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File: 1703093264593.jpeg (281.22 KB, 1837x1229, sarahburns.jpeg)

No. 1945497

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1937135

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>she spends her first day in aruba drinking and running on the beach like a sped >>1937142, >>1937143, >>>>1936966
>anons discover that sarah has a timeshare and has brought tons of girls on this trip over the years, no repeats >>1937436, >>1937438
>sped dancing ensues, ft. sarah burns now classic tina dancing >>1937588
>shay does sarah dirty by only facetuning herself >>1938019, >>1938108
>more tina dancing >>1938499
>harassing married old men on vacation >>1938516
>another gunt control bottom, causing anons to speculate that sarah has made outfit choices for shay >>1938901
>feeling herself with VERY heavy filters on a boat >>1939123, >>1939124, >>1939127, >>1939133
>she extends her trip a couple days, leaving her pets alone even longer with ellen (reminder that after one of her last trips noodle got an extremely painful UTI) >>1939406
>shows off new marks in bikini photo >>1940145
>looking dorky with sarah in water shoes during a "sexy" shoot >>1940161
>even more sped dancing >>1940200, >>1940201, >>1940202, >>1940229
>3 degenerates can't figure out how to use a video game system for children >>1940801
>continues to post drunk sped dancing >>1941266
>rant about how REAL brats don't even enjoy BDSM >>1941448
>out in public with the dirty plushie again >>1941920, >>1941921
>posts sarah with a strap with some weird facial expressions >>1941995
>last day in aruba >>1942386
>first thing she does out of sarahs grasp is buy a plushie and booze >>1942413
>more fake plane stories, doesn't realize that they card anyone who looks under 40 >>1942475, >>1942479, >>1942496
>extremely drunk on the plane >>1942527
>brags about abandoning her pets more >>1942539
>drinking even more during her layover >>1942548, >>1942581, >>1942587, >>1942615, >>1942631, >>1942634
>finally made it on the plane >>1942644, >>1942649, got her own row >>1942663
>anons find stuff from sarahs "little" past >>>/shay/166643, and this beautiful edit is posted >>>/shay/166680
>reveals that she usually doesn't get carded because most people assume she is over 40 >>1942772
>posts one of the most disgusting pedo fantasies ever >>1942981
>posts a compilation of her time in aruba with the weirdest music choices, comes off as a parody >>1943212
>reveals she wants to start tanning, breast still looking enraged >>1943223
>back in renton, ellen buys her a gift for children >>1943476
>looking like the baby grinch >>1943794
>weirdest spanking photo yet is posted >>1943922, >>1943942
>reveals she doesn't even have 200 subscribers on her OF >>1944244
>can't afford to buy her relatives gifts and ebegs >>1944325
>goes out to bellevue for christmas activities, wears retarded "bimbo" outfit >>1944485, >>1944488, >>1944490, >>1944508, >>1944538, >>1944576
>free from sarah burns claws, she starts posting her calorie laden slop again >>1944630
>shows off how she lets her cat eat plastic which could greatly harm it >>1944714, and how old and greasy ribmeat is looking >>1944782
>enters another contest she will lose >>1944901
>now she's off to massachusetts to visit family, leaving her pets alone or with ellen once again, we will see how she crashes once she's home again

https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie (DELETED/BANNED)
New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theirlbarbie

No. 1945498

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No. 1945505

Thank you for the thread!

No. 1945607

She looks like she stuck her cock her legs

No. 1945634

File: 1703114630315.png (1.99 MB, 634x3515, Adult look.png)

Shayna traveling without the nasty key around her neck and stuffed animal that make her look like a sped. Not showing cleavage either. She looks like a normal woman her age who's having a terrible hangover.

No. 1945642

File: 1703116420421.jpeg (909.93 KB, 1473x4820, Tweets.JPEG)

Tweets from in between threads. She once again suddenly got her period at the time some custom videos were due.

No. 1945645

File: 1703116803335.mp4 (Spoiler Image,5.69 MB, 1280x720, Sarah Gregory and @theirlbarbi…)

> Super excited to release this HOT as fuck film! See @TheIRLbarbie get fucked for the first time ever with a strap-on from her bestie in "Fucking My Bestie in Bed" [link]
Sarah released this trailer for their Aruban collaboration.

No. 1945648

i wonder what the stressful news is? i feel like noodle has a UTI again or something…

No. 1945649

I hate her fake moaning so much, she sounds a mix between trying to sound like a child and sounding like an actual retard

No. 1945656

Kek, she's definitely trying to hide her degeneracy from her family by leaving the key and plushies.

No. 1945680

File: 1703124584867.jpeg (284.09 KB, 750x988, C5AAB281-2F27-42F5-9A0C-B397A1…)

poor lol

No. 1945683

she values a custom vid higher than her personal number

No. 1945689

imagine doing sex work for eight years and getting your ass beat for the price of a cheemsburmgem and still not being able to afford christmas lol bleaque. just go work at mcdonald’s ffs.

No. 1945693

>$500 for a 15 minute custom video if you buy it bundled
>custom vid at $8 a minute which would make a 15 minute custom $120 if bought unbundled

She’s so stupid it’s actually unreal

No. 1945701

Why the fuck is she doing some goo goo gaga baby sounds jfc I want to puke.

No. 1945708

This makes me want an hero, imagine the stench coming off these too inbred degenerates. I hate them both so much.

No. 1945709

This is so embarrassing, I can’t imagine having no sense of shame, dignity or self respect.

No. 1945730

whaddafaq is gfe?? gluten fre(e)???

No. 1945732

kek nonnie, it's a 'girlfriend experience'

No. 1945733

girlfriend experience

No. 1945747

Nobody wants to pay for that she has moids running away like she’s a leper every time she becomes one of their “gfs”.

No. 1945752

Mr. Burns definitely made Shaynus keep her clothes on for the video to hide her horrid build. Definitely a wise move on their part: the viewer can really focus on Shay's prickly, stanky and pestilent pussy being halfheartedly fucked by a hot-pink-dildo-bearing geriatric butterface instead of pounds upon pounds of the lard that are Shay's botched frankentits and gunt. Thank you, Sarah! Too bad the film score sucks ass. When can I rate this on Letterboxd?

No. 1945755

Sound design is shit too, they should have edited Shay out.

No. 1945756

File: 1703141488953.jpeg (Spoiler Image,652.54 KB, 1170x1322, IMG_0585.jpeg)

In her “likes”, goddess give me strength not to a-log this putrid pedo porker

No. 1945757

File: 1703141774130.gif (116.55 KB, 280x250, Vanilla-1s-280px.gif)


Shay, just get a job in Starbucks.

No. 1945759

I dont know whats more bleak; not getting a present because no coomer was interested or generous to Shay last minute, or getting a present basically from a coomer because they were deranged enough to pay Shay.
Also bleak she had no problem spending on overpriced airport drinks and melody backpack but is crying about finances.

No. 1945760

she would fold instantly. imagining her trying to interact in a real life customer service environment is a nightmare.

No. 1945763

It's not her actual number. even shay knows that it's unwise to not have a burner phone/google voice # to hand to the potentially dangerous or predatory scrotes who might bite.

I scrolled through this girl's 2 yo "sex work" crap on twt in the other thread and I have questions…

Was she so unsure of what her shtick should be that she tried to rip Belle Delphine in those awkward photos with a switch and a weirdly shaped wig? even her attempts at a dollar store Belle were awful. The switch felt out of place and her lack of confidence and poor execution literally made the thing look like another fatty awkwardly displaying a new purchase.

One of her other pics is her sitting down naked with a huge ass drink. Again, what is she 12 and thrilled that mommy got Starbucks for her? Who is so unimaginative that they think getting a photo with a huge sugary, overpriced colored water is a vibe? Speaks more to her puerile mentality than anything else.

Guess this all fits with the general no self awareness vibe she's got going on. Shayna's not an idiot in a way that complements the bimbo aesthetic. She makes weird faces and misses the target every time. she has a trend in mind but the way she tries to be sexy is what you'd expect an actress to behave in a parody. If she was hired by a studio they would never publish videos of her making those unsightly facesbreaking into an uproarious the situation tier side smirk. Well, not more than once and as a joke b/c scrotes are assholes.

No. 1945764

She just lays there the whole time like a pile of lard in a tube top. They really just said "we can't have this bitch sped flailing on camera" and covered her up as much as possible. Wow, imagine being a SW and the thing that's meant to make you money - your naked body and genitalia - is unappealing, unpleasant, and best not to be used to sell content. Even other degens are like let's put a gunt skirt on that thang. Fascinating. I'd have killed myself and taken all of them with me tbh.

No. 1945765

I hope this bitch get hit by a truck for Christmas. Lowlife pos(alogging)

No. 1945767


Omfg what in the actual hell. why does she sound like a dying baby deer ffs

I bet the "daddies" paying to rape her enjoy the thought of abusing the intellectually disabled. Sick

No. 1945770

File: 1703143405957.gif (16.96 KB, 220x165, cold-trauma.gif)

Sage for slightly off topic, although it is shaylated, recently I have seen a surge in all this direct incest filth. I made the mistake on looking up the manyvids competition yesterday and I thought I could get a chuckle out of all the contestants. Instead what I saw horrified me. Almost every older woman on there would have titles like "bio mom gets surprised by evil son" (incest rape porn) or "giant mommy teaches tiny son a lesson". Young women would have 'sister' and 'daughter' in their video titles.

I swear that a few years ago you didn't see this. The furthest it went was 'step___'.

How many scrotes are jacking off to this thinking of their mom, daughter or sister? It's horrifying and I feel a little traumatized.

No. 1945779

Jesus christ the fake moaning and the "ahegao" face she does give me so much second hand embarrasment

No. 1945821

File: 1703153971888.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.1 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_2023-12-21-10-16-42…)

I looked on this scrotes page and regretted it immediately.

He actually has a teenage daughter he is actively horny for erghhhh! Could you imagine if your dad was like this, this is sick and dumb bitches like Shay encourage it.

No. 1945835

You aren't imagining it. Most porn is now done by small indie creators who can use those labels. The porn industry, the big mainstream studios, are forbidden to use direct incest terms after restrictions passed in the late 00ies. Porn studios weren't even allowed to use the term 'step-____' or terms like 'barely legal'. Small creators don't know about these rules because they are stupid kids.

No. 1945844


Does this man actually have kids? Fucker deserves to have this shown to their mother/s.

No. 1945846

Im praying this is rp anon, I doubt he has a daughter

No. 1945852

Might be a nitpick but the fact that she can’t fuck or enjoy sex without a giant vibrator is hilarious. All her porn is the same, even the shit she makes with other people. Also the gross noises she makes, I bet Sarah Burns slapped her just because she sounded annoying kek

No. 1945859

yeah, his entire page is “daddy daughter rp” which is still fucking disgusting but this guy is so degenerate there’s no way any woman has procreated with him.

No. 1945864

you would be surprised at the sheer amount of men into incest/pedophilia who are loving husbands with kids

No. 1945892

they always cover for themselves by saying it’s not actually their kids they would be into, and they would never actually do anything about their fetish, and even if they had the chance they would never ever ever do anything about it and the online porn is just a healthy outlet with no victim. It’s sick and these kind of men say this sort of stuff over and over again.

Speaking of sick, I wonder what bad news Shay got before her flight was delayed. Someone theorized something about Noodle but I wonder if her financials/rent are finally too far gone and her parents informed her they are no longer supporting her in 2024. I could see the Aruba trip being the final straw for Ma Shayna. Going out of the country with “friends” to make “videos” and get “drunk” set off our alarm bells, I can’t even imagine what a conservative middle aged mom must think, and there’s no possible way that Shay hid her trip from her mother.

No. 1945899

There are no restrictions on companies, in fact the 2000s was a time of REMOVING restrictions on the porn industry such as in Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition where the Supreme Court ruled that it is a violation of free speech to restrict pornographers ability to portray actors as underage as long as they were not actually under 18. The reason big pornographers still don't use terms like "daughter" and don't directly say people are under 18 in content is because child porn and incest is still illegal so they don't want to be investigated for really having incest and kids in their videos. The "step" shit is just to avoid legal complications, it's not actually illegal to state. If it were, the smaller companies would be getting in trouble too. They don't because it's not illegal and nobody cares about them enough to investigate or sue them.

No. 1945905

Giant Hitachi turbo and yet she's still dry as a saltine. Wonder if she's ever had meaningful fulfilling sex.

No. 1945922

ik its autistic and nitpicky to notice but she does this thing with her voice that she didn't used to do when she's speaking where she does this weird whiny nasal "hmm" sound after everything she says like "you look really hot-hm but that's not my vibe-mm"
I first noticed it in one of her IG makeup videos in an older thread where she at the beginning she goes "I have an idea-hm" >>>/snow/1833469
idk where it came from and why. its so fucking annoying after I noticed it

No. 1945925

You cannot tell me that the "girl" in this video is not designed to look like a 5 year old. I am sick. How can you 'like' footage of simulated children being raped? And the kicker is that she'll never look like that because she's a tall obese woman!
Is it a case of grass is greener where she feels undesirable unless she looks like a child? Is it really something 'desirable' to try and appeal to pedophiles?
I'm the anon who found Ricky Delgado and I'm getting ideas now anons…

No. 1945929

>>1945925 I hope this degen's employers find about his pedophilia, nonna

No. 1945935

File: 1703183663419.jpeg (Spoiler Image,722.26 KB, 1170x1045, IMG_7472.jpeg)

No. 1945938

File: 1703184362059.png (Spoiler Image,336.01 KB, 731x832, KILL_HIM.png)

He's 55, born on May 1 (year is likely 1968) and lives in the UK

No. 1945941

File: 1703185104328.png (33.82 KB, 745x268, Screenshot 2023-12-21 134901.p…)

This is the last thing I'll post here about him, he's married apparently

No. 1945942

LMAO I notice it also and it makes me like angry laugh bc it’s so annoying but also very funny to me

No. 1945947

Gross! Mia’s a weirdo, but I can’t fucking stand Indigo/Indy White. “I’m a real boy! uwu.” Anyhow, I wonder how this collab will turn out. Hopefully it’ll be milky. Kek.

No. 1945949

KEK ty nona. I’ve been holding it in for months and wasn’t sure if anyone else would have picked up on it. I always wonder where it came from/why she does it since I don’t remember her doing it before her current porcine era

No. 1945952

Indigo White? Isn't that the Trump-supporting Belle Delphine-wannabe tradthot? Not a good look for Shayfungus KEK

No. 1945959

File: 1703191029026.jpeg (1.28 MB, 828x3584, IMG_4B0207B0D0C0-1.jpeg)

this is what she's wearing out with the family

No. 1945979

she looks straight up inbred in the second image

No. 1945986

E-whores will bitch, moan, cry, complain, scam, grift, beg, panhandle, turn tricks and do absolutely everything except get a fucking job.

No. 1945987

ok moid.

did mommy forget to make lunch today or something? is that why you're so angry(infighting)

No. 1945990

Erm AYRT isn't a moid just because they are anti-SW. You won't find much company among farmers as a pro-SW'er, so you should probably just let it go.

No. 1945991

my problem isn't the sexual exploitation, it's the casual misogyny

No. 1945993

OT but I came across a morbid the obese woman who I think Shat retweeted at some point and this one has like double her followers and she has an enormous pot belly with long stretch marks that she edits out of pics but not videos (guess paying someone with Adobe after effects to do it is out of their budget)

granted, the fatter woman seemed a lot less awkward than Shat but still. imagine comparing yourself to these other degenerates. christ on a stick

No. 1945996

All of the gossip boards are dripping with "casual misogyny". I don't doubt that a non-negligible number of anons are scrotes, but I try not to moralfag over a lolcow.

No. 1946002

What in the fresh undergrad feminist 101 hell is the problem with using the word 'bitch.' There seem to be more and more confused lolcow tourists these days. Anyway, Shay's not drunk posting much this trip. Is she too poor even for espresso martinis now?

No. 1946014

omg you know her family is going to be talking behind her back about how fucking enormous she got. why would you not cover up your fucking gut at least?

No. 1946015

nta but shayna is literally whoring herself out

No. 1946016

File: 1703205203762.png (936.21 KB, 864x1143, 1672107569548.png)

this was her last year flying to family, nona. they are definitely used to her being fat and disheveled by now.

No. 1946017

Scumbag disgusting cunt. All coomerism leads to pedophilia i swear to god.

No. 1946022

No, but maybe that too. I think the real reason she is cutting back is because she is going to see her family and she doesnt usually get shitfaced around her family i noticed.

No. 1946024

File: 1703206558544.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.22 MB, 640x360, Ughhuhh.mp4)

What in god's name was that noise she made? I'm dying.

No. 1946027

she's entering her trisha paytas era

No. 1946033

I wouldn't doubt this is where she picked it up. At least Trish is a successful bimbo. She's a cow in her own right but better than Shatna lol

No. 1946038

File: 1703209243412.png (2.64 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0214.png)

at her dad’s

No. 1946041

okay yeah her dad absolutely pays her bills holy shit he is loaded

No. 1946044

Just because her dad has a shitty cabin in the woods doesn’t mean they’re loaded. He has other bio and step kids to support that are not pedo pandering Twitter whores

No. 1946050

I think a shaytist discovered in the past that this is his primary residence, not a holiday home. Still, that part of the country is not super cheap and they're definitely comfortable. Certainly at the level of comfort to provide student loan help to a struggling daughter……..

No. 1946052

right. massachusetts has one of the highest cost of living, probably only behind DC and California. if he's comfortable in massachusetts, he's well above 100k, probably around 200k.

No. 1946060

Even if it’s rural? 100K a year isn’t that much if you’ve got a family to provide for. Regardless, he is absolutely giving her money. I bet he paid for her flight too. I hate that this pedo pandering fat retard is so spoilt when she deserves nothing but the worst

No. 1946065

How the fuck is Massachusetts more expensive than California? 200k is nothing in any place in CA you would want to live at. Couples should have $300 - 500k yearly salary to get a house lol(derailing)

No. 1946068

he lives in New Hampshire and has a successful small business, my guess is that he gets between $100,000 - $150,000 a year

No. 1946076

i said behind california, anon.

No. 1946079

Where tf is the “casual misogyny”? Shayna is literally an e-whore (sorry, “internet based sex worker” for the wokescolds kek) who refuses to get a job. None of that is degrading toward women unless you believe all women are sex workers who refuse to get a job, in which case you’re the misogynist.

No. 1946084

Like >>1946068 said he lives in NH, which is cheaper than MA.
I think with inflation now even rural MA (if Shay's dad actually lived there) you'd need close to 100k to live comfortably as a single person, and probably over that if you have a family to take care of.

No. 1946091

KEK this sounds like a sped at a facility

No. 1946093

I bet it’s a lot more than that. Just because he doesn’t live super fancy doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lot of money. Some people choose to live within or below their means, unlike Shaynus.

No. 1946096

Shayna’s dad’s step kids have a father who is in their lives and has supported and still supports them.

No. 1946097

Imagine being this jealous of Shayna that you have to make shit up to put her down. Kek.

No. 1946099

you can look his business up and estimate from there if you like

No. 1946108

Nah. I’m good. Not autistic enough for that. This thread is so boring that we have to sit and calculate Shayna’s dad’s finances to entertain ourselves. Kinda bleak. Kek.

No. 1946109

You’re all losers! Shayna is with family that loves her no matter what and the rest of you ugly fucks are all alone. So sad! Wah!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1946111


ok sweetie… whatever makes you feel better.

No. 1946112

Doesn’t make me feel better, hunnay! I’m just stating the truth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1946114

Didn’t he pay for the family trip to Ireland? Can’t remember if she confirmed it or it was just a tinfoil.

No. 1946115

There are at least 1 or 2 anons here that larp as a billionaire kek

No. 1946117

The only reason i dont believe this, back in the old days when her dad found out about her making porn he gave her an ultimatum, "keep making sex videos, or live in this house." Thats when she moved out at 18 to be a fulltime degen. He may give her a hundred dollars here or there, but paying her rent would enable the very thing he tried to destroy, her ability to live comfy while making porn. Thats just my personal tinfoil on the matter though. I could be wrong.

No. 1946120

That was his reaction in the beginning, but he still talks to her and most people’s conservative parents wouldn’t. I bet you anything he pays part of her rent. I bet her mom actually does too. Her family doesn’t really seem to give a fuck even after seeing pics of her in diapers doing the most degenerate shit. There’s a reason she’s like this. Her step sis is pro sex work too (I’ll find a cap) so it’s not as big of a deal as it once was to them.

No. 1946121

Can confirm New Hampshire is a very expensive place to live.
If I recall he did pay for Ireland. He also offered to pay for college/university.
I think her dad supports her because he doesn’t want her homeless or sex trafficked. He sounds like a nice guy who wants his gross degen daughter to be successful but that clearly isn’t happening anytime soon.

No. 1946122

He’s not that nice if he enables her into further degeneracy, which is what he’s doing.

No. 1946123

I think her dad is a secret creep.

No. 1946124

I’ve seen people do the same for their drug addicted kids. At the end of the day it’s his choice on how he parents his daughter. He made a bad decision when she was 18 by letting her leave.

No. 1946151

His cabin is his only property, it was cheap and in the middle of nowhere. Hes not loaded, he has a son and probably pays for his wifes stepdaughter too. You all sounds poor and retarded.

No. 1946162

yeah i don’t see him any differently than luna’s dad. both have to watch their kids resort to the lowest of the low while pretending they’re thriving.

No. 1946172

He actually has two step kids whose biological dad is active in their lives. All the children in the household are adults.

No. 1946200

NTA but the youngest son is around 22-24 (think he graduated earlier this year from college, so probably 23-24) and it's pretty common these days for parents to still pay for their kids at that age, as they're getting on their feet. No word on the step-kids. Regardless, with few people to support and a decent six-figure income it makes sense that he lives pretty comfortably. NH is where well-to-do Massholes go because there isn't a state tax kek

No. 1946202

You also have to account the land it’s on. I’ve seen properties with trailers go for pretty high.

No. 1946204

Guess that anon wasn’t around for the Ireland trip either where she wore nothing but outfits with her gut hanging out on a trip with 10 of her family members and her step-siblings’ friends. These threads are as much Shayhog Day as the cow herself

No. 1946207

>paid for at least one kid's education, also offered to pay for Shat's (kek, she'd flunk out in a semester)
>paid for international vacation, also assumedly paid for everyone's accommodations and food
>lives in a moderately expensive area
Why does this happen every time someone even hints at Shayna's family being well off?

No. 1946208

It's probably the same anon who said Aruba and the Caribbean are for white trash, rich bitches only go to ~Bora Bora~

No. 1946209

100k won't get you much in the working class towns in MA tho. Anyone with an enormous house is making more.

No. 1946212

This only applies if you are buying a house in this current market. 100k would still go pretty far in your average MA blue collar town at least 5 years ago. And Shay's dad is in NH so I don't know how different it is up there.
>t. Masshole(derailing)

No. 1946213

this, i don't know where some anons are from but where i am if you don't have to worry about student loans it means your parents make very good money. college is not cheap and i'd say it's more common for parents to be unable to pay tuition.

No. 1946216

Because people are legitimately jealous that Shayna won the rich family lottery. I notice this is super common with lolcows that are either rich like Momokun or lolcows from rich families like Jill or Shay.

No. 1946221

OT but it boggles my mind how expensive USA is. Like $100k or €9k per year is considered something that won't get you far, holy shit. I can't even wrap my mind around having that much money. And the fact that people have to pay for university additional thousands, plus medical insurance because healthcare isn't supported by government taxes. It's fucking insane the large amount of money being swindled around. Terminal capitalism.
t. eastern euroanon(t. derailing anon)

No. 1946224

i read somewhere that secretaries in San Fran make 100-150k. i imagine that that's for a reason.

anyone not staging an intervention is enabling her. but she's more or less said that her father doesn't care about her. apparently, as long as she's employed he doesn't want to know what she'd doing. It's her mother who is disturbed by the pedophilia and lack of dignity.

No. 1946227

ya hes her father out of duty not out of love. i cannot picture shayna and her dad having any sort of sustained conversations or real connection when she’s there. theres probably a bunch of family there and she’s just a wart festering in some corner constantly on her phone or blurting out “edgy” comments to try to insert herself in a family that is happiest when she is gone. she never really comments on her dad actually interacting with her or saying much to her like she does with her mom. she just uses his wealth as a prop to brag about and mostly just sits alone drinking when she’s there from what we’ve seen previous years.

No. 1946236

New England is renowned for being a high cost of living area; this isn't normal outside of the northeast and the far west.

No. 1946238

I mean salaries are a lot higher in the US. There’s a reason people want to immigrate here and not Eastern Europe despite the issues that are present in the States.(derailing)

No. 1946240

according to MIT's "living wage calculator", an adult with no children needs to make at least $17.23/hr to cover basic expenses in NH, in MA it's $21.35, but hovers around $18 in the "blue collar areas".

California's living wage is $21.24 but I have no idea what the housing situation's like over there. The living wage in san fran is $23.72.

No. 1946244

Massachusetts is a weird place. I live in a town where million dollar homes on park-sized lots of land are a few streets away from the middle class homes that probably go for no more than 400-500k.

I'm starting to wonder about property values being increased by people choosing to build absurdly expensive homes in previously middle lower class areas. The only pro to living here is the significant distance between you and your neighbors and the fact that there are so many trees blocking out the sun in certain neighborhoods that you don't even need AC in the summer.

New England is gorgeous in the fall, and we get a ton of tourists during that time. The beautiful trees feel therapeutic and are healthier to be around than all the smog in urban areas.(derailing)

No. 1946249

have you considered having a hobby outside of the shaysane stalking?

No. 1946258

It would've been helpful if you'd posted something from Shay's Twitter, otherwise this is all there is to talk about kek
In any case Shay's father is decidedly upper-middle class, neither super rich nor poor. She grew up in Marlborough, not Weston; her family is not that different from the average in MA.

No. 1946271

File: 1703263564450.mp4 (Spoiler Image,4.86 MB, 852x480, Sped.mp4)

Follow-up part to the spanking video she shot with the geriatric crew. She looks completely retarded bouncing around and then jumping onto Tubaman.

No. 1946273

LMFAO, The couch is pushed to it's absolute limit look at it sinking down low haha ew that guy looks like one of those creepy old businessmen that sexually harass their employees

No. 1946274

this has to be the single least erotic thing I have ever seen in my entire life

No. 1946276


He's not loaded, he's middle class (possibly upper middle class). He's got enough money to pay for a vacation to Ireland for like idk 8 or 9 people. Shayna went to Italy and France as a kid, had a car as a teenager, etc. he's not a millionaire by any means, but he's probably not struggling either. I can see him and her mom giving Shayna money to keep her from earning herself a prostitution related Darwin award.

No. 1946279

That's legitimately exactly what he is he's just found a way to make that his entire job

No. 1946280

kek, autistic nona earlier was right. what's with the trisha-like "Again-mmghhh, Again-mmghh". Is that just how people on pills start sounding?

No. 1946281

who tf buys this shit? ain't there a world of porn videos with fitter and more attractive women and men doing the same things with higher quality camerawork on a sofa that's not sagging down like it's about to collapse??

No. 1946285

Creepy old men who want to live out their sexual fantasies beating plain jane girl next door woman

No. 1946286

Shayna wishes she was, Trisha Paytas, Trisha's a mess but she's rich and everything Shayna wishes she could be Trisha is fatter then her and does way better

No. 1946290

Maybe you should too. Kek.(infighting)

No. 1946292

trisha at least is funny and tries with her appearance. shay's idea of humor is pale imitations of tumblr viral posts from the 2010s and do I even need to elaborate on what's wrong with her appearance?

No. 1946293

This looks like footage from secret filming in a institution for special needs adults that's being investigated for abusing the inpatients.

No. 1946300

File: 1703269345476.gif (92.33 KB, 871x84, shaytards unite.gif)

>tells anons to get a hobby while aggressively defending their right to discuss Shayna's father's personal finances for hours

No. 1946302

No. 1946304

Wow I didn't realize John Waters was making a new film!

No. 1946306

This cant be worth it

No. 1946309

File: 1703271585720.png (673.95 KB, 800x533, shayvine.png)

No. 1946323

File: 1703274029091.png (339.35 KB, 590x624, vile.png)

How fucked up do you have to be to be going on about how aroused you are by "dad bods" after very publicly sharing you are currently visiting your biological dad.

No. 1946324

File: 1703274148871.png (311.15 KB, 588x462, shaysumer.png)

>screaming bc i got myself these glasses back in june when i was here getting my boob job & fully thought i lost them & was wicked sad but apparently they’ve jst been chilling on the windowsill at my dads house this whole time lmao

No. 1946332

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard all month. Moids get off to this shit? Downgraded from pathetic to mentally retarded.

No. 1946334

I just looked at this again and what the fuck is going on with her face? She has acne from her chin, across her cheek and up to her forehead.

No. 1946336

It feels like she's been laying on the stupid "wicked" thing extra thick this month. Its not that she never says it, but it just seems like once or twice a year she overuses it to prove how quirky and cool she is when all the rest of the time she'd just say "rlly" or something

No. 1946345


Wtf is wrong with some of y'all? the debate died three hours before you posted this. Shayna grew up middle class, you don't need to tell us how much her dad bought the house for to prove that.

No. 1946348

How, Is it strange? It looks like every other Cabin property like the ones on the house hunters show on hgtv

No. 1946351

>institution for special needs adults
Kek. My thoughts exactly. Shayna looks legit retarded bouncing on that nasty couch.
The Strictmoor Academy photos look like American Horror Story.

No. 1946352

eurofag but its not common to have a place like this be your main residence. and my strange comment was about the weird second floor with no railings and sparse usable space. i can see shayna falling off that after too many drinks.

No. 1946355

You actually went to her dad's house in real life and took that photo? Wtf nona…

No. 1946356


I'm assuming they found all of the pictures online…

No. 1946358

farmhand deleted it but it didnt look like it was from online. it was a blurry cell phone photo from behind some trees of his house taken from the street and was zoomed in on her dad's car.

No. 1946360

he's got a shit car because he WOULD buy a new one but can't afford it because y'know, his prostitute daughter needs her allowance since she can't give up her ~sex work aspirations~ and just live back at home

No. 1946363

i love her cope, wasn't shay's first few boyfriends (not fupa) that we know of youngish normal looking men her age? Like the one in the poly relationship? She started this cope of wanting old men and loving dad bods because she thinks thats all she can get and the men who are in shape/her age don't want shit to do with her.
Even though these dad bod fucks, Fupaul, Shane, Womack and sugar daddies quickly discard her. Her being in her 20's and sexually open, doesn't mean shit to them like she thinks. She still hasn't learned dating older men won't make her the "prize" nor will it make a rich older man want to take care of an below average out of shape 26 year old woman who clearly doesn't like sex and has no redeeming qualities. These men are just as fucked up,selfish and disgusting as she is.

No. 1946366

It's tragic that she's a woman in her 20s that claims to want men in their 50s and she's still single. She's so repulsive that she can't attract a scrote twice her age.

No. 1946367

So fucking grating. If I could push a button and exterminate all obnoxious Bostonfags I would push it twice.

No. 1946370

Women who worship older men like Shayna are so braindead and naive. Once you are no longer "young" you will be discarded. They date people withing a certain age bracket regardless of how they get; and if you age out of their bracket, they aren't going to keep you around for your personality kek

No. 1946371

Shayna thinks every older man is a "Dirty old pervert who'd do anything for a crumb of vagina from a woman in their 20's". She still hasn't realized she's dealing with SEASONED manipulative fucked up Johns, who aren't whatever retarded goofy tumblr trope she has in her mind of
>Uwu older daddy who takes care of me and tells me to drink water, but also slaps me around (but in the kink way) and then calls me a good girl!
Then secretly, he's just so obessed with the 26 year old girl, who blessed him with the gift of using/abusing her body, but it's all just kink, he's just a dumb old man, just in love.
No, he's an old (older than you) creep, who probably spent his whole life taking advantage of women, shit half of them probably have wives. Shayna thinks her youth and personality is all she needs to be seen as Desirable, I often wonder whats going to happen when she hits whatever is considered "Old" to her.
I wonder when it'd hit her, that you aren't going to date "up" by dating gross older men because you think they are all the dumb horny idiot from tumblr or the movies, instead they are truly used up dicklets who don't view you as anything but a prostutute or a stupid woman they can use until they go home to their wives (Shane) or leave you and attach themselves to a more functional woman they can abuse/use and they aren't ashamed to be seen of.
Even if Womack had access to shayna i don't think they'd work, shit, the fact they seemed to have break ups in the little relationship they have lets you know.
Shayna's dating pool is very small considering she's a prostitute porn star who does niche gross porn, and she's not attractive enough for disgusting scrotes to look past that.

No. 1946372

Kek I noticed that too. Like she needs to reinforce how much of a "Masshole" she is by using it.

No. 1946374

What even is Shayna's job now? It's literally prostitute? Before she could say she was a camgirl, she dipped her toe in being an actress in pro porn, then she was an onlyfans content creator. Now? She just stumbles through life letting fat, old and ugly men fuck her to stay paycheck to paycheck each month. I wouldn't even consider her a "model for fetish films" because she seriously pays to have that stuff done to her, she isn't turning profit if she says she can't afford for a domestic flight to see both her parents on christmas.

No. 1946376

it's so one-sided too kek, they worship these old fucks, who never worship them and quickly throw them away for a younger women. They don't value you they value youth. Meanwhile Shayna thinks these men deserve all this gushing, when the older men she attracts are broke baby daddies or old retarded fucks like Womack, kek.
How are you doing all this advertisement for older men, meanwhile you have to beg for these same men to buy your porn because you can't afford something thats $200, while you are also selling as to IRL older men?
It's so hilarous, Pick me's are so retarded.

No. 1946377

She used to do more professional porn (if you can even call porn professional) back in the early threads. Pretty sure some big companies like insex hired her at one point as well. I have no idea how she seems to have unprogressed her own career but it would seem sensible is just straight up escorting at this point

No. 1946384

Yes I mentioned her being an actress in pro porn (professional porn) in my original post. From what I understand she was super unprofessional on set and hard to work with. I think she had a manager who dropped her when she kept turning down jobs. I thought she might go back to it when filmed with that guy who cumed a thimble but she made him take her video down after a couple days when it wasn't well received. i think she knows that she isn't good enough to be in professional porn and cannot handle coomers legitimately critiquing her "work".

No. 1946390

It's honestly tragic how shayna's life now is earning just enough money making bdsm type abuse videos to pay for her to survive long enough to make it to her next bdsm type abuse video. And the cycle continues on and on as long as Shayna Clifford stays delusional enough thinking that just one more scene is going be the one that gets her discovered and makes her famous. It's almost like the scummy people in her inner circle are breadcrumbing her so they can milk her for content until she ages out of her 20s. It's like they're keeping her from earning enough money to actually have a choice to say no if she feels like it, and they're doing it by conning her into doing more and more deranged shit that keeps her mindset that "its not like i could get a normal job now that my co-workers could easily find videos of me pretending to be a raped baby who makes boom boom her diapers". saddest part is i think she is too far gone now. women's brain finish developing at 25 and she's only gotten worse with age as evidenced by those tweets last week about being inspected vaginally by her dad. the only people who win here are the scrotes brainwashing her into thinking doing this makes her an independent "boss bitch".

No. 1946413

This is literally the definition of B L E A K

No. 1946417

She’s always tweeting about men’s wives feeling threatened by her and worried she’s going to steal their husbands bc she’s so uwu cute and bimbo. Meanwhile all her irl “daddies” just fill her head with bullshit and use her for degenerate sex acts before going home to their wives, and she ends up alone & crying. They’re not threatened by you Shay, they’re disgusted.

No. 1946419

prob off topic but i wonder whether findom or the shit shayna does (the "teehee i love gross dirty old perverts!" shit) is more profitable in the end. do pornsick creeps respond more to the truth ("i just want your money you're nothing to me") or the weird underserved worship?

No. 1946424

File: 1703291374990.gif (4.41 MB, 640x360, speds.gif)

I hope she one days realizes these men are paying her for what they think she is worth. And surprise, surprise, it isn't a living wage. They are perfectly fine lowballing these women into doing these messed up videos for the lowest possible price they can convince them to do it for. What's even crazier are the men who become sex workers to further con women into doing "trades" where they don't pay them at all, and just let each other use the content filmed how they want as payment. And you have absolutely fuck ups like Shayna agreeing to it with a smile (ex. that skinny guy who did this with her at an air bnb).

No. 1946444

her knuckles… what was HAPPENING??

No. 1946451

KEk I'm so glad someone else saved this gif. This along with the one where she just fucking disappears in the middle of a scene always take me out.
I think for ~professional whores~, findom pays more. We already know pornsick scrotes will throw thousands of dollars at ewhores, and you'd be surprised how many of them have a thing for being "bullied." Pedoscrotes, though, all seem to be broke. Women that larp as children are a dime a dozen online but still can't advertise themselves on most fetish sites that attract wealthy moids because what website wants to be known for hosting grown women that shit in diapers and act like literal babies. That leaves them with Twitter, which is where the poorfag scrotes gather kek.

No. 1946483

domme would be a better fit for her height and physique for sure

No. 1946499

The biggest con man we’ve seen is Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO who after he went broke from raping prostitutes, decided to become an unsuccessful pornographer where he can coordinate threesomes for free. These moids really are conning all of the women involved. The Ricky Delgado thing made me contemplate whether OnlyFats has helped porn addicts and rapist johns to become “creators” or if the porn industry was always full of porn/sex addict men who weaseled their way in to satisfy their urges. At least the real pornographer men don’t seem to have an issue with performing, but even “legend” Scott Hancock went through a period of being unable to finish on camera.(this is the shay thread)

No. 1946504

I'm saying nothing out of the ordinary, just a bit of cold weather and poor cardio health.

No. 1946506

Shay could get a job at Starbucks or a weed shop or something and make more money than she is making now. When is she going to give up and realize that what she is doing isn't worth the money she is being paid? The sad reality is that there are more whores like Shay who are just scraping by than there are whores who are doing well financially. Shay has no savings and no health insurance. Her parents have offered to pay for her education. At some point she just has to give up the ghost. It's going to take her not being able to afford her rent multiple times before she runs back to her parents.

No. 1946512

shay would not survive a week at starbucks…sorry. not sure how it compares to other fast food but the drive thru locations are fucking terrible and understaffed.

No. 1946540

File: 1703320829417.gif (1.22 MB, 500x281, IMG_1678.gif)

Any time she or Kathy cape for older men and Dad Bods I remember that line in Cat Person where the narrator describes having sex with her fat old bf for the first time and how his erection peaks out from underneath the hairy shelf of his belly or something to that affect. Any woman who favours a flabby old moid over a fit well groomed guy their age either has zero self esteem or is genuinely brainwashed.

No. 1946559

it's crazy how it's obvious she refuses to work a regular job. i doubt a sex shop would GAF about her history and would give her a chance

No. 1946569

This isn't a Dad body, big fat nasty beer gut is a Dad bod.

No. 1946588

The guy on the left looks like a gay bear. This is literally a meme for homosexuals into fat, hairy bears.

No. 1946613

File: 1703348600230.jpeg (96.62 KB, 354x523, IMG_9650.jpeg)

i fucking hate how common place it is for men to be allowed the courtesy to hide their face in porn. at least 50% (probably more) of porn i’ve seen you cannot see the man’s face or it is straight up blurred while the woman is on full display being sexually humiliated. Ricky Delgado is prime offender, example shown in picrel, like he is covering his face with an actual christmas tree the whole video while every inch of kiki is shown. How can these idiot whores not see the farce that if these men truly supported them and sex work they shouldn’t have any issue with showing their face. they are ashamed of people “in real life” finding out what they do to earn their income. yet these women think they can find stable relationships with men who want to keep that side of their life hidden.(this is the shay thread)

No. 1946614

yeah it's just further evidence that most of the appeal of porn for men is humiliating women. also why the fuck is that costume so tight on him, it looks like it's for a woman.

No. 1946624

There’s no way a woman would still have her job working with kids if it had been found that she was doing the same thing Ricky Delgado is doing. Yet he is still comfortably employed and still allowed to touch and work around KIDS!(this is the shay thread)

No. 1946655

Idk why this looks like a weird glitch in The Sims to me. I agree with you completely but at the same time I think if a woman’s face was hidden in this way, I would find it objectifying to women. But I suppose both can be true

No. 1946668

I think the key takeaway is that pornography is always degrading to and objectifying of women, no matter what. We just dont live in a world where "ethical porn" exists or could even feasibly exist.

No. 1946674

File: 1703370800951.jpg (448.07 KB, 1080x1128, 2 DAYS BEFORE.jpg)

She seriously must be in some shit. STILL begging for shekels to get gifts and they won't even be there for her relatives for Monday.

No. 1946709

I hate this selfish, greedy hog so much, hundreds of coomer shekels on sugar cocktails and ugly pink sweatshop landfill but no money for the family that enables her.

No. 1946729

File: 1703382829457.jpg (551.42 KB, 1920x1080, 20231223_203918.jpg)

The picture that was linked in that image is a body gays fetishize. that man probably has some muscles under that layer. regardless I think it's incredibly cringe for a woman to fetishize shit gays obsess over.

I'm always in all of the difference between the pose and edited pictures she advertises her garbage content with on Twitter and the candids from the geriatric porn she's in. she's so top-heavy. who has that knock kneed still?

No. 1946731

Seriously, good thing she spent $45 multiple times on the garbage waste of agave and forest space that is Casamigos tequila multiple times in Aruba and that retarded My Melody backpack or plush or whatever the fuck it was instead of buying her family gifts

No. 1946737

she never buys her family souvenirs

No. 1946769

You're missing the point. Faggots and Shayna have one thing in common: Their entire sexuality is the result of having a fucked up relationship with their mother.

No. 1946791

did wario post this

No. 1946796

File: 1703412077320.gif (8.9 MB, 942x567, F2B07E15-1BE8-4E43-8456-7B344D…)

kek, i haven't been able to get over that one.

No. 1946830

wow she really has lost weight, she was huge in the badly edited video

No. 1946838

Kekkk I miss the skirt belts so much

No. 1946844

KEK I’ll never delete this clip off my phone tbh. The way she says “I hope you have a good day sir” right before disappearing into thin air is one of the funniest things in the world

No. 1946850

nah, Shayna totally wants to fuck her actual father
there is nothing sadder than a daddy’s girl whose dad just isn’t into her
peak pickme tragedy(autism)

No. 1946851

Comparing >>1946729 to >>1946796
I think she's the same size

No. 1946865

No she doesn't. That's a really scrotey thing to say.

No. 1946872

Ntayrt but by now we know that Shayna is literally demented. Out of all other people/cows she’s the one I would be the least surprised if it came out that she actually wanted to have sex with her father. Just recall that she does daddy daughter shit with Mike Slack who molested his own biological daughter.

No. 1946887

I also doubt she literally wants to fuck her father. She just desperately wants his attention and to be "Daddy's little princess". Shayna to me comes across as more horny for attention than horny for sex.

No. 1946890

usually i’d agree with you, but unfortunately Patricia Ellen Dresel of Renton, WA - who works as a nanny/babysitter and steals children’s pacifiers to suck on and pose with for photos posted to kink tumblr - is still employed

No. 1946893

I agree but I also think she views sex as attention and that’s why she would see her dad molesting her as a compliment. Other farmers have said that’s why she doesn’t care about Mike Slack violating his own daughter (bc she’s jealous and wishes her dad gave her that attention).

No. 1946912

I think about 90% of what she says online is probably embellished or exaggerated.

Even ddlg freaks have their limits. I don't think Shayna would condine incestuous abuse, even though it is hard to believe that someone would let any man abuse them at all. she desperately needs to find something better to do. she can't be dumb enough to think that she's only negatively affecting her own life here.

No. 1946916

She does but how does this shit happen? I heard some little girls who don’t fully understand relationships (like 4-6 year olds) have crushes on their dad and I guess she never outgrew it because she’s mentally retarded and born with one real boob, deformed fat tard.

No. 1946921

do you think shayna's parents are holding an intervention on her that's why she's been so quiet?

No. 1946932

That's pretty common for little kids I think because they usually see their dad and their mom as the ultimate example of a romantic relationship but it's extremely fucking strange for an adult

No. 1946941

I think she's been getting advice from Kiki and Sarah on the importance of not uploading every humiliating detail in her life to twitter.

No. 1946942

fupappy also forbad (or it was tinfoiled with good evidence that he did) b/g content cause he didn't want to live the reality of a porn "star" gf, just his version of it. shay was all about the lesbianism and lack of b/g content back then to pander to him. busted her career for a dude who wouldn't even be public with her and dropped her like a sack of potatoes. pickmes never prosper but these whores do particularly bad. kiki is downright retarded falling for her moid. Though the content choices these obvious male "sex workers" come up with are absolutely amazing so I can't be mad. I don't think many imagine fucking a tree with legs growing out the bottom but ricky provides many keks >>1946613

No. 1946944

She's always quieter when she's with her family versus when she's by herself.

No. 1946958

File: 1703450312182.jpeg (608.27 KB, 828x1022, IMG_8912.jpeg)

she's back at her moms. her dad couldn't even handle her for what was it like 3 days? suprised shes not bitching about having to spend christmas at her moms more. sidenote her moms dog is so fucking cute

No. 1946965

She's probably just having a nice time with people who genuinely care about her so doesn't need the constant validation and distraction from her miserable daily reality. Tbh lads it kinda fucks me off that a gross pedo like this even has that as an option. But I guess I'm just miserable and bitter this time of year.

No. 1946970

Nonna imagine someone finding that shit in your phone kek.

No. 1946977

Honestly they would probably be so confused because I only have that very last 20 or so seconds where she says the line and vanishes KEK it has none of the actual filth

No. 1946987

"still comfortably employed" yeah because he's his own boss, he owns the dojo. who's going to fire him

No. 1947005

If anything, her dad is at most cordial with her. When Shayna had her tits replaced, her mom was her primary caretaker, not daddy dearest; despite the fact that Shayna tried to have a teenager-esque tantrum and storm out on her mom when she wasn't babying her and go to dad, he had no tolerance for her shit (or her at all, iirc).
I'd argue that she condones it for the sake of her getting off – this is the same woman who says that incest porn is her favorite porn to make and just tweeted days ago about piss and used the word daddy in it the 'hole inspection' one.

No. 1947024

has this been made into a banner yet? this gif always sends me. if I could I'd make it myself but it would be perfect with a lolcow.farm fading in after she disappears

No. 1947099

No. 1947119

It is, and the admins added it to the banners already

No. 1947151

Is it really? Sounds wild and made up to me.

No. 1947174

if ppl refuse to use his dojo b/c he's a pedophilic abuser that's gonna suck for him. nonnies need to make an ED.(this is the shay thread)

No. 1947175

thank you! I saw a bunch of banners have been added but this one hasn't come up yet for me. bless the shayheads in this thread

No. 1947189

File: 1703523546215.jpeg (301.11 KB, 1170x867, IMG_7579.jpeg)

No. 1947195

Very pot calling the kettle black, don't you think?

No. 1947208

can you get sued for that? I would make one kek

No. 1947217

none has successfully sued ED :)(:))

No. 1947225

Probably the plot for her next degen video lmao

No. 1947234

File: 1703539603030.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1397, IMG_7600.jpeg)

No. 1947240

I always assumed her parents were in poverty because of the kind of sex work she's always done, its always been so bleak. That nice ass house

No. 1947246

her parents have flown her around the world multiple times and offered to pay Shay’s way if she would just quit sex work and go to college. Shayna views them as abusive and oppressive because they don’t support her literally whoring herself out. her parents seem like middle class New Englanders which is more money than most Americans and certainly more than women forced into sex work. Shayna was only “forced” into it in the sense that she realized she needs money in the real world and this is one way to get it without getting a job.

No. 1947274

her taste is so generic. wheres the drake album at

No. 1947283

who’s drake? never heard of him, must not be very mainstream i guess

No. 1947301

you should read the early threads, she chose this career on tumblr at the height of every girl thinking she could become a rich indie porn star in part cause she was already popular back when "popular girl on tumblr" meant something. not much but something.
for all her bitching her parents clearly know her well and love her enough to gift such personable gifts when they obviously know shay would be happy with cheap pink shit. also didn't know anything about the beach boys so I initially thought she'd been given one of those "pet cover" albums and imagined her dancing to a dog bark cover of Rhonda before being sorely disappointed this was a real album sung by actual people

No. 1947321

ugh, will she bother to stand these vertically? probably not.

No. 1947324

Surprisingly, the cabinet she has stores them vertically and she does have shelves she has been putting them on as decor. But idk if she knows thats neccesary or if she just thinks its cute.

No. 1947337

>what you said about pet sounds
KEK NONNA that’s so cute lmao

No. 1947434

she's got it all: loving, rich parents (look at that house!!) who support her and give her gifts based on her bleak spotify wrapped (and would most likely STILL pay for her to go to college) even though she is a disgusting pedo pandering pet neglecting booze chugging skirtbelt wearing failure of a daughter. she has more than most people would ever wish for and still chose entirely out of her own volition to wipe diarrhea off of tranny asses and write tweets about child sexual abuse. it doesn't even get her bills paid. she just likes it. and that's why she will never change and is beyond salvageable.

No. 1947477

I'm not the first one to say it, but it's weird how she insists on talking about her family. Like it's not her whore Twitter, but still. No respect for any of them.

No. 1947480

Yes. He can sue for defamation resulting in loss of employment, especially since none of the content he had posted is illegal.

No. 1947493

Reminder (once again) that this thread is about Shayna, not Ricky/Kiki or any other whores. If it is not related to Shayna in some way it does not belong here. If you want to make a thread for Ricky then no one is stopping you. Stop constantly derailing this thread with talk about him.

No. 1947498

Why, are you in love with Ricky-san? Calved have always been talked about in the threads, why is Lil Dicky here an exception? Bc he sent a c&d off google images?(further derailing/take it to /meta/)

No. 1947501

not to minimod but your reading comprehension sucks kek

No. 1947512

because we're sick of hearing about this inbred rat that for some reason some anons are obsessed with

No. 1947515

I swear Ricky stalks the thread and emails the admin every time he’s mentioned here. Didn’t Fupaul have people bringing up his place of employment (a mobile carrier I think?) in other threads?(derailing/take it to /meta/)

No. 1947519

KEKKK 100% I can’t believe the Nona who posted the screenshot of the Santa thing got redtext. He just sits here and reports things ab him and cries to the mods.(derailing/take it to /meta/)

No. 1947571


I don't think it's Ricky reporting I think it's just farmhands wanting you guys to shut the fuck up about him in the Shayna thread. They literally said to make a rocky thread if you want to talk about him so badly, just not in the Shayna thread. She's not being milky rn because she's getting attention from her family. We don't need to talk about her fellow whores here.

No. 1947587

This. There's already a thread for it on /shay/. There's no need to pollute the main thread with Little Dicky.

No. 1947590

File: 1703633064963.jpg (519.44 KB, 828x3584, IMG_0321.JPG)

afternoon drinking

No. 1947608

She is so much closer to being an eternal frat bro than a bimbo or anything remotely close

No. 1947614

Since when is drinking at 6 considered afternoon drinking? It’s literally happy hour

No. 1947615

i want to know what filter/camera app she uses because i know she's not rawdogging the iphone front camera

No. 1947654

It tells you in the upper left corner. In this image she’s using the Instagram story filter “VictoriaEva” by user “evskaya”. I looked it up myself to test and encourage you try it too. The effect is startling.

No. 1947655

you can see in the screenshot that she's using the same VictoriaEva by evskaya filter she uses every time she posts her face on instagram

No. 1947662

Yep and the fact she still looks ugly despite that is quite sad…

No. 1947676

Didn't she attempt sorority sister porn at one point?

No. 1947679

part of her shelf she stores them vertically but there's a shelf she stores them horizontally on, it's the little petty thing that annoys me so much about her

No. 1947721

File: 1703664218259.jpeg (581.09 KB, 750x998, D4CBA1D9-52CB-48FB-A832-4A8E1B…)

she really needs to stop mentioning her brother on her sex work twitter account where she's stated multiple times that incest is her favorite porn to make and consoom.

No. 1947723

File: 1703664367332.jpeg (596.89 KB, 750x1203, E396A714-9FB3-452B-979A-D384A3…)

No. 1947776

Ayrt. Lol really? What a tard. I say good. Let her ruin her shit. Its not like she earned much of the stuff she has. She is just a grifter who puts nudes on twitter at this point.

No. 1947873

File: 1703706608892.jpeg (406.66 KB, 1170x1584, IMG_3212.jpeg)

No. 1947876

How much fucking debt is this bitch in?

No. 1947878

>>1947873 I guess her parents must know better than to give their junkie prostitute daughter money as a gift by now, or she wouldnt be walking away empty handed.

No. 1947881

begging for coomercoins and that’s the picture she uses, I wish I could see how she views herself

No. 1947883

she looks like a wicked witch and that's after putting the instagram filter that changes your entire face on the picture. a lot of the time I think people are being harsh/overly critical when they talk about how ugly a cow is, but shay is honestly hideous.

she lurks here too and has complained about people mocking her approach before, so she must know about her many physical defects, but she does nothing to counteract them like dressing better, living a healthier lifestyle, or bathing regularly and instead deluded herself into thinking she's gorgeous and everyone is just a hater

No. 1947887

she looks exactly like womack here jfc

No. 1947923

File: 1703719178972.png (145.08 KB, 1186x500, Screen Shot 2023-12-28 at 10.2…)

No one will ever consider you a prize or trophy Shat.

No. 1947926

>the fat alcoholic prize with yellow teeth and yellow feet and a white tongue and grey skin and purple tits and the ass of a 60 year old man (no joke it’s probably so depleted she’s incontinent)

No. 1947928

>but shay is honestly hideous
Farmers have always called her ugly. She was average to below average when she was younger. Now she is truly hideous. The weight gain combined with the dehydration and alcoholic bloat have changed her face to the point she can't even hide it with filters.

No. 1947929

File: 1703721096618.jpg (732.65 KB, 1080x1506, 20231228_005241.jpg)


I can see it Nona

No. 1947932

She should try and date Nick Rekieta or Ralph because they’re severe alcoholics.

No. 1947944

File: 1703723907136.png (1.9 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0346.PNG)

headed home

No. 1947949

she really went to aruba for two weeks and then decided to make espresso martinis her thing afterwards

No. 1947956

Oinking about being broke on her Twitter account where she LARPs as a spoilt bimbo who is ~thriving~ while ebegging because she can’t afford the roof over her head followed by selfies of her ugly degenerate ass drinking obscenely overpriced sugary cocktails. I hate this fat cunt so much.

No. 1947957

File: 1703727179057.jpeg (Spoiler Image,951.22 KB, 1170x1578, IMG_7630.jpeg)

No. 1947958

File: 1703727243724.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 1170x1669, IMG_7631.jpeg)

No. 1947959

I think that post she replied to meant an acomplishment or something you have achieved… someone bought her those concert tickets. Her parents and/or their insurance paid for her tits… what the hell is she so proud of? This is so bleak. Kek she could have atleast said something about her sex work.

No. 1947960

I don't know how she consumes multiple of these in a row. It's not even about the alcohol. They're just heavy in other ways.
She's really so low on money that a phone charger is breaking the bank. Tragic.

No. 1947963

File: 1703729406872.jpg (94.73 KB, 1080x373, 775.jpg)

Too bad she only wants them for pedo-larp instead of fixing those haggard snaggleteeth

No. 1947965

File: 1703729582572.jpg (209.01 KB, 1080x801, 7.jpg)

How in the world is every single flight she goes on delayed?

No. 1947966

eh, it's winter in boston.

No. 1947968

It's kind of impressive at this point just how she manages to make the most common fetishes lose their sex appeal.

No. 1947970

this would've looked… just barely mediocre if she didn't have that retarded expression on her face.

No. 1947971

File: 1703730659338.jpeg (1.39 MB, 828x3584, IMG_0CFD3836D168-1.jpeg)

drunk and high at the airport

No. 1947975

File: 1703731196434.jpg (174.82 KB, 1170x1762, Crackhead.jpg)

Full photo because what the fuck

No. 1947977

Her tooth is a literal point. Her alcoholic red nose is showing strong in these.

No. 1947978

What happened to selling her puss for $800? i guess prostitution isn’t an option for her anymore? Anyone know what changed?

No. 1947979

she just lives to find a new low to sink in doesn't she?

No. 1947980

it goes without saying but fuck she's 26, time to get a fucking job and stop fantasizing about disturbing shit.

No. 1947983

Nothing changed, there’s no emergency or stressful financial situation. Shayna is above all an e-beggar and scammer.

No. 1947984

The way that stupid filter only smooths the middle of her forehead while leaving the rest of it looking like the Grand Canyon never fails to make me chuckle. If she’s this ugly when she’s edited imagine how hideous she is in the raw. She hasn’t got one single redeeming feature

No. 1947987

sage for blog but I tried out this filter out of curiosity after seeing shay use it so often and it made my skin very smooth. undereye area completely tight and perfect even though I was sleep deprived, acne scars and zits completely gone, uneven skin tone erased. shay's forehead lines and eyebags must be absolute massive irl if not even this strong ass filter makes them disappear

No. 1947996

it legit sounds like the shay thread is full of moids or ppl who think like moids and obsess over women's looks as if the avg man isn't 'hideous' according to subjective opinion anyways

this is getting boring

No. 1948004

Kek, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the pointy tooth like that.

No. 1948005

Lmao you don’t know Nick. He would fat shame her into oblivion. He’s very well married and happy to a gorgeous skinny curly haired short woman(she’s only 5’2”). The hog Shayna just have no hope. Nobody will ever want her.

No. 1948010

Who the fuck cares if she is short? You sound like a freak.

No. 1948011

File: 1703741114645.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 3464x3464, F279E57E-CBE0-44AC-B52B-1D5F92…)

Sage/ spoiler for non contribution
Looking through old threads and this aged well

No. 1948025

Her idea of a sexy “scene” is pretending to pray to some old scrote’s dick, getting waterboarded and then getting smacked around? BDSM truly is looney tunes sex. also those wordy ass lines would probably be so awkward to say out loud kek

No. 1948028

I thought she had stopped smoking weed again. Was it all in my head? Like I understand that she's an addict and relapsing is to be expected etc but she doesn't even acknowledge that she relapsed most of the time. Makes me question whether she really announced she's off weed or if I imagined it.

No. 1948029

NTA, but I think anon's point is that Nick's wife is physically the total opposite of Shayna, since Shay is not exactly short.

No. 1948033

lmao do you look like shayna or something? nobody said anything about moids not being ugly, a majority of them are hideous and unkept. most women are pleasant to look facewise and even if they aren't they at least take care of themselves, which is why shayna looks so dumpy and filthy. ayrt even said most cows aren't that ugly. shay does not fall under that overly criticized category

No. 1948039


Shay doesn't look nearly as bad without the false eyelashes. They age her and make her face look so harsh. I want to throw them in a fire so bad.

No. 1948040

File: 1703757652467.gif (4.33 MB, 640x560, pig-fat.gif)

Pigs are cute and cuddly. Shay is a slovenly low wage prostitute living paycheck to paycheck.

No. 1948043

Yes I actually agree shay isn't that ugly. She's an average looking American woman who makes really poor style choices and drinks too much. Even on someone attractive her style choices wouldn't look good, but on her they look downright awful. Shay has nice features, she has long legs and her natural hair is very pretty. She could potentially have a glimmer of natural beauty about her with the right style choices and if she cared for her hair, which is her best feature imo. I think a lot of the anons here are pick me histrionic sex workers just like shay who come here to feel more attractive.(joining the derail)

No. 1948046

hate to say it but she doesnt look as fat and ugly as she usually does in these photos

No. 1948049

I clicked this image from the front page because I knew I would taken to the shayna thread.

>I think a lot of the anons here are pick me histrionic sex workers just like shay who come here to feel more attractive.
I agree that she was wasn't ugly, she was average and probably could have been considered unconventionally attractive by some. That potential is gone because of her own lifestyle choices. Alcoholism causes permanent damage and if she looks this rough and haggard on the outside, the state of her internal organs is far worse. I've seen it happen to alcoholics IRL.

No. 1948055

You're not motivated to spend every waking moment speeging about moids, tho are ya? I wonder why that is!(infighting)

No. 1948063

what are you even talking about? i haven't even posted in this thread until >>1948033. not everyone who thinks shay is a fat conventionally unattractive alcoholic is a moid, someone who spends their life on here, or another ethot.(infighting)

No. 1948088

because she doesn't care about them and they don't have threads on lolcow about their lulzy activities and their putrid tweets? You moidobsessives have them on the brain, it's honestly sad(infighting)

No. 1948089

>everyone who thinks shaynu is ugly is a twitter whore
i want to live where you do where obesity, botched tit jobs, deep cavernous forehead wrinkles that not even insta filters can fully smooth over at 26, ginormous eyebags, giant alcoholic noses, hotdog nails, troon smirks, greasy limp hair, outdated makeup from 2016, cheap outfits mainly consisting of mismatched shades of pink, and eyebrows that look weird because of not doing aftercare for microblading, are features that can be found on average looking women. cause I want to move there and go from a 6 to a 10 by default of not having any of these traits.
just because used to be average before years of awful life choices doesn't mean she isn't below average now.(infighting)

No. 1948107

Shays ugly, but it's because she treats her body like absolute shit. The average American woman shayna's age drinks more water, bathes more often, and has a skincare routine. You're just being fooled by her heavy filter usage but if you saw her IRL she'd probably look like a complete crackhead.

No. 1948138

Basically any person with self respect will treat their body well. Shayna does nothing to look after herself and thrives off the drama of always having a problem or illness. She will always look nasty because no one is coming to save her kek and she won't help herself

No. 1948142

So happily married to his teeny tiny wife that he had random big women step on him at conventions? And also posted her nudes online without her permission to weird sweaty freaks on discord? Lol Nick's taste in women is akin to that of his taste in booze. Anything will do.

No. 1948167

Sage but tbh Nick Rekeita regularly flirts with fat retard BPD chans in his community so actually Shay isn't out of his radar nonnie

No. 1948169

the fact that she's an awful, mean and immature wiman is bad, too. she also seems to have pride in presenting terrible, amateurish "content" mostly consisting of her making the worst faces she can possibly make while wearing crap that is probably laced with heavy metals. cringe.

No. 1948173

taking pride in being short as fuck is weird. you sound insecure. I'm tall but I wish I was taller so I could kick more ass. lol I don't understand the men who are fucking massive hulking giants taking E. like imagine willingly trying to nerf yourself

No. 1948179

File: 1703799463827.jpeg (97.71 KB, 500x500, 58BF991A-5C90-49CB-8DA7-F55E3B…)

Tinfoil: some of it is kiki.

No. 1948182

this is probable. or could be any other really short person coping.

wanting to be small and weak as a woman is not cool. I don't understand how that mentality emerges. men hate you why do you want to be even easier for them to yank around? Why internalize your own subordination.


repost bc linked to wrong toast
taking pride in being short as fuck is weird. you sound insecure. I'm tall but I wish I was taller so I could kick more ass. lol I don't understand the men who are fucking massive hulking giants taking E. like imagine willingly trying to nerf yourself(derailing)

No. 1948192

>taking pride in an attractive feminine quality makes you insecure

What ever helps you feel better, Kope Bryant(derailing/infighting)

No. 1948198

She’s not smoking weed she’s eating it

No. 1948201

>the most feminine type of shoe is designed to make you taller
>supermodels are 5'9" at a minimum
>all idealized forms of feminine beauty (Amazons, goddesses, queens) are all depicted as being tall and stately
But sure, the tall women itt are the ones coping, lmao(derailing/infighting)

No. 1948205

>thinking men even know what they find attractive beyond "this makes my pp hard"
Weakness in women is attractive to weak men because they want someone they can control. Look at the men that orbit Kiki and Shayna, all of them are weak, bottom of the barrel, pathetic scrotes that are reduced to simping for OF whores on twitter because no woman will look twice at them unless there's a financial benefit to doing so.

No. 1948207

I’m not invested in either side of the tall vs short argument here, I just wanted to remind defensive nonnas that Shat is the one whose obsessed with being small and it’s normal for this thread to make digs about this stuff because she reads here and it makes her seethe.

No. 1948209

File: 1703808265250.jpeg (Spoiler Image,654.99 KB, 1170x1528, IMG_7647.jpeg)

Oh Lord

No. 1948210

File: 1703808322687.jpeg (495.36 KB, 1170x1223, IMG_7646.jpeg)

Ok Shay

No. 1948211

yeah, it's the same reason we point out that she has black eyes. not because we think there's something wrong with black eyes, but because she keeps trying to delude herself into thinking her eyes are hazel or green.
shat herself frequently shows how jealous she is of shorter women because being short goes along better with the tiny dainty baby larp. so of course people will naturally point out how she not only isn't short but usually towers over other women in pictures. which isn't very smol bb especially as she's so wide in addition to being tall

No. 1948213

aren't these meant for gay men? kek

No. 1948219

>male torso with Dick n balls
OK. Anyways, I really hope it gets lost and accidentally gets delivered straight to a dumpster because I don't even want to soil my brain with whatever horrid shit she would film with that.

No. 1948222

>pray to my god and their cock
sorry but what the hell is she talking about

No. 1948224

Personally I am horrified but will probably cry with laughter to see her next to something like that simply for the size difference there’s likely to be along with the obvious fact that it’s a weird torso with peen

No. 1948226

She won’t say “his” to appeal to her troon “mommy” orbiters

No. 1948227

This is what makes me kek the most. She really thought her metabolism was something special. Too bad she was too stupid to realize it was age that was keeping her skinny. Now the ONLY thing she had going for her, is gone. And i rejoice. Its bad enough she does pedo-larp… if she were skinny i feel like more pedos would enjoy her porn than already do. Sick stupid bitch.

No. 1948232

>inb4 Shay rides it and it gets completely engulfed into her flabby thighs

No. 1948234

If she were a normal woman, she'd never want to be called those words at all. Alas, ddlg tumblr circa 2014-2017 rotted her brain.

No. 1948239

Nah, dark eyes are ugly but hers are especially ugly because they’re so dark her pupils are indistinguishable from the iris and they’re tiny and mean looking, like a cartoon villain, not to mention the horrendous bags and wrinkles that make them look like blown out assholes.(say no to eye sperging)

No. 1948246

This is the Nonnie you’re replying to. Nick is an alcoholic that hates his wife and children. He’s drinking away his life and wants to die. I think Shay becoming his play piggie would be a match in heaven kek.
Did someone send this out of spite?

No. 1948253

Probs some coomer who is sick of the same lying on her back position she always does.

No. 1948260

you say the exact same thing in every shayna thread. stop with your lame agenda against dark eyes, white walker-chan

No. 1948264

Oh look it’s the deranged eyesperg troon who hates his own dark eyes and wears contacts. You’re so boring, change the record loser.

No. 1948289

File: 1703835560772.jpeg (201.19 KB, 750x868, 02CC5138-C8CC-40B1-9F2C-D9FE6D…)

No. 1948294

Not because she's cute, charming or fun. They're only attracted because she does the gross things other OF girls don't.

No. 1948295

This is something that’s happening everywhere and with women too. Being flabby is what’s in at the moment. The government wants men and women to be fat and flabby so we are all too soft and lazy to fight back. You see people all over the internet denigrating fit healthy strong bodies in favour of out of shape fat ones.(derailing with tinfoil)

No. 1948298

Whoever took these pictures for her at fatcon did a pretty good job considering the subject

No. 1948360

File: 1703860640931.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x8960, IMG_0372.jpeg)

she saw The Dresden Dolls live last night

No. 1948365

File: 1703861301374.mp4 (4.12 MB, 222x480, ea02a2a7-e35c-494b-ba4c-c9e696…)

her videos of the concert

No. 1948368


She's so embarrassing with those knock off Docs. Girl, spend that e-whoring money and get yourself a pair of solid black boots. Every bimbo should own at least one pair.

No. 1948372

that's something i noticed paying attention to her old posts. when she lived with her parents she was always wearing new, name brand clothing. her parents definitely spent a good amount of money on her wardrobe and for sure didn't just go on Amazon and Sort By Lowest Price. it's depressing seeing the quality/quantity of her outfits decline rapidly over the years.

No. 1948382

Like pork wrapped in a black garbage bag.

After following her for years, it's noticeable that she recycles certain clothing items that she's owned since she first started sex work. I doubt that it's a financial issue because she either buys Shein landfill fodder or knock offs from Amazon, she has no standard for quality when it comes to clothing. Instead I would speculate that she has deluded herself into thinking that she doesn't need to buy new clothing in a larger size because she's going to loose weight and fit into her old clothing.

No. 1948391

No fucking way was I in the same room as this cow that is so bizarre kek wish I had known sooner to get a gander irl. What a weird world.

No. 1948393

Samefag omg I totally walked past her at least once and didnt even fucking notice.
I went up on the balcony at first for Sex Changes. Then I was down to the left of the lighting guy.
I swear I did see some chick in a black pleather get up but it was a portland concert so i didnt think twice.
Thats hilarious because she pretends she gets so much attention when she leaves her hovel and thinks shes so special and hot. Even wearing shit like that she blends into the scene.
But also I was there to see the show. Not record on my phone and being an attention tard.

No. 1948395

File: 1703869208438.jpg (2.94 MB, 4624x3468, 20231228_212510.jpg)

Sorry for triple post but heres ref and proof kek

No. 1948405

This is sadder than she realizes. Nobody is attracted to her for any redeeming qualities, no attractiveness, no skills.

No. 1948406

She's always used the anal thing as her "selling point" and made it her personality for years. A gross sex act that the average person wont do. Beyond bleak. Its not like people don't do anal, its just not a thing typically in normal vanilla relationships. But she thought by allowing random losers access to her asshole and doing butt stuff vids that she's just so ~not like other girls~ and cool and desirable. She's such a pick me clown.

No. 1948423

File: 1703875855394.jpeg (Spoiler Image,566.66 KB, 750x1105, 0820860D-5078-4FEF-97A6-84EE1A…)

the way sarah and shayna say bestie to each other sounds so unnatural

No. 1948425

The Zika baby bow, muy goth bb.

No. 1948430

those shoes & socks do not match the faux leather tube she squeezed into at all, its cracking me up. god she cannot dress herself for shit, people really must think she’s retarded out in public.

No. 1948434

She doesn't even have a pair of fishnets to wear with this outfit? I guess booboo ass calf socks are the more bimbo option

No. 1948435


The fishnets would have helped camouflage her flabby cellulite legs, but we all know Shayna hates even slightly flattering looks. Nope, she's gotta go full sped. It would have been a better look with plain black boots and some fishnet thigh highs.

No. 1948437

File: 1703878980283.png (1.76 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0404.png)

what a lewk

No. 1948438

this wouldn't be an awful look if not for the boots that don't match anything or the earmuff/crop top combo

No. 1948441

File: 1703881099474.jpeg (733.91 KB, 828x3584, IMG_0409.jpeg)

at the bookstore, presumably on a “date”

No. 1948442

Is it… even cold enough for those ear muffs??? They would be pointless anyway with the crop top?? Shay can’t dress herself for shit but this is just confusing even for her. She also has to be hung over if she’s casually wearing those sunglasses. The hair says it too.
Also those doc martens have been through a war. Most people don’t have those or the knock offs of them anymore.
Shay’s style is so stuck in 2014/2015 but when she tries to do more modern she fails just as badly.
>>1948441 I can’t imagine taking Shayna on a date to a book store…

No. 1948443

local sped cannot decide what season she is dressing for, more at 11

No. 1948444

this is Powell’s Bookstore, been there before, which is a super cool place which is now probably reeking of unwashed vag after her visit. feel bad for the people who read and want a new book that might have been touched by her moldy nails

No. 1948446

She looks like she got dressed in the dark.

No. 1948458

That's the kinda cow cross over I would kill for

No. 1948460

I mean, what do you do on a short trip to Portland besides go to Powells? Even people who can barely read (ie. Shat) do it as a tourist activity. People are pretty used to seeing some rough/trashy people going in and out. Anyway, I feel like this is def an Ellen trip. She always brags when it's a 'date' with a man but not with ol Degenerate…

No. 1948465

File: 1703884851545.jpeg (237.3 KB, 1170x646, IMG_3243.jpeg)

Only in Shat’s mind is this a compliment

No. 1948466

When has she ever been anywhere with Ellen other than the aquarium/seafood boil combo?

No. 1948468

File: 1703884985840.jpeg (5.19 MB, 828x10752, IMG_3FD1E9EC4C1F-1.jpeg)

more fatty food and alcohol

No. 1948471

There is a lot of good hiking & tons of other shit to explore besides the bookstore, but I doubt big shungus could handle any form of walking that didn’t last for five minutes. Def smells like an Ellen trip

No. 1948477

The key looks extra retarded with this outfit lol. Just looks like she's got a caretaker who's afraid she'll lose the house keys on her way home from sped school

No. 1948478

The outfit ISN'T bad just the shoes, Her dry ass face with the wrinkles is bad lack of skincare and hydration let's all be honest with ourself's… She looks better in this than ANY of her pink shit recently

No. 1948494

File: 1703889549188.png (357.4 KB, 613x1271, sped_in_tight_jeans.png)

Those jeans are at bursting point. I'm surprised that she can manage to still walk.

No. 1948498

File: 1703890559266.jpg (450.58 KB, 1416x2048, 20231229_175658.jpg)

>lovely lil day trip 2 portland [black heart emoji]

No. 1948502

She really just doesn’t give a fuck about her animals huh. Why won’t she give them to someone who will actually take care of them? It would mean more money for her to spend on herself

No. 1948506

This is assuming she spends any significant amount of money on her pets. She throws a $30 every now and then for the cheapest litter and food possible and that’s literally it.

No. 1948507

because then she wouldn't be able to post cute pics of them on social media

No. 1948508

How is she not shitting herself all the time… I guess this is why she takes so many bathroom selfies.
They went to Canada a few times for concerts. They go hiking sometimes (but obviously not enough to maintain fitness levels). I swear they went to CA one time but maybe I'm shaytarded kek. Anyway, they do go on little daytrips here and there but Shay never seems that hyped about it. She's more excited to take a drive in a Corvette or go to a mall with 'old men' bc she's 100% straight and Ellen is just a friendship that she's tried to kinkify for the male gaze.

No. 1948510

The poor attempt of showing off her ass in a pair of way too small jeans after we saw her Aruban pancake is so bold of her. What's going on with her tongue on the bottom pic though?

No. 1948511

Nah you’re not Shaytarded, she and Ellen went to California when Ellen put the Airbnb in her name that Shat sucked Sol’s dick in and the anon cowtipped the owner of, which is how we found out Ellen’s last name (Dresel, Patricia Ellen fuck you pedo bitch). They went on some helicopter ride in Cali together on that trip too

No. 1948523

You know what, I support it, becausd for once she wasn't degrading herself.

No. 1948531

A Shayna and Dresden Dolls crossover is the last thing I expected? Are they well known in Mass? Like, I know they're from Boston but I'm a leaf and literally nobody I've met knows about them so I'm curious how well known they actually are. Shay's taste in music is so basic this is surprising so I can't help but tinfoil that she only knows about them from Amanda Palmer's thread here kek

No. 1948542

ew she took her drink into the bathroom with her? her "concert-goer" cosplay is very funny to me.

No. 1948570

Weird nitpick, what else is she supposed to do with her drink (besides chug it).

No. 1948571

>"not degrading herself"
>still wants to be kidnapped/property
got to take those ham colored glasses off nonna.

No. 1948581

they were really big in Boston 10 years ago; Shayna is always out of date

No. 1948588

ten years ago? try 20!

No. 1948615

The contortionist in her really works overtime when that backside is concerned. How long do you think it takes her to find the perfect pose that doesn't expose her brick shape? Imagine going to piss and you have to listen to the squeaking of pleather while this tipsy tard tries to huff and puff her way to a semblance of a figure.

No. 1948619

Damn super tight skinny jeans are really dated. I used to wear nothing but skinny jeans, but I've found a more relaxed fit and my ankles makes my legs look really nice. Skinny jeans look fine, but those skin tight (and ill fitting) ones just make you look shorter. Shay is fat, so these make her look so fucking stumpy.

It's well known that Shay has no taste and cares more about a letter 's' or 'm' on a tag than looking nice. But it's just so baffling. Sure, black looks better on her. But this outfit is fucking hideous. There's good quality vegan leather (though shay might as well just buy real leather since she's clearly not an animal right activist).(blogging about jeans)

No. 1948621

File: 1703928391742.jpeg (46.55 KB, 680x680, IMG_3382.jpeg)

it looks like this whole outfit is kirkland signature from a costco back in oklahoma, and one of the beefy food court hot dogs slithered into it

No. 1948632

Gunt control shape wear pantyhose could have saved this outfit

No. 1948662

imagine being so fucked in the head that you aren't immediately disgusted when a moid tells you that you look like you take it up the ass. her need for attention is astronomical

No. 1948675

File: 1703943996364.jpg (36.44 KB, 735x702, da50b5171e4417fd502a790842f689…)

Shayna when she responds to coomers

No. 1948679

"You look like you do anal" is code for "you look like an easy lay".

No. 1948708

File: 1703951524066.jpg (578.61 KB, 1079x2155, Shit.jpg)

>Am I weird because I listen to one of the greatest bands of all time?

No. 1948713

File: 1703952122464.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.59 MB, 852x480, Linebacker Alt.mp4)

More from the Tubaman spanking mess. An alternative angle that nobody asked for.

No. 1948718

File: 1703952390405.jpg (99.57 KB, 564x753, Wide1.jpg)

Screencaps he posted advertising the video. Cropped the spanking out.

No. 1948719

File: 1703952437171.jpg (98.27 KB, 548x730, Wide2.jpg)

No. 1948723

File: 1703952556427.jpg (159.22 KB, 734x979, Wide3.jpg)

No. 1948727

Shayna's such a pick me bitch, Nothing about her music taste screams i'm a weirdo

No. 1948728

File: 1703952687498.jpg (96.44 KB, 798x599, Wide4.jpg)

No. 1948730

Oh my gosh who is the doors!? I wouldn’t know because I’m not a quirky girl ™

No. 1948731

Mfw 79 year old decrepit Jackie Kennedy has more ass than the sedentary 26 year old

No. 1948740

I sometimes wonder what gross old man gave her attention at a crucial point in life really liked the Doors. She is so weirdly into them but not in a normal spergy way where she collects memorabilia and knows rare facts.

No. 1948745

not to mention she's so retarded about moids too, i've seen many men online state that "ugly girls are for anal". they're basically saying she's ugly and don't want to look at her face.

No. 1948746

she's said it was her dad before. just more of shayna being some kind of creepy pickme towards not only old men in general but her own father.

No. 1948751

File: 1703957476773.png (4.53 MB, 2500x1876, bd91bl-hub-pekingese-adult-sta…)

She looks like such a sped. She's just sat there making fake reactions and it's so awkward. That hair style also does nothing for her, she looks like badly groomed dog.

No. 1948752

her dad. plus she clings desperately to it because it’s one thing that made her “different” in high school, where she reached her peak. most of Shayna’s bullshit can be traced back to her wanting to relive her teen days. it’s hilarious at this point, not even sad anymore.

No. 1948760

File: 1703958452650.jpeg (47.5 KB, 288x370, 74905027-C7BD-4A42-BFDA-3E22D9…)

No. 1948863

File: 1703981895240.jpeg (Spoiler Image,414.73 KB, 750x1085, 965E130B-641E-4076-A567-8021F4…)

ewww and also poor

No. 1948866

Did her dad or her mom cut her off financially now? Shes been bitching about fund's for the past week non stop now, I guess she's NOT daddy's little princess anymore haha

No. 1948867

File: 1703983263573.png (297.87 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20231231-003828~2.p…)

Pity party continues. Looks like constant vacations somehow don't generate cash. Who knew!?!

No. 1948870

I mean, she could give up sex work and get a normal job somewhere, but I guess that would mean she would need to admit she's wrong.

No. 1948871

I guess she's finally given up, She HASN'T taken her sex work seriously at all she's a lazy pos that's it and now she's too late and finally realizing it

No. 1948873

Has she forgotten that she made fuck all the last time she appeared on cam? Scrotes weren't interested and the majority of people watching were farmers.

No. 1948882

I really hope she gives up or at the very least goes quiet. Bad for this thread, sure, but i'd be impressed.
She has to be self-aware of this right? Imo, her weight gain has seriously destroyed her ability to make money being e-whore as it is.

No. 1948893

i still think they cover part of her rent money, but not all. She probably spent the portion she's supposed to to contribute thinking she'd be gifted more money at Christmas. And she didn't get any so her crackhead plan failed

No. 1948900

Iirc last time she cammed she had more guests than registered users. There were about 5-6ish people who were registered users. ellen, Mike and Womack. The rest were farmers who couldn’t say anything because of being guests. A few of the users were nonnas too. It was like 70ish people and it was all farmers. No actual people who are there to support her.. other than Ellen and Mike slack. I am not even sure when she cammed last off the top of my head despite being one of the anons that stomach it or what thread it would be. It’s been so long lol.

No. 1948917

I think she last cammed 9 months ago just before the Scott Smallcock barbie porn shoot. Thread 130.

No. 1948922

Given the last times she cammed are when the shattening happened and then when she got so depressingly drunk even nonnas were shocked at the mess, it's probably best she hasn't cammed again since

No. 1948933

Shayna can read?

No. 1948950

File: 1703996280581.png (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 750x1334, 805A9B06-FB0E-434F-894D-0B3CFF…)

idc what another nonnies say, shayna is butt ugly

No. 1948956

She really is the no bitches meme IRL

No. 1948959

File: 1703998909155.jpg (50.12 KB, 500x671, bbgrinch_1200x1200.jpg)

No. 1948964

File: 1703999903638.gif (4.25 MB, 375x583, shayformation.gif)


No. 1948980

File: 1704003285420.jpeg (45.77 KB, 564x544, images (24).jpeg)

next threadpic pls

No. 1948989

Thought this was pic was nikocado for a split sec

No. 1949005

And this is why I keep coming back to this thread.

No. 1949037

this is what a life spent shitting on other women and catering to degenerate moids in exchange for pennies gets you: nothing. there's a lesson here but she won't learn it.

No. 1949041

File: 1704023862802.jpeg (30.18 KB, 480x360, IMG_1781.jpeg)

No. 1949051

stfu already

No. 1949064


Aaand here we go. She does this literally everytime she spends an extra couple hundred dollars on plane tickets on top of her many vices. I'm sure she's got more money than she's letting on in order to scam, but she probably is going to go into 2024 broke as shit. What a thriving sex worker she is.

No. 1949078

Aww leave that beautiful doggy alone

No. 1949079

I was wondering…..how did she end up being a prostitute? How did it even start?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1949081

By her choosing to be.

No. 1949084

It started because she's too lazy to do professional porn so nobody wants to work with her ass hence why she got dropped and she's also too lazy to cam correctly

No. 1949085

She is so shit at pr. By whining about being broke every month she is just telling every guy that she isnt some highly sought after bimbo and that nobody buys her content..

No. 1949133

Read the fucking threads, its all documented

No. 1949149

She chose sex work despite her parents literally begging her to go to college and offering to completely pay for it. Lazy fat whore pig.

No. 1949153

How are youn in your mid 20s and have 0 savings built up?! Especially since she has been working her chosen job of sex work since she was 18… thats 7-8 years of sex work. I know people who barely started working at 21 in minimum wage jobs and have atleast $10,000 set aside in a savings account. Like come the fuck on shay, get a damn job, atleast part time! Geezus fuck in 10 years, things are going to look very fucking bleak for her…

No. 1949166

File: 1704052017251.jpeg (450.19 KB, 1170x1068, IMG_7693.jpeg)

No. 1949168

After traveling non stop for "work" she's broke as per usual. Also I guess all her sugar daddies are broke and/or that's over with. Imagine selling your body off and online and being broke every month. I saw some nonas say they don't believe shay is broke and she scamming.
Look at her lifestyle. She spends money as soon as she gets it, constantly Flys to "work" and is always broke.
It's not at all unbelievable she's truly struggling.

No. 1949171

I'm sorry? I agree Shayna is dumb for not having savings but statistically most young Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Where do you live where average mid 20s adults who start off working minimum wage have 10k saved up?

No. 1949173

I can’t stop thinking about how much she spent on expensive airport drinks. I’m dead that she probably spent $250 minimum to be drunk at an airport and now she’s short on rent

No. 1949177

Wouldn't going quiet make her loose more money? The less she interacts with her few remaining coomers, the more they're going to interact with other OF whores. We all know these women are crabs in a bucket and will fight over the gross assortment of simps on twitter.

The cost of living crisis is relatively recent compared to how long she's been doing sex work. There have been times where the US economy was doing well and she didn't save money or invest in some form of asset such as a car or even some real gold jewelry. Nothing she owns is of any value. Most people when they're in a dire financial situation will have something they can sell, she just has bags of stretched out polyester clothing.

No. 1949179

I don't disagree about Shayna again, I just doubt that everyone anon knows has 10k by 25

No. 1949188

I think her cooomers realize that she's a scammer. She has a horrible personality and does not come off as interesting or charming. She's crass.

Shay risking getting murdered (FBI statistics show that men who kill women prefer to kill them at their own place) by pimping herself out to rapists until they get tired of her, decide they don't want pay for whatever the hell Stallone jr's offering and/or get too sketchy and disgusting to be around, then it's on to the next one.

I don't even want to imagine what kind of horrible shit she has to do to get the money. No scrote is just going to hand over money to a strange narcissistic woman.

doubly so when they refuse to do that for their own fucking children and family.

No. 1949195

she's genuinely trying to make her coomers feel bad and like it's an emergency "trying to survive"

No. 1949196

she’s one emergency expense away from homelessness. god forbid if she has a fire or a medical emergency.

No. 1949218

Shayna is a survival sex worker now kek

No. 1949232

Survival Sex Work Saga 2024

No. 1949236

kek imagine seeing this post right after Shayna took hundreds of pictures of her on vacay, showing off her parents nice home and purchasing all kinds of alcohol. Sometimes I wish shayna was popular because then there would be more people calling her on her shit. It'd be funny to see some retarded coomer call her out.

No. 1949243

It’s the tactic that works best for her. Of course these financial difficulties will be forgotten when she travels to Sarah in a month or so.

No. 1949247

She’s also got another spanking party in February that she bought tickets for

No. 1949249

Who is still sending her money these days?

No. 1949259

I agree for 10k is a lot for a normal person. But a for a sex worker to have no savings despite actively turning down alternatives to being a sex worker and having no savings is wild. Because why else would you do it? It's like meeting a man who works on an oil rig and has no money, HE would be the problem because you the only way they get workers is a huge paycheck for needed education/experience.

No. 1949263

If you move out of your parents house the moment you turn 18 and take on a bunch of responsibilities before being financially stable, no shit you have no savings.
Shayna talked so much shit about people who go college and have normal jobs. The only reason why she doesn't just throw in the towel right now, when now is the perfect time to end it for good, is because she is stubborn and doesn't want to be wrong.

No. 1949269

Not that anon, but I feel like 10k is a lot to have saved up for most young adults not in tech or in a well paid position. The thing is that Shat seems to have, quite literally, zero savings. Not a thousand, not a couple hundred, zero. She's living paycheck and a half to paycheck. I'm still convinced she doesn't actually have a bank account and just uses cashapp. I'd really give my left tit to see her actual finances.

No. 1949276

Most people living paycheck to paycheck haven't ruined their chances of getting normal, real jobs by plastering their base asses and full names all over the internet. Sex workers don't get promotions or sick pay, if they don't manage their money well they're fucked. Shayna has had to resort to bringing johns into her home to fuck her, and she's making pennies. If you're going to put yourself at serious risk of being murdered, kidnapped, robbed, raped, or trafficked, you would ideally want to make more money, and have more in savings, than the average part-time fast food worker.
Moids who get off on women humiliating themselves for Doordash giftcards and $5 tips.

No. 1949278

>Wouldn't going quiet make her loose more money? The less she interacts with her few remaining coomers, the more they're going to interact with other OF whores.
I took it as she's going to do irl rape for pay to make ends meet. I guess her going quiet confirms that the online sex work is not turning a profit anymore.

No. 1949308

I'm tinfoiling but I'm guessing that her parents found out that she is actually doing physical prostitution now and have withdrawn their support of her because they fear for her safety and want to push her into quitting the splenda baby lifestyle.

No. 1949309

Shay is blasting a wand on her veejay for everyone to see, depicting rape on onlyfans and meeting up with vile scrotes and prostituting herself. I think that everyone is just perplexed by the fact that she continues to sell her body for minimum wage. She could get a job at a coffee shop, sex shop or a weed shop and she would be better off than this. If she wasn't selling herself she could get a roommate and pay less rent. I think anons are just horrified and disgusted that a woman would rather do what shay does as opposed to operating a cash register or pouring coffee.

No. 1949311

Working in fast food isn’t easy, especially for someone like Shayna. Instead of working hard for 40 hours a week, Shayna just wants to half ass things for an hour a day. I doubt Shayna works more than 10 hours a week.

No. 1949313

Considering the minimum wage in Seattle is $18.69 an hour, she is earning less than minimum wage. According to glassdoor, the average salary for a McDonalds cashier in Seattle is $30k.

No. 1949314

I'm sure she could find a call center job if she doesn't want to be on her feet all day.

No. 1949336

Shayna can't "throw in the towel" when she

a) has poor judgment

b) all the decrepit abuser scrotes she meets are her main source of income and compromise most of her social life;

c) she needs the money – she's unlikely to get a non-entry level, bottom of the barrel tier job with her history.

If you're working for $16-17 a hour part time, justifying spending $25 on eyeliner at Sephora is hard. When your weekly check is $200-400 usd, spending 200 there in one trip is stupid. Shay will not be able to afford the tacky shit she wears and decorates with while actually working.

even poor people have to scrimp and save. Shay doesn't want o live in the real world, she wants to live in a world in which she's a "celebrity" (lol) who's gonna be famous and die at 27 from partying/alcoholism. Well. She might not make it to 60 if she keeps up her heart disease inducing diet and inebriation habit.

No. 1949356

She definitely couldn't mentally handle a call center. The best job for her would be at a shady weed shop. She'd have to bathe everyday but she can dress as slutty as she wants, she's around weed all day, and it's mainly scrotes who go to smoke shops anyways so she'd get her precious male attention fix.


Unless those kids were sitting on inheritance or a trust fund, no… You don't. That's not possible for someone who works minimum wage, especially if they live on their own. Shayna's financial position is pathetic, but like I think half of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck. The main difference is, the average American works at a real Job and they can use the work experience to get a better one. Shay's not even good at whoring even though she's been doing it her entire adult life.

No. 1949378

Someone must have signed her dad up for a session on her website.
But honestly if her parents gave her any sort of ultimatum, it's probably very generous and much more than any "survival sex worker" could imagine. They're probably not just offering her to pay for college but also to set her up with a job working with her dad or another family friend.
A job in fast food would give her a social life at least. She'd have trashy friends and potential love interests!

No. 1949387

Lots of places selling food won't let their workers have fake nails out of hygiene reasons. Shayna would refuse to give the sausages a chop. Dispensary would be by far the easiest job for her. A sort of run down one where only older men would go to, real seedy. She could play her music in the shop and look like a slob and be the shop's dumpy princess.

No. 1949390

never mind how you literally cannot do a proper job with nails the length of shayna's or even 1 to 2-in nails at most. most places have very strict dress codes and you cannot just show up there looking like a teenager in short shorts or a mini skirt. nor can you wear noticeable makeup for many receptionist type jobs, not that any decent office would want to have her in the front desk.

No. 1949392

I mean if Shayna were in year 8 of working at McDonalds she'd be manager by now by virtue of how quick turn over is. Sexwork is the only job where the longer you do it the more your value depreciates.

No. 1949394

I didnt say everyone. I just know one person who made it work but they started working at 21 and are actually 28 now but im saying its a similar timeline. Shayna started at 18 and is 25 now. If you cant save even a little money each month you might be over spending or living above your means. Especially after 7 years working. That was my point.

No. 1949397

you can clearly see how much money shay wastes.

as soon as she gets a couple hundred from one of her prostitution sessions, she goes to spend maybe $200 on her hair and however much she spends on nails that she asks her scrotes to "reimburse" rofl.

her lifestyle is unsustainable for people making $40 an hour never mind her. she's an idiot and incredibly spoiled regardless of how cringy and cheap everything she's involved in is.

No. 1949415

No one wants to be a manager at McDonalds.

No. 1949419

>how cringy and cheap everything she's involved in is
This is the tragedy of her spending habits. She spends so much money and looks so fucking cheap.

No. 1949437

File: 1704142508121.jpg (243.83 KB, 1046x910, Ha.jpg)

No. 1949439

sorry i know this post is old, but didnt her dad refuse to send her dog cage to seattle because he "couldnt do it knowing what she does in it"? i think he does care about her but its probably very painful for him to, so i wouldnt be surprised if he checked out because its just too disturbing for a father to know these things about his child.

No. 1949441

Yes, often out of entitlement and a false sense of superiority. Working at McDonald's is an infinitely more respectable and safe choice than sex work, but because these women think they're too good for it they'd rather pretend they're living a glamorous life as a prostitute even if they earn way less than they would in fast food.

No. 1949450

Oh but what happened to loving ALLL the attention men give you Shay?

No. 1949475

Short on rent but still has to go out for brunch

No. 1949478

I’d bet money that the dog shit was in her apartment since she never takes care of her animals. This is really all she deserves & I hope it gets worse lol

No. 1949482

I sincerely doubt that someone asked her to cover her shoulders in 2023, but if they did, that’s hilarious, and she deserves what she gets. Cover all that fat up, Shayna.

No. 1949494

File: 1704150312818.png (886.09 KB, 1080x1418, Cleansing spell.png)

The replies. Kek at cleansing and protection spell.

No. 1949498

seeing that gif always makes me laugh out loud.

No. 1949502

It's not entitled to know that position is shit. You have to do everything (including frying fries if you're short on staff or your newbies suck at it and can't keep up) in a hot environment where air smells like reused oil and there's constant beeping sounds from timers. The pay is not worth it. Too much responsibility without avoiding the beginner work.

No. 1949504

>help me pwease I’m so poor I need money so badly
>today at brunch
She is unbelievable

No. 1949508

Still better than shoving plastic up your anus and wearing diapers.

No. 1949509

i like how she posted that on her burner account not her main account because she's supposed to be broke. i'm with the nonnie who said she's was expecting to get money or something for christmas and walk away empty. did she even post about what she got? or what she got ellen?

No. 1949517

That was my exact thought when I read her tweet.

It wouldn't surprise me that it happened. She was probably in a restaurant at midday where there were families having celebratory meal for New Year's. We know that she thinks it's acceptable to wear a cheap white strap top with her cockeyed nipples protruding out and the rest of her outfit was likely to be equally hideous.

No. 1949522

I feel like she was wearing something really thin and gross and revealing the whole outline of her Frankenipples, but she probably wanted to make it sound like this guy was a paranoid freak so she said it was because of her 'shoulders.' This is the Seattle area, everyone is wearing pretty casual and/or revealing stuff so no one gives a shit unless it's really bad (ie. cockeyed tits in a white tank top) or in a very obviously family-oriented environment.

No. 1949528

Atleast it’s better than selling your body and letting moids abuse you for mere pennies; she can’t even buy a meal from McDonald’s out of one onlyfan subscription.

atleast they get paid regularly and get worker benefits such as medical and dental. (former McD cuck in high school)(sage your McShit)

No. 1949567

File: 1704163070944.png (491.62 KB, 1080x1587, 1000007284.png)

Wow imagine spiraling on the FIRST DAY of the new year.

No. 1949568

Holy lmao the post vacay depression hitting

No. 1949576

>so talented, so capable, so much potential
She can't even stick to a diet and exercise regime. Any form of success takes hard work.

No. 1949580

>be shayna
>spend the past 8 years sitting around drinking, smoking & doordashing life away day by day
>what am i supposed to do uwu
>who am i supposed to be

No. 1949581

Well if I were Shaynus I'd feel the same way kek

No. 1949583

Calling herself special kek that’s so sad and literally what talent? Porn/prostitution does not require talent and she’s never shown any creative or other applicable skills. No charm, no eye for visuals, no drive. You can’t cling to mild tumblr blog fame a decade after as proof you’re meant to be a superstar.

No. 1949588

> i know im talented, i know im special, i know i have potential to be great & successful & more than jst financially stable
this is truly bleak

No. 1949589

parents who are willing to pay for her college or let her come home if she gives up prostituting herself and making pedo content
>I just don’t know what to do
she is so pathetic and stupid it is almost impressive

No. 1949590

this is some of the most pure cringe she's ever posted. "i'm so special" jesus christ shayna

No. 1949606

Obviously she’s nothing close of being financially stable to begin with. She looks like shit, has the nastiest and uncharismatic personality. Nobody likes her except like 3 people. I cannot stop watching this train wreck. I would love to know what she thinks is so special about her lmao. Never seen someone so proud of having nothing going for them. Pedo deserves everything bad that comes her way

No. 1949610

Kek nonnies were spot on about her inevitable spiral once she was back in her grey Seattle apartment all by herself.

No. 1949613

Calling herself talented is so fucking funny looking at the past 8 years. But I'd be depressed if I were her. I don't think this is post-vacay sadness, I think this in increased whoring depression. FSSW makes people want to die and Shayna really has no out. She can't do better then minimum wage work because of her history. Plus she has no work ethic at all so I don't see her actually getting it together and getting herself out of all of this.
When she was 18 she probably thought she would be married to a man with some amount of money and retired by 25 at the latest. Her standards are so low she probably could have found some awkward ugly man with weird enough fetishes he'd be her full time wage slave husband in exchange for getting to do weird shit. Fupa really fucked that up for her and now her chances of that get lower every year.
Now she's looking down the barrel at a life of poverty with a host of ugly partners like Ellen and the polycule who, despite also being poor and fuck ugly, won't even actually commit to her. (I believe that Shayna is a monogamist who is poly out of lack of options). This is the rest of her life. And as time goes on everything around her will cost more and what she can sell herself for is going to continue to decrease.

No. 1949614

File: 1704172478604.png (538.04 KB, 1080x2058, 1000007287.png)

Jesus Christ, is she really gonna start suicide baiting her coomers now? Absolutely pathetic.

No. 1949615

This is the closest she’s come to some level of clarity tbh

No. 1949616

>And as time goes on everything around her will cost more and what she can sell herself for is going to continue to decrease.
You're right and it must be soul crushing. Sometimes I really wonder wtf hookers, camwhores etc plan for the rest of their life. They must know the older they get, the less appealing they are to customers, and the less money they'll earn. They have no useful experience that can translate into other work, they'll have low self esteem, potentially a ruined reputation and a tonne of baggage instead holding them back. They will struggle more than the average woman to find a long term partner because most men don't want former prostitutes… but I'm guessing they are convinced a rich man will marry and look after them at some point.

Usually I'd be like 'who cares if you get married or find a man' but for someone whose life revolves around validation and attention and money from men, it's a bleak future. She'd have to do a 180 degree turn around in attitude and lifestyle to have a chance.

No. 1949617

she should've gotten with womack

No. 1949618

I don't contribute to these threads but I've been following her spiral for a long time. I feel legitimately bad for her these days, even though she's done reprehensible shit. She should have gotten proper help before 2012 era tumblr sex posi propaganda got its claws in her mentally ill ass. Not to be one of those anons but Shayna please, now that you've finally reached this nadir, pack it up. Go home. Her family is probably shit and neglectful for her to have turned out this way but anything's better than this

No. 1949620

nonnies do you think theres a possibility that she'll finally quit selling herself and turn her life around

No. 1949621

This isn’t her first spiral and won’t be her last. She often spirals around this time and spews the same shit. Being around her family and reflecting on the nothings she’s accomplished in the year always make her want to an hero.
Don’t waste your energy feeling bad for her. She will be “fine” in a couple days and continue to pander to pedophiles like always.

No. 1949622

What talent and what potential? I hate Shayna. Her narcissism gets on my nerves lol.

No. 1949623

I wish it weren't true and she got out of shayhog day for 2024. You gotta agree that her "career" is spiralling very rapidly though, that plus starting to fully realize it even through the alcohol and weed stupor after your brain has finished developing can't be nice

No. 1949625

It would be so cool to see shayna quit sex work, move back to her parents, go to college, get a career. Or even if she just moved back and got a regular 9 to 5. Its not often you get to see a cow graduate cowdom and become boring and obscure.
Her narcissism, degeneracy and lifestyle disgust me and make me hate her. But its never too late to change.

No. 1949627

This is how I feel about her and why I check in still, I just want to see her leave "sex work" so I can move on from this train wreck. Nobody deserves her life.

I think fupa fucked her up a loooot more than anons here are willing to admit, she's probably been doubling down all this time partly from denying the kyle nathan perkins trauma tbh

No. 1949629

No because some hideous coomer like Womack, Mike Slack, and/or some splenda daddy, etc. will swoop in to give her enough combined money to cover her rent and she’ll be back on her “boss bitch,” “I moved out cross country at 18 because sex work allows me to live the life I want, be independent (lmao), and I’m so grateful for it and everyone who supports me and I wouldn’t have my life any other way” smug bullshit. Lather, rinse, repeat

No. 1949630

I think religion could help her actually

No. 1949631

Whatever she was wearing must have been bad because she didn't even post a bathroom selfie.

Even if her aim in life was to succeed in porn, which isn't something anyone should aspire to, she wasted every chance she was given. She acted so unprofessionally that she was dropped by an agency, which ruined any chance of her being anything other than an OF whore. She refused to do b/g content until she became desperate because her OF subs were dropping and by then her small pool of coomers didn't care. If she had done b/g content when she had 2000+ subs on her OF, she could have had considerably more money and actually bought something worthwhile like a small apartment or a car. Her situation is entirely her own fault and that's what probably hurts her the most.

I honestly think she's too far gone. Before she could start college or a job she would have to quit both weed and alcohol. Depending on the severity of her alcoholism she might even need to go through a rehab program.

No. 1949633

File: 1704176457424.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 750x1334, 61E3F0F3-0B53-402D-9CBA-D4ABF4…)

holy shit , creepy key guy posted some unedited shayna pictures. her skin is so bad and she's so extra ugly it's insane

No. 1949635

File: 1704176563985.png (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 750x1334, 7B5FF6C9-8171-4CE1-9702-E8EE8C…)

how drunk is she? she looks so different in this.

No. 1949640

File: 1704177190168.png (83.69 KB, 1293x321, Likes.png)

Confirmation the key is for @onesubbyfemmeboy’s cock cage and not coomer Eraserhead with the yellow teeth.

No. 1949641

ShannyShayna for Christ

No. 1949642

>shriveled tranny cock in a cage
I regret opening this

No. 1949644

File: 1704177339833.jpg (Spoiler Image,548.41 KB, 1536x2048, Bleak.JPG)

The other pictures @onesubbyfemmeboy shared.

No. 1949645

File: 1704177399704.jpg (Spoiler Image,493.65 KB, 1536x2048, Bleaker.JPG)

> I regret opening this
Then you might one to skip this one, Nona.

No. 1949646

ewww tell me that's not fucking warts sticking out of the cage i'm gonna kms for even looking that close.

No. 1949648

File: 1704177728149.jpg (Spoiler Image,152.8 KB, 538x628, ¡¡!!.jpg)

It really is something else when she’s not in control of her image.

No. 1949649

Was going to reply the same. As soon as some dude pity pays her a hundred or so bucks she’ll be waving it around to show off. It’s been a while since she suicide baited but it’s happened before and it’s always the same, she’ll get over it once some coomer gives her attention and money to buy ugly clothes and alcohol. Then it’s going to be posts about how sex work has changed her life and made her successful and able to live a wonderful life, oblivious to the constant mental breakdowns she shares.
It’s like all sex workers have to keep up this facade of defending their life choices so they don’t let the naysayers win by admitting it’s horrible and doesn’t make them empowered or progressive. Also, she’ll never get a normal job. She’ll continue being a kinky anal bimbo whore forever because she’s made that her entire personality and giving up would mean she loses what she believes makes her special and talented.

No. 1949656

File: 1704180705059.jpg (55.08 KB, 623x494, EXq-ydYWsAIvLQZ.jpg)

Kekk who dared to post this? She's shaped like a plank, yet that cottage cheese thigh is popping out and the skirtbelt is hanging on for dear life with the gut spillage and old man bellybutton above it.
Sophia and her look like picrel

No. 1949663

That thick ass line on her forehead from her caveman browbone wow. She needs more ffs than the troon

No. 1949667

Her skin just looks normal? Considering how much alcohol she drinks, how little water and her bad diet. It's the eyelashes and black eyeliner I hate. This is going to be an unpopular opinion but she looked better in her no makeup era as opposed to the makeup she is wearing now.

No. 1949668

Can we stop it with the 'so manly' every time a woman isn't smol and petite? It just makes you sound like a pick me.

No. 1949670

>Its not often you get to see a cow graduate cowdom and become boring and obscure.
Speck did it. Shoutout to her wherever she is now.

No. 1949674

She really has incredible delusions for someone with no skills or even hobbies and looking the way she does. Shes below average at best. And utterly useless and ugly really.

No. 1949675

opening the spoiler and seeing the ghoulish apparition behind her took ten years off my life

No. 1949676

The Alice bitch with plastic surgery addiction did too iirc? She even got married again but her thread is dead and I don't know where the other nonnas are talking about her. Though I think Shayna is unfixable in every aspect of her cow degree in cowdom cowllege. PnP at least tried to make art even when she was still a cow and she's at the gym all the time now, Shayna could never.

No. 1949684

Pick a fun field and go to college, keep your dumb dolly account but stop making porn and close the main. Don't post nudes, only lewds at most and share thoughts, to get attention. Focus on school.

No. 1949702

part of me feels bad for shayna because moids obviously corrupted her brain at a young age and i agree that her ex played a pivotal role in how her life has turned out but things will never improve for her until she actually takes a look at her own behavior and acknowledges that the decisions she has made are the primary reasons why she's so unhappy. it's her choice to abandon her pets to go on vacations that put her further in dire financial straits. it's her choice to continue this soul-sucking unsustainable line of work instead of building a stable future for herself. it's her choice to spend recklessly and then cry over her money troubles. it's her choice to act out in public and shit on other women and treat scummy misogynistic moids like they are kings just because they said she's cute enough to fuck. and above all, it's her choice to repeatedly make content that imitates the sexual exploitation of children. examining any of this would require some level of self-introspection but she is not capable of that because when she has any moment of clarity it frightens and depresses her, so instead she numbs herself with drugs and alcohol and resumes living in her delusions

No. 1949706

I mean, we all called it that this would happen but holy shit kek. And yet she is still too stupid to try and fix her life, starting with therapy and a one way ticket home.

No. 1949712

>giving advice to a cow

No. 1949713

But Nona, how will she feel like a "successful" prostitute if she doesn't go on vacations she can't afford so she can film gross shit for one day?

No. 1949720

Her face looks better there. Probably because she's not making that the situation face she does from her really weird downward angle. She really needs to stop wearing stuff that isn't made for her body type. I cannot fathom the level of narcissism it takes to think that putting unflattering clothes on is "saw hawt".

She's not manly she just has really weird body proportions. She's trying to dress like ginger spice without the poor girl's huge ass.

She looked bad when she was emaciated and she looks no better with those arms now.

No. 1949721

I hate to say it but if she's come back from a nice xmas with two loving parents and is still like YAAS INCEST AND BEGGING AND DEGRADING MYSELF she actually is a masochist. the kind that doesn't realize it.
this is a 0 sympathy post btw. she has everything handed to her and doesn't only bite the hand that feeds her she lets a shitter hand spit in her mouth for pennies.

No. 1949722

Next thread needs to be "from thriving to surviving" edition

No. 1949727

Most never think about this and less have a backup plan. If they thought like you (aka normal) they would never be in that position to begin with

No. 1949728

genuinely asking, what talent is she referring to? Her porn is all parody, she has no hobbies, she has a combo boring and ugly personality. If she says she’s talented because of her washed out videos or editing I’m just picturing the disappearing Shayna gif

No. 1949742

her bra is on wrong, jfc

No. 1949746

Literally her job is to get fucked. That's it. It doesn't take talent, she treats herself like a hole. The "talent" that makes you supposedly "successful" in the porn industry is #1 having the type of look porn moid consoomers like (I won't say you need to be hot because porn women are frankly ugly beyond belief. The heavy makeup, shitty surgeries, and that road hard put away wet look they all have is far from sexy) and #2 you need to be easy to work with and do what they want in the scene with no complaints. That's literally it. Requires 0 talent whatsoever and Shay still doesn't have either of those qualifications.

No. 1949751


She seems to think she's good at fashion and photography. Not sure who told her that, but I think those are the "talents" she's referring too. Or she could be one of those girls who thinks being able to pleasure a scrote in different ways counts as "talent", but the average sexually active woman with a boyfriend could probably produce hotter porn than Shayna could dream of.

No. 1949757

Kek i imagine it was next to her bed. You know her carpets are stained with animal shit/pee. Her apartment probably smells putrid.

No. 1949759

It’s mildly infuriating how she can’t be bothered to do the bare minimum like walk her dog or brush her cats, but she has all the time in the world to over spend on vacations she can’t afford, eat out on credit she’s probably run into the ground, and get drunk of the few pedo coomer shekels she gets. Seeing her suicidebait is really the icing on the cake. She dug her own hole for 8 years. Praying for the maintenance men that gotta go into her crusty apartment after she eventually gets evicted.

No. 1949760

File: 1704211093763.jpg (100.41 KB, 1080x560, Screenshot_2024-01-02-15-54-33…)

Does this reply from her "daddy John" confirm he buys scat porn from Shay?(learn2read)

No. 1949767

I think he's referring to her stepping in shit, like she said in this post >>1949437

No. 1949784

Kek PNP is still a stripper and doing onlyfans garbage. She just figured out to not over share online.

No. 1949787

Exactly, Shayna has no friends so she relies on the internet PNP has some, PNP is still a whore but compared to Shayna she's doing way better

No. 1949845

do none of these ugly whores know what an exfoliant is.

No. 1949846

File: 1704223984611.jpeg (885.89 KB, 1170x1657, IMG_7734.jpeg)

No. 1949858

I like how now she wants to complain about this shit, news flash sweetie these "sex sites" don't give a shit about you and now nobody wants to buy your poorly done videos going into 2024 with anger spite and spiriling

No. 1949859

she's so bitter now that her OF has completely fallen off

No. 1949860

seething shayna. are people not buying her stuff anymore?

No. 1949861

No idea how she thought her OF would always be popping with her shit videos, The market is oversaturated she's a clown and ugly af she CAN'T even get people to pay a dollar to see her shit anymore

No. 1949865

She's so bitter that nobody wants to fund her alcohol drinks anymore, She's misses that Aruba vacation lifestyle badly ahha

No. 1949873

she also gives everything away on her twitter page and coomers realize it's not worth the $3 . the only customers she keeps are creeps who can't talk to women and they like shayna bc she talks to them for free all day on her twitter and tells them she loves them.

No. 1949887

File: 1704229174703.png (1.42 MB, 1721x1482, Shaynchmas.png)

Shay retweeted a new spank video from Sarah's site and its legit cracking me up with how retarded Shayna is acting. So talented and undiscovered. Censored her bare ass to show this fucking face kek

No. 1949891

With the sensor, it looks like an animal giving birth and not sexual at all. What a seductress Shayna grew up to be.

No. 1949893


No. 1949895

She's built like a man and looks like one being spanked linebacked having ass

No. 1949897

File: 1704229936477.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 2316x3088, IMG_6784.jpeg)

Tinfoil but I don’t think she’s struggling to make rent if she’s sucking off johns behind dive bars, she just really needs money for the botched tit job revision since it’s been 6 months time they make you wait between procedures.

No. 1949899

nona, please save and re-post this video so those of us without a twitter can watch it too

No. 1949901

Why is her nipple so fucking big? She's a moron for botching her boob job it's so red on one side karma baby

No. 1949908

I don't think she's planning on a revision, she doesn't seem insecure of the new implants. Other anons consider it botched and yeah there is some difference but they're definitely an improvement from the drastic difference in her pre-op.

No. 1949909

The way her boobs symmetry essentially stayed the same as before just bigger: one hard veiny tit and one sliding off her torso.

No. 1949911


Her nipple looks like a strong gust of wind will send it flying to Seattle. Her chest does look vaguely better than before shape wise, but she's definitely botched. I don't think she thinks she's botched though

No. 1949912

File: 1704231260403.mp4 (Spoiler Image,9.44 MB, 1496x1120, HogInspection.mp4)

Full video- Warning, shot of Shayna's full asshole towards the end

No. 1949935

File: 1704233207013.gif (5.52 KB, 150x150, IMG_7040.gif)

Real caveman features

No. 1949942

I feel violated by this video even if it's not her most extreme one.

No. 1949943

File: 1704233829238.jpeg (1.18 MB, 828x3584, IMG_9043471947ED-1.jpeg)

she's proud of this hairstyle

No. 1949952

File: 1704234590735.jpeg (438.53 KB, 1086x775, IMG_9389.jpeg)

Next thread pic please, holy shit this might be the funniest thing she’s ever tried to sell as porn. Her face is making me laugh so hard I might cry, how tf is she confused as to how she’s not making money

No. 1949960

File: 1704235427814.png (721.08 KB, 988x687, sped_collection.png)

No. 1949961

She's having the kind of uncertain thoughts about future and purpose that 18-22 year olds are supposed to feel. But instead she's a 26 year old refusing to grow up! Pitiful! And I know it's tough to find purpose in life or achieve something you deem great, especially when you have a high opinion of yourself or are a perfectionist (where does she get this inflated ego from?!) but in her case…the bare minimum would be better. I agree with dispository anon, McD anon and even candle anon. Even these jobs would be better. Hell, maybe even a stepping stone for success. She just needs something sharp and painful to burst her sex work bubble. Like losing all her money, or having her twitter terminated… Because she isn't smart enough to figure this out for herself that's for sure.

No. 1949962

She looks like she's taking a massive dump wtf haha, Fintstone having ass

No. 1949964

return of the Grinchna right after Christmas

No. 1949966

The way she arches her back every time she gets spanked makes her look like a cat trying to cough up a hairball. In what universe is this sexy

No. 1949967

plz not the neopet

No. 1949968

NTA but she's had her Twitter account deleted as well as her Snapchat, TikTok, among others. Even when platforms (OF, Twitter) have previously announced that they'd start banning porn it wasn't enough of a wakeup call for her to quit but instead became a whinefest of how sex workers are being persecuted. I think aside from the "glamour" and laziness, she loves the victim status that comes with being a sex worker.

No. 1949969

muh hazel eyes kekkkk

No. 1949971

I'm convinced that the moids into this don't care about how the women look. No one involved in skidmark is attractive. It seems to be purely based around spanking and humiliation. The women being below average might even be part of the appeal.

No. 1949972

Seeing neopets in the shayna thread like this is wack and I love it (sorry for ot)

No. 1949985

Ron Perlman underbite phenotype

No. 1949990

she looks so much like she doesn't have any teeth like a really old person when their nose touches their chin if that makes sense. "omg guys she actually looks really good i think she lost weight"

No. 1949992

File: 1704240934984.png (722.7 KB, 1086x775, special.png)

Had to add

No. 1949993

like eustace from courage the cowardly dog

No. 1949997

kek Shayna shaking her fist saying "Ya retarded dog!!!"

No. 1949999

holy shit i gasped when i saw the teeth

No. 1950003

I’m in awe…She looks big as hell holy fuck. The shot where it’s below her so you see the big ass goofy soles of her gym shoes along with her moldy old potato ass and thighs KEK

No. 1950004

She’s got the tophiachu hairstyle

No. 1950020

sounds like an ESL moid. super stilted and awkward sounding condescension.(infighting)

No. 1950025

is this a fucking tyrannian quiggle

No. 1950030

File: 1704247830259.jpeg (30.07 KB, 666x418, A9A4C284-7FFE-4224-992E-D3A2B4…)


No. 1950034

Perf for the next thread pic

No. 1950035

Her getting banned from Twitter was only fine because at that point in time, she still had a sizable amount of income from OF. I think if she really was to get permanently banned again from Twitter in the same vein, them removing her alts each time she made a new one, she would have a huge meltdown and resort to FSSW or move back home. There's no way she could sustain her lifestyle with her current OF income right now. It was possible in the past but she's down to like…200 subscribers or something the last time someone posted a screenshot? At the abysmal rate she charges there is no way she'd be able to afford rent.

No. 1950043

It’s beautiful nona holy shit, thank you

No. 1950044

it is!!

No. 1950047

I feel like it would take something really horrifying to happen to her with a scrote irl to stop doing SW and move home. She's just so damn stubborn

No. 1950050

the fact that he looks more feminine than her is absolutely sending me

No. 1950051

next thread pic. it doesn’t even need editing, kek.

No. 1950067

Well, she does have another year (or close to it) to join the 27 club if she so chose.

No. 1950071

This is how you know she’s in a shitty mood, she didn’t make up a story about how everyone at brunch called her a uwu cute bimbo princess and then they all clapped

No. 1950073

File: 1704254754222.jpeg (581.38 KB, 1068x1128, IMG_7688.jpeg)

I’m howling

No. 1950075

"Special" is right KEK. Between this and seeing Kiki pimping her mom out in /shay/ 2024 is looking bleak as fuck.

No. 1950093

kekkkkkkkk absolutely tempted to make a crossover courage/shart

No. 1950102

Looking like she's getting a boil removed, kek

No. 1950108

i hate to say it but i'd do it. i'd smoke weed and drink with her. not in a lesbian way but we can talk about spongebob or some stupid bullshit for hours i dont care anymore. i can fix her(seek help)

No. 1950109

Once again it is shocking how much cleaner and more attractive the older woman who is meant to be some kind of stern matron is compared to Shay. Shayna looks unkempt and haggard and the Skidmore madame at least is wearing the right size of clothing and not gerning at the camera. But did she seriously say “bottom hole” kekkk

No. 1950110

exactly what I said kek
not the crossover I was expecting but I support it

No. 1950121

>when you take the cow to the vet

No. 1950153

cavewoman big shaynus

No. 1950173

New fear: shayna pivots to "i'm a slutty farm cow and ur artificially inseminating me" porn complete with shoulder length glove

No. 1950191

File: 1704286235624.jpg (36.15 KB, 623x623, Dd_FHnkU0AAXYY0.jpg)

who are they filming this for? i realize moids are lowly creatures that will jerk off to literally anything but i refuse to believe there is a large enough customer base for this goofy shit to actually be profitable

No. 1950197

She looks better here than she usually does.

No. 1950206

Her furbie hair combined with her comically huge body, her employment of the classic shay gunt cover/skirt, and her cat retching back spasms is sending me. This is so bizarre. It's like a weird adult skit show that airs at 3am.

No. 1950209

No. 1950210

File: 1704287516102.jpg (204.72 KB, 700x904, FrankMonster.jpg)


This whole video, the scientist/doctor lady in the white coat, like she's in some sort of medical research setting. It's giving me female Frankenstein's female monster. I'm expecting her to insert the thin into Shay's ass and start spanking and to yell "IT'S ALIVE!".

No. 1950211

File: 1704287582276.jpeg (14.37 KB, 317x389, harumph.jpeg)

>mfw I hear jingle bells and falala'ing

No. 1950215

No. 1950248

This is something that would have aired on adult swim back in the mid 2000s or early 2010s. There is no way in hell this is erotic porn.

No. 1950290


No. 1950295

File: 1704301793129.jpeg (814.81 KB, 1170x1470, IMG_5670.jpeg)

She posted a new “foot and worship” video. All I see is Janice Soprano

No. 1950317

she's always looked mean but she has such a rough cruel face now

No. 1950324

do you think her catfish pictures and her saying "people will question if i'm legal or not" is driving away irl coomers? and that's why she's struggling?

No. 1950328

why would that drive them away? I doubt any of them really believed that shit anyways.

No. 1950351

she looks like a tranny sitting in a wheelchair. this is the weirdest fucking angle I think i’ve seen from her. it makes her jaw look square. she really loves posting her L’s.

No. 1950360

nta but i guess because they see the absolute state of her irl and nope the fuck out? why would you go see a fat troglodyte in their rancid hovel when there's a fuckton of more attractive whores out there?

No. 1950374

The angle really captures an old gas station lady who smokes way too many maverick reds look except I have more respect for them than big shaynus

No. 1950401

Shayna is a cheap fuck for a cheap middle aged scrote going through a life crisis. Idk, her Photoshopped pictures don't even look good, and I'd hope a scrote who's paying for her "services" would scroll through her twitter long enough to see the ShayBeast in one of her porn previews. Or see her in tagged pics from other pornsick moids and moidettes.

No. 1950402

File: 1704320567519.mp4 (Spoiler Image,995.22 KB, 640x360, fjd5VlwgfUrpT8fW.mp4)

Here's the actual video preview

No. 1950403

Did she seriously not trim her toenails for this, I’m going to vomit

No. 1950408

What gets me though is even with her depravity reaching prostitution stage, she can't even do that consistently. My guess she's just so insufferable to be around that people don't go back. Which says a lot, scrotes who will have sex with prostitutes won't even have sex with Shay kek

No. 1950411

Nonnies really overestimate the type of moid paying for a hooker. I'd say Shayna is actually better than they'd usually get on the corner, but either way they aren't researching these women beyond the first question which is "how much"

No. 1950412

my tinfoil is that she stinks too bad for them to keep coming back. shay has admitted to rarely showering. men have low enough standards to overlook an ugly face and annoying personality, but how many can put up with a rancid stench?

No. 1950413

are these "more attractive whores" in the room with us? kek 99% of men who use hookers aren't fucking the 0.00001% who are actually good looking, and I feel confident in saying a firm 0% of the men who seek out Shay are finding anything better elsewhere. the hooker world shayna finds herself in is entirely about money and what the hooker will do, and not about looks at all.

No. 1950423

ayrt, probably because those more attractive whores (kek) cost more than apple bees and we've seen most of her clients. Trannies and men who just look filthy and scary are the exact type of people into the gross shit she pretends to be into.

No. 1950425

File: 1704324830819.png (1.64 MB, 2515x1724, Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 10.2…)

Some screenshots from her vid with Sarah Gregory

No. 1950432

Looking like a fat Elephant Seal LMFAO

No. 1950443

File: 1704327594619.mp4 (218.28 KB, 336x306, Shayna Sherry.mp4)

Truly it’s a mystery why this “talented…, special” actrice hasn’t been discovered for mainstream success yet. With a facial range like this, clearly she should’ve been cast in the Euphoria role instead of Chloe Cherry. Who tf is she looking at?

No. 1950447

Most men don’t care if a woman smells kinda bad. They rape corpses and speds in facilities with diapers, I imagine the men who pay for sex with Shayna would.

No. 1950453

did she really have to choose the programmer socks for this…

No. 1950465

the cage guy probably left them over there. i still can't believe she let him in her actual house by her christmas tree and in her bed

No. 1950471

POV: what her pets see on a daily basis….poor things

No. 1950504

I think the talented thespian is looking straight at one of the cameras- the camera angled to shoot her “bottom hole” kek assuming they use multiple cameras

No. 1950509

What are you some scrote doing porn reviews?(retarded scrote accusation)

No. 1950511

Irl kikomi

No. 1950515

Tbh, I've seen enough low end street walkers in my day to say that a decent amount of them are better looking than Shayna. Since they bathe a lot mainly. She's better than the homeless crackhead tier hookers though, and she's cheaper than other whores who do diaperplay/domination/sissification. That's her main appeal to these scrotes, so as long as she's willing she'll have middle aged lower/middle class income degenerates lining up to make her change their diapers and peg them. Her main issue is that she's a lazy bitch and a sub, so she doesn't want to do that. Submissive johns are much more needy and controlling and annoying than the ones who just want to slap around a random street walker in Vegas.. somehow. She's probably spiraling because she wants to be the spoiled demanding brat, but her only paypigs now are weird ass subs who want to shit themselves in her house.

No. 1950529

File: 1704339506894.jpg (478.63 KB, 4783x3349, cocker.jpg)

That hair style does no her favors.

No. 1950530

No?? But go off?

No. 1950537

File: 1704341071591.mp4 (Spoiler Image,2.1 MB, 1280x720, eeaee.mp4)

The video preview.

No. 1950571

File: 1704347942726.jpg (241.54 KB, 1080x1192, Tryhard.jpg)

She's a complete fail at being sexy. What the fuck is this even supposed to mean.

No. 1950574

IIRC most of these videos are commissioned by one specific gross rich moid.

No. 1950575

File: 1704348234156.jpg (184.89 KB, 1080x671, Hypocrite .jpg)

Says the pedo acting as Shayna Luther King Jr.

No. 1950577

she means that she's curding it up like a bacterial infection

No. 1950578

Lmao bitch, you’re a pedophile and you’re enabling this type of behaviour DAILY. Please epstein yourself

No. 1950579

She’s just mad grey hair might be exposed and stop paying her bills kek

No. 1950580

File: 1704349330584.jpg (Spoiler Image,525.36 KB, 3840x2160, 8284.jpg)

>am i the cutest girl in the world yes or yes

No. 1950584

Guys, stop joking about how pedophiles rape young girls!! Some of us purposefully reenact this same pedophilic scenario every day as both a personal fetish & a way to make money. As an authority on pedophilia, let me tell you that you joking about it is just as bad as me wearing a diaper and saying goo goo gaga rape me daddy.

No. 1950585

Very fitting. She is like a bridge troll. Except instead of living under a bridge, she makes her home in a damp cave of smegma.

No. 1950586

Rich coming from her because she is the type to make a porn based on being on the island, kek. I hope i didn't give her ideas.

No. 1950594

Why are her stank ass pussy lips sticking together like this, even when Sarah tries pulling them apart. Rancid.

No. 1950640

i'm convinced she does so many spanking videos because all they require from her is that she bend over and let some creep beats her ass. the only thing shayna finds obscene is the idea of putting effort into anything

No. 1950673

neanderthal ass brow here

No. 1950750

It’s so… dry. She is 100% not having a good time

No. 1950751

It's an annoying 'meme' type deal where the joke is being so clingy and obsessive with the guy you like that you'd live in his foreskin.

No. 1950753

she’s not attractive enough for this to be funny. It’s only funny and ironic when skinny and pretty girls say it, it comes off as creepy and genuine coming from Shay

No. 1950761

Fucking hell, “curding it up,” topkek!

No. 1950769

I thought it was a reference to the way she smells.

No. 1950824

File: 1704400833083.jpg (77.79 KB, 720x951, Screenshot_20240104_143959_X.j…)

>good morning
>it's noon
>big asshole baby
>big asshole baby

No. 1950831

Shay, you encourage this sort of behavior. You practically beg men to message you stuff like this. And since you’ve chosen this career path, you have to message him back to try and get money out of him.

Or maybe she’s so stunted that she read it not as a typo (it’s probably “love YOUR big asshole baby”) and is seeing it as some sort of “cutsey” “I love you and think you’re an asshole and also a baby” which of course she’d fawn over

No. 1950835

is she proud of someone calling her asshole big and loose? as a former "buttstuff barbie" she should be ashamed instead of posting this.

No. 1950848

she definitely didn't realize it was a typo kek
reads very esl

No. 1950864

Isn't this "how much" something that Johns say to prostitutes? I wonder if this guy is in her area and is trying to meet up for a prostitution session

No. 1950882

File: 1704411408078.gif (423.57 KB, 400x223, IMG_3871.gif)

she’s getting messages from borat kek

No. 1950884

File: 1704411601835.png (277.95 KB, 280x390, vickypollard.png)

instantly got this image in my head

No. 1950906

File: 1704415748219.jpg (499.26 KB, 793x1188, 1661531149254.jpg)

from #114

No. 1950909

Only the most charming of Johns for our dear Shaynus, the big asshole baby.

No. 1950911

that reminds me. how is shayna advertising herself and her prices as an escort? backpage? in onlyfans dms? just the occasional tweet?

No. 1950917

This thread truly has had everything, from Neopets to Big Asshole Baby How Much

No. 1950918

She uses Seeking Arrangements but also has a form on her website. I doubt any John is using her website though—she makes them vouch for themselves with a testimonial from another sex worker and other things which I suspect is too much effort for most moids. We used to speculate that Ellen helped her find Johns through local BDSM clubs like “The Dad” and that Aidan guy.

No. 1950923

At least she admits she is literal smegma.

No. 1950948

File: 1704429778841.jpeg (608.82 KB, 750x1101, 0A5A4140-E7B9-4A4F-A584-DE8E53…)

she looks so weird here

No. 1950955

File: 1704432366107.jpg (Spoiler Image,227.43 KB, 1080x1171, 1697287854955.jpg)

She's brought back the Fantasy top from her no make up porn era in Tulsa.

I think she looks so weird because the jeans are so tight they're distorting her body shape and the foundation she's used is too pale.

No. 1950957

I think she looks more airbrushed than usual.

No. 1950986

Who the fuck cares about scrotes and their money's worth.

No. 1950993

It looks like she got a tan in Aruba and now her layers of foundation don't match the rest of her.

No. 1951023

I'm still baffled at how much she talks about her boobs, getting them done and they still look like shit. Truly is obese woman cleavage.

No. 1951047

File: 1704460726264.png (321.31 KB, 332x636, fatass.png)

No. 1951052

Roots go down to the chin.

No. 1951056

And yet this is somehow the best hair look for her.

No. 1951076

File: 1704469162083.jpg (53.6 KB, 474x593, 8-892ed6d6ca1449528c99c1673535…)

People have said this before but an ombre or melt colour would be a much better way to go blonde but not wash herself out so much. Blonde alone just isn't her colour at all. Darker looks better overall on her. Her hair coming out almost looks like a melt at this point. Not a good one, but enough that if you squint it's at least better than the bleach

No. 1951142

File: 1704481144989.jpg (175.13 KB, 1080x653, Yard.jpg)

No. 1951156

No. 1951175

What's so sad about this is that this her best look so far, Every time I see her face she reminds me of a trans woman lol

No. 1951190

File: 1704488794059.jpeg (202.39 KB, 1205x1644, sped mattel.jpeg)

I think soft grunge is a good look on her and the black helps hide the gunt as a bonus. 1000% better than pink shein. Recently she's been dressing like a woman her age when going out rather than an AGP who wishes he was a 14 year old anime girl so maybe she's finally learnt something??? Sage for clothes sperging but she needs to throw out everything pink ASAP. Unfortunate that everything she owns isn't even fit for Goodwill because it's Chinese polyester but it is what it is.

No. 1951204

Oh look. A new bra.

No. 1951206

i'll just wait until he records the security cam footage and uploads it to pornhub, wtf.

No. 1951216

she must have had enough money to finally renew her facetune subscription, kek. got the liquify and smoothing tools working overtime.

No. 1951220

so she will gaussian blur her entire face and body so it looks like it was run through AI but she won't get rid of the underboob irritation ruddiness?

it looks bad.

i hope she doesn't walk around the city like that. she's so fond of looking hammy.

No. 1951229

That zipper is begging for release.

No. 1951233

Let's see if she wears it until it falls apart like that damn leopard print.

No. 1951250

It's tragic that best she's looked in a while is Yaniv in jeans that are several sizes too small. The bar is melting in hell.

No. 1951255

She’s gonna have a miserable timedoing it, post the shitty video and then get mad that no one gave a shit about it lmao

No. 1951312

File: 1704505797602.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x2016, IMG_3762.jpeg)

No. 1951317

So many things wrong with this picture, but I’ll never get over how she thinks it’s sexy to look like she’s having a stroke. Guess she has a date with the big asshole baby Borat

No. 1951326

File: 1704506970235.jpeg (150.07 KB, 1280x514, CA0662D7-1752-487C-BACA-564DF3…)

How do her lips look so thin then randomly thicker?

No. 1951331

Most Instagram and Snapchat filters slap fake lips on you, or greatly magnify your own at the very least

No. 1951334

So I guess anons are right that she’s given up on being an internet porn star and is leaning completely into prostitution income. Bleak.

No. 1951337

Sleeping over at her John's house? I bet this is one of those sissys who's going to want her to pretend it's a "lesbian" porn fantasy

No. 1951342

Kek it’s worse bc prostitutes get paid hourly and leave for the night. She’s probably getting paid sheckles AND has to sleep in the same bed as this gross old moid AND wake up with him- for what?? A couple hundred bucks? The whole sugar baby shit is a scam

No. 1951343

She's still clinging to the idea she's not actually a hooker. When the money gets tight enough, that charade will end.

No. 1951346

if a guy is giving her money for sex… in what world is she not a hooker?

No. 1951351

>banned from airbnb for filming porn
>film porn in random cold ass yard instead
wut lol

No. 1951355

File: 1704511278908.jpeg (Spoiler Image,624.81 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0515.jpeg)

She posted this with her OF link
> come outside & play [two hearts emoji][pine tree emoji][pink flower emoji]

No. 1951356

This sounds sus

No. 1951360

Don’t some “sugar babies” actually “date” the moids, so it isn’t just paid rape sessions but also getaways, trips, restaurant dates, shopping trips, etc? I think she’s doing a Kmart version of that where she “dates” these men and goes to local restaurants, $200-300 shopping sprees, and spending the night at some scrote’s hovel. It’s still prostitution but for lonelier moids who want a “girlfriend” for a night.

No. 1951361

sounds like he sprung it on her without discussing additional pay and she’s just.. fine with it?

No. 1951362

She looks like she’s having a stroke. Damn her spiral is intense this time.

No. 1951363

Pretty much. But i feel like this could eventually into the man she is seeing becoming her john very easily or trying to trap her into a relationship.
Hopefully nothing bad will happen to her, but it sounds like he is trying to rip her off a bit.

No. 1951365

“Sugar babies” are just escorts who are dumber and less financially savvy than regular escorts. Professional escorts get paid much better and have better security screening. Sugar babies let old moids do the nastiest things to them for pennies, all for the chance to feel morally superior to other hookers (who are at least honest about what they do for a living.)

No. 1951369

Scrunching your nose like this changes the shape of your lip somewhat.

No. 1951371

Yeah I agree, I think a lot of these sugar babies aren’t savvy enough in “dating” these moids to really be the winners in the end. You’re getting traumatized by a sexual deviant for a steak dinner, a weekend at the Marriot, and a pair of shoes kek. God forbid these women actually get attached and develop feelings for these scrotes. Yikes.
It sounds like she’s staying at his place which is…not safe?

No. 1951372

File: 1704514215743.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1814, IMG_0516.jpeg)

No. 1951373

damn i wish my man got me an aliexpress watch for christmas

No. 1951374

woah that wrist is like my calf

No. 1951376

Only the finest TJ Maxx has to offer for our spoiled bimbo sugar baby. Kek.

No. 1951378

Why does it look like a men's watch?

No. 1951383

that watch says 2014 so loudly

No. 1951384

No. 1951386

She's too dumb to remove the extra watch links so it's dangling on her wrist. Maybe she thinks it'll make her wrists look tiny having the watch so big? kek

No. 1951389

and it's nearly half off at that. i can't believe she's actually showing off a michael kors outlet tj maxx ross jewerly section watch, though maybe it is a luxury brand compared to the nameless chinese brand clothing she usually buys from amazon

No. 1951391

Her tits are so botched her nipple is poking over the top of her bra kek

No. 1951394

File: 1704518391388.jpeg (30.06 KB, 236x236, IMG_5672.jpeg)

KEKKKKK This dumb bitch is getting rinsed by these salt daddies

No. 1951396

What's crazy is we know she gives out pussy for build-a-bear. So we can agree he's getting this sleepover for the cost of a watch, yeah?

No. 1951409

File: 1704523730148.jpeg (729.46 KB, 1170x1741, IMG_0646.jpeg)

LMAO even if it’s real Michael Kors (which is absolute white trash burger hideous garbage anyway) those watches are so cheap, she’s acting like it’s a fucking Audemars

No. 1951414

That moonface, her body looks smaller than it was this time last year but her face looks huge. Her inconsistent editing baffles me, she’s been doing this shit for the best part of a decade and she’s so fucking bad at her “job” it’s insane

No. 1951416

No offence but you're retarded if you think paying 50k for an ugly Audemars watch makes you superior. They all look the same. Just all big gaudy watches.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1951418

I said she’s acting like it’s an audemars, I don’t know how you extrapolated anything about superiority from that statement

No. 1951419

File: 1704525191465.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1948, 1000007297.png)

She's been posting on IG stories but this pic in particular. Woof.

No. 1951420

File: 1704525312154.png (1.47 MB, 1079x1955, 1000007298.png)

The AUDACITY to go from this overly filtered/edited pic to the pic from the previous post. The Shaylusion is real.

No. 1951421

File: 1704525580616.png (2.26 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0518.png)

She posted a pic of the menu of the restaurant she’s at like she’s trying to have some crazed stalker find her. It was the first picture out of the various meals she posted so some freak moid would have had time to get there and approach her.
She also posts multiple pictures of the same drinks and meals which is either because 1) she’s broke and embarrassing herself and/or 2) she’s too drunk to realize she already posted pictures of the same drink at a different angle kek

No. 1951422

This would have looked significantly better without the open mouth sped face.

No. 1951423

This is so fucking ugly, like why would she post this?

No. 1951424

She got the 1918 granny lingerie.

No. 1951425

Well she's posted 3 drinks so far so my guess is that she's reached the level of shit faced where she's extra delusional.

No. 1951430

Posting a picture of your watch you got as a gift is "acting like its audemars"? Youre just nitpicking retarded shit.(infighting)

No. 1951432

I’d be shocked if Shayna even knows how to read an analog watch

No. 1951440

Fatna is trying to flex a watch from Target. And it’s on her big fat arm too so that also makes it look cheap as well

No. 1951447

>a stalker moid is going to find her
i doubt there is a moid so obssesed with her, i would worries about shaytards finding her first kek

No. 1951450

>i would worries about shaytards finding her first kek
I already looked it up on google maps. I obviously don't want to do anything to her, I was just curious about what the hog would be shoveling down her throat.

No. 1951453

She looks so frumpy and just ugly. This whole outfit is totally mismatched. That 2005 era polo shirt, the pleather skirt, the gaudy jewelry that just doesn’t go. On top of her chalky looking makeup yet greasy hair and whatever shape that is that her boobs are making. I’ve never seen a person be this unflattering in so many ways.

No. 1951463

Fucking old men for a watch with zero resell value is retarded, at least an expensive watch have some value.

No. 1951476

>I doubt there's a moid so obsessed with her
If you think the majority of posters itt are female you are mistaken

No. 1951501

she looks like a cave man, But at least she left her nasty cave (her apartment) the background instead of her dim ass apartment looks much better tbh

No. 1951503

VS semi annual sale is my guess with the other new black one

No. 1951519

shayna's boundaries are so warped that i wouldn't be surprised if she sees being stalked by a crazy moid as some sort of perverse compliment. she already brags about getting off to true crime documentaries. the terrible things that happen to women and children aren't real to her, just something to fetishize for pennies

No. 1951520

tinfoil: if she gets a stalker, she has an excuse to stop hoing and go back to her parents without feeling like she "failed sexwork"

No. 1951530

File: 1704552761514.jpg (248.4 KB, 1152x2048, Leave the pink in 2023.jpg)

No. 1951532

This is pretty much her signature style, fridge body with tight and short clothes that put emphasis on the fridge shape.

No. 1951535

going out in public with cockeyed nipples peeking through the thin polyester top with gunt and cottage cheese thighs spilling out in early january
same shay different day

No. 1951537

the way too big way too cheap watch is sending me. if it slides off her calf-wrist at least nothing of worth will break, kek

No. 1951552

she is BUSTED busted

No. 1951561

The stained crusty slippers are sending me.
Any and all possible weight loss has been undone.

No. 1951564

Holy shit that gunt she looks 5 months pregnant
Also kek at the way too big and ultra tacky watch, splenda daddy couldn’t even bother to take her to a shop and have it resized or at the very least help her adjust it to her wrist?
Her spoiled uwu bimbo larp is so fucking lame

No. 1951566

26 years old and already got frown lines/jowls coming in

No. 1951572

She would honestly look fine if she wore normal clothes for once. She could have worn a baggy sweater with that skirt and it would have been cute but she insists on her gunt hanging out

No. 1951573

File: 1704562656564.png (115.16 KB, 589x493, gunt_exposed.png)

I adjusted the image exposure to reveal the true extent of her gunt and it's actually not that bad. She's still as fat as ever but the skirt is the correct size. She probably wore it because it's one of the only clothing items that fits her and allows for post meal bloat so she can stuff her face herself at the moid's expense.

No. 1951587

i don’t trust any selfie that shayna posts, i feel like she’s sucking in

No. 1951607

She just looks so… Tired and sick? Like she has been out drinking and getting high all night and fell asleep somewhere random and this is how she woke up. She looks like a meth addicted street hooker, no exaggeration.

No. 1951608

I grew up in a part of town with addict street walkers everywhere and I can confirm that they looked exactly like shay does here. Just the tired, prematurely aged look and the most revealing, cheap clothes possible.

No. 1951621

Is this skirt supposed to be sorta high waisted or did she like find herself a new gunt skirt?
I also feel like she didn’t buy it herself. It fits. Nothing she ever buys herself clothing wise fits
>>1951607 since she left Kiki’s a while ago she has just degraded. She was drunk all of Aruba. She basically was also drunk during Christmas with her family. She went out with a Splenda dad. Got drunk there too. We have called her haggard for years but she truly is now
>>1951450 I feel like the shaytards do this. Finding Shayna in the wild should be a natural occurrence. Remember the Starbucks anon recount of seeing her irl kek
Why does she always go to places with sushi? This place is pretty fricking pricy so at least we know Shayna isn’t paying… food looks good tho. They got a cool little mousse dessert that’s a mushroom.
>>1951573 do anyone of you think shape wear would be a god send for this girl or do you think it wouldn’t help the gunt control.

No. 1951622

I don't think shapewear would do anything but smooth out the lumps. She's never had a waist, never had hips, never had any curvature to her body. When she was skinny, that was the only plus about her appearance. All it would do is smooth her out.

No. 1951623

SKIMS couldn't save Shaymu

No. 1951626

>>1951623 she’s delusional I am sure she could gas light herself in thinking it is kek
>>1951622 that’s true. If she decided to I feel like she would look for some with butt pads.

No. 1951627

RE: Shay's sushi obsession, a lot of people crave salty, fatty foods they drink too much. Shay always eats fatty fried sushi slathered in mayo because she's an alcoholic and her body is constantly trying to recover from how horribly she treats it.

No. 1951630

Her fat ass will never use shape wear, no matter how much it would help because it means that she would need to wear less revealing clothing to hide the shape wear. For some reason she thinks that more she has on show, the more men are attracted to her, even if it's her gunt spilling out or her cottage cheese ass and thighs.

No. 1951654

File: 1704576745231.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1170x2158, IMG_0521.jpeg)

She might be still with that scrote from last night

No. 1951670

what the actual fuck is she eating

No. 1951685


imagine not being able to get through a single meal without (probably multiple) 600 calories worth of alcohol as your drink

No. 1951688

She's posted this exact same meal before.

No. 1951741

I have zero clue what sort of pairing this is. It looks like a very thin curry with steak strips on top and some kind of sushi with like, fried onions on top? And she's pairing it all with a mimosa? This is like a demented death row meal.

No. 1951749

does she not know how to wear a watch or something? why does she keep wearing it on her hand?

No. 1951754

File: 1704590592639.png (457.55 KB, 1080x887, Screenshot_20240106-191908~2.p…)

Not super interesting, but this is what she is ordering from Earl's Kitchen. There are a few different cuts of steak to choose from, that change the price from $33.75-$59.75

No. 1951759

So it's fucking 2013 again and we're showing off our saved up fast-food checks? Kek I can't w this bitch, acting like it's a Weisz. Who is even seen w MK current year, is it part of the confused Y2K revival and I'm too old to see it? Or is she just being a loud, tacky bitch as usual?

No. 1951773

Her new clearance Michael Kors watch from TJ Maxx goes great with her Target bracelets. So bimbo
She is trapped in 2013

No. 1951795

Cheap, tacky watch and dining at a chain restaurant, so bimbo! Unrelated but she seems to have ghosted Kiki or vice versa, I wonder if it’s due to Big Shaynus being a big cunt or if they’re friends but only in private following Ricky’s dox and cowtipping

No. 1951800

File: 1704600232554.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1306, IMG_0647.jpeg)

This disgusting hog is living well beyond her means, the prices at the restaurant (even though it is a chain) are extortionate. She probably ordered the 60 dollar cut of steak too. She lives in the 6th most expensive area in the country, no wonder she is always poor and miserable, the meagre amount of coomer shekels she receives are nowhere near enough for her to be ~thriving~ in Seattle

No. 1951807

But this is why she can only afford to dress in plastic and polyester clothing and why doesn't own anything of worth or have any valuable assets. She's a lazy fat sow that literally eats and drinks any wealth she accumulates.

No. 1951823

Shay definitely can't afford to have a car at this point. I took driving lessons, got my license and bought a cheapo car when I moved to the Seattle area as an ~immigrant~ and I was horrified how much my cost of living went up on top of how expensive everything already seemed. Shay seriously spends so much money on dumb shit, but even if she saved her prostitution pennies I think she's probably at the end of her financial rope as a low-earning person in this area. I don't think she could've stayed in Tulsa without jealousy-murdering Fupa & Fubride, but she probably would've been able to save a little and have a better QOL.

No. 1951831

File: 1704609269418.jpg (183.59 KB, 1080x641, Gross.jpg)

No. 1951832

File: 1704609356096.jpg (246.68 KB, 1080x1707, Rect.jpg)

No. 1951833

Extreme example but there are two bedroom apartments in Jackson, Mississippi for under $1000 a month. I wonder if she would move somewhere cheaper instead of quitting sex work.

No. 1951835

Mississippi is one of the most unsafe states to live, especially as a woman. She would 100% be murdered by a john before she even got a single box unpacked.

No. 1951847

Kek honestly tho. Some anons are delusional

No. 1951848

Not that I want to, but Im trying to picture this weird shit. Like is he fucking her thighs from behind or the front or what the fuck?
And based on this leggings fetish thing its the same john she's had for a while who clearly has weird kinks that she probably cheaply caters to. And hes a sub type one it sounds like. I wonder if its the same john she stayed with last night?
Hard up for cash to spend 24 hours with a disgusting moid. And I really doubt he just fucks her legs and she does nothing else.

No. 1951850

I was just about to say the same thing, nona. Tinfoil desu but she probably thinks that only posting gross, weird shit like this and not “uwu I let daddy raw dog my unwashed asshole for a steak and a cheap watch” is more consistent with her “sugar baby” LARP and not admitting to her followers that she’s a bargain bin full service prostitute

No. 1951854

they lowkey want something bad to happen to her.

No. 1951859

I'm the anon that mentioned her moving to Jackson, I said it was an extreme example. I'm also not American, I just thought it was cheaper because cost of living in a smaller city in the south is lower.

No. 1951863

that’s okay anon, i figured you weren’t american because jackson is really not safe. they lynch people down there not just for being black but any kind of “queer”. no one moves into jackson unless they’ve got family there and/or want to join the local kkk chapter lol.

No. 1951886

So who has been looking after her animals all night?

No. 1951893

File: 1704629115055.jpeg (119.66 KB, 1272x661, rock-of-love-contestants-today…)

Omg, I wish this was them olden golden days again because shay would have been amazing on a show like rock of love
She's a bit too fat but everything else checks out
Pic related

No. 1951908

that was the first thing i thought of when she said the moid sprung the sleepover on her. if she didn't know she was staying overnight until she got into the car then there's no way she could have made any preparations for her pets.

No. 1951912

Kid Rock looks like a contestant instead of the host

No. 1951915

Not kid Rock - it’s Brett Michaels the singer from Poison

No. 1951916

GOD so fucking true, she would have been a perfect candidate for some shit 2000s vh1/mtv reality show. Imagine her being the sloppy girl on the Real World…

No. 1951920

kek shayna probably thinks shes like holly madison from girls next door bimbo baby but shes actually hottie from flavor of love.

No. 1951926

Hey Hottie has an Ivy League degree and isn’t a prostitute js

No. 1951939

File: 1704640569444.jpeg (206.73 KB, 1170x730, IMG_0651.jpeg)

>big eyes

No. 1951948

that's b/c she's still eating garbage alongside the same middle aged man. he "treats" her like once every two months?

is the shit on top of the sushi fried?

No. 1951951

File: 1704642888418.jpeg (475.04 KB, 1170x1385, IMG_0522.jpeg)

> Dammit let me type like I’m retarded!

No. 1951952

File: 1704642973278.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x2128, IMG_0523.jpeg)

No. 1951955

Tbh her eyes looked big when she was thin, they only look small now bc she has a fat face.

No. 1951956

File: 1704643098918.jpeg (503.26 KB, 1170x1184, IMG_0524.jpeg)

No. 1951958

you're not making them do that shayna, they pay to do that to you. big difference. the cope is strong

No. 1951961

File: 1704643575276.jpg (466.97 KB, 1080x1666, Lies.jpg)

She literally does the opposite but okay

No. 1951962

>on set
Lol acting like there's crew other than them and the camera guy is funny

No. 1951964

to be fair to her, it's absolutely awful how autocorrect (at least on iphone) actively works to police your speech
whenever I try to type out "kill myself" it always corrects to "kill mussels", or "mentally ill" to "mentally I'll". It's so frustrating
i guess it is for a completely different reason though sorry i just had to vent bc that shit pisses me off(weird blog)

No. 1951967

she's buying $4 knock off tops on aliexpress that are chock full of heavy metal contaminants and made with plastic but thinks a $60-100 carcinogenic red meat and low q raw fish with white rice is worth the money?

knowing her, she probably tried to pass off $2 "stockings" for something high end.

also, ew.

No. 1951968

She has no self-respect so I’m curious what she thinks boundaries even are. I imagine for one, someone with decent boundaries would not get dragged into a “sleepover” randomly with a client.
> b-b-but he bought me a Christmas present
Yeah a watch that’s a measly $160 for a moid who probably earns $200k+ in a VHCOL city. The amount of money he’s spending on her is practically loose change left in the crevices of a car compared to his probable income and assets. I’m not a sex worker but I would honestly be unimpressed tbh, not to blogpost but I’ve gotten $100-200 jewelry from minimum wage student exes as a college student. An old moid with an established career and enough disposable income to pay for rape definitely has enough money that you would expect around $300-400 on a gift. I think because she’s so broke she doesn’t know any better.

No. 1951977

BPA-chan, you're still here?
I still wonder if her johns are even 'normal' tech worker dudes though. I feel like they're JiffyLube technicians or something, kek. Not every moid who lives in Seattle/Bellevue is a Senior Software Engineer.

No. 1951979

It was one night? I dont know how retarded your cats/dogs are but usually they can be left alone for one night. Even apartment pets as long as noodle is potty trained.
The retarded animals are fine.

No. 1951981

Off-topic, but please stop offending rape victims by calling what is done to Shayna "rape". Rape is non-consensual, forced sex or sexual contact.

If you call Shayna's prostitution "rape", you are implying women who genuinely got raped are prostitutes like Shayna who intentionally slept with a moid.

I would expect only a gross moid to think like this.

No. 1951990

Really? Genuinely not trying to infight or anything, I just remember her eyes looking beady and rat like even at her supposed best kek

No. 1951991

Not to infight, but for a dog anything over 8-9 hours alone is not right. Any longer than that and she's most likely coming home to piss and shit on the floor, especially since her dog is probably not trained at all. Leaving them often for extended periods causes separation anxiety as well. She probably ropes Ellen into watching them when she visits johns imo.

No. 1951996

NTAYRT, and I agree. Dogs with kidney/bladder problems like I think I recall Shat saying poor Noodle had semi recently, need to be taken out like every 4 hours a lot of the time. Her poor animals, nonnas. Feelsbad. All three of those pets are getting the absolute bare minimum and their lifespans have no doubt been considerably shortened by her retardation. At least we know she’ll probably never have kids thank fuck.

>t. Have a large breed dog w genetic diabetes who has to go out every 4-6 hours max

No. 1952001

> i feel i can really push scenes in risque directions with you
this gives me such a bad feeling, that woman is a predator.

No. 1952006

Shayna’s food choices are so weird to me too. Steak is low key a trashy food and a sign someone has no taste.

No. 1952007

trashychan pls

No. 1952011

Are you a moid? Calling a woman "predator", lmao. You sound like those scrotes that desperately try to pretend women are dangerous rapists too (so they can get access to victims).

No. 1952015

trashychan and “literally shitting microplastics” anon are staples of the Shayna thread. Kind of like death and taxes.

No. 1952024

File: 1704655603701.jpeg (54.22 KB, 640x480, 93305D64-F38B-43AC-AA65-B72390…)

This is how I imagine it goes down

No. 1952025

this logic implies that everyone who has compared ellen or granny gregory's interactions with shayna to pimping is a moid?

No. 1952026

One of the guys she’s following on Instagram is an actual software engineer that she likely met on Seeking Arrangements so I think she may actually have some clients with more money than the typical low earning moid.
How the fuck do you read my post and really tinfoil that I’m a moid? The nerve to say that with your damn Reddit spacing… you’re obviously replying to a woman and most women are victims of sexual assault (myself included) so fuck you.
Sex work buyers are rapists who buy access to women’s bodies that would otherwise not sleep with them if there were no financial desperation. Sex work is rape for pay. Regardless of Shayna’s privileged background, she is literally strapped for cash and is having sex with these moids for money. That by definition is not properly consensual but I don’t think Shayna will ever be sober or self-aware enough to realize what she’s doing to herself. I’ve seen “choice” sex workers who say that they feel disgusted and traumatized after sessions because they would not have had sex it if it were not for the money. What do you call that? Regret? “Regret” is something that an actual moid would say and is often a disgusting argument used against actual rape victims. Learn2integrate before posting btw, thanks.

No. 1952027

coerced sex IS rape. Shat wouldn't go near old scrotes or get hit hard in the behind for money if she won the lottery.

She copes by not being honest on socmedia as that would not entice moids to buy her shit and showing off every 100 dollars her johns send her for demeaning herself. She tries to pass off the fact that the man paying to sexually abuse her (and who is therefore the one in control and the one who gets to call the shots – displease a rapist john and you lose a meal ticket) as it being about her being in charge.

she's being raped, is too stupid to quit this shit and every single woman in her boat (esp those who started young) came out as traumatized and unable to enjoy relationships with men. the ones with a substance abuse disorder were the worst off, b/c they often used alcohol and drugs to escape their day to day life.

No. 1952028

Nta obviously but I think it’s bait or an idiot newfag who knows nothing about Skidmark Academy

No. 1952030

Just how mysoginistic are you? If you're not a moid, you're even worse - you're an idiot.

First off, I'll Reddit spacing how much I want, because I like that.

Second thing, you keep being a mysoginist fuck by saying
1) that women do not have their own agency and don't know better, like children. This is what your woman-hating self implies when you claim Shayna does not realize what she's doing when she's fucking moids for money.
2) Again, rape is non-consensual sexual assault, you dumb fuck. NON-CONSENSUAL. But I bet you're one of those stupid fucks who think a creep touching your butt on a crowded station counts as "having been raped". In the name of all women who were subjected to rape, fuck you.(derailing/infighting/learn2integrate)

No. 1952031

Sooo…. if Shayna is a rape victim who's being abused helplessly by moids, why are there 150+ threads about mocking her and making fun of her?

No. 1952040

> mysoginistic
> mysoginist

No. 1952044

most likely a tranny trying to derail this thread. just report and ignore

No. 1952048

Yeah To me it reads that Shay is willing to LARP pedo shit which just confirms all our suspicions that these people are just pedos disguising it as a “age regression kink”

No. 1952051

Because Maxwell wasn't a predator, she was just poor little victim by epstein uwu.
Women can be vicious predators too but with that not said they do it even a 10th as often ad men.

No. 1952053

No. 1952059

Any radical feminist will tell you that money is coercion and prostitution is rape. You cannot consent fully when you are being paid, when it is your livelihood. You are gatekeeping the word 'rape' because you think it should be reserved for only the most deserving, suffering victims, but realistically rape can be mundane and normal (eg men pestering their gf into sex until they give in). When you start on this 'you're insulting the REAL victims by calling it rape' tirade, it's not far from people who think only violent back alley rape done by a stranger counts, and that marital rape or rape by deception or date rape are not legit enough to be 'real rape'.

It doesn't mean we have to suddenly treat her like a victim with no control over her life, as far as I'm concerned defining these things as rape is more about identifying the men as rapists than the women as having been raped. She might not feel that way at all.

No. 1952063

The hog is not a survival sex worker and she was never abused. She is from a middle class family and all her siblings have been successful in life.

She's not having sex with moids so she can buy basic food items in Dollar General and afford to stay in a grungy motel for the night. She's having sex with moids so she can afford $2500+ rent for her two bedroom apartment and get taken out for steak and sushi. She may be a retard but she is perfectly aware of what she is doing.

She could go back to her parents at any time and they would pay for her to go to college, instead she chooses to do what she does.

Comparing her to women that have no choice but to resort to sex work is insulting.

No. 1952069

As if her John is as creative and thoughtful as Carl, who literally wrote and performed "I Wanna Rock Your Body (Til the Break of Dawn)" for his whore

No. 1952074

The fact that Shay thinks she’s in any place to give advice about sex work is just… hilarious to me. I would understand it if it was Grandma Gregory because she does seem to be reasonably successful for what she does, but Shay is always always always broke begging and crying about how she should just give up.

It seems like other sugar babies do things like make their johns pay for fillers and Botox, hair and nails, gym memberships, and investment quality fashion. Shay gets trashy watches and purses with no resale value, and fattening dinners at LuXuRy restaurants. She’s wasting her time and doing sexual acts for virtually no long term benefit. She has no business acumen, no common sense, virtually no idea of opsec, and has nothing to show for her efforts other than a damaged relationship with her family and an apartment she can barely afford. She’s no expert in anything other than a wasted life.

No. 1952087

File: 1704664709534.png (Spoiler Image,279.02 KB, 587x505, Screenshot 2024-01-07 215823.p…)

Looking back on old Shayna threads, why tf did her butt look much bigger / rounder when she was thinner? Picrel.. Her butt seems to be bigger when she was 40lbs lighter.

No. 1952088

File: 1704664740251.png (Spoiler Image,379.36 KB, 667x591, Screenshot 2024-01-07 215839.p…)

Images from #4th Shayna thread btw

No. 1952089

god she really fucked up so bad by treating her body like shit. Her thinness was the one thing she had going for herself. It really was just the heavy beers and cheeseburgers that did it. All she had to do was eat like a normal person and she would be a bit heavier, but not like she is now. Kek.

No. 1952092

why would she post this? do johns want to know that? does she think other women would be jealous of this? who is it for?

No. 1952096

It’s to prove she’s ~thriving~
She actually thinks others will be jealous of this

No. 1952102

Shayna's a real life Frat bro, Drinking beer and eating like shit then when they get older those frat bro's get fat af with beer bellies just like Shayna

No. 1952112

Yeah baby that’s beautiful it’s like poetry
All she had to do was let a moid hump her! (Everyone’s nightmare)

No. 1952130


Shayna is not a survival sex worker, her mother is willing to bail her out, her stepmom offered to pay her for her to go to college, and she's not been cut off from her family. She's not the same as a survival sex worker who got born into a shit situation and basically doesn't have another feasible way out. She stick to sex work because she's got too much pride to admit that sex work is destroying her physically and mentally. Enough with the reddit whiteknighiting. She doesn't deserve it, if a radfem/ swerf ever talked to her, she'd tell them to go take dick up the ass.

No. 1952133

File: 1704672357723.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.48 MB, 852x480, Ham.mp4)

>Exhibitionist Slut Caught Playing Outside [shush emoji]
New video. Someone please make a gif of her popping in the seat out of thin air KEK

No. 1952137

File: 1704673521972.gif (1.8 MB, 600x332, shayprise.GIF)

I tried

No. 1952144

Kek nonnie thank you

No. 1952146

File: 1704674527022.jpeg (Spoiler Image,341.58 KB, 1156x1024, IMG_7418.jpeg)

>why tf did her butt look much bigger/rounder when she was thinner?
Because in those pictures she’s intentionally posing to make it look like she has an ass. Also because of her weird fat distribution, when she gained weight like none of it went to her ass and a ton went to her thighs, mostly on the front giving her the front butt, but the back of her thighs expanded too making there less of a noticeable difference between where her ass ends and her legs begin like in the pic on the right

Lmao at the way she lumbers into the frame with her hunchback. Reminds me of when she clomped around on that hike in the woods and the anon edited tuba music over it

No. 1952149

File: 1704674961377.jpg (116.95 KB, 1080x503, trying to go viral.jpg)

No. 1952154

File: 1704675506135.jpeg (117.93 KB, 500x500, 1BC780BB-04F8-4446-BDE2-62705C…)

No. 1952155

>>first b/g video barely sells and is a huge failure
>>snuff video will be the same

No. 1952159

File: 1704676265075.gif (Spoiler Image,643.56 KB, 600x338, Easy Ham Surprise.gif)

She materialises out of thin air onto that blue chair too.

No. 1952163

KEK vanishing/appearing Shaynus is my all-time favorite meme from these threads

No. 1952172

File: 1704680213546.jpg (54.15 KB, 541x273, 1000011784.jpg)

>"made my sugar dad"
>"my sugar dad asked to fuck my big meaty legs because nobody pays to fuck flat pancake asses on fat girls, otherwise they'd just fuck other men"

No. 1952175

Leave her single pair of ill fitting high waist jeans from 2018 alone!

Id personally be SOOO amused if she learned about low waist jeans and began a muffin top era

No. 1952185

File: 1704682346469.jpg (247.68 KB, 1080x904, veg.jpg)

No. 1952187

If this were true it sounds like a godawful psychosexual hell. Like Shatna is constantly living one of those old 70s exploitation movies. Caged Bitches in Heat or whatever.

No. 1952191

exactly what i was thinking. how awful to be constantly sexualized and groped whenever someone else feels like it.

No. 1952196

It's honestly sad that this guy has convinced her to let him do this to her for less money than he would pay to actually have vaginal sex with her. She was actually stupid enough to basically let a creep hump her and cum on her just because its like an inch down from her actual (rancid) hold. They're probably full on naked other than stockings and this sweaty douche is all moaning and saying gross shit to her. She's getting conned. How long before his "dick accidently slips in her"

No. 1952208

Her voice is just so unsexy. Also would it kill her to enunciate?

No. 1952212

not a tranny, moid, or newfag. and it wasn't supposed to be bait. it just creeped me out what she said, it sounds like something a groomer would say. you really think those older women in skidmoore aren't aware of what they're doing? i'm not sure why my choice of words was so controversial. i didn't mean to cause a fuss. that old lady is a creep.

No. 1952215

Bleak. The saddest part would be the fact that she would only get like 3 views in 10 years because she's a literal who.

No. 1952225

Kek why is there a white sheet over that thing? It makes it look like a gurney

No. 1952266

File: 1704697475307.jpg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, Wtf.jpg)

>jst thinking abt what a good boy my caged sissy puppy is & how much he does 4 me & the amazingly cute n perfect things he got me 4 xmas !! [various emojis]

No. 1952267

File: 1704697585954.jpg (196.58 KB, 1080x580, Sketchy.jpg)

Is she implying he has access to her apartment when she's gone?

No. 1952272

I assume he just delivered these to Ellen or something

No. 1952287

File: 1704702264748.jpeg (118.03 KB, 459x320, ED4C82A2-4E3D-49AA-BDF0-DAC6D0…)

Ok Patricia Ellen Trunchbull. Very Unsexy hambeast doin too much moment.

No. 1952299

File: 1704705070999.jpg (Spoiler Image,404.75 KB, 1875x1067, Screenshot_20240108_101017_Chr…)

That troon hump.
She's getting paid to be SeXy, why is she walking like that.
Also, I think about you often baked potato-Chan

No. 1952303

moid post(scrotefoiling)

No. 1952309

I'd like to point out that this is how much a fitbit cost which she could have used to track her sleep or whatever(emoji)

No. 1952310

The "holy shit" sounded so backwoods hick for some reason kek i cant unhear it

No. 1952313

Shes doing all that work for that fag, literally branded like a cow with that ugly key 24/7, just for a shitty dollar store pepper containment.

No. 1952321

I know you went for "visceral imagery" but it was still gross of you to write.

No. 1952325

I can’t get over how hunched she is, like she’s trying to make herself small and also like someone who spends most of her time hunched over her phone not going outside or standing up straight. Also, ultrakek I’m glad someone else found my retarded imagination funny

No. 1952326

File: 1704711371431.jpeg (315.2 KB, 750x1009, 082EEC6C-654C-4CE4-A75C-BC3D28…)

5.99? no wonder she's so broke all the time. people must not buy her videos a lot if she's bragging like this

No. 1952331

>people must not buy her videos
They don't. You can look at her MV and see that her recent videos are barely hitting 100 views.

No. 1952342

She's bragging about making 25 usd. She could make that in a day if she worked as a waitress or something. But she has so much potential…

No. 1952355

Not sure if that was a typo but she could make that in only an hour waiting tables. Most servers and bartenders i know average $30-$60/hr after tips. She'd also lose weight from being on her feet for hours.She's a moron.

No. 1952410

Truly Shayhog’s Day, every day. Is she really not embarrassed to re-post the same failed jokes over and over? Or do we think the alcoholism has truly rotted her memory at this point?

No. 1952411

how cute, he shopped the tj maxx christmas sale aisle for our bimbo princess

No. 1952412

considering she frequently acts out for attention in public and brags about letting moids do disgusting things to her like it's something to be proud of i'm pretty sure shayna is incapable of feeling embarrassment

No. 1952422

the fucking filename KEK

No. 1952442

This is what 8 years of experience in editing porn looks like. She's got so much potential you guys.

No. 1952455

anon we have over 100+ threads of this woman willingly exploiting and degrading herself despite having more options than many people do to get her life together. most people do not get offered free rides to college, most people do not get to live reckless, borderline lifestyles such as hers and their family not disown them. she is a bonafide walking definition of white privilege in more ways than one and i am not saying this just cause. there are people who deserve sympathy for the shit hand they’ve been dealt in life; she is not one of them.

she also hates other women, so writing a literal feminism 101 dissertation for someone who despises her own gender and has gleefully shown this on multiple occasions is a waste of everyone’s time. save your empathy for women who do not have the choice to be a whore nor the privilege to escape a lot of the consequences that come with this line of work.

No. 1952458

Shayna's privilege is because she is middle class, not because she is white.

No. 1952471

File: 1704743235460.jpeg (777.41 KB, 1242x1626, A7B5AD63-1390-4DED-9904-F0A8DC…)

She mad about having beady eyes. And baiting for compliments from her two active followers. And I’ve always found her eyes to be rodent like even when skinny

No. 1952472

She has such an ugly mug
The fucking discolored looking yellow lingerie looks horrible on her flabby cellulite ridden body. And the ugly stained 4 year old ugg boots make this look so trashy. Crackhead porn. And she thinks she’s talented and has potential to be successful???

No. 1952476

kek, she searched up a working girl rt chain thing from november to fight the allegations

No. 1952482

The super smooth eyes next to the unedited eye bags was a wild choice.

No. 1952488

Thinking she has "dark green" eyes might be her biggest delusion.

No. 1952491

File: 1704748240677.png (37.33 KB, 275x225, 7FBB1039-41DF-429E-9570-6ACFF9…)

No. 1952575

File: 1704761446211.jpg (92.31 KB, 707x1044, 70 yo shayna.jpg)

POV: You accidentally walked in on grandma undressing

No. 1952582

File: 1704762414088.jpeg (90.94 KB, 665x724, IMG_1215.jpeg)

lmao keep coping, shat

No. 1952584

File: 1704762598545.jpeg (21.62 KB, 223x275, IMG_1213.jpeg)

She’s definitely lurking and seething, kek. Shayna, your eyes are one of your ugliest features. Nothing will ever change that.

No. 1952587

I hope so. Otherwise this dumb whore not only gave some perverted moid she isn't even committed to a key to her home, but also permission to enter it when she is not there.

No. 1952601

Not only are these all edited to bejesus and back, but she's also got thick ass 2009 cat eyeliner on in each one. Show your real face anuses, shat

No. 1952627

she looks like a shein lady gaga. fitting

No. 1952631

you're not helping yourself by internalizing (moid constructed) misogyny, sis/moid.

Shay has always been an idiot, the options she's had are unclear to us. her mother is unsupportive of her putting herself at risk like she is and she would be broke save for the john moolah.

No. 1952632

it sounds like she's threatening suicide. FOR COOMER ENJOYMENT

No. 1952636

she has a masculinized body shape.
she looks like a little like this

No. 1952644

File: 1704771448940.jpg (250.51 KB, 1080x865, What.jpg)

No. 1952649


all of you anons who looove to say this demented fat whore is autistic, explain this. what autist just loves people in their space, touching them all the time.

No. 1952658

KEK the before pic is absolutely her current body type even down to the fat fupa

No. 1952680

File: 1704777987952.jpg (134.41 KB, 982x425, stfu.jpg)


No. 1952700

She watches Spongebob all day

No. 1952723

Kek wtf is the email at the very top about? GFE and premature ejaculation?

No. 1952757

Disregard that, dumb 'murican kids love to call anything autistic.
Autism is a severe and untreatable psychiatrical disease that makes people unable to function socially and that only about 0,00001% of the population has. Which means it's absolutely not profitable, so 'murica decided that "autism" now means "socially awkward", and about 60% of people are socially awkward. Profit!(autism)

No. 1952768

File: 1704803409212.jpeg (187.44 KB, 1170x874, IMG_3373.jpeg)

She’s so cool and edgy.

No. 1952774

it's nauseating that she makes content that simulates CSA while enjoying true detective, a show where the first season featured a cult that filmed themselves raping children and two child characters that were abused so severely that one died and one was rendered catatonic. she is sick in the head and i don't understand how she sleeps at night

No. 1952778

And the bundy tapes, which you know she is prob deluding herself into getting off on the recordings of him speaking. She is the worst kind of pickme tbh, 100% the kind of woman who serves their child up on a platter to a disgusting pedo one day.(calm down)

No. 1952786

And she's also mentally delayed.

No. 1952807

It's just another one of her retarded video titles

No. 1952831

She's just being a try hard. Like when she had Wolf of Wall Street going on the plane for everyone to see. It's like how she affirms how her music taste is ~soooo weird~ and out there, and then her spotify wrapped reveals her to be a basic bitch that mostly listens to Drake

No. 1952872


>Watching true crime while being a pedo pandering whore.

It's like she's got absolutely no self preservation instincts at all. Doesn't she know most of the time serial killer target sex workers as their victims because usually they don't have anyone outside from other SW that care about them?
It's both. Mainly from being middle class, though.

No. 1952972

File: 1704844190109.png (689.73 KB, 1867x981, Jesus vampyrpiss.png)

Shayna's fans are not the best people. I really hope this guy doesn't have a real girlfriend. And if he does the gf needs to break up with him and call the cops immediately.

No. 1952984

the entire idea of this is absurd. pretending to pray to a penis sounds so awkward

No. 1953080

Why does this need to exist if there’s a whole board for her(sage your shit)

No. 1953081

The threads are for milk and /shay/ is more for memes, tinfoils, discussion of other people in the shaynaverse, and just general stuff that's fun to talk about but would clog up the threads very quickly if allowed here.
And not to mini mod, but why was this unsaged?

No. 1953172

File: 1704879713059.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1170x1572, IMG_0673.jpeg)

Goddess give me strength to refrain from a-logging, she’s fucking disgusting

No. 1953188

eyes of a crab

No. 1953195

imagine posting moid-worshipping shit like this almost every single day and still never ever getting picked

No. 1953295

File: 1704900583338.jpg (109.37 KB, 800x800, EkzHAzZU0AAtGxu.jpg)

Oh come on now at a certain point this shit is just hilarious. Pray to my god and his cock???????

No. 1953326

>Pray to my god and *their cock
Gotta please the troons.

No. 1953428

Kek all this talk and yet she doesn’t have a single normie man in her orbit, only sissy troons and 40yo splenda daddies. Not even a hinge or tinder roster she can call on when she’s free on a Friday night. 26 years old and no friends, no hobbies, no love interests, literally only coom. It’s so fucking sad.

No. 1953459

File: 1704921912133.jpg (250.01 KB, 1080x786, Retarded.jpg)

No. 1953506

It’s especially funny because Seattle is so skewed in terms of men to women in the dating scene. It’s pretty easy to find a desperate dude in tech. The fact that she can’t find an actual bf and not just a Splenda daddy who won’t date her or actually take care of her speaks volumes to how intolerable she must be in person.

No. 1953507

aka “I’m too lazy to actually be a domme/I don’t want to do this and so I need this moid to do all the thinking for me.”

No. 1953508

how many men know where shay lives at this point? I don't know how this works but why don't they just get a hotel?? Why does she invite these freaks into her home? I wonder if a Shaytard can find the actual count of men that shayna claims she just met, but lets in her home.

No. 1953509

File: 1704930515787.jpg (669.14 KB, 1079x1810, Broke.jpg)

She couldn't even buy a 20 year old used car and even that's a reach

No. 1953515

An ugly box shaped car for an ugly box shaped woman, fitting

No. 1953518

File: 1704933246190.jpg (455.48 KB, 1050x1733, moid.jpg)

No. 1953521

hug with your hand … it’s strangulation you freak

No. 1953522

File: 1704933356655.jpg (663.7 KB, 1080x1787, Shaped Like Gabagool Like Shat…)

No. 1953523

I spent like an hour making a shim yesterday and finally posted the results in /shay. She isn't going to fit in my game at all and I would burst out laughing every time I saw her walking by but who knows, maybe i can find some role for her. I hope I don't spend more time fixating over getting her looking exactly right, I have a bad habit of doing that.


Checkit(attentionwhoring, fanart)

No. 1953526

"Audibly"…. is he a mute

No. 1953547

Barf. She can't be serious, right?

No. 1953552

Not to mention she doesn't know how to drive or have a license.

No. 1953568

Nta but another important thing is that /shay/ was originally