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File: 1572754616111.png (2.36 MB, 2480x3508, 1571337709225.png)

No. 888251

Last thread: >>880007

REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and blogposting and STOP POSTING ABOUT HER UGLY VAGINA AND HER ZITS

>Anon found out she had a warrant to her name due to multiple traffic violation, still haven't showed up to court to pay her tickets >>881243

>Got dumped by her new ~cute boy~ due to being an embarrassing alcoholic tard in public, is currently 3 weeks "sober" >>880425
>triple pen vid lul >>875166 spoiler, its gross
>depressed about not having money while bragging about spending $100+ on weed and booze
>realizes actual effort means something >>876046
>sigh, 12th twitter account suspended, lucky for her some orbiter makes her another @IRLbarbie
>has to make $300 by tomorrow to pay her bills (yikes, we knew all along) >>876404
>gets mad because people continue to make light of her shitty behavior >>876646
>cute boy becomes play partner >>877259
>HARASSING another SW >>877412 shay becomes mad because some other sw made a better executed post than she did and accuses her of copying her.
>makes a public tweet subtweeting the SW, calling her a “boring, uncreative ass” (wow you’re so positive shayna!) >>877419
>sends her orbiters to harass the girl, who ends up not evening knowing who shayna is and is overall positive about it >>877466
>shayna in turn, deletes the subtweet to hide her shame of being a trash talking bitch
>SW who was falsely accused is shown tweet that shay deleted of her trash talking and sad she was involved in some petty drama >>877476 >877483
>shayna does not apologize to her in any way. “I’VE CHANGED I SWEAR, IT WAS 5 YEARS AGO, I WAS A DUMB TEENAGER” (what a bright ball of sunshine you claim to be)
>butthurt about losing fake followers >>877555
>collared, who cares >>877760
>haters ruined her last relationship >>877904
>sick of the SW community because she’s “so nice!!!” and everyone else is so mean (didn’t you just harass a fellow sw?) >>878648 >>878660

- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no discussions about abrattypixie unless something actually relevant to shay happens between them

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumbbydolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/thedollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/DollyMattelMV (suspended)
https://twitter.com/Dollythemattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

No. 888264

My sides! That pic of her cracks me up every single time.

No. 888267

Shit OP, way to use the picture from like thread #8.

No. 888273

Agreed, we even discussed how a newer photo should have been used. This is such an old picture ffs.

No. 888277

Give OP a break it’s their first time making a new thread. They did a good summary of recent milk including links and linked to last thread at least. Also the pic is pretty funny. We all know how awful she looks now still.

No. 888280

I used the one collage that was popular in the last thread, no one asked for anything else. You're welcome to make a new picture and a new thread next time kek.

No. 888292

garbage op, garbage pic, sorry

No. 888313

so are we using this thread or just go back to the other one?

No. 888315

Something I find kind of funny is Shayna is against cancel culture yet she keeps bringing up her mom's political beliefs (which I don't believe at this point) to try to call her mom out and "cancel her" in the eyes of…I guess her orbiters?

Isn't that the "SJW" behavior she hates? Yet she's doing it to her own mother, who can't/won't even defend herself.

So hypocritical.

I 100% believe that Shayna made up the trump shit, JUST so she could get everyone to hate her mother as she does.

She knows that's an surefire way, because she has NO REAL reason to hate her mother.

Shayna has no tragic backstory as to why her mother's so fucking horrid, but she knows on tumblr/twitter she can say,"hey she's a trump supporter" and that'd make people not question her hate.

and if I recall isn't Fupa a repub? He could've voted for Trump, but it doesn't matter because he was/is fucking her and he's a male.

Even in her discord messages, you can tell she wanted everyone SO badly to shit on her own mother, who'd probably give her life to protect Shayna.

Also notice how she never brings up ANY of her dad's faults. When he kicked her out and asked her about punching herself, it was more humiliation.

Not anger or hate.

but when her mother or another woman fucking breathes, this bitch has an issue with it.

How you going to make Trump porn, claiming you are trying to "reclaim" and stand up for victims, yet you constantly telling females online to shut the fuck up and not criticize men?

No. 888318

File: 1572770520147.jpg (54.42 KB, 631x528, Capture.JPG)

No. 888321

File: 1572771143882.jpg (18.58 KB, 576x110, kkko.JPG)

She deleted this tweet.

It's so funny how she lurks, see's she sounds like the woman hater she is and deletes.

It's not like the screenshots are going to disappear Shayna.

You got triggered by a fucking joke or a silly saying , because you hate women.

No. 888333

File: 1572776240669.png (676.38 KB, 613x689, Screenshot_2019-11-03-02-14-34…)


Dang. The delusion is real in this tweet. Her? Pretty?? Yeah, nah.

No. 888346

Everything about Shay just screams "I'm not like the other girls", she hates women and feels threatened by them because she hates herself and doesn't have an identity that's independent from being validated by shitty men. Don't know what happened to her to cause this, but she's not going to fix it so it doesn't really matter.

No. 888347

and the worst thing is, she only gets upset when things are gendered to uplift or even JUST mentioning women.

When she was saying women are more toxic then men, that was fine for her to judge "based on what's in their pants"

It's like she feels women should only judge other women. But at the same time she's allowed to judge women and slightly tap men on the wrist when they fuck her over.

but the rest of us? We need to get over it and stay in our place.

it's so unlikeable.

THATS what makes Shayna ugly to me, fuck how she looks, her personality is very ugly.

I also think because her thread exists and plus her mother, that means ALL women are toxic.

So if thats the case, why can't women say all men are bad without her losing her shit?

No. 888378

i wish this had made it as thread pic

No. 888387


I dont get this. She listed two things, hair and makeup, both of those she could do with minimal effort. She has wavy hair. If she took care of it, she could grow it long and have her ideal hair. If she practiced her makeup looks she could easily do well done no-makeup looks that make her look fresh or dramatic makeup that she felt hot in. Instead she kills her hair with bleach and never branches from eyeliner so thick it makes her eyes look too small, overlined/ wrong colored eyebrows and a washed out complexion. Anyone remember when she did the pro shoot and her makeup was done professionally and looked great but she felt weird in it so she never did it like that again? She is literally the only reason she doesn't have those things.

No. 888418

File: 1572804619498.jpg (165.57 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20191103-180453_Twi…)

So much for not drinking

No. 888421

regular apple cider isn't alcoholic lmfao

No. 888423

Interesting that she says while her dad is visiting. It's almost like she's thinking of someone in particular. Kind of makes you go, hmm… It's like she's finally realizing she tries so hard to be hot, sexy, desirable, etc but for others it comes naturally and they can maintain their dignity and get attention for their beauty at the same time. I just wish Shay would drop the whole teenage rebellion schtick already and decide to make something of her life that didn't involve things like lighting fireworks in her pussy or walking around drunk and topless in the middle of the night. Don't get me wrong the milk is why we're here but it's stupid as hell that she's throwing her life of privilege away just so she can keeping trying and failing to prove her haterz and evil mom wrong

No. 888428

Prob British, cider here refers to alcoholic stuff.

What is it to Americans.. just what we'd call apple juice??

No. 888430

Apple cider isn’t filtered and is opaque in color, apple juice is and that’s why it’s clear. Google is your friend

No. 888443

File: 1572808574683.png (25.31 KB, 584x85, Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 2.16…)


No. 888460

Is this a self awareness moment or is she going to go on some tangent about how she was abused by her mother or other sex workers or some shit?

No. 888478

File: 1572820175993.png (293.62 KB, 570x238, yg3fifb27.png)

Never heard one single American uses "apple cider" to refer to unfiltered apple juice…(derailing)

No. 888479

dude https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_cider

anyway she’s clearly more homesick than that lol and refuses to admit that she should go home because this shit is really not working out for her

No. 888483

This is called hard cider…

No. 888495

File: 1572824112141.png (49.67 KB, 692x349, Screenshot_2019-11-03-15-24-47…)

Unrelated, but has anyone noticed how she jumps into conversations when her orbiters are chatting amongst themselves, only to change the subject back to herself? It's as if she can't handle other people having the spotlight. And it's amusing since some of them are attention whores.

No. 888501

File: 1572825280668.jpg (123.51 KB, 1080x524, Screenshot_20191103-175505_Twi…)

No. 888621

In other words, she's not working

No. 888631

Y'all remember when she said she LoVeD inTeRiOr DeSiGn but lives the way she does? Talked about how she would totally go to school for it and (of course) charge people to decorate their spaces.
Also. It's the 4th, Shay. Change your avi and pinned tweet linking to the the contest you absolutely lost, ya fuckin loser.

No. 888636

File: 1572872460582.jpg (97.95 KB, 1080x427, Screenshot_20191104-070119_Twi…)

Nobody cares

No. 888637

File: 1572872519843.png (39.34 KB, 640x415, IMG_0895.PNG)

Mystery dude must have come by for a Sunday night anal instead of Friday/Saturday

No. 888642



No. 888653

File: 1572876827499.jpg (342.86 KB, 1079x1294, Screenshot_20191104-081321_Twi…)

No. 888670

Wow, I guess her new boi/fupa could'nt wait for her dad to leave to get his weekend nut off.

No. 888671

I love how her dad came and she felt she needed to change nothing, having her dad see her barren shit hole and life.

Nope, she's going back to bragging about having sex, (like a 14 year old boy to his friends)


I bet this is the only time she paid FULL attention to her orbiter.

No. 888672

File: 1572882904009.png (115.59 KB, 720x676, Screenshot_2019-11-04-07-54-41…)

No. 888674

Oh so she's taking the picture (offering no money, as she stressed other people should do) but is lecturing the girl because she's offended?

and she doesn't "hate" feeling like she's ruining people's fun, this bitch literally got mad about an fucking bumper sticker the other day.

Again, showing her hypocrisy, NOW she can judge men because one did something shitty to her.

Maybe she shouldn't judge people by whats in their pants.

No. 888677

File: 1572883626709.jpg (25.99 KB, 352x310, Capture.JPG)

This what she mad about??

No. 888680

File: 1572883735370.jpg (15.84 KB, 767x116, dkdk.JPG)

Imagine flexing about leaving home at 18, just to end up where Shayna is years later

No. 888681

File: 1572883801146.jpg (28.38 KB, 731x239, hdhd.JPG)

Letting her orbiter shit talk her mom. This is fucked up to me, firstly, these issues wasn't her mom's issue ANY of the thing that this orbiter was whining about.

No. 888685

File: 1572883990866.jpg (46.94 KB, 796x473, lies.JPG)

No. 888686

Uhh who is this freeloading Washington ex she talking about?

No. 888690

No Shayna, your mother didn't want you mentally evaluated for leaving home. She wanted you mentally evaluated because you were acting irrationally, putting your life in danger and throwing all the opportunities you had away for bullshit that has gotten you nowhere. She cares about you, yet you're dead set on believing she was motivated to ruin your life, when she only wanted to save it. Go to therapy and get over your mommy issues please, it's getting old.

No. 888693

File: 1572884352157.png (715.18 KB, 1305x2048, Screenshot_20191104-111846.png)

lol someone's talking about her again I guess

No. 888694

Hmm, I wonder why her mother would want her mentally evaluated?

Lets see-

According to Shayna, she overdosed on a drug, she was always out partying smoking weed, drinking (underaged may I add)

She was camming underaged and someone SENT a camera to her family's home, didn't she ALSO have to take pictures to the police?

and didn't Shayna whine about her mother not wanting to get help for mental illness? Yet here she is, trying to get you help for it, but no, she's so evil and mean.

Her 18-year-old troubled child tells her she wants to have a career in porn and move away for dick and her mother is supposed to think that 18 years old is in her right mind?

Her brothers MUST've benefitted from staying at home.

No. 888695

File: 1572884400640.png (823.28 KB, 1553x2048, Screenshot_20191104-111909.png)

once again, blaming women and other sex workers for everything. Shayna, he's not going to pick you.

No. 888698

It's not that men need to get their act together or raise the bar for themselves, no. WOMEN have to do that for them, and since they're not doing it the right way, blame the women. Shayna do you read back what you type ever?

No. 888699

Bitch I thought you loveeee men, you literally let random raw your ass. Don’t go talking about low bars.

No. 888701

She's saying women need to raise the bar for men, and basically defending men's right to be shitty towards women, and unless women do something to fix it it won't change? I don't get it.

No. 888704

File: 1572884722499.png (1.28 MB, 2048x1638, Screenshot_20191104-112349.png)

this bitch thinks she's the hottest shit, when all she does is try to rehash tired old ideas that have been done to death.

But yes, everyone is obviously copying you.

No. 888706

and how can she call other sex workers hoes when she herself is a fucking hoe?!

No. 888708

2 hours ago, 1 retweet and 4 likes.

4k brought twitter followers.

Shayna, no one CARES enough to copy you. This place is the most attention you'll ever get in life.

No. 888710

what is she even trying to fucking say? She's the one constantly telling women to shut the fuck up about their opinions on men and not to judge them.

So not only do women need to shut up and not judge men, but now we need to pay money for them to respect us?

it's on THEM to respect people. If someone wants to give someone a big up for being respectful, WHY NOT?

Isn't that with Shayna wants? people to respect men? Not judge ALL men because some are bad?

She's a fucking idiot

No. 888711

I want someone to ask her, what has she done for ANYONE but sit on twitter and retweet shit that smarter people then her have said.

No. 888713

She's flat out lying about shit, those orbiters don't know the full story and are probably fucking teens.

They think it's as simple as, "Shayna wanted to do porn and her mother hates her!" no, Shayna has said herself, she was an shitty troubled child and her mother is worried about her idiot daughter.

There's SO much more going into all this. But she's being vague so people can shit on her mother.

No. 888715

Don't you know, Shayna is a huge activist, she's always going out fighting for sex workers rights.

extreme sarcasm

No. 888716

I really just want ONE sexworker to call her out, I really do.

No. 888717

lmao hating your mom isn’t a personality trait

No. 888724

What makes me laugh is No doubt, if she'd done a collab with that one orbiter, that one orbiter would've taken her under her wing, and helped her dumb ass, just like that other chick.

and then they'd fallen out because Shayna is TOXIC as fuck.

That girl has 100K followers and 5 times the amount of interaction that Shayna has.

Shayna's whining on twitter and rallying for MRA's and everyone else is making money and content, what a fucking loser.

No. 888727

she really goes hard for that "not like other girls" bullshit. she needs to grow up, good god.

No. 888728

>Dudes date and take advantage of sex workers for the money.

Hahahahha BITCH, WHAT MONEY! Please take several seats, you broke ho.

No. 888731

Maybe she didn't want to be associated with dogfuckerchan like that. Dawn was proven to have some skeletons in the closet too with a verified bf living in her basement and some weird ass lies about having no one to help with her puppies except Shay. I think she could have handled it differently I also don't think dogfuckerchan was ANY better than Shay

No. 888734

Im not talking about Dawn, I'm talking about Bratty, Shayna doesn't have any class, she doesn't care who she's associated with.

She just cares about what she can get out of them. She's so lazy now a days that her ass doesn't even want to travel EVEN IF to make money.

but she'll travel for some broke dick.

No. 888737

Her dad showing up made them postpone their Friday night fuck kek

No. 888741

Ohhhhhhh. Yeah that was all a little weird did we ever figure out why she didn't through with it?

No. 888745

I'd imagine it's because she's lazy, self-centered, and knows she looks bad next to other women more attractive and skilled than her.

No. 888746

Laziness probably. Which is funny, most the people she talks too actually have lives and shit they do, Shayna does nothing all day.

Her orbiters use her, but Shayna has SO much to gain just be being around some of them.

No. 888747

maybe she looked at her other girl on girl vids and realized how uncomfortable she looks.

No. 888748

File: 1572887512918.jpg (44.41 KB, 607x493, fjfjf.JPG)


No. 888750

LUL, I know this isn't the Fup, but kind of Funny someone named Mr.Friday is telling her to drink water Kek.

No. 888760


Its fupa. At this point it's pretty obvious they're still together. Especially considering how many times they were caught together after they had supposedly broke things off. (Dawn saying she was still talking to him, being caught out to eat together, being caught in her sun glasses reflection, being caught in his car when she got the ticket) they've gotten better at hiding it, but this account and the edgey tumblr dom are more than likely him.

No. 888769

I mean it would be funny but that twitter account is not Fupa. It was created in 2015 and belongs to an artist and you can see their work on twitter and ig. I do think the tumblr dom is Fupa though

No. 888771

It's not Fupa. i looked and yeah, it's just some rando, with a name I found ironic.

No. 888774

File: 1572890153678.jpg (26.06 KB, 611x347, fjfjfj.JPG)

Now she's trying to use this again. Now it's time for her to send herself asks so she can defend herself.

Other sexworkers use this to promote and speak to customers.
Shayna uses it to answer troll posts, stupid praise and clap back at haterz

No. 888781

>inb4 shay starts sharing ridiculous "omg dollyyy i love ur style and ur so pretty can i give u all my money" asks again

No. 888789

Imagine bragging on Twitter every time you have sex, what a life.

>Omg you're criticizing men? Toxic!
>Omg you're praising dudes for the bare minimum? work on yourself instead!
Pick a fucking lane, Shayna.

No. 888796


"The Cute bOI, isn't an bad guy, I fucked up! I need to stop drinking, I understand why he feels the way he feels! I've apologized over and over"

Also Shayna-

"Sure I've done a shit-ton of things, for my mother to feel the way she does. Sure I've complained myself about my mental issues, sure I've called her a cunt, bitch and all kinds of names. Sure, but she's still wrong and I've done nothing wrong, fuck her. I'm not going to take any responsibility for the state of our relationship"

not to mention her never apologizing to that girl she bullied.

It's almost as if in order for Shayna to respect you, it depends on what's in your pants and/or kissing her ass indefinitely (but only females, guys are allowed to treat her like shit)

No. 888802

Someone did buy her a Christmas tree last year and she decorated it with sex toys. Did she not get it in the divorce? Or did she throw it away like all the other shit she can’t lug around that other people bought for her.

No. 888928

Y'all want the fupa milk so badly it's sad sometimes. I'm not saying they aren't together but I come here and there's always some tinfoil about an orbiter actually being him and it's usually a reach. just let it happen. If it's him, he'll slip up. If not, we'll figure it out like always

No. 888931

Didn’t Shay announce that she had a plane ticket to meet with sadbaffoon and pixie on September 9th to collab. Did i miss something or did that never happen

No. 888932

it's based on whether or not she has something to gain out of the situation

No. 888934

File: 1572903329807.jpg (652.37 KB, 687x1656, 20191104_133433.jpg)

I think it was a real tree? I seem to vaguely recall her wanting a pink tree but Fupa saying no because he didn't want a plastic one.

No. 888937

It never happened. Shayna will uproot her life for some dick, but won't travel to work and meet with people who she considers "friends".

You know people who have done a lot of lip service for her ass. Funny how she has so much to gain by working with Pixie,she could easily use Pixie, her following and gain something.

But nope, she's a idiot.

Always whining about people being offended, cancel culture and Sjw's, but constantly gets triggered by the smallest things.

She's always trying to patrolling what people can and cannot say.

No. 888938

File: 1572904289790.jpg (31.26 KB, 591x297, fj.JPG)

No. 888939

File: 1572904403672.jpg (50.12 KB, 604x550, fjf.JPG)

No. 888940

File: 1572904427843.jpg (32.06 KB, 576x275, laa.JPG)

No. 888956

lol at shay thinking she's going to be able to maintain a house when she can't even keep a 400 sq ft apartment clean. Does she really think that she's going to rake leaves, mow the grass, shovel the snow and clean up after her dog? Any place remotely in her price range is not going to do that for her.

No. 888963

Do you think she got into some drama with her neighbors? I wonder what this whole thing is actually about

No. 888992

What's more laughable is her thinking she can afford it

No. 888994

probably just realizing what a shithole she lives in, and wants to escape, or at least have a new unit to stink up with weed smoke and booze sweat and dog smell.

her rent is what, $650 max a month? I doubt she's going to find her own house for that cheap.

No. 889006

$650 exactly, yeah. And she begs for it and pulls out the fake femdom act every single month to make it.

I searched Zillow for pet-friendly rental houses (not apartments) in Tulsa that are ≤$700 per month and it’s uh… pretty fucking grim, kek. Fitting for ol’ girl.

No. 889007

No. 889008

This is so bleak

No. 889009

She sounds and looks like Trisha Paytas in all of the most disgusting ways Jesus

No. 889013

File: 1572914237007.jpeg (393.67 KB, 1125x1160, 41308ABC-2D26-4C05-B0AD-1B25CE…)

she’s so salty

No. 889017

She legitimately sounds like she's on drugs other than weed

No. 889018

File: 1572914686505.webm (557.18 KB, 1280x720, GmlY2z-OfjWdu3ux.webm)

No. 889022

File: 1572915093117.png (3.64 MB, 1334x750, 414C5B02-EE20-4411-8B85-C0792B…)

No. 889024

What's funny is, that dude is such a shit head, always causing drama, always getting into shit that has nothing to do with him. Just like Shayna

No. 889042

She does these weird ass videos, that I’m sure SHE thinks is uwu quirky and cute, where she just seems like she’s high on adderall. She will repeat exactly what she’s just said at least once, and her tone of voice is all over the place because she’s trying to sound cute or some shit. But she’s so out of her mind she can’t hold it.
It’s like Vicky and her terrible British accent that goes in and out of an Austrian accent.

No. 889071

Amy winehouse vibes

No. 889075

File: 1572919897515.jpg (470.52 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20191104-201039_Twi…)

We already know she won't commit to this. The name and those pics are cringe

Also, who wants to bet she won't make a video using that tentacle

No. 889090

but without the talent and charm

No. 889099

No way she will commit to this weekly or use that thing. That looks like a horribly uncomfortable dildo. She would have to use lube and we all know how much she hates lube. And working.

No. 889100

Lol, her tagging them hoping for a retweet from them but their page… Dear god. It's destroyed holes, fucking rank but Shayna is not in that scene so why is she bothering?

That thing she has is bought is tiny compared to most shit they seem to sell/promote, which is disturbing.

No. 889101

Those eyes… she looks like she’s xans. Which isn’t out of the question, given her history of romanticizing pills, and specifically Xanax. Her substance use problems are only going to get worse as she continues her downward spiral lifestyle. I’m shocked the recent visit from her father wasn’t an intervention tbh

No. 889112

now that I think about it without anything that makes Amy winehouse, Amy.

shayna's not comparable to her at all.
she's just a drunk/high sex worker.

No. 889121

Didn't she say something recently about going to ask her neighbor not to flick their cigbutts in the yard? Probably told her to fuck off and watch her dog closer if she was so worried about Noodle eating butts and little princess got her feelings hurt but is too much of a pussy to do anything else.

No. 889124

She looks so fucked up, wow. She can't be serious with this.

No. 889127

I don't think they mean in personality, more in the drugged out look and not realizing how fucked up you truly look.

No. 889128


Whoa. I've seen stoners but wtf is going on with her?? She looks hella busted. Like drugged out and been crying or had an allergic reaction or something jfc get help Shay this was scary. Absolutely not sober and that was a mess and even more awkward than usual to watch.

No. 889129

I mean, not to defend shaytard, but cigarette smokers are trash and flicking cigs into a yard is probably a housing violation regardless. But no idea what her actual complaints are besides that?

No. 889133

I stg she thinks addiction is quirky or some shit. She needs some self awareness, she looks even more wrecked than usual and doesn't even realize.

No. 889145

File: 1572926892633.jpg (272.45 KB, 1077x1568, IMG_20191104_230635.jpg)

All I can see….

No. 889147

Y’all remember when Shayna was on cam right after she first moved into that shithole of an apartment, sitting right next to the wall, playing her music loudly and being her usual obnoxious self, and her neighbor started banging on the wall right next to her? Kek.

No. 889149

Every time she says “on god” the cringe is so deep. You’re a white girl living in Tulsa Shay. Stop.

No. 889150

when I first looked at this I really thought she was holding a pregnancy test

No. 889153

she outright asks other people for ideas on what kind of videos to make with the new toy.

Shayna, I thought you were so creative and everyone was stealing your ideas? A tentacle is not hard to come up with a stupid video idea for.

No. 889155

File: 1572928619041.png (200.24 KB, 750x1334, F46C1697-D500-4805-9B14-29F620…)

Link to her stupid dildo unboxing she posted for free on manyvids which is like listening to nails on a chalkboard for 4 and a half minutes straight


No. 889170

File: 1572930349425.jpeg (753.99 KB, 1242x699, 89CEE9FC-121F-4AE7-8662-68B65F…)

No. 889174

i had the unfortunate idea to check out what you were talking about and… lord i feel unclean, the shit on this store's page is somehow even ranker than shaynasty

she's going to either "lose" this dildo somewhere in her shitfilled apartment, or she's going to give it the 2-inch-gag treatment, isn't she kek

also what's with her voice warbling strangely between her normal tone and the grating baby voice she does?? it's so weird. i'm with the anons saying she's on some harder drugs than usual

No. 889178

jeez she sounds so rushed and paranoid she shouldnt do vids when shes blasted out of her mind

No. 889181

File: 1572931163251.jpg (282.29 KB, 1999x1124, PicsArt_11-04-11.19.23.jpg)

No. 889185

Actually dead inside eyes and the wings on her eyeliner going flat out horizontally from her eyes is weird af and not helping her look less strung out

No. 889186

I remember that! It was hilarious. God knows what horrors they've heard coming from her apartment.

No. 889187

There's no way shes going to put that in her rash gash. She's going to put it in her butt like everything else. That toy is big and not the traditional dildo shape. She's too stupid and not into sex to use it vaginally. She'll get a couple inches in her ass that's it. And like other anon said, she'll gag on the tip of it too, maybe brush her teeth with the "suctions".

No. 889191

I got through about half of that video. She sounds like she’s about to cry any second? I don’t know if that’s just because she’s trying so hard to sound uwu baby cute or because she’s extremely strung out on god knows what.

There’s something very unsettling about this video. I can’t put my finger on it though. It was just an all around uncomfortable video to watch. And she didn’t even really talk about much. She somehow managed to film a 4.5 minute “unboxing” video and talk about nothing. “It’s metallic green oooooo”.

No. 889193

File: 1572935031619.jpeg (102.79 KB, 1028x675, 8B999B8D-A2D4-4748-A6E8-621E6B…)

This hairstyle hahahah

No. 889194

don't compare loonette to shay omggg

No. 889195

File: 1572935458866.png (26.28 KB, 496x336, prayers for her fucking asshol…)

i dont think she ever said what size she got but its clearly the small. which is… 9 inches and 8 of it is usable. whatever BD she had would have been smaller. how she gonna put that in her vagina and ass w/o lube tho
think ur spot on w/ this dildo also disappearing. shes gonna hurt herself slflsa;

No. 889196

Somehow this is even worse and more cringey than her porn?!

Holy fuck this is bad.

No. 889228

I think Shayna is genuinely under the illusion that she's a bad bitch and doesn't need anyone to succeed, when that's clearly not fucking true if her 50 deleted Twitter account and 10 real followers tell us anything. She would be doing so much better now if she had exploited the fuck out of every opportunity she has been given, but she blew them because she's a stupid, egomaniacal bitch. She could have made something out of doing professional porn, she could have made something out of being friends with sex workers who are MUCH more successful than her, but I guess living in a white trash apartment and making pennies is everything she can possibly accomplish. Pathetic.

No. 889231

File: 1572949873325.png (184.19 KB, 364x356, Screenshot_2019-11-05-02-27-46…)

She really loves making this face. Anyway, this was bleak. It's obvious she wanted to be more of a youtuber and less of what she is now. Just known and watched by others, but even shoving random shit into her ass isn't pulling in the views anymore.

No. 889235

Guessing since they sent her this for free to promote she couldn't monetize the unboxing?

She looks tired and legitimately ill, and sounds uncomfortable. The cold sore, her skin, the bad lighting. Not sure who she's targeting with this video.

No. 889236

Guessing since they sent her this for free to promote she couldn't monetize the unboxing?

She looks tired and legitimately ill, and sounds uncomfortable. The cold sore, her skin, the bad lighting. Not sure who she's targeting with this video.

No. 889253

File: 1572953641473.png (523.89 KB, 677x500, dolly maternal.png)

No. 889257

why didn't she make it "mat-television?" that word looks awkward as fuck.

No. 889263

She's wasting her 20's being fucking miserable by CHOICE. She can STILL do something because she's privileged as fuck. One day though, if she keeps going on like this, she's going to lose that.

it's so fucked up that she acts like she has nothing and nobody, but has parents BEGGING her to come back, who'll take care of her and help her, a privilege that everyone doesn't have the pleasure of having as an adult.

Yet she treats them like they are going to be here forever.
And I hate how she does the, "My brothers stayed longer", when their probably was an fucking REASON they stayed longer, I bet they were working/in school, I bet they had friends, and maybe they were fucking mature enough to know they weren't fucking ready to go freshly at 18.

Look where you are? I doubt they are in an worst place then some idiot, who had to take sex toys off her fucking wall, above her children's bed, who doesn't even own a fucking sofa, who brags every time she has sexual contact. Someone whose been doing sex work for what? 4 years? Who doesn't have ONE THING to show for it.

She'll throw ANYONE under the bus to make excuses for her bad choices in life.

No. 889266

This was boring as fuck to watch

No. 889269


Why does she breathe so hard while talking

No. 889274

I want that 4 minutes of my life back.
"I can't wait to stick it inside me HURK" So awkward. It was barely an info vid. She flailed around and was super cringe for four fucking minutes because she thinks she SO QuiRKy sEw FuNNeh but it was just… uncomfortable. Like, it was silent, no background noise/music, sitting in her bear cave, barely any info on the toy other than SO PRETTY RITE?! then posed with it 23 times awkwardly. And yeah, she looks like she's sweating, took 18 bong rips, and popped some benzos. She'll never have a YouTube career. Sorry, sweaty.

No. 889278

File: 1572961108177.jpeg (562.08 KB, 2048x2048, B4088946-B07F-4D5B-BA47-72AA1C…)

sage for no contribution but I’ve never seen someone look 21 and 55 at the same time. This shit is baffling.

No. 889279

She does the same thing for every "blooper" video. Doesn't "know how" to say something and looks retardedly away from the camera for a whole ass minute and thinks that's quality comedy. "Re? Re unboxing??" HA HA SHE SO FUCKING STUPID ITS FUNNY RIGHT?!?
I got news for you, Shayna. This ain't it, sis.

No. 889281


Keep in mind that this is the same girl that insists she hotter than everyone else.

No. 889282

She wasn't given it for free. She ordered it

No. 889283

File: 1572962581370.jpg (43.22 KB, 1080x247, Screenshot_20191105-075838_Sam…)

The editing is so bad. The sound effects. The awkward close up angles. And these tags

No. 889284

Any word of her other tickets have been paid since dad left?

No. 889286

File: 1572962936107.png (363.68 KB, 2048x1027, Screenshot_20191105-085536.png)

Or. OR. Hear me out. You come up with your own subjects to talk to your audience about. That's what other vloggers do, Shayna, you totally not lazy, super creative, iconic princess you :)

No. 889290

File: 1572963565948.gif (3.36 MB, 498x295, E2C700CC-25F6-4802-A652-3E6051…)

No. 889301

she's really starting to look like Speck. I wonder if she's smoking something other than weed too

it's an easy google search, but no, they haven't been removed. her dad must not know about them.

No. 889306

What the hell is this? Unboxing vids are supposed to talk about the product, all she wants to do is talk about herself. She would be the world's worst YouTuber tbh.

No. 889307

Hankeys toys gives all models a free dildo, like bad dragon used to do.

I think a big reasons she's doing this is because that chick she hates, Luna, got nominated for her toy collection in the MV awards and I think she does unboxing/review videos too. Shayna is attempting to "branch out" but is being sloppy and thinks she can put out shit tier quality stuff and people will still praise her as a genius.

No. 889311

"People are always copying me because im special"

Has no unique ideas and asks her followers & orbiters to give her some.

No. 889312

Her cold sore has more personality than she does.

No. 889325

Syren Cove started branching into YouTube again but she's actually interesting and has topics she's passionate about. Shay could never.

No. 889326

inb4 she claims sex work is no longer her life's ambition and turns to making shitty tiktoks and running a youtube channel with 23 subscribers kek

No. 889332

I will say, her eyeliner was a slight improvement. The straight tail suits her over that horrendous rhino horn she had nearly touching her brows. Need to tone the thickness down still, girl. Like…half.

Lmao I noticed that too and why I think it sounds like she’s going to cry any minute. I think she’s slightly holding her breath because she’s nervous/uncomfortable. She needs to stop doing that tho because it’s so distracting.

No. 889396

File: 1572984424696.jpg (24.66 KB, 610x340, fjfjf.JPG)

Does Shayna run "Dolly Mattel Stan" Twitter? If so it's fucking funny that she liked her own post.

No. 889406

agreed lol i couldnt figure it out till she said it
sage for my dyslexia

No. 889426

File: 1572989224185.png (234.31 KB, 750x1334, A8929789-0A77-4D3E-943D-D45344…)

Lmao is she really trying to say something about makeup

No. 889434

The entire video she sounded like she was either about to burst out crying, or she was bawling her eyes out beforehand

No. 889436

Syren Cove is a cow herself

No. 889450

Her thread is shit and barely gets posted on anyways. And at least she tries to put content out, unlike shays lazy ass

No. 889460

Because people actually do eyeshadow other than crappy thick ass liner, Shay. Imagine this crusty goblin trying to tell other people how to do their makeup lol

No. 889465

tf there's so many makeup experts here, or just salty women trying to make themselves better in contrast to shay. all those small things only make marginal difference on the finished face and tbh she doesn't look that bad with any makeup on, compared to some trailer trash crackhead stacy. plenty of other things to nitpick (her lack of hygiene or intellect, for example) yet so many choose to shit on her makeup technique as if that's what makes or breaks her sw career

No. 889472

people pick on it because shes talked about it before as if shes so interesting and creative with her makeup. She even made a makeup tutorial because she was convinced people wanted to know her makeup "secrets". She literally does the same exact look all the time and constantly acts like her makeup is gorgeous and enviable. Girl doesn't realize she looks like every basic high schooler.

No. 889491

imagine defending one sexwork cow over another one for any reason, all their 'content' is trash, they're not great artists providing some amazing service to the world lol.

they are literal shut-ins who shove shit up their assholes. bravo?

No. 889492

We shit on her makeup because she always boasts about being so innovative, unique, and a trend setter when she's literally been doing the same makeup since high school. She's never branched out to try different techniques, and it's sounding like she's about to start preaching about how great she is at it with her post. The most unique thing she's done with makeup for a vid was her clown video. Her makeup is old news

No. 889495

File: 1572999857580.png (53.18 KB, 580x268, brokebitch.png)

Begging for $2,000 so she can move

No. 889498

I may nitpick the FUCK out of Shayna, I don't find her ugly or anything but the reason she gets shat on, is because she tends to big up herself, is always judging other women and putting herself above them.

No. 889499

File: 1573000432974.jpg (430.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191105-183337_Twi…)

Shay retweeted this. Oh please. Wasn't she just complaining the other day about how she hadn't taken nudes in 3 days?

No. 889504

It’s almost as if we are picking at her makeup skills because she always acts like she’s good at it when she isn’t kek. She looks crusty as shit and has multiple brows some days but sure, she looks “fine”.

No. 889525

File: 1573003611745.jpg (59.35 KB, 1078x307, Screenshot_20191105-192653_Twi…)

All those followers and no interaction

No. 889526

File: 1573003663959.jpg (313.82 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20191105-192637_Twi…)

No. 889530

Literally no one cares about this shit. I hate how much she blogs every little miserable part of her life

No. 889535

She’s just letting the farms know she’s trying to get into a slightly less musty apartment

No. 889539

am i the only one who can't watch this? it keeps buffering

No. 889542

Yeah it’s still up and working for me, might be your browser or something

No. 889544

chill out,anon. Sex workers aren't shit but I'm just saying Syren puts effort into her channel and has hobbies other than just camming.
I bet Shay is going to rent a room in someone's house. Honestly it would be good for noodle.

No. 889554

File: 1573008073486.png (201.15 KB, 750x1334, 387B8E0B-6B36-43B5-8AF1-D03E41…)

Had the unfortunate luck of stumbling upon this desperate attention whore on my goddamn IG explore page. Get a life shayna we know you had this ONE post get popular on tumblr in like, 2016/17? And now one IG page featured other people’s funny replies to your probably fake sent in money where you called yourself perfect and transferred 40$ measly bucks and you’re bragging about “uwu wow look I went VIRAL!” No you… really didn’t? So unpleasant when shayna taints life outside of this thread.

No. 889557

File: 1573008261035.png (672.8 KB, 750x1334, 628BA7A2-E679-4367-B6A0-04AFFF…)

No. 889561

Crop your avatar out.

No. 889562

nayrt but that’s Sheryl Lee from Twin Peaks lmao

No. 889664

major tinfoil but I get the vibe that she's always too fucked up and incidentally breaks shit because she's too fucked up to even be able to function it.

Just going by her vids and daily pics/videos/updates I continue to tinfoil that she is physically addicted to booze and could die if she just stops. So I don't believe her 15 days no drinking type posts. She's in a hellhole and unfortunately for her it's being broadcast in the worst of ways

No. 889695

Cmon anon, she didn't drink that much. You have to drink serious amounts to have any type of withdrawals.

Of course there's always a possibility of her lying. She's not even entertained the idea of quitting weed and that's her biggest issue.

No. 889710

You really don’t anon. If you drink everyday and get drunk everyday, you will become physically addicted.

No. 889717

I do. And more than shay. Can stop with no issue.

People who need detox are people who drink like a litre+ of spirits daily. Shay is definitely not that much of a drunk.

No. 889732

>"i'm gonna change apartment units over and over again until my lease is up"
god she is the most insufferable person and i would hate to be her landlord. at least she doesn't have a lot of furniture to move, kek. also, aren't most apartments either 1-dog or 2-cats? how is she getting away with noodle AND rib if it's against most apartment codes?

No. 889739

I'm sorry you have yet to learn that alcoholism can come in many forms and not just what you see on intervention and the like. 3-4 beers a day for a woman her size for a month or two straight is enough. Now add a stupid amount of weed. Thats probably why she always
Seems incoherent. Sorry that you feel the need to justify what may be your own issue. She even admitted she had some sort of issue what last/this week? Some alcoholics only go all out on weekends but once they start they cant stop - which is really THE sign. So she may be low(er) risk of seizures and may not even notice dts (until severe as many alcoholics dont notice initially) she still is at risk of "wet brain" I cant remeber the term exactly but it basically causes brain damage via severe vitamin deficiency.

Tbh I dont think anyone would really question if she had a very serious problem if she said every day she took benzos which act on the brain the same way. From her vids/actions I just really dont get the vibe that she has a glass of wine or two with dinner. Thats not stoner slurring/weird spaciness and its gotten worse in her over the last few months especially

No. 889741

File: 1573044324187.png (2.11 MB, 2048x2009, Screenshot_20191106-074519.png)

Bitter bitch should take her own advice.

No. 889772

Good for you but alcohol abuse is different for everyone. People who are drinking a litre or more of liquor a day have most likely slowly built up to that over years of abusing alcohol. Some people can become physically dependent and need to detox from drinking everyday and not drinking terrifying amounts.

No. 889775

lmao she's gonna be subtweeting someone before the end of the week

No. 889776

>Can stop with no issue
I mean plenty of addicts say that but ok anon.

Shayna's shit diet and lack of hydration isn't helping anything either. Girl has a problem.

No. 889779

I agree but Shay ain't at that level, someone suggesting she could die from going cold turkey was ridiculous.
I meant like no physical withdrawal issues or very mild ones.
I don't think she drank all the time cos she can't stop, it was a choice and the addiction to being drunk.

If she is cold turkey right now and she only suggested she wanted to stop for "a bit" she'll probably go full circle and be back how she was before when she goes back to it.

I'll bet on her definitely drinking around Christmas.

No. 889789

>I can stop whenever I want to
Have you tried though? Sorry for OT, but every addict has told themselves that, even thought they couldn't

No. 889833

File: 1573064183413.jpeg (168.51 KB, 640x613, FD6BD352-70C5-49F1-B429-47C3BD…)

Why would anyone pay $15 to play with her? She’s not funny, she doesn’t know how to play games well enough to charge that and she doesn’t even talk to people when she isn’t doing anything. Could you imagine having to listen to her ragged breathing, pitchy voice and bouts of silence and annoying background music.

No. 889835

$15 per match what a fucking cunt

No. 889838

tbh I really think she's trying to find her brand. she's just seeing what other people are doing and are copying them trying to find what people like. She has no definitive brand or personality beyond narcissistic and delusional who thinks she shouldn't have to work or put effort into anything she does.

No. 889844

Honestly I'm not mad at her for branching out and trying new things. Maybe she will find her niche and bank on a better aesthetic because whatever shes doing now ain't working for her

No. 889852

File: 1573068263136.jpg (555.03 KB, 810x2675, Screenshot_20191106-132418_Dis…)

She's only doing this because she can't "work' while someone is fixing her AC and sink.

No. 889862

inb4 "I need money for moving boxes" scam

No. 889864

OK but how is it 80F in her apt when the weather in Tulsa has been 30-60 F and raining?

No. 889867

Because she's retarded and a huge liar, anon.

No. 889871

I live in the burbs of Tulsa and it’s fucking 55 and raining here right now. It was 65 tops yesterday.

She probably got evicted, to tell the truth.

And those warrants are still active, so Papa Mattel didn’t come to Tulsa to pay shit. Hope she has fun trying to get a nice place if they run a background check.

No. 889873

File: 1573072847353.jpg (53.32 KB, 579x481, wow.JPG)

So it begins

No. 889874

Using her dad as an excuse when she barely works when he's NOT here.

I'm starting to feel like she's telling all this info because she's actually moving in with someone.

No. 889877

I have two theories-

1- maybe the "Cute boi" wants to shack up and she wants more space. We all know the only thing that motivates Shayna to change is male attention.

2- Her dad told her how shit her apartment and living space is. (Amongst other things but we all know Shayna's not going to change her failing career.)

No. 889881

So she's definitely not getting her deposit back right? I'm suprised they agreed to let her move and ruin a new unit with her weed stench and pets.

No. 889895

Seriously. If we assume what she’s saying is true and the apartment is newly renovated, why would they move in a smoker with a dog and a cat? Makes zero sense.
Unless the apartments are that fucking deplorable that they don’t give a shit. Any decent complex wouldn’t consider renting to her and her pets because after she moves out in 4 months, they’ll have to tear out the carpet and repaint the walls.

No. 889909

It's the 6th. Most late rent grace periods are from the 3rd-5th of the month. I'll bet shes either being evicted or is about to bounce on her lease. Probably already has a plan b and a new person to mooch off of

No. 889922


I love how she acts like it's gonna take her soooo long/a month to pack up all her shit. Bitch could pack up and move in a weekend easily. Her only furniture is the child day bed and a coffee table. She has very little in general. Bitch lives the minimalist lifestyle but not by choice kek more like in the crackhead way.

And we all know she's the queen of laziness so she'll throw out whatever stuff she doesn't feel like packing and bag for it yet again in the new place as always. Watch her throw out the pillows and shit her shitty Walmart décor then ask for people to give her money to redecorate the new shack.
I mean she should throw the pillows out at this point because they are fucking filthy but.

No. 889923

When you think about all the opportunities this chick had to do something, even in the porn industry, you really can't feel bad for her. She was signed with an agency and everything, she could have made money and made a name for herself. And she decided to just throw it away, for what? She's had top models at her fingertips able to give her advice and she decides it's not good enough.

I really don't understand her attitude at all.

No. 889926

File: 1573083651335.jpg (529.47 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20191106-174054_Twi…)

Trying to sell her ratty clothes again. Did she ever ship out the stuff people ordered MONTHS ago?

No. 889929

File: 1573084133964.png (95.36 KB, 1206x452, Shay is a stupid bitch what el…)

Shay is so tiresome. Bitch, you've probably never had an orgasm in your life.

No. 889930

File: 1573084430811.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1208x1116, Desperation.png)

You know Shay is in dire straits when she actually deigns to retweet another sex worker (even if it is one of her orbiters)

No. 889933

Okay so this is major tinfoil and super late y’all but I feel she met the loser that actually gave her a chance (then rightfully dumped her) on tinder or something? That explains why she’s not gushing about him for the most part and was actually embarrassed about her disgusting behavior in public for once. She probably convinced him she was normal-ish on her profile somehow

No. 889943

File: 1573086440780.jpg (29.55 KB, 583x203, gmg.JPG)

This is a nitpick,but it's SO funny that she was JUST whining about women patting men on the back for respecting sex workers/women, but here she is, patting a man on the back for just sending out a tweet.

Also, this guy is into EMPOWERING Women, something Shayna hates, but he has a dick so she's retweeting him!

If this was a woman, Shayna would be spazzing the fuck out. Even if she agreed with it she'd be talking about,

"i know some men are like this, but let's not judge people based on what's in their pants"

No. 889949

Kek she was so much skinnier

No. 889958

File: 1573087496223.jpg (283.17 KB, 1080x1103, Screenshot_20191106-184516_Twi…)

When will she stop referring back to this old ass meme

No. 889980

blaming repair ppl for her inability to work/make money, not the fact she's lazy, i can't with her. also open a fucking window.

she's going to milk the fuck out of 'moving' to delay content and beg for money b/c she hates doing her job that much.

No. 889999

Yeah whatever happened with the depop thing? Isn't that bottom left pink shirt the same one she was selling on there? Also it's funny how she has all these clothes that we literally never see her wear. She just wears the same 2 tops and 2 bottoms every fucking day.

Again, why does she act like she's going to spend the month packing? People that actually have a multi roomed house spend a month packing. People in reg apartments that actually have things can get it done in a week. People that have nothing in a tiny ass place like her can do it in a couple days. We've seen her place, it's barren. Her clothes and shoes hoard is the only thing she has that would need a few boxes. Scoop her whole kitchen set up in a box. Done.

No. 890018

File: 1573096822144.jpg (275.42 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20191106-211957_Twi…)

She never followed through with this. As usual

No. 890035

Yeah the exact same thing happened last time she had an only fans sub goal. It was the fuck machine clip that took her a month to release and all it was was the machine itself. It's Scaaaammy Mattel!

No. 890064

Didn’t she sell a bunch of shit on Depop and just never send it out?

No. 890178

File: 1573143829499.png (1.17 MB, 1745x2048, Screenshot_20191107-112343.png)

10 RTs and over 100 likes. Yeah sure that ratio makes tons of sense.

No. 890179

File: 1573143862677.png (Spoiler Image,1.98 MB, 2048x1946, Screenshot_20191107-112323.png)

id love to know what kind of drugs she's on. She looks constantly fucked up.

No. 890180

>Can stop with no issue.
yeah thats what i also said, then i had a seizure when i stopped lmao

No. 890189

the filter giving her eyelashes over the top of her hair is a nice touch

No. 890205

File: 1573146752759.jpeg (22.67 KB, 360x240, CB1B6DD3-3C2C-4279-BDA0-7884EB…)

eye lookin' like an anime trope

No. 890209

Pretty sure she meant she's moving to another unit anon one time anon.

No. 890227

I wouldn't put it past her to get the new apartment and then whine and complain about it though.

No. 890249

bitch’s face looking like Momo’s

No. 890255

File: 1573152820286.jpg (82.48 KB, 1080x489, Screenshot_20191107_135254.jpg)


No. 890256

File: 1573152847718.jpg (268.71 KB, 1080x1445, Screenshot_20191107_135321.jpg)

No. 890260

it's like clockwork. She needs money, so she tries the "bratty findom princess" angle. which makes no sense but go off Shayna.

No. 890261

ask the guy fucking you in the ass to send you some money. I'm sure he "Loves" you.

This is the same girl coming at women for fucking for free, meanwhile she'd be out on the streets before "cute Boi" pays her rent.

No. 890323

The way she’s typing that makes her sound like a charity case kek. Which is exactly what she is, except you may as well just throw money into a garbage bag, it would have the same effect.

No. 890344

>my rent was reduced by 300
>send me 550 for rent
Shayna, NOBODY believes your rent is 800+. Let's be real here.

No. 890350

No fucking way is that dive almost $900. And I doubt they gave her $300 off her rent because they inconvenienced her for a couple days FIXING shit. You outed yourself by saying 550 Shay and no one believes your shotty cover up. I'm pretty sure she begs for that same amount every first week of the month too. Followed by the dom princess act.

No. 890360

File: 1573164005972.jpeg (422.11 KB, 1226x1695, 58C1A9AB-EAAA-438C-A6D7-4EC12B…)

Got curious about the post she made awhile back about her AC breaking and decided to go looking… Seems her AC is "breaking every couple of months"…
This chick.

No. 890361

Samefag but this seems to be someone's throwaway twitter they either let her use/were using to help her promote twitter/onlyfans/snapchat/etc.

No. 890367

File: 1573164760476.jpg (511.68 KB, 1500x801, 20191107_171200.jpg)

No milk just wanted to share this comparison because it makes me laugh

No. 890373

Bird ~ Philip DeFranco looking bitch

Also her engagement on Twitter has never been so low, she's lucky to reach 10 likes

No. 890396

Lmao don't insult DeFranco like that.

Dolly looks like a bloated old bootleg doll left in a bog somewhere.

No. 890406

God, after all this time, that is so sad. Imagine spending years of your life showing your bits for literally nobody to care kek

No. 890420

Bitch I've been thinking this for weeks. It's a Nikocado DeFranco unholy union.

No. 890435

File: 1573174038475.png (811.74 KB, 1979x2048, Screenshot_20191107-194551.png)

Isn't this a flat out lie? There's pics and vids of her camming from when she was 18 (which would be 2015) with her huge bush and pussy sores. And she also said she cammed underage right?

No. 890445

Her rent is $650. So she paid $350 this month and she’s still begging.

I believe it. I found her complex and it’s a dump. All the reviews even say as much, that things are constantly breaking and leaking, covered in mold and dog shit. And Shayna wants us to believe she’s paying $850+ for it, fucking kek.

No. 890468

File: 1573181256167.gif (523.76 KB, 267x200, 200 (1).gif)


Goddammit. This shit needs to be spoiled. It legitimately startles me. Some demon sitting in the darkest corner of your room shit. It's like a game of Russian roulette coming into this thread,man. Y'all keep me on my toes tho.

No. 890476

File: 1573183081697.png (2.14 MB, 2048x2033, Screenshot_20191107-221817.png)

No. 890640

The God knows how old foundation and powder crust leftovers actually scare me

No. 890671

File: 1573229920951.png (765.12 KB, 2048x1935, Screenshot_20191108-111850.png)

She thinks rape is hot. Cool.

No. 890680

She needs to let go of this "Ur dad" shit, it's so fucking corny, untrue and who cares if someone's dad wacks off to some crusty bitch online?

That's not fucking an achievement. Nobodies Dad is going broke or spending big cash on Shayna except her own.

And he's not growing broke, he's trying to keep his dumb ass daughter off the streets.

No. 890688

literally what the FUCK Shauna

this is actually disgusting, imagine being such a handmaiden that you sexualize rape

but remember she's a poor uwu rape victim (when it's convenient)

No. 890690

samefag but shayna not Shauna kek

No. 890717

Maybe I'm too sensitive but it rubbed me the wrong way too, I know it's a "Kink" or whatever, but yeah.

We all know that Kinks are "selling" points and attention points for Shayna. They aren't things that she actually enjoys or even does in real life.

She just takes whatever is popular on Tumblr and uses it. Remember when she was against Pedo pandering porn? And suddenly, she was all into it, especially when she got with Fupa.

No. 890720

File: 1573234871973.jpg (23.46 KB, 587x359, fhfhf.JPG)

Maybe because you brought your followers? Also, remember when you were saying there's "no money to be made on tumblr, twitter is where it's at"

So sad she has been humiliating herself for YEARS for chump change, attention and hopes of going "viral"

No. 890721

File: 1573234964652.jpg (50.39 KB, 617x456, nnn.JPG)

No. 890722

32 whole notes! Shayna, you’re crushing it!

No. 890754

"Consentual" rape is fucked up, period

No. 890774

32 notes on a post from a blog with 151k+ followers is a 0.02% engagement rate

people are obviously just jealous of her

No. 890776

File: 1573244957727.jpeg (387.75 KB, 1672x2048, 3F0ACFC0-4C20-4F87-85DF-21BCB3…)

oooh… yikes

No. 890789

Doing her dollar store rip off of Dawn's gimmick ?? kek

No. 890791

Her face literally looks like a foot here.

Shay is the only sexworker I’ve seen that has ZERO sex appeal. She has no idea how to be sexy or cute.

No. 890809

Wonder how much she spent on those shitty handmade ears.

No. 890819

File: 1573250356735.jpg (463.21 KB, 1080x1618, Screenshot_20191108-155724_Dis…)

Kek $1k to see fupa's fupa again.

No. 890822

"he doesn't want to be involved in this"

but also, "Hey give me 1k and you can see his gross dick and me doing shit with it!!"

Also, it'll only have to be friday-sunday, so this is an announcement for all the HUNGRY men who want to see Shayna fuck her weekend boyfriend!

No. 890824

Bitch has a boyfriend, runs to the internet with every complaint, problem, emotional break down etc. etc.

Sounds like she doesn't have an boyfriend, bitch has a fuck buddy.

No. 890830

Shay should go full furry at this point because they're the only demo that would buy her degenerate videos.

No. 890850

Okay but what ever happened to her being "collared"? It's weird but I think this is yet another new dude, seriously. The last one she said she embarrassed herself in front of his friends so he broke up with her (even though they were so committed to each other, with her very serious collar and everything) and then a week later she has a new dude she's calling daddy.

I dead ass think it's a new random dude. I think Fupa has been out of the picture for a bit.

No. 890851

Furries don't tend to go for pet play stuff, anon. It's a different dynamic.

No. 890852

Rat face.

No. 890855

File: 1573253944245.png (1.2 MB, 1817x2048, Screenshot_20191108-175822.png)

I feel like I'm watching a video of a special needs girl playing dress up. She's also gotten fat, seriously.


No. 890856

File: 1573254200717.jpeg (572.61 KB, 1242x1250, 75DB4EB9-ACEF-4C96-9A2C-C530F2…)

Has her full ass nipples out in this video, but tweets this within the same hour

No. 890857

File: 1573254024158.png (1.22 MB, 1821x2048, 1763369860.png)

Big yikes. She really thinks this is cute.

No. 890866

The lack of self awareness is astounding.

No. 890869

Shayna, your porn is not art by any means. It's you dry fucking yourself from one or two angles with about 10,000 jump cuts in between.

That's not art, that's called being a hoe.

No. 890875

File: 1573255433398.png (655.08 KB, 778x640, skinwalking.png)

kek, she's really skinwalking as dumpy, Great Value Dawn Willow now

No. 890877

I mean even before Dawn she had puppy videos soooo….it's not like she started doing it just after Dawn.

Plus she's not a furry like Dawn is, so I'm not sure how it links to her in any way, anon.

Tbh I think some of you just have the hots for furry fucker Dawn and that's why she's been brought up in nearly every thread since they lived together.

No. 890879

Yeah Shay has had that gag for years, Dawn. Stop self posting ^_^(^_^)

No. 890882

I think she posts ITT. We all saw her begging for farmer attention when Shay left and now any time they're in a contest or Shay engages in puppy play she gets brought up. I think it's her doing it

No. 890883


yes, she's not going to show off her body again (she said this not to long ago BTW) because it's art and she wants people to pay.

UNTIL she's trying to win a contest or show off her bruises from her "Cute Boi" THEN she's going to show her ass and tits.

Oh and her previews that are basically the money shots of all her porn.

No. 890884

It's pathetic that she can't even take sexually appealing pics that aren't nude, but are teasers. She can't even hobble together a 25 second trailer without giving the whole thing away. She's been doing this 4 years now?

No. 890886

Imagine being an mother and not supporting your daughter doing THIS.

What a cunt of a fucking mother, who wouldn't support THIS?

No. 890895

File: 1573257212588.jpg (260.06 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20191108-175328_Twi…)

No. 890900

the way she types shit is SO cringy, it's not cute, it's not the "uwu im baby" shit, it's just cringy and sounds gross.

No. 890901

Tinfoil. Shayna reads /snow/ and just found the DDLG/nymphets thread >>>/snow/879341 where all those girls (grown ass women) think they’re sexy puppies.

No. 890911

She did the "sexy puppy" thing awhile ago.

No. 890921

Wtf is this snookie face she’s adopting?

No. 890945

What tickles me the most is she doesn't even have a headset. Why would anyone wanna play with you without talking to you?

Also the multiple times she's begged for gamer stuff and no one is interested. She's not a gamer and doesn't attract that audience.

She plays a game that's free ffs

No. 890962

It really seems like she's upset and trying to be like actually popular sex workers who are able to monetize their hobbies and make it part of their brand. Like girls who use their love of anime and cosplay and shit, or girls who use their love of gaming and make it part of their brand. I really think she's attempting to do that but is realizing she has no personality or hobbies beyond showing her asshole on the internet and having people praise her for no reason.

It must be weird to base your entire personality around social media

No. 890963

she bought a dog cage for herself when she was 18 and made porn pretending she was a dog. an anon just recently reposted her buying herself pink dog food bowls when Rib was missing. she's been into this weird shit for years. rotten tinfoil

No. 890966

yeah that's still foul. the guy in this situation is getting off on being a rapist. there's no justifying that kind of thing. it's stomach churning.

No. 890990

File: 1573278048128.png (3.06 MB, 1528x1528, 9B792B29-F210-4782-8CF2-7FC0BB…)

I wasn’t around for the majority of dollys fupa saga so I was in a thread from a year ago reading up and saw this photo set and had to make a comparison.
She still didn’t look healthy when she was thin, but holy shit seeing these side by side is really upsetting

No. 890996

Keep reading, the comparison with this exact pic was made a few threads ago

No. 891001

I had completely forgot how much better she looked. we truly took shaytard beauty for granted.

No. 891004

She was skinny but her unfiltered face still wasn’t anything to write home about lol

No. 891010

Seconded, case in point being the current thread pic - wasn’t that before Fupa?? It’s one of her porn headshots, yeah?

No. 891016

She's decent there but she was still the shitty person, her looks are the least of her issues.

I feel like she puts everything into how shit looks and not on whats in the inside, hence why her relationships are always shallow as fuck.

She could be an super model and her behavior would still make her ugly as hell.

No. 891022

I dont think she is fat fat but wow the belly overhang here really isnt a good look for her

No. 891025

If I remember correctly, Dawn was actually asking around where to get a fursuit head done "for a friend" shortly after Shayna moved in so I don't doubt that Shayna is finally trying to get into that market since nothing else is working for her.
Yeah, she's done petplay before but always dropped it quickly to go back to her "bbygrl bimbo" shtick.

No. 891034

File: 1573307314733.jpg (521.48 KB, 1362x1040, 20191109_134837.jpg)

This is dreadfully unflattering, dunno why she'd post it.

No. 891036

I guess Dawn has no other friends than her roommates? Stop with the Dawn tinfoil, it's really stupid.

No. 891070

she either didn't notice or doesn't care that twisting herself this much to make it look like she has a big butt also gave her back rolls.

wonder if she'll keep up with her 'weekly series' that she just started since she doesn't seem to be making much content and is just begging on twitter as usual.

No. 891080

File: 1573322375349.png (1.62 MB, 1827x2048, Screenshot_20191109-125747.png)

Spending more money on dinner than on warm clothes, trashy Shayna strikes again

No. 891084

Its really off putting that she spends that much on eating out. Like how does one person do that? I know it must be including overpriced drinks but still. Is she back to drinking then?

Even at a nice restaurant one person wouldn't be out $60 including tip.

Like anon said, bitch wants to spend more filling her gut than trying to look good since that's uh part of her "job".

No. 891086

Maybe she’s trying to take Fupa out for a romantic dinner at Applebee’s

No. 891096

So if she goes out today we know that this bitch was pre-begging because the dude she's with isn't going to pay to feed her ass.

Or she's scamming. Either way it looks bad and like she's fucking for free.

No. 891103

She does fuck for free, and for male attention. That's why she shits so much on women who fuck for free, because she IS one.

No. 891110

Not renewing her gym membership eh?

No. 891123

Yeah it was proven that she has a bf living in the basement in one of the past threads. She was drunk and cammed from the basement she outed it then some anons found some old stuff of them

No. 891124

Lol I actually forgot about that, she literally went once.

No. 891147

ot but idk why shay doesn't just get into findom twitter. Guys there love whiny, bratty, self-absorbed bitches who only want money and material things - she'd fit right in! All she'd have to do is tag her begging posts #findom and she'd definitely get subs hitting her up.

Hell, if she made a non-nude, dedicated findom account and played up her uwu greedy dolly persona she could probably be pretty successful at it (at least more so than she is at vanilla sw).

It'd still be lulzy, as I'm sure she'd get into all the scene drama, but at least she'd be able to afford a modicum of a better lifestyle (inb4 she'd waste all the money on cheap shit anyway and still live in squalor - I know, you can take the girl out of the trailer park….)

No. 891155

She's been trying to get into it, like everything else she's bad, got shit interaction and no one likes her.

that twink she used to post, barely interacts with her anymore.

No. 891205

File: 1573341077649.jpg (110.33 KB, 1080x882, Screenshot_20191109-230801_Twi…)

Does she realise you can see all video sales on MV? Proving her as a liar.

No. 891211

I just looked and lol she's really trying this sales tactic, she's desperate.

No. 891217

She's had the dog cage and stuff but she has never done the ears. Just that horrifying Cat in the Hat like makeup "dog nose".
It's just funny that she picked spotted/Dalmatian dog ears now. Obviously she's not a furry and maybe didn't directly and intentionally copy Dawn but the resemblance is amusing.

Like an anon said though, she goes with whatever cringey shit is trendy and tries to make it work for her but she just sucks because she really has no style aside from pink pukefest trailer aunt.

No. 891260

Isn’t she too subby to findom? Seems like the intersection of ddlg/sub/findom would be pretty niche, and you’d have to be smart to pull it off (which she isn’t).

No. 891263

yeah. Theres so many weird girls with that same gimmick. She didnt invent that or boring spotted ears.

No. 891275

This is legitimately disgusting. wtf. she is actually glorifying rape

No. 891290

Ffs Shay, it’s a dildo not a flute.

These prices make zero sense. Wouldn’t you want to charge the most for pathetic dick? $40 for warm clothes? Do you plan on shopping at a thrift store?

No. 891329

$25 for eyeliner tho girl why. Like for her very basic ass eyeliner look I dont think she needs something that expensive.

Dumb hoe wants to spend more on stuffing her face for one night than on new clothes. I'm honestly surprised she doesn't ask for more to blow on weed. I mean again, it's almost tied with dinner. Her priorities and spending are really whack.

Also she needs her a/c fixed so badly but now she needs money for winter clothes???

No. 891354

Nah twitter "findommes" are all subby af, and the subs are actually "dom" - but there's still a shitload of money being tossed around in that scene. It's literally the easiest "sw" in the world to get into.

I did it for a bit…it was pathetic and depressing, but seriously easy cash for practically no effort.

No. 891438

File: 1573404201220.jpg (34.91 KB, 585x461, lol.JPG)

Imagine you've been doing this for four years…FOUR YEAR. You've stuck fire works up your puss, you've done everything you can do for attention and money.

Yet and still, whenever you get tips you are still getting this little.

In fact, for all we know this could be money from her dad or her mom.

Whats the biggest amount of money Shayna has ever made? Was it someone buying her that child's bed?

No. 891441

File: 1573404327670.jpg (63.68 KB, 620x601, worst.JPG)

I doubt the person understood what she was saying.

No. 891506

Since we're correcting grammar Shay, it's whose not who's

No. 891508

She over uses the “tiny/pathetic cock” insult so much. Is that all she has in her arsenal? She lacks creativity and imagination more than anyone I know lmao.

No. 891509

Was thinking the same thing.
Also, does she have to mention all the time that they "have to pay her"? I don't know much about findommes so I don't really know

No. 891514

File: 1573418471301.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, E6D50019-ABDD-499A-846D-8A5072…)

Terrifying is accurate

No. 891524

File: 1573419731950.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.32 KB, 559x378, fjfj.JPG)

Just two days ago btw

No. 891528

File: 1573419814862.jpg (39.62 KB, 607x524, dkd.JPG)

No. 891529

File: 1573419848962.jpg (35.25 KB, 604x353, fjf.JPG)

No. 891533

wow shay, nice rehashing of a tweet that’s been made thousands of times but with even worse grammar.

No. 891570

Wow Shay really, how much more can you show your lurking.

Trying to sell fortnite rounds for cash, someone mentioned her not even being able to talk, so u be buying a headset. Also Shay how are you have even going to brand yourself as a gamergirl when u only be playing fortnite

Saged post

No. 891573

NOW she addresses it?

No. 891574

File: 1573428075701.jpg (347.39 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20191110-172056_Twi…)

No. 891588

can't wait to see them either a million times or not ever again, and then her film porn in them, but go out in those pink sweats and that white long sleeved crop top

No. 891605

That's clearly a cropped cardigan intended to be worn over something. Is this bitch incapable of buying a top that isn't cropped?

No. 891607

it is a cardigan, i tried the same on at american eagle

No. 891635

Yeah, actually. Money/paying should be the sole focus of every interaction. It's super gauche, but at least she's not doing that part wrong…albeit inelegantly.

No. 891678

File: 1573443420675.jpg (158.64 KB, 1046x1213, Screenshot_20191111-033418_Twi…)

Erm, what? She's mentioned going to therapy multiple times, why is she now try acting like it's a new thing?

Which is the lie Shay?

No. 891682

What happened to her story on cam about her psychiatrist saying “bye fatty” or whatever she said???

No. 891685


She was just picking up meds, not going to therapy.

No. 891690

Different anon, but I'm pretty sure you need to see a therapist for a few sessions to document behavior before you're allowed to see the psychiatrist who will then diagnose and prescribe medication

No. 891702

No, your doctor can just give you whatever just from talking to you during an office visit. Welcome to America.

No. 891716

>I forget I’m depressed and put on a facade

Uh. That’s not how depression works. The fuck are you talking about? Just because you’re depressed doesn’t mean you can’t have some moments of calm or aren’t allowed to smile.

I know you’re an idiot Shay, but literally all you do is tell the therapist what you’re struggling with in life (cough social media and validation addiction cough), and they help you figure out the root of the problem and give you the tools to work through the problems. It’s not rocket science.

Now Venmo me $100 because you’re pathetic and so is your tiny cock.

No. 891728

don't forget substance abuse issues, internalized misogyny, low self esteem, delusions of grandeur, fear of abandonment, etc. etc. kek

really, though, the first thing she should tackle is her complete dependence on mind-altering substances just to get through the day. she opens up about that, and everything else will quickly come to the surface as well.

No. 891767

I want to say someone send her $100-150 or so? That supposed 'sugar daddy' that vanished a while back.

I've never seen her get a massive amount and even then she has to beg for a while before she magically gets the money she's wanting.
If she's as good as she thinks she is then she wouldn't have to do that.

No. 891776

If she's targeting people with money wouldn't she be better off offering to play Quake III?

No. 891777

Like that dope has enough coordination or brain cells for something like that.

No. 891792

Nice to see her wear actual pants in the first on months. But like Anon said, she'll just switch back over to those disgusting pink sweats that probably have crusted discharge all over the insides by now.

No. 891798

File: 1573476673883.png (288.37 KB, 2048x520, Screenshot_20191111-074934.png)

Once again, trying VERY hard not to use the vomit emoji on here.

No. 891803

So the bipolar story was all bullshit? Who would've thought

No. 891812

I wish we could use emojis in this thread only, solely for her tweets. Nothing makes me want to use the vomit emoji more than shit shay posts.

No. 891815

File: 1573481396170.jpg (470.38 KB, 1080x1621, Screenshot_20191111-080932_Twi…)

And it was total cringe

No. 891816

File: 1573481424853.jpg (80.55 KB, 1080x325, Screenshot_20191111-080945_Twi…)

Then get off your lazy ass and actually do something about it

No. 891836

I love how she says this with such an, "Look, guys, I did something once! I have a story to tell!!"

then when you see the porn, Shayna looks fucking horrible next to the chick she's with.

No. 891855

It's hilarious how she also barely promoted the VR porn or anything else she did when they were actually released. Plenty of her videos likely embarrass her.

I think it's a good thing Shay didn't keep up with the porn shit though. She is already in dire straits mentally, would just keep making it worse. Not even just the terrible insex shit, but the industry as a whole. Idk why she can't find something that won't compromise her mental or physical health.

No. 891861

File: 1573491120627.png (417.72 KB, 2048x592, Screenshot_20191111-115103.png)

I'm sure you're happy about only owning fucking crop tops, retard.

No. 891862

that's why you needed that AC so badly, right? got it.

No. 891863

But Anon! Her apartment is EIGHTY degrees!!2!!"
Most blatant lie. I live in deep south lowcountry and the apartment is no where near 80° so I'm positive fucking bumfuck Oklahoma is no where near that.

No. 891864

>Idk why she can't find something that won't compromise her mental or physical health.
Because she refuses to and she's too lazy. She wants to be handed money and to be applauded for existing and being a shitty, e-begging camgirl is as close to that as she can get.

No. 891871

Even her sweaters and hoodies are cropped. Never knew of a girl who insists on showing her midriff so much especially after gaining weight. And also insists she's living a bimbo trophy wife lifestyle but dresses the way she does. Do better, Shayna.

No. 891872

File: 1573492638324.png (Spoiler Image,2.11 MB, 1641x2048, Screenshot_20191111-121600.png)

Legit looking like Momo.

No. 891881

File: 1573495818302.jpg (52.01 KB, 720x246, 20191111_101031.jpg)

No. 891883

File: 1573495891668.jpg (60.52 KB, 720x261, 20191111_101017.jpg)

Kek "walls randomly staining"

No. 891885

File: 1573496138422.jpg (136.37 KB, 719x622, Screenshot_20191111-101506_Chr…)

Shay. Please don't get high before you go to therapy??? wtf.

No. 891891

YOU DON'T FUCKING NEED AC, YOU DUMB BROAD. It's fucking snowing. Open a fucking window. I refuse to believe you are this retarded, Shayna.

No. 891892

I know it drives her crazy when people like and don't say shit.

so dumb to do that, does her medicine even work with her smoking so much weed all the time? Whats the point of even going?

I bet she's going to go and blame everything on her mother, women and everything but her , sex work and her shitty attitude & obvious addictions.

No. 891894

The walls are randomly staining since she's too fucking stupid to open a window while smoking.

No. 891895

File: 1573497391158.png (374.23 KB, 2048x928, Screenshot_20191111-133619.png)

lmao she's such a narcissist. Maybe do something interesting besides drama and people will interact.

No. 891898

Oh man. The woes of the trophy wife sugar baby lifestyle, huh, Shay? Wow. Raking in all that cash.
Maybe you shoulda saved money instead of dropping it on a headset to tOtAl PrOOf Im a GaMEr GRl and more crop tops but hey.

No. 891902

File: 1573497715610.jpeg (202.79 KB, 750x852, 6A25FF8C-BC58-4FCA-9120-9EB0B9…)

>randomly staining with time

Holy kek. Shayna, that’s smoke and grime. It’s going to be the same in any other apartment you move to and inevitably trash.

Why is she still bitching about her air conditioner? She just said it’s snowing. This is from Halloween, when it was 35°. Open a window, dumbass. Especially if you’re SMOKING INSIDE WITH YOUR COOPED UP PETS. It’d help prevent those wall stains too, but I guess it’s too late for that.

No. 891904

She can always explain how everything is not her own fault. Her VR porno was awkward? Oh it's because YOU don't understand how VR porn is shot and that you have to look in between two cameras (ok… and??). She lives in a dump? Oh my walls are randomly staining. It's like she's never heard of basic housekeeping things like not smoking inside and maybe cleaning your walls from time to time especially since you have pets and probably stumble around drunk with your dirty, ashy hands touching the walls all the time

No. 891905

File: 1573497985957.png (68.48 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20191111-134601.png)

Why is this stupid bitch sperging about AC when conditions Tulsa are this??????

No. 891915

Damn I was like what the fuck it's burning out there, but then I remembered this is not in Celcius lmao

No. 891921

>not to mention I was fucking a silicone body

Uh..Shay. Girl. You put out the most UNCOMFORTABLE porn on plant earth, with that tiny silicone torso with balloon tits. You should have felt more awkward about that video than the VR porn.

No. 891930

Place your bets. Are we getting a story about how the therapist is sooper supportive of her successful empowering porn career? Or Is her therapist a horrible Christian whorephobe? Is she gonna lie about being a 50 cents hoe and fake CSA?

No. 891938

she's gonna hate it, and it doesn't matter what the therapist is like at all. she's gonna be really fucking embarrassed to talk about her life and she'll leave ashamed, regardless of how supportive the therapist is. wonder if she'll make a second appointment.

anyway therapy is good and I wonder why she finally decided to go. maybe her dad convinced her.

No. 891952

File: 1573507201295.jpg (470.39 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_20191111-152033_Twi…)

No. 891953

File: 1573507238616.jpg (238.85 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20191111-151958_Twi…)

We'll see how long this lasts

No. 891955

File: 1573507267061.jpg (372.56 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20191111-152011_Twi…)

She can't taking anything serious

No. 891956

File: 1573507357931.png (282.01 KB, 750x1334, C693FE45-1AA7-44C4-89EA-3E0704…)

Lmao I wonder what bullshit she fed the therapist. Hope she googles her and sees what she’s actually like

No. 891977

?? So her therapist actually think Shayna works at night?? Or weekly? Her days are free, she could be there every fucking day.

I don't even know Shayna would post this because her followers and everyone knows she sleeps in all day and doesn't work barely at fucking all.

No. 891978

kek she probably made it sound like she was the hardest working and most popular "porn star" alive

No. 891987

The therapist isn't about to shit on her job during the first meeting.

No. 891989

Bet her dad really did have a small intervention and convinced her to go to therapy. And she's going to fuck it up by smoking before every session lol

No. 891990

she's so anti-woman that she probably just assumed she would on that basis

No. 891993

do you think it's possible when she says her A/C isn't working she means her heat? she's kind of an idiot and I wouldn't put it past her to think the term ac just means climate control

No. 891997

So basically she fed the therapist a bunch of lies and will be getting therapy around shay’s delusions. I hope to god that therapist looks her up.

I was also thinking this. She might be referring to her thermostat (or the unit as a whole, like one that comes out of the wall and has a fan, heat and cooling). Because she could literally just open her back door and freeze her entire apartment in just a couple minutes.

No. 891998

some a/cs can blast warm air too, not sure how it is in the us so i just assumed for you guys it always meant cooling system.

No. 892002

I’m pretty sure the therapist worded it that way because it’s obvious Shayna doesn’t function during human hours since she’s passed out from whatever crap she’s taking or drinking.

No. 892010

No because she said her apartment was "back up to 80 degrees" just 5 days ago >>889852 I think she's just scamming people and coming up with excuses why she can't work

No. 892014

AC means air conditioning, applies to both heat and cool in the US
Exactly. Can't wait to hear what she thinks about mommy issue and "consensual rape" here lol she's gonna flip on her therapist so quick

No. 892081

File: 1573523689801.jpg (714.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191111-195517_Twi…)

No. 892094

File: 1573524889538.jpg (563.09 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20191111-201521_Twi…)

No. 892107

oh look an outfit at least 75% of thot Twitter has

such a fashion icon you are, Shayna.

No. 892113

File: 1573527101266.jpg (263.94 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20191111_215052.jpg)

Such fancy uwu amazon lingerie!!

No. 892120

File: 1573528059955.png (4.61 MB, 1242x2208, 595A96FB-27A0-44E3-A791-77F2B6…)

no , even worse ! it’s aliexpress chic

No. 892125

Haha yes, this fits more her budget. I was surprised when I saw that she paid 30 whole dollar for the amazon one.

No. 892140

she most likely is. Not originally american and had to get used of some people here using it as both.

No. 892202

I’m sure her therapist will deal with those things appropriately. Honestly as long as Shayna keeps attendance up, my hopes are up too. My money is on her father having staged a gentle intervention and is now paying for her therapy.

No. 892259

idk about america but i know in other countries that use AC units they also have a heating element too. maybe she needed the heater part of it?

No. 892299

therapy's not going to work for her because she's a pathological liar

No. 892338

File: 1573572900280.png (468.21 KB, 2048x1176, Screenshot_20191112-103428.png)

Does she really think random strangers want to hear about that? Why is she praising herself so much for something that is very much normalized? It's fucking therapy, Shayna, you don't have a chronic illness.

No. 892339

>goes to therapy once
>becomes a mental health expert

No. 892349

her and taylor are my fav cows and I love how more time goes on the closer they get to just being the same person lol

No. 892350

>episode 1: dildo review
>episode 2: my first time at therapy

lol what is she even trying to accomplish with this "series" she's trying to do?

No. 892355

File: 1573574366229.png (12.58 KB, 590x106, 2019-11-12 10_58_17-therapy (f…)

No. 892358

god i'm gonna need a brain band aid soon, this hurts. she absolutely will not take this seriously and stop going if the therapist says anything she doesn't like that would help her or if it doesn't have immediate effects.

No. 892363

Holy shit, shut up about therapy already. This isn't circa 2012 Felice Fawn sad grrl Tumblr anymore, Shayna. Mental illness is not a fashion statement. New bingo card for every time this dumb bitch mentions therapy.

No. 892366

She probably thinks it's quirky tbh. Even though everyday people without mental illness go to therapy. It's a really normal thing and she wants to make it part of her personality since she's so fucking hollow.

Honestly, this girls complete absence of a personality besides "it's trendy on social media right now, I should do it" and thinking she's the most original, hottest shit there is, is really alarming.

No. 892368

>Or would y'all wanna hear something more fun and sexy lawl

I mean…you're posting on a porn site, for fuck's sakes.

No. 892370

Yuuuupppppp. Her "I Go tO ThEraPy!!" is her new personality/hobby for the week. Lol what a life. But what do we know? We're just jelly h8rs, rite?

No. 892371

No one:
absolutely no one:

Her: I have to go to THERAPY guys, lol I'm just SO CRAZY!!! haha uWu crazy baby!! I have to take meds, LOL because I'm just tooooo crazy LUlz!! I need to be taken care of daddy I'm so m3nTaLLy UnSTaBl3! Lol send money cos you feel bad for me I'm so000ooo uWu quirky and a fashion icon!! I like to go to my CRAZY GUUUURL therapy with a Barbie backpack to show how quirky and juvenile I am LOL IM SO MENTALLY ILL GUYS DONT YOU BELIEVE ME!!!!

haha stay positive I love you

No. 892372

I'm so jelly anon, Shay is such a strong and positive role model for going to therapy and taking meds. Wow, it's just…wow. really hard hitting stuff. An icon, truly.

No. 892374

She's just not like other GIRLS, anons. Y'all wouldn't understand because y'all are awful, men-hating womynz. She has a SPARKLY PINK HELLO KITTY pill case for all her PILLS that she takes ON TIME EVERYDAY. Y'all don't know WHAT IT'S LIKE to pave a new road for women who aren't like other WOMEN. She has ANAL and calls her boy toys DADDY cause she's KINKY and SO MUCH BETTER THAN VANILLA BITCHES. But don't feed her ALCOHOL because she will EMBARRASS you but not in a way OTHER GIRLS DO. She's HIGH (WITH WEED TOO HAHA LUL) FASHION.

No. 892434

File: 1573584741184.png (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1622x2048, Screenshot_20191112-135205.png)

"I'm not going to post nudity anymore, my ART is worth money"

okay Shayna, you keep believing that.

No. 892437

why is there an orange spot on her boob though

No. 892438

Probably just an old bruise that looks weird with the filter shes using. Or she spilled ketchup, kek.

No. 892439

Damn these tits are ugly.

No. 892440

Awhat an absolute scam. tickets are like $600+ at this point, she's not going to raise that in 2 weeks. she'll spend it all on weed.

This is the exact same scam she ran when she asked for $1000 to fly home for her birthday.

No. 892441

And wasn't she sooooo busy getting ready to move out?

No. 892452

File: 1573588384051.png (1.9 MB, 2048x1880, Screenshot_20191112-145314.png)

She really thinks her retard faces are quirky.

No. 892453

File: 1573588465739.png (2.66 MB, 1566x2048, Screenshot_20191112-145431.png)

eyelashes and eyeliner so thick you can't even see her retard squinty eyes anymore.

No. 892454

shayna, your therapist doesn't care about what you do so long as she sees you aren't hurting yourself. but trust, if you show up in one of your bimbo outfits without a bra on and talking about your daddy shit, that supportive therapist is going to start getting real curious about which of your uncles touched the no-no zone.

No. 892455

File: 1573588497456.png (2.37 MB, 1570x2048, Screenshot_20191112-145412.png)

Nothing about this is cute. The dog isn't even licking you, why are you making that face?

No. 892457

Shayna isn't a victim of sexual abuse. She wants to be, but she's actually just a dumbass hoe.

No. 892458

all of my this, anon. tnd and shayna are weird mirror versions of each other, it's almost scary haha

No. 892470

File: 1573590421163.gif (17.92 KB, 199x67, z5dcb13e62486c.gif)

>vlogging on a porn site because you're that desperate for validation and because no one is interested in your insufferable personality unless your tits are out

>whoring yourself out so you can see your family once a year


No. 892495

how respectful to do, showing your tits (after JUST saying that she's not going to show tits anymore) and mentioning your family who DO NOT want to be involved in her sex work in any fashion or form.

I bet her family loves that Shayna has been doing this for years and has to show her tits to get money to see them because her "career" is doing SO well.

and in the end, I'm positive her dad's going to pay for her ticket anyway.

She's trash.

No. 892517

Can't look at those tits without remembering that one ugly guy (insex I think) biting her nipple

No. 892553

urrghh don't turn my stomach like that anon

No. 892555

I wonder if that's the reason her nipple is hanging down like that lmao

No. 892569

and luna is the musty lovechild of the two

No. 892587

Somehow they've always been like that, but god I wish I had never seen that image.

No. 892590

File: 1573605544470.jpg (560.22 KB, 1080x1130, Screenshot_20191112-183917_Twi…)

Went to therapy once and now she thinks she's the spokesmodel for mental health

No. 892591

File: 1573605597423.jpg (492.57 KB, 1080x1173, Screenshot_20191112-184026_Twi…)

Wtf is this horror?

No. 892594

Lmao. This is her idea of "demon girl"

Big yikes.

No. 892596

File: 1573606105534.png (1.15 MB, 758x633, peacockshayna.png)

God damnit Shayna, can't unsee

No. 892602

> SW is for everyone
I don't know. If you're always begging people for attention, money and sales, eventually selling your videos for pennies and still not making bank, I'm guessing that sex work isn't for you in particular. Especially if you lack sensuality and the drive to work.
If everyone had a father that will always send their bum ass unemployed adult child money, no questions asked, then maybe SW would be for everyone.

No. 892603

No. 892605

Didn't she have a whole rant before about how certain people shouldn't do sex work and that it's a "hard business"?

No. 892612

"Sexwork is for everyone"

maybe there's more to that quote, but this dumb bitch has been screaming about how sex work is an exclusive club and not everyone can do it.

Not even because she's trying to help people or warn them, because like a lot of sex workers on twitter, these bitches want to feel above people and like they are "special" not a dime a dozen.

No. 892613

The video is 20 mins and I couldn't get passed 5. She's constantly playing with her hair and moving her hands. She said she stopped seeing her last therapist because the therapist was debating on if sex work was the job for her

No. 892614

File: 1573607183510.jpg (46.65 KB, 1080x235, Screenshot_20191112-190629_Sam…)

I don't think "funny vid" is an appropriate tag for a mental health video

No. 892615

File: 1573607226378.png (1.91 MB, 2048x1805, Screenshot_20191112-200439.png)

Take a shot every time she touches her fucking hair. Just kidding. Don't do that. You'll die within the first 5 minutes.
Also. The way she constantly talks with her hands and manically looks away from the camera is aggravating. Your insecurities are showing, Shayna. Be CoMfoRTaBle. I thought you loved being in front of the camera?

No. 892618

Came here to say this. I honestly went in to watch this with an open mind and I couldn't make it through because it genuinely irked me each time she touched her hair, looked away, etc. She has zero charisma and no knack for this whatsoever. More over if you go back to the last blog you can hear just how much shes putting on a "baby voice" there.

Also this is a nitpick I guess but her skin is awful and I wish shed stop zooming in on it.

No. 892623

File: 1573608363676.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, giphy (7).gif)

I'm 9.5 minutes in and I started watching over 20 minutes ago. I keep pausing it to go fuck around and look at memes and cat vids because this shit is so boring. I come back to scoff at her when she says stupid shit like, "Please let sex workers know if they made a difference in your life!" Like what? How is masturbating to sex work making a difference in the world?

No. 892626

File: 1573608783310.png (1.91 MB, 2048x1165, Screenshot_20191112-203200.png)

Just when I thought she was wearing a normal ass sweater. Nope it's cropped! Bitch, it is 20° where you live.
Take a shot every time she wears a crop top. Just kidding. Don't do that. You will die.

No. 892629

So she indeed lied about this being her first time going to therapy. >>892338

No. 892635

I get that maybe she's feeling an high after an "good" therpist visit, but bitch PLESE don't do all this now and then the next week, you are being an MRA, shitting on women & other sex workers.

As soon as this Therapist implies that sex work isn't for her, no doubt Shayna's going to disregard everything they are saying and trash them or dump them.

I bet she's just going to paint sex work as a walk in the park, about how it makes her feel good and creative, forgetting there's proof out there of her struggling.

Just like how she paints her dad as this saint and shits on her mom. No doubt, she's not telling her all the shit that we see daily on her twitter.

Shayna doesn't want help, she wants someone to validate her.

No. 892638

wondering the same thing, the second video isn't something that belongs with all her gross porn.

doesn't surprise me she dropped therapy the minute her choice of job was brought into question, even though she's not good at it and doesn't seem motivated to generate sales b/c begging is so much better.

No. 892644

>"The main reason I've kept going is my pettiness."

We know, Shay.

No. 892650

She contradicts herself so fucking much that it's borderline insane. Good luck to this new therapist to help UnRavEl this walking mess of complexes.

No. 892651

How I got through the whole 20 minutes is a wonder. The first 15 minutes was just talking about herself. It honestly could’ve just been the last 5 minutes of the video and would’ve been better. All the weird cuts and her trying to sound enlightened were so cringe-inducing. She really thinks she’s doing something with this lol

No. 892689

>sex work is for everyone
bruh i'm sure she was saying the opposite the other day. what a stupid and dangerous statement.

No. 892719

Apparently her second therapist tried to tell her sex work wasn't for her and she completely ignored her and found the new therapist. This bitch is gonna be stuck until 30, then she's gonna look around and realize she wasted her 20s and she's fucked.

Also, she really is a catfish. This video shows just how much the editing changes her face. She isn't even remotely cute. Idk what Shay can do considering she barely has a brain. Hopefully her dad will be prepared to take care of her.

No. 892794

I wish I was dedicated enough to go through her video and write down her "points" then go and find her tweets that completely contradicts herself and what she's preaching. But alas, I got shit to do and I do not want to sit through that video again. It was tough enough the first go 'round.

No. 892811

File: 1573654036820.png (779.36 KB, 2048x703, Screenshot_20191113-090631.png)

I guess she forgot she is pretending to have a BF.

No. 892833

shay constantly contradicts herself cus she forgets her own lies that she made up to look better in front of her followers. but why did she change her mind about the "sw is for everyone" thing? she is a hollow person who says whatever for validation, but this in particular doesn't seem like a thing that her followers would find wrong either way.

No. 892877

>just kidding. don't do that. you will die
these posts remind me of how Shay reposts tumblr posts on to twitter over and over again hoping they'll go viral kek

No. 892899

I couldn't get past 5 minutes and that 5 minutes felt loooong.

No. 892911

lmao I think she forgot she entered herself in a contest.

watch her see this post and start pushing it hard, kek.

No. 892930

File: 1573673004868.jpg (444.96 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20191113-130827_Chr…)

Pretty sure she was throwing shade at Shayna. Kek

No. 892937

Girl you talk shit to your followers, scam your customers, and talk shit on other sex workers. You are the peak example of what is being described. How does she have NO self awareness?

No. 892943

Shayna has-

-complained about other sex workers' MULTIPLE times because they didn't support her when her twitter was deleted.

-has tried to get people "cancelled" and kicked off of MV, because they made her upset

-Complains about women all the time (who are 100% all her orbiters/other sex workers she follows)

-She just was whining about the clown video not selling enough.

and every other week, Shayna is throwing shots because other sex workers don't like her/don't want to support her because her past.

WHAt the actual FUCK is she talking about?

not to mention Shayna has gone off on customers for JOKES.

and this isn't even ALL she's done. Shayna is toxic as hell and because her interaction is so low, not many people care of see it.

Shayna, seriously this has to be a joke.

No. 892951

File: 1573675182077.jpg (49.69 KB, 598x524, fjfj.JPG)

No. 892954

File: 1573675370395.jpg (15.03 KB, 581x82, LIEs.JPG)

Her "kink' is whatever will get her attention. Also, your own boyfriend doesn't even buy you clothes he wants to see you in, let alone ur customers.

No. 892955

File: 1573675523532.jpg (29.35 KB, 619x289, klel.JPG)

Imagine in 2019, being a sex worker for years and thinking Anal sex is something to brag about having.
Does she really think "having anal" makes her not like other girls?
You have anal, probably because the state of you're downstairs and it's always inflamed & covered in razor bumps.

Dude probably doesn't want to screw you in the vagina.

No. 892956

File: 1573675669723.jpg (33.41 KB, 576x312, kk.JPG)

No. 892957

"maybe you shouldn't go to therapy on drugs?"



?, this isn't solid advice, it's common fucking sense.

No. 892958

Lmao do they not have rules about that anyway? Like you can't show up pissed so why would it be acceptable to show up high. It's all mind altering

No. 892959

File: 1573676111585.png (316.39 KB, 2048x502, Screenshot_20191113-151308.png)

I thought mental illness wasn't an excuse? You can be a bitch AND have depression.

I stg she's going to use this as an excuse to do dumb shit, the same thing she was scolding people for not to long ago.

I promise you Shayna, you've always been a dumb bitch, it's not a new thing.

No. 892963

"my mom's a dumb cunt bitch for trying to get me mentally evaluated, LUL"

but also-

"my mom and her side of the family never took mental illness serious"


"It took me years to realize I was mentally ill, even though my mother tried to get me help for my mental illness YEARS ago"

and She told that luna girl being mentally unwell isn't an excuse, but now it's an excuse for her?

I love how everything else is the problem, except Weed, sex work and her shitty behavior.
Nope, now everything she's ever done wrong is mental illness. It's great she's trying again, but as always she's trying for the wrong reasons.
She thinks a therapist is going to magically fix what's wrong with her, without her changing ANYTHING.

No. 892967

File: 1573676889261.jpg (628.81 KB, 1080x1747, Screenshot_20191113-142537_Chr…)

I think she finally saw your post. Kek

No. 892968

File: 1573676917702.png (42.46 KB, 592x241, oop.png)

What would she do without this thread honestly

No. 892989

she did tell Luna that her apologies were lies because she mentioned her mental illness was a reason for her behavior.

But now it's okay for Shayna to do because she's so super positive! Unless she gets offended, then there's no excuse besides being a jelly hatur.

No. 892990

Her predictablity is on point.

No. 893000

Let's not forget that Luna is a pos person who leaked another sex workers content, faked a suicide attempt and harassed Shay for years before finally coming clean. Shay is a world class shithead. That doesn't absolve Luna from anything though. They're both trash

No. 893007

Is there any proof that she faked? I heard a ton of back and forth on that.

But the fact that Shayna would be so retarded to blame her for everything everyone has every said about her is pretty ridiculous, you have to admit.

No. 893013

Who cares, this is Shayna's thread. She told someone else mental illness it's not an excuse now she's using the same excuse herself.

Make Luna a thread if she's milky. I brought Luna up because Shayna was being a hypocrite.

No. 893014

This sounds like an orbiter tbh, and harassed her for years? The only thing Shayna said she did was leak her content and then Shayna blamed her for EVERYTHING else that has happened to her.

No. 893019

File: 1573681118726.jpeg (240.83 KB, 784x640, 3F417F8E-D97F-4795-8AAC-5007A3…)

Hate to nitpick but wtf is going on with this eyebrow.. it looks like it’s falling off

No. 893020

Her eyebrows are hilarious, it's even funnier that she calls them perfect. Wtf is this.

No. 893026

Shayna only calls out by name when she KNOWS she's 100% in the right. Notice how she never brings up the "dark skinned dildo" comment or the "Hitler" shit, but she brings up the Maga hat bullshit people spread?

She knew she had a way to make this girl look 100% bad, so she spoke out on it.

All other times she just throws subs.

No. 893028

I think she's trying to do a "desperate for daddy" video, but it just comes across as bored and tired.


No. 893033

File: 1573682159837.png (1.45 MB, 1119x2048, Screenshot_20191113-165423.png)

Sorry but her body type just looks better at a lower weight. If she didn't have curves before she definitely doesn't now. Glad to see that she scammed her followers for workout clothes/shoes to start getting in shape only to go to the gym ONE time then continue to sit on her flat ass chugging soda and eating takeout errday.

No. 893039

she wouldn't look so bad if she wasn't constantly posing in a way that gives her back rolls

No. 893047

She doesn't know how to pose for her current weight gain, she's very used to being thin. So I guess give her some leeway for that.

No. 893055

she really posted a video of her shaving her bearded clam
no screenshots bc no

No. 893066

File: 1573684468130.jpeg (478.23 KB, 1538x2048, D3FA4A28-0072-48A5-9EE2-2CDAA5…)

God these new photos are making her hair grow out REALLY apparent.

No. 893080

Shayna, you’re not mentally ill, you ARE just a bitch.

No. 893088

I wonder why she gained so much weight in such a short period of time.

No. 893096


She really couldn't pose back then either…she really has no idea what to do with her body. Or face. Or persona. Yet she thinks she hot shit

No. 893108

Alcohol, sitting on her ass doing shit nothing all day, eating junk food everyday, etc etc
Tl;dr: Baing Shayna

No. 893124

Alcohol is usually a slow gain but her choice of drink for a while was beer so that'll chub you up quicker than other booze but I think it's gotta be her habit of eating out nearly every fucking meal and barely leaving her apartment. I predict she'll be a chubby girl in a few years unless she seriously changes anything.

I think doing fuck all is the biggest weight gainer. I mean who the fuck gets an Uber to the dog park rather than walking there or just walking the dog anywhere?

That's a dog owner who doesn't even put in minimum effort for the thing.

No. 893130

Is that a cold sore in the corner of her mouth lol

No. 893132

Lmao using pics from over a year ago for a contest. Also cosplay for Shay = $10 Amazon lingerie.

No. 893137

Samefag but actually tbf she might get further in the contest than usual this time because it's an older pic where she wasn't as chubby and also she's wearing a wig and shit. Like she still looks bad overall, but it's different from her usual and current state kek

No. 893141

she can work the gardening dept. at home depot or lowe's. it's not like you need a brain for that.

No. 893142

File: 1573690153669.jpg (154.47 KB, 1080x591, Screenshot_20191113-180901_Twi…)

She says this about every video she makes

No. 893146

i actually love that you said bearded clam, anon, i did in fact laugh out loud

i would be thrilled to learn that none of us would have to see shayna's clam, bearded or otherwise, ever again

No. 893159

File: 1573692093014.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 2048x1744, Screenshot_20191113-194128.png)

"My ArT c0mEs aT a PrIcE"

No. 893175

precious? or cursed? YOU be the judge!

No. 893185

Looks like all her other vids

No. 893197

File: 1573694832775.jpg (122.51 KB, 1080x548, Screenshot_20191113-192714_Twi…)

No. Just no Shay

No. 893200

>lying on a blanket on a bare mattress of a children's daybed
>missionary position with a pink dildo wearing pink ddlg shit

it's the same as 100 of her other videos. do something new!

No. 893205

but Shayna that can only happen when you have a wet pussy. something you've never experienced.

No. 893212

File: 1573695970718.png (Spoiler Image,2.51 MB, 2048x1795, Screenshot_20191113-204542.png)

Has anyone else noticed that shaynas vagina looks exactly like Trump's saggy neck?

No. 893213

Is it really so hard to believe that she’s mentally ill? She’s so clearly delusional and has delusions of grandeur. She abuses substances. No doubt she’s mentally ill, she posts about how beautiful she is but looks like a middle aged methhead. She’s mentally ill AND a bitch, that’s all

No. 893218

File: 1573696920166.jpg (185.16 KB, 1079x620, Screenshot_20191113-200131_Twi…)

Why would you share this on your porn twitter?

No. 893220

File: 1573696965719.jpg (471.14 KB, 1080x1138, Screenshot_20191113-200204_Twi…)

1/2 what she unboxed on snapchat

No. 893223

File: 1573696992048.jpg (965.55 KB, 1080x1965, Screenshot_20191113-200154_Twi…)

Can she never wear a full shirt or sweater?

No. 893224

File: 1573697033175.jpg (163.25 KB, 1078x597, Screenshot_20191113-200215_Twi…)

This is just sad

No. 893230

That shirt is actually really ugly and it looks like there's a paper bag taped onto her chest.

No. 893241

That shirt is really fucking ugly. Is it made out of windbreaker material? Wtf is that?

No. 893244

It oddly makes her look really really top heavy. Not a good look at all.

No. 893283

Wait. Is she editing her videos on iMovie on her PHONE???? Not even her computer?

No. 893320

nitpick but her thighs look huge here and almost like cottage cheese

No. 893321

good god she is really piling on the pounds. She looks massive

No. 893339

I thought this was another attempt at trying to be funny and she was wearing a black sweater under a paper bag…

I think she’s going the Momokun route and wearing big huge crop sweaters in a (poor) attempt to make her look smaller by comparison.

No. 893356

File: 1573719383366.png (313.1 KB, 253x740, A6BA3097-E2C2-493D-8ABE-57ABE3…)

God Shayna looks like fucking pamperchu in that op image

No. 893411

This looks shes peaking out of a potato sack…

No. 893412

she's starting to look like a completely different person. lol @ her saying she's only gained three pounds; from the looks of her I'd say it's closer to thirty at this point. She's gonna start getting stretch marks soon I bet if she keeps gaining.

I know she's getting the depo-provera shot which is known to cause weight gain, but her shit diet and 0 exercise are only going to make it happen more, dummy.

No. 893420

File: 1573744614628.jpg (299.23 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20191114_101551.jpg)

Good morning everyone!

No. 893422

File: 1573744900204.jpg (221.3 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20191114_101635.jpg)

Buying porn used to be a luxury now it's a commodity because of attention whores like her that sell themselves short. Sw are now paid as much as minimum salary… Sad

No. 893424


yeah THAT'S why it's not taken seriously, Shayna.

No. 893426

Took her two days. Two fucking days. To go from positivity Patty to Negative Nancy all over again.

Shayna, you are embarrassing. Take your own advice.

No. 893427

She's basically saying to this chick, your content isn't good enough anyway and maybe you should make better stuff rather than complaining.

Shayna is such a fucking cunt, going on about supporting other sex workers just to do this. I don't think acting like this is going to help hers or other sex workers mental health. Something she was sooooo invested in just a few days ago.

No. 893437

File: 1573748545883.jpg (11.32 KB, 342x72, fhfhfhf.JPG)

this person has 75 followers. What a fucking coward Shayna is. So Brave

No. 893439

I'd also like to remind people Shayna has 5k followers and the same amount of interaction she had when she had 100.
I've followed people with 5k followers, they have three times the interaction, then someone showing their pussy for free.

No. 893446

Wait. Shay sells her shit for super cheap, has sales all the time, and also complains when a video doesn't do well. So, why is she acting like a rabid dog toward this girl?? Why is she (ONCE AGAIN) gatekeeping sex work? Why does no one call her out on this toxic shit?

No. 893447

But she also freaked out when that one girl "copied" her photos and got way more interaction than she did. So she went and complained on discord. So. Isn't that technically "blaming other models"?

No. 893449

File: 1573750946497.jpeg (Spoiler Image,801.54 KB, 1242x1472, E368411B-05C7-4BB8-8E01-A176E1…)

Morbidly excited for comparison pics

No. 893453

File: 1573751294194.png (805.27 KB, 1408x2048, Screenshot_20191114-120632.png)

Shayna, shut the fuck up.
Why are even posting about this on your sex worker account? Absolutely no one cares about what some stupid slut who shoves shit up her ass for $5 thinks about school shootings or gun control.
Also. Never fucking procreate. For the love of God.

No. 893456

File: 1573751763556.jpeg (445.38 KB, 828x996, AA2D2178-E082-42C0-956A-1751AC…)

Sorry shaytard, you’ll never be good enough kek

No. 893457

as far as shayna being a parent is concerned, i think her being nervous about school shootings would be the LEAST of that kid's problems

No. 893460

Maybe she could use some of that energy to empathize with her mother, who was simply trying to keep shayna safe and happy. seriously Shayna how can you read this and not at least understand where your mother has been coming from? You are write this, meanwhile saying your mom does the same things and it's abusive.

No. 893461

Why did she throw it out in the first place? Does she wear something a few times, never wash it, and just throws it away?

No. 893462

This must be why Shayna is picking at smaller sworkers

No. 893463

looked up the post and none of the other pictures are any good tbh. i thought that was just a teaser picture but the full picture is the same and not even slightly sexual. not like shay's picture is any better since she looks like a 50 yo drug addict, but at least she seemed to try to be sexy.

No. 893470

you’re implying it would still fit or be clean enough to continue wearing.

No. 893471

but she is constantly throwing away clothes and items and buying them again. it doesn't make sense why someone would throw something away just to repurchase it. She does it with ALOT of her things.

This particular outfit probably wouldn't fit her anymore, but the point is that she does constantly throw away her stuff and repurchase it for no real reason.

No. 893482

The pictures don't matter AT ALL in MV contests. The winners are simply the models whose fans spent the most in paid votes. Like it could just be a list of names and the results would be the same. Guarantee nobody's ever won because of their picture. They're popularity contests.

No. 893485

The girl who wins has 6k followers, must really piss Shayna off that someone with not that much more followers then her won.

No. 893493

File: 1573758130843.jpeg (475.18 KB, 1080x2765, F2124F34-702B-459A-9F3B-E74B9F…)

That’s it. She’s a genuine, bona fide retard.

No. 893497

File: 1573759474199.jpg (1.03 MB, 809x3732, Screenshot_20191114-132134_Chr…)

"do you have any statistics?" Kek okay Shayna. Looks like you're bullying some girl to me.

No. 893502

Hmm and here I thought Shayna hated call out culture.

Don't you love when someone with 5k brought followers, see's a conversation with someone with not even a 100 followers and shouts at them?

Hoping that the few people who check up on her account joins in?

What a bitch, but we aren't allowed to call out Shayna, other sex workers should shut up, all except Shayna, she's allowed to call out other sex workers.

No. 893505

File: 1573760780320.jpg (58.2 KB, 604x557, fhfhfjf.JPG)

Don't you love how Shayna attracts these assholes? Shayna says "Models" and immediately her "followers" jump to shitting on women.

Just like fellow leader Shayna.

No. 893506

So Shayna, next time you go on a rant about "Sjw's" and people hating you and talking about you, remember you constantly get offended and call people out.

Over and over again. Constantly getting triggered. You constantly police what people say on their platforms.

Every single time. Then you get upset when people dare to do the same about you.

Why is okay for Shayna to shit talk women as an whole, other sex workers (small sex workers at that) and everything under the sun, but others aren't allowed?

No. 893509

It's disappointing how fast YOU are to jump down other models throats, Shayna. The lack of self awareness is just astounding.

No. 893512

she thinks sounding bored, tired, and high is "desperation". The laziness in this is just…wow.


No. 893522

The way she says come here daddy triggered my fight or flight response.

Also, who told this girl to keep doing this half assed shit attempt at aheago

No. 893525

One of her orbiters, omankovivi, does ahegao all the time so Shayna is probably just attempting it to see if it works for her.

That's all she does, is see what works for other sex workers and try to copy it. That's why she's been trying all these random fetishes, like burping and shaving and blackmail, and failing at them miserably because she doesn't put any time or effort into it. She thinks just because she's doing it, it will be flawless. I don't even know what her brand is at this point, or what she's even going for anymore. I think she's starting to fall apart. At least a few years ago she had a solid idea of a brand and tried to stick with it, that purely submissive barbie/baby bimbo thing.

No. 893526

File: 1573764225711.jpg (222.8 KB, 1080x782, Screenshot_20191114-144414_Twi…)

Oh please

No. 893527

So you'd be a strict parent like your mom? Got it.

Thought that was abuse, Shayna?

No. 893529

oh god how she rubbed her clit triggered my fight or flight response

It's pretty apparent she can't even pleasure herself with her own clit, an organ made for pleasure. I'm convinced she just can't feel anything down there. Hence all the razor bumps, redness and sores don't bother her

No. 893536

Thats a stretch? Sometimes I stg her mom posts itt to whiteknight herself

No. 893538

File: 1573766129957.png (Spoiler Image,2.67 MB, 2013x2048, Screenshot_20191114-161509.png)

Can anyone explain why she does this? I really don't understand how she thinks this is good marketing.

She's literally giving away all the pics for free, and then making people buy a subscription to see them again?

No. 893551

Literally the only interactions you have with other sex workers (aside from your two orbiters) is to jump down their throats but go off I guess.

No. 893554

Didn’t she JUST say she was stopping posting nudes for free…

No. 893583

Fucking hilarious that someone else doing Snow White and not even showing body was 2nd. Must be salt in the wound for her, def why she's in a sour mood today.

No. 893602

File: 1573778820944.jpg (Spoiler Image,605.52 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20191114-184654_Twi…)

Oh yeah, cause she so totally is

No. 893603

File: 1573778868648.jpg (528.87 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20191114-165039_Sam…)

Her video descriptions are the worst

No. 893604

I thought after the first time when we called her on it that the next time she did a post like that, she cropped the pics to not show nudity, but…
Maybe that wasn't intentional or she really just has a mental deficiency. Because yeah, Idk why she posts the whole photo uncensored set like that, rather than one non nude teaser. Like cool have people pay 10 bucks to see each individual a little closer up?? What a deal! Tbh though most of her onlyfans and in general are female orbiters which I really don't get. She barely has any male customers buying her shit to jerk off to. Can't blame them, but ya know.

Also not sure why anyone would want to see that all close up because her ass and pussy crack are looking really dark and like… unclean lmao nasty

No. 893605

First of all, her face is unsettling lmao
And once again, posting money shots for free on twitter. I really don't get what is wrong with this bitch. Is she actually mentally delayed? From her hypocritical posts and utter lack of self awareness to saying one thing one day and the very next doing that same shit. Getting hyped about something that's not even a big deal, then dropping it after a few days.

Like yeah it's manic but it's also just actual stupidity. Her ego is convoluted as all hell.

No. 893618

File: 1573781445115.jpg (441.12 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20191114-193052_Twi…)

And we've seen pretty much all those photos

No. 893625


But then…

Plus dozens of other times in the last couple months she's complained even more aggressively about lack of sales and that people need to interact, not be "ungrateful" for her posting.

No. 893627

"New toy"
Bitch where?? It's the same pink dildo she's had for years lmao ok

No. 893628

Her teaser is the entire porn video. What’s the point of buying?

No. 893631

Did anyone else notice the weird jumps in the first few seconds? Like, you're so lazy that instead of getting the one line right in one take, that you piece together multiple takes, then don't even take the time to edit it in a smooth transition??? Also, what's with the weird fucking begging the first second of the intro? I feel like it perfectly sums up Shay – begging on her gross child's day bed, completely by herself, in utter silence. This shit is sad

No. 893638

>uses her spit and tears as lube

jfc, why does she write like this

No. 893639


Interesting that she clarified "girlfriend" this time. Probably to stop us complaining about pedo/incest bait

No. 893661

I feel like we need a comprehensive list of what things she does in each porn video. It's the same thing over and over.

No. 893664

Awkward dialogue, fake and grating baby voice, immediate cuts to dildo penetration and a fake orgasm with awkward moaning sprinkled in. That’s basically every video summed up.

No. 893691

Don’t forget brushing her teeth with the dildo and making that awful face she thinks is ahegao. You know the one.

No. 893703

File: 1573797667802.jpg (272.95 KB, 1080x616, 20191115_000129.jpg)

I noticed that cringy begging too kek. This is my first shot at one of these, but I couldn't pass the opportunity up

No. 893712

Kek I love this. Although the Fupa face really needs to be the snapchat-heart Fupa. I know he’s not really a part of the milk anymore but it’s still funny and meme-y.

No. 893739

Her vagina seems like mine when my bacterial vaginosis was at it worse, perhaps she might want to see an ob doctor…(no one wants to know about your vagina infection )

No. 893750

Can anons stop with unsolicited (and very inaccurate) medical advice and diagnoses? Bacterial vaginosis leaves thick white discharge, which she has no white discharge in that pic. And I doubt you can (literally) smell through the screen. If you can diagnose medical problems via internet pictures then you should be a world famous doctor and not a neet on lolcow because most actual doctors don't like giving a complete diagnosis until after several tests have been done.

No. 893761

>no blogposting
gj at doing both

No. 893763

She so obviously got triggered because she's one of those girls lowering prices.
"Let models set their own prices!"
>Get 500 of my videos for fifty bucks!
She sells what is usually years of work for less than what most people make in a day.

No. 893810

Quit blog posting about your rancid pussy, anon.

No. 893826

Shes been buying followers the past 2 days. She managed to go from 5.3k to 6.1k in two days. Why does she keep doing this?

No. 893840

She doesn't want people knowing she has 3 real followers.

No. 893859

Yesterday she had 5.8k or something. 6k followers but has to retweet the same tweets over and over and is lucky to get more then 100 likes.
Shit, she's lucky to get 100, then she blames twitter.
No, you buy followers AND you just aren't that popular.

It cracked me up that one of her orbiters reached 300 subs on Only fans and Shayna reached 100 twice and it seems like months apart as well.

Other sex workers are working and talking to their fans meanwhile, Shayna is trying to make a viral tweet and talking about Disney Plus.

No. 893863

File: 1573835864470.jpg (66.17 KB, 905x622, dd.JPG)

Same Anon-
So I don't know if Social Blade is to be trusted (I don't use it or twitter) but here's what I found-

No. 893870

3k+ followers in 30 days is not normal especially based on her interactions. How sad to have to resort to buying followers because you long so badly for internet popularity.

No. 894117

File: 1573867719557.jpg (182.13 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20191115-192856_Twi…)

No. 894118

How is she embarrassed when she constantly talks about it on Twitter?

No. 894120

Probably because she's saying it to a person and not an echo chamber.

No. 894121

That’s a lie. We all know shay is incapable of feeling embarrassed. She would have nuked all her porn if that were the case.

No. 894145

File: 1573870511029.png (2.88 MB, 2048x2023, Screenshot_20191115-211506.png)

At this point I think shes purposely trying to look retarded.

No. 894146

File: 1573870545891.jpg (Spoiler Image,527.12 KB, 1075x1079, Screenshot_20191115-201559_Twi…)

But she's not posting free porn anymore

No. 894155

Snooki is shaking

No. 894238

File: 1573885100030.jpeg (151.12 KB, 1224x1224, 836F062F-06DA-44AD-84AF-0B3057…)

the fuck

No. 894244

What a smile

No. 894268

File: 1573891787591.jpg (25.09 KB, 380x380, Aufkleber_Trollface.jpg)

No. 894365

Lmao spot on

No. 894415

File: 1573924117379.jpeg (Spoiler Image,909.68 KB, 1242x1715, 24DA686E-F54A-40DF-876C-2BE8AA…)

N0 moNeY Sh0tz AnYM0re

No. 894417

File: 1573924319619.jpeg (Spoiler Image,920.91 KB, 1242x1698, 5B0838D6-C547-44DE-9E9A-2399F6…)

The top 16%…? And still always begging for money?
Like.. I really wonder the difference she carries from a bum begging for change, because i see no difference

No. 894418

File: 1573924548168.jpeg (269.79 KB, 1242x1422, D231ED7D-039C-4AD5-9399-1895F8…)

You're never paying for newer content, you're paying for her to get High.

No. 894422

Top 16% doesn't mean much tbh. There's about 150,000 creators on OnlyFans. Being in the top 16% means you're about in the "top" 24,000. Percentages can be misleading like that, and she's retarded so

No. 894423

this has to be the image for next thread

No. 894425

we also know that she has less than 100 fans and more than half of them paid less than $9.99. if they all renew we can estimate she still makes at least $600-700 from onlyfans. But she still needs to beg for money.

No. 894465

Oh nooo, the sad floppy nipple that weird old guy almost bit off. Still hurts to see.

No. 894469

top 5% is around 2.5k model cut, she's not making more than 1k/month there

No. 894471

can anyone tell me why she doesn't use lube

No. 894473

9.99… for 1000 naked humiliating photos of her and 60+ videos of her shoving dry dildos in her ass and pussy. Who the fuck whores themselves out for such an embarrassingly tiny amount of money? Teenagers make 5x as much selling a thrifted item on fucking depop. And shayna gets paid this little for thousands of pictures and videos that are just utterly dehumanizing and that ruin her body physically (those painfully dry sex toys, getting her nipple almost bitten off, putting fireworks in her asshole etc) along with damaging her mind and reputation beyond repair. But you know, gotta stick it to big meanie mommy for not believing in her camwhore lifestyle! I’m excited to see what this worthless moron is doing in 10-20 years.

No. 894475


Damn that dog looks depressed.

No. 894498

I just wish she one day realized sex work just isn't for her and that's okay, but she doesn't care what's for her, she wants it her way and no other way, sex work is supposed to be a last resort kind of thing or even a side gig unless you're one of the very few lucky girls able to make thousands a week from camming and escorting

She will probably never have self awareness, she will keep insisting on being dirty and not taking care of herself, wearing horrendous unflattering outfits, fake baby talking, and scraping by with very little money from camming

No. 894603

Shayna went off about something because she was happy Lolcow was down, but it's back to talk about your dumb ass

No. 894605

File: 1574027850259.jpg (33.63 KB, 580x384, 1.JPG)

No. 894609

File: 1574027961378.jpg (60.35 KB, 587x548, 2.JPG)

No. 894610

File: 1574028072972.jpg (16.23 KB, 582x114, kkkk.JPG)

No. 894612

File: 1574028257445.jpg (35.33 KB, 637x374, jjj.JPG)

No. 894613

File: 1574028379901.jpg (17.02 KB, 895x97, jj.JPG)

Hey, guess what? Since Friday Shayna has gained almost 400 followers. Wow.
395 totally real followers. In 2 days.

No. 894614

File: 1574028389752.jpeg (96.52 KB, 750x556, 3A6AC148-59C1-4EC8-8561-784CAA…)

I’m dying at the fact that shay retweeted this. Living comfortably??? Where shayna??? You live the most uncomfortable dirty life I’ve ever seen.

No. 894616

File: 1574028493202.jpeg (89.22 KB, 741x657, B994EED4-B3AA-4F9C-9F74-4A44A3…)

Shay totally fucking read this post and then got defensive and bitter about it

No. 894617

Okay so candy for breakfast? Lol enjoy the gains fat bitch.

No. 894621

none of us really know why she does have the shit she does

No. 894622

File: 1574029071066.png (373.8 KB, 2048x677, Screenshot_20191116-191947.png)

Lol okay Shay, let's see how long that lasts.

No. 894624

I hate when Shayna starts preaching and gatekeeping. bitch, you have a mom and a dad you can run to when the going gets tough. M
Stop trying to school people on something YOU are failing at. She's so fucking privileged and won't realize it until mommy and daddy no longer give a fuck and she ACTUALLY has some real trauma in her life.

For someone who hates call-out culture and cancel culture she SURE does it a lot.No one's allowed to complain about anything but Shayna.

Her orbiters ALL hate cancel culture but if you lurk in their discord, all they do is whine and talk shit about people.All they do is call people out.

No. 894634

This sounds like a pep talk directed at herself to help her finally come to the conclusion that she will actually work and cam on a regular schedule instead complain daily >>894622

No. 894639

File: 1574030698164.jpg (83 KB, 1080x581, Screenshot_20191117_174354.jpg)

OH MY GOD I just spotted a wild KYLE NATHAN PERKINS in my Applebee's group I hope that Shayna Clifford is with him downing $1 cranberry vodka lemonades

No. 894642

Applebee’s daddy. Good god is this guy quintessential tumblr dom.

No. 894644

File: 1574031005274.jpg (404.92 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20191116-181129_Twi…)

No. 894646

File: 1574031047080.jpg (95.18 KB, 1080x317, Screenshot_20191116-181152_Twi…)

Does she not realize how much it'll damage her hair from going to a dark color to blonde again?

No. 894654

she does this frequently though, like i lost count of how many times she blamed other ppl or 'callout culture' for her not making as much money as she thought she should be. also saying "it's illegal" or whatever when she doesn't get tipped for existing.

she should just cut all that gross color off and go blonde from whatever remains but i'd much rather see the struggle and damage of trying to bleach out whatever's on her head now.

No. 894655


Damn. This is ALMOST self aware

No. 894661

Every time she says on god I am deeply triggered

No. 894663

I love how she goes on a rant because she gets SO triggered by something but she's too pussy to call the person out, which makes me believe the person she's talking about, has more followers and/or will pop back at her ass if she tries to come at them.

Get a fucking diary Shayna. It's so annoying how she gets so fucking triggered by other people's businesses or what they are saying on twitter.

No. 894669

she's only been shitty and doubled down on the things people have issues with. any advice people have given her she just takes as an attack. She hasn't changed but always tries to say these things to convince people she has.

Here's a tip Shayna: instead of trying to convince others you've changed, maybe just fix your fucking attitude and show people.

No. 894685

File: 1574033601942.jpg (512.41 KB, 1080x1243, Screenshot_20191117-173125_Twi…)


Re creating pics she took years ago

No. 894686

File: 1574033625460.jpg (740.44 KB, 1080x1530, Screenshot_20191117-173049_Twi…)


No. 894687

File: 1574033656786.jpg (921.18 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20191117-173102_Twi…)


This isn't flattering at all

No. 894688

tbh it's better than her recent pics. Her face is out of it and her chub is covered.

No. 894690

File: 1574034286019.jpg (459.25 KB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_20191117_184243.jpg)

I wonder if Kyle Nathan Perkins goes to Applebee's alone? He bragged about how the manager told him to "get lit".

No. 894692

Ugh spoil this.

She says this once a month and then that’s literally it. It lasts as long as the thought stays in her head long enough to type it out on Twitter.

No. 894694

Y'all really want the fupa milk smh

No. 894699


Him and Shayna act so much alike. They were made for eachother.

No. 894700

Can y'all just make a fupa thread already jfc

No. 894716

Does she hike the skirts up so high because they won't fit her gut?? I know it doesn't matter that her non existent ass is out since these are lewds/for porn but… that's not how you wear skirts lol

No. 894744

nta but you guys take up more space in the threads complaining about him/people posting about him than the actual posts themselves. just ignore it and move on. i personally think it's funny.

No. 894755

Agreed, i like to see a saged fupa once in a while. It makes me giggle and refreshes the atmosphere of the thread, it's when anons start replying to it angrily that makes a mountain out of a molehill and clogs the thread.

No. 894792

If you don’t like seeing people complain then make a thread for him. This one is about Shayna and without her anons have a right to be annoyed.

No. 894798

This. Don't even know why Shaytard evens attempts to stand on a soapbox to discuss the ins and outs of being a successful SW when she barely scrapes by with her minimal effort. Her daddy picks up the slack. She's an adult woman that still receives an allowance from a parent.
Being an e-whore isn't a job for her, it's her only character trait. I'll never understand how she types entire rants shitting on how other SW operate, meanwhile she's never known true struggle because her dad is practically supporting her financially. She still manages to draw a victim card from a deck of privileged cards.

No. 894802

The skirt most definitely does not fit her. Even wearing it at the smallest part of her waist. Look at the right side of the pic in >>894687 she is busting out like pillsbury

No. 894818

Her Dad pays for her? I've been following the past 5-6 threads so forgive me if I'm missing something. I figured she was barely scraping by but didn't know he was still giving her money. Has this been confirmed or just tf

No. 894819

tinfoil, a few threads back she was whining about being late on rent and suddenly someone sent her money, we all assumed it must've been her dad.
However, I don't think it's too outlandish to believe her parents who have been begging shayna to come home for years, would help her out if asked.
Shayna has a place to stay if she ever hits rock bottom, at least for the moment.

No. 894853

There’s no rock solid proof. She showed screenshots of some money she received through PayPal, and she doesn’t advertise her PayPal account. So the general assumption was it was her father sending her money. Because I doubt she wants her dad to send it to her SWer cashapp. But let’s be real- she would be working A LOT harder if she didn’t have her father to fall on. The income that she generates (begging included) is barely livable. She spends most of it on weed, food and booze. The rest goes to her bills that she’s barely paying.

No. 894943

Kinda surprised she didn't retell the moment of her buttoning the skirt up and feeling fat on Twitter. She's usually too dumb to exclude shit like that from her sm and we all know she must post about every mundane thing that happens throughout her day.

No. 894957

She actually said in discord that she was at applebees drinking cran vodkas and someone paid for her to take nudes in the bathroom. After fupa was posted here, the messages in discord were deleted so I couldn't grab a screen shot.

No. 894965

File: 1574095766688.jpg (45.07 KB, 574x390, hhhh.JPG)

Having anal isn't a personality Shayna, I also love how she calls anal "disgusting"

She's trying to make the fucking most mundane thing seem SO KINKY.

No. 894967

File: 1574095832115.jpg (18.76 KB, 584x249, jjj.JPG)

No. 894972

File: 1574095993325.jpg (18.72 KB, 572x129, nnn.JPG)

Says the bitch who NEVER can mind her business, even when she's too scared to call the person out, she STILL doesn't mind her business.

Shayna can't be this dumb, she has to be trolling or just mindlessly retweeting shit. She retweets random people's thoughts more then she does their sex work to show support.

I've noticed the only time she retweets some of her orbiters is right after they retweet her.

No. 894976

Sorry to say but she IS that dumb. She really believes when she talks shit about other sex workers and the community that she's being woke and bringing important things to light that no one has ever said before. She thinks people still give a shit about her. She is so delusional that she thinks all of this shit is true when it's very clearly not. I don't know how someone could live their life with so little self awareness.

It's like walking around with a huge stain on your shirt, and everytime someone mentions it, you look at it and say "no I don't have a stain"

No. 894997

File: 1574097899700.png (324.74 KB, 2048x511, Screenshot_20191118-122350.png)

another one of her hot takes thats 10 years too late.

what a spicy, original opinion.

No. 894998

Weekly, Shayna spazzes out angrily at people who still think she's racists or whatever the fuck. Every single time she's brought up the trump shit, she's done so in an aggressive angry manner.
So why WOULD people think you've changed? Every week you bitch about "Woke" people who haven't forgave you.

You call people SJW's, you are constantly ranting about women, you are always throwing shots and starting drama.
Every single time she sees ONE random person on twitter talking about the situation she loses her shit.
so you don't seem like you've grown & you don't seem sorry. You seem upset that people are seeing how you act and don't think you are sorry.

No. 894999

For someone gaining almost 100 REAL followers a day, Shayna sure has a lot of tweets that she retweets every day that are under 100.

No. 895004

Did no one get screenshots of this? Even if there was no suspicion of her being with fupa at the time it would still be milky because she's claiming to not be drinking

No. 895007

It's especially sad because people have tried to explain to her what she can do to fix the issues people have with her.

All she does is double down and say "I've already apologized, I shouldn't have to do anything else to show you I've changed because I think I have and you should too. If you don't think I have you're just a bully and a hater, call out culture is so toxic! Everyone is coming for me and I don't know why!"

Her whole shtick is denial, blaming, and then playing the victim. It's classic manipulation. She wants to claim she has changed without having to prove it. She wants to say she's a better person because she apologized for the bad thing but never actually showed remorse or attempted to fix it in any way. We should all just believe she's changed because she's Shayna, who can never do wrong.

No. 895012

This is why im waiting for Shayna to sub or call out the wrong person. Shayna picks her battles well.
But one of these days, she's going to try to preach or shade someone and she's going to get called the fuck out and she won't be able to whine her way out of it.

And her orbiters won't be able to save her either.

No. 895026

File: 1574104061045.jpg (51.85 KB, 807x264, Capture1.JPG)

No. 895027

File: 1574104107594.jpg (37.31 KB, 618x420, capture2.JPG)

No. 895028

File: 1574104133930.jpg (34.12 KB, 803x268, Capture.JPG)

No. 895029

File: 1574104308025.jpg (23.35 KB, 584x177, hhhhhhhh.JPG)

"Women are toxic!! Other sex workers don't support me!!"

This bratty bitch, has been supporting Shayna for how long? Seriously? How is it NOT a smack in the face to her orbiters when Shayna goes on her "Womenz are toxic" rants or even when she was saying no one was supporting her.

FEMALE sex workers are the only people who DO support you. You have a discord with 100+ people who all seem to be women who support you.

No. 895042

You're absolutely right.
Back when she still cammed somewhat regularly her top tipper was almost always that Harley chick, and Mia/sadbaffoon defended her all through the baby Hitler/black dildo fiascos.

No. 895126

File: 1574122855583.jpg (487.13 KB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_20191118-181917_Dis…)

It's like an echo chamber in her discord today. Kek not even her "fans" have wanted to talk to her.

No. 895130

50% off for the next 100 people? Why not just…change the price?

No. 895134

File: 1574123772057.png (489.34 KB, 2048x797, Screenshot_20191118-193420.png)

when just yesterday she was subtweeting and bitching out another sex worker.

Shayna you can talk all you want, but until you show it no one will believe you. You're so fucking fake.

No. 895147

File: 1574125217759.png (660.37 KB, 2048x1993, Screenshot_20191118-195919.png)

When you have to mention multiple times that you don't care, it really sounds like you care.

Every choice she makes revolves around what others think.

No. 895163

Says shit like this and wonders why people don't accept her apologies or think she's changed.

No. 895165

>i-i don't care!! i'm so not bothered!! i keep making posts about it but i swear i don't care guys!!!

whatever helps you sleep at night, kiddo.

No. 895166

it baffles me that she posted these tweets on the same day. she wants to spread love and positivity but somehow will not hesitate to bitch and subtweet about people that are "irrelevant" to her

No. 895173

she's a broken record at this point. Just make a fucking tweet about the trump shit, dildo and Hitler comments, Thats all she's talking about, she feels thats the ONLY reason people dislike her.
This vague, "i've changed" bullshit isn't enough and also WHO IS TALKING ABOUT HER? If she's talking about here, we know she hasn't changed.
Yeah, she's not doing dumb trump shit, making dumb dildo comments or hilter bullshit, but we see the other shit she does.
Anyone asking why people "hate" Shayna, only have to read the green text up top and see PROOF of shit she's been doing.
I don't hate Shayna, I'd love to see the bitch do better, but I know she won't. She's privileged with a bad attitude.
Just make an apology about the shit on twitter, if it's bothering her SO much.

And after apologizing don't be upset people don't take it. You don't seem sorry if you say it and then spaz that people aren't taking it. Get the fuck over it.

No. 895201

File: 1574132336580.jpg (323.08 KB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_20191118-205758_Twi…)

Lol yeah, cause this is totally draining someone

No. 895211

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if she’s just a troll trying to get to Trisha paytas type notoriety at this point with how much she contradicts herself

No. 895228

Welp. So much for "camming everyday". Was looking forward to that dumpster fire. Maybe she'll stream tomorrow! Or the next day!

No. 895232

Someone needs to make a new bingo and include “pathetic cocks”
Holy shit say something new

No. 895281

File: 1574171898671.jpg (220.64 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20191119-075739_Twi…)

So edgy Shay

No. 895282

File: 1574171926182.jpg (200.71 KB, 1080x572, Screenshot_20191119-075721_Twi…)

She already posted something like this

No. 895287

What really happened-

"My "boyfriend" texted me, saying he wanted to see me. He came over, fucked me in the ass (as usual), showered and left after sitting around with me for 15 minutes, because I started to cry"

If anyone even came. Sidenote, but it's hilarious that Shayna does Anal because this dude obviously prefers it to her razor bump purse, Not because Shayna enjoys Anal. She does this because she'll do anything for 15 minutes of attention. Imagine LOVING anal because that's what you have to deal with from a Friday fuck, who is probably the only true human interaction she has weekly.

This dude NEEDS to be paying her, it's not a relationship. Seems like dude comes over, fucks her and leaves. I said this before, but it's almost as if this dude has a wife or girlfriend & he's just stringing Shayna along for sex because he knows she'll let him do whatever he wants, for the cheap price of attention.

He's not paying her bills, he's not buying her things, he's doing zero to help better her life. Yet we all know Shayna would pick dick over her family, health, and animals.

No. 895331

File: 1574185306136.jpg (Spoiler Image,536.46 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_20191119-114056_Twi…)

?? They're French tips, you dumbass.

No. 895334

she'll be retweeting this one for awhile alongside that other one about having cum kept inside by ductape, the cringe.

>i'm a sex worker, i make porn, look at me doing it
she could also easily just use a google image but has to remind everyone of what she does, when she feels like it that is. already hasn't gotten on cam after saying she would surprising no one.

No. 895340

Lmao omg she's so stupid.

No. 895344

Jfc she really said that? I missed the duct tape thing but if it's true and she really did/said that she's an idiot

No. 895346

Shayna just says whatever she thinks sounds kinky and vomits it onto social media.

No. 895347

File: 1574187936774.jpg (265.28 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20191119-121014_Dis…)

"bE nIcE tO yOuR FoLlOErs!!"

The 182 people in her discord ignore her for one day:

No. 895348


Hey, orbiters this is the bitch you "Stan" and defend. A bitch that gets upset when you aren't sucking her ass every single message because gasp some of yall actually have lives and shit to do other then suck her irritated asshole.
This is yalls queen. She has a boyfriend, yet she's getting tilted in her empty discord because she has no one to talk to??
Shayna, please consider fixing ur life.

No. 895349

Oh, look, another reason for her to post more free nudes. If any dude is a fan of Shayna, they literally don't have to pay for ANY content.

Her previews are all the money shots, free nudes daily and countless twitter videos of her dancing nude.
Why even pay?

No. 895352


oh are the grown out hotdog looking french tips on PURPOSE?

No. 895361

File: 1574191544366.jpg (26.36 KB, 807x281, 01.JPG)


Guess she guilted people into talking to her.

No. 895362

File: 1574191594052.jpg (30.57 KB, 795x244, hhh.JPG)

No. 895363

File: 1574191623124.jpg (31.23 KB, 785x306, Capture 1.JPG)

No. 895364

File: 1574191650957.jpg (28.42 KB, 585x411, capture.JPG)

No. 895387

Everytime she posts screenshots of someone sending her money there's also an influx of followers for her. Lol.

No. 895416

She's already posted this before on a different twitter. With the same pics and caption

No. 895419

File: 1574198719387.jpg (197.1 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20191119-152438_Twi…)

Even though she's begging her discord members to support her

No. 895432

Just a day ago BTW.

Shayna, as usual, is talking shit about people and downing them, she cannot mind her business to save her life, let alone RUN her own business. She's too afraid to @ the people because she's a coward and is afraid of being called out.
I'm not even going to look for posts of her complaining about people not buying her content or supporting her either, because we all know she's a hypocrite..
Why the FUCK does it bother her that people vent about their issues on THEIR social media? She can never complain about this place because she does the same fucking thing.

How about you fucking work, instead of complaining about others complaining?

No. 895443

File: 1574201325639.jpg (177.07 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20191119-160810_Twi…)

But how many of these people are going to renew their subscription?

No. 895453

>tiny clit dick
At least you tried.

Nothing to be proud of since you practically had to sell your only fans account for what? $5? Amazing.

No. 895526

File: 1574209281835.jpg (Spoiler Image,590.02 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20191119-182056_Twi…)

Another platform to fail on

No. 895529

File: 1574209813475.jpg (48.72 KB, 1068x412, Screenshot_20191119-182221_Sam…)

Why is she using "teen" for her category?

No. 895583

File: 1574217593071.jpeg (Spoiler Image,196.29 KB, 750x989, A7184287-BED8-4908-90E8-0549C5…)

Spoilered because as always Shaynasty is, well… nasty. Do you think the cute boy or whoever is fucking her for free reads these cringey tweets she posts? Why would she post this shyte??

No. 895589

lots of sex workers who aren’t teens do this, because it’s the most popular porn category.

>Do you think the cute boy or whoever is fucking her for free reads these cringey tweets she posts?

no, because he doesn’t exist.

No. 895594

File: 1574219741291.jpg (159.15 KB, 1080x628, Screenshot_20191119-211246_Twi…)

No one goes to pornhub to buy videos

No. 895598


Barf… Good luck in the real porn world shay kek

No. 895605

Lmao I didn't even know there were vids to buy on there. I thought it was all free and there were subscription options

But like other anon said, she's a dumbass for thinking people will pay for her porn of all things when there's millions of free vids on there.

No. 895610

File: 1574224849357.jpeg (Spoiler Image,660.3 KB, 750x4223, C129B78F-B478-46B3-8951-6338C3…)

Checked out her onlyfans. How does she think these look good ? Especially the panties?

No. 895612

The speckled panties with the bruises all over her ass make her look moldy

No. 895613

22 years old and still with the children’s underwear fucking STOPPP

No. 895615

she looks like she JUSt got done crying in all these photos or she's blasted out of her mind.

Maybe both.

No. 895619

File: 1574226119024.jpeg (Spoiler Image,660.35 KB, 1242x691, 492E6130-2F87-46A7-A742-870256…)

Good CHRIST cmon dude

No. 895625

BTW she still hasn't cammed, yet she had time to live tweet about Toy Story, fuck around on Discord, pretend to care about her Orbiters lives, asking for them ideas (that she may or may not credit them for) and complain about other models complaining.

Oh and buy followers.

No. 895628

File: 1574226747560.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 750x7543, BC184860-AE23-46A7-9673-71C024…)

Again with these faces, shayna. How do you not see that you look retarded

No. 895639

File: 1574227543350.png (6.65 KB, 627x116, okay but ur not wrong.png)

alas this pornhub user hit her dildo skills on the nail (on the brojob vid)

No. 895643

like how she was constantly retweeting the clown video until someone finally bought it.

as suspected she puts up these 'photo sets' of one look with similar poses and then boasts about how many pix she has on there, which you can currently get access to for five fucking dollars.

can't wait to see how terrible the pix will be now that she has a new phone.

No. 895666

Yikes, but you should leak it all kek.

No. 895685


No. 895695

File: 1574247736904.png (375.24 KB, 612x736, shaynabingo.PNG)

Half-assed one for you.

No. 895697

File: 1574249637786.jpg (86.04 KB, 1080x525, Screenshot_20191120-053049_Hul…)

Just saw Dawn in this documentary. Another highlight on how bad shayna fucked up that opportunity. All for fupa.

The difference in success is astonishing. Shayna is wasting away in her shitty apartment.

No. 895733

Dogfucker really ain't relevant anymore. And it doesn't matter how "successful" she is, she still is nasty as hell.

Shay honestly needs to leave sex work, not become more embedded into it.

No. 895734

Use the money to go pay your fucking court fines!!

I can’t wait for her to be flying and get tagged by TSA for a bench warrant.

No. 895740

Kek I hope PornHub tears into her stupid ass. Can't delete comments or block people on there, Shay. They'll straight up tell you that your porn is not "pretty", it's not "precious", it's not "innovative". They'll see you shaving on your fucking bed and think you're legitimately special needs. Also. There's thousands of FREE videos of way hotter women to watch with no rashes on their genitals. Good luck, dumbass.

No. 895748

You can delete comments and block as a verified model on pornhub.

No. 895750

She cares more than she’d like. Even if she didn’t care about it today but she might cry about it for a week straight starting tommorow

No. 895765

Love how all of her videos have 3x as many dislikes as likes hahaha

No. 895784

I hope people here don't dislike her vids and post comments. Seriously don't. I want to see negative results organically.

No. 895788

Like 15 posts about her selling her Onlyfans for $5… then acting like she's so good because she's getting subs "quickly".
I also like how she just said a couple days ago that her Onlyfans is worth ~so much more than $10~ lol

Idk much about Onlyfans but isn't $5 like the cheapest price tier you could go? I mean yeah there's $3 or a single dollar but how many people are that low lmao. Point is, yeah when you sell your porn collection for a few measly dollars, sure people will pay that. Clearly even farmers. Doesnt mean she will get re-subs next month. Bets on how many she'll lose next sub cycle?

No. 895791

File: 1574274806891.jpg (51.33 KB, 586x366, nn.JPG)

No. 895792

File: 1574274834916.jpg (33.73 KB, 584x244, mm.JPG)

No. 895794

She's reached 100 three times now and "campaign?" How long has she has onlyfans? Why is she acting like she went from 0 to 125, bitch no.

You went from 98 to 125 and truth be told, that could easily be an days old screenshot. You've reached 100 three times now and you've had an only fan for months.

No. 895795

File: 1574275954848.jpg (30.42 KB, 791x199, Capture.JPG)

I wish she'd admit that all she cares about is numbers. It's not really about money because she has a plan B (her parents), it's about her looking popular and in demand.
The same reason why she buys so many followers. She wants to feel that she's popular even if it's shallow and fake.

No. 895796

File: 1574276048524.jpg (25.2 KB, 583x165, jjj.JPG)

No. 895797

I love how this person actually gave men a shout out without trashing women in the process. Maybe you can learn from this Shayna.
Doubt it though.
Worst part is Shayna's real followers/supporters are probably more female sex workers than men anyway.

No. 895803

She's got a deal for the next 100 fans to subscribe,anon. She's not trying to get to 100 total subscribers

No. 895806

oh well… i look dumb and I can't delete. Im sorry everyone please ignore.

No. 895839

her logic is fucking painful, a lot of those ppl are only subbing b/c it's cheap. they can probably save whatever they want and then bail. also why would they go to mv when the content is pretty much the same, just with different outfits/hair, she is so dumb.

also i like how she's more excited about posting stupid emoji's with her new phone than creating content.

No. 895846

Kek she took this video down

No. 895888

So most girls with OF set for cheap price then sell videos and photosets for even more within the site. As in - you sign up and see SOME selfies and teasers, but you have to pay more to get real content. I feel like we can almost guarantee Shay is not doing that. She is just posting all this shit for people to see for 5$.

No. 895908

Oh ok that makes sense. Oh no doubt Shay posts everything for just the low subscription price. I mean look at her Twitter she posts the whole 30 pic photoset preview on there for free not to mention countless nudes and vids all the same thing. Lmao and if so, she's so dumb and she's fucked herself because now she can't just go and put up "pay walls" or she'll lose almost all her subs.

No. 895915

File: 1574296193800.jpg (546.09 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20191120-182917_Twi…)

Aka: I'Ve ChAnGeD

No. 895916

File: 1574296246355.jpg (480.59 KB, 1080x1364, Screenshot_20191120-183029_Twi…)

We'll see if this happens

No. 895917

File: 1574296280654.jpg (111.81 KB, 1080x372, Screenshot_20191120-182859_Twi…)

Well maybe if you didn't attack your "fans" and force people to support you

No. 895921

Can she shut up about this? The way Shayna acts you'd think she had a million people on twitter calling her out every second of the day. The people who support you don't fucking care about that shit. In fact, there are very few people on twitter who DO care. Whenever I look to see who she's whining about it's always nothing.

Also, people can care about multiple things, I hate this, "you should be worried about this, instead of that" Well I can worry about both. Stop trying to tell people what they can be mad about, how to handle it and how they should feel.

I really hope these rants aren't towards here because no one wants to "cancel" you, everyone's just calling out the scummy shit you constantly do on your platform. Y

ou keep telling people to let you grow, but you never truly grow. One day ur saying how you are different and keep trying to force people to forgive you, next day you are insulting people for not forgiving, the same thing over and over again.
Then you whine about Cancel Culture but you are one of the most triggered people ever. You get mad at "woke" people because you think they are the ones upset about ur past situations and because we call you out for ur women-hating comments.

Ur own Orbiters were trying to get that one SW "Canceled" and you've threatened two people with trying to get them kicked off of MV.

Please fuck off with this.

No. 895922

One of the people was caught leaking her content I don’t know who the other person was

No. 895925

Shayna, please stop trying to be "cute" and go viral. I guess it's cute to want to mentally ill stalker obsessed fans and exploit them so you can get likes and attention, so you feel better about yourself.
what a dumb and selfish thing to say. I know it's a nitpick, but please think more Shayna.

No. 895926

When did this happen?

No. 895932

Shay that's not gonna happen when your pussy costs $1.

No. 895936

For real. She's a fucking broken record. It irritates me so much that I wonder why I even come back to this thread considering it's so predictable at this point. Every day with this shit. Every time I see the thread bumped, I think some shit finally went down, but nah, just her sperging about how much she ChaNgEd!!! Shut the fuck up, Shayna. Get a goddamn hobby.

No. 895942

is it nitpicking to point out that there's bits of toilet paper on her asshole? most SWs do things like invest in baby wipes… too expensive for Shaynasty even tho she could buy fucking elmo baby wipes at Dollar Tree and continue her weird fetish for using children's things on her genitals. but no, instead she post pictures of her asshole with toilet paper on it on her paid subscription page.

No. 895948

File: 1574303455985.jpg (74.24 KB, 646x868, IMG_20191120_183017.jpg)

Fridge body

No. 895958

I see she’s channeling her inner Momokun with the panties hiked 3/4s of the way up her torso

No. 895972

She acts like she’s important enough to cancel

No. 895974

I want to vomit

No. 895979

Too bad that only works when you have actual hips.
You'll never be T H I C C, Shay, you can stop now.

No. 895980

im not a doctor or anything but that shit looks like a pinworm

No. 895983

Yo. Y'all know she nasty enough. She probably let's her dog shit out on the back patio and she's too lazy to pick it up and probably goes out there bare footed. I mean. She's filmed porn out there. She definitely out there bare footin.

No. 895988

File: 1574312206124.jpg (343.41 KB, 1067x1597, Screenshot_20191120_235236.jpg)

She is unrecognizable. She reminds me of Cinderella's ugly step sisters.

No. 896014

And that’s not even her real face. I don’t think she even knows what her real face looks like anymore she is so used to SC filters.

Ugh. Those fucking hotdog nails are back.

No. 896030

why does she use a snapchat filter on every single one of her posts? like even her “professional” sex work pics have filters.. i do not understand

No. 896050

Cause she likes to think she actually looks like that when in reality she looks ugly and haggerd as fuck. She use to put up unfiltered photos all the time only a year ago but then she discovered that awful heart filter and the rest is history.
She likes to pretend she doesn't care what we think but we laughed at her unfiltered photos and she stopped posting those, we laughed at her damaged blonde hair so she went back dark, we laughed at her same ass backdrop for her videos so she slinked to a different corner of her apartment, we laughed at her nails so she got rid of em for a while, we laughed at her cracked lips so she started wearing lipstick, any time we laugh at any business "ventures" she always subtweets us letting us know how hard she lurks. Pathetic, really.

No. 896054

Filter doesn't hide them crazy eyes, Shayna. Yikes.

No. 896055

File: 1574341649114.jpeg (474.07 KB, 1242x1166, 5C1BE58F-8649-43B9-BA66-D1E675…)

Today on “none of this happened”

No. 896057

File: 1574341768471.jpeg (322.42 KB, 1242x793, 048B85B4-6A68-4680-86B0-114384…)

That’s just stitch’s number in lilo and stitch. Put the Disney plus down Shay.

No. 896062

InB4 her super deep numerology phase. This is not even an significant number.
She's so try hard now. She didn't even have to try this hard on Tumblr cause she was somewhat popular. Now that she lost most of those followers and was "forced" onto Twitter, she does this cringy shit to try and go viral. She just seems so disingenuous now. Just be real, Shay. Is it really that hard? I mean, I guess it is when you don't have a personality and latch onto whatever nearly year old trends but goddamn.

No. 896063

Reminds me of r/ihavesex

No. 896067

File: 1574344854131.jpg (183.41 KB, 1077x676, Screenshot_20191121-075919_Twi…)

Shay, stop trying to make having a mental illness uwu and funny

No. 896068

File: 1574344903452.jpg (212.83 KB, 1080x746, Screenshot_20191121-075957_Twi…)

Lol she saw your comment anon

No. 896070

honey no those aren't freckles, those are dookie. we've seen your ass dozens of times, i think we can tell now.

No. 896079

File: 1574346223324.gif (431.05 KB, 500x280, giphy-1551716582.gif)

Like I said. Always subtweeting to let us know she lurkin.

No. 896085

File: 1574349335320.png (741.7 KB, 2048x1616, Screenshot_20191121-101322.png)

Hahahaha Called it. Try not to make it SO OBVIOUS you're here.

No. 896093

File: 1574351734184.jpeg (260.42 KB, 1242x1561, 64C4BDFB-8549-4B56-955B-125BF8…)

Huh…. Wonder if Shay had to pay for the advice? /sarcasm

I also feel like Poppy Carmine has Been discussed here before???

No. 896108

File: 1574355565044.png (573.63 KB, 1508x2048, Screenshot_20191121-115706.png)

Too bad that requires you to get off your lazy ass and be active, u pudgy fuck kek Down some more sodas

No. 896114

holyshit, she's pathetic

No. 896116

File: 1574356405091.png (590.79 KB, 2048x1023, Screenshot_20191121-120613.png)

>Have a place that I can take care of by myself
BITCH WHERE??? Your apartment is a leaky, moldy hole with discolored walls that you constantly complain about. And you don't fucking clean on top of that. We can see your absolute disgusting excuse for a carpet and all your discolored dirty ass pillows. Yo AC ever get fixed, you dumb bitch? Let's not forget you were SLEEPING ON THE FUCKING FLOOR at one point last year because you refused to buy a bed. And your ass would still be sleeping on the floor if one of your followers didn't buy that day bed. When you started doing content on a bed again, we didn't even know what the fuck do to because it had been THAT LONG seeing your stupid ass on a bed. Let's also not forget that you've lived in what? 5 different places in the past year and most of them was mooching off another person? Please sit the fuck down. You're a nasty as fuck, washed up Tumblr whore that possibly has pin worms and I can see every reason why your family is ashamed of you.

No. 896120

"what are you doing?" he fucking put his finger up your ass, why are you confused? Even her fake stories don't make sense. Also, this sex story is so mundane, it sounds like something out of an 50 shades of grey fanfic, written by someone who never had sex.

You can tell that Shayna has an thought and she bases these fake stories around them, you can tell, "Whatever I want, ur my toy" was the phrase she felt would have the likes and retweets pouring in. She WISHED Cute boi said that shit to her.

In all reality, she got fucked in the ass and dude left. If she even got fucked. Imagine getting fucked and the first thing you do is make 3 tweets about what JUST happened and then 2 hours later you are talking about something totally different on twitter or begging for attention on discord because dude came to get some ass and left.

No. 896122

File: 1574357202111.jpeg (329.34 KB, 1125x1299, DB5D5AD6-4835-4FF3-84B3-BE8CF0…)

Why would any family member want to hear about your sex work on Thanksgiving, Shayna? Telling grandma all about how you punch yourself for nickels at the dinner table sounds like a great idea. What could go wrong?

No. 896124

Imagine not being able to separate yourself and your work this much. Being a sex worker isn’t apart of who you are and it shouldn’t be at all. Then again, shayna has no personality of her own anyway.

No. 896125

she really only cares about herself and wants to brag she does anal everyday to her family

No. 896128

not that shayna has no responsibility for her shit but it is kind of funny shayna's parents are so embarrassed. like who raised her? lmao they are fine still giving her money as long as the family doesn't know they fucked her up. i love the holiday season.

No. 896129

the thing is, SeX wOrK doesn't even have to be a topic of conversation but her parents have to make it a point to tell her not to bring it up because they know it's all she has going on and all she'll want to talk about

No. 896130

lol how did they fuck her up tho? i agree they shouldn't be giving her money but they might just think she's mentally disabled at this point.

No. 896132

Right, you can tell Shayna doesn't just want to say, "I'm an adult entertainer" No, she wants to go into details, she wants to BRAG and show them that she made something of herself.
When there's SO much proof not even JUST here but just reading through her social media that she's not doing good mentally or in any fashion.
She has nothing else to talk about and that's sad, she can't talk about friends, a decent boyfriend, going out anything, but sex work or Netflix or some shit, because nothing else is going on.

No. 896135

same anon continuing to support her while she's doing sex work counts as the main fuck up in my opinion.

i won't speculate too hard abt her childhood but they fact they will pay to fly her out for thanksgiving but won't idk maybe put that money towards a grocery gift card or some decent health insurance does make me suspicious about them. /end tinfoil

No. 896137

Didn't she move out with someone? Why is she acting like Sex work, helped her move out, when I positive she moved out to live with some dude?

Her pills must be kicking in for her to say, "I really made the life I want for myself", so you want a life, where you are addicted to weed and can't function without it and alcohol.You are in a shitty apartment, getting fucked on a child's bed, no furniture, no car, no friends, barely any social life and you beg not only for money but for attention on twitter?

That's the life you wanted? The worst part is she's going to be begging for people to pay for her to travel to see them.

No. 896139

lmao this bitch is so dumb. she thinks it's so notable that she has her own place because of working as a sex worker (for four years, no less kek). she could be living the same quality of life she has right now by working at Target and not whoring her festid self out online for the world to gawk and laugh at.

has anyone else noticed how all the cows on the farm are merging into one amalgamated horror? i'm starting to have trouble telling one dirty, rank, sore-covered shameless and embarrassing camgirl that's barely capable of doing her one and only job from the other. DollyandProud? MooMooMattel? Luna Slater 2.0?

No. 896143

Lol Like, sorry that Gramma Clifford doesn't want to hear your butthole talk and how you let some rando guy from Tulsa, OK tell you to piss all over yourself during Thanksgiving dinner, Shayna. Are you fucking serious? Is she seriously butthurt (ha) that she can't brag about her disgusting life to FAMILY members? How is this bitch THIS deep into her own delusions? She doesn't need to be on benzos, she needs to be on anti-psychotics at this point. Holy fuck. The only thing this bitch bringing to Thanksgiving dinner is the audacity.

No. 896150

maybe they do? she probably spends it on weed and other dumb shit

No. 896153

ALSO. The only reason you're able to live on your own is because you live in bumfuck Oklahoma in an $650/m apartment that's not even furnished with, oh yeah, no car. We all know if you were still on West coast you couldn't afford to live on your own. Humble yourself, Shayna.

No. 896199

File: 1574368055883.jpg (134.57 KB, 1080x629, Screenshot_20191121-142659_Twi…)

All the people who liked it are her typical orbiters

No. 896201

“I’ve learned to keep my family life and work life seperate” that’s why I constantly talk about my family on my sex worker social media. Makes sense.

No. 896246

File: 1574371419284.jpeg (442.46 KB, 1242x1714, A5426649-6C12-4637-BE1E-403380…)


No. 896247

File: 1574371528873.jpeg (416.62 KB, 1241x1831, DA9A5D3B-E9E4-4D6E-984B-439A68…)


No. 896248

File: 1574371622962.jpeg (471.6 KB, 1242x1798, 6FDBBDD7-E442-480C-AC4F-76B150…)


No. 896250

But we all know Shay. She wouldn't just be like "oh yeah, work is good." She would go into every detail and talk about the embarrassing videos she's made

No. 896251

"I rUn a FuCkInG bUsSiNesS." Shay, you show your fucking pussy and asshole for FREE all the damn time. Great business ethic

No. 896254

I posted the 3set, but I’ve gotta add bc it decided there was too much traffic going on….. what has she used her money on to proud of???? Like.. she’s had something worth bragging about a few years ago when she was getting Airbnb’s in LA every few months getting her hair and makeup done for pro shoots with other girls… BUT SHE BACKFIRED ALL THAT BY SPAZZING ABOUT A FLIGHT.
She can be proud of the career she had, but she can also be proud of the bonfire it turned out to be, too.

She’s milked 3+ year old content for YEARS, she’s not meeting up with companies anymore, she’s not setting goals, she’s not cramming…. she’s sitting on her ass using old pictures on onlyfans. She’s got nothing to be proud of anymore.

No. 896275

Don't forget that she has to BEG for that rent

No. 896279

"I haven't had another job in years" Yes, and look at you? It's not like you have a car or anything major. You've mooched off of MULITPLE people. All you have is an apartment. I cannot think of one thing Shayna can brag about except, "I've did this for 4 years and only this" Okay??
Do you want a cookie?
It's not like she does sex work and it doesn't affect her family. IT DOES, it always has because Shayna has always made it that way. If you don't want to lie then DONT.

No. 896284

Stop acting like fucking respect your parents or anyone for that matter. You call your mother a cunt online amongst a lot of other shitty things you've done involving ur family in ur situation when they don't want to and want a relationship with you outside of it.

If you are proud then talk about it and be classy. Just stop acting like as if you care how they feel about it, because there's so much proof that you don't. Stop trying to make urself a victim, when there's people who do sex work, who don't even have the option of an thanksgiving with family because they were ACTUALLY cut off because of what they do.
People who don't have parents who'd catch them when they fall as an adult.

No. 896287

File: 1574376791228.jpg (44.93 KB, 629x377, fjfjf.JPG)

"ur parents must be proud" Does bother you though asshole, u just were whining about how you wanted them to be proud and how proud you are.

So yes, it's generic but that shit triggers the fuck out of you.

No. 896288

File: 1574377112634.jpg (27.35 KB, 621x255, fjfj.JPG)

funny because the dude that you call daddy and probably calls himself your "daddy" let you sit in the dark crying and you feel comfortable enough to let him fuck you in the ass raw, but not enough to ask him for money for an important bill.

Yet you shit on women for getting men off for free.

No. 896289

File: 1574377155818.jpg (19.98 KB, 591x100, jjj.JPG)

No. 896294

File: 1574377293250.jpg (86.63 KB, 1080x479, Screenshot_20191121-170055_Sam…)

What about that "daddy" that fucks you every Friday?

No. 896303

why does she take everything so personally? How is she still this sensitive?

No. 896307

what happened to her camming monday thru friday lol? did she even do it once this week?

No. 896322

File: 1574381690899.jpg (120.22 KB, 1080x540, Screenshot_20191121_191348.jpg)

Nope, just as expected!

No. 896323

1. Cringey as always

2. She is really on a roll about family today


No. 896332

Lol I love how she's like, "I'm not gonna tell them full details" then go on to give full details about how her fuck machine made her "leak cum" Like really? You literally can't stop yourself from sharing full details. The cringe, I swear to God.

No. 896334

Holy shit, then don't go back home if it literally bothers this much??? Dude. YOU CHOSE to do this line of work. If you think it's So GReAt, then you need to learn to take the bad with it. Sorry,but most parents don't want to see their daughter sell their pussy (or I guess asshole, since "AnAl iS tHe OnLY WAy") for cheap. I mean. If you had something to show for it, maybe. Like a house? A car? A ton of money? Getting men to clean your rachet place for $100/hr? But ya don't. Thing is, your father came to see IN PERSON how you lived. Then he had to go home to tell your mother. You have nothing to show for your work.

No. 896338

Lmao it's been a month or so since her license was revoked and she still didn't pay her fine. What a loser. Your parents are so proud of you, shayna!!!!

No. 896343

If she’s this surprised by getting a finger in the ass, does that imply her ~daddy~ never preps her before going raw dog on her asshole? That would explain why it looks sore and inflamed all the time. kek what a great way to promote safe sex, Shay. If she keeps it up she’ll have an anal prolapse.

No. 896345

She legit looks like she’s tweaking in this video, anyone catch the shaky way she moved to reach that crusty bong??
Also what THE FUCK is in her hair?

No. 896348

Its one of the biggest Shayna jokes, I stg. Says she's gonna cam and absolutely does not. She used to make excuses but now she just ignores it. It's the weirdest fucking thing for someone with 0 things going on in their life.

No. 896349

"& be seen as a real job" would hold more weight if what she does was even close to a real fucking job. She isn't a person unable to separate herself from her work, she's a dirty jobless neet.

No. 896352

File: 1574389455267.jpg (122.01 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20191121-202246_Twi…)

And what about your cat?

No. 896358

i dont think shes the person to be calling people "normies" just because shes a sex worker kek

No. 896360

File: 1574391469432.jpg (254.37 KB, 1077x928, Screenshot_20191121-205717_Twi…)

On today's episode of "this didn't happen"

No. 896363

whats worst? This not happening and being something she read somewhere else or thinks is "cute" and #couplegoals

or him actually doing this and her immediately tweeting about it.

If this guy isn't fupa, she found an dude just as corny as him.

No. 896372

Ew even if this did happen, your new bf is using your porn name and not your actual name? That's fucking degrading, not cute.

No. 896374

The saddest part is her not realizing the irony in this post.

>i run a business

That's why you're always online begging for money and have no furniture in your apartment

No. 896395


if he's calling her by her porn name one can only tinfoil that it's fupa. why would she introduce herself to someone new irl, as her porn persona? especially knowing what a 2 second Google search is going to bring up.

No. 896404

File: 1574398693420.png (71.98 KB, 694x326, Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 11.5…)

So it's the same "anon" dude…

No. 896408

>pretend i haven't made a real name for myself
yea b/c you're so well known you have to beg for money/attention and then post screenshots every time you get it.

talking to ppl irl doesn't mean you're in a relationship with them shay, omf. and b/c she wanted to be so witty with this reply, it makes all those encounters she tweets about where someone says some 'sure jan' thing that much more fake.

how do you lose something you're meant to regularly wear? which i noticed she doesn't but will pop it on after this comment. also lol at 'training collar', pls don't start another collar sperg.

No. 896412

File: 1574399912671.jpg (83.64 KB, 1080x487, Screenshot_20191122_001743.jpg)

The cringe…

No. 896414

Wow, I hope she's joking about changing her name, then again, i hope she does. Funny how she whines about people still calling her racist & all the bad shit attached to her name & now she wants to actually make her REAL name Dolly Mattel? I'd love to ask Shayna where she sees herself in five years. I know she'll say "dead" or something edgy, but does she really think the name "Dolly mattel" is going to mean something to ANYONE? Does she think she'll somehow, someway become famous & rich?
That all of this will be worth it?
So yes, just give up on Shayna and just become Dolly Mattel. Just give up on ever having an personality/life outside of sex work.It's kind of sad if you ask me. There's no reason for her to change her name, she's not doing it for business, we know that much.

Does this bitch get off on playing life on hard mode?

Does she think "famous" sex workers, just become their job? That they don't have families or friends? Does she think it's normal how she lives? She's like Luna Slater, these bitches romanticize struggle thinking that just because they are doing things the hard way, means in the end it'll all pay off.
Thats not how life works, dumb asses.

And I hope her dumb ass orbiters cheer her on, they have to be trolls or dumb asses themselves, if they think this is a good move.

No. 896415

She lost them because she brought them and they meant nothing to her. Fupa/cute boi, didn't buy her that shit and if he did they spent a hot $20 which may be the most they've ever spent on Shayna.

No. 896438

If you were really that pissed off about it, why bother playing along with their lie? Why bother going to thanksgiving to visit your “abusive” and unsupportive family? Why feed into their disgust for your life style?

Oh right, cause your dad pays your rent so you gotta play nice. Fuck off, Shay. You’re such a dumb whore that you’re willing to degrade yourself and your “life style”
so you can continue to do the bare minimum in life. All while your dad pays your rent for your disgusting, moldy apartment in bum fuck Tulsa.


I think you’re confusing an expired license to a suspended license? I don’t think TSA gives two fucks if you have a suspended license.

No. 896466

didn't she say that this relationship is over and she is not collared anymore?

No. 896476

I guess anal is her brand now cause she won’t shut the fuck up abt it

No. 896477

How'd she lose a collar? She doesn't leave her apartment. I swear this "loses" shit all the time for someone who barely has any belongings.
And speaking of Noodle (and Rib. Cause, ya kno, you have a cat too, Shay, you piece of shit) what is she gonna do about them when she leaves? Drop em off at Fupa's?

No. 896478

Lol Wow. She's so unique and iconic and innovative. Who woulda thought?! ANAL in PORN! Just, wow, genius. She's so, like, not like other girls. Someone out Dolly Mattel on the Hollywood Walk of Fame already. This type of genius cannot go unnoticed!

No. 896480

Yes. But as I said when they broke up, that they'd make up because anyone who's stupid enough to date Shayna is stupid enough to get back together with her after she showed her true colors. Because it's totally not a red flag to break up after only a couple months of dating (if it's not Fupa, that is). Nothing about Shayna is healthy so the people she attracts and the "romantic" relationships she gets into is not healthy either.
She probably left the dude 28 voicemails wailing and whining and said she's like sOooOoooO mentally ill! And you can't blame her cause she's mentally ill!!!1!! She's has every right to be an asshole! Cuz ANxIEty and DePrEsHun and ChIldHoOd AbuSe!

No. 896481

File: 1574427382987.png (269.94 KB, 2048x520, Screenshot_20191122-075442.png)

Kek Wowie. A whole ass 11 people that are just the usual suspects. Watch out y'all, totally famous over here.

No. 896485

is anybody keeping track? how long has she been using this twitter? i don't think i've seen a 'twitter deleted my acc' breakdown in a while?

No. 896501


Please don't tell me that we are all looking past the fact that she insinuates that she is physically excited (i.e. cum dripping pussy from anal) from what she considers to be her sole source of income?

No. 896525

>talking to ppl irl doesn't mean you're in a relationship with them shay, omf.

This is beside the point but she didn't say anything about being IN A RELATIONSHIP she said she doesn't have IRL relationships. Anyone you interact with you have a relationship with, be it with a friend or a family member or a coworker. Relationships aren't solely romantic.
Not trying to defend Shaytard but if you're going to nitpick about retarded shit at least know what you're talking about so you don't look like a dumbass.

No. 896527

Lmfao anons

>"what are you doing?" he fucking put his finger up your ass, why are you confused?
>The only thing this bitch bringing to Thanksgiving dinner is the audacity

No. 896543

File: 1574442984431.jpeg (263.87 KB, 1242x1789, 84A49BB3-1178-403A-B7BB-09886B…)

Awee, guys shes actually including the dates of her money payments…. Its almost like….. Someone called her out on using old ones kek

No. 896545

File: 1574443263482.jpeg (105.57 KB, 1242x836, 0FDC1B8D-2EEE-4C55-8AE1-A75F13…)

Heres looking at the anon who specifically said "anal isn't a personality trait, Shay"

No. 896547

Can she go 10 minutes without mentioning anal? Being predictable and a broken record is also a personality trait, Shayna. And bad ones for a sex worker.

No. 896562

I guess she's responding to me. Shayna, do you not know that anal isn't even considered Taboo anymore? That men and women do it ALL the time? Pretending to like dick up your ass does not make you important, special or above people.
She either is trolling or REALLY thinks that anal is so taboo and she's special for "liking it"

You are supposed to be this Kinky bitch and here you are bragging about enjoying something millions of people enjoy to do. Something so fucking basic.
And since you read here, how come you take the dumbest shit that's said, and get triggered by it? Instead of taking the mountains of advice that people give you?

Is this dude telling you you are special because his exes didn't like anal? Is that what this is about? Is fupa and/or Cute boi, telling you, "Dolly Mattel you are the first girl, I've been with that liked anal"

Is this you trying to dunk on exes who may or may not know you exist?

No. 896570

This always comes to mind when she begs for money

No. 896607

File: 1574456585218.jpeg (561.4 KB, 1242x922, 360C5D54-1B78-4710-A696-9EDCBE…)

No. 896624

File: 1574458947596.jpeg (Spoiler Image,787.56 KB, 1242x1787, 438EE4AE-0276-4CB3-BBA0-71450A…)

Like clockwork. Anal. Ungrateful followers. Giving goods away for free. Also for such an “uwu anal bb” you think she’d have another buttplug

No. 896625

File: 1574458990478.jpeg (438.95 KB, 1242x1257, 98862AD3-5F58-48CE-8CA1-EA11FE…)


No. 896626

File: 1574459027431.jpeg (602.14 KB, 1242x1326, AF5B8733-5D93-4550-BC43-95256E…)

Didn’t we… already announce this recently? I swear, this girl. Every excuse not to work and beg for money.

No. 896628

i thought she was moving to a renovated apt in her building?

No. 896629

Lol She didn't get enough attention for 16 whole minutes and started bitching. I seriously hope she's trolling at this point with her constant attention seeking and anal talk. I seriously think she is. I refuse to believe a human like this actually exists. It's kinda gross.

No. 896633

File: 1574459322402.png (443.12 KB, 2048x696, Screenshot_20191122-164149.png)

But wait! She totally has a PlAcE oF HeR owN cause she's soooooo successful and she's living in the highest of end apartments and it's such a total shame she just can't brag about how she got it by selling herself for $5!!! Press F to pay respects for our total hard working "Sex work is real work!" baby anal-loving bimbo!

No. 896634

Dude. It's like the other day when she said she can't work because there was construction going on outside. She's legit used that same excuse before when she was either living in Portland or at the Tulsa house. Can't remember which and I'm not dedicated enough to search through old threads. But yeah, I feel she just gives out excuses to not work at this point.

No. 896640

Who cares Shayna? I love how she's said, "almost a week" to prove he doesn't see her only on weekdays, but Shayna, he just comes and fuck you at night, if he isn't, that means, he comes fucks you and you are on twitter, discord and Tumblr all day with ur "daddy" there.

She's a sex worker, trying to convince a thread of people who can't stand her, that she has sex and a boyfriend. That's fucking sorry as hell.

No. 896641

She's trolling but at the same time, I think it's pissing her off the shit that gets said here about Cute boi, thats all she has and for us to pick it apart bothers her.
Be prepared for her to start posting "gifts" he gives her or "texts" he sends, because people here pointed out that she never shows these things.

No. 896645

she already let the world know she got "collared" lol

No. 896646

File: 1574462914956.jpeg (238.43 KB, 654x1356, EKArqsjWkAAirwg.jpeg)

Can you imagine living in one of the cheapest apartment in the whole USA, having absolutely no social life and still not being able to have money on the side? What's the point of showing your ass on twitter if you're going to be poor anyway? Get a job jc

No. 896668

Trying to prove she leaves the house but that's just her patio/apartment complex

No. 896670

she looks so dirty in this pic

No. 896671

sideshow bob is shaking

No. 896679

She looks like Ben from Drunken Peasants

No. 896683

quasimodo lookin ass

No. 896686

File: 1574467973129.jpg (189.01 KB, 1080x695, Screenshot_20191122-181142_Twi…)

She means her dad called for her

No. 896687

File: 1574468039306.jpg (Spoiler Image,577.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191122-181323_Twi…)

More cringe

No. 896690

A couple of hours after saying "I'll never post my butthole again cos y'all are ungrateful" lol

No. 896694

So insecure, anons here were just talking about how this dude does nothing and suddenly she's chomping at the bit to make sure we know he's over for a "Week" to fuck her and that he gasp cared enough to call about an issue in her apartment.

So transparent. Why is she trying to convince us? We're just a bunch of toxic bitches, she's awesome and amazing, stop lurking then. No one cares fupa or whoever the fuck did that. All you are doing is proving that you are insecure about this relationship.

No. 896695

I think she's just trolling us tbh, all this overboard anal talk is just her dumb ass thinking she's being petty, when the truth is she's giving out more free nudes and getting dudes off for free.

No. 896698

File: 1574471249203.jpg (141.12 KB, 1080x525, Screenshot_20191122-190657_Twi…)

Why not have your "daddy" buy you a pair?

No. 896727

oh god is that discharge on her knickers? If you're going to try to be sexy for twitter at least put some clean ones on.

No. 896733

File: 1574477522280.jpg (210.3 KB, 1440x1166, 20191122_205126.jpg)

Please dont compare sex work to children's shows jesus

No. 896742

There is no way she is doing anal multiple days a week with how she lives, eats, and doesn't wash herself. At least not without giving the dude speckled shit dick. We've seen it in her vids even. Nasty.

No. 896758

I feel like the dude she's with doesn't care. They seem to be scum just like Shayna and I'm sure Shayna will turn it into scat play or something.

No. 896761

gosh who cares? even if it's discharge, it's not overflowing or due to lack of hygiene. it's not like she has skid marks on her underwear ffs

No. 896765

NTA, but you sound kind of triggered. Whatever it may or may not be, maybe Shayna should check her panties and the pictures she uploads before posting them online for the world to see?

No. 896767

File: 1574483089169.jpg (240.6 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20191122-222345_Twi…)

When is she going to stop with all the anal splurging

No. 896782

Is she going to tweet every single conversation they have to prove a point. Also, yawn, at this wack anal trolling she's doing. We get it Shayna you are upset we talked about that dude not caring about you and about your basic obsession.

No. 896804

you get discharge too anon lol

No. 896809

Lmao she’s so bothered that she has to “troll” us with all this obnoxious anal talk. It would be funny if she was ACTUALLY FUNNY. But she’s not and likely annoying her few followers.

Just accept it shay. You’re just a basic bitch giving out anal and nudes for free. Can’t even get a pair of slippers from your “daddy”.

No. 896819

I'm not triggered, just tired of the anons nitpicking on the things that are normal for any average woman, like a little bit of discharge or cellulite. it's not like her soiled pants are the reason she sucks at sex work. her attitude and the dumb faces she makes in her videos, on the other hand, are more relevant to the problem

No. 896820

her stupid anal phase got too old way too fast. she needs to stop trying to prove everyone that she has this perfect life with a guy when everybody including herself can see clearly that she is being used because she is dumb and pathetic enough to allow it

No. 896841

I would bet money that if there is actually a new guy, it’s another fat chunky short loser JUST like fupa or maybe they’re both fat short and have a huge creepy nose like that guy who dommed shaytard way back in the day in those gross pornos. Basically I know shay has just latched onto an ugly desperate horny male because she’s bored and needs to brag about having a dry 3 inch human dick entering her dirty ass 24/7 so her Twitter can be “ANAL I have anal! Butthole butthole butthole! I have an ASSHOLE u guys, not like the other girls!”

Another thing, her use of the word butthole all day every day is cringy. She acts like butthole is a sexy alluring word but it’s the complete opposite lol it’s like if a guy called his dick his peeny weeny thinking it’s hot.

No. 896914

Shoop her face on here and you have my vote for next thread image, kek

No. 896932

>it's not like her soiled pants are the reason she sucks at sex work
Or is it

No. 896940

She uses the word butthole to try to be funny / go viral. She’s so desperate to go viral. She puts on this uwu so quirky facade thinking it’ll get some attention, but honestly it’s super fucking cringe, extremely fake and transparent. She’s a bad actor.

No. 896964

File: 1574536475817.jpeg (778.76 KB, 1242x1842, 250572F8-BF1B-41A6-B7CB-AF7410…)

Huh.. top 10 now?
Still waiting to see something significant from all this money her job has produced that’s proved sex work is the work for her

No. 896987

I'm starting to feel like it just depends on the quantity of content you produce. Since she literally posts 100s of selfies/nudes on there, it's making her look like a top content creator. But I feel like it definitely ain't about quality. Does it go by sub #s? Idk I know nothing about onlyfans besides that it seems like the latest platform for thots since Snap cracked down. How many thots/creators are on there?

No. 896997

There’s got to be like literally tens of thousands if not more SW/cam girls/whatever on there. I think the percentage is likely by money earned.. but it could be number of subs?

No. 897007

File: 1574542592076.png (544.11 KB, 1344x1647, 20191123_155511.png)

Its your dad's fav. Top 10%

No. 897012

This bitch says she has puddles forming in her kitchen in her podunk apartment. Clearly being in the top ten percent isn't doing very much for her lmfao. Brag when you can afford a decent apartment ho.

No. 897015

If it’s based on income, she’s making a liittle under 2k on there currently. If we’re being generous, she sells like 3 videos a day on MV. Maybe making 20$ a day with her prices. Being even more generous and assuming she has better days, maybe she makes like 1k a month there. Then add in the e-begging spoils.. the question is… when rent is so low… where does this money go?!

No. 897017

weed and booze obviously

No. 897021

please let's make this the new thread pic

No. 897033

thats kind of what I mean. they know she has no impulse control. It's been demonstrated for a long time. If they want her too not be a prostitute they can't force her but if they are going to help her at all the healthiest thing they could do is put it in places she can only use to help herself.

Like gift cards, or insurance. Literally anything but hard cash and a plane ticket could at least keep her less at risk of permanent harm.

I don't think they owe her a thing but if they are going to freely give her money they can't be surprised when she's fucking dumb with it.

not ranting at you anon I just do think on some level parents are responsible for their children and if they turn into whores having them lie to gramma so you don't have to fess up for fucking them up is…..delicious irony

No. 897051

this is such a fucking retarded thing to sperg about, shayna is an adult lol. also you must not have ever known a drug addict because if so you'd know they sell gift cards for cash to get their buzz. i have no idea after all the bullshit she does on a daily basis how you are trying to pin this whole thing on her parents as if you know them personally lol.

No. 897120

File: 1574564657870.jpg (723.51 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20191123-210311_Tum…)

Why would she reblog this trainwreck of a hair color

No. 897121

File: 1574564706689.jpg (62.33 KB, 1080x330, Screenshot_20191123-210251_Tum…)

Stop trying to go viral by saying cringy shit Shay

No. 897123

sexualizing a children/tween show, classy shayna

No. 897125

Could someone plz make a thread pic like the one PNP has right now. I lack the skills but it would be so perfect

No. 897126

He probably just thought she peed on the floor again.

No. 897135

holy shit, she has gained SO much weight. I don't know of she edited this photo to make herself thinner when she initally posted it or if I just have never seen her "good angles" but I'm kind of sad now. Shaytard, please go to college while you do SW or something at least, your poor fuckin dad.

No. 897145

Remember when she tried to grocery shop and report her meals daily. I seriously worry for her health.

No. 897156

I think the meds she's on makes her gain weight. She started really packing on the pounds when she starting taking them so I bet that's accelerated it

No. 897160

File: 1574577787758.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.23 KB, 274x154, 20191124_004105.jpg)

Not the best but I made an attempt

No. 897163

nta that requested the pic, but loool. this is great

No. 897169

exactly what i was thinking, the difference in size of her thighs now is insane. do we know how tall shayna is? sry for blogpost but my body is really similar to Shay's in this and I have fluctuated throughout the years. If she is on the shorter side shes easily gained 30lbs+ since this picture

No. 897192

i think she’s about 5’5-5’6. one of her old agency pics iirc showed her height as 5’5

No. 897201

I'm top 6% and I earn 1800$+ so if shes 10% I'd say 1400$ /mo. It's all based off income.

No. 897203

To assume she makes 600$ /mo off videos is likely over estimating… onlyfans is definitely her main source of income. Maybe she makes 2k /mo??

No. 897204

File: 1574595161532.jpg (138.9 KB, 1455x1080, PicsArt_11-23-11.45.02.jpg)

No. 897208

So pleased to be a part of this collaboration with you anon

No. 897230

and those horrifying-flesh-toned-hair pics were only taken in February or March. The background is the one she was using when she was staying at Fupa's after returning from Colorado, and pretending she was "staying with friends", as if she has any friends. She even said it herself that she doesn't.

So in 9-10 months she's gained at least 25lbs, despite multiple "lifestyle change" attempts that never made it more than 3 days before she quit.

It's probably a combination of the depo-provera shot (which we know she gets and is proven to cause weight gain) and the fact that she's not a teenager anymore and needs to think about the shit she puts in her body rather than eating out for every single meal. That's another thing she wastes her money on

No. 897240

25lb isn’t that bad honestly?? if she truly wanted to she could put the effort in and become slim again but then again this is shayna

No. 897246

25 lbs in 9 months is an unhealthy amount lol

No. 897256

That seems like such a low amount for everything that Shayna specifically does. If that's the best she can do then I'm sorry, that's pathetic. She could make that with a normal job and still retain her dignity, ie not having the worst depictions of her body on the internet for everyone to see.

No. 897263

I cant believe I just analyzed this…. based off this month via her twitter.
She sold 10 videos. Averaging 10$ per video. On MV and other video sites you get 60%. And assuming the cash app tributes she got are all legit, including the top 10% (1400$) all together she would have made around 2,100$ so my assumption was (likely) correct..

No. 897264

And you know her onlyfans rating doesnt make much sense. Because at 5$ per sub and only having 151 subs 2 days ago… and being you only get 80% per sub on onlyfans. That leaves her at a gross of 755$ only getting to keep 604… very interesting

No. 897269

I said at least. It's almost definitely more than that, but I'm not the scale in her doctor's office, so I can't tell you the exact number.

No. 897271

It's a… meme… you look dumber than Shay tbh

No. 897276

nta and they deleted anyways but meme gatekeeping is cringe you goddamn incel.
it’s like fairly a new meme too? calm down

No. 897280

Im the anon who posted the "meme" I didn't know what it was and i said it was an nitpick, when it was explained I deleted it. Lord.

No. 897288

File: 1574620157306.jpeg (334.51 KB, 1242x1114, 8DC2F50E-88B0-4D7F-8FD5-78C492…)

I really busted out laughing though… You have 3 outfits max and a bunch of "sw prop clothing" thats probably 4x too small now

No. 897292

File: 1574620210926.jpeg (318.58 KB, 1242x901, 61D61C9F-B4D1-4868-964E-21F61A…)

No. 897296

Don't you have a boyfriend? I've always wondered this, She said he doesn't want to be involved in her social media life, but seems like he only wants to be involved in sticking his dick in her ass, because it doesn't seem like she can ask him to do anything/nor does he offer to do anything. You telling me she can't ask "daddy" to take 15 mintues out of his day and take pictures of her?

Is she sure he's her boyfriend? And not just her fuck buddy? She's wasting money to get pictures taken professionally anyway. She has 7k followers now and her tweets barely get over 500 likes. Even her nudes. It's a waste of money.

No. 897297

The sales stats on her Twitter aren’t accurate. It doesn’t post every sale. You can find exactly how many videos she’s sold on the social feed on her manyvids.

No. 897309

I really feel like he doesn’t exist at this point

No. 897319

I feel like sooner or later, she'll drag him into the picture to prove hes real, and to prove theres someone for the haturz to see… Unless its still fupa bc we know what he looks like(and if you remember in the beginning, he didnt want his face known bc of "work"). i think if he IS a new CutE B0i, i dont think hes a bf.. And shes just tossing ass to keep him around kek

No. 897346

I wish we had a Tulsa anon who could find her on tinder or bumble or something, I hate the Fupa tinfoil but also feel like who the fuck would she even be around if not for some tinder randos. I also want to see if she uses dolly as her name on tinder because I feel like that’s a big shayna move. I feel like this will eventually bring milk, though, regardless of if it’s Fupa or not.

Sage for tinfoil/Fupa sperg

No. 897362

File: 1574630420779.jpg (66.14 KB, 640x360, 1505169141513.jpg)

She's gained weight before then lost it all when she was doing the LA shoots and dating Fupa. Wonder what she did to lose it before. Probably not in a healthy way since nothing about Shayna is healthy.

No. 897365

File: 1574630639794.jpg (19.47 KB, 373x498, whodis.jpg)

omg this reminded me that she posted this on discord last night! Hopefully we'll get a face reveal soon

No. 897372

She better not be sleeping over there and leaving noodle alone overnight.

No. 897374

>literally pudgy and flabby like fupa #1

Called it. Another possibly fat, ugly, likely 5’7 “”””Dom”””” lmfao. Shayna you are so predictable

No. 897380

Ok I'm the discord too and she def didn't post that. It's another user names serinititty or something like that

No. 897383

You can see blonde hair poking out on the left of the photo …that’s not shay.

No. 897390

It's so lazy and people just go with it. The girl was posting picture after picture of the dog so either anon is trying to create a narrative or they're just lazy. Fact checking anons is tiring but necessary

No. 897402

File: 1574636883616.jpeg (145.65 KB, 1242x736, BEC33246-6294-44B1-A8CB-19D323…)

So.. Confirmed reddit?

No. 897409

File: 1574637781338.jpg (223.11 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20191124-172125_Twi…)

You called it anon

No. 897410

File: 1574637893174.jpg (35.27 KB, 618x353, 1.JPG)

Walks around topless, flashes her pussy in the park and she has done videos outside, the fuck is she on?

No. 897411

Sorry that that wasn't her. Not trying to create a narrative or lazy. Just totally new to discord and completely clueless at it apparently. Sorry for messing that up. I did notice the dog and background weren't noodle/her apartment but I thought maybe she was at his house.

No. 897412

I was just about to post this, I'm the anon who said that. It's just dumb at this point. Again, why try convince us? She lurks here does everything we say BUT the helpful advice that gets given by the day, or the people saying they want to see her get out of sex work and/or just do something else plus sex work.

but nope, she goes nuts about proving she likes anal and that she has a boyfriend. Dick is always the MOST important. Also doesn't thoe look like Onision tweets? Edgy bullshit.

No. 897413

I just checked the thread and didn't see her there

No. 897414

and the worst thing is if this is a convo, he doesn't sound loving or like he cares. Sounds like she was whining about her life and he was like, "shut up, lets sext" doesn't even care what she's talking about, if it's not sex.

No. 897415

Just one of her fake “I’m so woke and protecting sex work” statuses. Also an attempt to go viral within the SW community.
~I’m just trying to look out for my fellow sex workers uwu

No. 897418

File: 1574638902452.png (364.01 KB, 2048x628, Screenshot_20191124-184025.png)

Good ol Lurkin Shaytard wants to let this Anon >>897346 know that she doesn't have a Tinder.

No. 897420

Also I love that she tweeted that pretty much same time Anon posted. She's basically replying to us in real time at this point. Whew, lad.

No. 897421

Today on things that didn’t happen.
You’d think with all the lurking she does, she would take some of the really great advice anons give out FOR FREE.

No. 897424

was she being sarcastic? Because i don't see anything on there from Shayna.

No. 897435

File: 1574641561269.jpg (617.3 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20191124-182514_Twi…)

Always jumping on the newest trend bandwagon

No. 897478

Pretty sure your neighbors that live next to and above you are non-consenting when you're literally fucking yourself with a dildo on the patio, the people who probably bring their children to the puppy/dog park are non-consenting when you're taking pics of your pussy, the bar patrons that go to use the bathroom are non-consenting when you're finger fucking yourself and then proceed to touch the stall door with rancid juice on your fingers, restaurant goers are non-consenting when you video yourself flashing your tits because tee hee public! But off, Shay…

No. 897483

Guess I should thank her for clarifying. Now I’m definitely scratching my head as to how she meets these quality men.

No. 897504

File: 1574649662645.jpg (Spoiler Image,519.18 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20191124-204024_Twi…)

When is she going to drop this whole "femdomme" act?

No. 897518

Even if it did happen, it would have been a guy trying to disguise the fact that he was trying to buy something and she would have just blown a sale. This is why she's banned from almost every payment processor.