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File: 1580925689080.jpeg (852.95 KB, 828x1489, ganer.jpeg)

No. 928482

Last thread was tubes galore! Laura's taking a break, after being sectioned again after choosing to hear voices this time.

Littlest Lee tried to get herself readmitted but they staff laughed and sent her on her way.

We discovered the true identity of Kelsey https://www.instagram.com/kennedy.vanasten/

Self posting, speculation surrounding Elzani's recovery/relapse, sad pics of N2F having a binge with her disgusting food.

Ganer gains could've done it all without her sister.

If you need to know anything else, read the damn last thread.



No. 928485

A lot of the links here and in past threads are private accounts.
Some more I didn't add above:
Becky (didn't pass in the night, fortunately):

I didn't post links to self poster May and Shay, or any of the others. Laura's an exception because she has milk.

Can't think of any more, but you have eyes to read screenshots.>>928482

No. 928525

File: 1580934115911.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 6D997CB0-4F93-41BC-BEEE-3B678D…)

Well done op other than gainer gains ugly mug as the banner kek

What if by “hoping tmro is better” she’s going to go for another attempt at getting admitted ? I feel like the longer she’s out of treatment the more distressed she is and in treatment she’s chuffed to bits, drinking beers, riding scooters, eating ice cream just having a damn ball! I think she’s depressed about not being institutionalized kek

No. 928529

File: 1580934389240.jpeg (334.6 KB, 750x932, 288AC27F-2EC6-422E-BB97-A5E25D…)

Kek this is also a difference making tubes a fucking aesthetic…. like this is so stupid, it’s not empowering or spreading awareness or edgy or cool lol. It’s dumb.

No. 928556

especially when you don't need it

No. 928568

Thank you for the new thread, anon!

"Look how unhealthy I'm trying to appear to be! It's so aesthetic. Cough."

No. 928576

File: 1580943128156.jpg (901.34 KB, 1080x1678, 20200205_165230.jpg)

Probably filled in more bubbles after taking this picture

No. 928587

So much for quitting food. It would have done her good. Anyway, ice cream for lunch? No wonder she's fat.

No. 928598

Seriously. Why is anyone even entertaining this cow? She’s obese, not anorexic.

No. 928604

Its not just the ice cream, her entire day (of what we can see) is mostly low-quality, high sugar calories.
Fruit bowl, strawberry yogurt, 2 pieces of raisin toasts with 2x butter and jelly
Cheese and crackers and OJ
Cheese, tomato and pickle sandwich, fruit salad, ice cream and an apple
hawaiian chicken burger, vegetables and I'm sure some other shit plus a dessert

What nutritionist would OK this? There are no veg and little protein until dinner??? And this diet is almost completely lacking in fiber. Also all her fat is coming from butter, cheese and ice cream. AND she's eating a shit load of fruit, which is also a lot of sugar, and apart from the apple probably low fiber. She is going to get diabetes eating like this. Seriously this New Farm place is unbelievable.

No. 928612

As far as I can tell, lots of treatment centres seem to have menus like this. Shitty, cheap food offered at meals, usually pretty small portions which is why they bulk up their snacks with ensure and packaged junk foods. It saves money I guess? They are a weight gain factory with a little bit of crappy therapy thrown in.

No. 928626

She wrote in 2x butter 2x toast and the ice cream, too. No one is forcing her to eat that amount! That’s why she’s a hamplanet. She’s also delusional as hell, she says she needs a tube and is quitting food, yet posts her overeating publicly! Clearly New Farm just found themselves a literal cash cow and will do whatever they have to to keep the money coming in, including making an obese nut job even fatter.

No. 928630

it might just be new farm? not to blogpost but in america they usually have requirements like “one protein, two starches, vegetables, calorie drink” for dinner. and other requirements for other meals. i’m thinking now that georgia’s nutritionist is letting her choose whatever as long as she eats? this makes me think that there is no “increased meal plan” like she said. and there never was

No. 928632

usually on units mealplans require at least 2 components for a meal like i’ve seen breakfasts mandated to be 2 protein, 2 carbs & a spread for example so i’m gonna give her a pass on the breakfast bc she didn’t pick a cereal + a toast , just 2x toast, not super crazy at all, and ed units also usually require one spread per toast. you’re a lil nitpicky when there’s real things to pick at like her picking ice cream as a snack lol.

No. 928638

New Farm Clinic is with Ramsay Health Care aka you pay , they don't care that you're a faker.

No. 928663

Yes, exactly! Most treatment centers use an exchange system and you have to meet all your exchanges at every meal. And the exchanges are balanced. This is just malarkey.

No. 928686

Have been in Ramsey and non-Ramsey private ED units in two other states. New Farm isn’t anything like them. Choice of two to three meals only, protein/ carb/ fat/ fibre is balanced at every main meal, no tubes, but supervised fortisip or ensure if you don’t finish. If you refuse to eat, you go to the public system and get an order and they’ll tube you there. The ‘refeeding’ plan is just less carbs, until bloods are normal.(blog)

No. 928716

Ramsay in Perth, you will be tubed if medically unstable/unable to complete meals.

You get given a meal plan for each day but only get to chose what protein you want I. Your sandwich for lunch (we had to have 1.5 sandwiches each day) and a choice of 3 mains for dinner.

For breakfast we had to have cereal, 2 slices of toast, 250mls full cream milk, fruit or juice and if you were having a vegetarian option for dinner you had to have eggs with breakfast.

We wouldn’t get away with a 1/4 of the shit they pull at new farm. Here in Perth it’s so hard to get private help even if you need it and so many people get rejected and thrown into the state system.

No. 928748

Yeh I’ve been to Northside in Sydney - it is Ramsay health but it’s nothing like new farm. Absolutely completely entirely different

No. 928784

Where in Sydney is New Farm? It'd be interesting to see what the demographics around it are.

No. 928805

It’s in New Farm, Brisbane. Google is your friend.

No. 928827

File: 1580989587117.png (778.34 KB, 939x602, Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 11.4…)


This one?

No. 928828

File: 1580990625143.png (47.38 KB, 526x286, Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 5.04…)

anyone see this comment on ganer's latest post? kek wonder how long before she deletes since it's not licking her ass telling her what a ~recovery queen~ she is

No. 928829

Weird ass product promotion or marbles completely and indefinitely lost?

No. 928830

Yeah, i deleted the post cause im an idiot

No. 928833


I think she edited it to include the tag "gifted" but the hyperbole is hilarious. EXCITEDEXCITEDEXCITED!

No. 928835

Definitely promotion, probably not formally paid but she definitely got free product. Add it to the list of companies I’ll be actively avoiding, along with those than send anything to ganer and n2f. I don’t know who runs the marketing department of these companies, but they must be blind?

No. 928841

That, or extremely fucked up

No. 928843

As in the marketing strategy

No. 928848

I have a feeling they know exactly what they're doing. Its disgusting and sick but unfortunately effective

No. 928850

File: 1580999496425.jpg (200.1 KB, 1080x873, Fouxyodityof.jpg)

She could have a future career in politics with they say she avoids answering questions, while still pushing her own agenda

No. 928863

The caption looks like it's written by a 10 year old. Wow

No. 928867

They don't care so long as the account has followers. It's like clothing companies sending stuff to Cooney when she was a megaspoop.

I hate when accounts on ig or yt don't admit theyre sponsored in some way. It's wY too sneeky.

No. 928872

I would guess they sent her the free peanut butter but didn’t pay her. So it’s not actually sponsored and therefore she is not obligated to say that it’s an ad. Slash she is not even obligated to post about it. Companies do this a lot with people that have a big follower count but aren’t professional influencers because it’s a cheap way to get some exposure. Of course they also send free stuff to real influencers as well , however most conscientious influencers still tell their followers when a company sent them samples for free.

No. 928877

File: 1581006699918.png (162.2 KB, 713x1370, Screenshot_20200206-162908~2.p…)

Sounds like the company all are experiencing mania 24/7. All over a jar of pb.

Lol peanut butter brings people together. Gtfo.

No. 928882

File: 1581007401290.jpeg (89.34 KB, 750x1334, A4E42428-8662-4304-9AF4-1F2962…)

Why doesn’t she just get an actual job rather than trying to get sponsored?
I guess it’s still a way to live at mummsie’s and daddie’s house whilst making them buy you 6+ jars of peanut butter, which then means you can orgasm every single time you spread that shit over you DEVINE tiger bread.
I wonder if she ever goes out to do things other than walking the dog and going to grocery shops?

No. 928883

Maniclife must target the more well off demographic who buy expensive pb from Waitrose as opposed to Poundland or Aldi.

No. 928885

File: 1581007890216.png (944.35 KB, 1536x1583, E165E4C9-EB2A-42F6-BD58-49F858…)

Highlighted the most cringeworthy or obsessive quotations from this post.

No. 928886

Gosh, i could eat granola in the shower, I could eat a bowl or two or a whole box sitting by a washing machine, I could eat it in the reception at the jobcentre and life will be INCREDIBLE!!1

Okay, leaving autism out of it, why would she write like this?

No. 928902

WTF does granola even smell like anyway?!???? I'm pretty sure it is almost entirely odorless unless you literally stick it up your nose, which she very well might do.

No. 928906

File: 1581013247854.jpg (96.43 KB, 913x521, 0.JPG)

Can't say I've noticed a granola smell. Muesli often reminds me of rat or hamster food smell. None with granola though. Can't deny she's looking better in the face here >>928827 but looks like there's some layering going on with her clothes. She looks good tbh, so no real excuse for a starved brain to be making her behave this way.

Why is she pretending she never ate granola before?

No. 928907

At £10.95 a litre it needs to be orgasmic. Bulk Powders sells the same amount of good quality peanut butter for half that.

No. 928917

File: 1581015679399.png (3.37 MB, 750x1334, 13C5ABD7-9D1C-4D66-91BF-17DCF1…)

Why tf is New Farm allowing patients to change their own NG tubes in their rooms?!!!! I’m genuinely so confused by Shay’s treatment, and how this possibly allowed to happen???

No. 928918

File: 1581015858226.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 268D59CA-E439-4A2B-9F82-A92BB7…)

All I can say is wow… she’s literally begging at this point but then complains, and all the following stories are about living it up for her last night of freedom kek imagine if she still doesn’t get admitted

No. 928919

Not to sound like a fearmonger, but isn't that unhygienic? Especially with a particular world event having everyone clutching their pearls. Why would anyone want to watch her change her tube? I get that it's a humble brag the ease she'll no doubt do it, but who tf said yes?

No. 928920

File: 1581016127268.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 84C53EE0-5180-4510-A964-8E7731…)

No Lee you don’t get to declare your “freedom” is being taken away when you beg to be admitted and force your doc to write a letter kek. You didn’t need to go down this route if you didn’t want to but you asked for this.

No. 928921

Is the new thing to gain as much weight as possible? That's how it feels with Georgia, this one and friends signing up for tubes when they don't need them.

No. 928924

Doesn't even look like a tube here, just looks like a headphone wire. She's not trying hard enough lol
Guess it kinda depends on the product but I think granola has a pretty distinct smell, strong toasted oat and sugary scent. Plus a nutty or dried fruit/coconut smell if it's got that stuff in it.

No. 928928


nah, your nose to your stomach is an unsterile place anyway. As long as she isn't like, dipping it in something gross beforehand, it's nbd. This is just LookAtMe! level narcissism and I'm sure wanarexics looking to be ~triggered~

No. 928933

Pisses me off searching #ngtube looking for milk on ig and it throws up loads of little babies and kids. Then you get twats like these cows.

No. 928946

I think they are so fixated on the association that people make between feeding tubes, being malnourished or having an ed that just to have one is exciting for them and they forget there’s actual liquid calories being pumped into them. That’s why lee throws back beers, Laura drinks sugary lattes and Georgia just flat out binges. I don’t think Laura is tube hungry anymore though, she just wants to appear mentally ill in general. But anyway it’s like a cycle they get their attention from New Farm, gain unnessesary weight, then leave and get all depressed then try and go back to get asspats online to make them feel better. It’s like there’s phases kek, phase 1 have a boring life, phase 2 go to new farm for attention and a toobie, phase 3 get discharged and realize you are substantially larger and finally phase 4 return to new farm in an attempt to get asspats and attention to feel better as well as another unnessecary tube to let everyone on insta know… your still sick kek

No. 928954

File: 1581022803086.png (3.67 MB, 828x1792, 38072ABE-5ABD-4B16-AD89-3E5839…)

im new on this site (i lurk a lot but wanna actually post shit so here i go - feel free to correct me in any way if I do somethin wrong) but georgies stories have been annoying me so much? like sorry but I honestly doubt she doesn’t finish her meals - even then she adds shit on

No. 928955

She'd be losing weight on that diet.

Next time you post, put "sage" (without the quotes) in the email field. It stops the thread being bumped to the top of the page. Everything else okay though!

No. 928960

Pisses me off that she documented her whole day as if she thinks it makes her life look difficult and makes her seem sooper sick. She literally eats, naps, takes a shower, eats, naps, watches some tv, and whines. That’s her day. That’s her life.

No. 928965

It's trend if the day to document all this medical crap. One with a tube insertion, another with what she puts in her piehole.

No. 928966

Shay isnt at New Farm. She has been discharged since before Christmas. Probably doing home feeds

No. 928970

Oh god, the chans arent back to the peanut butter(especially fake pb) fad again
This is how Quest bars became popular and pb2 and heaps of other food fads

No. 928975

That's from 9 weeks ago.

No. 928980

I’m glad I’m not the only one beyond annoyed at her ‘documentary’ of her meals and shit. it’s honestly sad that she legitimately thinks and acts like she’s so sick and frail, I wish these ‘anas’ would get sole common sense for once

No. 928984

She must have brought it from the internet or something, NG tubing is something only professionals can do, not even some nurses are qualified to do this. This is incredibly dangerous.

No. 928986

File: 1581027228244.jpeg (295.68 KB, 750x1334, 1B94AE07-E507-4D75-A234-27DD19…)


She’s definitely back at new farm. Her day in the life confirmed it as well, so I’m not sure what she’s doing putting in her own NGs there

No. 928989

How odd. New Farm dont use clinifeeds. They use the temporary white/clear tubes.

No. 928991

Its completely normal for people/patients to insert their own nasogastric tubes when they have had many

No. 928992


In their rooms at the clinic?! I don’t think so. I inserted my own as well, but it was still in the med area with a nurse there…

No. 928995

Please sage ana chans. Thnx.

No. 928996

People do them at home by themselves..no different really

No. 928997

People do them at home by themselves..no different really

No. 929001

Imagine insurance paying an arm and a leg to send someone to a so-called “clinic” and the clinic pretty much just chucks a tube at the patient and says “idk, do it yourself”. Top notch medical care.

No. 929003

She would have asked to do it herself. The nurses do it for them otherwise

No. 929005

@battling_4health is another one of those too, with a few fake medical instability emergencies chucked in. though she is an autist so I will be more fair on her.

No. 929007

I think Georgia once said that New Farm lets you insert your own tube kek

No. 929014

battling_4health is shay. She has like 3 accounts. Her autisim isnt real it started when georgia claimed to have it.

No. 929018

Anyone who wants to and has access to the internet and about 15 US dollars can buy a brand new, in the package NG tube, no doctors’ order or prescription required. I wouldn’t put it past her to buy and insert it herself, just for the asspats.

No. 929019

often it is better for a patient to insert an NG if they have had multiple because they can feel if its going in. some nurses just jiggle it around till it goes a bit further down and that hurts like shit

No. 929025

Enough with the tube talk already, guize.

No. 929028

File: 1581035015905.png (3.09 MB, 1242x2208, RduYPIr.png)

another one who loves the tube

thenextpaige live n looking for validation in a sleeveless top & nosehose

No. 929029

At least she looks like she needs it.

She reminds me of Bella a bit.

No. 929030

Lee has posted more on her story about how she's self harming with 5 year old blades and "oops tetanus" and now just on her way to the hospital is claiming to miss the bus despite running and makes comment about hoping her obs aren't "skewed". I swear this bitch has purposely sh'd so they take her and is trying to get her obs all wacky before she gets there on purpose it's so cringe to witness

No. 929031

File: 1581036141611.png (827.49 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-02-07-08-41-45…)

Not sure if anyone wants to see the ridiculous one about the "sh instruments"

No. 929032

File: 1581036250368.jpg (886.39 KB, 1242x1911, FE9wcb1.jpg)

this is from the other day which made me laugh considering the irony

She's fresh out of another ip unit and looking at her feed she was at least giving the impression that she was eating prior to this admission

No. 929035

Don’t tell Georgia this. She’s already convinced she has anorexia just because she sometimes skips a meal (which still doesn’t balance out her constant overeating, she’s done nothing but gain weight). She doesn’t need any more “validation” that she’s “sick.”

No. 929037

How does she know a blade's five years old? Who keeps a blade that long? Clown. She'll get turned away again and i will laugh.

No. 929060

As someone who works in A&E, these people are a fucking drain on resources. Damn these dumb bitches. Can't stand that

No. 929074

Does she live alone? If not, what do her parents think of her Dora the Explorer adventures to different hospitals? Obviously they're not concerned enough to give her a ride to the ER. Doesn't ER stand for EMERGENCY room? Where's the emergency if she's okay to have a night in chillin' out then getting a bus there when she pleases?

No. 929079

the tone on this is "gosh it would SURE BE A REAL SHAME IF MY OBS WERE BAD". I bet she's just got self- induced dehydration from the calorific beer she chugs like a 40 year old man.

No. 929081

GTFO out of that industry then

No. 929085

Nope, love the job, just not the frequent flyers that are a waste of time and just want attention.

Sounds almost like something someone with munchausen would say. "I sure hope my stats are bad, gee".

No. 929087

Are you fucking serious? You want tax payers money to entertain these time wasters?

No. 929092

Shes referring to DSH not time wasters.

No. 929094

Ok, I read it wrong, but I have to agree tbh. Unless it's a major gash and a main artery's been hit, they can deal with cuts by themselves. It's a waste of time going to hospital and if you're a self harmer, get a tetanus jab. Too much IS for attention.

Also, sage.

No. 929116

That must've been one hell of an ovarian cyst to warrant ~emergency surgery~

No. 929140

Pretty sure Lee just got refused admission again hahahahahaha

No. 929143

its almost like she doesnt need one. but never fear, the new farm clinic is here. they'll pander to her "needs"

No. 929148


She hasn’t accepted my follow request. Keep us updated.

No. 929156

I agree but she is a self harmer so her tetanus would be up to date. Also people who self harm just need wound care which the ED can provide. Beyond that is time wasters agreed.

No. 929174

File: 1581059924052.jpg (2 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-07-17-13-25-970_deco.jpg)

Can't recall if this one has been posted before, and saging as I'm not sure if she's genuinely milky or not, but @happihealingjac seems to be following the same trends as other Australian cows posted here. She's at a healthy weight, and thankfully admits this, but posted a big long caption making a show of detailing the fact that she supposedly cried in a cafe over granola, including a couple (not attached, sorry) grumpy, posed pics. Apparently she tried to get herself admitted to a psych ward recently but they saw through whatever her claims were and sent her home, so she instead has been put into a medical ward and lo and behold, is soon to be tubed.

Now, I can't say anything to the validity of any of this, but nowhere in her account is it seen that she was ever spoopy, and God knows, like other cows here, if she had been she likely would have posted "recovery transformation" pics.

Mercifully not part of the New Farm crew, I think she's from Sydney or something.

Also, sorry for the shite collage, I'm working with some dinky free app.

No. 929182

these cows sure love to call themselves ~brave~ for wasting everyone's time dont they

No. 929222

File: 1581074836774.jpg (465.15 KB, 1080x1386, 20200207_212740.jpg)

Appears averrrrage. Kek to follower

No. 929223

File: 1581075228398.jpeg (368.36 KB, 750x1301, B37AEFC2-6201-427D-BDE6-45B342…)

Oh wow Zoe being pro ana what else is new

No. 929264

File: 1581086969586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 725.81 KB, 1080x1828, 20200207_085001.jpg)

Sage for old milk found on Laura's venting account.

No. 929265

File: 1581087059991.jpg (760 KB, 1080x1716, 20200207_085105.jpg)


Full text to follow

No. 929266

File: 1581087084740.jpg (604.94 KB, 1080x1715, 20200207_085135.jpg)

No. 929269

Oh woe is fucking me. What she really means is “They handled me like every other psych patient so now I’m going to throw a toddler tantrum and refuse food and drink.” “Now give me attention as I put on my most sad and desperate face covered with my sooper serious self harm.” fucking Laura kek she is so extra

No. 929273

File: 1581087690133.jpg (475.06 KB, 1080x1476, 20200207_085121.jpg)

No. 929299

File: 1581094796084.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20200207-115616~2.p…)

aly had the edgiest "I'm so dark and full of darkness and I can't feel love" spergfest on insta last night for five hours lmao
The bitch drank one four loko and it triggered her "descent into madness"

No. 929352

I like how she claimed the therapist mentioned discharge after three sessions because of “entrenched behaviours” as if she’s so far gone or approaching SEED level… it couldn’t possibly have been because that slot would better serve someone ready to engage, who doesn’t use skipping a few meals as a ploy for attention. Oh no, not our only just slightly underweight delicate faerie bean uwu

No. 929355

Pretty sure she’s not underweight anymore after begging the hospital to put her on a super special re-feeding meal plan towards the end of her last admission. What a waste of a life. She could be pretty, successful (maybe?) if she just tried, but I guess it’s easier to play the “girl interupted” game than to just grow the fuck up.

No. 929358

File: 1581103196715.jpg (783.92 KB, 1080x1792, 20200207_131828.jpg)

Also old. She made a new account today and hasn't accepted my follow request (unsure why she accepted me on this account and not the new one; I never interacted with her)

No. 929361

File: 1581103833470.jpeg (600.88 KB, 1693x1660, 016AABE1-A768-40DC-8FA4-ED6C71…)

Thank you Becky for bravely enduring this woo woo ~treatment~ so we, the unenlightened masses, can ask for medical advice (as you definitely did) before spunking money (as you make abundantly clear you definitely don’t have) up the wall. The desiccated corpse selfies totally sell it.

No. 929362

this one really disappoints me. i’ve kept up with her for awhile and she seemed pretty dedicated after leaving from her last admission (i think she was in there about a year so you’d think there would hardly be any room for relapse — she was past restoration and gone through every group therapy the facility offered so a lot of rational thought and lucidity should’ve come back by then i feel like? but apparently not). sad to see her go right back downhill almost immediately. she does the same thing every time , posts a lot of food and pulls the while ‘i know my truth so i don’t have to share my current state with anyone for validation!! i’m healthy! why would you think otherwise?!’ anytime anyone in comments or on tell expresses concern. then she goes right back into full spoop show-off mode once she’s been rehospitalized

No. 929363

*whole not while

No. 929371

look at how fucking long her story is, she got a big MUTE from me, but now i miss a majority of the milk
nobody cares about her life that much to pay attention to even half of those

No. 929376

kek but seriously most of these faux inspiration ~yew are valid~ posts nearly always seem to be from those who have been hospitalised/tubed/didnt eat for two years/survived four heart attacks
That and the standard discharged!!! profile pic giving the finger next to the priory/blue NHS sign. It’s much of the same

No. 929378

It's been somewhat trending on social media. At least she didn't ask for donations this time for her sure jan healing treatment.

No. 929388

Its shocking she posts THAT much. She must still think she has 15k followers

No. 929393

Nah, the new Animal Crossing’s out soon so she’ll be dropping hints for a switch instead.

Apparently some studies show those sauna things can burn calories though. True or not, she can’t be unaware a large amount of her followers are only there for the spoop. Nice one, Becky. Such advocate.

No. 929395

File: 1581108564090.gif (987.93 KB, 500x265, didnt get that switch.gif)

Yeah, she comes here so she's seen the perverts post her. She must've been gutted when her mum didn't get her a switch for Christmas.

Lol that she thinks Schofield was brave for saying he's gay. Most of us knew he was for years before he said anything.

No. 929405

It's interesting that, like you said, she was giving the impression that she was eating enough and complying with her treatment after discharge and yet expects everyone to believe that she has no idea why or how she ended up back in hospital with a tube up her nose. She has a massive superiority complex and seems to genuinely think her followers are idiots (recently posted a collage of nose hose pics calling her followers out for liking those posts more than others) passing it off as a "social experiment". Thinks she's special and intelligent because she claims to be writing a book for BEat yet her grammar is shocking (just check out her bio)

No. 929407

right? At least it wasn't 80 stories of her rambling about nothing and singing out of her nose

No. 929409

oh, her grammar is HORRIFIC. none recently but a few times maybe over last summer while she was ip i remember her posting a few excerpts of what she was working on for the book to her story and it was barely legible. wondering if beat has actually secured a deal with her or if she’s writing something she’s decided to submit to them because she thinks it’ll be the shit. i’m not sure what it is about her that gains her such a following and so much genuine support ? most of what she does is just the same old anachan bullshit, toss a little extra pretentiousness on top

No. 929414

Oh shit, I saw this one in an ED memes page on Facebook. Yikes.

No. 929420

Yes this! That bs "social experiment" was just a way to show of how superrr smart she is and make everyone feel shit for falling for her rubbish. Writing some crappy book, lying to her followers. Everyone knew she was going downhill it was obvious from a mile off. I hate these phoney positive recovery pages almost more than these wannarexic cows.

No. 929428

I didn't know her until she was posted here. She's having a book published by Beat? Really? Has nobody told them she's faking it?

No. 929429

I've followed her for quite a while, last year she lost a bunch of weight and went from an obese bmi to low end of healthy, don't think shes been underweight though. but she's defs unwell

No. 929436

I truly hope the Beat book thing is a joke. Please someone confirm it's a fucking joke.

No. 929438

Well she did grift This Morning Live tickets…
Maybe she should take a leaf out of Schofe’s book. ‘Come out’ as a shallow, spoiled brat - or something equally obvious - and shock nobody whatsoever.

No. 929469

File: 1581123273739.jpg (105.02 KB, 913x565, 0.JPG)

Just googled this, at her recommendation. Seems she must've managed to overcome her travel issues to get her ass to Liverpool because that's the closest.

Also found info about why it's bullshit. I'm not surprised people join cults, they're too damn gullible.

No. 929484

File: 1581125187152.jpg (424.75 KB, 1080x1603, 20200207_192444.jpg)

Does this mean she's going to be in the documentary?

No. 929487

File: 1581125369161.jpg (69.32 KB, 700x298, 0.JPG)

sounds like laura

No. 929511

How negligent are the doctors to let het be interviewed and indulge her delusions. Wondering if she knew theyd be filming there and got herself re-admitted

No. 929522

She's still. fucking. going.
Holy shit, you guys.
"My life is tRaSh" yeah, cry more about how terrible your life is, where you have parents who love and coddle you and give you money so you can make rent for months with no job and pay your health insurance so you can be dramatic at doctors until they write you a scrip for xanax. Must be absolutely terrible for the poor princess.

No. 929524

File: 1581130426156.png (3.6 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2020-02-07_09-50-46_PM.p…)

dropped pic:

No. 929526

“threatening” to jump
say no more! not a medfag but that’s often terminology they tend to use when it’s more..behavioural?
“threatening to abscond”
“threatening to refuse medication”
“threatening to leave AMA”
as soon as they don’t get their own way.
anyway whether or not this chick is her. if you’re that unwell you’re wouldn’t be able to consent to filming to begin with

No. 929536

File: 1581131434164.jpeg (193.41 KB, 750x1062, BB3CAC71-02E3-4263-A24F-487309…)

She’s literally complaining and looking for a fix for her SVT attacks that don’t involve eating or gaining weight but will go and sit in a sauna that’s sole purpose is to raise your heart rate sounds like a great plan Beks, bring the dog!

No. 929538

Her stories read like those terrible YA novels by Ellen Hopkins

No. 929551

she's so desperate for asspats & validation. like, jump off the deep end or dont, talking about it is a cry for attention. aly already acts like a crack whore, not surprising that she's ACTUALLY done crack

No. 929563

Jackie doesn't need a cardiologist - she needs a fucking break from her daughter

No. 929580

File: 1581142832098.png (51.33 KB, 842x448, 0.png)

Did you read the comments? I think the woman's a nurse and she's telling her what to eat to help stop it. Becky can't even say "anorexia", it's "you know what".

Also noticed she's entered a competition for a treadmill!

No. 929588

File: 1581144705630.png (254.17 KB, 1098x514, jen mckenzie.png)

The ~jelly~ proana here >> 927726 posted on mpa calling lolcow fucked up. Anon >>927743 was correct.

Here she is, a "weight loss youtuber". Hmm, I'd certainly subscribe to a yt channel for weight loss when the content's made by someone who posts thinspo and bonespo on mpa and is jealous of someone who looks like they're about to drop dead. Obviously this bitch didn't bother to read how the girl she's jealous of couldn't control her bodily functions and her dad had to give her an enema. Yes, definitely something to aspire to, but go ahead and call lolcow fucked up.

No. 929605

File: 1581153024779.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-08-19-40-47…)

Anyone notice the subtle hospital wristband?

No. 929610

I’d hardly call that subtle…

No. 929611

It's called sarcasm

No. 929634

What’s Laura’s new Instagram called?

No. 929637

I'd be more interested if it was a festival wristband, but having fun and a gig isn't as good as being in hospital, right?

No. 929639

>‘aspiring tea addict’
what the fuck does she mean? she’s aspiring to like tea?

No. 929640

Probably hopes to switch the sugary syrupy coffees and milk shakes for flavoured tea. Says she's AN/BP in her mpa signature. Also has a dropbox with 100s of thinspo/bonespo.

No. 929642

Maybe she’s talking about the shit-your-pants tea that these cows seem to genuinely think will make them lose weight?

No. 929650

File: 1581165972547.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82 KB, 923x609, 0.JPG)

Or that Slimatee that makes you piss a lot.

Considering she supposedly eats healthily and is always at the gym, her weight loss does not reflect this. This was almost 3 years ago.

Oh, and she has body dysmorphia because she probably read that's a symptom of EDs. SPoilering this shit.

No. 929651

1 year!! Kek!

No. 929652

File: 1581167445802.jpg (81.98 KB, 927x585, 0.JPG)

Yeah, but you're going to be impressed with this #weightloss

Btw, she's an Aus. Next stop New Farm?

No. 929668

What is with all the Ausfags being healthy or overweight and claiming to be frail and spoopy and getting hospitalized. Where are all the spoopy Ausfags at

No. 929683

jesus thats laughable. i was literally obese in 2014 & it took me 5 months to drop 30lbs, its embarrassing for these chicks to claim any other ED besides binge eating disorder. how can they look at bonespo all day & not be embarrassed to post shit like this

No. 929685

who posts the best food spreads? for some reason I like looking at everything arranged so methodically.

there used to be that italian girl that always had different cookies

No. 929689

Wtf does she think we're supposed to be looking at here ? That's the exact same shrek lookalike fat face

No. 929711

She loses .9 or a lb in a WEEK! Don't take that away from her ffs!!

No mention of her anorexia on her video uploads.

No. 929716

That was Aly with the cookies she never ate. She mostly posts selfies now she aint a spoop no more, but still a few food pics if she's who you mean.

No. 929742

“Ganer gains could've done it all without her sister.” perfect

No. 929746

awkward pam meme

No. 929749

This girl has the most basic IG I’ve ever seen, I’ll follow basically anyone but hard pass

No. 929768

>>929081 I agree, if you don’t like your job get another job jfc

No. 929781

As I said, love the job, not the retards that come through with non deep cuts 5 times a week and demand we give them attention, or are supposedly oh so "sad" to be admitted for treatment while showing the biggest grin when getting hooked up to a NG tube because they feel "validated" in their fucking illness. When you see people dying that did not demand it, and these clowns turn up through the door, your compassion runs out very fast.
These chicks are thirsty for attention. It's annoying, but it's a fact. Move on.

No. 929782

She probably hasn’t done any of the drugs she claims because crack is not weak ass shit she’s just trying to sound fucking edgy and cool. Both heroin and cocaine are highly addictive and people don’t just dabble with it. She’s honestly just outing herself about how ignorant she is about drugs. Heroin is also really easy to od on when you don’t know what your buying and Aly is a fucking idiot that is liable to be scammed. Actually she probably got some fake drugs and got scammed by a dealer bc she’s so fucking dumb kek. That’s probably why the cocaine was so “weak” for her. But ok Aly you go WILLINGLY join the opioid epidemic that is effecting the states in a big way. I’m not one to be butt hurt but I can imagine these stories offended people, which is exactly what she wants, a reaction, dms, attention. She’s just being an edgelord and failing miserably. She’s so desperate for attention that she makes up a story about having meth dreams…. wtf? She’s honestly one of the cows I believe that truly has BPD. She is an absolute ott, attention seeking, nutter.
Was she admitted ?
I really hope your joking, the sarcasm is obvious….lol

No. 929783

Nah she wasnt admitted. Lee is just sporting the band from when she went to the hospital, was assessed then discharged. She is wearing the hospital bracelet around the house kek

No. 929824

Attention whoring through medical stuff there we go. Why would anyone wants to do that seriously.

No. 929851

Wait so she wasn’t admitted for the second time? Have an screen grabs about this? She didn’t accept my follow.

No. 929862

I think this is the one who screenshots anorexics posts from instagram and dumps them in a thinspo thread on MPA.

No. 929863

File: 1581208330378.png (3.11 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2020-02-08_07-31-24_PM.p…)

Aly def offended people. Instead of being a decent person, she basically called them an idiot for finding issue with her druggie romanticizing (she never posted a 'trigger warning', for the record)

No. 929864

unhappyvegemite was spoopy but idk her current user

No. 929869

File: 1581209322861.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 6D2801AC-C6F0-4CC7-A6D5-C0541B…)

Oh my god what a joke, who doesn’t just rip that off immediately after discharge like wtf kek.
Yup op is right she’s at home sulking. Will she try for a round three? Who knows… kek Here’s one that proves she’s home though, no gown, doesn’t appear to be in a hospital room. Anyway the rest of her stories are just her bitching not super milky tbh, we will bring you the milk no worries kek.

No. 929871

Kek not only did she ignore them and give a cunty response she also blocked them in typical Aly fashion, she says don’t like it don’t look, yet blocks the person and takes away that decision like wtf lol why even say that then? Also its hilarious she’s calling out this totally rational person on their logic… it’s illogical to choose to try a drug with the knowledge that it’s highly addictive and easy to od on. What a fucking numpty.
I don’t follow her, but is she done playing wanorexia games? Is druggie her new thing? I wonder if this is just a fleeting thought she posted for attention, regardless I’m interested where she takes this one kek.

No. 929874

I wish, but no. She's deep in a huge "I literally can't help b/ping u guys, I wish I had weed :((((" cycle, it's boring. She briefly was being super optimistic bc her best friend bought her shit lmao but of course that wore off.
So now it's endless cycles of "this time I'm gonna restrict for SURE" "oops I b/ped", wannabe drug kweening, and "I'm so aromantic and gay" while crying about how dudes don't reply to her thirst bait text messages and how no one will love her

No. 929883

Thanks! For some reason I’m now more interested in her than Georgia.

No. 929899

same here. she is classic BPD. attention seeking, regular emergency department visits.

No. 929903

Your welcome fellow farmer.
Ugh she’s still messing around with the whole lgbt thing…. why does it seem like she’s more gay when the men don’t respond to her thirsty thotty text messages. I wonder if she ever thought about being less shallow and vain, you can look like a million bucks but if your a fucking whining asshole whose mood has more ups and downs than a damn roller coaster, no guy or girl is going to want a relationship with that. She’s so dumb, I think her ego is so big and she prides herself on her attitude and how she responds to people, like she thinks she’s coming off strong and confident. But, if that’s how she acts towards people she wants to date or get with there’s no question in my mind why she’s nothing more than a fuck buddy kek. But no one can tell her anything, she’s resistant to legitimate constructive criticism because she’s so insecure, I doubt she’ll change. Kind of sad but she’s doing it to herself. She needs to step off her pedestal for a second bc she’s freakin deluded lol.

No. 929928

Watch this dumb bitch get addicted. "My soul craves numbness but I have no addictiveness in meeee." Bitch u are not special. You can and I'm pretty sure will. My friends that got addicted thought they'd just stop too. Not that I'd wish the hell of addiction on anyone, but this hoe is straight playin with fire. Maybe she'll lose weight when the fix is more important than food.

No. 929955

Wow the weight of a small shit. Ana Goals
I wouldn’t call it new. She has been arrested for it in the past but it’s exaggerated for her online ~presence~

No. 929963

File: 1581234245030.jpeg (959.48 KB, 3072x3072, 91C1EE0E-33D2-4C2E-9386-A093CB…)

She’s getting really crazy now -

No. 929976

Korey stop watching spirit science and thinking youre all woke n shit. That info isnt special, a lot of people already know that shit Shes 'discovering' these uber spiritual theories and practices and thinks shes suddenly a shaman kek
Next up, the healing powers of a singing bowl and deep meditation for astral projection.
I can see her implementing eccentric practices into her Nutritionists Job

No. 929981

Those of us who actually have anorexia don't want to go anywhere near the fat farm. We let the fat BPD wannarexics fill up the beds so that we can quietly just get on with what we want to do

No. 929982

Wooowwwww. We lookin for proana scumbags? Found one right here!

No. 930003

hardly. legitimate anorexics do not want constant refeeding admissions like these cows do. sorry to invalidate you

No. 930006

Yeah, 'cause they're "legitimate" proana scumbags.

No. 930008

Back to this post, it sounds so patronising. I can imagine a bunch of Tibetan Buddhists telling her about their belief system and she's squeeeing, "OMG, you guys are sooo cute!". It's good she's finding interests, but she's one of those annoying types who think they're the first to discover something that's pretty widely known, Reader's Digest stuff.

No. 930015

Do you know what proana means?

No. 930022

if she "needs" to get fucked up to escape herself she IS addicted, it doesnt have to be a physical addiction to only one substance
this is incredibly cringy, never post like this again

No. 930030

File: 1581262942183.jpeg (795.44 KB, 828x1458, 3AA0A212-D5C8-453E-806F-F8337F…)

Elzani is her food-obsessed, “soooper recovered” brain posted not one but FOUR angles and TWO ig stories about this bland, boring ass looking oatmeal. Just normal 22 year old things, right?

No. 930031

> Om Mani Padres Hum

apparently the monks she met are big baseball fans (it’s om mani padme hum)

No. 930050

File: 1581270641371.jpg (41.96 KB, 334x600, 0.JPG)

Is Georgia always anxious about gaining weight or losing weight? Why does she always flop her tits on the table?

No. 930055

No she’s not always anxious about gaining or losing weight kek she’s anxious because she always gains wait lol. I don’t follow her but based on what’s posted here she’s trending up… constantly. As for tabling her tits, I’m guessing they are so big they give her back pain and the table gives her a break lol

No. 930066

So bored of Georgie Porgie, she's an embarrassment. Every photo she posts is the same dead eyed stare, wish she'd mix it up with a pout or peace sign ffs

No. 930068

File: 1581275143509.jpg (14 KB, 236x223, 1.jpg)

Becky wins at being duller. Same old Pepe pout every damn day. She's giving skin care advice tonight if anyone wants to know how she looks so glowy.

No. 930069

File: 1581275574711.jpg (161.51 KB, 1242x2208, 4nS3euv.jpg)

Anyone else follow this cow? Constantly posting romanticized and attention seeking captions, always talking about how bad her situation is yet seems to maintain her (according to her, v underweight) weight. She was doing a q+a thing on her story today and I laughed out loud at this one- bit rich coming from someone who's constantly posting mirror selfies and body checks. Also possibly the most ironic photo to have chosen to accompany her answer kek

No. 930072

File: 1581276097641.jpg (442.35 KB, 1242x1730, fPUzusb.jpg)

it's not a joke (unfortunately) more to follow

No. 930073

File: 1581276139338.jpg (551.71 KB, 1242x1856, L7ZIEwb.jpg)

No. 930074

File: 1581276278771.jpg (594.72 KB, 1242x1860, 6q9N9m4.jpg)

No. 930075

File: 1581276417173.jpg (896.81 KB, 1242x1715, vv3ReyC.jpg)

No. 930081

I've lost the will to live. It went downhill after "knife's".

No. 930084

don't follow but her smirk makes this- she looks the opposite of sad

No. 930086

Anything going on with N2F lately?

No. 930087

That's some weak-ass writing skills right there. This book deal got to be a joke.

No. 930090

It looks like she threw a bunch of those writing exercises they make you do in therapy, except nobody bothered correcting her spelling or grammar.

No. 930093

Nah, just the same old shit. Sitting in her room b/ping 24/7.

No. 930134

Her attempts at ~fashion~ & ~beauty~ always give me a chuckle, thanks anon. All that filter and still looks like a mummified corpse

Oh lord. Look out, Marya Hornbacher

No. 930135

File: 1581284307817.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1125x1893, 3E2E0609-F666-4B15-A9D6-16FCDC…)

one of the many classic ana poses - sticking your arm in the air so it looks thinner (which is doesn’t, georgia, sorry)

No. 930136


Oh no, the poor waif must have gained weight!

No. 930137

>my quality as a person does not change

Guess you're stuck with low quality, Georgia.

Is that what she's doing with her arm? When I don't see here head, I get confused what part of her body is bulging. Guess this bulge is her tit hulking downwards towards the bed.

No. 930143

Her family must be so fed up of her. I bet her house is like walking on eggshells around her.

No. 930145

Any news on the twins?

No. 930149

Maybe she’s hoping someone will mistake it for her leg?

No. 930152

File: 1581286206281.jpg (45.34 KB, 500x340, tumblr_n3lkuxubnB1sp4aauo2_500…)

Arbitrary numbers…like her dozens of admissions to New Farm? The only time she seems "happy" is when she's being fed.

No. 930153

Follow them yourself if you're that interested

No. 930155

yeah because an objective measurement of her physical mass is arbitrary

No. 930177

File: 1581289747594.png (746.18 KB, 720x1117, Screenshot_20200209-230835~2.p…)

Maria's her usual self. I don't follow the other. One's enough.

No. 930178

Dya think she's been lurking here & read my comment about her dead eyed stare? Perhaps that's why she's treated us to a shot of her dainty bingo wing?

No. 930183

She gave us that shot for thinspo.

No. 930187

Anyone else notice how hannah has been without a toob for a while

No. 930259

File: 1581300839823.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1125x1889, 8B66FFE5-815D-4696-85E9-D9AE36…)

you spoke too soon

No. 930263

I mean she does look a bit thinner, but that's probably because she's on a controlled diet despite those 1000kcal feeds, but it still has to be so jarring/triggering for actual anorexics seeing her around getting the same treatment as they are? Idk it doesn't make sense at all. She reminds me of Kaydee the other obese wannarexic who died of a fentanyl overdose so much.

No. 930265

Top keks lol. Also Georgia as thinspo is the most hilarious concept I think I could ever imagine.
By productive I bet that means she’s eaten all her meals and snacks, ugh its a rough life binging in an ip clinic isint it Porgie kek. Maybe instead of a nap she should just hibernate. She may even lose a pound or two lol.

No. 930268

Yikes. What is it with these people and cranking out subpar, poorly written drivel? Spaceship used to do the same bullshit, didn't she? It's like they want to write the next Wasted or Wintergirls or whatever the fuck,but only ever produce 10th grade creative writing class level garbage.

No. 930271

File: 1581302964394.jpg (Spoiler Image, 751.58 KB, 1056x1878, 20200209_204723.jpg)


Hi Laura. I see you deleted this post from the 13th. Shouldn't you be off social media? (Throwing in another screenshot because imageboard)

No. 930272

File: 1581303007885.jpg (Spoiler Image, 787.28 KB, 1080x1854, 20200209_204713.jpg)


And one more

No. 930279

Attention seeking. Fucking drama queen.

No. 930296

Lol. Since when does wanting to avoid gaining weight (y'know, like the very definition of having anorexia) equate to being pro ana? Have the obese ~atypical anorexics~ blurred the lines so much that quietly just having anorexia is now automatically deemed as pro-ana?! It seems pretty obvious to me that someone who legitimately suffers from anorexia would want to avoid a place that dishes out refeeding meal plans and NG tubes willy nilly.

No. 930313

>>Anorexia is unhealthy!
>>I deserve to be unhealthy!

No. 930327

>>930272 are there any posts about when she ligatured? It so, post caps pls

No. 930334

File: 1581320431303.jpg (589.47 KB, 1033x1881, 20200210_170853.jpg)

But why WOULD you need one?

No. 930345

Yep, imagine those meal times where "tensions are high" and you're a genuine anorexia sufferer sat with our dainty queen whos feigning disgust at her fish & veggies whilst she shovels it all in with her trotters…
Just a glimpse of what "complying" has to offer you.

Amazing what money can buy you, the public system would be like BUH BYE here is a leaflet on healthy eating…

No. 930354

Because I’m not on Instagram anymore so can’t .

No. 930382

I'm not posting it because I'm not, but Georgia also posted a naked baby picture of herself. Are platforms like Instagram cool with it?

No. 930383

I thought that was kinda weird too. It didn’t overly show off her “bits” but still not something I think should be put out there, especially on a public account. One never knows what kind of creeps are out there, even for seemingly innocent pictures of children. It’s always been one of my big hang ups about kimhoelt (I think that’s her ig name? Idk, she blocked me for suggesting that posting her kids’ naked tub time was irresponsible)

No. 930398

That whole post is wrong. Writing to her inner child about traumas. There's a time and place for that - in private, in therapy, not on instagram.

I like her JonBenet Ramsey look.

No. 930412

I think she’s trying to be ~*~inspirational~*~

The whole thing just read as pure cringe.

No. 930417

File: 1581344514347.jpg (663.09 KB, 1079x1671, IMG_20200211_002108.jpg)

Just found another cow claiming to oh so spoopy. More photos to come

No. 930418

It's more like she wants pity for her traumas. Nobody cares about the fat adult but it's easier to feel bad for a child. Everyone has traumatic events but some have to talk about it all the time yet seemingly don't work on it. Pretending to be sick isn't progression.

No. 930419

File: 1581344559441.jpg (551.2 KB, 1079x1791, IMG_20200211_002123.jpg)

Claims her face is "getting thin" yet every photo of her face she's doing this weird sucking in pose

No. 930420

File: 1581344610493.jpg (667.23 KB, 1079x2010, IMG_20200211_002152.jpg)

And just why??

No. 930422

I never worry about the average weight wanas. They go through their phase of hoping they catch an eating disorder without getting spoopy. If she was concerned about looking fat she wouldn't wear tight leggings and a short jumper.

No. 930423

Oh lol. Man hand. She mentioned a storm, must be a UKfag.

No. 930424

File: 1581344837683.png (1.39 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-11-00-27-27…)

Even in her stories she poses stupidly. Literally just found her account and I'm laughing

No. 930436

her eyes are pointing in two different directions kekek really trying to pop ur cheekbones out with that pose

No. 930439

I didn't reply because I thought it might be a self post with anon finding the account but it's private. That girl's Tell says she's visually impaired. Her ig says she's 4ft 9in which is odd because she looks way taller in that full length shot.

No. 930444

File: 1581349562199.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1753, B2E3967E-75B9-4E8B-AD70-619F3A…)

I can assure you that this is NOT what we call a “propper good old English Sunday breakfast” Severely concerned at the reduced stickered packet of raw bacon lying there and the thrown on pickled onions make me gag thinking about them..

No. 930445

I'm really feeling grim looking at her pics thee days. Reduced bacon barely fried or grilled. Undertoasted toast. Overdone mushrooms. What's with the lettuce? She was at Asda looking for binge food.

No. 930464

Not a self post but it would be funnier if it was. Just helps having similar accounts and you find the goodies

No. 930478


None that I can see. She didn't post in here as much as her main account.

No. 930490

god n2f makes me so sad these days. like this is not a good life. i genuinely do hope she gets help. also i may be american but that doesn’t look like any full english breakfast i ever saw

No. 930492

Same, I just feel so sad about her life. I picture her holed up like a gremlin with a tiny electric heating element cooking half-rotted, slimy bacon while simultaneously vomiting skinny syrup and white rice doused in sugar free ketchup into a plastic bag. She lives with people, how is no one intervening?!

No. 930495

I swear I can see a dirty sanitary towel in the picture below the waf-fulls wrapper on the right…

No. 930498

Ffs cannot unsee

I'm off to bleach my eyes.

No. 930499

A full English is usually bacon, egg, tomato, sausage and beans. Maybe mushrooms and some toast. The issue here is the pickled onions, the random wafers in a bowl and generally how sloppy it looks.

I thought that brebek chick with her frying egg on her toastie machine was unparalleled, but n2f has dropped to that level. Her whole room must stink of vomit.

There's a bulimic I feel bad for on mpa who's been posting what she eats and purges all day long. Difference is, her food looks good. Same friendless existence. It's difficult to not feel pity for n2f, then I remember she pretends she keeps it all down.

She's the kind who's eventually going to be found dead over the toilet and they put her pic in the media to ~raise awareness~

No. 930500

I think it is.

No. 930501

Meant to link to sanny towel post. Might be a pigs ear her dog chews on, but that's wishful thinking.

No. 930504


Disgusting and sad on so many levels.

No. 930509

I was about to say the fact that she’s clearly cooking this bacon on a hot plate makes me worried about her getting food poisoning- but I don’t think a spell of food poisoning would be too different from how her days are usually spent

No. 930510

I wonder if she has a microwave in her room? Maybe that's how she "cooks" everything yet nothing looks proper ie: toast not toasted, bacon looks sad and slimey etc. I agree though really so grim. She just looks like she is living in complete squalor.

No. 930513

I'd say she has a microwave and a hot plate in her room. Has she murdered her family and buried them in the garden? How can they ignore the cooking smells coming from her bedroom? The smell of her stained blankets. It's a horror film.

No. 930516

The squalor of her room aside, she just looks like a Gollum at this point. She looks unwell. She looks legitimately crazy. If she doesn’t have a job or go to school, how is no one doing anything about the fact she hides away in her room alll day long?!

No. 930526

It could be that her parents have given up, and if she's cooking and purging in her room at least they don't have to see it. The parents of that Amy from Intervention had her live in the basement for the same reason.

I don't know how she affords all the food. I know a lot of it's reduced or own brands, but still, it's a lot of money she's puking.

I reckon that last selfie where she's showing her chest bones is a kind of cry for help.

No. 930528

File: 1581366621511.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 6643ABAA-7181-4B11-B404-C7E802…)

Here we go Lee making it a round three! I find this story to be very telling. At first she says she “dumbly” downed a bottle of klonopin, but regrets not finishing it off. So basically she wants to od just enough to survive and get treatment. That’s not really someone who wishes to die, that’s someone who wishes to get admitted. It’s actually pretty sad. Especially bc she said “my only regret is not finishing it off”, by that she totally means I didn’t do enough to look sooper suicidal and get admitted Of course I don’t want the girl to seriously hurt herself for attention but she’s getting out of control, tossing back a bottle of klonopin just so she can get in and get some tube picks?! That is insanity! Where’s this girls parents kek! Or boyfriend or friends or anyone that can knock some sense into her? I feel like she may not stop until she gets what she wants and she like actually might accidentally kill herself… yikes. Laura girl you got some competition for top crazy cow wanorexic!

No. 930533

Well, to be fair, this is if you're taking her word for it. Chances are just as likely she's lying for attention.

No. 930534

Was going to say this. If she took a lot of klonopin, she'd be sleeping it off for a few days, not eating and waiting to make phone calls.

No. 930537

I think she's probably stealing and/or dumpster diving.

No. 930538

I did consider this but I didn’t want to sound like too much of a d bag kek. She probably didn’t take enough to do anything now that I think about it, because even if not a psych admission would she not at least be in hospital for monitoring? Also she didn’t mention stomach pumping or activated charcoal, and y’all know if that would have happened we would have had photo documentation with a lee who’s chuffed to bits. Going back to the original photo I’m jw what the fuck is up with her and Mickey Mouse? She’s got the ears, a stuffy… Also she’s got a fun filter and is losing with her toungue out kek. Whose got the will to do all that shit when they don’t have the will to live…?

No. 930569

File: 1581373940824.jpeg (790.91 KB, 1242x1976, 40FB9874-0758-4A1E-9E87-198202…)

anyone seen this girl? never seen her on here. she’s from the uk and has been ip like 6 times. always posting pics of food saying she ate ‘evErY laSt bItE’ but then always ends up back in ip (look at her cheeks in that one picture!!!) claims her ed is about control but complained when a very small patient would be admitted. she’s out now, not much milk but she lies a lot and is always posting body checks trying to validate herself

No. 930570

File: 1581374145871.png (6.97 MB, 1242x2208, F231927D-83D6-45FF-B2CF-785AB1…)

an example of her body checks (this is an old one)

No. 930572

Oh god, she lives in my area. I looked her up on fb and she posted a pic of het flippin the bird at the Altrincham Priory sign. She doesn't know how fortunate she is to get a bed and she thinks it's fun fannying around in a wheelchair.

Honestly believe serial ips like her shouldn't be given a residential stay unless they show improvement. This one don't want to recover.

No. 930573

…and those drawers on the desk are warped.

No. 930576

literally, there are so many like her. always in general, always in ip and they get off on it.
and, nah, it was just a screenshot from a video. as in, she genuinely looked like that. how her parents let her get away with it?? i’ll never know

No. 930613

recovering_starfish is another one. exaggerates the severity of her ED but looks average small. I think these two are best buddies.

No. 930620

File: 1581380016075.jpg (674.68 KB, 1080x1676, 20200210_180922.jpg)


Honestly the vent account doesn't have a lot of milk in it. I might post a few more caps. She has a new "venting" instagram but hasn't accepted as many followers as this account.

No. 930621

File: 1581380054073.jpg (670.54 KB, 1080x1700, 20200210_180943.jpg)


She's mentioned this incident before, iirc

No. 930623

File: 1581380149814.jpg (155.81 KB, 1071x1109, 20200210_181554.jpg)


She has just over 700 followers on the "old" account

No. 930634


this filter makes her look demonic

No. 930641

What in the world did ana chans do before social media existed? They manage to make whoring themselves out for asspats a full time job

No. 930646

Half of them didn't exist

No. 930693

File: 1581392516490.png (1.68 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-11-13-35-31…)

Another one posted to her story kek

No. 930697

File: 1581393699010.jpg (160.31 KB, 465x537, uncanny.jpg)

No. 930719

she's vision impaired no need to nitpick also where is the milk in that anyway

No. 930721

starting to scream self post hahahah

No. 930735

I just want to know who the fuck sucks in their cheeks like that??

No. 930750

File: 1581403001039.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, 20200211_163611.jpg)

Anyone want to bet when she will be back

No. 930758

File: 1581404949040.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, BCE9A145-E96D-4A7A-8E91-6A3922…)

Part 1
Lee reminds us three times of how unwell she is medically, someone get her a tube stat! I love how she says she can’t walk straight, like sure jan, I think she means she’s only capable of walking straight to the emergency department kek!

No. 930760

File: 1581405711369.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, AFE076E2-9BE2-4E6B-A691-D7C89C…)

Part 2
Remember you guyz she can’t walk straight, don’t forget it! She’s sooper sick y’all. But have no fear, she has… a babysitter…lol

No. 930762

File: 1581406366919.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 7043744B-4DE0-45EF-A2CB-57E08F…)

Part 3
Just in case you guys forgot Lee can’t walk, and a new development in her steadfast deterioration of health, she can also barely type! Lol I cannot even take this seriously anymore, like how can you not walk or type but have the wherewithal to meet a friend, update your Instagram story complete with perfectly normal written text, and selfies with different filters. facepalms she’s not even trying to fake it anymore. Or at the very minimum she’s just not convincing. I wonder how her friends and family react to this behavior. She probably just acts normal in real life and just lives the ott life on her instagram.

No. 930763

Oh no doubt, in her mind rather than discharge planning she’s probably looking to plan her next vacation to the New Farm, home of the lolcows kek. She won’t last long out of clinic anyway, with all the weight she’s lost at NF she’ll be a dainty little waif in need of tube feeds in no time. Especially since she didn’t get any tube pics this go around kek. And for the autists who don’t seem to get sarcasm on this thread lol this is sarcasm kek

No. 930782

Her dad is a doctor too. I don't get why she's always discharged still so underweight. She's one who always says she's doing it for real this time but is back ip on deaths door a few months later. She is never going to get to a healthy weight she's full of crap.

No. 930783

Ah yes all her nurses and doctors kiss her and hug her, she's the sickest ana of all. Kek. She seems to have a lot of health issues not related to her Ed but makes out they are related.

No. 930804

File: 1581423900622.jpeg (653.83 KB, 750x1028, 78AF302B-905E-4368-AB40-488543…)

wasn’t she just in a coma

No. 930823

exactly this. she also would post very calorific foods, look "fine" and then be admitted.

No. 930828

Ah yes, her sooper severe depression that absolutely needed ECT is totally fine now, no biggie, everything is A-OK! Fuck me.

No. 930829

File: 1581429256259.png (623.52 KB, 720x1010, Screenshot_20200211-133552~2.p…)

Is having clown eyebrows a requirement for these ana cows?

She'll do what she did last time. Slag off Elzani for having no life while bragging her own life is great with work and friends. Then someone at work will piss her off and she'll suffer a couple of days of eating one McDonald's 99p burger then check into NF, rinse and repeat.

Img is the addiction at Maria's coffee shop table. Nicotine, meds and aspartame.

No. 930846

well if she’s as blind as other anons keep saying she probably can’t see how stupid she looks kek

No. 930852

She has a visual impairment, not milky. Beyond the weird faces she's the same as 99% of the other scumbags. She's also Scandinavian I think? Definitely not a native English speaker, but that's not really milky either. Next.

No. 930855

File: 1581434580158.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, E9E239B2-8894-4D42-85A0-1A2C57…)

A little n2f to lighten the mood

No. 930857

File: 1581434696004.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 9649E396-981A-478A-9ABB-7454A1…)

Her fingers are what rlly gross me out tbh, but it’s kinda sad she seemed to be doing ok for a while but now she body checks on stories and second guesses herself about what she eats a lot, it’s a weird stream of consciousness to tune into.

No. 930858

File: 1581434772385.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, DE5112FE-307E-474E-9FEE-0DE992…)

Pic related about second guessing herself

No. 930860

File: 1581434832527.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, AFB17806-9828-4560-A4D3-1E1FAE…)

Last 1

No. 930861

The only nice thing I've ever seen on her pic - the sausage dog tray. How much food does she actually post in a day? Here we have the biscuits with jam and haribo, a Muller rice and >>930857 chocolate brioche. Microwaved. Kinda confirms suspicions she has a microwave in her room.

Wow, remember when her food looked looked nice? Really well made sangas and yogurts? Now it's pure sugar and slop. How low can she go?

See, this is what I was talking about. It used to look good.

Thanks for posting these. Guilt at extra jam? Nah, that don't wash, girl.

No. 930904

She posts 4 times a day (for each meal/night snack) and then posts 4-5 stories per meal with “close ups”. They’re mostly boomerangs, she was posting herself eating and I didn’t get a cap of the story she made saying she’s been mentally unwell lately and constantly bodychecking, especially while eating. Then she started making stories of doing exactly that.

No. 930924

I hope she's still in the system and she's getting weighed and talking about it. It's been obvious to us she's been getting worse, and as much as I love being disgusted by her food and filth, give her some help.

I never believe that a parent doesn't know their kid's bulimic. I'd like to see a documentary with parents rather than the person with a disorder. It's difficult to get your head around how they can ignore it or carry on letting them get away with it - n2f, Becky, the Russian girl, Ashley's mum (until the last couple if years), all the ones who aren't fake ana chans.

No. 931046

File: 1581459243630.jpeg (995.38 KB, 893x1573, 3A4DFBBE-14EF-4EDC-93A7-6F7275…)

Paris has definitely got some cognitive impairment a bit like the twins from the many years of Anorexia. I find it hard to feel sorry for her though as she refuses to change anything and wonders why nothing has changed. Her family are just enablers at this point, keeping her trapped in her childlike Winnie the Pooh state when she has nothing to show for the past 8 years but the same 97g of melon she weighs out. Sad

No. 931073

Self-post? I don't even know who this is but she looks boring

No. 931076

I completely agree, it doesn't make sense to let people take up beds to do inpatient exactly what they would be doing outpatient anyways… anorexics can be anorexic for free outside a hospital, give the beds to people who care about their life
Why on earth is she saying she can't walk?? Because of the overdose?

No. 931089

The comparison to the twins is spot on. After so much treatment over years, it's herself stopping herself getting better. She's never pushed herself. If she really wants to not feel hungry and eat chocolate, there's no reason she couldnt be at that point by now. She wants to stay in the safe bubble her disorder gives her at the he expense of being miserable af.

Shame she's so whiney and reluctant to change because she's got a good sense of style, she's pretty and probably has a lot of potential, just like the twins with their qualifications and intelligence. It IS sad, and yeah, her family are enabling her to stay stuck in her rut.

No. 931105

No she’s just a train wreck, i think we talked about her previously when she was in a “coma” and her “friend” posted for her??

No. 931110

RIP her frazzled over bleached hair, even if the rest of her survived her coma. I remember her. The one who posted one coma life on ig but party life on fb.

No. 931130

File: 1581465795115.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1836, 20200212_100345.jpg)

Shes well mentioned here before

No. 931247

File: 1581483828824.jpg (820.74 KB, 1564x1564, straya strikes again.jpg)

And chalk another one up for Australia. She was posted before because of her terrifying eyebrows and constipation faces, but now she's taken herself to the ER and 'doesn't know how'. Relentless.
She's constantly posted throw backs to 'before her ed' where her body looks exactly the same as it does now despite snooper serious anorexia. Also of note is the quote in her bio, 'hell is empty, all the devil's are here'. Originally a Shakespeare quote, but there's no doubt its from Starving In Suburbia, everybody's favourite garbage eating disorder movie.

No. 931249

Meant to be sooper, fucking autocorrect. Sage for spelling sperg.

No. 931262

Amazes me how easily people get admitted in other states because here in Perth it’s so hard to get decent treatment when you need it, and yet people from other states just seem to abuse the system.

No. 931266

File: 1581487767156.jpg (392.29 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20200212_160905.jpg)


It's like clockwork. Someone start a new bingo, one of the spaces could be 'hospital sees through bullshit'. 9/10ths of these people would have that box checked.

No. 931269

thats strange, as plenty of milky instagram wannarexics are in and out of hospital in W.A such as @jessicas_recoveryx, @pixie.dust.battles, @beyond_quasi, @lacking.a, @ashleighsjourney_, @hannys_journey.
yeah, her and Lee are bona fide attention seekers. they contribute to the "attention seeking" suicidal stereotype.

No. 931274

Defs used to be/may well still be milky but she cut me from her vent account. She used to be my milkiest milk. Was obese no more than a year ago. Very dramatic and will do anything to get a trip to the emergency department.

No. 931276

I wouldn’t call the state system decent help to be honest.

No. 931282

Any caps of this? There's no images like that on her account. Too early to call self post buuuut

No. 931296

im kind of surprised that some of these cows haven't been posted more, @jessicas_recoveryx is one of the milkiest out and @meltinglikehoney another Perth wanarexie

No. 931302

So post them? Not rocket science.

No. 931306

File: 1581505839097.jpeg (210.25 KB, 750x1086, EA968002-4C00-4175-9540-67EE9A…)

So some people were interested before in revisiting Jonzie, I think it’s a good time bc she’s back on her hospital bullshit. She’s laid of the multiple personalities thing or whatever and is going back to munchie/wanorexia here’s her most current post, (more photos to follow) but notice the puppy dog pout, the gown pulled down so far trying to force out the collarbone and yo show the telemetry that is literally so standard kek for anyone who “faints” or has “cardio issues” also as I post more pay attention to the changing sizes in her face, she seems to be incredibly inconsistent with her shooping tsk tsk that’s not believable jonzie!

No. 931307

File: 1581506106124.jpeg (558.53 KB, 750x894, C199B3B7-CB57-486C-A8F7-28E812…)

It’s crazy all the fried food she eats, yet claims “severe gp” from her sooper struggle with anorexia kek

No. 931308

File: 1581506183270.jpeg (799.64 KB, 750x1203, AE46B80C-A9C4-4099-BEC1-84A9E2…)

Another recent upload of more fried food

No. 931309

File: 1581506373767.jpeg (776.01 KB, 750x1200, 567790A9-AC0A-4E83-8AE8-49C155…)

She can eat all this shit yet needs fucking pedialyte what a damn snowflake. Drink some damn water or apple juice and stop being such a numpty.., if you can eat burgers and chips as well as tacos, then I think you can safely hydrate yourself. You ain’t special Jonzie kek.

No. 931311

File: 1581506585858.jpeg (749.34 KB, 750x1207, C996FA1A-2465-4EC1-8B02-C01962…)

Finally just for shits and giggles here she is regressing at some type of Walt Disney event. This is what I meant in the op >>931306 about her face changing she looks like a whole different person. Anyway I’m hoping and expecting to milk this cow once she transfers to her hospital. We might even get a Mama Bear sighting kek!

No. 931323

yup @meltinglikehoney is pure gold.
post screenies. don't follow her anymore.

No. 931336

Yes! Ahh Alexys milk is so so sweet
Ty anon

No. 931338

They're private accounts
So you bring the milk

No. 931357

She is my all time favorite cow but won’t let me follow her I’m so sad! TY anon for bringing the milk!! So what is this about dropping the DID shit? Is she just pretending it didn’t happen?? That stuff was pure munchie gold down to her fake test messages from her alters. Kek

No. 931367

File: 1581521482906.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 58DF42B2-0540-4591-BC1D-0DB8D0…)

Your welcome kek!
Part 1 Photo
Yes she is a great one! And I don’t really know she used to post tons of multiple personality content and stuff of her being the different identities or whatever and her account name was like “system unite” like a DID thing but now as you can see it’s just her name. I think she’s dropping it because she wants to go back to doing the munchie wanorexic thing. To me, it seemed like more of a hobby or way to entertain herself but now that she’s focused on manipulating her health she must not have time for DID games kek. No updates from the cow yet but I’ll keep y’all posted. Go back a thread or two or three if you don’t follow her because I’ve posted some of her DID milk in the past. I can’t seem to find any on her account so you’ll have to look back. In the mean time enjoy this through back post photo, text in following post.

No. 931368

File: 1581521610471.jpeg (270.35 KB, 750x1099, 79DE7DD3-DCF6-4415-8BC4-B6624E…)

Part 2 Text

No. 931378

Is she still being treated at a children's hospital even though she is like, 23??

No. 931380

File: 1581524035394.jpeg (169 KB, 750x1116, 82178D06-7CB7-4D0C-92EA-ADF92C…)

I’m not the op but I realized I follow her too.
Here’s one post that jumped out at me lol

No. 931391


She's starting to look old, as in too old for any maternal woman/nurse to want to be all tactile and motherly with her.

No. 931394

She's saying she's tiny there? Is she Georgia size now or something? She totally looks like one of Manson's Family members.

No. 931450

File: 1581537404379.jpeg (431.77 KB, 750x1067, 15EA6F51-FCA3-4F6D-A6A2-6CE2D4…)

This is a screen shot from a recent video…

No. 931451

File: 1581537460423.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 218F62B4-7E14-454D-9D93-E3D2AF…)

and then just in case you forgot that she had a feeding tube….

No. 931456

Is she a a trans now, or a pronoun? She looked better with the hair and eyebrows, her weight is irrelevant.

No. 931461

I don't think thats her in the video.

She's now doing feeding tube awareness..citing she's not hiding it anymore…too bad she never has and shows it off at any opportunity.

No. 931462

why is this even a thing? nearly everyone is aware that anachans view their feeding tube like some sick badge of honor
>im going to keep posting pictures of me and my tube
just admit you miss it & move ON

No. 931466

I hate anything ~awareness~ because people are already aware. If they weren't aware of tubes, what does being suddenly aware that people use feeding tubes do? I know some people do it because their hearts are in the right place, but things like breast/testicular cancer? If you're a woman and you don't know about breast lumps then you must be an idiot.

The awareness things usually involve people humble bragging about having a special illness. (Stuff like Sudden Infant Death is okay because it's informative, but why the fuck do I want to know about someone's tube or colostomy bag, let alone see it?)

No. 931489

Any new posts on the kennedy account?

No. 931546

File: 1581554017606.jpeg (499.48 KB, 750x834, 6532414C-3197-43A2-B687-CB67F7…)

Part 1
Here we go everyone, our first update from the precious baby alexys

No. 931547

File: 1581554064949.jpeg (390.25 KB, 750x1003, C6610F96-DF8F-4C19-BD70-BA844E…)

Part 2
The text post

No. 931549

File: 1581554287836.jpeg (140.07 KB, 750x1334, DBA3A51E-2A06-4492-A67F-50A95E…)

Because everyone needs to know what drugs she’s getting what a numpty

No. 931550

File: 1581554369013.jpeg (128.74 KB, 750x1334, 507992F7-D199-461E-AC8D-159819…)

So she’s a fall risk but still risks one hand to get that precious boomerang for the Instagram kek so fucking dumb

No. 931551

File: 1581554484215.jpeg (187.18 KB, 750x1334, 0EC463BE-87EB-4AA8-8387-6EC231…)

Yea it’s not all about having bad veins… sometimes nurses just suck at iv and they can only prick u x amount of times before they have to call for ultrasound like this ain’t special. Besides the fact she probably dehydrated herself real good for this incident. What happened to her pedialyte stock kek!?

No. 931552

File: 1581554632403.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 5D491DBD-45D5-4C54-B653-7195D6…)

Yea let’s take a serious hospitalization and make jokes about cocktails. Who is she kidding she just wanted an excuse to post a picture of her iv, hooked up to nothing might I add, her fall risk band and children’s blanket kek

No. 931554

Is she skinny again? Also had she talked about eating detergent recently?

No. 931561

Why the time stamp censor?

No. 931562

is she still playing the DID card?

No. 931564

Assuming it's because anon thought it sends a notification when screenshotted and the time would show exactly who with a notification

No. 931569


@meltinglikehoney is posting some crap on her story now about going to the police about this website, good luck hun(imageboard)

No. 931573

File: 1581561638224.jpg (623.86 KB, 1080x1888, 20200212_204101.jpg)


Image. Board.

No. 931576

"none of this really phases me" yeah right, why else would you be making a post threatening us with bullshit.

No. 931593

File: 1581568636936.png (4.64 MB, 1125x2436, IMG-4305.PNG)

This nurse(?) clearly has some body dysmorphia re: her lips, but she also seems to be an under the radar ana. She is skelly skinny & most of her posts seem to be not so subtle body checks

No. 931594

File: 1581568689255.jpg (637.05 KB, 2400x2400, IMG-4309.JPG)

Some of those body checks

No. 931596

>Beauty is Power
>would literally break her hip like a 90 year old if someone pushed her over

No. 931600

File: 1581570422055.png (1.44 MB, 1836x901, tara_jayn3.PNG)


jeezus fuck! imagine rocking up to a cosmetic surgery appointment, then seeing this 'nurse' walk in… she must scare off 95% of the clientele with those fish lips!
how does she even talk?!

oh and sure thing she has an inner spoop (pic)

No. 931602

No. 931613

>If you're a woman and you don't know about breast lumps then you must be an idiot
Oh you absolute sped. Obviously if you're a woman and you do know about breast cancer symptoms then it is because you are benefiting from awareness. Nobody is born with an innate knowledge of healthy tit tissue.

No. 931614

Stop confusing basic education with being made aware by the ribbon toting, Breast Check Day 2020, #icheckedminetoday ~awareness~ crowd. Pedantic sped.

No. 931631

File: 1581579494871.jpg (1.03 MB, 1041x1561, 20200213_173802.jpg)

The BPD moods are real

No. 931638

how does she even have a boyfriend

No. 931651

File: 1581588929797.jpeg (930.73 KB, 750x1197, 8479BC45-78FA-47DC-AA1C-486125…)

In the face she looks normal but she’s a classic photo shopper spoop so it’s hard to tell, in my opinion she looks average. She is short so if anything I would say her frame is petite but she doesn’t look underweight at all no.
She had literally just posted the stories so I didn’t want her to be able to guess who it was that was posting her if she saw my account and potentially lurks here. Especially since her DID went away when we discussed it here. We can’t lose our connection to the cow lol, she doesn’t have a ton of followers so even though I’ve never interacted with her on instagram, I’m playing it safe kek
Nope I haven’t seen any posts about it and I think she might have taken some down, the only thing that remains is an educational highlight about DID, she does this weird thing where she copy and pastes things from google to educate and spread awareness kek I’ll post a screen grab

No. 931653

File: 1581589269838.jpeg (895.53 KB, 750x1213, 518DDCEC-0CC9-4FD9-A311-0A932F…)

Also here’s her other stupid highlights if anyone’s interested. Highlights themselves are mostly text posts straight from Wikipedia, not super milky but if anyone wants me to go through any specific one and post some images let me know

No. 931654

File: 1581589424510.jpeg (984.63 KB, 828x1504, E3B43F43-C1EB-4CB2-86DB-093481…)

Wasn’t she having carrot cake and ice cream with her dad a day ago? At least she’s getting fortisip, I imagine otherwise georgieporgie would waste away if she skipped dinner! What a waste of resources. She only “can’t eat” when there’s a team of Treatment specialists watching.

No. 931655

File: 1581589466760.png (610.22 KB, 750x1334, EB84D65B-4F2B-4764-8F6E-ED0264…)

Here’s an example of one story from one of her eating disorder highlights lol, she went through all the Eds, but I chose to post this one because… kek detergent >>931554

No. 931665

Just wondering how she can fall through the cracks if there’s clearly nothing wrong with her, she probably over dramatized her symptoms and emotions and still didn’t get a bed, they must have her marked down as a an attention seeker in the charts. I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t tried another hospital or maybe she has idk kek. I hate the baby sitter talk like grow the f up and just say you need support or something.

Oh what a relief she is supplementing I’d be so worried now that she’s out of clinic that she’s be dropping weight at a rapid pace waisting away into oblivion, full on waif status kek. I cannot believe someone her size who wants people to think she’s anorexic or atypical anorexic would voluntarily drink a fortisip. In my country we don’t use those, so I’m not sure how they taste. It says vanilla kek this was likely her after dinner dessert let’s be honest lol

No. 931669

Yep. She went out with her dad for a slab of carrot cake with a dollop of cream and said recovery feels great lol.

No. 931674

I don’t think she’s out of clinic. I’m thinking she feigned being unable to finish dinner to get a little extra attention and reassurance from the nf nurses that she’s definitely a soopersickanachana

No. 931675

File: 1581593960086.png (8.05 MB, 1125x2436, DCF6989D-4E89-4A29-AF75-328515…)

Um what

No. 931680

That caption with that I'm so cute, hand to mouth pose. Gold.

No. 931682

Wow, another headbanger faking paranoia. All these mh trends come and go quicker than the latest eyeshadow palette.

Well done for making sure she didn't fuck up her specs tho.

No. 931685

@meltinglikehoney is now talking about a friend called Kate who is dying of her eating disorder…and is going on how anorexia is a serious illness…yeah we know but you don't have it sis.

No. 931707

Instead of commentating, post a pic and small caption. I don't get why you're explaining it?!

No. 931708

They can't tell when u screenshot on insta, just post caps

No. 931737


Pics or gtfo.

No. 931741

File: 1581613351938.jpg (103.97 KB, 750x1333, 2242011600215436233_957105559.…)

No. 931745

Wait has she always purged? I thought she was an atypical anorexic kek. I wonder what she had for the meal before this lol. I don’t get how she’s ok with eating this shit but can’t eat a dinner of her own choice and chooses a fortisip. I still think she had regular dinner and had that for dessert like a milkshake. She’s one of the cows that would like supplements.

No. 931747

File: 1581613776586.jpg (702.39 KB, 1080x1550, 20200213_110722.jpg)


She's talking about it in videos in her stories. She's sharing tells too about how she can't say who it is. I can share those if anyone is interested

No. 931751

File: 1581614072022.jpg (28.19 KB, 522x326, sad face.jpg)

First time I've seen someone having treatment for an ED willingly scoff a wedge of creamy cake with a blob of cream and jam. For someone who'd been tubed a month ago, that'd be a panic attack to even look at. She's so full of shit.

Such a cliche. She knows every one in the book.

No. 931803

totally ot but that pic is stupid as fuck, it's harder to climb up than it is to fall down. this is the ups and downs debacle. with graphs it makes sense, but with this context nah. so sorry for sperging though, i agree anon.

No. 931837

File: 1581628966930.png (4.58 MB, 828x1792, B1FA6F43-9E82-4A5B-8DE4-AB0750…)

Hey. I was absent for a bit, but I swear when I glanced at the thread a couple days ago there were posts about this chick? Did those get deleted? If so, could someone post screenshots if they have any. This girl @hannez is insane. Wears revealing clothing showing off her emaciated frame and claims she’s going to be a lawyer, but also looks like she’s about to drop dead at any minute.

No. 931840

File: 1581629120505.jpeg (411.57 KB, 828x820, 0CF46979-1917-4B8B-8CC7-98F6FC…)

No. 931854

File: 1581630774503.png (4.88 MB, 1242x2208, 4035509D-F365-4F91-A0AA-43491C…)

wasn’t she mentioned ONCE only and not even a picture of her was posted? how did she even know?? i call self post

No. 931862

Nope. Not one fleeting recollection of her being posted here and I basically live in this thread. Go away and drink your Ensures. Being on lolcow does not give you ana/pity points.

No. 931874

uh 1) she's public so go look at her yourself????
2) other than being spoopy she's boring AF

No. 931875

Update. I googled. This hannez was mentioned TWO YEARS AGO >>501271 You really have been ~away~ a long time.

No. 931878

She is 16

No. 931879

not milky. just deluded in thinking that she'll be able to be taken seriously in law while she's so spoopy.

No. 931881

16 isn't a minor in the UK but her age explains the self posting and immature behaviour not that all 16 yo people are immature, but most millenials are

No. 931889

16yo is a minor in uk, anon?

No. 931896

Technically, but if you can get married, leave school, join the armed forces, start working, that's an adult imo.

No. 931902

Being an adult, whether it’s at age 16 or 18, unfortunately does not automatically confer maturity. Look how many ridiculously immature cows get posted here who are well over the legal adult threshold.

No. 931905

I'm old, so remember being able to leave home at 16 and having to get a job, leaving school. These cows don't have that luxury and festering at their parent's place really does some damage.

You're right. Are any of these cows "mature"? Look at Becky - into her 20s , drawing Pingu and chatting babytalk. Where did it all go wrong?

No. 931911

She is in Australia. 16 is still a minor there. 18 is a young adult.

No. 931916

Sage, plz. It doesn't matter what age she is, she's too dull to post anyway.

No. 931926

LittlestLee really out here roleplaying starving herself.

No. 931928

image board

No. 931929

What is it with anons not wanting to post imgs

No. 931931

Anyone else blocked from the Kennedy account? Kelsey looks like she got deleted again, too.

No. 931939

Self posting probably
Mention someone, others go to look, find the milk and post, therefore said cow is really only self posting in 3rd person.

No. 931940

Hey kennedys 'friend'
Lil help on the info about kennedys account and her status

No. 931977

File: 1581664964222.png (1.96 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-14-17-23-00…)

Lee's drama kek

No. 931978

File: 1581665036168.png (2.46 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-14-17-23-07…)

And yay for Georgie porgie no longer frail and needing supervision for meals. Wonder how long it will take her to go back to "starving"

No. 931983

You beat me to it lol was just coming to post this kek, my immediate response was Uhm Lee probably neither lol? Like if she was malnourished or was affected medically by her “overdose” it would show in her blood when they ran tests at the emergency department. I imagine she goes, gives a urine sample, they see no toxicity, check her labs, see no malnutrition and discharge her. Doesn’t she know they can tell she’s full of shit lol?!
Ah great now George can gorge in peace kek. I bet she’s eating sweets and more unhealthy food now that she’s on her own, she seems to only be “unable” to eat when she’s got eyes on her. Unless it’s family then bring in the cake whipped topping! Oh my gosh lol

No. 931988

File: 1581667889893.jpg (698.71 KB, 1080x1890, 20200214_181113.jpg)

No. 931997

Must be one of those anorexics who doesn't think about food 24/7.

No. 932006

File: 1581677328599.jpg (292.26 KB, 515x1140, 20200214_204900.jpg)

STILL has hospital band on from 3 rejections ago. WTAF

No. 932007


>This is what they don't show you about depression

On instagram? Lol.

>Too tired to breathe or stay conscious

But not too tired to take a selfie, upload it to your account and write a caption.

>Can't keep myself safe

In bed

>every last ounce of my energy

Oh shut up.

No. 932008

Three rejections lol oh my gosh that killed me. Ok what gets me is she’s waiting for someone to help her, why can’t she help damn self? Go to therapy, get a psychiatrist, get on some medication and get over your shit. She may think going to the emergency room is pouring in a lot of energy but it’s probably the most lazy way she could go about getting help. If she really wanted to get better and be better she’d put in more effort. What she wants is attention and a feeding tube. Also if she has such difficulty breathing and staying conscious how is she capable of all these Instagram uploads, photos, text posts, stories, etc kek?! Also take the fucking allergy band off she acts like she went to a concert or festival or something awesome that she wants to remember lol, if these incidents were true results of severe depression wouldn’t you want to remove them from your field of vision so as not to remind you of the pain and suffering it’s so obvious hospital bands as well as toobies are her favorite accessories lol

No. 932015

kudos to the hospital for recognising its borderline personality induced attention seeking. the way she documents these ODs is disgraceful and makes it seem like a big joke. treats it like a punch line, like she's bojack horsemen or something.

No. 932024

Believe me, if she was as acute as she pretends, she would already be inpatient and "they" would have found any bed available in the area.
If she us not, she's not priority because she's not acutely unwell.
Anything for attention I guess.

No. 932025

Medical professional here and samefag as above sorry.
I guarantee you if she was truly unwell, no one would let her be alone. There is no way the ER would let her walk away. I'm guessing her (repeated) overdose were nowhere near bad enough to warrant being admitted. We ALWAYS propose psychiatrist liaison discussion. There are literally dozens of solutions from home treatment team to several organisations for outpatients.
I'm guessing she's rejecting those because it's not inpatient.
Inpatient is for the severely suicidal not the attention seeking frequent flyers draining the system.
Glad the hospital is not taking her bullshit. Well done them for not enabling that behaviour.

No. 932033

it’s like when people don’t take of a festival wristband even though it’s a damp bacteria sponge. nobody cares, just take the damn thing off

No. 932036

She looks like Lurch. Someone call Luna, there’s a slightly better option for her there.

No. 932056

There's something about her sometimes that reminds me of Jamie Oliver

How is she not embarrassed? Her goal in life is to get admitted to hospital. She tries day after day and gets sent away. If she's suicidal, why is she seeking someone to stop her?!? I mean, you'd just do it right? I can say this because I know for a fact there's no way this kid is suicidal and will never off herself. Hospital's a really fucking dull place to hang out. Go on a coach trip or something. Jesus.

No. 932149

File: 1581709041257.jpg (27.96 KB, 359x269, depressed dawg.JPG)

This dog really has depression. Becky's feeling sorry for herself that nobody sent her a Valentine. Her dog's feeling suicidal because she wishes she was anywhere else except in that crazy home.

No. 932156

i feel sorry for that dog having becky as a mom too, but him looking "sad" is neither evidence of abuse nor milk

No. 932157

Nobody's implying abuse.

No. 932168

File: 1581711514647.jpg (198.16 KB, 1077x2141, ED Twatter.jpg)

ED Twitter being retarded. We all know most of you are not losing, but thanks for confirming. I guess role-playing as atypical anorexics is not working.

No. 932178

>thinks this is the 1st time people have nitpicked this bitches dog

No. 932179

What's tl?

No. 932180

Scrap that. Thought it was a site but timeline. Can't imagine twitter being a place to do ana chan things

No. 932194

Oh it's full of ana-chans, probably because Twitter doesn't ban those accounts, unlike Instagram or other platforms. (Not surprising considering Twitter is fine with MAPs and NOMAPs.)
Most of ED Twitter are fat wannarexics who never got any attention in real life so they think they'll get it by becoming (only digitally) anorexic. There are few legit anorexics, some bulimics and binge-eaters that are normal enough to not pretend they're starving, but they're a minority I'd say. Most posts are about ridiculously low cal diets they fail to follow, gaining weight, not losing weight, racism (don't ask me), "because of _____ these calories don't count", everyone is valid posts, "FAT PEOPLE CAN HAVE ANOREXIA TOO" posts with too many clapping emojis and some sort of topic dividing the community in two (minors vs adults, small vs big accounts, snowflakes vs hangry assholes and so on). It's both infuriating but also funny. Sometimes random mean users pop-up and everyone loses their shit. The only problem is looking for posts not made by minors.

No. 932345

This is a complete tinfoil and blogpost, but perhaps because it doesn’t cost anything to be hospitalised here and it’s easy to do so too.
There are countless times I’ve gone to the doctor for endometriosis and they all suggest I go to the emergency room even though there’s really no need for me to.
I can picture so many of these aus anachans using that to their advantage.

No. 932365

Its not exactly an advantage. Its a right. Usa hasnt caught up

No. 932376

Just how does Georgia seemingly overweight manage to endure such winter clothes at 29 ° C
Sorry not english

No. 932400

One word: AIRCON

No. 932416

thank you, the air conditioning must be powerful there, sorry personal blog here, with a BMI between 16 and 23 a small vest is enough to return bearable.

No. 932449

Don't forget her low body weight was making her feel cold all the time not long ago. She needs more carrot cake and cream.

No. 932502


Yeah, that's all there lol, however since I saw a photo posted by an anon (I don't know the subject number anymore) of her private insta in bra where she looked much thinner than dressed, I'm like "but she plays games full of inconsistencies plays you, because on the one hand she wants to be considered a fragile butterfly but on the other she pretends to be a baby whale, while it seems to be a sea lion "sorry if it's weird but even in my language I can't express my thoughts. I know that I shouldn't make fun especially considering my situation (it's just not about weight, not wanting to "here my life"), but sometimes it's downright complicated … Otherwise by typing the name of your account private I came across one who seems to have a very creamy milk but he has 0 publication and seems to be a minor, so I post it not, but basically private, profile picture of a self mutilated arm covered with colored dressings , said not to be a salvage account provided with a nonfunctional link .. but however although I admit my mocking nature as my worst flaw I also think I am pissed off at how they get so easily considered .. and what is not just a question from NewFarm, after that I will not develop because it is already long and it risks removing my anonymity

No. 932504

sorry i think i forgot to put "wise" and make it more appropriate otter in the context

No. 932508

sorry for the third but the translator is rotten, I obviously wanted to say the name of his private account and not your + otter instead of sea lion in the second, and I just realized that Google sometimes cut some of the texts by translating live

No. 932566

File: 1581808438397.jpg (687.99 KB, 1080x1812, 20200216_090128.jpg)

Oh boy

No. 932580

File: 1581810024852.gif (4.59 MB, 480x360, clown.gif)

No. 932607

oh boy what has she done now… more screen caps pls. unfollowed that cow a while ago as i couldn't stand her attention seeking bullshit anymore

(long time lurker but first time poster, pls let me know if i've messed up something w the posting, i found some good milk on another account i was going to post but wanted to make sure i had posting all squared out before attempting lol)

No. 932609

As for Lee, looks like she called out the ambulance for herself hoping that'll get her admitted. Obviously no harm done if she's using ig in the ambulance.

No. 932610


thanks lmao. deleted and reposted it twice as i realised I'd fucked it up. thanks for dealing with a semi newbie kindly

No. 932611

All is good with posting now.

No. 932751

16 is not a millennial and they are still a minor in the UK

No. 932775

File: 1581869993976.jpg (42.61 KB, 341x568, sick.JPG)

Can anyone explain to me why this malingerer is humoured by being treated for an eating disorder she doesn't have instead of having treatment for why she wants to avoid doing adult life?

Having her move into a place of her own or with housemates would be more beneficial than giving an already overweight woman a tube feed so she feels that it makes her too ill to bother trying.

No. 932805

I’m surprised she’s being so blatant about her malingering. This post miiiight have worked if she was the frail ~uwu~ ana she so desperately wants to be.

Unfortunately, she can’t accept that she has BED so she will continue to delude herself

No. 932813


Binge eating doesn't have the Hollywood movie "cool factor" to it. It's easier to fake an eating disorder than to fake cancer or some other physical illness. This thread is proof it's not difficult to not eat for a day, tell a shrink you have the symptoms of an ED (that they read online) and get a diagnosis.

I do think she has an ed, but yep, it's BED. Idk why she wants to be seen as anorexic or bulimic. Pigging out on cake and biscuits is no reason to get let off working or being an adult.

No. 932814

Adding, do they have OA in Aus? I think they do. She should go and get asspats for every chip she earns.

No. 932835

File: 1581887000996.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1723, 20D15CE2-DAB8-4782-BE66-B0F1AA…)

This is peak elzani. It’s mom’s birthday, she posts how much she loves her mom, and yet brownies are front and centre in the foreground.

No. 932838

her mom isn’t even in-focus hahahahha

No. 932842

She needs to learn how to make something other than brownies. The family must be sick of them. It would've been nice of her to give her mum a break from the food bs for one day.

No. 932847

File: 1581889744632.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 3901C894-4403-44E3-9D71-4F3754…)

Did she forget that she has an eating disorder ? Lol

No. 932850

File: 1581889972173.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, DBDB6859-5DFB-44D6-B2AE-6C5C71…)

She did it guys! It only took how many tries? Now I don’t think this means she’s admitted she did post a non milk story about being in a bed in the hallway before this so I figure she is still in the emergency room, I’m guessing this is the most far she’s gotten into the emergency room though because it’s being documented lol. It’s been hours since she’s updated though so anything could have happened since. We shall see farmers!

No. 932852


Oh man, that photo says a thousand words.

No. 932862

>finally got a bed
makes it sound like there weren't enough resources available to treat her when we know the truth of the situation is that she's not sick and the hospital saw through this over & over again

No. 932863

there is too much second hand embarrassment to handle here. my god, woman, are you really doing whatever you can to crawl into an inpatient bed? where is the fucking shame? how can you not be deeply deeply embarrassed by pulling these stunts so you can have a hospital room in the background for insta? i can't imagine. i just can't. im sorry but jesus christ.

No. 932874

Generally when you're so greatly depressed that you're suicidal, your appetite is the first thing to go. Good work, Lee, for pushing past that and tucking into a that plate! What a fucking trooper!

No. 932879

she's getting the hospital to contact the doctor at new farm…time for another vacay!

No. 932891

Doctor's notes from now: "Arrived after calling ambulance for herself. Tucked into a hearty meal. Definitely anorexic, needs tube.


No. 932894

That's definitely NOT a bed on a ward. This equipment in the background suggests this is one of the A&E bay.

No. 932895

Actually, it's easy to weed out the fakes. We run blood tests to know what exactly is going on. You cannot fake bulimia or anorexia because there are very specific things that will appear in your blood tests that will tell us what you are doing.
Surprised she managed to fake it so far, unless we don't have the whole picture. Her file might be in the frequent flyers pile for all we know, and doctors might just do the bare minimum to get rid of her everytime she turns up.

No. 932896

Pro tip for all the fakers out there : if you have special dietary requirements especially in the case of an ED, your tray will be a different color.

No. 932898

She'll probably get booted out tomorrow.

By faking it, I meant that they can fake the diagnostic criteria by bs talk. Yes, I restrict, yes I'm afraid of weight gain, yes I think I look fat, yes, I've lost weight, etc. but yeah bloods will show it's rubbish.

Has she dropped her claim for being anorexic and she's focusing on being suicidal now?

No. 932899

File: 1581904498150.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 1F731470-4232-4C10-A9F9-FC7391…)

Lee update: they needed her bed for a medical patient so they moved her somewhere else, they are letting her out for a smoke and letting her use her phone… suicide/flight risk though? kek I’m confused on that protocol. Also New Farm is being contacted. Everything she could ever want

No. 932905

Oh yeah you are right on paper can absolutely easy fake it. Hopefully they run blood test.

Yeah again suicidal patients would not be let out of the sight of the nurses. It's unlikely at A&E stage you'd be monitored 1 for 1 if you were brought in by ambulance, generally you are kept where the nurses can see you.
If she was truly admitted and truly acutely suicidal, she would be monitored 1 for 1. There is no way she would not proudly mention it too. But of course if she's lying she wouldn't know.

No. 932907

Ok there are lots of inconsistencies in her story.
Here's what it looks like.
She called an ambulance thinking that would increase her likelihood of being admitted in hospital. We see that a lot. It does not. So she probably claim she was suicidal blah blah, and has been left in an A&E bay for a while. Unless she had done physical damage to her body, they cannot admit her though. No hospital in the world will admit a psychiatric patient if they are medically clear- which clearly she is if she can hop around and smoke unsupervised. Also if she was truly admitted, (for what motive?) they wouldn't just eject her from her bed. That's just not how hospital work.
Looks like she's trying to strong arm this ED clinic to admit her again going through the hospital staff. No one is going to be happy about the whole mess. That can't end well. She's lying way too much and is not even smart about it.

No. 932915

That’s not really true though. A lot of people somehow have completely normal bloods despite being clearly ill. I know a girl who is emaciated and her labs are always normal so she ends up sneaking under the radar. People’s bodies handle things differently, to say that if someone has normal bloodwork then they aren’t sick is kind of an anachan thing to say and doesn’t help with the misconceptions

No. 932917

That's her in her icon? Talk about instagramreality

No. 932923

Thanks for this… most doctors wouldn't know an eating disorder if it punched them in the face, much less are so good at detecting them that it's rare for them to miss one lmao

No. 932964

First time poster long time lurker here
The place they moved her too is PEC- psychiatric emergency care; they keep you there while they decide what to do with you. Which means ED wise she is obviously not medically unstable. Kek at her being allowed out unsupervised while "super suicidal"

No. 932980

Yeah right, whatever you want to believe I guess. If your best example is "someone you know", then your reasoning might not be the most medically solid or knowledgeable. If you are acutely ill with anorexia or bulimia, it will always show.

No. 933007

then again these wannarexics have bad blood results…kek.

No. 933008

any actual anorexic would not want to eat all that slop. but of course Lee eats fine at home any way. her anorexia diagnosis is just a label she wanted to collect.

No. 933012

And how many shots of the brownies do we need? She must realise being obsessed by food is part of her ED.
She’s got herself into a problem with ‘the hospital vlog’ - her lady one was so popular /got so many views, and she promised the next part in the EDU…. but has yet to deliver and I keep seeing comments asking her when it will be up.
Her lack of general social media activity ( especially self photos ) points to relapse rather then ‘real recovery’

No. 933043

You can be very unwell and your bloods can be fine, blood results aren’t always a indication of how severe someone’s ED is.

No. 933051

File: 1581946367069.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, B85A6B8A-980C-4E15-BE38-9AB2E9…)

Latest on Lee the fact that she’s posting “hehehehehe” about having her phone and taking sneaky pictures just shows how not bothered she is. It’s like she almost not even suicidal … at all kek! Well we all know she’s just waiting for that precious bed at New Farm but can any aussie fags that know the system vouch for the fact that they take suicidal patients? I feel like because she doesn’t have an eating disorder or a severe one she’s going this route to get a bed so it must work? I’m just not sure how after all these “attempts” they don’t stick her on a psychiatric floor rather than calling an ed clinic? Is it because they know she’s truly not a risk to herself? I don’t even know. I’m going to need some aussie fags who know the system to weigh in on this one

No. 933090

Not an Ausfag, but NF isn't only an ED clinic. They're a MH clinic in general and take people for drug and alcohol rehab.

Source - google.

No. 933096

Ah thank you! but if she refuses to eat she’ll still get a nose hose right?! Lol because obviously this is what it’s all about. So she eats her favorite hospital meal >>932847 but let’s wait and see how long it takes her to get tubed at NF kek. Imagine if she comes this far and NF doesn’t take her… yikes she might actually have to lose some weight or become medically unstable or do anything that might hint at her being psychologically distressed not just a BPD attention hoe
Accurate lol just like hospital bands lee collects diagnoses kek
Kek Ikr I don’t think I have ever in the time I’ve followed her (not too long) seen her look like this. She looks like a completely different person. Kind of like a fish lol whatever op said she looks like Lurch now from the Addams family is spot on, Lurch with clown eyebrows kek

No. 933138

File: 1581966181203.jpg (56.93 KB, 526x576, 0.JPG)

That paedo tranny with an ED is back. On twitter.

He also doesn't want to be discharged from hospital.

No. 933148

I actually like Lee, she posts some legitimately funny stuff on her IG imo… but it makes me genuinely sad for her how institutionalized she is, that she just needs to find some way into an institution to feel okay. Catch 22, it seems like something people should get treatment for but wanting to get treatment is the issue in the first place

No. 933161

Other than the funny stuff she posts, what do you like about her? Just out of curiosity. What to you makes her different than all of the other wanorexic ott attention seeking semi munchi individuals we talk about? I mean yea it’s sad..? But my thing is there are plenty of things she could do to help herself that she doesn’t. Hospitalization and or being at NF is the end all be all, and in the end she just gains more weight, gets out, feels shit about herself and tries for another admit for validation and asspats. What is this cycle doing for her other than making her more “depressed” maybe she needs the shock to the brain more than georgie porgie idk. I’m no aussiefag but from what I’ve heard they hand out ECT like they do toobies, surprised she hasn’t gotten it yet. Maybe she’s angling for that this admit more than the tube. Like she’s doing the old Laura switcharoo, when no one gives you sympathy for your eating disorder you just go full on psych patient. We shall see

No. 933162

i agree that being a severe munchie is its own mental illness, but i couldnt fathom how to treat such a thing w/o feeding into their attention seeking behavior

No. 933167

File: 1581974041208.jpeg (322.34 KB, 750x1106, 573FC83D-F881-4757-AAEA-F8849B…)

Part 1
Forgot to post this for y’all but now I have to because guess who is on the way back to hospital ? Most recent photo and updated text post to follow

No. 933168

File: 1581974084645.jpeg (270.19 KB, 750x691, 37AC52E2-C004-4466-87E9-9ED6F9…)

Part 2
Text from discharge post

No. 933170

File: 1581974467467.jpeg (479.42 KB, 750x1118, 0F8F18F4-47F2-4790-B31C-329237…)

Ok this was posted around thirty minutes ago, emt goes “she didn’t really pass out, blood pressure 74 over 41” unless I’m hearing it wrong not sure why she’d post evidence of her lying and then in the text post say she passed out lol perhaps the emt means like under their care she didn’t pass out? Anyway she didn’t get enough attention and selfies from the last admit so here we go again alexys fans kek!

No. 933178

Got to agree with >>933161
She's no different than the rest. They're all wannabe anas who are so un-ana they want to go ip and get a nose hose. I don't even think theyre munchies. They know they're well. Why they chose to postpone life in a hospital instead of doing it by being a student idk. While there's someone to pick up the tab, these hospitals are going to give them what they want.

No. 933180

File: 1581975888684.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1711, 07E0ACEA-C9AE-433B-A555-1EE77C…)

Refeeding?! It’s from being overweight with a shitty diet of crappy processed foods! The only meals she seems to struggle with are the ones that involve actual whole foods (like Sunday roast with veg), while she can slam the cake, hot dogs and ensure like a tank!

No. 933184

Greasy hair on pillows probably. Refeeding. Too funny.

No. 933189

she really is delusional. no, it is not refeeding. you are NOT being refed, new farm is telling you that because its milking your private health insurance for every cent

No. 933195

is this her attempt at a jawline? I can still count several chins

No. 933199

File: 1581979810069.jpeg (239.04 KB, 750x1057, 2DD79129-0310-4916-A954-1D4AF9…)

No. 933200

She gets breakouts often so why she's highlighting her latest is a mystery. Period? Polycystic ovaries? Poor skincare? Shit food? She needs to get out and do something other than post her zits.

Any Kelsey/Kennedy news?

No. 933201

And this is why you can't trust anything you see on tv. Everything is lies.

No. 933202


ahahaha of course she went on tv.

No. 933205

File: 1581980538879.jpeg (314.19 KB, 828x1456, 14E09F31-E8F4-414F-8054-5F8C45…)

W O W. I haven’t looked at this cow in ages but is anyone else disturbed by this. She fucking using her dead best friends dress as a goal? Smh

No. 933207

File: 1581980658055.jpg (456.74 KB, 1080x1717, 20200213_150307.jpg)


"Responding well to treatment" until she needs more attention

She deleted her first vent account last week. This was the last thing posted. Nothing milky about it so I didn't want to post it on its own.

No. 933210

File: 1581980857363.jpg (666.83 KB, 1080x1742, 20200217_170654.jpg)


Never mind, it was restored apparently.

No. 933211

What an appropriate outfit!

No. 933213

Major kek at how much she's popping out her collarbone, even on TV. Never change, Laura.

No. 933244

Major kek that the headline calls her a woman when she's sitting there squeezed into childrens clothes, hugging a stuffed koala.

No. 933245

File: 1581987694804.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, B8DCD0E6-05A2-4929-BE12-2C5D7B…)

Lee update: “still waiting for a bed” will that bed ever come? I bet anything they send her home, if she’s able to go out for several smokes with no one watching she is not a suicide risk. How is she not stuck inside with someone watching her? She’s not being fully honest about what got her in this time….
Thank you my thoughts exactly, drain on the system that’s already quite drained, she’s not different than any other cow.

No. 933246

Everyone else was too busy being genuinely ill to give an interview, yet Laura just arrived after a `suicide attempt` et voila.

No. 933247

Kek! I love how she looks away from the camera every time she’s lying, she never tried to throw herself off a bridge she stood there until she was noticed, and what’s with the not eating for two weeks and the sexual assault is that new to the story?

“She has 18.2K followers on Instagram and says she gets more when she relapses”

Yea probably because she looks absolutely rediculous and people love to watch her feigning mental illness like a f*cked up reality tele show like ooh what will she do next! They try to make it seem like her relapses are so severe and she’s so spoopy it gets her attention when it’s not. People are just interested in her bc she’s a straight up lolcow kek

No. 933251

File: 1581988900278.jpg (524.66 KB, 1125x1961, cringe.jpg)

This is so fucking cringey I can't stop laughing.

No. 933264

Shes discharged herself now

No. 933270

Omg hallelujah and kudos to the farmers that found her!!! She is one of my all tome favourite cows. Loves her vegan fruit only diet and loves to delete comments and block anyone who calls her out. Also runs hidden instagrams and when her family found out all hell broke loose and honestly it was amazing.

No. 933275

Yes ausfag here and clinics do take patients for suicidal risk. Blog but I was in a private ICU psych ward for 6 weeks cause I was that deadset on ending it, and if things escalate they ship you off to a public hospital to be tied down with 2 specials. However you don’t get to that level without showing significant risk - eg using the smoke break to enact a plan, sh, losing the plot, hurting others etc. So it would be pretty obvious to staff that lee is not that severely suicidal and that she’ll probs have 2 days on the ward as a voluntary patient and then be sent home.

No. 933321

File: 1582023198694.jpg (235.05 KB, 1080x2046, PicsArt_02-18-11.50.10.jpg)

Ah yes "I just didn't want to be like, alive.", sounds like a true suicidal person. This woman is in her twenties and cant form a cohesive sentence. you'd guess she was 13 from her behavior alone

No. 933325

jesus i don't follow her closely apart frm posts here and i always thought she was like 15 kek. what a fucking pathetic attention whore.

No. 933328

File: 1582025757530.jpeg (898.58 KB, 828x1516, D56F31D8-BC88-4769-B034-579F37…)

Georgia wasn’t able to finish her veggies but don’t worry, our endlessly inspirational recovery warrior made up for it with a chocolate milkshake spiked with some synthetic vitamins.

No. 933332

No. 933333


wow, even georgie gorge-y’s fucking hands are bloated and chunky

No. 933337

“small vs big accounts“ are u talking about what happened with twitter.com/CAITCOPING ???

No. 933341

What is Laura’s Instagram? Never paid much interest to her until now.

No. 933349

Also, she can dress in cute clothes, but can’t do her makeup for TV? I feel like she was trying to look as sick/near deaths door as possible. To be fair, she looks skinnier here than she normally does.

No. 933381

File: 1582039505835.gif (1.74 MB, 268x149, v5cFAkg_493551012729007.gif)

No. 933382

> I feel like she was trying to look as sick/near deaths door as possible.

That's what she's been doing for a while. Not wearing makeup to look as sick as possible. She doesn't even look that much thinner than usual. She's petite in general and it's only her face making her look fucked up, which is what she was going for. I wouldn't even be surprised if the tv crew do lighting to emphasise illness on someone's face.

Well done,Laura. Forever immortalised as Mental Health poster child. Like.

No. 933392

This is true, they do it in all types of interviews, like for people they want to look villainous or evil they light from the bottom, better more attractive lighting for the best guests and news anchors etc, they certainly know what they are doing. Imagine if Laura was like can you shoot me from this angle it reaaaaly emphasizes how average I look kek. To be honest I’m surprised she didn’t have zit blood smeared all over her face and wasn’t doing that grimacing smile where she tries to look crazy
I feel like she sounds so disjointed because she didn’t have a game plan going into this. Most of her story is fabricated, exaggerated or straight up fake so with a camera pointed in her face and someone interviewing her the filler words like Uhm and like started flowing. She also looks away from the camera with the juicy details not in shame of the behavior bc this is her golden moment and Laura obviously has no shame but because she’s fabricating or thinking or maybe does feel shame about lying. Way to go Laura while everyone else was actually too sick to do an interview you stepped up to the plate and got it done kek, what a freakin numpty

No. 933395

File: 1582042860387.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, EC850283-85A1-4B33-9461-54C6F0…)


No. 933407

Yesss! Im loving these revivals

No. 933411

>I discharged myself
>They kicked me out

No. 933412

Soz forgot sage

No. 933413

You could have deleted the unsaged and reposted, just FYI.

But yeah, post makes zero sense. I think maybe she’s just trying to disguise the fact that she has yet again been turned away because SHE DOESNT NEED TO BE THERE! How is she not just embarrassed by her own desperation at this point?! I’m embarrassed for her!

No. 933414

File: 1582048278144.jpg (55.1 KB, 536x486, massage.JPG)

I've seen unsaged deleted but it still keeps the thread at the top of lolcow. I'll do it next time if I fuck up.

Here you go. The padeo took an OD - obligatory ambulance pic. Also got sexually assaulted while having a massage?

No. 933415


She deactivated/deleted/whatever her main account because her doctor said it would be better to be off social media. She has two "vent" accounts (sadfxiry and fading_lily). She isn't posting to the sadfxiry one anymore but is still accepting new followers.

No. 933416

File: 1582048848541.jpeg (467.22 KB, 1242x1344, 6C0759B1-FBE0-4787-A1B8-FA0D39…)

Nourish has a new account just in case anyone wants to try her slop

No. 933417



No. 933418

This must be for her baking blog, lol. Dear god.

No. 933426

Living for this! You're the real MVP anon

No. 933457

did he get punched in the nose or does it always look like that?

No. 933460

I’m convinced she’s just trolling at this point. The extent of her “baking” is a microwave and a hot plate. Maybe a toaster oven, but that’s probably optimistic.

No. 933461

File: 1582058475436.png (104.03 KB, 585x637, Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 20.3…)


Honestly reassuring that they are not letting this predator on a female ward.

No. 933464

File: 1582060056298.jpg (14.54 KB, 410x118, x.JPG)

It's usually like that. He's just plain old fucking ugly.

He's a sex offender but is against sex offenders because apparently he was assaulted by a woman during a massage.

I was hoping he'd offed himself.

No. 933465

File: 1582060153497.jpg (160.28 KB, 1080x1830, 20200218_150709.jpg)


Laura is lurking again

No. 933478

File: 1582062554511.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.18 KB, 929x594, xx.JPG)

Found his latest insta

spoiler for ugly

No. 933530


No. 933535

File: 1582073106462.jpg (42.06 KB, 929x445, x.JPG)

Carry on not eating #lesbian.

No. 933549

File: 1582075405645.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, C1C1B76D-811B-4FFB-9D56-C33DC7…)

i.e. Georgie Porgie is actively planning how to end up back inpatient. But will New Farm turn down their cash cow? Have they finally gotten sick and tired of her wannarexic games?

No. 933559

File: 1582077088663.jpeg (123.57 KB, 712x1037, 928C90CD-164B-452B-9805-912F62…)

No. 933560

Tbh, it's a good idea to go from IP to day care. It keeps them from hogging a bed and she'll probably benefit because she'll still be classified as "sick" and being looked after.

I noticed that earlier before I even looked at the girl in the dead friend's dress. Comedy gold!

No. 933599

File: 1582086581279.jpg (870.21 KB, 1076x1862, 20200219_142650.jpg)

Porgie chooses a snack. Chooses one with 330cal and 27g of fat. Do they do nutrition classes at this hospital?

No. 933613

Is it really a challenge if it’s something she likely eats all the time kek?! Who in their right mind is going to look at this woman, eating chips and say it’s a challenge? She might as well throw on one of those ironic shirts that says “I beat anorexia” for shits and giggles lol
A literal cash cow that’s good anon very accurate kek!

No. 933641

File: 1582097740308.jpeg (347.23 KB, 1350x1288, DEE1A55F-CCD4-49F7-8518-B85B7B…)

No. 933642

It was a challenge for her because she usually has a family size of chips.

No. 933644


I like how she went for the dainty 60g bag over the standard size 25g.

What an inspiration!

Sidenote - I'm so fucking offended by the aus use of pink packet for salt/vinegar I'm off to sperg out

No. 933655

would it kill her to eat a vegetable.

No. 933656

Wdym anon, potatoes are a vegetable! And that bag must be at least 3 servings.

No. 933667

It’s like she’s just really bad at pretending to be anorexic. She remembers to feign being “afraid of food” at the dinner table when she has to have some veggies and lean meat but gets too excited at the prospect of having “chippies!” on a snack outing and forgets the ana-act goes full-hog on the big bag. Then has to justify it by talking about how sooper challunging it was and giving herself asspats as some sort of anawarrior.

No. 933671

I had a dream, and you made it come true top kek of the day!

Uhm you must be fluent in bullshit because that’s probably exactly the challenge for her. Let’s be honest the dainty one was probably famished, especially after her sooper serious refeeding >>933180 kek. I am no medfag but actual refeeding syndrome comes with serious complications not just zits lol. Maybe if she quit “challenging” herself with oily crisps, unhealthy foods and prepackaged garbage she wouldn’t get a break out. My gosh she is seriously deluded. Does she really believe this or is it all for Instagram? She’s got to be kidding right? Sure someone can lose a ton of weight, still be massive and experience health problems related to rapid weightloss but this girl has done nothing but grow or maintain… refeeding? Sure jan live in your delusion and keep smashing down the crisps that’s true recovery right there lol.

I think it just might… by the way she avoids them and seeing her food logs, you’d think she has a severe allergy to anything healthy kek

No. 933694

And if she had her own room they usually don’t have curtains there
But sometimes people with anorexia and bulimia don’t always have messed up bloods.

No. 933707

Its enough to look at porgie. She’s obese, has healthy hair, normal skin, strong and thick nails. Bitch was never malnourished.

No. 933792

File: 1582140027477.png (9.14 MB, 1242x2208, 0E38317C-6B6B-4D49-97E3-45DCB8…)

sage bcs no milk but just funny. this idiot from uk challenges her ‘eating disorder’ with a ‘full fat coke’. nothing the sweet taste of a lovely coke, straight from the udders

No. 933837

"Full fat Coke"….

No. 933846

File: 1582151788776.jpeg (400.77 KB, 1372x1372, 1A66E32F-1DD2-444A-8E3B-6634B0…)

Got another wannarexic for y’all. Name is Sara, 18 years old, been in hospital since she was 12/13, sabotages any possible discharge, serial self harmer (in a&e at least once a week) and copycat for incidents. Obsessed with her anorexia diagnosis and toobes, doesn’t have one currently but had one for a long time last year. And of course she posted a thousand selfies with it on her old account. Always going on about how her doctors are thinking of sending her to an edu, being threatened with bed rest, and frequently says she’s going on a liquid fast/not eating or drinking at all but gives in a day or two later with a takeaway or super sugary drinks and snacks. She’s been moved to her 3rd acute in 6 months and apparently they’re weighing her everyday… screams bs, no doctor or dietician would approve that for an AN patient. She does my head in but I don’t want to unfollow in case I miss anything juicy

No. 933849

File: 1582151928471.jpeg (225.37 KB, 1372x1372, C0A60D54-DA07-46CA-BCF9-C40FD9…)

She posts ‘body check’ photos often enough. Faker so ofc she thinks body checks are posting photos on Instagram. Taking photos can be body checking but no one with anorexia-style poor body image would be posting their body checks when they’re her size. Deffo a tummy sucker (screenshotted them a couple of days ago but forgot)

No. 933852

She looks like a demented chubby child.
Not necessarily- at least I tend to forget names. I noticed it as a general trend- usually some topic arises and people from edtwt hop on the trend train. Was she the one who started it?

No. 933854

My bloods were pretty normal on admission, apart from having anaemia. Some of them were almost out of normal range but they really only went askew when refeeding started. Guess it just varies from person to person

No. 933861

What the fuck is up with her forehead? And she looks like a normal weight if I ever saw one, kek. Good find

No. 933869

Anyone watched the Stacey Dooley doc on bbc about Laura?

No. 933872

was just going to ask if anyone knows of a link for US farmers to watch?

No. 933877

I don't think I'll be able to watch it if it's got Laura in it… too much cringe

No. 933880

head banging and/or scratching most likely. I follow a bunch that are away too proud of head banging, I don't get why they do it face forward though bc I imagine it's much easier to bang the back of your head against a wall

No. 933884

Silly anon, nobody can see the damage if it's on the back of their heads. Much better to fuck up their visible foreheads.

No. 933892

It's so sad imagining them furiously banging their forehead against a wall for a prolonged period of time just to post a selfie

No. 933897

But is it more or less sad than Laura scratching her pimples to shmear blood all over her face before whipping her phone out for hospital selfies?

No. 933903

Gee… I almost forgot about that, all as sad as each other

No. 933915

So I’ve been doing a bit of digging… did Becky go away on holiday last year? Or was it only 2018 when she did go fund me for a holiday?

No. 933920

how do so many of these people get diagnosed with anorexia? I think its becoming a bit open-ended. I think some of these people don't have eating disorders at all and that it is just behaviour part of their BPD.

No. 933948

Wouldn’t be a stretch for her to do shit to fuck up her face but this looks like Ash Wednesday.

No. 933989

File: 1582167566715.jpg (217.56 KB, 720x1173, _20200220_045541.JPG)

Spaceship claims to be recovered while still obviously underweight and posting body checks and ana poses. Also she now has EDS. Whatever happened with her dying of aplastic anemia.
(Blurred out the face of a kid.)

No. 933993

Are there any ana chans who DON’T claim EDS now? It’s getting monotonous, especially with all the munchies on top of the anas. They need to get creative and pick something that’s actually realistic instead of all going with the same shit. Her aplastic anemia was clearly fake af, but at least it was something different kek. I even miss the fake chemo selfies she used to post.

No. 933998

if she has BPD, it will explain a lot. BPD seems to be the main cause of munchie

No. 934000

You all realise that manipulation and attention seeking isn’t actually part of the diagnostic criteria for BPD yeah?

Honestly that’s just throwing more stigma into a disorder which is hell for those who have it. If patients always feel the need to be centre of attention they should be diagnosed with Histrionic Personality Disorder which is literally about drama and being the centre of attention.

No. 934025

>You all realise that manipulation and attention seeking isn’t actually part of the diagnostic criteria for BPD yeah?
lol it should be

No. 934048

Well no not really, considering there already is a disorder characterized by attention seeking, but everyone on here seems to like diagnosing everyone with BPD even if that person hasn’t been diagnosed with it, but then have a go at people when they think they have something they don’t.

No. 934049

You do realize most people with a personality disorder display symptoms of the other disorders in the same cluster. So someone with BPD is very likely to have histrionic traits
She looks autistic to me

No. 934050

Yes I understand that very well.

It’s just very frustrating to see the stigma of BPD increased again and again when that is nowhere in the diagnostic criteria and considering in 70% of cases it’s caused by trauma some empathy for those people would be nice.

But more stop diagnosing people, especially when people get annoyed when the people they talk about her diagnose themselves.

No. 934084

i watched it. she was embarrassing. Stacey asked if she thought she herself was too big and Laura replied “well i wouldn’t think that about you because you’re smaller than me” She tried to shock by mentioning how she hadn’t eaten for 2 weeks and 3 days so she might be a bit “out of it” then proceeded to tell the crew about her instagram and how many followers she has. She was sat on the bed with a cuddly toy complaining about how the old ward couldn’t cope with her eating disorder.

No. 934088

It does look like a cross but Ash Wednesday is next week.

No. 934107

she also had this smirk on her face the whole time as though she was trying to hide the fact that she knew what she was saying was laughable bullshit

No. 934128

It’s the new fibro.

No. 934135

she looked all sad and woe is me and was smirking as soon as they said she’d have to stay in hospital. all the other patients genuinely seemed ill and she was just taking the absolute piss and smiling the whole time, so cringe

No. 934162


She posted a part of her segment on the vent account. I don't know how to screen record. Otherwise I'd share it.

No. 934197

Can you post some of the obviously underweight photos she looks pretty decent here actually compared to the past photos I’ve seen of her. Could be because she’s not posing in her underwear. I’m glad she outlived her aplastic anemia diagnosis kek. She was a great cow though I’d like to see more images and updates from that nutter especially if she’s doing the EDS thing. I highly doubt she’s in full recovery though. She doesn’t look emaciated but that face does not look healthy at all lol

No. 934235

They gave her what she wanted, which is attention and so they played up her only problem. Fucking hypocritical of television to dive on a new sectioned person when they know fuck all about her and present it as real life.

Didn't watch it. It'd only make me rage.

No. 934317

File: 1582231265908.png (92.16 KB, 720x491, Screenshot_20200220-203117~2.p…)

I was looking at tweets about the show. No mentions of Laura, but good to see people asking if it's ethical asking the mh patients about their lives etc

No. 934320

File: 1582231434512.jpeg (499.36 KB, 750x1119, B7A9AE0E-912C-4D51-BE07-8F743A…)

When you think Zoe couldn’t get more pro

No. 934329

No. 934360

I think it’s just exploitation, can’t view the whole thing in my country just bits, but I saw a patient being restrained, I know they didn’t show their face but not everyone is an attention whore like Laura. I do think it’s unfair to film people in a facility like that without consent even if they don’t show their face. It’s kind of fucked. Also, it just goes to show how fucked Laura is for wanting to be featured. You all know she probably asked if she could be interviewed or like volunteered. If anyone finds a version viewable anywhere besides the UK do share. Laura’s bit was only like 30 seconds long and I believe there’s more to the interview I am missing. The only available part of her stupid interview is on dailymail.co.uk

No. 934390

File: 1582238459886.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1837, 20200220_163946.jpg)

Painting with all of the colors of the wind.

No. 934398

Gearing up to snack on more chippies and cake under the guise of being a recovery warrior!

No. 934399

File: 1582239315760.jpg (894.2 KB, 1080x1840, 20200220_165149.jpg)


Kek she deleted and reposted it with new pictures.

No. 934400

File: 1582239359067.jpg (942.54 KB, 1080x1989, 20200220_165158.jpg)


Trying to use ~angles~ and failing

No. 934401

File: 1582239388950.jpg (450.4 KB, 1080x1293, 20200220_165422.jpg)

No. 934404

Christ, she looks old.

No. 934412

File: 1582240136093.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 7278FE18-578F-4444-9253-F678EB…)

Oh Lee…. we all know you make up for the calories in all that beer you chug like a college frat boy. Looks like depression Isint working for a medical hospital admission better go the wanorexia route again kek

No. 934415

Anon come on give her a chance she’s so fragile and just getting over refeeding, the dainty one needs high calorie, high fat snacks just to even sustain her waif like figure lol

No. 934417

File: 1582240864062.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 9BEB0B77-F118-4E81-8F0A-3B8C7B…)

Does this mean she actually acknowledges that she’s totally ridiculous or is she just pointing out that omg I go to the hospital so much, I’m so mentally ill, I’m so atypical, feel bad for me?

No. 934418

File: 1582240883295.png (172.16 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_20200220-231717~2.p…)

Nit sure you have she's saying here. The bbc stay in touch with the patients?

Dooley's moved on to bitching about the press intruding in her life. Idgaf about her only know her from when she started on tv, but aren't the crew kinda doing the same to mh patients.

No. 934424

Wow. She’s making herself sound worse. By following them, it makes it sound more like longitudinal study, one not approved to be done. Still sounds unethical and exploitative. Also what the fuck authority does she have to say if this is ethical or not? If she was really trying to save her ass she would say she had consulted with leading individuals in psychology that approved of the filming, or got consent from the families. This is not the board for this so I’m not going to rant too much about it but I just think this woman is so fucking dumb and is making herself look like a complete idiot, and ruining her credibility as a journalist to get some edgy footage. There’s a right and wrong way to go about this and her response addresses non of the concerns this EJ person tweeted. I’m sure lawyers are telling her to stay hush hush because she’s fucked up and this appears to be a big network in the uk.

No. 934428

> this appears to be a big network in the uk.


No. 934523

Although the photo is indeed very pro you can’t disagree with the caption. And least she’s not delirious thinking losing weight will make her happy

No. 934554

My bad I guess I misspoke clearly I’m not a ukfag lol. What is it a low budget shitty network that puts on garbage documentaries? Forgive me idk shit about uk media kek

No. 934573

she keeps her hospital bracelets on until she can replace it w/ a new one

No. 934581

She works for the BBC, which is a major television network. It's funded by people being legally required to pay for a television license. In a recent survey 70% of British people wanted to see the license fee scrapped. It's not hard to see why.

No. 934587

Right which is why I said “big network” not sure what this persons >>934428 lols are about then….once in a while an autist decides to invade the thread I suppose kek! Thanks for the clarification anon

No. 934600

Man, you can slice pizza with that chin

No. 934606

File: 1582274783267.jpeg (586.74 KB, 1125x1810, B08FEE03-0C42-4165-BCB4-B88A51…)

she was mentioned a lil while ago but honestly georgia and little lee are so boring so i vote we follow this sad sap. this bitch thinks she’s so special and the milk is flowing son. she’s sOoOo sick

No. 934622

Whaaa?? They can’t section 5:2 her unless she’s already admitted to ward voluntarily. Since it’s her gp calling, sounds like she’s not in hospital at all. She could at least find out what each section is before claiming a doctor has threatened her with one kek

Maybe she thought he said 135? Or just a section 2? idk but sounds like she just made that part up…

No. 934635

she eats all sorts but is soooo super ana….

seems as though the private health system in Britain caters to people like the new farm clinic does in Bris

No. 934637

File: 1582284577608.jpeg (195.81 KB, 750x1209, 634DFCA4-0B0C-4B3E-BA6E-44CA5E…)

Don’t think she’s autistic. Just a malingerer, she was informal for a bit but didn’t want to discharge herself because she’d be homeless. She was potentially going to supported living but got sectioned again. She’s clinging onto faking anorexia just so she doesn’t have to leave hospital

No. 934656

This is me

No. 934658

File: 1582289436741.png (4.78 MB, 828x1792, EA013172-E222-4B39-BFCB-17F3E2…)

does anyone remember what her thing was with that psychiatrist she was obsessed with a few years ago??? His name was Misha I’m pretty sure, i can’t remember what thread it was in. Anyway, spaceship posted this and I think she must have stalked him down????

No. 934667

She genuinely is the most entertaining, her constant dramatics and "medical emergencies" are hilarious.

No. 934669

Who are you talking about?

No. 934673

Can you access you tube ? It’s on there

No. 934690

No. 934707


12 hours and no news from Lee.

What's the bet the new clinic denied her admission so she's made another 'attempt' to try and force the local hospital into taking her.

No. 934711

Her Instagram is spaceshiptorecovery, she used to be talked about a lot but then stopped posting for ages and she’s recently come back

No. 934716

File: 1582298581099.jpg (476.46 KB, 1080x1603, 20200221_143153.jpg)

Her bestie (sarahlearnstosmile) posted this about the maybe 3 comments made on her earlier in the thread then proceeded to post another two stories about how she totally doesn't care what we have to say about her.


No. 934718

Your fucking disgusting

No. 934720

I’m the alexys/jonzie farmer. I uploaded a few of her posts because people were asking, haven’t been updating because no responses. Just wondering if any farmers are still interested in her current admission posts? Let me know, don’t want to spam the thread if no ones interested kek!

No. 934721

No one is interested you fucking low life leave the poor girl alone!

No. 934722

Wow you found yourself here pretty easily. you must frequent the board regularly then. Hope your enjoying your full fat coke kek what a recovery warrior you are lol

No. 934726

You pathetic low life. How did you know it was me? All I am doing is sticking up for my friends WHO YOU are bullying and hurting, your fucking pathetic. Your hurting my friends and ruining this community. What a thrilling life you live hurting and bullying others

No. 934727

‘trying to decide’ uh aren’t BPD and EUPD basically the same? I know there are ‘types’ for the latter it’s not like a massive distinction though is it?
Soz for nitpick but christ these people clogging up such an overburdened system are a joke. Also totes don’t believe sarahlearnstosmile is ~really recovering~ either, just seems to thrive off any attention good or bad

No. 934728

No. 934729

Hope you feel bad knowing how this website and yourself are hurting people.
This is disgusting.

No. 934734

I don’t feel bad at all. No one’s making you read here, pal.

More Jonzie milk pls anon!

No. 934741

No one feels bad. If you act like a clown online don't be surprised when you get treated like a clown.

Also, you clearly know how to use this board so fuck outta here with your holier than thou bullshit. I would bet my whole life you've posted here before.

No. 934746

I am from the recovery community, and it doesnt take a genius to figure out how to use this simplistic website. I myself have been targeted on here so came to defend my friends from your bullying

No. 934753

Review your definition of bullying because that board is not it.

No. 934758

just wanted to say this is out of order and i don’t know what you expect to get from putting others down. thankgod you haven’t said anything about me but this is out of order and you need to fucking grow up(time to go)

No. 934759

Talking shit about people behind their back, saying horrible and vile things about people behind their back, taking peoples words out of contex, invading peoples privacy etc. The list goes on

No. 934760

Privacy settings on Instagram = exist. Use them.

No. 934762



YOU'RE welcome.

Don't bother, babe. You'll only get put to pasture. Go outdoors and make some real friends, not an online ~community~. Hard try h, everyone with an ED us only interested in their own ED. Find a new hobby. Grammar, for eg.

No. 934763

None of that defines bullying. Try again.

No. 934764

Why cant you just find better things to do with your life than be horrible to people on an anonymous website?
Or is your life that sad and boring…

No. 934766

Hard truth*

No. 934767

The hard truth that your life is so sad all you can do is make fun and talk a out others?
Wow your so sad😂

No. 934768

We're here because their lives are sad and boring. They don't like it when we call them out for being useless snowflakes.

No. 934770

All people do here is reposting stuff that you and your friends post publicly. So if what you see is not to your liking, time to review your lifestyle perhaps.

No. 934772

Most of our accounts, including mine, is private. Then back stabbing cunts like you SCREENSHOT what we post and talk about it. How boring…

No. 934773


Heyyy, enjoy the hilarity. Doesn't take much to make you cry with laughter. Hmm. Now fuck off.

No. 934774

Sign me up for Jonzie milk too please anon

No. 934775

Hope your proud of yourself for making others feel worse about themselves

No. 934776

Back stabbing cunts? I thought your followers were all community friends. See, nobody cares. Sorry.

No. 934778

Unfortunately it’s people like YOU the ruin the community.

No. 934779

Then review who you have in your "friends" list, because clearly you're (take note !) clearly accepting people you don't know.

No. 934780

Don’t you have not a single ounce of decency to respect others and leave them in peace? Or are you that sad that all that makes you happy is making others miserable?

No. 934782

Anon, drop it. Go play with instagram now. Shoo.

No. 934783

None of them have to read what we say about them and we have a rule about not interacting with cows in their natural habitats so if what we're doing is sooo damaging then they can literally just close the tab. If you don't want criticism for your own idiotic behaviour, don't act like an idiot where people can see it.

No. 934784

Respect has to be earned.

No. 934785

How about you shoo🤣

No. 934787

Lol okay. I’ll leave it. But just know what your doing is “sooo” damaging. I’m leaving here to not interact with you idiotic cows

No. 934788

File: 1582303936884.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

No. 934789

Amen to all the above.

No. 934790

Hahahahahhaha how about you turn your phone off and do something good for a change?

No. 934794


Tr*ggering them cows is so easy it's not even funny kek.
Plus what a quick wit. Not impressed.
Probably best to just ignore her until she's banned.
Let's drink the milk, farmers.

No. 934796

Being kind isn’t hard.
Seriously you should try it some time.
All you have to do is..

No. 934801

Keep your business to yourself?

No. 934803

Better than drinking that low calorie bullshit🤣 btw that picture is ICONIC.

No. 934807

File: 1582304541090.png (509.3 KB, 630x516, cheers.png)

Delicious. And full-fat too of course, because I'm an inspirational rEcOvEry waRRioR~~

No. 934808

You bet🤪

No. 934810

Oh anon, you killed me kek. Thanks for the perfectly timed joke and the laugh.

No. 934811

No. 934812

Watch out for all that cholesterol and sugar!

No. 934814


No. 934815

Genuine question, why do so many of these bitches have the hard on for NG tubes ? This is the most vile, invasive, disgusting medical device I can think of. Why in the hell would you want that ?

No. 934818

For ana points. They think it makes them look sooper sick. Legit Ana's who don't want to get fat avoid tubes at all costs - Becky, Ash, the Russian girl…

No. 934820

So they can take a photo with it and post it to instagram for other like-minded retards to bust a nut over. For the fat and average ones it probably makes them feel like a true ana despite not being anorexic.

No. 934824

Badge of honour. With cows like Lee, Laura, Georgia etc. it's attention. The cows who actually have anorexia I can understand more, even though on the face of it it doesn't make sense you'd be happy to force fed, in a way it's ~validation~ for the ED. Plus it makes for some bomb insta stories, obviously

No. 934829

File: 1582305444400.jpeg (426.07 KB, 750x1194, ED014272-D480-4BE9-8415-CA3D4C…)

They want asspats. Probably think it’s an achievement too…

I wasn’t going to post it yet because of all the feisty anas but she just posted 7 photos of the nose hose she misses so dearly

No. 934830

File: 1582305530675.jpg (9.91 KB, 236x236, 834f868f965860867e43d938465510…)

They even have their own t shirts. You know how most people would wear band t-shirts? Well…

No. 934835

prob gonna be accused of bone rattling here but fuck it, aren't those filters supposed to slim your face? is she in an EDU or is it somewhere like cygnet where they'll tube anyone?

No. 934836

At the time she had the ng she was on an adolescent picu, she’s never been on an edu

No. 934851

You don't deserve to follow any of the people you posted about or the ones you've only just started to post about. I follow half of them and I did that for a while. You have no life that's why you're here bc you think they have a more interesting life than yours. Just leave this n go enjoy yourselves with as many cacti as you need (I don't think that there are enough cacti for all of you). I'm not giving names for those I'm defending bc you'll find this as a reason to pick up on them. Just get a job or something.(namefagging)

No. 934854

ah gotcha, the old Georgia special. skip a couple of meals. loudly and conspicuously complain about "being s0oo fat" whenever staff are in the vicinity. earn NG. immediately take photo for ig. nice

No. 934856

Lol. This has to be a piss take.

No. 934867

File: 1582308208616.jpg (254.42 KB, 749x1198, IMG_6856.jpg)

Honestly this sarahlearnstosmile is just annoying more than milky. She's definitely a SEED case (whether she admits it or not), so she'll be in and out of hospital for the rest of her life for medical stabilisation not ed recovery. She's also the type to comment on other peoples posts to beat their ed and not be a revolving door patient kek. Her bmi is still in the anorexic range every time she is discharged so she keeps up the appearance of recovery whilst maintaining and then starts losing again cue another admission.
She got her period back not long ago so she probably thinks she's fully recovered. Also says she's near her target weight so she's deffo going to stop gaining soon and she'll be back in hospital in less than 6 months. They need to keep this cow on a section with a nose hose for at least a year/year and a half otherwise she's just going to keep wasting NHS money with her frequent admissions.

seriously, discharging someone this underweight is never going to end well

No. 934869

File: 1582308277542.png (518.84 KB, 596x682, ouch.png)

Not everyone wants to rot away in hospital mate, no need to be so prickly

No. 934876

This weird trend of posing next to hospital signage is cringy af, especially when they're still clearly underweight. It's basically just a signal to say they've been ~sick enough~ to warrant inpatient. Well done. We all know you'll be back within a few weeks.

No. 934878

File: 1582309378127.jpg (734.93 KB, 1080x1629, 20200221_181840.jpg)

She's annoying as hell. I'm pretty sure she got into trouble last admission for uploading photos of staff because she deleted all her story highlights (until she was discharged then she re-uploaded them) and went on a massive sperg about how her followers were dicks and she couldn't trust them.

She also posts this type of dumb shit when anyone with eyes can see she has no 'squish' anywhere on her body. Just the usual anorexic posturing, most likely looking for comments telling her how sick she is. Unfortunately the comments are filled with sycophancy telling her what an inspiration she is.

No. 934881

Band t-shirts vs. tubie t-shirts

Photos next to tourist spots vs. photos next to hospital signs

Oh the envy.

Usually people don't want to be seen in their underwear. These cows post pics of them wearing underwear to strangers. Crazy ana chan life, eh.

No. 934882

Festival wristbands vs. hospital bracelets

Would be more inspired if she sorted her fringe out tbh

No. 934888

>get a job
Kek all these ana cows are jobless NEETs who sponge off the system and post about it proudly and frequently.

There is no supportive pro ed community. Ana cows like dusty and ana chans like my pancake addiction members have been outed as farmers themselves.

I personally think it’s hilarious these attention starved idiots will add almost anyone as a friend on IG then cry about their info that they shared with them being posted here.

No. 934893

What’s the point of sending ana chans back for medical stabilization again and again if they’re so determined to slowly kill themselves? If they were actually wanting and trying to recover it would one thing, but there’s plenty that have absolutely zero intention of even trying to get better. Not to be callous, but it seems like a huge waste of energy, time, and money that could go towards helping people who want the help (instead of those planning to glamorize their EDs and stay sick forever).

No. 934900

I'm guessing parents make the legit cases go and the fakers have parents who pander to their kid's demand to go on vacay to a clinic.

The system's shit in the UK with waiting lists and pretty basic treatment. They still want to be readmitted though, but i can't imagine someone like Georgia would be accepted by a edu.

No. 934904

Takes a lot of banging to draw blood, maybe varies on the wall they use. I highly doubt any nurse would let something like that go on so long that they would end up with the sores that they do.
It defs is, (medfag?) most psych wards are usually (is should be) hesitant to admit BPD patients repeatedly or for a long period of time cause they get super attached and can become institutionalised very quickly.

No. 934907

Duty of care

Georgia would have to majorly step up her game just to be considered for a weekend in a bog standard acute ward here

No. 934908

I guess the point is to keep people alive, but also mh and ed teams face investigations or inquests following the death of someone that is or was (somewhat recently) under their care. It's easier to keep someone relatively stable with multiple admissions than going through the process of justifying why they didn't admit them/provide support etc. I bet plenty of workers feel there's no point in trying for some people but they have to cover their backs legally

cash cow so she could pay her way into a private unit

No. 934928

File: 1582316639817.jpg (406.1 KB, 841x1293, 20200222_062342.jpg)

No. 934939

File: 1582317489534.jpg (123.38 KB, 1125x648, smile.jpg)

1.4k randoms
much trust

No. 934952

File: 1582318974225.jpg (223.45 KB, 1080x1014, 20200221_220133.jpg)

if you wanted everyone to think of you as super sick and dainty, why would you let this be online? lol

No. 934953


She was really working hard to look sooper sick in the first part. Pushing out those collarbones so far that they almost popped out of her chest.

No. 934960

the moon face
the double chin
the dried pimple scabs
never change, Laura

No. 934963

she even had to clip her hair up too show of her busted pimples

No. 934972

she looks sooo bloated, but at the same time completely deranged. like if i saw her on the subway i would switch to another cart b4 she got stabby

No. 934973

It’s hilarious, she could have washed her face or put makeup on but she chose to look ill. I bet they even offered to do her makeup. I’m just glad the doc didn’t focus heavily on Laura. It was cringey though how rachelle/rachel seemed so proud of being on 1:1, that struck me as odd. I didn’t think Laura looked smug though as someone on here said she did

No. 934977

I'm probably alone in thinking so, but I feel like she did look quite gaunt in the beginning. Obviously she was trying to make it look worse with the popping of the collarbones and such, but she was definitely thinner.

Anyway, watching this documentary is a bit perplexing. The host is just a reporter, right? They're having her talk to patients in crisis - like the bloke in the beginning who's just been brought in. How's that safe or feasible? This whole thing feels exploitative.

No. 935006

The presenter got famous off the back of this TV series where she and a few other nobodies who liked fashion spent time in India working in sweat shops and talking to the people who worked there. She was popular because she cred a lot and was "nice". Then she started doing more of the same and the number type person like her because of her "niceness".

She gets to go to places and report on issues like domestic violence, eco things yet isn't a serious journalist. Her shoes are Panorama extra extra light.

They, I wish they wouldn't show the things she presents because they're so lightweight when the issues are heavy and they play up her "niceness".

No. 935008

Soz for autocorrect -cred is cried and number (wtf) is mumsnet

No. 935010

Christ, and shoes is shows. Apologies, using a tablet I'm unfamiliar with. Might watch the docu if I'm slagging it off.

No. 935013

Any update on starfish and the gp’s threat to put her on a section that she literally cannot be put on?

No. 935014

File: 1582327274161.jpg (900.46 KB, 1080x1728, 20200221_171943.jpg)

Those calves…those feet…she's definitely anorexic everyone, no doubt about it after seeing this

No. 935016

File: 1582327383352.jpg (276.91 KB, 1080x1157, 20200221_172143.jpg)

Of course she posts the screenshot of when she looks sooper sick

No. 935018

Jesus, at first glance I thought her calf was her thigh. How tf is she on an eating disorder ward? I get it’s private and she’s paying a hefty sum but there’s no way the staff take her seriously

No. 935019

She doesn't even look sick, just a bit ugly without makeup.

No. 935020

The kicker is that that’s the picture she CHOSE to post, meaning she probably thinks her legs look somewhat slim and dainty there. She wouldn’t intentionally post something that emphasized her fatness.

EMBRACE YOUR FATNESS GEORGIA! No one cares that you are fat, they care that you are wasting time & resources resources playing pretend that you’re some sort of waif!

No. 935039

File: 1582330641659.png (11.83 MB, 1242x2208, D3EEC2CB-5596-4131-8F11-1AA8DC…)

No. 935042

Hehehe. “Loosing”. And I have a feeling when she posted “idk” she meant to say “I don’t care”, but spelling and grammar are hard.

No. 935054

File: 1582331667183.jpg (828.05 KB, 1080x1917, 20200221_183332.jpg)


I don't really think she has any problems eating freely

No. 935075

So having 4 less people in the unit is empty??

No. 935078

@smorven is in sarahlearnstosmiles comments complaining about these threads and how shes been discussed in the past. her narcissism is showing.

No. 935080

Marilyn Manson doing coke on lolcow. Woah.

These cows get off to being mentioned here. Fits with their other fucked up behavior i guess…

No. 935084


Image board.

No. 935095

File: 1582335784145.jpeg (320.64 KB, 750x1190, F0B3BC52-11C1-4949-9D91-D1B5E8…)

Must be a green bean, no screenshot and no sage

No. 935112

Oh I think we have the anon from earlier spotted there. Must have been Smorven whiteknighting with impressive wit. Why those whiny bitches think it important to document semi publicly or publicly every fart, burp and shit they ever take is beyond comprehension.

No. 935114

She's very overweight or straight up on the low side of obese.

No. 935117

Bring all the jonzie milk please!!!

No. 935119


I'd say obese. The threshold for obese is lower than many think.

No. 935122

Anyone think that might be a reverse body dysmorphia kind of thing ? Saw an american tv show where a woman who developed binge eating over the years still saw herself as a size UK 6 - she was at least a 20/22, kind of obese. She then admitted she just didn't see herself grow fat.
Don't mean to medfag but it's definitely interesting G does not seem to see her fat and posts these pics.

No. 935150

File: 1582340960478.jpeg (500.27 KB, 750x1294, C10D41FC-7DDA-419A-814B-77728B…)

Ok so the last I posted on jonzie was about 9 days ago so I’ll re insert those here for anyone who missed and is too lazy to scroll to see the beginning of the most recent admission.
Which brings us to our most recent posts

No. 935151

File: 1582341097237.jpeg (458.13 KB, 750x1294, 2503D063-886F-4620-9ADB-CB6455…)

Gotta film the ambulance ride especially when your sooper sick

No. 935152

File: 1582341226950.jpeg (650.29 KB, 750x1294, B770DFDE-51CF-494C-94F6-9B00B2…)

Peep the Disney blanket lol must remain childlike

No. 935153

File: 1582341444718.jpeg (539.49 KB, 750x1049, 2B118D87-EF83-4018-B81D-AE7C42…)

Part 1 Photo
I believe she had like two blown veins or something so they placed a picc….to me on her stories which are no longer up it looked like she was just banging her arm on the table or something, this bitch wanted a line BAD

No. 935154

File: 1582341478014.png (220.91 KB, 750x1334, 609B53D2-3811-4513-94FB-8A1145…)

Part 2 Text

No. 935156

File: 1582341619861.jpeg (331.81 KB, 750x1292, 1566FE43-28FB-4BEC-A2C9-2CE869…)

Part 3 Text Continued

No. 935159

File: 1582341859808.jpeg (582.97 KB, 750x1211, 50EF5DBF-79B7-47EB-A84C-8929C8…)

Filming her echo which is so fucking ridiculous and rude to the image techs because it’s really difficult to get those images and you can’t be moving around trying to document shit, just let them do their job for fucks sake you attention whore

No. 935160

File: 1582342070613.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 83977F72-CE7F-48B6-BF1E-93A469…)

So dizzy but can make a story, take a photo where she obviously jiggled her hand to make herself look all dizzy, and wrote and placed text

No. 935161

File: 1582342140541.png (743.57 KB, 750x1334, 9538B5F7-4CCC-453F-A3A7-97FA92…)

And then this is the last dumb ones she’s posted as of late.

No. 935165

Is anything happening with Kelsey/Kennedy??(namefag)

No. 935171

Is it just me or does she look a whole lot thinner here than she ever has on IG? I didn't even recognize her. No, I'm not her

No. 935187

Serious blog but she is so ridiculous in this video… the only people I have ever met in an ED ward who feel the need to whisper instead of talk and have bizarre mannerisms and dress strangely are people that are faking it. Not sure why they assume people with eating disorders are lowkey insane instead of normal people with food and weight problems but watching them try to act out what they assume someone "diagnosed" must be like is so incredibly awkward.
I kept watching that documentary though, and the next section with Guan and the headbanging guy is pretty heartwarming, if anyone needs something to recoup from Laura's interview

No. 935188

I'm not in the "recovery community" and it took me a few tries lol
Yes please!

No. 935295

I totally agree. Most people who hate their bodies cover it up, shes wearing a super revealing blouse because she likes how she looks. Also I hated when she smirked at the interviewer and was like “oh well your smaller than me” or when they asked how long she’s been in hospital and she was like this time? Only ten days like she was pushing for her to ask about her other admissions lol. Also I love how she claims that she hasn’t eaten in two plus week yet when they were doing obs they were all perfectly normal, maybe a little high heart rate from being filed, but not what you’d expect from someone who literally hasn’t eaten lol. And then the Instagram shit made gag. By filling and discussing it they are just going to draw more people to her page which apparently contributes to her problem way to go film crew. I also seriously lol when they showed her doing lier strange crotch flashing dance moves lol. Also not blaming Laura for this as she never claimed to actually try and jump off a bridge but the dailymail website article totally said she attempted to throw herself off a bridge which she didn’t, and didn’t claim to.

No. 935297


No. 935300

in all fairness, Laura has said that she is a survivor of sexual assault. Any sexual related trauma can lead to a whole spectrum of behavioural manifestation, from hypersexuality to complete disgust and fear regarding anything sexual. I believe the way she presents herself and uses her eating disorder is in line with that and is definitely normal for survivors as such

No. 935302

Laura also claims not to eat or drink for weeks whilst constantly posting sugary Starbucks drinks. I know I'll be a cunt for saying this but based on all the things she's lied about for attention before, what makes you think her super severe sexual assault trauma isn't just another attention grab?

No. 935331

File: 1582383995419.jpeg (981.86 KB, 828x1515, F348BB2B-6206-4745-A8CE-1F6E99…)

Guyz! Georgia would be spoopy but her doctor said no. She’s gotta keep challenging dem chips. Does anyone remember if she actually lost 17kgs, because I remember following her before her admission and there was no mention of losing any significant amount of weight, at least, not consistently. I totally believe she gained and lost the same 1-2kg over 2 months to add up to 17kg total though.

No. 935332

Watching this BBC doc and did not realise it was in this hospital, know it all too well.
Laura is fucking cringy, had to fast forward when she's on screen. The cringiest line for me "I have 18.fucking whatever number followers on Instagram".
WHAT THE FUCK WOMAN. JUST WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. I'm feeling positively disgusted on so many levels.
Fucking hell.
Rant over /

No. 935333

Samefag sorry but huge props to all the staff here. They are amazing, patient and caring.
Could never ever do mental health.

No. 935335

Tbh Georgie is my fave flake in this thread, the whole concept of an obese woman that's absolutely convinced that she's a fragile anorexic waif while eating like 4000 calories a day and flopping her tits on the table for sad selfies is hilarious to me.

No. 935338

That's some weird body dysmorphia right there. Fascinating

No. 935339

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who chuckled at the tittyflop. Is it too hard to hold them up? I also want to know how she quantifies “crazy restricting”. Even moderate dieting and some reasonable, low impact daily movement would probably yield a respectable rate of weight loss for her, but I guess it’s easier to skip a meal or two and cry “muh anurexia” to give herself an excuse for not losing weight.

No. 935359

She’s been posting on her personal account. Still at ACUTE

No. 935364

File: 1582388678856.jpeg (242.9 KB, 750x1334, A5ADC2BA-6E56-41F5-91A8-917D1A…)

Here’s a screenshot of her account

No. 935366

Well, some with EDs have psychiatric comorbidities which could also explain strange behaviours. As for the whispering, that could be anxiety related to her situation at that time. In the 3 months later interview thing she was talking pretty normally, I think it was just her being nervous in the 136 suite and being interviewed whilst not in her best state

No. 935368

Its pretty obvious she loves the attention for being the spoopiest ana. I think she put 2 and 2 together and deactivated her ana account

No. 935370

File: 1582390128138.jpeg (350.82 KB, 1372x1372, DC59CC80-E44B-47DA-B18D-A1FF49…)

Not eaten but failed to mention that she has been drinking more than just water. It’s only impressive if you don’t eat and only drink water, hun

Also, in an attempt to make her neck and collarbone stick out, she gave herself a chipmunk face

No. 935372

Yeah right. She was so anxious she made sure her insta was heavily fearured along with her number of followers…for someone acutely suicidal supposedly she sure made sure to promote her social media. Should be the very last thing on your mind in such a moment.

No. 935373

Not to nitpick, but it isn't impressive even if she only drank water and didn't eat anything. It would be impressive if she smartened the fuck up, got a job and became a productive, contributing member of society.

No. 935374

KEK! I can’t believe she thinks she needs to tell us she wasn’t on a weight gain meal plan like fucking obviously lol look at this shit >>935014 I don’t even know what part of her body I’m looking at lol

No. 935375

She mentioned the ig followers in the 3 months later bit. They showed the Instagram of the woman with bpd too

No. 935376

Well yeah, that obviously would be more impressive but it’s not going to happen anytime soon

No. 935378

Nope, just watched it and it was at the very beginning. She'd just been admitted for assessment after "walking to a bridge" to supposedly commit suicide

The other woman that has EUPD you mean ?
They just showed a couple pictures, 0 narcissistic mention from her social media or followers from her directly. Absolutely not the same.

No. 935379

File: 1582391395829.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, DC39E65C-F074-4871-8A91-C72513…)

Wow Lee I wonder why. People can only do so much to help you if you don’t show you want to help yourself. She’s so fucking negative and unwilling to do shit. She’s not a disappointment because she has mental illness she’s a disappointment because she doesn’t do anything to help herself but wallow in self pity. She needs to be active in trying to get better instead of relying on the system because obviously she’s not critical enough for the care she so desperately craves. She has to acknowledge where she’s at and except the help that’s probably offered to her at that level. Inpatient actually isint even always the best route because it’s so unlike real life it doesn’t prepare you like residential or outpatient or even a partial program.

No. 935381

I totally agree. It was actually pretty sad to see all the people who were really there in crisis and kind of upset me how lolcow Laura was milking the camera for attention. Those people are really, really sick not flouncing around in cute revealing blouses and skirts bragging about all their Instagram followers, honestly she disgusts me.

No. 935382

Just watched it and yeah her interview screamed attention whoring, it was absolutely unpalatable. The most shocking bit for me is her immediately starting to talk about her insta and number of followers and how central this is in her life, 2 min in the interview…when she'd just be admitted for assessment after supposedly attempting suicide hum. Even if that bit was filmed later on, it still feels so narcissistic and non genuine. Honestly, you have this attention thirsty whore and next to that useless bitch, you have genuinely ill patients that are trying to get out and get better - I found someone like the suicidal 19 years old truly heart breaking.

I don't know how you could watch it outside the uk, maybe try a vpn ? It's on bbc iplayer

No. 935383

Rewatch it maybe because when she’s talking about her social media, that’s from the 3 months later interview. She’s not talking about it when she’s in the 136 suite, the voiceover is heard with footage from the 136 suite.
Also bpd and eupd are the same thing. But yeah hers is heavily featured and she talks about it a lot.

No. 935387


Thank you anon. I thought I was overreacting but yeah she is definitely milking the cam in a way no other patient does in this doc. That just irked me deeply. Seriously what is wrong with that cow. Yikes.

My response above. Does not matter, 3 months later after you attempted suicide ? That still should NOT be your focus of attention or a thing that even come to mind. There's something deeply disturbing about how heavily featured it was. Everything from her clothing, demeanor etc screams fake to me. She might have an ED but the rest is attention whoring at its prime.
It's infuriating when you see people next to her who are truly acutely unwell, doing their best despite having matters out of control for real. Seriously ?

No. 935389

KEK i feel like with feet like that, you'd wobble back and forth as you go. truly delusional.

And for crying out loud, drinking non-diet soda doesnt make you a "recovery warrior" grow up. I'm laughing so much at the "full fat coke"

No. 935390

Watch out for that upcoming diabetes diagnosis….and potentially worn out rotten teeth

No. 935393

I don't enjoy defending Laura it just annoyed me that people were saying she was talking about social media when she was in the 136 suite. But I totally agree with the other stuff you're saying

No. 935407

You honestly disgust me. I have been through sexual assaults too and I didn't change the way I dress at all and yes I did also have anorexia and yet again it didn't affect my style much (of course one changes their style over the years). Laura struggles for real and so do the other people ik also Grace drinking full fat may actually be challenging bc I never managed to drink full fat when I was recovering so I'm proud of her. And teeth don't get rotten that easily if you don't only have sugar. Nuts may be worse for teeth than a sugary drink. I'm sick n tired of this website so I will find a way to get it hacked and y'all devices blocked or tracked and you will answer for your bullying. Just pity worthy honestly

No. 935423

"Nuts may be worse than a sugary drink" Jeez

Get the fck out

No. 935428

Good luck with that, Mendax.

No. 935430

The full fat joke is funny because it doesn't contain fat you absolute buffoon.

No. 935433

The struggle is real!!1 Go away, silly.

Next admission in May, right? Complains about gaining weight yet begged for tube feeds. Omg fake some other illness.

Laura's mum must be thrilled that everyone knows she sucked at parenting.

No. 935437

No one cares about your sexual assault, anorexia, not drinking "full fat" coke, how any of the cows posted here totes struggle for real or your super 1337 hax0r skills. Fuck off.

No. 935439

File: 1582400069543.png (413.7 KB, 514x339, 7proxies.png)


Anyway, Laura is currently hocking her depop on the "vent" account. She recently changed the name of her new account and wrote a more "positive" description at the top. Only accepting people she "trusts." (Wish I could sooper sage this because it's a huge shitpost.)

No. 935440

File: 1582400110376.jpg (23.18 KB, 285x285, Wiki-logo.jpg)

You will answer for this!!1

No. 935442

Amusing how they wrote she's "responding well to treatment" when she's continued to stick her leg in the air, bloody her zits, fake hearing voices and post on police. Responding very well.

No. 935443

File: 1582400310765.jpg (816.06 KB, 1080x1655, 20200222_133711.jpg)

5 stories about a plate of rice, tuna, and corn. Oh, and a sprinkle of cheese at some point.

No. 935445

Lol, autocorrect made LC say police. I been hacked o noe.

No. 935446


I'm curious about when this was filmed. It says "three months later" she was responding to treatment. I thought she walked to the bridge more recently after she was discharged in December or January.

No. 935448

File: 1582400539479.jpeg (841.42 KB, 828x1231, 531E8BE7-8D58-4543-888F-09337B…)

Exactly this much cheese. Literally five pictures of tuna, rice, and a tiny sprinkle of Parmesan wow. Haven’t even checked out the caption yet but I’m guessing it’s something like “GUYS EATING IS SO FUN AND GOOD AND IVE NEVER HAD SWEET CORN BUT MUM SAID IT WAS OKAY AND GOOD AND IT WAS AHMAAAZING! Woo baby recovery is great!”

No. 935449

so much bone rattling lately

No. 935451

Oh, sweet summer child. There's a chemical in all artificial drinks that will wear your teeth thin if you drink it regularly, and it's not sugar.
Now shoo. Go back to your insta you little snowflake.

No. 935452

File: 1582400680236.jpeg (683.68 KB, 828x1433, AD89094C-3157-4F8F-93E8-FD4CD6…)

Oh wow. Better than I could have guessed. Nutella and brown rice. Wow. If that doesn’t scream of someone deep in the throes of restriction idk what does. Wow.

No. 935456

Nutella and rice ? I'm gagging a little.

No. 935457


Rice pudding is delicious but this is nowhere near rice pudding.

No. 935458

Anything tastes good when you barely let yourself eat / only eat a very restrictive variety of foods.

No. 935463

Hard fact !

No. 935469

This! She's been posting a lot of porridge which reminds me of her saying she only ate porridge when restricting…..

No. 935476

Found the post from the night she was so called suicidal >>886261

No. 935481

Elzani should really make a video justifying why she hasn’t posted her hospital video . She really doesn’t care about her ‘fans’.
Long time no photo post either .

No. 935483

File: 1582402887463.jpg (656.85 KB, 1542x1080, georgerporker.jpg)

Seeing as she was this big in September last year, losing 17kgs would be amazing for her and every single doctor on the planet would agree.

No. 935487

I suspect she's trying to lose weight again. Too many people were cheering her on for looking healthy and she started to realize that meant soon they were going to expect her to start doing something other than just eat for asspats.

No. 935490

People lose interest when the Ana's start improving. Same happened with Aly. Her past followers would only bother to with her again if she relapsed to spoopy.

No. 935491

Surprising that she didn’t post 5 photos of the Nutella and rice especially since it was sooooo yummy

No. 935546

Yeah agree about the difference between her and the other patients, they were heartbreaking. I would bet that the staff there see the difference too.
Came here to say that atypical anorexia just means you're not in the weight criteria for anorexia but obviously eventually will be because you're… anorexic… so how is she justifying this diagnosis? But I didn't know she was this big last year, she honestly has lost a lot of weight unless I'm missing something

No. 935547


Ok so for those who don't know, the post you referred to with the picture of laura is a good one - thanks anon for finding it back. This was not a hospital, this is the informal assessment Lotus suite, which is discussed in the documentary and is attached to Springfield hospital. What you see in her picture are the PJ they give to patients. So when she posted that, she basically self admitted in a drop in, informal clinic. You can be referred from A&E or the police, and when you are there, it's always on a non obligatory basis - it's always a choice offered to patients. If they have a free bed they'll generally keep you 24 to 48 hours and they basically accept anyone as long as they have space.

No. 935550

She looks so different all the time I can never really tell what the fuck she actually looks like

No. 935567

File: 1582416903269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 770.7 KB, 854x1500, Screenshot_20200222-233412_Chr…)


Adding a bit on that story…if the attached is from Laura, she most likely lied quite a bit. There are several inconsistencies in her story:

- There isn't an hour drive between A&E of St George's where she definitely was sent, and Springfield were she was admitted. It has to be St G. because only they could have referred her to Springfield. It's a 5 min drive max. Even from any hospital around, it would still not be an hour drive - imagine an ambulance driving around for an hour. It's not a limo, Laura. They actually have a job to do.
- No 136 would ever be admitted at Lotus because of the high risk. They'd never ever accept high risk patients. A 136, restrained patient would be sent straight to a safety room in general hospital pending admission as an inpatient on a ward, most likely ward 2. But we know from the video she was sent to Lotus.
- There is no such thing as "seclusion hospital pajamas". I don't know where the fuck that comes from. What she's wearing is a standard nhs hospital PJ, and the ones you find in Lotus a lot btw. Nothing special about it.
- There is no reason why she would be "restrained" in ambulance unless she was physically violent which clearly she is not - and certainly not a threat in terms of being physically strong enough to cause anyone harm.

Conclusion, confronting video evidence and social media updates that seems fabricated to look extraordinary (police, sanctioning, 136 etc) I call a very likely bullshit on that story.
Spoiler cause old pic/ update just for reference.

No. 935568

Also don't see why she would be "forced to change in PJ" or why her clothes would be taken away, that makes 0 sense.

No. 935572

That pic of Georgie from the video isn't flattering weight wise she's wearing horizontal stripes for starters. Maybe her face looked less fat recently, but it could be angles because other times she looks like a chubby face toddler. Seems we all have BDD when we try to figure out wtf this one looks like irl.

No. 935574

She's objectively obese in that pictures though. No angle or stripes could create an illusion that big come on…

No. 935578


What's so funny is that she followed up on this with another story telling the "lolcow twats" that she had a blanket and not sheets in the picture. Laura, didn't your time on lolcow start because you self-posted?

No. 935588

Because you could theoretically hang yourself with your clothes I assume

No. 935589

I’m sure if she put on some flattering black and grey vertical stripes she would be the next Kelsey. Kek.

No. 935590

I’m salty she blocked me, is anyone else blocked or am I special

No. 935591


She deleted her account because her doc said it would be better for her to be off social media or something. She has two private accounts now.

No. 935629

File: 1582422381600.jpeg (297.06 KB, 750x1209, 01F60B60-41AC-4F2D-AECF-348B92…)

Needs blood transfusion but can stand on bed.. kek this looks photo looks odd, in her story photo it looks like her legs are way bigger. I think she’s photoshopping which means she still in the eating disorder mindset

No. 935630

File: 1582422439034.jpeg (59.58 KB, 378x673, 9B5F4BE2-AE07-41A0-B718-10189B…)

This is the one where her legs legitimately look two different sizes, zoomed and cropped for the visual

No. 935632

File: 1582422521328.jpeg (125.28 KB, 745x1200, 377E0ADF-AE2E-41A6-8EE9-78F160…)

Aaaaaand she’s doing the fake iPhone interface messages to her therapist again lol eyeroll

No. 935711

lmao no therapist would send a heart to one of their patients/clients

No. 935744

File: 1582438877249.jpg (406.01 KB, 1080x1867, IMG_20200223_161935.jpg)

Spaceship is now using a wheelchair…. "not all disabilitied are visible" yet is using a visible mobility device.

Another wannarexic who's trying the spoonie route.

No. 935776

Do you think she still has pica and that's how shes getting the weird ass results again?

No. 935794

did anyone see the last post on the prev thread?

No. 935796

File: 1582459697636.jpeg (570.69 KB, 750x1218, 5CB6F0D2-5280-4882-93E7-13C710…)

I’ve never posted just lurked and I saw this like three threads ago while lurking.

No. 935797

Yes you can be literally dying at bmi 30 but not of Anorexia Nervosa.

No. 935812

I know right it’s so unprofessional to even be texting let alone send fucking hearts! And no tho always therapist would ever refer to themselves as an understanding attachment person.
I don’t think so I think firstly she dehydrated the fuck out of herself to fuck her heart and vitals up, maybe self induced some vomiting like drinking water, vomit, rinse and repeat so her labs and heart were sketchy but I cannot for the life of me se why she needs a blood transfusion. The low iron could be from starving but she eats so much meat I don’t understand. We need a medfag to weigh in on the blood transfusion part. As for the picc… that bitch was totally banging her arm on something to bust every previous iv she had because it wasn’t localized swelling that I’ve experienced her whole entire arm was enormous, and no nurse would leave an iv in like that, that long to get so poorly, from what I’ve experienced.

No. 935848


Is this one of those fail graphics made by Phoebe? That awful text and copied clipart strikes me as one of her creations.

No. 935849

File: 1582474523353.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 0860D87F-9BBC-4C69-9ED3-AB1F17…)

Why tho….medfags what is she doing to herself ?

No. 935850


We get these plebs all the time. They usually throw up how we ~hide behind a screen~. Well, duh, chan culture. They also have no idea that a large percentage of farmers who post in this thread have EDs themselves and that's how they see the bs cow behaviour.

Wouldn't her bff Dolan President send anyone disabled to death camps? Probably best to have an invisible disability with a fascist in charge.

No. 935926

The funny thing is that no-one is taking a piss at anorexia/etc. Cant they see it? People are only taking a piss at/and questioning the obvious use of different mental illnesses for attention

No. 935947

Sad truth. People like to gawk over people dying. It's like a train wreak where you cant look away.

No. 935979


There's the truth. It's human nature. This is why Cooney gained stacks of subscribers. It's morbidly fascinating to watch an emaciated body.

No. 936000

File: 1582493365820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 824.53 KB, 1055x1875, 20200223_152835.jpg)

She claims it's from exercising too hard but I wonder if it's from something else. (Spoiler for blood)

No. 936012

you guys are right but that isn't the only reason people leave behind ana internet personalities. a lot of them are like aly or elzani where they have NOTHING to talk about other than food, and not even in a way that's educational or skillful, just the same recovery topics and pics of food they eat. of course people are going to lose interest. plenty of youtubers got their fame from something entirely different from what they do now, but they succeed because their current content has something to keep old viewers and pull in new ones. anas could keep their follower counts high after recovery if they could deliver something more interesting than food consumption.

No. 936013

File: 1582496682465.jpeg (1005.15 KB, 828x1486, 9E162CF1-9101-441F-8DDA-8C28EC…)

She does seem to be gaining more weight lately, after remaining pretty much unchanged for the past few years. Too bad it’s on the same insanely disordered, repetitive foods. It’s weight gain, but it sure ain’t recovery.

No. 936014

File: 1582496716092.jpg (41.67 KB, 484x498, 51 hHCpGqfL._AC_.jpg)

It hurts to look at her hands. Does she have eczema or is there t dehydration?

No. 936029

Laura wasn’t on lotus, she was taken to the 136 suite at Springfield by police and then from a 136 suite when they do an MHA they can admit you to any inpatient unit in the country just depends where there is a bed

No. 936049

No one cares. Sage you tard.

No. 936063

File: 1582505676292.png (361.26 KB, 720x1106, Screenshot_20200224-004949~2.p…)

Maria body checks walking around Costa again. How healthy do I look = tell me how fat I look, I'm self sabotaging. 1/2

No. 936064

getting a god damn nosebleed from exercising too much?? sounds like recovery to me

No. 936065

File: 1582505732873.png (179.51 KB, 713x1100, Screenshot_20200224-005138~2.p…)


Comment from smorven.

No. 936068

I think she's doing it to make sure everyone still freaks out about how skinny she is rather than because she wants people to tell her she looks fat. /armchairpsychiatrist

No. 936072

She should be past Belvita by now and eating something resembling a normal breakfast, not biscuits intended for people too busy to make breakfast before going to work.

No. 936074

I can't get into her mindset however hard I try. Kinda like why tf did she post a pic of herself wearing an adult nappy/diaper.

No. 936076

I was curious so I looked into it and apparently exercise-induced nosebleeds aren't unheard of…but they're also a sign of low iron.

No. 936078

Can confirm. My dad gets frequent nosebleeds and has to have iron injections. She's so lacking in vitamins and minerals it's visible and worrying.

No. 936083

the belvitas are less of a red flag than the apple diced into a billion tiny pieces, undoubtedly eaten one by one to drag out the process. You can tell her life revolves completely around food and gym. Does she even work or go to school?

No. 936094

File: 1582507858056.jpeg (212.03 KB, 750x1131, 511C66F9-4F43-47AD-8DB2-ED3E38…)

Has anyone ever talked about this girl? I follow both her accounts and they’re interesting to say the least. She is an age regressor which that in itself isn’t a problem for me I just think its weird she posts about. it. She’ll post videos of her with bottles and little girl underwear on. It’s weird. Also, anytime she posts about food its always chocolate or cake or something super sugary that I doubt she is ever eats. She doesn’t seem to be all there and her private page gets really weird sometimes.

No. 936095

Yeah, last thread.

No. 936103

that headshot on the bottom right scares the shit out of me for some reason. the huge round eyes and the weird swan neck make her look like some creepypasta monster

No. 936174

What are your thoughts on body-building/exercise for recovery? even if you're monitored is it healthy? or disordered?

No. 936200

Spaceship was never emaciated tho. She was posed as hell and also shooped to shit a lot of the time

No. 936202

100% disordered. You’re still just obsessing about intake vs output and on controlling how your body looks, it’s just under the guise of something slightly more socially acceptable

No. 936204

File: 1582522332876.jpg (315.87 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20200224-003017_Ins…)

i kinda miss her ass-out-bent-over-thigh-gap pics, they always made me laugh. saged b/c this pic is from 2018, but it was the most exaggerated one i could find

No. 936206

File: 1582522983446.jpg (231.66 KB, 720x1183, _20200224_074003.JPG)

Well, here's her latest bodycheck. So recovered. And sucking in to the point of having her face go red.

No. 936274

I bet Smorven is intensely jealous of how skinny the twins can get abs stay out of hospital. For someone who doesn’t have an ED why follow the twins anyway - it’s not as if they have interesting lives.
Sad thing is 10 or 20 years Smorven will be like them- tired old /middle aged women with ruined bodies and no lives at all.

Meanwhile Elzani has totally vanished.

No. 936281

Smorven has no life now either. All she does is IP and be childlike whenever she is home.

No. 936310

File: 1582545937074.jpeg (243.11 KB, 750x1204, CA08CC36-CCCD-4405-A0AD-4CAA07…)

Yay can’t wait to see how long this one lasts…

No. 936325

Newbie here, have been lurking for a couple threads and have seen the twins mentioned before but i cant seem to find who they are

No. 936331

I just looked at her Instagram to watch the video and noticed she mentioned ‘‘Australia bmi’ in another post. Does anyone know what’s going on with that? Is she coming to Australia for treatment? God forbid is she coming to Australia to go to New Farm?

No. 936335



Sorry for the daily fail article but these are the twins. I believe Maria is @miffy_eatsmore on instagram but not sure about Katy.

No. 936347

File: 1582555574326.jpeg (147.65 KB, 749x824, 7E050A09-E0BC-4467-ACE7-94CA98…)

Alexys update: she’s starting to clean her own picc which means she’s going to start fucking with it as soon as she’s out of the hospital because I believe she’s going home with it. I’m so sick of people using eating disorders to fein chronic illness. Like she just wants to stay a little baby child forever without any responsibilities. As long as she has an eating disorder or is sick no one will expect her to do anything. Also I love how she can’t photoshop her arms or anything because it’s a video hashtag actual size kek

No. 936348

Holly shit. When you said middle aged I read the article assuming they are well into their 40s going on 50. They are 33. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Omg. It's awful on so many levels.

Anyone else loves the irony of it being called New Farm ?

No. 936350

These specific cows share so many characteristics with munchies, it's…something else. A new level combining the worst of ED scumbag with the worst of munchies/spoonies.

Remember when "spoonie" munchie Robyn Brown tried to add an ED to her laundry list of fake disease but gave up because she was a fat arse that couldn't be bothered to not have her daily KFC kek? For those willing to walk down memory lane of one of the very best munchie cow ever: >>>/snow/215012

No. 936356

I fucking know! That’s how she gets all this shit to happen to her I’ve posted caps of her page and the shit she eats yet she claims gastroparesis, eats fried food, gets anemia and blood transfusions yet eats lots of meat and even steak all the time. To me she’s probably doing repetitive vomiting to mess up her heartbeat and drop her potassium and mag. That’s where all the cardiac issues come from but I don’t know how she drops her iron so quickly to need a transfusion like is she bloodletting for fucks sake?

No. 936360

The iron thing has boggled my mind too anon. For the heart thing I believe it might be throwing up repeatedly but the iron/blood transfusion thingy is a mystery to me.

No. 936374

Ok I just read online and did some basic google searches and this is what I came up with: “As turmeric/curcumin levels increased, iron levels decreased. The BEST natural remedy shown by clinical research to reliably reduce the build-up of iron in the body.”
“Hardcore meat eaters may call vegetarians weak lettuce lovers, but few realize that red meat, although it builds muscle, is not actually any better a source of iron than greens.” And alexys literally eats no vegetables ever.
“Substances that impair iron absorption:
Calcium is found in foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, sardines, canned salmon, tofu, broccoli, almonds, figs, turnip greens and rhubarb and is the only known substance to inhibit absorption of both non-heme and heme iron.”
“Recently, researchers have reported successively that stress can cause decrease of serum iron, in consistent with our studies showing that heat exposure and acceleration stress led to significant decrease of serum iron in rats.”
Not sure how accurate the sources are but these could potentially be some ways shes fucking with herself. Otherwise we are going to need a medfag well versed in munchies to weigh in on this kek!

No. 936379

“The twins have spent most of their teenage and adult life in and out of various recovery clinics.” That’s weird, I haven’t heard of them talking about any past treatment centers?

No. 936381

Very good stuff anon. I can see abuse of curcuma as a cause, it's a well known abused product with ED. otherwise gastroparesis can give you iron deficiency although it is rare.
To justify blood transfusions for Iron deficiency, which is not the most common treatment, you'd need to have very low level combined with some worrying symptoms eg chest pain.

No. 936382

The only thing I can think of is heavy periods. My doctor thought I had internal bleeding until I told him I have 7 day heavy periods.(Blogfagging)

No. 936384

True that can cause anemia too.

No. 936395

That article's from 2011, so add 8 or 9 years.

I only follow Maria, but she's mentioned bring up. I don't think she's being deliberately evasive about the past, I honestly think her brain's so damaged she makes little sense all the time.

No. 936397

Mentioned being IP*

No. 936398

Yeah I meant in the picture taken at the time they look wayyyy older holly molly.

No. 936403

Thanks, it’s not the best evidenced based research but it’s enough for some brainstorming lol.
I did consider that as well, but our little baby alexys is probably so sooper sick and speshul I’m sure she’d claim she doesn’t even get her period. Anachans love to claim amenorrhea because it means their at peak spoopiness in their illness lol. Also she’s a total age regresser so claiming to not have a period would probably make her feel more child like. And she probably wouldn’t want it to be from heavy periods anyway, she wants there to be something medically wrong with her so she can get asspats. What a fucking ana munchie nutter Lol

No. 936406

Oh, right, yeah! Lack of fat on a face is the sure way to age dramatically. The makeup they gave them doesn't help although without know-how far gone they are you'd think they behaved like regular people without insta filters and weird shoots.

No. 936420

Worst part is, they look way better in that picture than they do now, even when taking into account that time that's passed
I agree, she does seem just totally mentally gone. I wonder if that's normal for people as underweight as her. It's scary

No. 936421

let us not forget that she has a habit of drinking detergent. maybe that causes internal bleeding? i mean there is NO WAY that doesn't seriously fuck up your insides

No. 936431

She’s been repeatedly getting herself admitted to the hospital (possibly for dehydration and electrolyte imbalance from purging, easy way to get an IP admit with cardiac issues), and hospital means an IV and access to medical supplies. And now she has a PICC, that she’s cleaning and using herself despite being in the hospital, which is against just about any hospital's policy. Anemia alone does not get someone a blood transfusion, unless it is severe. She’s still healthy enough that she has to work and pretty much beg to get admitted, so natural sudden severe anemia to the point of blood transfusion high seems highly unlikely. I honestly think bloodletting is the best explanation. And now she has a PICC line it will be even easier for her. But even if they pull it before she’s discharged, I bet she’s somehow gotten ahold of medical supplies to bloodlet with. It’s something munchies have been known to do (especially vampire munch Kelly), but some self-harmers do it too. She’s drank soap before to get asspats from medical providers, so bloodletting would be quite easy for her. And when she has an IV and now a PICC line, all she’d need is a syringe, which would be pretty easy for her to steal. IMO it just makes the most sense. She even got herself a PICC line, so she’s obviously not above munching hard.

No. 936434

File: 1582566495000.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 720x1062, Screenshot_20200224-174508~2.p…)

Yeah, she's ill but this is straight up pro ana.

No. 936446

>>936434 not mutually exclusive. She's going hard on filters to get this look

No. 936450

She reminds me so much of munchie Robyn for those who know her. She was not an ED cow (though she briefly tried to claim ED but too fat and in love with pizzas for that shit kek) but she was an uber munchie with completely fabricated "chronic illnesses", at one stage fiddling with an appendectomy scar, obviously opening it up over and over again and pestering A&E for almost a month about it - a head surgeon stepped in and told her to stop her shit because they had no time for her antics.

As for alexys (medfag student here so not enough knowledge yet but going on what I have learnt so far) without more details it's hard to know what she's doing that would warrant a blood transfusion, but I'd heavily lean on to bloodletting and self harm too. Transfusion for iron deficiency is certainly uncommon and you'd need a very severe one to get that treatment route. It's also generally used in emergent situation so I'm surprised it would be used in her case at all. Assuming she's no lying about the BT, and eliminating all other possible causes, some form of SH is the most likely.
Detergent could definitely cause internal bleeding. Either way, it's not a product of her ED, it's definitely something she's inflicted to herself.
Munchie ED cows are the next level munchies - the very worst kind but hugely entertaining from a med point of view. Her and Laura are quite something in that regard.

No. 936451

Fuck that is absolutely awful. Gotta feel sorry for anyone that far gone that thinks it's a good look and publishes pictures of it publicly. She looks already dead. That is so fucking horrible.

True you definitely have one of these filter with exaggerated contrast going on, although she'd most likely look like death either way.

No. 936453

Ah yeah you can bet her munchie arse she will be fiddling with that PICC. Highly bizarre she would take care of it and not a nurse.

No. 936454

File: 1582568738880.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1125x2304, 1182E29D-126E-4E1A-9961-3DE7CB…)

she’s been mentioned but please can we talk about this girl, she’s always in general and exaggerates everything. saying doctors/nurses have cried over her and blah blah. she obviously has health problems but completely overdoes it and tries to claim it’s all ED related though it’s obviouslly a separate issue maybe exacerbated by her ED (i mean she’s slim but she’s not exactly skeletal death bed level).
she was on the same unit as that sarahsmiles person and they claimed to be bezzies but sarah actually posted stories saying how much starfish triggered her lol she spent barely 8 weeks there and miraculously is now eating everything and supposedly on placement as student nurse or some trash, but she is still posting attention seeking updates on her story every other day. never forget she so sooooper sick. bets on her being admitted to general in the next month

No. 936458

File: 1582568946411.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1540, 1BB7F669-BC83-4206-9C92-8A90B3…)

pic of starfish being discharged in literally no time after her oh so serious medical problems. I CAN NOT get over her crazy eyes

No. 936460

I was gonna say she has a psychotic stare on this pic kek.

No. 936473

She posted two. Almost identical poses. It makes me wonder what Ash thinks when she sees these spoops. There weren't as many on the internet before insta. I bet she hates what she thinks of as competition. Never seen a wig as bad as hers though, so Ash wins in that area.

No. 936476

she looks like the psychotic twin of the girl i’m the flipping ring movie

No. 936488

Does anyone have katys or marias insta? even screenshots?

No. 936489

Right that’s a good point if she has a gi bleed that’s a quick way to need a transfusion, good thought anon
Shit and I was joking when I said bloodletting but you could be right. Also she did post and I shared in one of the previous screen grabs that she is leaving with the picc so I’m sure we can expect more frequent admissions even though this is suppose to mitigate her “symptoms”
Finally a medfag thank you for your input so I’m guessing we weren’t too far off the mark with our speculation. Ugh she’s going to be a mess with this picc. She’s probably going to be the type to inject shit in her line or other bacteria to get an infection.

No. 936496

File: 1582575837723.jpeg (183.32 KB, 750x1283, 3E76148A-0A12-44DC-8C2A-637C55…)

Katy hasn’t posted anything interesting but here’s her account

No. 936497

They keep changing them - normally to something pathetic/childlike.

No. 936498

File: 1582575897614.jpeg (167.1 KB, 750x1128, 10C5DA64-917C-4B89-AA5A-FF0A0F…)

Maria’s breaking bones

No. 936499

This is representative of Maria's entire feed

No. 936500

File: 1582575988343.png (704.93 KB, 720x1163, Screenshot_20200224-202400~2.p…)

No. 936501

File: 1582576031234.jpeg (158.14 KB, 750x1091, 5C28F381-01FB-49DD-81A7-C32F00…)

And here’s the last latest post, the rest are all kind of the insta filtered photos with stupid ears and shit

No. 936504

File: 1582576191735.jpeg (135.55 KB, 750x1116, E9F72EAC-8E34-41A1-9905-43A6B3…)

What about this one though

No. 936505

File: 1582576228964.png (910.53 KB, 681x1202, Screenshot_20200224-174417~2.p…)

The disappointment in her eyes. See you at the farm in a few month, G.

No. 936508

If she stopped the filter she wouldn't look like a fucking grey alien.

No. 936509

this is what's standing in the corner during sleep paralysis, jesus christ

No. 936518

“Couldn’t be happier” that face is full of lies kek. She’s already planning her next admission I guarantee it lol

No. 936520

Boring tryhard spoop that's always attention seeking. Posts pictures of fatty foods for shits n giggles. Publicly talks about her weight and bmi for no reason. The whole schtick is acting like she's annoyed by questions about her weight when she knows people only follow how for thinspo. Smug skelly that wants to be the only ~skinny skeleton queen~ on IG. Source of some of the cringest body check videos and pictures. Hard pass.

No. 936524

Just look at the sadness in those vacant eyes lmao. Poor Pordgie just needs an environment that won't give a second thought to her shoveling loads of crap down her gullet in the name of "recovery". I give it 2, maybe 3 weeks before she's back to having to pay people to act like she isn't obese.

No. 936528

“Having people pay to act like she isn’t obese” if that’s not the sum of Georgie Porgies life I don’t know what is lol well said anon
Agreed she photoshops herself to look like a fucking creepy pasta monster alien too. She’s boring and weird as fuck

No. 936549

Vincent square, st Anne's, st George's, Royal free - all London ed units. Mixed in with medical admissions.
No longer allowed to be on the same unit.
Not sure if they are both still under section.

No. 936589

File: 1582587490636.png (76.5 KB, 707x544, Screenshot_20200224-233326~2.p…)

I doubt it's for treatment. That'd make no sense. I think it's just a holiday. Not t sure is she means her sis is going as well or if sis had to give her permission to go.
Might not be able to go if she's busted her leg.

No. 936593

I think she just means permission from Vincent Sq (to fly etc.) not from her sister.
I don't think anyone would choose to go to Australia for treatment! Especially if they are SEED!

No. 936595

Can I be annoying and ask where she was on here? I need to branch out from this thread, I love the munchie stuff lol it’s great

No. 936600

Absolutely anon, if you mean the robyn one, here you go :
I literally spent an entire night reading through it, it is the most fascinating munchie thread ever made, praise all the anons who documented it at the time. Pity she has disappeared after her marriage. Part of me is scared she might have a kid and might do a munchie by proxy now…

No. 936601

This comment is gold. Thanks for the laugh anon.

No. 936620

How do you think admin would feel about locking Aly and Ash's thread and bringing them into this general ed one? Alys sperging about the flu thing and her bought comments are lol. Sometimes there's milkiness from these two old cowz but not enough to deserve an old thread of their own. It feels like necro to post on them. I think alys hinting at relapse and displaying munchiness. Just a thought. Its not like they have enough moments to take over this general thread.

No. 936652

I second this

No. 936706

does anyone know robyns instagram??

No. 936721

I like this idea. I find both of them really interesting in a sad way and miss the posts about them.

No. 936745

File: 1582613069113.png (5.4 MB, 2000x2669, 478F6E86-DE24-4D75-9D75-A07CA2…)

I want to post n2f updates because she has been posting so much about how she wants to post less but she’s becoming less coherent from what I can tell. She just posts so often, does this format seem alright to update maybe once a week worth of noteworthy posts? Pic related, she’s been posting long captions occasionally

No. 936748

File: 1582613168669.png (8.22 MB, 2000x2669, F625A00A-BFE0-44A0-9A71-D18C61…)

She also posts 15-20 stories a day still, though has stopped posting her face again.

No. 936749

File: 1582613297929.png (6.51 MB, 2000x2669, BD85219B-1BF5-4956-859F-7F32BB…)

I wish I could find a better format but I’m on mobile. Here are, in my opinion, her most disgusting recent creations.

No. 936753

At this point, I'm not sure if ana-chans make gross food intentionally as an excuse not to eat, or if their outlook on food is genuinely so fucked up that they have no idea what's appetizing anymore. Maybe a little bit of both, who knows.
What I do know is that corn, mayonnaise, and an overcooked patty between two bagels does not a burger make. Why!? Why is everything covered in corn and mayonnaise?
Her descriptions remind me of the RLM video where Mike describes a photo of spaghetti-Os and a cut-up hotdog as "pasta rings with red sauce and meat done three ways."

No. 936757

She sounds manic in a bp frenzy there. >>936748 that tinned spag bol looks like it's been put on the plate straight from the can. That oily part is what what floats on top. Thanks for the screenshots. Revolting!

I'll post about it in meta later today and see see if it can be done

No. 936760

Thanks for posting her updates anon. She never ever accepts my requests.

Her posts always really freak me out tbh. I find it so strange how she poses the food and talks in so much detail about it. It’s unnerving.

No. 936798

She /they don't work- how can they afford to for for 6 weeks to Australia?
Surely if you are ill enough to be unable to work, then you are also unable to go on holiday. The pair of them screw the benefits system.

No. 936804

File: 1582627399863.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1125x1916, C7036497-E319-4F1C-A7EE-E2DD3A…)

aside from everything else i hate these photos because i just want to get some scissors and hack off those dead ends, good lord it makes me itch! does she think her hair looks nice? it looks totally uncared for. good luck to the fucking day program with this skinny legend

No. 936805

File: 1582627602776.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1125x1838, 3175F50D-1940-4E7F-B084-6F3A66…)

yeah she looks soOoOo happy! she’s crying inside because no one with half a brain or money in their pocket because of of her act thinks she’s unwell at all. i wish she would just drop this atypical AN crap, BED babe, that’s what it’s called.
Hahhh bets on how long it’ll be until she’s back at NF?

No. 936810

How embarrassing, she forgot anorexics are supposed to be afraid of liquid calories! Went straight to the juice.

No. 936818

Unless I’m mistaken those are bubbles I can see in the glass… straight back to the (presumably “full fat”) soft drink!
From memory here whole family are obese so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s back to georgy porgy gorging on all the junk they have at home

No. 936819

I've never seen anyone who looks as dead inside as she does, there's absolutely no emotion in those eyes at all and it's really freaky.

No. 936830

Her pictures scream some very weird dysmorphia. She posts pictures the way pretty and skinny girls do, but she’s gross and fat and has a man-face it looks very very weird. It’s like she’s larping a ~beautiful and tragically fragile~ anorexic girl but she’s just flapping fat around instead, trying to make people notice her, and acting like a clown.

No. 936834

There’s gotta eventually be a cap on how often and frequently they let people back… …right?

No. 936835

Nah, pretty sure taking a vacation is easier than working.

No. 936836

Yeah…whenever insurance taps out! It’s not about helping people, it’s about making money.

No. 936852

Ash has actually been posting stories recently. She went MIA for a bit

No. 936853

File: 1582643882678.jpg (751.24 KB, 1080x1920, 20200225_231731.jpg)


No. 936854

This. If they cared about helping people at all, they would have taken 1 look at Georgia, realized she was wasting their time trying to larp as a fragile sick bby, and pointed her to the door. Bonus care points if they pointed her to the nearest gym. All the wasted insurance money… she could have been several pounds down and on a healthier route right now if she just accepted she's fat and living a sedentary lifestyle while pigging out on food with 0 nutritional value isn't a good option for her. Neither is pretending like you have any reservations about eating when the proof of otherwise is so visually clear.

No. 936857

Jfc I just took a look at her. How is she even still breathing? This is fucked up in the extreme and I can’t even…

No. 936860

Georgia should meet Ash.
Then someone should give them both a massive kick up the arse for being so fucking moronic.

No. 936876

Ash would ruthlessly mock someone like Georgie but she has to preserve her energy to harvest the souls of children or whatever is currently keeping her alive.

No. 936883


Yep!!! I've said exactly the same thing about the dead eyes, it really is a bit terrifying.

That aside I feel with all her selfies (tits lopped on the table included) she's trying to open her eyes as wide as possible for some reason, perhaps she feels it portrays some "cute" aesthetic that I'm failing to grasp here…

No. 936886

File: 1582651549223.jpeg (511.07 KB, 750x1173, E88B0A72-2F54-4D1C-8FC0-BB6207…)

Wait. This girl has literally never been thin, but posts wisdom like this…”I may have been skinny but was about to cry”…kek
I always assumed she has an overeating disorder, not claiming she can’t shove grub down her human waste disposal unit. Wtf. And hospitals entertain this shit?
Im now hooked on this chick.
Sage for nta just err wtf.

No. 936887

It’s all relative. Somewhat related: girl looks goood here!

No. 936890

honestly as long as I have been lurking here, she puzzles me the most. Why wont she just make it a regular weight loss journey? I understand she wouldnt get much or ANY attention out of it, shes just a regular obese woman trying to get some clout but this is very puzzling. she doesnt look unhealthy (no sunken in eyes, no hairloss from malnutrition) she doesnt go up or down in weight… nothing about this makes sense.

No. 936893

Far as I can tell, she just wants an easy excuse for not even attempting to lose weight. I don’t think she’s got any kind of eating disorder, not even binge eating. I think she’s your run-of-the-mill chub who realized if she cries anorexia no one is allowed to criticize her for not trying to eat healthy or exercise.

No. 936896

She's a malingerer who loves the attention of being sick, she's posted about it. She can't just be depressed because people don't tend to coddle depressed people as much as they coddle people with anorexia, as it's got a higher mortality rate (outside of suicide) She gets off on the attention lavished on her, even if it is something she's bought for herself. They literally gave her ECT when her depression seems to be moderate at best, judging by the fact her obese self was working as a TV reporter as late as September of last year. She's a faker who loves being a poor sick uwu fragile ana baby. Fucking disgusting that a medical institution would cater to her fucked up fantasies simply because she has private insurance.

No. 936897

She looks pretty here. Skinny, no. Makes me wonder what her definition of skinny is and reminds me of the thinspo threads on mpa where the photos are women with health bodies and slim but not"thin".

Her whole thing is to be looks after because she's sick. She chose an eating disorder for some reason. Maybe because she'd like to be average weight but can't do healthy eating and loves food. Starving gets more concern than overeating. Idk though, I think she actually believes she's scarily thin in that pic she posted. Shame because she looks nice.

No. 936898

Just to add that having dark hair suits her more than the patchy red colours she has now.

No. 936899

For non UK farmers, I was suggested this. The psych docu with Laura in it.

No. 936900

Wtf happened to Georgia? I wouldn't have recognised her without the soulless wide-eyed forehead wrinkle expression. She looks fine here, now she's almost uncanny in some way. Gotta admit, this lardarse hospital tourist facinates me.

No. 936905

File: 1582654557703.png (193.01 KB, 720x852, Screenshot_20200225-181332~2.p…)

Don't know what's gone on with the nonce, but he posted this.

No. 936935

6 weeks to drop as much weight as she can with no one checking!- should take her back to the IP weight range! She has been watching too many of the ‘holy goes solo’ vlogs series on yt. Now if Maria were to vlog her trip…..

No. 936937

File: 1582661491204.jpg (245.15 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20200225-141016_Twi…)


So so so so so

No. 936940

Probably doesn't remember her. She was more concerned about the legit suicidal 19 year old. Glad I watched that doc. The black bloke near the end was hot.

No. 936958

>keep looking after yourself
“Never contact me again.”

No. 936962

She does look a lot better, but she also looks like onision in that picture.

No. 936973

lol such a good point, she met with Laura once for three minutes but everyone else she saw multiple times, talked about them with other staff or just to the camera, etc… maybe she could tell Laura was faking, but didn't take her out because that would be awkward to justify

No. 936975

File: 1582666115089.png (925.66 KB, 1176x1060, um.png)

proud of herself for what exactly? she wasn't admitted for "anorexia" and she's never been shy about attention seeking so you couldn't even say she's ~opening up~ it's all histrionics

i'm following both twins if anyone wants updates but there's not much milk tbh, basically same old every day (shitty animal filters, coffee with 1000 sweteeners, whining about vincent square) with unintelligble captions. can't remember if it was a fracture but M did her hip in last year so the recent isn't surprising, dread to think what her bones are like now

No. 936994

proana scumbag much? "pretty and skinny girls"

No. 936995

She might be hoping Dooley's going to fix her up with a dance job (non UK anons, Stacey Dooley was on a TV show where F list celebs learn ballroom dancing).

Laura's better now? Amazing what being on telly can do. Anyone else pick up on how she started saying she was hearing voices after it was mentioned that others were having psychotic episodes hearing voices on the show?

No. 936997

File: 1582669731437.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, F7833163-DBED-4A2B-8964-BE5CB1…)

Oh. My. Gosh. They fucking FaceTime?! Maybe the texts are real? Or maybe this is just some random woman she’s pretending is her therapist? I don’t know, I have heard of over the phone sessions but FaceTiming, taking a screen shot and posting it to Instagram is so bizarre

No. 937003

File: 1582671284189.jpg (18.89 KB, 233x334, 1.jpg)


Mamabear 2.0 ?

No. 937010

Daily Fail is such an embarrassment. They'd write articles (ridden with grammar and spelling mistakes) about any trainwreck willing to contact them. They featured so many cows over the years they might as well be our official paper.

And yet she had no other psychiatric diagnosis beyond anorexia…

Dooley is a nice person who is also a bit of an idiot. Don't mean that in a mean way but she came across as a bit of a gullible candyland dweller in the doc.

Glad I watched this doc too, Laura cow is so full of shit. Next to the other people in there she looked frankly embarrassing for who could see through her bullshit.

No. 937012

Wow. How does her therapist like being posted all over social media like that…that is beyond weird.

No. 937016

This. She's the definition of a malingerer.
Never realised just how many ED cows had malingering/munchie/munchie by internet issues.

No. 937023

Forget the zombies, this is the walking dead.

Absolutely correct. True in any country tbh (probably less in America where healthcare cost an arm and a kidney). Springfield hospital in the UK in the Dooley doco here >>936899 is renowned for getting people in and out of their revolving door in a matter of weeks, despite having disputable results with patients, making high numbers of admissions because their subsidies/financial allocation depend on it. Not enough admissions in a year? Let's slash your budget next year. New Cow Farm must work on the same model (plus private insurance is a nice bonus on top).

No. 937024

I agree especially with that big honker of a nose…. yikes lol it is an incredibly unflattering picture to say the least

No. 937027

this. not trying to wk the twins but i don't understand logic like >>936798 . on holiday you don't have any responsibilities and you can cancel the day's plans with no repercussions if you don't feel good. there's no skill to stay on top of or standards you have to adhere to. jobs require you to commit to a schedule…

i could be wrong but when i see shit like this my first thought is that the therapist is a hack/questionable credentials and they have a symbiotic relationship with their patient. patient gives glowing reviews to therapist who "goes above and beyond" by acting like a buddy and ~not like other therapists~ and patient gets whatever diagnosis they want and endless platitudes from the therapist. total tinfoil though.

No. 937034

I think you're onto something anon
No tinfoil. I'd totally question a therapist that is this chummy with their client. Your therapist is not your friend.

No. 937041

File: 1582675230903.jpg (284.25 KB, 1080x737, 20200225_175850.jpg)

So funny that Laura changed get twitter settings to public so she can get more attention

No. 937042

File: 1582675386023.jpg (1000.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200222-190538_Twi…)


Also that she let her friend's tits outshine her in this picture

No. 937047

has Laura ever actually been underweight? or under an ed team?

No. 937090

Very low decollete + very large fat boobs = always a vulgar look. Yikes.

No. 937103

i’ll be honest this thread is the last place i would have expected to see mr horwood

No. 937105

100% agree, this is a boundary issue and she's probably the kind of therapist that just takes your side and tries to make you happy instead of dealing with hard truths
Her hair looks awesome here… loosely related, she used to have a girlfriend she posted about/with a while ago, and I haven't seen her in a long time- does anyone remember her or know what happened?

No. 937110


No. 937118

The goblin behind her looks worse.

No. 937124

Kek. She certainly have a weird face. Lacking fat in her face makes its shape looks so odd.

No. 937136

File: 1582690560423.jpg (138.95 KB, 720x1184, _20200226_060854.JPG)

Anyone remember Chloe / fragile.fantasy? She's physically better these days (but don't tell her that) and has jumped on the DID bandwagon. "We."
Honestly I feel a bit bad posting this, used to kind of like her, but the recent DID antics have really gotten ridiculous.

No. 937204