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File: 1523608016293.png (641.88 KB, 651x965, 1523584939769.png)

No. 554293

Deep writings on her face, and unflattering angles - a million chins later, our warrior lies about having a job (again) and having the time of her life asking constant support from online strangers and bullying people who disagree with her - what's new, what's good.

Our smartest cow figured out how to interact with lolcow, and she's completely unbothered by us "haters" that she felt the need to link the previous thread on her profile, and luckily opening the eyes of some her followers.

>Lush cheesecakes are good, salad is anachan-like

>Happy FRY-YAY!
>doesn't car about lolcow, follows the style advice

Previous thread >>506705

Cant use direct, sorry girls (!)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aly_sjourney/

No. 554300

this has to be my favourite thread pic so far kek

No. 554406

It's just glorious, kudos to the anon who made it

No. 554408

File: 1523620202782.png (159.42 KB, 239x295, Screenshot_1.png)

>Cause everything this (hard news coming 👉🏻) IS PART of a mental health warrior's LIFE . And guess what? It does take much bravery. It IS exhausting. But damn girls, it is WORTH IT

Another spooper pic, and
> Don't joke each other: it was easier when Anorexia was our own thought and companion right? 🤔

Not triggering AT ALL.

No. 554428

Her engilsh gives me severe migraine

No. 554465

File: 1523628518633.jpg (109.29 KB, 719x669, i-beat-anorexia-mens-t-shirt-1…)

I can't wait until she is pic related

No. 554534

File: 1523638004706.jpg (693.87 KB, 1080x1616, 20180413_184547.jpg)

She's gonna keep reposting the spoop pics until she runs out of them. She wants to remind people how ill she was and gain more attention. It's getting annoying and as far as I know a big part of the community is against before and afters like these.

Also, is this the "hard news"?

(She also lost another k of followers)

No. 554548

thank you I’m flattered :’) I want to do an eva style OP for her at some point.

No. 554549


Her English is getting worse. How's that even possible?

No. 554608

Did you see her last post? She's trying so hard to defend herself about eating "BOTH healthy and unhealthy". Seems like someone is still reading our comments here!

No. 554624

File: 1523645645719.gif (5.34 MB, 320x554, 20180413_125130.gif)

No. 554638

File: 1523646779752.jpg (648.6 KB, 1080x1632, 20180413_210922.jpg)

You can repeat the same thing only so many times until it becomes boring as fuck.

>I was sick now I'm better

>numbers (women are not numbers/weight doesnt matter/clothing sizes)
>you deserve food
>tb to being a spoop

She also needs motivation to go out with her bf?

No. 554662

(I hope I got that sage thing right)
I hardly ever post (I tried to defend Aly once, being a kind of recovered, weight restored anorexic who still sometimes gets triggered by people telling others to exercise more (I do exercise!) - my fault, I have to be able to deal with it and be influenced or not, I know…) on here, but I lurk every now and then, and I follow Aly.
However… in her newest post, she writes she had her first relapse when she was 17, and she posted "throwback pictures" to her being really, really thin. As caption to them, she wrote "not my worst, but my most orthorexic".
I thought her state in the pictures she posted was indeed her worst, since she always posts pictures from that time period? Was she anorexic before that time, too, gained weight, and lost it again?
Wondering about this is probably the lingering anorexia in me, but I really thought she was kind of doing okay (at least physically) up until the age of 15 or 16, when her AN (symptoms, meaning visible weightloss up into the underweight range) set on.

No. 554686

As far as I can remember (farmers with better memory feel free to correct me) she never was "orthorexic". She started mentioning it only recently (late 2017/early 2018).

She never really gained a significant amount then lost it again, she always lied about eating and gaining. This is the first time in years she's a normal weight.

No. 554689

Orthorexia's a new thing she invented as anon said. She admitted to walking a lot. She's still rewriting history because she once said she ate 500 cals a day and now she says it was 400.

Take anything she says with a pinch of salt.

No. 554693

Orthorexia is the last thing i can imagine her having. She has absolutely no clue of what eating healthy is. She has never had.

No. 554709

>(I hope I got that sage thing right)
>being a kind of recovered, weight restored anorexic who still sometimes gets triggered by people telling others to exercise more (I do exercise!) - my fault, I have to be able to deal with it and be influenced or not, I know…)

Good job at saging, next step would be to stop blogging.

No. 554714

File: 1523651463756.jpg (519.15 KB, 1021x612, 01.jpg)

She was spoopy when she claimed to be having nightly pint parties of ice cream (because she always wants to be "in" with the latest recovery trend on ig). She'd post ice cream with a few spoon dents made in it. She stayed spoopy and claimed the calories were going to her hair.

Fast forward three years and she claims she was following MM and it made her relapse because she gained soooo quickly. Erm, nope.


No. 554718

File: 1523651733954.jpg (72.44 KB, 520x390, 12866912_f520.jpg)

They like to write on their body too.

No. 554724

Do you mean when you were 15/16? Because she never had an eating disorder that young. Hers didn’t start until she was like 18

No. 554869

File: 1523661336576.jpg (88.24 KB, 606x418, history.jpg)

No, she had never really gained a substantial amount of weight before, her anorexia really was a rather short stint despite her claiming otherwise.
She lost weight really fast in late 2013, then she gained a few pounds through "binging", but she was still severely underweight, and I wouldn't call that a "recovery attempt". She then "relapsed" and lost weight really fast again before dragging her actual recovery out over several years. That's why her anorexia in her mind has robbed her of so so many years. but it really was basically only late 2013, 2014, and maybe early 2015 when she was acutely sick, pic related.

No. 554870

Thanks for all your answers!


Thanks for the reply! How do I stop blogging, whatever that is?
If you mean a blog like Aly has - don't worry, I don't write or post about my ED online. I do have an instagram, but it's not public, I only have a handful of followers which are my real-life friends and I don't even post food there. Just the odd random pic out of my life every couple of months. :) Just

No. 554883


Same anon:

Ah, I just scrolled back through her entire instagram account. It starts in June 2015 when going inpatient.

No. 554896

>I was unable to focus attention
>I decided to recover

Odd how her English is so much worse now, maybe it was one of her courses in uni and she's been forgetting what she learned since dropping out?

If she had wrote this nowadays it would've said "I was unable focusing" and "I decided recovering," something like that.

No. 554937

When someone tells you to stop "blog posting" they mean stop talking about yourself here on lolcow. No one cares about your anorexia, or your personal issues here. If you want to talk about yourself, start a blog somewhere else. Thats what we mean by "stop blogging"

I'm being nice by telling you this. A lot of farmers will not be as nice. Go read the rules, you'll be ok.

No. 555035

It started before then. She deleted it all but there're screen caps in the early Aly threads.

I wish she'd learn that it's WEIGHED and not WEIGHTED. If she really bothered reading recovery accounts she would've picked up on the correct spelling by now.

The way she fucks up verbs gets me the most though. Every single post.
We are allowed eating. NO WE'RE NOT. We're allowed TO EAT.

No. 555195

This thing she wrote sounds so sincere and realistic, that I'm really struggling to believe it's something that comes from Aly.

If she kept her account this real, she would've been way less pathetic - I do really think that, if her perception of her experiences remained like that, maybe her diet wouldn't be so extreme and her reactions would've been less rollercoaster-y, she would have been quite a good example to follow.

Indeed, for reasons, I follow some recovering and recovered people, and it's pretty common to always repeat the same thing and always relying to the span of time where they were sick. I am recovered myself, yet I actively avoid the topic cause it's in the past, and it shouldn't bother me anymore. (miniblogpost).

No. 555251

K, thanks. I think I saw some posts in which farmers were talking about their lives on here (eg comparisons to Aly's life) before, though, so it really didn't occur to me. :/ I should have read the rules more thoroughly.
Bu I absolutely see this makes sense, especially in a board like this. Good to know!


"I am recovered myself, yet I actively avoid the topic cause it's in the past, and it shouldn't bother me anymore."

This sounds reasonable. I believe, however, that not denying that part or past of you might help to grow and stay vigilante in order to not repeat the same mistakes and dysfunctional patterns.
It's probably not what people ranting everyday about how recovered they are, instead of just trying to live their lives, are doing.
Does Aly have any reason to have a blog like this, except for having lots of attention and followers? I have never seen her any collaborational posts or ads which could earn her some money.

No. 555269

>Does Aly have any reason to have a blog like this, except for having lots of attention and followers?

Attention's the only reason. Her ED was the only interesting (as in something she can hold a conversation about) thing about her. Now she's weight restored, she invents scenarios where she has "breakdowns" which appear to be making sad faces and taking pics of them then eating chocolate.

I've kinda trolled in the past and asked her about literature and feminism and she's ignored it. I take that as meaning she has a very basic knowledge about these things despite writing that these are her interests. Her only interest is herself.

For the record I didn't think of anon's post as a blogpost. Loads of us here write about ourselves in relation to Aly and this is a pretty chilled thread where we get along and have a laugh (at Aly). Just my opinion, but no harm done either way.

No. 555271

OMG!!! I just remembered that mistake Aly made where she posted a personal diary-type entry. Remember that? She was writing on insta about how great recovery was and her mood was over the stars blah blah and she posted that thing about how shit she felt that she wasn't recovering and what a disappointment she was. I'd forgotten about that.

Yup, I'd much prefer honesty from her but now she's set herself up as Queer of Inspiration so she has to fake being jolly all the time (except the 15 min breakdowns for asspats).

No. 555274

No. 555282

File: 1523693500106.jpg (34.08 KB, 291x290, 17.JPG)

Ty, anon. That's made me nostalgic. I googled her old name aly_recoverylife earlier and it took me to really old posts. This was a year ago and she's still writing the same old shit about kale and "other girls" eating salad.

No. 555287

"Attention's the only reason. Her ED was the only interesting (as in something she can hold a conversation about) thing about her. Now she's weight restored, she invents scenarios where she has "breakdowns" which appear to be making sad faces and taking pics of them then eating chocolate."

Boring life, I suppose. :(

Microblog post (I know) and armchair psychology: I get that one of the etiological reasons of an ED, (especially?) a visually often dramatic one like anorexia, is in quite a few cases to give the sufferer a sense of purpose and to make them feel special and the best at something. But (for me) recovery also means overcoming that urge and to actively fight against it when you identify it as a potentional underlying reason for doing something (like posting lot of dramatic pictures publicly with comparisons between looking very sick physically and being at a healthy body weight).

However, I really hope Aly's happy and gets adequate help if she ever needs some beyond the actual eating aspects of her illness. I'm glad she seems to have a supporting mother and a boyfriend by her side.

Asking her for feminist literature sound very insidious! I just read on here that she has some university education, but I don't know if she was taught anything like it there, especially if you're looking for something at the borderline/intersection between feminist takes on bodily autonomy and eating disorders.

Absolute, absolute off-topic (I'm half expecting to be banned): If your interest wasn't just because of trolling: There are some articles tackling eating disorders and eating disorder treatment approaches coming from a cultural studies or even gender studies perspective accesible on jstor. But it's really not a topic I have any expertise in either.

No. 555308

Yep, same. Actually I was at my worst at the same time as Aly. She even followed my recovery account for a while (!)
But I deleted my account once I was just starting to get back to a normal routine. She has kept hers for what, almost 2 years after being weight restored and able to eat "normally" (well she eats shit but doesn't have ED behaviors). It's so weird, her whole identity revolves around her previous eating disorder. That's all she ever talks about and it makes me kind of pity her. She just can't live without the attention, it's scary. Who the fuck needs to keep posting every single meal they eat when they are recovered? Why bother? I wonder how long this will keep going on

No. 555418

Again the anon from yesterday and today who is prone to self-blogging ;)
Aly posted new stuff. She says she's sorry she can't be present on instagram all the time to help others with recovery…
Wow, either the recovery community, which I have never been part of, is extremely close-knitted and dependant on each other, or she overestimates her impact. I mean, it's great to see others are doing well after an ED, but I'm sure if you need constant reassurance and help by some stranger already recovered on instagram, you should seek a closer monitoring by your treatment team. She shouldn't feel guilty if someone chooses (whatever that is within a disease where you don't really have control over your choices…) unhealthy behavior just because she can't post all the time.

No. 555423

samefag (?)

Unfortunately, I didn't know how to include a screenshot of the post. I'm sorry.

No. 555425


she thinks she's the center of attention among the ED users of insta.

No. 555455

when making your post, click 'choose file' and attach your image. one image will be added to your post.

No. 555467

File: 1523720264884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 918.03 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20180414-173647_Chr…)

No. 555468

File: 1523720271397.png (484.52 KB, 479x597, 2018-04-14 17.35.12.png)

Just stop, Aly. Please.

No. 555470

File: 1523720294042.jpg (723.08 KB, 1080x1860, 20180414_173716.jpg)

Another cringe caption.

No. 555471

OK, someone was quicker than me.

No. 555475

I gagged when I saw that sheet she covered herself with. I've seen them so often but never as a bedsheet. That's usually the stuff for pets to sleep on or stuff you put on your bed to prevent the sheets from getting dirty and not something to cover yourself with

No. 555476

File: 1523720770002.jpg (123.91 KB, 719x953, Screenshot_20180414-094421.jpg)

So she just took this from shutterstock? LOL and posted it with the watermark and everything.

No. 555477

“Eat until when satisfy”
…I thought everyone was exaggerating but I had a look at some old posts of hers and her English really has declined significantly. I agree with the theory that she took it at uni but since she dropped out, she’s forgetting a lot of what she learned.

No. 555485

But soon she will go on business trips to London on a regular basis, remember? I´m sure her English will improve!

No. 555506

She's at Berto's. Doesn't she live with him? She'll never move in if he hasn't got WiFi.


Yeah, that's a dog blanket. Lol.

No. 555508

I remember this week she said that she isn't sure about the trip to London and that she was stressed, feeling unworthy, etc.
I'm the anon who always have theories about these and that, now I have a thery that ma C got her a job near of her, maybe Aly was "recomended" (not sure what's the right word when you got a job thanks to someone influence). Maybe the job was for personal boss' assistant but she had to start in a regular office position (maybe answering phones) to check her abilities and obviously after a month, boss hired someone with more capabilities.
Ok, this is maybe the worst theory on earth, i like to write fanfics.


Not sure if different anons or just one, but remember to put the -sage- thing in the email field, before some fag become in rage mode. (I remember one anon was banned the past thread for insulting some newbie anon xD)

No. 555510

Ok, so she's at Berto's here. He apparently doesn't have wifi? Or a sink with soap and water to wash her makeup off before falling asleep or leaving the house, or decent blankets lol she doesn't even shower there. LoL

No. 555532

I have a feeling Aly is here pretending to be a farmer. One of you writes like a cleaned up version of Aly. Idk if it is a couple people, so maybe I'm wrong. But I feel suspicious.

Also I thought this
and similar emoticons aren't allowed. Maybe that's changed too and I haven't noticed.

No. 555552

It might be one of the newfags from a few days ago who discovered the thread via alys post

And no, xD and emojis are not allowed

No. 555560

Can you link a post for perusal? It's something I'd want to do if I was a cow, but I would've thought her English was too atrocious and recognisable to get away with posting under cover here.

I always feel like I'm going to get red text after a post when I've done a copypasta of an Aly caption that's got emojis on it. This XD doesn't fit in, but the emojis are like (!), although I've noticed she's doing that less.

No. 555569

That shabby reclining couch with nonna's old sheets, that filthy dog's mat, that crusty morning-after makeup, those veiny pancake titties, that tacky excuse of a tattoo, no wi-fi, no wheat, what a life, haters be jealous.

No. 555576

File: 1523731407387.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7284.PNG)

Poor, poor Berto

No. 555583

>those nails
>one hour

I swear she must be really good at faking being normal if he's still with her

No. 555584

File: 1523731752664.jpg (106.23 KB, 1600x1062, P1020496.JPG)

Wow, he really is just a prop. This time to rest her puffy hand on.

No. 555597

>>555560 sure, here.


I apologize if this is not the case. Its just that they keep using emojis, and identifying themselves.

No. 555641

Hmm. I get an English as second language vibe. Maybe Aly sent DogsnPos here.

No. 555649

I agree that hes a prop if he waited an hour just so she could take this picture. I would think "its love" if he could make sure you had soap, water, your own toothbrush and wifi, a nice blanket, maybe some clothes to sleep in, all for you at his house, so you wouldn't have to keep going back to your moms to wash and check instagram.

No. 555655

That's so true! Thinking about it Berto's gone further down in my estimation (already thought he was a bit brain damaged). Yeah, you'd make sure your sig other (or even just a friend who's visiting) was comfortable. I don't get how she's okay with her weekend slum life. She should take some makeup remover, toothbrush, blanket, etc. if he cba to look after her. I can't figure out why she doesn't get a data package for her phone if she's so reliant on her parents wifi. Now I understand why he takes her out for seafood every weekend. No way would I want him to cook anything where he's living. I bet the kitchen's got the black death breeding in there.

No. 555702

No, I'm definitely not Aly. I'm not a native speaker of English, that's all. However, I do speak English with less of an accent than you might think, and I often get to use it when writing - but not in forums.
I also tend to make more typos when writing in English than in my native language, they often end up looking like bad grammar even though I actually know better. Also, prepositions are mean.

I didn't know that emoticons are not allowed on here, but I will keep it in mind from now on.

I wasn't the anon using "xD", though.

No. 555743

I feel sorry for Aly she could be having some kind of rare brain disease or dementia. Once you lose weight fast, especially after getting to a weight where you lose so much brain liquid that your brain starts eating itself, you can’t reverse it.

So either she’s just as spoiled as any other Milan girl(her parents are probably rich) or has a serious brain damage

No. 555744

Anon, here's another tip: If your post is mostly about you, don't post it. No one cares and there is actually a post limit per thread, so you're wasting everyone's time and space on the website to talk about yourself. Everything aside
>Sorry, I'm ESL. I'm not aly, or the anon using XD
was completely unnecessary.

No. 555746

Just leave this thread

No. 555752

File: 1523745227356.jpg (54.23 KB, 477x603, deja vu.JPG)

Her parents aren't rich. Both parents worked until about a year ago and her dad lost his job. They live in a scummy area and holiday in Italy once a year.

I get the feeling that whatever Ma earns, she uses it to keep Aly happy and maintain her love of eating at cafes every day and paying for anything she needs.

It's all debated in old threads.

IMG - those bedsheets.

Her days are so repetitive.

> messed up after two days/nigh out

Wow, for 22 she's a real lightweight. If she went clubbing she'd certainly die (!)

No. 555756

There's a fucking bike wheel in his room (behind the dog blanket).

No. 555766

Is "that bloating" black mass area to the left, supposed to be her body? It could be anything.

lots of people bike; especially in cities. Whats wrong with it?

No. 555784


If it is an expensive bike, I get he keeps it in his room. I know quite a lot of people doing this.

No. 555830

probably one of her most normal looking pictures she's posted and she's still got those crazy eyes, yikes

No. 556035

I haven't been keeping up with aly for a while - is she still gaining? She looks like she must be at least BMI 22 now.

No. 556072

She can't not be gaining with that diet

No. 556327

File: 1523816097620.jpg (57.22 KB, 426x587, why.JPG)

just want to nit pick a bit. But this bugs me what shes doing with her other hand. Why is it doing that? Why does she make looking at her so uncomfortable? Its so stupidly forced.
>what can my other hand do? oh! it will just float there next to the food doing nothing.

No. 556339

File: 1523816989917.jpg (58.64 KB, 720x342, 20180415_201612.jpg)

So all Aly did was post 2 pics of dogs' stuff in her stories. Then she inhaled the candy and that's it and dogs is still being all up Aly's ass lol.

No. 556351

wait so only Ma works now? So they must have quite a bit saved up, unless in europe it’s possible to sustain a family of 4 with one payheck (I doubt Ma is a surgeon or something) and unemployment insurance (not sure what it’s called in other countries or if they even have it in Italy). Aly’s eating out as always, they’re not exactly seeming frugal now. Like, Aly just went on vacation recently, if they were saving up she would’ve stayed home. Plus they gotta worry about her little bro. They seem a lot better off than most if her dad is job-less.

No. 556364

Almost like Aly didnt let her know she got the package.

No. 556393

File: 1523820743845.jpg (24.98 KB, 396x359, the pinkie.JPG)

She likes to look graceful when eating (or her version of eating). She did all these hand gestures in spoopy videos where she posted to ~proof~ she put food in her mouth. She looked like she was dining with the Queen or something. She's wired up all wrong…maybe literally if she's a puppet. My biggest bugbear is the pinkie finger.

I hope dogs soon realises Aly doesn't care. Although I feel bad when vulnerable people have sent shit to Ash and other cows, I get to the point where I start to feel bad for the, even though they're stupid.

Ma's always worked. She works in publishing. No idea where the money comes from but I suspect Sicilian connections.

I bet she doesn't even have her personal email. Aly presumes EVERYONE reads every post she makes and though posting two shitty pictures (one where she's creased up the painting and one where she's pretending she loves the candy) is enough.

She's posted another spoopy #tb and for the thousandth time she's copypasta-d the I CHEER FOR… caption.

No. 556491

File: 1523826694220.gif (4.33 MB, 320x554, 20180415_150708.gif)

the way she's holding this bottle too.

I wish I still had the old videos. She would take a bite all while spinning her fork in circles, obviously hating every min of it.

No. 556522

File: 1523828633529.gif (3.34 MB, 280x280, 1-a81cf94a7e.gif)

She still has a few up. She looks like she's going to vomit.

No. 556580

She's going to keep recycling captions isn't she
She's already boring and annoying, posting constantly the same crap over and over again for years

Guess we're going to have to wait for her ~trip to London~ to get some new milk. I'd ask her about it but of course I'm blocked lol

No. 556772

Lol, she looks like she never intended to swallow the food. Probably spit it out right after she stopped filming.

It really amazes me how she went from this to not being able to stop eating in such a short time. I know it´s not uncommon for former anorexics to go to the other extreme after years and years of deprivation, but Aly was starving herself for maybe a year or a year and a half. I´m really curious where she will end up weight-wise if she keeps eating like she does.

No. 556800

She’s headed towards being overweight for sure. Maybe not obese, but she’ll be on the chunky side. She’s never gotten help and never will, so her relationship with food remains unhealthy and unbalanced. She’ll go from one extreme to the next. I don’t think she’s capable of slowing down how much junk she actually eats. It’s clearly an addiction.
It also doesn’t help that her eating is a hobby and the only thing she “does”. Her life revolves around what she eats and how she feels about it on a daily basis. And her weird unhealthy relationship with her mom.

It looks like a really sad life.

No. 556801

Me too, anon. Her threads even just a year ago used to be her still totally spoopy but a recover warrior(!) pretending to eat junk food every day with the creepy just-one-bite selfies. Now it’s a complete 180 and it’s hard to imagine she was ever sick to begin with.

No. 556905

I couldn't fit the whole video in this gif. she actually dose swallow it, after chewing for forever, and says "other day other crepe" or something like that lol

she has actually been weight restored for a year now. She did not look like a spoop last year.

No. 556939

I'm amazed she can pack in a big slab of cake every day along with the other crap she eats. I'm not even eating disordered but I'd worry about how bad it is to eat it every day.

If you fancy eating some cookies, that's fine but those cakes must be stacked with calories, fat and sugar. She's gonna get gout (!)

If her stand didn't give her attention for being a good girl and eating, p sure she'd calm down on the mukbang.

No. 556941

My phone does not like the words stans

No. 556953

File: 1523871046226.png (1003 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7294.PNG)

So Aly's auntie (who I don't think she's ever mentioned before) died. I wonder how long it'll be before Aly makes it all about herself.

No. 556961

She already has! She wants sympathy. Wait til she tells us how close they were…

No. 556962

Unable TO react. Jesus Christ.

No. 556987

File: 1523876031278.png (803.63 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7295.PNG)

Bloody hell

No. 556991

File: 1523876666597.jpeg (113.04 KB, 286x640, 8A8AECB0-C392-424B-87F3-BBA092…)

Pa Casati represents us.

No. 556999

>>the ONLY person who

I mean, I feel for everyone losing a family member but… didn't she say the same thing about her uncle? And her mother & brother while we're at it?

No. 557044

what the fuck?!! i’m screaming. she’s never mentioned her aunt

No. 557052

Her auntie's not a young thing. Must be Pa's sister.

Milk it, Aly. Milk it for all it's worth!!!

No. 557053

File: 1523888114238.png (1.92 MB, 1073x1663, IMG_20180416_071359.png)

Nothing says sadness like cat ears…

No. 557055

She's wondering where the nearest McDonald's is.

No. 557090

Isn't this the aunt who's house they go to for Easter?

Litterally the only time I see her talk about aunt's and uncles, is to say how they influenced her ED, or made a comment about her weight. And how awful they are. I never see her say anything nice until they die.

No. 557109

File: 1523893357277.jpg (260.72 KB, 1600x1200, Lugosi-Dracula.jpg)

Forget her fake grief, that's some widow's peak she's got going on.

No. 557112

So sorry for her auntie, but… she posted about it following her pattern of -food pic, aly eating' pic- even in this situation she must keep that ridiculous pattern.
And the first thing she has to do is to write that she wont use direct, what a surprise…

No. 557115

File: 1523893720308.jpg (104.85 KB, 799x595, eurgh.JPG)

Fuck, I didn't even notice she'd posted. How…inappropriate. And there she was so shocked to reacting.

No. 557122

File: 1523894049001.png (Spoiler Image, 395.32 KB, 394x578, Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-16 um 1…)

So her aunt passes away and Aly uses the opportunity to post a half naked pic followed by a spoopy pic. What the hell is wrong with this girl?

No. 557144

What are those yellow stains on her boob? A bruise? Mustard? Didn't notice them in any other of her titty shots. I bet it's food because how do you bruise yourself there?

No. 557158

Its probably a hickey that is healing. I've seen other pictures of her with them on her neck and shit.

No. 557171

File: 1523896527066.jpg (53.54 KB, 788x363, fingers crossed.JPG)


No. 557175

a hickey lol she really is a 14 year old in a 22 year old body

she’s not used to family grief she’s just never experienced it oh my god… like two family members died whom she probably saw like once a year (not enough time to build a legit relationship and knowing aly’s self-centredness these two family members probably meant nothing to her). it’s fine that she doesnt really care about her aunt dying but ffs how about you worry about your parent for once? and stop making EVERYTHING about you

No. 557178

That woman might not even be her real aunt. She might be one of those people who get called "auntie" when really they're just a friend of the family

Whoever she was, Aly's forgotten her already if she's back to posting ugly cheap selfies and food.

No. 557205

if and when Auntie dies Aly goes to take selfies in front of the grave with cake from the memorial service

No. 557212

File: 1523898002089.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.99 KB, 306x388, thats normal.jpg)

No. 557214

> The hearse waited an hour for me while I painted my nails 🙈

No. 557221

File: 1523898498558.jpg (14.89 KB, 271x89, lawl.JPG)

Essenbilder = pictures of eating?

No. 557224

lmao yes. Why on earth did that person post a comment in english and leave one word in german

No. 557233

Going from anorexia to eating too much is really easy and understandable. However, there should be a point where the person should realise that it's time to stop and learn how to have a healthy eating pattern.
Aly obviously never did

No. 557235

It was in German, that's google translate. The person put essenbilder together so it didn't work.

No. 557256

Ah i saw the comment now
"Essensbilder" is the correct term tho, in german it's put together

No. 557266

Google translate's not as smart as it thinks.

I wonder if Aly bothers to translate it.

No. 557275

When she was sooo close to her aunt, why not use a more recent photo but this one twice, in stories and in her post? Oh of course, to remind everyone again of how severely anorexic (!) she used to be. Just in case someone forgot. It's always about her.
So this is what she meant by
>I feel unable reacting
She obviously has no idea how to react appropiately. Fucking narc.

No. 557283

And after
> I spent about two hours looking at the wall this morning, after my auntie's sudden death news
>sitting on the floor unable moving, dressing up, empty minded

She somehow managed to tart herself up and apply that nasty brown lipstick and make a funny animal face clip for stories.

>empty minded

Nothing new there.

No. 557289

File: 1523900662481.png (114.42 KB, 640x890, IMG_7302.PNG)

It's just like you predicted!

No. 557322

So has the Auntie died already or not?

(Blocked by Aly)

No. 557324

I‘m german as well and i’ve noticed that this user keeps sneaking in mean comments in german from time to time. Aly always likes them, she does‘t bother to translate it‘s hilarious

No. 557330

I usually do not read the comments unless something scandalous has happened, but I'm going to go look for this user's comments while my dinner is cooking. Thanks anon

No. 557344

Thank god she managed to go to mcd‘s. Aly, you‘re a true warrior.

No. 557351

Those fries and that coke will definitely give you long lasting strenght.

She can't skip a snack or else she'll look hollowed again.

No. 557355

File: 1523903400617.jpg (329.5 KB, 720x900, Screenshot_20180416-122802.jpg)

She had a powerful snack because she doesn't know if she will eat dinner.

No. 557361

Oh, I'm sure she'll manage dinner or at least a whole back of cookies by night.

It'd be sad if her boss told her the trip to London was all arranged and she couldn't go because of the funeral (just an idea to get you out of your tricky situation there, Aly).

No. 557421

She don't know how the evening will go, she went to drink beer like every day… drinking beer the day when your most beloved auntie died… yeah…

No. 557431

File: 1523908913942.jpg (67.03 KB, 791x382, cake pics.JPG)

did you make your mom take this and 100 more pictures of you and this cake too?

I swear I could make a stop motion gif of her holding cake.

No. 557437


She would need whiskey, lots of whiskey, and to drink alone, if she was actually sad.

No. 557446

What a wonderful, caring, compassionate, thoughtful, useful, helpful, altruistic, strong woman you are, Alice. What bullshit.

No. 557458

Oh, and LOL (NOT) now she started her ED at 13. Next week she'll say she was anorexic in the womb.

No. 557575


I fucking spat out my drink. Thank you anon

No. 557597

Omg at Aly saying multiple times that her auntie was the ONLY one who always supported her with her ED… Her poor mother. Alice is so selfish she must take Ma Casati for granted something terrible.

No. 557841

File: 1523974173053.png (115.82 KB, 640x785, IMG_7309.PNG)

Mom took Aly out for lunch and now everything's better.

No. 557844

File: 1523974218705.png (189.67 KB, 640x901, IMG_7310.PNG)

No. 557847


>finding a 1000 topics to talk about is getting high (hard*?)

But you only talk about one topic, and that’s your ED. The fuck are you on, Aly?

No. 557850


Same fagging because wow…she’s eating like 4 scoops of ice cream out of what looks likes a giant pillar candle holder.

No. 557854

Ice cream presentation is pretty cool imho.

She is just so vain. Not even if front of a deceased loved one she remembers of anyone else.

No. 557855

also why does her face always look so damn red

No. 557865

I’m D.E.D.

No. 557866

She sucks at make up

No. 557872

File: 1523976567045.jpeg (31.02 KB, 210x240, 167302E9-A045-46AF-B06D-595953…)

She reminds me of my grandma who had binge eating disorder, she used to take 30 aspirine which was the reason her face looked like a fat baby’s. Alys sugar intake is so high she looks unnaturally bloated…. and don’t get me wrong but there’s a huge difference between real fat and water weight, she’s a filled water balloon and her face reminds me of some teenage mutant ninja turtle, Michelangelo

No. 557883

Another question is: how the fuck does she manage to not have skin breakouts?

No. 557898

File: 1523979887844.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7311.PNG)

Dressing to impress

No. 557905


the way she's posing her legs.. clearly trying to make her thighs look thinner

No. 557924

girl would look so much thinner if she had a single muscle.

No. 557926

>leggings and a black shirt

I don't mind when someone wears leggings as pants…but not at work, wtf. It's obviously something casual af if she can dress like that, and not something like an office, which makes things funnier considering she's gonna go to ~London~

No. 557956

Maybe she already has high blood pressure due to all that sodium in her diet. McDonalds food is loaded with salt. Or maybe it´s just because her face is about to explode?

No. 557957

File: 1523983817072.png (375.54 KB, 390x555, 2018-04-17_18.44.39.png)

Another lovely throwback picture. Back then that ice-cream went right into the rubbish bin after the pic was taken.

No. 558008

There was a comment on this post about #banthebefore or whatever but I didn’t get to cap it before she deleted it. Aly will probably never stop posting spoop photos, triggering or not. Just like she’ll never really let go of that time in her life.

No. 558034


Sitting at the near edge of the chair so her thighs don’t look like two sacks of potatoes.

Love yourself, Aly.

No. 558250

File: 1524004143564.jpg (73.1 KB, 695x448, 2017.JPG)

Any predictions about what she's going to be wearing this summer?

Summer 2017 was the season of the long vest worn as a dress and bikini. When the weather became chilly she added the long socks for a "slutty look" (Aly's words).

I hope these leggins aren't a taste of things to come. It's awful when girls wear thing leggins without a long top or skirt and the fabric stretches and you can see their drawerz.

Accessories won't change - Berto and food.

No. 558257

File: 1524004660762.png (1.44 MB, 1219x534, aly summer 2018.png)

Same anon. Here is what I mean about the leggins if you've never seen it (which I doubt). So this is my prediction for the summer.

No. 558260

bulimia chipmunk cheeks?

No. 558269

If I was given a dollar every time somebody asks that fucking question istg. We had this discussion way too often already

No. 558278

She eats cake for three every day, pizza and McD's multiple times a week. She sits on her arse watching Netflix at night. She's getting heavier and it's showing on her face. It's face fat, simple as that.

No. 558584

Her whole body looks like pure fat. She starved all the 18 years of muscle development off her body and gained it back while barely moving at all so she’s pure fat now.

No. 558597

It doesn't help that the only fruit she eats is a slice of strawberry stuck on a chocolate cake. The only veg I can recall seeing on her plate are shrivelled peas she fried in a pan.

No. 558802

File: 1524063684448.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7314.PNG)

No. 558840

what the fuck is she talking about unable moving? And I'm tired of her apologizing for not posting several times a day as if her followers are holding their breath waiting for her words.

No. 559379

File: 1524093599898.jpeg (602.01 KB, 750x1171, 9BFAC1DB-82AD-43A8-99CD-541858…)

Yeah this totally looks like someone who went to a funeral for her “beloved auntie” I don’t know how things work in Aly’s world, but anytime I’ve lost a close loved one, I’m not on SM, I pay attention to my family and friends and others who are involved in the mourning. Yet here’s dear old Aly kitten filter on peace sign “everything’s fine girls!”. This is chick is so extra it hurts. Posts a legs shot from the hospital her Aunt was supposedly at, but the funeral was today… pretty sure Auntie would have been embalmed and processed for the funeral. So why tag the hospital? Why is it always pics of Aly and never what she’s actually doing? Obviously I don’t believe a thing this girl posts. Her life must be such a mess.

No. 559475

The return of STRENGHT!!!


No. 559485

Yeah, idk anyone who ever left a funeral/memorial service and started quaffing sushi and looking all happy about having a day off work. Even when I've been to one for somebody I only casually knew but wanted to show support it left me feeling flat. It makes you think about life n death n shit. Do they not do the finger buffet thing after the service in Italy? I can imagine Aly looking at the food laid on and she says to Ma, this food is shit take me for sushi (!)

No. 559488

File: 1524097669194.jpg (12.5 KB, 255x137, the peak.JPG)

There's something weird going on with her hairline as well.

No. 559490

File: 1524097753853.jpg (89.64 KB, 921x492, 2_are you joking.JPG)

what is she saying? that she normally doesn't foodblog? what?

No. 559502

She used the exact same line really recently and I wondered what she meant then. It's not like she doesn't close her daily Aly - food - Aly - food - Aly posts with food.

I tried to remember where she posted it last time but I honestly felt like throwing myself under a car (!) looking at her face.

Btw, I've never seen Minions. It looks shit.

No. 559589

File: 1524102696138.jpeg (92.69 KB, 640x275, 130FA677-229F-4E12-909D-C3CF38…)

I kill me

No. 559691

Yeah I don’t think that’s meditation, Aly. Kek

She probably has one negative thought and due to her extremely superficial emotions and inability to feel true sadness, she thinks that it means that she must be super suicidal then comes on IG all like “So glad I survived girls”

No. 559804

>>has the day off "work"
>>yay sushi time!
>>sits in the sun for hours
>>hmmmm better think about getting hit by a bus for 3 seconds so I can claim muh struggle
>>guts-out lingerie shot on the floor for good measure

Typical funeral day, no biggie.

No. 559936


In her defense: In Europe we often go to restaurants after a funeral and invite the people who were close to the deceased one. The one closest (spouse, kids etc.) pay for the other guests. It is often a "traditional" restaurant, but I have been to restaurants with kitchens' foreign to the country in question as well.

(When I went to my first US funeral I found the finger-food/buffet thing too party-like…)

No. 559955

File: 1524145789534.png (21.47 KB, 306x107, wow so brave.png)

It's very uncommon in Italy, except maybe in the south. Most would find it odd and some even offensive. Personally I don't, and I understand that it's just different traditions.

But traditions aside it's so obvious she doesn't care about her and that it's one of her props for extra Instagram attention. I also hate how she uses her death to come off as some sort of hero (pic related).

No. 560008


I think the idea of the buffet thing is refreshments for people who've travelled to get to the service before they go home. I'm not sure about that though.

It's Thursday and she had ice cream for lunch again today, then some fried balls on her way home. She's gonna be huuuuuuuuuuuuge.

No. 560013

File: 1524153071936.png (125.05 KB, 640x890, IMG_7316.PNG)

Dressed so appropriately for her sooper important job.

No. 560018

Time to buy some bigger shorts.

No. 560020

Why does her head look so tiny and her legs so thick?

No. 560072

One of you guys shooped her again, right?

Balkanfag and yea, it's basically a muat here

No. 560073

File: 1524157793591.jpg (17.27 KB, 279x119, shorts.JPG)

wasn't she wearing shorts just 6 months ago? with her thigh high socks?

No. 560075

Those "snowflakes" on her leg look like jewish stars of David

No. 560115

What?? I skim these threads sometimes and literally know aly for wearing shorts and plaid shirts. I remember thinking it was weird she never grew out of the 2012 thing of wearing shorts with tights

No. 560128

File: 1524163149192.jpg (561.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180419-200600.jpg)

(it was Matteo's bday)

No. 560136

Its his birthday? and she went home to her parents? Damnit Aly…don't you and Bert live together?

No. 560137

samefag. sorry, it says Matteo. nevermind. but still lol

No. 560143

File: 1524164925236.gif (7.02 MB, 320x554, 20180419_125254.gif)

Yay! So you invited your brother out for drinks and had a good time with him on his birthday!…oh, you didn't?

No. 560144


sadly, that's a genuine shot from hers

No. 560146

Aly writing "YAS" feels like my grandma saying "cool".

Cankles in the making.

No. 560149

Yeah no she was out until 8pm (with her boy I'm assuming) despite it being her brother's bday.

It's almost May! Time to definitely move out 4real now, Aly.

No. 560158

why is her left side so blurry? her arm (in the area where she's wearing her bracelets) is literally wobbly?

No. 560165


not really. that's just her fat being pushed down by accessory.

No. 560202

I cringe when she writes "the fam".

No. 560449

Cankles was the first word that came to my mind when I saw that picture. If only I had a crystal ball to see what she´ll look like a year from now. I wonder if she still claims to be BMI 17.

No. 560567

File: 1524204036393.jpg (13.51 KB, 288x56, 22kg.JPG)

I guess she's claiming this.

No. 560649

I'm Aly. Happy #FRI-YAY my ED fan. Sorry I will be less present this busying weekend. Here is a pic of me with my boy eating seafood and/ or pizza, one of my bloat watching a film on Netflix, naked and fake grinning under a dog blanket, drinking Corona, eating pasta with my fam, pretending life is full and happy eating ice cream unable moving. Oh, and here's a few #tb spoopy pics. Remember you are allowed eating. Fuc* diet culture. Ily into pieces yada yada ya.

No. 560665

File: 1524224501399.png (39.62 KB, 286x455, troof.png)

No. 560738

File: 1524233962847.gif (9.82 MB, 600x750, omfg.gif)

No. 560743

Beat me to it!
Anyway, this skirt. It's too short; and not because it hurts my sensibilities. It litterally doesn't fit, it's a child size dress. Also check out the old man back there.

Aly thought that was harsh? LoL it was a well thought out comment. They could have said worse. also asking a bunch of anorexics if they like when you post skele pics is like asking a 6 year old of they want ice cream for dinner.

No. 560782

I get the feeling she thinks she's thinner than she actually is.

She's so full of ~social anxiety~ she twirls like a 10 year old showing her ass to old men.

No. 560783

Sorry, this comment made me piss myself

>I believe that when people are being judgmental, whether it’s about food, bodies, clothes etc. it’s very often due to jealousy.

Jealous of her fried food, insanely untonic and disgusting ill-fitting clothes.

No. 560785

Why does everything has to be up to her ribs? Just to show off her pancake ass? I kill me

No. 560788

File: 1524239339974.jpg (50.3 KB, 500x392, kitteh.jpg)


No. 560797

Okay, THIS is the worst outfit she ever wore (imo). Skirt pulled up to her ribs and that fucking belt. No, just…no jfc

Maybe she thinks she's now "curvy" and "thicc" since she gained weight and a bit of tiddies

No. 560815

File: 1524241219581.jpg (36.37 KB, 369x225, lifegoalz.jpg)

also jealous of her accomplishments!

No. 560834

File: 1524242691099.gif (3.11 MB, 320x554, 20180420_104050.gif)

This was the opposite of sneaked Aly.

No. 560839

Okay. These outfits. Is she working as a hooker?

So today we learned that Aly is a short skirt and bacon toppings.

No. 560841

File: 1524243261764.jpg (12.27 KB, 206x206, mel.jpg)


>a friend

No. 560891

So fucking disrespectful.. jfc. What is wrong with people today who are obsessed with social media?!

No. 560944

File: 1524254818141.png (14.07 KB, 455x96, wp_ss_20180420_0002.png)

That was from an online article about funeral directors having to ban phones because of people taking selfies with dead relatives!

I liked at this. Aly said someone called her skinny fat. You're not skinny but… lol.

No. 560945

(loled not liked, but yeah I liked it too)

No. 560968

File: 1524256985776.jpg (68.19 KB, 473x818, skinnyfat.JPG)

Aly darling, you are skinny fat though. You have no muscle mass, all you eat is junk and your body is made up of fat. In other words you are all skin and fat instead of skin and bones.

No. 560970

File: 1524257306736.jpg (12.74 KB, 295x65, wtf.JPG)

Also, wtf is with this comment? bitch, you will gain, you're SUPPOSED to gain. Aly gained eating all her fear foods every single day, and she will continue to gain, until who knows when…

No. 560979

I wonder when she's going to stop eating like she NEEDS to gain? Is she so dumb she doesn't realise that if she eats non stop 7/24 she's going to be obese in 12 months time?

No. 560991

Going on about all the “yells” when there are none on her Instagram shows she’s still checking here regularly. Hey Aly! Couple things:

1. We know you only told all your followers that someone called you “skinny fat” because you were THRILLED that anyone called you a name that had the word “skinny” in it. Same reason you post those skeletal photos of yourself every day.

2. We do not want to see your saggy butt cheeks again. Please retire that skirt and the shorts. They are too small. Larger sizes are totally ok!

No. 560993


Shores up the theory for me that she actually works the phones in a call center and is pretending she’s actually someone’s personal assistant or whatever. She’s probably telling callers the opening hours of the mall lol. Can you imagine her lying that she’s going to London in that job.

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