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File: 1610050295984.jpeg (782.19 KB, 1763x1723, ham sandwich.jpeg)

No. 1124866

As we hear solostinmymind has shuffled off her mortal coil, we reflected on others we have known in these threads who have checked out of life.

Bakeranon gifted us some n2f recipe bakes at Xmas, which left her with a squiffy tummy. Your efforts are much appreciated and we hope it doesn't stop your future experiments.

N2f is looking incredibly ill as she tics and twitches her way through videos of her eating.

Meanwhile, we're stuck with those who think that eating disorders are a game and oh so glamorous.

Ham went off to ~relapse~ when called out for her LARPing on her ig account. She returned this evening to show us that she cried and ate porridge. We missed you, Ham, we haven't been able to eat anything since you left.

As Britain goes into lockdown, Ganer has a breakdown as her gym closes. Like a trooper, she continues her questionable progress at home.

Georgia is out of NF (for now) as Lee checked in for a nose hose.

Morven's face slashing and head banging increases, and thoughtfully posts a pic fresh from a session on her ig.

Miha was in tears because she was turned down for residential treatment. Possibly didn't have a bariatric bed for her.

Laura popped up to let us know her parents are getting the laaaaw involved re her treatment at her BPD unit. It's not as much fun as EDU.

Sharni is behaving herself after threats of prosecution after an ~incident~.

A new cow was presented to us lucie_shedding_layers, who has written a book about her journey to obesi…recovery. Apparently, she attends the same temple as a farmer! Small world, not so small woman.

Another hamplanet LARPer, ovi is attempting recovery arrived on the farm.

Is Normanton a shit tip? Will Georgie stay out of NF? How many pounds will Ham pack on in January? Will you be following Ellie May's makeup tutorial? Is Dasha taking tentative steps to recovery? Maybe we will find out in this new thread.

Here's t
he old thread.


No. 1124874

I don't know sharni's new account so no link.
I fucked up https://twitter.com/negligeenymph

No. 1124876

File: 1610050668221.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210107-134740_Ins…)

Thank you, brave farmer. I offer this lumpy protein shake from n2f in gratitude.

No. 1124880

Yumm, I will enjoy those clumps of powder very much. Good RECCOMENDATION there.

No. 1124882

File: 1610050856175.png (655.12 KB, 806x582, mummy dearest.png)

Wait, so Ham claims she relapsed, but if you scroll back just a little here she is crying that just because she didnt eat a slice of bread her mother increased her calories. So is her mother some munchie enjoying telling her child she has ana and needs to gain, or is Ham the one pulling the strings on her mother?

No. 1124883

File: 1610050856719.jpg (907.07 KB, 932x1182, aEl68vS.jpg)

is paige writing another book?

No. 1124884

File: 1610050890934.jpg (914.6 KB, 930x1198, z2GqlpZ.jpg)

No. 1124898

File: 1610051443502.jpg (415.52 KB, 1914x992, lol hi.jpg)

O god, that would make so much sense! Hammunchiemum! I think you're on to something.

Stay strong, Ham.

No. 1124899

Idk but I will always side eye a mother that insists on infantilizing their children. She's not a child yet her mother treats her as such, always lurking in the background, which can be innocent enough…

But the fact Ham claims to have had an ED for so many years yet clearly never being underweight nor struggling with food to the extent of an ED, I wonder if her Mum is putting all this shit into her head. Purely speculation obvi but something just seems off, and not in the "anorexic because I never wanna grow up" way.

No. 1124904

She's 17, which many would argue is still a child. Still, yeah, there's something off about the relationship between them.

No. 1124905

>tfw blood sugar crash from not nourishing your tummy with enough sweet treats

No. 1124906

File: 1610052244020.jpeg (293.87 KB, 562x829, 4E6D1850-C76D-4F5E-97BB-BEBA3F…)

feat. dainty waif arms

No. 1124908

I know it's old news but Christ that mug is so dirty

No. 1124919

It's an age where a parent should really be preparing their kid for adult life. Makes the late-in-life-baby-so-clinging-on theory more solid.

>after a long chat with my mum I’ve decided that I WILL carry on with this account

fuck's sake.

I've noticed another thing so un-ana about her. She really loads up her spoon or fork. Never small bites.

No. 1124962

Watch how after this comment she starts putting less on the spoon

No. 1124969

File: 1610056736832.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, 1FD83489-655E-46C9-BDFC-AA749E…)

Mentioned in the last thread, @rems.resistance. We didn’t think she was so milky, so left off. Seems like she’s started to deliver. Constant passive aggressive or just plain old aggressive shitposting about muh abuse and reeeeing about, well, pretty much everything.
Active on IG and TikTok.

No. 1124972

File: 1610056822057.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, 06D17710-8CF0-42FF-8F4B-3E1A1E…)

>called childish when trying to self harm
Off you fuck


No. 1124998

I was also thinking there might be some munchausen by proxy shit going on and Hannah was brainwashed by her mum

No. 1125006

was thinking the same. Perhaps she genuinely believes this is what anorexia is due to the manipulation of her mother. Major tinfoil

No. 1125011

Loves showing off her toob.

No. 1125012

It's really likely though. Why does her mum know so much of the ED psychobabble? Ham doesn't need to eat more. To be polite, she has more than enough body fat to see her through winter.

No. 1125018

the first video (brownie one) freaked me out. There was something off about it and it wasn’t anorexia

No. 1125086


Please sage your posts unless you're bringing fresh milk (write sage in the email field)

No. 1125094

I’ll keep that in mind, thank you. Though it’s not your place to minimod(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1125107

>Still doesn’t sage

No. 1125155

havent been to this thread in a while and the thread pic sent me… bravo anon

No. 1125164

File: 1610070572683.jpg (65.79 KB, 1076x769, 20210107_194830.jpg)

Ham likes all of her posts, kek.

No. 1125218

i think she posts her food so she can claim she purges it all

No. 1125224

File: 1610074995855.jpg (253.99 KB, 1080x957, Screenshot_20210108_130337.jpg)

Unironically made me laugh out loud

No. 1125228

Oh god, so she actually claims to be anorexic. Not even EDNOS. That's just really embarrassing. I'm violently cringing right now. Are these spergs going to warp the meaning of anorexia like they did with "triggered"?

No. 1125250

do we know how old this creature is? this sounds very middle school lmao

No. 1125255

File: 1610077130278.jpg (294.65 KB, 1080x702, Screenshot_20210107-213827_Twi…)

Claims to be 20.

No. 1125263

She claims being hospitalized gave her PTSD and that’s why it’s hard for her to accept tube feeds. But all of this crap she’s spewing isn’t abuse, it’s nurses and doctors calling her out on her bullshit. She’s immature and childish and acts like she deserves to be treated like the most specialest snowflake in the world. They gave her plenty of time and chances to not be made IP but she refused to cooperate and ended up IP even with her sooper serious hospital PTSD. You’d think someone in that situation would do whatever was needed to avoid the hospital.

No. 1125280

No. 1125455

File: 1610097403032.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2208, D84013EA-3A8B-4F29-95FE-7A44AC…)

new cow nomination from me is @soft4ngel y’all check out the SHITSHOW
(I posted this in the a different thread so here’s a screenshot)

No. 1125457

Friend of yours?

No. 1125458

Nah she’s just an altcow i found via Instagram, liked her posts until I read some captions & she went inpatient
I think she’s pretty milky & worthy of keeping an eye on

No. 1125460

She is another admission loving overweight wannarexic. These people would surely feel more validated if they were honest and admitted they know they don't have Anorexia Nervosa.OSFED or BED, sure.

No. 1125461

Lol wasn't she claiming to be a lesbian? Oh well, idk why I'm expecting truth from this cow

No. 1125462

she constantly spergs about pronouns

No. 1125477

Maybe I'm desensitised from all the spoopy skeletons and I'm not denying she's underweight but she doesn't look she necessarily 'should be inpatient'

No. 1125479

This is her claims, not mine. I’ll find it when I have the time to scroll thru her ridiculous tellonym

No. 1125480

She’s not overweight/average anymore, this is from a “in my year”
but truly a wannarexic all the same with her attitude

No. 1125508

most of the cows who are IP don't need to be. I think its more personality disorders than eating disorders going on for a lot of these people.

No. 1125532

File: 1610110045643.png (564.11 KB, 828x1792, BE1F6B75-3624-42FB-81C3-A09069…)

remember to nourish your tummies in abundance, folks!

No. 1125559

and like clockwork soft4ngel is in hospital lol

No. 1125563

Just a nice description of binging

No. 1125565

It’s not bingeing if you put it on a plate! Duh! Then it’s ~*~challenging da eating disorder~*~. Extra brownie (lol) points if you take pics. Then it’s challenging yourself AND being an inspuhrashun.

No. 1125591

File: 1610117165429.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1125x2046, 2B593152-562B-4553-9840-7F3FC1…)

there’s plenty of obese recovery queens on tiktok but idk if they’re milky. still though, made me kek

No. 1125598

who makes these videos blow up? other fat ana warriors?

No. 1125607

File: 1610119207193.jpg (157.62 KB, 1080x1758, of course it's tumblr.jpg)

If you search "obese ana" it's an entire tag on tumblr. The landwhales are giving out "ana tips" lel

No. 1125608

i didn't realise anorexics wanted to look healthy and toned! clearly i've got it all wrong

No. 1125618

Wannarexics like that model look though. Their thinspo is those black and white pics of tall girls with long legs wearing an oversize sweater. They're usually drinking black coffee and they've got a cig on the go.

Massive fatties think anyone under 200lb is anorexic.

No. 1125621

I feel like Ham is going to activate her comments again because it seems like she loves that attention. I just can’t picture her being okay with eating a bowl of porridge without her followers commending her bravery

No. 1125623

Yep. From the off I thought the same. She's not going to get that dopamine hit without the asspats, so she'll either abandon the account or say she's going to ignore haters and activate comments.

What's the point of an account without comments? Does anyone else even do that? It's going to look more stupid posting videos of her talking to herself before eating cakes.

No. 1125633

File: 1610121752022.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, CB586F73-AC57-4521-AEFE-D6D4AC…)

Why make this a Tiktok

No. 1125635

attention and pity points?

No. 1125639

File: 1610122104260.jpeg (216.2 KB, 750x1334, 8C5AC777-7450-4ED0-830D-662DEC…)

Bored with ana is beginning her followers for fan art (again! She already has about ten portraits to choose from) also it might be kind of nitpicky but does anyone else find is sort of tone deaf that she keeps advertising her running account to her anorexic followers?

No. 1125650

Yeah, she's definitely not funny. But the hidelous/fat can be improved with better hair and makeup choices, and some regular exercise. Just a bit, not even a lot.
But no, let's just act completely insane on tiktok about it. That'll make it better.

No. 1125661

what's in her mouth? is she pretending to purge or?

No. 1125664

File: 1610123562573.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, E6653AC0-BD6B-4AA5-BA30-41D1A7…)

Yeah, she has a couple other videos where she ends it the same way.

No. 1125669

oh i don’t think it’s tone deaf at all she knows exactly what she’s doing

No. 1125681

ot but I’d say nowadays wannarexics want to look like kpop stars, or at least that what it seems like from ed twitter kek

No. 1125685

That but I’ve also seen a lot of ‘toned but not skinny’ thinspo on pro ana accounts. I’m fairness though, from what I’ve heard the Kpop industry does have a big ED problem.

No. 1125687

File: 1610126261929.png (1.03 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210108-171625.png)

No. 1125689

File: 1610126329102.png (1.21 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210108-171645.png)


Nomnomnom, eh Ham.

No. 1125692

Glad I'm not the only one who's been annoyed by the concept of a trigger becoming meaningless because people use it to mean something that bums them out lol. The way "anorexia" is starting to remind me of what happened to the word "queer"- it meant GLBT, as an insult and then also as a chosen descriptor for someone that's GLBT, and now lots of straight cis people use it to make themselves sound hip and actual gay people don't use it anymore because it's meaningless

No. 1125693

Those followers don't care really, Ham. They think the same things we do. FYI check the definition of a relapse.

No. 1125695

Words become the reclaiming thing back to offensive too quickly. I never know how to refer to POC anymore. Some black people got weird about "black". The black people I know are fine with it and hate POC. 21st century is confusing and fuck pronouns.

No. 1125698

Someone with anorexia or another ED could become overweight in recovery for a variety of reasons, I have no problem with them calling themselves in recovery or recovered- I only get annoyed by normal/overweight people talking about their current extreme restriction while never losing weight

No. 1125706

she sure is one of those things

No. 1125709

Lol yeah it's definitely a wild ride right now… At this point I just try to choose the simplest descriptors (like "black") knowing that there will always be lots of people who will have a problem with any word I use.

No. 1125716


She is honestly repulsive. Can we get a spoiler on pics like this….

No. 1125729

This, there is such a thing as weight overshoot in restrictive EDs and being a little overweight is not cowish behavior in it of itself.

No. 1125768

Does anyone else follow the crazy parents on Around the Dinner Table?

No. 1125769

Has Smorven been up to anything?

No. 1125828

File: 1610135248988.png (968.8 KB, 993x640, we.PNG)

Han just posted this…and omg is that a HAIR in the beans ? I'm gonna puke lmao

No. 1125830

File: 1610135525988.jpg (315.18 KB, 972x1357, 20210108_135024.jpg)

She does say nourish to flourish in the post description. She wants to be Alicia now, so she's eating food that looks like shit.

Funny how the last two video posts don't include her talking to her mom, or any sound. We must be getting a little too close to what's going on between the two of them, so Hammum ordered her to turn off the sound.

No. 1125832

File: 1610135773014.jpg (606.14 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20210108-135528_Ins…)

Samefag. N2F!!

No. 1125835

I'm really starting to buy into the tinfoil that her mum is convincing her she has anorexia. So curious about them.

If it's the mum coaching her into this, I take back every unfair thought about han LARPing.

No. 1125836

File: 1610136620862.png (4.6 MB, 750x1334, 025F5AA5-8504-415E-9CD2-3D42DA…)

Lord alive. N2F keeping a bag of prawns on her bed. Hoping for her sake that they found their way back into the fridge swiftly. Otherwise countdown to food poisoning in 5..4..3..

No. 1125846

Well there’s no danger of “anorexia winning” Ham, because you. don’t. have. it. And calling a few days of not posting crappy food on insta a “relapse” is actually really fucking tone deaf and offensive to those who do suffer.
You’d think on her little break she’d have swotted up more on what she’s trying (failing) to portray. Shameless.

No. 1125848

Maybe she has atypical anorexia and she started off obese like Porgie, but she's too ashamed to admit it's not only atypical and not proper anorexia, so she just calls it "anorexia"? Sage for tinfoil. I think she has EDNOS/OSFED, but what subtype, I don't know.

No. 1125854

File: 1610138755792.png (90.81 KB, 1198x549, Elzani_earnings.png)

If she wasn't only uploading to Instagram I would strongly suspect that her mother might be pushing her into it for the money.

Badly defrosted prawns are guaranteed to make her shit her insides out for days, so maybe that's the intention.

No. 1125861

yeah relapse would imply she has something to relapse into which is simply not the case lol

No. 1125862

Which eating disorder is the one where you think everything will taste bad but then when you try it and realize it’s delicious eat it all?

No. 1125863

Do we know whether her videos even remain monetized though? Adsense is quick to slap down anything with eating disorder / mental health tags.

No. 1125867

>>1125863 Probably the reason why she made a seperate channel where she doesn't mention her ED

No. 1125872

ARFID but mysteriously healed overnight after a head injury?

No. 1125873

File: 1610140075435.jpeg (751.01 KB, 828x1461, FF4D60E3-3DAF-4891-8144-4E5B3E…)

Anna banana decided to henna freckles over her face. New year new banana

No. 1125882

File: 1610140750355.jpeg (499.06 KB, 828x1792, 798FE1E2-0D31-4450-87CC-DB6942…)

Zero. Still same old same old: claims she never sleeps, ever day is the worst, staff is terrible and she really really wants to die. Priority is uploading dramatic b/w pics with text, usually animations (“Help!” is a favorite) and her fucked up face.
Shame that her gaining a substantial amount of weight through her nose hose hasn’t meant any improvement in mental state. I honestly think she’s a lost cause, can’t picture her ever leading anything resembling a normal life.

No. 1125883

ATYRT kek.

No. 1125906

she’s mainly a piece of shit based on her whole social media presence but does anyone else also just think she has a ridiculously punchable face lmao

No. 1125910

Hamorexia (I’ll see myself out now….)

No. 1125924

I thought it was only me! Also, are those freckles going to lighten or are they meant to be a joke?

No. 1125925

Samefag, but just to say Smorvy is getting super suspicious about her “close friends” so I do apologize in advance for lack of updates in the near future. Not that there’s anything to update on really…

No. 1125931

i hope she fucking knows that henna turns orange kek

No. 1125933

File: 1610143832844.jpg (278.12 KB, 1080x1728, 20210108_160932.jpg)

Yeah, everyone. You can't tell!

No. 1125935

File: 1610143856214.jpg (604.87 KB, 2186x1292, Ham.jpg)


No. 1125940

Kek this made me remember the dreaded prawn crisps bag

No. 1125942

I’m not familiar with that site. Can you post milk?

No. 1125944

I just tried watching Ham’s eating videos for the first time and I.. I fucking can’t. It’s a no from me.

It’s that smug look for me. Such a punchable face.

She knows what she’s doing for sure.

No. 1125945

Haha thanks for reminding me about that one anon, was some laughs reading that thread

No. 1125958

Oooh I would love this can of worms to get opened, not home right now but can contribute when I am

No. 1125959


No. 1125963

Same with all of this, I kinda hope the mom scenario is true because it'd be interesting to watch. Would make the "IP bed with my name on it" comment actually make sense, her mom could've just said her doctor said that because teenagers aren't usually facilitating their own health care. Even if this unfortunately isn't what's going on, I think there's still more to this story than what we're currently seeing.

No. 1125969

I used to read it but can't remember finding anything funny, pls share

No. 1125973

File: 1610146378734.png (258.95 KB, 385x684, Screenshot_20210108-224943~2.p…)

>It’s that smug look for me. Such a punchable face.

You mean this one?

Must've been difficult to eat this. The only fibre she's ever had in her videos.

No. 1126005

i’m on it it’s fucking hilarious !

No. 1126008

File: 1610148621835.png (355.04 KB, 828x1792, EA48D222-4CA3-4F78-B08A-2E9347…)

exhibit A from ATDT: one of hundreds of threads of controlling parents trying to figure out how best to disguise a weeks worth of calories in a single milkshake. (300+ replies to this thread alone)

No. 1126010

File: 1610148754799.png (467.57 KB, 828x1792, 0AEAE712-5D7D-4D80-8B96-2298C3…)

any post on the forum is responded to with the suggestion of “more weight”- parents feeding their children on 6000 cals a day until they are overweight , justifying it with the promise of “brain healing” that can only come with excessive fat and calories

No. 1126014

To add: I don't have screenshots of these yet, but I've seen posts of parents removing their childrens doors, watching them shower, weighing them naked/ in underwear, sleeping in the same bed as their teenagers, 1000 calorie plus shakes, driving to high school to supervise every snack, but refusing to acknowledge that their poor parenting could have anything to do with the ED or that therapy might be needed.

No. 1126016

Holy fuck that's so invasive

No. 1126040

That forum is honestly just as toxic as MPA. Narcissistic Parent Central.

No. 1126041

Holy fucking shit this is horrific!! The excessive control they put over their kids and then they wonder why they have an ED in the first place… un-fucking-believable.

No. 1126042

File: 1610151431857.jpeg (859.15 KB, 828x1425, 4FD82C91-DC70-4A55-8CFE-0FF94E…)

nothing like using a coup to shill your inspirational poetry book

No. 1126048

And they hide shit in their kids food like wait to erode trust! And sometimes the kid may not even have an eating disorder like some parents do this shit over 5 or 10 lost pounds.

No. 1126053

not just the coup but ALL anti-semitism!! imagine thinking your ED belongs in the same conversation as the holocaust

i'm the anon who goes to lucie's temple and i know we can't interact with cows irl but i am so curious the response she gets when she inevitably presents this spiel to a jewish audience not from the instagram generation bc…I cannot see it going well unless she takes a VERY different tone

No. 1126069


Yep, this is the one.

How do any of her followers take her seriously when this is the face she pulls when she eats a bite of baked potato after a “relapse”

No. 1126156

To be fair, they didn't invent this- I can't speak for the 80s/early 90s but around 2000 this was standard protocol given to parents by specialists. And actually more fucked up- those ATDT folks use "magic plate" tactic, where they won't let a kid do anything until they eat their food- no school, sleep, anything, whereas in the previous iteration of this protocol, if you don't eat any one snack or meal within 15 or 30 minutes respectively you get taken to the ER, tubefed, and sent home (unless they admit you)

No. 1126158

anyone else unable to find her on ig? never interacted with her so idk why she would have blocked me

No. 1126160

They also talk about their kids like throwing plates and blame it on anorexia like no… i think you’re just a shitty parent

No. 1126161

Samefag to say the other things were in place as well- no bathroom or bedroom doors, not allowed in the kitchen to prevent tampering, bringing a kids food to school/friend's houses/literally anywhere to watch him/her eat it at lunch and snack times (and if they don't, take the kid from a sleepover/lunch period into the ER, etc etc etc) sorry stupid infodump

No. 1126164

File: 1610159927530.jpg (625.19 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20210108-203740_Ins…)

Nope. She must have blocked you.

No. 1126171

Anyone know what ED she said she has?

No. 1126172

File: 1610161349541.jpg (481.11 KB, 1080x1129, Screenshot_20210108-210030_Ins…)

Orthorexia, according to the second post on her account

No. 1126216

possible tinfoil, but my parents actually did those things and i notice a lot o similarities with atdt parents, and ham's situation

No. 1126230

aka she got told to eat fruits and vegetables and felt oppressed

No. 1126371

File: 1610170375515.png (38.36 KB, 1158x314, barf.png)

>I even added oil to a jar of peanut butter

Fucking nutjobs. I need to see more stuff from this forum I'm hooked

No. 1126439

File: 1610172218072.png (52.09 KB, 1177x297, 7535624279757905338.png)

No mixing foods that don't go together and if the kid does that it gets replaced? Come on that's fucking insane. Do they want their kid eating or not? "Honey you can't eat grapes with tomatoes now I have to replace it with a boost plus"
Also if mixing foods that don't go together is forbidden why are they allowed to tamper with the foods? Do oil and pb go togehter?
Also >brain disease. Wow

No. 1126477

File: 1610173463953.png (42.97 KB, 1154x274, 84546582482845.png)

Sorry to spam this shit but I just don't understand.. Wants kid to eat but when they get the food themselves it's not allowed and now all of it must be gone?? What the fuck? How is that being in control? I can only imagine the parent being an avatar for BED

No. 1126607

File: 1610178429627.png (23.05 KB, 1154x294, 15858964984564698546.png)

Nothing about oil in juice screams refreshing

No. 1126630

>>1126607 what an easy way of losing trust, poor kids

No. 1126633

>>1125959 her ed channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6k3vKPMpTQA93kyGvU2Gvg

and the other one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2npWGlhozt12eiJ2fzjLbg

If you notice its basically the same content but she just never mentions anything about an eating disorder in her other one. You can see this in the two part q&a she did, she only answerd ed related questions on her first channel

No. 1126642

sneaky behaviour from parents in response to sneaky ED behaviours is no better. seems like a way for the ED to get stronger if anything.

No. 1126657

Oh, absolutely. There's lots of parents saying their child needs 5000 calories a day. Maaaaybe it is extreme hypermetabolism but I'd bet the kid is managing to do something sneaky

No. 1126678

I wonder how many of these nutjobs are just psychos and their kid just went on a diet so they decided to put oil in everything. Tampering with food in secret is a MAJOR red flag for me, yikes.

No. 1126679

are tampering parents not the standard?

No. 1126682

I want to slap her so bad as well.

All her videos are the same : make a grumpy/disgusted/worried face in front of food, take a big bite, act surprised like it was the first you ate this, "omg so good", be proud cuz you ate scary food. Bonus if you got the mum enabling her ana larping.

No. 1126694

Her mum probably read an article in a womens magazine about kids having an eating disorder and was worried Han had more healthy food on one day than junk and told her she was worried she was developing an ED and Han believed it.

No. 1126706


No. 1126729

File: 1610200380291.jpeg (682.96 KB, 828x1530, 84C706DA-F72A-447E-BD22-1B3431…)

Ganer can’t go to the gym because annoying people keep dying and stuff. She’s very depressed.

No. 1126733

Why can’t she exercise at home? Get a grip luv

No. 1126739

i know you're not the first anon to suggest this but i REALLY don't buy this tinfoil theory that Hannah's mom is the one pushing this. there's no evidence at all and it feels like a kiwifarms reach. occam's razor, she had some minor dieting issues and decided to capitalize off of it by larping ed/recovery à la elzani. she pulled her clueless mom into it bc every parent over worries about shit like EDs. idk why so many anons are running with the baseless "her mom is making her do this" conspiracy, it's a little cringe tbh

No. 1126757

Hi anon I 100% agree with you, she knows what she’s doing. Looking back at the last couple of threads you see her incorporating stuff into her LARP p much as soon as anons question (the lack of) it - like she never mentioned compensation until someone here said it, same with adding fruit, toast with jam (common meal plan snack) to her Henry VIII feastplates. And we thought Molly was insufferable……

No. 1126789

>Alongside other things that have been going on in my life…

OoooOooo, tell us more. There's more to her life than the gym!

It's sad she's the only person struggling with lockdown. She didn't even get prepared for it in the first two when she was gloriously happy. At least she has hope and faith.

I still don't get what Ham's doing with her account. No audio, no comments, what's the point? Today's Meal Deal day for her. Really fucking excited to see if she chooses her old familiar sarnie or something with mayo. Hope we get a snap of her eating it with Hammum in the car.

I looked at that dining table site, but just saw a load of parents freaking out at their kid's ED, which is what they do.


Yeah, it happens a lot. As sneaky as the kid is at hiding food or faking eating food, parents do things to add extra calories. In this docu, there's a juxtaposition (get me!) of her talking about how she scattered crumbs on the kitchen tops to look like she ate toast, then her dad shows how they make her rice pudding with full cream milk and add sugar without her knowing (until she saw the docu herself, I suppose).

I don't think that site's milky, it's desperate people and not the parent/enablers we get with the cows here.

No. 1126794

i know mai lin / soft4ngel and tbh they are a nightmare. so obviously pro ana and body checks 24/7 but then gets defended by army of fans saying ‘NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR UR TRIGGERS!’ their mental health vent account is completely public and contains graphic details of how they starve and hurt them self … they’re in a mental health rehab but continue to fast and self harm so it’s just like. i don’t know that they will ever get better or that they Want to get better

No. 1126800

re: Ham I don’t see her lasting long without asspats. Doubt there are that many people arsed enough to dm strong arm emojis every time she ~~nourishes~~ herself. She’ll turn comments back on soon after a heart to heart wiv mum coz can’t let the haterz win (scary. Arghh!)

No. 1126805

It sounded like she had some DMs after announcing her descent into relapse that lasted a few days. I can't see her holding a conversation with anyone longer than two lines about food and loads of copypasta motivational quotes. She hasn't got a personality.

Hope she manages to eat her Snack a Jacks. She's looking pale and gaunt.

No. 1126807

Soz. Hate how the YT doesn't clear when you've posted it.

No. 1126808

I'm on - remember LIVEJOURNAL? I'm looking at old posts on there and wondering where people are now. People still use that site for proana ~communities~ I'm trying to link up any of the members to instagram. Livejournal, lol.

No. 1126813

>descent into relapse that lasted a few days
That’s it though, how many people believe this? If they do they’re as thick as she is tbh

Fucking hell anon how old are you
……I loved that place

No. 1126818

Old enough to have started my online career with dial up! deadjournal was the edgier cousin, I remember. The little faces on it were better. Yeah, there're people on there talking about needing to lose weight for boys they like and stuff like
>i had read wasted before and it was werid seeing all my pencil markings and notes in it from the last time i borrowed it. its a school book and im the only one who has ever borrowed it..

Eight years on, I wonder if they grew out of it or if I'm finding things written by Ash.

No. 1126827

File: 1610210349047.png (81.64 KB, 1066x567, we.PNG)

wtf this isn't even a thing on mpa anymore
why does this even exist ? lmao..Sounds like a lot of predators it's sickening

No. 1126834

Another internet grandparent here, yes it would be interesting to see where those people are now, but I'm still nostalgic for Felice Fawn
The 'butterflies' era of pro ana really was something

No. 1126837

ana coaches (predators) have always existed and will continue to - they aren't usually that milky, just sad

No. 1126838

> not allowed in the kitchen to prevent tampering
Which is ironic considering they're the one's tampering with food. Like you don't trust your kid to eat, fair enough, but why should they trust you when you're adding fucking oil to milkshakes and shit? Like Jesus Christ trust goes both ways.

No. 1126859


The Felice Fawn and Shmegeh era was the best. These girls WISH they were on their level

No. 1126873

V new and v clueless here - just wondering where the latest on Mary Timbrell/recovering_mary_bxtchx is? Her Facebook is a thinspo treasure box (I mean like BMI >11) and yet she’s always “increasing ✨” and apparently gaining the same 0.0789kg of faIrY duSt each week… I take it she’s been covered in an old thread somewhere?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE )

No. 1126878

shes discussed here and there, for the most part she’s not very interesting as every post is pretty much exactly the same (“100 calories won’t hurt me for the 28304849th day in a row!! i’m such a warrior!!!”) but we did figure out a few threads back that a farmer attends uni with her so that’s interesting. she’s also known for being a bit disgusting, lots of her captions mention how she doesn’t wash herself, use toilet paper, etc ‘due to depression’

No. 1126880

Not being a bitch here, but if you want to start posting, read the rules. Learn to sage and don't use emojis. Otherwise you get kicked off.

No. 1126883

read the rules and don't call someone thinspo jesus

No. 1126885

File: 1610216313308.jpg (Spoiler Image, 346.19 KB, 1073x1868, Screenshot_20210109_150518.jpg)

Spoiler alert! The return of N2F's scary fingers.

No. 1126892

Jesus. Alicia, your head is right! Put the food down. You're bingeing and purging, and the food you make is always so unhygienic and dirty.

No. 1126894

Is that a stye on her eye? God, she's so unhealthy. Her body's decaying.

No. 1126903

What I don’t get is, if she had orthorexia then why did she have to gain so much weight? I was able to find older pics of her and she was average weight before, so she can’t use weight restoration as an excuse to binge

No. 1126929

That's just a thumbnail the uploader used. Real Vicky was an actual anorexic if you watch actually looked at the video which you didn't.

No. 1126963

she used to run track and was big into ~fitness lifestyle~ and tbh a lot of that world is thinly veiled orthorexia, but yeah no need to overshoot so hard. she's clearly easily influenced by online trends and in the same way orthorexia is glossed over in the lifestyle/fitness community, overeating/being overweight is glossed over and glorified in the recovery/bopo community. it seems pretty likely she switched from one justified unhealthy habit to another

No. 1126980

This is legit tragic. Ham could never

No. 1126985

is it me or does her ring finger nail looks blueish?

No. 1126995

she for sure has not only grime on her fingers, but other signs of purging like red marks, scrapes - but the blue nail is just a anaemia thing. Low iron = bad circulation

No. 1127000

File: 1610224634014.gif (18.9 MB, 378x673, ezgif.com-resize.gif)

She always looks so uncomfortable and shifty.

No. 1127001

Didn't you know anon, if you have an ED it means you have a ~brain disease~ so you need to ~weight restore~ even if you're overweight or obese to begin with, because disordered thoughts are obvs caused by malnutrition only.

No. 1127002

so does she just live in that skanky teddy now? she is beyond repulsive. please spoiler that shit next time.

No. 1127027

I gasped loudly at this pic. Yikes. This girl needs serious help. Her life seems so miserable altogether.

No. 1127030

I'm trying to work out what the contents of that roll are. It looks like red leicester cheese and pickle.

No. 1127034

File: 1610226454947.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20210109-150726_Ins…)

Here you go.

No. 1127036

This needs a spoiler, it is so fucking gross. Don't upload videos of yourself eating if you have no table manners and half the food is falling out of your mouth and smeared on your face. I feel ill just looking at this.

No. 1127037

File: 1610226607443.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1242x2243, 574D14E3-17E4-4F07-975B-2A4C5A…)

« Needing food, always »
No Ham, not always. Stop stuffing your face for the sake of a recovery you don’t even need.

No. 1127040

I guess hoping for normal combination out of n2f was too optimistic.

No. 1127041

Sorry, anons. I'll spoiler it next time.

No. 1127047

She eats like a horse crossed with an old toothless person. How strange. Can't help feeling bad for her, soz.

Same old bullshit. She needs Anorexia For Dummies #2. Shit is getting stale as n2fs bread.

I like the grittiness of her life thrown in my face. The glamour of eds eh.

No. 1127051

What has she scribbled out? Calories or serving size? Her larp just confuses me, as other anons have pointed out she pretends to be scared of food but not it’s effects, basically the opposite of ana

No. 1127053

File: 1610227373004.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, 6AEEC868-B212-4254-8807-3DC150…)

I hope this turns into all out war with other accounts. Would love to see Remi and Ham go at it.

Here’s the full TikTok:

No. 1127060

File: 1610227510977.jpg (66.71 KB, 640x640, 39840011_0_640x640_adf59b6e-c7…)


No. 1127061

No idea, but probably one of these. Unless she’s hiding the expiration date à la n2f.

And you’re spot on, Anon, she barely has any grasp on the illness she’s faking.

No. 1127063

File: 1610227622064.jpg (34.8 KB, 636x329, cals.JPG)

Shoulda just written a 1 or 2 before the 92

No. 1127064

Lol, took my ss from Asda. Were yours a quid?

No. 1127068

File: 1610227874391.jpg (472.19 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20210109-153020_Chr…)

I looked at the images and chose the first one I found

No. 1127086

File: 1610229546403.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1242x2206, 42216AE2-30E7-4732-92D0-A33D94…)

She really shouldn’t start drinking. Looking at her chubby fingers and lifeless eyes she looks like she has gotten worse even though she claims she’s doing amazing.

No. 1127089

It’s like a map to every cow. food of the day is Ham and so is “constant positivity” but I would say more lucie_shedding_layers. “Body builder” of course Ganer, and pro ana I would say is bored_with_ana

No. 1127093

File: 1610230193404.jpeg (533.82 KB, 1671x2535, 8DBFFC49-2505-4FA7-A176-64FDFC…)

In slob mode, which may as well be known as “everyday casual”, she reminds me so much of Karen Matthews.

No. 1127099

File: 1610230554832.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, 8401FA24-54EA-4C4F-95B7-2255B3…)

Ovi anon here so I apologize in advance for the spam
>> she says she can’t eat pizza or donuts but can drink alcohol

No. 1127110

File: 1610231058101.jpeg (407.91 KB, 1242x2087, 1940F34F-5EF6-4176-8D0B-671C1B…)

>> repost bc sock account pfp was shown
So I guess she likes a boy but he conveniently “isn’t ready for a relationship” poor Ovi she’s Clueless but it just seems like He’s Just Not That Into You.

No. 1127112

File: 1610231285850.jpeg (860.9 KB, 3464x3464, 85597436-74ED-4DE6-8CC1-133401…)

Of course she’s not “bothered” by the one true comment cause she convinced herself their lies were true

No. 1127115

Have we had a cow that doesn't have wonky eyebrows? I mean, thats the least of her problems, but still.

Who could resist her.

No. 1127121

so it's not just me who finds Anna underrated milk? I've posted her a few times but there wasn't much interest.

No. 1127125

There's interest but she doesn't really do much.

No. 1127129

Well at least on the bright side her pupils look smaller? Clearly not on as much medication as she was before (read: unnecessary weight-causing antipsychotics).

No. 1127135

File: 1610233029305.png (1.49 MB, 742x1296, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 22.56…)

ham back at it again

No. 1127139

File: 1610233445374.png (538.18 KB, 765x574, Smothering_Mother_Magazined.pn…)

HAM! Ana is "she" not "it". Don't dehumanise her!!!

You can tell she hasn't been larping for long lol. ~Nasty people~ hahaha.

My mum said this, my mum said that…get your mother to wash that rancid dressing gown.

No. 1127143

>start drinking

She's been doing it for a long time, anon. Whenever she's not in the hospital, it's all about those liquid calories.

No. 1127147

Wow. just realised this is the first lockdown in Brisbane where she hasn't been in NF

No. 1127161

Has Educating Shanny (YouTube) ever been brought up?

No. 1127173

No. 1127200

>“anxious or meh about food”

oh please

No. 1127203

just another rather shocking post from the ATDT forum- parent going manic over her young son possibly having an ED when in reality… he’s just refusing dessert once or twice and is growing up instead of out (as most teenage boys do).
other parents response is for her to lie to their GP, pretend boy is dizzy / ill in order to get his vitals checked.

No. 1127206

File: 1610237563634.png (426.96 KB, 828x1792, 860F1712-91D8-47B7-8BAC-F5C14F…)

fuck dropped the picture what a dumbass

No. 1127210

samefag but just realised this hardly fits into pro ana scumbags , sorry for the spam

No. 1127212

>Ideas for lying

What the fuck.

No. 1127221

she looks uncannily like Amberlynn Reid to me

No. 1127226

Another grandma here… still hoping for some weird anthropologist to write about the evolution of online pro-ana from whenever it started, probably 95ish, to around 2012 where it stopped evolving and turned into MPA exclusively. Maybe one of the cows will take it up as a way to tell even more people that they're anorexic?

No. 1127232

Aww what a great story.

No. 1127235

> in a way that creeps me out

? what does this even mean?

No. 1127238

"smash Anorexia's face in" yeah, your binge eating sure shows Ana!

No. 1127241

Kek very accurate, I also hope this starts some shit

No. 1127245

I mean… could make sense that she's not losing weight but actually does have these food fears if she's drinking a lot.

No. 1127254

Honestly though, your average physician wouldn't recognize anorexia in a teen boy if it kicked them in the face.

No. 1127269

Of herbs and altars would probably be up for it

No. 1127276

I feel like she's done similar videos? Definitely done some about the old forums and what the community used to be like

No. 1127277

Yeah, fucking Jenn mentioned she was writing a book about it but there's one already. I can't remember the title but I'll get it from my laptop bookmarks later today.

It interests the fuck out of me. I really want 90s proana bitches to admit they were idiots.

I've found forums trying to recreate old skool pro ana boards but they never take off. A new one has a tranny webmistress sex worker. He ain't young.

No. 1127289

sage for semi blog but i'm also old enough to remember when people distinguished the ~true~ pros from the wannarexics in terms of getting involved before vs after oprah did the episode on proana and made it mainstream, in like 2003. this was like 09-10 on lj, and older users haaaated the new wave on bw ribcage tumblr. and now bw tumblr feels og compared to obese proana tiktok. we live in a society

No. 1127295

big tinfoil but it's obvious ham reads here, and she's really ramped up on mentioning her mom in every single fucking post now. perhaps she's leaning on the munchie mom angle to make herself seem less attention seeking and delusional?

No. 1127342

File: 1610252467442.jpeg (79.47 KB, 640x413, AAA69F8D-09CC-4C8A-B530-D024A7…)

It looks like the experience has caused her to relapse.

No. 1127343

File: 1610252520823.jpeg (45.2 KB, 640x244, 9C241BBE-8576-420B-A00D-CD62BE…)

Bonus tweet about wishing she were thinspo material

No. 1127368

Dream on, Bovid

No. 1127391

Sadly this is true. The few 18-20 year old guys I've known with eating disorders had to wait far longer for help and there are far fewer resources for them.

I think discourse around EDs in men is getting better though, with Christopher Ecclestone (Dr Who) talking about his anorexia and this cricket player Freddy Flintoff talking about bulimia. Hopefully it will have a knock on effect in terms of improvement in recognition and services.

Sorry for OT!

No. 1127392

LOL is it Jonathan Yaniv? He claims on occasion to be anorexic.

No. 1127401

kinda get the impression this one would do anything to be relevant. its tiny piggy eyes are scawy

No. 1127469

File: 1610273736620.png (48.69 KB, 738x376, muh donuts.png)

LARPing she has the intestinal damage of a SEED patient or laxative abuser

No. 1127474

File: 1610274195671.jpeg (150.76 KB, 750x1037, EE0F9D10-3561-46AB-B2E3-42A58D…)

Saying because I’m not sure if it’s milky and from someone I normally like. She goes on to say how thin people in treatment tried to ~centre the narrative around fatphobia on themselves~ and honestly, it feels like her crying about oppresshun is just to make herself feel better about her obesity

No. 1127489

still interesting imo

No. 1127491

we you lurk ham. Take a good look at this and think about the dangers of what you’re imitating

No. 1127494

being fat doesn't make you oppressed.

No. 1127503

If Hannah is reading, she should blink 5 times in a row in her next video to let us know if she's in a Gypsy Rose situation with her mum.

No. 1127513

File: 1610283073338.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 62066D26-C67F-44AD-BC4B-C52C60…)

Don’t know if this cow has been mentioned here but for the past few days she’s been bragging about being airlifted

No. 1127556

File: 1610291263398.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1229x1441, 4284D9BC-8616-41BF-8395-5FD6F3…)

No. 1127558

No. 1127573

File: 1610296139163.jpg (29.72 KB, 400x400, a1bfda076d9dd8eb0b04c4e63013e1…)

kek this image reminds me of ham's approach to her so called "recovery"

No. 1127655

That's hilarious, that there was an objective, concrete point differentiating that lmao

No. 1127667

I don't think one something like the old pro-ana scene could ever happen again, because the internet is huge now and there are lots of eyes on everything… if the US president can be permanently banned from Twitter (thank God), a forum teaching purging isn't gonna cut it

No. 1127675

lol so transparent. She looks pretty young… will probably cringe over this in 10+ years

No. 1127710

File: 1610307494348.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.85 KB, 1080x1893, 20210110_133304.jpg)

N2F decided to swing the camera to the side to show off…something here. Spoiler because n2f.

Screen recording: https://streamable.com/yq592j

No. 1127714

i can never get over the moustache

No. 1127718

She looks so depressed

No. 1127719

Her face annoys me so much.

No. 1127726

File: 1610309057654.png (2.67 MB, 828x1792, 91108BD0-7D05-4D44-8B08-468949…)

bored with ana popping collarbones almost as much as ham does

No. 1127728

File: 1610309090224.png (2.68 MB, 828x1792, C71C276F-C4AD-4DA2-9C65-5AEA52…)

Could bored_with_ana pop out her collarbones anymore?

No. 1127729

Snap lol

No. 1127731

eh. dark web has a lot of nasty ana-type shit like the dudes fetishizing girls at bmi <10 and whatever. on mainstream internet though things are definitely tamer than they used to be. even MPA users often refuse to give tips these days and even scold eachother for asking sometimes from what i’ve seen

No. 1127735


Sage b/c I’m just whining. But I hope for her sake she figures out empathy and some sort of awareness before she gets much further with medical school, her complete tone deafness to a massive platform could do some real harm.

She makes me really mad. More so than most of the cows because she should know better if she wants to be a doctor.

No. 1127736

Sage for blogpost. 'Cis' male with ED here. Can confirm not taken seriously.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1127737

Also in the UK it’s fucking freezing, no reason to take her cardigan off other than to pop those bones. Ugh, we could see your charade of an “OOTD” with the cardigan still on girl.
Do these “recovery” pro ana etc. accounts ever do OOTDS that aren’t a veiled body check?

No. 1127748

Not sure how merely being a male is a perma ban-worthy offence, but you've clearly never heard of a VPN. Kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1127753

She is seriously deranged. These vids are so weird and disturbing. Who eats like that? And dressed like that? Looks like she hasn’t taken that thing off since she bought it. It’s the middle of winter during a pandemic lockdown and she is home with her family, why is she prancing around her lair in lingerie?? That girl is not right in the head.

No. 1127754

is it just me who thinks she's lying about being 'far from a healthy weight' or am I just desensitised by the skellies?

No. 1127756

it’s insane that body posi types think people suffering from anorexia are oppressing them. imagine being this self centered

No. 1127757

sadly, I've seen completely serious posts about how anorexics should not be welcome in the bopo movement

No. 1127758

shut up about being male you dumb scrote, lolcow is for women so either fuck off or integrate

No. 1127760

not even just anorexics. at this point HAESers claim bopo was created for ONLY fat people & they’ll go after anyone who isn’t obese trying to use the term

No. 1127762

File: 1610311697796.jpg (195.02 KB, 1080x1894, 20210110_144600.jpg)

I decided to see if this ~anorexic~ mentioned a while back was sharing this shit. Yep.

No. 1127764

File: 1610311725841.jpg (645.79 KB, 966x2009, Screenshot_20210110-144638_Ins…)

Samefag. So ana-chan.

No. 1127766

Nah, she's definitely at least close to a healthy weight

No. 1127767

File: 1610311900709.jpg (875.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210105-180656_Ins…)

Found this in my screencaps (samefag again). In the post with the picture of her moon face, she wrote about having to force herself to eat because she wasn't hungry.

No. 1127772

"Far" is relative, but I'd say she's got at least 15-20 to go

No. 1127789

Unless Ham's parents love this spread, she went through a whole jar herself since November.

No. 1127790

File: 1610314415691.png (752.27 KB, 714x1091, Screenshot_20210110-213052~2.p…)

No. 1127791

File: 1610314453628.png (1.06 MB, 720x1247, Screenshot_20210110-213142~2.p…)

No. 1127794

I’m just impressed she’s managed to resist turning the comments back on. I give it three more posts.

No. 1127796

I'm impressed how hardfaced she is about lying and how thick her followers are.

No. 1127797

ham really is a low budget elzani

No. 1127799

I’d say it’s feasible that she’s underweight and has some to gain but she loves to catastrophize everything.

No. 1127800

I’m so tired of fat people honestly like NO ONE CARES that you’re fat! You don’t have an ED, you’re not oppressed, you’re literally just fat. Idk why these self hating fat chics have to force themselves into every niche/community. Being fat is not valid in EVERY space especially not a community that’s butt hurt over the fact they don’t look like Halloween decor so stop trying to make it that way jfc sorry for ranting I’m just tired of it(>> /ot/ vent thread)

No. 1127821

Trying to figure out how this title is related to these pics?

No. 1127838

disagree, i think she looks bmi 17-18 easily, and that’s not me bone rattling !! she’s underweight for sure, but she exaggerates/milks it considerably

No. 1127840

forgot to sage sorry

No. 1127870

File: 1610319477505.png (807.14 KB, 828x1792, 60551AE7-CDD7-49F5-B18D-1B0E1A…)

is laura sending herself tells again? or is one of you trolling

No. 1127872

I didn't take any more screenshots so who knows. The story is from earlier this week. I sometimes take screenshots and sit on them for no reason.

No. 1127885

She's going to attract fucked up people. It sounds like a fucked up person because I can't see a farmer admitting to sending her shit.

No. 1127887

File: 1610320833181.png (945.57 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210110-231939.png)

Tastes different to the other one. Lol, she lurked.

Has she ever left any food on her plate or bowl.

No. 1127890

she licks it, anon, any less would be relapsing and worthy of a post in itself

No. 1127893

I thought it looked licked clean. Her friend n2f possibly gave her that tip. She needs every calorie though. N2f needs to keep hers down.

No. 1127906

So even if we took Ham at face value, what is her emphasizing how scary everything is helping anyone else's recovery? Recovery instas just seem like total narc fodder

No. 1128005

File: 1610328313854.jpg (465.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210111-012441_Ins…)

Hi Laura, we know it's you…..

No. 1128018

i remember a time when recovery instas were used in ways that were actually helpful, like holding accountability and inspirational quotes and emotional vulnerability. i'm sure there are plenty of recovery accounts that still function that way, but i can't see this thread's brand of recovery accounts as anything other than attention seeking. forget accountability, if you say anything that isn't positivity asspats you get blocked on sight. recovering from an eating disorder is such an intensely private process– not that it shouldn't ever be talked about, but disclosing every intimate detail and triggering thought is an extension of the "must be the sickest" anachan mindset. i almost find ham worse than porgie specifically because literally all she does is eat on camera for clout (porgie is worse only for unnecessarily using medical resources). N2F on the other hand seems like her account is genuinely the only thing going for her/that she cares about, made infinitely worse by the fact that she clearly isn't recovered. i just wish i could grab some of these bitches by the shoulders and try to get them to understand that this shit does way more harm than good. whew sorry i really went off there, struck a nerve

No. 1128019

New Of Herbs and Altars ED video (just started watching but by the amount of lolcow contenders in the comment section i'm guessing it's catering to the 'I didn't eat for three days so I could be lovely' crowd, kek.

No. 1128046

Addiction recovery accounts online are like what you're saying ED recovery accounts used to be like. Cannot imagine anyone bragging about being intubated in the hospital for the 45th time due to ~~severe~~ overdoses because their addiction is very unique and special, or making sure to post a pic of themselves next to the sign for the latest detox they were in, just so people know they went to detox. Definitely something special about EDs kek

No. 1128073

File: 1610334449401.jpg (52.75 KB, 588x441, 1550546518268.jpg)

so long time ago, i was curious about dorian showing off about her being in all the thinspo shit and i tried to find it and couldn't until i started to image reverse one of her old pics and i found a couple of pics that could potentially be her.
idk if you'd like me to post them cause i saw a lot of people saying that she wasn't as sick or sicker than eugenia c and in the pics i found it's worse than eugenia.

No. 1128075

i say post em with spoilers

No. 1128077

File: 1610334798311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.76 KB, 480x360, 1550549439870.jpg)

No. 1128081

File: 1610335052328.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.55 KB, 800x600, 1198641170_42656.jpg)

No. 1128084

File: 1610335114289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.02 KB, 800x600, 1198641162_42655.jpg)

No. 1128086

File: 1610335205433.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.52 KB, 501x399, 4a.jpg)

No. 1128089

File: 1610335320805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.12 KB, 480x360, 37.jpg)

No. 1128093

i found them in really weird russian and fetish/porn websites
sage just in case

No. 1128110

Fucking Russian porn, at it again

No. 1128120

definitely remember seeing this on tumblr more than a few times during the smol & lovely days

No. 1128159

I think it's more about the powerlevelling than the male-ness. Probably not many places for men to bitch about harmful ED content online in all fairness.

No. 1128170

Yeah I remember seeing her pics on thinspo sites back on the day. I was confused at a lot of anons rolling their eyes at the idea she may have been eugenia tier because I remembered her being pretty spoopy.

Not white knighting, but her manner of speaking on the topic doesn't shock me either. Back in the late 90s-early 2000s goth scene anorexia was trendy, and so was being overall weird and sick, edgy. It's as if she hasn't grown up out of her teen mindset. Its easy to point fingers at her potential glorifying , and otherwise skewed perception of EDs, but it's how I remembered it back in the day, almost frozen in time.

Maybe she should put all that stuff in the past and update her mindset. But I wouldn't say she has lied or exaggerated too much. It's obvious she's still a little off that she obsesses over her wonder years.

No. 1128172

File: 1610348019178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.22 KB, 503x640, phqqvh3qgo2qbwe.jpg)

Samefag, but a popular example of this dated mindset can be seen on this myspace scene kid era photo of jeffree star.

No. 1128198

That was CocaineFairy's PFP on MPA who was one of the most popular users. Never realised it was Jeffree Star somehow

No. 1128240

File: 1610360525171.jpg (1004.28 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20210111-042014_Ins…)

New New Farm admission soon.

No. 1128243

We know she's a cutter, but has Georgia ever actually had a suicide attempt?

No. 1128248

>>1128240 Oh fuck off, Georgia. WhY iS tHiS hApPeNnIng??? Maybe because that's how mental illness works, Porg? God she's so annoying

No. 1128249

She swallowed a bunch of pills a few months back. Her mom had to do "everything" for her when she as hospitalized. It's a few threads back now.

No. 1128257

File: 1610362448996.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 73E32904-C87C-4F8B-AD31-8F6D26…)

Fear not guys.

No. 1128259

yeah i was thinking that. crazy.

No. 1128264

File: 1610363297774.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, 4B1DAA75-EC8F-4140-AC83-7F2D67…)

If anorexics were this happy after eating circa 400 caps, anorexia would not exist

No. 1128265

samefag, cals not caps lol

No. 1128268

File: 1610363799750.png (4.68 MB, 828x1792, 4739A9B3-743B-4F2A-8348-2826A9…)

what is the point in posting this if you’re not begging your followers to go see?? reckon most of the NF cows view their starring roles here as an achievement

No. 1128281

This was already posted.

No. 1128300

shes since shared a tiktok by someone else about "if you're nervous about being weighed" kek you do not need to gain Han, if you're gaining its because you are binging.

No. 1128347

as if she’s ever needed to go to a weigh in kek

No. 1128352

the image quality seems way too good for early 00s. are we sure this is her?

No. 1128358

Thing is, no one gives a shit about her latest drama. Hardly any posts about it here. She’s boring.

No. 1128359

I can understand the motivation behind a lot of cow behavior, like wanting attention, not wanting to be held to the same standards as other people, etc. But wanting to be on here just blows my mind, I'd think the kind of shit we say on here very seriously negates the joy of strangers calling you anorexic.

No. 1128378

if she can't eat pizza or donuts but can do distilled alcies then it's probably just a common food allergy or a pancreas attack, which are perfectly manageable, and negatively pitiable, health conditions

No. 1128440

It's absolutely her, they have the same face

No. 1128464

… You know we had digital cameras in the early 2000's, right?

No. 1128493

Anon these images aren't even particularly high resolution, she could easily have had a digital camera capable of that back then.

No. 1128546

File: 1610386277897.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1537x2084, 96850DED-AD53-4CD7-A725-4D2039…)

Apologies for the crap quality but this is shooped, right? (especially arm closest to fridge) it’s rorecovering, mentioned a bit last thread

No. 1128552

Why post about being weighed? With national lockdown becaupeople dropping like flies, clinics aren't open just to weigh LARPers. Ham hasn't even mentioned ~ traumas~ yet.

No. 1128607

Im not sure if it's shopped, looks like there's a weird shadow that's making the arm look oddly bent in, but the width of the arm is there. Her arms are equal width if you ignore that weird shadow. I don't think muscles go that way, but maybe it's a loose thread or something. I'm likely to say this might be a nitpick

No. 1128608

File: 1610390053417.jpg (125.33 KB, 621x838, Screenshot_20210111-133345__01…)

Samefag I forgot to attach pic

No. 1128636

weird that you've asked if this chick looks like she photoshops twice now. are you just self posting for tips from strangers?

No. 1128640

Did she lick the bowl clean?

No. 1128642

File: 1610392321929.jpeg (492.53 KB, 1800x1800, 816B8CF4-BEF3-4D7D-A49C-F032A5…)

Wateremelons also does this a lot. Has been called out on tellonym but refuses to admit it's just body checks

No. 1128646

This bitch. Bangs on about EDs because she found followers with her Cooney uploads, yet posts shit like this (yt)

"Transformation pictures are so satisfying…here are before and afters of my hands…"

No. 1128664

my god she is insufferable

No. 1128675

It was around this time she was whispering a blog in her parents garden saying how she still purges occasionally.

No. 1128679

File: 1610393986299.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 2A7877C3-F148-415D-8556-E63D0C…)

Ham still refers to her "anorexia" and challenges very scary foods. Also mentioned that her mom said she needs to gain weight in order to grow as a person. Really starting to consider the tinfoil about her mom as a munchie not as much of a tinfoil


No. 1128680

File: 1610394008911.jpeg (409.47 KB, 750x1292, 2FA65EF7-B9E5-4582-8595-5C9C19…)


No. 1128687

Screen recording for my dear blocked farmers. No audio again.


No. 1128692

File: 1610394826658.png (Spoiler Image, 861.12 KB, 1464x710, Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-11 um 2…)

ok so "may mystical" (i posted in the last thread about how she signed up to the skinny fetish site of herbs and altars posted about) definitely sold her video to this site. ew.

No. 1128696

File: 1610394918342.jpg (35.32 KB, 505x350, 20210111_135353.jpg)

Samefag >>1128687

This got covered up by the "send message" bit. So glad you're still stopping by, Ham.

No. 1128700

File: 1610395148321.jpg (247.71 KB, 1080x1674, 20210111_135828.jpg)

She did. She's making lots of money of the skinny fetishists.

No. 1128701

why is hannah claiming that she still needs to gain weight when she's visibly at the high end of a healthy bmi/already overweight? does she think other people believe this or does she genuinely believe hanmum's delusions about fattening up her daughter to ~help her change her life for the better~?

No. 1128716

I'm not the first anon, and no, it's not a self post. I was just overexcited bc I thought I'd finally managed to identify shooping.

No. 1128726

File: 1610396544988.png (841.97 KB, 720x1079, Screenshot_20210111-202117~2.p…)

Yeah cos she hasn't had a chocolate pretzel for YEARS.

No. 1128748

i actually don’t think rorecovering photoshops, every time i’ve seen someone try to analyze one of her pics it’s quite a reach & you can see even just in the face pics that she posts that she’s seriously thin. i think she’s super annoying but not a faker tbh

No. 1128752

I don’t understand why she stopped talking in her videos. Makes them even weirder imo

I also don’t understand all the sugar and processed junk, every day, every meal or ‘snack’. Has she ever posted a plate with a non-starchy vegetable on it? I certainly couldn’t find one. For her health’s sake that really should be her next challenge

No. 1128778

lel shes taking smaller bites now! also this is so feigned. she eats chocolate spread in her oats, eats chocolate bars, drinks hot chocolate…. chocolate is obviously not a fear food! how about some hummus with those pretzels, now that i would maybe believe is an actual fear of hers!

nitpick but i find her fake breathing out "whooo" thing she does to be incredibly irksome.

agreed! also notice how now that she's turned the sound off she isn't looking off to the side to talk to hammum anymore..?

As far as I can tell she has never posted a green veg and the only fruit she has ever eaten are grapes, which are not even particularly high nutrition. I wonder if her family is very poor and/or uneducated and/or lives in an actual food desert (do ya'll have those in the UK?) because I don't understand how someone can eat so poorly when living with their parents!

No. 1128785

File: 1610399404226.png (1.23 MB, 828x1792, 11D7F633-E2C2-4CAA-83E2-F80D5B…)

Another day another failed attempt to get free shit

No. 1128802


Ham lives near every British supermarket available from discount to M&S. In one supermarket she could find hundreds of good quality ingredients for healthy meals. Broccoli is less than 50p.

No. 1128806

it seems like they just shop at aldi. her diet is pretty typical of a british working class family imo

No. 1128811

Only if they don't gaf about their health. The shit n2f and ham eat are more chav foods women buy who feed their kids chicken twizzlers. Working class anon. Aldi and Lidl even have healthy alternatives so cost isn't even an issue if she doesn't demand overpriced ~vegan~ ready meals.

No. 1128823

File: 1610402516151.jpeg (236.34 KB, 712x1118, hamveg.jpeg)

But anons! She eats veg every day. It's just not a challenge!

No. 1128825

like she needs freebies, her family is clearly loaded -, exotic holidays, tricking boarding school, from some of her body checks they live in a fancy part of London and so on. My tinfoil is that her ip stay was private a la posh Molly.

No. 1128827

*fricking, not tricking

No. 1128829

Pics or it didn’t happen, Hambeast

No. 1128830


Is she bragging that she's using low calorie syrups?

No. 1128836

The fact that she said "most days" says it

No. 1128850

Ohhh her account is only for the snacks that help her pile the weight on.

>shes taking smaller bites now
Yes! those hesitant nibbles. All the way to the end. Never would've thought she had a problem with chocolate or any food

No. 1128856

She looks like a haggard old woman that's couch ridden in a trailer somewhere in Kentucky.

No. 1128867

Yh Ham is defo reading all of this because 3 days ago we established her bites were giant

No. 1128876

Going to disagree with HamMum being a munchie or munchausan by proxy. I think Ham just uses her mom as an excuse to justify why she’s eating all the sugary junk she obvs doesn’t need. She’s not choosing to eat chocolate porridge or donuts or cookies, her mom is forcing her to [kek]. Just another piece of playing ana chan since anas don’t eat without being forced [kek again, not true but Ham has no idea what AN really is]. I won’t believe HamMum is forcing her to eat anything until I see mum force it down her gullet simply because it’s obvious Ham eats plenty without anyone holding her hand. If anything HamMum should force her to eat something that’s not a dessert.

No. 1128894

Agree. Next up a post about how her 'anorexia' impacted her family with details of "horrid" things she did à la tips'n'tricks.

No. 1128901

I was thinking about this again. She took a video of herself crying, unable to eat nutella porridge. Not eating sugar-topped porridge is not a relapse, Ham. I definitely believe that you had a bed waiting for you. It's so obvious you're wasting away from not eating nutella porridge. So anorexic.

No. 1128905

Makes my stomach turn, like a primal visceral reaction to seeing this, why and how do scrotes get off to this? I'm trying to figure out what's worse skelly porn or deathfat porn.

No. 1128912

Looks like it to me but I'm a shoop-spotting noob

No. 1128915

Perhaps if Han had actually been IP and seen for herself what real anorexics do when anxious at the table/around mealtimes, she'd stop with the awful acting in these videos. Looks like something out of an American soap opera.

No. 1128923

no she’s known for shopping her pics, she has a tattoo that has a tendency to be straight one minute then curved the next, and has posted some ridiculously wonky pictures before.

No. 1128925

Omg that's a good point, she clearly has never been near an actual anorexic. Maybe she should go for a New Farm vacay so she can up her LARPing game

No. 1128926

File: 1610408243401.png (4.26 MB, 828x1792, 6FD4650A-7972-4326-9565-E3C065…)

you did congrats! there’s groupchats about it it’s not exactly subtle and there’s far more examples (see below for a VERY wiggly arm)

No. 1128928

I realize this was more of a hypothetical but I think skinny fetishists are way worse, because being like that only happens as a result of sickness or some kind of abuse. Super fat people may have medical consequences but they don't look that way due to an underlying sickness (usually)

No. 1128931


There's that documentary..ugh…something like Katie and Tron's Anorexia. Katie's obv anorexic and her mum arranges a visit to an EDU to see what it's like (she keeps losing weight throught therapy). Even she, an anorexic, doesn't want to go there. Idk if it's a sign o' the times, but loads of these cows would be sticking a hose up their nose as soon as they stepped through the clinic's doors.

Hammum should take daughter to check out an EDU

No. 1128933

File: 1610408568633.jpeg (163.7 KB, 828x1472, BF60E829-EE9E-421B-803A-664F3C…)

another example of various shaped tattoo, random lumps in the arms from poor shooping, and bent backgrounds

No. 1128934

I think pretty much no one wants to go to an EDU, with or without an ED… people with EDs go because they have to but certainly wouldn't say they "want" to. These cows are a special breed.

No. 1128935

It was discussed a few threads ago but skinny fetishits are way creeper imo; so many of the skellies are childlike physically and mentally which has … unfortunate implications to say the least.

No. 1128936

I agree. Chubby chasers seem to just like the fat and feel comfortable with it. (could be wrong), but skele fetishists may as well be into necrophilia. Gonna find some NSFW comments by these freaks.

No. 1128937

can I ask where these group chats are? is it randoms on ig or people who known her through ip?

No. 1128956

File: 1610410832489.png (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 1914x992, 1.png)

I was doing these but got distracted by lipstick ads.

These commentators would be prime cows, but it legit knocks me sick to look at the girls. It's an odd fetish to have to me.

No. 1128957

File: 1610410868642.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 1914x992, 2.png)

Spoilered because nsfw and gross.

Elzani made it. Ham next?

No. 1128987

Maybe because “those nasty people” aka lolcow all laugh at her pudden accent. Kek.

No. 1128990

So weird to me…. See, I can understand fat fetishes because men are attracted to hips and boobs- maybe they're going a bit overboard with them but they still have curves and stuff.. but ana fetishes? They got nothing! Their bodies are literally the absence of biologically attractive features.

No. 1129012

Ana-fetish undoubtedly overlaps with pedophilia. They don't want any adult female features. Gross.

No. 1129022

I get that with the very slim ana's, but I can't see a paedo getting off to the bones. That's not childlike unless you live in a poor country.

No. 1129033

Not to armchair, but I’d guess it’s a variation of pedophilia that’s part the extreme lack of curves but more because extreme anas are fragile and overly dependent on others to take care of them. Easy for a predator or incel to control them. They can have a romantic relationship with a child-like person without actually breaking the law.

No. 1129039

File: 1610416680906.jpg (860.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210112-015617_Ins…)

Don't pretend you don't love it really…….

No. 1129083


The acting in this was the WORST ONE YET. Pulling those smug faces, pretending to be hesitant and anxious. I couldn’t I had to swipe through.

Has she posted any before/after pics? Or like anything to do with numbers. Boasted about any experiences like hospital visits or tubes? Because we know a recovery account can’t help to flaunt all of the above at every opportunity.

It’s like she spent 2 weeks binge watching Elzani and thought she’d give it a crack herself to gain some attention.

No. 1129102

Yeah agreed, its definitely a power thing. I wonder who these guys actually date? Probably just normal women who don't know about this, like a lot of pedos do.
More importantly, what the hell photographer takes the obviously porny, professional-ish shots?

No. 1129106

She's weirdly cut, her abs. Didn't know she worked out? Also, I'm no skinny fetish cam girl but these shots look so grubby, why not remove cleaning supplies from bedside table and put a candle there or something

No. 1129115

This was so creepy kek what is wrong with her, besides the obvious

No. 1129119

She acts like she doesn't care but has to keep referencing the "nasty people". Also tinfoil but she wants to talk about weight gain now that we've pointed out her chunky wrists. She was never underweight or even malnourished, so much so that there hasn't been any notable weight gain aside from what she already carried.

No. 1129146

File: 1610426535455.jpeg (219.49 KB, 640x972, 844BA7D4-444B-487F-9D0F-75A288…)

Another hamorexic wannabe. Apparently laying in bed eating food all day ‘my 600lb life’ style is fine as long as you pretend to be anorexic

No. 1129147

Her first post says she's 15.

No. 1129148

I think it is more rare as well, which makes it more desirable. Especially the super skellies. Fatness is so common.

No. 1129154

landwhale recovery influencers are going to have blood on their hands in a few years

No. 1129175

wtf she has a whole highlight of bowls of biscuits in milk. If that isn't binging I don't know what is

No. 1129191

Jesus her awful fucking brows remind me of Whann.

No. 1129197

She’s not fat though?

No. 1129226

Turns out she's too young to discuss or post on anyway so it's a moot point.

No. 1129240

bet she inserted herself

No. 1129248

Jenn did a video on fetish forums, idk how much of a good source she is but she mentioned that these guys pay girls to come to hotels for photoshoots, other fetishists can go and watch etc

No. 1129391

File: 1610464645019.jpeg (465.83 KB, 828x1101, DD847B6F-2762-49CD-9610-55B576…)

How many times is this chick going to increase portions? Sad thing is she genuinely thinks recovery is all about increasing chicken and curry sauce and it’s cringeworthy to read

No. 1129403

What gets me is when she says shit like '100 calories extra won't make me gain' completely missing the point that she probably needs to pretty much double her weight. Also does anyone else find it really sad that she refers to herself as a bitch in her username?

No. 1129446

At this point, are we at the understanding that the base line she has in her head is minimal calories? And every new increase is actually just from that same minimal number again.
Mary, you recovery queen, you're doing it wrong love.

No. 1129458

You've cracked it. She eats the bare minimum she can to maintain her skeletal ass body and now and again she'll have slightly over that minimum (probably exercising it off as soon as the last crumb is eaten)

No. 1129462

File: 1610469877419.jpeg (136.75 KB, 750x552, 1530722B-BC26-4D91-9993-E2388A…)

Han gets called out in the comments of a post about accounts that use melodrama to get lots of views/followers. I’m pretty sure this is aimed at boredwithana because I’ve seen this person comment criticism on her FDOE vids before. Cows collide!

No. 1129494


No. 1129498

bets that ham blocked the commenter who called her out

No. 1129507

File: 1610474449888.png (944.3 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210112-175856.png)


No. 1129508

Every anorexics comfort food.

No. 1129513

I refuse to believe that mushrooms were a fear food

No. 1129518

I dunno, I think mushrooms are pretty gross, so I could see it. Ham is just making this up as she goes.

No. 1129521

File: 1610475544721.jpg (516.8 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20210112-121629_Ins…)

So TOXIC, everything in SOCIAL MEDIA.

Also, she claims she was bullied in "high school" (thought the Brits didn't call it that) so maybe that's why she's sitting around, doing nothing.

No. 1129522

Genuinely thinking something is gross is not a fear though, unless your aversion causes a full blown phobia of the food. And also, if that were the case it's not likely practicing eating them would change. But mushrooms are very low cal and full of micronutrients so makes perfect sense that hamplanet would fear them!

No. 1129524

File: 1610475742969.jpg (879.83 KB, 1079x1588, Screenshot_20210112-122145_Ins…)

Congenital Trump hands.

No. 1129526

Yeah, we usually say secondary school.

No. 1129527

Now we know why she doesn’t eat fruit and veg because they’re super scary fear foods guys. You know what isn’t a fear though? A plate full of cakes and biscuits lol

No. 1129532

File: 1610476288811.png (245.47 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210112-183122.png)

No. 1129539

ok, so like, why do ~recovery warriors~ like Ham falsely claim anorexia? hypocritical much

No. 1129544

yeah no one here says high school - unless she went to an international school or something

No. 1129545

No one ever supported me eating fucking bullshit or sugary stuff saying "YOUR BODY NEEDS IT!!!" Even if I was really underweight, also most inpatient treatments won't give a patient that much sugar she eats. Even if it's a "FeArFoOd"
That's just bullshit. She has bo idea of proper nutrition. No wonder her dumb mum looks like this(blogging)

No. 1129549

i can't bring myself to believe this figure is true. massive sage for blog but during my weight restoration there was no way i would've been able to eat the shit she does due to reefeeding syndrome (i'm suprised she hasn't mentioned this kek) . no sane dietician would allow this. she is purely delusional(blogging)

No. 1129553

Me and the people I know did/do for brevity for the most part. It's rly boring when you nitpick about irrelevant UK dialect points.

No. 1129555

She posts shit like this yet keeps insisting that she has anorexia and needs to gain weight…. it is so ridiculous. Why not try just being genuine. Nobody would question her if she just came out and said she has a bad relationship with food and is trying to heal it. she doesn't need to fake that she's anorexic or underweight. You can have disordered eating and even an eating disorder without being underweight - YES! We all agree. Own it. Stop the LARP.

No. 1129556

I'd like to see the meal plan she worked out with her dietician. You know, the professional who makes sure you're eating the correct percentage of protein, fats, carbs, etc.

They give the person a copy, but ofc it's none of our business if we asked to see it. (Even though other ana warriors post it for accountability).

No. 1129557

In my expirience it is more formal/old fashioned to use "secondary school" most people I knew called it school or high school or like a shortened nickname of the school.
So must just very across the UK

No. 1129559

There's no point debating semantics on an international board. School and college in US mean different school and college to UK, etc.

No. 1129564

even the sickest skelliest anas should sage their blogposting,

No. 1129566

This is true. Because obese people are diagnosed with eating disorders too. What a stupid statement.

No. 1129592

I like how she's crossing off every food one by one. Like recovery is just trying every food, realising it's yummy, and then wham bam thank you ma'am, you're cured! Who knew this was what the NHS needed.

No. 1129594

She already had baked beans with that potato.

No. 1129595

Why the ""? Being underweight is real?

No. 1129596

We would say high school down south because we had first, middle, high school and college for years.

No. 1129613

ARGHHH (as Ham would say) can you guys quit the dialect sperg

Same! C’mon Ham, if there was a “hospital bed with your name on it” surely you’re getting professional support right? …right?!!

No. 1129621

Actually certain UK counties use first school, middle school, high school instead of primary and secondary. With the ages being different too.

No. 1129622

*sorry forgot to sage

No. 1129625

Fuck, I'm sorry I even brought it up. I think we've established that "high school" is used in the UK.

No. 1129643

File: 1610484226181.png (33.46 KB, 364x263, Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 20.42…)

at least ham is sort of acknowledging that she isn't some dainty waif

No. 1129663

Number two should be dealt with at the dentist, but 1 and 3 hmm. Been anorexic for YEARS yet still has a chubby face and body fat on her thighs? Nah. How does she mix it all up so badly?

No. 1129717

Not to blogpost but I had a relatively round/chubby face even at a spoopy bmi before I recovered. It’s just how my face was built. I know Ham is nowhere near underweight but it isn’t impossible for seriously underweight anorexics to have some amount of fat on their face/thighs (relative to the rest of their body) because of individual fat distribution.(no1curr)

No. 1129737

Also, her teeth are still growing at 17? That's a little weird.

No. 1129755

She probably meant moving/migrating/whatever the correct term is but you get my drift Some people's teeth move throughout their lifetimes. Also she's British so I imagine she never had orthodontia. This is a nitpick.

No. 1129769

Once again HamMum “says” exactly what Ham thinks. It’s doubtful her mother says or does any of what Ham claims. Ham just uses “Mum said…” to further her own wannarexic plot point. HamMum makes her eat, HamMum makes her challenge herself, HamMum tells farmers to “Sod off.” Ham doesn’t want to admit she’s an obese lying cunt and makes HamMum the excuse. It’s what’s taught now to avoid peer pressure in dangerous situations, like say your parents won’t let you or call your mom for a ride instead of driving drunk, only Ham has pathetically twisted it around to fake anorexia.

No. 1129774

File: 1610490445658.png (820.85 KB, 456x836, wtf.png)

Can't fkin read the small print

No. 1129776

Ok, fished my spex out. She's talking about herself.

No. 1129783

Read it. Definitely talking about herself.

No. 1129784

Jfc, enough with the victim complex! She acts as if her account is out here saving lives, such a martyr for the recovery community. How up your own arse can you get?

If it's sooooo toxic, here's a thought…leave!? But noooo, her recovery isn't worth it if 1000's of people aren't congratulating her every step of the way.

No. 1129794

File: 1610491876438.jpeg (86.89 KB, 643x820, 4F884BCB-49F5-4CCB-AF8B-867744…)

I wish she actually hated herself and wasn’t just a narcissist bc she’s annoying

No. 1129797

I prefered when she thought it was ~hilarious~ At least she could laugh at herself.

That chocolate thing is very n2f. Like you'd need a gallon of water to wash it down.

No. 1129827

legit she acts as if none of us can bare to eat without her generic cassie from skins spergs

No. 1129833

I assume because that category has a lot of different definitions depending on who you ask (like using old vs. new BMI calculation) and is also not the same across the board.
Yup, it might actually be helpful if she put herself out there as just a woman trying to move past a messed up relationship with food. The vast majority of people with food issues don't have EDs, so wider audience, too

No. 1129835

"Accountability" aka feeling like they need to provide hard evidence that they are officially dainty

No. 1129842

File: 1610494312340.gif (15.9 MB, 446x708, jorja.gif)

Jamming Georgia.

No. 1129850

Coincidentally, I was wondering how Friends is popular decades after the show. The shops were stacked with merch before Christmas. WHY?

That's the most movement I've ever seen Georgia doing. Working on being funny. Keep it up.

No. 1129862

>attention seeking cow
confirmed she's referring to herself and lolcow. She probably thinks that being a cow has to do with being overweight or something without realizing it's dialect limited to lolcow.

No. 1129919

Friends is for low intellect people who laugh at anything. Someone put Georgia on bedrest! She is burning precious calories.
She really has a victim and martyr complex. Maybe she should realise its how she portrays EDs that gets people riled up, not her weight or anything else.

No. 1129922

They only touch because she weight restored (gained more weight than her usual weight for her)

No. 1129965

the joy and life from her eyes: GONE

seriously though, why does she always look stoned as hell

No. 1130050

fuck remember ANOREXIC QUEEN? still in contact with a girl i met on there. wild.

No. 1130054

sage for retard but why is it so exclusive to get a membership on skinny gossip? they never seem to be accepting new ppl

No. 1130104


I heard that their admin had jumped ship like MPAs, maybe they just won't take any new members and the group will just sort of dissolve?

Saged for ot

No. 1130113

N2F eats more vegetables than Han does, by far.

No. 1130118

Hannah very obviously never got to a point where refeeding syndrome was a risk.

No. 1130120

Wisdom teeth come in when you're otherwise done growing and play havoc with whatever dental work you've already had done.

No. 1130121

Sorry for samefagging, but the trope about British people not getting braces is really inaccurate in current year.

No. 1130145

Now that it has been mentioned here a few times, watch her pick it up & make a post about how she’s super careful not to get refeeding syndrome or some shit.

No. 1130187

lol i wouldn't call it weight restoring when she didn't ever lose any weight in the first place. her thighs have probably always touched

No. 1130191

This. There are far more binge eaters than anorexics. She posted that without turning her brain on.

No. 1130193

File: 1610528146052.jpeg (292.48 KB, 750x610, 18B26E6C-137C-4969-89B1-8C6833…)

skinnygossip admins was allegedly under investigation / doxxed due to underage girls going through their “application process” aka sending a body check to the admin to prove your BMI is under 19. pic related is one screenshot from a myproana forum about it but there is other info available (specially on lipstick alley, but the site was down for me)

No. 1130196

File: 1610529442899.jpg (504.28 KB, 1080x1904, IMG_20210113_191624.jpg)

Lifeofhxn keeping it modest with the ol victim complex

No. 1130197

File: 1610529508813.jpg (483.33 KB, 1069x1936, IMG_20210113_191637.jpg)

Gotta remind the haturz you get toobed and are extremely underweight

No. 1130200

she's just as toxic as the community she claims to be a part of. the victim complex really is showing, huh

No. 1130201

shit sorry forgot to sage

No. 1130208

She’s completely undermining her message by telling people she’s the best anorexic Evah. And there’s a fucking ootd slideshow on her account

No. 1130217

File: 1610532400748.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, B0E829C2-C59A-423D-9ADA-276BFA…)

No. 1130219

"I totally don't want this for view you guyyzzzZ" wonder how long until she pulls a molls and decides to stop posting

No. 1130222

I really hope MomHam makes a video about this, it would be super interesting to watch

No. 1130227

its contradictory! she just HAD to remind people of the tube despite her saving everyone from seeing it.

No. 1130229

she's obviously so proud of her chronic diagnosis when in reality it just makes her look pathetic. I do get why body checks and numbers and FDOEs and so on are triggering but you can't full out blame them for your relapse - she's just not brave enough to actually try to recover

No. 1130233

medfag, but no sensible or responsible doctor should diagnose an 18 year old as 'chronic' with anything

No. 1130238

>never been about followers
Didn’t she do a giveaway?

>let me know what I can do to change

Stop faking anorexia.

No. 1130242

doesnt eat solids but happily takes the tube. shes actually gained but sure, "extremely underweight".

No. 1130243

hear hear

No. 1130256

File: 1610540339588.png (930.2 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210113-121751.png)

Just delete your account.

No. 1130258

I'm so fed up with the "argh" crutch she uses when formulating any sort of sentence. Articulate, cow

No. 1130260

just stop pretending to have anorexia and needing to gain weight it isnt that hard

No. 1130268

exactly she needs to be upfront that she does not have anorexia. OSFED if she has an ED at all. she puts herself out there as some public figure with a severe restriction issue and wonders why people dont buy it

No. 1130270

Have a look at some of her story highlights where she took part in bmi guessing games and over shared on tellonym. Oh and the ootd stories. She’s just as bad as the rest. What a hypocrite

No. 1130271

bets on ham mentioning refeeding syndrome

No. 1130278

File: 1610545663805.jpeg (209.6 KB, 750x1334, 580A9F1E-CE4E-4632-8266-660B2F…)

The photoshopped TikTok girl was cow tipped. Mysteriously her ootd story highlight has vanished - possibly because some of the more egregious examples were here?

No. 1130279

whoever keeps kow tipping, fucking stop it's literally against the rules

No. 1130280

OMG agree. She uses it in such a weird way too, it can be both positive and negative. it is like a verbal tic that she adds to text???

No. 1130282


I'm going with make believe laxative abuse, over exercising and ~compensationary behaviours~ as an upcoming topic. When she's googled it and read some people on IG talk about it.

No. 1130283

Sure, watching you pull down your top to expose your chest bones and posing to look as thin as possible is reaaaaly helping others

No. 1130291

>My mum would be very happy to make a video addressing this
Ham, no one thinks your mom is an authority on your "anorexia" except for you. To the rest of the world that's gonna come off as creepy, codependent, and Munchaus-y and make you seem even more desperate and fake.

No. 1130292

Leave then, no need to make a big song & dance about it. But whoever cowtipped (Georgia that u?) you really gotta stop

I’ll go with ~compensation~ too. Somewhat more believable than refeeding or ever needing a meal plan

No. 1130293

we may as well have a Han bingo that predicts what she will claim next. "I walked to the mailbox, I know I deserve bed rest!"

No. 1130301

Bound to be milky though so I’d be interested to hear HamMum’s infinite wisdom on all things anawrecksyuh! Honestly, what is it with these cow mums? You’ve got ones like this either happy to play along with the LARP / completely delusional, and then you’ve got those like Becky’s who are basically enablers and fine keeping their kid at home even though they look dug up from the grave. Madness! Arghh!

No. 1130303

I was trying to say literally that it varies across the UK so >>1129521 and >>1129526 >>1129545 thinking she's lying because she said high school isn't necessarily true.
You are making the same point as what I was trying to say. That their nitpick means nothing.

No. 1130305

I wanna message her at this point lol like,, we want Hannah to be honest with her followers about what exactly her doctor has said to her, if she’s on prescribed meal plan & when she was diagnosed with anorexia, how it started etc.. is she in therapy?(do not cowtip)

No. 1130307

NO. Christ how many times, we don’t engage / cowtip

No. 1130312

Think it must be the meds she's on, think she's on some hefty regimen.

No. 1130317

it's because she's very mentally ill, anon, she needs 10 different meds and an NG tube duh
I'm surprised she's gone so quiet

No. 1130319

Think she just said chronic patient because it sounds better that frequent flyer.
She must be using a lot of health services on a regular basis, very common for young females with mental health issues. Often malingering as well.

No. 1130320

the wavy arms and wonky pictures were a dead giveaway, and she knows she’s been caught out and is now overcompensating by going on and on about it

No. 1130332

WANT to, I posted this here instead cuz i know she reads

No. 1130338

Ofc Ham would make her mum behave hilariously. I want to see what she has to say.

No. 1130387

don't be shy ham drop the mum vid

No. 1130393

File: 1610556379704.png (4.16 MB, 828x1792, E1F8EC09-5377-4DE2-B135-A13CBD…)

IS IT JUST ME OR IS SHE BECOMING NOW HAM 2.0?!! even the facial expressions are the same

No. 1130395

File: 1610556418414.png (4.03 MB, 828x1792, 1E646EF7-3F50-4519-BE40-656152…)

a thinner version of our beloved ham x

No. 1130396

File: 1610556469085.png (2.7 MB, 828x1792, 24C64AFE-F3AE-412F-8421-E0EADA…)

admin please don’t ban me for flooding ! i beg. but the captions are so reminiscent of hams i am actually in disbelief

No. 1130398

Is this Diet Ham I see before me? It’s uncanny

No. 1130407

File: 1610557373117.png (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 828x1792, F0A68154-F2D4-46B4-8F2A-B48966…)

what is wrong with this girl??! who would send a picture of this to their parent(?!

No. 1130410

Ham is annoying and milky because she’s blatantly not anorexic so lies about challenges, ‘scary’ foods, having a bed in hospital, etc.
This girl just seems like she’s genuinely ill and trying to recover. Her content (at the moment) isn’t that milky tbh.

No. 1130416

the similarities are uncanny tho, and the shooping and editing pictures was highly amusing

No. 1130418

This is a farmer, right?

No. 1130424

Yeah that didn't happen. Honestly sad to watch children chasing the dream of being fatally ill and ignoring literally anything else in the world

No. 1130427

And then post it on their story - not even close friends. This pisses me off so bad.

No. 1130428

It's be correct to label anyone as "terminal" because we all die. They should just be vague and say they have a terminal illness. Add a bit of mystery.

No. 1130429

Ham took two posts down again.

No. 1130430

Wow that's actual abusive behavior what the fuck

No. 1130433

She’s milky alright but I tend to ignore her cause she’s such a cunt to her parents and her whole smug “tricking the system” bullshit. She is desperate for attention and I know it kills her to not get it. She lurks here hard. The whole recent OD and airlifting thing was pathetic.

No. 1130451

File: 1610560902654.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 7E51292E-D7C7-4DC9-9022-BD7C63…)

You see…

No. 1130456

File: 1610561609369.jpeg (292.27 KB, 750x1067, 97EE26FF-BFB6-45DD-9907-BA70B7…)

Not to WK any of our cows, because, why would I, but the account that first called out the “performative recovery” is pretty milky herself - @m.egpart3. Imagine being this sanctimonious and feeling it necessary to set the rules for any of these dumb cunts.
Personally I hope she does start a shit storm, but I also think she’s a massive twat too.

No. 1130458

File: 1610561703059.jpeg (287.27 KB, 750x1043, E36F78DE-8F19-43B5-9904-F2DC23…)

>they just don’t listen
More from Mother Theresa of ED

No. 1130462

File: 1610562092357.jpeg (328.54 KB, 750x1073, 3D6BE113-90FA-4995-B3AB-4A7E59…)

Not sure if you can all see the follow up comments, so here’s a cap.

No. 1130467

Oh, honey. 19 years of age and thinks she knows all about the world.

Ofc the wannas and the snowflakes piss me off, but m.egpart3 is worse. She's a walking encyclopedia.

>not a therapist

no, so shut the fuck up.

No. 1130475

No. 1130479

Not trying to white knight, just genuinely curious- I don’t get why meg is milky? She has quite good posts for the most part and being against FDOEs and the like isn’t exactly holier than thou, just common sense

No. 1130489

File: 1610563768107.jpg (37.97 KB, 480x360, one of those.jpg)

To me, she's not milky. She's a plain ol' SJW.

No. 1130526

Ayrt, you know what, I just meant what >>1130489 says. Got carried away with my own keyboard warrior-ing. Kek.

No. 1130572

File: 1610569016406.jpg (220.88 KB, 1080x1756, 20210113_201233.jpg)

the cut pic to her dad pissed me off and then I saw she apparently wants to be a paramedic??? kek. fuck off. actually try to get better, put all your effort into it, actively chose to recover every second of every day and maybe, MAYBE, you could be a paramedic. but currently, the way you act is completely incompatible with that career.

No. 1130587

are you allowed to text your students in Aus? that seems like such a safeguarding concern and definitely isn't allowed in the UK

No. 1130588

>wants to be a paramedic

-driver's license
-medical examination
-physical assessment
-excellent communication skills


No. 1130592


>omg guise help me what can i do to change

everyone who tagged you literally told you, you dense fuck. like just stop doing this shit? stop making a video for every blessed thing you put in your mouth, stop doing what's in this post. for christs sake do people have to spoon-feed you everything or just your nutella porridge

No. 1130604

jesus. Her dad sounds sweet as well

No. 1130625

File: 1610571922209.jpeg (261.78 KB, 828x1792, AAF38F01-E73C-4D3D-8D9D-4CC4D2…)

God her hands are so disgusting. As vile as her whole life is, this really makes me sad as well - she needs help…

No. 1130632

Even if it’s allowed, this seems way too personal. Like asking about schoolwork or classes would be appropriate, but not this. And she seems really manipulative and attention-seeking, playing the victim to her dad and now a teacher.

No. 1130633

File: 1610572297415.jpeg (115.87 KB, 828x1792, 38AF663B-3E51-40FA-97F2-6BB868…)

Samefag, but man I just can’t get over this tragedy. Yeah sure Alicia, you look like you’re really really enjoying that.
Also, is…is that Nutella on her nose?!

No. 1130637

Looking at her posts is like walking in bulimia with her. Photographers go to great lengths to express misery and n2f only has to post that >>1130625

No. 1130653

File: 1610573475711.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 14228165-D5E1-4552-B168-77D821…)

>seems really manipulative and attention seeking
It’s her whole raison d’être

No. 1130668

So she's going "all in" but portions out the hummus before eating it…yeah

No. 1130679

File: 1610575126651.jpg (355.72 KB, 720x1082, Screenshot_2021-01-13-21-58-00…)

Jesus… Sounds schizophrenic

No. 1130681

Damn, someone should tell her people with real EDs internalize shit like this so she’ll stop holding the people forced to interact with her emotionally hostage. Imagine needing attention THIS bad. If I were her dad I would change my number lol

No. 1130695

forensic low secure? that doesn't sound like the hugbox they all desire

No. 1130714

is it… on her nose?

No. 1130719

samefag, was meant to reply to pic of n2f. wont let me delete

No. 1130722

sounds fake actually, like shes just spewing whatever she thinks schizos act like

No. 1130728

File: 1610576890601.png (286.34 KB, 702x1138, Screenshot_20210113-222702~3.p…)

And elsewhere.

No. 1130730

She wants to be one up on Laura

No. 1130736

Was going to say the same thing. Sounds like she’s trying and failing to fake schizophrenia. Not enough caps or emojis to be the real deal tho kek. Just another pathetic attention whore trying to be the most specialest snowflake ever.

No. 1130740

File: 1610577521981.png (5.93 MB, 1536x2048, 96A95213-A454-4432-BDEA-976C05…)

She’s posting an awful lot for someone who’s all drugged up. Girl's gonna be real sad when they take away her phone and makeup. How will she get her precious asspats then?

No. 1130749

This sounds fake. Probably just doesn’t wanna take responsibility for whatever shitty thing she did that’s getting her shipped to forensic. Luckily staff there should be waaaay familiar with manipulative antisocial shit like this

No. 1130787

It's definitely fake. She took her knowledge of paranoid schizophrenia from a soap opera like Crazy Joe in EastEnders. As one who lives with a schizophrenic…if she wasn't causing the system problems I'd piss myself laughing.

No. 1130790

For those unfamiliar with crazy Joe…

No. 1130807

Childish also. What adult needs their mommy to make them a video telling off the haters lol

No. 1130816


No. 1130825

please sage your shit anon

No. 1130832

stuff on nose anon. I’m not the anon who wrote about schizo attention whoring behaviour

No. 1130853

Has the definition of anorexia has changed while I wasn't paying attention? It has never meant that you think food tastes bad. I'm so annoyed by the larpers being all, "wowie, i thought this milkshake would be terrible because of my anorexia! but it's ackshully really tasty!" Like – I'm not anachan but I thought it was a given that an actual anorexic person knows that tasty foods taste good …

No. 1130873

I mean I'm sure there are plenty of people with EDs/AN that convince themselves that things don't taste good or they won't like them for the purpose of furthering their eating disorder. However I suspect that it is more common that they convince themselves that the gross shit they DO eat does taste good (ie: Ganer). But on a fundamental level most people with AN are not driven by a fear that food tastes bad; they are afraid of what it does to their bodies. If anything I think it is more common to fear how good food really does tastes. Or on the other hand, not to care how good it tastes because it causes so much mental anguish. Point being, for many reasons, acting like they have no idea that something is not disgusting is, for the most part, a totally misdirected LARP and they are ignoring the much more prevalent aspects of AN.

No. 1130880

File: 1610583398432.jpg (2.05 MB, 2560x1920, InShot_20210114_001557404.jpg)

I hate mango. Oh god, I have anorexia. If I taste one, will I do recovered? I'll ask Ham's mum. Anons, reach out if you don't like a food. You need to make an amaze face, go WOW and tick it off.


No. 1130883

It absolutely hasn't. This is weird cope. Or like closer to the definition of anorexia in animals, which is when an animal refuses to eat/entirely loses their appetite for a multitude of reasons. Some anorexics lie to other people as a cover up that food tastes bad or try to convince themselves it does. It's why you sometimes see them make these weird nasty "meals", to purposely make the act of eating unpleasant. Anorexics often avoid their fave foods like the plague because they find them too tempting or the really extreme ones might keep them around as a test. Sorry 2 medfag.

No. 1130887

I'm scared of sunflower seeds. Am I anorexic? I'm allergic to them but I have to challenge my fear, right? It's the only way to recover.


No. 1130890

Anorexics fucking love food. It's weight gain that's~scary~ and the tastiest food is usually the most calorific. Even Paris spergs over chocolate.

No. 1130895

If the "allergy" makes you throw up, you're bulimic. If not, eat. There aren't enough sunflower seeds! Just keep an EpiPen handy. The ones who don't do EpiPen almost die and have to go IPx55. No cheating. The hamster sits in another room.

No. 1130896

There's a hospital bed waiting for you when you go into anaphylactic shock! It has your name on it, anon! You're really ill. The most ana ever.

No. 1130982

>Newport RI crewneck
this bitch flexing. only rich coast cliff-dwellers wear these dumb sweaters.
source: i live in lil rhodey

No. 1130994

Yeah sounds like she's trying to use this so she can malinger for longer.

No. 1131114

File: 1610602788959.jpeg (528.88 KB, 1800x874, EC5215E0-D513-4BF8-B1D7-AFF5EF…)

Could she be any more of an attention whore

No. 1131136

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. That is so toxic, what a manipulative fuck.

No. 1131137

oh shit soz forgot to sage previous post. i was that horrified!

No. 1131153

File: 1610607358629.jpeg (574.7 KB, 1800x1219, DEBD1EAD-29B3-4BE1-B313-A9BC3E…)

Speaking of attention whores, another one of the Aussie wannarexic munchies lasted a whopping 11 days out of IP before worming her way in. She’s sure determined to get that stomach asshole she claims to be afraid of. Flexin’ that toob and IV hard for someone who clearly eats plenty until she’s IP and suddenly can’t eat or drink anything.

No. 1131165

File: 1610609535218.jpeg (267.04 KB, 640x992, AB3FDF61-9577-4811-BB67-94417C…)

She’s so attention seeking. Also I’m yet to find an actual diagnosis anywhere which seems hella unlikely for the number of times she’s been hospitalised

No. 1131166

File: 1610609616079.jpeg (530.79 KB, 640x998, C0E36A9D-97B0-42F7-B6D7-56323F…)

I’ve not seen one photo of her looking less than a high heathy BMI, is she in a private hospital?

No. 1131185

>ended up in Emergency
>I deteriorated
There is so much passive language in that post, as though it’s not obvious that she wants to be admitted and is abusing laxatives simply to achieve that, rather than because of an eating disorder.

She’s in a public hospital in a small city called Toowoomba. It’s a 2 hour drive west of Brisbane, where New Farm is.

No. 1131186

She is the biggest one. The cure for her ED would probably be a swift kick in the behind.
She is what you would call "spedcial". She has the 'tism.

No. 1131238

Seclusion isn't the same as a Forensic Low Secure unit and neither is PICU. The seclusion suite would be on her existing ward.

To go into seclusion though, the risks have to be high enough that the patient can't be adequately managed with 2:1 staffing on their general ward. So you can infer that they are violent to peers and staff or destructive of property for protracted amounts of time.

I doubt she's actually violent though as she sounds much more like somebody trying to get people to say she's psychotic without outright saying herself that she is psychotic. Very lucid and concise and also just very "textbook" paranoia. She doesn't present as someone who is being IM'd with haloperidol at all.

My tinfoil is there is someone on her ward who is psychotic, being sectioned and secluded, but it isn't her. As another anon pointed out, phones aren't allowed in seclusion/segregation. Nothing but your clothes are allowed in seclusion and if you fuck about you'll lose those too and get the anti-ligature gown.

No. 1131247

>My tinfoil is there is someone on her ward who is psychotic, being sectioned and secluded, but it isn't her.
Absolutely this.

I think she is violent though. If she’s waiting for a forensic bed doesn’t that mean she presents significant risk to others? If it was ‘just’ self-harm or ‘challenging’ behaviour in context of whatever her dx is (BPD?) wouldn’t they keep her in PICU? I really want to know what she did in the first place. sry 2 blog but I’ve witnessed assaults n shit on locked wards and none of them have been ‘serious’ enough to send someone off to a forensic unit

No. 1131266

that's so horrible. what a fucking bitch. her dad is so sweet, many people would kill to have a dad like this. fuck this bitch

No. 1131268

She's so full of shit. She clearly causes her own mysterious physical symptoms that nobody can ever diagnose and when the drs start working out she's malingering she's back to playing up her mental symptoms. Can only imagine she's gotten away with it for so long because she's in a smallish/regional hospital.

No. 1131271

File: 1610630036455.png (1.14 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210114-130954.png)

Ham's challenging societal standards by drinking hot chocolate.

More pics have gone, including the cake for her rebirth day.

No. 1131272

File: 1610630088735.jpg (379.6 KB, 720x1263, Screenshot_2021-01-14-13-13-51…)

Oh Georgia, you're so dainty!

No. 1131282

The cutlery isn't really small. Her shit shovel size hands only make it look that way.

No. 1131283

File: 1610630781913.png (3.57 MB, 828x1792, DAA4B8B7-E0A8-4003-B979-26C9B7…)

ironically this tiktok cropped up on my fyp lol. georgie is now just adopting new “behaviours” wherever she sees them. tinfoil but odds on her having little index cards reminding her of all the bullshit she needs to keep mentioning??

No. 1131287

File: 1610630999589.jpg (48.06 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.2305663681_ahdv.jpg)

They both need recovery spoons.

No. 1131299

Ffs. Just drink your sugar water and shut up. She tries to frame literally the MOST mundane, normal things as some righteous, brave, inspiring act. Posting a picture of you without makeup to your small number of followers doesn’t make you inspiring, especially since you’ve done it before and since we’ve all seen you snot nosed with crocodile tears over ~*~challenging snacks~*~. Try to be less thirsty.

No. 1131303

File: 1610632207440.jpeg (267.11 KB, 2048x2048, 6C93A7DF-3ED8-45D0-94F0-2010E3…)

Georgia “normal sized cutlery” starter pack.

No. 1131309

Oh I misinterpreted the original post, didn't realise she was actually going to a forensic unit. You're right that self harm and your run of the mill challenging behaviour would be managed on a PICU. I wonder if she made a calculated assault (as opposed to hurting someone in the middle of an incident) on a staff member or patient and they're pressing charges. That would be enough reason to seclude her until the transfer is made. I've heard of patients being transferred to a secure unit for things like attempted poisoning by putting cleaning chemicals in a staff members drink.

No. 1131313

>> "unposed"
>> lifting mug to make sure its in frame
>> eye contact with camera
>> forced, fixed, open mouthed smile
>> took the picture herself

Bitches need to look up the definition of a candid picture.

No. 1131314

The majority of people on am post candid pics. Only influencers do that aspirational life thing. She's running out of material so she's trying to make wearing her pyjamas a statement.

No. 1131319

What these literal children don’t understand is no one needs to see it. We all look like shit with bad hair in the morning. I tell you what, give yourself a challenge to get fucking dressed and off the internet.

No. 1131328

Thanks for clarifying anon. Whatever she did, I’m glad they’re dealing with it anyway (would not want to be confined to a unit with this thug). Also interesting how she doesn’t mention her “anorexia” anymore, staff must have cottoned on to that bs too.

Georgia. Nobody believes you’ve ever used anything smaller than a soup ladle, love. Give it a rest.

No. 1131330

I don’t think i’ve ever seen a dainty waif recovery type like ham drink a bogstandard tea or coffee, it’s always about half milk with multiple spoons of sugar. Drinking straight hot chocolate in the morning is definitely a first. also
>woof, that face

No. 1131335

Now if it was one of the twins drinking something like that without a filter on their face I’d be genuinely impressed. Seeing a chub in a dressing gown ingesting her first of many daily buckets of sugar hardly gives the same effect.
>woof, that face
You nasty person, you! Don’t you know she’s ~~insecure~~

No. 1131347

File: 1610635869124.png (979.38 KB, 696x967, Screenshot_20210114-145003~2.p…)

No chance.

No. 1131374

these ~recovery spoons~ are already dumb af, but this one is next-level. literally WHO with an ED needs a spoon that calls them “little” (except the fatty wannas like ham, kek)

No. 1131382

File: 1610638721174.jpg (951.06 KB, 1800x1512, doppelgangers.jpg)

The sad reality of chronic anorexia. And to think Ham claims she's been restricting for "years" … Put their feeds side by side and the absurdity only becomes more apparent

No. 1131389

File: 1610640046744.png (1.05 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210114-155941.png)

This will get better when her account passes.

So young, so naive.

No. 1131392

File: 1610640208484.png (418.94 KB, 430x526, low effort hammah.png)

No. 1131398

File: 1610640722698.gif (481.77 KB, 440x240, tumblr_n76um6JS4C1rf08l1o1_500…)

No. 1131405

File: 1610641318966.gif (995.13 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mr5k6ecbjL1rijbg1o1_500…)

No. 1131417

PICUs shouldn’t be used for long term treatment, they’re still for relatively short admissions or to stabilise until they can be back on the acute ward. If she’s currently on 2:1 and is waiting for a transfer to low secure then she has to be classed as a risk to others. The assault whether she did it to larp psychosis or not is serious enough to warrant transfer to forensics where she’ll have no phone, no electronics, supervised internet usage and no social media, everywhere is locked up and they keep you in for a long time, a tiny slip up can set your discharge back 6 months to a year.
Maybe people can learn from this and Laura that you can’t larp and you can’t be in and out of nice wards being coddled forever.

No. 1131422

Her challenges are literally just eating food everyone knows is bad for you. Junk in the name of health kek good lord. Keep going, get fat for real, Ham.

No. 1131484

I just don’t want to look at this ugly Mormon cult face anymore

No. 1131486

File: 1610648031286.jpg (122.16 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20210115_040917.jpg)

Based mother

No. 1131503

File: 1610649382424.jpg (227.27 KB, 1200x800, lds ham.jpg)

No. 1131528

File: 1610651358976.jpeg (829.35 KB, 828x1419, 13A6A7DF-575D-4F4F-BFCE-B7A46D…)

not noodles4noodles promoting eating 3….falafel….for dinner ?!!!
this girls contant cycle of lose weight and lie to followers, and then random “shock horror” admission is just boring. sage for a continuation of the same old shit

No. 1131529

Woah, steady on with the gravy, whew.

No. 1131534

KEK with Warren Jeffs

No. 1131556

File: 1610654636112.jpg (245.24 KB, 1080x1649, 20210114_200149.jpg)

ahh yes, because people want therapy from a fake-psychotic, attention-seeking, ana LARPer

No. 1131560

do we know her real name? I'd bet she isn't registered but can't check

No. 1131566

File: 1610655415263.jpg (455.78 KB, 1080x1268, Screenshot_20210114-141633_Chr…)

No. 1131567


No. 1131572

Sharnise Craig

No. 1131576

File: 1610656011485.jpg (652.02 KB, 1073x1682, Screenshot_20210114-142613_Ins…)

Another spoop picture because that's the only way she can show any progress.

No. 1131586

there’s a specific breed of UK cows who live by that exact template (post pathetic semi-meals or normal sized ones that they must be purging, and then ‘suddenly’ get hospitalized). it was paige’s whole existence for quite awhile, sarahlearnstosmile, as well as some older cows we haven’t discussed in probably a year or more like sorcha.blossoms. i just wonder what the purpose is? like, who are you fooling?

No. 1131587

Its sad that even with the weight gain her face looks so sickly - is it because she has no body fat?

No. 1131597

I know i’d take advice from somebody who got arrested for battering staff while she was sectioned. Her ‘lived experience’ would make me feel better about anything wrong with me by comparison.

No. 1131609

I think it really is a way of not having to do adult things, like hold down a job. Relapse and live off benefits/parents.

No. 1131630

sorcha.blossoms is on tiktok and currently in hospital again posting fdoes everyday

No. 1131632

shit sorry forgot to sage

No. 1131642

Yes, and anorexia also destroys your skin. She's probably also dehydrated, can't have any of that nasty water weight! I've literally never seen this bitch drink water, not even a bottle sitting near her in any of her gym pics/videos.

No. 1131680

File: 1610660832160.jpg (77.64 KB, 418x727, Capture.JPG)

Chocolate and sugar. Every anorexic's favourite!

No. 1131685

File: 1610661130173.jpeg (347.96 KB, 1790x1493, E26AC12E-7F2E-4102-81CC-5D98C8…)

Sage because not very milky but this person kinda reminds me of may. Has an onlyfans and basically all her posts on mpa has to do with how skinny she is or how low her bmi is. Feels very pro ana and uses her anorexia for money

No. 1131687

File: 1610661157847.jpeg (523.96 KB, 1800x1800, 96E9B2AA-A695-42D2-B321-33F49F…)


No. 1131692

I've decided anorexia isn't an illness that makes people humble brag and competitive. It's a type of person that does it. Any age person wants to be that much worse off than someone else with the same disease. They're on a higher dose of x, they need even more mobility help, etc. It's as boring as listening to elderly people having conversations about who has the most stents.

I'd insist on a spoop with better sense of style if I was into spoops and onlyfans. And a carpet that doesn't look like the fur of a dog with mange. Maybe I'm just picky.

No. 1131693

File: 1610661652855.jpeg (159 KB, 750x1183, D0FD522B-4C79-4DE0-9F74-C1E182…)

houseofeffie on insta (who released receipts on Armie Hammer recently - see the celeb thread) seems like an anachan in the making.

No. 1131694

Slammin' huge amounts of sugar directly to the face on a daily basis … She is probably deficient in vitamins. And it's no wonder she has bad skin, constantly eating like this.

No. 1131696

Is she saying she isn't sucking in? Bahaha.

No. 1131699

that's what it looks like when I try to weigh less on the scale at the doctors office
she's healthy, closer to overweight than under

No. 1131703

She's stretching her arms up as well. If she wasn't trying to show her ribs, her body would look fine.

No. 1131705

File: 1610662464164.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.06 KB, 640x853, impmon.jpg)

impmon is honestly a personal cow of mine kek. she has HUNDREDS of pre-spoop nudes everywhere if you google her onlyfans name. surprised she isn't on the fetish site like may is.

her gangnam unnie dorito chin filters also freak me the fuck out

No. 1131707

At least she aint faking the eating disorder. Where did the loose skin go though? The excess from her udders couldn't just shrink.

Really don't gaf what other people do, but can't imagine ever being in the frame of mind to post nudes on the interwebs.

No. 1131771

Maybe this is naive but if all Ganer's training does is stop her going back to that, then maybe it's OK? Like maybe this is the closest to recovery she can be.

No. 1131777

if she admitted to it yeah, but she presents herself as fully recovered and even offered personal training at one point.

No. 1131778

In a way BUT I still bet she's miserable. She's still driven to eat the same slop every day, work out even if she feels ill. There's nothing else in her life. She's chasing a dream of competing when she's far from it and makes no progress. Her body looks better, but her mind's still fucked. Only imo, but she isn't like the other women who train. They actually eat.

No. 1131785

Georgia can’t even remember that she’s supposed to be autistic and this would probably be normal autistic behaviour. How many responses does she get to this stuff? I imagine she’s asking nobody a lot of questions.

No. 1131791

Yeah you're probably right, she's living the restricted lifestyle of an elite competitor right before competition, except not as much food and never going to actually get the pay off.


No. 1131795

I never thought this would happen to me. I hate cauliflower. Oh man, this is going to crush my parents. I have an eating disorder. I have anorexic. Should I film a video of myself eating cauliflower and upload it to show how much of a warrior I am? So scared. Don't wanna get refeeding syndrome from my dislike of cauliflower.


No. 1131800

File: 1610666651624.jpg (348.38 KB, 1456x2184, lol.jpg)



This is the flooding technique. FEEL THE FEAR AND RUN TO IT. Molly taught us that.

I miss Molly. I was binning old ss on my camera and saw her and felt a bit sad.

No. 1131813

OMG I just relapsed from that picture!!!! Argh.

No. 1131818

File: 1610667417937.jpg (33.99 KB, 438x348, yum.JPG)

Do recovery Ham style.

No. 1131827

thank god i saw this. i'm recovered.

No. 1131828

No problem. I'm a registered counsellor at the same place as >>1131556

No. 1131833

i'm lactose intolerant. i will literally shit myself if i drink milk. i think this means i'm anorexic arghh. i need to challenge myself by fimlimg myself drinking the ~liquid calories~! arghh! i hope elzani sees

No. 1131864

That’s why so many ed LARPersand former ana chans end up as munchies. Faking sick doesn’t require the willpower of starving themselves or sticking a finger down their gullet. They can be fragile uwu snowflakes without any discomfort. All the asspats, none of the work of starving or purging and none of the stigma of mental illness. Less successful in countries with socialized medicine, so possibly why the UK and Australia still have so many Hams, Porgies, and Ganers. Ofc there’s the nut jobs that never go munchie simply because they enjoy being publicly mentally ill.

No. 1131881

I'll never understand why these twats WANT to nurture an illness or eating disorder. They're fortunate to not have the wiring of a person with an ED and don't succeed at a "diet". Why is anorexic to be something to be? People don't smoke 100 cigs a day to get cancer. Cancer's nasty, but so is an ED in ways not only physical but absolute mental misery. This is why I'll always want scum like Ham off sm. It's a punch in the face to those really struggling. They must think recovery for an ed person is really simple and wtf, eat some cake and all will be fine.

When Ham et al cry HATERZ!!!1, nope. You're the fucking sickos for role playing a serious illness. Mocking people who genuinely can barely eat (twins) by putting forward that all you have to do is look at a pretzel nervously, eat it and beam with glee because they're SO NICE.

I know of some munchies who kind of get drawn further down the munchie route because they start to become ~activists~ for disabilities (invisible or not).

In the UK, long term mentals/munchies aren't encouraged to take on any of the (yeah shitty but it's something) job placements. They pretend to be dogs instead, like Becky. It's too easy to do nothing and sit and malinger and expect special treatment (eg McKee girl and her mask exemption).

Don't think this is a rant, but w/e

Disclaimer, not calling out legit sick people.

No. 1131894

She's absolutely miserable, you can tell by reading her captions. And for some reason, she thinks all "bodybuilders" feel the same way she does. Sorry to break it to you Hannah, but other bodybuilders LOVE food. we don't get "nerves" before leg day. we don't hate rest days - we love them because we know recovery is one of the most important parts of bodybuilding.
Her mindset is just so wrong, and I honestly don't know why her coach hasn't tried to correct her. Part of a coach's job is to manage your expectations and keep you in a healthy frame of mind. Maybe he has tried and she doesn't listen, or maybe he just doesn't care as long as she's throwing money at him (this seems more likely).

No. 1131914

There's no way people like Ham would ever have endured the physical pain of refeeding. Her belly is stretched enough kek.
impmon never shuts the fuck up about her ED, even on gaiaonline.com. she is a hermit who lives online and paces all day while eating fruit apparently.

No. 1131915

Essentially your standard IP ward in the US, aside from letting people hang out for months/years

No. 1131919

Please honey I am BEGGING you to get a fringe

No. 1131922

I'd think someone with an ED would prefer this..?

No. 1131938

this is making me laugh she really went on MPA and bragged that her healthy body was aesthetic and only held weight in her tits/ass… those are some honkers for sure but her proportions are literally nothing special here lol there’s meat on her arms, legs, middle etc how delusional

No. 1131940

yeah it’s always funny to me to spend time on mpa because a lot of em aren’t even annoying. just people talking about whatever is up with their eating disorders in a conversational way. and then you get people like this girl, or a personal fav of mine (user eLOLIse) whose entire post history is just them talking about their stats, humblebragging about health problems, blah fucking blah. really just gives off the vibe of being totally detached from reality

No. 1131944

Never EVER did I think I’d be saying this but I….kinda…miss Molly too? Compared to Ham her LARP was positively Oscar-worthy (and her face not half as punchable)

Most of these LARPers, malingerers and munchies HAVE a mental illness, just not the one they want. How often do you see them faking stuff like cluster B PD? BED? Even bulimia? It’s always anorexia. Or psychosis. Or (god forbid) DID. Arghh. Arghhh. Arghhh. Off for a hot chocolate before I batter someone Sharni style

No. 1131958

"The process is long, never-ending, slow…" Well, it is for her, but many people just gain what they need to gain and move on with their lives.

No. 1131963

To be fair, it's beyond his expertise to persuade someone with such fixed ideas and warped perceptions, but that's why he shouldn't have taken on a client who isn't fully recovered.

No. 1131966

File: 1610676303734.jpeg (229.67 KB, 1737x1061, 98DE95A6-A1E5-444D-AFEA-58AFC9…)

speaking of MPA. Heisenburg. How is this woman still talking

No. 1131970

Disagree, attention-seeking and general munchie-dom are core features of anorexia

No. 1131981

Nah she can do better than this, it's not like she's been in intensive treatment this whole time, giving it all she's got.

No. 1131982

Who's the other girl? Girlfriend?

No. 1131989

File: 1610677618597.jpeg (710.5 KB, 828x1371, F697BF58-FCE1-447E-9201-B65E49…)

No Lee, you’re absolutely chuffed you’ve got some new diagnoses to flaunt.

No. 1132011

living in hospital
>aspiring mental health nurse
waiting on a forensic bed, obviously a threat to vulnerable people

I take back what I said upthread about her faking psychosis lmao this is utterly delusional

No. 1132014

File: 1610680082396.jpeg (220.23 KB, 582x487, A7A0527B-DCE3-4CD4-A7D4-6ECD99…)


No. 1132035

File: 1610683339690.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.49 KB, 274x604, 0178876f1e6130c3e5ebf517163af8…)

them teef jeez

No. 1132079

It absolutely is beyond his expertise because what this girl needs is a psychologist. I've been here for the past 15-ish threads so I don't know - did Ganer ever have therapy as part of her recovery? Lord knows she needs it.

No. 1132087

File: 1610688380627.png (4.48 MB, 1125x2001, 1C8BD4AB-4761-4522-A3C6-263B08…)

Some preemo tumblr bs, I pulled from Twitter and it has over 2k likes. This is obviously that same mindset of “ooh I restricted for 5 hours i must be sooper sick”. How hard is it to grasp that bdd and scrutinizing what you eat without actually managing the portions, is not Anorexia. An ED, sure, but going from fat to fat don’t make an Ana. Big Ham vibes here

No. 1132137

File: 1610697116931.jpeg (442.33 KB, 828x1457, 5EC6882A-6F65-45FD-B78F-42FAE0…)

She can’t wait to be coddled in the hospital. Don’t the nurses have better things to do than be trapped by an attention whore who treats IP like a vacation? She’s just gross

No. 1132165

File: 1610702249833.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.6 KB, 740x630, 20210115_191619.jpg)

What in the actual F….. is shay doing? Ironically she's doing a pepper pig thing but… dafaq

No. 1132176

I disagree. We get a skewed sample because you have to be fairly attention-seeking to have an ig account dedicated to bragging about your ED

No. 1132190


This video is so frustrating. "Learning what you like and dislike" as a goal with recovery. She's still going with the idea that anorexia is not liking food. Also does her typical wows expressions when she eats

No. 1132196

She just doesn't act anorexic at all. This isn't how anorexics eat, think, or act. It's common to have anas crying at meal times, or even if they allow themselves something 'bad' they will feel immense guilt not tell people 'haha wow this is so good, I wanna recover cos it tastes nice, sod off'

No. 1132197

Sage because I don't have the ss but she said a while back she drinks 5L a day which is excessive and probably means she absorbs absolutely none of it.

No. 1132211

>she drinks 5L a day which is excessive and probably means she absorbs absolutely none of it.
… What? Drinking excessive water won't make her dehydrated and it'd help as an appetite suppressant at such large amounts. Gainer doesn't look like shes purging liters of water every day.

I think she's just got an unfortunate face, it's very long and she's got a major 5 head. Never seen what she looked like pre anorexia but I always assumed she was just ugly. The bad skin is either from malnourishment or a weird reaction to the chemicals in fitness powders (creatine, artificial sweeteners, lactose, etc. - there are a lot of random things in them that can make some people break out in acne). I'm more inclined to believe its a nourishment issue given her thin hair.

Didn't notice until now but what the FUCK are up with her feet in the most recent pic? Is that from lack of circulation? For a second I thought they were covered in plasters

No. 1132212

Excess water can absolutely make you dehydrated. You flush the sodium from your body, preventing it from being able to actually hold onto and use the water you drink, instead of just pissing it out.

No. 1132215

If gainer was forcing herself into water intoxication regularly she'd be in the hospital a lot, getting iv fluids to stabilise herself so she didn't start having seizures and falling into a coma. That's such an extreme assumption and 5 liters over the course of a day isn't enough to cause that.

No. 1132216

I'm sure most of you are aware but drinking that much might actually be dangerous. It makes extracellular electrolyte concentration drop so water moves into cells which swell up. According to wikipedia, healthy kidneys can process up to one litre of water per hour but 'stress (from prolonged physical exertion) can reduce than amount greatly'

No. 1132226

Original anon who nitpicked the water thing, this is accurate but its not dehydration lol. Gainers skin doesn't look bad because of dehydration. Feels like splitting hairs now tho.

Has she ever talked about if she's taking supplements and vitamins? It's not that unusual for fitness freaks to drink 4+ liters of water a day but they're ingesting a lot more food than she does. I believe post work-out products have a decent amount of sodium in them to help rebalance after exercise, but I don't know if she takes "bodybuilding" seriously enough to do it properly.

No. 1132231

Med fag here. You'd need 5L over 1 hour/a short period of time or 8L+ over the course of the day to cause hyponatremia, encephalopathy and CNS irritability. If shes exercising for an hour or more, 5L isn't that extreme. I doubt she has many other drink options so is probably use to it

No. 1132233

Looks like Raynaud's to me, bet her hands and feet are freezing all the time.

No. 1132234

Can someone please tell me why these ppl don’t just eat a muffin instead of chocolate protein abominations? Thank u in advance

No. 1132238

File: 1610713249707.png (570.86 KB, 550x1022, ovibodycheck.png)

I was going insane wondering why the fuck do so many people support this absolute unit, glad to see others have caught on her retardation. Ed twitter is heaven for this type of attention whores, I genuinely believe 70% of users there are ovis

No. 1132244

Jesus Christ. That's a body check in the same way binge eating 10,000 calories in a sitting is severe anorexia. Nobody is going to be triggered by her obesity either. I almost want this to be a performance piece. I think you're correct. I vaguely recall research being done on old pro-ana forums and a huge chunk of the user base were wannabes, or in fact actually obese, very few were the genuine article. Also if "Ovi" is serious about "recovery" maybe she should consider unfollowing thinspo and hordes of K-pop (probably the most body negative media source in the world) accounts.

No. 1132253

she's not exactly triggering but I'm scared I have the same reverse body dysmorphia she and Porgie suffer from now. Am I 100kg heavier than I think I am? Also she was complaining a while back about being on fatspo forums so maybe she is 'triggering' other wannas?

No. 1132256

… Is the recent picture on the right or the left

No. 1132265

Looks like she changes her hair colour almost every day but I think the two with the red hair.

No. 1132272

Makes sense - I’d say that’s a healthy amount of weight to lose over a year though, hardly ana behaviour kek.

No. 1132276

damn her skin is already sagging terribly, how old is she, 20?

No. 1132283

File: 1610721747577.jpg (385.72 KB, 1080x1227, Screenshot_20210115_144002.jpg)

These mug cakes that Ham says are now her fave have coincidentally popped up after Paris posted eating the same thing. Looks like Ham was trying to research what real anorexics eat and picked it up kek.

No. 1132292

File: 1610723093889.jpeg (488.08 KB, 1800x1694, 8A559BE4-A996-4E05-ABBB-FAB267…)

You would think she'd know chocolate tastes good at this point

No. 1132298

The fact that she's probably already eaten a tonne makes me laugh the box is near empty and she KNEW the biscuit one had biscoff in. I'd have assumed it'd be milk cream or cookie bits

No. 1132308

Greedy bitch eating her mum's birthday chocolates. Not going to watch it. Her face is disturbing. She looks like Sandi Toksvig.

No. 1132313

File: 1610724813839.jpg (39.23 KB, 710x352, the-great-new-years-bake-off.v…)

No. 1132317

Jesus Christ.

Clean. Your. Damn. Mouths. People.

Honestly disgusting.

No. 1132318

She needs to be stopped

No. 1132322

What's with this recent trend of cows leaving chocolate smeared around their mouths and taking a selfie? It's gross and makes them look just as disgusting as they are, not fey or quirky.

No. 1132323


That hoodie is really not doing a damn thing to make her look less like a LARPer, huh.

No. 1132328

Pulled all the way up to her chin, hiding her body even more because she’s a normal weight. Sick of the derry girls expressions she keeps pulling as well.

No. 1132338

File: 1610727258106.jpeg (236.32 KB, 828x1792, 23E517C7-7A80-41F8-9648-115335…)

Our strong ~ana warrior~

We can all see you have no fear of stuffing your face, sweetie.

No. 1132342

Amerifag … WTF does that mean?

No. 1132344

File: 1610727577833.jpeg (208.02 KB, 1024x1024, A6439F52-4E20-443F-AE22-09E592…)

I can’t decide what’s more disgusting and grimy, the leprous looking egg or that phone.

No. 1132345

File: 1610727694315.jpeg (276.99 KB, 828x1792, 1957FF56-09D8-4B5B-A180-5D46AF…)

Samefag but I can’t help myself…I legit thought those were worms and vommed a little in my mouth.

No. 1132347

It's Londonderry, not Derry.

No. 1132348

WHO THE FUCK PUTS RICE ON A BAGEL?!?!? Or any bread product for that matter. This is absolute blasphemy.

No. 1132350

Derry Girls is a series…I think anon is referring to that.

No. 1132352

File: 1610728289004.jpg (154.86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

my god, she does resemble the short fat one

No. 1132353

She’s fast becoming my new favourite cow, after Heather Steele. It’s always the same bullshit, but the thing that makes them my faves is the sheer incredulity I experience at their woefully poor sense of self awareness. Why would anyone broadcast this mind numbing cringe inducing LARP. It has me howling.

No. 1132362

That left image looks very exploitable for edits. But I guess most of her faces do.

No. 1132364

Absolutely not londonderry. Be gone prod

No. 1132365

I would rather have sex with sandi, she looks good for her age and doesn’t pretend to have an eating disorder in the most retarded way possible.

No. 1132375

Me too. She doesn't have chocolate cake around her mouth, but importantly, she's intelligent. Ham is still at the colouring in stage of her education.

No. 1132388

File: 1610730853515.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210115-170717_Ins…)

"Dont worry it isnt all im having"
A bacon sandwich is an entire lunch, Ham. It isnt a side dish you dainty queen

No. 1132389

Fuck off, edgelord, you’re irrelevant.

No. 1132392

By their logic, pretty much every girl and woman in the global North is anorexic

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