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No. 1736432

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1729371

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore th
an Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy.

This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

A reminder that Shayna refused an offer for a free education so she could continue partaking in what will be described below: >>>/snow/1721055

Last Thread:

>>1729659 shayna likes a post on twitter claiming that mental illness isnt just for attention to be cute and quirky, ironic because we know thats all she uses it for
>>1729887 bangchan weighs in on her thoughts about shayna's new hairdo
>>1730144 shat accepts a backhanded compliment from a scrote despite the fact that if a woman said the same thing she'd subtweet them and block them
>>1730476 another absolutely degenerate tweet i will not summarise here. farmers enraged (as they should be)
>>1730684 fattychans weigh in: predictions of continued weight gain
>>1731076 antique screenshot proves shanya has gained more than 100lbs
>>1731098 shayna gets 'spoiled' again, this time in cheap mall garbage. anons delight at travel size perfume which is so uwu smol just like her taste in manlets
>>1731223 shanyas new mlp bag spurs hatred among resident mlp and purse aficionados
>>1731305 shayna jumps on the elon hate train, getting mad she can finally see how many people purposefully ignore her tweets
>>1731309 shanyas parents 'spoiled her' growing up apparently which is at odds with her previous child neglect claims
>>1731361 shayna melts down over argument with her mother and leaves a day early
>>1731379 bringing up her irl dad on her sex work twitter where she makes incest porn
>>1731499 porn star martinis at her dads house. anons speculate shes getting drunk on purpose as a cry for help
>>1732301 shanya spergs about how its ok to dress up as fictional children in porn, implies cp of wednesday addams is 'okay because the show is from 1964" which farmers point out would mean she views real cp as totally fine as long as the victim is now of legal age after a period of years
>>1732545 shanya tells piss obsessed scrote to dm her regarding commissioned pee content, a new low
>>1732656 shayna tries to blast her mom as problematic by posting her texts, not realising farmers can tell shanya is the one that sounds unhinged
>>1733252 shayna talks about how her ex 'forced' her to get medicated and blames her "40+lbs" (more like 100lbs) weight gain on fupa and the medicine while continuing to ignore her trash diet and drinking habits. she also claims shes miserable, which brings farmers delight as they root for her downfall
>>1733523 shat is back on tiktok, now with more cringe! >>1733529 seriously lots of cringe
>>1733643 check this pic lmao look at her face lmao just lol
>>1733712, >>1733713, >>1733714, anon uploads tiktok webms so we can all cringe without giving her titkok acct more views
>>1734068 "daddy" shane has arrived in seattle. shayna posts teary-eyed selfies with man cream on her chest. cant even fake a smile. in hindsight this will come into play
>>1734251 anon finds shane's facebook and its even more cringe than we could have predicted. surprise! hes ex military. anons criticise him for posting photos of his kids on the public account.
>>1734754 shaynas first tweet of dangerous acts with shane, more to come
>>1735108 twitter whores weep as MV forbids any content of diapers that also includes dildos.
>>1735193 shayna and shane reenact non consensual sex actions on a public hiking trail
>>1735636 shayna drops the L bomb, saying she loves her new scrote in a series of tweets where she documents how he physically abused her until she fell unconscious and had to use a safe word. but its ok guys, because he switched to daddy mode and comforted her after making her faint! (not) farmers are shocked that shayna has finally found a scrote to fulfill her domestic violence dreams. worries surface, along with theories this will all be painted as abuse as soon as he leaves her for a younger girl, just like what happened with fupa.

No. 1736434

https://www.tiktok.com/@itsdollymattel (DELETED/BANNED)
New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

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No. 1736444

I've never been this early to a new thread, love it

No. 1736450

shes barely tweeted over the last 18 hours. last post was talking about going to lunch but no pics of the food, no mention of dinner. very unlike her not to constantly blog about her life

No. 1736454

Me neither, I feel so excited

No. 1736456

feel free to use ur first posts to critique how i can make a better thread if i do so in the future. this is my first time making it i got tired of waiting after the last post hit 12 hours.

No. 1736458

File: 1672751274937.png (378.03 KB, 609x609, 1672354153953.png)

I just want this in here

No. 1736459

Thanks, nona! ♥

No. 1736467

topkek thank you nona. the thread closed before I could suggest that photo of shaymu; I was so afraid I was gonna have to look at this >>1736458 garbage for the next several weeks.

No. 1736469

ill tell u a secret just dont tell anyone

i made that autistic edit of shayna so thats why i picked it when i made the new thread

No. 1736470

its cause the farms called her out in the last thread >>1734967 and she lurks hard

No. 1736471

It's pretty shit

No. 1736473

shut up nonnie we can all tell ur just jealous your mater pic didnt get chosen kek

No. 1736474

File: 1672754490953.jpeg (143.93 KB, 1046x930, shaynasbillsarepaid.jpeg)

try creating a thread nony; you -don't- know - how - it - is

No. 1736476

The subdrop is gonna be milky. She's slaphappy and attention high right now, but what goes up must come down.

No. 1736479

im calling it now. when he leaves hes going to ignore her ab it as he REASONABLY spends time with his family after missing nye with his kid and shayna is going to freak out.

how long do we think it will take for her to move to kansas? she'd drop ellen in a heartbeat if she could get regular attention from a scrote

No. 1736480

Did she say how long this dude is visiting for?

No. 1736497

File: 1672756954963.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230103-084207_Ins…)

She posted lunch on insta. Bet all of that is for her alone

No. 1736499

im not signed in to ig. can someone check what kind of hashtags she uses there?
on twitter she has 45k followers and on ig she has 4k but her amount of engagement (that i can see) is nearly equal on both

No. 1736504

She doesn't use any hashtags

No. 1736509

weird. whats the point in using ig if she cant post porn or gain new audience? if shes not gaining new audience its just twitter followers seeing the same content twice.

No. 1736514

Why do i have a feeling her parents gave her money for Christmas and she's blowing it all on this scrote kek?

No. 1736535

She's a (stupid) e-whore, she's probably shadow banned off all the normal hashtags. If she's not as soon as shit posts her ass under inappropriate tags, she will be.

No. 1736561

>basic tier fried sushi, paper napkin
Looks like he's really spoiling his bimbo princess after all that brutalizing. What a sweet and kind dadd- RETCH

No. 1736588

fucking KEK, thanks for the giggle nonnie

No. 1736592

they ordered all that for 2 people? or i wonder if ellen's cottage cheese is tagging along.

No. 1736601

she posted it to her story, you don't use hashtags on your IG story. i doubt she has all the same people on her twitter as on her IG. my tinfoil is she has some old mutuals or people she likes to show-off to on there and thats why she still uses IG.

No. 1736603

it wouldnt shock me that she still has people who follow her on IG who have removed her from twitter - considering the pedo-baiting, gaping rotting ass pictures she posts on the regular.

No. 1736620

Let's hope that the obvious rape ape moid from the last thread can either learn to stfu (as mother nature intended for males) or integrate this time

No. 1736621

Imagine being friend's with the hog and when you ask her for her twitter handle, she links her sex work account with pictures of her rancid genitals and fantasies about being a child getting raped by it's parents.

No. 1736622

People who eat this kind of sushi are so trashy. Ew. Shay has never tried any of the good stuff. If she lives in Seattle why not go to Sushi By Scratch like anyone with taste does?

No. 1736638

Yeah it's so trashy, just like hiking and plastic water bottles /s

No. 1736640

Kek thank you for pointing out the broken record ITT. We get it, you think random shit is trashy. No one cares though.

No. 1736641

nah it's shit, but the Shayna thread pics always are. Oh well

No. 1736645

The thread is fine? All that needs to be added is the last thread should be marked as the start of the Shane Saga.

No. 1736647

its really weird. does she has some rule that she only intends to be friends with other sexual deviants/prostitutes? she really doesn't have any normal social media like a regular girl her age. if anyone who isn't in the sex "work" world wants to interact with her, she basically forces you know and see all her kinks and makes you see her disgusting pussy/ass/wonky tits.

No. 1736649

I can say without a doubt, I have never seen the inner workings of any of my closest friend's assholes. Maybe that's the magic of friendship?

No. 1736650

Think about what she does. Most would think she's gross, cheap, retarded and basically a prostitute. Nobody but other sexworkers/coomers would understand or even pretend to understand it. Also being around people whose retarded kink and sex work isn't 98% of their life probably brings a mirror up to her face.
I think she keeps her interactions/life/views so narrow because she doesn't really WANT to think about what her life is. She gets validation from those retards.
Which is why her dating pool is very tiny, it's not her looks, it's because she doesn't know how to have a normal relatonship. Which is why she doesn't have an normal social media page. What would she talk about? "Daddy made me drink water"? She never talks about anything she likes about the freaks she's around. She probably only has like 15 topics to talk about and 10 of them are connected to sex work. She's like a sim character in a unmodded game. very limited.

No. 1736651

Shay doesn’t have much to offer in terms of friendship outside of deviancy, it’s all she ever talks about or relates to. She only has “friends” in that circle because she doesn’t have anything else going on in her life to relate to others outside of it. Kind of sad if it wasn’t something she’s deliberately chosen for herself.

No. 1736656

Nitpick but the link the thread 37 has been the link to thread 36 for years now. Here’s the actual link to thread 37 >>>/snow/841938

No. 1736660

this isn't sushi kek why would you americanize a perfectly fine food by frying everything and putting shit tons of mayo on top? call it fried fish with rice date fat bitch

No. 1736664

File: 1672773376871.jpeg (112.57 KB, 750x894, 5AC4A76D-FE45-4014-B317-5162F7…)

He makes 10k to 19k a yr according to this site which is sourced from government data, so it’s more likely Shay’s parents are footing the bill kekkkk

No. 1736666

>way too much sushi for two people
>fried sushi with what looks like melted cheese(!) on it

Just amerifat things I guess

No. 1736667

Oh no, trashy-chan is back

No. 1736668

ntayrt but agreed, Shay can’t have normie or non-degen friends because they would question her sad, bleak life and not validate her 24/7.

No. 1736669

kek exactly, eating this kind of sushi and drinking out of a plastic bottle rank as some of the least trashy things Shayna does, so why even bother pointing it out? she literally stinks, whores herself out, and puts random shit up her ass for pennies. And the americanized sushi rolls is where that anon draws the line? kek

No. 1736671


It's pretty common to see in the SW community. They call non sex workers civilians like someone in the army would do. Totally different worlds, if Shayna was invited to a normie girls night out she wouldn't know what to do with herself. Other whores can vent to each other, not that Shayna has proved herself able to form meaningful connections even w/ her degen peers.

No. 1736674

File: 1672774200214.jpeg (231.18 KB, 750x1043, 1522F7E3-4D67-4656-A5FF-FB4AF7…)

Oh no, did Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas delete his Facebook profile? It doesn’t appear on his fiancée’s previously tagged posts.

No. 1736675

File: 1672774283654.png (599.56 KB, 998x662, shayhog.png)

No. 1736677

Holy shit that picture of Shane P Sonnier will never get old, he’s literally the soyjack meme personified jfc

No. 1736678

She’s going back to FetCon this year. Think she’ll be hanging out with “the pack” there?

No. 1736680

I don't really find those sites to be very accurate tbh. For example, try looking you or other people you know on there

No. 1736684

must kill shaynus that her new scrote's wife sits back at home being taken care of and with the freedom to explore her hobbies while her fat ftm tranny husband goes out to get his kicks. shes delusional as hell if she thinks he won't tire of her once he's done; there's plenty of fresh meat out there dumb enough to fuck him (clearly evidenced by shay)

this is that slippery slope people talk of. first porn is okay for your partner to watch cause its not actually happening, then he's allowed to have sex with other people because he's filming "content" and "paying the bills"; and then comes, it's a kink - i'm fucking other people because "deviance is my hobby and you are suppressing me if you don't let me explore who i am. its more like an art form". Then his kinks gets worse and he starts fucking people who pretend they are babies -→ can you guess the next step?

No. 1736687

i think it's way more likely that until then she manages to burn the bridge somehow

No. 1736695

its sad as hell she leeched herself onto the first person to give her attention. Like if she had stuck it out and gone to a few more social events, made some real friends, im sure she could of found SOMETHING better than that fucking muppet who already has several women he's juggling poorly. why not just have some casual fun with the scrote, film some content, make some cash and move on? there is literally no future with this loser… but she's already fucked herself and her career over by declaring how in love she is and acting like he's in a serious relationship after her first fuck.

is this some emotionally damaged shit where shay is too afraid of being hurt so she won't commit to going solo with someone because the chance of them leaving her is so high? so she picks these half-assed fake relationships so she can shrug them off when she gets ghosted?

No. 1736696

he gives "dont worry, im snipped, let me cum in you bareback" vibes

No. 1736703

>why not just have some casual fun with the scrote, film some content, make some cash and move on?
i think this can mostly be attributed to her stunted development. many teenage girls learn from media that love and admiration are to be expressed by completely going insane over a boy (see boyband crazes for example). after forming the first real relationships and while growing up those girls learn that men aren't that desirable at all, kek. she never really learned how to form healthy relationships because she is a developmentally stunted shut in. she can't have casual fun sex because she bases her entire self worth (and actual net worth) on men picking and degrading her.

No. 1736707

her first real relationship was a poly relationship, before that she was being groomed and stalked by older men. Her relationship with men and sex is fucked. 24/7 it's sex with her.Then everytime she tries to have real relationship with the men she dates, even though she barely knows them or gets to know them because everything is kink/quick sex at first. Then she expects them to just fall in love with them. It aint happening with this scrote. He's an ugly fucker with an wife. He seems very dismissive with shayna whenever she talks about anything thats not getting his dick wet or leading to that.
>This is what happened on cam, I'm nervous
>Drink more and shut up basically
>*Shayna says something bad about herself (it's probably true)
>Shut up and say it to your camera, say sorry to yourself.
I really feel like after this week he's going to slowly move away. He's not going to be her emotional support in exchange for sex, he's not fupaul

No. 1736711

Kek, yeah it's gone.

Shay's gonna go on another rant about anyone she works with/befriends getting bullied offline.

No. 1736717

Yeah theres definitely a big disconnect where the scrote views the baby shit as something that happens during sex, and shayna wants it to be her 24/7 lifestyle. the muppet is clearly able to mask enough to be a semi-productive member of society (served in army, got married, procreated, has a real job). like all her other hit-and-misses, he will grow tired of her once he realizes how needy she is. after this trip, he will be focused on his wife and her needs for a bit and shayna will sulk and not be able to handle it then begin to start shit to try to capture back his attention. she'll be single by valentines. (cottage cheese woman dont count)

No. 1736726

Next thread pic please I’m begging

No. 1736728

her relationship with ellen shows how fucked up Shayna's programing is. She cannot just be FRIENDS with someone she likes and does things for her, no she has to date her, it has to somehow be semi-sexual but more importantly posted on her social media for scrotes to see. She claim she has to hide people she cares about but she doesn't. She still shows them, still took a picture with Brony, still talked endlessly about Fupaul and then exposed his ugly ass hoping that he'd have consequences for it.
You let a fucker fuck you second time meeting him, then choke you out but expect him to give an actual shit when he has a wife and kid at home.No he doesn't. Then you say you love him, meanwhile he's going to leave you probably broke and sad.

No. 1736729

wait, shane is ftm?

No. 1736733

no, people are just saying that because he looks like an overgrown Aiden now. his older photos look like any average white guy who just left the army.

No. 1736741

File: 1672779399661.jpeg (118.75 KB, 750x815, F856B60E-4532-4883-B4EF-65F4CD…)

Nonnies for the purpose of search engine optimization please mention him in full aka Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita, Kansas.

No. 1736745

sniff sniff smells like cheap coffee in here.

No. 1736746

Sorry I meant to reply to >>1736622

No. 1736747

Her first mistake was thinking an ex army dude was going to give a shit about her feelings. She'll learn once the sex stops being fun for him just how cold and hateful military scrotes in particular get. He may have faggy dyed hair and severe mental health issues, but he's no fupaul. And it's sad when that degenerate is the standard for her. I can't wait until he leaves and she gets sub crash or whatever.

No. 1736762

its scary how easy it is for this guy to manipulate her. but she did kinda give the blueprint on how to play her for free on her twitter. all it takes is one muppet to echo back whats on her twitter and she thinks someone like Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita, Kansas is Rico Suave.

No. 1736765

>Fupaul literally favorites her blog
>Shayna hits him up
>Meet with him and fucks him raw
>Wastes years of her life with him
>Literally has to move
>Gets married not even a year after she leaves him
>Shayna meets this scrote at a con
>says she has a crush on him
>talk for a few weeks…maybe a month?
>invites him to her house
>lets him fuck her however he wants
Once Shayna likes you she will let you do whatever as quick as possible. Which leads me to believe the reason the dad doesn't pay her much is because she's not fucking him and what she is doing isn't worth much. Plus he knows she'll take whatever

No. 1736768

Same, I can't wait until he leaves. This is so unlike her relationship with Fupa and she's definitely going to feel it. He's basically flying to her to use her and then leave. I wouldn't even call it a relationship. She's dumb and delusional and a pickme and this is what she deserves anyway. We all know she can't function unless she has attention from the scrote 24/7 so this is not going to work.
I'm glad he's also feeling it since he deleted his facebook like he expected the internet to be fine with what Shayna talks about and associating with her and the funniest part is that she thinks this is all a flex. Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita Kansas should be on a watch list.

No. 1736774

File: 1672782036171.png (248.95 KB, 481x557, disgusting.png)

kek the placement of your comment nonnie… nasty. that is exactly how i imagine his breath smelling.

No. 1736776

did she learn nothing from that other hitler-haired, femboy, scrote who let her suck his cock for free then denounced her? her melt down is going to be glorious when this new fuggo eventually picks his wife and his fetcon reputation over her when shayna's past or future controversial antics become more well known in that community.

No. 1736778

ive got 10 scrotebucks on him "spending all his money on the flight" and she is covering his room and board while he's down.

No. 1736781

Given that he's already deleted his facebook, he might be starting to realise what being associated with Shayna means. I wouldn't be surprised that if after he flies back to Kansas that he blocks her because she isn't worth it.

No. 1736782

No she didn't. Shayna thinks just having sex with her will make every scrote love her forever. She said she had sex with 8 or 9 people her whole life. In a way it's odd, I sometimes wonder if these are the scrotes who want her or does she pass down alone ugly weirdos with no kids/wives/poly relationships for men who specifically have those things? Then again maybe because of Ellen, I guess that makes it even smaller. Even if she doesn't care about Ellen as a lover, she still wants her around and unless you are a polyfag you won't want to deal with anyone else.

No. 1736796

>next thread, new thread, threadpic
Just tagging this post with some keywords so hopefully the nonnie who makes the next thread will see it & correct it.

No. 1736797

File: 1672783907831.jpeg (236.94 KB, 750x1132, 29A52331-63B3-4DF5-818C-94EA42…)

i think this is him

No. 1736804

kek if so what the fuck happened?

No. 1736818

Wow he had chin at some point

Porn addiction and coomer brain rot probably.

No. 1736823

It's like everyone into degenerate kinks is doomed to have a massive glow down

No. 1736830

You two sound like Amerilards who think everything needs to be fried

No. 1736831

File: 1672787126308.jpeg (269.24 KB, 1170x1860, 30886A04-DBBD-4A8C-AF84-876139…)

desperately wish i could make this same comment back to him.

i wonder if he empathizes with shaymus weight gain? kek

No. 1736833

You're spot on, she's never going to get what she wants from a relationship. These "kink" scrotes are just looking for sluts to beat up and do gross fetish things with before running back to their wives & kids. But Shayna wants a "mumma/dadda" to treat her like a baby and basically devote their lives to taking care of her and making decisions for her 24/7. That's never going to happen, because Shayna is a basic e-whore and no one has the time, energy or desire to waste that much time on her. The only takers she'll get with her "uwu dumb baby" act are drive-by johns looking to coom, and forever alone shut-ins like Ellen who'll half assedly play along to avoid terminal loneliness.

No. 1736840

File: 1672788055046.jpg (17.3 KB, 604x452, FB_IMG_1672787968003.jpg)

Oh god nonnies there's an even older profile from 2009 with these cringe pictures in some stanky toilet.

No. 1736841

Wow he aged like milk in an oven.

No. 1736844

This is what it comes down to. Because she has made “dumb baby pls abuse me” into her whole personality, she will never have a fulfilling romantic relationship. And she deserves it because she did it to herself and continues to choose this life every day.
And it will always be everyone else’s fault. Flash forward ten years from now and Shay is going to be a female incel complaining about missing the boat to get married + no single childless man will commit to her.

No. 1736848

So his name on this old profile is "Pyro"

And I found this YouTube from the same time of him setting himself on fire cos he was bored.
Also whoever is with him suggesting he should "put it as a swastika".

Nice Shay. He's truly a catch!

No. 1736851

Shayna and Shane continue to be the same person. We know how much she loves a derelict public bathroom selfie

No. 1736853

Kek oh man you better save that cause it’s gonna be gone soon. Twittards are gonna love that

No. 1736854

I really hope that puppi kuma isn't reading this thread right now

No. 1736855

Holy shit kek

No. 1736856


i think the only tik that hasnt been checked on his horrible bingo sheet is at least he doesn't suck cock on the side. shayna being ghosted by faggots was beginning to be too much to even be a bystander to.

No. 1736857

>at least he doesn’t suck cock on the side
he literally fucks fat mtf troons

No. 1736858

Kek nonna he fucks trannies.

No. 1736859

File: 1672790019075.webm (804.4 KB, 480x360, Shane Pierre Sonnier from Witc…)

never fear nona, the racist footage of Shane Pierre Sonnier from Witchita, Kansas joking about Swatikas is safely downloaded and archived

No. 1736861

This is my fave thread image yet somehow

No. 1736865

Who's surprised, moids in general age terribly and hit the wall young. Shaynus did too so they're perfect for each other.

No. 1736866

Lmaooo, can't wait until woke e-whore Twitter finds out Nazi Shayna also has a Nazi scrote

No. 1736870

cant wait for her to be like "guys we all make. mistakes haters want to see me kms" posts

No. 1736872

If theyre such a ~high class tasteful~ person why are they lurking and posting here kek. Being a regular nonnie on an autistic gossip site shitting on a gross nobody ewhores sad stupid life is actually trashy

No. 1736875

thinking it's someone's life to shit post in Shaylor Park's thread instead of peeping in, posting is a weird thing. Not that nonnie but normal people do bullshit all the time

No. 1736888

Ntayrt but the point is posting on imageboard e-whore threads is trashy. Obviously plenty of normies post here, but anyone pretending to be an arbiter of refined taste & class on Shayna fucking Clifford’s thread is retarded.

No. 1736890

I bet when he leaves Shay will have a “bad brain day.” And won’t work for days

No. 1736903

I may post in this thread but at least I don't go hiking with plastic bottles. I'm not that trashy.

No. 1736904

File: 1672795988802.jpeg (269.57 KB, 828x730, F7942A52-3809-41A6-B035-17E52F…)

the only positive thing i can say at this point is at least she’s finally showering

No. 1736908

this is just a sus anon who got her panties ruffled when people clowned shayna for bringing juice on a hike and made some comments about microplastics leaching from plastic bottles. stop taking the bait nonas, theyre being facetious to shit up the thread hoping itll get closed

No. 1736913

what an empty existence

No. 1736914

Setting aside the fact that anon is just baiting, no one with refined taste and class brags about having refined taste and class because it’s gauche.
Did you even bother to read any of the thread?

No. 1736915

The way she calls her vag “my cunt” makes me want to a-log. God I can’t wait until he leaves and she has a meltdown

No. 1736916

No shit retard, it’s not like we’ve been talking about it for the past few hours

No. 1736919

You are insufferable and you know exactly why Shay doesn’t eat there. She doesn’t even live near Belltown and Belltown is really lame regardless. That place is probably full of Amazon employees and it’s a white dude chef and there are lots of fantastic authentic places to get sushi. I live in Belltown and never heard of it so I guess I’m trashy as well.

No. 1736920

Is she filming any of this vile shit to sell? How much cOnTeNt has she made so far with soy boy Barney Rubble? She has a chance to make some $ while he’s there but she choosing to fuck (in the most degen ways) for free

No. 1736921

Hiking with plastic bottles is trashy because of the microplastics. It's not that expensive to get a Hydroflask

No. 1736922

OMG I know nonnie! It's soooooo trashy that this pig who can't shower for herself, and is a walking bio hazard just doesn't care enough to not use plastic.

No. 1736924

File: 1672798975558.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1010.59 KB, 1170x1711, B011D2B3-91CA-4F3A-A9FF-40522A…)

Why is everyone biting this bitch?

No. 1736926

I swear to god nonas if that is that motherfucking BIMBO sweatshirt I am going to shit microplastics

No. 1736928

shit microplastic

Reasons why I fucking love this thread

No. 1736933

Good job!

No. 1736934

I'm very sure it is.

No. 1736935

Maybe they’re confused by her porcine nature and mistake Shay for a Christmas ham.

No. 1736937

File: 1672801030961.jpeg (41.17 KB, 721x156, 6007FAC2-AAA8-4F30-8C54-AF1152…)


This didn’t age well.

No. 1736938

Guess she’s over “mumma” Ellen

No. 1736939

File: 1672801288492.jpeg (410.65 KB, 1170x1093, B44695A6-2AA0-413B-99C4-5F99F0…)

No. 1736943

she seems very disinterested in sex or being apart of it. I think everyone just does every retarded thing they want until they get bored. Think like a retarded scrote, this woman lets you get full access to her body but her "larp" is just being submissive/tied up. He's just doing whatever

No. 1736953

Brb gonna go microwave a plastic bottle to annoy trashy-chan

No. 1736956

Can all you trashyfags shut the fuck up and stop in-fighting and derailing the thread

No. 1736958

I was joking, besides the only reason people make fun of shaynas trashiness is because she pretends to be a high class bimbo but she's always covered in dog and cat hair and being retarded

No. 1736962

At least the hotdog nails are gone for now. I know there are so many legitimate things to hate this rancid bitch for, but for my petty ass the hotdog nails will always be #1

No. 1736968

Lmao, the watermark on her gross ass obese legs: as if anyone would want to steal this pic. I’m dead

No. 1736977

This pathetic woman can’t even get a man to kiss her. I actually wonder what he’d say if she asked for regular sex. He’d probably leave kek and never speak to her again

No. 1736978

She has been putting a lot of them on lumps of fat recently, like she somehow thinks that’s cute

No. 1736980

I mean, she’s had her photos taken by catfishers before. Using instathots is too obvious these days. And since she hands out nudes for free the catfishers can make money off of them; and she knows this so she puts that dumb ass watermark that’s barely visible. She’s so stupid kek

No. 1736983

File: 1672808180012.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1179x1280, 0FB7ABF8-C296-4733-A3B1-853D88…)

(Sorry if reposting, I hadn’t noticed this before)

No. 1736994

There’s apps where you can remove watermarks too. She’s not the smartest tool in the shed.

No. 1736997

It’s so small you could remove it with mark-up and retarded coomers wouldn’t bat an eye. Idk how she’s managed this long as a failing sexworker. I guess she has morons like her parents and Womack to fund her downfall.

No. 1737009

TBH if some catfish took her pictures, cropped them or blurred out her bits, and put them behind a paywall then they could probably make more money than she does kek

No. 1737011

File: 1672812211556.jpeg (205.22 KB, 1080x1149, 7D03CDBF-77A9-4509-B1A1-BF117B…)

the perfect couple lmao

No. 1737013

Thank you nonnie

No. 1737023

File: 1672814097034.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.83 KB, 634x1086, 2A86C562-A14A-4B1E-BF23-61B20C…)

The fact that she’s wearing the same top as that fucking repulsive troon teacher with z-cup prosthetic tits is unreasonably hilarious to me

No. 1737037

File: 1672815601067.jpg (71.76 KB, 1024x576, Untitled-design-8-1392x783-1.j…)

Anon stop discriminating and please respect HER identity. SHE is so stunning and so so brave! I'm so glad that Miss Shayna Luther King is an ally and a friend to the trans community.

No. 1737044

she doesn’t have normie friends because she, like a lot of sex workers i’ve noticed, have a superiority complex about what they do which we all have seen here when she’s bragging about her totally not degrading lifestyle. they all love to put down women who have normal or vanilla relationships and gloat when they have issues with their partners because in their minds, at least they get paid to put up with men instead of stacies who take that shit for free. and i include people with weird kinks and fetishes in this as well since she’s involved with those communities. they also love to pretend that what they do is somehow soooo much better than people who dare to have sex that doesn’t involve choking, being spit on, brutalized and humiliated. what she does to her mum (being an entitled little brat) she would do to any normal woman, because a normal woman with any modicum of self-esteem would tell her she shouldn’t do what she’s doing, stop drinking, get your tit(ties) fixed, go to college before your parents die and it’s too late for you to change, etc. and before the sex worker chans come out of hiding to defend their lifestyles because of my opinion, don’t bother. i’ve heard all the excuses a million times.

No. 1737050

Nonita please, no true Stacey would put up with a moid’s shit full stop. I don’t use twitter but from what I’ve seen posted here along with the onlyfats thread and the tranny hate thread kinkshaming needs to be brought back with full force. I’d much rather be “vanilla” than let some nasty scrote act out his violent fantasies on me. Being a whore who gets paid for it doesn’t make these degenerate pieces of shit any better than women who don’t, they’re actually worse because they’re actively contributing to and perpetuating an industry built on the exploitation and subjugation of women and children. I have no sympathy whatsoever for women who capitalise off misogynistic violence, and that applies to “regular” whoring too, not just this depraved pedophilic and injurious shit. Sex work is financially coerced rape and anyone who supports it is a waste of oxygen and resources. Shayna is a rotten excuse for a human being inside and out and I can’t wait to see her get her just desserts

No. 1737052

File: 1672821558815.jpeg (147.22 KB, 828x362, 8AE6EFAA-01F5-406C-8360-40F526…)

I love how you can now see other people’s tweet impressions, this really highlights how much of a failure Fat Shat is, kek

No. 1737054

The fact she’s been doing this so long and has to buy followers is embarassing. Even is nonnies who aren’t e whores can figure out a better business model. She’s truly hopeless

No. 1737059

She barely functions as a normal human being, so I can't imagine why any mentally well young women would want to be friends with her. It sounds like an exhausting friendship to have. I mean, would any of us want to be friends with her?

No. 1737068

She sounds exhausting to be around and why she has no long term friends. Whenever I meet a woman without any long term friends, it's a huge red flag and I stay the fuck away

No. 1737077

This even if they have one long term friend, it shows they can at least hold a friendship down. If there’s always drama or falling out with other friends I usually steer clear.

I have however made exceptions for one girl who was severely mentally ill/abused and wasn’t allowed a social life until adulthood and spent years rebuilding her life/getting therapy. People like Shayna are lonely because they’re leeches who will suck everything from you though and anyone with sense would stay away

No. 1737078

Any bets who Shayna would call her "long time friends"?
Only person I can think of is Ellen and romantic relationships don't really count. Not that they have an actual romance but still.

No. 1737079

That serentitty fat uggo from her discord server who sends her money

No. 1737102

Fat cunts that barely make 1k steps a day wearing active wear triggers me no end.

No. 1737103

> no stacey would put up with a noids shit
Delulu if you believe this, kek.

No. 1737109

This ugly moid extra annoys me because you just know if a large-busted female teacher came to school without a bra she'd be shamed and told it was a dress code violation.

No. 1737128

Too bad he didnt catch himself on fire kek. Not wishing harm on anyone. But i cant say the world wouldnt be a little better without him running around spreading his degeneracy and using terms like "wOlF pAcK" and being a total poly-cringefest…

No. 1737132

hes definitely the type of tranny who jerks off in womens bathrooms while queefing from his franken-pussy hatchet wound.

No. 1737135

no white knighting but stretchy clothes are the only things fattys can fit into so it makes sense.

everytime i see shayna sitting bare pussy on her couch or in public all i can smell that thick glue/paste they give to kindergarteners for craft time.

No. 1737137

I’m just waiting for the “OMG daddy asked me to move in with him to be the uwu baby Bimbo of his group” tweet

No. 1737149

im secretly hoping the muppet gets shayna as far away from ellen as possible. ellen is seriously shaynas downfall. always lurking in shadows controlling everything, putting fucked up ideas in shaynas head, and making her think the downward spiral of degeneracy is normal or "empowered". ellen disgusts me.

No. 1737150

Its weird that you care so much about the downfall of a misogynist degenerate pedophile like shaytard. Either way i agree. If you think ellen is worse than this scrote then you must have brain worms. He is just gonna be FUPA 2.0 ×infinity because hes going to be fucking other women and shay is a jealous woman hating idiot. Either one of them is the key to her downfall but in all honesty shay is gonna be the cause of her downfall. Shes an adult after all. All her choices led her here and will continue to lead her down, down, down.

No. 1737203

So you're not more disgusted by the ex military scrote who fucks trannies and fantasizes about raping children while having direct access to minors? Weird.

They're all equally nasty in my eyes, so I hope shaynus causes him to lose honorable discharge status and he can't flex with his military benefits anymore.

No. 1737208

How could he even lose honorable discharge?

No. 1737226

Nta but as if Ellen doesn’t have direct access to minors and post about stealing their pacifiers? Is Shane Sonnier a nanny? What access to minors does he have other than his own kid (or his fiancée’s)?
Anons itt are just retarded myself included kek

No. 1737229

im sure he's getting dishonarble discharge from shayna right now. How long is he going to stay with her? Kek, i wonder how much they both are spending on food or shayna is?

No. 1737258

No. 1737297

>im sure he's getting dishonarble discharge from shayna right now

No. 1737306

Shayna wouldn’t have gotten to point of being in love with a brony, ftm, tranny fucking, pedo like the muppet if it wasn’t for Ellen’s influence. Yall dumb as hell if you don’t think Ellen is the one masterminding this shit. And what even is:
> Its weird that you care so much about the downfall of a misogynist degenerate pedophile like shaytard
you’re literally in a thread dedicated to observing her downfall for 124 threads.

Misery loves company and there is factual evidence of Shayna making increasingly poor decisions ever since she’s had Ellen in her life. The woman is literally the only person that can stand to talk to Shayna. She is a big influence (they even having matching cottage cheese thighs now). Ellen:

- Encourages Shayna to get Fat due to her own insecurity
- Encourages Shayna to engage in girl/boy content for the first time because “Ellens around to protect her”
- Encourages Shayna to indulge more in her kink and kink community (apparently ellen spanked her at some bar infront of a bunch of moids?)
- Encourages Shayna to turn to big pharma drugs instead of dealing with her problems
- Encouraged Shayna to go full retard into diapers and baby shit
- Encourage Shayna to start inviting strange men into her house (first to sniff her feet, then her bare ass and pussy)
I could go on but just read the damn threads.

This shane muppet is no different than any other disgusting tranny degen. Theres plenty out there. He’ll fuck and chuck her and she wont any better or worse. Ellen is actively ruining Shaynas life.

And as Nona said earlier she is a NANNY who posts sex work content of her sucking of her CLIENTS CHILDRENS PACIFIERS and takes nudes in their house with children present.

No. 1737310

Shayna had dated fupa before she met Ellen, and this new moid is fupa 2.0. She has been into degenerate stuff since she was a teen, because she spent too much time on the internet. Even if Ellen "encouraged" her to do things, Shayna is an adult can make her own decisions, they're bad and she's stupid, but she has to live with them.

No. 1737318

Shes an adult. She isnt a teenager anymore and wasnt when ellen got ahold of her. Shayna is really good at weaseling out of what she doesnt want to do. If shayna didnt want to do the things ellen "encourages" her to do, she wouldnt do them. Besides she was into bdsm/pedophillic shit far before ellen. She has always loved degenerate shit like that which is why ellen buzzed in like flies to shit. They attract eachother because they are both disgusting. If anything ellens job is a second source of income that shat relies on but other than that, shay would be shay with or without ellen. And if not, oh well? Her choices are still what led her here. If it she didnt find ellen there would just be someone else and shay would still be shay. Its not like shay walked away from a loving family to choose degeneracy because of ellen. She did that all. Her own. Shes an adult. Lets remember the choices she makes are her own and who she chooses to hang out with is her self made problem.

No. 1737326

She's an adult who can make her own decisions but she's constantly talking about needing people to control her. She lets these people talk to her like she's retarded, they make jokes in front of strangers saying she's illiterate and other public humiliation. The only choice Shay chooses to make is to let other deviants make choices for her. If she has no agency she has no fault. Ellen probably doesn't have any real control over Shayna, it's just mutually beneficial to pretend she does. Also a guess but Ellen probably also lives vicariously through Shayna, which feeds both their egos and continues the cycle. Any moids involved in this are objectively worse people, but the crab bucket is probably the main thing that keeps her in this lifestyle

No. 1737327

Kek she'll shower for this piece of shit but won't shower and clean herself for Ellen. I can't help but think shayna thinks this dude is a catch because he's ex-military.

No. 1737337

This is all very speculated shit. Im not saying Ellen isn't an influence. But Shay moved back to Washington on a ~post Fupa depression~ and she can have plenty of her own blame and responsibility for her actions. There are a lot of factors from her trying to still 1 up on Fupa to show how totally over him she is, seeing her family and successful step siblings, going to Fetcon and getting involved in that weird spanking "company" (both without Ellen), needing money desperately to afford to live and eat in the new place, aging and uglying out of sex work and fading into the obscurity of washed up used up and over whores, etc.
Shatna is an adult and makes her own decisions. Dont give her the cope out of being groomed, used,and sabotaged by Ellen.

No. 1737339

why is always anyone else’s fault but this obese ugly pedo piece of shit?

No. 1737341

Nonas I think she shooped her ass..

No. 1737342

Are you all retarded Shayna was “dating” Ellen before she moved to Fuplahoma. When she was poly in “Seattle”. Ellen ain’t masterminding shit. She might influence Shay tard but Ellen shouldn’t be blamed For Shayna being fat. She got fat with Fupa

No. 1737346

ok sorry anons my tits hurt so i think im gonna start my rag soon. i went too retarded with my ellen take. yes, of course, shayna makes her own decisions but you cannot deny being associated with ellen has been her ultimate downfall. almost every human on earth has experienced or seen someone experience a “bad influence”, seen someone “fall into the wrong crowd” and suddenly robbing stores and harassing women doesnt seem so bad anymore. its the same thing here. and maybe that was ellens draw to shayna? that she met someone more fucked up and pathetic then her? but she doesnt realize just how much shes turning in ellen 2.0. more like Fellen. Still hate that bitch and I dont need a good reason.

No. 1737348

it can be shaynas fault and ellen can still be ruining her life and influencing her to fuck up more at the same time. mind blowin.

No. 1737355

The stark difference of coloring between her ugly ass, tranny-pink and grey leggings makes me think of how a mandrill monkey's butt coloring. Fatass Rafiki posing bitch kek

No. 1737363

>>1737306 I don't think Ellens influence is as big as you think. Shayna was degen before her and was speedrunning down the pedo road before.

No. 1737367

I get what that anon means, because she has gotten a lot more degenerate and risky in her choices since moving; she never filmed porn with guys or did full service sex work with fupa. But honestly, i think shayna getting fat is the bigger influence on why she’s willing to degrade herself more these days. She cant afford to pay her bills unless she’s pissing and shitting on cam for guys or inviting them to her house. She doesnt really have a choice in her line of work except for the gross stuff.

No. 1737369

and before anyone snapbacks yes i know she did weird bdsm shit. i meant she never did normal b/g stuff like kissing, oral, penetration when fupa was around.

No. 1737382

What a slow day for this thread, All in-debating and no twitter milk. Kek

No. 1737383

If you go back and look at the fupa saga, you can see her and fupa making b/g and penetration content together… about when did you join these threads? Or have you forgotten?

No. 1737402

But theres no actual evidence of that? Its all tinfoil with the "Ellen is pimping Shay" and encouraging her to see Johns and shit. No one is trying to defend Ellen, but all this shit isnt confirmed its just what some anons think is going on. And saying shit like shes ultimately going to be or is Shatnas downfall is fucking retarded. Ellen isnt some mastermind or powerful influence in the way some of yall are saying. Shes a lonely retard femcel.
Its very Shatna mindset to try to pin all this on someone else. She's not a helpless young poor girl coerced into sex work or doing this because she has to. She chose this path a long time ago including the pedo disgusting side of it no less. Ellen isnt pushing her into it or to keep going. Shat needs money and attention and shes struggling and spiraling plenty on her own to make more and more retarded and disgusting decisions.

No. 1737407

And why would she? She probably was making enough money to get by in OK with Fupa before she got even lazier and fatter. And she was with Fupa either openly or secretly so why would she fuck other guys even for pay? Can you Ellen blame shifters use your last braincells for a second?
I think at most Ellen encouraged her to also join Seeking Arrangements and helps her meet Seattle area kink freaks (and I dont think she's doing it in a creepy set up way like some anons are acting like). Shay fucked one guy for full b/g content and she did that all on her own. She knows her subs are dwindling and shes fat and ugly so shes digging deeper in the degen hole and trying anything to keep enough money coming in to afford living where she is now. Its simple as that. Ellen being in Shats life is the correlation does not equal causation thing and y'all just aren't understanding that.

No. 1737436

i wish the people defending ellen brought that same energy towards anons who blame everything on fupa and act like he’s the reason shes fat, broke and ugly.

No. 1737443

Fupaul and shayna are equally fucked. Usually I'd try to defend and understand the younger women getting with the 30+ year old. But they are equal kek.
Except after a while Shayna was the only exposing her fuck shit. While Kyle didn't post shit about her. Shayna wanted fupaul and she got him. He's probably fucking up someone else's life whose equally as fucked up

No. 1737452

Oh yes, I’m sure violent woman hating BDSM moid will be a much better influence on Shayna than Ellen and will save her from the “downward spiral of degeneracy.” Are you him or just retarded?

No. 1737456

Everyone Shayna has been involved with is equally fucked. She’d be doing this degenerate shit regardless, all she cares about is attention and validation from moids and having enough money to keep herself in cheap wine, weed, ugly pink radioactive waste made by child slaves and cheemsburbgers. That’s literally it.

No. 1737461

“Bad influence” and “wrong crowd” are things people say when CHILDREN get in trouble, because they’re vulnerable and impressionable. It’s not a valid excuse for Shayna no matter how retarded she acts. Adults have agency and get to choose their influences and which crowds they associate with. Nobody robs stores or harasses women unless they want to. Shayna attracts people who are just like Shayna - filthy degenerates with poor boundaries. She aggressively advertises for people who are abusive & controlling, so that’s what she gets. No one is manipulating Shayna, she’s been acting this way of her own will since she was a teenager. Ellen, Fupa, her numerous “daddies” and johns are all the same, and if they weren’t around she’d be looking for other weird coomers to sniff her ass and beat her up. Shayna is Shayna’s problem.

No. 1737468


I wish people would stop acting like Shayna is a poor hard done baby who was being manipulated by others to have a shit life. Shayna reads these threads and now has several anons backing her up in her delusions: that she’s not at fault.

She’s fat because she only eats fast food and doesn’t cook, she’s fat because she can’t stick to a workout routine. She’s poor because she refuses to do something with her life that requires sacrifice and motivation. She’s depressed because she whores herself out for change. Ellen, Fupa, Shane, her “daddies” even her parents all enable her, but they aren’t at fault. She’s a failure to launch because of her own stupidity and stubbornness.

If she really wanted to she could go to college or trade school or even beauty school, she could get a job at Walmart or serving. She could develop real friendships and a life that’s a lot better than what she has now. She doesn’t want that, she wants to be babied and taken care of like she’s a special needs adult.

Stop making excuses for her and accept she’s the root of her own downfall.

No. 1737469

so the dude that she did her "first" PIV video with is just out of the picture now?

No. 1737474

she couldn't keep her mask up during the 2nd time they fucked for the "reshoot" and the limp dicked guy straight up ghosted her. literally considering she bought him a Scream ghostface costume for their shoot that made $0.00

No. 1737478

No one is defending her nor Fupa. Theyre just saying they aren't responsible for Shats shit life. They may have had contributions and influence, but ultimately Shatna had made her own choices and been a fucked up failure regardless. If anything they gave her an anchor and even though both are disgusting degens that are also losers, they have been a weird support system for her and made attempts to tell her to fix herself via meds or to not be such an embarrassing drunkard so like. Its not their job to be tard wranglers or fix her.
But I also won't feel bad for them and defend them because they choose to be involved with her and are disgusting pedos too that have gotten things from her in return for her using them as well. Everyone is accountable for their own decisions and fuck up-ness. I just don't like how some anons ITT are making Ellen out to be this big manipulator who's sending Shat down a darker path leading to her ultinate demise. Sounds so retarded and shifting blame from Shatna herself.

No. 1737501

ignore the shayna pedo apologist defenders

No. 1737504

I assumed they stopped talking because he vaguely tweeted about the fact that she said she fakes her orgasms kek

No. 1737516

File: 1672887878762.jpeg (333.28 KB, 1170x688, F9E20EE9-0F0A-4563-9316-2CC130…)

What the actual fucking fuck

No. 1737517

File: 1672887988029.jpeg (419.98 KB, 1170x789, 26042F3F-BA9C-45E0-9F0A-F12724…)

No. 1737518

This bitch has a fucking death wish at this point

No. 1737527

There are no fucking words. Watch her end up with some disease, jesus christ.

No. 1737528

That’s fucked up even by degenerate BDSMfag standards. At this point these posts just sound like a cry for help. It can’t just be a porn marketing thing, they get almost zero engagement.

No. 1737531

this is just a degenerate version of suicide baiting. shes being vague cause she wants people to reach out to make sure shes ok.

No. 1737533

This is a fear of mine, who in their right mind would want to be drugged? Disgusting to think this man has children and engages in these behaviors. Shayna is opening up a door to a whole world of trouble. She's going to be abused by this moid and she's literally asking for it.

No. 1737537

Do we think shes exaggerating and bullshitting? I would say yeah but hes in her twitter? Unless he wants to play along with ~big bad daddy dom~ thing. Idk.
Because what kind of person is able to get their hands on drugs like that. And he brought them with him from Kansas or??
So many questions but mostly what the actual fuck

No. 1737539

So was the date rape drug part of a scene too? I hope this is a made up scenario because what the fuck think about why the fuck he would just have that type of pill on him…at least if something goes wrong he’ll be fucked

No. 1737540

used to scoff at anons who tinfoiled about shayna hating herself or wanting to die but what other explanation is there for this? This is self harming. There's something really wrong with her. I mean I know we sort of knew, but I always thought it was sort of a teehee im sooooo messed up act she was putting on for attention. But letting a irl moid do this to you in private, not even related to any of her horrific "content" is really making me reconsider her psyche

No. 1737541

And don’t forget, this dude was in the military. He can know how to do some fucked up shit

No. 1737542

I'm fucking horrified if this is true.

This isn't kink. It's just actual assault.

So many go on about it "just being a fantasy" and this is far beyond that.

Arrest Shane Pierre sonnier if this is legit

No. 1737544

This sounds exactly like one of those fake scenarios the “dark age play CNC” nsfw twt accounts post, which Shay follows and has liked/reposted content from. Who’s to say if this actually happened, it’s possible she’s been inspired to recreate the kinds of abuse she and other closeted pedos get off to posting on Twitter.
Porn has rotted her brain past the point of no return, not in the kinky way she would thinks, like actually throw the whole bitch away.

No. 1737549

Even if it is real who fucking cares she is such a huge pos and is always asking for this on her twitter.

No. 1737550

He could've given this dumb ass something to kill her. Kek, I believe it and if it's nor true amazing how shayna tells her future fat ass abused exactly what they could do if they are her type. I have zero sympathy for her and I wish the worse for her and the scrote

No. 1737551

because there is a man running around doing this to her and who knows how many other women?

No. 1737557

if she was screaming about fupa being abusive for making her take her antidepressants and sperged for years about the "trauma" of being with him i cant wait for the nuclear fallout when this pos drops her dumb ass lol

No. 1737563

Ah yes being drugged and raped is so romantic. She’s doing this shit with a man who’s basically a stranger

No. 1737564

I know, I’m hoping it’s fake like her usual vile child porn scenarios. But even if so, it’s disturbing as hell to promote this type of behavior. And he’s a degenerate ex-military scrote so it could easily be true. This is a new low even for Shaynus.

No. 1737565


Not a kinkfag (thank god). Is it ever considered ok even in kink circles to do this to people?? It feels like making her drink and drugging her would kinda override the concepts of safewords and shit.

No. 1737567

If its other women I feel bad for them getting tricked by his gross scrote ways, but nothing for shaymu.

No. 1737570

so mommy issues now means having a passive aggressive fight through text… about American politics of all things… She could not be more cuddled by life even if she tried
nonas this relationship is only going to last a few days, isn't it? I know she humiliates herself for moids all the time but knowing how much she hates sex i really don't think she can keep this up. let alone with a degenerate bdsm moid of all people.

No. 1737579

I’m not one either but there’s seemingly more that would be okay with this than ones that wouldn’t be

No. 1737584

No. Not a kinkfag but I know a few, and this is the type of scene you’d only do with a trusted partner and extensive discussion/negotiation in advance. And even then adding drugs, alcohol & strangulation increases the danger to lethal levels. Doing it with a near-stranger is just suicidal.

No. 1737586

I don't believe any of the shit she post lol. It's just make believe edgy scenarios

No. 1737589

She’s known to lie and exaggerate so I’m just going to go ahead and say that’s what she’s doing. It’s basically all her edgy ~uwu daddy do a bad to me~ twit posts. Because no one is this stupid right? Right??


No. 1737593

this is so fucked up we’re watching all her rape larps play out in real time with an actual predator

No. 1737596

File: 1672896887693.jpeg (76.96 KB, 750x198, C10AF9AA-0D2B-4704-837E-94A286…)

she deleted this and i check the quote tweets and no one said anything like that. she's so lame

No. 1737598


I hope this gets her twitter banned

No. 1737601

even if shes brain dead and porn sick her body will still process what he’s doing to her as trauma. there is gonna be a milkshake when he finally leaves and she processes what just happened.

No. 1737602

Maybe he's the karma that will finally catch/catching up with her.

No. 1737603

I totally agree. Dumbfuck prolly took a melatonin and made up some gross fanfic about how she was drugged.

No. 1737608

Anyone wonder if Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita Kansas is on some kind of medication for his army PTSD? Heavy antipsychotic drugs could be what makes him look the way he does. Seroquel knocks you on your ass fast it's perfect for sexual abuse purposes

No. 1737614

He looks the way he looks because he’s a degenerate. I mean …look at the people who openly partake in this shit. They’re all fucking bottom feeders of the gene pool. Full of autism and diabetes.

No. 1737617

This is all the result of not taking medication for autsim and diabetes

No. 1737618

Just hypothetically going along with the fucked up cnc rape shit… who fucking does that to someone they just met and have only been around twice??? How does he know she would be actually ok with that and not tell the police and shit?? I know rapists get ahold of it too often, but I cant imagine roofies are that easy to get. He just has it on him while traveling or found some local? Tf. Also dont they take a little while to kick in, especially a pill form? If she cant remember anything at all then idk.

No. 1737619

For real. Like holy shit. She had to be ~reintroduced to face slapping~ because Fupa would slap her. And her whole "having a dom do all this stuff isnt as kinky as you think when you actually live it Im so traumatized sad face" shit. Even if this dude is doing this stuff less extreme than she says… thats beyond fucked. He will ditch her sooner than later to. A long distance poly thing wont last, especially after he leaves and she gets needy and won't shut up about him.

No. 1737623

I predict when he does leave (when is that btw? I feel like he’s been there for awhile) she will say she’s sooooo depressed and looking at apartments in Kansas.

Idk if these tweets are real, which I’m not so sure they are 100% factual, then she clearly just wants to die.

No. 1737624

I hate shayna but this scrote on another level, shayna I’m begging you block him on everything and report him to the police. You can’t get any more male validation after this sociopath has an “accident” and kills you.

No. 1737625

Nah, she’s a subhuman pedophilic, misogynistic piece of shit, they deserve each other. I hate all moids but I have no sympathy for whores like Shayna who are actively harming other women with their degeneracy

No. 1737637

Probably gave her a unisom

No. 1737638

I bet he’ll either ghost her or use the fact that all his shit got posted here as an excuse to break it off and she’ll completely lose her shit and have a sperg for the ages about how it’s our fault

No. 1737640

I hate this bitch so much. Watch her turn around & cry rape after Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita Kansas leaves her frumpy ass. Soyboy Shane being a rapist is no surprise to me, Shaynus attracts the worst people. I'm sorry but I have no fucking sympathy for Shay, you wanna play that rape is this super kinky shit well here ya go.

No. 1737644

Your “mommy issues” stem solely from the fact that you hate all other women because you feel threatened by them in competition for moid attention, you know you have absolutely nothing to offer but the most bottom of the barrel degeneracy and even then you can’t keep anyone around.

No. 1737656

stop feeding her ego retards. god you guys are stupid

No. 1737671

She's lying. What kind of pill could he have given her to make her blackout completely? I really doubt he's out here with GHB and as retarded as they both are they wouldn't use something that could literally kill her. Tangentially related but I remember seeing screencaps from some extreme CNC board where men detailed the lengths they went to "safely" keep their gfs/wives unconscious and it was difficult and heavily involved since they didn't want to go to jail for their degenerate kinks.

No. 1737676

he probably gave her some xanax

No. 1737687

Who cares if it happened really? Shayna said Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita Kansas, drugged her. She said he choked her. He can see her twitter and has yet to reply or deny. Or he's the idiot going, "stop feeding her ego!!" Everytime Shayna Clifford reveals some shit. I believe Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita Kansas did everything Shayna Clifford accused him of on her twitter.

No. 1737688

Permission to alog plz

No. 1737695

cp bump

No. 1737703

she has a history of lying to seem like shes the most edgy and kinkiest girl alive. we all hate this moid but im not willing to suddenly take anything she says as fact.
however the idea that hes ok with her posting this is just as bad and we should hate him for that just the same

No. 1737710

he will leave when she can't pay for him to stay any longer

No. 1737711

And go back to Amber afterwards? I wonder how his fiancé feels about Shane drugging/making her drink then taping her mouth shut/choking Shayna while he’s been there.

No. 1737727

if she was alreading drinking booze before being given the pill there are plenty of sedatives that couldve knocked her out within minutes. we already know shes a fully fledged alcoholic so the odds of the two substances interacting and causing a blackout is more likely.

No. 1737732

File: 1672924193889.jpeg (362.2 KB, 828x885, 982AFB12-1A17-419D-9399-19CE62…)

Lmao nonnies

No. 1737753

Jesus Christ I hate him so much. Nobody not even Shayna deserves to be treated like this.
It’s what he gets for being a disgusting scrote.

No. 1737754

Shane Pierre Sonnier joins Kyle Nathan Perkins, Patricia Ellen Dressel, Sully Hill and John Kendall Cox as one of Fat Shat's fuck buddies that leads to LC.

No. 1737758

Watch Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita Kansas care more about this than his wife and kids.

The nonita that tinfoiled about Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita Kansas' wife being okay with him abusing FatShat Shayna Clifford Dolly Mattel so she doesn't get abused herself seems on the nose with how quickly he's escalated. If Shatna had any actual friends they would have warned her but the only people that can be around her for any length of time are greasy fat degenerate pickmes and their rapists

No. 1737763

File: 1672928231548.jpeg (255.19 KB, 2560x2560, 500A8AFD-6512-4463-878E-9AFF28…)

>daddy drugged me uwu

No. 1737764

Shaymu Clifford loves milkshakes

No. 1737766

Me neither. I mean Shayna is always tweeting fanfics of made up interactions with strangers because her life is so dull and boring.
>A man told me I was such a pretty bimbo he gave me free drinks all night and every one clapped.

No. 1737767

Oh no, psycho moid and his flying monkeys are getting scared. Tell your retarded gf to take down her retarded rape fantasy tweets if you don’t want people thinking you’re a rapist, duh.

No. 1737769

She’s probably just glad he found a convenient cumdumpster and isn’t doing those things to her, that’s how most pickmes operate.

No. 1737772

I love the dedicated name droppers ITT

No. 1737774

What if they talked about it beforehand (the drugging), maybe not planned at that exact date/time, but maybe Shayna told the brony he can drug her if he wants? And >>1737516 was not a cry for help but just another "normal" (for her) tweet.

No. 1737781

Hopefully it was just a diet pill nonnies

No. 1737789

I don't get why nonnies keep trying to make what was said seem "Better". No Shayna Clifford said-
> "Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita Kansas drugged me last night (emoji).
>I (Shayna Clifford) was laying on the couch & He (Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita Kansas) left the room, then came back & shoved a pill in my mouth & grabbed the back of my head& made me drink & then opened my mouth 2 made sure I swallowed it &thts all I can rly remember…."
If Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita Kansas has a issue with how he's being protrayed, he should hit up Dolly Mattel aka Shayna Leigh Clifford and ask her why did she write such a thing?
Since he's not then he's okay with Shayna saying she drugged him, I assume it's true and some "Kink" shit.

No. 1737790

It’s a lot more likely that he treats Amber like this too. Nobody knows his “wife”, it’s probable that she’s just as fucked up. I wouldn’t allow my boyfriend to see other people but I’m normal. She’s obviously not. I mean she’s dating this soy boy, we know she’s not normal.

No. 1737793

He's probably going to delete everything.He should'nt. Again, he put his face/name out there. He took a picture with Shayna. It's all public knowledge, Shayna is posting it on her public twitter, there should be zero issue with what we are posting about Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita Kansas and Shayna Clifford are doing because THEY put the information out there.

No. 1737812

I think it’s just nonnies who hate Shayna, sprinkled in with a few posts by Shane and/or his enablers (there was some sus activity on the last thread and he deleted his FB so we know he’s likely in here.) But you’re right, it doesn’t matter if it really happened or not. She is publicly claiming he drugged, raped & abused her in a “kink” setting. If he didn’t, he should be concerned about his reputation as a married man with kids and ask her to retract those tweets. If he doesn’t, it means he either really did those things, or he tacitly condones misogynistic abuse by going along with her LARP. Basically it makes him look like a flaming piece of shit either way.

No. 1737814

yep, most normal people wouldnt want "he drugged me" in any shape or form connected to their name. Despite what Shayna and Shane may think, normal people don't see that shit as "Kinky" and good safe fun. It's a 50/50 on rather it's someone who hates Shayna or some weird ass dumb shit by Shane or someone who knows Shane.
Could be both Shayna and Shane, trying to clean it up by saying, "Stop feeding her ego! It didn't happen! Shayna's lying!" Just like it seemed like some fupual fuckery when everytime nonnies would CORRECTLY tinfoil Fupual was still around, someone would come very aggressively say he wasn't.

No. 1737815

lol thread name came through perfectly

No. 1737817

It would require a pretty dose of xan to render a big bitch like her unconscious with memory loss. Especially since she’s tolerant of downers. We would have to assume that he either irresponsibly administered a high dose of unknown benzo or, he for some reason has access to actual date rape drugs like rohypnol on hand. Either way this scrote is setting himself up for manslaughter considering Shayna public history of alcohol abuse, asthma, drug allergy, and frequent hospitalization.
If a suicidal person gives you permission to kill them, it doesn’t make you not a murderer. My feeling is it’s total LARP but she’s disgusting for endorsing it as real. Spurring on deranged males and trannies who already have trouble distinguishing fantasy with reality.

No. 1737819

Shaynas life was ruined way before she met Ellen. She was shitting out Easter eggs on the same rug she slept on at one point. She's in the position she's in because she's a stubborn retard. If she was so impressionable she would have quit sex work when her precious father expressed his disappointment.

If big shaynus doesn't want to do something, she won't. The bitch cried abuse when vivi licked her ear. She's with this abusive scrote because she wants to be with him. Ellen does have an influence on her, but she's not 18, she's 25 and has shown she's fully capable of throwing someone under the bus if they try and make her do something she doesn't want to do.

No. 1737821

Actually she dated Ellen before she met fupa when she was living in Seattle the 1st time. She was posting on Tumblr as itsactionsub

No. 1737822

LOL. we have to post more files named after him

No. 1737823

File: 1672935192452.jpeg (500.29 KB, 750x1083, CCFEF394-8784-4B9C-AB55-D45F45…)

And reminder, if Shayna REALLY didn't want lolcow to know anything she'd,
>told him not to post a picture with her.

To this day she doesn't post pictures with Patricia Ellen Dressel and Ellen don't post pictures of her. I don't think it's because she wants to protect Ellen either.
I also think next OP needs to have the post about Patricia Ellen Dressel stealing a child's pacifer she was supposed to be baby sit and taking gross pictures with it on tumblr. I know old milk etc. etc. But never forget. These are the people Shayna is around.
These are the people who willingly post shit online but nobody is supposed to say shit about Shane Pierre Lonnier choking women he just met and drugging them according to Shayna Clifford for "Kink" though.
Nobody is supposed to say how Ellen works with childern and steals from them & sexualizes it. It should always be rememeberd. We didn't dig for this it's shit they want everyone to know. I know i'm shay-logging but i'm so sick of these freaks

No. 1737825

File: 1672935342571.jpeg (404.86 KB, 750x2793, D7A79C8B-8FA0-4D01-A36C-57536C…)

Never forget say their names, Patricia Ellen Dressel babysat a child, stole his pacifer and posted gross pictures online with it. Even if this child does not exist she still larped this. Do not let her around you're childern. She's dating Shayna Leigh Clifford aka Dolly Mattel who further sexualized and confirmed that Patricia Ellen Dressel is a caregiver of small childern.

No. 1737826

File: 1672935366565.jpeg (340.98 KB, 1242x1186, EFE1EC02-4C72-4DBF-8ED3-CDC020…)

No. 1737827

Y'all really thought Shayna was faking mental illness? You have to be fucked in the brain to engage in sex work, especially the super duper degrading fetish shit she does. She's hated herself for a good long time. I like to go through her old threads, sort of like reading an extra autistic fanfic, and the light in her eyes is gone gone gone. She used to at least be able to pull a weird soy boy smile and look genuinely excited (Albeit very retarded), doubt she can even do that now. And she doesn't. We get the troon smirk on a good day. Bitch is mentally ill. I'd feel bad if she was just a regular camgirl and not a sick pedo pandering one.

No. 1737828

File: 1672935751029.jpeg (380.29 KB, 752x824, Shane Pierre Sonnier.jpeg)

Shane Pierre Sonnier

No. 1737830

I hope Patricia Ellen Dressel aka itsactionsub aka @cuddlemenow on twitter shows up on google as being connected to stealing a one year olds pacifer she was baby sitting and taking pictures for it on her tumblr, Itsactionsub, with tags like #littlegirl
#Daddy's Girl
Clearly involving an unknown child's she was supposed to be in care of in her sexual kinks.
It's crazy how they do this. Why do they post their names and faces?

No. 1737840

Well this is his baby momma from back in the day, who knows if they even have any relationship at all now

No. 1737842

I don't get why nonnies act like it's so hard to access GHB & date rape drugs in the US. I can only assume it's nonnies from other countries who don't realize this stuff floods across the border by the ton every day and people who want it, especially people in fringe "kink" communities, don't have any problem finding it.

No. 1737843

>I really doubt he's out here with GHB
Why? That's the most likely thing someone like him would use in this scenario.

No. 1737844

I’m alogging idc but fuck this bitch, my sister was drugged by some dragged up a scrote on a night out and it was fucking TERRIFYING. Thankfully nothing serious happened to her as she was found, taken home and looked after quite quickly, she was violently ill and shaken up for days after.

I’m manifesting kinkshaming to make a come back globally in 2023 cause fuck her and the other “not like other grills!! I’m kinky hehe!” o/f bitches for endorsing such grotesque moid behaviours.

No. 1737847

Thank you! Nonnies coming here to say "it's all fake, they planned it out in advance! w-why can't you retards see they're larping??" look suspicious as fuck rn. Normal people don't proudly attach their faces or identities to stealing pacifiers from babies for pedo ageplay, masturbating to child abuse scenarios, or drugging/raping/beating women. Patricia Ellen Dressel, Shane Pierre Sonnier and Shayna Leigh Clifford do. So to recap, they're either sick fucks who really do these things, or sick fucks who want the public to believe they do these things. Either way, why shouldn't we believe them?

No. 1737849

let me get the shay-line right
>meets this scrote in Novemeber (I believe the 14th)
>says she has a crush on him think the next day
>he responds
>Visits her family In decemeber
>He comes to stay with on the 29th of decemeber
>Has been staying with her for a week
literally hasn't known this scrote long at all before she lets Shane Pierre Lonnier choke/drug her. SECOND TIME MEETING HER.
When is he going the fuck home kek.
Shayna doesn't have a death wish she just doesn't care, I believe when she's with a scrote nothing matters. He can do and say whatever, as long as he's "NIce' to her when she needs it and he's around her.
She instantly trusts any man she's really attracted to her. Like Baldi Gaysics didn't want more with Shayna, so she dropped it. She'd 100% be doing this shit with Soy boy because you could tell she was attracted to him.
She doesn't care what happens because she believes every scrote 100% loves her, feels the same way and won't really hurt her. Only using "Abuse" when they break up with her. Which she will do to Shane Pierre Lonnier and she'll be correct but also we have proof she played a long with his shit.

No. 1737855

I'm European and it's way, way easier to get that stuff where I'm from than it is to get something like benzos. I imagine it's incredibly easy to get in the US too. It's not even a fringe sex thing, some of those drugs have popular normal recreational use. Kind of worrying if women think these things are difficult to obtain. Be careful ladies.

No. 1737858

It's not about having access to it, it's that it's very unlikely they would do something that legitimately dangerous. Shayna is an edgy larper, she's not even hardcore "kinky" in that way, she just lets scrotes slap her good titty and bite her.

No. 1737859

didn't Shayna go to get weed a few days ago? Also it's creepy as hell. Did Shane Pierre Sonnier come to visit Shayna Clifford with fucking date rape drugs/something to drug her? Like is that what he does? She didn't even say it was some kink play or nothing. Just reading she said seems like it was something he just did and she went along with. Didn't a nonnie say that Shane Pierre Lonnier had 21 year old girl apart of his pack?
It's not unlikely when you are into extreme kinks, do not care about the woman you've only known since the middle of Novemeber and she lets you choke and beat her the second time meeting her.

No. 1737860

It's less dangerous than drinking and taking benzos at the same time. I don't think it's particularly dangerous if you know what you are doing with it. It's used recreationally also, not just to rape people.

No. 1737863

Shayna turns minor interactions with uber drivers into fantasy tweets You really think if he drugged a drunken Shayna and abused her she'd post "daddy drugged me uwu" when it would be one of the most disgusting and dangerous thing she's ever let a man do to her?

No. 1737864

I agree. Shayna is constantly posting fake shit on twitter. We know she's an unreliable narrator. If this happened to her she would be too upset to post.

No. 1737867

Lotta weird posts itt, that's all I'll say. Funny how so many random nonnies are suddenly experts on Shane Pierre Sonnier, what he would or wouldn't do to a random e-whore he flew out to meet and what drugs he definitely would or wouldn't have access to/use on a woman.

No. 1737871

It would be something they agreed to beforehand and not something he randomly did to her. I think drugging someone with GHB is probably quite within the realm of normal for this type of CNC freak.

No. 1737872

No one's arguing that it isn't something he would be willing and eager to do.

No. 1737873

>he would be willing and eager to do it
>it would be easy for him to do
>Shay publicly fantasizes about it
>Shay said he did it
I'm not getting the part where it's so clear to you that it didn't happen.

No. 1737875

You all really want to make her bleak pathetic life more over than top than it actually is. Shayna can't even suck more than half an inch of dick before gagging, she's not living that sort of life. She's a fantasist who lives in almost complete isolation. She spends most of her life making shit up on twitter.

No. 1737879

File: 1672940609510.png (21.65 KB, 602x193, 2.PNG)

It does not MATTER if it happened. What matters is Shayna Leigh Clifford on her personal/buiness twitter account @theirlbarbie, said that Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas, who has been staying with her for 7 days, SAID that he woke her up, gave her a pill, made her swallow it and drink a beverage, and she does not remember what happened next.
Shayna Leigh Clifford said that Shane Pierre Sonnier drugged her. Who knows if it happened or not, but thats what Shayna Leigh Clifford said. No one has denied it yet, tweet is still up. I do understand nonnies being skeptical but that situation will forever be connected to their names.

No. 1737880

File: 1672940681893.png (30.2 KB, 605x347, Capture.PNG)

No. 1737881

File: 1672940778832.jpeg (111.19 KB, 750x343, 64B035F4-2526-47F2-9B9D-FBEBBC…)

here's what she's bitching about

No. 1737883

says the fucker in the diaper

No. 1737884

Just keep this in mind when the dude dumps her

No. 1737886

Yeah, I'm convinced it was cnc/planned.

No. 1737887

It's bad when a grown woman who wears diapers for pleasure is uncomfortable with your degeneracy. Real, real bad. Can't wait for shaynus to become a full fledged horror cow.

Side note: how long is that scrote staying in her home? Part of me feels like he had other business to take care of and is using her apartment as his landing pad instead of paying for a hotel.

No. 1737888

It's extremely naive if you think someone as vulnerable as Shay couldn't end up in this type of situation with a predatory scrote who enjoys drugging women. There are so, so, so many fucked up men out there who love this type of shit who could very easily convince her to go along with it. She isn't exactly renowned for her quality of self-respect and good judgement. Anyway she literally has done this type of fucked up torture sex before, on camera, and we've all seen it. This isn't a big jump from that.

No. 1737890

Her torture sex porn was light whipping where she said calling her fat was a hard limit.

No. 1737893

Doesn't matter saying, "Shane Pierre Sonnier drugged Shayna clifford" is 100% correct because thats what Shayna Clifford said. Not that it was planned, not that it was consent/non consent, but that she was drugged, forced to take a pill by Shane Pierre Sonnier. It's correct and what happeend according to shayna. The world should know, Shane and Shayna want us too. It's 100% normal and nobody should see this as wrong, it's just kinks guise.
To only know someone since Novemeber 2022, come to her house in Decemember and do all these things.

No. 1737898

Kill yourself rapist scrote.

No. 1737899

You're an idiot. Shane Pierre Sonnier is a piece of shit but she's still larping.

No. 1737901

why are you so bent on saying it didn't happen? Why does it matter? She said it did it is weird. Again, who cares if it actually happened. Shayna Clifford and Shane Pierre Sonnier should'nt have an issue with us saying Shane Pierre Sonnier drugged Shayna Clifford and forced her to take pills, because thats what Shayna Clifford said. Could be a larp or a lie, but it's what she said.

No. 1737902

If you think being suffocated with a plastic bag, put in predicament bondage, being punched in the face, getting your pussy permanently destroyed with a pump, are normal sex acts then kill yourself.

No. 1737905

Where did I say it was normal? It was disgusting but it's still a big leap from working with a professional company to being plied with drugs and made to black out.

No. 1737907

It's really not a huge leap at all.

No. 1737912

Shayna went from not wanting to sleep with anyone she wasn't in love with for a bit, to going on vacay with her parents, then immedeitly doing full service sex work in her home.
She met Fupaul and had sex with him raw the first time they met. It's clear boundaries don't exist when Shayna likes you

No. 1737913


I legit do not care if it was planned or not, there's part of me that wants to alert police to get Shane Pierre Sonnier to fucking jail. This person can't be safe to be around anyone?
God. The need to alog is huge.

No. 1737915

to play devils advocate here, shayna never said shane drugged her in her tweet. she said “daddy” did and she calls every guy she is with daddy. shayna notoriously makes weird roleplay tweets to lure in new coomers. i didnt take her tweet as something that happened but just a shortened version of her retarded manyvids descriptions. shrugs.

No. 1737917

i bet shayna didnt realized how fucked what he did was until she came here and read the thread. her defensiveness is her internal freakout. as nonas have said if it was a real kink it wouldnt phase her but she knows it was wrong. nothing she can do until he leaves. i just hope he doesnt leach onto her to escape his life back home.

nonas…. what if he never leaves…

No. 1737921

true, but if shane did do it, it should'nt matter what we say, it's all kink, she consented right? nothing weird about drugging a woman you only met once before in person. If we were accusing some other Shane Pierre Sonnier of doing this Shayna, wouldn't she make a tweet vaguely saying we are barking up the wrong tree? Instead she made a tweet about her kinks and not caring who has an issue.
Nothing illegal happened, so they should'nt care if we say Shane Pierre Sonnier choked Shayna Clifford and drugged her in kink play. That Shane Pierre Sonnier likes women who drink out of bottles and larp as toddlers/underaged characters in sexual situations. Nobody should care that we are saying that.

No. 1737923

he probably left the same night and she's been cope posting about him being there

No. 1737927

I have no doubt white trash like Shane can get date rape drugs. It’s that he buys it and then uses it so casually. There is zero chance Shayna is his first time drugging and raping an unconscious woman.

No. 1737930

I hate kinktards so much it’s fucking unreal

No. 1737932

Who else has she been talking about since November-December? Who else is in her house and is referred to as 'daddy?' Jesus, some of the anons itt.
Never thought I'd see the day Shayna Leigh Clifford gets what she's always wanted—to be abused by a scrote.

No. 1737933

File: 1672945267644.png (Spoiler Image,520.17 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_20230105-195434~2.p…)

I have thought the same. It's not clear if he left her, but she is begging for money again, so this leads me to think he's gone now

No. 1737935

Imagine letting a scrote you met in Novemeber stay with you for a week, only buy you a overpriced stuffed animal (And who knows, that could've been some shit from his house or he brought while out and not something he planned to get her), then begging for money to get your hair done.
Did he even get her a christmas gif? Kek

No. 1737937

>Who else has she been talking about since November-December? Who else is in her house and is referred to as 'daddy?'

Try using some of the brain cells you claim to have. Never said it wasn’t implied it was him, but was calling out the fallacy of that crazed anon who is acting like Nancy Drew over here repeating his name acting like Shayna did too. They’re both scum of the earth but Nancy Drew is acting like she found some incriminating evidence and a checkmate when her main debating point could easily be debunked with my point “she said daddy not shane in the tweet” - therefore it cannot be used against him like nona thinks - therefore shes giving him more ability to just pass this thread off as “bullying and harassment”. Like chill the fuck out Shane Name Sayers, we only need to do it once per thread, not every other comment. This thread already comes up, your job is done. Go home.

jesus i swear to god some of the anons itt

No. 1737938

shayna isn’t being raped or drugged. she’s just doing hard drugs with some ugly ass edgelord psycho in her trashy ass apartment. she not in danger, plus she’s big and fat and tall. shayna, post proof or gtfo. also it’s funny we don’t see them together but we see her with john cox. is she bigger than him?

No. 1737939

File: 1672945876131.png (1.62 MB, 2560x981, 8C585480-1922-44D2-A798-AA899C…)

Cleaning out my screenshots
her use of the word actual when referring to children and animals

No. 1737941

it must kill shayna when everyone but fupa reached out to ask if shes okay. she gets pissy with each new person who isnt him.

No. 1737946

>she not in danger, plus she’s big and fat and tall.

lmfao im dying. so true. i think half this thread forgot Shame Sonnier is a manlet and is the same size if not smaller than her. she BIG.

No. 1737951

Nobody cares if she's in danger, also stop this "She's bigger then him" shit. Who cares? He's still a scrote, alone with an girl he drugged and is constantly drunk/submissive. He could easily harm Shayna.

No. 1737953

nope. Going to keep saying his name Shane Pierre Sonnier. Nobody is harrassing anyone and who cares? They put this out there, they aren't denying it, and it's all legal. It's also not one anon saying his name. Why does it matter? It's getting weird how people have an issue with saying his name or saying what Shayna said happened. Nobody is being Nancy Drew. He's going to pass this off as harassment and bullying regardless. There's no digging of invesgation it's all been laid out right in front of us. It's suspious how people keep agruing what did or didn't happen, or Shayna is bigger then him, oh she's a liar. Who cares. She said she was drugged, she said she was choked. She's claimed Shane Pierre Sonnier. He's claimed her. If it's not true SHE could say something.

No. 1737954

File: 1672946629549.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1305x703, 75DBCA9E-FFF2-4B27-9DBF-4BD0CA…)

i bet you thought big shaymus was in grave danger in attached picrel too? kek

No. 1737959

Was the stuffed animal not the Christmas gift? I assumed it was. Even this scrote who’s a practical stranger can get her something, but what did she get her gf huh? Crickets on that front out of Shayna
And I think you forgot he was in the military for 16 years those fuckers are deranged

No. 1737962

>Ha ha she's fat so no man can take advantage of her, ha ha
Shut up scrote stop derailing no matter how fat she is, scrotes are violent and can easily overpower a woman, especially one whose constantly drunk and alledgely let him drug her.
But you know that.

No. 1737963

youve already said this literally 10+ times tho. go touch grass. people have seen your posts and viewpoint. allow others to so the same hitler. did u really think the farms was your echo chamber? we get it, theyre fucked. wheres the new milk?

No. 1737970

And I'll say it 10 more, who is stopping you from posting what you want?

No. 1737973

>these holes cost a lot more than $700
ok cheemsburger priced pussy

No. 1737974

AYRT. I realize you have a clinical diagnosis of retardation but my second point still stands. Who else is in her house and is called daddy? The only motherfuckers she lets in her house are her scrotes or johns or Ellen, unless she does/has let her splenda daddies into her house recently in which case you and I can spend time in the retard corner together.
She's pure fat, nonas. Guaranteed that since that fugly manlet was in the military he has some amount of muscle. Tard strength doesn't equal military taught strength. She's also mentioned that he's overpowered her, see that tweet when she looks like domestic abuse court evidence.

No. 1737975

I wouldn't even aknowledge the "She's fatter then him!" talk, it bullshit. He's a man she's a woman, end of story. If he wanted to hurt Shayna he could and probably did hurt her but it's "Kink" so it's okay..for now.

No. 1737976

No one reads your shit + you're filling the thread up

No. 1737977

>Hurr durr fat women can't get raped
Kill yourself scrote

No. 1737978


No. 1737979

yep I knew some retard from twitter or somewhere was here, especially with the
talk, fuck off go back. report and ignore

No. 1737981

cope harder you salty bitch. Shayna is fat, and big and retarded. Keep defending this pedophile I guess

No. 1737982

Says the one who is terminally online making fun of people who don’t care about your extended on a shitty gossip site owned by retarded ugly bitter women who can’t run this place good so it’s constantly spammed with CP and gore

No. 1737984

It’s not really moid behaviour to call her big and fat and tall. It’s the truth. Why are you guys defending this fat pedo? All of you sound like you are defending this moid

No. 1737985

No one is defending Shay you retard. Take your rispiridone and try to relax.

No. 1737989

>defending moid
Obvious bait. You’re the one bending over backwards to provide deniability for said scrote.

No. 1737992

saying she can't be abused because she's fat, big and tall is scrote behavior, which was what people were saying. You know that

No. 1738022

Jfc she's really doubling down.
Im on the fence really about whether or not Shatna is really into this fucked up shit or if she's just so retarded and willing to do whatever for a guy she likes.
It could go either way. But typically people with "kinks" that terrible have really bad trauma and/or no support system. So it's weird that she would really be. Unless tumblr, creepy dudes contacting her, watching porn a lot,etc really did give her moid level porn brain rot.
She has always been a pick me ~Im the most hardcore kinky slut~ type. But ironically hasn't done full sex porn until recently. And not even close to the disgusting degrading shit you find on porn sites. Fupa she was with and it was very mild albiet gross. She sucked Soy Salvadors dick because she liked him and got fingered with latex gloves, but most of that content never saw the light of day. Then the hairy fag this last year where they also did very basic, tame, uninterested sex and then a halloween costume vid for the reshoot. Not to sound like a scrote but her only hardcore things were with that one company when she was younger and ramen haired. And there was no oral or penetration.
So idk she's kinda a really stupid enigma lol. She posts all these fucked up dark fantasies and she'll get beat up at shoots and supposedly let the few dudes shes been into fuck her and do kink with , but she never has gotten abused and used up like in real hardcore porn as if thats some sort of limit? (i dont know how to explain it without sounding like a scrote but hopefully y'all know what I mean)

No. 1738023

based namedropperchan(s)

No. 1738028

Wheres that "Shayna thread do be giving me brain damage" meme

No. 1738029

Some of these posts make it obvious that Shane is posting in this thread and doing a piss poor job of pretending to sound like an actual farmer

No. 1738031

The moidposting ITT is making me retarded

No. 1738036

File: 1672951419045.gif (886.54 KB, 220x220, 84859468-543F-4904-9436-EE2566…)

>just waiting patiently for milk and ignoring the retards vs autists

No. 1738048

I have no idea what this is from but she is such a vibe

No. 1738049

I was thinking that too. Either him, Shatna, or one of the other partners in the "pack" kek

No. 1738051

These anons are dumb as hell. I have a friend who's big and fat and tall and she was violently date raped. Part of the reason she went to the guy's house in the first place was because she believed she was big enough to defend herself if anything got weird. But even manlets have a lot more upper body strength than the average woman, and that's before you add alcohol or drugs to the mix. I hope they're just trolling Shayna and don't really believe that, because it's dangerously naive about moids and their tard strength.

No. 1738053

I Love New York

No. 1738055

it’s Tiffany Pollard aka New York from peak trashy y2k reality shows Flavor of Love and I Love New York

No. 1738058

That's fucked up. What's weird is that argument has been brought up before in Shat threads. So either its the same scrotey retard or a gross amount of people actually think that certain types of women can't or won't be raped and that's so wrong. Unfortunately it doesn't matter your size, height, strength, etc.

No. 1738069

It’s not uncommon for young kids to believe this when they’ve been sexually assaulted. And sometimes why they turn to food as comfort and become obese. Same can be said for adult women. Not defending their logic as they’re going about it in a scrote-y way but it’s not an uncommon mindset.

No. 1738072

File: 1672953502026.jpeg (191.09 KB, 750x662, 261204B9-0F5B-4E6A-885E-03697C…)

wtf does this mean?

No. 1738075

It means
>pick me! I’m not like other girls! I’m ugly asf but I act like a child because who doesn’t want a giant adult that you bicker with all day long?! I’m coping with my horrible existence! Meee pick mee

No. 1738076

Shay is so much not like other girls that she’s not even like other submissive!1!!

No. 1738079

"I'm not like the other BDSM kinkfags, I'm completely fucking retarded!"

No. 1738084

File: 1672954380460.gif (548.48 KB, 400x226, 2a2e218c-656a-45f7-9e46-2aabde…)

No. 1738091

Is it really that much of a leap to say he could do it? He's a degenerate poly scrote who plays along her horrific pedophile fantasies and he has kids

No. 1738098

It's even easier than that, you can purchase it online, clear web. It requires extremely little knowledge to prepare. Body builders and ravers have it on hand always

No. 1738100

File: 1672955853812.png (3.4 MB, 828x1792, B60F971A-D4C3-4100-98C7-55447B…)

can’t wait to see this disaster

No. 1738107

such a bimbo barbie baby that she only bleached her roots every 6 months. the fuck. you’re supposed to do it every ~6 weeks or so to avoid color bands
her hair is so nasty

No. 1738109

what the fuck is going on around her eyebrows?

No. 1738111

File: 1672956905610.gif (2.31 MB, 352x240, CE09241A-C835-433C-8D73-2446C7…)

I want to fight this bitch. She’s just so unlikable and annoying

No. 1738113

File: 1672956974771.jpeg (250.21 KB, 1152x2048, 075D8E03-760C-43C9-B29B-AA2D02…)

Y’all smell that?

No. 1738114

File: 1672957004268.jpeg (231.71 KB, 1152x2048, 507C3588-A933-43EE-9BD2-10788F…)

Tryna impress her brony-friend

No. 1738115

this is more shocking than noah schnapp coming out as gay just now

No. 1738116

her legs look like deli meat.

also the boyfriend larping explains that fake-positivity tweet. expect more “friendship is magic” bullshit posts. funniest part is she incapable of maintaining friendships.

No. 1738117

Are you retarded fr or are we having a laugh? Shayna is fat and tall but she's still a woman and the scrote is ex military. They trained him to be able to take on MEN bigger than him. Shayna hasn't touched a workout dumbbell since fupa at the least. He'd easily overpower her, outrun her, be able to kill her if he wanted too.

No. 1738120

KEK you reminded me of the time Fupa brought her to the gym and we were treated to footage of her refusing to work out at all.
Yet she begs for a “gym daddy” to help her lose weight lol.

No. 1738121

oh my FUCKING GOD no. she is seriously roleplaying that shane is fupa. that is SHANES sweater clearly based off of how old and worn out it is. She is wearing his sweater and it looks almost exactly like that gross tie die Fupa sweater she used to wear. Fuckin gross

No. 1738122

its so sad and embarrassing when people try to recreate their failed relationships with other people. they never realize doing all the same shit will lead you down the same old path. cant wait for the blow up.

No. 1738123

the retards that come into this thread saying "tall fat women can't get raped" have serious scrote-energy

No. 1738127

i know people like to slut shame her cause she had a cozy upbringing, but from ages 16-25 her brain was still developing and she exposed herself (not placing blame anywhere else) to really fucked up people and experiences. she basically deeply traumatized herself and had no monetary gain; she just… survived. but considering her life now, she survived but is she really living? very sad outcome and will be hard if not impossible to reverse without intensive therapy and self work.

No. 1738128

kek that sweater looks so dirty, Shayna probably walks around smelling like weed, mildew and musk

No. 1738129

Okay we get it we don’t need ten anons calling other anons scrotes for the entirety of this thread
>>1738121 that’s Shayna’s hoodie she’s had since before she met the my little scrote. It does look like the tie dye one she had with Fupa that he still wears to this day

No. 1738131

the retards that come into this thread who rage this hard in a shayna thread have serious fat-tall-woman-energy

this >>1738129

No. 1738134

all she bought was that ugly backpack. she didnt buy this sweater recently, look at the front and how messed up the graphics are. we all know shayna only washes her clothes once a month. thats definitely his sweater.

No. 1738137

I think it's an older sweater of hers, Also Shayna has My little pony clothes, she did a gross shoot in a MLP shirt. It's just because it's pink and has rainbows. I feel like I've seen her in this sweater before or maybe it's the Shaydela Effect.

No. 1738147

File: 1672959352359.jpeg (55.9 KB, 525x525, 38652586682.jpeg)

Pic from thread #104. It's her sweater, she's had it forever.

No. 1738151

Fupa wore the lisa frank sweater I believe. But shayna has always had that MLP sweater.

No. 1738152

File: 1672959445679.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x1801, 553F840B-2D01-4F23-9FD2-429605…)

its worse than you think nonnie, is the same sweater she shared with fupa.

No. 1738154

I know im going to get clowned but I'm in awe at how Nonnies find little things like this, kek. I know it's probably simple but whenever I'm in search of something I can never find it

No. 1738156

she looks so much like jeffree star here kek

No. 1738157

I dont even think most scrotes like that shit. Like there comes a point where it gets annoying and tiring. I think part of it might be a weird coping thing for her. Like she's too spineless to actually say no so shes like "teehee no daddy" and maybe part of the time it works, the other part of the time they make her thus taking away her violition. Which she actually does like. Shaynus loves to be lazy and free of responsibility and accountability. Idk. She's really one of the more insufferable pick mes it's hard to understand what goes on between her last 2 alcohol soaked braincells.

No. 1738158

Hate to break it to you guys but this is a sweatshirt, not a sweater

No. 1738162

File: 1672960024976.png (726.21 KB, 1129x861, fupa-forever.png)

nonna youre old and confused, you're thinking of the lisa frank sweater in attached picrel.

No. 1738165

filter working overtime, barely looks like her

No. 1738166

File: 1672960205789.png (144.87 KB, 929x856, nonnysecrets.png)

work smarter not harder

No. 1738169

File: 1672960476768.jpeg (438.98 KB, 1170x1256, D968E8F6-4AA9-45E7-870B-4E3C38…)

What happened to “I always lose money with promos” Shay?

No. 1738171

its why she has no childhood friends or real friendships. she is just a temporary person.

its why any relationships she does form are with scrotes who can handle her just long enough to get dick wet then they leave.

No. 1738174

Why does it feel like this thread is just 2-3 fat bitches who sure like to talk

No. 1738176

she's honestly feeling so bold because of this scrote kek when he leaves / gets upset at her for
>the farms namedropping him constantly
she is going to crash so hard. she doesn't deserve anything good

No. 1738177

The answer is found in this post: >>1738158
It's autism.

No. 1738180

hilarious remembering how she was on her high horse about wanting other sex workers to pay her for sw advice or promos or whatever, and the fact that she constantly has it out for other women in her ""career"". She constantly looks so pathetic

No. 1738185

It's taken her this long to learn how to use zoomer filters huh

No. 1738188

This is how I learned this? From a Shay thread? kek never change shayfarmers

No. 1738191

I actually think it is slowly happening. I’ve seen a lot more gen z’a looking up to a lot of feminist points and a lot of them are anti male validation, anti kink, anti Troon. I’ve seen a lot of creepy moids get upset 18yo girls aren’t like previous gens particularly the tumblr gen who are so kinky and speshulll not like the other girls.

I’m sorry that happened to your sister!

No. 1738202

ikr shit is posted before TMZ.

please tell me she didnt go out in public with an oversized sweater and no pants

No. 1738204

Even the filters can't hide the forehead trenches and fungal acne

No. 1738207

You can have the hello kitty candy bracelet sugar daddy’s, no one else wants them Shay. She’s a cunt even when doing her baby larp

No. 1738212

That's not your face by any means. Who you trying to fool with this?

No. 1738232

File: 1672965815825.jpeg (237.48 KB, 1242x1748, A1447E93-3D03-495B-A92A-47340A…)

Why doesnt she get shout-outs from the skidmore academy degens? All those porn shoots she did in Texas at the spanking party really did nothing to her “career” bleak

No. 1738235

titans indeed

No. 1738253

File: 1672967183093.png (29.61 KB, 128x128, B8C320F3-3660-434A-9A41-C518B1…)

Nona please…
I wonder if the team name choice is intentional, knowing the people she “works” with it’s hard to find a non-unit there

No. 1738257

filter working so hard i didnt recognize her from the thumbnail

No. 1738259

Does this bitch think she's Arianna grande?

No. 1738261

File: 1672967893694.jpeg (202.32 KB, 1169x1533, 075CE894-E63C-4485-A270-991F57…)

No. 1738264

someone come get their aunt, she’s had too much complimentary champagne

No. 1738269

They couldn’t even salvage the bangs kekkk

No. 1738270

this hair color makes her skin color weird

No. 1738275

I don’t like shayna but she should try the side swept bangs instead of literally anything else she does that makes her look uglier (but knowing she reads here and never takes advice until someone around her /her coiners says something she won’t do it) the side swept looks better

No. 1738277

Her coomers* not coiners sorry mobilefag

No. 1738280

File: 1672969315870.jpeg (934.97 KB, 1170x1471, F3C37AB4-889E-49E8-BE79-DB0E9B…)

Deleted this and posted this tweet instead

No. 1738281

she looks her age here lol

No. 1738283

why does she have a shit crumb on the tip of her nose?

No. 1738286

That blush is really making that hair color look bad. It’s a bad blush color for her and the placement is embarrassing.

No. 1738290

God if she just dropped the onlyfans twitter sex worker shit and got a real job and dressed age-appropriately she could very likely get some dude on a dating app that wasn't a total degenerate faggot freak. It infuriates me that she could be doing so well in life but she chooses to do all of that twitter whore nonsense.

No. 1738294

its been a long time since i lurked her threads, but she looks very cute recently, good for her this style looks good

No. 1738299

File: 1672970837501.jpeg (796.6 KB, 1170x1401, B7A8F7B0-3B71-4255-AAB3-27C427…)

Just got her hair done and it’s already up

No. 1738300

The hairstyle is an improvement. The length was aging her face horribly and this helps. Although the bangs look very disjointed. The color is an improvement as well.
That would appear to be one of her many zits.

No. 1738302

I love when Shayna freshly gets her hair done and takes a picture that she edits, because everyone runs in like, "Omg she looks good here". Then immedeitly she does this >>1738299 and by tommorrow it'll be in a turd bun, limper ponytails and she;ll be troon smiling it up with her lips on full level crust

No. 1738305

It’s a filter from instagram

No. 1738307

agreed. like get off line, get off twitter, just focus on taking high quality lewds for you existing onlyfans gang (they clearly have no standards), get a minimum wage job, re-enter society, shack up with a man and live a semi-respectable life.

No. 1738322

She really has no sense of style, this hairstyle screams “middle aged white burger who has never left their hometown in buttfuck nowhere”. If I didn’t know who she was and you showed me this pic I’d swear it was someone in their late 30s/early 40s

No. 1738330

File: 1672973348540.jpeg (408.08 KB, 1170x1128, 9DCC6851-AA3C-4797-8418-FBA206…)


No. 1738335

Why does she look like an ugly dog with this haircut lol?

No. 1738338

Blonde hair looks awful on anyone with turd colored eyes and this 40y/o wine aunt tone makes her skin look even more corpse-like. Shes so fucking ugly
Whats with this retarded fanfic? Who fucking cares what her life could have been or could be? Shes a repulsive pedo who hates women, why do you want to see her turn her life around? She is getting everything she deserves for being a disgusting fat piece of shit whore

No. 1738339

why does her "blonde" hair never look blonde? it's always like a gross greyish colour. does her hairstylist suck ass or is she asking for the dirty dishwater look?

No. 1738341

File: 1672973938840.jpeg (311.45 KB, 671x656, D74F8349-2D51-4125-94AC-7BE194…)

No. 1738343

I was going to say the same thing, maybe they are giving her what they think is an age-appropriate tone to match her middle aged woman wrinkles and cellulite, kek

No. 1738344

lmao, uncanny

No. 1738346

Shaynas just plain ugly, her eye color doesn't matter. She'd still look equally as bad with blue eyes

No. 1738348

This sounds miserable too, like you have really low standards.

No. 1738351

She’s trying to fool herself
Can’t wait to see what this looks like when it’s no longer styled by the salon and covered with five layers of grease

No. 1738355

Once again praying for a shay glow up saga, (spoiler for fanfiction) imagine if she gets really shaken up after brony boy ghosts her and she decides to improve herself, and privates her sw twitter and makes a separate personal one and starts going to therapy and saves up to buy a bottle of dry shampoo and some age appropriate clothes (like skims or even zara) in neutral colors and a size that fits her. Maybe she uses the trauma of getting almost killed to start going to the gym, and she could get a job as a waitress (she could even romanticize it as some sort of lana-esque thing), and maybe she could stream whatever game she used to play with fupaul on twitch, or maybe she could start college online or something. Sadly, I know she won't do any of this even though they're all 100% attainable goals for her. Tomorrow, we'll see her looking even more greasy, haggard and depressed than ever.

No. 1738362

>>maybe she uses the trauma of getting almost killed to start going to the gym
That is so funny if this is satire on Shayna fanfics

No. 1738363



it's literally darker??

No. 1738365

Uwu jiu jitsu thirst trap saga when??

No. 1738368

Don’t tell me you’re the kind of person that thinks 25 is old

No. 1738370

that’s not blonder by any means

No. 1738371

File: 1672975725710.jpeg (67.38 KB, 900x600, 33XVSSYH2NHRBHFZIAIEC2EK7M.jpe…)

No. 1738372

Shut up already god damn if she did xyz goes on to write how her life could be different I don’t know about you retards but I enjoy watching the downfall of Shayna Clifford. It’s what she gets for being a misogynistic obnoxious, stuck up, pick me who “peaked” in high school

No. 1738373

The absolute fucking state of Shayfags obsessively life coaching their pedo queen

No. 1738375

Imagine being a grown woman and thinking looking like a baby learning how to walk it’s first steps is a compliment because your job is to pander to pedophiles. Disgusting piece of shit

No. 1738377

Shayna in shapewear?? Please. This is embarrassing. Shayna needs to keep being a cringe factory. I love laughing at her bizarre outfits and degenerate porn scenarios. I will continue to laugh at her until she croaks from alcohol poisoning. And I think she deserves nothing more.

No. 1738382

I didn't know colors had anything to with age lol. Some of you have brainrot

No. 1738398

I meant like the maxi dresses/ basic clothes, but now I’m imagining her getting stuck in some shapewear and flailing like a tard to grab her phone to tweet “today mommy had to cut me out of my waist trainer because I’m too much of a dumb baby to get out of it myself”

No. 1738402

It literally looks like she’s going gray, retard
Agreed that she’d still be ugly regardless of eye colour but the fact that they’re so dark and beady makes her even uglier

No. 1738404

are u a troon?

No. 1738409

What does that have to do with my post? I was talking about the "age appropriate color" comment
I don't understand you shaynafags. Just because she looks old it's normal for the hairstylist to give her almost gray hair? Because blonde would be "inappropriate"? What's the age limit for blonde hair?

No. 1738419

She looks like someone who appeared on Jerry Springer or Ricki Lake in the 90s.

No. 1738423

File: 1672979315634.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1672, D458FB7A-C85C-437C-9C6A-115446…)

1/2 How long is this dude staying?

No. 1738424

File: 1672979351514.jpeg (328.17 KB, 1170x545, 95B66165-AB9F-4E2E-84DF-C242B0…)

2/2 back to made up stories

No. 1738425

File: 1672979403483.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1605, 6BD00054-52BA-447B-839F-AF5D63…)

eye roll

No. 1738427

At least it covers more of her face

No. 1738429

i think he’s gone and they’re just texting their degenerate bullshit but she’s totally trying to make it as if she’s totally there

No. 1738430

Doing a coloring book with a 0.00001mm GEL PEN………….. I can't take this anymore. this is the last straw.

No. 1738433

dressed as a cheerleader, looking like a linebacker

No. 1738436

Who the fuck colours in a colouring book -which, has thin asf pages, with a thin ass gel pen.
I do a lot of just lurking and reading but holy fuck do I need to voice my thought on that lmaoooo

No. 1738440

more than $700? girl you gave that away for a mcchicken & an apple juice

No. 1738441

not tryna derail but god I love New York

No. 1738443

Oh god you can tell she’s feeling herself so hard with this new hair and thinks it makes her look like a quirky cute tiktok girl or something. Too bad she still looks like a retard with those facial expressions, not one ounce of sex appeal on her. None of her pictures are sexy or have effortless/confident energy which is hilarious at this point making content for so many years.

No. 1738446

she really looks like a tranny in these. idk what it is but she looks so much like a guy the more feminine/babyish she tries to look.

No. 1738447

Isn’t that her ugly too-small cheerleading costume? How does that constitute as a onesie? Or is she just using baby talk.

>get hair colored, washed and styled
>feels confident
>goes outside to walk fat dog
>sees person
>opens Twitter

No. 1738459

File: 1672983066237.jpeg (133.41 KB, 567x777, 4FB8F4F9-1D34-4BEA-9589-710613…)

What shaynas hair looks like to me and what her future will be

No. 1738460

Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wichita, Kansas “kinda forced” her to colour in a children’s book and drink out of a sippy cup. This is an activity/situation he most likely would of experienced with his own actual child? this makes me so uncomfortable even though there’s nothing sexual happening here I feel sick.

No. 1738461

KEK I am also triggered, artanon

No. 1738470

Y'all are getting fooled by the filters and editing yet again I see.

No. 1738476

This obese, pimpled bitch.
The nonnies in this thread chimping out about "omg Shat dump him!! Wow ur better than that sick moid!!!" are clearly not well-aquainted with the Shat Playbook.
This sow is a true misogynist who loves rolling around in the slop and (literal) shit of male degeneracy. She deserves whatever comes her way.
No sympathy for bargain-bin e whores who fetishize CSA and rape, especially somebody like Shayna who had an easy way out of this disgusting BS.
Flawed as they are, most men are not turned on by this shit. It's clear that she's pandering to the humilation fetishist OnlyFats consoomers.

Also if you're breaking out that severely at 25, you need to wash your fucking bedding and take regular showers. That shit is disgusting.

No. 1738484

i agree nonna, she looks lowkey cute here. sorry maybe im just chaser

No. 1738492

File: 1672988018365.jpg (45.33 KB, 684x981, Screenshot_20230105-224825_Chr…)

…The amount of cystic acne/wrinkles on this grown woman.
I can hear this face asking for change outside of 7-11 saying "God Bless" as they hold the door open for you. Fuck what a nosedive.

No. 1738496

i knew you retards all have a thing for shayna. just admit this gossip thread is a “i’m jealous of big fat shaynus” thread. cope harder retards

No. 1738498

Even if it’s hormonal/chronic get on some medication and fix itttttt

No. 1738505

Kek let the bitterness flow through you.
Check out other threads on this site to see jealousy. This thread is like the one place where nearly everybody can point and laugh at the pathetic porker.

No. 1738516

File: 1672990272739.jpeg (23.38 KB, 600x600, F4704661-9962-4202-B411-174C03…)

No. 1738522

hmmm fupa2.0 takes his fb down and now this post shows up? what a co-inky-dink

No. 1738529

he's not smart enough to pick up our lingo so quickly and he doesn't care about her even one iota kek, he'd never wk her

No. 1738531

This recent spate of wking and fanfic really rams home how fucked up female socialisation is. Shayna isn’t inherently than the disgusting scrote just because she’s a woman, she’s just as bad because she’s doing this shit as a woman. She hates other women so much that her entire existence is predicated on violent misogyny. Anyone who follows these threads and takes the position of “rooting for her” or even being sympathetic in light of everything she’s said and done needs to take a long, hard look at themselves. And everyone taking the bait thinking that Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita Kansas is posting here is also retarded, as if he knows how to use the site (ie saging and jargon). Can we please just go back to laughing at the ugly fat degenerate?

No. 1738534

The fact that you can still see how putrid her fungus-colonised skin is under those turbocharged filters is so fucking nauseating. It’s absolutely a result of being a disgusting hog who almost never bathes or does laundry, imagine what’s breeding in her clothes, sheets and towels. Fucking rancid, greasy hambeast.

No. 1738543

Kek for real ever since Shane Sonnier popped up there’s been defensive posts about Shayna

No. 1738545

File: 1672995734396.jpeg (191.61 KB, 828x626, 6C5CA3B5-6EDF-4EDF-A2E1-4D3F3C…)

This is why Shayna Clifford deserves nothing but the worst

No. 1738546

File: 1672995784221.jpeg (Spoiler Image,324.26 KB, 828x697, 9990046C-9479-400D-8D50-88213F…)

I know it’s an old vid but who the fuck buys this shit? She’s so fucking ugly jfc

No. 1738549

Maybe it's his wife, she must be very supportive to let him cuck her with Shayna and various troons.

No. 1738551

File: 1672996961211.jpeg (3.6 MB, 2625x3502, 99909E5E-99B3-4DCA-8D91-54D37E…)

>> 1738546
Kek at people in the thread saying she looks good with filters working overtime. Friendly reminder she looks like an ogre in candids

No. 1738588

Holy shit I miss the thread for one day and this happens. Fake or not, this is fucked and it's pretty stupid to even say someone did this to you for the sake of fantasy.

No. 1738615

My baby daughter has this sippy cup, never have I wanted to a-log more. Pedophilic pieces of shit, burn in hell. Fuck it I'll take the ban: I hope she ODs next time the manlet drugs her and he ends up somebody's fleshlight in prison, it's what they both deserve.

No. 1738617

File: 1673013724510.jpeg (24.42 KB, 200x285, C33B9EB8-6E88-43B7-A24D-86198C…)

Kek, she looks like this fucker.

No. 1738636

>haggard shayna making egirl faces
Kek at least she stopped wearing the Tumblr 2013 heart stamp on her cheek

No. 1738640

laying on the ground on an unwashed pet blanket alone in her dirty hovel, all dressed up in ill-fitting polyester dollskill trash, colouring in a cheap ass colouring book with fucking gel pens, drinking cheap wine from a sippy cup for literal toddlers, all while having a tripod set up in front of her to take these ugly ass pictures to document her sad little existence for 5 pedo coomer moids to see. this is the life she actively chose. what a worthless piece of shit she is. just think about it, what has she positively contributed to society in her 25 years of existing? setting a deterrent example is all i can think of

No. 1738653

I'm seriously tired of the Shayna apologists. I understood it when she was like, 20. But it's been about 6 years of her just getting nastier, fatter and more degenerate. She's not going to pick up and get a job at target anytime soon, she'd sooner larp as a baby during her prostitution sessions. She never "looks cute", her vile porn and personality won't allow it. She occasionally fools the slower farmers into thinking she looks nice when she abuses filters, that's about it.

I can understand wanting better for a cow who's mainly harmless, but I want nothing but bad things for Shayna. She's nasty, she's an enemy to women. Let her rot.

No. 1738659

Thank you. The Shayna WKs disgust me. There are plenty of misguided yet essentially harmless cows to root for. But instead they're giving out life advice to someone who panders to the worst pedophiles and masturbates to babies & toddlers being raped by their parents. And she's not doing it because of deep childhood trauma, she just likes this sick shit. She doesn't deserve a glow up, a stable 9-5 or a respectful normie boyfriend. She deserves - and wants - exactly the life she has right now.

No. 1738672

If she wanted to change she could and would and she doesn’t so idk why anyone bothers. She likes her life as it is and she’ll only stop if every coomer on earth died and even then I think she’d find something equally as disgusting to move onto

No. 1738679

Anon you made me hearty kek, bless

No. 1738698

File: 1673021682384.png (3.99 MB, 3445x1672, Untitled.png)

last year was year of the troon smirk, is this year the year of the Side Crunch Troon smirk? What is this new face? I assume she's doing it because she thinks it makes her look like a child or some weird shit. Would'nt be surpised if she found the child filter on Face App.

No. 1738701

No matter how much I hate Shayna, I’m not gonna wish scrote violence on her. Stop trying to convince farmers otherwise. Boo fucking hoo anons aren’t that invested in vendetta against a failed fat whore so you’re mad.

No. 1738703

is Lonnier an autocorrect mistake or did i miss something

No. 1738704

that anon didn't wish violence on Shayna.

No. 1738705

sorry thats my autism SONNIER it sometimes autocorrects for me, I'm sorry.

No. 1738706

>Wearing a pink jacket that ZIPS UP
>I'm trying to hide my Onesie under my jacket!!!
Idiot just zip it up, why does she create these fucking lies??
The one time Shane Pierre Sonnier "tells you" to put on sweatpants over your Onesie the neighbors just so happen to NOW compliment your style?
What a retard

No. 1738708

Where did I say anything about wishing violence on her? I don't want to see her be physically/sexually harmed, but you can't want more for someone than what they want for themselves. If something bad happens to her as a result of her fuckery, I simply won't care.

No. 1738709

first it was fungal now it’s cystic? this is not cystic acne, and you wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s fungal unless you did a test. it’s regular gross acne because she can’t wash her greasy face.

fungal acne anon makes me rage idk why

No. 1738715

File: 1673023679165.jpeg (28.8 KB, 500x500, 4CBDFB15-81E1-41B3-97CC-57022A…)

It’s a onesie thing that comes with a skirt

No. 1738717

File: 1673023791149.png (606.49 KB, 488x486, Shane Pierre Sonnier Shayna Le…)

I know it's crunchy but i kept giggling re-reading the thread and seeing this picture

No. 1738722

File: 1673024400409.jpeg (21.91 KB, 224x225, ADA3848E-26EA-4AFE-910D-CF838A…)

I don’t see why Shayna the pedophile deserves our sympathy, advice, or compliments. She hasn’t taken our advice for four years. Let it go

No. 1738723

File: 1673024538046.jpeg (190.79 KB, 828x883, A9DFAB5F-09D5-4EBC-8AB9-A3B6F2…)

Lol I reverse image searched it and found it on a website called MyInnerBaby ew. I think it’s $2 more than the original website but god that’s cheap as fuck.


No. 1738755

File: 1673028227249.jpeg (644.67 KB, 1170x1603, 2920AE07-29CC-493F-9B19-F2A1EE…)

dont ask me how i know, but she’s definitely wearing attached picrel from the LittleForBig amazon store. Skirt is detachable.

No. 1738764

File: 1673029039458.jpeg (285.09 KB, 750x779, 1C4DA2F0-9BAE-4EF2-9E5C-9D9C84…)

girl what?

No. 1738765

it’s so predatory the way they frame having boundaries as vanilla, so fucking telling

I hate these pedos just say you’re so undesirable you feel like you need to allow people to treat you like a dumpster to feel wanted, and so impotent that you need to abuse people to feel control

No. 1738766

Kek, my vote for next thread pic

No. 1738767

Nobody cares. Shayna Leigh Clifford and Shane Pierre Sonnier are gross, ugly and nobody cares you think you are special because you let ugly, crusty married men abuse your fat uneven, lumpy, stinky, crusty, no ass, no hips, thunder thighed, cottage cheese textured, crusty ass dry tiny lips, bumpy rough skin, Grey toned, limp dry dull hair, white tongued, wide backed, ugly ugly ugly ass.
Nobody but us care, you are a shame to your family and I wish you didn't share the same gender as me. You live like a meth head prositutue but I bet they make more sucking dick in ally, vs. how much you make a month from selling your lopsided tits.
Anyone can get treated like shit from a scrote retard.

No. 1738772

hi vivi

No. 1738773

Do you need a hug nonnie?

No. 1738776

she will never wake up because she does not want to. coomers of all varieties are addicted to instant gratification, they will literally resist changing, letting go of coombrain, and becoming better people even though everyone knows though reversing coombrain is difficult, the results change their life for the better. we all know it would fix or repair some things but shay will NEVER change because she has too much pride, even at her state, ironically enough…

No. 1738779

My pick

No. 1738780

I’m so sorry, anon. Shayna is a piece of shit.

No. 1738783

Kek at how it almost never looks like this on fat ugly whores like Shayna and Vivi.

No. 1738785

She'd find the .05% of women who would get off to her disgusting shit, too. She is a truly vacuous human being and I would say she's a lesson in why you shouldn't let teenagers on the internet - but there were loads of similar girls on Tumblr back then who aren't nearly as depraved. I only hope that she never teams up long-tern with a scrote who thinks like her, or else they might end up like the Moors murderers or the Birnies in Australia. As long as she is a single disgusting loser, the only evil she will inflict will be abstract. Consider it a-logging or tinfoiling but she seriously reminds me of the kind of woman that does horrifying shit to other women with a moid.

No. 1738791

We badly needed this pic yesterday but thanks for bringing it anyway still very relevant lol

No. 1738793

i mean, she basically already does horrifying shit to other women for moid approval. she does every single women out there a disservice by partaking in and normalizing paraphilias. she's already halfway there, and i'm sure she would harm another woman or child if a scrote she fawns over told her to do so

No. 1738795

You forgot the yellow crooked rodent teeth and ballsack labia kek

No. 1738814

I mean this with love and kindness, nonita: consider taking a break, go for a walk, pet an animal. Shayna isn't worth making you feel this negatively.

No. 1738815

this thread was taken over by white knight shayna apologists. i hope you all kys you moid pedos. go such shane’s small dick

No. 1738819

This is how she feels about you autists who want to see her change, she’s a smug degenerate who advocates for actual violence against actual children who lives in delusional ddlg fetish lala land where she never has to change or reflect on what she’s done, and she doesn’t deserve to better herself on a superficial level because inside she’s much more vile than just the layers of grease and too small pink shein crap we nitpick on the outside, her life is falling apart and she has full power in fixing it but she won’t because as she’s said in this tweet she doesn’t want to wake up and that’s why I laugh at her

No. 1738820

she sounds fucking esl sometimes

No. 1738824

I’m fucking dead if this isn’t the next thread pic I can’t come back here

No. 1738826


Holy fuck. Deserved alog there, that's fucking disgusting from her.

No. 1738827

File: 1673039556315.png (113.15 KB, 1613x790, Shane Pierre Sonnier from Wich…)

Kek which one of you did this

No. 1738833

it was obviously you, and now you’re here for asspats

No. 1738836

it's like… poetic justice… that shayna got the fame and recognize she always desired; except it's only on lolcow.

No. 1738842

thank you for sharing my rage over this complete display of retardation.

No. 1738845

what are you even talking about weirdo. no one wants to see shaynus succeed; we just like to clown her by explaining how easy it would be to fix her life. And there's a sub-group of nonas who worked hard for their success and like to clown how easy her life her could have been, but like she literally puts no effort forth to succeed or better her life. She's in a self created hell and why we love to watch. We know she'll never change, and you should know we will never change either.

No. 1738846

Nobody is whiteknighting her you retard. People are just angry that she's throwing away so many objectively good opportunities just to make porn acting like a child getting raped. My god. The reading comprehension is abysmally low itt.

No. 1738849

Ayrt and thank you. I usually refrain from a-logging, but it hits different having a little girl and seeing pieces of her childhood appearing in these disgusting fetish photos. To realize there's no point in her life where she'll be safe from sexualization by sick fucks like Shayna, Ellen & Shane. I see most cows as harmless & amusing, but these people are vile and I honestly wish the worst on them.

No. 1738852

this. its human nature to see a problem and want to fix it. we're talking about and laughing at her, not trying to reach out and help her. no one cares if she fails or succeeds, we just want milk. if anything is weird its how some anons get autistic rage over how other anons perceive shaymu.

No. 1738855

i don't care this made me deep throat soul laugh, don't do it again nonnie

No. 1738856

People were literally "rooting for a Shayna glowup", telling her to get a job at Target and get a vanilla boyfriend on a dating app itt. Sounds like you're the one who needs to work on reading comprehension.

No. 1738857

It was not, I'm assuming it was the same anon Hannah Wishler from his Facebook.

No. 1738860

Nobody is telling her to do that shit, they were talking about how easy it would be for her to live a relatively nice and normal life if she stopped simulating CSA. And it would be easy for her. She could just delete all socials and move back home and go to fucking school. It'd be INCREDIBLY EASY for her to make something of herself, and yet she sits on her ass eating eatstreet cheemsburgers and showing her pussy for a couple of cents.

No. 1738879

File: 1673044631079.jpg (105.15 KB, 1080x313, Screenshot_20230107_003424_Twi…)

Shayna doesn't have the slightest idea what degree she would purse, plus the level of time management, organisational skills and discipline higher education demands is completely unattainable for her. You can give her the comfiest job ever but she will still fail because she has literally no order in her life, ever since her Tumblr days she could never abide by a schedule, would most like wake up afternoon, chug alcohol and smoke weed in abundance. She's simply socially unadapted, that's why she hangs out with the bottom of the barrel people. Nonas could sit here all day and brainstorm how to get her life together but it will never happen, she's unable to learn academically and unable to hold down any job. Also here's a recent liked tweet of her. This is the level she's at, pure trash and hopeless.

No. 1738883

What site is this from?

No. 1738899

This. Anons saying “it’s SO EASY, just get a job at Target, go to college and get a nice vanilla boyfriend!” are speaking as normies with basic competencies Shayna doesn’t have. These things aren’t “so easy” at all, at least not for a lazy, mentally ill alcoholic drug addict like Shayna. Shayna wouldn’t last a single semester at any college, couldn’t hold down a conversation with a normal man looking for a serious relationship. Even a grocery bagger job requires skills Shayna doesn’t have like personal hygiene, showing up on time, being sober enough to follow directions etc. She can’t do any of those things and doesn’t want to. She’s exactly where she belongs.

No. 1738905

Shut the fuck up you faggots. Nobody is brainstorming anything. We are just saying that it would be so simple for her to get her life together and yet she refuses. It would be very easy for her predicament. Fucking thought police.

No. 1738908

Are we really infighting over something that is never going to happen? Just enjoy watching the bloated sow burn in her own self made hell.

No. 1738910

Shh, I'm enjoying watching the war of the Shayfags

No. 1738920

It’s pretty simple but the way I think of it is that she loves attention and simply having a retail job is not enough attention for her. She would be on Twitter complaining about “Karen”s and giving hints of drinking/smoking before/at work. She would definitely be fired eventually and it doesn’t matter because mom and dad are always there to bail her out.
The only thing that would change her is if her parents actually stopped giving her money. Her parents are still giving her money which is why she has avoided doing full service sex work up until this point. It seems that she might not have to do these weird prostitution dates but she willingly does them despite being able to get money from mom and dad. Maybe for the stories to be told on Twitter? Then again it’s possible that she feels like she has to do them because she worries that her parents get tired of her asking for money but I figure giving your child money is better than them being a prostitute who fucks the lowest of low disgusting men who might kill your kid.

No. 1738922

Except it isn’t so simple for shayna. Her brain is rotted, retail would overwhelm her in literally 2 seconds. Let alone college. Don’t be deluded

No. 1738927

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot any and all posts made in this thread have to stick to a rigid "realism guideline". My god. No wonder she has a trillion threads, you fucks can milk fucking anything until it's a fucking corpse. Shut the fuck up. She has got everything in her power to stop. If retail doesn't fit your headcanon then she can work at Burger King and get sexually harrassed by all the crackhead moids she could possibly imagine. I bet she'd love that.

No. 1738928

Your overly butthurt typing style is super obvious, maybe tone it down a little (unless there are several overly butthurt anons in here)

No. 1738929

>anon is so retarded she thinks shayna could work fast food


No. 1738933

If retards with tard wranglers can manage to sweep up at McDonald's or Burger King then fat Shat can do it.

No. 1738934

They don’t do that anymore, they hire competent high schoolers or college kids. It’s not the 80s anymore

No. 1738936

yes shayna will continue living EXACTLY how she is living now for the next 15-20 years until her parents die; we won’t see the real milk until its curdled and she’s 35 with absolutely nothing to show for her pathetic life. then she’ll finally settle down with a guy and have a retarded kid with fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 1738937

I worked with a tard like that at a fast food place when I was sixteen, are you sure you're not the retard?

No. 1738938

You’re probably old, brainlet.

No. 1738939

I'm in my early twenties kek.

No. 1738943

>she’ll finally settle down with a guy and have a retarded kid with fetal alcohol syndrome
The only moid that would go near her at that stage would be below even Womack.

No. 1738944

Sure. In this economy shayna would never get to work anywhere, she’ll bitch and moan and also be too brain dead to learn anything
That’s all

No. 1738946

Shayna would fit in perfectly at a McDonald's. You do know that the adults who work at McDonald's are some of the trashiest specimens around? Call-ins, no shows, 4 verbal warnings, etc. She'd be part of the pack instantly.

No. 1738947

congrats nonas, you got shane and the wolf pack angry enough to be in here trying to get shaynas thread autosaged

No. 1738948

File: 1673051694988.jpg (Spoiler Image,153.16 KB, 2048x1536, paul.jpg)

You guys ever notice how much Shayna resembles Paul Breach? Like same smile and mannerisms and everything.

No. 1738950

What kind of phenotype is this? Irish? German? Why do they look so similar?

No. 1738953

Dude she wouldn’t even be capable of talking on the mic. Or counting change. That’s the thing

No. 1738954

You're falling for her bimbo LARP.

No. 1738956

This thing is ugly even on the skinny model

No. 1738959

This thread is always provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of burgers

No. 1738961

can you please stop taking the unsaged bait? that’s clearly shane doing some fucked up humiliation foreplay with shayna.

No. 1738962

Literally every single item of clothing she owns is fucking hideous. That seems to be a theme amongst cows, they all have atrocious style and seem to buy exclusively from tacky Chinese child slave sweatshop brands/outlets

No. 1738964

I’m worried Shane is going to get Shayna used to the idea of being drugged for sex, and end up robbing her. How could let yourself be so vulnerable and stupid to let a strange man you’ve only known a couple months have access to your home, pets, cell phone, computer while you lay there unconscious? she probably thinks hes using her body while he’s actually snooping around her apartment.

No. 1738966

its cause all cows desire instant gratification. they spend all their money on temporary highs like alcohol, drugs, food and then dont have the patience to save up for quality pieces and building a good wardobe. they see something that looks “good” on the model for around $20 bucks and buy it even though its cheap as fuck material that’ll hardly survive a year in her moist caverns.

No. 1738967

File: 1673052791956.png (580.82 KB, 594x383, Capture.PNG)

haters going to call me shaytarded but if you facetune this motherfuker he looks like Shayna did during her no make up phase. Shaytune

No. 1738968

I think drugs give you a really weird warped perception and make you think hideous and tacky things are cool. The way crackheads think they are dressed fancy in goodwill flares and stained crochet tops with scuffed platform heels.

No. 1738969

Kill yourself please.

No. 1738970

No. 1738972

>moist caverns
I snort-chuckled

No. 1738973

Why? Because I happened to work with a retard once? You hate them that much?

No. 1738975

In my country I’ve never seen a single person dress like Shayna (or any other cow I can think of, actually), even street people and addicts, it’s kind of strangely interesting to see people going out in public dressing like this.

No. 1738976

I think you are naive about shats entitlement and alcoholism

No. 1738980

Pure English, nonna.

No. 1738984

Shaymin from the islands of Shaynola they ugly as hell over there

No. 1738985

File: 1673054629834.png (208.94 KB, 450x250, 762A1F6D-508E-4BDA-BFF8-BCB8AE…)

is this bitch jim varney?? the faces she makes isn’t “quirky” or “cute.” god she sucks at being an ethot

No. 1738986

This guy is a pedo so it checks out

No. 1738995

Shayna Clifford raped and murdered when? I cannot wait. And I pray her mom and dad are sent the video of it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1739001

File: 1673057372961.gif (1.08 MB, 334x249, F0A3CE31-7C10-42D8-8568-3AAB19…)


cannot wait for new staff, a hellweek and for this brony faggot to go home so we get milk and not a bunch of nona’s climbing for the biggest autist award

No. 1739002

File: 1673057380788.jpg (159.41 KB, 1080x1079, Jesus fuck.jpg)

No. 1739003

your lack of milk doesn’t help here, nonna, post some milk instead of a gif

No. 1739004

it’s saged who gives a fuck

No. 1739005

Kek, she’s so dumb, fucked up her bangs, tried to convince her self and everyone she was happy about it and got butthurt in this thread. Finally goes to a salon to try and fix it and we get this? we will see greasy coke bangs for a while.

No. 1739012

Shay has the ugliest roast beef pussy I’ve ever seen. But her clit is also nonexistent so it’s bizarre. I tried to pleasure myself to her content once and her body is just so haggard and her pussy is so loose I couldn’t make it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1739016

…why would you admit that and not even sage it

No. 1739019

that's a male, nona

No. 1739029


No. 1739036

her genre of "fashion" is observed in terminally online socially inept hypersexual women involved in internet subcultures. many such cases.

No. 1739049

kys moid

No. 1739067

Where are all of these moids coming from? Methinks it's Shane using lolcow to out his true feelings

No. 1739072

File: 1673070228974.jpeg (187.67 KB, 406x525, 685F0EA9-5DE6-42A4-8E82-B7A471…)

No. 1739074

No. 1739080

Given how utterly spastic the thread has been for the last couple of days I wouldn’t ve surprised if it’s just anons baiting/shitposting rather than actual moids. God I wish Shane Pierre Sonnier, abusive pedophile and former US military of Wichita Kansas would hurry up and leave the home of Shayna Leigh Clifford aka Dolly Mattel, misogynistic rape and abuse enabling pedophile sex worker of Renton/Seattle Washington so we can be blessed with the inevitable meltdown

No. 1739086

Why the fuck is he staying so long? Its been like a week? He really couldnt get any local bad sex? This is seriously weird on both their parts. They met once before this at a convention and live states apart. I just don't get it. They couldnt have clicked that well when Shatna is devoid of personality in general. She really offered to do the most depraved shit and that moid was willing to fly out to fuck her up? No other retarded mentally ill whores in Kansas or midwest?
My funny and unlikely but not impossible tinfoil is he visited for a weekend and went home and shes just sitting in her apartment making up more stories to avoid reality and make it seem so ~kinky and cool~. If not for the couple pics she posted of them, I wouldve said the whole thing was a weird fucked up farce tbh lol.

No. 1739087

Samefag wait was it fetcon or the spanking party they met at? He was the guy in the elevator? Can next thread anon mark the thread they met in as the Shane saga please and thank you

No. 1739088

File: 1673074461193.jpeg (284.66 KB, 828x1044, 3C4C0943-6128-4E7A-B981-4CBCCA…)

lmao the tranny in her replies, these people are brain damaged. imagine thinking anything about this hideous, greasy, smelly, obese, diseased, degenerate, retarded, subhuman whore is “wholesome” or “positive”. It’s the only reply Fat Shat has “liked” too

No. 1739099

They met at the spanking party. It starts on thread #120 (sorry idk how to link past threads kek)

No. 1739100

Shayna is the embodiment of "fake positivity" and she's so repulsive.

No. 1739102

Maybe the other degenerates in his “wolf pack” don’t do the pedo/drugging/rape shit. I don’t know how this disgusting poly degenerate shit works but I think the only reason big shaynus is into it is because she knows it’s the only way she can get attention from moids. All the other anons saying that she’d be able to pull a “normal” moid if she quit this extreme degen whoring are smoking as much as she is. Moids are dumb and fuck anything but no moid who isn’t Womack tier ugly and retarded would date her, and she clearly thinks she’s too good for him (not that Shane Pierre Sonnier is any better but I digress). She’s not only fucking hideous in her appearance, she’s a vacuous cunt of a person (which is what makes shit like this >>1739088 hilarious, we have over 100 threads documenting how much of a piece of shit she is). Beyond being a all round nasty person she’s also incredibly stupid and boring. She has no hobbies or interests or aspirations outside being a whore. What the fuck is anyone going to talk to her about? She’s probably letting this ugly brony faggot do much worse to her than what she’s advertising on twitter because there’s no way he’s hanging around for a whole week on account of her sterling personality and conversational skills. But then there is a good chance that your tinfoil is correct and he has in fact gone home and she’s just making shit up for the benefit of twitter and in the hopes that Fupaul is lurking her shit and can see how she’s positively ~thriving~ without him

No. 1739104

She doesn’t even do that well, there’s at least one tweet a day that outs her as being a raging cunt. That troon is extra fucking retarded

No. 1739110

then why don’t you stop shitting the thread you fat bitch?

No. 1739113

fucking ShayMater gets me every time. her teeth are an exact match.

No. 1739119

sage your retarded posts u angry bitch

No. 1739120

how the fuck is that “shitting the thread” you fucking mong, jfc is reeks of unwashed twitter whore in here

No. 1739122

Literally stop engaging with the most obvious unsage bait bc I’m starting to think it’s one tranny samefagging

No. 1739123

i dont think its a coincidence. 1 nonna said shane privated his fb does anyone have an update?

No. 1739126

great job taking the bait you retarded fags

No. 1739127

hi cow

>inb4 banned for hi cow
(hi cow)

No. 1739139

She’s never been positive about anything, she’s constantly complaining and miserable

No. 1739170

Nonas think there's 1000's of normie coomer scrotes brigading this site at any given time, as if they even know lolcow exists let alone board lingo and culture.

No. 1739181

Tbh, there's a certain someone, but not a normie and not Shane

No. 1739227

is tranny lyra just conveniently forgetting the fact that the parts of shay's twitter thar aren't her disgusting kink fanfics are her going off on her fans, complaining and all round talking shit about anyone and everyone? even if im being charitable and trying to see her through a friends eyes, there is really nothing wholesome about her – i feel like shayna cycles between a catty mean girl persona that she uses to thinly disguise her bpd meltdowns, and then she'll try and be fake nice and positive to make up for it.

No. 1739242

Vivi? Or even what's her face bunny Kat?

No. 1739250

File: 1673110110549.jpeg (400 KB, 1170x1094, 6E7D70E5-95E8-4B6D-93CB-A90574…)

And it begins

No. 1739252

File: 1673110246208.jpeg (329.67 KB, 1242x1122, A3315E99-DD1A-444B-8BEB-719D13…)

No. 1739253

Just screenshotted this, I was about to say
>Shayna really likes this guy, she's barely been tweeting kek.
I imagine we'll get a
>I haven't been as active because Daddy has been in town & he takes my phone so we can spend more time togeather emoji.
You can tell that she likes this scrote even with Fupaul she'd give a play by play.

No. 1739254

>the brony whom she barely knows drugged her
>she is already attached to him
>will miss him
Clingy bitch behavior. I mean, seriously, her reaction is not normal.

No. 1739256

File: 1673110433840.gif (1.88 MB, 245x240, CB2B7931-43C9-42CB-94BF-DB725F…)

No. 1739260

This gif is so cursed now.

No. 1739274

File: 1673113359780.jpg (245.85 KB, 903x1346, Screenshot_20220801-213422_Duc…)

cp bump

No. 1739277

god shane really is just fupa 2.0.
its funny that she doesn't give two shits about not being around ellen her supposed gf, but the second she finds a fupa replacement to form a new bpd attachment with to she starts getting withdrawal symptoms

No. 1739278

>>1739252 the way this is evidence of her being a bitch posted the same day as >>1739088 and hilarious because she's claiming to ever know the right thing to do at her whore job

No. 1739295

She deleted this

No. 1739296

File: 1673116819673.jpeg (1020.21 KB, 1170x1702, 44B465AE-704F-4FE1-9702-15FECF…)

No. 1739298

she literally has no idea how to be a domme and it’s the funniest thing. she only uses the account when she’s scrambling for funds anyway. it’s so transparent and pathetic.

No. 1739306

Findom is the laziest shit ever and always an attempt from the idea of oh wait I can just post a picture and some guys fetish will be to send me money! It’s embarrassing she used that low effort ugly picture that makes her look like she just woke up hungover too. It seems very fucking uncommon for the ratio of men who actually get turned on from spending money on women who insult them vs the amount of girls on Twitter trying to findom random moids by linking their cashapp. Seems like some scam tactic to recruit other girls into sex work because hey look how simple it is.

No. 1739308

> no idea how to be a domme
Who the fuck cares? Kek, dommes are pathetic degenerates submitting to scrotes peversions just like other whores but somehow manage to make it even trashier by shoving dildos up some fat disgusting old scrotes shit encrusted anus.

No. 1739309

The femdom larp is so funny because it's the opposite of how she acts irl. She was devastated when she was dumped by fupa (a "dirty old loser") and now she fell in love with Shane (another loser). >>1739250

No. 1739310

File: 1673117878008.jpeg (700.49 KB, 1170x1491, 359618FA-32AA-4C01-8344-3424BE…)


No. 1739312

File: 1673118228839.jpg (Spoiler Image,704.36 KB, 1079x2022, Screenshot_20230107_190044_Twi…)

Can this ugly crusty bitch go 3mins without sexualising children and childrens toys? I hope she gets the clap in her eye, disgusting vile hog.

No. 1739313

That’s not a fat barbie

No. 1739314

He retweets a lot of mtfs too kek

No. 1739316

Maybe he's chaser and thinks Fatty is a troon.

No. 1739319

Off topic but I always kek at women who think being a domme is cool or based.

No. 1739322

File: 1673119365214.jpeg (62.09 KB, 275x260, D49C21A6-720E-4273-BB27-520C4B…)

How can you jerk off to this ugly ass bitch? She’s disgusting. And it’s not even that she’s fat it’s her body type/shape. Slightly Overweight women can be pretty Shayna is just ugly just like her father. Big ass nose and rodent genes

No. 1739326

he's probably just trying to get free content from her kek

No. 1739330

Her eyes look like barely cracked walnuts

No. 1739340

Kek nonnie I can't unsee it now

No. 1739342

>the way her pussy shines

What the actual fuck is wrong with coombrain men? Not gonna lie though I laughed hard reading this. imagine being happy and proud that a man tweets “something about this slut…”

it’s bleaque.

No. 1739346

File: 1673122093258.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1923, 0A6F6F7D-1809-4DFC-BDE9-642A0E…)

No. 1739350

Kekkk next thread pic

No. 1739352

Fr the only time shes "happy" and not suicide baiting or boohooing or being a callout cunt is when she gets direct attention or trinkets from a moid she likes, receives money, or is making up retarded stories about how every interaction she has in the outside world is to applaude her existence. That's not even positivity. That's neediness, shallowness, materialism, and delusion. Then her very over the top very fake and transparent copium ~I love u ur doing great~ posts to top it off. Its all bullshit.

No. 1739355

Imagine romanticizing jerking off in general but then to such a dumpy, frumpy, crusty, musty, below average tard.

No. 1739369

>i get what i want
no braces, lip fillers, skin treatments to get rid of those awful wrinkles, and a man that sticks around longer than a week though

No. 1739370

File: 1673125812352.png (158.33 KB, 720x724, 1525055480022.png)

This is all extremely strange.

This screenshot is from her Tumblr 4 years ago. We don't need a reminder that Shay is an insecure pickme, but I do think this highlights something interesting about the current situation. She's not interacting or acknowledging anyone else in the polycule it's just "Daddy". She's not having jealousy meltdowns either. So what's going on here that makes her overlook the fact he is shagging his way across America? I think he's telling her she's special or different than the rest of them or else she would be doing ebic BPD backflips by now

No. 1739371

I think she knows that if she had a meltdown, the poly brony would leave her. So she's trying hard to look stable, and probably has some emotions bottled up.

No. 1739380

I honestly don't think shaytard would join a poly group because the attention wouldn't be on her. She wouldn't be interested unless she's the centre of attention like she is with Ellen

No. 1739386

Where are the bite mark bruises that are all over her legs?

No. 1739401

File: 1673131189258.jpg (163.53 KB, 719x382, Screenshot_20230107-153941_Chr…)

No. 1739406

Tbf people are allowed to change their opinions and selves. That being said, she's only surface level changed her stance on poly because she's gotten more desperate as her options for dating have dwindled. Shes older, fatter, uglier, has not developed a personality outside of porn, has nothing going for her, etc. Also I think she realized she can use poly to her advantage with people like Ellen where she doesn't actually have romantic or sexual interest in them, but still wants things from them and doesn't know how to just be normal friends. This allows them to use eachother for company, bi points, Shay to have transportation and someone who buys her things and validates her… but they arent serious and can see moids which is what they both really want.
Then with Shane Sonnier, she just has to accept poly to get any semblance of a relationship/attention from the scrote she is for whatever reason actually into. But you know shes clingy and jealous and insecure still and deep down she probably thinks she can end up being his #1 or steal him from the other chicks by being the ~kinkiest not like the others~ which is so pathetic. More normie moids would be less accepting of a literal whore who lets coomers into her house and take her to applebees for meager amounts of cash. But poly scrotes are typically degenerate and dont have a problem with their partners seeing other people because they are too.

No. 1739407

God I hate this new Bella Porch or whatever filter she's been abusing lately. It somehow makes her look more retarded but like in a ~uwu downsey~ way.

No. 1739446

come on, she's not exactly a catch at this point. she's settling for fupa2.0 because not many guys in her league would date an actual whore. she's stuck looking for dick among other degenerates, and amongst them anyone with a shred of attractiveness is already taken. besides, she needs to keep up her open relationship/fake poly cover up going, because she can't just drop ellen as she depends on her for rent.

No. 1739476

Not so much Bella Poarch, she's making herself look exactly like a Great Value Neekolul

No. 1739604

File: 1673157000331.jpeg (513.13 KB, 1638x2048, 9823BE9A-D187-4F17-A66C-3677BD…)

Her legs look like they are on backwards.

No. 1739615

File: 1673158996468.jpg (898.78 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230108-002307_Ins…)

All I can say is..yikes

No. 1739616

kek she looks so musty

No. 1739617

That comb over gives me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1739619

Old sissy tranny

No. 1739620

Is that the skirt from that ugly costume she was given at one of those degenerate conventions?

No. 1739621

I can’t believe how bad she looks here

No. 1739623

She really thought she looked good. Shay, that's the alcohol goggles and weed talking.
>41 percent battery

No. 1739631

She is genuinely one of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen. Even the excessive editing here doesn’t help. Her eyes are especially hideous, they’re par with Jonny Craig. The shooped lips look so out of place

No. 1739632

Soon that neck mole will be a face mole.


No. 1739633

What site is this

No. 1739637

I think she could make dead serious retard porn with this filter she reminds me of something about Mary’s brother

No. 1739638

Her porn already looks like legitimate retard porn

No. 1739653

the 'actually shes kinda cute' crowd is real quiet tonight

No. 1739661

Her eye bags here are moo tier

No. 1739665

this look makes her look even more old and haggard than usual kek

No. 1739668

Doing way too much. She tried to do some different makeup trends and things, but she's just not someone with a cute, attractive face. So a ton of make up just ends up looking clowny. The freckles and outdated tumblr era heart are corny. And you know she edited the hell out of this. So there will be dumb anons who say she looks good. The lips look better but that top lip is too smooth and clean, so def edited.

No. 1739673

>farmers:ewww her lips are always crusty she should put chapstick on them.
>Shay:just smooths them out on faceapp

No. 1739674

And yet she couldn't even give her dehydration-induced eye bags the same smoothing tool treatment.
For the love of God shay, drink some water and wash your fucking face. No reason for an unemployed, childless 25 yo to have eyebags that severe.

No. 1739675


buy more clothes you broke bitch. or get shane to do it. i can’t wait for him to get annoyed at her at some point because she keeps wearing the same clothes and they smell like ass

No. 1739680

>implying this tranny-fucking brony faggot doesn’t smell like ass himself

No. 1739683

How long as he been there for? Like when tf js he going back, she barely knows the dude and now he’s just abandoned his family n moved himself in lmao. I wonder what excuse they told the kid. “Daddy’s going away for awhile to pretend he’s a dad and fuck some random ham hawk” like damn. Not even a business trip lol n

No. 1739689

Since before new years so about a week. I really hope he ghosts her after he leaves. If that personal info another nona posted about him earning 19k a year is actually correct (or even if it’s not tbh) I’d put money on Fat Shat paying for everything since he has been there, he’s just using her because she’s a desperate doormat. As soon as he has booked it back to deliverance country she’ll start with the “I’m struggling to make rent this month pls gib coomer shekels uwu” ebegging bullshit, mark my words

No. 1739695

In both of these images it looks like she's been crying. It could just be the alcohol bloat walnut eyes or the filter though.

No. 1739732

Based, imagine engaging in a fetish that only exists because men see submitting to an inferior (EI women) as inherently humiliating and are aroused by it. Don't care if it's OT, "dommes" continue to cope and seethe as if you're better than other kinkwhores

No. 1739734

For a bimbo brat Barbie who loves pink, she really only has the one poo-poo corpse lipstick shade from like 2012

No. 1739751

She looks like vivi here kekkek

No. 1739758

This bitch looks like a clown that stank ass looking brown lipstick what? Kek

No. 1739795

so when is she going to post
>OMG I went out with Daddy last nite & everyone was saying i was sooo cute & somebody asked my name and b4 i culd even say it they said, "Barbie?" and sjbhsavgysvhbsjknjisabsygvagsvbjnfjkaposmaoipsnubdyubvsauinsoa[j[if0[jvhuyewgfyvwbi omg!

>omg i got so much compliments on my outfit & hair, I wuz in the bathroom & some girl came in like, "wow i love you hair and your style is so cute!" Omg d habshgabsijnjf[oiabsuvbjmdfjnbdhbaybsh!!

No. 1739807

I wanna say this is the worst she's ever looked.

No. 1739820

this is the reason shane’s wife doesnt care that shaymu is getting her sloppy seconds. just yikes, and damn her honker looks huge

No. 1739838

bump don't scroll

No. 1739839

She deleted a sad bait tweet that said he's leaving Monday. It's still so weird that a dude she met one time at a fetish party would just be there at her place for a week. Like in a normal situation what if they didn't get along or actually like eachother that would be so awkward? If he turned out to be some sick freak… oh wait he is and Shats going along with it. For now, at least.

No. 1739865

>OMG I went out with Daddy last nite & everyone was saying i was sooo cute & somebody asked my name and b4 i culd even say it they said, "Barbie?”
KEK, my dumbass thought this was a real tweet for a sec

No. 1739883

kek nona im screaming

No. 1739930

what exactly is weird? he came to visit, they hit it off well and he stayed for a week. its not necessary weird. other than the fact he had a wife, kids and a couple trannies to go home to kek

No. 1739941

Letting a man that you've only met in person once stay with you for a week is weird and it's dangerous. Soyjak Shane could be completely different from who Shayna thinks he is because she has only spent a few hours with him at a tard con and has spoken with him online. He's already a gross pervert that fucks trannies but it could have been much worse. He could have murdered her and the only people that would notice that she was missing would be this thread and pedo Ellen.

No. 1739942


i will say that the polly pocket pressons are a huge improvement over the tan ones she was wearing for so long

No. 1739959

it's a marginal improvement at best.

No. 1739975

>what exactly is weird?
She is letting a man she barely knows almost choke her unconscious and drug her to live out sexual assault fantasies while she role plays as a kid so I'd say the fact he is a violent pedophile is weird

No. 1739976

They definitely look like they need to be filled. Im pretty sure she got them courtesy of her aboosive horrible mother when she visited and thats probably why they look different than her usual maimed hot dog nails.

No. 1739977

File: 1673215509611.jpg (45 KB, 600x600, B0GR2lkCUAAjynS.jpg)

Edited into Jay Z lips

No. 1739979

What's weird is a dude that you don't really know that you invite to stay at your place for a week could turn out to be a disgusting, violent, pedo sex freak that assaults and violates you. Which is what he in fact is and did! If she wasn't cope larping the whole ~its so hardcore and kinky u just dont get it u vanilla bitches~ so hard she would she how fucked it is and that it is a cautionary tale.

No. 1740000

Ntayrt but agreed, I wonder where he sleeps at her place. Do you all think he slept in bed with her? That sounds way too intimate for two people who barely know each other. Now that I think about it I wonder if they kiss and act like a couple?
kek this post sounds like it was written by Ellen unintentionally

No. 1740001

I maintain she’s skin walking vivi kek

No. 1740003

File: 1673219132165.jpg (37.52 KB, 500x680, 1671850431708.jpg)

aw you can tell shes really trying but it's still giving pic related

No. 1740008

Did you miss the picture of her immedeitly after sex with cum on her lopsided tits? They already passed the point of too "Intimate". The coom wasn't even dry on her dry skin before she took the damn picture.
She fucked fupaul the first time she met him raw. This is what Shayna does. She likes Shane Pierre Sonnier and so she's moving fast, but when you think about it she went and sucked Soy's dick real quick as well. It's all about her attraction, notice she doesn't brag about kissing or eating Ellen's pocketbook nor her doing the same. Just with scrotes.

No. 1740010

File: 1673220537687.jpg (83.72 KB, 333x299, Carmela_Soprano.jpg)

Between her new hair, her big nose, and the lips… It makes her look so… Italian? Like a special needs Carmela Soprano.

No. 1740011

Doesn't Shane's sisterwife have bangs? Kek I wonder if thats why she got them and cut her hair a little shorter

No. 1740022

File: 1673221677194.jpeg (581.15 KB, 1170x1528, DA92B04F-484F-44F8-BD32-5E6B03…)

Get ready for her suicide baiting and depression tweets tomorrow when the dude leaves

No. 1740030

idk i feel like you're young or terminally online. im not denying the "he's drugging her and part of thropple" is dangerous and pathetic, but just meeting a guy and him spending a week really isn't that weird in real life. if he or she started acting weird or "not like how they present" then either of them have the freedom to leave or ask them leave. it just feels like a nitpick when there's so much else weird about the guy and the situation. him staying a week really isn't the weird part.

No. 1740031

She's sucking in so hard here.

No. 1740040

Inviting someone you meet at a degenerated convention for a week to your house to make you their play thing is desperate and only weird people do that nonnie.

No. 1740047

File: 1673227343493.jpeg (143.79 KB, 1242x1153, CED811F3-2D05-4D88-9760-0952E2…)

No. 1740054

File: 1673227824786.png (10.87 MB, 1242x2208, FAF9AACD-14EF-4555-9945-D70317…)

I love how the makeup does nothing to make her look pretty. Minus the filter working overtime and the over lined mouth , She literally looks the same. Big ass honker and all, just with horrible painted on eyebrows and blackhead freckles

No. 1740066

It's definitely weird to let someone you met in person once and had a few online convos with spend the week at your house. It'd be different if he was in a hotel and visiting with her, but the scrote is most likely sleeping in her bed and sharing her one towel. jk, I'm sure neither of them have showered yet.

No. 1740067

she looks like if an older millennial/ young gen X mom who got an "e-girl" make over from her zoomer daughter.

No. 1740077

the 2020 egirl makeup is supposed to make you look younger Shay, how did you manage to look 48

No. 1740084

Im saying like if he lived in or near her city and they met up and hung out at the bar, restaurants, whatever recreation several times as in actually spent time around eachother to get to know eachother and literally see how the other behaves, then yeah staying over is reasonable. A guy from states away you met ONCE in person at a fetish event then have only talked to primarily in sexual nature via phone and internet, having him come over for a whole week (assuming they planned this) is risky and weird. Especially given his fetishes and obvious red flags.
I know Shatna has no regard for her safety and wellbeing, but normal smart women would take more precautions.

No. 1740085

Even this person’s natural lips are twice the size of Shat’s crusty papercut

No. 1740087

Her compete lack of self-preservation instinct blows my mind. I alternate between thinking she’s got a legitimate death wish and thinking that she’s legitimately retarded. Or maybe it’s both.

No. 1740094

Having rough sex and being used like a prostitute punching bag by some soy boy psycho ptsd war vet isn’t really what I meant by intimacy. Yes sex is incredibly intimate to anons here assumably but I’d say that this kink thing is another kind of more violent and less emotionally involved sex and not the type of sex that a couple who cares about each other traditionally has. That’s the type of sex and intimacy that they are having. The type of intimacy that would surprise me is acting like a legit couple, like sleeping in the same bed, kissing, and so on. That’s why I am curious if they are actually behaving like lovers or shes really just a kink buddy and punching bag for him.

No. 1740117

Shes going to get scammed with a fake check or cash app fraud

No. 1740120

Nona I've been seeing Carmela ever since she got the bangs but I'm also face blind and on a recent sopranos binge so I haven't dared say anything. So relieved I'm not alone in seeing it though.

No. 1740127

seriously why the fuck would she just publicly post that she’s new to this and doesn’t know what she’s doing? that really brings in customers. fucking retard.

No. 1740129

I don’t even understand what she’s trying to say in that tweet, I don’t know if it’s because I’m ESL or what

No. 1740130

File: 1673242894686.jpeg (404.05 KB, 750x1080, DB4F08E9-E401-44B7-B135-FAC0C1…)

what a horrible self brought on life she leads good god

No. 1740132

This rancid tub of lard deserves nothing but the worst, I hate her so fucking much

No. 1740134

>on the floor
>sat on her back

kek ew

No. 1740135

literally hogtied. bleaqué.

No. 1740137

Kek she really had to make a separate text post to talk about her cringe BDSM sex life. Wow it’s so kinky to have a fat guy sit on you and use a machine to bring you to orgasm. Tiring, every day it’s the same old shit. Not even the a-log posting is worth it at this point, her life is sad enough.

No. 1740145

This just sounds painful. There’s no way she was orgasming from a fat man sat on her back.

This is just pleasure for him, there’s nothing she gets out of it

No. 1740154

I feel so terrible for her neighbors rn.

No. 1740165

what the fuck is this lipstick?? she's addicted to tiktok and copying "egirl" makeup but went with this horrible 2013 matte lip instead of a tint or a gloss?


i feel like she made this up, if this was real she'd post a nasty looking photo that the scrote took of her tied up or something, it seems like she'd try to make "content" out of this. or maybe she did try to record or take photos but she looked like a disgusting pig in every shot so she had to settle for posting this fanfic

No. 1740172

Not everyone is a degenerate like you nonnie.

No. 1740196

How is she hog tied face down on the floor, him sitting on her back (?) while he uses a vibrator on her clit and a fuck machine in her? I hate that I’m trying to picture this but it physically doesn’t make sense?

No. 1740222

Nta but you’re right…
If you were legs to ankles you’d be doubled over so how is she also face down with him on her back? Legs to thighs maybe?! (I hate that I’ve had to think about this)

No. 1740236

so he’s not fucking her or what? just the fucking machine?

No. 1740239

Didn't she already post a similar scenario? And I agree it doesn't make sense physically I was realizing that the more I read. And its in a notes app or something like one of her repeat "wants to go viral" tweets or other gross fantasies she probably randomly thinks up or rewrites from a crime doc. No pics. It really does seem suspiciously fake.
Idk if its worse that it happened or worse that she's sitting there pretending it did.
Also are they not actually fucking? She hasnt said a word about ~daddys big uncut cock stretched my uwu tiny pussy~ or anything about them doing that. Again, no pics. She posted when he got there he throat fucked her or something and came on her but that was it. Its all so weird.

No. 1740300

the fact she started it with "omg" and did it in that retarded as no pause, no period cutesy style lets you know how she really feels about it if it even happened. It wasn't something she enjoyed, it was something she let Shane Pierre Sonnier do, sit on her back, and tape her mouth, because she knew it'd make him "Happy'" and a good story for social media.
We all know she was probably giggling and fake moaning the whole time. I think thats why scrotes get bored with her. The sex or anything else isn't "worth" sticking around and dealing with an woman they don't like. Fupaul stuck it out so long because he's fat, ugly and a baby daddy. He has no other chance at getting a younger woman who'd let him do retarded things. This scrote is just doing whatever before he leaves, he's probably going to go home and hopefully ghosts Shayna for keks.

No. 1740306

This is the 2nd time she has mentioned something like this and it is so far past "hard kinks." Shoving fabric in someone's mouth and taping it shut is a very quick and easy way to suffocate them, only a little bit of that flimsy fabric needs to be pulled into the back of the throat and they are choking. It's only made worse by her hands being covered and having no way to signal she is uncomfortable. If her blood pressure doesn't kill her, one of her daddies definitely will.

No. 1740322

This sounds nasty painful, pitiful, and fake. He didn't even want to fuck you at any point shanya? Just wanted to see what you'd let him do to your body. Oof.

No. 1740329

relax edgelord. imagine getting pressed over shayna’s fake rape fetish ramblings

No. 1740339

There’s that naive anon! So bright, so hopeful. What makes your speculation that this didn’t happen more compelling than the fact Shayna posted saying it did? Are you her new daddie? That you think a scrote wouldn’t get off doing this, or wouldn’t just do these things because he can is naive. There are plenty of documented cases of men treating women in this manner, many of them murderers.
If it helps you cope with reality to think no one would ever do these things it’s understandable but your version of what happened isn’t more realistic just because you think shay is a liar.

No. 1740340

they're right

No. 1740353

File: 1673280421188.jpeg (106.51 KB, 827x543, 1DDC4E6A-C194-42BA-9809-CF45B0…)

Bronyboy is outta there.

No. 1740357

I hope she goes and gets tested for STDs but she probably won't.

No. 1740369

She's so predictable.

No. 1740371

“I got so attached.” Can’t wait for the rest of this train wreck

No. 1740378

As much as i hate shay as a person, i love her as a cow. Kek the milk always flows from the rut that is her life! I would evil laugh but i feel that would imply that it was my doing. Its more glorious knowing she did this all to herself. What a hearty morning kek! Let the milk floweth fellow nonas!

No. 1740379

File: 1673282498153.gif (859.26 KB, 300x300, 2B793908-D4B8-491E-94F9-39DAC1…)

Been waiting all week for this

No. 1740380

Even if it's fake it's still vile and disgusting. She's literally promoting sexual violence against women. The only saving grace here is that she's a fat ugly nobody so her level of influence is small, but it's vile. She larps as a child and constantly talks about how she wants someone to abuse her. She doesn't deserve anything good to happen to her until she changes her act. (She won't)

No. 1740388

she thinks he's going to see these and turn the plane around for her.
also it's seems like they were sharing a bed

No. 1740396

this behaviour is so pathetic and actually really scrote-ish. like when some maidenless moid begs you to send nudes or show your feet or always fire-reacts your stories for years on end, this is that but in female form

No. 1740398

you’re a fucking mongoloid retard. kill yourself.

No. 1740420

>throat fucked her
Let's be honest, nonnie, that moid probably has a dick the size of a big toe at best.

No. 1740421

co-dependent problems. she literally bases her interests, personality, and entire life around whoever she’s closest with at the moment. just ~*mentally ill*~ things.

No. 1740422

I don’t think Shayne Pierre Sonnier actually fucked her? The most he did was ejaculate on her which he could have done with jerking himself off. I doubt he came from a blowjob because a bj from Shaynus is like putting your dick in and out of a Parmesan cheese grater. Anyway I wonder if one of the poly “rules” is that Shane isn’t allowed to penetrate degens with his chode.
Random but i think a net positive for the greater Seattle area is for Shaynus to get braces to mutilate scrotes even more with her terrible blowjobs

No. 1740423

Finally. But that's not normal. Its normal to like someone, spend time, and be bummed when it's over. But it's not healthy or normal to be crying and have your whole mood and demeanor shift. Get psychiatric help Shatna ffs. She could be exaggerating, but that kind of stuff is way more believable than her public encounter and sex stories tbh. And idk what purpose looking like an emotional clingy trainwreck would serve.
Still funny to me she has never mentioned anything to the detail or emotional involvement with her "gf" Ellen or whoever she claims s her other partner. Though we havent heard about "The Dad" in a while.

No. 1740425

Of course this lazy hambeast sleeps during the day instead of getting up and going about her business like normal people do

No. 1740427

You are obviously a chronically retarded WK hell bent on derailing and infighting. Other anons have pointed out that you pipe up only to deflect from Shat’s fucked up scenarios. Your samefagging is extremely obvious too, even though you try to alternate between saging and not saging. I’m going to report you every time you post, as should other nonnies.

No. 1740428

She’s in shambles over a dude who won’t even claim her. Bleak

No. 1740429

>she thinks he's going to see these and turn the plane around for her.
Kek does she think she's this super hot bimbo homewrecker and he would leave it all behind for her?

No. 1740432

Yeah she hasnt been gushing over his ~amazing cock~ and if the scenarios went down even kinda how she said, sounds like he doesn't use it much. I said it that way because of how Shat described the experience and we know it wasnt just some foreplay oral or something like that because this moid (at least as shes presenting him) is disgustingly deranged.

No. 1740435

I think she wants to be and is delusional enough to think she could kek. I hope she continues to never get picked and maybe one day all the trauma and fucked up shit and embarrassing things she did for scrote crumbs catches up to her and really hits her. But pickmeism is typically terminal.

No. 1740436

Yes, I really do think she thinks that! I see Shayna being the kind of woman that enters poly relationships thinking she’s a threat. Probably because the men in her life have been so easily taken from her, or just left her, she thinks can (or wants to) do that to other women.

No. 1740441

I still don't get why she won't post herself with Shane Pierre Sonnier. He already has a picture with his wife showing her bits. I do not get why these dengerates show their degenecy but then don't want to be publicly connected to Shayna. Then again, I assume that if their parents come across their bullshit, you'd have to question, "Hey, you're on this fetish dating site? Oh you know i'm dating a woman who wears diapers, I drug and sit on her back? How did you even come across her?"

No. 1740442

not parents but family and friends.

No. 1740458

i think it’s regarded that you guys have to be told not to do dumb shit or you’ll get banned. femcels

No. 1740462

shut up, reguard

No. 1740464

Shatna says its because of this thread/her hayterz but like if theyre so open and unapologetic about their disgustingness then why care? Close the browser. Theres a few autistic cow tippers but no one here is going to do anything actually dangerous and harmful like her choice of scrotes or coomer base would. Everyone already knows about Ellen and Shane. Its not hard to figure out. She just doesn't want to claim Ellen because shes an ugly fat loser tard and Shane doesnt want to claim Shat because she's just a whore to fuck and otherwise an embarrassment even by bottom barrel moid standards. Really is like Fupa 2.0 kek

No. 1740465

i can't get a screen cap now but she's talking about how she fell in love with shane and that she's so lonely. she's so fucking creepy and smothering. and for a degenerate rapist brony of all things

No. 1740466

Kek. But also pls ignore the moid. It feeds off of our attention.

No. 1740467

File: 1673291068599.jpeg (223.52 KB, 828x614, AE3653BC-1898-4E3B-9FCB-F8A8CB…)

imagine having zero boundaries or friends to the point where you post this shit on your degenerate kink ~sex work~ twitter where you’re supposed to be selling yourself

No. 1740469

File: 1673291351794.jpeg (629.31 KB, 3072x3072, 2C1DDC0D-87D3-463B-945D-E87D84…)

Ellen and Shane are now Twitter mutuals kek I wonder if they met, I feel like Shay would’ve tweeted about “mumma and daddy”

No. 1740470

Everyone and their dog has bpd now, she’s just a sad and miserable person with no life so she only gets dopamine from random men visiting and abusing her. Go touch grass and make some friends so you don’t sit in an apartment drinking all day and writing questionable fanfiction about the sex you want.

No. 1740477

File: 1673292250810.jpeg (215.77 KB, 827x1194, FB38D5B3-EF7B-44E2-AD26-ABE47A…)

No. 1740478

Bitch just sleep with your "girlfriend/mommy"… unless she's just a convenient placeholder/roommate? Hmmm… really makes you think…

No. 1740479

>make a living off of being sexy
you struggle to pay rent off of exposing your entire holes and doing the bottom of the barrel degenerate fetishes

No. 1740480

kek the cope, really bold to claim that we are the losers in the equation while fatty is having a meltdown over the rapist brony with wife and kids at home

No. 1740481

File: 1673292678285.jpeg (121.04 KB, 827x916, AE00281A-D384-41F1-9E69-4EC661…)

Pt 2 already deleted

No. 1740482

literally egirls who arent obese like belle can make millions without even showing hole, shaynas too frumpy and degenerative to ever be popular

No. 1740484

File: 1673292733848.jpeg (162.89 KB, 827x817, 1B0A8677-DFCA-4FDB-8C22-8A010A…)

It’s such a mystery

No. 1740487

File: 1673292937173.jpeg (272.32 KB, 828x945, 9AD922C6-692C-4A12-B1AB-6C637B…)

nigga you jerk off to your biological daughter shut up

No. 1740488

File: 1673293150126.jpeg (213.53 KB, 828x557, 9FB9B545-8D5A-4353-AC0D-634CBC…)

shay: literally why do people hate me!!!!
also shay:

No. 1740496

Wow this is fucking disgusting and absolutely deranged pedophile shit

No. 1740497

kek it'd be funny if he didn't. I'm pretty sure he did but if you can't tell besides Shayna talking about how "Tight" people claim she is, she never talks about PIV, I assume because she just lays there, gets slapped or choked or some shit. She doesn't enjoy it, it's not kinky for attention and it's probably over quick kek. Notice they didn't do any anal shit either.

No. 1740498

just shoot me in the fucking head; btw yeah elon you're doing great getting the pedophilia off of twitter

No. 1740501

? Is he broke kek, why get in a relationship with a scrote knowing you are clingy ass hell, he lives far away and you or him, won't be able to see eachother often, PLUS he's married with kids and fucks multiple people? it sucks to suck. Shayna is going to go broke, spending money to see him AND staying in a hotel, because we know he's not going to let her stay at her place. Shane Pierre Sonnier is either broke and/or isn't going to make time/spend money to see Shayna Leigh Clifford. Kek sucks to suck Shayna

No. 1740502

Honestly the idea of that is so fucking horrifying to me ngl. That’s some saw trap shit, choking on underwear with a Brony on your back doing contortionist type shit & there’s no tapping out?? nahhh.

No. 1740503

File: 1673293874871.jpeg (212 KB, 828x864, E05252C5-A3E4-47F3-9251-34A6FB…)

just what fatty needs

No. 1740504

I call by next week shes gonna be posting about moving to Kansas because she needs a new year new start and its cheaper and she'll be happier kek

No. 1740505

fuck shayna and I wish the worse for her

No. 1740508

Now that I’m thinking of it, he left on the 29th & came home on the 8th/9th. So Shane Pierre Sonnier ditched his child for New Years to go get drunk and do deranged shit with shatna instead. Bleak. How do you even explain that to a kid lol

No. 1740509

kek imagine bragging about $25, and I notice how Shayna loves to pick fights the moment she's feeling bad. Everytime she has a meltdown she finds SOMETHING or someone to throw shots at. Also I wish she'd stop this bullshit. Nobody doxxed you, nobody stalks you or the freaks you show off. It's literally a google away.

No. 1740510

love how shane and ellen and anyone she actually knows isn't comforting her or commenting on her posts, it's random strangers with incest twitter accounts, lonely fat and failed sex workers and literal retard disabled men. look at her replies and who likes her posts sometime it's crazy

No. 1740514

well he obviously can't afford to make another trip and/or maybe he spent his work break fucking with Shayna and won't know when he'll be back. Shayna people who care for you make time. If he was in love with you as much as you him, he'd do whatever it takes to make sure he's able to see you. When she's broke she makes a way. Also shayna doesn't move like someone who believes they are being "Stalked". She regularly posts where she is, what she's doing and where she'll be at. LOLCOW has done nothing. She doesn't seem to tell these people, "Hey if you have a public account connected to your name and you don't want people discussing it on lolcow, maybe you should privite it'.
Everytime from Ellen, to Sol, to Fupaul, to now, all people have done is GOOGLE.
Nothing more or less.
Besides Fupaul, the retard who claimed he sent picturs to her grandmother (not Lolcow) and the person claiming to be Shay's sister (Which wasn't confirmed), nobody fucks with Shayna.
We discuss things and yes the retarded cow tippers on twitter are retarded, but thats really it.
She needs to stop being dramatic. I won't pretend lolcow watching Shayna is "flowers and roses" but we are in our own corner of the internet

No. 1740515

File: 1673294709771.png (46.94 KB, 123x142, shaynus.PNG)

every time i see her post it brings me into a deep depression

No. 1740517

File: 1673294988835.jpeg (427.34 KB, 750x872, C6E261E6-675D-4193-AC65-D4EAA6…)

No. 1740521

yeah anon I think either his fiancée doesn’t let him fuck other women with his chode and/or he has some sort of erectile dysfunction and can’t get hard to have penetrative sex with a woman hence why he does something else and only ejaculates on her tits. Did her makeup around her mouth look messed up in the initial photo? I’m wondering if she even touched his dick kek

No. 1740524

File: 1673295280552.png (29.53 KB, 778x175, whatthefuckisthisguysproblem.P…)

what is this dude planning on doing to stop farmers laughing at shaynus, she needs to delete all social media if it really gets to her that much, but alas, she will shill her hambeast ddlg dildo videos

No. 1740525

you aren't defeated though, you are upset that this scrote left you and you don't know when you will see him, then some retard made a post now you are trying to get mad at Lolcow because it's easier to be mad at us. Then the fact that the scrote would've left and you would'nt know when you'd see him again, lolcow around or not.
He's broke and/or just isn't that into you to make more time, plus he has a family and other shit to do. Maybe don't date people in those situations?

No. 1740527

does she realize that this is a feeder? no? ok

No. 1740529

File: 1673295569096.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

>boohoo i can't do anything to make them stop

No. 1740530

buy her some ham to eat in her ham-colored wig on her ham hawk ass

No. 1740533

imagine if she had said "and calling my dog fat!!!" kek

No. 1740534

girls don't fucking kill people, we bully people, when you get a kiwi thread then be worried

No. 1740536

If you don't want people talking about what you post online, stop posting about yourself online. Commenting on publicly available information is not stalking or harassment.

She's angry at us because she knows that these threads are the most attention that she will ever get her life. Moids don't care, she's a quick wank and go until they find someone skinnier and more attractive posting free asshole pics. We will always be here. Her greatest achievement in life is not being some super hot bimbo barbie that men can't resist, it's having over 100 threads on a lolcow site.

No. 1740537

Gun violence isnt very ~positivity twitter woke bimbo~
No one is actually doxxing her or stalking her. We respost what she overshares and laugh at her. I wish the autists wouldnt cowtip, but you can find hate and joke comments on anyone's feed really that has any sort of online presence.

No. 1740538

notice she never brings up us accusing her of being a pedo-panderer, just we think she's ugly or fat. Really makes you think

No. 1740540

File: 1673296142436.png (709.44 KB, 589x586, hamtime.PNG)

>don't talk 2 me unless ur giving me ham

No. 1740541

why did I laugh

No. 1740578

File: 1673296492825.png (380.92 KB, 640x863, getsumnewmateriallol.png)

it sure is

No. 1740579

She's packing away more ham than Hormel

No. 1740582

she makes it really obvious that she knows exactly why we hate her because of that. she knows we're right on that part so she conveniently leaves it out to only name the things where her three coomers can be like "no actually you're such a hot slut, amazing jerk off material, great shiny pussy" like that one retard >>1739310 except they don't even care enough kek

No. 1740583

she just makes herself look dumb then, she's admitting she's not in danger nor is anyone around her, we just laugh and she doesn't like that and to be far, nobody wants to be laughed at but come on. ALSO maybe you should have a weapon? When you regularly wish violence on yourself and talk about living alone. One of those scrotes could easily harm you. Like she doesn't bring up the shit we accuse Ellen of or Shane Pierre Sonnier, she could say,
"They accuse the people I love of crazy things" no, we call her ugly and fat. Oh and she claims we "Doxxed her" and "Stalk" her and people around her. She not once denied what we are saying is false or a lie

No. 1740584

she just makes herself look dumb then, she's admitting she's not in danger nor is anyone around her, we just laugh and she doesn't like that and to be far, nobody wants to be laughed at but come on. ALSO maybe you should have a weapon? When you regularly wish violence on yourself and talk about living alone. One of those scrotes could easily harm you. Like she doesn't bring up the shit we accuse Ellen of or Shane Pierre Sonnier, she could say,
"They accuse the people I love of crazy things" no, we call her ugly and fat. Oh and she claims we "Doxxed her" and "Stalk" her and people around her. She not once denied what we are saying is false or a lie

No. 1740587

jesus christ, this is truly depraved shit. I hate these sick fucks so much, I can only hope they're so coombrained that they never leave the house and they don't truly walk among us. pls get all your shit delivered, pedophiles and perverts. the only good thing Shayna does is not leave her house that often. Hope moids keep the greasy piggie in doordash credits long enough to keep her off the streets of Washington.

No. 1740595

>"I don't understand why people hate me"
>publicly likes/retweets/tweets things like this >>1740488

Retarded fat pedophile

No. 1740606

File: 1673305393536.jpeg (437.29 KB, 1170x1068, 3C4C1989-3D61-453F-A0ED-0E1DF0…)

No. 1740617

File: 1673306106637.jpg (346.99 KB, 1080x1998, Screenshot_2023-01-09-23-12-38…)

Nonce daddy has reactivated his Facebook but wiped it clean, privatised it and for some dumb reason just reversed his name kek.

No. 1740618

Horrific. I hate that you posted this.

No. 1740621

Did she just diagnose herself with bpd kekkkk

No. 1740622

>reversed his name
Wow, that's some L33T HAX0R type shit. No way farmers will be able to– oh… wait…

No. 1740631

Wasn't it always backwards

No. 1740633

She was “diagnosed” back in Oklahoma when she was going to therapy

No. 1740634

This made me smile and feel all warm inside. What a nice reward after a long day, Thanks Shayna!

No. 1740636

>Shane I'm thinking of breaking up with you if you don't continue to give me the same attention you did even though I entered this relationship knowing you were Poly!

Wow, she's already baiting him on her public twitter and he hadn't even been gone for a couple hours. This is gonna be a whole milkshake, folks. Love to see it.

No. 1740639

Her tweets are so pathetic. Does she really think the brony is going to look at them and pine to be back with her? He's probably finally able to breathe again and these tweets make every mile closer to his actual wife not come soon enough.

No. 1740642

Sounds like Mrs. Brony gave Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas an earful when he got home. Topkek. I think the "I don't know when he'll be back" has less to do with money and more to do with her not being worth the trouble.

No. 1740643

Sounds like Mrs. Brony gave Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas an earful when he got home. Topkek. I think the "I don't know when he'll be back" has less to do with money and more to do with her not being worth the trouble.

No. 1740644

People who are like 400 years old think this is how to outsmart the entire internet, literal boomer wifi war tactics

My theory in >>1739370 is that he is actually telling her she is exactly that in order to manipulate her. Shayna hasn't grown in any facet of her life so we can say with near certainty that mega pickme BPD shay wouldn't enter a relationship where she isn't centre of attention. He must be telling her that she's the true apple of his eye and that he wants her more than the others

No. 1740649

Yep. You just know he fed her bullshit lies like "You're making me consider monogamy" and "You're gonna ruin my life baby" type crap all week and she ate it up and let him do whatever the fuck he wanted with her. I cannot wait until she realizes she let a total stranger do extremely fucked up shit to her for no cash or fame. its gonna be especially milky when he ghosts her like every other guy before him.

No. 1740651

Pick me’s never prosper. Their misery fuels my life force.

No. 1740654

For a woman who makes her money of manipulating men for cash she certainly doesn't know how they work. You do not act like this if you want a guy to like you. You play it cool, you act unbothered, and you make yourself seems like an independent badass chick he wants to be around more. Not a mental case you need to walk on eggshells around. The loser thinks he's a fucking pony, let him chase you dumbass. She really does think giving it out is some sort of pussy-pass to allow her to act a fucking fool.

No. 1740661

lol this, she's lashing out at everyone cause she's pissy that her brony ftm scrote left her without promises. she always does this when she's mad. i mean >>1740517 she told her followers she genuinely cant stand them when they reach out to her to help or see if she's okay. this is the exact same shit she pulls on her mom when she goes home and gets upset that she's a failure compared to the rest of her family.

No. 1740662

This is shit you mention privately to a friend in DMs oh wait she’s a pedo and no decent person would be associated with her

No. 1740665

i wish i didn’t see this before i’m about to take my toddler for a bath. i’m about to throw up.

No. 1740666

File: 1673309951481.png (319.47 KB, 495x441, sack of potatoes mattel.png)

She genuinely has given up on trying to look good. She is so puffy now.

No. 1740667

This bitch likes literal child exploitation tweets under a kinky guise and thinks being fat is why we hate her and why she deserves the rope and to be laughed at

No. 1740669

File: 1673310166246.png (13.27 KB, 526x112, tranny make shay shay mad mad.…)

did she really get so butthurt she made this tweet over some tranny's comment about owning a sword? she's fucking losing it.

No. 1740670

It's refreshing when she feels bad about this shit. She knows deep down it's about the pedophilia that she enables but she won't ever admit it. Be depressed Shatna. Sure you're gross and disgusting but farmers wouldn't dislike you as much if you weren't a pedo sexualising children.

No. 1740674

Same, nonna. My daughter turns three in a week and to think these vile shitstains sexualize literal babies… I wanna alog in the worst fucking way. At least she's absolutely miserable.

No. 1740675

Why do anons keep calling her poly scrote a ftm? Is it a joke that I'm not understanding? I don't get it.

No. 1740677

His hair, face, and build, scream ftm

No. 1740678

File: 1673310805419.png (272.03 KB, 874x395, no one likes a pedo.png)

some hope for us on monday, she lost 60 followers the day she posted this pedo-pandering video larping as a kid being raped by the grinch. only other thing she posted that day with the gift her mom gave her, so it was definitely this that turned people off.

No. 1740682

>im not a bad person ): !!!!!!!1

but pedophiles ARE horrible people, the worst of the worst, and so are the sick pedo-adjacent retards (see: shay) who are so coombrained that you actually think being turned on by things like >>1740488 do not equate to pedophilia. if any type of person deserves bad things to happen to them, it's pedos and anyone who enables them or panders to them. no sympathy from us, we will continue to forever laugh at her posting a constant play by play of her mental illness infused "life".

No. 1740686

kek there's absolutely no way she is tight with anything in regards to her body. tight on cash, though, definitely.

No. 1740687

No shit, someone gave me a bunch of Jeffree Star shit for Christmas and one of the lipsticks was this color. The name? "I'm Daddy". Coincidence?

No. 1740691

she is too retarded to properly use a gun or know how to maintain one. she would just ignore gun safety and probably accidentally shoot herself in a ~kinky~ way playing with a gun with some fucked up scrote then our milk would end.

>>1739615 i have a suspicion that she never gets carded even with a "if you look under 40 we card" rule

No. 1740696

kek is the reast of her house trashed or something? Whats with all these pictures agaisnt that wall?

No. 1740699

File: 1673312246061.jpg (Spoiler Image,858.42 KB, 5000x2491, 1673312023560~2.jpg)

This pedo definitely seems sane ..

I'm more offended by the tweet Shay actually liked but I went down the rabbit hole of the profile and yikes. Some people shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

No. 1740701

No. 1740703

Again, not one post about how much she likes his personality or what they talked about nothing.These scrotes are just as much of a blank slate to shayna as Shayna is to them.
She doesn't even know or like them, just wants the presence of a dick haver she's attracted too, to go out to eat. I would not be surpised if their conversations were just like her streams.
6 topics, 3 are sex work and if he does talk about anything else, she'll bring it back to sex work, working at olive garden, high school stories, sex work, stalkers or make a corny joke, or some shit about her music taste

No. 1740706

lmfao it's insane how mentally deranged people on twitter are a dime a dozen. these people could not die off fast enough

No. 1740711

File: 1673312790708.jpeg (91.87 KB, 500x559, 1606179457670.jpeg)


No. 1740713

Don't fucking reply to that bait nonnies I am BEGGING

No. 1740726

Retarded bait at that. We've seen her b/g porn. She couldnt ride a dick to save her life. Bitch gets winded taking her clothes off. Worst looking bj Ive ever seen. She cant do anything sexily or that involves effort. Just lays there getting beat up on or shoving dildos in herself in her classic beached whale blob.
I know moid standards are in hell, but if I was one theres plenty of whores that are actually good at sex and look hot. You have a 95% chance of finding a better lay at a dive bar.

No. 1740731

It's getting hard to tell if the moid autism is Shane Sonnier of Wichita Kansas and his sows or edgy buddies or just internet incels taking advantage of lack of modding

No. 1740733

>acknowledges bait
>replies to it anyway, talks about other whores
Do you enjoy being retarded?

No. 1740734

It’s a raid anon, it’s not just Shat’s thread. Most likely Blaine and/or Elaine

No. 1740745

you just know that in her mind this behavior is just her being a widdle bwatty pwincess uwu and not a deranged codependent fat alcoholic pedo

No. 1740746

File: 1673314756006.jpeg (38.53 KB, 600x500, 68F238A2-90DC-4DBC-8F38-9DB393…)

>love to pull me dick

No. 1740756

says the ugly bitch who periodically go on lolcow to make fun of random people online when you have hidden issues about yourself because your parents never loved you.

No. 1740770

she can’t even ride a fucking dildo KEK not even the moid wanted to fuck her, he put her on the fucking machine like that’s how unwanted she is.
are u talking about shayna leight clifford aka shabba the hutt ?

No. 1740777

and you're on here because…? i'm guessing it's because you're a massive yeast infected cunt. i'm fine with my life and my kid. at least someone in my life fucking loves me, you lonely bitter bitch.

No. 1740782

This is somehow way worse than if they had sex, seems like he’s just seeing how much he can pointlessly torture and demean her. None of it sounds comfortable or pleasurable at all. What a creep.

(And for the weird “it’s all fake” anon idc if it’s real or fake, it’s weird and vile to even put this stuff out in public.)

No. 1740783

>reeeeeeee le flyover crotch goblins!!
This again? Take it back to r slash childfree, cosmopolitan-chan. Can you really not see why mothers of infants might be particularly disgusted by Shay’s grotesquerie and the larger issue of rapidly increasing societal acceptance of pedo porn? Come on.

No. 1740787

How are we still pretending literal pedophile logic is “kink”? This is why people dislike you Shayna. Most normal sane people think pedos belong in a woodchipper.

No. 1740790

Aww the pedo got his feelings hurt

No. 1740794

Can y'all stop interacting? Report and move on

No. 1740802

Not trying to reply to bait but anons, this is a perfect of men thinking putting "white" in front of women makes their hatred not misogynistic because it's directed at white women specifically. Yawn.

No. 1740803

Is this all the same retard or what? Or is it the shat herself? I'm fucking dying over here holy shit… OOOOOHH your words are so hurtful I guess all of us "fat crusty bitches with our saggy mommy titties" will just have to settle for our loving, stable homes and enjoy being fulfilled. Wow… how do we even cope?

No. 1740806

Pathetic amirite?

No. 1740809

Imagine ruining your body and life for a parasite and thinking that’s “fulfilment”. As bleak as Shayna herself.

No. 1740818

Wtf is going on in these threads lately? The past two have been even bigger shitholes than usual…

No. 1740820

the emojis got me thinking tbh but it’s fine nonas its not like we are the pedos or the one crying over a fucking tranny looking moid KEK

No. 1740823

File: 1673319108071.jpeg (644.2 KB, 828x1297, 069FEFB2-8A62-45A9-8DA1-1E1EB0…)

Please tell us more about what traumatised you as a child, Shat. Your mum wouldn’t let you have cheemsburbgers for dinner every night?

No. 1740826

File: 1673319214168.jpeg (77.19 KB, 270x275, 525A4EBD-8A1D-47E6-AA87-BF5BD4…)


No. 1740829

Is she talking about solo videos or did her and Shane actually film stuff?

No. 1740830

God this fucking hysterical. Imagine spewing such rotten sewage and thinking it's such an epic own. I was laughing at the brony situation, but whoever is sperging in here has me in fits. I pray to the lolcow goddess it is indeed Shatna and we're witnessing the post-brony meltdown in real time.

No. 1740835

Oh please for the love of all things spoiler this rancid hog

No. 1740836

I fucking hate this picture so much, the stupid ugly smirk makes her stupid fucking ugly face so much more punchable. She really does look like a single mother from a flyover state

No. 1740837

Omfg why do I have to filter through so much retardation just to get some milk in this thread

No. 1740841

Who knows, I guess we’ll soon find out. Though I’m guessing she didn’t film content with Shane or she’d have already been bragging about it

No. 1740842

Oh goodie, then I hope they rage so hard they pop one of their microtestes and cry themselves to sleep.

No. 1740845

Whoops meant to reply to >>1740829

No. 1740847

What the fuck is a “ralphmale” anyway

No. 1740853

Bitches will be lazy as fuck making cheap porn in their dingy apartment gaining weight by the day and glamorize it by pretending to have some trendy trauma/personality disorder as if those people aren’t out there living normal lives instead of being pedophiles online. As if it’s cool and relatable to live with serious mental illness so might as well give in and be a piece of shit that never attempts to get better! She has so many ways out of this bullshit and chooses to be a victim and literally gets off to being a victim in any situation.

No. 1740858

bitch looks like deviantart fetish art

No. 1740859

File: 1673319995539.jpeg (46.8 KB, 828x141, F8FF437D-2E4D-4EC2-AF09-C65C4C…)

Elaine’s latest sock on kiwifarms

No. 1740865

Mental health awareness campaigning was a mistake, because this is what it leads to, uwu muh trauma plz gib shekels uwu

No. 1740868

wtf is going on this the spam of shayna's pussy?

No. 1740870

who the fuck is Elaine? is a troon? it’s why it is so mad about women having babies because … you know… you need a real uterus for that.

No. 1740871

It looks like Shat has a new fan on the downs syndrome and autism spectrum. The stupid edits of the same picture are taking me tf out. Prime retard behavior, reminds me of the special ed kids who had Facebook accounts in high school.
So it's an actual true and honest woman who is spamming here? Honestly behaves very much like a sped male, bravo.

No. 1740875

Ok so just men being retarded as usual then, thanks for confirming

No. 1740880

She’s an actual woman who wanted to take over the site and has had multiple failed attempts at doxxing admin, she has her own threads here and on KF. Just look up Elaine Gertler Miller

No. 1740883

No, it’s more than one poster. Most likely Elaine and Blaine, possibly friends of theirs too

No. 1740884

It's too late Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas. We know who you are.

No. 1740885

No she's a piss fetishist with too much free time though. Right Elaine?

No. 1740891

Are saggy tits your fetish? Because you literally won't shut the fuck up about them.

No. 1740892

Quit fucking posting pron unspoilered I don't wanna see that shit on the front page you fucking utter retard

No. 1740894

Its autistic and annoying, but its also lowkey funny to see that pic spammed over and over. I hope Shatna sees her big fan over here and that gross, stupid picture posted repeatedly. Even as an unapologetic whore, I'd still feel cringe and embarrassment seeing such an explicit nude spammed.

No. 1740904

kek she's literally nikocado female version, even got the same retarded face and awful porn spam pics

No. 1740905

All I can see in these close-ups are those filthy, diseased looking hotdog nailbeds kek

No. 1740909

can Shayna’s fans go tip her so she can get some food? she needs it!

No. 1740910

I’m pretty sure that’s why they’re doing it, nona…
I was gonna say the same thing, spamming autistic edits of what is one of my most hated pictures of this greasy hog is actually amusing me a little bit too

No. 1740913

Kek nonna they think we're the same nonna

No. 1740914

ngl this one made me laugh

No. 1740919

Uh oh the shaytard spergs are now shitting up the cam whores thread.

No. 1740920

Me too, at least it’s giving us a chuckle while the site is in flames and Shat isn’t being particularly milky

No. 1740924

Creepy pasta shay

No. 1740926

I'm fucking wheezing

No. 1740931

Mandela catalogue shit

No. 1740933

File: 1673322311944.jpeg (925.65 KB, 1170x1205, B4E1055D-CC94-4275-A18E-D57FFB…)

Gross. His kids probably got him this

No. 1740935

File: 1673322367687.jpeg (334.27 KB, 1170x617, BBB3F28E-ECE3-4365-B667-1C7040…)

Now she’s all about Ellen

No. 1740940

I’m just reporting all that shit

No. 1740950

File: 1673323120640.jpg (146.63 KB, 1170x1415, To Catch A Predator.jpg)

Disgusts me to my core that he goes back to his wife and children after >>1737516 drugging and choking out random women he meets at fetish conventions. Didn't censor his wife's face because she encourages this behavior and allows a man who sexualizes children's sippy cups and pacifiers around her children.

No. 1740954

File: 1673323323269.jpg (150.04 KB, 1170x2041, Thrupple from Hell.jpg)

I can shit up the thread too.

Here's a better picture of that god awful crusty Velma. And a look into Shayna's future.

You can just smell the stale piss emitting from this group.

No. 1740963

i think the troons like that picture because she looks so much like a tranny in it. ONE OF THEM. ONE OF THEM.

No. 1740964

This is more interesting than whatever this dumbfuck porn spamming is trying to do

No. 1740965

Sage for tism but WHAT THE FUCK is going on??

No. 1740970

Reminded me of the absolute retardation happening in Luna Slater's thread in the last day… and oh jeez, there's Shayna's unspoilered pussy there too. Jesus Christ

No. 1740979

Damn she must be desperate and crazy after the Shane Sonnier left, she has never talked about Ellen(?) like this before kek

No. 1740981

I was eating and this came up on the front fucking page, thanks!

No. 1740984

Ironic that this horrifying ugly image is actually something she posted as content

No. 1740987

He's already starting to ghost her. I mean >>1740950 the man literally has an entire other family and three kids on top of his trupple pony-group. Then big shaynus is the after-thought embarrassing herself saying she's in love with this guy infront of the people who pay her bills. Peak embarrassing.

No. 1740991

Wait what? I thought Velma was his wife. Is Velma just one of the other poly whatevers?

No. 1740995

>>1740974 I could be wrong, but in looking at her social media, I think this might be his sister and not wife?

No. 1740997

Kek same thing

No. 1740998

File: 1673325043444.jpeg (376.7 KB, 1170x854, 0F88E409-12DF-4199-8EF2-9E3341…)

She’ll have another depressive episode when she sobers up

No. 1740999

Yeah that's definitely his sister. So >>1740954 must be Velma and his wife. She looks disabled. Which may explain why she lets her man fuck hogs as a hobby.

No. 1741000

she really looks like Shayna

No. 1741002

Ewwww thats really fucking gross when you think about it

No. 1741003

sorry nonas i fucked up. couldn't delete this picture in time but i guess now we know shane likes to fuck women who look like his sister. sorry nicole!!!

No. 1741005

Is Velmas actual name Amber? An anon in last thread had a screenshot that on facebook he is engaged to Amber. Omg imagine being an acquaintance of his knowing he's married but then seeing he's engaged to a totally different person kek the amount of questions…

No. 1741007

I don’t wanna say this because she’ll probably take it as a compliment she looks like she’s 12.

No. 1741008

i'm not sure if >>1740954 is the same girl in this photo >>1736674 if it is she abuses filters just as bad at shayna does

No. 1741020

Don’t be such a newfag, it’s unbecoming.

No. 1741031

She was face down legs spread facing away from the fuck machine, and her was sitting on her back facing towards the fuck machine and using a vibe on her at the same time. its the 2023 equivalent of fucking a girl with a paper bag over her head.

No. 1741040

File: 1673331292411.jpeg (334.61 KB, 779x859, AE0801EA-6B46-4D96-8ED1-13F70F…)

>its the 2023 equivalent of fucking a girl with a paper bag over her head
kek, I chuckled. I bet Shungus has been incessantly messaging him since the moment he left and he is already ignoring her, I think we’re in the precipice of some glorious milk nonitas
picrel, every damn time

No. 1741043

This bitch is mental jfc. Imagine being like this in your mid 20s over a shitty, below average, degenerate guy that already has multiple other partners and lives states away.

No. 1741044

I don't know which case is worse kek. In this scenario he isn't even fucking her… What's the point? Like I genuinely don't understand it. Moids generally are dying to get it in, so what is even happening here…

No. 1741048

Maybe it’s because Shayna smells

No. 1741049

Like that hairy faggot who completely ghosted her he probably couldn’t get his chode up. Imagine being so much of a disgusting smelly hambeast that not even the most bottom of the barrel degenerate scrotes can successfully fuck you

No. 1741053

I think these degenerates gave themselves erectile dysfunction from porn addiction and that's why they're attracted to shayna because moids usually graduate from regular hard-core stuff to cp worm they're addicted maybe fat edo pandering ewhores are the in between. imagine being within 7 feet of either of them. So gross.

No. 1741056

Seriously. Even if Shaynus didn’t admit to not bathing she always looks like she’s dirty and stinky, in every fucking picture

No. 1741057

File: 1673333817360.jpeg (100.03 KB, 828x260, DC468015-C5CE-4ADF-BF79-E73205…)

Semantics don’t make it any less repulsive and degenerate you fat cunt. It’s still fetishising rape

No. 1741060

File: 1673334225673.jpeg (320 KB, 828x1068, F2368759-D370-4540-BDAC-6770C3…)

The mental gymnastics these pieces of shit perform to justify their disgusting paraphilias

No. 1741082

Fuck off coomer and/or e-whore

No. 1741084

They dance around the word but non-consent in sexual context is literal rape. Pedo rape fetish trashy degenerate bitch will never be happy a day in her life and I’m glad she has no positive future.

No. 1741105

That’s because it is rape, and it is violence. Just because some mental ill punching bag agreed doesn’t mean it’s okay. If you have to defend a sexual encounter it means it wasn’t okay and not healthy or good.

Rocks for brains I swear