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File: 1635040896293.jpeg (669.84 KB, 1242x1084, 1634924013259.jpeg)

No. 1354593

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/Fupa/other scrotes such as Sol unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets.

>Last thread:

> >>1349987 sol the wife neglecting tranny chaser left his real life information extremely vulnerable, was found out and responded by sperging and accusations of doxxing >>1349695 >>1349909 >>1350493
> >>1349157 sol continues to get called out for working with shayna, shayna is not allowed to post the content from her and sols film
> >>1350578 shayna continues to complain about burnout
> shayna starts working with ABDREAMS, the company binkie princess works with notorious for having a full sized child nursery and creating graphic diaper porn and simulations of child abuse >>1349720
> >>1350623 shayna gets her new acrylics removed for the sake of filming more accurate pedo porn
shayna wears the diaper and makes more absurd posts about how much she's enjoying an emulated pedofarm >>1353428 >>1353744 1353473
> shayna's bootleg sex worker girlfriend is a former nanny who worked actively with children >>1354185.
> repulsive photoshoot of shayna in a pink straight jacket >>1354123

> Links:

Ellen Dresel (Shayna’s “girlfriend”)
https://its actionsub.tumblr.com

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No. 1354594

what in the formatting hell

No. 1354596

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No. 1354597

File: 1635042039901.jpeg (544.22 KB, 750x852, 5F2E8CF9-7EE8-46AB-AD25-10C4DF…)

Shit thread terrible thread pic blah blah blah you tried. Meanwhile Shayna looking like a middle aged woman trying to prove she still fits in her old cheer leading uniform from middle school

No. 1354598

There’s still time to delete this and make a proper thread

No. 1354599

File: 1635042345987.jpeg (123.17 KB, 750x733, D994B85D-F2C3-40B9-8207-21BD31…)

Her face :

No. 1354616

File: 1635045345993.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1170x1964, C548E73E-99C6-4DC0-913B-C8B1A9…)

Found this 1/2

No. 1354617

File: 1635045372953.jpeg (926.89 KB, 1170x1979, FB996C47-A4F8-43CD-9FB5-C662B0…)


No. 1354619

File: 1635045413793.jpeg (553.07 KB, 1170x1309, E60B849A-044C-4898-8B32-0B2A14…)

No. 1354622

Why the fuck is a diaper fetish account saying pretending to be a baby is cringe lol

No. 1354625

Those filters did more then I thought.

No. 1354626

What new kinks? She's already did this diaper shit and used to post about wanting to be kidnapped & all of that. The only thing new is her weight.

No. 1354630

shit thread.

No. 1354631

>the model is visually attractive
Degenerates truly have no standards

No. 1354633

File: 1635047498691.png (3.48 MB, 828x1792, 41C2042C-18EA-4167-855B-146049…)

I half drafted a thread but got insecure about it being shit but I should’ve just gone ahead and finished it and posted it. This one is shit. Shay’s new Twitter pic is ugly as always.

No. 1354648

is this your first day or something?

No. 1354652

I hate that scrunched up smile thing she does when she wants to look cute. she just looks retarded.

No. 1354653

File: 1635050499788.jpeg (Spoiler Image,381.13 KB, 1125x1929, 5B3FDD17-669D-4152-8E7A-BFF465…)

Dandruff filter again

No. 1354654

File: 1635050522216.jpeg (Spoiler Image,358.3 KB, 1131x1758, C700E1B8-9562-4238-9F1D-04BDE1…)

Land whale

No. 1354655

File: 1635050587449.jpeg (Spoiler Image,307.54 KB, 1010x1892, 80F11C2E-BF41-43BC-A3A4-E9D5AA…)

No. 1354656

File: 1635050745753.jpeg (Spoiler Image,359.67 KB, 1113x1930, 95CED402-822E-4F6E-82BA-62D299…)

She barely posts on her OF. And her fansly (fansly doesn’t ban the ageplay pedo porn) has none of the uwu baby bullshit she posts less on her fansly and it’s just repeats of what she posts on onlyfans and twitter. She sucks at her “job”

No. 1354657

File: 1635050860971.jpeg (Spoiler Image,360.98 KB, 1088x1934, C22A2F29-0D22-44D5-A3D9-14C81C…)

These are all from onlyfans she’s going to get banned for the giant crib in the back

No. 1354658

She’s sitting bare ass on that disgusting carpet. Most people in the us wear shoes inside and it doesn’t seem to be vacuumed well.

No. 1354659

Shoes are the least of that carpet’s worry

No. 1354663

Whoa, I didn’t know there was this much beef between the pedo diaper fetishists and the non pedo diaper fetishists. They’re all sick fucks to me but I guess I’m forced to side with the ones who don’t fetishize literal babies.

No. 1354667

did u even try? jfc

No. 1354674

What the fuck is this zero effort embarrassment, this is the worst Shayna thread to date, clearly made by a newfag. Should have deleted it and let someone else make one. You couldn’t even choose a decent pic.

No. 1354682

ikr, embarrassment to the entire shayna saga. so many milky pics from artanons from previous thread they couldve used and yet they chose this, along with the horrendous sum up of events. someone with more than 2 brain cells needs to remake this.

No. 1354694

then do it

No. 1354695

This is your moment, anon.
Seems like all nonas hate this one.

No. 1354696

If someone makes a better thread we can move there and pretend this one never happened

No. 1354713

Nah I kinda understand. Like the last comment says that it's one thing to have adults as themselves in diapers (probably a humiliation or pee/poop fetish thing) and it's another gross one to have girls in diapers presenting and pretending to be infants and pedo baiting. Not defending this weird diaper fetish stuff just saying I kinda see their point. Still a weird kink tho

No. 1354726

yes this is a shit thread

No. 1354748

Please nonnies, I hate this one

No. 1354750

Seriously, I’m surprised it hasn’t been redtexted and/or locked

No. 1354772

What happened to her face? Why is it so swollen? I feel like in her shitty porn videos it didn't look like that

No. 1354797

File: 1635077979352.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3072x3072, 23A711F8-1591-4F7B-81DF-90EAD5…)

Filter abuse.

No. 1354812

What you’re seeing is the result of alcohol abuse and not being able to control the angles to your complete liking

No. 1354820

File: 1635083381968.jpeg (Spoiler Image,323.37 KB, 1852x2047, 3C459A67-E503-4BEC-AFF6-574A50…)

No. 1354828

The amount of smoothing on this and she still looks haggard stuffed into a small skirt.

No. 1354851

why are her eyes so yellow/grey? is it just being stoned? are we into a jaundice era?

No. 1354853

they’re really not yellow, maybe slightly grey from the filters and/or shit lighting. if she had jaundice to the point where the whites of her eyes are yellowing, she’d need immediate medical attention. like she would barely be able to function. this chick goes to the doctor just to flash her tits so….

No. 1354866

Yeah it's not a great thread or pic, but no one else made one and it's been an entire day. So just shut up and deal with it. Thread will be filled in a week anyway then one of you can try making one, ok?
Not the thread op just hate the bitching that happens that shits up the thread. Make your own or get over it. Shay goes through threads so fast and we've all been here long enough. It's not a huge deal.

No. 1354869

agreed. the way some anons act on here when a new thread is made is a joke. if you're so unhappy with it, why don't YOU make the next one nonnies?

No. 1354870

File: 1635090172998.jpg (Spoiler Image,300.58 KB, 1080x2024, Screenshot_20211024-083959_Sam…)

This looks like a crime scene photo a killer would have in his stash.

No. 1354871

File: 1635090313712.jpg (202.31 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20211024-084003_Sam…)

But I really like how she's attracting even nastier coomers with this shit. Womack and grey hair and toilet guy were bad enough, but I'd just completely hate my life and stop if I got to this point.

No. 1354872

File: 1635090376122.jpg (Spoiler Image,115 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20211024-084014_Sam…)

New coomer #1

No. 1354873

File: 1635090468648.jpg (181.55 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20211024-084025_Sam…)

New coomer #2

No. 1354874

As nasty and degenerate as grayhair and womack are, I don't think either of them are into the diaper routine. I could be wrong but it doesn't seem like they engage with it at all. It'd be hilarious if she drove even them away.

No. 1354876

She doesn't care as long as it has a penis and is giving her attention.

No. 1354877

what the fuck…

No. 1354878

fucking LMFAOOO seriously dying over here at late stage Edward Elric. "How much lower can she really go?" We could get a devotee saga yet

No. 1354879

I clicked on a few others, but I won't post them, but they were also hairy fat dudes in diapers and onsies and I just… I know this isn't entirely new territory for Shay, but she's bringing in a whole other lowest nasty coomer base. Like she scraped empty her regular barrel and found a new one by a dumpster and started frantically digging. Disgusting.

No. 1354883

Late stage Edward elric you had me with that one this is why I come here

No. 1354886

Womack still posts as her fan account, but his commentary is looking pretty tame from his usual. Definitely not going as hard as these other freaks. Haven't seen grey hair in a bit lol maybe he's checking out for a while. The psychoclown guy or whatever said something like "abdl kink rising". So some coomers are like a disease and can adapt I guess.

No. 1354887

Assuming this dude actually has to wear a diaper because he's disabled and old, but I guess is coping by making it a creepy kink and I hate it.

No. 1354899

keking my absolute ass off, you can’t make this shit up. he can’t even coom with his hooks.

No. 1354901

Why didn’t she go down the feeder route instead of this pedo shit? I really do think shatna could be a pedo just for men’s approval.

No. 1354915

She doesn't want to accept she's fat. She wants to believe and somehow be skinny again, but she never will. So she'd rather pretend to be uwu smol baby pedobaiter. It's less degrading in her mind and the things she likes to pretend are her style

No. 1354916

File: 1635095656758.png (1011.96 KB, 2046x2048, Screenshot_20211024-101346.png)

Why is she acting like this is the first time she's done this pedo shit?

No. 1354925

Why is this so weirdly defensive? It just makes it obvious she wasnt comfortable with it and she’s trying to convince herself she was because it’s bringing in new coomers

No. 1354930

But don't forget guys she tots has a humiliation kink

No. 1354937

agree with both points. i honestly don’t get what the point of admitting she’s embarrassed by this new diaper shit though. she’s alienating the coomers that think she’s into humiliation and the diaper fetishists while also turning off any of her previous coomers that aren’t into this type of shit. just bad business all around but that seems to be shayna’s M.O. at this point.

No. 1354938

I think this is an act and she’s acting coy for her degenerates’ sake

No. 1354940

nah i get the impression that she’s legitimately embarrassed that she’s scraping the bottom of the fetish barrel again. it reads the same as her “uwu thanks for the compliments even though i’m not skinny anymore” tweets.

No. 1354954

Fuck me, this “company” can’t even try with that terrible ABDreams patch.

No. 1354958

would be cool if she spent her time on anything other than talking about sex or fupa or ellen or weird internet guys. is there nothing else for her(shut the fuck up about fupa)

No. 1354961

you forgot her evil mother

No. 1354965

Come the holidays we will get plenty of that

No. 1354967

File: 1635101188943.jpg (Spoiler Image,432 KB, 1536x2048, 20211024_114506.jpg)

No. 1354968

File: 1635101249733.png (743.77 KB, 2048x1233, Screenshot_20211024-114649.png)

She doesn't want OF anon posting the pics here lol

No. 1354973

File: 1635101424885.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 971x1812, 7BD6100A-8C3D-4B44-B310-D01E32…)

She’s losing her scrote customers for not posting her content on the platforms she begs people to subscribe to

No. 1354974

File: 1635101459750.jpeg (183.89 KB, 1219x544, 2297D5FB-FB59-4B37-8058-F05CF7…)

Fatty needs a rest day. Being fat in a diaper was uwu exhausting and hard work

No. 1354975

I was about to post this jfc I feel like I’m on a watchlist for viewing this disgusting bull shit

No. 1354981

This is very obviously shooped….

No. 1354983

her arm is so wide from where they took it in to give her fridge body some semblance of shape looool

No. 1354988

yeah the perspective is so fucked.. her forearm looks the same size as her calves

No. 1354994

I thought it was because like >>1354657 said she can’t post this type of content on OF without being banned

No. 1355002

She still posts shit like this >>1354653 with the crib and baby stuff in the background

No. 1355012

File: 1635105362524.jpeg (364.45 KB, 723x856, 274B196B-EBC8-4E54-BE6B-3D4614…)

Sfw crop… not cute

No. 1355024

jfc shay wtf are you doing

No. 1355030

File: 1635107472943.jpeg (178.98 KB, 750x447, C730E45D-46CD-4400-963E-FC1FB6…)

she is being so defensive about this it’s really strange. “guys I SWEAR I had a good time CLEARLY ITS MY KINK”

No. 1355035

She's definitely embarrassed and ashamed but this is the first new engagement she's had in awhile which is what she lives for. It's actually disturbing her diaper pics get more likes than her "normal" porn.

No. 1355036

yeah she sounds like she’s trying to convince herself more than anyone

No. 1355043

File: 1635108566483.jpeg (463.18 KB, 1170x1101, CD905BD6-D872-44A5-8E2E-7034B8…)


No. 1355044

File: 1635108598362.jpeg (343.71 KB, 1170x818, 0DEBFA31-D26E-4B1C-AB7D-0C582B…)

2/2 who it was retweeted by. Are we going to get another Insex mess?

No. 1355045

File: 1635108620682.jpeg (154.5 KB, 337x521, 174B5672-7EF0-4DE1-AA19-7D6FAD…)

Much attractive Shay

No. 1355050

What the fuck is that INSEX profile picture kek

No. 1355058

insex doesn’t do diapers, it’s most likely another ABDreams shoot.

No. 1355071

File: 1635110924073.jpeg (763.28 KB, 1170x1765, 756A7AD1-9B5E-4475-A8FD-81133A…)

They also retweeted these

No. 1355081

This looks like the face of an AGP troon. Not even Photoshop can hide the alcohol bloat anymore.

No. 1355129

File: 1635119827678.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1902, C2F582DA-C875-40F7-9032-EEC5AD…)

Just what she needs

No. 1355154

oh GOD has she been in portland this whole time?

No. 1355163

the abd dreams people are there i think

No. 1355236

Of course she goes to that nasty tourist trap who treats employees like shit

No. 1355281

Shayna completing her pedo pandering porn weekend with the little boy lover swirl donuts. Fantastic

No. 1355284


Not only a shitty tourist trap but also in a bad part of town where shootings/stabbings have been occuring on a regular enough basis. I hate her but I'm not ready for that saga.

No. 1355324

File: 1635142200835.jpeg (355.04 KB, 1170x1900, F6E7FFC4-4E72-4971-9B54-E376FC…)

No. 1355340

did she put her gauges back in? gross

No. 1355348

File: 1635145323472.png (9.03 MB, 2208x1242, A9A611BC-651D-4E74-9004-F4FE1A…)

No. 1355350

No that’s an old screenshot that anon is retarded

No. 1355352

File: 1635145422502.png (7.76 MB, 2208x1242, 8289FBEF-FA58-4811-9929-EED775…)

No. 1355365

Scrolling by i thought this was a pic of lillee Jean. Bleak.

No. 1355366

File: 1635147028907.png (151.52 KB, 720x1280, 2892C283-6F14-41F3-A5C4-BDDE88…)


Sure, Shayna.

On her tumblr 4 years ago.

No. 1355371

Ive been following shatnus since mvlofts and I can say with the utmost certainty this is the ugliest picture of her I've ever seen, and god knows there's been a lot of ghoulish contenders

No. 1355376

How has she not considered that doing something that makes you feel embarrassed may be a sign of you doing something that is, indeed, embarrassing? Other 25 year olds are wrapping up schooling and going into their careers to live happy lives, even finding husbands and wives, she’s making ugly rodent faces and pissing and pretending to cum in garments meant for infants…for grown, smelly, socially inept men who are also pissing and cumming in diapers. For less than what most retail places pay. This is ridiculous. Her parents must cry themselves to sleep every night. I give her three months before she either goes full on shit diaper porn or full on Nikocado Avocado since she seems to constantly teeter on the brink of both.

No. 1355386

She was never good looking to begin with but it's been interesting seeing her face get progressively more mangled as the threads have gone by.

No. 1355389

KEK same.

The fuck did I just read? Anyways, she can’t be that embarrassed considering she put photos of her diapered on the internet for all to see. Child-like diapers too. Not even depends. Bleh.

No. 1355390

Not that anon but I have her on snap and she did post that 13hours ago. It’s not old.

No. 1355418

It is an old pic her hair is dyed purple at the ends use your eyes please

No. 1355423

NTA but it might be a filter? Look at her eyes

No. 1355425

It’s old retards she doesn’t have that ruffle backdrop or ear plugs. I hate this thread jfc

No. 1355428

File: 1635164336049.jpeg (240.87 KB, 1170x477, 31226D00-72DF-47EB-BFD8-FBC8C9…)

She has said this so many times and then talks about how she’ll never get a tattoo

No. 1355434

That's not how barcodes or tattoos work

No. 1355440

She's dumb and so are you she could absolutely create a qr code that when scanned takes you to her websites and have it tattooed on her foot

No. 1355442

and once it heals and loses its sharpness it won’t scan anymore so it’s useless. it also makes her look like more of a Nazi.

No. 1355443

Eww! Gross and cringe. Please, somebody tell me this cow doesn't shit in her diapers.

No. 1355453

wait, is the pedo company in portland? i know insex is so i thought her posting voodoo meant she was shooting with them but it doesn’t seem like she did yet

No. 1355456

Ridiculous. She's not a Nazi, you're reaching. She's just an idiot with bad taste. She has always been wishy-washy about tattoos for some reason. Depending the guy she's simping for. I think she should try the alt thing, in all honesty. Chubby, alt and tatted has more intention to it than pasty and moley in pajamas.

No. 1355460

Or Barbie's

No. 1355474

She said barcode/serial number, not qr code, you big genius.

No. 1355491

yes the diaper people are based in portland

No. 1355495

yet another reason to avoid Portland

No. 1355517

she said that because she's a retard and doesn't know barcodes can't redirect to websited lol idk why some of yall expect shayna to have any kind of practical knowledge

No. 1355549

Shay threads are full of sexworkers who aren't much smarter than Shayna coping so don't expect much from them. I got what you meant nonnie

No. 1355562

File: 1635183837517.jpeg (311.28 KB, 1170x864, AAD97A5F-0697-48B5-BAA5-F8796A…)

You only post about your gf when she does shit for you

No. 1355563

File: 1635183872877.jpeg (865.61 KB, 1170x1992, 757734CC-6C05-4D07-A034-248465…)

Incoming “reimburse my lost stuff”

No. 1355567

why would you bring ALL your work clothes, makeup, and toys? is she really this fucking dim? I feel like this is a lie to scam or her really exposing her stupidity.

No. 1355579

>all my makeup
So cheap eyeliner and drug store concealer?
>my toys
Could you imagine stealing someone’s luggage, opening it and finding the horrors of uncleaned dildos inside.

No. 1355586

'all her work clothes' obviously means 'the only ones that fit' anon

No. 1355587

>my house

No. 1355590

which is like 3 tops, that one pair of ill-fitting mom jeans and the wrinkled up white tennis skirt

No. 1355593

Shayna, if you are reading this maybe take the opportunity to use a personal shopper and to actually get some more flattering clothing.

No. 1355597

Yeah because if you use drug store makeup you are a filthy pore. Get some class sweaty.

No. 1355600

I hate to say it but if you’re the kinda person who’d steal a suitcase you deserve to open it to a pile of shayna’s toys

No. 1355601

Omg not well over 500$???

No. 1355603

File: 1635187165859.jpg (329.55 KB, 719x1244, Screenshot_20211025-193900_Twi…)

called it

No. 1355605

Sometimes people steal suitcases and sell them as 'mystery suitcases'.

Maybe some unwilling person will buy Shayna's suitcase and they'll get a nasty surprise.

No. 1355610

i don't know why anyone is saying she had it stolen. shay probably lost it somewhere or is lying.

why wouldn't she have had it with her? do trains do the same thing as airplanes with checked bags?

No. 1355612

>my toothbrush
Love how she has to throw that in to remind people that she totally for real brushes her teeth.

No. 1355613

I don’t think she will be able to recover financially from this loss

No. 1355616

She was probably drunk and forgot to pick it up when she disembarked the train.

No. 1355617

UK anon so not sure if it’s the same in the USA but generally there’s overhead and a few in carriage storage bits, it’s your responsibility to take it on and off with you. From her saying she was “tipsy”, I bet she’s clocked she’s just pulling into the station and grabbed her handbag not giving it a second thought til she was at the platform

No. 1355622

So she keeps her inhaler next to her butt plugs.

No. 1355624

The train from Seattle to Portland isn’t long enough for checked baggage. She was in charge of her own bag. There are self service overhead storage areas and storage shelves at the end of cars. She lost it, not amtrak or whatever.

No. 1355625

I think in one of the pics you could see an Amtrak train behind her. Amtrak offers checked baggage at some stations, and I just checked and it’s offered in both Seattle and Portland, so it’s theoretically plausible her bag got stolen if she checked it. However, this a habitual liar and serial grifter we’re talking about here.

No. 1355626

>my slut scout uniform
kek good riddance

No. 1355628

Kek lighten up. She’s talking about uwu over $500 in her suitcase. She’s got about $200 max in there. And “all” her makeup is literally the two things she ever puts on.

Some girls here really do see themselves in Shay and it shows.

No. 1355636

File: 1635189666315.jpeg (933.53 KB, 1170x1854, B42BA59C-6EC5-4212-89B4-91167A…)

No. 1355639

Kek no Shayna, you lost track of your own luggage because you were drunk/high as usual. What gives away that the bag was not checked and with her is the fact that her inhaler and "pills" were in it. You don't pack that kind of stuff, you carry it with you. Even dumbass Shayna.

No. 1355640

I looked it up on Dollskill and that outfit is $60 fucking dollars (or 4 payments of $15 with afterpay). She's acting like she lost a Birkin or Chanel.

No. 1355642

Great detective work but she said herself she lost it because she was tipsy. Though even if she said it was stolen she wouldn't really be lying since it was stolen at some point after she forgot to take it off the train, or else it would have been in lost and found.

No. 1355643

even if it was stolen, why the fuck would you put your meds in checked baggage and not carryon? i swear to god she doesn't know how to be a functional human and it's not even close to as cute as she thinks.

No. 1355644

This is another grift. Shatna fairly recent shared her ~$5,000 Amazon gift card balance and a $300 Shein one. All of her ugly overpriced shit can be purchased once again at those places.

No. 1355645

Yes, that's why I said that's not how barcodes work. The idea of her getting a barcode tattoo thinking she was getting a qr code is funny, hence my original comment. Sorry you can't understand words.

No. 1355649

Haven't you got enough mileage out of those ugly, ill-fitting Halloween costumes? She isn't even giving the Amtrak a week to locate her supposedly lost bag before begging for money.

No. 1355650

Barcodes can't encode URLs so there isn't really any way someone could actually get one tattooed thinking it was a scannable qr code redirecting to a website.

No. 1355661

on the bright side, opening a bag of full of crusty dildos and """sexy""" dolls kill/shein lingerie would probably deter a thief from ever stealing again
good, take this as a sign to go buy some stuff that isn't shit quality

No. 1355663

those two scraps of clothing are not worth 60$ anyways you could make it yourself for 20$ with fabric from the store and a sewing machine kek

No. 1355665

Are you stupid? Add her on Snapchat before you bitch. How would that anon even know it’s old when she just posted it. That anon was just posting what she posted yesterday.

No. 1355668

Shayna can't even get her nails done correctly and doesn't know the difference according to >>1355428

No. 1355671

Nta but you can post old Snapchats on Snapchat. Just because she posted it recently doesn’t make the content new. I always get notifications saying “memories from 2 years ago!” You can reshare old shit. I don’t know why you’re so hard pressed to be right.

No. 1355678

File: 1635193763474.jpeg (548.67 KB, 1170x1354, B9BFFC44-D23F-48A9-AD3C-4763E3…)

She’s never going to stop milking this

No. 1355686

But shes thriving though

No. 1355696

I’m not even that anon. The snap didn’t say it was old in the corner as old snaps do. Which Is why that anon must have posted it
Maybe don’t get drunk and high on a train then you wouldn’t have lost your shit shay.

No. 1355700

$60 is quite a lot of money for someone who isn't comfortably middle class.

No. 1355702

Once again only talking about Ellen Dresel when she’s doing something for her. She’s such a cuck

No. 1355703

Just more proof she’s just using Ellen and it’s not a real relationship kek

No. 1355705

File: 1635195626825.jpeg (335.87 KB, 750x741, 3CAA66C3-80C2-4557-A345-0C7B9E…)

her poor family! wtf is she doing

No. 1355706

Does this mean we won't ever see again her forsaken pink lawnmower wand?
Thank god.

No. 1355708

Yeah it's not stolen, she literally posted about it yesterday saying she was so dumb, uwu, baby, that she left it on the train

No. 1355713

It was obviously left at the station in Portland, if she wasn’t such a dumb fuck, she would realize that and demand its found

No. 1355714

File: 1635196894981.jpeg (Spoiler Image,732.41 KB, 828x1423, B43308CF-1680-4423-94B4-AFE73D…)

Was collecting pics of some of Shayna’s newly acquired coomers for a collage and came across this 24/7 diapered tranny who posts videos of himself literally shitting his diaper in front of the camera and rubbing the dirty diapers around on himself… every time I deep dive into the men who consume Shay’s porn I find some shit I wish I had never seen. Last time it was literal CP, now it’s diaper degenerates. Shay manages to bring out the scrotes who make me lose faith in humanity.

No. 1355718

please do something better with your free time

No. 1355720

File: 1635197274424.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3072x3072, 65A41F4A-3DE2-4430-A372-06F933…)

I really, really should.

No. 1355722

no one asked for this and you still have time to delete it–or at least spoiler it.

No. 1355723

The bottom middle looks like he isn't even old enough to be following her, ick

No. 1355724

What needs to be spoilered? They’re fugly, not naked.

No. 1355725

spoiler it because they're ugly

No. 1355728


please go touch grass or call a friend. I barely understand the farmers who follow Shayna on social media, definitely don't need a deep dive on her newfound degenerate adult baby fanbase

No. 1355740

File: 1635200522807.jpeg (129.2 KB, 1170x296, 5EBCA956-127E-48DC-804F-451877…)

Then why have a “gf” Shay

No. 1355741

well yeah it’s too small for you anyway, you wouldn’t get much more out of it

No. 1355753

Where’s the guy with the hook hands? He’s my fave of the bunch.

No. 1355754

Since OP was shit
Last thread:
>Shaynus books a flight for a 10 day “big shoot” next month and says she wants to get “molested” >>1349130, >>1349150,
>Soy milk: Sol gets dragged on Twitter for filming and interacting with Shayna, as usual Shayna stays quiet >>1349157,
>Soy scrote gets triggered at lolcow making fun of him >>1349221, claims we are doxxing him >>1350493, using his public information he posted willingly >>1349695, he then spergs on SoundCloud >>1349909, >>1349987, >>1350170.
>Shayna posts more pics of herself in the airbnb without Soy, >>1349314, appears to have a yeast infection when posing with discharge in her snatch >>1349316,
>Shayna posts more nasty incest scenarios >>1350095,
>Sol/Sully Hill is a potential groomer >>1350398,
>Shayna wants to work with other degenerates >>1350559, >>1350566,
>Took off long nails for pedo adult diaper shoot >>1350623, >>1351270, >>1351377, >Shay gets short hot dog nails instead >>1351518, >>1351529,
>Scammy Mattel e-begs for a new vibrator >>1350682, when she already did in March >>1350697,
>High class bimbo Shaynus gets finger assaulted by a scrote for a Applebee’s steak and discounted ugg boots >>1350767, >>1350912, >>1350931, cankle barbie uwu >>1350927,
> Shayna Luther King says to unsubscribe to Netflix because they are uwu transphobic >>1352067, >>1352086
>Fat hog edits porn on train (while eating) with stuffed animal in a small fitted tracksuit with her beer gut hanging out >>1353154,
>Shayna posts cringe pictures of creepy pedo room from ABDLdreams >>1353595, and her creepy pedo photoshoot >>1353473, >>1354123, >>1354124, >>1354386
>Shayna’s “girlfriend” used to nanny little kids when she’s into ddlg >>1354185, >>1354188, >>1354307, hasn’t been officially confirmed she still does

No. 1355759

thanks for the update but get the fuck over OP.

No. 1355769

“Little parts” I know it’s trite to point out how pedophilic her fetish is at this point but……jfc

No. 1355771

how convenient that she lost the vibrator she was just begging for someone to replace a few days ago kek

No. 1355779

File: 1635206621187.jpeg (400.95 KB, 1170x1199, F127E647-E1D6-41D8-92FF-983773…)

Stfu Shay

No. 1355792

Severely retarded.

No. 1355813

File: 1635209292704.png (530.57 KB, 2048x530, Screenshot_20211025-174638.png)

Kek, must have felt neglected as shaynus was in a diaper all weekend

No. 1355818

Ellen seems depressing to be around, shayna is awful but just break up with her, she's always sadposting

No. 1355827

>gang rape
>making you feel good
Rape doesn't feel good. These women need to be fucking bludgeoned quick and easy so they can't coom to it.(a-log)

No. 1355832

not defending them but rape wasn’t mentioned, anon

No. 1355835

File: 1635211950070.jpeg (203.11 KB, 1242x539, 66106F7C-0C83-4E40-A567-9E8ED3…)


No. 1355842

File: 1635212653275.jpeg (66.87 KB, 630x608, 4CD22CD5-0FA4-46B7-86AB-B8147C…)


Copied and pasted:
NEW VID!!! Queen Rules

You are a powerful King of a lush, thriving kingdom. You have a beautiful wife, The Queen. She’s demure, obedient, everyone in the kingdom loves her! You have finished all your royal duties for the day and go to visit your queen in her room. She’s sitting on her bed, looking as regal as ever. She asks how your day was, like the loving wife she is. In return you ask how hers was, noticing she seems a bit antsy. She admits she’s been feeling like she’s in a bit of a rut, she has an itch she needs scratching. She explains how it’s become increasingly predictable being the same, sweet queen to everyone in the kingdom every day. The only way to scratch this itch, is breaking loose. Just taking one night to be the person she is under all the wraps of expectations and reputation. You tell her that you’ll indulge in her fantasy, but only for the night. She promises she won’t be too mean, and tells you to leave the room while she changes. You assume she’s done changing, and walk back into her room. In a black dress, a strap on firmly placed between her hips, her hair tied up, her entire demeanor has changed. She scolds you for entering the room without knocking, let alone asking her permission. She commands you get down on your knees at her feet. Making sure the guards can hear, she lets you know that you’ll have to be punished for entering without permission. She walks off, and walks back with a dog bone gag and a pair of pink frilly panties, explaining that tonight you’re going to be her little sissy bitch. If you’re good, she’ll consider letting you out in the morning. But if you put up too much of a fuss, then she’ll have to keep you in the dungeon for the next month. You nervously comply, but she notices you unable to keep eye contact because you’re too busy staring at her cock. She tells you to suck on it, gag on it, make a mess on her. She knows what a dumb mutt you are, and makes you do the things to her strap on that you would’ve wanted done to your cock but aren’t worthy of. Can you prove to the queen that you love this kind of treatment?

- domme, sissification, strap on, cum countdown, humiliation -

No. 1355843

File: 1635212727222.jpeg (Spoiler Image,584.04 KB, 1242x703, A3C666E6-A27A-459A-A20A-6DF68C…)

No. 1355844

File: 1635212801508.jpeg (Spoiler Image,583.56 KB, 1242x674, A3182AED-2338-435E-BC25-0F1F91…)

No. 1355845

omg she literally looks like an ogre when she bites her lip like this, why does she do that?!

No. 1355846

Retarded face and rolls aside, she already looks 10 times better like this than her usual “pink baby uwu” shit

No. 1355858

File: 1635214276619.png (1.62 MB, 1542x2048, Screenshot_20211025-190920.png)

Who the hell would want to see this

No. 1355860

KEK usually i am disgusted by her coomshows but this was hilarious. first of all if she's going to go for the queen schtick then don't wear a wrinkled $3 shein dress. doesn't she have a tiara around somewhere? then you got an extreme close up of her cottage cheese tree trunk legs. seeing shaynus playing with the dildo by flicking and flopping it around really shows that she does not know how to handle a dick. plus the ridiculous ogre faces she makes throughout. hilarious juxtaposition of her posting this domme video right after her weekend of wearing depends

No. 1355863

File: 1635214354671.png (812.06 KB, 2048x1158, Screenshot_20211025-191153.png)

You think shaynus would ever do this if the roles were reversed?

No. 1355870

>beautiful wife, the queen
>looking regal as ever
Bitch, where?

I don't understand why she went with some weird royal theme here tbh. Like you're just the same frumpy bitch in the same musty room with the same plushies in the bg. In a too small, wrinkled, and cheap spandex dress no less.

More cursed content coming soon

No. 1355874

>beautiful queen of a lush, thriving kingdom
>hotdog nails, alcohol bloat, bruises all over her legs, messy bun, cheap looking S&M gear with her gross rashy snatch poking out

No. 1355875

royal grease tendrils

No. 1355879

File: 1635215223142.gif (493.84 KB, 646x466, 1524694387856.gif)

vibrator with a built in camera.. um what am i supposed to make of this. This sounds like some scary shit is yet to come.

No. 1355908

okay this is actually hilarious. when she turns around and she’s just wearing the strap on through the whole thing. and her awkward body language and shit tier domme talk. this is fucking gold.

No. 1355910

Hook hands! Hook hands! Hook hands!

No. 1355920

I wish someone would edit this with Shatna in the foreground and hook hands in the back

No. 1355922

maybe our art anon will.

No. 1355927

I think the people who follow her aren’t even attracted to her but just share a lifestyle interest. It’s more like a support group

No. 1355951

Seriously. Degenerates validating each other. I honestly think that the only reason why shaynus has gone down this path is because she knows she’s too fat, ugly and lazy to be successful as a “regular” e-whore. there’s too much competition from pretty girls who put effort into their appearance and coom content

No. 1355952

Coom show colonoscopy saga

No. 1355957

there will be so much poo footage, oh my god. this thing is gonna look like a routine colonoscopy.

No. 1355984

I may be a little high maybe it's simply the lack of boil ass but I feel like this is a little less shit than usual. Her "domme" talk isn't convincing, but still moreso than her "sub" fake baby voice bullshit. At least she does sound kinda bitchy (because she is a bitch).

No. 1355991

Damn she is GONE here. Usually only watch the intros because they are terrible and full of keks but couldn't get through this one. The level of inebriation makes it feel illicit.

No. 1355994

File: 1635233210320.png (123.23 KB, 591x520, Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 12.2…)

You're 24. Time to grow up like everyone else your age.

No. 1355995

Random but why the sudden switch from "sugar dad(s)" to "sugar daddy"?

No. 1355996

I don’t think she understands how unrealistic this all is even in sugar relationships, she can’t even get a guy to spend more than $200 on her. If he can’t even buy her a $500 wallet from LV he can’t buy her a personal assistant lmao

No. 1355997

Her mom tried to keep her safe but she branded her as eViL for doing so and now it's her sexual fantasy? Talk about self-asserted mommy issues.

No. 1356001

Like Shayna does anything life threatening outside of posting porn under her legal name and giving her exact location to strangers online.

No. 1356002

Lets men molest her in the car in exchange for clearance rack uggs and dildos with cameras but expects one to obsessively care about her 24/7. K.

No. 1356003

I like how Shay has taken a quantity over quality approach to sugaring. Sure she can't find any one person who will drop much more than a hundo or so on her in one sitting, but she can just hit up each individual "mumma" and "daddy" for small gifts, diner food, and the occasional airbnb experience. kek

No. 1356008

she gets sloppy drunk and high out in public regularly, that could be considered life threatening for a woman.

No. 1356021

You can predict Shaynus will grift on any given Sunday and be right by Monday.

No. 1356027


No. 1356037

File: 1635243012577.jpg (328.34 KB, 720x1102, Screenshot_20211026-073758_Twi…)

oh did she dirty delete her soyjak sperg lol
screencapped this a few hours ago and forgot to post

No. 1356038

The guy in the middle of the bottom row just needs to groom himself and take a shower every once in a while and I think he would look quite handsome.

No. 1356043

Why are people WKing for this Shay coomer in particular? He could have all the style and grooming habits in the world and he'd still be a disgusting ABD fetishist.

No. 1356052

she can't even use lube for her strap-on, kek. i don't have a dick (obviously) but if i did, i'm sure i'd wince from watching her dry handle this thing.
so gf and bestie isn't the same person? who is it then

No. 1356069

> what i stand for
And what is that exactly? Seriously what issues, stances, or opinions has she ever brought up beside those that pertain directly to herself? A 24 year old woman who told a minor to take a dick up their ass wants to call herself a ‘sweet girl’. The only things discussed here are things Shayna posts; if she has an issue with then she needs to do some self-reflection but we all know that won’t happen. She will continue to cater to the lowest of low men by making porn while pretending to be a child.

No. 1356072

This made me go back and watch it and holy shit she really is. The swaying and stumbling over words is reallllly something else. She’s trying really hard to not come off drunk but she is not succeeding.

Thanks, I hate it. I am sure some small sliver of coomers will be into this, but I feeeel like this might actually be too gross for a lot of them. I am betting she shoots like 2 videos with this and it is never seen again. Or so I hope. We all know she doesn’t prep for anal.

No. 1356090

is this retard on crack, no wonder she has to pander to the absolute lowest freaks, everyone with 2 braincells gets cancer reading this shit. who the fuck say wud instead of would??

No. 1356099

You think she would tattoo it on herself?

No. 1356109

No she's just saying retarded things on twitter.

No. 1356119

Cringey and Debbie Desperate. I think I'd rather see Shay with some middle-aged simp than Ellen and her whining.

No. 1356122

In the dom part she sounds so much more natural/like she’s talking in her normal voice and I can only guess it’s bc she’s used to being a massive bitch irl

No. 1356125

Why is she…. Using two hands to like pet the underside of the dildo? What is she doing???

No. 1356136

Agreed. She looks relatively groomed, her hair is done, her outfit is better fitting than usual, and black looks good on her.

No. 1356150

the bar is at the earth’s molten core

No. 1356169

Idk about you, but if I lost my prescriptions (that I for some reason didn't keep in my purse), replacing those would be a much higher priority than sex toys and cheap makeup.

No. 1356171

Damn, Fatty finds the big donut shop in every city she goes to lmao.

It's been a while since Hammy Scammy has pulled a stunt and this one reaks of it. And yet people are enabling her. It's obvious her drunk retarded ass lost her own luggage by leaving it on the train or something and she's not even giving them a couple days to locate it. I mean, It's possible at this point it got stolen (big nasty surprise for the thief) but its HER fault she left it. Maybe she shouldn't slam so many drinks and be so oblivious to the real world before boarding.

No. 1356174

In this case, the shared old man most likely kek. She just wanted to sound like she has people that care about her as friends and not just sexually. Her gf is usually the bestie,but she wanted to sound so uwu loved and supported. So she either flat made it up or it's the old man. Pathetic.

No. 1356182

God the outfits are so absurdly cheap they look worse than Halloween costumes. She's supposed to be a queen and she's wearing that pink frumpy wrinkly retard dress in the beginning? That's more like princess of the trailer park. And the other dress is awful too but I guess I could see it in medieval times as a sex cloth lol.
Couldn't barely hear the audio, but that intro went on forever, almost as bad as reading the typed version.
And the way she dry rubbed the strap on kek. Like she was awkwardly caressing it as someone who's never touched one before. Fuckin wack. I wonder if a coomer came up with the concept too because its also very weird.
Well there's her one shitty domme vid, now she can go back to "I'm only baby I sub only don't ask me to top I'm smol going into little space"

Also "I shidded my diaper" Saga when? I do pray she never uses the colon cam though. We've all seen too much as it is. And she has no hygiene including no anal prep. Nasty.

No. 1356185

kek true. "good" for her is just showering and wearing clean clothes at this point.

No. 1356201


sometimes I think the people that post 'shay looks good here' are either Shayna herself or legally blind. She hasn't looked decent since started with this baby fetish shit. She's damn near at the point of no return now

No. 1356209

File: 1635267226212.jpeg (547.23 KB, 1242x1709, 8233610B-501E-48CA-B7E1-03EE4C…)

Bitch is really stressing about two dollskill costumes and a bunch of cheap china factory toys from Amazon the most that’s in that luggage she lost is $280. She’s so stupid it’s her fault she lost it. Whoever found that garbage probably threw it away (rightfully so)

No. 1356210

Everyday is a “chill day” for this bitch

No. 1356219

File: 1635267769070.jpeg (678.73 KB, 878x1498, 83ACB8B9-9302-4223-90EC-F4DF76…)

Shayna: please compliment me I need moid attention
The replies:

No. 1356223

can't believe im seeing a r/muacirclejerk reference here

No. 1356258

I'm the one who said he looked young and wasn't trying to white knight, I just think he looks like some greasy weird kid and his mom should unplug the router kek

No. 1356266

File: 1635273239483.jpeg (245.27 KB, 1170x519, 26496D33-84D1-4847-AA2A-725A50…)

And what about women? Cause you’re so “uwu pan sexual”

No. 1356268

if she actually checked it she’s probably the only person to have done it. i’ve taken that train several times and nobody checks their bag, it’s an incredibly quick ride and you just keep your stuff with you, she said herself she was drunk so i think she probably put it above/under her seat and just forgot

No. 1356269

yeah i thought the same thing but i thought i was the only pore here so then there was three

No. 1356275

Ayrt, as the other kind anon who replied to me pointed out the tard already admitted she left it because she was tipsy (highlighted in this post >>1355324). I think I must’ve missed that post in between all the Shayna old Snapchat pic infighting spergs lol. My bad.

No. 1356277

There is no hope for shayna

No. 1356278

when is she ever around a hot confident man?She becomes obsessed with ANY man who pays her 2 seconds of attention, then offers herself (sexually) to them for very little/free.

No. 1356291

we have seen the low-value moids you’re obsessed with, shayna

No. 1356308

File: 1635278953627.jpeg (120.48 KB, 750x567, C0F762D8-BB6D-4D32-8BCC-A379A0…)

HAHA what the fuck??

No. 1356309

Is this about ABDreams guy? God, I hope not.

No. 1356310

File: 1635279122831.jpeg (169.01 KB, 1242x415, 433670AD-9E91-4C0F-90F2-EBF50E…)

Why does she retweet these?? This shit is nasty. These pedophiles need to be locked away. What sane grown woman wants to be called kiddie and preschooler/toddler?? I hope these pedophiles don’t have children

No. 1356312

File: 1635279287543.png (65.91 KB, 155x275, E0056EA1-4AD7-47DA-A3D6-60A58B…)

>Sorry this happened to Dolly love you guys
Ew kek Shayna probably talks to this inbred creature on the daily so he feels special and spends more money on her. She probably rants about the hayderzzz to him as well for more pity pennies

No. 1356318

They’re clearly close if she told him who her girlfriend is and no one else, but why the fuck is he paying Ellen for Shayna’s shit?

No. 1356321

File: 1635280111957.jpeg (321.71 KB, 1103x788, F1989580-5421-456E-B3E4-DBAAED…)

Half of them are going to be farmers probably kek

No. 1356322

File: 1635280179920.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1132x1673, 74B25520-CCAC-47B2-AEB1-89D65A…)

She’s always flashing her moobs in dirty public washrooms, it’s trashy

No. 1356324

I love how Shayna tried to ~own the haters~ by not publicly showing Ellen Dresel as her gf but told retarded Jason R Womack

No. 1356325

How does she afford to even eat

No. 1356327

>>1356308 must be about the airbnb

No. 1356331

Your new diaper fans aren't interested in your porn, Shay. They literally only care about seeing you in diapers.

No. 1356333

File: 1635281240387.jpeg (190.89 KB, 750x1179, AFE95CBC-B48C-4623-BEE7-B78F21…)

She also has payments for childcare

No. 1356342


This retarded rugrats talk doesn't look cute. Reading it makes me want to a-log every single time. Shay and these idiots fucking suck.

No. 1356345

>implying Fat Shat would ever be satisfied with a child's portion

No. 1356346

With her copious amount of doordash giftcards, of course. We need to be taking notes, remember nonita? kek

And yet anons sperged that she doesn't have any recent affiliation with children. A year ago is not 'ancient', but go off autists.

No. 1356348

I'm a bit late but "all your crops are maintained" i kek'd so hard

No. 1356350

No. 1356353

We’ve all seen enough at this point, she can’t even give it away for free because there’s no point but I’m sure it’s her attempting some business tactic to suck in customers.

No. 1356360

File: 1635283807164.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1242x1577, 89F003B8-9561-462C-BD9D-CC230F…)


No. 1356361

File: 1635283913147.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 1242x1527, CECFFA4E-552E-4776-8A6D-9264F9…)


No. 1356363

File: 1635284233042.png (879.25 KB, 860x966, wtf.png)

What the actual fuck? Her face looks like belongs on a 75 year old woman.

No. 1356369

It looks like she is wearing special effects old lady makeup

No. 1356371

>Fat Shat

No. 1356375

this is actually making me feel sick, these people shouldn't be with children

No. 1356376

This bit had me dying too, she has literally never read book, huh?

No. 1356377

where's 3/3? don't starve my erection bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1356378

holy macaroni, dubs(autism)

No. 1356380


No. 1356382

Jesus fucking Christ.
She looks absolutely terrifying.

Did she even take notice of how rekt her face looks in this photo before posting. One of the worst I've ever seen of her and this is in full cake face makeup.

No. 1356383

How is she not the laughing stock of twitter pedo panderers? this is awful!

No. 1356384

because the majority of them are already fat and/or ugly. she fits right in with that ilk tbh.

No. 1356392

File: 1635286800540.png (396.1 KB, 675x675, porn_addiction_can_be_helped.p…)

No. 1356396

Right? I thought the anon in the trenches >>1355720 made it clear exactly what type of people she attracts with this.

No. 1356411

File: 1635288653358.jpeg (31.01 KB, 320x314, ugly.jpeg)

No. 1356428

File: 1635290214482.jpeg (267.17 KB, 1170x621, 98F424B3-6D1C-4B73-A6CB-8D7425…)


No. 1356430

File: 1635290256074.jpeg (552.75 KB, 1170x1038, 1D578546-A331-44D0-B663-395119…)

No. 1356433

bro I haven't been on this site in like 6 months tf happened to her? I have so, so much to catch up on.

No. 1356439

File: 1635290770188.jpeg (39.57 KB, 640x377, A315DCF3-8EAF-445B-81D9-1E052B…)

Horrible catch nonny

No. 1356440

The second tweet sounds like the dialogue of an 80s d-list movie villain, not porn.

No. 1356442

karma is a bitch

No. 1356445

Get to work nonners

No. 1356446

don't put harry in this thread

No. 1356456

This is like one of those overly filtered pictures of celebrities on the red carpet to point out their skin problems. I’ll never get why does she allow herself to look this way when her appearance is driving income. She must have given up, can’t save her fat body or her busted face at this point so why try.

No. 1356459

> I’ll either send you all my videos or one new video
Not even making pennies. How pathetic.

No. 1356464

this shit busts my guts cause I can only think about what the pig looks like… nobody but man door hand hook car door would think about touching crinkle shart. let alone someone who does med kinks and pours money into their weird coomer shit to make this happen irl.

No. 1356467

That’s a hard looking face.

No. 1356485

>man door hand hook car door
did you have a stroke

No. 1356486

it’s a meme

No. 1356490


No. 1356492

File: 1635297367353.jpg (580.99 KB, 1200x2000, Screenshot_20211026-191535_Sam…)


No. 1356518

File: 1635300593702.jpeg (285.65 KB, 750x772, 71CB6985-FC05-4CA2-9276-FCE194…)

This sounds exactly like something a tranny would post

No. 1356519

even in her gross porn fanfic she’s a lazyass cunt
like, she’s not even going to imagine that she really did go to the evil hospital on false pretenses to expose their shit
like, girl, Nellie Bly did that in the 1890s with a damn corset on

No. 1356520

File: 1635300734429.jpeg (104.35 KB, 750x473, C58C0EF7-DEF9-406D-BCF7-C2E833…)

No. 1356528

Those lashes are horrendous where do u even find lashes that cheap looking? spirit Halloween?

No. 1356538

Everything is bad but her teeth are fucking rank. Go to a dentist Shayna jfc

No. 1356544

notice how all her fantasies involving women that don't involve men; are always them doing something for her and doing what she likes to do? Yet all her fantasies involving men are always her letting men use & abuse her body and how much she just LOVES attention from them? How she'd do whatever they want to do?
She doesn't even pretend to be attracted to her GF, she even used to call her ex "Cute" when pretending they weren't togeather. Imagine having a GF who calls random scrotes attractive and talks with such emotion about men, yet only mention you when you do something for them. She can't even say, "I don't want the haterz to know about her".
Because even with he who shall not be named, she'd mention him all the damn time, even when she wasn't supposed too.
She seemed more attracted and into Sol then she is with her current.

No. 1356546

She looks like a troon with the same cock wrap her buddy Sol Gribble uses kek

No. 1356549

God, she really is desperate to get her numbers back up. Doesn't even care about money, just crumbs of attention. 10 free subs would've been a lot. But she's really throwing $250 away just to have people look at her nasty unedited pics. Unless she's paywalling the fuck out of all her content there, she's more retarded than she was yesterday. She's really hoping that the majority will stick around, but that's not how it works. Bet she's gonna have a hard time giving out 50 subs anyway which is the saddest part kek

No. 1356553

this is legit horrifying but i guess it's fitting bc halloween is coming soon

No. 1356558

File: 1635306286591.jpeg (936.38 KB, 1242x1520, 991245EA-0E8B-41BE-8787-AAFCCC…)

Toy-box killer shit

No. 1356559

It’s still 2020, nasty as fuck but what does this have to do with Shayna/current timeline? Give me 4 months ago hell yeah. I haven’t posted since OK at least before y’all come for me as op or any anons as of late

No. 1356565

No one cares. Stop trying to derail.

No. 1356569

her butthole eyes are out of control!

No. 1356584

I legit almost yelled when i scrolled to this, jfc. Her face is like a halloween mask

No. 1356600

stank hoe arena/feeding trough

No. 1356606

Yesterday, she gives away 50 free subs.
Today, she'll try and sell 15 pictures of her anus for 25 bucks.
Tomorrow, she'll cry about not having next month's rent and beg sugar daddy's to pay her big girl bills.

No. 1356677

She doesn't consider it a day off just because she was stressed? Even though she actively did nothing? You know in the normal working world, a day off is a day off no matter what emotions you feel that day.

No. 1356696

File: 1635337315634.jpeg (831.96 KB, 1170x1607, 181414DD-50F7-4F1C-848B-A38A06…)

No. 1356699

That skin color lacquer is so fugly

No. 1356735

She must be short on money. First she's trying to get reimbursed for "lost" luggage, now she's shilling over priced customs.

No. 1356746

>like, girl, Nellie Bly did that in the 1890s with a damn corset on

fuck this made me laugh

No. 1356766

That chair looks like it belongs in an attraction park on one of those machines that goes really high up and then drops you.

No. 1356773

if my luggage was lost and i'm trying to re-buy everything in it my nails are literally the last thing on my mind kek it is the 27th, so rent is due soon

No. 1356796

File: 1635350373772.jpeg (Spoiler Image,833.26 KB, 1242x1371, AB976F97-DD70-417C-9E6E-286630…)

It’s giving me shirtless fat boy at the local public swimming pool vibes

No. 1356797

File: 1635350471932.jpeg (840.29 KB, 1242x1696, 81E862A0-C3C9-44F0-8312-1CF932…)

She’s e-begging on onlyfans as well just copy and pasted. Also why the brown hotdog color. I thought french manicures were suppose to be light pink or clear ??

No. 1356799

File: 1635350577383.jpeg (Spoiler Image,706.23 KB, 949x1585, 75743666-F025-4546-8F17-395416…)

i don’t even want to imagine being in the same room as this sweating tub of lard let alone biting her thigh and putting my face near her crusty unwashed snatch

No. 1356817

The worst, least sexy, unappealing and uninteresting nudes ever. She is so fucking lazy she doesn’t even try to pose/angle in a way that flatters herself like she did when she was skinny. No matter how much I read this thread, it is insane to me that she does porn.

No. 1356818

I hate to even ask this but do they even give eachother oral? Kiss? Anything? Does her GF just bite and finger her? Whats even the point? They might as well stay friends and just cuddle, because they obviously aren't attracted to eachother.
Shayna damn near paid to suck a dick, yet never talks about even touching her girlfriend sexually.
Their relationship with sex is so fucked up. Whats sad is they both could easily find the dick they crave, but they are too lazy to do so.

No. 1356848

That was my thought too. Conveniently “lost” her luggage at the end of the month. She’s probably short on rent money.

No. 1356854

Imagining that big white thing covered in discharge, shit and food crumbs from the gross nightmare tier women and trannies that Shay would recruit for this endeavor…. such a turn on. You are totally doing this right, Shay.

No. 1356872

Her nail regrowth is nasty. Someone stuck some shitty tips on and called it a day, not even caring that the pinky tip is way too small. .50 cent gorilla glued plastic, such bimbo

No. 1356894

Pretty sure Shay’s banned from Venmo

No. 1356960

File: 1635365627599.jpeg (184.18 KB, 1146x1318, 0B3769C2-CD20-4F4F-87DE-95F290…)

She’s scamming again

No. 1356961

File: 1635365689652.jpeg (179.17 KB, 1242x990, EEFD253F-200E-4A46-8A55-162460…)

>nap time
It’s afternoon lazy fat bitch

No. 1356964

>dandruff filter
At least we know why she's still using it. Without it she looks like this >>1356492.

No. 1356973

File: 1635366871070.jpeg (177.86 KB, 500x333, DB75514B-6F9B-4D6B-9FEE-12CE43…)

This has to be the next thread pic. Can some photoshop anon edit it like the door scene from the shining?

No. 1356978

File: 1635367686027.jpg (116.96 KB, 500x333, 202110277630146582750813597.jp…)

I tried kek. If anyone wants to edit text on top, feel free

No. 1356999

this reference has already been done in a previous thread pic

No. 1357001

Love this picture so fucking much

No. 1357015

“Baby’s nap time” yeah okay grandma Shatna

No. 1357020

>heeeeere's dolly

No. 1357027

File: 1635373742746.jpg (1.66 MB, 3735x3735, walnuts.jpg)

I still can't get over just how absolutely fucking rough and wrecked she looks in this pic. Her eye lids are so bloated they look like walnuts and she's developing jowls at 24.

No. 1357040

File: 1635374977326.jpeg (249.41 KB, 750x589, 161F77E2-6EAC-4E7E-9878-3C9022…)


No. 1357047

File: 1635375069521.jpeg (109.75 KB, 750x251, 6618F4CC-9F7B-4B30-8D50-0D1631…)

No. 1357049

>who hates napping
Says the grown woman that announces every day she’s taking a nap.

No. 1357058

Her fantasies make no fucking sense she really just says whatever

No. 1357077

File: 1635377171340.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.62 KB, 750x845, B15B28DB-BD2B-4EAD-98E9-DA7A30…)

I can’t tell if she’s coping or blind

No. 1357079

File: 1635377269190.jpeg (Spoiler Image,88.18 KB, 750x250, AF3379E0-CB71-41D8-9A04-920847…)

sorry, I can’t tell if *IT is coping

No. 1357080

It's obvious cope, we, she and everyone whose ever seen her irl, knows her body doesn't look like this. If she liked her body so much she wouldn't be doing all these poses to hide her flaws. She likes the way her posed/slightly edited body looks. Not her actual curveless body.

No. 1357089

probably just a drunk cope. also looks like she edited the top part of her ass.

No. 1357093

Good god do I want her to have a troon arc

No. 1357094

Troon logic

No. 1357102

why would that even be a possibility? one of the wackiest reaches ever.

No. 1357103

i don’t think she means it in a literal sense kek it’s just her “uwu objectify me” thing

No. 1357118

This looked weirdly edited her torso/rib area looks rly weirdly long when her love handle area is huge and the lunch lady arms

No. 1357128

Does anyone else think that she looks like the happy merchant meme in her twitter avatar?

No. 1357132

File: 1635385580559.jpeg (237.86 KB, 750x700, 8020608F-A165-4E24-B430-DA0C3B…)

Probably because he found the cheapest whore in Seattle who will let him fuck her for the price of some Applebee’s

No. 1357149

It's incredibly ugly. I don't know why she is obsessed with showing her teeth off lately. I'm not one of those people who spergs about people not having perfect teeth, but hers look particularly bad and even her AGP smirk is better than whatever she has been doing lately. Her teeth are not unly discolored but really chipped.

No. 1357150

it’s probably the same old man it has been. also why does she do 90% of her correspondence through snapchat? does she not have a real phone plan or something?

No. 1357152

It's the dude she let fingerblast her in the car after he bought her a pair of uggs. Also I'm dying at her saying she has butterflies from some scrote but never for her girlfriend.

No. 1357155

has there even been evidence that was a different dude?

No. 1357161

Depressing as hell that no other man has ever expressed excitement with emojis and capital letters for her.

No. 1357162

I wonder why that diaper company hasn’t posted any of the content they made with Shay on their twitter like they do with other people

No. 1357174

It’s not that unbelievable that other scrotes would take her out to get some on the low. Men have terrible taste.

No. 1357177

Exactly, moids will stick their dick in anything. Shaynus is a desperate set of holes they can do what they want with because she’s a degenerate and not have to tell anyone about it. She is literally a two dollar whore, mouth breathing coomer scum probably think they’ve hit the jackpot with her

No. 1357178

They probably had people flooding their DMs about her like Soyboy Gribble did. I’m surprised Shayna herself hasn’t posted more of the fucked up pedo porn she shot with them

No. 1357182

yeah but the reality is that she has a history of faking dates

No. 1357187

Takes time to edit stuff. Especially when it's bad lol

No. 1357205

File: 1635394291421.png (Spoiler Image,8.51 MB, 1242x2208, C93365D2-DB54-4707-BDCA-4EBEF9…)

No. 1357206

File: 1635394330854.jpeg (Spoiler Image,883.8 KB, 1242x1547, 782276E1-ED7C-4A24-B7A7-1A6DC7…)

No. 1357208

Then why are you sucking in so hard, posing, and editing it?

No. 1357212

you can see the strain in her neck

No. 1357213

File: 1635395270394.jpeg (287.84 KB, 1242x1141, F338AC99-39FB-4357-B1E2-B6F6B5…)

No. 1357214

She always has to include the neck rolls and her crusty mouth, it feels like an unsolicited nude some fat boomer would send to girls on Facebook

No. 1357221

File: 1635396651147.jpg (197.95 KB, 1253x939, tumblr_oevzd5rdiZ1rmiw96o1_128…)

This is what she used to look like? She's so busted now, what the fuck even happened? Don't get fat, Nons.

No. 1357222

File: 1635396694371.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.54 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_o98u9kON4t1rmiw96o1_128…)

How is she not ashamed of herself? This is what she used to look like. How sad.

No. 1357225

She was busted then, too, just not fat.

No. 1357230

File: 1635397760959.png (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 1920x2048, Screenshot_20211027-220840.png)

Her pussy is looking more like a beluga whale than like a dolphin these days

No. 1357231

I take better nudes after three glasses of wine and I do it for free. I said it a few threads ago but every woman on earth knows what to do to look sexy. I don't understand how someone who's job requires looking sexy can be so dismally bad at it.

No. 1357233

yeah can autists please refrain from posting these same old pics that come up every few threads to talk about how “good” she used to look. she would look the exact same now if she wasn’t speedrunning obesity.

No. 1357234

Why would you post this weird pose alongside a completely unrelated question? She’s basically asking to be called fat. My answer is salad btw

No. 1357239

File: 1635398743615.png (515.55 KB, 2048x789, Screenshot_20211027-222407.png)

I'm laughing at womacks response. I thought he said esophagus at first but I think the brainlet meant asparagus kek. As if shaynus would eat a vegetable

No. 1357242

She’s always looked like a cavewoman, look at that forehead creasing and terrible skin even back then

No. 1357247

I honestly don’t think she was busted, just average. Like there wasn’t anything objectively ugly about her that a good skin care regime/hygiene and better styling (including using make up techniques to make her nose look smaller and eyes look bigger) couldn’t help. She has busted herself by treating her body like a garbage disposal unit and being a piece of shit person

No. 1357248

not to wk shay but you have to be delusional to think she didnt look better before. sure she is still ugly as all fuck but at least she doesnt seem to try to force that 'uwu baby bimbo!' aesthetic.
in >>1357222 she looks like a somewhat normal person

No. 1357250

I get what you mean. The photo before that was the only time she could make herself look decent for a picture. Inb4 “SHE WAS ALWAYS UGLY ANON”. Yes we know , but ugly people can take a decent photo with angles etc. Now she can’t even take any kind of decent photo because she can’t hide behind being skinny to distract people kek. She knows it too.
Says she loves her body, then proceeds to hide stomach with arm

No. 1357274

File: 1635402625409.jpeg (91.2 KB, 645x729, 4D384130-719E-411B-981C-098A93…)

Topkek Jason R Womack is the human equivalent to the retard wojak

No. 1357276

jfc shut up we get it she looked somewhat decent back then even though she still had beady rat eyes and Neanderthal genes

No. 1357277

Isn’t “esparaghus” supposed to make jizz taste rancid? For some reason this makes his response extra hilarious, topkek indeed

No. 1357279

Her eyes legitimately terrify me, they look like she’s permanently wearing possessed-by-a-demon black contacts, her bloated face just accentuates how beady they are

No. 1357281

Jason R(etard) Wojak

No. 1357290

File: 1635404099077.jpeg (161.13 KB, 750x553, F85FC9D2-0902-45CA-AA2E-BACED2…)

why is she mentioning her father and her onlyfans in the same tweet? barf

No. 1357291

I guarantee he likes his step daughter more

No. 1357294

File: 1635405141376.png (292.91 KB, 450x750, tumblr_pauch5r65S1xxhw99o1_500…)

I'm the anon who originally posted >>1357222
And I don't think Shayna is really pretty or anything, but at least back then she wasn't glorifying to look at, and her style was kinda cute, if not really played out. I think when she started going downhill was when she started getting into uwu dumb baby aesthetic and had that piss yellow hair and those ugly bangs. Pic added for reference.

No. 1357309

File: 1635407773506.png (2.52 MB, 1864x1032, E63FB64C-B3FC-49BA-8FFD-05BE30…)

if i eat dinner with shayna we are having that meal from princess bride and shes the short one thats not immune to the poison

No. 1357347

she deleted this

No. 1357358

Anonimette, Shay's poison resistance is beyond yours and her lungs are coated in protective tar. If anything, you'll die by some unique bacteria lodged under her sausage nail when she pours you another goblet of pink wine.

No. 1357360

U obsess over chubby white gurl that’s gross(don't use emojis)

No. 1357492

It's not even the fact that she's slimmer here, it's thefact that she wears awful clothes.

This is an unpopular opinion here but I have seen plenty of overweight women who have good style and don't look nearly as bad as Shayna.

Shayna hasn't adjusted her style for her new body type and age and has started wearing colors that look awful on her.

No. 1357500

>I take better nudes after three glasses of wine and I do it for free.
Great flex anon.

No. 1357569

criminally underrated post, anon

No. 1357583

Her looks were unique but she was actually pretty at one time. she really fucked herself over

No. 1357590

She's going to hold onto ANYTHING she thinks twitter scrotes like and she thinks it's her 'brand". This basic pedo-pandering "I'm baby, I'm so dumb! I love pink!" shit.
I guess she knows her lane. She can't pull off true bimbo, which honestly would be a welcome change in sugaring. Her showing up in a tight dress, push up bra and lipstick, looks better then her showing up looking waaay older then her style, with bows in her head.
She could pull off the slutty trailer trash bimbo better then this "I look underaged! I act underaged! I'm a baby" shit. Though she's not going to change unless she stops getting attention from scrotes and/or she meets a scrote whose not into these things.

No. 1357595

Sucking in the gunt, but good luck trying to suck in those thighs

No. 1357599

It's annoying, but I disagree that she looks the same only fat. Sure she was ugly back then, but she's currently a bloated corpse. She's 100% uglier.

No. 1357608

Nta but it was right before she moved and did MV lofts she shot with theropegeek on tumblr and sperged a lot about food and eating I think she was maybe a slight anachan before moving and her alcoholic diet and bad eating habits just caught up 2 her- she blames the meds for the weight gain but she NEVER posted about food during her weed days etc and was always rly triggered when ppl asked how she stayed so skinny saying “I only eat a handful of goldfish” or “I just eat candy” leaving out the fact it was maybe her eating bad things once a day

No. 1357630

I'm retiring from Shayna-threads. I cant anymore, she is getting way too ugly. Goodbye anons luv ya(no1curr)

No. 1357633

File: 1635446380104.jpeg (67.85 KB, 604x340, 38A74771-0DF9-4C7B-93A6-C61ECF…)

ughhh stfu

No. 1357635

can’t you retards just quietly leave

No. 1357651

File: 1635449357962.jpeg (375.63 KB, 1170x798, 264745AA-2011-4C04-9FD8-F4F60A…)

Her sad attempt of going viral

No. 1357657

why do anons insist on announcing their departure like lolcow is some fucking train station lmao

No. 1357665

File: 1635450257017.jpeg (428.19 KB, 1170x870, F28E48ED-10D0-4114-908F-F27EFC…)

Sure Shay

No. 1357678

Do not involve abba in this nasty shit Shay no one gives a fuck anyways

No. 1357685

post them then

No. 1357688

File: 1635453018673.jpeg (195.86 KB, 750x661, A9365903-6597-4A03-A3B7-E59714…)

she should just lean into making a new brand since “baby bimbo” clearly failed, white trash porn

No. 1357692

Ellen’s getting sick of her shit kek

No. 1357697

It's genuinely so sad that you can't even conceive of women existing on earth who aren't practiced at taking nudes.

No. 1357744

File: 1635463485831.jpeg (588.77 KB, 1170x1134, AE585D57-8711-41C1-8372-706D0F…)

Shay, are straight as straight can be

No. 1357762

yes Shay are so straight

No. 1357765

File: 1635466206720.jpeg (933.74 KB, 828x1464, E1C71D42-2BBB-4F5E-A69C-113600…)

sage because it’s common shayna behavior we have seen before, but this is so sad and stupid. i guess it’s easier to turn alcoholism into an aesthetic than admit you’re an alcoholic. also imagining her taking the bathbomb out of the package and outside just for this photo is so funny.

No. 1357815

not that she isn’t cringey, but lush bath bombs come without packaging and she’s inside in front of a window kek

No. 1357825

File: 1635474003926.jpeg (594.33 KB, 1170x1460, 059096A9-7D77-42A8-A6E8-83D852…)

No. 1357839

Things she could do with her gf,but she's not into girls.

No. 1357843

File: 1635477560973.jpeg (87.83 KB, 750x341, ABBC3FC8-C0D4-4493-AEC7-C22D6C…)

ana as in anachan? she's so weird i can hardly ever make sense of her writing

No. 1357844

File: 1635477610890.jpeg (238.8 KB, 1242x883, 5A8903BA-2EE1-4CD7-9D8A-602077…)

Almost all your “money” is someone else’s money, you e begging fat piece of shit. Get a real job.

No. 1357846

File: 1635477848953.jpeg (287.76 KB, 750x707, 5F99FC5D-CABD-47A4-ADFD-3EBFC5…)

literally making tweets about your parents drugging and assaulting you on your birthday

No. 1357847

she's referencing a 2019 song by a rapper. Late and wack as per normal.

No. 1357852

God, the fact that she's always glorifying child molestation is beyond sickening. I pray she can't get pregnant and is never around children.

No. 1357856

File: 1635479428216.jpeg (296.11 KB, 1242x703, 3CE2B2EA-0F08-4328-831A-4F147A…)

She added more to this disgusting triggering story

No. 1357859

This is actually fucking vile, she implied the parents drugged and raped her in this "story."

No. 1357863

thank you for explaining

No. 1357874

File: 1635481279894.jpeg (107.77 KB, 750x431, CDA05616-BD2B-4B02-A070-4AFD87…)

Looks like she’s working with insex again, or their new company Stromnis Talent

No. 1357880

I don’t understand how twitter works so pardon my ignorance but how is she not suspended for tweeting about being a baby that wants to be raped by its parents?!

No. 1357894

It comes down to people reporting it.

No. 1357895

Because not enough people have reported this shit, it's damn near impossible to automatically filter it, and often twitter just doesnt care unless it's irl child abuse they can get in hot water for because they're too busy handling copyright strikes for some teen using 2 seconds of a song in a video edit

No. 1357898

i dont usually care abt shats retarded ass fantasies, but this is so repulsive to me. how is this even remotely attractive? like yeah ok we get it you wanna be sedated and taken advantage of, no need to add incest and pedophelia undertones

No. 1357900

Twitter generally doesn’t care but a German anon was able to get some accounts making tweets like these in the pedo pandering thread banned under a German law

No. 1357906

File: 1635485230932.jpeg (Spoiler Image,272.62 KB, 1242x1135, 45E04D9C-E0D2-4D53-804B-9C883D…)

Retard in a diaper porn

No. 1357907

File: 1635485266575.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.86 KB, 1206x1608, D115BBEA-CBE0-4DE4-A643-536641…)

No. 1357908

File: 1635485289235.jpeg (Spoiler Image,156.1 KB, 1206x1607, 276C4559-9254-4EB8-B342-2C0226…)

No. 1357917

I mean, she is a buss down tho. She be bussin it open for Applebee's and build a bear, what a sad life.

No. 1357921

Bro what the actual fuck?
I haven’t peeped a dolly thread in a month or so, she’s always been disgusting but this is NEXT LEVEL.
Keep it to your fucking self, hog.
I’m 3 hours south of Seattle and visit often.
I will literally tip this cow and make her embarrassed to be alive, I do not care.
Ban me, I’m too nauseous to go on(cowtipping)

No. 1357925

She tweets whatever degenerate wank material she thinks her pedo coomers will pay $3 for. She’s too bad of an actress to convince anyone she’s sexually aroused by this dumb shit, but she’s filling a niche. What confuses me is why she hasn’t been reported and banned for promoting pedophilia.

People stay pretending basic skinny white girls with busted faces are pretty. She looks dusty and crusty here, just thinner.

No. 1357929

She deserves to be jailed just for that tweet alone.

No. 1357930

calm down, anon. yes its disgusting but theres no need to hunt shay down unless you want sarcoptic mange and hpv.

No. 1357944

Does anyone know, did she pay the company for this 'experience' or did they pay her?

No. 1357946

That's a good question. They're not really promoting any content with her at the moment so it's hard to tell. Knowing her though she probably paid them.

No. 1357958

She herself has been banned from Twitter multiple times before for shit less offending than this. She's not even hiding behind 'step-bro' lines like all other porn does; this is in your face 'mom and dad drugged me then filmed me being raped'.

No. 1357973


As a fairly new mom this just makes me wanna throw up. How can she keep claiming she's not catering to pedos?

No. 1357974


Where's the cute, where's the little, where's the baby

No. 1357983

>little baby
no baby I know looks like a midwestern Nicki Minaj fan circa 2010 but that's neither here nor there

No. 1357989

The tweets have no replies and hardly any likes, I don’t know if she’s doing this gross shit for attention or what but somehow I don’t think it’s achieving what she wants it to achieve.

No. 1358014

It feels like she is constantly fishing for some married couple to bring her in as a third but she is so busted and fat nowadays that that's unlikely. Also it will never not be hilarious that someone with 29k "followers" gets 15 likes and no replies on their horny tweets, and maybe 300 if she's naked.

No. 1358049

File: 1635515008926.jpeg (97.19 KB, 300x300, 951F69BC-8F80-472F-AD49-B4EAC7…)


No. 1358059

What is this horrifying Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka nightmare? Honestly this shit needs to be stopped. I would literally rather her piss on puppy pads and punch herself in the face than type this practically-CSA-LARP out on a daily basis.

No. 1358060

did u just listen to that episode too nonnie

No. 1358061

Not sure which podcast you mean, but I've heard lots on those two freaks. I'm wondering if Shay has heard them too considering the comparison was drawn by two separate people almost instantly! Like, she can't be this stupid and not know she's practically describing a real rape and murder case, right?

No. 1358066

File: 1635519072597.jpeg (164.84 KB, 1170x305, 622E75E7-8D69-4F54-91ED-AE6D75…)

Then go to your gf?

No. 1358071

Megustalations anon

No. 1358085


even Shay don't wanna touch Ellen

No. 1358086

Hail yourself, babes

Anyway rarely am I revolted to the point of actual physical upset with Shay but these text posts recently are another level. This is getting obscene.

No. 1358106

File: 1635522924473.jpeg (107.59 KB, 828x430, 338973D2-CE29-4BAA-9FDF-53BC0B…)

Couple of the year.

No. 1358111

Even though this was already posted it’s just insane to me that Shayna is being so kinky sorry pedophilic right now and not involving Ellen at all. Neither of them should have sex since they can’t do so without being fucking foul about it. Of course it’s bc shes not attracted to women, but why bother even having a girlfriend, seriously?

No. 1358150

File: 1635529954235.jpeg (843.62 KB, 1216x1575, FFAB45D2-7AEF-4E04-BB8E-1BF3BA…)


No. 1358151

File: 1635529977934.jpeg (145.83 KB, 1242x365, 0DDBA1F0-F63C-41B5-8579-73A70E…)

Hot dog nails

No. 1358153

why does she have a candle burning with absolutely nothing underneath it? not a candleholder not even a plate but she's living in luxury…

No. 1358169

it's right next to her still wrapped tj maxx goodies in her bathroom too kek

No. 1358174

Deadass I've never seen someone light an uncontained candle just on a bare counter. What an absolute retard.

No. 1358176

Couldve burned my apartment down in the night with me and my animals and other residents around, teehee! I'm so silly bimbo!

No. 1358178

First never changing the lint trap now leaving a cheap candle burning overnight? Does she want a fucking fire to kill her?? Maybe this dumb baby thing is some excuse or rationale to be self destructive and out of her right mind constantly

No. 1358180

File: 1635531957526.jpeg (164.09 KB, 1206x1709, 0079DE99-6E43-4611-8312-2A0E92…)

Damn she’s homely even with that filter

No. 1358181

File: 1635532022255.jpeg (627.15 KB, 1242x1671, 53F81FF7-A2D9-4264-86D5-FDADDF…)

this can’t be a real scrote kek wtf

No. 1358191

why not? men really are this pathetic

No. 1358193

“Sexy little body” man must be blind or hasn’t seen Shay recently

No. 1358197


Never underestimate how pathetic coomers are. The limit does not exist

No. 1358198

yeah she mentioned he was an old regular so maybe he hasn't seen her since she blew up kek

No. 1358202

Not even the filter can hide teh haggard alcoholic eye bloat anymore.

Or maybe he's a feeder and gets off on seeing how much weight she's gained.

No. 1358205

God I wish she would go back on cam but she never will

No. 1358257

that fucking lawnmower vibrator is so enormous it's comical kek

No. 1358258

Oh that has to be jason r womack

No. 1358264

Maybe I’m as delusional as Shay but she seriously had potential to be a decently cute girl, no model sure, but her features were cute and her bone structure was petite. It just makes it more depressing that her skin was so haggard and her makeup and hair and style was awful. To top it off she got fat which I think everyone can agree was the last straw, especially since she isn’t even curvy fat, just looks like an overweight man. I genuinely can’t imagine a type she would fit into now, I’d say retard porn or go feeder route.

No. 1358265

File: 1635544900773.jpeg (189.94 KB, 750x814, 239A1D81-757C-48EC-85A3-718F57…)

god her life is dull

No. 1358267

A wrinkled skirt, uggs, a cheap shirt with your saggy uneven nipples showing, and side slicked hair in a stained hairband?

No. 1358268

File: 1635545395315.jpeg (836.66 KB, 1242x902, B1142A4D-66C4-416B-8F9B-3C7D7E…)

No. 1358270

“Clean your apartment” ok that can’t be right lmaoo unless he’s talking about the one time she was “cleaning” and it was just shoving all her trash out of the frame kek

No. 1358271

They were obviously talking about her when she was in her underage weed phase before she ballooned like the stay pufft marshmallow man& punching her self for 10 cents- She had the opportunity to find a decent partner/roommates/ attend more schooling or have some kind of profession other than stuffer her offices with food and objects for pennies but she’s so lazy and sad this life is satisfying enough

No. 1358273

I’m screaming lmao inb4 “I lost everything to an apartment fire bc I left my straighter on”

No. 1358302

File: 1635550068048.jpeg (527.82 KB, 1170x1387, 15D85C28-5AC9-4B2D-8092-E1028A…)

Sooo what about the bears you threw in the dumpsters?

No. 1358307

You could say this about literally any plain Jane you see anywhere. “oh if only she was in better shape and didn’t have terrible skin and actually knew how to style and do makeup she could be cute because of certain features” but she never had all that and never will.

No. 1358308

This really isn't a "uwu oops" moment. It's a dumb inebriated woman who could've burnt down her apartment.

She already lost her suitcase aka probably got off the train forgetting she even had any luggage cos she was too drunk. She's losing it.
Something real bad is gonna happen soon.

No. 1358319

Those poor things are the most unloved of all her hovel baubles. If she has another one now we can see this precious fren in the dumpster after her inevitable fallout with the people around her.

No. 1358326


"I just burned down my house, please reimburse"

No. 1358332

not that i believe she's doing all these things, but what sense does it make to 'shower' and do her sad 'makeup' just to 'clean' after?

would be funny except being in an apt puts other people at risk, not that she cares.

No. 1358339

It must be so funny to her that she could burn her pets to death due to her own retardation. Shay is truly a piece of shit.

No. 1358380

File: 1635566677704.jpeg (878.53 KB, 1206x1685, F3F703B8-791B-4BED-AEBF-5A0579…)

Cavewoman realness

No. 1358382

File: 1635566783365.jpeg (81.92 KB, 682x1024, B24CE5D6-9936-4DAD-AFD2-E3F193…)

No. 1358384

File: 1635567227096.png (9.12 MB, 1242x2208, F5E939AE-E3F3-46F8-AC4F-4B28EF…)

Shaynus really leaves the house in that ill fitting aliexpress tank without a bra

No. 1358388

File: 1635567810743.png (5.82 MB, 1242x2208, D8930292-8CAF-4CF1-88CE-762309…)

No. 1358390

No one reads while they shit anymore. This is such boomer humor, but I guess this is to attract those dads.

No. 1358392

File: 1635568372930.png (Spoiler Image,609.13 KB, 1080x979, Screenshot_20211029-213156.png)

I still can't believe she goes out and sits in public with her bare unwashed diseased snatch out. So disgusting

No. 1358396

The sad thing about this is that Noodle would probably die from smoke inhalation while trying wake the inebriated hog.

Even with the filter she still looks like a bridge troll.

No. 1358399

every time she uses this filter with no makeup im shocked at how much she resembles grumpy the fucking dwarf.

No. 1358412

Can't even be bothered to clean the lint and fur off the toilet before taking a photo

No. 1358424

Is the dog even alive anymore or did it die of boredom in her tiny apartment

No. 1358427

File: 1635575779957.jpeg (351.87 KB, 1242x1265, 74744F71-3096-4C47-866F-29B249…)

>joined October 2011
> In no particular order, I tweet about whisk/e/y, motorsports, electronics, diapers, & beer.

No. 1358441

What happened to the ‘trademark claws’?

No. 1358443

Read the thread jc.

Also she looks even more like the last caveman thread pic in this coat.

No. 1358446

Still doing dabs after being hospitalized for her lungs recently (allegedly) and supposedly doesn't have her inhaler because she said it was in her luggage that she left on the train. Incredible. She's so fucking stupid. Fatty can't even just stick to edibles & tinctures.

No. 1358448

Honestly this. Like unless you're just disfigured and/or completely fugly like some of her coomers, you can put effort into yourself to look decent. A lot of people do. Hell, uglies can get plastic surgery even if they really want to improve their appearance. It's nothing special and neither is she. There's obviously a lot she could have done for herself, but ultimately she didn't. Anons need to quit with the theoretical nostalgia. She was below average then, but got a pass because she was thin and hadn't ruined her tits yet. Now her body is fat and saggy and her face is bloated so she's even further below average. Like we get it, she shouldn't have left the stoner style because at least it somewhat worked for her lazy ass, but she did and she'll never change because she's addicted to crumbs of attention and intoxicants.

No. 1358449

Is that a coat her mom gave her a couple years back? If so, kek.

No. 1358457

comment was in reference to her saying she was getting them back today

No. 1358463

She’s delusional but there’s no way she doesn’t see how fast her teeth are deteriorating and wrinkles accelerating.

No. 1358477

She’s honestly brave going out underwearless in a white tennis skirt. The inside must be actual filth

No. 1358537

isn't it cold in seattle right now? what the hell. uti incoming

No. 1358544

Fatties don't feel the cold.

No. 1358546

I was wondering the same, with her 2 cats. Been a long time since she posted about anything to do with those poir things.

No. 1358555

kek yeah it’s definitely the coat from her mom. It barely fit her 2 years ago and she has only gotten bigger since

No. 1358560

What is this nitpick? People don’t read while they shit anymore? Lol.

No. 1358579

Its not a nitpick? It was literally one comment and carried no further until you sperged about it. Take your meds.

Watch them make an appearance now that anons have said something.

No. 1358590

File: 1635610009431.jpeg (433.68 KB, 1242x1492, A607B4ED-DC92-4958-887B-738442…)

No. 1358594

Grayhair is so passive aggressive kek

No. 1358619

Poor old coomer just wants free nudes without the bullshit.

No. 1358621

do you get UTIs when your cooter gets cold…?

No. 1358623

nta and i don't know if it's true but in eastern europe the old ladies used to say in the winter you can get a uti cause of the cold weather (it causes bladder/kidney stones freezing or smth)

No. 1358624

Sage for OT but In eastern Europe you get bad kidneys from drinking the tap water. Don't ask me how I know.

No. 1358628

File: 1635616105676.jpeg (Spoiler Image,152.08 KB, 1206x1865, EC892F29-9AA0-4085-A4A1-C43257…)

Looking rough in her turd braids

No. 1358654

This ugly smirk has circled around to being absolutely hilarious to me because she really does it in literally every photo. Sometimes it's so extreme she just looks like the :/ face. Like, I really, really wanna know where she picked this up.(:/)

No. 1358666

File: 1635621709888.jpeg (819.56 KB, 1170x1821, 5E47D9CF-2A1E-4225-9C85-75F91A…)

What is the point of this?

No. 1358668

File: 1635621746958.jpeg (448.75 KB, 1170x1465, AB0DE905-4906-4A12-8833-0AD30B…)


No. 1358669

File: 1635621797293.jpeg (Spoiler Image,167.1 KB, 652x1240, 733F5481-4CE3-4098-9ADA-0F37A5…)

No. 1358670

File: 1635621867833.jpeg (Spoiler Image,156.89 KB, 667x1242, D282BD14-E1CC-49A9-B062-61EF36…)

assne makes a comeback

No. 1358672

File: 1635622088158.jpeg (599.36 KB, 1151x3133, 964B8955-4856-4454-B0DF-4D289E…)

Two retarded diaper scrotes arguing in her comments kek

No. 1358684

she permanently looks like she's disgusted. i feel like it's some kind of cosmic karma returning all the absolutely disgusting shit she says online right to her facial structures

No. 1358685

I know this is being said every other thread but this has got to be THE worst picture ever of her.

No. 1358686

Its her and troons idea of a smirk, being coy/coquettish, etc.

This is absolutely retarded kek

No. 1358687

My vote will forever be on her heart shaped box photos with those awful buns and makeup and angry vagina. She looked like an extra in a Walmart moulin rouge.

No. 1358703

Holy kek, are these coomers really arguing about this? Looks like she already has a split in her fanbase - her daughter-fucking pedos, and her diaper pedos. Not picking a lane is going to make her lose both of them.

No. 1358710

File: 1635627151233.png (398.54 KB, 596x890, gross.png)

The most hideous thing in this image is not the assne, it's not the bingo wings and it's not the back rolls, it's her face. What is she doing in Seattle that makes her look so completely wrecked? It's like her looks just jumped off a cliff once she left Tulsa.

No. 1358713

it looks like she ran face first into a door here

No. 1358715

inb4 she tries to make burning down her apt into a fetish

You're making me think that Shayna's dumb bimbo baby obsession is just a long-term cope for her because she can't deal with the introspection that comes with learning. I imagine it started when she first felt that "oh god, I'm a retard" feeling we've all had as a kid when we fucked up something that should be obvious & got yelled at. Because of her avoidance, now she's well out of the learning stage of her life and is still making stupid retard mistakes that even elementary school kids could tell you are dumb & dangerous.

I can imagine her as a teen trying to put water on a grease or electrical fire. Her mom probably yelled at her for good reason, which triggered her bpd oppositional defiance. This horrible abusive trauma now manifests itself in her adult life as her trying to fetishize her stupidity & unwillingness to learn, refusing to cook or drive, & proudly showing off how she nearly burnt down her apartment etc. I bet she doesn't even know where her fire extinguisher is, let alone how to use it.

I wanna see how this smoothbrain chops vegetables lmao

No. 1358716

What. If this is some weird incest stuff you don’t ask your parents when you can go to the bathroom. Is he her teacher kek

No. 1358718

Who schedules their dabs?? And getting dressed? Putting masturbating on your to-do list instead of just.. doing it? What a bizarre & empty life.

No. 1358722

literally, i'm baffled by how busted this bitch looks

No. 1358726

wtf is this fanfic

No. 1358738

Return of the sharpie brows

No. 1358743

Anon what on earth makes you think this couch shaped individual with corn kernels for teeth has ever chopped or eaten a vegetable. Are you okay.

No. 1358744

I can't deal with the fupa
Holy fuck

No. 1358750

File: 1635632093548.jpeg (351.14 KB, 1170x752, 43ACB6D0-BF72-41BC-B1E8-B43BB0…)

No. 1358752

File: 1635632332132.png (127.51 KB, 284x249, e5c.png)

>Get out of here dumb dumb, spend the $100 on some books.

No. 1358770

File: 1635634785653.jpeg (317.47 KB, 1242x746, 4CBC751C-AFB2-444E-BC1A-3615E2…)

Jason R Womack is so gross

No. 1358787

File: 1635637134637.gif (690.99 KB, 200x235, A7EC6CFA-6DE1-460A-8F13-8312FD…)

No. 1358791

I hope she's lying because that is mental illness.

No. 1358792

are you new?

No. 1358794

File: 1635637709080.jpeg (163.78 KB, 750x478, FD517BB1-5555-492F-8041-6495E3…)

Ice cream for dinner the other day now this no wonder she’s ballooning even faster these days

No. 1358798

There's basic ewhore level mental illness and there's doing something painful so someone else can enjoy watching it level mental illness. If it's real she's crossed a new threshold.

No. 1358800

Don't EVER speak to DaLittleBaby Blake like that.

Pfft hahaha can't believe that guy is for real. Disgusting retard.

No. 1358808

anon, shayna used to encourage her cam coomers to pay her to punch herself in the face

No. 1358818

File: 1635640550002.jpeg (908.79 KB, 1170x1632, 30ACE50C-36C4-4CF7-A07C-DA7765…)

No. 1358819

File: 1635640575854.jpeg (362.64 KB, 1170x860, FE62E8D4-B490-4F9D-972D-0433AB…)

No. 1358822

thank god she didn't get the hotdog nails again

No. 1358824

File: 1635640889852.jpg (58.4 KB, 526x526, FAoydvuX0AEfi3V.jpg)

lmao, this guy "modeled" for ABD too.

>scrote says he loves her facial expressions when she cums
I'm having war flashbacks to her old cumshows at this very moment. Didn't one even get made into a lolcow banner?

No. 1358825

>Don't EVER speak to DaLittleBaby Blake like that.
I snorted nonnie. Kek. I love the ladies in this thread I hope lolcow doesn’t shut down

No. 1358830

that pointer finger is mad crooked

No. 1358840

File: 1635646012272.jpeg (203.03 KB, 828x652, F8630251-0176-40AA-84C8-01640F…)

Will do, uggo.

No. 1358841

Until people call our her shitty behavior and scamming ways

No. 1358842

Yeah, then she just blocks them and cries about how people "cant let go of the past"

No. 1358845

the way she capitalises 'the dad' as if he were a god when in reality hes a lower middle class scrote is the most mentally ill thing ive seen today

No. 1358857

Ear piercings are probably the least painful piercing. Ew imagine these two in the piercing shop and their weird interactions.

No. 1358858

Shit like this is si gross and misinformed. You don't get your clit pierced, you get the hood pierced become the actual clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings. Wtf is wrong with idiot scrotes not getting female anatomy. I hate shat and her retardeded enablers.

No. 1358860

File: 1635650380522.jpeg (189.11 KB, 750x489, EAB6260C-DD2B-4415-90B7-289428…)

just lean into the weight gain thing and monetize it if you’re going to do it anyway

No. 1358873

Gross I hope no children knock on her door for candy on Halloween

No. 1358874

kek @ “her people” being busy but her not being invited to whatever they’re busy with

No. 1358876

Ellen is busy crying about not having a caretaker and being overweight. Old man is probably at some kink fest with his wife. Those are her only two “frens”

No. 1358882

Ellen is probably taking the kids she takes care of trick or treating or something. It still grosses me out that she nannies.

No. 1358889

nannied, unless someone has new info

she'll be crying at home talking about how lonely she is because shayna doesn't care kek

No. 1358893

She has venmo payments for childcare

No. 1358895

File: 1635657478222.jpeg (170.73 KB, 750x428, FCDF2900-2334-4C89-B595-D4AAA6…)

Once again only talking about her cuck when she does something for her. What a pathetic creature, you can’t buy Shayna’s love

No. 1358905

File: 1635659037311.png (212.94 KB, 1079x1371, Screenshot_20211030-224230.png)

Nta but it seems like her last nanny payments were a year ago, at least through venmo

No. 1358906

What makes you think she would stop being a nanny in the last year if she’s been doing it since at least 2011? I’m sure she still is taking care of kids just getting paid other ways, she used to have a normal venmo username (Iloveloomis) but changed it to get coomer bucks, she isn’t having parents send payments to “switchyfun”

No. 1358910

By the looks of him, I doubt he graduated highschool nor has he ever touched a clitoris, give him a break anon.

No. 1358921

Oh good, another thing she could possibly leave unattended and burn her house down with. kek

No. 1358924

Sage for heat design sperg but comfortable temps for walking around naked are like 75-90F maintained heat, and without even considering the heating costs alone, I doubt Shay’s hovel has the insulation required to maintain a temperature like that especially heading into winter. Just another uwu bimbo fantasy for her to piss money away with. It’s like she’s trying to speedrun poverty.

No. 1358955

you can get your actual clit pierced nonnie, it's just not very common because of obvious reasons.

No. 1359037

Unless she’s filming it I honestly don’t think she masturbates at all and just throws it on the list to be uwu hot to her coomers

No. 1359084

Well that's just a given. Shay doesn't know how to or like touching herself, she only likes attention and to do that she has to make porn.

No. 1359086

File: 1635699390917.jpg (465.27 KB, 1080x2191, Screenshot_20211031-095430_Sam…)

Shayna wanted all the concerned anons to know that her pets are all still alive lol

No. 1359098

File: 1635700521735.png (Spoiler Image,728.48 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20211031-101506.png)

Return of the cursed black tongue

No. 1359100

Fat bitch mouth

No. 1359102

File: 1635700705771.jpeg (Spoiler Image,430.34 KB, 1242x882, D789EB81-5617-42AF-A7B6-767FC8…)

She never posted her coom show on only fans she’s such a lying lazy fatass kek

No. 1359108

File: 1635701280683.png (Spoiler Image,586.97 KB, 1080x1003, Screenshot_20211031-102759.png)

No. 1359113

so funny how she can't make a normal face while posing anymore because of how hard she is sucking in her gut. in no world is she that thin kek

No. 1359116

File: 1635701921151.jpg (180.73 KB, 1584x1375, photoCollageMaker_20211031_102…)

I thought black made her look slimmer but it was just Photoshop

No. 1359118

File: 1635702175162.png (504.76 KB, 1080x354, Screenshot_20211031-104104.png)

KEK how embarrassing

No. 1359120

the random out of context strap-on is so funny for no reason

No. 1359127

File: 1635704102100.jpeg (64.15 KB, 1280x720, C06D0E71-2107-4998-99F0-54E18D…)

I didn’t even notice at first…

No. 1359128

File: 1635704299294.jpeg (152.4 KB, 750x431, 275F35FF-3392-45A4-9F33-977CA5…)

imagine being her actual family member

No. 1359131

File: 1635705267284.png (69.88 KB, 1192x282, Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-31 um 1…)

tiny daughter/sister = underage

I just want you guys to know that those accounts are mostly run by pedophiles, posing as teenage girls. twitter has a well-connected, huge pedobase

No. 1359142

File: 1635708225278.jpeg (168.24 KB, 750x543, 18D42A39-FCCF-428E-AB24-426701…)

she eats like shit everyday and it’s not cute bratty bimbo, it’s her having no self control and expecting others to be the adult for her

No. 1359143

kek, this is so scathingly concise & sad

ok Alabama

No. 1359149

her teeth HAVE to hurt

No. 1359163

Having candy for breakfast is never cute, but when you are rapidly ballooning with fucked up teeth it's even grosser.

No. 1359193

File: 1635716124293.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3072x3072, B9258F55-F200-45D0-9EE5-544C5A…)

Is this The Dad?

No. 1359195

File: 1635716506827.jpeg (113.66 KB, 750x384, D1B94191-9D58-4F95-84CC-A88ADF…)

alpha chad behavior is not looking at $3 fat whores

No. 1359200

No that’s lovinghandmadepornography, she’s worked with him before when she was skinny

No. 1359202

File: 1635716927826.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1079x1621, Screenshot_20211031-144813.png)

What the fuck

No. 1359205

That is awful. How could u let that in your house. I’m sure he’s not paying her either

No. 1359207

that filthy man's bare ass and feet on her rug. this is the most rancid thing i've seen in this thread in awhile

No. 1359215

Jesus Christ, if she gets murdered we know why. How can she invite that sleazy manthing over?

No. 1359226

ew, the fuck? he looks to be matching shayna in the unbathed department.

No. 1359227

So murder saga next. Lovely.

No. 1359228

At least she appropriately posted this monstrosity on Halloween

No. 1359229

Most everyone else her age is out having fun and partying tonight on Halloween while she’s sitting around her apartment stuffing her face with candy with some strange old man rolling around naked on her carpet because no one wanted to hang out with her. What a sad life

No. 1359231

it’s literally so bizarre. even if you have no friends and no prospect of friends - she at least lives NEAR a big city that has to have a bunch of halloween festivities going on. fucking get out of your house and take an uber to a bar or something. we know she’s just staying in getting drunk anyway, at least do it in a change of scenery instead of whatever the fuck this is.

No. 1359236

i’m sure her coomer scrotes love seeing some fat naked man on their TL kek

No. 1359240

What’s the point of living in/near a city if the only time she goes into it is when a man brings her there? I’m sure there’s tons of fun stuff to do in Seattle on Halloween but she’s lazy as fuck and can’t do anything for herself

No. 1359257

This looks so gross and retarded, why would you let some fat guy lay his naked ass and clubbed toes on your rug while he browses his phone

No. 1359282

File: 1635725863267.jpeg (14.94 KB, 257x257, BCF15ECB-FA33-4EA1-A533-627221…)

gave herself a megan fox thumb with all the shoop and still has a visible gunt

No. 1359288

No ones mentioned this yet but I think the fact he’s wearing a metal belt and she’s been on about “domme Mattel” is her trying to grab coin from that findom crowd

No. 1359291

yeah nobody’s mentioned it because that’s obvious

No. 1359293

This is fucking nasty and depressing, genuine hate it more than her torn up asshole in HD. They have the same body shape. I wonder if Shayna’s taste in men in a reflection how much she hates herself. I realized for someone obsessed with sexiness and male attention, she never even got to fuck a hot guy, so sad.

No. 1359294

nta but I think this is funny tht he’s supposed to be doing slave work and he’s just naked In her apt being lazy. If he was paying her for a domme experience she should have been actually engaging in some kinda bdsm with him not just stuffing her face 12/10 wouldn’t book again

No. 1359297

Shay doesn't dominate, she thinks just asking a dude to build some furniture becay she's too retarded can be disguised as kink but she's not fooling anyone.

No. 1359298

Same, nona. It’s beyond bleak. I can’t comprehend having such little self esteem that you’d go anywhere near that repugnant thing, much less have it in your home. This makes me hate men, porn and whores even more than I did already.

No. 1359299

also a reminder of the harsh reality of the exact type of men she’s attracting with her “kinks” and “sex work”. a literal -2/10 scrote that you could find at any given construction site or truck stop. it’s actually embarrassing as fuck and it’s crazy she doesn’t see that.

No. 1359320

File: 1635731859081.png (665.27 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20211031-185620.png)

All her furniture looks so cheap (yes I know it's all crap from amazon)

No. 1359322

is that stool even rated to hold her weight? it looks tiny.

No. 1359336

good lord that looks like absolute dogshit quality

No. 1359337

looks unstable as fuck on that ugly ass rug too.

No. 1359339

high-end women’s jail aesthetic

No. 1359344

Is…is his dick in a mouse trap?

No. 1359366

It’s a chastity cage

No. 1359370

Long term psych ward stay vibes where they let you decorate your room

No. 1359379

This is the equivalent of a college guys first apartment/dorm room where they’re too lazy to buy everything except the cheapest crap that looks like trash and it’s devoid of personality and coziness

No. 1359392

File: 1635741230074.png (Spoiler Image,760.7 KB, 1079x1128, Screenshot_20211031-213308.png)

Shaynus is either drinking alone on Halloween or with the chastity cage grandpa

No. 1359393

kek remember when she said domming made her uncomfortable and she insisted that she was 100% submissive? It really goes to show what kind of person she is. She abandons her identity just for a crumb of attention and/or chump change.

No. 1359397

He looks like a rotisserie chicken that got dumped on the road

No. 1359398

No. 1359409

Enough with this 'breffast' shit, holy fucking fuck.

No. 1359411

Wasn't she talking about domming other women? I seem to remember her whining on Twitter about girls asking her to dom them. How surprising that our Totally Bisexual Bimbo is uncomfortable doing something with a woman but perfectly okay doing the same thing with a man, kek.

No. 1359412

File: 1635744822344.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1648, 800C01D8-2779-4292-8A2B-80E872…)

Damn that’s a big bitch woof indeed

No. 1359413

File: 1635744859229.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1242x1656, 13EF3DB1-B768-4ECE-B44D-CE1FD1…)

Fatty struggling to flip over on her back rolls topkek

No. 1359414

File: 1635744982863.png (7.54 MB, 1242x2208, 74C74279-C4C3-4630-89A8-190F90…)

No. 1359415

File: 1635745078716.jpeg (Spoiler Image,941.92 KB, 1242x1226, 33FC75A9-D0E5-418C-B2D8-13F4D7…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 1359416

File: 1635745272985.jpeg (Spoiler Image,953.82 KB, 1242x1233, D7AC70C9-B99F-4265-A362-9F59A4…)

Snaggletooth she looks like a witch like the green face kind with ugly teeth and a big nose kek

No. 1359417

File: 1635745331524.jpeg (411.14 KB, 1002x611, 5FDB690B-E133-4838-B24D-152E1B…)

How many more years until her tooth finally rots away?

No. 1359426

kek i love you anon

No. 1359427

quite literally a black hole, ew.

No. 1359468

Jason R Womack currently on suicide watch

No. 1359481

File: 1635760399960.png (Spoiler Image,758.05 KB, 796x900, oink.png)

Calm, fitter, healthier and more productive…

No. 1359482

It’s already rotted away; all that’s left is it falling out

No. 1359497

Okay spot the difference….same position, same body shape. Oh the chastity cage, that’s it.

No. 1359498

I’ve never actually heard someone bark or pretend to during uh. Masturbation I guess? That was fucking disgusting. Men that get off to this shit or participate in it definitely want to be dog/cow/fat pig fuckers irl.

No. 1359499


Didn't her "gf" just get her apartment clean while she was gone wearing diapers?

No. 1359506

Your Womack-posting literally isn’t ever funny.

No. 1359512

im late but its the eyes. they look so gray…its weird to me.

No. 1359518

i was wondering where all her halloween content was but i guess this is it? gosh, this is bleak, should be an ad for the cult that is onlyfans. what a sick sad world.

No. 1359519

i feel like i just committed an offence watching this

No. 1359537

50seconds of a fat mentally challenged girl barking as she flops and touches herself. The way she’s so reluctant to get in the cage and she sounds like she’s embarrassed makes it feel like she’s being forced to do this - I obviously know she’s not.

No. 1359557

I always laugh at the fake Ariana Grande (Venti, Trenta? At this point?) voice she does in like 50% of her videos. Please just be yourself, Shay. We know you don't sound like that.

No. 1359564

It's the slaveid guy she was following that led us to Ellen.

No. 1359575

So she posts herself "getting off" by touching herself after admitting she can't get off without an industrial strength vibrator >>1359118

No. 1359579

my thoughts exactly. we already knew that was the case, but why did she full-on admit to it on twitter? it just makes shit like this 10x more obviously fake.

No. 1359582

File: 1635775230620.jpeg (167.46 KB, 828x527, 085C4843-6800-41EF-AA3C-9A61B3…)

Shayna’s “mumma” (Ellen Dresel of Seattle, Washington, who is/was a nanny for several years) seems to love sexualizing babies and children.

No. 1359587

Me too. I’m nauseated and also half-expecting to hear a police siren approaching my house.

Wow Ellen, you’re absolutely hilarious. No wonder you and Shaynus are “together…”

No. 1359590

I don’t have children but if I found out my nanny/childcare provider posted shit like this, not only would I make sure she never worked again but I would probably fucking murder her myself tbh

No. 1359603

Patricia Ellen Dresel of Renton, WA is nasty

No. 1359605

>buys her dinner, Ugg boots and helps her set up furniture in exchange for pussy

Cheaper than a prostitute.

No. 1359608

i doubt she actually had sex with him. we know how averse she really is. wouldn't surprise me if this is all for show. he was on his phone not even engaging with her in the pic she posted.

No. 1359636

are her initials really PED?? lmfao, you can't write this shit

No. 1359667

Prostitutes hired for domme work don’t necessarily fuck but that’s still purchased sex. Shayna is effectively hooking in exchange for shit friends do for each other for free.

No. 1359671

File: 1635787214593.jpeg (806.39 KB, 1170x1513, D942863D-BA27-493A-8017-A75F7C…)

This bitch needs serious help

No. 1359675

But I thought he who shall not be named was aboosive because he wanted her to take her meds and smoke less weed and generally wanted her to improve her mental health? Make it make sense shat

No. 1359678

File: 1635787604700.png (96.51 KB, 667x607, ass-pump.png)

No. 1359680

sounds like they're wheeling her in to be bathed like a show hog

No. 1359710

disgusting pedo jokes aside, her meme is terrible. graphic design is clearly not her passion

No. 1359714

Go to a BDSM club/dungeon you can do this shit or something like it irl stupid

No. 1359718

I hope some sensitive twitterfag calls her out for this.

No. 1359720

If someone does, they’ll just end up being accused as a cow tipper

No. 1359722

99% of the time they are if not just other degenerate e-whores

No. 1359726

I could see someone getting upset about this, people who know of Shayna and are "fans" will excuse her pedo-pandering as a "Kink" but IDK, she's literally trying t sexualize someone checking in their spouse to a mental health clinic. Then she never puts "Trigger" or "content" warnings on any of this shit. Isn't that what your supposed to do on "woke twitter"? Maybe i'm reaching.

No. 1359729

SA- Then again, she'd probably be like, "as some1 who struggled with mental illness and was checked into a mental hosptial because of my abusive ex-" so it'd go nowhere.

No. 1359746

File: 1635792744613.jpeg (317.49 KB, 750x757, D3D7A525-5044-4A78-9E49-67CB23…)

What a sad life. She needs to get out more. I don’t think other whores pine for the men they shoot with like she does, it’s just supposed to be a job. Best hours of her life? Bleak

No. 1359754

That company retweet’s all her stuff but still hasn’t posted anything they did with her. Wonder if the content is just so bad they’re taking forever to post

No. 1359761

Usually people with more extreme accounts just put a tw in their bio and then if anyone is mad about anything degenerate or possibly triggering/uncomfortable they can just be lik “I warned you so just unfollow you can’t be mad I’m suddenly posting XYZ”

No. 1359766

File: 1635794171832.jpeg (353.22 KB, 1170x864, 81066CA7-A3F9-4B2C-8EE7-C932DD…)

And Shay has that in her bio

No. 1359775

Exactly so even if someone here or maybe someone that used to follow her somehow cowtipped or tried to cancel her she’d immediately just say whatever creepy abusive fanfiction she tweets is already a tw in her bio so it’s not worth 4 anyone to even try they’d just end up here themselves

No. 1359798

Ugh you're right, she's trying to sound cute in that, as if we all haven't heard her voice before

No. 1359813

File: 1635799039682.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1724, EB9D7C67-6590-45C8-9366-53D380…)

No. 1359816

I would love for her to name one (1) Barbie-esque thing about her aesthetic, looks, etc. Literally no one would look at her and think "Barbie," and pushing it alongside this super bizarre kink shit does not work. Nothing she does works, but this is particularly bad.

No. 1359818

is this worth it. like really worth it …

No. 1359822

Can Barbie/Mattel sue her for this kind of stuff?

No. 1359838

no, they couldn't even win a lawsuit about the song "barbie girl" by aqua. shayna is a literal nobody.

No. 1359840


I wish, but I doubt something like that would ever happen.

No. 1359849

It’s taking them forever because they have to edit out her cottage cheese legs, wrinkles and pussy and ass pimples in every shot so she looks presentable enough to post

No. 1359863

File: 1635804883563.jpeg (270.1 KB, 750x681, D2A0E6B7-54FA-45B4-902A-E5A46C…)

She’s definitely too stupid to brush her own teeth regularly. Gross combined with the fact that she can’t stop eating sweets and then getting upset when no one tells her to stop. The fact that all her fantasies revolve around other people doing things for her while she does nothing at all says all u need to know her and her (lack of) sexuality

No. 1359903

File: 1635808571497.gif (443.75 KB, 400x224, 32ba88c2-e055-4d60-86c8-40ac94…)

Fucking wheezing at her going "arf"

No. 1359922

this just proves she was never actually in a psych ward like she claimed. if she was she would never turn it into a kink, those places are traumatizing.

No. 1359925

I mean she said she was raped/sexually assaulted too, she said that older men creeped on her and she's been in "abusive" relationship. None of that has ever stopped her from turning any and everything into a fake kink, JUST for a few likes.

No. 1359928

File: 1635811032049.png (77.22 KB, 444x231, hose.PNG)

No. 1359957

File: 1635814555582.jpeg (149.52 KB, 750x445, AB1FB56A-3A07-46F0-8ED9-FDE309…)

She’s more like regina’s mom with her tacky tracksuits

No. 1359974

the mom's clothes, the body of damien

No. 1359995

did she just start ahs asylum or something?

No. 1360003

File: 1635818456572.jpeg (144.73 KB, 750x316, 9B3F5ED1-2D99-43FB-9043-73FC6D…)

We both know the answer, in fact I’m sure any compliment she brags about on Twitter was out of pity

No. 1360004

File: 1635818516726.jpeg (166.11 KB, 750x447, B0B0C069-650A-4928-B161-7C5F04…)

the closer we get to the holidays the more we’re gonna hear about her evil mom

No. 1360009

The lack of apex on her nails, my word

No. 1360010

it's kind of fascinating how when she complains about her mom, she still gives herself an implied compliment (calling herself too smart, even if it's mom's words) kind of ironic for someone who wanted to be called stupid…

No. 1360011

Imagine having a child and she grows up and turns into this ungrateful bitch

No. 1360012

File: 1635819000184.jpeg (Spoiler Image,712.72 KB, 1242x1327, 7604DCEE-C36D-4BD5-BBEB-B99CEE…)

I’m sure momma is proud you’re selling asshole pics for $10

No. 1360016

Literally every single outfit she wears is mismatched discolored pinks tf

No. 1360020

File: 1635819386616.jpeg (340.18 KB, 1242x745, F41C2344-5375-4472-A5EF-DCDF74…)

I didn’t think you were serious kek he has been suicide baiting on his dead Twitter for a few days it would be funny if this was his breaking point. Not going on a date with “dolly”

No. 1360025

File: 1635819885498.jpg (144.34 KB, 880x480, mean-girls.jpg)

So you agree, you know the pinks don't match?

No. 1360031

>too smart for this
Mama Clifford, you sit on a throne of LIES

No. 1360032

Look I can understand a med fetish. But this new increasingly deranged psych ward shit is just so fucking weird like who really is into this? She's pushing these asylum abuse scenarios as being kinky?? What the actual fuck. People have been and do get genuinely abused and forced into mental hospitals. It's really fucked up. Again, I'm not sure what kind of niche coomers she's even trying to appeal to. Bitch couldn't stay in the hospital for a few days to get her stupid lungs checked without being brought edibles and shit and was just being a retard and was practically crying and wanting to go home because a nurse couldn't find her vein.

No. 1360034

File: 1635820787091.gif (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 448x252, Vf9PoMS.gif)

ew, she's disgusting in the same way as anime-addicted troons - horrifically degen.


No. 1360039

Pick mes always, always stay losing. Publicly announcing your gross degenerate kinks screams low-value attention whore, scares any normal half-decent moids away, and attracts 1) abusive sick fucks, and 2) losers too ugly and desperate to care if the women they pursue lack basic dignity.

No. 1360056

I honestly wonder if the hospital ward/mental asylum thing is her only authentic fetish. She keeps bringing it up apropos of nothing, and even her creepy twitter followers seem kind of grossed out by it.

No. 1360060

An ugly fat woman who was into abdl and kinky stuff was murdered and it reminded me of shaynus and especially Ellen Dressel. She was a babysitter and a scrote used her to access a kid. He killed her and kidnapped the 5yo. This is the kind of garbage men they're desperate for.(derailing)

No. 1360063

Ah, something to hate watch before bed. Hopefully nothing bad happens to these tards, especially Ellen and her access to kids (even if she's not still a nanny I'm sure she has the numbers and addresses of old clients on hand). You'd think a grown woman wouldn't be so selfish and desperate for the attention of degenerates, but then you browse lolcow.com and get proven wrong.

No. 1360067

She conspired with her pedo scrote to kidnap her best friend’s little daughter to molest & rape, and it went wrong for her. Yes she deserved to die, and I hope she burns in hell! Another L for pickmes kek

No. 1360068

File: 1635823302632.jpeg (89.78 KB, 750x213, 9F6DA887-9D82-4BFF-B95B-98E17C…)

U know Ellen ended up paying

No. 1360074

>also fren, breffast, teef
This fat bitch makes me want to a-log more than any other cow

No. 1360088

It's another sign of her terminal decline. In Tulsa she was pretending to be a dumb teenager and now she's in Seattle she's devolved into being a mentally disabled child.

I don't even get the point of it. Plenty of disgusting coomers get off to the thought of fucking teenage girls. Fewer disgusting coomers get off the the thought of fucking functionally retarded children. Maybe she looked in the mirror and realised she was too fat to compete in the fake dumb teen market.

No. 1360089

literally nobody cares how bad you retards want to a-log. get a diary at this point.

No. 1360090

Ellen is gonna end up paying and not even get to touch Shay. Shay will pass out drunk and bloated and she'll have to finger her in the morning while she wakes up. What a retarded, pathetic simp.

No. 1360091

I’m so glad the little girl was found alive. She’s so strong I teared up. I hope Ellen Dresel, Shayna Clifford and all the ddlg uwu kiddo Twitter degenerates never do this to child. We need to put these pedos in re-education camps.

No. 1360094

>We need to put these pedos in re-education camps
Personally I would prefer death camps. Child abuse, even simulated child abuse with adults is so abhorrent that it needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

No. 1360095

True but underaged children that get groomed into these kinks from pedos online should be banned from the internet.

No. 1360096

Thank you, what’s the point in “re educating” pedos? No one molests a child because they lack the education to know it’s wrong, they’re just sick fucks. Death camps all the way. Or I might agree to castrating them all and locking them up together for life, because I’m a compassionate humanitarian.

No. 1360097

Or how about we just kill all pedos so children can be safe wherever they are?

No. 1360098

File: 1635826554235.jpeg (101.2 KB, 750x312, 403C8C33-E40B-45B3-9BF0-827A95…)

Ellen will only touch Shay as an outlet for her sexual frustration and loneliness, and Shay will let her do so as long as she’s tied up to she doesn’t actually have to participate. That’s just normal casual lesbian sex

No. 1360100

Beautifully said, anonne.

No. 1360101

This same month she took a trip to LA and went on a helicopter ride with her carer girlfriend and but that gets trumped a by coomer putting her in a straight jacket. Pathetic.

No. 1360104

File: 1635828005300.jpeg (43.26 KB, 563x417, 3B3F16B4-D61D-4F13-A4B0-AA005B…)

kek, more like Martha Dumptruck from Heathers

No. 1360107

File: 1635829612985.png (662.07 KB, 1080x356, Screenshot_20211101-220627.png)

I'm at least grateful that they don't film porn together

No. 1360110

Literally Martha Dumptruck in the flesh

No. 1360112

File: 1635830160961.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1031x2020, 2A7D9976-9B2E-442B-903D-C2DFEA…)

I’m still not over her lopsided cockeyed boobs kek. Like flies to shit, of course ugly coomers like Jason R Womack and Mike Grayhair are attracted to her. She is the ‘great value’ whore that everyone can afford!!

No. 1360117

File: 1635831025249.jpeg (376.95 KB, 1242x1705, 864241C3-3704-4A0F-9C82-216A27…)

she gets the cheapest furniture for someone who’s “thriving”
If she gets any bigger she’s going to break it. The weight limit is 250

No. 1360121

Her mums trying to help her daughter build some self esteem so she can do something with her life other than be a penny pinching prostitute

No. 1360142

File: 1635835212345.jpeg (25.79 KB, 280x390, 002459CB-DF65-40A4-AF9E-FC11D3…)

Echoing this sentiment

No. 1360143

how is she tweeting

No. 1360145

She looks like a crazed methhead living on city sidewalks in this lighting more than ever

No. 1360170

File: 1635842042482.jpg (457.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20211102-023309_Twi…)

Don't lie to the girl, Lana. Camwhore Twitter is enough of a copium den as it is.

Martha was a sweet girl, don't do her dirty like this

No. 1360184

A farmer could have tweet that kek

No. 1360188

Not even giving up her future for a goal as vapid as beauty or fame, but for literal crumbs of attention from disgusting old men. Heartbreaking tbh

No. 1360320

I laffed

Looks like she has udders here

No. 1360341

File: 1635876228856.jpeg (547.28 KB, 1170x1309, C10AC4C7-923B-45CA-9625-F7FACD…)

That’s pathetic

No. 1360342

File: 1635876275400.jpeg (Spoiler Image,793.78 KB, 1170x1319, 1D1BAEE1-F438-466E-B1DF-758380…)

Who could ever forget this monstrosity?

No. 1360343

File: 1635876335116.jpeg (740.15 KB, 1170x1860, DFB34946-7189-4CDF-8928-A53922…)

Yes Shay, you’re so unique and original

No. 1360344

involving her actual family in her 'i'm dumb bimbo pwease control all my decisions uwu' fetish posts sure is… something

No. 1360346

File: 1635876865286.jpeg (259.85 KB, 1170x840, 08490E0D-0770-4DE6-850F-7392AC…)

No. 1360349

lmao she's acting like she doesn't go out of her way to use it

No. 1360350

File: 1635877374866.jpeg (Spoiler Image,513.65 KB, 1242x1182, 193C82BD-8A6E-4768-A854-2A6855…)

Is she low on money? kek her snatch is fucking repulsive

No. 1360352

And "Mumma" has access to children via babysitting. Disgusting.

No. 1360360

it looks like a goiter

No. 1360369


I’m not sure if Mattel, Inc. would really bother, but last year Nintendo sent Pokeprincxss / Digitalprincxss (some OnlyFans/Twitch thot) a cease & desist, which forced her to change her name, stop referencing Pokémon and Nintendo characters, and pay them back an unknown sum from revenues generated under that name/using their characters. she said in a video that lots of other people use the characters in their art/shops/names… but they’re not selling porn with it. she also trademarked it. oops. maybe Shayna is fine as long as she never tries to file for a trademark.

as someone here mentioned, Mattel couldn’t successfully sue Aqua… but they weren’t using it to sell porn. it fell under First Amendment/parody. Shayna is a parody of a person, but I’m not sure the court would see it that way.

Mattel, Inc. v. Dolly Mattel saga when?

No. 1360372

File: 1635880232011.jpeg (84.54 KB, 828x261, ED9EEE71-6C87-488D-BFD8-3B7564…)


No. 1360374

File: 1635880668080.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.48 KB, 1064x1600, B25473AD-65D1-4581-93D6-57335A…)

You can almost see her vaginas true unedited wrinkled form there through all the blur

No. 1360392

IANAL but porn also falls under parody law

No. 1360406

I’ve seen some Kickstarter product have issues for having fan art of Pokemon so it’s not the porn. Not sure what it is they go after but Nintendo do take it more serious.

No. 1360409

My time to shine: she will probably never be taken to court over it because she is a nobody. If she was making vast sums of money and gaining enough popularity for Mattel to notice they might send her a cease and desist but the likelihood of her having to pay up is literally near zero. She's way too stupid (or, wise?) to attempt to trademark it anyway.

No. 1360476

Fuck, can you imagine being a porn producer and seeing that this is the pussy of the girl you cast?? This is why it sucks to cast from Twitter/OF with all the shoop and angles. This is some Hellraiser shit.

No. 1360480

All porn producers deserve a rusty hammer to the groin

No. 1360481

literally nobody here feels bad for the uwu poor porn producers

No. 1360485

Surely there was a better angle they could used than this. I've never seen a saggy pussy before and this picture always baffles me.

No. 1360490

File: 1635893636626.jpeg (530.27 KB, 1816x2048, 258BCF7F-AAF4-4965-BA29-15EA9B…)

This bitch needs a lint roller. The sharpie brows are back

No. 1360494

the fucking jowls

No. 1360495

I don't know how she can make a habit of shooping out her expression lines then hold expressions like this for photos

No. 1360496

looks like she's silent farting. farty mattel

No. 1360507

File: 1635895098859.jpg (488.06 KB, 1719x2048, 20211102_161808.jpg)

No. 1360509

Rough, haggard and wrecked.

No. 1360512

that's the lintiest lint of the lints

No. 1360515

looks like a sideways baked potato. too young to this rough, woof woof indeed

No. 1360518

she looks so off in these idk. her nose is fucking huge and the dehydration is palpable.

No. 1360520

File: 1635895710184.jpeg (113.96 KB, 750x393, C3E60A2F-A88E-41AB-BEAD-21E98F…)

the fact that she had the balls to post this immediately before these pics is astounding

No. 1360521

Her hair is SCREAMING for moisture

No. 1360522

>I love anal
You sure about that? Because you fuck yourself with a buttplug improperly, you’ve never posted BG anal, and only ever talk about Ellen Degenerate fingering you.

No. 1360530

File: 1635896553643.jpeg (111.45 KB, 750x330, 44CFCBA4-93C5-48B8-BF7F-618EF8…)

Because you’re too lazy to do a quick google search on how to take care of curls and u use products that make them look like shit

No. 1360532

File: 1635896811900.png (89.08 KB, 730x490, faceofcontempt.png)

She fucking hates herself.

No. 1360533

you just know it feels like a brillo pad

No. 1360535

Holy shit, I always thought nonnies were kind of overreacting about her nose size but god damn, I was wrong. The huge nose and her tiny eyes and mouth. She is frightening.

No. 1360536

Doug Funnie lookin ass

No. 1360539

Literally an 80 year old woman's pussy. Coomers will pay for literally anything.

No. 1360540

File: 1635897500988.png (715.94 KB, 1080x280, Screenshot_20211102-165752.png)

According to her they're unfiltered

No. 1360541

well yeah but christ

No. 1360552

File: 1635899486600.jpeg (626.78 KB, 1953x3072, B5731C91-957A-48B3-AD0C-64B142…)

Sounds like a horror movie. Also way to say you live out of your truck, old man.

No. 1360557

File: 1635900400606.jpeg (354.53 KB, 1957x2048, 929330B7-0AD6-4F10-985B-259053…)

No. 1360558

File: 1635900441001.jpeg (335.63 KB, 1785x2048, B99D1037-5FA4-47AA-BBB9-43BE84…)

No. 1360560

holy fuck; she and that pink nightmare are both so lumpy.

No. 1360564

This underwear is just horrible. Not a single soul would look good in it.

No. 1360571

she's 10lbs heavier every time she puts this thing on

No. 1360573

I was just thinking if anyone remembers the last time she wore this, cause it looks familar. Shayna's taste is so tacky and the clothes are so cheap, I know it's said endlessly but there's not reason why she isn't in something new and ugly every day.
I'd rather she buy useless cheap clothes then see her in the same shit over and over again, when it's all cheap anyway.

No. 1360576

Yeah she didn’t use a heavy face altering snap filter but she still edited the hell out of it. Keep lying to yourself Shayna.

No. 1360579

I was trying to find her wearing it before because I remember her posting pics in this ugly Amazon lingerie if an anon could post a side by side I’d appreciate it kek

No. 1360593

that's alcoholism for you

No. 1360601

i had something similar, if not the exact same, and i just threw it out, good riddance. only time i ever bought cheap lingerie from a chinese website, i learned quickly, while shayna, the one who makes a living of being "sexy" will never learn

No. 1360603

nobody cares

No. 1360604

she wore it for that awful shibari shoot she did iirc

No. 1360605

File: 1635905690685.png (Spoiler Image,900.1 KB, 1079x1112, Screenshot_20211102-191422.png)

I thought she was just a bitch

No. 1360606

Literally why. Like for what and what is she offering in return? Her body and face look about worse than Shaynas. I haven't lurked her page, but weren't anons saying she just posts nudes and kink shit for free and doesn't really even do porn? Does she have an OF?
Ellen, just ask Shay to ask Jason Womack! It's the least her bum ass could do lol.

No. 1360608

nobody cares

No. 1360609

File: 1635906245761.jpeg (359.16 KB, 2048x1536, 7459CCEC-05DD-4453-9C3A-35BE62…)

That nose….

No. 1360611

It's literally pilled lint… like how the fuck do you even get that on clothes? Just never washing it and throwing it on the floor? I've only seen that on cheap furniture.

Why does her face look like a Halloween mask lmao
Though I will say her hair actually looks ok here. The best it's been in a very long time. It doesn't look greasy and it's more natural. I know they're mistreated curls and not healthy, but it's better than her usual go tos. Wonder what it looks like without the dumb comb over she always does though. Has she ever just not done that?

No. 1360614

Dudes in his 50s at least and admits he'd have to win the lottery to buy a house fuckin kek
Real sugar daddy energy from her coomers, always. They're as broke and hopeless as her.

No. 1360616

"Unfiltered", but you can see the tearing on her jaw without zooming in

No. 1360618

God she's got such an autistic troon look about her. There's no dog to even compare her to besides maybe a bull terrier born with a couple bad defects.

No. 1360620

the amount of white liner, yikes. did the comments about her small beady eyes get to her?

No. 1360622

or one of those brain damaged chihuahuas with the bulging eyes and permanent stroke face.

No. 1360626

File: 1635907409592.jpeg (35.67 KB, 615x848, 3A705381-6904-443E-97DC-27504F…)

No. 1360631

File: 1635908245899.jpg (Spoiler Image,598.37 KB, 804x604, dougymattel_.jpg)

underrated comment kek

No. 1360633

Oof. That is the tackiest looking set ever. It has no shape to it at all.

I think she previously had the black version which was slightly less tragic looking but still awful.

No. 1360634

Lol her garter has a gut curtain

No. 1360635

File: 1635909007393.jpg (71.37 KB, 961x1500, 619NSs-y41L._AC_UL1500_.jpg)

Kek. I mean you can tell it's trash but the difference between the model and Shay is pretty funny.

It's one of those "one size fits most". 140lbs being the top end.

No. 1360646

File: 1635910039426.png (Spoiler Image,901.58 KB, 1242x1182, cuz im homer simp.PNG)

sorry(stop with the pussy sperging)

No. 1360667

the black eyebrows paired with the foundation lips look absolutely insane

No. 1360690

File: 1635915657334.jpeg (509.98 KB, 1072x900, 90D41858-8505-4B43-886D-99560A…)

Looking like a fat dad who has a sissy fetish

No. 1360692

File: 1635915814031.jpeg (89.09 KB, 828x338, 38DA4FAD-2FCB-47E1-8159-A65E14…)

Sage for derail and moralfagging but I feel like this belongs here. Any aus farmers will know about this already but a little girl who went missing 2-3 weeks ago on a camping trip with her family has just been found alive. She was snatched out of her tent in the middle of the night, the police found her alone in a locked house, and the man they’ve arrested has no family connection and was described as “weird and quiet” by his neighbours. They haven’t released details of the case or the charges but most adults with a brain can guess what this guys intention was. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-11-03/cleo-smith-found-alive-by-wa-police/100589612

These are the type of men Shayna and every OF “uwu baby” dime store whore like her are catering to. The pain, trauma and fear inflicted on Cleo and every other little girl in the same circumstances is wank fodder for Shayna and the coomers who circle her like flies to shit. She dresses, acts and tweets like a little girl who would love to be kidnapped and abused. Cleo is an actual little girl who was definitely kidnapped and probably abused, and is going to suffer massively because of it for years to come.

Her tweets over the past week have been horrendous enough, but thinking about them today combined with seeing Cleo’s parents weeping on TV and every person I’ve spoken to baying for the blood of the obvious pedophile who kidnapped her, has just made me sick to my stomach, and knowing that Shat probably has access to kids via Ellen makes my stomach turn.

Anyways I’m not sure what my point was except fuck Shay and fuck the pedo coomers she’s determined to indulge. This is their true end intention. You are just a convenient way to sate their disgusting tendencies until they get the opportunity to act on them to a real little girl. Fucking human waste, the lot of you.

No. 1360693

File: 1635915850414.jpeg (46.07 KB, 208x246, 608104A7-BB14-435D-B295-71E961…)

looks like she’s trying not to shit herself during her uwu anal coom show kek

No. 1360695

File: 1635916001858.jpeg (Spoiler Image,691.23 KB, 1242x861, 61FCC229-E35D-4051-B544-57D070…)

Imagine being related to this degenerate overweight lazy unemployed piece of shit homely cave woman.

No. 1360697

The gross thing is he was seen buying nappies for Cleo and only minutes away from her parents house.

It really makes you aware of how twisted pedos are and that just because they haven’t actually harmed a kid doesn’t mean they won’t.

Pedo play is just a gateway to actual kids

No. 1360701

File: 1635916640069.jpeg (863.93 KB, 1161x1166, BB30F1F2-4D3F-466C-B3CA-5ECA4C…)

big shaynus

No. 1360706

These are absolutely fucking sending me, especially this one >>1360695
I feel like if Mr Plinkett trooned out and made shit-tier porn, this is what it’d look like.

No. 1360708

File: 1635917477622.jpeg (348.26 KB, 1906x1746, 15448D5F-8B7D-42DA-9764-484D12…)

No. 1360711

File: 1635917558532.jpeg (Spoiler Image,131.22 KB, 1186x650, B6473454-3C34-4E03-BAD9-38EE7B…)

Pervert sissy tries on daughters lingerie type of vibes barf

No. 1360712

File: 1635917758979.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3464x3464, 9E9ADC52-5E49-4CB4-A72C-7E56A3…)

Uploading onto Dropbox takes a while sorry nonitas

No. 1360715

File: 1635918238824.jpg (119.11 KB, 500x500, i smell pennies.jpg)

saging for autism

No. 1360716

Holy shit this looks like that cursed image of Ellen’s legs

No. 1360717

>I feel like if Mr Plinkett trooned out and made shit-tier porn, this is what it’d look like.

No. 1360723

It always looks like she's clenching her butt cheeks so hard. Like she's trying not to fart or something. But then her legs have massive cellulite too. Her backside is as unfortunate as her face. Her body looks 15 years older than it is. I guess that's what eating takeout and laying around every single day does to you. I mean really the most physical exertion she does on any day is taking
Noodle out to poddy.

No. 1360729

>one of my sugar dads said "i love ur facial expressions when u cum"
The facial expressions when she cums

No. 1360773

The main reasons she's wearing this is that it has a built it gunt cover.

No. 1360789

This content and even "loli" anime/hentai is in my opinion a gateway to looking for real things with children. I dont see how any normal human being could be turned on to anything related to children whether that be clothing/personality/body type etc. Also, if these guys aren't doing physical acts yet they're watching CP and that's just as bad. Most pedo behaviour is circumstantial ALL pedos will offend or watch CP if given the opportunity. Many guys date girls as young as 18 and use the legality argument as justification when everyone knows they would date younger if the law allowed then to. Sex is our strongest drive so all these lewd childlike content is just a buffer until they are given the opportunity to gain access to the real thing.(sage your derail)

No. 1360790

Nona/s you’re all absolutely correct but it’s starting to get into derail territory and farmers get bitchy about it
Does she even watch her porn before uploading it??

No. 1360799

The audacity of this bitch to claim that her cat is the one with the penis-shaped nose.

No. 1360800

It's like the talking pimple in Family Guy

No. 1360803

It takes a lot of effort to be born into a normal suburban family in North America with enough money to achieve almost any dream you have and to end up making yourself into a net negative on the world. Like, she didn't just decide to exist neutrally without providing positive value to the world. She's actively providing negative value, and making society a worse place because of her actions.
If she died, the world wouldn't just keep turning. It would be a better place.

No. 1360807

Fellow ausfag here, and SERIOUSLY. How can these disgusting degenerate whores keep insisting that they’re not harming anyone with their “age play”? They are literally normalising pedophilia. It’s not a “kink”, it’s mental illness that should result in a lifelong involuntary psych ward stay. There is no rehabilitating these reprobates. As for the sack of shit who took that little girl, I hope someone chops off his dick and chokes him with it
I wonder if her parents are aware of the full extent of her degeneracy. I mean they know she’s a “sex worker” but do they know she makes porn while pretending to be a child, a dog and whatever else?

No. 1360813

>should result in a lifelong involuntary psych ward stay.
Careful anon you'll encourage shat

No. 1360831

Plz sage but agreed, ddlg/ageplay/loli shit = pedophilia. Period. You are openly fetishizing the aesthetic and experiences of childhood, and normal adults don’t find little kids’ clothes, toys or behavior sexually attractive. Pedos do. None of these sick fucks should ever be allowed around children.

No. 1360833

I guarantee the real experience of being involuntarily institutionalized would put an end to her dumb coomer fantasies. And even if not, at least she’ll be far away from normal people and unable to do all this gross shit, which is a net positive for humanity.

No. 1360875

File: 1635948626211.jpg (109.35 KB, 634x566, article-2212585-1552D6AF000005…)

No. 1360877

Sage for OT but I'm glad this time the victim was found safe. It usually ends with murder.

The evidence actually shows that porn encourages sex offenders.

No. 1360889

that dog doesn’t deserve to be compared to shay

No. 1360914

This reminds me of those 'people and pets who look alike' competitions kek. If Shay owned that dog she would definitely win first place.

No. 1360918

None of them do. Even those messed up chihuahuas are cute in a sad way. Nothing about Shay is cute, ever. Her pet play stuff is just cringe and retarded.

No. 1360919

File: 1635953441556.jpg (Spoiler Image,260.94 KB, 1186x650, AirBrush_20211103172925.jpg)

Has she never learned how to use Facetune? There is a smoothing tool specifically for this kek. Sage for autism but I honestly couldn't help it.(nitpicking / fanart)

No. 1360923

It loos edited, you can see where the cellulite was blurred. And she does smooth and edit her pics, she's just inconsistent. If it's for only fans/her paid content she doesn't usually bother.
Also pretty sure this is a grab from a video. She doesn't know how to filter videos besides just using an obvious snap one.

No. 1360928

Yes anon, we know this is edited because >>1360711 is the original video still in horrifying unedited form. The one you're replying to is from a fellow anon's edit.

No. 1360933

The poor garter is supposed to be frilly not holding on for dear life. Plus size lingerie exists! And it’ll make her look less obviously fat.

No. 1360938

I know that. I was saying it still looks garbage really. So another pointless fanart edit. Then explained that it's a vid, so that's why Shay didn't and really couldn't edit her literal ugly ass.

No. 1360946

File: 1635956132538.jpg (61.85 KB, 640x640, 3dbfda4f9f792468bd307d2123b66b…)

Is that who I think it is in the shower? Oh god.
She looks like if one of her coomers right now cosplayed as her 70 lbs ago.
>She's actively providing negative value, and making society a worse place because of her actions. If she died, the world wouldn't just keep turning. It would be a better place.
This. I hope I live long enough to see all the Shats of the world die alone and penniless.

No. 1360999

LMAO yes she’s probably the only person who is as online as she is and still using st. ives in spite of numerous viral posts/tweets about how garbage it is, it’s been in like every bathroom selfie of hers for years and it’s probably part of why her skin has the same texture as asphalt. she is truly stuck in 2010s tumblr in the absolute worst way possible

No. 1361003

it looks like octopus tentacles sticking out pls no nit pick ban and apologies to our Cephalopoda friends

No. 1361005

her whole body is screaming for moisture, I just want to give her a big glass of water and some good face moisturizer jfc

No. 1361007

someone needs to tell her about the snow app so she can film this shit with a blur filter holy fuck. I've never seen a more square ass in my life.

No. 1361014

File: 1635961159489.jpeg (968.08 KB, 1170x1747, 76295EF8-44DB-4D67-84B6-B7D7A7…)

No. 1361018

god damn

No. 1361026

Her use of the word mumma makes me feel angry angry. It sounds so retarded.

No. 1361033

Kek is it terrible that I hope the cops find her content or some other age-play e-whores videos on his laptop and someone gets a visit from the FBI?
Seriously though I think in sex crime cases there should be some repercussions for the degen legal porn they find on offenders computers as well as the illegal stuff. Imagine any of these dumb whores being visited by the police and told that their free range guilt free ddlg content was found sandwiched between actual CSEM files on a convicted pedophiles computer. Maybe it would be the wake-up call they needed, but more likely they’d probably just hop on Twitter and cry about how bad they feel and how the police were uwu so mean and scary.

No. 1361041

File: 1635965301758.jpeg (Spoiler Image,395.05 KB, 2048x2048, 1C388EC0-9AA8-42FD-A57B-E6B087…)

At least she fits in this new cage, watching her fat ass try to fit in the one she had when she was skinny and then getting upset when she didn’t was so funny

No. 1361047

File: 1635965656047.jpeg (261.09 KB, 750x698, 27824227-78F9-4F4E-B9AE-9A1C9F…)

Again with the fucking nails

No. 1361051

so where in her new flat did she put her ~battle station~? how's that gaming going e-fatty?

No. 1361053

She mentioned playing kingdom hearts 3 yesterday, I still can’t believe she made such a big deal out of having a custom pc built only to never use it

No. 1361069

Some anon two threads ago said she sounds like a fat kid from down south asking his mom if he can have kitkats at the grocery kek
I agree though. I can't fucking stand when she uses mumma, breffast, frens, and the letter n instead of just spelling out and. It doesn't sound cute, least of all coming from a bloated pizza pig like shat.

No. 1361092

Pick a lane Shayna. Not too long ago she was begging to be that couple's chore slave.

No. 1361095

She’s so retarded how do you break two nails throwing garbage?

No. 1361110

File: 1635973004185.jpeg (159.77 KB, 1242x334, D5EAA098-F192-4564-80E2-3A5111…)

nasty discharged covered panties she probably thinks it’s her uwu cum

No. 1361112

File: 1635973345831.jpeg (569.79 KB, 1242x680, 30416960-A4CC-420D-B631-DECAD9…)

To all the nonnies who don’t watch Shaynus Dropbox videos whenever they’re posted (I don’t blame you) watch the beginning of this. The editing is terrible and she added this retarded ugly still frame/ photo in between of her video. Kek


No. 1361113

This fucking face. I thought I was in the mtf thread.

No. 1361114

File: 1635973483710.jpeg (149.13 KB, 1242x679, C40DF28F-22CA-4C51-895D-46055B…)

Samefag I’m retarded it wasn’t a photo but a clip of her holding it up anyways she looks stupid in the intro

No. 1361115

File: 1635973632672.png (68.48 KB, 237x201, arnold schwarzenegger noises.p…)

No. 1361116

File: 1635973655652.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1242x926, 52FB9FDF-3AD5-4E5E-A390-82854C…)

hairy dolphin snatch

No. 1361117

File: 1635973708486.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.15 KB, 545x558, 0F057548-F70A-44EF-8FC2-ACA252…)

Lopsided boobs

No. 1361118

It’s bc as an anon upthread mention her acrylics have literally no apex, causing them to snap like twigs. It’s really impossible to overstate how poor quality her nails are.

No. 1361119

The cheesy car salesmen pointing….that’ll get em going, shat

No. 1361120

File: 1635973781241.jpeg (Spoiler Image,178.29 KB, 1242x831, 369C79B1-A8F4-43F8-AA9B-B6B685…)


No. 1361121

Underrated pic name, I literally cackled aloud at this offbrand neekolul smirk she keeps trying

No. 1361122

File: 1635973836602.jpeg (766.5 KB, 1227x1073, A9B72E90-D1DC-4850-ACC4-B84898…)

Retarded salesman

No. 1361123

File: 1635973861651.png (Spoiler Image,111.66 KB, 328x260, come on man why.png)

No. 1361124

File: 1635973901277.jpeg (Spoiler Image,288.29 KB, 672x602, EAED9337-F7ED-44EA-811F-7EA07B…)

Those lunch lady arms….

No. 1361126

It looks like she farted after having to hold it in for hours.

No. 1361129

File: 1635974363419.jpeg (251.54 KB, 1242x1113, 08D08A81-6765-47E8-9DB5-02FFF5…)

Fatty Lardel

No. 1361133

File: 1635974568282.png (Spoiler Image,445.7 KB, 938x500, big_fat_shat.png)

She is fucking huge.

No. 1361137

The heel of her foot kinda looks like a nipple because of how callous and pointy it is

No. 1361151

Not to nail sperg but on a new set, which should be at its strongest do you break two taking the bins out. Not to blog post but I have/have had medium long nails and I’ve broken one acrylic in that time (which, no one cares but was got stuck in a switch button for a toilet and very embarrassing.) and said injury meant I had to get my nail bed looked at by A&E. This sounds a cashgrab and an excuse for her to get her nails re done in a shock to no-one

No. 1361156

fucking kek

No. 1361157

This. She says her finger is BLEEDING? Excuse me?! It's absolutely baffling that she's so clueless about getting them done properly

No. 1361158

I thought she was losing weight but holy shit she’s WIDE

No. 1361162

Voting for next thread pic.

No. 1361163

File: 1635976279263.gif (2.94 MB, 300x100, ezgif-3-c1fed8afc20b.gif)

No. 1361166

Her nail tech is clearly just straight garbage at her job.

No. 1361168

anons saying they thought she lost weight are retarded. time and time again it’s been proven that she alters her photos. she’s only going to get bigger and bigger from here so buckle up

No. 1361169


No. 1361170

So was she born retarded or did she develop this way over time??

No. 1361176

File: 1635976937656.jpeg (569.92 KB, 1284x706, 9D80EBE8-D523-4C67-8D7B-6C7ED5…)

“I look so cute today!!”
proceeds to show this picture

No. 1361179

Ok I mean this in absolutely no offense to disabled people, but she is starting to resemble someone wheelchair bound. The complete lack of muscle tone and her head looking bigger and bigger as her double chin grows- goodness gracious. Shayna do some home workouts

No. 1361180

Gypsy Rose realness

No. 1361183

File: 1635977441089.png (35 KB, 147x162, ughh.png)

the faces were truly insane in this video

No. 1361188

>Ok I mean this in absolutely no offense to disabled people
>basically said Shart is built like human hot wheels
Just let it rip, nonnie.
Smile, but make it at gunpoint.

No. 1361192

She looks like she ate her past self

No. 1361195

I think she was born retarded, personally, but smoking weed all day everyday since you were 15 can and will stunt your cognitive development. She’s mentally and emotionally stuck in high school, although her sick ass would probably be turned on by that observation.

No. 1361197

This site is a gift and I’ll hear no other, the ladies here have a good sense of humour.

Honestly, shaynus managing to “sell” this to people for actual real money makes me realise that men are a mistake

No. 1361198


Not a single day passes where Shay (and the entire ageplay comm) confirms she actively caters to diaper snipers. Death to all of them.

No. 1361202

I mean she could always use it to exfoliate her ass, might help with all the pimples and rough skin

No. 1361204

This. Not to skincare sperg, but that brand is suitable as a body scrub. I can't believe that she owns three of their scrubs and never once has thought to use one on her nasty behind and then apply some tea tree oil. Shit, I don't understand how she isn't utterly humiliated to show that off for coomers. What's sexy about crackne that looks as if its about to burst?

No. 1361208

I think she's getting into "domming" lately because she's a lazy shit and doesn't want to do anything around her own house.

No. 1361209

That double chin is really here to stay haha, also wtf was she thinking with the sharpie brows? They look so awful on her face.

No. 1361235

File: 1635982203200.jpeg (181.62 KB, 750x411, D1CA0858-E551-463D-9E6B-0555FD…)

No. 1361240

God, she looks like she’s scratching her inflamed snatch. She looks rough

No. 1361242

File: 1635982871430.gif (80.33 KB, 320x180, Icrc.gif)

this was the first thing that came to my mind kek

No. 1361244

Whenever she types stuff like this I feel like I'm reading really bad Suckerpunch/American Mcgee's Alice fanfictions.

No. 1361245

she’s been getting away with it since she first started camming, why would she suddenly care?

No. 1361251

Its a normal thing for adjusted people to wonder, anon. Not that serious.

No. 1361260

…who said it was?

No. 1361283

this has to be the next thread pic

No. 1361290

File: 1635988788811.jpeg (Spoiler Image,774.95 KB, 1242x1275, 297B03B6-68D8-4848-939D-4205E5…)

Someone should photoshop it better I suck at graphic design kek
Is Shayna going to recycle the same Christmas garbage from last year?

No. 1361300

I cant believe she still has the audacity to use pictures from 60 pounds ago.

No. 1361301

She shouldn’t, she’s got the body to really pull off Santa this year

No. 1361303

Try paying for quality, for once. And maybe have more than tiny nubs for real nails for the acrylics to attach to. These nails didn't even make it a week. And it's because Shay doesn't take care of anything properly and the nail tech is shit and she refuses to pay to go somewhere good.

No. 1361320

File: 1635994494501.png (Spoiler Image,601.2 KB, 1186x650, ass_then_now.png)

Fat Shat's ass from ten months ago and now

No. 1361325

The left one is shooped as well, retard. Learn to sage

No. 1361343

She needs panoxyl for her ass.

No. 1361347

Sage for my ‘tism but how can she see this weight gain and not be inspired to do some exercise and lose some weight? It just doesn’t make sense to me how you could get this way

No. 1361350

She is extremely lazy and still gets scrote attention despite looking like the right picture

No. 1361352

lmao good eye anon. No wonder her ass acne is spreading, peeling, and red, that shit is awful for it.


No. 1361357

do we know how noodle, rib, and mr pb r doing???(sage)

No. 1361359

scroll up and sage, retard. she literally just posted pics of them on halloween.

No. 1361360

They seem to be OK looking at the photos, I hope they’re healthy too.

No. 1361361

If she’s making some kind of money being this lazy off of men just to live a wish.com bimbo lifestyle that’s hilarious. How are there so many threads about this pale sausage is cellulite really that interesting on an alcoholic you have to confirm it every day for years

No. 1361377

File: 1636004911496.jpg (88.52 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

Sage for no milk but I'm watching Kitchen Nightmares and it truly startled me how much Shayna looks like Joe Nagy, a middle aged man with a huge nose.(derail)

No. 1361386

File: 1636006704271.jpeg (840.98 KB, 955x1511, 203512ED-E14B-4098-8CC8-D0C8B3…)

Jfc you’re right

No. 1361399

i really appreciate the work you did on the hand nonna, no sarcasm. i chuckled

No. 1361422

My sides!

No. 1361459

needs sharpie eyebrows and hot dog nails but apart from that, chefs kiss

No. 1361474

oh god, she sounds like a youtuber.

No. 1361479

top kek

No. 1361503

File: 1636029146318.jpg (559.34 KB, 955x1511, yW1yCD9.jpg)

No. 1361511

kek can this be included in the next thread pic as well

No. 1361517

kek underrated comment

No. 1361562

no it's retarded

No. 1361574

That was her worst cumshow. The beginning was next level cringe and retarded like what the fuck. Her voice isn't cute and the splicing those images in was a choice and she thought she was funny. It sounded like a bad YouTuber doing an unboxing like other anon said. Then she goes right into the worst her backside has ever looked. It was like a gross middle aged man trying on cheap lingerie for the first time. She actually did fake masturbate for more than 30 seconds, but while making the stupidest faces and using the extremely bad fake voice for no reason. The countdown to orgasm thing is also so dumb to me. No one does that, you get close then you cum. The only purpose I guess is so coomers can try to cum with her? But she's faking it anyway so it doesn't matter.

Hard agree. Not sure why they're putting so much effort into such a dumb concept. He barely resembles her and it's just some dude from a cooking show. And I swear someone has actually done that exact shit before with that guy or with some other dude that sorta had Shays nose. It's autistic. Actual pics of Shay >>1361129 like that are thread pic material.

No. 1361579

looks like grimes

No. 1361589

Why does she always regress? She was doing brows fine for a bit now sharpie’s back.

No. 1361594

File: 1636043827755.jpeg (441.09 KB, 1170x1149, 1414DFDC-F361-4EE9-A0C5-197338…)

Such a healthy “relationship”

No. 1361598

This shit is disturbing, maybe Ellen will be the one to kill Shayna at this rate with her basically begging for it and Ellen's clear insecurity and desperation, they're so weird

No. 1361599

What the fuck is with Ellen and pinching? It's weird and gross. This sounds like her taking anger out on shat because she won't touch her.

No. 1361604

Nah, she just didn't take care of her microblading and it wore off. She did Sharpie brows up until that appointment, left them alone, and now the pigment is fading and she probably cannot afford a touch up with WA's higher cost of living. I want microblading so badly but watching this dumb bitch squander it was infuriating.

No. 1361631

Da fuck is this? Imagine your partner doing this to you when your casually gaming.
I'd tell me to fuck off

No. 1361638

File: 1636047679530.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 1242x1636, A170E785-8662-48C4-9E4E-48ABBD…)

Her face looks so old

No. 1361639

File: 1636047867035.jpeg (364.38 KB, 1242x1195, 7CC2F90C-94DB-44E6-9EA7-10AC7A…)


No. 1361641

God Ellen is a weird autistic bitch. Always with the pinching, punching, and biting Shays legs. I'm not vanilla, but that shit sounds fucking annoying and just not cute or kinky. Just really off putting.

No. 1361642

File: 1636048021708.jpeg (988.83 KB, 1242x1814, EDEA5F69-4001-43C5-8DE5-AFEB7A…)

Second hand embarrassment

No. 1361643


Patricia Ellen Dresel of Renton, WA is definitely the type of nanny that pinches children to try to discipline them.

No. 1361647

what this bitch needs is water and a moisturizer

No. 1361648

File: 1636048349584.jpeg (516.52 KB, 954x1041, DD838F82-71AD-4D78-BCAF-8E8AEA…)

>mumma stop pinching me

No. 1361651

The sad part is fat shat can afford it but she would rather spend it on doordash and dispensary trips

No. 1361675

First time actually hearing her voice and watching her. With the zany editing and the intro, it's sad how obviously she wishes she was just a regular youtuber egirl filming unboxing videos or some shit.

No. 1361689

agree, it's not funny and he doesn't look like her. also, why does shayna's thread photo always have to have 10 pictures cramped into it? sometimes just one funny edit does the trick

No. 1361690

totally thought this was pnp’s best friend at first look kek

No. 1361695

Incredible how she will slap on the yellow ass foundation, sharpie brows, and falsies but will not offer a drop of hydration or even color on her lips. What a bimbo.

No. 1361696

She's got a face like a pair of old work boots.

No. 1361702

it is aaron lol

No. 1361703

File: 1636051014798.jpeg (215.65 KB, 750x548, 2003D769-E275-49F2-8931-E2BDAE…)

Retweeting loli from an account that talks about toddler parts

No. 1361721


Shayna threads always remind me to hydrate

No. 1361726

It’s not against the rules to report this pedo who sexualizes toddlers and CSA right?

No. 1361737

How long until Shayna drops the formalities and starts using “toddler” and “kiddie” like the accounts she follows?

No. 1361742

I wonder if anything is still happening with the Air Bnb situation

No. 1361749

Also wondering the same.

No. 1361755

I’ve seen based German anons in the pedopander thread openly report these accounts and not catch a ban, so you should be good. And thank you

No. 1361767

Why? As long as she has moids willing to pay $3 to wank to her flabby, saggy, pimple ridden butt, where is the motivation to change?

No. 1361773


Yeah, it was more obvious by the time she started that stupid series "Matellevision" or whatever (which literally lasted two episodes because no one gave a fuck). Probably they're still in her manyvids. It was pretty clear that all she wanted to be was a normal, famous youtuber, and all she did was become a fat hateful pig. No wonder she lives her life intoxicated, it must be horrible for her to be alone with her own thoughts and the consequences of her choices.

No. 1361774

Shayna's whole sexuality is so…asexual to me.

>lobotomized mental patient

>child drugged by their parents
>human punching bag for lonely bitter fat woman

She posts these fantasies online like they're hot & naughty but it's giving no joy, passion or pleasure whatsoever, it's just weird and dark and empty. She is a black hole of a human being.

No. 1361807

kek. WTF. Never thought Id see Aaron in a ChubbStuffBarbie thread