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File: 1606230981729.jpg (469.99 KB, 2926x1578, farewell.JPG)

No. 1090311

Last thread:

Posh molly has left social media, privated her videos, recovery posts, and music instagram, almost certainly a result of finding the thread (and apparently suffering from a relapse). But she has proved herself more worthy than other cows by leaving with dignity.

Ganer is still larping as a bodybuilder and maintaining disordered habits, but now at home.

Georgia posts more unflattering selfies while in NF, complains about needing ambulances for her “POTS,” and makes some self-indulgent posts about tearing her esophagus from purging for 11 years (sure, Georgia).

N2f is still posting some of her hideous food but posting less bakes, probably due to personal problems like grief (RIP).

Elzani is still eating her daily 10+ pancakes and preaching about intuitive eating.

Smorven is in an intensive unit and not complying.

An anon who goes to uni with Mary says she acts pretty normal, although her Instagram posts reveal she has a lot of trauma and odd behaviors.

Kara/Chii is making a Patreon for some reason… definitely not exploiting other people.

Multiple clueless anons came to the thread to criticize lolcow and call us fat. At least two posts claimed the thread is illegal/criminal, and farmers theorize this might have been Molly or her family, or maybe her cowtipper.

Another critical anon left her own email (velvetbunny999) and might be destinyrecovers on IG.

An anon who might be Georgia or Kara posted on the thread as an “ex-farmer and frequently discussed cow” after Molly’s departure, accusing of us ripping her to shreds and admitted that she lurks lolcow.

How many cows are lurking at this very moment? How many more anons will accuse us of illegal actions? Find out on this new installment.


If anything is missing, post it now.

Last thread: >>>/snow/1074861

No. 1090328


Ty, anon. I was just about to start on the new thread, but I'm a lazy food eater too busy consuming calories. The pic's shot up there into the top 3 best ever. Moll's hilarious sist…brother - too funny!

Yes, it was a very dignified retirement from M. I hope some day she makes a sequel to her youtube series, but not one that's all about being scared and eating food.

Predictions for this thread:
-wks and more anons saying we hide behind our screens and dwell in basements.
- n2f bakes (please please please)
- nose hose for Georgie and banging on about purging. More Munchie "illnesses" added to her ever increasing list.
- Ganer posts a pic of herself jumping around all excited at the gym reopening next week.
- Elzani continues to live her best life.

No. 1090332

the thread pic made me laugh so hard. ty anon

No. 1090333

I'm hungry for one (1) spaghetti myself.

No. 1090334

kek Ganer will get covid probs

No. 1090344

Pro[ana] tip - look down the sides of your oven. I dined on an expired piece of sweetcorn I found at the back of mine. So bloated!

A gym fanatic was on the radio saying how gyms are so safe they're probably THE safest place to be because they wipe the equipment. Lol. Ofc I thought of Ganer. I'm not even Covidphobic, but with all the heavy breathing I'm p sure there are droplets a plenty being exchanged.

No. 1090358

Ganer is someone that needs to experience a little Covid as repercussion for not giving a toss about anyone but her orthorexic self and trying to get her followers to sign reopening petitions. Heck they should just keep them shut after lockdown ends, just for her.

No. 1090359

I think I found a Molly.

It's a video, so can't post img (note to farmhands)

No. 1090360

Actually I honestly hope she doesn't catch anything cos we all know she'll be one of those fucking idiots that experiences symptoms and still goes to the gym.

No. 1090362

Yeah sure haven't had brownies or anything like that for years and still looks a bit pudgy. Such amazing acting skills. Even Molly was better than that.

No. 1090366

I'm not fussed about her lack of spoop, but the way she sloooowly lifts it to her mouth but then chews quickly is such a giveaway

No. 1090386

p sure she’s been featured before

No. 1090400

more predictions: georgia tries to become a headbanger, fails, posts that she had a near death headbanging incident and has been headbanging for 22 years

No. 1090424

Me too. Love the cow bus. Great pic.

No. 1090427

File: 1606239932840.jpg (385.42 KB, 720x1138, 20201124_174104.jpg)

that pained expression she puts on here is pitiful. Ofc she's tagged elzani

No. 1090462

might be a self post. She was posted toward the end of last thread but no one really discussed her too much. Previous anon also compared her to molly, its either her or someone who really wants us to rip on her. Thanks anyways, her going from fake scared to bursting with excitement is always funny to watch

No. 1090467

That post wasn't a selfpost. I posted it. I don't remember her being mentioned before and she was spewed up in my suggestions.

I don't know her irl either.

Dear god, stop with the selfpost tinfoiling.

No. 1090470

(tbh if it wasn't for this video I wouldn't think she was worth posting here apart from the Molly behaviour).

No. 1090499

Kek I like how her profile picture is her trying to look as collarboney as possible

No. 1090515

File: 1606244449426.jpg (460.18 KB, 718x1276, 20201124_185701.jpg)

Absolutely pathetic.

No. 1090522

File: 1606244964722.png (524.05 KB, 2048x1153, Screenshot_20201124-140013.png)

was curious about a "mallory weiss tear" being all that serious and read this lol

No. 1090527


Nothing happens uneventfully with Georgie.

These people who make recovery accounts inspired by their fangirling of Elzani are so shit. It's like how people try to do ASMR when they haven't got the voice, except they try to do it without any self awareness that their limited experience/mild cases sounds ridiculous when they preach to long term sufferers who can't even drink something with 5 calories in it.

No. 1090538

File: 1606245971582.png (411.03 KB, 689x709, Untitled.png)

No. 1090548

File: 1606246631934.jpg (275.19 KB, 1080x727, Screenshot_20201124-133412_Sam…)

Major tinfoil here, but I wonder if >>1075164 was Molly. It's the date she last posted on her account before disappearing. Maybe she waited so long because she was hoping the police would take down lolcow and arrest us, and then she could declare victory and continue the cow thing. When they finally got back to her (because, even though they have lots of money, the police have more important shit to do than to cater to them), she was so disappointed that she moped and didn't post until yesterday.

No. 1090552

I think Molly would write "go AND get a hobby…go AND discover…" Might've been sisbro.

People have tried to get lolcow pulled down before but it won't happen. It's a crime if a person's directly harrassed or they're threatened with violence. Talking about someone isn't "bullying" and isn't a crime. I'll give her some credit here and say I don't think she's as dense as the person who wrote that.

Who knows though.

No. 1090589

sage for blogpost/ off topic but does anyone know what happened to the porgie timeline?? was lurking on older threads to try find the new molly girl and reread all the shit from her old tumblr / reddit etc and was wondering if anyone got round to it lollll

No. 1090591

Discussing publicly available information is not a crime. Cows never seem to understand this.

No. 1090629

Yeah, there IS one. It was fairly recently, but these threads are really active. I've had a quick look but I'll try to find it.

No. 1090633

File: 1606251058725.png (3.93 MB, 3372x2000, 1600440666447.png)

It's here >>1041055
Might as well repost.

No. 1090634

Meant to say, it's in thread #42 if you want to see Detective Dairy at work

No. 1090636

They also assume we never go outside / are neckbeards for some reason. I think the funniest part is watching them try to cope.

The thought of there being normal people who just scroll for 20 minutes before work, don't give a shit about the "uwu recovery / no bully" asspat treatment cows are used to on IG and twitter and comment on how they feel openly even if it's negative scares the shit out of these cows. They can't handle we don't give a fuck being labeled as bullies by some lying attention whote on the internet.

No. 1090642

Anywhere on the internet (forum, sm, wherever) some twat's written a moronic comment in reply to mine I post "lol". That's all that's needed. Who the fuck are they anyway? Why are the cows so bothered what a bunch of "fat, bed sore ridden neckbeard with no interests" think about them? Uwu, muh lack of confidence/triggers, boohoo…tsk, get over yourselves, learn how to do life or fuck off.

No. 1090663

i love you anon

No. 1090707

at least she looks somewhat sickly on her face, unlike molly

No. 1090824

My SIDES I love this thread pic, anon you're a genius I want to kiss you

No. 1090845

File: 1606259464132.jpg (478.91 KB, 720x1117, Screenshot_2020-11-24-23-08-19…)


No. 1090846

In the video she tries to challange herself cause there's no point in being scared of food.. but then proceeds to act scared of the food.. It all feels like an act its so bad.

No. 1090852

Seeing old pics of Porgie is quite shocking. She was, dare I say, actually kind of pretty, and that has nothing to do with her weight. She is absolutely abhorrent looking now.

No. 1090861

File: 1606261318920.jpeg (294.7 KB, 1936x1936, 9710DC8C-132F-41B6-A780-284C69…)

purging sips of water lmao

No. 1090887

she looks so much like NourishingKellBell back in the day.

No. 1090889

No way shes scared of food or she wouldn't be so filled out. Weight gain doesn't happen from calories in the air.

No. 1090895

File: 1606264003429.jpg (191.84 KB, 1080x1610, 20201124_182538.jpg)

Pop tarts, wow

No. 1090904

File: 1606264257847.jpg (56.96 KB, 810x656, 20201124_182932.jpg)


No. 1090907

Welp maybe she was really fat and lost to this point? Another atypical ana warrior

No. 1091009

how tf do they fear fucking coffee? have it black and it's like 0kcal. and with unsweetened almond milk it's like less than what a rice cake or fruit has. baffling.

No. 1091034

slight sperg but if anything, coffee is a safe food for 90% of anachans unless you only drink the overly-sweet shit like lattes and fraps. if you're going to fake an ed, at least know that drinking coffee is like one of their ten commandments.

No. 1091036

You worded it better than me, thank you! That's exactly what I was thinking.

No. 1091047

If you showed me these two photos I wouldn’t think it was the same girl. It’s like the munchie version of the faces of meth…

No. 1091081

File: 1606276888199.jpg (422.49 KB, 1080x1993, 20201125_135800.jpg)

What's wrong with NFC? How the frick does Shay require an admission to the EDP when she's an average weight and all she does is dance in her room for tiktok and pretend she's relapsing whilst simultaneously munching with pretend bowel issues? They should just remove her tube and force her back to the land of the logical where she actually needs to exist without her beloved toobe and suck it up

No. 1091107

She talks about cows in the psych ward in this video. I don't think she's a cow, but she's talking about them.


No. 1091109

Who is this? I don't really know who is TikTok famous or why, kek. Sage'd bc retard.

No. 1091123

Is she in nfc too?

No. 1091125

your tick tock profile is linked to this post and we can all see who you are

No. 1091127

She wasn’t even pretty, she was average, But at least she had a face shape. Now she’s just a fat, shapeless blob.

No. 1091133

I noticed either d.parxom got a name change or she removed her account??

No. 1091147

maybe her body’s finally given out

No. 1091155

>deactivated is using tiktok

anon is fast

No. 1091157


She name changed to @dp.trendsetter now.

No. 1091178

LMAO "mum made me have it because I missed my snack" … so the mum can make her have brownie but not her snack ha

No. 1091179


She looked so pretty. Sigh.

No. 1091185

File: 1606296600178.jpeg (444.74 KB, 1125x2436, BD1BB915-2CAB-4065-8E7F-0FE676…)

Oh FFS. Porgie has had her wishes fulfilled with her old toob .. predicted it.

No. 1091195

the show owners never claimed that Sheldon was autistic though, that's how they get away with it he's a combination of a lot of disabilities, do some research if you're trying to stand up fir a community

No. 1091197

Wow she's so woke. All I've ever seen about big bang theory is negativity so… And is she defending sia here?

No. 1091201

Hahahaha low key flashing the tube.

No. 1091203

It seems like Porgie has this whole feeders fetish, except she’s the receiving side. If not for the fact that she looks like an ugly man she could make a career out of binge eating/feeder porn, she would live her dream

No. 1091205

Kek I thought the same. Munchhausen's, not even once.

No. 1091219

Haha yup… let’s just wait for the selfies - tbh a tube down your oesophagus with an apparent tear would almost be contraindicated because it’ll just rub and move around … I don’t understand

No. 1091241

Medfag here but no they're not contraindicated. They're a supportive care to give the oesophagus a rest while it heals over the next 10 or so days. They aren't allowed hot drinks either. Just room temp or cold fluids.
Sage for boring info

No. 1091243

gotta love how porgie has decided to use her "woke-ness" as an excuse to reveal her success in obtaining a toob. no need to post the obligatory "oh boo hoo, poor me, my major medical emergency has resulted in a tube being forced upon me" selfie when she can sneak a glimpse of it into the corner of a sooper woke post. there was literally no reason for her face to be featured in that post, except for the fact that she wanted to show of her toob. she's so fucking proud that she found yet another way to scam people into inserting a tube down her throat, because now she has proof that she is sooper sick. in all probability, any esophageal tear she may have had would be pretty much healed by now, so she's clearly milked the whole situation to get that ever-coveted toob. as she's made veyy clear, she's perfectly happy to DRINK fortisip, so the need for a tube is entirely unnecessary. it's become a literal a fashion statement.

No. 1091250

File: 1606307439571.jpg (250.61 KB, 477x914, 360dodH.jpg)

This is just sad, imo. She's clearly so disordered and needs professional help and this moron is enabling her delusions while offering nothing but "relax".

No. 1091257

Molly's predictability was funny, hence Molly Bingo, but Georgia's repetitive behaviour is plain sad. Lying on her bed watching TV with an unnecessary tube. Her Christmas came early.

As for the wokeness, all that shit loses any meaning when it becomes a trend and sounds forced. I've never seen Big Bang Theory because it looks shit, but pick apart any tv show and these sjw idiots could find anything to sperg about. Don't like it, don't watch it. Don't fake autism for Munchies points.

No. 1091260

She'll give it everything she's got apart from eating more. A lot more.

Aye, if I was a customer of that Callum, I'd have to have a word about Ganer. Not only for her sake but for his reputation.

No. 1091267

File: 1606309901373.jpg (500.05 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20201125_130937.jpg)

that moment when porgie realises she has shared a photo of her new toob prior to the compulsory big reveal that she obvs has planned for later today, so she decides to slyly cover it with her meaty hand. too late porgie. everybody knows. you faked a medical emergency in a ploy to get a toob, and it worked. Well done, i guess.

No. 1091269

exactly. she's literally only posted this in an attempt to highlight her own struggles with autism to her followers. "i'm so sooper woke about autism because i know exactly what it's like!" munchie autism at it's finest. porgie is probably pissed that sia didn't pick her to play the role, after all she IS autistic and her whole life is one dramatic act after another.

No. 1091284

how shes pushing the disabled narrative now

No. 1091300

Dude she needs a couple fucking Valium. Everything about her is so rigid and tense all the time. Her energy makes me so uncomfortable

No. 1091334

Except people are talking about those shows, they have been for ages. She's just too dense to pay attention except when it's a ~hot topic~ and she can pretend to know everything

No. 1091358

Yea exactly. It is a major criticism of Hollywood in general. Sia is just the latest, not the first. Also I DID sound like she was defending Sia, who frankly, based on her abhorrent response to the criticism she received, does not deserve to be defended.

No. 1091391


Imagine this beast putting so much thought into changing her own life instead of why suchaperson is cast for sucharole.

Jesus, Georgia. Most disabled people/autistic people possibly don't gaf in the way mental characters don't have to be played by mental actors. Have some fun doing something that involves moving more than a fork to your mouth.

No. 1091417

File: 1606325291345.jpg (138.21 KB, 1616x714, mpa.JPG)

No. 1091420

File: 1606325470163.png (104.94 KB, 1637x611, mpa.png)

Oh to be so gullible.

No. 1091422

Yet MPA is completely benign. Prepare for incoming white knights, anons!

No. 1091424

Oh dear…

No. 1091469

Molly was just an Elzani knock-off who unlike the real thing couldn't take the criticism. Anons have said far worse shit about Elzani and she's never quit social media or gone into hiding.

No. 1091495

>wouldn't be surprised if someone threatened her

I wouldn't be surprised if these people were themselves farmers trying to play it off, the fact that we always get screenshots from mpa and anons always comparing cow antics with their own experience in recovery facilities are evidence that this thread attracts mainly eating disordered people.

>boohoo they're iNvaLiDaTiNg their EDs

Here's a revolutionary thought, a disorder needs to be real in order to be "valid". Why do tumblr retards always think that things having real definitions is the same thing as gatekeeping?
>i meet none of the criteria, but you can't say i don't have an ED!
We literally can

No. 1091496

Kek, the projection from these anachans is piss funny. They really cannot comprehend that some people like to spend maybe 30mins a day scrolling through gossip sites whilst also leading a productive normal life. We don't all have the time to spend all day larping on ~myproana~ and insta for asspats dear.

No. 1091517

File: 1606331034649.png (61.14 KB, 1383x529, v.png)

Just had a look at some of that Vendetta's posts. She's another one with an ED who's studying nutrition.

Red flags when a nutrition student thinks an apple is okay as breakfast. Also counts calories in zero coke. Imagine having nothing better to do. Oops, downplaying her illness there.

No. 1091523

tbh they kind of have a point about some of us, I'm so bored without molly bingo I've taken to tracking down her quasi-social media accounts that no one would think to make hidden like pinterest and spotify. There's not a drop of milk to be found unless you consider her shit taste in music and embarrassing obsession with timothee chlamydia to be dairy. Send help

No. 1091529

I can't even think of a bingo that'd be something to look forward to. Aly Bingo and Molly Bingo were the best. The cows really have declined with content. Ash used to post here and ask us advice about her phone case business idea, Aly posted spoop with so much food and then those awful half naked pics on her parents bed taking Mary off the wall. Who else? Um…Ginge was pretty good to follow except her facial expressions were more offputting than the food. There's something we could do with n2f but the fact she reads here means she might sabotage games. I genuinely miss bakeranon's recreations of her bakes, but she even stopped posting new ones. I was hoping the British Bake Off finale would've inspired a celebratory biscake, but no.

No. 1091535

I mean it does make things boring but really, lack of milky cows is a good thing.

No. 1091539

I'm just disappointed we never got to find out whether or not she'd return to oxford. "a day in my life at university recovering from anorexia" would have been packed full of privilege poorfags could dissect

No. 1091541

anon, try bored_with_ana

No. 1091547

You can’t just bring that up and not give links for us other bored farmers

No. 1091550

I attempted to make my own n2f inspired food horror abomination but it turned to out to be perfectly edible so I never bothered to share it.

No. 1091554

now porgie's going to claim to have asd kek

half-joking tinfoil but if anything she has histrionic personality disorder because of how much attention she craves through faking mental illnesses.

No. 1091560

Hey it's bakeranon here, I'm still watching this thread but nourish stopped posting recipes. As a little sympathy gift to the farmers now our dear Molly has gone I'll attempt to bake a few old recipes of N2F's if anyone would be interested in seeing?

No. 1091562

File: 1606335224326.png (25 KB, 428x431, Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 2.13.…)

There isn't really anything too interesting but since you asked

No. 1091563

File: 1606335264324.png (1.21 MB, 1901x652, Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 2.11.…)

Proof that it is hers. "hair inspo" has a bunch of short bobs with bangs

No. 1091565

Hahaha she genuinely has Amelie in her hair inspo folder. Oh molly.

No. 1091566

File: 1606335544181.png (4.94 MB, 750x1334, D27211A9-97E2-4BE3-BDFD-59BA5E…)

Ahh nourish buying ‘love you grandad’ chocolate.
Adorably horrendous.

No. 1091568

File: 1606335732848.png (74.3 KB, 232x291, molla_jones.png)


No. 1091572

I’m interested as always

No. 1091583

File: 1606337249305.jpg (146.57 KB, 720x1114, 20201125_203952.jpg)

um ok

No. 1091585

File: 1606337570153.jpg (91.34 KB, 720x576, 20201125_204833.jpg)

This is the one btw since there's about a thousand molly jones profiles. She's following mum Nicki but not hilarious brother. Pity, I want to see his cavetown playlist

No. 1091588

can we stop discussing Molly please? there's no milk in her Pinterest or music tastes

No. 1091592

What a boring cliche she is, yawn.

No. 1091595

Has anyone watched Elzanis new video? She must be eating 5000+ calories a day. I get she still has psychological problems with food, but surely that's a bit excessive even by her standards?

No. 1091598

self post much ,kek. we all know she lurks here anyway

No. 1091604

Nothing really to dwell on, anorexic switches to BED. Pretty common.

No. 1091609

imagine having nothing better to do than spending your time creating an online persona and pretending that you suffer from a life-threatening mental illness in order to gain ass-pats, followers and likes for being a #recoverywarrior. minimising and invalidating the struggles of genuine eating disorder sufferers by using your platform to present recovery as a simple, black and white journey of simply saying "so scary" and then shovelling down all the food and more. they desperately need to find a life outside of over-dramatising questionable symptoms and milking them in order to prey on vulnerable people who are desperate to escape the true hell that is their life.

No. 1091613

File: 1606342294135.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1850, 20201125_221037.jpg)


No. 1091615

not surprised by this at all considering that the majority of ed twt consists of kpop fans larping anorexia

No. 1091618

>a little break
>tonight and a bit of tomorrow
So she'll be gone for at most 24 hours? I'm sure her followers will manage.
There's no way she's been tipped yet, this basically confirms that she self posted and lurks here.

No. 1091620

No. 1091621

aging: champion speedrunning edition

No. 1091642

it is punishable by law

No. 1091647

Still waiting for that one anon to drop the review of thenextpaige's book

No. 1091668

KEK this is pretty cringe because of her stereotypical aesthetic but it’s not milk. I feel like we should leave her alone. She gracefully exited. She didn’t sperg. She obviously was very bothered by this board. I think it’s time to let her slink away and learn her lesson about the value of privacy.

No. 1091678

seconded; she's no longer producing milk and not to wk but it's a step too far in the weird direction to start stalking her spotify and pinterest

No. 1091682

File: 1606346703695.png (244.71 KB, 887x888, fuck it.png)

Come on now, lay off. Having a pinterest or a kpop playlist isn't milk.
She screamed eating cereal- it was really scary- we made fun of her for it (it was deserved). Now she's turned off her socials, end of. Why keep going?

No. 1091684

Hardly anyone was talking about it until you three had to come in and sperge. Someone brought it up, other people were curious, that's it.

No. 1091687

are we on the same thread lol?

No. 1091690

I tried but it's just a 40 minute Tesco advert where she talks about how much she loves shoving nuts and balls in her mouth.

No. 1091706

Why are we still on about Elzani? She was legitimately near death. She has weight recovered perfectly steadily. You can't expect her to be mentally perfect yet. She eats intuitively. She seems genuinely happy. She's not like the cows who need multiple ED admissions for a bit of love. She never does anything for attention. She never complains that she is struggling or that life is hard. Can't we move on from her?

No. 1091715


agreed, that milk has dried up more than a nuns cunt after menopause.

No. 1091717

>She eats intuitively.
Binging isn't "eating intuitively".

No. 1091719

yo thats not binge eating. Far from it!!!

No. 1091728

File: 1606350455247.png (578.22 KB, 457x816, thanks for sharing.png)

Miha over here hitting levels of oversharing previously unknown to man. https://www.tiktok.com/@pro_recovery_stigma_free/video/6898468378084723973

my, aren't you just the cutest little button

No. 1091736

File: 1606351145251.jpg (25.18 KB, 400x400, prsf.jpg)

She claims to have had an eating disorder for a long time. Not a binge related one, though.

No. 1091737

File: 1606351269708.jpg (723.26 KB, 686x1230, 2020.jpg)

above: 2015
this one: 2020

No. 1091758

doesn't a non-binge related ed usually result in…..weight loss? not transforming into a beached whale?

I don't know why, but she looks like she smells kek

No. 1091759

i mean her teeth look fucking awful, could be bed/bulimia?

No. 1091768

She’s got the fatgirlflow ‘eyes disappearing into her face fat’ look. Why do overweight munchies even bother claiming a restricted ED if their weight has only ever gone up?

No. 1091771

I agree that she's not really milky anymore. She hasn't fully recovered though. I don't follow her that closely so maybe I'm wrong about this but she seems to be having difficultly eating animal fat and protein. When she ate her Christmas dinner in the latest video she only had a very small portion of turkey yet large amounts of everything else. It's almost like she's regressed slightly.

No. 1091772

File: 1606353620187.jpg (528.48 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20201125-191846_Ins…)

She just uses eating disorder to describe whatever is going on, but mentions purging/not eating/being malnourished

No. 1091775

File: 1606353912014.jpg (259.12 KB, 1080x1806, 20201125_192444.jpg)

Never mind, she says bulimia in older posts

No. 1091813

Explain how bitching about instagrammers on a gossip site is illegal? And don't start with doxxing, we never dox people, molly literally posted her own phone number.

No. 1091817


I admit I don't watch all of her vids in depth, but I feel like if we analysed what everyone in the world ate, you'd find people veer away from all types of food, or they eat/reject certain foods that we consider to be disordered, but some people just don't eat certain foods. Regarding animal fats.. she does eat a lot of cheese.

No. 1091882

I think they were quoting a part from the screen cap? Not that quoting it really adds anything

No. 1091885

File: 1606364463662.png (113.63 KB, 386x452, 1.png)

Has this one been discussed or is she old news? Totally over the constant drama .. has she gotten help yet??

No. 1091891


smells like a self post. i don’t even know who that is

No. 1091904

The irony is that MPA has their own threads on the cows we discuss here, it's not an ongoing thing but they are willing and eager to discuss them when they get a chance. And they have pretty much the same criticisms as us, just not phrased so harshly. Not like it's bad to indulge in a bit of gossip about online personalities than spend all day posting in WHAT ANOREXIC THOUGHT IS RUNNING THROUGH YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW?? threads or whatever inane shit is popular on MPA.

No. 1091944

Educating shanny… Quite a popular ed youtuber actually

No. 1091957

I mean she could become disabled soon if she keeps gaining weight…

No. 1091990

Her videos and life is so depressing. She's never going to recover. Her family's fucked, her relationship with her husband is an odd one. She's 30something and behaves like a child. She thrives on attention from neverending relapses. She does nothing to productive to deal with her issues yet gives tips on recovery. She's been doing it for years and it's pitiful.

No. 1092000


Oh hell no not a self post, sorry that's Educating Shanny - I actually thought she would have been discussed previously. I used to love watching her.. but we've been on the same cycle now for years and I can't stand her.

No. 1092004

When the "lifelong ED struggle" saga fails to convince anyone any longer, she'll either grow up and make a change in her habits, or go down that route.

The wannarexics feel sympathy for someone who is obviously at a normal weight and faking their "eating disorder"? Shocking.

Reminds me of a post I read; "If someone says they have autism, BPD, bipolar disorder, DID, APD, executive dysfunction, chronic illness, and an eating disorder, they don't have anything except HPD."

No. 1092006

>I'm gonna enjoy this "good" feeling for however long it lasts! Why worry about the future right now??
This is quite literally what every fatty says in an attempt to justify eating obscene amounts of unhealthy food. "Why care about the consequences! I want it right now!"

No. 1092020

Oh God shanny. I watched her years and years ago and she was saying she was recently recovering from bulimia then too. Kek, just remembering the days when she'd take her teeth out and gum for the camera

No. 1092021

Picked up a large tub of ice cream when a Magnum generic should be enough. I don't care if an obese eats ice cream except if it's a whole fucking tub.

No. 1092022

I gave up when she constantly talked about her childhood abuse. She really treats the camera as a therapist. Even therapists need people they talk to after listening to traumas. Her young followers don't and going on about a sensitive subject over and over is really dodgy.

No. 1092055

>>1091885 I actually used to watch her; I remember her taking her teeth out a lot as well like >>1092020 said. I haven't watched any of her videos in a while but it seems she definitely has a cycle.

No. 1092077

Omg I remember her from years ago. I would have thought she made progress by now. IIRC, she did a “day in the life” video, and first thing is her husband would go to work in the mornings and she’d hang out scrolling on her phone or w/e in bed before she got bored and b/ped. I swear most of these cows’ EDs would get better if they’d get a fucking or job or do anything besides wallow in self-pity

No. 1092078

File: 1606392213440.jpg (141.36 KB, 1346x786, Capture.JPG)

Ofc cow attracts cow.

No. 1092080

File: 1606392368732.jpg (115.34 KB, 1382x653, Capture.JPG)

And of course she thinks Cooney's being boolied because people are sick of her pro ana shit.

No. 1092101

No. 1092102

were you ever really ill if you didn't get a tabloid article?

No. 1092106

Oh, you are fucking kidding. The fucking Sun for starters. Next it'll do the rounds on those Take A Break magazines like Becky did.

It's great that she's so confident with the weight she's gained, but she doesn't look weight restored yet and it's not been so long since she was doing herself an injury popping her tendons for the camera.

Good luck to her, but why sell the story? Why does she need the attention? Idk, it's too soon to be banging on about recovery when there's a really high likelihood she'll relapse judging by her past.

Again, good luck to her, but y'know. Tacky move.

No. 1092109

Oh wait, the attention thing. I think she wants a career in the music business. Okay…

No. 1092111

she must be really short because she was spoopy but not 4 stone spoopy

No. 1092113

She definitely wasn't 4 stone. 5 stone something more like. Maybe tipping under 5st, but 4stone no way.

No. 1092115

pretty sure the sun lied about bodiposipandas weight in her article as well for shock value

No. 1092122

All these click bait / tabloids lie about low weights. Fact. Can confirm from experience #blogpost

No. 1092127

I don't think it's only tabloids. I find it difficult to believe Caraline Neville-Lister (Caraline's Story docu) was 3st 7lbs as they say in the documentary. She was painfully thin and died a few months later, but is it possible for someone at that weight to be running to the toilet to puke, go shopping, prepare her food, etc? 4st something is believable, but 3 and a half stone, I don't think so.

No. 1092138

Kek, did porgie really just copy and paste that exact comment word for word…

No. 1092148

holy shit she used to be so cute ffs
You'd be right, anon. She made a tiktok asking for advice on how to do basic hygiene because she "has a trauma response to water". https://www.tiktok.com/@pro_recovery_stigma_free/video/6893695537900424453
Perhaps the weight gain is from having to drink coke whenever she gets thirsty, cause drinking water would be triggering?

No. 1092154

Finally admitted to purging despite us calling it out back in thread twenty something.

How much cash do you get for these articles?

No. 1092156

No. 1092161

Not much. A couple of 100 at most I'd guesstimate.

No. 1092175

It’s not for the money though is it, in the same way serial killers love to wank over talking about their crimes, ana chans like to bean flick over how spoopy and the best ana they were.

Reposted as the first time it didn’t sage (and I’m saying it like sage and onion) kek

No. 1092178

Becky's prime motive would've been £. It's the only time she's referred to her anorexia because bpd stories aren't at all shocking.

sah gay

No. 1092224

Wow I remember that documentary - ages ago.sad

No. 1092226

I rember her too- didn't realise she still made videos. Her Shanny Fanny family.

No. 1092229

She was never that near to death - not even that skinny.
Pissed me off that she never made her hospital IP video

No. 1092230

File: 1606412864632.jpg (100.3 KB, 959x372, c.JPG)

Yeah, it's pretty harrowing some of the details she goes into and it really does show how empty her life was other than b/p-ing. There are things she wrote now put online and there's an ED charity in her name. She's the antithesis of the attention seeking cows here with their sooper serious EDs.
(Img from http://studymore.org.uk/edpfpe.pdf where she writes about her experiences being a psych patient).

Wait, you honestly don't think Elzani was skinny?

No. 1092236

people can be near death even if they’re not visibly ultraspoop

fucked up hearts, fucked up kidneys, internal bleeding

No. 1092259

File: 1606415369706.jpeg (66.72 KB, 249x367, 0EC96B2F-6E40-4670-AB96-CEBCE0…)

Wow ok, anachan. If you think this isn’t “that skinny” you’re deluded kek (not even WKing, just pointing out facts)

No. 1092275

File: 1606417882414.jpg (515.52 KB, 1080x1254, Screenshot_20201126_184948.jpg)

standard n2f evening meal - spaghetti and meatballs, with a side of four pieces of pasta!

No. 1092276

1) What is the green vegetable?
2) What is that half-arsed attempt at seasoning?
3) Is that grime or a bruise on her arm?

Amazing really how she can make something so basic look so unappetising. Dry, cold and bland.

No. 1092286

celery, maybe? i'm more baffled about why he chose to put 5 pieces of another type of pasta beside the spaghetti

No. 1092289

File: 1606418970032.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20201126-132915_Ins…)

Spring onions

No. 1092307

I feel really bad for her because she shares her disastrous life online. That's straight up b/p food. Fucking pasta is dried out, probably sitting in a grimy room 4 a while and cooked to fuck sticking together like that, canned cold meatballs with ketchup.Dat blanket,lightning,sauces- damn sad. Bulimia is a horrible disease man. Why the fuck would anyone post shit like this on insta anyway?!

No. 1092308

I watched her years ago, but got bored. What's the milk with her anyway? Just a recovery-realpse cycle? Something else? I would be interested if someone could bring more milk on this cow since she makes me nostalgic.

No. 1092323


I think we're all bored of her, I remember her filming her 'dissociating' which to be honest looked just like I do when I get interested in a TV programme and stare away from the screen for a bit.

No. 1092343

File: 1606425387856.jpeg (774.57 KB, 828x1565, B13FA5B6-886A-48FC-8841-5045E2…)

Wow this is uncomfortable to look at.

No. 1092353

File: 1606426104549.jpg (64.07 KB, 500x609, a088cc3aa462dfa7b8a4dd701f25bb…)

same energy tbh

she poses in such strange, unnatural ways that she looks like she's about to burst a blood vessel from flexing so hard.

No. 1092355

She looks like a Chloe Moretz meme.

No. 1092370

Always gotta thrust out that hip bone just to reassure yourself you're not fat, huh Ganes?

No. 1092376

I tinfoil crippling ocd for ganer- fuck me look at how soullessly clean and muted grey her place is, like she's living in a home catalogue. Maybe ED treatment didn't "work" beacuse really what she needs is some CBT counceling for compulsive rituals?

No. 1092380

ffs she needs to do some dead lifts to fix her anterior pelvic tilt

No. 1092396

At some point (can't remember when) her hands were raw and red. Think she said she'd been washing them too much or something like that. So yeah, OCD is a solid guess, although hard to tell with rituals sometimes whether they come before or after anorexia.

No. 1092398

File: 1606431231405.png (453.58 KB, 720x956, Screenshot_20201126-225220~2.p…)

'roid acne?

No. 1092400

Looks more like a shaving rash.

No. 1092412

her hands look raw and red in this picture too

No. 1092470

her obsessively clean apt and ritualistic behavior is so classic AN-R and there are plenty of studies showing the neurological similarities/overlap between true AN-R and OCD.

it's so wild to me though with this type of ana that they always have one aspect that's such a mess. like ganer is a neat freak, gym ritualist, food ritualist, but her hair and makeup are so neglected and sloppy. it just feels inconsistent. pls chop off the dead hair and stop the shaky winged liner girlll

No. 1092486

Still looks underweight and sticking her arse out doesn't make her look a normal bodyweight.

No. 1092538

I just went to Dasha/Daria Parxom's insta and it's down. Does anyone know what's up? I'm really scared she has died

No. 1092540

Lurk more. Someone already posted about it. >>1091157

No. 1092552

She's definitely still underweight. She looks better than her "before" pictures, but she's spent 18 months IP so had massive amount of help to get where she is now. She's been home less than a week. That's why I think it's too soon to have in her head she's okay now. Any negative comment could be bad for her.

I think she's done well and I wouldn't ever jeopardise her recovery, but it's way too early to showcase her healthiER body and it's shitty someone encouraged her to do the Sun piece. Only imo, but even though this is lolcow, the majority of farmers do actually like a recovery success story

No. 1092626

My guess is acne from consuming so much protein powder. They're dairy based right?

No. 1092671

File: 1606476672949.jpeg (794.42 KB, 828x1408, C625714F-371B-47D3-A165-2B148A…)

Speaking of acne…

No. 1092673

Not all, there are plenty of vegan powders. But yeah, you're probably right.

No. 1092677

"air con induced acne" lol wot?

No. 1092685

The twinkle always comes back into her eyes when she has a hose up her nose. You can tell she's elated to be posting this.

No. 1092691

I'm not the one to tinfoil about cows reading their designated threads, but knowing Georgia, it's likely that she saw anons discussing Ganer's acne and decided she need to flaunt her two (almost invisible) pimples… Sad.

No. 1092693

File: 1606482091966.png (103.25 KB, 283x213, you tried.PNG)

Looks like she tried to get into the whole headbanging thing and gave up after a bit. Kek.

No. 1092700

File: 1606482856752.png (1.65 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201127-131330.png)

Lol @ 'bikini pro glow'.
Yes it's cold Ganer…. But a layer of body fat might help you deal with that.

No. 1092702

She looks so much better without the weird eyeliner

No. 1092710

thats what I thought too. I also thought you said "twinkie", Georgia's main food group

No. 1092719


I was about to comment on how she has great eyelashes, until I saw the beauty filter failing to guess where her lips are.

For some reason it makes me feel bad to "take back" a positive thought about Ganer. Her and N2F are actual polar opposites in almost every way, but they make me feel sad in the same way.

No. 1092721

Nah, pretty sure that's old from her last attempt at head-banging. Head wounds last a long time, and discolouration after initial healing lasts even longer.
I assume the dramatic appearance of the aftermath from head-banging and the longevity of the markings that follow is a huge part of the reason why attention seekers and the personality disordered are picking up this behaviour in droves. It's becoming more and more common in inpatient units, but a few years ago, the only people you'd hear of doing it were clinically retarded.

No. 1092736

Air con? Because it can’t possibly be because of her shit diet, oh no… Her dead eyes get me every time. If I was kinder I’d blame ~muh depreshun~ but we all know the only time this girl emotes is when she wants another admission or nose hose. She’s just so shifty and…..wrong

No. 1092757

She’s thought of the most tenuous reason to show off her bloated head with her awesome new accessory.

We get it you’ve got a tube fetish.

No. 1092774

File: 1606493164553.jpeg (146.35 KB, 1782x965, 3C2D0B46-FEF4-4658-B495-A4D9D7…)

Holy shit you could land a plane on that forehead. She looks way nicer without the eyeliner though

No. 1092780

File: 1606493713968.jpg (565.13 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20201127_160938.jpg)

okay, is she fucking with us or is n2f actually eating egg shell?! i feel growing concern for her because surely you would not coat your hard boiled egg in bbq sauce if you weren't intending to…eat it.

No. 1092785

She left them in the shell the last time too, I guess she was getting too many negative comments on her dirty yellow peeled eggs.
She uses food as photo props, it's no wonder she coated an unpeeled egg. It's all about playing and presentation, edibility was never her concern.

No. 1092788

lmao she's covering her chin after an anon commented on the acne

No. 1092799

File: 1606495885448.jpeg (285.18 KB, 827x1486, B93CA663-D7B6-4D03-9E2F-F39E60…)

What is up with cows threatening legal actions? Do they really think anyone cares that their reputation is ‘slandered’ in their asspat community

No. 1092803

people with iron deficiency anemia often eat eggshells

No. 1092804

File: 1606496080787.jpeg (285.78 KB, 828x1549, 48D4405D-383A-4330-9CA8-99AA5E…)


No. 1092810

File: 1606496515873.jpeg (159.54 KB, 425x640, C39ADB6B-2D73-4070-A4C7-EB10A6…)

Surprised it wasn’t already posted but porgie made a post a while back confirming her ~sooper real autism~ that she totally didn’t just get to add to her ever growing list of illnesses. Sage for nothing new

No. 1092813

It's kind of a thing, air conditioners dry out the air and dry skin can be acne prone
I think it's more likely she just keeps touching her face with greasy hands

No. 1092835

>I've finally been diagnosed with autism
I think she misspelled that, she meant "I've finally decided I have autism."

No. 1092874

Tip for air con induced acne - GO HOME.

The fucking point of acne treatments is to dry them up, duh.

No. 1092888

She did show us her protein powder hoard and they weren't vegan if I remember correctly

No. 1092901

Why not just take a supplement? They're not expensive or surely it could be prescribed for them?

No. 1092902

Kek, she's fooling nobody. We all know she has a personality disorder like HPD or BPD, not autism.

No. 1092913

Not one to armchair, but FOR SURE she has a personality disorder. Don't need a degree in psychology to see it. She screams it.

No. 1092928

File: 1606505258432.png (8.72 MB, 1125x2436, 86738ABC-DC85-4AB5-9554-4EB4EF…)

Wants the toob .. and typical Georgia .. all she will do is now complain.
Too bad her “oesophageal tear” typically heals within 2-3 days…
also word on the ground - she’s constantly buying food from the vending machine… kek

No. 1092932

She obviously pigs out on food she can buy. She leaves that place even bigger than she went in.

Waiting for her to do the - I get to see the doctor to see if we can remove the tube. I hope so! - thing. She gets off to taking pictures of that machine. She's so fucked up, but not in the way she wants people to believe.

No. 1092973

File: 1606506808338.jpg (42.38 KB, 535x743, molly v2.JPG)

The new Molly had some chocolate Buttons. Three scared/scary count before she eats one. Img is after tasting one.

Not a damn self post.

No. 1092975

No. 1092984

The way she talks to herself annoys me a lot for some reason.

No. 1092992

… is she talking abt lolcow?

No. 1092997

File: 1606508509024.png (509.76 KB, 499x726, Untitled.png)

More talking to herself on her coffee challenge.
Totally Molly.
In this one she comments how she's been receiving hate. Better not be farmers DMing her finger wag

No. 1093002

vending machine, ey?
are you that NF anon? could you maybe provide some proof? pls pretty pls, anon, that'd make my whole weekend.

No. 1093004

File: 1606508945618.jpeg (610.04 KB, 828x1173, FA7723C6-7336-4D95-A370-6A3DEC…)

mary back with yet another miraculous increase that’s not an increase

No. 1093013

Sage because tinfoil/collective autism, but I was just going to comment this exact thing. Honestly, knowing I'm not the only one to think so is kind of suspicious.
Double tinfoil: selfpost

No. 1093019

Samefag as >>1093013
How much longer until she gets salmonellosis?

No. 1093024

Stop with the vendetta Meg (@sweetenerpack now), we all know you lurk here, you don't need to prove it out.

No. 1093063

They just wanna keep on eating junk food constantly without guilt and having anorexia and being in recovery gives them a permission to have a shitty diet it seems

No. 1093100

Ah I wish I could. Ex nfc anon - I was visiting an old friend and she waddles on past to the vending machine.. to be fair, getting a sneaky shot of it would be David Attenborough style following a sloth - I don’t have time for that kek

No. 1093105

Am I the only one concerned that she’s driving a car at her bmi?

No. 1093106

File: 1606517478367.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, 926E1E3D-A5AE-49C3-ABA8-2BCA57…)


Pretty much called it!

No. 1093108

She has a feeder fetish for sure.

No. 1093143

The only time she ever cracks a smile

No. 1093224

idk if this is allowed but elzani (really) reminds me of my brother who's got mild autism. i'd put money on it

No. 1093232

samefag, does porgie eat on top of that tube? why would u choose to get that shit stuck up ur nose down ur throat that's genuinely fucking sick. like it's very obvious you're eating dude its embadassing

No. 1093233

there is no need for her to be on feeds. she is well fed.
I agree. I think that is the background for most of these food-loving chubsters.
I don't know what is less believable, her eating disorder or her claims eating this stuff is difficult for her

No. 1093235

Nah, feeder fetishists get off on feeding others into morbid obesity. Porgie’s only got a fetish for asspats but has too little self-control to stop stuffing her face for long enough to actually fake an ED. So she larps while continuing her journey into morbid obesity.

No. 1093247

I really wish Mary would quit with the recovery guise, because it's obvious she's only eating this junk to maintain her spoopy figure. Tinfoil but all the food she posts are pretty much under 500-600 calories, so she probably only eats the food she posts and nothing else.

She's going to leave this place obese, if she isn't already kek

No. 1093261

All she does is have continuous feeds, be it up the snout or in the maw. Every time I check into this thread I cannot believe the audacity of this truffle snuffler.

No. 1093268

I just died laughing.

No. 1093269

File: 1606526794451.jpg (546.14 KB, 1080x1895, 1602906327029.jpg)

>if she isn't already
(fuck I'm an idiot maybe this time I'll do it right)

No. 1093302

Convinced she has a humiliation fetish

No. 1093317

Caraline was 4st 7. A band literally wrote a song about it.

No. 1093320

boo hoo woken up in your comfy bed at the awful hour of 11:30pm!!? there are people working multiples jobs just to survive, nurses and co. risking their lives to go to work. a friend of mine finishes night shifts at 7am and goes to college to finish her diploma at 9am. man, she continues to shock me with how disgustingly selfish and sheltered she is.

No. 1093325

i watched a few of her videos and i could barely keep my eyes open that it was so cringe. She has a very healthy looking face and despite her profile pic being where she’s obviously proud of her collarbones (and positioned in a way to extenuate them) she still looks relatively healthy weight in that too.
the amount of second hand embarrassment i got from watching her is almost unrivalled

No. 1093333

Speaking of, do we know what happened to that job she got? I can’t remember the specifics, something to do with a radio station. She hasn’t posted about it in a while, and I’d put money on her being fired

No. 1093371

File: 1606535076310.jpg (848.18 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20201127-214007_Ins…)

I'm pretty sure I've seen this exact photo taken by Elzani.

No. 1093410

How and when did Georgia get the Porgie nickname? I'd go back and look, but there's 45 previous threads, and she seems to have been called that for a long time. Sage bc should've lurked moar.

No. 1093422

well I doubt she's working there now, considering her voluntary hospitalisaiton!

No. 1093439

‘Georgie porgie’

No. 1093451

File: 1606540423416.jpg (76.6 KB, 1140x760, turkey-drumstick.jpg)

Her forearms are so fat they resemble turkey drumsticks.

No. 1093461

The Manics used her voice clip at the beginning of the song and Edwards was inspired by the document, but in the actual documentary the narrator says she weighs 3st7lbs.

4st 7lb is the threshold to death. It is said to be the weight at which no human can live any more."
He uses 4st 7llbs because he read "
Obviously pre Ash awareness.

No. 1093463


No. 1093469

Oh right, it's a rhyme. Thanks anon.

No. 1093474

Probably. Weirdly, the cows that make posts like these (on other platforms) usually aren't being discussed much here when they do. Missing the attention, it seems.

>to be fair, getting a sneaky shot of it would be David Attenborough style following a sloth

No. 1093476

File: 1606542962213.jpg (1.28 MB, 1600x924, Scup-porgy.jpg)

That's funny. Other than it rhyming with Georgie, I thought "Porgie" came from either "porky" or the fish known as a Porgy (picrel) because Georgia always has a emotionless, dead-eyed face like one.

No. 1093487

File: 1606543178676.jpg (215.79 KB, 753x1000, 5f85fc00efeb7e5674dfe40a45c4ef…)

No. 1093515

File: 1606548709129.png (7.11 MB, 1125x2436, 050D1EAB-8CBB-4A88-8C15-05B913…)

I have no words

No. 1093517

File: 1606548818904.png (758.65 KB, 720x1045, Screenshot_20201128-073008~2.p…)

Found this hilarious moment. Close. Hanmum doesn't appear to be as comfortable in the spotlight.

No. 1093518

Bleach over red dye. That'll work.

No. 1093522

File: 1606548976553.jpg (413.35 KB, 1932x2576, o5pq5y4ntdv11.jpg)

>inb4 orange-haired Georgia saga

No. 1093525

File: 1606549122309.png (598.57 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201128-073758.png)

She must hate you.

No. 1093536

Omg is that her hair?

No. 1093539

No, just an image of what usually happens if you bleach hair that's been dyed red.

No. 1093542

I don’t even care. Hate away.

No. 1093546

she's going to go completely bald omggg her hair is already so thin

No. 1093548

Then why are you lurking here Georgia

No. 1093552

the second hand embarrassment with these wannas is strong. I know plenty of people fake anorexia but when they are edgy 13 year olds, not 20

No. 1093554

And if that bleach us left on too long it'll do that thing where the hair goes elastic and snaps.

Is that woman doing her hair a volunteer? Can't think how else she got her hands in bleach in hospital.

No. 1093562

File: 1606556657750.jpg (504.68 KB, 720x1298, Screenshot_2020-11-28-09-42-27…)

Well, atleast she's happy with it. Peep the self harm scars and tube- self harm riiight under her neda tattoo. Oh georgie.

No. 1093565

What's up with her saucepan pupils all the time? Is she on something?

No. 1093567

What gets me is that with her tube-flaunting pics, you can give her the benefit of the doubt by saying hey, it's on her face. But showing off your NEDA tattoo and self-harm scars when you're trying to show your new hair color? Like, why does your arm need to be in the picture?

No. 1093568

She looks very much like the girl from the second season of teen mom

No. 1093572

Please pretty please- you'd be a meme legend, your memory would live on forever. Also porgie would never seek revenge for it as that would mean admitting that she reads the threads

No. 1093575

psych meds

No. 1093576

who dyes their hair in a psych ward? GET A GRIP

No. 1093577

It’s NFC though so it’s more like summer camp with nose hoses & unnecessary electro shock therapy than a psych ward.

No. 1093578

This should be the picture on the NFC Christmas card this year.

No. 1093580

Who doesn't is more like it. Ppl dye their hair and get tattoos when inpatient. Nothing stopping friends visiting with supplies. Its not jail

No. 1093597

Surprised any of that would even be allowed whilst inpatient, thats certainly not the norm in the UK anyway. New farm is fucking weird.

No. 1093601

File: 1606564471058.jpg (457.66 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20201128_115436.jpg)

crumpets topped with cereal. classic n2f.

No. 1093610

Whoops posted my profile pic im bad at this

No. 1093611

With hundreds and thousands for sugar.

They have volunteers come in hospital, medical and psych, in my local. They wash and blow-dry a patient's hair if they want. That's more to break up the day and also to clean them up a bit because they sometimes can't be bothered with hygiene in hospital. Should say UK anon.
I can't see that happening atm though because infection. I'm surprised NF doesn't seem to have the quarantine thing any more.

No. 1093613

Delete the post. It doesn't matter.

No. 1093615

File: 1606566519204.png (236.91 KB, 389x701, elzani 3.0.png)

wonder how elzani feels about all these skinwalkers

No. 1093618

File: 1606567271145.png (1.06 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201128-123753.png)

This reminds me, Molly never got to do her giveaway.

Surprised that skinwalker didn't start a yt channel instead of insta.

No. 1093623

NF is in Queensland where there hasnt been any cases for months. Restrictions have been lifted. The only people who need to quarantine are those coming into the state from declared hot spots or from outside the country.

No. 1093624

in my experience in UK edus, patients dye their hair on a pretty regular basis, either on their own, with the help of other patients and occasionally staff help out too. it's just something to do. along with constant nail painting.

No. 1093626

Thought she was elzani here with the red cheeks and soulless stare.

No. 1093633

The mistake these ones make with recovery accounts is that they don't start it when they're spoopy, like their heroine did. I'm not saying this Han doesn't have an ED, but was she even diagnosed because there's nothing about that in her first post. She may as well be a random who's eating chocolate and pretending to be scared. Georgias without a tube or the obesity.

No. 1093639

she’s trying so hard to look like elzani

No. 1093642

File: 1606572116829.png (102.2 KB, 193x219, hanzani.png)

How long before she starts tagging @manilife and @meridianfoods?

No. 1093644

sage for blogpost but it’s definitely allowed and very normal, happens constantly in the UK. piercings as well. (not porgie i swear)

No. 1093645

She's not in EDU though. It's regular psych.

No. 1093648

File: 1606572981171.png (29.04 KB, 423x129, Screenshot 2020-11-28 at 14.10…)

apparently han is so weak and frail she can't wash her own hair. not very believable

No. 1093649

isn't that what Paige claimed?

No. 1093650

Was she really fat and lost a lot of weight?

No. 1093688

I can kind of believe it, but it's self-inflicted if true. It's easy to get deconditioned and lose muscle tone if you just sit around doing nothing all day, and don't use your arms for anything but picking up your phone. To become that weak is possible but just demonstrates she never so much as carried in a bag of shopping, cleaned anything, or vacuumed the floor.

No. 1093694

True. Maria and Katie walk miles every day. Not great considering it's a compulsion, but at least it stopped them losing any mobility.

No. 1093711

So many of the anorexics on yt idolise elzani and now Molly ( amusing now she's removed her videos).
What I don't see is why they also idolise Grackle/Grace who has nothing to do with the ED world.

No. 1093712

bc she eats a lot but is still thin

No. 1093753

File: 1606588566089.png (387.23 KB, 720x864, Screenshot_20201128-183455~2.p…)

She was scared but it was amazing. Yaaawn…

No. 1093759

Oh my god the acting.. She looks at the food all confused and amazed like she's never seen it before and doesn't know what it is..

No. 1093760

Something about how she gets over her fear of the food from the first bite is a little off to me…

No. 1093764

Yea agreed. She’s so terrified and then with each thing she tries it and her mind is blown. Sage for blog but at least in my personal experience in early recovery, eating was so stressful that it was really hard to enjoy stuff. Definitely not the first time. It took repeated exposure to actually get to a point where the fear did not completely overshadow the experience. Find it pretty hard to believe that she 1) really doesn’t know what any of these things taste like because it’s been so long and 2) gets over how scary it is after 1 bite, which she finds orgasmic.

No. 1093766

I’m pretty sure that Paige’s story is all about Molly and lolcow. It’s a long vid to get through though

No. 1093771

She's like an uglier and somehow even less charming Molly

No. 1093772

Exactly!! I’ve struggled with anorexia myself for years and I actually find it really irritating how simple she makes it looks, especially as she’s posting it on the internet for others to see. I feel like it delegitimises genuine strugglers because she makes it look so simple, fueling the whole “just eat” argument(blogpost)

No. 1093773

Anon, do you need some help? You've been linking to posts that are years old instead of the ones you want to respond to

No. 1093774

Meh. Nobody gaf what she has to babble on about.

No. 1093775

I listened through it just to see what was said. It was a lot of repetitive rambling that could barely be heard over the background music.

No. 1093776

Shit sorry I’m new to the site idk how to reply to stuff, this one’s probably linked wrong too :/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1093778

Wait nvm I got it now

No. 1093789

Yeah would make more sense if it was normal in EDU but I have never seen it in regular psych wards in the UK (Georgia is in regular psych I think atm).

No. 1093795

is this her version of restricting?

No. 1093799

Welcome, for your own sake i'd really suggest you read the rules way top left. Also, when you post- be sure to write "sage" in the email-feild (minus the quotation marks).

No. 1093827

Is it just me or does daintyaly look a little porkier recently?

No. 1093833

Tbh I think she's just not sucking in and popping out her neck tendons super hard. Her face has always been pretty round.
She's basically living in a drug den now tho, so maybe there was a lot of munchies consumed in her absence

No. 1093838

>>1093024 not emaciatedmeg, this chick has been posted here before just changed her username a lot

No. 1093856

File: 1606600068683.png (982.96 KB, 640x1136, 14F0C6DA-D42B-4DE6-99E8-178620…)

Holy fucking shit, she can barely fit herself into the frame. But apparently her eating disorder is sooper bad and she’s purging sips of water

No. 1093866

dem chorizo fingers tho… like wtf!

her body is literally running out of space to store fat it thinks keeping it in her hands is a good idea. topkek.jpeg

No. 1093871

File: 1606601268314.jpg (259.38 KB, 899x872, georgia in 5 years.jpg)

No. 1093880

It seems unethical to tube feed this level of porker.

No. 1093887

No. 1093917

What an uneven dyejob

No. 1093921

Well this looks shit. Reminds me of the terrible dye jobs from my 600 pound life. Poorly done bright colors is such a fat girl cope

No. 1093973

File: 1606609319301.png (149.4 KB, 186x400, Untitled.png)

She's actually getting huge, jesus christ. How can anyone in their right mind not see how fucking weird it is that she's being tube fed.

No. 1093989

>I’m actually malnourished and it’s got so bad

No. 1094001

she looks so witchy

No. 1094002

Is there a link to Paige's video?

No. 1094017

I recorded it but it's really dull and she doesn't actually mention names.

No. 1094036

File: 1606612502993.jpg (529.02 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_2020-11-29-01-15-11…)

No. 1094037

File: 1606612638310.jpg (752.63 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2020-11-29-01-16-20…)

Sarah's depop is literally just for body checking at this point

No. 1094051

She managed to find the sweater with the most colossal sleeve openings. Look how the fabric droops, drowning those super fragile wrists.

No. 1094066

anon what do you mean?? she’s practically wasting away! poor little porgie honestly they’ll be nothing left of her soon

No. 1094075

Tbh it looks a lot better.

No. 1094078

Holy shiiit.
She looks about 200lbs, purging is clearly working well…

No. 1094100

File: 1606618362071.jpg (132.93 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20201129-135102_Chr…)

No. 1094114

Anon, if you think she’s only 200lbs you are a very optimistic and generous person. She’s certainly beyond the 250 mark.

Her breasts are the length of a torso

No. 1094129

Wtf indeed, what is wrong with them?? They don't look like normal fat hands, they look massively swollen and weirdly smooth.

No. 1094148

Right thanks. I watched the documentary once but it was over 10 years ago and I don't have much inclination to watch again. It was very tough viewing.

As for pre-Ash awareness, I don't think anyone even with Edwards' grim outlook could imagine someone still staggering around at approx 3 stone on the dot.

No. 1094156

swollen extremities can be a sign of things like lung damage, heart problems, water retention (kidney issues)…orjust being fat

No. 1094199

Is it confirmed that Ashley Isaacs is 3 stone? If so, when and where was it confirmed? Because that seems impossible. Surely she'd be dead by now if she really was 3 stone.

No. 1094214

…can you post a picture? This is an imageboard.

No. 1094300

Can we please stop blogposting about our ~experienced with sooper serious anorexia~ this seriously has nothing relevant to do with the thread, and just reads as a plea for asspats.

No. 1094305

Samefag, meant to reply to >>1093772 as well

No. 1094323

I second this. To any new anons: we've all had/ have EDs, you don't need to announce it.

No. 1094324

Not confirmed. For all her faults, Ash has never revealed any numbers. She is short though; 5 foot I believe so it's probably fairly accurate

No. 1094367

This is somehow one of the most embarrassing posts in this thread.

No. 1094370

That is…not flattering (although tbh at this point what is)
also Porgie we see you trying to smile after someone pointed out how blank you always look. Solid effort but the dead eyes do ruin it somewhat lol

No. 1094371

>cries about the gov cutting her benefits
>buys 2 things of bleach + 3 boxes of hair-dye in LESS than a month
her smug fucking face ugh

No. 1094372

lmao nice find, she honestly talks like she's 100% recovered

No. 1094373

Georgie Porgie, malinger and lie,
Stalked the spoops and made them cry.

No. 1094374

mmm delicious second-hand embarrassment

No. 1094379

I was the embarrassing anon, I just wanted to give the new poster an idea of the demography of the thread. I'll just go to the corner of shame now

No. 1094391

File: 1606655483339.png (1.06 MB, 602x799, Capture.PNG)

tiktok came up on my fyp and found her laughable. only milk i see is fat, IP, posted heaps of her suicide shit *which is well known to trigger copycats when you share those details. and constantly talking about how sick and mentally ill she is. might be someone to look at more?

No. 1094392

File: 1606655542010.png (910.96 KB, 508x910, Capture.PNG)

No. 1094393

File: 1606655664063.png (752.67 KB, 508x913, Capture.PNG)

No. 1094394

It must kill her to not be as spoopy as the others

No. 1094395

File: 1606655860810.png (633.83 KB, 1352x710, Capture.PNG)

i will say she lost weight she defiantly needed to lose unlike porgie or those elzani wannabes

No. 1094404

I was holding back on the hair comment but…that colour at the top does not suit her skin tone at all. The rest of her hair (that wouldn't lighten) doesn't look like an ombre dye job. It looks like your hair only lightened at the roots. Truly awful.

Don't NF give outpatient aftercare? Why the fuck s she tubed when she's eating? She's gargantuan. Why does she go out of her way to get extra calories? Of all the cows here, she's the least fathomable. Moreso than n2f.

No. 1094405

File: 1606658038010.png (240.75 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201129-135103.png)

On to Molly II. Let's believe she has en ED. Today she's trying scary cereal, which she'll love. If she's restricted for years not eating her challenge foods, how come she looks well fed? Obviously she's not chunky, but eating peas or frozen grapes doesn't keep someone at a healthy weight.

Sick of this new breed of recovery accounts.

No. 1094408

kind of stating the obvious

No. 1094410

Maybe she recovered already but didn't realize she could get internet famous from it so she's redoing it now which is why she loves all the foods immediately

No. 1094412

she goes by under500cals or something like that on insta

No. 1094414

maybe the challenge is only sticking to one bowl of cereal instead of several

No. 1094425

Or instead of ten different cereals.

No. 1094435

its so fucking embarrassing seeing anyone over the age of 17 try to use tiktok, especially if they follow those cringey dance trends or lipsync to anything. clearly this chick doesnt care about embarrassment tho if shes overweight & banging on about ED

No. 1094445

then she would have posted "before and afters" to show off her lw, that's usually how it goes lol

No. 1094448

>Obviously she's not chunky

Disagree. She could be a healthy weight for all we know (as opposed to overweight), but her face definitely looks chunky. Maybe she's ~atypical anorexia~ and started at a much higher weight?

No. 1094459

Inb4 some self righteous post about how she doesn't have pics at her all time lowest weight because she's doing her part to fight the stigma about eating disorders looking a specific way.

No. 1094463

You’re all disgusting people, I hope you’re ashamed of yourselves, what you’re doing is downright evil(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1094469

File: 1606668005574.jpg (7.69 KB, 275x183, pure.jpg)

No. 1094471

And you can be anorexia at any weight.

No. 1094481

no you are, fatty. Seeth.

No. 1094498

Whatever helps you feel validated kek

No. 1094510

If you read further up the thread you'd see she has the tube to rest the oesophagus which she tore purging. She's not edp.

No. 1094524

I just love her poses, the drawn in shoulder, raised brows and sticking one arm out at her elbow like a pregnant pig that can't roll over.
I have 0 doubts she's mentally ill but there's much better and more effective ways to get noticed, porgie. While new farms might be a joke it's fucked that she's swallowing up resources that could be used for someone else who could really use them.
Saging for no milk & apologies for the blog post but I'm just so angry so many truly mentally ill people suffer in their own filth and are pretty much abandoned by their families while this triplet carrying 600lb sow gets coddled for doing her most favorite hobby- eating herself to death.
Fuck you Porketta Porgie Piggy the First lady and first documented case of obese skelly disorder. May you always be remembered as the world's tubbiest skeleton to ever waddle.

No. 1094530

I know that,but she said she's still eating her pretend meal plan but not as much. Skipping a few hundred calories wouldn't make a difference. It'd do her good.

No. 1094532

So much of this post is lol. Great imagery.

No. 1094536

i think someone who claims to know her said in one of the ashley threads that she's 41lbs

No. 1094537

File: 1606674999678.png (425.85 KB, 720x781, Screenshot_20201129-183350~2.p…)


No. 1094541

She asked her mom while eating the cereal if it's too many calories while yesterday or whenever she ate a creamy pastry with no complaints.. But sure. Cereal is super scary..

No. 1094545


Why is there a sudden influx of non-saged posts, many of which are defending porgie?

No. 1094551

A fun sized box of Frosties that has calories on the box. Again, I'd like to know what her safe foods are that have kept her at this weight.

Genuinely wonder if she's an anon with her Molly parody account.

No. 1094556

Anon this is like poetry.

You too could be a journalist with your way with words.

No. 1094559

if these girls want to be at all believable as recovering they need to stop fantasizing that they have restrictive anorexia. if they'd just own up to bulimia, osfed, or bed and talk about how it's scary to "sit with" the fullness after eating, or to eat in a controlled way, or eat at normal times or whatever…that would be actually believable and also more interesting than yet another elzani skinwalk. but instead they all need to be dainty pure ana fairies and therefore end up doing shit like this, acting like they haven't tasted food in years despite maintaining a normal weight.

sure you can have an ed at any weight…but not restrictive anorexia kek

No. 1094581

i think porgie genuinely believes she has body dysmorphia and is actually a skellie. she believes it’s her sickness that’s making her look the way she does, even though it’s her reality. that or she’s just a fatty with a fetish

No. 1094583

File: 1606678336761.png (533.13 KB, 391x677, Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 19.18…)

was looking through molly 2.0's instagram and found this. i guess not even fruit was a safe food for her.

No. 1094592

File: 1606678742851.jpg (148.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She was high level breatharian. Wow.

No. 1094599

no, I feel great about myself desu.

No. 1094610

File: 1606680093663.jpg (391.67 KB, 720x1392, Screenshot_2020-11-29-19-57-39…)

So yesterday an anon posted about sarah's body checks and today she posted this, she took the link out of her bio that took them to her body checks and put tellonyn instead. Guess she lurks?

No. 1094627

I was thinking along these lines too. It's like a genuinely spoopy anorexic with bdd who sees themselves as huge as porgie but isn't remotely close, but she actually is. I wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror? People with bdd often know their thoughts on how they look are disordered. Do you think porgie sees herself and think that's just her thoughts saying she's obese?

No. 1094630

Kek hope someone called her out on this. She was definitely using depop to flaunt her spoopyness despite being all about the "recovery". I mean, she made the effort of putting on a pair of high high socks just to photograph and post a pick of her legs. So fucking inappropriate and beggy for attention.

No. 1094658

File: 1606682955707.jpg (519.27 KB, 1080x2111, Screenshot_20201129_204838.jpg)

*I meant thigh high

No. 1094660

am I the only one who finds it really weird to sell socks, even if they've only been worn once?

No. 1094662

File: 1606683207091.jpg (344.59 KB, 1080x1745, Screenshot_20201129_205221.jpg)

Imagine minding your own business and walking past her front door, then catching a glimpse of this.

No. 1094670

Nope I wouldn't buy second hand socks

No. 1094688

Anyone else wonder where the hell she's got her waxing done in lockdown?!

No. 1094689

It's not THAT hard to do hair removal yourself..

No. 1094696

Her life feels so lonely and empty. Does she have any friends at all aside from her mum/sister/trainer? She seems to still live in that isolated regimented anorexic reality with no room to deviate from the gym/food plan for friends, hobbies, fun.

No. 1094697

She looks like she smelling something bad… maybe the stench of her own bullshit.

No. 1094730

Didn't see this story so she must have deleted it knowing she's in the wrong. I personally didn't even think the post saying about the fact her depop photos were body checks was even nastiness, just pointing out what they were. And the fact she took offence is her deep down knowing that it's the truth.

No. 1094778

Those fucking shoes, I’m gonna have to search amazon…

No. 1094788

File: 1606692276071.jpg (453.72 KB, 1080x2088, Swole.jpg)

6 October
29 November

No. 1094791

She really went for a hobby that's like her eating disorder. Just dawned on me that this is just bodychecking in an acceptable form

No. 1094807

She is probably 300lbs or more. That’s rude to the people who weigh 200lbs

No. 1094809

File: 1606693428919.jpg (56.42 KB, 495x438, australian psycho.jpg)

Porgie is many things, but i don't think stupid is one of them. Judging from the fact that she reads extensively, is a genuinely good writer and finished higher education (also i tinfoil she's a psychopath). I'd be really surprised if she didn't know how to sage, personally.

No. 1094817

File: 1606693882556.png (809.83 KB, 716x1195, Screenshot_20201125-201346~2.p…)

Spot on about the bodycheck. Compare to this previous spoop that popped up on my suggestions.

Ganer has a long long way to go.

No. 1094818

Oh, she got a wreath! That’s progress, right?

No. 1094820

Unless it really grosses you out, its much better for the enviroment, clotes take a fuck load of water to produce. Draw the line at second-hand underwear though… pity the retard that would buy her socks for 7 pound when you could probably get them for half of that new.

No. 1094821

… is the before picture shooped? something off about those blurred legs.

No. 1094824

There was no need to open a pack to model. A shot from elsewhere would've been okay. Unless some foot/sock fetishist wanted them.

Personally buy all clothing second hand, but as anon said, never underwear. Tights and socks, nope, unless never worn. At least with shoes and boots you have a barrier so don't catch athlete's foot or verucas.

No. 1094825

Idk but the rest of her body has v low body fat. I don't remember her having any other spoopy throwbacks.

No. 1094836

either shes dumb as horseshit or is a terrible actor.

No. 1094837

genuinely good writer?

No. 1094838

She's got anorexia athletica, that's not a hobby, that's also considered an eating disorder. She just traded one type of anorexia for another.

No. 1094846

She deleted her tumblr (wallflowerbitca) so i'm afraid i can't link you, but the articles she posted there pretty good, though very cheesy. I'm sure someone screencapped if you go back to the great porgie farmer thread.

No. 1094855

The link in the thread is wrong. It's https://wallflower-bitca.tumblr.com

Her writing blog (updated earlier this year) is https://loresandlegends.tumblr.com/

No. 1094856

https://loresandlegends.tumblr.com/ Her writing tumble isn’t deleted

No. 1094866


Not that I want to waste braincells whatever half baked dredge she's written, but you might want to post caps if you want to archive her shit in any way. Or save it to the wayback machine.
Kek at whatever anon said she is a good writer though. We all saw that shite excerpt for her job.

No. 1094874

I archived it, just for you

No. 1094923

They all seem to get their recovery account names from the same name generator, just a first name and a present tense intransitive verb like BethEmbiggens, CharleneChews, or SarahFinallyShitting. What is with that?

No. 1094924

I have no idea where Porgie gets her oversized clothes from… like they're huge enough to look oversized on this hog… as a fat/plus size person I struggle to find clothes that are oversized enough and shes even bigger than I am

No. 1094928

the fat sizes in aus are pretty fair sized. not much design selection but kmart and bigw jumpers and pants are massive for fat sizing

No. 1094941

can't remember where it was posted but pretty sure she's short so although high bmi and obese would be smaller than a tall person who was same

No. 1094965

I think she's perfectly aware of her size, if she's 'dysmorphic' (delusional) about anything it's her eating habits. She has somehow convinced herself that she has the eating habits of a restrictive anorexic despite how obviously impossible that is.

I think she's just a munchie and zeroed in on anorexia because supposedly having an ED gives her an excuse to binge on junk food guilt free.

No. 1094975


Nah I deadass think she's got Amber Lynn Reid dysmorphia where she sees herself as dainty and much smaller than she is.

ALR is 600lbs but seems to think she's a "cutesy" 300lb, as evidenced by buying Torrid shit in sizes aimed at 300lb women while claiming their larger sizes are "too big".

I'd bet Porgie felt like she was 30kgs (66lb) at her LW, but was actually like 60kg

No. 1095014

Most clothing websites have plus size ranges & oversized ranges these days, never really understood why they dont just offer everything in a range of sizes anyway & it might help stop this LARPING , tbf she probs gets her sweaters from the men’s section so she can feel like she’s in a smaller size, I mean a mens small is like what a women’s L or XL? I am not sure, it’s like putting your mans sweater on and looking like a bag lady.

No. 1095016

Personally I just think she’s an autistic lesbian that has chose anorexia as her special interest and enjoys voyeuring skellies and begging for attention.

No. 1095029

File: 1606721080020.png (193.85 KB, 720x978, Screenshot_20201130-070554~2.p…)

The majority can't even be arsed with that, it's all flourishing someone, recovering for something, journey to something, somebody eats…

No. 1095031

File: 1606721129957.png (202.76 KB, 720x1089, Screenshot_20201130-070642~2.p…)



Carbon copies

No. 1095032

>I'd bet Porgie felt like she was 30kgs (66lb) at her LW, but was actually like 60kg
Oh yeah that's that something I can agree with. She clearly thinks her LW was much lower than it actually was and sees her brief time of being normal weight through rose tinted glasses. But currently, I think she knows she's fat and consequently has to use her imaginary anorexia to justify not eating well, exercising or losing any weight.

No. 1095054

Don’t forget the “fighting for ____” ones

No. 1095058

make your recovery account name here!:
WORD 1: flourishing, blooming, healing, recovering, thriving, blossoming, fighting
WORD 2: your name, fairy, sunflower, daisy, flower

No. 1095059


and the "rediscovering_(insert abbreviated name here)" accounts.

what grinds my gears is the ones who upon finding out that their name is taken, think they REALLY need to be sO-UnIqUe edit it to all hell.
i.e. r3disc0ver.ing_Lolcow

No. 1095061

File: 1606726605006.png (271.56 KB, 1230x730, 1600109143739.png)

I don't know, the way she described the "fatties"/"wannarexics" she allegedly encountered in inpatient in her now-deleted Reddit posts sounds like a direct projection of everything she doesn't like about herself. It seems like it'd be difficult to write something like that without realizing she's talking about herself, and is aware of it. I side more with >>1094965, she's just a regular fatty who doesn't want to feel guilt about being fat.

No. 1095062

I feel so called out cos yeeeears ago I had a recovery account and my user was legit rediscovering_my name lol. I was13 and grew the fuck outta that cringe though, so i don’t know what these 20+ year olds’ excuses are

No. 1095063

File: 1606727050640.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1125x1966, 5B71B75C-E30F-4E51-8535-C71A6D…)

“looks gross” …guys, she’s becoming self-aware

No. 1095071

File: 1606729631992.png (7.73 MB, 1125x2436, 1BDAF9EF-29E8-4B97-B45E-E160D7…)

No Porgie, you eat fast because you have to fit so much in and there’s only so many hours in a day

No. 1095078

Note her hair covering the side of her face without the tube kek

No. 1095095

Porgie, you want to know how to eat more slowly to lose weight, it's ok, you'd get more clout from being on a "weight loss journey" since people would actually believe you. Drop the anachan larp

No. 1095107

Sure….. That's why she eats so quickly…

No. 1095122

Thing is, she also uploaded a picture of a model wearing the socks along with a standard picture of the socks, so why not throw in a picture of her skinny legs as well for good measure. All the pics of her wearing the clothes were beyond unnecessary and such an obvious excuse to post body checks. Real nice for your followers Sarah, REAL nice.

No. 1095123

Tips for eating slowly for this one would be to eat what she's currently eating in one sitting over a span of 2-3 days.

No. 1095125

I feel like she's having an oit of body experience and writing about herself here having witnessed her own behaviours

No. 1095127

probably been discussed before, but I bet her lw was 70 KG, not lbs

No. 1095128

Google "mindful eating". These lonely people always prod for DMs when information is at their fingertips.

No. 1095146


sage for tinfoil, but I think that she, at maybe a few points in time, ate fewer than 1000 calories for a few weeks to lose weight, lost a few kg, and thinks that that makes her anorexic. even though she has since stopped doing that and gained all the weight back and more, she thinks that her ability to do that gives her a super serious eating disorder (despite almost everyone being able to do that). she then cracks it out for a few days to prove it (or "purges" a few times), and then immediately checks herself in for a vacation at NFC.

No. 1095147

yeah, we established a while back that describing "squelch" is actually georgia detailing her own behaviour in ip. porgie IS squelch.

No. 1095152

wait, but what happened to her major emergency oesophagual tear? why is she cramming food into her face at a super fast speed whilst still being tube fed? if her throat is healed enough to eat, then surely she doesn't need the tube. i assume she's fighting to keep the tube in to prove to herself how "sooper sick, to justify her simultaneously shovelling down a week's worth of food at the speed of light as comfort to make up for the fact that she missed out on eating solid food for a whole two days! it's not like she missed out in calories, since she beeged for them to be poured down her nose. seriously porgie stop being so fucking greedy and you wouldn't need to gobble your food at super speed to get it into you as fast as possible.

No. 1095153

yeah, it was revealed a while back that the weight porgie classes as her lw was her weight at the age of about seven years old. genuinely surprised she's missed out on the opportunity to reveal her birth weight, so she can claim her lowest weight was around 7lbs.

No. 1095160

Georgia is known for messaging spoops trying to relate to them and get info and tips from them.

No. 1095163

That's the thing. She went on a normal diet and couldn't keep it up, like most of the population. It didn't develop into an eating disorder as it doesn't with most of the population.

She loves food or she wouldn't be so overweight. If she wolfed down food all the time, and it's going to be a massive quantity, she just wouldn't eat it if she doesn't feel she wants to do it.

Georgia's ordinary. She tries to diet, fails, eats too much, gets no exercise but it so ordinary and wants attention so LARPs eating disorder.

No. 1095166

Adding, she doesn't read here yet when NF insider anon told us Georgia wolfs her food down she starts giving an explanation why she does that.

No. 1095175

File: 1606745765637.png (1.04 MB, 796x1348, Screenshot_20201130-141311.png)

Looked normal until I googled what 'nupasta' is. Konjac pasta that's 25 calories per 210g. How nutritious for a child, seeing as she's feeding that shit to her roommate and his kid.

Top recovery meal…. Chicken with laughing cow and 25 calorie noodles. That'll build her up just like Ganer.

No. 1095196

not that anon, but thanks!

No. 1095203

I think its a subconscious choice to help avoid upsetting instagram. A lot of these "recovery" accounts are just an excuse to bodycheck, sperge about food and/or give subtle between the lines hints on how they count, weigh, perform food rituals etc.
I say, fine, good for them whatever- but had they called it anorexia something something i bet instagram would have clocked it as pro and shut that shit down in no time if it got enough followers. A pro-ana rose by any other name, etc etc.
Flourishing just happens to be secret word of the week. Let's just be thankful its no longer ~butterfly~.

No. 1095204

You read that wrong. 70lb was the weight of Georgia's inpatient roommate. Georgia, called "Squelch", had 240+lbs.

No. 1095205

Yeah she has no intention of eating like a normal person, she just desperately wants skinny girls to interact with her.

No. 1095206

got any receipts? i'm working on a collection

No. 1095210

Yea. Georgia is in a typical overweight person cycle, she goes on diets (perhaps even extreme ones) loses some weight weight, goes off the diet, gains it back. And every time she gains back she ends up a little fatter than when she started. Also I think her eating fast is telling. How many restrictive anas would ever wolf down food? None. But that sure sounds like some with BED. She could probably benefit from CBT and mindful eating practice. Lastly, why the fuck would anyone give her overnight feeds?!? This makes absolutely no sense to me. Fine, she pretends to not be able to eat when she’s in the clinic so they tube here and give her her meals in liquid. But overnight feeds are for when someone is so underweight that they need to be fed almost constantly. This is not a Georgia.

No. 1095212

File: 1606749861798.png (48.28 KB, 793x615, ana butterflies.png)

Yeah, but they still put the butterfly emoji after their name or in their bio. Unless it's some kind of MK Ultra thing.

No. 1095214

>overnight feeds

NF is a very dubious place. I think that's the explanation.

No. 1095264

Exactly. Overnight feeds are usually to top up calories with the sole purpose that the patient gains weight, in addition to a day's worth of food or day-feeding by whatever means. Porgie is SOooOo far from needing to gain anything. Just boggles the mind.

No. 1095288

you've changed my mind anon. you might be on to something

No. 1095289

sorry didnt mean to copy you in

No. 1095339

On the subject of mindful eating, I wonder if a clinician is trying to help her rapid weight gain by discussing mindful eating with her and that's what led to this post >>1095071

No. 1095348

Anything I've seen on youtube about mindful eating, or people talking about it, they use mindful eating to help with binge eating.

>It has been shown to promote weight loss, reduce binge eating, and help you feel better.

>listening to physical hunger cues and eating only until you’re full

>distinguishing between true hunger and non-hunger triggers for eating

>restore your attention and slow down, making eating an intentional act instead of an automatic one.

>his can help a person on multiple levels, including regulating their food intake as they are better able to tune into the natural hunger and fullness cues of the body. Mindfulness also teaches acceptance of how a person may be feeling in the moment, which is also a reversal of what individuals feel who are struggling with binge eating disorder.

etc, etc, etc.

They know she binge eats/overeats. The reason she's been (supposedly) diagnosed different EDs is because she can't stick to one story.

No. 1095374

Haha so very true. My only worry is that she will know it was me that posted it ..

No. 1095378

We are pretty clean here in Australia with Covid restrictions - especially in QLD as we have had very minimal cases and returning travelers are sent to hotel quarantine for two weeks…
As an ex nfc anon, they don’t gaf as to who or what - you could go on leave and get whatever the hell you wanted - people can bring you things - it’s not locked and depending on levels, you can be checked at 2hr intervals and allowed in and out by yourself.
Totally different story in the public system though

No. 1095392

The NF dietitian is more useless than tits on a bull…
Ironically she used to work with bariatric patients who were lining up for gastric sleeves and weight loss surgery before turning to eating disorders …

No. 1095394

File: 1606763268382.png (8.9 MB, 1125x2436, 31287221-0F30-4D9C-8EC8-C1641F…)

And as happy as she could be - tube, ect, super serious depression .. let’s zap what’s left of that tiny little brain that’s being suffocated by fat and see what happens…

No. 1095413

No. 1095414

File: 1606765039775.jpg (29.82 KB, 403x821, delicate hands.JPG)

What like how ect doesn't work every other time. That dye's coming out already.

No. 1095418

File: 1606765260299.png (529.52 KB, 1468x643, Untitled.png)

No. 1095419

Saw this on front page an new immediately it would have a Porgie attached.

No. 1095424

that is foul. I dread to think what her breath is like

No. 1095429

Exactly how that filling looks.

No. 1095432

File: 1606767092076.png (801.92 KB, 1128x889, monkaW.png)

antisocial behaviour:
-berating her nurses in stories
-abusing the benefits-system
-no feelings of guilt when receiving unwarranted (sought after) medical care
-well documented history of pathological lying
-lack of friends, expresses no feelings of loneliness
-seeks out/favours a one-sided, strictly regulated relationship dynamic (nurse, patient:: influencer, follower)
-poor facial affect, "blank/dead" gaze (even when apparently smiling)
-lack of long-term goals/responsibility
-acts impulsively, seeking pleasure/personal gain/excitement (with disregard for others)

the list goes on…

No. 1095536

If the RD’s role is similar to US IP/resi dietitians [Amerifag here], she may not have much say in it. There’s probably a policy in place where anyone who refuses to eat or drink gets tubed, maybe after just a couple meals. Porgie must just take advantage of that, and the dietician has no choice but to order the tube. Even though Porgie is fat af and obvs can live with missing a few meals. The dietitian is probably well aware of that too but can’t just let her starve both cause medical ethics and NF rules. I bet she can’t stand Georgia and her manipulative cow ways kek.

No. 1095564

hasn't she had ECT like 4 times already? surely if it hasn't worked by now it's never gonna work???

No. 1095582

Tubing is a last resort in the UK. Laura's often said she hasn't eaten for X amount of days but iirc she's never had the tube.

Any anorexic would avoid it and kick against forced feeding by tube feed, but then the cows featured here and others on IG see it as ana points. Nobody wants that choice to starve taken away from them.

No. 1095586

I realize this whole fucking "facility" she's in is just making bank on these psychos fake illnesses but honest to god who looks at Porgie and gigantic meat hands and thinks this is something who needs a nose hose and overnight feeds. It's damn near criminal at this point but Porgie will keep paying…
I keep wondering what her end game is? Like is she still going to larp an eating disorder when she's 600lbs?

No. 1095588

She's said she hasn't eaten, but there's no way to confirm that. I wonder what she's up to. She hasn't posted in a few weeks.

No. 1095591

Its mind boggling and negligent if they really are doing ECT, I’m not doubting that she’s got depression but ECT is reserved for those who are Catatonic but it’s NFC & money talks…

Absolutely agree & these fuckers literally beg for it & overnight feeds…

No. 1095602

She (dietitian) actually pretty much runs the show (at risk of blog post, once told me it’s easier to give people naso because then she doesn’t have to figure out meal plan calories etc.)
It’s a pure money making facility.. it’s why the same cows are in and out all of the time

No. 1095621

On average, people require around 10 sessions for it to be effective. Some might need less some might need more.

No. 1095630

Learn to sage, Porgie.

No. 1095640

Come on anon, just enjoy the fact that she’s willingly destroying her brain cells for munchie points.

No. 1095681

Would an obese patient like Georgie be quietly given a 'weight loss' calorie load through their tube like we've tinfoiled about a few times? Or is it legit just whatever the dietician throws in their feed bag regardless of actual calorie needs?
I'm always curious how Georgie never seems to lose any weight at all, even accidentally, when she's on a controlled intake of hospital food eight months of the bloody year (the comment about her buying an excessive amount of snacks makes a lot of sense too tho).

No. 1095711


> losing 130lb in 5 months


No. 1095715

File: 1606786163874.jpeg (545.73 KB, 828x1508, 984DE9CE-4036-44CB-8419-FF8CFC…)


literally all the nf cows are friends, sage for tinfoil but i guarantee you they’re all farmers bitching about each other kek. screenshot is from soph ventingg story she’s talking to that tiktok chronic illness girl who LARPs an eating disorder and loves a goood toob

No. 1095737

How did you manage not to get purged from her friend list?

No. 1095746

Yeah shay is well known here as a wannarexic

No. 1095748

idk i’ve legit never spoken to her or anything, only followed her a few weeks after she was mentioned on here

No. 1095750

sage for derailing but if i were her dietician when she checked into NF i would put her on a feed (that way she’ll stop whinging for a toob) designed to make her lose to a healthy point, rather than pumping her up unnecessarily to feed her ego???

No. 1095754


A bariatric approach is having the patient on tube only, clear fluids, on a rate of 1000cal a day to give the big body the absolute bare minimum. At the rate porgies gaining, I imagine this could be an option in a year or two.

No. 1095766

yeah of course they are - it's pretty hard not to be friends when they see each other on pretty much a weekly basis on the ward

No. 1095785

quality post, anon

It's not just production that's bad for the environment, clothes end up in landfills and take a long ass time to decompose too.

No. 1095810

The thing is, sophie is about to be kicked out and placed in the local public system as she is so unwell and refuses help, shay is about to be kicked out for non-compliance and tiktok dancing again (god knows why they took her back), Georgia will linger till her discharge date and soopa serious tears and leah is just chillin with TMS. Theres quite the bunch at NF currently. They need to all be frens as they need updates on whos the sickest

No. 1095817

That would make sense if they actually controlled what she did and what she eats. But she snacks while on tube feeds, and if it was a longer term thing she’d be home and have even less supervision. The only way Georgia would lose weight is if she chooses to do so, stops LARPing any ED other than binge eating disorder, and goes on a real diet. Since she won’t do any of that, she’ll probably keep gaining until she hits some level of fat equilibrium where she’s not getting bigger but is stagnant at some measure of morbid obesity.

She might try weight loss surgery once she’s middle aged and doesn’t get internet asspats any more, but with her inability to stop eating long enough to even fake an ED she’d eat her way fat again.

Kek is everyone at NF a wannarexic munchie? NF pumps them out like nowhere else. None of those girls have chronic illness and most of them don’t have EDs beyond starving themselves just long enough to get tubes. Creating a self-sustaining cash flow, I suppose.

No. 1095902

Wait, so she bitches about herself in the third person on reddit… How do we know Porgie wasn't the one telling us she buys food from the vending machine in new farm?

I doubt a sociopath would relish this much self-humiliation.

No. 1095903

File: 1606808311368.png (4.23 MB, 750x1334, 1EF35B14-953A-4879-8550-404E56…)

No. 1095915

Holy fuck she's going to shit the bed with that combo

No. 1095916

She… She didn't drain the tuna.

No. 1095918

Im sorry… Blue cheese with tuna? Either her stomach acid had burned all of her taste buds away or she is trying to induce vomiting.

No. 1095920

She isn’t a sociopath she’s just retarded. She reminds me of those old guys with Holocaust fetishes.

No. 1095928

i have a strong stomach when it comes to n2f's creations but holy fuck this one got me

No. 1095929

She’s not a sociopath she’s autistic so doesn’t hide her shitty behaviour like most people do.

No. 1095937

Are you fucking serious? Not a dietitian myself, but it's not that hard to figure out how many calories a person needs based on her weight and height. It's basic math ffs.

No. 1095939

If what NF anon said about the dietitian is true, I doubt this. She's too lazy to calculate a intake and figure out a meal plan so I wouldn't be surprised if she gave porgie the same treatmen as other tubed wannarexics

No. 1095958


ahhh yes, "salad cream"… nothing quite like adding something that looks like my bf's cum to add the n2f flair to the dish.

goddamn what i wouldnt give to be a fly on her wall for the day…

No. 1095960

she’s officially went too far.

No. 1095961

Why reply to my post just saying exactly what I said?

No. 1095964

She really does seem to fetishize eating disorders versus just romanticizing it the way lots of wannarexics do. The level of delusion she has living in her waif-fantasies is comparable to that of troons, kek. I really do feel bad for her, it’s sad at this point.

No. 1095980

I don’t feel bad for her in the slightest. Perfectly supportive parents willing to sink their money into her and all she does is gorge on her fat ass and pretend to be sick for (feigned, probably tight-knuckled) attention from nurses. I’m near positive she stares at the other girls in NF with those empty sped eyes and masturbates at night to the thought of being them. She probably tugs on the tube a bit for a little ol s&m while she does it. Georgia is one creepy bitch and she shouldn’t be babied for it.

No. 1095987

maybe she'd try to eat you

No. 1096000

It’s literally her one job - and she cannot do it. She has been there in the same role for over 15yrs - she’s useless - porgie and a lot of the other nf girls see her as an outpatient which yet again, is another way to keep the $$$ flowing in

No. 1096001

The way Georgia dismissed her little brother going to hospital with an eye problem sticks in my mind. She made it sound like an annoyance because SHE wanted sympathy for HER made up problem.

When will it end? She's been doing this for so long and her check ins at NF are more and more frequent. She only gets the n for depression but it's obviously killing her she's not taken seriously by them as having an ED any more.

No. 1096020

File: 1606824796254.jpeg (148.8 KB, 750x1299, FAFE7545-1AA6-4A12-9E1E-BCE9A5…)

After _sunflowerseeed being brought up on this thread recently I found her tik tok. Body checks and her eating low cal meals, plus she follows weight loss/anorexic accounts (amyadventuring at the bottom = spoopy). Definitely anorexic.

14k instagram followers lapping up her VeGaN PosiTivE ViBeZ posts and obsessive food pics yet she just doesn’t eat any of it! Typical.

No. 1096024

I don’t know most of those but the Hannah marling one she’s following does “X-thousand calories a day” videos whilst simultaneously having lost weight. So I’d say it’s probably disorder-fuel content

No. 1096039

I only remembered her because of the bad fake tan on her hands. She'd piss me off more if she bought and wasted the food on her pics and didn't just grab stuff from a supermarket shelf and take a snap.

There was always the joke about how people who worked in health food shops/were vegetarian looked pale and thin. She's kind of like that stereotype, even though it's not true anyway and loads of vegans are fat now because of the vegan friendly junk food.

I don't like her because she's promoting a healthy lifestyle and it's obvious she has issues with food, but I feel sad for her as well. As long as she's getting asspats for being healthy vegan, she won't change.

No. 1096043

Anon, my poor sides.

It’s in the fucking can too. As if it wasn’t revolting enough. It’s in the fucking can.

No. 1096046

File: 1606828383066.jpg (72.15 KB, 966x585, Capture.JPG)

I think the same about the ASMR eating channel people. Especially one named Lychee who made a video eating vast quantities every single day and is slim as fuck (img eats half this cake). Sorry, but no.

(Lychee hasn't made one for 8 months, I notice. Hope her stomach didn't explode).

No. 1096047

File: 1606828397514.jpeg (975.8 KB, 3464x3464, 4E1D06C7-739F-4D4A-8FB4-DDED78…)

holy shit anon, i just checked out her channel on a whim and there’s definitely something off about her obsession with food in her videos and the way she eats.

not to mention what looks like swollen lymph nodes and puffed-out cheeks

picrel, a small compilation of her abnormally swollen jaw/cheek area i caught. i understand some people have fuller/rounder faces, but the fact that it’s “beneath” her chin (best i can describe) points to me that it’s swollen nodes from purging these challenges.

i’ve had a pet theory for a while that a lot of these youtubers who do insane “calorie challenges” are bulimic or purge with overexercising in order to keep up with their image as “skinny people who can eat anything.”

not really any milk, but something i find interesting. i’ve been getting a lot of “skinny/fit people eating 10,000+ calories” videos recommended and outside of professional body builders and competitive eaters, i really can’t see how any regular person would routinely post that type of content, maintain their size, and not be purging via vomiting or exercise. i can see why anas like _sunflowerseed or whatever consume the content, they can watch somebody binge and feel superior for their restraint.

No. 1096053

File: 1606828671680.jpg (143.37 KB, 612x839, hm.JPG)

Could still be a bit of facial fat. She's quite an odd shape.

No. 1096071

I think bulimics are pretty easy to spot, and bulimia is extremely common yet seldom acknowledged. Swollen salivary glands are unmistakable—we all have them in the same place. While they can become irritated for reasons other than bulimia, I’d say it’s pretty reasonable to assume that someone who does binges and remains (relatively) thin while also having swollen salivary glands… well, it’s a pretty simple equation.

On the other hand you have people like Porgie who are clearly just fat “purging sips of water” kek.

No. 1096077

Stupid question, but there's no way I'd know personally…at what point do the glands stop swelling? I'm thinking of someone like Chloe the French girl in that documentary. She's spoopy and purges a lot but there's nothing to see on her face that gives her away. Also Caraline who was mentioned above. Do they stop working or something?

No. 1096109

I would not be surprised if we found out Georgia selfposts here cuz she gets off on the attention of being in the proana threads. I've been tinfoiling for a while that she keeps tipping off the others so they go into hiding so she gets talked about more. I wonder how she would act if she got her own thread- too bad she's not worthy of one yet

I assume most/all mukbangs YouTubers have some sort of ed and just justify it by being YouTubers because they want attention for it.

No. 1096113

It's like the people who enter food eating competitions as well. I saw a vid a while ago (also recommended to watch) about a woman who championed over big cocky "I can eat anything" men, who was a recovering bulimic turned body builder (actual body builder, not ganer level bullshit). She literally shoved fistfuls of food down her throat barely chewing anything.

No. 1096122

Georgia 100% for sure posts what she posts knowing it'll get a reaction from us. It's like having a conversation with her via stories.

A guilty pleasure is watching those 10,000 calorie a day youtubes. Sometimes I wish Ganer would watch the ones with the bodybuilders who talk about how they need to eat a lot and gain weight to build muscle. It makes me gag watching those competitive eaters shoving whole hotdogs down their throat, but it's disgusting in a hypnotic way.

No. 1096324

…maybe its the pose? why do her arms look so short and tiny

No. 1096360

File: 1606851028058.png (796.32 KB, 706x953, Screenshot_20201201-192839~2.p…)

No, she carries weight around her hips. Waist up she looks three dress sizes smaller than below. Just how she is, I suppose.

No. 1096361

What a strange body shape, kek.

No. 1096366

File: 1606851265334.png (1.04 MB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20201201-193315~2.p…)

Her head looks tiny.

No. 1096369

Jen Brett is kind of built like this too, she just dresses in a more flattering way than wherever this girl is.

No. 1096411

>>1096361 isn't this just a standard pear shape? lowkey wish i had a body like hers instead of being shaped like a fucking fridge lol

No. 1096442

In a previous Ash thread, her ex friend Jamie Spinellpmrevewled Ash’s weight as well as the fact that Ash purges by using olive oil as a lubricant.

No. 1096449

*jamie spinello revealed

No. 1096460

Lol fucking hell, thought it was an Afrikaans name above.

Pear shaped but exaggerated? Idk, it's odd how her top half seems very small in dimensions. I'm not saying it's bad and prefer curves over bones. Does she even have an ED or was that speculation?

As for Ash, purging would kill her…if that's possible.

No. 1096464

Ash had to stop purging a while back, presumably due to her health, which is why she gave up her beloved Krispy kremes

No. 1096490

>>1096442 olive oil?! kinda bougie

No. 1096492

Where did she state this? Typically, bping becomes an addiction so it is difficult to stop. It doesn't make sense she would stop for "health reasons" while making no attempt to get better. She still has a wishlist with gift cards. I'm sure she finds suckers and managed to get one every so often.

No. 1096496

My guess is that she absorbs just enough to keep herself alive. It acts as a lubricant to help food glide out, I'm assuming.

No. 1096504

nitpick but those eyebrows are doing her no favours, they look so far apart

No. 1096511

too lazy to search for the post right now, but I believe she said she was giving them up at some point on her Tumblr. the purging bit was probably speculation on here or kf, so likely not that accurate, sorry. Maybe she was worried about not getting it all up?

No. 1096517

File: 1606858600880.jpg (46.19 KB, 599x626, goalz.JPG)

Organic, too.

She might do what gastric sleeve people do and blend it all up to get it down.

They look fabulous compared to r.a.d.recovery's.

No. 1096533

It's fucked up how there are other fully capable professionals who don't have a job while this woman can't even do the basics.

No. 1096544

Why do so many bulimics film and post their binges on youtube?

No. 1096546

she did an eating my subscribers fear foods and in the video she says she was putting off filming it because she doesn't really know much about eds and that she has never suffered with one. I've seen a few vids of her before, don't think she has an ed, just your average brit that likes food. she has lost quite a bit of weight but it was over a few years so don't think it's disordered.

No. 1096601

Views and competition, I'd expect. Perhaps a teeny tiny fraction of them actually do it for educational purposes but mostly just for views

No. 1096732

could you share with us anon?

No. 1096752

She also says she goes to the gym to workout, that she lives alone with no help, goes to therapy (remember that "therapist" vid where she does pokemon impressions?) And that she doesn't need any assistance to walk. She is a liar.

No. 1096763

sage for slight detail but it’s ironic we have a cow actually pretending to be better than they are- too used to the porgies of the world

No. 1096764

samefag *derail lol sorry

No. 1096765

File: 1606872075286.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, 5C56F352-07C8-480C-B9F9-5415BF…)

Won’t be surprised if she gets covid tbh

No. 1096771

it’s so sad that this is what her life has come to. she really has replaced one disorder with another

No. 1096848

Most people are excited that they’ll hopefully be able to see their families again for the holidays but she’s really only happy about the gyms. Christ her life is empty…

No. 1096861

File: 1606877750004.jpg (664.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201201-200659_Gal…)

Prepare to be bored. It was so long that I had to split the video. The audio also goes out of sync at some point.


No. 1097032

File: 1606893439517.png (9.59 MB, 1242x2208, E7417303-DF71-42C9-A0CF-E47557…)

Georgia's hoseless and looking none too pleased about it. I'd bet money she'll be tubed up again before valentine's day.

No. 1097090

File: 1606903383249.png (1.46 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201202-100124.png)

Partying with Georgia. What would that involve?

No. 1097093

She talks as if she was tubed because she wouldn't eat not because she fucked herself up and it was because she hurt her Mallory.

No. 1097098

How she downs this place when she willingly goes there…not like she is made to go there. What a clown.

No. 1097104

Damn that lazy eye tho.

No. 1097169

She genuinely looks so upset

No. 1097180

Anon, every time I check into this thread I think exactly that. Obviously is private and the goal is to make bank, but, fuck…at this point it’s an enabler of malingerers.

No. 1097187

No. 1097211

Chowed down with a reused tiny plastic spoon from those Cadburys Easter-only filled chocolate eggs no less. Lovely.

No. 1097231

File: 1606922285646.jpg (324.57 KB, 1080x1961, 20201202_091448.jpg)

Still got that internship, everyone. So depressed she needs ECT but is able to get her work done!

No. 1097237

File: 1606923769909.jpeg (758.9 KB, 750x1334, 13EFE57B-BB9F-444A-8566-D6F3B1…)

Cannot take these nourish blue cheese concoctions.

Has she actually spat on this?

No. 1097240

The unwanted oversharing

No. 1097253

It would make sense if she actually ran an ED account but this his her PUBLIC account that her friends and co-workers follow her on! I'd die of embarassment. I was too scared to post my Spotify stepped let alone stories about purging and inpatient and whatever else georgie spews

No. 1097255

Samefag *spotify wrapped

No. 1097258

real proles use great-value 2 for 1 vegetable oil

No. 1097262

Please, PLEASE let there be an ozzy cow new years party, littlestlee is pretty much a confirmed georgia farmer (see >>1093269) i bet she could make it happen. That'd be such a beautiful cliff-hanger ending for this season.

No. 1097312

File: 1606932321096.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.62 KB, 579x800, vomit-prank.jpg)

Every one of N2fs creations remind me of joke shop vomit. IMG related and thoughtfully spoilers for emitophobic farmers.

No. 1097364

sticking her head out like a fucking turtle to reduce the doublechin

No. 1097384

File: 1606936301852.png (1.78 MB, 1909x890, authentic.png)

Molly II has obviously never seen n2f's plate.

Oh, she's experiencing ~extreme hunger~ like they all have to.

No. 1097393

File: 1606936727534.jpeg (170.08 KB, 333x353, chocotastic.jpeg)

Maybe cut back on the sugary ~fear foods~ and have something more filling for breakfast? Oh, sorry, commenting on plate.

No. 1097417

File: 1606937837523.png (1.24 MB, 1909x867, frequent flyer.png)

Keeping track of Georgia's NF vacations.

Ofc you'll never go back to that "cunt of a place", Georgia.

No. 1097419

Strange how they always crave sugar because they totally need it. Never eat stacks of muesli or something nutritional.

No. 1097530

File: 1606945583819.png (849.09 KB, 1039x892, peepocarb.png)

Why you would crave sugar&carbs and feel hungry all the time with a diet made up pretty much exclusively of sugar&carbs is a complete mystery, as any anorexic will tell you. wink wink

No. 1097538

She’s wasting away. Kek.

No. 1097544

File: 1606947020709.jpeg (177.52 KB, 640x748, 5DD0D409-D635-4B59-B882-6A9C91…)

@coffee.cats.recovery had to take the tube out and ate a burger her followers were all happy saying she didn’t need it anymore she was all “idk guys” next day she’s with the tube again saying her psychiatrist said it’s sooper important! The other day she ate a wrap she just loves the ng tube too much~

No. 1097554

If they'd given her ketchup then she mightve ditched the tube. Those chips look good but not with mayo.

No. 1097556

File: 1606948166427.png (1.22 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201202-222753.png)

She had a snack of cookies with a slab of carb for her ~hunger~

When I see her food I imagine her talking to herself all that bollicks she writes.

No. 1097561

my fucking god, that's actually ridiculous, pls update if there's even a crumb of protein in one of her stories

No. 1097572

Fairy lights in the pig pen! Her flab sloshing around the dance floor on new years just might someone. Yikes. I think Porgie is the only person on earth who'd look healthier if she developed a crack habit

No. 1097591

if Molly II doesn't end up going AWOL like the original Molly she's gonna end up Porgie's size one day

No. 1097600

I'm sorry, but you can't be her size and experience ~extreme hunger~. It's just called bingeing.

No. 1097650

But she's quite long into her anorexia recovery isn't she? I don't know much about extreme hunger but I didn't think it could come months into recovery and eating normal sized portions? Maybe I'm dumb kek, sage for dumbchan

No. 1097764

I think these people are getting addicted to the dopamine that comes with the sugary high cal stage of recovery eating and continuing it on obsessively beyond necessity.

No. 1097824

Sorry for sperg but i'm so damn sick and tired of the ~uwu~ if you crave something just have it cause you're body is soooooper clever and smarter than science. As if our brains aren't wired to crave shitty things we shouldn't have, life isn't always pleasure sometimes you need to eat a proper meal with fat/protein/ complex carbs that will actually fill you up, not 6 poptarts and a packet of digestives. Eating random plates of desserts for every meal isn't how people without ED's eat.

No. 1097830

that's legitimately spit,kek.

No. 1097859


how does someonethis big get ng tubed? it’s crazy. “My bloods showed signs of severe restriction”
but her body never has

No. 1097890

Do we know if Georgia has BPD? Because "rational brain" is something I've definitely encountered in literature about helpful therapies for it.

No. 1097895

File: 1606981794064.png (847.75 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201203-074724.png)

They've got her doing exercise!

No. 1097896

File: 1606981844662.png (389.47 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201203-074529.png)

Dharma moved out/ran away and is now begging her followers for cash. Claims to have had a bmi of 7.5.

No. 1097899


fucking kek she’s not in the psych ward she’s at fat camp and nobody has told her

No. 1097902

lol no, she's a spoop and was certainly under 10 but not quite ash-tier

No. 1097905

File: 1606984471782.jpeg (222.52 KB, 750x806, 3E972555-206F-4E33-BA20-A55605…)

So this is bored_with_ana, the girl who got her TikTok deleted. Apologies for the shitty formating but the black text is from a few days ago and the red from a few months ago. She claims to not have had butter for 5 years but her ED only started 2-3 years ago? I don’t know who started the ‘first time in x years’ trend but I hate it

No. 1097906

File: 1606984621035.jpeg (263.83 KB, 750x1051, F658BA31-F1FD-4B13-BA8E-A17DEB…)

Again, photo and text from a few days apart. Soooo skinny, sure r/thathappened. I don’t doubt she has an ED but the not-so-subtle flexing/powerlevelling is cringe.

No. 1097911

fukn mega lol!
what are the chances that 1min40sec on the clock is the longest she lasted before whipping out her phone, snapping this pic for the 'gram, then waddled back to the comfort of her vending machine and couch…

No. 1097912

> I don’t know who started the ‘first time in x years’ trend but I hate it

The pathetic "I did it on my own" thing gets me every time.

No. 1097913

>very skinny
She's literally an average weight.

No. 1097918

File: 1606987190445.jpg (28.71 KB, 377x386, Capture.JPG)

The spoon though.

No. 1097921

Cheese does bubble up spit-like when heated but considering the other stuff on top of… whatever that is, this doesn't seem to be the case here.

No. 1097929

File: 1606989275531.jpg (7.94 KB, 450x300, spittlebug.jpg)

Unless she left the bread thing outdoors for a couple of days, I don't see how it could be spittlebugs eating her greenery either.

We've got to face it, she's spitting on her food.

No. 1097930

Apologies if this is a newfag question, but why would she do that? Is it an ED thing?

No. 1097932

N2f is an enigma. The only spit thing I know of with EDs is chew and spit, but not spitting on food before chewing. Another disgusting habit to add to her repertoire.

No. 1097933

agreed. This is why meal plans are created by dietitians, to prevent this sort of mindless nomming.If you eat simple carbs and sugary sweets, you will crave more and more because it screws with your blood sugar.

No. 1097948

but georgia has no friends, one of the most obvious signs of bdp is having extremely intense and volatile relationships with (often) many partners + friends

No. 1097950

no fucking way LMAO

No. 1097956

File: 1606994436802.png (3.51 MB, 750x1334, DBECF50C-5538-49DD-BD37-DD5EE2…)

She posted this an hour after saying her ed urges where super high. She says she struggles with anorexia b/p but considers a salad size bowl of ice cream part of her meal plan…

No. 1097960

File: 1606995085932.jpeg (882.45 KB, 828x1550, 3675262D-F9BA-4D40-8056-B8C4AB…)

Less than 24h after posting about eating a pint of halo top a day and shes opened a gofundme to beg for money? Stay classy dharma.

No. 1097962

This looks like it’s covered in whipped cream too
Like overly disgusting & not something someone in recovery just ~eats~

No. 1097969

She does tick a lot of boxes for autism though.

No. 1097971

Don't forget wasting money on the 5 calorie nupasta shit and her gym membership! also dharma, if you relax with the winged eyeliner I'm sure you'll cut your spending right down!

No. 1097976

Plenty of money for protein powders, low carb bread, sugar free monster, nupasta, diet ice cream and a gym membership but gotta beg for handouts because she’s so poor? K Jan.

No. 1097980

File: 1606998627625.png (840.97 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201203-122822.png)

Fucking hell. That's a joke. Competitive eating.

Img…we know if Georgia had any pics of herself thin she'd be posting them at every opportunity.

No. 1097981

File: 1606998972907.png (328.15 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_20201203-123456~2.p…)

She could ask her dad for some of that food his company collects for the needy.

No. 1097987

my phone is broken so I can't take a screenshot but Dharma is also anti-mask

No. 1097988

(from posts on her Facebook)

No. 1097989

Per her GFM description her parents are ~*~abusive~*~. Funny she didn’t mention that when she was bragging about them buying her a $300 blender for her birthday, driving her to and fro, and generally placating her bullshit.

No. 1097991

She so wishes she was emaciated

No. 1098008

and aspd (>>1095432)

No. 1098009

File: 1607003061823.png (321.42 KB, 720x1272, Screenshot_20201203-123517~2.p…)


No. 1098011

it's incredible she's only 19, looks about 40. Weight induced ageing, like an anti-Georgia

No. 1098013

File: 1607003286341.png (989.02 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201203-134648.png)

This one's announced a guveaway, scheduled Molly style.

There is not too much food. Georgia would agree.

No. 1098016

File: 1607003767458.jpeg (1.34 MB, 828x1709, E25E963E-5D4B-4C2C-885D-5EBA5D…)

Such abuse. Much suffering.

No. 1098018

File: 1607003953928.png (76.5 KB, 720x387, Screenshot_20201203-135843~2.p…)


No. 1098019

she sure loves her justified binge eating

No. 1098034

It's like she took a bite then remembered she hadn't taken a photo of it yet and spat it back out in the same place as if no one would notice.

No. 1098043

idk ive been much fatter than that & had family still act like i was wasting away. to obese people anything within normal range is "eat a burger"-tier skinny so i dont doubt that some insecure dude wanted to make himself feel better by pretending THAT is too thin

No. 1098044

>looks 40
the mentally ill one here is you

No. 1098061

this new breed of “recovery” acc is too much for me man. giveaways & *~challenge weeks uwu~~* for their followers to participate in just so they can feel better about all the sugar they consume. not everyone can just shovel in the crumpets and chocolate whenever they fancy (think refeeding etc for those who are legit restrictive/spoopy)
has Hannah ever even been underweight? aside from the collarbones in her misleading pfp obviously

No. 1098064

I'm with you. It's hideous. If anyone asked newMoll about her past weight she'd say what they all do, that it doesn't matter, they have an ED and weight doesn't prove anything.

All you have to do s make an account, post yourself looking a healthy weight, say you're scared of sugary food, hashtag the fuck out of it, copypasta recovery mantras and there you go. It's shit. No work goes into it at all, they only want to be popular and get followers. Eat some Nutella, biscoff, pop tarts, peanut butter, cereal, drink an iced coffee and say some days you struggle. Post crying pic as "proof".

Interested to see what shit she's giving away. An engraved spoon or some shit chocolate and a colouring book…

No. 1098075

it wouldn’t be as annoying if they didn’t all claim severe anorexia or w/e. ednos/osfed is a legit thing, even “disordered eating” or yo yo dieting I’d respect them more for “recovering” from bc at least that’s somewhat more believable. but no, they haven’t touched an apple or a cereal bar in ten thousand years omg scawy !!! they post all this shit about you can have an ed at any weight bla bla bla but don’t wanna admit they don’t fit the only one that has a bmi criteria. just. make it make sense

No. 1098083


“eating disorders have no bmi” “you can b anorexic at any weight!!”

no, you can’t.
Recovery accounts r cancerous ways for disordered girls to live out their binge food fantasies

No. 1098085

File: 1607013896954.gif (1.01 MB, 435x250, boring.gif)

This as well. It's amusing how they all say that binge eating w/o puking, or bulimia shouldn't be thought of as a shameful thing, yet it's always anorexia that they claim to have. Honestly if they were honest and said their wonky with food episode didn't last more than a year, or their weight wasn't significantly low but they struggled and this is how they dealt with it, then I'd be interested and take what they say seriously because that'd be helpful. Stuffing their faces for asspats isn't helpful and it isn't authentic. No, their ~story~ isn't our business, but it'd help to relate to them and make them seem more real.

No. 1098088

I’m with Georgia on this, although we know it’s just an excuse on her part. With a few exceptions, people who have been spoops always post them bc everyone knows that’s how you prove yourself and get followers. Like above anon said, i’d Have way more respect for someone who posted a healthy LW pic to actually PROVE that they believe it doesn’t matter instead of pretending it’s to not trigger people

No. 1098091

Does she not?

No. 1098093

File: 1607014422021.jpg (110.21 KB, 1201x633, constipation.JPG)

Speaking of before and after shots, Ganer's posted those but her RECENT before and afters are more like spot the difference.

She hit the gym. Video of her making faces on her page.

No. 1098113

Is Molly v2 just on IG ? Or on yt too?

No. 1098119

Can't find her anywhere else at all.

No. 1098131

the hashtag, strongnotskinny LMAO she's delusional

No. 1098136


If I didn't know her I'd think she'd been to an aerobics class and popped into the gym for a laugh. All the time she spends there and nothing to show for it.

No. 1098145

File: 1607019822549.png (958.11 KB, 720x818, Screenshot_20201203-182013~2.p…)


Giveaway is a colouring book, a recovery placemat,
>An assortment of recovery reminders, quotes and messages handwritten by me :)

and some poundshop crap

No. 1098155

eh, I find it cute that she's doing something for her followers

No. 1098170

Not really. She's doing it to collect more followers.

No. 1098184

lmao anon >>1098064 , you called it!

No. 1098198

Nakd bar, colouring book, felt tips, generic ~inspirational~ quotes… yawn. Do people really follow just for a chance to win this stuff tho? You might as well go up B&M or Poundland or somewhere

No. 1098255

She has those relationships with the nurses instead… her “best nurse friends “

No. 1098267

I've poked around and couldn't find anything else. She posted her full name on the account (it's in her highlighted stories) but it's apparently a very common name

No. 1098293

Agreed, but Georgia does the exact same thing through her tube selfies and posting fake medical emergencies. She does that specifically to make herself look sick and sicker than other ppl. Kek that she acts like she’s better than other cows, she’s one of the worst.

No. 1098480

Yeah but nobody with eyes is going to look at Porgie and assume that tube is for an eating disorder kek. She reminds me of the morbidly obese chick on illnessfakers who ~NEEDS~ TPN despite being the size of a house. Swap physical for mental it’s all the same munchie attention seeking bullshit

No. 1098523

yeah and if you doubt their sincerity, you are told you are promoting anorexia , are fatphobic or ~gatekeeping~

The people who complain about the Anorexia Nervosa diagnosis having a bmi criteria are the ones who invalidate Atypical Anorexia because they won't just suck up the facts. No one is saying they don't have an eating disorder, its just not the eating disorder they want.

No. 1098540

She also once went on a creepy tangent on Reddit about only being inspired by literal near-death bonespo, though I’m beginning to wonder if she just meant it turns her on

No. 1098545

Is Smorven still in the picu

No. 1098623

That Beau Reve "perfume" is literally a pound shop (translation - dollar store) knockoff of a Chanel scent. She really splashed out for this huh?

No. 1098773

I mean at least she's doing something nice to gain followers instead of whining about how scary everything is

No. 1098789

I doubt she's had it 4 times. I've seen ECT practically wipe two months of a persons memory, and they only do it in extreme cases or for bipolar.

No. 1098803

how is the price of the perfume relevant?

No. 1098884

She said in an igtv that she’s not confident enough to do youtube, that’s why she posts all those videos of her to Instagram

No. 1098886

solostinmymind/ becky has been offline for 11 days now and given her extremely low weight it's possible she may have died? I haven't seen any tributes to her tho. She was super active on her insta stories.

No. 1098891

I can't find her account? its just solostinmymind isn't it, no underscores or numbers?

No. 1098899

I think she's been deleted. The account says not found but all the links go to an empty page hmmmmmm

No. 1098904

>>1098891 her account is plantsandpepperminttea, but she's more known for her old user. She's purged the account so there's no selfies, but you can search old threads to see how thin she is.

No. 1098905

File: 1607086819239.jpg (37.44 KB, 275x275, becky.jpg)

No. 1098920

File: 1607089747228.jpg (656.41 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20201204_134910.jpg)

surely, she's gotta be trolling at this point…

No. 1098922

File: 1607089768682.jpg (Spoiler Image, 655.23 KB, 1080x1884, Screenshot_20201204_134919.jpg)

i mean, seriously?!

No. 1098927

good riddance. she was known for messaging fellow spoops unhelpful comments to trigger them.

No. 1098941

that looks like actual vomit, she's either trolling or making the most disgusting looking food so she has an excuse to not eat it

No. 1098944

File: 1607093016891.jpg (31.85 KB, 635x366, she crossed the line.JPG)


Lost for words…Made all the more repulsive by the slime of the not fried part of the egg (which is most of it. I…

and >>1098920 … it's…it's…

No. 1098946

I had this thought when the spit thing was posted. Does she fuck the food up so it puts her off eating it? The way that old pro ana sites said put washing powder on things and she just spits instead and combines half cooked ingredients.

No. 1098962

Does nourish get asspats for her abominations or does anyone ever say anything? (I’d check myself but really don’t wanna follow her)

I just wonder because she is so different to most of the other anas, you tend to see lots of perfectly arranged, perfectly presented food but it’s like she goes out of her way to make everything look as filthy and unappetising as possible. Even if she’s not eating it, c/s or doing it to put herself off, what goes through her head in order to want to post it to thousands of people? The mind boggles. If she is bulimic I wish she would be honest about it but I can’t even truly dislike her, she doesn’t seem like she’s playing with a full deck ifywim

No. 1098965


I requested a follow soon after she went private but she blocked me. It's not even a suspicious account.

I've yet to see any food as repulsive as hers on ig. There was a close moment, but it was just some foreign fish thing (with tails in it and that) with no flash on the camera. I dislike the obsession worriors have with their presentation. I prefer something that looks like you made it yourself. Then there's n2f who's in a league of her own. If her mum knows about her account, or at least knows what she does with all the food she orders, and doesn't get her help then there's something really wrong.

Even if you google disgusting food combinations, n2f's creations pisses all over them.

I know everyone calls autism on cows, but I can't think of a mental illness that makes her do this. Even those that post binge food don't make it look gross (except the one instance with that brebek making egg tortillas on her toastie machine). It must be hell inside her head and she recreates that hell on her plate.

No. 1098994

I remember seeing some gagworthy stuff on a travel show once but even that was, like, presented nicely and a traditional kinda thing. As for insta, not even madzemoji (her of the mouldy bread and cremated lasagne) comes close.

Her parents letting her have a fridge in her room is peak enablement and I kinda get it, with anorexia some families will give in to practically anything as long as they eat but I’m with you anon, something seems really off there. Not WKing though, she can be a right arsehole.

No. 1099011

reminds me of one of n2f’s spoons from a previous thread. too lazy to find but it said “keep going” on it or something

No. 1099047

File: 1607100347425.jpeg (1.15 MB, 828x1516, 7A893A5C-DF1F-4FA7-83F8-E3AF38…)

#gymlife. Someone’s been talking to ganer. Can’t afford to feed herself without a gofundme but gladly pours money into a gym membership.

No. 1099054

Anyone else think N2F has started restricting again? She went from huge (near daily) bakes, smothered in chocolate- to these three lowly pickles and a tiny little cumstain of creme fraiche. Then again its so unclear what she keeps and what she doesn't… hope she's ok.

No. 1099064

Of course her mind is impenetrable. She wears a tin foil thing under her bun to stop us understanding her. I do think she went off on a bake thing because the Great British Bake Off was on tv. She seems so chaotic I wonder if she orders a lot of things, eat (or whatever) the sugary crap first and we're seeing the dregs of her shopping until she stocks up again. I wouldn't be surprised at all if she's lost weight. Those things she posted, even if she eats it, is really low on calories.

No. 1099066

lul priorities. I always get dharma confused with chii, they’re both so fucking arrogant and full of shit. “strong” my arse.

well if she carries on at least there’s the chance she’ll get some help. she’s not under an ED team or anything is she?

No. 1099068

File: 1607101777437.jpeg (40.42 KB, 1024x512, 720193hf7.jpeg)

Makes me picture the chinese factories where this sort of dirt cheap custom stuff is made. Picture working for next to nothing making spoons telling white middleclass NEET girls to "keep going!".
But yeah nobody knows molly2.0's pain when eating bread on camera for the third week in a row. So brave.

No. 1099070

Yeah, gherkins (pickles I think amerifags call them) are defo a ‘disordered’ food. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss her bakes. Bakeranon was a true gift we did not deserve

No. 1099074

aye, a gift she be

No. 1099076

she has mentioned a dietitian before but I don't think any other professionals. tbh I wouldn't hold my breath for recovery. She's been at this for years, her family are clearly massive enablers and it's not like she has any motivation to change

No. 1099084

She went for bloods recently to her GP and she mentioned how she's done damage to her body. It's sad that the cow who tries their hardest to prove they're recovered is possibly one of the ever increasingly more disordered ones.

No. 1099092

File: 1607102984304.png (1.85 MB, 1616x646, Untitled.png)

>rice for the first time

No. 1099094

God, I hope she's just in the hospital

No. 1099209

File: 1607109525681.gif (1.56 MB, 490x404, 71D72FCE-06C3-45CC-B937-5E22BE…)


No. 1099222

Samefag sorry. I just can’t with Molly 2.0. We don’t even have hilarious!Jamie or Mollmum to spice things up this is sad

No. 1099272

Speaking of the brebek girl (above) it reminded me of this one on youtube who only uploads videos of her binge. It's the most disgusting eating sounds, worse than brebek. Is it normal to eat like this when having a binge?

I don't get what she's doing with that account or what she wants to achieve. Another one with a mother fixation, but at least hers stays out of it.

No. 1099277

this girl is straight up chubby. either she's in recovery for an ED but it's bulimia or osfed or BED, or she never had an ED at all and is larping for attention bc she went on a diet for five minutes once and then realized internet fame as a scared ana bb was a better game. either way these challenges make no fucking sense. you don't sit at an overweight bmi and somehow never have eaten any food. and if your ED is actually about bingeing or bp, you don't deserve bravery points for eating a plate of pop tarts. either way it's a fucking joke and it's wild she gets likes for her shit-tier "scary/soooo delish" repeat performances

No. 1099283

File: 1607112958377.png (4.35 MB, 828x1792, 534C1EBD-9616-4F28-A8AE-310D1F…)

what is it with the cows and e-begging????

No. 1099290

File: 1607113374101.png (210.69 KB, 1114x733, ok.png)

No. 1099343

File: 1607116142958.jpg (908.7 KB, 1930x2000, IMG_20201204_220501.jpg)

I went through various of her posts and seems like she doesn't get a lot of comments, and when she does they're asspats like the img attached.

No. 1099346

File: 1607116337635.jpg (372.67 KB, 1080x992, 20201204_150430.jpg)

She doesn't get many comments on her food posts unless she mentions something else (treatment, doctor, etc.).

Also, I love that she said the bowl was just burned but it's obviously dirty

No. 1099348

Cackling at her acting here. And of course she has a biscuit afterwards. Of course.


No. 1099354

The horrible ana LARPing omg

No. 1099356

Takes a bite, barely chews


No. 1099363

there's two servings in those bags of rice, i have them with dinner most nights and half a bag is enough to make you stuffed

No. 1099366

shut up anon can’t you see that’s ~extreme hunger~ her body obviously needs it

No. 1099367

Nothing like cows ebegging for useless shit.

No. 1099374

Kek at the debby ryan ass fake lip bite expression, even molly's acting was better than this

No. 1099376

Heybooxy / Becky Johnston 2.0

No. 1099421

File: 1607118865454.jpg (17.27 KB, 450x236, sure han.jpg)

i like how it takes half a second in her mouth for her to stop being so scawwed and realise she loves it.

No. 1099429

>sure han.jpg

No. 1099430

File: 1607119177072.jpg (251.11 KB, 1080x1214, Screenshot_20201204-215831.jpg)

No, she's back in the EDU. She regularly posts complaining that she's in an empty room, mostly to her close followers list but she's also active on Twitter and Tellonym.

No. 1099439

pancake queen elzani uploaded again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usZahXIB2nY(imageboard)

No. 1099461

shall i brave watching it with a review ?

No. 1099466

File: 1607121677012.png (900.38 KB, 750x1334, AE833D73-C901-4FB6-8B86-F04494…)

But how is she gaining weight when she claims she eats next to nothing and purges every thing lol

No. 1099552

Likely story is she saw someone thinner and hotter than her, felt triggered, consumed an entire ice creamery to eat her feelings and then thought to run with the ED trope.

No. 1099607

File: 1607129792493.png (394.89 KB, 828x1792, DE6A23C5-C858-4857-86A0-B92B2B…)

From Laura’s vent acc. Who is she trying to fool? If she gets the tube we’ll never see the end of it

No. 1099608

File: 1607129798901.jpg (255.81 KB, 1080x1857, 20201205_105603.jpg)

Guess who is also getting ECT and wasting a bed i NF. This placeis a joke

No. 1099617

It's so funny the way that Laura will go quiet for a while, someone will mention her, and then she'll be back shortly after. Weird coincidence, right?

No. 1099626

Seriously though how do people even fall for this shit?

No. 1099640

Becky hasn’t used solostinmymind in ages, it might’ve even been deleted. No one has mentioned her in ages either…self post? That you, Becky?

No. 1099646

ah yes I see the difference! her knickers got thinner! wow mad progress for Ganer this month.

No. 1099667

Her alleged eating habits haven’t changed in years and yet her weight does? She’s so clearly lying about everything. Her boring cycle will carry on and she will be “relapsing” in no more than a month or two, I’m sure. And what happened to her very serious housing problem that she made a gofundme for then neglected to mention (in any detail) again?
This one is truly a disgusting specimen, her blatant lies shock me every time she is is mentioned.

No. 1099673

I would actually have respect for accounts like hannahfightsthis if they would just stop claiming to have anorexia. I think most of them would fall under OFSED/EDNOS but obviously LARPing anorexia gets more followers.

No. 1099678

Her face looks a little chubby but that’s normal for a lot of people. Definitely doesn’t look underweight but she could just have an unfortunately round/moon-like face so I don’t think you can go as far as to assume she’s overweight. Mid-high healthy range yeah, but overweight? Nah

No. 1099691

She’s been desperate for a tube for years lmao. Give up already Laura, it’s not gonna happen.

No. 1099700

what is this supposed to be? an attempt at a poor man's shakshuka? i am appalled.

No. 1099723

Looks like a shakshuka made in a microwave, which makes perfect sense when it comes to n2f

No. 1099942

File: 1607158477039.png (134.16 KB, 560x623, mirror.png)

Both this and her previous video are neither interesting or milky to be honest.
In the video she uploaded three days ago she visits a garden centre where she buys spatulas and then eats a good variety of food.

In this video she sings in the car, eats advent calendar chocolate, feeds and walks the dog, then eats more food.

No. 1099943

isn’t she in a pd unit? staff are used to them refusing food for attention, doesn’t mean she needs feeds lol

No. 1099944

To be fair she didn't have anything alongside it and one serving is less than 200 calories. Not defending her just feels like a nitpick

No. 1099948

As if her waste is even 25inches, dream on kek

No. 1099956

Her face on the far right side is incredibly reminiscent of Molly…

>I really don't expect anything
Yes, you do, or you wouldn't have posted it.

She obviously doesn't have anorexia, but I wouldn't be surprised if that rice was her fear food, it looked so disgusting when it came out.

No. 1099957

It's probably people who have never had an ED before.

No. 1099958

Yep, and then wannsa use them as inspo. Molly was inspired by Elzani and Han was inspired by Molly so we're going to just see a spiral of progressively less convincing accounts

No. 1099966

File: 1607162220148.png (976.59 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201205-095544.png)

If she says a chocolate is scary, I swear… Her snack includes a couple of chocolate covered biscuits every day.

No. 1099968

>First in years

Just pointing that out.

No. 1099974

i miss hilarious jamie

No. 1099978

she is almost saying every stereotypical fear food is a fear of hers.

Rice is healthier than those sugary snacks she "challenges"

No. 1099979

Carbs are carbs and will have the same effect on blood sugar regardless of it's "healthy" wholegrain breakfast cereal or if it's chocolate covered donuts.

No. 1099987

obvs haven't heard of low GI carbohydrates then

No. 1100022

File: 1607171620229.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, 17739DC4-4AB6-4C91-917C-40A6F0…)

sooper scary. oh how my heart weeps

No. 1100023

>instead of listening to my ed and having only half of a pack
You mean… one serving? Like a normal person?

No. 1100027

File: 1607172160599.png (864.48 KB, 718x1085, Screenshot_20201205-124024~2.p…)

Snack A Jack's are rice. That doesn't count? She had them in October.

No. 1100029

File: 1607172367826.jpg (939.38 KB, 1079x1732, Screenshot_20201205-084018_Ins…)


She also said in the post before that one that she hadn't had cheese in 2 years but this is in her day patient highlight lol

No. 1100033

Where else would she eat if she was outpatient?

No. 1100035

Lol yes, thats awkward
when simple things like this don't add up, it really makes you doubt her more and more

No. 1100041

Looked at her All In archive. Not a vegetable, fruit or unprocessed food to be seen.

Waiting for her to name her bloat.

No. 1100044

Smh snack a jacks aren't even crisps

No. 1100049

File: 1607174860814.jpg (1.98 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201205_132133531.jpg)

Saged cos this is just for the LOLs. But someone in the fb group "a group where we pretend to be patients in a mental ward" shared this and they all look and sound exactpy like n2f abominations kek. They're "depression meals for each sign". Had to share, made me laugh anyway

No. 1100050

File: 1607174888741.jpg (2.36 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201205_132304640.jpg)

No. 1100051

File: 1607174912542.jpg (2 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201205_132349273.jpg)

No. 1100059

One problem. That disgusting food looks clean and cooked, but definitely from n2s cookbook.

No. 1100065

Aries, Cancer, Leo ..what in the actual fuck? lol

No. 1100072

Leo's very n2f. At least they bother to do a proper fried egg in those pics. It's an uncompleted challenge to find an Instagram plate as bad as hers. If anyone finds one, we've got a new cow.

No. 1100093

Your ana is showing lovely

No. 1100095

boy in the striped pyjamas WHO

No. 1100101

Isn't the reason Laura's so quiet cause she's in cow jail? if she wants out she'll have to go x amount of time without having a bpd fit of acting out for attention, which is something i doubt she's capable of kek. Probably cheaper for emergency services to keep her sectioned than having to send police out to talk her down once a week and deal with her revolving door A&E visits.
Don't worry though i think laura is having the time of her life locked up, attention round the clock sounds like her dream.

No. 1100104

… you'd respect someone who lies about having never eaten rice before?

No. 1100123

>Scorpio: Beets.
LOL this gave me a chuckle

Pisces is peak n2f energy

No. 1100129

Are we sure she isn't a farmer pulling off some satirical performance art? The "first time in years" claims are becoming increasingly absurd

No. 1100133

I don't think it's a farmer. It's the new breed of snowflake recovery accounts when they've been on a diet for 3 months and losing 2lbs scares them.

-mother fixation
-"first time…"
-one bite, fear gone
-no friends
-wanting to be popular
-cliche recovery quotes
-"extreme hunger"
-eating sugary shit
-"you can eat anything"

Hannah doesn't have an engraved spoon, but the placemat is close (and very Laura).

No. 1100151

File: 1607187580373.jpeg (130.29 KB, 750x1026, 6A4ABE7E-4EE6-437C-9358-AB14CF…)

Look who I found on a bored_with_ana post!

No. 1100155

File: 1607187693793.jpeg (837.28 KB, 828x1435, EDFBA465-7CD9-4EE0-982E-6B83AD…)

how will our precious waif cope without nutrition???? come on georgie at least try to keep up the act for instagram

No. 1100165

File: 1607188331499.gif (31.74 KB, 220x193, georgie.gif)

Fucking hell. Spending her cash at the vending machine confirmed.

No. 1100184

Don't forget Manilife!

No. 1100191

File: 1607190000055.png (1.84 MB, 1909x867, another.png)

Here's another example of the new breed cookie cutter #warriors.

No. 1100224

File: 1607192543259.jpg (377.7 KB, 1080x1920, 20201205_121911.jpg)

How to make Ganer's cream of rice slop!


No. 1100227

don't forget the ott glee when they taste the food. giant grin, O face, "that's AMAAAZING, that's REEEALLY NIICE" even if they're eating something mediocre af like frosted flakes with milk

they also self infantilise, with the mummy fixation as well as being sheltered and often being delusional about their real ages, such as Molly's constant claims that she "looks 12" or >>1100191 claiming she "looks about 15" when her less filtered selfie looks…pretty rough for her actual age of 20

No. 1100232

File: 1607193046745.jpeg (869.23 KB, 828x1519, 67C1CF86-8A47-439C-A304-2E99B3…)

More water = more volume, for when you want to convince yourself that you’re “”bulking”” despite eating the exact same thing for years on years.

No. 1100233

Yes! and they did something all by themselves because mummy usually does it.

That shouldn't even be classified as "food".

No. 1100252

She said in the comments that she wasn't allowed to use her phone for a while

No. 1100295

>20 (look about 15)
No, no you don't.
What is it with these girls acting way younger than they are?? the stuffed animals, retarded custom baby spoons, the talking about themselves in third person. Ugh. (Does it count as softcore pedobaiting? lmao)

No. 1100323

File: 1607199123126.png (933.96 KB, 490x872, put the food down georgia.png)

that extreme hunger…

No. 1100329

File: 1607199315244.jpg (163.95 KB, 1296x821, cake is scary.JPG)

Advent calendars are quite the thing. It's a god damn cult, I tell ya.

Forgot to add Nutella and Biscoff to the list.

No. 1100331

I was thinking about Ganer's "cream of rice" concoction, but luckily that isn't food so I don't have to eat

No. 1100332

File: 1607199370314.jpg (442.52 KB, 1080x1333, 20201205_200434.jpg)

ahh yes a protein bar, cheese and 2 whole slices of salami. such normal food choices.
kek at this being displayed on the bed sheets, very n2f

No. 1100335

Ew, she has her cats on the bed as well.

I was eating. A biscuit with my coffee. A normal portion because I'm not a greedy bitch.

No. 1100337

(not my first ever either).

No. 1100339

Glistening…that's a new one.

I think N2F asked what advent calendar she should get in her stories a few days ago, but I might be mixing it up with someone else. She's probably trying to get it cheap

No. 1100341

Becky was always begging for them. That's another new warrior thing - asking for followers to do a poll what they should eat or buy.

No. 1100343

I was going to say this. Her pockets are full with change, they should call her jingles instead of squelch.

No. 1100347

File: 1607200027032.jpg (18.49 KB, 412x219, WTFOMG.JPG)

What're all these acronyms? I get SA, CPTSD and EUPD but the others? It's one of the #snackwithhan people. Why do they post their shopping lists when #yourillnessdoesnotdefineyou ?

No. 1100366


id like to volunteer as a new bakeranon but i dont live in either the uk or us so will do my best to get the ingredients, what recipe should I start out with?

No. 1100369

PVB: premature ventricular beat
DV: double vision
EN: enteral nutrition
CD: conduct disorder
here are my best guesses, anon

No. 1100370

File: 1607201667649.jpg (206.62 KB, 1390x834, pink vomit.JPG)

You and other baker should do a Bake Off!

Here's my suggestion, img. I imagine all those ingredients are do-able in any country? They look hard as fuck so kind of interested in if there's any moistness in there.

I need to ask a question. What the hell is protein powder for? Is it a supplement? Why do the ana chans use it in things?

Thanks. She never had tonsilitis then. Loser.

No. 1100373

For the "popping candy spread" (tbh I live in the UK and I've never seen this), stick some popping candy with some buttercream? The ingredients of that spread she used are sugar, oil, cocoa butter, flavouring, colouring, as well as milk and buttermilk powder. More or less buttercream?

No. 1100375

>What the hell is protein powder for?
Protein powder is usually refined whey left over from from cheese production, although there's other types such beef, pea and soy. Weight lifters use it in shakes because it's a quick, easy and cheap way to meet their protein macro. Anachans like it because it's a low calorie way of consuming protein.

No. 1100377

is she fucking kidding? This looks lika a parody of ed recovery vloggers but I guess she's serious. Bruuuh that's not how recovery looks. Maybe she should watch some of the anachans and their behaviours so she can copypaste it on herself to seem somewhat more believable kek

No. 1100379

File: 1607202342436.jpg (46.48 KB, 435x438, cake omg.JPG)

Perfect. Thanks. So there's a red flag right there with n2f. Idk, I'm really mad at her parents enabling.

This is classic. A few weeks into her all in recovery and she's beaming over a slab of cake.

No. 1100381

Adding, she obviously never saw that Thin documentary where the one who's now dead freaked out eating her birthday cupcake she was made to eat.

No. 1100387


''add everything w mixing bowl''..

the unicornspread should only be on top and not in the batter right?

No. 1100389


must be georgia who came up with the name for that group

No. 1100390

C-PTSD: complex PTSD
GAD: generalised anxiety disorder
C-D: completely-dumb

No. 1100392

Yep. Like a cupcake frosting type thing.

No. 1100394


she couldn't find a larger bowl, couldn't she

No. 1100395

Her face, though. Serious business, like she's on a mission. One she'll ultimately lose.

No. 1100396

DV: Domestic Violence
C-D: Conversion Disorder?

No. 1100397


great, i'll make them on monday!

wanna try ganers specialty as well, too bad it's not my bulking season lol

No. 1100400

the concentration level is REAL when she's adding the flavourdrops, bet she is counting the 0,000004 calories in them

No. 1100406

File: 1607203947054.jpg (27.55 KB, 382x369, df.JPG)


Stay safe!

No. 1100424

cba watching the rest but I accidentally enjoyed some bits of her driving her sister to college (?) and singing. Semi-functional and nice, know it goes downhill from here.

No. 1100429

>>1100155 you'd think a sooper sick anorexic would relish at the fact they had dinner early, then they can say they've "fasted" for a good 14 hours until their next meal! But not our porgie, she really is special

No. 1100465

File: 1607208171125.png (408.69 KB, 355x793, granny hands ganer.PNG)

omg, the state her hands are in! if that isnt a sign of pure dehydration then…
And dont tell me that everything isnt meticuluosly weighed right down to the yoghurt she just HAS to lick from the container.

agreed, its almost like a witch brewing a potion.

No. 1100469

I really wish she'd get therapy. This is so disordered and her life is so sad and empty, but she's actually trying hard and HAS improved compared to where she was a year or two ago. If she could put half the effort to therapy that she puts towards lifting weights and controlling every aspect of her intake, she could actually recover and lead a meaningful life without continuing to be trapped in a different version of the same disorder.

No. 1100484

DV = domestic violence and SA = sexual assault I think but not sure about the others

No. 1100491

That is not the face/body of someone unaccustomed to cake…

No. 1100495

Is it just me or are advent calendar more meant for kids? cause they're so excited for christmas that the long wait feels unbearable.
They write like its strange for a teen/young adult to not have bought a calendar for a few years- when really that's kind of whats expected. You're an adult you can get sweets whenever you want, why pay double the price for an added bit of cardboard?

No. 1100501


No. 1100506

what are ye on about ?

No. 1100514

They were for kids when I was a kid. Search advent calendars on ig and it's mostly little kiddies posing proudly with them.

Fun fact, when I was a kid in 1900, they didn't even have chocolates, just a shitty picture of a candle or something lol.

Idek if this was a thing for the anas in past years, but it's a thing this year. This one that comments on everybody's recovery account has one too. It's a #challenge to eat a chocolate when you haven't had one for yeaaaars!!1

In the documentary "Thin", one of the girls is given a cupcake to eat on her birthday IP. She doesn't want it. It's agony for her eating it. She has a panic afterwards and wants to vom it up. This is how it goes when someone fears a cupcake and has eaten one. They don't look like cake is the most fantastic thing on the planet when they haven't had one forever because ~anorexia~. But Hannah does. She does it again with birthday cake.

No. 1100515

File: 1607210931382.jpg (173.94 KB, 1386x850, ac.JPG)

This one keeps commenting on all recovery accounts and is in with the cool advent kids.

No. 1100516

File: 1607211004236.jpeg (390.25 KB, 720x1089, 164B87B1-B996-4CC6-81C3-9772CA…)

Looked backed from a year ago and she was mentioning about end of life care then so it’s possible. Do we know her last name?

No. 1100517

mine had a shitty picture and a BIBLE VERSE because Jesus kill me now

No. 1100525

File: 1607211317820.jpg (8.89 KB, 261x193, covid.jpg)

That's worse than the candle. I'm sorry.

No. 1100540

I do not get this new "all in" trend, where people don't consult with a dietitian and stuff themselves with garbage. I totally understand the need to challenge fears and eat "unhealthy" foods in recover but this is absolute insanity. She is eating like crap. This will make her feel like shit and also is not teaching her anything about lifelong healthly eating habits. Like not even some fruit?! All she eats are processed carbs and sweets. That is not recovery. As much as Elzani is annoying, and also eats her faaair share of "challenging" foods, at least she eats fruits, veg, and protein. The challenges are not supposed to become your entire diet??!!!?

No. 1100581

You're completely right, anon, but you can't tell a cow that because you'll ~trigger~ them and then you'll be vilified by everyone on Instagram because it's a thought crime to speak the truth these days.

No. 1100649

RIP Polly but this made me cackle out loud.

No. 1100732

Minnie maud gave recovery warriors an excuse to do ED recovery terribly. I haven’t seen any recovery accounts that go back to basics, like pick a protein and 2 grains for a meal

No. 1100787

To be fair some friends of mine have tea advent calendars with a new tea each day and I’d love one of those haha. Like you said I can get chocolate whenever I want but I’m not going to buy a whole box of tea just to try it and find out I don’t like it. So the tea ones are practical and fun.

No. 1100847

File: 1607233759515.png (592.47 KB, 720x1091, Screenshot_20201206-054701~2.p…)

Paris's cat has a cat advent calendar! This video is cute and much better than childish warriors sperg over theirs.

No. 1100894

Sage for dumb questions but she’s been kicked out right? She seemed to have a pretty nice/well off northern ontario family and is now working two waitress jobs and living with some guy with a kid from the gym? I looked at her Instagram but didn’t see any details, it sounds like she officially can’t pull this bullshit at home anymore?

No. 1100900


Also if she’s in recovery & experiencing “extreme hunger” despite how much she’s eating, surely she knows it’s cuz it’s all nutritionally desolate, prepackaged bullshit.
The trend of “recovering” via Instagram & 3,500 calories of sugary pastries, sweets & carbs is.. insane. Real anachans who need that amount of food start those accounts & show all their insane foods, then girls who are fat & hate it unhealthily, but don’t ever do anything about it see it as a chance to larp as #anawarriors (insert strong arm emoji) & get asspats, despite eating too much for their current weight & basically just daily bingeing

No. 1100911

>they didn't even have chocolates, just a shitty picture of a candle or something lol
This is exactly what Mumzani said in the latest video lol.

No. 1100912

it explains why these sorts have bad blood results, they're fine with weight but bloods are out because they eat absolute crap that can leave anyone nutritionally deficient

No. 1100944

Her hands looks they like belong to a woman in her 60s. That is not normal.

No. 1100945

#blogposting but my bloods are always fine and I have an active eating disorder but I eat a variety of shit, not just pop tarts and pastries and cakes and donuts
These girls seem 2 be doing that even when they’re “relapsing” it’s never restricting that you can track, they say they haven’t eaten and don’t post food for a few days then post a binge or post “might eat ___ cuz I’m soOoO LiGhThEaDeD” then don’t post for hours afterwards like bitch I know you’re eating(blog)

No. 1100956

No Insta “ana warriors” back then.
Anything we could do to hide the ED was done and if we wanted to reach some kind of recovery we did it alone or with randoms IP who you lost track of because of no Facebook or shitty phones.

Sorry for what seems like a blogpost. Just all this bodyposi ana b.s these days gets me frustrated.

No. 1100965

File: 1607249913151.jpg (126.94 KB, 760x428, vegetable-pakora-hero.jpg)

looks like a vegetable pakora with pink icing

No. 1100966

irrelevant but definitely Pro Ana Scumbag: I want an ED thread on here

from what i can see only 4 years ago someone asked and was kicked.. I asked recently on the diet thread but I can’t find it or my comment now lmao

No. 1100987

that's fair, sounds comfy

No. 1100990

I doubt you'd be very popular if you tried to start a ED thread in /g/. It'd probably end up being a competitive, blogposting, tips+tricks-sharing hot garbage mess. I'd love to see you try though.

No. 1100996

What >>1100990 said. It'd be a messy mixture of deluded anachans, wannachans, fatties, and women-who-are-average-weight-but-think-they're-fat blogposting and slinging shit at each other. If not that, it'd devolve into a thinspo thread, which anons in /ot/ have blatantly asked for before only to have their requests unanswered.

No. 1101005

There's myproana for that. Or Reddit. Worse idea than talking about Cooney in this thread.

No. 1101007

or skinny gossip! Just don't bring that shit here

No. 1101013

she says she left of her own volition but her parents are probably sick enough of her shit to give her an ultimatum. Her family does look pretty wealthy so I don't get why she didn't have some savings to fall back on? (since she apparently ended up on the streets)

No. 1101014


it’s like that everywhere though, but anyway I didn’t know myproAna was still active

No. 1101025

I suspect she’s got plenty of money to fall back on in a real emergency (ie mom and dad will bail her out) but she’s got too much pride right now to grovel back to them since she probably stomped out when they put their foot down on her anorexic behaviour. Easier to beg online from people who encourage and enable her “fitness” journey. She makes ganer look like a bonafide weightlifter.

No. 1101027

point being?

No. 1101039

It's been said before but I think Ganer has deluded herself into believing she's healthy whereas Dharma is just looking for excuses to justify her behaviour (I'm PaSsIoNaTe AbOuT hEaLtH aNd FiTnEsS) and that's why she is the less likeable of the two

No. 1101047

It's sad how Ganer's so stuck. If she could make herself eat what she needed to, with her motivation she could do well with bodybuilding. How she can push the nutrition side out of her mind is really disordered.

No. 1101051

would it be considered cow tipping to contact her coach and point out he's just enabling her?

No. 1101072

Yeah, it goes against these rules I'd say:
>Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm

(for sure it'd lead back to here somehow)

> Do not contact a subject's family.

He's p much her family.

I reckon he's had concerned comments and just doesn't care. He has eyes to see the state she's in. It's out of order if he's given her nutrition information but said okay keep eating that shitty protein paste, but he just sounds really shady. Perhaps the reason she has an online coach is because face to face with a real life one she'd have a lot of explaining to do or listen to things she doesn't want to hear.

It really is sad that she's a mess, but sometimes we've got to let her get on with it. It's really her family and friends responsibility to give her an intervention or whatever.

No. 1101084

Look at it this way anon: don't do anything to alter the plot. No egging on, no contacting cow/people in cows life, workplace etc. That crosses the line of harassment/stalking imo. We're passive observers.

No. 1101086

BOOM! Rules in a nutshell.

No. 1101110

this is so accurate- and one of the reasons why georgie baffles me so much. you’d think given how aware she is of lolcow and her starring role in this thread, she’d stop the milky cow behaviour ???

No. 1101111

forgot to sage sorry

No. 1101159

To the cow that reposted all the "Depression for each sign" images to their Instagram story immediately after they got posted here, you've made your presence pretty obvious. Not gonna call you out but don't be dumb kek

No. 1101194

File: 1607276321612.png (1.35 MB, 1424x729, authentic.png)

A tiny Kinder chocolate. The most unconvincing yet. She's smirking before she even bites it.

No. 1101196

File: 1607276422448.jpeg (258.23 KB, 750x514, BA50EDC7-D343-4C28-9F9C-C3693C…)

40 calories extra! Such an achievement. What a warrior…

No. 1101197

File: 1607276459986.jpg (2.37 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201206_173743174.jpg)

N2f had a last minute change of mind with plating this evening. Neither make the meal look any better, let's be honest. Do we reckon she made 2 plates worth as they look basically the same. Or we going with the scrape-off and re-sauce?

No. 1101198

Omg, call the cow out!

No. 1101201

Egg, corn, tomato the same. The rest got messed up a bit moving plates. Oh dear.

No. 1101203

Same anon, but she went with the glass plate. Cos I know you were all wondering lol

No. 1101204

Omg, I'm the og bakeranon and I'd absolutely love to do a n2f bake off with you!!

No. 1101208

File: 1607276963285.jpg (518.42 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20201206_174741.jpg)

Her latest bake would be an easy one for you guys cos it's a shop bought cookie mix. At least it should be edible though kek.

No. 1101209

File: 1607277049681.gif (170.4 KB, 220x123, hearts.gif)

The season is looking up!!! Even more interesting if you're both on different continents/different countries and use the products of your land! (I think OG bakeranon is UK). Good to see you're here. You've been missed!

No. 1101211

File: 1607277208697.jpg (69.37 KB, 1243x582, Capture.JPG)

Christ, glad I shop at Tesco! Must be img. How does she make everything so DRY?

No. 1101215

Yes, I'm uk based! I'm excited for the pro ana scumbag bake off too kek!! The only problem with using an anonymous imageboard is that I can't message US bakeranon directly to work out what recipe we're gonna do etc. Damn.


Ooh yes, what time does asda shut on a Sunday kek. I'll get one or two done for you guys by the end of the week! Merry Christmas anons

No. 1101216

File: 1607277649849.jpg (69.85 KB, 333x341, Screenshot_20201206_180038.jpg)

Don't forget to blacken one side of them!

No. 1101221

There's noodles on the blue blanket on the floor, bottom right corner. Who knows how much food scraps and bugs eating them are under those blankets she always uses to cover her mess.

No. 1101222


I was thinking, is this bake off to recreate to see what it turns out like OR to try to recreate it as hers turn out?

That cookie looks like scum scraped off a hoarder's oven.

No. 1101226

File: 1607278558222.png (394.3 KB, 477x499, poop.png)

No. 1101288

If you can't arrange it here you could always make a sock puppet email. You can still stay anon OR a sockpuppet new ig account. You should have a n2f bakes tribute ig lol.

No. 1101290

If it won't break any rule, I second >>1101198, call them out.

No. 1101398


hey og bakeranon, it's me bakeranon jr
this is exciting!! I'm not uk based so I can barely get any of all the sugary and prosessed shit she uses but yes that will be fun to see the difference!

im also a retard when it comes to technique so if u know a way we can talk besides here, let me know

No. 1101406

>I can barely get any of all the sugary and prosessed shit she uses

I envy your citizens.

This is a special moment in the history of these threads.

No. 1101417

I actually love the sound of a tribute ig of n2f's bakes!
Think it would be interesting to see both of your results without you guys sharing ideas about it. Just a thought! Just describe what you've both done/what you've used when you post your pics. See how different/similar they come out

No. 1101425

The thought of all the flies and maggots eating away at her scraps and the fish smelling bedding makes me want to puke. The lilac cover at the top right also appears to have brown stains on it. Wonder if she noticed and was the reason why she chose to keep the other image instead - probably not though. She literally has no shame when it comes to the sticky, messy things she posts.

No. 1101427

I don't consider this a blogpost, but whatever…at school there was a cake making competition. My first attempt at baking. It turned out hideous. I still can't bake, but it really astounds me how much practice she has and even a ready mix turns out like that thing up there and all over her account. How can someone be so bad and get it so wrong? My cake was edible, it just looked like shit. That's at 11 years of age with NO baking experience.
How does she do it?

No. 1101430

It's her signature kek

No. 1101440

So she posts the image with the glass plate first. Then posts the image with the white plate after, and then deletes it. If this is the same food just moved over, I highly doubt she'd be able to move the sauce squiggles as neatly as they are. And if she mixed the sauce in and just re-did the squiggles, you'd be able to see sauce mixed into the fish and noodles. I reckon she actually had 2 plates of this ya'know (the egg and sweetcorn being the same though),which could support the b/p theory with n2f.

No. 1101444

File: 1607286973901.jpg (497.94 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20201206_202242.jpg)

No. 1101456

File: 1607287756579.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1125x1916, 7CC7D59A-2736-4E87-9ECF-05FE70…)


No. 1101462

Seems like she’s trying to make herself sound much worse off than she is with the ~working her way up to bigger foods~ thing. How is all the sugar and processed crap she eats triggering for anyone? She’s not exactly eating a tiny amount. Or am I just thick

No. 1101463

is it ok to say i feel bad for n2f?
she's clearly very sheltered and a bit off, where are her parents??
i want to go and clean her room and make her meals for a week lol, like she's not super milky, just plain disturbing

No. 1101465

she certainly didn't last as long as molly kek

No. 1101468

Her posts make me think of the shows you get about hoarders. Like she's so into her obsession with food that she's completely oblivious how messy she is and how a normal person would want to give those jars of chocolate spread a good wipe down. She must live in absolute filth and just constantly pretends it isn't there by covering it all up with a manky blanket.

No. 1101473

She'll be back

No. 1101477

>>1101456 what surprises me about these cows is that they put themselves out there and are shocked when they get criticism. The internet isn't new, it's a well known fact that you'll receive criticism as well as those oh so precious asspats. Part of me wants to believe they can't be that dumb, but then again..

No. 1101481

Another one too thin skinned to cut it.

Is she actually receiving hate? Her comments are all asspats. She says this is MY RECOVERY, well yes, but it seems she's forcing HER mode of recovery on her followers.

Think she's realised she can't LARP without questions from others.

As for the "fat" comments, no, she's not fat. If she actually gave some background touching on how ill she apparently was (not able to bathe herself), and she's been like this FOR YEARS (only just 17), it does seem incredulous she's a good weight and can eat things without a big deal. A CHOCOLATE is NOTHING compared to the cakes, biscuits, pop tarts, jams, spreads, Angel Delight she eats regularly.

You can't preach recovery without giving some evidence she had something to recover from. I don't mean spoop pics or BMIs or weights. No mention of the root cause, what she works on in therapy.

Awaiting Molly v.3

No. 1101483

I just had a look at her photos & it’s the usual asspats type comments. Any “hate” aka an differing opinion must have been removed.
She needs a thicker skin if she wants to be an IG recovery qween.

No. 1101487

I didn’t see your response when I posted mine and we’ve pretty much said the same.

It’s like a hive mind… Should I be scared. Kek.

No. 1101496

>no, she's not fat.
Are you sure about that anon? I thought the whole point of her being here is she's too big to have anorexia and is LAPRing? She looks pretty chubby to me, kek.

No. 1101502

Yeah, I have questions. Don’t really care about her weight (though she’s certainly no delicate waif) but does she see anyone for her supposed ED? When/how was she diagnosed? Is she in therapy, does she see a dietician (although the answer to the latter is abundantly clear lul)

Not that she owes people “proof” but if you wanna be a rEcOvErY QwEeN people are gonna be interested in that stuff! Even Molly herself gave us some background about going IP and shit. Hannah really needs to grow some thicker skin or LARP better, whichever tbh it’s all equally funny/enraging

No. 1101508

It's more how if a person goes through/has been through something like an ED, you know the workings of a mind shit scared by food. The aftermath of eating something seemingly impossible to contemplate eating. But there she is faced with a couple of cakes and a three second "doubt" facial expression means "having a wobble", eats it and is filled with the holy spirit. No. Fucking. Way.

She said she has anorexia and she's had it for a long time. Restricting. She definitely doesn't look underweight. Her face is full, but it's difficult to tell her body because she wears a sweatshirt. Don't want to do a shitty debate about dress size, but she certainly won't have problems in a high street chain finding a wide selection.

Yeah, I call bullshit. She's not underweight at all. Even a year of restriction being fueled by an ED would leave her in such good shape. Really struggling not to use the word fat. She looks like any average 17 year old girl who eats her meals regularly. Calling her out for years of restrictive ED. Her mum's involved which kind of gives some validity to her account if she's encouraging her to eat, but… very, very fake.

No. 1101517

Years of restrictive anorexia and at the start of her JoUrNeY she looks like this? Sorry anons call me a bonelord if u want but no freakin way

No. 1101521

I'm trying to do a timeline thing of info she's given atm

No. 1101523

"what is okay might be scary for someone else" ok sorry but no-one with a restrictive ED would be ok with eating 500 calorie meals let alone SNACKS at the start of recovery

No. 1101552

What pisses me off is that so many of them promoting the “all-in” thing of them never mention anything like refeeding syndrome which can actually be really dangerous. If you get yourself into enough of a state you’re definitely not starting on full portions and/or substantial snacks!

No. 1101559

It was the maccas meal “cHaLLenGe” she posted a while ago that set my bullshit alarm off. No picking apart just straight in to it with the blessed by god facial expressions afterwards.

Will be interesting to see what she wears in the UK summer seeing as 99% of her posts are in hoodies trying to hide her bones.

No. 1101573

Yep. You're at risk with a BMI under 16 OR weight loss of over 15% in 3-6 months OR little or no intake for 10 days OR low potassium/phosphate/magnesium. If she was so fragile and sick she'd know this. saged for med? sperging

No. 1101601

File: 1607293014727.png (743.92 KB, 1614x700, 01.png)

Only needed 3 of these because rinse and repeat. Does any of this sound authentic? Nope. She also had a pretzel challenge after eating a pretzel challenge.
limited to 3 because repetitive and borderline spam

No. 1101602

File: 1607293039049.png (942.74 KB, 1909x867, 02.png)

No. 1101603

File: 1607293061867.png (963.31 KB, 1821x854, 03.png)

No. 1101619

brilliant, thank you anon. if she had an ip bed confirmed it definitely wasn't for an ED. Also can I ask how you make your timelines? Is there a special app/programme you use?

No. 1101621

seriously how are these girls having 'constant hospital threats'? #blogpost but my experience with mh services in the uk is that they try to keep you out of inpatient. and sorry han but you look healthy?

No. 1101629

If she's triggering people, I bet it's because haven't been threatened with ip/ had a bed confirmed/ can wash themselves unlike Han. They must be even bigger then her and thus dont feel ~valid~.

No. 1101642

No special programme. Plain ol' laptop, snipping tool and Paint! Snip em out and paste em on. That's as far as it goes for me but it does the job.

Can't find it now but she mentions how she'd be tubed in hospital if she went. Maybe at NF, but in the UK…douuuuubt.

Damn you, triggering me now. I want to be as unwashed as Mary.

No. 1101643

Pretty sure that’s not how IP beds work. At least as far as I’ve seen, if they have a bed for you and you give it up you go back into the waiting game…
also I don’t understand why we are all being so PC suddenly, this chick does not have the body of someone with anorexia. Full stop. Sure, she can definitely have an ED but this is not what years of restricting looks like unless she used to weigh 600lbs.

No. 1101649

During the past couple of years I heard from an ED clinical psychologist somehow that generally under BMI 15 = hospital. There are short term (6 week) IP things to get you to a decent weight if outpatient therapy fails, but waiting lists are long and, yeah, no bed has a "reserved for Hannah at any time" sticker on it. She'd get back under the care of her GP after her outpatient sessions are over.

No. 1101651

(still have to be under bmi 16 for the short term stay)

No. 1101657

There is just something really contrived. Anyone who has seriously restricted for almost any amount of time cannot just suddenly turn off the thoughts. Food doesn’t taste amazing right way, it is terrifying, and the fear makes it pretty hard to enjoy eating challenging things. I don’t believe this girl at all. Who goes from “omg I’m so scawed I’m going to cry” to seconds later “omg this is so good I’m going to eat it all and then have another biscuit!”

No. 1101659

and the <15 thing is just an aim; bc of lack of beds I think you have to be significantly lower (unless maybe you're really physically unstable or high suicide risk)

No. 1101663

I wonder if she deletes the "hate comments" since there are never any remotely negative things on her posts when I look. Unless she means messages, but those aren't comments Hanbutterfly

No. 1101719

I doubt there were any "hate comments" at all. She's probably just making it up, kek. Maybe she was cowtipped and has been lurking here? Could be more like Porgie than Molly, but she'll never beat Georgia. She'd be like a mini (though still quite plump) version, kek.

No. 1101722

I made an email for it: bakeranon@yahoo.com, I think a tribute instagram would be so funny! Anybody who wants to bake some n2f recipes please email me kek, can't wait

No. 1101736

The only thing that's missing is ending the name of the dish with "FUN BITES" or something

No. 1101759

That's true. I know all health authorities work differently, but the the nearest ED unit to me operates some kind of Breakfast club thing to keep people from being hospitalised. If you have transport to actually get there for 8 or 9am they supervise breakfast and lunch so they make sure somebody's getting a decent amount of food inside them. This is why these larping anas are scum. Playing the system to take a bed "going to the bridge" tactics like Laura

Phew, that was serious!

If the insta ever happens, consider me a follower! Hm…staying at the old folks until things are brighter and can't fuck up their kitchen haha, but I'm going to do this at a later date. Could possibly try to recreate a "n2f dining area" until then. Maybe create something out of some very bruised and shrivelled fruit and random canned food and see if the insta foodie world like the cuisine. Hoping to get sponsored by @barryscashncarry

No. 1101763

Just re read her story and it says people have been telling her to die?!? Does this mean the giveaaway's not going anywhere?

No. 1101765

Wouldn't put it past Georgia to have cowtipped

No. 1101772

>Playing the system to take a bed "going to the bridge" tactics like Laura
Is that what she does when she wants to go IP? Publicly threaten suicide by jumping off a bridge on Instagram, knowing she'll be stopped? When did she last do this?

No. 1101793

It was on the documentary she was in. Past thread >>935378 She went to a bridge to chuck herself in.

No. 1101795

File: 1607300217862.jpg (765.76 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201207_131539.jpg)

This chick is back in hospital after what.. a week? Looks super happy about that toob.

No. 1101801

File: 1607300565635.jpg (110.32 KB, 986x598, lauras saga.JPG)

No. 1101805

Thanks anon. I hadn't watched that documentary. Maybe I will if I can find it online.

She didn't eat for 17 days? Do we know if this is likely true or not? I doubt it, kek. Surely she'd have a tube right now if she could go that long without eating? Even in a PDU, they'd have to tube you eventually.

No. 1101813

It was on youtube but looks like it was taken down. Might still work on bbc iplayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p082bxzn/stacey-dooley-on-the-psych-ward I downloaded it, so if you can't find it I'll upload it somewhere.

No. 1101894

I can watch it on iPlayer. Thanks anon.

No. 1102010

I just looked through porgie’s “POTS” highlight and fucking KEK it’s all back peddling to anons who know about it & are calling her out for just being overweight

No. 1102028

Hey could you upload it somewhere ? Maybe Vimeo or wetransfer , can't watch it outside the UK. Thanks.

No. 1102085

No. 1102117

I think a lot of people here worry for n2f or at least have a soft spot for her.

No. 1102124

Spoops die waiting for a bed, that's how few there are. Either her town has the best ED-care team in the UK or she's lying through her teeth.

No. 1102155

Searched for C-D and apparently it's Conduct Disorder

No. 1102157

It is like these people have some sort of mental disorder focused munchausens. They roleplay anorexia because they want to be seen as having it. A lot of anachans carefully calculate their macros but not these flubbers, they stick to one food group.Carbs.

No. 1102183

Calling all the average-weight ana larpers “flubbers” is getting a bit bone-rattly. Georgie is one thing, the molly and molly2’s arent fat by normal standards. The low-key competitive virtue signalling in here is out of hand. We get it farmers: you are / were all very severe anorexics and the cows are not.

No. 1102196

you're golden anon, thank you!

No. 1102197

>imagine being so neurotic you visit a thread about pro-ana scumbags and are UNABLE to omit the fact that you yourself are a real anachan.
Its so ridiculous and cringeworthy i absolutely love it, it's like we have our own meta-cows in addition to the main cast. Milky goodness.

No. 1102206

my personal faves are the ones who start by saying “when I had an ng”…”i nearly died”…”from my own experience”… lol no1curr

No. 1102217

I think Hannah's going to come back. She hasn't even got an Hilarious Jamie in her life, I think she wanted friends. She needs to tone down her dramatics and maybe she'd fly under the "h8rz" radar.

No. 1102253

I’m not denying that the blogging is cringe but are you seriously arguing that molly 2.0 looks like she has been heavily restricting for years? It is not entirely neurosis on the part of farmers. This girl is claiming over and over that she hasn’t eating all these things in a million years and as far as I can tell she is at a completely normal weight. Even people who are a little overweight can have visible collarbones depending on their build.

No. 1102277

No you fucking dimwit, we’re saying calling molly v.2 a flubber is some serious proana scumbagishness

No. 1102278

holy fuck is it even possible to not have visible collarbones?

No. 1102279

Calm your tits bitch this is an ED thread what the fuck do you expect when not skinny people LAPRP a restrictive eating disorder. Your own weight insecurity is showing and it’s not cute.

No. 1102283

File: 1607359151562.jpg (33.89 KB, 557x305, georgia.JPG)

No. 1102284

Some people are fat, anon.

But in all seriousness, some people just have really small collarbones so they're harder to see whilst some people naturally have really prominent ones. People don't really store fat on their collar unless they're super fat so mostly if someone doesn't really have prominent collarbones it's likely cos they just have smaller ones than normal

No. 1102313

this is what i genuinely wonder about so many UK cows. the NHS is notoriously hellish to navigate and i've read so many accounts of people having to go to appointments unshowered and looking like a mess, because if they look put together they won't be taken seriously. how do some of these perfectly average looking, put-together, borderline chubby girls manage to get so much sympathy from doctors? it's absurd

No. 1102325


Not to blog, but often the word of family members counts towards the level of input. If a mother is super oh so concerned, then there is more likely to be input. I can only assume it's to do with advocacy from a "well" person, rather than taking the word from the mentally unwell patient, and the possibility of complaints if not enough action is taken. (AKA journeytoemma)

No. 1102330

this. blogposts about IP stays and NGs are cringe, but hannah is claiming a restrictive ED while having a chubby face, hiding her body, and straining to achieve visible collarbones, which anyone who isn't obese can do. it's certainly possible she's in the overweight bmi category, and that's not a bonelord thing to observe lmao

blogposts can be cringe and hannah can be medically overweight, at the same time. tbh americans/brits have a hard time clocking overweight unless it's morbid obesity bc practically everyone is overweight so it looks "normal"

No. 1102331

File: 1607363165704.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 1F468E24-B8E3-4B35-9471-324171…)

“iM gOnNa tRy tO gAiN wEiGHt”
Anna, not even a few days later:

No. 1102351

I don’t understand this girl. She is underweight but not deathly thin and brags about her tube and how she almost died so is one the exaggerating ED side but also acts like ~1400 calories is enough to gain so is faking recovery?

No. 1102374

File: 1607366472620.jpeg (235.5 KB, 1024x1024, 85EE32DA-F73C-4C42-A688-69833E…)

Summary of smorven’s riveting updates over the last few weeks. The brain damage her head banging must’ve caused clearly doesn’t allow her to see how pathetic she is by sharing all this shit on Insta, of course always accompanied by some tragic b/w pic.
She’s also hopped on the face scratching trend and is reminiscing about her apparent suicide attempt a while back. Lovely as always.


No. 1102376

File: 1607366512324.jpeg (198.36 KB, 1024x1024, CF845541-1879-491B-81FD-26EA73…)

No. 1102379

Oh my god that second pic is so pathetic and disgusting.

No. 1102382

Whats sad is that is literally the most appetizing thing I've ever seen her make

No. 1102383

Can you please spoiler her food pics I feel sick

No. 1102384

lmao perfect. god she looks just like shrek.

No. 1102389

They like to be ~too broken to be fixed~ Which memoir did they rip that from?

No staff available to help her. Do they not know who she is!!! Why didn't they call someone to come off leave or come in earlier to assist this poor tragic soul?

No. 1102390


Imagine being in an HDU (possibly even ICU with a line like this?!) and making this much of an effort to snap a pic like that.
I don’t think I’ve ever thought of a cow as a true lost cause (except Ash, but that goes without saying) but Morven really isn’t fit for life at this point. Maybe I’d have an ounce of compassion - but probably not - if she wasn’t wasting my tax money every single second.

No. 1102391

She is chubby, though. She may or may not be an overweight BMI, but she's certainly chubby. This is undeniable. Bulimic, maybe. Anorexic? Certainly not.

No. 1102405

File: 1607368166763.jpg (27.22 KB, 615x461, DOUBLE.jpg)

No. 1102410

I would somewhat be able to sympathize with the feelings bc depression/suicidal ideation sucks, but how unbelievably ungrateful and disgusting to POST. It’s really difficult to not view through the lens of attention seeking. I know that’s the whole point and why they’re cows, but holy shit, gain some perspective and use the therapy and help they’re trying to provide…my condolences for your waste of money anon.

No. 1102418


What an unbelievably selfish cunt she is.

No. 1102430

File: 1607370091826.jpg (110.04 KB, 727x896, idle.JPG)

Wake up, lazy bitches! Smorven wants her shower!

No. 1102474

Not a Morven fan but there isn't therapy available to her/ it's highly unlikely anyone on her unit is having therapy.

No. 1102479

Kek got that 1994 reference anon. Good one.

No. 1102482


I know the unit she’s on and there’s therapy, it’s offered by two of the doctors (at least it used to be as of this summer). It’s not great and only once a week I think, but it’s at least something. There are also quite a few group activities which I highly doubt Morven would ever take part in.
She’s a perpetual liar so don’t for a second think she’s not getting decent support. She’s just a self-sabotaging pos.

No. 1102486

Ah if she’s in an ICU/equivalent that makes sense. Although the (regular) hospital I work at has inpatient social workers assigned to the ICU, and I imagine that’s standard? Still, being non-compliant doesn’t help.

No. 1102495


She’s on an EDU now, she was in medical ICU or HDU when she tried to off herself, with then led to her stay in that ed unit. Which absolutely offers groups and 1:1 therapy input btw, she just denies it in front of those who don’t know where she is for extra pity points

No. 1102515

Could a baker anon from south Europe join?

No. 1102527

She acts like she was dying from her ED or related issues, when she just tried an attention-whoring suicide attempt. She knew she wasn’t going to die because she did it when she was home and family was around and she knew they’d find her and call 999. Typical for ana chan scumbags. Nothing about how her mum must have felt or how she’s wasting more NHS resources. She’s a selfish, greedy brat who jumps on whatever is trendy.

No. 1102533

sage for nitpick but i don’t think she’s underweight, she’s definitely never been “thin” , maybe slightly below a healthy bmi but not much

No. 1102536

This. Also
> would have been successful if they found me an hour later uwu
There are faster ways if that’s really your goal. If she were dead she couldn’t post these IG stories though, so.

No. 1102539

Was that the sequel to 1984?

I love this thread.

No. 1102550


join! I didn’t get the time today but I promise I’ll make the recipe this week, just gotta buy mini marshmallows which all stores don’t have here / baker anon jr from north Europe

No. 1102552

File: 1607380616463.jpeg (161.46 KB, 577x981, 26A06DD5-55ED-4F23-AE13-8964B0…)

I know she’s standing with her heels apart but still quite a significant thigh gap. Maybe she’s just tall and a slender though?

No. 1102553

yeah, orwell is really niche and underground stuff, i doubt you've heard of it kid

No. 1102560

I was going to say the same about oh so concerned mothers having influence. A concerned (and pushy) mother is probably better able to ensure their daughter gets help, whereas someone who is actually very unwell (and doesn't have an advocate) will find it much harder to speak for themselves about what's going on. Also why people larping mental illness can probably get help more easily, even without mumsy pushing for support.