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File: 1532046469059.png (98.1 KB, 395x236, anachans.png)

No. 641683

Pro-ana scumbags general no.20

Thread to discuss pro-anas, wannarexics and attention seeking spoops

previous thread: >>>/snow/546984

Farmhand Note: only post people who have milk outside of having an ED. This isn't a thread to nitpick ana-chans.

No. 641783


Don't you know, multiple world renowned professionals have told Ashley that she does not have BPD!

No. 642295

File: 1532096220172.jpeg (Spoiler Image,163.78 KB, 750x1171, F69072C3-8B29-4262-95D7-D89D0E…)

her eating disorder “eats her” which definitely is the explanation for her jagged ass thigh gap that definitely isn’t photoshopped at all.

No. 642425

That is the worst shoop ive seen usually these anas are decent at it.

No. 642434

Why can’t I detect shooping like y’all seem to??

No. 642450

yet she say these things with smirk on her face. How am I meant to take you seriously?

No. 642458

Notice the blur and jagged edges on the inner thighs

No. 642522

Ember is allowed now(no she's not)

No. 642523

Every sentence she writes is so obviously begging for someone to compare her style to Wasted, ignoring the fact that the book was only so critically aclaimed because the prose seemed so fresh and original. She’s so fucking far from the self awareness she thinks she has.

No. 642528

Marya Hornbacher is an absolute cow, makes sense.

No. 642606

File: 1532117840338.png (1.86 MB, 1200x1865, Screenshot_2018-07-20-14-14-26…)

real instagram tag good for surfing

No. 642633

She isn't. It was stated in the last thread by a farmhand and it's still in the rules. She also has no milk.

wouldn't be surprised if this and the last post in the thread were slefposts

No. 642793

No. 642801

Reminder that people posted in this thread need to actually have milk. They aren't to be posted solely because they have an ED.

And no, Ember is still not allowed to be posted.

No. 642896

Got to show off that toob!

No. 642921

File: 1532138714169.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, 1F5FBAF9-AD76-4BC5-B46F-F3A48B…)

Em thrives looking fresh in IP

No. 642931

Uh have you read her writing

No. 642964

we don't care about munchies

No. 642989

Not >>642793 but Wasted is a lot better written and gripping than Madness, or anything else Hornbacher's written since imo. And she's old and recovered now, definitely not a cow. If you have such a hate boner for her, post about her in >>516563

saged for no contribution/white-knighting.

No. 643031

Bad writing style doesn't make someone a cow though.

No. 643039

The style is amateurish, but the content is pure dramacow.

No. 643061


I don't think it's photoshopped, it just looks like her shirt pulled between her legs a bit

No. 643273

Yeah but the actual skin on the inside of her thighs looks “jagged” until you get to extreme spoop most legs have a curve to them (like the opposite side of her thighs) plus the blurring in the gap.

No. 643331

god her skin is repulsive.

does she just not wash? is it the malnutrition? why are anachans all so disgusting?

No. 643391

What are munchies?

No. 643399


inb4 lurk moar
munchies are munchhausen-chans, there is an extra thread for them

No. 643625

The munchie threads are locked and banned, and have been for months. Maybe you should lurk more yourself before acting like you know everything.

No. 643638

Different anon here but oh damn really? Why?

No. 643876

File: 1532228456391.jpeg (385.55 KB, 640x896, 91A6CD44-D9C6-47B4-A6FB-83D0DC…)

i know she’s taboo her but tilly does this thing where she makes “inspirational” posts on her main account (trying to be like storyofkorey?? because she definitely idolizes her) but they end up being laughable because she’s clearly not in recovery or even trying. i feel like she wants the best of both worlds, ie having people comment on how “sick” she is and how worried they are about her, while also telling her how inspirational she is lol

No. 643902

Because of the terrible posters they attracted. Basically munchies themselves being competitive, and nitpicking housewives. They mostly moved to r/illnessfakers (some to KF) after crying a lot in /meta.

No. 643921

So the difference between restricting and living is the amount of clothes a person wears, right?

No. 643939

No it’s how high your ponytail is

No. 643943

WOW nothing at all like these threads…

No. 644068

Sage for derailing but yeah, the vast majority of lolcow threads are just extreme nitpicking (specially people's looks) so that's kinda laughable.
Is this bitch for real? This is the most hilarious 'inspirational' post I've ever seen.

No. 644069

It's Tilly, she knows what she's doing, hence why most of us ignore her. She's always going on "well a piece of lettuce or two pieces of toasts a binge!!11" knowing it's going to set someone off, commenting on other people's recovery as if she's queen herself. She should check herself, before she wrecks herself, but it's too late for that.

She's just another attention seeking cow who wants us to view her content, just let the saggy cow udder die already.

No. 644080

Sorry for being retarded but where is the aly thread? It's been a while since I've been here and I can't find it.

No. 644083


It's on autosage

No. 644133

So I'm subscribed to "anorexia recovery" on YouTube, she was briefly discussed in the last thread. I'm so worried about her and think her YouTube presence might backfire. She seems incredibly kind and she looks very sick, but people are bothering her with the most inane shit. Apparently one person published their phone number and got a lot of calls or texts or whatever and then she blamed Terri. People also give her triggering or even dangerous nutritional advice. In a live session recently, all she did for like 2 hours was saying hi to everyone even though it was supposed to be a live meal. I'm getting the impression she finds it hard to say no

No. 644195

Unless she has milk outside of being ana she doesn't belong here. Read the farmhand post.

No. 644209

Clearly it has not been a while because you haven’t read the rules and don’t know how to sage

No. 644721

File: 1532315448192.png (173.79 KB, 640x1136, D31CA69C-ADCE-40EC-ADEB-C1E2DC…)

becoming_brea gave up posting about how far she’s come in her sooper special recovery, instead decided to go to the hospital and whine and cry

No. 644884

What kind of hospital is this manipualtive cow in?
And how is she allowed to have her phone to post on IG? Usually inpatient deliver meals 3 times a day in a cart and put them in the fridge for patients if they dont get eaten, especially dinner. There are also plenty of snacks in the fridge and locked cupboards.

And btw staff members always whisper at night.

No. 644979

The hilarious thing about how Tilly idolizes Korey is she acts like they’re besties when they’ve met once (by accident, running into each other at clinic) and Korey literally doesn’t give a shit about her. Korey doesn’t even reply to her. It’s like watching thirsty guys trying to get an @ from instamodels, hilariously sad.

No. 645738

Holocaust body totally living

No. 645932

File: 1532433675789.jpg (491.21 KB, 1080x1560, 20180724_125818.jpg)

Did anyone spot that our RealRecovery!Hero Aly is now coaching TinyBooSteps?

No. 646048

She has been for months. Aly is just craving being ill again and seems to use emaciated people to up her ego. Her 'weight loss' is all she's been going on about lately

No. 647397

File: 1532564161358.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-07-25-16-02-31…)

spaceshiptorecovery is actually fucking delusional holy shit

No. 647580

File: 1532573176497.png (607.65 KB, 640x1136, 404037F6-87CC-494D-8620-2566B0…)

Our master manipulator is at it again

No. 647655

>>647397 she said she was God in one of her previous stories lol she's definitely not all there upstairs

No. 648203

If she doesn't want comments like that then she should just stop being insufferable. I do not get why these anas post their entire lives and mental breakdowns on IG go bother a therapist instead

No. 648204

She's probably joking around

No. 648319

File: 1532641596960.png (163.88 KB, 640x1136, 95DB268A-7C1F-44F6-B534-57BD02…)

This bitch needs to get a job where bad behavior is punished and not rewarded

No. 648422

File: 1532652828604.jpeg (221.19 KB, 640x900, FE62F802-4654-4598-9E47-FF8899…)

First she bitched about the hospital and went home. Now she’s bitching that they don’t immediately have a bed available for her now that she wants it. So the world’s supposed to revolve around self-centered attention whores now, apparently.

No. 648467

File: 1532656463452.png (735.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180726-010758.png)

Forgot to post these, but yesterday alwaysmargi was spamming her stories with promoted bullshit and said she "doesn't unfortunately get paid to do it, just wants to share discounts with people." Yeah right.

No. 648618

Actually I think Korey and Tilly share the same doctor and he made Korey go and meet with Tilly to motivate her into recovery……..

No. 648621

She might not get paid for it, but she’d get some benefit like more followers or sample products. They had to make a discount with her to begin with so.
I call lies

No. 648635

Motivate eachother to what? show off their thinness and act like competitive brats?

No. 648679

I don’t know about some countries, but here they try to stop patients from forming relationships and competing their spoopyness must be a shit doc who makes his patients do his job

No. 648712

This sounds like a huge privacy violation. Where would you even get this idea.

No. 648713

I kinda agree tho Korey meets up with heaps of Ana peeps so wouldn’t surprise me

No. 648722

>>648679 isn't he the single dad?

No. 648997

sage for nitpicking but those eyebrows are ghastly

No. 649480

I'm sick of her, her constant promotion of fitness food to her disordered followers and her constant before and afters

No. 649512

there’s nothing wrong with them, but her hair+lip colour along with them isn’t a good look.

No. 649568

If so I’m sure it’s of their own volition, either knowing each other through treatment or social media. I can’t even begin to list all the ways that a doctor using one anorexic patient’s status to motivate another would be wildly unethical.

No. 649569

Are you literally blind or also that unfortunate looking

No. 650042


I really doubt this. Korey is, if anything, more manipulative than Tilly. At least Tilly is kinda one-note and simple. Korey is no more recovered than Tilly, but if you ever say anything that isn’t greasy, fawningly positive on her underweight, body-check pictures, Korey will post these guilt-tripping posts about bullying, and gets her mother and other family friends do make harassing, abusive replies to any dissenters. I used to think she was kinda ridiculous but harmless, but the more I see, the more grossed out I am. Korey recently posted a before/after where she looked exactly the same weightif not thinner after - when someone called her out, Korey’s mother said the commenter was jealous. What a shitty thing to say to another anorexia sufferer - what, jealous of how Korey has been allowed to recover without gaining any weight? Fuck that. Anyway, Korey is taking cooking classes at uni and has special permission to take the food home to try because she can’t face doing it in the classroom. No way any doctor is farming her out to inspire other people.

No. 650488

File: 1532894389553.jpeg (497.05 KB, 750x1095, B65F1762-8A33-43A2-8E6D-FE3E6D…)

This one is still absolutely relishing her Ana Veteran status. Literally every post is still about either how special her case is, how disgusting her symptoms are, or how knowledgeable and experienced she is because she’s been in treatment for a decade and -sorta- has some nursing training. Idk why folks stopped talking about Emma because she is hilarious.

No. 650611

I feel like the only physical change that's happened to Korey during her "recovery" is her ego bloating so much it's made her eyes bulge out and spread futher apart.

No. 650636

she didn't get fat but her ego sure as hell did

No. 650865


And her mother suggesting that anyone calling Korey out is jealous of her skinny body possibly gives a bit of insight into why Korey is the way she is…

No. 651231

Lifes going to be so hard when moms not around to make speciap accommodations for her problems

No. 651237

Omg no most girls just keep taking the pill or use an IUD I dont know a single person wuth the period app quit bragging about destroying your body.

No. 651278

File: 1532978810345.jpg (728.12 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20180730-152446_Ins…)

God I fcking hate her stupid monologue posts. She erks me so much. Also her tube isnt for fckin anemia, a quick google search would tell you that

No. 651301

No. 651325

Ugh it’s like the worst YA fic make it stop.

No. 651348

Someone mentioned sadfxiry in the last thread, so I followed her and she’s pretty milky. She’s 24, a couple years weight restored, and recently started ballet classes. Now most of her feed is flailing videos like this one. She’s desperately trying to cling to her identity as someone with an ED, and doesn’t seem to know that she is an adult. If she has a real job or education, I would be surprised; I think her parents must have money because she’s always in lots of nice clothes and different things all the time, but none ever really suitable for a professional environment, and not really a casual “student look” either.

No. 651350

File: 1532983250530.jpeg (499.7 KB, 2219x1074, 44174645-410D-4A82-A3C9-D592DD…)

She also really loves reminding people that she was a spoop. She posts things like this at least once a month, and usually tags tons of other “recovery” accounts in them.

No. 651494

i'm pretty sure the last time she was posted, it was her selfposting (you can see the ''edit profile'' in the top corner)

No. 651506

That anon seemed like a spergy oldfag to me, but who knows. Either way i’m getting a kick out of her. I don’t understand how she has 17k followers just posting these nonsense dance videos and spoop throwbacks.

No. 651509

An old selfpost lmao >>>/snow/259960

No. 651623

Not sure where else to post this, but what happened to skelly queen Ashley Isaacs? Is she still alive?

No. 651631

Check kiwi farms her tumblr or her twitter dates

No. 651649

apparently her plan in life is to become a professional dancer? I've seen her answer multiple questions saying that she's planning on making a career out of this, despite the fact that she just started dancing a few months ago

No. 651652

haven't seen anyone else post about ames.recovers, but she's been inpatient for FOUR YEARS and still refuses to eat. Apparently she can't handle any eating because of PTSD, yet she is still able to eat/drink anything as long as it doesn't have calories?? Not sure what trauma calories can inflict but ok

No. 651677

Lol to make it in professional dance you pretty much have to start training before age 9 and even then only the cream of the crop can get a company contract. These ana queens all either have huge egos or are really entitled so I’m not surprised though

No. 651686

>>650042 I was inpatient with Tilly and my sister went to high school with Korey. Korey acts like a perfectionist but in reality got a shit ATAR and only got into Monash because of her SEAS application. And only became anorexic after she was booted off Australia's next top model. Her mother is ridiculous too, korey has BAD only child syndrome because of it. But it's true that dr caudel sent Korey to see her, I was there (the other girl she mentioned in her post from that day, I can post screenshots) and that he is a garbage doctor. BOTH of them only stay with him because he lets them live underweight.

Also I can confirm that Tilly is around 5'9 and lies about her height and BMI so she can seem smaller and gets away with it because tall people look thinner at heavier BMIs.

No. 651707

Sorry for seeming like a bitter anachan or something daft but: She must lie about her weight then because if she was 5' 9'' she wouldn't be as big as she is at the bmi she claims. I could understand if she was shorter than what she says etc, but not taller. And no, taller people don't look thinner at heavier BMIs, weights yeah that's a given but not BMIs. Not sure where you're getting that from anon. And this all feels hideously nitpicky.

Will agree though with the doctor being garbage and i think they both know it. I know Tilly harps on about "ohhh he's a good man, he's just overworked uwu" nah mate, you stay with him because he fits into your delusion that you're weight restored because of your knees. Christ. It's such a shit show.

No. 651723

>>651707 Sorry, I meant weight, not BMI

No. 651761

Does this doctor also encourage his patients to seek attention via the internet to heal their crippling personality disorders?

No. 651767

File: 1533021214334.png (813.31 KB, 640x1136, 14D2D6EC-8FDD-4771-BACE-A03B9A…)

Tilly is doing some major nitpicking on countinghappypoints’ food even going as far to look up the plates she uses and their diameter, all while not realizing that bitch is old news and nobody cares about her

No. 651796

Her thread here is still active-ish, just autosaged.

That’s hilarious/delusional. I just followed her and WOW there are a lot of these “dance” videos. I think she must just twirl around her apartment all day? I don’t see anything else other than trying on clothes.

No. 651805

Please post screenshots, this is honestly wildly inappropriate for a doctor to be doing and milky af.

No. 652134

File: 1533056034025.jpg (540.7 KB, 810x1410, 20180731_185250.jpg)

She can't be serious. Her hair is dead.

No. 652157

Why is her pfp a Cadbury creme egg?

No. 652168

Because she's obsessed with junk food

No. 652179

File: 1533059051605.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, 4AD35375-5AD0-4C0F-A075-E09AA9…)

Look who’s backkkk and buying fur coats?

No. 652182

Wow, truly an animal lover. The meat and fur industries are separate

No. 652452

File: 1533073204643.jpg (81.43 KB, 720x449, 20180731_233719.jpg)

Her reaction to the comments on that pic were insane

No. 652453

File: 1533073225965.jpg (179.25 KB, 720x681, 20180731_233732.jpg)

No. 652455

File: 1533073242796.jpg (245.83 KB, 720x1004, 20180731_233743.jpg)

No. 652465

yeah…uh get a haircut

No. 652483

She told that person to jump in front of a train (now deleted) and to kill themselves. Somethings seriously wrong with her

No. 652496

File: 1533074786917.jpg (521.18 KB, 810x2264, queenofbeauty.jpg)

It appears that comment thread is gone, but I have some screenshots

No. 652499

Holy fucking shit this cunt is mental
No person in their right mind would respond in such a way. It's also really fucking weird she instantly jumped to "I enjoy all my meals and snacks" when this was not in question at all.
What a dumb bitch

No. 652502

I wonder if she really thinks she's hot shit. She looks so gross.

No. 652519

File: 1533075750623.jpg (802.13 KB, 1080x1208, publichealthhazard.jpg)

No. 652523

Is that even food?
Wow. I always knew she had a large ego and a nasty personality but I’ve never seen her be such a straight up narcissist/sociopath

No. 652550

The more I look at that the more it's starting to remind me of a cockroach egg. Gross.

No. 653087

He would get deregistered instantly if some of the stuff he does got spread. He’s that bad.

No. 653099

Yeah shes obviously institutionalized, most of them are. They get used to having people at their beck and call to provide attention and validation, plus living in a hospital is a great way to avoid all actual responsibilities/having to grow up.

No. 653158

File: 1533103667841.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, B776E43B-1E77-4BC4-8B7B-1D68F0…)

No. 653279

She looks kinda good lol

No. 653284

Look guys! Recovery is so worth it! So great! Awesome! You will feel so much better about your body!

(*But only when you stay very very slim which is very unrealistic but whatever)

No. 653285

I think she's pretty and has a good body but I still think what she is showing is unrealistic because gaining weight in recovery just won't make you look like this in most cases, yet she acts like recovery is so worth it to have such a body

No. 653331

She's an uninspiring brat and needs to stop selling her followers this unrealistic image of recovery

No. 653365

What do you guys think recovery looks like?? srry for blog post but I'm recovered n a healthy bmi and look like that, are most recovered ppl way bigger/curvier or something? She looks good imo

No. 653379

She dances for hours everyday (attending a dancing academy) and eats a "clean" diet, products of which she promotes to her followers for either money or free stuff. It's just not realistic because most people will never exercise that much and clean eating in recovery is a slippery slope. And she was bigger for a while, claiming a BMI of 21 or 22. I distinctly remember a post mentioning a 20+ BMI and talking about overshooting and weight evening out, but it's gone. It appears she scrubbed the first half of 2017 from her IG, which is kind of suspicious to me.

No. 653380

she looks healthy to me, and no not fake-recovery-still-19-bmi healthy either. certainly not everyone looks like this after they recover but plenty of people still do. shes posted way more milky shit than this selfie anyway

idk if she was ever overweight before her ED but that also seems to result in more weight gain during recovery

No. 653381

Margheritas Instagram her Warrior Talk websites are purely narcissistic vanity projects. If she cared about her followers and promoting recovery she would stop with the constant before and afters, usually using the same before pictures, and she'd stop shilling all that ~natural healthy food~

No. 653545

She doesn’t look unhealthy or abnormally slim, I just thought it’s hilarious how full of herself she is

No. 653600

Her hair is fine. It’s typical for girls with that hair type to look like it’s damaged or unkept, because it’s wavy/curly hair treated like straight her. With that hair type you should ditch shampoos, silicon-filled conditioners and brushes. Her hair is actually decent and would look awesome if she went for curly hair care instead of straight.
Sage for hairfagging

No. 653646

Do you need glasses? Where do you see curls?

No. 653665

I’m an experienced professional cosmetologist, and can say without question, that hair is extremely damaged and unhealthy from the inside out. It looks really bad.

Cutting off 12” + a lot of careful layering would be a start, but no haircare routine is going to tame that, or fix the problem. Only decent nutrition will. She also couldn’t wear it curly even if she wanted to, she doesn’t have enough texture & the hair is too heavy at that length.
She’d have to go chin length for it to truly be curly. She really does need a product with a small amount of silicone in it, too, with that much frizz and damage.

God anachans are so delusional about their hair.

No. 653685

File: 1533151189113.jpeg (599.24 KB, 750x749, BA4F9C16-394A-42BE-B7EA-4F5D1D…)

How is this photo anything other than body checking/showing off how she hasn’t gained since she started recovery? Of course, there’s some nonsensical faux-motivational caption, but that’s not the point of the post.

I see one of her mother’s regular winged monkeys is already in the comments berating anyone who questions the genuineness of this post.

No. 653705

Who is that?

No. 653716

Where have you been

No. 653717

Oh goodness, lurk moar newfag

No. 653729



Has big following for “inspirational” captions on pictures that flaunt her utter lack of weight gain since she started recovery. Found fame in one of those Daily Mail ana circus sideshow stories that is just shocking weight/emaciated pics/eating an apple a day, rather than anything helpful about anorexia or recovery. Believes this means she is a recovery inspiration to many people. Reacts poorly to anyone who asks when she is going to gain any weight.

That’s pretty much it.

No. 653783

File: 1533156292771.jpg (172.03 KB, 750x748, IMG_3482.jpg)

how could anyone look at this and think that she could be healthy?? It's not the same as saying someone whos overweight could be healthy; being severely underweight is never healthy and trying to pass herself off as some pinnacle of recovery is just stupid. Her doctor needs to just section her already, she's obviously in denial of her disorder and thinks she's doing great, which is in no way true.

No. 653812

File: 1533157921527.jpg (57.36 KB, 480x480, 1533157641770.jpg)

Not going to valiantly whiteknight these nutcases, but Korey has made improvement even if it's not very noticeable

No. 653825

Yeah because she was IP for several months. Everyone gains there whether they decide to eat or be noncompliant and tubed. She may be physically healthier because of it but being forced to gain is hardly improvement and she shouldn’t be applauded for it

No. 653846


So she went from deathly underweight to unhealthily underweight through hospital feeding. That’s normally the start of most people’s journey - you’re then meant to continue working on your physical and mental health. She has said many times that she was a solidly-built person her entire life, and most women have a heavier adult weight than their 14/15 year old weight. She has said she was a size large in activewear at 14/15, and exercised a lot at that time through dance training. So her natural size is clearly on the upper half of the healthy weight band - you’d expect the handful of kilos she’s gained since she was admitted to hospital near death to just be the beginning.

No. 653848


Samefag but she must still be restricting like absolute crazy to maintain that weight.

No. 653863

plus she doesn't even take her fitbit off for a formal…

No. 653878

>>653846 curious - why is korey "unhealthily underweight" when tilly is "healthy" or "faking anorexia" even though tilly looks to be a lower bmi than her? i am no way a fan of tilly but this seems off.

also can we talk about rawveganollie? he hasn't actually done anything but i find veganism in recovery kinda suspicious

sage for newfag

No. 653909

No one ever said tilly was healthy or faking anorexia, she just exaggerates her symptoms for asspats. And no we can’t talk about rawveganollie unless we want to get this thread banned and besides why do you even care if he’s vegan?

No. 654058

File: 1533167762557.png (438.04 KB, 640x1136, 91ECEDFE-8546-42D8-8FC8-19CD88…)

She’s so gross. Misha was her therapist

No. 654060

Uhm does this sound weird to anyone? It sounds like the therapist was endorsing thinking of him as good boyfriend material?

No. 654080


Yeah. I don't believe her.

No. 654163

Why can’t we talk about raw vegan Ollie

No. 654165

Does she even see like a dietician or psychologist? Or is she just with this doctor that sounds terrible?

No. 654166

Can we talk about the photo of him grabbing Koreys boob? Isn’t he gay?

No. 654213

File: 1533176220359.jpeg (880.4 KB, 3072x3072, A215768D-2121-477A-B4DF-7E582C…)

This one????(samefagging)

No. 654251


Erm I know you’re new but… you know it’s not the same person making all these comments right? I posted that Korey is unhealthily underweight. I think Tilly is too. If someone said Tilly was faking AN, it sure wasn’t me. They both look sick as shit.

No. 654297

All of these posts should have been saged.

No. 654442

File: 1533192080852.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1963, 1CD80E32-F403-47F7-A968-C20C81…)

Relapsing for the sake of writing a book? Lmao. Not pro Ana at all

No. 654451


>wants to write an anecdotal, non empirical account of her experience, basically thinly veiled intent of writing a sensationalist piece about ED b/c the other, actual scientific works just /aren't/ edgy enough.

>highly analytical

>not many others can do
>scientific facts

just how self obsessed and deluded can a person be.

No. 654464

That's like saying "hey I'm going to relapse with heroin for a social experiment and document the results. I didn't die the first time around, may or may not the second (who am i kidding, i am godlike, i won't die.), but hey the attention is worth it."

Seems like they're heading for a relapse - if they are actually in recovery - simply with having these thoughts. Pretty sure they'd have had the thoughts long before articulating this too. Toying with the idea of a relapse, regardless of context is often the disease just finding a backdoor and they're blatantly keeping the door ajar.

That level of delusion though and overexaggerated sense of self importance. Pretty sure you're not a special case hun, nor groundbreaking, and pretty sure your symptoms have been documenting in other people too. You're not that much of a special snowflake.

No. 654474

Imagine being this grandiose.

No. 654480

I like that she thinks the ~tru Ana experience~ has yet to be properly articulated anywhere in literature. She really thinks she’s the smartest and most articulate anorexic to ever have recovered. She doesn’t realize those books and papers are definitely out there, she just doesn’t realize it because they’re above her reading level and not full of purple prose.

No. 654509


Yep, because it's a choice, right? DISCUSTEN

No. 654617



>"vapid.blather.of.enablers - such an intelligent, unique idea! can't wait to buy your book, lovey. go for it, girl. follow your dreams. hey, you've got this."

No. 654710

File: 1533230864634.png (294.15 KB, 640x1136, E1C42751-2706-4708-8819-1BC161…)

Did she lurk on here

No. 654744

Obvious manipulation, what a faggot.

No. 654803

Seriously. Lets stop pretending it is unusual to not get a period as well. Newer forms of birth control some times stop periods all together.

No. 654808

I think she dropped out of school when she was at one of her lowest weights.

No. 654838

File: 1533239846602.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, 45E627CD-DDF1-4A87-B208-AB7DE1…)

I think recovery.chii is turning into Paris

No. 655169

Becoming brea just reposted a screen shot of your comment to her insta with the caption I’m done now or I’m really done, I just went back to get the screen shot and it looks she already deleted it…did anyone else see this too?!

No. 655172

Eww thats really disordered and kind of showoff

No. 655174

Veganism is the most common "I still have an eating disorder now its just ethical orthorexia"

No. 655217

Yes she lurked. I can confirm because that would be me you're talking about.

No. 655219

thought you were going(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 655223

I thought about it. I'm glad you keep up with my story actually, but I'm not concerned about a little gossip. I know what's true, what isnt, and what is meant to be malicious or not. So I'm not concerned. If you're looking for an apology then you already have it. Happy now? Lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 655237

I reckon Korey will be vegan in no time

No. 655277

>>655237 For sure. A while ago she made a post about why she's not, but I've been seeing quite a lot of acai bowls/dairy free Halo Top on her feed lately.

No. 655322

Not to mention she’s just surrounded by vegans and anachans

No. 655330

Ok is someone cowtipping or do these egotistical anachans just google themselves on the reg

No. 655354

File: 1533274403063.png (1012.88 KB, 640x1136, B10D2870-4409-4E56-AB8F-9132BF…)

I thought this was her grandma, but it is actually her 20 something friend. She says he is one of her recovery inspirations but probably just wants to reach his level of supreme spoop. I believe tilly is also friends with him

No. 655356

So instead of going back she started dance classes? Kek!

No. 655390

>>655354 wow, korey has gained. also: them bulimia cheeks

No. 655438

I think it just looks like she has cause she’s next to a spoop but she defs hasn’t

No. 655459

oh fuck off ana-chan. she's gained like 5kg.

No. 655464

lmao no one here is looking for an apology. no one here cares if you lie to your followers, that's your own problem. but we're going to point it out. and finally no one here cares if you're in recovery. You're not posted on here because you have an ED, you're posted because you're manipulative and are constantly doing cringey shit. I'd be careful, do you know how easy it is to find your ugly ass, precious Misha's details?

No. 655510

Its funny how these girls think that posting publicly about the thread will get them ass pats. Every time one posts a vague whiny caption it leads back to here and more people come and follow.
Not sure what they’re trying to achieve by calling themselves out.

No. 655512


They want sympathy and their enablers to agree with them because we've clearly misunderstood them kek

No. 655527

I actually don't know who you are, I hardly follow this thread

Poor Trent looks awful

No. 655535

Does parismelodyraven buy her followers? She's at 135k and rarely gets more than 1k likes

No. 655536


she follows a lot of people all at once. so i think she does in some away or another.

No. 655638

File: 1533314779812.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 4B626CA5-1DFE-472E-BCC5-791CFC…)

And the cringeyness continues….why do people tell her she should be a writer? She lacks good sentence structure and even her photo captions are poorly written. Is she writing in those questions telling herself to be a writer? I just don’t get it. I never know what she’s fucking talking about. Yea and obviously we aren’t talking about her Bc of a ed that is severe, she looks healthy and poses like bekah trying to take a spoopy photo…

No. 655731

Shes still skinny I'd kill for her waist

No. 655800

I understand her perfectly well. I think you're being a nitpicky cow. If you have trouble reading her captions it's only because you lack an IQ haha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 655814

She's not as skinny as the next anorexic but she definitely has something going on. She's my thinspo but I'm huge anyways and I'll never look like her. She honestly told IG that she poses in her pics (obviously)

No. 655816

I've got to agree with you. This is nitpicky and not exciting gossip at all.

No. 655819

The problem is that you can’t even disguise your writing when you want to - like when you’re self posting on lolcow.

No. 655822

File: 1533326764912.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-03-16-02-45…)

I see a difference but maybe it's shooped(read the rules)

No. 655826

No one fucking cares about who looks anorexic and who’s transformation pictures have the most difference. Stop self posting and maybe read the rules

No. 655867

Don’t respond dude, just report the posts and move on. They want the attention.

No. 655894

nice anon

No. 656315

File: 1533373519115.png (8.87 MB, 1242x2208, 5EE7F99D-6489-4D9E-9941-4FE4D1…)

Does Korey not have any other friends? Didn’t she have a boyfriend too?

No. 656316

korey looks weirdly like tilly in this photo?

No. 656360

I am so fucking tired of watching Korey and Tilley drag their anachan competition bullshit into this thread with constant back and forth self-posting. It’s literally most of this thread and the last one, too.

I vote to ban them as subjects until the next thread, so they can get out of the habit of coming here to post themselves when the bait they pepper their feed with for y’all to sperg over doesn’t get picked up fast enough.

No. 656361



No. 656407

Just close the whole awful thread tbh

No. 656424

File: 1533396636309.png (344.15 KB, 750x1334, AADF641D-5C9B-44C9-BB5B-478F13…)

If she couldn’t make it anymore obvious she’s reading here…. now I’m definietly convinced she not only reads here but asks herself questions to give herself asspats… like who would even comment that about her captions? Obviously she’s reading here and needs to make it known

I agree with this, spaceshiptorecovery is another one….the self posting here is so obvious >>655800

I’m fine moving on to other cows, can we introduce some new anachans, spoops?

It’s interesting after multiple posts about bekah, she barely posts anything milky. Everyone calls us haters but what’s the problem with discussing gossip everyone does it and I think when the cows read here they eaither ramp it up or stop completely like bekah and just grow up.

No. 656429

File: 1533397228161.png (643.58 KB, 750x1334, 0FAA25C7-C82D-40C6-9E78-BF6FDA…)

So many cows using other anachans to get attention an asspats…I’ve had people stop being friends with me because of my ed and if they then decided to make a post about me exposing our “friendship” I would be kind of pissed like? She’s only posting about this Bc the girl is dying and she thinks she can get secondary asspats smh, not posting the full photo of her friend Bc she doesn’t deserve to be blasted on here when she already being used by bre

No. 656579

I have nominated it for autosage so many times and I honestly don’t know what rationale farmhands have for keeping it open. It doesn’t even work as a containment thread, anachans cowtip like mad, then they come here to selfpost and wk, then eventually stay long term to sperg up other threads with nitpicking and derailing, too.

No. 656757

File: 1533426874805.jpeg (473.94 KB, 750x1110, BA24DCB7-ED6B-450D-B192-A29C85…)

Lol who cowtipped

No. 656969

Wait when and why did Beckah come up randomly? She is dry and boring

No. 656974

Holy that is some of the worst emotional manipulation I've seen anas are pros

No. 657103


Can you imagine those two fucking? Two skeletons getting their bones all tangled together.

What happened to her greasy BF anyway?

No. 657105

>liked by temporarygoddess
….when cows collide

No. 657146

Anyone see bellas story about getting a cat? Girl can’t even take care of herself, let alone another living creature.

No. 657281

Dry and boring …accurate but in the moment I wasn’t sure who else to compare spaceship to recovery too, Lol they both do the ott ana poses, didn’t mean to make a bekah post I’ve moved on from her antics kek no milk from her lately and barely worth following

No. 657340

Pics or it didn't happen

No. 657551

She deleted it almost instantly or I would I have posted pics in the original post.

No. 657680

File: 1533528935461.png (1.3 MB, 640x1136, 40CE6AFA-4CB0-43FE-B6FC-1FB3FE…)

For the love of god can someone teach her how to do makeup

No. 657718

Holy hell she looks like she's heavy on drugs

No. 657741


yeah, and tbh that would explain the terrible skincare/makeup

No. 657792

File: 1533552375378.jpeg (533.91 KB, 3072x3072, 69CC7EDF-5D26-4A85-80D6-D34CC4…)

They ‘broke’ up although with all her time spent with the gay vegetable I feel like there’s more to a simple breakup

No. 657793


>gay vegetable


No. 657796

lmao holly, I hope I one day have a best friend as lovely as you, gossiping about my bff on a hate forum.

No. 657797



No. 657800

This is exactly why y’all need to stop responding to posts about Korey and Tilly, they attract absolute cancer and half the shit they do is just for this thread. It’s rotten milk and y’all keep drinking it like you’re a retarded little calf that probably shouldn’t have made it

No. 657802

File: 1533554441190.jpeg (20.84 KB, 275x275, 1533552880041.jpeg)


No. 657804

loooool thank you anon, what a great moment.

No. 657807

How is it milky for more of Korey’s frenemy drama to be happening via lolcow? You’re just feeding into all these dumb bitches using the site for attention. How fucking dumb do you guys have to be to let these anachans manipulate you, too? You couldn’t even stop posting about Korey for ONE DAY.

No. 657810


get over it. it's funny that a close friend of hers is bitching about her on here. it just adds to the lies that make up her content.

No. 657909

Am I missing something? I don’t get it

No. 657915

Oh in the icon "reply to michael_davis" there's a picture of a friend of korey i guess, they're ratting on her on here.

It's why I hate the ED community in general if they aren't fucking up with dramatic shit like faking OD's and suicide just to come under another pseudonym or stealing other people's pictures they're backstabbing each other. Friends in face, gabby behind the back. Gross. So much for being a helpful supportive community.

No. 657939

Sorry for same fagging, this somehow didn't get deleted i thought it did prior to editing for addition.

Oh in the icon "reply to michael_davis" there's a picture of a friend of korey i guess, they're ratting on her on here.

It's why I hate the ED community in general if they aren't fucking up with dramatic shit like faking OD's and suicide just to come under another pseudonym or stealing other people's pictures they're backstabbing each other. Friends in face, gabby behind the back. Gross. So much for being a helpful supportive community.

It's like recently there's been so much going on that I don't know if it's milk or just plain cow shit. Had a girl that everyone has blamed on Eugenia Cooney for offing herself back in Feb (@anyashchekochikhina), only for someone to end up accidentally recently outing themselves by making up more story as "a friend" using the account (gang raped by popular YouTubers and used a drug mule - 'you've not heard the last of us'). Yeah yeah move on. Accounts now gone but someone backed up everything. Girl came forward asking why her underage pictures were being used and til this day you get people asking for proof that Eugenia didn't flat out murder a girl. It just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that the person who did it never was accountable for their actions in the end. Least with some of the people they leave a trail and pop up under a different name and are outed (quite amusing actually in the end).

And the whole Carrie James shit that went on, girl had a heart attack, the ED community got so upset. Only for it to be proven fake (photos belong to a girl called faith), the supposed account owner came forward under another pseudonym and said sorry but people were putting on that Malorie Anderson/laura stone/whatever her new effin legal name of the moment is woman. But I'm still split as to if it was her or just someone shitty in the community who hates her. It's like you can't trust anyone at face value.

So much mentally ill drama issues, but nothing seems milky - as in supposed to have keks out of it, it just always feel so shit. If someone could explain why these twats are like this, I'd be deeply appreciative, but sodding hell (blog post sorry) I've been better out of "supportive community" than I ever have been in it.

No. 657955

Imho, there's no such animal as an authentic, public, ED recovery support community, of any appreciable size/scope, on the internet.

Anyone that gets well, while dealing with the people in that community, have done it in spite of all of that 'support' (ha), rather than because of it.

The obvious attention seekers (such as some of the the recent posters in this thread) only serve to reveal one of the covert motivations for all too many of these brave warriors, Lol. So transparent.

There's always going to be a new crop of these people, that are so much like the last, that they are virtually interchangeable.

It's their choice to be that way. They also get the consequences of those choices - whether or not they acknowledge them, they do.

Bon appétit, pro-ana idiots.

No. 658369

File: 1533601120471.jpeg (Spoiler Image,267.21 KB, 730x1123, 2A0E1FF8-03D8-4793-8F53-B5FC03…)

I appreciate the little fun fact… but how is this not an excuse to post an unhealthy anachan photo?! Like if your trying to send a positive message wouldn’t it be more meaningful and supported if you were healthy in the photo? I know she’s had an ed for while but surely she has some pictures of her healthy?

No. 658389

“be proud of your love handles and muffin tops and check out this pose that shows off all my bones !!1!1”

No. 658414

Well fucking said, anon.

No. 658416

Did your ban expire already, Tilly? damn.

No. 658462

Hello, I’m a regular poster not tilly but kek, the mods can track the ip addresses of the original posted comments, and if I was the original tilly poster they’d ban me again.. but I’m not kek. Funny that you thought so I thought i sounded pretty rude.
Anyway most of the op of those comments are only banned for 24 hours anyway

Exactly that’s what I’m saying why not just write in your notes a description of the definition and post that with no caption… it has to be an excuse for an ott body twisting ana pose, and she wonders why people talk about her, its so damn attention seeking lol and proana almost. I feel like she was like what could I possibly post as a captions that justifys this upload and picked that… even though she shows none of what she’s talking about, face palm.

No. 658465

I think this is especially true with some of the ed ppl turned vegans, and like proana turned fitspo they claim to be all recovered and healthy but then they just emerse themselves in another potentially unhealthy body focused behavior like over exercise or restriction of calories on a vegan diet. While also posting underweight pics and still claiming to be healthy and recovered

No. 658506


Ughh tilly stop self posting we're over it

No. 658508

In that case how does it feel to be her willing source of narcissistic supply

No. 658510

I’m not tilly ffs I don’t even live in England I could go back to talking about bekah but I’m trying to stay with the current cows,who most are talking about. this is the damage of self posting now we can’t even discuss the milk with out people derailing to call out an anonymous user they think is the cow.I enjoy the gossip of this thread but y’all are rediculous. So no more bekah no more tilly who can we discuss I don’t mind following and reading up on new people
Not sure what that means… I thought I was being critical perhaps i was being too kind? Idk I won’t post about her anymore, yikes! I was just trying to add something lol

No. 658538

Don’t worry anon, don’t listen to people who can’t even sage their complaining. They’re always gonna call self post when it’s about Tilly.
While I agree Tilly’s only doing it to be posted on here so she can beg for asspats on myproana bc ~lolcow called meh fatttt~ I don’t think her or Korey are self-posting (but all the dry Korey posts make sense since her Bff was caught out posting here about her, jealous bitch trying to garner negative attention) but there’s not a rule against posting about them. Just know Tilly definitely gets off on the attention so it might be better to just starve her of it.

No. 658542

getting tilly to stop feeding off attention is her therapist’s job, not ours. she’s hilarious and would be good cow material if people just stopped screaming self post and “muh don’t give her the attention she craves”

No. 658620

Literally being hand fed milk on a silver platter and y’all having a whinge

No. 658758

File: 1533660192172.png (814.74 KB, 640x1136, 813C867B-6CAF-457C-A818-919F07…)

thought this was a normal pic of her nasty toast but then I realized she was getting her grimy fingers all in the jam and just about died

No. 658814

File: 1533665705520.gif (1.87 MB, 400x220, giphy.gif)

A binge-purge pb&j sandwich. Seriously?

No. 658974

No. 659018

File: 1533680992908.jpg (771.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180807-181419_Ins…)

If i didn't hate her before i do now like jfc

No. 659042

File: 1533682512748.jpg (399.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180808-005400_Ins…)

She doesn't have an opinion she just wants to be edgy. It's so transparent.

No. 659043

Saging because this isn't all that milky, but how does Anorexia Recovery on YouTube (Terri) get so much free shit? Food, clothes, shoes and I'm pretty sure someone bought her a camera (I'm not sure though because her videos are tedious to watch because they are all the same). She's like 55 lbs and refuses to go to treatment even though there was a bed free for her, yet her subscribers tell her how good she looks, that she looks healthier, how brave she is for eating a few bites etc. Her community is disturbing. She also ignores questions about treatment and similar topics though she might be too exhausted to reply. It's gross that everyone is enabling her. I guess this is more about her community

No. 659044

File: 1533682802543.png (195.95 KB, 646x877, Screenshot_239.png)

No. 659045

idgaf about her political views but the fact she posted her MAGA hat, then a question box right after screams that she’s looking for attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just supported to him to be ~not like other girls

No. 659048

She's so fucking gross

No. 659051

This might also be a ploy to get talked about here…

No. 659060

oh stop. She and every other ana chan on here were just as attention seeking and trouble making before they were posted on here and before they knew about it

No. 659073

She came here recently though and pretty much addressed this site in one of her recent posts.

No. 659095

She also spoke openly about being republican and supporting trump long before she was posted on lol cow

No. 659124

File: 1533690031367.jpeg (144.44 KB, 640x876, 627E7B86-D946-49BA-B21E-31C6A6…)

Should we be more concerned about the fact she wants to have a kid to cure her mental health issues or those horrible baby names

No. 659136

wow what a beautiful unique name. Calimari. Calamine lotion?

No. 659142

This is sad

No. 659145

Hey guys! Omg you guys are so adorable! Thanks whoever called me a gay vegetable. And you're totally right; my iq is props around 90 and guess what, i still get laid hella more than youse!!!! ;) And I love cock obviously hahahahhahahhahhaa(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 659158

File: 1533693750025.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-07-17-31-25…)

Nutbag seekingashley is having a hilarious meltdown/rage in her story about the fact that she is as young as possible to be in a 3rd year PhD program. News flash to her she is actually in a garbage program in the middle of nowhere studying a nearly useless field. Also her face and voice are so grating it is almost impossible to watch her call everyone jealous and fucking idiots kek

No. 659162

File: 1533693879771.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-07-21-02-15…)

She is totally losing her shit. The irony that she has like 25 stories where she keeps saying she doesn't have time for "fucking stupid idiots" is 10/10

No. 659169

File: 1533694366313.png (687.62 KB, 640x1136, 0BC5FB5C-9728-4C26-87CF-4BD447…)

“Making others look stupid” kek!
Only person she is making look stupid is herself

No. 659171

File: 1533694695752.png (1019.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-07-21-14-46…)

This is actually the best milk there's been in ages. She has speshal sexual powers. It's what gives her that creepy speech impediment

No. 659174

Ew. Were those boys just so horny they’d fuck anything with a hole or did they have extremely low standards? I’d rather fuck Medusa

No. 659189

Looking at her I find it hard to believe this is the "very minimum" of her healthy weight range. Girl is thicc. Are we sure she isn't also faking her anachan status??

No. 659198

she lives in buttfuck nowhere, it's probably her or actual animal livestock

No. 659236

File: 1533700568437.png (813.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-07-22-44-11…)

She just posted this calling the anon a liar, yet literally said that repeatedly in earlier stories that she STILL HAS UP

No. 659238

File: 1533700659206.png (991.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-07-22-45-22…)

No. 659248

File: 1533701215615.png (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-07-22-47-22…)

No. 659264

How do you view someone's answers on Sarahah?

No. 659274

You don't. They post responses elsewhere (in this case they're on her insta story).

No. 659304

Rhetoric PhD candidates are always just shitty know-it-all overgrown debate kids who are too dumb to realize that they’re too dumb for philosophy and too flaky to be lawyers, I hate fucking all of them, sage for a-logging.

No. 659308

> Getting fucked (by a guy! That I LIKE!)
> Meeting literally the bare standard of remaining in a postgrad program - “progress!”

Wow very impressive…

No. 659317

She wants to be special super smart so badly, but her level of book smarts are pretty dime a dozen and you can tell she’s very insecure about that. Lots of people get their egos crushed like this when they get to postgrad education. Suddenly they’re not just a big smarty fish in a pond full of average guppies anymore, and they discover that they’re actually one of the dumber “smart kids.” Plus her lack of emotional intelligence almost certainly makes her a bit low on the social ladder among normie folks as well.

If it weren’t for for-profit education, she’d never find a program to take her as a rhetoric student. Her writing isn’t especially complex, you can just tell by the way she expresses herself that her verbal IQ is a bit higher than average but that’s about it. It’s not that her writing is even simplified, but more than the thought processes themselves are simplistic. I wouldn’t even call her a pseudo-intellectual because she doesn’t have especially cerebral interests …she just really thinks she’s much smarter than she is and it’s probably really cringe for all the people who have to work with her academically.

No. 659320

Also if she was “as young as possible” for a PhD student she’d be a teenager - there have been many, she’s just on a standard academic track; she didn’t even graduate high school early or skip grades, it’s honestly not that impressive.

No. 659336

File: 1533711804419.gif (6.82 MB, 522x327, 476FB179-00EA-4760-BF00-72F14E…)

No. 659348

>>659336 - is she drunk there? Looks it somehow. There are some things in life you really shouldn't do while drinking. Dancing like that so dangerously close to furniture being one of them, bangs to the head are not a joke.

No. 659363

File: 1533715714864.gif (9.26 MB, 330x599, E22BD368-9532-48D1-A5BC-661E7F…)

Delightfully, she appears to be sober! Luckily for us, the relationship between her dance skills and self-awareness is inverse in quality - so there are literally dozens of these videos.

What’s that, you say? If that’s her dancing sober, you sure would like to see her go at it whilst drunk? Well, you’re in luck!

No. 659366

File: 1533715983625.gif (4.3 MB, 592x317, 34AF2C2E-AFE7-40B5-8FF1-248C38…)

No. 659390

File: 1533721716490.jpg (439.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180808-114619_Ins…)

I don't think I know anyone with anorexia who would lie around like that with a double chin and share it with the world on Instagram

No. 659395

File: 1533722491495.jpg (596.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180808-115912_Ins…)

She always said she was underweight for her body. Which means she's been completely normal all this time but wants anachan pity anyway

Back on Tumblr she always misused phrases and wrote things like "I could care less" or similar. I wonder how she even got in. "[Adjective] at best" is also one of her go to phrases. I don't think she knows what it means.

She has since changed the answer. Truly a mental health advocate.

No. 659397

File: 1533722630508.jpg (678.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180808-115931_Ins…)

Every man's dream. Wash your face, Ashley.

And why is she obsessed with getting people "behind bars"? It's like when she said she was prosecuting the people running gossip blogs on Tumblr who posted messages about her

No. 659400


it was holly who called you that.

No. 659421

No. 659453

>… and I'm not lying when I say it.

Oh, OK. Thanks for clearing that up. Lol.

Her insta reads like bad fan fiction, starring herself as the heroine/protagonist.

No. 659454


My apologies for not saging. Yikes, sorry all.

No. 659479

If it’s within an hour you can delete it and post it again

No. 659522

These look terrible. She does look drunk, but she also doesn't look like a very good dancer. She's very robotic and clumsy, definitely not pulling off the delicate and fragile look she was clearly going for. All the grace of an elephant.

No. 659639

File: 1533749184897.jpeg (157.63 KB, 640x990, DA52A9EA-F44D-4F96-BB58-057F56…)

If you want to see some awful dancing follow @thriving.mango it’s the most awkward and cringe worthy thing to watch

No. 659643

Sorry samefagging, but also can someone please tell me I’m not the only one who gets major asperger vibes watching her dance??

No. 659732

that somersault reminded me of preschool movers and shakers class

No. 659774

She has literally 256 followers and is a private account… I smell a self post

No. 659800

Where in the rules does it say we can only post big accounts

No. 659814

Nowhere, however if a tiny and private account is posted on here out of the blue, it is exponentially more likely to be a self post than in a big account with 10k followers and definitely warrants suspicion.

No. 659933

It 100% is not a self post. She used to have a lot more followers but went through a deleted a shit load after she kept getting “mean” anonymous messages on sarahah and tellanonym. Which were likely ones I was sending asking if she has aspergers because I swear to god her dance videos scream aspergers. Am I cray? I would post her videos myself but I don’t know how and don’t have wifi right now at workand I figure it would use a lot of data

No. 659943

It is fairly obvious it’s not a self post because the following box is checked. I doubt a tiny ana account would go to the trouble of making an extra instagram just to self post on lolcow

No. 659972

happy.guts.recovery passed away

No. 659977

She died like a month ago lurk moar

No. 659978

File: 1533772745606.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, 0A8806E1-D1B9-4F2F-A2D1-9B1B9E…)

Why does she always make this face. She looks like a clownfish

No. 659989

She looks so psycho here. Kek!

No. 659991

File: 1533773251476.jpg (63.83 KB, 1200x675, tjUxWH1ru5zEfViPwtn6FzJ5rfO.jp…)

No. 660034

File: 1533776886196.jpeg (243.3 KB, 750x1188, E9CBDD9D-F4FD-410D-B67D-B81201…)

this girl can be milky at times
a lot of attention whoring, pretending to be the sickest and pulling out of tubes etc

No. 660042

I really hate this thread because I automatically assume this is a self post cus the person has a small following or that it's one of their "friends"

No. 660167


She used to be really gaunt and scary looking but honestly she has come along way. I think she is actually struggling, but def some milky posts every now and then.

No. 660195

especially when she goes IP and treats it like a hotel stay. next time that happens she needs to be told to grow up and stop wasting beds

No. 660248

File: 1533787540696.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, DDD9327F-6674-4C09-B50E-13BE41…)

Did em thrives lurk on here and see us ripping apart her make up and skin or did she recover from her psychotic episode and start bathing again? because it somehow looks halfway decent.

No. 660317

she most likely does. look at that baggage under her eyes tho

No. 660358

File: 1533801502466.jpeg (188.61 KB, 746x1117, 5CFA5BAD-AE5D-4EF6-BFC6-61C6E6…)

Korey believes no one has the right to tell her what is disordered FOR HER, lol. Um what about medical professionals? Clearly if one of them told her she needed to gain weight it would just be their personal opinion, I guess. She is so passive-agressive and holier than thou about a single syllable of perceived criticism (which is why I don’t think she self-posts here).

Also she uses Halo Top as an ana crutch.

No. 660396

Sounds like a cop out to remain sick.

No. 660614

Late to this one, but this is Crying Emily's friend (or used to be). She's the one who used to have fights with her and they'd both post shots of them crying. Can't remember her username because my memory's a dick, but it might've been something like "flousishing_laura" (or something). She'll be in old, old threads.

No. 660618

File: 1533835281365.png (1.09 MB, 1380x1204, 1452219159803.png)

Adding a pic from earlier thread (scumbag #2)

I'd forgotten about her tbh, but the ~ballet~ clips have got me interested again.

No. 660646

I know ember isn't allowed to be talked about in threads but what about emily? her sobriety claiming recovery claiming ass is back to posting thinspo– sorry, "fitspo" on the ig

No. 660654

She’s so clueless. The dr was saying it’s possible to include halo top in a healthy balanced diet, not that it’s ok to subsist off low calorie foods to maintain your unhealthily low body weight while bragging how great you are to thousands of instagrammers

No. 660805

File: 1533851907122.jpeg (241.2 KB, 638x995, E792EB0C-9038-415F-A938-94AD47…)

This whole caption is a huge kek but imagining a grown man with tears welling up in his eyes desperately whispering “please eat some spinach” and this ana chan being all “heehee it’s not like I don’t eat anything!!:)” made me guffaw

No. 660808

File: 1533852270929.png (476.96 KB, 640x1136, 72F495A8-53F6-43D5-BAD0-909246…)

I’m sure all the grime that gets in her food from her inability to use utensils and/or wash her hands is gonna mess her body up more than having a snack a couple hours late

No. 660821

>I desperately googled things with iron in them, shellfish..no spinach..no…lord! help my daughter find iron! if only there was a pill form of iron for her to take but alas we have been forsaken

No. 660878

god this is so fucking cringey

No. 660883

File: 1533859832261.jpeg (226.16 KB, 750x1096, 0A91E121-2E8F-4FAA-A52B-CA8D32…)


No. 660884

File: 1533859923490.jpeg (347.85 KB, 750x1091, 7DFD8AB4-1854-434F-882E-19FED1…)


I love how she has decided that everyone here has no life when literally every aspect of her life, study and Instagram totally revolves around her eating disorder.

No. 660886

File: 1533860039753.jpeg (358.41 KB, 750x1039, 6795918F-0B8F-4E10-9F79-84CEB5…)


Someone is being bullied by her minions in the comments for suggesting Korey had self-posted here. Also Tilly has commented sympathetically like she hasn’t admitted to starting drama here herself.

No. 660895

I love how she calls out her “haters” for being attention and validation seeking when that’s literally ALL she and her instagram besties do

No. 660898

ew wtf is with her nails

yeah once again people don't hate you cus they hate themselves it's all you

No. 660921

File: 1533862913325.jpeg (303.13 KB, 640x1034, 9E0F054A-CC56-446E-8BB6-EDA5E2…)

Can someone spell hypocrite

No. 660934

No. 661008

File: 1533871260064.jpeg (400.12 KB, 2048x2048, C59D17D2-DC75-46D8-8838-DA8A54…)

So thane shared her venting account, thought I’d check it out. This post is from May but she’s claiming her bmi was in the 12s here?? Pardon??

No. 661009

Can't decide if this is the greatest news ever bc good riddance she is a horrible human being or if I am devastated to lose the entertainment kek

No. 661019

She said “it’s not a definite yet” which I would translate into she is probably not going to stop posting about her ED but wanted to bring it up to increase her asspat yield

No. 661035

somewhat OT, sorry about that, but i was wondering if there was a thread somewhere on here for people with eating disorders. not for pro-anas or wannarexics, but like a support thread for real sufferers who want to get better

No. 661039

Group therapy tbh. Anachans can’t be trusted to form their own support groups without turning it into a shell of mostly worthless faux positivity overlying a bunch of bitchy drama and competition.

No. 661062

File: 1533876563368.png (776.69 KB, 640x1136, 0A18C701-3A78-478B-98E6-B92EFD…)

Oh no anon, you triggered tilly

No. 661089

Ew clean that laptop

No. 661106

what's her insta?

No. 661122

File: 1533881701514.png (1.68 MB, 640x1136, 32E712F9-52A0-4E3B-A3B7-FB15C0…)

Boo fucking hoo. If you’re gonna run a media platform with 25k followers, let alone act like a dumbass on it, you’re gonna get people who don’t like you. She, tilly, and Ollie have been bitching about haterzzz all day long and it’s really fucking annoying, I’d think even their most loyal fans are sick of it

No. 661123

yet she's still out there liking holly's photos, who has been caught out not once but TWICE talking shit about people on this thread (ref: >>501237 and of course the recent >>657802 that she deleted after she was called out) Total hypocrite

No. 661134


No. 661135

logical leap much. the comment about 'real sufferers' doesn't imply that tilly, korey, or ollie aren't real sufferers.

No. 661152

She selfposted here as well during the first threads. I'd honestly have to say no.

No. 661179


She just has to pretend to be outraged for a few days while Korey is on her manipulative, passive aggressive high horse about Lolcow… Otherwise Korey might use her brain and realise that Tilly started like 80% of the drama they are all now complaining about.

No. 661182


Plus the way she and her mum/stans bully anyone who disagrees in even the slightest way with what Korey says, or questions anything about her recovery. She is the biggest bully of them all, all while trying to pretend she is above it.

No. 661234

exactly and it’s people like THEM that invalidate others.

No. 661302

File: 1533911923285.jpeg (Spoiler Image,197.53 KB, 639x738, AE2592C8-0428-4FD6-A303-4080CB…)

No. 661308

What on earth is with all those apple stickers? has the plate never been washed?

No. 661317

ughh I feel sick when I see her meals and idk why but freezing yogurts is a disordered behaviour, I guess her whole meal is disordered tho, it's like she doesn't know how to practice basic good hygiene, can you imagine her cooking chicken

No. 661413

All the anachans self post…

No. 661432

Wouldn't say all, there's some that have ended up being cow-tipped by idiots and were obviously very distraught by it. It's just the ones that thrive off it that self-post I guess. Don't know whether it's a case of wanting attention, wondering what randomers think of them or what not. I've given up trying to understand it, if you were truly struggling every day surely you wouldn't want more negativity?.

No. 661437

File: 1533923068173.jpeg (432.76 KB, 1499x1345, 53EB09D1-A11D-4AFE-BB80-D47012…)

This waist, so photoshopped. The caption, so full of lies.

No. 661442

File: 1533923508624.jpg (19 KB, 310x205, 0.JPG)

I'll be honest, I freeze yogurt but I'm not ana chan. I'm just cheap. However after seeing this disgusting plate I wouldn't put a dog's food on I don't think I can eat one again. There're cleaner plates in an extreme hoarders home (probably).

Noticed her post on Cooney's skele posts.

No. 661450

Was just coming to post this, the caption is even more rediculous. I hate this term but she just reeks of “wanarexic” like how she explains her interactions with her co workers and them “jeering” at her for not eating. Idk in my experience when your sickly thin ppl rarely comment Bc you look ill and it would be inappropriate to comment. If she’s not lying about the coworkers and her friend saying she looked like the character olive oil, I feel like they weren’t being rude or even insuating she was too thin, she’s making this something it’s not, and waist training does not make u look like that lol! It compresses your organs and ribs and makes u less hungry Bc your uncomfortable… and ppl attribute the weight loss from that to be from the actual body shape changing…which it does not. How can she think people won’t clock that photoshop!? I mean you don’t just lose weight in your gut, and the rest of her is thin yes but definetly healthy lol

No. 661644

Binch thinks being 10 lbs underweight will cause everyone around her to think she is an emaciated ana queen supreme. No normal person scrutinizes people enough to notice let alone comment on it that much

No. 661667

True normal people aren’t constantly thinking about weight, shape and size, I love how she says “they’re lying” it kind of seems like she’s lying about all these interactions lol

No. 661815

But I guess you don't eat them frozen?

No. 661991

even if they did I dont get how freezing yogurt is disordered?

No. 662021

Nitpicky treatment center dietitians say it is, but that’s not even what’s milky about her, it’s that she thinks all her food looks so fucking good. fr that yogurt looks like reconstituted powdered eggs from a college dining hall

No. 662034

I didn't say it was, I just think it's gross. Plus it seems like a disordered pattern because it's the only way that nourisht0flourish eats them. Maybe it takes her longer to eat.

No. 662081

>>662034 it is. Same reason why Korey freezes her Sustagen. Because they feel like it's a waste of calories to not have solids.

No. 662098

I said it was disordered just cus that's what I used to do. I think cus it takes longer to eat it frozen? idk

No. 662108

File: 1533992669189.png (426.64 KB, 750x1334, 027BA7F8-CC96-4209-970C-08C26E…)

Of all the options, she chooses to undulate to a cover of Elton Johns tiny dancer kek, I just wish she’d add some new moves or variation to those lazy heal stretches. she’s really going for that whole fragile and dainty, delicate ballerina look and even dresses in a leotard and tights for each clip! Such dedication to her audience, this vid yielding a whole 163 views, it could go viral, not

No. 662168

I eat them frozen. It's poor person's froyo and my ice box is too small for a large carton of anything. Also find ice cream too sickly and prefer iced yogurt.

I don't chop them up or whatever she does to hers. Idk, it's just a nice frozen desert and it suits my freezer-free lifestyle.

Got to say, her latest video clips of butchering her good - prodding and poking etc. is really weird to me. Freezing yogurts isn't weird thoug.

No. 662169

No permission from Elton? Tsk, tsk.

No. 662212

File: 1534007015733.png (646.46 KB, 750x1334, 67684B37-BB11-445B-ADB2-9FAD83…)

Forgot to say this the other day but has anyone seen katfightsanorexia? She’s another wana be delicate ballerina, claims to have been starved for 42 days in her insta story the other day like while ip, like no forced tube or anything, when called out for photoshopping she replied that she photoshopped herself bigger, so as not trigger anyone, kek, she’s very muscular and healthy looking. And finally her bio on insta says she’s been inpatient for two years. A lot of food pics and some recent spoopy photos. Anyway she reminds me of our tiny dancer cow lol. not sure if she’s been posted yet though

No. 662217

>>662212 What a coincidence anon, I was just looking at this pic. The shelf behind her is super distorted and her legs are jagged as hell. Either she has hella rickets or she's awful at photoshop or both. Also, you can see from the brush strokes that she's shooping herself smaller - if she was making herself bigger then the cabinet would be pushed away from her, not bent in the same shape as her waist.

No. 662223

haha oh wow, didn't expect that to happen from my comment. i like how the words "who want to get better" were completely ignored. pro-ana idiots are still anorexic and thus are also sufferers, but i was asking about a support thread for people who DON'T WANT to be ana.

quite a victim complex she has

No. 662230

Oh man, the singing videos…

No. 662238

She definitely looks shooped, but I also think that shelf is one of those curved ones, like the board is straight but the edge is wavy. I don’t know how to explain it

No. 662279

Don't be silly. Those lines are all over the place.. I'll never understand how these meitu abusers can't just find a plain wall or something to hide this shit

No. 662289

File: 1534014237893.png (813.32 KB, 750x1334, 40EBA9CE-5A96-435D-8F20-179985…)

Or it’s a new filter called ana fun house mirror kek, this is some of the most obvious shopping I’ve seen.
How could I forget? Boy I wish I could embed a video, here’s a screen grab of her literal jaw dropping singing

No. 662292

File: 1534014311985.jpeg (115.18 KB, 640x868, 9E73F2B0-9AE3-4B2B-9FE6-BB7B76…)

Because throwing fits at work, talking shit about your parents online when they take away your job, and posting “she’s my thinspo” about yourself on an anonymous forum is so mature! Kek

No. 662304

Her dancing isn’t awful but kek at the bad photoshop. And obviously no one in IP let her fast for 42 days, that’s such a lie.

No. 662403

File: 1534026112829.jpeg (151.76 KB, 640x1136, 9BF81D60-0FF5-4356-B35A-CFC40B…)


No. 662427

We don’t know who this is… youcropped the account name out

No. 662428


No. 662461



We're gonna get to see that cereal bowl hanging out of her window real soon, guise.

No. 662606

File: 1534053678375.jpg (489.96 KB, 1080x1843, Eueiiwuwuw815.jpg)

Has anyone been following the drama surrounding Terri (anorexia recovery is her YouTube)? She's been making tons of videos about haters and liars, apparently someone was sending other users a link to something? And claiming she's racist and a scammer

No. 662651

File: 1534062442663.png (99.38 KB, 477x697, wp_ss_20180812_0001.png)

Idk about her past, but it's not hard to believe the scammer part when she begs for cash on her channel's ABOUT section. She's on ig btw plugging her youtube.

No. 662654

Is it really a scam if she's not doing anything? She's not trying to sell anything or offer people anything, she's just asking for money. If people are dumb enough to give it to her that's their problem.

No. 662674

I think the person is referring to something in the past. She's not getting rich with donation money judging by the looks of it. She didn't even get the patreon link right at first so she's far from a professional scammer. I'm more interested in the racism part tbh. Her public Facebook profile does have some weird shared posts (like "Sorry God for getting you out of our schools", something about the shitty government enticing shitty lazy people etc.) but nothing downright racist.

If she got a car through Gofundme donations, that means the donations were collected in some community and I wonder if she pulled the same spiel, seeming super kind and willing to recover etc.

I do think she's very manipulative and immature. Telling her followers to support her "till the end" and everyone else can get lost, saying the channel is about her and her recovery and nothing else will be talked about while she's the one giving the petty drama a platform, ignoring questions from concerned subscribers. Like when that dumb follower posted her phone number and blamed Terri for not deleting it, and everyone ganged up on the girl and complained about drama while Terri was the one making multiple videos addressed to her.

No. 662682

The car gets her around but that's only helping her get around in the dire state of health she's in. I don't believe she's even trying to recover. The food she eats is pure crap and such small quantities. It'd be more useful if she had a Patreon or gofuckme for IP recovery.

Idk, she reminds me of Ash in so many ways.

No. 662708

Agreed. She's been at this for months, so there's no longer the refeeding syndrome excuse, or at least there shouldn't be. But her gullible followers keep making that excuse and enabling her. I mostly feel sorry for her because she's an "old" lonely woman who has had anorexia for most of her life, but once you see through her manipulation it's hard not to be angry. She needs real treatment from medical professionals specialised in anorexia, not live feeds of her eating a few bites.

No. 662903

So the Nazi stuff:

She's claiming it was for a college project… but ones from 2011 and the other one from 2013

No. 662912

Tfw anorexic nazi. I bet she has a Stormfront account too. Imagine the posts on it…

No. 662914

I read a comment that mentioned a Twitter account in which she posted that black people don't have a right to defend themselves and that it's reserved for white people, though I haven't been able to find it

No. 662954

File: 1534099171703.jpg (141.55 KB, 1080x554, 20180812_203818.jpg)

That's funny that someone calls Terri's followers internet addicts while Terri is the one making multiple videos each day… Also imagine making a fangirl video about Hitler and thinking you're in the right

No. 663040

It's okay to be a racist Hitler lover so long as you put your name to it? Lol.

I wouldn't say she's "fighting for her life". She eats curly fries and probably pukes them up. Great.

She was a nurse. Can't imagine wtf a racist blog post and Hitler video with a Joan Jett soundtrack has to do with that.

No. 663152

File: 1534113652082.jpg (837.39 KB, 1080x1470, 18-08-12-10-19-31-052_deco.jpg)

this is a normal sized restaurant portion. "this is the most terrifying thing i have ever put in my mouth including that time i sucked off a guy behind Glenferrie Station for a pack of smokes" ew

No. 663202

Don't feed the troll anon, you're giving that monster exactly what she wants

No. 663265


so she's pushing a new Rad Borderline Sex Worker Persona now she's realised trying to be the personification of IB diploma didnt give her enough attention. pathetic really, she just looks like a dumb little kid hyperfixated on imaginary sexual encounters

No. 663277

I don’t follow her vent acct but I noticed that when she started telling people on Sarahah that she “recovered” from bulimia by having a bunch of sex. Lol

No. 663304

She is eating all this up you guys every other post is a screen grab or a video of her zooming into the lolcow thread. she said that we are all “whiny pissbabies” but really I don’t see anyone whining but rather discussing her outrageous lifestyle. If we are all whiny and she doesn’t care about what people say than why is she constantly reading and following up. she’s obsessed with responding to every Lcf post about her on her insta story. I bet she couldn’t even challenge herself to not address the commentary here. I don’t think she’s making her image better by carrying on, on insta and sporting this holier than though attitude she just comes off obsessed and neurotic

No. 663356

Of course this spoiled bitch is from the eastern suburbs.

No. 663413

How do you know that? :/(don't use emojis)

No. 663423

File: 1534140084590.png (1.23 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180813-155929.png)

Anyone follow this one?? I feel like her posts are getting more attention seeking by the minute

No. 663436

It is truly horrible to see what this world is coming to. That fact the you all gain some form of satisfaction and self worth by digging others into the ground. Why not let people be happy and enjoy life the way they want to live it. No one is perfect and no one is the same. There are worse things going on in this world! So don’t you think it’s about time we all gained a bit of respect for our selves and others, and just maybe this world would be just that little bit happier! Everybody has struggles in there life. What no one needs is keyboards warriors making it harder for everyone. How would you all feel if this was happening to your child.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 663467

Dont give that lying bitch attention let her starve

No. 663508


Hi Korey’s mom!

No. 663509


>Why not let people be happy and enjoy life the way they want to live it.

Are you a fucking idiot? these girls don't deserve social media platforms when all the talk about is the disgusting shit they do to their bodies, and in your same vein, how would you feel if your child stumbled apon these pages? They are DAMAGING. They need serious help. People are allowed to hate whatever the fuck they want.

No. 663511

was thiNking the exact same thing?!

No. 663512

Congratulations!!! You must feel so tough and accomplished for anonymously calling someone you don’t know a fucking idiot online. Credit to you! I am truly worried for you. These girls have the right to do what they like to there own bodies, as you have the right to do what you want to your own. They have the right to post what they like on there own social media pages as you do. If you find these so damaging why do you bother looking at them? I think you are the one after the attention. At least they are confident enough to publicly post and not anonymously hide behind a keyboard.
You should listen to what you say, people can hate what they want, just like they are able to post and share what they want. If I had a child they would except everyone equally. Not anonymously ridicule them online.

No. 663514

Sorry to disappoint both of you but unfortunately I’m not koreys Mum. But if I was I would be proud if she was my daughter because she is doing an incredible job.

No. 663515

She's always contradicting herself… her Facebook is public and no mention of being a paralegal. And she claims she makes money by finding paralegal jobs on Craigslist. Fishy

No. 663516

You make yourself look really really pathetic.

No. 663518

Why thank you! You are just so kind! Everyone must be so very proud of you

No. 663519


Yes, you are a fucking idiot. You make a dumb comment and you open yourself up to being countered. Don't like it? Don't use the internet. I don't use social media, stop projecting your attention seeking shit on me, and learn the difference between 'there', 'they're' and 'their' while you're at it. You're obviously starving your brain of calories. You fail to see that I meant your child stumbling onto their /instagrams/ (not this site) and deciding that they need to lose a couple pounds because of it. You are wild. I hope you never reproduce.

No. 663521


lolling at the fake purity and goodness act. u are very obviously insanely insecure, and can't handle this place, move on hun

No. 663523

You poor thing. I find it so sad that the only way you all seem to get any sort of satisfaction is to bully people you don’t even know online. I’d like to see you do it all face to face and see how tough you really are once you’re out from behind the keyboard. Just because you are all a pack of insecure, unstable and jealous people. You should worry about your own problems and not try to create more unwanted drama

No. 663527


Would gladly say it to your face. Stop posting.

No. 663531

You want me to stop posting hey, just because I disagree. Look at taking your own advice this whole thing doesn’t benefit anyone. You’re telling me to stop posting hey? Do you always run away when things get tough

No. 663547


Lol tried to reply but it didn't work but SHE REALLY FUCKING IRKS ME. Going on and on and on about how close to deaths door she is. She won't be getting a bed in the uk when she gets back I can tell you, unless she goes fully private. I could go on for ever

No. 663597

File: 1534174242017.jpeg (170.33 KB, 640x868, 3547CC9E-4509-449A-9626-60C7C3…)

Great look what your arm chairing does idiots. Now “admitting” she has bpd, thanks to you arm chair fags. There’s no way she meets 5 of the 9 criteria necessary for diagnosis. The key feature is emotional instability and she has said herself that her emotions are shallow or nonexistent.

No. 663608

I 100% guarantee that what happened in this thread is exactly what tilly was looking for. she has said repeatedly that she likes to stir up internet drama when she is bored. she should be a banned topic. she is lame and pathetic and her milk is pure fake garbage, just like she is.

No. 663631

Just to tell you the world has not come to this, it’s always been this way people gossip and talk about others…kek it happens! Your conflating that with bullying though. And as for respecting others and ourselves, no one just straight up deserves respect they have to be or do something to earn it. It’s worse what tilly and all these anachans do and anonymity has nothing to do with it.
How would you even know we are insecure, unstable and jealous….sounds like a little projection! If you think we’re bad then how rediculous are you to come here and confront everything! Some if not all of these comments are probably tilly I agree with this op >>663608 we need to stop giving her attention and she’ll stop clogging are thread up with bullshit that makes no sense and just derails the conversation

No. 663646

File: 1534178972060.png (311.64 KB, 750x1334, 423B0D79-4F7E-4C52-A773-470C3B…)

This one was certainly looking for asspats in the comments like “your so thin”. and as for captions yea weight kind of does mean something, the lower u are the sicker u r. And also ppl don’t take seriously (always) average size ppl claiming anorexia. This girls pretty thin but also pretty dumb too like hash tagging weightmeansnothing then she hash tags educate yourself like wasn’t this person trying to understand by asking questions, my gosh anything for a screen grab of their messages for ass pats.

Tbh I don’t even know what the messenger is trying to say I think they meant she looked too good to be in hospital not that she looked so thin and it was good…. lol she’s making it seem like they r being pro ana but actually I think there’s a language barrier between the messenger Bc the English isint great.

No. 663675

as milky as they are (were) are korey, tilly, and Ollie all need to be banned, their whining and WKing is clogging up this thread

No. 663691

File: 1534183218435.gif (2.95 KB, 353x132, damn.GIF)

Just report and ignore.

No. 663764


That OTT reply is laughable, really. But hey - now she can enjoy the attention resulting from being all 'offended'… "Ohnoes, I'm flapping my arms about! Lookatme guys!"

All the while loving the negativity, playing the victim, and the ostentatious, self-righteous display.

No. 663795

The fact she relishes in her dad worrying about her so much, lapping up the attention she gets at the price of hurting someone so close who evidently cares so much and feels desperate but powerless to help, is gross. Such a clear lack of empathy, which is key to good writing. So good luck to her having any success with that.

No. 663813

File: 1534192603166.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2055, Screenshot_20180814-063012~2.p…)

"Look at me workingout in IP." its abt the only one without her nosehose selfie

No. 663902

File: 1534200989881.jpeg (Spoiler Image,132.35 KB, 750x901, 848D103A-8C54-402F-A859-7B309F…)

this is @katfightsanorexia’s “don’t end up like me” post, I think this is her a couple years ago. she regularly tries to slit her throat so I have no doubt she’s mentally ill and seemingly really autistic but she’s living in an actual fantasy if she thinks her being institutionalised is at all related to her anorexia
today she was bragging about hitting a minimally healthy weight which most U.K. IPs set at a BMI of like 17.

No. 663903

ugh spoilered by accident, on my phone. sorry all.

No. 663913

idk just seems sad and depressing anon

No. 663926

she's been inpatient many times and she openly acknowledges that oftentimes it's not due to her anorexia. right now she's inpatient for a suicide attempt, for example, and has been very clear about that.

No. 663988

File: 1534209426617.png (Spoiler Image,2.76 MB, 1440x1960, Screenshot_20180814-111446~2.p…)

Loves being in hospital this one despite her whiney captions. BMI is still above 19

No. 664008

If you wanna convince us she’s a cow you gotta give us more than “BMI above 19”, anachan

No. 664062

the only thing i see with girl is she is constantly offered help but bitches about it despite secretly loving it. She isnt underweight but clearly has multiple insta accounts that post old pics of when she has a nosehoses.

No. 664075


I've caught Holly out on here bitching about Korey. What a shit friend she is!

No. 664120


old news

No. 664123

Um this picture very much looks like someone who is underweight. Piss off anachans

No. 664196

File: 1534236873914.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2045, Screenshot_20180814-185134~2.p…)

Doesnt look underweight. She says she needs to lose 30kg to meet the requirement

No. 664220

Has Jessica Ja or Maureen S been mentioned?

No. 664233


I follow Amelia and she isn't milky. Just your standard boring ana who loves the attention of hospital.

No. 664235

Maureen Sabiski by any chance? Would be helpful if you put the names and if they're on IG/FB though. Or sharing anything of interest.

No. 664265

yes!! Her sorry. I temp forgot how to spell her last name. Shes back to msging the same inpatients and ppl on home naso. Even sending them selfies of herself because she is bored.

No. 664305

according to Tilly her and koreys doctor was charged with prescribing himself morphine years ago and she just posted it publically as well as his name
Is she crazy tf does that

No. 664321

>>664305 - Seems like she's trying to attention whore and create a shit show all because the staff there are finally starting to look at why she's not gaining weight in treatment (possible hiding food) and filling up on calorie-free drinks. Suprised she got by with ED contraband in the first place, so now she's throwing her dummy out of the pram.

Maybe she thinks she'll get kicked out (yet again) and won't have to face consequences. Wonder if she can get in legal trouble for what she's done though? imagine if it was untrue. I was expecting another round of attention seeking behaviours from her, she was whining about the fact that being thin is all she's good at in a place where she's supposed to gain weight and she gained 500g(!) so 'fullyrecovered' now. She does my nut in.

No. 664325

File: 1534257052833.png (2.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180815-002948.png)

Tilly must be off her meds messaging Henry this crap

No. 664326


god no wonder doctors don't wanna work with cluster b patients.

No. 664327

"like wimbledon, i serve" …..

No. 664328

All these girls' parents are paying this private doctor a fortune to make themselves feel better.

No. 664329

File: 1534257787526.jpg (319.02 KB, 1119x1600, 2018-08-15-00-42-18.jpg)

No you love the attention too much

No. 664515


Holy shit

No. 664679

he should stop being her doctor for this, what a slanderous thing to do.

No. 664696

both of them need to be canceled. She’s a snotball but hes also a sucky doctor

No. 664736

File: 1534296886734.png (2.22 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180815-003310.png)

She posted it as her story and as a post on both accounts. She has since deleted it once people didnt give her the reaction she wanted and pointed out she will probably be asked to leave IP but still thinks she is top shit…??!

No. 664779

Are you referring to her trashing that doctor still or did she start some new antics that I don’t know about?

No. 664802

trashing that doctor. She legit posted 4 posts but deleted 2 of them and her stories when people pointed out issues

No. 665779

File: 1534379618153.png (564.83 KB, 640x1136, 18F1725C-FEDF-43DF-9E96-ECC832…)

(1/2) This ana chan wants the attention and care that comes with treatment but once she discovered she would have to actually work and make progress, she flipped out and made various plans to manipulate her parents and team. Other than that her entire account consists of giving herself asspats for eating 50 extra calories or “challenges” of small amounts of diet food; whining about how her team expects too much of her when they’ve given her countless accommodations and second chances already; and giving her eating disordered followers a detailed breakdown of her ana meals and rapid weight loss. She has been IP for 2 months and had revolving door admissions for the past 3 years, always signing out AMA for her adult ones. Haven’t seen her on here yet but she’s surely problematic.

No. 665784

File: 1534379716791.png (171.31 KB, 640x1136, 26800737-9FB9-4B97-9B5F-353642…)

2/2- also her constantly referring to her followers as “my dears” and the selfies holding food are very Aly-esque

No. 666025

Yes she’s cringe, but she isn’t milky. She seems very ill and like the malnutrition is what is causing her manipulation

No. 666054

malnutrition can cloud judgement and whatnot but it doesn’t cause a normal mentally stable person to become that manipulative and attention seeking

No. 666124

File: 1534412555842.png (2.65 MB, 1828x1158, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.3…)

How is it possible for anas to eat all of these mountains of food they are stuffed with in hospitals? I'm just genuinely not understanding how their stomachs and guts are able to process this, I have friends athletes who eat 200 grams of food per intake and they say their stomachs are small and not able to take more. And wouldn't you just vomit it out after years of malnutrition? Mysteries of the universe

On the topic though — with her "my dears" and "loves" she sounds like an old perv.

No. 666130

Thats the whole point lol. To gain weight. They have you on a smaller amiunt at first like 1500 cals and up it to 3000 or so over the course of a week in order not to burst your stomach

No. 666196

File: 1534424225740.png (1.07 MB, 1440x1388, Screenshot_20180816-225503~2.p…)

Dear lord this chick just doesnt stop

No. 666211

Hence why >>666025 said she is very ill??

No. 666295

Anon, she rarely completes her meals. In my opinion, they let her get away with too much in past admissions and now they have someone who knows she can manipulate her way through. She’s at a general psych hospital in their “ED program.” It’s notoriously difficult to get out AMA there.
But as many of us on have EDs and have been inpatient, it is a massive amount of food—even for a non-ED person and side effects are common

No. 666463

File: 1534450347834.png (666.07 KB, 640x1136, 1CB1A315-9DC1-4315-BA37-49F01A…)

Posted directly after like 5 messages telling her how she was “such a good dancer”

No. 666485

She doesn’t seem milky. Does good job in recovery, pursues passion and has the balls to post progress, doesn’t get involved in drama. Maybe focus on the problematic cows. Sage for wk.

No. 666585

File: 1534456391211.png (130.72 KB, 640x1136, 7DA66171-62DB-4515-9DEE-6A837E…)

Well about Maureen, I think she’s off fab. I blocked her from sending me messages but in my request filter I get this. So glad, she was so annoying. Always had to be the sickest, of no you don’t understand me because I’m dying and you’re just a fat bulimic. She even created her own group of ass pat people and banned people for calling her out on her bull. Still got screen shots of when she asked me if her daughter was fat whilst oretendinf to be her. Such a fruit loop.

So sick to hear she’s affecting others recovery so much.

No. 666828

how old is tilly?

No. 666873

>>666828 i think Matilda was 18 this year? she mentioned "dropping her whole team" once she turned 18.

No. 667045

Why’d you call her by her full name you weirdo

No. 667253

So every other thread it's okay to use their full legal name, and here it's taboo to use their first name only? m'kay.

No. 667299

File: 1534547489316.png (724.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180818-015457.png)

Well ain't this a nice little collision. In another news morven keeps saying her weight is far too high and she has no ED and blah blah.

No. 667349

File: 1534554042038.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, AAC3EF97-8432-404A-9558-C46C6A…)

Tilly asked lolcow to “come at her” so here ya go tilly.
Serious kek that she thinks korey, Ollie, and herself are good examples of their generation “doing things” and being internet advocates. All they do is post dumb selfies and whine, smh

No. 667372

and sorry for samefagging but idk which em she’s talking about, if it’s em_thrives than more kek

No. 667417

Gosh. I don’t think it’s her though. I assume some Aussie Em?
Regardless, Tilly should know generations are based on world events happening at impressionable ages. Example: anyone who doesn’t remember 9/11 is part of the most recent generation (At least here in the US that’s how they are commonly calculated)

No. 667432

File: 1534562460507.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1225.PNG)

And she's seeing no medical professionals. I know eating disorders are dangerous, but come on now. This is another level of unsafe. She needs to see real specialists in eating disorders. Not continue her pious recovery where only she controls it all.

No. 667441

Umm nope it’s just very odd and random to refer to someone by a name no one ever refers to her as

No. 667454

She used to have an ask fm account and she threw shade at people who seek professional treatment, claiming it’s only for people who want attention and validation and that her sooper speshal self recovery is the only way to get better. Yeah it’s great to transition into self sufficiency without someone holding a tube over your head, but I swear if she doesn’t go get those looked at she might lose her limbs.

No. 667544

File: 1534582739986.jpeg (177.56 KB, 750x1160, 97B2968F-3545-4F5B-B7E3-2F1250…)

Who else if not anon. Anyone knows this girl, where is she from etc? She posted a rather worrying message and I’d like to report her to authorities to check up on her in case of real suicide attempt. She’s an ana-chan, no idea if she’s been discussed before, it’s rather a small account.

No. 667555

>>667544 - it's a private account otherwise would have helped look for clues as to an identity.

Though this sort of thing pisses me off. "Oh hey, let me just set up a glamour shot of my potential OD". No one who wants to die really does that, when you're in that deep depression stuff like IG doesn't matter - you just want the pain/suffering to stop. To me it's probably another attention-seeker, or someone again trying to fake a suicide. On the off chance it is real, i hope they're okay and get help.

No. 667564

Those are promethazine 25 mg, I'm not sure those are too lethal. They will probably just fall asleep.

No. 667568

Yeah that little handful of phenergan won't really do anything, might make her feel dizzy, vomit or pass out but it's far from lethal unless you're elderly or have a heart condition

No. 667585

File: 1534592102368.png (698 KB, 446x870, korey.PNG)

i feel like Korey has fully relapsed into her ED of late under the wing of the #gayvegetable Ollie, and I'm guessing its probably the reason her and her BF broke up…

No. 667590

Antihistamine, 2 cigarettes (probably low nicotine and menthol) and a glass of water. Ffs I hope it worked, or if it didn't I hope somebody called in a wellness check and the cops pissed themselves laughing at this patheticness then charged her with wasting police time obvs.

No. 667599

I find it amazing how you are so quick to judge. Personally I think Korey is doing an excellent job with her recovery! In fact #gayvegetable Ollie I truly a wonderful person and he has been an incredible support to Korey. Why does it matter why they broke up?

No. 667617

This is a sign of organ failure. She really needs a doctor crap

No. 667666

File: 1534607697135.jpg (479.35 KB, 1079x1070, Screenshot_20180818-165238_Ins…)

Korey and veggimate look bolted to me. Their pupils are hugely dilated, I know it could be a combination of dark nightclub and camera flash but they honestly look like they're on drugs.

No. 667676


Stuff like this pisses me off, too.

On the one hand, there's always the worry that it is real, which is the foremost concern, of course. But on the other hand, people end up feeling as if they are getting their emotions played with, all too often.

No. 667686

um are her teeth edited to look bigger? lol if not it looks insane, I hate when people get so thin that their faces get all stretchy it's creepy

No. 667796

Nitpicking but that’s just her face. It seems to have unfortunately gotten more stretched out in recovery, but she has talked about how her natural weight used to be on the high end of healthy so I assume she would look different (better) if she was truly weight restored

No. 667850

File: 1534630289034.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, 77535025-2391-4697-BC06-B75E2A…)

Pretty sure she’s talking about korey. She is no longer in her follower/following list

No. 667888

It's Melbourne, it's Poof Doof. Yes most likely they're on drugs.

No. 668132

>>667686 good on them for having a life though ;)

No. 668155

please don't bother posting again

No. 668168

Couldn’t agree more! Good on them for having fun and enjoying life!

No. 668198


Korey only started posting these posed “fun” shots after she saw lolcow saying her entire life was IG and her ED. I mean, nice if we did some good for once lol. But yikes, that jeans shorts pic shows her life still revolves around not eating, even if she is going out one night a week.

No. 668254

Sorry if I post this wrong, I'm new here. But Constellations… Still not dead despite "multiple co-occurring mental and physical disorders" which she loves to emphasize in all her posts. Just comes off as a seriously narssissistic and manipulative person not able to take ANY criticism.

No. 668263

Read the rules & usage, because you’re newfagging wrong on all levels.

No. 668265

File: 1534692015463.jpeg (449.61 KB, 750x1107, E9ED3CF1-7D2B-4014-B93B-50DCB8…)

Thanks, anons. She posted this again. I’m gonna assume it’s for attention.

No. 668267

lmao girl stop

No. 668278



Other than the obvious additions, there is more liquid in the bottle, than in the prior post. Either that, or it's a new bottle she's gotten into.

Also, cigarette count went from 2 to 4.

No. 668622

the snakes are imploding on themselves

No. 668675

Overdosing on tabacco. Kek

No. 668688

are tilly and korey even friends? tilly has never been mentioned on koreys insta

No. 668726

File: 1534748197490.png (772.74 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180820-165337.png)

They are friends. not insta friends anymore but still fb friends. They have the same psychiatrist and have been in inpatient together but tilly is more …. Rebellious so always got transferred to different hospitals or asked to leave etc.

No. 668737

File: 1534750188474.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, 8E23037C-9777-4D7A-AC4F-AD0EB8…)

Oh no

No. 668739

File: 1534750311714.jpg (488.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180820-083032_Ins…)

Ok edgelord

No. 668745

File: 1534752582991.jpg (700.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180820-090821_Ins…)

Is there a thread for Annasorganiclife aka fitveganginger? Sage for no milk but made me laugh to see someone call her out for her recipes being disgusting

No. 668758

There are some older ones floating around, like >>>/snow/163049 We used to follow her here but Kiwifarms are the ones who keep up with her these days.

No. 668761

yeah i feel like tilly just pretends like they are friends cause we've never heard korey talk about tilly so kek

No. 668784

File: 1534762561270.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180820-204636.png)

No. 668788

File: 1534764839064.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180820-213337.png)

Re: korey and Tillys friendship

No. 668790

File: 1534765434374.png (671.1 KB, 750x1334, C62F2ECD-1F3D-46C7-9D3D-AFD801…)

This is an old one from may 13, oh how the times have changed, must have just been a pity post Bc she hasn’t quit lolcow yet. “The people on lolcow are right” ahhh so that’s why she self posts and interacts so often, I’ll never understand the need for gratification from an invisible audience, what the hell is the pay of tilly?

No. 668791

File: 1534765488155.png (698.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180820-083558.png)

Has anyone talked about this cow? Disgusting.

No. 668803


I don't really think thats milky, she just sounds ill tbh

No. 668804

File: 1534769711588.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 4A2A5103-EE45-4D36-A5C5-C46739…)

Lol she’s responded before anyone could on here “I don’t need your gratification Bc I actually have a life” would someone with a life constantly keep tabs on a site that talks about them, quickly replying with rebuddles immediately? Her responding to this is so attention seeking, although I can’t tell if she’s looking at this on lolcow but probably Bc why else would she include a random old post on her story. And she goes “I was pretty much raised on chan culture if she means anachan like why is that anything to be proud of? How can she say crap like that then think she’s doing some great advocacy work with her insta or helping the community she always refers to this “role” she has to the ed community, what is that being an obsessive, hypocritical joke?!

No. 668806

Pretty sure she means chan as in 4chan etc/anon message boards.

But this is what she is wanting, attention, it's why i don't get why time and time again people bring her up. Don't cows normally become a banned topic when they purposefully try and provoke the boards and anons take the bait? Though I do find it amusing how she thinks she's above the boards when she desperately clings to it, like she has no validity without it. TBH I wish she could be permabanned from the boards as in having the ability to visit them, bet it'd get her goat.

No. 668808

Let's just make her a banned topic or whatever it's called, how do we do that

No. 668809

Idk that she’s trying to elicit a specific reaction here always, but she definitely is to her followers 100% of the time. She wants to give off this bad ass don’t care vibe posting photos saying she’s smashed drunk or just smoked weed, she literally acts like a child with there first social media platform, trying to sound all cool and edgy. But she isint tbh, and her relentless reading and interaction with this board shows how pathetic she is. She’d be much cooler if she actually didn’t care and stopped engaging her critiques. I do think it would be hilarious if she couldn’t read here at all. Many posters agree but no one official has made moves to ban her as a topic…she desperately clings to this board as you mentioned and I would love to see her reaction if she could no longer visit the site kek

No. 668813

Next time: throw in a rope. Hanging never fails. Or jumping off a tall building. Paper cuts and a few pills don't work, but that's what she wants sooo…

How many anons are getting their jimmies ruffled by this tilly person because I'm all for banning the subject. She's boring as fuck.

No. 668816

Kek at paper cuts, what a perfectly staged photo this is for someone in such distress I don’t follow her yet but damn this seems milky >>668265

And anyway, I’m not so annoyed with tilly Bc she’s immature, obsessive and ridiculously attention seeking, but more so that she’s boring af. I tried watching her on live and was like wow smoking a cigarette staring at the screen…groundbreaking.

No. 668831

>Imma kill myself internet.. I mean it this time.. and then you'll all be sorry…
slams door

Tfw you've spent ages scratching the dx off of a 25mg otc diphenhydramine tablet and artfully included a deadly 1mg diazepam tab too but you're still laffed at bc haven't bothered to wipe up the dust you painstakingly scraped off. Fuck off daft girl.

No. 668860

Just throwing in my two cents - I am for banning discussion of Tilly, also.

She is banal and tedious. I think tries to she provoke responses from people on the internet because the people around her IRL know what she's about and have been over it for awhile now.

No. 669035

Nitpicking but interesting choices for makeup. All brands and products that were popular about 5 years ago. Her YouTube channel was a beauty based one, it’s strange that her makeup is so horrendous when she clearly was very interested in it in the past

No. 669110

not only are Tilly's lives boring af, they are extra cringe when she 'smokes' because she never actually inhales. She just fills her mouth with the smoke then blows it out (just like a cigar).

She is such a try hard edgelord, it is pathetic!

No. 669250

Why does her bio say “Anastasia” now?
Also I’m sus after seeing pictures from her private claiming she was in the 12s. (Ik ik that’s not milky, but a track record of lying is sure suspicious) I almost wonder if her pictures are all from awhile ago tbh

In terms of tilly, I think banning her might do both this thread and herself some good, but continuing to bring up the possibility seems to make her act out to be posted here again and stay a part of the discussion (as is the case of commenting on Thanes pic)

No. 669267

Yea I noticed that on live too! Whats the point just don’t smoke em really your just doing unnecessary potential damage. As an actual smoker I never think of it as cool I disgust myself as much as the ppl around me, but she thinks it’s the cool edgy ana chan thing to do. I was wondering why she was doing that lol, holding it in her mouth like a cigar, gross and try hard. She is honestly so rediculous, like a wanabe rebellious too cool type. Also in the snap of her taking shots she takes it all in one go and then spits over half back into the shot glass, I don’t post instagram story’s but you’d think she’d cut it short or re shoot the clip she looks redic spitting the shot back in the glass, so edge, much cool kek

No. 669300

LOL! yeah I saw the shot spit as well! forgot to mention it. Also in addition to the cigar-drag she only ever takes like one or two drags from the whole cigarette, yet fucking waves it around infront of the camera as if to say "look at me, im cool".

oh and she also must hide it from her parents by smoking on the rooftop outside her window, as in her lives from there she is paranoid-ly glancing back.

No. 669351

All for Tilly being a banned subject, she's got to the point where she's become a literal prostitute on tinder to one-up her previous attention seeking stunts, giving her exactly what she wants benefits no one

No. 669367

Because that’s her name?

No. 669376

Can someone clarify the Tinder thing?

No. 669383

Anything to stop her self posting and begging to be talked about here. She’s so fucking dreary and this new ‘wow so edgy and harsh and jaded look how much I don’t care’ act is even more grating than her reeeeing about being a mad genius as she was a few months ago.

She’s never gonna be anything other than a spoiled kid who read well as a kid and now has a complex about being super smart. She had multiple chances to grow up like a functional person and she chose to chase the tortured genius meme because she thinks she’s special.
Best thing anyone can do for this girl is ignore the fuck out of her until she realises she’s boring, uneducated normie like everyone else.

No. 669385

Until she gains weight, all the ana chans will be obsessed with her. She's ideal, in Analand.

No. 669415

I may need to take off the tinfoil hat but oh boy is it ever samefag-y in here at the moment.

Like >>668758 mentioned, Kiwifarms has an active thread devoted to her in the Beauty Parlor section. The last I checked, Anna had a short stay in the hospital after what seemed like ages of complaining about the sorry state of her health. She adamantly claims that her diet of magical bone broth swill is responsible for her miraculous recovery. I sometimes find myself torn between feeling sad about the fact that she continues to suffer needlessly and enraged because she still insists on shilling her "knowledge" and insane diets (for actual hard earned cash) to vulnerable people.

No. 669421

Umm no her name is Isabella. She literally has medical paperwork with “Isabella M Dematos” on her feed from her many attention seeking posts asking if her blood values are normal

No. 669436

Isabella was her birth name but didn’t she Change it to Anastasia because she said she didn’t like Isabella?

No. 669452

File: 1534837960472.jpg (Spoiler Image,809.09 KB, 1080x1555, 20180821_084936.jpg)

So Thane is back and claiming BMI 10, but the funniest thing is Tilly in the comments bashing her for not using trigger warnings. I know we kind of agreed not to bring her up anymore but it was just too rich.

No. 669453

File: 1534837990541.jpg (570.77 KB, 1080x1557, 20180821_084951.jpg)

(Cont of last post)

No. 669465

Wow a dumbass desperate to be on lolcow attention seeking on another attention seeking spoops account?
Who could have seen that coming?

No. 669545


No. 669590

File: 1534862986140.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, 7A79E9C9-B42C-4E3E-A793-0A9AFE…)

She posted a insta story screen shot of your comment saying “I’m ok with that” then in the next one says “im going to die alone” like she can’t even keep consistent her tough guy demeanor for one day of insta stories….obviously no ones going to want to be with someone promiscuous Bc they have more potential for STD, that’s just how people think lol, it’s not cool, edgy or empowering, it’s your body which is priceless and your selling it for peanuts so you can buy fucking Red Bull… yea that’s definitely having a life. And if you have the energy to date and sex people you have the energy to work a job… your not that sick stop complaining tilly! I’m not going to entertain the ad hominem argument at the end, she’s grasping at straws now and it’s just sad.
She thinks she’s a mad genius …top kek! Like to be honest maybe, if she was eating, well nourished and not so spacey she’s be smarter, but wouldn’t a really smart person or at least and emotionally smart person not engage in perceived negativity? and they especially wouldn’t let their emotions get the best of them and make fiery insta stories based on strong emotions. She isint very self aware for someone who is a self proclaimed intelligent person. If she is so smart why couldn’t she live a functioning life with her ed, have a job and a real life outside insta? Ik ppl much worse off then her who do much much more, quit whining till and go fake smoke another bogey u cool cat mad genius

No. 669621

No need to be an ableist twat, anon. I’m 100p not WKing for Tilly because I honestly don’t even believe she has bpd, I don’t think she has the emotional component which is the core of bpd - if anything she has histrionic or narcissistic pd. Anyway, I know many extremely intelligent people who have bpd or suffer with emotional instability. Being emotionally unwell doesn’t mean you’re incapable of intelligence?

No. 669674

anon she only says she has bpd cus people here said she did

No. 669690

I sent her a sarahah asking if she had both bpd and ocpd. She didn’t answer it. I agree, bpd seems “cool.” It’s edgy in a way. I’m not sure about the mental health system in Aus, but personality disorders are normally not an add on diagnosis. They become the center from which all other diagnoses branch off and are not flippantly applied before the age of 22 (in case it’s a mixture of teen angst and mental illness)
She is clearly intelligent even with her emotional instability. I don’t agree with her act score being the marker of this, but she isn’t a turnip.
Whether she is banned or not, focusing on her and responding to her stories does exactly the opposite. I get that this might be perceived as WKing but poking her with a stick and then laughing at her reaction isn’t my idea of moving on from her. I’m here to point out hypocrisy and laugh, not to pick apart someone who is freshly 18 and has admitted she baits for attention

No. 669733

Ableism? That’s discrimination, I’m not hating on her for having any mental or physical illness. And I never said she is not smart because of BPD…I was just saying a genius is someone with superior intellect and that doesn’t come across to me with how she acts and speaks regardless of emotional stability. Perhaps you can be really intelligent and still engage in negativity to the point of your own detriment, I just thought a genius or intellectual would think more critically about how engaging in stuff like lolcow would effect them mentally, and avoid it. >>669690
I’m not saying I disagree with everything you say but it’s kind of contradictory to point out her hypocrisy and laugh and then in the same sentence say you don’t want to pick apart an 18 year old. She is young and immature I agree it’s probably not the best to post each story that references us here, your right it’s not helping and probably influencing her more. Once again I guess we’ll have to move on to other cows. She did just do a live recently saying she is in a better place and that she now knows who she is. She’s trying not to do attention seeking things anymore and admits she is guilty of doing so in the pass, I won’t post anymore unwarranted screen grabs of her story she seems to be moving away from the ott realm… hopefully.

No. 669918

She’s not that smart tbh.
She was good at something academic as a kid, got praised for it, and her ego blew up because all adults like the precious little smart kids.
Then she got in to year 12, realises she’s actually in the middle in terms of intellect and all the other kids going to uni are know all the same shit she knows. Suddenly she’s much less impressive and never bothered building anything to fall back on.

She’s the same as just about every other precocious kid. She fell for the savant meme and has fuck all personality aside from tortured genius and some snippy defense mechanisms.

She can put on the I don’t care fight me act all she likes but she’s sad as fuck and it’s her own fault it’s not getting better. She used the hospital to play girl interrupted and she’s too egotistical to grow.

Every day of her life, she’s online, posting her deliberately inflammatory shit to get noticed here and anywhere else she can. There’s zero indication she has friends or hobbies, no romantic relationships, no travelling, no interests outside of herself and her silly little personas. She’s living like a 14 year old shut in while her schoolmates are being normal people.

No. 669925

File: 1534889982903.png (594.73 KB, 750x1334, A868679D-8C2F-4076-84F7-5A9FF1…)

Who died?

No. 669933

Lmao less than ten minutes and she’s posted this. How hard are you stalking this thread Tilly?
if you think getting an okay test score means you’re super smart, you’re gonna be bitterly disappointed. You’ve got zero emotional intelligence, fuck all social skill, you can’t string a sentence together out loud, and you think passing year 12 science means you’re smart?
If you had a shred of intelligence you’d stop embarrassing yourself and be productive for once, but you won’t. You have nothing but your personas and they’re transparent.

No. 669939

There are two accounts she follows under the name ria, both are private but presumably one of them?

No. 669955

I’m confused as to how you presumed that?

No. 669973

Because her post says beautiful ria, I and many others will miss you?

No. 669986

Thank you for saying exactly what I was trying to articulate but in a much more concise manner, especially the point you made.. if she had any amount of intelligence she’d stop embarrassing herself on the internet. Yes she craves the feedback so she posts, but she lacks the self awareness to notice how much of an arse she is making of herself. Especially when she posts, anonymously in a manor with knowledge and perspective that only tilly could have like here…. >>669918

No. 669994

Her name was Ria, Smorvs posted about her too - from what people have said she was a lovely person and will be sorely missed.

No. 669996

Both those posts were me. Girls like Tilly are a dime a dozen where I work. The entire setup so common amongst anorexics it’s boring tbh. There’s nothing deep or particularly insightful about it, it’s obvious when you’re used to seeing it.

If she wanted to, she could access a number of services and get well. It wouldn’t cost her much, just the price of meds which are cheap as hell. She won’t because that means not being exciting and edgy and giving up her shitty sick identity to build a real personality.

No. 669999

What industry are you in?

No. 670006

Dual diagnosis case management for youth, so kids with at least one MH dx and at least one substance use issue.

No. 670050

Kek I’m sleep deprived, sorry didn’t see that it said that on the photo

No. 670167

Sounds like we’re on the same page, Anon. What I mean by pointing out hipocrasy is actual milky behavior. I would rather discuss cows who are manipulative and harming others or people getting caught in their own web of lies instead of trying to figure out how much smoke tilly inhales. I do think she is smoking and drinking more to try out this bad girl image for a bit, but I don’t know what’s milky about it

No. 670217

Yesterday Tilly posted a bag of pretzels that she claimed was her snack. She put 2 pretzels i. her cottage cheese and said she ate the rest of the bag.

Today she's eating from the same bag (it's torn the same way).

She's posting all these food images and not gaining an ounce. It's like Aly all over again.

It makes me feel sick to think I was triggered, thinking she ate all that food and stayed her weight.

No. 670218

Most of the stuff we complain about isn't milky at all. There's a lot of milky stuff, but we're really hard on these girls.

No. 670232

Big ups to the absolute retards who ree’d about it when I suggested banning Tilly and Korey at the beginning of this thread. Congratulations! You played yourselves.

No. 670245

For sure. And at many times, I think the discussion is warranted. Blogging, but I know I would like to see the cows (who have hope imo) do well. I think parts of this thread may have ultimately helped her, but maybe I’m just headassing.
Spaceshiptorecovery and rhetoricallyashley are the only milk I’ve seen lately and they aren’t even bad. (Crap shopping skills accompanied by YA poetry and narcissistic rants about how we’re all obsessed with her) Any updates on becoming brea?

No. 670654

File: 1534976023606.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, A8B9F624-7EFE-4CD0-984D-601800…)

Shouldn’t have zoomed in that much, just makes it even more obvious how much she contorted herself to give the illusion of a thigh gap. Smh you’d think this anachan would have the body check techniques down by now kek

No. 670719


Tilly should definitely be banned. She’s still just shilling for attention. Korey though I find quite milky… her particular kind of dishonesty and manipulation while pretending to be recovered for likes/fame is kind of interesting to watch, in the same way Aly was for a while until she got boring.

No. 670885

i agree Korey is milky af

No. 670935

…where? Her painting herself as a recovery warrior? That’s not milk

No. 670995

Honestly tho, if your gap is that big when bending forward you probably have one when standing up straight.

Who is she? Looks like the other Aly but picture looks different.

No. 670996

She's rude af and pretends to be recovering.

No. 670999

Becoming Brea posted 4 days ago about a milkshake, and mentioned her "hip dips" and the first breakfast in a while in her ist 16h ago.

Nothing too milky.

No. 671001

That is spaceshiptorecovery. I mean she is underweight but it’s just hilarious how she tries way too hard with the poses, waist trainer, bad shoops etc

No. 671013

She’s not exactly the definition of milk apart from her casul racism but does anyone know countinghppypointsrecovery? She hasn’t posted in a few weeks. I was kind of waiting for her to crash and burn in college.

No. 671032

She’s been discussed in the past, but i believe the general consensus was that she was boring

No. 671097

File: 1535025704778.jpeg (487.42 KB, 750x1114, F64EE6E8-641F-49E8-8984-5D9E29…)

Ok generally I’m over Tilly but waiting to see if her posting a pic with Korey’s recently ex-boyfriend (who Tilly has never mentioned a friendship with before) will yield any milk. She is obsessed with getting Korey’s attention, and obviously trying to be her bestie didn’t work… and then all the stories Tilly devoted to slagging her off didn’t work… so here we all are I guess.

No. 671104

Literally wtf’d out loud at this one. Oh tilly girl what is u doin.

Korey has never and will never give a micro-shit about the child yet she’s still desperate for attention. Next she’ll be “bumping into” korey and the gay vegetable at a nightclub that she totally was going ti anyway, because she has a life, guyz.

No. 671279

Can’t believe we’ve given up so quickly on the Tilly ban. Unless of course, she’s the one posting these.
Honestly, we all know she’s desperate for attention, so why do we keep taking the bait? Everything she posts screams attention-seeking, combined with the fact that she refreshes this thread multiple times an hour as you can see on her story. Let’s just starve her out.

No. 671280

I almost cried when I saw that. She speaks out against wanting Korey's attention and then starts hanging out with all Korey's friends.

Tilly isn't milky, she's a warning for attention seeking disorders.

No. 671291

She has so much of a life that in her story she said “this is the last I’m saying about this” in response to many lolcow comments, then just minutes later continued on her usual trajectory of addressing every little thing said about her. Like idk about everyone but some ppl scroll on here when they’re bored or have down time. Nearly Tillys entire day and time on insta is dedicated to lolcow. I would have posted the screen grab but I said I wouldn’t anymore, but I can’t help but comment on the hypocrisy of her being done and having her last comment and then getting fired up in her next story segment. She’s not that milky and if she didn’t interact and try to stage bs to be talked about we wouldn’t even mention her here, many cows have fallen due to their lack of interestingness and milk. I guess when it comes down to it she won’t stop until she’s not obsessed with the eating disorder and recovery. If she was really this changed person as she claims why engage in the same shit that ultimately brings her negative emotions after she feeds that giant head and ego

No. 671301

File: 1535039047582.png (550.13 KB, 750x1334, 6CDE7669-4D67-4FEF-A221-432461…)

Another bullshit response to her being called out for sucking in. I would like to see her pose from the front but then step her body to the side in the same position and take a profile, she’s prolly popping that booty so far and snapping legs for days. I’ve found when your actually low weight you don’t need to pose you just look thin regardless of contortionist angles kek. I think she thinks she looks awesome, and pretty confident to post an ott body check and have it not be the topic her caption or she’s just doing more tell me I’m skinny baiting to her followers

No. 671352


Healthy. All of this is perfectly healthy. And normal. Perfectly normal and appropriate.
So, yeah.

No. 671399

i matched with natalie (hancesolo) on tinder a few days ago.

No. 671546

File: 1535057539443.png (4.14 MB, 1489x2664, 07AE5CA5-100E-468F-A953-84CACC…)

The epitome of pro-ana “recovery” scum.

No. 671547

File: 1535057575576.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 8BB278CD-FA91-4D47-9C30-915AA3…)

She has cut Korey out of her life… Except for one day ago, when she commented on Korey’s latest post from her Tillyvents account. Sure Jan. She’s obsessed.

Also it was idiotic of Michael to let himself get sucked into the Tilly vortex. He’s just being used as a prop.

No. 671552

This is Ember and Emily levels of milkless drama flooding the thread, and 99% selfposts. Farmhands, assist?

No. 671558

If y’all don’t think Korey is secretly smug af over being the preferred cow and playing into the Tilley drama & shilling for attention that way, by being superior….you deserve this rotten milk that’s overflowing.

No. 671585

Do tell if you find out anything about how she's doing. Always wondered about her and hoped things got better.

No. 671594

I thought she was dead.
Wonder what happened to Tom, her fiancé?
Hope she’s not drinking and has gained some weight.

No. 671602

Any milk on Smorven? Claiming unable to lie,to favourite and yet getting her free samples of favourite items? Or just spooping about all woe is me?But it's totally NOT an ED of course…
And is Paris still dancing with food she's pretending to eat? I have no access to their accounts. I've done my best lurking but it's all Korey and Tilley…

No. 671614

File: 1535062170293.gif (12.18 MB, 711x750, 355043EF-75A2-465F-B137-2E1E4E…)

Paris seems to have deteriorated quite a bit.

No. 671615

Aw the poor anas are so dumb they don’t know children’s sizes actually can be bigger than women’s
I mean I don’t disagree, but their funding drama is boring. Girls—esp attention-seeking ana girls have quibbles all the time but now it’s headline news? Both korey and Tilly lead boring lives. Pretending they’re the next genius in the making and showcasing going to clubs on drugs or discussing sex work when confronted with the fact that their lives completely revolve around their “recovery”
And imo faking a level of recovery isn’t milky unless they want constant praise for doing so. Korey isn’t near alys level of manipulation (threatening relapse if no one comments to fuss over her “bmi 18.6” shrinking frame or 4 pound weight loss)

No. 671617

what no dancing?

No. 671621

they broke up

No. 671623

Can imagine her mother's voice behind the scenes, "Sweet child, let's eat another spoon for our fans and show them a happy recovering ED warrior". What a sad life… Is she autistic or sczhizo?

No. 671638

she is drinking. she's been going to meet a few men (idiots really if they can't tell she's sick) at bars.

No. 671670

Shame. Tbh I’m kinda glad for Tom. It must have been so hard trying to take care of her while she’s putting herself into literal comas.

No. 671681

They don’t care. They’re men.

No. 671810

Personally I’m meh on a tilly ban. So she wants attention, whatever, she’s such a fucking loser it’s still hilarious.

No. 671821

Paris sounds like she's ready to off herself. She's not milky but she is skinnier than ever.

No. 671837


When you are eating and the camera is on.
It's not eating anymore.

No. 671865


>"Yes, I am wearing a child's dress. I thought I would share this ~very important detail~ with my followers."

No. 671877

Wut? Are you high anon?

No. 671892

I agree, this is so entertaining, catching up with koreys ex like haha you can't pay for this shit

No. 671905

Name, please. That's hilarious.

No. 671921

I go to the same university as Korey and have seen her around in person a bit. She is even thinner in person than in her Instagram photos. She definitely is not truly weight restored.

No. 671978


No. 671981

File: 1535093066307.gif (5.79 MB, 728x412, E67BF9E2-AD55-43F1-BF73-D6DFEF…)

No. 671983

Both of them do ALL of this for lolcow at this point, we are their main source of attention, it’s not lulz when it’s an act.

Banning Korey and Tilly discussion for a week would get them to stop selfposting for a while and make their selfposts a lot easier to identify in the future. I don’t know how y’all don’t feel just retarded and totally played when you comment and repost their things on here as if that’s not exactly what they want you to do. Unless being manipulated is something y’all enjoy?

No. 671994

Whatever people bait Tilly here all the time, it’s as manipulating here than she is on her page.

No. 672116

I don’t think Korey self posts though, tilly maybe but not Korey. She’s only manipulative in a non-direct way

No. 672253

she’s just regular manipulative, she’s was caught self posting some time ago and is trying to be more subtle this time around.

No. 672440

I agree, it’s just annoying when tilly(or her followers I have no clue) come here and clog up this thread with WK posts, same goes for korey/Ollie. I don’t think starving her of attention is a good reason to ban her but selfposting and WK is

No. 672842

Thoughts on cinsregression?

No. 672870

File: 1535202558089.jpg (3.74 KB, 300x168, index.jpg)


>no milk

>no contribution to discussion
>no sage

No. 672873

File: 1535202780047.jpeg (101.16 KB, 640x932, 1479D87F-FFE5-48A8-B174-78DC31…)

Don’t self post, brainsick.

No. 672880

File: 1535203438442.jpeg (931.87 KB, 750x1049, A0E440BB-0A84-484B-912C-894701…)

Complains about money situation and how she can’t buy food, therefore has to plan out every dollar but then spends it on this?

No. 672897

well if she's anorexic and not recovering then..

No. 672934

What makes you think she self-posted? I can’t see her doing that
Also >>672880 you can fuck off, cin doesn’t belong on here. She’s very sick, has a lot of trauma, and struggles majorly. No more talking about her

No. 672939

File: 1535211229240.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 2B9A1358-2707-4DAA-8320-FCA820…)

Part 1:
Have we ever spoke about this girl? Constant body check photos, constant wining about no one helping her and how hopeless yet binge and purges, she recently just said her doctor wouldn’t take her back and stuff which duh makes sense I’ve known a few people who have had ppl refuse to treat them Bc of non compliance, she acts like it’s a specific thing against her. I’ll post some of her story say yay or nay milky or not, kind of entertaining but also like yikes her life is sad and she’s broadcasting her crying face to insta

No. 672940

File: 1535211275472.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, D58B500A-5111-4DDD-943F-A7F0D2…)

Part 2

No. 672941

File: 1535211305188.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 3C50D027-9B42-4DDE-9B61-5D2C4E…)

Part 3

No. 672943

File: 1535211338601.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, EF4981E3-0283-4002-AD32-7A1A94…)

Part 4

No. 672947

File: 1535211627601.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, A3C2FDB3-ADAD-4317-BA42-AB2242…)

Part 5
She’s just chuffed to bits to be getting more followers, I doubt she was even stalked she just has to make sure ppl understand she thinks it’s weird when 0 follower ppl begin following her. It’s obviously Bc she’s so thin and ppl look at her as a thinspo…which she knows, so they create these ghost accounts with no activity or followers so they can follow all these proana accounts and secretly get their fill… come on she knows what’s going on here! It’s not some stalker it’s another anachan lol

No. 672976

File: 1535214733287.png (144.45 KB, 375x400, look both ways.png)

No. 672984

Any mention of having a syndrome of some sort in her captions?

No. 672993

File: 1535216487960.jpeg (237.08 KB, 750x1334, 876B0388-E61E-4BD0-A963-F2C7DA…)

Top kek omg
Not that I know of I would have to do some digging I assume some type of anxiety based on how quickly she escalates things like in this post here

No. 672995

File: 1535216669837.jpeg (Spoiler Image,232.58 KB, 750x1334, 199094B5-FD0B-4443-96FC-49568C…)

She also likes to post these body check photos but then ask random ass questions to justify posting the body check

No. 672998

File: 1535217057912.jpeg (149.92 KB, 750x510, F0ECEF8D-B96A-4D54-8F1A-06882E…)

Here’s another caption where she like goes on about how she’s mad at her dr for saying she’s pro ana but really I think she feels accomplished that anyone and especially a dr would call her or refer to her body and pics as proana

No. 673003

What doctor ever accuses a patient of being “pro Ana” these LIES omg

No. 673011

Lol I know right and why would someone go to the doctors and be like look at this girls insta she’s posting all these pro ana pictures! As if they’re going to like shut it down lol, the whole thing seems fabricated and embellished. Then she’s like what am I going to do! Uhm idk focus on getting better at least while your ip or wherever she was and stop triggering yourself with body check photos?

No. 673019

I have been an ibserver of these threads for a few feeks, never considered joining because I have several issues with what is going on in here. But I will today, since I know @_cold__ in person, we are friends and I met her in treatment. I go to thw hospital that is not taking her, and k ow enough to tell that she is extremely sick. It is beyond cruel to even mention her. I know her doctor, and I know the whole situation and why they do not take her back, which is true, she has been trying to come back for a while. The rest of details is no concern of anyone else, but she is basically at the border of dying and there is a lot happening in the back to get her back to the unit. I hate this site, but I do agree with some things that have been said and sometimes it opens my mind towards what 'recovery'accounts actually are and how some of them are manipulative. This person, though, does not belong here.

No. 673021

Also, yes, many, many people has shown her pictures to the doctor. This actually happens in my unit quite a lpt and she is not thw only sick person not allowed back for it.

No. 673033

I think it’s rediculous someone so physically sick would be denied treatment Bc of an insta, if they’re being non compliant or disruptive I guess I see but why not ban phones or internet? Why isint she admitted to a medical hospital if she is so near death? I’m guessing this is a treatment center not a medical hospital she is being denied from Bc they can afford to be picky but a medical hospital would not deny treatment to a near death eating disorder patient. Yes she’s emaciated but often says that her bloods and bp are normal and she’s never admitted by the er. I’m not saying she’s not ill by any means but if she’s so critical why has no medical hospital admitted her for malnutrition, dehydration or anything?

No. 673038

The issue is very xomplicated, there are some conflict of interest, and there is a treatment center/hospital where she lives, so the other doctor says that if she wants to get better she could go there, but that treatment center is known to be terrible and sometimes makes things worse. the one she wants to get in is one of the bests in the country and a lot more helpful. She is not medically ubstable, which is a miracle, and the dr in her city has said she would be certified if the one in the other city had not 'agreed' to take her, but now it doesn't seem to be that way. Long story short, she has been in treatment multiple times and because of the issues with social media we have had, she is being rejected with saying she can just go to her nearest treatment center. It is a complicate situation and as I said she is not the first one, though she is the most extreme case. I cannot explain much more as I only know what I have talked to her, other patiens and her doctor. But her doctor might have other reasons, speculation will lead nowhere, but hopefully someone takes her eventually, whichever program. Even the one in her city, might be hell but gives you a chance of living to look for something better.

No. 673044

Interesting so why would not she belong on here then? I’m not sure if this is a self post, why have you talked to her doctor? That’s a bit strange. Also you refer to the social media problems as problems “we had” your insight and the way you speak and also random and unwarranted desire to prevent her from being posted here makes this smell like a self post. I think she’s milky, apparently medically stable and doesn’t express any discernible mental illness that causes her to act out in an ott way making her an innapropriate topic, what’s everyone else’s thoughts

No. 673062


I don't think she really belongs here either, but I'm not going to WK her because her whole account is full of body checks but I do believe her story about the doctor. Is she a bit dramatic and constantly fishing for validation/triggers? Yes, most anachans are. But I wouldn't really consider her milky since she doesn't glamorize her illness and is actually trying to get help.

No. 673092

Dude her glands are swollen af and she’s working 3 days a week while extremely underweight. Everyone who has an ed over exaggerates things and lies about their weight, behaviors, concern from others, etc. I do think she embellishes stories from the hospital, but her possibly stretching the truth is the least of our worries. Anyone with an ed account who posts body checks is doing it for attention or validation if they accept people to follow them. And her posing to look thinner is hardly uncommon. Canada has universal healthcare. Her doctor isn’t taking her and putting her under a section despite her suicidality and weight. Even if she is exaggerating, there clearly is fishy business happening with her doctor and the eating disorder unit.

No. 673106

Fair enough. I am totally not denying her obvious sickness I just find it strange why no facility will treat her and not even a medical hospital. I agree, why isint she sectioned for refeeding and why are her family allowing her to work when she’s so ill, definetly something strange. I’m not framiliar with Canadian healthcare as I’m not from there but where I live patients like her would be admitted for medical refeeding and weight restoration in order to avoid the risk of her getting sick doing it on there own. I don’t get why her family doesn’t step in and wtf is this doc doing not admitting her somewhere!

No. 673109

I am not self posting, I have just been an observer for a while. I talked to her xcotor because there are two main doctors in the unit and when one is on vacation the other replaces them, and it is common to bring these concerns to their doctoes, since in the past when she started posting many people in the unit started getting concerned ans talking to her doctor. I understand why you would think I am self posting, but I am just talking by concern since I am close with this individual and the unit I am in is extremely toxic, and things get around, if she knew she was here I don't want to imagine who else from there would start coming to take a look. Gossiping in my unit has been a terrible issue and because ofnit people like her are being kicked out, so I do want to avoid that from happening. That being said, it is not in my hands to amdo anything apart from explaining the situation she is in, as I do not see it particularly as being a source of 'milk'or enternteinment but concern. I find her only issue is her sickness, and I understand the rules here is not to talk about one whose only thing they go on for them is their illness. These, though, are just my thoughts.

No. 673198

>Is she a bit dramatic and constantly fishing for validation/triggers? Yes, most anachans are.

Which is why the ability to take pics and post them on the internet shouldn't be allowed in inpatient, ED or psych. She said herself "I could have a bed if i agree to no electronics" yet she refuses, so she can't want the help that badly. ED centers in the U.S that allow electronics with internet are the biggest revolving doors, like ERC and TEP (remember jonzie?). I think the few facilities that allow phones/laptops are popular for that reason, and I think they know it. Pretty sure TEP banned jonzie, but i 100% know they didn't ban phones/laptops, they'd be a much less appealing program if they did.

If she was that desperate for help, at that specific unit, she'd part with her electronics for a little while.

No. 673213

Yes exactly. I get the vibe that she wants help but she wants constant attention and validation while she goes through recovery. Since she can’t have that without electronics, she isn’t interested

No. 673235

She does play the victim all the time and honestly should be more pro active for her own well being instead of blaming all her doctors for not saving her. And lmao about the electronics thing because most programs don’t allow them and giving up a phone for a couple months is a small price to pay if you truly want recovery. She’s no saint but to be fair she made her account private and put a bunch of warnings for potential followers. I think there are definitely times where she seeks attention and validation but it’s obvious she’s also just trying to get stuff off her chest as well.

No. 673239

I am the person who knows her in real life and goes to her hospital: I completely agree, ifI was in her situation I would have given everything including my phone or anything. No question if I TRULY want help.

No. 673273

Another issue is that she didn't get to the hospital when the doctor told her to because she wanted to work, even though she lives with her parents, claims to have 10k+ in savings and doesn't have to have a job. I'm not sure how badly she actually wants help

No. 673289

Wait are you seriously painting her working when her parents have money as a bad thing? She may not want to get better/want to sacrifice things to recover but thank god she isn’t stuck up and using her parents money while doing so
She clearly is reaching out for help even if she is refusing what help comes to her. Her doctor said he would admit her early September if she didn’t go last minute like he wanted. Only then will we truly know how motivated she is for recovery. But if her own doctor has a vendetta against her, I wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to go in September. If her parents have money, she might as well come to the states for treatment

No. 673348

That’s what I was trying to say when initially bringing her up. There are ways to take control of your recovery if you truly want it, idk maybe this person on here knows her and knows she truly does want recovery, but then that means her whole insta is just contrary to what she secretly believes and let’s no one know. she even said she left ama in one of her older posts while ip that I was reading today.
She should come to the states for tx if internet is a problem alot of the big centers and hospitals in my area do not allow phones and one I was in even banned the use of computers lol. The only place I’ve been where u can have technology is inpatient in a medical hospital but some protocols have a one to one sitter for the ed patients so it be awkward to take those body check photos or you’d just literally have to have no shame. I think she’d benefit from a place in the states that I mentioned. it is absolute hell not being connected and probably worse for these girls that thrive off attention from social media, but I think it would do them good. A study on which apps are good and bad for mental health said instagram is one of the worst. Ppl like her and tilly would be a lot better off staying away from insta if they wanted a better chance at recovery. Making upwards comparisons is bad on your self esteem as well which is probably all some ppl who are stuck in the mindset do. and then the pressure of followers or whatever and dropping weight for your next update on the gram… doesn’t seem to help much either

No. 673363


You're dense anon. She doesn't pay rent so she's already living off of her parents, if all of her cash goes to savings then she obviously doesn't need to be using "I have work" as an excuse to avoid treatment because she can afford to focus on her health instead.

No. 673370

File: 1535243511319.jpg (553.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180825-192240.jpg)

Someone just called JTE out for shooping one of her photos. Emma's literally just doing it for all the "you're so tiny!" comments. So fucking transparent

No. 673376

Bingo I was thinking the same, I agree with you but I gotta go off on this trend of wk and defending commentary on the thread today. Her working is probably an excuse to burn calories, rather than working out she can just say she has to work even though she’s ill when she really does not. Her parents probably think it’s good for her to do a normal thing but for some reason don’t see how sick she is. Can’t she look up a specialist or somehow get addmitted for refeeding in a medical hospital? I’m my experience if your that sick, they just take you Bc $$$ I don’t know if I’m buying (pun intended) that there’s no place for this girl especially with her friend on here posting how bad off she is, it’s also obvious by looking at her too…it’s hard to say Bc I don’t live there I don’t know what health care is like but surely if she wanted to get better she’d find a place. Smh, she said in many different posts “I feel like I’m going to die” “I’m afraid to die” yet she risks standing for hours working at McDonald’s and now I learn she got ten g in the bank and lives at home? Shit I almost felt bad when the anon who knows her posted. She ain’t tryna to get better she left ama, overworks her fragile body for no reason other than perhaps calorie restriction and all binges funded by Mom and dad, while she trolls her insta posting body checks and playing dumb in the description to get asspats and your so sick or that happens Bc your sick comments. She’s no different than any other cow and I don’t think there’s a reason why we would discuss her and not others. Just Bc she’s sooper thin? We talk about spaceship to recovery and tilly the same way but this girl shouldn’t be touched Bc she’s really skinny and sicker? Hmm seems like a double standard

No. 673378

File: 1535244017143.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, CB3F9FCB-89E4-497E-8DE7-6CDFB9…)

Well she’s not at a university so she would sit at home all day without a job. Still don’t get why her attempting to be a productive adult in society is looked down upon

Tsfight is baiting now too. She has a pro-ana account and a chronic illness account. She went on live saying she reads r/illnessfakers and thinks it’s entertaining because they point out inconsistencies and they haven’t talked about her. Ever since, she’s been posting bait stories and captions. Attached pic is from her pro-ana page. Her last post was 4 days prior to the one attached

No. 673381

Omg lol I wish I knew who called her out I saw that shoop was rediculous, like are u serious with that arm?! Obviously there’s a reason why most of her recent posts hides her face and body lol these girls gotta stop photoshopping, or at least so poorly I mean that’s embarrassing

No. 673386

Yo I’m not trying to wk but it’s obvious you guys don’t follow her so I’m trying to relay info she has shared. She has said her mom begs her to stop working and has admitted multiple times that she continues to work as “self harm.” I don’t think she’s milky because she isn’t putposely trying to get people to discuss her here on lolcow. Both Tilly and spaceship attempt to be discussed which is clear from their posts and stories. I still think cold is disgusting and trying to get comments saying “omg you’re so skinny” or “you trigger me.” The difference is she isn’t looking for outside attention from threads like this and has warnings. Tilly refuses to privitize her account or stop using recovery hashtags. Cold is private, but refusing to delete her account in an attempt to receive treatment sure says something

No. 673389

Yes I’ve seen her and clocked her feed rate at a whopping 19…. she’s certainly not worthy of a post on illnessfakers, and the ed to chronic illness switch is a hard one for ppl to be accepting of, kind of controversial Bc many ppl claim to have chronic illness Bc they meet criteria for pots or other dx Bc they’re dehydrated from there ed and gp from starving kind of like and I’m sorry to say but bekah. The chronic illness community didn’t accept her like she expected Bc they know that similarly to this girl that they don’t have pots symptoms from autonomic disfunction but from the ed. What’s her chronic illness account? Just curious how milky she is on that 1

No. 673398

Look at the top of the page. “Thread to discuss pro-anas, wannarexics and attention seeking spoops” you don’t have to try to get discussed on lolcow to be a topic here. And as for the farmhand note saying this isint for nitpicking ana chans she does do something extra, just like we discuss Paris melody for taking crying pictures and trying to get attention from her followers we should be able to discuss cold…. both Paris and cold are emaciated, cry and document it for followers and post things to get a response from followers ..and that’s why we talk about Paris, at least so I think it’s no different for cold. You must not have lurked long Bc she’s just like many ppl who are approved to discuss here. Your personal relation to her is what’s hindering your ability to see that.

No. 673411

I don’t know her at all. Just been following her for a couple months now to see if she was milky or not. By all means, you can discuss her as much as you want. She is for sure under the category of pro ana in my eyes but she isn’t the same kind of pro ana as others imo. Its hard to say whether posts about “the reality of an ed” are fishing for concern or genuine warnings to others. (I think they’re the former but I digress) She seems to be hitting her rock bottom from what I can gather but I’m curious to see what happens come early September. The good Paris posts are her dancing while pretending to eat chocolate. Her depressed posts with super specific amounts of sandwhich fixings aren’t posted anymore because they’re predictable and not entertaining. It sounds like we agree on most things, I just don’t think cold is milky enough to spam the thread with 6 pictures and I hardly think her ambivalence over going to treatment and fishing for compliments is out of the ordinary for an ed account
Her chronic illness account is tsfight. (I believe it may be private, but she seems to accept everyone.) story today about how security was coming to her room screams message me and worry about me! Her ed account is linked in the bio too. She has gotten more attention seeking as of late. In the past I really though she was ill, but I’m starting to question when she broadcasts not eating anything by mouth and then wonders why her “pots” symptoms are acting up. She could be controversial on here because of the coexisting chronic illness and not sure if farmhands allow those discussions anymore but she’s another bekah

No. 673415

I agree with this. It might be milky but just looking at her hurts. I used to b/p so i recognize she isn’t doing it for attention and is spiraling at this point

No. 673575

File: 1535281892401.jpeg (756.45 KB, 3072x2829, 1560FCAC-DBF6-4857-B2BB-02BAF9…)

Bekah now writes for the website blogs lol

No. 673586

She is a boring topic, stop mentioning her

No. 673637

anyone can write for them you send stuff in i think

No. 673736

This is an old story, but I am not surprised she’s writing about it again

No. 673739

File: 1535306174215.jpeg (157.32 KB, 640x1067, E7C3D437-3F71-4009-B430-4323FB…)

Does anyone follow this bat shit pathological liar?

No. 673746

File: 1535306861827.jpeg (660.64 KB, 2048x2048, 1A0C65D2-7567-45E9-AD12-4479BF…)

There’s a lot to cover but I’ll just give a brief summary for now. Basically she constantly says she is dying and even claims that she dies multiple times a night and that her boyfriend does CPR and brings her back to life?? Sweaty you’d have broken a rib or two by now if someone was doing cpr on you that often and intensely especially if you’re claiming to be so weak and emaciated, which she also constantly says. Despite the photo in the top right of this collage that clearly shows she is not close to being emaciated. Thin, sure, but not the emaciated skeleton she’s claiming to be. She also claimed a week or two ago that she died when she was ALONE and happened to come back to life? If you were alone how would you know you died? I don’t understand why so many of her followers believe her shit like it actually astounds me how stupid people can be

No. 673758

File: 1535307583013.jpeg (508.86 KB, 2048x2048, 9465C4E1-4B0A-48A5-91F6-B1A356…)

Her latest scandal is this black eye she got a couple days ago and has posted approximately 40 (this is not an exaggeration) pictures of either on stories or a post. She has been telling three different stories of how it happened. First she made a post with Lana lyrics saying “when he hits it feels like a kiss” implying that her bf gave her the black eye so people were freaking out on her for romanticising abuse, then she started to claim it was an accident and was her fault because she woke him up but he was half asleep still and didn’t know he did it, and THEN she said on her personal account that it happened because she ran into her bathroom door? She has also posted multiple pictures of them together while she has the black eye. I feel like an abuser wouldn’t want to be in a photo with proof of a black eye if he actually hit her, you know? I hate to be doubtful but I mean she’s fucking bat shit I honestly kind of think she punched herself and is being all vague and shit to have people think she’s being abused but act like she’s in denial etc. Idk something is off though. The body check of the thighs is just another example of how she is clearly not emaciated… Oh and the bottom left is a caption she posted today claiming she hasn’t eaten in 93 days, sure Jan

No. 673808

File: 1535312111558.jpeg (280.55 KB, 750x1334, 7D8E83FC-B076-44A3-846A-1F2505…)

I do. Here’s the one where she claims 93 days without food. Did a quick reverse image search on just one of the pictures from this post…not original lol, she’s not even shooping her own body she just uploading pics that aren’t even her.

No. 673812

File: 1535312459909.jpeg (274.69 KB, 750x1334, A1ADABA1-4F8A-4017-8E7A-C3A360…)

The caption on this along with the comments is…interesting, like she says she’s dying bla bla bla but then has an agreement with police, psych and hospitals refusing medical help.. wtf like a do not resuscitate? What does she even mean?

No. 673814

uh 93 days? you'd be dead lol well I guess she dies every night and is resurrected by morning

so is this just someone stealing pics and pretending to have an ed for internet points?

No. 673821

File: 1535313182527.jpeg (234.79 KB, 750x727, 56EDB407-1787-439D-AFF5-F32DE6…)

Idk hard to tell some photos with her face in it show a normal body but then there’s some photos definetly snagged from the internet but hard to say. I like how in this one she had to make it clear that she didn’t just die from overdosing she died from being underweight…she must think overdosing = you die, not that you just took more than the recommended or safe dose. She’s probably not underweight, those without her face probably aren’t her that’s why she needs to emphasize she’s underweight Bc she’s not lol. Idk kind of milky but everything seems pretty fabricated on her account

No. 673834

Wtf is she psychotic? And I know most ana Chan’s like to show off that they’re underweight but I’ve never seen someone be so overt about it and have a literal story highlight called “underweight” kek

No. 673836

Isn’t the fabrication milk though?

No. 673846


No. 673848

Yea I didn’t mean she’s not milky, I wouldn’t have posted all these screen grabs if I didn’t think she was! I just wanted to add that most of it seems fake and not actually her body in the photos, and that the captions are embellished, she’s def milk I just worded that kind of poorly my bad

No. 673854

Wtf is she psychotic? And I know most ana Chan’s like to show off that they’re underweight but I’ve never seen someone be so overt about it and have a literal story highlight called “underweight” kek

No. 673863

File: 1535315120849.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 750x1334, 68780C2B-DDFB-46A8-9DFE-A0953F…)

And notice how the only ones with her face shows an average slim physique…she’s so ott with these stolen photos it’s rediculous. They are either super old or not her, definetly not in any chronological order Bc she goes from emaciated to average in like two clicks of the story

No. 674077

Is she lurking? It looks like she deleted the highlights

No. 674089

considering anachans and lolcow there is a good chance.

No. 674100

File: 1535336528590.jpeg (141.57 KB, 640x934, 56685568-9B65-42CA-907C-EB8675…)

It’s still showing up for me? And nah this one is pretty uncultured when it comes to social media and the ig community. I doubt she knows anything about the farm

No. 674217

Thank anon! Phone was glitchy. She comes off more depressed and wannarexic than anything else but wow her eyes are beautiful

No. 674570

File: 1535403672574.png (373.31 KB, 720x1142, 20180827_220045.png)

No. 674610


That sure is a dramatic, eye catching picture. The selfie captures the arms nicely. Make sure to get your good side.

Caption essentially saying, "Tears of a clown, ya'll. You just don't know. Brave, brave, tears of a clown."

No. 674672

How does her family not find it bizarre to watch her, screeching and sobbing and writhing around over the threat of a single bolus but she’s still photographing it so carefully to make sure the focus is her iv and sinewy arms.
It’s like when she smashes her head into the walls over being overstimulated but then makes sure that there’s plenty of photos of the bruise.
Yeah she’s autistic but she really seems to milk it.

No. 674685

Docummenting things like that remind me of Emma Caris (RIP). She use to video everything including her eating and convos with her treating team. That docco was very eye opening and sad

No. 674702


Emma posted on social media?

No. 674712

"Okay Daddyship, you shove your hand in my face and I'll pretend to be scared for the camera."

No. 674716

Calgary as in the city? As an account? I don't understand what this person is on about.

No. 674747

Probably talking about the ed unit in Calgary

No. 674787

Canada does have universal health care but services and regulation vary a bit from province to province. I am not from Alberta, but it doesn't take much to get a quick rundown of the province's Mental Health Act. In short, if her physical condition were to deteriorate and she were to present herself to a hospital or a doctor's office, any physician worth their salt would strongly suggest that she be admitted until her condition can be adequately stabilized (she may be able to refuse treatment AMA). If a physician determines that she meets the conditions outlined in the Mental Health Act (suffering from mental disorder; likely to cause harm to the person or others; suffering substantial mental or physical deterioration/serious physical impairment, and unsuitable to continue at a facility other than as a formal patient) then they can issue an admission certificate and have her sectioned. Unless, such a certificate is issued by a doctor there is not much that anyone else can do.

It is also worth noting that treatment for eating disorders (especially for the adult population) is insanely underfunded and dedicated clinics typically have waiting lists that go on for so long that in some cases a patient can expect to wait anywhere between 6-9 months before starting in a programme. There is always the option of seeking treatment in a private clinic or residential centre (either in Canada or in the US) but that avenue can be prohibitively expensive for many families.

Regarding "Calgary", "Our Unit" and "Doctor P.":

>"there is a treatment center/hospital where she lives, so the other doctor says that if she wants to get better she could go there, but that treatment center is known to be terrible and sometimes makes things worse."

>"the one she wants to get in is one of the bests in the country and a lot more helpful."(more on this later)
>"I talked to her xcotor because there are two main doctors in the unit and when one is on vacation the other replaces them"

Since her IG is private (and I cannot be bothered to follow ED accounts beyond this thread) I can only try to fill in the blanks. However, based off my own research and the content of these posts >>673038 and >>673109 made by "someone" who claims to "know" @_cold___ "in person", I am pretty sure that she is referring to the "Calgary Eating Disorder Program" in Calgary Alberta.

The clinic that she wants to get back into is most likely the Eating Disorder Program (Unit 4F4) offered at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

The EDP is regularly toted as being one of the best eating disorder treament programmes in Canada and is considered to be "on par with established programs around the world".
>"the one she wants to get in is one of the bests in the country".

The programme at present is lead by two psychiatrists: Dr. Lara Ostolosky and Dr. Henry Piktel
>"there are two main doctors in the unit"

Dr. Henry Piktel? Recall the screenshot provided here >>672998 in which @_cold____ rants about how much she "hates dr P" and how "HE said" she was "pro Ana". From the reviews on RateMD, it seems that Dr. Piktel is not one for bullshit and has been said to use tough love with patients under his care. Many have said that he comes across as harsh because he is not one to negotiate with the eating disorder.


My guess is that he told her that she has to fully commit to recovery and that there is no room in his clinic for half measures and so she flipped out. If she decides to take recovery seriously and agrees to work hard, then I am sure that the team at 4F4 will likely take her back.

No. 674797

I know everyone’s saying muh she’s so sick and that might excuse some of her behavior, but srsly malnutrition doesn’t alter your personality and core values. On one end I sympathize with her bc she is struggling so much, but 1) she was offered treatment at the best unit in the country but can’t bear to give up her phone and 2) option number 2 isn’t good enough for her yet she still blames her treatment team for not fixing her ed without doing any work herself? That’s called being childish and bratty

No. 674814

Yeah but Emma wasn’t doing it to look dramatic, and she wanted to get better. Morven is just a bitch who claims her autism is why she’s a rude, lying, anorexic snob who nobody is allowed to call out because she has a cry and takes photos of herself hitting her head to make everyone feel like the questioner is the bad guy.
TLDR Emma was sad, and wanted to help someone with her videos. Morven wants attention and someone to set her dogs on when she gets the comments she’s fishing for.

No. 674822

Do you know if that's all still online? Reminds me so much of a lad who died around here, in treatment they showed us the docu. He loved recording his life, wish it helped him get well. He died while trying to finally access help in the centre i went to, it was so sad. Not ED related but still (Ben: diary of a heroin addict)

Morven does my head in though, it's obvious she does it for as much attention as possible.

No. 675059

File: 1535475991404.jpeg (143.1 KB, 640x995, 24E56B25-3AA2-41A9-8CA6-805778…)

I just can’t wrap my head around this girl. One minute she’s posting pics of skinny girls she obviously found on the internet and the next she’s posting pictures like this that quite clearly show she isn’t “emanciated” as she calls it. And I don’t know what rattles me more: the fact that she’s doing this shit and making all these lies up or the fact that somehow some of her folllwers are stupid enough to believe her and enable her attention seeking antics

No. 675061

Sorry samefagging
Ps this is her new backup account I believe. She has three different accounts, this is not the one with the story highlights, maybe that’s how you got mixed up anon >>674217

No. 675119

she’s been at this for a while. i used to follow her and she “attempted suicide” multiple times, saying doses of medications that are 100% lethal. posting on her feed and story that she is drifting in and out of consciousness, puking blood, and that she’s doing it because her ex(?) cheated. this happened on a regular basis, and a lot of followers were begging her to go to the hospital. she was writing back to every damn comment about how it’s okay, it’s her time. the first time was scary. but when she was fine the next day after apparently taking a lethal dose of pills, then doing this again and again, it was mind boggling.
no caps, sage bc i have no receipts

No. 675129

Interesting you mention the detail about ‘a bolus’ when she shared nothing other than her carefully choreographed sick pic and a purposefully vague caption. No medical detials or treatments werw mentioned; so either she self-posted that on here, or someone she knows well is…

No. 675167

File: 1535489751702.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, F409171A-8FDA-477E-AA63-D21CBD…)

We certainly won’t Natalia! You’ve given us too many laughs by posting your ridiculous antics online

No. 675192

File: 1535491028989.png (230.25 KB, 750x1334, 18CC19DE-C363-40F8-8211-EF0C77…)

Is she in a public bathroom with no pants on just to take a body check photo…? Certainly memorable.
Her latest caption here, she try’s to speak so eloquently, why does everyone think they are a damn writer now a days…. “my head is thinking that I’ll never be happy” right what else would you think with your elbow? “Loud sobs rack my lips” “deep tired heartache is abundant in my chest” the poor grammar and syntax of her sentence structure just agitates me. People need to stop telking her she’s a good writer Bc these posts are horrific lol

No. 675232

At this point we should simply agree that it's a bad writing and she's just illustrating her "novel" with poorly made bodychecks. Betting on that in the end of her story she will finally introduce us to some "sticky humid" incest sex with her daddy. She can't be for real, it's all just her fantasy. The immature descriptions of social interactions are so badly made it just shows how bad she is with understanding how it works in real life. Needs to follow a writing class…

No. 675235

The sexual undertones are ridiculous. And why should we feel bad for someone who’s been handed literally all the tools she needs for recovery, but who keeps up with the pro ana bullshit? She’s a whiny spoiled child who needs to get over herself.

No. 675312

Nope just guessing it’s a bolus based on her previous admissions and her extreme tantrums over any sort of nutrition.
She’s not exactly mysterious and neither is treatment for anorexia.

No. 675542

I just love the whole “super serious writing” and then at the end ComMeNt iF yOU ReAD tHis

No. 675555

again though, she hasn’t ever shared specifics of hospital admissions of recent & your writing style is suspiciously similar to Morven’s. I agree she/you is not mysterious, despite all the effort put into trying to be. Plus the fact she/you always like to have the final say regardless of how deluded and obnoxious sounding it is.

No. 675892

It’s not that deep man.

No. 675938

File: 1535582852317.jpg (34.26 KB, 720x374, _20180830_014216.JPG)


Much lethal. So mortal. This girl is batshit.
Does anyone know how old she is? It's hard to tell, could easily be 40 and the boyfriend looks 16.

No. 675942

hasn't she faked miscarriages or something as well? She's an absolute scam

No. 675946

“severe chronic letal mortal arrhythmia”

that was the most OTT munchie sentence I’ve seen in all of time

No. 675951

I think she’s trying to say she’s at risk for refeeding syndrome because she’s so “starved and emaciated”.
Where did you see that? I wouldn’t be surprised she’s gone down every attention seeking avenue possible from ED to chronic illness.

No. 676086

another thing about her is she's posted pictures pulled of google images and tried to claim that they were taken by/drawn by her brother from norway even though you can easily see they were all done from different people

No. 676174

Oh god yes, finally! Thank you anon, I've been tempted to post about this girl ever since I started following her but I didn't quite know how.

Anyways, here's a non exhaustive list of her BS.
She's said she's from Norway, moved to Argentina age 5, and has half brothers still in Norway.
She said her mother passed away (that is not a lie, I follow her sister on my main and their mother did pass away last year) but that consequently she "raised herself and her sister". Her sister seems to not want to have anything to do with her (who can blame her!) but they both seem to live with their father still.
She's said she's super rich and bought houses and cars for her dad and sister.
She once claimed that her sister viciously attacked her and though she wouldn't press charges, lil sis had to be sent to a private psych ward… all the while lil sis kept posting on her stories about hanging out with friends: nothing different than her usual posts.
She's said she has like 3 PhDs (I think she's 25 or 26?) and that she's a therapist and sees patients and all but she hasn't mentioned that in a hot minute.
She wrote about having "shadows" talking to her preventing her from calling for help when she was allegedly overdosing and vomiting blood.
She was claiming to have Parkinson's for a bit but stopped talking about it until someone asked about her diagnosis and literally asked didn't you have Parkinson's? and she went like oh actually they did some more tests and confirmed that I don't have it!
For a minute she was showing off what seemed like a constipated lower abdomen and/or a bloat (93 days without food yeah right) and claiming to be pregnant. Then less than a week later she said she lost it "because it was growing too fast and too strong and asking too much of her emaciated body" all according to the doctors, always, and that she sustained incredible blood loss from the miscarriage even though she had only been pregnant for a week.
And that's all I can remember for now. I don't have receipts sorry I'm new to this and I didn't foresee that it would be useful to keep screencaps and whatnot.

She's basically just a very unstable wreck of lies and attention seeking nonsense, but a part of me feels bad for her because even though all her BS is way too extensive to get through, she obviously needs more help than whatever she's getting. I don't think she means any harm, I think she's legit clinically insane.

No. 676177

Woah that's a wild ride. It sounds like she needs a new therapist, someone that can handle her shit cos she needs more help than she's getting. Thanks for sharing anon!

No. 676204

off topic but why is everyone low key WKing all the cows, I’ve seen so much “yea I know she’s manipulative and bratty and a terrible person but she’s sooooo sick so it’s excused!”

No. 676460


……If this weren't the proana thread I'd say she's a troll.

She reminds me of ana-turned-munchie Dani (mylifestruggles or something?) from back in the day

No. 676475

Oh damn. I haven't heard of Dani in a minute. What's she been up to? Still crazy?

No. 676673

I've noticed too and I don't get it. Yeah some of these girls are just fucked in the head but the majority are really shitty people that don't deserve sympathy imo.

No. 676839

I know some people don’t like to mention her now that she’s dead, but she reminds me of Kaydee Konstantino. That was such a fucking rollercoaster of crazy with wild stories just like this.

No. 676921


She’s not as milky since she’s changed a lot of her posts to school related stuff. Pretty boring but occasionally she’ll fall back into old munchie habits.

No. 676934

I know we hate talking about Tilly, but she's bullying Healing Jose on her story, and it's fucking with my head.

No. 676938

Yea anon cuz she's a bully. She bullies people all the time. Including being an avid "bullier" on the farm. Why does Josie being her target de jour suddenly "mess with your head"??

No. 676941

Tina (tsfight) is bragging about losing “14 pounds in 15 days” and claimed someone was jealous when they called her out for not putting a tw

No. 676942

We don’t engage with pro anas arguing over whether someone is sick or not. That’s not drama to be brought onto lolcow. Keep it in the “recovery community” and stfu about tilly and Josie

No. 676948

I agree, tilly is just trying to say anything she can to evoke a response here on lolcow, from her story to general photo posts with attention seeking captions. Actually she’s posting all things related to what she is crisized for here specifically to get us to talk about her here again. It’s just sad and attention whoring. I can tell it’s killing her not to be mentioned Bc she’s ramped up the ott level of her posts revealing personal details that might be controversial to bait her followers and the farmers here. Not going to happen tilly go back to your roof.
Yes she bullies but then acts like a victim or questions why she’s ever spoken about on here. She is pretty mean and I thought her responses for that random Josie person to be unwarranted. Although I kind of feel like that was Josie asking the questions about herself Bc Idk why so many ppl would even care to ask tilly about here like this anon said >>676942 who cares about either of them

No. 676956

Did you see her go off on the person who contacted her school about her being suicidal but then going on to say they all know she’s not suicidal and even the police are aware. Oh and that the person who tried to get her help is like being a hater bla bla bla. The thing that gets me is the sleep meds. Why is she out of her room when she takes the medication… just go to bed?! Like is she sleep walking out to the public area or like taking them before she’s settled in her room and falling dead asleep in random places? I don’t get it or even why she’s on such serious sleep medication. She won’t last long there they’ll probably deem her a medical liability to the school and ask her to leave and return when she’s more well if she keeps on like this.

No. 676966

I think she’s doing it on purpose. She said she had 3 instances of it in the past and suddenly at college she has like 3 in one week??? If she was having these episodes, her psychiatrist should be contacted and she should be taken off these meds immediately. Lack of sleep is much safer than the situations she is describing. She keeps trying to say she isn’t a mental health case but also wants to be an ana Queen. Sounds like meeting other people with heath issues in college really messed with her and she doesnt feel special for being sick anymore. She also got caught up in her lies about what she was eating on her pro ana account

No. 676972

Yes I totally agree, and I don’t think she’s talking us up about the severity of each episode either, if they literally couldn’t wake her and police had to be called, that’s like serious…She also seems to be putting herself in situations where this would happen like if they knock you out then take them and go to bed, she wants ppl to find her and worry about her thinking she’s so sooper sick, very attention whorey. But she presents herself so mental and as someone with anorexia on another account….she will never be able to be an ana queen and also be accepted into the chronic illness community if those followers see the pro ana account…is she another one with an eating disorder that uses those symptoms to get diagnosis? I could of sworn she had a port in her live, idk what’s wrong with her physically she’s a relatively new cow for me. I follow ts fight what’s her ana account? Her getting caught in lies sounds milky

No. 676994

Please for the love of fucking god stop posting about Tilly, nobody cares cos she's a shithead who needs attention like she needs air.

No. 677001

I think she is going to see which community she can get more brownie points from. And sadly I think she has discovered she will get more sympathy in the ed community because they don’t understand the connection between eating disorders and the symptoms she is having. Her recovery account is recovering.avocado. There is a link in her bio. She posted about not eating for 2 weeks but has a post from 10 days ago about food she “had two bites of” she also posted on her story about food she had eaten but I didn’t think to screenshot at the time. Her ana account is also full of old thinspo style photos—even her profile pic on there.
Tinadaao is her personal. You can just compare those photos to the photos on her chronic and ana accounts…

No. 677034

File: 1535709275323.png (871.25 KB, 930x595, 5c253d6e44ff929b62bda866cf4fb2…)

My favorite kind of "recovery progress" photo.

>no weight gain in sight

>still straining neck to look as spoopy as possible
>literally just put makeup on
>tagged as #anorexiarecovery
>comments: "You look so healthy!" "So proud of you!"

Proud of her for doing… what? Stay the same as before but this time ass herself to put on makeup before a selfie?

No. 677035

she put on false lashes, thats recovery worth being proud of!

No. 677046

does no one else see the cheek weight gain? i see it in her cheeks tbh. with contouring too, i don't think they'd look that puffy and youthful without her actually gaining.

No. 677049

File: 1535712288582.jpeg (177.83 KB, 1136x695, 721C0728-F595-4E6C-8D3F-7FE07A…)

Rachael Farrokh 100% belongs here. Surprised she’s not already.
Her and her husband / ‘care taker’ beg for money, donations, go to food banks and second hand stores in videos for attention and pity when in reality they’ve recieved over 200k through go fund me three years ago yet none of it has been put to use as they said it would.

It’s all a scam. Rachael is not suffering from anorexia like she claims, she is severely addicted to fentanyl which causes loss of appetite and can lead to anorexia. There is a 911 call where her husband Rod tells operators she’s been ok fentanyl for years. Whenever confronted about this they dodge it all with bullshit lies and excuses that don’t make any sense.
Rod exploits her illness for ‘fame’ and money. It’s sickening

This person keeps a pretty well documented blog on their shenanigans, but I’d like to have open discussions here about it

No. 677071


i'm not sure this belongs in the pro-ana thread really, but i would be down to discuss her in another thread or OT. this seems good.

No. 677077

any caps of drama?

No. 677092

File: 1535718151275.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, F9BD909C-0CEC-4E69-865F-A57397…)

“Oh I didn’t know a picture of my twig legs would trigger anyone!!!”

I’m not surprised she and Tilly are friends.

No. 677103

Get outta here anachan, nothing about those cheeks are puffy

No. 677104

? What profile pic?

No. 677106

…that’s…the girl who’s account I took the picture from. That was on her story.
You’re not too bright are you?

No. 677110

Anyone with half a braincell would look on the bitch’s story and realize how dumb you sound rn

It’s not even just against her I just hate it when anachans deny that they are bodychecking or fishing and this was a good example.

No. 677113

All i'm going to say is, not everyone has access to their account as it's private. I thought you took a screenshot of their post, i was just looking out for an anon. And also, learn to sage your shit please. Not hard.

No. 677126

I definitely agree that it's very odd she's been in a supposed recovery and made basically no progress. I don't believe her story. If you had an eating the better route would be to buy some good health insurance and then go to treatment!

No. 677149

Holy shit… I was not aware of this, I didn’t follow her too closely but I did kind of get exploitation vibes from the husband rod. She does seem pretty zonked out all the time but I figured she was on a myriad of medications that could cause those side effects. Can you link that video where rod mentioned fentanyl? I mean idk if she belongs on here… she is faking anorexia and scamming people for money. So messed up!
Let us know/post the other thread if you mention Rachel i want in on this milk.
T looks like she lives three different lives on three different accounts. She is absolutely mad and exagerating, and looks not that bad for not eating for two weeks. Why do these cows have to lie about such rediculous numbers it doesn’t give you more ana street cred ppl just don’t believe you. If she didn’t implicate herself with the food posts maybe, but no ones going to believe two weeks if you literally post on the same or another account that your eating…

No. 677179

File: 1535731477541.png (776.63 KB, 750x1334, 57D067FA-33B2-4FA2-BFD9-4FDB1E…)

Pill porn with quiet backround music, the rest are photos/videos of completely average looking body checks. If I had convulsed to the point of a concucussion I probably wouldn’t be moving around trying to get skinny angles for my lousy proana account.

No. 677193


Who needs to go through the hard grind of recovering, when you can pile on the makeup, get your lighting just right, and collect those empty kudos.

(Don't forget to strain that neck, girl, and enter in a recovery tag, in order to pull others down with you… you've gotta keep your pro-ana street cred, after all.)

Maybe it's 'recovery' - maybe it's Maybelline!

No. 677206

She is from oc where perscription abuse leads to heroin/fenty a lot. I mean her story of a ten year battle doesn’t even make sense. She would have developed anorexia at 27ish. That’s hella late for someone who assumedly has a genetic predisposition. Seriously someone between 25 and 40 is not likely to just develop this disorder all of a sudden. Some mothers develop an ed after their kids leave for college and whatnot but there isn’t a logical trigger besides drugs at her age of onset. Also drugs would explain why she never went to acute. They are able to detox underweight patients that would be risky elsewhere. I just wonder when the drugs got involved. Being that emaciated would be physically painful. I can’t imagine they would give her fentanyl for that pain but it is a possibility I suppose

No. 677216

I hate this blog lady’s writing style but seeing the facts make it very clear. Also there is no hospital in San Clemente for EDs or eating disorder treatment facilities. She has been in and out of UCSD (which has an incredibly famous ed program) and has always been “discharged” without any weight gain. At this point she may be considered too old to be a part of their program, but turning her away without a referral is illegal in the us. She could have her own thread tbh. Also there’s almost no way she could afford to live where she does if she was on food stamps

No. 677305

File: 1535745152145.jpg (40 KB, 250x273, Claude-Pierre.jpg)

Rachel has also been linked to Peggy Claude Pierre, the insane woman who ran the Montreux eating disorder clinic that was featured on Oprah and 20/20 multiple times. There are infamous videos where she's literally carrying around emaciated patients, spoon-feeding them, cooing at them and treating them like babies. She very obviously had a voeyuristic fixation with anorexia. Her clinic ended up getting shut down due to malpractice (she was caught force-feeding patients, letting dangerously sick and unqualified patients care for other patients, and physically restraining them). She lied under oath and multiple former patients testified against her.

A few years ago, she moved her clinic down to Portugal and Rachel was supposedly going to be "cared for" down there. Peggy was billed as the ~last doctor who would try to save Rachel~ and of course Rachel earned another opportunity to beg for donations.

No. 677349

I always knew something was up with her, the husband saying she can’t get treatment because she’s so sick is bs. maybe she can’t go to a residential program but a medical hospital or something like Denver acute would surely take her. There were many people on go fund me and youtube asking why she had been in recovery for 2 years and not gained any weight (rightfully so if they’re donating money) and Rod said she would projectile vomit if she ate anything (yeah dunceface, that’s why special refeeding programs exist and that’s why people are donating, you’re not supposed to just pocket your 200k and take videos). Also sorry if this is too nit picky, but a video docu claimed she was 5’7 and 40 pounds. I was pretty sure this was an exaggeration for shock factor and more donations because the human skeleton alone, not to mention other organs, weighs that much.

No. 677351

What happened tio journaling_my_journey?

No. 677354

Yeah for someone her height, she would be dead at 40 pounds. Someone who is 5 feet would be dead at 40 pounds. Any weight below 50% ibw is the medical death zone. At the time on her campaign thing, her husband said they needed money to send her to Denver acute because it was the only place that could take her. That seems to have disappeared from the campaigns. Then the plan changed and she ended up on home health care and the money apparently went towards that. (Which isn’t what people donated for and could be a lawsuit of its own)

No. 677358

File: 1535747759670.jpeg (638.23 KB, 750x1234, 09EC273D-1240-47DE-9786-DCEC30…)

“The most severe case of anorexia” is an interesting choice of words

No. 677393

Wow, Rachel calls to mind another story just like hers, a person that goes by the name of AnaGirlEmpath/SheWhoFeels (owner of the pro-ana site, ProjectShapeshift, last I checked years ago). Uncanny similarities, including the carefully curated false narratives, and long-standing, hard core Fentanyl addiction.

There are some differences, but the main one is that AnaGirlEmpath is older (she stated years ago she was supposed to be dead by ~2008), covers up her lies much better, and has ended up doing actual damage to herself years earlier.

Sometimes, I think of AnaGirlEmpath when I see some of the people that try to straddle the fence in the pro-ana and chronic illness communities online. Because she's on OG/'pioneer' at this nonsense. If they want to share her outcome, it's their choice, but they need to know real damage is likely if they keep it up.

They even look somewhat alike. I don't know, it just hit me re: the similarities.

No. 677733

Rachael and Rod deserve their own thread.
I agree with a previous anon that that bloggers writing style is hideous, but the facts and history are well documented.
If anyone here is good at composing the info and summarizing her situation, they should definitely make a thread. More people need to know, she needs to be exposed

No. 677735

Another thing that gets me is that Rachael was an actress. Not a very good one either, and that shows in her videos all the time. She’s always acting surprised by Rod filming her as though she didn’t know, their ‘catch phrases’ like “stay clutch” and “Rachael-ism”, and recently their q&a videos where Rachael claims she’ll be hearing the questions for the first time, but always knows when he’s read the last question AND they avoid all the fentanyl and medical questions. None of it makes any sense.

No. 677866

File: 1535816896426.jpg (479.57 KB, 1079x1809, Screenshot_20180901-113828_Ins…)

Any of yall ever heard of her? Been getting accused of triggering people with her pics and using them as her own personal thinspo or whatever. Gets really mad when people use her pics as thinspo and tells her followers to attack them. Lately has been getting defensive and attacking people over the stupidest shit like askin for her height???? Also apparently got mad at some lady and told her followers to attack the womens daughter which caused the daughter to commit suicide??? Shes been posting this all on her story and honestly imo isnt thin enough to be an anachan but tries to act like one. Somehow has thousands of followers tho.

No. 677889

I follow her. someone came at her for her natural hair and insisted there was no way she could be full black. then that girls mom came on and said her daughter made a suicide attempt. its drama but i dont think whatsherface is milky on her own

No. 677898

I’ve heard of her, shes pretty boring apart from the fact she always posts ana-esque body checks and writes captions about being fat yet gets triggered and starts swearing at people when they ask if she has an ed? tbh she’s looked the exact same for the last four years so you’re probably right about her not being an “ana chan” but she’s clearly obsessed with her figure

No. 678136

she's milky as hell. followed her for ages, still do. i was fond of her and she was asked by a lot of ppl to put a tw on her bodychecks. i asked her to block me from her spoopy pics on her story. she said yeah sure!! i'm recovered now but every time i go through my insta stories i still have to see her skelly legs

No. 678248

This chick has been around for years. Funny to see that raggity.annie follows her. She would.

No. 678302

Yeah from what I know she’s been around for years and maintained at this weight or posted pictures at this weight the whole time

No. 678327

File: 1535871274400.jpg (264.35 KB, 980x1600, 2018-09-02-16-51-16.jpg)

Has this cow been discussed? she has been blowing up insta with her woe is me BS about her "restrictive eating disorder"

No. 678329

File: 1535871374862.png (1.48 MB, 1440x2369, Screenshot_20180902-165009~2.p…)

part 2

No. 678335

Nah with 451 followers she’s not likely to be milky enough. What has she posted about recently that makes you think she should be discussed, anon?

No. 678343

Idu how followers determine if someone is milky or not?

No. 678349

you're the same anon who posted Lucy and follows all the ana-chans from the same Brisbane clinic. You also left your profile pic on your Lucy post and you have the exact same ~sick ana~ mentality. Quit your vendetta or at least sage your posts if you're not going to actually give evidence to someone's milkiness.
Ya'll need to stop just posting screenshots of profiles with a "has this one been talked about before?"

No. 678352

Some will assume this is a self post. Not saying it is, just warning you for potential backlash. I personally subscribe to the belief that restrictive eating disorders are possible regardless of weight (as long as behaviors are consistent for 3 months), but anorexia nervosa is exclusive to less than 85% of expected body weight. If she is saying she has a restrictive ed she may mean restrictive osfed or atypical anorexia

No. 678360

yeah sorry a pic of a non skeletal body is not milk. besides she said on her posts she has Ednos and binge/purges. go back to MPA

No. 678364

Shes too obease to be AN like she wants. Nexxxxxt
im enjoying seeing new cows rather than the same boring people over and over again.
Ask if they have been mentioned, cant expect people to read 20+ threads

No. 678373

Learn how to spell and while you’re at it please sage

No. 678389

someone get this bisch laid

No. 678393

Just report the summerfag-anachan. It's obvious they're too lazy to read the rules of the board, and even expect to be spoon-fed by not being bothered to read previous threads. There's some people you simply can't help by pointing things out and they'll just carry on clogging up the thread.

No. 678395

The idea is to lurk and learn how to post. Reading all 20 threads isn’t necessary, but putting in some effort to read past ones would prevent “has she been discussed” and vendetta posting

No. 678605

File: 1535906980959.jpeg (924.81 KB, 1242x921, EC6505E4-D45D-4A21-B8B3-44C8C9…)

Rachael answers more questions and ends the video saying ‘I have to stay open and honest and be vulnerable it’s the only way I’ll get better’ all while completely ignoring the comments on her last video asking for her to address the fentanyl addiction. She is digging herself into a deeper hole by continuing to fake her recovery while preaching positivity and honesty.

No. 678615

Ikr I saw multiple commentas asking them to address her drug addiction. Does anyone know exactly what video rod mentioned the fentanyl in the 911 call? The whole story and woe is me would fall apart if they admitted she has an addiction the nausea inability to eat, her random back fractures that were treated with chiropractor (obviously she had no fractures if she could do that) also they claim Denver acute wouldn’t take her Bc she was too underweight, and also rod said the high altitude would bother Rachel… when acute was contacted they said they had never interacted with rod or Rachel it’s all just bs. She needs rehab for the drug but it’s obvi she doesn’t want to get better she wants to pretend to be anorexic and get money for her drugs

No. 678620

wish i knew i tried downloading the original video and i couldn't. I can't tell if it's because of me or if it's the site itserlf. I was hopind someone would have downloaded it.

No. 678698

File: 1535914027960.png (Spoiler Image,741.61 KB, 776x1120, Untitled.png)

lost more weight on that totes healthy vegan diet nothing more glamorous than a corpse

No. 678705

Have yall seen the video on parismelodys insta story of her dancing? If someone can record it pls post it. I cant on my phone

No. 678706

File: 1535914481926.jpg (860.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180902-145422_Ins…)

No. 678707

It's been known for a long while now that Rachael's husband is using her for the money and she profits staying anorexic


No. 678839

You can’t prove something with the same info that was provided in the first place. There is no definitive proof that she is a fentanyl addict

No. 678863

She said in her story that she has 20 days of life left. Kek.

No. 678876

The post sources this they have a 911 call proof of Rachael using fentanyl for years

No. 678878

This is supposed to be the audio file but it won’t work for me?


No. 678879

File: 1535929490915.png (703.32 KB, 1242x2208, A500DAA7-1142-4B16-B4DC-1EF08E…)

This is also a list of inconsistencies I found on the blog

No. 679387

Can someone post caps? I’m not making a Facebook just to see this.

No. 679416

You don’t need a Facebook to view the archived copy

No. 679533

File: 1535946739329.jpeg (899.95 KB, 1242x1331, 36E45383-52CA-46FB-BA76-571734…)

Yet another video. Rachael and Rod run across a ferret at a “food bank” and compares herself to the ferret for having a fat metabolism and sleeping 20 hours a day

No. 679619

Are they aware that you can't copy the link in the caption? It drives me mad.

No. 679634

The woman running the blog seems to have a lot of conjecture and assumptions without anything concrete.
I’m not saying Rachael is legit but this Mary Cummins doesn’t seem to be either

No. 679644

I agree. I think there is sufficient evidence to suspect that Rachael is addicted to fentanyl, but Cummins writing style is highly emotional and without confirmation, it’s just a theory. If someone wrote that way on here it would be suspicious or part of a suspected vendetta. Clearly there are fishy things happening with money but the anorexia nervosa vs anorexia (loss of appetite) from drugs may never be answered

No. 679705

Yeah lol she claims she’s a writer 😂😂

No. 679896

What I can’t stand is the way she definitively states Rachael doesn’t have anorexia and is just addicted. I highly doubt fentanyl could be the sole cause of her condition… clearly she has an eating disorder. What she should focus on is exposing the money situation and the fake recovery. This woman is incredibly annoying and a shitty writer but unfortunately she’s the only source that has actively tried to expose the scam and kept track, which is why I wanted to discuss her here or even in her own thread if enough people are interested enough?

No. 679919

kdailydiary keeps deleting comments about the fact she's using makeup instead of bruising around her eyes. The "bruising" is too inconsistent, there's no change in tone, no change in colour, it even vanishes in a few of her recent stories. I don't get why she's going down this "i love physical abuse arc". She's posted she's going to die in 20 days because you know - doctors said. Wonder if she's just going to abandon accounts and pop up elsewhere. She's pretty block happy over it too, think she's scared that people are actually speaking out the truth.

No. 679957

Jeanene Harlick on her blog A Disordered World wrote about Rachael a little bit as well. I probably would've thought that Mary Cummins woman was nuts if I hadn't read Jeanene's blog first. Unfortunately, her website appears to be down as of 8/29 but I'm not sure if it's available through Wayback or Google cache.

No. 679973

I’m suspicious about her having an eating disorder. Her timeline of events according to Cummins has changed throughout the years with one comment saying it’s been 10 years and one saying it’s been 2-3. Either way, developing a severe case of anorexia at 27 is uncommon and developing one at 35 is even more so. She’s 40 so I would have expected she would be milking “an ed for 25 years”

No. 680077

Have you guys seen this bullshit? I've been aware of it for quite some time. "Joltography" is profiteering off of mental illness. We need to stop her. She's going way too far.

No. 680081

Rachel Farroh might be addicted to fent, but she's still a human being. It's not right to discuss her like this. She's not a cow in my opinion either. She's not an Instawhore.

No. 680118

Jolty is desperate to have a thread here. Ignore her. She’ll eventually take an anachans skin to wear and maximise her creepiness.

If the best defense you have for her is ‘she is a human so stop criticising her’ you’re in for a bad time on a gossip site.

No. 680127

lol cow isn’t exclusively for criticizing Instagram accounts. Instagram has expanded the number of possible cows. She and her husband are scamming people by not going to specialized treatment. Picketing money and such is very much milky. Seriously this site revolves around gossip and criticism. The only cows off limits are those in the header and anyone deemed to not have fresh milk. Rachel and her “recovery” could have an entire separate thread

No. 680193

She's even been offered free treatment if I'm remembering correctly and still wouldn't go. Life flight and everything! No matter what is offered there is always a problem. At one point I'm fairly certain news had spread that's she was recovered or at the very least recovering because if you look back in older threads here people would use her as "proof" that Ashley can still recover.

No. 680215

Rachael's story makes no sense.

Did they really put up sponsored FB posts? Did/does she have insurance? Where did the money go?

This whole mess feels super shady. A whole lot of pertinent issues are not being addressed, but when someone asks, the questioner is then made to feel like big ol' meaniepants for wondering what's going on in this confusing situation.

No. 680274

And that’s how they’ve been so successful. People feel bad for her and also feel better about themselves for donating and for defending her and her blatantly questionable decisions in regards to treatment. It’s odd because there doesn’t seem to be anything about what happened when their gofundme was reported

No. 680397

Redbubble pays artists like 20 cents a sale. If anyone is buying her art, she's not making much off of it.

No. 680644

File: 1536073580237.jpg (1.25 MB, 1456x2386, WP_20180904_15_58_34_Pro.jpg)

Just flicked through one of my mum's trashy magazines and found tinyboosteps flogging her Ana story yet again for £500.

No. 680647

Correction, they gave her £200…and attention.

No. 680662

What the fuck is Sindy Pop doing here lmao

No. 680862

Looking for thinsparashin so her jelly roles can stop fwarting her cosplay efferts?

No. 680874

My mum's sister is the one who contacted her about writing the article. Apparently this was done at the same time she started her gofundme page. I also read that she didn't want them to publish it but she'd already signed before they wrote the article. Idk. I don't like talking about her on here, no milk. She's genuinely sick and it fucks me off a bit

No. 680989


I agree, it's already been established that she doesn't belong here. From what I gathered, she did just one interview and then all these other medias picked up the story (as they do), and she regretted ever doing it.
She does not deserve any more shit, especially not now, which anyone who follows her would know.
Excuse my WK bullshit but I just genuinely like her.

No. 681171

Nobody is off limits.

No. 681275

It often happens with those magazines. They wanted to do a story on me but they refused to say they would send a draft and asked the stupidest pro Ana questions. Because that’s what normal people want to read. The shocking shit. You just have to look at any tabloid story done.
And nobodys off limits but she’s not milky

No. 681296

File: 1536126933624.png (96.64 KB, 606x488, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.45…)

something about sashrecoveryxx really gets to me, probably the fact she talks about anorexia like it's a person with the "choke on that, bitch!" comments. she seems to be gaining weight and in recovery (has been for a long time) but in photos loves to emphasise any part of her she can pass of as emaciated. you can watch her pick up phrases etc from other "recovery" accounts and tbh i'm waiting for some kind of documented instagram relapse.

No. 681487

File: 1536159524457.jpeg (150.43 KB, 750x1065, 8DB92E69-E4E1-4720-A333-11959E…)

kdailydiaryk is at it again. Woe is me, ~tragic backstory~ supposedly explaining her health issues. People are calling her out, wonder when that’s gonna be deleted & blocked.

No. 681488

File: 1536159543914.jpeg (291.19 KB, 750x1048, 4EAEE989-714A-4B23-ACA0-E005C4…)

No. 681489

File: 1536159560873.jpeg (247.16 KB, 750x953, 91D32B67-8104-4267-992E-3D3C11…)

No. 681490

File: 1536159580264.jpeg (256.09 KB, 750x1076, 056720EE-97B4-4032-B9CD-9EEF32…)

No. 681516

holy fucking shit
>twin brother died in utero because mother was bulimic
well ok
>was going to be put up for adoption but brothers stopped it on the condition that they raise her??
>organs stopped growing at age 12 but body kept growing????

No. 681545

>>681490 Seems she's already blocked that prozxc person (or otherwise just deleted the comments). She's so delete & block happy that it feels pointless to even bother, she's got to know that her stories sound so fake? Did anyone catch what the reply was?

No. 681563

She seems like she’s living in fantasy world based on tv shows where she’s Effy from Skins, Harley Quinn or some other “tortured soul in a remotely attractive young Mary Sue woman”. She posts this narrative of her on Instagram and is so lost in her delusions she has no idea how she sounds to normal people who have iq over 80 and a pair of eyes. It’s so typical for all the snowflakes. Wonder what’s behind it, histrionic personality disorder? Narcisstic? Both?

No. 681566

Also pretending her bleached hair is her “natural color” that came up when she “ran out of money to dye her hair” dark brown, suggesting it wasn’t her natural color this whole time. How can a person be so dumb.

No. 681584

She is so bizarre. She's got a "real account" under the name of kdailydiaryk (she has at least 3 accounts with varying names) and has childhood photos on there. Her hair was brown. She certainly doesn't paint the picture she's dying over there (and it seems like some people know her real life on there too).

No. 681604

>because all norwegians are tall

Why do people fetishize the Scandinavian countries like this? short Swede

No. 681605

Bleached hair with random brown streaks. Yeah, that totally grows from her scalp like that. I'm surprised she doesn't have totally natural purple eyes or something.

No. 681629

File: 1536172545043.png (106.33 KB, 500x509, this-guy-was-born-with-glass-b…)

No. 681644

Maybe there’s some truth to her being premature starved baby or something, because she sounds mentally retarded. To think her lies are believable she must have some sort of development issues, she is so inintelligent she is clearly slow.

No. 681711

wait, is her name Kasia? cause that's polish, not norwegian and doesn't make any sense seeing her brothers classic norwegian names in this sob story.

No. 681787

Tell me about it. (Short Finn.) It's kind of amusing though, people and their fucking viking boners these days.

Does she claim to have a norwegian parent/parents? Not to be shitty but nothing about her looks says scandinavian.

No. 681811

File: 1536183232365.jpeg (42.54 KB, 640x323, 16E7E6ED-1A0F-47C2-83BC-3B83B6…)

She claims she’s from Olso, Norway originally.

No. 681840

File: 1536184839344.jpeg (384.25 KB, 640x892, A427C3E3-C6DC-41F8-AE87-451CB2…)

I don’t even think she has brothers? I see no mention of them. There’s photos with her little sister when they were young, and “family” photo with ma (didn’t ma starve to death? Or was it her bad English? ) pa, and sis. The sister was tagged in a post too, so a lots not adding up.

No. 681848

Sorry to samefag to add: there’s even family photos with her sister, mother and father when they were little. I know no photos of kids allowed (wasn’t sure if that rule applies with censorship or the fact she’s a 25 year old now). Not including to be on the safe side (January 27th 2017 on that account.) no mention of other siblings what so ever.

No. 681870


this bitch has "died" more times than Krillin. Are none of her followers questioning this shit,or are they chalking it up to language barrier+actual mental retardation?

No. 681912

File: 1536189710787.png (990.4 KB, 640x1136, 965485EF-3C19-4946-A106-870F3C…)

Sorry if I sound nit picky but does anyone else remember when recovery.chii constantly shit on other recovery instagrammers for not being sedentary? I’ve noticed now she’s always going on a walk somewhere or another and it’s hilariously hypocritical. But it’s ok because we all know recovery is all about challenging those moofins and sconezzz

No. 682099

I was thinking the same thing, anon. She always walks to work. I get the walking to the store because she lives in the city, but I assume she lives closer to a corner store than her place of work
She clearly doesn’t want to be healthy and has a superiority complex

No. 682156

Recovery.chii has some of the worst purge cheeks I've seen in a while.

No. 682158

…where? Her glands aren’t swollen at all

No. 682166

She looks like she’s gained, unless it’s just her cheeks…

No. 682167

Does she not know that cardiac arrhythmia is just an irregular heartbeat and not an actual condition like at least if your gonna pick something to fake choose an actual disease not just some random symptom that sounds serious urgh

No. 682471

File: 1536260840764.jpeg (237.74 KB, 750x776, 18851424-5A17-4C25-BA21-EB640F…)

Really…your ed isn’t about losing weight?! She’s only saying this as an excuse for why she’s not so sooper spoopy thin…obviously she cares about losing weight why else would she have to tell us “yes I’m underweight at the moment” news flash if you were actually super underweight or visibly emaciated you wouldn’t have to tell people “I am underweight” in nearly every post, kek they could just tell by looking at you. There was a question she responded to on her story commending her for looking healthier, not healthy but better and she got all defensive like it was hateful, for gods sake the question had fricking hearts in it! but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore, if she didn’t care about weight loss or if her “ed wasn’t about losing weight” why would she delete a positive comment about how she looks? “My eating disorder thrives on lack of love” she’s trying to be poetic again… she seems to be surrounded by plenty of family and her god children or whatever but she writes like she has some terrible insufferable life, like she’s some starving artist, jeez get over yourself from what she shows which yes Ik is obviously only a glimpse, it don’t seem that bad, also the part where she says “I don’t aim to impress anyone” then why not take a normal photo without bending over, pushing your booty out and contorting yourself to look as thin as possible…. if she wasn’t trying to impress or look thin for ppl she’d just take a normal photo. She knows she looks fine if she were to do that so she can’t, must contort must look sooper ana

No. 682636

File: 1536279428622.jpg (1.07 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180906_181611.jpg)

No. 682641

I honestly thought she just had a weird face shape but I looked at her pre ed pics and it looked normal so you may just be right anon

No. 682699

I operate under the assumption that she thinks she’s the next Sylvia Plath or Mayra hornbacher. Much of her “story” doesn’t math up and she seems to want people to talk about her. “Comment if you read this!” Etc. her entire schizophrenia diagnosis seems fishy because she claims she was diagnosed as soon as she turned 18. For a disorder that doesn’t normally appear until middle young adulthood, schizophrenia in children is both rare and diagnosable. There’s no reason they would have waited to diagnose her with it. I think she’s convinced she’s living out what is to become an Emmy winning picture.
Her face and appearance confuse me so much. I don’t personally think she purges, but her muscle wasting and temporal wasting are extreme for the stats she claims on reddit (5’4/163 cm and 90 pounds/41 kg) she reminds me of story of korey in that I believe her set point is considerably higher than she wants to admit. That or her body has just been in this state for so long, she looks worse off than the average joe

No. 682829

Whoa those stats can’t be right, she looks way less than 90 pounds if she’s only 5’4?!

No. 682921

show pre ed picks because i thought her face always looked like that

No. 682958

Her lowest was 63 pounds and she claims she gained 25-30 pounds before her hiatus.
Then she claimed she gained back what she had lost over that time period but I highly doubt she gained that weight back. In her old body check comparisons, she does look like she was 90 pounds and looks really good and nothing like she does now. Her face says everything
Stalk her account yourself

No. 683230

File: 1536342152211.png (392.59 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-07-11-41-53…)

Other than her gofundmepage no.

No. 683354

The difference between the first and second reviews. Also when was Rachael at Monte nido? Must have been before they implemented their BMI cut off and started sending people to acute before admitting

No. 683365

File: 1536355573038.png (1.67 MB, 640x1136, 48251313-7D77-4EC9-9373-8D3D01…)

It hurts my head how fucking stupid so many of these idiots are, and insulted that they think we’re stupid enough to believe them. Newsflash Bella, it’s impossible for a human to survive without sleep for that long, christ.

No. 683734

File: 1536402514328.jpeg (502.1 KB, 750x1061, 6CCC95E1-DC35-4969-BDC6-DC2955…)

Retardness continues - now her eyebrows are apparently „dyed”. She is legit trying to pass off as scandinavian while looking like a mexican/romanian mix.

No. 683739

Say that earlier, how on earth can hair naturally go blonde in the case oof 48 hours?

No. 683778

File: 1536414492818.png (978.62 KB, 750x1334, 3EE88585-B792-4346-8E50-0D7C73…)

Idk anon. It is a mystery.

No. 683781

She is the new person-banned-from-this-forum who used to obsess over emilyologist. Even looks like her now. So self-obsessed, wannarexic pretending she hates her „bones”, takes million selfies a day and pathological liar.

No. 683785

Not to mention the fact that she has baby/childhood photos on her insta and she is 100% brunette.

No. 683792

Huh? What do you mean she’s banned? And she looks nothing like emilyoligist, are you okay anon?

No. 683799

Read more carefully. I didnt say emilyologist. Just the person who was banned and is obsessed with emily.

No. 683859

Still don’t know who “she” is or what this has to do with kasia. Work on your sentence structure instead of telling someone to read carefully kek

No. 683863

File: 1536424107160.jpeg (135.13 KB, 640x854, 029376F2-921B-4C9D-8A19-8C3399…)

Also discovered that this photo she posted a few days ago and claimed was taken at Mauri’s pool was a photo she already posted over a year ago, when she didn’t even know him yet. Why lie about that?

No. 683881

Someone i talk to talked to her sister, apparently, her schizophrenia is really bad and she's refusing help for it. Parents can't afford to force her treatment or something, she can only go invol. Can schizophrenia cause this sort of fishing behaviour? and the manipulation over flipping magic hair? Surely she must know she's putting bleach on her hair? (i've never suffered from that disorder so idk). But apparently no, she isn't having daily heart attacks. And no she doesn't have brothers.

No. 683898

Lurk more, newfag. Everyone knows.

No. 683899

No, schizophrenia doesn’t work like that. More likely it’s some personality disorder or just addiction to lying.

No. 683901

Do they know if it’s actual schizophrenia or just Kasia being permanently stoned on weed? She looks like a drug addict and a liar, not a sick person. Maybe she made that up to be the victim and to explain her druggie behavior.

No. 683906

Kasia is not the new Ember. Or Ash? Or whatever other idiot was obsessed with Emily?

No. 683911

She looks like new ember to me. Equally lulzworthy.

No. 683914

File: 1536428215401.jpeg (412.79 KB, 750x750, C46CB945-85B1-4C84-8B0C-5DDB42…)

Especially here

No. 683960

Not a newfag just didn’t understand anon’s shittily structured sentence. Again I don’t see any parallels between ember and kasia but okay??

No. 683961


No. 684012

File: 1536436097646.jpeg (5.91 KB, 299x168, images (1).jpeg)

No. 684021

She just looks like a developmentally delayed teenager who isn't really sure how to groom herself or dress properly and likes to make up stories. You can bet when she was younger she used to tell the other kids that Candyland was in her back yard and she had a pet tiger or whatever.

No. 684140

Not correct. Schizophrenia has many presentations and just like any other mental illness can look different in everyone. Psychosis has many forms & people can be delusional which also takes many forms. People can have fixed beliefs which are varying degrees of what professionals consider ‘bizarre’ or ‘abnormal’.

No. 684205

Kasia is not schizophrenic. Or Norwegian. She's just bored and stupid.

No. 684207

Deliberate reposting doesn’t scream schizophrenia to me but who am I to know her diagnoses

No. 684261

Recover.for.pineapples aka danni aka fighting.for.a.better.me is convinced she’s “spiraling” back into her ED after only eating a muffin, scrambled eggs, coffee, a bag of chips, 2 bowls of soup, 2 rolls, and a salad today

No. 684270

KEK anon you made my night

No. 684279

Im the anon you’re replying to and I didn’t say her reposting had anything to do with schizophrenia? I’m coming from the same perspective that she is fully aware she is lying. I moreso meant it questioning her, like what motive would there be to lie about where a photo was taken, a photo that actually does appear to belong to her rather than lying about the pictures she pretends are her body checks but clearly aren’t, it just seems so random.

No. 684283

Don’t know who that is but when I looked at her profile/her story I don’t think she was implying she was spiralling into her ED, it sounds more like she means mood wise.

No. 684289

Nah she normally means spiraling back into her ed. She’s been posted in previous threads for thinking she’s relapsing after skipping one snack and still meeting her minimums. She’s generally not milky but still a damn mess

No. 684356

Yeah knowing her she probably means her ed. She eats normally most of the time but randomly skips a meal here and there and makes a huge deal of it for attention every time

No. 684441

There are still diagnostic criterias and while I’m aware schizophrenia manifests differently in different people (been misdiagnosed with it in the past and I read a lot about it and talked to specialists), she doesn’t seem schizophrenic at all. She seems just super dumb and stoned out of her mind. She is just a pretender addicted to drugs and with unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 684444

she also seems like she is just lying and making up all these stories to seem interesting, because there’s literally nothing interesting about her. She sits all day at home just doing drugs with her boyfriend, she is probably uneducated and unintelligent (based on how she thinks her lies are believable and just in general the content she provides), even wrote that she thinks Mauri is not interested in her anymore because “he pays attention to his phone or tv”, she seems insecure and being crazily attention-seeking. Those are rather traits of a personality disorder. Knew a girl who acted exactly like her (among other things wearing falsies and circle lenses and saying to everyone it’s her natural eyes/lashes, making up diagnosis (“oh I’m diabetic” - eats 2 jars of Nutella and nothing happens, lies about having insulin shots with her all time but couldn’t show them when requested), bandaging healthy skin to pretend she’s injured, always acting like she got sick and unwell at social gatherings the moment she realized she’s not in the center of attention, bitching at other girls when they made her feel inferior just by existing, lies covered by lies and she only cried and puked when confronted, could never admit to lies even with gun to her head). She had just narcisstic personality disorder and addiction to lying. These two girls seem almost identical to me.
Safe for samefagging

No. 684741

Yep. Typical Munchie

No. 684783

looks like a slightly more attractive PT

No. 684953

File: 1536546859821.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1466.PNG)

How is she alive??

No. 684971

No. 685020

Asking this question gives her another full day of bone rattling energy. This question is asked so frequently by newfags like yourself who can’t click a link to an old thread, that Ashley currently has another 13 years left to angrily clack her bones.

No. 685278

JTE is ‘fighting for her life’ again. I question if she actually wants to recover. Never misses an opportunity to preach about how many friends have died from anorexia and drop in how many times she almost died too, like even that is a competition for her.

No. 685283

But why did she have to include bonespo with it?Fuck.

No. 685290

Not Wking her or anything, but it actually makes me sad for her. We've all (well a lot of us in these communities have) lost friends to EDs, and other addictions. In rehab they told us at least 1/6 will die, 2 maybe will recover fully, the rest will be an up and down ride until what ever our fate may be. it sadly was true, but from our peer group we lost more than that. I hope she pulls her head out of her arse because she's been given more help than most of us, that's what fucks me off. Most of us get fobbed off in the system. You can't use the people who have died around you as justification to relapse yourself, don't use their deaths for something as leverage for your own disorders.=It's like spitting on their graves elsewise.

No. 685299

None of these girls want recovery in the first place they just want to die, that's a given

No. 685305

>>685278 whats her user?

No. 685382

File: 1536609659227.jpeg (447.06 KB, 2048x2048, A93EAD88-42D3-4723-93FC-F7B838…)

Maybe it’s schizophrenia, or maybe the both of them should lay off intense hallucinogenics like DMT. I realize those comments are older, but i can’t imagine smoking DMT would be good for uhh whatever made up “fatal/mortal” arrhythmia Kasia claims, nor spaceshiptorecovery’s alleged schizophrenia, which they both claim.

No. 685602


I was gonna make a whole post about how the majority of her bodychecks are actually pulled from random thinspo accounts but I'm not too good at collages or whatever, and I don't want to make like 72 posts in a row. I guess you can all just go check her different accounts and notice how some very basic things never look the same from one picture to the next. Just from like, the bellybutton, you can clearly tell it's a bunch of different people, and specifically not her.
Through some extensive lurking on my part, I figured out a couple of things: her real name is Luciana Ambrosini, and although she pretends her middle name is Kasia, (or was it the other way around?) her middle name is actually Soledad. I found her FB account, under the name Ky Ambrosini. The Mauri guy has FB too (Mauricio Loria) and so does her dad, which (surprise, surprise!) states San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina as his birthplace… so much for the Norwegian ancestors!! I believe the brothers are entirely made up.
There's one thing that still puzzles me, and it's that she seems to have legitimately graduated from university. I found on the FB page from the "Colegio Profesional de Psicólogos de Mendoza" pictures from some sort of "you are now a licensed therapist" type thing event… I don't know what's up with that, but she obviously doesn't seem to be working or anything…

No. 685659

She's graduated from university? I honestly thought she was like 16/17.

No. 685724

Seriously? she doesn't look THAT young. Either that or the whacky backy aged her face. To me, Mauri looked more like a toy boy or younger brother, than an equal age partner. She looks late 20's. early 30's.

No. 685860

She said on her story today that he is 20 and she’s 25

No. 685957

If she’s 20 it’s nearly impossible for her to have a degree from university. So which one is the lie? Her age or her accomplishments?

No. 685992

File: 1536690081185.jpeg (366.97 KB, 750x848, 407A9DCD-9442-4F45-A321-4694E7…)

She is 25 and everything besides psychology degree is a lie. I doubt she even got masters degree, probably just bachelor based on how she never posted anything about studying.

No. 686036

Read slower next time anon. It said HE as in Mauri is 20, and that SHE is 25. I 100% think she’s lying about her accomplishments. You can’t be a professor for a subject that you didn’t major in. I don’t know how it is there, but in North America you need a doctorate to be a professor. I don’t see how she could’ve even completed a bachelors degree with how delusional she is. Unless uni is a lot easier in Argentina

No. 686218

It's more her behaviour and shitty hair dye that makes her seem young than her looks.

No. 686220

Professors don’t need to have a doctorate if they received a masters from the same institution they teach at. Given her clear lack of intelligence, I doubt she has a bachelors, let alone the creditials to teach anyone (even assuming the education system in argentina is less intensive than in “western” countries)

No. 686223

>profesor un English

No. 686512

coming up to nearly a month in hospital and has only got worse instead of better. Claims not tampering with feed but has admitted pulling ng tube more than once. Like another anon said earlier, its irritating that despite all the massively expensive and extensive resources she has been given for years and years, she continues to superficially be in ‘recovery’ but underneath she cant let go of it all because she thrives off the care and attention that being anorexic and dealthy ill brings. Its like validation for her. saged for rant.

No. 686529

is it possible to share her fb profile id? Not been able to find it, but did see the photo set she was in from the university. It's quite common for people who suffer with mental illness to want to study the field, whether from compassion for others in the same boat, a way to understand themselves, etc.

It seems like she did a course on CBT though, or at least she "offers" cbt going by her profile page, to both adult and child services. She's been listed on the site 9 months ago.

No. 686532

File: 1536760082910.jpg (89.47 KB, 777x862, huh.JPG)

Sorry for same fagging, but it seems like she did 5 years at uni in psychology. For the past two years she's an "assistant professor" at the university of mendoza. It's so confusing, all she seems to share about on her IG is getting high on weed and the rest of the attention seeking bullshittery.


No. 686596

Are you dumb? Anyone can write anything on linked in, it doesn’t mean it’s true aha

No. 686785

It could just mean that in her last year or so she did some work for a professor, like grading first year students' essays or maybe even something as basic as filing paperwork and/or other administrative crap.

No. 686834

Looks to me like assistant professor is the same as teaching assistant in the US, which doesn't require more than a bachelors in the subject and isn't an actual full time job

No. 686889

Why is she even in hospital? Psych or ED? Ik appearance doesn’t always tell the truth but she looks perfectly nourished on her personal account

No. 686902

File: 1536797940378.jpg (162.14 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4524.jpg)

so, the drawings that she posted about recently, along with a caption in her customary cringeworthy English

>This are some of my latests drawing, yesterday you asked for see some si here they are.

well, i knew for a fucking fact they weren't hers, but reverse image search doesn't work great on IG content because of cropping, filters, etc.
yet, that didn't deter me… i still don't know what she did to the images (cause bitch sure didn't make it easy for me to find the originals) and i will keep to myself how long it took me, but i finally found whose art it actually is.

the artist is IG @ unfloripondio

she's also from Argentina and barely has more than 4K followers which i guess makes her a logical choice when one is looking for someone to steal art from and pass it as their own.

anyways. i don't understand what that luciana cunt is about. like, she doesn't seem to have meaningful motives for lying so much, she's not asking for money on a gofuckme or whatever. i don't know about her DMs but she doesn't even seem to be getting that much sympathy in her comments.

No. 686904

‘Relapse’ of anorexia. But of course her relapse has to be super dramatic and she doesn’t stop posting about how close to death she’s been and how super serious her health is rn. Has to be the sickest always.

No. 686907

File: 1536798066331.jpg (226.96 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4526.jpg)

samefagging for second pic

No. 686920

Blogging but I hate it when healthyish weight people hog resources and stop eating in ip to get a tube. Drives me up the wall. I hope she’s stabilized ASAP so someone who needs a bed gets one

No. 686949

you do realize super spoopy ana chans hog resources too. Just because they’re soooo sick and underweight uwu doesn’t mean they get a free pass to keep relapsing and acting up in IP for attention

No. 687013

Omg how did you figure it out???? I tried reverse searching too and got no results and was so frustrated because I knew there was no way in hell she did those. Plus she said they were drawings and they’re very clearly computer sketches. Thank you for your detective skills! Frig if only copyright was a big deal and we could get her charged for pretending the art is hers

No. 687018

File: 1536808758516.jpg (159.78 KB, 954x960, 37607882_1849743711714292_5752…)

Crying Emily Hazell looks absolutely fantastic. I hope she doesn't turn into a BPD hell mother as her child gets older.

No. 687028

Kek fuck off ana chan. Someone doesn’t need to be underweight to be deserving of and needing the same resources as spoops. In fact someone who appears to be a healthy weight could have more internal physical complications from an ED than a spoop. Outta here with your superiority complex miss Ana qween

No. 687035

This. People can die of an eating disorder at a healthy weight.

No. 687067


Never thought I'd say this, but I am so so happy for her

No. 687074

File: 1536815636251.jpg (516.48 KB, 1080x1440, 20180913_061141.jpg)

All of the bruising is just badly applies makeup, it doesn't even look the same in each photo. How can her followers honestly believe these posts?

No. 687075

File: 1536815702946.jpg (474.83 KB, 1080x1587, 20180913_061156.jpg)


Even her eye bags are painted on

No. 687114

The American system is different. Didn’t mean to make it sound like she doesn’t deserve help, but only severly underweight people qualify for ip care here (covered by insurance) so I’m puzzled by the systems in other countries and why she was prioritized if she isn’t severely underweight and why tubes are used so frequently abroad

No. 687175

File: 1536833577168.jpeg (147.29 KB, 640x812, A9538AC0-7E3D-4B85-89FA-617EC7…)

The latest: apparently has the whole hospital rooting for her!!

No. 687177

File: 1536833633325.jpeg (168.96 KB, 640x781, CF22C048-0DEA-462C-8917-33F23A…)

Part 2.

No. 687182

File: 1536833822923.jpeg (84.69 KB, 640x848, D9684412-7542-47E8-8DBC-E52551…)

But she treats her dr like this

No. 687238

Where i live they put people in IP if their bloods are bad otherwise OP. And if you are close to dying theyll tube you. I knew a girl sadly who was overweight and ended up dying and was tubed also. But the waiting list is almost a year long sadly. [i hope i saged it right.]

No. 687257

I don't know how you mess up saging you literally just write sage in the email field like what did you do that made you think you saged this post

No. 687297

File: 1536853721258.png (1.37 MB, 640x1136, 439726A0-8634-426B-83B7-3B6470…)

Oopsie daisy!

No. 687303

File: 1536854016002.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, 53335A5B-464A-4AE5-9BCF-CBF600…)

No. 687324

I can't see her IG anymore she fucking blocked me REEEEEEEEEE all I did was like the stolen art photo

No. 687326

File: 1536855564242.jpg (567.1 KB, 1065x1656, 20180913_171827.jpg)

She got called out in the comments by a few people for stealing this artwork and the original artist was tagged but she has just deleted all the negative comments…

No. 687329

Good lord, i couldn't help but laugh. I thought she was deathly sick, few days left to live, now she's all

Sure thing hun. What ever you say. Delusional bitches trying to sound hard are really kind of funny to me. Stand down Chihuahua.

No. 687379


nitpicking, but her English reminds me of Aly.
And I´m not even a native speaker.

No. 687399

I saw someone has commented on the original artists work on her IG too, on the ones that were stolen tagging her in it too. I wonder what she'll do about that, can't delete those comments!

No. 687421

File: 1536865593771.jpeg (507.14 KB, 750x1160, A0CC20D5-B4DB-4FFE-B4F7-86C7DE…)

Kek, she took a recent picture and tries to pull that she was 13 here. What kind of delisional bullshit is it. The layers and layers of filters don’t work, Lucia, everyone sees how old and haggard you look.

No. 687426

File: 1536866196881.png (17.61 KB, 138x105, h3h3.png)

No. 687428


>Omg how did you figure it out????

funny you'd ask! i figured it out because i'm stubborn as fuck.

i tried a bunch of different things, but the one thing that worked was that the last drawing (the one that's just black and white) had one single result on reverse image search. it was a broken pinterest link that didn't work when i clicked on it so that was no good… but the entry let me see one handle of one user that had pinned the image.
the user in question seems to have made pinterest into their actual profession: they literally had 85,986 pins.
i just scrolled until i found the goodies.

>she said they were drawings and they’re very clearly computer sketches.

might be because i'm also not a native english speaker, but to me these terms aren't mutually exclusive. they're all basically just 'illustrations'

No. 687537

>9 1/2

No. 687642

She looks gorgeous. I know getting knocked up in your teens isn't always a great thing, but it's amazing how her situation turned out. She'll probably always have mental issues, but having a baby must've made her grow up fast. Not a usual lolcow comment, but yeah, I'm really happy for her. Rather this than seeing her huffing deodorant. I like a success story.

No. 687696

Where do you live? That sounds like a decent system, that’s cool that weight isn’t a factor. Ps: no you did not sage properly, you’re supposed to read the rules and usage info for the site before posting

No. 687840

Despite cranking up the brightness, her sister doesn't look blonde here (or 9). It looks like the sun is reflecting off of her hair.

Why go to such extreme lengths to fake your heritage?

No. 687909

File: 1536903908679.jpeg (175.88 KB, 639x906, 25F58DFD-CCCC-4796-9382-40EE39…)

Such natural blonde hair, did the parents dye their hair and eyebrows when they were bubbas? She seems to love putting filters on top of old filters. This is another picture that ended up looking progressively lighter.

No. 688037

That batshit chick has now deleted the Instagram post where she was passing off some artists work as her own. I guess she had enough of deleting people's comments calling her out on her lies.

No. 688045

>>688037 - it's still up under her kydailydiarybonesk account.

No. 688065

Her hair color is such a dumb thing to lie about too. Is it to try to seem legit Scandinavian? 'Cause a lot of Scandinavians have dark hair and eyes that aren't blue.

No. 688146

File: 1536943964030.jpeg (434.61 KB, 750x857, D1B9BD22-96E6-41FA-8426-A8CF69…)

“Your having a lot of issues I’m worried your heart might give out” so she thinks you could die but only suggests Iop? Not inpatient or even medical stabilization? If she doesn’t bring her ed up to her therapist how would the therapist know how bad off she is? Just yet another post where she’s trying to be a writer, yet the post reads like an angsty pre teen wrote it. “And so it’s all dwindling down to decisions, decisions, decisions…” “comment an emoji down below” like what?! this is just so frickin random I can’t with her

No. 688189

She wants attention so bad she doesn’t care if it’s a heartfelt comment or something stupid like an emoji or “I read this!!1!”

No. 688203

File: 1536948466116.gif (3.27 MB, 240x180, lol.gif)


>I looked out the window solemnly.

No. 688250

Most Scandinavian women just -dye- their hair light blonde anyway.

What a pointless lie.

No. 688371

File: 1536961942050.png (2.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180914-165000.png)

These two are definitely on some drugs, right?

No. 688380

Absolutely, look at those pupils!

No. 688400


Groundhog day?

No. 688427


Probably the real reason Korey is staying so skinny

No. 688430


I thought the exact same thing.

No. 688520

Christ especially the gay vegetable, he hardly has any iris here!!!! That’s wild

No. 688557

Isn’t it just because they’re in very dark room? Eyes don’t react that quickly to a flash of camera.

No. 688581

nah they're just drunk. vodka has zero cals guys derr

No. 688618

Alcohol doesn’t cause your pupils to dilate anon lel. It can cause them to react more slowly to light etc but it doesn’t make them dilate like this. That’s cute tho

No. 688661

File: 1536998433509.jpeg (171.37 KB, 640x920, 6021F91F-8AB0-4F9B-8BB4-284839…)

It seems kdailydiaryk is faking suicide, she posted a bunch of superficial self harm posts and said good bye on two of her accounts. On her main one obviously there’s no mention. It’s frustrating when people pull this crap, people are worried and commenting. Bet anyone that mentions her real public account will get blocked/comments removed too.

No. 688667

whats her public account?

No. 688678

kydailydiaryk is her public one. kdailydiaryk and kydailydiarybonesk are the private "i'm dying" ones.

No. 688722

I meant that I didn’t think they were on drugs, drunk is the only thing they are. their eyes are probably like that in the dark club, plus Korey probs used some filter on her iPhone X that mummy and daddy paid for.

No. 688738

lol they high

No. 688777

File: 1537020897409.gif (19.19 MB, 412x604, 5086296f-662b-492a-aee4-0ac9fc…)

I don't know if this is milk, but it sure amused me.

No. 688778

Dancing anachans are glorious

No. 688784

you’re a little behind


but so glad to have you join the club ahaha

No. 688826

so emma has comfirmed she has now had sepsis twice since being in medical hospital a month. It’s interesting to me how she has somehow managed to contract sepsis almost every time she has a medical admission (and she like canadian kelly etc has plenty of those!). Wonder if she is also a bacteria-introducer? Interestingly she is also obsessed with all things medical and has 2 yrs of pre-grad nurse training behind her….

No. 688832

What makes you think she’s an anachan?

No. 688833

Why…. would she think that requires any skill at all

No. 688835

File: 1537027628901.png (233.76 KB, 640x1136, D05CF88A-950E-4C94-832C-2AD19C…)

I’m so sorry but this made me laugh out loud. This basically proves she isn’t a psychologist (not that I didn’t already doubt that) because anyone who went through for psychology knows that it’s recommended and sometimes even mandatory for therapists to have their own therapists. Big kek dude

No. 688836

Well somehow she still can’t even do it so I guess it’s a skill she doesn’t have

No. 688929


Emma can’t make up her mind if she’s the sickest person with (made up) chronic illness evahhhh or the sickest person wih anorexics evaaahhh.

No. 688995

Thats cos she wants the crown for both! Apparently now they have removed the Picc (insterted cos her refeeding syndrome was te worst in history of anorexia) cos they suspect that was cause of her sepsis …hmmmm wonder what cultures they will grow from that?! Maybe she’s a poo smearer too? Also loves to mention dad is a manager if the hospital and mum used to work there too but then they put them in the same ward together. The drama never ends

No. 689048

Look how fast her superior Nordic hair grows.

No. 689260

File: 1537079299664.jpeg (117.96 KB, 637x908, D054667E-577F-45DA-9667-6F46F6…)

Well she couldn’t fake death for long, wonder what story she’s going to embellish now (guessing she needs time to think of a good enough and dramatic story so right now she’s “gathering her streght”. Guessing holding her breath for twenty seconds didn’t cut it, despite being in such a sick and dying disposition. I can’t stand it when people pull this crap.

No. 689387

Pretty sure Aly has lost weight this month. Proof pending better selfies.

No. 689431

I like how she thinks her selfie videos are like Effy from skins or some shit but she looks just like an Argentinian haggard druggie who hasn’t brushed her teeth for 10 years. And now she pretends to be Scandinavian. Probably got called out hence the dramatic ~I’m dying again~ phase.