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File: 1697484395998.png (1.35 MB, 1300x950, threadpic.png)

No. 1914617

The milk is thin, though many of our cows are not.

Previous Thread: >>1902426
Pro-Ana Scumbags Index: >>1906589

New Sister Thread: Cluster B(itches) - BPDs and Wannabes >>1904806
Cluster B(itches) is the new home of Enara, Laura, Colours, lostallsanityx, Fish Shoes, and Emily J.
This thread has some crossover cows who either LARP EDs or have an ED, but is reserved for cows with personality disorders and whose milk is not primarily related to eating disorders. Several nonnies have contributed their favourite headcase cows, such as Alex Moorhouse, Holly Wilcox, Katya, Hayley, and Allyson. Nonnies with a particular interest in BPD cows are invited to contribute and/or lurk the psych ward.

Stef - Desperate enough for validation that she reached out to SnapchatBot to talk about her feeding tube ( >>1903870 ). Really loves her tube, and also Jesus ( >>1911542 ). A stint at ACUTE is confirmed ( >>1911889 ). In her mid-late 20s acting like an abandoned child ( >>1912741 ).

Niamh - Turned 18 in September ( >>1906317 ). Voluntarily in an adult inpatient unit ( >>1906918 ). One astoundingly retarded anon posted a nude Niamh posted on Reddit…before she turned 18 ( >>1909747 ).

Fi - Busy making sure she's nice and spoopy for Halloween ( >>1904625 ). Plans on returning to uni but keeps vagueposting about her mental state ( >>1906514 ).

Nourish - Really and truly flourishing ( >>1905068, >>1905080, >>1909036 ).

Bun - A screenshot of her Twitter account ends up in a YT video about ED, since she's such a dedicated EC reply-guy/apologist ( >>1906048 ). This prompts her to encourage her followers to abuse YT's report function ( >>1906145 ). Is begging other edtwt users to post her bodychecks in thinspo threads, but is kind enough to make it easy for them to do so by adding them to her highlights ( >>1910117 ). Was detained ( >>1913572 ) and then pooped her pants ( >>1914512 ).

EC - Your YT recommendations and FYP were probably full of asinine and performative speculation videos when the whole crisis team thing went down. Nothing came of any of it ( >>1907132 ).

Rachel - Claiming to be in recovery, carrying on with the wannabe EC act ( >>1907789 ).

Ash - Somehow still alive ( >>1906811 ).

Abby - Back on her bullshit, headbanging away and standing on her dresser to show off her "shoes" again ( >>1906229, >>1908326, >>1908387 ). Joins Niamh in posting disturbing bodychecks on Vinted ( >>1909218, >>1909727 ).

Kate - Seeing a 36 year old coke addict and skinny fetishist who, within a week, gave her a UTI that turned into a bladder infection because she was purging too often to take antibiotics ( >>1902468 ). Went off Trazodone cold turkey, then landed herself in the ER within two weeks after overdosing on Trazodone and suffering just a smidge of alcohol poisoning ( >>1907313, >>1907690, >>1907962, >>1909295 ) and got upset when the ER doctor didn't try to cure her eating disorder ( >>1912105 ). Decided that edtwt was the right place to cry about Israel and post Ben Shapiro videos, with milky results ( >>1914342, >>1914357 ).

Lyss - Enrapturing photos of Starbucks cups ( >>1902682, >>1904752 ). If any nonnies are looking for a new apartment, why not join Lyss in the apartment her awful father hooked her up with ( >>1907491, >>1907538 )? She's having a great time ( >>1909310 ).

May - Officially left medical school and ended her "medical career" ( >>1908016 ).

Em (Emily Victoria) - In hospice ( >>1908980 ).

Elzani - A new fitness era sounds alarm bells for some nonnies ( >>1908652 ). Posted a YT video about her inpatient meal plan ( >>1913181 ).

Han - Recently diagnosed with ADHD ( >>1909723 ) and thinks bee pollen will magically make her boobs grow despite chronic malnourishment ( >>1911197 ).

Zara - Possibly looks better, possibly doesn't ( >>1904145 ). Still can't drive.

Sydney - Possibly looks worse, possibly doesn't ( >>1907911 ). Throws Stef a little side-eye ( >>1907971 ).

Miru - Claims that any rude, cocky, pretentious, or vain behaviour is just how she masks her…possible autism ( >>1910189 ).

Frances - Has the lowest BMI in the world, like, ever, maybe ( >>1911675 ).

Marie/Elise - Also has the lowest BMI in the world, like, ever ( >>1905223 ). Nonnies speculate about her childish presentation ( >>1912242, >>1912244 ).

Becca - Celebrates her tube having been removed "42 weeks ( 295 days )" ago, which is objectively less interesting than her teeny tiny little no-lip mouth ( >>1911777, >>1911778 ).

(Mostly) New Mentions:
Emma - Another anachan just using Vinted and Depop to post bodychecks ( >>1911680 ).

Itziar Sanchez Guardamino - IG NEET anachan, constantly posts spoopish nudes and then bitches about shadowbanning, has countless accounts: classicnymph, itziarevangeline, ancestralnymph, ancestralglimpse, and a Telegram ( >>1911230, >>1911354, >>1911536 ).

Jaycie - 16 years old. Possible Porgie 2.0 with a tube hooked up to nothing ( >>1908041 ). Constantly live on TikTok and sobbing on camera about her severe anorexia when she doesn't meet the criteria for AN…or A-AN, for that matter, as she hasn't exhibited significant or rapid weight loss ( >>1909553, >>1909554 ).

Chiara - Alleged recovery faker, and overall unsettling filter abuser ( >>1904520, >>1907712 ). Blatant bodychecking of ribs and stomach in public ( >>1912415 ).

@q0rpz3 - Goes out of her way to bodycheck in videos, but gets incredibly defensive when her ED is mentioned in the comments ( >>1906487 ). Award-winning bulimia cheeks.

@laurasylv - Another faux recovery warrior ( >>1904701 ).

finding_lexiem - Fattie with a nose hose that she doesn’t even connect to a feed ( >>1907247 ).

jen.peach - We've got another allegedy recovered health coach in the mix who's transforming "food addicts into fit frugivores & entrepreneurs" ( >>1913879 ).

Emily Cooper - TikTok ED therapist who constantly bodychecks in her videos ( >>1914232 ).

A Special Mention:
One nonna resigns herself to cowdom via an appeal for advice and/or a reality check in hopes of avoiding a realapse ( >>1914159 ). Such a misguided post should be a reality check in and of itself, so good luck with that, nonnie!


No. 1914635

File: 1697486195601.png (4.53 MB, 1170x2532, 475F526D-56DF-4D5C-AF03-0F1C4D…)

Are we absolutely certain Em in hospice for anorexia and not old age? She looks 90

No. 1914655

How do you casually post on social media grinning like this while literally dying in hospice? Ghoulish behaviour…

No. 1914660

are you kidding? she's reached her life goal. she's euphoric.

No. 1914664

I guess that's true but it's still somewhat shocking to see, I can't imagine having a life so empty

No. 1914724

They all seem to have that weird stance and almost grimace that makes them look like they’re desperately trying to hold in a shit whilst being held up mid-conversation kek

No. 1914737

what is hsw? high start weight? also, bitch you sound mad dumb saying you didn't miss twitter ON TWITTER. gtfo if you didn't miss it. but when exactly would she have missed it anyway, she's been using it, like wtf? fucking braindead moron.

No. 1914858

Brava, nona! Hilarious thread pic and great recaps. You’re awesome

No. 1914969

Great thread anon.

No. 1915087

yes, hsw is used on edtwt to indicate that the user was fat when they developed an ed (or started larping one, kek)

No. 1915168

File: 1697558054921.jpeg (565.61 KB, 1169x1813, AAA19694-6C8D-4E6A-9D8B-40B77A…)

Lyss announced her third Facebook account by denouncing her father despite the fact he hasn’t cut her off at age 33. Stef must be jealous. For her security question someone should message her: “what is the correct response to your doctor recommending a feeding tube?” Then we will know for sure if she’s been hacked again

No. 1915175

Everything is always "devastating" or "beyond what she can articulate" with Lyss.

No. 1915179

File: 1697559691396.jpeg (180.36 KB, 828x1436, IMG_9895.jpeg)

1/2 she’s been brought up before but _youve_got_this_ is now claiming to have eaten 12,000 calories without binging and tells people that eating like this won’t cause you to gain a bunch of weight

No. 1915180

File: 1697559768097.jpeg (168.42 KB, 828x1330, IMG_9896.jpeg)

2/2 metabolism and digestive system is so healed that she just magically doesn’t gain. Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening…

No. 1915205

Maybe that’s where Fi gets her ominous posts’ writing style from, kek

No. 1915207

File: 1697565334298.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x1741, IMG_5768.jpeg)

She seems so blind to the fact that she isn’t just a chronic anorexic. She’s someone that struggles with using social media for attention and asspats, and who feels she needs to get sick again when the asspats dry up. She hasn’t even tried giving up social media which is obviously the huge problem. She can go to treatment and pretend to go through the motions of recovery, but if she’s still using her socials in the same way she won’t get better. She’s partially doing it to herself and her parents must see that. One of her therapists must have already identified the BPD attention seeking component of her illness, so I’m surprised they haven’t tried to change her social media use , or maybe she just ignores or refuses

No. 1915249

maybe she should practice some basic password security if she's sooooo devastated by her password being compromised. I'm sure she's putting her information into sketchy websites trying to get freebies / money and that's how they're getting it. Nobody is specifically trying to target a 30-something anorexic who only posts about Starbucks.

No. 1915305

I'm sure therapists have tried and she asks every anachan's favorite question about "the difference between body checking and a thin person just existing/posting an ootd?!" She's insufferable.

No. 1915308

I don't think Stef is a chronic anorexic as much as she is a chronic attention whore, tbh. People like her will happily return to treatment the second they're even slightly underweight and love being tubed bc they think it makes them sooper sick & speshul.

True chronics will either avoid seeking care until things are objectively dire or just refuse it altogether until they die (i.e. Kelsey, the Campbell twins, Sydney or Laura Ingram).

No. 1915311

thread pic is confusing me, zara wishes she was BMI 15, then she could claim recovery better. is it satirical and i’m stupid?

No. 1915315

You do understand that the term, ‘chronic’ literally just means for a prolonged period of time?

No. 1915316

sorry for the confusion. but yeah, for zara it’s more what she wishes, proof she’s getting “better” and in kate’s case it’s more about how she’s constantly posting screenshots from her renpho app as proof that she’s underweight

No. 1915321

thanks nonna, sorry for my dumbass-ery

No. 1915331

It's still disingenuous for Stef to whinge about being the SEEDiest SEED patient to ever live when by her own account she hasn't been sick that long. Chronic may just mean long term but a lot of the hardened lifer anachans avoid the tubes and years long res stays she seeks out.

No. 1915365

Stef is just generally deceitful. She still tags everything with arfid even though she's slipped up a few times and acknowledged that she actually has anorexia. You can have a mix of the symptoms, but come on Stef just wants to be the most special

No. 1915366

File: 1697588613705.png (178.62 KB, 428x615, Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 7.22…)

This actually seems like a lot more insight than usual from Zara. She's still a little defensive about it, but seems to be finally publicly admitting that she wasn't being truthful and to have some genuine remorse about it. As much as I love snarking about Zara, it's nice to see her gain some more insight.

No. 1915419

i haven't used facebook for a long time, but it's so weird to me that she uses it the way she does. i know on instagram and other platforms it's normal to see people posting saying someone lost their account so go follow their new one. but on facebook that would be so out of the ordinary, to me at least.

No. 1915440

File: 1697600471040.png (72.68 KB, 689x308, Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 10.3…)

Yikes at Lyss' mother encouraging her unhinged reaction to a long layover. Does it kind-of suck? Sure, but sometimes travel is inconvenient. Walk around. Leave the airport. Bring stuff to do. Also, it's totally possible that he was told it couldn't be changed without a large fee and decided he didn't want to (or couldn't) spend more money on her travel. It's not some huge drama.

No. 1915441

File: 1697600590434.png (164.41 KB, 679x610, Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 10.4…)

1) Wow, poor Lyss, so neglected while on vacation.
2) Insane that she has to reference her break-up.

No. 1915444

File: 1697600785715.png (703.87 KB, 679x671, Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 10.4…)

Also, that comment about nobody trying to make the trip good is super bratty, given that it followed immediately after her posting about a ton of breaking bad stuff that she saw/did.

No. 1915446

Kek, who the fuck shades their Grandma on a public facebook profile. What an asshole

No. 1915447

why can't she take pictures with her grandma?

No. 1915448

jesus christ this bitch is so easy to hate, literally everything i've seen posted of her here is so despicable

No. 1915449

File: 1697602568843.png (118.92 KB, 670x346, Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 11.1…)

in case you didn't see it at the end of the last thread, nonnas, the reason she hates her grandma is because she asked the usual old person "are you going to get married soon?" question and Lys interpreted it as a dig at her break-up that happened ten years ago

No. 1915524

There's a war going on, climate change, people dying of cancer, but God forbid Lyss has to have….a layover. For God's sake.

No. 1915529

Once again, EVERYTHING with lyss is "the absolute worst," "crying hysterically," and "beyond what she can articulate."

Her old profile had lots of posts begging people to pay for a "desperately needed" massage and once bitching none of her friends had hot tubs.

No. 1915535

there is no chance in hell this assclown actually has any real friends

No. 1915600

File: 1697648995034.png (367.2 KB, 428x666, Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 12.0…)

That's a hell of a lot of mental gymnastics to do so she can claim she never lies while admitting to a shit ton of lying by omission

No. 1915603

she’ll make a great lawyer.

No. 1915612

Saged bc this milk is a couple weeks old, but seeing Jaycie happily tucking into a burger, fries and a milkshake while tubed is so cringe. I get that people with EDs still eat or else they'd be dead, but why the hell does she need an NG if she's fine consuming 1000+ calories in one sitting? Not very ~fragile dainty ana queen~ of her, kek

No. 1915675

File: 1697665759186.png (103.21 KB, 1150x964, blinditems.png)

Comments on this post seem to all agree that it's about EC.

There was a blind item reveal about her being in the hospital this summer as well

No. 1915677

A list? lol okay

No. 1915679

is this just a rumor blog, or what?

No. 1915684

She made a sex tape? For fetishists?

No. 1915691

File: 1697669586337.jpg (482.53 KB, 1078x1834, Screenshot_20231017_162035_Ins…)

Sage because not necessarily creamy but this is Francesca.casanova (from Italy)
Her elephant trunk tube is what caught me eye. She's been ip since may with the ng. She didn't eat anything for 6 months. She was ip (and friends with) valeriaraffa (who has been posted here before a super skelly that goes ip, gets out still uw and then loses anything she had gained). Francesca hasn't posted since August so I'm curious if she's still IP with the trunk. I wouldn't think so considering how physically unwell she was.

No. 1915692

File: 1697669624197.jpg (739.26 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20231019_063153104.jpg)


No. 1915693

File: 1697669674464.jpg (468.21 KB, 1054x1212, Screenshot_20231019_064814_Ins…)


No. 1915695

I think Italian hospitals just tend to do their ng tubes like this - I remember Aly having her tube taped the same way.

No. 1915697

It looks so uncomfortable! Maybe this is their version of a bridle. The tubes look bigger than UK, Aus or US

No. 1915700

File: 1697670155815.jpg (835.35 KB, 1079x1323, Screenshot_20231019_070228_Ins…)

Samefag example

No. 1915705

jeez what kind of fancy ass mcdonald's is this

No. 1915712

She's from Italy, but from where I'm from we have this too. This is just the McCafe section

No. 1915713

McDonalds is a lot nicer outside of North America

No. 1915717

Aren't most things /s(/s)

No. 1915750

Tone tag? Really?

No. 1915752

what's blind item/how did the person know her?

No. 1915761

Anyone upto date with Em’s uni adventures ?(spoonfeeding request, lack of sage)

No. 1915770

File: 1697678786383.jpeg (326.13 KB, 1170x1483, CC582B11-F8B6-48EF-A2B6-34F09B…)

The second post is a reference to her layover/being reminded of her ex of ten years. Very devastating as always. And the best place to get salads is a grocery store lol why is she always looking for ways to spend money she doesn’t earn. I’m glad she got hacked because now she can never delete all the cringey stuff on her old accounts

No. 1915772

shades of when she was begging for money to ubereats or whatever fancy salads from wegmans because "nothing else would fit her meal plan"

No. 1915773

File: 1697679109549.png (473.63 KB, 683x664, Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 8.31…)

Poor Lyss, victimized by free wine.

No. 1915782

omfg this bitch!!! how is she even real lmao like the shit she posts is just truly insane. imagine being mod 30s and your parent paying for your vacation while you botch constantly nonstop the whole fucking time and then expecting a going home present like wtf that's not a thing you fucking weird bitch.

No. 1915784

File: 1697682130130.png (471.77 KB, 468x752, Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 9.21…)

Stef: "I'm just existing on the internet as someone with an eating disorder! How could anyone call my posts unhelpful?"

No. 1915788

I’m so sick of her posting body checks with no remorse

No. 1915789

I'm sure you'll be glad to know that the rest of the post was tube selfies

No. 1915813

it's also really gross that she's posting this on her regular account with 11k followers and not even her smaller ed account

No. 1915855

could you please at least sage your requests for spoon feeding?

No. 1915859

do we think darcy is still 'all in' recovery? it's looking like there's been no progress (repost because forgot to sage)

No. 1915876

It is just a rumour blog about all sorts of people. (crazydaysandnights.net). Might not even be about Eugenia.

No. 1915880

No. 1915889

File: 1697707415014.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20231019_102331_Ins…)

Cara has the right idea x

No. 1915995

File: 1697733643129.png (6.05 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6182.png)

Most embarrassing cow right now in my opinion. Claims to have severe ana yet can set up her own tube feeds to keep her weight at the high end of healthy. Nobody who actually has treatment resistant anorexia would voluntarily tube feed themselves.

No. 1915999

Is she lying about the pants fitting and is holding the hip area taut with her hand and the legs…idk fucking clothing pins or something?
Is it edited?
Did she buy it from another anachan who had it tailored?
Or do brands really design skinny jeans for anachans?
Even kids'/teens' don't have legs this slim.
Maybe they would stretch on someone with bigger legs, but jeans fabric isn't that stretchy even if it has elastane I think?

No. 1916012

They're probably jeggings for tweens

No. 1916017

American here but some places refuse to side tape the tube like the regular hospital. They said it’s less efficient and improper to side tape it. It felt ridiculous, circus like, having it dangle straightforward out of my nose/face. It also just looks bigger like that. Second, even those on home feeds with SEED are going to be equally struggling to do their feeds and likely at a low weight and older. American drs in general hospitals are not handing tubes for no reason. That’s why gj tubes or ng tubes even are so uncommon outpatient in America, unlike other countries. The patient will not be eager about it & snapping pics bragging about it & requesting extra feeds. They would likely have genuine fear and panic of the feeds, hence the problem of needing it. Steph is going to get exactly what she’s striving for. A lonely, stolen life, possibly skelly if she keeps aiming for it. She’ll wake up one day and it’ll be I’m 30/40, have no kids or career etc and have wasted everything. She’s too enthralled by being disordered to actually get better at this point. She enjoys treatment. And her weight is irrelevant. People stay at acute a couple days to a couple months. You can’t trick their medical team. It also takes really sick people near losing an arm and leg to get them to go to acute. (Weird saying I know) they fear not being sick enough. They fear being treated badly. They fear gaining too quickly. There’s the difference in someone who’s sick and someone who’s anachan + bpd.

No. 1916018

She even claimed she was underweight at some point. This one irritates me so much

No. 1916022

File: 1697736670042.jpeg (808.48 KB, 1170x2403, IMG_9837.jpeg)

Not even slightly imo. This girl is just as bad. It’s been going on for years. She went to erc then rosewood and had bounced around center to center never being very underweight. She had fits online bc she was discharged or refused a tube or various medical procedures she wanted. Eventually she went full munchie. When she was at erc it was all videos of her and the girls playing games at the center like a sorority house. It was appalling.

No. 1916070

i know many of our cows are suspected of faking gastroparesis and similar chronic illnesses. i understand how you'D fake it to an internet audience, but how you make a doctor belive your crap is beyon me. do they not use medical tests to double check the cause of symptoms like gastroparesis??

No. 1916071

stfu ''muh tube muh anorexia'' no one currs

No. 1916072

They dr shop till they find someone who stupidly believe them at word. Rivka went er after er, dr after Dr complaining how they didn’t listen or take her seriously, how she told them she’s starving to death and must have a tube but they don’t care. You’ve missed so much..(sage your shit)

No. 1916077


Agreed, wondering if she borders on sociopathy or just has no empathy for others because she really doesn’t give a flying fuck on who she affects. She creates a toxic echo chamber on her tiktok by deleting any comments that call her out and blocking them. The only people left in the comment kiss her ass and claim she’s oh so helpful (I.e. triggering their Ed), which normalizes the disgusting online behavior she does. It’s not fucking normal for an almost 28 year old to be posting body checks from before she started weight restoring over and over again to a young ed audience and blocking all criticism, it’s despicable. Sure some people keep posting body checks after being called out a bunch, but with Stef she refuses to admit it at all and tries to make it so “sneaky”. She does it in ways to make it seem like they’re just a picture to put on her picture slides on tiktok, or that it’s just a vacay video, so that she still thinks she has room to argue against the body checking accusations. But it doesn’t make it anything less obvious or harmful.(learn to sage)

No. 1916088

Annoying brag blog but they do make a relevant point. Someone with actual SEED is going to be extremely against having a tube and would do anything to avoid it or get it out or mess with it. They'd feel they weren't sick enough and maybe even ashamed of it and hate every second of it and the control being taken away. They certainly wouldn't be out doing home feeds with it because they just wouldn't do it. So yea that's the difference between a real anorexic person and a wannarexic attention seeker.

No. 1916103

it's easy to screw up the testing that they do by either taking otc drugs that happen to slow down gut motility, cheating with the timing on when you eat, etc. I don't want to give really explicit details here because I don't want to give lurking cows ideas, but it's pretty easy to fake mild emptying delay

No. 1916104

yeah, all of the "vacation videos" of her showering in a bikini are transparent body checking

No. 1916113

Just follow her private account where she goes live literally everyday and you’ll know. She documents it.

I’m sure you can guess though.

No. 1916122

File: 1697756221284.jpeg (158.09 KB, 828x1252, IMG_5958.jpeg)

Saged because I’m quite new and not sure who’s been talked about here already or not but this girl just posted her Halloween/Cosplay costume? And it’s Ellen from To The Bone..
Excuse the French under the picture, I kept it so you guys could have her username.

No. 1916138

Medfag the tubes do look bigger but actually having them come straight down it best practise to prevent damage the lining of the nose. It’s actually mighty bad to have the tube bent around so much to go over the ear and rub and damage all the skin in the nose

No. 1916142

All of you anachan gatekeepers are fucking ridiculous. You do know that some people with SEED can have personal or life events that motivate them to want to try and fight it, or they simply are just exhausted of living that way.

No. 1916143

simmer the fuck down and eat a snickers, does >>1915995 look like a SEED patient to you?

No. 1916159

Also it’s an automatic “fail” if the patient vomits during the gastric emptying test. The assumption is that no one would purposely fail the test but munchies take full advantage of that. They purge during the test and starve themselves whenever they’re being observed while simultaneously doctor shopping until they find one who believes their story and will give them all the munchie toys. Makes the transition from ED to munchie not uncommon unfortunately. Once they’ve gone the munchie route they get to be a forever patient with the added asspats of no expectation to take accountability for their behaviors and recover. Nor is there the stigma mental illness has, and instead they get all the attention they want for being a “warrior” and “rare.” There’s a huge overlap of ED, munchie, and personality disorders, since it all boils down to getting asspats no matter how much lying, manipulation, or selfishness is required.

No. 1916177

Blind items are basically gossip without evidence or where the evidence would dox the person leaking the goss. Presumably here it’s a member of hospital staff who has leaked, or likely made it up entirely.

No. 1916179

Kek she has a whole collection for stories about “awfulstaff”. Gee I wonder why they don’t like you Becca?

No. 1916207

File: 1697773854799.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1461, IMG_0365.jpeg)

I think she’s been posted before but talk about pro ana content

No. 1916219

skimmed milk imo, plus she does look like lily collins. at least she's not dressing up like a skeleton like emily_theskeleton used to.

No. 1916266

tbf, everyone that restricts food eventually develops GI issues similar to gastroparesis. the GI tract slows down, and sometimes the muscles that tell the body to digest, or poop, slow down so much that it causes the same issues as gastroparesis. the main testing is just imaging, so if you have a slowed GI tract, it's easy to slap the gastroparesis diagnosis on it. especially if you're getting tubefed liquid mush every day, i can only assume that contributes to the atrophy of GI muscles. same reason why lax abusers become chronically constipated. they're basically conditioning their intestinal tract to no longer engage the digestive muscles

No. 1916272

Lol,"financially responsible" would mean brewing your own coffee at home. But we know she actually paid for the possibility to get more of that sweeeet attenshun.

No. 1916321

File: 1697812056912.png (2.12 MB, 1079x1905, Screenshot_20231020-152612.png)

hxn is extreme living proof that anorexia makes you retarded

No. 1916360

File: 1697817722072.jpg (175.08 KB, 900x900, 2537986104.jpg)

Not to mention the way that her YT profile pic is giving early 2010s Tumblr thinspo, kek

No. 1916391

Being a SEED patient doesn't necessarily mean you have to be super underweight. You can be considered seed if you have underlying medical conditions that mean you're higher risk i.e a heart condition, or perhaps the person just keeps jumping between extremes and maybe has severe bulimia. Seed doesn't mean super spoop

No. 1916417

Fi has been very quiet. Is she still breathing?

No. 1916429

Probably just gearing up for her 'shock' post

No. 1916465

File: 1697831828268.png (333.3 KB, 922x565, Screen Shot 2023-10-20 at 2.55…)

In her usual form of oversharing other people's shit on the internet, Stef keeps posting about a friend who had what sounds like a suicide attempt. I can understand the initial post when she was missing, but goddamn Stef have some respect and take it down and/or don't post extra shit once she's been found and is being taken care of. Way to air someone else's dirty laundry on your social media.

No. 1916495

Yeah, in fact a lot of seed patients have bmis in the 15-16s. Still super super disordered and physically screwed

No. 1916498

Probs gearing up for a super ominous post where she’s had a really hard time and just carried on breathing kek. That or she’s picking out her cute Christmas plates and elf outfits to pack ahead for her inevitable Christmas hospital admission

No. 1916665

File: 1697860130056.jpeg (517.29 KB, 828x1198, IMG_0373.jpeg)

Marie, you are 20. Your birthday is in January. That’s literally almost 21.

No. 1916685

Ig since 21 makes you legally an adult in the US (correct me if I am wrong), this one could be especially hard for her?
She had no issue saying she's 19 in an old post on IG.

When I first saw the tweets about that creep and her saying she's 14, I thought her pretending to be a minor was a misguided attempt at desexualising herself. If someone grows up very sheltered I could see how they don't realise it'll attract creeps, rather than repel them.
But not so sure about that anymore.

No. 1916720

You become a legal adult in the US at 18, so she's been one for a while. The only thing that's special about 21 is that you can legally drink alcohol.

No. 1916812

kek i literally came here right after seeing that post, is she pretending to be 12 or something

No. 1917037

still it's really fucked up that when I was actually 12 I was like three times her weight and wasn't even overweight (just taller than average)

No. 1917278

File: 1697920279263.png (6.73 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9704.png)

Saged cos no milk but has anybody else seen/follow this girl? She’s frighteningly frail

No. 1917281

Feel like I'm looking at a breathing corpse.

No. 1917287

Ayrt - she literally looks like one! Like I say, there’s no milk, she’s just a severe skelly but holy shit, she’s properly shocking to look at, EC territory

No. 1917294

I see her on my feed all the time. Is that just makeup?

No. 1917295

File: 1697921468792.jpeg (806.64 KB, 828x1495, IMG_0380.jpeg)

Okay she really is thin but why does she do Halloween makeup every day???

No. 1917298

I mean, based on the caption of the first pic she probably does because she considers herself "emo"

No. 1917299

File: 1697921676961.jpeg (656.69 KB, 828x1405, IMG_0382.jpeg)

I actually love that all of her comments are hate comments and not “ooo you’re so pretty! Wish I was u!!”

No. 1917301

Never seen an emo scene kid literally paint themselves grey

No. 1917304

File: 1697921930608.jpeg (779.96 KB, 828x1352, IMG_0383.jpeg)


No. 1917318

It honestly just looks like a lot of makeup to me.

No. 1917321

yeah, the "bags" under the eyes here really seem like make-up and the cheekbones also seem like they've been contoured to make them a lot more dramatic

No. 1917326


Tbh how are non of y’all seeing how much she’s sucking in her cheeks, its so obvious but noo she’s just so frail. Its excessive posing& straining but ig we’re falling for that stuff now

No. 1917329

I think she's a teenager like 17 but she's active on edtwt and claims a bmi of 9 or so

No. 1917340

No minors remember. Forgot you guys can't wait to talk about the next anorexic minor.
Do us all a favour and prey on somone else

No. 1917343

the rule is 16+. so a 17 year old is fair game. By the way, your comment is probably a big part of why Marie is trying to fake being a minor.

No. 1917389

That's make up. Her face isn't really like that. That Russian girl Daria actually looked like that but who knows what happened to her? Account is gone.

No. 1917397

'Can you guys blow me up please?' She just wants so bad to be the next EC. There will only ever be one EC. I fucking hope.

No. 1917416

It’s makeup but she is extremely underweight. She has body checks on her profile. I’d post her before pictures, but I don’t think she was 16 yet in those. Scroll down to the bottom of her Instagram.

No. 1917422

That girl has a lot of pics in edtwt with shmegeh vibes and yes, it's posing + makeup

No. 1917452

>>1917389 i've been wondering about her so much for the past couple of threads. unfortunately no one has ever come out with anything about her

No. 1917482

if this is about marie, she's not under 17. her twin sister is in college.

No. 1917525

Yes there’s make up and there’s no denying that but she’s also stick bloody thin, so on the same page, “how are you falling for that”

No. 1917526

She isn’t a minor, dip shit

No. 1917597

I think the comment was about tara terrorful, not about Marie… you all are a bit too obsessed with Marie

No. 1917599

Hello this is a friend of elise. Could you please stop talking about her as it is contributing to the decline of her mental health which she is currently working on improving aswell as getting help for her long standing ed

If you truly detested the actions of the people you talk about, stopping discussion of this person would help in the long term.
Wishing her a happy life(whiteknight)

No. 1917609

File: 1697974552718.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

fuck it, i'll take the low quality bait. has she considered shutting her eyes? walking away from the screen?

No. 1917610

File: 1697975023249.jpg (53.32 KB, 710x473, shmegeh.jpg)

HOLY SHIT a shmegeh wannabe in this the year of 2023. i thought the shmegeh wannabes had all moved on, but we got a live one here.
shmegeh thread for the newfags >>49394

No. 1917612

we are probably one of the few people in the internet who actually care about her and not checking her social media for thinspiration

No. 1917616

If she wanted to get better she'd get off edtwt, but I guess she wants attention more than she wants recovery. And anyway why is her mental health ~decline~ our responsibility to fix? Grow up, and if you really want to help her you'd stop coddling her like an infant

No. 1917622

File: 1697977230098.jpg (556.67 KB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_2023-10-22-13-20-27…)

That's exactly what I thought too

No. 1917626

File: 1697977981625.jpg (65.1 KB, 481x663, phonecase.jpg)

YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME LMFAO, that's shmegeh's phone case too! holy kek of the gods, this one's a mimic lolcow. a rare spawn. all the shmegeh mimics died out over the past decade

No. 1917629

samefag, but i had to point this out. upon closer inspection, that phone case isn't even made for modern phones. that mimic cow glued an iphone 4 phone case on, just to be more like her super sick ana hero shmegeh. how adorable

No. 1917631

File: 1697978719549.jpeg (149.58 KB, 750x458, A56A1C39-06D6-4B44-9B31-3CD8E6…)

marie has been talked about for years and she’s known it, but it’s the one time someone calls her out for being older than she pretends to be that she has a breakdown? trying to guilt trip by saying “every thing they say is another day of starving” kek maybe she is mentally 12 after all

No. 1917635

File: 1697979700023.jpeg (117.49 KB, 750x365, 75F467FD-FA15-4830-BC3B-00669B…)

Never mind it seems she has recovered very abruptly from the hate

No. 1917637

That's literally insane.. skinwalking to the extreme

No. 1917645

Inb4 rattle but am I the only one who doesn't think she looks bmi 10? She's spoopy but methinks there's a lot of exaggeration–also what is going on with her ankles. Sage for slight sperg

No. 1917655

where does she say she is bmi 10? her foot might have edema

No. 1917661

File: 1697982364310.jpg (102.71 KB, 732x970, Screenshot_20231022_094300_Chr…)

Her Twitter. She also posts photos of "her" pre ed with literal stock photo watermarks. I don't think she deserves hate but some of her claims are OTT.

No. 1917678

Right? I smell selfpost tbh

No. 1917697

Indeed, i don't know if it was a "fail to launch" or if she eventually had posts, i remember her being brought up >>1871903 a few months ago and it was under question as to her age. Maybe self-posting for round two?

No. 1917711

>>1917278 there's no way Tara is on Tesco mobile kek so I don't believe this is a self post

No. 1917724

Already been posted, already got called out for shooping, already got called out for her useless phonecase to copy smegh. these must be selfposts or people really need to lurk more instead of constantly calling her thin, like that isnt her entire goal, with how much she sucks in her cheeks and contorts herself

No. 1917727

File: 1697991506987.jpeg (243.66 KB, 393x818, IMG_6324.jpeg)

Her thighs dont look like that at all tho, i know its hard to see but here you can see she isnt such a spoop

She’s just a tryhard

No. 1917778

tara is a minor. i thought you guys had "morals" and didnt post minors .. stop bullying random teens on the internet you fucking incels. if ur gonna have rules the least u could do is follow them even though this entire thread is immoral and disgusting

No. 1917801

I think you’re right about the self post. The first one sounded weird. ‘Frighteningly frail’ was it?

No. 1917803

nobody cares, if she really is a minor younger than 16 then she shouldnt be posting this shit online anyway. go be a whiteknight somewhere else

No. 1917804

Oh Tesco anon rides again?! Kek. I mean it’s possible this Tara kid could be a Tesco girl too. Either way she’s shooping and attention seeking but it’s not really going anywhere except looking like she got rolled over and left behind by the Black Parade.

No. 1917806

Yes, Tesco anon here! I’m not Tara, I’m from the UK for a start

No. 1917807

Nah I’m not Tara, I’m Tesco anon

No. 1917820

File: 1698004486526.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1207x1973, IMG_1197.jpeg)

further proof that frances’ parents are batshit- her mum is blaming cosmic events (a fucking meteor shower) for people’s medical issues. some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids , what an imbecile, no wonder they let her get so sick. lack of intellect and critical thinking probably makes neglect much easier

No. 1917832

Alright, calm your tits. Does it really matter if we missed her being posted a few threads ago? Why do we need to lurk more? We haven’t all got hours on fucking end to scroll threads, some of us have lives

No. 1917840


They also never allowed her a chocolate advent calendar as a child “as it’s unhealthy” to have a 3 gram chocolate every day in December…

No. 1917873

File: 1698011618853.jpeg (358.67 KB, 828x1010, IMG_0391.jpeg)

Who the fuck is that?

No. 1917875

can't wait to see how her white knight spins using a picture of someone else as not Marie's fault / okay to do

No. 1917898

That "lbmi:8.6(don't do it)" is pissing me off so much. From all I've seen this disorder is super competitive, no way people with it are going to read this as a warning sign rather than as motivation to go lower.
I thought she was just misguided when I first saw her mentioned.
But if she really was as sweet and concerned for others as she likes to present herself, she would at the very least not have such a huge trigger in her bio.

Her pinned tweet doesn't bother me as much because that one is at least a properly gruelling read. I think/hope very few people would be inspired by it, and it might actually deter people from going there and prevent some harm that way.

But having that in her bio is just so irresponsible.

No. 1917914

Hi Tesco anon! You need to charge your phone! Where is Tara from then. I don't think Tesco is anywhere else except UK.

No. 1917915

ntayrt, but tesco has stores in central Europe as well, source: central european who loves tesco

No. 1917934

File: 1698019672749.jpeg (Spoiler Image,860.6 KB, 1125x1831, IMG_2130.jpeg)

Lukascout is showing off her new spoop spine and scaring her followers. Spoilered cause bone show.

No. 1917945

Now I think she’s using a picture of an actual child

No. 1917968

What hospital is she in?

No. 1917989

jesus she's deteriorating. is that her ribcage next to her shoulderblades?

No. 1918032

Tara is American.

No. 1918040

Wonder if Nikol is still showering 20x a day

No. 1918044

potentially southmead hospital in Bristol, but I could be wrong

No. 1918065

I cannot take these types of people seriously, everything they do is always someone else's fault. If you want to handle the criticism by starving, that's your choice. You could choose to private your twitter or even better, delete your twitter and not receive criticism anymore, but I guess it's easier to use a scapegoat to blame your problems and poor choices on rather than face your own decisions like a big girl and deal with them. It's pathetic really

No. 1918078

Why does she continue to photoshop herself. Her arm is literally a string. She always poses in front of white backgrounds to make it easier to shoop

No. 1918089

That shadow or whatever it is makes it look like she's pissed herself

No. 1918092

File: 1698054254976.jpg (542.01 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20231023_170030672.jpg)

Sage cause not super milky but this cow was on my fyp. Jasmin_blackgold She claims to be about 'fitness' and encouraging others to get a flat tummy but get whole page is body shots and body checks. Same pose basically infront of a small mirror with a piece sign. She clearly knows she's small wearing the leggings and rolling down her active wear shorts or whatever. I'm just so over these cows being uw and using fitness as an excuse. Gymfags are the new realcovery as has been shown on here. So yeah rant over

No. 1918095

File: 1698054467162.jpg (312.13 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20231023_173137074.jpg)

Samefag but forgot to mention, I think she does it for the fetishists? She doesn't have any normal comments from normal people just creepy old dudes leaving love hearts and fire emoji and simping. An example of some of the creeps who follow and leave messages on her posts

No. 1918143

File: 1698065957740.jpeg (106.66 KB, 1170x554, IMG_8653.jpeg)

This is the girl Marie has in her profile picture, she’s on TikTok and is super spoopy (probably a puker if you look at her cheeks) does outfit ideas and stuff all the time while showing her super skinny body. Don’t know if she has talked about having an ed or something but yeah. I also don’t know if she has been brought up or not

No. 1918175

Kek what? I think I missed that. Speaking of….I wonder if Han has showered yet. Or if all Nikol's showering somehow cancels it out.

No. 1918177

Why is there such an odd shadow down her back and her legs? And it looks like she has mega hairy pits but it's probably her hair from the front. That hitched up shoulder looks very shooped. Clavicles don't bend like that. It looks literally snapped in half.

No. 1918192

She has ocd and said she felt dirty all the time so she showers constantly. Wonder how that worked when she was going on all those vacations. I guess it was just a phase like being Muslim.

No. 1918195

Also when I posted in this thread, it said I was IP banned from something I never posted. I guess my neighbors are on Lolcow.

No. 1918205

I just found out that Lukascout's mom follow her own daughter on IG… I'm not sure about posting pics here because there are pics from when Lukascout was a minor, I think. You can see it in her tagged pics.

No. 1918219

File: 1698081378917.jpg (318.27 KB, 1080x2159, Screenshot_2023-10-23-19-13-24…)

samefag, lukascout has a blog and she's open about her anorexia

No. 1918270

Surprised she’s still coherent

No. 1918274

I don’t know how anyone could post pictures like that online and know their mom can see them

No. 1918277

Looking at Luka’s mom’s account and she seems like such a perfect mom. It’s a shame what she’s being put through.

No. 1918297

That’s happened to me a bunch of times. It flashed up ‘you were banned for posting this in 2021 and your ban has now expired’ (And I never posted whatever it was and it could be from a thread I’ve never been on). Bans are very odd at the moment.

No. 1918312

File: 1698092118024.png (170.86 KB, 720x742, Screenshot_20231022-202851.png)

sage because old milk. but did anyone notice that our 'graduated' cow kween Zara has THIS pinned in her tellonym ? kek. why does she feel the need to prove how sick and frail she was?? she wants the sickest anachan award ? never forget she pulled herself out of FUCKING single digit!! on her own!! she's sooooo brave and STRONG!

No. 1918315

File: 1698092292781.jpg (238.25 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_2023-10-23-22-07-53…)

Looking through Luka's mom IG, found a lot of comments like this.

Like she said in her blog, she's treatment resistant so there's nothing more her mum can do. Also, in her blog Luka explains her problems with her biological dad and I think there's a relation between that and her ed.

The thing I can't understand is how you can post almost nudes to IG when your family is following you and it's obvious she's proud of her emaciated body and loves the pervert fetishist comments

No. 1918320

File: 1698093066288.jpeg (350.56 KB, 828x1420, 7FD97954-1401-49BB-8BC4-4A5218…)

luka apparently asking people for their bmi now…. odd

No. 1918330

fucked up message though. wonder if abby or niamh or another edinburgh cow sent it to her, it must be infuriating being dragged in and out of treatment whilst zara was in free fall. (yes zara we know it was awful for you wahhhh)

No. 1918336

File: 1698094987532.jpg (112.29 KB, 1072x836, Screenshot_2023-10-23-23-00-18…)

She keeps changing her pfp to random girls lmao

No. 1918341

Sage and not white knight but who cares? Almost no one uses their real face on twt. almost every account on there has some random person from online as a pfp. (Or an anime character or pony lmao)

No. 1918355

Why are y’all getting all your milk from edtwt these days? It’s honestly kinda weird because it’s not like they’re posting on normal platforms, they’re posting on a platform where other Ed people already are. It’s wacky that you spend hours scrolling through a specifically ed community and expect that people won’t post “milky” things, and if you’re spending so much time on it in the first place, it’s pretty hypocritical. I don’t mind the milk from normal platforms but edtwt isn’t one of them(whiteknight)

No. 1918374

Exactly. It’s specifically for Ed it doesn’t even make sense. Agree anon. Let’s switch to instagram and other actually milky platforms.

No. 1918406

Because they're pro-ana. What part of that doesn't count? It's a public platform, not private (e.g. MPA/whatever it's called now hides a lot for non-logged in users).

No. 1918418

"edtwt" is not a separate version of twitter, it's the same platform. It's funny when "edtwt" users says "this is edtwt, get out of here, dni!!!1!" like if you don't want random people to interact with your bs lock it like a normal person

No. 1918428

If treatment resistant means not even engaging with treatment, then sure. Luka thinks she is such a sweet person then manipulates and triggers everyone around her

No. 1918447

Look at you replying to yourself to make your argument have some validity kek. If you're going to samefag at least don't use the same capitalization of words like "Ed," it makes it very obvious

No. 1918464

Nope, different

No. 1918467

File: 1698113625656.png (166.62 KB, 601x507, Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 1.13…)

Speaking of Luka, she's going around asking other known ana influncers their bmis. Unhinged behaviour

No. 1918469

File: 1698113677090.png (94.16 KB, 588x403, Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 1.14…)

No. 1918472

already posted here >>1918320

No. 1918474

thankful you made this comment, because i don't use twitter, and i was legit confused by the other person saying edtwt is somehow not just twitter. lmao wtf

No. 1918475

the ed twits need to get with the times and start calling themselves edx, kek

No. 1918546

It is because it was a block, or range, if you prefer, of IP addresses, like say blocking x.x.x.1 to x.x.x.100. This is to combat someone generating a new IP, wherein only the last octet of numbers are the ones to change, to evade a ban.

Best to use /meta/ to discuss it further (if necessary).

No. 1918649

didn’t manage to get a screenshot in time but did anyone see the photo of a girl who was bodychecking with her sugar daddy’s hand on her thigh and it went viral?

No. 1918661

Kek passive aggressive anachan square off.

No. 1918662

File: 1698159576697.jpeg (249.19 KB, 640x486, F4670042-4EFF-4DF9-AF45-CE5D26…)

No. 1918663

That's interesting.
Literally I don't know how to generate a new IP. But I know the perma bans also run out. But I will shut up now.

No. 1918664

File: 1698159686342.jpeg (166.95 KB, 727x411, 0CF0F9E0-F935-4535-94E3-7A5B82…)

And this is her after it blew up definitely not enjoying the attention she got

No. 1918666

Ewwwwwwwwwwww. Just ewwwww. I want to tell my brain that is her dad and he's concerned for her. But a dad shouldn't be really doing that to her leg either.

No. 1918668

I just gagged up my chicken pot pie, that is the hand of a 65+ moid. What the fuck, how old is the girl?

>I want to tell my brain that is her dad and he's concerned for her.
Kek, no that's worse!

No. 1918673

She’s 19 I think

No. 1918674

Just that it looks like a dad hand with the shirt and everything! I meant a dad being concerned, quickly squeezing her hand, idk. But the thigh grab…….Ugh. No I can't make it ok.

No. 1918676

And now there are sexual messages to her?! From more 60+ year old moids I assume?! I mean what did she expect, posting this pic but mainly…..Those males should control themselves. Especially if they're that age. So disgusting. Go get a sex worker and pay her for her time and her profession.

No. 1918683

File: 1698161039972.png (56.23 KB, 1078x234, 278364.png)

This was luka's follow up message kek I actually find this hilarious

No. 1918687

File: 1698161087062.png (34.1 KB, 548x166, 378465.png)

And she also asked the same to Marie

No. 1918722

File: 1698166142504.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x2082, IMG_5986.jpeg)

I know this girl might’ve been brought up as a vendetta, but she does truly post some wacky stuff

Like who posts this on their normal Instagram story, where family and friends and coworkers follow?

No. 1918723

File: 1698166207230.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x2086, IMG_5987.jpeg)

No. 1918724

File: 1698166244763.png (5.15 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5988.png)

Also on the same day as those two posts, a body check kek

No. 1918730

File: 1698167068647.jpeg (317.71 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_6755.jpeg)

According to her discord Kate is now trying to recover. Good for her, honestly, i hope the hospitalization and everything helped her to clean up her act

No. 1918737

>Healing era
Kate just take care of your kids and stop larping

No. 1918738

this is a tranny btw, not shocking it's into degeneracy

No. 1918745

File: 1698168730065.png (5.88 KB, 545x94, Screenshot (20214).png)

While we're on the topic of Kate I've had this screenshot saved since like late May and I know it's way beyond stale milk at this point but I'm finally clearing out my screenshots so I just wanted to post it here like I intended too in the summer and get rid of it. Right after Kate got reported to CPS by another edtwt user and her followers dogpiled the girl with remarks about deportation because she wasn't born in the US I saw this comment in the "get it off your chest" thread. It could just be a coincidence but the timing lined up perfectly and it even looks like something Kate would post, and I wouldn't be surprised if she lurks/posts here. Anyway ignore me if this sounds too tinfoily, I just thought it was an interesting coincidence considering how many cows have been caught posting here

No. 1918765

File: 1698170503764.jpeg (135.61 KB, 1290x1092, IMG_9293.jpeg)

Looks like she made a new discord? I don’t expect this ~era~ or whatever will last if she’s still going to be active in these communities still. But that said I do hope for the sake of her family that she’s had a real wake up call.

No. 1918767

Samefag I’m retarded the new discord was in the other anons screenshot my bad

No. 1918829

File: 1698182924612.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1057x1648, IMG_1208.jpeg)

well fiona looks shit / goblin-like again. that recovery lasted

No. 1918870

Good for her for trying, but with her personality there's a distinct chance that she'll end up acting like other "recovering" cows in this thread

No. 1918890

It's evidence of her lurking, as well as the username change.

No. 1918915

She’ll be back in hospital before Christmas .
Poor sisters yet another year revolving around Fi.
I can’t take any more elf outfits or teaspoons.
She’s more irritating than Paris

No. 1918939

No fucking wonder she ended up with a raging case of anorexia. Parents can do so much harm without realising.

No. 1918940

Very o/t but I remember being so confused my hostel had Tesco bread when I was in Poland!

No. 1918992

It makes me laugh so much seeing them at ages 17 - 21 crying about how shit their lives are and how much they wanna die. Hey anachans wait until you get to your late 20s. It’s about to get a whole lot fucking worse for you.

No. 1919005

Imagine if Marie does magically decide to recover someday.

No. 1919013

Kek, I feel this

No. 1919015

Wait until they get into their 30s, if I behaved like any of them in my late teens I’d want to put my head in an oven.
Not to mention all the time they’re wasting, imagine being 35 living at home with your parents because you can’t get a decent job due to your lack of education and life skills because you spent 10 years of your life being a spoop.

No. 1919127

File: 1698246534732.png (2.97 MB, 828x1792, 198AA82E-3CE3-4BB1-8D37-E2F806…)

I have noticed our red talker has been really quiet on tik tok, She hasn’t posted in two weeks gaining concern

No. 1919161

She was live a couple days ago.

No. 1919312

File: 1698271487250.jpeg (181.5 KB, 1170x1197, 195B4BE4-A0AD-47FF-9308-66CC47…)

A little bit of shame would go a long way for Lyss

No. 1919314

what on earth does Lyss even have to be stressed about? Her job is taking clients to get coffee and watch movies, her dad arranged an apartment for her, and her mom seems to still be subsidizing her life. Was Wegmans out of her favorite pre-made salad so she has to buy actual ingredients and assemble food for herself for once?

No. 1919323


She wasn't. Comments say 2 weeks missing.

No. 1919351

File: 1698279313402.jpg (1011.04 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20231026_074351_Ins…)

Anyone know what this vague post is about?

No. 1919352

File: 1698279443418.jpg (441.43 KB, 1920x1920, 081657129.jpg)

Possible admission coming up?

No. 1919355

Yea what's new about Han eating porridge. That's all she eats isn't it? The way she is with her mother just creeps me out.

No. 1919356

I thought she claims to only drink things, no actual solid food

No. 1919369

Mushed up cereal and stuff like ice cream is what she used to eat. Maybe she stopped eating that again.

No. 1919385

Oof i thought that was her Nan

No. 1919391

her mother looks 90 years old

No. 1919413

File: 1698291435444.png (35.8 KB, 470x133, Screen Shot 2023-10-25 at 10.3…)

No. 1919429

lmfao this bitch is so slow..like it kind of makes you want to put your head through a wall, but at the same time it's kind of hilarious

No. 1919435

lynn is waiting in the walls as we speak

No. 1919448

File: 1698298249569.jpeg (667.37 KB, 1290x2794, IMG_0077.jpeg)

Skim milk, bordering on water. She thinks she’s a soop and posted a long rant about how she was expecting to be admitted to res after discharging from a week long IP stay, but the doctor told her she was fine and could go back to school. Body checks in all her videos. Literally just wants to live in a treatment center. TikTok is recoverwithme18

No. 1919463

wow is this what dorm rooms are like nowadays? that shit looks so nice

No. 1919465

they definitely bought all of that shit except the beds and desks. Even the headboards seem to have been added.

No. 1919516

File: 1698313369002.jpeg (260.95 KB, 750x624, 12A1CB15-024A-4A61-975F-A24725…)

Saged because not a regular cow but these twitter ed cows have got to be satire at this point why are people genuinely promoting shoplifting

No. 1919519

Not sure how having an NG is stomach rest when it goes to the stomach?

No. 1919520

I mean shops are showing record profits while cost of living is insane so like

No. 1919521

Shoplifting is fine as long as you don't do it to mom n pop shops

No. 1919539

File: 1698317629872.jpg (839.36 KB, 1079x1678, 017492110.jpg)

Who takes the photos of these cows sleeping and pretending they don't know it's being done?

No. 1919552

For the first time in my life I can agree with an anachan kek. Shoplifting should be normalized, especially for those who work hard and still can't afford shit. The only places you should NOT shoplift are mom n' pop stores and shops where the cashiers/workers get their paychecks cut because someone lifted during their shift. Everything else is fair game…

No. 1919557

Her justification for shoplifting is daft. Is a protein bar a necessity? they're processed garbage when you could just buy cheap tins of beans or some other cupboard staple to get the same protein/calories. Now if THOSE were $10 i'd understand.

No. 1919562

A tin of beans is not very ana aesthetic sadly.

No. 1919568

File: 1698322707346.jpg (842.58 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20231026_201722_Ins…)

No. 1919569

File: 1698322938866.jpg (473.52 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20231026_201734_Ins…)


No. 1919581

her hairline is just going out like the tide

No. 1919605

depressing, i would hope that this makes her rethink how she is treating her body everyday but it obviously wont. It's all about the ~GAINS~

No. 1919664

She needs to spend some time reassessing her dietary and nutritional intake and learning how muscle repair works. Her body is failing her because she's not consuming the right foods to aid in exercise and muscle development. Her needs would be different to those in the gym because of her anorexia. If she doesn't address it and make changes, she will continue to get injured. It's well acknowledged here that she's swapped one disorder/ obsession for another. Her rehabilitation needs to be diversified beyond just exercise.

No. 1919666

It's giving hobo aesthetic

No. 1919671

Some of the more crazy ones could pull that off

No. 1919679

what do you mean "who"? cameras have self timers

No. 1919697

File: 1698337624242.png (6.75 MB, 1170x2532, 45DDB6DD-E27A-4432-B275-715488…)

Jaycie on live doing a feed rn. I know nothing about ng tubes but that looks like a hell of a lot of calorific liquid for an already overweight person kek

No. 1919698

im imagining someone like lostallsanityx wobbling down the street with a scraped up forehead carrying a stick with a bandana full of deodorant tied to it, every once in awhile stopping to take a take a bite of beans that gets chewed and spat out like an old man with chewing tobacco

No. 1919699

File: 1698337685767.png (7.71 MB, 1170x2532, C8651081-319D-4A19-95AB-93DF25…)

She is so proud of herself lmao

No. 1919720

File: 1698341058590.jpeg (Spoiler Image,789.78 KB, 1170x1666, IMG_6770.jpeg)

Marie posted a new bc on twitter and its a doozy

No. 1919754

So they've set up their camera somewhere, made sure it's all in frame, put the timer on and jumped back in to pose as sleeping? Kek in think that's worse than having someone take the photo for them

No. 1919757

who is on the profile pic?

No. 1919759

Lol the redditers now are guessing she's dead or attention seeking. Kek what's the bet. They said EC is still kicking.

No. 1919763

not sure, other anons think she’s just using random underage girls pictures for her icons. Most of edtwt uses celebrities or anime profile pics

No. 1919767

File: 1698344575801.jpeg (429.44 KB, 1170x2155, IMG_6044.jpeg)

How many videos is she going to post of her low weight at vacay and still expect people to not think it’s body checking? Kek

No. 1919769

File: 1698344623605.jpeg (95.74 KB, 478x875, IMG_6041.jpeg)

And the way she tries to stare at herself in the videos sneakily is so funny

No. 1919777

You think this is overweight? The brain rot seems to have got to you

No. 1919786

let's just say she looks well-fed

No. 1919915

looks overweight to me too

No. 1919918

this has to be a child's swimsuit right? but she foesn't have a childlike appearance at all, she looks old as fuck, so wearing this suit is literally so disturbing.

No. 1919925

not trying to wk but it honestly looks like a generic lilly pulitzer swimsuit, lots of white women love them

No. 1919926

i swear to god when this was first posted the caption was something like "operation stay out of the hospital this christmas" i wish I had taken a screenshot

No. 1919933

some types of feeding tubes actually go to the intestine (njt tube for example).
and regardless, feed is obviously easier to digest than real food so even if its a typical ng tube its still stomach rest.

No. 1919937

the feed she uses has 1,5 calorie per ml. so if she has 1 liter of liquid in that bag, thats 1500 calories. she must be eating way extra

No. 1919942

Looks like 1,000 mls of isosource 1.5 which comes out to 1,500 calories. There’s no way a doctor would prescribe you to have 1.5 or 2 cal per ml formula especially that much overnight unless you were severely anorexic and needing weight restoration. Unless she’s not eating at all during the day and is only taking in tube feeds at night? Which still, is NOT something a doctor would sign off on unless you were almost dead and shit out of luck with no other options. SEED patients can do tube feeds at home if the option is do them at home or be strapped down in a ward and have it done there. You’d choose the option of the comfort of your own home, but anyways, she’s not a SEED patient by any means and idk how on earth she got this prescribed. Unless she ordered supplies off amazon herself like Dani, a spoop turned munchie.

No. 1919949

>For the first time in my life I can agree with an anachan kek.
Same kek

No. 1919983

Here's my vote for the next thread pic!

No. 1919991

Do you have any published sources for that?

No. 1920005

So she feels like her world is ending if she can't compulsively exercise every day? How does she not realize how disordered that sounds? I hope she gets help

No. 1920027

No. 1920041

Nta and not an anachan by any means but she is clearly on the heavier side. She has a double chin when standing with her head facing forward toward the camera, she's obviously overweight

No. 1920071

File: 1698388132101.jpeg (805.08 KB, 828x1453, IMG_0485.jpeg)

Not milk because she’s famous but have any of you seen this actress before? Her name is Antonia Campbell Hughes.

No. 1920097

File: 1698396876971.jpeg (125.89 KB, 900x1832, received_683792983485304.jpeg)

Abbys new tiktok

No. 1920098

Sorry for double post I was having an arse ache with resizing

No. 1920100

Anon, given Abby lurks here it's not too bright to be sharing a screenshot with the fact you've requested to follow her.

No. 1920102

She's a they/them freak now

No. 1920112

File: 1698399564827.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2005, 01AEEA59-D64F-4076-9165-E84548…)

rachel’s not dead lol. she liked ganer’s pic from 2 days ago

No. 1920115

I can't even hear SEED without thinking of that sicko Jennifer Gaudiani.

No. 1920116

Not my screenshot nona the person who sent it to me doesn't know how to post on LC

No. 1920117

Does anyone know what's going on with Korey? I only have access to her nutritionist account now but I swear over the last little while she's dropped in stories that she's allegedly autistic and non-binary/trans these days. Anyone know more about either? I imagine she'd be sharing on her private more.

No. 1920123

anyone else notice that ECc's hair looks like it's thinning more? didn't realise until she posted on her instagram story with jeffree star

No. 1920128

imageboard my friend

No. 1920129

She was maintaining till till recently.

No. 1920131

File: 1698404590358.jpg (839.98 KB, 1170x2080, 08F19E51-7A93-4351-8743-51B944…)

hair's definitely thinner in the top 2

No. 1920136

Doesn't she usually have extensions in?

No. 1920137

exactly, I posted this not just because of the shoplifting part because shoplifting if you can’t afford food you need is fine, but for a bunch of protein bars you can b/p on? what are these anons agreeing with

No. 1920138

We're poor and food is overpriced, and a protein bar has more nutrients in it than a can of beans. (not that an anachan gives a fuck about nutrients kek, we're just agreeing with the principal of the thing) Besides walmart or whatever can financially handle a few dozen stolen protein bars

No. 1920150

She isn't? Shame.(don't cut yourself on that edge)

No. 1920153

what the fuck nona?

No. 1920169

Pretty sure this was for playing a concentration camp victim in a movie.

No. 1920171

what world are you living in where a protein bar has more nutrients than a can of beans.. besides that shoplifting is only okay if you know the minimum wage workers at the store aren‘t being punished for the losses

No. 1920178

Were you trying to reply to my comment? The protein bar usually has more nutrients because they add vitamins and minerals to it, almost like a multivitamin, that's why a lot of them taste like shit. Beans don't usually have nutritional additives so it's protein, fiber, and whatever else the beans have naturally depending on the kind of bean. And employees are never punished for random customers shoplifting, maybe at a small store or gas station but at a big chain like Walmart they never get blamed. I've worked at both

No. 1920180

The fuck is wrong with her? Having to do that shit is horrible, why are these people so happy and proud of their tube? It's such a sickening inconvenience that I have a hard time with these cows that want it so bad. It is such a "look at me I'm sick" stupid flex. You're not sick. You don't need feeds. You need to get over yourself and eat some damn food.
The tubers, man. The piss me OFF.

No. 1920201

What the actual fuck. You wish Rachel was dead? If it happens which it could, just look at her afterall. There's probably a reason she stopped posting body shots and wearing baggy clothing. Relapse. I hope karma gets you. As much as I DON'T like her that's just sick.

No. 1920227

Nta but you must be new here, people passively wish death on the cows in these threads all the time, it would be more out of the ordinary if people didn't
Also you should sage if you want to avoid getting a ban

No. 1920235

This girl was on live the other day inserting her own tube. I don't get why she can't drink the liquid but has no problem with the same stuff getting into her stomach by tube? Either route is voluntary and completely up to her

No. 1920237

I have to admit seeing Ganer's face filled out is much more preferable to the super spoop she used to be. Wish she were more responsible about her workout/nutrition habits. Hoping we get to see some bodybuilder shots soon, if she did manage to get yuuuge I think that'd be rather comical.
Be careful nonna don't cut yourself on all that edge.

No. 1920245

She looks half dead in the top left (unposed) image without makeup. I'm impressed she appears to have left the house without her mother to do a creepy photoshoot at least.

No. 1920247

NTA - it was 10 years ago she dropped so much weight, for playing Natasha Kampusch who is an Austrian kidnapping victim (held for over 8 years from age 10-18).

No. 1920249

The ana-to-munchie route.

No. 1920253

>so poor you can't afford food
I would kill myself if I were in your place(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1920259

Okay? Kek, I don't shoplift I just don't care if other people do because everything is overpriced. Walmart isn't going to fuck you

No. 1920262

How’s scarlet v fit doing in Australia ? Recovery or relapse?

No. 1920271

Sorry. Learning. I thought I read all the rules but sage was under a different link I missed. Thank you I found it.
It just seems a little extreme imho.

No. 1920309

Never heard of Antonia Campbell Hughes but looking her up she looks like an anachan to me. Natasha Kampusch was a normal weight when she was found so seems like it was just an excuse for Antonia to spoop it up and pose on the red carpet with her bones out

No. 1920323

not to further derail this misplaced moral debate, but you all do know that workers hours and pay are the absolute first thing to take a hit when ANY losses occur, right? i assure you dear, sweet, naïve anons that walmart is absolutely not taking any hits. any and all losses hit employees. i’m not saying no one should shoplift and i’m not even saying i don’t shoplift, but that’s the actual reality

No. 1920329

this site is a bit autismo about the rules but it does help keep low quality posts/spam to a lower degree. although looking at this shoplifting debate obvs not enough

No. 1920331

According to Wikipedia she wasn't:

"She was in good physical health, although she looked pale and shaken and weighed only 48 kg (106 lb); she weighed 45 kg (99 lb) when she disappeared eight years earlier. Her body mass index had reached as low as 14.8 (normal BMI: 18.5 to 24.9), and she grew only 15 cm (5.9 in) during her captivity."

They don't link any direct source for it and I cannot be arsed to research it, but according to the article, it says in her biography that she was starved by him, so it's likely she wasn't a healthy weight when she escaped.

Obviously doesn't mean the actress didn't use it as an excuse to go spoop anyway.

No. 1920348

bullshit, they have theft insurance, they don't make any losses at all.

No. 1920370

About Antonia, she still looks like that even though the movie is 8 years old. I didn’t even know who she was until I saw a tiktok about the movie yesterday.

No. 1920457

File: 1698452403270.jpg (Spoiler Image,530.57 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20231027_093853_Ins…)

Spoilered because jump scare
Strong_balancing_brianna came up on my fyp page. Think she's legit sick and not milky but the affect her ED has on her face is scary

No. 1920463

File: 1698452771156.jpg (Spoiler Image,557.79 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20231027_093945_Ins…)

They haven't posted since 2020… so I hope she's OK…

No. 1920469

I’m pretty sure Brianna is the one that enters protein powder giveaways on her story, so she might be alive still.

No. 1920473

File: 1698454085312.jpg (640.5 KB, 1920x1920, 86609_84445424.jpg)

Resident Ausfag Alysiaconditsis doesn't seem to be making much progress despite claiming she's getting help. 'Getting help' is a pretty broad statement I guess

No. 1920474

File: 1698454397727.jpg (247.17 KB, 894x1069, Comments.jpg)

Some comments left
And oh man I clicked on the fitness_future_inspo and it's crazy. Photos to come

No. 1920480

File: 1698454912813.jpg (738.52 KB, 1079x1895, 22595528_0574226.jpg)

I'm not sure if this/these are an actual person. At first I thought so, but looking at the faces of other pictures they've used a filter on her face but some almost look AI generated

No. 1920481

File: 1698454991740.jpg (958.49 KB, 1079x1978, Screenshot_20231028_083158_Ins…)


No. 1920482

there is no way that's real, nonna

No. 1920485

File: 1698455061123.jpg (505.54 KB, 1079x1459, Screenshot_20231028_083300_Ins…)

I don't know what's going on with this pose but her face doesn't look real

No. 1920486

Yeah the more I scrolled down the page the creepier uncanny Valley it got

No. 1920490

I think it's the symmetry that's the tell. If you look at >>1920480 her body is totally symmetric in all the pictures, which human bodies just aren't

No. 1920493

File: 1698455496669.jpg (410.65 KB, 1079x1709, Screenshot_20231028_091047_Gal…)

They follow some familiar cows

No. 1920495

I find it creepy that Marie talks to/is friends with minors. When I was in my 20s, I didn’t want to converse with anyone under 18.

No. 1920496

I guess it's part of her creepy ass larping as a minor. She's trying very hard to convince the internet that she's actually a minor.

No. 1920497

File: 1698455879517.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1079x1554, Screenshot_20231027_083448_Ins…)

So this was all from a late night deep dive rabbit hole just looking at friends and commenters and I found a seriously fucked up guy who is a 'photographer digital artist' (fetishist) and jfc. He takes spoops (many from vk) and digitally imposes them in weird scenarios and places. I've screen shot a bunch so you'll have to bear with me but he did our resident Ganer… and I'm spoiling because of the major kek

No. 1920502

File: 1698456214204.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.22 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20231027_083306_Ins…)

The next few need to be spoilered

No. 1920503

File: 1698456241054.jpg (Spoiler Image,168.95 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20231027_084829_Ins…)

No. 1920505

File: 1698456308338.jpg (Spoiler Image,783.94 KB, 1079x1214, Screenshot_20231027_083614_Ins…)

This was definitely taken from vk

No. 1920510

File: 1698456634649.jpg (Spoiler Image,380.3 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20231027_095054_Ins…)

This is his page
I'd suggest being cautious while scrolling. He also follows a bunch of underage (most pre-pubescent) girl pages

No. 1920512

File: 1698456644043.png (630.95 KB, 489x749, Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 8.30…)

I will never stop finding Stef's weekly identical tube pics funny. I wonder if the people who work near this brick wall recognize her by now.

No. 1920514

File: 1698456768042.jpg (Spoiler Image,249.3 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20231027_091957_Ins…)

Spy the banner

No. 1920517

This is all AI right?
Don’t post minors even if it’s fake.

No. 1920518

File: 1698457093917.jpg (469.15 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20231027_095129_Ins…)

He's used clara_stocker

No. 1920519

Never mind you said those are real photos. Definitely delete the little kid.

No. 1920521

It's not AI, it's real peoples photos he gets off websites and Sm apps and makes digital art of them.

Admin can hopefully delete the one I was unsure about but it was mostly too slow the exploitation with the fact he's selling copies of what he's making

No. 1920522

Not sure how to nonna, i didn't create a password

No. 1920523

File: 1698457397944.jpg (403.08 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20231027_095204_Ins…)


No. 1920524

if you just posted it, you just need to click on the check mark and select delete

No. 1920525

Thanks nonnie

No. 1920526

File: 1698457538498.jpg (469.87 KB, 1080x1223, Screenshot_20231027_095140_Ins…)


No. 1920527

The fact that he went to a cp site to get that photo

No. 1920528

File: 1698457609186.jpg (569.76 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20231027_095357_Ins…)

We've got Kennedy by the poolside

No. 1920534

File: 1698457705408.jpeg (976.55 KB, 828x1177, IMG_0489.jpeg)

Some of them are funny

No. 1920536

File: 1698457751342.jpg (210.09 KB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20231027_092029_Ins…)

And the fact he's going to vk to get photos and especially the most shocking ones it's disgusting and he's definitely making money of these digitals. He has a Deviant Art account where you can buy them

No. 1920538

File: 1698458080219.jpg (521.38 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20231027_095225_Ins…)


No. 1920539

He has straight up CP on his page. Please report.

No. 1920540

File: 1698458175132.jpg (495.43 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20231027_094532_Ins…)

I mean the fuckwit follows shmegeh's old account wtf kek

No. 1920541

Yeah done that
I'm sceptical that he'll either just private account or if it gets banned, start a new private account and continue business as usual

No. 1920571

>but you all do know that workers hours and pay are the absolute first thing to take a hit when ANY losses occur, right?
This is not true at all, you can pretend we are the naive ones but you're the one who sounds like you've never worked a day in your life. I've worked at 2 gas stations, Walmart, Thrifty's and Ikea and every place tells the employee if they see a shoplifter to not interact and immediately notify security because if the employee interacts and the shoplifter pulls a knife the manager and business gets sued for the employee getting hurt. It doesn't fall back on the employee at all, it doesn't even necessarily fall back on the store supplying the goods, a lot of companies will even automatically tally any potential losses when supplying the product because they know some of the product will get stolen, damaged or lost during shipping. And the majority of the time small theft like a protein bar goes completely unnoticed.

No. 1920615

>being this new
obv people don’t wanna like kill her. it’d just be morbidly funny if she died kek

No. 1920616

Yeah she identifies as she/they now whatever you want to call that and she got diagnosed with adhd and I think is looking to get an autism diagnosis.
Getting kinda annoyed of attributing every single thing she does as a symptom of her adhd.
Can’t really comment on the weight thing. Looks normal and thriving tbh

No. 1920664

does she have a new account?

No. 1920670

is kennedy still alive? Sorry if i missed something

No. 1920679

no, she's dead and the perve is photoshopping old pictures of her anyway

No. 1920723

She died earlier on in the year >>1831594

No. 1920841

Kek are you retarded these are absolutely not real.

No. 1920886

Damn, it's the year of our lord 2023 and zoomers are skinwalking Shmegeh, i thought they're too young to know anything about her. always thought Michelle had unfortunate face (which she largely made worse herself with makeup and awful faces she pulled) but this one made me change my mind about it. Either way this look is good for no one, stop this

No. 1920927

sometimes i wonder how many people in here would be shocked to learn every single picture these cows post are photoshopped. the amount of photoshopping varies, like the one in this reply chain is just straight up AI and not real at all, but every single photo, even the "normal" looking ones, is shooped

No. 1921143

Can someone explain Lucinda to me? Like why is she so fucking brain dead?

No. 1921145

try again here >>1775242

No. 1921147

Thank you! I never knew her origin story.

Also off topic because she doesn’t have an Ed, but I honestly can’t tell if this is satire or not. I saw her interacting with Lucinda. https://instagram.com/272727especiallyyou27?igshid=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA==(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1921160

it's not just cows but almost every female I know (well not photoshop but filters), everyone looks like a beuaty queen on SM but ugly IRL(moid moment)

No. 1921193

File: 1698590137761.jpg (949.55 KB, 1080x1996, Shmegma.jpg)

There's definitely still Shmegeh wannabes

No. 1921212

Kek at that filename

No. 1921222

That looks like cream …has this cow been spoken about before?

No. 1921257

meh, skimmed milk. she’s german and all she posts is bodychecks, lip syncing and endless selfies accompanied by dozens of hashtags. she makes like 20 posts a day but none of them are particularly interesting, no whining on stories either, in fact she doesn’t seem to talk a lot about her private life on that account at all

No. 1921271

File: 1698606396186.jpeg (401.78 KB, 1170x1745, IMG_6040.jpeg)

samefag but the only thing i found mildy interesting is that she has some weird possibly fetish orbiters who comment on every single one of her posts and sometimes she responds to them in a rather friendly way

No. 1921387

the account barely has any followers, how did you find her?

No. 1921397

File: 1698623920990.png (8.23 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_5512.png)

Stef posted this the other day but appears to have deleted it since. Seems like one of the first few times she posted herself actually socializing with peers. I wonder what she’s like to be in treatment with

No. 1921398

Stef always has a tube the entire time she's in treatment, but we literally never see her hooked up to feeds. Does she just occasionally refuse a meal/snack to get a little bolus so she never meets criteria to pull the tube, or what? I don't really think she's on night feeds in addition to eating during the day because she doesn't have any actual GI problems and that tends to mostly happen to the people with digestive stuff going on.

No. 1921399

samefag, but it really seems like more of an emotional support tube than a feeding tube

No. 1921421

Scrolling through other accounts friends and followers

No. 1921422

Erc only does night feeds

No. 1921424

Stef is at Veritas, not ERC

No. 1921432

File: 1698628831452.jpeg (1019.89 KB, 1290x1529, IMG_0379.jpeg)

You just KNOW the bitch chose this pic to post on purpose. What a terrible friend.

No. 1921446

she's looking chubby, or should i say chubbyyyyyyyyyy. she drives me nuts when she always elongates her words like that, i used to do that when i was like 12.

No. 1921448

Not true. ERC does day feeds, night feeds, and boluses.

No. 1921450

They do feeds during groups?

No. 1921451

I don't know about ERC specifically (which isn't really relevant because Stef isn't there), but lots of places will just stick a pump on an iv pole and send the patient off to do groups, etc, as usual

No. 1921460

Yeah I was going to say she's definitely gained weight but didn't want to get sperged at

No. 1921479

i too think a normal weight looks chubby, fellow ana-chan. do you wanna exchange purging tips?

No. 1921486

She looks skinny fat, normal amount of fat but no muscle tone whatsoever so she looks flabby and blobby

No. 1921516

sorry if this sounds morbid but i can't help wondering what she was thinking and feeling in the days leading up to her death. was she afraid? did she regret it? or did she not see it coming at all and feel committed to starving until the end?

No. 1921557

weirdly specific question nonna but let me just take a wild guess and say that when you’re acutely dying of starvation, you most likely already passed the point of having the mental capacity to fully recognise the severity of your situation.

No. 1921574

I'm not even trying to rattle rattle here, she doesn't look thin at all. Average, healthy built. What is the point in all these miachan behaviours, they're not paying off

No. 1921575

Nta but zara recently spoke about how she was in a fuzz, didn't know what was going on at all and couldn't even lift the duvet off her. If I had to imagine, she probably didn't even really know it was happening. They're probably in pain at all points being so emaciated that the sharper, stronger pains probably just feel a bit confusing

No. 1921661

I wonder about this so much because most of the anorexics I've seen die seemed delusional with no insight into their physical condition, and seemed to have get some sort of "high" from starvation. They seem very convinced of their invincibility. These types are way more intriguing to me than those that just seem to have a deathwish, if anyone has any recommendations for fiction or non-fictional case studies about this particular topic I'd be really interested in them. Sorry for the off topic sperg but I don't know where else to ask about this.

No. 1921687

she’s claiming to try recovering and even opened a nee tiktok account @baasicbreadco where she bakes. she’s left her main discord and created a recovery one. I’m in both if anyone wants screenshots but there hasn’t really been any milk yet

No. 1921702

You might be able to find case studies if you include the symptom you're describing in your post. It's called "anosognosia" when the person suffering doesn't recognize they have a condition. Sorry for OT I won't derail any further.

No. 1921703

Nta but I find it funny she's doing the whole ~recovery era~ thing when she wasn't even an actual anachan to start with. She obviously had eating disordered behaviors but she's basically just an ex fattychan who lost the weight by crash dieting and self harming with laxatives, cigarettes and coke. She even told an ER nurse that she "tries her best to not eat." Not an anachan but I've known some spoops and the most common thing I'd here is that they were trying to eat and trying to recover but eating made them panicky and extremely uncomfortable. So hearing her straight up admit to trying to not eat was just so funny to me, sounds exactly like something an ex fatty would say kek

No. 1921714

This. It also seems telling that as soon as she struggled to lose and started gaining again she’s switched to recovery.
(I also suspect she thought her little ER trip was going to get her a lot more asspats from people in real life, but it just backfired completely. )

No. 1921715

File: 1698690001217.jpeg (2.41 MB, 1170x2036, IMG_6545.jpeg)

No one is making it a competition, Stef is truly delusional. People just are not impressed with her acting helpless like she can’t control any aspect of her disorder while posting constant body checks online that obviously fuel the Ed. At the very least she could try a social media break, since it makes her even more attached to her disorder as her only identity (other than Taylor swift), but she can’t cope with that because she wouldn’t get the asspats anymore that she gets on tiktok

No. 1921733

Watch the documentary "Emma Wants To Live". Free on Youtube. She quite literally vlogged her death from anorexia. Even while she was losing consciousness and grip on reality, her subconscious was still desperately trying to cling to normalcy. She kept saying "I still need to eat my meal for today", even as she was actively in the dying process. Even when your brain is so far gone from malnutrition it can't process reality, and you're also in the process of dying, the human instinct to survive still overrides it all. That thought is horrifying. Desperately clinging to life as you're dying…just…damn

No. 1921750

i still can’t believe how zara got so unwell and looked that bad and still tried to claim recovery. i’m shocked she actually pulled back from it without an EDU stint, pleasantly surprised, but shocked.

No. 1921787

Nta but that documentary left me profoundly confused, I never felt like she truly wanted to live despite having a pretty much perfect life with all of the support in the world. It really felt like the closest thing I've seen to demonic possession, idk. I realize that mental illness can affect people regardless of their environment/social situation but I still don't understand what led her to want to starve while still claiming she wanted to cling to life, it just seems contradictory unless she really just didn't want to live.

No. 1921796

nta, but I think what you're seeing is that mental illness probably has some genetic/biological origins that don't require environmental factors.

No. 1921798

I feel like you're not too out there on this. I mean look at Eugenia and Rachel.

No. 1921831

The link won't embed for me so I wonder if that's why nobody's shared it yet
This is it though, right?


No. 1921835

who would wear this to church smh. or even bring it with them to ed treatment at all SMH.

No. 1921955

Any idea about the current status of that German girl from edtw, the one at hospital. Handle was I really don't care (or something similar)

No. 1921971

I mean, anorexia is at its core a mental illness. Wanting to live while being unable to bring yourself to eat to save your own life is very much like being suicidal and actively planning your death while a smaller quieter part of your brain is screaming ‘help I don’t want to do this’. Many mental illnesses have this compulsive side, which makes it hard to commit to recovery.

No. 1922010

this account is ran by a german pedo who steals photos from underage russian girls telegrams, and has multiple accounts all using these hashtags…

No. 1922016

If these silly cunts think they’re miserable now, they ought to wait until they’re at or nearing their 30s. They will be miserable and hopeless in a way they never thought was possible. I wish someone would have told me that as a depressed anorexic 17 year old.

No. 1922019

I'm 29 and 2 years into a relapse and feel this on a profound level. It's no way to live. These people need to get the fuck off social media for their own good(blogposting)

No. 1922021

Right? If I could go back, I’d slap younger me in the face and tell her to pull her fucking head out of her ass. She ruined both of her lives because it was easier than getting out there and growing the fuck up. That’s IT. They just don’t want to grow up, they are lazy, they can’t handle the fact that they’re plain and normal and boring like everyone else so they do this retarded shit to set them apart. I have no sympathy for these stupid cunts. I almost resent them as much as my younger self for wasting their youth and opportunities. Try being an almost 30 year old women with ruined health, no friends, no accomplishments, no talents, no memories whatsoever.(blog)

No. 1922026

As long as they live on places like edtwt they won't have that kind of perspective. The ones who are genuinely about to drop dead like Marie I do feel sorry for but someone needs to take their internet away. The ones who approach it like a diet and have stuff like "bmi 22 goal bmi 8" in their bio get no sympathy from me and deserve to be laughed at

No. 1922030

Exactly. I’m supposed to have sympathy for a person like Niamh? Fuck off. I have none. Absolutely none. “Waaa she’s a mentally ill teenager!” She’s a stupid little bitch, ruining her life that so many people would kill for, ruining her mothers life. I fucking hate her and all of them as much as I hate my younger self. The only reason, I swear, THE ONLY REASON she’s doing it is because she’s a self obsessed vain narcissist who doesn’t want to grow up. She’s too lazy, weak and cowardly to grow up and she is going to be utterly miserable if she doesn’t get a grip NOW.

No. 1922034

Nta but I can relate heavily to the convo, but I actually do have a bit of sympathy for people like Niamh. Only cause I can relate to being that dumb teenager throwing her life and future away for an aesthetic or "identity" or self imposed problem. At the time I remember not being able to fully see the consequences of my actions, how I was hurting those who care about me and destroying my health, squandering all of my potential. It's hard to really snap out of that at a young age when all the people you surround yourself with are yes men and other self destructive teenagers. One day she'll have the same realizations we did and feel similar to how we do while looking at her throwing her life away. That's the frustrating part, watching other people make similar mistakes and being too narrow minded to listen to others advice. I feel like every young person goes through something like that, for me it was ED and self harm, for my sister it was drugs and alcoholism. And we both didn't listen to anyone until we learned the lesson ourselves unfortunately, and I'm sure the same will happen with Niamh and the others(blog)

No. 1922059

wow its getting a bit real in here today kek

No. 1922061

Zara must be lying at some point because she also always talks about how she continued to achieve firsts throughout this

No. 1922066

I know Zara is trying to make herself out to be really, really smart by this, but honestly my net impression has mostly been "huh, I guess law school isn't as hard as I would have expected".

No. 1922067

I think it’s Emma vlogging, then having her family and staff for it when she was too sick still do it. That’s what gets me. I don’t believe Emma wanted to live. I think she was either planning failing or sincerely doubted herself. That’s why she had it in camera. She wanted a legacy left behind. She wanted to be famous for her ED bc she achieved nothing else. I bet anything she used the documentary to trigger herself. She probably reminded herself internally if I don’t eat … or lose … or do … then people will judge me on the videos as not being sick enough. It was really twisted how intense she was they must record her. People really trying to get better aren’t videoing every second. They’re not focused on being known. They wouldn’t enjoy rehashing times in their ed. I think she planned to give up all along, & I don’t know how family & staff could actually sit & video her.

No. 1922075

File: 1698746394513.jpeg (222.1 KB, 1170x752, 35747B35-9958-49AF-962C-B26B1C…)

her most recent tweet. she seems to be active, the last tweet she liked was from 3 days ago

No. 1922092

Hu Nonny
I can recommend a book called " Anorexics on Anorexia"
Mods please don't delete this for Blogposting, my intent is to show the real reality , such as wetting the bed each night etc night or sometimes in the day, The pangs of guiltof guilt for what I put my family to.(blogging)

No. 1922093

I don;t want to nlog post - but I am willing explain, what life is like with a very low weight, and to that nonnie that asked, Yes your brain changes but deep down I did NOT wanr to die. afain sorry for Blog postinng but if people are curious then I am prepared to answer questions(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1922111

Have ya'll tried journaling?(continuing the derail)

No. 1922121

Did Lucinda type these posts(hi cow)

No. 1922125

And which cow are you exactly?
The ana brainrot is still showing, please integrate and double check what you're typing before posting

No. 1922216

kek exactly, how can you claim to "not be able to lift your duvet" due to severe malnutrition while also excelling at learning law

No. 1922218

Thank you, sorry you got banned for providing interesting contextual material for this thread

No. 1922296

I'm pretty sure anon got banned for the unnecessary comments about their personal bedwetting and not for suggesting an interesting reference. They could have just posted the suggestion without informing us about their spoopiness.

No. 1922303

Does anybody have any updates on Niamh from recently? I know she had her 18th in hospital, but is there anything from more recently?

No. 1922317

File: 1698792713626.jpg (256.15 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20231031_224934_Vin…)

Kek okay so the most recent vinted review was a week ago, so she's still alive. The seller only has UK size 8's up, so I think niamhs bought some bigger clothes

No. 1922346

Some treatment centers do night feeds specifically for weight restoration for patients who either need both meal increases and additional calories, or patients who would rather do any meal plan increase via a tube.

The former is typically emaciated patients, not some like Stef who’s underweight but not anywhere close to spoop levels (remember, ACUTE takes patients who are not seriously medically compromised as long as said patient has a diagnosable ED, some sort of medical symptoms, and the right type of health insurance. Medical symptoms are not hard to induce, even a person without an ED who goes without fluids for more than a day or two will have serious symptoms as a result of dehydration. And for a dedicated professional patient like Stef, both purposeful dehydration and a week or two without eating will make her look like shit visibly and medically).

The latter are very often patients like Stef, attention whores who’ve made their EDs their entire life and who will choose a tube 100% of the time when offered one, not because they need it but because it makes them look like the sickest snowflake ever. It’s the same type of patient who will restrict specifically to get a tube, and who will pick their treatment center over if the center tubes and under what circumstances. Notice that Stef never goes to centers that rarely or never tube. She gets a tube for refusing to eat and keeps it for as long as possible.

It’s a pretty good indicator that she plans to continue her cycle of treatment and toob for as long as she possibly can, not actually attempt to recover.

No. 1922367

remote learning. she posted about how lectures were online, and iirc her semester ended early in the year, as scots unis often do. (april ish). she started looking like a bird embryo close to/over summer from screenshots. no denying zara is academically capable, just an arrogant shit in every other aspect of her life. first year law likely isn’t that hard either

No. 1922370

File: 1698803447909.jpeg (230.52 KB, 1078x1936, IMG_1216.jpeg)

funny how much better abby looks when she’s not photoshopping herself in her room. still fucking weird to film yourself in the toilets of your ED appointment outpatient but hey ho

No. 1922378

Better how? She still looks underweight, just less grimy and disheveled because she's far away from the camera

No. 1922383

File: 1698804606240.jpg (207.93 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20231101_095419_Ins…)

I can't tell if this is filtered or not

No. 1922396

no one said she wasn’t ‘underweight’.

No. 1922402

That's why I'm asking in what way she looks better kek

No. 1922409

rattle rattle

No. 1922436

File: 1698814711224.jpg (94.46 KB, 977x374, Screenshot_20231031_205946_Tik…)

Uh oh.

No. 1922442

oh please. we know she's just lurking, contemplating her next move. can't stand her, she's so foul.

No. 1922474

File: 1698819645710.jpeg (1.4 MB, 828x1419, IMG_0535.jpeg)

What do we know about this girl?

No. 1922488

File: 1698823434042.jpeg (516.67 KB, 1284x743, IMG_4869.jpeg)

She doesn’t need ip like she honestly just taking resources for people at unhealthy weights like she looks pretty alright to me

No. 1922501

Who is this?
Also inpatient takes anyone regardless of weight. You can be medically unstable and not be underweight.

No. 1922509

How old is she? She looks 15 and her room looks 13

No. 1922514

She’s 18 almost 19, this is her 5th time in ip and she keeps relapsing. She made a go fund me for ip and has many ng TikTok videos posted. When she is clearly at a healthy weight she needs out patient not taking away a bed

No. 1922515

whats her tiktok?

No. 1922519


She wants another ng tube for the TikTok’s

No. 1922528

she’s not been home for more than 2 weeks for at least the past year. at one point is swear she was inpatient for like at least 6 months straight, if not more(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1922533

she is a "raw vegan nutritionist" and had been like this for years. She used to look normal at the beginninig of her insta but quickly losed a lot of weight. Gina Umstatter is her real name she was mentioned in some thread. Nothing really interesting

No. 1922540

Do you mean proana bloggers or just people with EDs in general. It's a mental disorder that can be triggered by different things not just feeling "boring".

No. 1922563

Anorexia can also have a strong biological basis, just like there are genetic mutations that make people always want to eat. Like you can trigger anorexic behaviour (not eating and overexercising) in lab rats too despite they don't have twitter

No. 1922566

what's marie's ig now?(spoonfeeding request, not saged)

No. 1922605

That she isn’t milky. She’s been like this for years. Just spoopy but boring.

No. 1922607

Kek! My first reaction was to laugh at rats not having Twitter. But animal experiments are evil.
Sorry, ot. Shutting up.

No. 1922608

Arent most anorexic girls autists and thats why its so hard to treat bc they arent getting help for their autism but only for the eating disorder?

No. 1922632

Nta but I worked in a residential eating disorder treatment center as a counselor for 3 years, and yes I would say about half the girls were on the spectrum. The other half had BPD, and many were a mixture of both. I never go on this thread because I'm scared I'll see a past patient of mine, but luckily I haven't come across them on here. I worked with acute schizophrenics too in a residential facility for awhile, and they were much easier to work with. At the ED clinic, it was constant fighting and drama. No emotion regulation. I do miss them sometimes though. Sorry for the mini blog.

No. 1922634

I forgot to mention that yes, the eating disorder is just a symptom of the much greater problem of the BPD, usually. It was frustrating because clinicians focus on on the ED because to them that's the biggest problem to solve. But it will never be solved if you don't focus on regulating the extreme emotions from the BPD first, imo.

No. 1922641

But she was also saying how her brain functioning was compromised

No. 1922643

they do animal experiments to figure out how to help anachans so just a reminder for vegan anachans, lab animals are tortured and killed because you refuse to eat

No. 1922677

love how you can tell it's a filter because she actually looks healthier in it than unfiltered photos kek, it smoothed her face out so fewer muscles are visible

No. 1922678

This is definitely a Eugenia-inspired antic to build more social media engagement, i.e. disappear-generate worry and discussion-reappear-rinse and repeat

No. 1922719

File: 1698865506322.jpg (81.89 KB, 982x376, Screenshot_20231101_120505_Tik…)

No. 1922757

I went down an edtwt rabbithole after seeing it here and was confused because most profiles I saw weren't even people with eating disorders, just people getting on edtwt to be quirky and help with their weight loss it's so fucking stupid. I truly feel no sympathy for these people, those that end up actually developing an ed from it will whine about it as if it wasn't literally their choice

No. 1922812

Could have started after exams. Niamh also made sure to eat (absolute minimum)during exam season and then went downhill. I don't think it's hard to believe she kept herself together for the academics and then lost any motivation for anything. A bit like ganer and exercise

No. 1922846

also exams were all online. not WKing zara but she has managed remarkably well to not drop or fail out of uni. she’d do better to just focus on that and get off instagram

No. 1922848

File: 1698880452505.jpeg (185.78 KB, 1032x722, IMG_1227.jpeg)

abby changing her name or just trying to un-associate herself with her embarrassing internet footprint…? remind me to update the thread links.

No. 1922977

Why do I feel like this was after Lily Collins the actress who plays Ellen(Eli) in To The Bone, rather than a family thing? There's no way in sunny hell she's trying to distance herself, this is just a hiatus until she loses a bit more weight. She'll be back for sure

No. 1923016

They just care about physically getting them well. Which just causes most of them to relapse and go right back to their ed habits after.

No. 1923018

When I was a kid I was chubby and trying to lose weight due to bullying and found ED stuff on accident. Not trying to blogpost, but a lot of those people on those sites are really young. They might be cringe but I still have empathy considering how young girls and women are so harshly scrutinized about their bodies.(blogpost)

No. 1923021

I thought the last video was her last video on Eugenia…

No. 1923043

File: 1698925258050.png (1.21 MB, 1761x1323, Screenshot 2023-11-02 223843.p…)

so im not sure what to make of this cow crossover… but is im_powering AND porgie admitting to having intrusive thoughts about fiddling kids?


No. 1923045

File: 1698925420548.png (1.19 MB, 1724x1338, Screenshot 2023-11-02 224225.p…)


i wonder what story she read in school that made her think that she is a pedo. lol


No. 1923050

Kek she just can't help wanting attention. Everyone is making Eugenia videos right now with the same exact takes repeated over and over. It brings a lot of views because of Eugenia's thing with the Jeffree and Rich faggots right now.

No. 1923059

Intrusive and compulsive thoughts about being a paedophile are one of the most common manifestations of OCD because it's a (rightly) massive taboo, I wouldn't read too much into it here. More likely than them actually being diddlers is that they read the aforementioned somewhere and were shameless enough to think if they posted it on insta it would give them more *~validity~*.

No. 1923061

Yeah I agree, intrusive thoughts are ones that are upsetting to the person experiencing them, the reaction to the thoughts creates this negative feedback loop where the brain sort of gets hooked onto those thoughts and keeps bringing them up. So the reason these women are getting thoughts they could be a pedophile shows they find that abhorrent and disgusting, give the thoughts a negative reaction and the cycle continues. Still probably not a good idea to post it online though kek, but hey maybe it'll help some other women going through it

No. 1923064

I remember once I saw a documentary about an anorexic woman who as a chubby teen read about anorexia in a book (probably before the internet era) and used it as a manual to lose weight. And decades later her life was still dominated by anorexia.

No. 1923079

It's a 'subtype' of OCD called 'Pure O' and it's actually more common than you'd think

No. 1923102

I feel like that's pretty common. I've heard the same about girls seeing a video in health class about EDs and using it as a guide. But I think you have to be predisposed by genetics or environment for you to be affected that way.

She could have made the video without even including Eugenia in it considering she didn't include the clip and barely talked about her. Total clickbait. Just extra annoying considering her moral grandstanding in the last video about her.

No. 1923119

Eugenia in the thumbnail/title as clickbait and 25 minutes of her talking about how to cater to anachans by being careful about what you say about food and how to eat in front of them uwu. Just fucking eat like a normal person instead of seeking attention 24/7.

No. 1923142

she literally said don't eat in front of anachans if you're fat because you'll trigger them

No. 1923153

And everyone is fat by anachan standards so just don't eat if the special anachan is present or she'll starve herself more or purge and it's your fault! Ffs she's ridiculous.

No. 1923169

Any news on Fi? ( I’m not on IG)

No. 1923175

File: 1698953146191.jpeg (257.13 KB, 1120x1520, 8DCF376E-7F77-4F74-8973-95CF77…)

Peep the NEDA tattoo on her foot

No. 1923185

I hate how she speaks like she is the authority on how all anorexics think. Though it wouldn't shock me if Eugenia thought something like that because of her morbidly obese brother and mother.

No. 1923206

File: 1698958148825.jpeg (263 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_6892.jpeg)

Kate is back in her ed discord, she’s back to purging and complaining about how hard fasting is again. She posted a video of cuts around her mouth but I can’t figure out how to convert it. 1/2

No. 1923207

File: 1698958198107.jpeg (220.99 KB, 1169x1431, IMG_6893.jpeg)

2/2 talking about weight gain, kek who was that anon talking about how she doesnt actually have an ed and has to force herself to do it?

No. 1923210

File: 1698958595703.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1047x1895, IMG_1228.jpeg)

still looks 80, still cryptic pathetic posting, nothing new

No. 1923211

Looking increasingly likely that Cluster Fi’s gonna ruin Christmas for her family again. That horrid smirk on her face, I can’t

No. 1923212

File: 1698959113517.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1096x1927, IMG_1229.jpeg)

she’s delusional.

No. 1923217

File: 1698959858993.webm (2.3 MB, 1080x2090, Screen_Recording_20231102_2109…)

As I'm not certain if Becca With a Tube was officially banished to Cluster B(itches) I'll put this here
I've shared the rest of her story on that thread and will put this one here to tie them together and work out which thread we collectively want her in now
Please NO hate !

No. 1923219

File: 1698960093873.jpg (656.19 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20231102_212200_Ins…)

No. 1923248

Is she in the Uk?
It’s nice they give a notice. In the US, they go “oh your insurance cut. You need to leave in an hour.”

No. 1923287

You literally choose your IG name tho??

No. 1923311

This is such an off topic nitpick but one of the things that annoys me about Dorian is when she was super skinny and didn't have much curves because she starved the fat off she was constantly saying she is non binary and feels more male than female and wants top surgery and tagged every insta post with "non binary" and referred to herself as a "boy." And now that she's gained weight and looks more like an average woman with bigger hips, thighs, and breasts she completely dropped the non binary label and dresses in a more feminine way and even showcases her cleavage in certain outfits and doesn't correct people anymore when they call her "she/her." It just goes to show her idea of being a woman is just having curves and breasts, and if she doesn't have those she's not a woman. It's such regressive thinking but I guess a lot of non binaries think like that.

No. 1923312

isn't she over 18? in which case her last name literally is her choice

No. 1923323

She will be back in hospital in her elf outfits

No. 1923324

Still breathing then

No. 1923350

>Cluster Fi
Fucking kek

No. 1923356

So this video got mixed reactions but it honestly pisses me off, I'm no Eugenia fan in anyway whatsoever and I'm certainly not a Jeffree fan either. She was clearly just trying to ask him a question, probably if she should mute her live or get off live and he literally talks to her like a dog. He doesn't even bother looking at her he just waves his hand and says "I can't right now, please stop, please stop." And then goes back to his live while she shuts hers down and awkwardly sits there while he talks to his viewers. It's an extremely dismissive way of speaking to her but it doesn't surprise me coming from a misogynistic faggot like Jeffree. But the comments are so strange, a bunch of people seem to agree that "this was a serious moment so he's justified" like what? If it was serious why'd he go back to his live and ask for more finger taps or whatever? Or that because Eugenia acts young he's allowed to talk down to her like a retarded child, that's such a weird way of thinking. I don't like Eugenia but this honestly made me sad, I've had men completely brush me off like that and talk down to me like I'm just a dumb bitch so I'm sympathetic to how uncomfortable it feels, and then she has to just sit there doing nothing until he's done his livestream? God I hate men like that

No. 1923363

omfg bitch stoppppp typinggggg likeeeee thisssss. it's fucking cringe, grow up!

No. 1923366

banish this fat fuck to cluster B

No. 1923369

I saw a tiktok of someone's hot take (which is starting to feel less and less hot) that Eugenia is coming close to the end and Jeffree wants to put himself in a position for when that happens and he can be like "I was the only one there for her! Nobody else was on her side and I was there for her!" but in reality he's so obviously annoyed by/dislikes her.

I could really see it tbh

No. 1923375

I mean yeah. He's a self-centered narcissist. He has leagues of ex friends who can attest to that. Eugenia is annoying, and Jeffree is a prick. They both suck. kek. I'll never understand why the internet always feels like they have to pick a side. He's so clearly disingenuous in his intentions with Eugenia. But she's also not pure intentioned by being "friends" with him either.

No. 1923382

Yeah they're both awful and I don't think it's really picking a side to say that his treatment of Eugenia is weird and condescending. Saying that doesn't imply Eugenia is "pure intentioned" or anything, just that he was rude to her.

I could picture that too, he obviously is just hanging out with her for clout and maybe even future clout because when she inevitably passes he'll be able to say he has "inside information" and "tea" that no one else does because she stayed at his house. He's truly a disgusting person.

No. 1923385

File: 1698994618929.jpeg (431.43 KB, 828x1086, IMG_0548.jpeg)

Does anyone know the age of this girl? She posts some questionable things but I don’t want to post her on here if she’s under 16.

No. 1923395

maybe the 1992 in her name gives a hint…

No. 1923398

File: 1698998104384.jpeg (708.62 KB, 828x1340, IMG_0549.jpeg)

I thought so but these are her tags. I guess she’s pedo baiting? Her “old pics” don’t seem like they’re that old if she really is 31.

No. 1923399

she seems to work in an actual clinic but what is a "nutritional medicine" doctor? is it a real medical speciality somewhere?

No. 1923400

File: 1698998243864.jpeg (932.53 KB, 828x1511, IMG_0550.jpeg)

Her classmates appear to be teenagers so maybe she is a teen

No. 1923403

File: 1698998384158.jpeg (144.47 KB, 828x645, IMG_0551.jpeg)

This is the guy that commented

No. 1923404

she also tags "lookyounger" so she might be an actual 31 years old with good skin and and maybe started pro-ana to look younger. people honestly often overestimate how old 30 years old women should look like anyway.

No. 1923405

File: 1698998676624.jpeg (482.73 KB, 828x1738, IMG_0552.jpeg)

Nothing against this girl, but these comments are disgusting. She is 17 years old. All of her followers are pedos..

No. 1923411

pls look up what "pedophile" means

No. 1923412

I was always under the impression it meant attracted to children

No. 1923415

17 year old is above the age of consent in most european countries

No. 1923416

if you are able to learn large texts by heart, it's not difficult at all

No. 1923417

I’m sorry but a 45 year old dating a high schooler is wild to me

No. 1923421

Nta but it's worse in Canada, age of consent is 16

No. 1923424

It's bizarre yes, just pedo is not the right word. But a 17 years old girl is allowed to drive, expected to choose a career she wants to do for the rest of her life, and is months away from being able to vote, so I think we can assume she can choose who she wants to date, even if he is a grandpa(derailing wk)

No. 1923425

Nta but any grown man who dates a girl who's age still starts with a 1 deserves to die ngl

No. 1923426

Legal or not, I consider everyone under 21 a child. 21-25 is still young, since their brains aren’t fully developed.

No. 1923435

File: 1699003517272.jpeg (465.4 KB, 828x1162, IMG_1527.jpeg)

holy shit, this girl is milky. She’s so proud to fit in child‘s clothes and apparently she has a daughter, so her being 31 checks out.

No. 1923436

File: 1699003545645.jpeg (407.78 KB, 828x1004, IMG_1528.jpeg)

and this is her boyfriend.

No. 1923437

Ew wtf, why, just why

No. 1923438

Lol imagine starving yourself for that

No. 1923446

It seems the creepy old men aren't the only perverts on insta, the anachans are also into gerontophilia. What a match.

No. 1923466

Well she still likes to shit on Jackyln Glen as "not a true friend" even though Jacklyn hasn't mentioned her in years out of respect. This is the company she wants, that's the company she gets.

I also get a low key vibe that Eugenia hates other women.

No. 1923472

>I also get a low key vibe that Eugenia hates other women.
She does and it's pretty obvious. She has a strong hate for Jaclyn for trying to get her help even to this day, but if you show her the videos of her "friends" Shane Dawson or Jeffree Starr openly making fun of her in a mean way she will forgive them right away. She has a thing for flamboyant faggots for sure, just look at how she behaves with Jeffree. You can also see how different her behaviour is between men and women when she does her tiktok battles.

No. 1923475

I feel like Eugenia being a faghag is one of the least surprising things about her.

No. 1923494

To be fair Jacklyn is annoying as fuck and very self righteous. I wouldn’t wanna be friends with her either. But yes she worships flamboyant aggressive fag moids like Jeffree who have eating disorders too and enable her. Gay men always love encouraging women to starve themselves to death, I’ve seen it countless times irl.

No. 1923496

Stef has been awfully quiet these past few days considering she has a tube. Hopefully they took her phone from her

No. 1923497

The wifi in the hospital probably just isn’t working. Happens all the time.

No. 1923501

maybe they pulled the tube and/or discharged her and she's in mourning

No. 1923511

File: 1699019926218.jpeg (240.96 KB, 734x699, IMG_3389.jpeg)

it wouldn’t be surprising if this recovery rebrand was just kate laying the groundwork for a comeback of sorts. if she drums up tons of support before she becomes “the worst [she’s] been,” she’ll garner plenty of sympathy and it’ll become yet another instance of her being absolved of all of her scummy antics; it would be the evolved version of her classic “i love you all so much you’re all angels and i promise i am a very nice and sweet angel too” + pleading emoji tweets.
what indication has she given that she’s actively working towards recovery other than baking (something that people who are actively disordered often do to get to enjoy being around food and feed others instead of themselves)? eating more is not recovering in and of itself.
I guess it’s a tinfoil but this situation reads to me like “I can’t stop reactive eating after losing weight rapidly so I’m just going to call it a recovery era”

No. 1923513

>I am trying, and at least I can say that honestly.
Trying to what? Trying to not eat like you told the nurses? Kek, I can't take her seriously

No. 1923518

Isn’t Jeffery her conservator(spoonfeeding request; still hasn't learned to sage)

No. 1923519

I don't think Eugenia necessarily hates women, she's only really been close with Jaclyn and that ended when Jaclyn got her 51/50'd which interfered with Eugenia's eating disorder so her hatred towards her is probably just based off that. Other than Jaclyn the only other woman in her life is her mom who seems to be Eugenia's best friend. I think she bases her like and dislike of people off whether they enable her ED or interfere with it. She's also been kind to Dorian when people ask about her on livestream, and she was nice to Educating Shanny when Shanny enabled and defended her, but when she started making more pointed videos about Eugenia's ED she stopped being kind about Shanny. All the fags she surrounds herself with are enablers, Jeffree, Sloan, Shane. She's not kind to fags like fiftyshadesofchestpains or oh lordy it's jordy because they call her out. Not to mention in one of Eugenia's earliest leaked videos she prank called someone's dad and said stuff about their son "shoving dildos up his ass" and needing a diaper because he can't shit properly now because he's gay and gets ass fucked or something like that kek, I think she just likes people who let her dwell in her self destructive eating disorder without any pushback.

No. 1923524

>this situation reads to me like “I can’t stop reactive eating after losing weight rapidly so I’m just going to call it a recovery era”
My thoughts exactly! She fasts so much and often that bingeing is eventually bound to happen. It's easier on the mind to frame it as recovery and that's basically a free pass to binge for a while. Now she's obviously planning her "relapse". She's not uncomfortable from anything else but all the food weighing in her stomach.

No. 1923527

No, and anyone who fell for that rumor is a literal retard. Sage and learn to pick up on sarcasm

No. 1923539

She is annoying but seems to genuinely care about Eugenia. I've heard that the reason modelling has such issues with EDs is because gay men run it. Do you believe that?

No. 1923541

I feel like her mom and brother tells her people concerned about her weight are just jealous or something like that and she's internalized that as all women being jealous she's thin.

No. 1923554

File: 1699028904487.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1529, IMG_6745.jpeg)

Self obsessed much?

No. 1923555

>when starving is your only accomplishment

No. 1923583

File: 1699036520139.jpeg (335.32 KB, 1170x2179, IMG_6759.jpeg)

The way Dulcie is getting called out on tiktok is cracking me up. At least she doesn’t delete all the comments like some creators I guess

No. 1923584

File: 1699036547610.jpeg (312.74 KB, 1170x1989, IMG_6760.jpeg)

No. 1923586

File: 1699036733248.jpeg (998.66 KB, 1170x1952, IMG_6761.jpeg)

“Guysss I’m not a recovery account just block me “
Proceeds to tag her videos with Ed recovery and Ana recovery

No. 1923597

File: 1699038196306.png (2.47 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20231103-150258.png)

No. 1923604

File: 1699038943509.png (1.79 MB, 853x1416, Screenshots_2023-11-03-14-23-3…)

No. 1923610

our queen

No. 1923611

What does she do for a living?

No. 1923613

I know she is technically not a cow anymore but I genuinely enjoy seeing these random N2F posts. It personally brings the mood back up in the thread when I start to get irritated or bored with these other cows. Good for her. I also love that she got better before she got pregnant, so it’s not just an empty excuse or hope that a kid will make her better, I think she is in a much better place mentally and physically and it’s manifesting amazing things for her! Proof that change is possible. Go momma!

No. 1923615

I love her growth, it's inspiring honestly. I wish her nothing but the best. Although, I'm super curious what crazy name she's gonna give her baby lol.

No. 1923616

I do have my doubts. Postpartum is rough and unpredictable. But I agree, right now it's really lovely to see updates

No. 1923635

Wow, I feel like this is the most normal picture she's ever posted. Her hair even looks clean and styled.

No. 1923643

i want to believe that she’s just exaggerating about “literally” shoving her whole hand in her gaping maw, since the lacerations at the corners of her mouth could easily be caused by repeated irritation from enzymes/acids, but given her dependence on laxatives and diuretics, i have to accept that she’s just…that bad at vomiting. not that i’m advocating for her to be better at it, kek

No. 1923697

File: 1699057054672.jpeg (550.32 KB, 1165x2115, B26E2797-6899-4BE1-9B11-C4A67F…)

I just don’t get what the hospitals in Scandinavia are doing. Like she’s been tubed and hospitalised for what feels like years, surely this ‘treatment’ is not it. Like do they just let them fully engage in their ED while IP but also scratch their heads like why aren’t they getting better

No. 1923698

File: 1699057098562.jpeg (652.2 KB, 1170x1895, FC231A35-F064-47B8-8653-A936BE…)

Looks up pro ana scumbag in dictionary

This chick pops up

No. 1923699

Samefag but she’s also being doing outfit shit on her tiktok and like day in the life style Vlogs because her spoop shots in Egypt went viral but kek everyone is just watching cause she’s a skelly but surely she knows that too. She’s also a fully working functioning lawyer

No. 1923718

A lot of Europe is like that. I guess if healthcare is free, you can just hospitalize people forever.

No. 1923723

In one of the comments in her insta posts she says she’s on palliative care

No. 1923725

So I think she has a tube at home and gets admitted only when she gets too unstable to be home

No. 1923747

Wow she’s still around! Remember her from years back.
Who/ which other account is she talking about?

No. 1923757

Socialised healthcare doesn’t mean free. It’s free at the point of use but it’s funded via taxes, so in Scandinavia they have really good maternity and paternity leave for many jobs, but the income tax is very high. Not that these cows work or pay the tax….

No. 1923788

File: 1699077311415.jpeg (991.7 KB, 828x1326, IMG_0556.jpeg)

Not Veronica with the red bracelet!!!

No. 1923798

It could also be from vitamin deficiencies, a lack of Iron and B vitamins can cause that, so can dehydration

No. 1923813

God I love her she’s so crushed-velvet-sofa French-bulldog love-island cheeky Nando’s core.

No. 1923819

health care in Europe isn't "free", omg, just payed from peoples' taxes. I don't know about Scandinavia, but here hospitals are understaffed and the staff is overworked and usually burnt out, anachans can't be supervised 24/7, if they don't want to gain weight, they won't.

No. 1923878

She is so naturally gorgeous! She's glowing! Im glad she ditched the spider-lashes and extensions

No. 1923879

Hey Mum is there basically every day aswell and they go on outings ask the time. With years on the ng and IP more than not, how is she not gaining and why are they letting her not gain?

No. 1923882

So genuinely happy for her! She looks so well and glowing. Unlike some mentioned on this thread, she’s actually got on with life seemingly quite independently without being a revolving door patient, or coddled by professionals, mummy or daddy like others. Always have a soft spot for N2F

No. 1923919

File: 1699116433077.png (841.32 KB, 574x702, amalie9.png)

I don't follow her but I looked at her insta and she doesn't look bad at all. At least not like someone who could drop dead any second. This was 3 weeks ago

No. 1923921

File: 1699117539290.jpg (1010.18 KB, 1078x5468, Rich lux.jpg)

I hate this fat fuck so much. Clout chasing scumfuck using Eugenia Cooney as clickbait. This whole Jeffree, Rich Lux, Eugenia arc is so revolting. But she's getting the attention she so desperately wants right now.

No. 1923925

File: 1699117683729.png (317.2 KB, 793x902, tara.png)

By sounds Tara is in hospital now for what it's worth, looking at her account she posted about suicide, did a "room tidy" post and went MIA worrying people. Hope she accepts the help, she's young enough to be able to pull out of it if she puts her mind to it. Though thinking about it, a little sceptical about how on earth she communicated without having a device, unless it got taken after the fact.

No. 1923937

Kek, agreed so hard

No. 1923944

What does the red bracelet mean?

No. 1923948

Anachans from the early 2000s would wear red string bracelets as like a secret symbol of anorexia

No. 1923988

File: 1699130189745.jpg (691.7 KB, 1079x1494, Screenshot_20231105_042914_Ins…)

Sage cause not really milky but found a new baby Macaque monkey. She just does selfies and a non descript comment basically

No. 1923989

File: 1699130226956.jpg (732.69 KB, 1079x1415, Screenshot_20231105_042856_Ins…)


No. 1923991

File: 1699130421024.jpg (615.14 KB, 1079x1795, Screenshot_20231105_043011_Ins…)


No. 1924088

File: 1699144478143.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1534, IMG_0565.jpeg)

No. 1924089

File: 1699144504962.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1421, IMG_0566.jpeg)

No. 1924144

She also got noticed by the jellycat ceo somehow once and now she just kisses his ass kek

No. 1924156

What was the account she was complaining about?

No. 1924158

it was a vague post, nobody knows

No. 1924163

File: 1699154857193.jpeg (398.75 KB, 828x1249, 114A5706-0B27-4B41-AD20-525127…)

Apparently not restricting and “going all in almost made her die. Just so many excuses to not recover

No. 1924177

oh fuck off cunt. you sound absolutely ridiculous. as if anyone believes a word you're saying.

No. 1924180

sounds like a good argument for her to go to an inpatient program and refeed under supervision, if she wasn't lying through her teeth about wanting to recover.

No. 1924192

I don't know anything about her, so I have no way of telling how truthful she is here.
But regardless, it looks like she is just replying to some recovery influencer here and uhm.
Maybe don't take medical advice for a serious and very individual illness from random people on the internet and run with it?
I get not everyone can consult a doctor for a plethora of reasons, but there's ways to do your own medical research and maybe if you don't want to or can't consult a doctor, don't engage in such extreme measures?
I mean, okey, people with eds usually struggle with doing things in moderation, but then that's the illness' fault?

I just don't see why she thinks she can reasonably blame "people like" that person, unless those people were selling themselves as a trustworthy medical source (say, fake doctor's degrees for example).

No. 1924196

please she is just straight up full of shit. there is no way she just randomly decided to take advice or suggestions from anyone on social media because she felt pressured or bullied into it. her whole thing all this time had been her preaching about recovery and not wanting actual professional help because she seriously thinks she is a fucking all knowing expert. this is all just lies and bullshit.

No. 1924207

looks like you came from reddit. obsessed much. kek.

No. 1924209

She portrayed herself as a recovery influencer and gave soap box Ted Talk speeches on her account, all the while not gaining weight 'all in'. If she ate all that food and her body essentially went into shock why did she not gain? Not even in her face a little. She loved feeling special and having minions who claim she's inspirational. She got off on it. Her speeches were cringey af to watch, so disingenuous and for her to blame someone else for her health (even if it were true but we know it's not) she's responsible for her own intake and health. There's no reason why she couldn't consult a professional. All in should mean your full health and behaviors not just food. But any reason for a spoop to stay a spoop will be done. Fuck your egocentricity and lack of accountability.

No. 1924214

Nta but who cares where the anon came from, finally we get a spoonful of milk. Even if it is just half and half

No. 1924217

Rachel claimed she was SEED and not in "recovery" until she was in a better place months ago. spoiled milk imo. I stopped caring when she was giving suicidal vibes. I don't wanna be responsible for that. a good portion of AN people in her state die from health complications OR suicide because they're so miserable or in that much pain.

No. 1924218

All I know about this cow is what's posted to the thread, milk is milk let me enjoy it without being annoying

No. 1924232

Great, she's scaring off any more comments on her health because any advice could 'nearly kill her again' ffs

No. 1924233

best part is she hasn't posted in a month. they're attacking her on a post from 10-10 lol.

No. 1924243

File: 1699175098659.jpg (496.03 KB, 1920x1920, 20231105_170244014.jpg)

I dunno wtf is going on here

No. 1924244

File: 1699175130424.jpg (439.95 KB, 1080x1877, 231105_141330_Instagram.jpg)


No. 1924245

Who was she replying to anon?

No. 1924248

What even is this I'm scared.

No. 1924249

File: 1699176353537.jpg (135.39 KB, 1080x649, Screenshot_20231105_022613_Tik…)

No. 1924257

Can somone explain how she's not been just America'sectioned or detained or whtver

No. 1924259

in most states, it doesn't happen very much for anorexia and is pretty much just for an immediate threat to kill yourself and/or someone else or really serious psychosis. unless her family tries to get a guardianship, she can easily fly under the radar in most places.

No. 1924269

Hence EC.

No. 1924270

File: 1699184174989.png (1.44 MB, 736x1344, Screenshot 2023-11-05 223309.p…)

ganer is in hospital. dunno if its to do with her fucked up leg again or…

No. 1924271

File: 1699184238907.png (922.9 KB, 745x1357, Screenshot 2023-11-05 223436.p…)

shes looking pretty fucking smug.

No. 1924273

Could she have injured herself even worse because she refused to stop exercising? Surgery on the leg in the horizon? Is she looking so smug because she achieved this by constant obsessive exercise and she's proud of it? Proud of how disciplined she is just like when starving? Is she looking forward to relapsing with anorexia if she can't train after a possible surgery?

No. 1924276

No. 1924290

File: 1699190382910.jpg (1.03 MB, 1079x1751, Screenshot_20231105_194724_Ins…)

Definitely not infantile or attention grabbing

No. 1924302


That’s because her friends wheeling her to the shop to buy fucking chicken.

No. 1924374

File: 1699212858139.png (3.07 MB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20231105-192500.png)

Funny how every injury of hers is from mundane every day movements (allegedly). She must feel physically awful when working out

No. 1924376

She’s full of shit. Another excuse to stay deep in her ED. Claims she needs some special diet now that is very orthorexic friendly. Very Zara-esque. The delusions with this one are so strong. I can’t believe she thinks people buy this shit. Complaining about $$$ and blaming the internet for it - just setting herself up for another successful gofundme.

No. 1924379

Snapping your femur is pretty fucking serious. If she has osteoporosis she should have been being a hell of a lot more careful with her training and nutrition. Whoever that roid head coach of hers was should be disgusted.

No. 1924381

Exactly. People have been preaching to her in her comments for months now and she did nothing. She went on a crazy binge cycle because the body can’t go on like that forever and she gave herself refeeding like an idiot trying to recover at home. And is trying to call it all-in instead of admitted she was bingeing. Going all in doesn’t mean you eat 10k calories one day after eating nothing for years on ends. You can’t be a fucking idiot with it.

No. 1924388

She broke her fucking FEMUR just walking up the stairs? That is insane, the femur is the largest bone in your body. If her bones are that brittle she absolutely should not be lifting like she does. No sane coach would take her on as a client.

No. 1924399

i don't know honestly, but that seems like it would be excruciatingly painful! and those are crutches next to her in that pic? i would think she would be on complete bed rest, no? can someone really walk with crutches in that condition? god i honestly feel bad for once tbh!

No. 1924405

Nobody alert becca about the competition in severe and excruciating bone pain

No. 1924416

Sorry not contributing anything new but I just can't believe she broke her femur doing virtually nothing. She trains daily knowing her bones are THIS FUCKED ??

No. 1924418

File: 1699218601668.png (182.39 KB, 797x1380, Screenshot 2023-11-06 080434.p…)


fr, and the fact that the femur is both the thickest & strongest bone makes me believe that she was doing more than "walking up stairs".
most likely she looked up quad strain recovery time, then halved the MINIMUM recovery time = 2 weeks, then jumped straight back onto a machine and SNAP!

also, who tf self diagnoses a quad tear/strain without even seeing a Dr. and getting an MRI to confirm??

No. 1924430

File: 1699221132738.jpg (398.99 KB, 1080x1204, Screenshot_20231106_054732_Chr…)

No. 1924432

File: 1699221224175.jpg (112.24 KB, 1080x864, Screenshot_20231106_054306_Chr…)

Her femur bone didn't snap in half

No. 1924433

File: 1699221272867.jpg (195.03 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20231106_054056_Chr…)

No. 1924434

File: 1699221306411.jpg (145.03 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20231106_054822_Chr…)

No. 1924436

File: 1699221591759.jpg (155.77 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_20231106_055957_Chr…)

No. 1924440

File: 1699221870790.jpg (285.63 KB, 922x799, Screenshot_20231106_060445_Chr…)

No. 1924478

i really wish and hope she will actually be 100% open and truthful about this situation, because it's actually got me concerned, and i feel like she could really help people if she shares about this with full honesty

No. 1924516

I think it's possible she snapped it walking up the stairs but the initial weakening of the bone is because of her anorexia and insane exercise regime. I've heard of that happening before where the bone is damaged and put to near breaking point from a fall or intense amounts of weight on it but it holds out until some mundane activity that just happens to be the straw the breaks the camels back. Blog but my mom broke her femur last year and it was just from hitting the ground from a standing position, but she has osteoporosis and other health problems that lead to the bone weakening, the doctor told us that some people's bones can even break just by standing there before they hit the ground. So Ganer already has issues that elderly people get, I don't think she realizes how close to being over her bodybuilding days are. Some people don't even fully regain mobility after an injury like that

No. 1924526

File: 1699237783739.jpg (756.98 KB, 1079x1770, Screenshot_20231106_102916_Ins…)

Hans face looking a lot less full

No. 1924530

File: 1699238195407.jpg (489.71 KB, 1920x1160, Bc.jpg)

We got ourselves some not so subtle body checks

No. 1924551

Did she include the stuff on her tiktok comments that she shared on her Insta. She did like a 20 Insta story story about how some fucked doctor was trying to get her sectioned or something and the nurses were helping her. I know it’s an image board but there were like 20 of them and she’s on public

No. 1924554

She’s claiming a glycogen storage disease and needing to be on a diet for reactive hypoglycaemia??? Any med fags know what’s up with this

No. 1924556

I mean, she may have temporarily fucked herself because anorexia can cause reactive hypoglycemia, but that just means that she needs to be in a hospital getting a slow glucose drip or continuous feeds, not that she needs to do more restrictive bullshit.

No. 1924572

just saw. they tend to go hand in hand. type 4 usually isn't detected until adulthood, and unfortunately the diet she described is accurate. it's shitty restrictive and all the foods she mentioned are right. you have to eat every 2-3 hours and space out carbs. sucks to suck.

No. 1924596

also looks like she had some sort of genetic testing back in 2021 for the hemochromotosis highlight. they probably just reused the data. i was like ok girlfriend dna testing doesn't come back that fast. but looks like old data she had from before. moved to new doctor. still weird.

No. 1924600

> eat every 2-3 hours
She's fucked, kek, we all know she won't do that.

No. 1924603

Could she die if she doesn't?

No. 1924605

File: 1699258230675.jpg (578.34 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20231106_161034_Chr…)

For those who are dumb like me

No. 1924606

yep. said she's on a dexcom now.

No. 1924608

doesn't surprise me tbh. look at her videos. her face and hands scream jaundice and liver issues.

No. 1924611

>Glycogen storage disease type IV (GSD IV), also known as Andersen's disease, is a rare inherited metabolic disorder caused by a genetic mutation affecting the glycogen branching enzyme (GBE). This leads to the production of abnormal glycogen with long, unbranched chains, which cannot be properly broken down and used for energy. The accumulation of this abnormal glycogen in the liver can cause hepatomegaly and impaired liver function, while in muscles it can result in weakness and other complications. Treatment typically involves symptom management, such as dietary adjustments, and in some cases, liver transplantation. GSD IV varies in severity and requires lifelong attention.

So she could die from it?

No. 1924614

yeh. i see this going three ways. either her genetics are going to kill her, he eating disorder, or her depression. pretty fucked either way.

No. 1924620

as you quoted it varies in severity, but combined with her ED which could alone kill her soon…

No. 1924623

Tbh with her scamming history I won't believe this bitch has anything unless she does bite it and it's on her death certificate. I don't care how mentally ill she is, it doesn't give her the right to keep on begging for money under false pretences.

No. 1924627

Did she never get a bone density scan? For someone with her history alone that would be recommended, not to mention the combination of her health history + heavy weight lifting. She has mentioned she never got a period, she certainly must know to some extent that she has weak bones… sorry but her own negligence of her heath is alarming. Her healing processes is also going to be fucked with what I imagine is saw dust for bones. Pretty sure her body building dreams are over at this point.

No. 1924628

where did she beg recently? i can't find anything. last i saw was the gofundme but that was months ago.

No. 1924629

agreed. i mean if she was able to break the strongest bone her body like that… just imagine how easy it would be to break anything else.

No. 1924631

From what I recall from old videos - yes, she has had confirmed osteoporosis w/ density scans for years now.

Her hope (or delusion) was that weight training would improve it.

It's very similar to her approach to hormonal treatment - she has confirmed medical tests showing it's utterly fucked but she will do nothing except hope bodybuilding magically fixes it.

No. 1924644

See I would have sympathy for her if she hadn't preached her method of so called recovery at others and shouted it from the rooftops the way she has. As it stands it's good this has happened to her in a way because it might be a wake up call for her followers that she's deluded and full of shit. She's finally setting a better example in the most messed up way possible.

No. 1924647

File: 1699273194532.png (610.62 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20231106-121750.png)

Very sad but I believe she will resume bodybuilding/working out as soon as she is out of the hospital, and continue wrecking her body forever.

No. 1924648

so much about her body building "strength". she has weaker bones than a grandma.

No. 1924649

I wonder if there's a point for her where more muscle strength will make things worse. Like, can the muscle become too strong and produce too much force for the extremely weak bones which can't change to catch up?

No. 1924660

I'm eager to see how she'll manage with not being able to exercise after surgery

No. 1924664

Damn that is such a bad break, she's really going to have to properly recover this time and not just switch ED's because she'll never be able to get back to over doing it on the gym equipment like she used too. I feel bad for her but maybe this will be the thing that finally pushes her towards recovery

No. 1924670

Yeah, common injuries with lifting are joints and tendons because they can't keep up with the work that the muscles are capable of doing

No. 1924686

So this is the health scare we all knew would happen… I'm sorry she's in pain, but crossing my fingers she finally starts being a fucking lawyer and stops with putting her discipline into slowly killing herself for an illusion of success and recovery.
But man, I guess this forced rest will hit her psyche like a train.

No. 1924698

File: 1699286493444.jpeg (401.65 KB, 828x1403, 77E7E509-BCA2-4CB7-8BD4-4257A7…)

Rachel’s explanation on why she was gone it’s like 6 stories long b

No. 1924699

File: 1699286523645.jpeg (417.98 KB, 828x1432, 07979B51-69EF-4E74-B638-88F968…)


No. 1924701

File: 1699286699206.jpeg (383.89 KB, 828x1370, B0D1AC61-8B83-4748-9AB4-0606AE…)

Long story short she blames people trying to make her actually recover for going to the hospital instead of admitting that she is just not actually recovering and being enabled to stay sick

No. 1924702

Oh fuck off kek, yeah it's the comments fault you almost died not your own dumbass for being a spoop. Take accountability ffs, anachans are such coddled babies, what a retard

No. 1924739

what kind of bullshit is this? you cant diagnose GSD's based off of genetic tests. the markers just mean you have the potential to have a child who could be symptomatic. you would not make it to her age with this disease, especially with all of the fond stories of eating sweets and carbs as a child and in her phases of recovery. i believe they also cause food preferences, like all inborn errors of the metabolism, where she would naturally dislike those foods (and have a preference for high-fat foods, like butter and whole milk, but, she just wants an excuse to restrict).

No. 1924743

sorry forgot to sage. got heated and haven't used an imageboard in a minute

No. 1924754

it might be possible that it's a milder form that only causes symptoms in adulthood and doesn't she basically has a preference for not eating which obviously helps her to not make too much abnormal glycogen?

No. 1924755

>can't eat most "typical fear foods"

Okay. Sure. She couldn't be more transparent if she tried.

No. 1924757

She’s full of shit I doubt she attempted recovery. She ended up in the hospital for her Ed and not recovering and just using this as an excuse to further not listen she’s no medical exception

No. 1924771

I know this is no hot take but something this board really hits home for me is there there is no true recovery from extreme spoopness. Ganer is a perfect example. She put some weight on but only under the pretense of still controlling every aspect of her body and food. There is no way this injury is not going to seriously fuck with her and she will either completely relapse or begin over exercising on an injury and inevitably re-injur herself. Look at Chii, she’s totally bullshitting herself and everyone else about her recovery. Underweight, still no period, she’s going to fuck her body almost as badly as ganer. Rachel is obviously going to die sooner or later…. And look at all the cows over the years who have met their untimely end. This board is a cautionary tale. There’s no coming back from that shit.

No. 1924773

File: 1699297121847.jpg (559.46 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20231106_115906_Chr…)

i think she's referring to things like white carbs. donuts, white bread, candy, things that you can't consume with hypoglycemia. it does add up despite being fucked.

No. 1924775

this is not necessarily true, you just don't see actually recovered people here because they aren't lolcowing on social media

No. 1924776

med fag coming out. i study epigenetics and the body's a wild thing. stress, environmental factors and diet (which she has obviously fucked with kek) can turn "on" and "off" different genetic mutations and markers in our DNA. it doesnt change your DNA but "wakes up" different underlying issues. chances are all her shit made her body go loco and flipped a bunch of "switches." i.e. the heredity hemochromotosis. adults can later develop GSD, but in a milder less severe form. her brain may be fried because type four is rare, but I wouldn't be surprised if she had one of the other subtypes. again with her jaundice and lanky appearance with the heart shit and now low blood sugar.

No. 1924777

Oh she's FUCKED fucked. Getting a rod through your femur is no small thing. It can take months if not a year to get back up to normal activity like walking. Who even knows if she'll be able to lift like she used it, especially considering the bone they're drilling into is already weak. What a nightmare.

No. 1924782

Oh how fucking convenient. I swear these anas lies just get more and more blatant by the day. The very illness that means you can't eat the things people are telling you to so you have an easy out on recovery and an excuse to be orthorexic.

Anyone who belives a word she says is a fucking moron.

No. 1924814

Good call, nonna. I'm wondering if the links to Laura's, Enara's and Emily's accounts should also be removed now that they've been relegated to the Cluster B thread?

"In the clear" my ass - she obviously just behavior swapped anorexia for orthorexia and obsessive exercise, giving her body absolutely no chance to heal from years of damage caused by malnutrition.

No. 1924823

kek, as if a doctor is going to offer to personally cover all the costs of your treatment. the more realistic story would be that they'd offer to connect her to charity funds and try to reduce the bill / donate their own services pro-bono, but honestly an ER doctor is not the type of doctor that can donate pro-bono services.

No. 1924829

Come now, that's no way for a little Bean Sprout to talk, kek.

No. 1924833

Any med fags able to comment on how successful/challenging it is to insert a rod into what is likely extremely brittle bone? Do we have any over/ under on how Garner's going to react to this. So far she seems to have not shared anything demonstrating any insight into the fact that she still has garbage nutrition and overworks a vulnerable body. Agree she is proper fucked. I would feel bad for her if she wasn't so smug and stupid.

No. 1924840

For a stress fracture at the site I am imagining hers to be at, a rod insertion isn't even foregone conclusion. Granted I'm pathology and not an ortho, but she could very well have a mesh cage similar to ones used for spinal fusions and if necessary, donor bone or medical coral to bridge the "gap."

No. 1924853

It's not a stress fracture any more. She snapped it in two

No. 1924875

Ahh, well apologies then - thank you for correcting me.

No. 1924878

Wtf Marie Senechal died. That was kept quiet. Her family must be finding it so difficult keeping it all under control. I only found out because I kept seeing people asking how it happened and others mentioning a news story from that day. People are naturally curious but it'll all come out at an inquest I'd assume. She was the only ED/BPD influencer I've ever seen to not have a fanbase go completely toxic.

No. 1924882

Wasn’t this posted 2 months ago here >>1888105 ?

No. 1924883

File: 1699313634637.png (650.68 KB, 828x1792, 07DC7E14-A6C5-4970-A5CC-0D2385…)

May hasn’t been posted for a while despite being her normal cow self. Constantly complaining about how bad her ED is yet cannot comprehend when the consequences come back to bite her. Constantly complaining about how bad everything is yet won’t commit to therapy properly or ask for a more intensive programme. Also, the constant overuse of emojis?? Grow up.

No. 1924884

> May: bursts into tears every fucking five minutes while at work
> Also May: Why does my supervisor think I can't handle my workload??

No. 1924898

Still as insufferable as always I see. It’s not discrimination it’s because you’re a fkn liability. She wanted to be a speshul snowflake so bad and now she is and it’s not so fun is it?! This woman is lucky she’s still employed in patient care, I wouldn’t let her touch my loved ones with a 10 foot pole.

No. 1924913

File: 1699319761994.jpeg (20.92 KB, 236x263, IMG_6712.jpeg)

bitch knows she’s gonna ruin christmas for her family again, that’s why she’s out here smirking like the damn grinch. just look at it!

No. 1924922

What depression

No. 1924927


Apologies nonnie, didn't catch that.
The poster speculating about the cause seems to be correct.

No. 1924938

File: 1699324502359.jpg (955.23 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20231106_193334_Tik…)

No. 1924941

This is standard treatment, but it’s just that the person is usually fucking 80

No. 1924943

That’s old news.

No. 1924946

No. 1924947

Major nitpick but she's separating diagnosis to look more mentally ill, Anxiety and Agoraphobia should be in the same category and Emetophobia and Dermatillomania aren't stand alone diagnosis, Dermatillomania is just a malformed coping mechanism. That's like saying she's diagnosed with nail biting, it's a symptom of something else not a diagnosis kek. She's trying so hard to be ~mentally ill uwu~

No. 1924954

I felt like something was… weird with her. Autism. Anyone tissue. notice a lot of the ana cows have 'tism.

No. 1924955

File: 1699328447623.jpg (849.07 KB, 1080x1528, RR.jpg)

Sorry hit reply too soon.

No. 1924968

Red string bracelets are also associated with Buddhism and Kabbalah. But this is the anachan thread so probably that.

No. 1924972

Tabitha ferrar or whatever she’s called had autism when she was anorexic but then not when she recovered. Fi craved the diagnosis so did that irish ais girl.

No. 1924973

When anorexia meets breast implants

No. 1924976

Idk Nona, if she thought it was a quadriceps strain it could be further away from the hip joint unless there was referred pain. If not then technically she’s broken her hip like a grandma. I feel worried for her either way as she’s likely panicking underneath about not being able to exercise

No. 1924978

In my non medical professional opinion she’d already be dead from it. Even if far more survivable if not detected early, if she’d ever had her liver function checked they’d have known something was up. All glycogen storage disorders are inbuilt, present from birth and start fucking your body up from day 1 just with differing severity.

I don’t refute the reactive hypoglycaemia though, that’s common when starting to eat normally again. Even people recovered for years find they have issues with it sometimes.

No. 1924979

You can, you just have to make sure it’s compensated with more complex carbs and proteins. Not to PL but I had this issue for a long time, I could have e,g, a sweet dessert after a balanced meal and be fine but something like sweet pancakes for breakfast (aka the Ham Special) would lead to a major hypo soon after. It’s quite well known among recover/ing/ed anas, but medical staff never seem to understand why.

No. 1924981

You can’t just stop having autism. I guess her rigid/compulsive behaviours and the antisocial habits of many anorexics can mimic some autistic diagnostic points, as can some effects of starvation, but either she is and always has been autistic or never was.

No. 1924983

You can't really be sure about other diagnoses for anorexics until they've either been refed or you have info from someone who knew them before the ed. Anorexia can cause symproms that look like a lot of other psychiatric illnesses that go away when the patient is more nourished. A well-educated / experienced medical provider will know that and will wait to make other diagnoses. Unfortunately, now a lot of people either self diagnose or are seeing providers who don't actually know how a lot of these things work.

No. 1924988

Very true, I knew an anachan who had the worst anxiety I had ever seen and tried to get help for it through medication and therapy. Literally nothing worked until she recovered, then it went away completely. It's funny cause she would complain that psychiatrists would always tell her they can't help with the anxiety until they address the ED but it turns out they were all right kek

No. 1925003

sorry for possibly dumb question but wtf does "not to PL" mean

No. 1925004

PL = powerlevel

No. 1925033

File: 1699343082358.jpeg (762.34 KB, 1169x2021, C0CEE37F-9761-47BC-B1AF-0A6273…)

Rattle rattle

No. 1925035

yuck i don't really know much about this person, but that's the most disgusting chest pic i've seen. god you really have to think that actually looks good for you to wear something so revealing when your chest looks like that.

No. 1925036

File: 1699344011716.png (527.97 KB, 424x760, Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 2.00…)

Em is finally admitting to her relapse after insisting that she was in the hospital for months on an ng tube for chronic lyme

No. 1925039

As fucking if Rachel has some genetic illness that makes it impossible for her to eat those foods. Reactive hypos are so common in anorexia. And a doctor who was ignorant of that has just fueled her eating disorder

No. 1925041

What happened to becky the dog?

No. 1925045

File: 1699350771500.png (417.08 KB, 766x1351, Screenshot 2023-11-07 205136.p…)

lol, the delulu is strong in this one…

watch this space as she will no doubt go back to her usual batshit-crazy routine and fuck herself up some more!

No. 1925048

Wow are everyone in her vicinity incompetent as shit or is she full of shit herself?

No. 1925050

Okay I'm confused to shit because doesn't bone take months to heal? Did she just misconstrue everything they told her cause something doesn't add up

No. 1925052


i can smell a medical malpractice lawsuit a'cooking

No. 1925055

File: 1699353808938.jpg (460.91 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231107_103718_Goo…)

A nurse, any fucking nurse, needs to detain her on an s299 until she can get a psych Eval, given her history of anorexia and the injury itself and still laser-focused on returning to exercise immediately.
You cannot, shouldn't,(and I do not believe she was told otherwise anyway) return to walking and cycling immediately after an ORIF
She actually just has to be fully lying. There's no way any staff of the hospital have told her this. Maybe a porter with no medical knowledge?

No. 1925067

I think she might have confused them describing rehabilition with like, her regular exercise. Which it's… not.

I'm guessing the "light lower body training" is literally like, gradually adding weight bearing and working on making sure the surrounding muscles don't completely atrophy.

No. 1925087

just a positive example of recovered spoops… if anyone remembers this girl, she suddenly disappeared off social media but I remembered her real name (not writing it here) and googled her, and she seems to be doing very well, doing her phD about plasma physics.

No. 1925088

File: 1699364268008.jpg (188.13 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_n5qf7r4cMT1sua21uo1_128…)

sorry forgot the pic.

No. 1925093

Is this supposed to be her recovered? She still looks like a spoop, how the hell do you do a phd in that state without copious amounts of stimulants…

No. 1925100

File: 1699366090792.png (284.61 KB, 606x441, Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 15-04…)

no this was when she was sick. ray of hope was her insta, not a lolcow but she had a lot of followers. here is a more recent pic of her from a recorded lecture she did.

No. 1925105

wow good on her

No. 1925136

File: 1699373339492.png (81.49 KB, 720x649, Screenshot_20231107-184222.png)

why's ganer putting these hashtags in her posts? is the state she's in one to be called "strong"? she's the farthest from strong. delusional af

No. 1925138

she's probably just lying because its 100% what she intends to do and she's attempting to gaslight her audience so they don't question it

No. 1925151

okay i completely take back what i said about being concerned and feeling bad for her. fuck this stupid cunt.

No. 1925175

She broke her fucking femur IN HALF. Her own admission. So she's either lying about the severity of her injury or lying about the recovery process. I do not believe for a single moment her doctor said this was all okay and safe. Particularly with her chalk bones.

No. 1925206

The thing that seems most suspect is letting someone bike immediately after surgery. The risk of reinjury in the event of a fall/accident is really high. This girl is fucking nuts. She could not possibly care less about her body and healing it properly.

No. 1925212

I can't imagine the recovery timeline is true . I fractured my tibia and was offered the same kind of surgery with the rod fitted. It's a quicker process than being in a cast but not that quick and there's physio involved, not just jumping back into your old routine.

No. 1925216

Yeah I am wondering if "snapped it in half" is accurate here…

If it is, I'm horrified that her mother didn't call an ambulance apparently? Femur breaks are one of the most painful injuries - if you piggy-backed someone with one they would be screaming in agony into your ear until they passed out in shock, it's… god, this whole story is awful.

No. 1925222

What happened to Marie Senechal? I've literally just heard about this, can't believe it I swear she was doing better in her last video. Was it suicide?(learn to sage)

No. 1925246

>chronic lyme
Ahh the fave of the munchie-ana crossovers.

No. 1925252

I mean, the "piggyback to hospital" was poetic license (considering where you have to hold on with your thighs, hard with a broken femur) but the ambulance services in the UK are so overrun right now because of delays at hospital handover. If the patient is conscious and not in imminent danger of dying, they'll tell you to make your own way to A&E.

No. 1925256

Medfag here
Snapped it in half is a bit dramatic but if it’s a neck of femur fracture the break does go all the way through and the femur moves so her leg would’ve felt weird. It’s also the weakest point of the bone there so don’t think it was at the middle of the long bone, but at the top near the hip joint. Super super common but just in old people.
And in terms of recovery it is standard process to have them up and walking the next day or even same day. The risks from long term bed rest are too high, especially in the normal people who have these surgeries (oldies). But she certainly won’t be back to running and jumping for a while. More lots of walking slowly. Learning how to climb stairs.
But it won’t be fucking body building exercise. It’ll be functional rehab, making sure she can do basic function, not fucking lifting weights.
It’s honestly so fucked as a medfag seeing this injury in a young person.

No. 1925263

The NHS MH services won't admit someone even for suicidal ideation unless they meet very specific criteria. There's just no space or money for more patients.

No. 1925276


Her TikTok shows otherwise, it was a pretty long downward spiral I think, and she didn't get the help she needed. She was so, so depressed in the few months previously, her last video was very drunk and kind of weird, she just wasn't with it IMO, something was wrong, she was about to go on a night out - think she died the day after it was posted

No. 1925277

I was discharged. Well I finally have the "competency" to discharge myself.

I want to thank myself but also you guys for entertaining me every morning during my fasts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1925285

This is what’s so depressing about it. Everyone knew this would happen, but it isn’t a wake up call of any kind for her. She’s obviously thrilled to have found a new form of self-destruction and chomping at the bit to break more bones. What a horrorcow.

No. 1925292

File: 1699397178863.png (2.91 MB, 1170x2532, C0074BBA-543A-4368-B87A-FB96BA…)

For Christ’s sake how is she not embarrassed to beg for shit when she lives in the most expensive city in America. I wish she would sell her phone so we wouldn’t have to see another smiling tube picture

No. 1925297

kek, did the bank of mommy and daddy get bored of paying for her to alternate concerts and trips abroad with months at a time of treatment? Also, $3,000 alone is not going to get her an apartment in NYC. The standard for renting in that market is to ask that you make 40x annually the rent amount. So even if she was trying to rent a studio for like $2000, she'd need a job making $80k to be able to sign a lease with no guarantor.

No. 1925315

God she’s insufferable. She acts like ACUTE was her only option and she was about to drop dead. She probably barely qualified to admit and only went so she could play patient with the real anorexics.

No. 1925317

File: 1699399477523.png (76.18 KB, 668x372, Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 5.24…)

Sounds like her parents may be taking the "tough love" approach and finally cutting her off, which is honestly probably what needs to happen for her to stop fucking around. Wasn't her job working a clothing store? How much disability can she be getting from that? If she's only asking for $3000 she better not be planning to go back to NYC

No. 1925327

Yea the real horror isn't how bad it is but how relaxed she is about it

No. 1925337

I find it interesting how cows are either addicted to treatment or refuse treatment. No in-between.

No. 1925339

I feel like the more intense Ed patients are the ones who refuse treatment. I’m one myself and I view calories via a tube the same as eating food. I can’t understand why people find calories through a tube to be so tolerable(blog)

No. 1925345

Good to know how 'intense' you are. Nice blog.

No. 1925348

File: 1699405672551.png (472.04 KB, 428x630, Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 7.08…)

chii is so obviously gaining zero weight

No. 1925352

This is just plain incorrect. If she has actually broken her femur (very hard to do) and a rod is being implanted there is no way in hell she can be walking and cycling 'immediately after surgery.' She won't be able to put any weight through it for many weeks; probably completely non weight bearing for 6 weeks at the very least, could be 2-3 months if it's a bad break and needs a cage. And that's if it all goes well. They'll be drilling into osteoporotic bone so who knows what complications there will be at this point.

A simple fracture of a small bone eg in the foot usually requires at least 2-3 weeks completely non weight bearing, maybe up to 6 weeks. Sometimes you can get away with having a boot like Laura (what all happened with that?!) so you can walk but you're meant to stay off it as much as possible for up to 6 weeks, not go FOR walks, just a few steps from one room to the next and then gradually load with literally a few minutes of exercise a day,repeated a couple of times with rest in between. That's a simple, small bone.

A femur with a rod in it will not be able to take 'light' gym training in a couple of weeks. Either she misheard the professionals, her injury is not what she made it out to be, or the professionals are somehow insane.

No. 1925353

This recent study (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35021030/) showed no difference in successful healing rates between those who immediately began weight-bearing as tolerated and those who waited. So it seems possible that her doctors may favor immediate weight-bearing as tolerated, although obviously they don't mean "go the gym" and actually mean "work with a physical therapist who will probably have you only doing partial weight-bearing at first, etc"

No. 1925354

I don't think she wants to break more bones. I think she just wants to get back to her exercise addiction but the time line she's provided doesn't fit the injury she describes. An actual broken femur is a big deal and she can't be lifting weights any time soon after that. Rehab exercises with a physio maybe but not what she would think of as exercise. She'd be better off getting one of those old hand cycle things and exercise her arms. That would give her some cardio too. Certainly not cycling and weight lifting. I'm cringeing thinking about her doing squats and box jumps a few weeks after surgery. It just can't happen.

No. 1925357

Immediate weight bearing after a fracture caused by a stress reaction? I guess if the osteocyte activity was back in balance then partial weight bearing and guided, graded rehab would be more beneficial than just lying in a bed. Not sure if this takes her ed and the state of her hormones and bone health into account though.

No. 1925358

wouldn't it be pretty bad for someone with osteoporosis to stop weight-bearing for a few months? one of the big recommendations to preserve what bone density you have left is usually gentle weight-bearing exercise

No. 1925360

True. Delicate balance.

No. 1925361

just shows you what a bad situation ganer has put herself in - she's at risk of serious mobility loss unless she actually follows medical instructions.

No. 1925362

3k? that’s not even enough for a deposit. stefania gives me “it’s a banana, michael. how much could it cost? $10?” energy and i look forward to seeing how she navigates the real world!

No. 1925363

what job on earth could she have where she wouldn't have already exhausted her disability? she's spent a huge amount of 2023 in treatment, her fmla would be long over (if she worked enough to be eligible) and most employers would probably have fired her at this point

No. 1925369

pretty sure she's a sales associate at Kate Spade in SoHo. and it sounds like she's part time. it's possible she qualified for some amount of disability (maybe?? NY laws are fairly generous) but more likely that they're just like, "its ok, we can put you back on the schedule when you get back from treatment." When you're part time it's generally not a huge deal for the employer because you're hourly anyways, so it's not like they're paying her anything when she's not working.

No. 1925370

she says here >>1925317 that she's on short-term disability. I'm surprised she had that benefit, but she could still be on it. Policies can range from a few months to like a year.

No. 1925375

I’m worried she’s so relaxed about it because she’s already made up her mind to starve herself during the recovery period, which is exactly what healing bones don’t need.

No. 1925392

late, but both of these accounts are ran by a German pedo with a Ana fetish who steals photos from Russian girls telegram channels (usually underage girls) and has dozens of these fake instagram accounts pretending to be them. all use these similar hashtags…don't be fooled.

No. 1925448

Hun clearly not a medfag cause you have no idea what your talking about. She’s got an oesteoporotic fracture, not like she broke the middle of her femur or like a kid breaking their ankle.
I am a medfag and they do get people weight baring just days after surgery so she’s right there. She should be walking (Albiet slowly, with a walker or frame) and not very far within a week. And probs on an exercise bike very slowly and gently after a week too.
Movement is obvs limited a lot initially while it heals.

No. 1925460

It’s interesting how she discusses so easily her SeVeRe AnOrExIa in this but meanwhile on tiktok and Instagram she speaks mostly to ARFID. I think ARFID conveniently allows her to maintain the use of a tube aka maintain her identity with being sooooper sick

No. 1925476

saying you don't have anorexia but starve yourself because of ARFID/OCD/orthorexia/autism etc also makes you special in the ana crowd. Like "I'm not like those basic anachans who starve themselves because of vanity I'm better"

No. 1925490

Fine, this might be true, but what everyone else I'd saying is she's misheard that. She's not heard maybe able to do light exercise on a stationary bike or walking with crutches as
>me go back jim now hurhur doctor said I can
Someone needs to explain to her that even if she has been given this advice that she shouldn't fucking be sharing that to her followers who are probably mostly sick in the head too.
>I snapped my femur IN HALF walking up stairs because my bones are so brittle. They're putting a rod in my leg. I'll be cycling and back at the gym in just a few weeks!
No girlie that's not going to happen you delusional bowl of goop

No. 1925501

I think the break is closer to the middle of her femur and not the hip joint area because they're placing the rod through her knee. If it was her hip/joint area they would go through the side of her hip.

No. 1925623

I bet what she means by short term disability is that they let her leave and told her she could come back to her pt job when she returns from treatment. I don't think she is actually receiving disability benefits from a p/t retail job.

No. 1925629

File: 1699461586122.jpeg (Spoiler Image,668.75 KB, 2048x2048, E3BF3FFC-BFC5-417E-84AB-0D2EB9…)

This is beyond a bizarre way to react to someone reporting your hospital pics wtf

No. 1925636

cringe. i guess this got taken down already, i don't see it there.

No. 1925657

File: 1699465850791.jpeg (Spoiler Image,842.56 KB, 828x1278, D649C8E3-BCE6-4090-A24F-8D9128…)

Spoiler for jump scare from May. She’s sooo super sick but also thinks that eating more for one week will cure her

No. 1925679

Okay I don’t know this one. I thought people were talking about the other May.

No. 1925684

Who is the other May? This is @recoveryfortinyhumans

No. 1925704

I know May loves to harp on about her team are sOoOoo worried about her bla bla bla but honestly if there anything warrants intensive treatment it’s her skin. Trying not to be too mean because I’m not sure she can help but but goddam she’s insufferable. Always whining and exaggerating and blaming her autism for the most cluster b shit. And ofc she wants to be a children’s nurse. Yeah no way would I let this woman around my kids

No. 1925708

File: 1699474360805.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2191, IMG_6912.jpeg)

So confused on why she’s being starred in a show for her anorexia

No. 1925711

File: 1699474480599.jpeg (768.9 KB, 1170x2030, IMG_6913.jpeg)

No. 1925723

This is what I thought too, especially with her thinking the initial stress fracture was a quad strain. If it was in the hip joint she'd have mistaken it for a groin pull.

No. 1925725

She bloody better not be trying to get pregnant.

No. 1925733

Not to wk but tbf her team seem to be the ones who are exaggerating shit. She does look like crap though.

No. 1925735

Huh, interesting. It's a whole show about ed recovery - haven't seen one of those around. Any italianfags here know more?

No. 1925753

nah, she's decided she wants to be a pediatric nurse and she currently does some shifts as a care assistant or whatever looking after babies

No. 1925765

a medfag that can’t spell. agreed tho. also the idea she ‘wants’ to break more bones is a bit ridiculous

No. 1925766

she looks a perfectly healthy weight she’s just ugly

No. 1925817

Fucks sake. We just had a neonatal nurse convicted of munchausen-by-proxy killings here, we don't need another.

No. 1925818

File: 1699492480878.png (242.22 KB, 431x727, Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 7.14…)

she's never going to make it to be an actual nurse, she's barely hanging onto part-time work as an assistant / baby-cuddler / whatever

No. 1925837

Sounds like all she does is complain. Embarrassing.

No. 1925838

you can just tell that she's an enormous pain in that manager's ass and has zero insight into the fact that her behavior is abnormal

No. 1925867

File: 1699504695440.png (1.95 MB, 853x1554, Screenshots_2023-11-08-23-38-2…)

what boss?

No. 1925870

File: 1699504923131.png (824.68 KB, 594x749, Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 10.4…)

Her friend took her to the store in a hospital gown and wheelchair to get slices of chicken because the hospital food was too low-protein. This girl.

No. 1925876

Probably _ghostofme? Nta but that’s the May I thought of.

No. 1925878

She works at M&S doesn’t she? She has a law degree but shelf stacking keeps her on her feet more and leaves her more time to devote to “gaining”.

No. 1925879

Most large UK hospitals have smallish convenience stores inside, often mini versions of conventional supermarkets, and she’s not wrong about the deplorable nutrition of NHS hospital food…

No. 1925886

ohh that's kind of interesting. i had no clue she had a job.

No. 1925889

No mention of ARFID whatsoever. Hmm.(sage)

No. 1925901

I have no screenshot but I recall her once saying (after having worked at M&S a long time) that she was a virtual assistant. FWIW we have a few at my company but there all based in the Philippines, so it’s not generally a high wage job.

No. 1925903

kek thank you for saying this nona I wasn’t brave enough

No. 1925914

File: 1699525688196.png (183.65 KB, 428x637, Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 4.28…)

Enara is literally trying to train other people to say exactly what she wants to hear when she goes to A&E, kek

No. 1925923

Write 'sage' in the email field when not submitting fresh milk to the board(Write 'sage' in the email field when not submitting fresh milk to the board)

No. 1925932

I'm soon-to-be medfag and also autistic but I can't empathize with this girl she is such a self-obsessed drama queen. you either get your head out of your ass and learn how to get over your stupid autistic anxieties or you shouldn't be in this field. I'm all for neurodiversity and stuff but healthcare is not a place for special snowflakes.

No. 1925948

Lol can you?

No. 1925954

File: 1699532066362.jpeg (726.3 KB, 1284x1014, IMG_4890.jpeg)

Why was she sent home with a tube? If she can setup her feed then she should be able to eat the USA is so werid

No. 1925955

File: 1699532259972.png (1.15 MB, 761x1379, Screenshot 2023-11-09 231521.p…)

well that should settle the debate. it appears to be a rod from both her pelvis and straight down the leg too.

(also am i a perv for thinking that was her vagine showing?)

No. 1925956

File: 1699532287181.png (1.21 MB, 798x1348, Screenshot 2023-11-09 231549.p…)

No. 1925961

Well ain’t this awkward..

No. 1925963

File: 1699533269207.png (1.35 MB, 1710x1341, Screenshot 2023-11-09 232614.p…)

also, she posted a video on her feed of her "walking" to the toilet.
not quite the type of walking & cycling the day after surgery she was expecting no doubt.
(repost with diff pic without the nurses face in the bg)

No. 1925969

Kek it's intentional there's newfags on more boards than just this one

No. 1926039

yeah so absolutely no one told her she was going to be lifting in a few weeks. Her mental illness interpretated whatever she was actually told to fit what she wants to happen. She'll be lucky to be back up to normal functioning (normal for a normal human being, not a "bodybuilder" or whatever she calls her gym obsession) in 4 months

No. 1926067

Holy shit her bones must be so weak from all the damage she's done with her ED and workouts, that's more metal than some elderly people get after snapping their hip sockets and femurs completely

No. 1926068

File: 1699554218560.png (1019.5 KB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_20231109-181926~3.p…)

Think I saw thks ex cow mentioned a few weeks back, used to post a lot of obviously body checks but hasn't for a while. Seems to be starting again and constantly complaining about her treatment but makes it damn clear that she isn't following their advice

No. 1926076

Who even is this?? Name?

No. 1926097

File: 1699559470614.png (3.62 MB, 828x1792, E3B4CF6B-9ECC-4512-B813-5760F4…)

I’m assuming Niamh is home on some sort of pass because if they let her out when she still looks like that then they’re as fucked as she is. Body check queen even after being in hospital gotta bend those knees out to get the biggest looking thigh gap(don’t use emojis/ emoticons )

No. 1926098

Do we officially know she was/is ip?

No. 1926106

There was a picture of her on her 18th birthday in hospital. I think it’s on the last thread.

No. 1926109

File: 1699561463645.png (8.88 MB, 1170x2532, AC68C2FE-A44A-4A2D-A6FE-91DADE…)

Jaycie is back again gunning for more asspats. Whats with the tube in her mouth kek

No. 1926112

it pisses me off how careless Niamh is with all the expensive stuff her mum has bought her. That's a bottle of ren skincare on the radiator.
She's looking a bit better at least

No. 1926119

I'm disappointed she doesn't look much better after this amount of time. But why am I surprised, it's the UK - bitches spend months ip without weight gain…

No. 1926126

Yeah still confused why the UK lets them fuck around, thought the funding was already shit

No. 1926130

File: 1699566659533.png (374.91 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_6945.png)

Interesting that being cut off has suddenly made her
1. Be super confident about recovering after years of her posting that she thinks she’ll never get better
2. Drop the arfid diagnosis she’s used to make excuses for fucking around in treatment for months with a tube, since she can’t afford to do that anymore

Honestly it emphasizes truly how much her “chronic” anorexia was just her fucking around in treatment because she didn’t want to get better and have to get a big girl job instead of having people on the internet be sorry for her and her toob

No. 1926145

This seems like a vendetta post. She never posts body checks. And never had a habit of doing so in the past either. She rarely posts anything personal, ED or otherwise.

No. 1926157

Moreso stories than posts and usually on her main account that is private which I've been blocked on kek

No. 1926215

>55s ago

No. 1926219

File: 1699576496150.png (231.17 KB, 1080x2086, Screenshot_20231110-003358.png)

Ganer is somehow a medical miracle? She is probably bearing her teeth through the pain like hell

No. 1926220

she's probably like six decades younger than their average patient. Most people who break femurs are elderly.

No. 1926247

is it just me or do her bones look really… thin?

No. 1926268

File: 1699581717943.jpg (4.4 KB, 203x248, download (2).jpg)

looks normal to me. google femur radio you'll see that's what it looks like.

No. 1926297

File: 1699585500272.png (398.35 KB, 487x692, Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 9.05…)

I can't laugh hard enough at this teenage melodrama. Stef is a grown ass adult posting pictures of "tear drops" on her journal page.

No. 1926299

Did she initially start writing Walmart and then cross it out?

No. 1926302

yeah, she couldn't even start a new page for her jesus drama

No. 1926325

Walmart I need you KEK! Tbf Walmart is much more useful than Jesus but never saw anyone praying to it before.

No. 1926330

Any pics showing where the actual break is? Or can someone interpret this better than me because I can't see it at all. The hardware up at the hip joint seems to suggest it was femoral neck maybe?

No. 1926374

No. 1926378

Especially because she was there voluntarily (according to someone who was there at the same time)

No. 1926402

The aerosol can of hairspray on the radiator is giving me anxiety lol

No. 1926409

kek I read it as Walnut

No. 1926421

File: 1699616957347.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2084, IMG_3864.jpeg)

I’ve never seen an anachan with any dress sense.

No. 1926422

She looks so stupid.

No. 1926440

what are those jowl looking lines on her face near her mouth? looks like she has a goatee kek

No. 1926442

it’s giving the homeless crackheads I see out back of the local walmart

No. 1926462

Why indeed? That looks like a tube for suctioning away saliva like when you’ve had anaesthesia.

No. 1926467

used to blow the biggest loads to niamh, glad she's okay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1926490

she is

No. 1926491

pick me i'm not like other girls

No. 1926496

It's becuase all their clothes are from vinted

No. 1926549

Is Fi back in hospital?

No. 1926617

Don’t drag Vinted anon, you can find some nice stuff on there! These braindead teenagers just have no idea how to dress (pick any random noun out of a hat, slap ‘core’ on the end = profit???)

Anyway to avoid derailing I will say >>1926297 picturing her sprinkling water on it trying to get the drops to plop down perfectly ~aesthetically~ is like something a melodramatic 12 year old would do, before conveniently leaving it out next to a blunt razor for their parents to see. I usually ignore Stef posts but this gave me a chuckle

No. 1926621

Weight loss fucking with fat distribution in the face I guess.

No. 1926639

File: 1699654862719.png (919.06 KB, 853x1366, Screenshots_2023-11-10-16-13-0…)

No. 1926648

Why is she suctioning her mouth…??That’s a yankeur suction tip!

No. 1926670

File: 1699659783962.jpg (570.08 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-11-10_18_39_48.jp…)


No. 1926689

File: 1699663295462.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3222x2682, IMG_0567.jpeg)

Who is em.sorge making proud at an underweight stature FIVE YEARS LATER. The answer is NO ONE. Such a joke. Em, they probably just plan to make a published medical paper about you when you finally die.

No. 1926692

Literally couldn't tell what kind of limb this was.

No. 1926754

it's a leg

No. 1926803

File: 1699684403991.png (719.77 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20231110-215709.png)

bitch you're not 5 years old wtf

No. 1926810

what's wrong with this list?

No. 1926812

I don't think this is what aanon meant, but asking for two international trips is some rich ass shit

No. 1926817

Who tf parents still buys their adult child presents of this expenditure? The fact she expects it is crazy. The shit on that list cries privilege

No. 1926818

File: 1699687840825.jpg (278.94 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20231109_154941_Ins…)

Funny how when she doesn't have the tube she chooses to take a picture from the other side

No. 1926833

What's her username?

No. 1926835

Learn to sage newfag

No. 1926836

File: 1699695072105.jpg (1.22 MB, 1079x1919, Screenshot_20231111_173039_Ins…)

That's what happens when you have a target on your forehead

No. 1926867

Vinted anon here
I was just kinda joking.
I actually got a 400 dollar mj tour jacket for a tenner. Its not bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1926870

Oh boy two whole months! Most people your age have never been in a mental hospital

No. 1926874

I've noticed this too and I think it's because they don't actually care or think about how the clothes look together they just wear whatever combinations that allow them to appear as thin as possible

No. 1926889

stop. please be fucking trolling. it's fucking gross to even make a birthday/christmas list when you're not a literal child.

No. 1926892

Did you read the list anon? "Some of it's a joke"
No, I doubt that. The only times she's ever out of IP is for holidays abroad so Canada and Amsterdam are almost definitely on the 2024 cards. A kitten? "It help Muh mental helf" so I don't think that's an unrealistic ask, either.
You've got to remember they live in Leith, one of the most affordable areas of the lothians, so I assume they do have a fair sum of disposable income given the amount of shite she's accumulated over the years. The blackout tent is a godsend though, I hope to fuck we never see her in her drawers or cupboard again.

No. 1926902

Ngl I think her outfit is kinda cute, but I also have no fashion sense.

No. 1926904

Not to wk but she isn't really wasting a bed because she definitely needs it, it's not like she's a fattychan larping and taking a bed. A better critique would be taking a bed while not taking recovery seriously

Kek same

No. 1926912

i want to know what she blacked out lol what could possibly be too embarrassing to post when you shamelessly post a ridiculous list like this

No. 1926963


They live in portobello. And actually Leith is pretty expensive nowadays, it’s not Livingston or niddrie

But still yeah lawyer dad and teacher mum so they’re not poor

No. 1926966

ha, Leith affordable.

No. 1926982

It's pretty wasteful to take up a bed when you have no intention to recover though, you can get medical treatment in general wards and go home to continue your contortions and purging. I think the palliative care thing was a good move but that's definitely a sidetrack.

Christ, niddrie. Yuck.
Leith is definitely a more affordable area, I feel like most anons read "Edinburgh" and assume the cow lives in the castle itself (or at least westend/oldtown). I think the only cow who's ever been central Edinburgh is Zara, judging by the rooftop she used to sit on at her dads. But of course, we have to believe she's emancipated and self supporting.

Anyway, it doesn't change my point too much. The mortgage will be relatively low which is how they have so much additional disposable income to spoil their little ratty brat, and that list isn't satirical, she's expecting everything on it.

No. 1926994

>It's pretty wasteful to take up a bed when you have no intention to recover though
Yeah that's true, you're right. I guess I was thinking in terms of if she was at a critical point medically, then the bed would be necessary to stabilize her, but I'm not sure what position she was in health wise when she was hospitalized. And her tiktoks around that time did make it seem she was treating the hospital like summer camp.

No. 1926998

File: 1699731539964.jpeg (353.73 KB, 828x1471, CA89D341-6554-443C-82A0-BA26AD…)

aw poor cow can’t donate blood because she’s too small

No. 1926999

even zara wasn't that proud when explaining why she can't donate blood yes she was

No. 1927002

Cringe. Is em studying to be a nurse? How does that seem realistic to her if she’s in hospice?(sage)

No. 1927007

lmfao it's so obvious she definitely sent herself that tell just so she could say that. you can't convince me otherwise. nobody would ask her that.

No. 1927008

isn't she always complaining about her labwork being off? also, she's being dumb, nobody is literally going to weigh her and check if she meets the weight requirement.

No. 1927031

Not to WK, but things such as weight (more so for the BMI) and blood pressure are generally taken before any donation to make sure it’s suitable to draw blood, they also tend to ‘test’ a small amount of blood beforehand for iron levels iirc - for example especially in females, I’m assuming bc of periods etc. In younger females there’s a requirement for them to be fit and healthy (including a healthy BMI) according to the blood UK donation website. Regardless, there was literally no reason for her to throw in the ‘I’m too small and obviously so super sick’ bs. She literally could have just said she was unsuitable or didn’t meet the criteria. But then again, how would everyone know how fragile she was.

No. 1927032

maybe it's different in the uk, but in the us they usually only actually check your blood pressure and hemoglobin. I donate frequently and have never been asked to actually step on a scale, just to verbally state my weight. She could just lie if she really wanted.

No. 1927047

hm so she’s under 50kg. She must be really short coz if I saw this cow walk in to donate I wouldn’t give her “sMoL” size a second thought

No. 1927048

Not really? I give my parents a list of a few things to choose from, they prefer that. It's more personal than just giving cash.

No. 1927091

cringe. you and Abby should keep this information to yourselves.

No. 1927094

File: 1699745964116.png (611.86 KB, 420x678, Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 5.37…)

Even with a roommate, I don't see how Stef is going to be able to afford living in NYC without help from her parents. Most people with roommates are still paying 1200+ per month, more if they want to live in Manhattan. She's only asking for $3000 on GFM and her retail job can't pay that much above minimum wage and didn't even seem to be full time. She's going to have to get a job that uses her degree or face some hard truths about where she can afford to live.

No. 1927095

File: 1699746016383.png (428.5 KB, 427x684, Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 5.40…)

also, she posted a car selfie on a non-sunday, so I wonder if she was just discharged and that's why she's ramping up the gfm grift and her emo posts

No. 1927097

File: 1699746066407.png (545.02 KB, 1091x589, Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 5.41…)

she really has the emotional maturity of a teenager

No. 1927098

File: 1699746150591.png (482.68 KB, 424x752, Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 5.42…)

Maybe not, actually. I think this vague post is about Stef.

No. 1927099

How on earth does she have 11k followers??

No. 1927100

maybe she bought some of them?

No. 1927108

google the phone number and pick up the phone and dial? Can these cows do anything for themselves?

No. 1927110

it drives me nuts that people don't understand hippa at all. it's a law that only applies to how healthcare providers/companies and insurers use and disclose your medical information. regular ass people aren't bound by it, so you can feel free to gossip about your coworker's embarrassing medical conditions or tell the internet that Stef has some raging cluster b shit going on or whatever you want

No. 1927126

File: 1699749391084.png (743.42 KB, 516x642, Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 6.36…)

Is her degree really in dance? That's not going to make finding a job any easier for her. Can any dancefags tell if she's good enough to be a ballet teacher for little kids or something?

No. 1927142

File: 1699752646496.jpeg (422.5 KB, 828x1614, 65FE7AB8-D94B-4751-BB80-8C8788…)


No. 1927144

Damn, her parents really shoved her outta the nest kek. I'm sure she was given fair warning though, I feel kind of bad for her nonetheless

No. 1927145

no doubt it's going to suck for her to learn how to be independent, but it's probably the right thing for them to do - by funding her life and treatment vacations, they were making it okay for her to stay on that revolving door because she never had to worry about housing, money to go to taylor swift concerts, money to buy the designer clothes she likes, etc. There were no consequences for not taking recovery seriously. Now she'll discover that there are and she'll have to make some hard choices about whether she's willing to do the work to stay out of treatment so she can pay rent, etc.

No. 1927146

God she really can’t go without relapsing outside of treatment for even a few months

No. 1927148

In the US they asked me for my height and weight when I went to donate, they didn't put me on the scale. They also took my BP and iron before the donation; they don't let you donate if your iron is below a 12.5, if I recall correctly.

No. 1927149

momsfav’s parents need to go next. She lives in her parent’s huge house and just starves there as a revolving door patient, although at least she works at Starbucks. But it’s still a minimum wage job that requires no brain cells

No. 1927155

Yeah I agree, it's going to be hard but it'll benefit her greatly once she's past the tough transition phase

No. 1927157

i think she’s 150-something cm. she’s super short and stumpy looking

No. 1927158

abby is the same age as zara or even ham i believe, so she should be working or at uni or college or doing anything other than being a cluster bitch and terrorising her family. she acts like a kid, she’ll get coddled

No. 1927163

File: 1699755987911.png (612.74 KB, 782x1398, Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 9.23.…)

I watched this performance on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2cOwFZ6Nr8. She's better than LLL but that doesn't say much. She looks like she probably started early teens. Too late to be anywhere close to being professional but clearly did have a bit of training. She's not good though, not great technique, no artistry, can't do more than a single pirouette on point. She could teach at a rinky dink dance school but probably would make more money in retail

No. 1927167

File: 1699756678946.png (608.48 KB, 430x703, Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 8.37…)

Aidel constantly complains about her digestive problems that require a gj tube (and has legit GI disease) yet is eating meals that consist entirely of broccoli

No. 1927172

What if anything has a smorven been doing? Any changes?

No. 1927181

>Complains about someone's lack of knowledge of HIPAA.
>Spells it "hippa."

No. 1927186

File: 1699759484710.jpg (356.73 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20231111_155202_Ins…)

I can't tell if Amelie is joining the knuckle gang or the diaper gang

No. 1927259

I asked about her in an earlier thread. I saw her early recovery but then topped following her because i decided it wasnt good for me. Im so so glad she overcame and recovered. She seemed so smart and im glad she was able to recover enough to reach her potential

No. 1927275

I think she mentioned she’s 5’1 or 5’2 which makes it even more hilarious she thinks being under the weight requirement is a flex

No. 1927279

She’s 5’2.
Maybe that’s what she meant by ‘size’ though.

No. 1927303

Who is this?

No. 1927306

that's stef (it's a reply to a post about her)

No. 1927322

Abby is niamhs age (I don't think they're still teenagers). She worked as a gymnastics coach at tumbles in porty and I think it's quite obvious why she no longer has that position.
Edinburgh Leisure and Enjoy Leisure both have great staff policies where she could even be getting an income from them (although I doubt it) since she's off for "medical" reasons. this is a tinfoil I think they still have the position open for her to return to, meaning she's not looking for other work in the meantime

No. 1927325

Still a revolving door patient on the REDU, last I heard she was out for a few days and by the time a week had past was back in general for fucked electrolytes from purging. She's gone on an unfollow spree, too.

No. 1927341

>way over spiced
there are no visible spices or anything else on those stalks

No. 1927366

File: 1699799099335.png (4.52 MB, 1170x2532, 4C53851A-79C3-44A2-924D-1F2105…)

It’s only “right” because she’s 5 feet away from a public toilet again. Post-purge selfie?

No. 1927375

can all these dumb cunts please stop pulling these ugly ass faces when they take selfies. i feel like it's a defense mechanism bc they know they're busted so they pull a stupid scrunched up face to pretend they weren't actually trying to look good in the pic anyway. also, it's fucking awkward that she's taking selfies wjen there's a person using the stall behind her.

No. 1927385

File: 1699802617228.jpeg (353.98 KB, 1169x1994, B929D1C0-CF15-4754-8A4F-24565A…)

Who is taking medical advice from someone who looks like this? Gonna need a kids Halloween costume to find a pair of scrubs that actually fit

No. 1927387

jfc that's a jumpscare. She looks like she's been possessed by the demon from Smile.

No. 1927391

This is may’s idol

No. 1927427

Literally fuck off.

No. 1927444

May has infiltrated! And she knows how to sage so she must’ve posted here before(hi cow)

No. 1927449

No. 1927463

Nothing new then

No. 1927467

I’m not May I’m just a friend and I hate seeing so much hate being posted about her like just go and mind your own business!

No. 1927474

A bit ot but there are a bunch of random reasons people could be refused when they try to donate blood. The weirdest one (apart from being a gay man which is just discriminatory) is it seems that every other country (certainly European countries and N America) does not want Ukfag blood if the person was alive during the Mad Cow Disease outbreak in the 90s. (Lethal cattle brain disease that spread to humans who consumed infected offal. Made cows and humans go crazy and then die). Apparently the whole world thinks ukfags are all infected, still!
On second thoughts I guess a lot of these cows are too young for that. Wow.

No. 1927476

so your plan to get people to stop talking about her is to show up and engage / be antagonistic, which almost always encourages farmers to double down and talk about people even more? The UK really isn't sending their best, huh.

No. 1927507

File: 1699823538511.jpg (989.66 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20231112_210214_Ins…)

Samefag - I just noticed this post has actually conveniently been added to the highlights of her Instagram. Kek, please don't forget how poorly I was! ♥ (you still are)

No. 1927554

Nta but why are you here if you don't want to see hate directed at one of the cows? And trying to wk her is just going to make anons post her even more, you anachans are so dumb. This entire thread is dedicated to us not minding our buisness kek, leave if you don't like it

No. 1927558

File: 1699828630261.png (301.13 KB, 421x543, Screen Shot 2023-11-12 at 4.37…)

Foreshadowing a full-on relapse due to her "pancreas issues"?

No. 1927605

File: 1699833373696.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1125x1879, IMG_2664.jpeg)

Dear lord, whether she shooped herself extra or not, Lukascout’s spoopiness jumpscared me. Apparently she’s married (or went to someone’s wedding??) and this was the pic she chose.

No. 1927627

If someone showed up to my wedding like this I would verbally shame them in front of the rest of the guests then force them to leave for being an attention-seeking cunt

No. 1927630

It's not even pretending to be a nice picture showing her outfit. No idea what that dress even looks like because all we see is back bones (and greasy hair0.

No. 1927632

to give her credit she didn’t milk this like i’d expect her to if it was relapse bait. i think zara will be back on her deathbed before she admits she’s not 100% IN VERY STRONG RECOVERY GUYZ

No. 1927660

it's time to coom

No. 1927722

File: 1699845889091.png (582.87 KB, 477x641, Screen Shot 2023-11-12 at 9.25…)

A rare tubeless Stef sighting

No. 1927730

Australia just revoked this rule

No. 1927737

she's reminding me of im_powering with all the pics taken from above with a stretched out arm a.k.a. fat girl angle

No. 1927807

she looks twice her age, i was gonna ask if she's 50 yrs old until i saw the caption

No. 1927820

us got rid of this rule a few years back, father was in europe in us military during this era and wasn’t allowed to donate blood for decades because of it but has been able to donate for the last few years