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File: 1561598396218.png (Spoiler Image, 864.62 KB, 888x524, recap.png)

No. 827665

The quest for the nose hose is ON!

Previous thread >>814082

No. 827669

why do pro anas/recovery accounts make the NASTIEST looking food?

No. 827675

Georgie Porgie must feel like the most delicate Ana ever for making the banner photo lol. I wonder what’s going on with her, I’m either blocked or she’s private any milky updates?

No. 827677

File: 1561600742462.png (37.1 KB, 581x374, hallelujah.png)

They don't have to eat it so I don't think they care!

She's all recovered and feeling FAN-TAS-TIC! The fastest recovery EVER it is a miracle!

No. 827680

i really dont want to go on talking about gh*st but anyone calling her "fat" or "fake" is certainly her, dead give away by the way only her retarded malnourished brain could think. she self posts here b/c she needs the negative attention and will use it to self-bully which is sad & weird.

saged b/c no milk (and its a matter of hours before this thread is in autosage again anyway)

No. 827684

Wow this is utter bullshit…. I don’t think she’s lost an ounce if anything she’s increased. Bc now she’s probably binging and not “purging”. You can’t just go from binging straight to regular eating just like someone who under eats hunger fullness cues are f*cked up. So anything she’s calling “intuitive” is simply her mindlessly justifying cheese dogs and all the other garbage she eats. I wonder what she looks like. I wasn’t sure she could get any bigger but she continues to prove me wrong. Any body shots? She’s been binging for like xx amount if weeks she must be larger. Basically every sentence seems like an over exaggeration and or a lie

No. 827688

>>827684 eating one hot dog is not something anyone should have to justify, stop fat shaming her. Eating one hot dog is not a binge jfc. It is normal to eat unhealthy foods in it is in healthy quantities, that's part of recovery from any eating disorder, including binge eating disorder.

No. 827694

File: 1561602265624.jpeg (188.98 KB, 1024x888, 2CBC0F52-1FB0-4434-A606-0451EF…)

Koreys response to ppl calling her out

No. 827707

File: 1561603610712.jpeg (1.06 MB, 750x1114, C96C5AAF-1538-4A58-8007-7F0425…)

korey posted the classic "look at my thigh gap!" photo claiming to be a hippie again

No. 827714

File: 1561604139274.jpg (3.07 MB, 1280x1707, SHRKimB.jpg)

dustbinflower is wow.

No. 827717

File: 1561604686663.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.71 KB, 600x450, Emo_Girl_Cuts_Herself_Picture-…)


Looks like she's aiming to be the new Emo Cutter Girl

No. 827720


NEW emo cutter girl? Isn't she like 35?

No. 827721


fuckin hell

that's not self harm that's a "down the street" straight up attempt

No. 827727

File: 1561607853381.jpg (993.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190627-135247_Ins…)

Georgia…. ergh

No. 827730

Yikes I have a strong stomach but that got me… Out of sheer curiousity, do you think that was an attempt or do you think she did that and had planned her trip to urgent care or the ER? I’d imagine she lost a lot of blood fairly quickly

No. 827731

Samefag sorry didn’t see this before I posted, wtf is that?! She put hat emoji as if that’s appealing to look at. Looks like my elementary school’s yearly mock-thanksgiving lunch.

No. 827744

Did you catch what Elzanis dad said at the very end of her ‘ cooking for the family’ vlog- bet that pissed her ED off.
She must be loving the control she has- after all aren’t most anorexics obsessed with cooking and baking stuff to feed everyone else except them.

No. 827750

Yeeep, that way she can count all the calories and portion it exactly right, she can also add way more calories to her families to fatten them up. Watching her mum has cancer vid, she for sure has autism or something, she says stuff that's rude af or like points out shit to her mum like her rash as if it's okay like she hasn't just Come home from surgery

No. 827752

Did anyone notice how she didn't put cheese on half and had a piece of that lasagne

No. 827753

Must be an aussie thing but its roast pork on a white roll covered in gravy. Calories +++

No. 827754

File: 1561612447957.jpg (868.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190627-151328_Ins…)

Dw she washed her roast roll down with icecream. Basically 1 meal for her is 890cals

No. 827764

What did her dad say,

No. 827770

File: 1561616535952.png (3.84 MB, 2522x1334, Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 11.2…)

this is supposed to be a meal for a girl who's severely underweight and recovering??? yea ok

No. 827786


The story of emo cutter girl is here:
Decide for yourself. Honestly though, v graphic images.

She was Ana Chan also.

No. 827788

Smaller than a child's portion.

No. 827794

Errrrr looks normal to half of us

No. 827806


Ugh shut up. That's a fitting portion for a toddler or someone on a temporary strict diet. Not for any normal person and especially not anyone trying to recover from an ED.

No. 827822

That she’d finished eating before her sister.

No. 827830

You're looking at 500calories minimum. Thats well enough for a meal in recovery given 350-400 per meal is for someone NOT in recovery

No. 827832

Nothing wrong with that portion size

No. 827835

For a healthy weight, non eating disordered person. Not for someone in recovery trying to gain as >>827806 >>827830 said. Stop trollin'.

No. 827851

It looks like a rooster roll, which is around 454 calories.

No. 827876

It's hard to know if it's enough because there's no reference point to the size of the plate/meal, if it's a big plate it's not that bad, if it's a small plate then it's not enough by a mile

No. 827880

File: 1561637527085.jpeg (218.66 KB, 750x1053, 66A3C913-8A52-46B1-9AF5-C4EEA3…)

oh my god shut uuuuup
I wish she’d go back into treatment so she’d get help and get over herself, like you’re a twig and you know it

No. 827884

In what world is that 500 calories? That looks maybe at most 300 and it's a very small portion

No. 827885

She really isn't that twig like..
Chick looks thick (in a good way)

No. 827888

literally "i feel fat but you guys will shower me with validation that im skinny so that why i post

No. 827889

anachans plz go try to look like prepubescent children somewhere else

No. 827899

“A twig”…yeah, this screams self post. You’re not a twig, you’re not fat, but you’re not a twig.

No. 827909

Not sure if thats ment to be a insult? or if you think im some random person haha 😂..

But anyway.. i dont no what you consider twig like or even underweight for that matter..
coz that ain't it..
Dont be so sensitive 😉

No. 827911

Twig. Lol. How do these self posters find us?

No. 827912

Oh, i forgot. It's summerfags.

No. 827914

Wrong again little missy 😘
you wont guess as this is my first time on lolcow.. but its cute that you tried xo

No. 827917

mods plz ban this emoji using brainlette

No. 827919

yes we can see this is your first time you raging autist, hope it’s your last since you’re clearly a selfposting anachan

No. 827920

Good lord.. you people have huge sticks up your asses!!
Stop being so god dam sensitive
Kinda laughing my ass of right now.

Oh no she offended me she must be banned.. again cute xx(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 827922

>Oh no she offended me she must be banned.

Nope. Nothing to do with offending anyone. Global rules. Read up on them if you get the chance to stick around.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 827923

Well i have a surprise for you. Pizza 250, and thats generous, fried rice 250-280 easy.

No. 827927

this is so pathetic, no wonder our thread always gets autosaged

No. 827928

is it pizza or frittata though?

No. 827929

Yeah. Got to admit, ana chans are the most attention seeking cows on the whole board.

No. 827931

Looks like fritatta. The frozen ones that size are usually 160-200 cals. Homemade I guess you can pump it full of other things to make them heartier.

No. 827932


I broke a rule because i dont consider that girl in the photo underweight? Really?

Dont think im doing anything wrong.
But please tell me what you think im doing… 🙄

And yes your right i am anorexic.
Not sure what a anachan is coz im old.. and only heard of this site today but you can think what you like..

No. 827937

Look summer fag with an ego the size of a donky's wang, read the fucking site rules. You're not special, and you're shitting up the thread. This is why i hate god damn school kids. Certainly ones pretending to be of a certain age.


>>being a general tard.
Feel free the leave and not come back will you?

No. 827938

Frittata. She has a potato one by the looks of it so about 249cals.

No. 827940

File: 1561644506741.jpg (821.38 KB, 1080x1852, 20190628_000707.jpg)

Sabrina is back on the tube seeking bandwagon. "But muh diagnosis is aTyPiCaL aNoReXiA"

No. 827946

that's precise and nitpicky of you anon

No. 827947

Yes i will leave.. this site is a joke!! i just stopped buy for a quick look and laugh…

But before i go.. stop feeling so bad.. you guys will be fat sacks of shit for the rest of your disgusting unattractive life's so just get used to it

peace and love every body haha(anachan autism)

No. 827951

Bye zoe

No. 827953

But at least we use the correct version of “by”. #grammarfag

No. 827955

File: 1561645848556.jpg (82.13 KB, 435x422, 1547686221471.jpg)

lmao look at the angry spoop who thinks weight is the insult that will hurt the most. what a faggot.

No. 827957

Meh its what google said. shrugs

No. 827967

She really thinks we’re a bunch of obese people hating on their precious goddess ana lmao

No. 827977

Yah no not a twig, like deffo not fat but like… Healthy, another one of those living in the glory days of having once been a spoop, constant posts like I will get back to that weight blah blah blah whilst never actually changing. Boring

No. 828015

original poster here lmao not a self post, I’m genuinely overweight; Aly’s whining spiral of validation-posting has just been grating on me so I wanted to vent about it

No. 828053

File: 1561654043834.jpeg (546.28 KB, 750x1125, C87E0B32-2B9F-4CEC-9B21-1FEB99…)

Wtf is up with these stupid collar bone checks?! I forgot about her but in scrolling through her account she’s got a lot of dumb shit kek. Like wtf is this, collar bones where?

No. 828054

And everybody

No. 828056

File: 1561654273019.jpeg (166.38 KB, 750x1095, 877DDA1F-F9EC-4846-AD16-521E80…)

And this one… like what’s her secret that she has binge eating disorder? My goodness kek. Not sure why she focuses so much on collar bones when the rest of her is visibly overweight. It’s kind of like throwing a chair of the titanic it’s not going to stop it from sinking, and her flexing like the hulk to maybe show a small shadow of a collar bone, which is normal for ppl is not going to make her look like a spoop when the rest of her photos are like this kek

No. 828074

hahaha, I love the resigned tone of the “yay me”
Like she’s trying to act soooo apathetic about it when you know she’s straining for those shadows

No. 828081

Kek right she’s acting like it’s not her crowning achievement to have subtle collar bones from a certain angle paired with a hulk pose. I can’t tell if she’s hunching her back or just big actually.

No. 828161

File: 1561659238530.jpeg (310.44 KB, 750x1163, 286AEC74-29C1-45DF-87CA-B61DDF…)

Meg’s bingeing and pro and antics are being supported by the government.

No. 828219

What did her dad say

No. 828235

“I’m just surprised Elzani finished her food before Alisha” or something to that extent

No. 828247

Maybe it’s because Alisha took an adult sized portion, not a toddler serving?

No. 828253

File: 1561671739766.jpeg (473.97 KB, 746x1031, EE0FA001-EB89-4586-8DE0-4DAD4E…)

Here’s an unposed photo of dustys legs from today…. just goes to show you the extremes she goes to for posing! She looks like a completely different person here. Intending to show the hip bone I’m sure but must have forgot about her legs kek. She hasn’t been too milky lately but after seeing this >>827714 and then this photo a day later I’m like what the f dusty lol. I don’t know if it’s because she’s bending backwards to pop out the hip bones but looks like she actually has a thick booty, I was not expecting that based on her other photos!

No. 828265

Bet that went down well with Elzani!

No. 828288

According to her insta it's an old pic? I dunno

No. 828291

What a braindead thing to say to someone with an eating disorder. Reminds me of Oprah saying "you look so… healthy now" to that anorexic chick who was on her show several times (and later relapsed in a bad way and died)

No. 828294

Elzani and her entire family need therapy. They need to learn how to deal with someone who has an eating disorder. I'm sure that comment kept her awake at night.

No. 828297

I bet with all the mumzani drama elzani will be restricting as hard as she can because they won't notice as much. Her dinner portions are tiny and I bet that's all she's eaten in the day

No. 828310

It’s a normal human observation. I don’t think her family should tiptoe around her any more than they already do.
So tired of anachans expecting the whole world to monitor everything they do or say so as not to “trigger” them.

No. 828350

I think it's worth considering the fact that Elzani must have to go through hours of footage when editing her videos (hell, i sure couldn't do it). This suggests that she consciously chose to include that tiny clip of her dad commenting. I wonder what kind of point she's trying to make by leaving it in, just at the end with no response or proper 'ending' to the video.
Idk, I think she's manipulative af and is playing a game

No. 828351

File: 1561682404275.jpeg (266.98 KB, 750x1334, 03E8BE60-BA2B-4EFD-BAF5-8D6FCC…)

What a fragile delicate Ana she must be so frail and ill ..kek why is this cow ip now?! How do these “atypical anorexics” who have BED end up inpatient, the ER or at places like ERC or with tubes… I just don’t get it. I’m sure she’s chuffed to bits to be able to take this selfie and she’s probably stoked to be given simple saline facepalms gotta pretend like we “hate fluids” though, sure Jan, sure.

No. 828363

File: 1561683062593.jpeg (175.56 KB, 1536x1063, 0C0B6321-2D03-4801-A6EE-6E1156…)

Elzani ignores most of her YouTube comments but decided to respond to this one. Sure, Elzani. Dad is the freak of nature that likes cheeseless lasagna. He wouldn’t want any of those pesky extra calories would he?

No. 828367

Aly's been posted before on and off, I was the one who originally posted her forever ago. However, I can see her self-posting – she's not nearly as popular she used to be and has to get attention somehow.

No. 828371

>>827880 Looks like you uploaded the wrong pic/person, Aly's not a twig

No. 828373

File: 1561684099632.jpg (31.57 KB, 421x350, da.JPG)

This was your post? She's definitely skinny here, but looks like she's weight restored if not close to it.

No. 828377

I refuse to believe this bitch isn't autistic, and definitely not the very high functioning type.

No. 828378

File: 1561684771381.jpg (55.67 KB, 759x403, elzani.jpg)

Unrelated but El-Zani P has relapsed so hard that she resembles a 44 year old man kek

No. 828381

Absoloutely. Maybe it's true about her dad (Devil's advocate) in which case why doesn't he make himself something other than the cheese dish?

She's underhydrated because her skin and hair look dry. Her diet/weight's going to age her, but it's difficult to argue that she IS eating as much as she says when she's so pale and dry.

Her movements say all that's needed to point to some kind of autism even if she didn't speak. I don't know how she did academically, but seems she concentrated on swimming.

No. 828450

Lately the only “proana scumbags” here are the farmers. Fat shaming atypical anorexics every fucking day, its getting boring… also fragile delicate ana kek stop romanticizing anorexia, the pro ana scumbag here is you

No. 828452

Jesus fucking christ, are those photos real?? This is sickening.

No. 828460

Honestly that one seems like a self post.

No. 828500

Is Elzani lurking somewhere on here ?

No. 828502

She's probably too preoccupied with food to waste any of her time here.

No. 828509

JFC, this just looks like some really fucked up fetish porn or some shit.

No. 828514

Agreed, the site is kinda fucked.

No. 828516

They're real. Nobody's sure if she killed herself but her boyfriend CLA med she had.

The answer to how could she cut that deep was decided (on boards) to be meth/other drugs.

I think on that thread there's a pic of her with bf and she wasn't spoopy and no fresh cuts. Nobody knows her real story.

Optimistic, but hope death was a lie to get people to back off and she's doing tons better.

That's how this board rolls. Spoopy are skinny shamed. People are ugly shamed. The problem is that certain obese cows who say they're atypical do bs a lot. I wouldn't take comments here personally. It's individual farmers opinions and they can post what they like here.

No. 828518


No. 828558

The issue isn’t their fatness. The issue is their insistence on claiming they have restrictive eating disorders for sympathy and making fat individuals who DO have atypical anorexia less believable. No one here is saying atypical anorexia is fake. We’re saying it’s a subtype of osfed and deserves to have awareness. But people who hide under the guise of atypical anorexia for praise should 100% be called out for their actions as they are making treatment more difficult for those who truly suffer with restriction and deserve help and support

No. 828559

Well.. the thread is called pro ana scumbags. Not ugly scumbags nor fat scumbags. I mean you can post whatever you want, but this thread has lost its meaning, thats why is on autosage

No. 828572

Accounts where people who have an ED diagnosis (at whatever weight), such as the ones here, ARE pro ana. They think being tubed is glamorous. Refusing to acknowledge binge eating is pro ana because to them restrictive anorexia is glamorous. Posting endless pics on ig of their bodies with captions about their ed is bragging. Therefore they're proana. A fat person claiming restrictive anorexia is pro ana scum.

The thread gets autosaged because ana chans come here to self post.

No. 828588

this isn't a platform for callouts

No. 828609

100% right just Bc they aren’t emaciated anorexics does not mean they can’t be pro in their post. Also to this farmer >>828559 the thread is called for proana scumbags but if your not just a butthurt atypical coming here to self post you’d know it’s also to discuss "ALL of the edgy attention whores, proana wannarexics, and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram/Tumblr or elsewhere."

No. 828636

File: 1561725391802.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, 8F7EA2DA-AE68-4C54-BE03-6FAAF8…)

Elzani making sure everyone knows she’s getting her walk in! Bets on just how long she spends “walking her dog”? I’m guessing 2 hours at least?

No. 828671

And she said she wasn’t allowed to exercise….( I quizzed her on the fact there is a treadmill in her lounge room ).

No. 828680

From day dot, this area has been, and I quote "A place to discuss & callout ALL of the edgy attention whores, proana wannarexics, and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram/Tumblr or elsewhere."

I mean if you want a more cushioned approach, go over to the reddit subs. Simple

No. 828683

where in my comment did I request a cushioned approach. callouts are for tumblr. we're here to laugh, gawk at and gossip about cows. this thread has no more noble implications than any other here.

No. 828698

I’m sure the treadmill is for her no-cheese lasagna eating father {sarcasm} kek.

No. 828753


Er, calling out is fine amongst us anons, but not outside of lolcow. Have you never heard of "no cowtipping"?

No. 828758

She said it was her mums! But she’s so full of BS I never know what is fact or fiction with her. She paints such a wonderfully happy family household who don’t argue and all think she is doing brilliantly and that every food they test is divine, but I’m sure there is more to it. I find it hard to believe she has got to 21 and never had a plum or an olive before!

No. 828783

File: 1561736343706.png (2.91 MB, 1242x2208, FC71AA18-EEB7-430E-92A1-B891B7…)

(1st time poster sorry if it’s wrong) but elzani is honestly living like a full blown anorexic again with he rituals and habits she does and her obsession with food and people on youtube are picking up on it, there were way more at first pointing out all the things said about her on here but she must have deleted them as they hit too close to home

No. 828795

I noticed her deletions too!

No. 828806

there were some really well made points and people who were genuinely trying to help her but she won’t accept anything other than back pats and sympathy comments. she’s just lying to everyone and herself

No. 828809

I wouldn’t even give her the benefit of saying she’s lying to herself. She has to comb through and curate hours of video footage for each “vlog” (can we call them that, if their sole focus is food?) therefore any lies / misrepresentations made are thoroughly thought out and completely intentional.

No. 828837

yeah, that was my post.

No. 828866

File: 1561745288604.png (355.76 KB, 1336x845, zk.png)

Has @readysteady_zo ever been mentioned? She gets discharged then readmitted constantly. Likes selfies with her tube and talking about ripping them out. She gets a lot of hate and apparently talks about Korey (on tellonym).

I wonder what the deal is with her and why she's hated, unless it's blatantly obvious with her behaviour IP and obviously has no intention of recovering because she likes the hospital and attention.

No. 828943

Probably is her mom’s treadmill, but I guarantee the second she has the house to herself she’s going hog wild on that machine. The fact that she cared enough to comment really shows it.

No. 828948

I'm not sure if this is the right thread but I'm concerned with a friend of mine.

I've known her for a couple months now and she is really skinny, but I thought she was just naturally petite. I followed her on Twitter last night and a bunch of pro-ana accounts popped up as "suggested". I snooped her following list and she follows TONS of pro-ana accounts.

Should I talk to her or do something? I'm in recovery myself so I don't know if I should leave this alone.

No. 828957

This is not the right thread. Go ask reddit.

No. 828980

Hey anon,
This isn’t the best place to ask this question. Reddit might be a better place to ask about this situation. Because you’ve reached out I would say that it isn’t necessarily your place to contact her. It sounds like you are young and many people dabble in eating disorder behaviors without developing clinical eating disorders. You can always reach out and say you’re there for her if she needs it, but remember to put yourself and your recovery first.

No. 828989

File: 1561767067889.jpeg (69.2 KB, 750x611, 04C7AA6C-5E18-4420-A2D0-508FE0…)

What happened to Chii’s account?

No. 828998

I think that’s her personal account? Her main is recovery.chii and it was still there last I checked

No. 829088

File: 1561788922693.jpeg (304.93 KB, 750x1085, 51322511-6437-4BC8-A94D-73CDB4…)

fresh-ish milk : “recovery” account of a clearly emaciated cow, posts mainly pics of food she can’t possibly be eating (biscuits and ice cream) and occasionally changes up her theme with a pic like this — shirt pulled down to show off those skelly chest bones, photoshopped with contrast effect to enhance all the shadows around her veiny neck, just all around a pissoff

No. 829106

She's got a good support team set up yet she still eats low calorie/low quantity. Proof you can have the whole world telling you what to do if you want to recover, but if you're still into bodychecks for ig, then nobody can do it for you.

Her mum looks a bit thin tbh.

No. 829109

File: 1561793945369.png (473.85 KB, 421x702, WP1T9Nx.png)

tbh the worst pro ana account i've seen isn't even pro ana, but, once u look deeper, kinda is. dior.wings. delicate brigitte bardot aesthetic.

No. 829110

Had this girl actually done anything flakey outside of being anorexic?

No. 829118

she has all the help in the world but seeks attention as if shes left to her own devices. treats hospital trips like a fun time with constant photos. I feel sorry for her pets.

No. 829140


Shitty selfpost, shitty outfit. Leave pls.

No. 829143

File: 1561812048352.jpeg (239.26 KB, 799x1024, 24B7CF69-A9B3-4381-A4C2-007BF2…)

Think korey has hit Becky levels with trying to heal herself with crystals kek

No. 829145

the way she's edited the picture to emphasize the shadows and definition around her bones just makes both her and her mum look like crack heads
i can't imagine her mum being particularly happy about having this photo posted of her

No. 829155

much like elzani, I suspect they don’t care at all how the people around them feel about how they look in posts / videos. Anorexia makes people ridiculously selfish, awful people.

No. 829180

Elzani is just taking the piss- I can’t decide if she irritates me more than Smorven does- different - but both full of lies.

No. 829200

Have we heard any more from Adrienne/ Atravelsaway? She still hasn't posted a picture of herself with Patrick, jeez wonder why…

No. 829203

We killed her with all of our questions. Her heart was in a very delicate state. (totally being sarcastic, but she did say that people needed to stop asking about Patrick because, in her state of health, any stress could kill her.)

No. 829216

Kek. You wish you Brigitte.

No. 829227

File: 1561835944857.jpeg (187.86 KB, 640x630, 23E1EE32-007D-4A63-9DE7-905A9C…)

New elzani. Tells everyone she’s doing soooo great and life is sooo great and she has a PO Box now (because add revenue isn’t enough any more I guess?) she sounds disoriented and drunk throughout.

No. 829228

Kept watching: she also has another “epiphany” that she isn’t eating enough and talks about how now she’s REALLY gonna do all the things

No. 829233

File: 1561837398312.jpg (598.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190629-154059_Chr…)

Haven't mentioned her in a while but I found that girl's second account and she literally looks like that woman who can't store fat and got voted Scariest Woman in the World

No. 829235

File: 1561837558150.jpg (947.71 KB, 958x1437, Lizzie_Velasquez_2017.jpg)


No. 829239

… She doesn't have an eating disorder. She has a congenital disease and seems like a pretty decent person.

No. 829240

I was just about to post that too- finally she’s starting to come clean. But is he ‘going for it’ with the same plan as she went on real recovery?

No. 829241

They're saying the person in the insta post reminds them of her not that she is her and she doesn't suffer from an incredibly rare disease. did you even read the post you're replying to, "she looks like that woman"

No. 829242

Yes, she does this every 2-3 months. She “really commits for real definitely for sure this time”.

No. 829256

she looks like absolute shit. her hair is so frayed around her face and it looks thinner than ever. haggard af.

No. 829261

I cringe everytime she has her hair like this.

No. 829270

Why should anyone send Elanzi free gifts when she's a middle class 22 year still relying on mummy and daddy? If I was her I would tell people to donate to an ED charity. It just shows how much of a selfish person she is.

No. 829275

File: 1561842711079.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 06ABE407-EBB0-42C4-8175-64CA82…)

Classic Aly leeching off of everyone, can she buy her own shit for once??

No. 829305

i think its so creepy that someone who is not a mutual would send her that, she didnt even tag them anywhere which tells me they dont talk. sage tho b/c this is hardly milk, just weird that she would post it

No. 829311

That shit is expensive too. Such a weird thing to send someone as a gift????

No. 829312

aly always complains about being broke and her parents support her financially i believe but she’s always buying new cheap shitty underwear to take body checks in to fish for “you’re so skinny” compliments and loads of random useless shit? like don’t pretend you’re broke and struggling when you’re shopping online every day

No. 829315

That shit is expensive too. Such a weird thing to send someone as a gift????

No. 829324

File: 1561847183536.jpg (798.39 KB, 1080x1876, 20190630_082508.jpg)

No. 829325

File: 1561847211919.jpg (624.06 KB, 1080x1770, 20190630_082526.jpg)

Newest post from her.

No. 829482

What an absolute load of bolllocks- she’s been lying to her 37k subscribers for the last year so why should they believe what she says now.

No. 829497

Is the PO BOX for gifts or letters about food? A lot of YouTubers of all kinds end up being mailed poison pen letters, kinky shit from perverts, things to trigger. Didn't think she was a Becky style scrounger. Is she setting herself up as a helpline?

It makes me rage when they're called out then suddenly, oops, need to do EVEN MORE RECOVERY! They never apologise for being lying bitches.

No. 829502

She's doing so wellllll she just needs to do better, doesn't she mum, isn't she doing well?

That was honestly heartbreaking. Her mom was literally rubbing her operation site and looking miserable while Elzani panned to herself, talking about food (as always.)

No. 829504

No offense to slimmer girls because I'm sure plenty of people think you're beautiful, but I really don't get it with these girls even the ones that aren't actually anorexic in this thread. They look like shit to me! It gives me reverse anorexia looking at these cunts like holy shit i need to eat a big steak so I never look like that. no ass or tits or curves and those bony knees, they look like men with mosquito bites on their nips. Like why would you go through all this just to look like a man?
Wouldnt most women want to have curves and fat asses and tits? or at least ANY ass?
It blows my mind how you can look at your stick bug self and think "wow i'd be hotter if i was just 15 pounds skinnier omg thigh gap!!"
not to mention despite their ehm"best efforts" they're all extremly unhealthy and out of shape as if they were 300 pounds. just why.(absolutely no one cares)

No. 829505

File: 1561884174000.gif (935.81 KB, 500x269, thisfatty.gif)

no it's because you're fat and no one likes you.

No. 829507

anorexia isn't simply about losing weight to look more attractive, it so so much more complicated than that and it's clear just how ignorant you are

No. 829508

Ever thought that people develop anorexia TO LOOK UNATTRACTIVE??

No. 829512

Nta Learn to sage because nobody cares that you're skinny irl ok.
Im pretty sure the anon knows its a mental illness but that doesnt detract from the fact that lots of anas and ana adjacent people have massive egos from looking like they're suffering a bout of malaria. It is very jarring for normal people to see these chicks fight tooth and nail to look 40 in a 20yr olds body because they don't understand as teens that their bodies are gonna catch up to the diets/workouts/laxatives etc and that your body just doesnt look good under certain weight points.
( the "i feel like eating a large steak!!" is just condescending at best and sounds like when anas see morbidly obese ppl so they restrict for a day and wont shut up about it on their insta lmao. "So gross i dont wanna become a butterball weeh")

No. 829513

Mood. Its mostly about distraction and control, you feel like shit, it's easier to say you feel like shit because you're fat, rather than no clue why you feel like shit. At least you can do something about your weight, can't change the past.

No. 829522


I like how she doesn't even mention Patrick in her posts, I wonder if the real Patrick sent a cease and desist.

No. 829523

Kek! I get what you're saying but anachans aren't starving themselves for men.

No. 829525

File: 1561890256166.jpg (124.64 KB, 976x1232, anachans.jpg)

No actually, I thought the point was to look hot. I can see why that'd be a thing, a lot of people who are severely obese get like that to protect themselves from intimacy.
I'd get that, but I never hear anyone saying they dot know how they feel and isn't it supposed to be co-morbid with body dysmorphia?
I only ever hear about really sad cases where the girl had some trauma or just hates her parents for no reason and does it to punish everyone around them or they legitimately look in the mirror and see triple chins.
dumbass, I'm asking because I don't know, yeah.
I don't mean to be condescending at all I really feel that way. It's almost shocking like how those cigarette boxes in Mexico have premature babies and black lungs on the cover are supposed to stop you from smoking. Also, I can understand feeling that way about fat people, and doing something healthy instead of starving yourself.And are you telling me you never saw someone a few decades older than you have trouble breathing or moving around and thought you should get in shape so that's not you? or watched some crazy tlc show and thought "goddamn i shouldn't eat cheesy potatoes every day for 30 years"? Besides, a steak every now and then is great for you.
I know they're not,I thought it was at least to feel better about themselves and that they either delusionally think they're fat or they think Tim Burton drawings are really hot examples of feminine beauty.

No. 829529

It's not difficult to find her address online, so that's believable. More likely she believes people are going to forget her boyfriend is pilot Patrick. There's a weird mental illness going on with her.


No. 829530

EDs are too complicated to say they do it for this reason or that. The reason a woman would want to make herself undesirable to the opposite sex (or same sex) is if they were experienced sexual assault. To look "unwomanly" can make them feel safer.
It's a mental illness, not a ~normal~ diet. It really has little to do with how you think you look.

Loads of the people mpa attracts are overweight wannrexics. They're fat and want to lose weight but can't so think that posting on an eating disorders board is going to make them slimmer by osmosis. They look at skinny models because they hate being fat, idk.

No. 829541

Can we have this serious psychological conversation somewhere else. This sappy-soppy self-text-post bullshit is why we get autosaged.

No. 829551

As is not sageing useless crap like your post

No. 829553

File: 1561904526751.jpeg (80.86 KB, 685x569, B615FAE3-FFF9-4803-9405-52056F…)

She said she was fed up and had had enough of her ED way back in her original creepy vlog.
‘I’m still not eating enough, I still think about food all the time’ ….. I’d never of guessed that !
So she’s going to the next step- is this a stage 6 in her 5 steps on how to recover?
Now she’s told her 32k subscribers ‘ I’m committing to recovery and to weight gain’ she’s got a lot to live up to .
She’s still in Elzani cloud cuckoo land .

No. 829555

File: 1561905874689.png (2.45 MB, 2342x1148, Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 10.4…)

She's made essentially the exact same "I'm really gonna do it!" video multiple times. Multiple multiple times. I've gone through and circled a few on the standouts, though I'm sure I've missed some.

No. 829557

File: 1561905897465.png (2.57 MB, 2354x1162, Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 10.4…)

No. 829558

File: 1561906056499.png (2.87 MB, 2348x1196, Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 10.4…)

No. 829560


I don't understand what the milk is here. A young women recovering from an ED doesn't always do well and apologizes and promises to do better several times? How is that milky

No. 829562

Because 99% of her videos are her preaching about how to recover, how well she's doing, what a ~*~warrior~*~ she is, despite literally zero evidence that she does anything other than spend mummy and daddy's money, think about food and herself all day and restrict/overexercise to compensate for whatever she eats on camera.

No. 829575

Exactly - how many times has she preached about her REAL RECOVERY and whined about herself and the BS of how well she is doing - without making any progress at all.
The PO Box idea just shows how wrapt up she is in herself. My question is once /IF she recovers what’s she going to do? With the crap she’s posted on YouTube and Instagram would you employ her?

No. 829576

Anon I think you are in the wrong place- if you don’t understand maybe go lurk somewhere else.

No. 829588

And once again, anyone can find her home address in a minute so why bother with a PO Box. Shows how naive she is about info she puts out online about herself.

No. 829609

Unless I'm missing something, that's not really her "story", just pics and and discussion afterwards… does anyone actually know anything about her? I can't imagine she could leave her house looking like that

>>828351 right?? People with bulimia and anorexia are often not able to get IP treatment bc their electrolytes aren't shitty enough yet or their weight isn't "critical" enough yet or whatever else, I don't understand how these people are all getting in

No. 829614

File: 1561917318729.jpg (383.77 KB, 720x913, PhotoEditor_20190630_185002760…)

Becky's getting a dog. It was someone's dog but she's letting them adopt it for a lower price and hang usual? Someone's telling porkies here. Bet she's gone to a dog hoarder/breeder from gumtree.

Her and her idiotic mother were feeding quids into arcades today. Still needs more time than fifty for that shitty drawing though!

No. 829615

Than usual*

No. 829616

>>829109 really?

No. 829622

Anyone else think Elzani lurks here? I think it’s interesting that her 3 most recent uploads have somewhat normal thumbnails instead of her usual crazy eyes

No. 829623

Damn beat me to it!
But I’m not even surprised, she’s sketchy af and always seems to get what she wants somehow?! Like the car broke - suddenly they find another one. This Morning Live tickets - magically gets a couple. Now a pedigree dog for a “much lower” price (could’ve adopted from a shelter but ok). If they’re as skint as she makes out how tf they gonna feed it, insure it, vaccinations, vet bills? She can’t even look after herself, it’s just more stress for her poor mum. Either she’s lying about those finances or is just a shitty person bc you shouldn’t be taking on a pet you can’t even comfortably provide for ???

No. 829629

Notice how the dog won't be available until the 29th July. A month. I thought it was urgent to re-home a dog being injured by the other one.

No. 829631

at least in burgerland you can go to most hospitals, claim to be suicidal and you will get admitted somewhere. getting to a facility isnt hard. these girls probably just make a huge scene about refusing to eat and blather on about eating disorders so much that staff just do the easiest thing to shut them up and give them a tube. i know this thread is filled with overly reactive anachans but medical professionals see through this shit easily. do no harm but goddamn get this screechy child to chill so i can go back and treat that emergent stroke patient.

No. 829641

File: 1561920681047.png (1.34 MB, 1152x648, readysteady_zo_aggressive-phon…)

Checked this out… her Insta is unbelievable, just rows and rows and rows of her in various hospital settings sucking her cheeks in and clinging her phone to make all her hand tendons stick out. Please don't judge my collage lol I tried

No. 829650

Yeah also “tiny” which ok it’s a chihuahua but hmmm. Tinfoil maybe but totally wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be a puppy.

I saw good ol’ Dusty commenting on one of her posts the other day basically saying a dog isn’t gonna fix her problems and wish I had screenshotted it now… I know some people think Becky isn’t milky but look at all the tacky magazines and media involvement, she’s been straight up scrounging for years tbh

No. 829714

She probably blocked Dusty for that. She's blocked me for less. I kinda like D when she's being more farmer than cow. She 'liked' a comment Becky got about crystals being bullshit.

Bet she dumps the dog before the years over. She'll either drop dead, or it'll kill itself to get away from her.

I noticed she deletes comments that tell her some truth but ones that say she's sooo skinny and the person wishes The looked like her she doesn't delete.

Tragic when the only compliments you receive are from proana kids and perverts.

No. 829736

File: 1561933890030.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.97 KB, 480x361, c.jpg)

>Unless I'm missing something, that's not really her "story", just pics and and discussion afterwards…

That IS her story. She was famous for posting that shit of hers on her tumblr (coldnessinmyheart) and the story is how people tried to find out who she was. There was speculation about who she was and where she lived and is she still alive etc on a lot of boards a few years ago including KF and MPA.
This is the last known public picture of her.

No. 829792

Got it, I'll keep reading on the boards post-pictures… poor girl.

No. 829812

File: 1561943530353.jpeg (470.31 KB, 640x705, BC6EEFCD-B54D-4AA4-80FA-3B2B0C…)

Milky? Not milky? She’s gained weight for sure.

No. 829819

In the “word of self harmers” god kill me for that cringe, coldnessinmyheart isn’t even considered that deep anymore. Won’t blog but there are websites with regular self harmers doing much deeper cuts than she ever did. She just became famous as the “first one” to kind of go viral.(no1curr )

No. 829833

yeah don't blog that stuff please and thankyou.

No. 829855

Jesus Christ how does one cut deeper than this? Actually never mind, I don’t want to know. Or see. That was awful enough to look at. It makes me feel like s coward for my self harm. I could never even imagine doing that kind of damage holy shit

No. 829894

get help

No. 829911

I hought emo cutter girl and coldnessinmyheart weren’t the same person? ED doesn’t mention the user name coldnessinmyheart and the pictures don’t look very similar..

No. 829923

Elzanis latest vlog… She's such an insensetive bitch, constantky asking her mum are you glad it's gone, her mum was in tears twice. She doesn't want to think about it. And then having some big discussion about how scary cancer is and all, like have some decency and stop talking about it when your mum just needs some time. I feel like she should have taken more of a break to let her mum recover mentally as well. This will have taken its toll on her. Right now really isn't the time to be asking your mum all these things jesus fucking christ. There's no way this chick isn't autistic.

No. 829928

Why does she post all the captions IN CAPITAL LETTERS?

No. 829929

Remember elzani has no life without her mum though- she can't do anything without her- very dependent warped relationship. Don't think she's autistic just very insensitive and self obssssed.

No. 829930

it was genuinely really hard to watch- right at the beginning (i couldn't get through the whole thing) when she asked her mum if she was ok and her mum actually asked elzani to turn the camera off for once

No. 829960

Probably because momma-Z realizes how insensitive it is for elzani to even be characterizing this whole thing like her mom is some brave cancer survivor when it was actually more of a cancer ‘scare’ than the real deal. It’s probably embarrassing. There are people out there who actually have full blown cancer that isn’t come and gone within a week.

No. 829969

Autism. I don’t think she realizes that half the shit she does is weird

No. 829986

Way back on a previous part of this thread someone who had been IP with her posted that she had had an autism assessment but she wasn't on the spectrum and didn't meet the autism criteria. I guess that just makes her weird.

No. 829988

File: 1561985371712.jpeg (106.55 KB, 591x692, image.jpeg)

No. 829995

Why does her mum have to make lunch for her dad and sisters? E says she's been up at 5 to do it.

Weird girl, weird family.

No. 829998

why do we keep seeing this particular persons comments?

No. 830001

Hmm, I still feel like she’s autistic though. Malnourishment can make people act strange but she’s on another level. Too bad she doesn’t have any videos from when she was a healthy weight. I’d be curious to see if she acted just as weird and obsessive with her mom

No. 830007

Maybe because she’s one of the few posters on IG who tell Elzani the hard truth and don’t tell her how well she is doing.

No. 830008

I feel bad for her dad- in a house of 5 women .
E is clingy and immature and I’m guessing she never finished high school. She’s also very cocky and full of herself- which is strange in that most anorexics have shitty self confidence and are in the pits of depression yet E appears fine and dandy and loving life.
She seems to copy things other youtubers say ( ones who really are recovering), and can’t think for herself. I’m trying to imagine her in a paid job but can’t see her as anything .

No. 830009

I think Elzani is Autistic. Diagnosis in women/ girls is complex. If it was just done when she was IP then it probably wasn't done by an autism specialist for adult diagnosis.

No. 830010

As absurd as it is: between ad revenue on youtube and her new P.O. box, her vlogs ARE a paid job!

No. 830011

Elzani seems to live in her own happy little anorexic bubble since mommy and daddy pay for everything. Her mom’s cancer scare should be a wake up call though. I have a hard time believing if momma z died dad would baby Elzani the same way. He seems like the type to ship her off to treatment

No. 830015

What video was that in? Honestly wtf. What 22 year old wakes up at 5 to make her family lunch. I know anas are food obsessed but that’s just bizarre

No. 830022

File: 1561994045221.png (535.36 KB, 750x1334, 379CFAAC-1064-4579-A38C-858C1A…)

The vlog called MUM HAS CANCER

No. 830027

She’s been in and out of hospital since she was 14 so if she was autistic someone would have picked up on it by now. As much as I dislike her just because she’s weird doesn’t make her autistic- some things she does are very un-autistic . Unless she’s in denial about it as well as everything else in her bubble.

No. 830057

You clearly know nothing about late diagnosis in women and girls. She also lives in the SW which has the poorest diagnostic services.
She mirrors/ mimics other people (sisters, YouTubers) all the time. It could be rigidity due to low weight but it could also explain her lack of sustained recovery.
30% of inpatient anorexic patients (in the UK) reach the diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder.

No. 830074

Would it matter if she was though? Even if she were on the spectrum, she’s still a self centred twat (and not in the aspergers way, trust me.)

No. 830075

Going to add to this. The restrictive subtype often develops from sensation issues (arfid) and is super common in autistic girls who dislike change and become aware of how others see them. Generally speaking girls are able to adopt social cues and observe people so they are more self aware than boys (generalization don’t kill me) E seems to have a lot of key signs of autism which could be due to malnutrition. Also want to add that there’s a large overlap in behaviors between ocpd and autism. Autism isn’t a bad diagnosis she could likely receive necessary help if she was specifically assessed

No. 830120

I have a hard time seeing Elzani’s parents being aware enough to take her in for an autism diagnosis. They seem to be pretty dumb when it comes to mental disorders. But I think autism would also explain her odd eye contact with the camera. She’s always got this bug eyed, unblinking stare

No. 830161

File: 1562010963568.png (42.56 KB, 712x122, Screenshot_20190701-205055~2.p…)

Puppy confirmed.

No. 830164

Very wrong! Don’t make assumptions !- I know a lot about autism and girls with getting a diagnosis . Im 35- got anorexia age 14- had adult assessment a Devon autism diagnosis -after being on the waiting list for two years. So yes I do know about autism.
Not every girl who has anorexia and acts odd. It’s easy for one person who has autism to notice certain things.

No. 830196

Can we stop armchair diagnosing E with autism? Unless any of you are qualified I really just don't see the point.

No. 830198

Most YouTubes mirror one another ESPECIALLY anachans. Watch other recovery warriors on youtube and tell me they don't all act like carbon copies.

No. 830224

I agree with this in the same way beauty vloggers pick up on the same buzz words/actions. HOWEVER, I do think her behaviour's off. Her awkward actions speak of someone really self conscious when she doesn't come across as self conscious in herself (does that make sene?). I'm not going to take a pop at saying what could be making her seem odd because omg who knows.

No. 830255

She's slowly starving herself to death that's the reason. Starvation self induced or otherwise is a massive blow to the human psyche.

No. 830296

File: 1562022660325.jpeg (224.6 KB, 640x915, 342782C9-4AAE-484D-B3D1-926B68…)

Omg she is definitely hoping someone suggests that it’s because she’s too skinny or sick or malnourished. Kekekek.

No. 830305

>"My period is almost a week late"

Does she know that this is completely normal? Periods are irregular kek

No. 830306

Periods are not meant to be irregular anon

No. 830322

I know that, but theyre not always regular either. Its been less than a week late and shes concerned?? Idk if youve missed your period by a few days and thought it was the end of the world, but thats how shes treating it

No. 830329

Wrong dates? Missed a pill? Immaculate conception? Hardly worthy of a black screen.

No. 830335

It’s amenorrhea because she’s restricting so much! Duh! It’s another anorexia badge (in her mind)

No. 830336

In regards to E, she is definitely displaying traits of being on the spectrum regardless of if she's malnourished. The self-centred nature she displays could partially be due to her lacking awareness of it because its pretty much all thats going on in her little world right now. The fact she shoves the camera in her mums face with the whole cancer thing kind of proves she doesn't really know the appropriate social behaviour for these situations because even someone malnourished wouldn't lose capacity to acknowledge that. As for her not gaining weight I agree she looks more or less the same as she did 6 months ago - but I guess its hard to really tell and even if she has it'd only be <2kg so TECHNICALLY she's not lying about gaining but obviously her anorexia distorts her perception of these things.
Still think she's an annoying obnoxious cow tho she seriously needs professional help asap and its frustrating her parents don't push her to seek external psych help.

No. 830346

>>830296 lmao, you can actually have amenorrhea from being overweight or just malnourished in general, regardless of weight

No. 830373

yes or from contraception like the pill or the depo shot

No. 830375

File: 1562032609076.jpeg (110.25 KB, 867x615, 1562029769487.jpeg)

one of the k-pop pro-anas has been outed as shopping her pictures to look like a big old skelly, gaining her press and increased fame

see kelsey, this is how you want to do it!

No. 830384

It doesn't look like she photoshopped anything, just posing different/ added filters? Not really milky

No. 830387

Cackles in anorexics who never lost their period even at a BMI under 15
More delusions and reverse body dysmorphia to “prove” she’s just not built to be smaller!! I’m so malnourished guys I’m not menstruating. Could be due to her trash diet but def not because of weight loss
There’s a reason the old dsm specified three periods not one kek

No. 830391

Not worries about the missed period (not that it is), I'm I still grateful she ain't pregnant.

She lies a lot and I think it's her way of trying to fit in and make friends. It's sad. Nothing she writes is ever going to be believable (apart from her saying she hasn't had sex recently).

No. 830494

she looks spoopy in both. Not milk

No. 830523

exactly and since very underweight people can still get their period, it was removed from the DSM. The fact people, especially regular weight people use that for validation nowadays is rather sad.

No. 830534

It was also removed for the male diagnosis and for those one oral contraceptive

No. 830535

The anamiaflowers person on youtube posts endless videos of all these kpop anas. Is it a thing in that genre?

Megan's desperate for an AN diagnosis. True about contraceptives. One of the ones I had gave me a period when it felt like it, and then it was barely worth it. Which of the other symptoms on the list will she come up with next? Has she done hair loss?

No. 830563

Kpop stars are often very thin, so there's a big thing with proanas wanting to look like them.

No. 830580

File: 1562071134660.jpeg (171.75 KB, 750x1334, 02878464-0EB2-494B-815B-92E57D…)

The answer(cowtip)

No. 830581

File: 1562071168326.png (491.36 KB, 750x1334, F53A9871-444C-4C5A-83EE-11F08F…)

Part 2

No. 830592

Of the ocd and habits go away as one gets “further into recovery” I guess we’ll never know! (Because I don’t see her making any meaningful progress any time soon).

No. 830626

definitely because the shot stops your period and so can some pills if you skip your period

No. 830638

Right. Cause she’s alway been honest with her followers kek

No. 830658

I don't buy it, not only because I don't believe a single thing that comes out of her mouth, but also because anorexia and OCD won't make you act like Marina Joyce when everyone thought she was being held hostage by ISIS or was doing some hard drugs. I understand people can become weird and ritualistic when they're anorexic, but even Eugenia was never as clueless and weird as Elzani is, and even she was thought to have autism. I'm not saying Elzani is autistic, but something IS wrong with her, she has some kind of developmental disorder. Just look at how her sisters act compared to her. Her freaky staring at everything, her repetitiveness, her utter lack of social awareness. Maybe she was dropped on her head as a baby, I don't know, but both she and her family are in denial if they honestly think she's a normal person.

I agree with the anon that said they wish she had footage from before she was sick. That'd be interesting.

No. 830659

You might not want to self post on an anon site. Hopefully that’s not your real name

No. 830661

Good on Sam Henri for asking. Shame Elzani's reply is written like a 10 year old. She doesn't have autistic. I don't believe she doesn't have any other diagnosis, eg depression. Bitch doesn't want to talk about it because it'd make her less of a ~warrior~.

Catherine Wilson can shut her fucking mouth as well. She sounds like someone accused E of being a syphilitic whore. Oh to be so naive.

No. 830664

File: 1562080103914.jpg (3.38 KB, 275x183, mj.jpg)

Definitely shades of the Marina Joyce. Her interaction with the camera and how she never seems like she knows where to look. Cononey, for all her spoopiness, at least only seemed like she loved her skinniness or maybe didn't recognise she was so thin. She knew how to do videos.

I'm still in the spectrum camp.

No. 830676

No I’m not that stupid!- just the only one prepared to ask her straight out. Undecided if I believe her or not.

No. 830679

But whoever Catherine Wilson is she hasn’t got a clue about what gets talked about on the internet-there’s more to social media than just ig or YouTube .

No. 830685

Eugenia isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of recovery. Personally I (definitely not autistic) was probably just as bad, if not worse, than elzani in terms of being a complete, bizarre freak. Ocd behaviours like crazy. An awareness but also complete disregard for the emotions / experiences of those around me who I purported to care about, etc. I would talk to myself while walking around and make bizarre, suspicious eye contact with strangers for no real reason. It pretty much all stopped after I gained weight and recovered.

No. 830686

**be all and end all of anorexia!

No. 830690

Exactly this!

No. 830693

I just lie like fuck and expect people to believe what I'm saying when it's glaringly obvious it's not true.

Everyone's experience is different. Like an anon up there said, it'd be interesting to see what she was like before she got ill. Maybe she's always been awkward.

All we know about her really is what she's said since she started her recovery attempts. It's strange to me there isn't a paper trail, or internet trail, to anything about her except a few school photos.

No. 830696

Nobody cares

No. 830698

adding to this, I've never seen anyone ~recovering~ so up and jolly, though. That in itself is strange.

No. 830870

Recovery is real fun when you don’t have to gain any weight or do anything you don’t want to do!

No. 830880

That's why she seems to behave weird. That's her "shifty" look. She's awkward because she's lying.

No. 830960

In elzani latest vid she's "really going for it" for the millionth time, this time 2 months she'll be nowhere and start again. She is just going to keep realising she's not eating enough and restarting so she never has to gain actual weight but has people think she's recovering and get off her back as well as getting all the praise even though she still looks like a skelly. A few more crying vids with her mum telling her well she's doing because she's trying so hard, cow sets my teeth on edge

No. 830962

That vid was the hardest to watch, she is so fucking weird and cringe it gave me second hand embarrassment, what the actual hell is wrong with her. She's trying very hard to be quirky and cool but she just lacks that certain something, she doesn't seem like a cool youtuber just some awkward little kid copying their older sibling. It's weird, deffo the worst video yet

No. 830990

She's trying to copy Rebecca Leung's videos or something like that from what i've seen on the latest content in her channel, or at least that's my perception.
Like, trying to be a recovery inspiration, but there's a clear difference between them, and Elzani is just… cringey to watch.

No. 830993

I find this to be the case with 99% of the “recovery vloggers”. They all want to be Jen Brett or Rebecca but they lack the charisma / they aren’t actually recovered/ing. So much cringe. It’s just amplified in elzani because she’s so popular and so obnoxious about it. She’s the queen of the cringey ~*~recovery warriors~*~

No. 831006

She’s definitely annoying, but I’m still genuinely fascinated with her. The fact that she’s 22, has no job and no apparent friends outside of her mom, and remains a spoop despite coming from a seemingly wealthy, loving family is just baffling. Why haven’t her parents tried to stop the crazy? Do they even see that their daughter is becoming brain damaged? She repeats the same shit over and over. It’s terrifying. Honestly her videos are doing a service. Maybe they’ll scare some anachans into recovery.

No. 831014

Well, it's almost the same case of Eugenia… wealthy family, that apparently ignores the fact that their daughter is becoming a spoop… it's weird, like, why would you ignore the fact that your daughter is dying in front of your eyes

No. 831056

The latest video ( becoming the best version of myself -GO FOR IT) has got to be one of her worst.
“you’ve got to eat like a snack to look like a snack” - I think I’d rather look like a human than a Kitkat”
“Follow me on Instagram for some top quality content Elzani__”
“I’m going to have a peachy bum soon”
And what’s with all the “whoop whoop “ noises ?
Interesting conversation with her mum between 4 and 5mins in- bit hard to make out though …

No. 831079

If you go over these threads from the get go, it's not so unusual for the parents to seemingly not make an effort to get their kid help - Ash, Ginge, god knows what with Bella, Becky, Elzani, must be more. We don't know the details, so I'm not sure it's always the fault of the parent. If someone misses appointments they get kicked off the services in the UK. Idk what it's like elsewhere.

As for Cooney, I think she's a bit of a different case. Obvious dysfunctional family, her body gave her attention therefore $. Idk. All I do know is if my kid had any addiction, either an ed or whatever else, I'd boot their ass into rehab at risk of them hating me in the short term. I don't get it either.

Sounds childish and cray cray. So much so I might actually bite the bullet and watch this thing. Adblocked so she doesn't get my £.

No. 831096

File: 1562136802259.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, CCD80C72-410E-40AF-9A53-983813…)

Holy fuck is she irresponsible

No. 831111

File: 1562140637266.png (124.33 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

What a load of drivel

No. 831154

File: 1562146970238.png (521.92 KB, 720x1072, Screenshot_20190703-103434~2.p…)

Yay! She got a PTSD diagnosis to add to the list. Sounds like her doc gave her a tick sheet. Only psychiatrists give an official diagnosis for PTSD, but what do I know.

No. 831160

Elzani is annoying but the comment section on her videos is just as bad. Everyone loves to blow smoke up this chicks ass for some reason

No. 831161

this is legit zooey deschanel thinspo, she looks her thinnest/wearing a teeny outfit in that ep.
sage for anachan sperg but it's so spottable it's laughable

No. 831176

File: 1562150647702.jpg (8.32 KB, 300x168, megan.jpg)

I went to watch that new video as I said I would. I only lasted until she asked what her mum preferred, peach or nectarine. She'd already asked her mum how she (E) had improved recently and other annoying shite. The thing that bothered me the most was how she kinda looked stoned and her eyes wouldn't focus propery. I just can't do it. You're right about those comments. Those people must have a defective gene. The one that recognises BS.

She's another one who doesn't have an identity outside of this munchie thing she's creating. Coming off Cymbalta/duloxetine is not hard at all. Cut the dose and you're off it in less than two weeks. They're all so damn melodramatic.

No. 831178

Second paragraph about Megan.

No. 831198

File: 1562155086626.png (485.36 KB, 895x566, Untitled.png)

Meanwhile Becky's been passive aggressive to her followers. She wasn't content with one of them forking out £50 for the hedgehog with a stiffy and scabs for arms. She's been looking at Harry Potter Vans, so that's where the cash is going?

Also insists she hasn't had her hair bleached again.

No. 831200

I mean I agree with you but
>Coming off Cymbalta/duloxetine is not hard at all.
That’s a bold statement. I took cymbalta when I was a kid and had several issues including seizures when I was weaned off. You’re just as bad as these cows for acting like you know what you’re talking about when you don’t.

No. 831201

I'm on that drug. I came off it by cutting down 30mg to 0mg. I was fine. You must be a snowflake too.(Blog)

No. 831205

File: 1562155691733.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1097x1952, 4E153866-FBB6-4925-95D3-FCBFE2…)

Possible new milk? I’ve followed her for a while now and she’s always been a shill for diet products but recently she’s been a little more milky. She posts excessive insta story updates on the small amount of snack food she eats, along with body checks and screenshots of people telling her she’s triggering. Recently she’s also been posting odd and disturbingly small meals that she gives to her daughter. I think she’s kinda milky but I can’t tell if that’s just my annoyance for her seeping through.

No. 831206

Kinda conflicted about the obsession with animals lately. PLike that there will be new milk - but you can't even take care of yourself, why adopt a dog (Becky) or impregnate your cat (Paris)? How brain dead to believe this is going to make anything better…

No. 831208


Nooooo. Paris is doing that? "Service animals" weren't even a thing in the Uk until pretty recently except dogs for the visually/hearing impaired. It's crept across the ocean to become another point to tick off on their ~so sick~ list.

I hope this puppy doesn't choke on some craft shit she leaves lying around. Imagine the oor thing has to deal with her freakouts. It's going to need trauma treatment itself.

I'll check her out despite the processed cheese. Eurgh.

No. 831212

File: 1562156119750.jpg (113.91 KB, 927x552, kimm.JPG)

Haven't even read the captions but…her diet.

Her spoop.

I can imagine what her YT channel's like…

No. 831214

Why do anas have the most unholy concoctions.

No. 831215

File: 1562156779883.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1102x1774, 17D5C3F3-E716-4D08-86FB-E298C7…)


No. 831216

Good for you, but discontinuation syndrome and withdrawals from Cymbalta are extremely common and severe, so much so that it has the highest number of reported adverse affects for any seratonin-receptor based antidepressant. Educate yourself before making claims like that.

No. 831217

You must have a shitty doctor then because I've never had bad physical effects from any psychiatric drug, including benzos. Under supervision there shouldn't be a problem. I don't need to read up on it.

No. 831219

Lol, I thought she had a Satanic spoon.

Idk about the combo thing but a lot of anas in recovery make food that either looks like something I'd cook at 7 years of age or something I'd eat at a friend's birthday party at 7 years of age.

No. 831220

Stop sperging about anti depressants. People react differently to medicine, but its milky that meg got another "diagnosis" that shes been hoping for from her doctor, who isn't qualified to give said diagnosis. I'm surprised she wasn't able to convince her to get an AN diagnosis

No. 831221


AN is a work in progress.

No. 831230

Kek a satanic spoon would be fitting. Looks like the only devil she worships is the protein powder industry though. Tbh I feel bad for her kid. She’s probably going to have a fucked up relationship to food since mommy won’t just sit down and eat a sandwich like everyone other grown ass woman. But nope. She’d rather set the healthy example of subsisting solely on sugar free tea, protein bars, and alcohol for her daughter.

No. 831237

I noticed that this morning when I was looking at someone's accountability. I checked go ahead anyway because I'm an idiot.

No. 831238


To add, there's a thread about it telling them to fix it.

No. 831239

The amount of sucralose, aspartame and god knows what other fat/sugar/texture replacing substance this woman eats is absurd. I bet she hasn’t had a solid shit in decades.

No. 831240

File: 1562160899960.jpg (20.07 KB, 376x231, Capture.JPG)


Fuck her bowels, look what it's done to her 30 something year old face!

No. 831245

File: 1562161521768.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1096x1739, 474AB46D-3FC8-42F1-AA29-05D1B3…)

Maybe if you gained to a BMI over 16 in those 7 years of #recovery you wouldn’t be scared of 2 scoops of something that isn’t protein powder

No. 831246

Kek 666 likes

No. 831251

Deffo Satanic.

Her recipes are disgusting. Not as bad as Ginge's but close.

No. 831254

No one can compete with Ginge. She’s already won the award for concocting the most vomit inducing dishes known to mankind.

No. 831255

But her goal is to purge through her stomach ass so I guess her vomit inducing creations make sense

No. 831256

File: 1562162704125.jpg (356.16 KB, 1080x1642, IMG_20190703_235947.jpg)

Ames.recovers is pretty milky. Had been IP for years and is now home (was previously tubed with an NG BUT now has a peg). Complains about her care team but also dotes on them. Very strange family arrangement also. Tells her followers they're valid but gets defensive with tellonym messages and says she could just have her PEG visible for staff at a fete to see her as valid. Sage for incoming images.

No. 831257

File: 1562162751594.jpg (375.52 KB, 1080x1925, IMG_20190704_000026.jpg)

No. 831258

File: 1562162796648.jpg (363.27 KB, 1080x1912, IMG_20190704_000112.jpg)

No. 831326

She is just getting weirder and weirder.

No. 831355

File: 1562172516464.png (1.08 MB, 848x814, Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 12.4…)

We're all supposed to act like it's 100% normal that Elzani cuts her apple into a hundred tiny pieces and eats it with a spoon?

No. 831360

My first thought. Unless you're out and ordered a fruit salad, nobody cuts up apple and puts it in a bowl…unless ana chan. I bet both apples had the same amount of pieces.

Is instagram broke btw? I can't see pictures from today. I think the Russians attacked the internets.

No. 831422


do her fingers look weirdly swollen and large to anyone else? idk, it might just be a weird angle but still. edema maybe?

No. 831430

I was thinking that. Could be the angle but they do look unusually large especially for her size.

No. 831432

She repeated the snack line like 20 times. What the hell… either an autistic thing or she’s playing mind games with her followers. Possibly a combination of both. I remember seeing people suggesting in the comment section of her last few vids that she needs to eat more between meals. She probably figured that if she made a video eating a bunch of snacks everyone would think she’s committed to recovery.

No. 831470

You can tell she has edema in this video. Towards the end while she's sitting on the couch her ankles are exposed and are visibly swollen for someone as small as she is. If she had been doing "proper recovery" this whole time it's unlikely she'd get edema this late in the game.

No. 831535

Ah yes checks notes a highly nutritious meal of saltines and American cheese.
She’s one of those refuses to eat a veggie but eats aspartame filled junk all day anachans

No. 831538

She went to an insufferable treatment center that doesn’t allow gluten or sugar. Whines about snacks all day. She was off YouTube for awhile but came back recently

No. 831545

File: 1562193853510.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1104x1773, D15E30BD-A041-4720-BE9C-5E4485…)

Apparently she’s 34… yikes.

No. 831569

Yeah, that's why I was shocked at >>831240
All that alcohol must be contributing to her dehydrated skin (and the ana face and the sun damage).

Sponsored by companies, heralded as a recovery qween with loads of followers, yet…it's those Elzani type followers at it* again.

*easily hoodwinked.

No. 831576

I wouldn’t be surprised if all the weird chemicals in the foods she eats and pushes (sugar free everything, protein bars galore, etc) probably contribute to her haggard appearance. That shit isn’t meant to be in our bodies, especially not in the amounts she seems to eat.

No. 831582

File: 1562198126210.jpeg (1008.42 KB, 1536x1216, A0193082-2DAA-4EDF-BDCA-F0B462…)

Was watching her on YouTube and she has a giant cabinet filled with nothing but boxes of protein bars and protein powder… holy fuck

No. 831585

I'm disgusted to the point that I'm gonna need to watch these. I hate this.

No. 831590

Worst part is that I bet she gets a lot of it for free because she has a decent number of followers.

No. 831639

File: 1562204075512.png (878.1 KB, 878x858, Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 9.32…)

After reading your comment I went to check it out for myself and holy shit look at her ankles! My guess its edema mixed with being on her feet way too much (walking around, standing instead of sitting, etc.)

No. 831656

She was a competitive swimmer and protein is huge in that community but this is just excessive and disordered

No. 831686

I can’t believe she had 2 kids. I know she used IVF but still. And it’s insane that Kim and her husband thought it was a good idea for her to carry children while being that sick. I mean it looks like she had a little more food in diet during her pregnancies but she was still under eating and consuming a lot of chemically diet products. Sad.

No. 831697

Is that person a relative of hers?
If so the no ankle thing could just be a weird small feet and short legs unlucky genetic thing.

No. 831723

She has discount codes for anyone so these companies sponsor her. On her blog she mentions products so she's definitely getting freebies.

Her recipes are all substitutes, fat free products and protein powder. Got to taste like shit if every ingredient is so powder or bland. No sugars anywhere, all sweetener.

No. 831726

She wants to look like a snack so she has to eat snacks- why she felt the need to look like a snack?

Didn't Smorven make a point of cutting her apples up into tiny pieces?

No. 831730

My Pro Ana has been down for two days now

No. 831743

She mentioned “hate comments” in several of her captions so I’m guessing she just deletes anyone who calls her out…

No. 831749

It's not down. You can still access it if you ignore the security warning.

No. 831762

Dude that’s like a quarter of my dose.
But everyone shut up unless your a doctor, everyone has different reactions to drugs

No. 831764

Dude, it's not Top Trump's meds. Anon meant cut down in 30mg increments.

Stop blogging about your pills.

No. 831809

File: 1562238755711.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, 57C7F0B3-E5A0-45E5-8852-9B1F38…)

Did someone…. call the police on Aly? Or is this just a coincidence?

No. 831825

File: 1562242798798.jpg (384.82 KB, 1440x788, 20190704_131833.jpg)

Jesus christ her arms are basically half the size of her daughters. Hoping her daughter won't follow in her footsteps but she most likely picks up on it.

No. 831864

Yeah, a load of kids have that puppy fat thing going on but looking at the stuff she bakes…even though those cookies or whatever are under 300 calories somebody's got to eat them. Aspartame kids yay.

It's hypocritical if, IF, she teaches her daughter that food's okay (doubt she'll understand the macro shit) when she looks really scrawny. Imagine using her to promote your products. The only people I know of to use that whey protein powder want to build muscle. She's not building muscle.

She's Elzani in a few years time.

No. 831881

Naw, elzani will never have a husband or kids like Kim does.

No. 831891

Elzani won’t be doing anything - she is doomed to be stuck in her anorexia bizarre bubble world cocooned by her parents- yeh she might be able to put on some weight but without therapy or changing their family dynamics her head won’t be able to cope with being a healthy weight and the expectations that society then puts on you to function as an adult. There is nothing to her except her anorexia. Eventually she’ll run out of content for making videos- then what? A year from now I bet she’s still in the same place mentally and physically- if not worse.

No. 831906

I'd love to see her on "The Undateables". Imagine her first date going for something to eat - "This burger is DIVINE. Isn't it divine? I think it is, do you think it's divine?"…with her mum sitting next to them.

No. 831912

File: 1562256844247.png (101.6 KB, 610x546, Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 12.1…)

aaaand she posted an update. did she conveniently forget that she posted about driving stoned "asf?" she was absolutely not "just on meds"

No. 831936

aly tried to disguise selfishness as being a ‘bad bitch’. she does reckless things all the time and whenever she gets called out, it’s 10 insta stories in a row of her sticking her middle finger up at the ‘haters’ and being too ‘badass’ to care

No. 831942

Kids tend to imitate what they see. I have a feeling her daughter is going to have major food issues as she gets older. Why would she have children if she can’t even take care of herself? Completely selfish.

No. 831943

File: 1562261204600.jpg (41.22 KB, 324x553, ffs.JPG)

Is she fucking serious? How degrading for the animal. Becky, of course.

>Why would she have children if she can’t even take care of herself?

I think this about 90% of the women I see in public with kids. She knows what's best though and she writes it all on her mommy blog.

No. 831953

I watched some of the videos Kim filmed while she was pregnant and it’s insane. She’d talk about how her doctor would tell her to get milkshakes, ice cream, high fat food, etc. and while doing so she’d bust out some shitty protein power and water and have a protein shake. I know she’s sponsored but it’s ridiculous. And the commenters on her videos are just as bad as Elzanis. Like this woman is clearly severely underweight, pregnant, and balding and yet people comment bullshit like, “oh you’re simply GLOWING Kim! You look fabulous!” What planet am I fucking on right now

No. 831956

Oh god. What if they've spent so long admiring spoopy people they now think she looks normal?

No. 831965

did they get hacked or something? i'm a brainlet when it comes to the internet

No. 831966

She looks normal to me too anon.
Not out of the ordinary thin imo

No. 831969

I'm sorry how is this degrading? Hanging a bell from the door so a dog can ring it when it needs to go out is a lot less degrading than having it shit and piss all over the inside of the home.

No. 831980

She looks normal-underweight to me. Like, she’s definitely below a bmi of 18 or whatever, but not thin enough that people would look twice (except for other anorexics). It lets her purport to be a recovery princess since she’s no longer super spoopy, but she also doesn’t need to deal with the discomfort of actually weight restoring.

God knows what she’s doing to her kids’ long term health by feeding them all that fake sugar, synthetic protein crap. They’re the real victims here.

No. 832002

i also noticed how she back tracked from posting she was 'stoned asf' maybe she'll learn her lesson this time. very coincidental that she was arrested shortly after someone posted that screenshot

No. 832018

File: 1562272572563.jpeg (542.54 KB, 750x1112, 7F14D2C1-B2E0-4625-B9A2-D593CC…)

shes so fat it looks like her legs are melting. Also, surprised her doctor who "diagnosed" her with ptsd would say something like this kek

No. 832031

As if she's in danger of starving herself to death kek. Of course someone that morbidly obese would be terrified of eating 1100 calories for a while.

No. 832052

She shouldn't lose weight. She'll lose that incredible calf gap.

No. 832054


"just on meds"…. like they don't breathalyse at the scene??

No. 832096

Top kek

No. 832097

File: 1562282734396.jpeg (592.84 KB, 828x1412, A7806E2D-E010-4C40-B5A9-EDFAE7…)

I’ll just leave this here for maximum kek. Diet pills, that’ll do it!

No. 832108

The nerve of this hambeast.

No. 832184

she’s so stupid. like why would you 1) drive impaired but also 2) fucking broadcast it to thousands of strangers? don’t forget when she posted that baggie of coke, for some reason, too
it feels like she’s just trying so hard to be the ‘casually fucked up and tragic uwu’ girl

No. 832196

Are these the kind of thing that makes (sorry, no delicate way of putting this), slushy fatty poop slide out of your anus without your control?

They look legit. What's the actual brand?

No. 832210

Once she got enough asspats she replied to a commenter saying she “canceled the order” and deleted the post. Honestly bet she just screenshotted a stock photo of diet pills to fish for validation

No. 832231

It says "natural" so I'm guessing it's herbal. Meaning laxatives, and several different plants containing caffeine. Maybe a bunch of other "stimulant" herbs.

No. 832235

Her doctor sounds sensible tbh. All these aTyPicAL AnAs seem to forget BED is an eating disorder too.

No. 832238

File: 1562320694295.jpg (964.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-195635_Ins…)

How's seconds at a buffet not counted as a binge?

No. 832245

I bet she will call it reactive eating or hypermetabolism kek

No. 832252

Seconds at a buffet is not a binge. If you're spending $30+ dollars at a buffet, you BETTER get fucking seconds! ;)

Not saying Georgia isn't a cow, she is, but most people get at least two plates at a buffet. A binge is eating a whole pack of cookies and a pint of ice cream and a bag of chips and trying to pass it off as "extreme hunger", "listenin' to muh bodyyyy" (which I think she's done before)

No. 832253

The point of a buffet is to have several plates of food?! The fuck you mean a binge? check yourself man you’re sounding like some pro Ana shit

No. 832269

I mean if you dont want to count two whole meals and dessert as over kill then sure you do you. But its an above normal amount of food in one sitting. BuT iTs A bUfFeT

No. 832291

Implying that eating above a normal amount always meets the definition of binge eating.

No. 832318

File: 1562334577121.jpeg (446.72 KB, 828x1275, ADFF1DD9-CF3E-44CF-94E3-65F6E3…)

Chii is having a hissy fit (for all the people who claim she isn’t milky, it’s obvious here that clearly she is)

No. 832320

Did you measure these two serves? How do you know what size they are to say they are a binge or not a binge.

No. 832348

I used to find her vaguely intriguing - now she’s just boring.

No. 832397

Thank you anon, I can’t stand her. I’m aware she’s in ~real recovery this time~ but she acts like she’s so special for it and constantly either asspats herself on her story or shits on the ED recovery community to elevate herself.

Plus she acted the same way several years ago when she was “in quasi” (as she puts it) so her posts of junk food and self praise doesn’t fully prove to me that she’s some ~recovery qween

No. 832416

She’s definitely annoying AF and preachy and thinks she’s better than everyone else but I don’t know if that’s milky. Something that really grinds my gears with her is how she basically refuses to be supervised by a doctor. But again, annoying HELL YES, milky, not really.

No. 832421

File: 1562347518400.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 64823B4A-A02E-4AAE-84D1-A4376A…)

what kind of bullshit skelly pose… is she pushing her hipbones out?? is that what that is??

No. 832423

It looks like she has a boner

No. 832426

The lump does look like the hip closest to the camera, body/hips slightly turned away causing it to stick out. It does make the picture look like an unfortunate boner though.

No. 832433

File: 1562349307224.jpg (17.17 KB, 328x110, e.JPG)

She definitely wants to stay a spoop. Saw this on her caption yesterday. I didn't see a new picture of her to have gotten deleted.

Make sure to have the hot water bottle in the shot!

No. 832437

>>830685 Was gonna say this- this is why most inpatient units aren't really big on the actual therapy- many, if not most people's mental problems go away when they gain weight- and until then, they're not even sure what they're working with

No. 832470

Kek must suck to be so malnourished and delusional that you think your protruding hip bone(r) is hot shit

No. 832477

Do people actually like her? Tbh I don’t think she’s milky anymore but I definitely don’t think she’s in real recovery like she claims. Just another run of the mill instacovery anorexic.

Let’s be real, any anorexic in recovery who refuses to be supervised by a doctor (but can financially afford it) isn’t really wanting to recover. They probably want to “recover” and stay at an underweight BMI.

No. 832496

Because she is on here all the time. Is a bit of a cow herself and likes to stir drama on tell and on other pages. Not a very big account, but seems she pretends to be nice to people then completely turns around and is a complete bitch @livvyversion2

No. 832500

File: 1562355822263.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.7 KB, 821x592, gg.JPG)

I was looking through an old hard drive last night and found some screen grabs from when the Ash threads were active. I looked up some of the massive pro anas who commented and found @xxginamariee was still active.

Img is July 2017. Apparently she's now recovered BUT…


No. 832502

File: 1562355942605.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.73 KB, 919x634, g.JPG)

This is her now.

Some weight gain, yes, but
>Gina Umstatter is a certified International Sports Science Association personal trainer and nutritionist.


No. 832515

File: 1562357113368.jpeg (96.7 KB, 512x512, 1E4CAEC0-DE95-4161-AF38-123518…)

I think someone on here seems to have a personal vendetta against her. (readysteady_zo)
These are months and months of really old tells and seems like you’ve taken her out of context at bit. Soz for the white knight. But idk if she is all that milky. Sometimes it seems like she’s actually really trying, or at least she was last year. She’s only ever posted about korey once on tell and that’s cause someone asked her. She is a mess though.

No. 832539

No. 832547

Elzani clearly lurks here - in this video she says she has to wear her hair up like that because of all the stray hairs, claims it's growing because of recovery. Said she used to have really thick hair but not anymore obviously…
Lots of unflattering shots of her throughout the video tbh
Also really weird, at the very end she shows off her swollen ankles and talks about it a bit, it looks really bad and her skin looks so mottled. literally farmers just talked about her obvious edema and now she has to address it in her latest video..
really seems like food is the only thing she lives for in this world. she practically orgasms whenever she eats something, eyes rolling back in her head and everything.

No. 832553

She definitely does. Also notice how her thumbnails got slight less bizarre after we talked about them here?

No. 832557

“I have cured myself of heavy periods” I have no doubt about that, Gina.

No. 832574

File: 1562365783753.png (1.19 MB, 640x1136, 0D61BF39-9D4E-465F-BF11-C2A65C…)

>Shiiiit guys! That was so fucking good! omg it was delicious

Georgia is almost on Elzani’s level with the foodgasms

No. 832582

Yeah, but Georgia actually eats it all and more and doesn’t purge it, burn it off, or purposely try to make it look like more food than it really is the way Elzani would lol

No. 832586

Someone claiming to have anorexia (albeit atypical) wouldn’t be thrilled for a buffet. She’s now going with bulimia it seems but we all know the truth

No. 832589

Purging debatable.

As for this, no vendetta at all. The night I posted that I was browsing other spoopy accounts and it was public. Nose hose do often is a sign of an attention seeking that. People hate her on her telonym. She has new animal's yet she knows she gets hospitality sed every damn week.

Her selfies are as pathetic as the other cows and their tube trophy.

No, she isn't recovering. She's in a unit NOW. Her electrolytes and bloods are fucked. She appears to take hospital visits as seriously as politicians take poverty seriously +ie they don't.

Do no, no vendetta. Stumbled upon yet another resource wasting asshole.

If you know her, tell her to stop behaving like a time wasting that.

No. 832590

Autocorrect is even angry.

No. 832591

I think the people who comment on Elzani’s videos are just as annoying as Elzani herself.

No. 832596

I think E's videos are so annoying that the farmers who watch them have admirable tolerance for mind numbing content.

What's the deal with the anon picking on other anons for their chosen cow of interest?

No. 832682

I think (hope) they meant the ass-patters who comment on youtube telling her that she's a "glowing warrior princess." Either way I watch her mind-numbing content, and I am floored that her parents let her walk around in her extremely malnourished state with a fucking fitbit. Since she definitely lurks I'll wait for her to address this in her next video claiming it's her dad's, or it's there to ensure she doesn't exercise too much or something.

No. 832686

Same anon. Yeah I was talking about the people who give her asspats on all her videos. Should’ve clarified.

No. 832699

>I think E's videos are so annoying that the farmers who watch them have admirable tolerance for mind numbing content.

its no secret that anons who lurk around particular threads have a really vested interest in the topic. coupled with summerfags and the random loser who googles thinspo and ends up here, there is no lack of someone to comment on a random nobody and their youtube channel or instagram feed. the pro ana threads are notorious for being low quality even if there are a few people who are relatively interesting interspersed. you can always suss out the bones rattling when you read a reply.

No. 832709

I think it’s an iwatch. If she addresses it she’ll most likely just say she uses it to listen to music or something.

No. 832711

Fair enough. I'm sure she has an excuse for everything like the "outfit of the day" body check, and her new body check belt.

No. 832718

She isn’t in hospital right now tho

No. 832815

Watching this- she really is totally incapable of doing anything without her mum.
For someone who is 21 ( or is she 22) and has never tried raw carrot ?- really? And why would anyone want to try eating raw potato? She’s just too weird.

No. 832820

It’s interesting to see how anorexia turns some adults into virtual toddlers. Eugenia, Becky and Elzani all have weirdly close dependent relationships with their moms like a kid would. Wonder if that would normalize with weight gain or if they’ve permanently fucked over their brains

No. 832876

File: 1562425661942.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1160x1967, D0E0EA9A-FD3E-4BCF-BE38-FC3B41…)

Becky really is a special little snowflake. Landlord cut down a tree in her yard and she needs to be held and comforted by her mother, I mean I get that the machines are loud and they apparently didn’t get a warning but they could have gone to yet another garden centre or something instead of staying, but then Becky would be able to post her daily whine… I don’t mean to sound like a cunt but the chick pisses me off. Feel bad for mum, but at the same time she’s enabling this.

No. 832882


Yeah all she does is complain. If someone cutting a fucking tree down wrecks her life, she don't know shit about the real world.

Possibly going to get full on pity me posts because nobody's bid on her shit drawings on eBay.

She really is hideous.

No. 832888

I’m convinced she’s lying. For some reason she really likes to brag about trying foods for the first time “in ages!”. Elzani, if you really do lurk here, eat an apple without cutting it up into 100 bites. You can even brag about how it’s your first time eating an apple like a normal person! Trust me, every single one of your YouTube followers will tell you you’re a queen for doing this

No. 832892

An anorexic who has never eaten raw carrot- she has to be joking?

No. 832910

Ikr, she always says she's never had a really common food as if she never ate even before anorexia

No. 832913

I'd like to know what her diet was like before she got ill. If she was sticking to, say, 6 items all the time then that's disordered for a start.

No. 832925

Elzani’s next video title: Eating Foods I used to eat BEFORE anorexia!
Tbh I feel like she’s the junk food type of ana. Probably used to eat lots of unhealthy stuff before her disorder and when she was relapsing she probably just cut back on the amount she ate to save all of her calories for a slice of pizza or something.

No. 832935

Naw, when she was really underweight she was only eating plain oatmeal, she’s said so in a few videos 🤷🏼‍♀️

No. 832938

**Not saying she's not still crazy underweight. But when she did her first "I'm going to die!" video and was a BMI of <10, she was only eating oatmeal apparently.

No. 832952

I don't think her bmi was <10, she said it was 11.2

No. 832971

This is elzani’s video compared to chii’s spoopy progress pic. Chii has said she was below a 10 and it’s pretty obvious here elzani is just as skinny, if not skinnier (just with shittier camera quality, I guess). I’m going to bet elzani is lying about her low weight the same way she lies about everything else.

No. 832975

File: 1562438035412.png (232.68 KB, 349x313, Untitled.png)

Those three, Eugenia, Becky and Elzani have quite a lot in common. They're fairly one dimensional and they're all pretty dim. I don't think any of them ever had much intelligence.

It freaks me out more to think that the twins were once so bright they qualified to be doctors. Look at them now with their Miffy cutlery and subnormal behaviour. I can't see the twins ever recovering, but it'd be good to find out if you can grow intelligence back.

As for Elzani and Becky - if Elzani recovers I can't see her becoming a more rounded person (harhar) in the same way Aly stayed dull. Becky's going to die before she ever recovers, so dim she stays.

No. 832980

Ahhhh okay, probably

No. 832988

The twins horrify me. Anyone know how long they’ve been spoopy? I lurked on their Instagrams until they became private and it was pretty depressing. The half formed
misspelled sentence captions and freaky public body check videos prove the human mind cannot function on pure almond milk froth and canderel. Even Ash has the ability to form semi-coherent thoughts.

Elzani will probably continue her half ass recovery before majorly relapsing. I can’t see her functioning at all in the real world. That’s probably part of the reason why she’s anorexic.

No. 832989

File: 1562440106185.jpeg (579.65 KB, 2048x2048, 7076AF44-5F2E-4AEB-8829-889C2B…)

This is elzani’s video compared to chii’s spoopy progress pic. Chii has said she was below a 10 and it’s pretty obvious here elzani is just as skinny, if not skinnier (just with shittier camera quality, I guess). I’m going to bet elzani is lying about her low weight the same way she lies about everything else.

No. 833000

Nah those faces are on different planes, anon. Chii was a lower BMI than Elzani. Also why would an anorexic lie about their lowest weight and say it’s higher than it really was? Logic doesn’t seem strong on that

No. 833026

Are you blind anon?? Chii is way spoopier.

No. 833032

Definitely. Chii looks like a mummified corpse. Elzani looks healthy compared to her.

No. 833041

I’m pretty sure it’s just a bad screen cap and crappy quality camera. If you watch the video elzani is hella spoop

No. 833053

File: 1562446952271.jpg (281.34 KB, 712x945, Screenshot_20190706-170118_Ins…)

No. 833061

I doubt anyone would say she isn't spoopy but compare the faces. I know everyone looks different at BMIs but usually at v low BMI there's deffo an Ana face. E hadn't got ana face now but she looks lovely keeping dead eye death.

No. 833062

Who what & why.

No. 833064

Balls. My phone says she looks lovely…that was autocorrect. Should say looks like dead eye death lol.

No. 833067

E doesn't have that weird face thing going on, and her skin isn't just like paper over her bones like chii, I'd say she wasn't lying about her bmi.

No. 833068

Peeped the account and while I still don't know - she has a stroller for her cat lol

No. 833070

Her cat's really cute. Idk why she was posted tho. She sees a nice person who's doing things despite being ill.

No. 833072

I think she went to Denver acute a while back. Looks like she’s back to being a spoop. Not surprised. I don’t know much about her but she doesn’t seem to be very milky.

No. 833085

Cat's definitely cute, no hate for the kitty (or her, that's just what stuck out to me when I went looking. Spoopy but not milky)

No. 833104

Went to Denver acute then erc and left early. Slow decline since then. Maybe I’m soft because I see myself in her but I don’t think she’s prancing around being pro. She really needs to reassess the veganism though(no1curr)

No. 833143

I dunno man her pictures are pretty showing off her sooper sick bod. She looks like absolute shit and refuses to go back to treatment and doesn’t like when people express concern for the fact that she’s completely relapsed.

No. 833158

Logically you would expect a skeletal face but I have honestly met some hella skeletal anorexic who in the face look pretty normal (I mean look at Eugene for instance) E seemed to have scary scary thin legs in some photos I saw but her face looked okay. Idk how it pans out, I think face structure influences stuff and also perhaps purging and genetics. But I def have seen the odd outlier who is on deaths door but in the face appears okay. I've also noticed like Korey looks not shockingly sick in the face at her lowest but her face totally changed with some weight restoration, so it seems their faces do 'worsen' but what that looks like for everyone is different

No. 833171

Not to sperge but a lot of times the corpse face comes from being a low BMI and being severely dehydrated from either fasting or using laxatives (or a combination of both). Elzani’s face probably looks semi normal because she keeps up her salt intake and has a naturally round facial structure. She could also be purging though. Who knows

No. 833193

This bs is almost as misleading as Elzani's videos- no one with anorexia is at guiltless buffets a few months into recovery

No. 833194

>>832975 Good god his pic is disturbing. Imo, that "dim"-ness is what chronic anorexia does to your mind- even if someone weight restores, if they don't do the mental work to actually recover, they continue to think and act the way they all do indefinitely. It's really pretty horrible. Sorry for my armchair psych.

I agree, she actually seems really sweet… instead of having a blog full of carefully arranged banana slices on exactly 1/3 cup zoodles with Fresh Ground Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, it's full of her actually being a person with a real personality. I hope she doesn't go down the drain and end up like the others

No. 833201

She probably got bored of going to the hospital and refusing to eat for a few hours to get a tube so now she’s “turning off” her anorexia.

I did a little creeping and her account goes back

No. 833202

She probably got bored of going to the hospital, refusing to eat for a few hours, and getting tubes so she “turned off” her anorexia kek

I did a little creeping and her account goes back to 2014, she’s just gradually doubled in size the past 5 years. Honestly, I get that AAN exists and overweight people can struggle with restricting, but I don’t know how she can think massive weight gain= anorexia whether it’s atypical or not

No. 833214

Its normal to have multiple plates at a buffet. I dont think ive seen anyone have only one plate. Most people get 2-4 all up

No. 833232


Any true anorexic would be scared by the mere idea of getting even one full plate of food, let alone two. Georgia is just a run-of-the-mill fatty who wants to be a super speshul aTyPiCaL aNoReXiA wArRiOr

No. 833233

nah chii has a way lower bmi in these pics, the face is a dead give away. Elzani looks like 11 like she said

No. 833253

Anyone at that BMI doesn’t have a personality but yeah. She’s not milky. I think she’s already a goner though. She’s been to Denver and she’s already re-lost all the weight she gained. Not a good sign.

No. 833257

An anorexic at her weight would be hitting up the salad bar. Dressingless and croutonless, just as the lich queen intended.

No. 833258

Don't forget she had that miraculous turnaround and was immediately cured! If it was one of those tacky all-you-can-eat buffets, she did remarkably well restricting at only two huge platefuls.

No. 833260

File: 1562503071713.jpeg (764.89 KB, 2048x2048, 91B10D8B-890F-43B7-BCFC-B72CDE…)

Super sad actually. Just creeped her account and she seems like a pretty decent person, no milk, but you can literally see the weight fall off her by following her pics

No. 833261

I don't know how she has the strength for adventure sports.

It's really, really sad. EDs are with anyone, but it's more tragic that she's got so much going for her. If I was a believer, I'd pray this one gets through it.

No. 833265

We’ve already established she’s not milky. You self posting for asspats? If you are, you’re not special. Tons of spoopy anachans out there. If she actually had something going for her she’d recover. Probably too brain damaged for that though.

No. 833267

File: 1562505073055.jpeg (453.36 KB, 750x1089, 698DCED6-A735-4BE1-A0F6-2902CA…)

Back at it again with the Ana posing selfies! Why are average weight ppl or overweight ppl so obsessed with the tinniest bit of collar bone showing? Shanaya we see the rest of you, you aren’t this dainty little spoop no matter how hard u try and conceal your body and accentuate the most minute shadow cast by your barely there collar bone.

No. 833271

File: 1562505436180.jpg (20.91 KB, 240x338, stfu.jpg)

Oh, fuck off. Look at her. She isn't the type to even look at places like this. Go tinfoil somewhere else.

No. 833272

File: 1562505493621.jpeg (323.28 KB, 750x1073, 11AC5103-7376-41A5-8ADD-A5FD7F…)

Meanwhile while inpatient she’s planning her next treatment rundavoo like it’s some damn vacation. I believe she’s at Robina now, is this the hospital where she can get her nose hose after throwing a toddler tantrum and refusing to eat?

No. 833276

Kek. All anachans are the same, anon. You should know that. I don’t care what positive bullshit an anorexic posts to their Instagram, it doesn’t make them any better or worse than any other walking corpse.

No. 833283

They have a completely disillusioned idea of what anorexia is actually like. Put any of these average sized wannarexics in an emaciated body and they’d be shocked at the mental craziness that comes with it. You wouldn’t be getting collarbone shots, but you would be getting Becky level instastories about being rocked like baby by mommy because of a fear of loud noises.

No. 833371

not every new spoop is a self poster. even if you dont think theyre milky, if people want to talk theyll talk.

No. 833393

Exactly! Like they think they are the most severe case, have the most problems, and over dramatize everything. I can’t believe Shanaya, Georgie Porgie or megsrecovery would/could even say they are near death or have been. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but like u said a body swap with an actually sick spoop would be earth shattering to them.

No. 833415

Guys with the whole buffet sags you really need to get a fucking grip. There’s no normal human in the world who won’t get seconds on a buffet. Yeah Georgia annoys me but her choice of shock is neither milky or pro ana

No. 833428

But she isn't normal. She's atypical. One who had a nose hose recently. If she really is atypical, she'd still be struggling with one plate.

Ppl here need to stop mini modding what they think shouldn't be posted.

No. 833435

If E isn’t already purging , it’s only a matter of time before she starts - when she gets too uncomfortable with the weight gain and her body changing. That will be interesting to see if she can purge without her mum bring there.

No. 833437

useless unsaged shit like this is exactly why this thread keeps getting nuked and autosaged

No. 833448

FIRST TIME PURGING TIGERBREAD! Omg mom, I did such a good job. Wasn’t that purge divine?

No. 833457

I know E was a competitive swimme r and I wonder how her body shape affected her then? A childhood/teen friend was a swimmer as well and she struggled with how she developed broad shoulders because of it. Really tight body, but muscular in parts. Ignore me, just started pondering. Without perv intentions, I'd love see her at that time to get some of ideal about her body shape. Now she looks like 25 meters would kill her.

No. 833463

She has a BMI of 22 so she doesnt require a tube. She keeps trying to kill herself so gets admitted then uses the admissions as "errmagawd my ED"

No. 833469

Exactly why her decline in health makes me so sad. She has other interests beyond her ED but is stuck with one foot in her disorder still. Even harder to see how she has started posting more “ana poses” as the weight has come off. It’s a visual representation of what’s happening to her brain
Depends on the body type you have naturally. Someone with an athletic build will develop strong shoulders but if she naturally had a more curvy or petite body before it’s unlikely she’d develop a “swimmers body”

No. 833474

That is exactly what littlestlee did! Idk if we’ve talked about her but she woke up with depression, had suicidal ideation for lunch and was admitted by dinner…kek it must be an Aussie healthcare thing like is there no ED treatment for average weight people? Like do you have to be suicidal to get mental health treatment, some aussiefag educate me lol. It just seems like many of these cows follow the same pattern of admission: muh depression, gets bed, refuses food, gets tube, takes tube selfies, rinse and repeat.

No. 833513

>>833260 I had anorexia and I still can't understand how people as underweight as her feel comfortable wearing things like bathing suits in public.

No. 833514

>>833469 ugh about the pro-ana poses coming out… it's like the ED just sort of creeps in and takes out any individuality or real personality or really anything that would make them interesting, and replaces it with the same dull, weird personality that all the other anorexics have

No. 833515

>>833463 Does anyone know if she legitimately needed the tube in the past? Or if she's more of a Georgia situation but at a healthy weight?

No. 833520

I’m in the same boat. I wore baggy shit all the time. She clearly likes the negative attention she gets. It probably validates her spoopy self if the entire world looks at her like she’s a crack head. Truly bizarre

No. 833577

It’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t. Go kayaking and wear a swimsuit be told you’re showing off your body. Stay home and hide your body and be told you have no life outside of your ED. For all intensive purposes this is a fairly normal way to have your picture taken especially compared to these cows trying to pop a collarbone out every chance they get

No. 833588

I think she was probably quite chunky - looking at the build of her mum and dad and sisters - they aren’t beanpoles they are kind of average.
She goes on about being a competitive swimmer but if her first hospital admission was she 14 she can’t have been swimming very long in the competition meets as they are for older kids.

No. 833599

FYI anon it’s “all intents and purposes”

No. 833605

Competitive swim meets have age divisions for every age here in the us. Is it different where E is?

No. 833606

File: 1562568072924.jpg (36.86 KB, 653x159, e.JPG)

Found this in the Exmouth Journal.

No. 833608

File: 1562568251791.jpg (147.48 KB, 630x448, 506176081.jpg)

No need to point her out in the pic.

No. 833610

I have Asperger's, and I don't really think she's autistic. Maybe she's just overly reliant on other people

No. 833632

I know anas have body dysmorphia but do you think that applies to their hair as well? I noticed there are quite a few anorexics who have unattractively long, stringy hair. Elzani, Eugenia, chii, and quite a few other recovery shills. Honestly, how their hair looks is the least of their problems but it’s interesting a lot of them seem to have the same look.

No. 833638

Some people think they look fatter with shorter hair

No. 833657

in general ive noticed ppl w/ the thinnest, rattiest hair always refuse to cut it short. they have so little hair (or so little substance to their hair) theyre insecure about losing any more of it

No. 833663

umm which one is she? I can't tell lol

No. 833675

Most people dont get full plates at buffets though, everyone i know only gets a few mouthfuls so they can try different foods. Thats the most normal thing at a buffet. But i can see what you are saying

No. 833676

it's probably mostly that but also haircuts can be a big change which can be scary for some people especially if you're not very stable emotionally to begin with. Getting a haircut is also a form of self care, so they might not have the energy/desire/self esteem to feel comfortable getting it cut.

No. 833707

File: 1562591977867.jpg (11.44 KB, 81x176, 1.JPG)

The comb across gives it away.

No. 833711

>>833577 Go kayaking and wear a shirt lol or at least a one-piece. I mean, on some level, it's good for her I guess that she's comfortable with herself and not hiding what's going on?

I agree- seeing her actually do something and looking normal instead of insane is refreshing

No. 833716

File: 1562594344406.jpg (99.24 KB, 1024x1820, 2083405405267887439_5787304712…)

Nose hose pic imminent.

No. 833717

On closer inspection you can actually see her clenching her teeth for maximum bone flexing.

No. 833721

Good lord. The hairline on this spoop… she somehow looks both 12 and 60.

No. 833789

How the fuck does someone think that this is a post-worthy picture?? Jfc, she looks genuinely terrifying. Must be the spoopyness that's turning her brain to mush.

No. 833813


Who is this?

No. 833852

No. 833855

soz wrote sage in wrong field duh

No. 833891

Wait…. did Elzani gain like 25kg overnight or is this her friend I’m so confused(read the rules)

No. 833899

Her youngest sister. They do look alike.(read the rules)

No. 833900

thats her sister

No. 833963

Reminder that minors under 16 are not allowed to be posted and neither are family members unless they are involved directly in the milk.

No. 833992

Aussiefag, and basically yes.

Fuck all treatment for eating disorder unless you’re under a bmi of 16ish, and if you’re not actively trying to kill yourself, there’s no space on the psych ward.
Regionally it only gets worse. Less awareness and fewer options for ED, transported to the cities for psych.

No. 834011

File: 1562636925880.jpeg (195.56 KB, 750x1171, 9DAC334C-D746-4EB3-9919-D16DC8…)

Speaking of wanorexics and collar bones laney the Pooh freak is back to posting. Hardcore sucking in those cheeks lol

No. 834015

File: 1562637224682.jpeg (433.05 KB, 750x1018, 50370F6C-C3A0-44B2-8683-03B8FC…)

Here’s the text for the post, so many questions, first she should feel like a hypocrite for eating and living like a cow and then feigning severe anorexia and second what is she talking about with this twelve year old? Isn't she only like 20 years old? I’m either missing something or she had a child at age 8 lol

No. 834028

File: 1562639048987.jpeg (956.16 KB, 1102x1953, B64B8E33-41D8-45B5-BB70-DD0345…)

Looks like she’s dating someone who has kids. Wonder how old this dude is…

No. 834052

Holy shit she is ABSOLUTELY DELUDED. If she thinks she was spoopy enough to become infertile she is actually delusional… and as for the chronic illness lol wow she has that kind of Lyme disease that apparently doesn’t come from a tick bit lol. Yea she’s got some munchie tendencies but seems to be more invested in the wanorexic life.
As for the boy I could of sworn she just broke up with her Bf or something (“triggering this spiral into wanorexica once more, hence the new posts) and he didn’t have a kid, so does that mean she just met a new guy and already sees herself as a step mother figure …. omg I just can’t with this lol. And as for his age he’s probably like some old guy with no money hoping he can sponge some money from laney Pooh bears family for his kid. Why would he be interested in a 20 year old wtf mother skills does she have being that she’s essentially still a kid herself Ik she’s twenty but just think a year ago she was a teen… this is all yikes

No. 834109

You can get help here at any weight. You dont need to bw suicidal or play up depression
. THAT seems to be a borderline personality thing for attention

No. 834116

Unless you pay private, there's a lot more help, and less waiting lists if you're well underweight.

No. 834156

Idek who that is but there's plenty of evidence that shows a >18.5 BMI comes with a way higher risk of miscarriage. She alludes to miscarriage, not infertility afaik, but I couldn't finish all of her post (or yours) due to wall of text/boring.

No. 834170

Even if you use private health there is not "alot more help."

No. 834192

Depends where you live. Treatment in Perth is near non existent. Private system picks and chooses who they want, and its political. State system will only do something if your seriously underweight, or medically unstable and refusing to eat.

No. 834193


Again that depends on the state. If you live in a state that has barely anything, and a psych who plays favourites then it doesn't matter how underweight you are, or if you have insurance.

No. 834207

20 and she’s already had 3 miscarriages? Use a condom hun. Hopefully she wasn’t purposefully trying to have a baby. But then again, making intelligent decisions has never been her strong suit.

No. 834215

File: 1562675359949.jpg (313.85 KB, 1440x2560, 2083707431688142444_5787304712…)

No. 834217

File: 1562675467148.jpg (121.14 KB, 1024x1820, 2084150160960497698_5787304712…)

Ellie May

No. 834219

She got out of her wheelchair to take this pic.

No. 834244

Majorly off topic but old men LOVE 20 year olds. Lmao

No. 834253

Like…. What did she fucking expect, she looks like death, she wasn't even discharged so of course they'd recall her when she was back on her bullshit

No. 834266


air ambulance? why?

No. 834267

File: 1562686039354.png (1.7 MB, 828x1792, 589DA5D6-E0EE-4A51-8789-39DE21…)

Will Morven ever give up doing this? I thought she had a recovery revelation recently as well?

No. 834271

File: 1562686731193.png (921.76 KB, 750x1334, 05C3D901-0ECF-4678-B5CE-043106…)

Part 1
fightinginsidevoices story, I guess that collar bones are important when you look like this (will post in part 2) tbh I doubt a professional would say this anyway… how does one even poke an eye out with a collar bone kek

No. 834275

it's s figure of speech used to describe something pointy, it's not literal.

No. 834277

File: 1562687087632.jpeg (274.02 KB, 750x1221, 34410805-079F-49BD-ABBC-E0400F…)

Part 2
Is she like another Georgie Porgie?? It’s almost like she has body dysmorphia that makes her appear thinner to herself. Idek major kek at the blood pressure mention in the text part of the post lol

No. 834279

Obviously…. was just making a joke at the absurdity of the comment facepalms

No. 834284

She lives in some remote part of Scotland, maybe an isle. I remember her talking about it the first time she was sent IP.

No. 834292

File: 1562688333352.jpeg (468.74 KB, 750x1122, 86B7F5C2-2510-45FE-9487-CD91F8…)

That’s great shanaya…. you didn’t throw a tubie tantrum for one whole month kek everyone give this ana warrior some asspats! I love how she’s like “I’ve been admitted to so many hospitals this year” probably Bc they know your playing games and don’t want to deal with your shit dummy so they refer you cough cough get rid of you cough and send you elsewhere

No. 834295

Humble bragging about hospital admissions and nose hoses. Honestly, what a sad life. The fact that she made this post is an indicative that she will not, in fact, be moving forward.

No. 834297

What the actual fuck is she doing in her profile picture. Is she taking a shit? Attempting to simulate a thigh gap? I have no idea but I’m amused. Good find, anon

No. 834305

File: 1562690425713.jpeg (267.16 KB, 750x1185, AC521A85-DBC2-4CC4-B278-113962…)

No. 834306

File: 1562690484252.jpeg (424.53 KB, 750x1148, 173344B1-FEDD-430A-B439-536BD9…)

No. 834307

File: 1562690529101.jpeg (223.32 KB, 750x867, 7DDCFB99-189C-4106-9421-8EE830…)

No. 834367

“Confusion on my family’s face” Really? I guess at that weight her brain is so messed up that she thinks relief looks like confusion

No. 834370

Also wtf is up with ED warriors and Winnie the Pooh?? Am I missing something here

No. 834376


That comment from 'maurecover', wasn't she talked about ages ago? She still has a spoopy profile picture, does anyone know if she has gained any weight?

No. 834397

It's always the shit Disney Winnie the Pooh as well. Not even the original which really is v cute.

Every time I see her comment on a post (which is multiple times a day), I try to remember what the deal was with her. She was always private. The fact she's still obsessing about anorexia kinda tells us she's still spoopy, or at least doesn't want to recover. She's been around doing the ig thing for years.

No. 834423


She is "self recovering" and says that she has gained weight but has not posted photos. Also hid/deleted all her old body checks. None of her posts are milky or over the top dramatic. Just the usual anorexic food pics and discussing how miserable she feels.

No. 834425

My bad I have scripts off on this browser so I did it by hand and forgot an >

No. 834596

File: 1562720960159.png (2.2 MB, 1125x2436, 2E47D5D0-5B2B-43D5-8251-A93C3A…)

Is that giant thing her actual shadow??? Because maurecover is very obese if so. You’d still have a thigh gap in your shadow!

No. 834599

File: 1562721069502.jpeg (510.8 KB, 750x1090, 55BA4586-BA51-404A-9273-30BBEF…)

Thanks, I can’t figure it out at all either maybe some pseudo yoga position? I have no clue. All she does is post stories of her smoking weed, and then blankly staring at the camera with weird music playing. She’s certainly an odd one but the account is full of milky photos, take this one for example. She’s trying so hard not to smile with that nose hose, peep the hash tags #collarbonesfordays what in the f….. major kek of a cow
Nope Bc Shanaya doesn’t want that she NEEDS attention and validation from strangers, Bc everyone looks sooper sick if they have a nose hose.. even at a totally healthy weight kek. And your right this is all humble bragging, for asspats in the comments

No. 834615

Maybe she edits her shadow so you cant see her true size. All her pictures look exactly the same, she's proba ly just some rando who found this pic online and uses it each time

No. 834620

What the fuck is going on there?

No. 834621

File: 1562723215288.png (2.8 MB, 1372x1372, AD8711A7-95E2-4BE7-9802-CA9EDA…)

Ashely doppelgänger spoop feat. an obsession with (becoming) Jack Skellington. Unlike the whiny “atypicals” she probably doesn’t need to contort herself in unnatural ways to show off them collarbonez..

No. 834624

Wannarexics are my favorite minicows, I wish we had an entirely separate thread for them. The delusion is very entertaining.

No. 834626

File: 1562723878329.png (2.77 MB, 1372x1372, B926871C-35DB-43C8-9ACB-70BF64…)

Also PROUD and “grateful” for her spoopyness and affinity of some delicious rabbit, bone broth, and egg yolk soup.

No. 834631

File: 1562724691746.jpeg (193.25 KB, 750x1088, 69709B19-62B3-4B9A-8292-51F49D…)

They are definitely my favorite cows too, like look at this post

No. 834632

My collar bones are still showing! Interesting because the first thing I noticed was that her arm is the same size as her neck

No. 834633

File: 1562725099290.jpeg (183.87 KB, 750x1093, BCAF940B-8214-4E75-B893-3C4308…)

More milk from fightinginsidevoices. Just why, why post this for it to be on the internet forever ugh kek you just have to laugh at how desperate and oblivious these wanorexic cows are

No. 834635

File: 1562725261954.jpeg (468.54 KB, 750x1096, F040BF16-FAF9-4BD5-A463-16D17F…)

Top kek omfg lol, there’s more nose hose shots with emphasis or rather obsession with the collar bones, doesn’t she know it’s normal for them to show??! She sounds like an excited spoop but really she’s just happy to look semi normal sad.

No. 834636

File: 1562725466393.jpeg (157.06 KB, 750x1045, E5E957A0-090E-4B00-BD72-D3C25C…)

I will say she’s lost weight since this pic (I think?) but the caption just screams “give me attention, tell me I’m sick and that I need to follow up with appointments!” I mean it’s one thing to be a little chubby and say your fat and have ppl say oh no your not that fat or your fine! But once you get to this size it’s so unhealthy it’s just awkward like how does one respond lol?

No. 834642

Anyone else accepted by Kelsey and realize she hasn't posted at all since making her newest account? This is what, her 5th account? She keeps getting deleted for shooping her pictures so I have a theory she's gone off the grid and will come back posting actual pictures of herself saying she went to the hospital/is in active recovery. Hope this happens because I wanna see what she actually looks like

No. 834643

Uhh wtf is going on with her leg in the top right photo…? Is she decaying? Guess it won’t take her too long to achieve literal skeleton status.

No. 834645

lel at her size she probably actually lost a few pounds if she was kept on the tube the whole time.

No. 834648

Kek imagine being her employer and accidentally stumbling across this mess. Good lord. Sometimes thoughts should stay inside the head.

No. 834651

File: 1562727883855.jpeg (840.5 KB, 1098x1632, F3D89288-7C34-4335-A6D3-FB6F52…)

Huh. I guess she does have one thing in common with the spoops: the unique ability to make a the most unappetizing food imaginable.

No. 834661

File: 1562729161190.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1096x1730, 2442A856-13D7-4402-9047-424F09…)

“Her psych said no to seeing me as a friend. So I am going to die the only way I know how. No more eating or drinking,” Major kek. This cows instagram is a goldmine.

No. 834666

File: 1562730333789.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 640.13 KB, 2070x3072, 3D4A6BEE-2624-4C06-AF72-08AF8E…)

Korey has gone full hippy shit. Can’t wait for her to start suggesting alternative therapies to cure her anorexia kek lol

No. 834700

File: 1562734121513.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190710-144656_Ins…)

Meanwhile back in delirious land. Atypical Anorexia is rife

No. 834745

Bandage on arm for self harm or iv fluids?

No. 834781

Self harm. She isnt inpatient

No. 834790


Can’t post for some reason but her next pic in the story should be titled ‘birth of a munchie’ … faking anorexia was too hard so I guess she’s glomming onto POTS now.

No. 834791

File: 1562740613559.jpeg (682.33 KB, 750x1193, 62C3C9BB-E58C-4746-A012-BE3657…)

Did anyone else expect this? I certainly did. I have a feeling she’s over exaggerating and she’ll make a massive ‘thank god it’s not cancer’ post

No. 834813

WTF even is that??? Mac and cheese with sour cream and more cheese?????

No. 834821

Yeah she mentioned it briefly a few months ago. Used the investigation admission for pics for her ED attention seeking

No. 834852

That just screams bpd

No. 834882

Most these cows have borderline personality. They thrive on this shit

No. 834886

Apparently not! Although from that photo she doesn’t look as skeletal as previous photos. She’s going to end up like Maria and Katy .

No. 834919

It’s people like this that get diagnosed with BPD, when they should also have a diagnosis of HPD that makes everyone with BPD look like attention seeking idiots.

No. 834934

Slowly killing yourself because you can’t see your friend? Seems like a logical course of action. I can’t imagine why a psychologist would tell their patient to stay away from you

No. 834935

What exactly is she getting from posting this? Anachans do it to get validation that they’re skinny, but this chick is actually fat. Does she want people to say she’s fat?? I’m lost

No. 834938

Maybe she thinks people insulting her will inspire her to lose weight?

No. 834946

I'm convinced she's trolling. The obsession with her collarbones is too much.

No. 834959

A troll wouldn’t hospitalize themselves and get a nose hose. This chick has got some issues. Fortunately for her, anorexia isn’t one of them. Can you picture the insanity that would ensue if she was legitimately underweight? Pure madness.

No. 834970

Off topic but when Ashley-level spoops die, I wonder how much smaller their organs are than a normal persons. I’d imagine there would be massive brain and organ shrinkage. It would be interesting to see how much of it could be reversed if they gained weight.

No. 835017

You just added a year to her life lol.

You're right. I was naive. I wish people didn't see anorexia as glamorous when they don't have to suffer it. She should join Weight Watchers, although the WW drinking glass mustn't be as cool as the effects of anorexia.

No. 835027

I remember someone once posted about that subject. Anon was doing autopsies and shared really interesting stories about what people with eating disorders look like from the inside.
Here is a part of it :
"I posted before about wanting to do her autopsy (it's my job, I'm not creepy). Finally did one on someone who was even thinner last week. Their spinal column stuck out through their stomach while lying on their back. This person had been like that for 7 years and all organs were black and green and the skull was yellow and extremely thin. The organs were tiny and rested on either side of the spine with nothing on the spinal column. Thyroid bone was 100% visible through the neck skin. The muscles that sit over the skull were basically non-existant. Asshole was a hole sitting over the tailbone. The brain was literal mush as were the lungs. Their liver was half the size of a normal liver. The intestines were mostly dead and just fell apart to the touch.

This is what Ash would look like inside.. Completely and utterly diseased and rotten. The smell was awful as this person had been slowly dying from starvation for 7 years. Stomach acid was found in places where stomach acid should never be.

The sad thing is eating would reverse a lot of the damage and would of prevented death. This is your future in 2-3 years Ashley."

No. 835029

I remember that anon! That was one of the highlights of her threads.

It's amazing the organs actually work in that state. I mean, obviously they gave out for the stiff who had the autopsy, but the state of Ash's insides…it's incredible she has some functions.

No. 835055

Jesus. That’s horrifying. Thanks for the info, anon. I know I’m about to add another year to her miserable life, but how the fuck can anyone survive at that weight for years. Extreme spoops are the closest the human race has come to a real zombie

No. 835059

File: 1562785848275.jpg (65.57 KB, 814x440, 1.JPG)

It's Ashley's unlucky day. TWO EXTRA YEARS OF SUFFERING!

I remember someone said that it's something to do with the starvation gene. I tried to google starvation gene lolcow ashley but it didn't show the thread.

It's the only explanation I've heard that sounds plausible.

No. 835063


She'll have liver and kidney problems, and heart problems too. Things are functioning but not functioning well.

No. 835068

Definitely. I've written in past threads I know a woman who's Ashley tier (actually not seen her for a couple of years so…) and she used to wet the bed every single night because her kidney's were gone. I suppose Ash being sedentary (and other ultra spoops) helps (if that's the word) them live longer because they're not over exerting their heart. Ash defo had tinges of yellow to her skin.
bet people are writing papers about Rachael Farrokh. Those would be interesting to read re: improvement to organs.

No. 835071

Huh. That’s actually really fascinating. Someone who has an ancestry.com account needs to look up Eugenia and ash’s family. See if they had Chinese family members. Maybe we can finally solve the case of the internets most notorious spoops

No. 835090


Not to powerlevel, but I had dangerously out of whack electrolyte levels at definitely-not-spoopy levels of weight loss. It's not hard to screw that stuff up.

No. 835211

Rachel is still a spoop though. Absolutely no organ improvement on her. If Eugenia is actually recovering and returning to a healthy weight I think it would be interesting to see how she changes. Would she still be obsessed with Jack Skeletington? Would her voice be different? Would her vocabulary improve? Honestly, for her sake, I hope she stays away from social media forever, but I’ll always be curious.

No. 835354

File: 1562808157199.jpg (862.49 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20190711-091544_Ins…)

I know shes an old cow but i think acacia has jumped on to the SW bandwagon
Also extra points for bad photoshop

No. 835402


some of the rest of it:

"Cause of death was liver failure with aetilogy for aspiration pneumonia. This person also had a small brain. The brain sits pretty packed into the skull with the dura tightly encasing it. This brain was not sitting flush with the dura and had clear gyri that kind of looked like gelatin. Fresh brains are typically pinkish and are very soft like a firm creme brulé… This brain just slopped out like what is typical in rather decomposed brains or people who were found days later in water.

Stomach acid was found all throughout the small intestine, lungs and ascending bowel. There was so much poop inside this person considering the starvation however it was bright yellow within the small bowel (literal bright yellow) which I have never seen before in my life. All of the organs were just sized weirdly such as the spleen being the same size as the kidneys (the spleen is pretty small) and the lungs just sat at the bottom of the chest cavity.. The lungs will sit flush with the rib plate, but when I removed the rib plate in this person the lungs were situated literally half way down so there was a space of about 12cm of nothingness.

Fat people are more disgusting inside (as in 200+ kgs.. They have litres and litres of liquid grease just in the cavities) however this person was just a shriveled sack with barely functioning organs. They were smaller than Ash which shocked me as I didn't think that was possible. They were about 172cm and 21kgs.

I could see the femoral artery without cutting them open. It was just there on the thigh against the bone. The skin around the crouch was like a pair of saggy skin underpants and it felt like it would tear every time I rubbed the leg (you push your fist up against the femoral vein on the thigh to get the blood to move upwards for sampling)."

No. 835413

Worst “fishtail” I’ve ever fucking seen in my life !!! What the hell is that, also, skinny but whats fuckin new

No. 835564

Acacia does modelling, so this looks like one of the photos from the modelling agency that she's with.

No. 835579

File: 1562848922663.jpg (984.43 KB, 1920x1920, PhotoEditor_20190712_004139777…)

Here's an article, be warned if you look up the whole thing it has pictures ofher corpse. Hopefully I can post these screen shots of recant parts of the article

No. 835580

File: 1562849218908.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoEditor_20190712_004507388…)

The first collage bit here follows on from the last in my above post

No. 835581

File: 1562849323836.jpg (575.27 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20190712-003153.jpg)

Here's the data of anyone is interested

No. 835590

Thanks for posting this. I'll look up the whole thing. I wonder if the Bodyworlds people have any specimens from severely malnourished people. I only saw smoker's lungs and cancers.

No. 835591

The ovaries really get wrecked.

No. 835598

I wonder if she was severely underweight from the time she developed anorexia to her death or if she ever attempted recovery. Regardless, this is sad. Thanks anon, this answers my question. Looks like the spleen takes a major hit. This woman was basically walking around without an immune system

No. 835601

Anyone notice how Elzani hasn’t uploaded in a while? How much you wanna bet she’s not eating

No. 835604

She probably gained a pound or two after posting a bunch of videos in one week and now she needs two+ weeks to lose 10lbs so she can start “real recovery for real this time”! Again.

No. 835605

File: 1562854174276.jpeg (606.39 KB, 1936x1756, 30902EDB-824C-446F-8A22-8A5BEB…)

I love how all the wanorexics put trigger warnings on their posts when you’ve got spoops like >>834621 this putting it out there no TW kek. And of course she draws attention to the parts she feels “weird about” what feels weird the fact that you think your emaciated but your… not and are going to compare yourself to other ppl? Once again she like others is trying to get ppl to dm or comment oh your so small and delicate and fragile and sick you’ll be the most emaciated skelly there! Like literally there’s muchausen by Internet I think these girls have anorexia by Internet. The ever evolving wanorexic. The funniest part is on her tellonym multiple ppl say she’s looking good of healthy and sgesclike Ik I don’t look it but I’m underweight, or Ik I look fat or whatever but then she thinks this pic is deserving of a TW? She definitely is deluded by her followers to think she’s waaaaay smaller than she is kek. What would happen to these ppls Eds if they couldn’t post on social media?.. spontaneous recovery!

No. 835607

she posted her bmi to prove the haters wrong that she is in fact underweight. like why need to prove that if its allegedly evident?

No. 835634

Wow thanks anons, I was the OP of that autopsy post. I've worked on many anorexic people and emaciated old people (due to age and deterioration) so I am happy to answer more questions.

No. 835644

I noticed that - she normally uploads on YouTube on a Friday , so will have to see what tomorrow brings.

No. 835646

File: 1562858521439.jpeg (525.68 KB, 750x1116, 0F763C43-8626-4515-AF6D-669269…)

Kek that’s really funny actually, because every preceding tell answer is her saying “I don’t need to prove it” “I don’t care what everyone thinks” obviously you do littlestlee if you went to that extent lol what a try hard. I went on and found it, the photo before is a meme that says “straight out of fucks to give” followed by this photo kek at the MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING in the caption lol

No. 835652

Lol only just under what's considered underweight. Thanks for she drank a bottle of water she'd be healthy range in a minute! But…okay then, you're underweight, emaciated, anorexic, tw-worthy. Still it's better to make believe than actually be anorexic. That's the only triggered ng thing.

No. 835654

If she drank*

No. 835668

It’s also possible she lurks here. I get the feeling that she’s very sensitive to criticism and the fact that we all bitch about her being a fraud might demotivate her to post. Tbh she could easily solve this by actually gaining weight and recovering.

No. 835674

What’s the youngest anorexic you’ve autopsied? What was their BMI and the state of their organs? It makes sense that an older anorexic would have severely atrophied organs, I’m curious about how quickly damage sets in when you’re malnourished. Also, is their a visible difference in how anorexics bones look in comparison to a healthy individual?

No. 835678

Kek so accurate, not trying to nitpick but your so right, if she drank some water and didn’t take a shit for a day she’d be fine lol.
I 100% agree with this! If she just gained the weight which has to be what 6-10 lbs? She’d be alright. Stop posting stupid shit for attention and no one would care to talk about her. There’s been plenty of cows we stopped talking about or criticizing after they recovered and quit being so gosh damn attention seeking. Unfortunately I don’t see her stopping any time soon. She hates the backlash and criticism but those on her insta cuddle box are too important to her to let go of. She needs constant validation and ppl confirming she’s “sick”. It just shows how invalidated for lack of a better word, that she feels about herself and her ed. Who goes to the extent to post BMI proof and shit? Someone who needs validation Bc their insecure lol.

No. 835695

Hey anon, what would you say the average BMI would have been in that trial? Was there a mean number of years/months that they'd been ill for?

No. 835697

In what anachan world does she only have 10lbs to gain? Maybe 10kgs to be passable. I just wish she’d stop acting like eating a fucking slice of bread is akin to a multi-level orgasm.

No. 835707

she's a trash human being but you sound ridiculously cringey with that ana talk.

No. 835709

Done a few late teens however the cause of death was always suicide not anorexia. Suicides don't typically get full autopsies but they can with significant medical history fyi.

We don't use BMI and instead use descriptors referencing the physical appearance of malnutrition together with the histo/weight/macro of the organs. I honestly never bothered to do BMI but I have height and weight. These people were visibility ana so for example your typical teen girl about 165cm but with a 32-39kg weight. In a young person like this they just have organs weighing less than the normal range but nothing insane like 50% of the standard. The most shocking thing really is just their appearance and the bones. They get fragile osteopenic bones. For example a tiny little severely osteo old lady, you can break her spine (the body is stiff due to the fridge/rigor) if you are too rough lifting her torso onto the body block (a rubber block used to manipulate bodies into positions that make autopsy easier). A young anorexic woman isn't this fragile but is obviously more fragile to handle than they should be.

It's the mid thirties onwards anas that have had 15 plus years of that lifestyle that are just awfully ruined. Younger people don't have visible atrophy (except ovaries) or even much depletion of function other than bowel movement issues.

I have never seen anyone younger than 30 die purely from anorexia but I don't do hospital autopsies.

No. 835730

So Ashley has a least a year or two left then, if we're ballparking her age correctly.

No. 835731

Thanks anon, it’s sad that you’ve had that much experience with dead anorexics. How many would you say you’ve seen go through the morgue? I think a lot of times people forget that this disorder actually kills people and isn’t just an aesthetic.

No. 835735

What are you even talking about?

No. 835740

The comment said elzani has 6-10lbs to gain. She’s definitely way spoopier than that. I’d say 20lbs minimum to start looking even somewhat normal.

No. 835747

After reading that autopsy report, it makes me curious about how cautious Ash is with moving. It only took a fall (granted it was a face-plant) for that woman’s body to give out and Ash clearly still goes out in public. I think she recently posted a pic of herself at Target. I wonder if she carries emergency glucose tabs on hand for sudden hypoglycemic attacks. If I were her I’d be terrified of passing out in public. Or like, flat out dying.

No. 835774

Agreed. She looks like she’s around BMI 15. She’s still got quite a bit of weight to gain

No. 835813

She used to write that she'd needed an ambulance because she'd passed out in the street. She gave the impression it wasn't a rare occurrence.

No. 835846

File: 1562877128645.jpg (42.93 KB, 382x678, 0.JPG)

I think the first step to recovery would be to stop tensing your neck and chest muscles for IP photo opportunities. Just a suggestion.

No. 835887

the way this pic is edited to be so damn heavy on structure and contrast…. does she think people believe she actually looks that way??

No. 835888

>>835740 they were talking about this girl >>835646 her BMI is 17. They weren't talking about Elzani who clearly needs to gain a significant amount of weight.

No. 835892

If you follow the chain of discussion, no, the post referenced was in fact about elzani. I think someone in that chain got confused

No. 835922

>>835888 Yes thank you!
My bad I was talking about littlestlee not Elzani, I tapped the wrong post like this op said >>835892 in my reply, sorry for the confusion >>835740

No. 835923

Honestly, I think she’s just doing it because she wants the entire world to say she’s sick enough to be in the hospital. There is nothing attractive about that filter. She clearly wants to look grey and dead for the ultimate instagram circle jerk of saying she’s a spoop.

No. 835924

Really? More Winnie the Pooh? Never change, anachans, never change.

No. 835939

How do you think the discussion went before taking this picture. Like, how do you ask your mom to be in a creepy ana-chan selfie with you? Surely her mom has seen how she edits and filters the pics and knows she'll inevitably end up looking awful.

My mom is pretty cool, but if I tried to pull this shit she would straight up smack me.

No. 835961

Mom probably doesn’t know her daughter is running a spoop account. Unless she’s educated on EDs, she’s probably pretty dumb when it comes to them. And judging by her daughters appearance, I’d say mom has no idea what she’s dealing with. Most normal people would look at that pic and think “omg that poor girl!” Anyone who has had anorexia sees through the bullshit

No. 836045

File: 1562896578762.jpg (251.62 KB, 1080x1671, IMG_20190712_134610.jpg)

Gah this girl is back ready to flaunt her anorexia to all her followers that she bullshited repeatedly about being in recovery. If you think E is bad this girl is 100x worse in the past about saying she's gonna recover over and over without actually doing so (I think she deleted a lot of her past posts probably because it was such a ridiculous & obvious lie in hindaight). Anyway she's suddenly started posting stories woth Ana poses to exaggerate her thinness. What pisses me off is she has a lot of young vulnerable followers and she's basically using her ig to show off her illness. It's selfish and she knows EXACTLY what she's doing but is pretending to act innocent. She's had far more then 5 people's (combined) share of treatment and ip stays, everytime she never really tried, just done whatever she wanted and purged etc. Now she's complaining about where she's at. Tbh she's just a train wreck & seems to be a wealthy overly spoilt rich kid

No. 836075

File: 1562899163056.jpeg (233.78 KB, 1536x370, 4172E593-A744-4D37-B2F0-945D5E…)

She’s back! And she somehow managed to blow through 20 minutes taste testing microscopic pieces of chocolate. Skipped 90% of the video but I imagine she let us all know that her single chocolate meal of the week was absolutely divine.

No. 836100

her mom smiling made me feel real sad

No. 836182

Totally pointless video . Do we care what chocolate she likes? Notice it’s all posh expensive stuff- none of the average chocolate .

No. 836234

Lucy is actually just unwell. Has no milk. Having a relapse doesnt make one a cow.

No. 836250

I can see how the posh choc taste test would appeal to all the ana's who're living at home with their well off families, but one of the problems with recovery is spending on extra food is expensive if you live alone or your parents aren't as privileged as Elzani's.

It'd be better if she compared Twin Peaks with ALDI chocolate, etc. All brands have dark chocolate. I'd accuse her of showing off her wealth if I actually thought she had any idea how financially fortunate her family is. For most I would think a how to budget for food would be more helpful than this inane trash.

No. 836269

it's not like she's really trying to help anyone

No. 836274

Lucy will never get better until she wants to. She's had so much help and treatment, and never complies with any of it.

No. 836280

Goes to show how little she actually has going on in her life apart from her ED- she’s struggling to find content for her videos . Interesting that the only one of her family who now features is her mum- but then they are inseparable anyway.

No. 836286

Wow that was painful to watch! You could tell her mom just wanted to get on with eating the goddamn chocolate whereas elzani was way more concerned with making a big show out of it.

No. 836290

She is OKish in new farm clinic and put on weight. She is not so OK back in the UK. She isnt like E where she never gains or loses weight. Lucys weight yo-yos accordingly with her struggles and she doesnt claim to help others or be a recovery savior/whatever BS E calls it. Shes honest with her mood i.e "i dont want to recovery" or "i want to recover". Its not fake like E. Again, no Milk

No. 836293

File: 1562929986903.jpg (975.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190712-121133_Ins…)

Wtaf is this slop?

No. 836300

The stuff of the right legitimately looks like cat puke…

No. 836309


Looks like poop, probably tastes like it and knowing her, it’s probably dirty..

No. 836314

Probably because dad has an actual job and the sisters have lives. No one has the time (or the desire) to star in Elzani’s daily food orgy. I kind of feel bad for Elzani in that regard. I really don’t think she has any friends.

No. 836316

She was in New Farm for 6 months, and in that time didn't gain that much considering how long she was in for. She's lucky that New Farm kept letting her come back after they sent her to the Royal twice. In most states you'd get kicked out for that. So it wasn't surprising that as soon as she got back to the UK she was in treatment again. She seems like a beautiful person but the problem with instagram is that as soon as your so unwell all these followers pop up, and so the anorexia is her identity. She needs to be in hospital.

No. 836319

File: 1562935023428.png (555.81 KB, 1222x1820, IMG_3447.PNG)

Anyone mentioned this cow? Does in depth dissections and close ups of everything she eats which seems to be a whole chocolate bar or a pint every night yet floats around a bmi of 13. Oh and she doesn’t gain weight she gains fairy dust uwu

No. 836336

She always acts as if she's the Most Ana. She really is obviously very sick but I've never seen somebody progress so little with their mentality. She's literally doing the bare minimum. She thinks this far down the line, not measuring a pre-measured amount in a container is a win. Is pescatarian for anorexia reasons only - I don't buy any ethics bull.
I don't think she'll ever get better, she'll end up on a maintenance plan at BMI 15-16 I reckon. She's thick as pig shit as well, literally has nothing going for her. Doesn't really try to improve her mental health either.

Girls like this are always the MOST TRAUMATISED and refuse to have a personality outside of this. She's not really milky though, her life is exceedingly dull.

No. 836360

File: 1562940807641.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 5529C6CC-44F6-4703-9F47-9AB0EA…)

Apparently wannarexics can see things others can’t, like their ribs and hipbones. Don’t think she’s been mentioned before but she says she’s starting a fast and then just 2h in she has huge binges but says they’re healthy because she ends them with a banana.

No. 836361


It's purposely slop so she can purge it. Also why they like chocolate and ice cream.

No. 836362

>Is pescatarian for anorexia reasons only - I don't buy any ethics bull

I'd say this was the case for almost all vegan anas.

She seems very stuck and limited in her choice of and quantity of food. She should work on dealing more with this
> I became ill from a young age I was in a house fire, my parents got divorced as dad had an affair, my own mum neglected us and then I was in a abusive manipulative relationship for four years
Just a suggestion.

No. 836363

Wow, this is exactly like fightinginsidevoices. Her body actually looks okay, even though she's lying down. At least there's a waist.

No. 836381

Gaining fairy dust? That’s a new one.

No. 836383

She has openly admitted to not using toilet roll too

No. 836385

Sorry meant to reply to this.

She’s posted her ED stopped her using toothpaste, showering and using toilet roll…

No. 836387

So she’s bragging about not wiping her ass? Great..

No. 836388

File: 1562944073972.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1888, 4806F5FC-61FD-4BCE-96A8-A3F383…)

No. 836395

Ugh. The laundry list of tags. How old is she again? And holy shit. No ass wiping, deodorant, or showering AND she has a job?? Lmfao girl you are not a fairy. The only dust you’re leaving is from your rank body

No. 836401

>>836383i genuinely don't get this, like why wouldn't she wipe, she must have stank like piss shit and bo, that's not depression it's being a disgusting person.

No. 836402

She works in a children's nursery too, don't you have to past hygiene to do that, poor kids having to smell her shitty ass, kids aren't the only ones needing nappy changes there I guess

No. 836429

Be kind to yourself? Jesus, not stinking of shit, piss and BO is being kind to others.

Soz but bathing and wiping isn't self care, it's the least thing to expect from a member of the general public. If she can work with people she sure as hell can deal with toilet paper for the sake of others comfort.

No. 836463

Lol good find in the bio current weight says 167.5 at 5”7”….. sure Jan. That body check is actually hilarious

No. 836482

JFC. You can hate yourself and still not be selfish enough to make small children smell your dirty habits for hours a day

No. 836726

File: 1562969294776.jpeg (355.17 KB, 828x623, BA1DDF96-AE7B-4C16-9A2E-AD1CF9…)

She definitely lurks here. The only thing cringier than watching E orgasm over a toasted bagel is watching her desperately pretend to have an interest outside of food and her own damn self. Spoiler: no, she is not good at guitar.

No. 836770

Might have to have a look at this vid if she's wearing shorts. For weight assessment not for perv kicks cos ew.

There's an old pic of her playing guitar while her sister sang. You would've thought she'd improved by now.

No. 836789

Ta for the info. Good job I was too busy on other sites to waste seconds of my life on Elzani.

That ss there…if you flick your eyes from her sister's face to E's it's depressing. She could almost pass as her sister's mum she's looking so shite.

No. 836791

We literally just talked about how her family never appears in her videos anymore kek

No. 836799

File: 1562974370351.png (994.55 KB, 1080x871, IMG_20190713_003209.png)

No. 836800

Elzani looks like she's wanting to tell her sister she's shit but just… Can't. Also her face when her sister sings "I didn't know i was starving" kek

No. 836802

File: 1562974490619.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, CB39E518-ECE2-471C-870E-44DF94…)

i don’t know if @ghostofme_ has been posted. her name is May and that is her pro-ana “recovery” Instagram

pic related is her sperging out that her PTSD therapist can’t treat her anymore, because her eating disorder is too severe. ah, the grandiose ideas of someone who can’t even eat like a normal person. everybody has a lawyer when somebody does something they don’t like

the milk

>20, manipulative narcissist with a perpetual victim complex. loves the attention and being sick

>has been admitted to the hospital several times in the last month and leaves against advice every time. because the vitamin fluids she desperately needs “make her bloated”

>spends all day being milkly and obsessing over her weight on Instagram. she takes pictures of her food just to tell ppl she purged it. asks for advice then insults anyone that tries to help her, including doctors/nurses

>doesn’t work but has endless $$$ for fast food to throw up, cigarettes, drugs, and hospital stays

>is pro-ana, posts selfies of her tensing her bones and spergs when they are marked on sensitive content or deleted

>has a boyfriend but he is never seen. she says he wants to leave her and obviously doesn’t want to be posted or seen or with her

that’s the least of it. this bitch is crazy

No. 836803

File: 1562974519847.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, 30D88868-69C1-43BE-8FDB-93FA7D…)

No. 836809

Stop self posting. We really don’t care.

No. 836827

Oh m8. fuck off.

No. 836840

Not sure if this a self post but I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to self post you better prepare yourself for brutal honesty. This cow doesn’t deserve any residential treatment. BPD rants about getting back at everyone helping her and sperging about how she’ll be homeless when it’s clear she’s being financially supported by her parents. Put on your big girl panties and suck it up may. Hospitals wouldn’t keep admitting you if they had a choice in the matter. Go find attention somewhere else and stop stealing taxpayers money just to binge and purge your pathetic ass away the second you’re released from hospital. Neck tensing will only get you so far

No. 836844

File: 1562978050037.jpeg (463.64 KB, 750x849, C5F5FD4B-F9EC-435A-89CE-63BD5D…)

Starting fresh probably without our pilot boyfriend who mysteriously has been MIA. Hope this doesn’t send her into near cardiac arrest again.

No. 836865

She should hop over to VK. She's got a fan club there.

No. 836867

Yo especially since she said she just re downloaded tellonym Bc she’s bored lol, now she’s self posting on lolcow Bc she’s bored. Shes definitely sending herself tells one of them was like “do you have trouble finding clothes that fit” who the fuck would ask that she’s just setting herself up for a ana humble brag response. This girl is so desperate for attention it’s actually sad.

No. 836869

Thats so old. She DAMA recently.
She makes it known she doesnt want to recover.

No. 836919

alys oversharing is the most annoying thing to me. i dont find her stupid attitude relatable and i wish the cops/judge whatever that are handling her dui would find her insta stories she takes while driving

No. 836925

File: 1562981362740.jpg (615.58 KB, 1080x1920, 20190713_022721.jpg)

Oh so it's a support companion now!

No. 836963


y’all are paranoid she’s a pro ana cow so i posted her in the pro ana thread. i saw her instagram story and it was funny/deluded/malicious. ignore the post instead of bumping the thread with misinformation


i understand the doubt because she loves attention and sends herself messages. it’s amusing and frustrating to watch because her life is so cushioned and she’s choosing to be a sick little victim of herself while having all the financial support and no accountability or consequences. such a womanchild


didn’t know she was discussed already, doesn’t need to be talked about anymore

No. 837088

That video made me cringe - it was awful- like really really awful.

No. 837149

Good phrasing anon. She does have a lot of resources and chooses to play victim. Curious that she’s “paying rent” when she doesn’t even have a job. Clearly has lots of family support that should should be grateful for and utilize if she does go to residential. Kek at the talk about alsana. She probably is too daft to know about the castlewood scandals though I doubt she will ever actually go to treatment. Very transparent about liking attention

No. 837151

if you didn’t know she if she had been discussed already, lurk more

No. 837171

Surprised itsemilysara hasn’t been posted here before. Constantly in an out of treatment never seems to actually gain any weight. Does all the food challenges that aren’t on YouTube

No. 837176

This is an image board

No. 837186

File: 1563016029752.jpeg (102.95 KB, 750x787, 8BFC9C87-0DFA-49C9-A597-AB6167…)

Sorry didn’t attach the photo

No. 837190

Not really a cow, just another wannabe Rebecca Leung who thinks she’s more interesting and charismatic than she actually is.

No. 837275

File: 1563032244629.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1536x1736, A4ED68BD-BEA6-4220-9D98-27AD7F…)

Lurked on Becky’s twitter. She’s now resorted to tweeting about the teletubbies. I want to make fun of her for this, but honestly it’s just weird and sad

No. 837281

Skipped around on Elzani’s new video. Anyone else catch how she started mouthing the lyrics during the “covergirls eat nothing” line? Major eyeroll. I will give Elzani credit for finally making a nonfood related video though. She could probably improve her guitar skills if she, ya know, gained weight so she could actually focus on something besides her next morsel of food.

No. 837320

Has freesar been discussed? Hasn't eaten or drank in literally years, recently got her NG changed to an NJ after being IP since 2017 but is still constantly in and out of medical due to 'digestive issues' i.e. her tampering with her feed causing weight loss. BMI must be in the single figures and, like many other cows, comes from a rich family.

No. 837334

Is that the correct username because it says page not found.

No. 837345

File: 1563041295623.png (59.9 KB, 1053x491, Untitled.png)

Seems like twitter's the only place she isn't her usual complaining, self pitying self. She even moans on fb.

She wonders why her system's slow. Hmm…

No. 837397

She doesn’t wonder, she just wants people to chime in and suggest it’s slow because she’s the sickest snowflake in the blizzard. Cringe.

No. 837435

What’s they hype with Rebecca leung? She seems to be unable to let go of having anorexia in her teens and constantly brings it up.

No. 837460

File: 1563050758337.jpg (357.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190713-144823_Ins…)

No. 837461

No idea. She’s been making recovery videos for years. Tbh any “recovery” channel that never moves on from recovery (or food) videos isn’t really recovered. Has anybody else watched the erictheelectric? He’s not milky but it’s annoying how he brags about being recovered while doing these 50,000 calorie challenge videos. Dude is clearly still disordered. Heavily binging then restricting and exercise purging isn’t recovered.

No. 837462

File: 1563050895220.jpg (473.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190713-144844_Ins…)

No. 837464

File: 1563051060813.jpg (403.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190713-144852_Ins…)

No. 837484

Who, what, where, when, Why….

No. 837538

She's pretty, extroverted, and eats a lot while maintaining a fit physique. Anas want to be her. I find her nauseating

No. 837550

Let me stan for a sec here: I don't mind her and actually have found her kinda inspirational at times. I think she's a decent example of normal eating and a normalish relationship with food. Her videos aren't just her obsessing over every crumb the way Elzani does, she shows what real life can look like post-ED. As another poster said, she's probably mostly popular among the anas because she seems to have recovered into a conventionally attractive, thin body while eating all the things (or purporting to, at least?). Probably also because she's pretty and charismatic and rich and has stellar camera quality too. That can't hurt.

No. 837551

Lol, did you mention him ages ago? I started watching his videos when you did (if it was you). I'm still not sure what I think of him after all this time. Still pretty sure he just switched to binge eating (like all competitive eaters - whatever they say).

I see her hashtagged on a lot of ana accounts when I look for new cows. Some @ her wanting senpai to notice them.

No. 837587

40$ tops what a baller.

No. 837611

Could be Goddess pose, but I've never heard her talk about yoga

No. 837613

I feel bad for Eric to an extent but he’s never going to recover if he keeps making money from his disorder.
I like that she has a life now but I think it’s weird as hell to keep talking about her eating disorder when she’s been in recovery for like 5+ years. She’s just another genetically gifted girl who developed an ed and recovered because she had a supportive family. Idk I think it’s the obsession the cows have with her that i dislike and it’s become directed at her now
If it was 8 or so threads back it was probably me haha

No. 837617

I don't know why, but I get the feeling from her that she really could slide into actual anorexia. Anorexia obviously hits people at any weight, and I've definitely met people who started really heavy. Not sure why I feel it with her more than Georgia… but also wouldn't be surprised if it's bs

No. 837620

I was thinking this exactly- people with BPD actually have eating disorders, they don't need to strive for them lol

No. 837628

I guess only time will tell. She does seem to be pretty mentally unstable so I could see how anorexia could develop. On the other hand, she’s already been tubed at a fairly high weight leading me to believe that even if she was managing to starve herself, she would never make it an anorexic BMI since she’s in the system.

No. 837629

Eh I disagree with this only Bc of her track record. She doesn’t really do the behaviors, and mostly just try’s to give off living the lifestyle (based on her account) an eating disorder is lack of control, inability to eat or not purge, you can’t force yourself to be that way Bc it’s a mental illness. Imo she just needs attention. Actually if she really wanted to lose weight she’d follow a weight loss meal plan given by a dietitian or something. I see her like geourgia a cow who wants all the attention of being tubed and hospitalized but none of the actual “work” or terrible things that come with Eds. Not sure what insidevoices diets like but she’s enormous you can’t maintain that without overeating. And to claim EDNOS or atypical anorexia eh Idk it’s pretty uncommon for binge eaters to become anorexic. Bulimia more likely from what I’ve seen. Just my opinion though

No. 837641

I think we should start giving credit to elzani for really increasing her portion sizes. (Note the sarcasm)
of FRUITS N VEGETABLES‍♀️ she keeps saying she took great portion sizes but half of them are always fruit or veg urgh.(emoji use)

No. 837660

File: 1563068728936.jpeg (911.52 KB, 1536x1080, 48CCF7E5-3A80-4D71-A4D3-7B93C1…)

I think elzani looked slightly healthier in her latest video. Could be that edema puff though. Who knows. I still stand by the fact that she’s autistic. She looked incredibly stilted and awkward playing badminton like she doesn’t know how to move in her own body

No. 837738

I'm pretty sure it's just edema- her face still looks emaciated and it's mostly her legs that are retaining water, which makes sense because she's constantly on her feet pacing and hovering. I have never heard anyone speak so lovingly and so repeatedly about the quality of an egg, jfc.

No. 837743

…Her face has never looked emaciated though?

No. 837749

I meant as emaciated as it always has- it definitely has never looked healthy and it still doesn't.

No. 837793

But these are not any eggs they are Clarence Court eggs…. Which are simply divine.
And what was she going on about the lamb and herb thing so much for? All her mum and gran wanted to do was eat not be questioned for 10 mins.

No. 837794

File: 1563082651912.jpg (598.08 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190714-133240_Ins…)

Seriously dont get why everyone loves her. Shes constantly only eating healthier versions of food and having protein alternatives to everything including all her weirdly flavoured peanut butters(mixed w flavoured protein???) And more protein n fitspo shit. Doesnt seem like recovery to me. Vegetables n vegetables n more vegetables oh so yum rolls eyes

No. 837808

Anything she eats that is not the absolute most perfect, divine, life changing food isn't worth it to her eating disorder. Since her eating disorder is completely running the show her poor family had to hear about a tiny fucking piece of lamb for probably an hour, since that shit show was the edited version.

No. 837860

Having a protein based diet makes more sense considering her weight lifting regime. You not liking her (very variable and healthy) type of food doesnt mean she isnt recovering and doesnt mean she has milk.

No. 837896

Idk just think that transitioning from an eating disorder to weight lifting since a low bmi seems abit sus to me.. and i mean she still seems to have a large avoidance to many foods and limited diet

No. 837898

rolls eyes stop nitpicking. Her diet actually seems well balanced and isn't so limited as you proclaim.(rolls eyes)

No. 837908

Don’t over exert yourself humping her leg so hard!

She’s a better example than lots of these fake recovery accounts, but she seems to eat mostly processed, protein infused, diet foods and still is obsessed with her body. Just because she’s no longer anorexic doesn’t mean she’s no longer disordered.

No. 837910

Unless you can provide any milk then shoosh. Cause nothing so far suggests she is anything but recovering slowly

No. 837915


I agree, still obsessing over diet and exercise doesn't scream recovery to me either. It's always dressed up as being 'health based' but come on

Dunno why this is hitting such a nerve with other anon to the point that they won't just let you have an opinion without trying to shut you up, first time I've seen someone literally shush someone on here, or as they put it 'shoosh' lol

No. 837917

File: 1563104176122.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, AD5A1EBC-5E34-4CBE-BD56-79A5A3…)

Apparently Meggy-Stan makes the board rules now? Lol

If Meggy wants to be a “recovery influencer” (which is how she represent herself and how she tags her content), I think it’s pretty low of her to also use her platform to hawk all this processed, protein bullshit (for profit!) and promote the idea that you can “recover” by working out 6 times a week and meticulously tracking macros. Maybe it works for her (doubtful. Her mind is undoubtedly still fucked.) but for 99% of people prone to anorexia, it’s just going to lead to more obsession and a whole different kind of disordered hell.

She also just seems like an arrogant, spoiled and narcissistic twat, if you read her posts. Lots of gifts from mommy and daddy, eats only expensive foods (like elzani), constantly refers to herself as being “a ten!” And such. Fine line between healthy confidence and delusional arrogance.

No. 837921


why the hate boner for meg.. she is one of the ones actually trying and doing well at recovery, she’s a power lifter and if she was being strict with herself she would have a damn hard time lifting those weights.. so yeah a half decent diet and protein is good for performance when you’re lifting weights.

Her diet seems varied vegan or not and she’s said herself no food is off limits and she’s not always 100% strict on her vegan diet and she does not track macros or calories. She has other interests unlike the other cows on here who live for posting spoopy photos and having no personality.

No. 837948

There are a few spoopy anachans lifting weights as well.. and whats more is she just loves to caption her photos with "hunks of bUTtERd bread" and "garlic bread On THe SidE" but never seems to have pictures of them and uses the excuse of "not aesthetically pleasing and worthy of posting" bcs its only aesthetically pleasing to post pictures of clean food i guess

No. 837949

Basically she hypes herself up to make it seem as though shes fine with eating anything and in normal amounts when shes not.. pretty much elzani if u ask me

No. 837950

Eating the occasional churro and occasional cookie doesnt really get us anywhere in recovery.. not saying shes not trying tho.. just that having a normal diet like a normal person doesnt really push u forward in recovery especially when u adopt a 90% clean plant-based diet and active lifestyle. Her vegan diet basically screams "diet limitation". Shes most likely "doing well" only because shes not/barely gaining any fat and keeps most of her gain to muscle mass

No. 837951

Not forgetting to mention the amount of zero calorie diet drinks and lowkcal sandwich/pIzZa she posts?? Honestly pretty triggering to me sorry for the spam

No. 837952

File: 1563111154060.jpg (537.97 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190714-212838_Ins…)

Casually forgets the sauce, the other 2 pancakes and all the off-limit toppings ya.. what a warrior

No. 837954

the "forgetting" is made even more suspicious when you notice that her friend's pancake is doused in syrup and toppings. You know, like a normal person would order it?

No. 837966


Sad when she considers this 'cheeky' evening pancakes. The difference between the two plates says everything…

No. 837972

Okay why put 4 dry ass Oreos on top of a dry pancake? If it’s calories she’s worried about take off the Oreos and add a little syrup. It would taste 100x better for roughly the same calories.

No. 837975

Meg has no milk, stop samefagging dumbass

No. 837976

File: 1563116602994.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1104x1924, D11AB2ED-C866-48EC-9D6B-ECE810…)

Speaking of bodybuilding anachans, has anyone else ever seen this chick? I found her a while ago on YouTube (back when she was extremely spoopy) but she has put on some weight/muscle. Not sure how milky you guys will think she is, but in my opinion any spoop “recovering” through putting on pure muscle is kek worthy. She had a legitimate trainer assisting her in bodybuilding back when she had like a 13 BMI. Pretty bizarre situation.

No. 837977

File: 1563116690432.jpeg (869.77 KB, 1536x1218, 0112A6F5-6B89-4CA2-91C0-2FA89E…)

No. 837978

File: 1563116766052.jpeg (790.82 KB, 1536x1104, CE279837-69E9-4757-82F5-B84821…)

No. 837979

Everyones eds are different.. she may just fear liquid kcals or oreos have grown to be her safe food etc

No. 837980

Yes I stumbled across her YouTube channel - she’s awful- apparently she works as a personal trainer and in a gym taking spin classes- looking like she does she shouldn’t be anywhere near a gym never mind tutoring other people. It would freak me out if I had a PT looking like her.

No. 837981

File: 1563117169398.jpeg (404.95 KB, 750x1143, 928508D1-4F3E-4E18-BF0A-A119A3…)

Her YouTube .

No. 837984

Lol reminds me of meg with those gym poses and clean carby meals with protein balls lOL

No. 837985

Oh shit. She actually got hired somewhere as a personal trainer? I wonder if she gets customers?? I’m surprised she hasn’t dropped over from a heart attack. The human body is truly amazing…

No. 837988

I low key feel like Meggy-Stan anon is meggy. And she attempted a self post for ass pats. And it backfired hilariously.

No. 837989

The state of her hair…. girl. I know starvation makes your hair shit but maybe invest in some conditioner?

No. 837991

File: 1563118364817.jpeg (578.17 KB, 828x909, B1FF20CD-84EA-47DF-B845-C62A3C…)

Nice portion sizes kek. My toddler eats more. Any time she’s eating something made with her weird diet products she’s able to fluff it up and make her portion sizes look reasonable, but when she’s eating normal people food it becomes really obvious that she’s still got looootttsss if restriction and food rules going on. Hardly recovery imo.

No. 837992

I made this comment without knowing who I was talking about. I just looked her up. She doesn’t seem very milky to me. I agree with the other anons. If anything, she’s probably posting ana meals to make herself feel better. She looks like she’s a healthy weight so she’s clearly eating enough.

No. 837995

I'm all for milk but why are you picking videos from a year ago?

No. 837998

Not skelly, but that looks like a normal portion to me? Unless she's using a tiny plate to throw off the proportions.

No. 837999

I was showing her milkiest videos. I haven’t watched any of her new content so I have no idea what they entail. But based off her buff anorexic Instagram I’m sure they’re similar. Also there’s just something kek worthy about a 70 lb chick lifting weights. She’s no longer that weight so it’s a little less amusing.

No. 838035

File: 1563126599158.png (1.45 MB, 640x1136, 68F657E5-B093-497F-8C66-EB871B…)

What is with this nasty Ana trend of putting yogurt on top of oats

No. 838054

Conceptually, yogurt and oats isn’t awful. Nourishtoflourish just has a magical knack for making everything look utterly repulsive.

No. 838055

Is that frogspawn?! How does she make all her food look nasty af? Like I get that food doesn't have to be pretty but why does she have to post it if it looks so damn gross

No. 838056

More bollocks from Becky. In the UK we don't have any body that provides service dog ID that alters things legally.
You certainly don't need a prescription!
Also a nurse who can prescribe certainly is employed as a nurse prescriber NOT a social worker!!!
Even if you are a nurse prescriber unless you are employed in that role then you can't prescribe…

Assistance dogs, hearing dogs and guide dogs do have rights but especially with assistance dogs there rights aren't based on an ID…

No. 838059

She's getting a dog but she wants it to sound like it's something really special for her ~severe mental illness~.

Service dogs are TRAINED. You don't just buy a dog off your mum's friend and it has some ESP where it knows when you're about to have an anxiety attack and sets off a Batman signal for a fucking ambulance.

I said earlier in the thread how it's a concept that's crossed the ocean. We have guide dogs and hearing dogs, but that's about it. They're trained and they're monitored.

I think she thinks she'll get some kind of assistance with feeding the dog if it's a super special service dog, but jfc, they're getting a Chihuahua. I hope it doesn't happen tbh.

I've noticed she's lying a lot more and not seeing how transparent the lies are. She insists her hair's suddenly 8 shades whiter because her mum blow dried her hair for her and it looked fairer.

I've never tried this and I wouldn't like the hot/warm oatmeal with cold yogurt on top (she half freezes the yogurt as well).

No. 838063

Stop posting Kylie, she has no milk and you can tell she is genuinely sick

No. 838080

File: 1563134727862.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1478x2216, 137E65EA-2A87-477E-9BEE-91A1ED…)

Swapping straight up restriction for the pursuit of being hashtag strong not skinny, eating noting but pure whole foods and 200g of protein per day? Sounds like a miraculous recovery. She looks so happy and healthy!!

No. 838082


I think things are starting to change a bit in the direction of how it works in America unfortunately, but in the UK to be a legally recognised one you must have a service dog provided or trained by a registered charity and the dog must wear its livery. A few people like autistic sadist Abbey and her "service shi tzu" insist owner training must be legally recognised but people in service industries are given booklets with liveries that are legally recognised as properly trained and valid service dogs. Not that there aren't problems for authentic SD handlers here anyway, and going towards the American system of calling your pet a service dog will only make it worse for people who legitimately need them.


Sorry for the essay.

No. 838088

Meggy_croal would agree. Fitness "recovery" accounts are my favorite cows. Second only to sooper vegan recovery accounts. Sooper vegan AND fitness is the perfect combo. ~*~ReAlReCoVeRy~*~ at its finest.

No. 838093

No, this is good info. I thought a "service dog" would have to be trained in some way, to provide…a service. Becky said the dog's going to help her by giving her responsibility. You know? That's what you do when you get a kid a hamster.

The first time I heard of service dogs was this film I can't remember the name of. De Niro had one because he had seizures. It's only since insta spoonies that I've seen people call animals their service dogs. Okay if they genuinely can do something the person it's given to can actually help do day to day tasks, but all Becky does is go to garden centres and shops with her mum.

I really do think she's trying to get £ for having one. She was asking if anyone knew of any benefits/organisations she could claim from.

No. 838104

Hannah has come such a long way with her recovery

No. 838111

People who have “recovered” as weight lifting vegans are not positive lights in the ed recovery community. That lifestyle is not attainable for the majority of people recovering because they have jobs and responsibilities and aren’t able to play health me up for the ig whilst being financially supported by their parents. Don’t understand why people are defending this insidious behavior

No. 838128

Replacing one harmful behavior with another isn’t recovery. She literally started body building at a BMI of like 13. Her body hasn’t healed in the slightest. I’d hate to see her DEXA scan results. She’s gonna have severe osteoporosis before she hits 30 at this rate (assuming she lives that long anyway)

No. 838208

Lifting weights is very beneficial in recovery. Many many many studies show this. There are a lot of clinics that actively encourage this and have better outcomes

No. 838212


What she's talking about, at the very most, is an emotional support animal. They're legitimate things but don't have rights to go into establishments like service dogs do.

No. 838214

There's a huge difference between working with a treatment team and physiotherapist to weight restore while also building muscle mass and a healthy relationship with physical activity and what these 'fitness-recovery' accounts are promoting. There is no legitimate clinic that would encourage girls to start lifting at BMIs of <15 or support diets bolstered with artificial protein products to the exclusion of healthy fats and carbs. None.

No. 838226

there are a lot of "recovered" chicks on IG who have only swapped one illness for another, the obsession with body shape is still present. the problem isnt weight lifting, it is the sublimation of the illness thats the problem

No. 838245

File: 1563149990180.png (1.93 MB, 1750x1098, Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 8.16…)

The only thing more annoying than her usual 45 minute food-orgasm vlogs are these new ones where she tries to pretend like she's got any interests besides herself and food. Is this video supposed to prove what a fun and exciting life she has? I'm all for family time and board games, but she has zero friends or relationships of her own. Anyone else notice that the only time she really lit up was at the very end when they were eating? She cut Sitara's song short to be like: "LASAGNA TIME!" And look at her lasagna portion compares to her mom's and her sister's. She thinks shes hiding her disordered behaviours so well. It's laughable.

No. 838246

Ugh she is one of the most arrogant irratating pep I've ever seen in ig. She is a complete spoilt brat. She says she's 'independent' and doesn't rely on her family but she doesn't pay rent and her parents buy her food which must cost an absolute fortune, I have NO idea how or why they pay insane amounts that just enables her disordered ways. Her fam must be millionaires

No. 838335

You have no idea what their treatment teams are and what they are advising their patients. Stop having such a hateboner for people who exercise and eat well in recovery. Move on

No. 838337

Lifting weights is a lot better than doing yoga or cardio even at a low BMI. Like pick up something educational

No. 838350

Really? I must have missed that . How?

No. 838352

Cite your sources or stfu

No. 838360

Well mentally and physically. Even if you dont follow her, you can see the visable changes

No. 838362

Stop asking to be spoon fed information. This gets brought up every time someone gets jealous of the recovery person exercising normally. Learn to scroll and read or do your owm research. Otherwise stfu unless you have actual milk

No. 838410

File: 1563186763274.jpeg (879.83 KB, 1091x1445, 61C8C39A-220A-466B-B587-A0D747…)

Anyone at that BMI shouldn’t be exercising period. Your eating disorder can hate me all it wants, but if you think this is healthy or normal you’re as cracked as this personal trainer. Has she put on weight? Yes. And good for her. Is she a shining light in the recovery community? Absolutely not. Her behavior is still extremely disordered.

No. 838420


That pic is pretty saddening

No. 838421

About as saddening as all of these so-called farmers trying to claim weight lifting in early recovery is healthy and not at all disordered.

No. 838422

IF you had a valid point, you wouldn't have to use a screen shot of a post she made more than a year ago kek. Literally no one, especially her is saying or claiming her to be a shining light in the recovery community.

No. 838424

If they are medically cleared i.e just psych inpatient and not on bed rest then body weights and resistance weights is actually beneficial. Improved bone density, cardiovascular ejection fraction, circulatory improvement and increased seretonin and sleep pattern. Hannah was never lifting weights as an inpatient or whilst medically compromised. Sorry you're too green eyed to see through the logic medical mumbojumbo

No. 838425


Yeah I feel like some of the responses on here lately justifying all the exercise are likely coming from a very personal place for those people..

No. 838433

Mentally healthy?. It doesn’t improve mood positively, it just satisfies the disorder and gives them a kick like chucking away a meal would.

No. 838438

Exactly. And no qualified medical professional-especially those who deal with eating disorders-would recommend someone in recovery who is at an anorexic BMI to start weight training. The first step in recovery is to return to a healthy weight. Doing any form of intense exercise is counterproductive.

No. 838461

File: 1563198907792.jpeg (156.91 KB, 750x1001, 9FC121C5-0367-4EB9-94A9-44C4BC…)

Does anyone even play board games now? Whole thing looked very staged, and if board games and family fun are such a routine thing why have they never come up before? Am sure E has been lurking on here.

No. 838467

Her dad always looks severely pissed off. Wouldn't be surprised if he has an affair or leaves the family. I wouldn't blame him.

No. 838508

It’s funny watching him. He’ll look absolutely livid then suddenly catch sight of the camera and plaster on a smile. Poor dude.

No. 838632

I couldn't believe her lie about her hair. Why the fuck has she lied about that? Has anyone confronted her?

I think they have a lot more money than she lets on tbh

No. 838641

File: 1563224936945.jpg (38.63 KB, 526x334, b.JPG)

No one ever confronts her. She'll have said that because she wants people to think she can't afford to get her hair done.

She can spend a fiver on a magazine and have a different outfit every day. Suddenly she's got new make up she said she'd ran out of. They have a SKY subscription, obviously broadband, and on fb she says they sponsor a dog with the Dog's Trust (usually £4 a month). Then there's the knackered car that gets miraculously fixed.

She doesn't even give a fuck about the dog any more.

Every. single. day. the same old ~waah i dun wanna live~ yet she poses with stupid faces and body checks every day without fail.

No. 838655

The stuff she posts on social is so blatantly different to reality. They’re not poor and maybe this is harsh but all of this waaah I can’t carry on shit…has she ever even attempted? Looking at her posts she can function to some degree. Gets dressed every day, makeup, hair (also kek that’s been clearly bleached to within an inch of its life Becky, stop talking bollocks) prats around garden centres, does crafts. She’s not as ~unstable~ as she makes out, truly think a lot of this is outright attention seeking & malingering.

No. 838658

Her ~attempts~ have always been melodramatic events she documents while it happens on ig. Two I can think of was when her mum had to run after her to stop her running in front of a car. The other is when she tried to OD but her mum stopped her (ie she'd announced she was going to do it), or made a drama of starting to pop pills while her mum was there.

No one I know as genuinely mentally ill as she say she is couldn't do what she does as frequently. Crafts for hours every day. Takes some motivation and concentration. Actually going out and looking at shitty garden ornaments. Walking around Primark. BDD but multiple selfies.
She's full of shit.

No. 838703

well, some of it is probably hyperactivity, which is common in eating disorders. But the BDD and selfies makes no sense to me.

She is clearly very mentally ill. But she doesn't care at all about recovery. She wants money, gifts, and attention. She's addicted to getting freebies and handouts. It's disgusting.

What is interesting is that some anorectics are so into their martyrdom complexes that they'd never beg for stuff like she does. Their self-esteem issues would force them to turn down gifts because they feel they don't deserve them. But not our Becky. Already posting advent calendars she desperately wants.

Does anyone think she will actually get the dog? She's lied about it already. First it's a puppy that needs vaccinations. Then someone asks the age and we find out it is almost a year (but not yet vaccinated?!). A year-old dog is definitely not a puppy.

No. 838766

I think she’s damaged her frontal lobe with starvation. Her brain has no shame center anymore.

No. 838779

> self-esteem issues
Another thing that doesn't ring true is how she things the crap she makes is worthy of selling at extortionate prices. Anything she makes, she posts. I generally am never satisfied with things I make if there's one tiny flaw, but she's fine posting everything. If she had problems with self esteem, she wouldn't ever post a picture of something she'd ~created~ let alone call it ~art~.

No. 838791

File: 1563247678999.jpeg (670.7 KB, 750x1100, 1301218A-4B9E-4689-9057-B563D9…)

Holy shit, journeytoemma’s poor dad.

No. 838793

File: 1563247732979.jpeg (429.63 KB, 750x1185, 3E2E6CDB-5049-423C-8D06-EA639D…)

No. 838794

File: 1563247808867.jpeg (104.37 KB, 750x313, 347B3475-9C3E-41C9-B944-7F4CD8…)

No. 838844

she has a tattoo of cortisol, the primary hormone involved in the stress response. for the rest of her life she’ll have anxiety stamped on her fucking body. that’s pretty pathetic

No. 838856

Thank you yes vegan gym junkie spoop anachans are the best and so far from being recovered it’s not funny they are the best cows

No. 838858

I will give her some credit it looks like she’s eating a lot which is good, but yeah she’s so addicted to exercise and burning off everything she eats

No. 838864

>qualified pt
Jesus lmao
Online "degrees" shouldn't count

No. 838876

>Those who’ve had multiple admissions

because of course she’s had however many too…don’t know much about this one but the whole x times inpatient thing is yet another thing annoying about this community. If you’re “recovering” and moving on, listing admissions in your bio is a screaming contradiction. Such a pointless badge of honour. sry for rant

Also her dad…does not deserve this. Just like Becky’s worn out mum and Elzani’s parents. I know mental illness and eating disorders can make you a raging bitch to be around but still, sad.

No. 838883

File: 1563270304919.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2211x3072, DDA6025C-026E-45F3-A3BF-7FE920…)

Part 1, Korey has gone bonkers

No. 838884

File: 1563270342751.jpeg (968.46 KB, 2127x3072, B4E4241F-C0AE-43EC-A341-AC8473…)

Part 2, caption to photo

No. 838888

This is basically a Byron Bay thing (the area where she is). Lmao that getting an acupuncture treatment makes you more spiritual.

No. 838907

you're singling out one thing in a row of things.

I like this photo and trying out new things can be good. As long as she doesn't go full esoteric retard and "sustains herself with light", it's cool.

No. 838915

When the fuck did this become the leg-humping, white-knighting, anachan loving thread? Seriously?

Korey is a cow. She pretends to be super woke and recovered despite maintaining an anorexic body and an extremely privileged, sheltered upbringing. These spiritual journeys to exotic locations are funded entirely by others (parents, creepy internet people). Her diet is still super restrictive. Yet she runs around preaching like she’s the messiah of mental health and positivity.

No. 838916

yes because I'm not autistic enough to respond to every single word

No. 838917

Everyone who goes to Byron or Nimbin goes to the Crystal Castle. It's not weird and neither is the caption really.

No. 838949

File: 1563287504012.png (274.21 KB, 750x1334, 3C739063-F788-4506-BCCF-C79C55…)

She should go on America’s Got Talent for sure

No. 838966

Alternative therapies are such a rip off. If the ~spiritual healers~ were so spiritual then they wouldn't charge a fortune for having them wave their hands over your head.

Still if you're fed up with the ana ~community~ then the spiritual ~community~ is an option. Gotta be part of a ~community~.

No. 839079

high ghost! we dont care about you here

No. 839112

I think she means personal trainer not physical therapist

No. 839124

Yeah, numerology and aromatherapy will totally cure her anorexia!

Maybe you're into this shit and don't find it weird, but her caption is hysterical. Not to mention the only people into those vanity "alternative therapies" are people with money to burn. Korey is milky.

The fact that this woman wants to be a dietitian is scary.

No. 839178

File: 1563317798571.jpeg (49.06 KB, 500x375, kitty.jpeg)

She's assuming that nobody's ever had a look at tarot, crystals, etc and realised it's a load of bollocks. It's like how kids started getting into the occult after watching The Craft and they thought Fairuza Balk was cool. When they weren't able to summon a demon they gave it up and carried on as normal.

This spiritual stuff's the stuff of kids or middle class women who aren't satisfied with their life so fuck off to India for a year.

So self-righteous about being "open minded" when she's only discovered that crap a few months ago. This is what a few bargain "The Unexplained" books from some new agey shop does to a person.

The cows have gone quiet…

No. 839192

Sacred geometry - like BMI + thigh gap squared = Recovery? Whatevs Korey, the ‘rationale’ behind alternative therapies is always going be selling gullible and needy people pseudoscience and fairytales. Fits right in with the magical thinking that comes with anorexia. It’s not ‘recovery’, it’s reinforcing the same patterns of thinking that got you there.

No. 839260

File: 1563330071749.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 8E5F203A-B83A-4402-BC9B-F55C15…)


No. 839294

This is so true. Might as well piss them all off even more and say weight bearing exercise in recovery commonly consists yoga or using resistance bands. If you can find an inpatient eating disorder center suggesting lifting actual weights I’ll surrender my degree in kinesiology to the Ana goddess

No. 839302

File: 1563337069701.jpeg (584.54 KB, 2283x3072, A71710BE-1642-44A0-8AAB-842754…)

This comment on Korey’s post kek

No. 839329

File: 1563348270206.jpg (1.02 MB, 1079x1694, Screenshot_20190717-152106_Ins…)

So Korey goes to Byron once, prob did ket/mushies once and is suddenly woke af? Kek What bandwagon will she jump on next
Wait, how many calories are in gear?

No. 839332

>No judgement
>allow things to be just as they are

Sorry but I for one ain't gonna sit back and let people like, oh child rapists, to allow them to be what they are without judging them and trying to get rid of that shit.

She buys sone really poor copy hippy clothes and suddenly she's John Lennon.

No. 839337

File: 1563350580564.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 494.41 KB, 750x1066, 775D610F-F652-4E01-84A3-572F61…)

This account was mentioned before, I truly have no idea if the account is supposed to be a joke? Or …art, somehow? It’s so incredibly creepy

No. 839338

File: 1563350707913.jpeg (886.54 KB, 750x1085, 754A3268-0B37-4D96-BFD4-369730…)

Didn’t mean to put a spoiler on the last post, sorry… here’s more

No. 839340

File: 1563351464196.jpeg (315.18 KB, 750x1096, D429CBE2-E9A3-40C0-B7A1-862E9B…)

Holy shit I didn’t look far enough I’m sorry

No. 839341

File: 1563351502471.jpeg (436.52 KB, 750x1155, FBC11ADC-3518-4444-B14A-113162…)

No. 839344

im intrigued. profile is on private. can you post a few more pics?

No. 839346

What in the everloving fuck is this…. Is this the most tard shop ever or she have some kind of disability?? Serious question, those proportions.. Not the skinny part but the fact she's got a deformed fucking alien head and is also a weird midget..
combined with these weird edits, this shit is making me genuinely uneasy

No. 839348

File: 1563353413006.jpg (94.02 KB, 720x764, _20190717_094942.JPG)

So she has a twitter too. Not much of interest posted, a few creepy selfies but mostly retweets

No. 839349

File: 1563353529783.jpg (55.11 KB, 720x990, _20190717_094906.JPG)

This was on her twitter, thinking its either a troll or extreme ana induced autism

No. 839354

I see that the raid on Area 51 was successful.

No. 839366

File: 1563360641947.jpg (151.64 KB, 720x1099, _20190717_114509.JPG)

OK so here's our answer. It's a bizarre "daz 3D" avatar that her (and her father, gag) have made.. Fucking weird. Her real pics of herself are shittyshopped anyway (legit her first few pics she's literally shopped her face onto other people's bodies) it seems like a weird troll on the surface, but being a private account makes me think this shit is real

No. 839378

This looks like a girl that used to be relatively popular on tumblr around 2011-2013. I think her username was something related to a clockwork orange. If it really is her, it's really jarring to see how utterly insane she seems to have become since then. She was anorexic back then too which is probably the whole reason tumblr people cared about her in the first place.

No. 839394

File: 1563372064538.jpeg (479.42 KB, 750x1041, 34236547-C790-4FC1-B2AA-914F16…)

This made me 100% sure it’s a joke… until later, when she was open about having an ED and has pictures of her wearing a diaper under her clothes
I also would not be surprised if this was some weird fetish thing lol

No. 839395

File: 1563372350837.png (265.9 KB, 500x423, uncatfish.png)

okay through the power of autism I recognised this girl and the one in the twitter cover photo from a girl I used to follow on tumblr years back, found her blog, scrolled through the archive, and found the original of this.

She's a catfish, the girl she took this from https://world-of-us-n-bowie.tumblr.com/tagged/me went inactive years ago and had way better aesthetics. (Anon you were right her main blog was bowiesclockworkorange).

I do wonder what happened to her.

It's remarkably creepy taking photos of someone who was already disturbingly thin and then warping them to make her look even worse.

No. 839396

File: 1563372519944.jpeg (661.64 KB, 750x1033, AFDA0CA2-9E3B-4C0E-AE70-886E1D…)

The 4th criteria for an anorexia diagnosis- obsessed with kids things, rightfully causing everyone around you to be uncomfortable

No. 839398

You’re amazing, good work haha… what about the tube picture though? And the one of her in her diaper lol? Are they also from the clockwork orange girl?
If this is all just a joke…

No. 839399

This must be a fetish thing. Makes you wonder if her "dad" is her dad or boyfriend. Those are bed wetting pads under her bed.

No. 839401

the nosetube/daiper pictures look like someone else, who I don't recognise

No. 839402

File: 1563373136379.jpg (61.37 KB, 559x584, 0.JPG)

This is her then?

No. 839403

more like this is the source for her catfishing pictures IMO. I looked again at the nose tube dress picture and she's shopped this girl's eyes over someone else's body

No. 839404

Pretty positive you are 100% right about all of that

No. 839409

File: 1563373507381.jpeg (379.39 KB, 750x1075, 781DE6EF-7BF6-4458-AD56-19B21A…)

Yeah this can’t be real… this walk-in due-to-stress feeding tube scenario isn’t… a thing that happens

No. 839411

File: 1563373833839.jpg (38.85 KB, 500x647, CrlBiOZ.jpg)

thank you for doing the lords work anon. she does have some terrible shoops on her tumblr though (pic related), what if this instagram is actually her and she's just completely lost it?

No. 839419

File: 1563374370442.jpg (93.55 KB, 472x750, eyes.jpg)

pretty sure the eyes in quoted post was copy/pasted from from pic related (and mirrored horizontally)

Nobody would do this to a picture of themselves.

No. 839421

File: 1563374869556.jpeg (441.06 KB, 741x719, F0330629-D0BC-45BD-AA0C-A2AF3D…)

I can’t stop literally lol about this

No. 839424

The pink bedroom seems so different from the "old" bedroom on the tumblr. Idk, I like this cow's potential. Yes, good work anon. I thought the posts of her earlier in the thread were all we were going to get.

No. 839425

She's stretched this photo into oblivion… slenderman, is that you?

No. 839426

Just sticking her fb page here for reference

No. 839427

oh wow she's still alive, neat. But yeah, just want to emphasise that the person in the pictures is probably not the person shooping the pics from her old tumblr and pasting her eyes onto other people's faces for instagram.

No. 839429

Yeah. The fairy stuff doesn't seem like it'd be the Bowie girl's thing. Not even as an "art" thing. I hope this isn't going to be an unsolved mystery case. This is too good.

No. 839430

Hollywood really outdid themselves with this neverending story remake

No. 839431

File: 1563375887982.jpeg (385.18 KB, 750x1066, 986F7199-0A03-444F-9F27-D821B2…)

ngl it's pretty fucked up that she's using Bowie girls photos to catfish considering Bowie girl had an obvious ED herself

No. 839432

It could be that someone was following her on tumblr and wanted to be her? I can see some girl thinking they like how she looks and her style. I can't imagine I'd ever paste her fucking face over mine though lol.

No. 839436

the IG poster is obviously just stealing the body shots/nose tube shots from another source we haven't found yet because bowie girl doesn't have a feeding tube and the IG poster has a fetish

No. 839446

File: 1563377561971.jpeg (426.73 KB, 750x1069, B7A90EA6-9A2B-4E72-BF1D-4E3F6A…)

Not sure how much milk ( if any she holds) but this girl is another who is in to holistic healing and chakras and crystals and stuff for ED recovery . She’s also someone who has been ‘inspired ‘ by Elzani to recover. I’m not holding my breath on that happening because she seems to have been in and out of hospital for years.
And why is it that people with EDs always want to either be a mental health nurse or study psychology or sports- nutrition …

No. 839456

File: 1563379406608.jpg (1.03 MB, 540x960, kz7pHpO.jpg)

Looks like she gained weight and is trying to photoshop herself to still look skinny. Maybe she overdid it with the amphetamine she was talking about. Dat knee.

No. 839494

Tbh the "real" one (facebook one) has some major cringe going on herself, a lot of her pictures she's posting and tagging herself as are Taylor Momsen….

No. 839555

Jesus christ Idk whether to laugh of cry. Genuinely never seen anything like it!

No. 839570

File: 1563399406518.jpg (30.54 KB, 970x177, 0.JPG)

She's on mpa.

No. 839572

File: 1563399562743.png (242.96 KB, 1128x501, 0.png)

Definitely catfishing.

No. 839574

File: 1563400082486.jpg (101.31 KB, 955x591, 0.JPG)

Some snips for anyone if they can't see them at mpa.

She hasn't posted since May last year.

No. 839581

File: 1563400785879.jpg (565.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190717-235441_Ins…)

Aly was deleted this morning, apparently she was going to get clean piss from some girl she knew through that acc??

No. 839582


No. 839583


No. 839584

File: 1563400821804.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190717-235431_Ins…)

No. 839587

Another amazing find anon(s)… I just have absolutely no idea what to think right now. Just so surreal. I might be more inclined to believe the incontinence issue (despite never seeing someone with an ED have real issues holding their pee) if she didn't post a pic with her diaper slipping out.

I'm calling it right now, ab/dl

No. 839588

File: 1563401526511.jpeg (484.41 KB, 750x983, FADDFA8C-1EAD-4BF4-B315-6975E8…)

For reference

No. 839590

Besides this very obviously being related to fetish, what if she also has an eating disorder but doesnt want to show her face so she uses bowie girls?

No. 839593

This looks like a legit kid's body to me. The hands look like they're under 10 years old.

I hope they're not using their little sister's body. The body pics on mpa don't have her face, she's wearing child's underwear and it really looks like a child. Not posting here because if it's a kid ew.

No. 839597

lmao what a fucking mess, i dont feel bad for her at all. her car was totaled a few months ago when she was driving and not paying attention (as her stories constantly illustrate, behind the wheel and actively using the phone, captions like 'so stoned' etc while driving/filming) and no time after the car is replaced she gets a dui. if she loses her job its 100% justified

No. 839628

File: 1563408950622.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190717-235412_Ins…)


Honestly if she really needed that job she shouldnt have done drugs, it's a choice so now she has to suffer the consequences. the whining is neverending

No. 839631

File: 1563409026443.jpeg (584.08 KB, 828x1400, DB71E405-40EB-4C28-9E8F-059F91…)

I can’t even with this disgusting cow! Pretends to be such a ~*~recoverywarrior~*~ while showing off the most vile, disgusting, processed garbage “”food”” creations. This is cauliflower bread, processed (probably low fat) cheese and sugar free jelly-shit? The woman must live on the toilet.

No. 839636

probably not the case in this cow’s situation, but bladder incontinence is indeed a significant issue for some anorexics, esp the ones who reach ridiculously low weights. think of the bladder like any other muscle; it’s just as susceptible to atrophy with the loss of body mass

No. 839638

She saves up all those precious calories for the mass amounts of alcohol she consumes. She’s either shitting her brains out from her sugar free concoctions or puking from drinking too much

No. 839639

Does she know what processed cheese is? It's the mouldy maggoty part of bad cheese processed to be safe for consumption. That alone makes her creation rank. Fruit with real cheese processed s good but plastic cheese and jam… Christ. Was she a purger because she must have no taste buds.

Mentioned before I know one who before wets because her kidneys are fucked. A friend from uni was a bed wetter at 20+ and related to psychological issues.

How can we find out who this is? I'm going to try to get to follow soon. All we know is she's in England. Reverse image search got me nowhere.

No. 839650

File: 1563412066646.jpeg (734.23 KB, 750x700, D402A61F-DD32-40F8-AE5A-A8BB47…)

Well, she definitely kept going on the “Ana poses” route- I’m sort of floored by the change in what she’s posting. I feel like she’s at that borderline of getting just real mentally gone/into the cookie-cutter Ana-prototype… so sad

No. 839659

this has got to be pretty jarring to most of her followers. i feel like she must not realize how far gone she looks to normal people to post this on a non-ed IG. not exactly cow behavior yet, just pretty sad

No. 839674

For real. She’s never posted pictures like that before on her personal. Hope she is able to get back to acute because she seems to have genuine interests. Would be a shame to see her become a chronic case and lose what personality she has/had

No. 839686

Christ, how is she such a fucking brat still at the age of 25? 26? Regardless, she's my fav ana cow and I wonder if she's just accepting requests left and right out of desperation to get her following back.

No. 839691

>Does she know what processed cheese is? It's the mouldy maggoty part of bad cheese processed to be safe for consumption.

What the hell are you even sperging over? All dairy contains puss. Take your food obsession elsewhere.

No. 839693

You seem very adamant about bringing this girl up again even though no one cared 10 days ago when you brought her up the first time.

No. 839694

lol is her shirt safety pinned together in the back to show how "huge" it is?

No. 839697

Whoa boy she is not doing great. I'm not a doctor or anything but when my friend's kidneys were shutting down she had the same type of skin as this chick. Home girl needs to go to a doctor and get a whole lot of things checked out.

No. 839699

File: 1563418809499.jpeg (170.52 KB, 750x920, B6E447C4-BB78-480B-8849-2B7C34…)

Scrolling back in her account look what I found! A cow cross over, how in the hell was hundredacrefighter spoopy enough to be in acute with liv like the f*ck kek.

No. 839700

File: 1563418930350.jpg (742.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190718-105827_Ins…)


No. 839703

File: 1563419169738.jpeg (703.01 KB, 750x1118, 30402C6E-DFC7-4E49-B1C5-D9B8B2…)

Part 1
Woah “your other half” how is that possible when you take up the whole picture elaana kek? These wanorexics worship the ground skellys like liv walk on. And the caption, lol she never had to gain any weight and she was medically stable so why was she at ERC? I thought that was like a last chance place.

No. 839704

File: 1563419263303.jpeg (234.45 KB, 731x1103, 238CB604-48D4-42A9-919D-EE888C…)

Part 2

Someone let me know is ERC for ppl like this? I thought it was for ppl who are literally going to die… does she look like she going to drop dead?

No. 839706

File: 1563419548210.jpg (724.48 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_20190718-110618_Ins…)

Lucy's back and her page is on public again. Seems shes back at the same antics of Hospital shopping, pretending to be invested in recovery, running away like a brat and then getting rich mummy to bail her out.
"Im taking this seriously i promise" kek sure Lucy

No. 839709

File: 1563419645460.jpg (528.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190718-110734_Ins…)

Getting her spoop on in her stories

No. 839710

File: 1563420031862.jpg (730.85 KB, 1075x1609, Screenshot_20190718-111642_Ins…)

Spending more money on online shopping.
Also had to tell the story of the flight attendant and sugar water. Cue ass pats in the comments.

No. 839714

File: 1563420337437.jpg (660.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190718-110803_Ins…)

She's not interested in recovery

No. 839721

You’re thinking DENVER ACUTE

No. 839733

Oh your right, thanks for clearing that up!

No. 839734

Nope then she gets mad and posts on her story about how “woe is me the picture with my brother got deleted waaah” we’ll maybe if you didn’t use him as a prop to get your spoop on in your story insta wouldn’t have deleted it. She complains about it but I’m sure for an Ana Chan content warnings on their photos or videos has to be like some spoopy badge of honor, kind of like getting a feeding tube like it actually sucks but it shows how sooper sick and triggering their frail snowflake body is, so dainty it needs to be deleted or have a CW before, does anyone else think they get off on this? Or do u think she along with every other skelly are genuinely annoyed?

No. 839747

whew, this image truly reaches new levels of disgusting. it's like an gag-inducing eye-spy

No. 839784

File: 1563442463593.jpg (559.88 KB, 1080x1830, 20190718_173144.jpg)

Already organizing a p.o box for when she gets back. Not wasting any time.
'Write me' means send me things

No. 839787

File: 1563444906037.jpeg (231.98 KB, 750x1102, 57D44740-07BF-4D98-95F2-F8CBC3…)

Wow this cows kicking it into high gear or giving up on anorexia and crossing over into munchie land. I’m not sure, the only think I can tell is that mask is waaaaay to tight kek yikes. Can’t wait for the update lol

No. 839799

True. If she wanted their mail she'd give her email address.

That mask is almost cutting her face in half. Doubt it's asthma. She was probably climbing a flight of stairs and her weight had her gasping for breath. I mean because she's skinny with collarbones n all, not because she's fat.

No. 839803

More likely a raging case of bong lung. It’s featured in every one of her stories.

No. 839808

Bet she spins and never cleans the thing out. Her lungs are probably lined with resin. Plus im pretty sure if you're having an asthma attack you farken know, there's no might about it

No. 839816

I feel like she’s trying to give the illusion of cheekbones with that mask kek

No. 839837

so i know the mentality behind yhe ~*feeding tube badge of honor*~ is that it validates how sooper serious your eating disorder must be but i CANNOT grasp why nearly overweight wannarexics seek out treatment that would impede reaching their goal of skeletal spookiness

No. 839842

lol exactly. When the bees got attention overrides the eating disorder. There was talk on KF awhile ago that most people who are chunkers have bpd and disordered eating from that but don’t have independent eating disorders. Basically munching

No. 839844

That’s the difference between a wannarexic and an anorexic. Real anachans would lose their shit being tubed an an obese BMI. Wannas probably want the tube because that’s as close as they’ll ever get to anorexic validation. They probably know that they’ll never become underweight

No. 839913

How does she even have the energy to shave. kek.

No. 839922

File: 1563475024334.jpeg (955.14 KB, 828x1378, 53929CBD-E42A-4657-A275-839C8F…)

Omg, speaking of disgusting looking Ana food, look what I found on recovery.chii’s story. Who the fuck uses that much butter? Probably makes it easier to purge, I guess? But seriously that can’t taste good. Kek

No. 839928

Are those raspberries frozen?

No. 839932

Looks like it. I think they’re supposed to be strawberries?

No. 839936

This chii hateboner has been turned down again and again. That’s a perfectly normal amount of butter for someone trying to recover or a normal person. If you want to discuss Chii so bad find some real milk

No. 839939

She’s well weird.

No. 839949

File: 1563479002144.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 2AAB2D4B-3F18-47FA-A214-21134D…)

Top keks omfg.
>>839844 this is 100 percent correct, the difference is astounding and yet ppl on Instagram still don’t get the difference between, anorexia nervosa, atypical anorexia, and wanorexia lol. Like u said a weight restored anorexic would flip shit if they got tubed, they wouldn’t be begging for inpatient treatment like this cow. It’s like she’s depressed that she’s not sick enough to need that care… but at the same time an anorexic in that position would most likely avoid the hospital or anything that would potentially result in weight gain. For her it’s like all for the gram, “doesn’t matter if I’m obese look at my collar bones I’m sick, doesn’t matter if I’m obese and the oxygen mask is cutting my face in half I’m sick!” It’s all about the online presence but at the same time… who is she convincing like are ppl reinforcing her telling her she’s sooper sick and frail or is she just the wannabe?

No. 839951

The really gross thing about this is actually the fact that she puts margarine on BOTH sides! She eats PB with margarine what the actual fuck???

No. 839955

To be fair, I have family members who do this and they aren’t purgers or obese.

No. 840067

File: 1563493683740.jpeg (174.71 KB, 676x1493, D6C55E02-A85F-4E61-A0CB-8C508A…)

Anyone remember Bekah? Hasn’t changed a bit. She HAS gained a TON of weight though. Doubt that tube is really necessary anymore. Still shows it off in every image and continues to post old pics.

No. 840072


lol EDNOS ahoy!

and "Could have asthma" - do they not check someone' s actually having an asthma attack before they give someone a nebuliser any more?

No. 840073


Sometimes they come on so gradually you don't realise until suddenly you're in trouble - but yeah, at that point you'd know. There are hallmarks.

No. 840107

File: 1563497493833.jpeg (545.25 KB, 750x926, 7DAAA33F-739C-414C-AA37-B40231…)

She was my personal cow, but she’s just boring af now. She needs the tube for “gastroparesis” but she looks more than healthy Idk I think your right, no tube necessary kek. Speaking of ppl who gained a lot of weight Bc of the obsession with looking sick, ams is a lil chunky now! The true milk is on the Bfs insta Bc he posts the raw unedited photos, I haven’t kept up with either any of bekah but all I gotta say is damn

No. 840110

File: 1563497788448.jpeg (697.05 KB, 750x822, 6F96FC16-2BC1-40EC-B000-782B33…)

To add to my post, it’s interesting u brought bekah up Bc it’s the same thing with amy, two ppl with eating disorders so desperate for spoonie points, now there no longer soops. Amy looks so different… good for her? I think

No. 840131

Post moar pix of her new bod!

No. 840145

File: 1563500312866.jpeg (902.25 KB, 750x1229, 0EE421F1-B9E0-4F99-AE50-801023…)

Not the op but I’ll add from her Facebook it’s hard Bc everything is only her face or her legs are cropped out I could only scrounge these two

No. 840151

File: 1563500562600.jpeg (539.44 KB, 750x891, D6DCACB7-20FF-4174-B886-9FC460…)

and here’s the other. I’d look into amy more her weight gain is waaaaaaay more noticeable. Just had to get that tpn didn’t she. Well she gets her Ana “spoonie” badge of honor. Here’s beks with a horse enjoy the once in a blue moon sight of her legs (potentially edited, as she has in the past. This is from her moms fb though)

No. 840199

Yeah like all of my relatives over the age of 45 put butter or margarine under peanut butter. I’ve always found it redundant and gross, but it’s certainly not abnormal or milky

No. 840200

Please get help anachan, this is not by any means an abnormal amount of butter.

No. 840262

File: 1563509160234.jpeg (526.33 KB, 1125x2037, 223A80BB-1065-4514-8FA1-370CD1…)

Korey is absolutely a cow. She pretends to be so recovered while all the while flaunting the level of sick she was & still staying moderately underweight. If she was really so recovered then she wouldn’t share pics she knows won’t help others. She just needs attention. I don’t know her personally, but she screams narcissist.

No. 840271


here's my wild theory re: the mask…
she may well have been in hospital for dehydration or whatevs, was left unsupervised, saw a mask and thought "oh good, imagine all the asspats I will get if i put it on and claim to have asthma".
however the only size they had left was for juveniles… hence the Bane-Face.

No. 840281

Brings up the age old question though. Did Ams have anorexia? She lied about her BMI and got called out. Photoshopped her pics and got called out. I’m leaning towards starved herself for a bit to get her precious tube then fattened up quick to the point she couldn’t even photoshop herself skinny anymore. I know she’s a purger but if she really had anorexia there’s no way she would be ok being at that weight. Bulimic who desperately wants to be skinny and have attention?

No. 840293


IDK anon, when I've been in for asthma attacks the mask and elbow joint come in different packets and aren't just lying around in the cubicle.

No. 840296

File: 1563512787892.jpg (238.08 KB, 1080x977, 20190719_130440.jpg)

Koreys post is gone. Probably got reported or she took it down cause ppl werent taking her shit

No. 840297

File: 1563513072654.jpg (64.46 KB, 1078x233, 20190719_131015.jpg)

Shes reposted without the pic and an apology kek
Good to see more people arent taking her bs any more

No. 840317

Does anyone know Her personally? I really wanna know if she’s actually in treatment or seeing any psych? She who shall not be named said her old doctor is in jail so she can’t be seeing him (god forbid) so surely she must see someone, she said she was on psych medication so someone must be handling that. Cause I’m so interested in what her doc is saying about her recovery or lack there of

No. 840326

Who is this?

No. 840424

File: 1563547257194.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20190719-163621.png)

pissing away money. I'm totally fine with people having vices but this is the stupidest shit I have seen an adult do with money in a long time. Even worse than lottery and mobile games and cigarettes, all of which serve some idiotic weakness in human psychology. I hope she never gets another cent fr her art.

How soon after they get this dog will it be turned into a way for Becky to guilt people into sending money.

No. 840429

She bulimic. Chews and spits, starved for the tube and watered down her feeds to lose weight. You summed it up well now she can’t even photoshop herself thin. Well done amy you played yourself lol. Not to cross over into munchie land but now that she’s weight stable she’s pretty much grasping at straws for her next emergency. Idk if she’s still on the tpn but we can probably predict another huge weight loss paired with lots of editing if so. I definitely think she’s bulimic Bc she’s talked of making herself sick in the past. Also they talk about her on IF so if others are questioning her “diseases” it would appear to me that she’s just a histrionic bulimic wanorexic in DESPERATE need of attention who else has multiple YouTube channels insta accounts and literally tells her followers to cheat so that she wins that stupid WEGO health spoonie warrior award lol. Only a crazy person in need of attention would do that and manipulate ppl by using really old hospital picture for the the voting page, she does not look like that anymore but knows if she looks more ill ppl will vote for her. All around gross person

No. 840454

I could never understand how she got into Australia and got medical insurance .

No. 840526

File: 1563559479751.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, CED6B2B4-E064-4F46-842C-D8387A…)

that looks rank

No. 840533

Apart from the egg it looks pretty good ngl

No. 840541

They always have a stash of pound coins for the arcade. Thankfully she barely gets any sales these days. She's my most hated cow tbh. Her attitude is disgusting. Her mum looks simple minded too.

The prison plastic plate is ridiculous. Learn to eat like an adult pls.

No. 840547

File: 1563560623585.png (228.3 KB, 338x564, Screenshot_20190719-192111~2.p…)

She doesn't bleach it guize. she's looking old. Kinda Baby Jane Hudson.

No. 840550

My intestines shrivel just imagining the sodium content here.

No. 840562

Everything looks overcooked, except the bacon and egg which is undercooked in parts. Don't eat meat so it looks rank to me but if I was the world's biggest carnivore I wouldn't much enjoy that.

No. 840603

File: 1563564137679.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 301.8 KB, 750x823, CDF2ACF5-E0E9-4B40-B103-8231EE…)

Imagine taking time out of your day to get the perfect bby-crumpled-in-kitchen shot… you know she had to take tons of these to get a good one too- I mean, most people do that for selfies, but running up and down trying to get the most flattering crying-shot is an embarrassing way to spend time lol

I really hope she wasn’t having anyone take these for her

No. 840605

Makes a change that you post someone other than yourself.

No. 840629

Honesty one of the most annoying person in the ED community. She is always cringe af.

No. 840653

But anon it’s not her eating disorder that makes her throw up its MuH MTHR. Don’t you know eating 6 plates of food triggers the MTHR I don’t have any proof of? That’s why I puke all day! My genetics!! Nothing to do with my drugs or past ed. It’s totally anorexia too cause I’m underweight duh. I never restrict I just binge and purge but I’m skinny so it’s anorexia not a chance of bulimia!!
She does prance around begging for people to call her skinny making the wannarexic vibes even stronger. You’re 5’2 kat. Being 90 pounds is not deaths doorstep jfc

No. 840666

File: 1563569329168.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.71 MB, 3000x3000, BE5EF18D-8B73-4C91-BEFF-16E53B…)

im yet to see full bs from her but wonder why she is ‘allowed’ eat still and the feed is only 1.2k cals. might be bc of work but tubes fascinate me

that one has proved comical mostly with the desperate polls for her followers to dictate her life and shower her with false adoration.
waiting for the -forced in res fml- day

No. 840668

File: 1563569758966.jpeg (408.52 KB, 828x669, 77E37EC5-567E-40E0-ABBC-3DE164…)

I can’t bring myself to actually watch her videos any more (unless someone tells me she cries at some point or one of the sisters calls her on her bull shit!) but why, WHY, does she choose thumbnails that make her look fucking terrifying?!

No. 840671

to save you 33 minutes, her dad said she thinks everything is amazing and then she went on a little rant saying that she struggles more than her viewers think and that when she has a smaller meal or misses a snack she finds it harder. she is looking less spoopy but shows her legs a lot during the video, not sure if its because she wants everyone to know that even though shes gaining shes still very underweight. Other than that same old same old

No. 840695

the wide-eyed open mouth faces she makes are SO incredibly obnoxious and unattractive.
The stupid dancing/ singing and moronic voices she does are NOT as cute as she thinks she are…
you look like a prat and an absolute elzani. I don't know how you manage to embarrass yourself more and more with every video, but you've done it!
It's no wonder she has no friends to speak of and her sisters hardly appear in her videos any more, she's probably so fucking annoying to be around. Nails on a chalkboard.

No. 840708

File: 1563572661725.jpg (60.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 840724

Yeah she looks like she’s put on a small amount of weight. I think she’s probably showing off her body more because she wants the “omg you’re so skinny :(“ comments. Probably makes her feel better since she probably freaking out about those extra 5 lbs. Didnt watch the full video. She’s got a very boring life and is extremely annoying.

No. 840725

Sad thing is she probs hasn't, it's just oedema…

No. 840727

Kek. This is perfect

No. 840728

I suspect this too. Especially when you look at her ankles in some of her videos. My guess is that she’ll keep gaining and losing within a 2 lb range for the foreseeable future.

No. 840730

File: 1563575157751.jpeg (222.05 KB, 1536x383, 81CC0E31-D7C2-44CA-BB33-D6DEFA…)

Haven’t watched it yet, but looks like it’s a Eugenia update. Hopefully she’s doing okay

No. 840734

Didn’t really want to watch the whole thing so I jumped around a bit. Looks like maybe she gained a marginal amount of weight but she’s still majorly spoop. Like, way waaayyy sub 15 bmi

No. 840736

File: 1563575723057.jpeg (570.53 KB, 828x1394, 3158B01C-7625-4476-9D0D-D86FD9…)

She had to actually take this photo and then think to herself “yeah, that’s a picture of me that I would like to exist on the internet forever”. It’s just fucking weird!

No. 840746

File: 1563576735662.png (8.42 MB, 2208x1242, A60F2368-83C4-45B1-A365-A2124D…)

She posted a video on her channel like fifteen minutes ago. Still wouldn’t say what’s going on, only said that she went to rehab for a month. For what, I don’t know. In the end, while thanking her subscribers for being there, she mentioned eating disorders and depression as things her subs shouldn’t be afraid to reach out for if they’re in need of help.

I think she looks better but she’s still super twitchy and vague so who the fuck knows.

No. 840747

Any news of Ashley isaacs?

No. 840749

She still looks really bad. I get the feeling she’s not really recovering. She did have more life to her in this video than any videos on her channel though.

No. 840754

Jesus fucking Christ. That is nightmare fuel. I literally don’t understand why she posts these. Is she trying to get her dad to off himself?

No. 840758

Cicada recall struggled with e's late vid, was cri going hardcore throughout it. She's just so, awkward and ughhhh, I just can't. Also is her family heating her do all those weird tho gs before eating 'woop woop, yeahhhhh babeeeyyyy, I'm so exciteddd' like it's so obvious it's a tactic to put off eating for as long as possible.

No. 840759

File: 1563577361778.jpeg (4.89 MB, 3000x3000, 2468B013-BF10-4B70-9B4B-14725A…)

Shane Dawson posted a video, he went to her house to talk with her.
Skipped majority of video as it was literally 90% bs talking.

Managed to get these pics of her though. She has gained a bit, but not much. 5-10lbs tops surely… I’m saddened by it. Wonder if she is back to old habits.

Note her baggy clothes and how her hair is down. Also her hunched posture…

No. 840760

Fucking hell why would you even post pictures of yourself like this, like she has to see how terrifying and crazy she looks. This is what my sleep paralysis demon looks like

No. 840761


No. 840767

Call me crazy but she looks at least a BMI if 15 now. Still underweight but if her weight restored BMI is 19 then 15-16 is a huge accomplishment from her past BMI 12

No. 840776

Have you watched the video. No way is her bmi 15.

No. 840779

I did. That’s why I’m asking what other people think it is. Most of us have EDs ourselves so I could be seeing her through disordered eyes

No. 840781

If she’s back to doing YouTube there is absolutely no way she’s recovering. Honestly, I kind of feel bad for her. It’s hard enough to recover and gain an identity outside of an eating disorder, but she’s literally become rich and famous from being a spoop. And I know that water retention is horrible early on in recovery, but it really looks like she’s got a purge face going on in Shane’s video.

No. 840782

Whoa there soldier I'd like to see some data on that. There are a lot of you, but a lot of us still drink real milk, too.

No. 840784

I really hope she’s still trying to get better. I understand if you were at as low a weight as she was in that kingdom hearts cosplay video it could take a seriously long time to be able to eat enough to gain significant weight. Her digestive system and all of her internal organs must have been completely fucked and along their way to becoming what that autopsy anon described. She does look somewhat improved but she was at absolute rock bottom at her last appearance and now she’s just back to around where she was before that really bad nosedive, which is still an extremely dangerous weight. I mean her knees still look like the biggest part of her leg, poor fucking woman.

No. 840788

She can’t even admit to her followers what her month long ”rehab” was really about. (Unless Shane’s video sheds some light on that.) she just kept saying how this ”break from social media” and its ”toxicity” was so good for her. She still seems to be in denial and lying. It’s not good and yeah, she might have gained some weight to get her organs started up again and not failing on her, but she’s still not honest.

No. 840789

Fuck sorry I fucked up with sage again.

No. 840791

Four weeks in rehab. Nope. Still as fucked up as ever she was. Four weeks is a token gesture.

I don't care for her content at all but it's sad she's obviously planning on returning and inevitably losing any weight she gained.

No. 840792

I mean generally speaking recovering from any addiction or mental health issue is never going to be a straight line from "sick" to "well". Relapse is kind of expected when you're as deep in your disorder as she is and progress is going to be a slow back and forth, probably for a long time. Doesn't mean she isn't trying.

No. 840793

Yeah, this is what I’m thinking. For a case as bad as hers it would be a total miracle for her to get completely better forever in just a few months. I’ll be sad to see if she just dives right back into her old habits of covering everything up and abandons any slow/unsteady progress completely though.

No. 840795

supposedly she just didn't know she wasn't eating enough lmao

she didn't really answer any questions at all, and minimised the shit out of it all

No. 840798


Not helping herself much going back on youtube if she's gaining weight. When those comments come she's going to flip her wig. Still…her life. Meh.

No. 840800

I didn’t watch her video and I’m only beginning to watch Shane’s, but I really hope she’s not planning on going back to Youtube full time. She really just needs to focus on her mental health and maybe do a monthly update with the comments turned off.

Progress isn’t linear and a lot of people don’t understand that, so the first time she starts losing again people are going to flip shit.

No. 840805

Maybe it's just me sperging out but everytime she says 'yeah baby' or 'divine' I want to punch something

No. 840822

Of course it’s not linear and I think with her the pressure to get better fast is even worse, but her newest video didn’t really address anything else but the toxicity of YouTube and how bad it was for her.

She’s still not addressing anything weight-related which seems like she’s nog ready to recover. At least not publicly.

I’m sorry, I might be too frustrated because it seems obvious to me that she’s still not ready to admit she’s been dealing with an eating disorder even though it’s quite clear with everybody, she’s just avoiding the question and skirting around the issue. Also, month in rehab we’re her own words. Truly she’s been ”offline” for like five months.

No. 840824

TBF at 35:50-37:14 of Shane's video she admits she had an eating disorder though she won't specify which one and seems to talk about it like she's mostly better now though she obviously has a very long way to go. She also talks about her shockingly low weight, doctors being surprised she was still alive, the food plan at her clinic, having to avoid refeeding syndrome, her concerned family and friends, and other things having to do with her having an eating disorder. So it's very big progress from her previous total denial where she pretended she had zero issues, that was naturally that weight, that doctors were telling her she was fine and other lies like that.

No. 840895

what does this mean

No. 840897

Not to white knight but I think it’s huge progress for her. I also think she was too ashamed to admit she has issues with bingeing and purging. At least that’s how I took her not naming her diagnosis

No. 840899

Totally agree. I think with any of these ana bloggers, regardless of what they say, the biggest sign of recovering would be stepping off the internet and interacting with the world without bringing the ED up at all

No. 840903

If it was a legitimate treatment center she would not go in in the state she was and be out after 4 weeks

No. 840933

She went to an inpatient program in a hospital setting from the sounds of it. 4 weeks is pretty long for medical inpatient in the us. I think she needs residential to really have a shot at recovery but that’s just mo

No. 840938

Shes alive. Posted a story a week ago or so. Nothing's changed

No. 840970

Her BMI before must've been nearing 9. People who are at 12 look way healthier. She's probably around 12 now, and must have gained at least 15lbs- most of the weight is probably due to her organs repairing themselves and not fat mass. But no respectable clinic would discharge her at 4weeks in her state. She must've been hospitalized and probably had to get tubed to prevent rfs and she was probably able to get out of residential because she's over 18.. .. she looks a lot better
Really disappointing that she didn't actually answer any of Shane's questions. We learned nothing new from that video.
KEK with the peanut butter bc its a classic binge food for most people in recovery. Only a matter of time before the reactive eating kicks in

No. 840977

Yes thank you, a little progress is better than none and for being her, even admitting she has an eating disorder is h u g e.
People need to understand that just because she cant say what shes struggling with doesn't mean shes not trying to get better. this girl was so deep into this and I hope she gets better and better and can leave yt and everything behind her and live a normal life.
but its unrealistic to expect her to come back at a normal BMI after like a month. recovery isn't some fast easy thing

No. 840979

Ghost posted this >>840603
Her profile pic is showing.
Usually she self posts but here has a vendetta against someone else.

No. 840982

Nobody is expecting her to be a normal BMI but she should not be out at home at such a dangerously low weight. She needs to be in residential until she can at least look halfway healthy.

No. 840983

Ghost liked the pic. User cropped out their profile pic so no telling if she screencapped this from a different account or if it was someone else
With all due respect, are you blind? There’s no way her BMI is 12 lol. She would be discharged as soon as insurance decided she was stable and they’re notorious of cutting people before they SHOULD leave. I disagree. We learned she has admitted to an eating disorder and she seems to have more genuine interest in things now. She sounds less forced and fake when she talks. On the pb some people don’t binge or have reactive eating I don’t get the obsession with pretending everyone is doomed to eat an entire jar of pb at one point

No. 840990

She has a thread >>>/snow/241927
Every time you ask about her you add a year to her life.

No. 840997

Did she apologize at all for denying it before and dangerously trying to convince her fans that there’s nothing wrong with being the emaciated size that she was?

No. 841022


Of course not. She cried h8rz.

No. 841025

To quote E- ‘follow my Instagram for quality content’….