convinced bread has an higher IQ than dogsandpos

No. 609379


Not just their sizing is a joke…

No. 609400

File: 1528892863180.png (633.36 KB, 871x537, long time.png)

Erm…I don't know what to say

No. 609401

Oh, I get it. I thought she meant she hadn't had carbs for a long time, but she means lunch time was a long time after breakfast. or?

Is that the same day? The yogurt position looks the same.

No. 609434


even the paper on the desk is at the exact same spot

No. 609452

>attempting carbs

Aly, shut up. You dont know lasagna, pasta, donuts and brownies all have carbs? All the things you've posted in the last week.

No. 609487

File: 1528903536000.jpg (312.76 KB, 1400x626, eattherainbow.jpg)

her clean and light summer recipes cannot make up for the amount of energy that is needed to fulfill Aly´s very professional tasks…she needs to be careful or she´ll be skele in a week

No. 609542

I understood it as "didn't have carbs for lunch for a long time", too

No. 609570

is that just a piece of bread?

No. 609654

File: 1528915050833.jpg (58.01 KB, 567x374, domaci_slani_klipic1.jpg)

Maybe it's a sandwich and you can't see what's inside but if it's just a slice of bread…then what the fuck? I know people eat pic related with yogurt but an actual slice of bread?

No. 609670

Everything about Aly seems so… poor to me? Her clothing style, her hair, her weird obsession with McDonald's, the parts of her home you can sometimes see in the background, her understanding of office dress code, everything. I don't know where people get the idea from that her family is wealthy.

No. 609672

From her old posts.
She used to dress/style herself miles better when she was a spoop and used to go out to eat in restaurants constantly, and that's not really cheap to do on a daily basis

No. 609742


Once again, this confirms to me she's special needs. She thinks that sliced tomato, cheese, tinned sweetcorn and tuna is worth bragging about when it's something a 6 year old could manage. Now she takes a slice of bread to work as lunch and eats the yogurt first.

She hasn't posted today - ~triggered~ by comments? Left her job? Maybe she had a bad faint because lack of pizza and donnies at midday?

No. 609765

File: 1528921152270.jpg (441.43 KB, 720x1044, 20180613_221748.jpg)



No. 609766

Oh god, she's talking about how she reintroduced carbs into her diet… girl, in the last days you posted a sandwich, lasagna and sushi

No. 609768

>winning dinning
Is she back with her retarded "recovery wins" that she had 327 times before?

She's really desperate for attention at this point

No. 609771

I knew it… She didn't just mean attempting carbs for lunch. She meant it as if she had cut carbs out of her life all this time.

I think shes getting bored. Shes not even trying anymore

No. 609783

File: 1528922908086.jpeg (53.01 KB, 419x483, 7FFE0AC1-081C-4005-8B96-96D739…)

Her “Devil wears Prada” job is actually working for a supermarket chain. The logo is clearly visible in this pic - it’s IPER.
She also wrote she was promoting Campari “IN ONE OF OUR STORES”, so my bet is she’s hired as an in-store promoter. No way she could get any other job involving “office” and “stores” without a degree here.

No. 609805

Keen eye you've got there! Wow, she should be going on business trips to London with that important job.

She's now fishing for comments because it's her ~rebirth~ day, as if she actually started recovery when she was in hospital for a day.

No. 609834

File: 1528925481629.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180613-172714.png)

How many mood swings does she have every day, jeez. Also working the angles so her followers can see how hollowed she is from carbs/fats restricting.

No. 609837

What is she doing with that lighter in bed?!

No. 609858

No way will she stay there on her own.

No. 609859

Self arm

No. 609887

>The fact she still has followers who support her is unbelievable to me.
I think that 90% of her followers don't read the long-ass captions and the other 10% probably haven't been around long-term or don't use IG very much.

No. 609923

move on Aly. lol whats the lighter for? edginess?

No. 609948

File: 1528931143983.png (362.07 KB, 332x586, one night alone i kill me.png)

She's flicking it off and on in the video. I used to do that subconsciously when I was bored. She might do it when she's bored but she wants EVERYONE TO KNOW SHE'S BORED.



No. 610177

Interesting that she and Berto don’t visit each other’s families - except for that one disastrous trip where she fled home to mummy early. Always a good ingredient for a long term relationship, that…

No. 610427

File: 1528980865901.png (627.04 KB, 638x553, Untitled.png)

Supermarket job is too stressing. Our recovery queer has to eat at the desk. How awful.

No. 610449

File: 1528983788493.jpg (31.93 KB, 496x286, itslonktho.jpg)

She finally noticed herself that she´s balding. It´s probably stress-related or due to a lack of carbs in her diet

No. 610464


A mixture of stress induced alopecia and her not being able to take a lunch break where she can reintroduce food into her life.

I'm so worried about her. She's looking hollow and overnight she dropped another dress size. That dress she's wearing is hanging off her fragile frame. Ugh, I'm so triggered.

No. 611199

she’ll start claiming it’s because of a relapse soon

There’s no way she even has her own office, anywhere. There’s probably another 4 interns in this room that she’s not showing. For example >>608965 here it looks like there’s another desk beside her

No. 611437

File: 1529063072433.jpg (428.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180615-134417.jpg)

Her lips….

No. 611443

Yeah you can also see another phone and multiple desks in this selfie: >>608965

No. 611499

Have you ever tried to make your lips do that yourself? LoL it feels really stupid

No. 611500

File: 1529074278955.jpg (59.42 KB, 522x379, Screenshot_20180615-085047.jpg)

I just noticed she changed her bio

No. 611506

File: 1529074957010.jpg (85.13 KB, 323x430, 20180615_165939.jpg)

What a *uck is she doing here, smelling the leftover nugget grease on her hands or what

No. 611553

Pulling a Vicky. Gotta use the hands to hide the moon face.

The fuck is going on with her mouth. It looks like a prolapsed anus. And her hand??? God Aly, why are you so insufferable.

She’s like the picture equivalent of someone who chews loudly and with their mouth open. It’s unbearable and you want to kill someone.

No. 611582

Ahh look at her! She's overjoyed to be alive and recovered!

Idk how Berto can look at that 7/24. Ma's a batshit bitch so she won't be affected, but JFC it's easy to understand why her friends buggered off. She really is unbearable.

Desperate for public comments as opposed to intimate DMs. Yup, that's Aly. When she pulls that kind of stunt it's mind boggling how her stans can actually stick by her. Ick.

PS Happy FRI - YAY (!)

No. 611906

File: 1529103912533.png (Spoiler Image, 369.72 KB, 345x566, relapse.png)

Spoilered for hellish nail polish.

All is not well in the city of Milan. Thirsty for milk…

No. 612419

File: 1529164102323.png (842.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7898.PNG)

No. 612428

She did updated with a good old black post.

No. 612429

File: 1529164764273.jpg (51.19 KB, 717x858, Screenshot_20180616-095746.jpg)

No. 612512

I don't see comments telling her to leave. She's bored because Berto's away. Her whole life is rinse and repeat. You'd think she was sick of herself by now and do something to change.

No. 612574

how is Aly’s hair so fucking long after being extremely skinny for 2 years and then constantly straightening it?!? I get that her hair looks fragile and ahe def needs a cut but I’m so shocked at how long it is regardless. It was way shorter in 2015. when i straighten my hair too much it starts to break away and the rate at which it breaks off at the ends is the same rate at which it grows aka stays the same length. How come this didnt happen to her? Does she have naturally thick hair? (I cant tell)

No. 612587

I don't know how it usually works, but she wasn't spoopy as in really spoopy for that long really. She only recently said she lost her hair but she's always said she had no hair loss before that. Her hair def doesn't look fine when she was BMI 10.6 (!)

I'd say the damage we can see now is straighteners. It must just grow fast or she rubs McDonald's grease into it.

No. 612757

File: 1529192163830.png (323.47 KB, 310x554, dangerous.png)

She's gone to Ma's so she won't be an alcoholic while Berto's away.

No. 612768

Aly's hair looks about 25cm shorter in those hospital pictures from 2015. Normal, healthy hair grows about 15cm per year, so it's completely normal for hers to look that long after 3 full years, especially since she's been in recovery for the majority of that time, and she's obviously never given it a trim.
The main reason why her hair also looks "fuller" is because it's fried and dry.

No. 612996

but after getting no haircuts (trimming actually helps with hair growth bc of split ends I believe), having it really dried out due to constant straightening and that period of restriction she had. She has to have developed a bunch of split ends, straightening brittle hair so much. I just can’t believe that the split ends aren’t breaking off quickly. Her diet isn’t exactly helping her hair situation. There was a time when she kept it curly I remember though

maybe my own hair is just fucked

No. 613422

File: 1529260378359.jpeg (433.09 KB, 750x1146, 1FAD4C21-2D73-4F43-B0B5-3D6AD1…)

So Aly lost 3lbs (!) this past week… which is most likely poop and water weight, I love how she says she hasn’t weighed herself in ages yet knows she’s lost 3lbs off what she weighed before. She’s so full of shit it’s unreal. So Berto goes home for a bit and so does Aly, she’s a women child and will be for life.

No. 613431

HOW THE FUCK does this make sense: she hasn’t weighed herself in AGES but she lost 3lbs in one week. so… she weighed herself LAST WEEK. are people calling her out on this shit?

No. 613433

Yay! I thought autosage had killed this thread off. I came here to post this with the pic because her dad's face is lol.

She's living with her parents and stopping over at Berto's no matter how much she says she lives with him. Now she's going back to ana behaviours, alcoholism and saying how hurt she is by haters for comments. Just accept you're not interesting, Aly.

No. 613447

File: 1529261683754.jpg (14.5 KB, 288x94, Capture.JPG)

Posted this comment. Deleted and blocked within a minute.

No. 613448

Duh, no she didn't delete. I forgot I blocked HER lol.

No. 613553

File: 1529270997894.jpeg (326.03 KB, 750x1078, 8153ED92-2729-4D6D-9599-895C59…)

No. 613557

File: 1529271139484.jpeg (307.48 KB, 750x1020, 40C97D76-2167-45AE-997C-665FB6…)

No. 613558

File: 1529271195000.jpeg (278.47 KB, 750x874, FB072838-4F4D-496E-A558-19EDE0…)

No. 613583

oh no, Aly’s gonna block her :(

Lol at how Aly thinks because someone just created an account, their opinion is instantly worthless.

No. 613611

File: 1529273298969.jpg (13.9 KB, 279x228, 2.JPG)

I like that cupcakes has got the balls to tell her. She needs followers who don't say what's obvious.

>I'm no more affected by numbers…

Sure, Jan.

No. 613613

I mean needs followers who say what's obvious. My brain's all fucked today. Must've lost 1.5kg in a week.

No. 613616

She just DELETED that “havent weighed self in ages” remark. What a fucking idiot lol

No. 613617

Are you actually developmentally challenged, Aly? No shit the answer was for you.

Jfc she's so fuc*ing insufferable.

No. 613619

I thought it was impossible to find anyone who's a massive mess and isn't on drugs, then along comes Aly.

How she gets away without a diagnosis for something I do not know…

No. 613663

Anon, be nice, she’s has a realy bad alcohol problem. She drinks 2 BEERS a day sometimes. Pray for Aly

No. 613695


>loneliness 24/24

Wait, does this mean when she says "7/24" or "8/24" it actually means "7 or 8 hours a day", instead of around the clock? I don't know if this even makes any sense.

Cupcakes seems too smart to be following Aly, I wonder why she bothers. Smart as in not total brain-dead like the rest.

No. 613741

She keeps focusing on these imaginary people who told her to leave Instagram when it was her idea to leave. She's the one who said she was leaving and she's mad if they agree?

No. 614098

File: 1529335812278.jpeg (297.65 KB, 750x620, 9BFC77F6-7E8E-4081-90C1-C995AC…)

3 pounds Aly, you lost 3 lbs, I doubt your clothes felt bigger but keep looking for those asspats. Christ this stuff makes me rage. And everyone kisses her ass just like she hopees they will.

No. 614145

Doesn't look like she lost weight. The stitching on her new dresses are pulling at the seams.

No. 614147

and what's 7/10?

No. 614164

end of May until June 17 = 1 week?
7/10 days?
As usual her global updates make no sense.

It's completely ridiculous that she still clings to the claim that she's never been able to work without losing weight.
Get this, millions of people work without fainting or becoming hollowed. Only literal morons who can't feed themselves like an adult do.

No. 614169

File: 1529343143868.jpg (19.22 KB, 584x218, a.JPG)

She sits on her ass all day, how can she lose weight?

She posted this on facebook. Her employers.


No. 614172

File: 1529343220195.jpg (50.08 KB, 436x528, a.JPG)

All their jobs look shitty. This is from their fb page.


No. 614174

File: 1529343371467.png (234.83 KB, 302x338, a.png)

and finally…

punchable is not the word.

No. 614213

File: 1529346349162.jpeg (380.4 KB, 750x1074, 91ABF37D-1893-40CE-9CA8-0F08F7…)

No. 614251

damn I wonder who that is and what the comment was and if they are a farmer. I hope it wasn't a farmer it just makes the shock of being blocked more intense. lol

No. 614313

File: 1529356242795.jpeg (339.8 KB, 1242x1079, 9DBD8F98-DC23-4FB8-9451-DC00A9…)

confirmed that her job consists in promoting shit in stores and supermarkets
>>Devil wears Prada

No. 614354

Is this a fucking joke? what kind of EX anorexic doesn’t realize you can easily fluctuate 3 days… hell, in 1 day!

No. 614713

File: 1529379619552.png (8.99 KB, 252x72, Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-19 um 0…)

"Friends, parties,…". Lol, Aly. If you had friends and went to parties, wouldn´t you shower your followers with pictures? I don´t call having lunch with your mother "going to parties with friends". And "responsibilities and successes"…well, let´s rather not talk about that. Are you delusional to the point of believing the shit you post or do you think your followers are?

No. 614731

It's a pity these hoards of friends didn't visit her at Berto's place for company so she didn't have to drink herself to death.

I think she's delusional and her followers that comment are dumb. By "followers" I mean the half a dozen who bother with her. Even Berto goes back to his family regularly for long periods of time.

No. 614844

File: 1529394503199.png (12.81 KB, 291x77, 2018-06-19 followers.png)

Her amazubg followers. Wauw!

No. 614917

Every now and then I really wonder if dogs is a very dedicated troll.

No. 615071

File: 1529428071827.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180619-110340.png)

This stupid bitch. Chocolate and red bull for lunch. Ice cream after. God my stomach would ache so bad. It's so gross.

No. 615148

I thought the same. Supposed to be restricting but her lunch is pure sugar.

She was heartbroken though. A fight with Berto. Lol. Bet he's cheating on her seeing how he spends so much time in Rome.

No. 615149

Oh, and NO. WAY. did she make that mask. Bullshine bish.

No. 615164

she probably just painted it.

No. 615271

File: 1529442918684.png (233.65 KB, 308x552, comments plz.png)

Nah, don't bother Aly. It'll be all about your bravery, stuffing finger food into your mouth. You'll make up with Berto and be gushing about how happy you are together.

Nobody cares. You've already been dumped in the autosage trash bin here.

No. 615320

are we still in autosage? I thought I saw some non-saged posts

No. 615372

I think autosage means it doesn't matter if you sage or not, the thread won't be bumped. I'll leave my post unsaged to double-check.

No. 615421

That’s exactly what it means. Still unclear why, honestly. Not a big deal but it’s….interesting.

No. 615450

they said it was for
>rampant nitpicking and lack of milk

I guess if we have "real" milk we have to report op to be unsaged? Its not that big a deal but putting us on autosage is kind of a nitpick in and of itself.

No. 615642

It’s really clear why if you frequent other threads on the site, though? This thread is really nit-picky, every other comment is “ALY FIX YOUR LIPSTICK” or “I can’t believe she’s still wearing that,” or “she’s definitely bloated in the face!”or “her hair is so damaged!”

Like, it’s one thing to make note of that sort of thing, but it’s half the comments about every update. It’s petty and repetitive tbh.

No. 615670

All true points you made anon. But also we were good at saging ourselves here in the Aly threads. I could understand if it was constantly in the way of other threads, but it was properly saged all the time. Basically anything that wasn't milk is supposed to be sage, that is what we did. We have fun here, I don't know why it bugs others so much

No. 615693

Agreed, but we a certainly not the only thread who does a lot of nitpicking
Also, there was not a single warning beforehand. And as>>615670 said, most people in the tread were really good at saging irrelevant shit

No. 615705

File: 1529480314308.jpg (212.86 KB, 936x796, mask.jpg)

pretty sure she just meant to say that she "made a gift" to her mother, not that she made the mask. That tacky flea market find was hand-made, does not mean it was self-made though. Whatever - I really like the symbolism:
>sun and moonface

pic for the record

No. 615749

Just chipping in with my thoughts about autosage.

A large percent of cows on the board are low on milk. There're many comments about wonky tits, fat, shopping, repetitive questions about why anas want to dress like toddlers, etc.

We saged well and the maniac style of Aly is part of why she's lulzy.

I miss the laughs in this thread. You're my favourite people. I hope everyone bookmarks and still talks about Aly. I read, but only now and then post in other threads because they can be really humourless and the cows are just meh pretentious or camgirl bores.

Whatever…looking forward to Bert n Aly splitting up.

No. 615805

Same here my friend. Aly's thread has always been my favourite and I've been following it for years. A lot of other threads are not any less nitpicky and I'd be sad if this one stopped existing because even if it's repetitive it's still entertaining

No. 615813

File: 1529497920823.jpg (153.24 KB, 480x773, abandonthread.jpg)

not going anywhere either

No. 615905

File: 1529509036389.png (861.15 KB, 720x854, 20180620_103725.png)

The text caption was boring

No. 615906

File: 1529509099424.png (426.45 KB, 720x724, 20180620_103857.png)

No. 615931

File: 1529512034983.jpg (48.25 KB, 700x396, fake.JPG)

Christ, she's blatantly begging for people to read her shitty post (this one >>615905 on her next post).

I've always been interested in her stans. Where do they go to? I'm going to start compiling a list of them and see how they change month by month because she sure as hell didn't have this lot stanning her a year ago. Did the old ones get sick of her and bugger off? Who knows. I'll do that after I've eaten my nutritious chocolate biscuits and Red Bull for dinner.

No. 615934

File: 1529512340424.jpg (403.37 KB, 718x1013, Screenshot_20180620-103132.jpg)

I don't think she feels embarrassment

No. 615939

YESSSSSSSSSSS! That's IT! That's the thing that makes her seem so special needsy - she doesn't feel embarrassment. Not once has she been ashamed of her captions or pics. Woah.

No. 615955

File: 1529514776440.jpg (3.09 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20180620_131136812.j…)

She's so bloated her life line disappeared.

No. 615958

File: 1529515022657.jpg (2.36 MB, 2880x1920, inCollage_20180620_131548327.j…)

Samefag, I zoomed in to lol at how she still only whitens her front four teeth and then noticed her horrific lipstick.

No. 615960

Her lipstick's always scabby. If she can't be arsed to touch up she shouldn't wear it. Must be a shitty brend she uses.

So that means she died? She was reincarnated…as…as…herself?? What a cruel twist of fate!

No. 616023

I have literally never seen this, unless the person was really fucking fat, but Aly isn't that far yet.
She's gaining/retaining water in the weirdest places

No. 616047

It reminds me of the older women I've seen hobbling on crutches with puffy ankles and hands. They were always obese though, or bordering on. There's definitely something wrong there. I've never had a swelling like that myself except when I've been stung by an insect. I'd have to get it checked out.

No. 616336

File: 1529542883132.jpg (31.37 KB, 435x221, yawn.JPG)

She can't let go of this need to tell people she's lost weight so she gets attention and people concerned. She lost what was probably water weight. Like it's noticeable? Lol.

No. 616378



No. 616461

File: 1529554065173.jpg (451.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180621-060423.jpg)

Look at my veiny tits pt 1/2

No. 616462

File: 1529554093694.jpg (451.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180621-060428.jpg)


No. 616487

So much better without the shitty lipstick.
BTW she returned to post 3-4 times per day. She'll quit soon, hehe.

No. 616560

File: 1529564074465.jpg (13.37 KB, 300x300, breasts_on_a_hot_tin_plate.jpg)

What a minger.

No. 616561

File: 1529564348132.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180621-025748.png)

No. 616636

Fair points, and I think the farmhands would consider them in an appeal, if the nitpicking in this thread in general was a lot less constant (looking at you, anons who are still commenting about teeth, lipstick, bloating, boob veins - like ok, we get it). Nitpicking appearances is against the site rules, and tbh I don’t mind that it’s one they’re cracking down on lately.

No. 616638

She’s been reading lolcow again.

No. 616690

File: 1529584372485.png (281.82 KB, 316x559, drudgery.png)

Her job really is so stressful. All that swinging around on ~her office~ chair must be so demanding.

How long before she leaves this one? I give it two weeks.

No. 616732

>love these chairs

Shows only herself, what chairs?

No. 616847

i think she might last a bit longer this time, but only because nobody is making her do any real physical work, and for some reason I get the impression that her parents are really putting the screws to her about holding down a job now that she’s been weight restored for quite a while and still isn’t in school.

No. 617240

File: 1529616667415.png (571.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7924.PNG)

No. 617247

Came here to post this.
Aly, a dead end job that requires absolutely no qualifications is not a career.

No. 617296

File: 1529617610281.png (770.09 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7925.PNG)

No. 617454

I don't know, I mean, I understand nitpicking is against the rules, and I agree it should be; but in Aly's case she actually changed her hair, eyeliner and lipstick because of what she's read here. I personally consider that milky. And the fact she went in the waaay opposite direction is also milky. The fact that she finds herself so beautiful is funny too. It lends itself to nitpicking. Its %50 of Aly's hilarious-ness. Maybe im wrong

No. 617590

I believe she changed the clothes she wore because we told her to buy the same style of dress she had on once and she actually has.

She's not meant for this world, guize.

I wish she'd make her mind up whether she wants to be seen as recovered (oh, I'm way past being triggered by scales and numbers, blah blah), or whether she wants to still be seen as mentally ill.

She made up with Berty over pizza but no mention of living at his place again.

No. 617619

TOP 10
(and the shit they write)

life_and_fitness_princess - "you are aly !!! A fighter !!! A queen !!! My hero ! I will be always here for you !!! You can do it !!! You are aly !!! My fighter !!! My queen !!! My winner !!! And you win this match !!!"

wasfuer1koala - "dont mind the fucking haters… they hide behind fake accounts to write fucking insulting nonsense… like they have an unhealthy life and way of thinking… you on the other hand are loved, admired, strong and intelligent"

living_happy_07 - "You are beautiful, inspiring, supportive, kind, loving, fun, everything as a person".

sydney_janssen13 - "You are a GLOWING GODDESS now".

DogsnPos - "Honey,, if i was in that sotuation, i would find my mental statr the most important.. jist try to keep on track!"

sailorvnicorn - "I can imagine you so well in the role of a promoter of these organizations! It's incredible! Who else would I like to meet as a promoter than YOU? All shining, all beautiful"

followthewhiterabbit79 - * "all the best relationships suffer arguments and it proves there is passion, and the making up will bring you all the closer".

stuck_on_the_strugglebus - "You have so much to offer…Keep spreading your message of REAL talk!"

tinyboosteps - "YEAH FOR THE GREAT BUTT GAL"

minnielovelock - "you're very talented and so creative!"

Let's see if they're still commenting in 6 months time.

No. 617906

I don’t think you’re wrong, I just think farmhands weren’t wrong to identify that the majority of the content of this thread is just nitpicking. I think that stuff is all funny too, but reading the same things over and over again gets old. People were good about sageing, but when you have to sift through 12 comments about how crunchy her hair is every time she has a new blackout breakdown post, it’s gets tiresome.

No. 617907

My money says that at least three of those are prob farmers.

No. 618171

I'd like to think that's the case for the sake of humanity, but I honestly think that these people are basically insanely stupid non farmers who are so gullible I'm surprised they didn't get into a paedo's car when they were kids to go look at his puupies.

No. 619125

File: 1529770163335.png (444.15 KB, 475x585, wp_ss_20180623_0002.png)

Her BDD is so bad today. So bad she wants to show ig her new skimpy bikinis.

No. 619126

File: 1529770358381.png (236.37 KB, 382x597, wp_ss_20180623_0001.png)

She likes the one that looks like it's from a tacky sex shop catalogue best.

Spamming bikini shots is imminent.

No. 619129

Her body is so confusing. Her face makes her look super fat, but her body looks normal.

No. 619338


Please don't tell me Ma took this picture. It doesn't look like a selfie.

Some of her stans are really sick people with ana rotted brains. I doubt they even see her as inspirational, probably the opposite, but the ott praising is just in the culture.
Then there's dogs and the like who are physically healthier but actual special needs.

No. 619509

Oh no, did she actually buy these? The monokini is too small. I honestly think her body is fine, but wearing too-small swimwear is very unflattering even for people who are absolutely tiny.

No. 619536

I’m surprised at how thin she stay with her awful mcdonalds diet and lack of muscles. you’d think her metabolism must be shot to shit but noo. she probably thinks it’s okay to eat like crap bc she stays thin.. we all know she loves her body

No. 620607

File: 1529893409922.png (343.34 KB, 383x588, 2018-06-25_04.21.59.png)

Are these pants so tight that she can´t close the zipper anymore or does she think this is trendy?

No. 620763

she needs to work out asap or she'll feel absolutely horrible once she realizes that this new lifestyle won't bring her that wanted "healthy beauty body" either.

No. 620769

File: 1529907686022.jpg (329.05 KB, 720x923, 20180625_012115.jpg)

No. 620772

File: 1529907814307.jpg (315.72 KB, 720x1124, 20180625_012055.jpg)

No. 620946

She was sucking in on every bikini shot. If her stomach, which is untonic and not bloated,is the thing concerning her then I don't get why she can't spend five minutes a day doing sit ups.

Addicted to the smell of MacDonald's grease.

Her hate boner for kale gets another post…

No. 621077

File: 1529945663903.png (199.34 KB, 640x664, opinionsplz.png)

>May you please give me your most honest opinion?

as if you ever cared about honest opinions.
you just want another critic (!) to tell you that what you eat is unhealthy, so that you can get more asspats.

No. 621078

File: 1529945764676.png (109.99 KB, 361x663, alycomments.png)

No. 621089


>if she does it [eat McDonald’s] in a moderate way, then there’s no problem

Since when does Aly eat mickey d’s in moderation?

No. 621215

She conveniently forgot the donuts and brick sized slabs of cake.

No. 622066

File: 1530034641304.jpg (20.96 KB, 367x119, dreamer.JPG)


No. 622090

File: 1530036840794.png (16.29 KB, 285x138, 2018-06-26 20.12.51.png)

She would like to relapse and be skeletal again so badly, but she can´t. She loves her burgers, pizzas and donnies too much.

No. 622092

File: 1530037082527.jpg (55.63 KB, 430x583, 18.6.JPG)

Would a therapist actually plant the idea of relapsing into someone's head?

She just can't deal with that ~number~ 19.

This is more than 18.6, Aly. We're not all stupid.

No. 622182

Tbh she’s ALL fat no muscle, I can see her being 19. If she gained some muscle she’d look a lot thinner

No. 622259

You are right anon, my bmi is about 21 and I look thinner than Aly. I don't exercise but don't eat trash either.

No. 622403


If I were a fragile young anachan following her for recovery inspiration, I'd totally freak out over learning that this is what BMI of 18.6 looks like, and would probably relapse.
Obviously there's plenty more factors to it, but to so many anas BMI is some holy truth.
Wonder how much damage she's actually done to people.

No. 622518


>Wonder how much damage she's actually done to people.

That's what actually pisses me off about her tbh. All those photos and repost are just ridiculous but I can't stand her because I do believe she's a bad person. I can't comprehend how a girl who once was an anachan has the guts to lie about her BMI and diet habits when she knows that sick people recovering are following her and she's probably triggering them day after day. And not to talk about those who see her as an inspiration because she's soooo happy with her life…Unless she doesn't get enough comments.

I couldn't care less about her posting the same photos over and over again, I just wish she could take a little criticism and try to not be that harmful for others. But I'm talking about Aly here so I don't think she gives a shit about other people…I just can't believe that someone like her goes to sleep every night knowing her whole life is full of lies and fachades which she only uses to get attention from strangers. It drains me mentally just to think about it.

No. 622540

File: 1530071058835.png (513 KB, 599x947, 2018-06-26 22.41.14.png)

Well, another proof that she's lurking here? Everybody say 'HI!' to Aly, guys!!

No. 622665

Hi, Aly! Why do you get off to causing friction between people?

And you look at least BMfuckingI 22. You look like shit in so many ways that your weight gain is the least of your problems.

No. 622683

This. She gives out a wrong image about recovery in so many ways: she claims to be ”recovered,” but constantly talls about ”break downs”, numbers, ”recovery wins” etc. She is CLEARLY a higher weight than she claims to be. Also she eats a shitty diet but claims it to be ”balanced” and always says that relationship with food is more important, but still seems to struggle with eating all the time? She is so all over the place that I could never recommend anyone truly recovering to follow her.

No. 622710

File: 1530098760666.png (39.98 KB, 313x246, denial.png)

No. 622711

File: 1530099166933.png (30.43 KB, 310x138, numbers.png)

No. 622713

File: 1530099314105.png (25.36 KB, 309x120, minion.png)

the comment section is full of her minions. this is my favorite. they're so delusional

No. 622915

File: 1530123915595.png (159.42 KB, 640x891, IMG_7959.PNG)

No. 622916

File: 1530123925213.png (177.98 KB, 640x821, IMG_7958.PNG)

No. 622918

File: 1530123937853.png (162.34 KB, 640x899, IMG_7956.PNG)

No. 622919

File: 1530123948919.png (181.34 KB, 640x906, IMG_7957.PNG)

No. 622927

Is she literally comparing herself from like 4 POUNDS AGO?

Bitch weight FLUCTUATES. my god

No. 622948

File: 1530126612863.jpg (67.25 KB, 480x596, myspace.JPG)

Okay, for sure she either doesn't understand fluctuations, or she's hoping followers don't so she can talk about her incredible ~weight loss~

In a day my own weight can fluctuate by 2 lbs up and down. I'm not an ana chan, so it makes sense to me that it's water or w/e. The fact she's obsessing over her weight, BMI and normal fluctuations proves she's far from recovered. She tells us she's so far recovered she's not triggered by scales yet she's banged on about her weight for days.

This pic is tragic because she's really stretched her arm to make herself look thinner. Sadly, all it's done is given us a peek down her top.

No. 622953

This outfit is one of her most tragic choices by far.

No. 622958

She thinks it's "gypsy style". I think she means boho. Instead she looks like she's thrown a skirt over a butterfly swimsuit.

No. 623119


SO HOLLOWED. Her face is sunken, her cheek bones are showing, and her thigh gap is huuuuuge. Poor Aly, withering away, one office job at a time.

No. 623134

She's definitely too delicate to ever work. Why does nobody else understand this.

LOOK AT HER! Those 4lbs have left her thighs like twigs. Haters might say that it's just angles and the fact she's not having her fat sqished by too tight shorts, but don't be a d*ck (!) Even her hair looks shorter. Quick, Aly, eat for the sake of your long lovely hair and those emaciated thighs.

No. 623145


Wow, never thought I’d see the day when Aly was trying to prove she had lost weight.

I do believe she’s lost a tiny amount, but she was bigger than BMI 19 in May and she’s bigger than 18.6 now.

It might even be that it was weight her body needed to shed, if her binges are starting to settle down a bit.

No. 623150

She looks the exact same, it’s just the pose. Scroll down to her may pics and compare similiar poses - she didn’t lose anything noticeable at all. She fluctuated lol

No. 623283

I agree. She looks her usual self in the pics trying on bikinis. Must've scoured her zillion selfies for one where her thighs look smaller because of angles, etc.

A loss of 3 lbs wouldn't even show unless you're Ashley.

No. 623649

File: 1530210331664.jpg (773.54 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180628-155157.jpg)

First Melon of the year at june? And she loves fruits?
"shit, people say I always eat garbage. Let me sacrifice and have some melon just to prove them wrong"

No. 623743

File: 1530217757349.png (930.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7976.PNG)

So hollowed, so slim, best not have any more melon or she'll be a skeleton again!

No. 623757

Shit, m8, she's right - healthy foods are evil and the slippery slope to anorexia. Aly, STAY. AWAY. FROM. THE. KALE.

She likes to look slimmer. Inspiring recovery account (!)

Looks like she's buggered off the idea of living with Berty.

No. 623816

Her delusions are amazing. She’s fluctuating in water weight, 4lbs) and she’s suddenly thinner than she’s been in MONTHS and hollow. She ate some fucking cantaloupe and now she’s the healthiest person in Milan.

Get a fucking grip Aly.

No. 624114

>…and I like it

shut the fuck up Aly. My god you are pathetic.

No. 624257

File: 1530281278323.jpg (105.69 KB, 546x445, Screenshot_20180629-075130.jpg)

Aly is talking about leaving Instagram again

No. 624308


Well, that wasnt even a nasty comment. Now im blocked lol

No. 624357

It pisses me off no end when she asks for opinions but only keeps the ones that make her page sound like an Aly fan club.

Yeah, fuck off from ig, Aly. You're no longer a spoop, so not thinspiration. Your longing to be adored for being a spoop will never happen. 3 lb weight fluctuation isn't going to kill you because you're puffy and carry a lot of fat around your untonic body. You're a normal sized fucked up person. Well aren't you interesting. No you're not. If you were then you'd use your other account but you can't even get a dozen likes on your boring af pictures.

NONE of your followers are concerned about you because they're in their own ED bubble. Face it, nobody fucking cares about you or your fugly boyfriend.


No. 624835

File: 1530318389911.jpeg (247.69 KB, 750x1225, C87062CA-997E-4705-90F6-FF8F3C…)

For pete’s sake. Not sure about comment #2, but the first commenter seems to be for real, and hasn’t grasped that Aly is still definitely within a healthy weight. She also hasn’t grasped that it’s usually only when the person is being subtle about it it that a relapse really is happening. If Aly’s going on and on about her weight loss and trying to get attention for it, the chances of it being something serious are nil

No. 625051

Yeah. Secrecy is a big part of anorexia. Everybody who's ever had an ED should see right through Aly

No. 625674

File: 1530382384559.jpg (426.95 KB, 719x881, Screenshot_20180630-121025.jpg)

She got her hair touched up. She says her hairdresser commented how healthy her hair is. Aly, please get a trim. It's killing me.

No. 625689

She needs to switch hairdressers.

Looks like she's refusing to cut ant off.

No. 625690

Any* but while I'm here, how does she think the patchiness of the colour is a good thing?

No. 625691

File: 1530384228743.png (11.02 KB, 287x81, Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-30 um 2…)

Lol. Remember when all the weight she was gaining went straight to her hair? No wonder it is sooo healthy and lush now.

Aly, since you are reading here, cut off at least five inches and go back to your natural hair colour (and we all know it´s not blonde, it´s brown). Right now your hair looks just awful.

No. 625714

File: 1530385165784.png (191.13 KB, 640x849, IMG_7991.PNG)

Shit, our recovery queer has already lost her boobs. What a fucking relapse (!)

No. 625751

Everyone in her life must lie to her because they know what she's like if you say something she doesn't like. Her hair could look nce if she did cut off that straggly part, stopped using that horrible colour, stopped frying it with straightens and tried repairing the bits near her widow's peak.

Instead everyone tells her her hair looks great.

Has she fallen out with Bert again? She hasn't mentioned their usual seafood night.

No. 625761

She tells us it's going to be hard to get them back. What a tragedy. I loved looking at her pushed up B cups.

No. 625893

File: 1530394216737.png (785.91 KB, 487x865, #sweeneywho.png)


No. 625895

File: 1530394528350.png (682.54 KB, 485x863, nobranopanties.png)

1 wearing no makeup mean nothing when you put a makeup filter over your face
2 why would anyone care you're not wearing a bra??? who do you think your demographic is???

No. 625900

I was all wtf when I saw this too. What's she trying to get across by telling us she's braless? I'm braless too. And ???

If she thinks that her tits weighing (sorry, weighTing) 4lbs less means she doesn't post those awful underwear shots then I hope in her head she keeps that 4lbs off.

She's definitely dropped the pretense of living with Berto.

Please for the love of god, Aly, drop that fucking filter.

No. 625923

So maybe she moved back in with her parents? or never left at all? That bed is in her room from her parents house.

No. 625933

Not that it needed proving, but this confirms that she has absolutely never self armed. I wonder what that meant for her. Giving herself a little slap or pinch?

I wish someone asked her about the living situation. Although, it's infuriatingly pointless to try to confront her about anything.

No. 625935

I don't see any difference whatsoever?

Girls and guys, she needs our #strenhtg now. Gaining back her boobs will be a true struggle. #supportforignore

No. 625954

File: 1530400772166.jpg (54.36 KB, 494x575, amazing feelz.JPG)

I'm relieved to see she went to McDonalds and ate her first ice cream ever (since her ~relapse~) today. Gotta get those bewbs back #feminist

What a poor advertisement for this hair salon.

No. 625955

File: 1530400794911.jpg (13.33 KB, 306x66, i.JPG)

…and this isn't even a fake account.

No. 626038


No. 626268

File: 1530447415369.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7994.PNG)

No. 626335


That t-shirt looks okay. Its the only thing of hers I've liked.

She's going to drag this gaining lost weight BS out for ages so she looks relevant to her #edrecovery randoms. I'd rather she did something about her hair than give updates on her #recoverywinforasspats.

No. 626434

I can't figure out what she had done?? did she just have it straightened?

No. 626477

She said she had it henna-ed. She should use normal dyes cos that shit ain't working for her.

But…I'm not sure you can use normal dyes over henna?

I'm betting she broke up with Berto. Ma always splashes the cash to pamper the princess when she's had a fight with him. Hair salon, cocktails, new frocks…he dumped her.

No. 626483

The desperate “look how smol I am” photos. Berty must have dumped her. Or they broke up because she was bored being in the house all alone without ma and posing with pizza.
I’ve never known anyone to milk 4lbs like she is. At her weight, 4 lbs is no different than someone who’s 204lbs drops to 200lbs. I wish she was an acquaintance of mine so I could tell her she really needs help and she couldn’t write me off as a hater.

No. 626516

she can't re dye over it using normal dye now that she has henna on there, it will fuck her hair up

No. 626543

She's one of those fuckers who doesn't leave their own underwear on to try on a bikini. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 626554

Thought so. Ta for confirming.

This latest pic. She looks the same as always. Could her spell of not ODing on McD's salty crap gave caused her to depuff?

No. 626555

File: 1530478347130.png (466.37 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20180701_0002.png)

Oops dropped it.

No. 626565

I don't know why it's funny to find new quirks she has. Lately it's holding up part of her dress with one hand. And it seems she's into these baby doll style dresses now.

No. 626570

File: 1530480089384.jpg (565.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180701-232134.jpg)

This made me laugh out loud
So not posed
So natural

No. 626572

File: 1530480565047.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8002.PNG)

No. 626596

Oh man. The tears coming from my face. I think I lost 2 kilos(!) from laughing. Incoming thigh gap photo.

If you cover half of her face she looks happy, cover the other half and she looks pissed. This is the face of someone contemplating a murder.
Sleep with one eye open, berty!

She looks less puffy because she’s wearing clothes that actually fit. And she’s freaking out about it, so she’s pretending to shrink. If she truely got smaller, she would be wearing those god awful shorts and that fucking elastic-waist skirt from her spoop days.

No. 626644

I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing the dress grabbing.

No. 626651

Aly, you look pregnant.

No. 626759


I was the anon who recommended when she bought the first one of those dresses that she should buy the same dress in a bunch of colors (this was at the time of the vag shorts so I thought I was doing us all a favor, didn’t know she would take it so literally).

However, Aly, didn’t heed 2 pieces of my advice (lol). I recommended thick straps or short sleeves, rather than spaghetti straps. And also I said that once she outgrew the dresses she should get the next size up. I think it’s already time on that red one.

The muted floral prints were really nice Aly, I prefer that to the red. Also seconding a wee trim on the hair. Shoulder length would be cute!

No. 626814

File: 1530502368675.jpg (669.24 KB, 2896x2896, 20180701_212912.jpg)

No. 627022

File: 1530543198579.png (1019.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8007.PNG)

She woke up with a stomach ache, our queer is really struggling rn

No. 627046

She must be so mad that no one told her to quit her job

No. 627099

Must be serious. She's using animal face filter.

No. 627122

I can see it already …
She’s going to claim to have lost more weight due to stomach aches and not being able to eat. Our poor queer. She should eat…she’s so small and frail, so hollow.

No. 627228

File: 1530562411399.png (156.2 KB, 640x924, IMG_8016.PNG)

So now I guess she thinks she has golden fuckin eyes?

No. 627734

She needs to cut off about 30 cm and change stylists, if Aly ever wants her hair to look good to anyone besides Aly. If she really wants some bright red color, she can switch to semipermanent vegetable dye. It’s still “all natural,” and won’t absolutely destroy hair the way henna does. I’m also appalled that a professional hairstylist would put henna over pre-lightened hair (the fact that they’re using henna in the first place disgusts me). That is the quickest way to give someone the absolutely awful breakage that Aly has. And I’m sure even this (apparently retarded) stylist wants to cut off all that dead length and give her some decent layers. Right now Iti’s a chemical cut, and it’s like four inches shorter on one side. Terrible. Her hair isn’t even that unhealthy - she would look so much better overall if she chose a more tasteful and educated stylist, and let them make some suggestions. Even supermodels look bad when their hair is damaged and tacky like this.

Sorry for hairstylist sperging - hair like this absolutely appals me. I wouldn’t accept her as a client unless she let me actually cut and restore it, instead of crying like a baby over losing ugly dead ends & insisting on nasty snowflakey color jobs, like I’m sure she does because I have seen it a million times. Her control issues are Olympian. If she wants it to actually be extra long and healthy she has to cut it, but she won’t. Idiot. Obviously this guy is going to tell her how great and healthy her hair looks - he wants her business and clearly isn’t good at what he does if Aly’s bargain-bin ass is willing to shell out for his trash work.

No. 627754

File: 1530611533362.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8019.PNG)

No. 627755

File: 1530611585823.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8020.PNG)

No. 627756

File: 1530611605124.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8021.PNG)

No. 627757

File: 1530611635455.png (859.93 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8022.PNG)

No. 627760


I enjoy educational hair product chat. I've only ever known one person (ex best friend) who used henna. She insisted on using it but it always looked patchy.

When I feel weak I always layer on the face paint, select jewellery for the day and smile at the camera. I, for one, do not care.

Waiting for a follower to mention Bert. Ma must be at work and it's Aly's day off so she's lonely. Expecting either dramatics or recovery wins and raising up etc.

No. 627761

Christ. The desperation is making my toes curl.

No. 627762

File: 1530612169678.png (310.49 KB, 309x555, Untitled.png)

Oh, it's not her day off.

A meeting with the boss. Stay tuned babies (!)

No. 627763

„Already“ in office at 9 am?! Bitch, most people start working at 07.30

No. 627766

The only way she'd relapse (imo) is if she had lots of concerned attention. If she makes her ~situation~ even more scaring and her followers start being concerned then maybe she'll lose some weight. She's said that in the past she starved for attention and misses people fussing over her.

No. 627786

File: 1530616973443.jpeg (584.97 KB, 2048x2048, 2E1E8BCA-4394-4CF8-A855-4C5D1B…)

For anyone wondering, left is now, right is May. 4 (!) -lb loss

No. 627824

File: 1530622517642.png (959.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8029.PNG)

"Look at my ana lunch guiz"

No. 627835

Waaait, Aly where did your orthorexia go?

No. 627959


That's a sad salad right there. I think one of her many, MANY problems is that if she's not able to go out with Ma buying crap to eat she's useless at putting together a packed lunch. Like every other area of her life she's clueless and lacks imagination.

Nice to see the return of ~delish~

No. 628021

File: 1530645558865.jpg (36.62 KB, 297x288, lonely aly.JPG)

All the work sitting on her ass is making her collapsing. Berto's going to be in Rome all summer. Hoping for epic dramatics.

Her ana is affecting her English

No. 628059

File: 1530648693014.jpeg (56.18 KB, 750x236, 23CD84D0-E8F1-40B7-8CDE-0112BB…)

Here we fucking go.

No. 628089

Everyone would be healthier and happier if they didn't have to work. Unfortunately, adults have to pay rent and bills. Christ, snowflakes everywhere. Why do their damn parents put up with their shit.

No. 628167

Wow, she did an average full-time work day plus an extra hour. Much over-functioning. Such collapsing.

So, she’s weighing herself constantly now? So much for rarely ever weighing herself

No. 628168

Because going to work and fueling yourself properly to complete said work couldn't possibly be conducive to recovery. JFC. Grow up and pack yourself a real lunch like any other 10 year old on the planet could.

No. 628214


This is fucking infuriating. And she’s liked it because of course she did, as well as another comment saying she should take time off work (from a job she just started).

Pretending to still be anorexic to get more attention from her boyfriend and internet commenters, and to get her parents to agree to pay for everything when she quits her job, is honestly such a low, shitty thing to do.

No. 628222

Yea she looks “thinner” because she’s not stuffing herself in clothes that are two sizes too small. I mean…those shorts look painful.

I find it interesting berty runs off to his family’s for months on end. What happened to their happy house together? I don’t get why they insist on being together. Enjoy a life time of misery I guess

No. 628332

He'll be on summer break from uni so he's vacated his student digs. Her whole life is make believe.

No. 628577

If you (or anyone else itt) are interested in why it’s so bad for hair, you can read this - https://donttouchthehair.com/2015/07/whats-up-with-henna/

Sorry for derailing, inb4 someone suggests self-promotion - it’s not my blog or anything like that. I just hope Aly will get curious and read it herself - and hopefully fix her hair.

No. 628579

File: 1530704232785.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8039.PNG)

No. 628594

That’s what the eating disorder is for, right? To force their parents to put up with exactly that?

No. 628626

why is she slowly morphing into an emo 14 year old on myspace in 2006

No. 628702

Dude what the hell is with her generally seeming to take her cultural references from the early 2000s?

No. 628724

File: 1530723460860.png (184.76 KB, 594x498, a medical professional.png)

I guess it's a reflection on how much notice she takes of pop culture in general (ie none). I don't know why she picked up on early 2000s, but nothing about her is up to date.

Someone suggested she top up calories with an Ensure so she chugs a can of sugar/caffeine. Nice work, Aly. You got this.

There's friction between followers on her latest post, she must love it. I like this gatos person.

No. 628735

Nothing that happened to me in this exact manner, but doctors, at least those who have experience in dealing with the condition, do actually at least notice and get a bit concerned if you lose 4 lb from one appointment to the other. It depends on what the story around it looks like, though. But if you tell them that you were stressed out, started a new job, moved, your routine and eating schedule got switched up, they usually put together one and one and advise you to take care and try to eat more, epecially if you come from a place of anorexia classified as extreme like Aly. They do not, however, immediately put you inpatient, of course, if you're not a severe case anymore which has been constantly losing and/or is very underweight. But, yes, 4 lb can matter if you have an ED. I would not pay any attention to 4 lbs if your relationship with food and exercise is healthy, of course, which is what Aly claimed before her "relapse".

No. 628738

Yeah, but it's only Aly who said she'd lost that weight. She's not being monitored. She has a long, long history of fabricating stories for attention and concern.

No. 628798

File: 1530729893519.png (394.96 KB, 720x795, IMG_20180704_202023.png)

Aly hates her supporters now, how funny

No. 628906

File: 1530739429377.jpg (35.03 KB, 286x281, lol.JPG)

And this is why her only friend is Ma.

I don't know how anyone can support her on insta. She can't even be arsed to read or send DMs.

Img - like Aly believes in free speech.

No. 628932

File: 1530742103985.jpg (99.69 KB, 812x595, a.JPG)

So stop your lying, attacking fakery.

No. 628966

Oh yeah that’s why you delete comments, huh Aly? Dumb bitch

No. 629541

File: 1530817156709.jpg (20.69 KB, 293x292, lonely.JPG)

54 minutes. 3 comments. Lol.

No. 629605

what a bitch! I follow that girl, they always comment on each other's posts. maybe she'll open her eyes now.
no wonder Aly has no friends.

No. 629651

I've noticed she gets away with saying thing that usually get others blocked. That's why I like her, but I can't figure out why she hasn't been blocked.

I can imagine Aly's never been liked irl. Her treatment towards people is disgusting.

No. 629665

File: 1530824535643.png (485.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8054.PNG)

No. 629721

File: 1530830114948.png (739.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180705-173545.png)

Oh please…

No. 629722

Now she's pretending she regrets eating a rice and veg for lunch HOURS later? Man, she's desperate for attention.

I like how she turns her ~traumatic~ posts black & white.

No. 629723


not interesting.

Go to sleep, Aly. JFC.

No. 630115

Considering she's still tremendously ill for her ED, I am not surprised she feels guilty hours later.
She already showed weird guilt-related reactions, where she feels guilty for healthy/real food, but she doesn't for the mc donald's nuggets.

No. 630157


she probably has guilty associations with real food but sees mcdonalds or other junk food as recovery food signifying she's still underweight

No. 630196

lol i think she's just pretending to feel guilty for attention. the same as she is pretending a standard weight fluctuation is a dangerous loss. she's realized that she will only get attention if she's struggling so she's trying to make people think she is.

her life is boring and she wants an excuse to quit work and regain the attention she had when she was thin.

she desperately wants to relapse but she can't.

No. 630259

File: 1530892747877.png (106.47 KB, 645x377, quietly responds.png)

Yeah, she doesn't struggle with food, she struggles with lack of attention.

Seen this though? So much bullshit, Aly.

No. 630382

I have a throwaway account following Aly, and no one else, so I can see her all of her public activity in the “following” section of my likes. I have NEVER seen her active on anyone else’s profile, ever.

No. 630405

File: 1530908607366.jpg (45.57 KB, 310x548, wtf.JPG)

This pic.

I like how the sunlight catches those beautiful fried brittle ends.

No. 630418

File: 1530909688610.jpg (99.98 KB, 900x700, back on track.jpg)

I'd love to help Aly get back on track. Img related.

She's begging hard for comments today.

No. 630482

File: 1530917145302.jpg (44.63 KB, 693x209, Screenshot_20180706-174522.jpg)

Another drop in followers

No. 630512

She comments dumb basic shit on her top whiteknights

No. 630824

File: 1530957906406.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8076.PNG)

No. 630825

File: 1530957941519.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8077.PNG)

No. 630868

so she weighs HERSELF and feels too strictly monitored? Wtf?

No. 630876

File: 1530968551245.png (39.29 KB, 455x246, wp_ss_20180707_0001.png)

Feeling ~irrelevant~

No. 630894

File: 1530971891186.jpg (341.09 KB, 718x1132, Screenshot_20180707-085621.jpg)

On her "personal account" she has deleted everything but 7 posts. And changed the name to @itsaly_eleanor

No. 630975

I wonder if she'll ever get tired of herself, of her constantly begging for comments on IG. I mean, comments and attention are nice and she's obsessed with it but I'm sure even Aly sometimes must feel ''bleh'' about it…Or not?

No. 630985

File: 1530984573053.png (19.75 KB, 287x82, Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-07 um 1…)

The poor thing can't even remember the last time she had "something fried". She must be suffering from amnesia recently.

No. 630994

Some reason my phone isn’t showing my screenshots in my photo album, but in Aly’s stories, there’s a video of her showing her room…which I’m pretty sure is at her parents. And there’s two single beds. One is obviously hers….and I assume the other bed is her brothers?? It’s weird and bizarre and if there is a GIF anon, please grab that shit.

No. 631012

File: 1530987399073.gif (16.37 MB, 600x1065, alys room.gif)

There used to be bunk beds in the same room. Isn't it illegal for brother and sister to share a room after a certain age?

No. 631020

Not illegal but weird and sad

No. 631072

Her room is so weird. It looks impersonal and sad

No. 631079

How sad. No wonder she milks her ED and is totally fucked in the head.
Has to sleep in a single sized bed and room share with her brother. And has to sleep on a cot when she stays with Bert two days out of the week, three months of the year. Whew. What a life.

No. 631084

File: 1530994948528.jpg (324.89 KB, 1064x1718, Screenshot_20180707-222124__01…)

She treats other people like shit. No wonder nobody likes her.

No. 631090

File: 1530995341356.jpg (1023.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180707-222944.jpg)

No. 631092

File: 1530995432550.jpg (993.67 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180707-223117.jpg)

No. 631098

You're and idiot Aly. Why can't you just learn healthy eating habits? Why do you want to relapse so hard? Who are you fooling?

No. 631108


Lol. Well of course all you see is fat. You don’t work out. What…you think that’s all muscle? Girl please. Also, I’m sure your brother doesn’t want you taking weird body check photos on his bed.
Go ahead and throw those fries up Aly. Oh wait…you won’t. But pretend like you will.

No. 631110

Aly, don't eat fries then. Throw those fries you ate hours ago up. Lose weight. Nobody fucking cares and nobody's going to feel guilty at what you do to yourself.

No. 631114

File: 1530997395704.png (185.39 KB, 565x256, Untitled.png)

Remember when…

No. 631116

She’s even pinned it to the front of her IG, the attention seeking is high today. Wonder how long she’s going to milk it? No wonder people get frustrated with her.

No. 631118

I love how she doesn't give a shit if she triggers anyone who sees her posts yet she freaks the fuck out if anyone says she isn't tonic and eats junk food too much.

No. 631120

It's because of retards like you why they aren't taken serious.

She's like a fucking child.
I don't think any cow here comes close to obvious attention seeking as she does

No. 631127


She's totally the kid who refuses to eat until she gets her way (in her case, gets attention).

If I thought she was an iota close to doing the things she said then I'd be a tiny bit concerned (in the way I would for any ig person I didn't know irl). It's just so obvious she says these things for attention. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with an ED write the shit Aly does, especially not one who's weight restored. She used to cover up the fact she was restricting when she was at a low weight. I think that says it all. If she really planned on puking or losing weight she wouldn't tell anyone.

No. 631167

>"everything in order"
> numerous age-inappropriate stuffed animals
> something that appears to be a garbage bag on her bed
> messy shelves
> heaps of clothing piled onto a chair
> random bag of movie theatre popcorn


No. 631176

this bitch.

"no asspats? no compliments for a lifestyle that is objectively not a healthy choice either, yet extremely comfortable as long as you can hide behind your suffering from like ages ago? Better be guilt-tripping your critics with your always-ready-to-relapse-illness solely with the intent of defending a shitty lifestyle and possibly impacting those who are truly sick and fragile!" She's so fucking egotistical it hurts. Aly, I'm sorry to break it to you, but victimizing yourself constantly will get you nowhere. This is nothing but manipulation, shame on you for trying to profit from mental illnesses like this, just so you can continue living in that bubble you created and avoid the tasks and challenges of an adult life.

No. 631182

I can’t handle the amount of followers her praise and adore her lately, it’s maddening! How are they so deluded?? And where did they all come from? Like two months ago she would be lucky to get 5 comments ??

No. 631183

File: 1531004510017.jpeg (125.96 KB, 640x949, BE96CAAF-9E62-45A5-9406-6C1D55…)

>>631116 (samefag to add)
It seems like she’s lurking because she removed the highlight. And I guess she’s having to be proud of the fries now that she’s realised that people know it’s been hours since she had them. The emotional manipulation of the people who care about her is hideous.

No. 631195


It's hilarious she expects asspats fir eating fries like it's 2014 again. #recoverywin. I haven't had dried goji berries for ages. Will someone say I'm incredible if I have some tomorrow? I kill me if not and maybe leave twitter or something because nur.

No. 631268

What a literal fucking idiotic baby, we all know how superficial her emotions are, allll she wants is attention.

she guilt trips someone and humiliates them for suggesting exercise wow

Aly, if you are reading this, I just want to remind you that you have nothing and nobody other than your enabling boyfriend and mother. That’s because NO ONE LIKES YOU. You are a horrid attention seeking bitch that makes a mockery of mental illness. Manipulative cunt. Someone bring Jack Fisher back

No. 631270

Threatening to relapse over one questioning comment? What a manipulative and emotionally abusive move.

I really want to politely suggest that if she can’t handle a single comment without threatening to purge, she is clearly not mentally well enough for IG. But she would delete and block so fast it’s not worth it.

No. 631272

Yeah, it’s one thing if she actually felt these emotions like with people who have BPD and strong moodswings but this is definitely simply manipulation, she probably hasn’t felt anything worse than mild sadness. She takes 198481 selfies a day, straightens her hair each morning, does her makeup, walks to get mcdonalds, and then she’s like “Omg having such a bad day I want to kill me!” yeah ok. and her braindead WKs fall for it.

No. 631427

File: 1531027448312.png (22.69 KB, 284x120, 2018-07-08 07.18.42_comment.pn…)

This will trigger a relapse for sure…

No. 631491

At least she's got a ss of it to post for ~support~ comments.

Bert buggers off to Rome at any opportunity. We all know why.

No. 631510

File: 1531042614799.png (18.23 KB, 283x84, 2018-07-08_fearfood.png)

I hope this comment is meant to be ironic.

No. 631512

Oh it's Emily! She's an old fan.

No. 631595

File: 1531060568565.jpg (16.69 KB, 430x83, j.JPG)

You, Aly, treat EDs superficially more than anyone here. YOU use them to get attention.

Btw, it's so sad you only have your mummy to go to the waterpark with.

No. 631738

File: 1531079666627.png (197.15 KB, 640x882, IMG_8148.PNG)

'So I said I'd only update when I feel good but fuck that cos I wanna complain about nothing again so..'

No. 631746

File: 1531080731306.gif (837 KB, 500x418, this for one.gif)


>I don't know what to do guys

I have a few suggestions…

No. 631752

File: 1531081354230.png (118.41 KB, 640x869, IMG_8149.PNG)

Because every normal person, when feeling sad, thinks shit, I gotta capture this for insta, smh

No. 631758

File: 1531081681328.jpg (99.89 KB, 803x598, attention hungry bish.JPG)

Of course she had to come back.

She looks olllllld in that pic.

No. 631759

File: 1531081743827.jpg (20.6 KB, 423x109, lolololololololol.JPG)

No. 631761

Damn, she looks rough here. Like a child painted to look old.

No. 631762

File: 1531082491969.jpg (29.18 KB, 465x333, lol at teeth whitener.JPG)


She looks old here. I'd have her down as early 40s who hasn't taken care of herself.

No. 631764

oh and what the fuck is this thing she's wearing? is that a tarty cheap dress sewn onto a bra so it won't make her bewbs pop out?

No. 631767

File: 1531082709745.jpg (113.5 KB, 938x616, plus size.JPG)

I think she bought some followers. A clothing brend for the obese started following her.

No. 631791

File: 1531085498441.png (128.05 KB, 640x892, IMG_8150.PNG)

She was stitching some god-awful looking fabric in her stories, pic related, also I guess she forgot to whiten her front four teeth

No. 631889

Probably the source of her breakdowns. “I must be huge if plus size brends are following me”
This dress color clashes with her skin tone so hard. It makes her look….ghoulish.

No. 631918

Am I the only one who thinks she looks way, waaay different here? Where's the moonface? Seriously wondering if she's edited her face slimmer to get worried asspats of how hollowed she looks.

No. 631927

File: 1531096653228.png (48.19 KB, 640x359, IMG_8156.PNG)

Oh for god's sake, the dumb bitch has liked the comment as well lmao

No. 632162

Her face looks indeed skinnier - and I think she looks better than usual.

No. 632204

It is starting to look like a normal face, it's like how you let out air out of an over-inflated balloon to avoid it from bursting. Either AI filter like app/photoshopped, or maybe her body is finally balancing out the bloat in her face. If she's back to eating salt laden fries and junk then I guess moon face will be back sooner rather than later.

No. 632223

Yeah, I always put the moonface down to too much salt from the McDonald's. It's a shame she thinks her healthier way of eating is making her ill because she honestly looks better without the puffiness. Hers body looks just the same. I can't see her doing exercise because she went for a run and blamed it on anorexia.

No. 632227

LOL, does someone can post sth about her "private" account? I'm curious

No. 632244

It used to have old pictures from before her recovery account, now it's just recycled content from her "public" feed. I can post a screenshot later if nobody else does

No. 632247


It's been posted recently

No. 632248


I was following it then ig fucked up and said there was suspicious log ins to my account and I had have a code sent but the email I gave was made up - doh.

Still, she won't use it because this is her 9999999th time trying to get people to be interested in that account. All it is is reposts, like anon said, of things like her i her bikini and pretending to be a motivational person.

This is where she once posted skele #ootd pics and used it to convince Bert she was no longer mental.

No. 632345

I think it's the difference between the front and back facing camera, or maybe the app she uses.

No. 632484

File: 1531163561521.png (158.44 KB, 640x929, IMG_8170.PNG)

Nah, still moonface

No. 632486

File: 1531163630771.png (123.16 KB, 640x871, IMG_8171.PNG)

Also no idea what this is supposed to mean

No. 632507

File: 1531165165180.jpg (53.82 KB, 607x485, keepin it unreal.JPG)


>It is time to stop pretending

>stop making our hair to take pictures
>stop making up also.
>Stop looking for the good light, the good >place, pose, message… gosh.

Eye liner, lipstick, mascara, eye whitening filter, unnatural post with a bottle of lager.
Definitely the ~real Alice~

Yay! Let's all get some of that fuck#ng effort.

No. 632509

pose* not post

No. 632610

Contradicting herself as usual. Don’t be perfect! But put in effort! Don’t do you hair or make up! Don’t pose!

So she wants people to not enjoy their bodies or life. Cool.
A lot of girls will tell you to f#ck(!) right off Aly. We can do anything we want to our hair skin and body. Some of us enjoy putting make up on because we feel confident. And some of us enjoy a bare face. We don’t need your moonfaced approval.

No. 632627

She's just bitter as fuck because she can't be arsed to put a real effort into her appearance. She's not even close to "perfection". Its kind of embarrassing she goes on these rants to stop trying to be perfect, perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect make-up because she doesn't even try it seems. She's whatever the Italian equivalent of trailer trash is.

No. 632646


Yeah, if she did even lose any (which I doubt) she’s already back at what she said was her highest weight (from May or whenever). The face and arms give it away.

No. 632656

File: 1531173283537.png (588.03 KB, 477x766, wp_ss_20180709_0001.png)

But her thighs are nought but bone. Needs to gain at least 20lbs for a healthy weight. How does she even manage to stand on her withered limbs.

No. 632947

That lopsided hoop earring. I'm thinking Facetune. Aly's the poor man's Taralynn McNitt.

No. 632949

File: 1531211436871.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180710-042523.png)

She called this the worst picture in the history of her account… I can think of several that are A LOT worse.

No. 632976

I wonder if anyone truly thinks Aly is inspirational. Anything she writes feels like it's coming from a bot that picks up phrases from the recovery community, sends them through Google Translate a few times and then shuffles until it's incoherent gibberish.
She's been posting variations of the same 2-3 posts for years.

No. 633051

Lmao sounds like clickbait

No. 633058

Stop lies stop pain doesn't even make sense in her circumstances.

And yeah, this is contender for a grossest self pic >>631114

No. 633095

File: 1531238423527.jpg (112.9 KB, 930x593, agh.JPG)

Oh no, she had a salad. Now she'll look even more hollow even if she did eat it at a WELL KNOWN PLACE with a "coworker"

>There’s a #funnynotfunny story behind this salad and would love to share it with you

Wow, can't wait for the funny story. I bet it's something about a remark being made about her looking slim because she eats salad.

No. 633103

File: 1531239067319.jpg (92.01 KB, 814x595, agh.JPG)

Here we go. It had to be about a weight comment. This totally happened to her "let's say - curvier" co worker.

No. 633104

File: 1531239067905.png (367.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8190.PNG)

She's such a fucking liar lol

No. 633105



No. 633107

What the fuck has the woman's age got to do with it?

No. 633108

Oh wait, I got it wrong. The comment was aimed at ALY. EVEN MORE UNBELIEVABLE JEE F CHRIST!!

No. 633110

My bad, didn't realise this had already been posted

No. 633111

Nah, I clicked post and you must've clicked post at a split second later.

No. 633114

File: 1531239848319.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8191.PNG)

But of course her "coworker" was kind enough to take a picture of her with her salad

No. 633117

Do people actually call each other babies over in Italy? I thought that was an offensive/retarded Aly thing.

No. 633118

File: 1531240084428.jpg (30.3 KB, 537x326, a.JPG)

I'm trying to see the person in the reflection. I can see a slim male (?) wearing a white shirt??

No. 633119

File: 1531240099539.jpg (39.24 KB, 782x397, aa.JPG)


No. 633120

Two things: ten years older than Aly is not old, and Aly does the exact same thing as the waitress (allegedly… never happened) did. For fuck's sake she does it in the post, she is acting like her reason for eating a salad is superior to her co-workers reasoning. She's always acting like eating a vegetable will kill her and make her face hollow. She's always bitching about girls who eat healthy food. Funny that Aly claims she got a taste of her own medicine, shame she can't see the hypocrisy

No. 633123

Tbh, I think she's with Ma C

No. 633149

File: 1531242554411.png (1.56 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8194.PNG)

No. 633154


OMG must be ED related and not just some random ailment.

No. 633317

File: 1531254754479.png (156.83 KB, 640x898, IMG_8195.PNG)

No. 633337

File: 1531256145231.png (117.6 KB, 467x640, wp_ss_20180710_0004.png)

This is funny

No. 633338

File: 1531256239883.png (117.54 KB, 640x883, IMG_8196.PNG)

She's such a bitch omfg

No. 633339

File: 1531256256661.png (108.84 KB, 640x878, IMG_8197.PNG)

No. 633346


A gigantic dick is what she is. She's so embarrassing it hurts.

Oh Aly, you're such a dick. You and your poor usage of big words.

No. 633347

She’s so cranky, kek I love Clapback Aly so much. I hope she starts doing this more often, it’s a much more entertaining response to criticism than blackout posts or screengrabbed comment callouts. She’s extra weird and incomprehensible when her jimmies are rustled.

No. 633349

File: 1531256947080.png (31.02 KB, 436x232, wp_ss_20180710_0007.png)

Fuck* those goddamn doubters

No. 633359

File: 1531257866067.jpg (34.47 KB, 296x280, lawl.JPG)

So is Aly crying or raging like the lunatic she is at home?

No. 633360


She’s deleted this already, plus a final one from the original doubting poster that calls out Aly’s constant lies and says she is unfollowing.

Bet Aly will just post screen grabs of the negative comments she has left up, without mentioning she’s deleted the most incriminating ones.

No. 633363

File: 1531258081041.png (327.42 KB, 591x424, Untitled.png)

Saved em

No. 633377

File: 1531259325335.jpeg (440.48 KB, 750x1113, 73ACFCA9-C514-4B25-ABE6-A2D7D5…)

A Smooth Milano staff pic off their IG… Yes, definitely a young woman who is thinner than Aly would warn her about getting anorexia from ordering a salad, that definitely happened.

No. 633383

I was going to post this earlier! In relation to this >>633118 because it looks like - o cringe - one of the staff is taking this pic (white top, black bottoms)??

No. 633390

Today was one of more entertaining days on Aly-Watch. I was surprised she went back and forth with that commenter, but I’m glad because it shows her real side. That break from Berty must be really getting to her. I noticed she doesn’t mention him or have him posted on her another account anymore either. Also can we please un-sage this thread? Aly’s Getting milky again and scrolling to find this thread is getting tiresome.

No. 633394

Her behaviour today's been an escalation of her not-so passive aggressive comments very recently. I love it too. At least she's giving us something new instead of her I KILL ME shite. Keep it up, Aly. You're ridiculous and that's why we're ~obsessed~ with you!

I wouldn't be surprised if she's broken up with Berto. She acted as if she didn't give a flying one last time that happened. Remember how she got over him because her gran said "cookies are better than guys". Shallow ass bitch, ha.

No. 633395

Oh, and is there anyway you can bookmark the thread? I doubt we'd get unsaged but I don't particularly think it should've been auto-ed. We sage well here.

No. 633398

File: 1531260654622.jpg (18.12 KB, 284x123, 1.JPG)

Comments like this piss me off. It's like some anas think everyone should be uber cautious talking to them. She tries to educate them, omg. It's like flipping out if someone says "You're nuts", "that's crazy" etc. Like everyone with a mental illness is supposed to host conferences or produce leaflets about not using those words incase they offend. Jesus, get over it.

No. 633400

File: 1531261039752.gif (1.32 MB, 640x480, saveme.gif)

Due to boredom and lack of milk, a small compilation of Aly's most inappropriate poses with her brother, who is clearly done with her shit

No. 633402

File: 1531261215792.png (2.86 MB, 1948x1282, 1435497318020.png)

I'll just leave this here too

No. 633405

Wtf is wrong with her

No. 633408



No. 633409

In all fairness, Aly isn't a creative person at all and I doubt she made up the story from scratch. She probably took something that was actually said to her and twisted it, like maybe they both ordered salads and the waitress asked if they were on diets or if they're trying to eat healthily/detox.

No. 633414

She probably read it somewhere else and inserted what she ate into the story. I don't even believe she was out with this elder, curvier co worker who happens to take pics in exactly the same way Ma does,

No. 633484

I seriously doubt it happened. The whole thing reeks of projecting how insecure she always is about people paying attention to what she eats, and also her constant need for affirmation that she’s still skinny. Notice that the story has nothing to do with her coworker…the “comment” doesn’t actually involve a comparison. The story is the same regardless of the details of the coworker’s age, weight, and meal choice. In Aly’s head a comment like this proves that she must be skinny because her co-worker ate less but is fat, so the woman should have said it to her coworker if the comment was purely about meal quantity.

No. 633839

File: 1531326110249.png (900.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8212.PNG)

Did she go to work dressed like this??

No. 633840

File: 1531326150733.png (153.65 KB, 640x914, IMG_8213.PNG)

No. 633851


So she's had low blood pressure so she's taking some entry level anti anxiety pills. Wow.

She was off work yesterday yet she went for the salad thing with a co worker. Hmm.

Looks like she quit. Again.

No. 633861

Aly must be the only able-bodied human on the planet who deteriorates mentally and physically at a desk job.

No. 633882

Aly loves ~hater~ comments. She has double the amount of stans responding on her ~hater~ whine posts than she does on ordinary ones.

(Got to say, so sick of the mermaid, unicorn, llama trend. Thought she'd wedge in the "mermaids don't have thigh gaps" blurb seeing how she's wearing this tacky dress).

No. 633896

File: 1531332848422.jpg (14.51 KB, 280x84, 1.JPG)

And so a random non-fake account delivers. You go, Clapback Aly!

No. 633986

File: 1531343016473.png (1.61 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8218.PNG)

22 and nobody to spend time with apart from her mother. Sad.

No. 634009

File: 1531345324861.jpg (75.05 KB, 476x597, b.JPG)

She makes a big deal out of >>633896 asking her to write about her interests then asks here followers what kind of interests she should write about.


How many times has she done this, shown a pic of a book or building in Milan then gone back to posting McDonald's sludge?

I'd honestly have to do suicide if I was Aly. I couldn't live that way (except I'd actually deal with her situation and choose to do something with myself).

No. 634078

Remember when she got all pissy because she posed in front of a super pretty building, and everyone wanted to see the building without her? Even if Aly does have interests (her room literally says she has zero) she gets all pissy when people move focus on her “interest” instead of her sooper srs ED.
“You missed the focus of my post! Eating 5 servings of ice cream keeps Ana away.

No. 634089

File: 1531356686468.jpg (97.19 KB, 720x882, _20180712_034700.JPG)

I remember this girl, she seemed very sick and kinda bonkers. Way to go for Aly and her stans to go attacking her.

I wish some other big recovery account would take notice of Aly's bullshit and try to call her out.

No. 634120

That girl's right though. Even to someone without an ED her obsession with talking about food is really unhealthy.

I hate that aly n stans presume negative (ie honest) comments are from people who never had or have an eating disorder.

Who would want to follow her poxy account if they weren't ED free (or farmers lol).

No. 634122

Were not weren't

No. 634147

wait why does this screenshot show she only has 2k followers and 15 posts?

No. 634176

It's the other account she's trying to get her other thousands to follow. Looks like she's saying that's where she posts about her interests but she doesn't because she has none.

No. 634178

File: 1531372241944.png (47.54 KB, 454x253, wp_ss_20180712_0002.png)

This idiot really thinks Aly's getting skinny. This idiot actually thinks 50k people still actively follow her.

No. 634241

Desk job IS mentally deteriorating, on the long run, not in 3 months.

No. 634254

yes but our recovery queer acts like she's losing weight because of that job

No. 634255

I've been following that chick for a while and she's really sick, I actually feel kinda sorry for her

No. 634260


who calls their mother "messed up woman"?

No. 634312


I'd be messed up if Aly was my daughter.

No. 634379

The pizza posts from a couple of days ago look really disgusting. I'm Italian and we don't usually eat "pizza" like that. It's revolting.

No. 634625

What the hell is a hypotensive crisis?

No. 634659

File: 1531427293401.png (137.85 KB, 640x770, IMG_8236.PNG)


No. 634660

File: 1531427322886.png (166.36 KB, 640x909, IMG_8235.PNG)

No. 634664

so she quit her job because of low blood pressure and is "doing fatigue living right now".

No. 634677


It's what normal people call blood pressure drop. When you stand up too quick and feel dizzy. It's that. It reminds me of a hypochondriac housemate I had who once told us she had a "dermatological reaction" and she meant "a rash".

No. 634678

A hypotensive crisis is where the blood pressure drops to dangerously/critically low. She seems to be prescribed anxiety medication for it, so it's possibly caused by the lull of anxiety (once the stress has dropped away blood pressure can drop, partly due to fatigue, possibly also blood sugar too) or if she hypoventilates often. Maybe if she got off social media and stopped looking there for ass pats and validation then maybe she'd have less anxiety.

No. 634680

File: 1531428245965.jpg (110.08 KB, 922x599, lol.JPG)

Love how she justifies the salty pizza while holding it up with a puffy water retained hand.

No. 634689

Quote for hypotension: "Try to learn to breathe more healthily. Make sure that you're taking slow breaths, and not trying to compensate for poor breathing. Going for a walk can help as well because it will take your mind off of your symptoms a bit and get your blood flowing."
>> Go for a walk Aly, you know actual movement, not downing your sorrows in Pizza.

I'm starting to think she has quit, or if not this will be an excuse as to why she's quit her desk job.

No. 634694

For sure she quit. Kinda sure she broke up with Berto as well.

No. 634696

File: 1531429480085.png (208.03 KB, 640x1060, IMG_8239.PNG)

No. 634697

File: 1531429509895.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8240.PNG)

No. 634701


Those emojis sure do signify a persons ~darker side~. Especially the Grey.

No. 634704

She’s definitely fucking or at least sucking off her brother. This is just inappropriate and someone needs to call cps

No. 634709


I'm glad you said that. Is that her ~dark side~? I'm not seeing a dark side on the dark side shoot. Did she forget to tell us what her dark side was? I hope Matty gets out of the house soon for his sake. The further away from those freaks the better.

No. 634712

is it just me or is she staarting to look like one of thosescene kids? Her hair just keeps getting more swept to the side every day.

No. 634720

that's exactly what I was thinking. Also, she talks about having to take pills to calm her ~anxiety~ (anxiolytics) yet goes out in a tight dress with no complaints. Anxiety my azz.

No. 634724

I'm not anachan (neither is Aly these days) but isn't that normal to some extent? If your diet consists of shit and more shit, of course you don't feel your best. The anxiety medication might be because she worries too much about something totally normal

No. 634732

The only thing she has to worry about is ig comments and the fact she has no personality.

Living with Ma makes it too easy for her to quit jobs. Wow, she has to work and she feels dizzy sometimes. Fucking tragic waste of space.

No. 634733

I wish she'd realise that the only way for the people to stop complaining about her talking about food so much is for her to change her ways and stop acting obsessed. But no, it's always "the haters". She's too dumb to realise most stuff people say about her is actually a reflection of her behaviour. She must think she's perfect and always right, because as soon as somebody opposes what she has to say they get blocked. What a lame person to be.

No. 634735

exactly. what in the world does she has to be anxious about?

No. 634749

why is she trying to be edgy all of a sudden?

also, somebody should talk her into making some more of those god awful videos on her profile (not stories) because those are so terrible they're funny.

No. 634753

how come Aly still feels the need to gain weight looking the way she does? she just wants to prove she's still sick by writing those damn motivating (!) posts claiming she's struggling. she always feels the need to come up with a new event to talk about each day (like that lady allegedly commenting on her salad) to stay relevant and she's not fooling too many people any more. in real life I dont believe she struggles one bit, especially when it comes to all that unhealthy food.

No. 634756

yeah does anyone else think that she does like 90% of things just to be relatable and lies to keep up the attention? i feel like without this account she'd be recovered ages ago, yet on there feels like she needs to show she's struggling

No. 634758

it's hard to believe she's struggling when all she posts are selfies like these. it is so clear its just for attention. what dark side? she's so full of crap >>634697

No. 634763

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. She knows that no matter how hard she tries, people aren't interested in her "non ED" account because it's boring af. There's really NOTHING there interesting at all. The only attention she gets is from fucked up anas so she has to pretend she's still on the edge of plummeting back into an unhealthy weight (I'M ONLY JUST A HEALTHY WEIGHT!!!1) and that she struggles with food or body image.

She's like a faith healer. Full of shit but tells fragile people what they'd like to hear and they're all WOO ALY YESSSS YOU'RE AMAZING, YOU'RE A ROLE MODEL and Aly's all SUCKERSSSSSS.

No. 634775

There is literally nothing interesting about Aly. She is a complete nobody with no hobbies or interests besides stuffing her bloated sodium face. She has no hobbies, no friends, she doesn't go to university, she has a dead end job that she likely quit, she is ugly, she has no sense of style. The only reason she ever accumulated a following is her spoop history. I'm going to hell for this but the only thing she can do to increase her following again is to relapse and become a spoop again

No. 634800

I think the same about her. She was sick and I'm glad she recovered but she's not interesting anymore, in fact, her life's so boring and plain that she always has to lie about things.
She lied about her recovery, about her jobs, about her relationships. She even lies about her daily life, always making up crazy stories which people believe because she once was anorexic. And that's just pathetic.
It's pathetic that a 22 years old girl can't understand that everybody has their problems -ACTUAL problems- but life goes on. She doesn't like to work / study and she has to make it seem as if the world is against her and only her. Of course, people can be mean and some jobs are awful but c'mon, what did she expect? And when people finally realise how full of BS she is, she blocks them and claims that are fake accounts or that they missed the point of her posts.
It must be a sad and lonely life, after all. She doesn't have anybody apart from her mother, who indulge her because she must feel terribly guilty for Aly's sickness. Even her closest friends (aka her ''sister'') and Berto don't spend too much time with her because I'm sure Aly's exhausting. I remember she felt pressure to be with Berto after long periods of being apart or feeling judged by her friends. I'm sure those are only lies but it's concerning that she has to lie even about the only people who may support her IRL.
Sometimes I feel bad for her and for thinking those things about her life, I try to be the most understandable person when I have to think about mental ill people behaviours but I'm convinced Aly's just a bad person because she knows how harmful and toxic she is -specially to her followers- but she decides to ignore it just for a few comments on her selfies.

No. 634809

File: 1531434129518.jpg (560.01 KB, 1080x1080, 554tfrfg0.JPG)

Plus the more weight she gains the worse her clothing choices. She's never been a fashion icon, but she just looks like eurotrash these days

No. 634810

I don't understand how someone can be so void of personality. How does a person have no interests? I've never ever met anyone who doesn't have at least one thing they actively do in their leisure time as a hobby. Even if it's listening to music or reading lowbrow fiction. She does NOTHING. How is she not driven to want to do something? She says she writes poetry, but she probably writes some emo shit for 5 minutes every 6 months and that's it. I really think she's on the spectrum. If she said she was I'd have some empathy, but she puts herself forward as a "regular" young woman yet she does nothing. I'm not even knocking anyone with autism because the ones I know have hobbies.

No. 634811

File: 1531434160213.jpg (621.09 KB, 1080x1080, Ihygvtf5f5f41.JPG)

No. 634823

She's even complete shit at Instagram. She doesn't give a rat's ass about her followers and their questions and only interacts when a "fake account" writes something negative. I feel like her life was in some ways better when she was anorexic, at least she occasionally met friends. We never see her friends anymore.

No. 634827

well if I ate as poorly as Aly did I'd have problems with blood pressure too! just look at her diet. no proteine what so ever. all sugar, oil and loads of carbs.

No. 634937

I agree. Also, she has a terrible personality in my opinion. She is so condescending and ironic towards those who are smart enough to see through her lies, it's disgusting. and she ignores the support. how rude. for the effort she puts into getting attention I wonder why she doesnt enjoy it when she does get it.

No. 634954

I always thought to myself that there must be something she does as a hobby. I guess I was wrong and simply cannot comprehend how boring she really is.

No. 634957

She must have a hard time accepting she's boring now that's she's not skinny anymore so she's trying to make herself look ~interesting~ with the new clothes but all she does is make herself the laughing stock. Also, sometimes I wonder whether she was gaining weight so fast she couldn't afford nicer stuff, but I guess you truly can't buy class. and that red hair definitely screams trailer trash. i wish she would realise how ridiculous she is in so many aspects…

No. 635003

She can't even maintain two accounts - one for recovery and one for her life other than recovery because she has no life other than recovery.

She posts the same pics on the Life account but skips ED references. What's the point?

No. 635078

File: 1531448941554.png (41.76 KB, 289x249, Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-13 um 0…)

I predict a breakdown because of hater comments.

No. 635099

What was the point of this? Aha

No. 635200


She already deleted this if it was on her last post.

No. 635236

I used to think farmer's comments were kind of funny and with a point, now I know she'll just use it to make people feel bad abo her ~much hate, I kill me~ and her followers will buy it.

No. 635237

I'd agree except none of her followers even care at this point. I think there was one person who told them to stop being rude.

No. 635250

Not even the most hardcore follower bothered to come here when she told them lolcow was being nasty about her. They don't care. Poor Aly.

No. 635294

File: 1531479298500.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8248.PNG)

Our poor queen really is looking so damn sick. Someone get her to a hospital now!

No. 635309

File: 1531481440248.png (1.73 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8250.PNG)

yikes, she's really getting into her #darkside

No. 635318

hahaha what the fuck is that post even!? "look, people, i have hobbies" stalks animals.

does she not see how poor her tries to get attention and look edgy are. does she really think that taking photos of birds makes her 'dark' and that people will worry. i mean at this point i only worry whether she is going totally insane and I think she actually is. that's just so out of place. i cannot believe she is going down this emo road or whatever she's doing, and also sucking so bad at it.

No. 635376

File: 1531490147347.jpg (365.34 KB, 1300x985, 100099817-a-young-raven-lookin…)

Did she even take this picture? Look how similar it is to this stock photo.

It's not an exact match, but I was wondering why the background looked so dead in the middle of summer.

No. 635409

File: 1531493478513.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8253.PNG)

No. 635410

She possibly did take it, if Italy is anything like England right now we're having a hideous heat wave and grass has been dying off/catching fire. It's not on heard of for grass and dirt to be more barren without water. Plus it seems to be on a concrete path of sorts, regardless of the season you'll still get floating debris.

No. 635411

File: 1531493496282.png (909.62 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8254.PNG)

No. 635412

File: 1531493522309.png (1.3 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8255.PNG)

No. 635413

File: 1531493548248.png (163.4 KB, 640x905, IMG_8256.PNG)

No. 635415

>looking ill, on deadly low pressure

No. 635416

Is Aly turning into a spoonie munchhausen cow?

No. 635425

Italy is pretty far from England. What's happening over there is entirely different from what's happening on the Continent. I live in a neighboring country. It's hot, but we've been having rain. The issue with England is the drought (almost a month without rain in some areas) + intense heat that is unnatural for the region.

No. 635426

samefag but you're probably right about the path

No. 635463

What is that letter she’s holding and what has it to do with anything

No. 635464

File: 1531497709500.png (167.32 KB, 640x970, IMG_8257.PNG)


No. 635465

File: 1531497785837.jpeg (492.52 KB, 750x1108, 1F405045-476B-42EB-8222-EAE1F6…)

She blacked out the word lolcow haha

No. 635468

File: 1531498466730.png (32.7 KB, 640x268, IMG_8258.PNG)

Looks like she bought followers again

No. 635472

Most of them are from Poland. Aly, you're a sad twat.

No. 635479

File: 1531499573236.png (617.02 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8259.PNG)

What a hard, unbearable life she has to endure

No. 635480

Yeah, as you already said. Need more comments I see.

No. 635490

File: 1531500491323.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8260.PNG)

>I'm so sick, give me attention
>not you haterzzz look how I'm THRIVING god ur so obsessed with me

No. 635492

I thought she had her hair done but she's finished ~work~ with it looking its usual shit tip?

Yeah, we're obsessed. Obsessed over what a massive jerk/loser/personalityless/lying/ cunt you are. You're fascinating because it's like watching maggots eating a corpse (dark side) watching you. Your life is shit and YOU KNOW IT. Coffee out with mummy. Amazing!

No. 635494

File: 1531500867732.jpg (24.5 KB, 330x323, ack.JPG)

This new post isn't good.

No. 635495

No. 635517

FUCK ME SIDEWAYS what the hell is THAT

No. 635524

That's a prescription with her personal info on it. She's too dumb

No. 635529


ha, her address is on it

No. 635534

where in the world does she get the idea she looks sick?? she simply finally looks normal and in those pictures not insanely bloated like before. does she really think that moonface is healthy looking?

No. 635539

File: 1531504206651.png (123.01 KB, 640x905, IMG_8261.PNG)


No. 635544

She turned off reply

No. 635558

Those new followers she bought have been unfollowing pretty quickly

No. 635559

kek she's acting like everything's fine and looking so bloated and cocky af

you cant ever be a winner in life with a face like that, honey.

its almost sad how serious she takes herself while she's nothing more than a laughing stock to so many people

No. 635566

File: 1531506422999.jpg (18.74 KB, 362x248, a.JPG)

A laughing stock? Really?

No. 635586

are there any other lolcows/ana chans similar to Aly out there?

No. 635613

She’s been poking at this route for a while but a little at a time. I think she’s realizing she gets a lot of attention from being ~ uwu so sick guise ~ than she does from her recovery posts.

She doesn’t look sick at all. And the fact she has to announce she’s sick means she’s not sick. Soon we will see #pillporn and #spoonielife. Get ready.

No. 635664

we are ~obsessed persecutors~ according to her recent posts. kek

it's her who's obsessed with drama and ~haterz~, we're just on here having a wonderful time with all the stuff she provides us with each day.

oh, and a couple new selfies with a terrible angle and the doctor's notices sure do prove how #lush her life is now. such recovery much wow.

i mean what about today's posts says her life is going great? by simply commenting on all this she shows how much it really messes with her

No. 635665

she is so desperate and lame it hurts. I cringe reading almost anything she writes anymore. i dont get how she thinks this attitude will get her anywhere

No. 635670

i cant be the only one who sees this chick being obese in the future

No. 635671

exactly. she is doing it all for attention so that people will worry but only ends up looking desperate, crazy, and somewhat funny

No. 635673

The only way she gets a decent amount of comments if she prods her stans to tell her to ignore the haters. She wakes up hoping she's had bad comments to talk about.

Her life really is enviable. I envy those sloppy pizzas, I envy her having her own personal photographer (Ma), I envy her having a boyfriend so committed to their relationship he fucks off miles away from her all summer. I'm envious of all her interests which fill her time so she never ever feels bored alone. I envy her ability to walk around looking like trash and behaving like a prick without shame. Oh I do envy your GREAT life, Aly. Please link me to where you buy your clothes.


No. 635674

I used to follow Aly's account but I recently turned to this website instead because you cant even say what you think to her. anything she disagrees with will be taken as hate and that's not always the way things are. I cant tolerate her bullshit anymore

No. 635676

File: 1531515604212.jpg (159.8 KB, 900x600, friYAY.jpg)

No. 635690

File: 1531517222151.jpg (49.04 KB, 407x305, PICKLE.JPG)

Hi, Pickle!
This site isn't sick and deranged. It's just our ~dark side~. We appreciate ravens too.

We post here because we don't obsess over our mental illnesses and spend hours writing heartfelt messages to people we don't even know who talk all kinds of bullshit about themselves.

Nah, we don't care what anyone says because we follow Aly's doctrine of not caring what anyone says. We do that because we're obsessed with her.

Thanks for advice about getting a life, but we're alive, we have a life and we do things like create things, read books, watch films, have conversations, have relationships, go on breaks, concentrate on studying, working at jobs, ooooooh so many things. In fact, our lives are too full to post the same old shitty selfies on instagram for years. This is just our very part time hobby. Everybody needs one. Tell that to Aly.

Stay strong, baby ~emoji~ ~emoji~

No. 635829

Honestly I really want her to go private because that's when interesting things happen. The lack of attention drives her crazy.

No. 635842

This is why the thread is auto-saged.

No. 635940

Seriously. Stop cow tipping. Stop provoking her and commenting with fake profiles, then coming back here to talk about it. Honestly half of you are cows yourselves. It’s unnecessary and it’s not even clever or entertaining. Chris Christie was hilarious, you are not that - you’re why this is autosaged.

No. 635958

Who are you talking about?

No. 635969

It’s so ridiculous when people say we have nothing better to do meanwhile Aly’s on IG every second of the day deleting comments

This post took about 15 seconds of my life.

No. 636010

File: 1531563707461.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8279.PNG)

No. 636013

File: 1531563740502.png (1.19 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8280.PNG)

She's a spoonie/munchie in the making

No. 636014

File: 1531563904103.png (114.43 KB, 640x883, IMG_8281.PNG)

This pose reminds me of when toddlers play with their clothes. For god's sake aly, put the dress down

No. 636040

why are her clothes so dressy? this dress is homecoming material rather than something to wear for a walk in the city

No. 636047

File: 1531571541246.gif (1.94 MB, 350x194, scott.gif)


agreed. it utterly fucking reeks of salty asshole in here lately. no wonder this shit is on auto-sage

No. 636052

File: 1531571856493.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8282.PNG)

No. 636071

Iirc this is for low blood pressure. Guess she'll be in a ~super positive mood~ again after these

No. 636084

Honey, no.

No. 636239


>haven’t strength to write

>still posts long winded essay under poses photo plus stories(!)

I knew the pill porn was going to come. Aly_muchiejourney is around the corner.

No. 636307

File: 1531592442450.png (398.1 KB, 308x547, Untitled.png)

She's well enough to go to the cinema. Poor Matty.

No. 636311

File: 1531592619620.png (397.31 KB, 307x554, Untitled.png)

His face. Interesting look on his face. Kind of menacing. Who'd blame him for murdering his sister in the dark?

No. 636392

File: 1531599590662.png (499.96 KB, 460x583, wp_ss_20180714_0002.png)

She hates attention

No. 636393

File: 1531599639273.png (479.58 KB, 456x587, wp_ss_20180714_0001.png)

Idek why this made me laugh so much

No. 636517

Who the fuck goes to the movies dressed like that?? Let alone with your brother.

No. 636534

I hate how she's trying that pulling at her skirt post on this jumpsuit. Looks like she's stretching it across her vadge >>636392

Yeah, this is more clubwear.

I had a thought. She used her other account to win back Berto and now she's started using that account again, so…

It's a shame she doesn't dye her hair dark. Red and black suit her paleness, but the hair looks like shit being that straw colour. Whenever I see the grass here being all parched because of the heatawave, it reminds me of Aly's hair.

Still good to see her life threatening low blood pressure isn't letting things get in the way of her life. I tried to continue with life as normal during a bout of high blood pressure but I'm not a #fighter like Aly.

No. 636894

she looks ready for the Palio di Siena

No. 637017

File: 1531665005371.png (125.14 KB, 636x920, IMG_8290.PNG)


No. 637031

Reminds me of the exorcist. How can she think that this looks good.

No. 637032

That was my immediate thought - Regan doing the spider walk.

No. 637039

File: 1531666786088.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8291.PNG)

Back to the pool with mummy again

No. 637048

File: 1531667246933.jpg (9.94 KB, 103x99, 1531665005371.jpg)

No. 637070

Pool party with friends.

No. 637074

File: 1531668785675.png (11.67 KB, 275x67, Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-15 um 1…)

This person thinks Aly has an hourglass figure.

No. 637083

How can it be fun going to a water park with Ma? Ma sits around waiting for Aly to give her the nod while she goes on the water slide. I know we know why she doesn't have friends, but that's one lonely life she has.

Aly's going to see this as a trigger. In her caption is she admitting she's gained those 3 lbs she lost that made her so sick and hollowed?

No. 637122

File: 1531670817376.png (150.82 KB, 640x914, IMG_8293.PNG)

Neither, you ignorant slut

No. 637140

> #what would you say

I'd say delusional.

No. 637269

DUDE. DUDE. I just.. WHAT the literal fuck

No. 637290

So natural and spontaneous, not posing at all.

No. 637373

File: 1531683357394.gif (1.88 MB, 500x231, aly at home.gif)

She's very flexible. I'm concerned she may have munchie fave ehlers danlos syndrome. She should ask her doctor about it.

(PS I hate that this scene was included in the extended version)

No. 637426

I agree. Even if it's a hate comment, it's still a comment in Aly's photos which means she gains popularity / she's most likely to appear in the discover page and of course her followers will defend her without a doubt.

No. 637484

File: 1531689724112.png (399.87 KB, 480x650, wp_ss_20180715_0005.png)

She has a person account to chat about fashion

No. 637707

File: 1531706665305.jpg (304.26 KB, 953x717, Whatthefuck.jpg)

No. 637725

Fucking hell

No. 637741

Yeah, Sadako was very flexible too.

It's bugging me what she means by
>it costs a lot to me to share this…because I own a person[al] account to chat about beautiful cities, fun and fashion.

Can someone explain what she's trying to say?

No. 637933

fucking low blood pressure. she's an almost spoonie now.

No. 637966

These are just pills for blood pressure. These aren't anxiolytics.

No. 637988

This should be the picture for the next thread

No. 638181

File: 1531757540735.jpeg (19.39 KB, 728x135, 36D9121C-C4C6-4EB5-B0AC-E9625A…)


No. 638302

File: 1531765095081.png (5 KB, 234x69, Screenshot_20180716-141149~2.p…)

She keeps saying she's at work but we know from her history if she was really there she'd be posting selfies from the office

No. 638351

Next thread pic, please. and named like "weird poses edition"

No. 638437

File: 1531774212561.png (170.1 KB, 640x924, IMG_8305.PNG)

She said she was allowed a 'rest day' from work.. she's gonna quit pretty soon (if she hasn't already)

No. 638452

File: 1531775649016.png (1.54 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8309.PNG)

Poor baby didn't get enough comments on her pic

No. 638477

She was okay at the cinema, okay at the waterpark, ok for eating her raw pig but gets ill at "work".

She'll be pissed off people aren't telling her to quit work because low blood pressure is really, really dangerous.

No. 638491

LOL WHAT who believes this shit. she’s pushing her body and puking due to sitting on a chair at work all day?

No. 638833

Being interesting doesn’t require strength, Aly. It actually requires zero effort…you are just unfortunately dull and boring. Even lolcow finds you dull and has your thread on auto-sage.

No. 639043

File: 1531837283111.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8318.PNG)

Alcoholic spoonie Aly is on the loose

No. 639075

File: 1531838776648.png (765.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180717-164239.png)

She suffers from alcoholism now..

Btw, does anybody remember "Dante the beer guy" from 2015?

No. 639085

File: 1531839638363.png (1.59 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8320.PNG)

No. 639088

File: 1531839775198.png (2.39 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180717-170046.png)

The problem is getting out of control. Somebody save her (Bertoooo??!)… 2 cocktails at 5 pm (in Italy)… HELP HELP

No. 639089

Did she mean drowning? In the girliest cocktail on earth? Wow. I can't imagine the pain she must be going through.

No. 639093

Her lipstick bothers me

No. 639106

Duh. I dream of him every night. When Aly came here someone asked if she knew him but she didn't reply.

Hard liquor. Brb gonna get wrecked on campari and soda.

It bothers everyone. This shit brown bothers me more than the ugly red. I'd have to get pissed on 2 cocktails as well if I was as unfortunate as Aly.

No. 639110


Do you do requests? I'd like a black screen please with I KILL ME in the caption followed by a "running away from home" one where you're pretending to cry on the train. Then you go back to your Ma's and eat chocolate and feel better.

I'm feeling nostalgic.

Thanks baby.

No. 639117

File: 1531842049217.png (1.53 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8321.PNG)

This is from a video of her purely looking ugly and upset, holding a cigarette. Boo hoo

No. 639121

We don't have to worry (yet). She can still use filters so she isn't that Lindsay Lohan-drunk. Dante would be disappointed.

No. 639131

File: 1531842963365.jpg (5.21 KB, 272x185, suissesse.jpg)

That trailer trash look where the young woman's being all on a downer, pretending to be drunk and some guy in a pick up truck gets her really pissed, kidnaps her and tortures her in his barn.

I want her alcoholism to progress to actually drinking spirits to see how she posts then. Iirc in the past she's passed out on her bed after three cocktails.

No. 639132

File: 1531842997530.png (883.49 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8322.PNG)

Oh my GOD

No. 639135


Thanks, Aly (!)

No. 639166

Seems like she doesn't get attention

No. 639180

Not one person commented on her stories on her last real post. Awwwwww.

Beautiful friend, the end…we'll never look into your eyes again…

No. 639186

Oh no :-( Hope she doesn't commit suicide now. Must be the worst experience in her life not to get attention.

I bet she later posts stuff like "DONE! I don't know what I do next"

No. 639188

File: 1531846388322.png (48.6 KB, 250x156, self arm.png)

Self arm?

No. 639201

So she had what looks like 1.5 alcohol pops in a fancy glass and now it's instantly the end? Sure if it was straight up vodka I could understand, but that?

Damn that needed to be spoilered, such arm, don't want to give her ideas as she lurks.

No. 639218

Yeah, hope they went to hospital to stitch that shit up.

No. 639238

Being over tired and a bit of a dick, I thought that was real for a second. That second felt amazing.

No. 639247

Imagine seeing a basic bitch in a restaurant pretending to cry while holding up her phone for a black-and-white selfie, carefully placing her drink in the frame.

No. 639251

Do we think Berto's finally dumped her?

No. 639267

Fer sure.

No. 639274

I just remembered. Weren't they supposed to be going to Barcelona?

He mustn't have been impressed with her new old profile of fun n fashion.

No. 639297

Probably crying about the 1k followers she lost recently.

It's so cringy to imagine her sobbing, then using her phone to take a picture and proceeding to edit it.

I hope she's crying because reality hit her in the face rather than about attention, again.

No. 639344


I think we will know soon. Their anniversary is the end of july I think. If she doesn't say anything about him, that's our proof. I think it's weird how she makes a big deal about everything but not about him dumping her?

No. 639348

Yeah but she sees having a boyfriend as THE marker of success so therefore she's a loser.

No. 639351

Lol. I would be heartbroken if my boyfriend broke up with me, but a boyfriend doesn't make you who you are. She's really pathetic. Maybe if she could act normal, he would not havr broken up with her at all.

No. 639391

He shouldn't have taken her back. He's probably been seeing someone else. He's in Rome a lot.

No. 639409

File: 1531858656979.png (175.71 KB, 640x984, IMG_8324.PNG)

So she's lost her job

No. 639413

File: 1531858793049.png (176.73 KB, 640x934, IMG_8325.PNG)

She's delving into a black hole, babies

No. 639446

Bet Berto's delving into a black hole too. Not Aly's.

Good to see the smug bitch taken down a peg.

Aly, you're a fucking failed human.

No. 639499


I notice she keeps referring to herself and her colleague as "apprentices." Can an Italian anon tell us what that means? Like, is it possible that it wasn't a job at all and she was just working an an unpaid intern, or doing some kind of volunteer work experience?

I think I recall she called herself an "apprentice" at the sports store as well, which seemed weird to me… Where I live, an apprenticeship is for when you are learning a complex trade, like carpentry or electrics, where you need to learn a lot of new skills on the job over time. No one would need an apprenticeship to sell clothes - you either have a job or you don't, it's not rocket science.

So I wondered about her use of "apprenticeship" in the past, and that combined with how apparently is to let apprentices go, it makes me wonder if she means she's not even getting paid, or if she's getting some kind of minimal stipend instead of a proper salary.

No. 639504

Apprendistato - "Apprenticeships last from 18 months to four years and cover a huge range of occupations, including waitressing, cooking, plumbing, carpentry, hairdressing, car repairs and agricultural work. Employers pay apprentices 80 per cent of the salary of a fully qualified worker, which increases with age and experience. They also pay for schooling and sometimes the cost of travel to and from school. Apprentices are entitled to the same holiday periods as fully qualified staff."

It seems over in Italy apprenticeships are for all sorts of jobs, not just for things like woodworking, plumbing etc. Some jobs you probably can't learn what to do in a school environment, so you have to learn underneath someone's wing until you can also do it.

No. 639508


Where I live when a company hires a new person usually they sign a temporary contract - maybe it's just one month, three months, half a year or even a complete year. If they like you, they
renovate your temporary contract and make it as an indefinite contract, which means it'll renovate every year unless they fire you.
Usually temporary contracts have worse conditions, worse payments and of course the ''fear'' of not being renovated everytime it ends.
Maybe she has one of those temporary contracts which ends in just a month / a pair of months and she knows they won't renovate it (it's not unusual because this way companies have to pay less, even not including health insurances and social welfare), so she makes it seem as if it's the end of the world and people - again - just hate her because she's useless. I kill me. (!)

No. 639566

I definitely think she was simply an intern, here and at her previous jobs as well (either that or basic minimum wage jobs).

Apprenticeships usually combine both job experience and school, and she hasn't been to any school in a very long time. They take a while to master and complete and you can't just get "fired", you could still continue on-the-job training at a different place.

She's exaggerating each new "job" she gets, whether it's a prestigious position with planned trips to London, or in this case getting "the highest salary EVER", so I'm kinda glad she's being brought back down to earth.

>>coffee with my best friend
Can you imagine being her "friend" and having to deal with all those passive-aggressive emo texts she sends during her various crises?

No. 639584

She gets given these by an agency she signed up to. There're pics of the place but idk which thread but just before the sport store.

To me it sounds like work experience or a temp agency. Crap jobs w/e but I think she left a couple of weeks ago when she stopped posting lunch at the desk, started wearing skimpier outfits and didn't mention the amazing job.

No. 639623

A lot of places are very sensitive about employees fucking around on the clock. I bet that coworkers walked in on her taking selfies (in her inappropriate work attire) on more than one occasion and it influenced why they didn't want to keep her.

No. 639629

Where I live, if you're unemployed, the government will direct you towards jobs that you have to apply to in order to receive benefits (or get a job, obviously). Could this be what's happening? And seeing as she lacks skills and has no education, she gets these crappy jobs with barely any requirements?

No. 639653

You in the UK as well? Yeah, you have to apply for any damn thing and you get told to leave your degree off your CV so shitty places don't think you're overqualified.

No. 639685


did this bitch seriously just have under 2 drinks at 5pm and claim that she’s spiraling into alcoholism and thats why she must quit her job?? LOL. imagine insulting people who experience true addiction like this

No. 639692

No, Germany, but I assume it's all similar. Older people who want to get apprenticeships for better job options are told to just start a cleaning job. If you refuse to apply to shitty jobs you get your benefits cut. I imagine it's similar in Italy, which might be why Aly started these jobs in the first place.

No. 639708

Sounds exactly the same as the UK.

No. 639794

the color of her hair bothers me. Gives me eye cancer

No. 639841

Thought what was real?

No. 639849

Can the farmhands please start doing shit and give warnings/ban the newfags who clearly aren’t reading the rules like this idiot?

No. 639885

C'mon that happened to more people and not only this person

No. 639890

Italian "apprenticeships" and Germans are a bit different. In Italy you don't really need a specific apprenticeship to start a job. In Germany you have mostly 2-3 years and in Italy you finish school and just apply to a firm, doesn't matter if it's a cashier-job or a nurse job.

My cousin went from being a cashier to being a nurse.

There ARE apprenticeships and schools but it changes. Like, in North Italy it's different from Middle Italy and South Italy.

No. 639952

File: 1531911867764.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8341.PNG)

Of course breakfast with mummy makes everything better

No. 639972

File: 1531914765512.png (131.38 KB, 640x898, IMG_8342.PNG)

From her private account. She legit thinks she looks like a Disney princess

No. 639981

Nobody’s going to issue bans for bullshit in a thread that’s already autosaged, and you don’t summon farmhands by calling their names. Hellweek is coming, if they post in other threads too they’ll likely get their shirt sorterd then. Fuck’s sake. Pot, kettle.

No. 639985

File: 1531917274457.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1200x1202, 95725493-ED05-407C-BA7E-539CDF…)

What Aly thinks her hair looks like.

No. 639986

Yeah, if you want an idea of what some people do, watch The Intouchables (set in France, similar situation):

No. 639992

This made me think - whatever happened to her baking obsession? I assume it was just OCD ana stuff (been there), but she was baking every single day, and now nothing. Her stuff looked pretty decent, unlike her meals, which half the time look sloppy. It was clear she was putting some care into the baked goods.

Is she baking for Berto? Or did she decide it wasn't feminist to bake for her man?

No. 640048

File: 1531925839334.png (180.1 KB, 640x990, IMG_8345.PNG)

Y'all were right, trouble with Berto

No. 640060

File: 1531926546621.jpeg (48.45 KB, 295x416, E9AECFED-ECB8-4453-B1D5-B7CD89…)

Nowadays she always says puts a trigger warning before an old photo of her being spoopy, yet when she was looking spoopy a few years back she had no problem posting pics without warning. didn't she already think back then her condition could be triggering to others?

No. 640082

File: 1531928489118.jpg (132.88 KB, 828x1472, 36962827_209357559918121_85123…)

The face of totally spiralling into depression, alcohol and eating disorder relapse if I ever did see one.

>>PSA: you don't need to relapse to ask for support, but at the same time being an attention seeking twit isn't going to help you in a recovery/relapse situation.

No. 640104


Even many actual alcoholics are capable of holding a job.

No. 640109

I will search for Berto news haha Give me a bit time

No. 640113

maybe he finally had enough of her selfish histrionic bullshit!! haha. sounds like he left her or at least wants her and ahes been w him for years and can still write these stupid long ass captions… you’d think she’d be really upset but no she fakes being upset and actually has very superficial emotions.

No. 640142

End of June everything was fine with Aly and Berto it seems

No. 640153

She looks so fucking smug.

She’s so manipulative in her caption - first she extracts promises of “support” (i.e. asspats, Aly blocks and deleites genuine support and advice) by guilt tripping her followers and threatening to delete. Then she holds them hostage while demanding they pay up on that promised “support” by heavily implying that if they don’t give it, they can’t be counted on in a time of need, and they were insincere in promising it in the first place.

No. 640179

yes. she thinks the world revolves around her and gets mad when people don't shower her in encouraging comments…as if they dont have better things to do with their lives.

No. 640251

Also manipulating them to say put 100% into recovery over everything (meaning don't work and it's her ~failing health~ that put Berto off her when it's everything else about her that's off-putting).

No. 640253

(When nothing needs 100% attention anyway).

No. 640583

I think their relationship has been the on-off type for a long time and they've broken up a million times, because… Aly. Only this time Berto's had enough for good. And Aly's using the "personal" account to try and lure him back again but he won't have it.

No. 640605

If you have to work at a relationship, then might as well not bother. You either get on or you don't. ~Working at a relationship ~ is something couples who've had affairs or on the brink of divorce do…or they're just not compatible. Being around Aly, her dull conversation and ig fixation would be tough to deal with. She ain't gonna change so gtfo and move on, Berto. Finding someone that your parents don't hate would be useful, who doesn't prefer mummy's company.

No. 640902

Maybe inviting ALy to move in with him was Berto's last attempt to revive a withered relationship. But since she was either such a nuisance to be around all the time or she wasn't able to do adult life as a couple, he gave up. At least HE tried.

No. 640910

Not sure. He made her sleep under a dog blanket remember.

No. 640926

Um, no. Stable long term relationships are a choice that takes work for healthy couples to maintain, not the natural consequence of a good match. I mean, maybe you’re just magic or lucky and are in your 10th year of a work-free relationship with the love of your life, idk, but that’s not the norm. (Obviously neither is constantly breaking up & getting back together, or relationships that require an exhausting amount of work to maintain, i.e. with someone like Aly).

No. 640966

How young do you have to be to think this way…. a normal relationship takes work. Aly puts in nothing

No. 640972

File: 1532000373621.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8353.PNG)

How sweet, mom left a fortune from a fortune cookie for our recoveryqueer. Such love.

No. 641055

23rd year. Two big relationships before that failed because there was no point "trying". They were doomed to failure.

No. 641056

I'm in my 40s with a lot of experience.

No. 641072

File: 1532013134654.png (176.14 KB, 640x917, IMG_8354.PNG)

She does look a lot better without makeup. Not good, but better.

No. 641074

File: 1532013171997.png (172.73 KB, 640x887, IMG_8355.PNG)

Samefag, but I thought she lost her job??

No. 641088

She looks better because she's not making a stupid face. Is there a makeup pic where she doesn't look insane?

This must be at least the 5th time she's posted her first makeupless pic.

No. 641096

File: 1532015161866.jpeg (305.26 KB, 750x1019, 4CC563D7-0EEF-4994-8956-154D53…)

If ariel looked like an ugly piece of shit, then yes.

No. 641129

File: 1532017041452.jpg (19.51 KB, 300x248, hastagfeminist.jpg)

I KNEW she thought she was the little mermaid the way she's been doing her hair and banging on about mermaids.

Why is she talking about Disney princesses? Fucking hell.

No. 641154

Somehow this is doubtful. Or perhaps.. it does makes sense as to why you have a LOT of experience.

Really? I think she looks awful in both, especially due to those eyebrows and the face in both. But omg, remember her wings? I wish we didnt get her to change that, they looked super funny

I have brown hair therefore I look like Jesus

No. 641158

What's doubtful? I said I had two shitty relationships before this one. BLOGPOST ALERT first guy a decade older with a kid and a psycho ex, 2nd same sex relationship and she became increasingly into psycho ~sexual practices~. Could I be arsed to sort that shit out, hell no.

I think it's her hairstyle that makes her look a bit odd. Maybe if she had bangs/a fringe it'd make her look less weird.

Anyway, my hair's black and I'm totally Trent Reznor.

No. 641170

It's an anachan thing. I'm just not sure if she picked it up from the community or it's an actual interest lol

No. 641172

Aly puts in ZERO effort. In a normal healthy relationship you do have to put it SOME fucking effort. Both people do. Its normal and healthy to do if you love them. Aly seems to give up at the drop of a hat and expects everyone to do everything for her. I agree Berto should dump her because she is not even trying.

this fortune doesn't even make sense. Its as bad as Aly's word salad of course she relates to it.

No. 641176

I like that her mom is clearly implying that Aly needs to be more focused and serious about her life, and Aly just did not get that at all.

No. 641187


It's weird that she's doing the princess thing because she doesn't dress like a child like Paris et all and wants people to think she's all grown up.

Looking forward to our future munchie's test results.

No. 641235

Aren’t you the person who said “relationships take no work”? If not, someone got lost somehow, I was talking to that anon. if so, you don’t have a lot of experience with healthy relationships then, and yes they take work, it’s not the honeymoon phase forever

i’m so happy he might be leaving. please be for good

No. 641236

Back when she was clearly sick, her blood tests were always ~AMAZING~ according to her.
I bet my life savings on her taking even the tiniest abnormality in her results as a sign that her health is DESTROYED now.

No. 641256

(I'm that anon. I had the duff relationships before the one I've been in for 23 years ).

No. 641382

File: 1532033719260.png (1.5 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8360.PNG)

What an unfortunate face

No. 641406

Anyone else with long hair suffer with this seasonal condition? Personally, I've had my hand stuck in my hair for six whole weeks. Um supporting Aly with this. I even had to quit my job.

No. 641407

Oh, just noticed she told us she's shooting up. Cosmopolitans, the gateway cocktail.

No. 642034

She would look loads better with a nice medium or dark brown color. Not sure what she sees in this whole clown get-up. Must be trying to channel Ronald McDonald.

Wish she would use a curling iron and stop with the straightener. A nice loose wave would do her wonders. Too bad she’s not in America so i could try to get her on a make-over TV show to fix her appearance.

No. 642091

was just gonna come on to say this LOL. her bad english is so funny sometimes. out queen is now a meth addict

No. 642113

File: 1532069047240.jpeg (775.27 KB, 2048x1145, 6789AD15-689D-4AC0-9BD0-2BBF47…)

you’re so right. i wouldnt normally post this and nitpick but threads not milky and on autosage so wtvr. aly if you see this, looks how much better youd look w a diff color. (last pic is current hair)

No. 642204

File: 1532080047226.jpeg (281.61 KB, 1707x173, 6A2FFB6E-8D4C-4F05-804B-F7D96C…)

Nightmare fuel.

No. 642205

File: 1532080051964.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8364.PNG)

Yeah Aly, you're the only one. In the world. Ever.

No. 642423

She's more cultured than I.

No. 642491

File: 1532111994537.png (144.52 KB, 640x821, IMG_8368.PNG)

No. 642499

File: 1532112490505.jpeg (387.89 KB, 1064x1660, 54908899-D82E-4860-A59A-223A52…)

No. 642590


her legs look so much thinner than the rest of her body

No. 642599

File: 1532117580781.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8370.PNG)

No. 642600

File: 1532117657768.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8371.PNG)

Fucking hell, aly, ease up on the teeth editing

No. 642631

File: 1532119125271.jpg (11.75 KB, 282x49, 1.JPG)

The eyes as well.

That pose looks so uncomfortable. It looks like she's tensing every muscle in her body.

Why do some of her ana followers insist on calling her skinny? She's slim and nobody could say she was skinny. Are these girls brainwashed to think that anyone who doesn't have Cartman's body shape is skinny?

To me she looks no different. Maybe less puffed up because less McDonald's, but now she's hanging out with Ma again, that'll change.

I feel bad for Pa C. He's left out of everything. Matt's always snapped mid chew. The males in the Casati house get a really shitty deal.

No. 642721

bruh why the fuck is she posing like this? who poses like that omg??? she’s not even copying IG models or anything shes just making the weirdest poses in every pic why. Is this a histrionic thing

No. 642732

File: 1532124766739.jpeg (318.16 KB, 1047x750, 99D604C9-6A79-4E73-88AE-3D50C6…)

italian anons can you read this and see what were the problems in 2015? and what shes talking about in this post.. “bad period”, “hypotension” and “physical issues” like what? lmao theres nothing wrong w her. anyways id google translate but its half cut off

No. 642758

She had low neutrophil and white blood cells, can't understand the others because the Pic is cropped. Anyway in Italy they do not mark in red weird blood levels, they use only asterisks

No. 642978


I want to believe that Matteo’s face is confirmation that he reads here and is blinking twice for help lol

No. 642985

File: 1532141902410.jpeg (647.37 KB, 750x1130, DF5EDE56-4DD9-41EF-9E01-2F557C…)

God she’s such a hideous manipulative PoS… she has been begging everyone to agree she’s “skinny” for weeks and now one person finally has, we’ll never hear the end of it and she’ll threaten to relapse if she’s doesn’t get enough comments. You’re not anorexic Aly, you’re a healthy weight and addicted to attention.

No. 643047

She is sooooo happy someone called her skinny. That comment probably made her whole weekend.

No. 643183

File: 1532172360918.png (116.29 KB, 640x646, IMG_8376.PNG)

Poor Matty

No. 643185

File: 1532172464427.png (167.79 KB, 640x887, IMG_8377.PNG)

You called it

No. 643195


Blocks everyone who offers constructive/helpful comments… so overjoyed to be called skinny once that her whole life now revolves around it. God she’s awful.

No. 643230

>I don’t lie, I’m just incurably optimistic!

This absolute moron.

No. 643291

The random who asked if she's okay because she looks skinny isn't caring and so observant if she hasn't bothered to read the masses of captions about how harsh work is and how she lost 4kg.

No. 643388

File: 1532196530825.png (1.43 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8396.PNG)

She's a child.
>omg guys I've got no lipstick on cause I've been KISSING my BOYFRIEND

No. 643394

Every woman needs her knight in shining armour to be happy, right? #feminist

No. 643396

if that person didn’t have many followers i’d be sure aly created a new account just to tell herself that.

what the fuck is wrong w berto!!!!!! JUST LEAVE HER. no way is she this caring amazing gf irl.

No. 643416

He must have no balls. There must be something really wrong with him as a person to think he has to make do with Aly. Or she does the whole I kill me thing for emotional blackmail.

Even Ma Isaacs got sick of Ashley's shit. Come on, Berto, wtf you thinking?

No. 643451

I won't believe she's still with berto until she posts a current picture with him.
Probably got rid of her lipstick by smooching her own reflection in the mirror.
If he's still with her, they definitely deserve each other

No. 643525

Wait, is he back in Milan?? There's no way she'd get to Rome AND THEN COME STRAIGHT BACK in a short space of time.

I agree with all this. If they're back together, why didn't she stay for the rest of the weekend? I would've expected a smoochy pic also. Maybe she'll gift us that special reunion pic later tonight?

No. 643532

Aly posted buttered potatoes yesterday, but today's donnie was the "first proper carb and fat bite" this week (!)

No. 643533

NEW SHOOTING UP (!) No Berto. Obsessing about being skinny.

No. 643534

File: 1532206562371.png (140.44 KB, 640x872, IMG_8397.PNG)

… this is dramatic weight loss, apparently.
The only difference is her thighs aren't out in the pic on the right, and it's less zoomed in. Pathetic.

No. 643538

File: 1532206642915.png (160.83 KB, 640x918, IMG_8398.PNG)

Our recovery queer ate zero fats for a day. What a fucki*ng hard relapse!

No. 643544

Yeah - THEN, tight swimsuit NOW, loose dress

THEN, normal posture NOW, sticking her ass out

THEN, natural close up angle NOW, angle posed

Aly, you're so full of shit.

No. 643562

She was in a train but seems to have only seen him for less than 3 hours. Maybe he made some excuse about needing to be somewhere bc he didnt want her around and is planning on dumping her I hope. Then gave her a kiss goodbye hence “no lipstick!!” lol

??? she posted a pie 3 days ago. also how do you eat no fats and carbs. she’s only been having pure protein shakes? lol

No. 643567

She's also had cookies and then fries 6 days ago. Fat free fries, I expect.

No. 643569

Samefag sorry but what the fuck is this. it’s a completely different pose. she’s pushing her ass out to have smaller thighs and wearing a dress that covers the highest part of them. SHE’S THE SAME FUCKING WEIGHT

No. 643571

And rice.

No. 643579

(I wish socialblade was working. I want to see all those new followers spike then drop off).

No. 643582

File: 1532207451834.png (4.08 MB, 750x1334, 6157A45F-134A-450D-A171-BD9289…)

What is up with her squeezed forearm? Does she have no bones?

No. 643586

File: 1532207539778.jpeg (131.33 KB, 750x264, C7E595C3-78EA-4028-BDA8-E1D7EF…)

Did she just delete this comment? im fucking done

No. 643596

nvm sorry it’s up. I wonder if she’ll delete it tho

No. 643603

Probably because she wants to be seen as a frail ana again because she's got nothing else to offer

>👉🏻 On here I felt quite hurt and worthless 🔙 not because of ‘me’… but because of my eating disorder.

On a different note, I usually don't go for cakes, but I could murder that donut right now.

No. 643605

I also love how she's laughing insanely to herself for this selfie.

No. 643723

File: 1532216411822.jpeg (47.24 KB, 750x174, 5E283E7F-BADC-4897-B7B1-EBFC37…)

Argh! It’s the pose and the clothes, why do all these ED idiots think she’s lost any weight. She looks the same but the dress covers her legs enough to that she thinks she looks thinner. She needs a reality check hard.

No. 643728

Someone needs to comment that she HAS had fats and carbs this week. Cheese has fat in it, she had that the other just the other day. How has no one else pointed this out to her!?

No. 643837

What if she's doing what she did years ago? Pretending to eat by posting food pictures but not actually eating while pretending to be recovering? You think she could be doing that again? How long can a person yo-yo like that?

No. 643935

File: 1532235902424.jpeg (223.05 KB, 750x951, 701979AC-A448-437D-9059-02339B…)

There are now 4 people calling out her horseshit in the comments, including the one above, and these two.

No. 643937

File: 1532235970032.jpeg (114.44 KB, 750x502, FD9D06A1-4685-4FCE-83CD-0BC3A3…)

Samefag… and this one. All haters, no doubt.

No. 644008

File: 1532249731281.png (18.89 KB, 292x104, Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-22 um 1…)

Aaaand…another hater. She's in for a surprise when she wakes up and reads all the comments. A breakdown is imminent.

No. 644022

she already deleted most of the ~hater~ comments

No. 644067

File: 1532264668468.png (42.9 KB, 285x228, 2018-07-22 5.00.14.png)

Lol, she wants to be skinny again so bad but she can't. And "reintroducing carbs" after stuffing her face with pizza, pasta, rice, potatoes, cookies, fries and cake during the last week? Please, Aly. We're not that stupid (but some of your followers are, obviously).

No. 644091

further proof that she hasn't been treated by proper professionals. anyone I know with an ED knows that in order to repair the damage initially the body holds onto more weight than it naturally needed, and lots of people exceed their natural weight which then balances out after a while.

>>between 18 and 18.6

oh, now we're at 18 again. that's practically hollowed, everyone please give Aly your support, she needs strenthg.

No. 644161

Is no one going to point out that maybe
She is pregnant? It would explain her
Breakdowns. .

No. 644180


My first thought exactly

No. 644188


Me three. Unless she dropped A LOT of weight in a short amount of time there's no reason she'd lose her period. Looking at her, she has a decent layer of body fat all over. Definitely not OMG MY DRASTIC WEIGHT LOSS STOLE MY PERIOD!!!1

I hope she's only lying about not being on the rag and she isn't pregnant. I know that getting knocked up seems to have been Crying Emily's saving grace, but ALY AS A PARENT. Can you imagine.

No. 644213

Are you new? She’s been having breakdowns for like two years

No. 644278

File: 1532281467115.png (175.5 KB, 640x940, IMG_8413.PNG)

>the hash war

No. 644337

File: 1532285854085.png (102.09 KB, 468x586, wp_ss_20180722_0002.png)

Good photo choice for job networking. Why not add an animal face filter while you're at it.

No. 644363

ahhahahahah wow.


so >>639566 was right, this was another internship.

No. 644387

File: 1532291049831.png (425.88 KB, 462x485, wp_ss_20180722_0004.png)

Hasn't she posted this before? I remember it's beauty took my breath away

No. 644399

i just saw her newest post.. came here to tell you “i’m wondering if she knows that the kind of necklace she’s wearing is used by pregnant women” (it’s called angel catcher and it usually makes a cute ‘ding’ sound) — and i find you already guessed pregnancy?? kek.

No. 644409

File: 1532293476966.png (76.65 KB, 470x486, wp_ss_20180722_0005.png)

She went to Rome to tell Beeri he's going to be a dad's. How wonderful.

I didn't know about the necklace so googled. She must know what it is?

I've got a silver pomander replica and thought it's shit Aly now wears one. Thank god hers is a preggers pendant.

No. 644410

Beeri? Lol. Berto.

No. 644423

File: 1532294299997.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8414.PNG)

Spoiler: it's another awful outfit

No. 644445

What the fuck filter on her face? She looks like a mortuary cosmetologist worked on her dead corpse face.

TO be fair, her outfits are much better. Think back to the slutty socks and tiny shorts. Shame she's buying all these dressy outfits and has nowhere to go. Also, she needs to change her hair colour because I don't think it works with red clothes whereas red suits her skin tone.

There is NO WAY ON EARTH she can say she looks underweight on her full shot post. That's the healthiest she's looked. Actually, not a bad figure and much better for not being bloated.

Jesus, I sound like a WK. Believe me, there's a nasty taste in my mouth writing this. She's still repulsive inside and THAT'S WHAT COUNTS.

No. 644446

i want to add that you can even see her ~bloating~ (ie normal round belly) in this. 18 BMI my ass.

No. 644455

Her entire shtick is that she's risen from the flames like a phoenix, that's why she's obsessed with red and has a Chinese "fire" tattoo. I get what she's going for, but it's weird for a person to literally have a theme rather than a personal style.

No. 644467

File: 1532297362130.jpg (17.55 KB, 289x175, how aly sees herself.jpg)

She isn't even an astrological fire sign. Yeah, she's like a walking mood board. All surface, no substance.

If her bro's into comics, he should recommend Marvel's Dark Phoenix. She could do the costume and become a cosplay recovery queer (!)

No. 644500

File: 1532299613679.jpg (33.11 KB, 358x521, 1.JPG)

I just went to see Aly's linkedin.

I noticed that she has issues with ~numbers~ in general. September-December = 5 months

No. 644515

not to mention that in reality she was only there for like 3 to 4 weeks before she broke down and quit on account of having gotten hollowed.
After that she did nothing, then babysat, then invented the high profile job with trips to London, iirc.

No. 644516


I suspected as much, but it means that the "higher pay," etc, that she boasted of really was a bald-faced lie. I wish her followers knew that she'd literally never worked a day in her life (except for the several weeks as a shop assistant before she bailed) when they're responding to her weekly begging for "work" advice to stop her "relapse."

No. 644593

File: 1532308459442.jpg (94.12 KB, 720x614, _20180723_040827.JPG)

There's a shit ton of her followers agreeing to this in the comments and it's pure gold. She must be so pissed, and I hope some people are reconsidering how much of an inspiration she really can be without actually knowing shit about recovery.

No. 644595

File: 1532308565663.jpg (171.79 KB, 720x1002, _20180723_041348.JPG)

And here's her reaction. Does this sound like a pissy "fine, I'm gonna try and lose more then!" to anyone else?

No. 644678

> is losing 4lbs over a couple weeks normal

what the fuck?!?! seriously!?

Lol she got her period back why is she lying. She knows exsctly how this sounds and just wants attention

No. 644808


Funny she needs to excersise now

No. 644919


I thought the same - her usual manipulative guilt tripping.

Someone needs to tell her to stop using IG for medical advice, anyway.

No. 644932

I think she means she hasn't had her period since she noticed the super significant 4lbs weight loss, which was when, two weeks ago? So totally normal

No. 644956

Definitely passive-aggressive and manipulative. She realizes she can't use her weight as bait anymore, so another exercise threat it is.
There must be someone in this world willing to tell our queer that she's too frail, for god's sake!

No. 645008

File: 1532351972203.jpg (52.58 KB, 720x720, 2018-07-23_15.17.24.jpg)

I really do wonder if she edits her legs
I know pose, angle and clothing are different but still

No. 645012

For someone who thinks she's too fat and wants to lose weight, she sure does wear clothes that show her body off.

No. 645015

File: 1532353040775.jpg (300.09 KB, 720x1021, 20180723_153619.jpg)

Caption to her new post

No. 645020

That whole caption sounds so fake. It's not weight loss she wants it's comments (even if it's a heart emoji).

No. 645030

This is once again all for attention. She has been stuffing her moonface with McDonald's for months before this yet now is suddenly pretending to struggle for a few extra comments. And even if she was struggling for real, it is pretty hard to take her seriously when she begs for attention like that. >>645015

No. 645034

File: 1532354391169.jpeg (101.64 KB, 640x923, 807CE8DF-BA2A-4DA7-9C20-87A0C1…)

I know her facial expressions have always been ermm… special, but lately they have been worse than ever. In this pic it even looks like she is in pain or something. Her fake posing smile is awful.

No. 645047

couldn't agree more. How could she be saying she wants to lose weight and is, I suppose, feeling fat, and then wear mini skirts? It makes no sense. This woman is a living contradiction and I dont trust her one bit.

No. 645053

This reminds me of the Marina Joyce conspiracy. How people were saying she looked like she was a hostage. Aly, if you need help, post a heart emoji in your next post (the one that isn't food).

No. 645054

I wonder if Aly will ever realise how immature her behaviour is and stop with her bullshit. Probably not though.

No. 645059

Idk because a lot of attention hoes do it for years and years. Are any of the cows here reformed? I mean, look at Penus Angelic's ma. She's in her 40s and I see she's the future Aly.

I think Aly's emotional development was arrested around the age of 13. She probably thinks the way she behaves is normal (being mentally 13 years old).

No. 645065

File: 1532355928587.gif (691.25 KB, 289x289, psychic.gif)

Oh! I just had a premonition. Blackout screen coming tonight or tomorrow. I feel it.

No. 645234

Aly is obsessed with Instagram, and it's not me who says it, but her ex-friend Cat! On one of her stories she was asked about "aly_realrecover", she replied that they were friends years ago, but all of a sudden Aly became obsessed with Instagram and started to criticise what Cat was writing, saying that she 'stole her posts'

No. 645257

When I remember correctly Aly was super popular back in her school days. She was the "hot blondie". Boys adored her, she was the teacher's pet (her own words from 2014). She's trying to reach that level but she lost that game. Lol. Cow.

No. 645258


What’s the ex-friend’s account?

Also we know independently that Aly is obsessed with IG lol.

No. 645260

File: 1532371792278.jpeg (113.77 KB, 750x361, 4E3B58B0-80E5-4C8D-85D8-641F7B…)

After 2 days, one poor idiot has been manipulated and guilt tripped into saying Aly shouldn’t lose weight… now Aly has got what she wanted, expect more of the same.

No. 645261

The account is todayiwontsink. The story was posted a few days ago though. Maybe someone can write to her privately to find out more? I believe there were pictures with Aly and Cat together (back when Aly was a blondie child and was trying to recover)

No. 645264

What is she even doing here? Who smiles with their tongue between their teeth?

No. 645284

Another old friend said that Aly threatened with restriction when they don't take food pictures/pictures while eating with her

No. 645355

Oh yeah, I do vaguely remember her. if you google image her IG name there are a few pictures, and she was briefly talked about in a previous thread iirc.
It's not surprising to hear what former friends are saying.

I remember this as well. Aly must be a nightmare. I imagine her friends get annoying texts during the night begging for attention/support/enabling.
"I am drawing in alcohol. This is the end." - "I don't need to gain any more weight, may as well run 10km, right?" - "Why aren't you replying? Guess I won't eat this cookie." etc etc.

No. 645390

File: 1532378208621.jpg (986.04 KB, 1200x1647, Screenshot_20180723-143530.jpg)

you don't?! also this pic is from Christmas….

No. 645404


Ma gives her these when she feels down. She makes it sound like she's being given doggy treats for being a good girl.

Ma is a mental.

No. 645482

fucking lol @ these WKs. They can’t even do 1 minute of reading for themselves to realize aly hasn’t lost more than 4lbs in weeeeks. And if these people think that’s not normal after, what, 2 years of being a healthy weight? Theyre just as moronic and delusional

No. 645895

File: 1532424608380.png (678.77 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20180724_0001.png)

Any guesses what the very special day is? Ofc it's going to be something really pathetic.

No. 645905

She's probably going out to eat with Ma lol

Isn't her anniversary with Bert in July?

No. 645990

The official day in which she'll say she quit her job. She's using her awful shorts.

No. 646126

It's today, she made a post

No. 646142

File: 1532457019805.jpeg (478.43 KB, 750x1124, C39ABC2D-1B86-427F-910D-393AEC…)

Anon guessed it. so much for staying off IG today

No. 646169

Is she really going to ignore how they are supposed to be living together? What's is this long distance crap? I know he has been in Rome, but I thought they were officially living together.

No. 646217

Anniversary today. Celebrate September. Oookay.

Six years, my ass. She wasn't with him for at least 18 months. Will they still be together for the September date?

Totally living together.

No. 646252

File: 1532463844874.jpeg (317.84 KB, 1459x1206, BD5B9126-AD77-45A4-BB9D-DD46F5…)

that triple chin, though!

No. 646283

Thanks, anon. Had to chug on some Pepto Bismol for nausea.

Srsly, they say weight goes where it's most needed. Our recovery queer is gaining those essential 4kg and obviously her chin needs it most.

No. 646308

She wore shorts today and the pics she uses a black dress. I believe that the pics are older.

No. 646328

hah i wanted to say the same thing

No. 646405

Idk her new "style" seems to be short dresses that have a sheer layer over them so I think they're current. But lol @ six years when they were broken up for two of them

No. 646413

File: 1532472923035.jpg (60.75 KB, 463x824, parkinglotromance.JPG)

Somehow her feet look positively dead.
And there we go again with the parking lot pictures. At least it's better than them naked under the dog's blanket on the recliner.

No. 646506

File: 1532481473907.jpg (62.76 KB, 893x289, schoollol.jpg)

tbh this isn't even close to her worst grimace but it did make me think of school shooting photos

No. 646528

What?! Anon I think you need help

No. 646594

Aren't parts of Greece and Italy on fire right now?

No. 646675

Yes, fire everywhere but as long as Aly gets attention everything is fine.

World only ends when our recovery queer is drunk at 5 pm again. Cocktails ofc.

No. 646690

Yup, fires on the islands, but she’s not near enough to suck attention off them.

No. 646718

fucking hell that‘s disgusting!! Why would she post a picture like this?! How did she go from obsessively arranging her photos to… this?!

No. 646752


>f#ck perfection (!)

No. 646894

File: 1532533959588.png (Spoiler Image, 339.31 KB, 362x529, 2018-07-25 17.48.53.png)

That smug grin on her face…

No. 646902

Those bottoms are two sizes too small, they make her hips look absolutely bizarre.

No. 646917

File: 1532536367143.png (1.43 MB, 640x1136, C403BCF2-AAE5-4A5F-BDED-4430E4…)

Aly, going to the pool does not make you a ‘swimmer’. But it gives some explanation to why she thinks two cocktails in the day = alcoholism

No. 646943

She must have quit her job. If she barely had the energy and mental capacity to do a beginner's desk job, how could she ever manage going to the pool and 'swimming' after never moving a limb plus spend time with Berto on top of all that. Something seems fishy…

No. 646946

kek I bet she is going to the pool just to have an excuse to post half-naked photos of herself

No. 646951

File: 1532539591100.jpeg (527.73 KB, 2048x2048, 990A6D75-3C90-47F6-9DD5-EDC668…)

No. 646954

BMI 18.0, sure…

No. 646974

Posting on the art account!!

No. 647205

File: 1532552324259.jpeg (48.33 KB, 640x178, 4CFB5361-1938-4E9C-B30F-A6DD6D…)

Here we are again with her DANG (!) OILY (!) phase. Also she spelled oily wrong.

No. 647209

File: 1532552425921.png (1.46 MB, 640x1136, B41C5A27-0E65-44A0-884F-385633…)

Oh fuck off fatty

No. 647210

Things like this make me think she’s been looking at her posts from when she was a spoop, trying to remind herself on how to be ‘ana’ again

No. 647247

Shouldn't laugh, but I did.

Seeing Aly write about feeling guilty over food feels like reading a serial killer write about their feelings of remorse.

No. 647255

File: 1532555392351.jpg (106.75 KB, 708x377, Screenshot_20180725-154807.jpg)

She does none of these things…

No. 647290

File: 1532556966591.jpg (188.45 KB, 585x719, rappername.jpg)

>>After two skipped months of physical issues, stress, troubles I had a lil PERIOD ALLERT

2 months?
I can't be arsed to go through all of her instagram but I could swear she last mentioned PMS or period pain/hunger or whatever just a few weeks ago.

Either way, can we please get another celebratory menstrual pad selfie?

No. 647294

what is a period alert? lol

No. 647302

File: 1532557492456.jpeg (1.25 MB, 2480x3508, DC5B312B-8FDB-42B1-A944-9AB570…)

No. 647424

anon I love you

No. 647434

Christ. How inappropriate.

No. 647763

Ahaha that made my day

No. 647777


what's the art account called again?

No. 647781

nevermind, found it

No. 647819

File: 1532597557873.jpg (618.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180726-113045.jpg)

No. 647821

File: 1532597597173.jpg (102.54 KB, 720x1030, 20180726_113204.jpg)

Dumb cunt only got 10 comments on her last post lmao

No. 647825


nice job Sherlock, nobody DOES care whether you eat or not.

No. 647826

This dumb bitch. Is she twelve fucking years old?

No. 647832

Nobody else has commented on her post before. How long till we get an ‘I kill me’

No. 647834

File: 1532599084314.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, 3ED58B35-DFCF-4D27-8A05-37F2BE…)

> pls don’t text me on direct I’ve no strength to answer, my post says all

No. 647838

what's the art account called?

No. 647839

File: 1532600281096.png (1010.68 KB, 640x1136, F8E1FE01-3014-452B-AA35-0E2978…)

Nothing says depressed like an animal filter on your mug. Also ungrateful bitch

No. 647840

>"lets restrict, exercise and (supposedly) lose weight"
>"oh no I lost my period"
>"oh no better restrict even more because that will help"

She is so dumb.

No. 647841


No. 647842

what an attention whore. can one realy be depressed and their tits out like that for attention and comments? she is a 'feminist' yet uses her body to get attention and that is contradictory and a little disgusting

No. 647844

Is she for fucking real?
She has a complete breakdown, throws a tantrum, posts blackouts and passive-aggressive ~yells~ because.. she didn't get her fucking period?

>>unberable bags

No. 647851

File: 1532601682522.jpeg (491.52 KB, 2480x3508, 3E30FA94-A580-473C-BE36-977925…)

No. 647852

She’s a fuckin unbearable bag

No. 647853


No. 647854

says she has no strength to amswer DMs. begs for comments.

No. 647862

Next thread pic please

No. 647866

File: 1532604003973.jpg (415.22 KB, 720x1076, 20180726_131945.jpg)

No. 647867

Wait isn't this the salad she posted a few days ago?

No. 647869

Someone asked if she took a pregnancy test. I'm dead.

No. 647871

File: 1532604470031.jpg (72.05 KB, 720x231, 20180726_132442.jpg)

Different anon but here's the comment

It's raining milk today

No. 647874

Aly, YOU ARE 22. Nobody can ~force~ you to eat a salad. Seriously, is she reading MPA for inspiration on what to post next?

No. 647923

Aly’s liked all the other comments kissing her ass, but this and another sensible comment she’s left alone. Countdown until she tries to turn it into ‘haters’

No. 648052

File: 1532620873332.jpeg (891.55 KB, 2480x3508, D546D27C-0EE8-4664-BD2B-4041C6…)

No. 648069

How can Aly afford to go to the thermal baths so often? Even at the discounted rate it's 36 euros.

No. 648081

exactly what i was thinking. especially eating out so often.

No. 648099

File: 1532622363451.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 629.28 KB, 1668x2224, B7B511E0-FB9F-4959-8C0E-E6D71A…)

No. 648111

Dear Anon, your premonition was quite accurate, maybe one day later, but…

No. 648132

Oh no, Aly was forced to eat a healthy meal! The salad had mozzarella, tuna and olives! Such restriction

No. 648290

Therapist is away until september? Then find a new one. And what therapist KEK. You dont have a therapist if you see them oncr a year

No. 648378

yeah no shit "nobody cares if I eat or not", you are recovering because of YOU, because you once were intelligent enough to understand that with a healthy body and mind living in this world would make you a happier and life-affirming person, and with that your life could have a real meaning again…so why does she still act like a retarded bitch who isn't quite sure yet what pro's recovery has? This act for attention is so fucking tiring. Aly please, go out and be thankful that you were able to get a second chance to live, you're so ungrateful it hurts.

No. 648634

That's hard when you only recover for attention

No. 648638

It might be the same way it is in Russia there - I see a psychiatrist once a month and because there's a line of people behind me also waiting to see her, no therapy actually happens, we go over my symptoms and I get a new prescription and leave after 10-20 minutes. And it's perfectly okay for them to be away some months of the year. Also, the specific psych I go to depends on where I live, so finding another free one is easier said than done. If it's like that in Italy, then what she's saying would make sense.
If I wanted to see a Real Therapist for an hour every week, I could find a paid one, but that's really expensive. In Aly's case she could just eat out less though.

No. 648657

I think Aly means psychiatrist and not therapist.

In Europe (depends on the illnesses) you see a psychiatrist not that often. I see mine every 4-6 weeks when nothing bad happened. But I see my therapist 1-2x per week.

No. 648678

When she was a spoop she pretended she was eating loads, gaining and recovery was fine and dandy.

Now she's recovered she pretends she doesn't eat, loses weight and o no, period lost.

I've never seen anyone like her.

No. 648750

File: 1532699015335.jpeg (132.22 KB, 640x837, 10BC27A8-CA52-498C-98C7-0B2FF8…)

>BMI 18.6

No. 648752

File: 1532699139103.png (1.57 MB, 640x1136, 10240F67-F681-422C-BE37-AB45C3…)

She’s shooting up for us! Jesus Christ Aly, get some help!

No. 648755

Yow. What an unflattering swimsuit. Can't admit to being 19plus after all this time.

No. 648848

File: 1532708661227.png (2.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180727-182123.png)

Oh my God please look at this face like it was beaten with a pan 10x.

We need an "Aly art" from that please

No. 648871

Here’s an opinion: you should have bought that swimsuit a size bigger. You look ridiculous.

No. 648874

File: 1532710349524.jpg (61.69 KB, 682x1024, Mankini.jpg)

It reminds me of a mankini.

Bet she's pissed off it's Ma at the baths. If she was alone she'd be lying on the floor and sucking in.

No. 648877

I just can't get over her face

No. 648878

** I would die from laughter if Aly wore a mankini ahahaha

No. 648879

I can't get over that tash >>648848

She's definitely odd looking. Time hasn't been kind (and she's only 22, god).

No. 648880

she lies on the floor sucking in weather its Ma there or not.

No. 648884

Hey Aly! here's an opinion: your thighs look like cottage cheese, your swimsuit is strangling your hips and your love handles are overflowing, buy a new bathing suit, 2 sizes bigger

No. 648886

She more or less IS wearing one. She's so clueless I can see it's possible she'd wear a mankini with a bikini top underneath. At least I hope so.

No. 648887

File: 1532710999069.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180727-190052.png)

I didn't look that wobbling when I was at a BMI of 22…
Okaaaaay, I did a lot of fitness. Alys fitness is when she shoves her DANG FRIES (!) in her mouth

No. 648892

I think she's realised (after blocking and deleted 100s of ~haters~) that she can't continue eating fats and sugar indefinitely or she'll become blancmange.

As much as she hates minnie maud, it's more or less how she became weight restored. Gained by eating crap over a short period of time and did no exercise at all.

No. 648901

I remember when she officially did Minnie Maud. This time she just did it inofficially

No. 648904

File: 1532712719546.jpg (24.15 KB, 301x165, Capture.JPG)

Gatos posted something like this before (calling her out on her BMIBS). Aly got pissy about it last time. Will she retaliate? Tbh, I'm surprised she hasn't blocked her by now.

Oh yeah where she pretended to do pint parties. Anything to be in the #incrowd

No. 648910

Cellulite is normal. Doesn't mean she can't get a bathing suit in her size. I wonder how long she'll claim 18.6

No. 648920

File: 1532714926127.jpg (63.29 KB, 660x1000, EW_Swim_GNPolka.jpg)

I've seen Kate Moss's cellulite. Aly smokes and drinks coffee so if it isn't foods that give her cellulite then it's those things.

Yeah, no shame in a bit of cellulite but she wears the most ridiculous outfits. These things look like they're from a cheap sex toys catalogue. She'd suit one of those 50s style ones (see pic) but she seems to want to show as much flesh as possible even though she has body image issues????

No. 648959

holy crap. so many people were butthurt that she mentioned having fat rolls on her bikini post and it's all because she lies she is at a bmi of 18.6. In reality she is much heavier than that and for sure has cellulite and a belly (not really showing with that ugly bathing suit on). she's not overweight, but she is quite soft-looking for sure.

No. 648963

she makes a big deal out of going to the ~thermal baths~ for the ~first time at a healthy weight~ yet went to the pool literally days ago and acted so confident in her ~disney princess~ shots… I mean does it really matter what kind of water it is? She is once again trying to get asspats. Get over yourself girl, you are not underweight…

No. 648964

She will post pictures of her standing on a scale as ~proofs~ next, just wait for it.

dat stache.

No. 649029

she used to do that with foods. Like saying "i've never tasted a waffle!" When someone would point out she just had waffles yesterday, she said that she's never had the chocolate one. Shes always exaggerating.

No. 649034

A psychiatrist (medical doctor) is rarely a therapist, unless it’s different where you live. A psychologist is generally a therapist. yeah Aly can easily just ask her parents for $$ help if she needs it. They’re clearly paying for all her clothes and food. I dont understand why Aly would mention a psychiatrist is this was just something lost in translation, her psych refused to prescribe her any medication last time, they won’t actually do any talk therapy with her, Aly has previously said that seeing a dietician would be a step back, she clearly doesn’t want any help anyways. maybe she was just trying to make people feel bad for her.

No. 649043

B…but that would be soo out of character.

Yeah, sure we've been here before but pls could an italanon explain the mental health system (like, really concisely).

Here in the UK psychiatrist prescribes drugs and also refers you to, say, eating disorder services or somewhere you get more specialised help with your mental sickness.

The nutritionist is part of the ED service. On NHS you pay through taxes (nhs n that) but treatment isn't forever. You get 25 sessions at the ED clinic nearest where I live.

Psychiatrists tale a SHITLOAD of holidays, so that's similar to what Aly's experiencing. She pays though so fuck it, I'd go see a better one.

No. 649073

I am positive she was never really followed by an actual therapist, let alone a "team" as she once claimed. She has no insight into her eating disorder (or other mental illnesses) whatsoever, her display of it is extremely shallow. I've never actually seen anyone describe the thoughts behind or the roots of their eating disorder that shallow and with such a lack of introspection.
There is no way she had legitimate talk therapy (not taking into account the short "talk" she used to have during her Day Hospital Controls once a month back then.)
Her hospitalizations were also on general wards, insanely short, and only in place so she wouldn't drop dead.

Also, how convenient that she was "looking to see a therapist again", and after one appointment said therapist goes on an extensive holiday? Surely they would have mentioned this upon their first meeting, and advised her to look for a different therapist if it was that important that she get support.

No. 649077

She really doesn't fit into any of the other categories of ana cows, does she. She mostly blames society's standards of a perfect body when that's never really rated high up there as a reason for anorexia. Usually it's a shitty event/events in childhood or a control thing. She makes it seem it's all about everyone wanting to be thin to look good. Really, it's only legit models I've heard of who've been pressured into losing weight who develop an ed that way, or people like Victoria Beckham and other girl band members.

I'm trying to find the thread where she was on tv (face hidden thank god) and the woman who was her psychiatrist (she said) is on it.

No. 649094

File: 1532731671703.png (1.16 MB, 1360x1005, and the world stands still.png)

This was me >>649077. Given up on looking for that thread, but I've become so depressed about Aly's life. It's like I became her reading about her(!)

A year ago is EXACTLY the same as now. EXACTLY.

No. 649129

I'm from Italy and it's like most of you already thought:

A psychiatrist only prescribes medications and a therapist/psychologist is for the deeper stuff. Talking, analysis and such.

One of my family members had an eating disorder too. She was followed by mostly a psychiatrist for her anxiety disorder and the meds.

She was followed by a 'team' that was a therapist and a dietician but it was more an artificial relationship.

In Italy there are no ED specific clinics like in other countries. You either get thrown into asylum or hospital. Depends on the mental and physical condition. But you can discharge yourself at any time. And especially when you are 21 and an adult nobody can really force you

The one of my family was in and out of psychiatry. They admitted her, she discharged herself again. They admitted her, she discharged herself again. It went 2 years like that.

No. 649137

What I should add:

Italy is not Italy. In North Italy it's different to South Italy.

North Italy is civilized and most likely to other European countries and South Italy is like Afghanistan.

No. 649165


This is the link, but it seems you need to be registered to watch it.
I found a short excerpt on their facebook though:

No. 649274

File: 1532749305620.png (63.79 KB, 928x208, Untitled.png)

Thanks, anon.

Alice's heartbreaking story made Peppe sad. (Or it could've been the split ends, shitty make up, stonewashed jeggings, etc etc).

No. 649391

finally my facebook account is good for something, just signed up just to watch that shit lol

No. 649392

You can find the video searching for "Petrolio paura di mangiare" on google, on the RAI website. Sign in with facebook

No. 649421

I feel kinda bad with myself but i have to agree (ok maybe not really really like Afghanistan, but close) - i’m sure in Milan where she lives there are ED clinics and hospitals in general are more functional, i’m sure you can find ones that have psychiatric wards with expertise in EDs!

No. 649482


I'm from South Italy. In the city it's more civilized but we live in a smaaall town. You have to drive with the car for 60 minutes to get to a bus station. 2 stores you only reach by car. And a hospital that is 2 h away with the car.
Everything is burnt.

Are youfrom South, too? Sounds like it

No. 649532

File: 1532793009848.png (1.34 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180728-094605.png)

What the fuck

No. 649541

File: 1532793587888.png (343.06 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20180728_0002.png)

So hollowed tho

No. 649550

For the first time she's wearing yellow?
Yea aly, that's really interesting…

The flowers also make her look like she's nude underneath.

No. 649570

Her hair is in three colours now. The curse when you dye the hair with henna

No. 649574

File: 1532796309391.png (2.37 MB, 1080x1309, IMG_20180728_094421.png)

i love it, it matches her teeth perfectly

No. 649657


Central italy.. worse than in the north but better than the south. :(

No. 649659


Lmfao Wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned(don't use emojis)

No. 649714

burnt? what do you mean?

No. 649726


Fields, trees, greens. It's so hot and rotten. South Italy is poor compaterd to North Italy

No. 649814

File: 1532818649198.jpg (40.22 KB, 301x339, oh ffs.JPG)



She hates her hair tied back so much it's caused her pain and tears all her life. Duh, don't wear it tied up?

I got a sticky out ear where I've never been able to have my hair cut short because it gets me paranoid. My life did not end because I decided to never have a pixie cut. Neither did I need therapy.

Is this how shallow her ~struggles~ have become?

No. 649887

File: 1532825954464.png (920.33 KB, 640x1136, 12E1C621-24B9-4B48-9253-59E32B…)

No. 649890

she shared that itty bitty slice with someone?

No. 649963

#motivation #inspiration

No. 649969

O right. I went to see. Hardly any comments yesterday.

Anyone else not believing Bert's actually in Milan?

No. 649973

Her struggles have always been shallow. You new?

No. 650036


This was my first thought too. Claiming to have regretted what she ate because not enough people commented. Um, that’s not an eating disorder, Aly. It’s manipulating people for attention.

No. 650058

Nah. She deffo had legit struggles when she was a legit spoop and not a pretend BMI 18 food hoover.

I think she's finally lost the patience of her stans. Her BDD which shows itself by her wearing tiny outfits and the guilt at eating half a whatever has got to sound ridiculous to the ones with more than one brain cell who really do have those problems and can't even look at themselves in a mirror.

No. 650135

File: 1532856435545.png (127.43 KB, 462x641, wp_ss_20180729_0002.png)

She's fat. Tell her she isn't. Tell her the hater is nasty and a coward behind a screen. Yaen.

No. 650161

Someone actually commented about her body dysmorphia, yet it didn't elicit a "wahwah look at the meanie". I think Aly has no clue was body dysmorphia even means. She just throws around words she's seen others use

No. 650230


Thought the same. Also her "OCD". I have an OCD but she has just no clue what that even means.