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File: 1523608016293.png (641.88 KB, 651x965, 1523584939769.png)

No. 554293

Deep writings on her face, and unflattering angles - a million chins later, our warrior lies about having a job (again) and having the time of her life asking constant support from online strangers and bullying people who disagree with her - what's new, what's good.

Our smartest cow figured out how to interact with lolcow, and she's completely unbothered by us "haters" that she felt the need to link the previous thread on her profile, and luckily opening the eyes of some her followers.

>Lush cheesecakes are good, salad is anachan-like

>Happy FRY-YAY!
>doesn't car about lolcow, follows the style advice

Previous thread >>506705

Cant use direct, sorry girls (!)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aly_sjourney/

No. 554300

this has to be my favourite thread pic so far kek

No. 554406

It's just glorious, kudos to the anon who made it

No. 554408

File: 1523620202782.png (159.42 KB, 239x295, Screenshot_1.png)

>Cause everything this (hard news coming 👉🏻) IS PART of a mental health warrior's LIFE . And guess what? It does take much bravery. It IS exhausting. But damn girls, it is WORTH IT

Another spooper pic, and
> Don't joke each other: it was easier when Anorexia was our own thought and companion right? 🤔

Not triggering AT ALL.

No. 554428

Her engilsh gives me severe migraine

No. 554465

File: 1523628518633.jpg (109.29 KB, 719x669, i-beat-anorexia-mens-t-shirt-1…)

I can't wait until she is pic related

No. 554534

File: 1523638004706.jpg (693.87 KB, 1080x1616, 20180413_184547.jpg)

She's gonna keep reposting the spoop pics until she runs out of them. She wants to remind people how ill she was and gain more attention. It's getting annoying and as far as I know a big part of the community is against before and afters like these.

Also, is this the "hard news"?

(She also lost another k of followers)

No. 554548

thank you I’m flattered :’) I want to do an eva style OP for her at some point.

No. 554549


Her English is getting worse. How's that even possible?

No. 554608

Did you see her last post? She's trying so hard to defend herself about eating "BOTH healthy and unhealthy". Seems like someone is still reading our comments here!

No. 554624

File: 1523645645719.gif (5.34 MB, 320x554, 20180413_125130.gif)

No. 554638

File: 1523646779752.jpg (648.6 KB, 1080x1632, 20180413_210922.jpg)

You can repeat the same thing only so many times until it becomes boring as fuck.

>I was sick now I'm better

>numbers (women are not numbers/weight doesnt matter/clothing sizes)
>you deserve food
>tb to being a spoop

She also needs motivation to go out with her bf?

No. 554662

(I hope I got that sage thing right)
I hardly ever post (I tried to defend Aly once, being a kind of recovered, weight restored anorexic who still sometimes gets triggered by people telling others to exercise more (I do exercise!) - my fault, I have to be able to deal with it and be influenced or not, I know…) on here, but I lurk every now and then, and I follow Aly.
However… in her newest post, she writes she had her first relapse when she was 17, and she posted "throwback pictures" to her being really, really thin. As caption to them, she wrote "not my worst, but my most orthorexic".
I thought her state in the pictures she posted was indeed her worst, since she always posts pictures from that time period? Was she anorexic before that time, too, gained weight, and lost it again?
Wondering about this is probably the lingering anorexia in me, but I really thought she was kind of doing okay (at least physically) up until the age of 15 or 16, when her AN (symptoms, meaning visible weightloss up into the underweight range) set on.

No. 554686

As far as I can remember (farmers with better memory feel free to correct me) she never was "orthorexic". She started mentioning it only recently (late 2017/early 2018).

She never really gained a significant amount then lost it again, she always lied about eating and gaining. This is the first time in years she's a normal weight.

No. 554689

Orthorexia's a new thing she invented as anon said. She admitted to walking a lot. She's still rewriting history because she once said she ate 500 cals a day and now she says it was 400.

Take anything she says with a pinch of salt.

No. 554693

Orthorexia is the last thing i can imagine her having. She has absolutely no clue of what eating healthy is. She has never had.

No. 554709

>(I hope I got that sage thing right)
>being a kind of recovered, weight restored anorexic who still sometimes gets triggered by people telling others to exercise more (I do exercise!) - my fault, I have to be able to deal with it and be influenced or not, I know…)

Good job at saging, next step would be to stop blogging.

No. 554714

File: 1523651463756.jpg (519.15 KB, 1021x612, 01.jpg)

She was spoopy when she claimed to be having nightly pint parties of ice cream (because she always wants to be "in" with the latest recovery trend on ig). She'd post ice cream with a few spoon dents made in it. She stayed spoopy and claimed the calories were going to her hair.

Fast forward three years and she claims she was following MM and it made her relapse because she gained soooo quickly. Erm, nope.


No. 554718

File: 1523651733954.jpg (72.44 KB, 520x390, 12866912_f520.jpg)

They like to write on their body too.

No. 554724

Do you mean when you were 15/16? Because she never had an eating disorder that young. Hers didn’t start until she was like 18

No. 554869

File: 1523661336576.jpg (88.24 KB, 606x418, history.jpg)

No, she had never really gained a substantial amount of weight before, her anorexia really was a rather short stint despite her claiming otherwise.
She lost weight really fast in late 2013, then she gained a few pounds through "binging", but she was still severely underweight, and I wouldn't call that a "recovery attempt". She then "relapsed" and lost weight really fast again before dragging her actual recovery out over several years. That's why her anorexia in her mind has robbed her of so so many years. but it really was basically only late 2013, 2014, and maybe early 2015 when she was acutely sick, pic related.

No. 554870

Thanks for all your answers!


Thanks for the reply! How do I stop blogging, whatever that is?
If you mean a blog like Aly has - don't worry, I don't write or post about my ED online. I do have an instagram, but it's not public, I only have a handful of followers which are my real-life friends and I don't even post food there. Just the odd random pic out of my life every couple of months. :) Just

No. 554883


Same anon:

Ah, I just scrolled back through her entire instagram account. It starts in June 2015 when going inpatient.

No. 554896

>I was unable to focus attention
>I decided to recover

Odd how her English is so much worse now, maybe it was one of her courses in uni and she's been forgetting what she learned since dropping out?

If she had wrote this nowadays it would've said "I was unable focusing" and "I decided recovering," something like that.

No. 554937

When someone tells you to stop "blog posting" they mean stop talking about yourself here on lolcow. No one cares about your anorexia, or your personal issues here. If you want to talk about yourself, start a blog somewhere else. Thats what we mean by "stop blogging"

I'm being nice by telling you this. A lot of farmers will not be as nice. Go read the rules, you'll be ok.

No. 555035

It started before then. She deleted it all but there're screen caps in the early Aly threads.

I wish she'd learn that it's WEIGHED and not WEIGHTED. If she really bothered reading recovery accounts she would've picked up on the correct spelling by now.

The way she fucks up verbs gets me the most though. Every single post.
We are allowed eating. NO WE'RE NOT. We're allowed TO EAT.

No. 555195

This thing she wrote sounds so sincere and realistic, that I'm really struggling to believe it's something that comes from Aly.

If she kept her account this real, she would've been way less pathetic - I do really think that, if her perception of her experiences remained like that, maybe her diet wouldn't be so extreme and her reactions would've been less rollercoaster-y, she would have been quite a good example to follow.

Indeed, for reasons, I follow some recovering and recovered people, and it's pretty common to always repeat the same thing and always relying to the span of time where they were sick. I am recovered myself, yet I actively avoid the topic cause it's in the past, and it shouldn't bother me anymore. (miniblogpost).

No. 555251

K, thanks. I think I saw some posts in which farmers were talking about their lives on here (eg comparisons to Aly's life) before, though, so it really didn't occur to me. :/ I should have read the rules more thoroughly.
Bu I absolutely see this makes sense, especially in a board like this. Good to know!


"I am recovered myself, yet I actively avoid the topic cause it's in the past, and it shouldn't bother me anymore."

This sounds reasonable. I believe, however, that not denying that part or past of you might help to grow and stay vigilante in order to not repeat the same mistakes and dysfunctional patterns.
It's probably not what people ranting everyday about how recovered they are, instead of just trying to live their lives, are doing.
Does Aly have any reason to have a blog like this, except for having lots of attention and followers? I have never seen her any collaborational posts or ads which could earn her some money.

No. 555269

>Does Aly have any reason to have a blog like this, except for having lots of attention and followers?

Attention's the only reason. Her ED was the only interesting (as in something she can hold a conversation about) thing about her. Now she's weight restored, she invents scenarios where she has "breakdowns" which appear to be making sad faces and taking pics of them then eating chocolate.

I've kinda trolled in the past and asked her about literature and feminism and she's ignored it. I take that as meaning she has a very basic knowledge about these things despite writing that these are her interests. Her only interest is herself.

For the record I didn't think of anon's post as a blogpost. Loads of us here write about ourselves in relation to Aly and this is a pretty chilled thread where we get along and have a laugh (at Aly). Just my opinion, but no harm done either way.

No. 555271

OMG!!! I just remembered that mistake Aly made where she posted a personal diary-type entry. Remember that? She was writing on insta about how great recovery was and her mood was over the stars blah blah and she posted that thing about how shit she felt that she wasn't recovering and what a disappointment she was. I'd forgotten about that.

Yup, I'd much prefer honesty from her but now she's set herself up as Queer of Inspiration so she has to fake being jolly all the time (except the 15 min breakdowns for asspats).

No. 555274

No. 555282

File: 1523693500106.jpg (34.08 KB, 291x290, 17.JPG)

Ty, anon. That's made me nostalgic. I googled her old name aly_recoverylife earlier and it took me to really old posts. This was a year ago and she's still writing the same old shit about kale and "other girls" eating salad.

No. 555287

"Attention's the only reason. Her ED was the only interesting (as in something she can hold a conversation about) thing about her. Now she's weight restored, she invents scenarios where she has "breakdowns" which appear to be making sad faces and taking pics of them then eating chocolate."

Boring life, I suppose. :(

Microblog post (I know) and armchair psychology: I get that one of the etiological reasons of an ED, (especially?) a visually often dramatic one like anorexia, is in quite a few cases to give the sufferer a sense of purpose and to make them feel special and the best at something. But (for me) recovery also means overcoming that urge and to actively fight against it when you identify it as a potentional underlying reason for doing something (like posting lot of dramatic pictures publicly with comparisons between looking very sick physically and being at a healthy body weight).

However, I really hope Aly's happy and gets adequate help if she ever needs some beyond the actual eating aspects of her illness. I'm glad she seems to have a supporting mother and a boyfriend by her side.

Asking her for feminist literature sound very insidious! I just read on here that she has some university education, but I don't know if she was taught anything like it there, especially if you're looking for something at the borderline/intersection between feminist takes on bodily autonomy and eating disorders.

Absolute, absolute off-topic (I'm half expecting to be banned): If your interest wasn't just because of trolling: There are some articles tackling eating disorders and eating disorder treatment approaches coming from a cultural studies or even gender studies perspective accesible on jstor. But it's really not a topic I have any expertise in either.

No. 555308

Yep, same. Actually I was at my worst at the same time as Aly. She even followed my recovery account for a while (!)
But I deleted my account once I was just starting to get back to a normal routine. She has kept hers for what, almost 2 years after being weight restored and able to eat "normally" (well she eats shit but doesn't have ED behaviors). It's so weird, her whole identity revolves around her previous eating disorder. That's all she ever talks about and it makes me kind of pity her. She just can't live without the attention, it's scary. Who the fuck needs to keep posting every single meal they eat when they are recovered? Why bother? I wonder how long this will keep going on

No. 555418

Again the anon from yesterday and today who is prone to self-blogging ;)
Aly posted new stuff. She says she's sorry she can't be present on instagram all the time to help others with recovery…
Wow, either the recovery community, which I have never been part of, is extremely close-knitted and dependant on each other, or she overestimates her impact. I mean, it's great to see others are doing well after an ED, but I'm sure if you need constant reassurance and help by some stranger already recovered on instagram, you should seek a closer monitoring by your treatment team. She shouldn't feel guilty if someone chooses (whatever that is within a disease where you don't really have control over your choices…) unhealthy behavior just because she can't post all the time.

No. 555423

samefag (?)

Unfortunately, I didn't know how to include a screenshot of the post. I'm sorry.

No. 555425


she thinks she's the center of attention among the ED users of insta.

No. 555455

when making your post, click 'choose file' and attach your image. one image will be added to your post.

No. 555467

File: 1523720264884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 918.03 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20180414-173647_Chr…)

No. 555468

File: 1523720271397.png (484.52 KB, 479x597, 2018-04-14 17.35.12.png)

Just stop, Aly. Please.

No. 555470

File: 1523720294042.jpg (723.08 KB, 1080x1860, 20180414_173716.jpg)

Another cringe caption.

No. 555471

OK, someone was quicker than me.

No. 555475

I gagged when I saw that sheet she covered herself with. I've seen them so often but never as a bedsheet. That's usually the stuff for pets to sleep on or stuff you put on your bed to prevent the sheets from getting dirty and not something to cover yourself with

No. 555476

File: 1523720770002.jpg (123.91 KB, 719x953, Screenshot_20180414-094421.jpg)

So she just took this from shutterstock? LOL and posted it with the watermark and everything.

No. 555477

“Eat until when satisfy”
…I thought everyone was exaggerating but I had a look at some old posts of hers and her English really has declined significantly. I agree with the theory that she took it at uni but since she dropped out, she’s forgetting a lot of what she learned.

No. 555485

But soon she will go on business trips to London on a regular basis, remember? I´m sure her English will improve!

No. 555506

She's at Berto's. Doesn't she live with him? She'll never move in if he hasn't got WiFi.


Yeah, that's a dog blanket. Lol.

No. 555508

I remember this week she said that she isn't sure about the trip to London and that she was stressed, feeling unworthy, etc.
I'm the anon who always have theories about these and that, now I have a thery that ma C got her a job near of her, maybe Aly was "recomended" (not sure what's the right word when you got a job thanks to someone influence). Maybe the job was for personal boss' assistant but she had to start in a regular office position (maybe answering phones) to check her abilities and obviously after a month, boss hired someone with more capabilities.
Ok, this is maybe the worst theory on earth, i like to write fanfics.


Not sure if different anons or just one, but remember to put the -sage- thing in the email field, before some fag become in rage mode. (I remember one anon was banned the past thread for insulting some newbie anon xD)

No. 555510

Ok, so she's at Berto's here. He apparently doesn't have wifi? Or a sink with soap and water to wash her makeup off before falling asleep or leaving the house, or decent blankets lol she doesn't even shower there. LoL

No. 555532

I have a feeling Aly is here pretending to be a farmer. One of you writes like a cleaned up version of Aly. Idk if it is a couple people, so maybe I'm wrong. But I feel suspicious.

Also I thought this
and similar emoticons aren't allowed. Maybe that's changed too and I haven't noticed.

No. 555552

It might be one of the newfags from a few days ago who discovered the thread via alys post

And no, xD and emojis are not allowed

No. 555560

Can you link a post for perusal? It's something I'd want to do if I was a cow, but I would've thought her English was too atrocious and recognisable to get away with posting under cover here.

I always feel like I'm going to get red text after a post when I've done a copypasta of an Aly caption that's got emojis on it. This XD doesn't fit in, but the emojis are like (!), although I've noticed she's doing that less.

No. 555569

That shabby reclining couch with nonna's old sheets, that filthy dog's mat, that crusty morning-after makeup, those veiny pancake titties, that tacky excuse of a tattoo, no wi-fi, no wheat, what a life, haters be jealous.

No. 555576

File: 1523731407387.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7284.PNG)

Poor, poor Berto

No. 555583

>those nails
>one hour

I swear she must be really good at faking being normal if he's still with her

No. 555584

File: 1523731752664.jpg (106.23 KB, 1600x1062, P1020496.JPG)

Wow, he really is just a prop. This time to rest her puffy hand on.

No. 555597

>>555560 sure, here.


I apologize if this is not the case. Its just that they keep using emojis, and identifying themselves.

No. 555641

Hmm. I get an English as second language vibe. Maybe Aly sent DogsnPos here.

No. 555649

I agree that hes a prop if he waited an hour just so she could take this picture. I would think "its love" if he could make sure you had soap, water, your own toothbrush and wifi, a nice blanket, maybe some clothes to sleep in, all for you at his house, so you wouldn't have to keep going back to your moms to wash and check instagram.

No. 555655

That's so true! Thinking about it Berto's gone further down in my estimation (already thought he was a bit brain damaged). Yeah, you'd make sure your sig other (or even just a friend who's visiting) was comfortable. I don't get how she's okay with her weekend slum life. She should take some makeup remover, toothbrush, blanket, etc. if he cba to look after her. I can't figure out why she doesn't get a data package for her phone if she's so reliant on her parents wifi. Now I understand why he takes her out for seafood every weekend. No way would I want him to cook anything where he's living. I bet the kitchen's got the black death breeding in there.

No. 555702

No, I'm definitely not Aly. I'm not a native speaker of English, that's all. However, I do speak English with less of an accent than you might think, and I often get to use it when writing - but not in forums.
I also tend to make more typos when writing in English than in my native language, they often end up looking like bad grammar even though I actually know better. Also, prepositions are mean.

I didn't know that emoticons are not allowed on here, but I will keep it in mind from now on.

I wasn't the anon using "xD", though.

No. 555743

I feel sorry for Aly she could be having some kind of rare brain disease or dementia. Once you lose weight fast, especially after getting to a weight where you lose so much brain liquid that your brain starts eating itself, you can’t reverse it.

So either she’s just as spoiled as any other Milan girl(her parents are probably rich) or has a serious brain damage

No. 555744

Anon, here's another tip: If your post is mostly about you, don't post it. No one cares and there is actually a post limit per thread, so you're wasting everyone's time and space on the website to talk about yourself. Everything aside
>Sorry, I'm ESL. I'm not aly, or the anon using XD
was completely unnecessary.

No. 555746

Just leave this thread

No. 555752

File: 1523745227356.jpg (54.23 KB, 477x603, deja vu.JPG)

Her parents aren't rich. Both parents worked until about a year ago and her dad lost his job. They live in a scummy area and holiday in Italy once a year.

I get the feeling that whatever Ma earns, she uses it to keep Aly happy and maintain her love of eating at cafes every day and paying for anything she needs.

It's all debated in old threads.

IMG - those bedsheets.

Her days are so repetitive.

> messed up after two days/nigh out

Wow, for 22 she's a real lightweight. If she went clubbing she'd certainly die (!)

No. 555756

There's a fucking bike wheel in his room (behind the dog blanket).

No. 555766

Is "that bloating" black mass area to the left, supposed to be her body? It could be anything.

lots of people bike; especially in cities. Whats wrong with it?

No. 555784


If it is an expensive bike, I get he keeps it in his room. I know quite a lot of people doing this.

No. 555830

probably one of her most normal looking pictures she's posted and she's still got those crazy eyes, yikes

No. 556035

I haven't been keeping up with aly for a while - is she still gaining? She looks like she must be at least BMI 22 now.

No. 556072

She can't not be gaining with that diet

No. 556327

File: 1523816097620.jpg (57.22 KB, 426x587, why.JPG)

just want to nit pick a bit. But this bugs me what shes doing with her other hand. Why is it doing that? Why does she make looking at her so uncomfortable? Its so stupidly forced.
>what can my other hand do? oh! it will just float there next to the food doing nothing.

No. 556339

File: 1523816989917.jpg (58.64 KB, 720x342, 20180415_201612.jpg)

So all Aly did was post 2 pics of dogs' stuff in her stories. Then she inhaled the candy and that's it and dogs is still being all up Aly's ass lol.

No. 556351

wait so only Ma works now? So they must have quite a bit saved up, unless in europe it’s possible to sustain a family of 4 with one payheck (I doubt Ma is a surgeon or something) and unemployment insurance (not sure what it’s called in other countries or if they even have it in Italy). Aly’s eating out as always, they’re not exactly seeming frugal now. Like, Aly just went on vacation recently, if they were saving up she would’ve stayed home. Plus they gotta worry about her little bro. They seem a lot better off than most if her dad is job-less.

No. 556364

Almost like Aly didnt let her know she got the package.

No. 556393

File: 1523820743845.jpg (24.98 KB, 396x359, the pinkie.JPG)

She likes to look graceful when eating (or her version of eating). She did all these hand gestures in spoopy videos where she posted to ~proof~ she put food in her mouth. She looked like she was dining with the Queen or something. She's wired up all wrong…maybe literally if she's a puppet. My biggest bugbear is the pinkie finger.

I hope dogs soon realises Aly doesn't care. Although I feel bad when vulnerable people have sent shit to Ash and other cows, I get to the point where I start to feel bad for the, even though they're stupid.

Ma's always worked. She works in publishing. No idea where the money comes from but I suspect Sicilian connections.

I bet she doesn't even have her personal email. Aly presumes EVERYONE reads every post she makes and though posting two shitty pictures (one where she's creased up the painting and one where she's pretending she loves the candy) is enough.

She's posted another spoopy #tb and for the thousandth time she's copypasta-d the I CHEER FOR… caption.

No. 556491

File: 1523826694220.gif (4.33 MB, 320x554, 20180415_150708.gif)

the way she's holding this bottle too.

I wish I still had the old videos. She would take a bite all while spinning her fork in circles, obviously hating every min of it.

No. 556522

File: 1523828633529.gif (3.34 MB, 280x280, 1-a81cf94a7e.gif)

She still has a few up. She looks like she's going to vomit.

No. 556580

She's going to keep recycling captions isn't she
She's already boring and annoying, posting constantly the same crap over and over again for years

Guess we're going to have to wait for her ~trip to London~ to get some new milk. I'd ask her about it but of course I'm blocked lol

No. 556772

Lol, she looks like she never intended to swallow the food. Probably spit it out right after she stopped filming.

It really amazes me how she went from this to not being able to stop eating in such a short time. I know it´s not uncommon for former anorexics to go to the other extreme after years and years of deprivation, but Aly was starving herself for maybe a year or a year and a half. I´m really curious where she will end up weight-wise if she keeps eating like she does.

No. 556800

She’s headed towards being overweight for sure. Maybe not obese, but she’ll be on the chunky side. She’s never gotten help and never will, so her relationship with food remains unhealthy and unbalanced. She’ll go from one extreme to the next. I don’t think she’s capable of slowing down how much junk she actually eats. It’s clearly an addiction.
It also doesn’t help that her eating is a hobby and the only thing she “does”. Her life revolves around what she eats and how she feels about it on a daily basis. And her weird unhealthy relationship with her mom.

It looks like a really sad life.

No. 556801

Me too, anon. Her threads even just a year ago used to be her still totally spoopy but a recover warrior(!) pretending to eat junk food every day with the creepy just-one-bite selfies. Now it’s a complete 180 and it’s hard to imagine she was ever sick to begin with.

No. 556905

I couldn't fit the whole video in this gif. she actually dose swallow it, after chewing for forever, and says "other day other crepe" or something like that lol

she has actually been weight restored for a year now. She did not look like a spoop last year.

No. 556939

I'm amazed she can pack in a big slab of cake every day along with the other crap she eats. I'm not even eating disordered but I'd worry about how bad it is to eat it every day.

If you fancy eating some cookies, that's fine but those cakes must be stacked with calories, fat and sugar. She's gonna get gout (!)

If her stand didn't give her attention for being a good girl and eating, p sure she'd calm down on the mukbang.

No. 556941

My phone does not like the words stans

No. 556953

File: 1523871046226.png (1003 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7294.PNG)

So Aly's auntie (who I don't think she's ever mentioned before) died. I wonder how long it'll be before Aly makes it all about herself.

No. 556961

She already has! She wants sympathy. Wait til she tells us how close they were…

No. 556962

Unable TO react. Jesus Christ.

No. 556987

File: 1523876031278.png (803.63 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7295.PNG)

Bloody hell

No. 556991

File: 1523876666597.jpeg (113.04 KB, 286x640, 8A8AECB0-C392-424B-87F3-BBA092…)

Pa Casati represents us.

No. 556999

>>the ONLY person who

I mean, I feel for everyone losing a family member but… didn't she say the same thing about her uncle? And her mother & brother while we're at it?

No. 557044

what the fuck?!! i’m screaming. she’s never mentioned her aunt

No. 557052

Her auntie's not a young thing. Must be Pa's sister.

Milk it, Aly. Milk it for all it's worth!!!

No. 557053

File: 1523888114238.png (1.92 MB, 1073x1663, IMG_20180416_071359.png)

Nothing says sadness like cat ears…

No. 557055

She's wondering where the nearest McDonald's is.

No. 557090

Isn't this the aunt who's house they go to for Easter?

Litterally the only time I see her talk about aunt's and uncles, is to say how they influenced her ED, or made a comment about her weight. And how awful they are. I never see her say anything nice until they die.

No. 557109

File: 1523893357277.jpg (260.72 KB, 1600x1200, Lugosi-Dracula.jpg)

Forget her fake grief, that's some widow's peak she's got going on.

No. 557112

So sorry for her auntie, but… she posted about it following her pattern of -food pic, aly eating' pic- even in this situation she must keep that ridiculous pattern.
And the first thing she has to do is to write that she wont use direct, what a surprise…

No. 557115

File: 1523893720308.jpg (104.85 KB, 799x595, eurgh.JPG)

Fuck, I didn't even notice she'd posted. How…inappropriate. And there she was so shocked to reacting.

No. 557122

File: 1523894049001.png (Spoiler Image, 395.32 KB, 394x578, Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-16 um 1…)

So her aunt passes away and Aly uses the opportunity to post a half naked pic followed by a spoopy pic. What the hell is wrong with this girl?

No. 557144

What are those yellow stains on her boob? A bruise? Mustard? Didn't notice them in any other of her titty shots. I bet it's food because how do you bruise yourself there?

No. 557158

Its probably a hickey that is healing. I've seen other pictures of her with them on her neck and shit.

No. 557171

File: 1523896527066.jpg (53.54 KB, 788x363, fingers crossed.JPG)


No. 557175

a hickey lol she really is a 14 year old in a 22 year old body

she’s not used to family grief she’s just never experienced it oh my god… like two family members died whom she probably saw like once a year (not enough time to build a legit relationship and knowing aly’s self-centredness these two family members probably meant nothing to her). it’s fine that she doesnt really care about her aunt dying but ffs how about you worry about your parent for once? and stop making EVERYTHING about you

No. 557178

That woman might not even be her real aunt. She might be one of those people who get called "auntie" when really they're just a friend of the family

Whoever she was, Aly's forgotten her already if she's back to posting ugly cheap selfies and food.

No. 557205

if and when Auntie dies Aly goes to take selfies in front of the grave with cake from the memorial service

No. 557212

File: 1523898002089.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.99 KB, 306x388, thats normal.jpg)

No. 557214

> The hearse waited an hour for me while I painted my nails 🙈

No. 557221

File: 1523898498558.jpg (14.89 KB, 271x89, lawl.JPG)

Essenbilder = pictures of eating?

No. 557224

lmao yes. Why on earth did that person post a comment in english and leave one word in german

No. 557233

Going from anorexia to eating too much is really easy and understandable. However, there should be a point where the person should realise that it's time to stop and learn how to have a healthy eating pattern.
Aly obviously never did

No. 557235

It was in German, that's google translate. The person put essenbilder together so it didn't work.

No. 557256

Ah i saw the comment now
"Essensbilder" is the correct term tho, in german it's put together

No. 557266

Google translate's not as smart as it thinks.

I wonder if Aly bothers to translate it.

No. 557275

When she was sooo close to her aunt, why not use a more recent photo but this one twice, in stories and in her post? Oh of course, to remind everyone again of how severely anorexic (!) she used to be. Just in case someone forgot. It's always about her.
So this is what she meant by
>I feel unable reacting
She obviously has no idea how to react appropiately. Fucking narc.

No. 557283

And after
> I spent about two hours looking at the wall this morning, after my auntie's sudden death news
>sitting on the floor unable moving, dressing up, empty minded

She somehow managed to tart herself up and apply that nasty brown lipstick and make a funny animal face clip for stories.

>empty minded

Nothing new there.

No. 557289

File: 1523900662481.png (114.42 KB, 640x890, IMG_7302.PNG)

It's just like you predicted!

No. 557322

So has the Auntie died already or not?

(Blocked by Aly)

No. 557324

I‘m german as well and i’ve noticed that this user keeps sneaking in mean comments in german from time to time. Aly always likes them, she does‘t bother to translate it‘s hilarious

No. 557330

I usually do not read the comments unless something scandalous has happened, but I'm going to go look for this user's comments while my dinner is cooking. Thanks anon

No. 557344

Thank god she managed to go to mcd‘s. Aly, you‘re a true warrior.

No. 557351

Those fries and that coke will definitely give you long lasting strenght.

She can't skip a snack or else she'll look hollowed again.

No. 557355

File: 1523903400617.jpg (329.5 KB, 720x900, Screenshot_20180416-122802.jpg)

She had a powerful snack because she doesn't know if she will eat dinner.

No. 557361

Oh, I'm sure she'll manage dinner or at least a whole back of cookies by night.

It'd be sad if her boss told her the trip to London was all arranged and she couldn't go because of the funeral (just an idea to get you out of your tricky situation there, Aly).

No. 557421

She don't know how the evening will go, she went to drink beer like every day… drinking beer the day when your most beloved auntie died… yeah…

No. 557431

File: 1523908913942.jpg (67.03 KB, 791x382, cake pics.JPG)

did you make your mom take this and 100 more pictures of you and this cake too?

I swear I could make a stop motion gif of her holding cake.

No. 557437


She would need whiskey, lots of whiskey, and to drink alone, if she was actually sad.

No. 557446

What a wonderful, caring, compassionate, thoughtful, useful, helpful, altruistic, strong woman you are, Alice. What bullshit.

No. 557458

Oh, and LOL (NOT) now she started her ED at 13. Next week she'll say she was anorexic in the womb.

No. 557575


I fucking spat out my drink. Thank you anon

No. 557597

Omg at Aly saying multiple times that her auntie was the ONLY one who always supported her with her ED… Her poor mother. Alice is so selfish she must take Ma Casati for granted something terrible.

No. 557841

File: 1523974173053.png (115.82 KB, 640x785, IMG_7309.PNG)

Mom took Aly out for lunch and now everything's better.

No. 557844

File: 1523974218705.png (189.67 KB, 640x901, IMG_7310.PNG)

No. 557847


>finding a 1000 topics to talk about is getting high (hard*?)

But you only talk about one topic, and that’s your ED. The fuck are you on, Aly?

No. 557850


Same fagging because wow…she’s eating like 4 scoops of ice cream out of what looks likes a giant pillar candle holder.

No. 557854

Ice cream presentation is pretty cool imho.

She is just so vain. Not even if front of a deceased loved one she remembers of anyone else.

No. 557855

also why does her face always look so damn red

No. 557865

I’m D.E.D.

No. 557866

She sucks at make up

No. 557872

File: 1523976567045.jpeg (31.02 KB, 210x240, 167302E9-A045-46AF-B06D-595953…)

She reminds me of my grandma who had binge eating disorder, she used to take 30 aspirine which was the reason her face looked like a fat baby’s. Alys sugar intake is so high she looks unnaturally bloated…. and don’t get me wrong but there’s a huge difference between real fat and water weight, she’s a filled water balloon and her face reminds me of some teenage mutant ninja turtle, Michelangelo

No. 557883

Another question is: how the fuck does she manage to not have skin breakouts?

No. 557898

File: 1523979887844.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7311.PNG)

Dressing to impress

No. 557905


the way she's posing her legs.. clearly trying to make her thighs look thinner

No. 557924

girl would look so much thinner if she had a single muscle.

No. 557926

>leggings and a black shirt

I don't mind when someone wears leggings as pants…but not at work, wtf. It's obviously something casual af if she can dress like that, and not something like an office, which makes things funnier considering she's gonna go to ~London~

No. 557956

Maybe she already has high blood pressure due to all that sodium in her diet. McDonalds food is loaded with salt. Or maybe it´s just because her face is about to explode?

No. 557957

File: 1523983817072.png (375.54 KB, 390x555, 2018-04-17_18.44.39.png)

Another lovely throwback picture. Back then that ice-cream went right into the rubbish bin after the pic was taken.

No. 558008

There was a comment on this post about #banthebefore or whatever but I didn’t get to cap it before she deleted it. Aly will probably never stop posting spoop photos, triggering or not. Just like she’ll never really let go of that time in her life.

No. 558034


Sitting at the near edge of the chair so her thighs don’t look like two sacks of potatoes.

Love yourself, Aly.

No. 558250

File: 1524004143564.jpg (73.1 KB, 695x448, 2017.JPG)

Any predictions about what she's going to be wearing this summer?

Summer 2017 was the season of the long vest worn as a dress and bikini. When the weather became chilly she added the long socks for a "slutty look" (Aly's words).

I hope these leggins aren't a taste of things to come. It's awful when girls wear thing leggins without a long top or skirt and the fabric stretches and you can see their drawerz.

Accessories won't change - Berto and food.

No. 558257

File: 1524004660762.png (1.44 MB, 1219x534, aly summer 2018.png)

Same anon. Here is what I mean about the leggins if you've never seen it (which I doubt). So this is my prediction for the summer.

No. 558260

bulimia chipmunk cheeks?

No. 558269

If I was given a dollar every time somebody asks that fucking question istg. We had this discussion way too often already

No. 558278

She eats cake for three every day, pizza and McD's multiple times a week. She sits on her arse watching Netflix at night. She's getting heavier and it's showing on her face. It's face fat, simple as that.

No. 558584

Her whole body looks like pure fat. She starved all the 18 years of muscle development off her body and gained it back while barely moving at all so she’s pure fat now.

No. 558597

It doesn't help that the only fruit she eats is a slice of strawberry stuck on a chocolate cake. The only veg I can recall seeing on her plate are shrivelled peas she fried in a pan.

No. 558802

File: 1524063684448.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7314.PNG)

No. 558840

what the fuck is she talking about unable moving? And I'm tired of her apologizing for not posting several times a day as if her followers are holding their breath waiting for her words.

No. 559379

File: 1524093599898.jpeg (602.01 KB, 750x1171, 9BFAC1DB-82AD-43A8-99CD-541858…)

Yeah this totally looks like someone who went to a funeral for her “beloved auntie” I don’t know how things work in Aly’s world, but anytime I’ve lost a close loved one, I’m not on SM, I pay attention to my family and friends and others who are involved in the mourning. Yet here’s dear old Aly kitten filter on peace sign “everything’s fine girls!”. This is chick is so extra it hurts. Posts a legs shot from the hospital her Aunt was supposedly at, but the funeral was today… pretty sure Auntie would have been embalmed and processed for the funeral. So why tag the hospital? Why is it always pics of Aly and never what she’s actually doing? Obviously I don’t believe a thing this girl posts. Her life must be such a mess.

No. 559475

The return of STRENGHT!!!


No. 559485

Yeah, idk anyone who ever left a funeral/memorial service and started quaffing sushi and looking all happy about having a day off work. Even when I've been to one for somebody I only casually knew but wanted to show support it left me feeling flat. It makes you think about life n death n shit. Do they not do the finger buffet thing after the service in Italy? I can imagine Aly looking at the food laid on and she says to Ma, this food is shit take me for sushi (!)

No. 559488

File: 1524097669194.jpg (12.5 KB, 255x137, the peak.JPG)

There's something weird going on with her hairline as well.

No. 559490

File: 1524097753853.jpg (89.64 KB, 921x492, 2_are you joking.JPG)

what is she saying? that she normally doesn't foodblog? what?

No. 559502

She used the exact same line really recently and I wondered what she meant then. It's not like she doesn't close her daily Aly - food - Aly - food - Aly posts with food.

I tried to remember where she posted it last time but I honestly felt like throwing myself under a car (!) looking at her face.

Btw, I've never seen Minions. It looks shit.

No. 559589

File: 1524102696138.jpeg (92.69 KB, 640x275, 130FA677-229F-4E12-909D-C3CF38…)

I kill me

No. 559691

Yeah I don’t think that’s meditation, Aly. Kek

She probably has one negative thought and due to her extremely superficial emotions and inability to feel true sadness, she thinks that it means that she must be super suicidal then comes on IG all like “So glad I survived girls”

No. 559804

>>has the day off "work"
>>yay sushi time!
>>sits in the sun for hours
>>hmmmm better think about getting hit by a bus for 3 seconds so I can claim muh struggle
>>guts-out lingerie shot on the floor for good measure

Typical funeral day, no biggie.

No. 559936


In her defense: In Europe we often go to restaurants after a funeral and invite the people who were close to the deceased one. The one closest (spouse, kids etc.) pay for the other guests. It is often a "traditional" restaurant, but I have been to restaurants with kitchens' foreign to the country in question as well.

(When I went to my first US funeral I found the finger-food/buffet thing too party-like…)

No. 559955

File: 1524145789534.png (21.47 KB, 306x107, wow so brave.png)

It's very uncommon in Italy, except maybe in the south. Most would find it odd and some even offensive. Personally I don't, and I understand that it's just different traditions.

But traditions aside it's so obvious she doesn't care about her and that it's one of her props for extra Instagram attention. I also hate how she uses her death to come off as some sort of hero (pic related).

No. 560008


I think the idea of the buffet thing is refreshments for people who've travelled to get to the service before they go home. I'm not sure about that though.

It's Thursday and she had ice cream for lunch again today, then some fried balls on her way home. She's gonna be huuuuuuuuuuuuge.

No. 560013

File: 1524153071936.png (125.05 KB, 640x890, IMG_7316.PNG)

Dressed so appropriately for her sooper important job.

No. 560018

Time to buy some bigger shorts.

No. 560020

Why does her head look so tiny and her legs so thick?

No. 560072

One of you guys shooped her again, right?

Balkanfag and yea, it's basically a muat here

No. 560073

File: 1524157793591.jpg (17.27 KB, 279x119, shorts.JPG)

wasn't she wearing shorts just 6 months ago? with her thigh high socks?

No. 560075

Those "snowflakes" on her leg look like jewish stars of David

No. 560115

What?? I skim these threads sometimes and literally know aly for wearing shorts and plaid shirts. I remember thinking it was weird she never grew out of the 2012 thing of wearing shorts with tights

No. 560128

File: 1524163149192.jpg (561.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180419-200600.jpg)

(it was Matteo's bday)

No. 560136

Its his birthday? and she went home to her parents? Damnit Aly…don't you and Bert live together?

No. 560137

samefag. sorry, it says Matteo. nevermind. but still lol

No. 560143

File: 1524164925236.gif (7.02 MB, 320x554, 20180419_125254.gif)

Yay! So you invited your brother out for drinks and had a good time with him on his birthday!…oh, you didn't?

No. 560144


sadly, that's a genuine shot from hers

No. 560146

Aly writing "YAS" feels like my grandma saying "cool".

Cankles in the making.

No. 560149

Yeah no she was out until 8pm (with her boy I'm assuming) despite it being her brother's bday.

It's almost May! Time to definitely move out 4real now, Aly.

No. 560158

why is her left side so blurry? her arm (in the area where she's wearing her bracelets) is literally wobbly?

No. 560165


not really. that's just her fat being pushed down by accessory.

No. 560202

I cringe when she writes "the fam".

No. 560449

Cankles was the first word that came to my mind when I saw that picture. If only I had a crystal ball to see what she´ll look like a year from now. I wonder if she still claims to be BMI 17.

No. 560567

File: 1524204036393.jpg (13.51 KB, 288x56, 22kg.JPG)

I guess she's claiming this.

No. 560649

I'm Aly. Happy #FRI-YAY my ED fan. Sorry I will be less present this busying weekend. Here is a pic of me with my boy eating seafood and/ or pizza, one of my bloat watching a film on Netflix, naked and fake grinning under a dog blanket, drinking Corona, eating pasta with my fam, pretending life is full and happy eating ice cream unable moving. Oh, and here's a few #tb spoopy pics. Remember you are allowed eating. Fuc* diet culture. Ily into pieces yada yada ya.

No. 560665

File: 1524224501399.png (39.62 KB, 286x455, troof.png)

No. 560738

File: 1524233962847.gif (9.82 MB, 600x750, omfg.gif)

No. 560743

Beat me to it!
Anyway, this skirt. It's too short; and not because it hurts my sensibilities. It litterally doesn't fit, it's a child size dress. Also check out the old man back there.

Aly thought that was harsh? LoL it was a well thought out comment. They could have said worse. also asking a bunch of anorexics if they like when you post skele pics is like asking a 6 year old of they want ice cream for dinner.

No. 560782

I get the feeling she thinks she's thinner than she actually is.

She's so full of ~social anxiety~ she twirls like a 10 year old showing her ass to old men.

No. 560783

Sorry, this comment made me piss myself

>I believe that when people are being judgmental, whether it’s about food, bodies, clothes etc. it’s very often due to jealousy.

Jealous of her fried food, insanely untonic and disgusting ill-fitting clothes.

No. 560785

Why does everything has to be up to her ribs? Just to show off her pancake ass? I kill me

No. 560788

File: 1524239339974.jpg (50.3 KB, 500x392, kitteh.jpg)


No. 560797

Okay, THIS is the worst outfit she ever wore (imo). Skirt pulled up to her ribs and that fucking belt. No, just…no jfc

Maybe she thinks she's now "curvy" and "thicc" since she gained weight and a bit of tiddies

No. 560815

File: 1524241219581.jpg (36.37 KB, 369x225, lifegoalz.jpg)

also jealous of her accomplishments!

No. 560834

File: 1524242691099.gif (3.11 MB, 320x554, 20180420_104050.gif)

This was the opposite of sneaked Aly.

No. 560839

Okay. These outfits. Is she working as a hooker?

So today we learned that Aly is a short skirt and bacon toppings.

No. 560841

File: 1524243261764.jpg (12.27 KB, 206x206, mel.jpg)


>a friend

No. 560891

So fucking disrespectful.. jfc. What is wrong with people today who are obsessed with social media?!

No. 560944

File: 1524254818141.png (14.07 KB, 455x96, wp_ss_20180420_0002.png)

That was from an online article about funeral directors having to ban phones because of people taking selfies with dead relatives!

I liked at this. Aly said someone called her skinny fat. You're not skinny but… lol.

No. 560945

(loled not liked, but yeah I liked it too)

No. 560968

File: 1524256985776.jpg (68.19 KB, 473x818, skinnyfat.JPG)

Aly darling, you are skinny fat though. You have no muscle mass, all you eat is junk and your body is made up of fat. In other words you are all skin and fat instead of skin and bones.

No. 560970

File: 1524257306736.jpg (12.74 KB, 295x65, wtf.JPG)

Also, wtf is with this comment? bitch, you will gain, you're SUPPOSED to gain. Aly gained eating all her fear foods every single day, and she will continue to gain, until who knows when…

No. 560979

I wonder when she's going to stop eating like she NEEDS to gain? Is she so dumb she doesn't realise that if she eats non stop 7/24 she's going to be obese in 12 months time?

No. 560991

Going on about all the “yells” when there are none on her Instagram shows she’s still checking here regularly. Hey Aly! Couple things:

1. We know you only told all your followers that someone called you “skinny fat” because you were THRILLED that anyone called you a name that had the word “skinny” in it. Same reason you post those skeletal photos of yourself every day.

2. We do not want to see your saggy butt cheeks again. Please retire that skirt and the shorts. They are too small. Larger sizes are totally ok!

No. 560993


Shores up the theory for me that she actually works the phones in a call center and is pretending she’s actually someone’s personal assistant or whatever. She’s probably telling callers the opening hours of the mall lol. Can you imagine her lying that she’s going to London in that job.

No. 561000

She likes the comments she gets reinforcing her delusions that she's gorgeous. Her last two posts complain about what lolcow…i mean ~people ~ say and they give her asspats and strenght to deal with haters.

No. 561002

File: 1524261848797.png (16.06 KB, 440x83, wp_ss_20180420_0003.png)

Ill people you trigger with spoopy pics define what's triggering to them you dumb twat.

No. 561012

The creepy dude in the background amuses me. Same, dude, same.

Sushi with… bacon?

Sure Aly, that "friend" just so happened to grab your phone, switch your favorite filter on, and totally took a video of you without you even noticing! Seems legit.

Been catching up on your lolcow thread again, have we?

No. 561044

File: 1524268231275.jpg (15.33 KB, 292x65, fuck off aly.JPG)

She's still playing in your support (img).


Get some exercise.

No. 561237

look, i understand there is some kind of underground dont call aly fat shes kind of 'skinny fat'. but aly really is getting chunky. take from a few years ago, sure anorexia is not a good look but we all know the mcdonalds and pies arent doing her any good. shes bulking up. and add on the alcohol constantly, homegirl is slippin

and while her brand is all about eating disorders and supposedly overcoming them, no one here can deny she still has some disordered eating. her whole instagram life has been anorexia but at this point the 'redistribution of fat' whatever.. i feel bad for her but there obviously is no effort on her part to actually heal herself mentally. shes sick and is shows physically.

No. 561342

File: 1524305537556.png (1.59 MB, 1321x513, Untitled.png)


Of course she's getting chunky. This is the crap she eats. A once a week treat for most people is a quick snack for Aly. Ma paying for all this is killing Aly with sugar and fats.

Ugh, idk how I will surviving this weekend because Aly is going to be less present because busying getting morbidly obese.🙈

No. 561355

File: 1524307993188.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7322.PNG)

No. 561357

>breakdown strong af

So breakdown is an emotion? Where's Berty? It's seafood n dog blanket day. Why so sad?

No. 561360

Aly is a living example of how shitty your mood is on such a shitty diet.

No. 561363

File: 1524309826649.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7323.PNG)

Our poor recoveryqueer skipped one (!) meal! She must look hollowed af!

No. 561364

would it fucking kill this bitch to eat something green once a year????

No. 561386

>back from the night out clothes from yesterday headache duties to do at home pressure tiredness break down strong af

that sounds like an aliexpress listing title.
aly-express. kek

No. 561390

"Duties to do at home". It´s a hard life.

No. 561412

go away ana-chan. She isn't chunky. She's not underweight anymore and her diet is atrocious, but she is not overweight and her weight isn't killing her (anymore).

I find Aly pretty disgusting as a person, but I think comments like these are pretty disgusting too - especially because she does still have an eating disorder. It's like some people only see recovery as acceptable if a person is BMI 17-18 or has a 6-pack. She's a pretty stupid woman and it's going to take some time for her to realize that her current diet isn't "freedom," it's a form of eating disordered behavior. She needs help to build a healthy relationship with food (and other people, since she's a self-absorbed narcissist) and I hope someone gets through to her about that.

She's not even close to being obese, so throwing around words like that about someone who was a fucking skeleton in 2015-2016 is shitty.

No. 561413

Why doesn't she ever bring clothes with her to Berts? Her bag is big enough. Or maybe keep some clothes there? I would hate waking up with a hangover then having to wear that tight dress.

No. 561449

If you didn't take a photo of your snotty nose, did you even ~fEeL tEh FeElZ~ (?)
Jfc she reached a new low…

it's called a hangover, drink water and pull up your strong inspiring warrior-pants you whiny shit

No. 561450

File: 1524325554654.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.32 KB, 471x605, 20180421_173821.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 561465

She looks better without crusty eyeliner
Now if only she learned to do her eyebrows, took care of her skin and stopped scrunching her forehead like that

No. 561494

This looks like a mugshot

No. 561502

lol calm down

she just took 5 years off with not having make up on, but id believe here sad face more if she wasnt still doing her signature mouth pinch.

No. 561545

It sort of looks like the 3rd or 4th picture in a "faces of meth" sequence.

No. 561549

Love the snot.

No. 561581


OT but Ma C. looks sad. Didn´t her sister just die? I genuinely feel sorry for her.

haha kek or "McDonalds - not even once"

No. 561628

File: 1524341902312.jpg (51.89 KB, 364x646, ok npw.JPG)

She's okay now. She's having pizza with Sonia and Berty.

No. 561629


>two days in a raw


No. 561637

>this time with friends.

Last time and most of the time with mom

No. 561641

File: 1524343530320.jpg (55.28 KB, 370x657, 1.JPG)

Lush is back. It's so lush she's drolling over it and taking multiple pics rather than eating the fucking thing.

No. 561647

File: 1524343920728.jpg (47.65 KB, 428x303, snot.jpg)

No. 561652


tf spoiler that

No. 561701

File: 1524346991500.jpg (33.73 KB, 363x658, 1.JPG)

Aly felt deserving McFlurry by night #raiseup

No. 561728


NGL that shit does look ~lusssshhh~. F you aly for making me crave lasagna at ass o'clock in the night.

No. 561741

File: 1524350192830.jpg (146.91 KB, 1200x845, Piroshki.JPG)

You need to get some frozen lasagne in. I saw a youtube about Russian pies earlier (!) and I've craved one since I saw it. Not like I've got the cash to charter a private jet to Moscow or w/e but if I was a multi millionaire I'd totally do it. Now I'm looking at pies on google images.

Gotta say, she's never posted anything that's given me a craving. Not into sweet or cheesy stuff.

No. 561798

Forgot to whiten her teeth there. Compared to Sonia's pearly whites she looks like a 60-year old chain smoker.

No. 561851

It looks like she tried, because the other two teeth near the end of her smile look brown af (!)

No. 561964

are they eating pizza with silverware? is that how it’s done in italy? how fancy

No. 561984

But she wasn’t a healthy weight then is what she’s saying.

No. 561991

It’s pizza you dumbasses kek hence the pizza emojis and her saying she went out for pizza

No. 562009

When I visited Italy, I watched everyone using knives and forks on their pizza. As an amerifag, it was sort of funny. So I did the same. I didn’t want to seem like a Neanderthal.

>why not?

Because diabeetus

I’ve said I’d a million times but I’ll say it again….GROW UP ALY. You’re not a fucking 10 year old. You’re a grown ass woman. Act like it. This behavior is abysmal.

No. 562043

I'm pie anon and I knoooow it's pizza. I thought the sloppy tomato n cheese combo reminded craving anon of lasagne.

Aly posted a caption congratulating herself on how well she reacted against her breakdown. Instead of drugs she did kitkat McFlurry. Who needs big pharma when you got big golden arches.

No. 562076

This looks amazing. Reminds me of Pagach, which I can't get in this country. Thanks, anon. Cravings activated

No. 562106

File: 1524401208400.png (128.5 KB, 640x960, IMG_7325.PNG)

Berto evidently has just as poor taste in tattoos as Aly. 'Hopes and fears' smh

No. 562108

File: 1524401313508.png (98.77 KB, 583x814, IMG_7326.PNG)

samefag, she's gonna bite her tongue off one day posing like this

No. 562126

Don't worry anon, she's not gonna eat it, it doesn't have enough carbs

No. 562154

pizza three days in a row (!)

No. 562186

File: 1524414031001.png (53.99 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7328.PNG)


No. 562204

the way it's positioned, it reads like "Sadon" lol

No. 562230

deleted already. Not enough asspats? What will happen next? Will Aly
a) fight her worst breakdown ever with lush #fries and #coke -positivity? Or are we in for
b) more pictures of her snot-drolling nose?

No. 562233

I read it as SADOH, lol. That is a shit tattoo. The letters are all the wrong size, especially that tiny O. Why did he get it written in English?

I thought you didn't care about how fat you'll become, Aly. Show us the comment or didn't happen.

No. 562234

File: 1524418493681.jpg (18.92 KB, 493x68, o rly.JPG)

No. 562253

File: 1524419883823.jpg (25.95 KB, 292x174, lol.JPG)

She's claiming she's BMI 19. Ooookay.

No. 562255

File: 1524419966087.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.15 KB, 349x400, mirkin.JPG)

…and a spoiler for rampant pubes

No. 562261

uhhh..those dont fit. Ask for the size up.

No. 562269

File: 1524420977869.jpg (197.29 KB, 818x818, goodpic(NOT!).jpg)


No. 562270

Yeah. I really hope she didn't buy them.

No. 562379

File: 1524426829405.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.55 KB, 306x475, Cc.JPG)

deleted because denial

No. 562382



No. 562413

You can see all the lines on her stomach from the previous pants she wore. She’s clearly stuffing herself into pants that are a couple sizes too small.
And ooof and those shorts. She’s in total denial about her size. My cooch hurts thinking about what it must feel like to sit in those.

No. 562429

this fucking font just made me physically cringe

No. 562456

File: 1524430026241.jpg (8.6 KB, 194x260, too-small-bikini.jpg)

I fear the season is approaching where worse is to come.

No. 562459

File: 1524430150640.jpg (46.32 KB, 336x563, sugar.JPG)

Weight gaining fear yet



No. 562883

File: 1524448728495.jpg (64.01 KB, 625x355, Screenshot_20180422-195418.jpg)

How about you take your own advice instead?

No. 563112

File: 1524468520291.jpg (230.13 KB, 978x667, recipe.jpg)

because it´s bomb af (!)

No. 563113

well im pretty sure when her emotional eating triggered serotonin receptors in her gut there was no doubt she got her #motivation back

but we all know shes going to struggle tomorrow over mcdonalds fries and coke

No. 563168

File: 1524501367563.png (386.71 KB, 432x587, 2018-04-23 18.33.53.png)

This outfit is the bomb. I´m so jealous.

No. 563207

Sage for kind of personal but she really is skinny fat, my bmi is about 22 and i look thinner than Aly and i don't considere myself like "skinny". About some anons above, of course she isn't fat (yet) but with that numbers (!) she wrote, i just realized what a disaster her body is, skinny fat people often struggle with high cholesterol and tryglicerides, even diabetes… Hey Aly! I know you'll see this but even thin people get "fat people diseases"! visit a nutricionist!

No. 563220

Why is her thigh wider than her head?

She bought those shorts. Her life is a series of bad decisions.

No. 563255

Lol poor Ma Casati took Aly shopping to get rid of her old ill fitting shorts and this dense motherfucker goes for the same fuckin thing on a different color, i kill me

No. 563256

File: 1524506555286.png (1.55 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7350.PNG)

She went to work dressed like this??

No. 563298

File: 1524509792228.jpg (396.21 KB, 1392x812, alyandma.jpg)

>poor Ma Casati

imho, really NOT (!). Ma raised this narc and to this day she enables Aly. She pays for the shit food, she takes most of the pictures, even did when Aly pretended to eat while remaining a walking skeleton!
Not long ago, she gave Aly a shirt that is at least 2 sizes too small (probably from the kid´s section) as a gift.
So I guess she doesn´t see anything wrong with those black shorts either.
It´s super weird because Mel herself obviously knows how to dress quite well and she does not have that batshit insane look in her eyes.
But she can´t be quite right in the head, sitting back and watching, even supporting the shit show that is her daughter´s life.

No. 563299

Lots of relatively wealthy families have that laissez-faire approach to child rearing. My bf's parents never gave a diddly squat about him and let him do whatever "as long as he's happy". He's 25 and has just graduated from high school.
Aly's mother looks like one of those parents.

No. 563312

might just be me, but ma casati has some worn down bulimia lookin front teeth. maybe aly picked up on something else other than her narc personality

No. 563356

For someone as obsessed as she is about everyone seeing her as a fragile skinny delicate flower, she sure picked shorts she’s exploding out of. Lol BMI 19, I’d say 22.

No. 563393

Chav style complete with Croydon facelift.

No. 563395

sorry if blogpost but idk the concept of enabling is tricky
my ma hated how she felt she had no choice but to stop resisting my behaviours when ill because she was so scared of muh dhying she didn't know what to do- how much would she blame herself if she did something completely sane but I responded in a crazy anachan way and things got messed up really bad
maybe Aly's mum felt she was toeing that similar line of fear- whether to protect aly from her illness or abilty to self arm or w/e

No. 563464

My theory is that Ma had a difficult birth. Aly was denied oxygen and it resulted in some brain damage. All her life Aly's been pampered by Ma because she's traumatised at the memory of Aly almost dying as a newborn.

This is why Aly can't do anything for herself and is immature and special needs. It's also why Ma buys Aly too small Donald Duck t shirts and caters to her every whim.

Basically, Ma and Aly are both fuck ups. I mean LOOK AT THE WAY THEY GRIN LIKE LUNATICS.

No. 563466

(Also, Berty is special needs because that would explain a lot. He met Aly on a special needs forum/dating site and that's how they got together).

No. 563505

Does Aly ever eat well.. vegetables? Not even sure if her pizzas have vegetables (tomato is a fruit so doesn't count).

I thought a huge part of recovery was learning to take care of yourself, to take care of your body and help it heal (well as much as possible) from the abuse you've done to it over the time you've had your issues. To me in the IG community, a lot of ana-chans look at recovery and think "what's the opposite of sickness, health right? Opposite of starving must, therefore, be scoffing only foods that you've denied yourself for years (mostly MC D's, or cake). The higher the calorie, fat and sugar content the better regardless of nutrition.

It's not normal or healthy to eat cake at every meal, or ice cream, or flippin' porridge (good start) with layers of cakes, sweets and syrup piled on top for morning noon and night. Isn't it still just another form of abuse to your already suffering body? It's like there's no balance. Hoping they manage to get out of the situation before their health suffers more.

I just don't get this whole generation of IG cake-chans.

No. 563511

Aly isn't deathly emaciated anymore, though. It's time for some tough love and either help her gain independence or help her get her raging personality disorder under control.

No. 563515

""what's the opposite of sickness, health right? Opposite of starving must, therefore, be scoffing only foods that you've denied yourself for years (mostly MC D's, or cake). The higher the calorie, fat and sugar content the better regardless of nutrition."

this is absolutely aly's mentality. she eats nothing but her old forbidden faves and a suggestion that maybe just have those as treats after you eat healthy balanced meals, she would interpret as dieting and therefore toxic when it's just fucking eating normally. She's dualistic as fuck and only understands ana mentality and the exact opposite of ana mentality, so she's obviously not recovered in her mind.
It's like if someone went from being super pious about religion to constantly hurting people and stealing because they don't understand morals or compassion outside of a religious framework. The only ideas aly understands about eating are within an ana framework.

No. 563516

She's posted a few fried (!) shriveled peas on her plate with Ma's burnt lasagne. That's as close as it gets.

No. 563522

>The only ideas aly understands about eating are within an ana framework.

Not sure about this. She was anorexic for a relatively short time. There are even pics on her fb of her pre ED eating ice cream. If she'd become anorexic as a child then I'd understand, but it's not like she doesn't know what moderate eating is because she was slim before the ED kicked in.

No. 563528

File: 1524520691829.jpg (56.37 KB, 668x749, breathe.JPG)

The fabric is trying to escape being sucked into the crotch vortex.

This already hurts just looking at it.

If she can go to "work" like this, she ain't working.

No. 563533

From chin highs to crotch skimmers. Everything has to be extreme.

Those shorts won't last the summer.

No. 563540

that hurts to look at

No. 563543

what I don't understand is how anybody could want eating stuff like that all the time? Like, yeah, I love myself some junk food but if I ate like this for a day I would get cravings for fruit or a fresh salad the days afterwards. Having this shit every day would make me feel so greasy

No. 563559


>how anybody could want eating

That's a very Aly phrase (!)

I wonder if she's ever seen Supersize Me.
(Youtube clip contains the puking scene so TW TW TW. This is what I think of when I see Aly's diet).

No. 564063

>To me in the IG community, a lot of ana-chans look at recovery and think "what's the opposite of sickness, health right? Opposite of starving must, therefore, be scoffing only foods that you've denied yourself for years (mostly MC D's, or cake). The higher the calorie, fat and sugar content the better regardless of nutrition.
I've been wondering for awhile how/where/why this mentality started. It does seem quite popular. Instagram? DIY-recovery online communities? I guess (and hope) this isn't a trend among actual mental health professionals.

No. 564211


Blogpost but - it definitely started on internet self-help forums, both for those with EDs (real and self diagnosed) and their parents. It’s not endorsed by most mental health professionals, and there’s this whole insanely parents site where they ream out doctors who won’t endorse the parents force feeding their recovering kid ice cream and cake until a point way past a healthy weight, in a way that is honestly abusive to the child.

Forced over eating on junk food as a means of recovery is SUCH a blunt instrument and underscores the need for a medically monitored recovery (which Aly barely had by the sounds of it). Fear food should be taught to be consumed in normal quantities with normal frequency, not literally every meal.

No. 564293

File: 1524580392195.png (1 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7351.PNG)

No. 564294

there's no way she's at work and still finding time to post pictures, reply to comments/delete comments. She's such a goddamn attention seeker .

No. 564296

File: 1524580594310.jpg (100.06 KB, 797x581, Capture.JPG)

Aly's written a message today. Not on her face (!) but on the scales she "threw out of the window" last year.

She obviously weighed herself because she's hoping in your support because she feels like a ~number~

Yeah, she's not working.

No. 564297

File: 1524580611154.png (438.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7353.PNG)

Aaand this comment has already been deleted

No. 564298

Eww, kiss her bootie. I'm about to do some projectile vomit.

No. 564300

I hate the way she uses "cures" too. Nitpicking but it just irks me.

No. 564302

She slaughters the English language. That's not nitpicking. It's a crime that should be punishable by hanging in her case.

No. 564318

What does the bottom comment say, ital-anons?

No. 564324

"but she's huge."

No. 564330

Google translate said "but it's huge" idk if she means Aly or the gallon of ice cream she's eating in the pic.

No. 564334

File: 1524583601610.jpeg (255.89 KB, 743x1027, D0E4A77C-3433-43B3-8FC4-F1EF22…)

Not sure if this’ll get deleted so I capped it, also this girl does follow Aly, that’s all I know.

No. 564336

Does not** ugh I kill me

No. 564341

File: 1524583878443.jpg (26.2 KB, 312x229, alys army.JPG)

Here's a google translate

No. 564345

That martimmi person looks like a model. The kissy face is ugh and she seems vanish (!) but Aly is probably jealous.

No. 564351

>unleashing the army of salvation
I know it's google translate, but still sounds a bit Aly-like

If there are any Italian anons, could you please translate? I wouldn't be surprised if Aly actually threatened someone with her followers harassing them

No. 564355

The Salvation Army are a Christian organisation. She might mean her followers would be all evangelical about how great it is Aly's giving herself diabetes. Idk, hoping on Italian anon language support(emoji use)

No. 564357

File: 1524584962708.jpg (39.05 KB, 334x576, Capture.JPG)

Even when she's walking she films from an unflattering angle. Her clothes are so tight that she looks like she past the third trimester. Must be bloating.

Hope she'll change her clothes tomorrow.

No. 564427

Didn't she wear this shirt Yesturday?

No. 564459

File: 1524592952144.png (724.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180424-120023.png)

Sounds like she's decided to start exercising.

No. 564544

>[martiimmi] @wokeup2recovery @aly_sjourney Come on, delete the comment, like you always do with everyone who doesn't worship you as if you were a goddess!

>[aly_sjournal] @martiimmi Ask yourself: why do you follow me? I can't get it

>[martiimmi] @aly_sjourney I've answered in private to avoid unleashing your salvation army

Interesting, at first I think she only meant "your whiteknights" while trying to sound dramatic like Aly. Didn't think about her ~religious~ fans, but I think you're right.

It definitely sounds Aly-like, but that's because Aly translates everything literally from Italian. However, if you try to translate Aly's posts into Italian, they never make sense. Kek

No. 564559

I think Ma drank too much when she was pregnant and feels bad that Aly is a partial tard. And that’s why she is enabling Aly.

Or maybe she dropped Aly on her head. Ma feels guilty for something. If she actually cared about Aly she would kick her out of the house and stop enabling her. Ma does all this to make herself feel better.

No. 564567

The "salvation army" is an Italian translation of whiteknights, the comment doesn't look like Aly's if you know the Italian language, but I do think that girl knows lolcow, she said things we've wrote here.

No. 564580

File: 1524600754539.png (196.87 KB, 640x986, IMG_7359.PNG)

Why does she have such veiny tits?

No. 564588


Why does she put her hand in her crotch at the end of this clip? Probably gotta pull those shorts down every few steps before they saw her not size zero bootie in half.

No. 564615

File: 1524603844364.png (1.11 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180424-145114.png)

This lighting too…also I'm almost sure she's laying on a tile floor. The kitchen floor maybe?

No. 564638

Sorry to be THAT person, but you are a mistake Aly, so is continuing this fake positive recovery account you can’t let go of.

No. 564694

I don't get what it is, but aly seems to equate depression/sadness to lying/sitting on the floor? It's a recurrent theme in her repertoire of shit

No. 564705

I just don’t get why she doesn’t take these pics in her OWN bedroom unless it’s her floor, but still why not the bed? Nothing about Aly makes sense, gives me a headache..

No. 564783

Lol. I used the emoji to mock Aly. Learn to integrate with thread culture, farmhand (!).

Feel such a mistake now. I go to lie on floor.

No. 564798


what the actual fuck, this looks like straight out of a horror movie.

No. 564844

File: 1524619767547.png (208.44 KB, 640x360, udders.png)


I've noticed she's losing a good handful of followers every day.

No. 564847

Just saw this comment … gross

No. 564850

Hate to say it, but some of the causes for these kinds of veins may make Any rethink some of her lifestyle choices, or could be from her “1 hr runs”. Either way, not a cute look.

No. 564855

Idk what causes them so I googled but only found pregnancy and cancer.

No. 564992

Everyone be careful when liking comments on Alys page; got myself blocked for someone politely saying her shorts were too small and I liked it. It was bound to happen eventually since I don’t kiss her gross ass but now it’s a pain to see her profile.

No. 565035

Happy wednes-YAY babies.

I don't get her criteria for blocking people. I was positive she would've blocked this person who said she obv misjudged her BMI as 19 and that she needs therapy, but she's back.

I hope Aly answers this scales thing because she makes a big deal that she trashed them yet she's scrawling on them with eyeliner.

No. 565037

File: 1524641603890.png (19.19 KB, 475x122, wp_ss_20180425_0003.png)

Dropped pic

No. 565063

Saged for personal stuff

I (26) had those veins for years and I know quite a handful of women who have them as well, and they don't have an ED. They eat balanced and healthy food and work out regularly. I think it has to do with your connective tissue and how elastic it is, maybe?
I am grossed out by a lot of stuff Aly does, but not by her veins.

No. 565083

File: 1524649746262.png (18.01 KB, 441x106, wp_ss_20180425_0004.png)

Yeah, right. Because everyone keeps broken shit lying around the house.

No. 565094

Ah, yes, it's always instagram that randomly deletes her shit! How very convenient, I mean, how rude of them. tears of laughter emoji

No. 565212

Yeaah, and she claimed it like 3 times, maybe to followers to say things like "oh, no, Aly, don't exercise!", "you're so fragile" or sort of… but nobody cares about that… bahaha…

No. 565351

File: 1524677869254.jpeg (610.71 KB, 1599x1599, FFC35154-91BC-4166-8790-FB4FBB…)

New comments on the ice cream/ scale pic. Turns out she WAS saying the ice cream was huge and not Aly. Also I like seeing non farmers leaving these kinds of comments. Surprised it’s still up honestly. She mustn’t have seen it.

No. 565368

it was pretty clear anyways, if she meant aly she would've written "sei" instead of "è" I guess? (not fluent in italian, only studied it for some years)

No. 566128

It's just a way of saying "whiteknights", no religion involved.

No. 566175

File: 1524745257214.jpg (538.59 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20180426-141849_Chr…)

She's going to Rome for the weekend…but still no mention of London? Lmao guess she thinks people will forget about it

No. 566211

File: 1524751107929.png (140.18 KB, 640x787, IMG_7381.PNG)

The ungodly 'dresses' are back.

No. 566213

fuck that is so unflattering… aly.. gurl, youre getting too big for those. please for the love of the the fabric, get. rid. of. them. and bury that poor poofy skirt too. its been through enough

No. 566222

Must've booked sone tolime off ~work~. She can't go to London yet, her boss must still be stuck in Rotterdam.

No. 566272

File: 1524759151614.png (284.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7383.PNG)

Stop playing, Aly. You're going to babble about it whether anyone asks you to or not.

No. 566376

File: 1524765938889.jpeg (779.52 KB, 750x1220, 9634615B-5DD4-4DC9-9CE5-C4535A…)

This is what she was talking about, she went for drinks with her friends and they ordered no cal drinks while she had food and a beer. Bitch’ll use normal outings for attention no matter what’s going on…

No. 566411

File: 1524768496564.png (110.55 KB, 631x987, IMG_7386.PNG)

Fucking yikes.

No. 566435


To be fair, long shirts as dresses are not a good look on anyone… I´d be scared of my pancake ass cheeks slipping out any second if I was her.

No. 566438

no i agree, i just thought it was a three sizes to small bodycon

No. 566506

Maybe it's not the calories that are making her uncomfortable but the fact that others don't have a need to stuff garbage down their throat for every meal and snack.
She's scared of anything healthy. When was the last time she had a glass of water or fruit/veggies, jesus

No. 566566


No. 566797

Kind of agree with you. I barely believe other girls only drunk alcohol "zero" and anything else… I mean, I know italians and mediterranean people are more aware of their shape (if I'm wrong please tell), but 'confort food', alcohol and wine are pretty common. I can't believe that wherever Aly is, she's always surrounded by victoria secret models who only eat fruits and "light" alcohol. Even Sonia, who is dancer, seems like someone who will eat and drink normally in a meeting.

No. 566855


it's only ""difficult"" for aly because she's turned herself into a fucking garbage disposal unit

get the fuck over it aly, what OTHER PEOPLE choose to drink is none of your fucking business. eat your lard and shut up

No. 566870

This whole post pisses me off. She will throw a fit if someone comments on what she eats for lunch, but its ok for her to comment on what other girls eat? Get the fuck out Aly.

No. 566915



This exactly. She preaches you should eat and drink what you like yet you shouldn't drink Pepsi Max or eat something with green in it.

At the end she admits its triggering when people talk about weight loss. Well DEAL WITH IT, SNOWFLAKE. Most people who like to be slim and tonic by choice don't have an eating disorder. Aly, you're a jealous hater.

No. 567120

File: 1524839696849.png (1.58 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7394.PNG)

Jesus, just eat your cake and stop fishing for asspats

No. 567131

Judging from the other person's glass it looks like they just got water. She's so overly dramatic about the dumbest things. Some people just like to get water, plus because its free??? Doesn't have to be about losing weight, Aly. Jesus.
Actually I bet she's the one that needed to go eat and everyone else wasn't hungry so they had to go along with Aly to get her recovery warrior meal.

No. 567142

Also, why was she apologizing for her english in the last stories? Its the same as it always was Aly. why say sorry now?

No. 567191

>I've been stressed af these days at work (and that's why I'm emotionally on a trembling bridge 7/24 🔙 stories). Today I had a little confirm that prob in the coming week/10 days I will have some rewards (!)🙊
Upper grade? Salary? Responsibilities?
I can't go in details but keep your fingers crossed

Someone…explain? Is she fucking up her English again and means promotion? I'm starting to think she works for one of these shitty companies that make you sell shit to relatives etc or phone people to try to sell them shit. They usually have flexible work time and you don't have to sit in an office or dress nicely. Other than that I seriously can't figure out what her job would be.
Oh, and maybe the "reward" is a trip to London lol

No. 567227

File: 1524848754665.png (211.9 KB, 640x788, IMG_7395.PNG)

So much black and white. So much depression. Must be such a stressful life.

No. 567241

File: 1524849678176.jpg (14.74 KB, 278x93, 1.JPG)

Especially when she has to make ends meet. Thanks for the laugh, Aly.

No. 567280

Aly is so spoiled I guarantee she doesn't have to do any of this stuff.

No. 567617

>make ends meet.
maybe someone threatened to take away her daily cafe trips or are making her pay for them.

and only an emotionally unstable recovery queer such as her would think that getting a water is triggering.

No. 567618

Was there even any proof of an actual job yet? I like how at her one job she was posting constantly from the bathroom and about work constantly and now nothing.
Aly if your life is really this stressful you would not have time or energy to post on instagram all day every day.

No. 568175

She has no job. If she was really working somewhere she wouldn´t stop complaining that she´s no longer able to stuff her face with fries and donnies every two hours. And she would write never-ending captions about her hollowed face and how she´s back to BMI 17 because she can´t eat nonstop all day long like she used to.

No. 568185

I wonder how she can afford to eat out nearly every day
she must spend approx. 400 Euro a month

No. 568186

Yup. And the weird random days off

She's going to Rome tomorrow, bikini pics incoming

No. 568194

File: 1524941443062.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1707, IMG_20180428_115028.png)

Ugh, here comes the worm again.

No. 568198

Maybe the water will be too cold… I hope.

Her mom probably pays for all of it. It's also sad how she can afford to go out to eat every day but almost never spends money on new clothing

No. 568204

File: 1524942434691.png (12.63 KB, 289x80, Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-28 um 2…)

This proves she has no job. If she just started her super challenging sophisticated job in march, she would certainly not be able to take several days off so soon after.

No. 568225

File: 1524943997080.png (643.62 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7398.PNG)

No. 568318

She won’t do it. She’s too disordered to move away from her ED and the attention it gives her. I get her account is a recovery account, but every photo and caption talks about weight and food.

I’ll cut off my left food if she actually goes a whole week without mentioning EDs, weight or food (in a disordered manner, ie; feeling guilty, other girls ate salads, etc).

No. 568331

File: 1524950678276.png (293.94 KB, 318x615, st.png)

No. 568387

I wonder if she understands what the person meant? She'd probably eat that crap

No. 568401

File: 1524954692191.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x1350, 31157025_368143947030269_50815…)

fucking lol

No. 568405

File: 1524954975082.jpg (88.08 KB, 309x432, wow.JPG)

Damn! I was heading over here to post this pic. she looks like a drunk aunt at a BBQ.

I found the caption interesting.

No. 568439

is….is this for real? please tell me this is photoshop omg.
>bmi <19

No. 568549

The show “what not to wear” should come back to TV just for Aly.

Fucking travesty.

No. 568882

BMI 17 for sure. Lol @ how she whitened the four upper front teeth and the rest of her teeth are yellow AF.

No. 568979

She'd qualify for that show where someone looks like shit and they do a massive makeover. Can't think of the name, but it's mostly people stuck in bad style choices.

Didn't she say she was in Rome for a week because now it's three days. I'll laugh my tits off if she's back hokme after a day because ~work called~.

Looking forward to three days of no food pics and no reference to anorexia…

No. 569032

(This is the programme I meant - SNOG MARRY AVOID. It's been revamped with a different name, but I still don't know that).

No. 569049

File: 1524999904536.png (1.66 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7401.PNG)

No. 569055

Why isn't Berto with her? Why's she suddenly invented she has claustrophobia?

I wish, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, she'd quit the animal ears thing.

No. 569100

The sad thing is one of these shows or Gok Wan or something could totally make her passable… and maybe a personal trainer/dietician… And a lot of therapy.

No. 569104

File: 1525008564557.jpg (17.55 KB, 277x261, gok.JPG)


Gok's first sighting of Aly.

No. 569230

File: 1525023199708.jpg (982.9 KB, 1072x1906, 20180429_193225.jpg)

And so it begins.
We'll be seeing throwback pictures of this for at least a week and a half

No. 569234

A week and a half? Try a couple of months!

No. 569240

lol @ "fueling myself properly." highly doubt she has any idea of what that really means.

No. 569254

honestly, i think this is a nice picture. i know she has a disgraceful lifestyle and diet but if she stopped trying to be ED SURVIVOR WARRIOR INSPO and just posted these photos like a normal person she'd seem so much better.

No. 569262

File: 1525027603089.gif (9.26 MB, 600x750, spaz.gif)

She's well on her way to bingo wings (!)

No. 569263

File: 1525027695492.jpg (12.75 KB, 185x167, o.JPG)

She looks unrecognisable here. Probably the light or w/e, but she looks ill in the face.

No. 569264

how does she “avoid panic attacks” like i highly doubt she’s sat down and practiced techniques she’s learned from a professional to calm herself down from panic attacks. her “panic attacks” are probably mild anxiety or shame… imagine if she experienced a REAL panic attack. like a, impending doom, heart rate at 170bpm, tunnel vision, chest pain, call 911, type of panic attack.

No. 569267

Her first swimsuit at a healthy weight? She might not be healthy but she's been weight restored for ages now, and has worn plenty of swimsuits.

At least she's admitting it now. She is no longer hollowed.

No. 569268

Anyone who posts pics while having a ~panic attack~ (eg Aly), isn't having a panic attack.

She's still telling everyone she's still BMI 19 though and she's "almost" at her pre ED heaviest.

I really, really do believe she's special needs.

She wore that bikini last year. I cba to find it though for comparison.

No. 569270

File: 1525029055796.jpg (550.84 KB, 809x1013, 1498764679051.jpg)

(previous thread, 9 months ago)

No. 569276

OH FUCK she looked so much better then. Even with the fried crusty hair
She has really gained a lot. BMI 19 my ass

No. 569295

File: 1525031505583.jpg (18.27 KB, 500x174, teef.JPG)

This is so unfair (!). From yesterday. She whitened her teeth but left Berty's all janky.

No. 569436

Please tell me someone else sees the third nipple on her boob. What the hell is that??

No. 569455

looks like pimples or bites to me.

it's funny/sad how we've been pointing out her puffiness etc since before that pic, but in comparison to now that pic looks fab.

No. 569462

Because she’s not stuffing herself in pants that are two sizes too small. She has no idea how to dress herself and refuses to go up a size or two.

She looks good here because angles, lighting and light clothing.

No. 569467

Samefagging because also she was at a lower weight and I don’t think she was being 100% honest about what she was eating. I think she was still skipping meals.

No. 570088

Remember when we thought this much was embarrassing? I'd almost say this is cute now.

She looks pregnant

No. 570089

File: 1525098944707.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7409.PNG)


No. 570090

File: 1525099083927.png (1.53 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7408.PNG)

Samefag, her friend looks so uncomfortable

No. 570093

She has one unfortunate camel toe now
It pretty much looks like she has a dick to be frank about it

No. 570098

>muh mediterranean large hips!!1
She's… rectangular…

No. 570105

Imagine being on vacation in wherever the fuck she is and not eating any of the local cuisine but instead choosing to eat ice cream and McDonald’s like she does every day back home. This just proves how unhealthy she is…. she’s not willing to eat foods outside of her comfort zone, even though her comfort zone is hamburgers and fresh fries and other garbage

No. 570119

It looks like she's growing a Gunt.

No. 570123

Oh, and since when is visiting Berto's family a "holiday"?

I had a thought last night (because I think about Aly 27/4). Now's the time students take exams or finals then go back home for summer if they haven't got a job. Will Berto be going home? Aly's meant to be moving in with him (although she already does…at the weekend apart from mealtimes in May.

No. 570132

She's in Rome and she did post some calamari thing that she claims can only be found in Rome.

Her bikini looks stretched and bad, but tbh I expected worse.

Does anyone else think that even just a few days of sensible food (vegetables, fruit, whole grains) would change how her abdomen looks? I think after 4-5 days a lot of that bloat would go down.

No. 570135

I think some of her stomach issues is slack muscle. Not sure any of that's even bloating, that's just her excuse for belly fat.

No. 570139

idk with her diet don't you think she poops 1x a week max?

No. 570143

File: 1525102800310.png (4.82 KB, 183x276, images.png)

Probably really bunged up, yeah. Healthy foods would make her fart more, so that'd help with bloat if that's what she claims to have.

Does she actually eat anything with fibre?

No. 570154

Lol, she must be constipated AF, but I agree with anon above you. Somehow this doesn´t look like bloating. It´s too soft and wobbly for that.

No. 570156

She probably means Labor day when she says holiday

Only the lettuce in the burger lol

No. 570160

Or the occasional strawberry on a piece of cake. But I wish she would give up fruit completely because I feel the strong need to punch her whenever she says "strawbs".

No. 570796

File: 1525150738477.png (309.63 KB, 463x451, 2018-05-01 06.56.26.png)

Looks more like fat than bloat.

No. 570811

Good, let her be fat. I’d rather ana-chan’s have extra pounds.

No. 570812

Agreed. She honestly looks pretty good/healthy here. Usually she looks psychotic, but even her expression looks pretty normal here?

No. 570918

File: 1525168400539.jpg (25.07 KB, 402x407, e.JPG)

Even if Aly had the body I find the most attractive, I'd still find her physically repulsive. I think years of watching this freak's clouded a lot of our judgement about her. She's not even ugly, but I can't stand her face and things like her yellow teeth make me feel the same shivers as if she had a melon size purple growth on her face.

Her personality and attitude are also what makes Aly "Aly" and I can't separate them.

Repulsion aside, she'd be less offensive if she (as we all agree) did something about her clothes and hair. Shame she can't change her personality though.

She's been having bikini pics taken with her arms in the air. I'm not sure if she's doing that to make her stomach look flatter or if it's her latest "thing" (like hand in hair, etc.) I'd rather she do that than suck in though, because that's hypocritical and makes her stomach look deformed.

No. 570921

File: 1525168648003.png (79.36 KB, 384x155, no filter.png)

Accept yourself (!)

No. 570981

File: 1525179304590.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7416.PNG)

messed up af

No. 571010

She always gets needy after she's been away a few days. You'd think she'd been on a life-changing, soul searching year long adventure in the tropics.

No. 571012

File: 1525185760347.jpg (66.36 KB, 363x657, k.JPG)

aaaaaaaaaaand here we go…

No. 571015

Being away from ma too long probs causes it

No. 571020

She can't live without Berty's chest wig and seedy wink.

No. 571054

What happened to a few days in Rome? This happened last time she went to Rome…she was there’s for a day or two when she supposedly was gonna stay a week.
I think her and Bert’s parents don’t get along. They probably hate her as much as we do.

Or Aly wouldn’t leave her phone alone and her and Bert fought about it.

No. 571073

Can you imagine how his parents describe her to their friends, "She talks about anorexia and eats a lot of McDonalds. Her clothes are very…tight".

No. 571086

File: 1525196648558.jpg (93.25 KB, 927x595, food for boobs.JPG)

She always shows her best side. Holy Mary Mother of God.

>Have been so tempted skipping lunch once at home because of sadness + all day sitting in the train

Yeah, you want to try depression where you don't get out of bed or eat for days on end. How sad she spent so much of her time away still obsessed with having pictures taken of herself.

No. 571088

>skipped lunch
I know she's an ex ana but normal people do that too from time to time so no, you don't have to freak out over not eating burgers and fries once

No. 571090

and look at those mouse teeth wtf

No. 571093

File: 1525197051745.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7422.PNG)

For someone so obsessed with "perfection", her version of it seems pretty fucked. I know people look worse from different angles but.. really? This was the pic she chose?

No. 571095

File: 1525197299766.jpg (87.04 KB, 560x552, aly love.jpg)

She looks beautiful, you hater.

No. 571096


>that side boob spillage

I hope she buys a better fitting swim suit this summer.

No. 571102

File: 1525197764393.jpg (79.37 KB, 585x720, HTB1caQvHVXXXXbyXFXXq6xXFXXXh.…)


I checked her ebay feedback and she just bought this.

No. 571117

You're kidding

No. 571764

I have to confess that I have a lurker account and occasionally (once every 2-3 weeks) post a bland, encouraging comment so that if Aly ever does a rage-purge or takes offense at something I ask her, I have a greater chance of being kept.

But every time I do it, I die a bit inside.

No. 571966

File: 1525288243367.jpg (901.82 KB, 1080x1778, 20180502_210811.jpg)

Someone tell her she's stealing someones intellectual property by taking those quotes and posting them on her account! Lol

Other than that she's just repeating the same bullshit in her captions

No. 571975

Whose words is she ripping off now?

No. 571977

Duh, forget that, you mean the BODIES pic. I'm tempted to say that's my artwork and she should remove it.

No. 571981

File: 1525289524743.jpg (385.73 KB, 2896x2896, 20180502_132852.jpg)

What's happening lol? I thought the one on the left was just because it was a still shot from a gif. But I guess her face is just like that now?

No. 571987

File: 1525289786661.jpg (28.14 KB, 400x364, c.JPG)

Her teeth aren't though, she remembered to whiten. Yeah, it's odd to think of how she looked just before bad skele and now. I wouldn't recognise her as the same person.


No. 571992

While I'm here I refuse to believe she pays for her sushi lunches with "tokens" supplied by her "work".

Time travel early 1990s and my first job. I was given a book of Luncheon Vouchers. These could only be used in places with a sticker in the window that said LV. The voucher would only stretch to a sarnie and a cup of tea. Definitely NOT (!) a sushi bar and all the other fancy pants places she eats at.

I conclude: she has no job and Ma takes her for lunch and pays every day.

No. 571993

what the fuck happened to her face?
this isn't any normal bloating that i've ever seen before. it's like the aftermath of someone plastering their aunt's head onto a young woman's body

No. 571995

Allergic reaction to herself?

No. 571998

File: 1525290708736.jpeg (750.22 KB, 640x600, 822A2751-BF52-471F-9B33-7C007F…)

Remember when she looked like this? I think there was still loads of rumor about her not eating and throwing away her food, we never talked about her frog face tho
She even looked cute I think a cute delicate tiny and breakable face

Now we pray for her to not become the mother of a whale child

No. 572003

Can't say I'd call that face cute tbh, but there was a point before she became a skull where she was obviously ill and gaunt but looked okay. Okay as in better than she looks now.

Perhaps she's just ageing badly, but that doesn't usually happen at 22.

No. 572004


Speaking from my own experience and after exchanging some thoughts on MPA:

It’s not hard to believe that this is a visible symptom of a refeeding syndrome and it won’t go away ever , it’ll only become worse.
Many girls go through this when they start to eat a carb rich diet , especially processed sugar that enters your bloodstream so fast that your body bloats (water ) and fills the body part with permanent water and fat (body fat needs a big amount of water to be built)

The result is an overall bloating. If I was her I’d start with 1000 calories and a low carb diet… she’d have potential to look at least like a human being

No. 572005

Ageing? She’s 22 girls that age might look like 30 from partying every night and drinking but they rarely have suche. Bloated face

Also she used to have visible saliva glands or lymph knodes when she was a bit skinnier so I guess , maybe she has face cancer

No. 572006

That's why I said that usually doesn't happen at 22. Generally people grow into their faces from teens - late 20s. Instead, I guess too, she has face cancer from cigs n sun.

No. 572008

>That's why I said that usually doesn't happen at 22.

*unless progeria

No. 572009

File: 1525291385354.jpg (62.1 KB, 621x640, Doctor_Younan_Nowzaradan.jpg)


>1000 calories

>low carb diet

No. 572015

I swear to god it would be a good start

Coming from 100 cals a day being a sceleton, yes , 1000 cals could lead you to a BMI of 18

No. 572018

she makes me fear recovery oml(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 572023

Nah, don't fear recovery. Fear HER diet.

No. 572029

It’s not about recovery. She NEEDS recovery that’s it. She just switched from being anorexic to binge eating on hyper caloric foods and from what I believe she’s probably into chewing spitting or bubble gums too, her face is just too disproportional to the rest

Recovery is actually about getting rid of the eating disorder, gaining weight would just be the result of eating „normal“ amounts of foods but even this has become so controversial…
I know skinny girls that claim to be naturally so skinny but I think they’re unconsciously skinny because they probably eat like 3 times a day, probably their parents cook low caloric and they walk all day who knows

No. 572056

File: 1525294473483.png (698.03 KB, 748x1181, IMG_20180502_135343.png)

No. 572087

she wasnt cute here either. Honestly she was the best looking before her ED. It has completely ruined her life, and her looks.

No. 572110

I don't know why this post is making me laugh so much LOL
>What's happening lol?
ANON LMAO I DON'T KNOW! Oh my god her moon face! It's only getting worse! How much worse can it get??

No. 572125

File: 1525299051357.gif (691.96 KB, 358x277, 260BB242-37F7-4AD5-9BB5-F69DEE…)

If I was a disordered anachan, I’d never look to Aly for motivation on the fear of looking like the moon from the Mighty Boosh

She should be the poster child of why you shouldn’t eat cake for breakfast lunch and dinner.

No. 572127

It's not the amount of calories, it's the diet consisting of only junk food. And no, nobody fucking gets to a healthy weight by eating 1000 calories a day. Go back to MPA.

I would feel the same and fear I'd start to look like her, if I didn't know that she's not really recovering. Her relationship with food is still incredibly unhealthy, just flipped upside down.

No. 572135

File: 1525299458853.jpg (70.6 KB, 400x364, 201805024680855948109985898.jp…)

I apologize for nothing.

No. 572174

Someone talented draw this for the art IG pls

No. 572355

I made that last berto + ma + aly + barn + cows pic.. I’m on it! Will do it in a day or two when I have some free time

No. 572408

File: 1525324637210.png (671.89 KB, 2000x2500, moon.png)



Not really, but you did ask

Also not above Anon, just a bored Anon

No. 572422

File: 1525325615923.jpg (63.63 KB, 344x624, cheerstothat.jpg)

>She even looked cute I think a cute delicate tiny and breakable face


No. 572435


No. 572439

She just refuses to be healthy. One extreme into another

No. 572473

Her weight looks pretty healthy here? She just has an unfortunate face shape.

No. 572480

This thread is creepy. Y'all are just as obsessed with her weight as she is.(no1curr)

No. 572615


for all I care she can weight anything and I wouldn't bother giving a shit. But here's the thing; she claims she's recovered and she's leading on other anas into their doom of wellbeing by falsely advertising what's healthy and completely ridicules the whole idea of body positivity, as she claims the only way to be a "real woman" and happy is to have "curves".

Oh and and she's an ignorant arse.

No. 572645

What happened here?

No. 572678

File: 1525358505599.png (415.16 KB, 728x406, Untitled.png)

I love how you included that mile under her lip.

She's asking of support because a hater sent her a comment saying she'll get fat because she eats a lot. Sure, Jan. She knows her tardarmy comment when she mentions being victimised. If it happened, we'd see a screen cap.

No. 572679

mole* i kill me

No. 572719

And she’s a misogynist and sexist lol

No. 572722

File: 1525363772097.jpg (41.01 KB, 451x488, greeeeed.JPG)

She's everything shitty. That's the most accurate way to describe her.

Can anyone please translate what she's saying here
>In the last period I've been effected by some 'normal-weight-eating-behavior' thoughts

Does she mean she's been thinking about not eating a family size cake every day?

No. 572726

I'm pretty sure it just means she wants more cake (normal-weight-eating-behavior cravings)
or else is now feeling the after-effects of eating too much cake and is temporarily repulsed by how shitty she's feeling on her stomach
I'm surprised her stomach is holding up with all the shit she's eating

No. 572730

Unless she brushes her teeth a lot (which is unlikely judging by the colour of them), her mouth must feel like the bowels of hell with the sugar.

Really though, the size of that slice plus cream, plus the Oreo on top. That's a health hazard. In the UK they'd slap a sugar tax on that.

No. 572731

So, while she’s gaining weight everywhere, her face just looks bloated.

I’d probably throw money on the fact that she’s moved onto purging. When you vomit a lot, your face starts retaining water taking on that super puffy look- that’s pretty common among bulimics. It looks like she just moved from one disorder to another

No. 572733

I doubted this for a long time (until a couple of weeks ago), but it's looking a likely explanation. Her baloon face aside, no way is she eating all that junk and isn't the size of a whale.

No. 572741

Aly's weight is fine in general, she's just a shitty person with a shit diet she refuses to change which has turned her face into a pumpkin, and has likely given her a fatty liver
Her face suddenly bloated out almost one size larger than it normally is

It's possible but so far her teeth are indeed looking quite alright for someone with bulimia if it has been for this long? I could obviously be wrong here but I imagined her teeth looking more yellow or greyish by now if it was bulimia?
However with a shit diet for 1+ year and not having ballooned about an extra 50lbs, it could be a likely scenario except for the fact that she was discharged from inpatient care from her clinic

Why would the clinic discharge her if she does have bulimia?
I doubt they would have let her go only to take her in as an outpatient if they knew she had bulimia?
I doubt she'd hide it with having such pride not too long ago in being skelly?

No. 572754

I've been AN-BP for several years and my teeth are probably better than hers lol. I do think she purges. Maybe she just takes care of them like I do.

No. 572779

I don't think she was puking right away out of the hospital. If she is purging, it's only been recently, and maybe not everyday. That's my theory.

No. 572794

Before I was here to see if she would actually ever gain weight and tell the truth about what she is eating.
Now I'm here to see how much weight she is going to gain and if she will ever eat normally.
Oh, how times have changed. The ride never ends. What's next? Recovery from obesity?

No. 572802

My interest in Aly changed from her weight loss/gain to what she's going to do with her life/not do with her life. All the lies and ~breakdowns~ over being left alone for a few hours fascinates me. I think she'll become overweight and it'll make her more insecure but more of an exhibitionist at the same time. Idk, I like watching the shitshow that's Aly's non-life.

No. 572804

File: 1525372999205.jpg (64.23 KB, 985x307, zzz.JPG)

See, the fact she posts this cake multiple times is really wtf.

No. 572847

File: 1525376781788.png (59 KB, 468x351, wp_ss_20180503_0002.png)

She's used this I-ran-into-an-old-friend-said-I'm-fat scenario too many times.

No. 572951

not only is she posting different angles of this same fucking cake. She posted that first pic you have, the same picture, twice. Im noticing shes using the swipe option, but she will re-use the second or third pic in a whole separate post.

No. 573134


>friend: wow! You look healthy and happy with the weight you gained!

>Aly’s brain translation: wow! You look fat! Must be all that cake you eat on a daily.

No. 573263

File: 1525400460961.gif (4.52 MB, 316x398, ezgif-2-0cc2af6d9c.gif)

Aly complaining about her friend

>okay it's time to say it, ways to tell someone you became fat. There are a thausand bettar ways-eh, You got bettahr, you got eh-lthy, more beautiful-ah, sssss, let's think about that-eh.

No. 573300

File: 1525404985285.jpg (84.41 KB, 544x544, lol.jpg)

I spent so long looking at this that >>571987 looks abnormal to me now.

No. 573342

Except none of those are true. You aren’t healthy, you aren’t better, and i wouldn’t go far as to say she’s beautiful. She’s not ugly but she doesn’t wear nice clothes(or ones that fit), her hair is a mess and her bloated face is scary(in a matter of health).

No. 573366

Can anyone please translate what she's saying here
>In the last period I've been effected by some 'normal-weight-eating-behavior' thoughts

took a while for me to figure it out but I'm pretty sure she wanted to say something along the lines of "stopping to eat all these sweets/snacks since she's at a healthy weight and does not need to gain anymore"

No. 573598

File: 1525446152147.png (62.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7447.PNG)

No. 573627

Nah, disappear forever, Aly.

Triggered by spending weekends with Berto again.

No. 573661

File: 1525452156579.gif (2.8 MB, 320x554, 20180504_104025.gif)

? She doesn't even smoke like a normal smoker. Is she even inhaling or is she lieing about that too because it makes her "cool"?

No. 573662

File: 1525452187249.png (35.28 KB, 457x181, wp_ss_20180504_0001.png)

She came back to post a pic of a brownie and tell everyone she looks fat. Helpful.

No. 573663

Looks like she doesn't inhale. What a waste. How much are cigs in Italy?

No. 573705

File: 1525455800083.jpg (73.21 KB, 743x563, emoo.JPG)


No. 573722

around 4.60Euros/Pack

No. 573723

File: 1525457005876.png (4.86 KB, 274x76, boo.png)

You only have two of those things Aly and you're failing at both of them.

No. 573730

For 10 or 20? Just asking because I had to switch to a douche flute because now in the UK we can only get packs of 20 and it's around 10 quid. Fuck you, Aly you nicotine wasting brat.

But she's been too fucked up to DM or do Life (except take a pic of herself under a blanket). For 22 though, I'd say she's making a shit tip of her life.

No. 573834

Pretty sure it's just 10 for 4.60

No. 573907

File: 1525472885782.png (891.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180505-010231.png)

Having to witness Aly's revolting diet every day, her brother has the urge to shove entire lettuce leaves into his mouth to compensate.

No. 573910

CRINGE. She actually doesn’t inhale, omg. It’s just that she smokes soo much yet. it’s all for show! I bet once she inhaled and got so dizzy and hated it (that, or she thought it was too harsh) and so now she just smokes without inhaling to fit in

Posted this on the art account! @alicecasatiart

No. 573958

Bert’s burger is smaller than aly’s. Must have triggered her something fierce

No. 573960

Samefagging because I could help but notice them holding forks and knives. Fucking kek. I know itals use utensils for pizza …but burgers and fries? I kill me.

No. 574121


His looks like the bun is actually chicken..

I've been drinking so correct me if I'm wrong

No. 574176

It could be, or maybe some sort of fried bun. This whole photo is hilarious the more I look at it. It looks like bert and mateo are eating the garnish like it’s a salad. But I think it’s just a side of optional lettuce and onion for your burger.

I still can’t get over the friend in the glasses who looks like he’s about to knife and fork that burger.

No. 574177

>knife and fork that burger
he probably is, it's a lot more normalized there to eat what we'd consider finger food with a knife and fork

No. 574349

It's 5€ (minimum) for 20 cigs

No. 574395

File: 1525534634048.png (24.14 KB, 296x265, rosty potatoe.png)

i don't even know why but this alyism is killing me rn

>rosty potatoe

No. 574446

She mentions in her stories that she's staying over at Berto's again. I don't get how she tells people she lives with him but then she'll make it obvious she doesn't. Does she forget her lies or does she have no shame about lying?

Anyway, it's May and she still hasn't mentioned moving in with him after making his proposal over seafood that she move in with him in May sound like world shattering amazingness. Also no mention of London.

As for the shit she eats, if she feels fat why does she insist on eating junk? It's kinda like after Christmas when everyone feels sluggish because they've indulged and they start to wind down and want to do a health kick or just get back to normal. With Aly, it's as if it's Christmas splurge every fucking day. Either she doesn't feel fat or she's never heard of food that isn't greasy or contains a pound of sugar.

Hope she posts her cinema candies. That would really make my whole day to see that.

No. 574503

I noticed Bertos burger doesn't have a top bun, its a hashbrown.

No. 574507

No no no anon, that's a rosty potatoe

No. 574538

I hate to say this but this is actually a thing. (Even though I think it sounds absolutely retarded. It basically sounds like a sad attempt at directly translating the word "rösti" to english instead of using the word hash brown)

No. 574560

sorry girls! rosty potatoe. I feel so unworthy, I kill me.

No. 574561

File: 1525551101443.png (176.62 KB, 306x507, bs.png)

How does she know her post was ~reported~? Insta would've deleted the spoopy shot and replaced it with a warning. Or is she saying the text was reported?

No. 574565

File: 1525551237755.jpg (90.27 KB, 680x453, rosty potatoe.jpg)

Potato rostis are these things though. I tried to make them but it didn't work (didn't soften the potatoE before frying). They look massively different from hash browns. It's like saying he's got mashed tatoE on top when it's a baked potatoE.

No. 574571

over here they're both called rösti, even when they look like traditional hash browns.
Guess I'm lacking potatoE education. Brb consulting Aly for support4support

No. 574574

File: 1525551804290.jpg (136.7 KB, 369x534, Screenshot_20180505-141842.jpg)

For comparison

No. 574577

I've only ever had ready made hash browns and they taste different/different texture. The potatoE is more like pellets in hash browns. I don't like them tbh. I won't tell Aly though because she'd call me a hater.

All I'm thinking is how difficult to eat that'd be without cutlery when it's meant to be a burger. I'm also thinking what a wanker Berto looks pointing at his food (and missing the plate).

No. 574668

File: 1525558950516.jpg (10.4 KB, 234x62, fuck.jpg)

*uck, Aly is trolling us.

No. 574692

File: 1525561015976.jpg (20.36 KB, 616x157, _20180506_015056.JPG)

Oh so she's trying to dissolve her bones with that diet.

No. 574703

I really want to write some sort of poetry using just lines from her dumb captions
I'm gonna become Alyam Donniespeare

No. 574733

File: 1525563827611.jpg (85.13 KB, 465x900, leggings.JPG)

so she's just going to wear these same leggings everyday?

No. 574959

File: 1525596626176.jpg (21.72 KB, 219x228, smugggg.jpg)

No. 575026

File: 1525613166142.jpg (19.11 KB, 381x81, af.JPG)

>self care

Laundry aint that difficult, Aly. Put your leggins in the machine and detergent in the drawer and switch on.

I'm surprised she doesn't get cystitis or a yeast infection because her vadge is constantly crushed in fabric. You gotta let it breathe, y'know?

No. 575058

File: 1525618678356.jpg (330.4 KB, 720x893, 20180506_165556.jpg)

I don't know what it is but something about this picture is just so wrong
She does not look human

No. 575076

File: 1525620817606.jpg (99.84 KB, 815x599, emo selfie.JPG)

Lol, I came here to post the same thing. I'll post it with text to show how she's really #struggling to be THE insta #recoveryqueer and is leaving. Again.

How can she not feel like a total spaz stretching her arm out to take a pic of herself with an angsty facial expression on public transport?

Yeah, she looks fug. I thought pic 1 of her as old drunk aunt was bad, but her eyes are all in different directions like a fish in this one. Ugh, how repellent.

No. 575078

Also I think I can see she's sprouting some grey hairz.

No. 575150

What happened to changing her account to a more personal account and not about food or recovery?

She just wants everyone to say “no Aly stay! You are our QWEEEN and perfect and not fat”

No. 575176

File: 1525629690160.jpg (106.2 KB, 652x397, Screenshot_20180506-115834.jpg)

I guess it's not self-arm anymore.

And shes still talking about moving with Bert.

No. 575291

File: 1525638681712.jpg (53.75 KB, 500x370, large.jpg)

When she posts about not posting on her account I suspect it's because she cba to reply to DMs she gets from people. She obviously doesn't care about them and if someone's persistent and a copypasta response isn't enough then she'll ignore it. When she ignores a lot and that gets on her newly-found bewbs then she posts she can't deal with life because omg ~so stressing~

My theory anyway, and she totally reads here because moving in with Berty was mentioned yesterday.

She'll be back to posting her mindnumbingly dull content tomorrow apologising for not being there to help and hoping we're not disappointed by her (followed by comments with shit loads of emojis and hearts saying how she needs to look after herself and rinse and repeat).

No. 575378

Since we know she reads here, I wonder if that would affect a bingo game. We haven't played one in a long time. Like would she see the bingo board and specifically NOT do the things to try and mess up our game?

No. 575392

File: 1525647090334.jpg (55.78 KB, 757x600, rodent.JPG)

If I hadn't seen this picture on Aly's account with my own eyes I wouldn't believe this was not the work of a farmer.
She's literally a caricature of herself.

No. 575437

Seriously what the fuck? Was it the lighting that day? Has she been editing her pictures all along and we couldn't tell? but this one isn't? When did her eyes nose and mouth get so small? i'm so baffled…she looks so different. like, this is a twin we didn't know about?

No. 575441

File: 1525652166552.jpg (404.37 KB, 2896x2896, 20180506_181304.jpg)

I had to lighten them all up and put them all together. Her forhead got so small too.

No. 575467

File: 1525653433412.png (189.07 KB, 600x291, 1lens103117.png)

My guess is either the morning drinking made her face bloat that day OR this is just someone else's camera with a different focal length to hers.

No. 575476

The left one of Aly's is a still from a boomerang though, so it was definitely taken with a/her phone as usual.

No. 575698

Italian here, they don't sell packs of 10 anymore. It's 4,60 for a pack of 20.

No. 575721

File: 1525680860733.png (1.58 MB, 948x1198, Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.04…)

Aly trying to talk to the camera is a fucking nightmare

No. 575732

We can test that, but wait a couple of days til she's over her latest rentaghost thing. (Even though she's probably going to be posting as usual today).

No. 575734

(Original cig question anon here. Thanks for that).

No. 575757


I'm was pretty sure Aly rolls her tabacco? If I remember correctly I saw a pouch in one of her snaps, can't find it right now but I remember she took a pic of her corona and it was there. Rolling tabacco It's very common in Europe, I don't know to what extend it is in Italy/Milan, but where I live it's more common than buying packs. it could be her friend's, maybe she alternates between cigs and tabacco. Rolling tabacco is cheaper.

No. 575800

File: 1525699829004.png (154.45 KB, 640x915, IMG_7490.PNG)

The fucking socks are back. I kill me

No. 575817

She looks like a healed burn victim

No. 575841


>THINGS YOU DON'T NEED to start the week:

- Those socks, bin them now
- That burger, eat a fucking salad, even mcdicks has salads

No. 575845

File: 1525704524998.gif (4.17 MB, 275x393, 2732445.gif)

No. 575889

not that anon but hospitals do start you on really low cal diets for weight gain if they suspect you will be prone to refeeding syndrome. you wouldn't have just 1000/day for very long, just a few days before moving on to higher cal but it is a thing, only in certain circumstances though.

No. 575919

That burger looks wretched. How can anyone be so open about eating that garbage and not be embarrassed. And she just ate a huge burger the other day.
Slow down on the red meat girl. Add colon cancer next to diabeetus.

No. 575926

File: 1525713937496.png (483.04 KB, 580x578, 2018-05-07 19.23.21.png)

My goodness, how many pictures of this disgusting piece of junk is she going to post? Is there nothing else happening in her life?

No. 575941

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. So she went to work wearing this.

Oh dear. Smfh. That doesn't look fit for human consumption, does it.

Her ig hiatus didn't last long. Anyone want to do the bingo card?

No. 575947

Sorry if I sound like an ana-chan, but pls spoiler stuff like this; it looks like someone vomited microwave velveeta on a shitty mcdonalds burger

No. 575950

File: 1525716202309.jpg (76.24 KB, 816x572, carbz.JPG)

You can eat whatever you like as much as you like and it won't damage you!

No. 575951

lmao I was thinking the same thing

just goes to show how disgusting her idea of 'normal' is that things like this food pic and her hideous selfies are main attention focus (and even how dull her day to day life and thought processes must be)

No. 575955

File: 1525716516543.png (244.5 KB, 424x316, anatomy.png)

Her hands really are puffy. It's not even body fat because they're really disproportionate to the rest of her body (except maybe her face).

No. 575961

water retention

No. 575987

File: 1525719223087.png (361.9 KB, 473x512, Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-07 um 2…)

What a fuck. That´s really hard to understand for someone whose first language isn´t English.
"I ave itten all day…" "So, pless belivve me…"
My ears hurt after watching this.

No. 575995

File: 1525719369856.png (297.91 KB, 463x481, confidence.png)


Ohhh, I don't bother watching those messages but I checked this one out just now. What's she going on about "moved at zero"?

She's never been more confident? Doth protest too much.

No. 575996

Holy fuck she looks 70 years old.
Does she have a snotty nose?

No. 576002

Yep, it's from her >>561450 (close up >>561647 )

No. 576057

There's an even more cringey one of these on her stories but I don't know how to cap that.

Imagine witnessing this from a bystander perspective. Grown woman in hooker socks jumping around at a children's playground, waiving a foul looking McD burger and spreading it to take countless pictures. All the while her mother stands there capturing everything.
If any were present, I wonder how many parents quickly grabbed their children and left.

No. 576082

File: 1525726103335.gif (10.46 MB, 420x747, ezgif.com-resize.gif)

I don't know what'd be worse - her Ma filming it or if it's a selfie.

Making this a gif, the thingy played the video frame by frame. Her tits almost fall out at one point.

This is how she PROOFS she's feeling great. Tomorrow we might see her on the monkey bars or swings.

No. 576114

File: 1525728833187.jpg (519.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180507-233303.jpg)


No. 576119

File: 1525729103934.gif (1.38 MB, 242x270, lolz.gif)

Omfg, she…she…thinks it means won't take her out to eat??

No. 576123

I just really want to know if she knows what it means and wants to look ~liberated~ or if she thinks it means taking her out to eat because that would be fucking hilarious

No. 576141

noo you shoud've asked "what does that mean, aly?"

No. 576142

File: 1525731081591.gif (473.69 KB, 472x345, good idea.gif)

I think that person changed the question.

No. 576150

excellent, please give my best regards to "that person" !

No. 576155

I hope she buys that shirt. It'd make my Aly year to see her wear that all summer.

No. 576405

A part of me thinks she knows what it means, since shes always counting orgasims not calories. Plus shes gross like that, it fits with the underwear shoots. She wants people to know she has sex.

No. 576489

File: 1525752129146.jpeg (351.61 KB, 1489x1489, 1A8A838E-7B01-47E8-84EF-2C781B…)

>>575441 I didn’t even do anything. She just looks this way…

No. 576580

File: 1525759608169.jpg (42.16 KB, 529x638, itotallydotehsex.jpg)

yas that´s classy af get it Aly gooorl #realtalk #talkasrealasyourrecovery

other super empowering feminist slogans would be
>anorexic chicks don´t swallow ;-)
or see pic

No. 576597

File: 1525762932459.png (9.92 KB, 477x64, wp_ss_20180508_0001.png)

I love when non farmers write comments like this.

No. 576631

File: 1525770779154.jpg (12.62 KB, 286x100, Capture.JPG)

Just caught this, and then it was deleted.

The question about the t shirt's gone too.

No. 576660

>question about shirt gone

The person who asked that question stole Aly's intellectual property, let's not forget about that (!)

No. 576665

She blocked (!). Hm, that means she can't report anything posted on that account anymore. Interesting…

No. 576690

File: 1525786695764.jpg (135.47 KB, 594x747, Untitled.jpg)

I am still not over that she saw shit like this and thought "no, not ironic at all".

I don't think she knows how to buy stuff online. I hope one of her lovely followers coughdogsandposcough send her the shirt.

No. 576698

File: 1525788614304.jpeg (437.97 KB, 750x959, F26CEA88-80BC-42B8-ABC0-40B2A9…)

Looks delicious! NOT

No. 576702

File: 1525789785191.jpg (154.75 KB, 1201x652, okay then.JPG)

She's stuffing her face with a bucket o' ice cream again after (she says) a break because ~ too many weight-gaining and body dysmorphia struggles~.

Shame it didn't stop her stuffing her face with that revolting vomit filled burger yesterday or the family-size chunks of cake, but o well.

Don't sound like she thinks she's fat here and don't dare tell her she is!

No. 576706

It looks like…I won't say, but…you'd definitely need a course of antibiotics for it.

No. 576724

File: 1525791631198.jpg (36.8 KB, 496x315, Capture.JPG)

Her bucket of sugar costs 10 euros

No. 576744

This is a sharing portion… I've been in that place last year, the server told us that. How can she wolf down that thing alone and then eat afterwards?
If I ate this alone it would be for lunch and probably no food until dinner

No. 576755

File: 1525795499907.png (32.9 KB, 473x216, wp_ss_20180508_0002.png)

She's going to sperg again.

No. 576761

File: 1525795784200.jpg (90.39 KB, 1079x231, 20180508_180105.jpg)

She works near the Dome and always has lunch at Citylife. Unless you have 2hours lunch break, it's impossible such a thing.

No. 576762

Bet she quit that job like she did the others.

No. 576805

She smokes tailor mades, you can tell by the filter that they're not rollies, and she legitimately wouldn't be able to do it. Also the ten cigs per pack thing is an entire EU pieces of legislation - you're not allowed to sell less than certain amounts anymore.

No. 576814

File: 1525801147613.png (1.69 MB, 1360x615, oops up in the air.png)

Yeah, sucks you can only buy 20s in the UK and big pouches of baccy. Reluctant giver up-er.
Vaping's crap, but back to Aly - looks like stretching herself is her latest pose thing.

No. 576830

File: 1525802333772.jpg (49.07 KB, 474x413, blocked.jpg)

Aly, you're an insufferable cunt.

Someone asks to see the Cathedral you wanted to show off without you obscuring the view with your gut and you send a pissy DM.

I'm not surprised your life's a mess. Fucking blobfish. You are BLOCKED (!)

No. 576832

File: 1525802533770.png (333.61 KB, 307x539, never forget to remember.png)


Never forget how lucky you are not to be Aly.

No. 576894

File: 1525806411449.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1686, IMG_20180508_120555.png)

Ugh, self centered bitch!

No. 576897

She's so mad that not everyone wants to admire her pancake ass and cottage cheese thighs from 100 different angles lol

No. 576911

She’s jealous of a building. I hope Aly has a fucking epiphany soon because she is a fucking dunce.

No. 576927

File: 1525808169194.jpg (28.51 KB, 293x204, stalker.JPG)

Milan Cathedral took six centuries to build.
It's the third largest in the world.
One of the nails that went through Jesus' wrists (if you believe that) is in that building.

So much history and interesting facts,


let's read Aly talking about her fat thighs, stretch marks, gut and cellulite and look at her too tight shorts and belly hanging over while she fake poses in the sun with the historic Cathedral blurred in the background.

It's just a building.

This bitch, sailorunicorn or w/e. This is one freaky stan.

(btw found out about the cathedral on wiki because it's not like Aly gives a fuck about it).

No. 576968

what? the? fuck?
no wonder she has no friends. What a fucking brat

No. 576992

File: 1525812769295.jpg (631.76 KB, 1080x1920, 20180508_225019.jpg)

"I didn't want to upset/trigger people ):" "better post a spoopy tb!"
I mean seriously?

She also claims she had orthorexia for 5 years now? I don't think she knows what it really is

No. 577017

I don't think she can count. I don't think she even knows where she is most of the time.

No. 577034

She doesn't understand units either lmao
>one millimeter of my +23 kg gained

No. 577045

File: 1525817613790.jpg (134.86 KB, 1211x535, obese lady.JPG)

She thrives on drama and followers arguing (especially if they're picking on one person who tells her she's eating shit).

Anyyyway, this woman keeps popping up on my youtube suggestions. I think it's because I watched some dessert videos, or maybe because I went through a watching mukbang phase, but I clicked on one of this woman's videos. From what I can tell she's (obviously) morbidly obese but she says she's eating healthily because she wants to lose weight. Her "healthy eating" is all this crap.

The point of the above blurb is that THIS IS HOW I SEE ALY IN 15 YEARS TIME. Srsly guize, this is Future Aly.

No. 577122

File: 1525825352511.png (4.2 KB, 277x77, bite-a-burger-huge-and-with-a-…)

It should be obvious to everyone that Aly eats a balanced diet IRL, despite the fact that she spends 7/24 posting every morsel of garbage she eats to Instagram, and only uses the word "balanced" twice a year in response to cyborg bullies who are hateful enough not to endorse guzzling McBacon daily.

Also physical health = orthorexia, binge eating = intuitive eating.

No. 577228

File: 1525837821099.png (632.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180508-214230.png)

Life is more than food. Yet every single day, posts pictures of food, and her eating food, and posing with food. Even McDonald's food, when everyone knows what it looks like. Why do we need to see the inside of a burger? Is it because life is more than food? Because that makes sense.

No. 577237

Thanks for posting it on the art account, I put a million hours into it clearly. So I'm glad you liked it hah

I'm really seeing the water retention form her shit diet and not monitoring her sodium intake properly.
She needs to steer clear of salt for a good 2 weeks minimum to help with that. Whether it helps with her face however is another story

No. 577326

How is this channel called?

No. 577328


She calls herself Pink Fairy. I didn't link it because it might be boring (fat woman showing her groceries and eating pizza) or you might think it's a self post (lol).

Maybe there's a story in there but it makes me feel ill watching her eat.

No. 577332

File: 1525862715332.png (293.77 KB, 363x662, beggin for commentz.png)

Aly aint gonna post today. She shows you the post where she talks about it so you can beg her to post and call the haters assholes.

No. 577377

She's already posted two times today. Again writings on her face and her boobs full of weird veins.

No. 577384

File: 1525873809611.png (172.51 KB, 640x901, IMG_7500.PNG)

No. 577388

weirdly this wouldn't be the worst picture of her if she would stop with the body writing shit and fix her brows

No. 577422

No, Aly, you are your NOTED. You cling onto that identity with dear life. You definitely aren't ~independent~. You live with your parents, you sponge off your parents, you drag your mum to eat lunch with you because you don't want to eat alone and you freak out if you're left alone at home for more than an hour. At 22 years of age.

No. 577490

File: 1525889436059.jpg (702.3 KB, 1058x1881, 20180509_201028.jpg)

No. 577540

Holy shit, what a challenging day. She ate lunch, dinner, and worked. You know, like every single other person on the world. Wow

No. 577586

File: 1525898608274.gif (71.32 KB, 500x267, 147A49BA-3866-40F2-A3E7-CCED96…)


Yea but no one seems to remember her ED. No one cares she used to be a gross spoop that faked recovery.

No. 577650

File: 1525903871711.png (60.29 KB, 646x578, Omfg.png)

A little blogpost but it's for a good reason, trust me. I just remembered something I did a while ago.

Some months ago I was hospitalized for ed shit and I was completely going crazy.
One day I had a dream about being Aly and I woke up 100% sure I was her, so I fucking wrote "Mom?" to her mother on facebook.
Some days after, Aly wrote me "Sorry, did you write to my mother?"
And I simply replied "Sorry, I thought I was you"

…yes, that's the proof that an ed can completely fuck up your brain lol

(Censored the names bc I don't know if I can post them here- also I wanted to sage but this is too fucking hilarious)(blogposting)

No. 577654

Are you for real hahaha holy shit
I hope you're getting the help you need

No. 577658

(ot but i think i found your facebook profile)

No. 577710

This is some next level shit. I once had a dream that Aly started having sex with all her stans and I was "undercover" and slept with her. Had to take a break from following her after that.(blogposting)

No. 577916

On occasion I dream about cows due to the fact I check lolcow most often before dozing off to sleep. I’ve never had an Aly dream but I’ve had dreams of being a spoop and freaking the fuck out. I’ll never understand the appeal of looking like a walking corpse. Vom.
I find anachans interesting which is why I tend to follow some of them. Most are too revolting and cause me headaches from the chronic eyerolling.

No. 577919

Also, I hope you’re better anon. That seems like a horrible place to be mentally.

No. 577930

File: 1525925704943.jpeg (628.44 KB, 750x934, CA9255D3-6738-4265-BBCF-562117…)

>recovery, not even once

She confirmed in her caption that she doesn’t get along with bert’s family. I can’t figure out why they are together. Also claims she doesn’t usually share this sort of thing. I laugh

No. 577935


Except for the slightly crazy look in her eye, this might be the best pic I've seen all year. Probably because she's almost covered up?

Her hair is looking much better lately…did I miss something?

No. 577985

This is really off topic, but it's crazy people mentioning having dreams about her because I recently had a sex dream about her too…i was disturbed when I woke up remembering what my dream was about one detail at a time. Bleh!(blogposting)

No. 578024

Oh, I had one about sex with Pa Casati, that's even worse. And then Aly was mad at me because she wanted him for herself?? That was freaky to wake up from.(blogposting)

No. 578031

She was in a relationship with his friend but was in love with Berto. Her stans think that's romantic. Am I missing something or is it fine to fantasise about fucking your boyfriend's friend and having pics like this taken? Both are disgusting.

PS Never had a sex dream about Aly. If I ever did, I kill me.

No. 578109

File: 1525961842734.png (954.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7523.PNG)

No. 578110

File: 1525961879138.png (112.31 KB, 640x801, IMG_7524.PNG)

No. 578112


that's one fugly arse

No. 578114

would love to see aly's face photoshopped into this pizza

No. 578118


Would love to see that pizza shopped onto her ass. It could be entitled The Persistence of Recovery.

No. 578119

File: 1525963564083.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1841, IMG_20180510_074439.png)

So… She wore that? Like in a public place?

No. 578128

File: 1525964786729.png (24.24 KB, 309x135, Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-10 um 1…)

She pretends to be at work in this caption (eating this pizza during her "lunch break"). So THIS is what she´s wearing at her workplace??? What kind of job does she have, if she even has one?

No. 578129

It’s tacky as fuck.

No. 578177

i know this is a couple of days ago but i lold hard, ty anon
i don’t understand how she attracts these kind of people. who would want to be her friend anyhow? literally all she does is post cheese fries to instagram

No. 578194

So her beehind is staying flat but she's gaining weight on her thighs? How is that possible? I'd rather look at her spazzy face and that's saying something.

>Human beings relax AND contemporary EAT.


No. 578195

File: 1525970870191.jpg (34.19 KB, 429x455, jesus wept.JPG)

Yup, pure cellulite.

No. 578228

File: 1525975406821.jpg (44.47 KB, 636x311, nutritional.JPG)

She has a BALANCED diet.

No. 578232

I need to know what kind of work she has. I'm actually thinking about going where she 'works' (or at least where she has lunch) cause I want to see with my eyes what she does every single day!

No. 578234

She works here https://citylifeshoppingdistrict.it/en/restaurants/ and if you look at the places to eat there, that's where she goes.

No. 578239

I know where she works. And I'm thinking about going there one day just to see what she does.

No. 578241

Got to say, if she worked in my city I'd be there looking for her in a flash. She kinda needs to be seen to be believed. I want to see her and Ma together doing these shoots.

No. 578247

Exactly! I want to see what she does and how she acts. Does she really eat all that stuff? Does she really work? And what about Ma Casati?

No. 578250

File: 1525977917295.png (1.46 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7530.PNG)

Finally home.. at a completely normal time. Meeting friends and boy, aka Ma Casati

No. 578251

File: 1525977955387.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7531.PNG)

No. 578252

samefag, overfunctioning? She's just doing what literally every fucker else does.

No. 578253

File: 1525978170707.png (176.47 KB, 640x902, IMG_7532.PNG)

Why is she so obsessed with posing like this all of a sudden? She looks ridiculous.

No. 578262

I was going to say that before I got to your comment. Lol. She must think the world sits on their arse with no friends or anything to do while she has an amazing life. In reality her life is really repetitive and dull, like most peoples who don't try lives.

I KNOW! I KNOW! I'm sure it's to make her look like she's not dumpy. Unless she's into some weird static Tai Chi or she's saluting the sun. Isn't she so very very odd.

No. 578264

File: 1525978924624.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.56 KB, 236x588, ew.JPG)

I thought she said she'd hide away and cover up when she was a spoop.

No. 578267

The irony of her being an Italian, living in Italy, one of the countries with the richest food culture, and choosing MacD's over all the amazing shit there is to eat

No. 578280

I think she's trying to look thinner actually

No. 578283

Her clothes, her taste in films, her choice of food…she's as cultured as a knock off Ugg boot.

No. 578385

File: 1525986146819.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7533.PNG)

No. 578418

File: 1525987715928.jpg (29.15 KB, 288x400, champion.jpg)

Over functioning again.

No. 578676

sage for ass kissing but she was legitimately cute in the top pic, i'm kinda jealous of her nose ngl

No. 578773

haven't followed the aly threads since 2k17 and lord… why does she look so puffy

No. 579055

In italian you say "contemporaneamente" for intending "in the mean time" - but her fucked up english made her thought that just because they sound alike, they mean the same thing.

No. 579259

agreed. baby berto also reminds me of aly's brother

No. 579266

she was lying. she was super proud of her body.
Pretty much anyone who has an ana instagram for sharing pics of their face and body is proud of their weight loss. No one is doing it "to show the truth" or scare people out of eating disorders.

No. 579275

Milan is one of my favorite cities (I've visited 3 times). I'm thinking of planning a little vacation down there, if I do, I'll definitely go find Aly. Although that sounds really gross and creepy when I write it. Don't worry, I'll spend most of my time loving the fuck out of that city and eating fruit gelato and beautiful salads(!) filled with fresh tomato.

No. 579292

File: 1526044157413.jpg (271.23 KB, 1148x1680, NotSponsoredByMcDonalds.jpg)

I feel awfully cruel now, but hope she does manage to get help before her health suffers. And that she gets rid of her old spoop skirts.

No. 579299

File: 1526044725671.jpg (61.87 KB, 477x598, classy.JPG)

You know how her spoopy pics are supposed to put people off being spoopy? I hope this puts her off her disgusting diet because this is gonna be her if she doesn't stop abusing her body with that crap. Thanks, anon. I'm going to print this out at the library and colour it in, ha.

It's not creepy. Finding Aly would be on my itinerary of things to do in Milan.

Must be on her break from "work" here. With Ma.

No. 579312

File: 1526046372919.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 5E069058-19E5-4066-8BF8-434FC1…)

5 comments in just under an hour on her latest post and this pops up a few mins ago. Like how bleak must this bitches life be that she constantly has to fish for comments on social media instead of ACTUALLY enjoying that beautiful view and city. Anyways I smell another break down..

No. 579316

i wish Aly would pick up a hobby, something simple but slightly interesting. Like art, or hair styling. Her followers ask her to show other things all the time, so she’d get a lot of praise for it without having to be very skilled at first, and the encouragement might keep her at it until she becomes somewhat useful at something. Ideally something that could give her some direction and genuine self esteem. I know that’s hoping for A LOT from Aly, though.

No. 579329


Alone with her commentless demon. Tragic.

No. 579332

File: 1526048139330.jpg (39.98 KB, 505x340, plz.JPG)


You're not important to instagram people, Aly. They're at school or work and not sipping wine and eating crisps on a rooftop in Milan. Demons, my ass. Work on being a nicer, interesting person and get some fucking friends.

She gets triggered at the weekend because she has to spend time with Berto, looking at his janky teeth.

I wish her dumb followers wouldn't comment off the back of her attention whoring stories.

No. 579395

this: >>579312

was taken before this: >>579299

ma casati must have gone for a piss, leaving aly alone with the dreaded snack/booze demon for three minutes, hence the breakdown

then ma returned in just in the nick of time, giving aly the STRENGHT to SLAY those demons bravely (!), and take a celebratory pic of our favorite warrior /strong arm emoji

No. 579403

Nah. Aly probably follows Ma into the toilets. Probably even stands in the cubicle with her like some girls do with a friend (why do they DO that??)

All weekend Aly's going to be making lonely followers feel bad by bragging about how in love she is with her ~boy~ and what fun she's having drinking Corona. I hope he's out with his own friends or he's away. Damn it, she deserves to be miserable.

No. 579416

File: 1526056633264.png (350.06 KB, 403x651, nopes.png)

No. I didn't. How about actually eating an apple that hasn't been cooked in sugar and surrounded by pastry?

She posts the most inane things. A clip of her playing with apple pie.

No. 579426

File: 1526057237334.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7550.PNG)

She looks so fucking smug, I hate it

No. 579438

Aww, in the end by linkin park - what a cheerful „the weekend begins“ song, better get my cat ears on and make an insta story! Goddamnit i hate that fucking idiotic bitch

No. 579442

No idea why she's smug. Nobody likes her, her boyfriend makes her sleep under a dog blanket and she's wearing the same cheap, tacky earrings she's worn for years.

Same routine every single weekend. I don't know how she can stand the monotony of it.

No. 579448

I never post in these threads because I find everything about her weird, but she didn't really recover from her weird obsession with food. She still has to take a picture of every bit of food she has, her life revolves around her meals and snacks to the point she keeps losing jobs because of it.
She refuses to learn good eating habits and eat healthy food, it is all still junk and comfort food. Maybe that is why she looks like a bloated corpse instead of a skeleton now.

No. 579457

File: 1526058854065.png (138.29 KB, 640x981, IMG_7556.PNG)

How many times has she copypasted this shit about Kim K and Scarlett J?

No. 579465

She's still fucked up about food because she thought she was too good for therapy.

I thought that when I read it! I remember we said she had really dodgy beauty standards if those two women were her idea of perfection.

I hate how she's bitchy about slim or thin women most of the time then she writes about we're ALL beautiful. Kardashian and Johanson are probably full of body image issues yet Aly thinks they love themselves. I think Johanson lost something like 14lbs because she had to wear a tight catsuit in the Avengers. Insecurity much (although yeah, probably got told to slim down but that's not very #feminist now is it).

No. 579470

File: 1526059576498.jpg (44.28 KB, 1132x191, natural.JPG)

and this

Kim K and her natural ~bootie~

No. 579662


she's one of those idiots who don't appreciate music enough to even listen to the lyrics let alone figure out a deeper meaning behind them

No. 579689

that really made me angry tbh. I stopped listening to their music last year but I grew up listening to them and have such a lot of memories connected to that song.

I BET she only understood "in the end it doesn't even matter" and thinks it's about not caring what her ~haterz~ say

No. 579772

File: 1526074591299.jpg (68.3 KB, 594x746, stinkface.JPG)


pic related is why she keeps making stretching poses.

No. 579804

File: 1526076244709.png (435.94 KB, 1167x156, a.png)

She's never mentioned music she likes. I always avoid people who aren't passionate about a band or at least a certain song. It doesn't seem natural because everyone I've known has been into music. It kind of shapes your personality in all kinds of ways. It makes sense she's not into music/going to gigs. Even when she's listening to it in the car you know she's not feeling the music because she's moving her head in a way that doesn't even match the beat and all she's concerned with is filming herself.

Don't let it bother you. I saw a post on here today where a cow had posted something about a Nick Cave pic. He's been one of my gods since the year dot but these cows only brag about things or pretend to like things for effect.

Let's look at this pic of Aly looking like a twat and we'll feel a bit better.

No. 580121

Her body looks fine, she just needs to stop trying to stretch herself up in new photos to appear thinner. It’s not working. If she wore more flattering clothing for her shape (no more high waisted pants please, Aly) she’d look really nice.

No. 580330

File: 1526138484913.png (141 KB, 632x1031, IMG_7566.PNG)

So that's why she gets ma to take the pics, she looks inhuman

No. 580367

File: 1526140893463.jpg (20.39 KB, 406x82, litterally.JPG)

She litterally sounds like a 13 year old.

No. 580436

She´s so stupid. "Living together" with her "boy" for one weekend… that´s basically a contradiction in itself.

No. 580441

Did she forget she talked about how she already moved in with bert multiple times? kek

No. 580458

File: 1526148821239.jpg (94.85 KB, 716x597, ick.JPG)

Yep, so now I think both of them are special needs. It took them both to make an omelette. She probably thinks that when you're living together it's cute to make an omelette together and it's a grown up thing to do.

Her "likes" are slipping.

No. 580575

File: 1526155949985.jpg (91.3 KB, 811x596, sure j.JPG)

She's been out eating dripping cellulite again. She thinks she might be approaching her heaviest weight. I'm sayin' nothin'

No. 580601

That very strange about the music, anon. I can kind of understand what you’re saying, but it’s still an odd thing to judge a person by.

No. 580630


>Her "likes" are slipping.

her follower count is also constantly decreasing

No. 580993

File: 1526181698997.gif (7.46 MB, 600x748, priceless.gif)

I wish I could embed Instagram videos. This is how she dances to In The End by Linkin Park… watching it with sound is killing me.


No. 581150

Re-visiting Aly & her thread after a few months off and FUCK she has really stacked on the weight especially in her face! I thought her face looked abnormally wide though, as though she had swollen glands from purging?

Also I was expecting a relapse by now!

No. 581165

>bf said she's bigger than when they met

Honestly this must've been the wildest ride for this guy. Meet an attractive, healthy looking girl, stick with her through her anachan phase where she becomes a skeleton, then her "recovery" (read: binging) phase where she's steadily packing on the pounds and her face has gone from grandma-tier to a literal moon. I guess he must really love her to stick with her but honestly, Aly seems so shallow that what could they possibly have in common?

No. 581190

>what could they possibly have in common?
I don't understand either. Part of me wants to believe that she has an interest or hobby that she won't share because she only wants attention for her looks. But since she shares so much of her daily life, I can't imagine her having any hobby.
Berto is in a fb group I'm in, and he doesn't sound like Aly at all. He doesn't post much, but if I had to judge from his posts, I'd say he's definitely more.. sensible, I guess? Like a normal adult.

I honestly feel bad for her. She needs help.

No. 581196

We talked about the topic of her purging x times already.
I'm pretty sure she doesn't. It's most definitely just her sodium intake

No. 581197

I never knew what to make of their relationship either, but if he really is sensitive and not like aly I'll just assume he stays with her because he doesn't want to hurt her?

No. 581293

She's moving her head to the words, not even singing along. Also, is that Berto talking in the background? she never looks over. Also, the part where she scrapes her bottom lip with her teeth is cut out.

No. 581305

>stick with her through her anachan phase

He didn't though. They broke up for something like two years until she posted pics on her other account to convince him she was gaining weight.

It's Mothers Day in Italy. Want a bet she'll make the whole day about herself like when it was Ma's birthday and SHE blew Ma's candle out (!)

No. 581355

File: 1526230588371.jpg (52.7 KB, 926x596, ATTENTION NOW.JPG)

Fuck me. Less comments and likes and she posts this crap.

No. 581359

File: 1526230822129.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

Here we go again.
Yes Aly, please stop.

No. 581502

File: 1526238648839.jpeg (670.88 KB, 750x1056, 8A201769-12A4-40A9-A3C0-E5CBBA…)

That post was replaced with this one. She got 14 comments on the post of her and her mother, how is that not enough?! Girl get off the grams. It’s just sad how instead of spending her time with her mum she’s worried about comments on her IG. Wish I had a unblocked sock puppet account I d ask her why’ve she’s so concerned with comments on mother’s day..

No. 581513

What pisses me off most is how she asks for ~opinions~ (ie asspat comments) but you HAVE to post them on the previous picture and not the food one.

It really is desperate that she's checking insta all day when she (apparently) thinks Mothers Day is so important. Notice that she went to see Ma and Ma cooked. It'd be nice if Aly could've been bothered to cook FOR Ma, although all she can "cook" is shriveled fried peas and a manky looking omelette with the help of the bearded one.

Those captions aren't even personal. It's still about Aly and her ~struggle~. The stuff about going on holiday. What the fuck are we supposed to say? Erm…nice, Aly PLEASE SEND US TONS OF PHOTOS OF YOU BLOCKING THE VIEW OF VENICE AND BARCELONA.

I hope she falls out of a gondola.

No. 581523

File: 1526239658583.png (317.58 KB, 1186x583, tight short shorts the BOMB.pn…)

She doesn't care about the number of comments or likes…


No. 581524

File: 1526239721907.jpg (36.44 KB, 306x543, straw.JPG)

I also need to post this.

The hair.

No. 581526


This is such an annoying cycle

"should I stop with the personal posts"
next post: "not gonna stop because it's my profile/I'm an inspiration"

No. 581528

File: 1526240038451.jpg (167.23 KB, 600x748, trashy.jpg)

Full picture for extra lulz
It's like those instathots who recreate the trailer park white trash aesthetic ironically except it's Aly and we know she does nothing ironically.

No. 581537

File: 1526240457228.jpg (48.03 KB, 347x514, for the love of the coiffure g…)

Could she look any more trailer trash? She actually looks uncomfortable with those shorts (physically not mentally).

I so want to see Ma taking these ridiculous pictures. I wonder what she REALLY thinks of her daughter?

This has bothered me - her hair in this pic. It's as bad as bleached blondes with 4 inch dark roots.

No. 581544


Idgi isn't she from some rich Milan family? Where the fuck does she get this aesthetic from?

No. 581569

File: 1526243097920.png (484.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7589.PNG)

No. 581580

Triggering how?

Do they get "Storage Wars" in Italy? I can only think that she watches some crappy tv shows and she doesn't understand what trailer trash is.

No. 581638

My bad. Still he must've carried some sort of torch for her to get back with her after all that and I just don't get why.

Why does she always pose like this? Hiding her moon face?

No. 581641

Wowwww this is like out of some low budget trashy calendar.

>dirty entry level sedan

>crop top
>too small short shorts
>tacky tattoos

This needs to be the next thread photo. It’s embarassing to look at.

No. 581848

File: 1526256390328.jpg (30.26 KB, 720x131, _20180514_025941.JPG)

Sorry Aly but you are in fact starting to resemble a rancor. On the inside you already are one. Hungry for comments. (How the fuck does she even know the word rancor.)

No. 582043

google translate

No. 582044

it seriously is some backwoods southern georgia trailer queen vibes. i second next thread pic lol

No. 582357

File: 1526300581349.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7590.PNG)

No. 582365

File: 1526301093529.jpg (325.51 KB, 720x1030, 20180514_143130.jpg)

No. 582367

No matter how far away any of you live, I'm sure that if you listen closely you can hear me laugh about this post

No. 582382

File: 1526301968564.jpg (9.15 KB, 275x206, 1475176581306.jpg)

holy shit lmao! this aught to be worth a few laughs

No. 582384

Omg, she's a chugger!

I guess she won't be going to London then. P sure I wrote here that her last job wasn't exactly ambassador for a humanitarian cause. Hmm.

She's lolcow's very own Angelina Jolie.

No. 582390

Her family is not well off.

No. 582391

What I would give to see her at her new job
Fundraising is a shitty job as it is, I can't see her doing it for more than a week considering she's not able to take criticism (or even a simple no)

Also kek at her being so proud at being offered to work this job. They offer it to just about everybody

No. 582395

Oh my, I can't wait for her to start that job. Those ambassadors are the people who have to spend their days in the streets trying to make people to donate money to their cause. Basically it's the worst job ever and anyone with any qualification would never accept to do that. Obviously we can expect some more breakdown af (!)

No. 582420

How does she get away with eating this shit almost every day? She's going to balloon here real quick in the coming months and make it worse on herself.

What an idiot.

No. 582432

File: 1526305958838.jpg (55.71 KB, 450x300, alys co worker.jpg)

Idk how it works in Italy, but in the UK they get paid by commission for everyone they sign up to give the charity a direct debit. Aly's got good manipulation skills and acting skills so she might do okay. She can guilt trip them by crying about starving children.

No. 582447

In italian it's "rancore", pretty similar.

No. 582471

These people with the binders…they are all over my university and are so pushy. It's an awful situation because to get to the train station you have to cross their path.

No. 582475

i live in the US and it's the same deal here. also, most of these charities aren't legit at all so i hardcore ignore these people every time i see them. most of them skim hard off the profits, despite only giving these people commissions and firing when they don't meet donation requirements. good charities aren't this scummy.

No. 582485

Austrofag here, it's the same in the city I live in. They're super fucking annoying and especially in the summertime they are frequenting the shopping streets and even follow people around in order to get them to sign up. I stick to aggressively ignoring them.

No. 582497

Maybe she's an ambassador for MacDonald's and she's trying to get people to buy burgers, which will each donate a nickle for starving children. OR make people become a monthly donator so the starving children are getting the burgers.

No. 582498

They will give this shit job to literally anyone and the salary is usually shit/depends on how many people you get to sign up etc

HOW does she not know that?

Also inb4 she starts this job and starts posting how random people are calling her fat again

No. 582512

I bet she was doing the same thing on the phone but because she dresses like trailer trash they put her on the street because they think that guys might talk to her because she's got her bits on show?

In Manchester there was a ban on chuggers on particular days, like tuesday, thurs and sat or something. I saw some yesterday and they're A LOT less aggressive now. They used to follow you down the street. It's a hassle in itself walking down Market Street because someone's always tapping you up for cash or wanting you to change your energy supplier.

It's going to be tough for her (hurhur). On your feet all day, being told to fuck off (in Italian), ignored, rained on (hope).

Still no followers have mentioned her business trip and she honestly thinks they're all too thick (probably are) not to realise that the job's a charity mugger.

No. 582532

kek I think we live in the same city. hi again

No. 582536

Yeah, Our Kid! There's a few of us Mancs on here. Chuggers used to be really bad on Market Street didn't they. They were all like over enthusiastic drama students and/or had dreadlocks. Every time I see that new gelato place I think of Aly.

No. 582578

Are you the person I talked about the restaurant with? I honestly did not expect to meet any other Austrians here, let alone somebody from the same city. That's really fucking cool tbh

No. 582621

hi, here also Austrianfag.
I hate these people before university or other places. I always say that I pity them.

In my city they always say weird catching lines like "You have beautiful shoes! Could they stop for me?"

Imagine Aly saying that.
Also she works for WWF and promotes sustainable lifestyle while she probably will spend her money in McDonalds

No. 582623

Balls. Sorry, I was being a dick and thought I was responding to someone who was in Manchester. Ignore me.

No. 582626

omg im a manc too, they're fucking well annoying in man Vic station every day

there is no way aly will handle this job well

No. 582673

Us Austrofags should go on a trip to Milan together and document Aly at her new "workplace"
Bet we could somehow call it "business trip" just like she did

No. 582681

It's the first time she says how bout her actual job is: "trading petroleum and buildings"… what's this? She said a couple months ago that was a superduperimportant marketing company and blabla London blabla.
Second point: She went to a meeting instead of the boss? In shorts? And as she wrote it, in that meeting she got a job offer in assos where the hire nobodies to intercept people in streets for donations….
Now: What has to do a meeting about PETROLEUM with SAVE THE CHILDREN?
Italian anons… there's a company like that (petroleum and that) near the mall she always binges?
I believe one of those stands who hire young people for children assos where in City Life and she thinks that in a street job she will burn calories.

No. 582687

I've suspected that she quit that mystery job a few weeks ago. She's been to places like the Dome for lunch and an Italian anon said that wouldn't be possible if she worked at City Life.

No. 582695

Yeah, I remember. And in her most recent post she admitted she's a secretary (in shorts) and that ultra chic job, is actually boring. Also >>582681 she wrote that like if in the meeting she got the children job offer, but now it's clear that are two different jobs. I think that in the meeting they told her that she's incompetent, this or like anon before said, she quit few weeks ago.

No. 582697

I found it odd that she booked her trips to Venice and Barcelona this weekend. It's like she didn't have to think about booking time off work.

No. 582744

i third thread pic and raise you a 'rosty potatoe' edition

No. 582774

File: 1526330027867.png (172.62 KB, 338x604, haters tell the truth.png)

Ignores the dozen positive comments, but concentrates on the "hater" comment for more comments…

No. 582827

At least she doesnt leave the usernames up to humiliate people, maybe she read about farmers complaining about that lol

No. 582848

Yes, that was me. I'm not Austrian by blood, but in my heart I am!

No. 582849

this was me I keep forgetting to sage because pt doesn’t have the option anymore Im sorry

No. 582856

It's definitely possible for me actually. I'd just need to drag some students along with me to get the Dienstreise money

No. 582871

So a reputable high profile client of this amazing firm with connections to London is just going to notice the quiet secretary during a meeting and try and woo her away from this top firm, because that's what reputable clients do, and not something that would only happen in a movie.

>>11am to 8pm

lol gurl, you couldn't even fold clothes for 4 hours without having a breakdown.

No. 582937

File: 1526339459725.png (102.03 KB, 800x810, 4-color-puzzle-piece-special-n…)

I'm legitimately starting to wonder about this girl. She acts like she needs more parental supervision, did anorexia damage her brain?

I pity them too because no one takes a job like that unless they're really desperate. In Canada we have those people who go door-to-door trying to sell Bell media plans, it's the shittiest job you could imagine, a border-line scam, and they'll hire anyone with a pulse. These jobs are bullshit, I thought that was common knowledge.

No. 582940

I find it funny how she only gives these details when she's leaving the job. Just goes to show she was never as proud of it as she tried to make it seem.

No. 583042

She always calls her job a “brand ambassador”. I agree she probably quit her recent job weeks ago. Notice how her outfits went from work appropriate to trash?
She made just a huge deal about her job as a shoe salesman and now she’s been all quiet about her job.
I miss the days of snack-sized snickers in the bathroom and breakdowns of feeling hollow af.

No. 583046

Oh and I also can’t help but notice this mysterious job came after some anons talked about seeking Aly out at the mall. The timing seems suspicious but that’s just a little tinfoiling.

No. 583086

She fancies up every job. If she was a barista (which would be way above her capabilities) she'd be Starbucks store developer dealing with public relations. Her boss would have connections in Latin America and Asia-Pacific (and anywhere else the coffee beans come from).

Remember how she used to take off the store t shirt when she was at the sports place? I'm sad she'll do the same with the SAVE THE CHILDREN tabard she'll have to wear.

No. 583230

Lol how convenient

No. 583462


well she IS that kind of person who'd quit a job in order to keep up the appearances. not all that much tinfoil tbh

No. 583468

That's the only thing that matters, really! I was born in Austria but in a different town and only moved here some time ago but in my heart it's my home, even though I grew up somewhere else

Don't tempt me lol.

I love how aly has her own anti-fanclub in Austria

No. 583585

File: 1526395658578.jpg (24.63 KB, 277x163, erm.JPG)

Aly's word salad's getting worse

>people feel allowed writing every goddam fuc* that comes to their (empty) minds

This. Huh? Okay then…I remember my first time, it was in a bed and painful. I remember that time when camping, etc. etc.

She's creating an interesting story about this ~job decision~. She's pitiful.

No. 583586

File: 1526395760776.jpg (23.43 KB, 324x138, disbelief o mg.JPG)

We don't believe it either…

No. 583591

File: 1526396110824.png (167.71 KB, 640x932, IMG_7594.PNG)

There's not a single person who needs a slice of cake to be that large.

No. 583593

File: 1526396181819.png (180.63 KB, 640x946, IMG_7595.PNG)

No. 583595

File: 1526396227530.png (181.06 KB, 640x914, IMG_7596.PNG)

How many times is it now that she's ''detached" from ig?

No. 583597


No. 583601


if it's true that she can't have her phone on the job she's going to quit within a day. there's no way this lasts.

No. 583603

I was thinking the same. No phone, she's gonna quit.

Didn't read all that shite.

What's she on about she hided something from us? The face she won't be able to use her phone?

No. 583606

And, yeah, that's fucking LUDICROUS.

Why sell slices that size?

No. 583608

How often has she talked about leaving Instagram now? 5 times? 10 times?

No. 583616


One day I'll go through her threads and count the times she's said it.

No. 583618

No. 583661

I refuse to believe she eats all that and still stays quite thin. how does she eat all that without getting sick? I’d lose my appetite after trying to scarf down even half of that

No. 583665

File: 1526400863831.jpg (29.27 KB, 398x324, aly.JPG)

I could probably eat the sponge alone without all the icing, buttercream, cream but I'd have to take my time with it and gallons of tea and it'd still not be a pleasant experience. I've never seen a place serve slices that big. It looks like a full pack of cake mix.

The more I see the more I believe she really is going to follow in Pink Fairy's humongous footsteps.

No. 583727

Im curious if the people who commented will realize shes full of shit when she actually keeps posting? Or will they just be happy shes staying?

No. 583736

She's going to come back after a day, saying how her ed made her do it, how hard the job is, back to a bmi "17" and how her mental health is more important. The usual bullshit.

Or she'll still keep posting in the morning + after "work"

No. 583739

And tonight I say she posts that she wants everyone to wish her luck and she wants to wake up with lots of comments.

I loled at her description of starting work as a charity mugger:
> I must concentrate all my energies on this adventure


She'll say she's working too much, eating too little, she needs to think of her mental health (as anon said above), and her followers will agree.

The new ones will be happy. The ones who've seen her do this already with three other jobs are going to be used to this bs like we are.

No. 583744


I can imagine her ordering that slice like
>can you please cut me a family-size portion? I'm an ex-ana and I need to eat to stay healthy

No. 583912

File: 1526414402291.jpg (80.98 KB, 593x597, a girft.JPG)

She posted this to thank you. I'm touched.

No. 583966

>>583606 because thats the size of slice you /shàre/ on some cute date night

No. 583979

She's not working she just quit of the current job. That bullshit of detatching of insta is for nobody to ask about pics or stories about the new job.

No. 584136

File: 1526427785975.jpg (48.14 KB, 604x349, _20180516_023535.JPG)

Always refreshing to see comments like this.

I wonder if she even realizes how shitty this job is. Does she think she's a mighty chosen one to this important mission, and will it all crumble once she sees five more "ambassadors" in the street corner?
And yeah no way is she going to stay in this job for more than a day.

No. 584152


I thought the same when I read that comment earlier. (On first reading I thought she'd written "do pot once or twice a week"). I'm surprised Aly didn't do a story post about it.

Did you read where she said she's moving in with Berto at the end of the month and she hasn't told Pa yet? 22 years old and she's afraid to tell her dad she's moving in with her boyfriend. Why would she even gaf about his reaction if she hates his guts?

No. 584153

Bollocks. Sorry I'm a dick and put sage in the wrong field like a newfag. Apologies.

No. 584156

File: 1526428643575.jpg (23.32 KB, 292x148, lol.JPG)

Too funny

No. 584160

File: 1526428797482.jpg (17.04 KB, 303x101, 1.JPG)

And this. Don't know if it's a farmer?

>Oh you're one of those irritating twats who bother people to give their cash to charities they don't give a fuck about. You're going to get told to fuc* off all day!

No. 584862

File: 1526482198872.jpg (63.65 KB, 540x794, pacbelike.jpg)

>risking everything by moving out
>scared of telling my evil father

No. 584876

File: 1526483392876.jpg (399.47 KB, 720x992, 20180516_170832.jpg)

Surprise, she posted today
Conveniently she posted this which makes finding out what she works as really fucking easy

No. 584881

File: 1526483598720.jpg (236.12 KB, 720x1030, 20180516_170717.jpg)

She's really working as a chugger (dialoger in German, I had it google translated)

No. 584889

File: 1526484335486.jpg (47.13 KB, 1086x438, Capture.JPG)

The company director's a dodgy bloke.

Most of his companies have been dissolved. One looks like a money loaning company.

No. 584890

Now it's confirmed she never had work in "that" office, she never shared ID's, stories, complainings about the boss, nothing! Now she has middle day of work and is sharing everything and is comparing this job with the cloth-folding-ultra-demanding one…

No. 584892

So thats a photo she brought in to them right?

No. 584895

Lol, you can see Ma cut off.

No. 584901

File: 1526485667133.png (1.65 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7600.PNG)

No. 584938

>First half day done

Baby, you don't know nuthin' yet.

I'm looking forward to following her chugger journey.

No. 584977

So she just willy-nilly "resigned" from her previous prestigious ""job"" to start a new job the same day because that's totally what employees can do on a whim.

kek, they're even wearing fugly vests.

No. 584982

File: 1526490864325.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7604.PNG)

Aly. Get your shit together

No. 584997

File: 1526492009679.jpg (27.87 KB, 677x159, Capture.JPG)


Her followers probably hate chuggers too.
Has she forgotten that she'd left instagram?

No. 584998

File: 1526492029102.png (185.94 KB, 640x1007, IMG_7605.PNG)

No. 585002

15 minutes

No. 585016

File: 1526492772739.gif (757.28 KB, 200x150, wotanidiot.gif)

No. 585022

Way to guilt your followers Aly, you haven’t be been gone one damn day. I couldn’t imagine being so obsessed with comments and likes that I constantly made others feel bad for not licking my asshole every other hour. I hope someone calls her out on this because it’s really unhealthy.

No. 585024

Yeah, I was thinking how bitching about her ~second family~ hasn't given her any extra support. Not one new message on the post she wanted asspats on.

No. 585085

File: 1526496050822.jpg (45.86 KB, 361x601, Capture.JPG)

You got to get used to standing in the rain, sweetie.

No. 585165

File: 1526499695542.jpeg (338.48 KB, 750x818, 346DE654-F989-4639-B90C-E8F58E…)

There was this though. Deleted now.

No. 585334

File: 1526506484388.jpg (15.62 KB, 304x79, how.JPG)

The bumlicker who defended Aly with that post (rolls eye) had the privilege of being added to Aly's FOLLOW list for her bumlickery.

How can some of her followers stick with her when she's forever pulling her usual stunts. If she'd deleted a post and I'd written a load as a comment I couldn't be arsed to write it again.

No. 585336

File: 1526506543647.jpg (11.4 KB, 293x46, pairs.JPG)

aaaaaaaaaaand this Alyism is here to stay.

Pairs of breasts, pairs of ass cheeks, pairs of eyes…they're everywhere checking calories (!)

No. 585360

File: 1526507584428.png (786.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7607.PNG)

No. 585368

Good God, Aly, I hope you marked yourself as safe on facebook during this natural disaster.

No. 585386

I haven't looked at the aly threads for so long cus she irriates me so much it ruins my life lol and I can't believe (well I can) that she is still the same and still gets comments like this, jfc. Sorry, I know no one cares but she is the most ridiculous bitch I wish her insta would get deleted

No. 585400

File: 1526509669578.jpg (18.34 KB, 293x110, Capture.JPG)

That's genuinely weird considering she apologised for being a dick in the post before that one.

No. 585546

And that Aly bitch dared to answer her that IG have deleted her pics.
Dear anons, do IG have deleted your pics newly updated? Hope in your opinions since I feel like you all are ignoring me.

No. 585551

Actually I fell so bad for followthewhiterabbit, she's always licking Aly's moon face and not like dislexic dogspos… ('yiu cand do iftt, yo go gurl!!'). followthe… really writes heavy lines to that disgraceful human…

No. 586037

File: 1526563193067.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7608.PNG)


No. 586062


aww poor Aly, she's made to walk to reach places. Too much exercise and calories burnt. Must eat extra today (!)

No. 586146

File: 1526568651436.png (1.51 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7609.PNG)

No. 586148

File: 1526568757426.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7610.PNG)

No. 586149

is she trying to say she thinks the job isn't real because her dumbass can't find the location they told her?

Hilarious if she really did jump and quit her last job for it, though i don't believe she had one

No. 586151

It's crazy how quick she is to spazz out, give up and 'want to die'

You'd think she was an extremely bratty spoiled preteen…

No. 586157


yay, the start of the job making her starve and look hallowed

No. 586159

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this is better than I expected! Amazing uselessness from Aly. Omg, moar plz.

This is her 4th job innit? Oh god, what a looooooooser. Love it.

No. 586160

Ham and cheese on toast. "All" she could eat? That's a decent lunch. Greedy bish.

No. 586164

Has she never heard of a lunch box?

No. 586174

File: 1526570007924.jpg (17.92 KB, 500x500, 2_410_1.jpg)

She'd need one of these.

No. 586218

Am I a horrible person for lmao-ing about her? I can't stop hahahaha!!!

No. 586301

No Anon, you’re not. I’m keking hard at her whole day, first day on the “job” & She couldn’t even find the venue, in her own city. Starting to think that’s the the anons that speculate that she’s slow are right. I give this Job a week tops, Bert’s not going to be happy when she can’t pay rent.

No. 586340

File: 1526580728527.jpg (455.95 KB, 720x1125, 20180517_201118.jpg)

I love her new job

No. 586380

I wonder if Mc Donalds delivers to her "place of work". I know they started that scheme here, which is cringey enough. She won't have to break out of her comfort zone with packed lunches and can chow down on artery-clogging foods, bet she wouldn't find the job so bad then. Unless she's expecting them to foot the bill.

No. 586409

>>586301 she's self sabotaging so she can go back to staying at home and photographing pictures of food

honestly she should try volunteering for an ed support group or something, to reintegrate into the world that way

No. 586439

File: 1526584787277.jpg (19.65 KB, 442x86, Capture.JPG)

What does she mean by "self defence"? I don't think she means a situation where a can of hairspray and a lighter, a bunch of keys or judo would help. Does she mean self preservation? That doesn't fit either though.


No. 586457

I love it too.
Actually, this is an excelent idea since she's like an influencer in ED community.

No. 586480

Oh good. We needed a new Alyism because I see someone corrected her "pairs".

Are there actually ED support groups in Milan though? I don't even think they have anything like that in the whole of the UK. I think volunteer work would be brilliant though (from personal experience and getting a paid job out of it eventually). I wanted to write that she could volunteer doing something she's genuinely interested in, but … Aly doesn't have interests.

I'd say she's sabotaging moving in with Berto also. She's fucked up every weekend when she has to stay with him so I wouldn't be surprised at all if she dreads the day she has to live with him.

No. 586501

I think we call it safe guarding recovery, putting in boundaries that keep us safe and well (self care is a part of it i guess).

No. 586533

so much for this

No. 586545

File: 1526589647563.jpg (67.45 KB, 787x255, hilarious.JPG)

No. 586548

>my friend decided to quit

who wants to bet they quit because aly was so insufferable, not because the actual job 'demands'?

if this job even exists…

No. 586552


Interesting that she started on the same day as a friend. Suggests to me that the headhunting never happened - she was unemployed and her friend said “hey I’m starting this job and anyone can sign up.”

Also a 3km walk is nothing.

No. 586579

I love how the co-workers she met for the first time today are her "friends" just like whenever she goes out with her mom it's "a friend". She tries so hard to look like she has a social like but girl you are not friends with some other person who you just met today and whined with for an hour on your terrifying 3km walk with only (!) a sandwich to sustain you

No. 586695

I hate how she doesn’t even feel anything close to those extreme emotions she claims to have. I doubt anyone would make fun of her saying “wanna die” after some irrelevant event if she actually felt that way, but she really doesn’t. her superficial emotions have been proven. Like how she has a “panic attack” while taking a selfie and writing 9 paragraphs kek

“Worst faint ever” confirmed to be a lie. Bitch how are you fainting and starving after half a day with a bit of food??? It’s hilarious how when she was spoopy she acted like she could run marathons but now she’s fainting after 1 hour without fries

No. 586729

That makes sense, thanks. Looks like she google translated it from Italian maybe. You get an A+ for Aly translation!

It was nice of Aly to post this "friend" all over instagram. I'd be so pissed off if she did that. I'd break her phone and phone her in the face.

Do you think she even knows what a chugger is? How can she not have seen them while she's out? It sounds to me that she's never seen them in operation or even knows what they do.

She quits tomorrow.

No. 586733

lol, punch* her in the face not phone. Punch her in the face with her phone.

No. 586806

I give her a week too, I mean, most normal people would probably jump ship after they realize what kind of job it is (1 or 2 days). Even if you're desperate, it's not worth the time for most people.

I really don't know what she was expecting, how could someone be this naive? And no one she knew tried to warn her? I guess maybe she didn't tell anyone.

No. 587022

Yes, because when I'm starving and fainting I want to eat a nutella muffin. Not some filling grilled chicken breast or a bunch of lettuce or apples, nope.

Same tbh. It makes it even clearer that her previous job didn't exist, if that wasn't clear already from comparison with the sports clothing shop saga.

No. 587255

I love how she acts like she‘s TOO busy to use insta (sorry girls, can‘t use my phone while at work!) but she sure found the time to block me.

No. 587297

File: 1526652850894.jpg (329.8 KB, 720x1034, 20180518_161225.jpg)

So she quit already?
Can't think of a job that allows you to switch from full time to part time to full time whenever you want to

No. 587313

meh i've had two different jobs like that. not where you could change back and forth but where there were both full time and part time slots for your position so you could change from one to the other if the boss was ok with it and you let them know well in advanced.

i don't really think aly is a good enough liar to come up with something detailed like that anyway, if she quit she would probably just go to donnie's in a skirt and stockings and claim she's on her lunch break so tired from working full time

No. 587334

File: 1526655408483.png (155.03 KB, 640x802, IMG_7617.PNG)

Oh Aly, please stop immediately

No. 587367

Speaking of flexible working hours, Ma's job mustn't be as good as I'd thought if she can be available to take pics of Aly at cafes whenever Aly sets off the bat signal.

That look. I…I…?

No. 587471

File: 1526664445111.png (187.39 KB, 640x906, IMG_7618.PNG)

Her 'Friyay' is really starting to piss me off

No. 587475

samefag, I saw she just reposted this cheesecake, but the picture's been shifted the tiniest bit to the left. She cray

No. 587480

I want her to get a job where she has to work weekends. She hasn't had to so far.

No. 587532

File: 1526669047078.jpg (28.37 KB, 287x224, wanna.JPG)

Ehhh, wanna more social life? Wanna more results?

Could she sound any more Italian?

So, once again, she's off to get a pizza with Berto. Oh, and she's having some ~bad weight-loss wishes~

That's okay, Aly. Just eat your fuel, it's that easy!

No. 588042

File: 1526696581339.jpg (257.29 KB, 746x743, ew.jpg)

I find it weird how she uses the term fuel so much. The 'food is fuel' phrase was initially adopted by the fitness community to convey something like 'food is not a pastime to indulge on, you have to eat the nutrients that will make your body stronger, eat what your engine is going to burn' etc. which is the complete opposite of what she does.

Anyway, here's a disgusting pizza she posted. I know what mortadella ham is and it's not supposed to have chunks of jelly like the one at the bottom of the picture.

No. 588087

It is a gross looking pizza, and they each had their own whole pie. Is this common in Italy? Pizza is usually shared

No. 588138


Every pizza she posts looks revolting. Little Cesar’s pizza looks more appealing than her garbage. She posted a pizza covered in French fries and I just gave up all hope she was normal. She eats like if a 6 year old got to choose what to eat for every meal.
>what do you want to eat for dinner?
>Pizza covered in French fries!!
>pancakes covered in Nutella, sprinkles and donuts!!!!

No. 588408

File: 1526743141393.jpg (17.44 KB, 426x98, Capture.JPG)

So that's the reason to recover. So people will tell you you've got a nice arse.

No. 588465

File: 1526747755253.jpg (135.02 KB, 560x315, Special-Needs.jpg)

When I saw how she ate the parts of that egg inside toast thing, leaving the crusts and non-egg part wasted on her plate, that reminded me of how a kid eats too. The way they eat the topping off donuts or eat the breadcrumbs from something and leave the rest.

I will never, ever stop believing she's mentally challenged/retarded to some degree. I'm not even saying that because I don't like her. It's obvious she's a bit backwards. I'd actually lay off taking the piss out of her if it came out she was delayed in learning or suffered lack of oxygen as a baby.

Next pic is an example of how she's all wrong…

No. 588469

File: 1526747856908.jpg (103.03 KB, 812x598, 0.JPG)

She's sitting on the kerb near where she lives and posing at a self timer on her phone. This is the second she's posted from this time. How long was she there setting these poses and self timer? How didn't see feel like a dick? (Answer: special needs).

No. 588478

File: 1526748477005.png (935.56 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7636.PNG)

She's so classy

No. 588486


If I was her neighbour I'd be filming this shit. A 22 year old woman taking one snap after another of herself with a McFlurry. I'd have to say to Ma, "What on earth is your daugher doing???"

I'm surprised she's isn't litterally living with her boy this weekend. They usually go to her parents for burnt lasagne. Then later they go for Corona.

No. 588506


Yes, in Italy it's common that when you go out to a pizzeria everyone orders their own pizza. You're really supposed to finish it just by yourself. (I once thought they would be shared too but I learned the hard way. God, the pizza was gigantic, too, another thing I didn't know beforehand…)

No. 588837

How curious that we had just mentioned how weird it was that her personal photog Ma C was always by her side to take her picture, and now she found it necessary to clarify and thank her phone's shutter like an idiot.

No. 588997

Both situations are cringy.
Hi, Aly (!) You're cringy AF (!)

No. 589150


Also, it’s the wrong angle to be a self-timer. She’s a liar, as we all know. Her mum took it.

On the plus side, I love getting confirmations that she reads here.

No. 589274

File: 1526828010887.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7641.PNG)

Why does she do that weird mousey thing with her teeth

No. 589283

relax and no make-up, but put a filter on because you hate your own face. mmmk

No. 589286

samefag, but if she is on a train/bus does that mean she is going home from Bertos house? Shes alone in the rest of the story.

Aly, When are you moving in with Bert? Did you tell your dad yet?

No. 589302

I'm sure she uses those mouse ears all the time to hide her widow's peak. What's she done to her hair? It looks weird.

> I asked him: 'Do you prefer me thinner and make-upped like last year or right now?'

She must be intolerable fishing for compliments all the time even with Berto.

She can sod off about not wearing makeup. I wear it whenever I'm out because I enjoy wearing it and playing around with cosmetics. Why does she think we wear it because of insecurity. However SHE feels about things, she thinks everyone else does. Because someone eats kale it's because they're on a diet insecure about their weight, if you don't flash your bits wearing tight clothes then you're insecure about your body.

I think it's an overbite and her lips don't cover her teeth when she smiles. I know, I hate it too.

No. 589303

File: 1526830200428.png (232.28 KB, 310x308, Untitled.png)

dropped this re: widow's peak cover-up

No. 589367

File: 1526835268134.jpg (90.99 KB, 813x524, Capture.JPG)

And no, Aly, it isn't the first time you've been bare-faced. You did the same thing in February.
Running out of ~feminist causes~ to pretend you're fighting for?

No. 589633

File: 1526850176150.jpeg (681.74 KB, 744x1114, C2E6A7CF-4B51-4CB7-9632-F2A2F0…)

Woah, latest post is huge. Admitting for the first time that she’s over BMI 18/18.5 (4/5 kg more than last year, she claims).

A lot about this post is actually really healthy - except for the non stop junk food binges that got her there. Perhaps this is where her weight is meant to be - she just looks so unhealthy. Now would be the time to ease up on recovery food, eat healthy to maintain weight, and tone up. But she won’t…

No. 589706

You're right, she's at a healthy weight now but looks so unhealthy because her diet is so incredibly bad.. instead of looking good at a better weight she looks super bloated all the time. She might be at a healthier weight but eating nothing but cakes and mcdonalds does not a healthy person make.

No. 589719

This makes me fear for the one year on #progress pic 2019. I really get the impression she thinks she still needs to eat like a horse and "maintaining" means disordered eating.

I'm not an ana chan but I think she looks okay in the one from last year. At that point if she'd exercised to get tonic and continued to eat healthy stuff and gained weight then she'd look fantastic now (instead of ill and bloated).

No. 589729

Got to say, I've had this browser open while I'm doing something else and I keep seeing her wearing those shorts and I can't get over how ridiculously small they look on her. Why is she squeezing herself into these things?

No. 589805


She’ll have that anorexic size-phobia thing. If she can still squeeze into a smaller size, she can convince herself she’s not “fat.”

It’s a common symptom of AN but also proof that she has a long way to go to be mentally recovered.

No. 589807


Yeah, I predict a 23/24 BMI for next year’s progress pic, if not 25 (overweight). She has no muscle though m, so I bet 23/24 but looks overweight because she’s so flabby.

No. 589887

The worst part is how she would look okay at this weight if she wasn't squeezed into clothes that are way too small for her. She looks like doughy trailer trash popping out of her clothes like that (and the McDonald's cup isn't helping).

No. 589992

File: 1526877203726.png (232.74 KB, 1579x316, alyism1.png)

No. 590148

I can't help but to wonder where on earth does she get the ideology of eating whatever you want with no regard whatsoever towards nutrition = health, from. Her family seems reasonably healthy so she surely wasn't raised on burgers. Who taught her that??

No. 590152

>>590148 - It seems to be rife in the IG recovery community. Opposite of starvation must logically (to them) be indulging on all the things you were scared to eat. Higher the calorie, higher the fat or sugar count, the more ass pats you get. The more "well dones". Therefore eating a salad or fruits and veg must obviously be something only ana-chans do, no congratulations to be had there.

"Let's just ignore that instead of killing themselves with starvation they're eating themselves into sickness" et all.

No. 590158

File: 1526902862129.jpg (50.01 KB, 388x398, youarewhatyoueat.jpg)

She has that same tank top in burgundy. They look way cuter and more flattering than anything else I've seen her wear but she seems to only have them on when she's sitting on the curb. Also just ditching that heinous child's necklace with the owls on it would elevate her look instantly.

No. 590196

File: 1526910386490.png (144.28 KB, 640x862, IMG_7643.PNG)

Who the fuck told her that this is a good look?!

No. 590197

File: 1526910508195.png (182.97 KB, 640x987, IMG_7645.PNG)

She apparently has a day off from work today, has she called in sick because she has her period?

No. 590206

Today's a holiday here in Austria, maybe it's the same in Italy?

No. 590208

It isn't. Really. From an Italian anon.

No. 590211

Is..is she wearing white sneakers? I don’t know why I’m so fixated on that, when the whole look is so bad, but yikes.

No. 590215


she works/begs tuesday - saturday, see >>583593
(with no phone! no peaceful lunch breaks! no time or possibility to update!)

No. 590228

oh shit, my mistake anon. Hope in your comprehension and forgiveness

No. 590246


I wouldn't even pay for a hooker who looked like that

No. 590251


Nothing about Aly makes sense. Those socks especially.

No. 590315

File: 1526924033575.jpg (102.69 KB, 887x612, stupid twat.JPG)

She's talking about being a mermaid again.

She said here she lost her hair when she's been indignant in the past she never suffered hair loss. #rewritehistory

No. 590324

File: 1526924535444.png (228.11 KB, 684x467, mermaidz.png)

No. 590373

this made me crack up, what is she on about

No. 590390


She thinks mermaids rock because they don't have thigh gaps. I don't think they have vaginas either.

No. 590444

File: 1526935319036.png (947.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180521-143931.png)

Is she calling herself fat or…

No. 590522

I think she's trying to mention her disordered thinking (people saying she looks like a model when she's that skinny, and her thinking she's still fat at that size)

in other words, trying to milk more attention from anorexia and disguising it as a aly-ism PSA with the 'be yourself' shit at the bottom

idky she even pretends like she's helping people, she doesn't want to help people or be a romodel, she wants attention. so why not just go full attention whore and do things that get attention/followers? idky she can't even fathom how to do that. I think she had a pretty low IQ to begin with and being ana ate away the rest of it. Surprised she remembers how to breathe

No. 590628

I used to think her blonde hair was horrible, especially the ombre phase, but looking at it now next to that red mess it looks way better.

Idk where her confidence comes from. I don't believe she has body image problems she supposedly has breakdowns over. She does nothing but strip down to her scanties at any opportunity and wears the tightest rags she owns.

I'm very grateful that she hasn't been going to that waterpark this year.

No. 590646

It's only May anon. She will be there soon. stretch posing this time

No. 591018

File: 1526997653059.jpg (162.91 KB, 1080x571, IMG_20180522_155800.jpg)

Et voilà

No. 591019

thank you anon, i requested this in the last thread, and it's perfect

No. 591042

…and she's brought up seeing a therapist again when she has bugger all intentions of going to see one.

Yeah, moving in with Berto aint gonna happen.

No. 591157

File: 1527007979706.png (378.86 KB, 949x456, Untitled.png)

No. 591161

File: 1527008092898.jpg (24.7 KB, 375x254, Capture.JPG)

Possible breakdown?

No. 591162


No. 591171

File: 1527009047796.jpg (9.71 KB, 167x99, 1.JPG)

Soz for spamming (I am feel so alone and isolate), but how does this happen? From no likes to 208 likes in 4 minutes after reuploading?

No. 591200

Not sure. That used to be all she got a year ago and it drove her absolute insane. And it drove awake like 4K of her followers because she would black out post and I KILL ME.
Not sure what she did to get such a large jump in likes. I think the spoopy pics she posts help a lot.

No. 591262

i think the new system where you can follow hashtags helps her–afaik people who follow hashtags are more likely to see posts that get more interaction, and compared to the average IG user who has like a few hundred followers, aly's posts will be bumped up, so she gets likes from the people who just blindly like every post on their dash in hopes of lbs. before they added the follow hashtags, you had to go into the tag and things appeared mostly chronologically, so she probably only got the 20-30 extra likes any IG'er would get from that, if that makes sense.

tl;dr many of these likes are probably not even from followers, they're from people following the hashtags she spams on every post.

No. 591268

sorry to double post but it's crazy to me how much trashier she looks compared to in her old pics. i remember back in the OG threads we all used to speculate that her family was wealthy because she ate a nice restaurants and presented herself in a way that looked pretty cosmetic and put-together. she honestly did look like a fairly well-off snobby girl back in the day. but now she looks like gross trailer trash and no one would ever look at her lifestyle or her appearance and assume she was even middle class.

she p much embodies every ana-chan's fears that gaining weight will make you trashy, ugly, bloated, gross, and lazy. obvi this is not true but she is seriously the worst advertisement for recovery that i've ever seen.

No. 591304

File: 1527018592316.jpeg (107.64 KB, 290x272, 066EBAD3-7819-47DC-9376-92C92B…)


No. 591405

File: 1527026454607.jpg (86.79 KB, 440x220, PizzaIsDaWay.jpg)

I can't help but see a strange looking chihuahua when I see her poses/smiles sometimes.

No. 591407

this chihuahua has whiter teeth than Aly

No. 591410

File: 1527026919755.jpg (65.04 KB, 637x347, wotsits.jpg)


I had to recheck that pic to make sure you hadn't used a yellow teeth filter, anon. I feel sick. They're almost the colour of cheesy Wotsits.

She just posted a pic with Ma saying how she's crying about leaving her to live with Berto.

No. 591411

That's uncanny.

No. 591551

File: 1527038338959.jpg (181.89 KB, 652x500, 20180522_191614.jpg)

Hmm what happened here?

No. 591759

link? I don't see it.

No. 591772

File: 1527062159890.jpg (69.17 KB, 465x825, donut.JPG)

she needs a larger size in whatever she's wearing and she would look a lot better

No. 591789

File: 1527065260980.png (834.35 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7664.PNG)

Idk but it's caused a breakdown in our recoveryqueer. Poor aly isn't gonna eat but she's gotta let everyone know

No. 591790

File: 1527065379360.png (181.65 KB, 640x911, IMG_7663.PNG)

Repost because no1curr

No. 591791

She deleted it because hardly any likes or comments.

No. 591954

aly probably thinks 13 reasons why is deep

No. 591963

I don't know it, but I'm guessing it's some tacky teenage crap? That seems to be her style usually.

I'm predicting her next post will be how she's struggled all day but ~managed~ something from McDonald's. Her mood isn't over the stars, but she ate because she wants to live. She'll thank her followers for support.

Next follower who comments I NEEDED TO HEAR THAT dies.

No. 592028

It's basically a girl kills herself, she makes an audio tape of the reasons why (and who she blames for her death). Personally, it makes me nervous that there's a season 2 out, when season one hit for people it romanticised it, a way to get at people who hurt you and they now love you when you're gone. A sort of infamy. So hospital cases were on the rise. Seeing people watching a season 2 puts me a bit on edge. I know it triggers vulnerable people, i don't get why it's so popular.

No. 592031


Sounds like it would appeal to the instagram generation who love their #selfharmm #thinspooo and romanticisation of suicide. I mean, I like films or docus of a dark nature, but something like that on Netflix with a following and you're asking for trouble. I'm surprised it was given a second season if it was affecting people that way, but there must be $$ to be made so they don't care.

No. 592032

File: 1527096569975.jpg (96.92 KB, 813x595, 1.JPG)

Oh, I missed this while watching makeup youtubes. She's got SOOOO much to tell us. Her lunch looks delicious!

No. 592060

File: 1527098519088.jpg (232.31 KB, 706x572, 20180523_120002.jpg)


Now she's happy…

No. 592064

File: 1527098684011.jpg (156.55 KB, 1205x654, 1.JPG)

Update up.

I'm including the followers who say SO PROUD OF YOU in their comments as ones who die also.

No. 592066

I hate her mouth. Its extremely uptight. Just fucking relax you dumb bitch…

No. 592067

File: 1527098885768.jpg (11.17 KB, 274x65, dead.JPG)

Lara dies.

No. 592077

File: 1527099308826.jpg (69.15 KB, 480x598, chuggers.JPG)

Universally hated.

No. 592079

File: 1527099462145.jpg (626.11 KB, 884x905, Screenshot_20180523-121511.jpg)

No. 592081


Hooooly shit, I love that. You should make collagey graphic novel horror type things.

No. 592083

File: 1527099678546.jpg (14.38 KB, 300x59, dead2.JPG)

Whiterabbit dead.

No. 592117

It's a normal Italian lunch though. I don't really like grocery tramezzini because of the bread but a lot of people eat them

No. 592124

I’m starting to think that the big hair, is a way of hiding how big her upper body is getting,

No. 592180

How someone can love THAT job?

No. 592265

File: 1527111860960.png (448.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7684.PNG)

''Omg u guys look how much exercise I'm doing so much hyperactivity so ana"

No. 592317

What're the other ~numbers~ and what's the app she's showing us?

Soooo, how long's she going to stick at this job? I said one day earlier in the thread, but I was wrong. I'm p sure she'll say she's not eating enough/moving too much and that's why she'll leave. From the shit she's posting she's gearing it up to look that way to her followers.

No. 592335

File: 1527116810539.jpg (501.99 KB, 1070x1213, 2018-05-24-01-01-58-367.jpg)

Aly we all know you read here so, please, try this style. You would look amazing and please, do something for your skin.

No. 592342

File: 1527117435053.jpg (97.48 KB, 538x713, c6754ad611da07a9cf09b4eea7cdbf…)

She needs a bloody good moisturiser. The lines on her forehead are something rarely seen on a 22 year old who doesn't have a skin condition. Also HIGH SPF. AND please, please sort your hair out. It's dry af. Cut and intensive conditioner. Consider cutting your fringe/bangs short(er) to cover that widow's peak and help cover your forehead until it looks less damaged. #selfcare = caring for your hair and skin.

She should go for a cascade hairdo.

No. 592347

The app looks like the Apple Health app that goes with the Apple watch that gives stats like a Fit Bit

Passi = Steps
Gradini saliti = Flights cliimbed (i.e., stairs)

The last one in purple is her sleep

No. 592359

Thanks. I bet she still counts calories too and does some maths with exercise. Idk, she sounds desperate to be spoopy again at times.

Wish I had as much sleep as she did. Nearly 8 hours (!)

No. 592470

she probably already sees herself like this.

No. 592678

Number one, that hairstyle is hideous.
Number two, I don't feel like the lines on her forehead are that bad for a girl in her early 20s. They are just fine lines that could easily be fixed with a good night cream and some sunscreen. You've obviously never seen 20-something year olds with literal valleys for forehead wrinkles.

No. 592699


Yeah there is this weird insta-ana culture of other sufferers calling someone out (kindly) when they are meant to be recovering but are posting pics of tiny portions/daily exercise/skeletal selfies. But of course it has gotten warped by many into this attention-seeking behaviour to validate their ED… Posting like “yay night snack-a-lackin” with a pic of two slices of banana and a grape, specifically to milk all the concerned comments like “oh no way is this enough babe, you’re still so tiny!”

Aly will have seen other girls doing this on IG and decided it’s the next way to get attention since she doesn’t look thin anymore. I bet all of her “thoughts of relapse” posts this week have been calculated with this goal in mind.

She’s awful.

No. 592782

Agreed. If she can't relapse, she'll fake one yo get more attention.

No. 592825

File: 1527177511695.png (1.54 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7686.PNG)

No. 592873

Number one, it's a damn site better than how her hair is now
Number two, I haven't seen a 22 year old forehead with crevices because I like in sunless ENGLAND.

She looks like shit, but you think not?

No. 592890

I live in California, dude. Girls round here don’t believe in sunscreen and end up looking like leather handbags in their 40s because of it.

I said absolutely nothing about her not looking bad, stop projecting. I’m just telling you that her forehead wrinkles are not unusual and they are fine enough to where she could easily manage them.

No. 592901

imagine getting on a bus and seeing that chugger girl pulling her sunglasses all the way down until under her nostrils and taking selfies looking positively demented.

No. 592926

File: 1527187751909.jpg (123.02 KB, 624x669, Sanpaku eyes.jpg)


Aly humour cracks me up. She's sooo funny.

She needs to call it a day with her #edworrior thing. Her captions are being repeated too often as are her pics. If only she had something else to offer she wouldn't be driving people away. Okay, so the number of followers is hardly representative of her real followers (I'd say around 200 might be interested in what she offers), but with that amount she's got a ready made audience to showcase something else and get more genuine followers.

Anyone believe she's loving her job?

No. 592978

File: 1527193317393.gif (3.22 MB, 299x393, 6abb583.gif)


No. 592979

somebody ask her if she's pregnant

No. 593175

File: 1527212017930.png (960.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180524-192851.png)

Last dinner huh..

No. 593198

File: 1527213410909.jpeg (160.89 KB, 750x710, B3317B3E-4FC9-476B-B5A0-B731C0…)

This might actually not be another farmer comment and the best part is Aly just bought those shorts. Boy won’t she love reading this tomorrow. Kek.

No. 593378

Aly will comment “you missed the point of my post, honey!”

But seriously. She needs to size up. If she’s actually moving in with Bert, she will gain even more fast. A good majority of couples will gain weight when they move in together and again after they get married.
And since Aly is clearly a terrible cook, it’ll be Mickey D’s for daaaaays

No. 593480

File: 1527244892270.jpeg (383.93 KB, 1536x1536, E08D21DF-ED1A-4092-94A9-0E10E2…)

Wow is this even real… so tragic. What an absolute train wreck. Someone mentioned before that maybe the Ana caused mental retardation and now I actually tend to agree.

No. 593633

> pregnancy

It's not impossible if she's started menstruating again.

No. 593640


I… I just imagined Aly riding Bert.

I want to rinse my brain.

No. 593642

File: 1527265035725.jpeg (366.85 KB, 750x1334, E8EB5E13-390D-41F8-B8F7-987A8C…)

Leave it to Aly to make a big deal out of going away for the weekend to Venice. That’s most likely what the “last supper” was about.

No. 593683

File: 1527268959548.png (1.78 MB, 1080x783, IMG_20180525_102134.png)

Wtf is she doing with her mouth? It is a smile? Is she constipated? Also: holy moonface lol

No. 593753

It is possible to get pregnant even if your period stops because of low weight. I know two women who got pregnant at BMIs around 15. I just feel the need to say that because neither of them thought they needed to use protection, since they were not bleeding every month.

So, use protection, even if you're emaciated

No. 593843

I don't think Crying Emily had been having periods for a long time and she got pregnant.

Ugh, a weekend of scenes from Venice with her dumb self blocking the view.
Aly signed up her first person today. She's going to be able to afford to buy a carton of fries with her first pay cheque at this rate.

No. 593849


Sage but happened to me. Tell him to wrap it up even if you're a skelly


Is this her brother???

No. 593862

No, it's a fellow chugger. Her brother's younger, doesn't look dorky and always looks pissed off at having to pose with Aly. Here

No. 593863

No. 593973

Gosh, I remember seeing him in the early Aly threads, he never looked miserable in photos with her like he does now. I can’t imagine the histrionics she must get into around the house, she must completely monopolize their parents’ attention. Poor kid.

No. 594157

Damn, her face is a lot thinner here. She didn’t look that great overall then either, but compared to now, the difference is shocking.

No. 594207

Hahaha holy shit. This was only 5 months ago? I can’t wait to see what 5 more months is going to do to her. Her diet caught up to her, and hard.

No. 594401

File: 1527350285259.jpg (109.15 KB, 593x593, sludge.JPG)

She was making a big deal about having her last supper with Ma C before her holiday in Venice. She's only there for a DAY TRIP.

I think they dredged the canals for this thing she posted.

No. 594403

I'm tempted to do a week by week pic of her face during this time so we can see the blooming of the moonface.

No. 594452

File: 1527355163909.jpg (400.98 KB, 720x1189, 20180526_191442.jpg)

You know how your eyes get watery sometimes after not getting much sleep? Well Aly got up early today.
>muh depresshun-a (!) porca miseria

No. 594520

File: 1527360412187.jpg (292.08 KB, 715x1113, Screenshot_20180526-124402.jpg)

This is a complete breakdown?

No. 594522