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File: 1716855489917.png (1.41 MB, 900x1200, sheckbeard.png)

No. 1998168

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1988578

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26-year-old failing prostitute, pornsick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid-filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents’ help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>thread starts out with her in vegas and ebegging >>1988585
>announces she will go to fatcon again this year, farmers await more candid photos. mentions she only gets tested once a year >>1988653
>classy as always, takes 5 shots in 30 mins in public >>1989045, mentions she pukes and then kisses unsuspecting men afterwards >>1989119
>cobra level delusions in the airport yet again >>1989568
>men hitting on her at a fast food joint is the peak of class for her >>1989816
>fatty gloats about "muh health" with some normal ass groceries, obviously insecure about her weight >>1990016
>another pic drops where she's much bigger than the man she's shooting with >>1990221
>the jokes write themselves as she plans another "pig" porn >>1990597
>an autist calculates her MV earnings, bleak as always >>1990708
>gag video drops, anons point out the sorry state of her implants >>1990831
>tweets about her dad on her sex work account yet again, family vacation impending >>1990905
>prostituting herself out for cheemsburgers again >>1991264
>complaining about seattle (renton), vegas saga incoming? >>1992088
>recycling outfits from tulsa, anons debate whether she has lost weight or not >>1992437
>mentions CHS again, she's obviously been imbibing in the weed yet again, with blood red eyes in most photos lately >>1992543
>makes the fuplahoma chicken parm for her "frens" >>1993095
>posts "doll" look that she wears out in public >>1993381
>has her once a week public breakdown >>1993512
>new scott limpdick video drops >>1993922
>big bumbling bitch running through the forest >>1994391
>cake farts images drop >>1995083, and video >>1995720, >>1996296
>retard forest shots >>1996313, >>1996333, >>1996342, >>1996346
>pig shoot drops >>1996649, >>1996666
>sophia, who anons tinfoil posted that one candid shot at fatcon 2 years ago, visits shayna, replacing kiki as the token black friend >>1997430
>spanking video drops, she doesn't know how to clean, and has a yeasty vagina >>1997813

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theirlbarbie

No. 1998169

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No. 1998177

The thread pic kekkk. Thank you nonna!

No. 1998178

File: 1716858040281.png (369.02 KB, 1185x1346, Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 10.5…)

She's doing her weekly spiral on twitter again

No. 1998182

>tfw you spiral this often about how shitty your life is and there's countless threads full of advice but it's not moids blowing smoke up your ass so you write it all off

No. 1998185

get a job shayna! go back to school! jfc

No. 1998186

>I’m so depressed.
>I’m too lazy to sate my chemical dependencies
>How does this keep happening to me?

No. 1998190

literally every single aspect of her lifestyle is just wrong. but instead of doing anything about it—anything at all—or even acknowledging that she got herself into this mess with her own shitty choices, she sits around suicide baiting and hoping someone will toss a few coins at her. fucking bleak.

No. 1998193

File: 1716863495961.jpg (60.6 KB, 1008x367, Lol.jpg)

This was deleted during the rampage. Any speculation on who or what she's referring to?

No. 1998196

File: 1716863766504.jpg (130 KB, 1080x726, 3994.jpg)

Samefag but I feel like she's scrambling to keep connections considering she's posting this, as if any moid can get it up with her.

No. 1998198

>Shayna is spiraling and Google photos shows her pics from when she was skinny to make it worse
How sad. Maybe she could exercise about it but she won't

No. 1998202

She's just retarded. She gets so much advice in these threads on how to self improve but she ignores it all and blames everything/everyone else for her problems except for herself. Her prime for mainstream porn has past. Time to get a real job fatty

No. 1998204

Shaynas life is so hedonistic. She doesn't have a job,can do whatever she wants when she wants and even that is too much for her. I can't imagine her having actual responsibilities and people who depend on her. She is just a failed human who will never actually become an adult. It's beyond pathetic that she can't handle the few responsibilities she does have. She never has to worry about becoming homeless and hungry because of her father. She's an ingrate.

No. 1998212

it’s shayhog day again and again. we’ve seen her attempt at “professional” porn when she was skinny and, well, look where it’s gotten her. she constantly reminds me of the beginning of vidrel. “have you considered getting a job?” “no! no, that’s not an option. son of a bitch!”

No. 1998215

So she’s been “in the industry” for almost a decade and she doesn’t know that? She’s a joke and she was probably never paid for 90% of her shoots lol. Truly has no idea what she does all day.

No. 1998217

I love you for this anon lol

No. 1998218

File: 1716869663099.jpeg (470.39 KB, 1550x1543, IMG_6597.jpeg)

4 years ago yesterday
I’d hope she’s not still hung up on fupaul all these years later but who knows with her.

No. 1998219

Lmao I stopped reading Shayna threads a long time ago but I clicked cause of the thread pic. Nice job

No. 1998232

File: 1716876661955.mp4 (Spoiler Image,5.8 MB, 1280x720, beached_whale_pig_cosplay.mp4)

The hog's new pig video.
It's no different to any other video beyond being dressed a pig, which is redundant because she's already porcine. She also licks the butt plug after it's been up her ass. Nothing new.

No. 1998233

File: 1716876874698.png (Spoiler Image,246.16 KB, 356x557, sow_licking_butt_plug.png)

No. 1998242

File: 1716879637842.jpeg (299.52 KB, 1170x915, IMG_6083.jpeg)


No. 1998253

File: 1716881630965.jpeg (299.46 KB, 1170x925, IMG_6086.jpeg)

No. 1998256

> unfair

If she actually had a job, she would have money. How is this difficult for her to grasp?

No. 1998257

File: 1716882648875.png (82.33 KB, 593x446, 1000046317.png)

This bitch has been traveling CONSTANTLY and is always in airports and spending money on expensive drinks and then she has the audacity to complain that she's broke. Surprise surprise, you can't spend all your time and money traveling and going to RetardCon and SpankingPartyForAutists and expect to still get paid. She's literally this meme.

No. 1998258

File: 1716882948516.jpeg (230.83 KB, 1170x842, IMG_6088.jpeg)

excuse the excessive samefagging. i have a feeling that some of these will end up deleted.

No. 1998259

and the shaypression turns to shaynia. wonder how much weed she just smoked.

No. 1998262

„refusing to accept defeat“ implies she full well knows she‘s defeated kek it‘s over shaynus pack your bags and move back in with your parents

No. 1998264

kek this was deleted

No. 1998266

File: 1716886465140.png (119.04 KB, 1180x416, Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 6.53…)

No. 1998269

her family knows she’s broke, if her dad and family actually wanted to see her they’d pay for her flight. sad life, no wonder she’s sadposting

No. 1998276

It doesn't matter how much content she makes if there are no coomers that want to buy it.

No. 1998282

Oh my GOD at this point an unhealthy restrictive eating disorder would actually do her some good and I’m aware how cracked that is to say. She really does need to just move home. Go to beauty school and learn to do hot dog nails herself.

No. 1998288

File: 1716896115141.png (38.6 KB, 677x622, IMG_0134.png)

she’s really doing all this for pity pennies, isn’t she? picrel was six years ago kek. how’s that going, shay?

No. 1998304

>This is too hilarious to let die
She was right about something

No. 1998306

if shes fat and broke why does she order takeout. its like she doesn't think things through at all. also she could literally eat the food, then EXERCISE AFTER! i know she's short on rent and bills so she needs to ebeg right now for that, but why doesn't she ask her followers to buy her an elliptical or something? i'm sure some guy would like to see her lose weight. then she could eat all she wants as long as she went on the elliptical after.

No. 1998310

Karma is real.

No. 1998311

She tried to act like the Regina George mean girl sooo much back then. She'd still be trying now if it weren't for the fact she's fat now and nobody would take it seriously

No. 1998327

File: 1716903462341.gif (1.82 MB, 228x202, 1610869625774.gif)

Now she can't even afford to door dash a sushi platter.

No. 1998341

if she did a whole "dollys gym house" or something gay she would definitely get (cheap) exercise equipment in a week from her coomers. like bitch, just livestream yourself walking with no shirt on and you can earn money, lose weight, and gain new followers who dont just see you as a pathetic cum rag they pick up to clean up their mess. like men are stupid and love thinking theyre "helping a whore" to do better in life. it activates their hero complex.

No. 1998347

File: 1716905749253.png (366.22 KB, 591x699, lot-lizards.png)

was this ever posted? they look like theyre hooking at a truck stop.

No. 1998348

File: 1716905962957.png (915.62 KB, 1052x850, frenemies.png)

There is no way Shayna spiraling isn't related to the black chick visiting her. Even before the black chick showed up she was giving frenemy vibes. look at the photo she used of shayna to advertise their collab. she picked a photo where shayna looks bloated as fuck as fat as hell with line back shoulders. also they tweeted what like 2 times? and mostly just reposts? was there only two photos of them together in total from the trip? the one in the car and the lot lizard pic from above? clearly things didnt go as planned. shayna usually posts a lot when she socializes because it happens so little and she wants to prove to the farms she isnt a secluded loser. yet crickets this whole trip and now shayna pissing herself crying about how she ruins things and everyone hates her and she wants to kill herself. not even the black chick has any mentions of shayna on her profile other than unflattering photos. i hope the black chick spills the milk. she was the definitely the one who posted the fat looking sneak shot bikini pic of shayna into the threads.

No. 1998351

sophia is the type to be real with people and shayna is the type who can't handle realness.

sophia: shayna… you have yeast discharge showing
shayna: thats my cum! eats some
sophia: thats absolutely disgusting. you have a yeast infection. we can all smell it hun.
shayna: everyone hates me i want to kill myself.

No. 1998355

She probably stayed with the hog while she went and made content with other people then did a video with Shayna so Piggy can sell it on MV to cover the cost of her stay.

No. 1998356

File: 1716906950874.png (592.33 KB, 794x506, underwear.png)

Apologies for double posting but are they sharing underwear?

No. 1998357

Kek and still nobody posted a pity response or cashapp to any of her tweets. Waiting for the main account meltdown tonight.

No. 1998360

I called it last thread that she would be struggling when these "trips" would come up. Considering her flight is non-refundable she probably paid out of pocket to join their vacation. >>1990905
Reposting because tagged the wrong post.

No. 1998367

At this point it is insane to me that she doesn’t just start reading the threads for advice on what to do to change. There are probably over fifty pages of solid advice when it’s all combined from over the years and threads she is so willfully retarded. It’s almost like she’s waiting for her dad to gallop in on a horse and save her and hasn’t let go of the wish even tho it’s clear he never will.

No. 1998373

Maybe her dad finally realized that he shouldn’t be bankrolling her shitty life choices

No. 1998379

Us she wearing shays panties? Or are those very popular?

No. 1998380

Wasn't there a scene shot of Sophie doing pro porn? I think it's jealously. She probably came there to work and decided to shack up with shayna. Shayna probably tried to tag along or DID thinking she'd be so hot they would include her in whatever but they didn't.
Or maybe they went out and were both selling ass and Sophie got more attention kek.

No. 1998386

I'm of two minds about this.
1. Shayna doesn't get invited so she has to pay for herself

2. Shayna doesn't get invited and offers to pay for herself.
Considering how she'd brag about being the only one to move out at 18, and how she has a apartment, or when she'd wish she could "talk" about her career (aka brag), makes me feel like her dumb ass always pays her own way to prove some dumbass point.
>"yeah my siblings may be in college and haply/healthy. But I did things all on my own & my way!"

No. 1998389

File: 1716913310729.jpeg (179.38 KB, 1170x419, IMG_6043.jpeg)


Sophie tagged along to whore herself with Shay’s client.
This guys tweet was posted last thread by anon speculating it was Shay’s sugar dad talking about a trip he’s taking with Shay and Sophie. It seems like it’s him bc he tags the BDSM dungeon ‘Crows Nest’ that Shay mentioned and he’s been liking/reposting Sophie’s and Shay’s tweets for days.

No. 1998390

File: 1716913992995.jpeg (959.68 KB, 1147x1679, IMG_6050.jpeg)

Samefagging but he’s also a teacher

No. 1998391

It's Victoria's Secret brand thong, not the Hope Diamond kek

No. 1998393

Ew is that him? He looks like a retard. It would be embarrassing hanging out with these ugly moids in public and barely getting any money. The ugly beard and the marching band jacket, he really think he’s cool because he’s on a bike kek

No. 1998394

She’s so out of shape even when she weighed slightly less she huffed and puffed riding a dildo. (With poop on it of course, and a fly buzzing along) I don’t understand why she doesn’t buy a stupid cheap pink exercise bike or treadmill and work out at home. It would help her lose some weight and tone her body. I guess as long as she makes some money she figures she doesn’t need to improve herself.

No. 1998397

topkek I don’t even understand the appeal of a spanking party. The concept is so retarded. The people who do that shit are always so ugly and fat. They spank each other and do retarded shit to “own” the normies

No. 1998401

File: 1716916054940.jpeg (724.47 KB, 1093x963, IMG_6060.jpeg)

Kek sorry for the autism but the pic shay uploaded with Sophie over the weekend is in this room posted by the dungeons twitter that this guy tagged a few days ago. So yeah I think he’s one of her Johns

No. 1998409

I thought Shay could totally be a stripper. Why isn’t she doing that for cash lol

No. 1998422

She can walk her damn poor neglected dog around the block instead of wasting even more money on exercise equipment she wont use

No. 1998435

From past threads we know that she dresses inappropriately around her family and was drunk for most of the Ireland trip. Also it was her younger brother that told their mother about Shayna's sex work tumblr.

So this is the moid that she dresses in black PVC and pretends to be alt for?

kek. I thought it was Louis Vuitton.

No. 1998437

have you seen her move? the only dance she knows is the chicken dance. plus she's about 40 pounds too heavy for most places.

No. 1998439

File: 1716924481586.webm (Spoiler Image,4.59 MB, 480x852, 1692137555532.webm)

This is Shayna doing her sexiest chicken dance.

No. 1998440

They're making fun of how she said she could totally be a stripper a couple of threads ago

No. 1998441

Kek, so let me get this straight, Shayna did a double prostitution and she's immediately crying about being broke? Kek maybe she was "paid" in him letting them use his space and "content" bleak!

No. 1998444

What makes you think that? She doesn't say much on twitter

No. 1998456

File: 1716928494675.jpg (197.72 KB, 1080x767, Pennies.jpg)

I like how she decides to have a crumb of work ethic once she's already in the shitter.

No. 1998457

no she wouldn't. she makes the most repulsive special needs looking "porn". she is constantly jeopardizing her own health for the most deranged and criminal men's pleasure. The problem is not money which is something that a lot of young people have problems with.

The problem is being herself. get a grip.

No. 1998458

her non-refundable trip?

No. 1998460

Everytime she does this, like hours later she's posting a mirror selfie going, "Going out to dinner with a SUgar daddy!"
She's probably sending out copy pasted texts to every john, hoping one will feed her and sleep with her so she can make rent. Then she'll post the next day with Ellen over some food like, "I love you guise so much! Thank you!". Followed by a gross story were she romanticizes prostution.
>He was fucking me doggy, with Dad Rock on in the background & I caught a glimpse of his face in the old dusty mirror and he winked at me and I could only think, "im his world rn, his only reason 4 living!" my pussy so good! teehee!

No. 1998468

File: 1716931435485.jpg (161.23 KB, 1079x661, 1000017818.jpg)

(take it to the shaytorium)

No. 1998470

File: 1716932152586.jpeg (176.84 KB, 1310x773, IMG_6973.jpeg)

I’m surprised she still has moids that bail her out every time.

No. 1998473

yea but dont you see how sad that is? everytime shayna is super depressed and broke she has to -sell- her -body- to some retarded creep like this >>1998390 just to survive in the lifestyle she wants. incredibly, incredibly sad life she lives.

No. 1998477

Its sad but…she has a family that was begging her to help. She wants this life when its fake good and the moment she realizes its shit. She sells herself to pay rent then everything is amazing again.
Frankly she's fucking too many men, doing too many videos and is fake dating too many people to be broke/down and out every month.
But thats just the life of a prostitute. Shes not some uneducated groomed woman without a family or anything.
She has a family.

No. 1998478

She probably started begging people promising all her videos for 200 or some shit.

No. 1998483

I don’t understand why she doesn’t use the gym in her apartment building that’s included with her rent. She doesn’t need to buy shit.

She said earlier she’d have to cancel so she could work instead, not that she’d get a refund on the flight

No. 1998484

She’s prob got classic fat/out of shape gymbarrassment. Genuinely it is what she should do tho, along with TAKING HER DOG FOR A WALK. If she started going to her building’s gym tho she would prob get creeped on by some loser scrotes which I’m sure she’d love. It’s a win-win.

No. 1998498

lv on shayna? lol

No. 1998509

File: 1716942187464.jpg (246.96 KB, 1152x2048, Scalloped.jpg)

Her tongue is grotesque.

No. 1998531

KEK, this video gets me every time. This is that dancing you do when you are absolutely fucking blitzed and don't realise how stupid you look.

No. 1998535

from a pig to a cow…she's pandering to a certain sort of coomer lately lol

No. 1998536

File: 1716947668331.jpeg (203.03 KB, 1170x721, IMG_6157.jpeg)

No. 1998554

I’m so sorry to the people living above and next to her if she was BPD psycho wailing for hours but even more so to her pets bc it was probably distressing as all fuck for them.

No. 1998562

Another shane p sonnier doppelganger

No. 1998563

Why did she have this Meltdown right after inviting Sophia over? She knows she has to pay rent every month, maybe all the sugar daddies have dried up.

No. 1998568

Maybe she got jealous that her John was paying more attention to Sophie

No. 1998569

she looks ZOOTED in this photo, more than usual. what's up with her eyes?

No. 1998570

Shayna has a family. I’m sure if she called right now and told them she wanted out of this degenerate lifestyle her family would bail her out. They would pay for her to go to a community college so she could get a certificate, let her live with them, and would pay for rehab. She’s a spoiled piece of shit who doesn’t deserve sympathy. She made fun of on people who went to college to better themselves because she thought she’d have a mansion and live a successful sex worker life. She’s delusional and thought she’d be making millions. She’s got a rotten personality. If she was a kinder person anons would feel more sympathetic towards her. If she made more money she wouldn’t be sad and bitching on Twitter. The only reason she’s depressed is because she thought she’d be more successful and make lots of money. She’s a fat nobody and it’s a hit to her ego. It’s quite funny actually.

No. 1998585

Her entire mouth is grotesque. The teeth, the tounge, the chapped lips.

No. 1998588

kek, you took the words out of my mouth nona, and if it looks this horrific in edited photos imagine how putrid it is in the flesh. The stench that must emanate off this crusty hog, absolutely fetid

No. 1998590

Does she chew on her tongue?
When googling "ridged tongue" it talks about scalloping on the tongue which is from pushing the tongue againse the teeth, but theres also mention of people chewing their tongue and it can look like that.
None of her coomers mention it so i dont think she has ever talked about it.

No. 1998593

very pixielocks

No. 1998603

some even privileged parents don't want adult children in their home for an extended period of time and she knows whether she doesn't have a discipline for a normal 9 to 5 and that's exactly what she's going to get if she's lucky.

she's trapped herself in this lifestyle because she's not going to be able to make easy coomerbux working like a dog in an Amazon warehouse. your employer will not give a fucking shit if you are $200 short that week, while her coomers will funnel money into her bank account if she says that she's upset that day.

The reason that she hasn't stopped doing this shit is because she's not on the street yet. and if she does end up on the street she's just going to keep prostituting anyway.

she's living beyond her means in an apartment with two bathrooms, do we really think that she has enough sense to have a backup planning in case online prostitution doesn't work out?

No. 1998606

File: 1716975681230.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1242x1586, 579733D4-ADD6-49C1-A609-3AE46C…)

Belle Delphine already poured milk on her body. She did this years ago and did it skinnier and prettier than you Shayna. Give up the e girl shtick it’s outdated and you’re too old for this shit it’s embarrassing especially if you’re not making money

No. 1998610

File: 1716976449209.png (334.85 KB, 608x387, gym.png)

I didn't think that her building had a gym but I checked and it does. How the fuck is she not taking advantage of that? All she would have to do to lose weight would be take Noodle to the nearby dog park and use the gym equipment for half an hour three times a week. Everything she needs is already there, she doesn't even need to pay for a gym membership. Fat lazy sow.

No. 1998613

Why does she give away these pics for free? Seems her primary income is from begging and suicide baiting, not from selling the actual content

No. 1998616

For the love of God, can she please leave her disgusting tongue in her mouth for one photo. She didn't used to do this, but it's one of her grossest traits to me. People that stick their tongues out in photos like this are so

No. 1998637

Kek so her apartment has a gym and yet she paid for a membership at another one a few months back? Either she was scamming for the membership money and just went to this gym that one time or she’s a complete fucking retard

No. 1998644

sophia probably said something to her that got under her skin. she only cries when people tell her what she doesn’t want to hear like when dudes call her out for looking weird. the thing is, i don’t get why they even talk to each other as sophia clearly does not like shayna and shayna gets worked up over her because she can’t lovebomb and manipulate her like she does all her other “friends”. i wouldn’t even call their dynamic frenemies…sophia is meaner than shayna and she’s already mean as hell herself so that’s saying something.

No. 1998645

When she hunches over to 'twerk' her flat ass, I'm wheezing

No. 1998657

What evidence do we have of Sophia being mean?

No. 1998664

all her coomerbait facial expressions look ugly and forced. danny devito goblin looking ass.

No. 1998679

File: 1717001101272.png (235.31 KB, 336x346, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 12.44…)

she really does look like a goblin wtf

No. 1998688

the way she flopped forward was like a crash test dummy

No. 1998720

the stupid tongue thing draws unnecessary attention to her yellowing teeth. were her front teeth always so far apart? it's not a huge gap by any means, but the space between them feels like it's gotten wider along with the rest of her.

No. 1998724

People always say she looks 40+ and usually I think it's an overstatement but Jesus. She looks old and rough as fuck here. Imagine how bad her pics are before editing

No. 1998727

she's SO fucking offensively ugly. not one single attractive feature on her face

No. 1998736

File: 1717013477471.jpeg (365.23 KB, 1170x1255, IMG_6222.jpeg)

No. 1998754

do we think its drugs? like she had some pills or weed stuff in the background? i noticed she never posts weed stuff anymore even though shes obviously back on it.

No. 1998756

File: 1717016571991.jpg (130.73 KB, 1080x649, Res.jpg)

I love how this moid she did the plastic mummy horrorporn with is checking her. Shay acts like everything is the end of the world.

No. 1998765

File: 1717018128271.gif (3.77 MB, 460x346, IMG_4716.gif)

She dances how Ed runs

No. 1998771

it's erosion from smoking and eating sugar plus never brushing

No. 1998783

It can also happen when you’re so dehydrated your tongue gets dry, and it takes on the shape of the teeth they’re being pushed up against. Shayna’s lifestyle of alcohol and 0 water is most likely the cause

No. 1998804

File: 1717028852150.png (527.85 KB, 1182x1434, Screen Shot 2024-05-30 at 10.2…)

No. 1998819

sage for late and sperg but this hedonistic lifestyle ruined her. she's constantly expecting "reimbursements" when her coomers aren't going to pay for anything but porn, and even that's rare considering her MV and OF. she's so obsessed with buying new clothes and useless shit for her videos, planning out plots and stories, she forgets no one is going to buy them and she is spending more than she is earning. her hedonism prevents her from realising that weed, alcohol, junk food, SHEIN clothes and $150 makeup hauls aren't necessities. if she wants it she gets it even though no one is paying for it but herself. even when she's doing FSSW and streetwalking in vegas she's earning nothing because in the end it's all gone in a shopping spree.
in the end, she is a failure. she has ruined her life by being a "sex worker" for 8 years and has nothing but substances and a shitty polycule. and really all of this is because she doesn't want to prove her mom right, this is bad for her and this isn't going to get her anywhere, but if she admits that then she's going to have to admit she wasted 8 years of her life for nothing and will struggle finding/keeping a job. i can't even say i'm surprised this thread started with a meltdown considering she has these moments where she realises how fucked she is but then immediately forgets because she has to film a shitty video no one will buy.

No. 1998822

File: 1717031895334.jpeg (391.53 KB, 1242x1098, 8ECA3485-AAAA-47F3-BA6C-5DD535…)

She claims continuity errors but who knows. Wow she works so hard she had to WASH an outfit and sheets!!! The lazy cow couldn’t last at a 9-5 job, she didn’t even want to refilm the whole thing in one shot so she tried to make the milk dripping on her lard body look the same as the video she already filmed

No. 1998823

File: 1717031979354.jpeg (118.39 KB, 1234x266, 16B001C0-C2C6-42B3-9ECB-20C3E2…)

Kek I hope nobody buys it

No. 1998825

File: 1717032041321.jpeg (253.52 KB, 1242x834, 07E59330-A30D-49D9-B97A-B05896…)

She deleted this and said she’s psycho. She really thinks she’s cute and quirky. When she’s just an annoying

No. 1998828

got the Creepy Susie eyes

No. 1998829

So she poured milk all over her outfit and.. wasn't plant to wash it after? Was the plan to wad it up into the laundry pile and let the milk spoil and mold?

No. 1998832

>”I didn’t realize certain things in the shot and I never do that.”

so she’s saying after all this time making videos, she still doesn’t check to make sure things are correct before filming? really just proves she turns on the camera, flops on her back and hopes for the best.

No. 1998835

She was probably just gonna bin it.

Seems a habit of hers is to just throw shit away and end up rebuying the same thing because she is financially retarded. She makes so many questionable choices with money so of course she's broke. Even if she was making good money I think she'd still blow it all. Some people just have 0 self control.

No. 1998836

she has had like 3 of the same cheerleader costume and the most recent one's fabric was visibly cheaper than the previous ones and that's how I like to monitor the economy

No. 1998880

File: 1717046070018.jpeg (300.61 KB, 1170x807, IMG_6235.jpeg)

No. 1998881

its been 10 years shayna… no one cares about your dead tumblr with dead followers

No. 1998883

She tried to seek comfort after her meltdown by reminiscing over the one time in her life that she did something only to find it was deleted/expired because it’s been nearly a decade and it was of negligible importance anyway lol

No. 1998884

A tumblr account isn't hard to archive. If she wanted any of that shit she could have done it years ago.
>>1998883 Yeah, if this doesn't lead to a full break down I'll be shocked. Her glory days are officially gone.

No. 1998885

And her “glory days” just consisted of a moderate following on a platform that’s not only long dead now, but was pretty mid even in its hayday. Your average teen girl can get tens of thousands of followers on tiktok in a month just by existing & smiling in a couple 5 second clips.
You just know that Shayna seethes with jealousy when she sees the sheer multitude of girls who are 8 years younger than her with 5-6 digit follower counts who just post a pic a month while they go to uni & actually make something of themselves in the real world.

No. 1998886

Looks like She cropped so you can’t see where she most likely just whined to her “gf” to text her a compliment to make her feel better

No. 1998887

Don't worry Shay, the farms have archived everything of value. Kek. I was rereading her Tumblr era Threads and she used to be such a huge bully when she was even a little popular.

No. 1998932

File: 1717062100311.webm (12.1 MB, 720x1280, FWtK7XlaJ1Vzs0Z2.webm)

What a mess

No. 1998936

File: 1717062549864.jpg (25.29 KB, 474x474, bags.jpg)

Everything she wears is so cheap.

No. 1998938

Her eye bags and shadows have been insane lately. Even for her that's pretty bad. Is it just her diet and lack of water?

No. 1998948

Kek at the pepperoni nipple almost flopping out of the dress at every move, bitch is truly botched
Also how doesn’t she realize how damn cringe she looks in this 2$ rag eyefucking herself the whole time, truly delusional

No. 1998950

My god she looks so utterly miserable. She's struggling to even crack a fake smile. You can tell she's been crying for days.

No. 1998954

Man.. Her face in those cow images. Actually irredeemably ugly. No joke, her facial features look like those deliberately evil and horrible looking illustrated caricatures of Jews from 1930s nazi propaganda. Shay has acheived the kind of ugly that starts into motion mass killing.
It ain't nothing, I suppose.

No. 1998955

Maybe that’s why she sucked up to hitler so much, to cope and atone kek.

No. 1998962

scream crying all night also can't be good for you

this video is so awkward, and the song choice seems weird. it's not her kind of music at all, either some tiktok song or she's catering to the new moid she's obsessed with

No. 1998973

KEK she looks like she is doing female body builder poses in this. Heinous.

Also unpopular opinion but the mousy brown natural hair color just makes her look dirty to me. Light blonde (natural, not platinum) would suit her best imo.

No. 1998980

the fact that one of my favourite songs is getting used in this makes me irrationally angry

No. 1998983

File: 1717081074632.jpg (202.1 KB, 1080x777, Boohoo.jpg)

No. 1998989

I just wish she'd got the "I'm in my darkest place" line in there, that would've been fitting

No. 1998993

File: 1717082944955.jpeg (176 KB, 1242x763, 97DB5D02-A2D7-4D76-9788-5A733D…)

Lots of younger people like 80s music you’re not special. Her only personality trait is what she consumes: old music, alcohol, weed, and liking pink.

No. 1999000

File: 1717084230417.jpeg (387.87 KB, 1242x856, 82C34970-F605-49F2-A5F4-3986D0…)

Yeah known as a “nazi” by other dumb whores.

No. 1999001

File: 1717084407135.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1212x1816, 47ECD706-7A4C-4A05-93D1-C4D22B…)

This is the 2nd ugliest dress she’s ever worn. The first being the pink ruffle monstrosity she wears with “dummy” makeup

No. 1999002

This gives me the same unsettling feeling that Britney Spears' dance videos give me.

No. 1999003

Random but it’s really funny to me that she wants lip filler when it’s the last thing she needs

No. 1999004

ok but she notices her right (viewer's left) areola is poking out the whole time doesnt she? DOESNT SHE??

No. 1999005

and spongebob

No. 1999007

File: 1717085892596.jpg (167.6 KB, 744x746, S.jpg)

Exactly. Not sure why she thought it was OK to post this when she looks like this.

No. 1999011

She knows her Tumblr isn't "gone forever" in that it's all archived on a nice farm she obsessively checks anyway. She'd just have to sift through the 100+ threads of her nightmare of a life and right click save which the thought of her even attempting kek

No. 1999013

shit I thought everyone deleted their tumblr when they turned 21

No. 1999015

Shayna kinda looks like Ariana Grande

No. 1999018

because they're both recording themselves on drugs and manic (not britney's fault, she did nothing wrong)

No. 1999021

it's not a coincidence that this was posted here right before >>1998880 this happened. tinfoil but maybe she herself deleted her tumblr because her replies aged incredibly bad and she's embarrassed. but it's probably more safe to assume she lurked, saw the screenshot and went right to tumblr to relive her peak where she still had hopes and dreams

No. 1999022

kek what? maybe a fat, melted ariana grande cosplaying as a bridge troll but i still don’t see it tbh

No. 1999027

File: 1717087238492.jpg (583.27 KB, 1600x2408, 5123273d-01a3-4c8c-85d5-1b8ede…)

I can see it, but only pre-surgery Ariana, and past skinny Shayna

No. 1999028

Tumblr has banned all NSFW accounts/content, I think the staff deleted her blog and not Shayna.

No. 1999052

File: 1717090765615.jpg (185.59 KB, 923x1655, 1000028682.jpg)

Kek at the sheer strength she uses to fix the already stretched out strap.

No. 1999063

File: 1717092849327.jpg (58.28 KB, 396x412, Screenshot_20240530_140940_Fir…)

Her feet are of course filthy as always and yellow. Shit, is it just me or is all of her going a bit yellow? All the booze and Doordash is definitely beating the shit out of her liver and pancreas.

No. 1999088

I know I'm stating the obvious here but talking about your underage photos, even not nude, to your following of pedos is so uncomfortable.

No. 1999090

Fuck why she didn't even try to brush the dress hem kinda down with her hand and not leave it truly fucked up straight off the shein packet??? I Know she wears stuff straight from the box but this makes me irrationally angry what the hell

No. 1999094

I think she means that she doesn't usually overlook issues like that. Not that it's true, the production quality of her videos are always shit in reality.

No. 1999102

idk why but this video almost makes me pity her a bit. she seems to actually like how she looks at the start and is leaning more into admiring than eyefucking, then realises her coomers will just scroll and ignore it if she doesn't do some tryhard porno mannerisms and gets right to it. she looks so miserable, god damn.

No. 1999114

this is what happens when you don’t sweep or mop your floors and never wear house slippers. rancid. I bet her apartment smells like piss and mold.

No. 1999118

Considering she never showers it also probably smells like yeast and BO.

No. 1999126

who is the artist, i like it

No. 1999127

this cold night, this specific song is called eighties goth suicide note. highly recommend, he has some great goth music

No. 1999146

That post isn't remotely vague shaytard

No. 1999155

pls stop uploading in webm on the farms

No. 1999167

File: 1717118158866.gif (82.83 KB, 966x57, picasion.com_iH3U.gif)

The hog's earning report for May.

Item sales - $0 bleak
Video sales - 434.08
Tips - $0 bleak
Subs - $639
Total - $1073.08
Daily Income - $34.62
Calculations for video sales include the 40% percent cut taken by MV and subs include the 20% cut taken by MV.

Fatty had a sale which offered a one month sub for $3 and she sold 12 out of 50 available $3 subs, which means that she made an additional $28.80.

Estimated OF sub numbers including the 20% taken by OF
100 subs = $400
150 subs = $600
200 subs = $800

With 200 OF subs her total income would be 1901.88
With 100 OF subs her total income would be 1501.88

Last month an apartment in her building with the same floor plan was available for $2,926.

She isn't earning enough to cover her rent.

No. 1999168

ty nonnie. I would keel over if I was so short for rent each month, idk how she hasn’t had a heart attack. At least she’s forced to cut down on mayo sushi platters so that’s one risk factor out of the way.

No. 1999169

Maybe she is earning a lot for customs or prostituting

No. 1999170

Who are you kidding mommy and daddy are still footing the bill.

No. 1999171

No wonder she looks so haggard. The stress of constantly being 1k behind on rent minimum must age you

No. 1999182

File: 1717121832456.jpg (331.71 KB, 2047x2047, UGLY.jpg)

Every time we say this is the ugliest picture of her, she uploads one on another level.

No. 1999184

She should really consider buying a larger size so her breasts fit in the cups properly. Does anyone know where she got this particular ensemble?

No. 1999186

File: 1717123934782.png (258.63 KB, 555x731, weirdskin.png)

50-year-old street hooker. Also what the fuck is happening to her skin underneath that cheap dress? I can't tell if it's fabric lining or not.

No. 1999188

Sorry is there a problem with webm? What should I use instead nona?

No. 1999202

1k short on rent but she's still buying more ugly shit that's too small on her. 27 years old. by now i'm really hoping she'll put her head down and just ask ellen/the femboy/her parents to manage her money so she stops buying useless shit.
NTAYRT but webm is fine for non-mobile but mp4 is better for mobile users i'm pretty sure, no need to apologise nona.

No. 1999207

Anon it’s clearly the fabric wrinkling

No. 1999220

The malnourished grey undereyes combined with the tard bangs make her look like Hungry Fat Chick

No. 1999223

I wish her family (and maybe Ellen?) would have a reality check and stop funding her

No. 1999224

Her makeup doesn’t actually look too bad here

No. 1999242

This would actually look decent on her (she looks good in black, i like this hairstyle and the makeup would work if her lipstick application wasn’t shit, but i like that she’ wearing eyeshadow for once) if her tits were actually sitting inside the cups of her dress and her fucking shapewear wasn’t visible. Like she has to realize you can see the top of her tummy control panties, right?

No. 1999245

Her chest ages her. Especially when she facetunes her face and only patches of her cellulite. She should just smooth her whole body. She needs to exfoliate and put sunscreen on herself.

No. 1999248

If it weren't for the Agnes Varda bangs her hair would actually be kinda cute. Everything else is a wreck, but the eyeshadow is at least some visible effort for once and black is much better on her than ham.

No. 1999256

At first glance I was "damn, it's not bad!"
And then you watch the pic more then 3 seconds and it just falls apart like Karthago.
The dress that is too small
The frumpy face
Granny panties
Wrinkles everywhere

But yeah, she does look better in black than bimbo pink. Maybe we see a DID saga soon like Pixie keke

No. 1999259

jesus christ …. looking past every other terrible thing here…. the worst is how fucking ill fitting that outfit is. like bitch, put down the fork and buy some quality fucking clothes. support small business. im sure she could find plenty of people who would sell or fit her in a corset that actually fit but bitch is cheap and lazy and chooses shein every fucking time. yets wants support from her community. big time kek.

No. 1999261

she fucked herself with her lack of identity. she 90% of the time sells the idea shes an underage kid yet buys these giant fucking step mother mid life crisis tits. like i get she wanted to be “more bimbo” but shes ashamed of her tits and hides them (naked) as much as possible

No. 1999262

she should have just gotten her poland syndrome tit removed and had tiny ass tits and one concave tit. would have made her interesting and stand out in a sea of whores

No. 1999265

i dont think those are panties. i think its a two piece outfit and that black under the mesh is just the top of the skirt. im sure someone will find a stock photo of the outfit and show she’s wearing it totally wrong. maybe the mesh part is supposed to be tucked under the skirt but made her look even more bulky

No. 1999266

i hiiiiiigghhllyy doubt her apartment has rent control so each time her rent is raised it kills her a little more. didnt she move in during the summer time? so her lease renewal is probably coming up soon and she’s freaking out over the increase

No. 1999269

I thought that but the area around her left tit makes no sense. It looks AI generated.

No. 1999271

the sad thing is that i really don’t see her getting an actual job. best case scenario, she goes home to her mom and leeches off of her for as long as she can.

No. 1999272

And to think during the Fupa Era "psych ward" saga, she went ballistic over her subs dropping below 1000.

No. 1999273

File: 1717155000443.jpg (72.3 KB, 1200x1708, 1000041148.jpg)


Bingo, right on the money. Her skirt is actually a microskirt that looks like it's meant to be worn as low as possible. It folds over, so the band can go up higher, and Shay is just wearing it unfolded.

No. 1999275

iPhones can't play webms. They're fine on Android, open with no issue.

No. 1999279

She looks so much better when she’s not pulling stupid faces

No. 1999286

im on an iphone, the webms are the only videos that work for me lol

No. 1999294

File: 1717164199884.jpeg (300.6 KB, 1288x2567, IMG_9551.jpeg)

Dress is more overpriced dolls kill garbage

No. 1999302

she definitely is wearing it unfolded but it looks like she has something on underneath it too. it looks like her unfolded skirt is on top of the mesh and then she has shapewear underneath the mesh and skirt

No. 1999315

File: 1717169537911.png (328.37 KB, 1655x725, cheap_dress.png)

>nearly $100
>looks like it cost 10 bucks including shipping from aliexpress
>doesn't even fit her
She's a fucking retard that never learns. She buys these outfits from dollskill and shein, wears it once because it never fits her and looks hideously cheap, then goes back for more.

No. 1999317

File: 1717170304499.png (351.43 KB, 1333x855, dolls_kill.png)

Double posting but this outfit is also from dolls kill. The skirt is supposed to be below the corset but she needs to use it as a gunt cover.

No. 1999324

I guess the boobs ARE supposed to be seen coming out underneath the underwire? It just looks so bad on her

No. 1999325

What the fuck, I thought they were from a cheap costume shop or some dodgy Amazon seller. Is Dolls Kill one of those brands that only looks good on skinny Insta models but shit in real life? Always assumed it was high quality for some reason.

No. 1999329

let's be real, they don't look good on the skinny instathots either.

No. 1999330

File: 1717172987720.jpeg (173.04 KB, 843x1200, 81B7720A-16FC-49F8-B943-049768…)

Yeah it’s cheap clothing but it’s better than shein. It’s overpriced fast fashion but not as terrible as shein. It only looks good on skinny girls. They have plus sized clothing but it looks bad on the fat models as well kek see picrel

No. 1999333

She picks out the ugliest clothes i swear. Idk why she insists on small outfits when her moids would rather see her naked. The outfits she picks out look ridiculous irl it’s a waste of money since she’s most likely not wearing them out (only to spanking parties or seedy kink clubs)

No. 1999335

so she IS able to use hairbow accessories in a normal way. huh.

No. 1999342

i ordered from dollskill once like ten years ago and all items were polyester and had sketchy clothing tags that said nonsense like "bear dance" and "oohjuu" kek i'm sure all they sell is chinese garbage with an unjustified price tag. shayna once again making bad financial decisions

No. 1999347

Just because you can find a listing on AliExpress that shows the same dress does not mean that's where she bought it. If there is demand for a design it will be badly copied and sold on AliExpress. They either steal pictures from social media or the product photos from the original brand. Rarely if ever are the pictures on AliExpress the item they actually ship. I don't know how this is not public knowledge yet in 2024. Whenever Shayna does go for the lowest quality plastic shit she orders it on Amazon and paid double the AliExpress price. Fuck off with this "It's from AliExpress" shit every single time.

No. 1999348

Shows two new outfits from Dolls Kill and is stressed out because she can't make rent. Polyester clothes are to cam whores what avocado toast is to millennials.

No. 1999352

This is basically Shayna's body if she lost the gunt. Come to think of it, why hasn't she gone down the plus-size modelling route? Ik she doesn't want to accept that she's big, but still it would be a much less humiliating career than porn. In the right styling, I feel she could actually look decent and potentially make a decent living.

No. 1999353

I have no idea why your angry at me. I never said the dress was from aliexpress, I said it looks like a dress from aliexpress.

No. 1999355

I don't think she's exactly hiding them, but you're right in that she should have gotten a small chest instead. If she wanted something done. It would go with her child/teen larp better. She has small hips, rectangle shape and wide shoulders when she gains weight. Big boobs are making her look older and heavier with very little pay-off in terms of appeal.

No. 1999382

She actually looks much better than usual here, imo.

I think she actually lurks the shaytism containment board and, dare I say, it looks like she takes some of our advice into consideration! I'm the photoshop thread nona. Despite the bitchy sperg, I'm glad to see that my well-intended guidance prevailed and my makeup tips helped someone ( >>>/shay/168535 ).

Here's why I don't think this theory's a stretch: in the new picture it seems like she tried a tan and healthy makeup look. Angled blush, bronzer and highlighter and a new lip color (I suggested Black Honey). Dark clothes also makes her look way less washed out, like we point out since 6500 b.C…

She looks so sad, especially in >>1999052. I hope she can find solace in indulging in self-care, whether it's makeup and skincare or aiming towards a better lifestyle overall. Makeup seems silly and vain to many people, but actually paying that much attention to your appearance and can be very therapeutic and motivating (like when you're so depressed you avoid looking at your reflection; rituals are helpful for building routine). Especially for someone who needs to capitalize off of her looks, I can imagine how that's going to boost her confidence.

Lastly, Shay, if you're reading this: I really recommend NYX products if you're experimenting with new makeup techniques. Their products are cheap and good! Invest in high-end products once you've found your ground makeup-wise. In opposition to my original advice, consider modestly lining the border your lips a in a slightly darker shade of the color of your lipstick/gloss. I didn't realize that the glossy/satin finish looks funny on thin lips w/o liner - darker borders adds dimension, creating an illusion of volume. Always, always moisturize and prime before doing your base, it helps makeup look more like skin and less cakey.(autism)

No. 1999387

File: 1717183720179.webp (27.79 KB, 683x1024, E3B0F4FE-1688-443D-A7BE-30E703…)

She looks like an uglier Selena Gomez with the cheap looking dress, lipstick, and chest

No. 1999388

Nonnas really be in here typing their Shaynifestos

No. 1999389

They get a lot of their non brand items from AliExpress/Chinese warehouse. But their brands current mood, widow are decent quality or they were in 2019 idk I don’t buy from them anymore. Shayna makes me want to never buy anything from them ever again.

No. 1999390

File: 1717184012374.jpeg (Spoiler Image,738.01 KB, 1242x1482, FE27A5BD-D0B3-4FEF-BD6A-0F98AC…)

Her cow video looks disgusting. Horrible angles on her fat face. Her outfit looks too small. Her skirt is squeezing her fat stomach

No. 1999391

I don't understand this level of pity for her. The solutions to her problems are RIGHT THERE and she refuses to do anything to change her life for the better. Her problem is not a lack of knowing what to do, it's that she's too lazy and too proud to do them.

No. 1999393

File: 1717184293542.jpeg (621.06 KB, 1143x855, 32B7A9D6-C7B8-4E09-AC5D-60DD52…)

All that makeup won’t help her double chin. Shayna’s fat ass needs to go to the gym. Kek all this advice makes no sense. It’s more funny to laugh at her horrid style and makeup. Why do you want her to look decent?

No. 1999396

File: 1717184614507.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2542x3464, DCBEC70B-47CF-4340-AAC9-4230A6…)

Shayna get a bigger skirt jfc you’re about to pop out of it

No. 1999398

File: 1717184752457.jpeg (Spoiler Image,524.24 KB, 1224x2627, 843DC935-534F-4829-9D6A-5DED4E…)

These concepts are so embarrassing. Like why is she pouring milk on her boils and dressed like a cow?

No. 1999402

File: 1717185030945.mp4 (Spoiler Image,10.67 MB, 1920x1080, FAT-COW.mp4)

Preview video in mp4 format so no one spergs about webm.

No. 1999404

>She looks so sad, especially in >>1999052
Good! Kek. Some of you genuinely love Shayna and are some of her biggest fans unironically. idk why. She’s so unlikable, ugly and panders to the worst type of men. She gained weight and now some of you guys pity her for being the sad fat girl. She’s a grown woman and infantilizing her into being a victim all the time is annoying. She did this all to herself.

No. 1999408

This. She's a pedo enabler that makes porn of simulated child abuse.

No. 1999412

funny that the bustier doesn’t even fit the model either. poorly made crap.

No. 1999414

Just because she is a woman anons think she gets a pass. She’s moid minded. And just as depraved. It takes a perverted freak to make these types of videos with their full face in it. She writes “scripts” for her gross videos implying SA and incest. It’s disgusting.

No. 1999415

knowing her it’s probably real dairy, too. she can’t even be bothered to use prop food. I don’t even want to guess what bacteria is growing in her snatch. she’s going to create a new form of molded cheese.

No. 1999425

File: 1717187305131.png (9.72 KB, 182x275, wtf happened.png)

KEKKKK nona. Despite her insane behavior, delusion and arrogance, I can't help but wonder if there's any chance that she wakes up, gets her shit together and turns her life around. I was re-reading the first threads and I was baffled to see this screenshot from her old tumblr, she was probably my age at the time (picrel). She became everything she once denounced. Was this really all for measly e-bucks that can't even pay her rent; was the male validation worth it?

You guys are correct too. I don't like Shay, I'm just curious of the possible outcomes she could achieve, but prefers to e-beg and indulge in momentary pleasures. I'm considerably younger than Shay and it's just baffling to see a grown ass woman behave like her. She's extremely privileged and chooses to live this way, when her family offers her support and resources that most people can only dream of. She's suffering the consequences of her own actions.

She's miserable and in too deep just because she would hate to prove her family right. Instead of having the humility to acknowledge her mistakes, she chooses validation from the bleakest moids, Amazon and Shein hauls, espresso martinis and cooms. She doesn't give a fuck about the people around her and can't maintain a single decent human relationship for shit. Her pet neglect is really infuriating, her pets suffer because she's too delusional to admit she can't take care of herself, let alone animals that completely depend on her. She was a bitch to everyone when she was midly tumblr "famous" because she was a skinny pick-me, but now that she's older, achieved jack shit and became a lolcow, she doesn't have the guts to openly be a cunt because she can't say shit about anyone.

The milky threads used to entertaining, but it's gotten to the point where it's just depressing. She's almost 30 and still needs to e-beg for pink polyester bullshit. I wonder if she has it in her to admit she fucked up and actually put effort into being a decent person, if she could stop victimizing herself and hold herself accountable. I don't believe this scenario will actually ever play out, but part of me would like to see it happen, like a little social experiment. Can you guys imagine Shay in a 9-5 where she actually needs to abide by rules, have structure and get off her ass? Kek

No. 1999426

wait a second… thats not milk she's using… thats sugary fucking coffee creamer!!! i can tell by the shape of the bottle and the color and texture. she's a walking yeast infection.

No. 1999433

Is she incapable of ever making a normal facial expression? She looks awful in every frame to the point where it must be intentional.

No. 1999438

File: 1717189457844.jpg (350.25 KB, 3840x2160, biggest retard.jpg)

Nonnie that is asking for too much. I nearly laugh out loud every time I see them.

No. 1999469

they’re fine on iPhones, ignore these people

her “sexy baby” voice is so fucking annoying and gross, especially compared to her real one >>1996666

No. 1999475

File: 1717195897653.jpg (792.07 KB, 1080x1728, B.jpg)

As expected Shat's ignoring her problems like usual by traveling.

No. 1999479

And she's wearing the exact same outfit she wears every time she flies. You'd think a bimbo Barbie would be able to scrounge together something a little different.

No. 1999481

i mean i know its normal for women to have uneven nipples, i have them, but she's literally had surgery on her tits!? she could've at least asked the doctor to make them even… also i guess she got enough money to still go on her trip. hope she gets drunk and embarrasses herself in front of her family. but i have a feeling they're all alcoholics themselves, being descended from brits and massholes. also the way she drinks i think it must have been normalized in her family to get really drunk during the day.

No. 1999539

unrelated but does anyone know what this song is

No. 1999556

Honestly she should wear sunglasses more often. She looks semi-normal when you can't see her huge eye bags.

No. 1999604

I would be so sad if my belly button looked like that

No. 1999606

She should wear an iron mask that covers everything kek

No. 1999609

tonfoil: she is doing it on purpose hoping to be rembered, that's also why when she brings a stuffed animal, it's always Flopsy

No. 1999633

Considerably younger than Shayna? I’m 20, but don’t consider myself that much younger than her. You must be 16 or just think a 26 year old woman is old even if you’re like 25. Loser.

No. 1999644

you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1999646

I’m pretty sure she did ask them to even out her nipples, they even resectioned one of them if I’m not mistaken and cut one of them to be a more similar size/ shape. She just didn’t do the right aftercare and ruined them already.

No. 1999649

Kek right I read that and was like huh? Bc I think most of us are in our 20s here but nobody would say they are “considerably younger” than a 27 year old.

No. 1999650

honestly that cant be on the aftercare though, the doctor did a terrible job. since she first got it done her implant nipple looked way smaller and the one that was natural before looks huge. i know we hate shatna but the doctor didnt even try.

No. 1999668

The way only one tit moves is hilarious. Worst body

No. 1999669

File: 1717252591159.jpg (17.65 KB, 331x309, predictable.JPG)

Putting her floor-dirt encrusted shoes close to the camera.

No. 1999672

Literally scroll up

No. 1999706

Meh, I think you're both just particular sane about age for being younger zoomers. Blog but I'm 25 and I have 22yo classmates who love to sperg about how they're "so baby" and act like I have one foot in the grave kek. I think our generation has a crippling fear of aging that causes some nlogs to spaz out and treat every woman more than a month older than them as old crones.

No. 1999718

I never did this when I was in my late teens and early 20s. It really is kinda depressing to see younger generations getting worse in that regard and kinda fueling scrotes to shit on older women. Already feel like shit enough. I met this 20 year old that my sister was friends with on discord and like I didn't even know her and she was calling me soooo old. Like bitch you're fat af and look like a middle aged mom. Fuck you, I don't even know you.(blogposting)

No. 1999724

on iphone you have to download the video and play it on an app. the site was upgraded to handle mp4, so it makes no sense to convert a video thats probably already in mp4 to webm. people only used webm here because thats all that was available for a long time.

No. 1999725

I dunno. She's so clueless she's kind of likeable. I'm not ashamed to admit that I feel an odd sympathy for her (mixed with the fascination of someone watching a freakshow).

No. 1999727

jesus, relax. stop projecting your insecurities onto random nonas. the poster said shayna was a grown ass woman, which is 100% accurate. how does that equal “26 is old!!” to you?

No. 1999731

Generally webm is smaller than MP4 but it's not an issue now that LC allows bigger file sizes.

No. 1999736

Feeling sympathy for this pos, that does not care about women or girls getting raped and killed. She also enjoys fantasying about being raped by mommy and daddy. You are either fucked in the head, or a SW. Get help babe.

No. 1999749

Lol I always hit them with "wow, you're only 22? I had no idea" and let them interpret that how they will

No. 1999783

Not to derail further but KEK stealing this omg

No. 1999797

File: 1717280177979.jpg (212.09 KB, 985x594, Screenshot_20240602_001450_Fir…)

Her doctor did her dirty af. Looks like her ripples are fighting and one is trying to leave

No. 1999803

has she mentioned anywhere yet who her ps was?

No. 1999848

Tbf I don’t think it’s the doctor’s fault, rather it’s Shay’s fault that they turned out like that because she didn’t wear her bra and was getting them slapped and strangled with rope just weeks after they were operated on.

No. 1999854

File: 1717291680067.jpg (192.79 KB, 1152x2048, Ny.jpg)

She's in upstate NY with her family, actually looking somewhat normal for once.

No. 1999865

She still looks bloated and haggard as fuck but it's still an improvement

No. 1999892

Why does she continue to wear clothes that are 4 sizes too small for her? It makes her look way fatter and it’s likely uncomfortable as hell. Does she not feel sick from how tight it is around her stomach?

No. 1999903

You must be retarded if you assume everyone who comments on here is not lying about their age. Just because there's rules doesn't mean that minors can't slip in and leave a comment.

No. 1999920

Ugh you could never earn enough prostituting to earn this shleak life

No. 1999933

Damn, chill newfag

No. 1999937

File: 1717310081162.png (Spoiler Image,475.54 KB, 849x583, wideload.png)

Shayna looking fat and greasy in the latest hotel room tied hog porn

No. 1999939

File: 1717310404801.png (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 862x1467, oink.png)


No. 1999949

Lol, so Sarah gets all the moid attention AND gets to keep her clothes on? Look how much fun Shay is having as an accessory…

No. 1999976

File: 1717317414608.jpeg (448.2 KB, 1536x2048, GPADnSWXIAAJ757.jpeg)

No. 2000004

she has unironically a dad body now… sara who is very average looks amazing just because of the comparison. its humiliation porn just not in the sense she thinks…

No. 2000022

File: 1717323759818.png (1.25 MB, 1146x867, chrome_5BEtejX78N.png)

Full fucking caveman grug grug. My god.

No. 2000048

File: 1717328152624.jpg (59.28 KB, 507x480, sped.jpg)

The fake angry faces she does during these shoots always make her look like a complete sped.

No. 2000049

File: 1717328357657.jpeg (45.77 KB, 404x404, IMG_9991.jpeg)

Next thread pic pls.

No. 2000052

File: 1717329360198.png (261.36 KB, 404x808, mayo-sushi.png)

No. 2000054

She really looks like a middle aged mentally handicapped woman. The kids hair clips only add to it and are not giving the cutesy bimbo baby vibe I’m sure she delusionally believes she’s giving

No. 2000059

censor her boobs a little more maybe and this is threadpic material !!

No. 2000070

File: 1717334792342.png (368.35 KB, 404x756, mayo-sushi-v2.png)

No. 2000072

God bless you nona, this is the one! The decreasing stonks background is a great addition kek

No. 2000083

perfect!! OP of this thread here, if i make the next one i will definitely use this

No. 2000139

Baron Harkonnen looking ass she’s larger than the 2 people combined in the frame jc

No. 2000148

She got a fat man body. Her posture is horrible. Makes her look like a tied up ogre in a thong. Sarah looks better because she’s skinny and she’s not slouching. This is so embarrassing kek. Her boob job doesn’t help her body at all. It didn’t not make her look “bimbo”.

No. 2000159

she said it was the original doctor she went to as a teen, in Mass. it’s why she went home for the surgery and then got all pissy when her mom wouldn’t wait on her hand and foot.

No. 2000177

Lillee Jean vibes

No. 2000178

File: 1717351859588.jpg (568.28 KB, 1080x1080, 20240602_200937.jpg)

Just take a shower before going to work shay

No. 2000186

>>1999933 no u(retard)

No. 2000202

WTF, Shayna is a clown because Sarah get's to keep her clothes on but yet Shayna has to take hers off and STILL DOESN'T make any money whatsoever what a train wreak

No. 2000205

…why am I not suprised that we remember the name of her bunny plush.

No. 2000206

I only remember it because of the association with the flopsy tits

No. 2000264

Kek. But it also is one of the most generic names for a stuffed rabbit with floppy ears.

No. 2000297

tbh, I remember cuz of the monster from avatar the last airbender lol

No. 2000299

Was there a shampoo shortage? Even if you want to call this shit "professional" how is not washing your hair before a shoot professional???

No. 2000327

omfg is this photoshopped? she looks like a buffalo!

No. 2000457

File: 1717420188096.png (57.63 KB, 547x354, 1-dollar.png)

kek. A coomer sent her $1 tip.

No. 2000486

i can see them fine on an iphone 15 pro and an iphone 11

why is she so greasy?! imagine the stench in this shitty hotel room. and she wonders why she’s so broke. why does sarah (or anyone) continue to work with her when she can’t even be bothered to clean herself? that’s not very bimbo of you, shayna.

No. 2000491

because she lets these degenerates do whatever they want to her in exchange for little to nothing

No. 2000506

Shayna is a DUFF.
She looks special here. Kek the faces she makes are so ugly. I don’t understand why she would make them.

No. 2000524

How has she been making videos for 8 years and is still so damn bad at it? You can barely hear what she's saying and then suddenly it's full-volume creamer-splashing, moaning and lawnmower vibrator.

No. 2000589

this cap is just so funny. i wonder if manyvids still takes a cut from one dollar

No. 2000600

Oh my god, now that is B L E A K

No. 2000635

PATHETIC. She would make 10+ times that in a single hour working at her local Starbucks!
I would love to know this too, does anyone know?

No. 2000654

Yes, they will take a percentage of anything she earns on their platform. So she really is being tipped pennies.

No. 2000722

According to this post
MV takes 20% from tips so all she's getting is $0.80.

No. 2000723

just got hailed in coins!

No. 2000787

File: 1717478140144.jpeg (853.59 KB, 1162x1210, 0BC68CED-99B3-4F83-9CBF-EAE508…)

From yesterday. She always looks so trashy. Always showing her beer gut thinking she’s cute.

No. 2000816

Fucking hell. People would joke and say she'd whore herself for pennies, but that always felt like a bit of an exaggeration.

No. 2000832

Uruk hai lookin ass

No. 2000862

kek at first passing glance, I thought she got tipped to shower because this stinky hog would need monetary incentive to shower

No. 2000953

File: 1717527499116.gif (28.7 KB, 408x106, 1000029970.gif)

No. 2001051

that cross bracelet tho. lol, lmao even.

No. 2001060

Honestly, the fact that she still hasn't offed herself astounds me. The fact she still goes on every day despite living the bleakest life possible and being publicly humiliated for almost a decade. Getting tipped one measly dollar by the greasiest, most deranged men onling and showing it off, knowing what happens on the internet will never be forgotten.

Like a cockroach withstanding a nuclear bomb, Shat perseveres.

No. 2001078

Lmao this is so tragic.

He knows you like one TV show that you never shut up about and "he knows you so well and loves you"?

Also can't you know you that well cos bitch you hate water. Does she just need a SpongeBob face on something for her to consume it? Kek

No. 2001079

File: 1717550563539.jpg (282.8 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_2024-06-05-02-16-24…)

Forgot image.

No. 2001094

It’s like the one non-sexual interest she has. SpongeBob is his safest bet. Poor guy.

No. 2001122

it's water lmao he's telling her to stop drinking booze 24/7. fupa really was an attempted replacement dad huh

No. 2001193

>my dad loves me sooo much
no wonder, as we all know it‘s every dads dream that their daughter turns out to be a fat failing prostitute irrevocably tying the family name to diaper porn.

No. 2001216

File: 1717583904848.png (24.85 KB, 652x552, no-of-content.png)

She hasn't bothered to upload any new content to OF since the 28th of May. She was too lazy to take some low effort crusty nudes so she had something post while she was at her parents. Coomers aren't going to keep subscribing if there's nothing new to coom to.

I honestly think she's getting near the end of her sex work career because she just doesn't seem to care anymore.

No. 2001254

She's getting near the end of her OF sex work career and will probably just be a full time FSSW. e-whoring is the pretty girls game, Shayna ruined whatever little looks she had as soon as she hit 22. She's stupid and stubborn so she won't quit and get a normal job like her evul republican mother wants, she'll just do more irl interactions with Johns. She won't be done with sex work until sex work is done with her, she's too far in.

No. 2001267

File: 1717596106778.jpg (67.38 KB, 482x427, 1000008903.jpg)

>be Shayna's dad
>trying to bond with daughter on vacation and not think about her being a NEET prostitute
>see something at the deli featuring the children's TV character she's still obsessed with in her mid20s
>omg thank you so much Daddy ilysm
>she immediately opens up Twitter to show use your gift as fodder for her johns and other degenerates


No. 2001293

How much of a fat retard you gotta be to not drink water and only drink it when there’s cartoons on it? I’m surprised she didn’t buy a Stanley cup and fill it with a bunch of syrup, and crystal light water like some of these fatties on TikTok. She probably will beg for it soon since it’s no longer “trendy”.

No. 2001331

Her npc takes and personality oofff. She’s a generic basic bitch

No. 2001621

i remember in the early threads anons on tumblr were like “omg how did your parents react to your job choice??” and she was like “omg my bitch of a mom is so mad she’s such a tyrant. my dad doesn’t care lol” which really just sums up her daddy issues nicely.

No. 2001652

I would not be surprised if all of this was a cry for her father's attention. Her parents are goddamn saints for interacting with their daughter who makes incest porn. I would have disowned her ass years ago.

No. 2001690

dont forget this is probably the only way he could get her to actually drink water. she was probably drunk and crusty.

No. 2001691

idk how much of a saint either of them are seeing as she was doing highly questionable sexual shit even as a minor and even now. Their family dynamic seems really messed up even now. I think if they got out of her life they would stop enabling her bullshit, but who knows if that will either get her deeper into it or make her have a reality check lol

No. 2001713

File: 1717695870093.jpeg (481.46 KB, 1170x827, IMG_7172.jpeg)

Not milk but damn 47k followers on twitter and she can barely get 100 likes.

No. 2001718

as overdramatic as it was, her posts on tumblr about how hard it was being forced to do all these things like cooking and cleaning and preparing for her and her brother while both of her parents worked long hours do show a window into how her family dynamic shaped her. i think she was neglected of healthy attention and with the divorce, she sought out male attention to compensate for her dad leaving and making a new family with a stepdaughter on top of it. i don’t think it’s really terrible of her parents to have done those things, i mean her brother seems to have turned out normal, but she definitely should’ve been evaluated and medicated way before getting with fupa.

No. 2001725

File: 1717700907845.jpg (304.89 KB, 1536x2048, Board.jpg)

Wouldn't be a Shaycation without the charcuterie board.

No. 2001726

>selling ass to mouth content
>only 17 likes on a 10 days old post

No. 2001728


No. 2001774

The way this is taking me out, holy shit lmfao. As if a bunch of greasy meat and fatty cheeses weren't enough, Big Shungus over here had to make sure she had cookies to round off the meal.

No. 2001788

Her father could literally stop her sex work career by refusing to support her entirely unless she moved back in and went to college. There is no way she is making enough right now without her father’s support. She’s too lazy to be a full time FSSW.

No. 2001791

Its been so milkless and quiet in the shayna thread. Curious if she is slowly learning not to post everything about her life 24/7, i doubt. I bet she is just having a basic, boring Massachusetts style family hang out on a lake.

No. 2001804

I'm sure she will spiral when she gets back home to Seattle and reality.

No. 2001807


>She’s too lazy to be a full time FSSW

Its probably easier for her than e-whoring. All she has to do is dress up and let degenerates have their way with her. E-whoring would require more scheduling and planning.

>Her father could literally stop her sex work career by refusing to support her entirely unless she moved back in and went to college

If Shayna is nothing else, she's a stubborn dumbass. They're probably afraid of pulling that final trigger and then getting a call from a police officer telling them their whore daughter was found dead in a ditch. I agree with you, but i think they know if they do that, shayna will happily just cut them off completely and create a new victim narrative for coomer/fellow low tier e-whore pity tips.(sage your shit)

No. 2001809

the way she ate half the board, then sat down her half-eaten oreo to take the pic

No. 2001850

I think reasonable people see, that but Shayna is completely delusional. If he pulls support she will keep on trying because she thinks shes destine to be a famous porn star still. So when she is left to sink or swim she will be doing $15 blowjobs in an ally within a year at most. I think that's a crushing prospect for any half aware parent. Shayna is a fuck up, but she is his fuck up.

No. 2001864


No. 2001870

She had likes and shares on tumblr a decade ago and she just can’t get over it. She thinks she’s destined for fame but the truth is people were just sharing stuff without second thoughts. Nobody ever cared about her. She’s extremely unlikable and unfortunate looking. She legit learned nothing from sw online, can’t even manage other peoples OF or websites as a side job.

No. 2001882

She took and posted this picture while hanging out with her actual father. She is sick in the head.

No. 2001885

God she has those bottoms pulled so fucking high

No. 2001898

>ctrl+F: ass
>0 results

No. 2001932

She never posts a lot when she’s with family. I definitely think she’s happier because of how much less she posts. She’s distracted. She gets to be on a boat with daddy dearest without having to suck off a John. It’s pathetic. She takes a view photos for “content” and sometimes she flashes so her coomers don’t forget about her.

No. 2001938

Why has all she done on this trip is getting drunk in a bikini on a dinghy with her actual dad?
This is the same shit she does with Johns

No. 2001941

I think we’re entering the stage of her weight gain where she’s about to become VERY apparently apple shaped and round up top.

No. 2001944

She’s already halfway to having a shelf affair for a bosom…I wonder if she’ll get that square boxy kind of shelf butt fat apple shaped women get sometimes kek can’t wait to see her continue to squeeze into pink baby bimbo crap

No. 2001945

File: 1717767563446.png (173.45 KB, 468x481, henrietta.png)

she could make some amount of money cosplaying the goth girl from south park
she's kind of perfect for it, they even have the same shape of shitty acrylics

No. 2001957

It's sad that she will never realize this. She would be happier if she went back to her parents but she won't out of stubborn delusion. She'll go back to being miserable in Seattle, where she needs to prostitute herself and upload humiliating videos for disinterested coomers so she can just about pay her rent.

No. 2001990

File: 1717778021190.jpg (501.77 KB, 1080x1149, Barf.jpg)

Surprised anyone back home still talks to her.

No. 2001992

It’s probably Colleen

No. 2001995

I wonder if that one horse girl nonna who claimed to have created the Shay threads to get back at her for not being friends in school tries to meet her when she's home. Scary shit to think about

No. 2002006

I don't think anyone that Shat hasn't seen in 10 years will be eager to come in contact with her. she'd probably catch something.

No. 2002043

File: 1717783586725.gif (1.52 MB, 300x100, 64.gif)

she would probably move in with him if she didn't have enough money to pay for her shitty apartment. That would be weird and awkward and this father of hers probably has no desire to be accommodate a drug addicted alcoholic daughter who sees sketchy, degenerate men on the reg. It sounds like a liability.
there is nothing lazier than literally putting yourself at risk for fungal infections and FBIs like other ~SWers~ do. anyone who resorts to prostitution is putting their life at risk. and not just in the sense that a John could kill you, because a lot of them have killed. The mortality rate for women in prostitution is something like 40% or more.

what she's doing now is far more laborious than just looking gross John appointments. I think she's just too low IQ to realize what the fuck she's gotten into. no one with any dignity or self-respect would do this for as long as she has. the smarter women don't show their face at all and quit after a few months of making a couple tens of thousands.

Shat has decided that this is her life like she will never be able to hold down a job that can pay her bills with her history. and this was the banner as I'm like typing this out which is really the icing on this shit cake.

No. 2002066

neither of her parents want her to live with them; remember how she flounced out of her mom’s place after the tit surgery and made a big fuss about going to recuperate at her dad’s, then she was back at her mom’s within a couple of days?
I think her stepmother and her mom’s boyfriend both have limited tolerance for her presence, which I 100% respect

No. 2002072

>she will never be able to hold down a job that can pay her bills with her history

she could easily get a job somewhere like mcdonalds or even starbucks. shit, even just being a stoner for years she could maybe even work as a budtender at some local dispensary. those jobs don't really gaf about employment history & she'd make more doing any of those; maybe even get benefits like health insurance, and depending on the company they might also give her a stock or two, hell even a 401k. she could also move somewhere cheaper if she stopped "needing" a whole 2nd bathroom+bedroom. and she could give away her pets that cost her more $ + she doesn't take good care of them. but, she won't do any of that because she prefers to dissociate via hedonism. bleak.

No. 2002124

Will whoever makes the new thread add 85: >>>/snow/1281545 (Seattle Move) to the thread summary? It’s been fun to re-read and seems like an mentionable milestone

No. 2002143

minimum wage in washington state is $16.28/hour and $15/hour in massachusetts so yeah, she’d definitely make more than she does now, but it would require her to actually work instead of lying on her back begging for scrotes’ spare change. she’s lazy and for some reason she thinks work is beneath her.

No. 2002155

>working an ordinary retail job is below her but sexually humiliating herself on a daily basis is fine.
Her logic is beyond understanding.

No. 2002157

She's shagged her chance at getting a real job if employers are thorough enough in the hiring process. One quick Google and they would say no. She's not worth minimum wage

No. 2002163

if i make the next thread i will try to remember!!

No. 2002166

cute post

No. 2002182

thank you nonnie my beloved ♥

No. 2002237

A gas station by her house has an add offering between $19 and $20 for new employees (don’t remember the exact amount). Not saying it’s a good fit, just it is not too hard to find a job paying over minimum wage near her.
She would still have to work at least 30 hours a week to reach her $2,200 rent though.

No. 2002239

Can someone spoonfeed me what thread it was that she actually got a boob job? I totally missed a shit ton of threads because she got boring. The thread pic brought me back tho lol. So she actually got them done, huh, and this is the result?? I couldn’t even tell.

No. 2002257

It's thread #137 and all the threads are linked on the first post of this current thread, just find the one that says boob job saga begins

No. 2002261

File: 1717820328297.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1944x3028, IMG_4982.jpeg)

She is with Colleen

No. 2002262

File: 1717820359445.jpeg (1.59 MB, 2082x3425, IMG_4983.jpeg)

No. 2002263

File: 1717820414799.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1839x3457, IMG_4980.jpeg)


No. 2002264









No. 2002269

i don’t want to dig into this woman’s personal life, but does anyone know what colleen does for a living/how her life is going generally? i’m so curious what shayna is telling her about her own life, too. no way she admits to her high school bestie that she’s a literal irl prostitute and still struggles to pay her bills. surely even she knows it’s too bleak.

No. 2002272

Eh she probably did. I also wouldn't put it past multiple people to know about Shays threads. Concerning people have talked about this girl, there's a 7/10 chance she knows about these threads and at least the basics of what Shayna has been up to.
Or maybe she's in that lifestyle or acceptable of it. Who knows.

No. 2002296

>I support women’s wrongs
Holy shit Colleen kek

No. 2002297

she's a giant ig
imagine there's some money in that?

No. 2002312

How is Shayna not fucking embarrassed to be seen by her peers/old hs friends? Colleen is pretty, skinny and tall. Shayna looks older/haggard and got fat. I’d literally never show my face if I was a fat loser prostitute who talked shit about college to my peers.

No. 2002313

How tall is Colleen? It's so weird seeing Shayna be the short one for once kek, I'm so used to her towering over everybody

No. 2002315

Shayna looks like a retard who begged their handler to take this photo of them with their favorite niche influencer.

No. 2002316

How are we suppose to know? We can’t go measure her? I’m assuming she’s pretty tall. Big Shaynus LOVES this picture and loves using Colleen as a prop to show how “uwu small and dainty” she is. Shayna looks dumpy and retarded with her default sped tongue expression, bowl haircut, and badly tanned barrel body.

No. 2002322

The funniest part is even though she’s tall, Colleen is much more delicately built than Shayna especially now. She looks great I always thought she was gorgeous and next to Shayna she looks downright modelesque. I wonder if she feels really bad for her and that’s why she meets up w her like this. Or maybe it’s just to get the tea kek

No. 2002327

colleen got white washed

No. 2002345

Why is she balding? Tragic

No. 2002369

The farms pretending to have morals is amazing. You've been basically stalking this disgusting woman for like what, 8 years? purely because she's ugly and fun to direct the same insults about her appearance, etc post after post, thread after thread. The replies here remind me of this completely sociopathic man who used dynamic IP to dodge his lifetime ban on the chans. That's what y'all sound like. What's even more tragic is the possibility that you're not just antisocial husks who hate women but genuinely misogynistic women with no self awareness.

calling out the pedophiles and abusers this woman deals with this one thing, making this a safe space for literally every piece of trash out there is another. shat's a mess and she is probably incapable of growth or not being cringe personified but the weirdos in this thread are toxic and nothing else, so. comparing her to other unremarkable looking women in an effort to knock a woman who's literally being raped for a living down is really something. work through your internalized misogyny and get a grip.(derailing/infight bait)

No. 2002374

Okay I’ll bite, you sound really new. Everything Shayna has, she asked for. She is almost as disgusting as the men she spreads her shit for, and you should take your bleeding heart to someone who deserves it. Are there lots of young women being raped for money and living rough due to extenuating circumstances? Of course. Is Shayna someone we should feel sorry for and want to help, like those women? No. And if you had been around here for longer than a minute, you’d know that.

No. 2002379

If Shat hadn't put up those trex arms to shield her gut and used her tongue to cover her broken teeth, this comparison photo would have been even more bleak. Even 8 years when she was as thin as a rail and less busted, Colleen was always significantly more attractive than her. Even horse-face Jess was way more attractive that Shayna based on personality and style alone

No. 2002387

>3 new posts in shayna thread
Fuck you. I thought there was milk

>The farms pretending to have morals is amazing.

We can only comment on what Shayna herself uploads. Discussing publicly available information is not immoral. She uploads self made porn of simulated child abuse, she deserves the criticism she gets.

>calling out the pedophiles and abusers this woman deals with this one thing

Shayna intentionally caters to these men for her own profit. She is equally as reprehensible as they are.

>who's literally being raped for a living

Shayna is in her current situation by her own volition. She has not been sex trafficked, she is not being blackmailed or forced to participate in sex work in anyway. She could at any time get a real job or go back to her parents. There are women that have to resort to sex work to survive, Piggy isn't one of them.

No. 2002393

She's 6'1" according to her tumblr. I bet shaynus wore flats to meetup so she can soak up the glory of being the smaller woman for the first time in years

No. 2002414

Then it’s confirmed Shayna is about 5’9. Sage for blog because relevant because I am 5’10 and my bf is 6’2 and our height difference is pretty much the same as Shat’s with Colleen

No. 2002415

File: 1717861267607.jpeg (143.37 KB, 1719x993, 9a2.jpeg)

>She could at any time get a real job or go back to her parents. There are women that have to resort to sex work to survive, Piggy isn't one of them.

I know original thinking isn't encouraged here but ponder this shit for a goddamn second. All work under capitalism is coerced but what she's doing is far more coercive than a service industry job that you could train or get an education to potentially move away from. Shat can't do that. Her almost 3k in rent keeps her e-begging and she is convinced that she can't tolerate the monotony and tediousness of a regular job. normie jobs will be frustrating and if you don't have the patience to deal with incompetent higher-ups or coworkers making nonsensical demands or having ridiculous expectations and not even understanding what your job entails it's going to suck hard. and a certain degree of competence is required here and she may not feel confident that she posseses this judging from what she said and from her literal entire work history. fast food or waitressing or whatever aren't unskilled, they're more demanding and physically taxing that the majority of office drone work out there. and it still pays like shit, not to mention that your managers will lie to you about giving you a raise so you can work like a dog for longer from what I've heard other people say.

and you can't beg $200 dollars from your restaurant patrons on the reg like she does with her disgusting coomers. Shat's an insanely spoiled loser who probably does inspire and envy and spite from people who have to live in the real world and who don't just traumatize themselves for chump change but what she's doing is extremely coercive and she can't just leave. admitting to herself that she is not doing anything that's desirable or worth it would also be a massive hit to her ego, but I think the fact that she needs the money that she can scrounge up via the totally humiliating crap she resorts to is more important. in the end it's always about the money and money is incredibly difficult to make. this is all she fucking knows. That's literally all there is to it.

No. 2002416

Colleen hasn't changed at all, body-wise. It must hurt Shat who is on the "my body is just changing with time!" bullshit. Colleen would also look different if she had been mainlining fried sushi, beer, hamburgers and sweet cocktails every day. This is such a humiliating example of how out of normal aging/adult lifestyles Shat has come.

No. 2002417

you are all some of the most genuinely stupid and malicious people I've ever seen. buncha moron making the most basic observation because they want to be spiteful towards a dumb prostitute being beaten up and abused for money. listen to yourselves, how did you fucking get at this point? would anyone who cares about you think positively of this shit? I don't think they would(wk)

No. 2002418

you have to go back

No. 2002423

You seem to think she’s at all a redeemable person, she’s not just making porn online—she’s simulating CP, abduction and rape. This is the last thing I’m gonna say about it but you really are out of your depth here.
>b-but it’s all she knows

And whose fucking fault is that? Plenty of people with more neglectful parents and worse backstories make something of themselves. Sorry you’ll never make most of us pity her at this point. Once she started pretending to be a raped baby, I stopped thinking she deserved sympathy.

No. 2002424

>All work under capitalism is coerced
You think people in the USSR skipped with joy to their factory job every day? We all live under the same system and all need to work to provide for ourselves. Yet the amount of women uploading videos of themselves pretending to be a sexually abused toddler is still minimal.

>Her almost 3k in rent keeps her e-begging

Nothing is stopping her from moving to a smaller apartment or going back to her parents.

>she is convinced that she can't tolerate the monotony and tediousness of a regular job

Neither can anyone else but people do what they have to. Shayna is not unique or special.

>physically taxing

It would burn some calories and help the fat sow loose some weight.

>it still pays like shit

The current hourly wage for a McDonalds cashier in Seattle $22.58. She would make more money with a part time minimum wage job than she currently does from selling herself to johns and posting sped porn on twitter.

>you can't beg $200 dollars from your restaurant patrons on the reg

If she was earning enough money from a job, she wouldn't need to ebeg.

>probably does inspire and envy and spite from people who have to live in the real world

I would rather kill myself than live her life.

No. 2002425

>in the end it's always about the money
that's actually not true. shayna constantly gives away content for free and routinely attends conventions that put her further into debt because basking in attention is more important to her than money. i believe that the men who purchase her consent are exploitive moids who deserve to suffer but that does not negate the fact that shayna herself relishes in the suffering of others by creating porn that simulates CP, catering to pedophiles for years with disgusting tweets that talk about being sexually assaulted on the toilet and gang-raped for daddy's amusement, and admitting to getting off on true crime documentaries that discuss the rape and murder of real women. she has responded to criticism by telling teenagers to go take a dick up their ass and puts down other women every chance she gets. if your definition of original thinking is defending the actions of a misogynistic pornsick woman who has dedicated her existence to satisfying pedophiles and other degenerates then i guess it's a good thing none of us are big thinkers.

No. 2002427

Thanks Nona!

No. 2002437

not to WK shay, but there’s more than 4 inches of height difference going on there. shay is somewhere between 5”6-7, you can see that from pics of her with shorter camwhores. still bigger and wider than 90% of the people she meets

No. 2002440

AYRT and yeah true, I think she could maybe be 5’8 tho just from how she looks in relation to doorknobs and beds height wise kek

No. 2002473

Colleen has always made Shayna look like a gremlin. Then and now.
I have always wondered how often they actually talk. This is the first Colleen appearance in quite a while. She’s definitely aware of what Shayna does and most likely also the threads but the real question if she knows the current reality I am sure Shayna sugar coats it all and avoids the realities of her situation to Colleen. So there’s definitely things she doesn’t know. Unless she checks here..
Admittedly I think we are all used to her being a hulking force around manlet old scrotes and her whore friends. Even then the wide load factor doesn’t go away.
Henrietta is bad bitch. Shayna could never. >>2002414
If Colleen is 6’1 then honestly Shayna is at least 5’7. I will give her a healthy 5’7 and a half. I wish she would stop saying she’s shorter to appeal to pedos. Height foiling is the weirdest tinfoil here when it comes up.

No. 2002476

I don't remember the exact drama, it's discussed in older threads, but last I heard she was dating Jess's ex boyfriend and they lived together in a cabin. She's the only one of that trio who did not go the degen sex worker route and started slowing down her tumblr presence ever since. I'm 100% positive she knows about this thread. Wouldn't be surprised if she's wk'd a few times

No. 2002480

She's def 5'7, 5'8 max. Which is quite a bit taller than the average woman but short enough to look average next to someone like Colleen. She looks bigger because in addition to being taller than average for a woman, she's also fat and broad which makes her seem even bigger. And in addition to that, the moids she hangs around with are the most pathetic ones. They're all either old men who have shrunk due to age or else they're just pathetic manlets like fupa, which is why she's usually the same height as them.
Her MV account also lists her height as 5'5. Obviously she's not 5'5 and Shay is just shaving a couple of inches off her height to seem more petite than she actually is. But even she's not dumb enough to think anyone would believe she's a good five or six inches shorter than she really is, so she likely isn't 5'9 or 5'10 pretending to be significantly shorter. More like 5'7-ish pretending to be a bit shorter. If she were actually 5'5 like her MV account says, she'd probably list her height as 5'3. If she were really 5'10 like her pics with petite women and manlets make her seem, it would probably be listed as 5'7 or 5'8.

No. 2002529

The arms covering her midsection tells me she probably had, has or will have a nervous breakdown about being fat again soon. Meeting old friends and realizing you're the only one that got fat is probably not a good feeling. New gym saga soon? Or hello fresh again?

No. 2002542

I agree it’s weird that the height tinfoiling is a thing even tho I engage in it kek, I think the reason I wanna know so bad is because she was originally saying 5’4 at one point long ago which looking at her now is insane to think she could get away with

No. 2002575

It's not about any of this shit, it's because she can't be wasted and high everyday working a normal job. She's too codependent and lazy

No. 2002675

Can't wait to here all the made for twitter stories she tells about her old friend complimenting her. Also the "I'm at the airport and everyone is complimenting me!" Stories she tell right before going home and crashing into depression.

No. 2002735

She has been addicted to multiple substances for close to a decade. She will need professional help to stop and be able to get a job that she can't be drunk and stoned at.

No. 2002876

File: 1717986240078.jpeg (908.41 KB, 1170x1992, IMG_7258.jpeg)

something happened?

No. 2002882

>makes ur followers wanna know who ur talking shit 2
>then get entranced by the porn they post
So she's angry that people make better porn than her.
>the community
X isn't real life, Shayna.

No. 2002889

>the community
Isn’t it like, every thot for herself? I need to know who this is about kek she’s seething

No. 2002900

>it's like; I think, therefore I…

No. 2002902

File: 1717990175171.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1858x2831, IMG_4989.jpeg)

Two more from her visit

No. 2002903

File: 1717990215630.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1695x3027, IMG_4998.jpeg)

No. 2002904

What is she wearing?

No. 2002905

Am I the only Nannie whose eyes glaze over when I find out th "drama" is her rambling over some shit that has nothing to do with her but she's still to afraid to join the actual conversation? Like nobody cares. She seems to get so mad when drama happens because its someone getting attention she wants.

No. 2002909

She is doing the same exact thing she is complaining about, directing her own followers (on her work account, mind you) to find out who is being talked about.

No. 2002910

File: 1717992064940.png (570.42 KB, 449x855, see-through-dress.png)

>fighting with other ewhores over the coomers that lurk twitter for free asshole pics
Another high point in her bleak life.

I think it's gunt control underwear and a see-through dress. If we ever get a decent photograph of it, it's going straight in the worst outfit ever thread on /shay/.

No. 2002918

File: 1717992823254.jpg (27.68 KB, 684x280, Tumblr_l_366872266669892.jpg)

I'm not going to argue with anyone about her intelligence. I don't care. But she's obviously doing what she does because the whole online prostitution market is so saturated that these men won't pay just to see her plop down on her flat ass and shove her snatch in their faces. The more extreme niche crap is where many of these unfortunate women end up. And they are groomed by others selling this idea of it being glamorous and less exhausting than actual work. Shat could just be a broken pornsick weirdo who gets off to being heard and humiliated which she desperately needs to get therapy for, not to be actually abused by the most fucked up men out there, too. Coomers love that kind of crap, but even then that's not out of the question. Women like Shat are men's lackeys – focusing your anger on her and the crap she makes which helps erode the inhibitions of abusers and pedophiles is pointless. women who have spent their lives fighting this shit recognize that. the vast majority of pedophiles are men and the abusive porn industry panders mainly to men, including the degenerate ddlg shit that's used to groom pickmes like Shat.

we don't live in a world where work has to fucking suck. The reason it's like that is because it was purposefully made to suck by those who control the means of production. The institution of a clock in factories was where this all started. not to sound like some kind of marxbro but in our modern world, there is no reason to treat people like shit, or have a beleaguered woman sew 100 ugly $5 shein tube tops a day. insane time constraints like what Amazon does are totally unnecessary, and so much of what we do now was not the norm historically. It was purposefully mandated by the greedy & exploitative, i.e. men who had appropriated resources and attained high status.

I'm gonna leave before I get yelled at for going off topic again(derailing autism)

No. 2002922

>we don't live in a world where work has to fucking suck
I'm not denying that it doesn't suck. I'm asking why living in such a system makes in necessary for Shayna to produce simulated child porn where she pretends to be a sexually abused toddler for male sexual gratification. We all live under the same system, yet not all women are selling asshole pics for $3 and making pornographic videos simulating girl scouts getting raped.

No. 2002931

How she can wear this unstylish, unflattering and ridiculous looking outfit in front of her old friend who she's now twice as wide as is beyond me. I know she has no shame but usually she's only around strangers and other degens. This is someone who knew her when she was relatively normal by comparison and at the peak of her popularity. Surprised Colleen is even willing to post this dumpster fire on her socials, but it's good for us bc you know Big Shaynus would never

No. 2002950

Honestly surprised that she’s taking photos with Colleen given how it really accentuates how aggressively hideous she is, kek

No. 2003015

its called alcohol, nona

No. 2003019

Why does she not apply for unemployment from the government? Washington is full of hippies, burnouts and bleeding hearts, surely they're liberal with their unemployment cheques? It's clear she has no career aspirations and is happy living on the bare minimum to get by in her little hovel if it means she doesn't have to get a job and can keep doing her weird shit with her weird friends. She's already basically that antiwork meme of the homeless guy living it up vs the suffering wagies who put dollars in his cup - why not fully commit to the bit?

No. 2003044

Damn she legit looks like a 45 year old busted lot lizard in this one.

No. 2003049

damn her face is looking round as a cabbage patch doll

No. 2003052

you can’t get unemployment in the US unless you’re laid off from an actual job
nobody wanting to buy your shitty porn doesn’t qualify

No. 2003078

no entry-level service sector jobs don't care if you've done porn. it would be different if she tried to get a job in childcare or even caring for the elderly. I promise you, McDonalds does not give a shit who they hire to flip burgers. They will hire straight up felons, it literally does not matter.

No. 2003095

She’s just describing her whole shtick ?? What tf is her problem lol 0 self awareness

No. 2003104

it literally looks like shes wearing a butchers apron

No. 2003127

Considering she's been out to 3 different bars with Colleen, it's likely someone from her hometown recognized them and noticed how busted Shayna has become. It's especially obvious in comparison to Colleen, who looks the same after all these years.

No. 2003129

Look at Shayna she looks like a Grandma, HOLY SHIT

No. 2003147

She can't get unemployment because she would have to have a job first and be fired from it, you're clearly not from the US.

No. 2003148

File: 1718051768917.jpeg (270.15 KB, 1170x473, IMG_0557.jpeg)

Here we go

No. 2003149

She’s an expert on this behavior because it is what she does and has been doing since tumblr days. To a T.

No. 2003151

yes you desperately need to do that shayna it's half past twelve we've been telling you for years god fucking damnit

No. 2003162

I think she's finally considering quitting sex work and probably fully realising that she is an alcoholic.

I think she'd rather quit sw than drinking to be honest. At least one gives you some kind of false joy for a short amount of time.

No. 2003163

how old is she turning this year? i thought she was 27 but the OP still says 26? which is correct? i can change it if i make the next thread i usually just copy and paste

No. 2003173

>inb4 she just decides she wants to wear other colors and stop being referred to as barbie

No. 2003183

Yeah, I'm starting to think that she's going to do a rebrand instead of quitting sex work.

No. 2003187

I think if she quit sw, her alcoholism would only get worse, and vice versa.

No. 2003188

What does Coleen do? Maybe her family or friends back at home offered her a pity job somehow where she'd actually make money not selling her asshole and now she's considering it.

No. 2003189

I could totally see her trying to rebrand. If you type her name in to any browser, the only prints that come up are related to lc. Her threads are literally what got her more attention, and I can see her trying to pull away from that and create a new image now that she's somewhat well-known on the Internet.

No. 2003191

>>the only prints
I meant prompts sorry

No. 2003193

She was born in June of ‘97 so the op is correct

No. 2003196

>she's somewhat well-known on the Internet.
She isn't well known. She's an extremely niche cow that only LC has any interest in following. She did have a fox dick thread but it never went anywhere.

No. 2003205

File: 1718056554760.jpg (623.37 KB, 661x1604, Screenshot_20240610_235518_Fir…)

I can't unsee the shadow dong

No. 2003216

I honestly dont get why this dumb bitch never worked with weed. she had the online presence for it. could've gotten into working with it when it started getting legalized.

No. 2003238

File: 1718060836803.jpg (Spoiler Image,444.59 KB, 3840x2160, Gordo.jpg)

>if i were 2 make another trip out 2 vegas sometime soooooon, who would wanna work together?
Traveling is really her cope to her inevitable demise.

No. 2003244

Even so she would need to rebrand if she wants to continue with SW but in a different niche. The Dolly Mattel persona is too associated with the farms, the threads are on the first page of Google results. Plus it's also just a shit name to begin with anyway, it sounds more like a drag queen name than uwu baby bimbo

No. 2003246

File: 1718062404275.png (291.15 KB, 574x702, 1711162676631.png)

Maybe she's finally realized she's a little too large and unsightly to pull off the spoiled bimbo schtick
>big changes and big decisions
Big Shaynus feeder saga incoming?
fox dick? Please spoonfeed me im not googling that

No. 2003247

Why is it so hard for her to lose 20-30lbs and actually get the pedobaiting body she desires?She’s so fucking lazy.

No. 2003249

I think 27 is going to hit her harder than other birthdays because now she’s solidly in her late 20s, can’t say “mid-20s” any longer. (Nothing wrong with 27, just don’t think it will sit well with her mindset).

No. 2003250

Probably the same reason 70% of the USA is overweight or obese + her addictions make her hungry. I wish she would go on walks and at least try

No. 2003252

Doubt anything will come of this but it would be lowkey entertaining to see her trying to make actual lifestyle changes for once

No. 2003253

I'm guessing seeing her family and old friend triggered the last few brain cells in her head which gave her a brief moment of self reflection.

No. 2003258

Her face has gotten so puffy lately. Like it's been puffy but it's extra puffy lately.

No. 2003260

She clearly had a conversation with her family, or she's jealous of the life she saw with her ex best friend/siblings.

No. 2003261

Actually when you get deeper into alcoholism you eat less. You never crave sweet things, things don't taste as good as they used to and you're full on the empty calories you've consumed so you feel like you don't need much. But adding weed and the munchies thing I dunno.

No. 2003267

Also I feel like shayna thought she'd have it all togeather by 27. She also made that joke about wanting to join club 27. I think she thought by this time she'd been living years of fame and be ready to "settle down" whatever that means for a sex worker.
Instead She is failing at online sex work, so she has to prostitute herself. She likes to travel but she can't afford it.

No. 2003271

I wonder what colleen is doing with her life. Like did they sit and swap life stories and colleen has been to college or atleast has a regular 9-5 and has way more to show for than shayna does even after literally selling her asshole online. Not only that but colleen has kept her beauty and confidene and doesnt reek of desperation and degeneracy. The stark comparison is sad. Like even if colleen is just another camwhore, atleast she is attractive and therefore presumably better off then shay is.
Now Shayna is about to have her 100th mid life crisis over the fact that she saw colleen, and colleen doesnt look very different from high school. Gorgeous and youthful. And shayna is a hoe and a hag.
Whatever the case, i hope it brings milk.

No. 2003277

she also used to say she wanted to die in the 27 club.. clearly she wasn't planning on living this long

No. 2003295

same, it’s so sad and floppy. like even with the low quality and darkness it’s just like, there, and this is the content she’s so proud of producing lol.

No. 2003305

the velveteen underwear under her paunch really make the look. why would you wear that….
It is legit kind of sad that the farms cares more about this fat ass than any scrote on her Twitter
The length of walks I had to do every single day without really changing my diet which wasn't full of fast food or junk anyway for me to lose any significant kind of fat in my late 20s when I was about as fat as she is, maybe a little fatter, was insane. about 1 to 3 hours a day minimum. and the walks had to be brisk, basically cardio adjacent. you need serious motivation to keep something like that up; it's not fun if you don't like some aspect of it like the scenery or whatever. and apparently it's not healthy to only do one thing, you also need to exercise other parts of your body. so she can do pull-ups along with that and it'll probably be fine.

she's probably lying because she's so narcissistic that she thinks that she's important enough to belongs to that thing. I was visiting shay the other day and apparently she's been an insufferable narcissist ever since she was in high school. told people that she got sent $100 or something because she was "perfect". bizarre behavior. she's certainly not making herself likable.
right? how is she blind to the reality that the most stupid bait is exactly what the algorithm shoves on people's timelines. she's just bitter because can't get enough attention via her repulsive porn.
a woman who had quit porn got fired from a fast food job because a patron had recognized her and complained, so if in the off chance that she does get hired, they could easily just get rid of her if anyone finds out that she did pedo shit and she'd lose that job.

No. 2003325

She can’t apply for unemployment because she hasn’t had an actual job to be laid off/fired from, but she could apply for food stamps. I don’t know why she doesn’t, except that i guess they don’t cover DoorDash and that’s all she eats.

No. 2003326

nona wtf is fox dick.

No. 2003338

>fox dick
It was the old word filter for KF on 789chan/888chan.

No. 2003340

The underwear are a desperate signal to the shinybound scrote, she's running out of options. Maybe she's realizing some things, hopefully it brings milk.

No. 2003355

If Colleen is whoring online there’s no way Shaynus would interact with her on socials because she wouldn’t want her coomers seeing how much more attractive Colleen is

No. 2003367

File: 1718100469593.png (193.55 KB, 474x351, arms.png)

Her arms are huge

No. 2003370

These photos back to back is insane. How could someone from these means ever choose the life she has chosen for herself? There are women in shelters with little mouths to feed who wouldn't stoop this low.

No. 2003391

Her boobs must be so uneven for her to be lifting both of her arms that high

No. 2003410

I remember that post you're talking about where she got sent money for being perfect. Except instead of $100 it was $500. It went viral on tumblr, I remember seeing it ages before I knew the threads existed.

No. 2003425

File: 1718115706634.jpeg (43.34 KB, 842x869, IMG_6819.jpeg)

It was only $40 I just saw it while reminiscing on threads, Found it posted elsewhere

No. 2003464

File: 1718123356764.jpeg (1.81 MB, 3464x3464, 5385554A-BC55-4876-A150-5C1965…)

I’m late but Shayna and the whore community got mad because this one pick me whore tried to bodyshame certain vaginas. And then she messaged the whores who were getting upset that she was rage baiting for more clicks and interactions upsetting them even more. And they shared the screen shots of the dms on X. They’re all annoying pick mes who pander to sexist pig men who hate women and their anatomy. Picrel shows the messages. Shitty collage sorry.

No. 2003466

File: 1718123575340.jpeg (892.45 KB, 1242x1296, EB8FB502-5989-4E76-8348-15606E…)

she’s desperate for validation

No. 2003468

CoLEAN and Big Shaynus. Damn this comparison picture makes Shayna look really wide.

No. 2003471

kek. She's back to wearing the too small denim skirt that was confirmed as being way too tight on her two threads ago. Instead of buying polyester garbage, she should have invested in a skirt that fits her.

No. 2003496

i wonder if she's back on dabs again? she looks soooo fucking zooted here. ebeg for some eyedrops bitch.

No. 2003499

Why doesn't she just downgrade her living situation, give her pets away and just get some shitty place and travel? She clearly does not want to be at home for any length of time. I assume it's depression.
If she's at home she has to sit and think or gasp, work knowing those videos won't do shit nor give her the high of traveling.
The only way she can justify traveling is if she's "Working" and "Working" tends to be her making the money back from traveling in the first place.
Why have 3 pets and a expensive place, when you cannot afford it and clearly don't like being there?

No. 2003502

>The only way she can justify traveling is if she's "Working" and "Working" tends to be her making the money back from traveling in the first place.
I doubt she makes a profit from traveling to work with the exception of skidmark. Her last trip to Vegas produced two pieces of content. One video with Scott Smallcock and another with the shiny moid.

The shiny video isn't available on MV so I would guess that she was paid. The video with Scott has made two sales for a total $29.99 after MV takes their cut.

No. 2003514

Yeah I think she uses “travel” as a way to run away from reality. Gets to pretend she’s some big time traveling porn star and live in a fantasy for a couple days so she can get pictures to post on Twitter and show off how successful she is. Then back to her hovel where she remembers how miserable real life is.

No. 2003579

What is b/g g/g? I'm scared.

No. 2003580

Boy/girl girl/girl

No. 2003592

She might be wearing heels here but I would never guess the girl next to her is 6'1" from this picture. She really does have such a large presence.

No. 2003601

File: 1718153803766.jpg (248.37 KB, 1169x1651, Bs.jpg)

>bye new england, back 2 seattle [peace sign emoji, two hearts emoji]

No. 2003602

File: 1718154433153.jpg (88.67 KB, 1080x508, Br.jpg)

I can sense the soon to be breakdown from here.

No. 2003606

she’s not even in seattle, she’s in renton kek. why is she there in the first place? why did she go, but especially why does she stay? i’ve only ever heard her complain about it, and all she does is go to the same couple of bars. oh and the aquarium, then seafood boil. i can’t get over how fucking weird that is. like is her mouth watering as she’s waddling around watching all the living crabs and fishes? fat. bleak.

No. 2003607

this sounds like how she used to talk about oklahoma when she was still there. i can't actually picture her moving back to her family any time soon but it's really interesting to see even a hint of negativity about seattle considering how much she used to talk about how it's the perfect place for her or w/e

No. 2003612

She’s retarded she probably think she lives in Seattle or she doesn’t want to be “doxxed”. Ellen stopped spending money on Shayna as much and she’s is feeling lonely. It was exciting at first because she was probably sick of Oklahoma and Fupa memories. She is too stubborn to move back to her parents. Her only embarrassing accomplishments are being “independent” not living with them since 18. So she’s not going to want to let that go (and being a laughingstock, and making diaper pedo incest fantasy porn) I can see her moving to Las Vegas. Or wanting to at least. It’s trashy and dry like her lol

No. 2003615

She's so close to figuring it out

No. 2003620

There's no way she can afford to move. She's barely making rent each month. She's basically trapped in her current place until she admits to her parents she wants to quit and they come and bail her out.

No. 2003623

If she lives out of a motel/ shitty hotel at first and hooks in Las Vegas. Maybe. I mean there’s more competition and better looking escorts. But with her low prices there’s men nasty enough to take her up on her offer. Also more clients who are impaired and sleazy.

No. 2003625

She’s not close to shit. She does this every year. New day same shit. Once she gets a crumb of attention or some pity money she’ll be bragging about her amazing bimbo life. She’s delusional. She’s going to die doing this never ending loop of torture.

No. 2003628

The watch and denim jacket scream 2014. You are not trendy or tumblr famous anymore Shayna

No. 2003634

she claims to enjoy torture, though…

No. 2003639

Given how degenerate Vegas is there’s probably heaps of cheap accommodation for relocated whores like gross, shady long stay motels. I imagine there will be a lot more competition from actual bimbos who are on the prowl around the casinos for a rich John. The only thing Shat has going for her is cheemsburbger priced coochie and the fact that she’ll do heinous shit that no woman with an ounce of self respect or moral compass would even contemplate. Praying that she does move because it has the potential to be milky as hell

No. 2003640

And the hair is 1980s midwestern trailer park single mother, I will never not be amazed by her lack of style/taste given how chronically online she is. I’m assuming she avoids watching any fashion/beauty content because looking at “influencers” makes her seethe with jealousy over the fact that skinny, popular, rich and successful for doing the bare minimum while she selling pictures of her diseased snatch and blown out asshole and not even being able to make rent

No. 2003646

Any other Seattleite nonnas waiting for the day they see her walking down aurora ave

No. 2003648

I can’t imagine here there… I think she will always find her clients online or through kink connections.

No. 2003658

oh you mean like saying you wanna smoke with Hitler? or the very non consensual and incestual fantasies you're always writing about?

No. 2003665

It would be so fucking milky but it would also be the bleakest saga yet for sure; do you think she’d get those card things made up? Kek you know like how prostitutes in Vegas on the strip have little like Pokémon cards of themselves to advertise. Shay’s would be meme tier and I know it

No. 2003672

she already has one

No. 2003677

Fuck that’s right I forgot about her “business cards” KEK

No. 2003685

can you explain what aurora ave is to nonnies like me not from seattle area

No. 2003689

probably where all the prostitutes streetwalk. every city has an area

No. 2003694

I don't see her doing this. I think this sex worker larp lasted for years because she didn't need to actually have sex with anyone very often to make money. Then, as she got older, uglier, fatter and lazier, she had to push her own boundaries (of course while also pretending she has no boundaries) well past her comfort point. I think she's spent a year or two now attempting to delude herself into thinking "well, i have to actually have sex on camera now to make money, but it's fine because im still a super cool bimbo porn star!!" except even that meager work is drying up, so she's left with escorting and prostitution, and not the high class side that ends up being alluded to on Tiktok or whatever as a glamorous way to make money. No, Shayna is now faced with the prospect of being a low level prostitute and all that comes with it and she's finally at her limit. I give it till next year and she "leaves social media" and rebrands herself several months down the line as an ex SWer. She's realizing she never got that john-to-husband she thought she would, and she knows she needs to find some moid to marry her soon. It's all such a predictable course of events.

No. 2003699

I love the Shay in Vegas fantasy, as I’d give anything to see a cow in the wild, but Shay wouldn’t last in Vegas. Granted, the strip clubs have a flavor for everyone but she doesn’t have the skin to try it. There’s tons of stings out here for girls no matter how they conduct business, and she definitely wouldn’t do Bunny/Chicken Ranch - despite them being legal brothels, once you arrive on property you can’t freely leave, you’re basically stuck on property for your two weeks or however long your “stay” is. I believe the girls may be able to take chaperoned trips for basic things, but not 100% on that.
Vegas is getting expensive. Yeah you can get apartments close(r) to the Strip or DTLV but they are shitholes, basically motels renovated into small 1 bedroom units. $1400/mo, or a step up from SROs (plenty of those in DTLV off Fremont). If you’re curious, Budget Suites and Seigel Suites are right up her alley.

No. 2003717

The issue with her quitting SW is that she ties it 100% in with her personal identity. Shayna has 0 interests and barely any friends outside of SW. That's why she does stupid shit like writing 'Dolly' on her Starbucks order. To her, her SW persona is truly her. She constantly brags about how 'authentic' she is as a SWer. The only way she would ever get out of SW is if she gets some hobbies or a friend circle outside of it, which she clearly can't do in Seattle. That's part of why she's wanting to move back home now, she hates her 'job' and her old life with Coleen and family pre SW is the only degree of separation she has between Shayna Clifford and Dolly Mattel.

No. 2003720

good point, i wonder which direction shay is headed. vegas prostitution, going back home and possibly an attempt to be more normal, or somewhere else?

No. 2003748

File: 1718213880892.jpg (80.82 KB, 1080x470, Party of One.jpg)

If she was even a bit successful she wouldn't have to ask this.

No. 2003749

its going to be 90% nonnies there fore the milk and the rest are going to be her 2 grandpa simps sending her 1 usd tips. Cant wait.

No. 2003769

I honestly think Vegas was a huge high for her. She's either going to mention wanting to move there or actually do some
>Help Dolly Move to Vegas!
Fund on twitter. I think the Road to Vegas or "Shayna moves to Vegas" will be the darkest chapter. She's going to 27 soon, for Shayna thats her midlife crisis. Being 27 and not being a famous something.
She's going to do something drastic to fix it all, and it's going to probably be the wake up call or she'll truly give into the "Dolly Mattel" persona. Shayna will no longer exist and she's going to do whatever it takes to become "Famous" and not fail.
Even if it means making a huge fool of herself, or doing things she never thought she'd do.
We watched every boundary Shay has had throughout the years slowly be knocked down because her failures. We watched her go from someone who could'nt have sex with moids without "feelings" to selling ass and doing actual porn content.
There's a bottom to this and Shayna hasn't reached it.

No. 2003770

File: 1718217756258.jpg (287.78 KB, 1080x1333, 20240611_222625.jpg)

Shayna is a failed tumblr onlyfans whore, not a meth addicted junkie kek. She would never whore herself like this. She'd probably try to pick up douchey dadbod fupa lookalikes in nightclubs and go back to their room at Excalibur or something kek
Shatna wouldn't make it in a strip club in any city. She'd fit in better in some small town club off the highway. She had no looks or basic work ethic.
That being said, she wont try anything different to what failed porn she's already making and will still whore herself to Craigslist losers and stinky trannies. Picrel she is too scared and stuck to get out of this mess with no one to bail her out except her fed up parents

No. 2003771

File: 1718218008588.jpg (187.28 KB, 1080x1137, 20240611_222644.jpg)

Kek the cope. What does define shatna if not these things? She has nothing going for her and she knows it. She lost hard and reality is hitting her like a freight train

No. 2003772

She already Is whoring herself out like that though. She's a prostitute, yeah she may not be as bad as a meth prostitute but imo she's worse.
This lady could be going on yearly vacays, traveling with her step sister, and be getting a PAID FOR college education. Or using nepotism to get into a decent job.
Instead she'd rather suck dick to make rent and a boat ride. Letting dudes touch her up for mall trips.Constantly broke and depressed. At least Meth Addicts are motivated by Meth. Shay's motivation is proving lolcow/her haters/Parents wrong. She's a privileged women who chooses to be a prostitute because online prostitution isn't working out.

No. 2003773

>. At least Meth Addicts are motivated by Meth.
Do you hear yourself kek. You don't get the nuance and that's okay.

No. 2003774

If I remember correctly when she wanted to leave Oklahoma she considered moving home but couldn't afford the cost of living in New England. But is it really that much more expensive than Seattle? She clearly wants to have a relationship with her family and flying there multiple times a year can't be cheaper than finding a small apartment there. I can't tell if this is her opening her eyes to the fact that living somewhere else would be better for her or if it's a typical BPD moment where she's blaming her surrounding's for her problems when in reality she's the problem.

No. 2003784

How do you come home from visiting your family and friends from before your life went to complete shit, post something as pathetic as this, and not absolutely lose it.

No. 2003795

Honestly,I really hope she cams. It was always funny and it's been so long since she's been on camera. If she actually stuck to a date and time I would be there but the 9 hour timezone makes it difficult. She would definitely postpone it to a later hour though…

No. 2003799

There is this one whore on tiktok who talks about and works in the Nevada ranch system. I think something like that could be profitable for Shay, work for one month every three months but the clients come to her. You get to pretend to have some level of class/mystique because you work in a legal brothel.

No. 2003803

I looked up rent in Boston and for a similar apartment it would be around $1000 more each month in rent. In Worcester it's around the same as Renton.

If she went back to Tulsa or moved to Vegas it would cost her $1000 less a month for a similar apartment.

No. 2003808

she could get a nice apartment in Nashua or Concord, New Hampshire for less than she pays in Renton and be about equidistant from her parents
but then she wouldn’t have Ellen to pimp for her and go to the aquarium with and co-sign her lease

No. 2003868

She could become an micro influencer, talk about her negative experiences in sex work, latch onto the other ex-only fans models who are now cosplaying trad wifes online. She was young when she started, could claim she was groomed into the degen shit and everyone would believe her. Podcasts and tiktok eat this shit up.

No. 2003869

New England fag here. Connecticut rent costs as much as $700-$1000 for studio bedroom apartment. Mass is also decent but that only applies for landlocked redneck towns. Everyone wants live by the ocean. So it’s ridiculously expensive.

No. 2003882

File: 1718237500578.jpg (466.79 KB, 1080x1725, End.jpg)

The end seems to be near.

No. 2003883

get a job at a dispensary shayna!! if mcdonalds is paying over 20 dollars an hour in seattle then dispos must be paying good… plus tips. they also don't care if you show up high and then you can tell people about the products if you use them. i know she has CHS or whatever but she smokes anyways so why does it matter to her. what is this "calibar" shes talking about?

No. 2003885

If Shays being real, I can see her attempting to be a stripper before realizing she sucks and will have to still sleep with moods. I don't think anything will happen. So she's considering moving to New Vegas, but she doesn't have any "friends" to cling too when she gets there. I don't know if its
>turning 27
>seeing her parents/old best friends
> a possible conversation about her future from family
>or coming home and reality crushing down on her.
Regardless, the fact she came to this conclusion without drama or suicide baiting…is New I guess.
Shes realizing she needs a life outside of this shit.
But I doubt she does anything.

No. 2003886

Of course it would break her heart to stop whoring herself out publicly

No. 2003889

I wonder if her plan was to use Scott Smallcock as a way into the Vegas sex work scene so she could move there. It then went wrong when she ruined her relationship with him and she doesn't have anyone else. I also wonder why she hasn't done anymore work with skidmark and Sarah Gregory.

No. 2003892

the only people who say this shit are ugly fatties with shit jobs and nothing going for them whatsoever (so shayna exactly).
y’all remember when shayna was trying to charge people actual money to style them/online shop for them? KEK she also tried to charge people for SW advice. i’m sure every person who sent her an ask about it (and she gave them a shitty reply demanding money for an answer) either thought better of it or became more ‘successful’ than her—either way they’re definitely doing better than her now.
>las shaygas saga

No. 2003894

Yep, my tinfoil is Shayna was trying to find replacements in Vegas but she couldn't. Ellen & the gang are just placeholders until better comes along. I feel like she'd abandon her animals as well.
I bet her old friend has a nice job, maybe even a lover. Shay probably cried to her or realized while catching up she didn't have shit going on. They probably went down memory lane and realized she had nothing to brag about that mattered.
I bet shay thought if she ran into high school friends she'd be able to flex on them, like she used to brag about.
But she can't.

No. 2003895

I mean step sis and her brother have both been graduated for a bit now, right? So they likely have jobs that pay much more then Shay makes, they're starting real lives and probably are in real relationships. IDK about Colleen but shes pretty low key online from what we can see so she is probably living a normal life in her own place, maybe in a ltr. Shay has a fake relationship, a bunch of johns, a job with no mobility where the only way is down and it doesn't even cover the bills for the apartment she can't afford.
If she doesn't quit soon, I foresee her not going home as regularly. Because there is noway she can continue her life as it is and also regularly interact with the reality that everyone else has continued to live and are actually doing well.

No. 2003899

Seeing Colleen looking healthy and young and assumably sharing stories about what her likely normal life of disposable income and a normal nigel her age is like must have really awakened something in Shay. I always thought she'd stubbornly continue to whore herself until she either aged out or ended up on hard drugs giving $10 blowjobs

No. 2003900

seconding this, i have a friend who works at a dispensary and they do not care if you show up high and there's a girl who works there that openly does OF and no one cares. or she could work at a sex shop or a dive bar full of old creepy men. i want a new saga

i think this was her plan and it fell through the night they had some kind of confrontation. she's been part of that ugly fatty group because she fits in, she likely would not be accepted by the plastic sex workers/gooners attracted to plastic porn stars of LA or LV.

No. 2003902

File: 1718240481080.jpg (100.87 KB, 900x900, Screenshot_20240612-205855__01…)

careful not to drown in that venom.

>tfw it's another bright sunny day and you're in the Shay thread making witty observations uwu

No. 2003905

her relationships are real, tho lol

y'all are so lame. your nigel or nigelettes aren't objectively higher value than whatever sad sack Shay ends up with. it's kind of offensive to view people in terms of value anyway.

she should stop associating with self-harming and repulsive men, that shit's not cute. she's not selling a horror movie, lol. god, her life is so unenviable.(whiteknighting)

No. 2003909

she's been talking about wanting to do actual porn shoots and all this shit for a while now. I thought the whole point of doing OF and being independent was to avoid the insanely abusive trad porn industry? no doubt that she thinks she's an extremely desirable baby bimbo barbie who will make good money pandering to decrepit daddies? It's just not going to happen, they're going to size her up and tell her that she's going to end up in the Gonzo shit or the disgusting abusive and demeaning crap that's worse and what she's doing now. she needs to give it up she will never have a fantasy life where she's not traumatizing herself and regretting her choices. like she has her own car she could easily just work at a dispensary like some of you have said. It will be so fun if she got fired from that because she makes kitty p0rñ tho….(this isn't tiktok)

No. 2003911

I think they were talking about Ellen being a fake relationship. Like they were saying she isn't actually dating Ellen, just friends with her.

No. 2003913

File: 1718242260890.mp4 (813.5 KB, 852x480, D.mp4)

No. 2003915

>reddit spacing
>muh judging people off their value is offensive (kek)
go back

No. 2003916

File: 1718242867763.mp4 (4.34 MB, 852x480, Ham.mp4)

So bimbo.

No. 2003917

Her fake girlfriend/pimp and a couple of geriatrics who pay her for sex in mall resultant food are not "real" or fulfilling relationships. Even a shitty gas station worker who genuinely likes you as a person is better then what Shay has.
I'm sorry but the perverts who pay to fuck shay while she pretends to be a child are worth less as humans then other people. Sorry to be the one to break that to you.

No. 2003918

Interesting! I know we don't have much sympathy for the living conditions Shayna got herself into, but plenty of men worse than her have lived higher quality lives, so I'd like to see her turn a new leaf and improve her own.
For the naysayers, just imagine her struggling with basic life stuff like having to play nice with non-brownnoser coworkers and then cry about it after her shift. She has a lot to learn so the milk will be plentiful and varied. 28 is a good year for Shayhog's day to be over.

No. 2003921

Her boobs look grey, it's like she has two socks peeking out her top .

No. 2003929

Her posting her literal failures at sw is something. I think she really might give up. She's obviously losing the will.

No. 2003933

File: 1718245805940.jpeg (252.97 KB, 1242x1049, E76026EA-B6A1-4432-A73C-1A85C0…)

I don’t buy this for a second. Until she deletes all her accounts associated with the name Dolly Mattel, Shayna is going to still be doing this. She’s just mad no one cares about her posts

No. 2003934

File: 1718245898655.jpeg (791.66 KB, 1242x1373, 548D9265-7E3B-470B-8C2B-158025…)

Her apartment must smell crazy. Three pets, shitty furniture, smelly cheap sex toys, and degenerates like Ellen and her sissy “maid” coming in and out of her place.

No. 2003941

imagine white knighting a woman who makes porn pretending to be a baby getting raped lmao ew bye

No. 2003948

Damn smells like a certain lard ass failure is coming in here to see the farmers' reaction to this >>2003882 tweet.
Kek even her cat hates her and destroyed her cheap couch that she can't afford to replace. You know she doesn't even have scratching posts for her cat and that he pisses on her clothes for sure.

No. 2003949

she hasn't had a car in years

No. 2003955

ok lmao this pic is so funny, colleen looks so uncomfortable and shay is wearing a matching outfit from the original photo. you know she went in to the day planning to recreate it and post cause she thinks it makes her look petite. mortifying kek

No. 2003973

that is correct, i live in the area and it’s a very bleak sight

No. 2003990

It’s crazy how tiny Shayna used to be. Like not just fat gained but her frame and bones genuinely look so much bigger now. You’d never be able to guess she was this petite a few years back.

No. 2003994

File: 1718262671781.jpeg (296.01 KB, 1242x1990, 2C6847FC-C93A-447B-86C6-AC8D09…)

The Bunny Ranch would be ideal for her because most of the women there are also busted and overweight so Shayna won’t stick out kek.

Contrary to what some nonas think about the sex industry, you don’t have to be pretty thin or young to make it, as is evidenced in even the top world brothels, most of the women there certainly aren’t models or anything close. A lot of prostitutes are unattractive trailer trash hogs with fried chemical cut hair, ashtray breath, shitty tattoos and buttne but can still make decent money if they’re willing to fuck fat middle aged smelly men (who are the vast majority of Johns anyway) and act enthusiastically about it. Shayna is too much of a pussy to actually make her Vegas dreams come true though.

No. 2003995

Do the cats have a scratching post?

No. 2004006

Nonna, all the women in your photo are in way better shape than Shayna. Even the lil double chinned old lady in the middle. I'm not saying I don't think she'd still make a quick buck, but she'd definitely still be bottom tier in looks and personality.

No. 2004016

this is just shayna fishing to see who she can mooch off. she’ll never leave sex work. there’s too much disgusting content of her out in the cosmos. so funny how she fought so hard for this pathetic life and now she’s trapped in it. kek.

No. 2004029

Do people not know what a normal woman's body looks like anymore? You really think Shay wouldn't stick out? The women in the pic look good. Wtf lol.

No. 2004032

Yearbook lurker; she’s very short. 5’5”. Colleen is probably 6 feet tall or 5’11”. She does modeling occasionally and pretty sure is a baker.

No. 2004034

What's with the Ariana Grande voice? I was half expecting the heeheehee laugh to come out

Also her acting skills are absolutely rotten kek, why is she pretending to get into the zone like it's an actual role

No. 2004036

the tinfoilers that shayna is over 5'6 are retarded, she's definitely around 5'5 which isn't even short for an american woman it's literally 2 inches above average anyway. just because it's funny to shatter shay's perceptions that she's uwu smol she's wider than she is tall and isn't litchrally 5'10 or whatever, it's blatantly false to claim she appears tall and she often wears heels anyway. it's not like shoe where she pretended to be 5'3, never wore heels, and pathetically squatted when taking pics with shorter fans. shaynus is big anyway by being fat but let's not lie and say omfg she definitely looks 5'8

No. 2004037

i don’t even think this is speculative anymore as it was clearly the only reason why she was going to lv. of course she fumbles another relationship/friendship/opportunity.

No. 2004058

Hope springs eternal in the hearts of retarded shayheads who never learn, myself included, which is why I feel compelled to say GO HOME SHAYNA. It feels like she's so close, but then I remember how she said the same shit in Tulsa and proceeded to move to Renton instead. Las Shaygas saga next?

No. 2004061

Unless you live in a rich or urban area like NYC most women (and men) in the US are overweight. Like 1/3 of American women are obese. So yes I would say that those women look normal.

No. 2004062

>Las Shaygas

No. 2004067

Las Shaygas needs to be the thread name if she ends up moving there

No. 2004078

File: 1718295131644.jpg (Spoiler Image,172.7 KB, 1280x736, Cryptid.jpg)

Pulling her non-existent asscheeks apart. I swear every time she does content with these degenerates she looks her worst.

No. 2004083

File: 1718297524689.jpg (Spoiler Image,582.79 KB, 1490x1000, paleman.jpg)

Her hands stretching her ass look like the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth trying to open a gateway to hell.

No. 2004101

in 5+ years i don't recall ever seeing a scratching post in any of her pictures

No. 2004122

they look glued together kek

No. 2004133

Maybe they are considered thin/average/good in the US, nona. Here in Europe they are mostly considered overweight.

No. 2004170

nta, I've seen you people on tv, you're not any better than the americans anymore

No. 2004177

Nta, but I live in one of the fattest countries in Europe but Shay and those chubby women in that strip club picture would still be considered overweight for young women. Young people in Europe are mostly average or thin. Maybe one person in the friend group will be this size but usually people of this weight are middle aged. Young women care about their looks and work out and don't live on takeout.
I recall Shayna losing a decent bit of weight when she went to Ireland. Ireland is the second or third fattest country in Europe but Dublin is quite walkable so even if you live off takeout and are unhealthy by most European standards it's still harder to become as big as American young people do just because you're getting enough steps in to keep your weight down somewhat as opposed to driving everywhere.
And on that note, Shay really needs to start walking that dog daily, both for its sake and her sake.

No. 2004180

Lets not forget she can't handle working next to other women that would be picked over her.

No. 2004194

>the grandma in the middle
That will be shay. It would be milky if she quit sex work but I don’t see it happening. Her spiral will stop when she gets to drink her usual amount of alcohol to drown her sorrows. Pretty sure she said this exact same thing at the beginning of the year.

No. 2004195

>hurrdurr im oh weirdo with bizarre neurosis who tries to shame normal looking women as fat for having a little belly chub

get a grip
can any of you just be fucking normal for once
Y'all keep saying this as if she's ever like talked about it or given any indication that she's like that. are you making assumptions off of nothing again?

I'm sure all the twitter whores are petty and jealous much like you, the people projecting on her shatness(wking)

No. 2004198


Go take a hit off your vape shart.(hi cow)

No. 2004208

They are considered overweight in the US too. But I guess they have a better shape than Shayna, the woman in the front has that tummy shelf that Shayna has, but she also has hips and a butt unlike Shayna. Honestly the one in the pink dress is most Shay-like in body so I think Shayna could fit in very well. A lot of fat or chubby women in this thread get very defensive whenever overweight/obesity gets brought up and it's annoying.

No. 2004214

not everyone here is a twitter whore. many of us are against SW and twitter. where is this influx of white knights coming from, or is it one deranged anon who’s obviously even fatter and trashier than shay and feels bad about it? why would anyone defend a woman who pretends to be a baby whose parents are raping her and she likes it? unless they’re like that too?
i for one can’t wait to see what she flops at next. i really can’t see her working a regular job with regular hours, even part-time, and she can’t either. too good for college, too good for a job, might as well suck dick for chump change and cheemsburgers.

No. 2004240

it's not wking you retarded jannies and weird obsessed haters. I just have no desire to be a toxic idiot. you are all literally obsessed with weight in a way that is bizarre and unhealthy. hope that shit hurts you, I've never met more unlikable people.(ban evasion, whiteknighting)

No. 2004242

Do you know which website you are on right now? kek(report and move on)

No. 2004252

>I just have no desire to be a toxic idiot.
>on lolcow.farm
What's next? Fan threads posting shart's ugly ass outfits and saying she looks hot? KEK, please leave.(report and move on)

No. 2004254

You are on a gossip site where we regularly call people fags and retards. What tf do you mean you don't want to be a "toxic idiot" and what's bad about being toxic towards someone who makes porn roleplaying as a child being raped by her parents anyway(report and move on)

No. 2004260

Nobody is making you read here kek(report and move on)

No. 2004275

just because the average BMI of a woman in your area is overweight doesn't make an overweight woman suddenly healthy. it may be standard now but it puts excess stress on a person's body and usually indicates that a person is eating too much. it's also normal for thin or fit people to find it unattractive(report and move on)

No. 2004281

File: 1718337687350.jpg (40.92 KB, 640x464, retarded fat protector nonnie …)

We are retarded but you are just as retarded as everyone else here. Just being active as a reader and/or poster on lolcow is enough to be considered "toxic". Trying to be superior in a Shayna thread just because you don't call her a hog like everyone else is just as Bleaqué as she is. I'm sure not everyone here hates fat women, it's just that the fact that she is a fat fuck is something we can make fun of her for. She isn't a random innocent woman that just happens to be fat, for fuck's sake there are 153 threads on her. She doesn't deserve any sympathy.(report and move on)

No. 2004301

what the fuck is she talking about "on the side"? she's made SW into her entire life and has no identity outside of it. there is no way for her to still live a normal life while doing SW on the side. sure she could work at a dispo or sex shop but let's be real. she's never worked a real job and wouldn't be able to handle a part time/full time job where making excuses to not work, cussing out customers and being lazy gets you fired. there's no way to do it on the side when her name and face are permanently attached to it. if she started doing it faceless and didn't start shit online she wouldn't have been noticed and could've quit after she earned enough.
every time she has these moments of clarity, it's like she's so close yet so far from understanding that this is all her fault. she's ruined every relationship with her family members enough to where she's almost never invited to events, she's broke, she has no real fulfilling relationships, she threw all opportunities out of the window and it was all for nothing. things started going downhill 2-3 years ago for her but she never admitted she was contemplating quitting, i think seeing her family and colleen made her realise that they were happy living lives she considered "boring" and wanted to avoid, and that they had accomplished much more in the 8, nearly 9 years she's spent doing SW. if she quits it'll be hard for her to adjust to a normal life and get what she lost back.

No. 2004357

There's no way she's 5'5; farmers that have seen her irl and snuck photos have said she's taller, and when she's next to moids, she's obviously as tall as them, even barefoot. The only time she really wears heels is when she's taking photos of herself, but we've seen plenty of photos of her in normal shoes where she's looming over other girls. Just look at the skidmark photos. I don't think she's 5'8, but 5'6-5'7 is reasonable. 5'5 is visually short, even if it's technically taller than average.

No. 2004364

idc if the top is supposed to be worn like that, it looks terrible, like two sleepy eyes with no pupils

No. 2004379

File: 1718372684166.jpeg (94.98 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_oaa8frEWeO1rmiw96o1_128…)

Colleen is 6'1", she has confirmed this herself multiple times on tumblr. Also here's a other fun vintage height comparison with skinny shat.

No. 2004389

She's always been so awkward, the way she's holding her arms makes her look even more rectangle than she already is (was). It's crazy that she thought she was destined to become a super famous porn star. even at her peak she was solidly mid

No. 2004395

Colleen is tall and pretty. Shay always looks aggressively mediocre beside her even before weight gain.

No. 2004421

Shay is proper hunched over though

No. 2004427

that is the cutest photo I have ever seen of Shayna, she actually looks like a normal person here

No. 2004430

I don't know if I'd call Colleen pretty. She looks average at best in that picture. Very girl next door. Shay is by no means pretty, but she had that alt/stoner look. She looks like she smells kinda bad but if you're down to do drugs you could probably have a good time with her.

Like many other nonas I also think she should embrace the stoner identity and drop the fucking incest bimbo shit. The only reason I can come up with to explain why she's not leaning into the stoner image is that she has realized how destructive weed is. Why else would she not go back to the thing that got her attention on Tumblr? Sure, she might lose the few Johns she has now and maybe Ellen, but she would gain a new audience and probably some people that used to follow her on Tumblr back in the day. With legalization everywhere the "community" of thc addicts is bigger than ever. I truly don't understand what's keeping her from rebranding. We know she's high all the time and she used to post these expensive dispensary hauls, so she clearly has an interest in the various products.

No. 2004431

She's hunched over to try and make herself look even shorter next to Colleen. In their old pics she's always slouching or standing a step back in an attempt to look shorter. Taking pics with Colleen is the only opportunity she has to be the petite girl so she always milked and tried to make herself look as small as she could

No. 2004467

shay is ugly anon, colleen is pretty in comparison. colleen is only "average"/normal looking because she's not plastered in makeup, hair dye, and accessories like shay is in that pic.

No. 2004487


Tbh they're both average looking, Coleen just has more self respect and looks like she bathes regularly.

No. 2004490

If you zoom in colleen gives ellen vibes. She is plain, pale with long brown hair and gummy teeth. Its what ellen would look like if she hadnt gained 200 lbs

No. 2004493

File: 1718395766688.png (312.28 KB, 571x570, cheap_dress-mv.png)

New video on MV.
For some reason the online downloader I use for ripping and converting her videos isn't working. The link is 9xbud.com/https://www.manyvids.com/Video/5712972/making-you-mine-femdom-breeding-pov if anyone else wants to try

She's wearing this dress
and she's bursting out of it.

No. 2004495

File: 1718395914936.png (Spoiler Image,317.33 KB, 584x592, boils.png)

No. 2004496

File: 1718396035729.mp4 (Spoiler Image,12.46 MB, 1920x1080, 00b7d34838170c53e474_170173441…)

>>2004493(random porn video, its not shayna, check shit before you upload)

No. 2004498

she’s got that permanent discoloration from thigh rub going, which combined with the boils is a really offputting look

No. 2004510

That's the same video that kept downloading for me instead of Shayna's preview.

No. 2004515

File: 1718398879466.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1548, DCECD35E-129C-47E3-B3A5-FE50E9…)

Colleen is giving Ellen vibes now that you think of it. Her teeth are gummy as well. But I still think she is considered pretty

No. 2004521

this is embarrassing kek.

No. 2004523

File: 1718399325780.mp4 (Spoiler Image,5.16 MB, 1280x720, 1ffa0ab8be3517b2c8fc_171822119…)

Here's the video rip

No. 2004539

she’s too old for the stoner thing to be cute. that ship has sailed for her. not that being in her late 20s is old but it’s just pathetic to still be making sToNeR gUrL your whole life. like quit doing drugs and get a real job + personality already.

No. 2004545

How did you rip the video?

No. 2004568

File: 1718406510173.jpg (236.81 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_2024-06-15-00-05-12…)

Kek she's going in so hard on the most fucked up shit cos she's so desperate now.

Shay no one is falling for "I want to be raped and murdered" shtick. No you fucking don't.

No. 2004569

File: 1718406599485.jpg (238.2 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_2024-06-15-00-09-06…)

I'm sorry I forgot to uncover the 'more'

No. 2004571

imagine pickmeing for torturers
and then not even getting picked

No. 2004583

The yeasty chunks on the dildo as per usual. Why is she so fucking unappealing?

No. 2004596

She posts disgusting shit like this and she still can't get the moid attention she craves.

No. 2004611

the new lighting she got makes her marionette lines look even deeper. all the shadows are even worse with that shitty overhead lighting. I wonder if that photographer “friend” who recommended it was secretly sabotaging, kek.

No. 2004612

>3-4 people could carry me

No. 2004620

Sorry for the late response I check this thread every few days
Aurora ave in Seattle is known as the street where all the prostitutes and fssw are seen walking and getting "clients"

No. 2004622

File: 1718417603342.jpg (8.34 KB, 320x224, 859b5b684a79213cbae4ce07cc086d…)

So tired of this retarded bitch.

No. 2004646

not unreasonable for 4 people to carry 50 pounds each a short distance

No. 2004685

she tweets these retarded abuse scenarios every month and they're all kinda the same. shayna doesn't cam or post videos regularly. she just posts grimy nude photos. and when shes even too lazy for bathroom photos, she tweets these retarded abuse fanfics instead.
i can't even be shocked anymore, when these gets posted it means its gonna be a slow shay weekend.

No. 2004706

File: 1718440580782.png (86.71 KB, 306x326, Hammock carry rescue.png)

Wait nonnies I can't visualize what she means by "3-4 people carrying her"… like, all holding one of her limbs? or something like this? How is this supposed to be sexy kek. Wouldn't it be a much more flattering to be carried over someone's shoulder or something? I'm overthinking this

No. 2004728

She doesn't even like this stuff, she just tweets it in an attempt to go viral in the DDLG/BDSM retardation community on Twitter. That's why these messed up 'fantasies' are on her main and not her side Twitter, it's all a part of her business model. She wants everyone to think she's some super kinky down for anything girl when she actually hates sex.

No. 2004753

Europe is more than one country, anon. A lot of European countries have an obesity rate virtually the same as the USA.(derailing)

No. 2004757

Personally I think the way that society views age is changing. A few decades ago most people would view over 25 as 'old' because that's when people stopped following youth culture and got married and started having families of their own. Now more and more people are forgoing all these previously expected milestones that come with age and it's practically just a number. People are living longer lives and often have fewer responsibilities. I think the whole bimbo baby thing is super cringey in it's own right, don't get me wrong, but I don't think that this sort of niche has a sell by date like it did before. She could easily do 'stoner girl' for a whole lot longer.

No. 2004771

File: 1718458269871.jpg (464.69 KB, 1080x1594, F.jpg)

That doesn't even cover basic bills let alone rent.

No. 2004783

>1/8th of her rent in tips
So spoiled.

No. 2004799

>$375 USD
You could net this in a week at McDonald's and never have to let a Muslim stranger man huff your anushole online for the public

No. 2004814

yes it would probably take at least 3-4 people to carry you anywhere, shayna

No. 2004856

I think Colleen is pretty, she’s made prettier by the fact that she isn’t into ddlg or stealing pacifiers from children she babysits

No. 2004885

is that really not shayna? kek, my bad. i'm aware it's not the same video but i was certain that it was still her

No. 2004918

probably more like a pallbearer, 2-3 on each side facing forward.

No. 2004931

File: 1718497038115.jpg (1.25 MB, 1080x2185, 85.jpg)

No. 2004937

it kills me that she doesn't do lower eyeliner, eyeshadow or even lashes

No. 2004945

>>2004931 looking absolutely haggard and the filter doesn’t hide it at all

No. 2004949

I feel like this top stinks. And it looks like pjs or loungewear. Who's wearing this on a date? She wants to front like she's some high-class escort, but she won't even buy one dressy outfit to meet her clients for the first time.

No. 2004950

File: 1718499884535.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3218x2437, 1709343607809.jpeg)

She's probably never washed in all the years that she's owned it. I wonder if she's wearing it as part of the full sped outfit

No. 2005021

I bet anything she also wore the uggs today too, and those definitely smell rancid.

No. 2005042

I'm not gonna lie, I don't know what goes on in the brains of degenerate old men who pay for sex with Shayna. But I'm pretty sure none of them expect her to wear an elegant gown or anything like that. This unlined 10 dollar teddy top from Shein is "her brand". They don't want her to show up in a classier outfit.

No. 2005052

can‘t even fake a smile anymore

No. 2005110

why do her espresso martinis always look so creamy? do some places really do them that way or does she order them like that. i've seen them on tv anyone a rhoslc fan? and they're usually black.

No. 2005117

That’s a creamy espresso martini, made with baileys or other cream liquor instead of just espresso and vodka. God forbid she’d get the lower calorie version of anything

No. 2005118

As someone who has both made and seen enough of those wretched drinks to last several lifetimes, I’ve never seen or heard of them being made with anything creamy, they’re always black. This fat retard probably asks them to make hers with baileys or something equally as gross

No. 2005126

>>2003889 I'm having a mental block, who is skidmark?(sage your shit/lurk more)

No. 2005131

>implying men like classy outfits
Nona 99% of men are trashy coomers who love women wearing shitty $1.99 harnesses from aliexpress. Have you seen what the top onlyfans whores wear when theyre not naked? Its definitely not Gucci gowns and La Perla nightwear, its all cheap chinese plastic crap. Men love trashiness.

No. 2005142

Strictmoor Academy, the 50s and 60s school “discipline” theme porn she has travelled to shoot at a “manor”. Supposedly all “films” are commissioned by a wealthy degenerate. Sarah Gregory is the director, and seems to conduct casting.

No. 2005149

File: 1718550535289.jpg (443.27 KB, 1042x1688, E.jpg)

Her mom is "so evil" because of a straightener. As if that pink straightener isn't available at TJMaxx.

No. 2005152

the destroyed uggs with calf length socks really isn’t a look, Shayna.

No. 2005166

File: 1718553135264.png (1.45 MB, 1112x1117, kitty.PNG)

the Chi straighteners aren't shit either. Hope you're able to embrace your curls or try those silk roll thingies for blow out hair the tiktok girls use.

No. 2005175

Venmo your “fren” the money to ship it to you, idiot
I know this is just begging but it’s so fucking annoying

No. 2005182

your hair looks like shit straightened anyways kek maybe it's the universe trying to tell you something

No. 2005184

File: 1718557805158.png (345.06 KB, 590x537, 2024-06-16 13_08_26-Sarah Greg…)

not sure if this was posted yet but sarah gregory tweeted out a new clip with shayna as a fat cheerleader

No. 2005186

File: 1718558125300.png (1.34 MB, 1072x1011, 2024-06-16 13_14_28-Sarah Greg…)

she's absolutely hulking next to this old woman kek


No. 2005188

link leads to nothing nona

No. 2005191

it leads to the tweet..?

No. 2005195

It's crazy how ever since that old guy a few months back (I think it was Sarah's husband?) introduced her to espresso martinis, she's basically made them a personality trait
Does she think they make her look fancy or something

No. 2005197

This like wtf I’m her age and I use a blow brush or that thing in ur picrel, so do most of the young women I know w long hair. Why is she living in the worst era with every aspect of her looks? Her brows, her skin/base, her clothes…it’s fascinating bc she’s so online she can’t not have seen what “hot girls” do for this stuff(integrate)

No. 2005200

Yeah the cheap, 'low maintenance' look that Shayna has is really popular with coomers. If she rolled up in a bougie dress, moids would look dumb taking her to shitty dive bars and sushi joints. Her sweatshirts and Shein rags show that she has no standards for her dates.

No. 2005202

What I fucking crybaby, I'd die if I DONT' get meh barbie kawaii pink hair straighten that fries meh hair OFF total CLOWNERY

No. 2005203

Exactly, Why DOESN'T she just order a, alcoholic Milkshake with her fat ass, Adding that much dairy and cream is basically the same thing(newfag)

No. 2005204

File: 1718563118408.png (186.53 KB, 1080x971, 1000009292.png)

she's using it to pedobait about when she was a rEbElLiouS tEeNager again

No. 2005205

She’s taken advice from lolcow a few times so there’s hope she’ll do it again.

No. 2005206

File: 1718563431657.jpg (110.82 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20240616-194301.jpg)

I got nothing when I tried to follow it too. Did Sarah delete?

No. 2005211

File: 1718564773992.jpeg (499.43 KB, 828x1159, IMG_7484.jpeg)

You need the app to be able to see it

No. 2005242

I dont know why you guys watch this disgusting porn shit, even if its to take screenshots and laugh at Shayna's body. It's so degenerate and youre giving it views.

No. 2005244

Kek so hilariously bleak, imagine going to school with this greasy rat and she thinks she's so above college and wage slaving and decides to sexually humiliate herself for money while you went to school and worked a few shitty jobs to kickstart an honest career you make a good living off of. Jesus christ she is so far down the fucking gutter.

No. 2005248

lots of dumb white bitches made these their personality in 2023 and it continues into 2024 - they're on menus fucking everywhere.(racebaiting)

No. 2005258

>>2005242 Shock value has always been synonymous with internet usage. It’s like the “watching a car crash” analogy.
Before most of social media and widespread shopping online etc there was mainly a lot of the weird stuff for the old men she now tries pandering to. Except she’s late to every trend and wave so yeah cue car crash analogy for that reason, again

No. 2005270

Do you think Gucci is the height of classy? Lmao

No. 2005283

They didn’t say that and their point was clear so get off your high horse lol

No. 2005284

Some of you bored bitches really have nothing better to do huh(infighting)

No. 2005302

Shay used to brag about making 50k+ a year when she first started ewhoring, and while that was definitely an exaggeration, I still think she was making okay money because of how stupidly popular she'd manage to become. The fact that she clearly wasn't putting any of that towards some kind of savings is so ridiculous.

No. 2005303

What do you think prostitutes need to wear to look classy? Vintage Dior?

No. 2005322

File: 1718589042417.jpeg (291.46 KB, 1162x1221, IMG_6227.jpeg)

No. 2005323

File: 1718589316122.jpg (674.19 KB, 1080x2509, S.jpg)

She has no target audience anymore.

No. 2005326

has she ever mentioned her ribs "popping out of place" and making clicking noises before? if she actually has another congenital disease on top of already having poland syndrome then she truly has the most awful genetics

No. 2005329

Shes so retarded trying to be a snowflake when she literally is just double jointed. She would self diagnose herself with a degenerative genetic condition just to be dramatic.

No. 2005343

ehlers danlos is highly comorbid with autism. surprise surprise.

No. 2005344

>too fat to put feet behind head anymore without squashing rib out of place
>muh ehlers danlos

No. 2005352

Shat munchie arc when? She could ease into it nicely, just claim to be a disabled retired sex worker and really ramp up the ebegging

No. 2005353

She was begging for money to buy pizza within a few posts of her claiming that she was earning 55k a year, bakc in the day so I think it's always been a lie tbh.
(was just reading a 6 year old thread. The comments were exactly the same as today, 'no water' this, 'same exact video' that-shayhog day is trully horrifying in its scope)

No. 2005355

it's funny she's in arrested development, she just can't stop wanting to relive her high school tumblr stoner days, sexualizing a high school memory is so weird especially at (nearly) 27. if my math is correct she graduated about ten years ago too. she hasn't done anything with her life since high school and is mentally stuck in the mind of an immature 17 year old. crazy.

No. 2005363

jesus christ. only $55k a year to show her whole asshole online, punch herself in the face, pretend to be a baby getting raped, and have this shit tied to her legal name for the rest of her life? i’ll take my 9–5 kek.

No. 2005370

File: 1718597845252.jpg (537.11 KB, 1080x1665, Gross.jpg)

No. 2005376

She really thinks she’s dating these guys? Isn’t she just a hooker to them?

No. 2005379

she’s always complained about them hurting when she wakes up in the morning, maybe once popping them back in? i always just assumed it was from her excessive drinking and all the other strange stuff she does to herself. however, like with her implant, she likely has some other health issues she’s hiding because she doesn’t want to be called a sped. she used to claim in the past it was her asthma acting up.

No. 2005381

File: 1718600385026.jpg (311.05 KB, 1075x1251, V.jpg)

More unnecessary travel incoming.

No. 2005384

shayna if your ribs are flared just do core exercises to pull them in…

No. 2005400

Uhhh wat. I thought she wanted to fuck old men? I can haz cheeseburger is a meme that 25-35 yo men would remember. Her own age group lol.

No. 2005403

Shayna’s ACTUAL type is Fupa, the zumiez gorilla leprechaun hybrid of olde. So, someone maybe 10 years older than her max. I think she only pretends to like the really old guys because of her pickmeism and desperation to seem uwu baby as she ages more and more rapidly

No. 2005406

Dear she is so fucking ugly. The nonexistent lips and giant bulbous beak are bad enough but the tiny rat turd eyes are by far her worst feature. No wonder she has to be drunk or high all the time, it must suck being this aggressively hideous, inside and out

No. 2005415

they probably are showing her i can haz cheeseburger memes, but only because they know she thinks it’s funny.

No. 2005444

File: 1718625382421.png (277.15 KB, 448x596, bloated-2.png)

Why would she post this? She looks like the dachshund that ate a bee meme image.

No. 2005455

I remember her on Tumblr after she got back from meeting fupa in Mexico for the first time, she was going on and on about liking to have sex with old men, and there was an anon ask sent to her asking the age of the oldest man she'd fucked, and she said 33 or whatever fupa's age was at the time. this is exactly right

No. 2005456

Are you blind? High BF% maybe, but most of these women aren't overweight, just average. And I'm from Europe too. Don't act like we're all skinny and fit lol.

No. 2005485

lmao not that i feel bad for fupa by any means, but imagine being 33 and your partner calling you an old man/woman. shayna is closer to 33 than she’d like to admit. anyone else notice she’s not hyping up her birthday like usual? it’s at the end of june, isn’t it? she usually starts when it’s still at least a month out, and really ramps it up starting at the beginning of her birth month. so far she’s only mentioned it to beg people to come to her birthday cam show, and that she’s having a crisis because it’s getting close and she’s realizing she’s too old for this lifestyle.

No. 2005487

I wonder how bad she will spiral the year she turns 30

No. 2005488

File: 1718638145318.jpeg (243.05 KB, 1242x502, 6A43C181-0A62-43A2-BAEC-8EBADD…)

I just know Shayna misses this crusty dead beat dad

No. 2005495

The lack of ass is sending me. It's just an extendo thigh.

No. 2005514

Shayna only gets turned on by 2 things, shallow attention and fast food.

No. 2005516

Loving the ridges on her bathing suit from shit editing

No. 2005518

I think it’s just safer wording for :the men that chat her up before they ask her rates for sex

No. 2005524

So true! Kek.

No. 2005536

Seems like she's deluded herself into thinking there are more work opportunities in Vegas. Which might be true, but she can't be breaking even with the constant traveling. Ellen has been written off I guess.

No. 2005564

With how weirdly wrongly bendy and gangly her body is, eds is actually the only self diagnosis of hers I buy.

No. 2005583

File: 1718655615430.webp (26.15 KB, 467x349, IMG_5960.webp)

This is the same person

No. 2005599

the at least 5'6-5'7 shayna deniers are really quiet rn

No. 2005601

if this has been a problem she's been struggling with for a long time why doesn't she ever bring it up with doctors? i call bullshit on this tbh, munchausens saga incoming.

No. 2005605

she's literally female randy from trailer park boys

No. 2005621

i'd hate shay a little less if she'd drop the baby barbie bimbo larp. in every picture she posts you can clearly see she is none of those things. her personal image screams mediocrity. she'd do better being "the girl next door" or something equally bland.

it's not too late to go the stoner aesthetic route, shay. not a lot of demand for 27 year old babies kek

No. 2005685

He liked that she liked burgers when she was skinny, but he ditched her once she gained weight from their nasty Okie lifestyle. It's not such a cute trait for her to have now that she's huge.

No. 2005694

File: 1718677692687.jpeg (247.49 KB, 1170x902, IMG_2721.jpeg)

No. 2005699

fupa did this, then cut her off as soon as they broke up. as he should, but shayna’s a broke bitch who can’t plan and had to scramble to keep phone service. i seem to remember her also acting like it was abuse for her ex to stop paying for her phone. has she not learned anything? (don’t answer that.) also the last thing she needs is a better camera kek. i feel like she thinks success is always right around the corner if she just buys this one next thing. new lighting! new camera! new costume! it ain’t happening, shay.

No. 2005702

>My camera is better !!
Now her coomers can see her fat rolls in even more detail.

No. 2005703

I love how she’s squealing about getting basic necessities as if she’s a baller for getting a phone lmao

No. 2005708

She really thinks she’s dating her johns.
>so my bill is cheaper
Broke bitch. You should have had your phone bill automatically come out of his account. Now he has control of her phone line kek. What a moron. Did she learn nothing from Fupa??

No. 2005730

Yup she said that he would threaten to shut her phone service off whenever they fought. I think she said he threatened to shut her phone off when she posted talking shit about him too

No. 2005741

So she's been through this in an actual romantic relationship and it failed, so now she's trying this with a client I presume? Shayna is a genius! What could possibly go wrong with being on a john's phone plan?

No. 2005744

Isn’t her bf the sissy she leaves in her house?

No. 2005748

Absolutely one of the most stupid things you can do is let a guy have control of that (speaking from experience). And even worse is the fact she's actually still paying for it. What a brain dead thing to brag about.(sage your shit)

No. 2005787

her bf is the younger guy who cleans her apartment and wears a cock cage. More an Ellen type than a client. Heck he probably outranks Ellen now since he's a moid and does all this shit for her. shayge for no milk

No. 2005812

she has had some kind of blow up or problem with almost every degenerate moid she interacts with yet she still thinks it's a good idea to give them control over aspects of her life then acts shocked and devastated when it inevitably goes to shit. what's the point of putting yourself through so much degradation if you still have to rely on moids anyway?

No. 2005816

that is the dumbest fucking thing. he could have an issue with anything she does and cut off her communication completely. at this point it seems like she really does want to get snatched.this is going to end in a disaster where she can claim she was abused, yet again. At this point I can’t tell if she’s truly retarded or if she does these things so that when they do inevitably go wrong, she can cry abuse and play the victim card to remove any accountability off her.

No. 2005826

Double joints aren't a real thing. It's just hypermobility. She might have a few joints that are hypermobile, and she's extrapolating that out to having EDS because she's retarded.

No. 2005863

The way she said this to make it sound like he bought it for her but it's just trading the old one in and he's not even paying some $200 phone bill + monthly…Damn I guess neither her dad or mom wanted her on the family plan kek

No. 2005881

I honestly thought that guy was gay kek

No. 2005883

File: 1718741083607.jpg (506.26 KB, 1080x1134, Trashy.jpg)

Whatever she's buying she clearly isn't wearing because her makeup is atrocious.

No. 2005885

Dingy white top, pink pants pilling and stretched to hell, this could be from the Luna Slater for Shein collection

No. 2005890

why is she always buying new makeup? invest in some SKINCARE BITCH… she does her makeup the same 2015 way in every pic anyways

No. 2005894


Makeup she won't use and will let expire in her dusty bathroom is the only luxury 8 years of whoring can afford her

No. 2005919

I doubt it's really for makeup. She doesn't show what she buys and she's often "buying makeup pls reimburse" yet her makeup is still the same crusty thing she's done for years. Has to be for something else she's lying to these scrotes about

No. 2005925

Probably just for weed and white claws

No. 2005946

Honestly I’ve thought about that too, a vape with tax and high THC is around 70 where I live, it’s prob just her weed and booze fund. Though it isn’t completely implausible she uses up all her makeup fast the way she cakes it on instead of actually working on her SKIN

No. 2005954

Ik it's been said but she really needs to buy some quality clothing pieces instead of make-up. If you're dressed like you just pulled your clothes out of a trash can, no one will be focusing on your face. Would love to see her use a personal styling service but she'd probably consider it a waste of money.

No. 2005965

she’s completely oblivious. she literally thinks people should be paying her to style them.
this is my guess too, a weed vape, or food + alcohol on doordash.
notice she’s hiding her face kek. bet the iphone 15 “better camera!!!!” makes her face look like absolute shit. tbh investing in skincare is a waste of money with the amount of garbage she eats, drinks, and smokes. plus she avoids water (to drink and to clean herself) like a rabid rat.

No. 2005975

She doesn't even need a stylist to figure out what would flatter her. She's chronically online and could easily find some guides for how people with her body type and colouring should dress. Most of the work is already done for her because a lot of anons have figured out her kibbe type and colour season etc and given her advice on how to style herself. She lurks her threads and I'm sure she's seen all the times anons have talked about how dark colours look way better on her than pork pink but she chooses to ignore it because she's hellbent on being a pink barbie bimbo even though it's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
It's truly remarkable how she's constantly online, is still young, claims to have a passion 4 fashion and is in a line of "work" where your appearance is important but yet shows no interest in improving her appearance at all and is doing makeup in a style a decade outdated.

No. 2006055

File: 1718769473154.jpg (414.71 KB, 1536x2048, Get an IRON.jpg)

>aw i’m so cute

No. 2006062

ATP i'm convinced all of these "going to buy (blank), pay me (high amount)!" is her trying to cover for buying weed or alcohol. i get she lives in an expensive state but you can buy enough makeup for a full face at walmart for under 50 bucks. plus she does the same makeup look every single time, there's no way she's running that often?
like that one time she went to sephora and spent $150? what could she have bought that would amount to 150 even? admittedly i've never been there so i don't know the prices but for her usual makeup there is no way it would've cost that much. maybe she gained some self awareness and realised begging for weed/doordash money is embarrassing kek

No. 2006068

Kibbe & color season anons stfu challenge(infighting)

No. 2006080

With the amount Shayna drinks she definitely needs to ebeg to support the habit. White claws and wine add up fast, and she's too lazy to get a cheap bottle of liquor and mix her own drinks

No. 2006123

latefag and ot, but why the fuck is there a croatian flag in the background?

No. 2006168

probably because colleen has croatian heritage? it's common for americans to decorate their living spaces with flags of their national / ethnic background, not sure why it warrants a 'wtf' reaction

No. 2006217

File: 1718823608089.mp4 (13.19 MB, 1920x1080, Giant autism.mp4)

Haven't seen this posted but it's similar to the video from thread #142. For the anons asking her to just get a normal job, she can barely answer things properly in an interview. Also a cameo of the skirt she loves to hide.

No. 2006218

She'd be right at home in some soft white underbelly video

No. 2006219

File: 1718824040697.mp4 (6.06 MB, 792x446, Giant autism_intro.mp4)

Samefag but here is the intro as filesize capped.

No. 2006227

Lillee Jean vibes

No. 2006230

File: 1718828442550.jpeg (823.76 KB, 1170x1272, IMG_7965.jpeg)

how can she look at these & decide to post them?

No. 2006239

Did she dye her hair all brown now or has it just all grown out at this point?

No. 2006246

Yea. It really brings out the purple in her necrotit.

No. 2006247

I don't know but she should keep it this colour. Blonde was doing her no favours.

No. 2006249

She looks like a British welfare queen with her pyjama pants and gunt sticking out

No. 2006251

breast implant illness saga incoming? with the new EDS arc im sensing some munchausens behavior here….

No. 2006253

something about the way she acts is really unsettling. you can tell she’s nervous and it’s obviously a one take thing. it’s a mixture of “I don’t want to be here but I feel I have to” and “i’m very high on uppers”. her body language and creepy laughing…this is porn??

No. 2006255

She's playing the bimbo schtick, and you're falling for it. She's not that much of a retard, just knows her audience wants a 'dum dolly'.

No. 2006256

doubtful. she’s just the type to seek out any diagnosis for internet points and a label she can use to victimize herself when she’s low on funds.

No. 2006257

you’re delusional if you think this is a character she’s playing and don’t see that she is genuinely uncomfortable and doesn’t know what she’s doing. some of y’all really think she’s some intelligent calculated manipulator when in reality she’s not very good at marketing in any way. if she actually was playing a character it would be a thought out marketing strategy by now.

No. 2006260


Unfiltered Shayna never fails to jar me.

No. 2006261

Obviously she's nervous and can't act for shit, but the spelling of the email was clearly an attempt at bimbo.

No. 2006269

it may have been an attempt but it’s doubtful. the claim was that she isn’t really like this at all and it’s totally a character she’s playing that we’re all just falling for. it’s not and never has been.

No. 2006277

yeah idk what it is but she definitely seems like she's on something and/or extremely uncomfortable, i can't tell if her laughing is bc she's nervous or trying to do the ditzy bimbo shit. she's always kinda weird in the non-solo vids she makes but it might be bc she has no script to read from and isn't acting? i just get weird vibes from this, i have no idea how to describe it but even for shay this feels so awkward and uncomfortable. it's not even that she's acting stupid she's just acting like something's up with her and trying to play it cool. it's kinda funny seeing her slightly struggle to take the gunt skirt off though kek

No. 2006285

File: 1718842452675.jpg (88.85 KB, 713x714, U.jpg)

Link to whole video here, but proceed with caution since it has NSFW ads everywhere. Her tits were still freshly done so her confidence is through the roof in this video.


No. 2006287

is this what moids get off too? its so cringy kek

No. 2006291

I wish I was dead now

No. 2006301

File: 1718845156191.jpeg (501 KB, 1064x682, 0D3A87F6-7C68-4496-A65A-5BD54E…)

Why does she like having her boobs sag down and out of her tank top? It looks so bad. And those underwear are really close to not fitting her anymore kek

No. 2006302

File: 1718845311511.jpeg (517.49 KB, 1074x679, 198A5AD1-303B-4EF1-9A9A-F46C9F…)

Special needs ass expressions. The guy speaking to her makes me cringe just as badly as her. Retarded ass institute

No. 2006303

When asked about Kiki Cali she squeals like a hog “my bestieee” so superficial and fake

No. 2006310

I can't stand how she does the underboob thing all the time, it doesn't look good ever and especially on her. She'd be better off just doing regular big boob cleavage

No. 2006313

File: 1718852688227.jpg (Spoiler Image,335.35 KB, 1052x688, Screenshot_20240620-040354.jpg)

Why does she always do this pose hunched over like a cat about to cough up a hairball

No. 2006321

How… how can she be so fat, yet have such little ass? Do her glutes repel fat deposits like a backwards magnet?

No. 2006324

It's probably hard to pose in a sexy manner when you're literally getting you're ass beat, tense and uncomfortable. We only really see this hairball ass position when she's getting beat on.

No. 2006335

File: 1718857171209.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 4320x2208, 1000007246.jpg)

Would it kill her to arch her back? Also tit scars on full display in both picrel and this one. All this is getting too sad

No. 2006356

File: 1718869121729.png (Spoiler Image,704.35 KB, 1362x554, no-ass-highlights.png)

A few highlights
The too tight denim skirt is bursting
She struggles to remove the skirt because it's so small
Kiki is sat in the same room
She has no ass

Because she's so fat and unfit she doesn't have the muscle tone to be able to do anything else.

No. 2006359

The state of those disgusting tits is horrific, do you think she realises how botched they are or is so delusional she thinks they’re uwu perfect bimbo boobs?

No. 2006362

I swear the scrotes made her pose like this at this angle just to make sure the scars under her tits got fully displayed to humiliate her. scrotes know once they put these fucked up vids out there they get mirrored and reposted until the end times, so they purposely try to humiliate women like this

No. 2006364

Doing shit being laid out like a pork tenderloin so she can be slapped around is exactly why her tits are as botched as they are. She should have taken a break from sex work and let them heal. She's either stupid or she was desperate for the money.

No. 2006377

her fake confidence and verrrrry forced giggles never fails to make me rage. Her wiggling and bubbliness is extremely inauthentic.
>>how comfortable are you being naked in front of people?
she avoids answering this question outright, just sucks in her breath in response, but the interviewer helps her along to express how much she loves the attention. I dont believe it at all. I know she just got her surgery here and lost 20 lbs or whatever it was but I think she is still hiding how much she regrets gaining weight.

No. 2006393

File: 1718890638931.png (48.81 KB, 194x169, more like TATTLE-tail amirite.…)

I am fucking dying lmfao

No. 2006398

the way she leans forward to try and give herself an ass and hide her gut… stand up straight shatna

No. 2006406

i think the issue is that she is just far too ugly to be a believable bimbo so any attempt to act ditzy just ends up reading as uncomfortable or drugged out. like the way she's acting would be less disturbing if she actually was a thin platinum blonde paris hilton type and not an obese haggard woman with extremely overgrown roots and cheap looking undersized clothes

No. 2006407

Even Paris Hilton doesn’t act this retarded. Paris has the jarring baby voice but she’s not making retarded faces, having pig tails, dressing in child like clothes and squealing like a hog

No. 2006409

Kek nona I can see it too

No. 2006411

Pls can someone incorporate this into the next thread picture

No. 2006429

Kekk when he asks her if shooting with Kiki is fun and she immediately deflects. She hates her 'job'

No. 2006449

File: 1718911224566.jpeg (573.51 KB, 1170x659, IMG_3908.jpeg)

No. 2006450

File: 1718911274582.jpeg (104.67 KB, 378x364, IMG_3907.jpeg)

Poot Lovato lookin’ ass. She held this gaze for the entire Twitter spelling joke…GO HOME SHAT

No. 2006452

>Poot Lovato lookin’ ass
kek spot on

No. 2006459

The saddest thing I've ever read in my entire life.

No. 2006461

File: 1718916202701.jpeg (257.63 KB, 1170x801, IMG_8007.jpeg)

“””hang out”””

No. 2006464

Why give out details about her John? Not that I care about these scrotes but it's silly

No. 2006465

"Get naked for us and we'll get you spanked" God my ovaries shrivelled up at that. This is so unsexy, even for Shay's standards

No. 2006467

File: 1718917067147.jpeg (160.78 KB, 1170x646, IMG_8008.jpeg)

No. 2006468

In what world is it a flex to get paid for sitting at some boring old man's bedside for months? Sugar daddies are supposed to lavish you with gifts and experiences, not lie rotting in bed while you bring him drinks and suck him off for pennies

Just get a damn McDonalds job, it'd be much less humiliating

No. 2006479

It's just her trying to brag and hype herself up as a very desired woman. Since >>2006467 you can see she didn't even last more than 15 minutes before her self esteem came crashing down again.

No. 2006482

File: 1718921092003.jpeg (931.29 KB, 1215x1828, 3513F259-D3F1-4EF2-909C-DB2EDC…)

Her life is embarrassing

No. 2006484

File: 1718921160515.jpeg (Spoiler Image,720.65 KB, 1242x1438, 73B8B346-0648-4650-9CDB-AAC27F…)

No. 2006494

Damn looking at this couch gave me scabies

No. 2006526

Kekkkk I love that this version has "YOU" over Sully and not the little girl

No. 2006533

>>2006482 who stole mike slack's job? did he officially disappear?

No. 2006553


No. 2006562

This sent me for some reason. Why is there a post of Shayna's ass with zero context?

No. 2006591

File: 1718949755639.jpg (666.32 KB, 1536x2048, F.jpg)

>fully gna be late 4 my date bc i ran back in 2 put a bow in my hair oops
The only good thing about the bow is that it distracts from the dandruff in her bangs.

No. 2006594

Damn did she forget to add a filter? Looking haggard and dry… She must be really desperate if she can't afford to cancel on this john even though she looks and feels like shit. Thriving as a high class sex worker I guess!

No. 2006596

File: 1718953165637.jpg (216.73 KB, 1080x715, Martini.jpg)

No. 2006597

Jfc I’d kill myself if I was this ugly. I hate her tiny black butthole eyes so much

No. 2006614

File: 1718963313932.png (65.9 KB, 155x275, 1652645380808.png)

No. 2006617

File: 1718965304088.png (7.63 MB, 3659x2048, GQkSFAibIAA8FIC.png)

The full outfit

No. 2006622

This “potential sugar dad” either has a sped fetish or he can’t afford anyone more expensive than Shat. I can’t believe this fat retard used to think that people would pay her to style them. And why the fuck does she keep doing this pigeon toed pose?

No. 2006623

Kekkk they really are a match made in hell

No. 2006632

she deleted this

No. 2006640

>pigeon toed pose
It’s something every girl from her tumblr era that went on to do porn seems to do. It’s like that uwu anime turned in foot pose and I fucking hate it kek esp bc you can clearly tell from her knees that her feet naturally turn OUTward.

No. 2006643

She tries so hard to look like a teenager and the result is always special needs adult that escaped the group home. Being a sped is her brand at this point. However I will give her credit for wearing denim shorts that aren't giving her painful levels of camel toe. She must have finally realised that it made her look like a tranny trying to hide it's dick and balls.

No. 2006644

It’s also supposed to make your legs look thinner, isn’t it? Good luck with that, Shay.

No. 2006647

KEK I noticed that too re her shorts, they are blessedly more appropriately sized. Not much, but definitely more. I wonder if she’s ever NOT had BV…

No. 2006649

the wrinkles around her eyes are actually insane. she looks 45 years old..

No. 2006657

Her answer where she says she likes it when the person caning her is proud of her reminds me of when she said her crusty old john was looking at her like she was his pride and joy … oof, Shayna, that’s really pathetic.

No. 2006662

Latter seeing as he only bought her three drinks.

No. 2006671

This whole outfit is retarded. Nothing goes together. Ripped shorts tucked over her gunt, paired with a white dingy Barbie shirt, pink vans with tucked in shoelaces because she’s too mentally retarded to know how to tie a knot, the huge over the top clown looking hair bow over her dandruff and her bowl cut bangs flopping over her bunghole eyes. She looks like a whole mess. The bow and the shoes make her look retarded. It’s not that great of an outfit but with those two things gone she’d look better.

No. 2006673

File: 1718981855201.jpeg (257.77 KB, 732x484, 743F2B37-54E2-4177-AA6B-4BCC25…)

Does shayna not know how to tie her shoes??? Also these vans so chunky and thick looking They look like those ugly sneaker slippers from back then.

No. 2006683

Is this the cake bow?! Kekeke

Nona, I googled those vans and I got shooketh that they looks just fine as they are. They caught retard from shay

No. 2006684

this style of tying laces was popular back in the earlier 00s. the super puffy tongue with loose laces and no knot/bow visible. it was popular in my area with skateboarders. she's just doing a throwback to her younger years, when her life was less bleak.

No. 2006718

Kek calling it a throwback is too kind. Her fashion sense just hasn't evolved in the past 10+ years. I also remember this style of shoe being everywhere, always wondered how people's feet didn't just slide straight out of them.

No. 2006722

The fuck are those nasty-ass stains on her carpet? Clean your hovel I beg you

No. 2006724

she's in a public bathroom. why any establishment would have carpet in their bathroom i don't know. of course whatever trashy bar she's in would be this disgusting.

No. 2006750

Nonnies calm down that's clearly not carpet. If you look closely it's some kind of stone flooring.

No. 2006754

I also assume that this is her default pose because she thinks it makes her look ‘uwu so smol, such baby’. I swear, the fatter she gets, the worse she becomes at posing because she’s trying so hard to overcompensate for her largeness.

No. 2006759

File: 1719004383055.png (748.46 KB, 979x641, carpet.png)

I thought it might be fake stone effect linoleum but after lightening the image, it looks more like carpet.

No. 2006762

the shorts really accentuate her fridge body

No. 2006771

She really needs drawstring or flared shorts instead of those slim-fit ones. They just emphasize her narrow hips, whereas baggy or flared pants would balance out her figure.

No. 2006777

>they caught retard from Shay.
This shit made me laugh lol. Ty nona

No. 2006786

File: 1719010548616.jpeg (1022.47 KB, 1536x2048, TH7dFno.jpeg)

こんにちは、「Shaypan!AU」のShaynaです! Tumblrというウェブサイトで私を知っているかもしれません。私はそこでとても有名になりました!今はタレント、モデル、アイドルになるという夢を叶えるために日本に引っ越しました!それがうまくいかなかったら、農家になってたくさんの牛を飼いたいと思っています。私の趣味は食べること、タバコを吸うこと、じっとしていることです。好きな食べ物は揚げ寿司、好きな飲み物は牛乳です。私の血液型は「B.O.+」です。頑張ってください!〜(shaytism belongs in /shay/)

No. 2006805

This is autistic but blood type - BO+ gave me a kek. Shat actually would have done better if she'd been weebier. Her editing style would probably be more aesthetically pleasing, and she would be able to do a schoolgirl type look rather than whatever tf her weird athleisure/chola/biker chick/kids pajama thing is now. Her bangs in edited images actually make her look younger and slightly nicer, but the actual retarded bangs she's chosen are just confusing.

No. 2006806

this is what you go do laundry in, or maybe walking your dog at the park. you don’t go on a date in this kind of outfit, especially not if you’re getting paid for it. she just gets lazier and lazier.

No. 2006810

you're autistic af nona but i will make this threadpic of next OP if i make it

No. 2006819

File: 1719020832153.png (1.78 MB, 880x1176, zk33qgw.png)

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26-year-old failing portAlS to oTher diMEnSionS And hidden reAlmS oF SecreTS, guArding portAlS to oTher days posting free pictures of her diMEnSionS And hidden reAlmS oF forbiddEn knoWledge. Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26-year-old portAlS to oTher diMEnSionS And enSlAve humAn curioSity. on twitter guArding free pictures of her hemorrhoid-filled anus on twitter while begging pornsick degenerate while begging free pictures of her diMEnSionS And hidden reAlmS oF S

No. 2006820

File: 1719020864133.jpeg (317.56 KB, 1360x1363, ZVZPsye.jpeg)

Shaynata Shakur(shaytism belongs in /shay/)

No. 2006822

You’re an even bigger cow than she is

No. 2006823

Take this autism to /shay/

No. 2006826

File: 1719021317968.jpg (240.3 KB, 1080x818, 48.jpg)


No. 2006828

Sounds like she's been lurking.

No. 2006837

she’s one of those nasty bitches who just consistently has BV but swears up and down “it’s just discharge!!”

No. 2006842

Girl how could anyone not clock those fake titties with those scars it’s not like she wears enough clothing to hide the scars either

No. 2006843

She should just pull a Charms and turn into a circus freak.

No. 2006846

Can we just allow SOME fun in this thread. You all act like the cow police

No. 2006871

It is polished concrete

No. 2006906

Shayna people are only surprised your tits are fake because they look like shit. Not because they look naturally beautiful or whatever. Post-surgery was the only time they looked good because they were too swollen to show the asymmetries, and the scars were more stretched out and hidden. God I wish she'd stop kidding herself and actually get it fixed. She'd be much happier for it

No. 2006945

It's getting smaller and smaller somehow. It's inverting into her gut.

No. 2006970

God she reminds me of the german shepherd from all dogs go to heaven.

No. 2006972

The style is supposed to be a callback to the big puffy skate shoes like Etnies but with her shit styling I’ll bet my left leg she bought these on sale at Journey’s at her mall because those exact shoes in that color have been the go to discounted online shoe for the past year. Looks like She didn’t know what to do with the laces or how the shoe should actually be worn because she doesn’t wear that style ever nor does she do physical activity to let alone stay on a slab of wood going over 5MPH

No. 2006975

File: 1719073664302.jpeg (628.03 KB, 1179x1855, IMG_4949.jpeg)

Dropped pic

No. 2006992

I genuinely am so fascinated by it, she has the least ass of anyone under 50 I’ve ever seen and it does seem to be getting smaller. Her quads are just packing on the lard tho it’s wild she’s like tall ruler-shaped Momokun

No. 2007000

Anons here called this kek Always right.
Except we know this is sugar coated and she probably hates them. Maybe she edits out her scars in some photos and people are surprised because nobody would ever pay for that result. In real life I'm sure it's impossible to miss that they're a botched surgery. Or, I can't even tell if her after care was the main issue.

No. 2007011

More like complete lack of aftercare. She was wearing underwire bras and going braless just weeks after surgery. I also guarantee you she was drinking and smoking during her healing process. Implants are supposed to drop to a degree but hers just fell down since she refused to offer them any support. Now they’re lopsided again.
I’m sure some of it has to do with her breast being two different shapes too but the lift was supposed to help with that to some degree.

No. 2007012

File: 1719083672762.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1242x1666, B0B987C2-CF81-4C40-AA41-3E927F…)

She was e begging for her boob’s birthday or some retarded shit

No. 2007013

File: 1719083807241.jpeg (947.34 KB, 1242x1484, 0CAF912B-7544-4E23-9F4C-8D52B7…)

Even her troon boyfriend is begging for her kek

No. 2007014

File: 1719083955188.jpeg (434.33 KB, 1242x1304, C51DDB18-E2C8-4DBF-8E8D-85362F…)

Kek Shayna trying so hard to go viral over a joke that’s been made is so funny to me. Because she always gets less than 10 likes. Proves she’s not as cool as she wants people to think she is . Fucking loser

No. 2007024

She posted this exact thing before in the past. Word for word.

No. 2007034

Spoil her yourself, Buffalo Bill

No. 2007036

Any excuse not to cook. All she does is sit on her ass and scroll Twitter, scrolling for 30 seconds on a recipe wouldn't kill her. Bet she Doordashed instead as usual

No. 2007081

No. 2007093

File: 1719096867713.jpg (551.93 KB, 1436x903, wishtender.jpg)

Piggy's wishtender page

No. 2007098

File: 1719097645377.png (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 760x1147, baby bimbo.png)

Looking quite monstrous in her ShinyScrote photos.

No. 2007100

File: 1719097912343.jpg (Spoiler Image,608.69 KB, 1270x1124, sb2.jpg)

No. 2007102

File: 1719098218730.jpg (302.18 KB, 782x1385, sb3.jpg)

No. 2007104

She's always so late with what's trending. That period where people were making fun of recipe blogs being filled with irrelevant stories you have to keep scrolling past was like 2 or 3 years ago

No. 2007106

The black pantyhose with those shiny chunky peep toe heels is killing me for some reason

No. 2007113

File: 1719099139103.png (65.86 KB, 200x384, bigarms.png)

Why does her body look so huge and her head so small.

No. 2007126

This is Dennis Raider/BTK killer type of fetish shit. Barf

No. 2007133

This is going to sound stupid but I always thought she does that eye squint on purpose, like a lot of girls in selfies? Jesus the more I see her the more I realize her eyes are just like this

No. 2007136

she has momokun syndrome

No. 2007138

This really highlights her two vastly different nipple sizes. Woof

No. 2007140

I think she does do it on purpose. It helps to hide dark circles/tear troughs if you scrunch up the undereye skin. It's just unfortunate that in her case it gives her undereyes a papery ballsack effect instead kek

No. 2007241

i was just making biscuits an hour ago and had this exact thought. recipe formatting is fucking ridiculous(no1currs)

No. 2007244

What would even happen if Shayna somehow went viral with one of these jokes that someone already made but worse? Does she think it will make her famous? Most people don't want to follow a porn account even if they made a joke they found funny, she'll get a handful of coomers if she's lucky. And probably trolled by conservatives who take a look at her account and find her complaining about how she only gets 10 likes on an asshole pic and bragging about her "sugar daddies" buying her cheap crap.
I bet she'd bring up going viral forever, like how Lillee Jean randomly brings up that tweet about Barbie she made years ago that got attention.

No. 2007281

She probably doesn't think that far. I partially blame tumblr for how she views social media because I think the whole posting (soft core) porn but also featuring your personality very prominently thing was big on tumblr. People really did follow her for her as a person once upon a time and they were eager to ask her questions and interact. At least that's my impression from having read the old threads. Now she's just a porn making machine for sick porn brained men and she doesn't realize that she's turned herself into a product that she should market better.

No. 2007287

Someone else has that thought and made that tweet loooonngggg before Shay. She's tried to piggyback off of viral posts since her tumblr days. Also nona 95% of those sites have a button at the top of the page that says "jump to recipe."

No. 2007340

bimbo hunchback from notre dame

No. 2007342

File: 1719157383597.jpg (Spoiler Image,765.74 KB, 3840x2160, 1y.jpg)

>everyone say happy first birthday 2 my boobies [halo emoji, pink heart emoji, sparkle emoji](read the thread before posting)

No. 2007358

posted a day ago and didnt get a single gift yet

No. 2007371

It's the ancient roman statue body type

No. 2007379

Seems like she's decided that she's at the point of no return

No. 2007389

File: 1719167473403.jpeg (24.71 KB, 266x449, CrxhXhsVMAAvGir.jpeg)

No. 2007418

She looks better here than her usual porn shoots because more of her body and fat is covered by the corset and stockings. She should honestly just start doing more porn with lingerie themes like this, because her fully naked is an eyesore and when she’s dressed in frumpy frilly costumes or cheerleader outfits it just makes her look absolutely huge. At least she can somewhat hide or suck in her fat rolls with a girdle and corset and the stockings cover more of her cellulite and nasty dirty feet.

No. 2007473

don't do quasimodo like this nona kek

No. 2007483

did she get her implants a year ago?!

No. 2007515

What the other anon said, she looks better in these shoots than normally. Her waist is cinched in, has stockings and gloves, and the smooth material gives the illusion that she (herself) is more smooth. She should, maybe, go down this lingerie route if she insist on being a hoe. Lingerie is something that ages way better than DDLG style.

No. 2007525


Idk, she looks like she's a 57 year old Ukrainian hooker being tied up by a middle management type with a MtF fetish. But i guess it is a step up from the babygirl larping?

No. 2007538

File: 1719193454846.jpg (677.31 KB, 1536x2048, Bd.jpg)

No. 2007574

If she cropped out her head it wouldn’t be a bad photo.

No. 2007583

She should crop her head out in most photos. So many girls only post body photos and make signifcantly more than her, even the ones with unfit bodies. She'd probably get more subs that way. But she's retarded and will never learn.

No. 2007584

File: 1719203661237.png (1.06 MB, 1146x1206, cope.png)

There's always an excuse

No. 2007589

sounds like someone’s on their third strike from being evicted for indecently exposing on their balcony

No. 2007597

Thank God she's been slimming down. Hoping for a Dolly-thinks-she's-in-her-true-bimbo-Barbie-body-era frfr

No. 2007600

…she really had to specify children seeing her for a reason, huh

No. 2007608

"I couldn't film the custom video you paid for weeks ago because there are birds singing"

No. 2007662

How dare members of the public (and birds) go outside and enjoy the sun.

No. 2007673

Yeah she'd only be complaining about these things if she was planning to film outside. Otherwise you can just close a window and you'd barely hear them. Imagine the trauma her neighbours must have by now

No. 2007701

File: 1719236126879.jpeg (318.22 KB, 983x628, IMG_3918.jpeg)

Been reading old threads, 37: >>>/snow/841938 (start of weight gain) if anyone wants to update links next thread. This bitch really been broke and alcoholic for 5+ years.

No. 2007702

File: 1719236198904.jpeg (487 KB, 1083x819, IMG_3923.jpeg)

Actually she upgraded to White Claw Surge, kek

No. 2007882

File: 1719266201560.jpg (49.18 KB, 800x920, 17818-down-syndrome.jpg)

No. 2007949

File: 1719278917967.jpeg (939.59 KB, 1242x1410, 889EC0A8-DEF4-477D-BED3-9B6D1B…)


No. 2007950

File: 1719279009323.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1471, 03D16D72-24EF-4AB8-8F68-41DE9E…)

Her pet moid is so creepy. I can’t believe she lets him in her apartment.

No. 2007956

File: 1719281283184.jpg (433.14 KB, 1920x1280, dog-portrait-1367177503deq.jpg)

She looks like a cocker spaniel

No. 2007975

File: 1719284818309.mp4 (726.65 KB, 630x354, Fat.mp4)

I'd be surprised if she ever gets back to the weight she was at when her threads began. She can barely do a sit up.

No. 2007985

who remembers when she went outside and filmed her neighbour with a leaf blower? like girl you live in a neighbourhood, not in the middle of nowhere. of course there's gonna be people around just shoot your shitty videos and go on with your day. oh noes, birds are singing, have to cancel filming today, sorry! reimburse me for a day off xoxo!

No. 2007993

She made her nose like twice as small

No. 2008014

She erased her entire face and shaved her nose. She looks like the Helth meme.

No. 2008045

Sage for defending this cow but this actually looks really good on her. She’s wearing eyeshadow for once, and the dark colors make her eyes look brighter and less shark like. She’s overlined her lips but with the black lipstick you can’t really tell, and she refrained from doing the butt lip she usually does with liquid lipstick. And the way she’s highlighted her nose makes it look less bulbous. I know she’s filtered to fuck and back but the makeup is so much more flattering than her usual schtick

No. 2008051

kek. What is the context of this?

No. 2008095

ok but do we really need the whole play by play of every feature kek? wouldn't be surprised if most of the makeup was added in faceapp anyway.

No. 2008127

I know this is filtered all to hell as usual, but she looks so much better in black than pink. Who lied to her and told her she looks good in ham shades?

No. 2008132

Why do people insist that black looks good on her? It doesn't. She needs better clothes. Or at least stuff that fits

No. 2008133

Anything is better than pink and white, but black isn't the answer since she's so sallow even when tanned and looks dead anyway. She went through that short period of wearing baby blue and THEN she actually looked healthy for once. She talked about making it a signature color but… she would never be able to commit to something that's actually a good decision.

No. 2008134

Oh yeah, her actual clothes and style are terrible. I just meant the colour black is a lot less horrendous for her weight and skin tone than the nasty pink things she usually wears.

No. 2008140

I think this was her wrestling “porn/fetish” video with kiki . She’d only do things that benefit her if she sexualized and made porn with it

No. 2008155

yeah she still looks like a cheap retard wearing halloween costumes as everyday clothes. doesn't matter what colour she's wearing

No. 2008161

Just because she had an athletic body type before she got fat doesn't mean she was athletic lol. Shayna has never been able to do a sit up.

No. 2008166

she never had an athletic body type; she had a scrawny tweaker body type without an ounce of muscle

No. 2008178

Buying clothes that fit her would be the biggest improvement she could make. She needs to stop walking around with fat straining the seams of everything she wears, like a sausage in a hot frying pan bursting from it's casing.

She's so focused on making everything viewable to moids that she's completely oblivious that it makes her look fatter than she already is.

No. 2008209

i really hope someone's got jokes and that's not shay breathing like that

No. 2008213

God the baby blue phase was so welcome, it genuinely looks so much better on her than any shade of pink she likes. ew idea for her is 2009core x Jersey Shore edition. She would look right at home in the style. Ed Hardy is calling, Shayna