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File: 1589179297716.jpg (456.09 KB, 1736x2048, 1588752521114.jpg)

No. 972184

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Summary of recent milk:

>changes twitter handle to buttstuffbarbie and goes obsessive over anal, even though she barely does any anal videos

>shay starts editing her photos beyond recognition
>admits that she's self conscious about her body…but uses this as an excuse not to work! what a surprise!
>plans to eat healthy and go to the gym one day, back to eating garbage and sitting on her ass the next day
>shay makes another pedo pandering vid
>shay lives vicariously through her sim, showing that what she really wants is to be an online influencer
>she gets bangs
>continues to start online drama while preaching how positive and above it all she is
>wants to move into a 3 bedroom house despite having no income but e-begging
>is she actually moving or is it all a scam? who knows?
>she's definitely not moving yet because she doesn't understand how leases work
>gets 1000$ tip, definitely not from her dad
>takes so many unflattering photos
>continues to balloon in weight
>talking constantly about being in quarantine while regularly going to the store
>shay's finally decided to accept her weight, but still only wears size S clothes and only has size S on her amazon wishlist
>shay gets ready to move, holds moving sale, is unable to work due to boxing things up
>oh wait she didn't even get the place, way to jump the gun
>but now she's super sneakily moving somewhere else. tinfoil is it's with her new bf, could be very milky
>hopefully this next thread will cover her moving saga!
>shay breaks up with her boyfriend after getting blackout drunk when he's over and being "abusive" to him - in her own words
>starts suicide baiting on twitter, because that definitely makes her look good
>female orbiters continue to suck shay's dick while shay continues to be misogynistic and shits all over women
>random girl makes a funny edit of shay's pussy, shay goes mental at her, cries and suicide baits on her business twitter
>she acts like a hypocrite on many occasions, telling other sex workers what they can't do while doing those things herself a day later
>she moves into her new apartment!
>buys so much weed, sinks further into addiction, gains more weight…at no surprise to anyone
>only uses the kitchen to make porn
>makes a shitty 4/20 porn she can't even post on onlyfans
>makes a post basically blaming women for sex trafficking, a formerly trafficked woman replies in a respectful way disagreeing
>does shay apologise and see the error of her ways? of course not!
>more suicide baiting ensues. her discord is banning people that mention the other girl
>scares another girl who replied to her into silence because of her insanity
>just acts like the big dramatic mess that we all know and love (jk). because callouts, gatekeeping and suicide baiting is what really gets men's dicks hard.
>sex trafficking survivor comes forward onto lolcow to share her messages with shay
>shay blantantly projects, doesn't apologise and insults her
>shay finally gets all her furniture into her new place, terrible interior decoration as always
>continues to be massively hypocritical, virtue signaling about shit she's done
>she signs up on twitch. it's discovered she thinks the sailor fuku is an actual sailor outfit
>still doesnt have a gaming computer, tries to raise money for a laptop instead of desktop
>scams her followers out of money to "clean her old carpet", buys weed pen
>thinks people are gonna buy a shirt with her face on, doesn't ever mention it again
>misogynistic as usual, goes on long spergs about new girls joining OF during the pandemic
>clearly extremely jealous that she has nothing to show for 4 years making gross porn apart from a heavy weed and alcohol addiction, while prettier girls are making thousands in a week

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ <- CURRENT

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No. 972205

I am so disappointed in the thread pic choice

No. 972208

I personally like the thread pic choice. Thanks for making the new thread anon

No. 972211

I made that and I didn’t expect it to be thread pic. I’m sorry to disappoint anon.

No. 972213

At least it won't get spoilered. Now stop sperging about the thread pic and focus on milk

No. 972245

File: 1589194529215.png (603.62 KB, 1000x600, BD4E153D-E943-4D0B-ABF9-0CCF4A…)

some of the thread pic nominees are too good to not have near the top so here, for posterity

No. 972246

File: 1589194574269.jpeg (308.26 KB, 1225x1150, E72045D7-E13A-41B9-9254-0AB66D…)

No. 972261

these were all really good. i thought about using the collage but multiple people said they didn't like it.

No. 972263


This one was the best

No. 972334

File: 1589209232440.jpg (343.63 KB, 1080x1743, Screenshot_20200511_105743.jpg)

If you can't bother to make a new thread… Stop sperging on the pic, this is a good one. I stopped making them a long time ago because of this kind of infighting.

No. 972337

lol why couldn't she buy a table or wash her dishes in her old place

No. 972361

What stopped her from buying a bigger fridge? Do places in the US always come furnished with whitegoods?

No. 972362

Apparently her old apartment didn’t have running water or space for dish soap! I can’t believe she outed herself once again as fucking disgusting hermit who can’t be a functioning adult

No. 972364

Her wanting braces from the last thread is probably because she wants to skinwalk belle Delphine since she’s kind of dipped off I wouldn’t be surprised she’d try her hardest to go viral like her and copy her look

No. 972368

Yes, and you cannot change any appliances within the rental apartment.

No. 972375

Wouldn't surprise me. She started doing the ahegao thing after belle became popular

No. 972378

does anyone else remember when she had just moved into that shithole, and was almost this happy about it, and then posted some bathroom nudes where it was clear there wasn't even fucking hand soap next to her bathroom sink lmao
but it was the HOUSE that was lacking. surely it can't be about shayna being a disgusting incapable pig

No. 972383

god i honestly want to witness that saga, i hope she does that. i know the shipping system is most likely fucked up everywhere, but she ordered that streaming deck quite a while ago now, hasn't she?

No. 972396

Would be glorious milk, watch her spaz on several ethots who skinwalk belle for copying “shay’s look/aesthetic”

No. 972397

That is so weird and frankly sounds like a blessing in disguise tbh

No. 972398

File: 1589217814092.jpeg (855.56 KB, 1334x750, F9E9E8C6-55C0-4161-BA25-56E71F…)

i don’t understand her point about the fridge. isn’t this a full sized fridge off to the side of the frame with shit piled on top of it in her stepmom video preview?

No. 972399

Right? Like how much food does a single person need? Families can fill a fridge & cupboards for a month. Just shows how much of a greedy pig she is

No. 972407

She's just an idiotic liar who thinks the space she lives in will fix her problems. In a year or less she'll be wanting to move again because her problems will come piling back up.

No. 972408

It is, because if anything breaks you don't have to pay to replace it. But if you're stuck with a shitty dishwasher or want to bring in a washing machine or something, you can't do anything.

No. 972430

she didn’t have enough storage for food? fucking KEK SHAY stop telling on yourself

No. 972432

File: 1589223463803.png (1.72 MB, 2048x1793, Screenshot_20200511-145738.png)

She has no chin anymore.

And Shayna please stop buying clothes that are 2-3 sizes too small. It's just cringe at this point.

No. 972435

File: 1589223533611.png (Spoiler Image,2.9 MB, 1654x2048, Screenshot_20200511-145910.png)

lumpy Shayna Yaniv

No. 972436

Please tell me she just got out of the shower and did her braids…

No. 972438

File: 1589224291437.jpeg (Spoiler Image,551.56 KB, 750x1239, 318205ED-F520-44FB-B3B0-9B2AEE…)

Holy shit, look at the stack of cheese under her skin. This made me recoil

No. 972442

Tbh I think that's a mix of her skin and bad compression but still it's weird AF

No. 972454

She legit looks like a trans girl who’s been on hormones for 4 years KEK

No. 972463


4 years? You're too generous anon, she's not that feminine

No. 972475

I know a lot of cows get nitpicked for their looks but Shayna is one of the ones that’s actually like ugly. the beady rat features and barrel body are such a jarring combo

No. 972493

Maybe she could have gotten away with it in her own scuffed little way a couple of pounds ago.

She really does have an unfortunate body type. I personally feel like what really ruins her appearance is the things she does to herself. Her fried hair, poor hygiene, alcoholism, unflattering makeup and rapid weight gain. Even with her barrel body, she could look decent if she gave a fuck and threw the bimbo aesthetic away and wore clothes that were nice quality and fit her body.

No. 972508

File: 1589232297753.jpg (494.63 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20200511-153257_Twi…)

No. 972510

File: 1589232344495.jpg (468.49 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20200511-162603_Twi…)

This will look AWFUL on her. Especially since she'll get a size too small

No. 972515

she's gonna look like a sausage

No. 972521

It's horrible anyway but yeah if not on a tall slender woman with a tiny waist it's gonna look so much worse.

No. 972529

At least two of the shirts are sold out all but in size small so if that's the sizes she's ordering still it's going to be comical if she thinks she's fitting into a small anymore.

No. 972533

I love how she's following advice given to her YEARS ago.
About how there's so much cheap barbie shit and clothes, so she should stop wearing the same things. Finally she's doing it, just to wear the same things.

No. 972557

oh i can’t wait to see how she’s going to squeeze her sausage shaped body into this type of dress.

No. 972558

She's going to look like a gothic honey boo boo. Can't wait.

No. 972596

File: 1589240718753.jpg (850.43 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20200511-184435_Twi…)

Back at it with her fake positivity

No. 972598

File: 1589240751846.jpg (221.92 KB, 1080x793, Screenshot_20200511-184507_Twi…)

That's not healthy Shay

No. 972616

lol why does she post this as if it’s some kind of universal truth

No. 972623

boys wanna beat girls because of misogyny and people like you. Not because of wrestling. Good try though.

No. 972627

Stfu Shay.

Pro wrestling has nothing to do with domestic abuse.

WWE still won't do intergender cos of how it may look. Wrestling was never beating up women.


No. 972636

It's just you shayna clifford, you have an admittedly punchable face, that you yourself punch for pennies.

Why wouldn't the shitty ass dudes you date wanna beat your ass too?

No. 972639

File: 1589246881817.jpeg (199.99 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_oa0bzrIqvY1rmiw96o3_128…)

𝕾𝖔𝖗𝖗𝖞 𝕴'𝖒 𝖓𝖊𝖜 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊 𝖇𝖚𝖙 𝖎𝖘 𝖘𝖍𝖊 𝖒𝖎𝖝𝖊𝖉 𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖊𝖉?

No. 972641

What the fuck

No. 972642

No. 972644

𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖋𝖚𝖈𝖐

No. 972646

What? Because she has curly hair or something? Kek this post is peak retardation.

No. 972647

>>972646 𝕳𝖊𝖗 𝖍𝖆𝖎𝖗 𝖎𝖘 𝖈𝖚𝖗𝖑𝖞 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖋𝖗𝖎𝖟𝖟𝖞 𝖎𝖓 𝖆 𝖜𝖆𝖞 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝟏𝟎𝟎% 𝖜𝖍𝖎𝖙𝖊 𝖕𝖊𝖔𝖕𝖑𝖊 𝖚𝖘𝖚𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖞 𝖆𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖙. 𝕰𝖛𝖊𝖓 𝖜𝖍𝖊𝖓 𝖜𝖍𝖎𝖙𝖊 𝖕𝖊𝖔𝖕𝖑𝖊 𝖍𝖆𝖛𝖊 𝖈𝖚𝖗𝖑𝖞 𝖍𝖆𝖎𝖗 𝖎𝖙 𝖚𝖘𝖚𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖞 𝖉𝖔𝖊𝖘𝖓'𝖙 𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖐 𝖑𝖎𝖐𝖊 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘. 𝖆𝖑𝖘𝖔 𝖟𝖔𝖔𝖒 𝖎𝖓 𝖔𝖓 𝖍𝖊𝖗 𝖋𝖆𝖈𝖊

No. 972648

why are you typing with a fancy text converter

No. 972651

Where did you come from?

No. 972652

White people have curly hair please fucking leave omg

No. 972653

lmao this stupid weird font is killing me for some reason. anon what are you doing??

No. 972655

Me too, curly hair and curly text kek, what kind of Larp is this anon doing?
Anyway Shayna's hair looked way better then, what else is new?

No. 972656

She is in between 2c waves and 3a curls, pretty common. Similiar to Lorde's hair texture. Did you have fun derailing?

No. 972658

I zoomed in on her face and she looks about 25. What exactly am I looking for?

No. 972661

𝕳𝖔𝖜 𝖉𝖔 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖐𝖓𝖔𝖜 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖉𝖊 𝖎𝖘 𝟏𝟎𝟎% 𝖜𝖍𝖎𝖙𝖊. 𝖉𝖎𝖉 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖉𝖔 𝖆 𝕯𝕹𝕬 𝖘𝖜𝖆𝖇. 𝕾𝖍𝖊 𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖐𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖑𝖎𝖐𝖊 𝖍𝖊𝖗 𝖕𝖆𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖘

𝕬𝖑𝖘𝖔 𝖜𝖍𝖞 𝖆𝖗𝖊 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖔𝖋𝖋𝖊𝖓𝖉𝖊𝖉??? 𝖓𝖔 𝖔𝖓𝖊 𝖈𝖆𝖗𝖊𝖘 𝖆𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖏𝖊𝖜 𝖋𝖗𝖔

No. 972663

>>972658 𝕾𝖍𝖊 𝖍𝖆𝖘 𝖊𝖙𝖍𝖓𝖎𝖈 𝖋𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖚𝖗𝖊𝖘

No. 972668


No. 972674

Ohhhh it's a Nazi okay

No. 972675

where are the mods when you actually need them

No. 972677

Seriously. she's such a stupid bitch attempting to excuse male on female violence as 'well, they watched wrestling.' Plenty of non-violent people like the sport. She's the worst case of pick me.

No. 972686

File: 1589254869875.jpg (679.17 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20200511-224102_Twi…)

Comments underneath this post. But it's the meds causing the weight gain, right Shay?

No. 972691

File: 1589256072586.jpg (Spoiler Image,809.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200511-225622_Chr…)

I know it's been said a thousand times, but I really can't believe Shay has the nerve to say insecure people Photoshop their photos, then post shit that is blurred and warped into oblivion like this kek

No. 972692

File: 1589256119361.jpg (Spoiler Image,816.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200511-225625_Chr…)

No. 972698

What's the point of shopping everything when you leave out your pouch sticking on farther than your tits???

No. 972701

All that and she still has cellulite.

No. 972714


Yikes, she should have rotated a bit more to hide that gut hanging right by her hand.

No. 972716

not only that but forever 21 small is more like an extra small and shay should probably be ordering a large nowdays

No. 972789

Her eyebrows look so bad omg

No. 972807

its only frizzy because its always been bleached and dry as fuck. and she doesnt know how to look after it. Aside from that its just curly hair you see all the time

No. 972808

File: 1589286007512.gif (200 KB, 220x165, tenor (16).gif)

>She has ethnic features
Lol Fucking WHERE?! Shayna's the whitest bitch Massachusetts has shat out. Her using terms like "on God" and "ion" just makes her look even more painfully white. Also, white people have textured hair too. How have you gone this far in life not knowing that? Holy shit.

No. 972819

it's just a nazi that believes in the 'one drop rule' and wants to rile people up.

No. 972859

Prolly a scrote

No. 972900

Woof, that gunt. Can't wait for her to "model" her too small Forever21 clothes. Love that she says she's embraced becoming bigger and accepting the weight gain but her mindset is "If I can squeeze myself into a small, I'm still the same size I was a year ago!!1!!1"

No. 972909

File: 1589306662011.jpg (473.19 KB, 1080x1184, Screenshot_20200512-125910_Chr…)

Wonder what Tubby is going to do now.

No. 972910

Lol I've looked into this. OnlyFans is not deleting sex workers simply for posting nudes. They are deleting those who don't follow the posting rules, period. And lots of sex workers don't follow the rules.

No. 972911

File: 1589306840059.png (794.2 KB, 1936x2048, Screenshot_20200512-140702.png)

cos you were totally the first person to do that, right Shayna? Everyone is just copying you of course because you're ~*so iconic*~, kek

No. 972913

File: 1589306956565.png (466.95 KB, 2048x1292, Screenshot_20200512-140906.png)

So when she said "all girls are mean bullies" she was talking about herself?

I seriously don't get this, did she just give up on attempting to dom men and is now trying it with women? Holy fuck this is gonna be hilarious.

No. 972917

lmao she only gets called a pick-me here, and not for reasons like hanging her dog's toys dildos on the wall, but for calling other girls cunts for sharing their own experiences and opinions. what a weird way to finally acknowledge it

No. 972926

she really doesnt care if she outs herself lurking here

No. 972947

File: 1589309926654.jpg (271.09 KB, 1075x976, Screenshot_20200512-135902_Twi…)

No Shay, you ARE mean

No. 972955

This is just going to be a video of her getting her feelings out about how much she hates women. You're not a domme, Shayna. You are a pathetic basic pick me who thinks men have it worse than women, and that women are the true oppressors and meanies

No. 972957

File: 1589310447013.png (Spoiler Image,2.64 MB, 1603x2048, Screenshot_20200512-150713.png)

Why does she always insist on making this down syndrome face

No. 972970

Oh cry me a river.

She is hideous. What sad person is going to want to collab with her when all she does is shit on other women?

No. 972974

Shayna, collab with someone? Yeah she's tried that in the past and it never works out for her.

No. 972982

I don't think she's collabing with anyone, I think it's literally just going to be a video of her talking into the camera about how much she hates women while holding a leash.

No. 972987

File: 1589312659077.jpeg (372.21 KB, 1242x956, 16C47FB8-5C2F-4D62-8D5A-A8D639…)

Is this girl fr? she “looks up” to shay? lmao how sad why would you look up to her

No. 973005

Uh… You liked this tweet? Why?

No. 973019

now more than ever she looks like there's a gun behind the camera. if she wasn't such a foul person it'd be sad to see her doing this to herself for pocket change.

No. 973035

Yet again, proving she doesn’t give a FUCK about girls or understand what they like, this video is clearly just to pander to men.

No. 973037

Nta but it’s gonna drive Shay crazy when she sees it lol. Probably going to block everyone who like the tweet just to get rid of one person

No. 973047

tinfoil but maybe it's this dakolcy girl self posting lol

No. 973053

Your gloves aren’t latex…. they’re cheap knock off shit from amazon.

No. 973054

lol why would anyone want their pussy rated by shay? how many pussies has she seen? like 3? other than her own. she's not remotely bi & physically recoiled from her "gf's" pussy years ago. i'll be amazed if she could look at the picture for more than 2 seconds & she'll no doubt get irrationally angry and go on a misogynistic sperg if the girl's pussy looks better than hers.

No. 973061

File: 1589320780364.jpg (471.08 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20200512-165957_Twi…)

Wtf is this look?

No. 973062

File: 1589320831664.jpg (807.67 KB, 1079x1439, Screenshot_20200512-170059_Twi…)

No. 973063

File: 1589320866381.jpg (933.37 KB, 1074x1439, Screenshot_20200512-170049_Twi…)

That shirt is way too small

No. 973064

File: 1589320958137.jpg (191.42 KB, 1078x680, Screenshot_20200512-170231_Twi…)

So when she "dommes" men, she makes fun of their dick. But when she "dommes" women, she calls them cows. Ok Shay

No. 973067

kek the projection - the only cow is YOU shayna. keep eating cereal and emptying out your pantry!

No. 973069

Tinfoil: This is Shay's way of getting revenge on lolcow

No. 973072

GodDAMN that is a big fucking pterodactyl wing. I didn’t even think it was possible to fuck up even that angle.

No. 973077

KEK those are supposed to be over the elbow gloves but they don’t fit

No. 973080

She can't pull the gloves up her sausage arms loool

No. 973082

Even being that low it still looks beyond too tight for her. Oh the meltdown she probably had about that one.

No. 973086

her gloves not fitting are so painful to look at, she just looks like shes about to go to an animecon and is casually holdin a chain, the aesthetic she is going for is totally missing

No. 973088

File: 1589323343627.jpg (330.61 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20200512-174156_Sam…)

The full text post

I don't have her OF so I can't get the pic

No. 973090

I don't think she knows how to put latex on, kek

No. 973091

This doesn't sound like a domme at all. It sounds like an idiot trying to play a domme for laughs.

No. 973092

this isn't even tinfoil. we all know she obsessively checks here, so she clearly did this on purpose. except the only thing she accomplishes with this is outing her lurking and how insecure she is about being a constant source of milk

No. 973094

At this point Shayna is just making content for us. The fact that she can sell it to neckbeards is just a perk.

No. 973096

She abused the absolute fuck out of the nose-shrinking tool on Snow in these pictures, lol. Her real honker is about three times the size of this.

No. 973098

Someone needs to tell her to order clothes her actual size kek she looks like a hippo in extra small clothes. Not body shaming but she would look better if she wore clothes that flattered her. But she wants to be a ~smol baby~

No. 973100

The unzipped skirt… What's so hard in buying a size up??

No. 973104

That would mean she has to admit she gained weight.

No. 973105

File: 1589325478827.jpg (235.08 KB, 1080x749, Screenshot_20200512-181744_Twi…)

OnlyFans anon, come through with this train wreck

No. 973106

It's an old skirt and probably doesn't want to get a bigger one

No. 973107

File: 1589325555913.jpg (142.19 KB, 1080x428, Screenshot_20200512-181800_Twi…)

Well these threads sure do help prove it

No. 973108

It's denial.
Usually takes a lil while for someone who's always been slender to come to terms with weight gain.

"I'm not fat, I can still fit in a size blabla"

She prob won't come to terms with it for a few years and she clearly not the type to go diet and exercise so it's just gonna get worse.

No. 973116

File: 1589327773270.jpg (360.08 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20200512-185512_Twi…)

No. 973118

Wasnt this meant to be for girls?? She said it a million times. And now she’s saying it’ll get people hard? So is it trans girl exclusive porn? What’s going on Shay

No. 973120

lmao i’m so distracted by that skirt pulled over her fat gut

No. 973132

No. 973137

File: 1589330792584.jpg (286.5 KB, 1080x1014, Screenshot_20200512-194535_Twi…)

So that's where your followers came from? From more successful sex workers?

No. 973143

She admitted pixie was a big reason she got so many subs. She apparently has paid her for promo multiple times. How fucking sad.

I'll try to find the tweet if she hasn't deleted it.

No. 973145

File: 1589331358100.jpeg (556.33 KB, 640x1096, F4A850EE-0EA3-4125-A0CF-C4799E…)

Looks like Jowly Mattel has outgrown her size Small dress and tried using it as a top, how rich. I wonder if she just cut it or ripped it trying to squeeze in like a sausage casing.

No. 973151

Lol oh wow anon, good catch there!

No. 973154

This is a joke right?

Like this isn't the real video she's just playing some joke, right? …..right?

No. 973158

I just imagine she has to cut the cam because shes either raging or ends up crying because shes really just venting about how she hates herself and other women kek

No. 973181

Can someone please make a collage with the first part of this tweet and other incidents of her being an absolute cunt to other SWs and women in general? Too good to resist.

No. 973185

File: 1589337311656.jpg (313.13 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_20200512-213520_Twi…)

This was probably sent by one of her orbiters

No. 973187

File: 1589337440456.jpg (244 KB, 1080x779, Screenshot_20200512-213506_Twi…)

You have friends Shay?

No. 973193

I wish she would stop touching her weird bangs for two seconds.

No. 973198

File: 1589340493281.jpeg (435.44 KB, 1535x2048, EX3cIvZWsAAyOxd.jpeg)

Those gloves are putting in more work then Shay has all year

No. 973205

>be a good little cow or i won't have to stuff your mouth etc
um, shouldn't it be 'i will'? the way it's worded the person can be bad and there won't be any consequence, fuck she's dumb.

she probably hates them and instead of styling them away from her face did…whatever that is and had to constantly push them away. also i know it's tired but this would've been the time to wear the ponytail.

No. 973209

File: 1589343818651.jpg (233.62 KB, 1080x774, Screenshot_20200512-232141_Twi…)

Cause your twitter followers know how much of a fake domme you are

No. 973210

File: 1589343878899.jpg (457.12 KB, 1080x1180, Screenshot_20200512-232154_Twi…)

Does she like live in this bathroom or something? Half of her new content has been in this room

No. 973211

She literally dropped Colleen and her Tumblr friends the second they couldn't bring her anymore followers. She only kisses her "friends" asses that bring her attention.

No. 973212

File: 1589345572159.png (6.26 MB, 1125x2436, E5CF4FCD-4275-47FC-86CB-84CBF1…)

The image I will think of every time she says she’s pretty.. sorry for the potato quality.

No. 973214

fridge-y mattel

No. 973215

god she’s gonna have a full-on potbelly within the next couple months if she keeps this up

No. 973216

When she forgets to suck in, she already definitely has one.

No. 973218

does she not know you're supposed to use lube to put on latex or does she just not own any cuz she's dryfuckingbarbie

No. 973220

Real latex gloves are like 100$+. Those are just cheap amazon gloves.

No. 973221

Latex is expensive. Those gloves are, dollars to donuts, that cheap 'latex' that's barely different from those cheap ass PVC pants and stuff you'd wear for a month before it started peeling and falling apart.

I'll probably forget to do it, but I bet if you searched for latex gloves on Amazon, the ones she has will be the first option listed for under $10.

No. 973232

wait what?
>if that's not how you feel about seeing your friends succeed
>then they're not your friends
>then you're not a good friend

wow shayna. better delete quick

No. 973258

She's just getting wider every time she posts, god damn

No. 973269

Why does she have three bottles of baby lotion out, if she even moisturising why doesn’t she keep two in the cupboard. Oh wait - it’s because they’re just props to her

No. 973270

Maybe she borrowed her gloves off Fupa

No. 973276

awww unpopular opinion but she's really cute here. like look at her smile. she's pretty in a dumb and cute way, not sexy, idk why she goes for sexy

No. 973285

This is the hugest she's ever looked by far, wow.

No. 973286

My fucking eyes when will she stop with the mismatching pinks, I can't get over the kiddy bathroom

Chunky barbie coming to walmarts near you

No. 973288

i'm pretty sure it's real latex, it makes a squeaky sound in the clip and in some pics you can see the dirty lubey film on it. if you compare it to >>956908 those are def PVC. someone probably bought them for her

No. 973291

File: 1589364275233.jpg (112.38 KB, 1080x791, 20200513_030458.jpg)

No. 973303

it's probably the same glove though, it just doesn't fit over her fat arms now so it looks different.

that sure is an unpopular opinion anon lmao, she isn't even smiling in the screenshot. she looks miserable as ever.

No. 973306

File: 1589368880519.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x1920, Polish_20200513_041856924.jpg)

lol sorry to keep glove sperging im just jealous this dumb bitch owns latex, you can def tell the difference in the material here. the latex ones are shiny, thicker, and don't have a seam. you can also see the smudgey dirt on them.(no1curr)

No. 973319

It’s probably the only space in the apartment she’s fully decorated/unpacked as a room. She’s gotta hang out in it to feel better until she finds a new place to hang up Noodle’s chew toys/her sex toys.

No. 973333

lmao for the purposes of this thread it's sausage casing she owns

No. 973337

is it me or does she look so much like a "thin" amberlynn reid lately? even her teeth look the same lmao the wider she gets the more i see it

No. 973339

Sorry Shayna, most people don't have to pay their friends to get them to stay their friends. The only reason pixie likes you is because you pay her, kek.

No. 973340

lol are you blind or on crack or both?

No. 973341

Shayna has a certain build. I wouldn’t be surprised if she reaches obesity based on her body type. I seen it before many times. It’s genetic and she won’t be able to stop it

No. 973343

>top post of /r/transgender

No. 973344

it's not genetics, it's stuffing herself with junk food because she's a pig with no self control. stop making excuses for her.

No. 973345

What are you talking about? She could very well stop it if she literally just ate 10 less donuts per day or something. It wouldn't even be a big effort.

No. 973346

Didn't she admit she got jealous when girls did better then her?

No. 973361

Funny shit. She clearly has a quite petite build naturally. But I’ve also seen this before, the ol metabolism slows down and they can’t face the facts they are getting bigger. Also as others said she eats like a pig and doesn’t work out.

No. 973366

Fuck me this really highlights her editing.

No. 973368

How nostalgic. Not seen that one in some 10 years

No. 973405

Sorry for the nitpick… but she shooped everything but that fucking vein on her breast. It wouldn't be so bad if everything else didn't look so smooth and clear. I thought it was a makeup smudge at first.

Those gloves look gross

No. 973407

It pisses me off that she can't even be bothered to wear them properly. Bet anything they'll start to degrade or tear from her not taking care of them.

No. 973409

File: 1589384264440.png (Spoiler Image,3.09 MB, 1555x2048, Screenshot_20200513-113752.png)

she looks high and paranoid. and check out those greasy curls.

No. 973455

Yes exactly. It can get out of control. I seen many petite girls blow up and end up being unrecognizable. It already happening to her

No. 973459

She was never really petite, she's always been average. She's about 5'5 and was a skinny teenager. Bodies change alot from teenager to adulthood so I really think we're seeing her final form. She'll never have the body type she did when she was a teenager again, ever. Unless she gets plastic surgery or really commits to workouts she'll have an unfortunate fridge body with no curves and fat in weird places.

No. 973475

why has her photo quality degraded so hard recently? Is it because of all the editing she does? her back and stomache is so blurry but her ass is 'fine'?!

No. 973479

been wondering that myself. She uses a Google pixel which has great quality, but I'm guessing what she's doing is using a beauty cam on snow or another app, which is similar to a Snapchat filter in that it smooths out your skin and makes your features look better (slimming the jaw and nose for example)

She originally used the Google pixel camera in portrait mode, but I'm sure she was tired of spending 20 minutes having to smooth and edit one photo.

No. 973494

Shayna, honey. If you tried you could really improve. Baby steps at first. Like first make a few changes to your diet, walk your dog a couple times of day. Then work on your money management. You should really try and start saving. Start small and watch it build. After you see it build it'll be easy and get your credit better too. Don't want to cam anymore? Fine. Start pumping out some pre made videos. Watch what girls in your category are doing and build off of that while making it your own. Also keep going to therapy and please be honest with them. We all fuck up Shayna. Sometimes we're the one in the wrong and it doesn't have to be the end of the world. Stay out of Twitter drama. It's really not difficult. I'm not like the other people here. I believe that you have potential and you can get what you want. But you're going to have to put in the work or unfortunately these disgusting people are right. You'll be a no one. I know you can do this. You just have to try(cringe)

No. 973500

stfu you wk bitch

No. 973504


It's so funny how her fat just really stacks up starting at her hip. Her legs don't look that big and her ass definitely isn't benefiting from her weight gain, it's poorly distributed in all the wrong places. Chunky, fat baby arms (even funnier when you see how small her hands are in this picture) and gut overhang.

No. 973508

say this to her in a dm or something if you are going to baby her you fucking retard lmao. she has been told all of over and over again by these "disgusting people" but she never once took any of it. stop acting like you have the moral high ground, you are using the same website as all of us. at this point if she doesn't get slapped in the face by life (even harder) she'll never realize she needs to improve and will stay the nasty pig that she is.

No. 973509

It's been over 4 years at this point, and she's done nothing but downgrade. If she doesn't want to put work in now, she's not ever going to want to. She wants to be an influencer without doing the work.

No. 973512

Give up anon. Every thing she does is a intentional middle finger to people like you. Anons here always give her advice, you're not special. It's been 4 years, she has access to these threads and she is only getting worse. Focus on yourself, or go to pull if you care that much to be with your kind.

No. 973517

File: 1589400237390.png (611.91 KB, 2048x1440, Screenshot_20200513-160340.png)

>"i'M a FAshI0n IcOn"

No. 973519

samefag but please someone make a collage of all her horrible outfits she's squeezed into with that quote

No. 973522

File: 1589400422459.jpg (473.24 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20200513-150504_Twi…)

This is going to get so dirty and grimey so fast

No. 973523

Does she believe she is the reason they are adding more? If so that is very delusional.

No. 973525

how many couches does this bitch need when she's just going to hang out in the ~uwu hewwo kitty baffroom~ all day anyway

No. 973528

Imagine being surprised when you constantly get cancelled when you make jokes about sexist shit like the casting couch.

No. 973529

here goes gaming pc/laptop/old appartement renovation money she scammed for

No. 973539

Facetune degrades your image quality pretty heavily. Given the way she’s warping her body and the abuse is the smoothing tool, I’m sure that’s what she’s using.

No. 973541

It does, but I've used FaceTune with the Google pixel's camera and the quality is still better than that. She's probably using an in app camera or maybe she switched to her old phone?

No. 973544

wow she quit gaining weight for the last few weeks but now she looks noticeably porkier, her arms are ballooning up now. i'd say she's gained a solid 45-50 pounds in the last year.. at least.

No. 973562

My guess is she is using snow. When I take photos on snow the quality looks like shit similar to hers even though my phones camera is amazing on its own. Tbh I think the other anons theory is right lol. Having to shoop a HQ photo is too much work when people throw money at her for these subpar sets she’s been putting out. With that said why would she put in effort lol

No. 973566

Yeah, youre definitely not like the other anons here. You’re likely another girl who shoves stuff up her ass for money and just happens to be prettier, thinner, maybe more successful than shayna and feels pity for her like all of her other orbiters. Go tell her this yourself and gtfo.

No. 973568

Oof that giant seam down the couch arm lol such a high quality purchase

No. 973574

i dont know if this was supposed to be a joke or not but
>she's really cute here
>look at her smile
my sides are in fucking orbit

No. 973577

She never quit gaining weight, she just started heavily (and poorly) shopping her body in all of her photos. She rarely posts videos where you can actually see her entire body and she’s not sitting down/laying down/shoving her feet in the air like a toddler having a diaper change, so when we get a full body shot in a video her actual size is pretty jarring.

No. 973583

File: 1589407932459.jpg (283.38 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20200513-171217_Twi…)

No. 973590

Shayna thinks high quality means more expensive because she's dumb as rocks and buys all her stuff on amazon for some reason.

No. 973606

So do y'all think we've heard the last of the streaming shit? Or is she gonna keep bringing it up every couple weeks?

No. 973615

Shut the fuck up.

No. 973617

if shayna were anything other than full blooded white trash, we would know because she'd make it her sole personality trait and never shut the fuck up about it, take your autism somewhere else plz

No. 973621

you really think she's gonna not know who you are by using a text generator? and not because this is an anonymous image board where, unless you post a screenshot that has YOUR information in it, you are practically unidentifiable to the average user? ok, retard.

it's just one of the things where she spent hundreds of unnecessary dollars on and she'll stream 2-3 times, if that at all. i don't know why she doesn't just stick to one thing and gets good at it.

No. 973622

halsey doesn't look white to me, even if that's an unpopular opinion. and even if she looks white at first, once you know she's mixed it's easy to see how she resembles some light skinned black women. i don't get that with shayna.

No. 973639

File: 1589416112199.jpg (Spoiler Image,444.64 KB, 1078x1074, Screenshot_20200513-192828_Twi…)

Isn't this an old pic? Why is she posting it like it's new?

No. 973641

this is just nasty

No. 973652

yes this might even be from the fupa mansion based on the background but it all kind of runs together for me now since she sets up the same ratty lights and blanket everywhere she’s been

No. 973656

File: 1589418947010.jpg (Spoiler Image,429.64 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20200513-201519_Twi…)


No. 973657

File: 1589418981539.jpg (228.41 KB, 1080x782, Screenshot_20200513-201538_Twi…)

I like how she had to mention "irl" with this

No. 973658

File: 1589419029252.jpg (288.94 KB, 1076x1062, Screenshot_20200513-201554_Twi…)

But it's the meds causing the weight gain, right Shay?

Is she going to try to fuck herself with it?

No. 973659

File: 1589419116702.jpg (286.38 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20200513-201846_Twi…)

So she's going for total special needs?

No. 973660

File: 1589419160452.png (7.82 MB, 1242x2208, E17198C1-9FC3-40C8-8EC8-6FABCA…)

No. 973661

too bad she looks like a palm tree

No. 973663


What happened to the last irl friends she had that she went to the bar with? She’s right, they won’t stick around long.

No. 973665

File: 1589419926867.jpg (193.83 KB, 1080x672, Screenshot_20200513-203228_Twi…)

Yeah Shay, we know

No. 973668

File: 1589420179026.jpeg (439.31 KB, 2048x2048, 9DB9B234-19C3-45C9-BCBA-628E10…)

Posted less than 24 hours apart. This bitch has completely fried her brain.

No. 973669

The fidget spinner butt plug. Shayna you are 3 years too late on that trend.

No. 973674


No. 973675

File: 1589421382704.jpg (18.85 KB, 360x480, 94ab7548112c6e0f2bed354942b4b0…)

No. 973681

don’t do coco dirty like that. She looks like sideshow bob

No. 973687

File: 1589423791249.jpg (679.82 KB, 1079x1694, Screenshot_20200513-213614_Twi…)

This looks NOTHING like her

No. 973688

File: 1589423856299.jpg (710.86 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20200513-213636_Twi…)

So after never posting about Ribmeat and being all about Noodle, she's now been all about Rib. I wonder if Noodle did something to piss her off

No. 973690

and the anatomy is so fucked kek

No. 973691

She looks really fat and really fucked up. Wow. Contrast this with how she looked getting her first apartment in Seattle….she just looks sad.

No. 973705

>really fat
She's certainly not skinny, but the constant reiteration by anons in these threads that she's so incredibly gigantically overweight makes me wonder how many posters are ana-chans who feed off of seeing cows gain the smallest amount of weight.

No. 973710

evidence that she doesn't need to include her face in everything, jfc. all the editing she does to pix and she couldn't do anything to slightly improve this?

you know she's going to try and then gag/drool on it and then probably eat it.

No. 973711

Kek does anyone remember around last year when she was talking about doing stuffing videos or some shit? Maybe Chunky Mattel is gonna do that now with this

No. 973715

She’s not “obese” but she’s definitely overweight and doesn’t work out at all so the weight she gained looks terrible on her. And comparing her to just 6-8 months ago she ballooned in size I’m surprised she doesn’t have stretch marks

No. 973728

>smallest amount of weight
Only fattychans think 40 lbs gain is small. And yes I do love watching a cunt’s ugliness get manifested outwardly.

No. 973731

Someone take special needs auntie back to the trailer park

Even Rib is like why

No. 973735

File: 1589430904188.jpg (380.41 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_20200513-233404_Twi…)

Hilarious that she retweeted this, when she's always trying to push her fake positivity

No. 973740

Lmao how is casting couch sexist? Calm down anon

No. 973746

why is this advertized as a sex work account anymore? why are people paying to see THIS? WHO is paying to see this? biologists? researchers? what is the cocktail of drugs that she is using to knock herself out this completely?
also now i'm wondering about the piece of shit "daddy" she is with. at least when she was with fupa she never posted anything where she was so competely off her rocker? she said some time back he sees what she shoots/posts and uses it to get off sometimes, so how the fuck does he care so little that he sees this and says "meh, not my circus not my drug-addled monkey"

ok fat. are you waiting for her to turn deathfat? this is bad enough considering literally all of it has come from alcohol and cheese

No. 973753

This is Shayna's excuse for having no work-life separation and no personality outside of pretending to like sex. She EMBODIES baby bimbo queen of positivity.
>Authentic embodiment doesn't need to announce itself and it doesn't need to convince anyone of its existence
>t. doesn't know what a casting couch actually is

No. 973762

File: 1589437404437.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.16 KB, 640x640, s-l640.jpg)

This just reminds me of those fake breast plates that MTFs or drag queens wear. She's just getting uglier and manlier I swear

No. 973769

she looks genuinely really heavy in these newest pics from today. like she keeps gaining and gaining and it's getting more obvious each day. it's just the truth, nobody is claiming she's literally obese or morbidly deathfat lol

No. 973782

I’ve been lurking through her threads and man she hasn’t gotten any better. She got uglier and fatter if that’s even possible. She needs to invest in some whitening toothpaste and whitening strips for her yellow ass teeth. I don’t know if these are nitpicks but she looks like she hasn’t bathed in years I bet she smells rancid. Kek I don’t understand how people can pay to watch her videos when she looks like a giant beluga whale

No. 973783

its all either her fellow sex workers who support her as "friends" or ugly fat men who enjoy seeing her act trashy and get off on humiliation/white trash hoes

No. 973792

anon she looks like the weight of a woman who went through menopause and her metabolism slowed down, she isn't that obese, but definitely fat. it's very apparently she hates it too, but as usual does nothing about it because that's too much effort.

No. 973818

File: 1589459288748.gif (4.46 MB, 480x270, 2BBD332D-C7C7-46F3-8B90-47EE4F…)

No. 973840

File: 1589463826046.png (641.93 KB, 2048x1743, Screenshot_20200514-094347.png)

Ahh yes, because you have had such insightful advice right Shayna?

No. 973865

She got three 20 dollar tips anon, she's a pro!!

No. 973872

It’s hilarious how secretive and gatekeepy she is with *~*~advice~*~* bc she thinks some some younger hotter girls might just read it and surpass her in money and attention lol. She’s so transparent. There is people from like every hobby on YouTube giving step by step visual tutorials for free and she is terrified of someone doing something better than her. Sorry Shayna these pretty girls who are struggling to buy food rn or pay for college can just post a dozen titty pics and go on about their lives, unlike you who has completely let this consume your soul. Lol so sad

No. 973883

File: 1589472662458.png (61.46 KB, 598x408, 2020-05-14 13.21.44.png)

why should she mention her actual dad isnt it kinda gross? is it because shes insecure and feels like she need to clarify it? also is she twitting every single thing that comes trough her mind?

No. 973885

So… they aren't allowed to give advice about how they've made $50?
This is such a bitchy rude tweet, instead of being the postitive supportive bitch she is, she's mocking someone from starting up, making money and sharing how they've made that money.

I hope when she starts twitch someone does this to her.

No. 973887

It is refreshing to see her post about Rib considering she went so long without even mentioning her. We all know she only got Noodle because the whole pupper/doggo bullshit is a huge internet meme and she wanted to go viral so bad that she'd adopt a damn puppy she didn't/doesn't need.
Also. That white couch is going to be filthy in the next 6 months. She has a black dog, a long haired cat, and she's notoriously doesn't clean. RIP

No. 973891

God forbid if other sex workers are excited about their "job" to provide advice for some people. Yes, Shay, you're the OG sex worker, the FIRST EVER sex worker to ever grace planet earth, and has a long career of a whole 4 years. Truly dedicated. Never seen any other sex work before Shayna Clifford came along. What's that? Sex work is the oldest profession? Naw, I mean, only 4 years long cause that's when Shayna started! No such thing as strippers, prostitutes, cam whores, until Shay came along! Wow!

No. 973897

File: 1589474801997.png (225.92 KB, 521x388, 72DF8B50-7F9F-46C8-81BE-F8842A…)

No. 973961

how does she not realise how bitter and jealous she comes off? girl has no self awareness

No. 973966

I wonder if she's trying to get lolcow's approval by parroting the things we criticize her for? and doing it in her own retarded way instead of just applying it to her damn life lol

No. 973979

could be. but like most anons say, bitch never learns lol

No. 973988

File: 1589482333997.png (21.46 KB, 596x181, ooo.PNG)

No. 973992

Did she delete this?
Someone probably commented on it. Seriously is Shayna stuck in a time loop?
How many times has she been called out for saying this? How many times has she deleted the tweet the moment someone made a comment disagreeing?

She's obsessed with other bitches, if she cared as much about herself, maybe she'd look 100% better.

No. 973993

and funny thing is I've seen sex workers say the same dumb shit, but they don't delete their posts if someone disagrees they either speak to them or ignore it.
Shayna barely gets any interaction so she freaks the fuck out everytime.

No. 973994

>ya girl is too dumb for college

No. 973995

"Ya girl" was living at home having all her bills paid during this time. Stfu Shayna. This is literally not impressive at all.

No. 973999

Right? She's pretending like this is some rags to riches story.

No. 974016

Didn’t she move to Washington state to live with some guy off Tumblr who ended up being her boyfriend? Sure, moving is expensive but she didn’t have to look for a place or pay rent. Also, you can make pretty decent money being a waitress. I don’t get why she talks down on serving. She’s still living off tips, whether she’s a sex worker or a server. Working at Olive Garden would be a way more steady income compared to whatever the hell she’s doing now. Once she completely hits rock bottom and she realizes she has no choice but to leave sex work, she’s going to be fucked when she realizes her last job was from when she was 18.

No. 974017

pretty sure working at olive garden would'nt make her a depressed, addicted shut in, whose family is embrassed/worried for her.
I'm sure she'd be a lot more well adjusted and had friends if she worked at olive garden. Maybe she'd even have a car and some kind of goal in life.

No. 974064

by the time she's completely washed up, mid/late 20s what the hell is she gonna do? she'll either have to be a real hooker or get lucky enough and find someone that will let her mooch

No. 974094

she'll probably just expect her parents to fund everything or let her move back

No. 974096

Lol wow shay, way to be above the drama and pettiness. Guess you’re just making your point that all girls are spiteful bitches, huh?Lmao.

The fact that she spews this proudly is hilarious. Not only is getting a shitty entry level job as a teenager a totally normal and responsible accomplishment, moving out by 18/19 is also very normal and expected.
You are not the pinnacle of wealth and success. In fact, you are a cautionary tail of privilege and mental illness.

No. 974106

"ya girl dropped out and walked out of one of the most rudimentary jobs ever because she was too dumb to handle it and moved to the exotic land of WASHINGTON!!! where she got dumped over and over and has nothing but a handful of zero interaction followers, an unstable less than minimum wage income, a Gamer Girl Chair and 50 extra pounds to show for it!"

Like…what!? Every single thing she says leaves me stunned. Where is…the success? Her life is really embarrassing, I don't know how she's not ashamed. Maybe I should lower my standards and just live blissfully ignorant, she seems happy.

No. 974110

Lol no Shayna, you are more mentally ill, fat and washed up. You went from being semi-cute and semi-popular on Tumblr to becoming a drunken Yaniv doppleganger rambling and suicide baiting to the Twitter followers you purchased.

No. 974117


Were she a server she wouldn't be forced to make her entire identity being a server either. Unlike sw which she has replaced her entire personality with.

No. 974121

She can go home at any time. Not being baiting some sex worker to let her sleep on here couch.

No. 974125

File: 1589492924239.jpg (552.48 KB, 1080x1349, Screenshot_20200514-144241_Twi…)


No. 974126

File: 1589492952047.jpg (568.95 KB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20200514-144350_Twi…)


No. 974127

File: 1589492990440.jpg (319.97 KB, 1076x1309, Screenshot_20200514-144341_Twi…)


Get ready for her to make a video sexualizing a kid show

No. 974129

File: 1589493307199.jpg (Spoiler Image,504.03 KB, 1077x1154, Screenshot_20200514-165448_Twi…)

That outfit is going to rip as soon as she puts it on

No. 974131

File: 1589493363634.jpg (529.5 KB, 1080x1562, Screenshot_20200514-165427_Twi…)

What set her off?

No. 974133

Absolutely depressing

No. 974139

imagine begging for an $11 bikini

No. 974142

hahahaha shayna lying claiming she has "control" of her body. you whore yourself out and do anything any ugly fat male tells you to do for like 5$ get real. you have no control at all, none of your type of sex workers do.

No. 974144

She should get the Patrick one and wear it with the hair piece

No. 974150

File: 1589494918252.jpg (235.19 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20200514_181909.jpg)

Isn't lana bee someone she has beef with or I'm confusing her for someone else?

No. 974151

File: 1589494940466.jpg (239.18 KB, 1080x1349, Screenshot_20200514_182055.jpg)

No. 974156

if im correct lana bee is one of her longtime ass kissing orbiters

No. 974160

Hey remember shayna said women are so toxic and try to ruin your life? Remember she kept comparing men and women?
Happy she's seeing how men really are. Bet she's still going to post MRA talking points though

No. 974164

I don’t get how she has money all of a sudden? Wasn’t she barely scraping by in her old apartment? Now she’s in a more expensive apartment and has money to buy furniture, clothes for herself, and clothes for the bf?

No. 974172

it's because she actually has a boyfriend to leech off of + her father's still helping out lol

oh and maybe she's getting stimulus checks.. not american so i don't know how strict the rules are to get it but in canada tons of people are getting it despite not actually qualifying lol.

No. 974173

I assumed she was spending her daddy government stimulus check money. Not American tho so I don’t know how that works

No. 974174

there's currently a dude on twitter buying nudes and then sending them to their parents, thread is here https://twitter.com/ProfessWillhelm/status/1260948279979905026

No. 974182

thats fucking repulsive and deeply upsetting

No. 974187

This is terrible, but he has a point. Don't put your nudes online if your parents seeing them is going to ruin your life.

No. 974193

File: 1589498373379.jpg (111.94 KB, 1200x2028, 96579232_610910842968174_88667…)


Imagine clogging up FBI tip line because your full face thotting gets passed around. Imagine thinking you have a case in court when the scrot paid for the content. Why are swers so consistently fucking dumb? Hoes like Shayna harp about evil SWERFs "ruining my life" on Twitter all day long but it be their own customers and dudes from their hometown doxxing and outing them. After all this they'll go right back to shitting on women.

No. 974194

Nah, Shayna is an ass kisser to both Lana and Pixie who are more popular than her. Lana is the one who encouraged her to do streaming. Shayna even pays Pixie hundreds of dollars for promo and has blatantly admitted it. She has stupid newbie orbiters, but shes a suck up to those she knows are more successful and she can leech.

No. 974195

based little brother

No. 974196

File: 1589498572178.png (Spoiler Image,1.99 MB, 2048x1880, Screenshot_20200514-121132.png)

Yes Shayna we all know your personality is sex work and you're so different

No. 974201

What’s funny is, it’s just some old nigger pimp who’s salty he ain’t making money(Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting))

No. 974203

Couldn’t they get in trouble for showing a minor nudes?

No. 974204

People can sue for anything but it'll most likely just get thrown out, especially when there is no intent to like groom the minor for sexual assault.

No. 974206

File: 1589499859426.jpg (726.98 KB, 1416x1137, welcome-to-the-doll-haus.jpg)

she's got that classic thousand-yard psych ward stare. it's like that saying, "the lights are on, but nobody's home," which is extremely apt in Shayna's case.

No. 974207

Skipped through that 4 year segment of moving to bumfuck Oklahoma to live with a Fupa manlet she met online for a few months, tried to move desperately when he booted her, failed, crawled back to OK where she was basically homeless until her parents and maybe even Fupa took pity on her and got her that old apartment that she finally moved from after scamming long enough. Now she can pack on the pounds and spiral out in a NEW place making worse porn by the day, flashing her nasty bits online still to scrape by while having nothing of value to show for it. Shes JUST now getting to the point that the average teenager/young adult who lives on their own is at. But yeah, the shining beacon of success and ThRiViNg tho!!

I mean at least this fan art actually resembles her kek

No. 974208

lmao this is actually good

No. 974210

anon you legend
her thought bubble goes "anal anal analanal-"

No. 974219

File: 1589501827410.jpg (397.24 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20200514-191558_Twi…)

No. 974220

File: 1589501868888.jpg (351.17 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20200514-191628_Twi…)

No. 974225

jfc you're so right. but she's not been forced to make SW her whole personality, she's latched onto SW as a personality trait since she has no personality of her own outside of it.

topkek when you look at each feature, they didn't do such a bad job (other than the pile of poop for hair). the random patchy hairline is amazing because that's exactly what it looks like. I'm half convinced this is a troll.

confirming that she posts her onlyfans content for free on Twitter and there's no point paying even $3 for it

No. 974235

File: 1589504995456.png (Spoiler Image,2.52 MB, 1577x2048, 63547.png)

this is fucking hilarious omg. WHY would you post this?!

No. 974236

File: 1589505050612.png (1.89 MB, 1651x2048, Screenshot_20200514-211114.png)

"kill me"

No. 974238

Looking like a straight hog. Honey baked hammy mattel.

No. 974239

File: 1589505524459.jpeg (50.02 KB, 800x829, CE5CC965-5B4B-42B8-8FFB-9BF39F…)

All I can think of when I see that image

No. 974249

She blurred her "fat pussy" out of existence

No. 974253

i feel like she has no idea what mania is. every time she mentions feeling “manic” it sounds more like she’s actually experiencing a depressive episode

No. 974254

She also claims that sometimes she has bipolar and other times she has borderline personality disorder. They're similiar but not the same. Borderlines don't usually have manic episodes, but instead they'll have periods of high productivity and then crash right after.

I don't think she has borderline personality disorder or bipolar 1. It seems like she's a narcissist with maybe depression and adhd, or bipolar 2. Or she's just a hapless retard.

No. 974255

File: 1589508180323.png (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 1214x2048, Screenshot_20200514-220302.png)

she looks disgusted at seeing herself haha

No. 974260

yeeeeesh. today has been grim in this thread. it's like she keeps looking worse in each photo which doesn't even seem like it should be possible.

No. 974263

the dolphin mouth comment really got to her, she's decided it's best not to have labia majora at all

she says she has both BPD and bipolar at the same time

No. 974264

File: 1589509614795.jpg (Spoiler Image,753.88 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20200514-212615_Twi…)

Why would you post a pic on Twitter with discharge coming out of your pussy?

No. 974269

looks like yeast

No. 974270

The double chins, the completely blurred out pussy, the fishnet stretched over her rolls making her look like a Christmas ham kek in what universe does she think this looks good?

No. 974272

What's funny is that it doesn't look like wet pussy because she blurred everything so much that it looks like she edited it in. At first I thought it was some stupid sparkle sticker she used, kek

No. 974273

The extreme airbrushing around her vag is really strange in contrast to her pubic hair region. like it really throws you off if you stare at it for too long… how people whack off to this, I really don't know.

No. 974278

EXACTLY. I love how she mentioned moving out to west coast Washington from MA but failed to mention she's currently residing in Oklahoma. And that's how she's able to live on her own cause if she was still out on west coast, she couldn't afford it. Where's that sleek car at tho, Shay? I think most people would rather not pay for Uber and cheap f21 clothes but rather a whole car to show what sex work COULD pay for, but keep bragging kek
She's a full on junkie at this point and ya can't convince me otherwise cause this shit is rough.

No. 974288

File: 1589512299756.jpeg (108.33 KB, 1024x624, DB469888-D59F-4B7F-866F-3106B8…)

What the actual fuck Shayna.

No. 974299

Look… I see how porn sick dudes could wack to this. Anons here are overzealous with criticisms sometimes, forgetting how desperate some dudes are. It's free porn and shes not the worst looking thing.
But damnit if this pic isnt spot on with what shes got going on in those pics lmao

No. 974306

File: 1589516720186.jpeg (53.48 KB, 496x443, A44C9937-6F8A-491F-BBC6-3E4B8C…)


She really serves us kek material on a silver platter… as you would a ham.

No. 974317

i thought that shit was drying glue for a while ass two seconds

No. 974321

File: 1589520154645.png (Spoiler Image,237.93 KB, 676x507, piggy.png)

I don't understand why she found that so offensive. She'll degrade herself for men by dressing up as a vegetable yet flips out when another woman compares her to a cute intelligent creature like a dolphin.

This was my first though when I saw >>974255

No. 974323

Shayna wishes she looked like this. lol

No. 974332

Okay so suddenly Shay has been buying all this stuff - new apartment, new couches, clothes, etc., etc. Tinfoil but, wasn’t it revealed before that she didn’t have a credit card? I could’ve sworn in a screenshot of her discord she mentioned not having one. Is it possible she has a credit card now and that’s why she’s buying all of this furniture and that cat tree for Rib? She e-begs constantly and was living on a floor in her shitty apartment, and now not only did she move to a bigger place, but she’s filling it with furniture.

No. 974338

That seems plausible but I think it's equally plausible that she's using the money she got from e-begging for her gaming computer and carpet cleaning at her old place

No. 974368

Probably the scammed money like anon said, stimulus check, and the fact that amazon and a lot of places do payment plans on furniture. Also could be her parents helping out. Very small chance the bf too. Shes really just going crazy with shopping but at least she'll have furniture like a normal person finally.
Also tbh Sadly I think shes making decent money off OF for now, on top of what she gets from other sites/content sales. Things have just lined up for her and shes riding a high until she inevitably crashes hard.

No. 974372


Next thread image please, this is brilliant.

No. 974375

She thinks that's what cum is. Remember the vomit-inducing chunky discharge in her "eating my cum" video? Here's some sex ed 101 for you shayna: Women don't have gooey white jizz like men do.

No. 974381

File: 1589534895398.png (367.68 KB, 923x421, Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 2.20…)

She wouldn't have gotten a stimulus check. You had to have filed taxes either this year or last year and we KNOW she doesn't do that.

The couch she got is $350 on amazon. I'm actually surprised she got the white one when it comes in pink. Her other grey sectional sofa is around $500. She just buys cheap shit, because she thinks having MORE things is better than having good quality things. Presumably she got the white couch to replace the daybed that she threw away because she was too dumb to figure out how to disassemble and reassemble it. She just buys below-ikea-tier crap and throws it out every time she moves.

Also, notice how she bought TWO sofas for some reason but her TV is still sitting on the floor.

No. 974391

the chin…. good god honey

No. 974392

she's gonna throw out both couches when she moves again.

No. 974395

You actually can get a stimulus check as a non filer, you just needed to fill out a form. So that’s my tinfoil.

No. 974403

Also ppl file taxes with only fans and manyvids..or they are at least supposed to kek

No. 974412

Just because you’re supposed doesn’t mean they do. Shay is definitely the kind to not pay her taxes or even know where to begin, if she did she’d be trying to claim everything on tax as a work expense like moo and her holidays

No. 974415

File: 1589548594692.jpeg (231.84 KB, 680x443, E21CE2FE-B462-49DA-AF9D-7EF3E6…)

No. 974421

that mangy puss is so blurred it looks damn near censored. when she said that insecure people shoop she really outed herself.

No. 974427

This is what I was thinking too. That she might have taken out a credit card due to having no credit for that house she was trying to rent. If her parents were helping her out before, why did she always scrap by and have no furniture in her other apartment? This is why I think she has a credit card and maybe a stimulus check. I get wanting to buy furniture but it seems like she is recklessly spending on other things she doesn’t need. She’s going to blow through her money and have to beg for an even more expensive rent payment.

No. 974428

File: 1589550822854.jpg (404.63 KB, 2048x1152, EX6iZozX0AECvI_.jpg)

she posted this the other day lol, probably after people were roasting her here about it.

same lol. even if she only got $1000 she would think shes rich & blow it all on cheap shit, plus i think shes living with her bf so thats why she actually has basic furniture now.

No. 974442

eh i wouldn’t be surprised if her dad is still claiming her as a dependent on his taxes since he’s most likely sending her money on top of whatever she makes flashing her pussy for $1. in that case she wouldn’t be eligible at all.

No. 974472

File: 1589560964188.png (Spoiler Image,2.93 MB, 1592x2048, Screenshot_20200515-122702.png)

Shayna, honey, go home. This is just sad to look at.

No. 974474

File: 1589561117056.jpeg (24.01 KB, 350x250, 53334E81-79CE-4A7A-9423-168712…)

Tuna Mattel here seems to have netted a dolphin by mistake!

No. 974477

Y'all are killing me. She makes it too easy.

No. 974481

She looks like those Christmas hams that are covered in lacy netting.

No. 974502

what happened to the anon who was actually subscribed to her onlyfans? or the one who actually bought a few of her videos and posted them here?

No. 974509

I was thinking that because of her new onlyfans income she has some illusion of regular income, when she's probably just going to lose it over a couple months. I don't know how much she is making but it might at least cover rent? Or a huge part of it. Now she has a two bedroom apartment she might not be able to afford later on. Then with the ebegging and her parents she gets everything else probably.
I also kind of had a feeling she is rooming with her boyfriend too maybe. Some of the things she got were off brand for her, like the black dishes. And like the anon said, the white couch and not the pink. Meanwhile she has a tacky as fuck hello kitty bathroom, which is where she films a lot of her videos for some weird reason. Who even still likes hello kitty and barbie shit besides maybe Luna? How cringey.

No. 974530

my sides, anon.

does anyone else feel like shay is becoming a weird mixture of cows..she's like ari, pixielocks and amberlynn reid all combined into one. maybe a little luna thrown in there too

No. 974540


Well, like ALR’s “eras,” we’re in the ponytail era with Shay right now. When will it end? Maybe when it gets ratty enough from her not taking care of it but what’s stopping her from just buying another? shudder

No. 974567


Don’t do ALR like that, anon, lol. She’s a mess but at least she can be kind of endearing, in her own oblivious way. She’s sooo dumb but she minds her business.

Shat isn’t just a train wreck, she’s bitter and mean. Her fuck-awful personality is the most hateable thing about her imo. I’ve been greatly enjoying watching her get just as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

No. 974589

File: 1589576288444.jpg (525.7 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_20200515-155759_Twi…)

Using a child show, classy

No. 974602

File: 1589577221749.jpg (53.88 KB, 1240x699, 1433376755920.jpg)

What she actually looks like when she fake cums

No. 974610

jfc, that gut that pokes out wider than her hips and a fucking FUPA? that is a genuine, honest to god middle aged mom fupa… how did she wreck her body so fucking hard in under a year, I'm astonished

for a sex worker who has an incredibly unfortunate face, is a lazy video maker, no personality and horrible bedroom skills, you'd think the VERY least she could do would be to keep her body somewhat human shaped by eating under 3,00 calories a day and taking a walk
she has an entire 24 hours a day (inb4 "sex work takes up hours of my day!!! im always sooooooo busy filming these 7 minute videos!!!" tweets) to do nothing at all and she actively chooses to just sit at home on twitter and whine and gain weight
please use your $20 cuckbuck allowance to buy a treadmill if you're too dumb to let yourself outside, shayna

No. 974614

File: 1589578574956.jpg (113.36 KB, 1080x557, Screenshot_20200515_173550.jpg)

Well… If this is all it takes to make you feel better lol

No. 974616

imagine not wanting to be healthier only because greasy neckbeards are paying $3 to jack off to you

No. 974622

she's a mix of pnp and micky

No. 974644

Has she not realised men would fuck a ham sandwich yet?

Dudes will fuck anything and anyone, it's pretty embarrassing and pathetic. Even if you the grossest person in the world there will still be multiple guys who wanna bang you, it's not special.

No. 974652

shatna…. your onlyfans is literally like 3$. those males also have your same shameful porky dirty body type and "gives me their money" is implying people make 3$ a day lol, to normal people 3$ is literally nothing. you're cheap, delusional and these people are only still looking at your shitty onlyfans to get off on your trashy humiliation. get real idiot.

No. 974661

It's pretty funny that Micky used to idolize her and now Shatna is gradually turning into the same person

No. 974686

Shows how much money she's used to making when she thinks people have to slave over the three whole dollars her OF costs. People spend more money on a soda, Porky Mattel.

No. 974690

File: 1589590938550.jpg (440.56 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20200515-200206_Twi…)

This is terrifying

No. 974709

File: 1589593070254.jpg (Spoiler Image,771.85 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_20200515-203808_Twi…)

No. 974710

File: 1589593396856.jpeg (32.27 KB, 1280x720, 0483A40F-9AAD-49CF-9741-CA2432…)

her labia are so shooped and blurred/fat that we’ve evolved from dolphin to porpoise

No. 974716


I dont get how youd make onlyfans a "career" yet not even wax your labia properly (and then not need to use the blur tool to haphazardly hide stubble) … or at least shave properly before

No. 974719

actually, it's pretty spot on with the beady rat eyes.

No. 974758

what the fuck is this hair? christ on a cracker

No. 974765

i wonder how much she is paying for this. shayna, we can do much better here at lolcow! you need only ask

No. 974773

The first post, the creator said they're going to do 3 of their favorite sex Workers and then open up commissions. So Shay is probably not paying for it

No. 974787

File: 1589603096442.jpg (403.43 KB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20200515-232444_Twi…)

I fucking can't

No. 974800

Is she doing some sort of 'Daddy Fucks His Mentally Handicapped Baby' video? I genuinely cannot think of a different theme that would make this make any sense

No. 974811

File: 1589608821095.jpeg (9.19 KB, 340x254, 544A15D1-32ED-4994-B72A-888F9A…)

No. 974858

File: 1589620056337.png (775.85 KB, 600x800, 88a.png)

thank you anons for the good laugh this morning

No. 974875

oh fuck off, how would you like it if your browsing history got sent to your parents? everyone has privacy and selling nudes isn't the same as putting them up facebook for everyone who knows you to see. and before someone starts sperging, i'm not a swer, this is just a retarded comment.

shayna's women hate runs so deep, it's ridiculous. i'm wondering if her mother was the slightly stricter parent (since we know she was spoiled rotten) so she projects that all women want her to behave like how they want her to, and like a teenaged idiot refuses to acknowledge the legitimate advice she gets?

this is so good anon, the thriving sign really completes it.

i'm starting to genuinely feel bad for the animals we compare shayna to, they've done nothing wrong.

No. 974906

Well, if you're going to post your browsing history online next to several photos of your face, you're just going to have to accept the fact that anyone might see it, even your parents. It sucks, but that's how the internet works. Especially with these anti sw guerrillas running around

No. 974913

let's try this comparison on for size if you can't get that one: are you at fault for getting disowned from your family because you are having sex in your own home, but they came over without your knowledge and opened the door on you? no of course not, everyone can have their own privacy and your family doesn't need to know about your sexual business not because it's a sin or some dumb shit like that, but because you don't talk to your fucking family about your sexual activities.
that's also why it's so fucking disturbing that shayna wants to be so open about her sexwork "career" to her family, no one wants to hear about that over thanks giving dinner.

No. 974920

What he is doing is actually malicious and illegal.

No. 974921

ntayrt but there's a pretty obvious difference between doing something behind closed doors in your own home and doing something publicly on the internet for everyone to see

No. 974924

while i don't agree with the girls in here giving it "YOU ACT LIKE A DISGUSTING GUTTER SLUT YOU GET TREATED LIKE ONE" it is genuinely embarrassing for sw's families especially the likes of shayna with her full name and face out there and her not even being successful. if it takes doxing to bring some of these people back down to reality and let them know (before they start) that sex work is genuinely a nasty job due to the people and just because you're doing it from the comfort of their home it doesn't mean there aren't risks then i'm all for it. they can't be a sw consequence-free and it'd be horrible if they didnt all generally have other opportunities in life but chose to do bizarre online sw

No. 974927

File: 1589641641082.jpg (219.39 KB, 1072x1637, Screenshot_20200516-160539_Twi…)

I wonder how much money she's spent on weed in her lifetime.

No. 974951

it's still extremely disgusting to show someone's nudes to their parents, it's on the same level as revenge porn so acting like it's not as malicious as that is hypocritical.

of course risks shouldn't be discounted when starting any type of job, but that doesn't make what that person is doing any better. this isn't the same as if their parents accidentally stumbled upon their sw account, he is actively fucking them over by paying for nudes and sending them to their parents.

we might be derailing the thread now though and i don't want to be banned so i'm going to stop talking about this lol.

No. 974953

i'm not saying its not malicious- it absolutely is fucked up this someone went out of his way to send someone's parents their nudes, but it's not comparable to someone walking in on you in private when those pics are also out there for anyone to stumble upon.

No. 974957

as a stoner she should know that strains that claim to help with mental illness and shit is all subjective. The only ones with scientifically proven results are high CBD strains for physical disabilities like epilepsy.

so no sorry the weed isn't helping your mental illness Shayna. It's just making you stupider and fatter by the day.

No. 974964

>comparing having sex with being a whore
The more accurate comparison would be your parents get tipped off that you’re bringing johns home. Sure whores may not “deserve” to get exposed but it’s literally the number one risk of the gig. It’s extremely naive and irresponsible to take it slightly and boohooing when it happens to you. If you really think it’ll fuck your shit up to get exposed then maybe don’t do it? Don’t show your face? Dumb cunts just don’t think ahead. The irony that she’s friends with Shayna who’s all about research and effort and not quick easy cash remember?

Comparing content you put out willingly yourself online for anyone with money, to revenge porn is fucked up and disrespectful as shit btw. Go back to Twitter.

No. 974977

>the number one risk of being a whore is someone telling mommy and daddy

i have news for you about men and violence towards SWs

No. 974979

Nah the risks are-

-toxic girls
-men being locked up because they are mistaken as pimps
-evil sex workers
- new bitches joining Only fans
-people making sex work look bad
-Evil mom's who don't support their daughter
-toxic evil women

No. 974980

Don’t be daft. E-whores don’t go outside, they sure have the audacity to speak over fssw though. I meant number one as in most likely foremost thing to be considered, not deadliest thing that could happen.

No. 974981

wait what the fuck. she's spending HOW MUCH per oz? and to just mouth fag it?! shayna have you completely lost your mind lmao
now i wish she'd just drop all pretense of running an SW account and start 1. panhandling with no excuse and 2. telling everyone how expensive the weed she pretends to smoke is

No. 974988

almost had hope she was taking up a career as a dog walker and walking dogs cleared her head. lol

No. 974990

shatna fully knows that she only makes money through acting like a humiliating retard to pander to some males deranged fetishes and not for being a ~glamorous beautiful sexy sex werker~ lol this is the most embarassing cringy shit

No. 974993

oops didn't realize i was in the delusional braindead part of woke twitter thought this was the shay thread.

No. 974995

The guy is a cunt, but even so, if you google Shayna's full name for example, you can find all her asshole pics extremely easily. Kek.

No. 974998

that's seriously so embarrassing. no wonder she smokes weed all the time.

No. 975026

nta but I agree with them that there are a bunch of anons being unnecessary edgelords like the one saying 'based brother' when he's degrading his sister and shit. risk of the job or not it's still a negative view of sex and women's worth being tied to their sexual value? and in what world is some incel paying for nudes then sending them to the person's family (even if the person is a SWer) not the cringiest, edgelordiest shit…

like shit, anon, I came here from /cgl/ and have been around 4chan since moot n snacks used to fuck around with trips n' even I can accept the guy did some tard-shit and being against it isn't 'woke empowered women' sperging.

tbh if there's more developments on the milk to do with that entire thing I'd appreciate whatever anon was posting/following bringing more to the SWers thread, or something. i'm assuming nothing is gonna come of it, but I'm low-key rooting for this scrot to actually get in shit? like what a weird, psycho thing to go out of your way to do to people lmao

I honestly think she does enough drugs to just forget most of the humiliating things she's done. though it's not like she doesn't justify them with some impressive mental gymnastics. you can tell she's not comfortable or 'ok' with the shit either, she appears to experience shame for the .2 seconds it takes for her to try to re-process it as some great thing she needs to share at thanks giving.

it'll always stick with me that she outright admitted to not enjoying sex or sexual things, not that, that wasn't transparent already.

No. 975044


If being accurately called a whore by your brother and having your SW nudes leaked to family is the "cringiest, edgelordiest shit" to you then I hope to god you never have to live in the real world.

>women's worth being tied to their sexual value

Which is actually what prostitution perpetuates.

Stop trying to use this thread to shill being a whore.

No. 975073

File: 1589664398567.jpg (Spoiler Image,449.48 KB, 1077x1152, Screenshot_20200516-162616_Twi…)

What is this set

No. 975074

No. 975082

you really like to take things out of context to fit your weird narrative ITT, don't you anon? talk about yikes

I almost want to give her credit just because at least it's color-coherent and it doesn't immediately assault my eyes like her regular images, but… that's just the lowered standards from her usual posts speaking.

No. 975087

Double chin, busted shnoz, and meth teeth all covered up? Massive improvement

No. 975090

If only sex ""workers"" were banned from the thread

No. 975096

File: 1589668226498.jpg (404.6 KB, 1069x1205, Screenshot_20200516-173023_Twi…)

Oh God

No. 975097

File: 1589668268588.jpg (435.95 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20200516-173047_Twi…)

OF anon, come through!

That dress looks like it's about to pop

No. 975098

"Ditzy" more like "special needs"

No. 975105

If she's doing a retarded child porn isnt that problematic as fuck kek

No. 975109

i mean… okay. i get it, it's really weird humiliation and problematic as hell but i get it. she will never ever be a successful mainstream swer with her barbie shtick because she does not have the face and body for it. she's better as a quirky/dumb girl (but not taken this fucking far) for sure. also she's too old to still be buying everything from amazon and to not be able to buy in her size, that's even more embarrassing than having ur ass out on twitter imo

No. 975122

You know what would bring this idea to new shiny levels?

If she added the fireworks in her dolphin again.

No. 975130

File: 1589671656037.png (Spoiler Image,188.52 KB, 1182x1158, IMG_8469.PNG)

(1/3) This is the worst she's looked in a while

No. 975132

File: 1589671709877.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.37 KB, 576x1024, IMG_8470.JPG)


No. 975141

I'm still confused what the fuck this 'idea' is supposed to be…

No. 975147

These need to be spoilered

No. 975149

Ffs, what’s with people not spoilering lately?

No. 975150

No. 975155

She thinks it's being quirky but it's just retarded. She's trying so hard to be different but she's not, you can just see how hard she tries and it's embarrassing.

No. 975164

File: 1589677689258.png (517.76 KB, 2048x1046, Screenshot_20200516-210751.png)

bless your little retard heart

No. 975166

it's because you're delusional, don't worry

No. 975180

i need explanation for this b/c idk what it's supposed to be. i mean, it's the usual bad angles, dumb faces and fake moaning with dumb props and she's so pleased with herself.

No. 975181

We’re just too stupid to understand her genius obviously.

No but really. We’ll find out more when the full video comes out and we see what idiot title she assigned to it

No. 975183

I really think she's attempting to troll us because we made fun of her down syndrome face. Almost everything we've called her she's made a porn out of it in some attempt to reclaim it. But all she's done is make her content lower quality and stupider in order to try and 1-up lolcow.

Her career is just based on spite for lolcow at this point.

No. 975185


No, girl, it’s for sure because you’re manic/delusional.

No. 975187

Who wore it better, Retarded Mattel or Grandma Mattel?

No. 975188

File: 1589684201242.jpg (176.64 KB, 1080x628, Screenshot_20200516-215653_Twi…)

Something to truly be proud of Shay

But technically the fidget spinner wasn't in your ass

No. 975189

File: 1589684277487.jpg (Spoiler Image,703.53 KB, 1079x1494, Screenshot_20200516-215755_Twi…)

No one wants to remember these

No. 975190

File: 1589684348173.jpg (363.87 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20200516-215910_Twi…)

Well Shay, no one wants to have to pay to watch your whole video. Especially when they can see your videos for free on twitter

No. 975191

Jeez she really has always looked like a rat, I remember I stumbled upon her threads back in 2018 but God, she's really been hideous this whole time.

No. 975200

File: 1589686244771.jpg (243.95 KB, 1077x770, Screenshot_20200516-223102_Twi…)

Well then how about you, idk, MAKE YOUR OWN FOOD

No. 975204

It's not funny, just bad. I dont get the outfit either. And the hat with everything is just dumb and not in the cute way. The figit spinner thing would have been funny a year or two ago when they were trending…

No. 975212

she should really refrain from posting ~throwbacks~ to when she was thin because all it does is call attention to how much of a bloated ham she's become

No. 975215

Has anyone here considered that some of her more ridiculous videos were requested by people (anons) who wanted to see her make even more of a fool of her self? I'm thinking that the blowup bimbo blowjob video with the crazed lunatic eyes and red lipstick had to be a joke honestly.

No. 975219

File: 1589691188300.jpg (354 KB, 1077x1401, Screenshot_20200516-235304_Twi…)

Cause you're SUCH a domme Shay

Also, that doughnut dude is her new kiss ass orbiter

No. 975221

File: 1589691384792.jpg (296.14 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20200516-235618_Twi…)

From her personal Twitter

No. 975222

File: 1589691434162.jpg (117.3 KB, 1080x379, Screenshot_20200516-235629_Twi…)


No. 975223

Why be angry at her parents? Didn't she complain already back in her tumblr days about her parents sending her to a therapist?

No. 975233

It's not because she's manic, it's because she's an actual narcissist. A major trait of NPD is believing you are destined for greatness/to be better than other people.

No. 975259

ok anon, we understand you googled NPD and then decided that any vague similarity in the listed symptoms should be applied to cows. please never do it again

No. 975266

lol you don't need to be a doctor to recognise that someone is a narcissist

No. 975280

Don’t forget the plastic Easter eggs

No. 975281

everyone thinks theyre great inside and destined for greatness, nice job armchair psychologist retard.

No. 975285

No they absolutely don't, you narc

No. 975287

Why would you post this when you look like you’re protecting your gut while pushing out your yeast infection???? This is fucking crazy weird

No. 975294

Those eyebrows.. and how airbrushed this is

No. 975312

She’s really out here cosplaying as a cartoon child with a learning disability, huh?

No. 975319

Multiple people in multiple threads have agreed that Shayna has a narcissistic personality. Maybe not NPD the disorder, but she's certainly an abusive, manipulative narcissistic person.

No. 975320

Uhh what cartoon do you think she's cosplaying anon? This isn't cosplay, it's just Shayna trying to be quirky and 1-up all the farmers here. She really thinks playing into it will make herself look better. She's just trying to troll us.

No. 975321

It's just her cosplaying as herself. A retard.

No. 975323

I wouldn't say anons would pay for that shit but men would (her customs are ridiculously expensive if I remember). I think she probably advertises or has in the past to have a ~humiliation fetish~ (like the one questions video where she outted herself doing sex work underage) because she thinks it's quirky or cute and then gets men who order customs like this or the dumb blowjob video, and she's too autistic to see that it is humiliating and not in a cute way at all, she just ends up looking like she really is a special needs person dong porn. Which men probably legitimately jerk off to.

No. 975342

File: 1589739080763.png (880.45 KB, 1117x2048, Screenshot_20200517-141128.png)

lmao did she get suspended again?

No. 975343

can't tell because her tweets aren't loading for me but her media still is

No. 975344

It looks like she deleted everything and is starting her feed fresh?

No. 975346

Shayna, delete everything? That's amusing.

No. 975350


Pornsick men definitely jerk off to the most depraved shit. That's why it's so kek worthy when Shay shit talks women who are anti sex work while acting like the men who call her chubby are "uwu perfect daddies that can do no wrong".

Half the dudes she makes those "I'm not like other girls men are all amazing" posts probably get off to her looking like an absolutely fool and degrading her sense of self respect for 3 dollars. Women who tell Shay to stop camming are looking out for her after seeing the mentally ill shitshow videos she publicly puts out while the men who egg her on just want to see what she'll do next to humiliate herself. She'll call those women "jealous bitches" though while she eats her cheemsburger some incel bought her for a video of her dunking her head in the toilet though.

No. 975358

lol die mad twitterfags

No. 975363

And multiple people in every thread have been banned for armchair psychology. because >>975266 indeed, you don't need to be a doctor to recognize narcissistic personality traits. But NPD /=/ similar traits at a glance. That's like saying Shatna is obviously diabetic because she's a chublord. It's annoying speculation thats repeated ad infinitum about every. Single. Cow.

No. 975364

She did, and now she’s reposting a bunch of old pics and links to her OF. Probably another instance of her going “Imma use my Twitter only for business from now on guys uwu”. It’ll last for two days or so and she’ll get back to tweeting every asinine bullshit that pops into her head.

No. 975366

No one said she has NPD, stop mini modding.

No. 975377

>It's not because she's manic, it's because she's an actual narcissist. A major trait of NPD is believing you are destined for greatness/to be better than other people.

No. 975379

You can be a narcissist without having an actual personality disorder.
If you find these discussions so annoying, you can avoid them by ignoring posts that you disagree with(armchairing)

No. 975380

File: 1589744259529.png (59.37 KB, 658x662, E0477C3D-1FC7-4CA2-AD16-0CBBF8…)

She’s sexualizing autistic child pepe. Too far!

No. 975417

she did this at least once before, trying to hide all the drama and whatnot she stirred up. this means we get to see her recycle all those posts she's been using for ages to try and go viral or make it look like she has a personality besides doing porn.

No. 975428

File: 1589752572582.jpg (182.5 KB, 1080x620, Screenshot_20200517-165545_Twi…)

So does this mean she's gonna go back to blonde?

No. 975439

File: 1589755245983.jpg (Spoiler Image,249.39 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20200517_233800.jpg)

Has she posted this picture before? (Maybe I just never opened it) but holy shit that looks so much like she has a penis.

No. 975446

the dandruff in those greasy bangs…barf

No. 975449

Lol it's not dandruff it's dried hairspray because she rolls them with a white claw can and sprays it with tons of hairspray to get it to stay, kek

No. 975451

yeah this is a repost from maybe a month or more ago when she tried to reintroduce the pringles can bangs

No. 975471

File: 1589760920622.gif (1.26 MB, 432x498, tenor (3).gif)

You really don't see the irony in telling someone not to minimod then that they should just ignore discussion that is banned for a reason, do you? It's like I'm reading one of Shay's hypocritical rants

Lmao anon if I wasn't on my phone I'd edit this one to add the spinny hat and make it farmer-tan. Maybe later

No. 975546

File: 1589772158834.jpg (78.81 KB, 588x576, hypocrite.jpg)

she could always idk, get a damn hair cut, but i don't think salons are taking any clients right now so why is she even complaining about this lol.

didn't take her long to start being a hypocrite, which is much easier when you've deleted recipts of yourself doing the same shit. but we remember her walking around topless, filming it and putting it on twitter, as well as all those claims of doing dumb 'kink' shit at home depot, filming her content outside and of course flashing while at the dog park.

No. 975571

She always has to stick her nose in other people's business

No. 975575

And there's literally no child in their video, so idk what she's talking about

No. 975581

File: 1589779378538.png (Spoiler Image,5.35 MB, 1125x2436, EFC99EF2-911E-4C12-80C3-C29535…)

surprised no one called her out on this bad shoop even the blur
spoiler bc nasty

No. 975584

After doing the biggest dirty delete, completely wiping her Twitter and starting over with professional shit… she couldn't go ONE day without posting bullshit, non professional, drama stirring shit. Not one fucking day can this girl do right and kind her own business.

No. 975650

This drama is old, this video went around months ago and the SW got dragged for it. Idk why she’s trying to act like she cares now.

No. 975651

This is the same girl who uses to brag about how she wanted to answer to door naked for delivery drivers and brag about seeing the reactions for people waxing her seeing her get more wet.

No. 975684

She's also said she thinks the guy who used to do her pedicures had a foot fetish because he would always do his best work

No. 975703

File: 1589818789468.png (446.84 KB, 2048x1104, Screenshot_20200518-121940.png)


Shayna you're a large at this point just give it up.(>>>reddit)

No. 975708

It's so funny and sad when she posts every single compliment her boyfriend gives her or she SAYS he gives her.
Like, "My boyfriend said something nice about me and my body!! UWU SO SEXY"
bitch, he should, this isn't news

No. 975714

did this really warrant a redtext? i thought "r/thathappened" and "r/ihavesex" were pretty common memes at this point

No. 975715

what red text?

No. 975722

mods will let sw catfights go on for dozens of posts, but one reddit reference no matter how generic is gonna get someone redtexted? lmao

back to the tweet, even if that DID happen shayna i can assure you even your boyfriend can no longer mean it as a compliment lmao

No. 975723

I mean underwear is sold based on waist size so go large

One thing I've never understood when it comes to her weight gain is how pretty much everything she does includes anal, so do people not follow special diets when they're doing that much anal play? just for hygiene/peace of mind?

No. 975728

People absolutely adhere to diets the day before shooting pro anal / clean out day before or morning of with water enemas. I highly doubt Shay does any of this.

No. 975730

Why would she even think small is an option for her!?

No. 975737

File: 1589824177033.png (190.6 KB, 1114x1488, Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-18 um 1…)

Can someone explain how Shay has 1k posts/40k likes on OF and isn't even in the top 2%, while this bitch in the screenshot has 4k likes/24 posts on OF and is in the top 1%? Is Shay a cheap whore or?

No. 975745

It might be based on how much you make. That person charges $30/a month, shayna's only costs $3

No. 975751

It’s based on your income over the month. Has nothing to do with sub numbers or number of posts. If you have a higher sub price / make more in tips or PPV DMs you can have way less posts subs etc and make way more than others. Shay is literally 3$ to sign up and selling whole videos for 3$ - If that.

No. 975792

File: 1589830412683.png (Spoiler Image,328.31 KB, 579x345, rough.png)

lookin rough as usual

No. 975798

Shayna confuses me. Instead of getting multiple hair pieces in different styles or wigs, she uses the same 1 or 2 and they look horrible.

Instead of getting new clothes and not just for porn but for every day life, she wears the same ill fitting shit.

Why is her appearance the LAST thing she thinks about? Why is she so cheap when it comes to things that can improve her looks, but spends large amounts on food, weed and shit she does NOT need.
It baffles me.

No. 975898

File: 1589841708114.png (16.79 KB, 584x156, lmaoooo.png)

shes becoming self aware

No. 975900

Shayna: Please think about minors and non-consenting individuals in public places!!1!1!
Also Shayna: goes in public in a short skirt with no underwear every single time teehee my pussy slipped out, say hi!!

No. 975933

The dress COULD be flattering if she just went up a size. She’s just showcasing how fat she really is by wearing painfully small clothing. The color is flattering on her.
Give it up, Shay. Buy the fucking medium sizes.

No. 975961

Was gonna say the color looks cute especially with the darker brown(?) Hair.

No. 975963

how can this fat bitch still try to squeeze into size small underwear?

No. 975968

File: 1589848002073.jpg (699.55 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20200518-192609_Twi…)

Looking ROUGH

Especially with that greasy ass hair and hair piece

No. 975971

File: 1589848043427.jpg (Spoiler Image,439.33 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20200518-192632_Twi…)


No. 975973

The quote is in reference to a poorly acted porn scene in a backyard. It's an old meme on youtube.

No. 975974

she looks filthy. her skin literally is covered in dirt in this picture

No. 975976

File: 1589848522559.jpeg (Spoiler Image,239.73 KB, 1242x1416, BD4C3045-1568-46FE-8763-9FDFC7…)

I’m not even religious but this is so disrespectful lmaoo nobody wants to see this

No. 975982

its catholosism so it's fine

No. 975983

probably just me but she actually looks okay here for once? might just be because all i've been seeing over the past few days are her gross ass ahegao faces

No. 975984

The plaque buildup around her bottom teeth. Yikes

No. 975985

File: 1589849107102.jpeg (Spoiler Image,304.83 KB, 1242x1761, 5B64E8A8-D018-4E07-B799-2BEC68…)

Sage for no milk but Shay is really desperate for male attention she likes every single compliment that’s towards her. Even if it’s some pervert with a dick pic as his profile pic kek

No. 975987

Shay? Nah, she’s throwing a pity party, as usual
She looks like a naked mole rat that has just crawled out from under the earth. it’s useless to even talk about how gross her face is in this picture


No. 975990

Shayna please brush your teeth and floss your kinks are cringe but your hygiene is way more sickening

No. 976006

Holy shit the grime in her bottom teeth and what the hell is her chin skin texture ?!

No. 976012

File: 1589853078179.png (548.47 KB, 750x938, 131CD9C2-C947-4C86-87C0-ED4A6E…)

late but all I could think of was the resemblance

No. 976016

damn we have so many talented anons ITT

No. 976017

File: 1589853476540.jpg (Spoiler Image,372.09 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20200518-205732_Twi…)

You can tell she's sitting on the bench at that place. Very classy Shay. What happened to keeping this stuff out of public?

No. 976018

File: 1589853520646.jpg (481.26 KB, 1080x1086, Screenshot_20200518-205756_Twi…)

Such a gentleman Shay

No. 976019

ah yes, another thing to add to shay's "i'm a big hypocrite" wall

No. 976030

What happened to protecting minors and people who didn't consent, Shay? Oh that's right. Everything you preach a out doesn't apply to you, I guess.

No. 976050

wtf are these brows, you can see where they really begin vs where she chunked on whatever product she's currently using. would it really kill her to watch a damn video or two on makeup.

why isn't she screeching about not consenting to seeing the profile pic lol.

No. 976054

her eyebrows look worse when you zoom in. this bitch needs to stop using eyeliner as eyebrow pomade

No. 976090

This might actually be the ugliest picture in all of my years I've seen of any cow, ever

And I've witnessed some shit

No. 976091


Her eyebrows are literally the exact same size AND color as her eyeliner. They are interchangeable.

No. 976110

Her makeup is so fucking ugly. Sje really looks horrible here.
also imagine being her boyfriend who brought her ass out and bought her shit and she would rather be n twitter than talk to u kek

No. 976115

File: 1589885854798.png (1.11 MB, 900x630, mcnuggies.png)

this is fucking obscene. shayna you grimace ass looking bitch just don't post this shit

No. 976128

You know it was just those two sad roses. Daddy couldn’t even cough up some cash for three more to make this at least a basic bouquet.

No. 976137

Her boyfriend- Breathes

Shayna- "Does this dress look good on me?"
Boyfriend- "Yes"

No. 976159

File: 1589894546903.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1696, grimace-shay.png)

No. 976161

god this is such an amazing edit anon

No. 976166

File: 1589896309079.jpg (489.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200519-085023_Chr…)

The thing that kills be about this is that men will comment crazy shit like this and she doesn't delete it or blink an eye, but a girl says anything remotely offensive to Shay (whether it is or isn't) and she blows up for the full day about it

No. 976185

you can see the plaque buildup between her yellow ass chipped teeth…i’m horrified

No. 976195

this looks more appealing…sad. great edit anon

No. 976211

This is fucking brilliant, nice work anon

No. 976229

File: 1589908331183.png (361.16 KB, 2048x472, Screenshot_20200519-131217.png)

fucking KEK this dumb bitch thinks she started the fidget spinner buttplug trend I'm HOWLING

No. 976231

File: 1589908366197.png (509.63 KB, 2048x827, Screenshot_20200519-131322.png)

No. 976234

this shit came out in 2017 and she really thinks she's a trendsetter, holy shit the delusion is just hilarious

No. 976241

Omg I just capped these and came here to post LOL thanks for saving me the time… she’s so stupid

No. 976247

Ive seen SW that started recently post 4 second clips of themselves just flashing tits or vag & they still get thousands more likes in just a few hours with less followers than Shay than she gets on an embarrassing and degrading post in multiple days. but one tweet from a non orbiter & now she thinks she’s the CuLtUrE. Literally delusional.

No. 976253

Yes she is and also she’s not fucking snoop dogg? She’s fucking musty old tentacle dildos that her dog has used as a chew toy. the price difference seems obvious to me lol

No. 976257

File: 1589910490950.png (758.64 KB, 2048x1695, Screenshot_20200519-134737.png)

Shayna: "no one loves me, I'll never be popular."

Also Shayna: "I am the culture, I started sex work, I am a trendsetter, everyone loves me."

No. 976258

File: 1589910515827.png (844.29 KB, 1598x2048, Screenshot_20200519-134753.png)

kys Shay.

No. 976265

So basically admitting she’s jealous of other women being appreciated. What we always already knew.

No. 976266

so basically, "I hate that people more better looking, talented and smarter then me are getting attention! I hate that people who didn't act the way I act, have people who like them!"

She cares more about rando's interacting with her then her own family. She fucked over her relationship with them with no fucking thought, but she's on the internet whining that not enough neckbeards are paying her attention?

No. 976268

If you want people to stop hating you then stop repeating the same patterns of behavior like scamming, suicide baiting, and gatekeeping.

At this point sex work is so tied to Shayna's personality that she literally can't detach and that's just sad, but I don't feel bad for her. She could have done better but she chose to be stubborn.

No. 976270

File: 1589911186706.png (363.09 KB, 2048x1387, Screenshot_20200519-140002.png)

Don't worry anons, she got a $20 tip and she's all better now.

No. 976274

"I'm so Blessed"= $20

Anyway, what happened to twitch?

No. 976276

She hasn’t mentioned it much anymore. Almost like she’s avoiding the subject.

No. 976282

Probably because she realized she doesn't have a capture card, nor does she have a PC that can handle the requirements of streaming so her previously begging for a laptop to "stream" also got dropped.

She just gets caught in lies and then drops stuff hoping that no one will ever mention it again.

No. 976316

maybe stop sitting on your oily ass complaining on twitter and actually do some work? she says how bad it makes her feel seeing other sw getting exposure yet she doesn’t absolutely nothing to expand or better her content.

No. 976325

Basically just another thing she was gung ho about for a week, but she wont spend her own money on the gaming pc/laptop she needs for it. It's like when she was begging for a new cam. Maybe in a year when people donate enough to it, she'll buy a shit laptop that cant handle it, try, fail, and never speak of it again. But basically she needs a computer. People have mentioned you can stream from the ps4 but idk how well and if it works with twitch and whatnot.

No. 976329

Streaming from ps4 is a viable option, you just have to add a webcam that playstation supports and have a decent not shit mic and she'd be in business.

The only thing she'd lack is overlays and stuff but she could even set it up on her actual twitch page for donation buttons and stuff.

But that's too hard and I'm not gonna mention the rest of the details cause that bitch scours this thread like a crackhead.

No. 976330

File: 1589917897397.jpeg (95.43 KB, 500x552, A486D455-B229-4B5F-93D9-1DBF31…)

She’s so dumb I remember seeing the buttplug fidget spinner come out in 2017 the fact she thinks she invented it is hilarious

No. 976335

How can someone who spends so much time online be so consistently late on trends? I don’t get it.

No. 976362

Eehh, remote play on PS4 is pretty choppy for streaming on a laptop. I've tried it on a new Mac Pro with God of War and it was…meh.

No. 976365

Not remote play… Streaming, from her ps4 to twitch. Which is totally plausible and not full of lag provided you have decent internet.

No. 976366

Her dumbass wouldn't be able to figure that out

No. 976367

she really deleted her tweets to repost this same jealous whining that shouldn't even be on her 'work' account b/c dudes that want porn don't fucking care about this shit.

she's going to be trying on her dated barbie clothes she just wasted her money on, prepare for sizes that are too small and the same dumb faces/poses/muah she does for everything.

No. 976368

tbh I think she deleted everything so she could repost and get instant validation on the form of likes and retweets.

No. 976372

Tinfoil but I think she deleted everything because she is embarrassed that her tweets don’t get as much likes and engagement as other girls. I think embarrasses Shay when she’s got a two week old tweet pinned of her fingering her asshole with only 1k likes and a new girl with less than 10k followers can flash for 5 secs and get over 2k likes in a day. The sperg she dirty deleted today supports my theory.

No. 976388

File: 1589928731888.jpg (Spoiler Image,476.16 KB, 1077x1073, Screenshot_20200519-175158_Twi…)

No. 976389

File: 1589928753355.jpg (692.05 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20200519-175212_Twi…)


No. 976392

she always looks better with her hair down and in black. Of course she's buying cheap tacky shit she'll only wear in photoshoots either once or a million times.

No. 976395

those brows and eyeliner need to go SO hard.. how can she willingly do them like this AND post it for ppl to see like what

No. 976413

It’s incredible how she looks like. Moderately ok here. Not like a fridge in ill fitting clothes with a dead animal on her head. Yes the clothes are tacky, but Jesus it’s about improvement.

No. 976414

File: 1589932094324.jpg (Spoiler Image,530.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200520-004734_Twi…)

Screenshot from video of her putting a buttplug in then shitting it out.

Pretty sure she's got an anal fissure from doing that way too quickly. Yikes

No. 976415

Definitely look likes she's bleeding from her butthole. Wow such anal expert.
Not surprising since she just rammed it straight in without any butt foreplay

No. 976418

Omg this is hard to look at. It looks painful. Not appealing at all.

No. 976426

Literally calm down. There’s no blood. It looks like an asshole that’s been penetrated. There’s a lot to nitpick with her but this isn’t that bad for once.

No. 976428

lol it's so tight. girl, give it up.

No. 976430

Her lips get crustier by the day. Drink water.

No. 976441

Are you serious? This is awful. I’d cry if my butthole looked like that.

No. 976444

please don't ever watch any anal porn or you will be traumatized. what some of these women do to their assholes for the entertainment of neckbeards is wild.

No. 976451

i just know her back rolls are squeezing through the strings of that bikini top. she really needs to realize that she doesn’t fit into a size small anymore.

No. 976452

she still ugly but thank god these are almost nice to look at. needs chapstick but no hideous teeth in sight!

No. 976460

well that's a video i didn't need to see and i can't tell if she's wearing tight shorts or undies but they look a little small on her thighs. her face in motion is still bad.

No. 976461

It's shorts that are WAY to small for her

No. 976462

No. 976463

She is going to wreck her asshole if she continues to fuck her ass with a butt plug

No. 976470

leaky butt will be her new personality, calling it

No. 976473

Especially those metal ones… with seemingly zero lube???

No. 976480

File: 1589946684859.jpg (343.88 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20200519-224923_Twi…)

How long has she been in the new place? She's still not unpacked? This bitch doesn't have that much shit

No. 976481

File: 1589946742910.jpg (337.1 KB, 1080x1123, Screenshot_20200519-224955_Twi…)

No. 976482

File: 1589946843757.jpg (Spoiler Image,327.52 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20200519-225017_Twi…)

No. 976484

File: 1589946895137.jpg (98.21 KB, 1080x332, Screenshot_20200519-225035_Twi…)

Sure Shay

When is she going to stop with the "my bf/daddy said…." tweets? Her customers aren't going to care

No. 976497

Honestly she looks ok here. Shes mostly relaxing her face, it looks natural. She looks decent when she let's her hair down and doesnt do the goblin smirk, ratty smile, or idiotic pout thing.

But I'm laughing at her super squished nipple on the right for some reason kek

No. 976532

She's constantly saying that she just needs one more thing and THEN she'll be able to show her "true potential".

She gets said things, uses them/shows them off once, then needs another new thing. She'll never produce good content because she thinks it revolves around the stuff she gets instead of her and her personality.

No. 976549

No wonder her and pnp get along.

Completely ot but her sexualising barbie, spongebob, tangled, fidget spinners etc really grinds my gears. I hope some innocent child doesn’t google “in real life barbie” and get directed to her shitshow of a Twitter

No. 976584

KEK Leaky Mattel

anon, her life is just too interesting and amazing to not tweet about

No. 976588

i've literally never seen anyone mention it? why's she so obsessed with this insignificant feature of her body?

No. 976594

She herself thinks it’s ugly out of obvious insecurity and needs other people to validate her so she fishes for compliments from her 5 desperate orbiters by posting bait like that.

No. 976595

She has this long running lie about it that she has to keep up. Lots of women have noticeable veins in their chest and boobs. Because of how her boobs grew in it just happens to show more, it's not cancerous or because of a flu shot.

The flu shot story is so easy to debunk it's retarded. It wouldn't make your veins distended since the shot is not intravenous, it's intramuscular, and Shayna is fucking stupid. Plus if a flu shot caused a young girl to need a breast implant like she used to claim, it would be in the news. They don't randomly give breast implants to 8 year olds.

No. 976597

It's another part of her oh so multi faceted personality, obviously.

No. 976598

File: 1589979771063.png (214.57 KB, 1080x1253, 1584027285720.png)

caught in another lie shayna. Pick a story.

No. 976602

As far as I’m aware chicken pox shots are given at about a year old

No. 976606

yep, then you get a booster at about 4-5. She can't keep up her stories and wants to make a tittie vein part of her personality. Shayna truly is something else.

No. 976608

i don't understand why the truth "my breast skin is thin and i'm pale so you can see my veins nbd" is so bad???

No. 976612


because Shatna needs to feel uwu special about everything since she hates herself and has no personality so the truth won’t cut it kek

No. 976623

If what's she is saying is true, and her nerve endings in her breast is essentially shot, wouldnt that imply she can't feel stimulation in her titty? I dont know how that's sexy, along with everything else going on with her weird ass

No. 976625

Dude just insults her to her face and she runs to twitter to brag about it

the nerve endings in her chest DIED? so she has no sensation in her tits? maybe that's why she didn't mind getting her nipple almost bitten off. this story is so bizarre and easily disproven

No. 976627

>all the hospitals in Boston
every single one?

No. 976634

because anon, she's not like other girls

No. 976637

She also claimed her tissue stopped building, which if that was true it would mean her right bicep and breast wouldn't have grown properly and by now she would look fucked up. She never has any idea what she's talking about and throws around words that sound big and scary.

No. 976650

File: 1589987481947.png (618.57 KB, 2048x1631, Screenshot_20200520-110957.png)

Shayna once again showing how retarded she truly is. Yes just go to the Amazon car store and pick out a car it's that easy. You don't need to go through a credit check or anything, nah.

No. 976660

Nah she’d go to one of the sleazy used car dealerships and overpay for a lemon just because it looked cute or the salesman was “hitting on her” AKA literally just trying to sell a car through regular flattery

No. 976670

Lmaoooo She really would be that retard that thinks the salesman is hitting on her. "OMG he gave me such a great deal because he thought I was sooo adorable and a real Barbie!1!! He lowered the price so much, must be because I wore a skirt with no panties and my nipples where poking thru my Barbie shirt teehee"
Then the car will break either because it's a lemon or because she's too stupid to know basic maintenance on cars wAtS aN OiL cHanGe. Then she'll threaten to kill herself kek

No. 976672

I, for one, am looking forward to DUIbarbie.

No. 976678

Oh how fun, another scammy "fundraiser" ! She could get a car off Craigslist too, doesn't have to go to the dealership.
What's wrong with her dAdDy and uber driving her to get food, booze, and weed? That's literally all she leaves her house for. Not sure why she needs a car.

No. 976679

Didn’t this bitch have a warrant out for an unpaid traffic ticket at one point lol

I too am stoked for DUI Barbie. You just know she’ll smoke and drive too.

No. 976726

"Leaky Mattel"
"Prolapsed ass barbie"

It's got a ring to it, y'know

No. 976732

Can’t wait for the begging for people to pay for X service to be done on her car because she fucked it up.

If she does it through Craigslist you know she’ll tell a story how the person asked about subbing to her OnlyFans or she’ll complain how they sold her the car without a title so she’s stuck not able to use it like another anon said due to her not knowing actual shit about the process to buy or own a car.

No. 976734

*and drink

You know the bitch will be drunk before/after going to the bar and HAS to take crusty photos where she can lie somebody walked by and complimented her tit veins in the dark through the glass.

No. 976743

How this child doesn’t have a hemorrhoid yet is beyond me. All the constant asshole trauma and fast food are a recipe for a Hemmy Mattel

No. 976748

We all know her father's guilt is gonna be paying for it.

No. 976753

Watch her dumbass wear the shirt just like this out in public

No. 976763

Imagine paying her for promo

No. 976764

Fuck. sorry samefag i meant to post a pic with my last post and didn’t mean to reply to your post… Sage for autism. Jfc. Posting caps now

No. 976765

File: 1590007415637.jpeg (328.67 KB, 815x1080, A1CE99F8-5104-42F9-BBC3-9267FD…)

$100 for a 24 hour post. For some reason I doubt you would even make that $100 back.

No. 976770

I’m not a pornsick incel so I wont be doing that anytime soon. But thanks for the heads up. Is your asshole falling out or something too? Because you’re kinda defensive for no reason.

sage for butthole sperg

No. 976772

anon that wasn’t defensive at all, calm yourself lmao

No. 976776

I must admit I read the first part and not the second part, assumed it was Shayna defending her butthole and got hasty with my reply. My apologies. Sage for major autism.

No. 976777

the autism jumped out on this one yikes

No. 976794

File: 1590013677844.png (561.61 KB, 2048x1311, Screenshot_20200520-182627.png)

What's funny is just a few months ago she was gatekeeping and telling sex workers to NOT post super explicit uncensored photos all the time and that she was going to start censoring her stuff because freeloaders.

Shayna, not every single person cares about their numbers on twitter. They care more about their customers. Not every sex worker wants to post super upclose uncensored pussy and asshole pics multiple times a day so that they'll get more followers and interactions. Your advice is fucking horrible. Just keep to yourself ffs.

No. 976799

“LIFE CHANGING” lmfao I died laughing. Someone call the coroner for me, please.

No. 976800

scammy mattress back at it again giving shit advice kek

No. 976801

Its taken her 4 years to get 34K on twitter and to make an actual living wage through sex work. Why does she think she’s qualified to give people advice?

No. 976802

This advice is so dumb. Why pay for something you can see for free? I would think censoring would cause intrigue and give more incentive to pay.

No. 976809

Tinfoil but does anyone think the twitter orbiter Doughnutreturns on twitter is Shayna herself? Because I kind of do. Some of the spergy threads that account tweets out sounds just like Shay.

No. 976812

File: 1590016490835.jpg (126.77 KB, 1080x618, Screenshot_20200520_191407.jpg)

"onlyfans" & "purpose"…. Grim

No. 976813

File: 1590016601268.jpg (Spoiler Image,437.22 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20200520-181611_Twi…)

why the fuck would you post this?

No. 976823

>onlyfnas has literally given me a sense of purpose
>gaped butthole
God, this is sad.

No. 976828

based on her life changing advice, anon, you're supposed to constantly post explicit, uncensored content exactly like what you post for paying customers. That's just good business, duh.

No. 976842

This bitch is going to be in adult diapers before she's 30

No. 976843

fucking this. she's just lazy; she dragged ass packing, moving and now unpacking, using that and tons of other things as excuses for not making content, which is constantly boring. she always thinks material things will make her better when she's holding herself back [not that i think she has some hidden potential or anything] but wouldn't admit it even if she was paid a million dollars.

so being a cam girl was nothing? i know she hasn't been on in months but wasn't she on some sort of schedule at one point?

No. 976844

She will make that her brand

No. 976846

File: 1590019441466.jpeg (321 KB, 828x1026, 4A6D223F-0A5F-4DCB-AC32-67AC33…)

Truly the best advice. You just gotta be like Cotsco, duh.

No. 976855


how does that make sense tho? isn't Costco membership only lol

No. 976860

>ppl who depend on me
Shayna, there is absolutely no one depending on your musty, desperate ass.
if some pornsick cumbrain can't get it from you, he'll go to someone else. you're completely disposable to everyone you're "thankful" for.
find a sense of purpose in life that doesn't include you humiliating yourself on the internet for pennies.

>being compared to a wide, bargain supermarket for bulk buying
well, they're not wrong in that regard.

No. 976861

I think they said that because Costco gives out small samples of their food items.

No. 976862

At least Award Winning Cocksleeve agrees with Shayna. She has that going for her.

No. 976866

But…only the members would be getting the samples…

Point is it's a dumb comparison

No. 976868

File: 1590021548589.png (376.34 KB, 2048x661, Screenshot_20200520-203927.png)

No. 976873

The HD gaping, chewed up bubblegum looking asshole surrounded by a horribly blurry facetuned expanse of flesh looks like something out of a horror film. This girl is a lost cause, how can you have so little self awareness that you think this is attractive enough to post?

No. 976876

File: 1590022500468.jpg (Spoiler Image,541.94 KB, 1079x1235, Screenshot_20200520-195504_Twi…)

No. 976877

Why is her anus half grey?

No. 976882

*It's taken her four years to buy 34k followers

PLEASE tell me she isn't saying she's making hundreds of thousands on OF.

No. 976883

yep and the saggy wrinkly pussy makes it’s return on the right
for anyone that’s asked why she’s always pulling it up/tight, there you go

No. 976885

the real question is why are there 2 holes wtf ?

No. 976886

true. maybe im ignorant but I've never seen that before

No. 976895

No, that's someone who is higher ranked on OF AND makes more money than Shayna telling her that yeah that advice doesn't work for everyone and isn't really life changing

No. 976896

It looks like she's wearing diabetic compression socks

No. 976899

I don't understand her marketing, at all. She gives away EVERYTHING for free on her Twitter, and just reposts it on OnlyFans. Every single day she posts multiple up close pussy and/or asshole pictures. I don't think she even knows what an implied nude is. It's rare to see her post JUST a clothed pic, without the next picture being her flashing her tits or her vagina.

She leaves nothing to the imagination, nothing for the customer to say "wow I want to buy and see the rest of that". How does she think shes qualified to give sex work advice when she can't even market herself properly?

No. 976903

Lmao. Yeah this is giving me hospital vibes

No. 976921

File: 1590028806570.jpeg (116.26 KB, 828x806, 75805D7F-65A6-4E1E-BFF0-4A8A47…)

No. 976928

File: 1590030124301.jpg (229.24 KB, 1079x776, Screenshot_20200520-220202_Twi…)

But it's the meds cause the weight gain. Right Shay?

No. 976940

She just showed off her kitchen and her shitty little utensils/equipment too. Super sexy to hear about her hoard of $10 worth of gas station foods on twitter after asking why other girls are more successful. So hot envisioning her crusty cracked lips covered in cheetoh dust and yellow fucked up teeth while she plays Material Girl in the background.

No. 976942

she has all of that in her kitchen at one time? jfc, I could understand having ONE of those things in the cabinet as an indulgence every few days between normal meals, but if that's all she has in her apartment, there's no wonder she's ballooning up so quickly.

for some reason I imagined that half the reason she orders takeout all the time was to get ready-made healthy(/ier) meals, but this one tweet has exposed just how shitty she eats on the regular.

No. 976948

god she really can’t go a single day without stuffing her fat mouth with junk. but of course, she blames her meds for the immense weight gain

No. 976955

don't let your jealousy show too much there lol. maybe take the time to look at what they're doing and try that, what a concept.

and of course she thinks this and the dozens of other pix that probably look the same that she posts on onlyfans are "hecking cute".

No. 976959

File: 1590035093947.jpg (16.11 KB, 460x468, 1344787913902.jpg)


If you're going to get fat, at least get fat on good food like steak or some high-roller shit. You're choosing to gain 50 pounds from Goldfish because that's all you can afford.


>"my bf feeds me seeeeeeeeeew well! jeluz??"

>buys her shit you'd feed to an autistic child

This is why you're shaped the way you are.

No. 976965

File: 1590035362174.jpg (228.66 KB, 1064x842, Screenshot_20200520-232224_Twi…)

So more cheap cat lingerie?

No. 976971

This is pathetic and seems like something trailer trash ppl would eat. anyone over the age of 20 who can’t cook basic meals is an autistic man/woman child

No. 977003

The incredibly unhealthy child-like palate isn't cute. Especially when you've gained a ton of weight in a short amount of time.

No. 977008

Why did she delete her entire feed, just to go back to posting the exact same shit? For a second there I thought she'd realized how bad the free nudes and constant bullshit and complaining looks businesswise, and started over.

No. 977013

shay would never be able to charge more than $3, maybe $5 at most, for her onlyfans. we already know she's insanely bitter and jealous of girls that are prettier and making more money than her. she also just hates other women in general.

tinfoil that this is her attempt to try and sabotage other sex workers. this makes no sense, ppl will pay more to see your pussy if they havent seen it 1000 times for free. i don't know if she's smart enough for sabotage though, it might just be her justifying her bad choices to herself under the guise of being a 'pro' again.

No. 977032

Why would anyone pay to see stuff they've seen for free? Shay only makes money because of her FEMALE orbiters trying to be her best friend. All the men following her get off on her free stuff and don't bother paying for OF because why bother?

Despite claiming she's been in the business SO LONG she makes the dumbest decisions. I don't know how in her mind she thinks a guy is going to pay on OnlyFans to see the same pic of her tit vein when he already saw it for free on Twitter versus paying to see a woman topless that's never posted a public pic with their bra off.

Even with her reckless and stupid butt fireworks she could have at least capitalized on the absurdity of it and charged to see it instead of publicly posting it. That video got thousands of views and she didn't make a penny off of it.

Somehow her brain thinks that likes/comments = money and she can pay her rent and bills just by saying she has X amount of Twitter followers.

No. 977054

Yeah this. I get why some sw’ers post teasers or such sencored, but i don’t get at all how shay thinks it’s somehow good for her business to post everything free lmao. She’s so dumb it hurts.

No. 977066

anons have said before that her tactics are more for gaining attention over actually earning money, which feels really true when she says/does shit like this. she could be earning some money on the side besides getting the attention she craves if she actually gave it some thought, but she is too dumb for that.

No. 977087

she'll use their ideas then accuse people of copying her, let's be real

No. 977098

File: 1590075397692.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1366, 43184505-CEED-4DE9-9DBD-2B3294…)

Lmao what is happening here, is this her gut hanging over her panties? She just posted this on Twitter. Shayna, girl…..

No. 977102

Obviously that's her stomach because her underwear is too tight. What else would it be?

No. 977106

File: 1590076101308.png (1.06 MB, 2048x1913, Screenshot_20200521-114821.png)

It's really sad how she feels she has to buy something new for every single thing she makes. She really just throws stuff away and gets new shit. Top tier privilege.

No. 977129

I do not want to see anime cat meido shatna….

No. 977145

Nice jock strap bulge, troona

No. 977153

How can someone be so in denial about being fat and still knowingly post shit like this, especially someone who shoops the shit out of every other feature she has. Does she has reverse BDD or somehing? I really don't get it.

No. 977164

I don't understand what's so bad about this in particular. Should fat people just not take pictures or something? She's taken much worse pics, anon.

No. 977189

It's not fat people taking pictures it's the cognitive dissonance. She wants to keep pretending she's thin but she won't put any effort into convincing anyone else she is. Nothing about this picture is particularly awful I just think the little bit of chub sticking out is funny because the pose she's doing is so obviously supposed to be flattering in that instathot "taken from the one angle where I look thicc instead of chubby" kinda way

No. 977193

This is Shayna, anon. She posted a pic showing off her double chin where she looked like a rotten holiday ham in fishnets. She has no shame.

No. 977275

File: 1590092040877.jpg (494.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200521-151437_Chr…)


No. 977286

Oh…no. How is this even going to work with a dildo?

No. 977314

make she has one of those ejaculating dildos. I don't want to envision shay ever having children, that's horror movie shit.

No. 977316

she'll probably do her usual routine but just say something about getting pregnant

No. 977374

File: 1590098177994.png (2.15 MB, 2008x2048, Screenshot_20200521-175639.png)

But it's…the same?

No. 977375

god i cannot articulate enough how bad her makeup looks on her. we can't all be amy winehouse and a lot of people look a lot worse with big wings than without. this is the sort of stuff you figure out in middle school. can she not see herself?

No. 977385

my problem isn't even the liner, it's the brows. you'd think with all the useless shit she buys for her 5 onlyfans subs she'd be able to buy some AB pomade in the right shade.

No. 977386

File: 1590099845055.jpg (287.58 KB, 1079x1008, Screenshot_20200521-172408_Twi…)


No. 977392

File: 1590100320496.jpg (55.57 KB, 748x350, GXRTqqu.jpg)

I'll give it three more threads before she has a DUI.

No. 977396

Probably her bf.

No. 977403

>screams in trashcan

No. 977404

Pleaseeee wear lip balm…. I feel like her lips have the texture of shards of broken glass and a mouth is one of the main focal points on a face? I’ll get in line and keep waiting with everyone else for something that will never happen.

No. 977406

This bitch just plays dress up and really thinks her porn is art.
Does she not know most men just want to see T, A and pussy? All this shit is for her and other sex workers.
I honestly think the last person she thinks about when she makes her porn is the men actually buying the shit.
All this effort (and by Effort I mean "effort) just for the dude to skip past all this retarded shit, just to find, "Oh shit,it's just her making ugly faces sticking a small dildo or toy agaisnt her dry pussy"

She also KEEPS buying followers and as always, her actual interaction is tiny.

No. 977408

i think she's still using her eyeliner for her eyebrows because for whatever odd reason she thinks it looks good which is even more egregious

No. 977409

It's really sad that I feel like she wants to make actual content but knows she has no talent, that she's not interesting and wants validation as quick as possible.
Twitch would've been a flop but at LEAST she was attempting to do something other then sex work for attention.
Now I don't think she's even going to do it.

No. 977415

Shes going for that sharpie prison makeup look I guess because she discovered last month that it's easier to use her eyeliner for her eyebrows too. It looks exta bad with the thick eyeliner look she does. Though this isnt her worst wing job lol

No. 977419

File: 1590104115362.jpg (158.42 KB, 1079x603, Screenshot_20200521-183537_Twi…)

Lol, sure Shay. That's why you have to beg every time rent is due

No. 977421

"oh no! My dad spent $5 to watch some weird chick degrade herself!! I"m so ashamed! how will he pay for my college?"

No. 977424

oh god she's back to screeching at everyone about how their 65 year old dads totally pay for her onlyfans each month. no shaytard, the reality: the few males on your onlyfans are fat ugly white trash 35 year olds similar to kyle perkins lol.

No. 977429

this is so legitimately sad why does she see herself as the ultimate sex god who older men lust after like that's not it. anyone can have a shitty lvm 35 year old look at them if they're young and willing to whore themself out. holy god i really think she's going through the high school i-discovered-sex-phase in front of a huge audience it's so bad

No. 977436

File: 1590106728203.png (Spoiler Image,2.18 MB, 1173x2048, Screenshot_20200521-201913.png)

anons, caption this

No. 977437

File: 1590106818582.png (Spoiler Image,2.15 MB, 2048x1753, Screenshot_20200521-202045.png)


No. 977439

She looks like a fat little boy, like this doesn't even look like Shayna, this looks like Shane.

No. 977440

I hate to be so mean but seriously, she looks crazy

No. 977441

don't worry anon, "crazy" is all that comes to mind when i see >>977436

No. 977444

No make up, no nothing just a plain face with those big ass wings, and dry ass hair, like can she try?

No. 977445

What the fuck. She looks like she's about to stab that broom/mop into her minge until she's bleeding. Proper serial killer expression.

No. 977447

it took me a minute to even realize she was pointing it at her twat… v fat pussy u got there when u shooped it into oblivion… again

No. 977448

i honestly have no words

No. 977449

>>977437 she looks like those twitch dudes that cosplay for trap points a la sneaky but you know , badly

No. 977450

File: 1590107770886.jpg (Spoiler Image,863.44 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20200521-193634_Twi…)

more like, you did this yourself

No. 977451

File: 1590107814465.jpg (229.3 KB, 1079x749, Screenshot_20200521-193613_Twi…)

No one wants to know this Shay

No. 977452

Wtf. What is the point of this?

No. 977453

Cause you're on your period or you fucked yourself with the broom?

No. 977454

The blur around her crispy dry hair… Please buy a hair mask Shay.

No. 977455

File: 1590107937429.jpg (Spoiler Image,542.91 KB, 1078x1148, Screenshot_20200521-193535_Twi…)


No. 977457

What are these poses in reference to?

No. 977458

File: 1590108416752.jpg (79.31 KB, 575x804, 14c.jpg)

No. 977459

I thought she accepted her new uwu thicc persona?
Also this is an insult she would put those words there when they mean menacingly or along those lines lol…

No. 977460

I love how she has the SAME make up look for EVERY SINGLE THEME. I can think of three times she did something different.
Like damn Shayna, when there's dudes who can throw on some shit, get their lightening, angles, hair and clothes right, who can photoshop a picture of them into a anime girl and get more attention then a girl with her pussy hanging out, you KNOW you are slacking.

No. 977461

File: 1590108603841.jpg (553.52 KB, 1079x1617, Screenshot_20200521-194912_Twi…)

We got a shout out everyone!

Shay, don't pretend like you don't make changes to posts and stuff because you saw it here

No. 977462

>Website dedicated to me

Oh honey..

No. 977463

1. You are sending people here

2. This site is not dedicated to you

3. We don't even have to log in

4. The things we say hurt your feelings, which is why you flipped at Dolphin girl. You thought they were a farmer

5. No one spends their entire life on you, more like 2 mintues or less.

6. "Your mom probably hates you" I love how she had to say "mom" because we are all women here, so she thinks that'll hurt.

6. If this was feeding ur ego you would never made this post. We hurt your feelings and thats probably why you lied about your pussy bleeding because you felt bad.

7. Shut the fuck up

No. 977464

>a website dedicated to me
shayna just because your sex work is your life doesn't mean your sex work is our life. you can laugh at someone and genuinely not think about them for days and your thoughts are consumed by what the people on the imageboard think. delete your account and move back home, stop being such a trainwreck and people won't rubberneck you

No. 977465

Lol well it wasn't posted here and no outsiders calling her petite no more. Wtf you doing girl? This embarrassing.

No. 977467

Also I wished you care about how your mom felt, maybe you'd be a better person

No. 977469

File: 1590108909537.jpg (476.54 KB, 1059x2413, Screenshot_20200521-204614__01…)

This site isn't about you and you know it. She dirty deleted the last two tweets, btw.

No. 977470

Funny how you have threatened to kill yourself MULTIPLE TIMES, one time over a fucking tweet.
But i guess she's so strong and stubborn.

No. 977471

She seems to think that the point of this forum is to encourage her to kill herself. It’s not.
Get help, Shayna.

No. 977472

She outta take our advice though and wash her fucking hair. Imagine the smell she has from not showering. She thinks "were haters" when in reality it is more of a horror show of seeing how disgustingly fat one narc can get.

No. 977473

Since she's here, Shayna please try eyeshadow, maybe some blush? Get some lip chap, maybe gloss, try out some new lip colors.
Also, get the size up and maybe spend money on actual clothes?
Also what's happening with twitch?

No. 977474

File: 1590109503560.jpg (186.21 KB, 1080x678, Screenshot_20200521-200525_Twi…)

CuZ iM sO fAmOuS. Sure Shay

No. 977475

> dedicated to me
Bitch you can’t even make it to PT, your ass is on a sub board

No. 977476

she was having a pity party just a few days ago, suddenly she's all "i'm amazing and famous, everyone is obsessed". can't wait to see her ree when someone tweets about her titty veins and start the cycle again

No. 977477

that weird blur effect is so unflattering and makes her shoulders look obscenely broad

No. 977478

oh my god, this is so much worse than I thought it would be.

this is the least of her problems, but why does she think a neko maid outfit would look good with fucking stripper heels? she’s constantly trying to mesh this “bimbo baby” shit together and it just doesn’t work, it’s so fucking tacky.

No. 977479

HAHA we see your seething over us laughing at your nasty cringy nonsensical humiliation "porn" shatna. go shower and work out instead of sobbing and pretending we're the ones who disappont our mothers. nah that's you retard. your mom is ashamed of you and you literally look like you smell like a bag of dog shit in every ugly pic you post. the sheer projection and delusion is insane with this bitch.

No. 977480

I honestly feel like us picking apart something she felt was so good and amazing (this "photoshoot) has really made her mad.

I get it, you work hard on something (aka put on a dress, head band, badly do you hair, identical make up etc) and you try your hardest (Old meme poses, and weird ass "goofy anime girl" poses that make you look horrible) and then you come here and everyone is telling you it looks like crap.

Instead of lying to you and saying you don't look retarded. I don't want you to kill or harm yourself. In fact even if I find this entertaining i'd love if Shayna disappeared and did better for herself.

but she's not. Funny how instead of attempting to change anything it's "people want me to die" or her threatenining death.

No. 977482

right? like go home shayna. you're living such a terrible life. you're just smoking weed and looking terrible on the internet and showing your body for free. you're gaining weight and have no life skills. you can't put all of this off forever. every day you spend sat on twitter is fucking you over more and more

No. 977485

File: 1590111280348.jpeg (199.88 KB, 1125x577, 535AB3C9-61DE-444B-A4A1-183F29…)

she’s so disgusting as human being, your just like your republican mother that you hate soooo much

No. 977486

>the implication that her subscribers didn't have any money beforehand
she knows the neets love her <3

No. 977487

>ur mom probably hates u
ahh, i can smell the projection from a mile away

No. 977488

this is the most delusional cope i've ever read. she's definitely feeling horrible and having a big dramatic episode so she's amping up the ~im a superstar uwu big rich famous pron star~ whilst she takes terrifying horror film esque nudes in her cheap tulsa oklahoma apartment in her tacky cheap amazon maid costume lmao

No. 977492

>What would lolcow do if I killed myself
Aw jeez I guess we’ll just forget you ever existed and look at the other 50 active cows on this site lol

No. 977493

lol glad you liked my edit shatna :) your a disgusting bloated pig in human clothes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 977498

File: 1590112930629.jpg (228.46 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20200521-210141_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 977499

File: 1590113017939.jpeg (436.18 KB, 750x878, 774B2B16-347C-47DB-A824-565F38…)

kek i love how she scrubbed off the chipped black toenail polish mid-photoshoot. so much effort and preparation from this one.

No. 977500

Her facial expressions and make up ruin every single picture.
Also, yeah, yeah you are SO unbothered. Like I said, she really felt this very special, very unique photoshoot was her best work and we ruined her moment.

I'm loving how she's posting every single picture for free.
Imagine thinking a photoshoot in the kitchen in a maid's outfit was groundbreaking.
I'm positive every single troon has those cat ears and this outfit.

Shayna Please troll us with some make up and better hair styles, please.

No. 977501

shay, put sum fucking tights or stockings on those tree trunks u call legs girl! that is a MAID COSTUME! have some class. like any at all. the queen sizes will fit you and there is no shame in rolling down thigh highs to make them knee high socks just to take pictures and videos jesus christ!!! you have not seen one porno except the ones you've BEEN IN AND THEY'RE BAD

No. 977502

it wasn’t even funny tho

No. 977503

Like the most simple shit would make her look better, if she stopped pretending these basic bitch ideas were fresh and new, if she stopped treating her generic porn like it was a work of art, if she actually put some EFFORT, then i'm positive people would fuck off.
She's not going to change her attitude but it's obvious the digs on her looks hurt, which is understandable.
So how about she take some advice thats given? It's not even crazy things, just small things.

No. 977504

what was the edit?

No. 977506

the one she posted on twitter supposedly >>977450

No. 977508

her ego is just as bloated as her gross body. shayna we laugh at you. you serve as a pillar of shame to any community you enter. famous? no one orbits shaytard because they like her, everyone just loves watching a shitshow and views her as a prime example of what not to do if you want a sliver of success in life. even her own "uwu friends" more than likely lurk here, I'm sure of it.

No. 977510

What the fuck is this hair though?? Yeah the make up is the same stupid shit, her expressions are special needs, etc… but what was she going for with this hair? It's an actual fucking mess and rather than editing it, she edited everything else and made it look even worse.

No. 977511

You know she took that meme as a huge compliment. She probably thinks this thread means she's successful. And in some ways it is, she's getting some of that attention she wants.

No. 977513

Shatna thinking she's famous because she has a lolcow thread is simultaneously the saddest and funniest thing ever. girl GO HOME.

No. 977520

File: 1590116643310.jpg (Spoiler Image,510 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20200521-220406_Twi…)

Because of that meme, she's going to be over using this pic

No. 977523

thigh highs and some blush/lip product would make this look a thousand times better but we all know she’s incapable of doing anything remotely decent

No. 977534

love that shay is calling us all smelly trolls, while she is the only person on this thread that doesn't bathe.
she knows damn well that people come in here to laugh at the trainwreck that she is for like 15 minutes a day while taking breaks from their more accomplished and successful lives. heck, even the thots on here claim to have more revenue from their content than shay. and i doubt that google searching their real names would reveal a shitload of pathetic and disgusting nudes. congrats on ruining your whole future at just 23, shayna.

No. 977535

this girl really has no idea how to pose sexy or have a sexy expression. jesus.

No. 977542

Shayna give up the pink catgirl thing! You are just trying to find some new pink thing to pawn because Barbie and baby doesn't fucking work anymore because you aren't skinny. Take the advice from the anon who said you look better in black. It's slimming, and pastel pink looks horrible against your grey alcoholic antidepressant skin. You have a shitty attitude and you're late to trends, so why not try the fat goth girl thing Shay?You literally already have the makeup, body, and fanbase for it! I'm pretty sure these are all things that have already been said in past threads. If u are going to lurk this thread take the tidbits of advice and direction that are left for you here.(hi cow)

No. 977549

Whomever made it should’ve gave her a dolphin mouth and then she wouldn’t say shit about it.

No. 977550

Miss Famous topping out at a whole 5 likes per tweet and a few bucks a month as a tradeoff for being treated like shit by a bunch of random men and looking like an irreversibly fat, saggy 45 year old's corpse at 23. Okie dokie! kek

I almost feel bad that she has no friends to bring her down to reality. My friends would have slapped me back to the real world if I ever humiliated myself like this. I've never seen a single person as devoid of friends as her. Another thing I've never seen from her is a screenshot of a convo that wasn't "OMG LOOK WHAT MY BF OF 3 MONTHS SAID!!!!! he said im…hot! omfg he said im hot! that means im so hot right guys? guys? hello?", like where are the typical "look what my friends said to me!" posts? Nowhere, because she's insufferable to talk to?

get some social skills and make some friends, shayna, maybe you'll stop being so delusional

No. 977555

i simultaneously want and don't want to know the actual answer. like, it randomly started to bleed but will be ok tomorrow?

also it's not like her content is even pricey, so they could probably afford most of it, no one is spending an entire check on her.

No. 977562

…so she took some dumpy pictures of herself in a cheap costume, felt sad, and decided the remedy was to suicide bait and project her mommy issues? The thriving never stops

No. 977564

She probably started bleeding because she shoved the metal broom handle up her snatch

Sage for tinfoil

No. 977568

File: 1590127160178.jpg (488.62 KB, 1079x1545, Screenshot_20200522-005632_Twi…)

OF anon, come through with this train wreck

No. 977569

File: 1590127212144.jpg (Spoiler Image,642.92 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20200522-005648_Twi…)

Look how much she has to twist her body to make it look like she has an ass

No. 977601

File: 1590141415358.jpg (234.25 KB, 960x720, v2.jpg)


All I can see, the fugly contorted Venus statue

No. 977636

i'm dying at the latest maid pics and her angry tweets about us "spending our lives" watching her. thank you for the laughs, shayna. fr.

No. 977640

File: 1590153061245.png (71.03 KB, 279x216, no need to be upset.png)


Nice try at reverse psychology. "Y'all are really just making my ego bigger the more you talk about me!" Sure. That's not going to make people stop posting about you like you think it is because the levels of bother and salty tears that are dripping from those tweets is palpable.

No. 977819

File: 1590181405030.png (2.36 MB, 1246x937, trashcanshay.PNG)

No. 977820

Ugh why can't she write properly? It hurts to read. Is it supposed to do anything other than make her sound like an incoherent idiot? It's not cute when Ariana does it and it isn't cute when you do it, Shay.

No. 977841

10,000 keks

No. 977855

File: 1590186230013.jpg (259.94 KB, 1280x908, tumblr_mhgnnqdwDX1rbvxhyo1_128…)

I love how similar this is to this PT look from back in the day. Piggy maid cow classic.

No. 977860

queen unironically wearing it better

No. 977863

File: 1590186975888.jpg (171.54 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20200522-173634_Twi…)

You charge $3

No. 977865

File: 1590186999168.jpg (282.37 KB, 1079x865, Screenshot_20200522-173615_Twi…)


No. 977866

File: 1590187024028.jpg (319.13 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20200522-173652_Twi…)

This is what lead to that post

No. 977874

Yeah, and you'll spend all that money on weed and unhealthy food, and then be forced to run a sale on your content again to make rent.

No. 977878

unironically yes lmao. at least pt has tights on and shoes that actually match the outfit

No. 977881

>>claims she made 3k this week

looks like utter shit, gets the cheapest close, cheapest wackest sex toys, horrible backgrounds.
Where is this money going? Also, why isn't she getting a computer or shit to stream with? If she's making that much she's spending on bullshit

No. 977882


No. 977884

also high quality, nicely lit, not warped and edited her face into a grotesque mask. Genuinely so much cuter

No. 977888

holyshit, is she really going down this road? She has no idea how bad women have it with her sheltered, entitled ass.

No. 977889

waiting for the inevitable cycle where she gets caught talking shit and subsequently deletes anything related to what she said and acts like nothing ever happened

No. 977893

i'm not buying this lol

wow look two retards clashing on twitter, can't wait for the meltdowns

No. 977914

Why did this single post get redtexted when 70% of this thread is directly talking to Shay kek

No. 977917

how is it even a (hi cow) lol farmhands these days are something else

No. 977921

Which isn't even what hi cow means. That post wasn't accusing someone of being shayna in itt. The reddit ban further up thread too. I guess admin is desperate and will hire any dumbass newfag these days.

No. 977931

Queen also using shower curtain backdrop better!

There were a few other extra-edgy insulting comments over last few days that sound a lot same, maybe similar IP?

No. 977938

It's definitely not. Like the other poster said, it's not calling someone the cow. Wow.

No. 977940

The admins are annoying as fuck tbh. They'll red text bullshit like this but not the constant nitpicking that they threaten to autosage the thread for.
I've been banned and labeled a vendetta sex worker when I'm not even a sex worker kek There's no way of knowing who's actually a sex worker here. Bored as shit.

No. 977941

I'm convinced they don't even read this thread anymore and just click at random

No. 977943

it's because snow is borderline dead

No. 977959

>all the harassment being thrown at onlyfans girls with how popular it's gotten
Ah yes like all the harassment…being thrown….by YOU??

No. 977967

File: 1590209942169.jpg (166.37 KB, 1079x311, Screenshot_20200522-235934_Twi…)

Her new header

No. 977974

Right??? She honestly outed herself there by saying she makes multiple thousands but isnt getting the laptop shes begging for and saying she needs to be able to stream? Went on and on about twitch for weeks.
First thing I thought when I read her tweet. Another hypocritical take from Shay. She just likes to stir up drama. Surprised shes even going up against a dude and "standing up for women" even though its fake

No. 978008

and why isn't she saving for a car if she's making that much?

No. 978042

lol she thinks the goal of this page (not entire website uwu) is to ~~bully and harass~~ her into killing herself??

in actuality, the majority of posts is lose weight, cut your hair, change your makeup, save your money.

what a suicide baiting narc. seriously shay, no one wants you to die. you're entertaining because you're too stubborn to change your self destructive behaviors, and those behaviors are your worst enemy, not us.

oh, and my mom loves me.

No. 978073

File: 1590246414277.png (661.71 KB, 2048x1568, Screenshot_20200523-110701.png)

great advice Shayna, now we know to just dirty delete everything like you when we get called out.

No. 978075

or people just don't want random trolls and kpop fancams littering their replies? did she only now notice that feature and decided she needed something, anything to say about it?

No. 978087

File: 1590249917449.png (41.5 KB, 507x457, 777.PNG)

-Walked around topless
-stuck some fire works in her pussy outside
-did porn on her porch
-flashed her pussy in the dog park
-did kinky gross shit in stores

No. 978098

i love it anon it really captures the essence of shay

No. 978103

Another day, another drama. It's so unnecessary for her to put her two cents in on every little thing she comes across but here she is again clogging her feed after she wiped it. Probs will delete it soon.

No. 978108

didn’t she literally JUST post a picture of her nasty snatch with no panties sitting outside likely in public… a restaurant or something? The audacity of this slimy whore.

No. 978117

She was at some park on a grimy bench with no underwear

No. 978159


For someone who “hates” drama she sure gets involved in a fucking lot of it. Can’t keep her mouth shut even for a day.

No. 978162

She's like us, except instead of admitting she loves to watch people do dumb shit, she tries to make it seem like she's doing the world some great service by calling it out.
She also wants someone to look down on, i notice that a lot with some cows they LOVE the chance to play the victim or look down at someone.

They love to be the one calling out instead of being the one called out. Yet, they can't take criticism but are the first in line to get it.
Shayna loves to dogpile people but when it happens to her, well we know how she acts. So everytime she does this hopes she knows that she's being a hypocrite and she's opening herself up for people to criticize her.

No. 978167

whew, the cognitive dissonance is REAL

No. 978178

Oh good then she can stop begging for money to pay for everything since she is so ~successful
She can never just pick a lane. Either she brags that she makes money or she acts like she's poor and begs for money for the most basic shit.

We're so desensitized nowadays. PT blows both Shayna and Moo out of the water and we're still bored. I remember thinking how embarrassing she looked and now in comparison she looks… really good.

No. 978203

Such a liar. You have to wait a certain amount of days to cash out on onlyfans

No. 978205

File: 1590271733114.jpg (180.42 KB, 1079x590, Screenshot_20200523-170929_Twi…)

On today's episode of "what didn't happen"

No. 978304

it takes a week for it to become available so if she has a consistent stream of subscribers/tips then it makes sense she'd be cashing out every few days.

No. 978370

If she had $3K that wasn’t pending when it comes to withdraw on manual withdrawals you can type out a number within that amount to take out so she can take out 1K every few days in that week so long as it’s not pending.

No. 978478

File: 1590336231025.png (440.55 KB, 2048x1159, Screenshot_20200524-120419.png)

Okay but that's something you literally NEVER do, Shay.

No. 978479

File: 1590336299397.png (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 2048x1764, Screenshot_20200524-120525.png)

You wish, piggy. Go back to eating your greasy slop and getting high.

No. 978482

oh the gut is back

No. 978483

File: 1590337027082.jpeg (Spoiler Image,346.66 KB, 1535x2048, EYwRWttWAAALHal.jpeg)

You can tell she's holding her breath from trying to suck in her gut so hard.

No. 978484

I don't get this bitch. why does she never wear her hair styled down? Constantly wearing it pulled back only accentuates her moon face. Wearing it down would frame and slim her face. Wouldn't change the fact that she's butt ugly though.

No. 978488

because styling it down would take effort and we all know she only does the bare minimum

No. 978492

She always looks 10x worse with her hair pulled up, she always looks like she just rolled out of bed.

No. 978494

File: 1590340230237.jpg (Spoiler Image,262.73 KB, 2048x1715, IMG_20200524_190817.jpg)

Spoiler for up close pic of her voids she tweeted and has since RT'd at least 10x but I can't get over the weird tiny hand lmao

No. 978498

it's not even tiny, it just looks like that because of her disgusting fingernails. i can't even say i've even seen someone actually bite them down that far before.

No. 978499

Some people's nail beds are just really short and grow stumpy like that. She probably bites them a bit but I think that's just how they are. Almost everything about Shayna is horribly unfortunate.

No. 978500

I don't understand why she posts such explicit pictures like this, multiple times a day. Is she just that uncreative? That should be the shit you save for paying customers you retard.

No. 978504

She needs attention, i've never seen someone so thristy for attention even if it's so fucking little. A like, a retweet, some nasty dude making a weird comment.
It's like damn, who raised you? No attention is enough.

No. 978522

This cheap frilly lingerie has NEVER looked good on her, especially as she gains. It makes her look frumpy and it's just not cute in general. Throw it away Shay, get some cute properly fitting black lingerie.

I'm laughing because it looks like she has a third labia with the way her left hand is positioned below. Mutant siamese vagina looking bitch kek

No. 978551

File: 1590349202687.png (78.82 KB, 292x191, ONA1JIy.png)

sage for criticism but, if she had pulled that down just a little bit it wouldn't have looked so unflattering. How is she so body unaware

No. 978572

At least she can finally do her dumb ddlg kink since she has the body and mind of a toddler

No. 978612

File: 1590357354906.jpg (521.96 KB, 1079x1132, Screenshot_20200524-154350_Twi…)

That poor dog

No. 978646

She's like 5'6 and 160, how can she say "lil one" with a straight face
you'd think her delusions of being a petit little baby pwincess would kick her ass into gear to stop looking like a middle aged diabetic mom, or not let her get there in the first place, but it seems like she's STILL getting fatter

No. 978647

File: 1590361943191.jpeg (249.89 KB, 2048x1152, EYzrILaX0AAw0Fb.jpeg)

Lol this is the face I make at most of her nudes

Also is anyone else wildly uncomfortable with the idea of posting photos of animals on a porn account?

No. 978653

File: 1590363052616.jpeg (143.53 KB, 750x562, 4AC9756C-4003-419A-97EB-20868E…)

She calls herself a bimbo but the entire point of being a bimbo is progressing yourself into being a bimbo, not being a chubby alcoholic with small tits lmao

No. 978657

File: 1590363515441.jpeg (67.71 KB, 828x636, A2A37C88-9048-4DC4-ACDB-55128C…)

Another one. Is she… bragging?? LOL

No. 978660


Once again, countdown to a fight with her boyfriend and meltdown posted on Twitter in 3…2…1…

No. 978684

oh my god when will she drop the retarded “baby bimbo” thing? the themes are not cohesive shatna. also those two words together make me vomit in my mouth a little.

No. 978723

they probably fought and she wasn’t letting him have sex with her so he got her drunk since she’s stupid enough to do anything drunk

No. 978726

lmao where does this theory even come from though

No. 978822

I wonder why Fupa 2.0 keeps coming back. It has to be because she's an easy fuck at this point because otherwise she contributes nothing. She begs for money, she doesn't have a real job, and this one doesn't seem interested in her for "bragging rights for dating a pornstar" since he threw a fit over being on her social media.

At least Kyle made sense because he wanted the fame boost from the Tumblr crowd but even he figured out the sex wasn't worth the headache.

Is this even the same guy that she embarrassed in public from drunken behavior or is this a new one?

No. 978843

I’m pretty sure she embarrassed herself and acted like a gross alcoholic with both, but with this one she went on a big crying twitter rant and admitted she’d been depressed and coped with alcohol. Pretty sure they went out with his friends and she made them both look bad.

Idk I’m kind of convinced she’s still with the original Fupa and he almost lost custody because of her, so they had to make it look like they’re still broken up. The only issue I have with my own theory is Kyle is a stupid mega attention whore, and I don’t know if he could do that.

No. 978886

File: 1590420405149.png (34.27 KB, 568x314, chrome_JAHC3Vrndp.png)

guess something happened last night

No. 978889

Again, another thing she could have posted on her SFW twitter account and doesn't because she's incapable of separating her personal life with her porn.

I wonder that too but notice this time she didn't say "boyfriend" or "daddy" or whatever the fuck. He probably just uses her at this point. And yeah, pretty sure every time she goes out with someone in public she is completely insufferable because we hear about it once and then never again. She's the type of girl who a guy would keep a secret from his friends because she's embarrassing to be associated with, but keeps her around just to fuck her. Not like the guy isn't likely just as unfortunate to look at as she is, but I think she hit a whole new low that not even neckbeards would want to be with her when they can find some other white trash girl that looks at least slightly better and doesn't publicly embarrass both him and herself with their 100% porn personality and alcoholism?

No. 978897

I really think she doesn't think she needs a personality as long as she has a pussy and asshole.
She stopped trying the moment she did porn. Sure she was basic stoner girl but that was better then what she is now.
I think she feels all she has to do is offer a guy full access to her body and then they'll love her forever.

Which is why she talks about anal. One of those dudes probably told her that no girl has ever let him do anal or enjoyed it.
When honestly? They can go find a tranny or a gay hooker to get anal from no issue. Thats the thing, Shayna thinks her pussy is gold, that it's not only going to make her famous but it's going to get her the perfect bf. She think she's the kinkiest bitch in the world, that men can only get what they want from her because she allows so much.

Thing is she's not even selling her shit at top price, she's giving it away for free and chump change.
She puts so much value on her body to make her famous and loved, but at the same time very little.

No. 978917

lmao wow anon called it >>978660

No. 978919

Says shes gonna be quiet today

Goes on to posts 5 fucking posts about Spongebob aka the only tv show she watches and thinks is a personality
Then posts another "poor sad me :(((" bait post

No. 978921

Did she read the comments here and realize what a sad cumdumoster she is to him? Did he get her drunk, FuCkT hEr BuTt and then dipped out before morning? Is she feeling used or is it just her baity Muh mental illness shit Kek
She wont actually address her lack of boundaries, her addictions, and her other underlying issues. It's easier to blame it on a flimsy debatably self diagnosis.
Or maybe she just doesnt want to work today so shes making up excuses kek

No. 978932

dang where has discord anon been! or is her chat dead cause she can’t get any use from them

No. 978938

it’s been dead

No. 978951

File: 1590433207531.jpg (421.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200525-140017_Chr…)

Seems like she's on a bender, so I'm sure there will be milk soon enough

No. 978954

So, sugar and tequila. Fascinating.

I guess if you want a hangover, go hard?

No. 978957

Instead of "i'm not taking my medcine! I can't eat or sleep! I want to die!!"
Maybe she's doing the, "I'm getting so drunk!! I'm so miserable!!" thing instead.

Funny thing is she's not hurting him but she's hurting herself

No. 978958

File: 1590433916772.png (716.84 KB, 2048x1833, Screenshot_20200525-151140.png)

Honey you can barely give a blowjob to a dildo. No one wants to see you try to deepthroat candy and puke up blue liquid.

also kek at her thinking frozen would make it easier to throat. idiot.

No. 978972

she'll barely get it in her mouth nevermind even near her throat but lol that she thinks she can get it in there. she should wear the dumb propeller hat for that one b/c she's a whole ass idiot for believing she can deep throat that thing.

No. 978975

File: 1590436586018.jpeg (301.47 KB, 1536x2048, 323580FF-E8E0-4D9B-A209-430601…)

This bitch gained so much she doesn’t even have a wrist anymore

No. 978982

She literally just drinks sugar and empty calories. It's totally the meds, Shay.

No. 979028

She truly gave up on trying, never get her nails and hair done, makeup gets more fucked up everyday. So Barbie right? It’s almost like her medications are completely useless because of the alcoholism.

No. 979029

she's officially starting to develop fat people hands lol. i remember last month some anon was "jealous" her weight wasn't showing in her hands. well here you go

No. 979030

not only are her nails not done, but it looks like there's visible grime underneath/around them

No. 979057

Honestly that would have made more sense than the figit spinner with the hat and too small white overall thing I still cant figure out what that was supposed to be if not straight up special needs

No. 979058

Is she trying to get someone/the dude to be concerned and give her attention?? Just shut up and depression drink quietly to yourself like other people. Shes doing the attention whore route for pity points/bragging like a teen about drinking. No one cares Shay. Keep getting fat and stupid tho

How long are we gonna hear about the stupid gummy worm until she finally does it or it fades into oblivion like most of her ideas and things she says she'll do??

No. 979076

To be fair, most hair and nail salons are closed, but even when they were open she only went impulsively and not as any sort of routine upkeep.

No. 979077

File: 1590450632047.jpg (375.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200525-185038_Chr…)

Still goin kek

No. 979102

File: 1590456252557.png (2.16 MB, 1374x2048, Screenshot_20200525-212434.png)

She really thinks dirty old outdated UGGs are fashion.

No. 979105

She should keep up this trend of cropping out her face. Now if only she could learn how to white balance, her content all looks like it was shot in a dingy DMV

No. 979107

This girl brags about money she makes but can't even buy herself a pair of uggs, but she can spend money on weed and alchol.
It makes ZERO sense.

No. 979108

What's even more hilarious is that they're pre-owned UGGs. I remember when she got them and acted like it was such a find.

No. 979109

if she's making that much money there is NO reason she should be wearing the same shit on camera for years.
NO reason. The fact she is truly shows she does not care.
I know she thinks, "I'll make money anyway" but when she brags about her income it's even more sad. She chooses to look like a bum and outdated.

No. 979110

Girl…it's almost summer. Put those things away. For such an iconic fashionista, you really don't know your seasonals.

No. 979111

>almost june
>wearing dirty thrifted uncleaned ugg boots

come on shatna.

No. 979112

this is what someone who claims to make that much money looks like.
Too small skirt, nappy weave ponytail and dirty ugg boots.
I love how she brought those ugly ass dirty lights back.
She's striving 100%

No. 979115

this outfit is actually cute but the ugly ass uggs ruin it wow

No. 979116

it's the least offensive thing she's put out for a while, but don't let it fool you, anon. from any other angle, in movement, what have you, it's an atrocity.

I will give credit that she filtered and took a photo that hides her usual faults, which is an improvement. not really a success when "her usual faults" is literally everything, though

No. 979136

Lmao her sad little expression looks like Georgia from the anachan thread
sage for no contribution

No. 979210

the photoshopping on this is so bad and so blatant. gotta love that weird wavy leg. her face gives away how fat she is as well.

No. 979260

File: 1590502315682.jpg (207.17 KB, 1080x1254, Screenshot_20200526-151146_Twi…)

Are we her bf?

Also she's said this her fucking self before. How brain-dead is she?

No. 979264

she has absolute twitterbrain like yeah shay you're getting it! you need to learn not to voice your opinion/life/thoughts all the time on your work twitter! but she'll go back to the usual soon. i get the temptation but she can just make an empty blog and do it there, fuck it do it on the vent thread lol

No. 979269

She won’t make an empty blog or anything because she needs ass kissing and attention.

No. 979272

there's no way she'll stop doing this. that was the whole point of the sfw account to begin with. but no one followed that because most of her followers are fake or degenerate men only interested in her bits not her. so she'll do that again for a bit, realise that no one's giving her any attention and go back to ranting and crying on her main business twitter because at least people interact.

either that or a bunch of her dumb orbiter girls will reply to these tweets like "no your personality is why we love you!!" & it'll go to her head

No. 979288

This is a weekly thing for Shayna.

No. 979299

File: 1590507795548.jpg (159.14 KB, 1079x551, Screenshot_20200526-104325_Twi…)

Yeah, that's all she needs right now

No. 979300

File: 1590507870557.jpg (566.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200526-103411_Twi…)


No. 979302

File: 1590508001689.jpg (394.73 KB, 1079x1243, Screenshot_20200526-104304_Twi…)


No. 979303

File: 1590508047107.jpg (353.75 KB, 1079x1070, Screenshot_20200526-104649_Twi…)

More coming

No. 979304

File: 1590508115023.jpg (416.39 KB, 1079x1335, Screenshot_20200526-104722_Twi…)

Such a hyprocrit. Why don't YOU show YOUR therapist what YOU do on Twitter Shay?

No. 979310

okay if this is not only a cowtipper but a camwhore cowtipper then you are extra pathetic lol

No. 979311

i agree it's a cowtipper from here, stop getting so invested in shayna anon nothing is gonna come from it

No. 979324

right. Shayna does NOT care what we think about her personality, she thinks thats fine. She's NOT going to change it, she only cares if people on twitter think she's a bad person.
So she does fake postitivity. What pisses her off is us nitpicking her trashy styles which she ALSO isn't going to change.
She knows she uses sucide as bait, she does not care. There's no point in cowtipping and bothering her.
Let drama happen naturally.

No. 979328

I wish someone autistic could post all the times she had this SAME conversation. Not only is she trying to big up her boyfriends Ego saying he helped her get this this VERY obvious fucking conclusion but Shayna has came to this conclusion on her own MULTIPLE times.

She's not going to stop. She's a broken record.

No. 979337

File: 1590512059627.jpg (205.18 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20200526-175335_Twi…)

All now deleted.

No. 979338

File: 1590512091613.jpg (238.1 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20200526-175347_Twi…)

No. 979339

I mean, I think Shayna would be happier if she weren't on social media, I doubt anyone else would give a fuck. I don't want her to die just do better.
Funny how she brings up "fat and ugly" and not "depressed, addicted to drugs/alcohol, mean, repetitive and judgemental"

It's almost as if she only cares about looks and rather people like her, rather then the reasons why people may not like her and improving her looks by doing VERY simple things.

No. 979340

"You accused me of suicide baiting! That makes me so suicidalllll"

No. 979342


Except the majority of her suicide-baiting in the last year has been because of her boyfriend. Maybe you should have a talk with him, Shayna.

No. 979343

File: 1590513014753.png (131.14 KB, 728x415, JH65NB3g.png)

Imagine living such a life where random dumbass trolls on the internet are your "abusers."

No. 979348

Holding you back how?? I thought you just made top 2% on OF. Shay, since I know you're reading this, nobody is forcing you to come here.

No. 979349



No. 979350

yea, she assumed ppl want to see her dead, that's what victimizing herself is. if she's really having that much of an issue with suicidal thoughts, get some fucking help. but she won't, b/c pandering to sympathy and to make ppl tip her is way easier. she forgets this and makes it seem like she's tried so hard to get better when she hasn't. in that second set of tweets she's even blaming "anonymous bitches" for holding her back when she does it to herself. like if this thread just ceased to exist she isn't going to be an overnight success b/c she's lazy and always wants the instant gratification.

No. 979351

The fact that you allow anons on the internet to have this much power over you speaks volumes.

No. 979353

Also Shayna realize that the only times you've suicide baited are when YOU openly fucked up and got called out for it, then break down and instead of holding yourself accountable you suicide bait and go "sorry I'm alive okay?!" which is not an apology. It's not changing. It's not showing anyone you've done anything to take responsibility. And then you start drama again and the whole cycle starts.

It's you, as always. Not everyone else.

No. 979354

if she really doesnt want to feel suicidal she needs to stop showing her body online for pennies, get some sort of a job or at least volunteer to feel accomplished outside of sex work and she NEEDS to delete social media. it's okay we can't all have healthy relationships with it, just deactivate or have an anon account

No. 979355

Lol you really think getting a mainstream job will make her less suicidal? That's fucking retard logic.

No. 979356

not really anon, she clearly isn't good at sex work, can't market herself and can't seperate work from life. if she had something to go to and come home from she'd be able to switch off better. sw is also a dead-end job for her and she's never gonna make it. not sure why that triggered you so much

No. 979360

sage for blog and nayrt but yes. Quitting sex work and getting a normal job did a lot to improve mental health.

No. 979363

Not to mention, if Shaytard had a mainstream job, she would have a better “community” of coworkers instead of online SW’s she is in constant competition with. Talking to normal people would do this chick some good.

No. 979365

I think being around normal people who see her as a normal person, may help. She thinks she's a superstar, that she's "Special" she wants to stand out by doing nothing. I could see her going viral for something horrible then sex work or anything postitive.
She's not attractive enough to stand out by just being pretty, she's not interesting, she's not trying to do anything interesting to her looks, so it's like, maybe if she realized, "hey, I'm shayna and thats good enough"
Instead of, "I'm shayna and someone told me I was going to be super special!!!" then it may knock some sense into her.

But nah, I don't think it'll work out that way because she needs validation. She's like a troon, if she's not online, getting likes and retweets then what is she?
If she's not being told she's perfect and special, is she really?
She wants to stand out from the crowd but doesn't want to do a damn thing and has no talents.
Being seen as "normal" may make her worst because that would mean she'd have to swallow the bitter pill that is life.

No. 979367

The problem is that she doesn't respect authority. Her getting a mainstream job will probably make her worse off because she has no respect for anyone. She'll wind up getting fired and claim sexual harassment. Then maybe she'll get another job and the same shit will happen. It'll be an endless cycle because she has no skills and doesn't know how to act, socially.

She isn't some average person, this is a chick who has built her personality and life around validation on the internet. Like think about WHO Shayna is and realize how dumb it sounds to "just get a regular job and your life will be better" in regards to HER.

No. 979368

She's very influenced by the people she's around, which is scary because people like that are easy to fall prey to abusers.
If she found better people, either she'd get worst and fuck it up, or possibly copy that.

No. 979369

Uhhh no one was triggered but thinking Shayna will magically change by quitting sex work is stupid. Sex work isn't what made her the person she is, it just helped her make it seems legit.

No. 979371

i understand where you're coming from but she's going to have to learn to integrate irl soon so why not do it now as opposed to a few years down the line when sw dries up and it'll be even harder to get a job after no work experience for however many years. she can't live like this forever we all know it but she's going to have to do it

No. 979373

Wow it seems like alcohol is causing her genuine harm. Every morning after she posts about drinking heavily the night before she has these emotional outbursts. Shay, maybe take a step back from the CNS depressants.

No. 979374

I really think for her it's sex work or death. She's put SO much into this and I'm not talking work, i'm talking so much of her.
She has literally no personality, no friends, possibly would'nt even have a boyfriend.
Without sex work she'd have to start over and for her, she's clinging to the idea that she'll be famous for SOMETHING.
That all the self-destruction has to lead somewhere.
Whoever told her she was "Special" and whatever made her think she'll be famous, is ruining her.

Way more then this site ever would. She should stop while she can, but will she? No.

No. 979375

Yeah but Shayna is stubborn and retarded. She won't stop sex work until she absolutely has to, and then will complain that no one wants to give her a job because she has no skills. She'll get upset that she can't put sex work or anything relating to it on her resume. She'll claim sexual harassment as reasons why she gets fired.

She still brags to this day about how she walked out on her Olive Garden job for literally no reason. She has no ambitions outside of "become internet famous".

No. 979376

Changing her life and leaving sex work would require a level of accountability, or even self-awareness to realize that her current situation isn't working for her. She's constructed all of this cognitive dissonance through years of self-harm and drug abuse masking her problems and to acknowledge that would mean her entire world would come crashing down. It's either huge mental breakdown (not crytyping on twitter) or the same until death.

No. 979377

Its funny how she sees anons "holding her back" when quite a few has given her diet, looks, and sex work advice. She chooses to be a fat retard so that's her fault. If anons gossiping about her on the internet is enough to hold her back then she really wasn't trying to move forward to begin with. She sti hasnt unpacked yet has the guts to blame lolcow for making her sad.

No. 979385

As harsh as LolCow is we've given her more advice and thought then her "Boyfriend" and her orbiters.
I can get rude ass hell and mean, but I'd love if her thread died because she was doing better.
Sadly, seems like she'd rather die than attempt to try to do better. Which to be fair, she may think she's in to deep.

Maybe Shayna if you stopped reading the comments about your looks and actually read what people were saying she'd see that some people here are giving her more advice then hate.

No. 979386

yeah there have been a few anons here who are clearly sex workers as well who have been decent and genuinely given tips but she won't even listen to that because she's being BOOLIED

No. 979430

File: 1590522312635.jpg (406.74 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200526_204532.jpg)

Girl. Just no..

No. 979431

File: 1590522340722.jpg (422.16 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200526_204549.jpg)

No. 979434

Im pretty sure you can like 5 of those weave ponytails for $100, instead of getting a nice one thats human hair and expensive and will last longer, here she is.

It looks fucking horrible.
The outfit isn't that bad, but the hair peace and make up wow.
Just wow.
Shayna, why didn't you spend all that money you were bragging out on some hair pieces?

No. 979435

That conehead will never stop being cringe and hilarious at the same time

No. 979436

Oh and as per usual chap lips, shayna please, everything you need to look better is so fucking cheap and you can buy in bulk.

No. 979438

why is she wearing the hello kitty 2014 nerd girl glasses im roaring someone come get their rainbow cracked iphone 4s, weheartit famous, moustache crop top-wearing little sister

No. 979444

File: 1590524160658.jpeg (287.57 KB, 1242x1490, A3F57CB8-9D27-457C-AF19-08C113…)

I made this in 5 secs kek

No. 979445

Not to drug-fag but mushrooms have had multiple scientific studies that show a real effect on depressive symptoms, sometimes up to 3 months of relief from a single dose. If she is gonna do drugs, something non-addictive like mushrooms might actually help her mental state unlike her current substance abuse.

No. 979449

File: 1590525207717.jpg (431.18 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20200526-153240_Twi…)

No. 979451

lol why is she acting like she cares about the quality of her videos

No. 979454

and then saying this before she releases the video so nobody else will be able to enjoy it once they notice it! her business mind. anyone else think her fucktarded makeup makes her look like yungcynical, yungcynical's excuse being she's like 16

No. 979457

So is this eye liner and eyebrow combo just the default edgy pick me look now?

It's like she's trying to predict what anons are going to say about her videos, not that it even matters or she should even give a shit at this point. Just go home Shayna.

No. 979458

File: 1590525953817.png (195.63 KB, 360x270, D6F1314E-9ADF-467C-B3D2-61A2A7…)

No. 979459

ahahahaha that's exactly what she's trying to do, it must be torture constantly refreshing a hate site about yourself, this girl is so mentally ill it's sad

No. 979462

That hairpiece is fucking hilarious

No. 979463

File: 1590526326841.png (1.84 MB, 2048x1626, Screenshot_20200526-165213.png)

Does anyone understand the caption?

No. 979465

Only if its a micro-dose, otherwise mushrooms will only drive a schizophrenic personality deeper if shes just tripping for the fun fuck of it. I like how she's suddenly into metal and rock like pink floyd the cocaine snuffs when shes with her boyfriend.

No. 979479

highschool role play? in some science high school labs you dissect worms

No. 979480

Imagine deepthroatin the dead cold stinky lab specimen soaked in formaldehyde… actually I'm kekking imagining the poor lab partner in utter shock and disgust

No. 979488

File: 1590528442272.jpeg (132.26 KB, 665x432, 0CFF047C-8C23-4A58-9FB1-5DD8B5…)

Her back looking more like a fat ass than her actual ass.

No. 979492

Looks like another vagina dolphin coming out of her side kek

No. 979498

That hairpiece doesn't even look like a ponytail with that weird ass jagged part in the front. Is she wearing it wrong or something?

No. 979503

Holy shit that hairpiece is hilarious. Girl can’t even bother to learn how to wear fake hair, might as well not get it and just leave her busted regular hair. Shatna, you cannot put a ponytail piece that high up, the sewed seams don’t allow for it.

No. 979505

File: 1590529807243.jpg (255.49 KB, 1080x803, Screenshot_20200526-153315_Twi…)

No. 979506

File: 1590529848469.jpg (151.17 KB, 1079x560, Screenshot_20200526-153401_Twi…)

So sexy Shay

No. 979511

File: 1590530263126.jpeg (83.27 KB, 680x765, 021D1C86-117D-4316-B19A-E5FC50…)

Shatna sucking in and shooping

No. 979520

It's installed wrong and it's cheap hair that she's not even bothering to comb, not that that kind of hair piece lasts long anyway.

She could've gotten 3 or four of them (They are cheap) in different styles, but as usual "barbie" seems to cut corners when it comes to her looks.
Again, she's always a thing or two from looking okay but she can't help it.
She needs to throw that away.

No. 979529

tinfoil- what if she's pregnant

No. 979530

ahahahhahahaahhahaha anon
nobody's fucking this girl without a condom

No. 979531

NTA- except her boyfriend, sure he fucks her in the ass (and I'm sure it's because he does not want to chance it even if there's ALWAYS a chance) but this tinfoil is stupid. She's not preggers.

No. 979541

Jesus God, Anon.. This thread is cursed enough with having to look at Shayna's back rolls and retard cum faces without also having to think she's pregnant. Nightmare fuel, man.

No. 979559

File: 1590535547678.png (920.84 KB, 1947x2048, Screenshot_20200526-192254.png)

You called it, Anon. A bunch of ass kissing sex workers were like, "OmG ur personality is jus soooo great!" and it went to her head. Wow, so predictable.

No. 979563

File: 1590535633982.png (952.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200526-192027.png)


No. 979565

the camera angles the glasses the hairpiece the fact it's vertically recorded the fact there's nothing sexual about the video at all, her eyeliner her eyebrows this is tew much

No. 979566

She has tweeted about getting creampied by this guy before and not just her ass. She also mentioned posting photos of said creampies on her OF.

She has always listened to 60s and 70s stoner rock, even before she did sex work. It was always on in the background of her cam shows back when she actually got on cam.

No. 979567

are you just joking or what are you basing that off of? she takes that birth control injection.

holy fuck i thought this was edited for a second, she looks so fat here. i don't even want to make fun of her for her weight, but every time we see a video of her after all the over edited pictures it's so shocking how heavy she looks.

No. 979570

I'm so confused, why is she in a kitchen with the refrigerator in the background saying she's at school. First she goes "I didn't think you'd show up" which, ?????? and then at the end she says "oh the teacher is coming"???

So, why didn't you think they'd show up if it's supposed to be lab/science class? Was she setting it up to be some after school project and then forgot half way through and decided she was doing that stuff in full view of everyone in the class?

Shayna, think about stuff if you're going to attempt a story. Just think for 5 minutes before turning the camera on. And you know you don't have to keep everything, you can reshoot. That's work though, sorry.

(Link to the video)

No. 979571

File: 1590536095741.png (711.77 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20200526-192212.png)

When you finally catch that bastard rat that's been scurrying around your house.

No. 979575

this is tragic, not an a-log but if she doesn't improve soon i hope she dies peacefully in her sleep or some shit because holy god she's even worse than luna, at least luna has lurch and her mom but shayna is just alone all the time humiliating herself

No. 979584

She needs to stop making video content until she starts eating healthier and doing some crunches holy shit she legit looks like a dorky fat chick. That top is NOT flattering on people with big arms and side flab. And her face… yikes

No. 979592

File: 1590538868726.jpg (279.02 KB, 1079x909, Screenshot_20200526-192144_Twi…)

Is this her start of feeder porn?

No. 979593

Has she given up on MV? She doesn't even advertise it anymore

No. 979603

Holy shit this almost reads like some kind of bizarre comedy sketch making fun of actual porn. "Get into one of the parties" had me rolling. God I wish this was intentional, she should restart her career as a comedian

No. 979609

She treats her porn (and her corny ideas) as if she's a youtuber instead of trying to make content to get men off.
When most people screech about "porn is ART!" they usual mean the body and sex is art, they all know the themes and all that is generic bullshit.
Shayna thinks the theme should come first and everything else second, including the actual porn and how she looks.
She pays more attention to props then clothing, hair, make up and the actual sex.
If someone made a video of every single solo porn it'd be identical.
And even if i hate porn, i 100% believe there's men and women who can make solo's seem very sexy and different everytime without having to make corny themes.

Her porn isn't sexy, it's goofy.

No. 979618

File: 1590541215888.png (253.48 KB, 760x806, Screenshot_20200526-205632.png)

right on schedule

No. 979619

File: 1590541238566.png (200.01 KB, 760x745, Screenshot_20200526-205649.png)

No. 979621

No. 979623

File: 1590541423923.jpeg (651.37 KB, 1242x1974, 989EF832-0E30-49C9-870C-BE86F7…)

Well this is new info. Also kek @ the second comment.

No. 979624

the histrionics… he probably just popped out for a smoke lmao

No. 979625

Kek How pathetic. Imagine living your life where the only people you can turn to is a boyfriend you've abused and broken up with 57 times in less than a year or Twitter followers. No wonder this bitch is a psychotic train wreck. No friends and no family. Sucks to suck, Shayna kek

No. 979626

No. 979627

She literally gets it like two inches deep… why brag about deepthroating stuff when you can’t. Just say “sucking on”

No. 979628

File: 1590541599836.jpg (Spoiler Image,687.95 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20200526-200507_Twi…)

Pure nightmare fuel

No. 979629

No. 979630

Didn't realize she has severe codependency issues too, yikes. Keep talking about how you're thriving living on your own, Shayna.

No. 979632

The fucking sperm eyebrows, kek. why doesn't she just make parody porn at this point instead of calling herself a serious sex worker? She could make a hilarious 18+ YouTube channel or something where she does ridiculous idiotic parody stuff and tries to act like it's sexy. It would be brillant.

No. 979633

>In quarantine for months
> Barely left each other's sides
Lol They broke up literally the day before she moved in her new place a month ago. I seriously doubt he stuck around after video recording her crazy ass and left her. What a clingy loser.

No. 979636

Probably cause she outed him basically cheating on her the last time they broke up. So now every time he leaves she thinks he's banging someone else. Which…he probably is lol

No. 979638

>"You've given everyone that treat but me"

Are you saying your partner/"daddy" goes out and fucks other women and cums in them but doesn't do it for you? That's…fucking sad and why would someone want that as dirty talk? "You cum in all those other girls but why you won't fuck me daddy" wtf?!

No. 979639

he’s probably been sleeping with other women the entire time if she’s this desperate for his attention kek

No. 979641

So her boyfriend tells her, "come to me instead of twitter" but it seems like the shit she has to say is repetitive. Even if it's drama it's the same fucking drama.

It's not BPD Shayna, it's not having friends, I kind of wonder if her boyfriend tries to get her to have friends or if he just nods and gives no fuck about the shit she says?

I don't get Shayna, she could easily have friends she never talks about on twitter or anything.
The issue isn't JUSt that she does not have friends, it's that she needs validation she feels she's going to be famous.

No. 979642

I looked up Shayna on a OK voter records website and both her and Kyle show up as having the same address including apartment number. Not sure if this is an old address or what but it makes me thing she's still seeing Kyle after all this time. How sad.

No. 979644

Yup. No one, especially older men, wants a REAL romantic relationship with Shayna. The men she's been dating only use her cause, yeah, she's a sex worker and relationships with sex workers have always been notoriously difficult to uphold. But also throw in this psycho shit she pulls. She's 22 with the mental capacity of a 13 year old. Her porn is all humiliation. Substance abuse. Severe mental issues where you can't even leave the apartment without her having a full on breakdown. Abuse and threats of suicide if you break up with her.
It's just nuts. No one wants to put up with this woman child bullshit.

No. 979646

So she's saying she cut off everyone for some fuck boy? That actually DOES sound abusive, or maybe she means she has no one anyway so they are "Cut off".
Either way she chose to cut people off (the few she had) for some asshole, so she better not whine about not having anyone if she did.
Knowing she has someone around her makes her whole, "he tells me not to run to twitter!!" Dumb, she was running to twitter anyway.

If he was with her this whole time she has NOT changed her twitter habits. Also, thats why she's been drinking so much. She hurts herself to hurt someone who probably does NOT care.
I doubt she even loves or likes the guy, she just does not want to be alone.

No. 979647

i call bullshit on her cutting anyone off though because who the fuck was there to even cut off other than maybe fupa? seems like she just needs to add to the sob story so she seems like a less twitter-obsessed psycho

No. 979655

Marge from Accounting got drunk at the office Christmas party. Hot hot scene.

No. 979658

kek anon not Marge

No. 979659

It's hard to have friends when you're personality is, "lol I was super famous on Tumblr! Now I'm a sex worker and I'm amazing and inspiring, look at my work! Let's drink! Im barbie!"

People are going to think you're a fucking drug addled lunatic.

No. 979660

kekekekekek shayna is becoming one of my favourite cows she gets worse and worse every day it's brilliant

No. 979691

I seriously doubt the guy ever actually cheated on her. More than likely just has a friend or commented on something and she spazzed out about it. she popped that in the discord that night and never said anything else about it which leads me to believe that she probably just fucked up and realized she's delusional. The girl is a fucking train wreck

No. 979705

oh, so that's why her scenes, dialogue and descriptions rarely make sense. not something to be humble bragging about.

she wants ppl to believe she's better than what she says. at least she got the thing in her mouth, didn't think she'd even do that much.

No. 979708

Right?? Honestly from the preview she mouthed on that ridiculous thing better than any dildo and probably dick. I'll give her that.

But man she looked and acted so fucking awkward and it's worse with the bloating.

I think she is going into either beginner feeder porn or porn parody/absolute stupid content on purpose now. Maybe to further the humiliation shit and since she knows shes an ugly lardass now.

But then went to the "impregnation" vid in the same outfit, so idk. Maybe still sadly trying to do sexy stuff because that's what dudes actually want.

No. 979715

File: 1590554863633.jpeg (Spoiler Image,246.54 KB, 1225x1361, B8F3DD94-D98D-4FEF-92B8-7D34EF…)

she needs a shower and needs to stop having mental breakdowns in the timeline. She’s losing potential customers

No. 979718

File: 1590554989845.png (Spoiler Image,6.75 MB, 1242x2208, 36755D2D-4373-4F6F-901C-FCC01F…)