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File: 1568840140909.jpeg (399.05 KB, 726x590, E99DF91F-0E1C-44C5-921D-DF0D27…)

No. 870272

Continuation to discuss those ED warriors doing REAL RECOVERY and members of the ED recovery community of Instagram and YouTube
Previous thread >>>/snow/855623

No. 870286

File: 1568841851278.jpeg (506.28 KB, 828x1651, A51628F4-020B-4C55-AF1C-BA1FCF…)

God bless you sweet anon. After 12 hours I feared the thread would never be revived.

Can we please discuss the absolutely autistic caption for this video?! Couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole thing, but the parts I saw she sounds absolutely retarded. Like, legitimately mentally handicapped. Not sure if it’s brain damage from anorexia or if she’s really just like that?!

No. 870287

I lost track of the number of times she said ‘this is the first time I’m making brownies ‘.
And why are her family letting her cook dinner? Surely the control should be the other way around?

No. 870291

this video was such a cringefest. Worse than Scott's Tots and the Dinner Party episodes of The Office combined.
she looks ridiculous. and it's honestly sad that the biggest thing happening in this 22 year old's life is sperging over baking brownies and filming it… she really has nothing in her life besides looking at, talking about, or salivating over food.

No. 870367

File: 1568857464398.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, E3438F6C-7199-445E-B65D-64EE01…)

Excellent, I was waiting to upload this golden nugget lol. She really thinks she looks amazing, I mean it’s fine to be feeling yourself but how can she be so cocky to say she got it in one shot… kek farmers know that’s bs Georgie Porgie and u look bigger than ever, but keep up with your pseudo anorexia recovery and you’ll be tipping the scales in no time. I’m not trying to nitpick but she’s like the ana chans who think they can be healthy underweight, she thinks she can be healthy at an obese weight, both sides equally as irrational.

No. 870372

Gag me. I can’t stand insta anymore with all their wannarexics. There are so many accounts now that are big and small tryina be “sick” and posting “binges” or “restriction.” When in reality they all fucking eat normal amounts

No. 870373

Isint that hilarious lol like they try and act like a normal amount is restricting and a binge is a proper portion. They’re too dumb to know they’re outing themself as bingers kek. Not like it matters it’s just funny that their proof disproves their pseudo anorexia lol

No. 870385

File: 1568862069404.jpg (283.33 KB, 720x1140, Screenshot_20190917-222339_Ins…)

No. 870387

Uhm.. context?

No. 870391

Context is likely a self post. A random screen cap without context is almost always some cow desperate just to be talked about.

No. 870392

File: 1568863790602.jpg (49.3 KB, 429x483, mc.JPG)


Rockin that Mama Cass look.

Good for her if she's happy being that size, but I doubt she is despite the arrogance.


Best to ignore the posts with no context. Either self posts or some autist anon who can't chan.

No. 870416

Omg the resemblance is uncanny kek, thank you. And the arrogance is what surprises me wtf does she have reverse dysmorphia where she sees herself as fit not big like wtf? I think the only explanation other than the arrogance is that she’s using this “recovery” to justify her long term binges or at least consumption of high fat, high calorie food. Like if she just tells ppl she’s “recovering from anorexia” they might give her less ”hate” regardless I lol at the picture and text she posted in that story kek

No. 870420

File: 1568885852950.png (277.41 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20190919-023509.png)

Looks like ppl are calling her out again lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 870428

Doesn't sound like a call out to me, more like an anon being a retard and cow tipping.

No. 870429

She most likely sent that tell to herself just so she could reply letting everyone know how much of a recovery queen shes being whilst publicising the fact shes mentioned here. So strong and brave !!!

No. 870431

Quotes from YouTube :
Megsy Recovery ‘ challenging your anorexic fears is fucking hard’
Elzani ‘ challenging fear foods is fun’

I wonder who is the one actually recovering and putting in the hard work and who is the one pissing around.

No. 870433

File: 1568891522730.jpeg (1.26 MB, 828x1478, B910D745-03CA-41C6-9564-F2D4E8…)

Da fuck is up with her proportions though? I get that fat redistributes unevenly in recovery, but she looks like a fucking muppet. Probably purposely wearing those leggings to try to prove that her legs are still spoopy (while conveniently keeping her torso covered). And why do her parents continue to tolerate being featured in her gong-show of a social media presence?!

No. 870435

She has gained a significant amount but nowhere near what she should have at this time. Her calfs are fucking weird, no muscle I guess but she looks like she's walking on those weird stilts. Weirdest legs I've ever seen.

No. 870436

This is a fucking nitpick and not something she can control for now

No. 870437

Definitely not WKing Elzani (my psychologist recommends Megsy's channel and oddly not Elzani's!) BUT she's wearing what looks like some kind of lycra leggings/pants. Those things aren't flattering on anyone, plus the colour blocking's making her proportions look off. I think she's doing okay, just wish she'd piss off with her videos.

So many anas can't do clothes. I can't even think of one here who has a decent style. I keep noticing how they wear Winnie the Pooh tops after it was pointed out. Even non cows on ig hashtags of anas.

No. 870453

The winnie pthe pooh tops might be because its in fashion atm I've noticed a few shops in the UK selling stuff with it on as well as muckey mouse and general Disney stuff.

No. 870454


I think more recently she's not doing too badly, her vids are still ott and fake Inspo but maybe she's actually turned a corner

No. 870471

Given the amount of time she spends editing her YouTube videos I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d shooped her legs in some way- she must have the skills even to do a bad job.
No doubt she’ll be baking a birthday cake for her dad.

No. 870476

Can someone tell me about what Elzani was like before her ED? She is constantly saying she's never eaten X or made Y, and so many of them are common UK foods. When did she get sick? Is there a summary somewhere?

Her stupid captions make me think of Aly's "never before tried" sperging.

No. 870479


fuck, no, really? I haven't been in the shops for ages.

This reminds me of that period of time in the 90s when adults were wearing Looney Tunes crap. I was a kid and it was embarrassing when my aunt wore it.

I assumed the Disney and childish stuff was limited to anas. Is child-sized silverware also going to be a trend?

No. 870485

Yep, a lot of super childish looking things especially in primark


No. 870534

It's just what all the insta anorectics do. Recovering_mary_bxtchx does the same. Constant FIRST EVER ______ even though every single human being on this planet hasn't eaten absolutely everything there is to eat. It's usually either new products, combinations people don't tend to eat, or some bizarre snack item nobody's ever heard of. E's never needed to make brownies because her family is rich as fuck and can buy good quality expensive shit.

Makes them sound 'sicker'. If you haven't had pizza since the age of 18 months are you even Ana?

No. 870540

Yessss like they haven't been sick their whole lives and the things they've never had have been out for ages so there's no way they haven't. They probably mean first time in years but that just doesn't sound cool enough does it.

No. 870541

Out of curiosity, did Aly ever respond to the stuff from the prior thread? Or the saviour complex cowtip from bongs and bandages? Follow neither (Aly got to me during the whole "worms are coming out of my skin!" drug induced fiasco).

No. 870560

Nothing on that situation but just waiting for Aly to get her phone and realize how badly she's been exposed. She's going to freak, if anyone has followed her for awhile she's always been very careful of her privacy and making sure no one knows her real name. You can ever find her dad on her facebook friends.. I wouldn't be surprised if this sends her running from the internet forever

No. 870622

Well seeing that Aly doesn’t have her phone while in her three week treatment stint, no. She hasn’t responded.

No. 870638

Apparently (according to E) she had never eaten raw carrot until she entered her ‘real recovery ‘. Be selective over what you believe she says!

No. 870643

File: 1568926300669.jpeg (128.68 KB, 750x394, 2E663AA6-A6E0-42CE-A7B5-5207F3…)

I think obsessed is an understatement - they are just fucking brownies- so what?
And let’s all have a big brownie bake -a-thon ( while watching bake off on tv like E does) and all the problems of the world and eating disorders will be solved. What planet is she on.
Isn’t the point of recovery to get less obsessed with food not more?

No. 870656

Jesus Christ I remember the bugs crawling out of her skin episode it’s fucking hilarious that she actually went to the ER for that shit, I bet the people working that night got a fucking laugh

No. 870670

Did anyone else see zoe posting about being able to see who screenshots an instagram story? Kek this cows are so dumb

No. 870671

was this daintyaly? i don't remember this episode but sounds entertaining

No. 870692

yeah she was digging around her closet one day and freaked the hell out about bugs crawling under her skin and literally went to the ER and was shocked they did not do anything

No. 870727

Not only did the ER have a laugh, when they did her blood work it said she had methamphetamine in her system (she say adderall shows up that way) and I still cracked up, she was a total bitch to her parents and her best friend when they wouldn’t go with her because they said she was just freaking out.

No. 870765

When was this? She's one I follow a lot and I missed this, kek oh well. Maybe she deleted it. Her drug problem is worse than she realizes

No. 870769

It was when she had her old account, probably last year sometime. Made tons of stories about it

No. 870785

File: 1568951647979.png (321.19 KB, 720x1283, Screenshot_20190920-045119~2.p…)

It's in an old thread

No. 870892

Sunbearkels new ig handle?

No. 870921

File: 1568992010454.jpg (563.29 KB, 1080x1483, 20190920_160517.jpg)


I mean, we all knew this was the case, but how are these braindead idiots fooled by her?

No. 870922

File: 1568992045651.jpg (237.06 KB, 1080x1003, 20190920_160530.jpg)


No. 870925

File: 1568992395247.jpg (337.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190920-161204_Ins…)

Laura has reached a whole other level of attention seeking

No. 870929

wow, at least try to be a BIT less transparent about it, laura.

at this point they just need to discharge her ass because what good is being there doing, really? she's not smol n sickly. her level of risk can't be that bad if she gets to prance around shopping and shows. I've been in wards with people like this and these behaviours only end up escalating and escalating when staff are totally over their antics.

go home.

No. 870936

Ugh, how the heck do you do your hair and outfit if you’re struggling so much that you scratch your face to bits? And then pose for smiling photos of every angle? This shit just keeps getting crazier.

No. 870942

i came here immediately after seeing her post. there is no rational reason to take and post disturbing pics, she's only trying to "show off" how sick she is.
like its so cringy
>"look everyone, look what ive done to myself! will any amongst you say im not sick now?" pose smile

No. 870945

Anyone got Kelsey's new account? Think she got deleted again

No. 870946

File: 1568997490256.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.94 KB, 629x564, john merrick.JPG)

That's a subtle way to cover up the damage on her knuckles.

Oh, Laura. You ridiculous woman. Okay, IF you did this because you were genuinely distressed to scratch away (that's a big IF), then that's sad. But y'know what? Anyone with any shred of dignity wouldn't post that shit all over the internets. Most people feel embarrassed when they have a cold sore and think everyone's looking at it. Posing for selfies looking like a chav who's been in a bitch fight is EXTREME attention seeking.

Her room looks cosy. Too cosy. That's why she doesn't want to get out of there.

Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 870963

Looks like they’re both deleted thank god. So many people think she’s really that thin / even a real person so I’m glad she’s gone.

No. 871024

It's normally not long before kelsey reappears with a new account, came here to ask the same question. I hope she comes back, she's the best one to laugh at

No. 871155

File: 1569029123997.jpg (601.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190921-022339_Ins…)

Nice scaring on the knuckles here

No. 871156

Lmao where? I zoomed in and it’s the shadows on her knuckles… everyone has those…. not scars. Nitpick harder.

No. 871159

File: 1569030293858.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 707.52 KB, 3087x3087, A3E2CBA0-E740-449E-B99F-7CD2CB…)

Jen doesn’t usually post like this but today? Wow. 1st she seems pretty proud of how her ED has DESTROYED HER TEETH and they’re literally falling out. She’s got dentures. Man it’s disgusting. So yes, please show the world & smile about it happily.

No. 871160

File: 1569030346445.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 811.02 KB, 3087x3087, 873D1C35-E831-4D91-8D7F-62DA4A…)

2nd she’s body checking!! Clearly body checking.

No. 871164

File: 1569031028334.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 224.94 KB, 859x1647, 9CBC017C-0BE7-4D72-B7CA-1233DA…)

She’s literally exercising on video while she talks about how high she is. Jen is what- 25-30 yrs old & has let her ED destroy her life & body. She’s clearly still happy to engage in Ed. She has no life at all. She lives with her parents. She’s never been to college. She isn’t in treatment. All she does in A day is get high and go to Starbucks.

No. 871172

Like the other anon pointed out, I don’t see any scarring but her right hand does seem to be strategically hidden behind the phone. No one presses the camera button with their hand in that position unless they’re trying to hide something. Assuming she’s right handed, those are probably her purge fingies.
More importantly though, holy shit look at the disgusting state of her room! Who the actual fuck lives like that?! Any time we get a glimpse of her house it reminds me of the show “hoarders”.

No. 871187

As an ex purger she definitely throws up. She seems to hide her hands alot. Her knuckles do look discolored, normal knuckles don't have that.

God the room tho!!(blog)

No. 871203




Bitch where? She looks so malnourished and gross. Maybe try actually eating enough food instead of purging and exercising a small amount of it away

No. 871205

File: 1569040080140.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 7342E99D-85CD-4070-88BB-FFB246…)

Does she think that’s something to be proud of?? Her poor kids

No. 871210

I was hopeful for a second that the kids might actually get a scrap of protein, even if it was from the worst quality “meat” available. But nope: just a white bun and processed cheese product. Not any better OR worse than their usual mac&cheese with white bread and skittles on the side.

No. 871211

She went live a few days ago as well without dentures. I didn't ss it cause it's been so long since she was discussed here I didn't think it would be worth the effort. Her teeth are tiny nubs and it was painful watching her talk. She bites her lips with them too and I can only imagine the pain that causes without any enamel really covering the nerves.

The way she sits with her head between her knees is so strange to me too. Like a weird doll crumpled up after being thrown on the floor.

I mostly just feel bad for her. She's so far gone. She's been to all the centers and used all the resources. It's just a matter of time before people like her and Ashley leave. They've living on borrowed time.

No. 871212

There's a pic of her in an earlier thread when she's spoopy and in treatment. Her face is thin but she has chipmunk cheeks. I just take it for granted the sloppy mush she posts is a binge she's having in her room.

Also in that thread there's a pic of her room and bed in the background and it's worse than the one above.

I'd post them now but can't atm, but I'm sure it's in the thread linked above about Aly and her imaginary skin maggots.

She'd definitely look a healthier weight if she was keeping down all she posted.

No. 871224

This screams BPD

No. 871227

New to this thread, but I scroll past it and read some things occasional and I've seen this bitch's "meals" for her kids and just wtf?? Do people (other vegetarian freakazoids or anas) actually follow her and think that what she's doing is good? Like you can raise your kids veg, but feeding them starch and processed cheese singles every day is so fucking bad it's almost CPS worthy. She blocks "haters" that call her out though, I'm sure.

No. 871233

what the fuck? cheese on a bun? that's just pure crazy. mcdonalds has salads and apples she could get her little ones, but nope - cheese on a bun. why even go get fast food for cheese on a hamburger bun? this is ridiculous. poor kids.

No. 871247

File: 1569055080131.png (430.38 KB, 304x546, Untitled.png)


There is absolutely no way in hell she isn't purging that food. Did you see her "night snack"? There's absolutely NO WAY you'd stay that small whilst eating the amount and the kind of stuff she does unless she is purging most of it.

Also the constant sugary meals like, loads of chocolates and spread mixed together, bitch that's the kind of shit I was gorging myself on when I was deep in my bulimia.

No. 871250


Her pic in >>871155 is also very body checky? I'm not sure it's responsible to post this kind of picture in a recovery focused space on Insta

No. 871254

That isn't a "snack". Yogurt, cereal bar, fruit, spreads, chocolate milk(?), nut spreads. Maybe earlier in the day, but before sleep at 1.20am? You can tell her parents pay for her food because her grocery bill must be steep. She doesn't even buy generics.

Idk why she bothers fancying up the Ryvita. One bite and all that carefully arranged shit on top would slide off.

No. 871255

File: 1569057453908.jpg (20.21 KB, 293x326, 0.JPG)

This is the pic of her with the swollen glands. Not bulimic but this is what it looks like after puking, no?

No. 871256

File: 1569058309199.jpg (348.25 KB, 720x1133, Screenshot_20190921-053024_Ins…)

No. 871284

File: 1569066454519.jpg (77.98 KB, 728x724, anal probe.jpg)

Who knew ETs have eating disorders too.

To the anon who posted that - if it's not a self post, please switch off the selective mutism your fingers get when you post a random without context. Thanks!

No. 871301

self post again? and holy shit she looks awful without makeup

No. 871315

File: 1569078469694.jpeg (784.05 KB, 828x1422, C8EFF1C8-56D9-40E2-ADB6-0805F4…)

Anyone else think E may intentionally be making herself appear as haggard and crazy as possible now that she’s not getting quite the same attention as she used to for being spoopy? Why else would a grown woman film herself orgasming over cereal other than for attention?

No. 871346

Also looks like she’s using her hair to make her arm look thinner and spoopier

No. 871350

Yes totally - but she has nothing in her life except her ED. And she lurks on here. She’s probably relapsing anyway with no one checking on her.

No. 871352

File: 1569091874076.png (Spoiler Image, 2.3 MB, 640x1136, 23E98AD8-B416-455F-BE77-4ECA65…)

Has anyone seen this shit?

No. 871353

File: 1569091909369.png (Spoiler Image, 2.98 MB, 640x1136, 5D9F2BDB-8570-40CB-A089-3276AC…)

This is horrifying

No. 871355

Jesus that's some scary shit. Is her heart giving up.

No. 871356

Has she mentioned seeing a doctor at all? or is she all "i'll ask dr instagram" because christ, that could be organ failure or something.

No. 871363

Oh my god her kidneys.

No. 871365

File: 1569095252153.png (2.03 MB, 640x1136, FFF419B1-5FEC-489F-A547-EFA64C…)

This girls seems so fucking fake. Her story is so over dramatic and you can tell she just wants attention. She cut over a bitch who wanted her to buy cigs for her. And then next it’s “gonna get weed” as if she’s a stone cold stoner or some bullshit but in actuality she just started using. You can tell as she posts everything on her story

No. 871366

File: 1569095649496.jpg (95.81 KB, 809x482, 00.JPG)

I've had this with my right hand. It was RSI because I do hours and hours of repetitive work with it (not a prostitute lol).

It looked as freaky as that but not red. I reckon it's either something connected to excercise, bad fitting shoe or an insect bite. BUT I'M NOT A DOCTOR.

Must be serious if she's not posting her slop. Honestly wouldn't panic though. I'd panic if she felt unwell but big foot - meh.

In the thumbnail I thought it was her hand and she'd damaged it through you-know-what.

Img is about a hand but I suppose it'd be the same for a foot.(stop)

No. 871369

Oh lord, her. She's definitely a wannorexic. Recent claims are that her brother tried to kill her or something, she regularly posts crying selfies to her stories about it. Wish I'd taken caps but didn't think she was noteworthy.

No. 871372

Too much sodium edema, lots of spoops get it in refeeding.

No. 871376

I saw those stories, she called the police on her brother and they didn’t do anything but calm her down because she was just over reacting to something. It’s ridiculous and honestly triggering af for someone with real abuse happening

No. 871385

Because all she does/is capable of doing is videoing herself eating and analysing food- although I’m waiting for the next in the series of her ‘let’s cook with Elzani ‘ vlogs where we can have another ‘this is the first time I’ve cooked…..’

No. 871394

Not at all, normal veggies/vegans hate these freaks, you have to have a supper balanced, varied diet if you're going to to become one.
She needs a dietician to help her feed these poor kids, she's a fucking mess who has no idea about food or nutrition.

No. 871405

B…but making these vlogs is what's making her life awesome! They're better than going to uni, travelling or starting out on a career! Making brownies is awesome. It's life!

Regular veggie checking in… I don't follow her and wouldn't want to. I don't care if she chooses to eat rubbish herself but the crap she feeds her kids is criminal. There's no reason why she can't cook them simple veggie meals. She's just lazy and stupid. >>871227

No. 871420

File: 1569109619707.png (2.38 MB, 640x1136, 8FCB8977-D2D8-49A2-A052-C2CA26…)

Things should get interesting here soon

No. 871465

Taking bets now. Will she come here, post and freak out, will she go into total meltdown on her IG, or will she take the lesson and learn to be more private with her internet life?

No. 871471

I’m betting she does the two first options, she’d have to have gone through some fuckin program if it’d fix years of panicky freakouts in 4 days

No. 871479

Did she drop out of rehab or what?

No. 871483

holy shit her body is falling apart right in front of us

No. 871484

No she’s home for the weekend.

No. 871485

File: 1569123578321.jpeg (340.29 KB, 1242x1060, D9ECD518-768E-41B9-8CE9-1FF2A3…)

Oh look at her finally admitted she was abusing her prescriptions. I’m glad they won’t ever put her on those drugs again, it serves her right for driving and endangering others.

No. 871505

Anyone remember when this happened to recovery.chii / Kara? I think it was like a year ago but it was definitely posted in a thread. Idk if she ever said what it was or if she still has it though.

No. 871510

she's still going by sounds, but the only one posting in this thread about her recently has been a vendetta chan so i'd say safe to say she's probably not milky at the moment.

No. 871517

it could just be edema as a result of a lack of nutrients, i had them when i got too little protein for example, although mine weren't as extreme. this is not a super uncommon thing, but she should just fucking go see a doctor tbh.

No. 871541

She probably has a clot in the legs of her veins - search deep vein thrombosis

No. 871542

If it’s because of nutrients it would be in both feet, but looks like it’s only in one. Defs a clot in the vein

No. 871543

File: 1569148865760.jpeg (917.99 KB, 828x1532, 3A2DE238-0DDC-4D1E-9E91-334829…)

Clearly I have zero life, because I went and found the original thread. Kek

No. 871546

Oh dear lord. What this woman needs is a god damn footbath.

No. 871547

Its a sign of Cardiac Failure. Heart cant get rid of fluid so body starts pooling it in extremities to take pressure of central organs. They end up on lasix/frusemide

No. 871555

Webdoc farmers conclude she has
-oncoming cardiac failure
-edema/lack of protein
-kidney failure
-sodium edema
-flea bite

Any official diagnosis yet? She really should go to A&R or ring 911 (whatever the emergency NHS number is).

No. 871571

Elzani bangs on about recovery but does she ( and her family) not realise just how anorexic all her vlogging and cooking and talking about food is? Talk about being obsessed with food- she probably spends all day watching ‘what I eat in a day’ vlogs while reading recipe web sites . Next she’ll be doing a course in nutrition or even better getting a place at the National Baking School like her hero Grackle , or working in the bakery section of Waitrose .

No. 871572

I think she thinks she comes across as/her ~job~ is motivation guru for recovery. I think she thinks she IS recovering. Her euphoria over food is on a level with Prader Willi people. She needs to reach that level of anorexia where she's sick of it all and even thinking about food is so damn boring.

Her mum looks like she doesn't care so long as Elzani eats and her dad looks like he's going to have a breakdown and leave his family over it all. Idk about her sisters.

No. 871574

Not sure how anyone concluded DVT, flea bite, RSI or lack of protein. Its like they dont have medical training or something

No. 871577

Shes literally so fucking cringe.

No. 871591

Looks a bit like cellulitis. Bit of a reach but she does live in squalor… not a medic tho obvs. What she really needs is a bath

No. 871597

File: 1569167763481.jpg (586.9 KB, 1080x1062, 1531466090219.jpg)

She makes her own room squalor. Her bed sheets stained with food and never washed. Cooking on her bed.

Img is from earlier thread. I don't think the house is filthy, she makes her room filthy. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the foot thing's related to her living conditions.

No. 871623

Imagine how dirty her hair is…yikes

No. 871642

Did nourish get deleted or did she just change usernames? Can’t seem to find her now.

No. 871664

She's still there, it seems like she's been shadow banned though

No. 871715

holy shit she looks so haggard. she looks homeless and srsly crazy. How many bugs are living in her hair? how many roaches does she sleep with at night? she really looks absolutely disgusting and I can't imagine the smell…

No. 871726

Anyone consider something else may be wrong not just Ed related consequences? With some weight restoration- which she did- this stuff would have improved.

No. 871769

It looks like aly either hasn't seen the last thread after she left for treatment and didn't see zoe's messages (unlikely?) or is choosing to not address it at all. i thought she would have at least changed her Facebook name

No. 871774

I can't find her either

No. 871788

File: 1569191827760.png (129.29 KB, 708x1278, Screenshot_20190922-233539~2.p…)

She's being exploited

No. 871842

Im shocked she hasnt addressed anything considering her attention needs must be on empty. Mine would be too if I had to feed that egg headed ego.

No. 871845

I feel like she just hasn’t seen it yet because there would be a proper blowout no way 4 days med free could fix years of this shit

No. 871849

File: 1569200682782.jpg (523.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190922-210406_Ins…)

No. 871851

"enimic or that blood thing" jesus fucking wept

No. 871859

File: 1569202496440.jpeg (414.6 KB, 1936x1936, EA899999-02CC-462B-8826-7276C9…)

idk if this bitch has been talked about before here but I think she’s toxic as fuck. Constantly she’s saying she’s gonna “recover” and then few hrs later be back to her shit pretending to starve herself when she probably eats a normal amount. She used to post fasts and cals but now she doesn’t, doesn’t even y’all about food anymore probs cuz she realized no one actually gives a fuck. Saying she’s been struggling for years I fucking doubt she qualifies for any ED, just attention seeking like all these other insta bitches

No. 871863

don't call yourself a bitch have some self respect

No. 871867

Lol @ how many attention seeking selfposts their are in these threads

No. 871885

Kylie does NOT have any milk, it's been discussed before. Stop posting her here.

No. 871887

File: 1569205215816.jpeg (113.97 KB, 750x1334, Image-1.jpeg)

Kylie is milky – constantly using the fact that shes "about to go into treatment" to excuse the fact that shes constantly strung out and sleeping with random men that she calls her friends.

No. 871891

Bet you’re the same person on tellonym always sending her shit. Let your vendetta go, no one cares about her here

No. 871893

That’s the REAL milk sis so stop ‍♀️(>>>>twitter)

No. 871895

Have you followed her long? She's clearly not very smart and unstable, she doesn't belong in this thread. I'm not saying she doesn't make shitty choices but this thread is not the place for her. It's also obvious she truly struggles with an eating disorder, it's not for attention and it's not fake. I find her endearing in a way and hope she gets help but she's not milky. It's a forum for pro ana scumbags - not 20 year olds who sleep around.

No. 871897

Thank you blessed anon. Thread is for wannarexics, not those who genuinely struggle

No. 871903

are you retarded? "real" anorexics are fair game as long as they're milky.

No. 871915

File: 1569213325029.jpg (928.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190923-053118_Ins…)

Still there, someone challenged her over the hand position in the selfie pic and of course she doesn't b/p

No. 871920

Are you? She’s not milky, get over it already

No. 871938

Everything looks so sticky and dirty.

No. 871978

She's dumped Midget Gems into her flapjack ~recipe~. Give a 3 year old those ingredients and that's what it'd come up with.

That pic gives really grim vibes, like she's living in a squat and finds her food in bins.

No. 871992

And to think the skinny syrups company sends her that shit for free! As if she’s a great advertiser for their product? If I didn’t already find that shit repulsive, I sure would after seeing this sloppy mess!

No. 872123

File: 1569252111014.jpg (46.34 KB, 330x577, 0.JPG)

A toad getting ran over is the most horrific event Becky's ever seen. What a delicate little flower.

No. 872327

File: 1569288589292.jpeg (24.26 KB, 716x428, 8E492B4A-1868-4EC8-8188-B16410…)

She hasn’t cleaned her room in literal years. It is sticky and grimy.

Going through her ig, that room has been accumulating filth for over three years without a single dusting, wipe down, or vacuuming. Her bedding appears to be unchanged for at least a year despite her preparing and eating food on her bed.

Her skin and hair look greasy af, and the picture of her feet showed a visible layer of grime a lot like dermatitis neglecta (pic related) and you can see dandruff in her hair whenever she posts to brag about how shiny she thinks it is. If she didn’t think she was so great and gorgeous she’s just be a sad dirty hoarder. Her shitty attitude kind of makes it impossible to feel sorry for her total ineptitude.

No. 872346

File: 1569294260099.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1864, 95BC68EC-7E4D-4F43-B572-741913…)

I swear to god every fucking post of her is “I’m so fat I need to stop eating blah blah blah” even when it’s about her dead friend who died from ED complications… like get some real fucking help and actually TRY to get better instead of whining every single day that you’re fat so people can tell you that you’re not.

No. 872405

is it even possible to gain 6 kgs (over 3 pounds for non-eurofags) in that time? Even if it was water weight, it sounds kinda excessive or at least overestimated

No. 872426

Did you mean to say over 13lbs? Still technically not wrong, 6kgs IS more than 3lbs…
Probably possible if someone was heavily restricting and dehydrated, but it would be water and shit

No. 872442

She drinks alcohol a lot too which would explain that. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s exaggerating, everything she says usually is. This is also def nitpicky but why the fuck can’t she use any punctuation? Everything is always one long giant run on sentence

No. 872445

maybe if she didn’t screech for attention 24/7 and constantly kill herself and then say “oh but I’m such a fat shit cunt I deserve to die haha please kiss my ass and tell me how skinny and strong I am!!!!” It’s pathetic, spends all day doing drugs, crying about her weight and trying to be her dead friend.. she really needs to get some help cause she’s clearly got an eating disorder and a victim complex because she wants everyone to feel bad for her

No. 872462

Nah she has adequate intake and stable weight. The way she is so obsessed with her friend is actually kind of creepy, wearing her clothes and trying to be the same weight.

No. 872473

She really needs to go to an actual mental health therapist instead of trying to get into an eating disorder clinic that she doesn’t belong in. She just doesn’t want to receive to try and change and would rather whine on the Internet forever about how much she hates herself.

No. 872495

she comes accross pretty pro too, always posting those stupid emoji restriction calendars like a 10 year old who just discovered the pro ana community

No. 872566

File: 1569350083854.png (5.19 MB, 828x1792, 043168E4-4A69-483D-BE1E-977469…)

Another classic supermom-recoveryqween-all-in-Kim moment: balanced lunch for the kids of processed cheese product and artificial sweeter / protein infused peanut butter on white bread. Truly an inspiration.

No. 872567

File: 1569350335407.jpeg (326.04 KB, 828x1542, 2A0B629C-2E26-4E96-A946-65EF80…)

Anyone else catch this recovery.chii comment before it got deleted? Not sure is chii or ganer did the deleting. Chii has done progress pics probably as much as ganer though, so it’s a little hypocritical, doesn’t look like she’s done any recently though. Idk, I laughed.

No. 872587

My child would be so damn hungry after this. It’s not that the food is “bad”. It just isn’t balanced or sufficient for a small child even.

No. 872608

How the hell is that considered lunch? That barely qualifies as a snack. She’s so disgusting the way she feeds her kids. She eats literally nothing but processed sugar-free junk (and sugar junk too) and claims she doesn’t eat a certain way… bitch you live off free samples of junk! Learn to cook!

No. 872609

And I oop

No. 872614


wtf I almost didn't believe this at first and thought you shrunk the food in photoshop or something. Two bites of sandwich and a morsel of cheese and crackers. Those poor kids must be starving all the time.

No. 872617

In the story later she goes “oh he wanted yogurt too” and the two videos later it’s “oh you want more?”
YEAH NO SHIT. You barely fed him anything substantial. Like a whole sandwich. Or fruits/veggies. You know that yogurt was probably sugar free lite diet type of yogurt

No. 872624

Quit fucking shaming the mentally ill mother for not taking care of the kids.
They have a perfectly sane father. It's his responsibility to feed the kids properly knowing their mother struggles with even feeding herself.
He's the one that should be shamed for his children's diet.

No. 872626

not only that but her boyfriend, who she lives with, follows the account. so he sees her fucking weight and her constant whining about how “fat” she is, and she can’t think she’s that fat with her daily straining body checks.

No. 872630

File: 1569358063930.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, DBC0735B-9361-4B96-ADDF-08E603…)

lol nobody told her she was on here, she’s constantly on here, she admitted it once

No. 872639

She doesn’t struggle to feed herself. She eats plenty of sugary garbage all day long and prides herself on being a good mother. She’s not. She publicly posts things she does to those kids that are clearly damaging. There’s no excusing that.

No. 872650

Eating sugary garbage all day long perfectly fits the definition of not being able to feed yourself properly.
>She publicly posts things she does to those kids that are clearly damaging. There's no excusing that.
Yes there is. Insanity. Unlike the father, she's completely bonkers. What's his excuse?

No. 872657

Mental illness is not an excuse to abuse kids though. If she can't take care of the kids and the dad isn't stepping in to take over and stopping the mum having control over the kidsor access - then the kids are better off elsewhere with a family that won't set them up for a miserable life. Not all of mums with eating disorders or mental health issues end up being shit parents who force their eating disorders onto their kids (and certainly not document the process online for views).

Services should step in, they certainly step in here for this sort of thing and for less.

No. 872659

I was going to post this myself. If an "insane" woman's in charge of children, that's wrong and they should be removed. If they're underfed and neglected, fuck whose fault it is.

No. 872660

It's very important whose fault it is. If men were held more accountable shit like this would not happen.

No. 872673

Bashing a lousy partner aint gonna bring back a kid lying dead on the floor. They're both useless so the kids should be removed. Especially if he sees she's posting pics of the kids in the bath with the mother glugging wine and feeding them a few crackers for lunch.

No. 872678

Imagine your friend literally dying as a result of her ED and this loser using it as a flex competition. I'd come back and haunt the bitch.

No. 872720

File: 1569366757241.jpeg (738 KB, 750x1108, 362D298E-BAA5-4D4B-977D-5D1AEF…)

Opinions on her? Personally I thinks she’s pretty milky

No. 872733

Share the milk then? Fishing for opinions normally points to a retarded self-post.

No. 872742

Assimilate to boards before posting yourself.

No. 872749

Why is she milky?? Provide proof. Learn to assimilate

No. 872776

File: 1569375900247.jpeg (19.65 KB, 675x469, received_381971766083654.jpeg)

Annoying the actual ED sufferers in the QLD region.
(From factitious illness chat group)

No. 872801

File: 1569382794912.jpeg (341.72 KB, 711x1168, 2010FA63-636D-4430-85CF-688A6A…)

Now we are getting cooking instructions for recipes.

No. 872803

File: 1569383000500.jpeg (327.4 KB, 750x694, AFF1EC5B-EFC1-47FF-A800-A0C578…)

She’s put on weight and her talking is a bit more coherent but she needs to go back and listen to some of the stuff she said in her first vlog.

No. 872805

Naw, that would take a sliver of humility and self awareness, of which E has none.

No. 872811

What even is this

No. 872826

…group chat?? About shanaya?

No. 872828

And?? Who cares? How is that poor quality image milky? Also learn to fucking sage.

No. 872829

Chill i was just answering a question. Direct your feels towards >>872776

No. 872831

It's creepy, she's almost trying to be her friend. Honestly her constant "I'm so fat" shit is just annoying, she's somehow kidded herself into thinking she's restricting of course she'd not going to lose weight.

No. 872845

looks like a fake chat too.

No. 872880

Looks like a computer chat screen. Who uses them these days?

No. 872890

she is so fucking stunted and weird lmao. her family (or at least her mum) is so clueless it makes me angry. she shouldn't be having any control over the food and cooking right now. they all need therapy and education about ED behaviours so bad. i also wouldn't be surprised if the dad up and left, imagine dealing with her shit day in day out for over two years while barely seeing any weight gain or improvement. bet her sisters can't wait to get to uni and get away from her.

No. 872925

Her mum really irritates me. She's like Becky's mum, how Alys mum was and all the ones who go along with their kid's immature/unreasonable behaviour instead of laying down rules about their recovery.

If I'd had a kid like Elzani I'd make her go to therapies, tell her to stop the YouTube bs as long as she's under my roof. They might think they're doing what's best but duh they're killing their child with kindness when they need a reality check.

I'll never not think Elzani has some educational problems.

No. 872949

i can’t even imagine elzani in school or doing anything normal it’s like she’s just been at home her entire life learning everything from asking her mum questions constantly

No. 872974

I get the impression E holds the whole family hostage with the constant looming threat that she won’t eat if anyone does anything that upsets her even slightly. They all play along just because they’re too afraid to make things worse.

No. 872978

Her obsession with all things food is so clearly unhealthy and her attitudes haven’t even changed either… imagine seeing your high school peers and having them ask you what you’ve been up to… “oh I made brownies for the first time in my LIFE!” And they’ve actually…. DONE successful adult things (college, jobs, moving out of parents house, having relationships other than an OCD type of thing with food)

No. 873035

Wait do all these cows actually have some sort of crew going on…? Like they’re all in contact…? For whatever reason I’m really surprised, they seem to sort of compete while trying to maintain plausible deniability, I’d think that they’d feel buddying up with other cows would confirm their own cow-ness

No. 873074

I notice that some of the cows befriend other cows when they find out they've been posted here. I imagined them planning some way to take down the farm (lol). I can't imagine Elzani being interested in talking to anyone about anything other than food and she's never mentioned lolcow. They definitely start following one another. We're like a friendship agency.

I just thought, Joltography's been quiet a long time. She was forever following new cows.

No. 873083

Elzani might have put on weight but she’s still so very entrenched in anorexic thinking- I bet her family just go along with her cooking so she doesn’t throw a hissy fit.
I get the impression she has had no therapy of any form at all.

No. 873087


I had an ED as a teen in the UK.

Because I was already in therapy for generally being mental, I was given weekly appointments with a dietician at an ED clinic. They said that was pretty much the bare minimum they offer to people as outpatient. EDs need ongoing care, after the patient is out of physical danger and starts gaining a little weight that's the most dangerous time as it's mentally hard and can trigger a relapse.

Has she had any professional input during her anorexia?(blog)

No. 873104

A lot of cows are farmers here too tbh, some you can tell are clued up on the farms. They befriend people mentioned, pretend to be goodie goodie "oh those mean bullies" when they're probably the ones posting about them themselves. Example being shay and georgia.

No. 873187

Blog somewhere else idiot

No. 873197

She was in the haldon unit for a while but left rather suddenly . I’ve never heard her mention therapy or cbt/dbt/seeing a psych in any of her vlogs or ig posts which is really strange . And the whole family needs family therapy .
She’s also never done any form of q and a vlog - which are always the ones from Ed vloggers who get the most views.
She really does need mental help before it’s too late and she ends up being on the same path as Maria and Katy and Paris .

Wonder what E would do if her ig fit deleted.
Her ‘yeah baby’ comments piss me off - as do most things about her .

No. 873262

For sure some of them are farmers. Georgia writes on her tellonym about Elzani exactly how we write here about her.

They're two faced bitches because when they give a ~heads up~ to someone that they've been posted here they're doing it for drama and not out of concern (and also to make the other person feel shittier about themselves).

It's tragic that her family can afford private therapies but don't and ones who really need it can't get it on the NHS. It's bad that what she's doing now she thinks is "awesome". I don't think she's ever mentioned any future plans for a job or a normal life. She's not working towards one anyway.

No. 873286

File: 1569496589490.jpg (48.48 KB, 824x640, 0.JPG)

I had to share this Halloween card with you. It's by Becky and they're for sale in her shop at £10 (inc p&p). The girl sure loves her chocolate binges.

£10. Not a typo. A tenner for that.

No. 873287

this what I think too. also if you watch some of her older videos where she shows herself having breakdowns over food etc- if that's what she chooses to show publicly, imagine how bad her behaviour must be behind the scenes. i'm sure they are all walking on eggshells around her constantly to avoid an anorexic meltdown.

No. 873305

for someone who apparently hates herself, she rates her 'art' pretty highly if she's selling this for a tenner..
what's becky's shit art got to do with chocolate binges?

No. 873314

That’s what she uses the money for, obviously.

No. 873323

Can you imagine the scenario if someone said they didn’t like her cooking!
Maybe she’s writing a cookery book?

Sad other anorexic youtubers throw in the fact they think she is inspirational which is utter rubbish. A few threads back there was a girl Lucy something ( the one with too much fake tan)- she wasn’t milky but at least she’s made progress- she was in the HU at the same time as Elzani.

No. 873336

File: 1569511738519.jpg (60.63 KB, 506x538, 1.JPG)

>she rates her 'art' pretty highly

Someone has to, she hasn't sold a thing for weeks and weeks. The pity sales all dried up.

No. 873345

what mia did next stays being the best recovery channel on youtube

No. 873352

File: 1569515439366.jpg (515.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190926-172953_Ins…)


No. 873354

That's what happens when you act like a spaz. What did she expect.

No. 873355

Pisses me off that she's hogging up a bed for sick points all the while showing off her face scratches and contorting herself within an inch of her life to convince everyone she's an uwu smol fragile faerie. What a waste of resources.

No. 873356

She's just desperate for people to say oh poor Laura, look how sick and on deaths door she is the "professionals" are so concerned so we must be too .,She'll do anything for validation.

No. 873360

Wherever she is, it looks fancy for a psych ward. They should make it less cozy so they want to get out quicker.

Yeah, she'll be looking at her phone to check that everyone's sending her messages of concern. Can't wait for the next selfie.

No. 873401

Isn't the father the provider? I don't know her story so I may be wrong, but it's unfair to expect him to do housewife duties and be available enough to plan/make meals while he's busting hiss ass working to provide for the family

No. 873411

I mean that's standard NHS psych ward furniture. Those plastic sofas are in all acute wards.

FYI if she needed treatment i.e. a tube or medication against her will she'd be on a section 3. Section 2 is just a 28 day hold where you can't leave when you like but they can't make you do anything.
So in essence, she hasn't been sectioned for anorexia.

No. 873413

File: 1569526602442.jpg (7.72 KB, 319x158, true.jpg)

>that's standard NHS psych ward furniture.

Maybe in the south, but not in the North! We have school room chairs and tables and carpets with stains.

No. 873432

I'd rather iust send her a video of me cutting a tenner up into little pieces, would still be better art that that shite.

No. 873475

File: 1569534632418.jpeg (396.14 KB, 828x821, C4BBD0E1-6AFB-43C6-B9EF-006DC9…)

I don’t normally watch her videos and just skim them for the milk, but I actually sat through this one and holy shit I’ve never seen anything so disordered! She’s trying SO hard to appear to be a quirky-cool vlogger that I literally had a full body cringe. And throughout the video she’s referencing fitness / food related youtubers, confirming that she probably just watches eating videos all day long. Still no mention of her supposed part-time job. Must be nice to be able to go out and buy all these very specific and expensive foods just to emulate some other YouTuber (using mommy and daddy’s money of course!)

No. 873502

File: 1569537375974.jpg (236.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190926-233600_Ins…)

No. 873516

Mumzani's facial expression is an accurate representation of my own whenever watching Elzani's videos.

No. 873547

I imagine that's how she looks at Elzani when her back is turned towards her

No. 873549

Which is pretty lucky for E. If I was Mumzani I would probably have whooped her butt and kicked her out at least a year ago, once it became clear that she was just pretending to do this whole recovery thing for the sake of online attention - and was happy to exploit the whole fam in the process!

No. 873631

The struggle is real….. which tahini to use….
why is she eating different dinners to her family anyway?
She’s so spoilt- whose mum goes with them to McDonald’s ( and no doubt pays) for a Big Mac at midnight just for the sake of a YouTube video.

Next she’ll be copying gainer gains ( or whatever she’s called ) and getting a job in a gym.

No. 873634

(Sorry about upcoming rant, tried to not be blogging)
Tbh, since I’ve been in here seeing/discussing what NHS is like, I think NHS overall would benefit from being less cushy so people give a shit about leaving… people discussing being in there for years while posting pics of their Starbucks, time shopping with friends, holidays with family, and literal vacations is killing me.
Being in a locked ward 24/7 with severely restricted outside contact and bans on phone, computer, pencils, contact solution, make-up, non-hospital bedding etc etc etc a la USA is definitely heavy-handed, but I guess as a result USA units also don’t function as comfortable places to live your life while you try to find ways to avoid discharge. For many people, wanting to see friends and family and do things like attending an upcoming wedding are the biggest motivators to do what you have to do and get out

No. 873644

The tahini saga was way less annoying than the ten minutes she spent repeatedly telling us how she doesn’t like avocado, followed by her pretending she has no idea how to cut open an avocado. She clearly watches enough eating videos to know what to do with it, so it just comes off as another insincere attempt to be quirky and cool and funny (much like all of her stupid “oh baby’s” and baby talk)

No. 873661

File: 1569578377092.jpeg (133.31 KB, 1024x1024, 327D8274-08E5-438A-8C0D-5D6009…)

Yes they will be expecting you korey, but as a patient. No one wants you as a dietician

No. 873666

i’d have her sectioned if i was her mother. she’s on the verge of totally losing the plot

No. 873672

Can you imagine being the parent of some poor, sick, anorexic child who is in the hospital and then korey-the-anorexic-dietician walks in to “help”? I think that would make just about anyone lose hope. Kek.

No. 873675

File: 1569585390961.jpg (356.75 KB, 714x1046, Screenshot_20190927-073237_Ins…)

No. 873680

Why are you guys so mean?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 873690

No. 873700

I thought Paris was annoying but Elzani is a different league.
The stilted intro to the video made me cringe.
And the point to be eating a day of food of male body building who doesn’t have an ED and who is not obsessed with food , would be what? My only guess is she’s hoping people who search mattdoesfitness will somehow get to her vlog.
She lost the plot along time ago.
Interesting that none of her family featured in the vlog for once.
I’m pretty sure she’s just slipped off the nhs radar and there is no one monitoring her weight or health and her parents are too scared to do anything.
When her sister ( the one who cuts through the BS) comes back from uni it will be good to hear what she has to say.

If she lurks on here she must realise what a total twat and fool she is making of herself and how much people can see through her real recovery pretence.

No. 873701


I don't see the point in videos where they eat like that for a day. It's not like it's a set meal plan and she's going to be doing it every day and gain weight. I can't watch her videos because I find Elzani and her mum annoying. Their posh accent pisses me off as well. I really wish she'd do something with her hair.

I doubt she's seeing any therapist at all. I'd probably be more interested if she spoke about working through issues instead of all the "FEAR FOOD…EATING IT…DIVIIIIINE…YAH BABY". Like, what's the process where she's okay eating it after so long (apparently).

It's a shit channel and I don't get why she's popular. I want to think people are watching to shake their head at it like we do, but the truth is that most of her followers are that naive. That's an horrendous though.

No. 873704

I think it’s popular because other anorexics just like her (totally food obsessed who think recovery is just about eating all the ~*~fear fewds~*~ and who get off on watching other people eat) are subbing.

No. 873717

File: 1569599167374.jpeg (701.38 KB, 1125x1983, 520E1457-B77B-4468-A459-A94752…)

anons thinking Addict Aly is borderline, you might be right!

No. 873718

File: 1569599198585.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1125x1988, C0F00AC7-03E1-4992-8CC1-4F0CB6…)

before this she posted a pretty bpd caption along with thinspo.

No. 873733

It looks like she lost weight while in treatment. I still want a response from Allegra Nichols but she never talked about it. Oh well

No. 873798

>September 13th
It's an old photo, anon.

No. 873831

Her story mentioned she is watched during meals and all that so it’s clear she’ll have gained but won’t have learned anything and will attempt to go right back to her ana chan ways to get people to feel sorry for her

No. 873927

That's pitted edema holy shit

No. 873934

Was Elzani reading from a fucking script in that intro? God it was so cringey listening to that garbage. Worst than a sponsored video

No. 873937

Interestingly enough, it seems Elzani basically copied another YouTuber’s video on mattdoesfitness, (Helena rose) the intro is almost the same minus the fact that she’s vegan instead. Elzani really has lost all creativity hasn’t she?

No. 873953

File: 1569640575365.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x1963, C604EA74-A547-4B31-873F-E8C648…)

remains to be seen

No. 874012

carrying over from things said in thread 28:
most of these people have historic PD which is literaly attention seeking dissorder not BPD which is an inability to regulate emotion and control impulses please stop throwing bpd under the bus thanks not all/most ana chans dont have BPD

No. 874025

I went back and watched El's first video on why she started the channel and honestly its kind of sad. idk she is weird and annoying but i fail to see how shes milk anymore, shes recovering quite well? shes gaining weight and trying to enjoy her life. she definalty needs to go to weekly therapy (and probably her sisters too) but i dont see the milk? we really just think her youtube descriptions are milk now? i think we lay her to rest unless she actually pulls some kind of pro-ana milky shit.

No. 874027

well yeh when you have an ED all you think about is food. she definantly still has an Anorexic mindset but shes gaining/trying to recover(?). but yeh when you have an ED all you tend to think about is food and self hate thats what happens so its no supprise shes still just obsessing over food and her body its what shes done for like 3+ years?

No. 874028

How is living at home with no intention of ever becoming self-sufficient, professing to be an inspirational recovery warrior and proudly spending her days filming herself buying, sniffing and orgasming over food “recovering well”? Yeah, she’s gaining some weight now, probably just to keep her audience, and she’ll lose it again so that she can repeat the cycle, all for the attention. She’s maintaining the myth that recovery is all about eating and the food, and not at all about becoming a functional human, and that’s pretty milky imo

No. 874029

not WKing but like all shes thought about for yrs is food and her body. not gonna be a habit she stops over night it seems. she needs fucking proper therapy and probably an inpaitent stay to help change her thinking

No. 874030

why isn't it child abuse to make kids go vegitarian. like its been proven kids need those vitamins and shit. i know some people are for relgion blah blah and their supliments blah blah but like no joke someone needs a welfare check and cps called on her kids there is no way they are happy and healthy holy shit

No. 874032

the size of the portions is getting smaller and smaller. this isn't meal sized for kids that age, they need full sized sandwiches at that age and a whole piece of fruit at least wtf

No. 874033

yeh look we arent her marriage councilers. the husband seems to want to stay out of the picture. they seem to be living a conservative hetro relationship where he works and she does the kid thing. someone needs to get cps involved bc hes neglecting them and she abusing them.

No. 874036

reminds me of the anas and wanarexics who just want mukbangs and korean weight loss videos all day. saw one on insta say mukbangs are free calories and that they pretend to eat the food while watching. creepy.

No. 874037

its kind of a messy line. bc on one hand you risk doing worse by the people who legitamitly need help (it can make people more suicidal, paranoid, etc what ever the issues are) but it'll sure as fuck make the attention seekers try to get out quicker… but you'll also have the ones like "oh it was so bad im a really warrior for braving that place".
honestly, blogging for a sec here, they need to be stricter on intake and literarly give a time limit to the paitients and do daily therarpy to see if they are recovering/coping/attention seeking/etc.

No. 874038

she's yet to relapse from what i've seen tho. idk shes definalty weird and all but i do think she really wants to recover. going a little (more) crazy with the internet attention for sure but it'll die off and i just kind of wish her the best and would like to think she'll stay recovered as much as one can from severe anorexia rather then doing something stupid like go back to how she was 2(?) yrs ago. family is def falling apart tho, they need to take away her control of their meals and make her get a job

No. 874059

I disagree- I don’t think she wants to recover - what would she ‘be’ without her ED?-nothing !
It’s that she never mentions therapy of any form or her mental ‘recovery’ that I find so bizarre.

No. 874062

File: 1569683839777.png (4.05 MB, 828x1792, D72FE79B-A6C0-4499-9133-B68201…)

To me this doesn’t look like the face of someone who’s going to stay recovered. The fact she’s now making a point of looking repulsive and just generally unwell in her pictures, despite being at a higher weight, suggests that she needs the validation of being sick. If she doesn’t lose the weight (the most likely option), she’ll probably transition over to being a munchie.

No. 874077

If a person's been vegetarian for years and years, you've got it all sussed out and know how to get your nutrients. If they have a child, they'd know what to feel them so they're getting what they need. Tbh, kids should take supplements anyway, but she doesn't appear to know about nutrition and what to actually eat to be a "normal" vegetarian (ie not chemical protein/sugar alternatives).

Hindus do great feeding their children (and their food's lush, but anyway…) because you can say the knowledge about food has been passed down generations.

Her mental health's pretty much to blame for her shitty food choices for her kids is how I see it. If she was a typical parent then she'd at least do research online to find out what to give them to eat, but idk if she's arrogant enough to think what she does is the right way or she cba to google.

It's really sad to see what her children eat. They could definitely be brought up meat/fish free and eat really nice, tasty, healthy meals but she opts to cut a heart shape out of processed cheese squares and plonk three crackers on their plate. I don't see any iron and wonder if they already have issues like anaemia.

No. 874105

I just don't understand how veggies and vegans can happily go anout feeding their kids trash. I'm already reading into what children need on a vegetarian diet and I don't even have any yet. I get she's mentally ill but she seems to think that what she's doing is actually ok and healthy for her kids? Sorry for sperging just hate seeing kids in this situation, nutrition is so fucking important for them.

No. 874108

She looks anemic

No. 874109

No. 874116

I don't know how anyone can feed their kids trash. There're kids who're fed chicken twizzlers, burgers and chips, etc and given shit like sweets, crisps and biscuits. I'm not with the opinion that it's because these people can't afford anything better. It's quick and lazy to stick some crap in the oven or microwave or give them a KFC bucket. I'm not with the, oh people don't have time to cook opinion either because you can cook a load at once and freeze it.

tl;dr Parents should take a course how to feed their children so they're not falling asleep at school or running around like idiots hopped up on additives.

Someone above said the father's working but he sees her posts. I'm not knocking him for not doing more at home because idk his work times etc. BUT I'm really surprised he hasn't said anything about their diets. I don't care what she does to herself, but it's wrong to put her spawns through it too.

She usually looks paler, but it looks like she's still not lost her mild tan or she's wearing foundation?? Her arms and neck are snow white!

No. 874247

File: 1569702806013.jpg (26.64 KB, 337x493, 0.JPG)

Laura's obviously no longer ward based seeing how she's walking around with a Starfucks take out in stories.

Also working that unhinged look. Img related.

No. 874273

File: 1569707156063.jpg (795.8 KB, 1080x1654, 20190928_174424.jpg)

Yeah, no fucking shit. Shes gotta make sure she goes straight to social media to get sympathy from her followers tho.

No. 874274

I’m sure I remember a vlog from earlier in the year where she was having an argument with her sister , and foolishly promised she’d be recovered by October and was planning on running a half marathon.

No. 874277

I remember that one. An elzani Classic! I think that was the same one where her sister points out that she looks worse than when she left hospital and e goes running to mummy for reassurance that she’s “doing really really well, right mum? I AM doing well!”
Those family dynamics though. Kekekek

No. 874279

O! the sickest of the sick anas. Cry me a river.

Kidney failure. That'll be non stop puking as she knows. At least this pic adds to her other hospital ones which she'll be pleased about.

Better let mpa know so they can start writing their eulogies.

No. 874283

File: 1569709435752.jpeg (1.18 MB, 828x1519, 00E727A0-4D92-45F1-B425-4860C6…)

Do you think she’s implying that she needed her son for the photos? I mean, she basically treats her kids as props to her ig account anyways.

No. 874299

Nah, she’s probably doing a recipe that will “pair well” with those animal cookies and was referring to buying the for said photos

No. 874327

Did anyone see georgias mess of drunken posts the other night?

No. 874358

Looks like the cookies are the prop this time. Most likely will be paired with whatever form of processed cheese she lands on when she spins the wheel of terrible "meal" plans

No. 874369

I thought it means that they're going to the cinema? (I know in the UK we call it the pictures, not sure about elsewhere).

No. 874412

Anyone follow @coffee.cats.recovery? She’s milky af but on private

No. 874420

File: 1569757474761.jpg (317.05 KB, 1080x2087, Screenshot_20190929_214255.jpg)

We briefly touched on this one before for crying about her brother totally trying to kill her. But I rolled my eyes hard at this. She was dead set body checking in front of family/friends. How attention seeking can one person get? Also kek at the username change. She was @notgettingskinny. At least the last username was true.

No. 874422

post the milk or dont bring them up

No. 874425

I guarantee you it’s not for the movies, but her instagram ‘recipes’
We say movies here.

No. 874429

This bitch is cringey af. Cant even understand a word she fucking says bc all she does is cry and blubber on her stories. She thinks shes such a rebel now bc she JUST started smoking weed. No one gives a fuck you literal child. Id be embarrassed if i were her parents.

No. 874437

Family therapy would be interesting!- I bet it’s the family set up and dynamics that caused her ED in the first place - now it just perpetuates it.

No. 874547

Only boomers call it the pictures anon

No. 874590

Gen X-er here. I call it "the pictures", but that's because my parents did. I also think it's a regional thing (Northern).
Fun fact:
Boomers would call the cinema "the flea pit".

No. 874603

Next she’ll be doing Erik the Electric as what I eat in a day.

At some point something is going to give ( if it hadn’t already) after eating so much food ( allegedly) to recover her weight I think she’d find it hard to go back to pure restriction , so I’m guessing she’s going end up purging and binging .

No. 874612

I hope she doesn't feel the need to restrict but if she hasn't dealt with what triggered her ed there's always a chance she might start b/p. If her enthusiasm about food's genuine, then she's going to have to purge if she eats vast quantities.

How long is it since she's really for real been actually eating? The novelty of being able to eat relatively normally again is still there which would be odd considering she's been at this, what? THREE years?

No. 874614

Just want to add that Aly went through that phase where she was wolfing down shitty cheeseburgers and was all euphoric about food when she was actually recovering, but now she's really toned it down a lot. I'd expect Elzani to be doing that at some point, although Aly never had a YT so…

No. 874625

File: 1569789970719.jpeg (584.55 KB, 2048x2048, 389243A5-D0F6-4ED5-8275-8CB47E…)

Excuse the shitty collage, it was my best attempt at capturing multiple elzani ig stories in a single image. But this is peak elzani: clearly she’s visiting uni for one of her sisters and all she can think about is the food. Here her sister(s) are, trying to become responsible, functional adults who contribute to society and elzani is trying to steal the show with “OMG LOOK AT THIS CHOCOLATE CAKE! Isn’t it diviiiiine mom? Look at me eat the cake! So good! Oh baby!”

No. 874627

>first and last uni lunch

I have no doubt in my mind this is true. No uni for Elzani while she's too busy studying chocolate cake!

No. 874661

File: 1569796592966.png (8.16 MB, 1242x2208, 13AD5782-0985-46B0-A4BB-FC1B4E…)

Jesus Christ, super stoner needs her weed or she’ll loose it

No. 874669

at first glance i thought she'd been readmitted- it looks like hospital food

No. 874727

i've watched like 3 of her videos ever and only read like 5 of these ana threads. has she ever talked about why she went down the path or anorexia or what caused it etc? has her family ever tried to confront her over it?

No. 874734

The horrible spelling and grammar usage this human possesses is appauling. "BUT MOM IM A BIG KID" self harms bc they dont have weed grow the hell up.

No. 874744

File: 1569836057961.jpg (937.67 KB, 1080x1921, 20190930_103214.jpg)

She sounds way too happy to be "in hospital, sectioned and safe"

Peep the casual flex of her scratched up face and hands. What happened to cutting and burning? Nowadays it's all about self harming in the most visible ways possible. These ~brave warriors~ are struggling and they want everyone to know it!

No. 874755

That’s exactly what I thought too!
No that’s the strange thing- she never mentions things like that or what kind of therapy she has ( or more likely hasn’t) had- most of the genuine recovery vloggers talk about therapy /psych stuff or do q&a things but all Elzani ever does and ever has done is do videos or posts about food ,food and more food- there is nothing else .

No. 874756

its a new trend in the MH "recovery" insta to headbang, scratch your face…to look as "sick" as possible.

No. 874766

>an appropriate plan

Lock her in a laundry cupboard and lose the key.

No. 874767

File: 1569852327529.png (4.86 MB, 828x1792, 5A69552B-BC9D-4B89-85ED-24B222…)

Elzani’s breakfast…I understand “extreme hunger” and whatever, but this isn’t recovery! This isn’t a sustainable, healthy way of eating. She’s literally just bingeing out on crappy foods. What’s she going to do when she no longer needs to gain weight and has no idea how to feed herself in a way that’s conducive to maintaining a properly functioning body? I see relapse or bulimia in her future for sure.

No. 874773

is there any mention at all of her life before anorexia? everything is “first time trying” and “never had this or that before” it’s as if she’s had an ED her whole life and has absolutely no other experiences or memories? how has she never tried all these foods?

No. 874775

She hasn’t actually even been sick very long. 4 or 5 years I think? She used to be a swimmer apparently? A few threads back there was a picture of she and her sisters four christmases in a row and it shows a pretty fast progression from normal looking teenager to sooperspoop.

No. 874781

We really know nothing about her life pre ED apart from her swimming

Even on her old ig account she's only on holiday or messing around in class with schoolfriends. I don't think there's much to her.

No. 874783

“Sectioned and safe” lmao she’s gotta be the first “anorexic” who’s excited about forced treatment

No. 874786

I am literally lol at this, she’s in the most chill kidney failure possible
She is my favorite cow. Is it just me or does her life right now consist of regularly admitting herself to ERs, then talking about how she doesn’t like to be there acting like she’s headed toward involuntary, and when she’s discharged instead of admitted makes up some reason other than they didn’t think she needed to be in an EDU, then tries again a few days later in a different ER

No. 874796

File: 1569860486045.jpeg (313.03 KB, 750x560, 8D50CF1B-37DA-4F2E-B9F2-A4A4E3…)

“I have a very unique and particularly severe form of anorexia where I don’t want to gain weight” (also, “the people on my treatment team are not specialists and aren’t even really clear on the concept of an eating disorder”)

No. 874800

Isn't that the definition of anorexia… Kek

No. 874803

File: 1569862050255.jpg (22.51 KB, 908x68, 0.JPG)

Strange. She said she was living in a hospice waiting to die soon.

No. 874810

File: 1569862608123.png (2.8 MB, 828x1792, 06DD64C4-BFE1-482F-A36E-270034…)

Kek. When cows try to body check after gaining weight.

No. 874822

Palliative care isn’t the same thing as hospice care and in the US you don’t live there .Not sure what country you are in though.

No. 874869

UK. Hospice is where you go to live to die.

No. 874910

What happened to Paris? Did IG take down her account?

No. 874911

yeah, but she's back as parismelodyraven_

No. 874947

File: 1569882167084.png (4.46 MB, 750x1334, 1FC6044E-A360-4DD0-A3BA-6008B1…)

just yuck! I was just about to have my dinner and saw this, any body else nearly throw up in their mouth just looking at this girls food(Emojis)

No. 874956

it makes me feel so dirty just seeing it, like i feel sticky

No. 874959

What the actual fuck is floating in her yogurt?! Is that mould? I don’t even know wtf I’m looking at, but I know it’s going to end up being thrown up pretty fucking quick. How is she not embarrassed to even post that?

No. 874960

File: 1569884030875.png (97.78 KB, 263x275, 1564360859475.png)

>>874947 that's actually fucking vile, not only the sugar content but the combination of foods. Also fyi, emojis are banned here.

No. 874962

File: 1569884160783.jpeg (263.07 KB, 750x1032, DEBCD254-8056-4540-B30A-11C0CB…)

“ i’m not sure if i could handle gaining weight” well no shit. but guess what? you’re going to fucking have to. i swear she wants to be in hospital but the moment they mention she needs to gain weight she leaves and acts shocked like that is such a surprise

No. 874963

Would she be a candidate for SEED diagnosis? In which case the aim ISNT weight gain its just harm reduction and symptom management.

No. 874964

File: 1569884355722.jpeg (385.92 KB, 750x1200, B035AEA0-D673-464F-83F6-2DB3C1…)

this is her body check slash suicidal quotes account .. kek

No. 874981

No, she hasn't had an ED anywhere near long enough to have a SEED diagnosis. I'm also pretty sure someone wouldn't be diagnosed with SEED when they haven't actually had eating disorder treatment, given that the point of SEED is to help people who traditional treatment hasn't helped

No. 874984

Has she coated a ryvita with that raspberry goop, jam and nuts?? That's disgusting. I get the feeling she keeps all this binge food in a box under her bed. So much stuff in that carrier bag it looks like she's been eating stuff before this "dessert".

No. 874994

How tf is everything she owns including jars, God damn everything, covered in smears of food, she is disgusting. No wonder her foot swole up like a balloon.

No. 874998

Does anyone follow strawberrydiet or her new account strawberrydiets. She’s honestly milky af and I’m surprised if she hasn’t been posted here before.

No. 875000

File: 1569891730761.jpeg (223.3 KB, 750x1119, A3C1CE4E-2E56-4353-9956-609852…)

No. 875010

She sounds annoying but looks less than stated here >>874999 I've never heard of her though so idk if she suddenly lost loads of weight and really does have anorexia.

Why do loads of these girls have beige carpets?

No. 875015

anything else,though? Seems attention-seeking, but that's not milky

No. 875016

ugh no one cares about you

No. 875019

I'm calling self post because too many non sage and no info about the strawberry ana.

No. 875023

She’s not milky at all, I follow her and she’s the least annoying. Barely anything she does is pro ana or “feel bad for me cuz I don’t seek help”

No. 875031

File: 1569898728047.jpeg (236.9 KB, 750x883, 73844B42-3E5E-40EF-B2BD-F36D3B…)

Not milky? I call bs, all she posts are posed body checks and claims to be anorexic when she has never even been diagnosed . Her BMI looks like it’s around 18 yet all she can talk about is how underweight she is.(bmi number)

No. 875033

As common as self posting is, I don’t think this is one. This particular post is from June, and Dae has since moved accounts, hence the username

No. 875039

Yeah, and? Posting body checks is milk now? The caption on that picture isn’t milky (you left that out, kek) and the only one that has been milky recently is publicly stating that she’s doing something illegal for weight loss but won’t share what and hasn’t still. R

No. 875040

Or maybe your strawberry?

No. 875041

Lmao she’s doing something illegal for weight loss yet this girl has not lost any weight in the time I have followed her.

No. 875042

Yup must be super milky then!

No. 875047

Nah Im an acquaintance, but I know her well enough to know she wouldn’t care about posting herself here. Dae already has a thread on PULL and iirc she was caught self posting there before her personal info was leaked, so I doubt she’d try to bring herself up in a thread again

No. 875049

File: 1569901694206.png (405.01 KB, 626x479, tumblr_n0bhftzbdY1reugqko1_640…)

SCREAMING Muffy sis…………..the carbs

No. 875051

She definitely frequents these parts but she wouldn't self-post, I don’t think. I've been surprised she hasn't been posted either but I assumed it was because any milk she generates has more to do with her being just an awful bitch and a standard trailer park Floridan than whatever ed she claims to have.

No. 875055

Exactly. I agree 100%, it’s not her ED/lack thereof that makes her milky. It’s her cocky attitude. She’s not relevant in an anachan board

No. 875072


tense your neck some more laura.

No. 875075

Very cute cat though, so worthy of posting if you ig ore the stretched out wanna lying on the floor.

Any sightings of kelsey?

No. 875135

Does anyone know if she lurks here? Her bizarre faces are so annoying that I would give this particular milk up for her to pull an Elzani, see this and change accordingly

No. 875150

She knows she's posted here. She knew about it when she was posted a few years ago and recently she asked that we ~respect her privacy~

She's always wanted to be seen as spoopier than she actually is so no change there. Her behaviour's become more unbearable though.

No. 875159


Omg stop engaging those boring pro ana self posters, just ignore and move on to the milky cows. Noone cares about those attention seeking nobodies.

No. 875190

Agreed, if you follow this strawberry girl she tries her HARDEST to be relevant and I wouldn't be surprised if its a self post. I get a vibe that she treats her followers more like fans and will follow people, wait until they follow back, and then unfollow them. No worthy milk

No. 875228

File: 1569956318341.jpg (398.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191001-195719_Ins…)

Dare I say Laura actually looks like she has lost some weight?

No. 875234


lol, with her it's just playing with angles and tensing herself and sucking it in as much as possible. and filters and beauty apps. she will never have the discipline to actually be skinny, she is nothing but a bpd attention whore

No. 875235

Starving for attention isn't difficult. She looks like she's having a good time. Obviously no longer ward based seeing how she fucked off to Starbucks.

No. 875237

the anachan gatekeeping in this thread is so fucking boring

No. 875238

Yep. Certainly didn't look thinner in the pics a couple of days ago.

No. 875245


i don't give a fuck about gatekeeping because i'm no crypt keeper myself but she is nowhere near anorexic lol. the only kind of starved she is is attention starved. she should get her bpd on check, get off the internet for good and nothing else

No. 875266

File: 1569960555526.jpeg (768.33 KB, 750x1334, 75F8001B-6328-4252-9230-1F493F…)

Becky’s “broken” yet again but for the low low price of whatever she’s hawking her naff ~arts~ for you can put her back together again! cmon, you know you want to…
How does nobody call her out on these blatant attempts at manipulation???

Christ this is like Tina/Anelise (anachan munchie) climbing windowsills in ICU
Why is this silly bitch in hospital again? No way is it “anorexia” because uh

No. 875267


£19 ! It looks like a satsuma.

No. 875276

Whatever Laura does in hospital's going to be written down. It's not going to look good for her "so depressed" case if every page she's clowning around or going for coffee with friends.

No. 875293

Any updates about her dog? Has it already been put up for adoption once the novelty wore off?

No. 875298

File: 1569963764085.jpg (20.1 KB, 298x300, 0.JPG)

Still got it. She keeps making it ridiculous coats. It looks depressed.

No. 875311

Omg that dog’s facial expression is a whole mood!

No. 875313

File: 1569966023776.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-173910_Ins…)

Jesus christ. This is rediculous.

No. 875318

File: 1569966281250.jpg (454.94 KB, 809x1175, Screenshot_20191001-224307_Ins…)

How can it be "much needed" when literally all she's done since being admitted is act like a clown in Starbucks?

No. 875321

If you can manage all this leave so quickly you don’t need to be on a section ffs

No. 875323

File: 1569966683908.jpeg (698.18 KB, 828x906, DB452EF7-9175-4370-8AE9-0E9DCF…)

Same shopping trip, found on her friend’s IG and cropped because I legitimately see her friend as trying to recover so I don’t want to name and shame her, but does this stupid twat ever put her leg down? I honest to god don’t know how anyone could tolerate that degree of attention hungry fuckery irl.

No. 875324


Becky's dog's more depressed than her. Clothes shopping, Starbucks, gymnastics

No she doesn't and it's fucking annoying.

I wouldn't mind if she was nipping out to replace toiletries then back to the ward, but she's having a fucking social life.

No. 875330

File: 1569967171913.jpg (63.64 KB, 557x580, 0.JPG)

She's sitting on the cafe table with her ass germs

No. 875334

File: 1569967288019.jpg (50.45 KB, 555x588, 0.JPG)

And did the splits on the floor

Under 5's don't even do that

No. 875336

Holy fuck everything she does screams "I need attention". Toddlers would be less embarrassing to go out in public with. Imagine getting in line at a store and she just randomly drops into a split or lifts her leg in the air. Convinced she does shit like this just in case strangers didn't get to see her self inflicted scars. Gotta get validating stares from SOMETHING.

No. 875471

every person i've known thats gone to hospital for ED related things… they are not happy, half have them been in wheelchairs bc they physically can not walk due to body deteriation. two of them have died from organ failure. and this dumb bitch is jumping around, doing stretches and going out for coffee every day. there is no fucking way she has an ED im so sick of her shit and hope they kick her out once and for all. like if you're going to go all the way to fake an ED to get into hospital at least act like it.

No. 875472

File: 1569992500048.png (43.69 KB, 1660x363, Capture.PNG)

please. google is free. 90% of these cows do not have BPD, are not diagnosed or even say they have BPD. Stop trying to diagnose them as such.

No. 875473

ffs can she keep her legs down its so gross. why does she need to stick them up or pull one over her head every photo the novelty wore off years ago. if my friend did that every photo i'd refuse to take photos with them.

No. 875474

about flourish not beacky

No. 875486

i think most would fall under histrionic personality disorder

No. 875506

File: 1570004734827.jpeg (278.03 KB, 1024x1024, 2F64DA88-D193-44D7-BE3B-B0C5DA…)

She back and claiming she’s gaining weight. Good on her if she actually does.

No. 875537

Stop sperging about people misusing your sooperspeshul BPD label.

No. 875549

except a lot of them do. hence the attention seeking.

No. 875587

I don't follow her but does Paris still do those ridiculous 'dancing' posts of her eating her snacks?

No. 875639

Nah, she just uploads mundane pictures with whining captions about how shit she feels and how much she wants to die.

No. 875672

I have AN BP and its obvious she's deep in binging and purging its sad she'd get more respect if she was honest about it(blogging)

No. 875689

You don't have to have an ed to know that what she shows she eats ends up as rainbow puke. She can't admit to it because she wouldn't get free syrups. Being ~in recovery~ makes it fine for companies to send her their shit.

No. 875695

You call it syrup, I call it “throat lube”

No. 875744

File: 1570058545487.jpeg (72.67 KB, 750x1184, C48C0E90-16BA-48EC-89A3-E7C518…)

This account has been up for awhile with no posts but the icon is Kelsey. Sad she hasn’t reappeared since but she probably won’t if she hasn’t been back on ig yet

No. 875762

File: 1570061397014.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1242x2022, 378070BB-DA7F-4AB8-AB19-2BBFA1…)

Definitely explains a lot of her “I need to be thin like I used to be” antics

No. 875768

I was thinking the same thing, I would get real tired of a friend who used every picture of us to showcase herself… especially with the gd scratches on her face.
And I don't mean to go off on the health care system where she is but the "treatment" these people are in seems more like a lowkey group home… if it weren't for this site, I would have never believed that there are eating disorder/regular psych treatment units where people get to leave, shop, chill with friends, blog.. how can you be sick enough to be hospitalized but still functioning so well you can pretty much do whatever you want and are still interested in doing so

No. 875771

It’s called “I use my parents insurance that covers it all cause I’m well off” and the hospitals don’t care because they still get paid. If she’s in the US it makes total sense because the system is fucked there.

No. 875790

File: 1570065151850.jpg (581.51 KB, 1080x1945, surejan.jpg)

Taking bets on how long it takes her to repeat her b/p- woe is me - admits self to hospital cycle
I give her a week, and that's me being generous.

No. 875791

you can't even have those two disorders at the same time, whoever diagnosed her is kidding themselves.

No. 875797

I think she's in the UK actually.

No. 875798

You definitely can have both, it’s just hard to diagnose them both at the same time. One usually trumps the other but with the self destructing tendencies and drug abuse it was probably hard to diagnose her until she sobered up anyway.

No. 875801

She actually was out of the hospital for over a month before her last admission so I honestly think she might make it longer than a week.

No. 875820

Wasn't that long until she started to b/p though.

No. 875896

No, Laura lives in the UK

It’s totally normal for patients to be allowed To leave for a couple of hours a day, when they are not perceived to be in immediate danger to themselves or the public, or they’re an informal patient and not being held under the mental health act. Laura is always with friends or family too so the psych staff know she’s not going to kill herself.

This is OT, but if you’re interested to see what it’s like in a UK mental health ward, I stumbled across this YouTube channel called ‘life with lydia’. She is a great example of someone who abuses the system for attention. She’s diagnosed with BPD and treats her hospital stays like holidays. She’s allowed unescorted leave all the time yet claims to need to be in hospital in order to ‘feel safe’. Slightly related - she does claim to have an ED as well and will only drink ensure during her hospital stays (for maximum attention). Her videos are terrible quality but it’s still interesting to see what life is like on a UK general psych ward. She has a whole playlists called ‘hospital vlogs’

No. 875899

the criteria relating to moods in BPD ie. Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic
dysphoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more
than a few days)…..is inconsistent with Bipolar II as Bipolar II requires elevated moods or depressive moods to be for some time or an actual episode…otherwise it would be RAPID CYCLING.(armchair)

No. 875913

Thanks for the suggestion on YT. Im going to watch some after life stuff today.

If there's even a chance she'd self harm (Laura) or an hero, there's no wY she'd be allowed off ward without a member of staff accompanying her somewhere on hospital grounds. If not for her safety, then for the nhs to cover their arses.

I don't get the feeling she's in any danger at home (from parents) because she goes home to visit. It's a mystery how she's winging it to stay in hospital, or why she wants to be there. All that bothers me is her bed hogging. It's like she behaves herself for a few days then kicks off to stay there.

No. 875914

What’s her YouTube called?

No. 875918

I'll get a ban for this but I am diagnosed with both, it most certainly is possible to have concurrent diagnoses of bipolar disorder and BPD. It's not something worth derailing about.

No. 875930

No. 875989

No 1 curr
Move the fuck along, you’re not her doctor.

No. 875997

Thanks - only been skim reading stuff on here about most people ( Elzani is the one I find interesting)- but then saw the photo and recognised her- I used to watch her years and years ago when she first started YT and her vlogs were just her getting drunk or being stupid.

No. 876033

File: 1570120747911.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, BDA7210F-D22A-46B2-82F0-D2ACCF…)

Just a little reminder that this recovery-warrior still exists. Eating her cauliflower breakfast sandwiches, adding non fat plastic cheeze product and calling it “all-in-recovery”. Don’t get me re-started on this shit she’s feeding her kids.

No. 876034


MmmMMmm, making me hungry! Wholesome home cooked food. Never, ever get sick of this meal every. single. fucking. day.

No. 876035

File: 1570120982824.png (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 1079x1482, Screenshot_2019-10-03-19-41-11…)

guess who's back

No. 876038

What the fuck, does she think this looks real. I just know she's joking now she can't be serious.

No. 876040

She's obviously already a spoop why does she feel the need to make such hideous edits. She looks like some stretched out salami stick.

No. 876047

Kek at her hip being so smudged and the bottom half of her calves she looks dead

No. 876078

I still think kelsey has been trying to keep people entertained here/trolling. It's like with this recent come back, she came back after someone mentioned her unused account. It's almost as if she forgot it existed and knew that people wanted her back for the keks so she hopped on. Had similar things like her account being shared when it had like 5 followers etc.

No. 876086

I think its a troll but I was an anon that shared her account when it had very few followers in a different thread. What if the person posting isn't 'Kelsey' and takes pictures from someone online? Another theory for her absence. I love her shoops though

No. 876102

I take it as fact that kelsey drops her latest account name here. It's not like there're any anons who're that close to her they'd know where she moves to all the time.

Not that I'm bothered. I like how ludicrous her slenderman shoops are.

No. 876168

Okay, I am just done. There is no way it’s just a girl with some problems doing these. It’s got to be some old dude with a fetish. Or a troll who’s gotta be some sort of insider bc who the hell else would spend effort trolling The Recovery Community

If it’s a troll though, good on them- this is a pretty funny little scenario they’ve got going on

No. 876170

I think it's an insider troll and honestly it's keeping me well entertained

No. 876174

I would guess old dude with a fetish, would explain more why the account keeps coming back, that's a lot of effort for a troll over and over again. We'll probably never know though so keep the shoops coming

No. 876195

File: 1570155291706.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1699, DCCEC2C9-16E7-4AF2-9BAD-280F0A…)

She certainly does think highly of herself…

No. 876206

She poses like a 16 year old girl on MySpace… so why wouldn’t adult men think she’s helpless? What adult takes full body check selfies? Oh yeah… The recovery queen does!!

No. 876283

Yes, Kim. You look blonde, white, and helples. How stupid can she be?

No. 876332


It's perfectly healthy to raise your kids vegetarian if you have the common sense to supplement the protein and iron in meat with vegetarian sources. Unfortunately, she's an anachan wackjob who cares fuckall about that and deprives her kids. There's no way her kids aren't considerably malnourished.

No. 876334

She undoubtedly thinks she’s supplementing appropriately by feeding them quest bars and gummy vitamins. Yesterday she claimed her daughter ate “her weight in baby carrots” as a retort to those criticizing how she feeds her kids.

No. 876357

File: 1570201173608.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x2436, C95C6E9C-F589-493F-861F-F67247…)

Please tell me someone is following this cow. She’s just changed her username and I can’t remember the old one, but she complains about being fat BUT thinks she’s skinny BUT is average. People comment on her meaty fugly body checks (trying to suck in as hard as possible but still got stomach bulge) saying she’s thin and goals and she loves it, accepts the compliments. Her face fucking annoys me, I think it’s the fish lips. I want to unfollow because she’s annoying but she’s so embarrassing to herself I follow to have a good giggle to feel better about myself.

No. 876360

How old is she? She looks like an old junkie bottom left. Wannas always do the lying on the floor sucking in pose. She's a healthy size to me, but if she thinks she's stick thin and loves herself then fine. Is she faking recovery of faking being in the ~abyss~?

No. 876390

I can never believe these aren't self posts now

No. 876420

If it's not massively self posty (no caption), I don't bother. I read that one but didn't bother checking to see if her profile was private or public because it's half self posty. Also boring.

No. 876457

File: 1570213961260.jpg (518.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191004-203053_Ins…)

What the fuck

No. 876460

I would be embarassed if I was her…

No. 876463

I'd be asking that question myself. It's not like she's fat, her damn clothes are too tight.

No. 876479

She had another story where she said she didn't want to weigh herself because she drank a glass of water and now it wouldn't be accurate. Kek

No. 876487

Exactly this. She looks like an overstuffed sausage in this outfit, not because she’s fat but because she needs maybe two sizes up. Total attention grab(emoji)

No. 876495

File: 1570218653383.jpg (952.15 KB, 1080x1660, 20191004_205042.jpg)

Is she actually eating broken up rivita with shit mixed through it? Is this a thing? Her food combos are so disordered hidden behind I craved it so I had it!

No. 876546

Ew that looks like throw up

No. 876551

It will be throw up within a minute or two of cramming it down her gullet, I’m sure. Her food choices and bizarre combos are making her purging increasingly obvious. Every disgusting plate full of food has some sort of throat lube and she goes for lots of mushy versions of things (like chicken paste? Wtf)

No. 876565


Reminiscing on this compilation from an old thread, her diagnosis of BPD makes sense

No. 876579

File: 1570232729923.jpg (780.18 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191005_094249_com…)

Okay, the place Laura is at seems so fucking cushy? And surely she can't be in a place that's too high risk if there's like glass panels everywhere.
Sage for blog post, but the only psych ward I've been on had the TV bolted to the ceiling, and no glass anywhere except for windows in case of self injury. Not to mention her having her phone?
Yeah she's clearly so at risk to herself. I'm genuinely confused as to how homey these places look. Is she in a private place and it's all insurance paid or is she actually leeching off the NHS?

No. 876599


only NHS places I've been in had no glass like that, though it was general psych not ED

but my friend was in an NHS EDU and it was stripped down too. not even allowed knitting needles because of the self harm risk!(blog)

No. 876605

She’s absolutely leeching off the NHS but that’s pretty standard for a lot of wards, the TV’s like that because of the actually unwell patients who need to be there (i.e. not Laura) It’s not proper glass it’s like strong plastic stuff

No. 876641


>that’s pretty standard for a lot of wards

I have to disagree strongly. That room looks better than the shabbier Priory hospitals. I'd have a stab at a guess where she is going by her last location status, but it's irrelevant and erm too weird.

I have nooo idea why she's in there. It's not an ED ward/unit and she's being allowed out although initially she was there to stay ~safe~.

Why break up the ryvita? She's got a thing about them atm. How can she make a salad pitta look so dull yet she makes her desserts look like rainbowland?

No. 876681

It's probably not easily breakable glass. It does seem like an NHS hospital though, it reminds me of a certain one in the Midlands area. Not sure if you'd have the same on the high risk ward though (though i assume if you are high risk on the normal split wards you'd have 1:1/staff monitoring). You're also allowed your phone there in general, as well as electronics as long as they're safety checked. I think they try and give a nicer environment to help improve the patients mood/quality of life there. Some have fish tanks too because it's calming to some.

No. 876689

They're low Calorie but also pretty gross. It's becoming more and more obvious how disordered she is whilst trying to pass it off as super amazing recovery Queen.

No. 876696

File: 1570266479545.jpg (491.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191005-015307_Ins…)

No. 876701

And? She's boring

No. 876702

File: 1570272837237.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, A8991064-4158-4826-B0B2-AFD0D1…)

And here we go again

No. 876703

It's a standard NHS acute MH ward. It's not glass it is safety plastic so if people throw shit the TV doesn't break.

Idk why she is on section but also allowed so much escorted leave but the staff there are going to be familiar with lots of people like her!

She is probably at St Mary's/ similar south west/ west London adult MH unit

No. 876851

File: 1570315537362.png (5.35 MB, 828x1792, A69DF269-7648-40C3-BA5C-88643B…)

All-in-Kim literally spends her days buying, hoarding and photographing food that she subsequently likely throws in the bin, all while guzzling diet soda and hard liquor. Someone please explain why brands continue to think she gives them grEeeEAaT promotion? Someone please explain why she has so many followers that seem to believe this is any form of legitimate “recovery”?!

No. 876866

File: 1570318505866.jpg (25.12 KB, 332x582, 0.JPG)

More fun at midnight on the MH ward.

No. 876878

Does she fancy herself some kind of food photographer? She's never posted anything that didn't make my organs fail on sight so I don't understand what her fixation on the picture-taking is.

No. 876895

Is she wearing a leotard or just a weird cut out top?

No. 876901

File: 1570321023720.jpg (45.96 KB, 220x513, 0.JPG)

Looks like she's wearing this thing…

No. 876912

Most of those 8 days were because she was in hospital, so it's not like it's any real achievement. Either way, big surprise. Now comes the countdown until she is binging and purging every day and another hospital trip.

No. 876914

She often refers to her food photography as her "job" in IG stories. She'll caption her photo set ups with things like "my job is cooler than yours!" "#foodblogger". I don't imagine any of the companies sending her free swag are paying nearly enough for it to be considered anything more than a hobby. She's more delusional than the house wives who consider themselves boss-babes the moment the sign on to an MLM scheme. Can't even really call her a stay-at-home-mom because she barely takes care of her kids by the looks of what she's feeding them. I don't think I've ever seen her post a proper family meal.

No. 876920

Brands give her free shit so they get an audience from her 2,000 giveaways she does every week. Its the only real reason she has so many followers, and then she posts her kid naked in the bath?? On her public accounts stories???

No. 876932


> She'll caption her photo set ups with things like "my job is cooler than yours!"

Let us not forget she is absolutely batshit crazy. She thinks she's great at nutrition and child rearing. She actually considers fannying around on ig as a job because it gives her some sense of self worth. She probably believes her urine is liquid gold. She's THAT nuts.

No. 876962

Is that an EDU…? Anyone know how long she’s been there? I didn’t think state hospitals treated eating disorders

Food blogger, that’s great

No. 876963

File: 1570341076797.jpeg (599.81 KB, 750x1095, 7A69AC76-3A51-4123-B788-D040C1…)

This isn’t milky on its own, but she seems like she’s in such a better place here and it was only three years ago. Always sucks to know what people used to be, the twins being the prime example of course

No. 876997

File: 1570359385056.jpeg (841.96 KB, 828x1495, E4BF4481-54B0-40FF-8F1E-ECAB80…)

Brace yourselves, more obnoxious flexibility pictures at the mall from this super sick Ana fairy are coming.

No. 877007


>little bean

lol uwu so little ana baby, drinking sugary calorific starbucks all day long, such restriction, no one is sicker

No. 877014

anyone nicknamed “bean”, especially when it’s self-referential, is always a pain in the fucking arsehole.

No. 877015

File: 1570368437884.jpg (572.27 KB, 1080x1921, 20191006_142640.jpg)

I think I might have found the motivation behind her face scratching. Drug seeking.

No. 877016

Jesus Christ this girl is ridiculous. Give her some promethazine and have done with it.

No. 877020


Holy fuck I thought she wasn't wearing any pants in this one. She seems exactly like the kind of person to do it on purpose too.

No. 877021

File: 1570370935493.jpeg (492.35 KB, 731x1189, BD001C0D-DC9F-4ADB-BCB9-984EBF…)

How many photos/videos of one brownie do we need? And why can’t she type/talk like an adult?

No. 877022

Omg I thought the exact same when I saw the post. What did she post, like 8 pics / videos of the same damn brownie?! How annoyed do you think her sister was as e undoubtedly spent 10 minutes capturing the brownie from every angle before eating?

No. 877024

I’m so confused. Is she saying lorazepam made her shit/piss herself and got someone to lift her up so she could give a crotch shot as proof, or is she saying it makes her a hyperactive attention whore? Or both?

No. 877028

I took it as meaning it makes her feel like she's floating. If that's the case, she's not given it when she's posting because that stuff would make her too zonked out to do any bendy shit. I'd give it her for that reason alone.

No. 877031

File: 1570373114311.jpeg (930.1 KB, 828x1722, 1C3612EC-2A59-428C-A764-D6E903…)

What a ~*~warrior~*~

No. 877032

>the strongest person I know
>only people she knows are delicate snowflakes who've never known hardship or abuse.

No. 877034

Her obsession with food just shows how sick she still is with her ED in spite of her weight gain. The way she writes like a 12 year old just irritates me- like she’s trying to be the cool kid but isn’t .

No. 877045

>don't let the fuckers get you down

Do y'all think that's an indirect at us lmao? Stop getting the NHS down while you post panty shots and abuse the hell out of services for ~fragile ana fairy~ points and we might consider it, Laura.

No. 877046

>Stop getting the NHS down

And also stop getting the other patients down. Imagine being on the ward and you're actually genuinely ill and not playing at ill. The people on that ward have anxiety, mood disorders, severe depression. They do not need a childish 20 something year old prancing around the ward doing the splits and sticking their leg over their head. So fucking selfish.

No. 877047

I don’t think it’s indirect! I think they think they’re being real badass coming right at us. Kek.

No. 877048

Isn't little bean usually what people call their unborn babies? Ironically fetuses are more mature than this anachan.

No. 877049

So badass they avoid doing life by wasting NHS time treating hospital like a hostel.

No. 877050

Oh fuck off all of you. Don't think any of you know anything about Laura's admission because she's barely posted anything (?) about it and you're all just making things up which is entirely pathetic and hilarious. Pity the pathetic lives you must be leading if you need to invent stuff to bitch about.

No. 877051


Pity the pathetic life you must be leading if you need to invent mental illness stuff to stop having to behave like an independent adult.

No. 877052

Unless any of you happen to be Laura's consultant and treatment team then not really sure how you think you've got the knowledge and authority to determine who is ill and who isn't. But you know, you're all so wise and brave to be able to make these bullshit judgements anonymously from behind a screen. Whilst all this does is highlight how utterly cluess and ignorant you are to the workings of the adult mental health system and actual mental illness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 877054

And if that's theparrotsbeak stop posting so many pictures of your kids on a public ig. Especially ones of them in the bath. Learn to parent.

>utterly cluess and ignorant you are to the workings of the adult mental health system and actual mental illness.
Some of us are too well versed in the workings of the MH system. That's why we can smell BS a mile off.

No. 877055


Go drink some more starbucks idiot, you do not deserve this treatment. Actual ED patients do not have energy to go out and take manic selfies and do splits all night long because they are SICK. You're just a LARPing resource leech and a pathological attention seeker. The only mental help you need is counseling at best, not the fucking eating disorder ward.

No. 877057


y'all I think Laura's little friend came to wk for our uwu fwagile faiwy

learn to sage and gtfo wee daft cunt
learn to make friends with people who aren't massive attention seekers who would rather exploit their mental illness and relish in it for asspats rather than grow the fuck up and move on with their lives

apologies for my sperg but I am just sick of these bitches coming here whining about "boolying" and how pathetic we are when they haven't mentally progressed past 14

No. 877060

>apologies for my sperg

No need to apologise, anon. We have the feels.

Their behaviour pisses all over REAL mental illness and real struggling. They think it's a laugh on a MH ward and getting £ off their mummies and daddies to pay the over inflated prices for sugary milk every day.

No. 877062

No not theparrotsbeak, you guys really are obsessed aren't you? It's unnerving and pretty amusing from where I'm sitting. The time and energy you invest into stalking a stranger on the internet. Do you all sit there feeling so vindicated in your online bullying because you are the only true ill ones and hold all authority on true mental illness? Cause that's how it comes across. Hope you've all spent some time reflecting upon why you're all so desperately obsessed with Laura and why you feel the need to post such hilariously inaccurate comments. If your desired affect is to be cutting and hurtful you are falling wildly short of the mark. Desperately sad, pathetic and hilarity inducing is more where you're landing.

No. 877063

>hilariously inaccurate
>hilarity inducing

Keep laughing! Nice to know what we write here about your little bean doesn't offend you to the point where you might make multiple posts on here to defend her.

Life's hilarious, isn't it. We're ~obsessed~ about Laura because we envy how strong she is. Total role model. On your way now.

No. 877068


Awh sweetie, I think I've got under your skin. 10/10 for choice of insult. Wee daft cunt, quality. And I'm not who you think I am, you guys don't know who I am. But yeah, I'm gonna spend some time defending Laura because I actually know what's going on. Also make all the assumptions you want about who I am and what my life is like, gonna guarantee you'll be way off but if making up shit about people you don't know is what gets you through the day then go for it hun.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 877069

Assuming you’re “abovewater_”, do you just hang around your “little bean” because you desperately want to spend time in the hospital / surrounded by other spoonies but you don’t actualy have anorexia and don’t want to deal with having to restrict to fake anorexia for long enough to be readmitted? That’s the vibe you’re throwing.

No. 877070


Typical WK behaviour when they want to involve themselves on here as if we're really interested who they are. Just go away. Laura's been debated here for 3 years and it aint going to stop anytime soon.

No. 877072

Only on the internet can someone routinely publish their own pictures and information then call others "stalkers" when unflattering things are said about those published materials.

Justice would be served if these whiteknights and cows would legitimately be stalked irl by someone nuts and threatening.

No. 877073


Nope not abovewater__ but good try.

Also, you've really been following this pathetic little bully fest for 3 years, bloody hell that's sad.

And how about we don't wish traumatic events upon people we don't know, just a thought ey. Since you're so well versed in mental illness and all that. Cause, as I pointed out, you've no clue who I am or what my life is like so you may be disappointed to know that someone already beat you to the stalking, nuts and threatening and all. And I still hold these same opinions. Soz

No. 877074

> you've really been following this pathetic little bully fest for 3 years, bloody

It IS sad she's been pulling this shit for so long when her friends at the time have sorted themselves out.

Again, we don't care who you are.

PS This (youtube) is stalking. Looking at Laura's posts isn't. Glad to help.

No. 877075

No one gaf about your tragic life that you're desperately trying to insert on here.

Laura is a bullshit liar and an attention seeker of the highest order. People are dying on waiting lists and being told that services are full and beds in wards are not available to take their case on despite presenting with symptoms a lot more severe than pushing out their arse for a thigh gap and scratching their face for sweet sweet benzos. Laura has zero empathy as I'm sure she is aware of this and continues to roleplay as the world's sickest ana for medical attention and nightly stretching photoshoots without a care in the world for how her bullshitting is preventing others from getting access to treatment.

No. 877077


Yup, pretty much covers it.

abovewater or whoever you are anon it's bold of you to assume people here have no idea how the system works. Do you have any idea how much these beds cost the NHS, even just a bog standard non-specialist unit? How many vulnerable people desperately need beds right now? Shoo. Begone. Don't forget your 400kcal Starbucks monstrosity on the way out.

No. 877091

File: 1570384439798.png (2.54 MB, 828x1792, 1702F50C-E746-4A2B-8F29-6F6363…)

Some days she wants to be an inspiration? To what? Shit your pants by eating so many artificial sweeteners? To corrupt and exploit your kids be feeding them nothing but processed carbs then posting them naked in the bathtub? Who / what is she inspiring, because I really wanna know!

No. 877092

What fucking ward is letting her ear a damn leotard

No. 877095

When will she stop spreading her legs for every photo

No. 877096

If she can run about the ward doing splits and flashing her crotch at every picture, drinking Starbucks and daily leave she hardly needs hospital.

No. 877098

More to the point, why would she want to? For a proclaimed ~aNa~ she seems very comfortable flaunting her (average looking) body

No. 877099

Friendly reminded your friend self posted herself first originally. No one to blame but herself.

No. 877107

She's clearly starving for something, but it's only attention

No. 877129

She looks like an actual fucking crackhead. she is making herself look at shitty as possible without losing any weight.

No. 877130

File: 1570389732683.jpg (10 KB, 263x134, ok.JPG)

No. 877134

she looks like when someone melts in an 80's sci-fi movie

No. 877143

File: 1570391812528.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 12144E0C-6376-4EC2-B0A6-F9A271…)

This most milky pasteurised creamy semi skimmed Starbucks ana wee daft baby

No. 877149


When's she going to be too weak and sick to stop all this shit? Instead of climbing over furniture to sit on top of a tv she should be preserving the little strength that a few sips of water a day gives her.

No. 877159

This is my new favourite example of milk ever for always. Was she uncomfortable with other patients paying attention to the tv instead of her?

No. 877165

im sorry but why arent the nurses harping on her? I feel like this is her way of "excercising"

No. 877168

File: 1570396744628.png (9.13 MB, 1242x2208, 346413BA-619D-4057-BD08-B9674E…)

Lmao imagine your parents dropping $$$ not once but TWICE for treatment and yet she still can’t seem to learn anything from it besides that she can claim new mental disorders now.

No. 877171

Anyone follow tinybakedbean on Instagram? Her tumblr is tinybakedhippie, but she’s a lot more milky on her Insta. She’s constantly talks about how she’s sooo sick (always fainting, bf needing to force her to eat, having lanugo) and how she fasts every day and never eats anything, yet she’s been maintaining at 135-145 for the past several months now. She also encourages her followers to exercise more when she knows all her followers are primarily people with anorexia and other eating disorders. And, she often asks her followers which fucked up diet she should go on next like, “Should I fast for a week or do OMAD?”

No. 877172

File: 1570397168457.jpeg (116.2 KB, 1200x1600, 6B8452E8-5608-4EBF-A116-57F370…)

This most milky pasteurised creamy semi skimmed Starbucks ana wee daft baby

No. 877174

This most milky pasteurised creamy semi skimmed Starbucks ana wee daft baby Omg so much milk sooper spoopy speshal so milky(ban evasion)

No. 877185

They've got more urgent things to deal with. I'd be more concerned she'd fall, break legs or bag, smash her head in and have her relatives sue the fuck out of the nhs because their daughter's a massive twat.

No. 877191

Be careful, she’s also a super speshul hacker extraordinaire and she’ll find your IP and shame you publicly if she finds out you’re calling her out on her BS! Kek

No. 877195

We don't want anachans posting about themselves here. Its an image board, if you're going to self-post at least include a screen cap. Obvious self-post by the lack of milk, too.

No. 877197

File: 1570399575744.png (9.05 MB, 1242x2208, 70EAD05C-8DC8-47A2-BFAD-1CB2C2…)

“Made” lmao that’s called microwaving or baking in the oven. That’s not cooking.

No. 877199

File: 1570399836334.jpeg (995.43 KB, 1242x1539, F64E1B57-BCBA-4E05-8D1B-A8D8BD…)

She’s mostly archived all her posts so there’s nothing milky except her stories. Here’s one post of hers that makes me lmao

No. 877200

What the fuck, why is she allowed to do this, what a fucking dickhead honestly.

No. 877202

File: 1570400332072.jpg (54.9 KB, 960x1706, tMS5ayC.jpg)

god she's so insufferable

No. 877205

Lucky ol Jim having such a dutiful housewife. Hope he patted her ass and promised her that latest vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

No. 877211

File: 1570401400394.png (239.92 KB, 601x676, ermmm.PNG)

Not to be that anon but are you self posting you "wee daft cunt"? Because I'm wondering how you got the original file (and posted in your now deleted posts) instead of IG versions? Something smells fishy, and it aint just your spread legs.

No. 877213

Yeah there were several versions of this with different scenes on tv.

No. 877215

It's really weird how the poster is also banned for white knighting her and then ban evaded to share (and got subsequently banned again). Putting on a fake Scottish accent isn't really going to mask the self post all that well.

No. 877216

What else is to be expected from a couple of immature tits

No. 877346

File: 1570437612144.png (18.8 KB, 585x130, backsosoon.PNG)

She must have checked back at breakfast/meds time this morning to see if anything was said about her, and ban evaded again. She posted this shit again and then deleted it (probably partial sent from last nights derp session). What a tard, part of me wishes the staff knew what shit she's getting up to - might be detrimental to her ~recovery~ and take away her electronics, certainly because it's enabling her attention seeking behaviours.

No. 877363

File: 1570445575630.jpg (866.09 KB, 1080x1855, 20191007_124658.jpg)

I have absolutely no idea how people can think she's "inspiring" I mean look at the caption… I'm curious how her future is going to be

No. 877364

Especially mind boggling when you consider that this is the writing of a 20-something year old! She hasn’t been sick long enough for it to be brain damage, she must just really be that stupid!

No. 877368

She actually is 22 or 23
What a sad life

No. 877370

Tbf I think she’s writing in the consciousness tone where it’s supposed to be rambling like someone’s thought process. But still if she’s so obsessed with breakfast she wouldn’t have had an Ed in the first place

No. 877371

I would ALMOST excuse it if she was radically malnourished and had just started eating again and food was all still novel and exciting, but she’s been in supposed recovery, eating alllll the snacks (to look like a snack! Yeah baby!) for something like two years now? Hmmm

No. 877376

File: 1570451362794.jpg (430.04 KB, 719x1139, Screenshot_20191007-082801_Ins…)

No. 877379

File: 1570452015591.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x1891, FDF87029-6C9F-4EB0-861E-C227EA…)

unbelievably milky. account got deleted and she claims to be not pro ana yet her whole account is body checks and her story is full of what she ate/didn’t eat/purged pls can we talk about this bitch

No. 877380

File: 1570452113293.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1855, CF374A00-8A64-4328-99C8-BDD5A9…)

continued (pls tell me someone else has followed her and this crap, she’s joined some BS pyramid scheme now too)

No. 877381

"a winter girl thawing" more like a bloated corpse.

No. 877386

eeeeek ahahah exactly

No. 877387

File: 1570453185244.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1125x2009, 4D7C7273-9103-454A-993F-D02011…)

think i’m gonna be sick, wtf is this

No. 877389

Omg at how dirty the bed / bean bag chair / whatever the fuck that plate is sitting on is. Omg omg.

No. 877397

I know this is par for the course for ol' flxurish but I cannot for one second comprehend eating a loaded plate like she always seems to have on my fucking BED or beanbag or whatever she is eating on without so much as a lap tray. It's gross as shit and I personally feel gross if there's even a crumb in my bed, this bitch lives like a pig…

No. 877402

“Little one” is a surprisingly insensitive nickname for your girlfriend who’s doing her best to get anorexia

No. 877403

Because she doesn’t have an eating disorder

No. 877424

The grey thing with the food on it looks like a jacket! There're zips on it. She actually uses her clothes as a tablecloth on top of her dirty bed linen.

I'll admit that it's been a bit of an obsession to browse ig for food that looks more repulsive/room more squalid than hers. So far, nada.

No. 877461

Exactly .

No. 877479

Why has she stopped making you tube videos?

No. 877484

What future? She'll be doing the same thing , living with mumzani and spending all day thinking or cooking or eating food in 10 years from now.

No. 877497

So she can lose enough weight to start making them again? Because she can’t handle people commenting on her looking healthy? Because she’s having a triple orgasm over brownies and can’t reach her camera?! Inquiring minds need to know.

No. 877498


I can see her getting with a dull guy in the near future and having a humdrum life with him. He'll think her lack of life skills are cute for a while and then it'll really piss him off but they'll stay together because they're both useless alone/can't find anyone else.

She might spawn and dump the child on her parents most of the time.

No. 877501

Adding to the plot here, he'll be middle class of course and have a decent job. Maybe an autist. They'll have arguments about her buying food at M&S. She won't have to work because he'll bring the money in and she'll stay at home eating the baby food and making videos about how divine the mashed banana dessert is.

No. 877513

File: 1570469103242.jpg (664.48 KB, 1080x1737, 20191007_182412.jpg)

Everyone's favourite delicate ana fairy back at it again with the face scratching for unlimited ativan!

No. 877517

when you start writing fanfiction for the cows, is when you need to step away from the farm

No. 877524

File: 1570469696802.jpg (26.48 KB, 255x330, 0.JPG)

She's doing it because she thinks it'll get her to stay in there. She obviously hasn't got the willpower to starve, so she's seeing how long kicking off sporadically works. Looks like she's gained weight.

Prediction! A psychic prediction! I've done it before on here and been 0.5% successful!

No. 877538

File: 1570470992831.jpg (342.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191007-135459_Ins…)

No. 877550

Lol at the autocorrect on empathize. I like when cows try to use multi-syllabic words. Language are hrd.

No. 877623

Imagine giving birth to such a cunt

No. 877626

I'd kill her tbh. How can the stress kill her mum though if she's a narc who has no empathy?

No. 877641

File: 1570484138047.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1731, 267E58D9-2ABB-405A-B72F-69C8CC…)

Sorry? Seems like it’s pretty standard dinner fare around her house. Too busy taking pictures of diet peanut butter to actually cook something.

No. 877678

they'll probs get half of one too

No. 877695

To be fair, it says right there on the box that it’s a source of ten vitamins and minerals, TEN! And calcium too! Therefore it’s a totally acceptable, healthy meal for a growing child. A+ mothering. Right afterward she posted her supposed dinner which was just two pieces of white bread, diet peanut butter and two chocolates. My guess is she nibbled the crust, threw the rest in the bin and poured herself a vodka spiked with a pack of crystal light.

No. 877710

File: 1570490666383.jpg (501.21 KB, 1080x1624, 20191008_002225.jpg)

God I wish whatever unit she's in would stop validating her chronic need for attention and discharge her already. I've had enough of these crotch shots and this clownery. What a waste of resources.

No. 877712

I'd love someone to send me a message that they love me accompanied by a photo of them spreading their legs in front of themselves. (j/k)

She can't leave. Shes very sick. Almost in a coma and..and…SHE SCRATCHES HER FACE! Very, very ill. Poor bean, i love you and i care about you and you're strong and brave and ooo so flexible.

No. 877715

good god she is insufferable. why the hell she hasn’t been discharged already i don’t know, such a waste of a bed ughhh

No. 877717

File: 1570492516588.jpg (717.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191006-152028_Ins…)

is that underwear in the background? Mixed in with her jags and shit?
This picture for some reason grosses me out even more than her usual. How can she eat in that mess?

No. 877730

She’s pig ignorant and thinks that’s how everyone lives. She’s basically a toddler; she eats snacks and asks people to call her hair pretty but is unable to perform any selfcare aside from eating.

No. 877780

anyone else pissed off by her and don’t know how you’d handle being in treatment with her?
she just needs to sit and stop fucking moving and eat. i think she’s doing it to “exercise”. i feel bad for the other people on the unit who are dedicated in gaining and recovering and see this poor sick sick angel bean running around and taking pictures jesus christ

No. 877795

The thing that bothers me the most is she seems to have picked/scratched then smeared her disgusting face blood all around to take these self absorbed “look at me” fucking selfies.

No. 877815

surprise. people inpatient will do anything for some benzos or attention.

No. 877880

File: 1570533877367.jpeg (762.43 KB, 828x1494, 278CF656-952F-41E7-B1A0-C9F858…)

She definitely did. This is a pic taken the same day with her friends where I guess she didn’t have the time / quick thinking to claw up her scans and shmear the blood around a bit

No. 877884

File: 1570536827525.jpg (577.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191008-081301_Ins…)

No. 877887

FFS this cow is a mobile biological weapon. Smeared blood all over her face - it’s 100% going to be all over her hands and being transferred onto anything she touches, grinding her butt and its fart particles onto whatever she’s doing the splits on (I don’t care about the crotch shots but am grossed out by the possibility of fecal matter), and then sitting on tables and putting filthy feet on something that people will want to eat food upon. That’s pretty damn disrespectful and selfish, grotting up public spaces for a whimsy uwu pic for the gram. And I can’t stop wondering how many people she’s accidentally kicked in the head doing the splits in a manic pixie girl spontaneous
burst of fuckery.

No. 877896

This comment made me laugh so hard

No. 877937

You're okay with the vaginal discharge?

Ward rounds are once a week, so maybe Monday's the day she sees her specialist so that's why she decided to give herself some nail cuts.

They'll get sick of her, and she won't be getting ativan too regularly. If she's not normally prescribed it, they've really cut down hard on dishing out benzos willy nilly.

She's just in there for a laugh with her dickhead mates.

No. 877973

>look at this fatty holding me up I'm so uwuuwu

Kek it looks like a pic of hospital staff trying to subdue her while she's aggressively and compulsively leaping and spreading her legs

No. 877975

File: 1570554659756.jpg (14.15 KB, 201x229, 2013.JPG)

If it's not a gash on her face she's showing off it's…okay, I won't say it.

There aren't any photos of Laura spoopy or even underweight. Closest is muscle/tendon tensing. This is her the year she was apparently on an ED unit.

No. 877978

File: 1570554901741.jpg (321.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191008-181407_Ins…)

No. 877981

File: 1570554973573.jpg (598.77 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20191008-181105_Ins…)

Idk I think Laura has started to loosen up on her 'uwu so sickly thin' game and is now moving on to 'look how bad my 'self harm' is!'
Shes not trying to pop her collar as she was before

No. 877986

You know she'll never scratch deep enough to scar her face.

I hope she goes back to dancing soon. Those clips she used to post were, as her friend would say, fucking hilarious.

No. 877991

File: 1570556178967.jpeg (233.26 KB, 750x1164, E1374B42-E632-422D-A6D7-6441A7…)

C'mon Georgia

No. 877993

That wasn't lanugo, Georgia. It's called idiopathic hirsutism. You've enough fat to keep you warm for years if the sun ever died.

No. 877998

Lmao. Lanugo isn’t a symptom of starvation so all these atypicals need to drop that act! It’s literally a symptom of being so underweight that’s your body cannot remain warm. You can claim to have all the starvation symptoms you want, but the ones that are 100% weight related? Kek.

No. 877999

Recovery's amazing when you have nothing to recover from. She would've been feeling depressed and tired because of her intake of shitty food, not lack of intake. Why is she still banging on about having an ed anyway? Like, okay, we'll pretend you were anorexic (lol) but now's the time to drop it.

Is that what a fatty thinks is ~skinny~? Obviously she thinks she looks underweight.

No. 878001

File: 1570558197620.jpg (24.65 KB, 299x336, oversize.JPG)

Speaking of unbearable cunts. Taking the baggy clothed anorexic to the extreme.

No. 878022

Stop posting about this attention whore. She loves being discussed here.

No. 878033

They all do.

No. 878034

this really is just embarrassing, scraping yourself up for attention is bad enough but doing it, making it look as gross and messy as possible and then IMMEDIATELY posing for a cutesy photo is just beyond insanity. She doesn't even wait for the blood to dry lol

No. 878051

If we stopped posting about attention whores there would be no one left to post about. Such is the nature of cows.

No. 878053

File: 1570568028913.jpg (30.95 KB, 350x425, 0.JPG)

No. 878060

her "set point"

No. 878082

At least vaginal germs aren’t air propelled like rectal germs… I certainly don’t endorse frotting unnecessarily all over a surface I might be using later on!

No. 878116

I think we share the same repulsion, anon. Not ocd at all, but you know when people sit on kitchen worktops? Don't get me started on toothbrushes without covers.

The blood she likes to smear is more concerning in general. Doesn't the hospital know about transmission of hepatitis, etc? Wounds are generally dressed asap but she has time to do some arm flailing thing. They didn't even stick a pad on it this time. Not even a panty liner.

No. 878129

Now I’m wondering what’s worse - does she deliberately curate the leg in the air pose like she’s a SuPerMoDeL influencer, or carelessly flail a foot out and risk smashing someone’s nose?

No. 878163

she's no spoop but she's at least a little underweight, surely?

No. 878167

nah this is all being posted publicly online its like reading the morning paper to see what the circus is doing today. its fucking funny watching these wanarexics and warrior-chans. we're not obsessed or stalking anyone this is entertainment.

No. 878181

It's kind of hard to tell with a shoulder up shot, but her face looks rather.. err.. and bulky shoulders.

And i've got a feeling Laura didn't address the self posting at all? These are the sorts of people i hate being discussed, but that's personal preference i guess, they use this place as their own little attention hub. That's why I have no qualms with sharing any publicly available information on them (self posters), if they want to be tied to the farms for their crappy behaviour for anyone who wants to google search their name - so be it, they can get what they want.

No. 878209

File: 1570605465261.jpg (30.76 KB, 272x582, crotch shot.JPG)

I honestly don't think she looks underweight. She's 5ft 2in and petite. Her size is fine for a shorty.

Not sure it was a self post. I know some anons have kept checking in on her since she was first mentioned a long time ago. I've been wondering how Gracie turned out. She was one of the trinity with Laura and Emily who were always fighting with each other online. I think she'd started to make progress. Good sign that she's not on the cowdar any more. Emily's looking happy, more mature and beautiful with her cute little kid. Who would've thought she'd turn it around and Laura would be the one to turn out to be an enduring cow.

Another day, another ludicrous leg stretch, eh.

I think that today I might look up cows mentioned at the dawn of the proana scum threads and see what's happening with them.

No. 878212

File: 1570606813841.png (255.09 KB, 616x731, erm2.PNG)

It's just with the recent pictures with her on the TV, there were multiple "full-sized" versions of the photo accidentally uploaded and quickly removed, that were never shared on IG (example image attached). So it's either who ever took the photos for her and had the original on their phone, or her herself (if it was her phone). The timing was so weird with the WKing, claiming not to be the friends named, using the overly done scottish writting and ban evading.

No. 878216

Ohhhh, yep that was definitely a self post/friend post thing. Apologies. I thought you meant the original post about her somewhere in this thread (?) saying she began farm life as a self post. Oh yeah, I'd like to hear what she says about the splits on the tv post but she won't say anything, of course.

Someone should give her a book or some crosswords to do or something.

No. 878223

Well our little warrior Laura post a somewhat update wanting to reassure everyone to worry about her because she isn't in the right mindset to update… Whatever.

No. 878280

File: 1570632503474.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 402.87 KB, 1024x1820, 27D90166-0E2F-4B8B-9F61-2007D9…)

i don’t know if she’s been mentioned before but i stumbled across this account and it’s so, so disturbing. “i love my bones”…i usually feel at least somewhat sorry for these spoops but i’ve never known anyone so outwardly LOVE being that way?! fucking hell (spoilered image cos idk about y’all, i’d rather not have seen that)

No. 878284


What the fuck is that and how is it alive? That's fucking grim.

No. 878289

She's been mentioned before but never discussed. All I know is that she's extemely pro. I'm not a follower, but the skinny fetishists post her on vk.

I know all bodies are different, but it's weird how she can move around whereas Ash is pretty much stuck in her wheelchair or sat on her bony ass.

No. 878292

File: 1570635054520.jpg (37.76 KB, 796x472, m.JPG)

adding, idk if her teeth are false, but they're in remarkable good shape for a spoop.

No. 878300

I’d not noticed that!! V true, photoshop or she’s just very lucky with those teeth. I was unwell for a number of years and my teeth stayed alright. but that level of skeletal and teeth like that is insaaane???

No. 878302


I think her teeth are so good because she *might not purge. Shes so slik because she lives on bone broth and is in a permanent state of ketosis

No. 878303

shit like this gives me depression

No. 878307

Well something must have gone tits up for her as she's always pretended it was something she loved doing. Maybe that's like the real recovery story- BS.

No. 878308

Yeah. I'll never understand how someone can make their life so miserable and not want to look for recovery. Not matter how difficult it'd be, it's going to be hell on earth for that level spoop year after year that you'd think they'd want to fix it.

Her binge urges must be phenomenal and non-stop if she doesn't purge. I can't even give her any empathy because she really is choosing that life whatever anyone says.

No. 878314

I wish we could briefly discuss who-shall-not-be-named from the earlier threads and what she's been up to lately. She might be the only other one who didn't get her shit together like Emily

No. 878342

File: 1570643770497.jpg (198.21 KB, 719x767, Screenshot_20191009-195512_Twi…)


No. 878370

File: 1570647538589.png (5.21 MB, 828x1792, 3BF88CEA-C9CD-4A79-858D-23BE51…)

This beautiful stirfry sauce as brought to you by a woman who claims she wants to be an inspiration re recovery. K.

No. 878377

I mean canned veg though

No. 878399

File: 1570650927844.jpg (448.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191009-205508_Ins…)

No. 878411

File: 1570654233843.png (1.77 MB, 1334x750, D96AC179-F00B-4E78-8362-67EB55…)

She’s back- all she seems to have done is make brownies or cook and eat for the last month . But she’s definitely not eating as much as she used to and her eyes have that sunken purging look. Vlog is 40 mins of drivel really.

No. 878419

Why has this been posted so many times?

No. 878421

She's going to dislocate her hip if she poses any harder.

No. 878422


I understand what's happening. You've had to try harder to stop being discharged. Ridiculous cunt.

No. 878509

File: 1570670250291.jpeg (333.25 KB, 750x1334, 9C9BD198-040B-4C4D-AA61-82BEAF…)

“whilst me and my loved ones try to fight this” oh so NOW you’re serious and not dancing and stretching everywhere because you’ve been caught doing some shit.

No. 878511

Its gone now but earlier on her story she had a video of her lifting her leg up in front of that same background

No. 878530

File: 1570676089975.jpeg (251.87 KB, 750x716, 521700B7-FCCF-4D95-8180-189360…)

*treatment center. made me think of our dainty little dancing bean kek

No. 878534

Lmao they're probably trying to discharge her after finding out she's cheating the system for "I'm a smol sick fairy in treatment!!!!" asspats. Looks like scratching your face isn't cutting it anymore. Hopefully her days of taking up space there are numbered.

No. 878605

about 2/3 cup of sweet maple umami mush stirred around in a fucking egg pan. what a domestic goddess she is.

No. 878606

File: 1570695269792.jpeg (292.66 KB, 750x783, B4177D69-7727-471E-821C-D461DE…)

Her first ever peanut butter sandwich - in 22 years - yeah baby!
At around 20 mins her sister specifically asks her not to film or to put it on you tube of her …. so what does Elzani do… film and put it up for 35k people to watch . Great sister.

No. 878612

What grown-ass adult eats Spaghettios? With mayonnaise on them, no less? What is that circular thing at the top? It looks like a dirty sponge.

Jfc does being an ana-chan just nuke your taste buds?

No. 878621

I felt so bad for her parents when she was filming them crying and she said about them being without their baby, it was so insensitive and kinda rude. She really has no idea about other people's feeling or how to talk to people in general.

No. 878640

File: 1570717117012.jpg (447.85 KB, 1080x1080, 20191005_191327.jpg)

This reminded me of a certain un-nameable


No. 878645

File: 1570719152188.jpg (368.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191010-102932_Ins…)

Any one got milk on this one? eerie.moth, her cousin Kassie has been posted on here before as petite.peachtw and they basically have the same diagnosis. I wonder if this one's also got a habit of birthing malnourished children

No. 878676

You post, you provide the milk. This is an obvious self post.

No. 878685

There is no milk other than she's self diagnosed with DID, BPD, etc. Self posting much?

No. 878717

you posted the version without their name on the story, silly self poster

No. 878722

>>878289 I am shocked she hasn't been discussed here- I haven't been around long but I assumed her lack of coverage was because she had been done to death the Ash/smegh/etc.
They're 100% fake

No. 878728

I'm obviously too far removed from the Warrior social scene, I spent the last 5 minutes trying to figure out why someone would compulsively take birth control

No. 878729

no self posting here I just remember her cousin

No. 878731

Can't even find anything on "petite.peachtw" or mention of a name "kassie" under the pro-ana scumbag threads (in text form). Did you self post yourself, people brushed it off, and so now you're talking about your cousin or something?

No. 878740

it was months ago, thread #24 i thnk

No. 878743

just a nosy lurker, i know she changed her ig name. She's prolly just as milky as her cousin.

No. 878746


Im still trying to figure out what BCs are.

Nah. Lurk moar and learn to sage. If you're faking an illness then learn the correct spelling of it. Dissociating.

No. 878765

I'm pretty sure that BC = Body Check.

No. 878783

Ha, thanks. I thought they were the Quest bars of the laxative world or something.

No. 878856

Can she just be discharged because she's doing this stuff for kicks rather than being driven to in any way? I wish so badly I could be a fly on the wall in their unit's rounds discussing her case… not to be like, "when I was a young cutter", but… when I was in treatment for it, pre-Insta era, absolutely everyone was self-harming in the way least likely to be found out- like cutting somewhere entirely hidden, or switching to bruising or slapping for plausible deniability, etc. If someone hurt their face, it would've been because they were psychotic, not just trying on a new brand of public sadness. There is no other way to explain these self-harm trends other than just social contagion. It must be so unbelievably frustrating for treatment centers. I know it's frustrating to me, lol

No. 878878

Also bloggy, but back in the early 90s there were only TWO self harmers on the ward (that were out about it anyway). I honestly believe that it's a trend/fashion accessory for the majority of ig ~self harmers~ Idk if it's still the case, but if you were a self harmer, you had to have a female nurse accompany you into the shower if you wanted to shave your legs/pits (nobody shaved their pubes back then lol). Perhaps they should pull her fingernails out?

Back to Laura, not sure what story she's spinning to stay in. It's not like she needs to be transferred to an ED unit and she doesn't display anything that needs specific treatment units (ie DID), so…idk. Apparently she only has anorexia and depression.

No. 878889

Dark Ashley

She's not a cow because she keeps to herself and doesn't engage in, "I'm such a tragic warrior" Instagram drama, but she is fucking strange to look at.

No. 878903

Does anyone know what happened to recoverychii? She posted a cryptic IG story and then went private ?

No. 878910

She's attention seeking. She's fine.

No. 878930

File: 1570760955150.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, 6E52EC1F-3C11-493F-9144-D4E605…)

Spaceship is back and apparently doesnt enjoy writing her dumbass fake philosophical long posts anymore kek

No. 878931

File: 1570761156218.png (9.85 MB, 1242x2208, CC4743E3-14BB-43C8-B7D1-BDD0E1…)

Here we go, more nonsense from Allegra fresh from treatment. It’s sad that she apparently hasn’t learned anything and still wished to be spoopy. This just screams “tell me I’m not fat”

No. 878948


can someone explain how someone who eats this many pointless carbohydrates every single day and doesn't go off to work and break a sweat and doesn't go to the gym and workout can be as thin as she looks?

a fuckin muffin AND a pancake (with syrup!) AND 2 pieces of white bread AND 2 potato cakes? how does 1 person carb load like this and then sit around all day and not have a f-n gut? EXPLAIN

No. 878951


HEALTHY weight? this is technically overweight, my dude. this is the body of a chubby woman.

imagine being so obese that you look back on your chubby years as "i was soooo thin, my gosh!"

No. 878969

are you serious right now

No. 878977

File: 1570772793495.jpeg (189.13 KB, 1019x1019, BB010662-1577-4487-B2BA-2F1FA5…)

Ffs even nourishs phone is covered in shit. Also look at her swollen glands.

No. 878983

You must be new here.
She doesn’t let it stay in her stomach or exercises the calories off

No. 878985

She must've scaped her knuckles somewhere. Oh dear.

She doesnt look well at all. This is flourishing? These ana chans have a he least self descriptive usernames, dont they.

No. 878988

File: 1570778039283.jpeg (365.41 KB, 750x1066, 21FE9F0C-FF1D-40FD-9216-4F857B…)

This is going to sound inconsiderate as fuck, but could she really not handle a fucking leave? Do you think she did this for attention? I think people on the ward got tired and bored of her prancing so she did something to make all the attention fall back on her

No. 878990

my gosh she looks like she has all the mental illnesses in these pics.

No. 878992


I am, but I've read back a few threads. I am aware she lives with her family, and I really don't know if I believe they would sit around and allow her to binge eat and purge. there are videos of her eating with her mom, don't you think her mom would notice if she F-ed off to the toilet and possibly intervene?

like how can you have a youtube channel based on your recovery if it's all just a lie and you're still engaging in behaviours you claim you've left behind

not trying to argue, I'm just trying to understand and make sense of this situation. I find this girl interesting

No. 878993

hiding behind the guise of public recovery is a way to stall for time and protect your disorder.

No. 878997

Surely the hospital will see through her having incidents so she doesn't get discharged and just discharge her. Here they'd say well if you're doing this whilst in hospital it's obviously not a good environment for you/it's not helping.

No. 879002

They try to do that with PDs, but that's why she went out and took an OD. They most likely started talking about discharge and moving forward so she hurt herself so they cant (otherwise it would be seen as neglect).
The UK mental health system seems like a playground to the American system. I'm from the UK and the American system looks strict AF

No. 879008

Yeah the UK seems so lenient, based on all these spoopy anas having their phones in treatment, leaving the ward, and all this stuff.laura seems to have it pretty easy not gonna lie, obviously mental illness or whatever she has isn’t easy but she seems to do what she wants on her ward

No. 879016

Definitely for attention. How can you “OD” and not even end up in general for at least one bag of NAC? What did she take like 5 paracetamol? Or she did her usual, handful of laxatives style “od”. Must be coming up to the end of her section to pull a stunt like this… has it been nearly 28 days? Loved ones fighting for the right treatment because her needs are ‘complex’… no shit. Ed ward won’t want her, nor will psych, I wonder where they will end up getting her sent to, if anywhere. She definitely looks as though she’s gaining now though, at least isn’t deteriorating, I’d be shocked if they manage to convince professionals she needs a bed on an ED unit.

No. 879054

She also said she stood on the edge of a bridge but PDs have a knack of making it LOOK like they're 'about to do something serious' but help intervenes magically at the last minute, every. Single. Time.
I hate saying that to people because it sounds like I dont care if people kill themselves, I do care.
But people with PDs constantly strange of the edge of danger to get their attention kicks and be the sad, poorly spoop.

No. 879055

*stand on

No. 879057

if the username has words like tiny, petite, angel, etc its always some overweight girl trying to become anorexic. if the username has fighting, recovery, or similar "motivating" words you can bet its some proana who refuses to change her ways.
remember when >>878930 was "spaceshiptorecovery" …. that was rich

No. 879063

1986 Challenger spaceship maybe!

No. 879065

File: 1570802362802.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, 919E5D88-694F-41F9-B52E-68C6C2…)

how much we wanna bet her jumping town was because she was stupid and posted her real name and we found her?

No. 879091

Her mum is too busy eating and testing the food or the family are watching the tv. If you want to p it’s not hard to find any excuse or reason.

No. 879121

What is interesting is the way she never ever talks about therapy or mental stuff- all she does is eat and film it. Nor a q&a. She's hiding something.

No. 879129

File: 1570813203822.jpg (927.43 KB, 1440x2543, 20191011_124909.jpg)

If this chick tries posing any harder to get a thigh gap shes gonna break her back. What is the pose on the right though, honestly.. looks like she smuggled something in her ass and is trying to not drop it.

No. 879147

I agree with you that she looks retarded, but in her defence, her stupid stances are typical of those in female body building. They all do that to show off the definition. Like in those competitions.

No. 879156

So which of her <150 followers are you? Relatively unknown user, private account, I detect a self post.

No. 879176

Banana Therepy is the one that leaked about Alys real name here. She claimed her account was "hacked" but all she did was disable her account and change her avi when she "came back"
She claims aly aka allegra is her bff but shes a straight up liar.

No. 879180

Did you mean she leaked the private account username? because she certainly wasn't the anon who leaked Aly's full name and arrest info here.
Did she brag about it on instagram or something? because that's certainly a weird thing to brag about (and to claim in general).

No. 879183

File: 1570818227949.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 869 KB, 750x1185, 046EF737-0ABE-479B-877E-A15B57…)

Kelsey’s back at it

No. 879191

Is it just me or… Does this not look shopped? Like not warped or blury.

No. 879193

halloween has come early … all joking aside this is terrifying. even if its photoshopped to a degree no one can live like that for very long

No. 879195

Did she write anything below the post?

No. 879198

File: 1570819877595.jpeg (370.11 KB, 750x1082, 887351CB-DB94-4B34-BB13-32666B…)

am i the only one who kinda thinks this is real?

No. 879199

She previously said she’s a sophomore in high school. I wonder why her parents haven’t fucking admitted her.

No. 879202

Agreed. Seems hard to believe that a minor could get to this level of spoopyness without forced intervention. You normally only see people this bad when totally left to their own devices/no parents or legal system forcing them into treatment.

No. 879223

This looks real and definitely someone anorexic but I don't understand how there's no discolouration of the toenails or signs of bad circulation.

I still believe the majority of her clothed shots are shooped, and even this is taken at an angle to emphasise/elongate her legs.

For sure she should be having treatment, whoever it is. I still don't understand why this person does what she does and I'm p sure it's her who keeps giving us hints to her accounts here.

Imagine wanting to post yourself so badly you make multiple accounts because of numerous bans.

Puzzled by how healthy and even her skin colour is though.

No. 879228

This looks real to me. Thats sad and scary

No. 879234

But her nails are painted

No. 879238

well she’s sitting so there usually isn’t bad circulation when you’re sitting. her hair could’ve been fuller in the past, eugenia cooneys hair always looked pretty healthy.

No. 879260

The way her left finger is bent does not look normal, but maybe I’m just overthinking it

No. 879296

Only the big toes. The others look healthy pink.

Sitting doesn't really affect bad circulation. My toes are always blue because I smoke. It's the fact that apart from some crepey skin from weight loss and veins from lack of fat that her skin quality is so good. Checking out spoopy ana chans extreme on VK, she's kind of an outlier to actually facially not look unwell and has shown no signs of circulation problems (think Cooney with her purple legs). Maybe I'm overthinking also and I know bodies are all different.

A few things look a bit iffy to me, but can't deny that whoever "Kelsey" is is in bad condition, even if some shopping's being done. She's been tubed before, and I don't understand why she hasn't been back for treatment.

No. 879321

This is is absolutely montaged onto that background, and possibly out of different parts. The carpet is shot closeup compared to the picture laid over it, and there's a very clear photoshop layer drop shadow around the cutout hand, all at the exact same depth and angle, which you can see most easily around the fingers but notice how it's on the legs at the similar angle and depth and sharpness too. The hand and the legs have probably had their colours fixed up.

imo this is either a fetishist - or a fantasist - or a spoop with a fantasy account - who has access to some spoop's images and that they are recolouring and making their fantasy montages out of.

No. 879329

I feel ridiculous for giving her the benefit of the doubt. I knew something was off apart from the colouring (the hand looks okay, but the legs look like she's wearing tights). I don't own PS so have no idea about trickery, but this all makes sense. She looks like she's levitating.

Absolutely agree with the last sentence.

Thanks for that info.

No. 879345

Looks real. Always has looked real.

No. 879352

Next thread picture pleaseeee

No. 879362

File: 1570866556105.jpg (267.15 KB, 1440x2560, 2152781343956410893_957105559.…)

Because she's never shopped.

Georgia is relapsing, oh no. Running on diet coke.

No. 879363

The hilarious thing about Georgia is that she’s complained of anorexic behaviours for years, yet has not lost any weight during this period. A Diet Coke for lunch everyday would be a sure fire way to lose weight, yet she’s actually managed to put on weight. She’s textbook cognitive dissonance with a touch of EUPD, how fun

No. 879365

She learnt the ability to BP a long while ago.

No. 879369

Maybe she hasn't been a spoop long enough to have visible problems, young girls tend to look pretty okay despite being spoopy, but then as they get older it starts to age them and make their skin look bad.

No. 879373

She's a fighter. Will she find the courage to have anything other than Diet Coke? I believe in her and have no doubt she'll try. Multiple times a day. Like the true trooper she is.

No. 879375

Maybe she just restricts the rest of the time, she shows like 1 big meal every week or so. But I also wouldn't be surprised if she's purging either.

No. 879384

Damn she's really stepped up her game, maybe us pointing out all the mistakes has lead her to be a better shopped, it looks so not right like too contrasted but no shadow? Maybe she's paying someone to do it now.

No. 879390

The way her hand looks on the inside shows she's not actually got her hands wrapped around her leg, she's just resting her hand into her leg giving the illusion. She's probably layered two pics together and shrunk her legs so the carpet doesn't looked warped because it's a second layer.

No. 879396

occams razor bro … its probably a little bit photoshopped but to that extent? even the best photoshop ive seen couldnt create THAT skeleton from a body that didnt look horrific to begin with.

i have seen the evidence of kelsey's photoshop in other pics but what youre claiming is a stretch

No. 879418

I'm beginning to think that there's something up with her room. Trying to blend a body into an edited environment would have pretty much the effect we have seen on her pics, but with the circumstances it's been easier to assume she's batshit enough to add extra skelly.

This is why she's my favorite cow. She's a human plot twist.

No. 879419

I like to think we're helping some young graphic design student earn their diploma with our constructive editing feedback. The shoops get better every time.

No. 879426


She's my favourite because she's ongoing in the way that other person who shopped some tumblrgirl into an avatar fantasy (forgot the username) isn't.

The carpet usually isn't that magnified. I had a theory that maybe this gir "Kelsey" recovered but hated it so did these shitty edits to relive her glory days. That would explain why she uses photos from the same shoot a year apart when posting.

Now I'm with the theory it's either a fetishist (I know at least one who lurks here), or someone doing the graphics thing at school.

If she genuinely looked skeletal, her previous edits wouldn't be so bad.

Whoever it is, I'm tinfoiling, is the anon who gives us leads to where her new account is. I'm not complaining because I look forward to a post from her more than any other cow. It's…interesting.

No. 879434


I mean yes she clearly already looks horrific but this doesn't look right at all. I'm. Not saying she isn't already a spoop but it's not like she doesn't have. A track record for shopping hilarious failures.

No. 879436

Maybe she did a maurecovers and just took a bunch of pics when she was a spoop and reposts them pretending they're still what she looks like, editing them a bit of course

No. 879439

It just looks so bizarre and fake, the condition of her skin is too good for her to actually be that spoopy. Look at the Ash Isaacs or that Emilytheskeleton girl to see what I mean, their skin is dry and translucent like a 90 yo. That's how you know kelsey isn't that much of a spoop

No. 879455

That’s the thing, i’m the one who posted the last post where in the caption she linked her new account. Maybe next time I won’t include that to see if she will be the one to post it. if that makes sense

No. 879471

another red flag is that she’s supposedly a sophomore in high school & the only way that you could get away with being that thin at that age would be if you’re homeschooled by eugenia-level abusive/neglectful parents

No. 879488

File: 1570917754442.jpeg (265.97 KB, 564x571, 5D1F6994-D04A-43EB-B937-301D7D…)

Can we all take a moment to thank coffee, water, and all her loved ones for helping her miraculously gain weight on psych. At least she won’t need an ED bed, although that is what her ‘loved ones’ are pushing for apparently. She is trying to pull the whole “I’m not being admitted to an Ed ward because I’m suicidal now, not because I’m not dying of anorexia. Explains the random bridge moment. No Laura, you just don’t really have anorexia. face palms

No. 879489

Hmm yea, it doesn't all quite add up

No. 879496

Quite a miraculous change in just a month. Who knew not eating would make you gain like this.

No. 879499

Quite scary really. Defying science. She should be a research study of some sort. Also, is it just me or has she fully made neck shadows with makeup in the left pic? Lol.

No. 879533

I just don't see how people don't think she's shooped.

The body on that photo looks very real, but it's definitely two pictures layered together.

My gut says it's someone else's legs. Because maybe the legs are shooped, but how could KELSEY photoshop the boniness of her legs to be like that?

Super sage for blogging/tl;dr

No. 879535

File: 1570928026349.png (547.91 KB, 1080x1349, 1546301804181.png)

She's posted her legs (or someone's legs) before. I'm more inclined to believe that whoever Kelsey is (if it's real lol) looks more like this although still looks elongated.

No. 879536

…also some shopping going on near the top inner thighs I think

No. 879563

Yeah the shadows are obviously fucked up and shitty. It’s clear she photoshops

No. 879576

File: 1570939304086.jpeg (373.73 KB, 750x1215, C6FA5B4A-AB1D-4D45-A054-209DF8…)

New post from our favourite

No. 879579


Eww, a spider, squish it!

No. 879580

>a fetishist (I know at least one who lurks here)

Is it Henry Roth?

No. 879586

File: 1570944222198.png (3.53 MB, 1125x2436, EA6A5EC3-659E-4653-AFC6-E5610F…)

thinks a petition in her bio is gonna close down a website lol

No. 879587

For Christ’s sake all this is enough to give someone mental health problems let alone picking on people who already do. Seriously? Imagine if someone did an illustration like that of you. For goodness sake whether things add up or not she is still a human being.

No. 879588

Get outta here, go snitch to laura. She’ll probably scratch her face then thank her “supporters “ through this

No. 879590

it's like a bad real estate photo where they photoshop clean carpet in.

No. 879591

File: 1570946861650.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1971, 6C043B73-137F-4ED9-939C-60733C…)

This user @siwwygirl formally @medik8lyn who you can look up on google, constantly has a go at her followers for “romanticism” of her ed and a go at men for messaging her dirty dms when she posts pictures constantly showing of her legs/stomach and how thin she is? If you look her up on google images, all that comes up are her in skimpy outfits showing of her body. She romantizes herself. I’ll start taking screenshots of her story’s cause they’re milky. Thoughts?

No. 879594

This is normal weight, go away with this self posting

No. 879597

File: 1570947769052.png (1.37 MB, 750x852, Untitled-1.png)


so much about this photo is a mess. you can see the lines in the carpet where the retoucher got sloppy and only cloned inside the selected lines of where the original legs were. the right shelf on the right side of the mirror is completely warped, and the retoucher forgot to finish the bottom (lolol!!!) of the shelf. the dresser is a mess. the closet is warped. the line down the face, if you zoom in, there are 2 completely different mouths pasted together. not even blended into one another, just a cut and paste of 2 mouths down a straight line. the hair is badly photoshopped. the dimple is superimposed, as well as the anorexic "features" in the legs and neck. the entirety of the hip area is a mess. these are MULTIPLE photos blended together pretty terribly.

i would post some of my work here but i think that would be a ban. but i used to do this for a living (and sometimes still do for fun). except i'm way better at it than whoever is editing these photos

No. 879600

Her journey. Okay, yes, she's on a journey. Her face looks so healthy.

Yep. He's quieter these days but i noticed he'd start following our recommendations. Also noticed how much he pesters Ash. His vk page makes me vomit, his captions are so repulsive.

Isn't that the same petition the managermom of Lillee Jean keeps asking people to sign? Oh no! KF and lolcows days are numbered.

I really appreciate these debunkings. P sure your work would be okay to post in /ot? Shooping is interesting, especially when its obvious there's editing but it's more subtle than the ones you n the bad Photoshop thread.

No. 879602

this seems like a vendetta or self post, she looks totally normal and healthy.

No. 879607

File: 1570950924583.jpg (63.25 KB, 1108x613, rb.JPG)

> Imagine if someone did an illustration like that of you.

Don't let Laura flatter herself so much. Nobody "did" that illustration of her. It already existed. It just so happens to be throwing the same pose as she does every single post.

No. 879616

Well, tell laura to stop self posting or getting her friends to post her. Someone had her original phone photo files and shared them here (that weren't shared on instagram). So either she's posting here for arse pats, or the friend who took her photo for her is doing her dirty. She's not some innocent victim.

No. 879637

Are you guys serious?
I hope none of you guys will ever go through any of this. Or, no, I hope you guys ever suffer from any form of mental illness and being bashed on this website.
Everybody who is saying any of these girls are lying about their mental illness is realy the lowest of the low. You are real bullies behind an anonymous account and that’s not okay.(namefag)

No. 879646

File: 1570977921454.jpeg (98.37 KB, 750x684, 36A7A4FF-A888-4034-936B-6E9A5C…)

The whole family of Elzani is fucked up- does her mum not realise that it’s not normal to video all your food and eating and make vlogs out of it or get excited that 35k people are subscribed to watch your daughter make a tit of herself.

No. 879657

Her mum is just enabling E’s eating disorder. It’s one thing being some milky cow who does her own thing and posts IG photos or YouTube videos, but when your mum is encouraging you as well? That’s just weird. Has her mum genuinely not got a clue about what’s normal and what isn’t? All they do is taste test food .

No. 879670

The issue is not them having a mental illness. It’s about them making a shitshow of it on the internet, mocking people who really suffer, manipulating people to fish for all attention they can get. And also most of them self-post here on purpose. Maybe you’d like to explain to us why they do that? If lolcow was so horrible they wouldn’t be so eager to be mentioned on here to be the ~uwu bullied snoopiest bean~

No. 879671

yeah no doubt her mum is a massive enabler. i think there's a big element of "at least she's eating" going on in that family. i might be misremembering but i think there was one video where you could hear the mum and dad arguing about what to make and the mum said "well if i don't eat then she doesn't eat"

No. 879676

Paris's mum must be similar

No. 879687

E holds that whole family hostage. She dictates what they eat, when they eat and the tone of any-and-all family events, because if everyone isn’t appeasing her she’ll pull the “I’m not going to eat” trump card. I get the sense her sisters are tired of it but generally have enough respect for the family that they don’t rock the boat too much. Her dad is beyond giving any fucks and knows it’s all a game so he just shrugs it off and let’s her run around with her camera, pretending to be a “professional youtuber”.

No. 879695

That legit looks like someone else's face pasted on, you know like in snap chat when you can use another face over your own. It's a different colour entirely.

No. 879698

File: 1570991478578.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1326x415, nn.png)

She's done similar before when her whole body looked twisted. There's a lot of collage work going on.

Her bikini shots (the ones lying on a beach towel) always reminded me of the ones dead spoop Nana Karayianni had taken. It's like she uses Nana as some photoshop inspiration.

There are pics of Isabelle Caro that look as if parts have been used by "Kelsey".

No. 879702

What happened to @recovery.chii ?

No. 879704

She’s posted a comment on Megsy (who tbh is one of the few legit ‘recovery YouTubes’) saying something along the lines of ‘I’m taking a break from the recovery community too! You do you girl!’. Although unlike Meg it remains to be seen whether Kara is just ‘taking a break’ post-holiday with her mum in order to pull an elzani.

No. 879706

What’s pulling an elzani? She’s looking pretty good and doesn’t seem to be losing weight.

No. 879708

File: 1570994918988.jpeg (743.33 KB, 750x1223, 13B1A3E4-2B4F-42D0-B213-754FE2…)

why are her for arms so damn long??

No. 879717

File: 1570996224381.png (Spoiler Image, 385.45 KB, 929x411, Untitled.png)

Why are some part surrounded by a dark line and others blurred?

No. 879718

soz, didn't mean to spoiler

No. 879726

No one eats that amount of food and keeps it down doing zero exercise and doesn’t still look underweight . She may have put on some weight but she’s still well deep into he eating disorder mentally .

No. 879728

hand looks majorly photoshopped. also how could she have taken this pic do you think, with both hands occupied?

No. 879733

Good question. Selfie stick in mouth? Lol, I have no idea.

Those shadows are definitely fake. Thing is, it's possible that's her hand and wrist but why all the other BS?

No. 879735

Maybe she has marfans? Kek

No. 879736

One arm thicker than the other.

No. 879761

Yeah, but then what does “pulling an elzani” mean with respect to recovery.chii? She doesn’t make YouTube videos claiming to eat a bunch? Far as I can tell chii has gained a bit of weight and looks pretty healthy, but I’m not a follower and her account looks like it’s private now?

No. 879770

pulling an Elzani is disappearing and losing a bunch of weight and then being like "I'm back guys and ready to commit to REAL recovery!!!" > Something Elzani has done multiple times

No. 879804

File: 1571019990899.png (Spoiler Image, 4.83 MB, 750x1334, 03EE4E63-FF0B-4201-B571-099723…)

Idk if y’all saw this :/ at least we know that foot long thigh gap she has is fake( :/)

No. 879832

Looks copy and pasted, yikes

No. 879833

Is it just me or are the legs really grainy? hand and carpet seem higher quality. Hand flexing to get the tendons to rise in a fairly healthy-looking hand?

No. 879849

No. 879858

I just hope when her sister comes home from uni at Christmas she will realise how much E controls the family dynamics- her sister seems to be the only one with any sense or who will tell E the hard truth about things.

No. 879871

Wouldn’t surprise me if her mum had or has an ED of some form herself - she’s obviously a feeder and stay at home mum.

No. 879873

File: 1571048897482.jpg (366.1 KB, 720x1049, 20191014_112358.jpg)

I've never seen her look so healthy

No. 879875

Her sister is a forced inpatient at the moment so maybe its motivating her

No. 879879

>>879875 its the opposite actually. Shes triggered af and wants to lose weight. Probably because she doesnt feel sick enough to deserve hospital like her sister.

No. 879881

Her mom doesn’t have an eating disorder. Not everyone who isn’t a perfect bmi 21 has an eating disorder. Ffs, mom and the sisters (and realistically, probably E too) are just naturally in bigger bodies. Is her mom fucked up in other ways? Absolutely. I suspect whatever “mental illness” mom has is entirely a reaction to E’s influence on the whole family dynamic. Take e out of the picture and I’m guessing the family would be relatively normal, healthy and functional.

No. 879889

Honestly the uni sister looks like she's lost weight but that could just be her growing up or cuz she's she's vegan

No. 879896

Omg amazing, “I won’t go into foo much detail” after going into way, way more detail than basically anyone would be comfortable sharing in a public forum… of course she’s doing this for attention. It’s much better to make very public and dramatic suicide attempts because you will not be hurt in the slightest and will get maximum repercussions.

No. 879904

I thought the same thing, that this doesn’t look shopped. But all the following are back to normal Kelsey… very weird.

No. 879908

Maybe it's just some rando's picture she stole

No. 879910

Her sister is vegan?! Since when? Doubt E will tolerate that for too long. She’ll either make a big wahwah fuss to mumsy about how ~*~triggering~*~ it is OR decide she wants to go vegan too, because she can’t tolerate someone else’s eating habit being more noteworthy than hers. I predict a “what I eat in a day - ToTaLlY VeGaN?!!?” Vlog title in our future

No. 879914

I think she always has been, she's always had different meals from the fam with quorn or vegan alternatives.

No. 879919

Extremely solid point. That’s gotta be what it is.

No. 879933

The pair of them are so entangled with each other - the competition must be huge even if they are in separate clinics etc. They are the two who show off their skinniness ( and I’m pretty sure their heads are too screwed to be able to edit photos other than snapchat addons)- they want the world to know they are the skinniest. Sadly they are not. They are a mess. If she’s put on 10kg by herself…. sounds a bit unrealistic but you never know. You’d think they’d get tired of going in and out of IP and having zero life.

I can see Elzani ending up like one of them.

No. 879937

Her younger sister definitely is bigger bodied and I’m sure she has food issues. Her mum ? Idk- maybe she’s just too naive and will do anything to pander to Es demands of what they will eat and do.
If we knew the cause of Es ED or what she is playing at things would be clearer . Like why did her parents discharge her when she was still sick? Why no family therapy ?- they could damn well do with it.

No further mention of her job.
Naturally if she’s built like either her mum or dad then the amount she supposedly eats would mean she should have a much higher bmi than she does now - she’s still not weight restored. But who the fuck eats that amount of food- most of it high calorie and doesn’t put on significant weight. The only answer is she’s purging most of it. But hey her family can afford for her to borrow in Waitrose or m& S food.

Eventually she’ll get bored of YouTube and IG - then what?

No. 879938

Ahhh I took that post as she'd gained 10kg 2 years ago and has since lost it.

No. 879972

File: 1571074852693.png (472.27 KB, 444x565, anachan 1.png)

Found a ana-chan who is also a nursing student…kek. Thoughts?(self-post)

No. 879974

File: 1571074965027.png (321.78 KB, 370x574, anachan 2.png)

another 2/?

No. 879975

File: 1571075048258.png (702.02 KB, 550x534, anachan 3.png)


No. 879979

File: 1571075145854.png (436.29 KB, 457x560, anachan 4.png)

the ''look how sick i am'' kind of post 4/4

No. 879987

you're supposed to give us your name

No. 879989

She's been posted here before.

No thoughts about her really. She keeps getting spoopier and will probably die. Not much to say.

No. 879995

Yes you look you're about to drop dead but where's the milk?

No. 879996


The reason we didn't talk much about her last time is because there isn't any milk. She used to look pretty and wear nice clothes then began to document her weight loss and is proud of her spoopiness in that ana chan way. No milk apart from her ED.

No. 879997

(tbh she's so unremarkable I can't remember her name, but she's popular with the bone lovers on vk).

No. 879998

The picture is from 2 years ago. I think she's saying she has been told tp gain 10kg by her ed team?

No. 879999

No. 880000

I think her name is Sofia and she nordic but I don’t remember her handle. She is super boring apart for being pure pro-Ana porn.

No. 880003


No. 880091

no milk. she’s v sick and there’s absolutely no reason to slate the poor girl. this thread is losing it ffs

No. 880094

File: 1571091616329.jpeg (865.31 KB, 828x1546, 86936E73-5858-4C74-ABAF-C1B822…)

Sorry no. Anyone who posts blatant body checks WITH THEIR WHEELCHAIR is a proana scumbag. A person can have legitimate anorexia, be very very sick, and still be a cow. Look at Paris, elzani, chii, etc. All legitimately sick but also all get dragged frequently in here. Stop wk’ing.

No. 880097

>this thread is losing it ffs

I suppose that thread dwellers are thirsty for new milk but it's as if these true pro ana scumbags have declined in number since we started 3 or 4 (?) years ago.

I mention vk here often because I'm finding my own thirst quenched and repulsion at the pro ana comments there as opposed to actual anorexics out for asspats.

Sophie posts a lot of bodychecks and hospital shots because that's what EDs do to loads of people. It's not even milky because it's one of the things that go along with their disorder.

SO…what we should be posting are fake recovery people, scamming/money grabbing/gofuckme anas, all out drama creators, wtf wannarexics, and wtf anorexics who claim to be nutritionists yet eat crap, and whatever the hell category Kelsey comes into, lol.

I look for newbies most days but don't find anyone new on ig who qualifies as a cow. I think some jumped on the munchie wagon and went the EDS/gastroperosis route.

Suppose we just have to have some patience and ignore self posts.

Today elliemayrecovery posted how she'd missed her Pepsi Max. I kinda feel bad knocking her though despite the tendon tensing. She's obviously deep in it, although a post about chugging Pepsi Max isn't really great considering she's in treatment.

No. 880098

File: 1571092552087.jpg (85.76 KB, 800x623, judge_jerry_photo_from_nbcu_cr…)

Soz for wall of text. Went a bit Jerry Springer there. I don't mean to sound like a gatekeeper, but we've got to get a grip sometimes.

No. 880108

>>880098 i dont agree. the pro ana scumbag is somebody who promotes ed and is prpud of it. She is using it as a way to post her body and exploite ana to younger audiences. She is aware she is a thinspiration for others and that alone is why she is a pro ana scum bag. She is promoting it knowing she is on thinspiration pages. If she didnt want attention, she wouldnt post photos of herself in hosptial or her legs. She makes it people business and clearly is not getting better. She is promoting it as a body image - but go off sis. Lmao.

No. 880109

pro-ana chan scumbags are not scamming fake recoverys ect… it is literally a thread for people who promote ana and mia… scamming threads of social media would go in a different thread e.g her own.

No. 880110

Yeah she is inpatient and probably on bed rest so the protocol requires her to use a wheelchair to mobilise places. Rooms arent that big

No. 880111

AND she said her mom let her have it. She's just, a lost cause? Idk shes 16 and thinks she has a say in her treatment when she doesn't. Not milky just a thought.

No. 880112

I dislike sophie as much as the next person and agree she poses in attention seeking ways but tbh there is no milk with her, just a sad sick girl whos not gonna make it.

No. 880115

I wasn't going off on one, just an opinion. I'm not going to knock your definition because, yeah, a lot of them promote spoop but if there's no other milk all that'll happen is posts of her latest leg pic.

There have been scammers posted here. The ones who've posted for cash for treatment or ones like Becky who pity post for free things. Ashley was the OG for tapping people for free shit. Those are the manipulative ana chans and I hate those more than the ones who think being a spoop is something to embrace. Only my preference, like, but I could spam with multiple pics from different accounts where skeles are bodychecking. Only thing is that's as far as their milk leaks.

No. 880116

>>880110 i mean there are a million poses and positions but she gets her wheelchair in shot… just a reminder of how sicks he is…kek.

No. 880118

>>880115 yeah I get that. I just have a pet peeve of anachans who pose and promote their bodies especially when they claim theyre in recovery when they're not and theyre aware. Her bio says ''dont comment on my weight'' yet she keeps comments on, doesnt put on comment filters and poses in ways that expose her body and weight in a exaggerated way. Hate those kinds. kek.

No. 880122

The fact her profile's public and she uses hashtags like #outfitoftheday shows she likes the attention. Not going to do her much good when she's paralysed with a stroke or some shit.

How many have we seen who want to be nurses/nursing assistants? Three or more? They must get addicted to hospitals.

No. 880128

File: 1571096548695.jpg (302.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191015-004138_Ins…)

Gotta make sure everyone knows she wears Kids clothing

No. 880135

ffs she couldve just said zara. Why is she on leave if she supposedly OD'd?

No. 880140

Zara do adult size 4/US 0 so idk why she's buying the kids line. There's no excuse for spoops to wear kids clothes (unless Ash tier) because loads of places do size 4 now.

In fact, she could use the adults because the sleeves are too short.

No. 880172

Does she not mean “sponsored by zara, kids” ??? that’s what i thought lol i didn’t think she was saying it’s from the kids section but??

No. 880173

I almost wonder if she’s trolling us now? If not, it’s so awful that she’s broadcasting that information. It actually makes me angry. mental illness does not excuse you from being a terrible person. I know she’s done plenty of other cringe worthy things, but this is the worst imo.

No. 880176

that is terribly illfitting. weird flex but ok.

btw i'm just curious as to why Kelsey keeps being posted? Theres no milk its just photoshopped freaky images.

No. 880179

This one was kind of milky now she's pretty quite. She claimed her and her bf were splitting, came out as a lesbian, then when she was going be kicked out she said She's asexual and now they're in a poly relationship.
A side from being the normal attention seeking "I'm not pro" type, she's boring

No. 880190

File: 1571103650180.png (4.39 MB, 750x1334, 50544FF0-DD28-4F3C-9713-204693…)

thane_of_windhelm on her vent said she wants to start T but not be a man…? That isn’t how it works lmao

No. 880198

Took me almost a month to find the new thread and these cows have self posted 10 times already lol
You have low t because you were born female Bella. If she wasn’t such an attention seeking brat I might consider what she’s saying. Lots of queer people develop EDs to deal with the emotional struggle but Bella is not one of them

No. 880225

I definitely agree her younger sister (satara) has food issues. Her mum - not too sure.
Does E really believe she is helping people by her IG and YouTube?
She reminds me of a girl way back on I.g - Annie something, English, used to post loads of food shots and ravings about how wonderful food and recovery was but she was still skinny. Can't remember her username.
I just really don't understand E or her family.

No. 880252

Awww now she’s drinking tranny koolaid?
Instead of languishing on that stinky futon in her undies, she can do it with chest hair, a breaking voice, zits, and uterine cancers.

Great decision Bella.

No. 880253

File: 1571120201554.jpeg (855.46 KB, 2048x2048, 760BCD85-D8A3-4E17-9D87-037F58…)

tinybakedbean keeps going on about how she’s going to be doxxing any anon who sends her hate on Tellonym. I mean getting rude messages on Tellonym isnt fun at all but threatening to dox & ruin their life? Kinda extreme.

No. 880256

woah wtf ? that’s super extreme jesus

No. 880259

I don't know why but I'm finding the kid hilarious, delusional and completely crackers. It just reminds me of some sad little preteen wannabe hacker from back in the day, "i can hack teh interwebz and ruin your leif!11" uhuh. I highly doubt they actually did any sort of "hacking", she probably already knew the people whom she harrassed IRL or information was publicly findable via simple google searches (i.e. have a persons first name, last name, age and area and it's easy to look them up in online directories etc). Facebook ties a lot of people together too.

Sorry kiddo, but you aint no hacker. There's no way that they're an adult right?

No. 880261

A boyish haircut would be less drastic.

No. 880267

It’s up there with shmegeh planning on a double mastectomy because she couldn’t starve all her breast tissue away.

No. 880315

Yeah, I don’t find her over-milky necessarily, but definitely deeply annoying to the extent that I had to un-follow.
Also, any anorexic going into a job that will allow them to work in a hospital is absolutely doing it because they’re addicted. I’d love to see the stats on anorexics career goals when they’re sick vs. actual career after ten years of solid recovery.

No. 880316

File: 1571143870594.jpg (326.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191015-081955_Ins…)

No. 880317

File: 1571143939986.jpg (268.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191015-082318_Ins…)

No. 880368

Again - where is the milk? She went to treatment and from what she's posted (NOT saying she doesn't over exaggerate sometimes) it doesn't sound great, someone stole from her and they lost her meds. You're probably the anon that keeps sending her tells, quit cowtipping

No. 880370

Kek saw this too. How much does anyone wanna bet she never 'finds' who it was? 'Ruining someone's life' through the internet is not something to boast about, she sounds 14 years old

No. 880373

File: 1571153659606.png (1.8 MB, 1242x2208, BF165C0B-6248-427A-849B-2E112B…)

Lmao and now she has a “friend” who she admits committed fraud at her university? Bitch sit down no one did that for you or you’d be in jail.

No. 880376

TOP kek, as if that would ever happen. The malnourishment must be getting to her brain

No. 880377

> implying that university’s website is the same thing as its accounting system
> finding someone’s IP as “hacking”

Top kek, bitch lives in fantasy and has no idea what she’s talking about.

No. 880381

Someone's been watching Mr Robot.

No. 880383

going by her MPA I don't even think she's underweight currently? She went from a very hefty size to average. But then again I guess you can get malnourished by restriction at any weight. I think the woman is just off her rocker and possibly on the wrong meds/unmedicated, seems she's struggling either with compulsive lying or delusions.

No. 880412

File: 1571161717833.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x1649, 98E540C2-ABA0-4077-9DC3-609BA5…)

scary is right…what the heck is that

No. 880416

Is the pasta on top of the napkin???? This girl’s life is totally nonsensical.

No. 880417

File: 1571162275339.jpg (623.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191015-193329_Ins…)

imagine spaceship as a psychiatrist….

No. 880419

My guess. Canned kidney beans/chic peas/ 4 slices of carrot (WHY?), chips, some kind of fried beetroot chips?? pasta. Kinda intrigued what the thing that looks like beetroot really is.

She's classy.

What makes this spooky other than it looks like something someone possessed would vomit?

No. 880421

>career path
Why does this make me lol?

Idk about classes but she should read up on how to deal with dry hair. Beige carpet.

No. 880445

A spooky meal indeed.

No. 880446

Also wouldn’t want a pro life psycho delivering my babies

No. 880449

Was it spaceship who bought those pro Trump baseball boots?

No. 880451

This is the kind of quality commenting that keeps me coming back. I would only have been moderately grossed out had the napkin under the pasta not been pointed out. Now I'm full-blown repulsed. Thank you anon, you're doing god's work.

No. 880454

eerie.moth isn't as milky as her cousin. Both accounts are private and blocked me so I can't see their stuff anymore but they call eachother sisters so I wonder what kind of backwoods family they have, They've mentioned a family history of mental illness. Really hope neither of them have reproduce.

No. 880464

File: 1571168636645.jpeg (635.42 KB, 750x1077, 6A5DFAC3-CE74-4DAC-B8AB-27E5E2…)

You know you’re in the right place when you’re ordering dining supplies to your hospital bed while on 24/7 tube feeds and NPO

No. 880472

Holy fuck this edgelord cunt is a fucking idiot. She faked these messages. Look how close together the responses are. It's like she had them in her notes ready to send. It's so easy to make a throwaway Twitter and just message yourself. You're telling me she doxxed someone and ruined her parents' marriage, yet she still covered the username? Weak. And the other person just so happens to type exactly like her. Why is the other person typing out exactly what she did to her, as if she's just giving a recap for outsiders reading the message? The tone of the messages spew pure defeat rather than the normal response of rage. This is beyond cringeworthy.

No. 880474

Why are these cows all obsessed with bright coloured plastic crap?

No. 880484

Is she expecting asspats for this? We all know she’s never going to eat anything independently and languish in hospital for the rest of her life traumatising patients and staff alike. Not to mention she’s always going on about how super suicidal she is. Sushi’s never going to be on the agenda lol

No. 880491

Too many anorexics going into the psychology field still massively struggling. not saying they can’t do what they want but who knows if they’ll live to see the day they become one

No. 880495

File: 1571174515074.jpeg (611.76 KB, 750x1088, F5E64A07-9125-4B6A-B6ED-CC6535…)

Am so the only one who doesn’t see any shopping marks?? Is she getting better at this or am I just stupid

No. 880499

sry to be a dumbfag but where her idk organs?

No. 880500

This might be tinfoiling but are you all familiar with CGI models on instagram like Lil Mikaela or Shudu? For some reason this picture doesn't look 100% real, even though it is very realistic. What if kelsey (at least her skelly body) is one of these 3D-generated models created by someone? It would explain how she often looks photoshopped on top of her carpet, and also the videos.

No. 880501

File: 1571175037019.png (849.25 KB, 1117x595, Untitled.png)

It's all painted. Just zoom in and you can see the patches.

No. 880506

It looks too shiny and waxy to be her sans shoop, good catches.

No. 880510

Wow you caught that quick, this time i was looking at all the edges for any warping

No. 880516

I zoom in at 500% on my laptop. The shiny bits are a giveaway without even doing that.

No. 880538

File: 1571179535960.jpg (78.35 KB, 1080x543, kels.jpg)

This Instagrammer says it better than me.

No. 880565

Morven still trying to give herself a brick-wall lobotomy? She was too annoying to follow.

Permanent childhood. The more toddler crockery and stuffed toys they collect, the easier it is to keep themselves in their deluded bubble.

No. 880573

I'm betting she uses the chopsticks to gouge out her eyes.

No. 880583

pls … spoiler this spooky-ass shit
i trust your analysis even if it goes over my head, ive never seen shooping this advanced

No. 880632

whenever this girl's revolting fucking meals come up in this thread, it's honest to god sickening. i've legit gagged at her photos before. ironically enough she's terrific thinspo bc she puts me RIGHT off eating.

like i know this has all been said plenty of times before but fuck, can you imagine what her BO must be like? i just imagine she herself smells horrific bc her surroundings are a pigsty

No. 880651

I've mentioned this guy in the past. He's always signing up girls to do fuckstupid long water fasts with him.
He's doing an 84 dau 0 calorie water fast atm and posting the shit on youtube.

He's really boring and creepy and looks like a predator. He's unbelievable popular over there and why???

No. 880657

File: 1571192373412.png (844.34 KB, 1323x532, cheeese.png)

Bragging about stealing a load of cheese and someone being impressed.

What a sad sadfuck.

No. 880658

File: 1571192433862.jpg (34.9 KB, 802x259, 0.JPG)

Final one. Some of his hints for fasting.

Soz if nobody's interested, he just ruffles my jimmies and tbh he is a cow.

No. 880701

Ngl I’ve used his tips for fasting before. Even today I was using his tips. But yeah idk(blog)

No. 880704

who let you out of the mpa pen? back you go.

No. 880709

does kelsey have these freckles/moles on her chest and collar bone in previous pictures???

No. 880724

What’s she been up to? Still IP? I gave up following her on ig because she was getting boring .

No. 880732

for a guy who 'fasts' a lot, he sure doesnt look thin

No. 880734

His fetish is controlling what teenage girls eat, not himself.

No. 880758

File: 1571209251048.jpeg (81.19 KB, 750x750, 18FEC54A-1048-4606-9F9D-0D84B0…)

He actually ended up completing a 48 day fast and lost like 50lbs or so. He updated daily & included stats, weigh ins & before and after pictures so he definitely wasn’t lying. IIRC he’s also said he has binge eating disorder so he gained all the weight back afterwards & he says this 84 day fast is going to be his “last extreme fast” which… seems pretty unattainable, but it’s been done before. I’ve been following his journey on MPA recently which is how I know all this shit, just skimming through his threads. I’m just kinda fascinated, if anything.

No. 880767

File: 1571216781214.jpg (748.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191016-110256_Ins…)

ok but what the fuck is going on with aly?

No. 880768

File: 1571216816326.jpg (873.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191016-110325_Ins…)

No. 880769

File: 1571216911501.jpg (803.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191016-110413_Ins…)

No. 880771

File: 1571217011407.jpg (726.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191016-110446_Ins…)

No. 880773

I was honestly wondering the same fucking thing, think she's gone off the rails for good this time

No. 880780


i don't go here but this sounds like a findomme thing

No. 880782

Was the findomme tag not enough to make you wonder if it could possibly be a findomme thing?

No. 880784

She behaves like an edgy 13 years old on the internet. She has zero sexappeal and her insecurity is showing. What a try hard.

No. 880789

For someone who claims she has no drug problems, she sure does talk about Xanax like it was her only savior. She’s not a spoop anymore so she has to get attention somehow.

No. 880791

EWWWWW major paedophile vibes from this one.

No. 880799

She really has nothing better to do than this shit? Like come on. She's frcking 26 years…

No. 880816

Lmao we get it, you just learned what "pay pig" and "findom" means and think you can be a domme lmaooo
Do your goddamn DBT workbooks, Aly, this is majorly cringe inducing.
It's like she took the BPD diagnosis as permission to act an absolute fool

No. 880820

File: 1571234312936.jpg (685.78 KB, 1069x1902, 20191016_145845.jpg)

Not those anons but yeah, she's still IP and stagnant as can be. Every day is more of the same unbearable can't take this they've broken me snotty NGT selfies (as pictured lmao). She posted a while ago that her support work agency will no longer work with her so she'll likely be IP for a while.

No. 880826

She signed up at findom.com and she's pissed off some guy didn't send her his bank details after an hour. These people might have a kink, but they're not that fucking stupid.

I'm wondering what his reason for not completing this time will be. Iirc he ended his last attempt early because he said he had flu. I'm not arsed if he wants to fuck himself up, but at his age he should know better than to encourage the mpa wannas to do his stupid fasts. He's the embodiment of all those old pro ana sites from the 90s.

No. 880832

Her face looks like at least she’s put on some weight while she’s been there

No. 880838

That's the healthiest she's ever looked despite tube and ig cry face. If she wasn't so institutionalised she'd have a decent chance of getting better.

No. 880853

How long has she been in this time? Agreed her face looks better

No. 880884

Not sure about Smorven, but why was Elzani only IP for 6 weeks? Did her parents discharge her? She clearly wasn't recovered.

No. 880889

She was over 18 so I assume she technically had every right to discharge herself, and her parents probably didn't make a fuss about it and let her return to their home / didn't push to keep her involuntarily admitted because she cried and reassured them that she was committed to her super special self-recovery. The whole family dynamic there seems pretty messed up.

No. 880891

If outpatient therapy doesn't help, you can admit yourself for a sort term (6 weeks) inpatient stay to get your weight up and then they let you out and you do the therapy thing. Idk if that's what she did though.

No. 880893

File: 1571246387132.jpeg (237.82 KB, 750x1199, B784FF1B-422B-4BF6-8E76-6DF1D2…)


No. 880894

File: 1571246573081.png (90.14 KB, 750x1334, 94F7859B-A89A-4DDA-B15F-094636…)

“Recovery” girl tells everyone to back off because everyone’s recovery needs are different. I punched in the numbers I don’t think 700 cal a day counts as recovery..

No. 880896

File: 1571246871020.jpg (44 KB, 532x232, heres chuckles.JPG)

>Nothing can be done

Here's a word of hope, Becky. RECOVERY.

You know everyone in her life is thinking the same. It's not like she's skeletor tier. Stop being a prick and ooo spoopy model and sort your body out ffs.

Calorie counting. In recovery. Nope.

No. 880919

File: 1571251430272.jpg (929.94 KB, 1076x1575, Screenshot_20191016-204112_Ins…)

the weirdest body check ive seen

No. 880935

I mean it's a vast improvement from her 1 hot options and 30ml of ensure a day, but yeah, she's just going to be losing weight and end up back ip

No. 880937

Does Becky actually ever have a ‘good’ day? Kek
She’s tried treatment……once? If she can admit things are unbearable she can suck it up and try again, if not for her own sake than her mum’s. She SHOULD feel guilty. Her mum should be enjoying her own life, not walking on eggshells around this snivelling burden.
Go inpatient, Becky. Gain some weight. Try proper therapy, not woowoo bullshit. Learn to be independent of your mother for more than five minutes at a time.
So much could be done.

No. 880947


I remember her too! @tinyrecovery

Turns out she's pretty much weight-restored, got fake tits and started a fitspo ~health guru~ journey lol.

No. 880962

Idk that person, but it's good she's trying to eat what she can I suppose. Options must be difficult even though it's low cal.

Every single fucking day she's complaining. She won't go ip because it gave her ~ptsd~ last time. Seriously, it's shit, but fucking eat and gain weight and then deal with the other shit. If she can't feel any worse then I don't see the problem. Her mother attachment's worrying.
I think she didn't bother doing the floatation thing, went to one hypnosis session and one meditation session. She's in a better physical condition that loads of spoops here, it's her fault and yeah, she should feel guilty. She's too into being mentally ill with an ~assistance chihuahua~ and pity stories about her ~carer mother~. Ffs, early 20s and she lives in garden centres.

No. 880985

File: 1571263610008.jpg (336.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191016-230602_Ins…)


No. 880994

File: 1571264119210.gif (1.78 MB, 480x360, dear oh dear.gif)

Poor ickle baby.

No. 881002

Lol she’s such a little goblin. She’s either getting her way or she’s sobbing and hitting herself for selfies. Imo she’ll end up dumped in a facility like Ashley was and who could blame her parents if they did.

No. 881008

Ugh, any think that alyfighting is doing this whole act findom to make her look like her current diagnosis. She never acts like this and now it's like she is trying to seem manic. I honestly think she is just BPD than bipolar. Its fucking cringey.

No. 881010

I agree. I think some people use their BPD label to act like a complete erratic shitstain ie. impulsiveness etc

No. 881026

Agreed. I think her inflated ego and narcissism is why she thinks she’s this delicate queen ana. She doesn’t look underweight or unhealthy or “spoopy” she looks properly fit making them body check photo AND upload strange. She apparently just came out with having being diagnosed as borderline. She’s so all over the place now for example wtf >>880767
I agree too Bc in one her million story posts she mentioned how “her BPD” makes her keep everything inside and then hurt herself instead kek. Yea eating a healthy diet, sleeping regularly doing self care, hair and makeup makes to seem really functionality impaired… not! >>881010 also agree with this she totally wants an excuse for any ridiculous or questionable behavior.

No. 881055

File: 1571270099289.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 743.14 KB, 750x1044, EB3C157C-A69B-4C05-8B1E-267F41…)

notice anything weird? i’ll zoom in. also spoiler because someone got mad last time

No. 881057

File: 1571270159295.png (Spoiler Image, 4.61 MB, 750x1334, 5DFEA511-FC72-48FF-B5C7-5763B5…)

why does she have boobs all of the sudden? at this weight she should be completely flat chested or close to it. this looks weird

No. 881062

The fetishists respond better to a little bit of titty on their skeletons.

No. 881063

That whole picture just seems… Off, there's so much, her face is weird arms legs, chest, nothing looks real or normal.

No. 881064

Her calves are bigger than her thighs here lol

No. 881068

saged, since it is a comment and not milk

I don't want to validate Becky at all, but it's clear the Chihuahua isn't doing any good. Some of the recent badly lit photos of her show her sunken face and the top of the cheekbone protruding in a way it didn't used to. She must filter and blur her bathroom face photos extensively to hide the way she really looks.

If she can afford a dog, she can afford real therapy. It's a real shame that her mom and everyone else prefers to enable her and watch her die instead of give her some hard truths and tough love. She could have a future. But we're all gonna get to see her waste away, probably, and then we'll get another story in the news: "iNsTaGrAm KiLlEd My DaUgHtEr"

I know she's an adult, but she wouldn't be the first adult to be given an ultimatum about her ED. I can forgive her ED and mental health obnoxiousness, since her brain is clearly starved and impairing her ability to make better choices. I can't forgive her entitled begging and fake poverty. Maybe if she gained some weight, she would realize how disgustingly manipulative she is, but somehow I think this is a permanent aspect of her personality.

No. 881097

what size leggings would be skin tight on these legs though? idk maybe its just me but they seem oddly shaped and look too long to be kids size or anything… suspicious

No. 881107

Looks to be muscle tbh. Or implants. If it were fat or skin she'd have a tear from anchoring up near her shoulder

No. 881120

doubt it’s implants. she’s a sophomore in high school. idk this photo is weird

No. 881129

Eyes not sunken at all, no dark circles.
No lanugo, veins, cyanosis, or mottled skin.
Cheeks not sunken in, no facial features you see in cachexia, which an anorexic in the state she’s portraying would have.

No. 881144

That's the one - she used to post fake meals photos on IG.

No. 881198


She hasn’t shooped her abdomen very well. Try better next time, Kelsey.

No. 881199


I can’t understand why you’d scratch yourself in a way that makes it look as though you’ve got injuries from a noose?


No. 881210

File: 1571311552599.jpg (9.79 KB, 118x136, Capture.JPG)

Lol, that doesn't even look like her face!

Blurry fuckery on her arm here.

The bad thing she did was probably try to hang herself - ie put some material around her neck and rub it to look like she'd tried to swing. Fail,

No. 881211

> it's clear the Chihuahua isn't doing any good.

Thanks, anon. This gave me my first laugh of the day!

Oh, she's never bother to recover and drop dead before 30. The fake poverty pisses me off. She buys Chanel on ebay, asks for free makeup because she ran out yet suddenly has new palettes, lipsticks, etc. Still has new clothes.


oOPS, didn't mean all the caps, but yeah. Poor, my ass. Nobody loves Christmas if they're fucking skint.

No. 881231

File: 1571320844329.jpg (340.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191017-150027_Ins…)

No. 881234

Lookin so good. What a model!

No. 881239

Could be a rather pitiful attempt at pretending to attempt to severe the carotid artery, "don't discharge me, i'm suicidal! neglect!". Got a feeling you'd need some serious determination to even manage it with fingers though.

She had leave, if that's what she was going for i'm sure she could have found something sharp enough and did more than swallow a few tic tacs and stare longingly at a bridge until someone noticed something was off and thought to call for help.

No. 881259

It's easy to kill yourself if you really want to. How much attention does this one need ffs.

Nobody who shows ~concern~ on ig comments care really. They're just random internet people. The people she knows either roll their eyes or they're naive and she's making them worry for nothing.

What a twat.

No. 881282

You know what i’ve been thinking? that her and elzani are similar. like if you met them in real life they’d both be like a fucking child. so annoying, can’t sit still, attention seeking

No. 881315

Whats with the fupa?

No. 881400

There isn't one cow I think I could be around for more than 30 minutes. The childish hyper ones would be worse. Elzani has the added fuck all to talk about factor as well. Hell is being stuck in a lift with Laura, Elzani, Becky, Paris and Smorven. Nourishtoflourish also because of the stench. At least Kelsey wouldn't take up much room. In her shooped self we could slide her up the vents to get some help.

Becky posted something about how she's featured in some mental wellness magazine. Ironic. Notice how she references her BPD when she talks about mental illness and never her ED.

No. 881407

Anyone else catch Allegra asking her followers to buy a pregnancy test for her? Could not get a screencap before she deleted it. What a sad life to live.

No. 881525

To be fair she went to the dollar store because no one helped lol

No. 881526

File: 1571356401723.jpg (603.31 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-10-18-09-52-47…)

Anyone else reckon she looks exactly the same as she does now

No. 881538

She looks worse off now, imo. Especially with all the scratches

No. 881539

Maybe she's just trying to Expand Arm.

No. 881567

File: 1571361297823.jpg (90.49 KB, 831x600, ll.JPG)

I wish a follower would tell her it's AGO not A GO. How can she get that wrong?

Idk why she keeps comparing herself to old pics. She's all made up and not making herself look purposely ghastly for them.

Saw this img and thought of her.

No. 881568

File: 1571361507180.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.2 KB, 880x1259, jenny lopez.jpg)

Remember when people used to take photos of celebs and try to make them look like anas? I wonder if that's where Kelsey took his/her inspiration from?

Img example.

No. 881633

Elzani would do my head in- she would just talk non stop about food. At least Smorven might be stuck in a corner banging her head against a wall.

No. 881641

File: 1571379241630.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1933, 4958372A-D46F-4D28-9E54-DE5B42…)

found this comment on elzani’s latest post a bit funny. it isn’t so hard to stay up late when you spend the night exercising to burn off all of those pesky calories you just consumed for a video.

No. 881660

File: 1571389887418.jpg (944.7 KB, 1080x1480, Shaydoesnfc.jpg)

Shay managed to find her way to new farm clinic. Same place as georgia. Ironic. Seems to be loving that tube life when the nurses let her put one in at night for non compliance

No. 881661

Anyone knows kelseys actual name?

No. 881671

I think in pro ana scumbags 18-24ish there are posts of Kelsey's first account, she is literally real. Her original account had posts of her when she was ip with a tube for 6 months and after that she started stealing other people's photos of food saying she's eating it, and started her unfortunate decline into being a spoop cow

No. 881698

according to Georgias tellonym profile, an anon told her that Shay sends her tell hate from the newfarmclinic.

No. 881700

File: 1571408610574.png (4.24 MB, 1242x2208, CEF104DB-8DA5-4CFA-A8BC-C0D663…)

Emaciatedfairy is trying too hard to be sick..

No. 881701

File: 1571408659923.png (3.85 MB, 1242x2208, E63A8EDE-9B88-459C-9448-535AC2…)

She’s milky as fuck

No. 881704

There’s no way in hell nourishtoflourish isn’t purging every disgusting mushy meal she posts… it makes me sick just looking at it

No. 881712

What has having a bad back got to do with staying up late? You’d think she could come up with a decent excuse.
Nighttime easier to purge without anyone else hearing or noticing.

No. 881717

The face that "Kelsey" exists (as in was ip at some point) isn't the issue. The thing is, is someone using someone else's pics to make the spoopy pics? Back in the old thread there's the tubed pic and her banging on about yay recovery woo! but a month later there're badly shooped skele pics of her.

(Also, don't fill in the name or email field)

No. 881719


She's never mentioned a bad back (?) but if she has one then it's difficult to sleep with pain or lying still. Not defending her because the comment about her racing mind makes more sense. She's so hyper in general, I wouldn't be surprised if it affects her at night.

She sounds desperate for views. Look at my new video! Ideas for new videos! New camera!

No. 881746

I wonder how she afforded a shiny new camera? Undoubtedly money earned from her supposed part time job, right? Yet another example of the bank of mommy&daddy fuelling her disordered lifestyle.

No. 881748

File: 1571419389448.jpg (764.87 KB, 1059x1883, 20191018_191845.jpg)

Elzani posted a few photos with literally the same pic - only different angles. Just image her taking these photos. What the hell

No. 881750

The caption tho

No. 881751

>couldn't miss the first spoon opportunity you are welcome

Bet she got lots of D- for English.

No. 881770

idk crumpets are pretty good

No. 881781

Only if you like chewing on bath sponge.

No. 881810

She literally said she has a bad back in the comment posted….

No. 881821


I know. I meant she never mentioned it before writing it in that comment posted, ie it's the first time she's mentioned having a bad back.

No. 881838

you bastard

No. 881839

She gets paid for her videos as well

No. 881847

File: 1571433747280.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1891, 0CAD0162-AA17-4ECA-A788-D23398…)

what happened to your "goodbye, ED" omgilovefoodsooomuch act, Aly?

No. 881858

You really think she’s institutionalized? I thought that usually entails people wanting to get and stay admitted, and she’s seemed to me like she genuinely doesn’t want to be there

No. 881859

This looks like she’s stretching and sucking in SO hard that she’s probably going to burst a blood vessel. Much kek.

No. 881867

Not surpising really. I bet they post eachother here too.

No. 881889

Oh she’s definitely stretching it to the max but to be honest, based on her other body check posts from recently, this doesn’t even seem like a recent photo of her… I could be wrong but like if you look at the other rib flexed ones she looks much more meaty, surely she hasn’t lost that much weight in one week to show this noticeable of a difference. I’m calling her bluff this >>881847 has to be an oldy when she was more “spoopy” even though she’s never really been spoopy kek

No. 881959

File: 1571445254342.jpeg (234.04 KB, 750x988, 44A60259-0D50-4B5C-AACA-4BFC2A…)

How many photos of crumpets do we need?

No. 881961

File: 1571445786740.jpeg (291.02 KB, 828x634, 408B510F-BC3B-4471-B737-6F2A9E…)

she sounds completely retarded. Not in the insulting way, in the legitimately mentally handicapped way. Brain damage or stupidity?

No. 881963

File: 1571445981532.jpeg (115.36 KB, 750x926, C904B6B4-D45B-4008-B5FF-FA9EED…)

Another video saying I’m not relapsing but actually I am and from now on I’m going to try REAL RECOVERY and GO FOR IT , and now I’m going to try even harder and challenge myself even more, blah blah blah…. I remember a similar video not too long ago.
And why can she still not talk or write as an adult not a child.
‘Get ready for me becoming the best version of myself’ …. oh god please no more.

No. 881969

I find it really telling that her "becoming the best version of myself I can be" only seems to involve eating more food. Never any mention of going back to school, getting a job, moving out, etc. Nope, becoming the best version of herself means "eating more cake" and having a fourth bowl of cereal. Proper successful 20-something year old stuff, right?

No. 881992

True and if she was really medically stable and on the road to recovery why Isint she looking into school work or volunteering? By now shouldn’t she beyond the point where food is 100% the focus she’s shown us eating regularly and challenging herself for ages isint it time to start some real life shit now? She’s either too scared to let it all go or she’s admitting she’s in quasi recovery here >>881963 I’m going to say it’s a combo of both Bc at this point and where she is with her eating she should be more weight restored, mentally stable and doing 20 year old shit. It is hard to tell Bc I didn’t know how she was before. Although some farmers posted some old pics of e healthy and she looked like she was having fun doing normal people things so I would attribute her mental status to her nutrition. Wonder if she’s purging or just over exercising at night this >>881641 is a red flag, she’s definitely doing something at night be it purging or exercise. She’s never mentioned a bad back, and a “bad back” ebbs and flows she’s up EVERY night. Come to think about it sleep deprivation could also be contributing to her looniness

No. 881994

Literally what was the point of going to a treatment facility for almost a month if you're not even going to TRY to change, jesus fucking christ

No. 882001

File: 1571450806679.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 0D757AF2-1BF8-4E53-9AF6-8A8EE3…)

So skinny much anorexia kek. I’d love to see a photo where she’s not sucking in, shed look dare I say it… normal! Lol you can’t look spoopy when u suck your stomach in if u have thighs like that aly, she acts like she’s just lifting up her shirt to show her ribs that constantly protrude when really she sucks that belly in for every photo lol. What a fool. Is she still claiming to be underweight?

No. 882005

do you really think her thighs are big there anon?

No. 882007

I said she looks normal… if you think that normal equals big head on back to MPA anachan

No. 882010

she looks underweight anon, what i was getting at. not spoopy ashley tier but not normal. she obviously sucks in her stomach, especially in that last photo but regardless, body checks arent milk. anachans switching between health posi and disordered are run of the mill.

No. 882012

Ok bye aly stop self posting and calling yourself underweight. Your trying too hard. This seems like you too >>882005 because no where did I say she was big, I said normal and you thought big Bc your aly and you think your big, kek. You really need to work on being more inconspicuous when you respond to posts about yourself lol this is laughable but nice try!

No. 882015


Not the same anon but are you seriously that pissed you got called out?

"Lol you can’t look spoopy when u suck your stomach in if u have thighs like that aly"

What do you think you were implying with that bullshit? Even if she's not a spoopy skeleton, she's obviously underweight with those thighs. Are you a jealous anachan?

No. 882021

Allegra please this is getting out of control. No one would be jealous of that ok, just relax and recede back into your insta hole.

Also if your not aly and just a newfag you want to sage this non contribution and wk >>882015 ffs this is lolcow, Not the great debate of whose underweight, stop not picking the op comment and move on. you broke like three rules in 1 post but I’m not going to minimod. this is annoying and I’m not replying to aly or any of her minion followers anymore. As obvious as it is to point out let’s all just ignore obvious Austist Allegra self posts

No. 882023


Sad that the worst thing you can think to reply when somebody disagrees with you is to claim they're Allegra and reeee they broke the rules.

No. 882026

File: 1571456391013.jpeg (62.39 KB, 767x573, image.jpeg)

Here we go again…. She admits she's not been being entirely honest about her REAL RECOVERY and how great she is doing - basically spouting a load of BS - no doubt a few months from now she'll make another one saying the same thing.

No. 882027

You could also just stop unnecessarily infighting and clogging up the thread. Let this be the last reply of this useless bickering, mkay?

No. 882028


Read the fucking thread, anon. This has been posted twice already.

>>882027 Give it a rest, retard.

No. 882033

Thank cheezus there are still logical farmers amongst us.

Forgot to answer this directly before but I do wonder if she’s chronically sleep deprived from exercising late each night, maybe that’s why she has a bad back, has barely gained weight and acts like a loopy crack head all the time. Weird things happen to the brain and a persons behavior when they don’t sleep a lot, I’m no medfag but surely it could explain some aspects of elzanis behavior

No. 882035


Sleep deprivation would explain a lot. The sunken eyes. Her behaving as if she's severely brain damaged. Or she's just literally the worst.

No. 882038

Look as much as alyfighting annoys the shit out of me, you can't say she is "normal". Sure, she isn't emaciated but she is underweight.

Can we focus on her shitty personality, please?

No. 882041

Exactly. I'd like to think we have some semblance of common sense on this board. We have to be less deluded than the pro anas and that means not pretending they're a healthy bmi when they obviously aren't.

Georgia is fat. Kelsey's probably a fucking sim. Scarface is average. Aly is thin but not dying.

No. 882043

File: 1571458704204.jpeg (114.79 KB, 484x186, 301B74FA-4F04-4BE5-AD51-5B4879…)

I really think now that the cats out of the bag about her sleep hygiene it must play a role. I have trouble believing someone would act this obnoxious without being drugged, malnourished or sleep deprived kek. I wonder if she’s going to reveal what really goes on at night, it’s obviously not just her back keeping her up.
No ally as much as you beg your just too damn ridiculous and clogging the thread up with your damn self posts. If farmers want to talk about you they will, you put your bait out, no ones biting so just get lost. Next time you post something milky I’m sure someone will post and talk all about you to feed your new BPD diagnosis
Kek at Kelsey being a sim, I agree aly is thin but not dying. I like Scarface but she looks more like Freddy kreuger to me especially when she does the super wide eyed crooked creepy mouth smile I mean is this not a dead ringer for Laura kek

No. 882044

File: 1571459254526.png (378.63 KB, 1090x578, bombshell.png)

Speaking of Kelsey, the sim has quite a band of pro ana fans!
>i cum each time I see a photo of her

As for what these cows look like, Aly looks like the kind of woman you see in magazines as "beach models". They always look a bit on the thin side with ribs sticking out and look like they only eat mango and cucumber. She must be getting periods if she's thinking she's pregnant. I don't find her interesting at all tbh.

No. 882047

File: 1571459351907.png (310.9 KB, 595x258, the power of christ compels yo…)

Throwing in another horror icon comparison…

No. 882049

im not aly wtf

No. 882052


Solid comparison, Anon. Also, she makes her mother cry.

No. 882054


Don't sweat it. This guy is throwing the Aly insult by the handful in this thread hoping one of them'll stick. Beats forming a compelling argument.

No. 882056

File: 1571460916942.png (761.66 KB, 1048x523, re.png)

>You're telling me that I should take my daughter to a witch doctor? Is that it?

(at a meeting regarding Laura's future treatment)

Imagine all these cows and how they would've been burned at the stake a few hundred years ago.

No. 882057

Oh my GOD would you ever shut the fuck up? Literally no one cares about your ana meltdowns over some cunts thighs. Jesus wept get a life. Screeching self post and using her full name like an autist every time someone suggests a balanced, normal, view. Oft.

No. 882062

She looks semi normal in the top left?

No. 882070

File: 1571464270837.jpg (47.63 KB, 556x492, Capture.JPG)

There's some blurring on there as well.


No. 882071

File: 1571464317934.jpg (15.62 KB, 398x228, cc.JPG)

No. 882073

Top kek, thank you for the addition, this must be in the banner for the next thread. Excellent work lol

No. 882078

File: 1571465230284.jpeg (257.86 KB, 750x1177, 2E4B3C85-0B09-494F-8FD9-35BE0E…)

Lmao, one of her knees is facing up???

No. 882079

File: 1571465257560.jpeg (228.77 KB, 750x1192, 8834F0A5-9311-4E5E-9464-EB641E…)

Photo no. 2

No. 882087


she looks like a ghoul. i can't imagine how utterly soul-crushing it must be to live with someone like her. this whole family must be sick to continue to enable and desire to be around this good-for-nothing creature.

there's no reason this adult woman shouldn't have her shit together. there are actual disabled (both physically and mentally) adults at my college taking classes. there are adults with severe intellectual disabilities who work at my local grocery store bagging groceries. meanwhile, this ghoul is sitting around obsessing about food and doing nothing to grow as a person or contribute to society

kick her out, let her sleep on the curb or throw herself off a tall bridge. she's never going to change. she has nothing to offer this world, nothing to offer to anyone as far as relationships go (everything needs to be about her). her family needs to disown her, completely ghost her and move on with their lives

No. 882096

calm down

No. 882121

“ I haven’t lost weight “ - by inference and by looking at her she hasn’t gained either, but if she had really been eating everything she posted photos or vlogged about them she would have been gaining. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out either she’s not been eating it ( unlikely as her family see her vlogs and posts so would probably challenge her) or she’s been purging and/or over exercising . I think the ‘ I can eat an entire box of cereal in one day ‘ makes it obvious she’s binging too. Why doesn’t she just admit it ?

No. 882131

you know what, you're right. No non-religious poor person without friends should be into commercialized Christmas. It makes no sense. I'll toss "depressed loner" into that category too.

No. 882133

Agree without trying sound like an anafag saying that Aly isn’t slim/thin/not under weight maybe but still small makes me feel like a cow. We’re ralking about shitty personalities and choices here not what body’s are good enough

No. 882134

Love these horror movie comparisons living for more

No. 882151

Agree, very Halloween-festive.

No. 882179

File: 1571498645964.jpg (73.12 KB, 522x478, yEaH bAbY.jpg)

No. 882217

File: 1571502690296.jpeg (756.42 KB, 1125x2076, 95F37C87-52AF-4273-8A6E-69CE10…)

I wanted to post about her before but there wasn’t too much milk, and I noticed her account recently got put on public.
She’s got a long history of being incredibly overdramatic and asking followers for money. Her latest drama is a mild heart problem is that she might oooo SUDDENLY DROP DEAD. Makes a huge deal out of her inpatient admissions that lasted approx 10 minutes. One minute she’s sad and suffering and her ED is killing her, the next she’s so grateful for recovery and will never look back!

No. 882220

Oh and there’s the terrible singing and paintings too

No. 882229

is this the same molly that ran away from home, got her crisis team to out her up in a short term emergency hotel room, did loads of coke in the room and invited men back for sex and then ended up getting raped and contracting chlamydia

her family are all large scale drugs dealers apparently and she would complain about her family members getting arrested, despite them having like 20k worth of cocaine plus guns on them

No. 882231

yes exact same one! although she claimed she didn’t run away, she was “kicked out”. it’s hardly being kicked out if you’re over 18 and being a drunken abusive addict. poor parents

No. 882232

Yuck, hasn’t this girl had the same “poor me, poor me” vibe forever? I didn’t know lolcow existed at the time but once she ‘cry cry poor me’ when the cat was sick then days later blew money on drugs. sick bitch

No. 882233

i forgot to mention it was anal chlamydia too because she was literally inviting randoms off the street to party with her…… apparently she’s horrible to be around in real life, when you meet up with her she constantly talks about how bad her rapes were, and how they’re so extreme and graphic, even in normal conversation she tries to bring it up. to the point where it was difficult to be around her because all she would talk about is trauma when she knew the people she was meeting up with were also rape or abuse survivors. she always has to be the saddest sickest craziest most pitiable twig despite being the nastiest most hateful bitch. i don’t know how she presents herself nowadays but she’s always just going to be rotten to the core, a completely toxic person.

No. 882234


No. 882238

I didn’t know she did that! That’s horrible and manipulative. I know before she has alluded to her PTSD being mostly a result of an event she has never opened up about. The recent one she definitely didn’t keep it zipped, even posted a photo of the police taking her DNA I believe.
My theory is that the only reason her team haven’t discharged her is because she’s so manipulative, they wouldn’t want to risk being a victim of her behaviour. Manipulated into thinking the services failed her, when really she just wants to be the Most ILL

No. 882242

File: 1571505526000.jpeg (3.28 MB, 4032x3024, C88E227E-BE8E-4CB6-9BBD-4493E3…)

Latest post, sorry hun where you getting this money from since you’re begging strangers for money? and what about this supposed heart condition she’s so worried about? Pathetic(selfpost)

No. 882243

Sorry, missed the caption out “binging again sad face or something

No. 882244


Self post yup.