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File: 1537956885899.jpg (48.37 KB, 400x400, tumblr_nhh45ratZH1ra7lt9o1_400…)

No. 697266

Thread to continue to discuss pro-anas, wannarexics and attention seeking mental health/recovery "warriors".
previous thread: >>>/snow/641683

Farmhand Note: only post people who have milk outside of having an ED. This isn't a thread to nitpick ana-chans.

No. 697373

File: 1537971438223.jpeg (434.34 KB, 750x1080, B5BB162D-73CA-4CFC-BDA5-978DCD…)

Can someone transcript what she is saying here? The accent is so thick.

No. 697423

Wasn’t she supposed to be dead?

No. 697431

why does she look like the unholy lovechild of viserys targaryen and donatella versace

No. 697505

she's never even seen a benzo lol I can't believe she's still alive I was so worried

No. 697561

So you’re saying you were one of her stupid followers that believed her absolutely retarded lies? Yikes you may want to seek help anon, something ain’t right with your brain. That or your online sarcasm needs refining

No. 697568

Something about how she was upset because she got in a fight with her father (she used air quotes when saying father), because they were talking about the past and we don’t know her past about her father and mother (both with air quotes) her grandpa, her TWIN (kek this is new), and her two older brothers. Righhht. More like your dad probably told you that you look like an absolutely deluded freak with your trashy bleached eyebrows and hair and probably asked you to lay off the drugs

No. 698033

File: 1538018478392.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, 1ED6CCF2-2466-49F5-AE1F-35EFF2…)

There's no way this girl is in the 12's. She looks at least 14BMI. I say she's tricking the scale.
Why do so many anachans lie about their weight?

No. 698038

File: 1538018783802.png (975.68 KB, 746x844, DE051A11-8729-439C-BEDC-603F6C…)

P sure she's friends with tilly as well

No. 698048

for opreshunz points

No. 698052

are you…are you kidding me

No. 698089


I've been trying to figure this one out, myself. She doesn't seem like she'd have anything in common with someone that smokes crack and does whippets all day?

No. 698120

Ah yes that reflection of thigh is BMI 12

Doesn’t strike me as a druggie either but she clearly has some manipulative genes so I’m sure she and Tilly have some other things in common

Also about Kara, she looks as if she is actually gaining weight. (Not in her face though it’s strange…) I’m curious to see if she will continue in recovery or if she’ll drop out of the “recovery community” again and relapse. Yeah the muffins are annoying, but she seems to actually be eating them

No. 698133

Maybe she does smoke crack and she's just really good at hiding it?

Upon closer inspection, I think it's a knee reflection. Her hip looks too distorted for that to be a thigh

No. 698141

?? Be more clear or don’t bother talking??

No. 698216

Yeah but bmi of 12 would have stick legs and it would be v obvious. That reflection doesn’t, no matter the distortion

No. 698218

I agree. She may be living off muffins but at least she’s eating and being active in the community and recovery. Good for her.

No. 698221

lmao ok anon

No. 698261

File: 1538034157117.png (Spoiler Image, 782.71 KB, 741x842, DF085311-DD03-4D18-B39C-1C9509…)

Dude she has this shit on her vent so ya she is. she's been deteriorating so rapidly lately give her a fuking break

No. 698291

Have you ever seen a BMI of 12 my dude? This is tiny but this ain’t it

No. 698361

…’My dude’ she is tall as fuck and this is exactly what she would look like at BMI 12. I’m 2 BMI points higher and the same height and how she looks is damn accurate to a bmi 12. Leave her be, She isn’t milky at all, nexxxxxt.

No. 698371

If she’s not a BMI of 12 then she’s pretty fucking close so get over it

No. 698577

File: 1538067796208.jpg (690.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180927-180209_Ins…)

Her hair just gets better and better. She looks like a wotsit with white hair and brows. Wtf is she thinking? Does her boyfriend like this look I wonder?!

No. 698590

File: 1538068292855.jpg (159.27 KB, 1600x898, 1_TzrFWq3amtOgFZxNWwpM-A.jpg)

No. 698643

this looks like a musically tier rick cosplay lmao

No. 698738

File: 1538078221823.jpeg (8.28 KB, 185x272, download (15).jpeg)


We love a high fashion shishtar

No. 698962

It’s not even blonde kek she looks like an old grey lady
Wonder if she’ll try to bleach her skin too

No. 698965

Plenty of Scandinavians have brown hair. Jesus Christ.

No. 699018

File: 1538097844862.jpg (62.02 KB, 625x415, times-courage-the-cowardly-dog…)

knew i've seen her somewhere before!

No. 699059

File: 1538101987151.jpeg (172.61 KB, 729x1109, image.jpeg)

What ever happens to this girl?

No. 699134

Who is she?

No. 699235

I’ve hesitated to bring up Josie after all this drama with her and Tilly but she has attempted suicide via od and ended up declared dead which caused a brain bleed? And had to readmit to the hospital but she apparently just bought a car after being discharged? I can’t tell if she’s inherently milky and compulsively lying or if I just have a strong distaste for the entitlement of having rich parents and being attention seeking

No. 699323

she's updating her insta? I requested to follow her a few days before she od'd but so far i can't see any of her posts

No. 699385

She's milky af, Tilly is just exploiting it.

No. 699568

File: 1538162674721.jpeg (424.99 KB, 750x1156, FBA83D52-02FE-423C-AF74-C7A120…)

Here’s after her attempt:

No. 699569

File: 1538162713134.jpeg (436.6 KB, 750x1152, 0552AC24-014D-4633-BA71-5ED264…)

No. 699571

File: 1538162818359.jpeg (438.63 KB, 750x1194, C6C3ED69-F6A5-4D3E-AE64-CB5A4B…)

This is her latest post. Accompanying pictures show how excited she is to be in hospital. Will post later as to not spam

No. 699601

Can someone repost the video from >>678706 ( an old video from Paris)

No. 699657

File: 1538168090544.png (1.61 MB, 1125x2436, 84FEF966-71EE-4F5B-B8C4-BA39D6…)

No. 699662


Quickly becoming my new favourite cow, god never change

No. 699973

>it’s my NaTuRaL cOlOr
when no one asked kek

No. 700156

File: 1538224433736.png (1.49 MB, 1125x2436, B6DC14D5-6EBC-4708-A8EF-D785C6…)

“a margarita,” or a gallon of vodka… hilarious post.

No. 700167

you might want to change your insta profile pic or delete this

No. 700173

File: 1538226443253.jpg (38.76 KB, 464x538, naturalblonde.jpg)

No. 700175

Urgh I’m so sick of her. Bullshit she drinks any liquid cals, just Coke Zero and vodka. Sounds more like she’s trying to convince herself rather than her followers.

No. 700181

File: 1538227399926.png (2.53 MB, 1125x2436, 95891B42-F35E-4DCA-ACC4-B6350C…)

This fucking girl.

No. 700501

File: 1538258942823.png (432.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-29-23-04-11…)

And again hahaha. Someone needs to take a hint that no one believes the BS

No. 700547


Hi Tilly.

No. 700788

>>700140 I think she died

No. 700790


I remember her- she used to post loads of body shots on her Instagram with not much covered up.

No. 700797

I’m from the us but good try

Does she do this so people interact with her more/send more questions? I’m wondering if she thinks she’s a successful liar or if she doesn’t care how realistic they are

No. 700818

Any opinions on weetabets and/or her twin my.journeyy_ ?

No. 700859

Share the milk pls

No. 700915

File: 1538315390183.jpeg (139.16 KB, 750x1017, 9264C18D-9874-4F76-87E9-BE4515…)

She accepted my follow request recently, it’s probably just filters but it looks like she could be doing just marginally better.

No. 701061

File: 1538329348427.jpg (995.85 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180930_113414.jpg)

Joltography is looking rough these days. Check out those cheeks.

No. 701138

Come on, I’ve never ever seen anyone else who uses ‘my dude’.
Being so high has downhills, no judgment!

No. 701146

Every mention of Tilly is Tilly, but just ignore her and she'll go away.

No. 701151


Weetabets posts about her BPD and how he's constantly binge purging and rapidly losing weight but still looks completely healthy; her relapses seems to time with when her sister is poorly - major attention seeking

No. 701179

This is an image board

No. 701190

Can you imagine having two garbage ana-chan daughters? I wonder which uncle gave them the ol' handsy sleepover.

No. 701205

Is she still in hospital on an ng? Any mention of her Factitous disorder stuff?

No. 701237

File: 1538342830952.jpeg (197.02 KB, 750x582, 1F63DFED-E4C1-4504-B385-F52901…)

She’s made a few mentions of a consultant who is trying to “destroy her”. Not much seemed to change after this update. Looks like she’s off the NG and under constant supervision to the point that it’s actually interrupted her symptoms entirely.

No. 701298

God bless the UK Public health system (cos she ain’t in an Nhs unit

No. 701573

Sounds like she has become totally institutionalised . If you are in hospital and the only contact you get is when you are on 1:1 then I can see why she would kick off or do things meaning she needs to be on 1:1. Sad really. Wasn’t she going for some court case to allow her to die?

No. 701587

No. 701697

Definitely Tilly.

She's emaciated. She's definitely that 34kg she's been posting about.

She's wasting away but I can't stop watching. She's not milky.

No. 701713


Fuck. Off.

No. 701800

shut up tilly

No. 702036

This is such an annoying self post, tilly please stop….
“She’s waisting away but I can’t stop watching” literally no one would say that besides an ass kissing follower or tilly herself. Besides, tillys gained weight and I wouldn’t consider her emaciated at all. She eats processed garbage shit and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s purging it up because her cheeks look enormous for her smallish frame
Exactly! Like this one here, >>701697
It’s so obvious it’s her it’s not even funny. She’s probably so annoyed that her good ole pal Josie is more milky then she is. From sex work (that I doubt even happened) to smoking crack apparently on her insta live, honestly she’s going to look back when she’s an adult and be like wtf was I doing?! I get second hand embarasment from watching her insta lives and seeing her uploads she is the most ott try hard wanorexic I’ve seen in a while. I refrained from entertaining her self posts but I had to comment on this one it’s just too damn obvious. Must be sad to need attention so bad you need to selfpost on a gossip website. I mean really get some friends that aren’t crack heads who spoon feed an underage person drugs and alcohol (underage according to my countries laws), get tf off social media and go get some mental treatment tilly your making a fool of yourself and most definetly will regret it later even if your too cool to own up the error of your ways now.

No. 702038

Did something happen to her insta, I just searched it and couldn’t find it? Did she bleach herself out of existence or did she delete?

No. 702042

File: 1538436266859.jpeg (278.96 KB, 750x1006, 5B61FD67-97C5-4C4A-8861-C26475…)

I don’t get it like eating meals like this (obvi low calorie) and eating at least one super caloric dessert for her dance videos surely she’d gain a little wait but there’s been zero. Does she purge or just only eat like one snack a day? She acts like a recovery account with the pump up music for this oh so poignant videos…kek but yet no change, I see followers asking her why her weight hasn’t changed and I don’t really see any serious reply’s by Paris. I definetly think she has serious mental health issues but then why doesn’t she get any help? She just mopes and posts body checks referring to herself as fat just so ppl tell her she’s not or she’s so thin or sickly it’s all manipulative but jw how she actually hasn’t managed to gain any weight. She doesn’t have the bulimic cheeks perhaps the pictures are for show and not eaten? Maybe she spits out the desserts after a quick erratic set of dance moves… idk I don’t get her but at least her anachan dance moves r milk

No. 702097

Work on your reading comprehension skills anon, >>701697 was talking about honeyfoxed wasting away, and saying it was tilly who made the post denying honeyfoxed could be bmi 12

No. 702100

She must have blocked you like she did to me lel

No. 702244

I wonder this too. I think she just doesn't finish her meals. Either way though, even with the meals she posts, her daily intake would be under 1000 when it's mostly fruit, vegetables and almond milk foam. So it's not surprising she's maintaining when you think about it.

No. 702364

This post was by me, not Tilly, and refers to the girl in the picture, not Tilly.

Can we please stop talking about Tilly?

No. 702375

Imo she’s eating only the photographed/videos things and just sits in her room exercising between body checks and Instagram.
It’s hard to feel bad for her any more. She’s choosing not to get help and appears to have somehow gotten her family to just try and keep her happy enough to not suicide.

No. 702511

You do realize it makes no sense to say “it’s me” on an annonomous board right? Apparently tilly said she’s banned for life in a recent post, I hope that’s true and wish we could substantiate that though so we don’t have to keep wondering if she’s self posting like many anas do here

Her life is sad, the entirety of her insta is almost not worth following anymore. I mean she says she’s struggling so bad but then she doesn’t do anything about it, suicidal but doesn’t do anything about it. You don’t need to want to get better to go to treatment. It will probably help your success rate but like u said sitting in her room exercising and doing body checks for the world to see isint exactly going to help. I also find it weird she jumped off a bridge x years ago and she’s not medicated or in any type of mental health tx perhaps she is medicated but doesn’t eat enough protein to make them work. Unfortunately for her if she wants out of the depression she’s going to need protein to allow the meds (if she’s on them) to work. She has no hope at ever getting better though unless she addresses the ana. She’ll just be depressed forever until she passes away or kills her self

No. 702543

Her life is just so repetitive and depressing. No wonder she wants to off herself. I would too if I did the exact same thing every day. She's been eating the same meals every day at the same time for years. She's pathetic, but it's hard to feel sorry for her when she refuses to take any steps to live a better life.

No. 702582

The point is, it wasn't a photo of tilly and we made a huge deal out of it.

No. 702735

File: 1538509370407.jpg (399.61 KB, 1080x1920, 20181002_204045.jpg)

Apparently Ky hasn't eaten anything in over 100 days, kek

No. 702737

File: 1538509403855.jpg (422 KB, 1080x1920, 20181002_204108.jpg)

No. 702869

Lol she got some great comebacks kek

No. 703206

She is hands down my new favorite person on this entire site. I can’t get over how utterly weird she is. More Kasia posts! More!

No. 703261

She's so f*ing ridiculous, it's actually funny

No. 703344

Is she so dumb that she thinks ppl will believe her? She lies about literally the dumbest stuff… this combined with the natural blonde lie are just so rediculous, she is fooling no one

No. 703460

File: 1538598514090.jpeg (529.46 KB, 1125x1859, FullSizeRender.jpeg)

I can't stand this bitch. She might be over-discussed or whatever, but she is the milkiest of them all. She hides it behind coherent captions and the fact that she is in school, but she keeps losing weight or definitely resisting a healthy weight and has been for a long time. She pretends to epitomize recovery with 26k followers and her wide-eyed idiot look. Her captions have gone from honest to "fake-spirational" to CLEAR bullshit. She's obviously doing the same shit I did back in my ED days, turning to alcohol and drugs to sustain her eating disorder. She's posted lots of old pics and clearly she is not a set point of "alien-looking" naturally, so this shit really bothers me. Awhile I love gossip about a good Crack Smokin' Ho or a Brow Bleaching Bitch, this Korey chick really pisses me the fuck off. She makes recovery look glossy. She lives in the bush of Australia with her parents and is afraid to drive a fucking car. I can't wait til she gets sober like someone said before and preaches that nonsense… OR she'll get into a drunk driving accident, go to jail, or become a low-life cig smoking model. Either way, I know she isn't going to be coming at us soon with a real recovery and seriously doubt she'll ever let go of her transparent and embarrassing facade, disingenuous personality, and malnourished looking appearance for a normal life. If she did that, she wouldn't get constant attention, praise, and an excuse to act like a fucking child instead of growing up and being responsible.. and i don't know, getting a job and a fucking place of her own. P.S. is she trying to get sponsored here or…? I thought she only did online therapy lol

No. 703472





No. 703489


LOL this site is getting so fucking boring. If you accuse everyone with an opinion of being Tilly, its because you're Tilly. I'm not an Australian. I don't beg for attention and pity myself like those women do.

Also, I just learned what sage means. I was a little to eager to shit talk.

No. 703504

Disliking Korey doesn't mean you're Tilly. Most people in Korey's life would be Tilly, if that was the case.

No. 703509

She might be, but I’ve also seen people who aren’t necessarily dumb but who are batshit crazy get so involved in their own fantasies that they start to lose track of what’s “normal” and their baseline for exaggeration/believability gets distorted.

I don’t think she’s straight up insane, though. She seems to be aware of the fact that she’s not really blonde/Scandinavian/has brothers/whatever.

I think she’s a just a little dumb, totally lives in a fantasy world, and is probably also a bit bananas because her brain is starving. The ESL makes her sound dumber than she is, I get the feeling.

No. 703515

If you know what sage is then use it.

All y’all, who gives a fuck if it’s Tilly or not, the irritating thing is the poster is A-logging a whole wall of text.

The easiest way to NOT shit up the thread when someone shows up and spergs like that is to just report the post and ignore it, but y’all get so fucking triggered.

They’re both relentless self-posters (so dumb people keep thinking Korey doesn’t), this thread should either talk about both or neither. Korey isn’t any more milky or interesting than Tilly and they’re both equally involved on this board. I’ve been here since the first anachan thread and it’s just a fact of historythat they ALL self-post.

No. 703522

Honestly Tilly just go away

No. 703524

can we ban all mention of t*lly from this thread because i'm sick of hearing about her

No. 703525

Okay Tilly(hi cow)

No. 703527

i'm from ireland
think either y'all are either obsessed with her or she's the only poster on this thread

No. 703535

File: 1538602708332.png (Spoiler Image, 735.06 KB, 926x556, ghostybun.png)

anyway can we talk about this before & after by ghostybun (is she still a cow?) like… we get it u were skinny
she's tagged about 8 people in the post too

No. 703575

Omfg thank you she is such a pain in the arse joke.
Also can the person who keeps posting about tilly self posting just stfu. This feed is becoming such a bore with constant ‘hi tilly’ posts fuck off pls

No. 703601

Dear god thank you.

No. 703621


Ehhh she seems lame and just into her looks (at her skinny stage and now). Not worth the time.

No. 703624

damn leave her alone she's recovered

No. 703686


Why would they send 4 ambulances?

No. 703689

Exactly it’s obviously fake. If anything, she’d get 2 ambos and a medic, or a fire truck too

No. 703720


I dont feel like there was anything in her post worth mentioning, and also she said that the people she tagged were inspirations for her so i dont really see the milk?

No. 703744

What makes you think her brain is starving?

No. 703891

Exactly. everyone needs to stop writing off these ana chans’ problematic behavior with “muh their brains are malnutrishuned”

No. 703907

Seems like she has to amp up reality for attention
She seems sick and not in just in a mental way, but she seems to genuinely enjoy causing worry for her family. I’m also confused as the where her income is coming from, especially if she isn’t even at university. There’s no reason she would need/deserve money from her parents if she’s living at home

No. 703909

Discussion of Tilly is banned until you guys learn to not take bait.

No. 703987

this girl reaallllly grates on me. glad she's recovered but her constant attention whoring and weird as fuck lip syncing vids make me mad

No. 703993

whatever happened to jonzie08?

No. 704442

Has anyone been following the drama with Terri from anorexia death/anorexia recovery/anorexia restricted? With her fake stay at The Emily Program, the fake outpatient etc.? The other channel where people gathered to expose her? Like, she literally sent someone pro ana tips. She also allegedly asked someone for nudes so I haven't seen proof. She was real pissy that all her active followers went there instead.

No. 704701

Is this just on YouTube?

No. 704713

the last i saw of her was in the munchie threads about a year or so ago, perhaps longer. she was eating laundry detergent and going to the ER to get attention, lying about her relationships with her medical team, and i believe eventually being banned from several treatment centers for her abuse of social media. she appears to be off the radar for quite a while now though, as far as i am aware.

No. 704722

She’s just attention seeking- using her BPD /anorexia/ the bridge to stay acting as a child . Anyone who challenges her on Instagram gets blocked and their comments deleted . Her mum and sister ( now brother) just enable her ED as they must be filming her dance crap and buying her food. She used to make YouTube videos whining about how awful things were .

No. 704795

Terri's supporters are all turning on her. It's rather hilarious to watch

No. 704866

File: 1538754648291.jpeg (777.73 KB, 1125x1718, 484FC734-67B0-4D26-8938-4ECDC2…)

Here we go again…

No. 704868

She does have an Instagram (just search Terri Windham) but most of her activity is on YouTube

No. 704878

>>704866 oh my days, were her roots showing or something and people questioning it? Wonder why she's dying it black when her natural hair is brown?

No. 704886


All she wants is people to send her donations. She gives not a fuck about anything else. Why she posted her home address on youtube is beyond me, but if I lived close by I'd be tempted to post dog shit through her mailbox.

No. 705074

Tilly has pissed me off so much over the last few weeks. I saved every posted and deleted pic and video of her (the crack smoking, all of the insane captions, EVERYTHING) and emailed it to every school I could find within 50 km of Kew.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 705077

First of all you’re pathetic and clearly way too obsessed with her to get that involved in her life/future. Second of all, can you not read >>703909

No. 705160

Can someone explain to me what Fhen point of kicking someone off is? It seems more like a kid having s tantrum for attention since anyone can post

No. 705169

Tilly Tilly Tilly

No. 705170

Story of Korey sheeeess so cute you are so mean guyz

No. 705171

I love Tilly guys she’s so cute and skinny

No. 705173

I am Tilly(ban evasion)

No. 705365

Yeah she watched Vikings once and now she pretends she’s Scandinavian and uses phrases she learned in the show, top kek. Waiting for her to call herself a Valkyrie. Also loving when cows say “I hate attention” then proceed to act like the moron few posts up.

No. 705533

File: 1538853743343.jpeg (857.31 KB, 750x923, 1C52566A-D8B7-4A57-83A3-EAE87D…)

Korey isn’t getting enough attention for how thin she is so each picture at the moment shows more stomach than the last. When someone cracks and tells her she’s skinny, she will play the martyr for days lol.

No. 705535

File: 1538853998918.jpeg (204.98 KB, 633x901, 675018D5-A381-4A2F-A341-31E200…)

Wow, she doesn’t only snack on muffins? So proud! Such recovery!

No. 705573

Idk why you guys think recovery.chii is milky.
A challenge isn’t conquered if only faced once then you’re too afraid to ever again. She’s clearly trying really fucking hard.
I don’t mean to WK but I really don’t see why you guys think daily muffins (different flavours mind you) in recovery is a BAD thing?

No. 705595

Cry moar.

No. 705674

Not saying it’s a bad thing to eat muffins every day it’s just hilarious how she’s still expecting asspats for it after literally 2 months of this shit. No one fucking cares

No. 705741

dont know how you guys can be fucked following the Terri shit. I cant sit through a single one of her yt videos

No. 705962

File: 1538926766527.png (846.09 KB, 542x974, such recovery.png)

Kara is literally never going to get past that 95lb mark, is she?

No. 705966

The selfposting in this thread is ridiculous.

No. 705969

Stop crying self post when you don’t like something. I doubt Kara even knows about this thread or she would have whined about it on insta or YT

No. 705995

File: 1538929698240.jpeg (189.4 KB, 750x998, 9A02F9A8-804D-414B-9BC5-6A1BCA…)

she seriously needs so many asspats and attention because omg shes such a fighter why the fuck else would you upload this lmaoooo

No. 706022

I was put off posting about her after a couple of anons came over all, But she's siiiiick, but fuck that. Instead of begging for cash to send her mum on holiday how about making an effort to fucking get better. I'm sure that'd do them both more good. Her endless body checks are endless. Eating disorders are awful, yes, but wallowing in it pisses me right off.

No. 706024

I keep up to date reading her comments. She really is from the same pod as Ash.

No. 706044

yeah that hot almond milk with fruit floating in it is gonna help you feel so much better

No. 706092

Right. How long has she been posting the same milk breakfast? She makes no attempt to stick even a tablespoon of oats or something in with it. Such a warrior.

If I ever see her in Primark I'd say this to her face. I do look out for her when I'm in there buying my socks n tights.

No. 706108

When was this posted? All I see recently is milk foam and her normal selfies
Exactly like your going to have to put forth effort for treatment why wait to try lol
Besides eating liquid like it’s a solid is super disordered anyway. Is that all she eats every day… Jesus?!

No. 706110

I get overcoming it more than once but she’s taking what’s become a safe food and making it seem like a challenge, how about she challenges herself to eat three meals and three snacks and gain weight… now that’s a challenge worthy of asspats

No. 706228

Gotta make sure that 200ml of milk is unsweetened!

No. 706327

Who the actual fuck is Kara?

No. 706426

Stop flattering urself

No. 706435

Only soy and almond is allowed not real milk

No. 706871

fucking everyone stop being so paranoid about self posters, its usually pretty fucking obvious if it is a self-post but if someone posts a 'have you seen so-and-so's new pic' if its not actually milky reply with a ye whatever or don't reply at all !!! This isnt the salem witch trials can we just focus on the actual cows and use common sense to weed out the other bullshit

No. 707104

File: 1539050765240.jpg (81.75 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1539050571277.jpg)

Kat Davis. Massive munchies. Steals equipment. Not even the right ones. why does she have a statlock on her face???? It's a specialised piece of equipment used to secure picc lines and central lines…. not a naso tube. No nurse would give you one for a naso, they are quite expensive compared to a piece of tape. Like no intersite or ultrasite is ever on an ng and that's super short they can be short. Typically they are not. And that is a stat lock for a picc

No. 707106

File: 1539050866693.jpg (115.77 KB, 806x1064, FB_IMG_1539050309392~2.jpg)

Is studying to be a psychologist apparently. Tags othet girls she's been in treatment with in these posts

No. 707134

Finally a true cow. The old pro ana vibes are strong in this photo. Also in the USA , ng tubes are often not attached to the check at all and are instead taped to the nostril. Kek. Note the ana pose as the profile picture. Where has she been to treatment if anywhere?

No. 707177

I'll have a look and see. Whilst I was scrolling I saw her mention she has gastroparesis. Kek. Yet eats these kek. Oh lordy

No. 707178

File: 1539057053556.png (2.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181009-134652.png)

Forgot to attach

No. 707179

File: 1539057110386.jpg (233.03 KB, 1440x979, 2018-10-09-13-51-07.jpg)

The same psych that raped her????

No. 707181

Cleveland Clinic apparently

No. 707252

h-has she shopped her nose bigger?

No. 707707

I wonder if Paris is lurking on here-she must know the site exists.

No. 707724

Nobody cares about Paris she’s just a sad run of the mill spoop

No. 708035

File: 1539122368444.jpg (17.56 KB, 236x322, 97da82d81ddc2212832746a661d9ce…)


That nose though

No. 708234

File: 1539131151289.png (3.23 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181010-102542.png)

Holy selfie batman

No. 708516

She looks so familiar. Was she on a previous thread?

No. 708524

She's got to be mentally retarded.

No. 708801

Knowing her for the past few years, she has some serious mental health issues, not too sure about retardation. She used to constantly post her diagnoses sheets, and some of the things she came out with were outlandish. It's clear she has some form of psychosis. ((Also what is it with people in the ana chan community wearing wigs?)) I don't know why she's being posted here though. She's not milky, just really mentally ill.

No. 708844

The thing with Paris is, I can't understand what she wants? Most people on IG do it for sponsorship when they have a decent following but who would want to have their brand linked to her?

No. 708848

Is Smorven still on a liquid diet and blaming everything possible on her ASD?

No. 709018

No. 709113

File: 1539200695326.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 270.87 KB, 483x718, 04841523-C74C-4F84-80C9-4C8D32…)

No. 709121

fucking spoiler that shit anon

No. 709144

Lmao, that flower she put on there hides nothing. You still see her pubes. What happened to the ana-chans just showing off their thighs? This is gross.

No. 709157

File: 1539203580889.png (Spoiler Image, 667.56 KB, 750x1334, 5025B95A-80DD-4102-BCD1-6D42AB…)

Someone in the comments clocked her for stealing this from a thinspo site. I mean duh the hair is short and blond she had long hair. What language does she actually speak/what’s her nationality? Her grammar and sentence structure on posts and comment replies are atrocious, similar to her terrible rebuttals to her hair haters she doesn’t even try to make sense or have continuity in her posts. She’s a big ole fake spoop

No. 709171

Shes said shes not in recovery. She's not trying to be a fucking 'warrior' it's just her place to put whatever the fuck she likes. I'm not defending her illness but she's not a recovery account, she just logs whatevers going on in her life. Plus, if she weren't trying at all, she'd be dead. Simple as. She's making an effort in other aspects of her life, just the ED isn't changing. Body checks are also outfit posts. And that photo is out of context, it's for when she had flu. She's not milky at all it pisses me off when she's mentioned. This thread is losing it sorry

No. 709174

File: 1539204733267.png (531.06 KB, 640x1136, EEC76C78-1040-4171-AE52-9CFB21…)

Nourisht0flourish made a YouTube and posted an “anorexia story” video that is literally just a bunch of naked body checks

No. 709472

File: 1539219641819.jpeg (262.83 KB, 750x1103, 5EC8F72E-2D7D-4BD5-9C9F-20E2A3…)

Korey is getting kinda milky again… Posts this blatant body check of how much weight she’s lost with her usual faux-ernest pretend psychology caption about her v mature mental health awareness… her followers have finally snapped and are calling out her bullshit in the comments. Stay tuned for her pretending to be shocked and appalled that anyone would think to mention such a topic as her weight and bullying anyone who queries her use of the pic.

No. 709599

Classic thinspo pose. She's trying to make her legs appear as thin as possible. Our dietician to be is such an inspiration for the recovery community.

No. 709844

File: 1539240825996.jpg (50.88 KB, 444x475, wk.jpg)


>Body checks are also outfit posts.

Oh well, that makes it all okay then.

> it pisses me off when she's mentioned.

Deal with it.

No. 709860

File: 1539244508378.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 188.14 KB, 741x1161, image.jpeg)

No. 709861

File: 1539244524802.jpeg (195.65 KB, 627x936, image.jpeg)

No. 709865

File: 1539245013939.gif (453.12 KB, 320x167, pmr.gif)

No. 709921

Still trying, anon? >>699059

No. 709975

why even pull that face??!

No. 710112

Was told to repost it on the new thread as the other was about to be locked. Wonder what ever happened to her. I get the feeling she's English not American

No. 710180

File: 1539275023850.jpeg (170.67 KB, 640x902, DFD315F6-3F60-40B1-AF63-46CA88…)

Someone told recovery.chii to eat more nutrient dense food and she triggered af

No. 710205

I actually think she's properly trying and trolls need to give her a break

No. 710288

Oh my gosh yes! this is exactly what I was thinking. An anorexic demon. Imagine her eating one bite of this and dancing to the Michael Myers Halloween theme music! I’m dying lol. Top kek

No. 710295

Her game is beyond obvious. The “supporters” of her probably only follow her for thinspo and she knows that. She’s come a long way but is refusing to gain more and posting shit as ootd when it’s an obvious body check. It’s kind of a shame her insta would be pretty lit with the clubbing party stories but you know she’s just posing for the skinniest angle etc. and that’s annoying an ott. she’s trying to act like she’s this clubber and party person now but she’s just as obsessed with looking thin and not gaining weight as before. Vegan but never talks about ethical treatment of animals or why she’s vegan, obviously it’s bc she’s doing it for the diet and insta attention and hashtags. Raw vegan is so unhealthy and restrictive, she’s just switched from ana to orthorexia now.

No. 710474

Vegan in recovery is just another way for anorexics to restrict and stay anorexic under the guise of being healthy. Same goes for the ones that are in recovery but now work out all the time, but it’s okay because they’re eating. Top kek.

No. 710519

File: 1539298443301.jpeg (375.52 KB, 1066x1510, 826F228B-BC28-4FFD-AF60-A3B639…)

Poor JtE is in ICU yet again but she’s totally it doing anything to herself, you guyz. She’s just sooper sick and fragile. It’s totally unpredictable that it happened just days after she was told that once she was discharged from hospital, she wouldn’t have outpatient services. She pitched a fit because they wanted to send her to an ED unit a long way from home. The other option was to be discharge from the current place (can’t figure out of its psych or medical) straight back to her home without any outpatient. So, she finds herself critically ill to prove she needs to be in her favorite place….a medical hospital.

No. 710626

I think she puts herself online and is therefore fair game like everyone else. I also think you are her (or a really creepy stan) and therefore need to fuck off.

No. 710705

so glad im not the only one seeing the pattern in JTE's out-of-the-blue hdu/icu upgrades when there has been no indication of declining health for days/weeks. To clarify for initial anon, she is in a medical hospital but also held there under section (mental health act law). But don't let her fool you; this is the woman who is obsessed with all things medical and started uni to be a peadiactric nurse, her dad is one of the managers at the medical hospital she frequents and quite spectacularly, her mum and her recently were in beds next to each other on the same ward… she can't even let her mum be the "sickest" of the family!!! she reminds me so much of jonzie08/canadian kelly. she thinks she can outsmart the medical professionals and hide the fact she is causing these sudden and highly extravagent medical deteriorations out of nowhere. I could have bet my life on her suddenly taking a turn for the worse when she got what she pretended she wanted - complete discharge from eating disorder and psych services (but secretly she knows she could NEVER could manage with due to the lack of attention and care from health professionals). And AMEN to the powers that be finally putting their foot down and discharging her completely (which btw, they usually only do in UK if ppl show no commitment to recovery or constantly manipulate the services as she does to get her own way and lots of care-elliciting behaviours. The amount of NHS resources she has wasted being in expensive facilities for years on end, which has only fuelled her obsession to keep her imaginary title as the sickest anorexic there ever was. She conveniantly also has POTS/eds so i think her body actually could be much less tolerant to disordered behaviours, so she doesnt have to do much to totally screw up her vitals, but she is deffo up to something devious to continously end up in icu everytime step down/discharge is mentioned. Wouldn't surprise me if she's messing with her meds/tampering with PICC line etc. scroll back a few posts of hers on ig and she's gloating about how the nurses "trust her" (poor suckers!) to administer her own meds down her ng etc. she knows exactly what to do to have a crash call if she wants one. she is the exact definition of a 'professional patient'. Trouble is, i bet even if similar thoughts have crossed the nurses/drs minds there, no one would dare accuse her of self-induced physical deteriorstion due to her 'celebrity' status there as hospital manager's daughter. she's really doing my head in now. sage for rant.

No. 710828

Notice how she said “don’t worry nothing linked to me harming myself” why would anyone assume this does she self harm? Or is she just trying to cover up that it’s self induced. Seems very fishy she’d end up here at mention of discharge. Hmmm

No. 710921

A bit random, but does anyone know what happened to Felice Fawn from years ago. From what I remember reading, she was being accused of ripping people off? Selling stuff then not actually sending them what was bought. Then just disappeared off the face of the earth. She just randomly popped into my head.

No. 710936

this isn’t the fucking space. google it you lazy fuck.

No. 710952


No. 710959

Firstly, wtf is wrong with you. Don't reply if you haven't got anything construction to say. I saged the post as I know it's a little off topic to the people currently being talked about.

No. 710961

Plus this threads become boring af. Same few cows, zero drama. Start something worth talking about.

No. 710981

Not the same anon, but try the catalog next time >>>/snow/290770

No. 711042


I’d bet my entire house that if she received proper one-to-one care with complete superb and was not allowed to do any medical stuff for herself, she’d not end up in HDU/ICU as often as she does.

No. 711044

Supervision not superb!

No. 711539

File: 1539389987551.png (912.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181013-011836.png)

Movern uploaded spoopy pictures to her story

No. 711592

Nothing changes!

No. 711611

Seeing this girl makes me wonder what happened to that other girl that had her own topic here ages ago. Ashley? Is she still alive?

No. 711630

I just remembered her too, she still has a thread but it’s auto saged. Look in the archive.

No. 711634

She just keeps on living >>>/snow/241927

No. 711682

Is it just me, or do her legs look shopped? The stripes behind them are all wavy but away from her legs are straight

No. 711684


maybe a little.. yeah. she's still obv disgustingly thin though. how does she still even have hair at this point?

No. 711721

Omfg please tell me this is shopped. How has she not collapsed?

No. 711725

Ashley Isaacs has Instagram Twitter and kiwi farms shes alive by some miracle

No. 711730

File: 1539409177842.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 77418DBC-EF23-469D-BB5B-9EB768…)

She did indicate that was a photo from two years ago, probably her spoopiest time. It looks like she may have put on a minimal amount of weight since then, though she’s not posting much even in stories. This photo is from 3 months ago according to her story.

No. 711740

File: 1539411955504.png (1.3 MB, 976x1254, Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 08.2…)

Just yesterday I was watching the shit movie "To The Bone" and got a feeling they've written this character off Smorven.

No. 711802

anyone remember shmegeh? that was a fucking wild ride
i know she had her own thread but she's pretty much disappeared from the public eye

No. 711852

It's sad really- what a waste of her life- like what does she do all day? At least with Paris it's obvious she spends all day arranging her food and taking photos of it for posts on Instagram or making videos of herself writhing to music and eating- but what does Smorven do?

No. 711868

Watching rugby matches, going to movies, laying around with (and being disturbingly attached to) her support worker. Oh and baking for her parents and support worker but never touching anything herself. Basically being enabled to do all the shit she wants to do, without anyone giving a rats arse about the negative consequences it seems. She seems to have "panic attacks" when any other parts of her treatment team are involved just in case they pull some hard fast lines on her. Someone needs to at this point, waste of space and resources as it is.

No. 711873

Amazes me that for someone who claims to have so many sensory issues because of her ASD she can still happily go to watch rugby matches. Ah yes I remember her miserly baking making batches of soups for as little money as possible- Christmas with her around must be fun ( not).

No. 712228

More like this is Bekah lol

No. 712400

god i miss Shmegeh, she was fascinating. I hope she's alright tho.

No. 712546

Why is Smorven on a liquid diet?

There used to be a girl who posted numerous body shots on IG ( weird as she worked for a big company and got paid a LOT. She was thinking of going to treatment in South Africa ? Did she make it.?

No. 712550

>>712546 she says her body doesn't tolerate food, which i suspect is from years of laxative abuse and purging

No. 712709

File: 1539545975643.jpg (396.76 KB, 616x1090, kelsyedupdate.jpg)

Well, that's a nice surprise for the day. Does anyone remember that Kelsey.ed girl? She's still alive, been in hospital and gained. I thought the worst because she was adamant against getting help.

No. 712812

shmegeh hasn't updated her social media for a few years, but people found her on her job's ig account. she looks weight restored and is living life hopefully. i'd link but i'm outside atm. p sure you can find her job's ig acc in the comments under her last post on ig

No. 712845

No. 713346

But you are forgetting she categorically denies she has or has ever had any form of eating disorder.
People are too quick to have a go at the cost to the NHS if obesity or smoking, but I dread to think how much tax payers money is being used to support Smorven s life of leisure !

No. 713408

File: 1539626147677.png (782.84 KB, 937x599, Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 10.5…)

man i hate to be so negative but last year she wore the old dress she used both before and during her peak ana phase for a halloween work event. AND she's covering her face. maybe it's nothing, maybe she's recovered and she just isn't very sentimental about clothes, but it reminds me of aly always busting out the old spoop skirt

No. 713410

File: 1539626204956.png (911.95 KB, 766x603, CEy7a0t.png)

here's the old photos of the dress

No. 713418

Damn. I hope she’s doing well. The dress worried me too. Aly has been wearing her spoopy clothes lately as well. As entertaining as cows are, I still wish them a life without an ed and it’s sad to see them go back

No. 713591

File: 1539639948351.jpeg (240.95 KB, 750x952, 7F2BA8E7-82E0-4F77-A80B-978D39…)

Don’t you just hate it when the bitchy maid comments on how skinny you are and everyone yells at her to leave it because they just accept that you’re a fragile delicate wintergirl who can’t be saved

No. 713642

This is 100% fabricated bullshit. I seriously doubt her family has a maid. And if they did, what TF would she be reading on the porch with her mother?! Maids don’t just hang out with the family unless they’re not a maid, but a nanny. She is so fake it is not even funny.

No. 713842

>In that moment I feel an affinity with my best friend.

Isn't that why people are best friends? I hate her failed romance novel writing.

No. 714100

oh man I was coming here just to post this. She is so laughably dumb. She's delusional

No. 714117

File: 1539696225560.jpg (180.17 KB, 750x548, IMG_1061.jpg)

everyone Korey has a personal instagram now apparently …

No. 714167

Twins Katie and Maria Campbell - if you are in the uk you will probably heard of them - both trained Drs and walking skeletons. They don't most much on IG . Any milky?

No. 714266


I love how her explanation for everything is that she’s being persecuted and nothing she has ever done would have led anyone to criticize her. Like she literally thinks the only problem is that other people are irrationally mean to her and that if she just posts her attention-seeking underweight body checks on a locked account, it will solves the issue.

I can’t handle even rage-following because can you imagine how fawning the comments will be? It will be pitchforks for anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass. Someone who can be bothered please follow lol.

No. 714280

File: 1539715739644.jpeg (300.14 KB, 750x1232, D5061586-06A9-48E0-B4B3-24529A…)

Now she’s wants infusions for her “POTS” because she’s clearly too special for medications. And excuritiating pain?

No. 714508


I'll follow her for the laughs and to keep updated but I couldn't agree more. She's made it a private account meaning only those the adore her will be allowed to follow her. They only feed into her self obsession and her "i'm so inspirational and insta famous" mindset. It's such a joke.

No. 714566

I used to look what they were up to on ig but the repetitiveness was too dull. I doubt there's any milk because their days are so structured. I think of them as robots programmed to do the same thing every day. One of them seemed like she could recover if she wanted but her suicidal sister held her back. I kinda wish for an update though.

No. 714869


It’s a really messed up way to avoid having anyone raise her weight with her ever again. If they do, she’ll order them to unfollow. It’s like her protecting her ability to starve herself to death without criticism is more important than actually listening to and considering people’s concern (also sick that her mother seems to be encouraging this locked account thing… you’d think she’d be telling Korey that it’s not healthy to live in a delusional fairy land where no one is ever allowed to mention how sick she is. Well, I hope having a locked account cures her anorexia now all the haters holding her back can’t see her pics [/sarcasm]

No. 714883

>>714869 This, and that quacky doctor that she and Tilly shared has apparently had his licence suspended. I predict milky things to come.

No. 714884

>>714869 This, and that quacky doctor that she and Tilly shared has apparently had his licence suspended. I predict milky things to come.

No. 714957

Maria recently broke her hip requiring surgery. Then Katy ended up in hospital for pneumonia and has been sectioned.

No. 715047


I think it would be easier for one to recover if the other one died-I'm not wishing that, but I the underlying competition and comparisons must be hard. And at least they are pretty independent - yes I'm assuming they get ESA or PIP etc but at least they don't sponge of their parents ( like Smorven and Paris , who probably get the same benefits but live rent free being looked after as a dependent child.? Maria's bones must be bad .

No. 715204

Thanks for that. Not good news but not surprising.

They definitely keep each other stuck in their illness and it's a shame because the one that wasn't suicidal and posting coffee cups seemed like she could probably deal with her disorder better if she wasn't living in her sister's pocket. Twins are weiiird.

Their parents supported them according to something on youtube. Idk why that's the case because they'd qualify for benefits.

No. 715347

how could a spoop even handle anesthesa? surely an anorexic is super high risk.

No. 715491

This is a long shot, but…

I joined mpa when I first came here around 3.5 years ago (?). I've never posted and only used it to look up names that come up here. Anyway, I've been browsing and DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE USER NAMED "OKI"?

He's mid 40s and the thread I noticed him at is one where he's attempting a 0 calorie 80 day fast. He encourages all the kids to join in and it's pretty off tbh. Like, I know ED people have some wacko ideas, but the way he recruits people is really … off.

>you want to maintain 12.0 bmi.

i think that's awesome…t the medical hazard from extremely low bmi is almost always a result of insufficient nutrition ! it's Not because their " too skinny " !

(copypasta's probably fucked the green text up)

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about him because he seems like another Henry Roth to me, but he's actually coaching these people.

I know this isn't the usual pro ana cow material, but he's way too fucking extreme (imo).

No. 715502

No. 715512

No permission to view anon, can we get screencaps? He doesn't seem thin, like, at all from that video. You don't go from average to 80 day hunger strike lmao, he's deluded af. Seems like he just wants to watch girls starve.

No. 715514

File: 1539821497047.jpg (38.58 KB, 467x563, 01.JPG)

The thread's lonnnnnnnnng, but I'll pick some bits out.

He hasn't managed to go 80 days so far,

No. 715520

File: 1539821879902.jpg (50.25 KB, 703x457, now hes a doctor.JPG)

No. 715529

File: 1539822254072.png (45.15 KB, 1337x623, Untitled.png)

There's definitely something weird about him. His explanation why he hangs out at mpa really sounds creepy considering his age and the average age of the others there. Idk…I won't spam because nobody might be interested. He doesn't give much about himself away which is odd considering he's there for ~community~ and bs.

No. 715533

I will say though that his girls all drop like flies. One starts coughing up blood.

No. 715540

File: 1539822973767.jpg (38.47 KB, 871x324, 1.JPG)

Oh fuck it, one more. Here a girl's asking what she can do because her parents are noticing her weight loss. This is what he says.

No. 715900


what the fuck? coughing up blood?

No. 715910

Wow this guy is sad af

No. 715984

File: 1539871814616.jpeg (362.46 KB, 750x1190, 973B30DE-6D2A-4143-BCA0-CCEE65…)

„Kasia” is at it again. Pretends now to be enterpreneuer/artist, steals people’s artwork, and the tags are top kek (calls herself a Scandinavian witch and a thinspiration).

No. 715985

File: 1539871850234.jpeg (529.51 KB, 750x1105, FD90015D-C9C1-4AA8-AA8A-F0D620…)

No. 715991

Ky is saying she went to Tokyo yesterday and sold her manga and anime over there. There and back in 2 days apparently, despite the fact there are no direct flights to Tokyo from Argentina, and it's a minimum of a 28 hour round trip. She doesn't even try to make her lies believable! I would call her out on it, but I already did from one account and was blocked. I don't get what she's trying to achieve from he lies?

No. 715995

What even. I guess anything for attention. She sounds like she is just very dumb both logically and emotionally, she has 0 self-awareness. And has 0 idea of how life works, wants to be successful and compensate for lack of achievements and having just boring junkie life, and thinks that if she names something X it will magically become that X and people will see it and take as gospel.

No. 716061

A couple of people have called her out about the video she posted but she’s clamining it’s hers still. Bitch is legit crazy.

No. 716091

File: 1539882871074.png (475.12 KB, 640x1136, 99D1E121-F335-4D1F-B418-DCE2DB…)

Willing to bet she texted herself. Kek

No. 716155

Is she doing that "I'm going to bitch at you for doubting me and then block you to remove comments" thing? It's why i don't bother even trying to bring anything up with her.

She's such a deluded attention-seeking cow that reminds me of a 12-year-old DeviantArt kiddo (or worse the adults that do it) that cba to put the time and effort into learning to do something with their actual lives and just piggyback off other people's hard work.

It's all water off a ducks back with them, or well "hair pigment swiftly falling off a wannabe nordic chicks'" hair.

No. 716240

god i remember him from like last year when i actually hung out on mpa

No. 716256

I noticed people commenting and asking why she didn't upload any pics of Tokyo. She's actually ridiculous. Where does she even come up with this shit!?

No. 716269

What are their IGs? Can't find them…

No. 716294

No. 716777



yuck. why?

No. 716798

What is people opinions on vegtay.ble? She eats like a whole plate of vegetables then has a piece of salmon or something obsessed with “ health foods” eats cakes and stuff but they are always raw slices and she is always at the gym posting videos of her underweight body.

No. 716807

Is there any milk outside of just being a partially raw vegan who happens to eat fish? (and seems to eat way too many wheatabix going by one of the pics). She just seems bland to me, but ymmv.

No. 716820

Her diet looks great from nutritional point of view, but it seems like she is training too hard.

No. 716915

File: 1539963373411.jpg (473.35 KB, 720x1138, 20181019_093427.jpg)

When you post body checks complaining your pants are too big for ana bragging rights

No. 716928

I agree what interface even is this? She’s not a twig, and every time she posts those thigh sock “thigh gap” photos they r tight af and digging into her skin. She’s thin, maybe underweight but I would never describe her as a twig kek.

No. 716930

This is the best explanation I’ve seen for my. She really does believe that if she says something ppl over the internet will believe her.. but instead she just comes of ignorant and like she lacks a lot of social and self awareness. She’s just making herself look even more rediculous. If you type in love is love 120 artists you’ll find a video on YouTube posted a year ago.. she’s so damn rediculous first she tries to copy other ppls art and now animation?! No one believes this kek

No. 716933

This is the best explanation I’ve seen for my. She really does believe that if she says something ppl over the internet will believe her.. but instead she just comes of ignorant and like she lacks a lot of social and self awareness. She’s just making herself look even more rediculous. If you type in love is love 120 artists you’ll find a video on YouTube posted a year ago.. she’s so damn rediculous first she tries to copy other ppls art and now animation?! No one believes this kek

No. 716945

It's private

No. 717028

File: 1539975380108.jpeg (297.82 KB, 750x1281, 04FE72B4-E94B-40A0-BD4E-E7F4D6…)

She’s giving me major spaceship vibes lately. Does anyone know what rhetoricallyashleys week of meltdowns have been about? Her bf dumped her and she’s been a mess (beyond normal) since, but still how dare anyone suggest a bpd diagnosis

No. 717066

yes, I know. But someone asked so I posted a link.

No. 717264

File: 1540001495577.jpeg (166.15 KB, 750x1093, C8D2E990-B9FC-48BD-87DD-89E9C4…)

Recovering by becoming a personal trainer

No. 717298


Oh yeah! Just took a look at her Insta.
Instead of real weight gains she runs into the gym four times a week and conducts some obscure "full body workouts". With weights and shit.
Now that's a way to burn away those evil pesky calories, you little ghoul.

Also, she's still obsessed with food photography. Dozens of pure-vegan bowls.

What a "recovery"…

No. 717305


No. 717308



No. 717324

The dishes that she photographs are so painfully similar. Having an ED is often connected to being a control freak.
Well, what have we got here?

No. 717346

android text message app, possibly on an older model

No. 717361

No recovery at all, because muscles eat up calories like mad.

No. 717364

Yay! Those gym shots are ED heaven.
It's all like "work your flesh down to the bone and do a bodycheck at the very same time".
Mirrors everywhere, folks!

No. 717368

This is shopped, right? It looks like his entire skull shrank to almost half its size.

No. 717371

Reminds you of the good ol' days of the IRA.
They were decent British terrorists!

No. 717376

Omg her form is terrible. How are trainers even allowing that? Like at least when healing_naturally or whatever her account is now tried to join a gym they said no because of her weight. The push ups make me cringe, she’s that unstable.

No. 717379

File: 1540013626037.jpeg (540.08 KB, 2076x3072, 81FE9923-0A59-42E7-838F-9EAD75…)

Her butt actually comes off the chair. I’m surprised she doesn’t fling herself off rather that actually lift the weight. Kek it’s so bad

No. 717400

Agreed. When she does her pushup, she's doing them in a waveform…
Every trainer in his/her right mind will stop you there and tell you to keep your body straight.

Like said before, she's likely in it just for the calorie burn.

No. 717418


Absolutely and positively no one who is in her bodily state should do weight training. Period.

No. 717424

- Muscle training without animal protein.
- Weak joints and tendons.
- Working on weight machines four times a week.

That's the sure recipe to ruin her pitiful body for good!

No. 717429

Helen will find out - soon enough - about the effects of leverage and brittle bones.

No. 717430

Giving me some serious Anna Johnson vibes. I don't think anyone can top the plant power orthorexia qween tho

No. 717432

File: 1540023776634.jpg (269.46 KB, 960x1280, IMG_8903.jpg)

It's GOD's will!!one

No. 717434

This whole plant-based anorexic weight training is like a drag race over the quarter mile, but on a jumping ball:
It can be done, technically, but it will hurt and also piss off the audience.

No. 717446

what a fucking freak
reminds me of the movie Split

No. 717459

Nothing screams "eating disorder" like some broad with a fixation on food photography and lots of sweaty workouts.

No. 717465

Damn, he's giving me "Graham (ED BD Anderson) Andrews" vibes. Does he also hook up with girls offline to help them starve only get his abusive hooks into them, or is this just an online gig to him. His "fasting" pictures probably are photoshopped, these guys tend to like to lie about having an eating disorder to lure girls for their skinny/power fetish. It's sickening.

TLDR; never trust a middle age baldy in the ED community. They're all creeps.

No. 717466


"TLDR; never trust anyone in the ED community. They're all creeps."

Ftfy, pal.

No. 717484

Aside from the rest, lack of animal protein isnt bad. There are plenty of proper vegan products and theres plenty of vegan bodybuilders who have just as good results as non-vegan. Sage for dietfagging.

No. 717485


Bump for steaks, veganfag.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 717495


No. 717496

And THAT in a place where we shred spoopys and skellies by the dozen.

Semper fi, man.

No. 717497

It’s the new Christianity. Policing strangers morals whilst insisting it’s from a place of enlightenment and kindness, the loud ones who only joined because they are spoiling for a fight like to preach and instigate drama with non-believers.

Some trainer is gonna find her after she has a heart attack on a machine. Maybe they don’t correct her cause it’s too much to take on a skelly in a professional manner?

No. 717500

I literally just corrected an information. Why are you so triggered. Its not an opinion but a simple fact. But sure, stay true to your „i will Google a thing” „research”.

No. 717502

Yall bitch at girls whole this topic for how they eat and you trigger yourself by simple information that had no personal value to it. Wonder what it’s like to be so fragile and offended and scream “they try to convince me to things!!!!” every step.

No. 717503

Why do you insist of being right?
Why are you backstabbing like a lil' bitch that you are?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 717505

Insist? No, I only provided an information. I take all sorts of patients and many of them are vegan, I studied the topic thoroughly because if that was a bad thing I wouldn’t let them be on vegan diets. If you must bitch, at least bitch with some reason. Why you insist on being triggered and fighting an imaginary scenario?

No. 717507

Are you triggered that you are judging and shitting on cows for their dietary choices and panic someone will judge yourself? If you’re that fragile pissbaby maybe this site is not for you, get a spine.

No. 717508

Typical normie & teenage girl reaction. Why is this site flooded with cryptocows.

No. 717510

Can't you dumbass vegans just be happy you're going to live longer and leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

No. 717511

>make it personal
>complain it’s personal

Kek, can we go back to cows, because this idiot teenage girl party is pathetic

No. 717513

Nobody told anyone to go vegan or judged their choices. Next.

No. 717611

File: 1540050036974.png (820.9 KB, 750x1334, F51FAE45-D6D5-4B85-9F14-FAF567…)

I don’t know if she’s ever been posted but this is cinsprogression currently sectioned under the mental health act and is definetly ott and milky with her antics. She often pulls her tube and tries to break out, only to get sedated with medication she knows this will happen I am pretty sure she does it on purpose for the drugs. Then she loves posting selfies with her fucked up eyes showing how high she is. She’s posted lives of her struggling go eat and it all looks so exaggerated Bc when she heard she could be off continuous feeds she just started eating these really caloric meals no problem. I’ll post a few of her pics but I don’t want to spam the thread if she’s been posted before

No. 717612

File: 1540050075797.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 4CD5D3E8-67F1-4B2E-B29A-8A613D…)

No. 717613

File: 1540050219630.png (237.54 KB, 750x1334, 6CD3735E-C882-4260-BB6A-34FC24…)

No. 717615

File: 1540050416149.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 750x1334, A846284C-62BF-49D8-98DA-2F87CE…)

So attention whorey

No. 717617

File: 1540050511669.png (2 MB, 750x1334, CCE57E81-43C5-4B79-9989-A0677F…)

No. 717618

File: 1540050586559.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 92D3F7E5-4154-48E3-821D-6EFCFA…)

She loves talking about how many drugs they give her and taking selfies with messed up eyes

No. 717619

File: 1540050737251.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 06CE9F97-021E-44D3-8017-D374F7…)

A post from her story filming herself crying as the nurse or 1 to 1 talks to her about the damage she’s doing, wow she really puts on a show!

No. 717719

File: 1540066787001.jpeg (340.56 KB, 640x1072, 5DC89EA5-436D-4F9E-9863-2414F8…)

Kasia goes back and forth between saying she's filthy rich, and saying she doesn't have enough money to dye her hair.
Her lies are so entertaining, none of it makes any sense whatsoever, and she keeps outdoing herself! She remains my absolute favourite cow!

No. 717720

File: 1540066840321.jpeg (289.9 KB, 640x1084, E3D027BD-EEC0-4CBC-AA3A-E37047…)

part 2/2

No. 717787

This sounds like a horrifyingly bad fanfic about self in an alternative reality where her fantasy becomes real without any effort. I’m still surprised bitch bleached her hair to prove her ~Scandinavian ancestry~, like that’s the biggest effort she put into anything besides just furiously tagging pictures with attention whore-ish tags.

No. 717827


This girl deserverd to be slapped.
And force fed.
Then slapped again.

No. 717830

Also: Fuck off, vegan idiots.

No. 717846

Fuck off, yes she has been posted before by another cold hearted prick like you. She’s extremely sick, has been through a fuck load in her life and is trying survive the only way she has learned how. So fuck right off and leave cin alone. That’s not milk, it’s called she is so unwell and invalidates herself so much that she feels she doesn’t deserve the tube and if she leaves it in then it’s like surrendering, even though she knows it doesn’t make a difference because they’ll put it back in anyway, at least her ED momentarily shuts up and tells her she’s “winning” for a second. I feel for the girl, and you should too.

No. 717855

How are there still whiteknights for these scrawny wastes of space?

No. 717861

“Still” says the person who “still” can’t learn to sage. This thread is not for people like jacinta who are genuinely vulnerable af and are trying to survive their trauma the best they can. It’s not being a WK, it’s called not being a psychopath you heartless fuck

No. 717864

Oh piss off.
You’ve picked the entirely wrong community to white knight in.
Paris is very sick too, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t act like a cow. People are not precious or above criticism because they are sick, especially when they are sick with a disease that only they can choose to heal.

No. 717870

Cin isn’t a cow, end of story. If you don’t know the difference then you aren’t as farm savvy as you think you are

No. 717874

File: 1540085592700.jpeg (115.23 KB, 631x478, 09642F4E-D890-4845-AA0D-947CB0…)

Try reading anons

No. 717875

She’s the most melodramatic since crying Emily.
Twenty captions a day about how she’s the most traumatised, is so afraid of people that she’s having fear seizures.

You sound more like a cow than half the people discussed here by screeching ‘wahh psychopaths’ over some girl not getting her ass bones kissed for being ~so brave~’by existing and whining continuously.

You’re either cin or a total creep. Which is it?

No. 717879

She actually always goes out of her way to say she knows people have had it worse. Meanwhile she’s had it pretty damn awful. I’m neither actually. I’m someone who knows the difference between people who milk the hell out of their mental illness for attention that they don’t need, vs people who are actually doing the best they can considering the fucked up hands they’ve been dealt. Kek. Nice projecting tho creep

No. 717880

Idk but if my psychotic drug whore mother allowed all her drug dealers/johns to molest me constantly as a kid, id probably be pretty fucking scared too

No. 717881

if you have such a fucking problem with it report to mods with your reasoning. your bleeding heart makes you look like a giant faggot

No. 717882

Doing the very best they can does not involve filming yourself crying. That’s straight up attention whoring.
Go white knight her instagram for a bit, find another self pitying skelly to protect.

No. 717884

Most people don’t make a hobby out of sharing trauma with the public and artfully filming themselves sobbing over it. You’re like..joltography levels of ass-bone kissing rn, creep.

No. 717979

Well when you’ve been neglected and abused during your formative years actually it is common to scream for attention and validation

No. 718000

Semi OT & I don't mean to armchair, but recently I've found out that there is a subtype of munchy called "Munchausen by Internet" (I didn't even realise it was a thing until I looked into why so many people fake suicides in the community and pop up to do it over and over under different personas). Ky seems to be a prime example of it, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the self-posters here had elements of it.

Ky miraculously isn't dying again, despite her chronic lethal mortal dying Ragnarok arrhythmia going strong. Does she still get resurrected each day and night? What happened to her plot for revenge after her boyfriend was supposedly drugged and left for dead? And now she's moving on to a new arc. Kasia, I've got a feeling if your family members had cancer they would have gone to hospital and then the hospital would have referred to some form of treatment, she probably doesn't need your "contact" for treatment. (Dr John Bergman/xtremegamerz type arc on the tables?).

No. 718060

There goes our litte sage sissy again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 718107

Thank you and that’s why she’s been posted the people who don’t think this is milky are either her followers or cin. >>717882
Exactly and filming and photographing the staff and eating her meals on live to show how hard it is and woe is me.
Obviously you didn’t read any of the post/reasoning behind posting cin her milk outside of the ed is so obvious, the acting out for sedating drugs is drug seeking behavior… as soon as she gets them she’s taking selfies with her half shut eyes talking about how bombed she is. Posting videos of yourself crying is attention whorey, if it is for Paris it is for her y’all need to stop picking and chooseing your favorite insta accounts to white knight on here and then spamming the thread with what you think is reinforcing the rules. Cin is a cow, and has way more milk outside of her ed then half the ppl talked about on here.
I hope your either cin or a follower because you sound rediculous. Saying that other ppl here are not “savvy” when your missing out on this obviously milky cow is just mind blowing. Your obviously new pls lurk more and quit derailing the convorsation when Real cows are posted. Sorry not everyone wants to talk about boring as hell kor and til

No. 718110

you described cin to a t “people who milk the hell out of their mental illness for attention” very good I’m glad you understand the dichotomy and the reasons why cins been posted. Crying on camera, acting out for drugs, posting selfies high af just to show everyone, eating all disordered on camera just to show how dainty and delicate u r, pulling the tube numerous times I mean the list goes on

No. 718114

>stop picking and chooseing your favorite insta accounts to white knight on here and then spamming the thread with what you think is reinforcing the rules

This has happened time after time and it's generally from people who were ~inpatient~ with the person and ~they were sweet and they're really sick~ or their ig followers.

Loads of farmers here are going to have fucked up childhoods/formative years but don't post their hissy fits on lolcow. I've kind of liked a few of these anacows but I don't expect anyone to stop posting about them because they dislike them and find them milkier.

SO yeah, anon…agreed.

No. 718115

(I mean they don't post their hissy fits on ig or fb, not lolcow (sometimes they do lol)).

No. 718117

I slightly disagree with your armchair dx of MBI. She isint someone who’s trying to get attention for being sick from just physical illness. Primarily she’s focused on looking like she’s anorexic, malnourished and has side effects from that. Most mbi ppl wouldn’t go the mental illness route to get attention Bc for example, with anorexia less ppl will validate it, unless your like Rachel f and a skeleton. But then again ky is very ignorant, delusional and lacks a ton of self awareness so it’s possible she’s going down the mbi road. She will fail as she’s too ignorant to convince anyone of anything. Also she has lost her integrity Bc she lies so damn often about “her” art, her hair, her nationality, the fact she said doctors told her she’d die… no one will believe her. Interesting thought though!

No. 718121

What happened to Lexi and Megs?

No. 718122

What happened to Lexi and Megs?

No. 718123

I believe that! Bc it’s so obvious what she does is rediculous, ott and milky. They either have a personal connection or are a follower. There are straight up rules about wk and ppl just decide to do it anyway like you said if you have a sensitivity to someone but they are milky just let ppl post about them. Sometimes ppl don’t belong her when they are in obvious recovery or aren’t milky anymore like Bekah once was but doing this
And refusing to acknowledge the extra milk that is obvious and others agree with is annoying and derails the conversation. I can garentee that person is new Bc wtf why post the farmhand note when cin has milk outside her ed… just to let everyone know nitpicking is fussy fault finding in order to excessively criticize in an unjustifiable way. No one is doing that to cin she is the most worthy cow posted in a while other than ky

No. 718133

File: 1540138871845.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 0C285269-7EF4-407D-B17B-2D95B6…)

I’ve neglected to post this until I was sure and you guys can tell me if I’m wrong and we can not post her but I am convinced chronically.ams has an eating disorder. She says she has gp which hey perhaps she does from starving herself and forcing herself to vomit like many other eating disordered ppl but she does things that are very eating disorderd. She chews and spits, drains her feeds, puts feeds on low rate and forces herself to vomit to feel better. Someone with the illness she has to the degree she has let’s be honest it wouldn’t progress that fast. She also is obsessed with posting about her weight and the changes in her body and posts numerous obvious body checks. Just Bc you have chronic illness doesn’t mean you can’t have an ed and manipulate it. Now Bc everyone nitpicks new choices her milk outside of the ed is that she exaggerating a medical illness in order to stay eating disordered, get attention and care and also free giveaways from companies. She sells merch which anyone is entitled to do but if you have made all your illness worse by eating disordered behavior and your not honest about that struggle to your followers Bc it’s invalidating then are u a true advocate or are you a liar? Lmk what y’all think

No. 718137

File: 1540139047814.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, FCDA60D4-4304-4EA5-9737-BC35E6…)

The photo was about her feed spilling but we gotta sneak those ribs in there to show off the skinnyness

No. 718138

File: 1540139119686.png (523.47 KB, 750x1334, CA8444D7-3523-44D6-8CF1-A58B8B…)

Typical ana pose to get the skinniest angle but she’s suppose to be sick and in hospital how would she even muster the energy? Oh wait Bc she must prove she’s thin

No. 718139

File: 1540139231456.png (690 KB, 750x1334, 10A3572A-A44C-4F9E-BE8E-25B000…)

And finally this was suppose to be a body appreciation post. I’m not saying ppl should feel self conscious about showing their body but this is an obvious look at me I’m thin post… she’s had tubes before why post this now? Obviously Bc she’s thinner and wants ppl to tell her she is

No. 718148

Drive by comment, but there is no doubt this girl is ED+blaming it on her chronic illness, just from what you've posted. That's not a normal photo you take in hospital.

No. 718157

Yes I knew it! I wanted to wait and see before jumping to conclusions and posting her but I’m glad you agree. If your bed is a mess from feed dripping just take a picture of the bed no need to lift the shirt and suck it in!

No. 718233

She is well known in the chronic illness community to be a huge cow and to use her illness as cover for showing off disordered behaviour constantly. She's not a munchie or anything (the one basic diagnosis of EDS is real), but she hella exaggerates and dramatises in typical anachan fashion.

No. 718234

Also agree.

No. 718238

File: 1540148469499.png (569.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1857.PNG)

"Severely malnourished". LOL. What?? She barely has a thigh gap. Why she wants to be so sick is the real disturbing thing. if she couldn't absorb anything… She would be VERY emancipated & nonstop in the hospital on a medical unit & on tpn or something. Ridiculous. And sure she doesn't take laxatives to liquefy her stools just bc she wants to but because she's in so much pain. Abusing laxatives can cause dependency & pain!

No. 718240

File: 1540148589860.png (546.29 KB, 675x700, 20181021_200222.png)

>>718238 this is what she's pretending to look like rn

No. 718245

What happened to Lexi and Megs?

No. 718247

Actually looks like the opposite as if she’s gained weight which wouldn’t be the case if she was starving do to malabsorption. She looks like she’s gained a lot of weight compared to her last few posts like this one >>718240
It’s not bad to gain weight and be healthy she’s really pushing the “I am sick not Bc of my ed thing” maybe since she looks like a healthier weight she’s going to start going the chronic illness route to get sympathy

No. 718251

You do realize she laid down for this x ray and her thighs spread and will appear larger than when she stands. I don’t know who she is and I agree she is exaggerating her frame, but an x ray would make her thighs look larger

No. 718253

File: 1540149741751.png (651.19 KB, 750x1334, AE31D42A-DCB4-4C6D-BDFD-B53CA3…)

Oh my gosh yes! But don’t call her out Bc the backlash from her and her followers will be intense. “She’s got EDS and gp how dare you!” Not like you can’t have an ED and chronic illness or anything. The pictures she’s posting most recently are totally classic ana poses. Also before she got skinny she was totally guilty of shopping her photos to look thinner which shows she obviously cares about looking thin and fragile. Also she always used to suck in and pose, like here’s an example of her sucking it in and flexing the neck muscles before she lost weight, trying so hard!

No. 718261

File: 1540150665228.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 362.47 KB, 1936x1452, 8FE112B4-7EBA-4776-B143-ED2BB3…)

Also to add to my comment about the photo shopping the first photo was posted March 24 and the second was April 6. She claims to have lost weight in between but her legs look way healthier in the second so either she shopped the first or she wasn’t being truthfull about the amount of weight loss. I’m not trying to nit pick her body but why would she be shopping her photos or flaunting a thigh gap if she wasn’t even a little disorderd and wanting ppl to comment on her weight loss and how thin and sick she looks ? She’s got a huge following and if she does really have an ED she’s certainly lying to a lot of ppl and making it seem like her gi symptoms are way worse and not at all self induced in any way. T warning Bc the photos are of her legs and catheter bag which some ppl may not want to see

No. 718290

I’m glad chronically Ams is being discussed. She probably does have EDS and maybe gastroparesis but we all know starving yourself makes GP much worse. She has done ana poses for a long time and she has a fellow insta friend (think they’ve met) who she competes with and it’s very obvious. Think the girl may be under 16 so I won’t post her. They’re both gunning for TPN but the insta friend beat her to it and now Amy is starving herself or as she says “not tolerating feeds”. Bullshit.

No. 718312

Is the girl on tpn Irish by chance? If so I believe she is 17 but cannot confirm

No. 718324

File: 1540156059857.jpg (125.91 KB, 1080x1080, 2018-08-29 02.42.45 1856017638…)

If you follow her personal profile (@_amieelee) you can see her food of choice seems to be burgers. There's several posts of her food and none of it she would be able to drain out of her tube. So we can be pretty sure she's purging the old fashion way too. But totally can't put that on her chronic illness profile. Can't be called out.

Caption for this pic was: Honestly the best burgers in Perth! Period. 😍👏🏼 #foodporn

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BnB5jV3A3S-/

No. 718329

It was discussed on the OTT spoonie page 8 months ago that she was 15. So I dunno if she's had a bday since then or not.

No. 718335

Oh please, you think she’s the only poor widdle victim of neglect and abuse?
Half the farmers are abused kids. Con choosing to turn her trauma into an instagram show does not mean she’s more traumatised than everyone else, she’s just choosing not to cope with it beyond demanding external validation for her emotional lability and screaming til she gets some nice calming pills. Why are you defending someone so undeserving of defense?

She’s nuts and a total cow but she is emaciated fam. That ‘barely has a thigh gap’ comment is myproana shit. You sound like a bitter spoop.

No. 718346

Can you guys post more about Cinsprogression? I'm not following her, but she looks like she'll make a great cow.

No. 718359

File: 1540160480496.png (290.55 KB, 796x598, YIKES.png)

She should learn how to edit better. SHe's obviously sick so why make yourself look more skinny than you already are????
Floor boards don't bend that way.

No. 718362

File: 1540160655653.jpeg (226.68 KB, 622x867, C1EFA3C6-C819-4494-9EB9-DF17A4…)

Is this her 3rd month anniversary or something? And wouldn’t you get the police involved if someone attempted arson? But top kek, some reason I have an image in my head of her running full pelt down a road chasing an innocent guy (probably mail man) screeching that she will bring da ragnarok. What a fruit loop.

No. 718432

Shes actually sick and is not a cow. Im sorry but next.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 718509

Yea I’ve been following her and glad I finally posted I was skeptical but am glad ppl agree. And I’m not sure on the girls age but yea she’s definetly jealous of her frien being on tpn and is starving for it. She asked her nutritionist or dietician a bit a go if it would be an option but they said she hadn’t hit a critical weight that required it. She’s ip right now but is well enough to be going to sports games and such so I’m a bit confused on that thought.
She’s commented on how much commuting she does, how it’s ruined her teeth etc. I’m not saying son isint gp induced but if she’s claming she can’t tolerate feeds and then eats this which she def isint drawing she’s definetly purging it, or “getting sick” she posts this stuff a lot and also drinks a lot of creamy things gp patients wouldn’t. I don’t get the constant draining either I thought she was on j feeds? I remember her talking about how pretty her sugar candy or skittles looked in her drainage bag…very strange and obsessed.

No. 718510

I would have said yes but I guess she just did a followers purge and I didn’t make the cut

No. 718521

Ultimate favourite cow

No. 718526

This is hysterical. Worse storytelling than Fawn.

No. 718620

File: 1540212948808.webm (7.9 MB, 640x640, reallyREALLYwant.webm)

I swear, terri can be so creepy at times. She really.. no REALLY wants to see you eat calorific things that she won't touch. The way she chooses her lighting (and at times filters) just seems to make her creepier. I do wonder what her end goal of having a youtube channel and IG are, if she's not using it to push herself in recovery.

No. 718976

Here for the Halloween spoops!

No. 719043

it's like she's trying to copy thane_of_windhelm

No. 719058

good fucking god the preview hadn't loaded before i clicked so i just got that pruny gollum face full screen

No. 719064

it could be used as a jumpscare in the next Five Nights at Freddys.

No. 719072

it's literally the same person

No. 719199

what makes you think that? people can definitely be malnourished without being skin and bones or being bedbound.

i just don't understand what narrative she wants people to believe. sometimes she admits that her ED is causing her health complications but then with this she's treating the ED like it's an afterthought to a completely unrelated problem. yeah maybe it's not ALL ED related but if she has no fat around her organs than yeah i think that could certainly make her digestion issues a lot worse.
sometimes she acts like her ED is killing her but evil family won't let her get help, other times she acts like her ED is nbd and people who want to help her are stupid and unfair because her real problems have nothing to do with her weight. which is it???

No. 719345


There's been some very strange comments on her youtube lately, all deleted, different accusations, and a now deleted video where someone had reported her to the authorities and her food stamps were taken away. I screenshot some of the weird comments as I was going to do some investigating. I'm not sure how true they are though so…

No. 719371

Is it confirmed that Mauri exists / is in a relationship with her?

No. 719373

File: 1540300648906.png (1.21 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181023-081653.png)

Not sure if we ever talk about kenzie anymore but she just posted on her story about a thread about her that hasn't been posted in for a year.. not sure what that's about lmao. Probably wanting to be relevant again.

No. 719396

I noticed that negative comments disappear in a flash. When you're done with the screenshots will you please post em here?

I hate how shitty she is about people in her videos yet there're stans in the comments who probably give her dollar.

And yeah, she always makes herself look as ghastly as possible, like an ugly, crazed Charles Manson.

No. 719398

Yes, he is real and he has a facebook account (Mauricio Loria). He is in a relationship with Kasia, and she's often posting videos and photos of them kissing etc. Now as to how much he's aware of her being a nut job, or if he just likes to "dip his toes in to the crazy pool" who knows.

No. 719489

File: 1540308598267.jpg (223.84 KB, 1366x768, terris raciszt blog.jpg)


She's forever deleting things on there. There were a lot of people saying things, so many that they formed a group on discord to discus what she was up to, I didn't join it. Some of the accusations - pretending to be a disabled serviceman, tricking young women into sending her nudes, pretending to be a child gamer to get to kids… This screenshot is of her blog, it's from 2012 or something but…interesting. - She's an ordained internet minister and some other weird stuff

No. 719557


When I originally googled her name this never showed as a result. Odd.

I get what a commenter/commentator(?) said when she wrote about her being a Nazi. Judging by her use of "are" instead of "our" and her piss poor grammar she's ignorant enough to believe this shit.

Thanks for the info. I do get an off vibe about her, and that's unrelated to her physical appearance. I'm not going to condemn her as a predatory paedo just yet, but her views aren't so nice. It'd be laughable to think she's an advocate for eugenics looking as she does if it wasn't so gross.

No. 719924

you're giving her the relevancy

No. 719927

what is weetabets new instagram name?

is she the same as weetabix loz or something like that? think she was named lauren

No. 720009

File: 1540357894020.jpeg (239.22 KB, 750x1135, 1DA7E9C3-98CC-45CB-8CD3-F62A37…)

Does anyone know more about this cow? She’s begun posting a lot more recently. Edits photos despite being extremely ill/underweight

No. 720025

Edits posts in what way???

No. 720027

Brianna is not really milky. She is extremely young and malnourished so probably even more immature. She use to have BED then anorexia nervosa and is now recovering from both. Nothing really milky about her. Yes she is posting more but she is getting more nutrition so her brain function is higher so can prob concentrate. Need more evidence as to why you think she is worthy of cow status tho

No. 720028

absolutely no milk. turbulent home life, poverty and the fighting at home that ties into it. she edits her photos heavily so her bones aren't so putrid looking in photos and it "hides" the fur, albeit comically. There is no milk, only the saddest instagram I've lurked in a hot minute.

No. 720030

Does anyone else find it weird that she’s following a trying to conceive group?

No. 720044

I am under the impression she is editing photos to look less ill in the face as well but a picture of her wearing glasses shows her facial bones are not consistently prominent. This leads me to believe she sometimes enhances them. I don’t understand the point of only editing some photos. What’s a turbulent home life have to do with it? She’s an adult living at home and is clearly 100% dependent on her mother (as she has mentioned) and is treated like a young teenager
No I assume she’s trying to regain her menses and the info might be applicable to her life

No. 720070

File: 1540372169983.jpeg (163.64 KB, 750x1075, 82F0B331-CE54-4FC6-A129-F592D6…)

As predicted, Korey’s new private “negativity-free” account is an opportunity for her to post all her thinspo body checks without any criticism or questions allowed.

No. 720072

File: 1540372242613.jpeg (389.15 KB, 750x1019, D1DC6F6F-F750-4F44-9381-1E7B1F…)

Meanwhile, over on her ~inspiring recovery account, she’s posted a picture of pizza, lol.

No. 720255

File: 1540399893133.png (1.08 MB, 1334x750, 995D6FF8-6D93-4BA6-8BE7-568735…)

So Amy’s been admitted in her most recent vlogs on her channel Amy’s Life, and she’s going through all the liquid drinks and few foods she’s allowed to have she’s on the intestinal failure ward apparently. Her nurse tells her she’ll probably get tpn soon. What I don’t get is that she goes from eating burgers and caloriclu dense and fatty foods, as well as coffee drinks with slot of milk and now that she’s impatient she can only drain the liquid of her beans and just taste the apple sauce… I wonder if it’s bc she can’t throw it up like she did outside hospital. Also she was well enough to go to a basketball game but then claimed her potassium was critical, I don’t live where she lives but in my country they would not let go on a leave if your potassium was under 3 wtf? I’m pretty sure once again she’s lying about the severity of her physical illness in order to preserve the ed. Boy is it going to shock her system when she gains weight from the tpn (if they put her on) also she claims her bmi is under 14 which I’m not sure I believe either but I won’t nit pick her body. This photo was from the first vlog about being admitted before she was moved to the if ward. Would they really give someone as “sick” as her this??? She’s now since then moved to only tea and is doing less feed then when she was out

No. 720261

File: 1540400172157.jpeg (56.47 KB, 717x225, 736DB001-DFA7-40FD-BCE4-FA42AB…)

Also this is the thumbnail she picks, of course she’s posing to look extra dainty, frail and sick. Like I said I don’t get how she was eating “the best burgers in town” all this ice cream with dairy none of that would be ok for someone with gastroparesis but if they were bulimic… and just eating it to trigger or self induce vomiting that’s disordered. Well done amy your bulimias gone and f*cked up your potassium enough for an admission. She’s still fighting and starving and vomiting for that tpn though, in constant competition with her other EDS buddy who I’m also positive has an ed but I believe is too young to be discussed here.

No. 720429

there's no way she's a bmi 14. bmi 16 at minimum.

No. 720432

File: 1540419836600.jpeg (236.14 KB, 1387x867, 3451B683-35AF-4572-BA1A-6F71A3…)

This is Chronically Amy’s lunch order. I think she’s on a mashed good diet diet but even so…!

I do think she genuinely has EDS and I’m sure she has stomach issues but she’s probably starved herself to compete with her “spoonie friends”. What a toxic fucking community it is on insta and YouTube. Oh well, she’ll gain weight on TPN, probably more than she’s comfortable with, so be careful what you wish for.

No. 720466

I agree, I think she’s only saying that for the attention, it’s obvious she’s not bmi 14
She’s on this diet and yet she was eating burgers and milkshakes outside the hospital….interesting how people change their behavior when they know they are being watched (in hospital). Tbh idk if she’ll even end up getting the tpn, her potassium is a 3 which is low but not super critical and she hasn’t mentioned any other deficiencies that warrant her getting tpn other than being underweight. She just wants it to compete with her spoonie friends your right. I’m not convinced she has EDS but I also can’t gaurentee she’s faking. It is very interesting though to go back far in her YouTube uploads and see how hard it was for her to get a gp dx and tube. She talks about many professionals believing she had an eating disorder. If she gets tpn she’ll definetly gain an uncomfortable amount of weight. She can’t tamper with it like how she dilutes the feeds and runs at a low rate, she can’t drain everything Bc it will be going into her veins. She really needs to be careful what she wishes for her friend has gained a lot of weight on tpn and looks visibly chunky in the face. They want these treatments to validate their “illness” but boy amy will be triggered once she gains all the weight back, yikes

No. 720475

File: 1540423217063.jpeg (217.72 KB, 750x683, C680D3FA-5079-4EE3-B80A-90BE6E…)

Oh and let me correct myself apparently her bmi is below 14… she “desperately needs nutrition” to go back to college and work. Interesting how she’s “feeling so poorly” but is fine to go to sports games and eat junk food while she’s out of the hospital. If she’s so damn sick why did they wait for tpn and also give her hospital leaves, she has got to be over exaggerating her circumstances. I’m not from where she is but where I am the ppl who get leaves from hospital are being treated for mental health or eating disorders, if she’s so physically sick she needs tpn how would she have the energy or even desire to leave?! Even if she is really sick with something other than bulimia, I’ve never seen someone so damn happy at the prospect of getting tpn… she “needs this” sounds more like she wants this then needs this

No. 720612

She sure seems to be exaggerating. In the us tpn is a last resort. Amy’s weight appears to have been pretty much stable. Not sure if she’s making the whole thing up or if she has just convinced the doctors that she can’t hold food down. But still I don’t understand why that would prompt tpn, seeing as her weight hasn’t dropped significantly to support a claim of not being able to hold anything down
And the BMI of 13 something is very clearly a boldfaced lie. She is indeed underweight but I would put her at 16

No. 720683

She's 20 years old. Still young, but not "extremely" so.

No. 720698

She’s dropped weight from starving and purging food, I think getting the stomach tube allowed her to lose more weight quickly because she doesn’t have to worry about commuting up a nasal tube. Since she got the stomach tube she’s been posting way more food related and drink things. There’s many reasons why drs don’t give stomach tubes to eating disorderd patients, especially bulimics, easy access to the stomach is not helpful for them. Also having fucked up potassium and not much else wrong is so indicative of purging. She maintains calories by eating and whatever she absorbs without draining, plus her suplplemtal feeds that are not enough to maintain but eneough to keep her stable the purging though gets your electrolytes out of wack quickly which I assume got her admitted this time. She was definetly not admitted to start tpn or else things would have been waaaaay different I mean look at the food they have her >>720255
I think your right in that she’s really convinced them she can’t eat. And we’ll see tmro if she gets her precious tpn, apparently she’s getting a Hickman and “hopefully starting it after” I’m just waiting for her rude awakening of the weight gain

No. 720753

The US health system is fucked so anything basic or even slightly useful is seen as extreme. She is in Australia. Her weight cannot be described as stable if she is losing weight.

No. 720802

File: 1540464627782.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-25-11-47-18…)

Posting her own PO Box to get people to send her stuff…no wonder she's trying to come across as I'll as possible.

No. 720833

Latest post shows her Hickman line is in and quote “bring on fat Amy”

No. 720923

File: 1540481597268.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 29C79A72-D189-4478-B0DA-C9C2CC…)


No. 720957

Tpn is extreme and a last resort Bc there are many risks and complications that could happen from being on it. Idk where your from but to my knowledge tpn is mostly used for cancer patients, which is extreme lol, I wouldn’t describe her weight as stable either I agree with you but she’s definetly not bmi 13
Kek I saw that, she’ll be eating her words, pun intended when she actually becomes chunky like her friend. Idk if she just wants to starve herself and purge to go on this just to prove how sick she is and then just check it off her list but ppl on Tpn with intestinal failure rely on it for life… that’s why it’s a last resort. Some ppl go on it for a short time for bowel and gi rest but it really is extreme and a last resort. I guess Idk what she wants out of this to validate that she’s sick and get spoonie points? Being on Tpn doesn’t prove you don’t have an eating disorder lol. If she really cares about college and work she’d do her feeds properly stop self induced vomitting and or eating things that she know will make her vomit and she’d be fine. She was fine and her weight was fine until her buddy dropped the lbs and got Tpn, obvi that triggered her ed and jealousy, the competition we see with many other anachans!

No. 720964

Yea I bet tons were asking, not. so tired so much pain but still have energy to insta my post office box lol…. she’s disgustingly proud of that Hickman posting it to both insta and story. Like look guys I’m sick I swear I’m not bulimic they gave me line! It’s really sad she’s taking it this far tbh. And now she’s getting free stuff under the guise of being sick when she’s really bulimic but apparently that doesn’t get as much validation from others, better fein EDS! She’s so damn rediculous with that EDS, she says her skin is stretchy well duh amy you were chunky and then u lost weight quickly that’s going to give u saggy and stretchy skin most of the time. And the gp is easily caused from the ed. Oh my gosh like others here, I’m so glad we are talking about her I hope ppl find out the truth I’d love to see her admit she’s bulimic but that would never happen. Too much free stuff to be gotten in that P.O. Box!

No. 721094


She’ll puff up and bloat like a mother fucker. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you refeed due to an eating disorder…oh I mean intestinal failure.

No. 721231

Is this the friend who was claiming to have a bmi of like under 12…I don't know whether or not to believe her.

No. 721364

File: 1540517040441.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.14 KB, 920x584, 4C66E547-B784-4183-ABB8-85DE42…)

found momo

No. 721406

she jokes about it now saying “bring on fat Amy” or something but lol she has no clue. Especially Bc they are probably assuming she really does have super bad motility and absorption if it’s just the ed I feel like she’ll gain faster, like her “EDS” friend with obvious anorexia.
Yes it is! She did show medical records that looked somewhat convincing but she did not look bmi 12. She changes what her height is all the time when her followers ask. I do think she’s underage though before anyone asks her account. You can probably easily figure out by looking at any of Amy’s accounts though

No. 721417

When did amy’s mini me post about being a BMI of 12?

No. 721449

Although she’s following amy I’d say Amy’s more her mini me Bc her friend got the tube and tpn first but a few weeks back in her story before she started tpn. She posted her docs paperwork too but idk if it’s legit. She would also share her height and how much she ways to equal around 12 but she didn’t look it at the time thin but not that low. If you know who she is just follow the account she post about it all the time I just think she’s under 18 so idk if she can be mentioned. I’ll look into her age but I’m almost positive she like 16

No. 721461

Found her. She does look quite young. She has Amy’s name in her bio. I can definitely see she wants to be like Amy in every way even appearance. Amy seems to have latched on to an impressionable person.

No. 721464

I mean mini me because of the age gap. Amy calls her “little sister” it’s sad that a 22 year old is competeing with a teenager. It almost seems like she and Amy met awhile ago and she got worse which then triggered Amy even more. Really scary to think they both went through surgery for g tubes when it most likely wasn’t necessary. It’s also incredibly rare for g tubes to be ineffective for weight gain. It does seem the younger of the two restricted while amy purged both through the tube and orally. Sorry if this comes off as wking. The whole situation is messed up on so many levels

No. 721538

Fuck off Null, no one wants to do your homework.

No. 721562

Not only that but they do j feeds not g feeds which bypasses the stomach and goes in the intestines, if they had the g tube they could just lower their rate and say they aren’t tolerating it but both pretend they can’t even manage j feeds? You can not feel a difference of 1 ml in and hour. They are acting like the pain isint from anything other than receiving nutrients. That’s one way you know it’s an ed Bc I truly sick person wouldn’t just be like oh I can’t increase me feed rate Bc it hurts, like both of them gotta stop you can not feel s difference with 1-10 mls in your jej. Apparently you can vomit without a NJ tube coming up so I think amy was purging then but now that she has the gj or whatever she can purge easily through that and now orally much easier… that’s why her potassium and magnesium were fucked up in this stay it’s so damn obvious. If she’s so malnourished and isint reviewing Tpn for anything other than being underweight. All she said was that her potassium and magnesium and “other stuff” were off.. yea sure no mention of what a complete metabolic panel said, no iron or vitamins mentioned, lipids, why the f is she on tpn for weight loss due to purging…

No. 721565

File: 1540553941676.jpeg (202.65 KB, 750x1000, 484C5B88-BCEC-4A8D-9030-C9C42C…)

She got her tpn and posted of course a shameful amount of pictures, boy does she love to glamorize her bulimia. Is it me or does her left leg look strangeand angular almost as if it’s been shopped on the inside, why isint the other one like that? She just had to pull out all the stops and photoshop for her big Tpn post eh?! I hope she knows she’ll most likely be NPO on tpn and she’s already been complaining of being hungry whilst in hospital. She used to being able to eat whatever and purge or drain it, then she had to pretend she couldn’t eat in the hospital while she told the camera in her vlog that she was hungry, and now she’s on tpn. My gosh. If you want a better play by play watch her YouTube videos full of body checks account name same as insta. Another thought maybe she thought she could eat and purge on those leaves to the basketball games… I’m sure she did and if they let her out and disconnect her from Tpn im sure she’ll do it again to fuck up her labs,she’s abusing the system and lying to her large following about her ed

No. 721566

File: 1540554084747.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, ED7FB970-A76C-45CD-A07F-7F95CD…)

Also these legs do not like the ones in her Tpn picture and this is a recent screen grab from her story

No. 721571

File: 1540555238473.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 278.54 KB, 1536x2048, 28A022EF-57F5-4937-9A27-7E1BE2…)

Would someone who’s sick with gi issues really post a body check like this to their facebook…?

No. 721573

File: 1540555349321.jpeg (112.68 KB, 960x960, D4C21002-F5B9-4D35-A369-84F905…)

To add to my other post, She really cares about looking thin, this one the arm and I believe the face are clearly photoshopped again

No. 721580

File: 1540556237231.jpeg (72.71 KB, 750x1334, 56A75B74-3246-4E31-AEE3-2509C9…)

Interesting how weight obsessed she was 3 yrs ago, guess she didn’t have gp then! No one interacts on her most recent fb posts Bc it’s all med porn and body checks, ppl must suspect an ed and that’s probably y they aren’t validating her by commenting and liking. Now it’s obvious why she needs two insta accounts, more attention and validation that she’s sick and frail and dainty she also has two YouTube channels, such an ott attention whore

No. 721596

no infighting, love

No. 721600


Yeah she's 16

No. 721604

Go back to tonkas stream where you belong, smol snek.

Kek youre right, look at that fuckin wavy ass iPhone, the blurring of the pillowcase into her arm, where the pixels were dragged onto her forearm, the blurring of the other arm, as well as the obvious cheek/jawline sh00p.

No. 721606

She's definitely photoshopped her legs in other posts so I wouldn't be surprised if she's done it there as well. Got to keep it up I guess! Especially with the shiny new tubes.

No. 721624

I think you guys are looking too hard to convince yourselves of Photoshop stuff

No. 721627

No. It's blatant. Zoom in on the areas the other anons pointed out.

Damn, girl is such a fake.

No. 721630

I don't buy it either. 9/10 times someone says a set of legs is shooped on this site, they're full of shit.

She's wearing leggings, of course the line isn't straight.

No. 721748

I think your either amy or a follower, don’t deny the obvious photo shopping, read the rules for posting and lurk more

No. 721754

Or neither.
The "photoshop" that some of you are desperate to claim, is not that obvious.

No. 721755

Exactly! I don’t understand how she thinks this will fly when most people who follow her account, also watch her vlogs. At the time this insta was posted >>721573 if you look at the vlogs uploaded around the same time she’s no where near that size. I hate to nitpick her body but I guess we have to in order to point out the obvious photo shopping others are denying. Plus why would someone with good intentions and someone who wants to gain weight and be healthy, photoshop themselves thinner, unless they are trying to appear more sick or in my opinion more dainty and fragile like all the other anachans. This is an obvious red flag for someone with an ed, or at the least someone wanting to present as thinner than they are.

No. 721757

No ones desperate to claim anything, this an image board and we are critiquing the images in regard to how they may relate to her obvious eating disorder. Perhaps obvious isint the best word, how about apparent photoshop? Or visible photoshop, it’s clear to those who know what to look for.

No. 721767

Even her thumbnails are milky.
~Here’s me and my iv in tiny children’s pjs look how skinny I am!!!~
Her YouTube videos from hospital show her purposely choosing dairy. Ah yes gastroparesis loves that… not. Isn’t purging dairy common because it neutralizes the stomach acid a bit so it hurts less coming up?

No. 721768

File: 1540585095943.png (431.05 KB, 750x1334, 37DE56B1-8934-4E79-A2FF-ABC15B…)

Cause that’s not disordered at all. And how does one chew and spit rice porridge, white bread, and liquids?

No. 721825

Naw, it’s definitely sh00ped, I put it in my adobe and zoomed in on the pixels and made straight lines to see the objects that are contorted, that were affected during the sh00p. I know nitpicking sucks but as someone whose worked with photoshop in GD industry, it gets very easy to spot, other anons have seen so much sh00ping over the years, so they’re also extremely capable of pointing out the obvious sh00ps.

And if it’s wrong someone will say so, but this image is sh00ped. If I had to put my finger on it, it would be the facetune app that she’s using to alter the image. As mietu doesn’t have some of the functions she’s used, and she clearly didn’t use adobe, bc it wouldn’t be that obvious with the pixelation blurring and waves.

No. 721922

its to look "sicker". I know most suffering sick people don't go to such lengths to prove it.

No. 722029

lmao I'm an Amy follower because I don't think the photos in this thread are shooped.

I'm not that other anon BTW. Only the shooping anon.

No. 722060

Exactly! And she’s always has lattes, milkshakes and ice cream. That’s a good point about the vomiting and dairy, I never get why she’d claim gastroparesis and have those things but it’s just because she’s vomitting them, she even admits it here
>>721768 just not that it’s probably intentional. And apparently she said her college friends are “really cool” or something because they let her chew and spit in front of them…I can understand missing food if you legit never eat Bc 100% of your stomach and intestines don’t work but she was not npo before. There’s no reason for her to chew and spit other than saving calories to lose weight. she’s using gp as an excuse to openly do eating disordered behaviors… so messed up!!
Thank you! I knew I wasn’t crazy for posting those, I can spot that facetune from a distance, celebrities on insta who probably use the app always have that similar pixilation and blurring of the edges, you get that in a cheap app not adobe!

No. 722061

File: 1540614123431.png (991.36 KB, 750x1334, ABFF6FC2-212A-4120-A921-2127E7…)

She’s been begging her nutritionist for tpn for probably over a month and she’s complaining about what she’s allowed to eat? I legitimately remember her asking the nutritionist and updating the followers that she would need to be at a critical weight or something else, well now she’s got it and she’s complaing. At least she can even eat some ppl can’t eat when they are tpn Bc they are npo and heavily monitored. She’s not taking this seriously. Boy I wonder how she’ll react when the lbs start packing on.

No. 722090

Not the anon you’re responded to, but you’re responding to the wrong post…. while simultaneously saying that they’re wrong for suspecting that you’re the same anon who wrote another comment… bit ironic lel

No. 722163

ahh look a cow that lives where I do. She's in Fiona Stanley Hospital
Health care is good here some people abuse it.
Oh, and of course she's a britfag living in Perth. They are always very annoying.

No. 722294

File: 1540653347291.jpg (241.67 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20181027_161315.jpg)

So disordered.

No. 722295

File: 1540653383725.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, E8478C70-A3E1-4614-9672-3878C4…)

This cow scares me. Not just because of her skele body and missing eyebrows but because she works as an ED recovery coach. She is anything but recovered so can only imagine what she’s telling her clients.

No. 722296

File: 1540653426119.png (4.54 MB, 750x1334, 4DEFB1BA-55F4-47A5-8322-ADB2B0…)

So healthy and recovered

No. 722297

File: 1540653479086.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 6271D667-1CCF-44AF-9906-6FF977…)

No. 722299

File: 1540653788631.jpeg (304.43 KB, 750x918, D9273C56-0693-4D94-B690-2472FE…)

Massive amounts of veggies, quest bars and chips, Walden farms calorie free foods, and other fake food crap. But sure you do intuitive eating.

No. 722305

Wow this makes me so angry. Like if you can’t claim to be certified in fuck all if you haven’t even helped yourself. What idiot would see an oncologist who has cancer themselves and is neglecting to do anything about it? It’s just common sense. Someone who’s emaciated can’t be a recovery coach. What makes me more angry is that her followers are just a bunch of ass kissers. Does nobody call her out or does she delete negative comments right away?

No. 722327

Notice in the one above she did the nervous sweating/uneasy smile emoji… she definetly isint pumped about gaining weight. Hopefully she takes lots of pictures so she can repost them when she’s chunky like her friend.
Can you tell us more about how “Britfags” living in Perth are annoying? Are they more stuck up and therefor think they are entitled to abuse the medical system? I don’t know anything about those areas but Ik Amy’s early doctors all believed she had an eating disorder perhaps she had to move to aus in order to dr shop some more?

No. 722346

OMG I am so happy someone posted about her she is fucking terrifying.

No. 722442

Somehow I expected she would have a weird squeaky voice and damn… her voice is really freaky. Why do anorexics all sound the same? Do they waste/acid burn vocal cords too?

No. 722461

File: 1540679240160.jpeg (224.47 KB, 1097x1599, F3ADA194-5E15-4516-AE65-74A475…)

Posting about the sad loss of a relative with a picture of yourself in underwear. What the fuck?!

No. 722464


Omg this one annoys me more than the rest. Something just doesn't look right about her? Her crotch is so short and close to her belly button

No. 722468

Beyond innapropriate and bordering on offensive… I had to stop following this cow a long time ago because she’s so damn rediculous it’s not even funny. Pseudo intellectual, just begging for attention. I mean who the f posts about the loss of a loved one and doesn’t post a picture of the dead person! How self centered and selfish can one be, this is next level attention seeking

No. 722489


Perhaps she's showing us her upcoming funeral attire. I'm sure gramma would be proud.

No. 722495


She is semi squatting in this to accentuate her thigh gap. Which is why her crotch/stomach looks off. She has positioned the shot so we can't see her knees but you can tell by the angle of her hips.

No. 722501

Her first reaction to the news was to point out how close it was to her birthday. She’s disgustingly selfish

No. 722512


yeah, she's leaning forward also

No. 722522

This, you can see the thighs bending inward and crouching to the knees before it’s cut off.

Not only is she posting a creep shot of her underwear/“thinspo”/body check in a post about her grandmother dying, but this picture was taken inside a medical building. It’s a single bathroom with a metal door with the signature anti-bacterial soap. Anachans who go to hospitals and spend 90% of their time taking 100 underwear/bra/half nude selfies trying to find the best one to post is so infuriating. There are people who have serious illnesses like HIV who can’t get rooms who really need it, and these girls who don’t need it, end up getting them, just to have a background for their ~uwu so sick n dyin~ IG selfies all because they have mommy and daddy’s expensive insurance cards. Just wait when they turn 26 and get kicked off their parents insurance and start bitching that they can’t go to the hospital every time they need to update their profile pic. Cue the go fund me “need moneys for ER visits or else I’ll DIE!!!11”

I hope, just once, that a nurse will accidentally open the door mid selfie and see this shit. Group public bathrooms are the kryptonite of anachan attention whores.

No. 722526

Just checked her IG. Can’t post screencaps bc my phone has no space left. But I think this photo was taken in her therapists building or something? It’s the photo before this one where she talks about it with another selfie in the same dress.

Also on the grandma post she randomly mentions that her grandmother was grew up in the US during segregation and felt with it first hand…. when her grandmother was a white blonde woman?

And that she’s pissed doctors didn’t notice and take the time to prevent her grandmother from having an allergic reaction to steroids which caused her death. Bit ironic when she wastes medical professionals time and unnecessarily takes up hospital and emergency room space, in front of others, for no reason but to take selfies.

No. 722539


Her posts infuriate me. She is trying so very hard to come across as super smart and I just can't read her captions. The insane posing drives me nuts. Her name is pretty inappropriate considering she's definitely not trying to recover.

No. 722608

Wait, Spaceshiptorecovery is under 26? I genuinely thought she was in her 40s.

No. 722665

File: 1540710982673.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1390, IMG_20181028_071533.png)

Something about this picture just doesn't look right, like her legs,do not look normal.

No. 722668

wow maybe she has anorexia anon

No. 722674

File: 1540713781063.jpeg (502.54 KB, 1728x3072, 4D9A4811-10B5-40DF-8471-58E05D…)

I actually have to agree with the other anon, and I’m sick of everyone being like omg shooooppp but this one does look fucking weird

No. 722675

is it because she's blurred the pic around the edges and it's making her thigh gap stand out horrendously? Either way, it's a shitty pic edit.

No. 722676

Stop whiteknighting Amy. She's a milky little anachan munchie who is potentially going to get fat on unneeded TPN. There will be drama. There will be attention seeking. The milk has run low on a lot of older cows and the ana-munchie crossover is often a productive one. No1currr about your attempts to WK.

No. 722684

that machine isn't even on… the screens are off.

No. 722692

dem shooped upper arms tho

No. 722706

Her arms are a surprisingly normal size compared to her (shooped or not) rest of the body.

She looks so proud of her new accessory. How sweet.

No. 722707

Definitely some shooping but also, her pose is super weird.

No. 722709

Needs TPN but drinking coffee?

No. 722712

I was actually going to say it's funny she hasn't edited her arms to match her legs, hey look ordinary in comparison

No. 722719

IKR! Wouldn’t they be real strict on her diet? And surely coffee isn’t the best thing for gp.

No. 722723

britfags in Perth..well for one, they are known whiners. They are just annoying and tacky. Maybe she did move here to doctor shop, aren't hospitals under an insane amount of pressure in the UK right now? A lot britons move here though. Sad. I don't know really know how to explain it but it doesn't surprise me she's getting a TPN when she doesn't really need it. Not to blog post but my mum got diagnosed and given medical bracelets for Addison's disease when I believe she doesn't even have it. One doctor even said it was all in her head but she still got them certified medical bracelets and walks around with em now. Haven't heard shit about her Addison's "attacks" since.

I think she shoops the shit out of her pics so if I ever see her in public (Very possible in this place, I also saw on her Facebook she goes to some of the same places I do,) I'll report back here on the truth.

No. 722733

I think that @chronically.ams has body image issues , it’s clear some of her photos she posts are disordered , she also is never running any formula in photos either nothing or a fluid , her Irish friend who I believe is too young to be talked about on here so I won’t post her user didnt look on photos to be a bmi of 12 or 13 but her paperwork from doctors seemed legit , they had the hospital name and her records in the corner and all her nutrition requirements on it (I think) , but she did seem to be influenced by Amy for a long time , and there relationship may have helped a bit but seemed toxic in competition, she did get tubes and tpn before Amy and now she seems to be doing well , I think she glamorised being ill , as does @chronically.ams , but now the Irish one seems to be living and doing more regular things , another ‘spoonie’ we should talk about is @aubrey with her ‘broken back bloat’ who even stands like that it’s definitely messed up dude !(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722743

The machine is on. The screen for the Braun pumps have a dark mode so it doesn't illuminate the whole room like Alaris pumps. It defaults to this setting when not plugged in to save battery power and last longer on battery mode… aka when a patient leaves the room or ward with their pump

No. 722760

File: 1540738824979.jpeg (433.83 KB, 1022x1537, 04229D93-A564-45CC-B138-1B21A3…)

…….anon, do you even know how to use photoshop? Seemingly, all these similar unsaged comments just say one vague sentence, claiming it’s not photoshop and that we’re wrong and reaching in saying so. With no reason or explanation given to why anyone is wrong. On photos that have, for a fact, been altered.

Either you know how to use PS and you’re just ignoring it to white knight, or you have no idea how to use PS and/or how to spot distortions in the pixels and corruptions of the background and are just basing it off of you, personally, not being able to spot it, it not being “obvious” enough for your untrained eye, and you “feeling” like it isn’t.

And if you don’t know how to use or spot PS edits/image-altering apps (which you clearly don’t), then why are you so adamant in claiming they aren’t? Over other anons who do know how to?

Kinda sus tbh, facts don’t care about your feelings. Neither do straight lines and warped architecture.

If you’re going to wk or argue over something, that you have no experience with, then at least sage your bs and read the rules about posting/responding to others posts.

Anons are correct. Legs are shooped, arms are not shooped.
>pic related

No. 722762

Is her IV attached in this photo to the machine? (Her IV is in her arm on the right)

No. 722780

Is 16 old enough to be talked about? I though it was 16 you can only say first names by not last. And over 18 you can talk freely?

No. 722806

That’s exactly why I introduced her, how she will handle the weight gain on Tpn and all the other extra variables like the photoshop, lying about obvious bulimia/anorexia behaviors and passing it of as chronic illness she’s milk for sure.
I thought the same thing, she probably went on a walk and got it off the ward I mean when she’s in there in her bed she legit just scoops the juices off of various things and acts like she can’t tolerate anything…
Thanks and that’s interesting to know about the availability of treatment in that country, it did take a while for her to starve herself and purge her way to this weight but I was still surprised she got it
Thank you for posting that I was going to go into detail but I didn’t want to nitpick her body just to explain the photoshopping. Unfortunately I think some ppl follow amy for the thinspo and are also lurkers here and now they are speaking up, I mean if you don’t think it’s photoshopoed but the rest of the users commenting do.. why say anything you just come off as a wk! I appreciate you doing that edit to explain the various distortions!
I’m not sure Aubrey would fit on this thread because she’s clearly a munchie and her issues around weight are more about wanting to appear chronically ill. Amy is different in that she has an eating disorder but is using the side effects in conjunction with the possible gi issues she already had or has exacerbated to hide her ed. I can’t wait to see how she responds to weight gain, I feel like she’s going to loby for tpn for the rest of her life, like she’ll gain all the weight, they’ll take her off and she’ll just lose it again Bc she “can’t tolerate feeds”

No. 722901

Anon has a good point. What’s Amy’s plan for tpn. It’s not supposed to be long term and her doctors should try to get her back on a nasogastric or g/j tube. Maybe her plan is to just cycle between tpn and purging orally and via the tube?

No. 723124

I know how to photoshop, I'm not retarded. The shading MIGHT be artifacting from the changes, but it's not "obvious" like anon says.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 723126

Yeah, the legs are slightly shooped, although the weird blur filter obfuscates it somewhat. Her wonky deformed left knee is hilarious. Her upper left arm as well looks like it belongs on a mecha toy. I think her left wrist is shooped as well, unintentionally or not (might have been caught when trying to warp her upper arm).

I'm thinking that some people ITT might just be women with EDs that don't necessarily have experience autistically analysing pictures for evidence of shoop like other people on Lolcow do. Not suspicious, IMO.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 723194

File: 1540786335958.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 6359C415-4B4B-4F1E-8773-8C0047…)

Thanks, and to speculate, this photo from her story says tpntraining so I assume she’ll be going home and managing it herself? If so I doubt she runs it…. idk I can’t imagine her not tampering with it somehow if there’s no nurse monitoring her! We’ll be able to tell based on if she gains weight rapidly or not. If there’s no change with nutrition into her blood stream she’s obviously reducing her amount or just f*cking with something. Uhg this has a potential to be very dangerous!

No. 723195

Dangerous for sure! She can worsen her gastroparesis more and could even develop smas and gosh knows how much she would milk that. It will also tell doctors a lot if she miraculously doesn’t gain on tpn. They’ll write her off as a malingering eating disorder patient. Is she considered an Australian citizen? I would assume they would section her for mental health treatment if she’s is. Or she’s run back to the uk to continue her antics

No. 723280

Lmao rly
>knew how to photoshop the whole time
>knew what to look for to spot shoops
>still argued “wow anon maybe she has anorexia”
>”because I don't think the photos in this thread are shooped”
>proceeds to point out at all shops they lied about noticing in the first place
>”I'm thinking that some people…. don't necessarily have experience autistically analysing pictures for evidence of shoop”
>some people
>tfw it was just you, samefagging, pretending you didn’t know how to spot shoops

WK confirmed

Guess you were right about that anon being an Amy follower (or Amy herself). Really didn’t think they’d blatantly contradict themselves so fast kek

No. 723352

Oh Lordy. I swear doctors here are retards

No. 723428

Didn’t get grabs but Chronically Ams did a live story and said her BMI is definitely below 14 but didn’t want to say numbers because it triggers people. Do non EDed people get triggered? Are her followers just ana chans? She alluded to her being being below 13 which is just….no….it’s not! Kek

No. 723450


Oh lord how dumb does she think people are! Why do people think they can lie about BMI, I mean…it's pretty obvious unless you're short.

No. 723466

Definetly a lot of anachan followers, some spoonies but ppl are in it for her edited thinspos kek. She obviously knows she has ana followers and I think also Bc she has an ed, she feels good about the potential to trigger ppl Bc it means she’s sooper thin or whatever. She’s just humble bragging about her bmi under the guise of worrying about others feelings
Well ppl also say they are taller than they are so that there bmi seems lower, Amy is short and that could factor in possibly but I doubt she’s under 14

No. 723548

File: 1540849175239.png (809.36 KB, 750x1334, 81160C9F-9D69-4F58-9596-E7288A…)


Recently she was placed on a 24/7 support worker shift, even if the mothership was home. Looks like her CTO was revoked today and she’s back in hospital.

No. 723576

File: 1540853143897.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 2D649AAB-9927-440B-9E81-FAEE54…)

how fucking rude can you get?
let me post spoopy bodycheck birthday pictures and let you all know its my birthday and btw NO ONE REMEMBERED and if you wish me happy birthday I DONT CARE because NO ONE remembered.

No. 723584

And cue the self-induced sepsis from an infected access line. This is so predictable.

No. 723601

>This is unbearable


No. 723628

Self-absorbed, attention seeking, AND rude?? Wow, a true triple threat!

No. 723636

Kek she only has gastroparesis when she wants asspats. She eats just fine on her ana chan IG, except when she purposely purges. She’s not sick, she’s playing sick because it’s so much more attention than being a boring old ana chan. Just like the other ana chans who play the same game.

No. 723654

File: 1540864804694.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 9B8A17DF-2BB4-4C23-80C6-BE0280…)

She certainly keeps bringing it up… ten plus times?! She claims to just fast all the time what the hell would she even vomit once let alone ten times, that’s just a straight up pity me lie.

No. 723657

File: 1540865180968.png (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 750x1334, 8E4C2671-4F43-4D7C-BC2F-1B23DA…)

Yea the triple threat also shared this one… what’s up with her posing in literally nothing and flashing her underwear, I really think she’s a damn narcissist that thinks she’s hot as hell but wants ppl to answer questions like “does my face look ill” i hate when she says that like what do u want ppl to say? Such an ott attention whore. Spoiler for the bare assed spaceship. Idk how this is the same girls body tbh

No. 723674

Anorexia causes gasteoparesis that can be reversed with proper nutrition. She clearly overexaggerates I mean she doesn’t need tpn and she uses gastroparesis as an excuse for purging. But I assume she has an incredibly minor case of gastroparesis due to her weight loss. She lies about her BMI and she isn’t small enough to be anywhere near 12, let alone 15. I’m surprised her anachan followers haven’t called her out for lying about her weight but they probably don’t have many brain cells either
She practically breaks her back squatting in public bathrooms for her ~thinspo~ shots and then poses at angles for pics like this. She reminds me of kasia posting pictures of herself and posting pictures of stolen pics right after. Can’t have both without faking one—or both

No. 723675

File: 1540868487665.png (353.04 KB, 962x528, 735D1F39-2B74-40F4-BD2D-7F419E…)


>”i’ve vomited 10+ times due to stress”

>big fat fucking grin on face

literally the one thing that pisses me off about these cunts. she’s so fucking proud. i’d say i’d slap that shit-eating grin off of her face, but flicking her cheek would probably do the same damage.

sorry for the sperging just holy fuck am i tired of seeing these skellies smiling and basically laughing in the faces of their concerned friends/loved ones/caretakers

No. 723684

I mean I guess it could be possible to vomit that many times if you had a stomach flu or something, although she'd just be vomiting up mucus and stomach acid. Somehow I doubt she'd be all smiles or even well enough to sit up and take a selfie if that were the case though. Being that sick takes everything out of you.

No. 723685

I thought this was hotelshrimp for a minute

No. 723741

I always thought of good ol spaceship as a “butter face” but then I realized everyone of her body pics is edited and it STILL doesn’t look good. So…. hopefully her personality irl isn’t as insufferable and attention-seeking as she is online.

No. 723745

Sorry for the DP, but judging from her long-winded tails of how she’s too skinny to hang out with her friends because she triggers them and that her nanny regularly makes comments about how skinny she is, I’d say she’s probably not that interesting and lies out her ass constantly for attention and sympathy. Can’t ever make it halfway through her sperg essay posts without thinking .”she rlly thinks we’re drupid enough to believe this tripe? “ Definitely not me, but I’ll stay lurking for this trainwreck of a munchie/proana/schizo/aspie clusterfuck.i do wish dumbass stans would stop fueling her ego by telling her how sick she looks. She feeds off that shit and it’s gross.

No. 723909

Why am I not surprised! She loves the attention and doesn't want to get better- just because someone has ASDvdoesnt mean they must have an ED. how much tax payers money is she wasting!!?

No. 723958

Buckle up because I think she’s going to try for the EDS angle to top it all off

No. 723959

File: 1540924546728.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-30-18-02-50…)

Yep definitely angeling for eds

No. 724025

Anyone know of glitternoodles_ ? Nobody has ever said anything about her idk but she has deleted loads of IG posts hmm(newfaggotry)

No. 724039

File: 1540935325507.jpeg (176.25 KB, 640x872, E28BFD5D-FBE7-45A1-9EFF-AA4A6A…)

>>everybody lies! (But not me)
Something pot.. something something kettle.

No. 724066

Why would a random be mentioned?

No. 724082

Same reason anyone else would?

No. 724086

Come back when you learn how the board works.

No. 724127

how much did you panic hannah when you dun goofed and actually used your real email and asked about your own ig?

No. 724129

You'd think she'd have more to do with a lovely boyfriend, days out and that. Why even post in the ana thread? Shoulda just gone to /ot and talked about shit tattoos or makeup or something.

No. 724207

Why hasn’t Flourishing.recovery been mentioned?
They got out of IP and immediately clogged their story with pathetic fake crying videos about how they are going to kill them selves because they’re so fat
Fast forward through months of the same shit and they’re still here, still “suicidal” and gaining weight with “no support”
AND more fake crying because their parents are going to sue the psychiatrist who doesnt believe they’re struggling with an ed (shocker) #soinvalidated
One big fat fake-crying mess, just waiting for the next drama

No. 724297

You probably haven't been mentioned because no one cares about you. You sound like a mess, though.

No. 724299

An entertaining but baffling mess

No. 724314

A dime-a-dozen average preteen girl mess.

No. 724443

Just looked at the account, Boring af, just another chunker that stopped eating in hospital to get a tube to pose for pics with her other tube friend. Anorexic? Must be atypical Bc she has quite the average and healthy body. No milk not even worth a follow
Kek exactly, who the heck would post this girl other than herself, she doesn’t look like she’s even dealing with an ed so why would she even be discussed. This >>724207
Is an obvious self post lol. I don’t know why these wanorexics want to be spoken about on here so bad!

No. 724444

She literally lies about the most random things! She must be delusional if she doesn’t think this sounds hypocritical. She literally lied about her damn natural hair color like who cares? Lying about insignificant things or not for a purpose makes it seem pathological, like ky is messed up and it’s not the anorexia that’s the worst thing about her. Does anyone know what language she actually speaks?

No. 724445

File: 1541000886407.jpeg (193.51 KB, 750x1334, AFD81D21-374E-474F-8A91-BACDC2…)

Here’s ams enjoying what appears to Be some type of orange smoothie, is she just going to drain this in the hospital? What would the doctors/nurses think if they knew she was having milky coffees and smoothies???? I thought with tpn u were basically npo or on a very strict diet. Anyway other ppl have been pointing out that she never shops her arms and in looking in this photo it’s evident. She’s got the most spoopily edited legs but her arms look so normal?

No. 724446

>>724444 She speaks Spanish for the most part, and of course her Engrish. I doubt she speaks any of the nordic languages despite her being a #nordic #viking.

No. 724452

File: 1541002260918.png (925.47 KB, 1334x750, 607AE4DA-9BF9-4835-8364-F6DB36…)

Here’s amy doing what she calls a “physique update” and put in air quotations… is that Bc she knows it’s really a body check for her damn ed and all her ana folowers? This is in the getting a Hickman line video. She says she’s so self conscious about her hip bones…. really amy then why are you constantly showing off your body in tight fitting like really tight clothes, crop tops, low rise jeans like just be honest amy you love how you look and want to show it off. The only reason she probably cried about Tpn is the realization she’ll be gaining weight. Her ed mind is so obvious when she’s scanning and filming herself before her shower, so disordered and look at me suck in but pretend not to be sucking in

No. 724519

Even in her live videos she’ll adjust her clothes and body to look more ill. She was adjusting her yoga pants on live to show off her hips. It’s insane the amount of Ana poses she hits or how she’ll take her gown off her shoulder and stick her neck out

No. 724536


That is not someone with a BMi of 13.

No. 724548

So true, did you happen to catch any of her live about the criticisms she’s been receiving in her comments? She said ppl think she did things to purposely make herself thinner or something along those lines and was ranting about it. I never see any negative comments or accusatory ones so Im assuming she just deletes them? Anyway, others on insta and ppl who follow her can see through the bs. In one of her recent uploads on YouTube she kept saying I can’t wait to be fat or normal, she’s smiling but you can see the lack of sinserity in her eyes, almost like a nervous smile rather than one of excitement. No matter how hard she try’s to pretend like she wants this weightgain her micro expressions and body language certainly show otherwise.
You can say that again…also if you look in her vlogs you can see her actual size, especially when she’s showing us all the stuff for at home Tpn, she shows her legs and they look extremely different from the shopped insta posts.

No. 724549

File: 1541020250314.png (1.66 MB, 2048x1536, BC8252AB-F2A6-43A7-80D5-4A4B9E…)

Why would you bring onion rings and a slushy to someone who is apparently in intestinal failure?? Obv she will purge…I mean, drain it all.

No. 724552


She is thin; obviously underweight and she’s lost weight recently but she suggested her BMI is below 13. I cannot see how this is possible based on her vlogs.

No. 724556

Yea definitely underweight but probably bmi of 15-16 definetly not 13 or under
What the hell would the doctors say? I think she’s vomiting because her potassium keeps dropping after numerous potassium infusions and Tpn. I think she’s purposely vommiting the coffees, the food Tom brings and anything she gets off the ward

No. 724563

smorven has been recalled to hospital on section. She keeps pisting about it in her story but wont actually talk about it or answer anyone’s questions saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. So why she post about it on her insta?! apparently being forced to have ng & iv fluids. Interesting considering she denies having an ed yet shes been recalled to the EDU

No. 724568

>>724563 post caps. this is an image board.

No. 724585

She can probably purge hands free by now and can make it look like her ~gastroparesis~ I don’t even think her BMI is that low. Every time I watch a video it looks like 17

No. 724614

Post caps.
Imo it’s because she wants someone to say it’s an outrage and wrong and feed her ego some more instead of feeding her bitchy little carcass.
Morven is the most misunderstood, hard-done-by, deeply suffering little martyr that ever was (in morvens world) she’s not a boring regular anorexic, she’s complex because autism, and does not need to eat like all the other gross fat normies.

No. 724623


Wonder what the doctors think about all his "draining" because that still drops potassium so it's dangerous, surely they can't endorse it? She's supposed to be on gut rest, if she's eating and draining there's still going to be some stuff that gets through? Also, correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't chewing and spitting still end up with a small amount of food/whatever getting into the stomach?

No. 724626

Damn the amount of suckin in she's doing! It's so bloody obvious!

No. 724646

Exactly, combine that with her oral purging when she scarfs down those burgers and duh amy your potassium is going to drop! The fact that her potassium is still dropping even though she’s getting bags and Tpn shows shes still doing something for sure!
The video was terrible.. there’s no need for a physique check or whatever we see your insta we see your YouTube videos it’s just another opportunity to flaunt the body she’s “so self conscious about” sure Jan then why are you videoing yourself body checking constantly lol!
Could be around there too, I’m not a great judge of bmi, just a shoop pro lol. I definitely agree she looks much different in her YouTube videos

No. 724812

File: 1541063057240.jpg (292.79 KB, 1080x1485, IMG_20181101_090046.jpg)

It's actually pretty funny how bad the editting is in this one. I mean, come on ams who you fooling? The doorway floor line between her thighs doesn't even match up

No. 724818

That blurry hand will haunt me in my dreams.

No. 724835

File: 1541067054013.jpeg (314.61 KB, 1080x1485, 122C091F-2FFD-4D30-B89A-A02A69…)

There we go amy. I fixed it to not only show some skinny legs but also your EDS bendiness.

No. 724837

Ahaha you never know, she might get ideas.

No. 724885

Oh boy…. why does she do this to herself! Stop telling ppl you want to b “fat Amy” and simultaneously facetune shopping your photos… each one gets more and more rediculous. She’s always got that weird indent on one of her legs making it look unnaturally angular.
Top kek, she should take tips from you!
Anyway, I wonder if she’s bummed she didn’t get as long of a hospital staycation as her friend. I can’t wait for the tpn to work it’s magic Bc her photo shopping can only get worse from there on. for reference just scroll back on her insta account, the heavier she is the more clockable the shoop. And she wonders why ppl accuse her of ed behaviors. Like Amy why would you continually shop your photos if you weren’t body conscious or trying to appear thinner Bc of your ed. I just wish she’d stop saying “I can’t wait to be fat” lol I’ve never seen someone verbalize a more obvious lie

No. 725081


Even if I believed this wasn’t shopped, she still doesn’t look like her BMI is sub 14.

No. 725112

"The doorway floor line between her thighs doesn't even match up"

What does that even mean

No. 725131

File: 1541119336723.jpeg (25.46 KB, 328x262, E08C3CEA-388B-4EA7-8BCA-EB922B…)

No. 725151

File: 1541122344952.jpeg (216 KB, 750x1334, 6CDDE4AA-703E-426D-917F-181C98…)

I must have missed it is Amy on tpn? Lol jk Bc every damn post is a medical porn picture with all her new tubes and bags and fluids… I’m waiting for her to actually experience how annoying it is to be on tpn but then again she purged with an nj for a while and dealt with that. How she responds to the weight gain will be interesting. Will she quit the treatment or tamper with it? She’ll probabky just go back to being bulimic when she goes home and they’ll notice this in the blood draws if the tpn isint keeping her stable. Thoughts anyone? Other than on her bmi it’s starting to get nit picky we’ve established that she’s not under 14-15 >>725081
Probably more content when she gets home. She planned to stay for months I thought… guess she got that wrong. She’ll probably go back to her regular outings, just on tpn now. However she said she will be npo when she’s home and no feeds I’m pretty sure she said guy rest. Let’s see if she adheres to these rules… cue purging of coffees lattes and smoothies ugh

No. 725157

File: 1541122877978.jpeg (254.59 KB, 750x1334, C2513509-3A6D-48B9-882C-CD9CAF…)

Can anyone explain how one can have a red face and green complexion at the same time? If she’s going to be the next Marya hornbacher she needs to up her writing game lol. “I splashed some water on my face and carefully studied my expression in the mirror” yes space ship in movies ppl do that but in real life they dry their face and then examine their face if their a narcissist like you are….jeez!

No. 725169

Surely this is a troll? Everybody knows you don't have to login to imgboards with your email.

Either way I'm embarrased for a shitty troll or dumbass anachan.

No. 725180

File: 1541126215904.jpg (709.16 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181102-133544.jpg)

Here, for you guys suspecting she's gunning for EDS dx. It's not a suspicion, she actually thinks she has it.

Damn, she really fucked that one up.

No. 725181

Didn't seem to be confirmed self post. I saw the email address, but I could put that email in my field easily. So could you.

It probably is, it's just so embarrassing to fail so hard that I ws hoping it was not.

No. 725182

Its clearly dramatised, but to ne it sounds like she's describinf a pallid complexion with blotchiness.

No. 725190

Nauseous redneck? Would fit her to a tee
Nice to see she’s posting about her birthday instead of her grandparents funeral again

No. 725242

File: 1541138239134.jpg (235.05 KB, 717x805, 20181102_155604.jpg)

Guess who is back

No. 725278

She put her ig on private as soon as she was called out as self posting.

No. 725289

The stories are where the milk is
Crocodile tears
She has gone quiet now because some farmer told her about this thread
Wasn’t a self post (everyone here is obsessed with self posting I swear)

No. 725294

Why would you post someone's name then later say her stories are really milky but you haven't posted any of them? You can see why that anon is taking a dim view of your posts.

No. 725317

File: 1541160582114.jpg (464.41 KB, 1080x1527, IMG_20181102_230852.jpg)

She's deleted all her stories because of the backlash.

But I followed her in case there was milk. She's boringg, but she's exposed her self post, because she she knows "anons" called her chubby.

No. 725331

It just wreaks of self-posting, to be honest, her profile isn't private anymore so it's obvious her boring profile & self is after attention because she's not receiving enough attention from people who follow her, or people around her.

Should have screen capped and shared those "interesting stories" - it's what an image board is about after all. But I highly doubt it was a farmer that told her, more ana chans lurk and self-post here more often than not - because good attention and bad attention are all the same (heck even the bad can fuel pro-anas, nothing better to starving using the excuse of comments and bullies, being the perpetual victim - it's "not their fault then" and "wouldn't you starve too if it was you?").

Also fake crying photos more often than not make you look cringy. Can't really feel sorry for people like that.

No. 725335

Oh, I wasn't defending her. Backlash just seemed to be the right word.

She self posted, embarrassingly obviously, and nobody liked it. Sounds exactly like backlash to me.

I will share any stories that I deem interesting, I won't clog the feed if they're boring I'm assuming.

I think you think I'm her? I promise I'm just delivering proof that she's not that milky so we can stop talking about her.

No. 725336

Of course anachans lurk here. They compulsively hunt out thinspo and most of the cows are thin or have been thin at least once, this place would be prime material for an anachan.

No. 725394

File: 1541175634362.jpeg (192.83 KB, 750x1334, 0BD2219C-6C31-495D-A8E7-5E1BC9…)

So sick with EDS, gastroparesis, pots and all these others diseases and can’t keep anything down, but we are drinking wine??????? Come on amy! she’s making it more and more obvious that she just has an eating disorder… wine dehydrates you, gives you headaches, and is like acid on an empty stomach if u have gi issues. What in the literal f is she doing? Notice how this was posted to her non spoonie account, she gets more able bodied on that account but still post a quick body check to let the ppl know she’s still thin, face palms. I’m not saying ppl with her conditions can’t drink but she literally replied to a comment saying she can’t keep anything down everything’s vomited or drained. What’s even the point of drinking it if your just going to drain it?!

No. 725648

File: 1541209609688.jpeg (534.25 KB, 1242x1707, fullsizeoutput_4a79.jpeg)

Anyone interested in an anachan who seems to be trying to claim GP while on her recovery account admitting to actively restricting? And for some reason has a port/picc??? Like, you're not a chronic illness warrior, you're an anachan, tina.

Constantly acting as if she doesn't have an ED on her illness account and then posting thinspo crap on her "recovery" account.

@tsfight (illness) @recovering.avocadao (ED) @spagoooti (vent)

No. 725649

File: 1541209639306.jpeg (226.94 KB, 1230x1745, fullsizeoutput_4a7a.jpeg)

No. 725650

File: 1541209694423.jpeg (518.46 KB, 1242x1697, fullsizeoutput_4a7b.jpeg)

I'd also be v greatful for any photoshop savvy anons to point out any sh00ping.

No. 725665

you want tips on hiding it, or what?
what milk does this girl have besides having an ed?

No. 725666

Some of these pics are kind of old, she’s just a chunkie munchie now who pretends she can’t sleep for drugs. She’s gotta be a healthy weight and I haven’t seen much evidence of ed behaviors on her avocado insta she looks like she eating and on tsfight account stories her face looks super round like she’s gained quite a bit. Anyway I think she’s been brought up here but is just kind of boring.. I do think she’s shopped some of her more recent pictures though too. Is the account spagoooti more revealing about her ed ways currently? It doesn’t come across on the other accounts which are less milky at the moment and kind of repetitive and boring. Is it worth adding and can u show more from the soagoooti “venting” account >>725648

No. 725710

File: 1541216621260.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.65 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-10-09 19.28.24 1886209416…)

You're probs right, she doesn't have a tonne going on atm but if something milky comes up I'll post it. She's apparently going to go be treated at the best hospital in her state because she's oh so sick and no one can fix her, smh. Rn it's just complaining about the benadryl shortage and in her recent hospitalization she pulled out her fucking tube, THROUGH THE STOMA. But claimed that it was an accident.
Apparently her dr said she wasn't going to survive past thanksgiving. Well, that was a fucking lie. She mustn't be running her feed as low as she says.

No. 725717

I’m the person who’s posted about her previously. She will post food on her chronic illness account and then pretend she hasn’t eaten in days on her ed account. I don’t follow her vent, but I think she’s just desperate to be anorexic again. She has maintained her weight (visually speaking) for a good 6 months now. She was very underweight in like 2014 I think but since then she’s been shopping and working her angles. It’s amazing that she’s gone from her sleep meds being “too strong” to having benedryl work effectively. Also kek at the tube I can’t believe she was trying to pretend it came through on its own

No. 725724

There are no anons. This idiot posted herself here for attention, got a teeny tiny bit (pointing out how she's a chubby preteen attention whore) and is now running with it.

She's pathetic and not milky. Don't mention her again.

No. 725776

File: 1541227759434.jpeg (171.28 KB, 750x1215, F1C0795D-16C6-4A19-8CF7-04C270…)

Don’t worry guys I managed to take body checks during the funeral!!!!!!

No. 725795


Oh come on girl! That's your grannies funeral have some…I don't know, respect!

No. 725851

I can't handle this amount of extreme narcissism rn

No. 725919

"my grandfather (swipe to view) is torn to pieces"

what a time to be alive, why are all anachans so fucking oblivious to something like privacy or social boundaries and how to respect them?

No. 725925

I’m starting to think she has some serious mental condition other than ana to be posing and smiling like this AT the funeral… like omg! Either that or she wasn’t super close with this grandparent. Idk this is too much though. Is this a photo of her posing extremely or is there editing I can’t quite tell
Are you talking about the photo of her grandmothers back all torn to shit and graphic with the (do not swipe) warning? That was posted after a picture with her family. Honestly she don’t give a shit she only wants attention on her and to control everything/manipulate ppl. Posting asks like “do I look ill” my god one of the most self centered narcissistic anachan I’ve seen

No. 725926

File: 1541258523734.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 0ABB0FE8-A25D-4DE3-9F60-4EA688…)

I guess no one cared about amy drinking wine while she was meant to be npo lol, to update on her antics, here she is wheelin into a stupid basketball game, i can tell Tom is getting tired of her antics and knows she’s being extra especially now that she’s on home Tpn. Here’s a screen grab of a boomerang on her story, legs looking thick… hard to believe these are the same underweight legs in her other hospital glam shots

No. 725933

>>725925 is she still claiming schizophrenia? what happened with that?

No. 725963

No doubt she will use her ASD as a way of getting out or her section lifted . Even with these various admissions she never ever seems to gain weight.

No. 725986

Yes. Although she used to specify “paranoid schizophrenia” and now it’s just schiz with no specifier. In the funeral body checks she mentions her grandma was also schizophrenic.
Blogging—but not really? I’ve only met 2 people with schiz and they were nothing like her. She’s def a cluster b because the only time others were this selfish and attention seeking was when they were having delusions of grandeur

No. 726413

File: 1541326126466.png (3.63 MB, 1125x2001, 497AE246-5EF8-45BD-B4FD-1458D9…)

Holy body contortion 🙄

No. 726430


Holy shit, her back! Why?

No. 726433

I'm living for the fact that she's got her skirt hiked up so the light shines through it just so you can see her legs. Also, that shit eating grin during a funeral of all things, just lol.

No. 726536

File: 1541345331929.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 63DE7B9E-F300-4A76-8EB3-209453…)

Shes going Full Paris now.

Never go full Paris.

No. 726544

Here let me post all vital statistics and then just ask what ppl think about my relapse… it’s a trap! Well I don’t think you look anywhere near 107 and there’s photos of spaceship that indicate a higher weight than 140 lol gosh I’m just laughing at the degree of contortion
What the hell is this about.. spaceship can easily smile at a damn funeral but the next day she wants someone to shoot her? Shouldnt she be more sad at the funeral, oh no Bc mirror, of mirror u must body check and post to social, it’s like she has a compulsion to pose, take and post these rediculouslu posed photos

No. 726547

File: 1541348261354.jpeg (174.44 KB, 750x1334, 8EE7B560-2657-4C47-9E68-68F550…)

lol don’t message tsfight ever she’ll post it! This is an attention seeking mistake on ts part, now everyone who doesn’t know what they are talking about and are going to figure it out come to lolcow and just see that she’s using her anorexia to come off as chronically ill.. I wish the same for Amy’s followers. But something tells me for amy they already know she’s bulimic and just follow her for the medical porn and thinspo

No. 726608

Fuck off and don't cowtip, you weirdo. Tsfight should expose your dumb ass.

No. 726632

Uhm I didn’t send this message or cowtip… I’m just sharing what someone else sent her and the names blacked out Bc I didn’t want them blasted on lolcow. like your suppose to black out the name out if it’s not the cow. You sound like a whiteknight anyway “ts fight should expose your dumb ass” you don’t even know what your talking about, anyone can go to the her story and see the account that sent this message lol easy killa(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 726656

File: 1541365983330.jpeg (132.35 KB, 750x1334, 726C7299-DD94-41E4-AE8F-9675A2…)

Kat messing around….in photoshop lol?! Come on Kat, not your best work

No. 726772

I thought we decided she has no milk. She’s just autistic

No. 726783

My bad must have missed that one

No. 726792

File: 1541387225373.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 9DF8CF0E-B4D8-4C5A-8F76-761244…)

Does anyone know why her mom would withhold her nausea medication? So she vomited, that proves she “needed it”, so she gives it to her but now her moms making her do dishes? Almost like a punishment. I’m confused, too much going on here, probably just another exaggerated lie from spaceship for pity

No. 726796

I’m guessing it’s so she has trouble binging. It’s much easier to binge when you don’t feel like you have to puke. But I’m not sure. Like I said, just a guess.

No. 726801

it sounds like when she puked in the sink, she also puked on the dishes in the sink.

No. 726962

Zofran does have an association with long QT arrhythmias (I’m honestly suspicious that she’d ever be prescribed it if the doctor is aware of her b/p history). If her parents are doling out her pills they’re probably aware of that and would be careful with them?

No. 726965

just seems like her mom just wasnt catching her bullshit about wanting to purge as actual nausea. if i were paying for my kids meds, i would be a little pissed that they would waste them like that too.

No. 727028

probably more like the whole situation is completely fabricated, because literally nothing she says is believable

No. 727151

File: 1541453213935.jpeg (291.46 KB, 1242x2208, 9FD6A0B3-7E87-4072-B5D0-1C384B…)

Well, Tina. Maybe don’t post about your bags of IV Benadryl. Kek
She got milk guys. Some rando that’s known for calling people out is having a little bit of a fight with Tina.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 727214

File: 1541460061881.jpeg (180.1 KB, 640x1008, EE912DDF-8F56-43DD-ADFA-C5AA46…)

latest smorven

No. 727236

Nobody wants to watch you obnoxiously message her. It’s not as impressive as you think it is.

No. 727295

No the anons she is referring to here is the anons on her sarahahs not here

No. 727341

File: 1541475867272.jpeg (226.37 KB, 750x1178, 469F8EC8-EBB6-4BF2-9A43-427327…)

Sweet sweet Amy. What in God’s name did you do to your arm in photoshop

No. 727369

Her life is just the most difficult thing ever, isn't it?

No. 727396

Cricky, I had to do a double take. I thought she was choking (jokingly or not) the dog at first.

No. 727508

File: 1541519258172.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, 06C6D044-215D-496D-B0BB-0D0F92…)

This reminds me so much of those #recoverywarrior posts when the girls are patting their own asses for eating a carrot.

No. 727633

File: 1541533260924.jpeg (388.91 KB, 1092x1637, 26EC6712-7848-4DD0-8909-A5CD05…)

Pretending to be happy she gained so much and so quickly!

No. 727642


Well at least now she won't have to Photoshop to claim to be less of a bmi because now she's "gained"

No. 727808

File: 1541561056667.png (776.91 KB, 750x1334, BE7F902C-E2E6-46AB-9E35-8FD8F0…)

Uhm what…. I hope this is a dream she’s pretending she had not the explanation of a real encounter lol

No. 727809

File: 1541561188539.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, F4823646-DD1D-47EA-9230-653642…)

They wouldn’t give her medication for a psychotic episode… I wonder if they knew she was faking it. We never did get the current status on if she’s still claiming schizophrenia >>725933

No. 727815

File: 1541561726548.jpeg (344.6 KB, 750x1334, 004909AD-FA97-4602-A567-BDBD5E…)

I don’t get amy, here she is eating when she’s npo… like is she just going to vomit or drain, that?
That definetly came across in her vlogs as well, her excitement about weight gain is not genuine. especially that she has to “buy smalls instead of extra smalls” she looked pissed kek
Good point but not exactly, she shooped and sucked in for pictures even at a healthy weight, it will be interesting to see how she handles it though. At the moment faking genuine excitement lol and buying bigger clothes. for someone “self conscious” about how thin she is she sure loves showing it off… I feel like she’s overcompensating for how weight size shape obsessed she is by saying “oh can’t wait for fat Amy, even though it really bugs her”

No. 727838

What inpatient program would let out a girl with acute psychosis. The fact that she’s been claiming to have schizophrenia since the age of ~17 is questionable

No. 727882

File: 1541576878867.jpeg (367.49 KB, 750x1111, BEDAC6BC-4FC0-43E2-BC50-7AEBD9…)

are you fucking serious?
the comments are just as bad.

No. 727884

isn't this just ED stuff?

No. 727885


yes anon, it's the TOP 10 !!!CRAZY EMBARASSING!!! THINGS :O

No. 727903

File: 1541581612092.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-07-09-05-31…)

This is just shameful…

No. 727921

Post a pic of the comments pla

No. 727961

the tube in the graphic on the sweatshirt looks more like a tampon

No. 727969

Don’t forget the bottom of the mirror as well, and the wavy door frame around her arm.

No. 728009

File: 1541608287828.png (997.84 KB, 750x1334, 89431DD0-50F5-4496-BDB2-762484…)

How many more times is she going to make these (near identical) posts? Here’s a tip to make life not unbearable, Morven: Stop purging everything you eat and banging your head into walls and blaming it on your Super Severe Autism(tm). I hate this leech of a girl.

No. 728119

She says right in that screenshot that it was an episode aka a psychotic episode.

No. 728128

Living wit more must be worse than living with the Hartley Hooligans. No wonder her lump of a brother moved far away.

No. 728378

File: 1541636571367.jpg (210.18 KB, 1080x1226, IMG_20181108_112131.jpg)

Conments could be copypasta from those MPA threads where they brag about the grossest shit that they've done.

The worst is stuff about hoarding vomit, but most is skelly ana shit they think c&s is the biggest shame ever.

Enough blogging, have some boring screenshots.

No. 728379

File: 1541636612128.jpg (263.21 KB, 1080x1437, IMG_20181108_112155.jpg)

No. 728380

File: 1541636648188.jpg (304.04 KB, 1080x1139, IMG_20181108_112211.jpg)

No. 728382

File: 1541636676112.jpg (217.48 KB, 1080x1107, IMG_20181108_112221.jpg)

No. 728486

Why do bulimics like to brag about purging? Same with "binge hauls".

Every one is the sickest bulimic.

The lengths they go to avoid being caught out with their ED yet they post shit like this all over instagram.

No. 728489

all this stuff is basic ed shit. no one's special for doing this gross shit, and no one's impressed- in or out of the ed community.

No. 728538

The funniest thing about those threads is definitely how they brag about normal ED stuff and pretend its so shocking.

No. 728539

I'm sorry but "queefed uncontrollably because my organs were dehydrated and created a vacuum in my hoohah" has me rolling. Is that even a thing that can happen?

No. 728556

My mother has weight issues. She’s an emotional binge eater who wants to be anorexic (her own words, not sure if that makes sense). She’s had gastric bypass, but’s gained a lot back. She demands water pills and zofran . Her doctor lectures her about the zofran, supposedly “it’s addictive” idk if that’s because it’s chemical makeup or because it allows you to eat bullshit and not feel bad.
I’ve been prescribed it before when I was pregnant and sick. I found it to have a very positive effect on my mood, I compared it to opiates. It was better than any anxiety drug I’ve taken including Xanax. I would have to assume that’s I’m not the only one who’s had this experience, maybe there are people who become reliant on it.

No. 728561


no1curr about your blogging

No. 728582

Zofran is "addictive" because people abuse it so they can eat whatever they want or however they want, which includes bulimics who feel sick from binging and purging all the time.

More often though, its people with GI issues, intolerances. People with gastroparesis eating foods th t make them sick, then compensating with zofran.

AFAIK, it's not a substance that causes chemical dependency.

No. 728586

If your mom or you want to be an anorexic maybe she should try opiates too, since for you in US it’s easier to get painkillers for even slight pain lol. Also tell her to try speed or 5-HTP, latter is a food supplement not really a drug, but acts similar to xtc. Makes you feel good and you stop eating. Strange place to ask for advice but good luck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 728587

Opiates don't help you lose weight. Any amphetamines will help though, like you said.

No. 728913

File: 1541717668641.jpeg (254.15 KB, 1089x1607, 65350B25-6731-4B97-9398-FACAC7…)

She needs to try harder if she’s going to shoop. One leg looks so much smaller than the other.

No. 728947

Who in their right mind would want a hoodie with her face in it? Does anyone actually buy them?

No. 728970

You can see the line of where her back thigh really was before shopping. She’s also claiming she can’t run her feeds above 4mL/hour which it total bs because it goes into her blood stream

No. 728973

File: 1541725186536.png (519.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181109-024842.png)

As a finn, I feel like announcing to all the men of this nation to never reproduce with this goddamn psycho.

No. 729551

I wonder if she is a closeted white supremacist? That sounds very eugenics-y

No. 729582

It isn’t very closeted. She’s into eugenics but also doesn’t seem to consider that her dna would effect her children

No. 729715

She's absolutely a white supremacist, she's been posting lately about hating Nike's ad and has been saying racist stuff for ages

No. 729816

File: 1541819242621.jpeg (137.41 KB, 750x1334, 9E087735-49DB-454D-8DB6-B53E48…)

This new post looks like the same blurred bathroom where the funeral service was here >>725776
Like really did she have to do a full photo shoot there and save some for future uploads? Doesn’t that remind her of the persons passing… such a narcissistic

No. 729818

File: 1541819378690.png (195.82 KB, 750x1334, 3C2C7537-C2A8-4DA1-9B8D-1627EA…)

And heres the text for the post. I’m honestly not sure I can believe half of it. I love how she puts “comment if you read this far” at the end, she just craves attention

No. 729821

File: 1541819628105.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, A59337C9-7A9F-4025-83E1-4EF643…)

And finally to end this saga, he gives her the money and she “loses it” I don’t get her… Everything is so dramatasized, just be happy your family still let’s you live home and pays for your appointments.

No. 730379

File: 1541919808031.jpeg (960.48 KB, 2124x3072, 83CA658E-A6CB-4CE4-84A4-4E1D04…)

Hmmm looking very vegan there…

No. 730410

"get in my belly" fucking kek
hardly milk though. just average anorexic behavior.

No. 730756

File: 1541990100687.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1082x1919, 3695DFCA-B8AE-4A6E-B08F-949FAA…)

Wow this is the worst photoshop job ever! @minusthreedegrees she claims to have all these “super serious GI” problems that triggered her weight loss… but really it’s just a lame cover up for returning to her old Ana ways!

No. 730759

I mean her upper half looks skinny but there’s definitely something tragic going on between the legs lol look at the floor smoothing yikes!

No. 730764

Smells like a self-post.

No. 730770

Why even bother shooping? Emaciated stomach, clearly already had a gap before…. what am I missing?

Self posting seems like the only reasob to shoop something like this.

No. 730771

Not a self post that for sure this girl well I should say 30+ something woman has been this super whiny whinging thing for ages now and had this spiritual healing business but then claims a trip over seas caused these gi issues and now claims that’s the reason she has fallen back into the Ana trap really it’s just a poorly covered relapse. Come on who would photoshop a post that bad! She is the most attention seeking thing I have seen in ages

No. 730774

File: 1541993497400.jpeg (1007.52 KB, 1203x1642, 66A97B5C-F4AC-49E4-A389-744FC7…)

What a change only 18hr before last post! Dramatic NOT!

No. 730776

Smh why bother shoop that bad

No. 730809

What is with ana queens and always posting pictures with half of their mons pubis out

No. 730813

File: 1541998592938.jpg (133.52 KB, 941x667, IMG_20181112_155533.jpg)

Spaceship is so fucking rude.

Context is this post that I've transcribed below:

"He is probably hurting, himself, and is being callous towards you as a defense mechanism. As a man, especially as a father, you want to be able to protect and take care of your family. He probably feels utterly helpless in the face of your eating disorder, etc… watching as your health declines and you still stubbornly refuse to accept the treatment that your therapist insists is necessary at this point. He probably wishes that you were more concerned about the other issues that are more serious than a bill for a tire, and so he laughs defeatedly. He would probably do anything in the world he could to REALLY help you. The car bill is besides the point. I don’t know. Just a possibility."

No. 730814

They want you to see how much it sticks out. When you're emaciated, its a big bulb on your crotch.

Notice the V she has? She's showing that off too.

No. 730815

That and they freakin love to like tense themselves into the most contorted position imagine their poor malnourished muscles and tendons screaming stop after taking a billion contorted body checks, really that’s the true Ana work out

No. 730864

What they strive for is heavily based on anatomy. Just like thigh gaps, all part of bone structure. A solid ana workout. I’m sure they must burn a significant number of calories getting in these positions and stressing over the photoshop options

No. 730938

File: 1542035944303.png (677.78 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2018-11-12-15-18-28…)

"BMI under 14"

No. 730942

this video was so hard to watch in full, she is so insufferable. She lives in my city and all the girls I've been inpatient/day patient with follow her… makes me so pissed off because she's always flaunting being sooooooo underweight and when she used to have a tube

No. 730953


Yeah no I couldn't watch it all hah, I generally can't, like we get it you're soooo sick and underweight, I'm going to be honest now in saying g she doesn't look that underweight if at all.

No. 730998

Her BMI is definitely not below 14, so she’s obviously just attention whoring. My body type is quite similar to hers (average boobs, smallish waist, average/slightly chubby thighs for size) - that‘s why I guess her BMI must be around 17 or 18.(no one cares)

No. 731068

look at the space between her gap. its pix-elated and blurry

No. 731198

File: 1542070706849.jpeg (966.32 KB, 750x1116, 0F8FABD9-48F8-480D-90CB-0E46C3…)

Korey remains weirdly obsessed with describing how “fat” and covered in rolls she was at a healthy weight, claims she will be back at a healthy weight in a year, accompanies post with underweight body check pic, just in case anyone misunderstood and thought she was actually recovering.

No. 731199

File: 1542070738077.jpeg (313.46 KB, 749x1138, D77E1C44-5CD5-430C-BB44-BA9101…)

No. 731200

File: 1542070763339.jpeg (425.86 KB, 750x1104, 4A239E54-79A1-4341-8B74-5201A3…)

No. 731212

Source for newfags? i want to watch the video.

No. 731266

Part of me hates her and part of me feels bad that her psychiatrist allowed her to stay underweight. That’s got to be about the worst thing you can do to someone with an ed. She sure doesn’t seem like she wants to recover based on what she posts and she’s got an uphill battle. I can’t see her genuinely in recovery based on the last year of her pretending she is fine whilst no where near weight restored. I’m sure there’s more milk to come

No. 731273

File: 1542078165577.jpg (237.07 KB, 1080x1067, IMG_20181113_140139.jpg)

I know we hate her, but has anyone seen this top she has now?

She's so obsessed with making sure everyone knows and sick that now she has a chronic illness jumper.

No. 731278

Amy Lee Fisher https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnrMs985SDFiM40arKM75-w/videos

Amy's Life

Idk which vid that's from because I'd rather listen to nails scraping down a chalkboard for eternity that watch her bang on about her love for medical paraphenalia.

No. 731288

I love munchie merch. You've gotta be really desperate for attention in order to purchase and wear some ugly ass sweater declaring how sick you are.

No. 731318

>>731288 But it's OrGaNiC! She can feel it's organic-ness apparently…

No. 731331

Where did she get this piece of shit?

No. 731333

Where did she get this piece of shit?

No. 731334

Where did she get this piece of shit?

No. 731335

Where did she get this piece of shit?

No. 731338

File: 1542085775052.jpg (261.23 KB, 1435x1080, IMG_20181113_160659.jpg)

I've been cringing for this whole video (thanks to >>731278).

She needs a hickman line, but she can tolerate Ribena.

I didnt get a screenshot but I noticed in the Day In IP (most recent video) she's placed her camera and her light-sensitive feed bag in such a way that you can see it every time she leans forward to spit out toothpaste or something.


No. 731343

>>731338 and now my question is, if she is spitting out the ribena, why does she need so many bottles? Couldn't she just taste it with a straw or something? Why the fuck would she need THAT MUCH. ~~purging agent?~~

No. 731344

Instagram page @graphicorganic, I think.

No. 731345

Looks like laineybot

No. 731346

File: 1542086240764.jpg (373.59 KB, 1080x1520, IMG_20181113_161804.jpg)

No. 731360

My question is if she is spitting it, why is it the light version? Even if she was drinking it wouldn't she need the extra calories for weight gain, sugar for her low blood sugar? Disordered much?

No. 731364


It's from the getting new medical storage video or something along those lines, it's quite recent

No. 731368

Which shows she’s still not ready to weight restore. But then again hopefully she’s seeing a new psych since hers got deregistered and he’s going to force her to gain some weight.

No. 731371

Is it Aimee?

No. 731417

No. 731699

File: 1542145191430.jpeg (452.93 KB, 1986x1274, 630A0102-A884-40A6-9342-D10D4B…)

Interesting comments. I find it weird she’s allowed to do all her own meds but even more unusual to do her own fluid chart.

No. 731722

Crushing her meds with a spoon is so weird.

No. 731724

>>731722 idk why that's weird, that's how you're taught to do it when studying nursing in aus.

No. 731859


Yeah honestly that psych fucked her and so many other people up. But I'll believe it when I see it that she claims she'll be weight restored in a year.

No. 731863

File: 1542170614169.png (990.17 KB, 750x1334, 3A094192-1E33-4543-99F5-5CAEC0…)

This girl is trying to pass off pictures from an episode of the doctors as herself. Even though she is obese and has bpd. This could get interesting. See attached pics

No. 731864

File: 1542170664804.jpeg (254.76 KB, 749x1205, E8233A69-96CA-45FB-8389-9800CA…)

No. 731866

As if you'd be in any state to attend college at that weight.

Lol I love when cows do this.

No. 731870

She also claims her IQ is 136 but is enrolled in cosmetology school. The lies are building…
her account is relatively small but her “transformation” pictures seem to have gotten some numbers

No. 731871

She also claims her IQ is 136 but is enrolled in cosmetology school. The lies are building…
her account is relatively small but her “transformation” pictures seem to have gotten some numbers

No. 731875

She also claims her IQ is 136 but is enrolled in cosmetology school. The lies are building…
her account is relatively small but her “transformation” pictures seem to have gotten some numbers

No. 731888

This is sickening, the girl from that episode is Stephanie veloso Rodas, she sadly passed away

No. 731889

Jesus, those self harm scars on her arm. Why use shocking photos of a skinny girl to get attention when you're clearly fucked up enough as it is?

No. 731890

Do none of y’all know these delusional bitches all definitely have Münchausen syndrome and that’s about as milky as they get

No. 731932

File: 1542186287946.jpeg (473.11 KB, 750x947, D13EBEDC-59AA-4DB3-AE9C-A43147…)

She deleted that one but this one is still up, obviously it’s not her but I don’t have a source for the image on the left.

I like cows like these because they’re the true face of the proana movement. For every one bony attention whore, you have a thousand 200+ lbs ~most anorexic~ heifers. They have the exact same mindset as HAES but it’s AAES (anorexic at every size,) because the only criteria of having an eating disorder apparently is to just say that you have one.

No. 731933

I’ll track it down if I can. I’m sure I’ve seen it before years ago as a 15 year old thinspo collecting tard. Shouldn’t be hard. Found the original image of Stephanie on the first page of image results.

No. 731946

She has real photos of herself at a healthy weight (looking at her face) up until April.

She didn't start posting the fake thinspo befores until she fully chunked out tho.

No. 731957

her arms are hard to look at. also obviously she has problems but passing off other people as yourself is a dick move, especially when the probability that the person in the photo is dead is high

No. 731960

Creating a false narrative and pretend other women are her (they’re dead so can’t conplain)to feel better about her weight gain and get compliments and praise for being chubby.

Seems run of the mill for BPD. Gotta get her asspats somehow.

No. 731994

her expression and posing in these photos is so irritating.

No. 731998

Someone called her out on it. She said she disassociated and thus believed it was her in the pics. She's now deleted both the posts but turns out they were reposts from earlier in the year kek so who fucking knows

No. 732018

Wow…what an amazing excuse

No. 732022

She hadn't disassociated enough to remember to crop out the arms because the person in the pic probably didn't have hers all hacked up.

Punchable face.

No. 732084

Who tipped her?

No. 732091

File: 1542220501696.jpeg (310.76 KB, 1095x1479, 97F3EF47-43FB-4E1A-A929-A96E7E…)

Infection of unknown source, hey? Wanna bet it’s self induced..?

No. 732095

File: 1542220811532.jpeg (413.29 KB, 1116x1600, 43396D14-1588-41F0-8F38-754C5A…)

Same fag but….

Omg the drama. So unwell but takes a photo of the fucking tube?!

No. 732209

Caps. Her account has no pics claiming this?
Lol, what dissociative state leads you to post cropped pictures of people who aren’t you and write a thousand words about how bad it was to be so starved.

No. 732489

What part of "She has since deleted both posts" did you not understand

No. 732532

File: 1542292072301.jpg (228.59 KB, 750x1130, image.jpg)

Old IG photo/post- one of the rare times Smorven admits her ED

No. 732537


She has the same spots on her forehead in both pictures, it just looks like they’ve been flipped? Or am I stupid and she has moles?

No. 732551

Not sure but going by the photo in the test admission she's definitely been made to put on weight. It's sad really - waste of a life. Must be getting to the time when she brings out the Christmas jumper to pose in tights and compare her legs to previous years.

A way back someone asked about Megs and Lexi - what happened to them?

No. 732552

No one could be quite as bad as Paris - is she still even alive? Ono here sliced cherry tomatoes and 98g or strawberries

No. 732566

They really aren't in the same position, flipped or not.

No. 733399

File: 1542404084421.jpeg (201.83 KB, 546x1652, 90B95106-05B1-4ADE-8E03-BACEDC…)

Started TPN and said her BMi was under 13 at the time.

3 weeks later and she’s not ana posing in this pic…

No. 733423

Nice healthy bmi right there. Notice the choice of outfit. A skimpy top that shows off her line. Is that a sugary alcoholic drink too? A night mare for someone with real gastroparesis. Good thing she’ll just puke it up later

No. 733576

She just likes to sperg out and bash her head into walls.

No. 733635

File: 1542449595683.jpeg (628.47 KB, 1080x1602, AB9B975A-275B-4700-888D-C5E218…)

Does spaceshiptorecovery really have this illness? Isn’t it quite serious?

No. 733650

Why is the cancer nurse also Spaceship's aplastic anaemoca nurse?

No. 733676


She looks very slim to me but not anywhere near what she’s claiming,

No. 733686

The speech given by the “nurse” is just the prognosis section of the Wikipedia page about aplastic anemia reworded. Except she’s the youngest patient despite the disease being most common in children/up to early 20s because she’s so Sooper Special. Literally every other answer she’s given about her condition/treatment is an obvious regurgitation of a Wikipedia article.

No. 733736

File: 1542474969211.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-17-17-11-42…)

This begger. Let's see what she'll post next to crank up her numbers. Incoming bullshit

No. 733741

File: 1542475824626.jpg (359.03 KB, 1080x1545, IMG_20181117_172829.jpg)

Don't forget to hang those tubes out amy

No. 733962

It's serious but very treatable. The bone marrow fails to produce enough blood cells. This happens because the normal blood forming cells (stem cells) are replaced by abnormal fat cells. It is more commonly diagnosed in patients aged between 10 and 20, and over 40. There is a slight increased incidence in men compared to women. Stem cell transplant is the only successful treatment but blood transfusions can help relieve the symptoms

No. 734133

File: 1542540406745.jpg (756.68 KB, 1080x1672, 20181118_212533.jpg)

Apparently she doesn't like the bloat

No. 734135

File: 1542540438851.jpg (664.03 KB, 1077x1683, 20181118_212516.jpg)

No. 734230

Someone should put Smorven and Paris on TPN - that would scare them shitless- unless Smorvens ASD has some sensory issue with a Hickman line. …

No. 734233

Is she actually pregnant or is that just bloat? I don't frequent this thread much but jesus christ, I hope they take the kid away. If they don't, I really hope she doesn't input her diet on her child.

No. 734292

Thankfully not lol. She's just making sure to show everyone all her woes like she always does. After all, she's chronic and fashionable, or has she not mentioned that hahah

No. 734309

Should have shopped your arms Amy

No. 734346

Proed on reddit was banned. Pro-ana users proceeded to storm healthy dieting subreddits with their feels because "they're basically the same subs"

No. 734401

How nice of her to show off her binge belly. Cow doesn’t have GP, she’s just an attention whore

No. 734405


that has nothing to do with this thread

No. 734499


Proed had literally nothing to do with these anachans, it actually was a good space.

No. 734552

Well when you eat and drink things your not suppose to… I mean this can’t be from her trying that tiny little bit of feed that she pretends to run through her tube can it? I love how you know she’s going to drain anyway but she still, as uncomfortable as that bloating probably is stopped for a photo shoot first… like what!?
I honestly wonder if she’s just full blown bingeing and actually vommiting now that she doesn’t have the nj? Obviously she what’s to be on Tpn as long as possible for the attention but she already looks relatively healthy like here >>733399 I think she still said she had more to gain in her recent upload but I wonder what will happen after she gets weight restored but she still “can’t tolerate feeds”

No. 734554

I don’t really buy this whol spiel from the nurse…maybe the cause of Natalie’s case is unknown but aplastic anemia does have known causes.. a simple google search shows exposure to certain chemicals, drugs, radiation, infection or immune disease cause it. She obviously didn’t do her proper web md research before making this literary tragedy of a post. She still loves to pretend she’s an author but then totally cheapen it by saying “comment if you read this” and post it with a body check, like so ott and attention seeking. Nothing will top funeral selfies though

No. 734587

>>734552 I think she said she still has 10kg to gain? riiiiiiiight.

No. 734618

File: 1542612930305.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3371x3371, 3DD410A0-33B1-4A17-A636-F114A2…)

This isn’t supposed to be about tilly so don’t be a tool and report this, just cannot figure out who her post is about! It sounds so familiar about an IG Ana chan making that hilarious statement about beating the shit out of ana but I can’t seem to trace it on the thread anywhere and couldn’t come across it on any of the accounts that came to mind regarding the post. Anyone know??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 734622


who cares????

No. 734651

No. 734679

I agree who cares it’ll just be tilly whining about korey as per usual. Move on

No. 734744

How did she ever get medical clearance to move to australia ? Or medical insurance?

No. 734831

File: 1542650844720.jpeg (285.48 KB, 750x1117, 58FB8D25-2589-45F9-9E94-ECC604…)

At this point she’s lied about so many things she can’t even keep them straight. She had a zio patch which is indeed a 24 ekg but she is not clarifying that she does not actually have pots and MAY be sent to a specialist. No one wanted to give her meds because she is the typical malingering patient so she’s angling for iv saline and a new ana Queen muchie status above the rest of the peasants

No. 734855

Amazing how every problem she has can tie back to her being an ana chan….

No. 734912

I thought it was Korey, now I'm not so sure.

No. 734989

You’re dumb if you think it’s about korey. >>734622
And I care and surely other people here do because it’s another potential cow to discuss here, same reason we talk at all about other cows here. For the milk. The post is about someone who claims to have a bunch of medical conditions that people believe are mostly self diagnosed, how does that sound anything like korey? Korey also never talks about her bmi, as the person this post is about apparently does. The person also refers to their ED as Ana, which Korey does not do. So work on your reading comprehension before getting your knickers in a knot for no reason

No. 735130

Okay so who is it then?

No. 735176

Who gives a shit who it's about? It's tilly. Move on.

No. 735250

Isn't it about this time of yearbParis gets out her advent calendar to wrap up carefully ( no doubt weighed to the gramme) bits of chocolate in?
Still baffles me how she isn't in hospital or her mother in trouble for neglect of a vulnerable adult- the social services must know she exists.

No. 735327

Apart from her obvious ED, I always get the impression most of her batshit craziness is put on. She sounds coherent on her youtube and she's clean and makes an effort to style herself into…something. Even though she dances around with chocolate, her weight's the only real issue.

Even if you're BMI is Ashley tier, nobody gaf if she doesn't show for treatment plus you get dropped after X amount of sessions if you haven't gained weight.

I know a couple of women in a worse state than her who are off the radar. Nobody pushes an adult into treatment but they'll patch them up if there's a medical crisis as a result.

No. 735519

So I know tilly is ?banned?notencouraged? but TF is up with her latest post about being bashed?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735560

She's probably faking the dad thing for attention. Either our attention, asspats, or both.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735603

literally every time she is even vaguely referenced here she pulls some absolutely batshit behaviour. don’t feed!!!!!

No. 735612

File: 1542770973807.png (189.72 KB, 750x1334, 09BC9DFB-AE25-4004-B26C-3440B8…)

another poorly written post from spaceship. it’s kind of funny how narcissistic she is. In her ask she responded to a question that one non physical thing she likes about herself is that “she is a man of all trades” well she sucks at writing, doesn’t know that the idiom is actually “jack of all trades”, not like it matters but she thinks she’s so damn smart… anyway for anyone wanting to scratch their eyes out apparently she’s telling a story or her story or something on her insta in 24 hours. Jeez she thinks she’s a damn tv show. I bet this whole story or at least what’s in the post is made up. She thinks her writing is so eloquent and profound but it’s not lol

No. 735613

File: 1542771117742.jpeg (138.6 KB, 749x933, 1B23E9E9-C4D0-4BAF-A065-2360D5…)

And here’s one photo from the set she posted. She references in the text of the post that she was 90 pounds in December 2013. Idk she’s gotta be really short if she’s 90 damn pounds in this.

No. 735625

90 pounds as a teen is very different than an adult. Of course she isn’t going to mention that because she hasn’t been below 100 since 15. Love how her “story” doesn’t mention any childhood mental illness. She’s so full of it

No. 735629

So true she looks like a healthy or fit adolescent in that picture, big boobs and whatever not the 90 pound dying anachan she wants to come off as. Tbh she looks the same in all those photos if u see the original post. And that’s one thing I forgot to mention too I was so surprised no part of the story mentioned hallucinations of any sort which would make sense Bc she claims schizophrenia. Idk maybe she’ll mention it in the 24 hours apparently she’s posting a story in segments? Idk just seems like she wants attention or pity for what will probably be a made up or exaggerated story.

No. 735658

File: 1542783580721.jpg (250.54 KB, 1069x1600, 2018-11-21-16-54-57.jpg)

Possible cow. Claims to be restrictive anorexic in recovery8 years. Not underweight. Works in health care. Usual ana poses

No. 735662

You don't have to be underweight to be in recovery from restrictive anorexia. Smells like a self post or vendetta.

No. 735668

Vendetta for sure! Run along

No. 735671

what milk does she have outside of having an ED?

No. 735873

I’m not sure how it’s foreign to you that in order to recover one cannot remain underweight? Le dumb ass.

No. 736016

Good on her for gaining weight and attempting recovery!
Read the rules before vendetta posting, anon

No. 736540

File: 1542930035789.png (760.8 KB, 750x1334, 97699601-5953-4BC2-AF83-8556A1…)

Isint spaceship from America? She often uses British words for things like mum instead of mom and in this pic “mash” instead of mashed potatoes.. is she just trying to be quirky and different or is she British? Also sounds like her “sleeping” all day was just an excuse for to try and get some attention out of her parents. Like every anachan pretends they don’t like when ppl ask them to eat but she brings it up like a humble brag

No. 736542


I actually feel really bad for her mum, like she made her a meal, just for her and she talks shit about it. Maybe realise how your mum is trying and be thankful, not every parent would do that. Ungrateful cow!

No. 736586

I know right? She also makes her parents out to be pretty terrible! Apparently her father refused to pay for a treatment or appointment or something and she has this prognosis of 4-5 yrs if she doesn’t seek treatment. That was on her story. He ended up paying for it but she really painted him in a bad light. Her mom seems caring to have made her a special dish though!

No. 736618


Yeah her parents genuinely seem to care and are obviously struggling but if your kid was spaceship…and she just constantly writes about them is such a bad way. Like oh your mum asked you had to eaten?! What an awful terrible mother! At least her mum cares enough to check?

No. 736688

Such a good point. Like so many people with EDs have useless parents that just don’t support them and let them get away with not eating for days. At least her mum is checking up on her and showing some care and interest. so ungrateful

No. 736742

File: 1542971645779.png (684.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-23-11-07-46…)

So Amy had a Premium Tokyo treat box sent to her for free.
I could literally only watch the first few mins of this vid as I find her too fucking irritating. She says she has to get her bf to try some of the sweets as she can only try things she can drain. Bet she didn't tell the Tokyo treat people that…god what a piss take.

No. 736747

I mean,people with EDs are delusional by nature. It really doesn't matter whether her parents are supportive or neglectful, she'd treat them like shit either way, because it's all about her. No point in crying about how she's SO LUCKY because she doesn't see it that way and she never will.

No. 736964

Most of the people who post on here have EDs. Spaceship is a horrible human being because she’s entitled and a compulsive liar. Her attitude is why she’s constantly posted her. If her personality was because of her ed she’d have no milk and wouldn’t be discussed

No. 737036

spaceship is boring

No. 737040

The worst part about this picture are those kids in the back and the influence this might have on them.
HOW is she allowed to dance?(do not post children)

No. 737128

omg look how pretty she looks next to those bloated mayonnaise huffers in the back!

No. 737146

lol everyone should watch the first minute just to see her bf literally ROLL HIS EYES when she says that she can only try the things that she can drain. Looks like even he is getting sick of her bull shit

No. 737152

also she proceeds to try everything…

No. 737205


This will get removed but should be discussed. Repost it with the kids' faces blocked out.

No. 737223

File: 1543068640278.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, 3F88F5AE-6809-4828-A718-6DF4D1…)

Happy holidays from our favorite ED recovery coach! The very picture of health and freedom from diet and weight obsession.

No. 737251

There used to be a girl on IG called Hannah - 'that mackee girl' - any one know what she's up to?

No. 737267


She's still there, still spoopy

No. 737280

Christ, how tragic. She's in near-deathly condition and has 10k+ vulnerable followers looking at her content for "recovery coaching". Weight restoration does not take long so it's astounding that she has anyone fooled into thinking she's someone to look up to. Just horrible.

No. 737302

she has deteriorated significantly in the past few years. it is super fucked up that she continues to pretend that she is come icon of recovery while being completely skeletal. also WHY NO EYEBROWS?!?

No. 737395

the worst part about this picture is, and i might be wrong here, but is she actually prima ballerina??? or is she just in full costume when everyone else is in training gear (the blue ones don't really look like it).

which fucking idiot of a trainer was like "yes, i will put this disordered girl into the spotlight so that her illness can feed off of that sweet, delusional confirmation that she, the spoopiest of them all, truly deserved to be center stage"

No. 737489

I assume she’s in a different number than the people behind her. Red and pastel purple costuming together on stage is a crime against humanity. If she’s the lead with everyone in blue though….

No. 737728

No. She’s just in a different number and it’s a rinky dink ballet school where literally every one of them has sickled feet and no technique.

No. 737751


>>737728 beat me to it, but no there is no planet where she's a prima ballerina. Even from just the static images it's plain for any dancer to see that this girl ain't it. I got triggered by how weak her point and turnout is in all her photos.

Can she even dance, like in general? Forget dancing at a prima level, how can she even do it at all? I don't see any way someone with that little body mass could do real ballet. You see these ana butterflies wanting to be "ballet-skinny" an "dainty but strong" or some shit but it takes so much muscle to dance. I get that eating disorders make you delusional, but just how delusional do you have to be to think you can hold your arabesques when your muscles are atrophied?

No. 737754

File: 1543120135625.jpeg (156.82 KB, 750x1152, DCAF128B-B0E0-42EE-AA01-FB6F59…)

You’re right. She can’t even get over the box correctly or maintain a turnout. I’m surprised they’re letting her dance given its so obvious

No. 737765

If this is a small ballet school and her parents are paying for lessons, they can't really not let her dance. There would be outrage from the dance moms about how they're destroying this sick girl's dream or something. They probably just stick her somewhere onstage where she'll blend in and call it a day.

No. 737891

I've always thought she was bitchy af but she's not really milky, just standard ED shit. She's part of that whole cutesy British crew that's been active since like 2014 or so at least. A few have recovered but lots of them are still stuck in the disease. None that I would consider truly milky and worth detailed analysis, although many of them have interacted with smorven over the years.

No. 737943

Naw dude she's an americanfag. Lives in like UT or something, and I assume Mormon because of her massive blonde family (literally has maybe 10 sibs). But she is milkless boring AF.

No. 737944

I mean actually yes, they totally can. Most reputable ballet schools will make obviously very sick girls get help before they can come back. But this place is obviously a joke that barely knows the first thing about how to teach ballet in the first place. They probably let her stay because they want her $$ and don't care that she is in no way medically cleared to dance. She is going to break something dancing on Pointe and it will be a disaster.

No. 737975

She's British - lives up north- parents are loaded with money- she was in a private EDU and was meant to be taking a year out from uni to recover ( no prizes for guessing she was studying dietetics….)- but all she does is pose in front of her mirror. Always felt there was competition between her and morven.

No. 738014

thatmckeegirls fake recovery bullshit is particularly egregious imo BC she portrays her life as really desirable so teens are gonna think they too can live full lives at 80lbs. she's also just got engaged which is bizarre BC I don't think they even live together. they also got together while she was spoopy which makes me side eye the hell out of him. p sure they met at a Christian society at her uni

No. 738129

Spaceship is back to posting her “story”
She claims she was 17 in the summer of 2015 and says she is 21 now. So lying about her age began some point. Schizophrenia magically developed at the age of 17 it seems! There has been no mention of her schizophrenia until 2015. Also talks about how she loved her therapist or whatever Mischa was lol it’s all unraveling

No. 738130

File: 1543182990817.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 5C6F3F21-0D64-4283-8D06-09C351…)

She took a break from her story to post this, kek. she’s so damn narcissistic she buys into this troll complimenting her feet, rediculous

No. 738178

Her feet are worse than average poor guillible girl
It appears her sister is also a trump supporter so it runs in the family

No. 738238

Meh, different toes for different hoes.

No. 738381

File: 1543222473003.png (694.29 KB, 812x602, jacko.PNG)

Dat feel, when you put on makeup but still look like frozen Michael Jackson on the autopsy table.

No. 738476

I feel bad for laughing not holy shit she does, kek!

No. 738928

this… makes sense?
summer of 2015 -> 17
fall of 2015-> 18
2016 -> 19
2017 -> 20
2018 -> 21

So. it makes sense.

No. 738939

Next she will be going on that she's recovered enough to have kids- I think she's delusional.

No. 738985

File: 1543300377712.png (624.82 KB, 923x421, Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 5.27…)

glad korey has taken a break from her fruit eating to post a picture where her leg looks shopped

No. 738988

is she adding fake weight onto he image for the sake of family, or…?

No. 739008

For sure fake weight I’m just waiting for the vegan announcement now it’s coming guys just wait Korey goes vegan but it will be “all for the animals”

No. 739024

still wondering wtf happened between korey and the raw vegan given that they were meant to be in thailand together and they dont even follow each other any more… can only assume yet another person got sick of her fake recovery bullshit

No. 739032

Is it just me or does is she not able to keep friends for very long? Her boyfriends, that uni girl, the vegan guy…

No. 739042

I think she has this very attention seeking personality and probably people just get over her… she seems to want to copy anything her “friends” do or their hobbies and interests because let’s face it she really has nothing but being an “Ana warrior” lol NOT! The people she becomes so called bffs with she goes hell for leather they then get sick of her antics and find out she is bat shit crazy and get the hell away from her. All Korey identifies as is the old waif sick self she used to be now she is a fake boring milky relapse/recovery fool who is here to provide all the lol’s and eye rolls

No. 739043

Still can’t wait for either a “I’m a vegan” or I have a “chronic illness” post. Good cover for her lack moderately low weight to cover up her ana ways. This cow will have a good milk flow unless she leaves insta until then keep on milking
might get back to her spoopy self if she does the vegan or chronic illness and become another healingnaturally or any of the skelly girls out there

No. 739123

File: 1543333822307.jpeg (676.46 KB, 2064x3072, 09FF2657-25AA-4462-9CA5-A232CA…)

Don’t let fruit be your fear food. Nevermind about the common fear foods like bread, diary, oil, pasta - just challenge your fruit!

No. 739177

I have been absent for some months. Can someone update on 1.Thane.Windhelm,
2. that ana from Uruguay
3. McKenzie Photoshopper
4.those Ana 'warriors' with a BMI of 19 on Instagram?


No. 739393

File: 1543356548884.png (1.83 MB, 1125x2436, 540C5FE1-391C-4C3A-9DE5-E2A7A1…)

I stumbled across @tectackles recently and she seems pretty milky. Anyone know more about her? Looks like she recently deleted all her post because of someone who knows her in real life

No. 739509

Well if she’s deleted all her posts where is the milk? This is an image board

No. 739563

File: 1543374462430.png (1.09 MB, 1614x1102, Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.56…)

Been seeing all the duds come through, but pretty sure you'll agree that the milk is strong with this one.

- newly vegan
- recovery/relapse (she flips back and forth so often i have no idea what the claim is rn),
- loves to write the occasional spaceship-esque I'm-so-smart-look-at-my-writing-skillz caption
- Slowly sliding over to spooniehood (? still to be confirmed)
- got IV morphine for a UTI?!
- trying to pull the gastroparesis line
- just got dropped from some sort of IOP for not engaging but she swears guys, she is TrYiNg.

No. 739566

File: 1543374502668.png (1.53 MB, 1840x892, Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.57…)

No. 739569

File: 1543374547012.png (1.4 MB, 1840x892, Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.59…)

No. 739570

File: 1543374613185.png (1.04 MB, 1840x892, Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.59…)

Caption: Been having soup for all my meals since I left hospital until dinner tonight which was an average serving size of risotto and this is the result. I'm also one day off from finishing the antibiotics for my pyonephritis (kidney infection) so the pain really should be gone by now but I had to get more endone from my GP today which leads me to think that something else has to be going on. Especially with this bloating, I have gastroparesis but I've never had distention this badly so consistently. I'm so over all this, it's seriously starting to affect my mental state.

No. 739603

Legit thought that was a saggy arse! Just her stomach

No. 739605

>>739393 she had /has a YouTube channel - I think she is IP at the moment.

No. 739606

File: 1543379084360.jpeg (250.95 KB, 750x684, E79CC9F2-3854-404D-8FFB-D13A8B…)

I think it’s just a panorama.

Her insta is private but there’s some stuff on her Tellonym that’s interesting. We all know messing with ports is peak munchie behavior and apparently her best friend died of doing so, pic related. Birds of a feather flock together after all.

No. 739628

jesus christ risotto is the worst fucking thing you can eat if you have gastroparesis

No. 739633

Yeah for real. Especially rice that will expand. Birds stomachs can explode but anas want to pretend they’re so speshul because “Mu gaSTrOParEsIS”

No. 739692

its so funny to me that i keep seeing these annoying bitches that i would unfollow show up in this thread, so glad i'm not the only one to see this. she had a poll to decide on the name of marley btw. fkn lol

No. 739701

File: 1543399485913.jpeg (390.69 KB, 1116x1667, A1F80502-2962-4153-B4B9-C7D7C8…)

Anyone else do a double take before realising she isn’t actually 40?! So much awkward in one pic

No. 739754

This is how you know it isnt for the recovery (how can it ever be when u dedicate a social media for it lol)
But really you wanna celebrate 40k ppl watching you starve your ass and be pathetic as if it isnt one big circle jerk with no actual goal of being healthy because you're literally celebrating being your own disorder account and building a sort of audience out of it.

No. 739786

I swear her name used to be something else and she was a T1 diabetic or am I confused with someone else, how do you become not a T1 diabetic and now you have other chronic illnesses?

No. 740024

She's not denying the diabetes. She just happens to have anorexia as well.

This one she isn't that milky. Just sad.

No. 740163

File: 1543453063683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.96 KB, 650x485, ballet-7-650x485.jpg)

she is in more danger dancing en pointe then she would be dancing normal ballet at her size. everyone who knows anything about ballet knows what those shoes do and i can't imagine how her feet look. between the fact most of her body is bone. like >>737765 said. they are only letting her dance because of the fact it is likely a small school and the dance moms would lose it. yet, in the photo she posted all of the girls are various sizes and i can't believe they are letting a girl this size that is mostly bone dance EN POINTE. if she was a dancer with a main part i can't imagine the crowds reaction to a skelly girl dancing pointe. i just hope she uses those shoes for show even if shes been trained to do pointe she shouldn't be. any sane teacher would see that.

No. 740371

File: 1543486275003.png (518.08 KB, 370x658, Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 9.08…)

ill disguised body checks once again.. honestly shocked that her followers don't see through her bullshit now that she's literally only eating raw vegan food

No. 740406

File: 1543491951220.jpeg (200.87 KB, 750x1334, 92F4ACDF-D37F-4DBC-B646-861A20…)

Smorven’s back to remind everyone that she’s still super super sick (not with an ED though) and needs to be on the highest level of 1:1 supervision. They really need to cut funding for this lazy malingerer.

No. 740425

File: 1543496744628.jpg (97.45 KB, 780x1080, lil_ghoul.jpg)

Absolute agree with that one! A serious ballet dancer will need a lot of muscles (quads and glutes, look it up) and heaps of hard training sessions to be good at it.

Our ghoulish, emaciated friend Thayna will see her ballet posing as a means for bodychecking and gaining some postive attention.

Every serious trainer and/or school would reject her, due to her painfully obvious haggard and skeletal features.

No. 740426

File: 1543497124773.jpg (163.85 KB, 1080x1349, grashopper_legs.jpg)

Those legs will only get you to the next wheelchair…

No. 740427


And exactly that will happen very often when two outspoken attention seekers meet… They will immediately try to rob each other and no one gives away something.
The result is a train crash.

No. 740468

Her followers list is like a directory of every skinny fetishist on ig.

No. 740473

File: 1543505633819.png (223.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2434.PNG)

This girl is ridiculous. She's like 19 or so, left treatment ama, & is back again playing games. She posted body shots then deleted them calling herself disgusting & fat & such. She talks about how she's "could die any minute" & "things are that bad" ALL the time. Shes obviously underweight, but I wouldn't see near death either. It's always about how sick they say she is.

No. 740477


Absolutely right. And that close-knit bunch of proanas doesn't look like pure ballet fans to me, either.
It's all about letting them rattle their bones.

No. 740523

It’s all been said before but the amount of funding this bitch gets. I know denial is part of the ED blah blah but state of the NHS rn….on some wards people are discharged to the streets because the bed’s needed. And here she is squandering yet another costly admission. Fucking give up on her already.

No. 740541

Holy shit, she actually looks like she’s lost weight in those story photos, her arms and chest look much skinnier than before. Tbh I don’t think it matters if the followers know shes eating full raw vegan they will support her no matter what. But anyway if she thinks this looks healthy or she’s healthier Bc she’s not eating animal products she’s crazy. Raw vegan is just a cover like most other veg anachans, for their ed and an excuse to restrict. I never see her eating carby or fatty fruits ever she’s literally just consuming sugary fruits with no other nutritional value. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her mention morals or ethics related to veganism she’s just in it for the restricted diet. And as for the ill disguised body checks, yes literally this whole vacation for her has been documented with body checks kek, can’t we just take a photo of the elephants? Nope gotta pose my skelly bod in every pic..

No. 740557

It’s getting ridiculous. Clearly by this point it’s evident that inpatient isn’t doing her any favours so why not allocate the funding to someone who is willing to change their situation? Out of all the cows, the ones who continue to waste beds and tubes and nurses’ time on units for the sake of it are the worst.
Sage for rant.

No. 740604

File: 1543517627690.png (210.36 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2455.PNG)

She's also always talking numbers and telling everyone how she's gained 4 whole pounds in two weeks and all of her eating disorder behaviors at meals. Like hiding butter and smearing things so that she doesn't have to eat it. She is an American adult who has rights to her own medical decisions. Why is she there then?!

No. 740622

exactly! not to sperg but she is just using the whole ~*dainty ballerina*~ aesthetic to play apart of her ED related delusions. which is a sad part of proana fucks thinking all ballerinas are anorexic and bones when many are very lean and muscular!! there's already a good stigma and issue of EDs within ballet schools and this doesnt girl def doesnt help aka >>740477 is right and these skelly ballerinas want the aesthetic of being a ballerina which is somehow being bone and not lean muscle? these girls definitely read the books bunheads and tiny pretty things aka popular books about ballet and the eating disorder stigma and got hooked to that thought.

No. 740695

Jesus what an attention whore. Why bother posting the picture if you didn’t eat it? Oh yeah, cause you won’t get asspats that way.

No. 740791

File: 1543530050293.gif (1.17 MB, 300x226, dr-mccoy-and-captain-kirk-appr…)

No. 740797

That lil' beeyoch should be thankful about the very fact, that she receives some treatment. Jesus F. Christ on a pogostick.
What kind of ungrateful, disgusting behavior.

No. 740940

Because she wants to be. She keeps saying that they hospital is going to file paperwork so she can’t discharge if she threatens to leave. As someone who lives in california this is a lie. Her BMI would need to be under 13.5 for medical guardianship go even be considered. Her past history of treatment isn’t taken into account. She likes to brag about what she isn’t eating, fish for compliments, and seek constant validation that she’s “sick.” Im positive she’s only in hospital to confirm that she “is sick.” The girls not going to choose to recover anytime soon and she isn’t on the verge of death like she says

No. 740942

File: 1543539662145.jpeg (255.48 KB, 750x1124, 1C2EF18A-0697-4B6C-A2FF-70BC22…)

Kelsey girl is out of treatment and back to poorly shopping her pics

No. 740950

Bloody hell what's up with her hand

No. 740974

Gotta flex those hand tendons so you look spoopy

No. 741061

Stomach is pretty normal, legs heavily shooped?

No. 741064

Legs, arms, rib cage, fingers from what I can tell

No. 741073

>tfw you try to photoshop your legs spoopier but end up making your vagina wider than your head

No. 741139

Damn it Kelsey. Was originally relieved to see her back after being in treatment, news that she didn't keel over, was hoping this was a new start for her. Is she on the relapse train (and photoshop tard train) again?

No. 741167


Better give up all your hope.
She's beyond every reasoning.

No. 741223

File: 1543580893751.jpg (74.97 KB, 800x360, stupid_bug_eyes.jpg)


That stupid, stupid bug eyes.

No. 741281

If they took her phone away I'm sure she'd do a lot better- she spends hours on Instagram and no doubt ED related stuff.
If I was on level4 1:1 and the nurse vanished I'd be looking for a way to get out/sh/suicide not sitting taking photos! She just likes the attention and someone to talk to as she's so rude to everyone else,

No. 741337

File: 1543599170276.jpeg (378.05 KB, 499x768, 82D195C6-B5CE-4259-BB5C-C888FA…)

We love a good photoshop queen

No. 741340

she looks so much like eugenia cooney…

No. 741351

I can't deal with these kinds of captions, they're not even subtle. There is no way you can read this and think she's being serious lmao

No. 741360

Whatchya mean? When I feel freaking huge and a big, fat, pathetic, disgusting piece of shit I also strip down to my underwear, take some crazy pose selfies and post them on instagram for because I'm not ashamed of being a fat piece of shit (with bad shoop skills).

No. 741361

(don't forget the wobble underneath the towel that matches the sudden inward curve at the top of her thigh).

No. 741362

Now THAT'S a seriously bent door frame…
Holy noob Photoshop skills, Batman.

No. 741585

File: 1543625606699.jpg (282.63 KB, 1080x1578, IMG_20181201_114746.jpg)

Can the photoshop autists here confirm how much shopping is going on in these pics of Kelsey?

I noctice the shadow in this, between her legs. But I'm not a photoshop queen.

Including captions even though they're not that milky.

No. 741586

File: 1543625785739.jpg (Spoiler Image, 415.92 KB, 1080x1716, IMG_20181201_114906.jpg)

Looks like the outer thigh is untouchrd compared to the first photo anon posted a few days ago.

No. 741589

File: 1543625916689.jpg (Spoiler Image, 537.28 KB, 1080x1653, IMG_20181201_114924.jpg)

No. 741592

File: 1543625975439.jpg (Spoiler Image, 463.16 KB, 1080x1792, IMG_20181201_114947.jpg)

I don't even need to ask about this one. Look at the shape of her thighs.

No. 741593

File: 1543626109204.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.61 KB, 508x651, IMG_20181201_115046.jpg)

This one actually needs a spoiler, sorry for the rest. cw for naked spoop on the beach.

No. 741594

File: 1543626272171.jpg (Spoiler Image, 365.18 KB, 1080x1473, IMG_20181201_120249.jpg)

Also spoilered for spoopy bones on beach.

Does she shoop these full on bones photos? There's another laying down photo at the beach I can post if you need more content to analyse.

No. 741612

>>741594 Someone that spoopy should not be allowed to lie down. Half of the beach would be able to see her party bits.

No. 741682

Inner thigh shop and lower hip
Slight inner thigh shop, possible outter claf as well
Major inner thigh shopping. Just look at how her shorts are seemingly being held up by air. That’s where he leg really was. Again, possible calf shopping
Legit made her knees wider
Major arm and leg shopping. You can tell where her body was if you zoom in. It seems like she applies a sharpening feature to her photos which can make it easier to spot
Another photoshop gone wrong
She clearly has little knowledge of human anatomy. It’s obvious that she is thin to begin with but it’s impossible for her body to have proportions like this. Her ribs are much too faint to match up with any of these leg/arm shopping combos. Perhaps that’s why she’s begun photoshopping her rib cage as well

No. 741719


No. 741864

Thank you so much, anon. Fucking kek.

No. 741877

What’s Kasia up to if anyone knows?

No. 741878

But anon, she has more important things to be doing than sh/suicide, her 3k+ disordered teenage followers MUST know she’s level 4 1:1!

No. 741887

She's been oddly quiet for a while now (none of her four accounts that we know of have updated really), last update i think was some point earlier in the month (25 nov) saying she's "been in hospital". After a sperg about not trusting anyone #ragnarok, her parents and mauri are liars. etc. she just went quiet.

No. 741911

File: 1543681546688.jpg (10.47 KB, 474x266, EIehR1T4CUmbLGA5TNBMGwHaEK.jpg)

Let's just hope that she doesn't need to suffer any longer…

No. 741918

Her calves are bigger than her thighs

No. 741961

File: 1543690102766.jpeg (396.61 KB, 750x1292, 44C5BEF9-250E-4B64-A54D-9CF624…)

Oh Jesus save us

No. 741966

File: 1543691708601.png (954.13 KB, 750x1334, 0BDDC068-8241-4AD1-B027-397A96…)

Spaceships Xmas list…. gotta make sure we get that pants size in there! And “three gold chains of varying style and length” she says even if she doesn’t get anything she’ll be content, you know that spoiled narcissist would flip if mommy and daddy didn’t get her everything she wanted kek

No. 741975

It’s already been pointed out in previous threads how much she photoshops along with all of her photoshop fuck ups. At one point she had changed her name like 5 times because of the posts here lmao

No. 742035

Real adulthood is going to hit her like a truck. FYI pacsun runs huge so she’s purposely choosing their store in an effort to gloat

No. 742089

File: 1543703326961.jpeg (131.71 KB, 640x876, DD3A6168-5FC5-4D63-B676-EA5615…)

Meanwhile, in JTE land. She is still in hospital, and ofc much sick.

No. 742090

File: 1543703390875.jpeg (227.59 KB, 640x899, 1C943312-06C8-4006-8E0B-74D78C…)

and more JTE

No. 742092

My personal fav; where she delights in explaining to her loyal followers how she has mysteriously regressed back to having to be “sedated and fed” due to “trauma” of physical investigations. Sorry not sorrry but this is a bullshit excuse for “needing” sedating and tube feeding. I get the impression she’s going all out as she knows this is her last time being a spooper sick anachan becaus her previously successful yr and a bit PUBLICALLY FUNDED specialist IP admission shouldn’t actually have ‘enabled’ her to regress this far this quick. Thats the whole point of spending so much public money!!

No. 742093

File: 1543703754314.jpeg (183.48 KB, 640x888, D15B3BF0-EDEA-4C7D-A1E7-0B28BE…)

My bad forgot to submit pic related

No. 742097

This would be sad if it weren’t so infuriating. How much money must this girl have wasted by this point? You’re not sick any more Emma, just move on.

No. 742126


That's gonna be no real "PTSD" at all.

No. 742401


PTSD from fucking what..?
In those modern time one might get it because of some lack of online attention?
JFC, what a twat.

No. 742431

File: 1543764687998.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 155.09 KB, 633x1180, image.jpeg)

What ever happened to this girl?

No. 742433

lolzzz love how she has to say "medical nurse" because she couldn't possibly just say nurse in case someone confuses it for… a wet nurse?

No. 742434


No. 742442

its fucked up how they take things that have actually happened to real, unfortunate people and use them to decieve others for sympathy and conceal their eating disorder. they love lying about having GI problems that they've more than likely caused their own selves and want people to feel bad for them because of it.

No. 742665

I smell a self post. Stop posting this repeatedly.

No. 742684

Not a self post just never get any answers /no one seems to know what happened to her or if she's still posting stuff

No. 742713

That means no one cares, anon. You’ve posted at least 3 times and no one has responded. Give up already

No. 742773

I think she went to a private treatment clinic in South Africa. No real milk apart from that she was (?is) quite high up in terms of jobs at a big UK company- otherwise pretty standard AN-BP cow.

No. 742798

File: 1543812521346.jpeg (245.85 KB, 750x1334, 3F79E081-8ED1-4EA6-9772-057F66…)

someone I know who’s pretty deep into the recovery community (not a cow so username blacked out) just posted this, no details but I think she’s actually died.

No. 742802

File: 1543812915282.jpeg (341.29 KB, 750x1136, 82E8B69D-CE57-4BB2-9529-FDCAC3…)

No. 742803

File: 1543812935340.png (650.51 KB, 750x1334, 69783F70-7243-43B3-88C4-7C247C…)

#suicide it would seem.

No. 742805

File: 1543813089006.png (649.87 KB, 750x1334, 1F21179F-A222-4062-93F7-DEB8E1…)

A family member started a gofundme for her parents funeral expenses etc, i know people are always kind to the dead but it’s tragic to see how many people are so obviously touched by her passing. Everything is using the terms “sudden” and “unexpected” as well, which always means suicide in these cases.

No. 742834

File: 1543817400605.jpg (374.56 KB, 1080x1681, IMG_20181203_170638.jpg)

Can't remember if we've talked about her, but I hate the way she's thinspo-posing with that shit eating grin.

No. 742912

Omg came across this girl recently and she just reminds me so mucn of Journey to Emma. Shes supposedly getting a PEG cos she’s had the ng 4.5yrs…. went into IP aged 16 and i swear CAMHS settings are just a breeding ground for collecting new “symptoms”. She makes out like her only problem is AN and cant move forward due to trauma despite being in several different units and undergoing 4.5 yrs of IP therapy, yet she also has EUPD and to me that’s what is feulling her need to stay super sick and be the most extreme anorexic. Also wants to be a Psych nurse..:

No. 743075

She somehow can't eat due to "trauma", yet she can drink zero calorie liquids (not supplements or anything with calories) and can swallow meds but not food? She's clearly manipulating the system for attention and its so disrespectful to people with actual consequences from trauma. I mean seriously, calories trigger your PTSD? Just close your eyes or something smh

No. 743110

So like did she choke or did someone spoon-feed her and now she has PTSD? i just don't understand what the hell she's on about!

No. 743112

She refuses to say why she has ptsd. She sleeps under her desk ip and there’s been an allusion to rape but none of her ptsd symptoms really align with that. I agree it’s all just bpd

No. 743116


Yeah I keep getting hat vibe from what she's saying but like…it doesn't make sense…she can't put food in her mouth. She's been in hospital for 4 years so when did this happen? And she legit was eating one day then suddenly not and on an Ng…no mention of trauma until idk when. The desk thing struck me as odd?

No. 743176

File: 1543873802776.jpg (742.57 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181204-080339.jpg)

i dont get it. she should be enjoying this moment instead of postin like that.

No. 743190

>>743188 your icon is showing

No. 743200

File: 1543875682853.jpg (204.02 KB, 1080x1082, maur.jpg)

I didnt select the edit, whew. Here we go again.

Anyway, pic related. Do these angles indicate photoshop?

No. 743207


If you look at the legs there's an outline of what looks like where her legs were, faintly…I can't tell for sure though.

No. 743211


The shadow on both of these pics are weird looking

No. 743233

I see what she did there, looks like she just photoshopped the shadow so it's impossible to tell where her thighs and the shadow were. But in doing that, she unintentionally made her shadow look like she had thunder thighs pre-shoop. How embarrassing.

No. 743283

Yeah for awhile I was thinking maybe a forceful oral sex situation but that doesn’t explain why she can drink 0 calorie drinks. I think she’s refusing to say what caused her ptsd because it isn’t a “qualifying” trauma. Even if she’s hiding under a desk, the absence of a qualifying trauma means she doesn’t have ptsd by current guidelines—just attention seeking. But that’s typical of a an b/p with bpd

No. 743293


I thought that for a while too, and my heart went out to her, but the more it went on I got more suspicious, it angers me! Stuff like that is not okay to imply! I think she just want to sound special but in reality she's just found a way to manipulate things. She doesn't eat because she's anorexic, if she says it's because of trauma heyll not make her eat. Idk.

No. 743306

what is this, 'make better shoops' class?

No. 743335

Same anon. I had to unfollow her because I found it so disrespectful to such allusions. I hope they stop falling for her “trauma means I can only drink things without calories” bullcrap so she can get out of ip. But then again that’s probably where she wants to be. I’ve heard about community treatment orders in the uk. Always wondered why she wasn’t on one if she hadn’t progressed after 4 years

No. 743482

gross tounge(ban evasion)

No. 743723

>>743710 her bio says she's 14 fuck off

No. 743749

My bad. She showed on explore so I didn’t really read her bio.

No. 743770

Lol yeah she’s 14, pretty obvious. Don’t talk about a young girl like that, wait another 2 years.

No. 743915

How is complaining about the refeeding process milky anyway? Especially as a young teen? You’re supposed to supply evidence as to why someone ought to be discussed in the first place

No. 744181

I could never work out if maurecover' leg photos were real or not .

No. 744189

She seems fake and wanna to me. The fact that she never posted a real picture of her face is really weird.

No. 744534

What country is she in?

No. 744618

finland i'm pretty sure.

No. 744661


also, while we are on the maurecover topic, what the fuck is up with her (and other anachan's) obsession with protein bars/yoghurt with protein/aNyThInG WiTh pRoTeIn?!

No. 744670


in my experience, protein helps you lose weight.. so there's that

No. 744690

Protein keeps you fuller for longer, helps protect your muscles and organs when you are losing weight and is required for hair growth. Making sure your protein intake is sufficient whilst losing weight can mask a few starvation symptoms like hair loss, muscle wastage, heart arrhythmias etc

No. 744714

Her account seems to be one of those ' I'm pro recovery/want to get better but at the same time I refuse to put on any weight and will try to be the person with the biggest thigh gap and encourage everyone else to gain weight' . Bit like Paris- always a reason why she never makes any progress.

No. 744816

>>744618 Finland you say? She better watch out for spaceship in the future. kek

No. 744882

File: 1544133254615.jpg (19.98 KB, 315x145, potkettle.JPG)

Speaking of.

I had to lol.

No. 744888

Can we talk more about ames?? She said her trauma happened in 2013, which was 5 years ago meaning she was 15 at the time. So I really don’t know what to think, at first I thought it was some sort of forceful oral sex situation but she’s underage?? And she said it was 2016 that she stopped eating because of it due to something that happened which triggered it?

No. 744928

16 is pretty late to have an eating disorder take hold and it sure doesn’t seem like her trauma story lines up with anything. She doesn’t seem like she was sexually active as a teen but that’s just my opinion. She strikes me as another girl with bpd who wanted attention and found people gave her more when she lost weight so she kept doing so

No. 744942

>at first I thought it was some sort of forceful oral sex situation but she’s underage??

TIL you can't get sexually abused if you're a minor.

No. 744947

Yeah this is true even though she doesn’t strike me as having been a sexually active teen, she COULD have been sexually assaulted. 15 is an age that would align with early sexual exploration. She may have been in a situation with a boy her age that wasn’t consensual. Tbh I have my doubts because she seems like she gets a thrill out of mentioning her ptsd

No. 744948

you don't need to willingly be sexually explorative to get abused, you daft cunt. what the hell are you even on about.

No. 744994

Re read what I wrote, anon. I’m saying she could have been sexually assaulted even if she had previously engaged in consensual sexual activity with a possible perp. You can be assaulted as a virgin or a sex worker. I’m saying 15 is an age when a lot of people start to explore their sexuality and it would make sense that something could have happened in that process. Get off my ass and learn to read

No. 745027

she also used to eat normal food two years ago. so she has eaten since her 'trauma'. she's clearly just anorexic and realised if she blames trauma she can get away with it. how long till she gets recalled to hospital for refusing her feeds?
the thing to me that makes it obvious she's lying is she'll only drink cal free drinks. also she wants to be a nurse. what is with this nursing obsession with snow flakes?????
another boring anorexic teen

No. 745120

eating disorders can develop at any age though, while teenage years are common it's not unheard of them developing later

No. 745155

No of course not, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying if she’s hinting at rape with everything she’s said, then some stuff doesn’t line up. It would make sense if that’s the reason she also won’t sleep in a bed, or be able to swallow things.

No. 745156

I did, and I’m not “On your ass”. I’m simply saying I agree, and that if it’s assault then it would make more sense. I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough so apologies for that.

No. 745160

Yeah exactly. Something I’ve noticed is how she wants to get trauma therapy, but apparently can’t even mention what her trauma was. So how does that make sense?? And another thing everything she said just makes it like her trauma stops her from having calories, like you said anon she’s just anorexic and manipulating the system.

No. 745163

Eating disorders don't have an age gate, so it's pretty weird to say "pretty late". Example, it's surprisingly quite common for mothers to develop eating disorders given triggering events in their lives, child birth, having kids fly the nest.

If you have the genetic competent all it really takes is for a calorie restriction (for what ever reason) to kick start the obsession. There's been case studies of where someone went into hospital for an operation, and was unable to eat for a period of time, which then led to the development of an eating disorder. It's not just a teenager affliction.

No. 745174

It’s just weird. What she’s saying doesn’t add up, like other anons on here have said if it was to do with swallowing, She wouldn’t be able to drink or swallow tablets for sure? Defiently sounds as if she gets a thrill out of saying “No trauma questions please”, surely she gets sick of the questions? It’s almost like she loves the attention of it being so bad she can’t even hint of what it’s about. I doubt she even has ptsd and like the other anon said it’s just bpd.

No. 745375

File: 1544215694083.jpeg (654.12 KB, 1242x1756, 2BB083A4-EB6D-45FD-94EB-7F7A4A…)

Eugenia cooneys fans are beyond delusional. You don’t need to be a doctor to see there’s something wrong with her kek

No. 745393

Eating disorder can occur at any age, but to develop one a year after a significant trauma is not statistically common. Most people have symptoms a couple years before the real start of their ed or are triggered by a specific event. I also just wonder who told her she had ptsd. Blogging: in my personal experience I had no idea I had ptsd so it seems odd that she has been diagnosed if she hasn’t been able to express the traumatic events from her life. In North America you need to have a qualifying trauma to be diagnosed and if she hasn’t been able to verbalize the situation i don’t understand how she has been diagnosed. It’s almost as if she is telling the internet she has ptsd as a cover for her behavior but the hospital knows different. It’s a mess but basically you can have stereotypical ptsd symptoms but not have a qualifying trauma that caused them and thus, no ptsd diagnosis for you(blogging)

No. 745564

Emma must have got lost somewhere on her 'journey to Emma .

No. 745588

what the hell is on her ass

No. 745980

I must be missing something, but just because she doesn’t broadcast her trauma on the internet doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That’s between her and her team.

Also, that’s retarded. “Qualifying traumatic events” have an extremely wide definition. Most people have had at least one qualifying traumatic event in their life: be it sexual assault, domestic abuse (especially child abuse, including something as basic as spanking,) injury, natural disasters, death of family members, etc. Even witnessing OTHER people experience any of these traumas counts as a qualifying traumatic event via the DSM-V. Obviously not everyone who experiences these develops PTSD, but your anecdotal evidence makes you sound like a jackass.

No. 746298


"PTSD" for anorexics.

triggered triggered triggered

No. 746441

No need for that language. Most people have not experienced a qualifying trauma in their lifetime. If you disagree and believe she has ptsd then provide your evidence. If you’ve been following, she hasn’t told her treatment team what caused her ptsd

No. 746449

Exactly!! So how is she diagnosed if she’s hasn’t even told her team about her trauma? I get they don’t need to know it all to make a diagnosis, but isn’t it pretty difficult to be diagnosed with unless details are given? I call bull.

No. 746454

I agree.
She can’t even talk about it so how on earth has she “been diagnosed” with it? To receive the diagnosis is quite complex and details have to be given.
In my opinion she’s a compulsive liar and has no respect for those who actually suffer. Always flaunting her tube and keeping everything unknown to her followers.