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File: 1565077513517.jpeg (375.62 KB, 1795x1234, thread pic.jpeg)

No. 849463

last thread: >>841938

The essentials:
>panhandling on twitter as usual
>still claiming that she and fupa are no longer together even though one anon caught them out in the wild >>822349
>creates a horrifying video where she humiliates herself (she really did) >>821454
>said video claims she “pukes all over herself” but really doesn’t and scams once again >> 822212
>continues to sperg on twitter that THE SW COMMUNITY IS OUT TO GET ME!!!
>Shay gets diagnosed as being bipolar, continues to smoke and drink while taking meds #bipolarbarbie >>822257
>circlepay closes, shay switches back to cashapp
>goes to Texas with fupa leaving noodle in kennel care for 4 days
>creates another video with more dry anal fucking, leaving shit stains >>825784
>now wants to move to austin

Most recent milk:
>fupa's new girlfriend discovered on facebook, shay caught attempting to skinwalk her even down to gaining weight and copying her clothing style of being ~alternative~, fupa seems to have actually cut her off this time
>almost died by shoving fireworks in her ass whilst laying on an oklahoma country back road on the 4th of july
>excessive bitching and moaning on twitter about how npbody will give her money anymore, got angry at her followers
>films a hysterical "porn" video where she pretends a toddler sized legless sex toy body with huge tits is a human baby sitter
>scammed her very few customers by promising a video at 250$, then when 250$ was raised she jacked the goal to 500$
>goes out drinking every single night, becoming an even bigger alcoholic than ever before
>now desperately trying to shill being a "gamergirl" despite playing almost no video games whatsoever besides her nintendo switch and fortnite once in awhile
>has began posting the cringiest scariest videos of her dancing
>brags 24/7 about how hard she works yet didn't cam once in 2 months and didn't release any new video for months either

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no nitpicking and blogposting

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

No. 849464

File: 1565078565775.jpg (210.26 KB, 1080x1141, PicsArt_08-05-06.48.23.jpg)

Thanks for the new thread Anon

No. 849468

Thanks for making the new thread!

No. 849481

wow this edit is A+

No. 849540

File: 1565100903072.jpeg (876.87 KB, 1242x1426, 60869526-B4E4-42E2-9BCA-85F4DE…)

No. 849542

she's so busted in the second picture. Now she's selling bloopers? I wonder who she stole that from?

No. 849543

Why the fuck is it 50 after preorder. Why not just wait till it's out and 30 if you want to pay for this monstrosity.

No. 849544


in case you come back here after that dumb post, how about some anonymised screenshots that would prove how you, as a Top 200 MV Cam Model (tm) make between 3-5 big ones a month, to support your claims about shay's income? mh? howboudah?

No. 849546

I checked the fuck machine she got, it's one of the ones that's known to be extremely loud. She won't have any idea how to edit the audio. Its going to sound fucking horrible.

No. 849549

She worded it strangely but she means preorder price is $30, and once she releases it the regular price for anyone who didn't preorder will be $50

No. 849550

You'd have to scroll through a models entire feed for a month, and tally up all of her sales. Then remove the 40 percent taken out by MV and you'll be able to approximate monthly income.

If you want to do that, be my guest. But no one is going to do it for you bucko. Top earners on MV make bank, and it's been proven in the past. Someone as low as 800-900 can make a solid $500-600 with good marketing and prices.

No. 849551

they were asking the camwhore for proof

No. 849552

lol just wait a week and it'll be $10

No. 849553

All they want is for them to out themselves to the board. I'm letting them know how they can actually find out that info if they really want to.

No. 849554

However much money the girl makes, she doesn't use it to update her background, buy new sheets, buy new clothes, lingerie etc.

She uses it on dumb shit. Hence why she's still wearing mismatched different colored pinks.

No. 849555

i don't see how that would be outing them if identifying info was erased but ok

No. 849558

This was the best edit IMO

Also shayna spent $400+ on her “fuck machine” and I doubt she will make that back. Crazy that she puts NOTHING back into her videos but the one time she does it’s some astronomically expensive novelty.

No. 849562

File: 1565103600572.png (240.73 KB, 750x1334, 5D5C4BB9-7F6A-41C7-B0D6-1E3C05…)

Lmao why is she trying to act like she hasn’t been reading everyone here saying the blonde looked horrendous for the last 2 years?

No. 849563

File: 1565103897927.png (299.53 KB, 587x489, Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 10.23…)

wouldn't this be the FIRST thing a smart person would buy because it's on "brand"?,

No. 849566

come on now anon, we all know that shay wouldnt know how to match her pinks even if she had money

No. 849571

File: 1565107251238.jpg (149.09 KB, 1080x422, 20190806_105931.jpg)

Probably hoping youd be spotted by fupa and he'll realize you are the alternative girl of his dreams. Reality check shay, He. Doesnt. Care. About. You. Move on it's embarrassing

No. 849578

Idk what that other camgirl was on about but you can be top 300 and make only 1k range a month. Also know from experience. Shay is certainly not raking in 4-5k.

No. 849581

It's clear from evidence she isnt taking in that much. Even with how much she splurges and wastes, there's no way its 3-5k monthly or she'd be of at least somewhat higher status than the trailer trash she is.

No. 849582

After the change on MV, income vs rank has tanked. You can be in the 400s and only be making $600-$800 a month. If Shay was making thousands a month, she would use it to try and flex. She would certainly have more than a daybed and a coffee table.

No. 849583

See here's the thing, even if Shay was pulling in a lot of money, she's so horrible with it, I feel like she WOULD still have nothing.

The lonely penises & sad women who support her do so with her janky look & set up, so she probably thinks everything is fine.

No. 849585


No one cares about your dumbass but how about you not take the dog for walks and shit when it's 90+ degrees. Not only is it too hot for them to be exercising, but the pavement will burn their paws (since we know she isn't paying to uber there with the dog). She's like trying to prove she does walk the dog, but she's still a fucking incapable idiot.

No. 849590

File: 1565112297635.png (319.91 KB, 512x291, Capturefff.PNG)

No. 849591

is that a cutoff sleeve t-shirt a la fupa?

No. 849593

File: 1565112405935.png (15.28 KB, 585x109, ifnfbbyh99.PNG)


No. 849595

Yeah who takes their dog out in the middle of the day during summer? Any Tulsa anons know if the dog parks are shaded at all?

No. 849598

At least wearing black clothes means she covers her griminess better lol. No more shit and
pit stained white clothes please

No. 849599

Nah that's an old shirt she used to wear on her Tumblr.

No. 849601

File: 1565113511018.png (14.48 KB, 591x102, Hypocrisy.PNG)

No. 849602

File: 1565113536383.png (19.51 KB, 592x206, LURKING.PNG)

No. 849604

File: 1565114096752.jpeg (91.34 KB, 1125x538, 636D053E-344D-4A3B-BD53-664729…)

Not the same anon but at around rank 500 last month I made $700. Shay being around rank 300 consistently, she’s only making $1000 at the absolute most on MV.(camwhore)

No. 849606

y'all really out here surviving on $700 a month? I get like two of those in a month, damn. unless you also have a real job, then pardon me lol.(offtopic, no1curr)

No. 849609

Even if you got 4 of those a month how do you survive?

No. 849612

No one cares about your camwhoring anon.

No. 849613

Stop whining they were just referencing it to compare shays sales.(minimodding)

No. 849616

File: 1565116549134.jpg (102.98 KB, 1080x345, 20190806_133607.jpg)

No. 849619

Her orbiters will all say yes. Most of the people who follow her are other cam models and bots. What does she hope to accomplish by asking this?

Not to mention her life isn't exciting. Seeing her go to the same bar, or holed up in her apartment isn't exactly interesting lol. The highlight of her day is passing out.

No. 849628

yeah i never bought this spiel about making 5000$ a month just by being in the top 200-400 on a camwhoring website lol. shay is most of all not making more than 1500$ monthly.

No. 849641

Aïe aïe aïe, Dolly is going to be in a lot of trouble if her source of income, as meagre as it is, won't make it to her bank account.

What would her options even be? Escorting? An actual job with a proper standing with the banks? I can't see her being any better with cash.

Shayna sure knows how to fuck herself over big time. Incredible. Her ability to outdo herself keeps on surprising me.

No. 849643

File: 1565121078953.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.86 KB, 749x1147, IMG_20190806_155116.jpg)

she looks terrified

No. 849652

she's got two different socks on. are these her "silly" pictures?

No. 849659

File: 1565123023919.jpg (211.44 KB, 1080x718, Screenshot_20190806-152348_Twi…)


No. 849660

File: 1565123061477.jpg (257.15 KB, 1080x949, Screenshot_20190806-152403_Twi…)


Either she'll not know how to work it. Or she'll use it once and leave it in the corner somewhere

No. 849661

She probably isn't going to enter the contest because she knows she won't win. So she'll make up some excuse about "forgetting" to enter it

No. 849663

I'm positive people know she's the lonely girl who does badly made porn in her empty apartment.I'm positive her house has a dope echo.

Also she's shamed of THIS? Not being a pedo panderer and getting slapped by her Fupfriend in Walmart?

Or the thousands of precious moments we've documented here?

No. 849666

File: 1565123729697.jpg (191.44 KB, 1074x550, Screenshot_20190806-153545_Twi…)

What happened to her being in humiliation?

No. 849670

What really happened-

Shay went outside, No one gave two fucks nor did they look at the girl with dry faded Pink hair. She picks up the box, takes it inside. Places it on the ground.

It fills half of her apartment. She sat down & made this tweet.

The end.

No. 849671

That is probably exactly how it happened anon

No. 849672

File: 1565124234860.jpg (432.64 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20190806-154401_Twi…)

We all know she fucking wrote that. Sex toys come in very discrete packing

No. 849674

Hopefully this is her idea of a shit joke and not tryna actually say this happened

No. 849676

What really happened part 2-

After looking at the plain box, Shay felt like it'd be funny and super cute,to get a mixture of her dog's shit, cheap lipstick and period blood to write, "Slut Machine" on the side of the box.

Even she knew it was far fetched for people to believe it. However, she knows that if one of her 5 active followers decide to call her out she can just call it an joke.

She takes the picture and sends the tweet.

No. 849678

She's trying so hard to get a viral tweet chain, jesus.

No. 849681

i'm gonna have a little faith here and say that she is joking and isn't actually expecting anyone to believe it lol

No. 849685

File: 1565126111670.png (25.48 KB, 596x201, dhb hbybd.PNG)

No. 849686

if you have to try to convince people you're funny THIS HARD then you probably aren't…

No. 849688

File: 1565126294518.png (23.71 KB, 586x259, WeirdRU.PNG)

No. 849691


Such a reach for this machine.
“Who wants to reimburse this little fupa dolly for the fuck machine embarrassment?”

Coming soon

No. 849698

Hopefully she get called out by the seller on twitter lol, obviously NO sex stores ever do that. They're usually very discrete and professional.

No. 849700

That dry dildo is going to turn her dry puss inside out.

No. 849707

That really looks like it was written on the box with a dark lipstick which would make sense because I doubt shay has any type of marker or pen in her apartment

No. 849712

The machine she got has 4.5/5 stars from 200 reviews. It makes no sense that it would have such a good rating if everyone received a box like this. I’ve purchased sex toys from Amazon and they have always come in a bigger Amazon brand box.

No. 849713

I agree anon, that’s lipstick alright

No. 849714

@ all anons i think she was joking and isn't actually claiming amazon wrote that on the box lol, it's just her being "goofy" aka an absolute retard who is trying to convince her followers she's sooo hilarious

No. 849718

Something about her not owning a pen has made me cackle. So ridiculous.

No. 849726

i like how she's literally THAT retarded that everyone is initially convinced that she did it to be serious though kek

No. 849736

I dont get why she doesnt invest in a good blonde lace front wig?? Her hair is gonna fall out

No. 849738

File: 1565132307094.jpeg (382.54 KB, 640x951, 9C39391C-CE80-4AB4-B756-0AF8B9…)

Pretty sure it’s just this lipstick.

No. 849757

File: 1565134593443.png (Spoiler Image,154.31 KB, 586x409, hbfhbfh.png)

Our girl Shay had the NERVE to deprive us of her never seen before asshole, so I did the god's work in removing the censor.

Thank me later.

No. 849762

No. 849763

File: 1565135404053.png (Spoiler Image,385.36 KB, 573x335, fjfnjfn.PNG)

23 Minutes ago- "Get me to 8k and I'll post an uncensored"

4 mintues ago-

Posts this picture of her uncensored asshole & Blavagina.

Makes sense.

No. 849764

Lmao I was just about to say the same thing anon

No. 849768

One quick google search shows that vanity plates in Oklahoma can’t exceed 7 characters. What a fucking weird story to lie about.

No. 849769

well it looks like she's finally found the airbrush tool

No. 849772

Sage for Amazon sperg, but there is literally no fucking way anyone at the warehouse could have wrote that. I work on one of the warehouses and literally none of us give a shit about what outrageous sex toys you buy because we go through thousands of items a day several days a week. And yeah, usually >>849712 is right but it looks like she only bought the one item, so instead of wasting time to put the box in another box the pack department just slapped the sticker on the box and sent it down. Otherwise the item would have been damaged out for graffiti and she would have never received it but go off Shay, whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 849787

File: 1565139355240.jpg (117.18 KB, 1080x536, Screenshot_20190806-195608_Twi…)

No. 849788

I think it's been pretty heavily stated that she wrote it clearly to try and be funny. Problem is is that she's not funny, she's just retarded.

No. 849791

Does she only drink an entire package of alcohol at a time now? Imagine being in this deep at 21…

No. 849793

File: 1565140581030.jpg (263.42 KB, 1080x900, Screenshot_20190806-201642_Twi…)

No. 849797

File: 1565141208464.jpg (Spoiler Image,620.77 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20190806-202657_Twi…)

No. 849798

File: 1565141250237.jpg (Spoiler Image,742.56 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20190806-202754_Twi…)

This is scary

No. 849800

File: 1565141522055.jpg (248.99 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20190806-203217_Twi…)

No. 849801

File: 1565141729841.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, Shay Shhh.gif)

No. 849805

Lmao I’m ded at how photoshopped it is. It’s only ever horrifying blemishes or 80s glamour shot blur. No medium.

No. 849806

being forced to read that tweet and then look at that fupa gif made me have a stroke

No. 849807

Imagine being so adorable, funny, artistic and talented that Fupa ditches you after you move states for him lmao

No. 849810

he ditched shay for a literal crackhead too

No. 849816

what is with her floppy saggy labia(nitpicking)

No. 849818

Gorl… That status was a joke. At least his new girl doesn't show her gross asshole for 1$ and she has friends lol. It's a huge upgrade tbh.

No. 849820

Has she ever done anything artistic in her life? She has no talent when it comes to anything. Suddenly she’s an artist?
Oh Shay, stealing shitty overused video ideas once a few weeks is not being artistic.

No. 849821

my post was a joke too anon don't worry, i think everyone strongly agrees it was an upgrade for fupapa

i just want to throw it back for a second to how awful she looks in those vids and especially, why are her facial expressions so damned retarded in the thumbnails? and the hair is,, unbearable, i cannot deal with it.

No. 849826

Of course she has anon she got a C in high school photoshop class and went to photography trade school for 5 minutes. She even took nice pictures of herself once or twice

No. 849832

File: 1565145680954.png (495.95 KB, 1130x451, why (2).png)

Look what I spotted on ManyVids trending, yuck.

God, her video quality and lighting are so shite compared to the other trending girls. And Shayna in the FinDom section? Anons called it, she's trying to be like BratPixie or whatever her name is now.

Shay how you gonna go from uWu ~*Daddy's Barbie Bimbo*~ to a FinDom?

No. 849834


She looks like their badly aging transgender brother lol.

No. 849838

Funny thing is, she and that brattypixie bitch are very similar to each other. they even complain similarly via twitter all of the time. both seem to manage money poorly as well. fucking pathetic camwhores lol.

No. 849849

File: 1565149170374.jpg (279.36 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20190806-223852_Twi…)

She probably just squirted lube on her face

No. 849850

How could I forget, she was so artistic Fupa told his wife she was a graphic designer lmao

No. 849852

Lol you’re probably right

No. 849854

File: 1565149716267.jpeg (69.27 KB, 655x960, 448AE158-9B06-4AA7-9A91-1DC666…)

Is it old cum shot pics from this guy? Or is it lube?

No. 849855

Who is that? Fupa?

No. 849858

Yes lmao

No. 849866

File: 1565151141717.jpg (640.87 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20190806-230651_Sam…)

I was looking at her store items. Who is this?

No. 849867

Fupa is the best part of this thread pic

No. 849869

the girl on the left looks like she has a cold, lol.

No. 849870

same anon - And Shays dusty as always

No. 849900

Looks like the woman who plays Nora Dhark on Legends of Tomorrow.

No. 849916

Didn’t she say she was going to post a cam schedule yesterday to a follower? Lmao scammy as always

No. 849931

Ballsack and crack

No. 849939

Shes escorting. That would explain how she went from begging for rent and money to being hush about it and around the same time posted about sucking dick the other day, and now about getting a facial.

No. 849945


She's seems like the kind to get clingy and too attached to the 'client,' that or she'd drive em crazy begging for more money

No. 849947

Uhhh proof? She hates sex and interacting with people and I doubt it is real cum.

No. 849950

How has she been hush about begging? She was just selling videos for $5 a piece a couple days ago. Also notice how she’s still retweeting that “Be Dolly’s sugar daddy!” Post because it was quite obviously Fupa giving her money as that stopped almost immediately after that pic of him and that girl were posted.

No. 849988

Yeah most dog parks here are shaded and have fresh water for the dogs. However she is most likely walking the dog on asphalt/concrete which will severely burn dogs paws :((don't use emoticons)

No. 849989

Doubtful that she’s escorting. Also if she was, she would probably post about it on her Twitter. Why would she try to hide it?

I truly doubt Fupa was her sugar daddy. Fupa has child support payments to make and even made Shay pay rent on that dusty old spec house after she moved out. He’s not exactly well off. More likely she had some internet sugar daddy who got bored of seeing the same thing over and over again.

No. 850000

File: 1565193463590.png (226.8 KB, 750x1334, C995CF56-D1CA-4C88-BC65-ECE237…)

Uh … yeah, probably because you had to call and make the appointment beforehand…?

No. 850001

It's always hilarious to me how she thinks these very normal practices are somehow tailored to her, like everyone knows who she is and is treating her special based off it.

Shay, if they knew who you really were, they'd probably ask you to please stay at least 10 feet away from their clean facility.

No. 850009


With the dick sucking and facial… I'm sure it's a dildo and cum lube or something. Shes just saying it that way to get people to buy into her failing OnlyFans kek. It would almost be smart if it wasn't so scammy.

No. 850014

File: 1565197503728.jpg (331.75 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20190807_120305.jpg)

She posted these on twitter supposedly from her bathroom. Look at how grimey those fucking walls and floor are.

No. 850015

why does it look like there's dried piss dripping down the walls to the moulding…?

No. 850019

shower condensation drips down the walls if the bathroom isn’t properly ventilated

No. 850021

Looks like her walls are those cheap unpainted textured walls from the 80s. I used to live in a house that had them, it was really old and they're really tacky. I think she just chooses the first apartment she looks at because she has no idea what to look for, and it's why all her apartments look like shit. She's talked about leaking issues and other maintenance problems, it sounds like a really shitty cheap complex.

Probably has those drip stains because it's in the bathroom and it's stained. Fucking grimey.

No. 850022

File: 1565198229212.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 35BAA774-C5C4-4FFB-8B79-E887AE…)

The crust . Guess she hasn’t figured out how to photoshop the nasty shit around her fingernails yet.

No. 850024

They're just so thick, wide, and chunky. the design is fine, whatever, but the bare white? It would look much nicer if she got a shorter narrower shape since she has long thin witch fingers.

No. 850025

I can't wait to see how the dirt builds up

No. 850035

Knowing her if she does clean at all, it's probably a wet washrag swiped across the wall once and "eh there you go" and it drips like this along with the condensation.

Combine that with any nicotine sweat that's higher up towards the ceiling (cos I doubt this cheap shithole uses KILZ) and the grody carpet and damn Shayna, what a Haus.

No. 850040

She needs a new nail tech, these look so bad. The dry, cracked cuticles, the misplaced nail polish, and the wavy texture of the finish on her thumb. Get some cuticle oil on them shits Shay. She belongs in that nail shaming group that I always see anons post about in other threads.

No. 850049

File: 1565201773051.jpg (424.17 KB, 1073x1146, Screenshot_20190807-131636_Twi…)

She won't win

No. 850069

I am convinced she does them herself. I never in my life have seen nails like this on anyone. A professional did this? Her nails have never looked professionally done. She must blind or need glasses if she can’t see how crusty they look

No. 850078

File: 1565204705810.jpg (Spoiler Image,622.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190807-150456_Twi…)

just audibly cringed

No. 850079

File: 1565204783889.jpg (561.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190807-150630_Twi…)

fucking yikes

No. 850081

why is she so proud of hnaming her poor dog something awful and embarassing and for making a fucking appointment lol? like yeah pet spas aren't the busiest places on earth shaytard, not everything is you being worshipped. also the way she wrote this tweet physically hurts to read, somehow it's written even cringier than usual like a mockery of herself or something kek(nitpicking)

No. 850084

holy shit and those "flowers"… these are awful

No. 850099

I truly wonder where Shay will be in 5 years. I also wonder if she'll go through a phase of, "People aren't letting me move on and grow from my past" after she leaves this life alone.

No. 850104

I‘m almost sure she goes to a salon with an apprentice who does it for usually half of the normal price. We do that at the salon I work at and honestly, they always look like shit but some people don‘t care if they cane save money. Or in Shay‘s case don‘t have any.

No. 850107

File: 1565209534893.jpg (724.05 KB, 979x1216, 20190807_132520.jpg)

No. 850110

she goes a little deeper into the void every day. she looks like she actually has down syndrome and no teeth.

No. 850119

She's currently 38 in the contest

No. 850121

No. 850123

This was honestly the best thing she could think of for silly? Jesus. Basic as fuck

No. 850125

Lol using her fake ass voice again. Imagine being so insecure about your damn voice. Yes she has a deeper voice but she doesn't sound like a man. Just sad

No. 850126

Sage but with the way she’s living I can’t see her making it to thirty I’m not wishing death on her and as much as she loves that 27 club shit she doesn’t have the life skills to function and she can barely keep up with the sex industry now so once this aesthetic Twitter sex worker shit passes it’s done for her

No. 850129

I was thinking the same. How long will this trainwreck go on, we're at 3, 4 years now? What will happen when she finally gives up

No. 850130

I was thinking the same. How long will this trainwreck go on, we're at 3, 4 years now? What will happen when she finally gives up

No. 850131

you didn't sage tho

No. 850132

Still trying to flex that Michael Kors purse on her bed. kek

No. 850134

oh my god, how did I not see it totally accidentally propped up in the bg, she's so embarrassing jfc

No. 850139

Does she just do these in one take and not think about what she's going to say ahead of time? I get so much second hand embarrassment watching that.
"uhh tee hee"

No. 850147

She keeps dropping in the ranks lol

No. 850161

File: 1565222021395.jpg (Spoiler Image,443.69 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20190807-183240_Twi…)

No. 850166

>ur lucky to receive anything at all
If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black

No. 850168

File: 1565223148984.jpg (120.46 KB, 1080x696, Screenshot_20190807-191254_Twi…)

No. 850174

File: 1565224281928.jpg (283.46 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20190807-193120_Twi…)

She's so ungrateful. This is why no one is voting for her

No. 850175

File: 1565224325333.jpg (187.83 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20190807-193224_Twi…)

She deleted the tweet

No. 850179

File: 1565225350869.jpg (319.06 KB, 1080x1450, Screenshot_20190807-194911_Twi…)

She's still in the 40's lol

No. 850183

File: 1565225864628.jpeg (181.4 KB, 1125x688, 8BFFA8A9-1377-4673-B5BF-6F0D20…)

oh great the exact same pose she does every other day for free

No. 850192

shay is suddenly someone who listens to bands other than zeppelin and the doors lol. first it was "im not like the other girls i LOVE wwe guys! wrestling so cool! the rock so neat am i right??" and now she's a band connoisseur lol

No. 850193

Lol she's nowhere near the top 3

No. 850194

my ears want to run every time she does. towards the end she dropped it and spoke in her normal voice, so why even do the stupid ~cutesy~ one.

acting like ppl getting free nudes for voting is special, will continue posting them on twitter for likes or whatever.

No. 850209

File: 1565230274356.jpg (106.81 KB, 1080x308, Screenshot_20190807-211105_Twi…)

No. 850210

This is the funniest video she has ever made, and not for the reasons she'd like. The huge drop in her voice and that "tee hee" made me actually laugh at loud omg.

No. 850216

This video made me physically recoil in embarrassment. The fake voice and the sudden deep "teehee" did me in

No. 850220

sounds like a different person when she starts talking normal near the end lol

No. 850229

It’s is so bad it’s almost good.

>I’m gonna smoke some some weed because there’s not much else to do in a dolly mattel video

What a sad existence. You can tell she’s drunk as hell because no one in their right mind would think this is cute.

No. 850232

I love how number one is just some chick taking a normal fucking selfie and you can tell that Shayna REALLY thought she was going to win or has a chance to win.

Bitch got dressed & everything, still #33.

No. 850236

No. 850237

Bitch really thinks one MK bag makes her a findom.

No. 850238

It's Shayna flossing her dirty Micheal Kors bag, in the dirty corner of her small apartment, with dirty weed smelling, mildewed stuff animals behind her.

Pretty straight forward. If I saw this I'd immediately think, "OH PRONS, I needs tew buy!!!1".

It Gets RIGHT to the point.

No. 850241

Let's see how pissed she gets since she was #33

No. 850265

The winner is a cute girl smiling, fully clothed and smoking a joint. I’ll bet Shay is reeeeeing right now. Couldn’t even get top 10 with her tits out.
Remember when she thought she was going to win the last contest she entered too? Changed her twitter handle and everything as if she had already won. Hilarious. And so, so sad.

No. 850272

The way she pulls at her hair all the time you can tell she doesn't feel comfortable in front of the camera so much. Her stretched ears and massive eyeliner makes her nose look huge too.

No. 850296

I feel like this whole dolly mattel thing is a persona shes created and latched onto, no doubt this will go on for a few more years. Shayna is a shell of a person

No. 850329

She sounds like gypsy rose blanchard when she does that voice

No. 850371

File: 1565276494549.jpeg (Spoiler Image,34.91 KB, 740x416, EBc9munWwAABhFp.jpeg)

special needs barbie

No. 850373

File: 1565277109322.png (928.72 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_20190808-111056~2.p…)

I honestly wouldn't know if she was a trans woman looking at this pic. She seriously looks like a man, 5'o clock shadow and all. She looks like a trans woman and Fupa looks like a trans man, what a fucking pair.

No. 850378

Holy shit, Fupa does look like a trans man. Thanks for the epiphany anon

No. 850382


Fupa does look like a transman! but like a bad transman, the type where taking hormones didn't do them any favors

No. 850384

File: 1565279029088.jpg (Spoiler Image,728.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190808-104330_Twi…)

Just looked at her nail pics on my phone and the HD quality is giving me nightmares. How does she think this is okay or sexy?? 1/2

No. 850385

File: 1565279051890.jpg (Spoiler Image,615.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190808-104313_Twi…)


No. 850389

when the picture was first posted of him I was 100% certain he was a trans man, until it was confirmed he was in fact a dude. Fucking wild.

No. 850390

is that glue or infection or what? i don't know what i'm looking at, sorry.

No. 850391

Looks like a mixture of cuticle picking, dry skin, and dried nail product. she needs to leave the nails off for a bit so her hands can heal, but she won't. She also shouldn't get a completely new set each time, because if these are a full in they look wrecked.

No. 850393

It looks like an infection or nail fungus. Probably some glue too. Her nails are seriously fucked up.

No. 850395

File: 1565280721258.png (99.37 KB, 1080x388, Screenshot_20190808-121135~2.p…)

>accidentally following people and making their dreams come true

This idiot really thinks she's a famous porn star, kek.

No. 850397

File: 1565281416655.png (467.69 KB, 554x554, 1533179947761.png)

bitch, you barely get any likes or love on twitter miss dirty 3.

also, I second everyone saying Fupa looks like a trans man.

No. 850398

I think >>849801 was the first pic that got posted of him and that was the one where I immediately thought he was trans. Also funny enough he's wearing a transformers shirt and all you can see is "trans", fucking top kek.

No. 850399

I bet if "he" shaved "his" beard he'd look like the woman he truly is

No. 850403

>cuticle sperg
>trans speculations

Autosage again maybe?

No. 850413

File: 1565284932328.png (Spoiler Image,236.74 KB, 576x577, Captureffff.PNG)

No. 850415

File: 1565285115623.png (17.37 KB, 581x182, Capturehhhh.PNG)

No. 850424

nobody actually thinks fupa is trans… we've all seen his unfortunate dick

No. 850431


Nobody is even speculating about him being trans ffs, just saying he LOOKs like an unfortunate transition story

No. 850442

>I'm doin a big screm
We've said it a thousand times, but the way she types is so fucking outdated, and was cringy even when it was popular.

No. 850446

I swear the only reason why Shay ever retweets stuff like this is because she wants to distance herself from the fact that she pushed her nasty porn onto minors who follower her smoking tumblr, as well as having underage followers on instagram when she had one and twitter.

I am also really confused about how she can tweet something like this but wear diapers, literal children's underwear, and intentionally go out of her way to look like a child.

No. 850449

that's rich coming from the girl who admitted to camming underage and exposed a bunch of her underage followers to porn when she stopped being a stoner blog, i'm pretty sure she's not saying this out of actually wanting to protect children from being preyed on in nsfw circles she's just saying it to virtue signal like every other sw does

No. 850454

I wonder if she'll ever feel any shame for those videos. I hope she knows that they are forever documented.

Fupa as well. To me, Fupa looks like a fucking perv & Shay looks like someone who'd do anything for attention & to get a man. She pretends she wants to "Steal college funds" but really she just wants a boyfriend & as we can see she'll do anything to get & attempt to keep one.

Then she wonders why her mom doesn't support her career. Who would support the type of lazy gross tasteless porn that she does?

No. 850459

I've followed threads for a long while but don't remember her camming underage? What thread is this proof in or is this just an assumption?

No. 850461

File: 1565292363519.jpeg (283.68 KB, 1242x1235, CE841DF5-C90F-4DD3-93D7-49BDA3…)

this reminded me of shayna today lmao

No. 850463

A while back someone paid her to make humiliating confessions on her paid snap and in one of them she admitted she started camming at 17. The video was up for a while (on pornhub, iirc), but seems to have been taken down.

No. 850467

File: 1565292977230.png (Spoiler Image,330.23 KB, 584x351, J.PNG)

She looks hot sweaty and older then she is.

No. 850469

File: 1565293406661.png (18.42 KB, 572x139, One.PNG)

Butthurt that people don't want to pay money for what they can get for free, not only from Shay but from fucking pornhub or google.

No. 850470

File: 1565293471743.png (336.19 KB, 573x401, hfbhfb.PNG)

She looks crazy in the first picture.

No. 850471

File: 1565293477888.png (4.18 MB, 828x1792, BC4C0EE9-2319-4620-A9B8-656BFD…)

She looks so fucking drained and elderly.

No. 850472

WOW I don't ever think I saw her look that bad. Also Shay? Can you get a new background? Those pillows are the same color as your badly dyed hair.

I'm sure they weren't that dark when you got them.

No. 850474

Her dad enables her

No. 850475

Jesus she seriously looks like the elderly faceapp filter

No. 850483

She has the ugliest, beadiest eyes ever and I don't know how she manages to even get them that way. Like I doubt she wears circle lenses yet you can barely see the whites of her eyes.
Those glasses do her absolutely no favors. Serving looks with her granny glasses, forehead and undereye wrinkles and dark circles. Literally the definition of a smol baby barbie girl uwu
I can't believe this girl is in her 20's

No. 850508

just radfems chomping at the bit to mock trans people, what else is new on lolcow. there’s a time and a place for that but pls don’t shit up this thread too(back to tumblr)

No. 850510

the bloating and weight gain is catching up permanently

No. 850511

I'm this Anon'>>850397 I have no issue with T-Ppl. Go somewhere.

This isn't the place to discuss that.(trans sperging)

No. 850521

File: 1565296756985.png (14.87 KB, 494x164, fhbfhbfhbf.PNG)

No. 850547

I wonder if others/her actual viewers are fed up of her bdsm wall background?
I understand for actual cam sessions to maintain a consistent recognizable look, but she doesn't even cam now and it's the same for every damn picture and video. I am so bored of it.

No. 850553

Yea it’s a little weird since she has a whole bedroom that she could set up differently.

Oh wow! If we pay for her hair appointment we get to see if first?!? What a fucking honor.

I get it, she’s using the glasses to make her goblin nose appear smaller. But Jesus does she look extra special.

No. 850558

She looks cryptic

No. 850563

File: 1565302481406.jpeg (341.64 KB, 750x953, E9DC2FBF-6E31-48E3-A1F2-E93295…)

No. 850567

Looks the exact same and looks like she smoothed her skin or something.

No. 850570

I dont understand didnt she just get her hair done.

No. 850571

How is she this delusional about herself? Even if she was actually naturally pretty it wouldn't matter with her lack of hygiene and knowledge on how to take care of her body.

No. 850572

I've never seen someone who has their life barely together like this get their hair cut and colored this much, jesus

No. 850573

File: 1565303282640.jpg (565.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190808-182510_Twi…)

this interaction is disturbing. what job in what world would this happen in? do these lazy bitches understand that they wouldn't last one hour at a real life job? no shame to sex workers, I'm talking these two clueless ebeggers specifically.

No. 850574

omg she CAN work at a pot shop… nothing is stopping her. clean your face, put on some normal non revealing clothes, and go ask if places are hiring! it’s really that simple.

No. 850575


Nah, she'd rather be a gross porn star and beg for money doing the bare minimum, while her family are ashamed of her and everyone who knew her pre-porn goes, "Yo, remember Shayna Clifford? Yeah, her! You know she does pedo porn? Yeah look…"

and then forget about her ass.

No. 850579

"i'm sooo pretty with my facetuned face!1"

No. 850582

I thought Shayna was too good for a regular job lol, is it because she's shit broke now?

No. 850592

File: 1565306517425.png (42.38 KB, 609x288, Capturedhdhd.PNG)


No. 850595

She probably didn't get her hair done. Just curled it and said she did so people will send her money

No. 850597

this is what makes her want to stop putting out free content? is she that mad she didn't win b/c she's been giving it away for free over how many twitters now and this is the final straw?

she wants more purple in it.

No. 850603

File: 1565307767514.jpg (160.87 KB, 640x506, Hud2zPO.jpg)

I don't understand why she can't just buy some semi-perm purple dye from Sally's and touch it up herself instead of overprocessing her hair.

No. 850610

I honestly don't think she knows how. She does nothing for herself, everything has to be done for her.

She always eats out cos she can't cook for herself, she can't bathe her own dog or clip it's toenails, she gotta get her hair and nails done every time, can't even pay for her own food and living costs. She's just a big ass child

No. 850612

It's sad when someone colors their hair so often because it's the only time they feel good about themselves

No. 850614

She said she was getting more purple put in. Not purple at all. Looks like a brown dye job gone wrong

No. 850615

>Even if she was actually naturally pretty
you know attractiveness is subjective, right?
as much as farmers meme and flip their shit about how ugly shay is, she still has fairly normal features, just as you said she doesn't take care of herself and she has potential to be attractive

No. 850617

lol are you done sucking her ass now?

No. 850628

File: 1565311539914.jpg (345.46 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20190808-194510_Twi…)

No. 850629

Nah. Her body used to be okay if not kind of planky, but she's wrecking that too. Her face is just kind of unfortunate though, esp lately. She looks more like a troll doll than a barbie doll.

>>850471 she straight up is starting to look like gypsy rose. kek.

No. 850630

uhhh google it?

No. 850634

When she does that high pitch thing with her voice she basically is gypsy

No. 850636

Same anon. Gypsy rose might actually look better than her. She can play the girl who played gypsy

No. 850654

File: 1565316317067.jpeg (531.52 KB, 925x1624, 13591822-B439-4F85-BF9A-44315E…)

Sage for old milk but I found this pretty funny reading the old threads
Part 1/2

No. 850655

File: 1565316338468.jpeg (514.52 KB, 928x1453, 2CB81F78-E8D6-4693-B988-8A6AAB…)

No. 850657

File: 1565316591598.jpeg (593.65 KB, 2048x2048, 9A181FB2-92D8-4368-ACB8-0F7501…)

She looks nothing like the facetuned picture. Especially the eyes—her eyes aren’t that big and round.

No. 850659

What makes her think it’s okay to shrink her nose down to half it’s actual size?

No. 850660

>>850657 why no lip chap?

No. 850668

It's really funny to me how she talks about developing a brand and making followers. She literally ONLY started doing sex work because she already had a TON of followers, and people were asking her for nudes so she figured "this will be super easy", and it was for her in the beginning having a huge following. She just rode off the back of her stupid stoner posts that got popular. She didn't create a brand or work up from nothing. She didn't have to try and now that she does it pisses her off.

No. 850805

"Everyone who doesn't agree shay is a hideous beast no exceptions and no one can ever think she's attractive is sucking her ass"

Geez, I know y'all are nit-picky here but why get this defensive just because someone said other people might find her attractive?

No. 850808

I don't think her face is absolutely awful or anything just average and she doesn't take care of herself which makes her look aged and she keeps trying to go for aesthetics that don't fit her at all

Despite anons weirdness she actually has nice tits but the thing is the rest of her body is flabby, she has a decent body structure and can definitely go for the cute athletic girl aesthetic but she doesn't want to do that, just like how she doesn't want to take care of herself, she just has no self awareness and it sucks to see someone who has the potential to be attractive look like a dump

No. 850815

Learn to sage, Nobody cares about all of these fucking "tips" and what would "fit" shay the best. Every thread has nitpickers, even you nitpick cause she hasnt always been alcohol bloated and "flabby" can be real subjective unless every bitch on planet earth has to have a tummy tuck tier stomach to not be regarded as "flabby".
Shes lazy, she doesnt take care of her skin, she pulls expressions that makes her legitimatley remind you of a 40yr old wine mom to which she thinks is 'sexy quirky', shes aged over the past year more than anybody should which is part of why people comment so much on her looks because its all due to her treating herself like utter garbage. sw'ers age like mold anyways its almost as if the profession has negative impact on health, who knew.

No. 850822

File: 1565353819982.jpeg (93.52 KB, 1000x563, 0B655BE7-3ADA-445B-8536-3B7BDB…)


No. 850829

Her job doesn’t require much. She’s overthinking it. Yeah it’s hard when you have a one track mind boring with no personality

No. 850833

lol it's so tragic she's obsessed with online attention that she's coming up with bizarre explanations for why she isn't getting any. the simple obvious reason is nobody cares about her anymore. she has 0 friends, her old tumblr following couldn't be bothered to find her, nobody wants to chase her around 70 different twitter and snapchat profiles, other thots are afraid of getting cancelled by association, she probably only has ~100 real followers and none of them give her a thought. watching her put this much mental energy into ebegging but being too lazy to get a regular job ( >>850573 ) is hilarious/frustrating.

No. 850834

>Nobody cares about all of these fucking "tips" and what would "fit" shay the bes
you do enough to flip out instead of just ignoring something you don't care about, I and most others don't care about like 60% of lolcow and I don't go out my way to make it known that no1curr, it's an image board, people post shit you and others may or may not care about,get over it

>Every thread has nitpickers, even you nitpick cause she hasnt always been alcohol bloated and "flabby" can be real subjective unless every bitch on planet earth has to have a tummy tuck tier stomach to not be regarded as "flabby".

why so hostile? I never claimed not to nitpick, I do, however, acknowledge attractiveness is subjective and don't flip out when someone calls the "someone said shay isn't a hideous beast" police

No. 850835

Have you guys never used snapchat before? It's just a filter, Shay is too lazy to actually facetune or photoshop. Every camwhore and e-girl uses filters, chill with the nit picking

No. 850842

we know it's a filter. it was just a comment.
can the sensitive bitches calm themselves this morning?

No. 850846

Nta, but everyone needs to take a damn breath and relax. You guys are jumping at every little comment. Is it really so hard to just ignore posts you dont agree with?

No. 850875

File: 1565366601620.jpg (177.86 KB, 1079x480, Screenshot_20190809-110106_Twi…)

No. 850876

Does she really think missing one day of meds affects her this wildly? Missing ONE DAY of medication doesn’t do that, if she’s taking it consistently it would still be in her system and wouldn’t affect her like that. This just leads me to believe that she takes them probably like once a week which could cause her to have more manic episodes more frequently which seems to be the case here

No. 850877

Missing a pill may affect you in like a couple of days later but not the next day! What is she even on. An anti psychotic?

No. 850878

No. 850879

File: 1565367205579.jpg (110.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190809_171345.jpg)

>please kill me

No. 850881

File: 1565367358991.gif (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 640x480, Giff.gif)

Why does her ass cheek look so red? Is that like a light or something?

No. 850882

File: 1565367412139.png (Spoiler Image,352.41 KB, 571x383, No one calls you that.PNG)

No. 850883

File: 1565367497404.png (12.79 KB, 588x88, fgf.PNG)

No. 850884

I think it's just a mark from sitting on her ass for a while immediately before taking a video
Does she think these vids are cute?? like? no makeup, no effort, stoned and gross

No. 850885

File: 1565367668004.png (13.32 KB, 589x132, Capturej.PNG)

No. 850886

maybe you'd feel better if you got off twitter for 5 minutes and left the house. why doesn't she just get on tinder and find a date or something? her life doesn't have to be as pathetic as she lets it.

No. 850888

they um…don't call you bendy Barbie tho?

No. 850890

or she doesn't take them at all and this whole bipolar thing is a ruse for attention and asspats on twitter

No. 850892

doubtful, they usually don't out someone on anti psychotics right away unless it's absolutely a psychotic disorder like skitzophrenia. She's probably on some basic low dose anti depressant like Prozac, or even a combination of low dose anti depressants. Either way, missing one dose of almost any medication won't have an immediate effect. I've mentioned before but I think she's out right lying about the entire thing, about having mental illness at all.

No. 850896

i figured the entire thing was fake after she tweeted about her psych calling her "fatty" or whatever it was

No. 850897


Her waist is wider than her ass/hips, I know her diet is poor but I'm starting to think it's bloat from meds, certain psych meds are bad for making you gain only around your stomach area

No. 850899

she's been gaining since before she said she was put on meds tho. the bitch eats like a literal 5 year old, plus constant beer/sweet liqueurs and takeout.

No. 850904

when all you eat is takeout and candy, and drink beer and sugar alcohol, you're gonna get fat pretty quickly. She's getting there quite steadily. Just look at pics of her from this time last year.

No. 850906

File: 1565369206130.jpg (60.58 KB, 749x749, IMG_20190809_174643.jpg)

So special needs

No. 850916

File: 1565369685191.jpg (97.56 KB, 627x622, 1526417959822.jpg)

for reference: left is her "on vacation" in mexico with fupa last year when they first met

No. 850918

she had a lot of potential, damn.

No. 850920

I think she's wearing those hideous granny glasses on the tip of her nose to hide how big it is. You really need a dollface to pull this off.

No. 850921


Holy shit, I've never seen Shayna looking like she actually tried before now. It is crazy to see the difference.

I don't think she is ugly by any means. Her body is totally normal and fine, it's just her attitude, sloppiness, and lack of self care that's holding her back as a SW. Between the two photos, the Shayna on the left would be way more successful at this.

No. 850922


Damn has this been the slow transition of her whole "rebranding" thing she mentions every other month?? KEK

No. 850923

and she was probably making decent money when she looked like that (compared to now at least). she was at least doing the bare minimum of camming regularly and making an effort to do some pro work. it's like she met fupa, decided she was too good to work, became obsessive with the "i'm gonna steal ur college fund" schtick and completely let herself go.
really the worst thing going on with her at the time was the state of her vagina, which seems to be the only thing that's improved during that time span.

No. 850927

she is filtered in that first picture so of course she "looks good". why is it anytime someone posts a filtered photo of her yall forget there are years of her actual face being shown in these threads lol?

No. 850928

Anon, really? She looked significantly better than she does now, filter or no. She's always had an unfortunate face but at least in the first pic her body can make up for that.

No. 850929

anon i think they were pointing out the weight gain

No. 850930

we're talking about her body. clearly we can see the infamous snapchat heart filter that she abused for months.

No. 850931

this is kinda sad, tbh. she really is headed down the speck road. if she thinks getting thicc is the way back to fupa's heart….well, not sure but go for it? i guess? but she looks terrible now. at least before she could say she was fit, to some degree. her junk has always been a horrorshow, but it's so weird because basic hygiene would have fixed 90% of her problems. all the drugs and the booze are taking their toll. i'd love to see a month to month pic of her degraded appearance.

ot but does anyone ever feel like shayna herself posts some of the more humiliating stuff in the thread? it's a tinfoil, but i honestly do think she lurks here at the very least, if not out and out uses the thread as some weird form of advertising.

No. 850932

I've been following these threads for a long time. Shay is a master catfish. She has plenty of unfiltered photos that show her planky scrawny body and average face in all it's glory. At least pick a photo that isn't filtered if youre gonna compare.

No. 850933

File: 1565372336276.png (73.86 KB, 1080x299, Screenshot_20190809-133842~2.p…)

I am so baffled that someone like her is making this statement.

No. 850934

It's weird she ramped up on the "Steal ur college fund" when she got with a man who actually has kids. As a parent, it's so disrespectful for Fupa to even be with someone who thinks like that.

Man, those times were dark but amazing milk.

I can imagine the baby mom seeing Shay bragging about wanting to be a stepmom and taking money from men's children.


Funnily enough, she looked better than (with a filter), but people still ragged on her just as they do now. P

Imagine a year or so, will anons be looking at pictures of Shay NOW going, "Man remember she looked like this?" because somehow she got weirder looker and her personality worst?

She needs to work out, weight doesn't settle on her body well. She's supposed to be a "perfect barbie' She needs to go jogging, Eat better. Her job IS her body but she focuses on her hair and ugly nails.

No. 850935

File: 1565372422114.jpg (72.66 KB, 1080x463, Screenshot_20190809-183522_Twi…)

She really sat here saying this when she buys followers, makes a big deal out of her follower count all the time, begs for likes, offering free nudes for them and throws a hissy fit if not enough people like/RT her pictures.

Damn bitch you delusional

No. 850936

yeah, she always looked very plain in the stuff she did for insex and with that bald dude. no filters to hide behind.

No. 850937

I'm sure they can get 3 likes & one retweet on their own. Is she talking about Abrattypixel, whom she copies & copies her?

No. 850940

no one here thought so at the time.

this thread has always been a little too ott and obvious vendetta posting, like, this thread is filled with pissed off camgirls from the other thread but i think some people wanted to see her clean up and get serious about something other than wrecking her life. she's had a series of low point after low point and at this point it's difficult to look away.

if you'd have said this girl is so desperate (or retarded, or whatever her issue is) that she'll shoot fireworks out her asshole, i'd have laughed but not believed it. yet here we are.

No. 850946

your clothes are too small for you now, Shayna. Hiking your panties up your ass to hide your growing muffin top doesn't make them magically fit you. If you're going to impulsively spend your money even though you're broke, maybe you can buy clothes that actually fit your new size.

No. 850947

i think she has that thing where people don't want to acknowledge their weight gain so they refuse to go up a size. if you look at her amazon wishlist she's still been adding size x-small/asia small stuff within the last month.

No. 850949


blogpost but I think it's relevant: I get symptoms by afternoon if I forget my morning meds. The next day and especially evening is a sob show. Low dose of venlafaxine, fyi.(it's not relevant)

No. 850952

File: 1565375372395.jpeg (52.18 KB, 343x610, A1432CE6-E7F8-405E-B38E-A37A51…)

Her drastic change in just a few years is wild. Extremely unhinged! The new appearance compared to back then screams “i need help”.

No. 850959

Why did she used to wear blush and stopped?

No. 850966

God I’ve been thinking that she should go back to these eyebrows, her natural brows look so much better than the goofy shit she does now.

No. 850968

Bipolar anon here, she’s probably on an atypical antipsychotic(basically mood stabalizers), ie lithium, latuda, lamictal etc. these drugs are all nearly weight neutral. She’s gotten fat because she’s a lazy alcoholic not because of her meds(no1curr)

No. 850970

Sorry to double post, but with all atypical antipsychotics, you’re not supposed to drink. And if you do, you shouldn’t have more than like two drinks. They get you extra fucked up and I believe alcohol can interfere with their effectiveness. If she really cared about her mental health she’d stop drinking so much.

No. 850971

Eh I mean her body looks better but she doesn't look good here, she actually looks kind of old in this picture. Better then she does now, I don't find Shay ugly at all, just her attitude amongst other things.

No. 850976

she looks more like a sex worker here than she does now. at least she was putting an extra 10% effort into her appearance.

No. 850977

I think she looks more put togeather,I just think there's better picture of shay to show how different she looks now.

It may be the heavy ass blush ass blush as well.

No. 850983

Her face is almost unrecognizable to now

No. 850984

Hey guys, guess what? no one fucking cares about your mental illness.
Stop shitting up the thread.

No. 850986

RIP to the days when she could still sit with her shorts buttoned kek

No. 850994

Kek this was slept on but made me laugh, anon

No. 850996


I always laugh when people post old photos of cows going "oh man what happened she looked so much better here"

She's gaining weight because she wants to, this is a decision she made on her own. Her crotch was probably at her worst during those photos, she just wasn't flashing us during these particular photos
I believe she was also bitching at the time that she couldn't touch up her blonde?
She was still Shay, her personality hasn't changed one iota – which is why she's here to begin with

No. 851000

i mean… everyone has already said that

No. 851017

File: 1565384033681.jpg (138.96 KB, 1077x484, Screenshot_20190809-155351_Twi…)

So the same makeup she always does?

No. 851030

Watch her wear some fucking blush today kek.

No. 851034

I get that it’s a filter but I find it annoying that she posts “god I’m gorgeous” with a heavily filtered or facetuned picture.

No. 851036

File: 1565386481074.jpg (213.29 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20190809-163503_Twi…)

No. 851037

"wet' pussy…. okay Shay

No. 851043

File: 1565388566444.jpeg (154.91 KB, 991x1059, 279B69BE-D671-471B-A01E-B0AFBA…)

lol did she almost set her hair on fire? it’s difficult to tell but she flinches and pulls the lighter back. maybe one of these days she’ll get so drunk that she’ll singe it and not even notice kek

No. 851066


Totally false. Anti psychotic drugs are given to people for all sorts of “problems” like depression or even anxiety. Some of the safest drugs especially to someone like shayna

That being said, Her main income is whining on Twitter so maybe she thinks people will give her pity money

No. 851071

File: 1565394492018.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 2048x1839, Screenshot_20190809-194754.png)

seriously how can you say that when it's a heavily filtered pic? we all know what you actually look like you fucking goblin.

No. 851073

Right? They hand out Abilify to every bitch and their moms who say they have “mood swings”. Makes me kek when snowflakes get so validated by taking “anti psychotic” as if that implies that they’re “psychotic”. When in reality it’s the lamest drug as it cancels out a lot of party drugs.

No. 851080

File: 1565395808010.jpeg (797.49 KB, 920x880, 2A4EDCD2-60F4-4C22-8589-4B068C…)

The difference between them and now is staggering

No. 851084

I mean… is it, though? Do we really want the panini bangs back?

No. 851100

File: 1565397742409.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190809-193934_Tum…)

Oh no please why

No. 851103

LMAO it's gonna be such a hot mess

No. 851108

Lol what the actual fuck….?

No. 851109

I’m screaming shjskshdlaaj

Prepare to see the most hideous tattoo, along w shayna bragging about it for weeks… assuming it actually happens

No. 851139

Does anyone have screenshots of the awkward dance she did to Black Sabbath on snap while hitting her bong again?

No. 851140

Maybe try scrolling up?
Sage this.

No. 851145

File: 1565407516149.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 24C635B2-DB6A-457A-A262-60481B…)

Operation fupa’s dream goth girlfriend in progress

No. 851192

she never had good eyebrows, even in this pic. They're like 2mm from the hair on her temples. That's ridiculously long.

it's definitely the narcissism. also is this what she calls a "good makeup day"? she's got some major moonface going on, her cheeks look completely flat and it only makes her look chubbier.

No. 851287

File: 1565452185482.png (549.58 KB, 750x1334, ABC3C757-8CC0-410B-977A-6E769C…)

Didn’t see this posted yet

No. 851291


how dare you herpes shame me lol

No. 851292

more fake woke positivity from Shayna trying to seem like she cares about anyone other than herself

No. 851296

>"people are probably insecure about"
seems like she's the one insecure about it.
how's the herps, shay?

No. 851297


I've heard of people referred to as 'the cancer of their community' and nobody gets butthurt cos it's not attacking the sufferer…just the disease itself

No. 851314

this is the weirdest hill to die on…? never knew people with herpes were this sensitive kek.

No. 851322

File: 1565459402817.jpg (404.51 KB, 720x1143, 20190810_104949.jpg)

Shay sent her gross used shoes to abrattypixel

No. 851337

File: 1565462101040.png (394.6 KB, 590x466, 2019-08-10 14_35_02-dlly! (@Th…)

what human can eat this much food and then immediately go home and film themselves masturbating? jfc.

No. 851376

Seems like she's really set on gaining for FUPA. Shayna, just abandon the sinking ship.

No. 851383

Her dumbass doesn't realize her metabolism isn't the same as when she was a teenager. I think she has potential to make the same trajectory as Moo and gain 100kg

No. 851392

She's on snapchat showing how she does her intros on videos

No. 851395

screenshots? any more context?

No. 851401

I don't have a screen recording app. Add her snap: thebrattybarbie

No. 851403

File: 1565474071190.jpg (197.52 KB, 1080x814, Screenshot_20190810-165441_Twi…)

She says this now. Give her some time and she'll be chugging it

No. 851405

i don't use snap, was just wondering if you wanted to elaborate at all. not that pressed about it.

No. 851408

She's claiming she's a genius and pays attention to detail

No. 851415

I dont know if youre trying to be funny or if you genuinely didnt realize it was a joke.

No. 851417

File: 1565476937847.jpg (916.49 KB, 1080x1445, Screenshot_20190810-174230_Twi…)

Her creepy hand ruins it

No. 851423

No. 851424

File: 1565479416869.png (10.54 KB, 1200x432, 1200px-Logo_NIKE.svg.png)

No. 851425

She looks so tan here? Well her hand does

No. 851426

She's probably going to make this one public too and not just for the buyer

No. 851427

that is so gross and embarrassing. she is such a cheap hoe!

No. 851428

i think it looks like that because she's cold or has poor circulation to her hands. they're kind of blue.

No. 851488

I guess it's official she's dropping the baby bimbo thing for good if she's shipping off all her dirty old used shoes and shit to her orbiters. Lowkey shocked she didn't try to sell them to a foot fetishist instead like her pee covered panties and shit covered Easter eggs.

It's going to be wild seeing how big she gets in the next year or so. We all know she doesn't have the dedication to actually start working out or eating healthy.

No. 851498

File: 1565499500366.png (1.41 MB, 1918x2048, Screenshot_20190811-005803.png)

her calling herself a gamer girl, and calling this a "look" has got to be the funniest thing ever.

No. 851499

>no one was out to appreciate my outfit last night
>Fupa dumped me so I didn't get my usual Friday night dose of male attention + validation

No. 851511

Bitch pls, your $12.98 Forever21 bodysuit ain't fooling anyone.

No. 851517

File: 1565504934757.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, FA84EA51-386B-407B-A9FF-CF64BD…)

Lol is she out with Fupa tonight? Who’s taking her pics?

No. 851518

Didn’t she promise a fuck machine video? Or is it as much as a false promise as her alien dildo video ? Scammy Mattel at it again

No. 851522

actually i’m pretty sure this was taken with a self timer and she had her phone resting on another game machine, which is almost sadder

No. 851546

That's a really cool location and she ruins it with her basic poses

No. 851551

I hate everything shay does honestly and I dont know if its just like, her doing something new but I definitely dont mind this lighting or these pictures. Like they're not excellent of anything but if Shay was fine, they'd be cool to me.

No. 851560

Legit thought I was in the tuna slater thread by accident after seeing this pic

No. 851608

I really wish we could see that hairstyle from the back. It looks like she's got like a 2x2in section loose from the buns, like a weird fat rat tail

No. 851619

File: 1565536297388.png (67.11 KB, 1080x472, Screenshot_20190811-110913~2.p…)

Shes mentioned this before. Anytime someone likes a photo of hers and is like wow I would buy this as a poster! She's like "okay who wants posters of me?" Just to boost her pathetic ego.

She never actually does it because it requires work and money, though.

No. 851624

Nobody bought those ugly "stay petty" shirts so why would they buy posters shay? She's not Farrah Fawcett lmfao. Those neckbeards want free pics to jack to Shay and that's it.

No. 851644

and honestly someone could just upload one of her free pics and blow it up into a poster for cheaper than she would sell it. Cunt would probably sell them for $50+ thinking it's worth it.

No. 851668

File: 1565546882111.jpg (60.95 KB, 720x726, FB_IMG_1565546672696.jpg)

Fupa be like

No. 851671

i mean… it worked out for him

No. 851688


Well yeah, he gets the trailer trash Walmart knock off alt girls kek.

No. 851694

File: 1565552091706.jpg (353.15 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20190811-143520_Twi…)

No. 851695

She just got the thing in the mail 5 days ago upthread, chill.. To be fair though she really has all the time in the world.

No. 851714

Well she literally said she was going to make a video with it Tuesday

No. 851727

She's gonna milk that screenshot of her ranking. Once you stop posting videos and earning money, you drop in placement like the next day or two. So watch it drop because she's lazy and only posts videos when they are custom ordered.
And I'm betting she went up in rank only because she just made that one custom sale (the $299 sale that she strategically included to make it seem like she gets that all the time, but purposefully left out the paycheck she is getting that shows right underneath, which is probably the same amount)
To the anons that were speculating before what she earns, let's be honest, if she made a good amount of money, she would be posting it everywhere. She posts (and probably reposts) literally every time someone gives her money and every time she makes a sale on manyvids. It'd be safe to go off of just what she posts publicly.

>back on top

Bitch when were you ever? lel

No. 851728

Agree with all your points. She’s also so desperate to come off like she’s selling tons of videos that she actually retweets the autotweets that get sent out when she makes sales days later.

No. 851738

She's always retweeting old sales lol. It's really sad

No. 851743

File: 1565559416414.jpg (437.75 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20190811-163711_Twi…)

No. 851747

File: 1565559471600.jpg (174.57 KB, 1080x622, Screenshot_20190811-163726_Twi…)

No. 851751

File: 1565561497776.jpg (162.27 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20190811-171149_Twi…)

No. 851756

She posted these 30 minutes apart. She could’ve just gone on cam and made $20 in less time.

No. 851761

File: 1565562372085.jpg (178.29 KB, 1080x678, Screenshot_20190811-172642_Twi…)

No. 851766

Uh.. is it me or it looks kinda wobbly near her ass on the first pic?

No. 851769

It's just you

No. 851779

i think it's just because the image quality is so poor. the only reason she looks like she has an ass in that pic is the pose. if you look at the line from her thigh to her ass it's basically straight.

No. 851789

File: 1565569477532.jpeg (80.36 KB, 746x746, B57C8376-388C-48BA-B120-ACDEC7…)

Her lashes always make me think of the broom-lashes meme. Tragic.

Could have been a cute hair style, but ruined it with the mullet.

I hate when she always uses “we” and “us” when it comes to her “work”. Is this a normal thing sex workers do? “We’re almost to our goal! Send more tips!”

No. 851802

Yes it’s a normal thing sex workers do and so do people who work regular customer service jobs. It’s inclusive and makes the audience feel more comfortable around the person providing the service. It’s really not a far out concept at all and this is just a whole lot of nitpicking

No. 851804

why is the thread filled with such lame nitpicks in the last couple days? i know almost all of us are guilty of the occasional nitpick but lately this has been on another level lol. quick, someone in tula go hunting for fupa x shay again so we might get some actual milk (though i believe fupa is actually done with her for now, i think he got sick of her)

No. 851810

Shay hasn't been that Milky to be honest. I feel like she's shifting into a more goth pastel "Gamer" girl shit but other than that? She's been super boring.

No. 851811

she's employing this new bitchy tactic of complaining that people don't immediately send her money just because she wants it… It really just makes it obvious how much she hates her job. She treats her customers like shit. I mean, she always kinda has, but she's not even trying to pretend anymore

No. 851812

Hide the thread then

No. 851826

File: 1565579736035.jpg (510.34 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20190811-221430_Twi…)

Then the video isn't so private is it?

No. 851827

File: 1565579780774.jpg (141.14 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20190811-221639_Twi…)

More like she got drunk and passed out

No. 851836

File: 1565580737955.jpeg (429.97 KB, 732x1044, 0E8646B5-C17C-43FE-B071-F99D99…)

No. 851847

File: 1565584873451.jpg (Spoiler Image,649.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-004032_Twi…)

looks like the pubic rash is back from botched dry shaving.

No. 851850

God her beady little eyes make her look like some kind of underground naked mole rat demon she has the most unfortunate features

No. 851852

Why/how is she proud enough of this by itself to release it as an exclusive screenshot?

No. 851854

File: 1565587236758.jpeg (111.37 KB, 750x1070, ED33EB21-0513-4226-8A52-827F8E…)

It’s coming for you, anon.

No. 851856

how is her downstairs situation going to improve if she keeps stuffing filthy shit in her snatch jesus christ
i am transfixed by how dry the underwear looks but far, far more so by that expression + those jowls. this is bordering on preg's dreamworks face lmao

anon i think this constitutes as a hate crime upon the rest of lolcow

No. 851859

bulldog Mattel

No. 851871

File: 1565594648656.jpg (Spoiler Image,496.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190812-022358_Twi…)

Warning: nightmare fuel, but here's another "proud" screenshot from her "private" vid

No. 851906


I know she's not the only one stuffing dry material up herself for mens entertainment but damn why do guys want that shit and why entertain such idiocy. I can only imagine it's like pulling out a dry tampon. Such sex appeal..

No. 851912

It makes me sad everytime I see women pretty much give themselves infections and hurt their insides for the sake of male attention, she's literally barely being paid squat too which makes it even sadder

Hopefully she doesn't try to prolapse herself or anything that stupid that women permanently damage their bowels and ass over and have to pay thousands for surgeries just for the sake of pathetic male attention(you're looking for the Pink Pill thread)

No. 851955

i'm having flashbacks to her ATK casting couch videos from last year

No. 851980

File: 1565621508374.png (95.9 KB, 1080x392, Screenshot_20190812-104755~2.p…)

Imagine how dull your life must be to get breakfast at a convenience store every morning and then got shocked when they recognize you.

Also kek @ her drinking vitamin water. She probably thinks that's bet being healthy when vitamin water is all juice and pure sugar.

No. 851987

The most mundane shit ever. Your not special Shay, this interaction is not special.It's not a WOAH moment.

No. 851990

File: 1565626993956.png (452.81 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20190812-120838~2.p…)

what is this interaction?

No. 851991

Is she drunk already

No. 851995

Omg y’all I started reading this bitches threads from the beginning (well as close to the beginning as I can get, I understand the first couple originals had to be archived or smth) and I CANT KEEP UP!!?? I’m on like maybe the 7th of 35 threads… like holy fuck. That’s sad… she milks herself faster than I can read.
Saged for blogging/not contributing

No. 851996

"How about you Chang?"…??? I'm as clueless as you all.

No. 852003

I wonder if she's either drunk or being her classic racist self

No. 852004

Just wait til you hit the Fupa saga, when people find his tinder and Facebook.
What a glorious era.

No. 852007

that really was such a funny time. i can't wait for her next creepy old man boyfriend.

No. 852018

I hope her next bf also has a fupa so we can refer to current fupa as fupa Kyle

No. 852045

Has she had any public boyfriends before Kyle? I remember her talking about the old married guy back before she met Kyle on tumblr, but I honestly can't remember anyone else.

No. 852054

Theres a few itt's

No. 852057

File: 1565635962741.jpg (142.06 KB, 1123x1327, IMG_20190810_111806.jpg)

Am I crazy or is this photoshopped? Look at the stall doors. I dont know any bathroom with different level stall doors.

No. 852058

Her being quiet for 3 hours now means she's obviously passed out again.
I guess noodle didn't get to go to the dog park like she said huh.

No. 852060

File: 1565636147386.jpg (448.18 KB, 1080x1672, 20190812_135527.jpg)

Full post for reference. She hasnt deleted it so I'm guessing she didnt catch that the editing is obvious. Sorry if this was discussed already

No. 852061

So what does she do with the money these dudes give her? She doesn't spend it on nice clothes, she doesn't spend it on her apartment or set up, she doesn't spend it on her "career", she doesn't spend it on her pets, of her general living.

Does all her money literally go to weed she doesn't inhale, drinks and fast food?

No. 852063

>Does all her money literally go to weed she doesn't inhale, drinks and fast food?

Yes. They're expensive habits.

No. 852065

I’ve seen stalls like that plenty of times idk

No. 852071

Looks like a tiny two-stall bathroom with the door being directly to her left. The big stall is probably the handicap stall. Looks pretty typical for a shitty fastfood joint tbh.

There's been some tinfoiling about her reusing caps from old tips, but otherwise it seems most of her money is spent on overpriced, ugly mall clothes, lots of weed, constantly eating out, and copious amounts of alcohol.

No. 852072


Sage for nothing new, but I think it's just good old fashioned "white girl with no ass stretch." She's squatting and bent all the way out, and the skirt is striped.

No. 852074

It's not edited. There are alot of bathroom stalls like that lol.

No. 852096

Looks like left door might be slightly open

No. 852114

File: 1565643112054.jpg (507.52 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20190812-155207_Twi…)

She has literally posted this on all her twitters

No. 852119

Who knows her as Barbie??? Also, we know shay, we know you FORCE yourself to fit these personas and stereotypes.

They aren't the true you, so it always comes off try hard and bootleg. She's forcing this shit down her own throat and it comes out a vomit of mismatched pinks, tacky too-small clothing, badly dyed hair, and the same winged eyeliner.

No. 852126

the "true Shayna" at this point has been lost in her isolation and substance abuse… at this point her only traits are insecurity, paranoia, delusions of grandeur, addiction, bitterness, and lazy selfishness. oh, and SpongeBob quotes.

No. 852139

Dont forget using circa 2015 tumblr slang

No. 852158

I remember on Tumblr when she literally forced people to refer to her as Dolly or Barbie because Shayna "wasn't her anymore". The only reason anyone calls her that is because she shoved it down peoples throats and acts like an angry autistic retard if you call her anything else. And no one wants to see that.

No. 852164

No. 852169

That plug size that does not look good on her at all

No. 852171

What is that face?

No. 852176

Is there supposed to be no audio?

No. 852177

seriously her ears look blown out. it's like a sign of what will happen to her asshole soon.

No. 852178

I’m having that same issue

No. 852183

yeah i don't think they recorded the audio for some reason.
snap anon can we get a transcript or something?

No. 852191

Anons… Just download Snapchat and do it yourselves… It’s so easy. You can make an account in literally seconds.

No. 852194

they already recorded and posted it tho

No. 852199

File: 1565654414234.jpg (445.43 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20190812-185952_Twi…)

No Shay

No. 852200

File: 1565654479116.jpg (219.16 KB, 1080x760, Screenshot_20190812-190128_Twi…)

Tumblr was never made for porn Shay

No. 852202

Okay but you don't look good with makeup so…

No. 852203

she's so obsessed with Tumblr omg get over it already and grow up

No. 852205

File: 1565654848450.png (2.13 MB, 1732x2048, Screenshot_20190812-200702.png)

She looks fucked up 1/2

No. 852206

File: 1565654881226.png (2.03 MB, 2048x1935, Screenshot_20190812-200734.png)

2/2 just wow I have no words

No. 852208

Anon… You are in an imageboard… It's so easy. You can understand we're here to archive shit in literally seconds.

No. 852212


Yikes that plug size is terrible on her. Her face looks better with a smaller size it look like two ball sticking out of her face. Size down Shayna. We all know this is you trying to be alternative for fupa

I love how she’s wearing these shorts in the video. Good lurk, they are popping off her by the zipper now. What a drastic change

No. 852231

Her arms are getting thicc. Her fat distribution is terrible, it goes to the most unflattering places

No. 852232

File: 1565659148883.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, F4BCFBC9-3713-4DF2-884D-66D698…)

Yeah and they fit her exactly the same /s

No. 852249

File: 1565660963775.jpeg (105.76 KB, 750x1158, 3BB8B774-0FAE-4EFB-869C-B7C023…)

She looks like she’s on actual drugs today

No. 852251

Frilly see-through lingerie, fluffy bunny bookbag… GRANNY GLASSES?

What style is this? Why does she keep wearing those ugly glasses? They don't go with everything.

No. 852252

File: 1565661531825.jpg (800.41 KB, 1078x1798, Screenshot_20190812-205914_Twi…)

This one is worse

No. 852256

File: 1565662059681.jpg (481.58 KB, 1073x1077, Screenshot_20190812-210801_Twi…)

Very attractive

No. 852257

Crack confidence on 1000

No. 852260

>Gains weight
>it all goes to her gut, thighs, upper arms and neck.
>still has average size boobs and no ass
I wonder if she'll keep gaining, considering her lifestyle, I imagine we'll see her balloon up in the next year or so. kek.

No. 852275

Then what’s the problem with doing it yourself?
Not all of us have the ability to screen record. Not all of us are here to spoon feed you.

No. 852285

File: 1565666149326.png (8.82 MB, 1242x2208, 2D5E86E7-583F-4DE4-A8C1-A6C7A6…)

Oh my god, she’s a blob. She’s obviously been gaining weight, but recently it’s actually become very noticeable and she’s looking awful. She’s lost all definition in her face.

No. 852292

File: 1565667263258.jpeg (20.97 KB, 155x275, 4484266F-16E7-493C-B2C2-E6C5A1…)

Jesus Shay what happened

No. 852311

File: 1565669329827.jpg (561.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190813-000747_Twi…)

no, they aren't.

No. 852314

lmao why is he lying to her

No. 852316

File: 1565672400654.png (298.24 KB, 750x1334, F696A1F7-180D-42EB-93D1-53BADC…)

Sounds pathetic as fuck tbh

No. 852318

whats to think about? her porn is all the same. You see one you've seen them all

No. 852321

God, anons used to call her skinny fat for having a little pouch but now she has a full blown beer belly. How did she devolve this quickly?

No. 852322

Moving in with Fupa really enabled her alcoholism, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

No. 852326

God forbid a girl gains a little body fat. Shay is shit but damn the milk must really be dry if the nitpicking is this bad.

No. 852328

anon, you can't seriously look at the downward spiral shay is on, evident in her perma-bloat, sagging skin, eyebags, front-and-back-rolls – you can't seriously look at all of that and say "hey, that's a little fat gain"

especially knowing exactly what is causing it

if shay was gaining weight because she was happy, eating healthy, and generally living a good life, no one would give a shit. she's gaining because she's eating like shit in a misguided attempt to reclaim Fupa (god knows why), she can't stop drinking for five minutes, and because the most exercise she gets on a daily routine is lifting her phone and tweeting insane stories

there's some fluff in the thread here and there but if this isn't milky, someone come shut down lolcow

No. 852330

alright, good point

No. 852332

File: 1565676181575.png (938.15 KB, 750x1334, 7E0C668B-AFE8-459C-9AA5-41312D…)

So jarring how much happier she looked

No. 852354

back when she had something to genuinely smile about

now she only smiles when she thinks she'll get money or attention for it

No. 852375

General transcript- shes going to be putting out some videos this week and finally delivering some customs and apparently the fuck machine vid will get done. She just talked about her schedule that she wont follow

No. 852380

Late but seriously? What kind of fucked up proana chan nitpicks a single roll? Get help. Sage

No. 852394

she looked so much healthier too. the camwhore shit really took her down a dark path.

No. 852405


She does not look good chunky, she really gains in all the wrong ways

Sad to of reached your peak so young and to be tumbling downhill already

No. 852420

File: 1565698425272.jpeg (442.27 KB, 750x878, 57C7DF43-59CB-4610-97FF-4604B1…)

Take notes, Shay

No. 852428

Sage but gotta say I agree with you

No. 852446

anon, the skirt is digging 3 inches into the side of her waist. it's probably uncomfortable as fuck.

No. 852461

How is it even milky? It’s nitpicking

No. 852462

then report it and move on.
the moralfags whining about people calling shay fat are shitting the thread up more than the nitpicks themselves.

No. 852487

Take notes on what? Mia Khalifa worked in pro porn, for only 3 months, and made table scraps doing it. She should still be making money off the revenue her videos get, but doesn't. So what exactly is there for Shay to take notes on? How to get scammed in the professional porn industry? We all know she's not cut out for pro anyway since she has no work ethic.

No. 852491

i'm sure once she gets a whiff of this story she'll be bragging on the timeline about how awesome it is to be an independent e-begger and that's why she was sooo smart to get away from her agency.

No. 852504

Funny thing, she's still with the agency. She's just listed as unavailable. She COULD work, she just refuses to. It's pathetic.

No. 852512

Porn is dead, there is no money to make there. Mia is one of the biggest name in the industry from the past 5ish year, and 12k to humiliate yourself online is a pitiful amount.

No. 852521

She's not the biggest name in the industry, not even close. She did porn for literally 3 months. Plenty of people didn't even know who she was until that retarded song came out about her and her vids started blowing up even more. She didn't make any revenue and still isn't. She got gipped. Actual big names in the industry like Riley Reid make actual money.

So I'm not sure what kind of notes Shayna could take from her, when Mia basically failed miserably and only got popular again from a terrible song and stupid meme.

No. 852543

File: 1565719108370.png (18.6 KB, 586x203, fklf.PNG)

No. 852550

File: 1565719731790.png (22.08 KB, 580x240, fjfbhbhb.PNG)

If you have an issue with EVERY person you come in contact with…maybe the issue is you Shay? Maybe YOU aren't trustworthy & a bad friend, hence why you have no friends SWer or not?

Because No one with brains is going to use you for attention because you barely get any attention on twitter or else where. Besides here.

No. 852552

File: 1565719944040.png (66.44 KB, 1080x313, Screenshot_20190813-141219~2.p…)

KEK. coming from her too, this is fucking rich.

No. 852554

what is with the obvious jealously over follower counts? feeling self-conscious because 99% of hers are fake i guess.

No. 852555

Does she realize that commenting on drama that has nothing to do with her also makes her look like an immature, shit-talking, bitchy, drama hungry attention whore?

clearly her drinking and drug use is eroding her memory, she's basically describing herself today. Too bad her followers have always been porn bots or purchased, so she never should have felt proud of that lol.

too bad she has nothing else to live for except her social media presence.

No. 852556

File: 1565720152501.png (14.43 KB, 571x103, Capturefkfjnfjn.PNG)

I LOVE cowards who just throw subs.
also didn't she say this-

No. 852560

She doesn't. She wants people to think she's better than drama and soooo above it because shes so positive and perfect all the time. Can someone just give her a beat down and maybe she'll get off her high horse? Seriously she's still up her own ass about how popular she was on Tumblr, an actual dead platform at this point that wasn't even made for porn.

No. 852589

I would laugh my ass off if an actually successful cam model called Shay out on her bullshit. It would be hilarious cos she wouldn't be able to claim that jealousy is involved, she would have to truly face the music instead of deflecting for once. But I doubt it would happen.

No. 852595

What song?

No. 852596

File: 1565723901688.png (22.25 KB, 589x269, Capture.PNG)

No. 852599

File: 1565724683869.png (17.47 KB, 594x142, What.PNG)

What is this excuse? You are telling me you can't run down to any store get a cheap eyebrow pencil and work? How many fucking trips to Sephora do you make and why don't you fucking buy enough eyebrow pencils??

No. 852600

Lmfao it's literally called Mia Khalifa. It was made by some retard kids who tried to diss her after they saw a fake tweet. It's awful and hilarious.

No. 852602

She needs to take that as a sign from god to stop with the terrible black sperm brows

No. 852604

File: 1565724997665.png (362.67 KB, 2048x970, Screenshot_20190813-153617.png)

Shayna this joke stopped being funny the first time you used it. Fucking stop

No. 852606

>calling someone an idiot for “misunderstanding” her
>is still using the wrong your, completely missing the point of what the ask said
Whew now THIS is pot calling the kettle black

this is shayspeak for “I don’t have any friends”

No. 852607

File: 1565725350515.png (40.18 KB, 570x227, LIAR.PNG)

No. 852608


hmm.. so her idea of a loser is someone who is online alot, eats junk food and masturbates all day… interesting lol

No. 852609

File: 1565725607247.png (33.57 KB, 564x267, Capture34.PNG)

This asks sounds like it's from Shay to herself, lol. She's trying to change the tone because she was being negative.

No. 852624

She's trying so hard to be cute on her snapchat right now and it's just so dusty.

No. 852626

isn't that just the norm at this point?

No. 852627

There’s so much irony in her posts it physically hurts me.

No. 852632

File: 1565730009355.jpg (766.06 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20190813-160035_Twi…)

No. 852634

Jesus her eyeliner wings are getting longer by the day

No. 852635

isn't it like 100 degrees there??

No. 852647

It is, but it dosnt matter, she doesn't go outside,except to the bar.

No. 852649

Lol this just shows how scammy she is. She could film like this, but oh no, she can't draw on her caterpillars today so she has to take the day off.

No. 852652

And the thing is she did fill in her eyebrows in that pic. So what the fuck kind of excuse was "I need an eyebrow pencil I can't film"? She's so fucking dumb.

No. 852653


She got the Amy winehouse wings

No. 852654


She got the Amy winehouse wings

No. 852659

She doesn't want to "film so late in the day." But what else does she have to do? Smoke? Drink? Cry?

No. 852660

No. 852662

Is her camera quality that bad or is there a filter on this?

No. 852663

shay REFUSES to grasp that every person criticizing or just laughing at her is actually physically cleaner than her and are not in fact, typing covered in cheeto dust in their moms basements. i can just hear her desperately trying to convince herself, "THEY ONLY HATE ME BECAUSE THEY HAVE CHEETO DUST ON THEIR FINGERS! YES THAT'S RIGHT!" really makes me get second hand embarassment every time.

No. 852667

"Lol, you live in the basement at your mom's with Cheeto dust on your fingers, lol"

Shay once bragged about how she moved out the earliest from home, throwing her brother under the bus.
So moving out of the house is seen as a trophy of hers.

It's such a dumb insult because all someone has to say is, "No, I don't live at home"

It's that simple. And so what if someone lives in their mom basement and eats Cheetos, it's better then doing pedo-pandering porn and letting fat dudes with kids use you and throw you away.
Or having hundreds of videos humiliating yourself that will never go away on the internet. Or having your mom be ashamed with you.

Shut up shay.

No. 852670

There's always a filter on her shit

No. 852672

She's been saying that since her tumblr days

No. 852673

File: 1565736674118.jpg (219.97 KB, 1076x750, Screenshot_20190813-174948_Twi…)

No Shay

No. 852674

do people actually care to watch videos of her zero IQ banter with 3 filters slapped over the top smoking weed out of a dirty old bong? whoever said she was trying to be cute but it's actually musty wasn't lying.

No. 852675

Okay so I’m constantly rolling my eyes at anons on here saying she looks Down syndrome, but this eyeliner truly makes her look like it. She looks cross eyed and like her eye are down turned at the outer corner. This is the most unflattering eye makeup she has worn in a while.

No. 852679

She doesn't seem to understand how blackmail works though…

No. 852689

File: 1565740439898.jpg (481.12 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_20190813-185408_Twi…)

She already has uncensored photos of this on her Twitter

No. 852690

"wow, if we get her to 10k we can see her asshole and puss we've already seen an million times'

No. 852698

File: 1565743242081.png (13.63 KB, 586x123, Bragging.PNG)

Why does Shay keep buying followers and pretending they are real? You have 10K followers but 90% of them don't interact with you.

It's the same orbiters every time.

No. 852700

yeah i wouldn't be bringing up my follower count as much as she does if on average my tweets got like 10 likes and 4 retweets. the only ones that even get a little bit of traction are ones where she's totally naked.

No. 852702

You can probably get as much traction as her with 300-400 followers. Maybe even less. I don’t understand why she’s doing this it’s so obvious

No. 852704

>my artistic side
oh so that's what she calls doing the same video/pix over and over with slightly different outfits.

her hair has entered messy bun stage, won't be much longer until it's in the greasy braids. she has to have been doing some styling to keep it straight but i guess that's too much work.

her obsession with follower count is so cringey. if she really had that many and they all gave her a dollar she could actually pay her rent/bills and still have enough to blow on whatever instead of constantly begging for every little thing.

No. 852708

I thought people who cared about increasing their follower counts were dumb? Damn she's such a pathetic hypocrite

No. 852722

File: 1565748948544.jpg (340.05 KB, 1077x1194, Screenshot_20190813-211458_Twi…)

No. 852723

Is her being actually retarded supposed to be cute/a quirk?

No. 852728

File: 1565751371531.jpg (Spoiler Image,470.83 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20190813-215609_Twi…)

No. 852734

Has she always done that awful inflection? She sounds like Ariana Grande on Sam and Cat.

No. 852740

it goes in and out and she's really inconsistent with it, but yeah. i think she thinks it makes her cuter or something.

No. 852750

She sounds like mickey

No. 852753

>I moved down south and started eating fried chicken
basically confirming her trying (and failing) to get Thicc™ for fupa kek

No. 852768

File: 1565758782253.jpg (297.47 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20190814_005952.jpg)

No. 852773

This reply is fucking slept on hahaha I laughed so hard

No. 852776

I find it rather hilarious that she hasn't mentioned her "glucose papi" or whatever cringy name she used since fupa left the picture.

No. 852777

Lmfao and i bet the dumb bitch who says she supports shay had no response.

I honestly don't get it though. These cringy, mentally ill e hoes who do the same schtick as shay have to have some awareness about Shay's content looking terrible. Even if they are they fine with the themes and subject matter, she always looks so fucking bad. How can they deny it????

No. 852802

She's been on the moodier side lately, and hasn't mentioned glucose papi in awhile. I'm tinfoiling that her recent depression has more to do with that then Fupa, who I do actually think is a separate entity. Now all her chumps are gone.

No. 852809

>vitamin water

shayna. dear. it's a soda pop but make it terrible.

why are you doing this to yourself?

also tinfoil: she usually gets an alcoholic beverage for breakfast and just put "vitamin water" instead.

No. 852816

That's not tinfoil anon, that's literally her life.
On that note, how long until she rams a can of White Claw up her cooch in a desperate bid for rent money?

No. 852861

Shouldn’t be long at all.

On another note, it’s been speculated her a bunch of times that her father might help with her rent. I wasn’t so sure at first, but I feel like her father has to be involved somehow. He told her he didn’t want her doing sex work at his house so couldn’t that imply that he still might support her, so long as she’s not camming at home? I mean, he visited her and she’s said that she talks to her dad pretty frequently, plus she’s flown home to MA for holidays. I think it’s possible her father might be supporting her financially somehow. There’s no way she can afford an apartment and all the dumb shit she buys by selling all of her videos for literally pennies

No. 852864

Theres only so long and so much a parent would dish out for their 20 something year old though.

No. 852881

when the fuck did her father visit her? I do not remember him visiting any of the places she's lived since she moved out.

No. 852945

Ok on snap she posted a picture saying "noodle waiting for the Uber to go to the dog park"

What the fuck? This lazy bitch doesn't even walk there.

No. 852951

i have never heard of someone ubering to walk their dog lol that is some next level laziness

No. 852965

Seriously she could walk there every day. She would get a good workout and not really have to do anything but walk, and it would tire out the dog so she can go home and work while the dog sleeps.

It's so basic and she refuses to even do the bare minimum.

No. 852972


other way around. she visited her dad

No. 852980

File: 1565803919458.jpg (447.46 KB, 1079x1137, Screenshot_20190814-122246_Chr…)

I don't think she's paid for any apartment since her time in MA. There are websites where you can basically put in someone's name and general location and they use public records/utilities/social media and you can pull up pervious addresses, phone numbers, and emails of people. Shay's ended in MA and hasn't had anything since. I used the same for fupa and I can pull up phone numbers/addresses/family/ect. I blocked the website name because it would probably get me banned, but this is the house he's renting and the horses behind them Shay talked about.

I think her dad is paying for her apartment and utilities. I tried searching for her in the different areas she's lived but none of them come up. But I'm sure if I searched her dad's name, HIS would show up.

No. 852986

She would still have to put her name on the lease as a tenant, and sign it as well. If she's the one occupying the apartment they need to have a record of who she is, regardless of who is paying.

No. 852987

I don't mean this on the house with Fupa, I mean this for the apartments she has had. Just an FYI.

No. 852991

Please don’t give her any ideas, I can totally see her shoving a can of white claw up her boiled ass

No. 852992

Tinfoil but fupa might be a co-signer for the apartment? They were still together when she moved into her shitbox. Legally he’d be responsible to pick up any of shaynas slack when it comes to rent

No. 852995

"big bro makes me chug white claw and stick it up my cunt"

I can see this happening, she's already been delving into trash incest porn.

No. 853003

He has to be, considering he was worthy of being posted up on her Twitter back around V Day for how supportive he is apparently.

No. 853018

File: 1565808790616.jpg (Spoiler Image,622.5 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190814_145337_com…)

No. 853019

Try not to talk too much about her family, that got her threads locked down last time.

No. 853022

Deleted original cause of too much family talk but

Her dad has $. Im sure she manipulates her dad with sob stories the way she does all the desperate orbiters on Twitter.

Like, imagine being such an embarrassment to your family because their friends and everyone from your hometown has seen you shove a frying pan up your ass and piss yourself for pennies.

I'll post a SC later but she is literally begging for dollars on Twitter. She is asking for $1 from people who find her cute.

Fucking humiliating. What a pathetic waste of air.

No. 853027

I totally agree. I just find it weird how I can find literally anyone else who has rented/owned a home, anyone but her. It makes me seriously think she had other people sign for the lease. (Even people I know personally show on the site, as I used that to see how good the info was/how far back. And the records go back pretty far.)

Agree. I don't want to get a thread deleted, and I wasn't here in the earliest threads to know anything outside what is currently up, but I suspect her dad is paying for the apartments, or at least co-signed them because she can't show a steady income.

Her posting a picture of her and her father on her NSFW Twitter is okay, right? Because SHE posted that? She did that a few months ago and was just wondering.

No. 853031


Why does she do that retarded three finger peace sign? I’ve literally never seen anyone else do that before. It really makes her look mentally handicapped

No. 853035

someone could've easily walked in while she had her tits out in a public bathroom whilst taking a selfie lol, so grimy and trashy even in the morning, good job shaytard. and the 3 finger peace sign makes her look both dumb and like her hand is deformed, why not just do a normal peace sign? i know this isn't a big deal but it's just.. stupid lol.

No. 853053

It's a thing in Serbia, but we all know she doesn't know where that is.

No. 853057

So this just confirms Fupa was flexing over a house he was just renting, and didn’t actually buy. Top keks.
He was just as much as a liar as Shay. Anything for that internet clout I guess.

No. 853063

File: 1565814537683.jpg (175.75 KB, 720x636, 20190814_132657.jpg)

Basically revealing her excuse about the internet was bullshit kek

No. 853068

it's really funny how shay constantly has something wrong with either her internet, her air conditioning, her heat etc

No. 853069

Well yea she lives in a garbage pile apartment complex. Not shocking everything breaks in her apartment.

>in b4 maintenance man made me uncomfortable /made some vague comment about my job/sex work/saw u on da interwebs.

No. 853071

File: 1565815896553.jpg (Spoiler Image,619.79 KB, 1076x1471, Screenshot_20190814-155144_Twi…)

Really? All over her bed? Also she's number 180


No. 853072

File: 1565815922276.jpg (Spoiler Image,864.3 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20190814-155109_Twi…)

Just another contest she won't win

No. 853073

File: 1565815948278.jpg (Spoiler Image,910.03 KB, 1076x1936, Screenshot_20190814-155121_Twi…)

This is really disturbing. Here comes another yeast infection

No. 853075

i'm never one to bring up shay's pussy because it's been talked about to death but this one photo really is scary, literally looks like a ballsack that got cut in half lmao

special needs face with sticky fucking ice cream dripping all over her pink furry pillows and bed sheets.. wonder how she'll attempt to clean up any of this after

No. 853077

harry potter and hermione's down syndrome child struggles to eat an ice cream cone

No. 853079

The eyeliner mixed with the lowered glasses makes her eyes look really small and droopy like she's really high or mentally disabled.

No. 853081

She'll prbly beg for money for new sheets

No. 853082

YIKES her eyebrows, Yikes her stiff hair, you can tell she just pulled those ugly buns out and then finger combed them didn't even bother to fix it.

Also, those glasses Shay. I don't know if you think they fit the look but they don't.

She looks like she's about to puke.

No. 853083

Nah she's using her famous piss blanket

No. 853088

Jeez her eyebrows look like the outline of two hills

No. 853089

Now we know why she needs so much eyebrow pencils, she's using a whole one on each eyebrow. No way she can think that looks good.

No. 853095

File: 1565819602881.jpg (Spoiler Image,228.21 KB, 548x1278, Screenshot_20190814-165316_Chr…)

She's at 122 now. Probably wont break 100

No. 853098

I know that. other anon said "he visited her". That's what I'm asking about.

I'm convinced she doesn't wash her eyebrows out and just reapplies product over them day after day until her weekly (or fortnightly) shower. They look like they've been tarred.

No. 853099

seriously like I really hate the vagina sperg but I was very disturbed by this image

Good lord and all over her fucking bed and blanket really?? Like you can’t do that in the kitchen or something?? The fuck is wrong with her.

No. 853102

She only has ONE camera-ready spot in her house. It'd take effort and space to actually buy furniture, maybe a chair, or table or anything else.

No. 853104

i think they were just mixed up

No. 853111

Never really picked up on it before but since other anons said she really doesn't inhale her weed does she? Jesus what a collosal waste of money. No wonder she ploughs through it so quick, she might as well just throw it on a fire and hotbox herself.

Poor noodle and rib, bet their lungs are slowly getting fucked. They prob inhale more than she does.

No. 853113

yeah she's ree'd at people on snapchat and tumblr that have said the same thing too

No. 853118

I said that a few times. Maybe she just does that on film but she never seems to inhale the smoke, just blow it out.

No. 853127

Wait is that the blanket she used as a towel

No. 853136

She’s wearing that disgusting unwashed white crop top with the three flowers again. This bitch really doesn’t know how to do laundry.

No. 853152

Her brows just keep getting worse and worse.

No. 853154

She’s usually someone’s roommate. maybe she got an apartment with utilities included.

No. 853156

seems like one of those shitty month to month apartments so you're probably right

No. 853157

oof must suck that she's all the way in the mid 40's in the contest and dawn is in the top 5

No. 853158

File: 1565825824080.png (27.17 KB, 618x220, 474773.PNG)

Back to her"Baby" grossness

No. 853172


I guess this is her being "Sexy" and "Cute"

No. 853175

File: 1565828459398.gif (2.82 MB, 640x480, myFile.gif)

No. 853180

File: 1565828647843.jpg (755.28 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20190814-192353_Twi…)

What do u mean u have to actually work to make money??

No. 853186

Anon pls spoiler this shit

No. 853187

File: 1565828808719.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, FF2B6993-DE49-484B-9A69-ABF340…)

Lmao she kept forgetting to suck in. She looks SO BAD. What are these glasses and eyebrows? I honest to god hate this worse than the crunchy bangs.

No. 853188

Report it, it’s too late now

No. 853190

I love how she TRIED to fix her hair for these dumb ass pictures & videos but for the contest she didn't bother.

Left it looking like this->>853071

No. 853191

File: 1565829137798.jpg (Spoiler Image,467.85 KB, 1080x1278, Screenshot_20190814-193231_Twi…)

She's at 32

No. 853193

With most contests Dawn wins she normally winds up at least in the top 10. She knows what she's doing, has loyal customers and is brilliant at marketing. Pity Shayna had to ruin it with her narcissism and laziness.

No. 853194

as if she wasn't going to post clips anyway??
Also, the second picture looks like she's about to throw up. So sexy.

No. 853195

I'm just finding it funny that the top fives are such basic pictures & Shay DOES THE MOST (For her standards) and she still doesn't win.

No. 853196

Lmao at her trying to suck in so much she looks uncomfortable

No. 853199

Most contests on MV are won by people who are just good at marketing and promoting. The pictures rarely matter half the time.

No. 853200

she seriously fucked up letting the opportunity Dawn handed her slip through her fingers. she gave up what could have ACTUALLY turned her "career" around for Fupa, just to get dumped (again) a few months later.

Don't get me wrong, I don't care about the dogfucker at all and didn't know she existed until that brief CO stint, but she have Shayna a free room, free weed, and guidance on how to market herself, and Shayna threw it away by being shady and trying to keep secrets with a man who was ashamed to be with her. I really hope Shayna looks back on her choices and learns what not to do if she ever gets a lucky break again. Maybe she's moving in on abrattypixie for round 2

No. 853206

Yeah lmao you can't win if nobody votes for you

No. 853210

File: 1565830097015.jpg (199.28 KB, 1080x719, Screenshot_20190814-194747_Twi…)


No. 853213

If we didn't have that video of Fupa fucking her, I would honestly think Shay is a virgin. With how repulsed she is with sex and her no knowledge of it

No. 853215

And in all those videos she looked like she wasn't enjoying it. Like was just doing it to keep him around.
It's quite sad actually, I'm sure Fupa knew that but didn't give two fucks because he got to act out his disgusting fantasies with her.

No. 853216

File: 1565831011416.jpeg (574.25 KB, 1242x898, ED79794A-108F-4937-8E76-155177…)

sage for nitpick but shays eyebrows remind me of this girl from intervention

No. 853222

File: 1565832435613.jpg (Spoiler Image,410.55 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20190814-202742_Twi…)

She has an hour and a half left

No. 853224

File: 1565833116645.jpg (Spoiler Image,526.43 KB, 1077x1433, Screenshot_20190814-203845_Twi…)

She won't make it

No. 853226

She moved down to #25 kek

No. 853227


How if her internet is down ?

No. 853231

Using data on her phone most likely

No. 853232

nta but i think they meant 'how is she going to play fortnite' if her internet was down

No. 853234

Dolly is my first experience with following a cow on social media and god damn this bitch is getting on my nerves.

Big respect to everyone who keeps this thread updated with milk because… I'm about to unfollow her already.

No. 853235

We all know she’s gonna post the video of her with the fuck machine on twitter for free anyways, she’s just an exhibitionist with a humiliation fetish and no work ethic. I’m sure she’d get paid more on disability for her bipolar than the pennies she gets posting videos for free on twitter

No. 853236

Okay for starters nobody actually calls her Dolly and it makes me want to die inside when it happens

No. 853237


They really shouldn't allow these overly filtered (im talking snap chap way over softened) photos for contests. It's hilarious that Dawn is nearly top 3 and there are some girls that are heffers or not even nude above Shay.

Also wtf was that video of her smoking to Slave 4 U?? That was the cringiest most awkward shit ever. Like I try to take into account that she's drunk and high as shit and I know we really lay on the special ed comments but like…

No. 853238

File: 1565834585282.png (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB, 750x1334, 4EDD36F9-0CEE-42DB-BE75-7EE025…)


No. 853240

From 25th to 5th in the span of 5 minutes? Hmmm

No. 853241

Who the fuck paid that much

No. 853242

Shay must be heated that dawn is in 2nd place now

No. 853243

She still won't win

No. 853244

I hope dawn wins because I’m petty lmao

No. 853245

"abrattierpixie" Shay needs her orbiters once again. I hope that wasn't the last of abrattypixie's money, or else she will beg for her followers to give her money so she doesn't have to be sober again kek.

No. 853247


Lmao or Shay herself used what scraps she had to boost herself because she's mad about Dawn being ahead and always losing. Either her or BrattyPixie or that fat Harley chick. Its just a dumb contest anyway like really. What do they win for these?

No. 853248

File: 1565835429018.png (Spoiler Image,377.92 KB, 758x744, 21000.PNG)

samefag but she got a huge donation from someone as well lmfao.

No. 853250

File: 1565835476290.png (1.21 MB, 1242x2208, EDAB8712-85A9-4D6E-B94D-6C958B…)

Bratty pixie wasn’t the one who gave the huge donation, her name was already listed as the 3rd ranking contributor before she got this

No. 853251

File: 1565835561610.jpg (274.73 KB, 1509x1000, Valerie-LittleNicky.jpg)

It's like she's tryna be a Great Value version of the dorky chick from Little Nicky. It ain't working sis please retire those granny glasses and quit with the horrendously fake voice.

No. 853252

The 1st 2nd and 3rd place get $500 $200 and $100, best picture gets $50

No. 853253

High key hoping she stays at 5th or goes up to 4th and stays there just so she doesn’t get even more cash for doing piss all

No. 853254


Since it's someone with a MV profile… It's gotta be an orbiter. No rando dude would do that lol. Also half off her MV and OnlyFans for the weekend?? God she's so desperate to win this one.

No. 853255

You have to make an account to donate, they could’ve chosen to be anonymous but the top donation’s profile is empty

No. 853256

When is she not having a sale on any of her content though… nothing new, classic scammy shay

No. 853257


DanniHall follows both of the top 2 donators… and the second one follows Shay and one other girl only. I swear the first one could be Shay or a fake of one of her top 3 orbiters lmao

No. 853259

I would crack up if shays spent her rent money on a contest she’s not even going to make any money on. She’s up to 4 as of now.

No. 853260


Hey if she spends a little more she can get $100 of it back!
It's all worth the delusional ego boost to her though.

No. 853261

File: 1565836846859.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.36 KB, 229x379, fixedit.jpg)

I mean if you ignore it's filtered to hell and do some cropping… I guess it's cute. Could use some more cropping but I can only take away so much before it's literally just ice cream and decent tits

No. 853262

why has she been so desperate to enter and win contests lately? she never gave two fucks about them before. this only happened after the MV Awards. Maybe she's pissy about someone who got nominated or some shit and wants to one up them who knows.

No. 853263

she needs that validation that she isn't as much of a loser piece of shit as people tell her she is. too bad the validation won't last for long and she'll be depressed tweeting and begging soon enough.

No. 853264

500$? That’s it? If she had any work ethic she’d be making that a night anyway, easy. If she had a fanbase, she’d rank without all the effort she’s putting in now. When is she going to actually going to think long term?

No. 853266

For real, if she actually thought about it long term and was dead ass about staying a SWer she wouldn’t have stopped shooting through an agency. Even though her videos were horrendous (casting couch), it’s a good way for new girls to get their name out there to make some major $

No. 853267

No. 853268

Lol right? She could just be camming tonight or working on the vid. But those don't boost her ego enough and require effort beyond begging!

No. 853269

I think she’s given up on camming, it requires making effort to chat with people and actually hustle for coins as opposed to sitting on her ass and posting butthole pics for free and expecting money for them

No. 853274

Oof, shay finished at 5th while dawn got that $100 and placed 3rd. Ouch.

No. 853276

is there any monetary prize for 5th or is it only 3rd and higher that get money? shay is sperging out right now though i can feel it, she really thought she was gonna win free money so she could be even lazier kek

No. 853277

No. 853280

File: 1565838864448.png (Spoiler Image,7.92 MB, 1242x2208, 5A9EB5AB-29AF-41F6-AF7A-66E663…)

This is nightmare fuel

No. 853281

Only 3rd and higher get money, but there’s a $50 prize for best picture chosen by MV

No. 853282

Omg I capped the exact same second, this is horrrrrrrrible

No. 853284

wow, I don't feel shay is ugly but man does she look ugly in this gif. her eyebrows look like Eugene Levy's.

This does not look sexy

No. 853286

Are we witnessing rock bottom? How much worse does it get than this? Drinking her own piss? Scat porn?

No. 853287

File: 1565839766041.jpeg (39.52 KB, 412x474, AA161AB0-9F9F-46E5-A3F6-638521…)

Gypsy rose lookin ass

No. 853288

She looks like a fucking muppet

No. 853289

File: 1565839933072.jpeg (23.4 KB, 187x259, 2F75F92F-B4F4-4650-9F65-CD8769…)

Shayna after she fully commits as fupa’s alt girl

No. 853291

File: 1565840809024.jpeg (565.07 KB, 1797x1823, 46B3680A-4A7D-4360-827C-89450F…)

The resemblance is uncanny tbh

No. 853292

Congrats Dawn for the top 3 girl!!

Shayna looks 35yo and I think she has been dressing retarded to look younger. It's just disturbing at this point.

No. 853293

are you blind? they look nothing alike, this picture only proves that

also don't do gypsy like that

No. 853298

The bottom pics are scary accurate

No. 853299

File: 1565841480103.jpg (141.81 KB, 1079x396, Screenshot_20190814-225836_Twi…)

No. 853300

Gypsy Rose had more sexual magnetism

No. 853303

hope she like ants and makes for a new excuse. can't film/cam, exterminator coming over, he'll probably make inappropriate comments about the sex toys hanging on the wall.

also sorry for the stupid question, but how do paid votes vs non paid help in the mv contests?

No. 853305

Prob OT but how’d she get that cone to her haus so fast without melting? Uber with ac to -10 degrees + cooler? Genuinely curious and for the first time, possibly impressed.

No. 853310

I’m guessing she made it herself.

No. 853311

When she licked her nonexistent lips…

No. 853329

wasn't she a child in most of these pictures? if I were you I wouldn't really be saying a child is more sexually magnetic than a cam girl

No. 853374

did you forget that people can make icecream cones themselves

No. 853387

i think anon ruled that out because shay confirmed fairly recently that she literally does not buy groceries lol

No. 853416

Her mom portrayed her younger than she was. Gypsy knew when she was 18 but had to play along with her mom.

No. 853428

Basically, free vote is counted as 1 vote. Each user can only submit one free vote for one person in the same contest. Paid votes give the models much more votes and virtually unlimited as long as cash is being spent. $5 gives you 50 votes, $10 gives you 100 votes, $100 gives you 1000 votes, and so on

No. 853472

please learn the lore before you start spouting dumb shit like this off

No. 853475

File: 1565878439476.jpg (207.43 KB, 1078x818, Screenshot_20190815-091420_Twi…)

No Shay. Just no

No. 853476

why did she make it seem like she already had a video/clips together with it when she hasn't even taken it out of the box..?

No. 853493

she looks like a brain stunted gremlin…

No wait some anon/s were calling her a goblin before. Yeah. That’s about right. This is max cringe.

No. 853504

I hope she does it, I want normies on YouTube to stumble across her and laugh at her!

No. 853509

Thats my thought. They'll either google her name & come here, or find her gross porn. Either way she'll get the WRONG attention.

She'll be deleting comments left and right if more then her orbiters watch her.

No. 853530

File: 1565887784830.png (326.45 KB, 750x1334, 88C580EA-1389-4987-9889-2852A6…)


No. 853531

Why won't she say what she didn't say?? Just say, "I did not say x,y and z"

What is she even talking about??

No. 853540

File: 1565889101626.png (42.23 KB, 620x408, jgnjnjnd.PNG)

I think you need a therapist for other reasons.
reminder Shay YOU CHOSE THIS LIFE.

but whatever

No. 853542

…there's absolutely nowhere that she implies this.

No. 853544

I thought she DID have a therapist though? Kek. honestly I think she went to "get help" so she could get a diagnosis and green card to smoke in OK, and then dropped the therapy/meds right after.

No. 853545

I thought she had one already. Remember, she supposedly was going to bring Noodle to one of her sessions?

No. 853549

File: 1565889919352.jpg (289.1 KB, 1080x1190, 20190815_122518.jpg)

not the anon but She did, in more than one post. She stated that she'd be filming the fuck machine video yesterday after the MV contest. So a normal person would assume the free clip would come from that video. It also shows how shay lies all the time, since she in fact didnt film or even unbox the fuck machine. (1/2)

No. 853550

File: 1565889955073.jpg (340.47 KB, 1080x1109, 20190815_122527.jpg)


No. 853552

Someone said last thread Shay had said her therapist said she "Only gained 2 pounds" but I can't find any tweets or anything to back that up.

No. 853553

she said it on cam

No. 853555

File: 1565890565371.jpg (576.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190815-123536_Twi…)

Figured the sperg was about this considering this girl is someone she follows/reblogs occasionally.

No. 853558

File: 1565890640105.png (23.75 KB, 592x274, ffj.PNG)

No. 853560

I really hope Shay moves in with her orbiter and orbiters fiance because it will give us so much new milk. Brattypixxel's daddy looks gross and she said they want a girlfriend lmao. Shay hop on this free rent Express and move to Florida.

No. 853561

she said she got weighed when she went to her psychiatrist's office to refill her medication. that she "only gained two pounds" but that she told her psychiatrist it was a very noticeable two pounds. And when she left, the psychiatrist said "bye, fatty!" but she immediately said that that didn't bother her at all, she's only bothered by weird things. she didn't say what weird things bother her though.

No. 853563

File: 1565891361101.jpg (542.17 KB, 1080x1745, Screenshot_20190815-124610_Twi…)

No. 853569

Underrated post anon.

No. 853582

She was 20 years old (a whole ass adult) when she called someone Hitler. I hate how they keep trying to push everything back to when she was a stupid 15 year old, when it happened less than two years ago.

No. 853584

File: 1565894450170.png (33.89 KB, 591x385, Capture.PNG)

Lol can't wait

No. 853592

Hmm, if she had ever learned how to edit content properly she would already know how to do this shit

You don't have to use a cam site to find creepy dudes to video chat with Mia. Go back to complaining on your twitter timeline. all of these bitches that affiliate themselves with Shay seem so miserable at times.

No. 853598

>I hope doing less than the bare minimum is enough to make me famous
wow she just explained her entire life

No. 853599

such a classic cow thing to say lol "I NEED THERAPY BECAUSE PEOPLE ON TWITTER ARE MEAN TO ME!!"

No. 853600

the camwhores who defend shay have no brain cells, they always lie and twist everything so shay is magically 15 when in reality the worst shit she did was the camming underage at 17 and then saying really out of line racist/hitler related stuff at 19-21

No. 853603

File: 1565896698188.png (59.26 KB, 611x554, Here's the whole tweet my bad.…)

No. 853605

That mia person even tried saying she didnt make the maga video, when it is literally still on her MV profile for sale kek

No. 853606

she should be more worried about the fact that youtube has the dislike option


i can't even comprehend how she takes this mundane shit and twists it into "this is destroying the lives of sex workers" lol

No. 853624

ah, thanks for explaining, i see why she was bitching about ppl voting for free but should also be thankful anyone was voting at all since she doesn't actually have 10k followers but acts like they're all real and she should easily be winning these contests.

she seems to think if she can convince ppl she was ~young and dumb~ when she said/did things that absolves her of any wrong, even though she's said she's not actually sorry and continues to call herself a baby while being in her 20s.

No. 853629

Lol she's now retweeting Mia's tweet about being on cam

No. 853630

This girl clearly did no research, when you search “dolly Mattel” on google the first result is lolcow where all the receipts are lol

No. 853631

File: 1565900325013.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1077x1446, Screenshot_20190815-151637_Twi…)

I have no words

No. 853633

Those brows.
Maybe next time you should put on lipchap as well.

No. 853634

believe me, anon. everyone's been saying that for months, if not years. and she refuses to. at best we get matte lipstick.

No. 853635

I guess like Lube she doesn't like it.

No. 853637

She looks so dirty here. Look at her hair and her skin

No. 853638

File: 1565901196648.jpg (427.08 KB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20190815-153319_Twi…)

Why is this her work space when she has a whole other room she decorated for filming in?

No. 853640

We havent seen that room in months. Its probably filthy for storing her junk in. Also is she just now opening the box? She posted the same pic on snapchat. Didn't she say like 3 hours ago that she was setting it up

No. 853642

File: 1565901508529.jpg (576.8 KB, 1080x1826, 20190815_153823.jpg)

Apparently someone has a copy of the video. Hopefully they post it here, or even better just out her on twitter.

No. 853643

are her customers not tired of this setup? it's so tired and musty. none of the shit on the walls is even hung up straight.

No. 853644

There’s videos already archived here of her admitting she cammed underage

No. 853646

File: 1565902282345.jpg (Spoiler Image,583.98 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20190815-154746_Chr…)

I was trying to find the video on Twitter, because someone DID post a recording of Shay stating she started underage, and I found this instead. This is from that bratty pixie girl, and it seems like the person wasn't joking because her Snapchat is gone.

No. 853650

this dumb cunt, we have a video of her admitting she cammed underage lmao

No. 853651



at 4:57 she starts talking about camming underage. Here's the thread I got it from- >>>/snow/659029

No. 853652

File: 1565902928546.png (116.58 KB, 1285x463, Captureh.PNG)


Here the video written out from an anon back when the video first was made as well.

No. 853653

Can this PLEASE get posted on Twitter to shut these bitches up

No. 853655

So when Shay was talking about "Misinformation" & Lies, no one lied on her. She did make that trump video & she did say she started camming underage.

End of story.

No. 853663

I wish there was a way without cowtipping. But I think that might be cowtipping. It is pretty annoying to have her outright deny something that she literally filmed herself admitting.

No. 853666

Inb4 shay lurks and goes on another sperg with more excuses or says it was a "joke"

No. 853667

File: 1565905384199.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.19 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20190815-224250_Twi…)

It's still in the damn box. What is she doing? What was she filming?

No. 853668

File: 1565905650757.jpg (287.05 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20190815-164738_Twi…)

Please get her banned on YouTube(do not encourage cowtipping)

No. 853672

Someone posted a clip of it onto that post. I dont know if thatd count as cowtipping but the user has no followers/posts so it's probably a farmer.

No. 853673

calm down with the cowtipping suggestions

No. 853676

File: 1565906973887.jpg (434.96 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20190815-170937_Twi…)

No. 853677

I said in these pictures, she killed her mom when she was 18, she was most likely a lot younger when these pictures were taken

No. 853678

Like, maybe just look at their terms of service? It's not hard. My god she's a dumbass

No. 853679

She probably won't address it

No. 853680

She was 24 when she killed her mother. She was born in 1991 and committed the crime in 2015.

No. 853684

Can we stop discussing Gypsy Rose? Make a thread about her if wanna talk about her

No. 853686

shay is really dumb enough to think her first ever youtube video that nobody cares about will magically get monetized lol

damn her weight gain really didn't help at all, she didn't get "thiccer" her thighs just kind of exploded into wide elephant legs but her ass is still completely flat and non existent.

No. 853691

that sex toy backdrop is so tacky though . And she still insists the slut machine came written on the box? wow

No. 853692

File: 1565909124004.jpg (76.36 KB, 1080x326, Screenshot_20190815-174504_Twi…)

Anxious that the fact you started underage will start making rounds again and you'll be shunned, again?

No. 853693

Maybe it'll make her go home to one of her parents start over again. We know she won't though, sadly.

No. 853694

i bet shay knows it'll come out on twitter soon that she really did cam underage and then abrattypixie won't be able to defend or lie for her anymore lol, she's getting scared

No. 853704

I think that Spoopy girl deleted it off of her twitter after that, cos I couldn't find it. Oh well, she's got a pimply ass just like Shay so two peas in a pod! And she is another orbiter who complains about needing therapy and being depressed, like all of Shay's other orbiters lol.

I love how all these mentally ill camwhores flock to each other.

No. 853706

Clips still there though. I find it SO funny that Shay retweeted Mia RIGHT after she defended her and Mia has been quiet since about the clip.

Shows these women don't care about people like Shay selling underaged sex.

No. 853725

"my dad asked me if I punch myself in the face for money"

Lol WOW.


A very unflattering pose, makes her look heavier then she is and older.

No. 853728

That’s just every picture now

No. 853751

>that was pretty humiliating…
Yeah, imagine how your dad felt.

No. 853760

not trying to whiteknight at all, but it wasn't a "MAGA video"… It was an incredibly distasteful, poor attempt at a "parody" that really just played into his words (and spurred her to talk about other actually racist video ideas) but her hat said "FUCK TRUMP", not MAGA. if she really were a Trump supporter she would've been torn to shreds on Tumblr the moment it happened. let's not give her more reason to cry misinformation.

that fuzzy "white" pillow is disgustingly dirty. giving me major Tuna vibes.

isn't it something like you have to have 1000 hours of views to get monetized? Like all the view times added together from all the viewers have to be over 1000 hours until you're eligible. She really does act so entitled

No. 853767

I think the implication of the fuck trump hat was that people thought the video was actually of her pretending to fuck trump. I’ve never watched it, just the impression I got.

No. 853769

1000 subscribers and 4000 hours viewed in the last 12 months

No. 853771

that could well be true, I interpreted it as her trying to be edgy and ironic, when in reality she was just normalizing his opinion that it's okay to sexually assault women (it was titled "grab me by the pussy"). but it's just false to call it a MAGA hat/video.

No. 853773

I can't get over her spending all her money on weed she doesn't inhale. What even is that schtick, and how/why did it work on Tumblr? This is the worst nitpick ever but oh my god, inhale, Shayna.

No. 853781

File: 1565926776224.jpg (507.86 KB, 1080x1325, Screenshot_20190815-223925_Twi…)

Why subscribe when you can already see this on her twitter?

No. 853783

File: 1565926833367.jpg (Spoiler Image,433.9 KB, 1077x1214, Screenshot_20190815-224100_Twi…)


No. 853785

A bruise wouldn’t be that dark right away, she set up the machine earlier this afternoon

No. 853788

IIRC the whole issue was that she wanted to fuck herself with a black dildo while wearing a MAGA hat.
Implying a trump supporter getting fucked by a black guy.
So hilarious, shay.

No. 853792

it looks like a fresh bruise to me, it can be that dark so quickly if you get hit hard enough. she's just desperate for attention and has no one left to run to besides Twitter. and didn't she talk about setting the machine up for hours before she even opened the box? and she was supposed to post the video today but we still haven't heard anything… I'm betting the set-up was harder than she thought it would be and she's too drunk and high to keep her promises

she wanted to wear a Trump mask and have someone buy her a black dildo to fuck herself with. very racially insensitive, nasty, horror porn for multiple reasons, but still no MAGA hat involved.

No. 853800

Alcoholics get bruises all the time from being clumsy and because it’s a blood thinner, so it’s expected for shay at this point. She’s constantly making shit up to pretend she’s not living a miserable life.

No. 853810

Sage when was the last time she even camed?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 853811

I was wondering the same thing too, it was about 3 weeks ago

No. 853813

whats with everyone saying sage but not actually doing it lately

No. 853820

probably just newfags who don't get how to actually sage lol

No. 853868

File: 1565949972040.png (62.99 KB, 1080x359, Screenshot_20190816-060443~2.p…)

she last cammed on July 23rd. That day she was like "omg can't wait to get back into camming regularly, I'm gonna set a schedule next week and I'll be on a lot more"

that was when she was scrambling for rent. we'll see her cam once a month I think, just so her orbiters can shower her in tips and attention right before MFC's payday

No. 853898


Aaaaand she posted her tits that we were only going to have the privilege to see if we subscribed first thing this morning kek

No. 853907

she posts her tits, ass and full on vagina on a regular basis. i'm not sure what type of draw that hand bra was supposed to be.

No. 853911

File: 1565964666233.jpeg (127.17 KB, 750x952, 60CBAA29-4D86-43FA-BCB8-44E096…)

No. 853916

File: 1565966870767.jpg (416.55 KB, 1080x1326, Screenshot_20190816-094745_Twi…)

No. 853922

File: 1565967494535.jpg (202.79 KB, 720x763, 20190816_075748.jpg)

Shays having a meltdown cause she read the last couple threads

No. 853930

is it people on tumblr/twitter doing this, or….?
because that whole discussion got shut down pretty fucking fast here.

No. 853937

she's probably just bring it up for victim points. she hasn't gotten tipped recently so that's most likely why. she has the same patterns.

No. 853938


Her bipolar ass is so dramatic

No. 853940

Stop acting like you even care Shay.

Nobody here could ever tear Shay down more than she can and her stupid orbiters. They need some therapy and to get over themselves.

No. 853951

What the fuck is she whining about? The only discussion here was MONTHS ago & it was shut down.

I wish she'd stop being such a coward, if you are going to call people out call them out properly.

now SHE'S using her HS friends death to play victim. YOU stop using her name in vain.

No. 853953

File: 1565972950955.png (62.62 KB, 602x540, 88888.PNG)

The insults were hard to ignore but not the underaged camming?

No. 853960

I don't think I'm understanding what this person is saying. Are they supporting shay?

No. 853964


It doesn't matter if the person is legitimately problematic if you also talk negatively about their physical appearance you're just jealous and lacking integrity. Alright deluded Cheeto neckbeard keep fapping to your boiled pussied dehydrated dirt bimbo I guess, doesn't matter that she distributed her own child porn or once thought Hitler is cool or any other terrible thing she's said or done because people notice her Trainwreck infected gens and her quickly deteriorating youthful appearance and anyone who notices petty things like that has no right to point out character flaws!!

No. 853986


"Don't use her name in VAIN"
But also let me talk about my "ex-best friend" on my disgusting sex worker account and talk about shit that no one even cares about.

Did Shay even SAY anything when she passed? NOW She wants to use her for sympathy and I assume she's talking about here.

MONTHS later.

Girl, get caught up, we're talking about you underage camming. You know, admitting to committing an crime.

Don't bring up someone passed on & old news to try and make people feel bad for you.

No. 853998

No. 854009

File: 1565979561277.gif (Spoiler Image,5.67 MB, 512x288, AF4225C5-6819-49B9-AAB3-A8C75F…)

LMAO is this a parody?

No. 854014

Everything in her room always looks like salvaged items from a burned down the house. They look like they were badly washed to get the smoke stains out.

Everything is a dingy off-colored pink.

Her house HAS to smell like weed smoke, ass and puss.

Ugh and I bet she's going to use it on her bed and it's going to be flopping everywhere.

No. 854020

Someone please… please put horror music over this on a video

No. 854029

It looks loud and flimsy. ngl I would find this shit funny if it wasn't Shayna trying desperately to seem funny

No. 854030

wait. is THIS the fuck machine clip that she promised everyone if she made the top 10?

If it is, all I can say is wow. That's some top tier scamming right there.

No. 854046

oh my fucking god I'm cackling

THAT'S her sex machine?? It looks seconds away from breaking, I can't imagine anyone actually using it

No. 854047

i feel so unsettled. this is top tier banner material

No. 854051

She's not in a good place because she's been reading here and that video of her admitting to be underaged is still on twitter lol.

No. 854052

Anyone else surprised she didn't buy a pink fuck machine?

No. 854054

that one was probably too expensive, kek. Plus someone else bought it for her, she claims.

No. 854058

File: 1565984012606.png (277.78 KB, 750x1334, A474BCF3-007B-4ACB-976F-9B1F04…)

Imagine my shock that she’s “not in a good place mentally” the day she’s supposed to be delivering content

Sorry posted and deleted because accidentally spoiled

No. 854059


She isn’t going to let that thing dry fuck her, is she? The future is bleak

No. 854065

seriously, compared to all the pedo pandering and the underage shit shay's done, why are these idiots fixated on the trump shit? who fucking cares about trump? she caters to fucking chomos, dumb ass fucks.

No. 854067

just rebrand as fuck pig and be done with it

No. 854069

I mean a lot of them are INTO the pedo pandering shit, so they don't care about that.

That's seen as normal "kink" to them. Another thing that has been brewing on my mind, didn't Shay once say her mom was a Repub? I remember someone saying that Fupa was an republican?

If so, it's okay for Shay to fuck Repubs but she hates on her mom for supposedly being one?

No. 854072

you know that thing is going in bone dry, anon. come on.

No. 854073

she only hates her mom because she wouldn't let her be an underaged cheap online camwhore let's be honest here, and nowadays it's because her mom still refuses to support making pennies from humiliating herself and doing nothing all day besides bitching moaning and begging. shay has made so many different lies and versions of why her mom is "bad" but it's all been such obvious bullshit, one minute it's "uwu abuse" the next it's "big meanie republican mom doesn't like sex workers she's evil :(("

No. 854074

abuse= "I had to watch my brother! I got grounded once"

No. 854075

File: 1565985796119.jpeg (739.5 KB, 1242x1301, 81490B28-9961-4382-8AC0-1BF59A…)

How ironic.. it costs $0 to make somebody not feel alone, but send me money anyways!!

No. 854076

Kek the music she edited in the background pushed this over the edge for me, this is some top tier content shay

No. 854077

didn't she post on tumblr about how she had to watch her brother at like age 14 and she unironically called it emotional abuse or something similar lol?

No. 854078


The shower scene music from the psycho movie is playing in my head while I stare at this nightmare.

No. 854079

File: 1565986385765.png (736.27 KB, 1242x2208, 6EFDE119-4392-485F-87C0-68911A…)

No. 854081

>tormented as the weird goth girl


No. 854082

wow shay, your parents simply getting a divorce and not sharing the same bed is so traumatic, nobody has ever been through anything that painful! and i'm not even going to start on the rape and "goff girl bullied" parts because the rape stuff was all discussed and i think sort of debunked in past threads. also "becoming an adult at such a young age" is such bullshit, you looked after your brother and hung out with him after school in your cushy upper-middle class house while your parents both made lits of money lol

No. 854085

it's fucked up to mentions her brother being the reason her childhood was taken away because she had to be a fucking big sister and take care of a pet, in the same story where she mentions a RAPE.

No. 854094

I feel like it won't even go in dry

No. 854103

this is pretty much an average teenagers life. she didn't have to take care of her brother any more than is expected of an older sibling. She didn't have to "protect" him from anything, or find a way to get him food or bring in any sort of income. She still has both of her parents, both of whom care about her. Why is she treating it like some severe PTSD inducing trauma that she was put through?

Everything else is stupid decisions SHE MADE as a teenager, that most people make. It's not going to give you a mental disorder. She wants so badly to be actually victimized, why? It's a horrible existence having actual trauma and PTSD, I can only imagine.

No. 854105

she knows her reality of being spoiled, going on expensive vacations, and smoking weed in her freely given to her car with her friends as a teen won't score her any victim points

No. 854109

Fupa head needs to censor the dick tip and this would be grade A banner material.
Too bad farmhands take literally 6 months to add any new banners.

No. 854130

File: 1565992774049.png (21.39 KB, 584x250, Capture.PNG)

No. 854134

File: 1565993519324.jpg (187.25 KB, 720x753, 20190816_151014.jpg)

Copy/paste of what sadbaffon said.. these orbiters are as delusion as Shay. She admitted it!!! There's no well "thats hard to do" bs.

No. 854140

Do you have to age verify to use Skype? Chatroulette? 4chan /soc/? Kik? There are plenty of ways that could have happened, Shay didn't need to use ManyVids or any other 18+ website in order to do that. Plenty of fucking creepy adults on the internet find ways to communicate with younger people.

No. 854142

Yeah but if you say that then it won't be defending Shay.

No. 854143

File: 1565994658857.png (23.54 KB, 586x286, Model.PNG)

No. 854146

File: 1565995099850.jpeg (410.98 KB, 1242x1250, 8C6C5BEB-3087-4C5E-8B66-7FF11F…)

Like this if you want me to do my job!!

No. 854149

Imagine being so pathetic that you have to use twitter likes in order for you to do your fucking job. God this girl is a loser.

No. 854153

File: 1565996518426.jpg (69.72 KB, 720x435, 20190816_160138.jpg)

I hope she finds a new fupa off tinder for some new milk

No. 854155

what does she say when they ask if she has twitter/instagram/facebook??

No. 854156

pretty sure she already has. it's probably some back alley wannabe gangster retard that she finds edgy and is actually attracted to her. He probably can't find much else at the meth hotel he lives at.

No. 854158

File: 1565996837704.png (173.07 KB, 2048x630, Screenshot_20190816-190655.png)

I find this pretty funny, mainly because when she was with Fupa she was trying to get into shitty horror culture, pretending to like scary movies and watching them and saying which were her favorites all in an attempt to get Fupa to keep her around

No. 854183

new thread pic pls

No. 854185

>>854155 I hope they find her on Instagram through their contacts kek

No. 854215

I second that

No. 854223

It may be someone who already knows what she is and what she does & just wants an easy screw.
Or who knows she may have a secret boyfriend.

I doubt it though. Could be Fupa

No. 854249

Maybe she meant the fuck machine lol

No. 854253

File: 1566011660394.jpg (Spoiler Image,578.67 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190816_230929_com…)

I clicked and watched the video.
Holy. Shit.

No. 854254

No. 854257

let go of your pearls, we all knew.

Ugh her voice is nice but so jarring with the aesthetic she forces on herself. What a waste.

No. 854262

It was literally posted here earlier??? Calm down.

No. 854267

nice cowtipping, they could've at least fucking @'d abrattypixie lol that would've at least done something (whilst still being cowtipping though)

No. 854284

This is old milk that’s been discussed at length here so sage your shit and lurk more

And fucking seriously with the cowtipping? Why can’t you just let the milk flow naturally and stop ruining shit for the rest of us jfc

No. 854289

The autists thinking they’re accomplishing something by cowtipping are cows themselves. I honestly will never understand it.

No. 854301

what is there to even be worked up about here, like for one we been knew and for two it's not that interesting to begin with. There's probably hundreds of other stupid girls who have lied about their age to cam/strip/sell nudes, who cares.

No. 854322

No. 854325

based, the squeaking makes me wonder how terrible it sounds irl

No. 854343

Do you hear yourself right now? Is this really the hill you wanna die on anon? Yikes.

No. 854367


The only thing you can really see is how bad her eye bags were here. What sort of life is she leading. Even with that filter, it’s just BAGS(nitpick)

No. 854368

lol hundreds of people murder that don't mean it ok

No. 854373

>who cares if hundreds of underage girls are selling their bodies to old perverts?
really tho…..?

No. 854386

Uh…The law cares because it's a crime?

No. 854390

>"child porn? what's wrong with that guys?"

please get the Shay orbiting pedophile out of here.

No. 854391

File: 1566056694147.png (2.15 MB, 1869x2048, Screenshot_20190817-114447.png)

she dead ass thinks this shit is quirky

No. 854392

File: 1566056740437.jpeg (119.37 KB, 750x1334, ECLsFF4XYAAfwst.jpeg)

come get your cookies from granny Shay. Bitch looks like she has no teeth.

No. 854395

She’s so drunk all the time she has the beer goggle effect on herself. The pictures keep getting uglier and uglier

No. 854397

probably Fupa lol

No. 854400

File: 1566057847625.png (31.37 KB, 591x290, 2019-08-17 12_04_37-Window.png)

anyone taking bets on it being fupa?

No. 854402

yeah you're swollen because his dumb ass probably just spit on you and called it lube. Also proof she doesn't use condoms, since condoms are lubricated and you wouldn't get swelling if you used lube.

She's gonna keep dry fucking yourself until her pussy is permanently swollen.

No. 854403

I tried those cookies just the other day cause they were on sale so I said why not and let me tell you, Those are disgusting old people cookies

No. 854408

Ugh, how dry was she? But then again, she'd let creeps like Fupa do weird shit to her plus all the weird shit she does to herself, so she probably just starfished and then Fupa or Fupa 2.0 went home.

No. 854410

also she's doing the gross baby talk so it must be fupa or some weirdo.

No. 854414

it’s kind of weird that she brags about this kind of stuff. If it is fupa that means he’s only fucking once a week. So she pathetically sits there all week waiting for fupa to call?

No. 854416

friday night so their old "date night" lines up kek

No. 854417

This is shay we are talking about. Either she's lying or she's waiting all week for Fupa and/or whatever sad sack she's fucking.

No. 854419

It’s fupa. She wears that black bandana when fupa is around

No. 854421

eh that's ancedotal and probably just a coincidence. there's nothing to really back that, she tends to wear it when she doesn't want to wash her hair and it's starting to get really dirty.

No. 854422

I would take that bet

No. 854424

uhh yeah… that's what literally everyone is saying?

No. 854432

can you at least read the thread before you post? and what does this screencap have to do with that?

No. 854437

File: 1566062030771.png (13.03 KB, 588x112, 575790j.PNG)

always begging. Ask the dude you fucked for $60. That's the least he can do. Or maybe, I don't know, WORK

No. 854438

>trying to picture her bringing someone to her apartment and fucking on a child’s day bed with sex toys hanging just above

Has to be Fupa. It was a Friday- typical date night. She doesn’t seem like the type to fuck any guy(sex repulsed and she usually expects something in return like gifts or “tips”), and no other mention of other dates with “a boy”.

No. 854443

>A new outfit so I can go out tonight

She'll ask for money for clothes, then she'll just ask for more for drinks even though she's already been drinking since this morning. Why do people knowingly fund her addiction? They get nothing out of it, it's not even decent porn so wtf.

No. 854444

I doubt she brings anyone over to her sad, one-corner-furnished dirty apartment. She probably just uses Uber to go to her new daddy's meth hotel.

She reminds me of that whore from breaking bad that Jessie was fucking in the hotel while he was getting high.

No. 854446

File: 1566063898388.jpg (161.22 KB, 480x360, Wendy.jpg)

No. 854451

Ev-ry-one knows it's Dol-ly!

No. 854473

The men that follow her do not want to know these things. Why does she keep fucking up her """business""" like this. Such professional

No. 854503

She thinks the mass amount of bought followers, creepy old men, desperate SW that want asspats and hatefollows is all people that actually care about her day to day life lol

No. 854513

File: 1566077908450.jpg (316.23 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20190817-223808_Fac…)

Fupa sharing this on FB.

A coincidence? I think not.

No. 854515

LOL nice catch

No. 854518


Great snooping anon & lol at Shay only getting to fuck/hang with Fupa on Fridays or the weekends. Almost as if she gets visitation.

Shay's a dumb ass for giving this broke dude who can't even give her $60 after a fuck attention.

Also fupa's so cringe.

No. 854519

Yeah it actually probably is a coincidence, mainly because white claw has basically become a meme for basic bitches who think they're edgy by drinking them and smoking juuls. Plus Shay doesn't even have blue eyes.

No. 854520

lmao can someone get this wet blanket anon out of here?

No. 854528

I'd die if Shay got some blue eye contacts all of a sudden, "Whats a bimbo without blue eyes?"

No. 854530

Agree with this Anon. Been seeing alot of these memes being posted by people I know who drink too much lol

No. 854532

sorry but i refuse to believe that shay fucked a different guy because last night was their infamous date night that they always bragged about "friday is our date night!!" and lately shay has started drinking tons of and obsessing over white claw and now, right after their date night when shay posts about having sex with a guy, fupa posts about white claw? it's all a lot of coincidences and like i said, i just don't see shay branching out to find another ugly old guy to indulge in her baby talk shit with, she does nothing and sees nobody all day every day lol. i think her and fupa are still fucking. he also broke up with that alt chick about 2-3 weeks ago so we know he's no longer fucking anyone else, this was shay's chance to weasel back in "secretely"

lastly, i don't think the meme was like, dedicated to shay from fupa lol so the blue eyes part wasn't meant to be about her i don't think.

No. 854533

"Blue eyes white dragon" is the name of the Yugioh card dragon.

No. 854534

the zoomers have identified themselves by not understanding the yugioh reference

No. 854536

File: 1566080053374.png (12.69 KB, 575x86, fbybufb.PNG)

No. 854538

The only reason she got into white claw and now vaping (she was talking about looking for her vape pen and then finding it) is because stupid basic bitches on Tumblr and Twitter have been talking about juuling and drinking white claw.

It's basically just become a meme at this point and she's trying to be quirky and cool by joining in. We all know she does nothing for herself and has no real personality. She most likely went on tinder and went to go fuck the first guy she matched with and that accepted her flaming cooch.

Idiot men will do anything for some spare coochie.

No. 854557

You know if she actually went on a date we would have seen a “look at my cute uwu outfit n makeup” post. I refuse to believe she went anywhere, even with fupa, this is the girl that literally documents every little thing.

No. 854558

Can someone link fupas facebook?

No. 854559

No and sage your stupidity

No. 854560

File: 1566083990178.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1942, D27CC7A2-2FAD-4C41-BD46-8EF729…)

Y’all are so dumb white claws are a actual meme for idiots on Facebook and Friday nights are the most common time to go out. Is the milk that dry?

No. 854561

we. know. the complainers are out in full force tonight.
prove otherwise that it wasn't fupa. don't worry, we're waiting…

No. 854562

why does everyone have so much faith in shay today? i don't think it's dumb at all to think it's still fupa, and the meme isn't the one singular thing people are basing this off of lol

No. 854566

Not saying it wasn’t Fupa but why is the Facebook post significant? Seems like everyone is looking too far into dumb shit just to prove they’re still fucking.

No. 854567

someone else based it on the black bandanna she was wearing.

There's no evidence, theres no milk. Get over your Fupa obsession faggots.

No. 854571

He was never dating that alt chick you're referring to, so they never broke up. He seems to have moved on ever since they were spotted out in the wild together. Y'all are really desperate for some Fupa dick.

No. 854572

For all we know she could have made it all up in a sad attempt to either a. make it look like she has a social life or b. make Fupa jealous.

No. 854573

she probably did make it up. it's like how she makes up shit that happens to her when she goes out. her "going to get dick" was most likely her going to the fridge to get more alcohol and then crying into her bong.

No. 854576

anons itt are so angsty today jesus christ

No. 854578

they're really mad that it's likely that fupa and shay are still fucking sometimes and they really believe fupa stopped talking to her months ago kek

No. 854579

I think the post breakup weight gain and the fact she dropped the blonde bimbo shtick to be more alt is better evidence they broke up than one white claw meme and Shay claiming she had sex on a Friday night.

No. 854580

Every time she’s out with fupa we get an outfit post and begs for drinks with promises of nudes in the bathroom. Girl didn’t go anywhere. Unless you’re suggesting she’s radically changed her predictable behavior when she goes out.

No. 854583

i think she just traded that in for a fupa sex sperg instead because as far as all her twitter followers know she hasn't had sex in like 8 months and she probably thought she should bring it up to seem ""sexy"" or ""desirable"" or some stupid shit

i agree with this, also i think it's obvious her and fupa still meetup, she never completely stopped doing the whole "out for drinks tonight!! my outfit is cute!!" thing and then she'd post pictures that looked like someone else took them or she'd imply she was with a "friend" which we all know was fupa and not an actual friend she magically made in her apartment lol. only time she went out by herself and used a timer was to that arcade about last week, and maybe once or twice she was alone at a bar

No. 854589

Or… hear me out… she used her sad excuse of a fuck machine, dry, and because she is swollen from it she is pretending she saw someone.

No. 854592

this is also plausible, i personally think it's fupa but shay is also a liar and an idiot and she might've said it was a real guy just for what she thinks is "hot"

No. 854593

you are so obsessed with Fupa and his dick, you wild.

No. 854597

Okay but so is she considering she still lives in BFE Tulsa.

No. 854600

why are you so strong in believing shay has a new guy to fuck though when she's still hanging around with fupa?

No. 854602

Because you have no actual evidence, it's all just retarded speculation. Shay is extremely predictable and has the same patterns. She's not going to randomly change that one day, especially when she gets day drunk and shit posts. I don't think she has a new guy, unless it's a fucking crackhead. Her new guy is probably just her fuck machine that she used while she cried and said "daddy" over and over and sipped white claw. Her wearing a black bandanna over her greasy ass hair and him posting a white claw meme is not proof they're together. There hasn't been any proof, there hasn't been any milk. You idiots are just desperate as all fuck right now, especially with all the cow tipping happening lately.

Seriously, making a Twitter and calling it cow tip? How fucking retarded are you? You're so desperate for milk you're saying her wearing a bandanna is proof she's still with Fupa.

Wait for some actual milk and shut the fuck up.

No. 854605

you truly seem like you have mental issues, go back to r9k sir

No. 854606

if it's a good chance it's him then prove it. it's not hard. it's an imageboard. just prove it and we'll shut up. bring some actual milk or shut up.

No. 854607

>speculation in a shay thread based on lots of past facts triggering people this hard


No. 854613

past facts like?

>She always posts when shes going out

>She always asks for money for drinks even when she has been with Fupa
>She always takes pics of where she is

y'all are saying she def went out with Fupa yet…none of this happened. So what past facts are you referring to? The idiotic black bandanna?

Another Anon mentioned that based on past facts and how she's been acting, him cutting her off is more plausible.

If there's evidence, show it. Otherwise you can stop blowing shit out your ass because you want milk.

No. 854617

File: 1566090641198.png (11.31 KB, 591x97, Hhdh.PNG)

No. 854619

This is the same guy that Brattypixie posts. I think she just started following him because these two bitches copy each other they can't help it.

No. 854620

Yeah if you go on his twitter, all the pictures have the same backdrop I’m assuming from his place. She’s just clout chasing with this dumb twink, she isn’t domming shit

No. 854621


Also can you spoiler this?

No. 854622

I always find it funny this dude has more underwear then Shay though. Lol.

No. 854623

File: 1566091013637.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.38 KB, 598x453, shay x twink.jpg)

anyway, shay is apparently "domming" this twink who looks like she did before her weight gain. (reposting because i forgot to spoiler)

the way she phrased it, it really sounded like she was implying he paid her to "dom" him or something lol

No. 854625

He's all over twitter. i know he pays bratty and a few other girls through those weird RT "games". I don't think he pays Shay though, she just wants to think she's a dom.

No. 854626

and he still has a better ass than Shay. How sad.

No. 854628

he's been posted by her for a while now. i think he just takes what he can get. (a lesson shay could take to heart)

No. 854629

If he is paying her for a RT game then she’s only getting a few dollars per retweet. Real dommes will get 100’s of retweets posting things like this and the guy gets off to the humiliation of knowing so many people saw them. Looks like Shay will get 1 or two retweets and was probably paid less than $10.

No. 854631

yeah i think she might've actually just retweeted for free to make people think she's a sought after professional femdomme or some shit

No. 854633

File: 1566092300457.png (Spoiler Image,278.93 KB, 575x363, fjfbhbyu.PNG)

I bet in five minutes she'll be posting a censored picture of herself and beg for twitter follows that she BUYS anyway.

No. 854634

she has posted this same picture like 100 times with a different top on. it blows my mind that she even gets one iota of attention from this anymore.

No. 854638

An RT game will specifically say it is. I agree with the other Anon, she's probably only tweeting it to look like people actually come to her for femdom/findom services. It's pathetic. After almost 4 years she has no idea about branding or marketing and literally just tries to pick up whatever is popular. The entire trend of DDLG that blew up on Tumblr is what shoved her into the box she's currently in, because she was too stupid to make a brand for herself that doesn't just have to do with what happens to be trendy.

No. 854640

File: 1566092636098.png (419.22 KB, 2048x1662, Screenshot_20190817-214412.png)

and once again she's begging for drink money in her usual begging bullshit.

No. 854657

File: 1566097719588.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 00C48359-6870-45AA-815C-F74784…)


No. 854658

File: 1566097790017.jpeg (89.1 KB, 750x1334, 889E8FE6-7B55-4A44-8807-2F17D1…)

No. 854659

wow she looks horrible that pony tho

No. 854663

Bet you anything he paid her $25 to retweet him

No. 854671


I agree with the people saying she didn't even go out lmao. Honestly. We know this bitch has to post her nasty snatch or a tit flash at whatever bar or food place she ends up at and/or a special needs pic of her drinking begging for money for more drinks.
Even if it was a random hook up (which is hella unlikely because Shay is socially inept) she would post pics of herself out or more than a "we had sex a lot" tweet after. It could have been a Fupa date, but again, I really think she just said it to sound like she likes sex and does get laid but really bitch stayed in and got drunk and high alone.

No. 854672

He did, loads of people have been retweeting him, including Pumpy.

No. 854673

she really resembles a rat in these pictures

No. 854674

she really resembles a rat in these pictures

No. 854675


Womanchild thing. Legit looks like a chubby 14 year old but not in the pedo pandering way she would like. More like someone's mentally challenged niece. All her outfits are bad and now that shes chunky in all the wrong places, it's worse.

No. 854677

The camel toe tho… my crotch hurts just looking at it, god forbid she’s going commando

No. 854683

She looks like a very tall rectangle

No. 854698

Don’t know why she lifts her shorts so high as if it’s gonna make her ass look big. It just makes them look really bad

No. 854714

File: 1566109450060.png (1.48 MB, 1206x1056, One.png)



No. 854715

File: 1566109491028.png (2.46 MB, 1260x1238, Two.png)


No. 854716

File: 1566109593603.png (2.31 MB, 1222x1226, Three.png)


No. 854717

File: 1566109734960.png (2.37 MB, 1226x1238, Four.png)


No. 854719

My fucking god she really went out in public dressed like this and to a bar no less. Real classy pissing on your self at a dive bar Shay.

No. 854721

She looks good for 40.

No. 854724

She looks tired as fuck and Her eyeliner looks smudged, lips look dry, she's making that monkey face, Her shirt looks like it's an toddler's undershirt, the hair is very unflattering and I thought I was on r/trashy for an moment.

No. 854725

Holy shit, she looks smashed. With the weight gain, she's looking more like a pathetic alcoholic mother of four than ever. This outfit only highlights how hammy she's gotten.

No. 854726

Okay so case in point.
>>854714 this is what she does when she actually goes out. Like every time. We get a trashy trashed pic at a trash bar while she insists shes cute and quirky for being nasty.
That shit about getting laid and going on a date was total bullshit kek how sad. She really thought pretending to have a date and sex would make her look less pathetic and alone.

No. 854728

so glad that trailer park mom brandy had a fun night out away from her 6 kids

No. 854737

She’s so predictable. How much you want to bet she was lurking and decided to go out and try to prove us wrong.

No. 854745

haven’t we seen this bathroom before?????????

No. 854746

This is the same place fupa went with his chubby alt girl

No. 854747

File: 1566116011107.jpg (814.07 KB, 1059x1882, 20190818_171308.jpg)

No. 854750

Didnt shay used to go here with him too?? Or is that another bathroom that looks like that ? I feel like this is the one where they both took separate selfies and posted them lmao

No. 854755

File: 1566118546524.jpeg (667.27 KB, 2048x2048, C1DA85BC-6581-4E58-A279-928B16…)


Goddamn, it’s been a while since someone sperged out this bad over something as boring and innocuous as the usual “are Fupa and Shay still secretly together?” biweekly discussion. Take your meds, anon.

Anyways, I compiled her Twitter selfies from the past few weeks and I can’t believe how bad things have gotten. I’d kill myself if I looked like this at age 21.

No. 854763

File: 1566120501429.jpeg (211.58 KB, 750x990, C316819E-4E43-4E5B-8878-E3BAA4…)

4000+ fake followers, how long until this account gets nuked too KEK

No. 854766

wasn’t this the bathroom where she filmed those horrible piss videos?

No. 854775

Thank youuuuuuu. I pointed this out yesterday and anons were still all SHE WAS DEF WITH FUPA um no, because she didn’t do all of her usual going out shit like this. She literally retweeted herself all night from home and didn’t go anywhere.

No. 854776

Exactly. She probably went out with him last night but she definitely didn’t leave her apartment on Friday. It’s just lies as usual and people are way too quick to believe anything Scammy Mattel says. Like we’re really supposed to believe Fupa lasted 3 rounds in Shays dry ass carpet burn pussy.

No. 854783

Soundpony is the dive bar bathroom she's always in. Guess she can't afford Inner Circle across the street.

No. 854792

Are we really STILL going with this speculation spergathon? And anons wonder why Shay’s orbiters don’t believe anything said here and that it’s all just “meanies with dorito dust covered fingers speculating from their moms basement”. Catching up on this thread has been fucking embarrassing and cringey. Fupa is as irrelevant to Shayna now as Jonny is to TND ffs. The milk is dry, go find some other cows to fill up your time reading about instead of sperging out over fucking fupa and shitting up the thread with pure speculation

No. 854812

File: 1566136026905.jpg (38.62 KB, 640x358, tumblr_p9p1mqrTGv1sklwwv_frame…)

She looks just as cute as gail the snail from always sunny lmao

No. 854822

File: 1566138462552.png (1.58 MB, 2382x2933, 07A31184-3A2E-4F4D-A718-4216C9…)

No. 854823

File: 1566138651536.png (421.71 KB, 2048x597, Screenshot_20190818-103050.png)

her dog…ate cigarette butts…WTF Shayna?!

No. 854841

It is possible that she doesn’t buy them. I get so many bot follows on all social media sites. I imagine the content she post gets her 100x more bots than the average person

No. 854844

It's not odd to you that she'll have 8.2k, then say "wow we're so close to 9k, what should we do?!" And then all of a sudden that same night she magically makes another 1k followers?

Yeah, no. I've seen people with 30k+ do that and still not reach their follower goal the same day. She's bought followers, and by buying them it makes her page more susceptible to even more fakes and bots.

No. 854845

File: 1566141147607.png (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 2048x1776, Screenshot_20190818-111240.png)

No. 854846

File: 1566141241444.png (2.34 MB, 2048x1778, Screenshot_20190818-111219.png)

I am at a loss for words. Why would you ever think this is cute or sexy to post to your SEX WORK PAGE

No. 854847

They eat their own shit, why are you surprised?

No. 854848

goddamn her head looks like a fucking balloon lmao

No. 854850

It’s really jarring how she’s lost almost all definition in her face

No. 854852

File: 1566142323772.jpeg (32.81 KB, 469x407, A7B6EBF2-9047-440C-A85A-0FE998…)

whyd she do that to her eyes, was it supposed to make them look bigger? it looked like she edited in goat or cat eyes / pupils when the image was zoomed out

No. 854857

But Anon, what if the next post that zoooms in on her dry cuticles finds FUPA reflected in her new manicure?! Wouldn't it be craaaazy if she was hanging out with her ONLY safety net in Tulsa? Like usual??!!!!


No. 854858

They're just her actual eyebags anon lol possibly with a bit of yesterday's makeup smudged in

No. 854860

It’s probably a Snapchat filter glitching but she definitely didn’t take off her makeup from the bar last night.

No. 854861

Those are literally just her extra puffy hangover eyes with 2 day old makeup over it.

No. 854862

I'm not sure if she ever does take her makeup off tbh

No. 854885

I'm pretty sure that might be from a filter, I've seen that before in her pics. You know Shay doesn't like to post unfiltered pics.

No. 854892

Lmao “tipsy”… “naps”… “only gained 2 lbs” Shay, who are you even fooling with your bullshit. She has nothing else to fill her days (doesn’t try to), so no shock there. She could actually take her dog for walks, clean her bare apartment, practice her angles, anything! Alcohol has never been know as a great motivator though

No. 854897

We know you know addiction Shayna.

No. 854899

there's a lot more than that, as evidenced by how little interaction her posts get. the poll she put up about who would watch her first yt video did't even get 50 votes.

hilariously accurate.

No. 854900

When Shay and Bratty do that collab it's only going to show how much weight Shay has put on & how dustier she is compared to her.

I hope she knows that, I'd be attempting to tone up or switch my style up before then Shay.

Shay's not looking her best.

No. 854916

If thats her face with filter, I definitely feel sorry for her

No. 854919

i love it, anon. my vote for next thread picture, obviously.

No. 854929

for next thread

No. 854931

It looks like she fell asleep in her make up

No. 854936

It's going to be especially hilarious if they take pictures standing next to each other because bratty is like 4'11 and Shay trys so hard to come off as a smol baby.

No. 854939

Bratty doesn't show her face right? I saw it once and she had the same ugly eyeliner as shay and the pinkish hair, but I can't find that video, either way, it's going to be quite the contrast.

Lol. I can't wait for them to quietly unfollow eachother on twitter after they fall out.

No. 854949

File: 1566158147425.jpg (33.57 KB, 1080x321, Screenshot_20190818-205537_Twi…)

She does, just not very often. >>854936
Shay is gonna look like a fucking giantess next to her.

No. 854957

she can delude herself all she wants but in reality she's slowly transforming into phoebe tickner

No. 854973

File: 1566160014176.jpeg (414.42 KB, 784x748, 27B4CEA1-3B4A-4D34-8706-648BE1…)

I’m not sure who’s skinwalking who

No. 854975

no wonder they're friends lol.. they both have faces that not even snap filters can help out much. at least pixie has a decent body though

No. 854978

She's cute and she has a great body. At least she knows not to show her face too much, she at least seems to understand what people come to her for. When are they going to collab?

No. 854980

They look alike but she looks cleaner and has an nice body. Also seems to have an life outside of camming.
Still, shit for working with Shay & defending shay, but she'll learn soon enough when Shay and her fall out.

No. 854994

File: 1566162743395.png (695.81 KB, 1192x1408, More of Shays dumb bullshit.pn…)

Imagine if Shay put half as much effort into anything–even basic hygiene and hydration–as she does into sending herself anonymous asks.

It never ceases to amaze and amuse me how she tries to tow the line of so many niches and fails spectacularly on all fronts.

No. 854995

Exactly, this girl knows how to sell herself online. Shay needs to pay her for tips on SW. literally, I bet shay would get more people buying her shit if she didn’t constantly post asshole/pussy/face pics and didn’t just give them out for free

No. 855006

I was just about to post about how fake these asks are. She doesn't even try to type differently.
The Dog park one is so obvious her.

No. 855010

Tbh I think the only reason why she's going to make content with shay is because she won't be the ugly one. She has a great bod.

No. 855024

File: 1566170055983.png (20.25 KB, 572x252, Lol.PNG)

More fake asks

No. 855047

>at least pixie has a decent body
>this girl knows how to sell herself, shay should pay her for tips
>she’s cute and has a great body
>she has a nice body
>she has a great bod

these comments stink, stop gumming up the thread, brattypixie/orbiter.

No. 855050

why the fuck won't it let me report this?

it's not like there's any crazy milk about Shay atm. You'd rather it be autists talking about Fupa dick?

No. 855054

i literally called her face UGLY can you read??

No. 855055

So sick of the mini modding

No. 855058

there's one or two anons who have been getting furious over shit that happens in every /snow/ thread lately lol

No. 855060

No there are one or two anons in this thread who are looking for anything they can find to talk about. If it’s not milk why keep commenting on it? She’s ugly and skinny, so what? So are hundreds of other sex workers on Twitter. Multiple comments in a row mentioning how nice her body is going to raise suspicion.

No. 855063

So report it and move on.

No. 855064

those comments were retarded yeah i don't like the praising of bratty pixie at all because i think she looks like a man in the face but i more meant the 1-2 people who have been sperging and getting worked up and mini modding, also think it's dumb that a comment that directly makes fun of pixie's face was considered "orbiting"

No. 855075

Well it’s already been speculated that pixie was in he thread herself or someone was pretending to be her, so it’s not that far fetched. Other cows have been exposed for self posting and hating on themselves in an attempt to blend in. I’m not the original anon who brought it up but I was thinking the same thing when I first read those comments.

No. 855077

i agree lol the one comment saying she is "cute with a great body" is weird. not saying it's for sure her but definitely could be something like that

No. 855093

It probably isn’t but then again it’s rare to see so many farmers complimenting the same person who’s not even the topic of descussion. One person posted her face and the only responses were 5 posts complimenting her body with just 1 throwing in her face is ugly. How is that not a little sus? I guess the milk is dry to today and they’re just looking for a way to insult Shay by repetively comparing the two. I also think it’s funny “multiple” anons are pointing the finger at one comment for mini modding when they could be considered derailing. Now I see why mods hate Shays thread so much.

No. 855095

Im not any of the anons who said that, but she does have a nice body lol. Anons are just stating facts

No. 855097

I agree but it’s not milky nor is it worth mentioning 5 times.

No. 855119

Late but quit fighting and derailing about random whores pls, even if it's saged. No one fucking cares; this thread is about Shay.

No. 855148

File: 1566196163318.png (46.1 KB, 586x542, djdjdjd.PNG)

All she's been doing is sending fake asks. I can tell you're drunk by the asks you send yourself Shay.

No. 855220

File: 1566229132899.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, ED4D1894-BEDB-4CA1-95A4-6838F5…)

How did she delude herself into thinking she knows/is fashion? I’m sure this will be absurd as usual.

No. 855223

File: 1566229584618.png (108.59 KB, 606x541, Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 11.4…)

I don't know who Ash is but she's out here speaking truth

No. 855224

She's gonna wear her piss shorts and a crop top and call it fashion, watch.

Sorry Shayna, after age 16, forever 21 and pac sun aren't considered fashion anymore. Grow up.

No. 855229

and this is exactly why she's always begging. she gets a paycheck and immediate wants to go buy more clothes, claiming she wants to make content with them. it definitely seems like she never does laundry and just buys new things to replace whatever's dirty.

she's claiming that she'll put out the fuck machine video this week and get on cam, let's see if it actually happens.

No. 855230

File: 1566232231159.png (24.88 KB, 588x276, dkdkd.PNG)

Not even trying anymore

No. 855231

I can’t wait to see how this mess turns out. It’s eitjer gonna be shorts and a crop top like someone said or she’s gonna throw on a bunch of cheap pink lingerie and call it a day. She doesn’t own anything else.

No. 855234

File: 1566233527798.png (995.72 KB, 1329x2048, Screenshot_20190819-125134.png)

just found this on Twitter when i searched her name. checked the profile and it's not a farmer just a random person. I think it was in response to the post about Jess which I think Shay deleted. But damn if this isn't right on the nose.

No. 855239

I'm a thousand years late to the shitty fupa speculation party and don't care much either way, but just to play a little devil's advocate:


Why is it being assumed she's referring to her genitals/dry fucking/whatever here? The only time I remember her using this term was in reference to HER FACE when fupa would do his 'domdaddy' baby hand slaps, and shed talk about it frequently

2) She's doing her omgfupapi showed me the smallest inkling of attention I'm so happy the world is perfect patheticism

These were waaaay bigger flags for it being dadachode than whatever we all sperged on about up thread

No. 855240

nah she was constantly talking about her vag being swollen when she was camming or when she makes a video

No. 855244

If you’re late don’t add to the pointless speculation and bring more fighting to the thread. Just move on.

No. 855247

File: 1566236586882.jpeg (233.03 KB, 1125x654, 47684CA1-7557-4127-A95B-0C93B2…)

I’m guessing whatever god awful outfit she got is going to debut in the Manyvids contest.

No. 855248

I have a feeling she won't actually post the fuck machine clip but will ask for more votes in this new contest before she puts it out.