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File: 1604515735005.png (5.21 MB, 1972x1664, delicious.png)

No. 1074861

Last thread:

Ganer the bodybuilder is still delusional about her gains while working out at home, and will probably injure herself as she has no muscle and eats no protein.

Posh Molly made a post about her “priviledge” and really showed off her English major skills. Farmers find old videos of her singing and come to the conclusion that she’s essentially a talentless girl pretending to have an ed for attention. Molly bingo board is put to great use.

A farmer shows that Ash self posted in the thread.

Delicate ana queen uwu Georgia is back at NF because life got too hard. An anon claims to know Georgia from NF and has shared stories about her.

Laura posted a selfie with her face scratching, nothing interesting here.

N2f is still doing her thing, but now she has some simps in the thread. Also commemorated her late grandfather with a toast creation.

Beccy won a water bottle design contest.

Elzani is still food-obsessed and binging on pancakes, desperately needs therapy.


If anything is missing, post it now.

Last thread: >>>/snow/1062667

No. 1074874

File: 1604516843628.jpg (1.09 MB, 1599x1762, Screenshot_20201104-130310_Pho…)

I feel like I missed a few yummys because when Molly talks it quickly becomes background noise. The majority came from the almond croissant on the bench. The top two ticks are from hilarious Jamie.

No. 1074875

Last we checked Miha/Mihaela shut down her tiktok (at the time we suspected cowtipping) but now she's back!!! https://www.tiktok.com/@pro_recovery_stigma_free

No. 1074879

as of 3 days ago, she claims to be back ip…

No. 1074881

oh and in her time away she's come out as nonbinary too (should we start using they/them orrr ?)(>>>tumblr)

No. 1074894

File: 1604518170136.png (1.02 MB, 1000x1000, meaulleigh.png)

I took some screenshots.

No. 1074903

this is a joke right?

No. 1074912

File: 1604519746290.jpeg (641.39 KB, 1155x1539, 98127CBF-81F7-4CC2-8677-29BA3A…)

She literally asked for someone to compare her to Lord Farquaad

How long do we think she is going to continue being scared of literally everything in her constant stream of videos?

No. 1074930

How long is she going to do the gain weight thing because she looks fine. Has anyone ever had the quickest diagnosis - treatment - recovery turn over?

No. 1074941

Can one of the anons who watched the molly vid send the timestamp of when her mum calls her out? I really wanna watch that clip but molly makes me wanna die

No. 1074944

Don't put them through that! I've been out all day so didn't get the chance to play earlier, so I'll do it now.

No. 1074948

Sage for slight blog post but can one of the NF cows help me out? Today my dietician said that if a patient were overweight and struggling with restricting/ atypical anorexia they'd be put on a healthy weight loss meal plan. Why doesn't Georgia get put on one of those? They could actually really help her and she'd be a lot healthier if she lost some weight

Sorry again if this reads as a blog post I just can't understand why the doctors wouldn't give her real medical attention and instead feed into her fantasy

No. 1074949

File: 1604522884780.png (834.91 KB, 1080x744, zombie apocalypse team v1.png)

At 4:57

No. 1074951

>>1074948 I'm wondering that too, I don't really understand what New Farm is but it sounds like some treatment clinic you just pay to be admitted, right?
So they get more money if she gets the tube she begs for and keeps coming back

No. 1074957

Because they don’t care about recovery. New Farm is private health. As long as you have they money, they’ll keep treating you.

No. 1074958

File: 1604523722596.jpg (339.21 KB, 1080x1724, 20201104_145818.jpg)

It's not the end! Now she'll just overexercise at home! Also, I'm sure all of the other people there love that she's just walking around filming.

No. 1074963

Kek at jamie being the one who dies first! Can I make some additions?

Miha/Mihaela as the tank/ shield (the one we send out to plow into the zombies who gets eaten as we run away lol)

Dancing Laura as the stupid fuck who gets bitten but decides not to tell anyone and ends up turning at the worst possible moment

Smorven is the weirdo we find prowling around the woods who tries to kill us but we just toss her to the zombies and steal her supplies

No. 1074964

File: 1604524118654.jpg (89.6 KB, 1024x1313, zombie cows.jpg)

My friends and I were trying to decide who goes where for a while
here's a template lol

No. 1074965

>I just can't understand why the doctors wouldn't give her real medical attention and instead feed into her fantasy
It's called privatized healthcare.

No. 1074968

I don't see how a doctor wouldn't put his patients health first.. they're really killing her by feeding into her delusions.

Excuse my English. I'm not foreign or anything I'm just dumb.

No. 1074970

File: 1604524629202.png (34.54 KB, 766x268, pastries.png)

I'm sure she will.

No. 1074976

it’s such a bland, boring video. no breakdowns, no faux inspirational words of wisdom, no food creations, just a wannarexic posh girl eating shit croissants and pretending it’s the world’s biggest issue.

No. 1074977

File: 1604525640960.png (1.33 MB, 1914x851, pastry.png)

Well that was the fakest ever. What anorexic being presented with a fucking custard and jam pastry holds it up and spergs about it then actually eats it? None, except Molly.

A really obvious thing in this video is how she hijacks the family's attention with her ~recovery~ all. the. time. She wants their congratulations and attention constantly.

Yay, lockdown again. Hope you're all going to buy some fancy croissant from your local Greek cafe and sit in the park at 9am and eat it with you family. Awwww.

No. 1074979

I forgot to check the bad acting.

No. 1074981

It may have been fake but we both got bingo out of it

No. 1074982

5 pastries? That's just a binge! One pastry is a single serving, two is a cheeky treat but over three is excessive. You shouldn't encourage anyone to eat that much, anorexia recovery or not.

No. 1074983

She had a "bonus" pastry as well!

No. 1074985

and screaming every two seconds

No. 1074988

wasn't it 5 pastries in 5 days?

No. 1074989

That was this challenge. The youtube comments I screencapped said she'll have 5 in ONE day without fear soon.

No. 1074992

Oh, I suppose that isn't awful. You could fit a pastry a day into a healthy diet if you tried (but she's not trying, she's eating peanut butter and lotus spread from the jar and 3 bowls of cereal every morning). Sorry I didn't actually watch the video

No. 1074995

File: 1604526976815.jpg (46.5 KB, 443x444, handbags.JPG)

Found the cafe she buys her pastries from. https://www.instagram.com/kanellaandco/ Don't forget to take out a loan if you want to do recovery the Molly way! No greasy spoon for you peasants.

No. 1074996

It's so obvious that she's just a spoiled girl who hasn't ever actually suffered from an eating disorder. (hint: no matter how much you claim it's ~scary~, we know you're just (badly) acting)

This was one of her most irritating videos yet. At this point she's just binging nonstop, she looks bigger with each video. She just looks like a sheltered, greedy woman child. She needs to stop with the ~teehee I'm 5~ act because it's embarrassing at this point. Talk like a normal person already, you're supposed to be an adult.

Whatever. The only person she's hurting with her nonstop eating is herself. She's definitely gaining at this point, wonder if she's overweight yet? And eventually her family will get sick of her needing affirmation for every bite. No, you DON'T need to eat every time you think about food. It's obvious you aren't the least bit scared of food so stop sperging on about it. I wish they'd stop babying her, but again, the only person who will suffer in the long-run from the coddling is Molly.

No. 1074997

New Farm is private - In Australia, if you have private health you pay however much a month and then you have access to private health care options. You generally pay an “excess” which covers you for any hospitalizations a year and then you don’t get charged a cent. So essentially she gets admitted at no cost to her and her private health foots the Bill - hence why the repeated admissions keep happening and new farm clinic sets up a rotating door of clients..
Also the reason everyone else’s health insurance costs go through the roof each year.
If she didn’t have private health you can guarantee that she’d sort her shit out quick smart because the public system wouldn’t accept her and her lies…

No. 1074999

I suffer from a BED (binge eating disorder) and Molly's recovery is literally me in the thick of my ED.

I understand extreme hunger exists and Elzani's early days were a good example of it. I'm aware someone recovering from anorexia needs to restore their weight and eat a lot, HOWEVER, Molly is clearly milking this shit dry and then some.

No recovering anorexic who's still experiencing extreme hunger is going to inhale so much food and just throw around a few 'scary' synonyms before and after to call it a day.(blogging)

No. 1075003

oh i'm retarded, sorry

No. 1075004

Molly's problem is that she eats a lot of food that isn't filling, so of course she's going to be hungry a lot.

No. 1075005

The dietitian at new farm, along with foxcroft (Psychiatrist mentioned in previous post) work very closely together and they have both been there for over 15yrs.. the dietitian for edp is Leanne and she is as dumb as dog shit. She told me once when I said no to ng that it’s easier if she has patients on overnight ng feeds because she doesn’t have to count the calories and “knows” how much everyone is getting - essentially like foxcroft hands out TMS/ect/emdr she hands out ng tubes.
Georgia should be on a weight loss plan, there is no doubts about that - but Leanne also sees a lot of the clinic patients as outpatients (got to keep the $$$ rolling in right!?) and then organises readmissions for them.
Sorry for blog: I am diagnosed coeliac with multiple other anaphylactic allergies - but according to her, it’s just the eating disorder trying to get out of eating .. they’re a class act there at nfc

No. 1075006

How are these people still practising medicine?

No. 1075007

>>1075004 this just confirms she doesn't have a dietitian. she probably only keeps a therapist around because they can't dictate whether she should eat seven shitty snacks a day or not.

though, I'm not sure how much longer she can fool her therapist…

No. 1075008

considering molly's anorexia only lasted about five months and we are yet to see any evidence of her looking particularly spoopy, her extreme hunger makes no sense. at least with elzani it was understandable as she had severe anorexia for years.

No. 1075011

Did Molly get private treatment for her anorexia? I know the NHS referral system is fucked and like a postcode lottery but even at her lowest she doesn’t look unwell enough to be getting therapy sessions, even if she had a referral usually the waiting lists are LONG (although it might be different in her area and they may be shorter?) to skip the waiting list you have to be extremely spoopy/in danger

No. 1075012

my god we're 3 hours into a new thread could we please chill it with the blogging?
also lol molly nicked her idea for 5 pastries in 5 days straight from the source

No. 1075015

She's mentioned having one at least once on her instagram, and said her dietician told her she could go for 30 minute walks in the vlog where she couldn't eat a bagel. Must be a shit dietician. Or she's ignoring them.

No. 1075016

I actually think she used to have a dietician, those bars she eats are the brand that dieticians always love and recommend and in her first video I can sort of see the typical meal plan outline (breakfast- cereal and milk, Morning snack- valley bar, Lunch- sandwich and yogurt etc etc) She definitely will have been on a meal plan when she was in IP, my tinfoil is she was on a meal plan but as she's not anorexic in the slightest she just took out the sugary parts from it like the bar and the cereal and switched the boring stuff out for pastries and manilife

No. 1075021

Cool it, mini mod. None of these posts were unnecessary blog, they all actually added to the dialogue.

No. 1075022

Definitely private. Unless she had a medical crisis, no way would she be admitted IP if she wasn't bmi 15 or under straight away. If her parents became ~concerned~ around last Christmas, she'd have to get a referral from her GP, then wait for an assessment at an ED clinic, then wait MONTHS on a waiting list for outpatient therapy. In January, she said her doc suggested hospital. Deffo private. Also, the small chance of her contracting covid in hospital over her daughter wasting away from anorexia stopped Molmum sending her IP. You'd take a chance even if it was the bubonic plague if your daughter was so bad.

No. 1075024

not to white knight Molly but "an anorexic actually eating a pastry"?. It's called recovery. you should try it some time.

No. 1075027

Maybe you should try to recover from being brainwashed by Molly. Again, no anorexic BEING PRESENTED with a pastry would be excited at eating it. They wouldn't spend 5 minutes going on about how amazing it looks and smells. They wouldn't take a bite and have an orgasm. Especially if it was SO SCARY. A wannarexic would.

No. 1075029

File: 1604528976445.jpg (254.52 KB, 1080x1516, 20201104_162740.jpg)

The vlogs she's been posting are close to 4 months old at this point. I'm guessing the next one will include the pizza with whole black olives on top.

No. 1075032

ah sorry. my autistic ass misunderstood

No. 1075034

Your guess is as good as mine. Ramsay health - it’s private - they have a lot of hospitals around Australia, Google it - you will be shocked - how new farm clinic is still operating (as an ex patient) is beyond me. It is absolutely ludicrous.

No. 1075037

File: 1604529320715.png (7.89 MB, 1242x2208, 898A57CE-B4D7-4C28-B4FE-5B2E18…)

Ganer is so obsessive about not gaining fat while she’s “bulking” (I use that term very loosely lol) that she’s monitoring her blood sugar. Some bodybuilders do do this, because higher blood sugar levels cause your body to store more fat, but it’s really not necessary at all if your diet is good. More importantly though, her “coach” is being super irresponsible by encouraging this kind of obsessive behavior for an anorexic. Being this scared of gaining an ounce of fat is definitely not recovered behavior.

No. 1075043

she really can't get enough of tagging him

No. 1075044

Anyone have any idea how much this Callum charges for what he does with Ganer?

No. 1075046

Woah, she looks like she's gained a lot in the recent video and it was still 4 months ago? Wonder what she looks like now..

4.2 is pretty low anyways. Nothing to be proud of.

No. 1075050

File: 1604530047977.jpg (386.86 KB, 720x1412, Screenshot_2020-11-04-22-47-05…)

Well he posted her

No. 1075052

does ganer have a job?

No. 1075054

File: 1604530250810.png (60.9 KB, 460x517, Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 4.45.…)

There's no prices for 1-on-1 coaching. The 30 minute consultation is £60.

No. 1075055

File: 1604530281288.png (170.03 KB, 1134x842, Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 4.45.…)

And this is for their website.

No. 1075061

File: 1604530779203.jpg (86.67 KB, 1191x739, Capture.JPG)


Oh look, Calum just checked his bank balance.

No. 1075066

Whoa what's going on with her hip on the left side? Did she Photoshop it?
Seriously she still looks way too thin

No. 1075070

I think it's the pose that's making it look weird. When she's wearing the string bikini there's a tendon that pops out. She doesn't look strong at all.

No. 1075075

Honestly wtf does she do? How can she afford this and her expensive protein powders AND her MORTGAGE? Even a law grad with a high pressure (can't handle not going to the gym) job at a firm (that allows her to be a personal trainer at the same time?) couldn't give her the deposit necessary. Is she from a Molly-wealthy family?

No. 1075077

File: 1604531854669.png (22.99 KB, 492x252, ganergainsmoney.png)

She hasn't used her law degree for anything as far as I can tell.

No. 1075078

is this a lot? whats the general price for a personal trainer ?wondering how she affords all this.. does her family pay for her like the other cows' do? maybe she has online sugar daddies who have a spoop fetish

No. 1075083

with a face like that? i don't know about that, though i guess it worked for dasha

No. 1075087

There’s no cow who be the brains kek

No. 1075095

File: 1604533452324.png (549.46 KB, 934x444, tn.png)

I saw that too. Next video title is going to be

eating takeout pizza! | anorexia recovery

Calling it right now

No. 1075103

smorven is a bit of a pseud, maybe she'd do?

No. 1075105

hold up, so she was discharged in may and gained everything back by july? that's not very elzani of you, molly

No. 1075111

please be kidding i beg

No. 1075112

i was being ironic jfc

No. 1075113

an anorexic no, but a former anorexic, sure. you sound like a sperg

No. 1075115

No. 1075122

rich coming from someone who doesn't know how to sage

No. 1075130

a lot of the extreme hunger recovery accounts on IG were never spoopy either. I don't think some of them ever had legitimate anorexia

No. 1075133

got any links?

No. 1075141

At that stage Molly wasn't a former anorexic, she was apparently a recovering one. You sound like you need to develop your comprehension skills.

Proud of her ~non compliance~

No. 1075164

Just so everyone here knows, what you are all saying is illegal and people are reporting you. It is punishable by law.
You are all just wasting your time. Whether people are faking an illness or not you are bullies.
Go get a hobby, gossip in real life instead of hiding behind a computer only getting up to eat and rub cream on your bed sores. Go discover the outside and get vitamin d. I hear it helps bitchiness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1075166

It's illegal to gossip about online personalities?

No. 1075168

Biology fail and government guidelines fail
>gossip in real life

That would be breaking the law for real. Posting on this board is not breaking any law.

There's the door…

No. 1075173

Proof or stfu.
No one goes to jail for gossiping about things people put on their own social medias.

No. 1075174

Oh no, the internet police are coming to get us!

No. 1075175

Consequences will never be the same!!

No. 1075181

sigh, i wonder which cow has got her WK on us and reporting us to the police or whatever. my vote is on that miha girl, forgot her name though

No. 1075182

This would be great advice for Porgie

No. 1075192

>hiding behind a computer

You want to tell us who you are then seeing how that's what you're doing?

No. 1075194

Ah yes the international police are going to traipse the earth taking down internet boolies one by one and incarcerate them in a global jail for people who break worldwide laws. Sounds like a shitty sci-fi plot line.

No. 1075196

>>1075194 ooh, can I be the lesbian in this story who's added for diversity points and dies before she does anything remotely gay?

No. 1075198

File: 1604545466186.png (1.55 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201105-030250.png)

Speaking of, she's taking a break from focusing on herself to update us.

No. 1075200

Not sure which token I'd fit but I want to be in this movie so I can wear a fantastic costume. I'm generally oppressed.

No. 1075210

Yes. One 17yearold guy in my unit who came into breakfast one morning and announced he was too fat and he was going to stop eating.
Lasted til lunch. Sometimes hospitalisation is the worst thing, ample attention for those who thrive on it.

No. 1075224

I'm a latecomer to the wannarexics threads, and have only known about Elzani in the last year or so. I pic searched her and fuck she looked so ill. A million miles from Molly.

No. 1075229

What law has been broken? Interested to know?

You fee fees being hurt isn’t a matter for the “internet police”

If you put your life all over Instagram people are going to have an opinion whether you like it or not.

Thanks for stopping by hun!

No. 1075249

>that's not very elzani of you
anon this made me laugh really hard oh my god

No. 1075251

She really can't stay off her phone, geez
Cool lizard thing tho

No. 1075270

Maybe if she got put on topamax or wellbutrin she’d finally actually lose some weight and be confident and occupied enough to not need the incessant and embarrassing lies and asspats?

No. 1075273

What she doesn't realize is that the lizard is mocking her, and doing exactly what it saw her doing inside.

No. 1075313

Ok, here's the thing with NF. They are genuinely beneficial in terms of recovery if you are willing to be a star patient, follow the program, work alongside them and show an active interest in actually overcoming your disorder and working towards becoming a contributing member of society.

On the other hand, they are a private health clinic - therefore they are driven by money and to them, the more admissions the better. They feed off fat cows like Georgia who have these complex selfish egos that believe everything that comes out of a (very well paid) doctors mouth is true blue. Porker's doctor clearly knows that Georgia thrives off the 'attention' she so desperately craves, hence why he orders so many admissions and treats her like a fragile waif. He couldn't give a flying shit if she was skinny, fat, pink, green, a rhino etc - as long as she supplies the funds, he gets his swanky mercedes and pays for his wife's fake tit implant surgery. As far as NF's concerned, it's people like Georgia that pay their bills.

No. 1075330

I wonder what the people around her (Georgia) make of these multiple admissions? Like her family & friends (does she have any besides the NF lot)

Personally if she was my relative I’d be having a fucking word.

No. 1075332

yes, all the anons here are obese and jealous of all the dainty waifs.

No. 1075346

when’s the meet up happening

No. 1075352

1 minute in to Molly's pastry video and I'm already annoyed as fuck. The sounds and faces she makes.. I just can't watch this. If she acted normal she'd be so much more likeable

No. 1075373

File: 1604573374599.jpg (32.63 KB, 880x452, faker.jpg)

Without the camera I expect she's a lot less loud and dramatic. I can see why it pissed her off that nobody at uni had time for her. She wants to be the focus of her family. She's like a psychic vampire. Fifteen minutes in her company would leave a person drained.

Nothing about her videos is authentic. If it didn't say ANOREXIA RECOVERY and she didn't mention it, it'd just be a couple of YAs eating a lot in their kitchen.

There's no process of recovery being shown at all. She says she's scared, she takes a bite and goes wow yum amazing mmm, punches the air, claps, wide eyes etc and bam! she's conquered her fear of something she obviously didn't fear. So she goes in for seconds. Throw a few cliched recovery phrases in it (accompanied by Molmummy chipping in) and that's all it is.

As annoying as any recovery person is, a cow or youtuber, they're so real compared to Molly. Sorry for saying you're dull, autistic and not gaining weight (in the recent past), Elzani. It took a squeaking fake Oxford undergraduate with shit spelling to show me your struggle was real. (But get a therapist?)

No. 1075377

Hahahaha golden!!
So much truth

No. 1075381

Assuming another nf anon?
We all know her Dr drives around in his perfectly placed Mercedes and number plate to match - just in case you didn’t realize it’s his car of course - but you are correct - he couldn’t give two flying fucks about any of his patients - ran into him on DT’s at a triathlon once - wanted the ground to swallow me while right then and there - he sees the perpetual patients who are “so very complex” when in reality - they just need a real fucking dr and they would actually get their lives back - but nf + foxcroft + Leanne + Theo = alllllll the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

No. 1075383

Why has NF's never been done for malpractice or been investigated. The majority of reviews for this Foxcroft bloke are really bad

No. 1075385

molly's family literally clapping and cheering when she finishes a pastry. this girl thriiiiiives on the attention. she wouldn't even bother with these "challenges" if the whole molfamily didn't praise her for literally every bite. also, molmum literally having to tell molly how to eat a brioche. to the point where she tells her exactly where to take a bite. seriously?! girl can't pour cereal, can't even take a mouthful of food without mummy telling her where to bite. no wonder she had to find an excuse to come running home from Oxford. and no wonder she developed "anorexia" without molmum there to teach her how to eat.

No. 1075394

File: 1604578116794.jpg (51.55 KB, 1392x223, cult of molly.JPG)

Oh god. People are naming their bloats. From mpa.

No. 1075395

no fucking way, link pls

No. 1075397

Not sure if the link's going to work. There are lipstick emojis in it??
Oh, it might work. This girl is actually thin though.

No. 1075398

>>1075385 My favourite part was when her mum said she was impressed about how decisive she was odering the pastry and molly's eyes widen, it looks like she literally thought, oh shit, thats not anorexia behaviour. (its at 11:40 btw)

No. 1075400

I noticed that too, it's like for a second she looked scared her mum would realise it's all fake.

No. 1075405

i'm surprised people on MPA aren't hating on her. i remember a lot of users on there being very critical of elzani.

No. 1075409

File: 1604580449770.jpg (44.14 KB, 1376x415, Capture.JPG)

That's because for a while E still looked spoopy after saying she ate loads. There's one more reference to her. Eyes roll again. I always search our cows on there to see if they pick up on them, but so far Molly's barely left a scratch.

This is from the thread "recovery youtubers". Molly's going to be doing her orgasm face and noises when she sees she's in the same list as her heroine.

No. 1075410

What Mia Did Next should absolutely NOT be grouped with elzani and molly, that girl actually has her shit together

No. 1075411


Anyone else notice that Ella Mae deleted all her vids? She probably saw our comments on it in the last couple of threads

No. 1075413

omg, you're right, she did! i can't even find her Instagram…

but comments about her in this thread were scarce, no? still, I think it's for the best she's not filming herself while in recovery (I think she is a genuine anorexic, unlike someone…) and I hope she truly recovers.

No. 1075472

File: 1604592392504.png (460.8 KB, 720x1071, Screenshot_20201105-160304~2.p…)

Real recovery from Maria.

No. 1075474

File: 1604592680488.jpg (48.11 KB, 634x422, hissingferalcat.jpg)

Speaking of cows

No. 1075478

How long has she been in recovery/relapse cycle now?

No. 1075480

Aw I hope she is getting better. OP pls post if she updates she won't accept my follow request

No. 1075490

Sure. I'd post her regularly but it's usually a coffee cup or animal face selfie.

I feel bad saying this because she's genuinely I'll, but she irritates tf out of me. Some of the videos she posts are really unhelpful for anyone trying to recover, I imagine. Crying about wanting to binge. Yep, that's the reality but she streams her breakdowns.

No. 1075498


No. 1075528

Hate to be a debbie downer but the twins will never recover, sadly.

No. 1075595

File: 1604601047698.jpg (854.18 KB, 1080x1747, 20201105_202847.jpg)

Elzani is on that intuitive eating train it seems.

No. 1075603

>when you run out of binge food and have to delude yourself into believing having straight bread with ketchup is healthy intuitive eating

No. 1075609

It’s obvious that Molly just wants to be a food-centric vlogger like grackle. And maybe if she was more likeable and acted like a relatable uni student it could work for her but she just had to go down the elzani route. But I do predict that she’ll try to abandon the recovery thing and become a regular vlogger

No. 1075618

File: 1604602087297.png (1.46 MB, 828x1792, 4E336992-1142-4204-A483-B990C8…)

So, this whole fight started because skinny.getting voted Green Party and tinybakedbean called her an idiot…. this bitch loves fighting with people like this but what was interesting is her lolcow comment… I bet she’s a farmer or at least lurks here often. But it’s funny she doesn’t deny being a wannarexic, just that she doesn’t care about opinions of others

No. 1075619

File: 1604602115253.png (1.74 MB, 828x1792, 2FA8903C-162D-4C75-9446-BA9C0C…)

And pt 2

No. 1075622


No need to watch it. Here is what happens:

>eating takeout pizza! | anorexia recovery

Molly: (sings) Piiiza chaaallenge. Scaaaary. I haven't had a pizza for ages.

Jamie: Piiizahh p p pizzorrr cha-llenge (accompanied with a stupid dance)

Molly: Oh my gosh, this is SCARY. Mum, which one shall I try? They're all so scary!!!

Molmum: Dah-ling! You can chose any. You can eat anything you want to. It's your anorexia that's telling you you can't.

Molly: B-but I don't feel like I deserve it.

Jamie: You DO deserve it. I give you permission to eat it!

(Hugs Molly and another over familiar kiss cuddle)—Eventually decides with help—
Pizza arrives at table:
Molly: Woah wow look at this BAD BOI, it's so scaaaary. Cheese is scary. Why is cheese scary? Golly gosh, the crust is scary. How much do I eat?

Molmum: As much as you want to, darling. You're far from recovered. You're sickly and frail and must never leave my side ever again.

Molly: LOOK! OH MY GODDDD! It smells AMAZING. The cheese is so melty and scary. Where to I bite? Into the cheese or the crust?

–milks it for ages—



Molmum: But you are! You're very brave.

(Molly is on to her 2nd slice)
THIS IS SCARY BUT SO GOOOOOD. It's like those pizzas we had when we went to Rome and then Milan the following year!


(Molly licks the crumbs from the table and eats one olive that rolled under the table)

Molmum: I'm so proud!

Jamie: I'm proud of you ~more hugs and kisses~

Molly: Now I can have pizza anytime I want to! We have to keep repeating the challenge of a scary food.

Molmum's Jerry Springer moment: Sometimes you may fall down, darling. The discomfort is where change happens, where we evolve. Where we turn that weakness into strength. The struggle that you're going through is part of the process and you will make it through.
(Meanwhile Molly is licking the morsels from everyone's plate before showing us Belinda the Bloat).

The End.

No. 1075625

oops no sage sorryyy

No. 1075639

>>1075622 im pissing myself, anon, this is gold

No. 1075643

I forgot the part where Molly and Jamie say how pizza reminds them of childhood and also the BONUS garlic bread and potato wedges with baba ganoush and a hybrid hummus dip.

No. 1075649

No one cares, can we not talk about politics on this thread. Also people keep posting that bean girl but it’s just drama nothing milky

No. 1075651

Great! Another bland middleclass girl vlogging in oxford. Who fucking cares.

No. 1075655

lmao spot on, anon. Let's add this to the bingo when the video drops! Honestly think ~30-50% of this will be direct quotes from the video.

No. 1075657

>except I kiiiilled it and did 6 by accident
No, you overate.

Just can't curb her excitement in that picture, huh?

It seems like her mother knows, at least to some degree, that Molly is faking or exaggerating her "condition". That being said, she also seems like the kind of middle class mother who thinks her children can do no wrong, aren't capable of lying whatsoever, and will do anything her children ask of her, so it's unlikely there will be a confrontation about it any time soon.

No. 1075697

File: 1604608575309.jpeg (301.39 KB, 828x1708, 7598274E-AA8C-4A4A-B153-0E7AE7…)

Risking my privilege of being a “close friends” (still to this day dk why I am, never talked to her much).

Smorvy has been taken up a bed first in EDU and now in an intensive unit and she ain’t got plans to make it out of there. Zero compliance, constant complaining about everything (eg the fact that her 1:1 is sitting at arm’s length…yeah babe that’s what you get for being a pain). Everyone is horrible, life couldn’t be any darker and she’s basically being abused by not letting her kill herself. Claims to sleep only an hour or two at night, every night. Swallows batteries. The list goes on…

Isn’t it wonderful though that she has the capacity and energy to post all of this on a regular basis, nicely accompanied by stickers and the obligatory self-harm selfie?

No. 1075703

you have to be a member to see this…anything to tell us anon?

No. 1075713

File: 1604610139781.jpg (321.94 KB, 1080x1341, 20201105_212014.jpg)

So yesterday Ganer said that she has to rest for 4 days..

No. 1075716

Not wk'ing as I agree with everything said here but the whole 'eat whenever you spend even a second thinking about food' doesn't just come from molly it's big in with the whole recovery community, blame Tabitha Farrar. Fair enough this thinking is great with newly recovering actual anorexics, but for people with mild ed it seems to very easily turn into an excuse for binge eating, pretty much all of Molly's MO comes from Tabitha.

No. 1075717

File: 1604610201745.jpg (517.52 KB, 1080x1749, 20201105_230306.jpg)

But this doesnt look like resting

No. 1075721

There's no way she's resting for 4 days. Her idea of keeping herself busy on rest days is spent walking around, which she so proudly posted in a previous story. Congrats ganer, such an inspiration #strongnotskinny

No. 1075722

I'm pretty sure deload doesn't mean rest in all fairness, but gainergains DESPERATELY needs to rest her body for 4 days.

No. 1075724

Jeeesus! I saw her post that she got moved to a picu unit without her being told beforehand. Whether this was before of after the move, you can see why they moved her

No. 1075731

File: 1604611213789.png (1.77 MB, 1914x899, no one.png)

Nothing much apart from her being inspired to name her bloat. Typical mpa ana, strange body checks, obsessed with bloating, other members thinks she's AMAZING! heart eye emojis, likes to be act 2c00l4skool. Nothing special, but the Molly thing made her stand out.



It was lolcow that made me join! Found the board when someone posted Ash on 4chan years ago and linked here, the rest is history. Signed up at mpa to look at stuff about her and then Erica and all the other cows here.

That coach needs to tell her she doesn't look buff, she doesn't look like she's making progress. She looks scrawny but has odd shaped thighs. He can't need her money that much. She'd ruin his reputation.

No. 1075732

File: 1604611270060.jpg (654.68 KB, 810x2123, 20201105_151931.jpg)

Things are at their worst for Ganer when the gym is closed. Must be nice to only have problems like that
>also the hashtags

No. 1075734



are you sure ganer?

No. 1075735

File: 1604611423004.jpg (64.9 KB, 1010x1010, Gym-Sweaty-And-Spoopy-Skeleton…)

Ganer left her sweatshirt at the gym.

No. 1075738

OMFG this is so spot on. I can hear their voices. Not enough "SCAAARY"s and stupid inside vine jokes between molly and HILARIOUS jamie tho. I swear their relationship is bordering on incestual at this point.

No. 1075741

I even have an account and it says I can’t view the thread because I don’t have enough posts kek

No. 1075744

File: 1604612069201.png (3.04 MB, 2173x1895, yearofgrowth.png)


January 1st vs November 3rd

No. 1075751

Dear Farmhand,
Jsyk it was pages of a website so nuh.

Oh god I remember there were sections you couldn't see if you hadn't posted. It wouldn't be a lot of posts you needed for access or I wouldn't have bothered. I should look what I wrote, but it would've been a load of balls. I didn't even have to bother with the introduction thread. Just write some shit or some eye heart emojis or tell someone they're goals.

No. 1075752

Spot the difference.

No. 1075756

File: 1604612494548.jpg (1010.08 KB, 1080x1920, 20201105_213925.jpg)

And yet she acts like she had no idea she'd be moved to the PICU. She always has to lie about and slag off the NHS.

No. 1075757

Even the lump on her right side is exactly the same.

No. 1075758

File: 1604612601223.jpg (102.6 KB, 1653x465, Capture.JPG)

Hey, I found the growth! It's on her shoulder.

No. 1075769

oh yeah that totally warrants new expensive sports bras /s

I need to get a job at m&s too

No. 1075776

Wonder what dept she works at M&S. If she's not in the food, she's going to be off for 4 weeks with all that time doing legs at home.

No. 1075779

All I remember about her is she lost all her teeth to bulimia
She's kinda milky but she also makes me sad

No. 1075784

christ that's grim, ffs swallowing batteries? this is the one picture where i've actually seen face scratching look disturbing instead of comedic (i.e laura)>>1075756

No. 1075788

Honestly I find her beyond annoying. Pretending to be on this high horse. Calling most of her followers fakes or pro Ana or wannorexics. Saying that everyone is childish for posting rant or talking about their eating disorder on their account but then she’ll turn around and boast about how’s she’s gonna liquid fast for days to become a ~skinny legend~.She has such a double standard and I wish someone would take her down a few pegs. But she doesn’t really belong on here

No. 1075798

File: 1604615363167.jpg (36.49 KB, 740x422, jaysus.jpg)

Pray harder!

She must be really out of her depth being put with "very unwell people" /s

No. 1075818

Fair enough. We can keep talking about the same thing over and over, fine with me. The posts weren’t even about politics but pointing out someone else who was posted here as a self poster. But whatev

No. 1075858

File: 1604619743042.png (7.47 MB, 1125x2436, 324D8447-116E-4C42-9A2D-88FE76…)

Anyone else not surprised by this ones admission that the tube “just makes it easier” and “the shocking exciting news” SHE DOESN’T HAVE GASTROPARESIS that she has been screaming from the rooftops about!?
Keep collecting your daily packages with all the money you aren’t earning from all the work you aren’t doing you warrior … don’t forget to keep slamming those sugar free soft drinks!

No. 1075864

Is this another self post? kek

No. 1075867

Molly needs to put "wannarexia recovery" in her youtube titles tbh

No. 1075869

whats with these uk people acting like units are actively killing them? savingshan, katbeatsanorexia all tear themselves up and then act like the unit did it to them

No. 1075910

The cows aren't representative of the majority of psych inmates.

I know there are some truly shitty staff on psych units (the prison equivalent of vinegar tits), but, again, most get on with their job despite being faced with this type. In fact, watch UK prison docus and the younger inmates play up almost identical to the cows.

Theory is they're not paying for treatment so act up and blame the way they're treated (not given enough attention) because the units are understaffed. Also play up for insta. They wreck their faces because it gets them admitted without having to pay for treatment and it keeps them in hospital because that's where they want to be.

There's always a them and us dynamic with patients Vs staff, but they take it to the nth level.

Only my theory but the scale of attention seeking behaviour went OTT over the past 15(roughly) years.

No. 1075916

Not a self post - a fellow Aussie anon that is bemused by the lengths this people go to to seek attention and arse pats - not surprisingly they’re all in the same state.. Georgia, Shay, lee, Ashlee.. and while the rest of us are paying taxes and for these humans to sit on their arses playing sick all day - it gets old.

No. 1075921

She self posted in the last thread. Can't be sure now.

No. 1075925

Example of a young prisoner who gains attention by constantly making ligatures to choke herself. From 8.24

No. 1075941

holy shit who takes a pic like this for any reason other than attention

No. 1075950

she's annoying af and still spoopy, but i'm glad there is some upward progress.

No. 1076100

…what upward progress are you seeing, anon? She looks exactly the same.

Deload doesn't always mean rest, it can mean just doing lighter workouts for a few days. But i'm laughing at her thinking she needs to "deload." From what, 10lb dumbbells?

No. 1076146

I'm confused, she looks legitimately smaller in the second one? kek.

No. 1076185

So shocked! (Not!) Kek. I posted SS’s of her not long after her self post and it was ignored/assumed as another self post. I don’t get how she ISN’T seen as milky af.

No. 1076210

“I got my pump yayyyyyy” - genuinely excited - seriously!? Dresses like a 12yr old, cat obsessed, goes to a hospital because she’s got severe gastroparesis - and self discharged because they want to put her on Ed protocol - leaves with ng in situ because it’s totally not an eating disorder thing - a week later and tells the world that “the sooper severe gastroparesis” doesn’t exist - followed with a yayyyy… but still needs the ng because you know, you can’t order that on Ali express - milky AF

No. 1076231

File: 1604660438069.jpeg (649.48 KB, 1236x1863, 7C198052-5F55-4385-8B48-3AAB26…)

Anyone could take the hair out of their brush and make this post. These wannabe inspirational captions sound like thenextpaige

No. 1076238

I don't know about that. Hair is one of the first things to get fucked up if you mess with your eating, you don't have to be a superspoop to lose a lot of it.

Also clean your brush

No. 1076239

File: 1604661038795.jpg (380.54 KB, 1011x1479, Screenshot_20201106_111014.jpg)

It be a shame if someone was to show and tell him the things she was doing on cbate and mfc for people. Shame that he looks like a cuckold though(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1076240


Hair loss is a very common side effect and it’s obvious that she was very malnourished back then. I don’t think she’s exaggerating

No. 1076246

the profile pic of that account is them both shirtless…classy

No. 1076282

poor guy is in for a wiiild ride, though he probably has some spoops in his closet agreeing to date such an absolute trainwreck

No. 1076290

File: 1604671622142.png (341.61 KB, 715x1184, Screenshot_20201106-140302~2.p…)

Ganer could be heading to this gym right now. They're staying open even though they've just been fined £1000 after a visit from the rozzers.

Where's his orange boiler suit?

No. 1076300

spotted mary on campus, she looks pretty normal with a big coat and baggy trousers but when i see her, all i can think is how she struggles to even wash according to her insta?? i saw her in the library and can’t get my head round the fact she’s doing her DISSO

No. 1076302

has there been anything new from bella/thaneofwindhelm lately? can't find her account and don't remember if she changed her url

No. 1076303

even more incredible considering she can barely string together a sentence in the comments of her instagram

No. 1076315

Does she not display any of her crippling OCD traits in public? Does her hair ever look greasy? Hdoes she smell bad, because if she doesn't wash, wear deodorant or wipe she's going to whiff, right?

No. 1076368

File: 1604680938177.png (116.46 KB, 720x895, Screenshot_20201106-163859~2.p…)

I rarely visit Aly's insta, but when I do her paid comments are always funny, esp when she replies to them. Today she's being OTT and bringer of doom about Italy's lockdown. Her comments.

No. 1076386

I thought she was an adult-so why picu?

No. 1076391

the cut-off is at ~21-22 y/o i believe, anybody know how old smorven is?

No. 1076396

psychiatric intensive care unit

No. 1076408

Cut off for adolescent units is 18 in the UK. As >>1076396 said, the P stands for Psychiatric, not Pediatric. They're the end-of-the-road wards for people like Morven: eating disorder units rarely restrain patients because of the physical risks, and general units will send you to a PICU if they're having to restrain or forcibly administer medication too often. PICU's are made for the Morven's of the world, and also those who are seriously ill with psychotic disorders and can't be managed on a general psych unit.

No. 1076414

Kek, anon.
It always amazes me, the picture she tries to paint to the outside world. She's probably the most frustrating and difficult patient on the ward. She requires constant 1:1 observations within arms length, is non-compliant in every single way she could be, requires constant room searches, requires trips to the genera hospital that necessitate private escort vehicles and 2x staff (expensive night out!) and yet bad-mouths the people and service keeping her alive, every chance she gets. She complains about other patients, yet I can guarantee she is one of the noisiest when having a "meltdown", likely hurts people trying to restrain her to stop her fucking herself up, and has probably caused the alarms to be pulled enough times to piss off or distress all the other patients.

No. 1076469

Is that salt and Miralax in the windowsill? This bitch needs to develop an identity outside her ED, jtfc

No. 1076481

There's not much to work on though is there. There's nothing interesting about her.

No. 1076533

File: 1604694445127.png (1.9 MB, 1914x851, Untitled.png)

Face scratching looks to be a global thing. This one was suggested on ig. Not much to work on because not many posts, but she loves the paraphernalia. She uploaded a tiktok of her ng tube machinery. I'll keep my eye on her because she might be milky. Posting for the face scratch pandemic and cringe bio.

No. 1076541

I’ve know someone who was IP with her and apparently that’s exactly what she’s like lol. I usually take that sort of gossip with a pinch of salt but it didn’t surprise me to be told she’s a total monster. If it takes PICU with some really unwell, probably floridly psychotic patients to stop her attention seeking they should keep her there. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes (and let’s be real, if she didn’t need the NG that’s likely where she’d end up anyway)

(thanks to close friend anon btw!)

No. 1076572

File: 1604697225224.png (1.1 MB, 1432x853, can i join ur cult?.png)

I’ve noticed this too lol. From time to time I go through hashtags like 'sectioned’, ‘inpatient’ etc. etc to look for potential cows- and it is absolutely chuffed full of head-bangers/scratchers. This was 100% not the case like a year or two ago. Maybe its like a repeat of the whole cutting craze? One ~spechuul~ not-like-the-other-girls type sees someone doing it, sees another girl doing it and so on?

Pic-related is a random example from tiktok to illustrate what i mean (blurred cause the milk is mild and they’re not pro-an scum).

No. 1076588

File: 1604698979030.png (646.8 KB, 681x864, honhonhon.png)

Holy shit yes, she's like a more over-dramatic french Georgia
>when you try to make tiktoks on downers
(does anybody here speak french? i'd love to know what this little meltdown was all about)

No. 1076594

She’s another cow who has an NG toob because she refuses to eat but cause she’s fat now she suddenly has gastroparesis and irritable bowel and can’t eat. Even tho her toob goes to her stomach just like eating does and ibs doesn’t make people not able to eat. Cows and munchies are the only ones who get fat on tube feeds, people who need them just get to a normal weight since they’re not eating shit on top of the tube feedings.

No. 1076599

All her "thinspo" (she was hardly underweight from the looks of things) is from when she was 14 kek. She's 22 now, so much like georgia she's been larping an ED for 8+ years

No. 1076612


Video of her and her stuffed lion with a tube…
She has a video of her favourite NG stickers.
In her story she says she has Anorexia and Bulimia and makes a big deal about having to gain 12kg in hospital.
She changes her own tube now. I haven't gone through all her videos but she doesn't really explain (so far) why she is in hospital.
Has a recovery tattoo (not the NEDA symbol)

No. 1076613

File: 1604701126564.png (663.17 KB, 720x818, Screenshot_20201106-221207~2.p…)

I'm slsowing the speech down becamuae I can only understand french when it's written or not spoken fast. Hopefully french anon can help.

Her gf is the other one here. A "influencer".

Yeah, she's got anogeorgierexia.

No. 1076628

My French is really rusty but here's what I understood, I suppose I got the gist of it:

[People make videos about me so here's my response]

You know what? I've had enough. If you don't believe you can unfollow me and that's it. Leave me alone because I can't deal with it anymore. I'm asking you leave me alone and stop everything [the bullying igs] because I can't anymore okay. Leave me alone. If you don't believe me you can unfollow me, leave, do what you want, I don't care. But leave me alone please.

No. 1076632

File: 1604703326414.jpg (Spoiler Image, 302.01 KB, 1080x2028, Screenshot_20201106_224927.jpg)

Yes I've been following this one for a while because she is an absolute Trainwreck. This is from her old profile that she deleted but whilst inpatient she was smoking and set fire to her pyjamas…kek so she posted pics of her tiny body and the damage the fire had done. Then a few weeks later she said that she was going to commit suicide because of all the hate she got. Side note: she Photoshops celebrities into pics with her and pretends she's met them. Anyways she did a live where she threatened she was about to kill herself but it got 'reported' so she remade her profiles.
The backstory is that her mum pimped her out to her stepdad one time for €50 and she then went into the depths of anorexia….

No. 1076641

Thanks. I was on a rabbit hole reading comments and looking at her other shite with her voice on loop trying to pick out what she's saying. I'm trying to piece things together. This one definitely has milk.

No. 1076643

Apparently some girl edited one of her videos and it upset her.

No. 1076645

No. 1076651

Idk if anyone cares, but the girl julienne called her out for being fake. Using photoshop to put people in pics to make them look like friends when they were randoms on ig. Calling out her fake illnesses. She uploaded a tiktok saying she found a video of her at 15 years old and it was that Kate Kusmina girl.

No. 1076652

Thanks anon! Hmmm, wonder if we can find who's making videos about her on IG? Maybe it'd give us some more context? This sounds like another investigation for team autism.

No. 1076657

LMAO, do you know if she has more accounts other than the instagram/tiktok other anons linked? This milk is something else.

No. 1076663

No. 1076664

she is now koneko_yuri

No. 1076679


Kek @ the AliExpress. Reminds me of when Amy Lee Fisher got her "best friend" (who was a 16year old anachan) to mail her NG tubes to use.

No. 1076681

I guess it's whatever is rampaging through the clinic at the time -or even the social groups. Self harm was like a contagion at my school, once one person did it half the class started. Ditto in IP clinic with self harm and overdosing on permitted excursions. I can bet you if someone had started headbanging then others would have joined in.

No. 1076683

File: 1604706695773.jpg (94.69 KB, 945x901, sophie.JPG)

This is >>1076632 's facebook https://www.facebook.com/sophie.brunot.7

Her ~influencer~ girlfriend has a tube also and bpd.

No. 1076685

Sorry for double post but fuck me she is huge and doesn't warrant that tube. France has excellent socialised healthcare with minimal insurance contributions, I wonder if she's under 18? Or if she just said all the right things.

Is that "backstory" real? If not it's disgusting. I met people who had been exploited like that IP, people suffering so acutely from things people meant to take care of them had done.

No. 1076688

File: 1604706954875.jpg (229.86 KB, 2048x1536, 73284486_437245353878240_54818…)

She's 22. This was October 2019

No. 1076729

honestly she just has a thin face and skinny legs, she doesn’t draw any attention otherwise. she doesn’t look or act strangely except for being aloof in seminars. if i wasn’t for her being posted on here i would never have guessed she’s as ill as she is, i was fully shocked and i feel like i’ve seen her naked now or something.

No. 1077001

If I knew her and found her ig, I wouldn't be able to resist doing something subtle to make it know I know how she lives. Only because past posts mention she thinks she's above everyone else in some way.
Nothing malicious. She must be embarrassed about how she lives but it's weird that despite OCD to the extent she doesn't do basic hygiene she seems like a regular person. Knowing she behaves as if she's okay makes her interesting.

Honestly surprised she doesn't stink, though. I'd feel weird if a cow popped up and it was someone I'd worked with or something. I'd ask for updates on sightings around campus but it seems she really does appear contrary to what she puts on her insta.

No. 1077102

File: 1604757104170.jpg (303.46 KB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20201107_134132.jpg)

We got an update from our favourite cube.
Basically sums up what was previously mentioned in this thread about patients Vs doctors. Says how she's been "incident free" (which has become abit of a catchphrase with these specimens, amiright?) but hasn't been allowed her teddy bear or toys in her room, despite having unescorted leave. Says she's back at square one after an incident, which was done in retaliation of not being allowed her ligature-risk-free toys. It's funny she's saying all this whilst playing with a necklace she's got around her neck. Hmmmm. Is the unit that dumb, or is she bullshitting? I'm thinking the latter. Just needed something to update her followers with.

No. 1077109

The unit isn't dumb, there's just no way she could use that necklace as a ligature. If she's telling the truth then she probably isn't allowed her toys because she hid contraband in them previously.

No. 1077118

File: 1604758951097.jpg (455.43 KB, 1080x1986, Screenshot_20201107-141754.jpg)

Smorven is apparently back in her old ward now, and has been responding to people calling her out on Tellonym in between complaining that she's in an empty room on the EDU.

No. 1077125

well no, because i’m not that much of a cunt to do that and i don’t want to keep adding updates on her on demand because she’s not milky irl, and it makes me feel creepy.

No. 1077153

It seems pretty obvious to me. All you need to do it is a hand with nails and a face. Bring hand to face, scratch scratch scratch, and you've got something going. It's the first thing you see when you look at someone. Very attention grabbing.

No. 1077197

File: 1604766839562.png (171.72 KB, 720x878, Screenshot_20201107-163240~2.p…)

Laura joined the no longer risk free club too

No. 1077198

I didn't say you should and don't do updates. You brought it up to begin with.

No. 1077209

God these 2 bounce off each other like anything

No. 1077214


She's excited they're moving to a new ward. Exciting times.

No. 1077224

Whoever wrote that to Smorven needs a medal.

No. 1077241

File: 1604770533218.png (592.19 KB, 796x1497, Screenshot_20201107-173316.png)

Scrolled and found Mary's story about why she's like this.

No. 1077242

File: 1604770594887.png (384.15 KB, 796x1092, Screenshot_20201107-173344.png)

Slightly incoherent but readable enough. I don't know what to think of her tbh. She's clearly still not functioning, yet anon says she seems to

No. 1077246

I hope it was worth it for her, got to bathe in attention and even appear in that bbc doc, but now essentially lives in a locked cell. Having someone with you 24/7 and "maybe" being allowed a visitor for christmas sounds like an absolute fucking nightmare to me, but hey each to their own i guess? Enjoy cow-jail tiny dancer~.

No. 1077250


1) How old was this male who wanted to get engaged to a 14 year old?

2) Why didn't her parents know this was going on? In your early teens your emotions are all over the place. A 15 year old being emotionally abused would be OBVIOUS to their parents.

3) Her friend went to the police, the rape came out, the stalking. He was slapped with a restraining order but her parents still don't know about it all??

(notpick, but she's at uni - double negative "haven't told no one" one O in "too", "slepted", "your" instead of "you're")

I say all this is bullshit for so many reasons. Crying emoji at the end, oh please.

Am I being harsh or could her life have been so fucked? Seriously?

No. 1077254

Idk i think its totally in the realm of possibility that she's a high functioning obsessive compulsive anorexic with stalking-paranoia. Stranger things have happened.

No. 1077257

It's certainly possible, but some parts don't add up to me.
a)he only raped her 4 years into the relationship? Obviously, I'm not questing it happened because I'm not that much of a dick but it just seems like am abusive bastard wouldn't wait that long
b) so she only ate high calorie stuff when she was with him? no veg, fruit etc. convenient

No. 1077277

LOTS of people get abused and their parents don't know.

No. 1077278

It's pretty standard PDU rules. Patients have to show they are using the therapy they are being given and essentially behaving to be allowed more freedom/ privileges/ leave.
If they just keep self harming or distrusting other patients they get moved to more restrictive levels. Partly because obviously they can't be around things they are going to self-harm with but also to motivate them to want to be progressing in their treatment.

No. 1077290

nitpick, but **nitpick

No. 1077299

File: 1604774889993.jpg (157.7 KB, 1387x841, 5.JPG)

Does she hoard hygiene products and just not use it?

No. 1077352

>distrusting other patients
What do you mean by this, anon?

No. 1077363

Typo. Meant disrupting other patients.

No. 1077369

her grasp of basic english language is extremely poor…

No. 1077413

File: 1604782544456.gif (6.88 MB, 480x351, DtMX.gif)

I noticed my TIPO, but cba to post a correction. Nur.

No. 1077433

Sorry, but how is it even possible for someone to be IP for 5 months and come out looking this spoopy? Was she never tooobed or but on a meal plan or something? Does anyone know?

No. 1077521


ED units in the UK seem to let people just hang around for a long time refusing to gain weight, whereas ED units in the US will either discharge noncompliant patients or commit them, depending on the medical situation. I don't 100% understand why the UK does this, because I'm not from there and have no experience, but I've observed it a lot on instagram.

No. 1077583

I went back to the beginning of her account earlier. She was tubed at BMI 13. I think that was under her admission weight.

Can't answer your question. I went UH WTF when she said she can only afford 5 or 6 sessions of CBT. Why private? Took some as on laptop but can't remember what. I'll post anything relevant.

One thing for sure, her intake hasn't changed since maybe 3 months into her account. Not at all. She LOST IP. NHS or moll private, at some point you get booted if you're wasting resources and kicking off (which she did).

No. 1077584

Took ss*
(Notpicker again lol)

No. 1077591

Meanwhile, Georgia taking much animated delight at loss of Trump. Three stories!
Psst, Georgia…when we change presidents or prime ministers…nothing changes.

No. 1077596

File: 1604797481911.png (1 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201108-004930.png)


No. 1077666

File: 1604802350974.jpg (167.29 KB, 1401x855, 3.JPG)

I think the disruptive behaviour would've had something to do with her being discharged still spoopy.

No. 1077705

>>1077591 what does politics have to do with her cow habits?

No. 1077712

>haven't stopped screaming or shouting yet
but somehow composed enough to post about it on insta? I don't get it

No. 1077745

She was screaming/shouting when she made the post, obviously

No. 1077778

Unless she was sectioned (5150 for you lot) she has a say in her treatment. Patients rarely go from sectioning to discharge too so she might have stopped treatment after coming off section for a bit. Not sure when that picture was taken though? Maybe she declined after hospital.

No. 1077812

They never stopped spaceship's choice of footwear being a part of her cowness.

No. 1077814


Yeah - what I'm saying is that in the US, if you refuse to comply with the treatment recommendations and/or don't make progress, they'll discharge you whether you want to stay or not, unless you're medically unwell enough that they can section/commit/whatever you. And if you're that sick and won't comply in whatever unit, then they send you somewhere where they can restrain you or keep you on 1:1 or whatever to ensure compliance. I have never seen someone allowed to refuse treatment for more than a week or so without either getting discharged or committed / sent to a more restrictive facility. And people definitely throw big fits about not wanting to be discharged.

I really don't understand why the UK, Australia, etc, seem to let people stay in inpatient units while refusing to comply with treatment. Maybe it's a difference between nationalized healthcare vs private healthcare, in that they're not worried about not getting paid for the treatment? But it seems like a really terrible use of resources and like it just feeds into the dramatic personality disordered bullshit.

No. 1077816

File: 1604824359063.png (2.56 MB, 828x1792, 913E84E2-9B2F-4980-864D-295F7F…)



I don’t think she gained anything on the unit and proved she can do better at home so they discharged her

No. 1077817

File: 1604824380067.png (1.25 MB, 828x1792, 50E5BC4B-56E6-45C7-89C0-103F60…)

No. 1077856

… what does this mean?

No. 1077860

So what was even the point of the section? Came in a spoopy af obsessive compulsive wreck, left 5 months later a spoopy af slightly less obsessive compulsive wreck +with a new distrust of the mental health complex. Nice job treating her guys, 10/10.

No. 1077864

I predict in a few years time, there will be a news article about her death and how she was failed by every unit of the NHS

No. 1077880

Honestly. She may be a cow, but in this case i suspect she's genuinely out to lunch. Unless someone steps in and actually treats her she's going to die sooner rather than later, as grim as it is to say.

No. 1077915

> if you refuse to comply with the treatment recommendations and/or don't make progress, they'll discharge you whether you want to stay or not,

this is partly for insurance reasons as well

in the US, unless you go to a private rehab facility (prohibitively expensive) they usually send you to a inpatient ED ward in a hospital where the main goal is weight restoration and discharge in <1 month

No. 1077917

forgot to sage sorry

No. 1077930

something which has always intrigued me is the lack of American cows. they also seem to be british or Australians. does anyone have any theories why this may be?

No. 1077935

Their cuisine

No. 1077939

That and hospitalizations are crazy expensive. Like bankrupt most working families expensive.

No. 1077946

Most mericans can’t afford to be tubed every few months, there wouldn’t be any Georgias in the USA.

No. 1077961

Same for Canadian cows. The healthcare system here doesn’t allow for it. If you’re medically compromised they’ll admit you to stabilize, and then if you continue to refuse treatment/are non-compliant (and over 18) they’ll discharge you - there are a lot of people waiting for eating disorder beds who are willing to put in the work so they don’t waste resources on those who aren’t ready.

No. 1077967

also there have been a fair few, they've just been banned (e&e) or become boring (ash, bella, etc)

No. 1077989

true, i can only think of the old tumblrina anachans, shmegeh lol

No. 1077990

> b) so she only ate high calorie stuff when she was with him? no veg, fruit etc. convenient
this. i mean anorexia can definitely be a coping mechanism of the abuse, but these are a little bit oddly specific excuses to not eat things…

No. 1077992

dont they have therapy in these units? isn't this something that should have been discussed with a therapist in advance, if the 'bad anniversary' would be such a risk for 'behaviors'?

No. 1078002

A lot of US treatment centers where AmericCows do cycle in and out of don’t allow mobile phone or internet access. There’s plenty of cows like Georgia and Smorven, but they can’t get the good tubed IP pics to post.

No. 1078070

honestly people LIKE the cows here definitely still exist even w/ insurance being different. having an ig account about it is a lot more rare but i don't think the cows are that rare

No. 1078085

It would probably be known that the anniversary was coming up. Staff can support a patient through this, however, if they act in a way that is unsafe for that unit/ use an item allowed on that unit to self harm (say a unit allows crafts but a patient uses craft items to make a ligature) then ultimately if the hospital has a more restrictive unit they will get moved there.
She needs to learn to be around items that could be risky without using them for that purpose - because that's what life outside hospital is like.
So if Laura wasn't able to use staff support/ stay in communal areas to keep safe on a difficult day then it would be decided that she needed to be on the more restrictive unit.

Bare in mind her service is specifically for personality disorders. It's aim is to reduce self-destructive behaviour (that lands people with police/ A&E) and show people they can manage their extreme emotions more independently.
You only end up in one of these long term treatment units if you're constantly in and out of acute psych/ A&E/ police section (where the police take you to a place of safety). It really has to be at a point where 12-24 months in a specialist hospital is actually cheaper than if the A&E/ police cycle continued!

No. 1078092

File: 1604869006086.jpg (252.15 KB, 1071x1726, 20201108_145559.jpg)

She always looks like a fish

No. 1078125

It's her eyes. They're similar to Georgia's. I can never tell what Laura wants people to think when they see her pic. Is she trying to look mental?

No. 1078169

File: 1604876493295.jpg (44.7 KB, 476x478, 8b2_LI.jpg)

Our favourite aspiring actress has been radio silent the past few days. It's been weird not seeing her post three stories for every snack. Maybe there's hope Molly's seen our criticisms of her "priviledge"? She does know about this site

No. 1078180

She's too busy learning to pour cereal and cut bagels and doing now biscuit challenges

No. 1078182


I was also going to comment on her silence. Especially since Sunday is ~baking day~ and she posts a story.

She's already been tipped by that insta account that keeps posting cow fan art and linking her.

We shall see…

No. 1078195

I think lifeofhxn was referring to her when she said someone was lying about how long they were IP

No. 1078229

It’s been deleted and I didn’t get a SS but anyone catch Chii’s stories asking people how she could profit from her account. Fucking eye roll. I find her so insufferable. She is still totally underweight and as much as she loves to sperg about her freedom, she is obviously nowhere near recovered!! She can barely eat in a fucking restaurant as far as I can tell. Extremely obnoxious and totally irresponsible. She suggested offering coaching/support, eating with people. Like seriously WTF chii? Trying to make money off of extremely vulnerable people when you don’t even have your own shit sorted.

No. 1078260

Anyone notice that Porgie is quiet whilst inpatient.

No. 1078265

She said she's taking the time to ~focus on herself~. I would've thought that'd be a mixture of hell and empty thoughts.

Whatever she's do - intensive 24/7 therapy for 30 years (her dream), bungee jumping, unlimited purchases from ebay or amazon, etc. she'd still return and within a week complain about being depressy and needing more ECT.

No. 1078279

File: 1604888898870.png (5.34 MB, 1170x2532, A86F5885-1058-4A58-8F6A-80DAF2…)

New cow. Always bragging about her boarding school. Apparently she has reseeding syndrome. She’s also a medical student, busy and clearly active. Such lies.

No. 1078280

Sorry my autocorrect changed it

No. 1078284

File: 1604889452786.jpg (109.88 KB, 1401x808, Capture.JPG)

looked at the page. What is it about the anas wanting people to draw them? Note, molly liked this.

No. 1078285

In psych and EDUs, everything is scheduled for you. Many patients find this a relief, but I can imagine someone with OCD as severe as Mary's finding it a nightmare.

No. 1078286

Sorry for doubleposting but KF has a Canadian cow right now who claims to be dying of anorexia/bulimia and makes Georgia look svelte. Lots of rants about how bad the healthcare system is there (how dare they not tube an obese anorexic).

No. 1078327

Oooo can you link? I’m Canadian and always looking for some local cows to follow

No. 1078353

Same. Love the Canadian cows and I live in a major city so I always keep an eye out for them lol

No. 1078397


Meet Ali. Cancer faker, pregnancy faker, terrible liar and definitely not anorexic.


No. 1078499

… how is this milky? Like at all? Girl doesn't seem pro, isn't toob-laping, isn't excessively oversharing etc. Other than some mild bodychecking, this is a reach imo. (Can i say i went to boarding school too if i lived in the rat-pit uni-dorms?)

No. 1078519

File: 1604930399884.png (6.24 MB, 960x2079, F5E0761E-B44F-4E66-B7FF-E88CA0…)

I have to say I’ve been waiting for her to come up for a while, constantly talking about how she was tubed, posting pictures of it constantly (particularly on TikTok), has the same molly-level privilege and private treatment with the same middle class obnoxiousness. Talks about how bad she got for ass pats but from her progress pics it doesn’t look like she had much to gain. Got into insta beef with a 14yo inpatient for posting body checks as ootd’s

No. 1078571

File: 1604935913953.jpg (449.83 KB, 720x1236, Screenshot_2020-11-09-15-31-14…)


No. 1078574

File: 1604935997835.jpg (349.52 KB, 719x1048, Screenshot_2020-11-09-15-32-36…)

No. 1078580

File: 1604936276121.jpg (639.71 KB, 2192x1082, 3mos.jpg)

7 August - 9 November

No. 1078584

She looks like a giant baby

No. 1078587

File: 1604937045630.png (582.5 KB, 505x767, muh traumatic withdrawal.png)

>muh traumatic withdrawal
Looks a loooot like generic prozac to me, Porgie.

No. 1078600

She checks into NF to switch meds when 99.9% of people do it at home.


No. 1078643

The difference between her pin prick pupils in august and how blown out they are now is amazing.
also >lol fat

No. 1078648

Definitely fat, giant male toddler look. Muh anorexia. We called her out that she is an ED faker (unless she admits to BED), so she’s now focusing on milking muh severe depression.

No. 1078651

If you actually had refeeding syndrome, you'd be in the hospital and getting really careful treatment for it because it's quite often fatal. Needing phosphorous supplements or whatever isn't refeeding syndrome, it's how they prevent you from getting it.

Claiming to have refeeding syndrome is just being melodramatic.

No. 1078653

File: 1604942165347.jpg (961.91 KB, 1080x1756, Screenshot_20201109-111003_Ins…)

She must be completely off instagram at the moment because she hasn't liked Elzani's new post. So out of character.

No. 1078655

Maybe she's run out of prerecorded content so she's freaking out about what to post on youtube

No. 1078663

I kinda doubt that's that reason why she's gone silent. She's probably upset that people don't believe she was as ~SiCk~ as she wants to think she was. Molmum is probably talking to her softly while Jamie hugs her and kisses her shoulder.

No. 1078677

What if she's "relapsing"?

No. 1078679

Oh, wow, think of the views she'll get if that's the case.

No. 1078691

File: 1604944887213.png (6.18 MB, 960x2079, 2DB70388-7DEC-43A1-A9F9-1DCD20…)

And is now naming her teddy after MyFitnessPal

No. 1078700

recovery qween

No. 1078711

(with tongue)

No. 1078713

YIKES. Again with the infantalism shit. What grown woman buys herself a stuffed animal?

No. 1078715

File: 1604946486013.jpg (501.25 KB, 720x1106, Screenshot_2020-11-09-18-26-37…)

Hope our farmers are eating better than N2F is tonight

No. 1078721

… What is she going to dip into that mustard?

No. 1078722

My brain can't decipher what those two different things nestled in the slop are?

No. 1078726

File: 1604947009653.jpg (552.08 KB, 1080x1734, 20201109_123550.jpg)

Probably the pasta

Here's the full description

No. 1078734

a whole ass spring onion. Is she gonna just chomp into it?

No. 1078739

> Consuming copious amounts of dairy in refeeding syndrome
> Not in hospital
> prancing about outside
Not an anachan but have researched the effects of starvation and cannot believe anyone with refeeding syndrome would be doing any of these things.

No. 1078741

did she just call that onion a CELERY STICK?

No. 1078778

File: 1604949414428.jpg (273.89 KB, 720x985, 20201109_190840.jpg)

>I'm way more compassionate and empathetic because of my experience with an ED
>I am the first girl in my unit to never shout at staff
I'll bet. This cow hasn't half got a high opinion of herself.
Though at least if Molly got spooked for good we'll have a new posh recovery qween that loves eat natural bars ready to take her place.

No. 1078796

No. 1078809

I looked at some of her "what I eat in a day" and
a) I might be underestimating but they look like 1500 calories, which probably isn't enough to gain on and
b) everyone is going off about FDOEs because of comparison etc

also her humble bragging about her fairly average marks and being a sooper special med student kek

No. 1078810

File: 1604951935253.jpg (277.07 KB, 1170x658, 20201109_195424.jpg)

I tried but I can't stand to listen to more than 5 seconds of her voice
(please excuse dodgy android photo editor app but I had to make this up)

No. 1078814

Why’s she so flushed?

She looks like she’s gained (aussies use kg right) at least 10kg.

No. 1078816

Sorry but did she expect the school to notice she'd lost her period? How would they know? Why would they know? Does she expect her teachers to check her tampons every month?

No. 1078817

looking through her instagram feed, it looks like she's maintained around the same weight for the duration of her ed
do we know what her diagnosis is?

No. 1078819

No anon she made sure to mention she got all a*s in one. Also that she went on a french exchange. And complaining that that she used to be the brightest, most "most special" (her words), or nicest person in all her classes until she went to med schol and suddenly everyone is like that and she can't outdo them! Grrrrr! Also pretending to be annoyed she hasn't gotten her boobs and bum back.

No. 1078820

from her sperging about boarding school, her housemistress should have noticed rapid weight loss especially since EDs are practically an epidemic at boarding schools but she's just power levelling here I think

No. 1078821

She’s got some major seroquel eyes

No. 1078822

has to be an-r. No way she'd be a yucky b/per

No. 1078824

Right, but it doesn't appear (at least from what she's shared) as though she ever lost a noticeable amount of weight

No. 1078825

File: 1604952696508.jpeg (285.17 KB, 828x780, 8ACAE3F7-5978-4DD9-9F39-A81B18…)

What the fuck

No. 1078828

yaaasss pop those non existent collarbones huntie

No. 1078830

Are we sure Georgia is only in her early 20s? I’m sure it can be easily proven and likely has already but I just have such a hard time wrapping my head around it, she looks far too old and all of her interests and references are from a completely different age group.

No. 1078831

Her age has been the topic of speculation before.

No. 1078832

File: 1604952992344.jpg (249.1 KB, 1600x492, Y0PpzSl.jpg)


the fees for her boarding school…

No. 1078833

I tried looking through past threads but there’s just too many. It’s very suspect.

No. 1078836

11k a fucking year, wow…For all us poorfags' speculation that it might be, Molly's school wasn't actually private. It'll be interesting to see what this new cow comes up with when she inevitably thinks about priviledge.

No. 1078837

Finally going through Porgies twitter for the first time as inspired by the other anon… potent lesbian vibes off this one, yeah? Explains a lot

No. 1078838

Now you made me want to dig through past threads. Wish me luck.

No. 1078839

samefag, £9,930 per term means twice a year right? As in over 20 grand per year all together? Sorry, I wouldn't know kek

No. 1078843

there's three terms in a school year isn't there?

No. 1078844

I thought there were four terms a year.
Spring term, summer term, autumn term, winter term.

No. 1078845

3 terms in a UK school year

No. 1078847

ah ok thanks I'm not from the uk and also retarded

No. 1078849

The cookie monster shirt is so appropriate for her!

No. 1078852

You’ll be doing all of us a heroic service, I regret that I quit participating in this thread around Georgia’s emergence. But the way she looks paired with the Buffy/Veronica Mars obsession is just too suspect. She reeks of elder millennial.

No. 1078861

File: 1604955522888.png (3.93 MB, 3372x2000, Timeline1.png)

Nah, i think it lines up pretty nicely. She's just aged like shit cause she treats herself like shit.

No. 1078863

She had pics at school on her FB which also confirmed her age. It was posted in way back threads.

No. 1078889

Jesus christ, now I understand how the anons who were convinced Kiki was in her 30s feel.

No. 1078907

>>1078852 OT sorry i cant help myself. veronica mars and buffy the vamire slayer? (veronica mars aired in '04, buffy ended in '03 )"She reeks of elder millennial" Gtfo.

No. 1078911

>Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in 2019) is considered a Millennial, and anyone born from 1997 onward is part of a new generation.

She's an infant Z.

No. 1078933

My aunts were really into Buffy and Veronica Mars and they’re in their early 30s now, dunno why that bothered you so much. She has unusual interests for a zoomer.

No. 1078938

File: 1604963094425.png (498.24 KB, 1914x911, Untitled.png)

>social media break

Posts on reddit.

No. 1078963

omg you would think she would have abandoned that reddit account after being exposed on it lol

No. 1078964

She did delete some of the stuff from her account and didn't post for a while. I guess she was hoping we'd forget.

No. 1078966

My fave post is where she claims 32kg at 158cm

No. 1078968

The Buffy reference above reminded me to check reddit because of her username. I thought she'd abandon it but nope. She likes to look at nude female bodies and watch My 600lb Life. LOL.

No. 1078971

Where's our mol i'm kinda missing her, this lockdown is fucking with me…

No. 1078976

Cabin fever and it hasn't even been a week, I know.

My theories about Moll's absence:
1) She found the posts here and is the only one ever to not self post or be her own WK on here (or send loads of followers over). For that I would doff my cap.

2)She's going to claim she's having ~bad body image~ or ~restricting~ so that'll give her some sympathy and material for later videos.

3)The novelty wore off and she's not bothering to build a career as internet star any more.

I'm not seeing any worried follower posts which is a bit strange. Idk, I'm a bit relieved there aren't any videos to Bingo with, but…lockdown…not much else to do. I'm not really into the other posh one. I like Molly's extreme fame hunger.

No. 1078979

We did have someone here telling us that what we're doing is "illegal." It doesn't really read like Molly. Maybe Hilarious Jamie? Or Molmum? She probably doesn't want to send her followers because they'd all realize how full of it she is.

No. 1078985

pop that collarbone porgie

No. 1078997

I'm putting bets on a "smol relapse" for that extra attention from her devoted fans.

No. 1078999

Not sure if we're allowed to leave the country (?) but maybe an impromptu holiday with the 'fam'. OR she's locked herself down. OR she's speaking to her fans on her phone after doxxing herself.

No. 1079023

File: 1604973615574.jpg (446.75 KB, 1080x2005, Screenshot_20201109-195852_Chr…)

She's locked down her Facebook page. The post from 2019 is the only one visible now.

No. 1079029

There you go then. She's realised the importance of privacy settings online. Bit late, mind. It's inevitable that they get tipped on this thread. They all like to ~look out for each other~, which I read as "creating some drama and making someone in recovery feel shit about themselves".

Before a WK spergs, we never called her fat.

Perhaps she'll make a new video about how people should protect themselves online, using her own experience. Not posting your phone number, for example.

No. 1079119

To be fair, even Prozac can be a bastard to come off if you've been on it long enough. But I'm surprised they're speeding her through it instead of tapering her doses slowly like they would if she wasn't inpatient.

No. 1079142

I strongly suspect she looked at the threads or someone tipped her off because remember the dog photo from last thread with her phone number on the tag >>1071695 I checked the dog insta and that post isn’t there anymore kek

No. 1079143

Samefag but also maybe that’s what that suspicious anon perceived as “illegal” about the threads

No. 1079146

Prozacs green and white. It is in the UK and googled for Aus and it's the same.

Switching from SSRI to another it to an SNRI isn't terrible. Sometimes you can do it straight away or leave it 3 days tops. Hardly massive brain zaps esp. when tapering and no reason to go IP to do it.

No. 1079147

The only crime was her stupidity. Oxford student ha.

No. 1079152

I'm starting to think she's lying about having ECT. Surely even new farm wouldn't give it to someone on a first line antidepressant? She should have been switched to an SNRI ages ago if she's so depressed

No. 1079175

I’ve thought this for a while!

There’s so many other appointments, procedures and tests you have to have here in Aus before they even consider giving you ECT (experience talking..)

And the Porgie we know couldn’t resist posting all of those interactions on the Insta, which makes me think it didn’t happen at all.
And why would they go from ECT to now considering TMS? Seems off to me.

No. 1079180

I vote for the celery (ew).

No. 1079207

Did anyone end up calling/messaging Molly's number? That's not illegal or anything but maybe a bunch of calls from random numbers tipped her off.

No. 1079234

I think it is a bit far too be contacting people like that.

No. 1079237

Yeah, I'm just wondering if anyone actually did.

No. 1079250

It's more likely a cow who lurks here sent her a message on insta. We all know Paris, for eg, finds info here. I see she follows Molly. Georgia. People from mpa. No doubt there would be anons crazy enough to call her number, but that's a creepy way to tip them off. The post with the threat of internet jail is more than likely connected to her going AWOL.

No. 1079260

File: 1605013666015.jpg (548.22 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20201110_130659.jpg)

Woah this almost looks normal! (.. minus the mustard)

No. 1079267

File: 1605014077687.jpeg (290.98 KB, 828x1713, 27223AF2-F740-4C3E-A24B-545045…)

Pretty scummy to go shitting on legitimate careers when you’ve achieved nothing beyond malingering in and out of NF for problems you’ve imagined into existence, Georgia. Mortuary workers make decent money.

No. 1079276

I missed her. No new bakes. Yeah, very normal beans on toast. What happened?

That's a good line of work to enter into. Satisfying to help the bereaved see their loved ones comforted by a final goodbye. Good money, too. No dear why she's looking for jobs. She cries depression after a week of typing up some internet radio blog.

No. 1079283

a real job would expose her to other people who would be intrigued as to why she needed high calorie foods 24/7

No. 1079293

File: 1605018156577.gif (9.76 MB, 600x1233, ganergainsquestionmark.gif)

Flexing those muscles.

No. 1079324

There's probably more muscle in her nan's flappy left arse cheek.

No. 1079335

File: 1605023758542.jpg (522.79 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20201110_155026.jpg)

Following up the mention of her grand scheme that someone posted above. >>1078229
Chii is going with patreon to milk her followers of cash with the oh so specialist guidance she's qualified to give out kek

No. 1079338

Also "investing more time, thought and energy than I already do…" have I missed something? What does she already do?

No. 1079340

hope they used a burner, the internet police are no joke!

No. 1079341

her grandpa died, f

No. 1079354

what was the milk with thenextpaige? i went back a good number of threads but couldn’t really find anything

No. 1079372

What did I miss? ( internet issues )

No. 1079385

Wow, haven't seen her in ages but she doesn't look like she's put on any weight in her face in all these years she's been at it. Of course people will still pay for her advice, though.

Oh no, RIP grandpa nourish. I hope N2F will be ok.

No. 1079402

OP. Pretty disappointed that she continued down the route of exploiting people for her totally unqualified bullshit. I had slight hoped that the fact that she deleted the stories meant she es other realized how scummy it was or a bunch of people messaged her calling her out. I did see another account make a story about how uncool it was but doubt she saw it. And you’re right anon she has not gained any amount of weight in many years nor have her behaviors changed dramatically. Maybe she’s doing less if her movement stuff, as she claims, but she does not appear to have made any major strides in a loooong time. Can’t believe people would be so stupid and naive as to PAY her for her opinion or support when she is clearly very far from fully recovered herself. Instead of investing her time and energy into scamming people for snack money maybe she should consider actually trying to recover like she preaches.

No. 1079461

Rant ahead sorry.
Generally speaking I don’t really care about Elzani, yeah she’s irritating but since she’s been doing better (I get she’s still obsessed with food but at least she’s eating a decent amount now and gained weight) I don’t think she’s that milky. Her latest bonfire/Halloween vid has really made me mad though.
“Blaise hates fireworks” proceeds to have an evening of fireworks in the garden.
Why the fuck would you put an animal through that?
It annoys me when anyone does fireworks tbh because it causes so much distress for animals, kids, vulnerable people etc but I do get that sometimes it’s people’s ignorance if they don’t know better. But they all acknowledged their dog is scared of them but proceed to let them off in their garden anyway? Fuck off

No. 1079472

Sadly that fits with what we know about her personality; she doesn't seem to have much empathy, or at least lacks awareness of other people. Look at the video about her Mum's cancer of when she was filming her sister being upset about the clothes not fitting. To be honest, I'd blame her parents for enabling her and not pushing her to realise these things aren't OK (like how they let her get so spoopy without intervening)

No. 1079478

Since mollys dog can talk, maybe it can help coach E's dog on coping strategies for living with an immature, self-obsessed and deeply annoying owner?

No. 1079487

they should form a support group with Nimbus

No. 1079504

She washed the plate! Hooray!

No. 1079518

One of them died not too long ago. Wasn't the RIP food her anniversary memorial? Could be confusing her. These cows all have bad anniversaries.

The mother attachment ones all have dogs too! Sorry, one is an "assistance dog". Dog's n mums of the thread.

No. 1079523

File: 1605042957017.jpg (478.58 KB, 1080x1632, 1604503422492.jpg)

I checked myself. Aww, sorry n2f.

This is the post from last thread.

No. 1079526

Speaking from experience, I get an autistic vibe from Elzani, it often goes undiagnosed in girls and would explain a lot of her behaviour/attitude towards people/her fixation with Taylor swift. not milky though let’s be real

No. 1079535

do you mean her possible autism or Elzani in general isn't milky? I think I'm in the minority here but I'm not going to consider her unmilky until she takes down or remakes the hospital 'DoCuMeNtArY'

No. 1079566

Please update your animal protection blog somewhere else.That was the least relevant thing about Elzani to comment on.

No. 1079572

While you're playing minimod perhaps you'd learn2sage unless your post contains milk.

No. 1079577

File: 1605046540137.jpg (31.08 KB, 363x264, Capture.JPG)

Second comment asking what's the deal with Moll's absence. It's a bit shitty of her not to give an update or reply even if she lies about why she's missing.

No. 1079587

welp either she decided to go AWOL from insta for a bit or something bad happened. hope its the former.

No. 1079589

File: 1605048097438.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, 50DBEB65-3E40-4537-AC77-F5D9AE…)

knew it, called cymbalta a few threads ago

No. 1079593

Why is she such a pussy? It's duloxetine, not heroin. Jesus. Why is she asking followers for advice when her doctor already gave her some.

No. 1079594

Can't get attention if you don't talk about it

No. 1079596

They should stick her on lithium. Why's she on an entry level SNRI?

No. 1079621

Yeah…I’m starting to think her ECT is bullshit. Doctors would try a bunch of different meds combos before going nuclear on her brain

No. 1079622

File: 1605050800133.jpg (482.14 KB, 1072x1949, 20201110_172544.jpg)

I can practically taste the smug. She must be jumping for joy that she's on lolcow again

No. 1079625

ffs you're not the victim here chii. this could potentially be really harmful to your 'patrons' . How long has she been in 'recovery' now?

No. 1079633

Chipmunk cheeks or chewing Haribo?

No. 1079636

an anachan who comes here but doesn't contribute to the chan-board gossip I'm sure, many such cases!

No. 1079640

Chii is such a narcissist.

No. 1079641

File: 1605051660764.jpg (257.89 KB, 1080x1652, 20201110_173944.jpg)

She started the account in 2015, so I guess at least 5 years.

No. 1079642

Who possibly told her this was a good idea? She constantly moans about how lonely she is and has no friends so she decides to charge people to talk to her? I'm curious how successful this venture will be

No. 1079643

she wrote a egotistical "book" and charged people for it going on about her ED and now she is back IP of course for t00bs and fun.

No. 1079647

she must be a fucking nightmare to medicate if she throws a several day long fit about coming off a med as mild as duloxetine lmao jfc

No. 1079650

Is it even legal for her to be giving unqualified advice for cash? Must read up Patreon's rules.

No. 1079659

This is in response to me posting that she wouldn’t be having ect if she’s on Prozac as per her pic holding up her meds…but yep you don’t read here Georgia. Also you still aren’t having ect.

No. 1079662

Georgia should ask on reddit. If she can tear herself away from the nudes.

No. 1079668

This is the same “clinic” who tube her when she decides she doesn’t want to eat her streamed veggies.

I wouldn’t put anything past them, more fool her letting them frazzle her brain.

It’s all about the dingo dollary doos they don’t give a flying fuck. Hell they’d prob agree to give someone underweight a gastric band if they had the funds.

No. 1079672

You’re probably right, I guess I just prefer that she’d be lying than that even a private hospital would be that unethical. Bring on the socialist revolution I say

No. 1079674

according to her story, it looks like she's working on a sequel

No. 1079675

I'm surprised they don't dope her up with a chemical cosh to stop her pestering the staff.

No. 1079683


I'm pretty sure the last thing a family who've just lost their mother/father/child etc need is to be confronted with Porgie telling them all about how she almost died of anorexia while showing them coffin options.

No. 1079690

Cymbalta is shit to come off, especially when you've been on it a long time. She wont be having fun that's for sure.

No. 1079695

File: 1605056389009.gif (624.06 KB, 500x180, 1.gif)

No. 1079725

they would have taken georgia off cymbalta when she apparently “overdosed”. it’s terrible in an od & can cause life long issues if not death. the fact they kept her on it & she was going for unsupervised walks after her “overdose” proves it didn’t happen kek

No. 1079744

…..duloxetine is considered mild?

No. 1079751


Mild as in: it’s absolutely not the worst antidepressant to come off of. Half-life is pretty short and 10-14 days max of tapering off should leave you totally fine.

No. 1079755

It's one of the first anti depressants they'll try someone one. It's the new Prozac. It's not for major depression unless combined with some other med. Skipping 2 or 3 days because you can't get to the pharmacy is barely noticeable. Maybe on day 3 you feel a bit wonk.

No. 1079771

Idk what you smoking but duloxetine it’s not mild at all, it’s not even a first popular choice.

No. 1079775

Ngl I just saw this comment in passing and have to note that i get a raging headache by the 36 hour mark of missing a dose. Shit is not fun.

No. 1079778

Do go one medfag. Please tell us about your infinite medical wisdom. Anyone with half a brain knows its a shit drug to come off and you're essentially nitpicking with a vendetta.

No. 1079782

Idk where you live but it's handed out like sweets in the UK. >>1079771

Maybe everyone's different. The only disgust time I had was with Mitrazepine. Switching SSRI it ssni never caused any issues. Duloxetine barely touched the sides with more than moderate depression.

No. 1079792

Shorter half life makes for a shittier time when coming off, please stop talking about shit you don’t know about, duloxetine ain’t mild.

No. 1079808

eh, for some people. she’s switching to effexor which is very similar, just works on the serotonin transporters more. same side effects & everything though, so it shouldn’t be killing her if the switch is done properly. unlikely to get serotonin syndrome switching snri’s. saged for medfag - the reality is she’s inpatient to change medication because her ect requests were denied. it’s all needless.

No. 1079856

So she needed an excuse to stay at NF now she's not getting her ECT. I get it. Effexor and Cymbalta are pretty similar, unless the point is to go on the delayed released Effexor.

No. 1079859

File: 1605074035003.png (850.13 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201111-054918.png)

My advice would be stop admitting yourself to NF. She puts herself in the position where she's having a change of meds and milks it. Almost as if she likes the attention. It's not as much fun for her when her she can't be in edu but fortunately they're not falling for that any more. Deep sadness.

No. 1079873

Attention is a hell of a drug.

No. 1079878

Chooses to scale back to TMS rather than ECT because it’s easier to show to the ‘gram.

No. 1079884

She was doing TMS for the last 2 years. Its a standard thing they hand out at NF. Like toobes

No. 1079894

One anon asked, so the other anon answered. Thus it is relevant information for explaining why Porkers behaviour is milky.
I fully support your participation, my retarded comrade, but please learn to sage.

No. 1079936

she looks like a telly tubby

No. 1079939

Does Porgie edit her chin to be this pointy? I know it's filtered but it's always like that even in her lumpy 'candids' >>1078580

I've never seen someone with such a chubby face have a chin like that, and in earlier photos >>1078587 her chin looks human

You'd think at her weight now, her chin would look more square and her jawline more jowelly. She's so delusional she might think giving herself a kpop chin makes her wide face look heart shaped and slimmer? Sage for tinfoil and general autism

No. 1079949

she CHOOSES this. she only has herself to blame. god shes insufferable.

No. 1079985

Her chin was covered in that pic anon. It is that pointy. She’s got an unfortunate face.

No. 1079989

all the weight that gathers in her cheeks making them droop probably emphasises the pointy tip of her chin more. If she didn't have jowls her chin wouldn't be as noticeable ironically

No. 1080045


Yeah this >>1078825 is what she looks like at a normal human weight (oops, I mean, severely anorexic LW) , it's the same chin but her round cheeks and neck/shoulder blob make it look disproportionately small and sharp.

No. 1080060

File: 1605108342337.jpeg (926.53 KB, 1125x2035, FAF1854B-7E75-4601-AFCC-E4E479…)

Here you go guys, a tip from ganer who has everything figured out- this is what everyone who is committed to recovery should be doing 2 years in

No. 1080066

Not even remotely normal behaviour, she needs help where are her parents/family?

No. 1080108

She's put on a fair bit of weight- seeing her do the Halloween vlog.

No. 1080126


Not sure why you’re so upset by someone knowing more about a certain topic than you do. Maybe reflect on that, minimod. (And while you’re at it - educate yourself on psychopharmacology and different countries’ guidelines on tapering off)

Have a lovely, hopefully more productive day!

No. 1080128


You’re absolutely right, anon. The shorter half-life was mentioned to support the fact that tapering does in fact take a little while (unlike many other antidepressants), but when done correctly it’s a walk in the park.

Stop to think before you nitpick and infight.

No. 1080134

File: 1605116637042.jpeg (294.43 KB, 828x1792, C8976988-87A7-4C4B-A28E-3F68A5…)


God I hate that fucking egotistical, haughty Kara bitch. She must’ve learned in her “career” as a law clerk about the importance of disclaimers, but then goes on to offer “consultations” and “assessments” to people with EDs…

10000% not qualified and also super unwell herself. I need to check if there’s a way to report someone on Patreon - she’s actually potentially dangerous for people who take her seriously and buy into this. What a cunt.

No. 1080162

mOtiVaTiOn TiP: make sure you keep burning the same number of calories during lockdown by walking everywhere you normally walk, even when you are allegedly "bulking" and your trainer told you to take a light week and also you're ~so recovered~

No. 1080176

it's so obvious to anyone looking in from the outside how fucked up she still is. The people enabling her are scum.

No. 1080185

Fuck that.

And fuck this, especially. Meal plan ideas? “Consulting” with patients? Who does this bitch think she is? Why would anyone PAY for her to indulge herself in her disorder and drag others down with her?

No. 1080246

I always thought she was a RAGING narcissist but this is just downright exploitative. She built a massive following because she is a exhibitionist and loves (loved) to show off her emancipated body and progress pictures. Proof being her pictures being all over the fucking internet . Now she is trying to capitalize on it because oh boo hoo she wants to buy a condo and feels like her full time job (which BTW she works much of from the comfort of her Ed haven home where she can cook and eat by herself, because that’s real recovery!) doesn’t pay her enough to buy a house before the age of thirty. What??? I cannot believe the mental gymnastics she must be doing to justify to herself why she 1) could possibly in any corner of the universe be considered any kind of ED recovery coach, or 2) deserves to make money for existing on the internet. I never was a huge fan of hers but this kind of solidifies in my mind that she is fundamentally not a good or nice or kind person. She cares only about herself it and her bank account and will doing reckless shit with other people’s recovery.

No. 1080251

not only enabling but letting her pay you large amounts of money a month. Ethically they shouldn’t take her money and tell her to come back when she’s actually recovered….

No. 1080253

is there any way we can try to get this shut down? this is more than a little milky, its full out exploitative

No. 1080255

File: 1605126034254.jpg (506.59 KB, 1080x2005, Screenshot_20201111-141818_Ins…)

But you can get exclusive content AND exclusive content!

I looked at the policies to see if there was an obvious thing she was violating, but I couldn't find one that was straight-up "take it down now."

No. 1080257

what about in terms of pressuring Chii to take it down? We know she looks here

No. 1080263

Doubt it. She's probably getting off to being talked about again.

No. 1080283

File: 1605127889565.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, 9452EB16-8807-4478-BBFA-F05B8E…)

Ahh nourish, getting her ‘vitamin d’ in when the package clearly says vitamin ‘c’

Not our brightest bulb eh.

No. 1080289

Bless her for trying though. In saying that vitamin c in junk food sweets makes me range, just WHY? you can get an actual orange for 30p at tesco.

No. 1080290

Just posted a story saying she took it down. Thank god that was beyond irresponsible and just gross. Made me lose the tiny amount of respect I had for her still. SHe claims it was because of people who dmed her and to only be peripherally aware of what was said on here but we all know she is a lurker if not also farmer herself. She has never responded to any dm I ever sent her so I can’t help but think she saw what was posted here. In which case, stay in your lane, Kara! Work your own shit out before you try to profit on other people’s illness.

No. 1080291

File: 1605128468926.jpeg (625.61 KB, 1123x2025, D438A52D-E500-4FDC-847A-45EA80…)

Ghost playing the "I'm a little child forever" act on her stories. What's with these girls and the chronically refusing of acting her age ???? She is 21 !!!

No. 1080293

No. 1080300

File: 1605129626571.png (326.59 KB, 557x567, milky.png)

Why do you care lol? Worst that can happen is that she embarrasses herself. Besides, if all goes well- we'll have an absolute milkshake bar in no time!

No. 1080301

maxed-out bpd morning!

No. 1080303

big slice of an imaginary pie, how fitting

No. 1080389


Not to whiteknight her (if it's even a defense) but "adult" coloring books are quite common now, used for relaxation/therapeutic purposes.

No. 1080391

she is looking a bit bloated

No. 1080418

I don't even care that she's a cow t h I'd feel the same if anyone with an ED was giving out advice to family, friends, people with an ed and they're not professionals. That's what therapists are for. Doubt many people would've signed up though. She could've given advice contrary to what they've been told and fucked them up even more. Grabbing cash from the mentally ill is LOW af.

No. 1080440

File: 1605140834005.jpeg (59.45 KB, 670x770, C247894E-B457-41C1-A84F-C9502B…)

No. 1080507

looks like shes gaining finally!

No. 1080543

File: 1605149376132.jpg (32.75 KB, 503x742, bo.JPG)

Doubt it! Her face looks less dehydrated. Her face looks fuller because of the angle (who wants to shoot themselves from below because ugh). She might've cried so much about her gym being closed it made her face puffy and it's on the way down. Idk, but as much as it'd be great not to see her line scored dehydrated face again because Ganer gains, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Her impatience is so cringe it's past funny. By summertime, we'll all be vaccinated and shit gets back to normal. She's going to have to use all that equipment she bought at home for a while. Can't she find one of those fragrances that do weird smells like "Male BO" or a pheromone scent to give her the gym feeling?

No. 1080546

Oh, and some Deep heat. Gyms always smell of Deep Heat.

No. 1080561

File: 1605151429108.png (47.28 KB, 1366x617, Vt4ts01.png)

Someone on mpa is sueing MFP because their account got deleted. Its discrimination.
Apologies for general lack of technical knowhow not sure how well screenshot will work and also not sure how to post multiple pics?

No. 1080562

File: 1605151512238.jpg (35.82 KB, 1024x374, s3tGI1k.jpg)

No. 1080564

File: 1605151606749.jpg (73.4 KB, 1024x702, gc5CCf3.jpg)

No. 1080565

File: 1605151697182.jpg (80.01 KB, 663x1024, FEE4VVL.jpg)

No. 1080566

File: 1605151835364.jpg (89.85 KB, 835x1024, IW7xfhX.jpg)

No. 1080567

Wow! An app that gives a shit about the health of their users. Good for them deleting accounts for people who want to exist on 200 calories a day.

She's complaining as if she's a potential suicide bomber being kicked off a pyrotechnics forum for saying she ordered 20 tons of peroxide and has a hissy fit because it's none of their business what she does with it.

Well done, mfp. Never used it, but would do if I felt the need. Impressive.

No. 1080568

Also doubt sperging about it on "myproana" will do her case much good.

No. 1080570

Framing it as discrimination is silly af, but I can't say I side with mfp here. I'm surprised they're even banning accounts to begin with, the whole tech platforms acting as arbiters is under a lot of fire recently, esp after the election

No. 1080571

They could be slapped with heavy lawsuits if it came to light people were dying or having medical issues because they use the app. I think they're covering their asses.

No. 1080575

The post on mpa has too many replies to show them all but more about her attitude. Claims to actually have a lawyer supporting her claim, has made an online petition, and reacts to slightest criticism with namecalling etc

No. 1080588

File: 1605153227231.png (90.39 KB, 1360x805, Untitled.png)

Just read the thread and some of her other posts. She's got a pissy attitude and thinks highly of herself.

No. 1080598


Her breakfast mainly consists of smoking weed, how much more relaxed does she need to be ???? I

No. 1080637


MFP sold for US$475mil in 2015, I'm always so shocked how these normies think they're gonna win a lawsuit against big ass companies despite using the companies site. Use a fucking journal instead lmafo

No. 1080643

Idk why that mpa member bothers. She's an average weight and fails at all her fasts, like scoffing cookies on day 3 and bingeing every day after lol.

She should hook up with that pervert Oki who signs adoring wannas to fast with him.

No. 1080724

>waaah i can't do basic math on my own!

No. 1080782

File: 1605177933187.png (1.14 MB, 960x2079, 9B461720-044A-4B2E-A48F-DE861D…)

Imagine thinking you’re so important that you try to get your followers to email tiktok to get your account unbanned :/(:/)

No. 1080790

>>1080782 She needs to get unbanned so she can continue to milk her disorder for tiktok revenue

No. 1080873

Wait, MyFitnessPal is automatically banning people if they're not consistently eating enough? That's kind of scary. Fuck Big Tech. I bet they won't ban obese people for consistently logging 6,000 calorie days on MFP (assuming they bothered to log it at all, of course).

No. 1080874

that would be Georgia logging her much needed refeeding meal plan ;)( ;))

No. 1080876

Why doesn't she just make a new email and new account? I don't understand how I'm going to sue you' is her first response rather than a new Gmail?!

No. 1080884

File: 1605192118603.gif (7.2 MB, 270x480, banned.gif)

She didn't even say please.

She's been banned SIX times!

I'm into all this banning of dicks from MFP and tiktok. I'd ban anyone obnoxious or interfere with their account, like twitter do with Dolan Trump.

No. 1080902

File: 1605194315847.png (4.93 MB, 828x1792, 2772F8F0-2861-4A14-BC2F-B1293E…)

this can’t actually be lee’s hand surely? it’s so chunky and manly?

No. 1080903

like it would believe this was georgia’s hand but those are not female hands

No. 1080906

Does Aus have Death Before Decaf coffee?

Those hands though. Her nail! Her cuticle! That's a man hand. A man who works on a building site. Bruised legs from working hard with manly tools in her manly hand. Why keep a tubed pic when her hands aren't anything like dainty?

No. 1080917

lol anyone know why she was banned?

No. 1080919

I thought MFP only banned you if you posted undereating/ED stuff in the community portion?

No. 1080920

File: 1605197050511.png (45.43 KB, 572x661, bored with ana.png)

Sounds like it was a case of pro ana content.

No. 1080928

was that comment from her most recent post? bc if so she's already deleted it kek

No. 1080930

Yeah. when I saw it and took the ss it'd only been posted 4 minutes ago. Just noticed Laura started following her within the space of posting the ss. If she's tipped, we know why.

No. 1080950

Is Paris still alive? And doing her chocolate dances and eating 97g of strawberries and constantly moaning about 'the bridge'?

No. 1080960

Her insta is more or less just posts of her in bed with her cats saying how much she wants to die

No. 1080964

Man she’s really such a bitch about it. Acting all butt hurt and like she’s just appeasing the haterz that people expressed their LEGITIMATE concerns. Honestly if she really is so strapped for cash there are other ways that she could monetize her social media presence without straight up charging people for her unqualified and potentially harmful advice. Ever heard of ad revenue, Chii? Start a fucking blog and stop crying to your 60k followers that you received so much criticism over your gross misjudgement.

No. 1080992

She’s just the worst. I wish that cunt would commit suicide already instead of just hinting at it lol(a-logging)

No. 1080995

Laura follows basically every ed account on insta it's spooky

No. 1080997

Yep but she started following her just as we started talking about the scam. F5.

No. 1081014

I feel terrible for punching down but “3 bw dips”… oh girl. If she’d drop the constant preachy tone and delusions of competing in bikini anytime soon I could abide it. She doesn’t seem to have any concept of how much her anorexia is holding her back, and it’s such a shame because skinny girls who start lifting can make incredible gains in their first year. She needs to stop LARPing with glucose monitors and exploitative coaches and literally just download the starting strength pdf

No. 1081018

just more content to mine for her *~dainty ana~* LARPing

No. 1081091

wonder what happened to posh molly. any autist want to sleuth around and see if they can find anything. seems sus that she went for complete radio silence

No. 1081092

File: 1605216832326.jpg (150.21 KB, 1080x1440, 20201112_134915.jpg)

That's one weird looking dresser.

No. 1081095

File: 1605217052445.png (36.95 KB, 374x318, ella mae.png)

Who the fuck is Ella Mae?

No. 1081096

The dresser is barely visible lmao is this a self post

No. 1081098

File: 1605217260775.png (20.27 KB, 311x162, Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 3.39.…)

Samefag. Maybe if we guilt her hard enough she'll come back!

It's not a selfpost. Can you seriously not see how shopped this is?

No. 1081110


She was the other ~recovery~ Youtuber from Oxford that was brought up in the last thread. Remember she awkward made vids where she interviewed her sister and had a kids meal from McDonalds in her car

No. 1081123

I'd go silent too if i found out strangers online were psychoanalysing my family dynamic and playing a custom-bingo about me lol
Though, that may not be the case. The suspense is very exciting, wonder what made her stop so suddenly?

No. 1081125

obvious farmer is obvious

No. 1081128

File: 1605219779844.png (37.28 KB, 677x272, Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 23.22…)

seems she had a change of heart?

No. 1081132

File: 1605220073758.jpg (35.76 KB, 649x705, Capture.JPG)


Don't mock a girl with a disability! She doesn't have bones like we do, she has wire like Barbie.

No. 1081137


Screw you, lily gabriella. If she doesn't come back I'm contemplating SUICIDE. How's about THAT?!!

No. 1081141

Body weight dips aren’t impressive when your body weight is 95 pounds lol.

For real though, she talks like she’s trying to give other people advice, but I really think she’s talking to herself most of the time. It’s pretty clear that she actually hates working out (if you have to WALK TO THE GYM THAT IS CLOSED in order to motivate yourself to work out at home, there’s a problem) but it allows her to still strictly control her diet under the guise of “bodybuilding.” It’s just anorexia with extra steps.

Not to armchair but she gives me OCD vibes. Everything about her life seems so stark and joyless. She never even wears colors, it’s all black and white and grey. I wonder if she has any friends besides her sister.

No. 1081159

File: 1605223514221.jpg (206.03 KB, 1080x1794, 20201112_172332.jpg)

If your living room is dark and gloomy, maybe you should redecorate, Hannah.

Don't you mean s*icide?

No. 1081165

her head is not even red, its nearing purple lmao such an accident waiting to happen

No. 1081167

had to get those self harm scars in though

No. 1081191

File: 1605227720402.jpg (153.53 KB, 1080x1920, 20201112_183243.jpg)

Oh no, they're going to report lolcow! The internet police are coming. (Wrong screenshot first try.)

No. 1081208

Nothing new then. I thought she had a dog?
Wonder what she thinks of people like Elzani and Molly.

No. 1081219

File: 1605230167704.jpg (840.59 KB, 1080x1084, Screenshot_20201112-201209_Ins…)

Okay if we're back on Laura I have some favourite recent (obviously and comically shopped) photos. The biggest giveaway is the hands???

No. 1081220

File: 1605230209218.jpg (614.97 KB, 1080x1135, Screenshot_20201112-201352_Fac…)

Looooooong hands ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️(emojis)

No. 1081221

File: 1605230385056.jpg (684.59 KB, 1080x1591, Screenshot_20201112-201303_Fac…)

And last one. This one is obviously a screenshot because you can see her app swipe bar on the side. And a favorite app of many shoppers just made the "make me look skinny" feature premium. An interesting coincidence

No. 1081222

Omg. Those hands. KEK. Where did you find these? I've seen plenty of bad shops from her recently but the one I posted above was so bad I couldn't keep it to myself

No. 1081223

File: 1605230776489.jpg (362.24 KB, 1448x2048, Slenderman.jpg)

Lolcow is literally (in the real sense of the word) untouchable. We'll be here until admin decides to call it a day.

Hail Mary, full of grace. She…she's slenderman

No. 1081232

File: 1605232918196.jpg (174.34 KB, 1280x1280, P0 (18).jpg)

Might as well toss this in too

No. 1081233

Honestly it's just sad?? I hope she gets her shit together and recovers

No. 1081234

thats not how leg bones work

No. 1081235

She has a gofundme so people can fund the treatment she'll ultimately reject, after which she'll go home, "relapse," and start the process over again

No. 1081237

File: 1605233567485.jpg (33.17 KB, 344x574, dystrophy barbie.JPG)

They are if you're made by Mattel

No. 1081239

Just looks like an average selfpost bodycheck to me

No. 1081242

These are so hilarious, where does she post these?

No. 1081243

Oh omg that was Laura… I'd almost forgotten about her, thanks for reminding me

No. 1081245

What’s her IG?

No. 1081246

Fuck I hate cowtippers. Ruining shit every time.

No. 1081400

File: 1605255402056.jpeg (73.59 KB, 750x440, 0C5CD26D-8753-47F2-BCB7-214C14…)

I got a screenshot before she deleted this comment as well

No. 1081406

Has she been posted here before?

No. 1081413

what does it matter?

No. 1081440

I wanted to find her old tiktoks, and know if it's worth scrolling through the threads

No. 1081459

File: 1605269798479.png (6.44 MB, 1125x2436, 108DB75A-714B-4A28-9D7C-F8D595…)

Someone wasn’t getting enough from new farm - obviously felt the need to go visit friends at the medical hospital on a Friday night..
Side note, is the age for posting here 16+? There’s some epic milk at nfc atm - surprised she’s not been picked up.. @soph.venting

No. 1081468

This fat fuck pisses me off like noone else. Has been suicide baiting for days, finally either she or someone else calls an ambulance and her caption is "this better be quick"??? Like it's not exactly what she wanted?? She is absolutely insufferable

No. 1081473

Samefag but just imagine the paramedics when she asks them to step aside for a moment so she can take a photo for her IG stories. I'd be taking her right to a psychiatric institution

No. 1081508

Oh definite OCD vibes, in her old stories her hands were all dry and fucked up from washing them over and over. (Example from old thread >>948347 )

No. 1081514

I don’t think I’ve been this pissed at a cow since Phoebe/fatvegfemme (another malingerer falsely claiming mental/chronic health problems). As if paramedics want to be dealing with her selfish, fat ass in the middle of a pandemic. Someone give her a butter knife.

No. 1081535

oh but the hunt is the best part, anon, feels so good to finally find what you were looking for

No. 1081539


No. 1081573

Smorven used to do that and elongate her pictures.

No. 1081604

So do we think posh molly tried to off herself? It seems like she has completely abandoned Instagram all together.
That username doesn’t even exist as far as I can tell…

No. 1081619

File: 1605291875972.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1504, 8C158EDF-AEB0-49F0-873B-2A4094…)

Ironic, considering that in one of her ‘excerpts’ she says she knows she needs to end the book and move on, presumably from her ED. Guess milking it for attention on instagram was too much fun, huh.

No. 1081636

Could be that she’s gone back to uni, Oxford start around Oct and ik it’s quite intense

No. 1081659

Then we just have to wait for a “relapse” aka dropping the semester due to not being cut out for it. She doesn’t even know how to pour her own bowl of cereal, right? Is Oxford like US Ivy League schools where you only need the connections/money?

No. 1081669

She's definitely not moved back to uni mid-term.
You need the grades and to pass an additional exam and interview for Oxford and Cambridge. It doesn't matter who you know.
However, obviously if you know people that have gone to uni/ Oxbridge then the environment will be less overwhelming (to interview you go stay in the halls (forms) for 2-3 days and it does look like Hogwarts. The interviews are known for asking bizarre questions and therefore if you went btona school that looks like Hogwarts and had 1:1 meetings with teachers you're going to be more at ease) and if you don't have to work alongside A-levels (high school) and can afford tutoring you're going to get better grades.

Idk where she has gone but it's not uni. Especially not in the middle of a pandemic. There is a national strategy for students travelling home for Christmas!

No. 1081670


Halls = dorms (not forms)

No. 1081671

Butter much anon? All schools have some idiots that got in because of connections and money. Do you really think that phenomenon is limited to Ivys and also believe that the best schools in the country don’t also admit the best students?? If you followed the college scandal most of those kids bought their ways into non Ivys. Assume Oxford is the same. Mixed bag of genuinely smart people and people who were handed their admission through no merit of their own.

No. 1081673

Although the situation has improved recently, there's definitely some elitism/ family ties for Oxbridge. Also luck and confidence at the interview. The people I know who got in definitely weren't the smartest of those that applied.

No. 1081675

File: 1605297943179.jpg (191.63 KB, 820x492, prince-william-uni-t.jpg)

>idiots…people who were handed their admission through no merit of their own.

No. 1081687

But wasn’t she too anxious to ask for a spoon previously - so she ate cereal with a fork or something along those lines - very seriously anxious

No. 1081694

File: 1605300388298.png (6.5 MB, 1125x2436, CD329AA6-8596-4A14-B65D-ECBDDF…)

New farm milk - new addition - not sure if she’s been mentioned before - BPD, admitted hard drug user, involuntary patient because she purposefully self harms or OD’s or fucks around for attention. Has her “favourite nurses” - headbanger - had “refeeding syndrome” 30mins after starting on 40mL/hr ng feeds .. taken to public given fentanyl and endone and she’s as good as new again apparently … oblivious

No. 1081698

File: 1605300678892.jpg (41.92 KB, 882x605, Capture.JPG)


No. 1081701

and only 4 posts? How much milk can you possibly get from only 4 posts?

No. 1081704


sniff sniff sounds like cowshit. clearly a self post, reminding me of Laura. Get help and gtfo here. OMEGALUL

No. 1081712

> New farm milk - new addition - not sure if she’s been mentioned before
Too obvious kek

No. 1081744

File: 1605305443539.png (7.31 MB, 1125x2436, 67016083-8E77-417A-BE1C-88BE8E…)

Promise you im not her. She does more stories than posts - also not coffee cats recovery but was told self posted about her. Follow at your will - she will accept anyone and you shall see what I mean. But a new BPD head banging tubed new farm cow is there is you wish to see for yourself.

No. 1081750

what went so wrong in your life that you willingly throw yourself into lolcows claws, just begging for abuse?

No. 1081752

scuffed ellen page lol

No. 1081768

File: 1605307230224.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1125x2304, 2DFD0C32-0BD2-4170-82B3-1100D6…)

She’s baaack from her difficult, traumatic ambulance journey

No. 1081772

Nah. She's 16. She has an excuse to be going through that phase. It's when they're in their 20s and still that way that it's milky.

I did note her forehead is bigger than Ganer's. Wow. Much surface to bang.

No. 1081774

Poor baby. Was it an ~attempt~ or self har*m? All those concerned DMs are such pressure.

No. 1081775

how are you showing us all these posts when she has 4 posts on her account

No. 1081793

Because she has more than 4 posts on her account - I don’t know why it only says 4 on her thing

No. 1081802

File: 1605309641243.png (5.48 MB, 1125x2436, EC8D19A1-77A5-45A8-88D2-755FC0…)

Apparently she just passed out and smacked her head on the pump - that giant forehead is going to get her into trouble.

No. 1081839


Seems like you really have it out for this 16 year old who is clearly mentally ill with no-little milk and probably follows back all of her 250 followers.
It's almost like, no one cares and shes copying the same shit sees on this thread?¿ wait…. unless SHE does lurk this thread and is somehow self posting, no fucking way batman!

maybe you should reveal your username anon to confirm kappa

also you're milking a dry ass utter newfag. just leave her alone and go away, clearly nobody wants you(r milk)

No. 1081844

also I'm the samefag as ^^ my b for not merging the two. sorry mods.

It's almost like they're posting old screenshots before the deleted their photos and decided to go private to gain followers kekek

Guess notoriety is still attention

No. 1081871

anyone else find molly and jamie's relationship really, really creepy and weird? like okay a hug here and there is fine but the very frequent shoulder/arm/face kisses are just, like, borderline incestuous???

No. 1081886

i don't think there's anything incestuous going on there. i think they're probably both very coddled, we know for sure that molly is more than happy to be treated like a bit of a kid and i'm sure molmummy has always been there for a metric lovebomb-fucktonne of cuddles and kisses - appropriate for your toddler, less so for your 18-year-old. i doubt they ever learned that that's less appropriate as they got older and will likely develop in to the kind of adults that insist on mouth-kissing family members. not for predatory reasons, they're probably just kind of stunted

No. 1081908

File: 1605318930138.jpeg (84.57 KB, 1179x304, 76409EF3-241A-4823-B40B-22EDEF…)


No. 1081910

this isn't reddit nonnie

No. 1081916

It was self harm. Got stitches apparently

No. 1081933

don’t be a twat, it’s a figure of speech

No. 1081936

This isn't wherever the fuck you came from either.

No. 1081965

File: 1605324717472.png (837.09 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201114-032951.png)

Is Georgia angling for a section?

Seems really odd that she'd apparently cut herself but a few hours later she's allowed out/away from the clinic grounds.

Hope that wasn't horse steak.

No. 1081979


I really don't know about Georgie, I can't tell if she constantly puts herself into IP because she doesnt want to work or because she maybe enjoys the routine/munch (not food munchies) effect of having someone care for you all the time. I know " but muh anorexia " but surely she also knows she doesn't have an eating disorder? Not anorexia at least.
Is it possible she's convinced herself so much that she has anorexia she binges in denial?

I always say this but I've never seen so many people who claim eating disorders be thrown in IP and force feeds so much. ' but my parents know so it's hard!11!! My psychiatrist!! ' but even then it's like ??? Unless you're telling everyone you ain't eating and purging loudly in the bathroom or 5+ times a day, you don't normally get forced IP. I know they also want the money at most of these places, private care and NF but my point stands, unless you're being openly blunt then no one will force you in IP or force feeds.

In {some} places, self harm and suicidal idealation or restricting and purging doesn't even get you in IP, especially forced because that's what theripasts, doctors or a care team is for- to teach skills and guide you. The only exceptions I can think of is headbanging consistently (nurses and doctors will find you insufferable bc it's such an obvious " move ") or cutting yourself until you need stitches or threatening acting on suicide. All things that most people would avoid.

Or just ignore me because I clearly don't realize how sick our cows are that Georgie absolutely DESPISES being in IP and shes just so sick!

Also any updates on n2f? miss her goodies.

No. 1081987


samefag but tldr;

How the FUCK does Georgie keep admitting herself despite being a grown ass adult and claiming to hate it so much and shes so ' happy to get out '

also sorry mods for wall of text. never again I s2g.

No. 1081997

Technically shes not in eating disorder inpatient. Shes on general for depression and medication management/change. I assume the "we" in her post refers to family who are use to her antics. She probably wasn't allowed out unless accompanied

No. 1081998


Ah. This makes sense, thanks anon. I totally forgot about her medication changes and depression. Still feels super extra tho but I think earlier in the thread she said her medication too.

I'm not sure how bad weaning off of anti depressants is though bc I've only done anti psychotics and anti depressants but doctor never admitted me in IP for it. So maybe she's really having a hard time??

No. 1082001

File: 1605327855450.png (8.52 MB, 1125x2436, 2B6EC43B-A856-4131-B4AF-78D3A6…)

No. 1082003

Previous story post said she was seeing her dad.

I like wall of text posts. It ain't no crime. Living with the NHS and knowing how long waiting lists are or treatment for anything being a waiting game, it makes Georgie et al's constant IP when they feel like it seem stranger than maybe it is in private healthcare countries. I don't believe she needs to be IP to switch meds and she really isn't a danger to herself.

I miss n2f too. I miss her new bakes.

No. 1082006

Red blog text for this (…) but really, I withdrew from benzos without needing to check in anywhere. Just once a week at a drug project place for 30 mins. Hard at times, but no need to update the world about symptoms and milk it.

No. 1082013

Wish she’d get on a treadmill and get a life

No. 1082018

(I too, have a hard time finding the fine line between blog posting and posting ) But yeah Georgie has always been extra, pointing out the Benzos is actually really smart but I'm not sure if she was on a Benzo but Georgie always has to make things dramatic anyways. At least she managed to eat her steak sandwich!


I'm glad! She definitely takes advantage of having private coverage in AUS but it makes me wonder how she thinks this is sustainable for the future especially when it's all connected to her name. I feel like the cows forget that they're gonna get old someday and no one will care for their bullshit lol. I don't see many munchies getting old though, except for the few with AN.
I hope n2f returns soon though, I wonder what she does on her hiatus. She's my favorite but I hope she does get well. I always wonder about her when I see something…. not so appetizing.

No. 1082022

yeah I think she uses this false idea she has anorexia as a way to cope with the fact she actually has a binge eating disorder.

No. 1082034

File: 1605333046449.jpg (61.05 KB, 953x478, Capture.JPG)

She's still posting on reddit. Much depressed.

No. 1082038

she didnt even fucking censor the username. she highlighted it in black.

No. 1082040

Even suggesting that she has BED is a bit generous (though I suppose almost all fat people have it, in a sense.) Unfortunately, she is just an overweight person who wants to gain attention for being overweight without the stigma that comes with being overweight and with the "uniqueness" that comes with being underweight.

No. 1082052

Tbh Porgie isn’t as milky when she’s not complaining about her ED. She’s barely mentioned it in weeks. I agree with previous poster that she may genuinely be going through it rn

No. 1082055

Do you guys think maybe Bernie medication is why her eyes look so lifeless and dull most of the time?

They always look glazed over, maybe getting off the meds will make them livelier. I just realized that's a possibility.

No. 1082056


Georgie *

No. 1082065

Yes it has always made me really uncomfortable.

No. 1082072

File: 1605343066655.png (856.24 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201113-141511.png)

It's not only her eyes. It's her entire face. She always has a blank expression. I find it difficult to think animated Georgia on YouTube is the same one on insta. On video she comes across as a pushy brat who'd be really overbearing and loud. On insta she says she's too anxious to ask for a spoon. I consider her whole insta persona as fake. She lays things on thick to fake being depressed and mental. None of it works when she's posting IMG one hour then doing something like eating at a cafe the next. What the fuck kind of person posts that on a public account except an attention hungry one who obviously isn't I'll enough to put their phone down for a second.

No. 1082100

File: 1605350813753.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, 4E6810D2-0CB2-4071-8D50-49BB14…)

No. 1082102

who is this?

No. 1082105

Ah sorry, Georgie Porgie of course! Not sure why my original caption didn’t go with the post

No. 1082106

In a lurker and not much of a poster, should of kept her Instagram name in the cap as well. Posted to her story a few hours ago.
Funny though just as everyone is saying she’s been quiet on the ~my anorexiaaaa/ED~ front she posts this soon after.

No. 1082115

File: 1605355875812.jpeg (317.88 KB, 889x1477, 8E6002C1-6F3C-47B0-8D5A-DBC8AD…)

This one has been up my goat for a while now. @cjs_recovery_journal (friend of self poster @coffee.cats.recovery) supposedly has an “eating disorder” and flits in and out of hospital while apparently being able to work till she got struck down by another illness. Since then she has gone all quiet on the eating disorder front. But her posts are always about being unwell and her being in hospital or treatment. Like coffee.cats.recovery she gets a steady flow of packages from AliExpress which if can’t work then she must be using tax payers money to fund. It just gets up my goat and makes me annoyed at how insecure she is. She is always sick, yet she is always spending money. It’s cows like this one that really makes me roll my eyes and wonder what kind of parents bought this human being into this world. Clearly she never had an eating disorder and is just attention seeking!

No. 1082117

File: 1605356094938.jpeg (393.92 KB, 935x1573, 619A0AA1-C051-4F76-9F67-592015…)


No. 1082120

File: 1605356551013.jpg (1.43 MB, 1440x2505, Screenshot_20201114-122111_Ins…)

Yep totally normal behaviour everyone, nothing to see here! Totally normal to have the exact same breakfast of 10 pancakes every single morning and post 9 identical pictures of it on insta.

No. 1082122

Samefag but I refuse to believe she isn't still engaging in ed purging behaviours, she's claiming to eat all this food yet she's barely in the normal weightrange considering she's also quite tall. Something just doesn't sit right with me about this. Will always stand by the fact she needs actual psychiatric help.

No. 1082129

File: 1605358825575.png (669.45 KB, 1706x1465, CJS SELF POST.PNG)


imagine being THAT stupid to not only self-post on here, but to slag off your malingering friend, while submitting a (now deleted) post using your actual student email under the false name of Sally is just next level idiocy!!

luckily i kept the browser tab open while watching a movie to catch you in your fuckery Christine…

I guess i shouldnt even reply to this to give you the attention you so clearly want, however your udder is full of milk we need to squeeze!!

No. 1082132

File: 1605358995081.png (639.13 KB, 1297x1512, CJS SELF POST2.PNG)


more proof of her self-posting shenanigans!! fuck i love catching out cows via abit of internet sluething

No. 1082144

Note that she used the same Sally and that is the name in the comments. Coincidence? I think not! Good spot! What’s with these self posters?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1082150

File: 1605361170839.jpeg (87.34 KB, 251x496, 1C849262-F855-4FA8-83AB-2FBE95…)

I think E is at a pretty normal weight now

No. 1082154


Whoever tf you are, your writing style gives it away you're samefagging. The style of writing and your inability to sage.
Gtfo newfag.

No. 1082155

You tell us.

No. 1082204

She won't be much longer if she carries on eating the way she does.

No. 1082206

She may be weight restored but her eating is still screwed up - she's gone beyond extreme hunger. Am sure she purges.

No. 1082233

>>1082206 Don't know if she purges or compensates for her eating in anyway but its very likely her eating habits aren't normal after undereating for so long. She won't know what normal is.

No. 1082281


She's been eating well for long enough to have sussed out portion sizes. There's something other than being a once anorexic if someone thinks scoffing 10+ pancakes for breakfast is normal.

No. 1082300

im the poster who caught the bitch self-posting. not samefagging. i didnt sage because it was actual content, lrn2lolcow.

however the other posts do seem pretty suss tho.

No. 1082342

File: 1605390658508.jpeg (396 KB, 750x1228, D2EB6CB8-A033-4699-8C20-887849…)

I don’t know what’s more mentally scarring, the picture of the meal or the caption

No. 1082358

She probably can't spell properly because she doesn't get sufficient nutrition because all she eats is junk. If she's going to eat like shit, she should at least take a multivitamin or something.

No. 1082365

So much of her food looks like infections and scabs.

No. 1082373


This actually looks more like a normal dinner than I expected. I always find it kind of funny how she plates her food, reminds me of Elanzi where she spends ten minutes plateing it.
I wonder if it's to hold off the act a little bit longer? Of eating?

Also n2f your cheese was in for way too long, toasting the bun before and then adding the cheese for about 2 mins (still a long time but ten is a bit excessive) will give it less of that plasticky look and more… soft cheesish.

No. 1082376

Also I love the 1/4th of a hot dog on her crumpets, if you could even pass that as 1/4th lol.

No. 1082399


Has she learned how to roast parsnips? (right on plate). That's an improvement, but ketchup on kale?

Can't figure out where she's switched her photoset to. It doesn't look like her bed or window ledge.

No. 1082415

File: 1605396188703.jpg (575.65 KB, 1075x1911, 20201114_172128.jpg)

So much for that social media break.

No. 1082419

The two of them living together is just a fucked up little situation. They’re living in this deluded little world of being “so sick” when in reality they’re just feeding into each other’s “symptoms” and essentially validating their bullshit with each other. Don’t even start me on their disgusting used can/bottle collections they do.

No. 1082420

How about stop slobbing around like a beached whale and actually MOVE. Do some exercise.

>try and see my doctor

No! Help yrself by trying to stay away from your doctor.

Nice attempt at a facial expression other than "blank".

No. 1082426


I would actually love to see her day in a life and see how it really shows the path to ~recovery~ and the meal plans. I think once she posted her meal plan before but that was a few threads back. I always hear super shit about NF so I wonder how they support the people the ngl.

No. 1082429

File: 1605397487116.jpg (42.65 KB, 398x372, Capture.JPG)

She's only on general psych so her meals are going to be like everyone else's in for non eating disorders. She mentioned meals to make it sound like she's on a special plan.

Switching meds usually makes a person anxious, restless, unable to stay in bed, yet she admitted all she's been doing is lying in bed. She's just an idle overweight oaf. The kind who buys a mobility scooter because they're lazy and completely able bodied.

No. 1082430

I think those are frazzles anon, so she’s not even learnt that

No. 1082435

That reminds me to never try to be optimistic again.

No. 1082438

day in the life of someone with no life
coffee.cats.recovery does not need to be tubed, if she can scoff down creamy iced coffees she certainly does not have digestion issues or sooper severe ana

No. 1082448

File: 1605398728592.jpg (89.41 KB, 911x795, bonez.JPG)

I disagree. Look at her visible rib cage!

No. 1082489

Agreed - super sick but goes and drinks milky drinks with creams on top - sorry but that’s just that sooper serious Ed of course

No. 1082541

File: 1605406999333.jpg (253.02 KB, 718x1259, IMG_20201115_100521.jpg)

Meggy croal back at it again justifying disordered eating, like how good are these boiled veggies?! Oops forgot my bread but here's some scrumptious rice cakes!

No. 1082542

File: 1605407030768.jpg (413.83 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-11-15-10-03-24…)

Don't forget their realllllly good with cucumber too!

No. 1082702

If that's kale on the left bottom side, then it's heaps old

No. 1082758


This is such a classic disordered snack. So much for recovery and eating bread like a ~ true warrior ~

No. 1082788

She never uses real cheese. It's always that plastic flappy stuff which doesn't actually melt

No. 1082800

She must use the processed crap because it lasts way longer in her room without needing a fridge. It's disgusting stuff yeah.

No. 1082811

File: 1605437414284.png (7.42 MB, 1125x2436, 16DDF36D-B3E6-4FF5-A709-12F3FF…)

1/2 - here we go again….
and let’s make sure everyone sees the self harm bandage …

No. 1082813

File: 1605437533246.png (7.76 MB, 1125x2436, 98DFD24B-F147-46B1-97E3-271723…)


No. 1082814

File: 1605437719231.jpeg (504.05 KB, 1125x2436, 5258E602-152E-4D87-B8BD-BB5197…)

Takes 20 laxatives - posts on IG and then follows in queen georgies footsteps and off to the royal they go..
She also lurks here apparently .. milk following milk

No. 1082818

wonder how much money she has cost the medical system in total, i'm willing to guess she's cost more than someone actually sick

No. 1082828

she's not even attempting to hide the pride she feels about wasting everyone's time being sent to hospital in an ambulance in the midst of a pandemic. "must be some kind of record" - yeah, well done porgie. record breaking unneeded hospital admissions! #lifegoals

No. 1082839

File: 1605443927604.jpeg (215.08 KB, 828x1472, D02B5017-0E87-4EBA-9D03-A5DAE3…)

Long qt interval… That’ll be the morbid obesity love.
Stop being a malingering whiny cunt!

No. 1082842

Same fag, just confirming before anyone says selfpost and spits their full fat coke out. I use mystalk to view stories without being logged in hence no insta signage etc. It lets you save the photo without having to screenshot.

No. 1082843

File: 1605444248460.jpg (1.6 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201115_124038267.jpg)

A new gofundme scrounger.
I agree people are being hit hard by this pandemic, but posting your sob story to milk your followers of cash is low.

No. 1082844

(samefag) Also, from what I can gather from some of the posts she's made over however long, they live in some sort of farmhouse. How about giving up this luxury to find cheaper alternatives like the rest of us. Hate privileged people like this.

No. 1082845

anon are you scottish bc only my scottish friends say "full fat" coke and it is an absolutely abhorrent phrase

fucking lol. like 90% of us go through this right? being an adult is essentially standing up too fast and going blind for a minute, imagine getting an ambulance for it. she gives me such secondhand mortifying embarrassment lmao

No. 1082846

so porgie decided to share a "day in the life" and then immediately ended up in an ambulance. coincidence much? still waiting on that obligatory inside-the-ambulance photo opportunity to be shared!

No. 1082849

struggling with money but buying scratch cards? so she's gonna set up a gofundme, milk all her followers for money that she can then waste on scratch cards whilst "hoping for a miracle". logic.

No. 1082851

File: 1605445396201.jpg (403.78 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20201115_130209.jpg)

if you don't post a photo of the inside of an ambulance, did it really even happen?! can't be feeling THAT bad if you've got your phone out taking selfies. it's all attention seeking.

No. 1082862

Not just the morbid obesity, but the fact she went from a normal weight to morbidly obese in such a short span of time and is still gaining. That would fuck up anyone's body.

No. 1082868

SNRIs can cause prolonged QT interval. That's what she's coming off right?

No. 1082870

All bongs say fullfat

No. 1082871

shes gotten rounder in the face if thats even possible.

No. 1082874

What a drama queen. I bet the nurses were keeping an eye on her 140 pulse (on the low end of high btw), and Porgie cried chest pains because you have to get an ambulance for patients with anything heart related plus chest pains.

I assume she’s just being a lil bitch about SNRI withdrawal. Yeah it’s uncomfortable and sucks but load of people deal with this shit without being an attention seeking drain on society

No. 1082882

Nope, Anglo here, I say "full sugar". I cringe when people say "full fat coke", lmao.

No. 1082883

lurk more if you dont get the full fat coke reference

No. 1082906

another brit, isn’t it just used like how we say ‘full fat milk’ to mean whole milk/the most calorific one. it doesn’t actually mean there’s any fat in it, it just means it has the most calories

sage for coke linguistics sperging

No. 1082916

File: 1605453729238.jpeg (1023.82 KB, 828x1711, 907D6922-8297-48A4-998B-E662DD…)

I get that depression manifests differently but I just cannot understand how one can have super severe, treatment resistant depression yet be happily able and energetic enough to flaunt their hospital escapades with detailed captions and selfies. Plz explain.

No. 1082922

You know nurses dread seeing that face. I wonder what their nickname for her is?

No. 1082923

File: 1605454494961.png (9.14 MB, 1242x2208, full fat.png)

Stop talking about coke

No. 1082929

File: 1605454954113.jpg (355.22 KB, 1080x1886, 20201115_094031.jpg)

This is from a few days ago, but yeah. I assume the self harm is because they don't pay enough attention to her

No. 1082934

She’s like an entitled child, she genuinely wants to be treated like some dying Greys Anatomy patient. Shame on her. The nurses don’t shower her in attention or baby her enough, woe is her.

No. 1082940

Her face drives me nuts.

No. 1082946

lol i thought anon was calling it full-fat in reference to mary calling it that (maybe i'm mixing it up with another anachan though)

No. 1082947

Whilst probably fucking with her nutrition/hydration in order to malinger better

No. 1082950

Me too! She legit looks like she’s special needs

No. 1082959

Wonder when she will stop gaining/extreme hunger eating.

No. 1082973

Easy. She doesn't have severe depression.

She needs treatment for that thing she has (that she's admitted to) that's great likes to play sick so somebody will look after her.

No. 1082975

That she* How did autocorrect make it "that's great" ffs

No. 1082980

I do get it, my point was I'm British and nobody I know says "full fat coke", it's cringe.

Full fat milk makes sense, because it actually has fat in it. Coke doesn't. Sage for sperging.

No. 1082993

File: 1605466893389.jpg (66.54 KB, 544x660, dasha.JPG)

Is Dasha gaining weight? Her face looks fuller.


No. 1083003

File: 1605468402962.png (659.01 KB, 796x1061, Screenshot_20201115-192257.png)

This is a terrible advertisement for someone's coaching lmao. 6 months of going to the gym, eating the same meals and yet all she's learnt to do is learn forwards.

I actually feel bad for her because she clearly tries hard at her workouts…. But can't bring herself to actually eat to build muscle. At the same time, Christ what an advert for her coach and what a load of money she's wasted.

No. 1083005

>all she's learnt to do is learn forwards.

She bought some shoes as well.

Those pics could've been taken on the same day. Absolutely no difference at all.

No. 1083009

File: 1605468870591.jpg (288.5 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20201115-133309_Ins…)

>my body getting bigger

No. 1083010

File: 1605468934698.jpg (168.01 KB, 1080x787, Screenshot_20201115-133352_Ins…)


No. 1083042

Kek she looks exactly the same except her face doesn't look as weird in the right picture, but that's due to angle.

No. 1083043

i get being proud of her "journey" or whatever but surely she had to realize there has been no change in her body when she edited this together? theres no point for a comparison photo, just post the body check & go

No. 1083045

Wow you really are disgusting writing this trash about people who struggle with eating disorders - perhaps use your time to shrink what I assume is a more than ample ass.

Just a heads up, you might want to be very careful sharing personal information like this, it’s a crime in many countries and I’ve already reported you, they are investigating your activities now - I thought it might help you because you clearly need help.

Good luck with that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1083047

File: 1605472629702.jpg (175.12 KB, 931x645, 20201115_123621.jpg)


learn how to integrate newfag


(screenshot just in case they delete)

No. 1083049

Oh no, not reporting us to the internet police again!

No. 1083050

Not infighting but there's nothing here that is illegal or libel? You need more nutrients, eliza.

No. 1083051

>use your time to shrink what I assume is a more than ample ass
what did she mean by this? implying that we're all fat?

No. 1083055


God I could never imagine being the EMT and seeing this grown woman taking selfies and ambulance ride photos. Never have I once even thought about taking photos like that because I'm self aware it would be embarrassing, unless they're just so consumed in their bubble that they don't even notice how odd it is?
I feel like if Georgies depression was so severe we would have heard about this so much earlier, maybe she realized that her ED stufff isn't as milky anymore.

Also I'm samefag but this is hilarious, imagine posting online and being an internet personality but refusing to believe people can discuss you freely on the internet kek how many times has lol been reported by bigger cows and never taken down? Everyone wants attention until it comes to milking it kek (and seeing the inconsistencies)

No. 1083056

File: 1605473121708.jpg (32.82 KB, 489x366, glwt.JPG)

Do you people come here and copy and paste? At least give some variation to your fatshaming (lol) veiled threats.

No. 1083057

>maybe she realized that her ED stufff isn't as milky anymore

The problem for her is that her doctor doesn't believe she needs help for an eating disorder so she switched to depression.

No. 1083069

That anorexia obviously - taking bets for the next batch of tube selfies, because clearly she can’t get enough nutrition in.. (b/p?)
I’m placing on one week maximum

No. 1083074

File: 1605474622063.jpeg (594.74 KB, 1125x2000, 6C3DE034-4504-47D9-A3F5-8FB06E…)

This is Sunday dinner? My heart weeps for her. Also noticed how she says in the caption that she’s been to see her grandad “one final time” but said the exact same 2 days ago. Not sure what to make of that.

No. 1083081

literally came here just to share that photo! sunday dinner, n2f style! the weirdest part is that coil of literally two strands of spaghetti, which she ensures is mentioned underneath. since when did a roast involve pasta?! and eating a couple of strands of spaghetti is hardly an anorexia win. i can't even imagine going to the effort of cooking two pieces of pasta…

No. 1083085

No meat? As anon said earlier, that kale is ollllld.

I didn't see where she mentioned about her grampa first time. Did she go to see him laid out twice?? It's usually one viewing in the funeral home then maybe sometimes on the day when everyone goes to have a look. Or does she mean his funeral was today?

Would rather eat cold sick before attempting anything on that plate, especially the scab covered dry af sweet potato.

No. 1083126

don't be silly, ofc it includes meat! canned chicken meatballs obvs, because they can undoubtedly be heated in the microwave.

No. 1083127

File: 1605477921095.jpg (485.03 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20201115_220329.jpg)

i mean, that spaghetti tho…

No. 1083129

File: 1605477950598.jpg (586.84 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20201115_211142.jpg)

ngl, this image leaves me with a lot of questions…

No. 1083145


Oh God the spaghetti really is the cherry on the cake. It looks so sad. This dinner is definitely disordered. It's essentially just boiled veggies and sauce, anyone care to see the calorie count?
these are estimated based off google, would probs round up
One yam - 85
Chicken meatballs - 270
Two strands of spaghetti- 10???
Veggies - 80??
Sauce - 50ish because it's all low salt low cal anyways from her previous

I'm gonna estimate 415 or MAYBE 500 if we want to ' be safe '

I just can't see how anyone would believe this is a regualar meal or recovered. Shes volume filling

No. 1083150

File: 1605478459498.jpg (8.17 KB, 245x206, freudian.jpg)


Spag or tapeworm? I mean, that'd explain her non weight gain.

The potato looks so hard though. It looks like a clog.

omg hahahaha!

No. 1083158


I really have a hard time believing she eats this crap at all, part of me thinks she just makes it to look like shes eating because it's so sloppy but I won't underestimate the will of eating disorders.

Also anyone notice that she hasnt posted any selfies lately? I feel like a few threads back she was constantly posting pictures with her hair tied up, her eating food, messy shirts but now we're lucky to see her face.

No. 1083164

I'm hoping for some festive bakes soon. Our BakerAnon is having it too easy (and her family's stomachs).

No. 1083175

>being an adult is essentially standing up too fast and going blind for a minute, imagine getting an ambulance for it
The fact that she went to hospital over what was likely just dehydration… lmao.

>Are we embracing our sugar cravings? You bet"
>break out with acne

She's facing forward, so it'd look that way. Probably just the angle.

No. 1083181

>surely she had to realize there has been no change in her body when she edited this together?
It probably looks like a massive change when you're that disordered.

Yeah. Anachan is so detached, she's forgotten that having an ass is normal.

No. 1083192

gym sperg but…
Shes using an incredibly cheapo weight set and bar. bar is max 10kg but since it doesnt look like a normal bar either def less. Shes using concrete weighs which is why they look big but those are about 5x 5kg and 3x10kg. So generously shes doing 80kg. Most girls who do these exercise can easily do this and probably most fatties. Sure, more weights dont fit on the bar but if youre actually serious about training you probably want to invest in either a real bar and a 20kg plate or at least bigger concrete/plastic plates. Usually theyre the last to sell out at discount supermarkets where i assume she bought this set.

I hope her coach untagged himself in this/blocked from profile because i would be embarrassed.

No. 1083199

I think some shit is going down in her personal life, like her parents took her fridge (what prompted? we don't know), her grandad died, which probably meant he was very ill these past few weeks, which again, puts stress on her family, which probably puts stress on N2F who probably doesn't have any social outlet beside her family

No. 1083212

File: 1605480664333.jpg (92.17 KB, 640x768, gaga.jpg)

I was thinking that her lack of appetite (or w/e) would be down to her grampa being ill, dying and now funeral/grief. Didn't a set of grandparents go to Norfolk with her family? I think they did, so they were close. Bereavement's a killer for anyone and it'd tip someone with an ED even more over the edge.

It's sad. She doesn't get to go to the Lady Gaga gig either. This pic is for n2f. Feel better soon.

No. 1083214

She said she had to delete the whole post because she was getting negative comments

No. 1083217

Southerner detected, it's full fat
Sage for autistic bong infighting.

No. 1083222

Most punchable face of lolcow imo

No. 1083226

Northerner, actually, though I am actually autistic, so perhaps that's why I'm so pedantic about it. It's "full sugar", full stop. Sage for sperging/blogpost(?).

No. 1083231


THE "FULL FAT COKE" REFERENCE IN THIS THREAD IS A RUNNING IN JOKE. One cow mentioned it and we ran with it.
Coke is "coke" and sugar free coke is "diet coke" OR "sugar free". We know this. Full fat is ana chan lingo in this thread.

Now stop fighting and shake hands.

No. 1083232

Call me an ambo cause that comment about the sweet potato looking like clog just sent me tachycardic KEK!

No. 1083240

File: 1605482032229.jpg (509.87 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20201115-171145_Ins…)

I reposted the screenshot and linked it to the original post but all the Britfags were too busy sperging about it to notice.

Negativity probably means
>you look the same
Which…she does

No. 1083263

smells like finding_eliza_again(hi cow)

No. 1083267


Literally no-one knows who she is. This is a self post.

No. 1083294

Definitely not her. This sperging Eliza’s comment is way too articulate for it to have come from finding_eliza_again

No. 1083302

What is with all the Queenslanders self posting?

Shay, Lee, Georgia, Sophie, Eliza, Hannah, CJ. The list goes on and on.

No. 1083318


I can't deal with porgie but a HR of 140 isn't the low end of high. It's pretty darn high high!

No. 1083339


Googled. 140-180 is the range of high, so it really is the low end.

Probably did some star jumps in the bathroom to make her heart rate faster. Eee, munchie munch.

No. 1083342

What's with all the Queenslanders full stop? Sunshine state, more like snowflake state.

No. 1083352

nta and not really any use pointing the actual video, but there's one where I think they're out buying new clothes and Elzani takes the piss out of her sister because she can't find any in her size.

This thread really changed my view of Australian people, or rather gave me a cultural education. Since childhood, we were presented with the image of Australians looking like LA surf dudes and ultra fit women. That or the redneck Fosters chuggers. Georgia's the antithesis of all I'd previously believed. HOWEVER, a friend whose brother lives in Cairns went to Aus and gushed about the beautiful fresh food. It's very confusing for a Britfag.

No. 1083355

Sorry, ELzani vid comment was in reply to >>1083296

No. 1083360

Forget it, anon deleted.

No. 1083367

Med fag here. Anything over 100 is tachycardia and not acceptable. It's very reasonable she was sent to the hospital for a HR that high.

No. 1083393


Qldfag- we aren’t all like that, promise. ;(blog) the system in Australia doesn’t work very well - there are great therapists etc. but I think in qld the options are so limited for Ed treatment - Brisbane is literally a 5 bed public program for “the worst in qld” (the wait list is extremely long and it’s a locked public mh ward, phones only allowed for 1hr/day so you won’t see much of those patients IP.. and they don’t tube on that ward, once you’re out of medical it’s all meal plan - the program is actually really great if you’re committed to recovery). New farm the 10 beds private is the same doctors that people have been seeing for years and as I’ve said before, their program is useless, the dietitian is a dumb fuck and it seems people are getting away with more and more there. . It’s not right, it’s a waste of tax and health insurance payers money.. it makes me and others very angry to see and know.

No. 1083409

It's the climate/humidity-addles their brains. Disproportionate number of rednecks plus Pauline Hanson is from there

No. 1083422

To go more on that (melbfag here) a lot of people seeking treatment from either QLD or TAS come to Victoria to get inpatient treatment, although the system is flawed here too. You’ll get people like Georgie abusing the system in a different state to keep up her facade although facilities here for mental health or whatever it may be are pretty bad across the country. Honestly surprised she hasn’t attempted to go across boarders to get into different patient programs, some clinics here would probably take her, but beds are limited here too. Georgies lardass doesn’t care or conciser the people who actually need these beds, as long as she can continue her -muh anorexiaaaa- and be under shitty doctor who will feed into her bullshit to get more money she will continue to fill up these spaces, regardless of what state she may be in, making matters worse for everyone.

No. 1083467


mods can ask for proof but I literally have no idea who Eliza is and just screenshotted it LMAO I am samefag as >>1083055 aswell and previous threads. check my IP if you must kek


Is it possible that she was exercising or over exerting herself to get to 140? I feel like Georgie would do that. I wouldn't really think anything of it because she is overweight and I assume that most people who are that overweight probably get a higher heart rate when standing up too quickly or exercising… I wonder how that factors in?

Imagine if Georgie had the willpower she did for hospitals and getting into IP and spent it on getting a job, healthily exercising, losing the weight and lived her best life…. imagine

No. 1083485

Georgia has POTS so 140bpm wouldn't be a completely abnormal reading for her unless she was symptomatic.

No. 1083560

Christ mate you really dont know about australia lol
Is this why we never/rarely see any QuEDS cows? I'm so fascinated about the new farm clinic situation, from what I've gathered they're part of some like weird collective that's notorious for shit treatment and munchie enabling. Any insiders with more info?

No. 1083571

Georgia claims to have POTS, but that’s only true if you believe Georgia. It’s much more likely she’s just out of shape from being a fat fuck and dehydrating herself on purpose.

No. 1083574

I’m going to go with yes. Because QuEDs being the public system is about actually restoring weight and then referring to appropriate programs etc. They have a really good day program (despite what people think - which is usually the people who don’t want recovery) and their programs work.
(Sage for blog)
I’ve been through both H floor/QuEDs iop the public) and new farm clinic and honestly H floor and QuEDs made more of an impact in 12 weeks than new farm did in three years. Public system wants people better so they stop the rotating door.

No. 1083583

georgie porgie pudding pie is metaLARPing - it's not enough to pretend to be anorexic on the internet, she has to pretend to be an anorexic pretending to be a sooper special zebra warrior

if it weren't for the fact that she's so low effort (see: pretending to be anorexic whilst visibly overweight) i'd say we'll see her joining our gallery of headbanging narcissists by the end of the year, but that would involve at least a tiny bit of effort so idk

No. 1083584

You sage by putting "sage" in the email field.

No. 1083597

That's her clover-shaped iridescent teaspoon on the left. She's eating meatballs with a teaspoon…

No. 1083599

Strap ya selves in farmers, NF is about to produce some epic milk. Georgie is already there, Lee just admitted herself and Shay claims on fb to be going in this week to edp with a recent relapse despite others saying she was banned.

No. 1083603

There's no way those three don't synchronise their NF breaks.

No. 1083604

Shays been playing munchie in the public system as they got over her fake ED quickly and was thrown out of private. So now she claims to have relapsed her ED "after 6 months" and is currently waiting a private ED admission. Public must've gotten over her fake bowel issues so she needs to move on to another agenda to get the attention.

No. 1083654

What's the treatment for Munchie's Syndrome? Georgie's got it, her NF friends have, loads of these real and fake ana chans go on to be a Munchie. It's save bed hogging and medic's time if there was therapy or some shit for it. I know I could google, but I'd rather throw it out to medifags here.

No. 1083679

As its a factitious disorder, treatment is generally always psychotherapy and CBT.

No. 1083680

She even made a long ass post about how the negative comments got to her and how building takes time! And of course all the comments are cherry picked to say fuck the haters, you’re doing great!!! She just can’t face the hard truth.
And yeah, her coach does untag her from his tagged photos. To be fair, she tags him in EVERY post so he kind of has no choice. He’s never shared her publicly on his page because he knows she’s a joke.

No. 1083684

She must KNOW she needs to pack in those calories to build muscle, or is it cognitive dissonance? Until she stops being afraid of FOOD she should drop the whole bodybuilding thing. All she's doing in reality is maintaining a weight and that's all.

No. 1083689

It's not even just that - she seems to idolise bodybuilders who have bodies that she can't reach even WITH enough food. A lot of the women have boob jobs, and the very bulky-yet-lean ones are on drugs to aid that. Same for the men, ofc.

I don't mean to judge that, it's their call, but like you said she's in a completely different reality. At some point she'll have to confront that, surely?

No. 1083702

File: 1605533147354.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1379, 00EA8C8A-8280-41DF-83DF-B858B4…)

What is with the bowl of peas in the top left corner…?

No. 1083739

File: 1605538792171.jpg (373.94 KB, 1073x1907, 20201116_085924.jpg)

>two pieces of chocolate in a measuring cup

No. 1083742

But She’s tracking those macros perfectly so that’s totally normal /s

No. 1083754

I’ll assume that’s hot lemon water in the mug - totally a normal non-disordered thing to drink…

No. 1083777

she must shit porridge if all the eats is this soft baby food

No. 1083807

Not to mention the arsenic poisoning she’s going to get…. she eats an insane amount of rice every single day.

No. 1083825

Daily walk to the closed gym totally screams normal.

No. 1083849

sage your nitpicks

No. 1083898

>At some point she'll have to confront that, surely?

She's an anorexic, the attainability/feasibility of the ideals she chases is irrelevant, they're just a "healthy" non-disordered excuse for disordered behavior.

No. 1083969

Georgia claims to have POTS right? Slight PL but I have POTS and my resting hr was often 120 before I was put on medication and I was told it wasn't anything to worry about because they knew what was causing it.

No. 1083994

Cool story, bro. No one cares that you’re a special snowflake.

POTS doesn’t cause a high resting heart rate, being out of shape does. In Georgia’s case it’s not just that, it’s also her obesity and steady diet of sugar peppered with caffeine.

Therapy, but it doesn’t always help. Most of the munchies from the old boards here never stopped, and most of them didn’t get caught or admit they were munchies. Therapy only helps people who want to be helped, and Georgia, Lee, and Shay want to be sick forever. They’re getting plenty of therapy being in and out of NF, and clearly it’s not doing shit.

No. 1084038

File: 1605557487616.jpg (398.23 KB, 1080x1898, 20201116_200900.jpg)

don't even remember seeing them on this thread but, how would they know they're on here if they don't lurk?

No. 1084059

Oh sure, Jan. Really looking like the picture of health there, nevermind every other video is blatant bodychecking.

No. 1084067

i have no idea who this is

No. 1084068

File: 1605560208453.jpg (250.58 KB, 1080x1208, 20201116_125211.jpg)


I don't think I've ever seen this account mentioned in my 10+ followings of the thread.

Probably self post and bait. Account has 33 posts w less than 2k followers, probably posted this to get a risk but no1curr


This is so sad, the two pieces of chocolate are really something else. Is she so skewed she doesn't realize how odd it is to have your chocolate in a measuring cup like that? Her personal trainer is fucked, I wonder how much more she can keep up like this, surely theres a limit.

No. 1084069


rise* my b.

No. 1084104

File: 1605562843204.jpg (Spoiler Image, 251.26 KB, 1536x2048, urinalcakes.jpg)


reminds me of those yellow urinal cakes found in dingy mens toilets at the local pub.

No. 1084108

what the fuck is this thread y’all are disgusting for judging other people’s recovery omg

No. 1084117

except we aren't judging anyones recovery, we're judging people lying about being in recovery or lying about having had an eating disorder in the first place

No. 1084118

we would be dicks if we were talking about people who were genuinely reocvering, yes, but we aren't. we're talking about bulimics, munchies and pro ana scumbags. fuck off.

in other news, i wonder how bakerfag is? she's gone silent and im wondering which one of n2f's bakes killed her off

No. 1084119

>>1084108 Imagine self posting, being an online personality and then getting upset when people show the inconsistencies and constant attention begging and waste of medical resources from hospital jumping, I could never kek

Anyone know what the whole deal is with the cowtipping lately and self
posters? This is hilarious

No. 1084126


Hmmm bakerfag and n2f have been quiet and not baking (to my knowledge anyways), there's no way- , it couldn't be-

(sage for dumbpost and samefag as,)

No. 1084128

How do you know if someone’s faking an Ed? Recovery isn’t linear and you don’t just decide to be in recovery and then you’re all fixed. Wtf is wrong with you. If you don’t like what someone is posting on their Instagram then just don’t follow them

No. 1084130

Ahhh yes because bulimia isn’t a mental illness right go ahead and bully people anonymously online for it(do you know where you are)

No. 1084132

erm i haven’t been self posting? if ur so concerned about these people instead of bitching about them why not offer them support and help?

No. 1084134

because we are not concerned anon. we are here to laff

No. 1084135

well, what nice people you are. surely you have better things to do than berate others for what they post online? this is awful and i can’t believe anyone would even think it’s okay to talk about vulnerable people in such a way

No. 1084136

no-one here cares about your virtue signalling, velvetbunny999

No. 1084137

Jesus Christ what’s wrong with this site. Do you have no concept of how the things said on here may be effecting people?(no1curr)

No. 1084138


Sage goes in the email newfag, inb4 instaban for not reading the rules. Kek

No. 1084140

it’s a good job my email isn’t similar to my recovery account name lmao why you looking at that anyway(emoji use)

No. 1084142

cant understand a word of that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1084144

Interrupting this back and forth to point out that fries before small thighs is the one that had an insta story about "full fat coke" (reposted in this thread here >>1082923) which sparked the references to it as a running in-joke, which anons who need to lurk more didn't understand and decided to argue about

No. 1084145

File: 1605565024494.jpg (64.01 KB, 720x597, 20201116_221141.jpg)

you don't put your email in the email field, just sage so the thread doesn't keep getting bumped when there's no new milk, just an insta recovery warrior!!1!1 whose fee fees got hurt

No. 1084146

was that molly?

No. 1084157

was who molly?

No. 1084160

Doubt it. Molly doesn't seem like a "y'all" kind of person.

It's amusing that wks come here and think most anons here don't have/never had an ed. There are many ~vulnerable people~ except they don't scream for attention or need to ~reach out to the community~

No. 1084162

who do you think it was then?

No. 1084165

Couldn't care less.

No. 1084167


But if a cow genuinely recovers, is she left alone or berated and hyper analyzed for gaining weight?? While I think some of the commentary here is fair, it does make me wonder if any of these girls hold off on gaining weight because they dont want their weight gain discussed.

No. 1084170

have you seen @/flowering_em posted about the thread on her story? reckon she’s been on here

No. 1084172

File: 1605566885332.png (4.37 MB, 960x2079, 10095153-A4A3-4209-8501-D0CDBD…)

Its this gal , posted about lolcow, had other accounts with velvet in the name

No. 1084173

File: 1605566919838.png (1.6 MB, 960x2079, 2EE14ECD-B0B9-48E5-80D6-1500CA…)

No. 1084174

her @ doesn’t have velvet in the name though? i still think it’s flowering_em she’s known for doing shit like this

No. 1084176


Your icon is showing, remember to crop or they can find/see you.

Also what is it with these random cows posting in here?¿ Feels like a ' who can get the most hate and be sooper special ' circlejerk

No. 1084177


Her @in her bio is velvet.destiny, speculating its probs her. Yikes

No. 1084178

now that’s flowering_em all over all she ever wants is attention i mean have you seen how much she went on about her admission and still does

No. 1084179


Sorry again for samefag but I realized I don't have instagram so idk if they're the same account owner but deffs sus

No. 1084195

If they don't want their weight discussed then why have a recovery account?

The few cows who do actually recover or get their shit together are generally left alone and congratulated (one example, Crying Emily). People are suspect about Elzani because she's done well. I don't think anons want her to turn into a b/p-er, it's more that recovery's difficult so it's always questionable for an ana chan anon when somebody does manage to gain and looks happy about it. Personally, I love when a cow recovers. You've seen how some of us want nothing more for n2f. Of course there are bone rattlers who think the lower end of a healthy weight = obese, but they're cows themselves, so meh.

No. 1084205

Elanzi gets posted here because she’s still obsessed with her ED and food, even if she’s physically recovered. That’s all she does, she’s not exactly living a recovered and fulfilling life. She’s just posting pics and vids of her food, and that’s it. If she actually moves on and behaves like she’s recovered, then she won’t get posted because there wouldn’t be anything milky to post. She’s like Chii and Paige and Korey who all claim recovery but are really just massive hypocrites.

No. 1084208

File: 1605569308038.jpeg (318.95 KB, 1169x1218, 96EC3643-9B9E-4AE8-9D62-1FD4F6…)

dusty is always so manipulative and has been so full of bullshit recently it’s really satisfying to see her get called on it…… by her psych no less! she’s currently in hospital after cutting badly and is upset because she’s on a ward with other people who sound even more ill than her and she can’t handle it.

No. 1084210

At least chii, Paige and korey seem to actually have lives though? Definitely lying about being any kind of recovered but there seems to be more exciting things going on in their lives than a plate of pancakes. It’s the malingering and living off family / government money / hospitals that really irks me about most cows.

No. 1084213

I reposted a screenshot of her full fat coke in the middle of the sperging about full fat coke. The original post from months ago was linked. >>1082923 That's it.

No. 1084220

I was the anon who used the “full fat coke” comment not realising the newfags would sperg out. I’ll be really explicit & mansplain EVERY tenuous point…

Loving your sleuthing skills, most of these cows are thick as shit so I’d say you’re probably right.

No. 1084241

>>1084195 I know re elzani molly etc theres cow like behavior, I just think it is inarguably Dicklike to comment on a cows weight gain if they're actually trying to get better?? It seems cruel even for the purposes of this site. Idk if that's something that happens/ am newfag

No. 1084249

Elzani is still balls deep in her ED, I'd love for her to get real medical help and move on with her life. Being weight restored really means nothing to be honest with you anon. The only people berating the recovery warriors for actually gaining weight are the cows that lurk and post here themselves, i'd put money on it.

No. 1084255

Elzani might be weight restored, but I don't think she's ever had therapy, or spent time in an EDU

No. 1084256


What? You mean eating 13 pancakes for breakfast every day isn't normal??

No. 1084266

No, the whole schtick of her recovery journey was that she was going to do it without medical intervention (after she got discharged) no meal plan, no therapists, no dieticians. That's why so many people on myproana hated her straight off the bat, they thought she'd immediately relapse.

No. 1084269

I see. I get that. I didn't just mean elzani but was more curious if someone we talk about genuinely moves on with their life, are they left alone? It seems they should be.

No. 1084279

I recognise this girl. She has a low-level popular account on tiktok, @velvetluvv

No. 1084304

she drives me fucking insane istg it’s all childlike pouty videos talking about her eating disorder and various “inpatient stories”… but she’s fine?

No. 1084312

Inpatient stories are more boring than listening to somebody's dreams.

No. 1084354

Speaking of posh molly. Seriously what happened to her??? She completely disappeared. I really think she did something to wind up in hospital because otherwise o can’t see what would make her completely stop I’m using the internet.

No. 1084436

File: 1605594356471.jpeg (663.92 KB, 1832x2598, 51C12EBF-7387-4909-8813-9CB897…)

Yeah I have too much time kek

No. 1084446

If theres no more milk & they actually are recovered then yes.

No. 1084459

I wonder if she just found out about lolcow and freaked out about people talking about her family and private life, I imagine if she was completely unaware that could be enough to scare someone away from social media for a while

No. 1084470


Love it. Well done anon!

No. 1084474

sage but Korey does seem to be doing a little better recently and a few months ago admitted she'd been in quasi-recovery before

No. 1084475

LMAO ilu!

No. 1084476

my vote is for this one

No. 1084479

For normal people? No. For someone who’s restricted for years and actually been incredibly spoopy? Perfectly reasonable cause there’s no way her brain would respond to food in the same way as a healthy person

No. 1084480

loads of accounts have been on here and put about it on their stories - didn’t even know this flowering_em girl existed but her account says a lot

No. 1084499

File: 1605607681244.jpeg (116.91 KB, 828x1432, 6048E202-62E6-4C26-AF84-FFAFB4…)

What’s with all the cow tippers recently?
/sage for no milk

No. 1084516

Lockdown boredom. They want to see something kick off, I assume.

No. 1084527

Tinybakedbean should be the last person to say this. she is the one who directs harassment to people she doesnt like on instagram by shitposting about them on her story. this one is a real cow (big and with a nose ring to boot). She likes to do a lot of virtue signalling about BLM.

No. 1084534

File: 1605614108270.jpg (253.73 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20201117_065405.jpg)

Porgie is back. Must be. New record. "I'm staying off social for awhile cuz bUlLiEs"… 24 hours later, "oh hey look how big my hospital room is, score!"

No. 1084537

She is the bully. She posts people on here all the time and pretends to be their friend.

Porgie loves our attention. Its the only attention she gets outside of NF.

No. 1084540

I saw that. I've made vids doing the same thing. Oh, except I do it to show rooms we stay in at B&Bs or hotels on holidays, not fucking clinics. Get a fucking life, Georgie. I s2g they make it too cosy there.

No. 1084541

its no surprise, the self posting and cow tipping from anachans has always been an issue. the only thread to rival this were the munchies. one day you fags will learn that untouched cows produce the greatest milk

No. 1084544

File: 1605614759330.png (169.17 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_20201117-120313~3.p…)

And I know you still lurk here. That soph.ventiing was mentioned so Georgia followed. As she does with everyone we post.

No. 1084545

This is true. Forcing something to happen doesn't work. They only play up for us. It's best to be like David Attenborough and observe them in there habitat and not prod them with sticks.

No. 1084546

Their* oops

No. 1084548

Oh shit that's some top tier investigative farming, anon. Hats off!

No. 1084553

File: 1605616669870.jpg (329.5 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20201117_122817.jpg)

She straight up copies other Instagrammers. Jumps on the "smoke check" bandwagon with her vape. Kek Tries to buy friendship with a Xmas gift exchange, which is proper sad. Begs for cash with a sob story which is most probably false asf. Someone else chats about doing sugar daddy work, and low and behold…
She's so full of shit. Thinks eating disorders are a trend to gather up her followers like other insta pages she looks up to. She posts how much she struggles with food yet has been the same healthy? bmi for literally years. If she was ever spoopy you know she'd post that shit.

No. 1084556

File: 1605616756590.jpg (435.88 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20201117_122808.jpg)

Also, begs for cash and chats about her money woes then spends £61 just on postage alone of gifts to her "friends"

No. 1084639

Hey Georgia, maybe if you stopped vigorously rubbing your bean to bulimics and skellies (trust me, no amount of asskissing will change the fact that you creep them out!) and put all that time into maybe walking outside and getting a job you could be a weight normal enough to not look like a fat 45 year old ex-convict.

No. 1084674

these are the same bitches crying about how this thread is soooo damaging and then intentionally pointing ppl here
Like? they don't have to read here, it literally doesn't hurt them until your whiny ass tattles lmao

No. 1084685

Unless she found here.
She doesn't look the kind of person to do other stuff like bp or SH- but I could be wrong.

No. 1084759

i literally cannot tolerate this girl at all, she constantly preaches recovery but never seems to gain much weight at all. she drives me up the waaaall

No. 1084762

well, we can use effect and affect correctly, something you obviously cannot do

No. 1084771

she also posted just hours after her sob story and begging for cash that her family had found a house…nice timing!

No. 1084822

Imarinari on IG: chronic leg-lifter, does photo shoots with her energy drink trash, and my breaking point to say this was her latest post with like 7 different filters on the same image she’s so self obsessed

No. 1084831

Pics or it didn’t happen newfag

No. 1084832

first off, this is an imageboard

second, you have to request to see anything

so if you’re that sick of her and you’re not just selfposting for attention, post some fucking screencaps or gtfo

No. 1084839


How's the hospital breakfast today, Porgie?

No. 1084854

File: 1605645007120.jpeg (669.4 KB, 640x1008, 840C81D3-7C39-42D3-8440-ABDAB0…)

Not sure if that was @me but sorry if it was I’m still learning the ways! This is her

No. 1084855

You can just inform me of things, you don’t have to be aggressive(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1084860

File: 1605645131465.png (504.18 KB, 640x1136, 7115B763-F45B-48CC-8102-18DFB8…)

seen this?

No. 1084884

sooner or later she'll get a sad little only-fans account

No. 1084892

Its 4chan for girls, anon. Act retarded, you'll get called retarded.

No. 1084914

Borzoi legs.

No. 1084945

If you wanna be a farmer, get used to the aggression.

No. 1084994

An"online" sugar daddy, kek. This bitch about to be scammed

No. 1085008

File: 1605656051041.jpg (100.32 KB, 1120x1020, online only.jpg)

I've noticed cows across the whole board from different threads think that doing the sugar daddy/findom/feet pic thing is a really easy way to make cash. I'm indifferent to women who do that because it's their life, but the guys who pay these girls want a good product who know how to behave. Imagine looking through the profiles and finding some whiny kid who probably never had an irl boyfriend and they think they're hot at the whole thing. Make some shit for etsy or get a job.

No. 1085037

File: 1605658090229.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 730.2 KB, 2560x2560, C772E677-C619-46EA-8EBE-E09749…)

This guy follows so many cows too, weird

No. 1085039

didnt mean to spoiler oops

No. 1085044

They had a problem with him/men like him DMing members of the EDanonymous subreddit.

No. 1085046

(only the purgers!)

No. 1085050

So within five minutes of this account being posted here, the account in question is now following a bunch of cows from this thread, couldn't make it anymore obvious porgie! K E K

No. 1085052

Ha! Following Ganer. Too funny.

No. 1085053

File: 1605658684634.jpg (399.83 KB, 1000x1834, 20201118_001728.jpg)

Forgot pic

No. 1085101

Anywhere where anorexics/bulimics congregate online is plagued by fetishists like this at some point.

No. 1085116

Actually the account was following cows from here before Georgia or yourself posted about it.

No. 1085122

How did you know about the account before it was posted here?

No. 1085133

A lot of us have been inboxed by the creep. And its been on Georgias story for 5+ hours

No. 1085145

Who thinks Georgia purges? Kek

No. 1085153

But she does seem exactly the kind of person whose mother would notice they were a bit sad and fly into a drama about them being suicidally depressed and try and get them into intensive therapy asap.

No. 1085159

Molly's mother didn't even want her to go IP when she was (apparently) anorexic because she thought she'd catch the 'rona. Idk, I just hope she got over the attention and abandoned wasting so much time making eating videos and is catching up on stuff for uni when she goes back.

No. 1085255

a creep that gets off to mental illness? you mean you Georgia?

No. 1085259

It's difficult to believe a guy would look at her stories and get hard thinking about her. I mean, he added Dasha. A skele fetishist interested in Georgia?

No. 1085286

File: 1605687678905.jpg (347.31 KB, 960x1200, EC88REwWsAEw0oB.jpg)

No. 1085296

He probably mocks her on some fattie hating forum

No. 1085297

that’s just mpa, anon

No. 1085300

File: 1605691895650.jpg (184.73 KB, 833x451, 20201118_155551.jpg)

We all know you love the toobe

No. 1085302

File: 1605692841923.jpeg (670.46 KB, 828x1460, 28C79B78-62E6-4B6F-B4F7-ACB343…)

never seen or heard of her before but some of these pictures just take the piss tbh.
flex that neck sis !

No. 1085307

She's been on the thread for at least 10+ threads. Known for self posting

No. 1085320

wow shes gone full munchie

No. 1085323

File: 1605697905491.png (7.45 MB, 1125x2001, F69DFAC8-FFB5-476E-9662-97E80F…)

Any bets on how long it’ll take them to tube her? bet she’s feelin the affects of not eating anything since admission to try look like a real Ed patient

No. 1085395

File: 1605711491364.jpg (213.99 KB, 720x1273, Screenshot_2020-11-18-14-55-18…)

God I hope this is about georgia

No. 1085404

There are many Georgias. Never liked Emma, but liking her for this post. She has some good milk there.

No. 1085409

Her post is just typical farmer-bait pot-stirring. She knows we know who’s IP so she’s milking it for a little extra attention and validation. Does anyone here really need an inside source to confirm porgie is malingering?

No. 1085450

Nah but it’s funny to know that hospital staff talks shit about her behind her back kek

No. 1085492

Emma isn't in Australia. Why would it be Georgia?

No. 1085493

Emma is IP in the UK so it won’t refer to Podge.

No. 1085504

I really doubt the staff would tell other patients about another patient and her family.

No. 1085521

When I read her post I didn't think she was necessarily saying the staff told her anything.

If the parents come visit she could have talked to them or overheard them or heard from other patients what the parents have said.

Some people's parents are quite vocal when they come visit their kids in mental health wards/units

No. 1085531

Soz to blogpost, but from personal experience, this does happen. (staff telling me stuff about other patients etc). It's unprofessional but some staff don't give a fuck if they know you won't say anything kek

No. 1085561

Yup and if she continues to fuck around with her digestive system she might end up like Jaquie, who died after months of chronic self induced constipation did a number on her insides.

No. 1085564

It does a a bit, like who not to leave your stuff around cos they'll steal it etc. ps - if you're not contributing new milk then type "sage" in the email field.

No. 1085572

File: 1605728528405.jpg (262.59 KB, 1078x1917, 20201118_133948.jpg)


No. 1085573

File: 1605728559772.jpg (259.46 KB, 1080x1732, 20201118_133958.jpg)

Samefag. So many gains.

No. 1085576

Is this the bland paste she puts raspberries with every day? Not disordered.

No. 1085578

I believe so. and a whole 177 calories per serving!

No. 1085628

Jaquie got an unethical surgeon to give her a surgical J tube and reroute her intestines. I doubt she’d manage to get the same, since they’ve only given her an NG tube (which has zilch to do with the intestines and is the same as eating). They know she can eat and is choosing not to. She probably could go the route of Anna the ging and abuse laxatives until she gets a colostomy, but that would take years and a lot of discomfort. Not just lying for asspats.

No. 1085671

File: 1605736267387.jpg (212.75 KB, 486x724, WUZ3R9P.jpg)

Seems like she's been asking her coach when she can recomp… (generally this means losing fat without losing too much weight or trying to still build muscle, but there's no way she means it in a non-disordered way lol).

No. 1085700

Has she even gained any fat? She looks exactly the same as when she started. Asking when she can drop weight is totally normal, right???

This guy really loves her money. No need to be ethical when you're getting paid.

No. 1085748


I can't believe her gym trainer would even try to encourage or say her losing weight is fine. Garner has no fat even left on her body, I guess you're right as in money is money but so disappointing. I don't think Garner is going to be able to recover after this, shes got orthorexia now

No. 1085799

File: 1605746749266.jpeg (516.67 KB, 640x1014, 550BA27C-354A-4787-9695-6F7E96…)

Is… is that… a pile of sauces she’s dropped out her window taking these pics? Or…

No. 1085828

File: 1605749926608.jpg (7.29 KB, 256x256, 8281537650fe36ed6161a9f9732832…)

No. 1085830

>Anna the ging
do you mean fit vegan ginger? shit, i forgot about her

No. 1085834

This is not the first time condiments "fell" out of her window. It doesn't look like an accident anymore, I think she's deliberately throwing trash out of her window. It fits her nasty dirty shut-in lifestyle.

No. 1085856

File: 1605752473632.jpg (15.89 KB, 400x400, download (21).jpg)

It looks like a Hellman's sauce bottle.

No. 1085879

wow i miss the golden days of the fit vegan ginger. i lurk her kiwi farms thread sometimes but those boards are too spergy and invested for me. wish she would do something milky again

No. 1085894

Isl it sad I sometimes check what’s for sale on the of date website to
Present her next “”meal” I.(emoji)

No. 1085908


Omg why would she post this? Those are straight up bottles. Geez

No. 1085972

That’s the one, in all her disgusting sugar and fat-free glory

Yeah she’s just up to the same old shit, literally. Over exercising while claiming sooper rare CF and EDS and crapping in the bag she got after years of lax abuse

No. 1086085

When Ginge disappeared from the thread, I was grateful to not have to see that face and that food.

It was a shock to see her again. From happy clappy fitness freak/ana undeniable to crying, fucked up intestinal girl with an upcoming colostomy bag. Maybe I'll look how she's doing, but need to psyche up.

No. 1086087

Did you use Google translate?

Cool story bro.

Yes, most of us have eds but you are the sickest. Hail! Queen ana Chan.

Bye bye.

No. 1086095

Maybe she's hiding them from her family? like: easier to throw them out the window, then go outside herself and throw them away- rather than risk going through her house with the trash and have some member of her family see her carrying 3 empty bottles of sauce?
Assuming her family knows about the bulimia, maybe they'd recognize the bottles (throat lube) as a red-flag?
I've seen anachans do similar things, but with food. If you go (or don't go) through a lot of it, trash can become a real issue if you're hiding it from your family. Perhaps its made worse by quarantine, if she's rarely, or never left home alone.

No. 1086097

File: 1605786470830.jpeg (127.74 KB, 1125x407, ACA8B160-4F37-482E-A059-D3235F…)

Does this greedy fuck not know 4 is a ‘normal’ adult portion or? I hate seeing her fat arse muscle in on anorexia recovery pages

No. 1086099

File: 1605786809263.gif (4.08 MB, 700x394, iu.gif)

What's the context anons? Is she making fun of the (actually) anorexic account for having a "small" portion lmao? Also piss off Porgie 4 fish fingers is a perfectly fine portion if you have it with potatoes and peas or w/e.
*(brb. gonna dress up in a onsie and intuitively eat a whole fucking pack of fish fingers whilst clutching my teddy bear cause i'm such a tiny widdle waif~~)*

No. 1086104

File: 1605787973260.jpg (194.54 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2020-11-19-12-12-38…)

Toddler portion, sure

No. 1086126

File: 1605790462985.jpeg (456.52 KB, 1124x1381, 26060357-4FDC-4383-AA74-DC9643…)

Context. Fuck, looking again they don’t look like the standard fish fingers (sorry anons my bad) but still, I wouldn’t want this sow commenting on my stuff if I was trying to recover y’know? We all know Porgie never got OFF those *~childhood faves~* unless she was one of those rare kids who’d go a plate of vegetables over Maccies

No. 1086134

File: 1605791645825.jpg (8.44 KB, 246x205, images.jpg)

~This is one of Georgie's less calorific childhood favourites.

No. 1086136

File: 1605791688725.jpg (80.39 KB, 800x533, dessert.jpg)

Followed by a light dessert (as demonstrated by this kid)

No. 1086224

Sage bc retarded, but is Kiwi Farms like the Reddit equivalent of lolcow (which is an imageboard like 4chan), or…?

No. 1086281

i'm the anon you're replying to but tbh don't spend time on there other than the occasional visit to ashley isaacs and tfvg's threads since they aren't updated on here anymore. i feel like kiwi farms is more like a more ~male~ feeling PULL? like everyone is SUPER fucking invested in the cows, there is a ton of random speculating that goes beyond "hmm I wonder if she purged that" to like complex conspiracy theories about CSA that eventually get accepted as canon and used as evidence for newer stupider theories.

they also have legit doxxed and stalked cows irl. someone from KF went to an event tfvg was doing at her health food store back in the day (3 years ago maybe?) and either identified himself as from a board or otherwise acted sketchy enough (details were unclear) that anna got freaked out and went private, posted less for awhile, etc

the vibe there is way too intense for me lol

No. 1086284

Oh right, thanks for explaining!

No. 1086328

You explained it well. They go very, erm, in depth. I only watch the Desmond Is Amazing thread because his mum's a massive cow but probably wouldn't be able to talk about her here because her son gets posted (underage). The boards in general are, as you said, intense.

No. 1086357

to add, the FVG thread is 585 pages at the moment and Ashley's is 165

No. 1086445

File: 1605820059665.jpeg (518.11 KB, 1241x1867, 881EFBAA-E772-491A-8D92-8FDC6D…)

Going through this account is providing me a lot of entertainment this evening. Seems like another Molly from her posts.

No. 1086474

I am physically embarrassed by this post

No. 1086477

File: 1605823117104.jpg (608.56 KB, 1079x1602, Screenshot_20201119-155736_Ins…)

I did a Molly check and found she posted on her singing account

No. 1086492

99% sure molly was tipped

No. 1086500

File: 1605826178503.jpg (282.83 KB, 720x1227, Screenshot_2020-11-19-22-48-34…)

What the fuck is going on in here on this day

No. 1086551

obviously it means just one of her did aka chronic attention whore disorder alters(?) are anorexic! Which I'm guessing means that she skips a meal every couple of days? Kek

No. 1086843

Both are quite tragic. Being 30 years old obsessed with being the sickest anorexic ever is also tragic, Emma.

No. 1086972

DID munchies are my absolute fucking favourite. The DID tag on tiktok is crawling with them, of which half also claim an ED or mystery ~chronic illness~, that they never state by name.

No. 1086973


Thank you so much for sharing, she provides maximum levels of fremdschämen

No. 1086984

Posting her reminded me of our DID thread/ohchickpea so I searched DID etc on insta. Whadayaknow…so many have eating disorders! Throw in some EDS and MPD and whatever the fuck else is the trending illness on munchiegram.

Their ~systems~ are so intricate they've spent way too long developing their online MI.

No. 1086986

It's really the new 'sad depressed girl Ana-Deb-Cat-Sue etc', and just as cringe

No. 1087115

File: 1605893515996.jpg (413.72 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20201120_173108.jpg)

frazzles on TOAST?! i feel like this is a new low, even for n2f!

No. 1087118

File: 1605893969712.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, D88AC6DB-A36D-4241-A5ED-CBA0FD…)

Do we have a new n2f?

No. 1087127

I'm glad to know she's not dead and is moving on with her life. She seems like she's a good person outside of the ~scawed uwu~ persona, tbh considering that she just graduated she was probably just trying to sort things out

No. 1087138

Too lazy to fry bacon. Crisp butties are mmmm, but that's not a snack. She'd stick one toast on top of the other do you think? Her food always looks messy to eat and looking at the stains she gets everywhere it is.

Fuck Oxford, go to Goldsmiths and do drama or something. Yeah, I think her Elzani fandom fired her into that YouTube channel, but girl, no. It might look cute to her, but there was too much second hand embarrassment. She's obviously intelligent but seems to make bad life decisions. Good luck to her.

No. 1087140

I don't know that wanting to go back to youth theatre is really moving on with her life. Probably misses the attention. If she could acknowledge that, then maybe she could move on.

No. 1087142

Has there been some new research about expired food being good for you? That yogurt's either going to be rank water after six weeks or it's an old pic. She's a med student so maybe she's been growing penicillin.

No. 1087215

This is exactly what I was thinking, she’s probably missing her theater days and her theater friends, maybe that’s why she was having a hard time at Oxford and left

No. 1087250

Not just graduated, just done less than a year before COVID hit and presumably not gone back. So far from.

No. 1087287

She did say in the video that it tasted bad lmao it would probably taste better had she eaten it within its expiration date

No. 1087289

File: 1605904533641.png (4.83 MB, 1125x2001, 327C2E61-B09E-4081-82A7-254D6C…)

This cow was setting up a gofundme and begging for money a few days ago because apparantly her family was going to be homeless. Her new place looks pretty lux for someone scrambling for money

No. 1087360

Did she photoshop all the wrinkles out of her hand? Jesus, looks like a chubby fleshy hoof

No. 1087383

No. 1087463

File: 1605916020927.jpeg (209.76 KB, 1242x1977, 8FD53BF6-577E-41CB-88DC-51E179…)

appears molly went as far as to delete all her youtube videos too

No. 1087464

samefag, unless she’s gearing up for a big comeback?

No. 1087466

File: 1605916234592.png (29 KB, 1505x721, Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 5.50.…)

Didn't delete, just made them private. This is from the link still in her profile.

No. 1087485

pretty sad some of you lot chase people off of their own social media, regardless of how much criticism she may warrant

No. 1087489

not really. at the end of the day, if youre uploading to yt or the internet in general you have to accept the possibility that you'll receive criticism. while its a little sad that she seems to have gone away completely, maybe she's learnt something about sharing her personal life online & if she comes back she may have grown up a bit

No. 1087497

Even though I participate (n2f is my favorite), I have to wonder where the limit is??

No. 1087500

>>1087463 meant to reply to this one soz

No. 1087521

Molly's an adult. She can make her own decisions. She decided to make her videos private, nobody here did. For a fame seeker, what's said here is lightweight compared to criticism professional actors have written about them. If you put yourself forward as a role model/friend/advisor then don't expect everybody to love you.

No. 1087529

Exactly ffs there's much worse on YouTube reaction channels than anything I've ever seen in this thread, who even said she deleted because of lolcow?

No. 1087590

No one here chased her off anything.

The internet can be a harsh place.
If you don’t like what you read here then leave.

No. 1087652

It's so hypocritical of anons when they turn moralfag because someone discussed does a or b.

Molly is a 20 year old woman. She's fortunately had supportive family and friends all her life. When she presents herself to those outside her circle, not everyone can give her the claps and congratulations she seems to need. It's harsh, but it's life. When you move away for uni/jobs on your own it can be hard. You have to learn to spend time without mum and work on peer group relationships. There's always going to be people who just don't like you so you go meh and carry on regardless.

If, IF comments here made her dramatically "run from" sm then she needs to learn to deal with on supportive people who may have struggles of their own to deal with (adult realisation), or if that's not in their genetic structure nature/nurture whatever, at least realise non family members aren't compelled to find them adorable or brave and think they're incredible.

Whatever happened, nobody else is to "blame". She's not a 12 year old newbie at secondary school being threatened or harassed. She's old enough to take responsibility for her actions.

No. 1087660

File: 1605939187229.jpeg (440.14 KB, 640x879, AF050859-9F0B-4E61-A411-21B64C…)

Anybody know anything about @_sunflowerseeed ? She’s a vegan influencer, OBSESSED with food, and stick thin. No confirmed ED as far as I can tell but surely must be, her stomach looks distended and face shape looks so odd. Followed by a LOT of recovery accounts but that could just be because they love food posts/a lot are vegans themselves?

No. 1087669

The wrinkles around her neck, armpit, and hands as well as the way her stomach hangs down unusually low seem like signs that she used to weigh much more and lost the weight quickly.

No. 1087678

adds fuel.
Agree with the signs of weight loss.

No. 1087682

File: 1605942240086.png (80.69 KB, 203x240, Screenshot_20201121-070212~2.p…)

More observations. ED or not, she looks unhealthy. Her nails…

No. 1087683

File: 1605942371591.png (700.66 KB, 720x876, Screenshot_20201121-065849~2.p…)

…and so much food but never seen eating it. Don't tell me she isn't underweight. Toothpick arms, bobble head.