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File: 1533154773742.jpg (304.26 KB, 953x717, 1531706665305.jpg)

No. 653753


-Our feminist recovery queer needs no man, so she's back at her parents' house and sharing a room with her brother.
-Her stressful internship is over, so she's hijacking Ma C's lunch breaks.
-The dang hard work made her relapse and she lost 4lbs. Her last period was light spotting, so she's basically a full blown anorexic again (!) But don't worry, she beats anorexia by eating the first carbs in forever
-She's getting ready for her new munchie identity and becoming a hypotensive ambassador
-if she can squeeze herself into a small bathing suit, she's still BMI 18.6
-she blocks all fake accounts, but not before she screenshots their comments to get asspats

No. 653756

Last thread:

No. 653767

Her second, "private" IG is

No. 653789

Did you know that anchovies are called "alice" in Italy?

No. 653828

Her comment deletion is getting out of control. Someone dared ask why she didn't talk to the mean (!) messager privately because the message didn't seem negative or insulting, and now the comment is gone. Someone should invent a translator for normal comments to make them sound ass kissing

No. 653919

Makes sense.

Thinks she's a mermaid, is an anchovy.

How she sees herself / how we see her.

No. 654070

Just to be clear, are we still on auto-sage or not?

No. 654235

Thread is easily found in the catalog so we are not on auto sage. Let’s try and keep it that way.

No. 654488

I think the best thing would be for everyone to ignore Any. That's what pisses her off the most and she can't get real sympathy by whining about not getting attention.

No. 654532

File: 1533203680242.jpg (459.73 KB, 1080x1554, uwjwb27eks.jpg)

Aly is sucking up to this girl she gave a shoutout to and pretty much encouraging her to quit? Seems like Aly is bombing her with messages too

No. 654541

I don’t really keep up with these threads but you guys always have the best OP images.

No. 654564

This life_and_fitness_princess girl (E.), I remember her from 3 years ago.

She used to have a BMI of 8, even lower than our recovery queer.

Anyways, Aly mainly comments to people whose BMI was as low as hers or even lower bc she thinks that others who never had a BMI of 10 are not worth talking to.
And she also believes they don't understand her, like she suffered the most EVER.

Too bad there were healthy weight bulimics who died.

No. 654570

File: 1533213809382.jpeg (566.1 KB, 1635x2048, 1E6D381E-CB89-4AEA-BB2D-08307F…)

No. 654577

File: 1533214501097.jpeg (683.93 KB, 2048x2048, 3DE2D5F3-684E-4E52-8E19-1110D4…)

No. 654578

Aly is completely clueless about eating disorders. That's why she thinks McDonald's = healed

No. 654586

Yay, more art for alicecasatiart!

No. 654629

File: 1533220012048.jpeg (186.38 KB, 640x1021, D17BFC11-32C7-42AA-8A71-46E95E…)

Exactly, and her excellent advice of the day - if you feel like shit, eat a Nutella waffle

No. 654675

File: 1533226224685.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, FBA93B37-BF66-46F5-8318-4DDA9C…)

Bestie aka mommy

No. 654676

File: 1533226254941.png (1.45 MB, 640x1136, 29C23C39-F57F-4A03-8FD0-A8068A…)

No. 654700

What part of “stop cowtipping” do you not understand

No. 654703

Great, now she's dancing while eating like Paris

No. 654706

omg i forgot about aly since she's been on autosage.
glad to see she's still the thinnest and hardest working woman in italy.

No. 654716

3 posts dedicated to a Nutella waffle. How empty must your life have to be?

No. 654742

tbh i think her face looks good here. maybe the animal filter

No. 654761

Aly's got to be jealous that girl's got her shit together, is doing a degree and has better food pics.
No job is worth your health? I'd say sticking at a job is better than leaving and fucking up chances of a decent future life. Duh me, what am I saying, Aly doesn't need a job because her parents pay her lazy assed way.

I hope the girl fucks Aly off.

No. 654796

How in the world is that art account cow tipping? It’s just a place to collect all the drawings farmers have made, pretty sure Aly has the account blocked so it’s not like they’re trying to get Aly to see the pics. It’s one thing to send her the drawings but thats not whats happening here.

No. 654800

you are confused and made yourself look dumb.

No. 654812

Yeah, Aly demanded her WK followers report the account because the beautiful art made her look like a monster (!). Doubt she blocks ANY account devoted to her, good or bad, but no, it's not cowtipping. Besides, she reads here every day, so…

No. 654831

Where is her right boob?

No. 654903

File: 1533243510592.jpeg (362.05 KB, 640x933, 308EA414-F13B-4EC1-8EB6-5957D9…)


No. 654904

File: 1533243533892.jpeg (194.36 KB, 640x826, 9A01A8E1-BEE2-4F7B-82D1-CA8FC4…)


No. 654907

File: 1533243608996.jpeg (178.49 KB, 640x826, 312C8AEF-FFFF-441E-B79C-70EF35…)

Aly, there’s literally no difference between these pics and the pics you post every day. You’re just as ugly as you always are

No. 654909

File: 1533243897125.png (73.19 KB, 208x208, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.04…)

But her mouth like why does she do this it is not cute it's so smug

No. 654934


No. 654948

File: 1533245273617.png (191.37 KB, 475x455, wp_ss_20180802_0002.png)

Main problem for Aly here with this quote she posted, she doesn't know who she is and really isn't an anything. Just a…void.

Her definition of a full life is drinking a Corona, eating waffles and dressing up for the camera? Please tell me there's more than that.

No. 654996

what the fuck is this?

No. 655000

saw mods in another thread say they're having an influx of bots right now
report posts like these

No. 655071

I missed those, were they random comments like >>654929 ? Or bots perving over Aly (HUUUUUUUUUURGGGGGGGGG that's a pukin' sound)

No. 655087

File: 1533249806798.jpeg (383.2 KB, 2063x1013, 1CFB6E5A-753C-40B8-95F5-A0B848…)

No. 655091

>ermahgerd guize I just had a waffle for the thousandth time in my life~
>takes ten pictures and a video of herself eating it
holy shit get a life woman

No. 655096

I have no words (!) for how pathetic Aly's life seems to me. No wonder she's obsessed with Instagram, she has nothing else.

No. 655108

Her food looks great and her progress is admirable, but that forehead. Jesus. Poor girl. She keeps it out of all her photos.

No. 655110

File: 1533251109729.png (561.18 KB, 640x1136, 0D9F6AFF-E94A-43D3-9BA8-FBABF9…)

No. 655115

File: 1533251644471.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, 7F686ADD-7786-43BC-83B6-0B587C…)

What in the fuck does she mean

No. 655122

Tbh I thought she was using a wonk setting to take that pic because that forehead proportion doesn't look real. Agree she's done incredibly well and definitely didn't have shallow reasons for her ED.

She appears to be giiglung motivational quotes about being yourself. Would be nice if she just did it, or had a self to be.

Must say, I noticed that her English has made a lot less sense the past couple of days. All this extra weird behaviour makes me feel she's going to spaz out again tonight in a day or two.

No. 655124

Googling* not the autocorrect word

No. 655134

all those selfies of her laying on her bed trying to look lowkey sexual are downright annoying and disgusting.

No. 655145

File: 1533255339341.jpeg (462.76 KB, 1493x929, BA87479C-C49F-4641-A5D7-0362C1…)

why is she so full of spite and going out of her way to ‘prove the haters wrong’? if she actually had an interesting life and was happy with herself she wouldnt care about what others have to say or feel the need to prove them wrong.

not like she gets that many hate comments anyway and i feel like half the time she is actually referring to what she reads on here or something. i maybe just dont get to see all those alleged hate comments since she deletes them, but i always feel like she makes it up

No. 655147

no wonder she worries about change when she takes all advice as hate. if she actually listened to some things people say to her she would be in a better place,
… or at least have semi-acceptable looking hair

No. 655150

There's another picture and her forehead looks big. Probably a mix of big forehead and receding hairline from malnutrition. But she didn't ask for Aly to promote her so she probably doesn't belong on lolcow

No. 655151

She would prove "the haters" wrong if she finally made a life for herself and stopped portraying stuffing herself with cheap junk food as living life to the fullest.

No. 655153

This is way way off topic but I can't believe Dante was back in 2015.

No. 655156

File: 1533257014316.jpg (635.64 KB, 1074x1074, dante.jpg)

Those were the days

No. 655170

Oh Dante how I miss thee.

Bless the anon who was posting Dante fanfic way back when.

No. 655221



I missed the beer guy

No. 655269

Her life ~out there~ has never been so beautiful. How? Out where? The shopping mall? It's beautiful when she's so stressed at her supermarket job she loses tons of micrograms and cries on Instagram?

No, she doesn't. I was >>655122 and only mentioned it because she looks totally not freaky now. I started following her. Not only because I like her account, but I'd prefer Alys followers jumped ship and gave E. The support she deserves.

It's scary when I mention something about past Aly and go back to find it was a year or so longer ago than I thought. Three years and no sighting of Dante. We should probably let him go, but the feelings are too strong.

Am I personally disappointed Alys having a beautiful life? Nope. Aly, we're disappointed that you AREN'T. Great inspiration you are if hard recovery brings bought but waffles in a mall and getting your mother to take numerous pics of you at a waterpark. Don't get me started on your reluctance to work because ~muh hollowed fragility~.

No. 655540

Didn't recovery queer post anything yet? I can't have a look, this maggot blocked me.

No. 655557

So I think it's safe to say she lost her job/internship. Her lunch meal seems to be homemade and photographed at home

No. 655586

File: 1533310167232.jpg (1.31 MB, 810x3004, uwuehd62.jpg)

"Make your Woody Allen inside to worth more than your self shame", what does that even mean

No. 655591

Something to do with fucking ones adopted daughter and feeling okay about it?

No. 655619

Berto is away for 10 days.
Will she survive or relapse badly?

No. 655626

He's always set my gaydar off.

Would you be pissed off if your SO went to a place as amazing as Norway with friends for 10 days when s/he only takes you to Venice for 2 days? I would.

No. 655635

Berty really does like to avoid Aly. Aly will never leave him because having a boyfriend to her means she’s successful in life. Only ugly failures don’t have/can’t keep boyfriends.

No. 655648


Yeah, but she fails to see what we see. It's worse to have a boyfriend who obviously doesn't like being with her than not having one at all. The dog blanket, two days in Venice…his friends and family are more important to him. I really can't see there'd be a queue of males wanting Aly. I reckon she'll be single forever when he leaves her.

No. 655656

she has ex boyfriends that she’s met with for lunch so she’s at least on a friendly level with one. I could see her trying to date an ex. But yes…she has a vendetta against men and is self obsessed. She would be likely single for years or forever.

No. 655659

Nah I don't think so. I think she's able to attract a certain type of guy. Someone who doesn't mind a girlfriend that has no interests and is only for "fun" activities like going to the pool (until he realises he has to take her picture). Someone who doesn't have much of a personality himself, or someone who is only looking for a human fleshlight

No. 655663

Or maybe the creepy old fat dude who's been commenting on all her pictures

No. 655672

I think that's the one called Fede? He's the one she left for Berto? They've been friends but twice he broke their friendship off because of her ED. I may be recalling incorrectly, but that's how it looked to me.

When she hits 30 though, she's going to have to offer more because the pool's going to get a bit boring later in life.

Haha! I've been chuckling over his comments. That emoji with hearts for eyes. I see he has a son, so at least she'd have a ready made family.

CAN I JUST POLITELY REMIND EVERYONE TO SAGE if there's no milk so we get to stay off autosage? Love yas!

No. 655675

File: 1533316656995.jpg (85.63 KB, 1070x567, Capture.JPG)

Adding to above >>655672

No. 655694

She picked a sick bird off the street. Sure, it looks cute, but aren't they disease ridden?

No. 655713


Not if I would be Aly haha

No, seriously, I always told my boyfriend to have fun (ofc without betraying me in any way). But I find it really important for people to still have their friends while being in a relationship

No. 655718

Dude, U R doin it right.

No. 655720

File: 1533320273536.jpg (100.13 KB, 423x384, 1533257014316.jpg)

And by 'dude', I mean that one.

No. 655726

File: 1533320552109.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 106.31 KB, 640x761, 840F6D2F-E7B4-46BA-AD85-391B15…)

this expression and those far left yellow teeth she missed with the filter…holy crap. cant imagine what her teeth actually look like and honestly not sure i want to.

No. 655743

No, I didn't mean I'm a selfish girlfriend. I was getting at how he does much better things with his friends than with her. Id be fine if my bf went away to erm Pragur for eg, for 10 days with friends but all he did with me was two days in, erm…the Lake District, for eg. Kinda divide the good times fairly. It cant have been cheap to do this holiday and she's always banging on about wanting to travel. I'd just expect that he'd be willing to do something as good with me. (I mean with Aly. I dint wanna go anywhere with ol' janky teeth Berto).


No. 655755

Last year they went to Budapest together with friends and a stranger girl, for like a week.

No. 655762


Ah yes, no, I didn't want to say you are a selfish gf.

And: dentistry is DEFFO a thing in Italy. You know, I am from Italy so it's always so funny to hear Aly saying "In Italy.." and I'm just like "What a bullshit. Stronza!"

No. 655786


If I was Italian I'd have to do something about Aly. She shits all over the good things I hear about Italians. I know my image of Milan might be a bit OTT with it being fashion central, but I'd never imagine a young Milanese girl would be like Aly. (Or any woman from a large city who has access to decent clothes shops).

No. 655801


People in Italy are both chilled and impulsive. I don't know how to explain it.

And the clothes: Italy has the best. Aly must have a special talent to fuck this up. And in all my years I was in Italy there was not ONE girl walking around like that. But indeed, Italian girls have an Instagram obsession.

No. 655820

Anyone else get the impression Berto's family are considerably wealthier than hers?

No. 655827

File: 1533326988926.jpg (99.71 KB, 854x582, woody.JPG)

She changed her caption to saying "Zeus" instead of Woody Allen after people called her out on it. The picture of the quote is still there though.

No. 655830

File: 1533327300375.jpg (14.82 KB, 300x387, gary glitter.jpg)


How can she not know about Woody Allen though? It's like when she quoted Monica Lewinsky.

Be #positive! Wouldn't you rather say OH YEAH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH to yourself than OH NO, OH NO, OH NO (!)


No. 655837

She’s referring to this quote when she’s talking about her “Inner Woody Allen?” Does she not understand the irony, or is she flaunting her narcissism now?

No. 655842

Which Monica Lewinsky quote did she post?

No. 655852

She's probably too daft to understand it.

No. 655860

That’s probable. What does she think it means then? I can’t figure that part out.

No. 655873

File: 1533330366272.png (528.78 KB, 1080x1920, 1528222959981.png)

No. 655874

File: 1533330367926.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 200.55 KB, 640x618, 8521EF6C-AF18-4699-B71A-EEEF53…)

her dinner looks like a baby puked on it

No. 655877

Aly is dumb so I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't know who Monica Lewinsky even is. I wonder how she even got into university. Can an italanon shed light on how difficult A levels are in Italy?

No. 655878

File: 1533330610582.jpg (35.83 KB, 241x603, thinspoo.JPG)

The green stuff looks exactly like geese/duck shit.

This classic ana pose though. No need to channel her inner Narcissus. She's the embodiment of it.

No. 655881


Since I know the italian school system. It's VERY easy. Every dumbass passes University.

I know that the English and German school system ist very alike.

Anyways, the same topics you learn in England or Germany in the 5th or 6th grade, in Italy you learn them in the 12th grade.

When Germans are in the 12th grade, the brain of Italians explode bc they never heard from it.

No. 655882


Restriktive anorexics are so hyper narcissistic. That's why I hate them.

No. 655983

Bless. I miss the days with father Dante.

I seriously can't believe it's been that long either. damn

No. 656120

Our love affair with Dante's lasted longer than some marriages and all the while he's had no idea we think about him.

No. 656209


I laughed so much. I thought exactly the same. Dante doesn't even know how many groupies he has thanks to Aly haha

No. 656333

Saint Aly has rescued bird and is going on about people abandoning animals. Does anyone else think that's kind of ludicrous given it's a bird? It might have flown away when the window was open? Apparently she intends to keep it in a makeshift cage with nothing to do and no companion.

No. 656339


That bird needs proper care, not sticking in a tiny cage. She's trying to make herself sound like Mother Teresa, but it's making me rage to see the bird caged up.

Abandoned Aly, abandoned animal…I think I see what she's doing there.

No. 656375

The irony is that public shaming was Aly’s favorite thing to do to ‘aters and she didn’t stop (even after she got called out0 until she started losing followers over it.

No. 656389

I cannot English please lek me photo in mankini

No. 656393

File: 1533392833397.jpg (18.16 KB, 319x119, Capture.JPG)

The day Dogs writes a comment that isn't all fucked up I will give my life savings to some dodgepot on the dark web to kidnap Aly and force a new hair do on her*

*I could only afford an intensive conditioner at this point, but I'm not holding my breath over Dogs and her fucking typo situation.

No. 656397

I mean, she still does. I've seen her post messages from IG friends (judging by the friendly concerned tone) and whining about them to have her followers gang up on the anonymous person in the comments. It's why no one should leave negative comments, she always uses them for pity points.

No. 656473

I think we all know it'll die or Ma/Pa will convince her to get rid of it

No. 656481

Oh my jebus. Can you not shuttup about her fugly hairdo or what is wrong with you?
It's not milky. It's not interesting. We all are aware that her hair is a tragedy. So shut the fuck up and dig deeper to find something worth wasting my time on to read.

No. 656482

It'd help if you'd linked what you were responding to. We're talking about her shitty English, some bird and Dante.

No. 656484

Is she keeping the bird without getting it looked at by a vet? She can milk it for "well done you (caring about animals)" points, but isn't that borderline animal abuse/cruelty? And I'm not well versed in foreign birds, but does anyone know if that's a wild bird or would it be more than likely an escaped pet?

No. 656485


DOn't get me started on "which" comment I was referring to. Are you new? Maybe you haven't read the 5 recent threads mostly complaining about Aly's fried hair?

No. 656489

Your complaining's shitting up the thread more than any talk about her hair, so hush yrself.

No. 656492


don't bitch about being on autosage when all your content is nothing but sheer nitpicking

No. 656494


As with everything, her details are really sketchy.

The bird could be wild and a dog got at it or something. I don't know how she knows it's wing's broken. If it's a new break a vet could wrap it.

It could be a domestic bird that got out of it's cage and other animals attacked it? I know they do that with budgies and shit.

I don't see how it's been ~abandoned~. What, it fell off a ladder at home and the owners threw it out the door?

I'm sure we'll never know, but she'll milk this for a while. I hope it's wing heals so it can go free. I'd rather die than live the rest of my life with Aly.

No. 656499

File: 1533405576297.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, 62D4C86B-4203-421E-B4F6-C5962B…)

She must really need to make up calories after lounging around, doing fuck-all, all day every day

No. 656504

File: 1533406676790.png (339.01 KB, 310x553, Untitled.png)


I was about to post this one. Why is she complaining she's lonely. Isn't it only Berto who's away? I thought she was going away with her family.

No. 656509

>I need to stop self-hate
is taking a posed selfie so basically saying look at how pretty I look.

this bitch…

No. 656511

File: 1533407932079.jpeg (200.64 KB, 640x886, 32B92682-B560-458B-ADB2-E4D064…)

Definite neah from me

No. 656512

File: 1533407971230.jpeg (74.72 KB, 448x615, 7D77D7BC-F2AC-443C-B3F7-5F13C5…)

No. 656514

File: 1533408028228.jpeg (216.86 KB, 640x876, 02315E1F-2EF8-49F0-B4AE-16035B…)

What is with this fucking pose, it’s so unflattering I kill me

No. 656515

did she buy that dress in every goddamn color?! it looks awful. and those black straps..


No. 656517

alien pose.

trying to make her moonface appear slimmer only making her forehead and the overall expression look ridiculous. girl wtf.

No. 656518

File: 1533408217189.jpeg (197.56 KB, 640x1007, 95766D2D-68E0-4A85-BD4C-9520A3…)

>hasn’t mentioned self arm in months
>suddenly starts talking about it again when a hater brings it up
>seems legit.jpg

No. 656521

File: 1533408413658.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 175.86 KB, 640x682, C28E8D7F-48D9-4EB8-81FB-D31106…)

trigger warning
this dinner looks like it's already been eaten once before and then purged holy shit. does she have absolute zero taste in both good food AND good clothes??

No. 656525

File: 1533408632332.jpeg (747.65 KB, 2826x2826, 69BAABB9-588B-478F-ABD0-D75592…)

she truly is the obsessive girlfriend meme inside and out. how havent we realised this before?!

No. 656534

File: 1533409147686.jpeg (443.7 KB, 1392x2811, 0D0B8A14-9076-4062-BFD1-FD1081…)

No. 656540

~muh abandonment issues~

Just like a poor, broken winged bird.

I still don't get how she's alone. Who took the McFlurry pics? She wouldn't eat that full revolting pizza. It does look spectacularly gross. She's a magnet for ugly things, debunking the theory opposites attract.

No. 656541

Now I see it (!)

No. 656545

pfft scratch that. i dont believe this girl has any issues other than being an attention hoe

No. 656546


she has issues. plenty.

No. 656547

File: 1533409790433.jpeg (48.15 KB, 472x555, 7A6B06C6-F147-419C-9E32-4F8944…)

that poor bird actually looks like it is crying. i mean… I'd be crying if i was in its position too.

No. 656552

Zebra finches apparently don't live in the wild in Italy, so I'm pretty sure it's a pet. It might have gotten out and the owner is looking for it. They also need at least one partner that I'm sure Aly won't buy.

Holy shit she looks so trashy. I get it, it's hot in Italy, but she looks like she forgot to put on pants.

Yes Aly, because turning to food to fight self harm urges (that she doesn't have, and never had) sounds like a very healthy coping skill. Wtf.

It's so offensive she still claims self arm. We've seen pretty much her whole body except nipples and pubic area and she has no scars, cuts, burns or bruises anywhere.

No. 656555

It's very telling that her narrative is that of a heroic animal rescuer, when in reality birds mostly simply escape instead of ~getting abandoned~.
Normally the first thing you'd do is take it to a vet, and then try and find out if anyone in the area is missing their bird.

Oh we've seen a nip slip and a lip slip alright, we're just trying to suppress those memories.
I agree that it belittles the struggles of people who do self arm. Remember when she claimed she was struggling with purging because she threw up after having gotten a little too drunk once?

>> ~PuRe LoOk KiLLeR sOuL~
so edgy.

No. 656569

She looks like Amy Fisher, the "Long Island Lolita" to me (back when Amy younger). So much so, I find it uncanny.

No. 656593

File: 1533414896851.jpeg (104.54 KB, 640x946, 03987013-8851-46CD-A766-4DF9BD…)

She got 7 comments, the ungrateful bitch

No. 656595


Unbelievably how strong her BDD is, right?

No. 656602

File: 1533415308725.gif (1.79 MB, 500x281, qGhiEIe.gif)

No. 656604

Is our talking about her puke-looking dinner making her want to own up to us? i cannot believe she actually gets ideas from reading on here. also… omg i am feeling sad. quick! lets google a depressing black and white photo to prove my point and omg i am feeling so huge…posts pics in a white short dress all day

No. 656605

File: 1533415404769.jpeg (84.01 KB, 640x450, A8987DD2-794E-4C05-B4A6-AD9705…)

No comments yet, best add more emojis to get more attention

No. 656608

deadweight must be a word of the day and also a new one in her bomb vocabulary

No. 656610

File: 1533415619466.jpeg (74.58 KB, 640x441, 732A05CB-F04D-48BF-A295-567B2D…)

Best add some brackets, too. Nothing says self-hate like brackets

No. 656615

Her account is redundant anyway. She's weight restored and eats and drinks shit. It's no longer a motivation to see her eat YET ANOTHER pizza when she lost her fear of fear ages ago.
I don't know how people can't see through all this shit.


YES, YOU ARE A DEAD WEIGHT. I know you don't think it, but you are.

No. 656616


No. 656618

BTW Aly, it's a bit late to puke that pizza. You ate it three hours ago.

No. 656620

You know what? Make that dare triple.

if she was really about to go purge she would be doing it instead of dramaticizing about it on the internet for attention.

No. 656623

File: 1533416331507.png (354.12 KB, 640x1136, 1F5AF0EE-6050-4478-A1BD-17054A…)

Crazy bitch.

No. 656624

Aly is so clueless. She sucks even at faking purging urges. Purging is seen as embarrassing and treated with secrecy

No. 656627

she's is at it again with making up terrible lies and laughing in the faces of ones who actually deal with these issues.

No. 656629

File: 1533416918455.png (511.65 KB, 640x1136, B5BA9397-0EEE-43C5-A0F2-31A1A1…)

What in the fuck does she mean
>for my weight

No. 656632

File: 1533416951964.jpeg (448.19 KB, 1392x2811, FCA4A075-0580-4233-A208-5F582D…)

No. 656633

File: 1533416975524.jpg (478.58 KB, 1080x1920, Ififiei2.jpg)

Now she's referencing the post to guilt trip her followers into commenting

No. 656635

Did Aly actually ever purge?
Me as a bulimic knows how disgusting it can be. Aly wouldn't go so low - in anorexic's eyes, they are better than bulimics. More power, more control.

No. 656636

The post is at 12 comments. Let's see how successful her little stint is

No. 656638

Poor girls telling Aly she can talk in private. Aly doesn't want someone to talk to, she wants public attention

No. 656641


At least she mentions her own account.

As if.. for being able to purge I would lie and manipulate. Like "purging comes first". Purging and then posting. Not vise versa. She is so dumb.

No. 656644


Unless it's about critics. THEN she is interested in solving it private bc she can't handle it to be criticized in public. What a fucking sucker.

No. 656647

yeah she actually whines quite a lot about being judged for somebody who literally puts their whole life on the internet

No. 656649


But she thinks she's perfect. Even though she's undeserving of food and love, she thinks she's perfect.

No. 656654


I told her twice that she has to handle critics otherwise a public account has no point.

No. 656659

One day her parents will die (going off natural order). She'll HAVE to live without her mum, on her own or with Berto. I can't say I worry about her, but how the fuck will she deal with it?

No. 656661


Becoming anorexic maybe?

No. 656676

It'll be something beyond that. I think it'll tip her over the edge into insanity. She'll become a full time patient at a care home, or if her relatives have no cash then she'll become homeless. I hope not because then it'd be down to Matteo to take care of her. Unless he settles down with someone overseas and flicks the Vs at Aly.

No. 656711

Her old expectation was at least 10 comments. Is it 20 now?

No. 656713

Still a thousand times better than the “dresses” aka tank tops she was strutting around in last summer!!

No. 656748

File: 1533425929857.png (277.18 KB, 640x1136, 62A07142-A83A-4023-8B8C-4F1D84…)

Hypocritical cow, also I guess now that she got 17 comments, she isn’t gonna purge anymore lol

No. 656967

very ironic coming from somebody who cant even eat a waffle without needing praise

No. 657001

What is it with her and clothes? When she finds a new outfit she wears literally nothing but that outfit for months at a time… at some point it was plaid shirts and high waisted pants/shorts, then it was those thigh high socks, then those tank dresses, etc. If I didn't know better I'd assume she was autistic tbh.

No. 657043

She probably does have BDD despite her histrionic tendencies and this habit is what makes me think so. Her warped self image will tell her she looks okay in a certain set of clothing, so the awful self-talk relents for a bit, and then she’s driven repeat that formula over and over. I have BDD and this compulsion to dress like a retard is familiar (sage for blogging sorry - also maybe I’m just autistic too lmao).

No. 657047

(Maybe to clarify - with BDD sometimes putting together an outfit is like solving a complicated equation where the variables are all the things you hate about yourself, and the equation is balanced when you don’t want to die when you look in the mirror; it’s fucking awful and once you’ve found a solution you’re often inclined to stick with it, even if it’s an inelegant one)

No. 657058

I haven't checked on aly for a long time. I'm amazed dogsandpositivity is still going.

Also is it just me or has her english improved very slightly? It's still really bad, but she's using some new words.

No. 657071

File: 1533461534204.jpg (314.86 KB, 800x1128, AlysSanctuary.jpg)

I do wonder about her "rescuing" animals.

No. 657072

Anon you are my hero

No. 657087

doubt she actually has BDD, rather a poor and boring choice in clothing but whatever. i could be wrong and probably am. but tbh all in all i am tired of so many people pretending she has a problem when all she wants is ass pats at night when feeling ~depressed~. she makes all these disorders and conditions look as if they can be solved in a couple of hours by eating junk and she couldnt be further from the truth. she treats her mood swings like disorders and dramaticizes every single detail, like those job descriptions some time ago for an example. the only real problem she actually has might be being a compulsive liar.

No. 657090

I have BDD and I always wear long black clothings that are not tight. Mostly maxi skirts bc I hate my legs the most. Summer and winter. And besides this I like walking around like that.(no one cares)

No. 657093

exactly. how can she claim having BDD and walk around in bikinis and skin-tight or short clothing taking tons of photos?(!)

No. 657109

Prediction for today's first post caption. 'I hope I didn't disappoint you". FollowerS tell her of course not, she's strong and a role model.

No. 657110

(soz fuck*d up sage)

No. 657116

File: 1533469962129.png (1.62 MB, 640x1136, 69574CD2-6625-4562-B2B9-7387B6…)

No. 657123

>I'm A NuMb fOuNtaIn YoU GuiZee

what is her deal? cant an 'adult' 22 year old human being be left alone for 24h without crying? apparently not….

No. 657125

that fake worried face expression looks unusualy punchable today

No. 657166

She's a manipulative bitch. Not once have I heard of someone fighting purging urges by bullying people into commenting on their post.

And I doubt she has BDD. She posts too many hilariously unflattering pictures for that. And I don't even mean the ones she shares as "imperfect" to hear that she's perfect anyway. I mean even her regular pics. That super moon face with her head tilted back and down like a turtle that highlights her neck fat and cheeks, that tongue between her teeth pose, this one >>654909 with her teeth half showing, or this >>656514. She's too in love with herself to have BDD.

No. 657172

I know it has been said before but now she looks average… like a 18 yr model in a trailer park

No. 657188

File: 1533477326196.jpeg (194.49 KB, 640x969, BE930B69-4006-4A25-9934-2BCF0D…)

Poor Aly has been starving herself for half a day. Yawn.

No. 657192

Have you never seen food before?

No. 657194

She talks about purging so I'm assuming she's a fully active bulimic now, and that is what her relapse is.

No. 657202

File: 1533478845304.jpeg (172.96 KB, 640x799, 7F6741FB-A393-4D76-AEDE-7B5A39…)

It amazes me how she still manages to come up with even worse poses

No. 657204

"Nobody wondered if I'm safe"

>grown adult

>in her 20s
>skipped breakfast

You're fine, Aly

No. 657205

File: 1533478955389.jpeg (218.08 KB, 640x885, E89C4951-1C16-4F55-9B67-D76370…)

No. 657230

File: 1533482474535.png (1.73 MB, 640x1136, F6E925C2-64D5-47D8-80EC-CA84B5…)

Aly, you’re 22 years old. Grow the fuck up

No. 657231

File: 1533482755617.jpeg (111.57 KB, 640x986, 72E0721E-698D-4CF9-A006-FFBE8C…)

that poor ear.

also, she said that today she had ice cream for lunch and almost fainted. i dont think a healthy weight person faints after not eating for half a day. it is hot but still.

and also how will she ever truly recover if after a day of being alone she is acting like an abadoned child. if she only wants to eat when 'others care' and never does it for herself she wont get too far.

No. 657242


It was mentioned a while ago, bur she looks like Shelly from Thin here.

No update about the bird. I'm more concerned about how it's doing than Alt.


No. 657254

File: 1533486455009.jpeg (83.73 KB, 544x655, BC14ADF3-328B-4A39-85F2-E09AA8…)

No. 657290

File: 1533490950074.png (1.51 MB, 640x1136, 6F3DB44C-8897-4C9E-BD06-3A62B1…)

Looks like uh, a really fun, busy party ya got there aly

No. 657296

ummm is she trying to make herself look ridiculous on purpose or is she just unable taking (!) a good photo?

No. 657297

party? yeah right! she is probably just going out with a ‘friend’ or two… if she even has that many which i doubt

No. 657299

oh, how terrible life with BDD must be for our poor recovery aueer! just look at her taking a selfie in every damn reflective surface she comes across looking so hollowed(!) how awful!!

No. 657310

It’s ironic how she says in her bio that she blocks all fake accounts, but she’s the most fake bitch I’ve ever come across in my life. Everything she posts is manufactured to get asspats, and is mostly lies.

No. 657351

For the billionth time, Aly is too prissy to purge. She only says that shit for asspats, the exact same way she does with “self arm”

No. 657383

File: 1533503616564.jpeg (166.74 KB, 640x832, 8C8F239C-0E83-4DC0-B01C-947B81…)

Her face is so fucking punchable.
That party sure looks fun too.

No. 657389

File: 1533503867285.jpg (24.2 KB, 350x360, 3.JPG)


So obviously she's out with Ma, but I can't figure out who's taking this pic. From the reflection, looks like a giant hedgehog's doing it.

It gives me hope that one day I can overcome a day's breakdown of intense depression and intrusive thoughts to get dressed to the nines and go out on the piss as if nothing happened. What a true worrior.

No. 657390

File: 1533503955091.png (392.37 KB, 750x1334, 6DCD4A8D-154B-4DD2-8C9A-C906BE…)

why did she post this? I’m confused. Did she read the last sentence only?

No. 657394

File: 1533504097803.jpg (57.7 KB, 519x631, 3.JPG)

Idk, but I hope she speaks Polish better than English.

This is how Aly photographically represents "numb".

No. 657396

Maybe she thinks polish means like shine/varnish, and that she speaks eloquently? God knows with her English skills, i thought the best way to learn a language was to immerse yourself every day - but it seems like her English degrades over time?

No. 657397

no one else is in that reflection. No one around for the whole block…

wtf? has anyone asked her about this?

No. 657400

File: 1533504392407.png (117.45 KB, 622x450, so numb.png)

Her use of ➗ makes no sense in her captions.

Someone wrote they speak Polish too and didn't know it was a superpower. I really don't know.

No. 657402

File: 1533504573236.jpg (118.99 KB, 1211x636, huh.JPG)

This Polish thing appears to be a … thing?

No. 657412

File: 1533505148364.jpg (342.36 KB, 1417x667, mmmk.jpg)

she mentioned something about not wearing heels in 5 years. When she wore them last year the day before she left for budapest with Bert.

No. 657422

File: 1533506386787.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, 142D90AB-9881-44D2-9145-134D42…)

But Aly.. what the fuck do you mean

No. 657426

is she thinking nail polish or? jfc she never makes any sense.

>>my way to dress and make up reflects my mood

ok Aly.

No. 657439

She probably learned a few words like kurwa or something. She's lying.

No. 657454


That's THE only Polish word I know because the Poles on Tibia (remember that?) used to call me kurwa and so I googled.

Is she laughing that she fucked up with meaning of the "topic"? I thought she wanted to know what their superpo…oh nvm.

No. 657464

since when is speaking a language other than your own a superpower? i mean sure… for aly it might be judgig on her english skills

also, wearing high heels and putting a ribbon in her hair 'represents her mood'..? what in the world is that supposed to mean? she is posing in black clothes trying to say she is depressed or something. wow. so deep.

is she on something this evening? this is all a bit weird and makes little sense.

No. 657467

polish? yeah right! she should make a youtube video in polish since she already considered filming before but i doubt she know shit

No. 657473

kek five years my ass

also, for some reason i feel like she doesnt even know what the word numb means but uses it just to sound extra sad and depressed or something

No. 657475

File: 1533511545100.jpeg (138.36 KB, 640x890, 3E12DB16-9374-493E-94A6-D6C3EB…)

No. 657536

Yeah, crying like a fountain is kinda the opposite of numb

No. 657674

So, does she speak polish or what? Does that word mean something else in Italian?

No. 657686

Like that quote she posta that says humiliating people isnt okay, then she screenshots and publicly humiliates everyone who isnt giving her asspats

No. 657722

I can't make out a person tbh and I also see the hedgehog lmao

Could it be a selftimer somehow?

No way in hell does she speak Polish. From where would she learn it? She can't speak basic English that's she uses literally every day.
My boss is Italian and he has a hard time speaking Croatian (after learning it for years and living here), which is quite similar to Polish, so no. Doubt she'd ever put in the effort to learn another language.

No. 657742

File: 1533540196943.jpg (78.58 KB, 700x525, alys friend selfie.jpg)


I think the superpower part's connected to the fact that Polish is supposed to be the hardest language to learn. In that case, no way does she speak Polish. I looked into learning it because there's a large Polish community where I live and thought it would help broaden employment opportunities. Ten minutes on Duolingo and I sacked it lol.

No. 657824

File: 1533557367962.jpeg (507.24 KB, 2224x1563, 0F2C99C1-5A1A-4664-917D-161C3E…)

No. 657854

File: 1533561886591.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, 657B3D6D-5B10-4473-A606-059215…)

I never want to be looked at like that, that’s horrifying

No. 657868

can she just not take a single photo without pouting like that?(!)

No. 657871

ot but it's kind of a meme afaik because it's considered by some people to be "the most difficult language for english speakers to learn"

No. 657894

From an Italian anon, you don't know shit about University.

No. 657895

She's eating a salad??? With vegetables?? She is so hollowed and anorexic now!! Funny after she shames every girl she sees for eating salad or drinking water or diet coke.

No. 657896

I like this dress, it's definitely the most beautiful thing she put off in years.

No. 657897

Probably she means she ate too much for how much she weights

No. 657903

File: 1533567326111.jpeg (845.86 KB, 3490x3490, 41B83F88-E77F-4141-AE02-3ACA14…)

i apologize for nitpicking in advance, but did anyone else notice the outlines on her photos looking strange? its probably just her using an app to shoop her backgrounds blurry, but i wonder what other things she edits like this that we are not aware of.

No. 657914

File: 1533568186101.jpeg (245.89 KB, 640x816, 8A8DCD5A-CCB4-465C-956F-91DC0F…)

She really thinks she’s just too fucking hot, doesn’t she?

No. 657916

File: 1533568311462.jpeg (313.08 KB, 640x1025, B02C58E9-CB41-40C8-AF77-D3B15F…)

How on earth will our recovery queer cope on a cushy family trip to the seaside?!

No. 657920

looks like the effects of portrait mode on an iPhone

No. 657928

get ready for a week of bikini shots and a whole month or more of throwbacks..

No. 657930

File: 1533569916911.jpeg (413.33 KB, 1664x2218, 1F95CA5B-97DA-49C7-93A5-7917BC…)

No. 657949

File: 1533571077657.png (636.52 KB, 640x1136, BBCE8DF1-5E35-4A0C-8016-21A870…)

Time to sperg

No. 657952

File: 1533571167078.png (909.16 KB, 640x1136, B8D339C9-D08E-4468-AAD8-5FFD32…)

Black and white to convey her sadness. So deep

No. 657954

>oh em gee guize look at this hater! i am a size 0 trust meeh(!)

No. 657956

Ehh, not to WK but when you actually start eating food and carry on eating food you can retain a food baby type pouch. Not wanting to blog post but my tum is the same at BMI 18.5-17.4 (dependant on how dehydrated I am from drinking) It's the rest of the body that confuses me for BMI, but it's so easy to drop BMI just by behind dehydrated from alcohol - you can also remain bloated - so if she's doing that to delude her real weight it's understandable the bmi would be lower. But that would be buying into her "oh no, i am now drowning in drink" spiel.

No. 657958

“shame” update? shame? no wonder she looks like shit when she takes all advice as hate. the person making the comment actually did that in a respectfull manner what the hell.

No. 657962

At this point I'm sorry for her family she didn't pass away when she had the ED so she would leave with some sort of dignity, instead of perpetually shitposting everyday.

No. 657966

Again sorry not to WK. Come on anon, people with addictions do shitty things even during recovery, but there's always a chance for redemntion. Wishing death is just a little shitty. Sure current aly is bad, but not THAT bad. Save that "sorry for not dying" for criminals that will never change or something as equally crappy. The ma mustn't mind because she's always in pics, nor the brother, they just must love their daughter and sister regardless of how she is at this current time. ((Or Maybe i need to re-evaulate why this is hitting a nerve with me. ))

No. 657970

File: 1533572973844.jpeg (149.16 KB, 640x894, 4A22A93C-7C83-4B99-99EA-35321D…)

Her fucking minions are almost as bad as Aly herself. That was sound advice, she’s just a manipulative cunt

No. 657974

she went on to call that comment from a person trying to help body-shaming. wow. just wow.

No. 657988

For someone with crippling BDD she loves defending her body and having people comment on her tits and hips.

I wouldn't even tell her she looks awful in the tacky swimsuit. Let her go out and look ridiculous.

No. 658000

Is she this retarded that she doesnt know that swimsuit sizes can vary by brand

not other anon nor am i sticking him for them but you’re can’t excuse the shitty things she doesnt on ~recovery~

recovery doesn’t make you humiliate and guilt trip people, lack empathy, lie without remorse, and do anything for attention. there’s a chance for redemption when she realize she needs help from her obvious histrionic personality. as of now, she thinks she is perfect and theres no sign she wants to change

No. 658008


Oh do you feel kinda attacked. Aly is this you? Lol

I do know, if you like it or not.

No. 658061


Can someone translate this?

Is she leaving in one week? On the 11th? Has she been on vacay since July? My Aly is so rusty

No. 658063

yes if i understtod her correctly she will be leaving for her vacation on august the 11th and is for now home alone and miserable

No. 658075

And why is she all alone? Where's her family? Is she pretending she still has that job?

No. 658095

she said her boyfriend went to Norway for a trip, idk about her family though.

No. 658122

Her family are still there. She's saying she's alone because Berto left her for his man holiday.
She's not alone at all.

No. 658239

File: 1533594293594.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, 23989CBC-888E-4A26-B4F2-635F15…)

>so chic…

No. 658320

That's the exact word I thought of when I saw this photo. Total chic.

So she's complaining she's alone when she's off to the cinema and a restaurant with Ma (and probably her brother) and she has a week at the beach to look forward to.

No, I don't wish Aly had died or hadn't recovered, but I sure as hell wish someone deserving had these things and not her.

No. 658353

Wow the moon face is coming back with full force

No. 658361

Who's going to look after the bird that she's not mentioning anymore while she's away? Has she already dumped it?

No. 658446

Wtf are "hip dips"? The only thing I see are her love handles

No. 658487

Whoa this is actually a really good picture??

No. 658488

I agree, its because her lips are relaxed

No. 658549

File: 1533627962779.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.48 KB, 2000x1050, image.jpg)

idk if you're being serious or not, but here's an image

No. 658567

Not to be a mini mod but can people please, please, please, sage their posts? I'm sure we're off of autosage now.

Aly's so, so boring at this point. Last year we were wondering about her first job and even her life with Berto but now it's the same story one time after another. Most exciting thing that happened recently was Aly not eating McDonalds for some weeks…

No. 658569

somebody please ask her about that youtube channel she wants to start

No. 658602

File: 1533637788291.jpeg (282.06 KB, 640x789, 12B4D646-956C-4181-AF88-D8DD61…)

No. 658604

dog peeing pose

No. 658611

File: 1533638962510.jpeg (363.77 KB, 2048x2048, 3CD4C02E-451E-44D9-8CC6-816987…)

No. 658635


Aly's always been boring to some extent, but most of the cows here are. The general ana thread's dried up of fresh meat (or bones), but I still read it.

Idk, I don't expect these people to be massive wankers constantly. I'm satisfied with watching Aly making a total tit of herself 7/24. I really still can't believe someone so banal exists.

I agree with the sage though. Please sage everyone kiss kiss

See, this is ludicrous. Her poses are becoming more and more ridiculous. She's blossoming into a terminal laughing stock and I enjoy watching.

No. 658642

You deserve a fucking medal for making these

No. 658695

File: 1533655148097.png (453.13 KB, 640x1136, E5E58D84-87BE-4A5E-B156-3B33C0…)

She actually thinks people envy her. Delusional bitch.

No. 658702

I'm envious that I never thought of the Spiderman pose and I'm a woman. I envy her creativity and breathtaking shoots.

Fucking lighten up, Aly and stop taking your disgusting self so seriously. Everyone else laughs at you so you might as well too.

Really though, anyone with a sense of humour would reply something funny to that comment. She's the most vanish person I know (immature too).

No. 658782

File: 1533663268347.jpeg (473.07 KB, 1897x2048, 867EE995-3D98-41E4-BF4E-3BDAFA…)

No. 658829

Didn't she mention she has social anxiety (which disorder does our most suffering queer NOT have?)

Anyways a person with a real social anxiety would never do such poses in public.

No. 658834

>>658829 Well, social anxiety is actually quite common. It's just anxiety, regardless of level, in specific or overall generic social situations. Social anxiety disorder itself is a whole different ball game as it affects the person in a major way for it to be classed as a disorder. So she could technically be right, not meaning to sound like I'm sticking up for her it's just unless she's said SAD she's not technically possibly lying.

No. 658854

She gets anxious if she doesn't get enough attention in social settings.

No. 658887


Oh okay, bc I have a specific anxiety disorder and I try to be as invisible in public as much as possible. So I try not to sit in the bus too dumb looking bc I'm scared people could laugh at me.

I never wear too mixed coloured stuff etc.(blogpost)

No. 658943

File: 1533676187032.jpg (165.33 KB, 1080x548, 73uejeje0901.jpg)

This is now deleted.

No. 658959

She had someone comment on #boycottthebefore ages ago but she loves reminding everyone that she was once skele.

No. 658967


Seriously, sage your shit. Please. If you don't know why or how, read the rules. Or ask. I don't even care if I get banned for mini modding at this point because we all want to keep this thread off autosage, yeah? So do your part in keeping this going and learn how to use the site, ffs.

On another note, I have strong mental images of the ever so grumpy Pa C taking care of the bird, gerbil and cat while Aly and Ma are off on a beach vacation.
At least I hope that's the case and someone's taking care of them.

No. 658977

If I was her brother I'd offer to stay and look after the animals to avoid inappropriate photo shoots with Aly.

Weird trait of Aly's to go on about something at length for a couple of days then behave as if it never happened. She can't be arsed with the bird now.

No. 659008

File: 1533680525005.png (480.87 KB, 640x1136, 6F5C5887-1C50-4AC4-AAA1-506FAB…)

Whoever keeps commenting this shit, stop, it’s only giving Aly fuel to look like the victim.

No. 659017

I agree, but it never fails to amaze me how unashamed she is of the truth. That comment sums her up yet she posts it in stories so everyone can see.

I understand how frustrating she os and wanting to comment but she doesn't take anything from it even when it's the plain truth.

No. 659184

someone with artistic skill please draw this with a super long leg taking the selfie with her foot

No. 659200

i cant help but wonder why she still claims to be in recovery. she prpbably only talks about ED stuff to stay relevant and treats minor daily inconveniences most of us have as traumatic events and dramatizes them to the point of always looking like a victim. i think she has much bigger problems than a past with an ED.

sometimes i wonder if all those 'struggles' she writes freaking daily essays about on her page are nothing but a publicity stunt and an attempt to stay relatable.

No. 659214

File: 1533698056951.jpg (22.65 KB, 240x245, 37784048_302292240545054_43293…)

Feel free to laugh at my shitty crab hand outline, but I'm pretty sure the blue outline is Ma and the purple outline is phone.

No. 659241

It blows me away how she’s unashamed to keep talking about her haters, proving that she’s obsessed with them and the attention they give her. I’ve never met anyone who gives them that much attention other than Aly

No. 659367

Where can I read old Aly's threads? I can't find them all on Google.

No. 659380

I don't know how to copypasta on this phone, but google "aly_realrecover lolcow". The furthest back I get is an Oct 2015 thread, but there're some before that. In the original caption it'll link to last thread and that'll take you to earlier ones.

No. 659413

File: 1533726691836.jpeg (579.43 KB, 750x863, DD0F0F92-D0CC-486A-9C69-955B2F…)

It’s a gorilla

No. 659416

Gorilla, hedgehog…imagine if she took her plushie collection out with her and these are her ~friends~

No. 659471

why is our queer not posting in the morning? did she say she got sacked from her job or did i miss something?

No. 659472


Oh, she'll be practicing poses in the mirror. Expect a post soon begging our forgiveness for not being there for us and how full her life is she barely has the time to post.

No. 659499

File: 1533740010689.jpg (96.91 KB, 927x594, liquid fat.JPG)

She's at the water park with Ma again. Warning: bikini shots imminent with caption about bloated belly and #tb to "bulge" comment.

No. 659500

thinking about it, she hasnt whined about quitting in a while. a new crisis with black and white insta stories + dramatic hashtags might be incoming.

No. 659501

oh no, not again. also, that is the most plain pizza i have ever seen

No. 659502

File: 1533740493010.jpg (113.32 KB, 815x598, delivered.JPG)

Looks like the lower calorie option that Pizza Hut offer.

No. 659503

File: 1533740574521.jpg (62.96 KB, 479x595, 3.JPG)

Oh, that pizza's larger than it looks.

No. 659507

File: 1533741082088.jpeg (200.65 KB, 640x998, 3EE4D7BC-D48C-4236-89B8-CDA813…)

No. 659512

File: 1533741694000.jpeg (130.12 KB, 1280x720, 84F7503E-51F1-44ED-84B8-8CA116…)

No. 659515


Ty, anon(s) for always guaranteeing a smile every day. Now we know why she loves water so much.

No. 659516

>trying to get a little bit less ghostly ☀️
>sunbathes in the shade

No. 659521

np glad my work is appreciated

No. 659525

File: 1533742794260.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 483.4 KB, 1857x1601, 17E1C807-F5B9-46AF-9251-FC4608…)

No. 659531

my fucking eyes, my fucking sides, you are a gift anon

No. 659547

File: 1533745016172.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 92C45EA0-890F-4604-ADAD-4F1F26…)

No. 659554

How many years do you reckon she'll keep this recovery queer thing for? (Also, why is she swimming wearing those massive fugly earrings?)

No. 659564

File: 1533745702418.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 135.41 KB, 662x640, 6190D3DB-D9E5-4155-8C5E-A84709…)

what even is that pose?

No. 659617

why does she think unbuttoned shorts are a good idea? she looks like a weird pervert

No. 659625


It looks like she was going for some "sexy" about-to-strip pose, but let's be real…they prob don't button anymore

No. 659635

Looks like the shitty square pizza I got in my elementary school hot lunch.
For an Italian she eats the worst pizzas in the world and I just can’t fucking wrap my head around that. Same goes for her fashion sense. Living in Milan she should be one of those OOTD fashion IGs.

Instead she’s wasting her life wearing clearance rack clothes from 10 years ago, posing with elementary school pizza.

No. 659653

this is exactly what crossed my mind today. she lives in italy, one of the worlds most famous countries when it comes to good food and yet she eats trash like mcdonalds or doesnt eat at all. how ungrateful. also yes, her pizzas most often look disgusting and terrible.

also did she ever mention why she is mostly pescetarian/eats just fish and not meat? i know she sometimes does eat it but not too often. is it a calorie thing?

No. 659667

Sorry to nitpick but well if she eats meat, she's not a pescetarian. That's like the people who say they are vegetarian and they still eat meat each week, it's not something she should be compared to. She still eats trashy Mc Donalds burgers so i don't think she has that much of a problem with the calories in the heavily processed garbage.

Plus a lot of foods tend to be seasonal, a lot of people favour things like fish in summer and more heartier things in winter. Scrolling down, i see meatballs, mince, vomit-worthy looking burgers, kababs etc. It's not like she only eats them once in a blue moon over fish?

No. 659707

Mediterranean diet. When I lived with an Italian family they never eat meat (not fish) apart from lasagne like once and at that there was a veggie one too. It’s the same in Spain and Portugal.

No. 659738

If you have a Tally Weijl near you you should go there. Aly gets a lot of her clothes there and everything she has been wearing this summer is off the TW clearance section

No. 659809

File: 1533761401386.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 1ABEBF24-9B3D-4E83-988F-A136C0…)

Looking so chic there, babe

No. 659813

File: 1533761518192.jpeg (168.15 KB, 640x795, AE76095F-20D9-41A8-9509-C5888E…)

Please continue smiling at food forever, Aly

No. 659819

File: 1533761741883.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 58AA6CCB-ADC0-41EE-B951-77480B…)

What a weird combination of character traits?

No. 659834

File: 1533762683537.jpeg (196.28 KB, 637x878, 52F20F76-E1FE-4F58-BC8D-636AEB…)

Some nice humblebragging about her >unclassifiable BMI

No. 659842

She's an idiot. What a load of bs. What does she even mean? I've never seen an anachan claim that

No. 659843

Oh, and there's that fluids tube and IP stay for two days. Wtf does she mean "not humanly classifiable"? And there's that irritating divided by sign again. Maybe it's me but most of that makes no sense at all. She asks if we wonder what people who need to gain weight eat, she doesn't, she tries and she says nothing about how much?? Whaaat??

No. 659916

4 1/2 years? What the fuck lol? She started losing weight mid 2013. Her pre ED pics are 2012.

No. 659923

It's ridiculous that she's still doing eating challenges and asking for support. I'm surprised she hasn't picked up on another mental illness to exploit. She really can't keep flogging anorexia to death and we all know there's no way she self arms or vomits.

No. 659932

File: 1533769088125.jpeg (697.65 KB, 1668x2224, 7E902E9C-ECFF-431F-AD02-E1A91B…)

alice, the peace queen and animal saviour

No. 659950

File: 1533770321708.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 580.5 KB, 1668x2224, 1EC116FE-490F-41E0-8B7F-F0D48D…)

No. 659951

Well from 2013 to 2018 is 5 years so she’s actually accurate about the timing for once. Though I guess she wasn’t really active in her symptoms the last couple years but still technically recovering from the disorder. Like someone who is in the process of recovering still technically has an ED. Like yeah to others I might not appear sick right now but I’ve still had my ED for ten years

No. 659952

Bonus points for the veiny boob detail

No. 660385

she was never inpatient. love how she hypes up the details now when back in the day everything was fiiiine.

No. 660410

exactly. and how now she labels the spoopy photos as triggering when back in the day it was normal

No. 660419

File: 1533812570941.png (661.85 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20180809_0001.png)

I also sit like I'm about to start flicking my bean.

No. 660421

sorry for being off-topic, but i was wondering… what was it that made aly want to recover? because i remember her being a relapsing spoop for quite a while before she actually started gaining weight. what was different that time around?

No. 660422

I can't wait for fall so she''l stop posting trashy pictures like these.

I second this question if there was really a reason.
I remember she got hit by a car, had a broken leg and then started gaining.

No. 660423


I think it was the accident that somehow made her want to recover. Who knows what goes on in her head, but it was straight after her leg was shattered (!) and she looked death in the eye that she started baking loads and gaining weight.

She really might think that she was so close to death that she didn't want it?

No. 660424

and didnt she mention before her doctor told her she was like weeks away from death once or sth like that? maybe she freaked out

No. 660434

File: 1533817017242.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, 6B6F4DFC-DB76-401F-AED8-E5CEE1…)

Her expressions really can be terrifying

No. 660458

File: 1533819749214.jpeg (162.45 KB, 640x1136, 3309A223-6AB8-4434-B378-066E2A…)

No. 660465

File: 1533820786355.jpeg (59.1 KB, 375x612, A9F13799-C50E-4DF2-B977-85C809…)

No. 660469

I'm actually legit starting to worry about the bird, hope she took it to a vet in the end or something because she's not even speaking about it for ass pat points and not letting the poor thing starve to death (if it's not already -vanish!-) in that cage.

No. 660473

No, read that again. She says “after 4 and a half years of anorexia (BACK EMOJI) I have been recovered in 2015”. She did not have anorexia for 4.5 years prior to 2015. She then says she’s been in recovery for 2.5 years, which is true.

No. 660484

Someone's going to be looking after it. She rarely mentions the hamster but it survives. I worry that the bird's not being kept in the right conditions but hopefully Pa's going to deal with it while the harpie's away.

No. 660567

File: 1533829519451.png (662.9 KB, 593x564, Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-09 um 1…)

Out with "mum, auntie and friends". She can't even stop with her stupid posing when she's in a pic with others. And no Aly, these are certainly not your friends, these are mum´s or auntie´s friends.

No. 660574


another theory: she realized that sufficient nutritional intake made her leg heal faster thus the pain lessened and she wished to keep it progressing toward that direction.

so her simple lil brain was rewritten into thinking: f00d = G00D?1!

No. 660584

Could be her cousins. How long before they get sick of her shit.

No. 660591

File: 1533833095286.jpg (56.6 KB, 477x617, jan14.JPG)

I just looked at her aunt's profile on fb (Aly linked her today on her own profile) and they actually do seem to have been close for a long time. Pics of them both when Aly was thin. She seems cool too and it looks like she helped out at some poor kids school in South Africa. She must be a nice person to deal with Aly.

I think this is Ma here. She looks amazing.

No. 660597

File: 1533834056986.png (143.99 KB, 331x587, dumb fountain.png)

Here we go.

No. 660636

What the duck is her obsession with carbs and women eating carbs? Are women who don't want to or can't eat carbs worthless or

No. 660639

the last time aly cried without taking a photo of herself was when she still had the umbilical cord.

No. 660642

she let the made up quotes she saw on the internet fill her mind to the point of believeing people actually told her that stuff. with women eating carbs or sitting like a lady, its all typical 'society told me this' bullshit which is mostly not true, like when some people feel pressured but nobody actually said anything or cares for that matter. i dont think anyone ever told her that, she is just trying to be relatable and pretend like they did.

No. 660647

File: 1533837164136.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 112.35 KB, 640x1043, 198DB96F-A508-4083-98D3-5CB419…)

back at it again with the same photos

No. 660649

I took this as meaning that she has to calm down with the shoots by Ma because Ma's there to be with her sister and not to be there just for Aly. Aly's got to be hating that she isn't getting all the attention.

No. 660670

OT but actually Ma C is so pretty, now and then.
Why on Earth Aly worked a couple of months, bought a bunch of clothing and not a white or yellow bra?

No. 660733

File: 1533845210381.jpeg (196.66 KB, 640x899, 193F6BDA-3E62-4546-971E-9DE9C2…)

She doesn’t know shit about anxiety. She only feels anxious when the attention isn’t on her.

No. 660740

File: 1533845821724.jpg (10.04 KB, 178x283, images.jpg)

That's bollocks about struggling mainly when lonely. How dare she speak for everyone with anxiety. Before teetotal, I didn't sip a fucking Mojito, I drank enough vodka to pass out with a couple of valium. Maybe some of us aren't all as classy.

She's so full of shit. These are the only trifles she cares about [img].

>the coming week

>two days left

No. 660774

So much for her social anxiety. Srsly, she probably considers everyday normal anxiety as an anxiety disorder

No. 660779

File: 1533849028688.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, D56E72DF-6173-4994-B3D6-4383A6…)


No. 660789

File: 1533850350505.png (951.92 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180809-232943.png)

So she wants her followers to dm her now? Thought you are to anxious to receive dms Aly

No. 660793

samefag for translation
"eh i don't get it, aren't you recovered, why are you still like this?"

No. 660795

what language is this?

No. 660796


No. 660842

This is yet another cry for attention. She regularly comments in English on insta accounts that write in German, so she obvs uses google translate to understand what they’re saying. She knows exactly what this comment means and only wants asspats

No. 660851

File: 1533856831122.jpg (73.04 KB, 460x817, nolook.JPG)

agreed, this is made obvious by the story she posted right before >>660789 she is already responding to it.

No. 660943

Insanity has a look, and it's Aly. It sure is fugly.

No. 661034

>do you ever cry for no reason?
>I had a panic attack

No. 661038

she always says things like 'i am struggling' and then later 'i went out after all'. plot twist-she never struggled in the first place and just went out as she usually would

No. 661070

Wait a minute…does Ma Casati have a tattoo of a clam?

New tinfoil! Ma is a lesbian! Jk but i have always thought that she looks like kind of a cute older lesbian.

No. 661137

same question. and do we know why alys parents got a divorce?

No. 661154

What? Since when are they divorced? She never mentioned that. Unless it was one of those one type things like the bird and YT

No. 661178

They're still together. He doesn't join in with Aly's fuckery is all.

No. 661212

File: 1533898786963.png (1.47 MB, 640x1136, 00B48681-D03F-41D3-BCA3-17D896…)

>totally not trying to make my legs look skinnier u guys

No. 661214

File: 1533898969475.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, D86A8132-B8B7-4263-832A-1B5B4B…)

Her entire life is a >free minute

No. 661221

File: 1533900348515.jpeg (220.83 KB, 640x884, 83018B62-EC17-4C0B-A34E-D2E0A7…)

She has a new term for herself
>the party queen

No. 661222

File: 1533900411099.jpeg (189.92 KB, 640x785, 87AEBA1B-191C-4CED-9D59-ACF912…)

No. 661230

Isn't she dressed like always…?

No. 661255

I am so sorry for jumping to conclusions. I just thought they werent together anymore since aly usually portrays her dad as the bad guy who used to beat her and her mom as her bestie so i thought they didnt have much to do with him and also once mentioned she was going to her dads place or sth like that and that she was anxious so i thought they didnt live together anymore (do they??). again, i apologise if i confused anyone.

No. 661261

the combination of her serious photo descriptions and goofy faces is incomprehensible to me.

No. 661265

yes aly please do justify you anxiety attacks because you have literally zero things to worry about in your life. please do.

No. 661287

File: 1533910116111.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 1B99BCB0-EA9A-41BD-A729-C32F93…)

Oh fuck off you insufferable twat, just cause you got less than 20 comments on your last pic

No. 661313

File: 1533912787552.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, 8EBAAFDC-4118-4B2D-8E5C-4AED61…)

No. 661315

File: 1533912915948.png (1.52 MB, 640x1136, B725E438-8507-485E-ACCA-3D720C…)

No. 661327

Loving the special touch the double chin gives this

No. 661349

so…she is planning her relapses now?

No. 661372

File: 1533918083865.jpeg (135.84 KB, 640x604, 91CE0614-0088-4C0E-AA0C-4886C6…)

is it just me or is she eating lighter food recently? isnt she on a slippery slope considering she is allegedly the lowest healthy weight? is she trying to be underweight again?

No. 661383

Eh not really. She's had fish and other seafood a few times, but for example her lunch with tomato, mozzarella and olives may look healthy but is high in calories and probably sodium. She looked a little slimmer in the face for a while, but she's back to moonface. And it seems like she's been unemployed for some time, so more eating what Ma C cooks

No. 661400


I think she was finally shamed over McDonald's. She probably has a burger or nuggets as a snack but doesn't post it.

No. 661401

Oh, and DO IT, ALY. Relapse. I triple double million dare you.

No. 661443

File: 1533923595300.png (360.14 KB, 351x626, oooookay then.png)

This totally happened.

No. 661444

What the hell why is this thread autosaged again?

No. 661447

It is? Idk. Every fucking person outside of this thread has a hate boner for Aly threads existing. Pricks.

No. 661458

of course it did, just like pa’s beats, her stalker, her high-flying job, and moving in with her boyfriend

No. 661486

Probably because no one seems to know how to sage their nitpicky shit. Just scroll up.

No. 661490

It’s honestly no worse than other threads - people are even better about it in here than some of the threads that are constantly at the top of snow and in their umpteenth editions. There’s some hilarious new art happening, too. She’s consistently milky, lots of people like this thread, and the nitpicking has cleaned itself up quite a bit. I’ve done a bit of minimodding myself in the recent past in hopes to avoid this and genuinely thought things were going well, this is really irritating.

No. 661495

> I broke my window because I could not breathe
kek sounds like some shit an emo poser would say back in 2008

No. 661501

Yeah, I said the first time it was autosaged that there're other threads that're worse at nitpicking or just posting shots to debate shoop. This thread is by far the most entertaining, and I don't mean just Aly. The jokes we have at her expense and the art etc. makes it really laid back whereas most other threads (if not all) are devoid of humour.

People. just. won't. fucking. SAGE. (!) It's making me cry and I can't breathing (!)

On the subject of Aly, I find her most irritating trait is her reluctance/inability to actually describe what's going on. I'm confused as hell about this holiday. I thought she'd arrived at the resort (Italian version of Butlin's I bet) with all her relatives, but she's not going for two days??

It's depressing me to see the same tards comment - sailorvnicorn, dogsnpos, tinyboosteps, caterpillar, sydney_j, ohhhh you know the ones. I wonder if Aly gets pissed off that nobody new comments?

No. 661506

Even the sage problem makes no sense! People mostly do sage and a lot of the ones who weren’t saging were definitely ESL anons, who all seem to not quite get it. Look at the Altcows thread, for example. Same thing happens in there all the time. I seriously do not understand the bias in moderation against Aly threads.

No. 661510


>I find her most irritating trait is her reluctance/inability to actually describe what's going on. I'm confused as hell about this holiday. I thought she'd arrived at the resort (Italian version of Butlin's I bet) with all her relatives, but she's not going for two days??

Sorry for kinda armchair but I think this is common in histrionic people. They experience pretty much everything on such a shallow level that even their descriptions of events/people/experiences are impressionistic and lack detail.

No. 661516

File: 1533927905236.jpeg (79.04 KB, 488x493, 85069B6D-D028-4CE3-8C8E-6F1735…)

No. 661523

File: 1533928352062.jpg (40.67 KB, 466x459, 71oif2oCuTL._SX466_.jpg)

That's how I imagine she behaves irl. Really ditzy. I bet she pushed the window the wrong way and broke it but did the dramatics that it was because SHE COULDN'T BREATHE.

With original moderator I thought it was because Aly wasn't a weeaboo because he seemed to be obsessed with that shit. Now I've no clue.

No. 661526

File: 1533928770584.jpeg (90.15 KB, 530x639, C2910138-CFC4-4DBC-B804-E6CBAC…)

No. 661536

> I've done a bit of minimodding myself in the recent past
well that's against the rules so… congratulations. you played yourself.

this would be perfect if it said "strenghtlss" like she typed in >>661313 but I still have love for you art-chan

No. 661540

File: 1533930061951.jpeg (58.64 KB, 750x414, 1F828951-80B1-40FE-A914-3B72F6…)

No. 661560

File: 1533931247743.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 4C958AF5-AD05-47F2-A4C8-7C6F94…)

No. 661567

Not to blog but I broke my parents' house's window last Summer to get in while they were abroad, and I'm still monthly paying for what it took to get it fixed. This was over 1000€ but there Aly is, smiling and having a few cocktails to lighten up her mood from a breakdown. Oh whattahey a window broke down because of her, but that's nothing.

She did not break a fucking window.

No. 661576

Has anyone in history EVER dragged out going on holiday for so long??

No. 661586

kek I was thinking the same thing, she makes it seem like she’s moving fucking countries

No. 661623

File: 1533934636738.png (206.12 KB, 302x502, Untitled.png)

Someone's desperate for followers on her other account.

No. 661920

Anon I just politely asked us all to get it together at the end of the last thread, since it was already on autosage and not being modded. Everyone seemed to agree and it was not A Big Deal, so if that had anything to do with this thread being autosaged it’s an extra layer of bullshit.

I’m genuinely surprised at the variety in her wardrobe lately! She still has no idea how fashion works, but she’s broken out of the formulaic dressing it seems. God, I’d love a set of Aly paper dolls.

No. 662093

File: 1533986973993.jpeg (230.11 KB, 640x891, 6B3A3AF0-BC08-4DF2-9233-5D55FE…)

So your journey is devastating because.. it’s a long journey? Life is so hard for The Party Queen

No. 662094

File: 1533987040870.png (1.46 MB, 640x1136, 68A3B98D-0C61-4D2C-82E8-77CD48…)

Spoke too soon, we’re back to the mustard nightmare

No. 662099

can someone please keep reposting what she posts on her private account @itsaly_eleanor during her vacation?

No. 662161

File: 1534000702300.jpg (448.24 KB, 672x1064, Screenshot_20180811-091456.jpg)

Sure I'll try.

One thing I've noticed is she actually responds in the comments to people with this account.

No. 662163

Wtf she’s so spoilt! I think anyone here would take a paid for holiday to southern Italy even if Naples is a notorious shit hole. How ungrateful.

No. 662167


>get rid of toxic people

She obviously means online because she has no one irl. She thinks moving to another account is going to get rid of anyone who doesn't agree with her?

>and negative energy

Since when did Aly become so new agey. She'll be wearing crystals next.

Thought the same. She probably expected a flight. She says she loves travelling yet complains about … travelling. I managed three days away in my own country this year and was very grateful even though it was all budget. I take it that it's okay to complain if everything's being paid for you. Nice.

No. 662178

if I had a dollar for every time aly made a dramatic leaving-IG post and then didn't leave, I could retire and live the frap and donnie lifestyle forever

No. 662182

I can see a lot of ~breakdowns~ because she won't be the object of attention while she's away. I wonder what she's like when anyone else hogs her time with Ma.

No. 662239

File: 1534008845091.jpg (61.13 KB, 643x564, 0.JPG)

This isn't nitpicking or being nasty about her looks for the sake of it, but does anyone else think she looks ill? I can't figure out what it is. I know she looks tired but her whole face makes her looks really ill.

No. 662249

It's probablybecause she has no skin care routine so her face looks dry and unhealthy combined with her crappy makeup and the colors

No. 662301

her post reads like the description of an episode of a really dramatic tv-series. "Will I handle it? Maybe." - it just seems so..artificial. As if she's outright planning her future problems. Her constructed problems being the only thing that gives her the attention she wants so bad, it's just sad. Why can't she just use her platform to learn how to be herself, to explore her new given life? Why hold on to the past, which was filled with nothing but a little attention and so much pain? And why the fuck would you want to reconstruct it, when it just means that you'll feel undeniably shallow and empty as time goes by?

No. 662302

she also forces really unnatural facial expressions and looks really uncomfortable all the time, like ma is holding a gun instead of a camera

No. 662319

As anons said, she wears bad makeup colours and her skin isn’t cared for. Her makeup application doesn’t help either I think. She’d look nice with softer makeup in more neutral colours but she’s stuck on this 00s style

No. 662326

Yeah honeslty I feel like its mostly the facial expressions that make her look so off, she always has super wide open eyes and raised eyebrows, nothing about that looks genuine or relaxed, it makes her look constantly strained and uncomfortable

No. 662357

All I see are the whiteout eyeballs.

No. 662429

The brown lipstick makes her teeth look really yellow. If she chose a different shade, she'd be able to skip the whitening(nitpick)

No. 662515

File: 1534038778512.jpeg (79.5 KB, 564x494, ECB8C0F7-CF20-4DFD-99FE-A7BA02…)

Eyebrows help her, too. I just changed the colours of the makeup and hair and whacked some eyebrows on and she almost looks like a healthy normal girl.

No. 662593

it's too bad that you can't shoop the crazy out of her eyes

No. 662705

No updates from Aly so far.. I don’t think she’s ever gone this long without posting. Maybe Ma finally snapped?

No. 662713

I'm kinda hoping her phone broke, was stolen, fell into the sea or whatever. That would be hilarious.

No. 662732

just comes to show she has no life. when she's home alone she does nothing but obsess over her account and comments, yet now that she is actually doing something with her life she isnt even online.

No. 662745

She didn't even post on her other account?
If so, that's incredible and almost a new record.

No. 662966

File: 1534099875037.png (451.87 KB, 848x480, spidey.png)

No. 663033

File: 1534103591995.jpg (104.97 KB, 809x592, 0.JPG)

She posted this.

No. 663035

She’s now posted three boring holiday pics, including one of the landscape, without a manic Aly in sight. In 1/3 of them, anyway.

No. 663036

File: 1534103677146.jpg (92.27 KB, 930x450, 0.JPG)

and this

No. 663379

this picture is just unsettling

No. 663469

she didnt post on her main account in a day and a half. that really is a record. I cant wait for her to be back with over apologetic captions and either terrible or terrific, extra dramatic ~recovery~ captions.

No. 663548

File: 1534165546222.jpeg (241.84 KB, 640x900, BDD81E5A-59EF-4DC0-AE1C-E3369A…)

Oh for goodness’ sake, not this pose again

No. 663624

File: 1534178064470.jpeg (199.21 KB, 640x734, E233A485-3505-4344-9101-14BF40…)

And this is just terrifying

No. 663638

File: 1534178715305.jpg (34.61 KB, 612x522, 88545492-612x612.jpg)


When a seal looks cooler than you do wearing shades.

To mention her tash would be nitpicking, but we're autosaged, right?


This is her new "signature" pose. She's been practicing it. She'll be doing the same at the City Life food hall, McDonalds, out with ~friends~ and even when she's having a post-holiday breakdown on her bed (!)

No. 663698

We're not on autosage fyi

No. 663705

Oh, thanks. I take back the tash comment, but I did sage.

Her bro's on hols with her, I see. I thought it was a ~womans holiday~

No. 663750

She's also talking about another food "challenge", eating a fucking croissant at midnight and is bitching about how her friends only eat fruit.

She also lost another k of followers.

No. 663756

So she isn't getting enough attention on her other account.

I love how she makes staying out until/past midnight sound like it's a really decadent thing. As if you go to bed before midnight on holiday (unless you're walking or something and it's not a "leisure" (ie doing fuck all) holiday).

Of course everyone's eating fruit 7/24. Yeah, try that chocolate croissant. You've still a long way to go with that recovery, huh.

No. 663763

File: 1534188485174.jpeg (158.69 KB, 640x1065, 616664D7-957B-4075-9554-9DA689…)

What is her stomach doing

No. 663773


I'm not sure. That's quite strange because ~bloat~ is usually hard.

I clicked on the geotag expecting some kind of healthy resort where everyone eats fruit and radiates health, but no such thing.

Sorry Italanons, but this place isn't doing anything for me.

No. 663800

Fatty tissue jiggles quite a bit, so if she was rapidly turning when this photo was taken, I reckon it's just her stomach moving around normally.

No. 663831

She'd be posting masses of food and losing weight while telling everyone she was gaining. That's what she did when she was pretend recovering.

No. 663832

File: 1534194421314.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, 3BDC7226-6315-43AD-A86C-B749C3…)

No. 663879

why is she still playing up that shes anorexic i dont get it. shes a normal possibly overweight person now with personality issues

No. 663885

wow, what the…

No. 663890

File: 1534199911885.jpeg (495.28 KB, 1867x1668, 94E0329C-F292-475C-AFDD-80934B…)

No. 663906



No. 663910

File: 1534202203058.jpg (6.63 KB, 176x287, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

No. 664309

File: 1534255002794.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, 50846452-9293-478D-A423-3E2FAA…)

Ungrateful cow, also
>what no I’m not trying to make my legs look skinny like this, just taking a shot of the beach

No. 664312

aly certainly makes it easy for people to forget her problems, especially when she deletes stuff constantly.

No. 664318

Does this bitch really think people care and think about her all the time like she's close friends with her followers? Oh why am I even asking, of course she does think she's the centre of the universe.

I wonder what she'd do if she lost her account and all of her 47k followers. Suck up to people? Have a giant meltdown?

And no Aly, not eating for like 4 hours isn't "restricting". She really thinks unless you eat 4-6 times per day you're "disordered".

No. 664319

it's hard to forger something that never even existed in the first place.

No. 664320

Restricting, my ass.

No. 664323

and it's so easy to not give a fuck about a whiny, self-centred bitch on instagram nobody even knows irl.

I'll just sit here under the blue sky doing fuck all lounging on a beach. hard life.

No. 664357

File: 1534262314759.jpg (70.65 KB, 816x599, 0.JPG)

No. 664359

File: 1534262393872.jpg (82.14 KB, 813x598, 0.JPG)

No. 664362

File: 1534263559816.jpg (65.02 KB, 475x600, 0.JPG)

Our sickly, hollowed mermaid could manage a chocolate croissant last night.


No. 664363

File: 1534263711286.jpeg (394.08 KB, 640x885, DA8C668C-6411-4703-9CFC-95C9FF…)

No. 664364

Funny how she’s always talking about feeling ashamed, yet

No. 664365

File: 1534263798581.jpg (133.37 KB, 1200x795, SS2204967.jpg)

No. 664378

I dont know why I thought it was a croissant eating contest that she said she won lol

No. 664387

She looks so much better with a tan. She hates being ~ghostly~ but I think she likes it because it makes her stand out. She should use a sun bed thing. It makes her look healthier. Oh wait, she still wants to look sick.

No. 664429

File: 1534269126381.jpeg (600.86 KB, 750x1037, 06D889BB-79BD-4EB5-86B3-8B7AF8…)

Half of her ass hangs out of those pants. So classy

No. 664432

File: 1534269396427.jpeg (90.74 KB, 599x816, 72F64353-3E4E-4130-B24C-E084A0…)

No. 664444

She's still doing that thing where she claims she feels fat or w/e yet wears the tiniest clothes. The other women are there in pants and she's wearing shorts that're torturing her flat ass.

No. 664470

I haven't been here for a week now and I just can repeat myself endlessly… after 3 years in recovery and having a face as big as the moon… it's not a win, neither a challenge.
But why do I even tell you that?

No. 664496

>is it so easy to forget about other ppl's problems?

what the fuck is this question? Of course its easy, it's no one else's problem but your own. All people have their own problems Aly

No. 664668

Does anyone else follow berto on Instagram?
He looks like he is having the best time away
From aly.

No. 664886


What's his IG?

I don't but it's not hard to imagine.

No. 664957


It’s a pretty uneventful account.

No. 665102

File: 1534335702973.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, AFEA94B9-C2CB-4ED1-B02F-C9C9DB…)

Most punchable face

No. 665117

Her mom does have a pretty great body. I was kind of surprised. I feel bad that she has to put up with Aly, despite the fact that she was an enabler.

Saged for no point.

No. 665249

I think its funny that if Aly married Bert, her name would be Aly Fattori.

No. 665252


When will she understand that this mouth looks like an anus and not sexy or hot.


No. 665407

File: 1534360346405.jpeg (81.85 KB, 640x762, 0C7606F7-03F3-477D-9DE8-5674F6…)

Such shoddy attempts to make her teeth look whiter. They all just blur into one another

No. 665441

why does she waste time on these poorly made shoops when she could just buy some good whitening toothpaste instead?

No. 665509


She only started doing it when there were comments about her yellow teeth. If someone told me my teeth looked yellow then I'd think, oh that'll be the coffee and fags so I'll get a whitening/smoker's toothpaste (in Aly's case those peroxide treatments) and NOT, oh I'll find an app.

Is there no way to make the white more subtle on those apps? The teeth aren't too bad, but the eyeballs look really weird.

Lack of wifi must be killing her. As much as I dislike her, I hope she's finding she's enjoying herself without instagram. The bad side to that is when she gets back home she'll start obsessing over lack of comments and she'll be attention seeking ten times worse.

No. 666045

File: 1534402421603.jpeg (358.86 KB, 1242x1189, 9C0433C9-FD03-4928-AEC3-8743D1…)

Her second account went private. Interesting since just yesterday it wasn’t private, until I lurked at who she followed and found Bert’s account and posted it here.
Totally unbothered by us still huh Aly?

No. 666177

File: 1534421112682.jpeg (417.93 KB, 640x796, ED5828A1-4371-43B0-AFB3-002647…)

A still from a 5 second video of her, holding this god-awful mouth pose

No. 666182

File: 1534421749736.png (269.52 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20180816_0001.png)

This is an over generalisation. Of course you can do those things if you're not skele, but Aly thinks you can only be a real anorexic if you're BMI 12.6

No. 666213

Well it had been private for the longest time so she must have just made it public for a short stint yesterday.

No. 666217

She was probably hoping she'd get more followers looking at hashtags if she was private for a while.

No. 666238

File: 1534431453446.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, C48B434B-99E3-4BDC-AD81-EDB7D1…)

Just shut up and enjoy your holiday, ungrateful child

No. 666245

File: 1534431734699.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 259.14 KB, 1668x1463, 8F168DF0-6D22-4E70-903B-A73976…)

butt doggo

No. 666250

You’re fecking weird, anon. Kek

No. 666260

She hasn't belonged in that ~community~ for a long time, but what else has she to offer other than being a one-time skele?

There are people more deserving and far from the recovery point she is that deserve #support, but NO, it has to be attention for Aly, plx.

No. 666265

Ha, just noticed she wants warrior strenght etc and she's turned the comment setting to off.

No. 666290

File: 1534436548098.jpeg (199.84 KB, 640x889, EE8B1CE7-3B4C-4AD0-9175-940635…)

No. 666297

File: 1534437088213.gif (352.53 KB, 250x190, our mermaid.gif)

Okay, so she's bored pretending to be a mermaid now. How long until she gets back home?

I really don't understand what she wants. She's with her family in a nice setting with the opportunity to try the things she's been doing. No stress from a shitty agency job, no beatings (!) from her demonic Pa YET she complains a few randoms aren't telling her…what?? What does she want them to say/do?

I understand phones are a big thing today, but when I was away last month I only kept it switched on in case there was some emergency, like someone died, back at home. Even though it was a laid back holiday never once did I think of getting on instagram and posting let alone begging for comments.


No. 666409

File: 1534447420185.jpg (100.84 KB, 936x572, 0.JPG)


No. 666416


Oh no!! Only six plums, two mozzarellas and ham for lunch?? Someone better send support before her life is on the line

No. 666419

Uh huh. That's more than a lot of people get to eat between breakfast and 6 or 7pm WHEN THEY WORK.

No. 666442

File: 1534449043993.png (141.96 KB, 720x861, 20180816_134525.png)

Funny how on one account she's crying about feeling alone, but on the other she's a happy fierce pirate.

No. 666445

Plums are….carbs, aly

No. 666448

Looks more like she's trying to be a pole dancer than a pirate >>666238

No. 666524

Whose page is that on

No. 666532

Not that anon, but Aly's page.

No. 666656

They are probably fake teething. Since it’s those front 4. Veneers, I think they’re called? They’re porcelain so they’ll be white against the teeth that survived her puking those four out of her skull

No. 666761


Anus-mouth again

No. 666794

kinda looks like she has track marks on her arm

No. 666847

it's on Aly_sjourney, the pole dancing picture

No. 666957

…uh no it's clearing a very shitty edit job. she started doing it right after people pointed out how yellow her teeth were. and there is no evidence that she has ever purged. her teeth don't look at all like veneers.

No. 667035

trying to escape

No. 667049

File: 1534520628510.jpg (75.68 KB, 812x594, 0.JPG)

matty wishes he could escape.

No. 667131


> #truelove #myman

What the fuck Aly

No. 667400

File: 1534560149920.png (359.41 KB, 480x588, wp_ss_20180818_0001.png)

Nah. No good reason to stay. Might as well delete.

No. 667524

File: 1534577756298.jpg (857.69 KB, 1062x1666, Screenshot_20180818-093213_Chr…)

Jfc why. I know it's the flash but why post it

She also got no comments on this or the previous post. Now she'll come up with a bs reason not to delete or a b&w post how no one supports her

No. 667545

what evidence do you need? Video? I not sure anyone can say definitively if she ever purged. Her ED seemed to be anorexia nervosa but a lot of AN sufferers purge (esp during "forced recovery"). She talks occasionally about wanting to purge, without shame. That alone for me suggests she has done it in the past.

In my experience, the anorectics who had never purged were on a high horse about that, as if it made them better than dirty bulimics.

No. 667613

If she had ever purged, she would know that purging 5 hours after a meal is useless and often not even possible. Yet she continues to announce she will purge her lunch meal in the evening if her followers don't comment and like.

No. 667615

Plus purging damage is usually to the backside of the teeth and the teeth on the bottom. If her front teeth had suffered a lot of damage crowns would probably be smarter. And veneers are expensive as fuck, she shops the sale racket and AFAIK doesn't even buy data for her phone. How would she ever pay for them

No. 667711

When she was still skinny, in a moment of honesty she wrote how she'd binge and then restrict for a day. If she was a b/p-er I think she would've mentioned it earlier, ie before she was claiming she felt like doing it to get her followers concern.

Her teeth look bad because they're stained with coffee and number nicotine and her dental hygiene mustn't be important to her. She doesn't seem to have a skin care regimen, so she more than likely gives no thought to looking after her teeth. She didn't even keep a toothbrush at Berto's place.

No. 667717

File: 1534615995128.png (390.77 KB, 461x483, wp_ss_20180818_0003.png)

Meanwhile, on her 2nd account she's loving life and being…er…Pocahontas.

No. 667787

The fact that she is way too prissy is enough evidence that she DOESN’T purge and only mentions it to emotionally manipulate her followers. Same as her supposed self arm

No. 667802

She'd be posting about it daily if she really did purge, it would give her waaay more attention that the crap she posts now

No. 667848


She needs to do something new if she expects attention in ig. Her need for attention's the thing that rules her life but she can't keep faking problems with food for years.

She obviously functioned without stans before she got her following on instagram for being a spoop, but now she's experienced it she can't do without it.

I think we're in for a lulsy week back in Milan. Breakdowns. I hope Berto can save her.

No. 667911

Are you kidding me? Back when was in fake recovery and now when she’s maintaining, it hasn’t been long enough for for her teeth to become THAT damaged if she purged meals or snacks + we all know what she classifies as a “binge” so she doesn’t b/p. She gained all her weight back so she obviously didn’t purge her meals when she she was gaining.

You’re obviously extremely new to this thread. she talks about wanting to purge for sympathy and attention. She’s claimed that she wants to self-hame. She’s even claimed that she does sef harm. One day later, bikini pic with zero cuts. Also, her fathers beats. Do you see any evidence of abuse or scars on her body?

If she’s ever tried to purge, I’m willing to bet she was incapable if doing so, or she was just able to puke up a teaspoon of fluids.

Scratched bug bite probably. “track marks” kek, she claims she abuses alcohol after 2 beers. Aly wouldn’t be able to find or ask for drugs if her life depended on it

No. 667948

I think it’s clear aly tells blatant lies and over exaggerated for attention but ffs what do you expect to see to support her dad being abusive? She’s a compulsive liar who wants attention. Do you want to see her skin gaping open or something as proof?

No. 668119

She's posted about her father beating her up before and then going to the pool the next day, no bruising visible whatsoever.

No. 668131


She admitted that she lied about her dad beating her before

No. 668133

File: 1534660983084.jpg (215.5 KB, 1007x766, 1532964668327.jpg)

No. 668158

If you had paid any attention at all, you’d know this screenshot is fake.

No. 668160

I never saw it proven as fake anywhere?

No. 668167

Literally in the previous thread? She never used that image as a profile pic, which is why anons said it was fake

How new are you?

No. 668175

Nobody proved 100% for sure it was fake, calm down.
I would think if someone was faking Aly they would pretend to say something a lot worse than what was said in the screenshot. You remind me of an edgy /b/tard trying call someone newfag for no reason lol

No. 668186

Not enough emojis to be Aly and the grammar's too good.

No. 668205


Aly doesn't talk like this at all let alone call "his man" Berto.

No. 668206

Well for starters Aly has never called her boyfriend Berto. That name originated here, and 8 doubt she'd use his name instead of "my man" when talking to someone on direct

No. 668207

Plus why the fuck would "Berto" care about her Insta anticts. He doesn't even follow that account

No. 668266

File: 1534692498500.jpg (40.47 KB, 475x600, 0.JPG)

Best pic of Aly ever. First one that won't give me nightmares.

No. 668268

File: 1534692989432.gif (11.3 MB, 600x1065, sad disco.gif)

What a sad disco.

No. 668358

File: 1534706567150.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, 79579FDD-897F-4B02-9452-5EE304…)

No. 668360

File: 1534706622468.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, D3E1C6B7-88B7-4F2B-B121-D688BC…)

What a chic pose

No. 668371

Aly, you already said you were closing.

>thats all here I close

No. 668375

If she says she's lost weight she's a fucking liar (although that's already been established). Bet she does though.

Imagine that miserable face tagging along if you go on a road trip.

No. 668787

File: 1534764659593.png (1.62 MB, 640x1136, 43DC8705-82B6-462F-87ED-7111DE…)

No. 668836

Been here since 2015. I'm just saying that some people do purge occasionally. There's no way to prove it either way unless she has obvious signs (which she doesn't). But it's stupid to perpetuate myths about purging. It's not always a binge/purge cycle (one can purge a snack or normal meal), people don't necessarily do it all the time or at every meal, and there aren't always noticeable signs. There's no way to prove she has never purged.

I agree she probably does not self-harm and she exaggerates her dad beating her. But that's a different topic. Those are things that would leave obvious traces on the body. We can say, lol, she has no cuts or bruises or scars. With occasional purging, you often can't point to any particular signs.

I just hate seeing this thread contain false assumptions (i.e., she couldn't get pregnant because she didn't have her period - it is possible to get pregnant even if you're not menstruating bc of a low BMI).

Prissy bulimics exist. That's all.

No. 668837


Samefag, but I also have 0 trouble imagining her head bent over a toilet. She never gives off an immaculately clean vibe to me (not that it matters)

No. 668839

is it bad that we see this pose so often i thought she had just given up and taken a pic in front of a green screen? the bg looks shoop'd in.

No. 668900

File: 1534784757956.png (867.17 KB, 640x1136, 7E0B1140-BCAB-443F-8449-BB964F…)


No. 668902


Where did she get the shitty advice about dark lipstick?

That cat post is weird to me. Nothing about it makes sense. Like, a random cat…she's talking about it being imperfect…and solitude at the train station…

No. 668903

File: 1534785118162.jpg (148.93 KB, 863x696, 0.JPG)

No. 668944

did you even ready that post? It’s refuting someone who said that her teeth are damaged due to frequent purging. There’s no false assumption anywhere in there, what was even the point of your post? If she purges some meals occaisonally now, it’s not enough to damage her teeth greatly

No. 668948

oh i'll translate. she went to the train station alone, which is a huge deal, because aly fucking hates being alone because no one is around to give her attention, but she did it anyway because she's a strong fighter. on the way she met a stray cat. it was cute but a little scruffy. Aly is such a profound beautiful soul that she was able to see past the cat's flaws and still find him cute.

No. 668957

Why didn't she travel back with her family?!?

Ohhhhhh, Aly's the latter day St Francis, of course! What a fucking hater though, posting on instagram pointing out the cat is flawed. I see no flaws. Bitch needs to check herself out before bothering a cat who'd probably much prefer to clean its genitals than have to look at her moonface.

No. 668990


Jesus fucking Christ she got that hashtag right

No. 668998

the lipstick in the tube doesn't match the color on her lips

No. 669077

File: 1534800484154.jpeg (235.86 KB, 640x1027, 7897764D-7528-435B-AFDF-C2BF84…)

Underweight my ass

No. 669079

File: 1534800614825.jpeg (151.45 KB, 630x963, 349D1224-19B4-4048-BF2D-B548DC…)

That arm looks so fragile and underweight(!)

No. 669089

Why does she feel the need to even bring up a 2lb weight loss. People lose that much just from taking a moderately sized poop

No. 669097

File: 1534802401144.jpg (183.81 KB, 929x595, 1454814300490.jpg)

Anyone else kind of miss this hair on Aly? I feel like if she took care of her hair now this colour would look waaay better on her

No. 669114

Compared to what she wears now, everything about her old style was infinitely better. It's funny how we used to bitch about it too, but it was actually good enough that anons actually thought Aly was wealthy. Nowadays she either looks like a day hooker or trailer trash.

No. 669165

The last time she ~left~ her main account it lasted a few hours and she faked a breakdown as an excuse to make a comeback.

I think she really expects thousands of dead accounts to start following her other one.

She wants to detach from ED themes, but feels the need to say she lost a ton (!) of weight.

…and, yup, I called it >>668375
Forever Aly. Never change, Aly. Erm…actually, please do.

No. 669167

It's because she just wears such weird, barely there ill-fitting choices that make her already inflated body look like it's bursting. If she went back to the oversized jumpers with cardigans and tights not only would she look somewhat in proportion, she would also probably look less cheap without the butts(!) and the feminine boobs (!) hanging out.

No. 669168

Instead of a new account, what the followers on her main account would probably appreciate more is if she just turned that one into a lifestyle blog instead of an ED echo chamber

No. 669244

> a lifestyle

and there lies the problem

No. 669374

How would it be a problem? At least she could focus on something else than her weight fluctuations and all the other ED things she keeps on. It's been years, it would be fucking time to move on. I reallu do hope this is the real moment she just tries to recover, psychologically speaking.

No. 669402

some anon told her to wear it a few months ago in another thread.

No. 669473

The problem is that she doesn't have a lifestyle to show off. She has no personality.

No. 669726

File: 1534876893993.jpeg (224.51 KB, 639x904, EA2BF48B-0463-404C-9AD5-A609E5…)

Something about her just looks so.. off?

No. 669744

Could be the tan?

No. 669759

Her face doesn't look as manic as usual, might be that…she looks okay in this one

No. 669834

File: 1534885090144.png (1.45 MB, 640x1136, 0D171C7C-A2AC-489C-8A58-2C252E…)

No. 669936


She stopped using the shit coloured lipstick.

I bet her compliment's about a physical thing. Her hair? I'm thinking hard how I could compliment her but really there's nothing. That's bad.

No. 670081

File: 1534904605548.png (849.65 KB, 640x1136, 1534885090144.png)

No. 670107

oh my god eyebrows really make all the difference!

No. 670284

I read in the previous threads that Aly used to go to university, what happened then? Why did she leave it for shitty jobs?

No. 670289

She says in her post
>> red lips freckles and ‘your eyes kill.’

so I'm assuming the quoted part was the ~compliment~ she received. Congrats on having the eyes of a sociopath, Aly. Best compliment ever indeed.

No. 670313

IIRC she left uni because her dad lost his job or something so they couldn't afford it anymore. I don't know if that's correct but it's what I remember from these threads

No. 670316

My memory's hazy about this, but her dad lost his job a while after she'd left. She was bitching about her dad having a rough time then said he'd lost his job and that's why she couldn't go back. This was when she'd already started gaining a bit. I thought she left because of het illness BUT in typical Aly fashion, she's never explained it properly.

No. 670317

Oh and she's quoting Jim Morrison on her latest post. Bet she doesn't even know who he is.

No. 670365

I thought this was the original at first and was surprised to see her looking so normal like "I don't remember her looking this good".

J F C Ally. It's not 2004.

No. 670371

This doesn't make a lot of sense. Isn't it free or nearly free to study in Italy?

No. 670378

Yes it's nearly free. A friend of mine spends 100 € a year for university in Italy.

No. 670402

It's around 800+€ per year, depending on the college iirc
Some people can't afford that and in Alys case it would be a waste of money

No. 670460

Taxes in public universities can be up to 1500 euro/year afaik, but depending on your income you can ask for tax reduction and if your income is low enough the tax will be ridiculously low. At least this was the case in my university, but it was a public one so I guess it's more or less the same everywhere. You only need the patience to file many many documents, which makes me think Aly didn't even look into the tax reduction procedure

No. 670481

File: 1534963326426.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, 4284C3E9-9971-4796-993C-5DAA31…)

No. 670485

I'm in the UK and fortunately went to uni when there was a full grant. I'd kill to do a Masters but it's way expensive. If I was Aly though - living at home, nothing to pay out for, I'd get a job and pay to do the degree. It's obvious she doesn't gaf about it though. I'm surprised she had the intelligence to get a place, tbh (and I'm not saying you have to be uber intelligent. All you need is a passion for a subject and they don't do Aly Studies as far as I know).

So the Pocahontas plait is the new thing. Even Berto's face has become punchable.

No. 670486

This isn't showing up for me. Did she delete?

No. 670489

some faculties here don't even have an entrance exam, you just have to enroll. maybe Aly enrolled, faild the first two exams, quit and blamed having to quit on her family's low income

No. 670492

Yeah, she was stuck on too many words in chapter one. Soooo, she's jobless again.

No. 670521

This is her “personal non-recovery” account.

No. 670524

Yeah, it's not showing. There isn't anything in stories from today. I think she broke her account.

No. 670977

University usually costs up too 1000+€ yearly, plus the books you have to buy that too often cost 30-40€ each. Your friend spends this this low cause there's a dlecaration of incomings, called ISEE that declares that you have a certain incoming, so the University tax is tailored for your incoming. miniblog post, I work and I go tu University, and with my pay I spend circa 300€ yearly plus the books.

No. 670978

eh, typos

No. 670979

Also, the tax lowers as you conclude study years.

My University is a public one, the private ones could costs easily 4000+€ yearly.

No. 671025

She used to go to Università degli studi di Milano (Statale) which is a public one

No. 671087

File: 1535023547777.jpeg (220.25 KB, 640x994, 8354BCA3-A245-4509-A146-9B20B9…)

So.. she can’t even braid her hair by herself?

No. 671101

Her hair colour is gross

No. 671131

the long-ass stray clump of hair at the end is giving me a complex

No. 671152

same anon, same. You’re not alone(!)

No. 671176

Her hair looks much better like that, though it needs a trim and the color is a mess. Still, I'm surprised how much better she looks with this hairstyle.

No. 671196

File: 1535032053856.jpg (20.86 KB, 239x320, rats nest.JPG)


You'd think Ma would've taken the scissors to it.

That'll be the henna. Why anyone uses that shit is beyond me. Sometimes you HAVE to go chemical.

No. 671237


i highly disagree anon. henna can be beautiful if done properly but she is a lazy piece of shit who dyed it over bleached hair, over untreated hair and then left out the middle part beneath her crown because she probably was too lazy to section it properly.

No. 671252

yep i've henna and indigo'd my hair for years and it's shiny and normal. i actually go get a trim every once in awhile though is the difference.

No. 671270

the henna only looks bad bc half her hair is highlighted, bleached and damaged so the red doesn’t stay as red on those parts

No. 671329


Oh, yeah. Wow, I forgot it was done over bleach. That awful ombre look that, in retrospect, is ten times better than the mess she's made of it now.

she must've done it herself the first time. I can't see a hair stylist agreeing to do that.

Anyway, how long before the calm breaks? Will she hold her breakdowns in or start black posting on her other account?

No. 671415

Henna is fine if it’s the only kind of color you ever use, and it will progressively darken with more and more colorings over time. You also can’t lift it out of hair without severely damaging it. Non-oxidizing demi- and semi-permanent color has all the benefits of henna with none of the drawbacks. To each his own, esp. if it’s cultural, but people are getting scammed af by the “all natural therefore best dye!” thing right and left.

Aly’s hair is the perfect example of why henna should be avoided by most people (especially trendy idiots). The damage from combining it with oxidizing color, the discoloration that happens over time, patchy fading and unattractive contrast with re-growth. Just ew. I’d love to color correct this, because it’s gonna cost her at least $300 to have it done right.

No. 671419

Oh but she did have a stylist do it! >>625954

No. 671424

This photo is triggering me hahaha. Just want to snip off that dead hair and all she would have to do is adjust her dress straps up a little bit so her bra doesn't show

No. 671429

SAME HERE. Any Milanese girls in here willing to drop her a salon recommendation? We know she reads here.

No. 671478

I dye mine black and I've contemplated using henna when I saw it in Lush but I don't trust natural all the time. I've only known one person use the red henna and it looked shit like Aly's.

She doesn't even suit red. She's clueless about EV-ER-Y-THING.

Her new account is boring me shitless. Same old stans commenting.

No. 671485

ot as fuck still – but same anon from >>671252, don't use the lush henna, it's absolute garbage. def something you need to research before you jump into.

No. 671548

That was me (!)

Tbh, I must be one of the few people who aren't impressed with Lush products AND their prices are a joke AND tax dodgers.

If henna's a hassle I wont bother. It's not a pleasure colouring regrowth, is it. I'm also off about being a slave to henna forever. Ta for advice. I'm going to do some googling…like Aly should do (to make hair posts more relevant lol).

No. 671556

the process itself is an actual bitch if you have thick or long hair. if you're non-committal i don't recommend it as if you ever want to dye your hair with traditional dye again you will have to wait for your entire length to regrow or you'll end up with some type of catastrophe like aly's got going on.
it's a major hassle but i love the way it makes my hair look and i've never had an inclination to dye my hair another color anyway.
sorry for the derail but i never get to sperg about this dumb shit. look up Henna Color Lab, that's what I use now. there are some review videos people have made on youtube and text reviews on the actual site. they have different colors to choose from depending on what you're trying to do.

No. 671650

File: 1535064492938.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, 2235008F-44D1-4705-A0CC-691C95…)

so classy

No. 671740

There’s really no reason to mess with it, it has zero benefits compared to professional semi and demi-permanents. Anon mentioned henna color lab and they’re at least safe compared to box dyes and most other henna, but it’s still high-maintenance, and you won’t be able to do anything else with you color until you’ve grown or cut it all out. Henna also deposits unevenly, sometimes takes several applications to get full color deposit (and you have to wait two days between each treatment), and fades unevenly. It doesn’t make the hair any healthier, the color isn’t more dimensional, it’s just kind of worse in every way. Unless your hair is perfectly healthy and at least medium weight, it will fuck your shit up.

No. 671743

As long as nobody else is complaining about the hair sperg I’m kinda into the OT. Aly’s boring at the moment, it’s not really nitpicking her personally, and I think a lot of us are into the hair/makeup stuff.

Plus she reads here and occasionally takes tips for improving her appearance so, win/win?

No. 671794

I was going to suggest that. I rarely venture out of /snow but I might hang out in /g and /ot because I can't stand the cringe of Aly looking like a cheap ass hooker.

It's in /g. I'm original contemplating henna anon. I need to sleep but I'll be in there late afternoon (Friday, uk anon). I keep flip flopping with the different opinions of henna soooo…

Sorry, Aly, some of us need to leave you with your sparkling wine and get decent advice about hair colouring. Ciao, sweetie. Have pretend fun with pretend friends (!)

No. 671798

Oh, read it wrong, duh. Probably get told off for derailing if we stay here. Bye, it's black henna I was thinking about. I'll never change colour.

No. 671801

Fuck…not bye BTW*

No. 671846

OMFG this _bint_ is still alive? Seriously?

No. 672069

File: 1535112439696.jpeg (127.55 KB, 640x845, 82408CCE-40C1-4F43-AA92-B8AE00…)

So THAT’S why her lipstick is always terrible. She does it with her eyes closed!

No. 672101

lol is there a caption? i like how you can already see she has gotten some on her teeth.

No. 672117

File: 1535119916057.jpeg (172.73 KB, 640x883, 67730F89-5915-40F4-A23F-96BB56…)

Here’s the caption. Also it triggers me when she says ‘yes or not’

No. 672149

File: 1535121486427.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, 9AC5777D-6B3C-47F4-B4D4-2C5B74…)

Looks like this is her new fave pose.

No. 672178

Ew! So Aly had to think up this photoshoot idea and then explain it to someone, and they actually did it. LoL was it her mom? Does she get creative with Aly about photoshoots? Imagining this unfold is really funny to me.

No. 672191

File: 1535125831682.jpg (48.55 KB, 720x340, Screenshot_20180824-094348_Ins…)

Just Google translated this.

>Do you have a driving license?

>Aly: no, I do not drive; I have a difficult relationship with cars

Is she talking about her car accident? Wasn't she just trying to get her driver's license? What happened with that?

No. 672271


Same as with everything she does, I suppose. She got bored with it or was completely useless or both.

>Feels good in her skin

>Still uses filter to make her teeth white

No. 672281

Just remembered, she said she was going to start uploading on youtube. Another idea she abandoned. I was looking forward to that.

No. 672287


Jfc did her face get puffier ? She looks like she got stung by a bee.
Curious how long she’ll hang out on her personal account. Seems like it’s doing fairly well.

No. 672308

File: 1535134290928.jpg (36.31 KB, 620x400, pob.jpg)

I'm surprised she's stuck at it so long. What will she do when she gets sick of taking pictures of her pets and uploading holiday snaps though?

No. 672320

I'm anticipating ideation towards suicide soon which will obviously be nothing but an act.

No. 672438

She's started posting food on her itsaly account. Nothing else in life…

No. 672819

She deleted it because it only got two comments.

No. 672824

File: 1535193467777.png (34.59 KB, 480x211, wp_ss_20180825_0003.png)

I think she's trying to create drama.

No. 672844

Excluding her immediate family and her bf, are the only people she hangs out with middle aged women?

No. 672874

File: 1535202929500.png (1.67 MB, 640x1136, 390D41B0-ACB0-4CEF-BD26-1B1D90…)

I really hope we get a new saga of Spoonie Aly

No. 672921


That's ultra special. I've never known anyone who had a cronical headache before.

No. 673129

File: 1535226623135.png (1.53 MB, 640x1136, CF20DE62-39FC-408A-92E4-3CA58D…)

No. 673134

So her illness-free account is already about her headaches and breakdowns.

No. 673183

what exactly does she think the point is of switching accounts if she's just going to whine on that one, too? the only point to switching is if she thinks her ~Brend~ is tarnished beyond repair on her ED account and she can build the other one into a standard instathot account.

it already made more sense just to adjust the content of her larger account. (think of what someone with even entry-level social media competency could do with a 47k follower account, even if half the follower aren't in use anymore??) but if she's going to do the standard unflattering whining and unexotic food…bro. what the fuck.

No. 673188

double posting, sorry, but it really seems like she can't/won't admit that the only reason she got attention in the first place is bc she was super skinny. she doesn't write well or take interesting pics and her life is boring af even in an interesting city. her fashion is horrifying and she's not ugly, but she doesn't know how to photograph well and her aesthetic doesn't fit anything popular on IG (or in the current decade). literally her only attraction was being skelly (and, at that point, less unfashionable than she is now). without that the idea that she'll somehow gain huge amounts of followers is really delusional.

No. 673220

Yup,that's true and I wonder what's going to happen once it hits her that no one cares now that she's not a spoop anymore. Not even her "haters" care at this point since she's not lying about eating etc.

No. 673237

I think she switched accounts because she was feeling bad about losing followers frequently (she mentioned that a lot before she switched) and also how most of her 47k don’t like her posts so she wanted to moce everyone actuve to this account so she can seem like a ~public figure~ to berto and people irl

No. 673570

File: 1535280894453.jpeg (192.06 KB, 640x883, FFE84770-7814-4545-B792-AB7F9F…)

How many times is she going to reuse this shitty HP quote

No. 673672

she thinks she's #relationshipgoals lol

No. 673727

File: 1535304665270.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, F96BE2F4-1B03-4730-9A67-C6115D…)

How very sexist(!) of her! Berto is allowed drinking cocktails and being classy af if he likes!

No. 673738

I was about to say the exact same thing kek!

No. 673779

File: 1535309699234.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, F8324E3C-28BC-47F2-9A8B-AD8343…)

She has a knack for choosing the worst possible angles!

No. 673785

Is it just me or does she looks like she lost a bit weight ? Her face looks a bit slimmer

No. 673788


to make matters worse she is a shitlord drinking shit beer.

No. 673932

She looks hollowed. Nah, she's exactly the same.

She's shrugged off her #edwarrior self because she can't get away with saying she struggles eating. Now she's pretending she's in an ideal relationship and…what? Is this her Berto and beach account?

No. 674002

Such a feminist suggesting that men shouldn't drink "girly drinks", amirite.

No. 674411

File: 1535385317790.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, 308F2CC9-0E27-426C-A145-69B3AE…)

Great lipstick choice for a dentist’s appointment.

No. 674413

File: 1535385370593.png (1.72 MB, 640x1136, 19C5A990-5BD8-4DA9-AAC2-CD1586…)

No. 674416

File: 1535385528828.jpeg (181.9 KB, 640x846, ABBD2DAC-78E6-4D0F-AAFF-AA5F2F…)

Does anybody believe her teeth are actually that white? They change colour in every picture ffs

No. 674443

Her body's simply settling. It's completely normal for people in recovery to overshoot their natural or target weight at first, and then have it slowly balance out/redistribute.

Her ~dramatic relapse~ was fabricated.

No. 674445

… Does she mean she has never been to the dentist in her life?? What the fuck ew

Is this normal in Italy???

No. 674478

It says she hasn't been for 12 years. It shows.

No. 674483

>Is this normal in Italy???

tf no! maybe down in the South but definitely not in Milan

No. 674555

File: 1535402164126.jpeg (240.01 KB, 640x944, 43B3BF3D-7C55-41FA-B170-F59978…)

Well, the first part is true

No. 674568

File: 1535403567183.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, 1F323298-A6D6-4B33-976F-F08440…)

No. 674572

All dressed up for the dentist.

I hate heels. I hate shooz.

No. 674897

File: 1535448475250.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, B60F5DE2-6780-45A2-8DA2-1DCFF8…)

No. 674906

Her face looks like it belongs on someone pushing 40 years old. The eyebrows are not helping whatsoever.

No. 674910


have none of her little followers questioned the fact that she's obviously not working anymore? or did i miss a post somewhere?

No. 674940

It's also been a while since she posted anything about "struggling" or other crap like that. Guess she's showing her real face here and just proving how everything on the other account was just for attention.

No. 675000

They never questioned her not living with Berto either.

Alys busy having serious avo cravings and she's doing nothing with her life.

No. 675007

File: 1535466934364.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, 1FBB3273-8F3C-4155-A602-721A11…)

Spoiler alert - her new pic contains another shade of teeth

No. 675009

File: 1535467023327.jpeg (199.98 KB, 640x817, 21127EFD-B276-484C-8223-DF7D91…)

Samefag - and god awful sunglasses

No. 675011

Yeah. Sick of those fugly fuckers.

No. 675122

very few of them read her captions or care at all. She barely gets any engagement for an account with 47k followers, and of the few thousand who ever interact with her at all most of them are just liking and moving on, and many probably found her through hashtags. The few who do read and comment are all huge asskissers bc anyone who ever questions her gets banned. Tbh even most of them just comment with empty "omg you are inspirational" shit and seem to skim her posts and may only be looking for new followers.

Ironically her ~haters pay more attention to her than anyone else lol. We're probably the only people who have translated enough of her word salad to even realize she's a chronic liar

No. 675811

Neither in the South. I don't know what you think is like over there.

No. 675828

File: 1535576066155.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, 58C8C985-5E9F-4A2B-957D-16D06E…)

So, now she says she’s pescetarian.

No. 675936

File: 1535582300835.jpg (227.02 KB, 536x711, Screenshot_20180830-005312.jpg)

I really hope this is just a short, oddly calm phase. There's no way her histrionic ass gets enough attention in real life and through this numbingly boring account. I don't want the Aly saga to be over.

No. 675940

File: 1535582876823.png (38.78 KB, 465x318, wp_ss_20180829_0001.png)

She's said that before so no she isn't.

I dropped by to say I wonder how she snapped out of attention seeking so suddenly. Two comments.
More proof she's nuts even though she's behaving less nuts. It makes her seem more nuts.

That pic of the book and owl watch is ollllld and she posts holiday pics. She must struggle to think of something to post with only Berto as her new accessory.

No. 676238

File: 1535628551702.png (838.35 KB, 640x1136, B35E2ACC-CA33-4901-9644-9F7B9D…)

>my women

No. 676290


>young couples

Aly, you're almost 23 and he's 25. You're not 16. Maybe people would take your 6 year (lol) relationship seriously if you didn't call staying in his room on a Saturday "living together".

How bleak is her life. Maybe my own isn't thrill a minute being much older now, but if I'd spent my early 20s hanging out with my mum and aunty I would've probably been so bored I'd gone to work on a Kibbutz to see life.

No. 676292

File: 1535636527398.png (97.95 KB, 466x602, wp_ss_20180830_0001.png)


No. 676576

She commented on her aunt's Instagram in English, so rest assured she still lives for Instagram.

No. 676624

File: 1535671694189.png (567.92 KB, 640x1136, DDA47EE5-5144-4634-B582-7C2F1F…)

Trouble in paradise, Aly?

No. 677051

File: 1535712644822.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 8FF6F299-7087-4D73-B388-2C1AF9…)

No. 677171

Idk why but I haven't been able to ser her stories for a few days on laptop or phone. Seems that's where the best bits are.

No. 677182

File: 1535731857702.png (768.49 KB, 640x1136, 48C92690-0FB8-4AE8-81A5-60D965…)

>end of the story
Because there is no story. Your life is boring AF

No. 677189

That's a great story though. Imagine feeling down because the sky is grey. That's, like, incredible.

No. 677194

i mean that's a real thing, but aly is probably just sad she can't go outside mcdonalds to do a milkshake photoshoot today.

No. 677236

File: 1535740420841.jpeg (203.13 KB, 639x864, 55F92BBD-D0A3-4953-A08C-15069A…)

We got crazy eyes and a new hand pose today

No. 677246

it looks like she's holding invisible fries.

No. 677248

Bitch is so far gone in her instagram world she holding up imaginary food ohmygod is this human conditioning

No. 677350

The comb over is back (!). Her quirks are leaking into the new account. It pleases me.

No. 677525

File: 1535762433211.jpg (36.66 KB, 720x397, _20180901_033910.JPG)

So odd to see them actually interact. Can anyone translate?

No. 677563

Lol. This is online translation

They are beautiful we are even if it seems that I take you to nasa

This is why I don't have the nose

So, yeah, need italanon. Something about noses.

Wow, I wish my boy would take me to NASA

No. 677574


i'm rough on reading italian but i think it says something like:

how beautiful are we?!? even if it looks like you took my nose :D

No. 677575


fuck i forgot to sage. sorry anons.

No. 677578


bad italian anon again to correct myself on bad italian. i think his second sentence actually says:
"even if it looks like i took your nose."

and she replies:

"this is why i don't have a nose." which is apparently funny?

No. 677587

Sorry but they both must be special needs. I feel awkward for them being so … tragic.

No. 677591

I should add that I don't even think it's an Italian humour outsiders wouldn't get thing. I knew lots of Italians who came to London to work as chefs and they were all really fucking funny. Better sense of humour than Brits. So, yeah, I'm staggered at that kids level of humour but id love to be there to hear a full conversation.

No. 677785

Italanon here. You're right on the first sentence, but "sembra che ti prendo a nasate" means "it looks like I'm hitting you with my nose". And Aly said she has no nose.

No. 677854

Now it's really funny, haha. Thank you italanon.

No. 677907

File: 1535821944785.png (23.09 KB, 467x172, wp_ss_20180901_0001.png)


Rofl omg haha, now it makes sense they really are a hilarious, fun couple!

Other followers are still struggling with her humour though (img).

I've been trying to figure out what kind of person would follow Aly's 2nd account. Mostly the comments come from her Ana stans, but one outlier has a profile where she's basically bragging about her foreign holidays, her wealth, running marathons and multiple pics of her fuck trophy and husband. I wonder what she sees in Aly that's interesting.

No. 677977

Christ that black shirt is a terrible choice for Berto. It looks like it's covered in dandruff.

No. 678002

Her "girls" are her mother and ma's friend. Yikes.

Ever wonder why you have no friends of your own, who aren't your boyfriend's friends? Because you never developed a personality besides "needy". Shallow affect and insecurities are normal when you're a young teen. By the time you're in your mid twenties it's expected you've grown. Recovering in your body is not enough.

They have DBT in Italy or nah?

No. 678009

File: 1535834532523.png (111.32 KB, 452x509, wp_ss_20180901_0002.png)

Ha, she's pretending she knows about architecture posting descriptions copypasta from a wiki

No. 678012

Me adding…so #feminist to think women like things other than makeup and shoes.

No. 678013

Bollocks argh…shouldve ended that sentence with "…is weird".

(soz fell asleep and just woke up with brain still lazy)

No. 678162

Wasn’t sure whether you were serious so I googled it. Holy fuck she is unoriginal, it’s copied word for word! So #strong so #feminist so #notlikeothergirls

No. 678357

She looks so much nicer in modest clothes. This white shirt buttoned up with pants would be a cute business appropriate outfit. With her hair dyed a nice brown, too. She would look like she was dressed for her age and her future. It’s a shame she paired it with those horrible shorts though

No. 678446

File: 1535891474966.jpg (218.36 KB, 1080x1080, 6tag-246030931-185948645900405…)

I'm gonna say it. She's noticeably dropped weight.

She's using her old account to pretend all is great as she did before admitting her ED.

Guys, I believe she is relapsing and with her not trying to convince us she is it makes it more believable.


No. 678448

File: 1535891740620.png (19.01 KB, 480x108, wp_ss_20180902_0002.png)


No longer banging on about her 2kg weight loss.

No. 678500

That's…Interesting. You may be right, anon.
I was wondering what could have happened to her to drop her other account and I didn't understand why she was suddenly acting all normal and not desperate for comments so it would make sense.
At the same time we can't know for sure it it's just another way of claiming attention but idk, after seeing her for so long wanting to kill herself because a few comments and haters this is…Unexpected.

No. 678509


she's just the worst kind of skinny fat, isn't she.

even though her legs are clearly reverting to spoopy territory she still looks so fucking flabby.

i don't understand why there are so many insta anas that won't just hit the gym, either in recovery or while full-blown, from what i understand, very often the ED is one manifestation of a control issue so why not control all factors that determine weight..

No. 678542

Do you guys think she will ever come back on her recovery account? This one is boring.

No. 678555

Idk. That was her food pic, selfie, food pic, selfie account. If she isn't eating as much she can't jeep that up so it's Milan pic, selfie, Milan pic selfie.

It's boring af but now I'm interested in how her weight's going.

No. 678557

Idk about this either. Would gyms allow really skinny people to join if there's a chance their heart's going to give in while they're there?

No. 678565

I also noticed how she looks like she lost weight and at the same time seems less desperate for comments and attention. This happened in the past too. I think that when she’s actively restricting her histrionic tendencies kind of…quiet down. This is fairly common for anas, where when they’re actively losing weight, their other mental issues become more muted and less problematic. This is part of what makes an eating disorder such an effective coping mechanism, and one that’s hard to give up.

No. 678582

Her legs are really so skinny in the last pictures. I hope she won't relapse and become a skeleton again.

No. 678590

gyms only care about money anon, you have to sign a waiver when you join most times.

No. 678679

I've only ever dropped into classes at fitness centres so presumed wrongly gyms gaf. The waiver makes sense though in case some roid freak busts a vessel lifting a ton

She's being active riding her bike. I bet her excuse for walking a lot is that she needs shots of her city.

I deffo think she's gonna go spoopy again. Haven't seen her legs look weird like that for ages.

No. 679375

Everything you said makes sense for Aly. I think she's relapsing to pretend she's fine for a while, then go back to her other account.

No. 679439

I think she freaked out when someone pointed out that she needed to go up a size in her swimsuits, and decided not to eat for her entire vacation. Plus, not eating on the family vacay is a great way to make the whole holiday about her, and ruin Berto's holiday for leaving her.

She's got no idea how to bind people to her without self harm. Most people would build their own lives and personalities, but not our Aly.

No. 679492

What a word-salad, I thought you were Aly trying to milk herself here in lolcow. "She's … dropped weight" and Discuss instead of Opinions, hehe. Buy yeah, she's setting up her relapse scenario.

No. 679571

Even if I don't like her, I really hope she doesn't relapse. I hope she could get into the mindset that she can live both without cramming McDonald's shit all day, both without losing too much weight.

I know she likes the drama but (miniblogging) been there done that, I wouldn't wish another ride into the ED to my worst enemy.

No. 679595

Not just that. But now that she saw how being a normal weight isn't bringing her attention, she might not try to recover at all

No. 679648

Looks like she’s losing the bloat from McDonald’s. Could be the start of a relapse, but given her history, I personally doubt it. The leg that is straight looks normal. It’s the angle of the knee and the oversized shirt making her look spoopy again. I guess only time will tell

No. 679731


I was looking at that on my phone and looked at the pic on my laptop for the first time and she doesn't look as weird on here, ha.

Hm, idk. It's still weird how suddenly she's convincing people her weight's the same when she was desperate to convince everyone she's becoming hollowed again.

That BDD though. Makes her feel so huge she leaves the house looking like she's not wearing anything with a shirt.

Those sunglasses are really awful. They make her look really ugly.

No. 679761

File: 1535977125981.jpeg (1.13 MB, 750x1108, 59255D56-B109-46C9-8C77-05871E…)


No. 679764

File: 1535977300171.jpeg (401.89 KB, 640x909, ED14B5CB-7740-44D2-B4AE-A66B2F…)

New angle, not spoopy at all, calm down. Also kek at this fucking pose

No. 679784

Still don't understand how her photography, branding, and personal style have gotten so much worse since her ED days. I've been saying this for literally years now but for someone who bangs on about being a perfectionist and not wanting to post ugly pics…I really don't understand what her qualifications are for a nice pic bc everything she posts is horribly unflattering

No. 679824

That dress is terrible with the two different shades of yellow. Wtf.

No. 679888

I … don't know what to say.

She should check for ticks maybe.

No. 679947

I might be the only one calling bullshit on tthis. If she really lost weight, she’d be talking about it 24/7, at least she’d have admitted it to the person who asked about it. Look at her previous pics, ahes never had this pose recently. Pushing out your ass really does make your legs look much thinner. We havent seen her done this pose in a long ass time. If she looks thinner in future pics, I’ll believe it, but pose can really make a difference. Her most recent pic has her looking the same as always. We all know she lurks here, lets not give her attention by saying she looks thinner

No. 679948

Fuck samefag sorry for no sage

No. 679988

Yeah, I posted that then posted this >>679731
I've discovered phone screens make people looks slimmer. It's still odd that she's switched accounts etc, but not really odd because she's insane.

Btw, she's asking which shade of Kiko matte lipstick to buy. Idk if she's being loyal to an Italian brand, but that brend is so shit. Even though I hope she doesn't get to a level where companies see her as a marketing tool and send her freebies, I wish she'd spend more for better quality makeup.

No. 680013

I don't think she'd be talking about it, it's her personal account after all and she has her family and friends following her there.

No. 680618

hey aly

No. 680650

File: 1536074058970.png (69.21 KB, 462x364, wp_ss_20180904_0003.png)

A new day, another job #apprentice #secretary

No. 680689

her entire life has revolved around attention-seeking for the past few years. She hasnt just stopped giving a fuck about getting attention. If she’s losing weight, she’d want everyone to feel bad for her, even people irl

No. 680714

File: 1536080849885.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, DBA325E3-482A-4BAF-9580-1F5BA8…)

The eyebrows. I can’t.

No. 680719

Yeah, but she started out on lolcow as a recovery account, pretending to recover when she clearly wasn't. Showing HUGE plates of food you know she wasn't eating. Setting herself up to go back to the glory days isn't beneath her.

No. 680721

me again…at this point Aly has gone both ways. pretending to gain weight when she wasn't. And pretending to loose weight when she wasn't. As long as it's getting her attention in the moment it doesn't matter to her.

No. 680872

Well imo she's currently trying to get attention by pretending to have an amazing life. She might relapse and then return to her recovery account and reap that sweet sweet attention that comes with being a spoop.

No. 681020

File: 1536102731342.jpeg (183.56 KB, 640x821, 06FD1883-7A4E-481F-98A8-5D4357…)

She fully looks like she’s taking a shit on Terrazza Aperol

No. 681113

It’s also completely normal to fluctuate weight after being weight restored for what, 2 years? she may lose a bit of noticeable weight and then gain it back as she begins to eat intuitively. losing like 5-10 lbs doesnt point to a relapse, if she consistently loses weight to a very noticeable amount yeah, but we’re all jumping to conclusions here

No. 681497

File: 1536160000027.png (17.97 KB, 467x113, wp_ss_20180905_0001.png)

No. 681535

File: 1536164774405.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, 82DF61A1-87D9-49D1-90E6-69CEC0…)


No. 681537

Another strange job for our style pig queer. I give it 3 weeks and 2kg weight loss. Oh wait, this is her other account everything will be AMAZING (!)

No. 681568

wait a second… queer? did i miss something??

No. 681581

File: 1536167793798.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, 189D8B04-C26D-4ED9-8966-1E3CAD…)

Well done; you put on a bra??

No. 681582

She thinks she means ‘queen’. A while ago she posted a caption like ‘not a princess, but a queer’

No. 681583

Shit samefag, at least she wore a bra for work

No. 681586

doesn't this say bra LESS? because she sure isnt makeupless or hairless

No. 681592

>after work pleasures
>make up less
>bra less
>combed hair less

shes in the parking lot though…

No. 681632

I'm not making sense of this at all.

She took her bra off after work for pleasure? Good job nurturing your future saggers there, Aly.

No. 681708

DID SHE BUY NEW PAIR OF PANTS?! and they seem to fit her, too!

No. 681763


I wanted to comment and ask if she's gay now, because it just irks the hell out of me. But she's even more block happy on this account.

No. 681892

File: 1536188483249.png (377.49 KB, 498x480, wp_ss_20180905_0002.png)

Matteo was an intuitive baby and already knew what a horror his sister would be.

Got to say, she was an ugly kid. It CAN ne said she improved with age.

No. 681950

She does look a bit thinner here, but it could be the fact that the clothes are not too small and not as hideous as usual. I'm not sure.

Why did she use a pig sticker?

I wonder if she's blocked people already for telling her what "queer" usually means.

No. 682159

She also looks vaguely professional? Who is this aly. Sure not her usual attire

No. 682283

Hey, Aly, you should know that you just followed one of your h8rs who posted here. Jennie Newman >>399658

No. 682296

File: 1536239035221.png (977.48 KB, 1409x313, theresa.png)


fix. your fucking. hair.

why are anas always so disgusting when it comes to personal grooming/hygiene.

mfw i'm someone who regularly uses henna

No. 682306

She buys cheap products, Theresa. It's going to be low quality but she don't care. Does chlorine or sea salt affect henna?

No. 682315

File: 1536243052058.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.95 KB, 932x596, Capture.JPG)

Aly's now a multiple. As if one wasn't enough.

Spoilered img because triggering spex n heavy on teeth and eyeball whitener.

No. 682319

Messy is about right

No. 682353

File: 1536247564067.jpg (635.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180906-170615_Ins…)

This is gross. And she has to be fucking with us with the whole "queer" thing

No. 682357

File: 1536248281691.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, 4DAAE557-B53B-4189-B7CE-827C79…)

>works one day at new job

No. 682359

how are you spoiling your mom here Aly? By putting your bare feet on her coffee table?

No. 682361

Yes, they do. Anything that affects the hair chemically is going to affect how it holds color. Both salt water and chlorinated water are highly alkaline, and will make hair more porous - which means color fades very fast (and will deposit poorly in the future, unless you use a clarifying shampoo & give the hair extra moisture when you’re in saltwater or chlorine often). UV exposure also accelerates hair color fading.

No. 682371

File: 1536249282871.png (163.63 KB, 500x281, Cynthia.png)

No. 682455

if i see these $2 gas station sunglasses one more time, i kill me

No. 682530

File: 1536268042543.png (226.77 KB, 640x1136, 2374FD85-EF39-4627-B7BF-6BE049…)


No. 682941

Aside from the pose, she actually looks a lot better here than usual. I guess it's a good angle that hides her moon face or something?

No. 683004

She’s actually somewhat relaxed and almost natural looking, as opposed to her usual ultra self-conscious over-posed shoots.

No. 683763

File: 1536410943360.jpeg (264.56 KB, 639x865, E71E1573-8490-47B4-916E-43AA9C…)

.. is that the same fucking skirt she wore as a spoop

No. 683787

I knew her style was strange, but I couldn't point my finger on what makes it look so off exactly. Now I've realized.
She dresses like a troon.

No. 683890

File: 1536426102352.jpg (21.86 KB, 277x167, Capture.JPG)

She's already getting more needy on her new account. Dressing for attention and now asking for #goodvibes. Oddly, she's starting to feel bad when she's started a new job…like the last X amount of times.

No. 683970

File: 1536432611169.jpeg (259.59 KB, 640x947, 10321A17-59F8-48B9-97B0-9AD3E6…)

You’ve worked for two days, babe. Calm down.

No. 683978

what's a troon?

No. 683998

I recommend she ditches that awful DVD collection. If I sound a snob idc. I wish she had the inclination to watch at least one film that gets her brain working and introduces her to the real world. She thinks being a secretary is like The Devil Wears Prada. This is why she needs a shot if reality.

Got to admit I had to google urban dictionary for that. It says it's a trans who gets it wrong going all cutesy. I agree with that if it's correct. The v high skirt and socks. Spot on.

No. 684000

(I'm not the anon who originally used the word so I could be wrong)

No. 684051

Originally it meant a woman who looks like a man, but isnt- so essentially a derogatory term for a masculine-appearing woman. Now its also used as a fairly vicious transphobic slur, especially by alt-right types.

No. 684073

>she was an ugly kid
oh cmon dont sink this low

No. 684075

Please. Do you even know where you are?

No. 684093

File: 1536442109221.png (817.99 KB, 640x1136, 920F115A-D70F-4C8E-9990-CA8E57…)

So #individual, so #unique, so #feminist

No. 684202

I take it that means Berto didn't ask her out then. Or is she too tired and hollowed from working for two days? Those snowflake tats. That looks how they're going to look when they fade. Blobby.

Btw, it's odd that Aly blocked my account from seeing stories. I googled why they weren't showing and found out there's an option to block someone from seeing story posts. I've never even commented on her account. Anyway, I unfollowed because SOOOO RUDE! and can see them now. Not that I'm missing anything. I mean, braless Aly?

No. 684456

File: 1536494863259.jpeg (192.78 KB, 640x835, 23ED583C-4077-4AC7-9ABE-E78A64…)

all I can say is

No. 684461


She looks like an easter egg gone wrong.

No. 684749

Boy George fan circa 1982

No. 684757

She seems like a genuinely sweet girl to me. I speak to her via social media and she's polite, kind and likeable. She has a lot of time for others.

No. 684763

File: 1536528109165.jpg (42.06 KB, 500x379, dyyyy.jpg)

No. 684772

Tend to your dogs.

No. 686624

File: 1536773561260.png (946.5 KB, 640x1136, 1308C085-675D-452D-97A1-A47452…)

So this is the peak of aly’s exciting life

No. 686769

File: 1536785005618.png (75.37 KB, 480x376, wp_ss_20180912_0002.png)

#notice #how #she's #going #really #overboard #with #hashtags #?

Yep. So incredibly dull.

No. 687569

I really hate to admit it but ever since Aly stopped using her fake spoop account she's become so boring. No more milk, I kill me :(

No. 687610

File: 1536876817929.jpg (49.85 KB, 396x400, Capture.JPG)

I really, #really don't get how she suddenly switched the #attention plz button off and #went #all #dull.

How does that happen?

She's still a wreck, I mean, can she hitch her skirt any higher?

She keeps going on about people judging her, but there aren't any negative comments??

>#eveningthoughts #sceptical #tb 🤨 dealing with #people can be hard #mood #judgmentfreezone ⛔️ #goodvibesonly to G R O W STRONG . agree or not? 🙂 write #kindnessisfree word or emoticon 👇🏻💕

No. 687619

File: 1536877125132.jpg (67.35 KB, 997x336, Capture.JPG)

She's also started following someone a bit odd (odd person for her to follow, that is). Maybe he's her dealer?

No. 687751

What does that even mean? Ahaha

No. 687801

Well, that would be tremendously stupid to do.
In Italy the law is pretty strict about drugs, just recently it was released on shops a low THC weed, that it's pretty enjoyable - but from your screen, it looks like some serious dealer. Maybe it's a brand account?
Or maybe she just did it for looking like she's ~edgy~?

Anyway, this whole calm situation is just weird. Maybe she took the advice to distance herself from all the ED things and she tried her best to look like she's okay on her public social media, since that account it is followed from some people she knows in real life. I still hope she's giving signs of progress, real ones, but it's Aly, so I wouldn't have the nerve to believe it blindly.

No. 687879

File: 1536897255312.jpg (146.98 KB, 650x433, The Twilight Zone.jpg)


>this whole calm situation is just weird

Absolutely. Looks like she's trying to get back in with Sonia again. Idk what she's doing, but it's not convincing me. It's the same "I'm okay" stuff she's always posted on facebook. She's posting the same content there and get very few likes and no comments.

No. 689468

this thread is dying. Aly, do something sad and quickly.

No. 689634

File: 1537126260274.jpg (706.87 KB, 1080x1356, Screenshot_20180916-202829_Ins…)

Hahahahahaha. Oh, Aly. Never change your style. I really hope Aly has a weaboo phase next.

Also is it me or has she dropped a bit of weight …?

No. 689653

File: 1537127275346.jpg (90.45 KB, 652x509, uh oh.JPG)


Her legs tho

No. 689656

Over the knee socks will be #trending at Wimbledon next year (!)

No. 689691


She actually looks good at this weight, if she would only do some muscle training she'd be able to eat her crappy diet too and keep up the figure

No. 689706

I'd say the same. She's kind of stuck in the idea that she has to look a bit bloated. I reckon she's at her set weight now. There's no need for her to gain if she doesn't want to and I hate to say nice things about her but she looks better than her pre ED photos in that bikini.

No. 692107

File: 1537388400639.jpg (376.71 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20180919-221706~2.j…)

I just noticed that she's tagged a bunch of people in her most recent post and is asking for opinions
Is she finally getting tired of not seeking for attention? Will we get a proper comeback?

No. 692119

I think those are all the people she chats with on Insta. She is looking a lot less bloated recently IMO. I think she's lost a bit of weight.

No. 692502


said it before, i'll say it again: girl needs to go to the gym.

No. 692524

Did she actually abandon the other profile for so long?

Also, she tagged dogsandpos, she can't really live without ed related everything

No. 692627

Today's post's about how her uncle died a year ago. The uncle she never talked about. There really is nothing else for her to talk about. I also feel like she's angling for sympathy and attention in her past few posts but in a more subtle way. Still obvious, but subtle (for her).

No. 693105

Last year she was making the dead uncle into a huge deal for several days and ofc made it all about her. Even with the subtle begs for sympathy the difference is massive.
What happened? How does someone just turn off their crazy? There has to be an explanation. As previously mentioned, maybe she's actively restricting. Or maybe she's taking it all out on poor Berto.

No. 693405

maybe someone really called the cops on her dad because of the „beatings“ and that‘s why she left her main account and is way more cautious now.

No. 694254

her "main" account is deleted.

No. 694274

File: 1537638456298.jpeg (215.54 KB, 750x1178, FC05EBB1-42AA-49DE-B248-932FCD…)

Has to check for myself but it’s legit. She’s even mentioned in on her personal account. I’m actually kind of shocked.

No. 694276

File: 1537638551302.jpeg (657.23 KB, 750x1055, 457B4F08-24EA-421F-8397-9A4889…)

Same fag, but here’s the post from personal. Her face creeps me out. Mad crazy eyes… also she’s banging on about her hair being red/purple… I don’t see it.

No. 694283

Oh shit! She'd better undo that before the deadline or she's gonna regret it.

Or, it's totally possible she's just doing it for attention.

No. 694308


the weird non attention seeking behavior is suspicious. it makes me think she might be restricting again. it's her only coping mechanism.

No. 694376


I know why she's done it. I checked earlier today how many comments her Rome post had. Someone linked her @aly_sjourney then posyed Oops linked to @aly_sjourney by mistake. Now the comments have gone, so she more than likely panicked because she has family on her new, improved Aly account.

Good job most of it's archived here (!)

No. 694986

Sad how she's posting ollllld pictures, like birthday presents from days long yore and holidays for times long yore.

No. 695108

I wonder if she's slipping back into her ED. NOT because she looks skinny or whatever, but withdrawing so abruptly is weird.

No. 695116

I just saw that short story video she posted (don't know how to turn into a gif sorry) and I'm absolutely sure she's restricting. She's lost a bunch of weight in a short amount of time and I can't see how that's supposed to have happened just through a better diet

No. 695147

I think so too. The most recent post gives me body checking vibes. She's looking thinner than her before pictures.
Have you noticed that her ED recovery account is gone??

No. 695155

No. 695158

I don't think she looks thinner, but agree with the video looking like a body check.

No. 695160

then look at this >>694376

No. 695161

It's funny how she can't say ig users are haters now so she's putting it all on Pa saying she's not normal. Which she isn't.

No. 695214

Wow, I must be really dang (!) stupid. Sorry.
I think it's hilarious she deleted that account to keep it hidden from her real life people.

No. 696133

How come her “+favorite“ book is clearly mint? Oh come on, Aly.

No. 696369

she definitely doesnt look thinner, her legs have always looked thin and she probably takes a million pictures and chooses the angle where her legs look the smallest.look at the recent pucs with her chest and arms visible

No. 696383

What if she started medications and slowly gets to behave normally?

No. 696668

File: 1537902393522.jpg (38.21 KB, 478x562, Capture.JPG)

She posted a "sneaked" video of her co worker's crotches today.

Obv. not on medications and obv. not normal behaviour.

No. 696669

File: 1537902494545.jpg (72.97 KB, 804x552, Capture.JPG)

No. 698122

Interesting that it is of someone else’s food… maybe she really is relapsing

No. 698158

File: 1538026977134.gif (3.18 MB, 420x525, mouse.gif)

No. 698250

File: 1538032942992.jpg (51.52 KB, 480x360, 20180927_081945.jpg)

I think I'm getting milk withdrawal, I can feel the shakes now.

Aly, if you're out there…Please leave this imposter behind and come home. Lush (!) Donnies await you.

No. 698312

If she isn't relapsing, I am actually genuinely happy for her to have fewer breakdowns/to not feel the need to have them validated by publicly posting them and guilt-trapping and manipulating those around her (no matter if on purpose or not).
I am all for lolcows becoming less milky and getting their shit together.

No. 698346

I'm sad about it but me too. I only want more milk because I'm selfish but in all honestly it would be great for Aly to get her shit together like crying Emily has.

No. 698355

I've heard from someone that Aly has lost weight since starting her new job and she deactivated the other account so her new mates wouldn't find out. I can't post proof without revealing myself though.

No. 698397

Her smile is soooo weird. I only scroll past but her pics are simultaneously try hard and super low effort somehow.

No. 698439


True. Crying Emily was hilarious at her peak, but I feel all warm and fuzzy (not a common thing lol) at how she's started a new life.

Aly, on the other hand, doesn't appear to have even found a life. She posts old pictures from her holiday, selfies making bunny faces, Ma and … that's it.

I wouldn't want anyone to see me if that was my old account either! She'll have to come up with some stories about how she's spent the last 3 years and I'd love to hear the BS she's telling them. There's still the massive mentalness with Aly but she's choosing to hide it for now.

No. 699362

File: 1538143324768.jpg (95.18 KB, 807x594, Capture.JPG)

Today she dressed as Satan Claus for her #businesslunch

Back to posting food pics and #tentaclepr0n

No. 700390

File: 1538252194974.jpg (131.9 KB, 720x1054, _20180929_231050.JPG)

Okay now I'm actually curious. The company name seems to be "miogest" but searching it only gives results in italian. Anyone able to tell what kind of a company this is?
I'm just amazed if she's actually gotten somewhere after all the shitty jobs. Good for her, I guess. But HOW.

No. 700453

File: 1538255389873.png (66.98 KB, 478x332, wp_ss_20180929_0006.png)

Nah it's just another shitty placement.

No. 700456

Soz, forgot to sage.

No. 700477

somethin something real estate related

No. 700510

She actually looks kind of… professional here? I am shocked!

No. 700766

I wonder if Berto pressured her into getting rid of her account. He knew about the account and farmers pestered him sometimes. She was obsessed and addicted to that account. I’m glad she deleted it, even if it was because she wanted to hide it from family.

No. 700873


I really hope she deleted it in order to improve her relationships and all in all move on with life. And not for attention or relapse.

No. 700880

The account is deactivated, not deleted. She did it so her co-workers wouldn't find out

No. 700909

Real estate stuff. She must be some kind of secretary though, she's not qualified to be a real estate agent

No. 700941

It looks like the company's an auction place for property that's been seized because of bankruptcy. She was probably given an A4 size page of bullet points about what they do and stood there and reeled it off.

Let's face it, she's not the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer. I doubt what she's doing in that pic is anything that takes much effort. Besides she's been there A WEEK. She's always made herself sound like she's really professional and capable … until she gets bored, cries and quits.

No. 700958

Yeah let's be realistic here. She dropped out of university, where she studied literature, after what, a year? Remember she took lots of time off due to her ED. She doesn't have a lot of experience working. Like that sports clothes store where she ate chocolate in the bathroom and quit, or that internship where she was fired/her contract ended. I doubt she was hired into an important position in any way

No. 701070

Your account can only be deactivated for 30 days before it's automatically deleted.

No. 701254

she's deff lost weight. not a dangerous amount but face isn't half as pudgy as it had gotten

No. 701341

She may activate it again. I don't think she's totally removed herself from attention seeking. I casually followed her old account and she recently messaged me asking me to like her picture.

No. 701602

I want to propose another point of view. What if actually her mom found her ed centered account? Maybe she confronted her telling that if she's still so sick she would have been sent inpatient, or "threatened" her somehow (cutting the money lending, not letting her see Berto etc) so she started behaving a bit less crazy? Idk.

She could also being in a treatment with a professional so this is real progress, but I would believe the first one more.

No. 701640


I thought something a bit less drastic. Her miraculous healing of crazy happened on the holiday with her aunt. I was thinking maybe her aunt had said something even though I don't know if she was aware of the other account.

I really doubt she's seeing a therapist.

No. 701701

Not whitekinging here but I see she improved a bit concerning her life and I really hope she’ll finally find peace in life. Her account seemed forced and kinda embarrassing maybe she finally acknowledged it. At least I don’t see an overload of EDSOLdIERsTHIughtsfighTSTRUGGLe in her new account

No. 701832

Her new account is Aly without the drama, which doesn't leave much.
- ridiculous poses
- dull photos
- outdated views (she thinks people think a woman drinking lager is "unladylike")

If someone's discovering her for the first time, it muct be a bit ??? to see all her comments are from anorexics and being motivational about food.

No. 702717

I disagree, anythingzhe may have acknowledged is superficial asf. Not only did she post things that were embarasing for her, she also posted things that hurt other people. Whether it be guilt-tripping/manipulation (“no one cares about me, now i kill me”), public humiliation (postibg people’s unwanted questions and comments for her 50k gollowers to go and attack them), and promotion of unhealthy habits/bevahours/idea (ie. “a dietician is
a step back in recovery!!!). Full acknowldgement should have her accepting and hopefully trying to ammend for??) all of these

No. 703210

File: 1538574136492.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1125x2182, D67274EC-B88E-49AD-9D28-E66FA2…)

You were correct, anon!

No. 703266

It's private though.

Maybe she's going to start being wacko again because people are saying she looks like she lost weight.

No. 703370

Can’t wait til Berto dumps her! He obviously doesn’t wanna be with her when she’s trying to lose weight

No. 703537

She's realised she's "a void" without her ED. She's also not commenting on the weight loss comments. That means she's wanting to be a spoop again. It'd be safer and she'd be much happier if she found a fucking hobby or take a night class or something.

No. 704074

File: 1538664437100.jpg (344.67 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20181004-164615~2.j…)

At this point I am 100% sure she is relapsing.

No. 704081

Such a bodycheck pose… I think commenting on it it fueling her but the again she’d probably relapse anyway it’s not like she’s had any therapy or anything.

No. 704121

Her face is so swollen, even more than usual. Tinfoil alert but maybe she's purging?

No. 704142

File: 1538669855849.png (1007.94 KB, 640x1136, 5AFB70B7-5712-43D3-97FF-C45168…)

Still looks utterly insane

No. 704285

File: 1538681528220.jpg (48.63 KB, 334x596, h8r.JPG)

Nah, when she was becoming her spoopiest previously her face was the last to go. She has a lot of salt in her diet.

The crazy of alys journey is creeping into its aly. She's pretending she's had hater comments. I don't believe for a second anyone's called her a #fashionblogger.

Her new thing is shirt off the shoulder pose.

No. 704301

i've been reading the aly thread for a year now and i'm genuinely worried about her, she's dropped a lot of weight recently
hope it's just her body adjusting to her set point or whatever

No. 704344

Considering how much slimmer she got in such a short amount of time I feel like there's no way she isn't restricting

No. 704368

yeah like yr legs don't look that skinny in a (possible) candid unless ur pretty underweight

No. 704370

(samefagging) like 16-17 bmi? idk i'm just throwing out a guess here

No. 704404

i dont understand how anyone could care about her mental health after all her lying, manipulation, and complete lack of empathy for every single human being… anyways maybe this relapse is the one she needs to stop thinking stupid shit like “a dietician is a step back”. cant wait to see the lies she forms when she loses a drastic amount

No. 704420

She looks thinner than before her ED imo. It's not just overshooting balancing out. She's restricting.

No. 704429


I agree that it's difficult to feel any empathy for her. I can't say I'm distraught at what looks like a relapse but it's sad that she obviously has some problems that make her so dull and needy.

Definite relapse, guize. Even ignoring her recent pic, the way she's communicating with people is getting close to the denial of her spoopy days. A couple of months ago she'd be bleating about losing weight at work but now she's telling everyone she's thriving with self love. Yeah, and I look in the mirror and want to make love to my reflection. Pft.

No. 704434

File: 1538698843899.png (444.15 KB, 475x585, 1529770163335.png)

I couldn't find a recent picture of her wearing pants since she's been wearing dresses all summer, but pic related is about three months ago. She definitely looks like she's lost some weight. How much is suspect, considering even at her highest weight she tends to have a sizable thigh gap. She's also no longer wearing skimpy clothes, and correct me if I'm wrong, but does she still post about food at all? I definitely think something is going on.

Maybe when she was on holiday all her relatives were telling her how "healthy" she looks and it triggered her or something.

No. 704436

File: 1538699137755.png (99.86 KB, 202x275, 1524501367563.png)

5 months ago.

No. 704438

File: 1538699409791.jpg (41.19 KB, 267x564, nw.JPG)

Different angles and all that but…

and all she posts is her Starbucks coffee cup (thankfully not her old plastic one) no food.

No. 704441

(oh wait, she posted something with tentacles on it, so one plate of food)

No. 704443

File: 1538699676367.jpg (474.17 KB, 614x800, 5422101689114.jpg)

Last one, another comparison to 5 months ago. Same pose, but the angle is different.

No. 704447

Ok but why does her overall style get better when she restricts? I don't understand

No. 704450

Relapse confirmed.

It's bizarre (!)

No. 704470

Is it relapsing tho if she just lost a bit of weight? I’m not seasoned in anorexia but I suppose it’s like an alcoholic and only having “one drink a day”? One drink turns into two.
One restriction turns into many and then you spiral down back into anorexia

No. 704491

Tinfoiling a bit, but maybe she's like Ginger in a way? Like how Ginger, creates disgusting food combinations to turn herself off from eating, Aly, probably dresses horribly when she's an average weight, and now believes she can only dress well when she's underweight.

No. 704494

lol this one’s pretty obvious…

she’s histrionic. at her highest weight her body wasnt giving her enough attention on its own so she dressed provocatively in bright crazy colors, wore standoutish makeup to get attention.

at a lower weight she dresses the way she wants to dress because people give her enough sttention with comments worrying about her weight

No. 704523

that's reasonable, but i think it also has to do with her mental state. surprisingly, people with EDs can feel more under control and sane when they are actively restricting.

No. 704734

Yes that's pretty much what it's like. Even if they end up overweight, they are discouraged from actively trying to lose weight because it's a slippery slope.

No. 704776

Before she abandoned her recovery account, there was a period where she posted pictures of salads, tuna, all that healthy stuff - a stark oontrast to the mc fries and donuts she has been posting throughout her recovery.

So she's either:

1) eating more healthily, her body reflects her cuting out excesive salt and sugar

2) restricting again, and the change in diet indicated the gradual start of restriction

I hope it's no 1.

No. 704802

now if only she would fix her hair and lose those cheap sunglasses

No. 705286

I really hope she's just eating healthier or maybe this is just a small relapse.
Her going full-spoopy again would be sad, she wasn't ash-tier but she was pretty bad. I still remember those chest bones.

No. 706186

File: 1538946678895.jpg (51.3 KB, 559x442, sweet 16.JPG)

Matty's turned 16. That boy is depressed. The eyes say it all.

No. 706207

I would be too if I had to share a fucking bedroom with my crazy histrionic sister.
Poor kid. I’ll bet he avoids home until bedtime.

No. 706386

who tf drinks beer through a straw lmao

No. 706648

File: 1539010040194.jpeg (273.02 KB, 750x654, 350CAD48-EE79-4B0E-AA15-5CF43F…)

She edited the post to the sibling pic, before she asked if anyone else is in love with their sibling and it sounded so wrong.

No. 706748

She presents her brother more like a concept than a person. Like, the way she props him up with all these superlatives on her instagram, but never conveys more than a shallow concept of who he is as a person and his identity is always communicated in the context of his relationship to her as opposed to seeing him as a multifaceted individual with his own thoughts and desires.

Sorry for seeming to read into it a bit much - and for the minor blogposting I’m about to do - this picture just made me realize how much the way my HPD sister presents me on social media is exactly the same as Aly displays her brother (minus the Flowers In The Attic vibes).

TLDR The way Aly sees other people as stock characters in her own story is the most histrionic shit.

No. 706857

File: 1539028580689.jpg (21.29 KB, 299x159, Capture.JPG)

I wish someone would explain to her the real meaning of "brotherhood".

I can imagine her bro rolling his eyes if he ever saw what she wrote because it doesn't say anything about their true relationship.

#ohlook she's #sick #at #work like she was #before she #quitted the #sports store one. she's #unable #eating

The crazy hashtagging and using a sore throat to get comments and attention is really embarrassing. I really don't think she's coping well with being less "liked" on that account.

No. 706870

My prediction:

She'll lose more weight/relapse

Go back to her "recovery" account

Quit her job

Ask for support as she starts over with her recovery

I know at this point it's still just speculation, but she definitely lost a lot of weight within a short amount of time. She talks about how much she eats which is what she did in her fake recovery and the opposite of what she did before she left her main account ("omg I'm restricting" when she had to skip even just a snack). Also she keeps reposting old photos, the last up-to-date full-body picture was posted like 5 days (?) ago.

No. 706999

That's true, even she appropiates of himself, always is "my true love", "my man", "the love of my life", "my soul". She does the same with ma C and Berto but applying to his brother… I feel bad about him. Yup fot the Flowers in the attic vibes…

No. 707008

Waited 16 years for what? His 16th birthday? "Did it"? She didn't do anything.

Poor kid.

No. 707211

She makes it seem like he's terminally ill or something and that nobody expected him to live to 16
Or is she implying that she didn't think she'd live to see him turn 16? If so, way to make somebody else's birthday about you Aly, can't give up the spotlight for even a moment.

No. 707323

Relax people, we all know Aly loves attention more than anyone else but I think she's talking about waiting for 16 years to drink alcohol with her brother.
Also I'm sure she's restricting again.

No. 707384

File: 1539087456122.png (177.97 KB, 640x1136, CF402F6A-49C6-4B71-A135-2DE86A…)

Spoonie Aly strikes again

No. 707413

Maybe they did if 16 is the age of consent in Italy.

Oh there she is again with webdoctor where a simple rash becomes a ~dermatological reaction~ What was the bullshit name she gave her last cold, or was it tummy ache?

Boring pic of a castle in Budapest. She wants to travel. If she was that determined she'd get casual jobs in Europe.

The trip to Barcelona didn't happen unless I missed that one. She was meant to be going there with Berto. She never made it to London either.

No. 707767

So Aly comments every single day on every photo posted by tinyboosteps (who is basically a skeleton who only ingests almond milk & blueberries). I find that quite intriguing.

She never encourages tinyboosteps to eat, instead she compliments her beauty and outfits. Endless asspats from Aly.

No. 708005

File: 1539121281469.jpeg (177.89 KB, 631x1091, F9AB136A-3CA6-4099-8D26-4050FC…)

What is up with her eyelid in this pic

No. 708062

All of Alys weight gain confirmed as prosthetics, underneath she's still as spoopy as ever

No. 708450

I gathered it was about alcohol, but she's acting like she had a hand in him turning 16. "We did it!" No, he did it.

No. 708691

She does this with every single person she mentions online, including dead relatives

Isnt the legal drinking age 16 in Italy? i mean, it makes sense that she’s referring to alcohol when she mentions “waiting 16 years”

No. 708749


"It is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to a person under 18 years of age. The law provides an exception for minors aged 16 and 17, if they consume a glass of beer, wine oder cider with a meal in a restaurant."

No. 708853

She's always had wrinkly skin in that area, it's more noticeable in some pics.

How long before she gets fired for being off ill with her mortal sore throat? She hasn't mentioned Berto in ages and today her hamster is the only thing that gives her unconditional love.

No. 708982

File: 1539191908340.jpeg (213.15 KB, 639x792, E7BBC4BD-6C03-4C5D-A368-A340AC…)

What in the bloody fuck is this outfit

No. 708983

File: 1539191955446.jpeg (176.12 KB, 640x872, 7FBC8340-E353-4E0A-9FE6-1976AC…)

Also I guess she’s now back to drinking Ensure?? What??

No. 709006

The Starbucks cup

No. 709044


omg the cup is back maybe she will finally fix her hair!!

No. 709089

File: 1539199710942.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1834, request plz.png)


Okay, so she's got the spoopy cup. Relapse 100% confirmed (!)

She feels ashamed of wearing specs yet no embarrassment at that ridiculous ribbon in her hair?

As my ma would say, if you're well enough to go out youre well enough to go to school.

Odd how her health was really good when she was a sp00p - no colds, no viruses…as soon as she has to work she has a different one for every job she has.

I would love a return to img.

No. 709090

File: 1539199779751.png (922.51 KB, 934x598, cup.png)

Hello darkness my dear friend #tb

No. 709202

File: 1539206259152.png (714.23 KB, 640x1136, 0C1F578C-D930-45D2-A8EE-BA494C…)

Copying tinyboosteps with the steamed milk? It would go along with her constant asspats she doles out to her

No. 709243


Ugh, Disney. She's retreated into dangerous ana territory there.

She'll see Boosteps as thinspo probably.

No. 709244

File: 1539209264421.jpg (52.76 KB, 730x548, cute.jpg)

(fuck soz forgot sage. here's a cute kitten to say sorry)

No. 709251

How is Disney dangerous ana territory?

No. 709259

File: 1539209786673.jpg (14.19 KB, 240x210, images.jpg)

Because next it'll be heart shaped bowls, unicorns and pink, teddy bears and childish interests.

No. 709261

I still don't understand. Seems like it's just DDLG influences.

No. 709264

File: 1539210014324.jpg (31.93 KB, 500x300, 48358e1eb47df42026d2822eb9f4a5…)

tfw you suspect this is Aly's confession.

Stacks of insta anas are into Disney. Ash is into Disney. Cooney's into Disney. It's a symptom of ED for many young women. I'm a doctor.

No. 709288

Using kids utensils and cutlery is very trendy within the eating disorder community online.

No. 710232


Countless anas and wannabe anas are afraid of growing up, or at least reluctant to. That's where the Disney shit comes in

No. 710433

File: 1539291720254.png (818.32 KB, 640x1136, 3B9963BD-FD8A-4C71-90CF-052A3D…)

Guys, she’s delving again. 100% relapse

No. 710440

I think it's because kid's cutlery is smaller and helps with portion control or s/t

No. 710441


I'm waiting for LUSH (!)

Damn, she's dragging this sore throat out.

No. 710447

What was the name of that Ana from the Ana thread a few years ago who had kids but had all the Disney pates and cups and ate kids food? I wonder what became of some of those people. Little Sprout too.

No. 710458

>>710447 are you thinking of paris? if so, she's still spoopy af

No. 710471

No, this was a woman around 40 years old. She didn't show her face, just her body. I'll have to sift through the old old threads and find these people. The Disney woman was bulimic I think. She ate really shitty kids cereals and fro yo.

No. 710530

Holy shit (!) Okay, so I did go back over old threads. All these anas were in old Ashley threads. For anyone who remembers Little Sprout I FOUND HER AND SHE RECOVERED!!! AND GOT CONTACT LENSES!!! She looks amazing.

I'm thinking of making a WHERE ARE THEY NOW thread in /ot. All about tracking down past snowflakes from the Ash/ana threads more than 3 years ago and checking up on what happened to them. If I do that, it'll be in a few hours while I gather more info, so come and join me if you're interested.

Meanwhile, Aly's Ma is still Aly's only friend.

No. 710537


I think it’s cause the small utensil makes the food portion seem larger (handy when you’re eating half a cup of tuna or something) and it takes longer to eat it too, so you can savor it more

No. 710949

I actually wanted to write that. I can only talk about my experience, I wasn't obsessed with Disney stuff but with small cutlery/utensils because by using them my portions would not look that small and it would take longer to eat.
So I do think thats one of the main reasons behind why they all get obsessed with disney, even though I think for some it really is a way of regressing into being a child, the whole "not growing up" is a huge thing behind some peoples EDs

wasn't there a "where are they now" thread already?

No. 710973

Looks like she just deleted her old account??

No. 710974

(*disabled it. It was completely gone just a minute ago but I went back to check again and now it just says no posts yet so I guess she disabled it again.)

No. 710997

Well shit i hope we're all wrong, but since it's aly i wouldn't be too surprised if it happens.

I hope she won't go full spoop like she used to be.

No. 711078

Today she's complaining about wanting to go out because she's feeling hyperactive.

Must suck that we're the only ones who are taking notice of her relapse while her dumb stans think she looks beautiful.

No. 711613

Same. We've seen how she gets when she's not getting attention, and it's probably become very obvious to her by now that she'll never get as many comments and likes while being healthy as she did when she was sick. At this rate, I wouldn't doubt that she's losing weight and biding her time so that she can casually reappear on her main IG account one day and lap up the out pour of concern over how much thinner she's become.

No. 711948

File: 1539452686093.jpg (41.7 KB, 469x364, no.JPG)

How will she react when she has only 3 viewers?

No. 712489

File: 1539525376855.png (457.4 KB, 1048x1367, Screenshot_20181014-155132.png)

No. 712494

Man, I wanted to say good for her but it's probably just her trying to restrict more. She also never really are a lot of meat, apart from burgers.

Anyone going to watch if it happens?

No. 712499

File: 1539528014508.png (414.58 KB, 610x457, He6BRkx.png)

I don't see how she can be comfortable looking at and eating baby octopi and fucking tentacles on her plate yet she's suddenly all into animal welfare. She likes to pick up on trends to seem relevant, so I'm waiting for her to come out as being vegan.

Not sure about watching her live. I feel like sleeping and I'm not going to put it off if she's going to cry ~muh social phobia~ :sadface:

No. 712504

File: 1539528746414.jpg (42.5 KB, 486x446, aww cute.JPG)

She's back to wearing her sp00py skirt.

No. 712505

File: 1539528841625.jpg (240.7 KB, 1222x1222, Aly 3-21-2015.jpg)

No. 712524

File: 1539531505065.jpg (84.19 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20181014-173505~2.j…)

Wow when was the last time he commented on one of her posts

No. 712530

Why are they speaking to each other in English?

No. 712582

Just got a notification that she started a live stream and watched it for a minute or so. Actually, she seems pretty nice..and friendly? Her spoken English is not perfect, she made some mistakes concerning prepositions (but then, she is not a native speaker and, afaik, language classes in Italy are not always great)…but not garbled at all like her posts. Besides, she seemed composed and calm. I'm surprised!

No. 712591

I'm watching it to. She talked about having a problem with the house, so she doesn't live with Bert anymore. She's back with mom.

No. 712592

I was amazed how pleasant she was. She also answered some questions about weight loss (which she admitted) but denied any relapses. Hopefully its not a lie because I'm kinda rooting for her now.

No. 712595

Keep us updated lol

No. 712597

did she change the colour of her hair recently? it looks good

No. 712602

Yes, she seems so kind and nice, idk if it's just pure facade but she's being really sweet and thanking everyone all the time, really different from what I've seen from her in pictures / videos. I'm surprised tbh

She said something along the lines that she had to go back to her parent's but I didn't get why.

No. 712630

Please, tell us more. She admitted weight loss?

No. 712711

She said that she lost some weight lately because she was sick and found it hard to eat, but is still in the healthy range

No. 712876

File: 1539563333445.jpg (50.41 KB, 313x500, aly.jpg)

> it's just pure facade

Constant lies, passive aggressiveness, controlling her followers, etc etc. Lest not forget.

She's as genuine as an "authentic" Gucci bag for £20 on ebay.

No. 712898

File: 1539565663188.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 02D4DD48-45E8-4723-BFE6-2E48BD…)

Screencap from her live, she chose a bad angle with terrible lighting which makes her face look super puffy, unfortunately. But I was surprised by how well spoken she was.

No. 712902


it was something about an issue with the house she was living in with bert so she moved back home, but she said she didn't want to get into it. if she does more lives maybe she'll open up more bc i'm curious.

No. 713071

So it doesn't seem odd to anyone here that a few months ago she obsessed over losing .5kg, but now she's lost some larger amount of weight without talking about it at all (right after declaring herself recovered)? she doesn't even think about her weight anymore? I'd believe it if it happened over time but this is pretty sudden.

Add to that her sudden pescatarianism. The girl who delighted in burgers, chicken, raw ham, and gross-looking sausage pizza, now only eats fish. Meanwhile she posts every day on tinyboosteps' instagram, never mentioning weight. Probably enjoying all her skele body checks.

I don't want Aly to be her previous crazed self, but it is hard to ignore the fact that this attitude shift is sudden and odd for our recovery queer.

No. 713079


what exactly do you mean by well spoken?
just the extent of her english vocab or..?

No. 713127

She's covering up the relapse. Remember she didn't talk about restricting and weight loss back when she was a spoop, she pretended to be fine.

No. 713236

Can we quit the bullshit about her moving out of a house with Berto? She never even moved in with him. This woman is a pathological liar.

No. 713419

This. She’s in denial. Aly has two issues. A histrionic side and an eating disorder. They’re both linked, but in different ways depending on her weight. It’s like she needs to compensate when she isn’t a spoop with tight clothes and mini crises. Now that’s shes relapsing she seems much more collected and stable. Her English is even better

No. 713427

Berto was watching her live stream, how could she lie about living with him when he was watching? Give her a break. She does actually seem like a nice person to be honest, I was surprised.

No. 713441

File: 1539628471674.png (324.61 KB, 480x588, wp_ss_20181015_0002.png)

She's dying in hospital or something

No. 713442

You're brainwashed. He can't speak English. She can say anything.

No. 713444

File: 1539628834273.png (395.96 KB, 476x570, wp_ss_20181015_0003.png)

I kill me

No. 713550

most young Italians can understand English. Most speak it better than Aly.

No. 713560


>>pleasant, kind, nice person, really sweet

>>continues with her familiar antics such as posting hospital pics saying "stay tuned" (because she has literally NO TIME TO UPDATE except for, you know, just having posted a ~teaser~) instead of "hey guys, please don't worry, I'll be fine, I just wanted to let you know x"

No. 713601

File: 1539640651390.jpg (34.52 KB, 293x333, private.JPG)

and ever more elusive…

Same old attention hoe

No. 713651

Is this what you get when you go to the hospital and bitch about a sore throat?

No. 713652

People who have recovered from an eating disorder really shouldn't be restricting their diet in any unnecessary ways, especially not someone who recovered just 1-2 years ago. It's a slippery slope. I think she's up to something, whether she realizes it or not.

No. 713658

I thought she's done a wrist paper cut with the padding on there.

I agree. As much as I'd like more people to be veggie, it's difficult (or it used to be, maybe things have changed?) to find the right balance of nutrients at first. Her Ma seemed to cook a lot of things with minced beef. Aly can't cook and so who knows what she'd eat.

No. 713678

why is it so padded there? no way they drew blood from there

No. 713682

Idk, looks like she tried to cut her wrist??

No. 713721

I didn't even notice that.

Considering how out of character she's been lately I do wonder if something more serious than usual is going on (not necessarily in regards to the hospital visit, but in general).

No. 713763

It's obvious she's mental af. Her behaviour has been screwy as long as we've known her. I'd say she's having an episode of whatever mental illness she has. She's not normal in a bad way. Psychosis thing.

No. 713941

No shit, eating disorders are a coping mechanism/addiction. In some people starvation can mute anxiety and other unpleasant feelings, she didn't become a spoop entirely for attention even if seems that way.
I'm not surprised she seems more stable now, she was also less nutty back then too. She is clearly relapsing which is ironic considering the title of this thread. Hopefully it's a short one and she gets actual help. She never recovered, just did a 180 which sent her spinning right back.

No. 713951

File: 1539666356695.jpg (434.11 KB, 720x1891, IMG_20181016_070513.jpg)

I guess, spoonie confirmed?
Someone knows the fuck happened?

No. 713956

Same anon, didn't see someone already posted the thing. It looks like a relapse, overall. And as>>713941 said, if she's really relapsing, it makes sense she seems more ~stable~

No. 713960

I don't know how italy's healthcare works, but the fact that she's wearing a bunch of bracelets and her clothes and is posting on her phone at all leads me to believe she didn't harm or try to kill herself. Probably just an iv.

No. 713973

Any Italian anons who can shed light on the bracelets? Specifically the one that resembles a medical id (large silver plate)

No. 714021

Italian anon, any of them are hospital bracalets.

No. 714022

**bracelets sorry

No. 714044

The silver plate one is most likely a bracelet with a name on it. It's often given as a gift

No. 714065

Yup, had a similar one but with a thinner chain. Black one looks like a hair tie. The only thing I don't know what it is is the colorful one

No. 714129

It's probably from some kind of event or festival.

No. 714188

Considering the hickey she posted in stories, I honestly think she just had some blood taken. It happens they leave marks. Nothing serious.

No. 714212

>hope I didn't worry anyone

She never changes, does she. Uploads a dramatic pic and she can't talk about it for some reason. Gets some attention and the reason for her hospital visit is so secretive she has to DM her girls! Turns out it's ~a virus~
I call it attention seeking. She loves people being concerned.

I suggest she starts wearing something warmer than her spoopy skirt and cover her ass because it's October. Maybe that'd help stop her getting sick. Lazy bish don't wanna work.

No. 714234

File: 1539711447374.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, D2198B0C-8253-4258-ADFB-C47AC7…)

Our poor immunosuppressed recovery queer

No. 714243

Yup, she's become a Munchie.

No. 714253

wasn't she just fine during her live chat?

No. 714267

File: 1539714065247.jpeg (171.55 KB, 640x898, B65F1F08-A603-4F90-991A-804FA3…)

I always get the creeps whenever she asks
>can you feel me

No. 714269

Lol. All that for a blood test, Jesus.

I remember when "I feel you" was a popular saying. She picked up on it too late as usual. Nobody feels me and I feel no one. Too much touchy feely can be a bad thing.

No. 714270

She's uffered.

No. 714329

She really needs to hit up therapy soon, if she relapses I doubt she'll get hit by another car and gain weight again.

I wanna be optimistic and say she's just leaning out after months of recovery bloat but who knows.

No. 714829

File: 1539759224414.png (234.06 KB, 640x1136, 589BE712-6601-4F96-A927-5E1720…)

Oh my god you have a cold you dramatic cow

No. 714927


oml Aly, come back bitching again as soon as you've been to ICU for severe pneumonia and aspiration of your own vomit.

No. 715301

File: 1539809244325.jpeg (428.52 KB, 640x1005, 7BAA3047-5766-407D-85DA-4BA47A…)

She really is becoming a munchie

No. 715303

File: 1539809337486.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, B65100F7-9FFE-4F96-8786-D64F0F…)

Got a glimpse of the actual colour of her teeth here too

No. 715454

File: 1539818331960.jpg (27.88 KB, 601x375, which shade.jpg)



>when we’re #weak or sick it is the moment when we most need #love and #help

speaks volumes.

Oh god.

No. 715704

Definitely got that Flaxen shade.

I noticed a fair amount of anachans seem to also be munchies. I’m surprised Aly was never really on that wagon too often. She just acts like a guy when they get a cold. Acts like a baby and whines for someone to care about her. Blowing symptoms out of proportion.

No. 715946


The friend I have who exaggerates basic illnesses and gives them fancy names (Aly style) had a mother who treated her like a child. I spent a weekend with her family when we were at uni and that's when it clicked that her ma was the reason she was a pretty useless person (Aly style) because the mother never really let her grow up. It's odd because I can't see Ma C being like that somehow, although we'll never know.

The ana chans who're Munchie all have that mother attachment thing going on.

No. 716036

File: 1539877346963.jpg (41.75 KB, 310x463, Capture.JPG)

Whether she's off with the sniffles or a tummy ache, her stans always tell her to stay off work longer. They're a lazy bunch of dipshits.

She's fooled m.de.recovery with her 5 year old plastic cup though,

No. 716439

File: 1539912092976.jpg (76.84 KB, 275x239, 1439569483705.jpg)

Aly is still around?

And she's still the same old attention whore.
Manipulation, drama and control.

See you again next year.

No. 716458

such a fave moment from the good old days

No. 716801

What does she mean one last medical appointment, one last chance?

No. 716903

It means she's being her usual melodramatic self.

No. 716975

Liquids only dor two weeks? She posted pasta a few days ago ffs

No. 717033

Her sore throat didn't stop her from yakking on on her live stream thing. Now she's gone all ~stay tuned~ for results of her visit to the docs. Bet she was hoping for a lifelong sick note.

No. 717191

File: 1539993502863.jpeg (220.15 KB, 640x892, FBA62DF6-0DB6-4536-ADDF-5B0E8C…)

Thank GOD they found a cure for princess Aly

No. 717222

So does that mean that the "My life threatening lil' cold" saga is over?
Come on.

No. 717290

"Hello Eleanor. This is your immune system speaking. Because you denied me the required amount of nutritional supplies for quite a while now, I'm quitting on you. Enjoy your germs and infections, you ugly, twisted broomstick!"

No. 717394

"Cure for the infection" aka they gave her some overpriced cold medicine and she rode it out.
I'm sure getting doted on by nurses and concerned Instagram followers was a huge accomplishment in her mind.

No. 717425

Now that her runny nose is gone, what's her next excuse to dodge a good days' work?

No. 717438

Yeah, I was thinking that. Did she once mention migraines because maybe that's the new unbearable (!) illness she'll come up with (and making everyone think it's potentially a brain tumour while she's at it).

>cure for the infection

She finished a 7 day course of antibiotics.

No. 718641

Hi, I'm Aly, when will stop with this sh*t?

No. 718642

(!) when will you stop(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 718871

File: 1540242356603.png (904.45 KB, 640x1136, D01E5CB7-33D3-4396-85D8-1A1420…)

>not a bodycheck

No. 718879

So tiring sitting on her arse at a desk all day.

I reckon she's fuming that everyone keeps telling her she looks great when she really wants comments saying she looks thinner.