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File: 1674148841687.jpg (186.26 KB, 998x662, threadpic.jpg)

No. 1748256

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1742119

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy.

This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last Thread:
>shayna still regretting going BPD splitting mode on Shane P. Sonnier >>1742131
>coomers don't give a shit and coom to her "breakup" >>1742178 >>1742181
>shane p. sonnier desperately tries to cover up his traces >>1742204 >>1742276 >>1743100
>shayna posts screenshots of conversation with shane p. sonnier, he does not give a fuck >>1742261
>gets cheap plushies and fodder to mourn her loss >>1742329 >>1742331
>regret over letting shane p. sonnier sit on her sets in >>1742832
>she keeps going on about the moid >>1742869 >>1743695 >>1744206 >>1744698
>shaynas sad attempt at findom >>1743030
>suddenly cares about ellen again >>1743067
>went live on OF >>1743316 and put a fidget spinner up her ass >>1743500
>shayna is following fat fetish guys >>1743808
>stuffs herself with food to cope with "the breakup" >>1743856
>cow crossover with plastic'n'proud >>1744542
>proudly shows off her pink junk hovel >>1744762 and the shrooms she stores in her mini fridge >>1744918
>downloads tinder to find a fupapa 3.0 >>1745047
>she turns orange >>1745161
>makes several stupid tiktoks, gets banned again >>1745385 >>1745378 >>1745379 >>1745381 >>1746057
>has a stream of acne down her face >>1745468
>takes off her panties while in public, films it with her phone propped up on a public restroom toilet >>1745778
>for the first time, she cooks a homemade meal for two with the help of a subscription based food service >>1746369
>anons find shane p. sonniers google account >>1746457
>shayna does acid with ellen in her apartment >>1746527 >>1747898 and draws prosciutto >>1747947

No. 1748259

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

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No. 1748265

good job kek

No. 1748266

also someone should update with the "Shane Pierre Sonnier Saga" on this

No. 1748269

imaging telling ppl not to get banned we have rules nigger(bait)

No. 1748272

File: 1674150254376.jpeg (80.3 KB, 672x500, ABF478F4-CDA7-49C9-B813-0BDD92…)

And next OP please, it’s been years lol

No. 1748274

Fixed OP

Last Thread:
>shayna still regretting going BPD splitting mode on Shane P. Sonnier >>1742131
>coomers don't give a shit and coom to her "breakup" >>1742178, >>1742181
>shane p. sonnier desperately tries to cover up his traces >>1742204, >>1742276, >>1743100
>shayna posts screenshots of conversation with shane p. sonnier, he does not give a fuck >>1742261
>gets cheap plushies and fodder to mourn her loss >>1742329, >>1742331
>regret over letting shane p. sonnier sit on her sets in >>1742832
>she keeps going on about the moid >>1742869, >>1743695, >>1744206, >>1744698
>shaynas sad attempt at findom >>1743030
>suddenly cares about ellen again >>1743067
>went live on OF >>1743316 and put a fidget spinner up her ass >>1743500
>shayna is following fat fetish guys >>1743808
>stuffs herself with food to cope with "the breakup" >>1743856
>cow crossover with plastic'n'proud >>1744542
>proudly shows off her pink junk hovel >>1744762 and the shrooms she stores in her mini fridge >>1744918
>downloads tinder to find a fupapa 3.0 >>1745047
>she turns orange >>1745161
>makes several stupid tiktoks, gets banned again >>1745385, >>1745378, >>1745379, >>1745381, >>1746057
>has a stream of acne down her face >>1745468
>takes off her panties while in public, films it with her phone propped up on a public restroom toilet >>1745778
>for the first time, she cooks a homemade meal for two with the help of a subscription based food service >>1746369
>anons find shane p. sonniers google account >>1746457
>shayna does acid with ellen in her apartment >>1746527, >>1747898 and draws prosciutto >>1747947

Just add "," after post links, it's that easy

No. 1748278

sorry, first time making a thread. i promise to do better next time nonnas

No. 1748279

File: 1674151279726.jpg (23.87 KB, 275x275, 1674133948500.jpeg.jpg)

I wanted to bring this over from the last thread because wtf is going on?

No. 1748280

Nvm im stupid. I just realized the fetlife relationships are from Shane Sonnier's page. So the troon is Quietus.

No. 1748281

you did good nonna thanks for the thread

No. 1748284

It's ok nonny, many people do that mistake and it's my autistic duty to fix it when I see it kekk

No. 1748285

appreciate the thread nona but you really missed an opportunity by not flipping shane so he’s facing the other way while riding ShayHog.

No. 1748286

i love how basically 3 anons worked on the thread picture kek, OG anon who made it, me who added some retarded shit and the anon who updated it and fixxed some errors. Shaywork makes the Shayeamwork as they like to say

No. 1748287

It's not letting me add the screencap because file size?? Im on mobile so Idk how to fix it. Can a nonnie grab her new posts from twitter?
She basically said she tripped ballssss so hard last night and now she's going to get beat up for some kink shoot.
She would be the ~oooo pReTtY cOloRs~ type and take away nothing else. Too retarded to have an introspective or constructive experiences. Also the post lsd trip is kinda weird where you're still lowkey coming down. Rushing off to go do gross kink shit with other people sounds bad.

No. 1748288

if next time we could also get a short summary of shayna at the start instead of each thread starting with the sperg about bans.

No. 1748291

File: 1674152259065.jpeg (106.95 KB, 750x1096, DDC09943-7DC7-4889-AB77-2594C4…)

thought she was dead KEK

No. 1748292

why are you two (or same anon) whining about this?

No. 1748295

oh so that bald fucker is going to make identical porn with her again? Does he even pay her for this shit? How many times is she going to make her retard porn with him, good lord

No. 1748296

File: 1674152406655.jpg (138 KB, 540x960, InkedDisabled Couple.jpg)

Held off posting this cause last thread was about to close. But god damn is this guy ever ugly.

No. 1748297

it's the beauty of shayooperation

No. 1748298

same reason anyone else bitches about anything is this thread. im definitely a different nona and i think the thread could use a short synopsis of shayna to start. not saying remove the reminder and ban wording, just put a couple sentences about who shayna is at the start for newbies or people finding her threads through googling her name. i saw the racist persons bitch about it and agreed with them. now youre next, why are you upset about it?


"24 year old failing sex worker, former tumblr degenerate known for pedo-pandering, love of nazis, and [add drama here]. X time winner of cow of the year"

No. 1748299

Mention it at the end of this thread maybe?

No. 1748303

God she is shallow as shit, two tabs of acid and all she gets out of it is ooooh pretty colors. I guess it’s hard to be introspective when you have nothing inside.

No. 1748309

Right?? I was wondering if maybe she got ripped off or something but apparently she’s totally dead inside

No. 1748310

No revelations, no deep thought processes just painting prosciutto and being all uwu look at my 'painting'
You're right, there really is nothing going on between her ears

No. 1748312

i bet she’s telling us that but her not tweeting for all those hours makes me think she got into some bad shit.

No. 1748317

File: 1674156825247.png (410.88 KB, 722x615, Screenshot 2023-01-19 203138.p…)

at this point this sweater isn't a sweater anymore. it contains so much dirt, dead cells and mustiness from big shayna it has become part of her

No. 1748318

she really is so boring. i sort of hoped she'd have an ego death or something kek

No. 1748320

wish she'd taken crack, that'd been a shay'ell of a story to tell

No. 1748322

her dog looks retarded

No. 1748323

i got the same vibes that she’s trying to play off something. guess we’ll see if she starts seeing demons in baldy’s shiny head during their shoot.

No. 1748324


No. 1748327

Yeah you telling me she dreaming of Shane Pierre Sonnier but she didn't see him and he didn't sit on her back during a trip? I don't believe it.

No. 1748328

I wonder if she even has an internal monologue. It would explain a lot of she didn't.

No. 1748329

cant believe this fat bitch just whaled around on her phone during an acid trip. go touch grass shayhog.

No. 1748331

i feel so bad for this dude’s kid. id rather have no dad than be raised by and associated with shane p sonnier.

No. 1748332

All mutts are retarded and worthless. Her mutt should be decapitated and dismembered, it's so stupid and ugly looking.(a-logging a dog)

No. 1748336

Damn I took 2 tabs once and had an existential crisis and thought I had ripped a hole in the fabric of space and time……. Maybe she faked it? Or didn't take two tabs maybe one and has more for another time?

No. 1748338

I was so hoping shaytard hamplanet threw herself out the window during her trip. I hope one of her depraved scrotes she brings to her home gets her into harder drugs like crack cocaine in the future. I want to see this ugly obese retard fucking wrecked.(a-logging)

No. 1748347

That just means you're a full person. Plenty of individuals get absolutely nothing from it.

No. 1748352

Nice bait. I bet you are a cat whore with toxoplasmosis

No. 1748353

If this fat bitch was seeing shit thats wasn't there, then she's not taking acid or she's lying. I fucking hate people that lie about that shit like it's cool.

No. 1748358

She probably smoked weed as well, which should have made the effects even stronger. She most definitely had a nightmare of a trip

No. 1748361

Not to be a drug fag, but a lot of you anons are absolutely retarded. She never claimed to see things that weren't there. All she said was that there were pretty colors and lights, which is pretty normal for a LSD experience. I'll never wk Shayna, but it's obvious most of you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. You can be a degenerate, and still not have a horrible trip; there's not enough going on in between those ears to justify a bad trip if we're being honest here. Especially cause she's been doing this shit since she was a teen.

No. 1748371

So, you sell your pussy on OF for $2 a month and smell like wet dog and its piss, shit and jism, and have worthless mutt hairs all over your clothes and couch. Damn, I can smell the dirty mutt stench coming off your post, smells like hot onions fucked a farmyard shit house. Your legs and arms will need amputated soon cause you let your shiteater lick you on your face and mouth and will contract a blood infection. Have fun with that Campylobacter and Toxocara canis, you fucking retarded single-digit IQ dog nutter.

No. 1748375

Textbook definition of projection. I am here to make fun of cows, not argue with a retard about how much better cats are than dogs. You are legitimately unhinged .

No. 1748381

If she really tripped that hard, wouldn’t she be exhausted, drained, and miserable today? Not ready to go “do a shoot”

No. 1748384

Can we stop talking about her dog like this every time it gets posted here? Or don't talk about it at all? It contributes to nothing and you just look retarded, this happens every thread.

No. 1748390

Weren't you already told to kys in the CC bunker threads?

No. 1748391

Report and ignore

No. 1748393

No you stupid cunt.

No. 1748394

the edits to the thread img are funny as fuck kek thanks op

No. 1748400

no, acid usually has a nice afterglow and makes you feel less depressed and hopeful the days after. if you have a good trip. i still think she had a bad experience and tries to downplay ir

No. 1748405

nta but what… me and all of my friends are tired and fatigued and depressed as hell the day after an acid trip no matter how nice the trip itself is.

No. 1748412

File: 1674165715293.jpg (897.21 KB, 1440x1439, hillbillydeluxe.jpg)

shayhog would have fit in perfectly with these hicks

No. 1748413

How is there so many junkies ITT lol

No. 1748417

I know Shay is a pedo pandering mess, but she’s far better looking that this scrote.

How is this 0.5 out of 10 pulling multiple woman? What does he bring to the table other than a collection of rainbow dash toys?

No. 1748425

Have you seen the women?

No. 1748434

>nice afterglow
Bitch what. I always felt like Neo when they unplug him from the matrix and they have to give him acupuncture to revive his muscles kek and he’s like muh eyes hurt.

If THIS was the highlight of her trip she definitely got ripped off

No. 1748436

File: 1674166811797.png (203.33 KB, 498x466, codshayna.png)

No. 1748437

File: 1674166828147.png (939.96 KB, 585x780, Shaynas Trailer.png)

In an alternative universe, Shane picked Shayna.

No. 1748440

Jesus, look at that guy. No wonder they didn't do PIV, they probably couldn't figure out a way to make it work with all their blubber

No. 1748441

Kek, most anons in the shart thread sound like cows themselves so yeah, it really isn't that surprising to see many druggienons posting.

No. 1748442

he looks kinda like he's retarded here

No. 1748443

My theory is he’s super charming or something, idk. Aren’t most sociopaths really snakeish? He likes beating on women it’s not so out there imo.

No. 1748444

I don't make threads (kudos to the nonnas that do!) but I'm setting a note for myself to mention this near thread end for future OP nonny.

No. 1748446

as another nona said, all the women he "bags" are ugly as fuck, pretty sure his wife is disabled, and he also fucks trannies. this guy is just a predator who targets women with low self and daddy issues. he fucked and chucked shayna.

No. 1748449

File: 1674168454588.jpg (33.73 KB, 480x640, Sit on it.jpg)

You're trying to tell me you wouldn't take a ride on the Shane Train?

No. 1748455

no he just dates kinksters, who are 99% average/below average and have low standards. Low self esteem women like Shayna, who've been groomed by twitter/online and/or women who are into the weird shit. Thats how. When you have no standards the world is basically yours to have. You'll fuck anybody or anything.
Someone keeps saying he has a 20-22 year old which leads me believe his disgusting ass goes for younger mentally ill women. He's probably not charming or likable at all.

No. 1748457

>the Shane train
no but I'd lay down on the tracks and let it run me over

No. 1748462

in their defence, psychedelics aren’t really “junkie” drugs. a lot of normies have tried them, and tripping is not as intense and scary as made out in media. big shaynus probably did only see pretty colours lol.

No. 1748463

File: 1674169272698.jpeg (426.13 KB, 1170x1282, E85B60CC-97F8-49EF-B344-145F02…)

No. 1748466

doing acid doesn't make you a junkie, you sound boring

No. 1748467

NTAYRT but I also get a nice afterglow after LSD. I dont even sleep after I come down since its such a pleasant warmth. Guess everyone is different

No. 1748471

You don't need drugs to have fun. I say this as I hit my bong. It's all the sperging about how Shayna should have seen more or something after her trip that gives off junkie energy. Shaynas retarded and doesn't subconsciously think she's doing anything wrong, so ofc she wouldn't have a bad trip. This happens everytime she does shrooms, a bunch of anons think she's going to have a drug induced breakdown and bring lots of milk. I think that would only happen if she was dumb enough to do them alone. But as long as she's got fat Ellen to remind her that there are people uglier and lonelier than her out there, she won't have a bad trip.

Shayna is shallow and stupid and I think she turned off whatever was left of her brain a while ago. So yeah, not surprised her trip was average and all she can remember is "pretty colors". But, I was also kind of hoping the Shane saga would fuck up her trip. And maybe it did and she'll spill when she's drunk and in her feelings.

No. 1748475

basically confirmation her trip was more than she made it out to be. she's the reason it was was rescheduled.

No. 1748477

Such a punchable face.
Followup: looked through the threads and made note of bigger events. Will repost before end of this thread.

Thread #116 invites Ken Doll (Jon Kendall Cox) over to her apartment
#117 photoshoot/films with Ken Doll
#120 meets Shane at Lone Star Spanking Party/Shane P. Sonnier saga start
#123 Shane comes to WA
#124 Shane breakup saga starts

Proper link for thread #37 >>>/snow/844853

No. 1748478

File: 1674170325073.jpg (35.37 KB, 326x436, Embarrassing.jpg)

Shane used to be not fat and thats how he trapped at least one woman with a kid (born 2009). Sadly trailer trash, trump supporters like his mom and family go feral for cringe like in picrel.

No. 1748480

i didnt wanna believe that was shane but the awful tattoos match. he's wearing a fucking fedora. Any nonas know what "F.O.C." stand for?

No. 1748481

"fucking oblivious cunt"

No. 1748482

F.ucks O.nly C.attle

No. 1748487

Lol i wonder if its supposed to stand for "Fresh Outta Compton". I doubt it but this loser is the farthest thing from hard that i would have the heartiest kek if it was supposed to mean that.

No. 1748488


No. 1748490

holy kek

No. 1748500

Absolutely not he looks like an overbaked thumb.

No. 1748501

something tells me youre a cat person. idk what tho.

No. 1748505

kek nonna this made me ugly laugh

No. 1748507

>Modern day Clyde
Yeah nothing says “fuck authority!” like joining the military

No. 1748520

>love of nazis
more like shaytard said a couple tryhard ~edgy~ shit on tumblr nearly ten years ago. she is a lefty twitter slacktivist. if you genuinely think shaytard is any kind of alt right nazi you should probably go back to twitter.

No. 1748532

No she's not. They literally look related.

No. 1748543

Her whole life is like a horror movie to me. Tripping on acid and then immediately transitioning to getting beat up on camera? Can’t really think of anything worse. She’s so trainwreck fascinating to me, everything about her lifestyle - from her diet to her dating life to her leisure activities - is beyond bleak & unpleasant, yet the Shay train keeps chugging along

No. 1748548

Now I’m afraid of ever doing acid again because I might hallucinate Shane Pierre Sonnier sitting on my back and donkey punching me or whatever while I get fucked by a crusty unwashed robotic device. Damn you lolcow!

No. 1748571

You aren't supposed to interact with your pets while tripping as it is. But she really was just being a retard putting things on her dog and smearing pink paint on a piece of paper while on her phone. No wonder she was just like "hurr tripped so hard colors so pretty wow". Waste of psychedelics. She obviously takes them with no intentions besides avoiding her embarrassing, shitty reality of her life.

No. 1748581

"Fucked and chucked" fucking kek. Too accurate except even Shane Sonnier might have a hard time hoisting big Shaynus tbh
The absolute cringe holy shit and its real.

No. 1748589

File: 1674186922480.jpeg (406.34 KB, 1170x750, 7667B641-2660-4A9A-8E60-437E80…)

Shay….I can’t

No. 1748590

File: 1674186989666.jpeg (468.15 KB, 1170x1302, 7E2A8B27-9D05-48C0-BD54-6D6A3C…)

No. 1748592

Perineal tear saga any% speedrun

No. 1748603

“When you just lay there.” Yup, sums up Shay’s sex life

No. 1748613

Since she let someone drug her and rape her and beat her up, and still didn’t get picked, she’s gotta up the antics by taking multiple things in her butt.

She’ll be getting pooped on in 5 years for moid attention.

No. 1748616

Reads like a woman wrote this, maybe even Shatman herself

No. 1748617

File: 1674189422073.jpeg (716.19 KB, 1170x1770, 4A3A2301-E8FC-4286-A970-732D03…)

What is she talking about?

No. 1748627

Lol some people want to go on Twitter without having to read about you sexualizing parents drugging and raping their toddlers yet here we are. Fucking idiot

No. 1748629

>>1748480 more like F.A.G

No. 1748637

I never got the “that Shayna thread do be giving me brain damage” meme before but this. This tweet. Gave me brain damage.

No. 1748638

Cute of you to think she’s not probably getting pooped on already

No. 1748639

>eat your veggies
this is shaybuse, grayhair. how dare u

No. 1748644

Just a reminder that Mike Slack abuses and pimps out his daughter, for anyone still on the “it’s just harmless adult kink” train

No. 1748650

It’s the algorithm reflecting her foul cultivated personality back at her. My twitter is full of dumb shit I like - i never see animal abuse videos what the fuck? It’s because she posts pictures that the AI assumes are from inside a very fucked up slaughter house where they put the pigs in bologna wigs then dress them up like fat retards. Then her text tweets are disgusting fictionalized accounts of abuse. Like, of course twitter shows her that shit.

No. 1748670

Yeah I‘ve never see any of that, Twitter just gives me news, politics, fashion and terf shit. Her feed is full of abuse bc she follows abuse accounts duh

No. 1748689

Michael (Mike) Slack of Missouri, aliases Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter, a redneck MAGA right-wing CFI truck driver and Navy Veteran who is a pedophile and daughter rapist subscribed to his own daughter's porn and buys her sex toys a

No. 1748690

Imagine being a grandfather and being this illiterate (in addition to being pornsick pedo, obvs)

No. 1748708

I find it genuinely interesting that Shayna comes from a middle class family who were even willing to pay for college, and she rejected it all to do pedo roleplay with the most illiterate white trash hillbillies on earth. I mean these are Hills Have Eyes-tier incest freaks, and Shayna chose them over any semblance of a normal family life, friendships or career. I can’t even be mad at this bitch, she’s an anthropology project at this point.

No. 1748742

Right?! I do too, it’s so fucking odd. Nothing about her makes any sense. I initially started following these threads because I’m an angry radfem who hates sex work but Shayna truly is a fascinating specimen (even though I spend 99 per cent of the time spent reading here wanting to a-log).

No. 1748743

It's weird. She almost exclusively attracts that type of coomer and looks like she's their female counterpart. These threads comment that she either looks like something from a trailer park or a council estate, yet she is actually from a middle class family in the north east.

No. 1748748

maybe the next thread should come with a summary of shayna, like some nonnies said, but also include a 1 sentence summary of some of our key players: the notable pedos like ellen and shane

No. 1748764

She comes from a middle class family but she’s still white trash. She’s not educated/erudite or refined, everything about her is “lowbrow”. She doesn’t even have a concept of culture. And it has nothing to do with money, she’s just a shut-in who has no interest in anything besides being a degenerate.

No. 1748765

I don’t know why no one ever includes an introduction to Shat or why Ellen and her coomers have been dropped from the OP after being included up until recently. I’m an ancientfag and have made a fucktonne of threads across different boards but I’ve never made a Shat thread, if I’m around when this one maxes out I’ll make the next one

No. 1748772

File: 1674208729173.jpeg (214.72 KB, 828x1151, 73F20A75-6243-4121-B3F8-EAC92D…)

Lurking Shane Sonnier included kek. Meth daddy

No. 1748778

If he is lurking he must be malding so hard and ruing the day he met Fat Shat. My favourite thing about shayfags is weaponised autism being used to out these putrid scrotes as the vile, abusive, predatory, misogynists they are. Never change, n0nitas

No. 1748782

Nobody could have predicted this

No. 1748804

i wouldn't put it past him to stick around and warn off potential shayuitors in the future. shay is for two months but lolcow is forever and left a lasting impression on shane that shay could only ever dream of kek.

this moid could seriously limit the shelf life of any future milk.

No. 1748817

something i've been working on:

25 year old failing sex worker, former tumblr degenerate, alcoholic who spends her days posting pictures of her hemorrhoid-filled anus on twitter while begging for rent each month. Is convinced other sex workers are the cause of her downfall despite creating her own controversy surrounding nazis, pedo-pandering as underaged children, and infighting due to insecurity over her weight gain. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking for her new Fupa 2.0.

No. 1748828

Coomer moids do not care about other coomer moids that much. If they lived in the same city, sure. But he'd have to also have autism on top of his other problems to keep up with shaynas online life and find out she roped in another victim to warn him about her smelly ways.

And tbh, if you're willing to stick it in someone like her you're probably not going to listen to any warnings.

No. 1748838

It's more that he could damage her reputation with other BDSM moids. What happened to Shane Pierre Sonnier and Fat Shat's insanity has probably been noticed by other people on fetlife. It's already been suggested that she could potentially find herself becoming not welcome at southern degen cons.

No. 1748842

What even happened to Womack? They did those vids together and then he just kinda disappeared?

No. 1748843

what? Jason R. Womack is Shayna’s most biggest coomer but they haven’t meet.

No. 1748847

Newfag, mixing names. The hairy shoulders-guy?

No. 1748848

Yes but what’s interesting to me is why she turned out like that, especially since her siblings all seem to be going the normal middle-class route. Terminal internet poisoning?

No. 1748849

That was just one of her johns that come over to smell her asshole or lick her toes. Still a complete stranger coming into her home to violate her so you're not too far off with that. Somehow I have a feeling that Womack would be a hard stop. I wonder why he hasn't tried to weasel his way into seeing her at her apartment yet. Money is no object for bottom of the barrel scrotes and Shayna needs all the funds she can scrap up just to live.

No. 1748852

That and low iq honestly

No. 1748854

she's like the rosemary kennedy of the cliffords except she never got the lobotomy she wants so bad

No. 1748859

I imagine that while her immediate family seems relatively normal, I bet there is a fucked up agoraphobic, pervert psycho great-uncle or something that she takes after.

No. 1748860

It’s hilarious that the crusty onlyfats sjws who are always trying to “cancel” her accuse her of being classist when she’s bottom of the barrel white trash in every way

No. 1748863

Read the threads newfriend

No. 1748865

Terminal internet poisoning, chronic underage weed consumption, fleeting internet fame, online grooming by kink tumblr, undiagnosed adhd/aspergers/both, void of normal social relations due to being a NEET.

No. 1748869

I see your point but it's not like Shayna's ever really dated prominent members of the kink community. Again, if she pulled this shit with someone from the local BDSM scene in her area I could see it, but Shane lives in bumfuck Kansas or something and I think he's just a guy with a FetLife page seeking chicks, not someone who practices kink the "ethical" way. And besides, he seems to have a tendency to go for younger, mentally ill women and is all around not the greatest guy. I don't think either of them have a lot of weight in the community. I'm sure this shit is to be expected when dealing with mentally ill, insecure women. Sometimes they have a meltdown. This probably isn't even Shane's first time dealing with a BPD meltdown from a woman he consensually sexually abused. Shayna just happens to have more of the ability to ruin his life (because she knows that she can weaponize lolcow autism if need be).

If she keeps this shit up though, her reputation will follow her.

No. 1748890

my theory is its her dad. her dad is the crusty moid she gets all her degenerate traits from. he definitely comes off as a moderately wealthy womanizer who probably either: had an inappropriate relationship with Shayna growing up, or exposed too much to his own inappropriate relationships to her during her developmental stage. The way she was acting last time she visited him weirded me out, it was like she wanted to BE her step-mom.

No. 1748896

Her dad never molested her. It’s not a secret she wants to fuck her dad and I think she resents him a bit for not touching her. Maybe she had a close friend who’s dad was and she thought that’s what loving fathers do or something.

No. 1748910

I doubt that he ever did anything inappropriate with her. If he was a womanizer that could have been a factor why she is what she is. If she wanted her dad's attention she would have had to compete with other women and she probably noticed how those other women gained her dad's approval.

No. 1748927

It's probably because it's extra degrading for her to stoop so low. We know she's trash but if she's from some New England suburb what better way to rebel than fuck then kind of people your snobby family likely looks down on? Same logic as a monster or racist fetish

No. 1748933

This is a possible tinfoil tbh, maybe she saw all of the attention that some girl in highschool got after getting molested and now she wants that, but she isn't in highschool anymore, and maybe her father just isn't a pedo that wants to fuck his children, so that makes her angry. Kind of like how Mr.Garrison got mad for never getting molested as a kid.

No. 1748938

I agree with this. I definitely think some gross father or father figure did something to her as a child. It would explain so many things, for example her attraction to creepy dads who sexualize children (ahem Shane Pierre Sonnier and Kyle Nathan Perkins).
Kek It would such a busted trash can fire if they met up, and I think she's actually super aware of it and that's why they haven't.

No. 1748945

her dad married two women and takes care of his wives childern (Shayna's normal pretty step sister + other kids), he doesn't seem like a womanizer and I cannot be convinced if their break up was horrible Shayna would'nt post about it online. Whats stopping her? She posts incest shit connected to her real face, all kinds of degrading shit. Literally posted some weird kink shit when her brother made a comment about a bottle. Posted her dad's face, pictures of her as a "Child model", texts from her parents etc.
Then again, IF her dad was the bad guy, I assume she would'nt talk about it or nothing much happened. Her dad and mom divorced, she hated she had to do shit she didn't have to do before. Thats it. She doesn't even show resentment towards her step siblings, and some towards her brother because again, she had to take care of her and he criticized her sex work.

No. 1748948

Completely ot but the way you edited their faces out is horrifying

No. 1748951

Also Shayna's life reminds me of the crusty trailer park version of the move "Cam" But instead of it being some weird doppelgänger, It's some retarded farmer who took some of her older pictures and managed to scam large amounts of money from hicks and Shayna tweeting about wanting to die, instead of banging her head on the table. She'd probably love the family though, the brother she could share her sex work with (instead of being high quality retarded fake red room shit, it's her shoving shit of her red asshole) and in the end her mom literally grooming her to start over again, to continue to ruin her life, but instead of a broken nose/scar,she's just fatter)

No. 1748956

I really don’t think anything bad happened to her as a kid. If she'd suffered anything like that she'd use it to shut down her critics. The only childhood trauma she can muster up is her having to take care of her brother after school. Shay does these degenerate things because it's the only way she can get attention from moids. She thinks she can reel them in with fetishes and once they spend time with her, they'll fall in love with her and want a real relationship. lol how many men are gonna run away from her before she realises its not gonna work? She has nothing to offer other than weird sex acts and once the moid cooms he's disgusted by her. If she wasn't a pedo I'd feel bad for her. Shes pathetic.

No. 1748958

Shayna's threads seems more autistic than usual, this fanfic and the unfunny meme edits in the last thread…. what is going on shayheads!

No. 1748959

Don’t forget John Kendall Cox aka gayfag hairyshoulders who posted about his teenage daughter’s friends finding him hot or whatever. Don’t remember the exact specifics and don’t care to, gag

No. 1748966

i didnt even realize you edited shaynas face onto this. horrifying.

No. 1748971

well no need to jump straight into molestation. there are other ways he could have been inappropriate like sexual comments about women infront of her, commenting on changes in her body, comparing her mom to other women, or one of those weird families who walk around naked with eachother. There is definifely something wrong with Shayna and she probably doesnt use it for victim points cause she thinks its normal and not abuse. You dont just get off on child rape out of nowhere.

No. 1748976

>>You dont just get off on child rape out of nowhere.
Shayna grew up on tumblr, she grew up online, she was groomed by men online. She, like plenty other women and men, got into certain circles, was exposed to certain shit/types of porn. She said that people were begging her for nudes and shit while she was underaged and a weed blog, it's clear that 90% of the way Shayna is now, according to her directly points to good old, "Being a minor on tumblr/being exposed to porn/groomed/hit on by grown disgusting men.". She started camming underaged, the main theme in everything is she PROUDLY says she LOVES attention and eveyrthing she does is for attention.
She was agaisnt DDLG, until she saw the attention she got for it, and it got her fupaul.
Which is why she got heavy back into it after she left Fupaul, and during the shit with Shane.
I do not get why people want to point at her parents and accuse them of horrible things, Shayna has explained shit

No. 1748979

I truly think she got groomed by the internet. She was exposed to heavily sexual content too young and now she's a fucking weirdo. Being exposed to porn as a minor is also child sex abuse. That combined with her being a daddy's girl who got replaced by a prettier, smarter daughter is most likely what pushed her over the edge. She's stupid and weak willed, not everyone needs a tragic victim backstory to come out fucked. Sometimes it's a bunch of little things that get you.

No. 1748980

same anon, Shayna doesn't see it as "Child rape stories" anyway. It's juusst kink… to her. She's an adult, remember? Even if Ellen involved child in her kink, showing that she doesn't give a shit, even if we have proof & even if Ellen was lying, it's pretty gross. Shayna is gross. Everything points to MAYBE her parents not paying attention to what she's doing online more, vs. them being abusive

No. 1748984

I don’t know why but this made me laugh so much harder than it should have, thanks anon
You have to remember that his international presence is like nothing, his fetlife was mostly with women in neighboring states and he cleansed his profile and tried to dump everything including changing his location. Shame is a moderator of one or two polyamory Facebook groups in his local area (his fiancée is not in the groups kek I checked). If Shaynus just sticks to BDSM events anywhere outside of the Midwest I think she’ll have a new Fupa in no time. The thing is though that these men at these conventions are actually very scary and I think she could be walking into getting herself murdered in a “sex game gone wrong” if she’s not careful. As much as we a-log I don’t want that to happen to her because the milk stops flowing.

No. 1748988

also she's aggressively straight. Her life revolves around men. So even if she wasn't a daddy's girl, she realized years ago that male attention is the easiest to get. You do not have to be anything but female and willing to entertain them, to get it.
Which is why she's so weird about her dad & brother, and hates her mom & never talks about her sister.
She only sexualizes the "Mommy" shit because of Ellen, it's not the same in how she does it. I do think it's a weird thing that every single relationship with a male she views in a sexual lense, even with her dad. Like it's not just
>My dad loves me
>Oh my god, I'm such a spoiled bimbo baby by my own dad as well.
I don't care what nonnie says. She cannot have a interaction with a man thats not sexualized. In her world, every single woman compliments her or is jealous. Every single men want her or like her of plays into her retarded fantasies

No. 1749003

Yeah I feel like she overshares everything else, so she'd definitely overshare any significant childhood trauma. I also find it odd farmers refuse to believe she could just genuinely be a sicko or have these fucked up fetishes. I don't think "online grooming" fully explains it either; tons of teenage girls got groomed on Tumblr and most grew out of it as adults, realized it was wrong and got normal jobs and families. Female coomers & kinkfags do exist. We don't need to psychoanalyze her, spin elaborate tales of woe, or find a moid to blame for a lifestyle she likes and has been promoting for years now.

No. 1749019

Nta but the difference is that Shaynus was groomed into online whoring and part of the sunk cost fallacy with e-whoring is that it follows you forever. Even if Shaynus was a normal person with common sense it would be hard to get a normie job unless the person hiring doesn’t google her name (which is basically guaranteed in hiring now) because the establishment is a mom and pop shop owned by some 100 year old.
That’s why I think she stays in sex work, because she knows her internet footprint is out there forever and even though it controls her she wants to feel like she’s in control of it. That’s why she stays devoted to degeneracy, which has only increased because she’s fat and ugly in an industry with prettier and better bodied women competing against her. Her life and romantic relationships revolve around her persona. I don’t think she’s ever had sex that wasn’t something she could brag about online for kink points except maybe in teenage years with shitty moids who might have scarred her in other ways.
So like other anons have said, she feels that she has to like this shit because she’s haggard af. It’s all to pander to the sickest moids whose fetishes are not fulfilled by “normal” porn because considering the competition she is not a prize, esp to the coomer moid with insanely high standards. Do we know of any cases of sheltered women who grew up online, got groomed into porn or camming, and got fat while remaining in that industry? I’d imagine that they too have to gravitate to niche areas and become more and more degenerate as time goes on. I’m not saying that Shayna doesn’t like this stuff btw but I think she may have brainwashed herself into liking it simply for attention considering her circumstances.

No. 1749023

>Yeah I feel like she overshares everything else, so she'd definitely overshare any significant childhood trauma.
That's an odd way to think, she overshares many things that don't really matter but trauma is very serious, she could have repressed trauma.

No. 1749059

Generally, most csa victims want to stay far as fuck away from the people who traumatized them and not remind themselves of that shit in any way or at least cope with it sexually, more privately.
I genuinely feel most of the online whores have been groomed and porn brain rotted into being into the csa larp shit. Not that they actually were molested, but that they were exposed to porn and kink as a teen and fell into it because they have shit wrong in their brains or are just stupid and that only got encouraged by disgusting scrotes and peers online.

No. 1749064

Also Shaynus thinks she's better than Womack. I really get the feeling she just uses him for money and goes along with his "love you princess" shit because its attention and money. But she's not attracted to him and feels he's a retarded hick that wouldn't even be able to smack her around, so she's not interested. Womack would actually want to date her and her take her out I feel fr. And Shay doesn't want that because she doesnt find him attractive in any way.
I dont think the johns she invites over are necessarily much better, but they sniff her ass and sponge bath her then leave because they see her only as a whore for them to release their degeneracy on. Womack gives vibes like he would be a creep but like also with half a brain so he would just want to pay for gf experience but it would probably keep going and Shay does not want to fuck him Im sure. Idk I hope other nonnas get what I mean lol

No. 1749070

File: 1674245314254.jpeg (515.41 KB, 1170x1395, A0270FE3-5A8B-46C1-85BA-53F20D…)

Avoiding to work once again

No. 1749072

>nauseous all morning
Pregnancy arc let's go

No. 1749078

fake pregnancy arc in hopes of being able to talk to Shane P Sonnier again???

No. 1749081

Please because either he reaches out and she has to make a story for the absent baby or he doesn't reach out and she has to fo the same but funnier

No. 1749083

well guess the acid trip wasn’t all good if you’re having bad dreams and i’m surprised miss baby bimbo narc hasn’t uploaded any selfie or something… what if she got self conscious about how ugly and disgusting she is? or that’s too much to ask for?

No. 1749086

naw its just more excuses to not go on cam cause she knows the farms will cap all her shane whining and crying while naked and sweaty on a cheap pink pleather amazon gaming chair.

No. 1749087

I 100% believe Shayna has lurked for years and probably adopted alot of “farmer-like” thoughts and opinions. She probably rips into moids as hard as we do to Ellen making fun of them and maybe even using the word coomer. Yet still she lets them control her life and future. Sad.

No. 1749088

what makes you think so? do you think she would pander to scrotes as hard as she does and cry about shane p sonnier as much if she really did?

No. 1749090

saged for blogpost: but im a nona who grew up online during the wild-west era and can confirm this is definitely the case. i thankfully aged out and slightly matured by the time onlyfans became a thing and thank god for that because its easy to be encouraged into a horrible decision like that just like it was easy for underage or younger girls to show their tits or get drunk on webcam on omegle, stickam and tinychat when you’re an insecure teen having 50-100 men telling your how beautiful you are and unique and you never got the attention before irl. I agree with nona who mentioned the sunken cost fallacy because its true. and there are freaks and predators who will purposely get women to make these mistakes then blackmail them into staying in the sex trade just so they can milk them for more content, keeping them constantly thinking theres no way out. then you get assholes like shayna who think theyre smart enough to play men when it the complete opposite. her mental breakdown over some guy she only knew for 2 months tells you all you need know about her ability to manipulate men.

add to that shayna and myself are from the “go make a sandwich” / make fun of women to look cool / not like other girls / im edgy era. Im still trying to recover from the internalize misogyny i learned from being active online as a kid and from that era

No. 1749094

i guess i moreso meant she probably would be a farmer if she didnt hate her threads so much. i believe she thinks guys are as gross as we think they are deep down, but shes just broken and gets off on that and cant do any better than being a whore so she roles with it

No. 1749095

File: 1674248870858.jpeg (Spoiler Image,598.5 KB, 828x1398, E8C3005C-185E-43A9-B136-111A8C…)

Disgusting hog

No. 1749099

File: 1674249403635.jpg (1.24 MB, 2362x3543, dsc_9282.jpg)

you cant just cover your whole gut with a tutu, does the skirt not fit anymore?

No. 1749106

Fucking hell I BEG for a fake pregnancy arc kek. A real one is too b word to even consider in jest.

No. 1749107

Ntayrt but you said it well anon. Sex work is like the Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave. Someone will always have that photo, video, etc. I have seen some "sex worker" cows who are trying to move on to other incomes, they seem to have better luck getting their old porn taken down because it was originally behind a paywall (OF) and they made sure to put none of the spicy content on public social media.
If the content is stolen from OF you can get it taken down with a lawyer I think, but I have rarely seen the same happen with other platforms/sites that have historically had content taken from and reuploaded elsewhere. Shatna's biggest mistake is that she shows absolutely EVERYTHING on twitter and public social media. Imagine how boring she'd be if she was like most semi-smart internet prostitutes who censor their content previews and kept her personal life out of her e-whore sphere.

No. 1749112

File: 1674250752094.jpg (132.73 KB, 1432x1080, hippo.jpg)

She looks like the hippo from that scene in Fantasia.

No. 1749114

I'm begging you nona, please stop with the shay fanfiction/tinfoils. There is nothing in Shay's history that points to her thinking men are disgusting and gross. She willingly participates, if not outright BEGS them to kidnap and strangle her through her disgusting role plays and twitter "imagines".

No. 1749118

Why is he so fat? Shouldn’t meth make you skinnier?

No. 1749125

she facetuned the fuck out of her nose lol

No. 1749128

That article about the DUI is from 2014 so he likely quit meth and got fat in the meantime. He is considerably skinnier in older pics like the F.A.G. one tho >>1748478
It just makes me wonder if that means he is an ex-convict? Also whether he got meth mouth kek

No. 1749131

File: 1674252324069.jpeg (Spoiler Image,209.68 KB, 933x1464, F9824E44-6FE0-430B-8C5A-16362F…)

Her boobs are disgusting

No. 1749133

Farmers stop writing paragraphs challenge: impossible

No. 1749134

I’m pretty sure it’s from binge drinking and doing drugs

No. 1749135

Why would she post this? She looks like pt in the face or Chris chan (autistic) and her breast look ridiculous

No. 1749139

Like you can literally se the red inflammation around the implant that shifts up it seems. Even if it's not a implant the difference in her breast and how red it is, is not normal. Before the veiny breast was just veins, not it's constantly red

No. 1749140

*now not not
*veiny not vein sorry

No. 1749143

The "paragraphs" you speak of are nothing like the absolute sperging manifestos over on Kiwi Farms, which make ~90% threads absolutely unreadable.
Two options, brainlet nonny: 1) don't read saged posts or 2) use your fingers to scroll past long text posts. You're welcome.

No. 1749145

Disgusting is a little harsh. I'm really curious to see what they will look like when she gains more weight. Does the bolt-on one just stay small while the other becomes pendulous? Grab popcorn nonnies and make your bets.

No. 1749150

While I agree with this fully I still think it's worth holding her parents accountable for letting their teenage daughter have access to platforms where she could be exposed to those things and not teaching her basic self respect and boundaries about sex when she was young and impressionable. Sure, they attempted to ban her from camming, AFTER they'd already let her get groomed and sucked into Tumblr degeneracy. None of that matters much now as she has been a grown woman for a long time and is fully responsible for her shitty life at this point, but that could never happen to a kid unless her parents were retarded boomers/xoomers (kek) who didn't pay any attention to who their teen daughter was talking to online and what she was doing. Another classic case of completely stupid parents giving their kid free reign on the internet and not teaching them to avoid certain things online. I dont know about other nonnies but my mother would have died before letting me become "Tumblr famous" because of course that's a recipe for an army of pedos to start fapping to your kid

No. 1749153

No one wants to hear analysis on Shayna’s background/childhood that’s been said a million times

No. 1749154


No. 1749158

Only reason why she's a pedo panderer: Easy way to get attention, not many girls are willing to do it. Less competition. That's literally all there is to it

No. 1749163

Maybe there are some newfags? Anyway clearly some people want to talk about those things. If you have something better to bring up or new milk to contribute then maybe try to influence the discussion that way again.

No. 1749174

she herself says her big tragic backstory is her mean mean pawents gwounding her!!! for all the fucked up shit she was doing kek. They did try to stop her from being degenerate and continue to offer her help. After a while there is only so much a parent can do for their child if the child isn't willing. She had a perfectly decent life and childhood and she chose what she thought was easy money and is a retard. reposted because I had to turn off vpn to post this shit and it got posted unsaged.

No. 1749175

I totally agree. She wouldn't make a dime without the weird, degenerate, pedo kink aspect to her SW and she's got enough brain cells left to understand this.

No. 1749185

slightly OT but do we have the strawpoll results from last thread?

No. 1749187

File: 1674259134777.jpeg (35.98 KB, 498x260, DA26C74C-0EFB-4DE8-BB93-7567B4…)

I wish I had the artistic ability to draw Lester as a farmer and Shayna as Cliff but thanks for the laugh nonnie

No. 1749190

File: 1674259236844.jpeg (561.73 KB, 1170x1584, 89400993-952C-4707-8C03-DB2C29…)

Like clockwork

No. 1749191

File: 1674259289611.jpeg (436.42 KB, 1536x2048, C435A5B7-B9C1-43A1-BFFD-361C71…)

Her new canopy

No. 1749193

File: 1674259345001.jpeg (961.82 KB, 1170x1486, F4A381E5-491A-4AA0-A4CC-583E0B…)

No. 1749206

the fact she still sleeping with Shane Pierre Sonnier's Stuffed tat he brought her

No. 1749211

If the crinoline wasn't dragged over the posters, this could actually be pretty cute. Though, the jellyfish toy hanging off of the fire sprinklers… a whole other story.

No. 1749213

ofc she does and that’s why she took the pic in the first place

No. 1749222

didn't the last troon fucker KIND of come out and say shay was his worst lay? that it creeped him out that she laid there and admitted she hates sex?

No. 1749239

Baldie Gaysics said that it was weird how she said she didn't care if she came or something. He didn't say it was Shayna but we all knew he want to screw her, then immedeitly went to see another girl who he thristed after online and took out to the amazing trip of Mc donalds. It's clear whatever his expereince was with Shayna, wasn't worth even sticking around to TRY and get more sex or something out of her. Their situation is still odd to me.
Especially her claiming she slept with some random at a bar the night before

No. 1749240

Why would you do that to poor Alan Alda

Uwu princess mosquito canopy

No. 1749246

I thought I was in the Venus Angelic thread

No. 1749252

Idk what kf has to do with anything. I hate when “farmers” talk about the dreaded
kiwifarms. I learn so much from the very finely curated threads I read there and there’s just as much dumbassery here as there.
It doesn’t matter what she was exposed to as “child”, she was a teenager, sorry to blog but I was exposed to porn from toddler age and beyond and I’m not a pedophile whore. She makes her own decisions and her parents are better than most since they tried to stop this bs once they found out about it and still do to this day. Don’t make excuses. Grown mfs make their own decisions despite what they’ve been through period.

No. 1749254

I wish I could cancel work bc I had a bad dream.

No. 1749257

She’s unemployed and pan handles to make ends meet. That’s why she’s able to do that. >>1749193
Even her bed is porcine. Looks like a giant bed for a obese ass shut in. Giant pig pen looking ass. Even the ham blankets aren’t long enough to cover the sides of the mattress. Much better than the child day bed tho.

No. 1749258

She didn’t even have a hard childhood or she’d use it to her benefit to get coins and pity points from being booolied by sex worker twitter whores. I agree with everything you said. And I’m sorry nonnie about how you were exploited. hope you are blessed.

No. 1749265

Based anon. Armchair psycjologists GTFO.

No. 1749282

Maybe she didnt drink the other night because she was tripping and she's feeling the alcoholic withdrawls lol or just post trip ick. Well anything to get out of her ~new year new schedule~ really

No. 1749295

He is. The drug charges were a felony, he has an additional felony from 2011, he’s been in court before for debt collection, and has a myriad of minor traffic offenses, and all of that was just from Kansas. I think he lived in Texas before too. I also found a marriage license from 2010, so he has at least one ex-wife. A real winner in every sense lol. I can post the screenshots of the case records if anyone wants (I know, imageboard!) but don’t want to clog up the thread with potentially stale milk. If anyone really cares to see them, look up Shane Pierre Sonnier in the Kansas District Court public access search online https://prodportal.kscourts.org/prodportal

No. 1749302

File: 1674273070003.jpeg (259.74 KB, 1170x575, E984AA4B-6CA5-4289-9867-D00BB1…)

Here we go again

No. 1749304

something about her is really giving cwc vibes here

No. 1749307

Another episode of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome? Or maybe she has finally entered her prediabetes era.

No. 1749308

this bitch.

I can't wait until she's off her parents health insurance. is she actually sick or is it all for just for show for her "ex" to gain some sympathy victim points. she's such a waste of space sped

No. 1749309

smoked too much weed and now needs to be hospitalized. also bpd antics

No. 1749310

haha yeah thanks for the medical term

No. 1749314

E-whore shayanons rub your 2 braincells together to write more than a single line reddit-tier shitpost challenge: impossible.

No. 1749318

File: 1674274710430.jpeg (155.63 KB, 749x826, 0541E9A4-DB0F-41A9-9B9C-C8DB7E…)

Nobody posted these gems that she liked two days ago so I’ll share them. The top one is ironic and the bottom one is hilariously stupid and rooted in Shaynus’s supposed mom trauma.

No. 1749319

You know what, this is way better than her depressing prison cot that she slept on for years. Didn't she sleep on the floor for a while too? I know we're all reaching to hate on Shayna but this is legitimately a step up for her. She has a real bed like a real human. Never thought I'd see the day.

No. 1749323

Definitely from the acid or not drinking. Stupid bitch. Or maybe she didn't fully cook her hello fresh meal or it accumulated too much bacteria from her filth and cat shit paw covered counter kek

No. 1749324

she had many rolled joints for her acid trip and probably went all out with weed again to trigger her weed disorder. and to do bpd antics.

No. 1749325

given her track record of heavy drinking, i would not be surprised if she did drink while tripping. She probably had a killer hangover today if she drank and did acid. I’m not surprised to hear she’s puking her guts out.

No. 1749326

kek Shayna. Be real with yourself. Both your mom & dad love you unconditionally, despite your many, MANY shortcomings. They have done so throughout your entire life. They are both still there for you whenever you decide to stop fucking your life up. They both support you financially. They both still see you in person, and gift you with things that you don't deserve.
The only "issues" that you have are your own, you spoiled suburbanite cunt.

No. 1749334

The whole thing was odd, especially Shayna claiming to be a supreme baby bimbo findom goddess when she couldn’t even scam a Big Mac out of that gay scrote kek

No. 1749336

Geez can you imagine working in a hospital and taking care of actual people in need and Shayna walks in and is like “I threw up”.

No. 1749339

Is this Shayna’s mom or dad typing? I’m screaming

No. 1749340

Girl idk, maybe stop abusing drugs and alcohol and fast food and letting crazy FetLife moids choke you out and SIT ON YOUR BACK and you won’t end up in the hospital 50 times a year ffs?

No. 1749341

tinfoil, but I think she does this for attention. as in, she treats her body and health like shit until she becomes actually sick and people give her the care and attention she’s looking for. she goes to the hospital simply so she’ll have someone to dote on her for an hour or two, to feed her attention meter. it’s a pattern with her. she gets to her lowest, then gets herself sick so she can get that attention. once she gets it, she’s magically fine again because her meter is filled up. but once it goes back down she’ll just do it again, weather it’s going to the hospital, the doctor, or Ellen the pedo. Shayna Clifford is someone who uses people for her own gain and nothing more.

No. 1749346

People throw up and get hangovers all the time and they stay in bed and drink water if they can and deal with it

No. 1749347

File: 1674277933748.jpeg (643.02 KB, 1170x1548, 7A61BECE-2F93-4247-A46D-39A6FD…)

Some updates from her Pedo account

No. 1749348

How is shitting in a diaper NOT humiliation/punishment/age regression? Be fr fr, pedo.

No. 1749349

Confirmed that she’s shitting in a diaper for cash on Snapchat then

No. 1749357

shay will take any excuse to bash her mom while giving her dad an out. guy basically got a do-over with a better daughter yet she thinks her mom criticizing sex work as a career is abuse.

No. 1749366

I like how she tries to draw a line like "im not that kind of disgusting diaper freak"
If it was just a humiliation/punishment thing, she wouldnt dress as and pretend to be an infant getting drugged and raped by an adult. Setting up in a room meant to look like a childs ppay room, buying diapers and onsies that are "cute" and child like and drinking out of sippy cups, etc. She's not embarrassed doing any of that. If it was a humiliation thing, it would just be "normal" and put in a regular adult diaper and made fun of. Thats not what she wants though.
And age regression can be a thing or finding comfort in childhood things like coloring… but once you add sexual elements and make porn and have sex while at it, it becomes pedophilic and not ok.

No. 1749372

>you don't need your diaper tapes to cross
mfw so fat even the adult diaper doesnt fit properly

No. 1749383

File: 1674281662162.gif (594.01 KB, 220x198, 98A3B4FE-E137-488C-B963-ACD54F…)

>In b4 gray hair
she’s so stupid. Of course she don’t feel good she eats like shit, drinks heavily, doesn’t drink water, doesn’t bathe, and smokes weed/has munchies. Fat pig. It’s disgusting how one of the last times she was in the hospital she was rubbing her greasy snatch and filming it for her coomers.

No. 1749384

File: 1674282037165.jpeg (200.26 KB, 750x1371, 1FA8BD3A-5E81-4F66-BE95-4DCC5D…)

>8 months ago. This bitch never listens. Groundhog Day every single day.

No. 1749396

Just accept your hangover and drink some water dumb bitch. Or call a IV nurse they’re cheaper than an ER visit and basically all that they will do for her anyways. She’s probably just extremely dehydrated.

No. 1749411

I can't wait until she's too old to be on her dads insurance. Her life is a continual decline.

No. 1749414

I’m surprised she hasn’t gone full munchie yet

No. 1749420

File: 1674286489990.jpg (271.69 KB, 867x1280, full.knockedup-1sh__28332.jpg)

The fuck is that face? Seth Rogen movie cover vibes

No. 1749424

Agree 1000% with both (and now I can't unsee the Rogan dazed comparison)

She pisses me off going to the ER for every thing when there's people who can't even afford their doctor let alone walking into a hospital. Munchie bitch

No. 1749426

this is so embarrassing for her after bragging about doing acid a day and a half before

No. 1749428

And a lot of sugary alcohol with vodka cool whip and ham wrapped chicken in cream sauce, and a lot of snacking in general since Shayne

No. 1749435

Agree embarrassing to do right after tripping and doing all this boasting about ~healthy meals~ plus the alcohol haul. I think its partially a Shane bait though. Her being off her parents insurance cant come soon enough

No. 1749438

Do her puking events usually follow periods of intense drinking or drug use? (I guess it’s hard to tell given she is constantly drinking)

No. 1749448

They're mostly when she has to work but doesn't want to. Her cam shows are never regular, but when she announces them then there's a good chance she will go to hospital

No. 1749496

>shows off a haul full of booze
>injests mushrooms
>does two tabs of acid
>pill pops her "good girl" pills
>consumes a shocking amount of grease, cheese and sugar

Shayna: "it's my cyclical vomiting syndrome :/"

No bitch you treat your body like shit and do hard drugs in combination with being an alcoholic. Shes dropping acid like it's a new strain of THC. That shit can fuck you up.

No. 1749512

File: 1674306750243.jpeg (560.96 KB, 1170x1367, 7B23230B-ADC3-45CE-A782-9919CA…)

No. 1749513

She's a binge drinking alcholic. This is why she's at the hospital. I'd put money on withdrawing from booze. She isnt willing to face that it's the problem. Not weed or drugs, which I'm sure dont help. She may be too dumb to fully realize it's the alcohol. The calories from the boozing from when she wakes up, drinks all day, and then binge eats shit. Drinks more. We already know she drinks most days so we also know its ten times more drinking than what she shows. After many days in a row of heavy drinking, yeah, the withdraw is probably rough. But using hospital resources for it- I'd bet this has been the case every time she goes- is ridiculous and selfish. Her alcholism is extremely easy to spot, so it's only going to get more advanced. Her anxiety, rapid weight gain, crying, bailing on every "work thing" promised, men literally dipping out after the 2nd or 3rd time meeting her- (Ken, Shane) there's some shit wrong. Its alcohol. And she's drunk 24/7. She's going to get worse and worse hangovers and withdrawal. Not going to end well. I also cant wait for the insurance to end. She's going to blackout and do something really dumb someday, or start having seizures from not drinking. Seizure arc next?

No. 1749516

>deactivated my card
But why though? Banks don't just remove the ability to use your debit card for no reason.

No. 1749517

Idk I think Gaysquatch was being a weird creeper about the orgasm thing. They were there to make porn, it’s kind of fucked up to demand women in porn have to have actual orgasms. Especially when he couldn’t even get hard himself.

No. 1749520

While I understand your point, it's kind of hard to keep up with the internet going ons of a teenager when you have other kids, a spouse and a job to worry about too. Her parents probably didn't even know what Tumblr was before the camera situation, I'm sure they did their best. It's not like she was a child under 13. She was a full ass moody teen and usually parents don't want to have to monitor EVERYTHING a kid that age does online because it's a lot. I think she started this camming shit as a way to get attention because of the divorce/bad marriage vibes in her house around that time. The only blame her parents should get is for continuing to support this waste of human flesh. She would have had to call it quits long ago if daddy and mommy closed their purses to her. But I guess they were afraid she'd just turn to full time prostitution and end up dead somewhere. Unfortunately for them, Shayna is determined to have a bad end scenario.

No. 1749521

Funny way of saying “I have no money”. Call Ellen to take you to the hospital? Must not be that urgent if you’re begging for uber money.

No. 1749522

He didn't demand he said he found it weird that she said she didn't care of she orgasmed or something like that. Not to defend the freak and yeah it is ironic when he couldn't even stay hard kek, maybe he knew shayna wasn't into it and he's clearly some old coot trying to get sex from women instead of simply trying to make porn like Shayna was

No. 1749523

still, that doesn't normally happen if you drink every day, your body still should function and you should be able to work and not throw up for hours, there are enough alcoholics having a somewhat normal life. She must be drinking huge amounts and in combination with the other drugs her body just can't take that shit anymore. That being said, she is old enough and she gets help at a hospital, one of the doctors might have told her what she could do to stop that shit happening over and over again, guess it's time for therapy, withdrawal symptoms could kill her for real if she tries it alone without any help.

No. 1749525

Agreed I think it was more of a don’t meet your heroes situation where his illusion of her was shattered. He’s probably one of those moids who thinks kink and sex work is a “lifestyle” and thought miss kinky bimbo sex worker was the same way. Then he meets her and finds out she’s not even into it at all and doesn’t care if she gets off. She just does it as her job whereas it’s fun for him. That’s why he immediately dropped her to hang out with more enthusiastic whores. Plus didn’t he have to come back to reshoot because she fucked up the camera angles? Her lack of caring and effort was likely a huge turn off
Fraud detection?

No. 1749527

Call 911 and ask for an ambulance if it’s that serious Shayna, god she’s such a shameless grifter

No. 1749529

It's always pornbrained coomers that get wrapped up in a women's ~pleasure~ but they dont even know what that means or entails. Imagine literally having sex for money and caring if either party gets their nut.

No. 1749531

Honestly I’m on Shay’s side there, just bc I couldn’t physically have an orgasm if that ugly ass man was even in the room

No. 1749539

He probably doesn't make women cum anyway nor does he care if they really do, or notice if they fake. He just wants to feel his floppy dopey is a magic stick

No. 1749542

>shay is for two months but lolcow is forever
"A moment on the dong, a lifetime on the farm"

No. 1749563

Aren’t the doctors just going to keep telling her to change her lifestyle and give her nausea medication? What is the point of going to the hospital?

No. 1749568

Every fucking time this happens my first question is “what the fuck are the A&E staff doing?” As a non-burger I understand that American healthcare is abysmal and the hospital hears a cash register ring as soon as she walks through the door but the fact that she’s pulling this shit on a regular basis, presumably at the same hospital, is absolutely insane to me. Even more so when so many people actually require medical attention but can’t afford it. Fucking fat, greasy, spoilt piece of shit. I hate her so fucking much.

No. 1749580

File: 1674314629191.jpeg (272.25 KB, 1170x789, 69EF1550-7D64-4F18-B63E-DE5FB7…)

She deleted these and posted this

No. 1749581

It’s clearly not an emergency if the retard left the hospital. Imagine taking up limited space and resources in a hospital because your lifestyle is utter shit and your body is rejecting the garbage you constantly feed it. She’s just a gross alcoholic unwashed fat woman

No. 1749582

Was wondering what she meant in the other tweet about needing a ride to the hospital, when she was already pictured in the hospital. Now this makes sense. Fatty probably couldn't go longer than 4.5 hours without smoking weed, taking a drink and eating her bacon wrapped cheese-chicken.

No. 1749583

Thanks for a hearty shek (shay kek) this morning nonnies ♥

No. 1749586

Lmao she’s doing way too much now. I know she’s thinking the fat brony guy is sitting obsessively checking her twitter, but sadly Shaynus he isn’t. He’s happily living his life with people he actually loves and is thankful he managed to get rid of you quickly. He doesn’t give a single fuck that you’re in the hospital with a hangover you stupid dickhead. He just wanted to sit on you, stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 1749588

She's so fucking retarded. Quit wasting ER resources and go to urgent care instead. Likely less of a drain on her parents' insurance and keeps room open for people who are actually having an emergency.

No. 1749597

your bank doesn’t just suddenly deactivate your account without reason. what a little liar.

No. 1749598

Exactly. Used to work in the hospital and people who go to the ER for non emergencies are simple idiots. Literally wasting their own lives, not to mention hospital resources and insurance costs. Urgent care will literally send you to ER if needed. if she has some gross alcohol gastritis or whatever urgent care could give her some zofran and send her away. Less time and financial burden for all but Shay is…a burden of a person….Sage for medical sperging

No. 1749602

the picture of her at the hospital isn't from today, it's a repost from last year

No. 1749603

she needs neither. bitch needs to go to a god damn walk-in clinic or the damn pharmacy.

No. 1749614

SHAY KEK my sides nona pls

No. 1749615

i think shayna’s thing with age regression is she’s overcompensating for being larger/looking older and wanting someone to do everything for her. i don’t think it’s a trauma thing, humiliation, or enjoying childlike things at all. i say it’s overcompensation because i have never once seen a short/small baby faced woman be into the age play/abdl thing, it’s always larger (either fat and/or taller than average) women and/or women who look much older than what they actually are. they want to live in a fantasy where they are cute looking and small where someone wants to center their entire lives around taking care of them.

No. 1749618

These retards can’t read before they post apparently

No. 1749620

>And age regression can be a thing or finding comfort in childhood things like coloring… but once you add sexual elements and make porn and have sex while at it, it becomes pedophilic and not ok.
You can like "childish" things without calling it "age regression", to most people this term is associated with pedo freaks like Shayna.

No. 1749625

nah, she was into it when she was average height and thinner than average
she’s just ridiculously lazy and has daddy issues

No. 1749629

Random nitpick but why doesn't Shayna have a credit card? It's probably for the best that she doesn't have one but I thought she was addicted to spending money

No. 1749631

Nta but sure she has singular videos and called Fupa “daddy” like every retarded teen groomed by men on tumblr but she definitely was not as into the ABDL stuff as much as she is currently. If you compare her aesthetic in Oklahoma she definitely did not dress as infantilized as she does now. That weird bandana that she brought out not too long ago used to be a staple for her. When she was skinny she would be called petite, thin, young by porn companies or coomers. Now that’s definitely not the case so being a part-time “diaper dolly baby bimbo” and intentionally setting herself up to get called “little” or “small” is definitely because she’s fat and haggard and coping with not being younger and thinner.

No. 1749633

>And age regression can be a thing or finding comfort in childhood things like coloring… but once you add sexual elements and make porn and have sex while at it, it becomes pedophilic and not ok.

I think "finding your inner child" and re-discovering activities you enjoyed doing as kid is a lot different than "age regression". people who partake in age regression and want to be refers to as kids and act like kids have serious problems that need to be addressed not encouraged.

No. 1749638

She's always been insecure about her height and was more open about it when she was thinner. She said something like she didn't like not being the shortest, skinniest and youngest girl in the room. And she was often the tall lanky chick next to shorter curvier girls back when she used to do collabs. And like another anon said, she didn't used to lean this heavily into the baby/diaper shit. And it does tend to be dominated by fatties, girls who feel awkward about being slightly taller than average/more mature looking. You rarely ever see short babyfaced women lean super heavy into it.

No. 1749652

Totally OT, but I love how the tagline for this movie is pretty much "Seth Rogan is an ugly little gremlin & having sex with him is a woman's worst nightmare" kek

No. 1749656


No. 1749659

I wouldn't be surprised if she did have one at some point, but she maxed it out & now no one will give her credit again. Remember that this woman literally puts Shein on Afterpay. She is more than willing to take the "buy now, pay later" option, even for the most piddly of expenses. She probably already burned through a card or two.

No. 1749664

nta but then what else would you call it? I agree that you immediately think of freaks when you use that term but I also wonder how else you could refer to it. even trying to dumb it down and call it ‘acting little’ has the same impact because weird ddlgers or whatever have bastardised the term ‘little’ that much.

No. 1749673

Nta but it's literally just called having good nostalgia, everyone has some form of it. My dad bought an Atari to play his childhood games he doesn't dress up for pedophiles when he does it that's why I don't trust these hoes

No. 1749674

Fr like just say youre broke Shaynus we all know. At worst if your bank suspects fraud,they will temp suspend the card and all you have to do is call or text to confirm your identity and that you made and approve the charges. I live in Burgerland and have had it happen once or twice. Deactivation that you can't just text/call to lift would mean you're hella overdrafted or something really bad.
I think she means she didnt want to wait there, so she went home, then went back again. Either got on a waitlist or just figured the wait would be less at a different time. Maybe Ellen took her the first time but had to work/couldnt the second time so she was ebegging for uber.

I still think its ridiculous that its clear her own mistreatment of her health and body are causing this and she could fix it,but she's too lazy and weak willed.
If it really is the hyperwhatever from weed… then she literally live tweeted going from "i really have to cut back on weed:(" for a week or 2 and then went right back to openly showing and talking about smoking joints and taking rips, etc. Including just the other day. Idk how anyone could feel bad or want to help her at that point. Also she recently got that ecig/vape thing too. Like… help yourself, you stupid bitch.
She might legit need rehab for weed and alcohol, might be the only way she can stop.
I also think if its not the weed thing, then its bad hangovers or withdrawals from going a day or 2 without drinking. Could be bad acid/shrooms. They can make you feel like shit. Not properly cooking her ham wrapped chicken, eating off cat shit paw counters, sucking on shit encrusted butt plugs, taking pills, the stench of herself and hovel, etc. Any of that could cause vomiting really kek

No. 1749679

No I mean that there are people with mental issues that involuntarily age regress. You can google it. But yes, it's not something to like encourage and certainly not sexualize. They need psychiatric help. Though Ive heard some shitty psychologist push it as a valid coping mechanism. But yeah obviously acting like and talking like a child is weird and not ok, needs to be dealt with professionally.
And that's completely different than nostalgia and comfort in childhood things.
And to clarify, Shaynus falls under neither category. She's just a pedophilic attention whore freak. Her sippy cup thing is weird as fuck. And obviously the diaper and all the other disgusting degenerate shit.

No. 1749683

i know it's so fucking retarded but i laugh so hard at every single shay + random word combo. also baldi gaysics gets my ass every time

No. 1749685

I would call it self-work? Idk what you mean.. there's a clear difference between doing something child-like compared to roleplaying you are a child while you do it. Like you can colour in a book, play video games, etc. without "reverting back in age" which is what age regression is. its healthy to "heal your inner child" by letting yourself have some experiences you didn't as a kid (like going to a museum and exploring, playing on some monkey bars) and it doesn't involve pretending to be a baby or a little kid while you do it.

No. 1749686

She literally had vids of being in onsies and using a childs potty training plastic toilet thing. Putting baby powder on her boil infested coochie. Did you forget "baby bum fuck"???
There's a lot of fucked up pedo pander vids from her infected pussy and ramen hair skinny days actually. Just because she didnt have a separate diaper account then doesnt mean she wasnt into and doing it. Just look through her manyvids or something. The only thing I will say is at VERY VERY first maybe she wasnt ad much. Theres a bunch of vids on that purple and pink bed set up when she first started that seem less explicitly baby rape pedo-y. Moreso the ~daddys slut~ and ~anal barbie~ type stuff.

No. 1749689

don't forget she alluded to shitting in her diaper when she does the adult baby stuff. she said she doesnt like "wetting" and "messes" in her diaper. If wetting is piss, what else could "mess" be other than 25 year shayna shitting in a diaper on snapchat to continue to maintain her lifestyle of secluding herself and only interacting with actual pedophiles.

No. 1749691

Samefag. Yeah I just scrolled her mv for a minute. Sort her vids by "most sold" and youll see mostly her older bleach blonde, super skinny vids. And youll see diapers and pedo pander vids. Shes been doing this stuff since the beginning literally.
Also side note the views, hearts, and sales on her baldi gaysics b/g vid are so bad. Like lower than her regular repeatitive content. Big Shek.

No. 1749692

Fuckin same lmao I saw “shek” earlier and lost my fucking mind

No. 1749699

I agree with you. I know 1 extreme alcoholic who can’t stop puking whenever they try to quit. She must drink far more than we know for this to happen

No. 1749704

and now she only collabs with equally dumpy/chubby average height women and she still looks massive compared to all of them lol

No. 1749708

Yeah she will legit go through alcohol withdrawals from how deep she's gotten into it… Real fucking scary I don't know how she doesn't stop the lifestyle, I guess since weed and alcohol is what she uses to cope with her shit bleak daily life

No. 1749747

Yeah, she's definitely nonstop vomiting when she's coming down/ withdrawing from drinking. Heavy binge drinking for days in a row can definitely cause this even if it's not super advanced yet. We do know it's already been a few years of heavy bingeing. She's probably been drinking nonstop since Shayne left to cope, as well as when he was there, in her uwu Barbie water bottle filled with fucking wine for her super athletic hike/hog tie adventures. She probably usually gets too sloppy to go on cam, or passes out before she can.

I also really feel bad for her animals. Like, she shouldn't have them. And it makes sense why men get scared away so fast. Sloppy mess all the time. It's already catching up with her. Being wasted all the time is the worst thing she can do being mentally ill and on meds. Gonna turn to drinking just to function and feel some semblance of normalcy if it isnt already that severe, yet.

No. 1749754

Shayna is in for a rough 30s when she isn't going to be able to bounce back from drinking as easily anymore

No. 1749781

Still with the jellyfish hanging from the fire extinguisher

No. 1749784

This fat hog is a full blown alcoholic and experiencing things middle aged heavy drinkers get,when will Shatna admit it's pancreatitis and not some obscure weed induced illness? It will be uwu ~~ send amazon giftcards for my lwiver swurgwery pwzz daddi ~~ in 5 years tops.

No. 1749787

I too am living for the shlaynguage

No. 1749795

She doesn’t even bounce back now, she’s always sick and she rarely leaves her crusty apartment, and just look at the state of her skin. Her body absolutely hates her

No. 1749809

I genuinely do not understand how anyone can have such little regard for their health. She can’t even manage the bare minimum of showering and drinking water. I’d love to know what she tells the the doctors every time she rocks up to the hospital. And even if she’s lying to them about her lifestyle (which she definitely is) surely her bloodwork world point to her alcoholism

No. 1749826

File: 1674349285658.jpeg (73.55 KB, 513x490, 0FC39AC3-D656-4C3C-8CB6-428F18…)

A munchie arc would be the funniest fucking thing. the ~cyclic vomiting syndrome~ and these increasing sympathy/attention seeking vague hospital posts are already the first steps. She could replace the bimbo greaseshirt with picrel

No. 1749835

She hates herself and her life therefore destroying her body is no big deal, it's just a slow suicide.

Dunno why she's always puking that results in her going to the hospital.
Doesn't sound like it's projectile and out of control, I'm sure she's barfing into her toilet. Who the fuck goes into ER for that? Shay just take a bottle of water to bed after your drunken antics and drink some when you inevitably wake up with dry mouth having trouble breathing. Bitch don't need an IV.

No. 1749863

She's kind of a dull grayish yellow. Her body is purging the leftover alcohol, withdrawing and she's prbly puking bile and cant keep fluids down. Wonder if she was even trying to drink more alcohol and puking that up from her body rejecting it. That's why she's irresponsibly going to ER, noooo doubt.

Armchair but she probably cant even have sex sober, or make any kind of porn without drinking. She needs to be trashed to deal with her choices and only associates anything sexual as tolerable when drunk. She fetishizes force- drinking baby bottle bullshit all the time. She's in too deep.

No. 1749865

I’m guessing it’s hard for her to keep down water during these episodes and she’s constantly dehydrated to begin with. I’m guessing her stomach gets irritated from all the alcohol and she’s unable to keep anything down. But yeah, she has other ways to deal with that without going into the emergency room. She should really just go to urgent care if she’s worried about it.

No. 1749875

A super quick way to know if she has CHS is if she gets instant relief from the cyclical vomiting and nausea by getting in a scalding hot shower………but….that involves a hot shower.

No. 1749892

No doctor is going to diagnose someone with excessive alcohol and drug use and absolutely horrific daily habits with cyclic vomiting syndrome. That is a diagnosis you give when there is no known reasonable cause for the vomiting. I know someone whose kid has it and he just randomly will throw up hourly for up to 24 hours without cause. I wonder if Shayna really believes it deep down

No. 1749934

Yeah I also interpreted her saying she’s “not really into wetting and messing” as lowkey telling her coomers she’s tried these things and is willing to do them for the right price

No. 1749952

knew someone who'd occasionally smoke too much and vomit nonstop until the she got taken away to the hospital. Literally dehydrated and couldn't keep water down. After the first two times I kinda witnessed it, I checked out and knew and ambulance was on its way.
I probably drink more than her and haven't vomited from alcohol in years. Shitty lifestyle to be in either or both.

No. 1750073

Isn't she 25? 26 later this year?
I wonder how long this shit is gonna last when she's dropped of the family insurance. That shit is around the corner and medicaid (if she does the paper work to receive even that) is not gonna cover her self induced bullshit. It may not even cover her "good girl pills" so shay is gonna be full time off the meds and forced to stop whatever it is that is triggering this. She needs to be honest and get a dr's help now while she can afford medical consultation.

No. 1750111

She’s never going to quit drinking and smoking, when she knows she can just go down the Vivi path and monetize her puking syndrome. I think she’s already paving her way there, why else would she be constantly posting about vomiting on her bimbo baby work Twitter? I swear I’ll stop reading the threads when that saga begins.

No. 1750128

Adding onto this along with her alcohol consumption, THC stops saliva production too. And we all now how much Shay hates water (both drinking it and bathing in it). She's not exactly bright to begin with but it's definitely entertaining to watch her not be able to figure this one out on her own. Just drink some fucking water, Shayna.

No. 1750141

I love how her Mumma never seems to be free to attend to her royal fatness when she's in hospital. Why?

No. 1750143

>her royal fatness

No. 1750162

kek i was actually thinking this in the shower yesterday. everytime shes having a vomiting episode is because the lazy fat pig doesn't shower.

No. 1750167

One of the things that confuses me about the Shane Pierre Sonnier Saga is why didn't he simply search for her name on google before agreeing to stay with her? On nearly all search engines the first result will be one of her threads. From there her entire documented history in sex work can be found. I know he's a dumb coomber that was thinking with dick but doing a basic name search for someone is both obvious and low effort.

No. 1750191

and when he was with her and he started to delete shit, why he didn’t gave his concern? i wonder if he told her something about it, like how it made him feel or something but it seems like he just keep it all in his mouth until he left her.

No. 1750210

Way back in LJ efagz days, Felice Fawn thought predatory credit card companies approving her for cards with crazy high limits just meant that they liked her or something like that. I wouldn't be surprised if Shat thought the same thing and ended up absolutely tanking her credit, to the point that she can't get another cc.

No. 1750213

Shayna says online that we "Stalk" her and "Dox her" and her family and I'm sure she can't shut up about Lolcow to those who will listen irl. So I assume, she told Shame Pee Soggy but he didn't understand/care or felt like he was a bad ass, it doesn't matter.
Now he's deleting everything. Also, honestly, it's Shayna's fault. After he posted the picture,we knew who he was, we saw his public Social media, fine. Shayna was the one writing in detail everything they did. If I had a site following my every move, I wouldn't post shit about anyone in my IRL. Even if there's bread cumbs of me knowing this person.
I still would be quiet about it. I think he thinks that "I have shit online about me now, what can happen?" but now his shit is connected to his real name. As shameless as these people seem, Shayna & Ellen have the least shayme. These scrotes almost always has family/friends/wives/ex wives/employees and Shayna isn't worth the trouble.
She acts like she has to hide everything, but she doesn't properly hide anything.
Sorry for the Shayagraphs.

No. 1750215

I feel like she's probably too dumb and lazy to go through the application process

No. 1750216

same anon, I also get the idea that Shame wasn't planning on making Shayna a high ranking member of the Pack anyway. I feel like he was testing her out, whatever happened must've turned him off. I think he pretended to love/care because she was in his face, he was in her house, eating her food, fucking her every which way.
I also think he told her explictly he didn't know when he'd see her again, because he was planning on ghosting her and/or she wasn't worth the trip/money anymore.

No. 1750249

Her disgusting haggard rat face in that baby bonnet triggers my monkey brain no end.

No. 1750252

File: 1674409705753.png (44.08 KB, 886x335, hugyuyhgu.png)

do something milky

No. 1750253

It's possible that he realized his mistake not long after arriving but had to go along with it because Fatty paid for everything including his flights and he couldn't afford to fly back to Kansas.

No. 1750254

She didn't say whats wrong, and I kinda wonder if she's talking to Shane still ngl. I do not believe Shayna would'nt be bringing him up again, even if sick and something "bad" going on. Or maybe i'm retarded

No. 1750264

She barely knew him plus she’s got a goldfish brain, she’s probably already looking for her next uwu daddy dom to remind her to drink water

No. 1750268

File: 1674413511905.jpg (255.94 KB, 498x466, jndgfjfgjghdg.jpg)

No. 1750279

She didn’t take any pictures in the hospital maybe she’s just making this up and used the $50 for the “uber” on doordash lol

No. 1750288

don't be pathetic anon

No. 1750295

The fact that she goes to the hospital so often, stays overnight (which would be a big deal for anyone else) and then comes home and doesn't explain anything every time really makes me think the anon upthrad who speculated extreme alcoholism is right

No. 1750298

when she's quiet like this she's going to come back with some mildly interesting rant. It's the Shaycle.
>Go do something/quiet for a while
>Vague call out trying to direct her anger towards some random shit on twitter.
>Finding a random comment on twitter to whine at
>Finally admit some bullshit going on

No. 1750299

She probably doesn't tell the hospital she's a daily drinker. She probably doesn't tell them she does anything other than her meds. Even if they suspect she's some kind of addict they aren't going to say that unless she specifies it's a problem. It's going to be non stop hospital saga if they never find anything because she underreported her drinking

No. 1750311

I can't help it nonnie, I have the Shain Damage (Shayna Brain Damage)

No. 1750314

>But using hospital resources for it- I'd bet this has been the case every time she goes- is ridiculous and selfish.
If she actually was as much of an alcoholic as you are saying, it would be important for her to go to the hospital for withdrawals. Alcohol and benzo withdrawals are the only withdrawals that can actually kill you and you're supposed to be under medical supervision for them as a result.

No. 1750317

Why does this post seem like it was written by someone else. The spacing is weird and the retarded shorthand text style isnt there except for "gna". Did Ellen type this for her or what lol.

No. 1750323

this, I've never seen her type normal

No. 1750342

>I'm gonna take it easy and not push myself too hard
Is this an extremely subtle confession about relying on diapers. She already does the bare minimum for everything else I can't think of any other way she could possibly take it easier.

No. 1750353

I thought this too but didnt mention it. She never misses an opportunity to type 2 instead of to/too

No. 1750355

No, she is just saying this so she doesn’t have to make customs or anything new for OF

No. 1750368

File: 1674428248301.jpeg (348.11 KB, 828x1285, 55BE4601-F38D-40F4-8607-DE63BF…)

>drink water
If she did that in the first place she wouldn’t be in this predicament, disgusting fat hog
>inb4 cheemsburbgers and pink wine for dinner

No. 1750371

she must be manipulating Shane P. Sonnier from Wichita,Arkansas with that like
>“Dad? Daddy? Dadda? I’m in the hospital because I’m dehydrated because you were supposed to make some rules for me Daddy like drink water and take a shower.”

No. 1750373

I hate having to look at josh topkek's dumb face every time.

I looked him up on Facebook and that is his actual name. Why are coomers so stupid? Why would you use your whole ass birth name for a porn account.

No. 1750377

With the amount of shit that comes out when she fucks around with her ass, and how little she washes herself, I bet she keeps giving herself gastro.

No. 1750378

hot baths work too, especially if you take antiemetics before getting in the bath and have cold water with you

No. 1750379

File: 1674431672049.jpg (265.4 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_2023-01-22-23-50-43…)

Just in case
Shane Pierre Sonnier has changed his Facebook name to this now and changed PFP.

Meth pedo rape daddy you can't escape what you've done, stop trying.

No. 1750381

Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita Kansas is now SPS Shane from Amarillo Texas but he is still the same pedophile rapist abuser

No. 1750413

Is that a shitbull?

No. 1750423

I think so, he has photos of his kid in bed with one of those disgusting piece of shit creatures that were posted a thread or two back

No. 1750441

File: 1674440302029.jpeg (388.62 KB, 1170x1101, D3256003-5D7F-4591-96A2-77AAE7…)

Wow, $40. Very domme Shay

No. 1750451

she's 100% the type of person to harm herself for attention and to get back at people. drinking to show exes and friends shes having fun, trying to stick with whoring despite parents and farms knowing shes not successful, not drinking water to upset Shame and to prove to the farms we're wrong that it makes her skin look like shit.

No. 1750515

Way to go lard ass, you just made LESS than a teenager working a weekend shift at Applebee's.

No. 1750535

She didn’t even make $40. She made $32 how sad. You can probably get more panhandling on the street

No. 1750538

>calls herself a high class baby bimbo
>makes less than a high schooler flipping burgers.
>literally begs for rent money every single month
God this is embarrassing. It’s obviously Womack too. This fat piece of shit is beyond bad at her job and she really tells on herself with these messages, and it makes it so fucking obvious her followers are nearly all bought. Imagine having a loving family willing to give you a free ride through college, something millions of people would kill for, only to choose this life. Uberbleak.

No. 1750566

No. 1750575

go get mauled by your pitbull

No. 1750585

No anons got a point, they’re gross it honestly adds to his white trash persona that he owns them. Disgusting.

No. 1750594

Kek Womack being a sub to Shat is so fucking funny and it never even occurred to me. But it makes so much sense considering how much money he must waste on her.

No. 1750600

i guess now it makes more sense to me why he wants to smoke out of a bowl she put in her ass… these "kink" people are ass backwards about sex man.

No. 1750681

I know people have been saying she'll be kicked off her parents insurance by 26, but is it possible for them to keep her in longer? I don't see them letting their little failure to launch go without health insurance. I'm sure everytime she goes to the hospital she's texting daddy dearest AND her evil mom to get sympathy and some extra cash for "medicine". I don't see them getting sick of her shit till she's in her 30s and all her siblings have spouses and careers and kids and lives, while she's shitting herself in diapers and slapping herself for pennies.

No. 1750695

Catastrophic insurance that only covers emergency services like “smoking so much weed you puke yourself into severe dehydration and need a doctor to hook you up to a saline drip” costs like 1 Doordash a month. She could probably also go on “Apple Health” (Washington’s cutesy name for Medicaid) since there’s no way she’s making any livable amount of money from her porn or reporting her minuscule cash gifts from coomers properly to the IRS. Either way having insurance like that would probably lead to her using the emergency room as a primary care like so many other Americans since that’s what gets covered the most… not that she would be able to plan her life ahead enough to make real doctor’s appointments anyway

No. 1750701

I think she will have insurance for the remainder of the year even after she turns 26. So it’ll be another year of her draining resources at ER rooms because she refuses to drink water.

No. 1750704

She's been so quiet, I wonder what bomb she'll drop and I still think she's in contact with Shane or maybe she met someone else. Even while sick shayna always posts something.

No. 1750707

It really feels like Shayna is circling the shain (Shayna drain) sometimes

No. 1750709

I think it depends on the company the parent has the insurance through. I was kicked off my dad’s on my 26th birthday, but I was already insured with my work so it wasn’t a big deal

No. 1750729

It's odd for sure. I don't think she's still in contact with Shane, though, because too much happened. Especially since his phone number was briefly posted on here. I'd bet between cow tippers, her insane tweets, and his name being all over the threads burned that bridge to ashes. Someone new seems more likely.

No. 1750757

File: 1674495616585.jpeg (333.92 KB, 750x982, A65ADB8C-D762-4E38-831A-B06D4E…)

high maintenance? she won't even wash her ass!

No. 1750763

so sad for her “high maintenance” means to get texted back KEK pathetic she even paid for everything

No. 1750767

Im surprised Shane Pierre Sonnier hasn't told shayna to stop mentioning him on any way. Maybe he will, but surely Shayna knows everytime she talks about Shane or Kyle Nathan Perkins this thread also talks about them? She's not going to get him back constantly whining and then his name/more attention is brought onto Shane. He deleted everything because he doesn't want his gross shit connected to his name. In fact Shayna cannot help herself but to talk about people in her personal life on her sex work account but blames us for simply doing a Google search

No. 1750771

Kek she’s still flabbergasted that he didn’t fight for her attention.

No. 1750772

keep your shitbulls away from us

No. 1750779

Shayna would absolutely post whatever he said if he did - and then keep mentioning him anyway. So maybe he's realized it wouldn't matter and is hoping she moves on. Joke's on him though, unless she finds someone else he's guaranteed himself months of being on and off mentioned. Shayna is a real life example of that saying "don't stick your dick in crazy." A walking talking cautionary tale.

No. 1750786

Yeah Shane has some years of shayna talking shit. She's not with fupaul and still brings him up, so now Shane will be the one she brings up when she gets her new scrote. Then the new scrote will be added.

No. 1750788

Shes gonna talk about him for longer than they've known each other and will never notice how insane that is.

No. 1750791

Yeah, technically you can get an extension on your parent’s group policy until 29yo, but it is soooo expensive. And after 29 that's it.

Someone I know (T1D) stayed on their parent's insurance because of the cost of being a T1D and it went from $450/mo to almost $900/mo when they applied. I don't want to mention what it's called because I don't like helping Shayna, but she could go work at Starbucks part time and get pretty good insurance.

No. 1750842

File: 1674507257333.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1546, 840A5FA0-58AA-428B-9CB4-92D4F4…)

Was just throwing up and now more sugary shit. Go figure

No. 1750843

File: 1674507308693.jpeg (533.6 KB, 1170x1362, 9AB026FA-59E5-4CB2-9B4A-4C33E8…)

No. 1750845

Jesus fucking Christ. Water Shayna. Drink water.
Kek Her engagement is so sad.

No. 1750848

File: 1674508023614.png (311.19 KB, 863x730, Screenshot_20230123-150420.png)

I wonder which disgusting thing she did with Shane Pierre Sonnier she's talking about.

No. 1750859

Why do I sense a
>I didn't wanna say anything, but i can't hold it any more. My exe Daddy did pressure me to do things i wsnt really comfortable with sexually. Which makes this so much harder for me to get over bcuz i also feel like I was used in many ways by him, then left alone with no answers.

No. 1750870

my guess is the butt stuff barbie herself is complaining about anal. can definitely see Shamer thinking if would be something shes into based on her content and then her having a hard limit on it and just want to act like an adult baby.

No. 1750873

>He deleted everything because he doesn't want his gross shit connected to his name.

No, he deleted everything because he didnt want gross Shayna connected to his name. This dude had absolutely no problem being on fet life, proudly fucking gutter-tier trannies and disabled chicks, announcing his kinks to the world, attending fetish cons and supporting his wife’s sex toy business - but he drew the line at being associated with Shayna Clifford.

Thats gotta hurt!

No. 1750875

my guess is blowjobs. she can’t even take in more than an inch of a dildo without gagging. i bet fupa and shane told her that she just hasn’t sucked the right dick.

No. 1750877

kek ily

No. 1750885

didnt she shaypost a text from him telling her he was too vanilla for her sex life/kinks?
my take on all this, is that shane is a basic-bitch kinkster and just wanted to hook up to get his dick sucked and do some dirty anal, maybe a little light slapping or fluffy handcuffs. the extent of his ddlg life is probably being called daddy by ugly girls and calling them baby and little girl. shayna “makes messes” in a fucking diaper.

shayna seems waaaaaay more porn sick than this guy. i know yall like to believe he did all this depraved shit to her but SHAYNA is the one who wrote (and is known for writing similar fantasy fan fiction garbage) that shit on her twitter. you guys seriously cant see the comparison to her manyvid video descriptions? there were no pics or vids except the one picture of her with cum on her face saying “well daddys here”. Guy just wanted his dicked suck and some anal, not to actually change and powder some fat autistic adult baby’s nappy and who needs to be told when to drink water.

No. 1750897

>u just haven't had it done right
Anons…I'm going to say something that seems out of left field, but my theory is that she's talking about having her pussy ate. She definitely strikes me as someone who has never actually orgasmed with a man and thinks she hates getting head because it forces her to accept actual attempted intimacy and pleasure instead of retarded violence she can dissociate and fake her way through. We know from greyfag hairyshoulders she doesn't like to do anything to orgasm during her kink shit. I'm betting based on the wording she hates when men try to go down on her because she doesn't want to be faced with actually trying to cum and having them be shit at it. The "you just haven't had it done right" thing is something I've heard girls get told all the time when they say they hate getting head. Who knows though

No. 1750900

I wrote a post where I had that on the list, it's not left field either. Sex is a tool to Shayna, it's a way to make money, get attention easily and get scrotes to want to be around her. Even if Shayna won't admit it I think deep down she moves how she does, because she doesn't think she has much to offer besides sex to a scrote to keep him around. She hopes sex will draw him but her amazing personality and being around her is what will keep him around.
Instead it's just sex is the draw and the ugly idiots she fucks aren't going to pass up sex from someone whose not really "hard to give it up". I believe Baldi Gaysics was told by Shayna, "I don't care if I cum", I doubt his gay ass asked or cared, she probably just told him before hand or something.
She clearly doesn't like sex, it's a job, something she has to endure to get attention/scrotes. It's honestly quite Shayteresting. Shayna understands at a scrotes shitty core, all A LOT of them want is open legs when they want it, so she does that, but at the same time she wants an actual relationship. She still hasn't learned that being sexually available to a scrote means nothing.
She's also a fucking sex worker, she should definetly be scrote-pilled. But because she's apart of the, "Sex work is real work, don't kink shame, sex work is empowering" crowd, they really do think they are stunning and brave. That some of these scrotes genuinely care.
That they are really valued parts of society. I don't think she cares about her pleasure in sex because her sex brings her the pleasure of scrote attention. Even if only for a shayment

No. 1750906

100% had those same thoughts but you worded it better than I ever could kek

No. 1750908


Yeah, I can also see her talking about receiving head. I'm sure she still has hangups about how nasty her vag used to be/still looks, which probably adds to her anxiety around vaginal stimulation she can't control. She's probably weirdly more comfortable when someone is just beating on her/ sexual sadism because like anon said, she can just dissociate and pretend she's a BDSM kink queen. And she's not confident enough in herself to just enjoy some good sex and not care about anything other than her orgasm. That's probably the part that's saddest about her life to me. Her whole live revolves around sex and she doesn't even enjoy it. With others, with herself, she doesn't like it. She likes the attention she gets from posting pictures of her bruises, the retweets her degenerate rape fantasies get her, being "known" as buttstuff barbie. That's how she climaxes, the sex is just a job. One she doesn't even like. What a fucking retard, she literally could have gotten the same amount of attention if she kept her clothes on during her peak. Maybe post some lewds once and a while to keep the neckbeards she had wanting more. But since she's an attention starved pickme she caved way too early and now she's in too deep and the only thing she knows how to do is dig deeper.

If she ends up being a full time FSSW(which she'll have too if she doesn't want to pack up and go home) she's in for one hell of a ride. And she's going to hate every second of it. She's somehow managed to be a sex worker who doesn't offer sex on any sense of the word for a very long time, it's actually almost remarkable. 2023 might be her year ladies. I almost feel bad, but this pedo pandering psycho deserves it.

No. 1750912

File: 1674516360864.jpg (756.39 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230123_162318_Twi…)

Just checked her likes…ooooh boy she's a broad bitch. Also, checked the profile, it looks like someone running a porn studio out of an airbnb living room

No. 1750913

File: 1674516393979.jpg (Spoiler Image,995.2 KB, 1440x1008, 20230123_162302.jpg)

No. 1750914

File: 1674516442738.jpg (Spoiler Image,432.88 KB, 1440x1008, 20230123_162301.jpg)

Also, sorry I forgot to spoiler the first pic!

No. 1750915

File: 1674516532333.jpg (Spoiler Image,498.83 KB, 1440x1008, 20230123_162259.jpg)

No. 1750916

File: 1674516628796.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1440x1008, 20230123_162257.jpg)

No. 1750920

her flat square ass KEK

No. 1750923

Her next stop is facialabuse. The guys on there are awful wonder why she hasn’t done a scene with her. Maybe it will be traumatic enough to finally put her off porn once and for all.

No. 1750926

With them**

No. 1750928

It was a screenshot that Shay posted from OF messages. A guy from her OF bought the video and said that. Shane posted the screenshot on his FetLife to brag about how kinky Shay is

No. 1750929

Gross old fat ugly boomer arms.

No. 1750930

>reporting her cash gifts properly to the IRS
Kek, Shayna jail saga for tax evasion?
He was a fuckbuddy, not a 'daddy.'

No. 1750931

What about the fit she throws when people tell her on twitter they don’t like some of the kinks she posts?

No. 1750934

Came for my daily dose of milk and of course was greeted with a full moon. Never change shay, never change shay thread, never change shaynons.

No. 1750936

This is so true and would be sad if it wasn't funny because its Shatna. >>1750842
This shit is still so weird and she does it casually. Like not even for porn or "little space" (which is nasty in itself). But I believe she actually drinks out of these and it's so wtf.

No. 1750937

She looks like a Chav its so uncanny

No. 1750941

She only does niche kink videos. Like spanking in a 1950s school girl costume or dumb shit like “diaper wrestling” that isn’t hot to 95% of normal people. Shayna only lets people she likes have sex with her (Fupa, Shane, and Ken the Doll gayfag hairyshoulders) and that’s only because she wants validation not because she wants sex

No. 1750947

File: 1674519736386.jpeg (Spoiler Image,548.65 KB, 1170x647, 9EF9EC80-F895-4F05-BE5C-6C3CE1…)

No. 1750948

File: 1674519788498.jpeg (355.93 KB, 1170x1162, A14AC4B2-EF58-4C5B-A08D-2755F6…)

No. 1750952

…what? they re-enacted her getting hit by her dad?

No. 1750958

absolutely fucking foul how she sexualizes her bio-dad and always involves him with her online whoring

No. 1750959

>"Nice curvy bottom"

No. 1750960

Kek, rolls are curvy anon. No like she's not even curvy fat she's straight double wide fridge

No. 1750972

File: 1674522836941.jpeg (Spoiler Image,873.25 KB, 1170x1533, 8708D88D-EE41-4EB0-924A-CACF14…)

No. 1750987

jesus christ her double chins are huge shes just ballooning constantly

No. 1751001

God she’s so fucking ugly. I don’t know how anyone can call her a “model”, fetish or otherwise

No. 1751002

I wonder how much she pays this ugly faggot to work with him. She must be the only whore whose content costs her more than it makes her

No. 1751005

Just wondering, does anyone know when this shoot was? It must have been last December, right?

No. 1751007

more like, “radiating ‘you’re gross and I don’t want to be here’ vibes”

No. 1751016

File: 1674527732883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,107.01 KB, 912x654, 1EF2CB8F-29EF-4CB6-8550-F340F9…)

bitch looks like a dying pig

No. 1751020

Bruh does she not have any other clothes?! jfc

No. 1751023

File: 1674528366548.jpeg (825.34 KB, 1242x1768, 26DCAA05-6642-4D31-974A-C022FA…)

Holy double chin

No. 1751024

actual gifts aren’t taxable to the recipient
money exchanged for services isn’t an actual gift though

No. 1751028

File: 1674528596597.jpeg (117.75 KB, 432x386, E85C4E90-C48E-4755-8563-C30152…)

No. 1751030

Her fat roll is huge.

No. 1751032

File: 1674528708318.jpeg (Spoiler Image,231 KB, 1242x984, 9E72C00A-77FB-4ED9-BDCB-65B0BE…)

This tutu is even worse than the dirty ass white circle skirt that’s too small

No. 1751047

The weird ass pose grabbing/pulling her own hair screams Down's syndrome woman.

No. 1751065

The gunt cover belly belt not doin its job here kek

No. 1751073

Her tit is more red and swollen than her shayussy. She might have a valid reason to go to the ER.

No. 1751084

If I looked like that I'd wear a poncho and nothing else cover Dat up fatty.

No. 1751117

Shayna Slaton

No. 1751271

Is Shayna's twitter still there? I can't find it

No. 1751284

You’re a retard, sage your newfaggotry

No. 1751289

File: 1674541796500.jpeg (462.62 KB, 828x1238, 9A6E1822-7E78-4F1D-BBF1-DD78F8…)

Not that it’s surprising but retweeting this shit makes me want to a-log so fucking hard, that girl is 19 and her account looks like an actual child’s page (lewds notwithstanding), of course she’s a genderspeshul bpdfag. The fact that younger women look up to useless fat sacks of shit like Big Shaynus is profoundly depressing

No. 1751311

File: 1674545603720.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.82 KB, 1024x512, 8F988AB3-A13C-4BC2-BD93-8805A0…)

She looks like a plumbus

No. 1751326

Other anons have said this about her before but this is really creeping me out, it looks so morally wrong because she looks like an actual, literal sped

No. 1751347

I always wonder how she manages to keep it "professional" with this particular moid since she has such a trackrecord of getting into messy interpersonal stuff with people she's been collabing with. Maybe even Shaymu the terminal pickme finds him gross kek

No. 1751356

I feel like he keeps his distance and lays down hard boundaries

No. 1751359

File: 1674559619121.jpeg (334.22 KB, 750x464, B17C6679-C9EB-4CFF-987A-C2CDD9…)

No. 1751367

I'm sorry but the whole thinking of your middle school crush is just weird to me whenever anyone does it. Like girl, you're well into adulthood why are you still hung up on a middle school crush?

No. 1751369

She’s a fucking disgusting cunt for that. What the fuck is wrong with her? All it would take is for one person who lives near her dads family to find that video and they’re gonna assume she’s telling the truth and that’s why she does that type of “work”. Imagine people he works with finding that? She’s the lowest of the low, putting her family at risk of that kinda shayme.

No. 1751378

Because that never happened.

No. 1751387

File: 1674565805219.png (Spoiler Image,389.53 KB, 396x906, untruth.png)

No. 1751399

Tinfoil, but I wonder if getting the implant was part of her descent into degeneracy. I could see a dumb teen with malformed boobs getting them fixed and then think they were a ‘pr0n star’ for having an implant.

No. 1751400

File: 1674568854354.jpeg (387.47 KB, 1170x1273, 7329C0E3-E61E-47F1-A04F-5BB0AB…)

No. 1751405

her tits are starting to melt into her fat.

No. 1751406

Sage or fuck off

No. 1751408

Guarantee it's some $12 shit you can get at Ross or TJMaxx like Britney Spears' cheap perfume.

No. 1751412

i was thinking more juicy couture viva la juicy…

No. 1751414

I'm thinking it's kids perfume since it was middle school kek

No. 1751420

Imagine its just cotton candy body spray kek.
Also weird shit to say but I guess that's so Shaymus.

No. 1751428

I was thinking it could be victoria secrets love spell kek.

No. 1751430

So she thinks of a middle school girl? I guess that’s just a normal day for pedo Shaynus.

No. 1751444

Didn't her sugar daddy give her a SMALL bottle of Bath and Bodyworks perfume? Kek this is the first time I ever head Shaynaynayna talk about buying perfume. Be prepared for stories such as-
>omg i went to walmart & this old man was like "You smell just like my daughter", I can't
>omg I went to grocery shopping & this woman stopped me & asked me, "what are you wearing? you smell as cute as you look"

No. 1751455

P sure she mentioned perfume because of the one anon last thread (too lazy to find the comment) pointed out how nobody tells Shayna she smells good. Anon hit way too close to home for ole Stink Ditch Shayna

No. 1751459

was just coming here to say that. nona hit the nail on head and shaynas ego when she pointed out shes never humbled bragged about guys mentioning she smells like bubblegum and roses.

No. 1751464

File: 1674577550274.jpg (463.96 KB, 1079x1618, Stinkylurks.jpg)

Stinky lurked for sure

No. 1751483

what even is this tinfoil…

No. 1751566

File: 1674586626641.jpeg (644.67 KB, 1170x1831, A490614D-2C6D-453B-B83B-FF88CA…)

I can’t with her trying to be “funny.”

No. 1751587

File: 1674589743262.jpeg (283.2 KB, 1170x905, 893DA45F-76AD-47D9-807C-F0769A…)

She always changes the story from this to “she looks like a baby deer walking after she got fucked”

No. 1751588

Always with babies and kiddies with Shaymu!

No. 1751599

File: 1674592332873.jpeg (262.05 KB, 1170x905, 38505F4E-D3A5-45F7-A26F-210703…)

Hmmmm like the trip you were supposed to go to AVN and work with people? But you canceled?

No. 1751601

Someone in WA find her Tinder account please

No. 1751605

Sex work is totally real work…can't afford to travel a couple of states away. Kek.

No. 1751629

she couldn't even get a moid to "sponsor" a pair of cheap valentine's panties a week ago. kek dreaming, shaymu!

No. 1751636

I think i'm coming down with Shaytitis

No. 1751642

This also makes sense to me but a lot more factors contributed at the same time

No. 1751643


She was long limbed before she ate her way out of resembling anything remotely fawn-like. The way she throws her gut around in a tutu makes Honey Boo Boo more fitting an homage.

No. 1751666

IDK she seems very ashamed to talk about it. She doesn't even talk about her breast difference either. She did once say she hates her breast but that it. I think the implant is one of the FEW things Shayna won't sexualize. She doesn't like her breasts or being "Fat" she doesn't even pull the thic shit often.

No. 1751677

Shayna did have really nice long legs once

No. 1751681

ngl i am jealous of the gams that skinny shaynus had… definitely not the short lil thing she always claims to be.

No. 1751726

File: 1674609569036.jpeg (169.17 KB, 1829x1170, 178F18D6-5349-4E8D-956C-77EE9B…)

Donald trump lookin ass

No. 1751729

boggles the mind how a 25 year old with no job and all the time in the world has under eye bags that severe.

No. 1751730

She had a really nice body full stop, rat face and pussy boils notwithstanding. It’s actually depressing to see what she’s done to it. Even though it’s what she deserves for being a terrible person.

No. 1751731

She legit looks older than almost everyone I know who is in their 30s and even 40s, it’s wild

No. 1751734

Gave herself a new face and tan

No. 1751735

Kek wtf is that hair??? Does she always dress/make up herself in the dark??? I am so confused by her looks

No. 1751739

Didn't take her long to completely butcher that haircut and resort to the coke can method again.

No. 1751748

because she’s so miserable that not even the make up or filter helps to hide them.

No. 1751754

WA to Vegas isn’t even that expensive Shatna. stop getting doordash and hellofresh and alcohol and maybe you’ll have enough all on your own.

No. 1751755

Reminds me of when she tried to fill her bathtub with peach candies and it was gross

No. 1751761

File: 1674614319547.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, lcbump.png)

cp bump, scroll with caution

No. 1751807

Wasn't her last trip to the hair salon she said she got her hair "blonder".
Why is it more brown than ever?

No. 1751813

i don’t think she bleached it on her last trip, i think she just got the bangs. either way, she never performs the upkeep that blonde needs so it never matters what shade her hair is. it always fades to an ugly flat brown.

No. 1751819

Did she delete the post of her dinner? It was a creamy shrimp alfredo with extra cheese and bacon on top. Only color came from a sprinkling of parsley.
She did noticeably split it into 2 bowls this time… which means she ate that entire plate of chicken and parma ham the last time.

No. 1751828

well she gets more ash blonde now, and it’s clear she used a bunch of different filters and upped the contrast. so it’s probably a mixture of the ash blonde and the horrible editing.

No. 1751829

File: 1674624260970.jpeg (309.8 KB, 750x407, A9F906FE-E430-4ADF-88CF-F50D20…)

No. 1751834

Trying to go back to the ER asap! Also funny how she's hanging out with "the Dad" again now that Shane Sonnier isn't coming back and anons pointed out it seems like she dropped him for a bit

No. 1751835

At least she’s no longer claiming it’s because of her big brown doe eyes >>686649

No. 1751846

lmao she wishes, she did have long skinny legs prior to jabbafying herself but she’s always had nasty beady little black pinholes for eyes.

No. 1751847

The funniest shit is that if she had just taken care of her body when it was good, she could still look “uwu young” and prob make actual money off her gross pedo larping. She def has the body she deserves kek

No. 1751871

File: 1674633997934.jpg (331.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230125_010601_Twi…)

That's going to be the nastiest, cloudiest piss ever

No. 1751873

It’s also a great way to go about getting a UTI/kidney infection. Fucking idiot.

No. 1751874

File: 1674634393205.jpeg (127.62 KB, 828x435, 8AFD0CF2-4E26-40BA-95CF-C90308…)

You know what else is ugly, Shat? You. You’re mean and you’re ugly.

No. 1751883

only high value women are mean, we are advanced in many ways. also dolly mattel you are fat and ugly so there is no way you could fit into the "pretty and kind" category even if you won a nobel peace prize

No. 1751885

File: 1674636728462.jpg (148.47 KB, 660x495, bangchan.jpg)

what's with these fucking bangs still? why are they cylindrical? it's like when you first cut bangs at home in the bathroom mirror and it goes horribly wrong so you have to put your head into the sink every morning to flatten it, but instead, she just chose not to because she revels in her retarded mystique.

No. 1751907

File: 1674641667783.jpg (64.31 KB, 642x1024, britney.jpg)

I think she is trying to look like Britney Spears in the early 2000s but misses the mark and ends up looking like a special needs adult instead of a teenager.

No. 1751939

what is it with amerifats passing frozen meals as real food? like she’s always saying “im cooking” but that’s not cooking. and these aren’t healthy either.

No. 1751949

File: 1674651224960.jpeg (878.03 KB, 1170x1586, 0BC7E095-D7BF-4A86-A085-BA1EBC…)

No. 1751950

Totally not WK for Shaytard but Hello Fresh does deliver fresh vegetables and ingredients, the meat is usually frozen prior to transit but in most large grocery stores that's usually the case. In the US if you want FRESH meat you have to go to a local farmers market or butcher, which can be hard to find depending on your area. The states are so massive you have to keep most meat/fish frozen so it doesn't spoil during transit. Again depending on your area. What drives me crazy is with HF you can choose a healthy meal plan that centers around veggies, lean protein and no fatty sauces. She has willingly chosen the highest calorie and least nutritious meals because she like many other of my fellow burgers, all she wants are salts, fats and sugar. Standard American Diet.

No. 1751951

File: 1674651273630.jpeg (Spoiler Image,332.21 KB, 2047x1536, 94897EB5-8218-432A-8521-9C1CEA…)

No. 1751955

>pay 50 bucks plus however much extra to have this hambeast text you
i think she's too ballsy with pricing considering all of the free content on her twitter page

No. 1751958

samefag as >>1751955 but her boobs physically repulse me, i cannot understand how this woman thinks she is cute

No. 1751961

did she fucking piss herself? please tell me that onesie holding on for dear life is just darker in the crotch area… please tell me she didn't piss herself

No. 1751964

i think shitting and pissing your diapers is a huge part of abdl, have you ever seen the fucked up fetish art?

No. 1751970

you sound a diaperfag yourself kek no i haven't and i'm not interested in that kind of degeneracy i was just wondering if she really went there and pissed herself for half of a hello fresh meal or if it just looks like that

No. 1751974

File: 1674654701629.jpeg (829.84 KB, 1170x1451, AA804BF7-B980-47B5-A169-0C8570…)

Why is she just now releasing pics from that FetCon?

No. 1751976

Because it is “cooking” by their extremely low dietary standards. If you’re used to living off a steady stream of fast food and DoorDash, putting together a pre-fab boxed meal feels like a lot of work. Also Hello Fresh does offer some healthy meals (salad, fish with vegetables etc.) but she’s clearly choosing the greasiest heaviest options they have.

No. 1751977

File: 1674655066024.jpeg (134.67 KB, 1170x1170, 63FB628D-0748-4EAE-839A-D6C955…)

We feel the same way Mr. PB

No. 1751978

File: 1674655118574.jpeg (413.73 KB, 1170x902, F7FD080D-7EFF-47FA-A821-A2E1F8…)

No. 1751979

File: 1674655183106.jpeg (242.24 KB, 1170x552, 94C742A0-215E-412F-B0F6-9634FD…)

Shay, you can’t even afford a trip to Vegas. No way could you afford rent in LA. Plus she would use earthquakes as an excuse to not do anything

No. 1751980

Because she had to edit them. I’d love to see the originals
Once again she’s given herself a new face and again with this retarded expression that’s replaced the tranny smirk

No. 1751981

Read the thread retard, she tweeted earlier about holding in her piss so she could use it for degenerate “content”

No. 1751983

Shay needs to move to LA, it would be a huge wake up call to how flabby and ugly she is.

No. 1751987

It's obviouysly simulated with water, no way her piss wouldn't be dark yellow toxic waste.

No. 1751991

Okay but if this isn't water and is actually piss she's sat on her carpet like that. She's vile either way but seriously Shay?

No. 1751996

She’s probably trying to provoke a sexy memory in the mind of known abuser of women, Shane Pierre Sonnier, in the hopes that it will make him miss her enough to text her back. She still hasn’t grasped that despite her best attempts to get him to fall in love with her, she really was just a hole for him to cum in.

No. 1752000

>cock ratings
You know what, she might be onto something. Getting money for saying a moids dick is small? That’s not so bad

No. 1752004

it is because you participate in a moids humiliation fetish which is just a fetish after all. much like how dominatrix who punch scrotes in the dick are still prostitutes because they get paid to do something the moid gets sexual arousal out of

No. 1752006

No, as she is still engaging in the messed up fantasies of disgusting coomer moids. No amount of humiliation will harm those pigs, it will just help them get off more.

No. 1752008

Little guy is judgmentally looking at the dumpsterfire clusterfuck that she calls her room. This broad lives in filth.

No. 1752012

I love how the width of her arm is as long or longer than her face. Kek how do you look at a picture like that and think "wow i look good." And not "wow i need to lose 20lbs"

No. 1752015

Nonnies are tripping! She had a lil boy body. Her hips are narrow and her shoulders wide so she completely lacks any defined curve. Even if she were to workout enough to have an ass and abs and no chub, she would look like a toned fridge.

No. 1752016

Her body was fine. Not all women are going to be super curvy or whatever, but she has decent tits (even with the implant or whatever) and long legs. I don't mean to racebait but she had the body of the average skinny white girl imo, do you think they all look Manish just because they're thin? She'd look fine if she just worked out back then. Athletic build and all.

No. 1752026

Nice spoiler

No. 1752027

File: 1674660214005.png (Spoiler Image,443.3 KB, 618x1565, 1509745516617.png)

Reposting because forgot to spoiler.

Ayrt. I am a skinny white girl so no i dont think that.
Anyway, picrel is my point. She has poor bone structure. If she works out, her shoulders are gonna bulk and make her hips look even smaller. I agree she could look better but she will never look good, or super feminine. She was never meant to be anything more than an old, white, boring suburban mother, sadly dolly had big bimbo dreams. Kek, funny cause now she has the body of a old white suburban mom without the loving children and husband, stable home, car, friends…

No. 1752028

Kek so sorry. Im a retard who never posts dirty pics on these threads so i totally forgot.

No. 1752037

its probably cause she had undiagnosed mental issues and alcoholism. she cries often over stupid shit, and probably passes out all the time with a full face of makeup caked on. add the lack of nutrients and no water intake and you get… that

No. 1752038

What is it with bottom tier sex workers and wanting to name themselves after Disney cartoons for kids? I recently found out a trashy chick from my old high school is making scat porn under the name “Bambi” too. It makes no sense, Bambi is like the least sexy Disney cartoon ever unless you’re a freak who wants to fuck baby deer…

No. 1752041

The alogging is in full force today.

No. 1752044

Besides her having long legs, Shayna was just skinny. her body wasn't even abonormally nice just simply a skinny white girl. She looked feminine and her body was just averagely skinny, she didn't have the body of a "Suburban mom". I feel like all of this is really nitpicky too be honest. Now sometimes Shayna looks like a chubby troon on troonshine, because of how she dresses/displays her body. She does have broad shoulders, big arms and legs, no hips and a tiny ass. But if she dressed normally nobody would be like, "OMG she looks like a man, OMG im sharting and throwing up seeing this bitch in a walmart"
She dresses like a fat sissy and doesn't know how to pose her new body

No. 1752045

trying to win back The Dad after tossing him aside cause she thought Shame was her knight and greasy armor?

No. 1752046

How is that a-logging? There was no wish for anyone to be hurt or kill themselves. Just stating facts about how shat will never have a "nice" body and how she can only achieve a less "gross" body.

If you think that post is an alog, then you need to lurk more because whoooo is the shay thread FULL of actual alogs! Kek

No. 1752047

It will never surpise me how Shayna uses her Sugar dad's for company and comfort, they are supposed to be paying her, calling her for PAID attention. She acts like a sad ass man using money to get women to listen to him talk about his day. Instead she's the sex worker, who they don't seem to even want to be around often or much, because she's probably not letting them fuck her and/or only allows weird acts they don't really get off too.
Thats why she gets paid so little if at all

No. 1752048

I meant she has a suburban mom body now.

No. 1752049

And to be honest, thats insensitive to suburban moms because they have hips and dont have alcohol bloat. I just know how much shay HATES the idea of becoming a mom, boring, normal, anything remotely better for herself.

Sorry to any suburban mothers on here, you guys have way better bodies that shayna. Kek

No. 1752050

dont forget last time she bragged about this she was trying to do a custom where she leaned back like a sommersault so the piss would land on her face/mouth. she attempted in the bathtub but was too fat to do it and just pissed on her fupa or something. the things shayna doesnt admit to doing could give a man nightmares.

No. 1752053

I guess we'll agree to disagree. I don't think her body looks bad in your pic. You can just tell she's a lazy skinnyfat with some alchy bloat but I feel like if she had actually gotten her alcohol addiction under control, are even slightly cleaner and worked out, her body would have been pretty nice. Not a curvy goddess or anything, but a nice athletic/lean frame.

No. 1752054

In all honesty, her coomer scrotes probably love seeing her in shambles over her life choices. Men who consume porn and sex like actual commodities love to see women like shay in pain. Love to see her depressed and degrading herself further to "try and feel vetter" they love seeing and heloing women fail. If anything her crying to the dad about her breakup and shit probably only gets his dick harder. Then he can feel like hes doing more damage to her because now she is already sad and crying and now he iss going to use her and toss her aside and make her more sad.

Moids are fucking disgusting but porn moids are especially gross.

No. 1752057

if she wasnt a failed whore she’d definitely be the girl letting any guy fuck her who paid her the slightest amount of attention.

No. 1752058

samefag - nevermind, she already is that girl as evidenced by soyboy, limp dick, and lazy eye.

No. 1752059

your picture is showing

No. 1752060

>she attempted in the bathtub but was too fat to do it and just pissed on her fupa or something
The fact that she's prepared to go that low and piss over herself instead of recognizing her ever increasing appeal to BBW coomers. How is being paid to eat on cam not better than shitting herself in a diaper? I don't get her thinking.

No. 1752061

imagine paying a whore to fuck and she wont suck your dick and just wants asspats that she cooked spaghetti for the first time in years? and even when she gets naked she just wants to cry about some guy she knew for 2 months who was basically just another john.

No. 1752065

She uses these scrotes for company and attention, thats the opposite of "Sugar baby/desired woman" trope. Whats weird is a lot of women do this all the time, use sex to get the scrote they like to pay attention. Shayna doesn't even like The Dad, we see how fucking crazy she is over men she likes. So she's literally calling him like, "hey wanna come over? I'll make dinner, maybe let you slap my ass a few times" because she's lonely.
It's not like this man is a high spender and she has to do little things to make him feel important, she just doesn't have anyone else to talk too, and she craves male attention. So she'll deal with "The Dad" more so on some, "Someone to hang with, something to do" then even for money. Seems like he pays her exclusively in meals, driving her places and MAYBE he'll buy her some mall shit. Sad.
The guy is desperete. He's probably married and Shayna is probably the cheapest easiest he can get for her age range. You have to remember, that shayna is in her 20's and these losers are probably married men with wives & Kids. They don't have options and damn sure aren't about to spend much. I don't think Shayna gets paid anytime. She treats The Dad like a friend who may buy her something. She's still always begging online

No. 1752066

File: 1674662463860.jpg (287.94 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20230125-092549_Ins…)

Good catch, thanks! Reposting cropped. The more I look at the pic, the creepier sex trafficking vibes I get - the filter, the bruises all over her arms, the obvious hotel background. Having just heard of a sex trafficking ring being busted in TX and most of them being average guys (firefighter, high school principal, director of a hospital), this is really just awful

No. 1752067

you just know the only time is actually using the hellofresh meals is when she posts about it. that food is all gonna spoil. she was better off starting with those frozen meals she tried in OK. at least until she sees some weight loss to motivate her a little.

No. 1752068

she's not going to lose weight because even if she eats less, she'll drink it all back in calories. Thats the issue, she thinks, "Oh i'll eat this much" but then drinks the same amount. Just like going to work out but then pigging out.
Until she stops/cut back drinking she's not going to see any real results

No. 1752070

you can come over and sniff my bare asshole but dont forget to bring some pink garbage i can post on twitter.

“omg look at this stuffy The Dad just brought me”

No. 1752073

ive noticed she only books with the ugly blinding white bald guy when her life is in shambles. i just know that alopecia burdened scrote grosses her out as much as he does us. hes foul looking. and its gross how her gets her to go a little further each time. my 2023 prediction is she’ll shoot a full PIV/PIA scene with him by end of year.

No. 1752074

yes her appeal back then was she was under 140 pounds and would do more depraved shit than the other whores her age.

No. 1752083

Yeah, I think Shayna isn't pleasant to deal with. She probably trauma dumps to these scrotes and the sexual acts they are getting probably isn't worth dealing with her

No. 1752086

I think there was a Playboy Playmate or somebody back in the 80s/90s named Bambi who was really famous, and that name has been associated with porn stars ever since. I don't think it's meant as a literal Disney reference, although with Shaymu it might be since she's a pedophile.

No. 1752089

If she took better care of herself and wasn't such a degenerate whore people would just see her as a semi-cute chubby chick, a classic Cookie Monster pajama girl. She's done everything she can to make herself disgusting.

No. 1752091

Yeah, she's average and not offensively ugly just regular crusty looking that nobody would notice. She could dress herself up to look put togeather. But she won't. Shayna just has bad styles. It's not even the baby larp, it's just she's not creative and has Shaytism, she will get connected to ideas/looks and think, "Well it "Works" so why change".
Like when she was wearing that Cheetah Girl bra/tank top. Thank god she shaytired it.

No. 1752101

Kek, how bleak is it that her naked body is plastered so much on the internet in basically every way possible that an image of it is worth $3 (to her) at this point.

No. 1752102

Am I the only one confused at these weird agaisnt the wall photos she's been taking? I guess she's trying to not show her body as much, but why the wall kek?

No. 1752120

what do you think will happen if Shayna gets pregnant and decides to have a baby ?

No. 1752131

On one hand, I don't think Shayna wants a child, she literally wants a scrote to "raise' her.
But on the other hand, I could see her maybe 50 pounds heavier, finding a scrote she likes, not knowing what else to do to keep him (because she always has toxic relationships), it being a fupaul situation. Where they break up off and on, suicide baiting isn't working and she decides to stop using any birth control in hopes to get pregnant. I don't think it'll happen though.

No. 1752148

Okay, survey time anons: what Shayna saga or moment was the funniest to you and why? All the bitter anons who are no fun can just ignore this and look for the next unsaged post.
For me it was the Sol Salvatore saga.
> First is the AirBnB house owner freaking out after an admitted cowtipper contacted them and everyone going crazy thinking Shaynus was going to have a lawsuit pressed against her or have to pay a substantial fine. Actual consequences for our cow potentially? Side note but I do wonder what came of this. I think it's possible she got banned from the app kek.
> Next, anons looking into Soy's online accounts and him shutting them down in real time while everyone was taunting him "HI SOY SALVATORE". Also anons taunting him about his visa and immigration was iconic. Can't forget his laughable "dom" content in cheap imitation Victorian ladies blouses.
> Lastly, the milk that flowed when the two idiots fought on twitter and kept shading eachother repeatedly about him apparently not knowing her ~Nazi~ past and him not letting her release the content.

No. 1752151

She's going hard with these face filters lately, trying to impress Shane or something? He knows what you look like irl hun

No. 1752157

She’ll end up with a FAS baby because she’ll never stop drinking

No. 1752164

File: 1674672798695.jpeg (Spoiler Image,827.82 KB, 1170x1246, 08A9E061-7EC1-4E60-9316-9E004D…)


No. 1752165

The whole Shane Pierre Sonnier saga.

No. 1752167

When shayna twet “it was kyle all along” I laughed so hard knowing tinfoil nonas had been right the whole time

No. 1752169

Begging for compliments, pathetic

No. 1752171

the name originated who knows when from disgusting male smoking circles joking how women look like new born deer testing out their legs when women “are fucked good”. just dumb guy humour to degrade and make fun of women like usual.

No. 1752173

When Fupa’s identity and name were discovered and again when “it was Kyle this whole time!” Shane saga has been good too. Sad it didn’t last.

No. 1752175

to be honest, even as a non-degenerate sex freak, I didnt even bat an eye at the $3 per nude until you mentioned it. so fucking sad that women are getting brainwashed to think sharing their most intimate parts are only worth three fucking dollars. not even tree fiddy. Truly a sad state of affairs. I never want kids incase I get a girl and she’s subjected to this shit.

No. 1752178

I loved when she was like, "I haven't been honest with you guys"
She was talking directly to lolcow and trying/hoping to "punish" Fupaul via us. Shayna literally thinks that she deserves a hate mob for anyone who dares to hurt her. Now bratty doesn't even do that shit or fight her battles, so she just vents for validation but you can tell with Fupa she something to be done with the information of them being togeather. I have no idea what, because despite someone cow tipping to his ex wife, the scrote to our knowledge didn't lose access to his childern (he should have). So like everything it was Shayna being petty

No. 1752187

bitch more than your giant ass tummy, worry about all the fat on your armpits, what the fuck is going on there? yikes

No. 1752194

File: 1674675201859.jpeg (318.84 KB, 1170x980, E255B3C9-D0FA-472E-98F2-4DA4E1…)

No. 1752195

She has the face of an alcoholic in her 40s.

No. 1752196

File: 1674675379821.jpg (184.28 KB, 1169x1813, FnSwHSNaUAE9cd1.jpg)

So orange

No. 1752197

Those greasy, overgrown bangs. Girl just stop. Jfc.

No. 1752198

There is really something about the way she carries her weight that really resembles a recently postpartum woman. I assume it’s the female equivalent of a male alcoholic’s beer belly. It’s one thing to lose muscle tone in your abdomen from childbirth…it’s another to lose it all from Sutter Home.

No. 1752203

she looks like she's sucking in yet the beer gut is in full fucking force. the last time we've seen her it wasn't this bad was it

No. 1752204

File: 1674675818923.jpeg (305.34 KB, 1170x996, AB433AAB-1105-4E6D-AB87-932DEB…)

No. 1752206

I know, is that weird pouch from alcoholism? Hormonal issues? Just carrying weight weird? Because my belly only looked that way immediately after having a baby, and it went away in a month or two. I've never seen it on a woman who didn't recently give birth.

No. 1752209

File: 1674676421820.png (1.5 MB, 908x1103, thats a huge bitch.png)

okay this needed the fake bikini treatment so we could unspoiler how fucking fat she is now. god DAMN she is big.

No. 1752211

Fupa and all that was funny and all but nothing tops her putting a roman candle up her ass to celebrate the 4th of july….she moved her leg at the very last minute too so she could have gotten a pretty bad burn. But the bitch was fine so I can laugh guilt free.
I also will never forget her fucking herself dressed as a piggy and you can hear people in the background because she was filming the porn secretly at her parents house. Like have some dignity bitch…
Maybe the best was her easter video where she dressed as a bunny and shoved plastic eggs up her ass to poop them out.

kind of unrelated but I actually liked her clown saga. I'm not a clown gooner but it amused me lol.It was an original idea and she actually looked cute (most of her face was covered so that helped a lot I think.)

No. 1752213

why is she acting like she doesn't post her rolls all the fucking time? Does she really think those skirt belt successfully hide her belly and people don't know she's a chubby?

No. 1752215

Stfu moid nobody cares you liked Shayna’s clown porn

No. 1752217

she's melting

No. 1752219

Did you style the bikini? Lol nonnie ily

No. 1752226

Shay is one of those idiots that thinks because shes "cooking" by warming up some stuff and throwing it together in a skillet that its automatically healthier. She doesnt even understand calories and portions clearly. Much less any other dieting and nutritional information like macros, carbs, balanced meals, etc.
I don't know if she's even trying to diet or if she just cant afford doordash and eating out anymore so her dad and/or mom send her grocery money/got her a HF subscription.

No. 1752230

Shayna is my favourite cow, but god. Sometimes it makes me feel awful about myself, being fatter woman with main fat on my stomach (PCOS bros unite) and wish I'd ever have tummy that flat.
Sorry for blogpost, I was meant to say-

What the fuck is with her face? Like not even the zombie tit, not the pudge, but the face? How are her cheeks bright patchy orange, how is she that bad at makeup

No. 1752231


Someone tell her about dry shampoo for once.

No. 1752233

File: 1674678656891.jpeg (244.64 KB, 1170x582, 57397EF4-5262-49D1-B4A1-DDF3A9…)

What happened to supporting and loving all bodies and women Shay?

No. 1752236

I'm patiently waiting for the feeder arc

No. 1752238

Same. When the Fupafoil was confirmed. That revelation was unmatched kek

No. 1752247

Wow sO BrAvE
Whats funny is she's contorting so hard to give herself some sort of semi flattering shape and edited the fuck out of them anyway.
If she was unapologetically fat, it would be less pathetic. She could embrace bbw even if she for whatever delusional reason didnt want to do feederism.
Trying so hard to be ~body posi~ when she clearly hates being a tub of expired lard and still poses and edits to avoid showing the reality is so retarded. But wants asspats for putting meal service food together and posting her rolls.

No. 1752248

She fucked up cutting them and now the only option is to keep them and maintain them or let them awkwardly grow out until they can be side swept/parted again kek

No. 1752250

Ok but tbf if she just bought lingerie that looked decent and wasnt pedo larp aliexpress… it wouldnt be so bad. Like for bbw standards. Anon did her a more of a service drawing this bikini on than Shay does for herself editing all day kek

No. 1752257

Yup, that and the psych ward "overdosing on anxiety meds all day" saga.

No. 1752267

File: 1674682155045.png (23.95 KB, 1303x152, Capture.PNG)

SHAYTARDS it's ShayCrustmas!!!!

No. 1752269

"overdosing all day" after Fupa's identity was revealed the second time they got together. or (and this is an OLD one) that disgusting goth girl video she did when she was skinny when there were SO many fucking boils it looked like her pussy suffered an acid burn attack

No. 1752271

Bangs don’t look good on people with microcephalic sized foreheads. They suit people with five heads like Dakota the best.

No. 1752274

she really should just keep her clothes on.

No. 1752275

File: 1674683447248.jpeg (419.67 KB, 900x628, C81557DF-DE9D-42CC-A7C2-CA4069…)

Bitch shaped like Gibby

No. 1752276


How can she post this with no shame??

No. 1752277

When you’re so fat and ugly people want to pay you to keep your clothes on jfc….

No. 1752279

I mean have you seen her social media posts?

No. 1752283

why are they speaking of the shaynatorium as if it existed for more than a few minutes before being shut down? sketchy… sounds like they’re pretending to know what they’re talking about. i don’t shaylieve it.

No. 1752284

File: 1674684363322.jpeg (556.8 KB, 1170x1522, E2BE8E7D-0BBC-43FC-9E2C-5618E7…)

No. 1752286

Same I'm shayplexed

No. 1752295

When anon saw Fupa reflected in Shay's sunglasses. By far.

No. 1752296

man actually that color looks good on her i hope she lurks and buys a bikini like that

No. 1752299

File: 1674685765081.jpeg (663.98 KB, 1170x1035, 983B216D-00AA-4D51-8D1C-5D2088…)

it’s all three but I’d wager it’s also to do with her posture. Lumbar lordosis and anterior pelvic tilt cause a slack-ass core because the lower back is doing all the work the abdominals should be doing. And on top of that it’s an unflattering posture that exaggerates any belly.

No. 1752312

i feel you nona but take comfort knowing shayna’s has a gut because she is lazy and stupid and not due to a medical issues like pcos. she can easily change but just doesnt cause shes entitled and half-retarded, its why a lot of us hate her. people work hard for their bodies, jobs, and security and people like shayna… exist…

No. 1752318

not to mention she chose literally the most unflattering pose for someone with her body shape. she still acts, dresses and poses like she’s 18 and 120 pounds. the whole posts reeks of testing the feederism waters.

No. 1752326

webheadgaming is the guy who lives in his moms basement and his task list includes cleaning mould out of his shower. something tells me he cant afford to take a girl out, let alone spare $300 to give to a whore.

No. 1752333

File: 1674688888350.png (420.18 KB, 864x1427, Screenshot_20230125-171957.png)

Does anyone know what she's bitching about? I'm Twitter retarded and can't figure it out.

No. 1752335

File: 1674689558788.jpeg (956.35 KB, 1170x2093, 6D3F8858-886D-42D1-BC73-ECF116…)

I’m assuming this 1/2

No. 1752340

File: 1674689634101.jpeg (116.95 KB, 1170x601, F2D69627-21A4-4BC4-82F8-6205F0…)

No. 1752342

File: 1674689680630.jpeg (304.7 KB, 1170x551, 383EDD88-8C37-4E61-A576-580FD0…)

Cause she also posted this

No. 1752343

>it's like high school!!
>Literally jumping into shit that has nothing to do with her, just like she claimed she shouted at some girl because she embrassed a scrote in high school

No. 1752346

You didn't "Stick up for her", you fucking subtweeting and responded to her tweet. Also, Ellen told a story of stealing a pacifer from a child she was in care of, she involved kids in her kink, when she posted about it online. So shut the fuck up Shayna Clifford

No. 1752348

File: 1674689904944.png (36.26 KB, 632x395, lmao.PNG)

Did you just look it up on urban dictionary? Alogging is when you're saying how much better you are compared to the lolcow. When in reality you're a massive faggot. Any ethot that comes in here and says "wow I'm so much hotter/better than Shat" just remember to keep it to yourself because nobody wants to hear it.

No. 1752350

alogging is called alogging because it's .. named after Anthony LoGatto.. aka the name in the pic

No. 1752352

The term has changed over the years and that's what I'm trying to explain. Anthony would do the same thing he'd say how much better he was when he was actually a massive faggot.

No. 1752353

ntayrt did you really just post an urban dictionary definition lmaoi can't.

No. 1752354

Feel retarded bc I thought it means Anger Blogging

No. 1752355

We should call it Shay-logging, make it catch on I've been saying it for months

No. 1752357

NTA but
>Alogging is when you're saying how much better you are compared to the lolcow
That's not how it's used on lolcow. At all. Lurk tf more

No. 1752358

We might as well change it to shay-logging. Anyone that brags about being better than Shay is no different than Vivi in my eyes.
I've been on KF for more than 6 years.

No. 1752359

That's your own fucking problem, kiwitard. Are you lost?

No. 1752369

>I've been on KF for more than 6 years.
please go back

No. 1752370

Oh my god shaynatorium Nona where are you it’s time

No. 1752381

File: 1674691280445.jpg (27.12 KB, 400x248, 4191.jpg)

Nonnies this is our moment. We must build the Shaynatorium!!

No. 1752383

no one gives a shit about business advice on what people should post on their work twitter when it comes from a fat, aging, jealous whore who just spent the last month crying about a guy she knew for barely 2 months and not working.

No. 1752384

And also Shayhog can't just stop dressing herself in overalls and not wear underwear and go to children packed places like the zoo going around calling Ellen degenerate "Mumma"

No. 1752388

Ntayrt but I think being fat with a legit condition is different. Shayna is naturally thin for one. Second, Shayna’s weight gain is due to alcoholism and munchies from weed which we should hardly be sympathetic to. Third, farmers have pointed out the cause of her weight gain for years constantly and even given her tips on how to cut back on alcohol/pot and how to lose some weight.
She doesn’t fucking try at all and yet it would probably be easy given how thin she was before. Also as someone with a sorta similar body type who lost weight, the weight just stays off with no effort due to the thin genetics that Shaynus has had all of her life and still has. I am convinced that if she tried it would be so easy to lose weight but she never will exercise any discipline, hence why she always tweets about “learning to love her body” because she knows she will never change.
She cannot quit alcohol and weed because it makes her confront how bleak her life is so she stays permanently intoxicated while getting fatter and fatter.

No. 1752389

File: 1674691679742.png (20.99 KB, 760x68, Screenshot_20230125-190517.png)

good thing this isn't kiwifarms. this is how it's defined in /rules/. on lolcow. the site you're currently on.

No. 1752394

File: 1674691883255.jpg (7.19 KB, 230x219, download.jpg)

Ok so what do you nonas think, does the Shaynatorium belong in /ot/ or /m/?

I was thinking /m/ since really it's just a catalog of images, but the last one was in /ot/ so curious about the consensus

No. 1752395

shayna was “naturally thin” because she started sex work when she was underage and was “semi-famous” when she was 18-20. the majority of people have their thin phase during this time (see dan aykroyd young vs now). i dont buy the theory that she has a “naturally thin frame” and could easily bounce back and easily keep off the weight cause of genetics. peoples bodies change from when they are kids. i think even if shayna ate healthy and worked out she’s never look as thin as she did before. she is a bigger framed tall girl. she consistently looks way bigger in frame when she stands next to other women.

No. 1752397

/ot/ seems more fitting.
it keeps /m/ a little bit more wholesome without cowing it up

No. 1752398

File: 1674692181749.jpeg (104.19 KB, 716x1078, F9A8FA09-FAFF-41F0-854B-912700…)

its a common thing for stoners who start in their teens to be really thin when they first start smoking a lot. and if they dont stop smoking they just keep getting bigger and bigger. example attached - they were a popular youtube channel about smoking weed.

No. 1752403

How old where they in the first picture? If they were teens It annoys me I've seen this pop up in scrote places to pick at them. Like a lot of women don't stay the same size as they do as teenagers. I do believe Shayna was naturally going to gain, but I don't think she'd been this big if it wasn't for her lifestyle/eating/drinking habits

No. 1752412

File: 1674692712890.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1659, 6738AB45-B956-4703-950C-E55E56…)

It took me all day but I finally figured out who she reminds me of here

No. 1752413

They were in their twenties

No. 1752415

their show is 2 girls 1 bong. the brunette was born in 92 and the blonde 95. their thin days were 5-6 years ago so they were definitely already in their early 20s. they just got fat nona.

No. 1752416

oh okay, shit happens im a fattie too, did they have kids or something? I still don't even think they look bad and at least they are dressed like adults.

No. 1752417

Jannies will take hours to remove porn spam, but take down the Shaynatorium within 30 mins kek. Good luck with your ban

No. 1752418

it was posted as a counter argument against the anons who think shayna is naturally thin when its not true. she was just a teenager and stoner. she’ll never be thin like that again even if she tries.

No. 1752420

read the thread nona. new shaymins already said theyre down with it in a strange post acting like it was a long running established thread. shits about to get weird on the farms.

No. 1752436

they were mid twenties before they ballooned up and both have never had kids (macdrizzle and joya g). actual stoners just always get fat like that because they’re inactive, can’t control their eating or vices (clearly) and if you smoke too much in your teens it can fuck up your metabolism.

No. 1752446

Chuckling at how hard she tried casually sucking in to give her rolls a less cottage cheesey look

No. 1752447

File: 1674694250070.png (48.41 KB, 275x173, 1543194851716.png)




No. 1752462


No. 1752465

oh look it’s wannabe cow Lana Bee, who made her own thread here because she wanted to be relevant. once again bitching about bullshit because she thinks she’s some queen. ahhh, gotta love the crowd shatna engages with.

No. 1752470

File: 1674696100305.jpeg (633 KB, 1170x1669, C8D9FC5E-1147-47A2-8D97-E63C5C…)

Oh please

No. 1752502

Beer gut

No. 1752504

Kek Shayna you’re ignoring the fact that Aphrodite definitely was not a binge drinking alcoholic pot addict who inhales Great Value charcuterie boards on the daily

No. 1752526

my favorite saga is when shays friend from Oklahoma who she got noodle with came on here and confirmed the tit implant tin foiling

No. 1752529

im giggling with excitment

No. 1752531

Pls someone edit the statue to have Shay's stomach rolls

No. 1752538

I love the D.A.R.E. nonnies in this thread who probably have barely sipped a beer. Being a "stoner" will make you absolutely nothing of those things - being fat and lazy will though.

No. 1752542

Really makes you wonder what she doesn’t send

No. 1752558

SHAYNA SHAYNA SHAYNATORIUM FINALLY HERE fucking love new management already.

No. 1752568


No. 1752584

File: 1674711624643.jpeg (Spoiler Image,597.37 KB, 828x1146, 169742DC-3CAD-4224-ADB8-7741B6…)

The crusty bimbo sweater again, how much do you want to bet that it hasn’t been washed once since she got it?

No. 1752588

Her hideous tiny shithole eyes are even smaller and beadier and uglier than usual here, and those bags, holy fuck

No. 1752593


Uhh what is happening with her grease tendril in the right pic? I guess she tried to shoop her jowls around it but it turned into a muttonchop/chinstrap monstrosity. Her eyes are too enclosed in fat and fluid retention now to shoop properly I guess.

No. 1752598

File: 1674713303519.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3465x3465, F93FC68F-5D2C-42B9-8C34-C6FC49…)

Shayna doing bows and pigtails only make her aging face look worse. God damn wash your face and put some serums on. You aren’t Britney Spears or Barbie

No. 1752599

Britney Spears has ugly turd eyes and gross greasy fried hair too but nowhere near as bad as Shayna

No. 1752600

nigga are you retarded???

No. 1752605

Shut the fuck up you bitch

No. 1752616

okay retard

No. 1752620

File: 1674716870401.png (665.38 KB, 626x626, q6zz_zpsd678d036.png)

Why do I think that she will look better if she adopted the gaijin gal look? It looks dorky/tacky but at least it has charm… It's nowhere near as trashy as wherever she's doing now

No. 1752625

This is so tacky and everything wrong that came from American fashion in mid y2k

No. 1752626

But even if you were right about that style, she would still mess it up

No. 1752632

she honestly doesn't look bad here. It's a flattering angle. so much better than the bingo wing fiasco that were her tiktoks.

No. 1752645

Just letting you guys know this is the same anon in the “unpopular opinions” thread who was posting /pol/ memes and was actually a self hating brown Brazilian who was shitting on women with brown hair and black women in general. There is only one anon who calls brown eyes “turd eyes” and seethes whenever she sees a pretty woman with brown eyes and its this one. Do what you want with this.

No. 1752648

I’m not the Brazilian anon, some people just think brown eyes are ugly, it’s not that deep

No. 1752651

There’s a couple of anons who always say it in this thread too, they’re either baiting or legitimately retarded, either way, probably best to ignore them

No. 1752671

Has to be bait

No. 1752679

Unfortunately (or fortunately for people who need it) medicaid is half decent on the west coast. I haven't lived in WA for quite a few years so maybe it's changed, but AppleCare will cover all her bullshit as long as it's within the state. Source being that I'm a poorfag with poorfag insurance that's never seen a medical bill or copay.

nonnitas I'm sorry if you're stuck with expensive shit insurance if it makes you see the less the catch is that you typically have to see really fucking shitty overworked doctors that probably have never diagnosed cyclical vomiting syndrome or whatever the fuck she thinks she has and they'll pinpoint her drug/alcohol abuse right off the bat because they see so many substance abusers as doctors who cater to low income people kek

No. 1752749

It looks like she’s wearing weird shapewear with the color and folds of her thighs wtf

No. 1752831

File: 1674754143385.jpeg (207.55 KB, 1162x1256, 9A2C0336-0898-480D-BAF8-3B9008…)

Shayna involving herself in other peoples Drama Part 1

No. 1752833

File: 1674754272796.jpeg (262.89 KB, 1170x1056, 922FC91F-8E91-4343-BBE8-BDDFCF…)

Part 2 of 3

No. 1752835

File: 1674754321818.jpeg (204.11 KB, 1170x1035, 9E00DC61-9452-4F0F-B032-1CC90D…)

Part 3

No. 1752837

File: 1674754553076.jpeg (174.26 KB, 1280x1051, B4B08A72-D26B-46F0-B473-2D35C7…)

and here is the “leaked convo” shayna is so upset over

No. 1752839

File: 1674754849267.jpeg (203.32 KB, 1279x982, 8A1F281A-D441-4FC8-9B26-C9ECE9…)

Part 2 of what upset shaynus

No. 1752840

thats so mild. almost boring damn

No. 1752842

is shayna insinuating, that those nazi screenshots of her are photo shopped by jealous E-girls?

No. 1752846

Shayna didn't you just show screenshots of you and Shane Pierre Sonnier conversations because he ghosted you and whined about how daddies shouldn't abandon people? Don't you regularly post your mom's arguments with you? Didn't you post that shit about those people not being into DDLG? It's funny how she only hates callous culture when she's not doing it. I think shayna pretends to be against it because she's scared that it will happen to her. For some reason she thinks her voice means something

No. 1752853

File: 1674756061972.jpg (775.94 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230126_105901_Twi…)

"Fangs" …shayna that's a fucking nub. How does ANYONE find those teeth endearing?

No. 1752858


Please get braces. Atleast then her smile could be cute if her teeth weren't wonk. (If she learned to smile normally and not do that weird crooked-mouth thing).

No. 1752860

The only people shit talking you in a group are Shane's harem and us, no one else even knows who you are shay

No. 1752863

She's been pointing put a lot of her flaws, wonder if she'll break the shayternet and talk about her tit?

No. 1752869

Her yeehaw donkey teeth are not cute and makes her look more retarded instead of bimbo, just get Invisalign or some shit. Probably wants braces because she wants to pedo pander and be like her idol belle delphine

No. 1752872

she's posting screenshots of her moms texts trying to shame her on her SEX WORK account. fat shat is way worse

No. 1752874

She only wants braces for more pedobait content

No. 1752875

>I can only imagine how many people talk about me

in your dreams Shatna. you are not relevant. this just shows how much she loves people talking about her, it’s why she loves lolcow so much.

No. 1752877

pot calling the kettle black much? damn she has no self awareness.

No. 1752881

bitch you better decide quick because this is your last year on your parent’s insurance. theres a reason people do this shit in their teens instead of at 25 with no job.

No. 1752882

braces can’t fix ground down teeth. she’s really attached to this pedo child larp isn’t she?

No. 1752883

File: 1674758861399.jpeg (Spoiler Image,473.69 KB, 1170x1445, 7990F9FD-7281-4318-95DD-8C3D5F…)

she just posted a bruise update and jesus christ her thighs look uncomfortable. its giving lymphedema.

No. 1752886

That stubble looks awful. Why does she need to shave it all off? Leave a trimmed bit or wax it all off if you insist on that. Imo fatter mounds (god I hate that word kek) look fucking awful all shaved

No. 1752890

File: 1674759694563.jpg (18.81 KB, 320x240, eb04f5870fabfd7c4e10ec3d3515f3…)

No. 1752925

File: 1674761999704.jpeg (218.65 KB, 1170x831, 2A42EF97-F83B-4F8A-BA9B-7EE7F5…)

Shay YOU are literally a mean girl

No. 1752928

she's so delusional i wonder how she really sees herself. i don't understand how she doesn't see how fat, smelly and unlikeable she is. no one can stand more than a few days around her.

No. 1752933

I love how shayna screams into void, involving herself in shit that has nothing to do with. Never tagging anyone, just throwing subs, acting tough but the MOMENT someone calls her ass out, she starts whining playing the victim.
You are a mean girl, just a shitty side character. One who is gossiping on the side and as soon as someone asks you what you said you act confused of run to the principal.

No. 1752941

Remember when she used to write horribly autistic and degenerate twitter smut about having an older (step)sister that bullies her SEXILY in a SEXUAL way. What happened to that. This is her ewhore twitter. I thought she was trying to sell a fantasy, you know, like as part of her job KEK.

No. 1752950

She's right in that none of these fat, greasy $3 OF whores are nice people and they are all try to tear each other down over low value coomers but her IQ points aren't high enough to realise that she is not an exception and does the exact same shit.

No. 1752975

Thats what I was thinking. Its not even that her teeth are that crooked. Its that theyre yellow and stupid looking lol. She needs them cleaned and maybe they could file them or something so theyre more uniform in length. And what does "fangs" mean?? Is she talking about her worn down snaggle tooth?? Kek. I think they would just pull it and replace it with a fake one.
Point is, braces really would be a huge hassle and look retarded for little change. If anything she still wouldnt brush her teeth or maintain them and so it would make her mouth even more disgusting.
Also she should be more worried about her decaying implant really

No. 1752985

Nah I agree with you. It just highlights the fatness. Its very unflattering. She doesn't wax anymore because she didnt know how to after care properly and was doing it to much so she had nasty ingrowns. I agree she should just shave the labia and ass area, but leave up top and just trim it.
Fixing her horrendous pussy boils was literally the only positive thing she ever did for herself and "sex work job" tbh. Idk what they actually were from, but she figured it out at some point and after years took care of it. Her snatch is still gross and unclean, but at least it looks a lot less infected.

No. 1753017

Braces should be on the bottom of your dental priorities. Amazon has teeth whitening systems and floss for starters. Braces won’t fix your enamel erosion and stucco-tier plaque.

Brush your teeth nasty bitch

No. 1753035

ANYWAY, I'm the popularest guy in the group
Big-ass stomach, bitches think I'm cute

(saged on behalf of my tarded lyrics that remind me of Shayna)

No. 1753046

I was gonna say, alcohol is not kind to teeth that never get brushed, plus the vomiting from "CHS"

No. 1753088

i find it hilarious she was more popular when she was full of pussy boils. they moved to her ass now and are less severe, but shes fat now and a nobody.

No. 1753117

Remember her "healthy eating/weight loss" arc where she went to a gym like two or three times before dropping her trainer because she was "racist" and then NEVER tried to find a different one and also never mentioned the gym ever again after that. Anons were clowning on her "healthy" meals because the portion sizes were absolutely massive. Good times.

No. 1753150

>stucco-tier plaque

No. 1753295

“I get along with everyone, even the ugly girls”

Why is she so desperate to be seen as “nice” when she posts shit like that kek

No. 1753346

File: 1674779244893.jpeg (730.5 KB, 1170x1495, 2FE8AD64-938F-4D52-9C8C-79150E…)

Of course she doesn’t want Invisalign because she can’t pedobait with those

No. 1753347

File: 1674779321874.jpeg (681.81 KB, 1170x1422, CB75F1C9-DA3C-494B-AC57-92C4AB…)

What happened to “peeing/messing in diapers isn’t my thing”?

No. 1753351

File: 1674779423600.jpeg (Spoiler Image,647.55 KB, 1170x1464, 9D4EEE8B-96CE-4BB4-9613-F2F961…)

Really attractive Shay

No. 1753355

Get ready for

1. “Uwu omg every1 my teef hurt so bad. So I’ll be taking the day off to recover”

2. Seeing all the gunk and shit stuck in them

3. “OMG some super hot old man at the store totally told me I remind him of his daughter with my braces ASKSKSNDKSN”

No. 1753356

This fucking retard, she wants to go through a more outdated painful and unnecessary medical process just so she can try to look like a kid with braces KEK. She’s gonna look like a fat adult who doesn’t take care of her mouth. No way she’d follow the intensive care for brushing and flossing so the brackets would make her teeth deteriorate even worse and she’d constantly break them off from eating candy or junk food. I fucking hate how braces became some gross pedobaiting fashion trend

No. 1753361

Because braces are completely unnecessary for whatever it is you need to “fix”.

I hope she finds a stupid orthodontist and goes through the painful process and fucks her teeth up more.

No. 1753376

People that aren’t terminally online don’t see braces as a fashion trend only pedos on the internet. Older adults in braces are weird.

No. 1753379

File: 1674781013121.jpeg (583.56 KB, 1242x615, 9B4FA50A-704A-4A99-AB3D-583CF5…)

They aren’t even crooked? They’re just yellow and her snaggle tooth is getting thinner and thinner as she packs on the pounds. I guess ugly yellow teeth run in the family…..

No. 1753380

She looks like her body is melting, this angle is awful and looks like feeder/bbw porn…

No. 1753381

That dress is busting at the seams. I'm keking on how it outlines her gut and bellybutton.

No. 1753383

File: 1674781251668.jpeg (278.92 KB, 625x669, D50519C6-5AC3-4116-9DCD-7E13C3…)

She looks like a dump truck. The pink doesn’t go with that huge ass body

No. 1753386

File: 1674781361717.jpeg (170.46 KB, 1169x1369, E27CA2BA-C76E-450A-A0CF-CC829B…)

No. 1753387

Kek such retarded Charlie Brown looking hang-dog posture.

No. 1753388

File: 1674781523803.jpeg (874.1 KB, 1242x1484, 6F3124A9-5933-4A5D-AD0E-8A86B4…)

Bitch built like melted butter

No. 1753389

She's not even being subtle about wearing the same shirt multiple days in a row.

No. 1753394

Of course you're a fatty kek, not the "muh teens are just magically thin" excuse as if your metabolism drastically changes as soon as you hit 20, they both look like disgusting fat slobs and like they smell of cheesits i'm sure they/you only eat chicken breast and rice though, kek.

No. 1753395

File: 1674781953764.jpeg (425.16 KB, 1170x792, 9A315BA4-2E5B-4252-A2A6-504023…)

“No worries. Glad you are doing better.” She probably forgot about this custom and was messaging the person blaming a “bad brain day” for not doing it

No. 1753399

I don't know how else to fucking say it but goddamn WAKE UP. How does this fat haggard woman seriously think she can pass for anything under 18. If she's in her 20s she's a former teen mom, now full-time fast food worker who has 2-4 kids in her late 20s.
She knows herself that the only people seriously watching her are men with room temperature IQs who insert their fantasies about their daughters or sisters onto Shaynus' white trailer trash self.

No. 1753401

>nylon socks on the head
>wearing a posture collar
>a gag that keeps the mouth open
>a nose hook that keeps the nostrils flared
>all of these together
All of those things on their own are not only fucking retarded, but also disgusting. The fact that this moid probably can only get off looking at a woman wearing all of these devices really shows you how male sexuality isn't real.
And the fact that shart is going to put all of these things for a few dollars is particularly pathetic.

No. 1753406

Forget a-logging, this actually makes me want to kill myself. I fucking hate moids more than anything else on earth

No. 1753414

Jesus, if you want to see a woman's face (even Shayna's) that distorted at that point it's time to accept you're a faggot

No. 1753423

Her face has too much going on to have braces. With the sagging skin, uneven tone, pores, dryness, caked on makeup, yellow teeth, fake freckles and shit… it’s already overload, adding braces is just going to be too much. And she won’t clean them. It seems like you could just get some sort of temporary fake braces to use just for photo sets? Because aren’t real braces super expensive?

No. 1753425

it’s always true bullies and mean girls who don’t think they’re the bullies. people will straight up tell them “you bullied me. you ruined my life. you were really fucking mean” and they will truly not remember and think THEY were the ones that were bullied. it’s actually a studied psychological phenomenon and it’s fascinating.

No. 1753426

I imagine that a lot of things don’t fit her or feel uncomfortable at this point

No. 1753427

This nice sentiment about women's bodies is wasted on a woman who enjoys pissing in diapers

No. 1753428

really got that ortho appointment in asap but won’t go see a regular doctor. interesting life choices.

No. 1753433

We know. She just has crusty yellow teeth and her front teeth are different lengths blah blah

No. 1753435

Sorry about your shit teeth, anon

No. 1753443

File: 1674787816454.jpeg (Spoiler Image,921.85 KB, 1170x1663, 7F6A6AC7-BFA6-409F-B2D9-819447…)

No. 1753484

File: 1674788927913.jpeg (256.79 KB, 1170x844, E1D0C40D-3AF6-416C-B3FC-5F26C8…)

No. 1753503

Kek, wasn't there an anon making a Shayna themed imageboard? Shart could use it to promote her shitty pictures and keep her fans together.

No. 1753507

>>1753356 Invisalign is very limited to what results they can make. Braces on the other hand has a lot more freedom and ability to get good results. Invisalign should only be used for minor aesthetic faults, if someone says something else they are either uninformed or stupid.

No. 1753514

File: 1674790609223.jpeg (271.05 KB, 1170x500, 13FF98D5-D6D0-4377-9516-D6EC50…)

Yes, because braces and bondage are totally the same thing

No. 1753515

File: 1674790638516.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.08 KB, 1065x604, Screenshot_2023-01-27-03-34-31…)

Oh hell no.

This bitch pissed on the floor with a singular flimsy towel it will obviously soak through.

And that piss looking orange as hell.

No. 1753519

File: 1674791098187.jpeg (62.34 KB, 500x500, E248D866-0201-4C01-9F0F-E24334…)

Is this retard talking about this kind of brace?

No. 1753520

File: 1674791105769.jpeg (332.41 KB, 1170x996, 2B0CDC45-7123-42E4-8AA0-05C848…)

Annnnd what do you have to show for it?

No. 1753522

This reminds me of when she had to get someone else to build her useless PC. You could easily Google this and use a free site builder but no she has to depend on everybody else

No. 1753526

7 years and still begging for rent most months, most people only last this long doing sex work because they make good progress and can show off their growth. The other side is desperate sad people with literally no other options. What’s she gonna do, show off her falling subscriber count and the plushies each guy she bangs gets for her?

No. 1753530

File: 1674791815054.jpg (57.24 KB, 392x751, Screenshot_20230126-215524_Ins…)


No. 1753531

is that baby powder on her vag? whats the purpose of it? im so confused.

No. 1753541

Literally just shart being a disgusting pedo, fetishizing baby powder.

No. 1753542

File: 1674792733536.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1860, BD0667FF-6566-4124-845F-C5783B…)

She’ll probably end up deleting this

No. 1753551

File: 1674793906614.jpeg (498.39 KB, 899x696, 9F601BFF-50DF-4338-93E9-A4BD28…)

No. 1753557

I think this is a good step for her. I know those meals pack a lot of calories but it is a good introduction to cooking for people who have managed to avoid it their entire lives and are not inspired to navigate cooking or have anyone cooking around them. That’s how I started around her age and now a few years later I like to cook

No. 1753560

if she would avoid the alcohol the amount of calories would be okay. The reason she got fat so fast is the alcohol, cutting that out of her diet would be at least 1,000 calories less a day.
But I agree with you, it's good that she is doing something "normal" for once, maybe the nutrition will help her brain…

No. 1753561

Please spoiler this is a fucking jumpscare

No. 1753562

Is anyone here familiar with lipidema? I don’t know a lot about it but have watched a few videos and her legs look so much like it. The way they look like they don’t fit and there’s no room for them. And like bumpy and hard and squishy at the same time. But I guess she could just be large.

No. 1753563

what the fuck kind of basement serial killer shit am I looking at?

No. 1753565

why is everything drowning in gravy

No. 1753584

On the plus side, she’s eating a green vegetable for what is probably the first time in her adult life. No doubt it’s covered in butter though, I bet that mash is around 1000 calories on its own too

No. 1753591

idk what you aren’t seeing nonna… shayna shows off her growth constantly, all 90 pounds of it kek

No. 1753593

File: 1674798828979.jpg (582.93 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230126_225156_Twi…)

She's like…the polar opposite of what findom guys want. They want sexy, unattainable women to talk down to them. They don't want a hog in even more dire straits than they are.

No. 1753599

File: 1674799878991.jpeg (139.18 KB, 750x487, FEE76A9B-B88E-447B-BCBD-670E5D…)

she deleted this. she is picking so many fights today what a sad, ugly and miserable life she leads

No. 1753602

Maybe because they are racists pedos, you ugly, fat, greasy, degenerate piece of shit. Look in the fucking mirror

No. 1753607

File: 1674801702330.jpeg (323.27 KB, 750x849, DF2990A0-B79C-4499-9886-55BEB2…)

it's judgemental because she tries to appear sexually as a minor for literal pedophiles among multiple other things

No. 1753620

This whole meal is 590 cal. 39 G protein and only 9 g sugar. The gravy is made in part from balsamic so it’s not as bad as it could be. This is probably the healthiest meal she’s had in awhile. (Of course the carbs are high, 45g. But this meal is pretty reasonable in comparison to the creamy hammed chicken on carbs).

No. 1753625

No “sub male” is ever thinking about how they want to make a woman’s life easier. They are usually really selfish and just want to access whatever weird thing they get off to. And they usually want all the attention on themselves. They aren’t really submitting.

No. 1753634

Wanna say Can’t believe we predicted this shit, but that again what did we expect?

No. 1753637

Holy shit that carpet will reek of piss. She looks so repulsive. To me this is one of the worst things I've seen her do.

No. 1753658

What Shaynus fails to realize is that there are plenty of people who do some of those things like collecting LPS/Webkinz and getting that kind of furniture, the difference is they have real jobs and actual responsibilities during the day. Also kek at her wanting braces, I know it's to pedo pander but she barely brushes her teeth as is. She'd be an orthodontist's worst nightmare.

No. 1753664

She's peed all over her old fuzzy rug back when she was sleeping on the floor at that first place pre-fupa. I also vividly remember her shoving plastic easter eggs up her ass and trying to sell the shit speckled things after filming her pooping them back out. At this point nothing surprises me with her anymore. Only difference now is she's fat.

No. 1753666

>I also vividly remember her shoving plastic easter eggs up her ass and trying to sell the shit speckled things after filming her pooping them back out
I do not remember this and I hate you for the mental image I’m now scarred by

No. 1753667

It was …. Something else. Either she did or some of us expected the plastic eggs to open and cut her all up. Everything just got weirder and grosser from there on tbh

No. 1753672

That was around the same era too as as the frying pan up the ass and the shit covered dildo yoga ball, all of it pre-Fupa. Looking back it feels so tame in comparison to everything that was to follow.

No. 1753673

Jfc, I’m glad I didn’t see it. Was it worse than the turkey baster than made her ass bleed? God she’s so fucking disgusting

No. 1753674

Unfortunately I do remember those, if only we knew how bad things would become, kek

No. 1753677

The Shayna threads are a special kind of trip. Nobody who was here in 2018-2019 would have predicted what shay would be like at this point in time. Ironically, the worse she got, the less milky she got

No. 1753678

Exactly, lol late but ?? Acid isn’t known for its amazing come-downs.

No. 1753683

sorry for bracesperging. She is insufferable. I have braces as an adult (couldn’t afford them as a child) and I wished I could have Invisalign so bad. It’s so weirdly embarrassing having braces as an adult and feeling like everyone sees you as immature or an idiot or something. Also she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Her teeth will completely rot away with her complete lack of oral hygiene, constant vomiting, sugary alcohol consumption, and smoking. Roll on the denture saga

No. 1753692

uh oh.. stinky

No. 1753694

comedian fart poster
this is exactly what i was thinking. i don't think invisalign would do much for her cuz her teeth are mad crooked, only braces or surgery could "fix" those ugly rodent teeth. but she had this consultation over the phone (i think) so obviously based on her age the orthodontist would suggest invisalign. but it's still so digusting she uses braces as some sort of pedobait larp. plus, arent braces super expensive?? how tf is she gonna afford that if she can't even pay rent

No. 1753701

As a web designer part of me wants to msg her and make the page, just to add some tiny things to spite her without her noticing.
I wont. but it's tempting.

No. 1753722

she has like 3 active coomers in her 43k bought followers and all of them are hillbilly boomers. she just keeps on embarassing herself. just use google and pay a web designer fatty, why would anyone do free labour for you? what does she want a website for anyway, she probably doesn't even know that it costs actual money to host a website.

No. 1753726

She can’t even maintain a tumblr blog but she’s going to maintain a website? Lol sure

No. 1753736

File: 1674830713871.jpeg (339.06 KB, 750x945, D6DCF21C-C7E2-4C1E-9EAC-08BBD4…)

wtf does this even mean?

No. 1753787

why the fuck is she still going on about a situation that in no way involved her? also after mentioning she doesnt want to be involved with drama and to block people you dont like instead of engaging?

Is she seriously this retarded? Bitch, get a god damn hobby. You have far too much time on your hands.

No. 1753807

she’ll do everything on twitter except her “job”
i hope this recession kills off sex workers like shaynus.

No. 1753812

She loves drama, she loves canceling people (but too scared to @ them). Shes a catty coward who thinks that she's actually not bad but everyone else I the sec work community is. It's basically, "see? I get cancelled but look at her!!"
I genuinely believe Shayna would be a farmer and/or wishes other girls She feels are bad had a thread like her. She loves this shit

No. 1753813

Any idiot can make a decent looking website nowadays for free with Google Sites or Wordpress or whatever. I thought graphic design was her passion? What the hell is she going to put on her website that requires more than a couple of blocks of text?

No. 1753816

File: 1674838813520.jpeg (88.71 KB, 750x326, DE3E506A-6526-42DE-89B8-51A82B…)

she deleted this.

No. 1753820

Who do she think she is? People who say what they want YOU don't have to read it retard. It's nit your drama, she's only being so bold be because she knows chances of her being told to shut the fuck up is slim. Why is she so mad about this? Shayna clifford loves cancel culture

No. 1753839

sum of u are way 2 comfy posting ur shitty assholes online

like what is actually stopping u from getting a job & not contributing to the degrading objectification of women

No. 1753851

its definitely feels like she likes to pile on when she see’s the chance of other women being cancelled like she was. its like she wants other people to suffer like she did.

No. 1753857

and the best part is the struggle whore who can barely afford rent each month would rather throw money at it instead of trying to learn something very simple for herself. yet she’s the same person to tweet: “its not just sex work! im also a marketer, an editor, a videographer, a promotor, a make up artist and so much more!”. Like no Shay, you take videos on your iphone of you pissing yourself in a diaper for actual pedophiles.

No. 1753869

File: 1674841930091.jpeg (123.36 KB, 750x347, B587494E-BAF9-4BE2-9065-91FBFE…)

she deleted this 28 minutes ago. literally what the fuck is she doing this at 9 am.

No. 1753889

What a minute did she use the “**” like a farmer would to italicize words. Shayna definitely posts on here

No. 1753895

I’ve seen it elsewhere, it’s pretty common nonny.

No. 1753896

She talking about herself here? Kek

No. 1753898

File: 1674843210606.jpeg (430.47 KB, 1170x1476, 8AC6F496-5792-4AC2-B35A-57A15D…)

any stats-loving nonas out there like me? here’s some stats from shayna’s twitter for january 2023. Things of note:

Jan 11th : Shayna unfollows 7 accounts and deletes 35 tweets on the day she Shane leaves her

Jan 13/14th: Shayna loses 29 followers on her second and third consecutive day of live tweeting about her breakup

Jan 19th: Shayna loses 23 followers during her acid trip

What are your guys thoughts on the possibility of Shayna buying followers? Relatively new here, is this ever something she’s done in the past? Seems strange her engagement is so low after having a 1k increase in followers this month. Sad though how little one can gain when showing their anal tunnel for free.

No. 1753912

File: 1674843806216.jpeg (1021.51 KB, 1170x1590, 39B03B88-2082-4786-9C54-0DEA82…)

fucking animal abusing whore. your dog is doing that to get your attention. he wants fresh air, he wants exercise, he wants food, he wants to be groomed, he wants some goddamn affection while youre busy on twitter trying to involve yourself in drama that has nothing to do with you.

No. 1753916

I love how Shayna projects and goes mask off when she's mad at someone or has the chance to talk down at someone. You know she was the girl in high school that never said shit to anyone but will quickly join in on a dogpile on someone. Shayna is an asshole but expecta sympathy and understanding when people come at her. I can't wait until she throughly gets called out. The issue with Shayna is NOBODY directly tells her about herself. Shane just stopped talking to her, fupaul and her mom were the only ones who didn't treat her with kid gloves. She's disgusting and I don't don't care what the drama is about. Shayna has multiple sub tweets whining about drama and acting above it. Yet every chance she gets on her dead twitter she joins a dogpile. I can't wait until she meets her match and gets her feelings throughly hurt.
You can tell when she talks about this shit she's being vindictive and wants to see someone who deserves" it get unpersoned from their gross community

No. 1753921

If you go back to work thread 28, the start of the Dawn saga, you'll see when she likely first started buying followers. It's also an incredibly milky time so I'd highly recommend reading through those threads on. Personally I think between Fupa and Dawn and everything that was happening that was her peak cow era.

No. 1753927

i feel so bad for her dog, imagine never knowing when your next opportunity to stretch your legs will be while your owner wastes her life on twitter and getting wasted and endlessly scrolling, fat pigs like this shouldn't have an animal that requires daily exercise. This dog will die without ever having a real chance to be a dog and experience the world because shes too busy letting life pass her by

No. 1753934

Shaynator posts full nudes and porn pics for free, coomers will add her based on that alone. An extra 1000 in a month isn't that big of a growth considering it doesn't make her any real money. She has never had a brand deal, not even a sponsorship, and the paltry porn shoots she does barely get any promo from the studios. I do think she used to pay / pays for other SWs to retweet her.

No. 1753956

I mean, do most sex workers get brand deals/sponsorships? I wasn't aware this was a thing, maybe outside of sex stores or porn

No. 1753957

Alright anons, I need to know—do you all think Shayna has yet seen the Shaynatorium thread and what does she think of her pseudo fans in there? Will she EVER acknowledge her fanbase in the Shaynatorium?

No. 1753978

Why are you asking this here and not in your autist thread, no one cares

No. 1753983

Why is Shayna suddenly becoming a fatter, uglier and watered down version of Belle delphine? Lmao, both pedos, but at least Belle didn't show her butthole for 3 usd when she was "thriving"

No. 1754000

File: 1674848551601.png (143.39 KB, 292x340, 1674712206594.png)

No. 1754038

File: 1674850234150.jpeg (753.27 KB, 1242x1786, 0C3B42E2-D699-4809-8A6E-266046…)

Cow crossover. Both alcoholic broke pick me shut ins who shoop themselves

No. 1754047

The only reason Shayna isn't a our and proud mean girl, is because she doesn't have enough followers. If she did, i promise you she'd be calling out sex workers left and right. I'm also not convinced she's suddenly stopped whining about Shane Pierre Sonnier. I would'nt be surpised if she texted him like
>Daddy in the hosptail, I know u dnt wnt to hear from me rn, but I really need someone & I really miss you
I would not be surpised if he told her to stop mentioning him and just keep shit on the low

No. 1754059

Take the stick out of your ass, it's a relevant question. If she was smart she could potentially end up using it as 'proof' that her "stalkers" and "haters" are unhinged and therefore not to be trusted.

No. 1754072

I'm sad we didn't get a big discord breakdown like last time

No. 1754091

Well in my humble opinion Shayna does not shoop herself enough

No. 1754095

i disagree, i think she’s being extra miserable lately because she’s still not over the Shame drama and thats why she’s picking fights and hyperfocusing on this drama.

In Shaynas mind: This drama —> shows thats people who call out others for being racist can secretly be racist behind closed doors —> this is what happened to her —-> this proves the people who called her out are just as bad as her ——> therefore her saying racist things doesnt matter (??) cause these people are just as bad and shouldnt be listened to ——> therefore what happened to her is unjust ——> she wants these people to pay like she had to——> because in her mind her “haters” are why shane left —-> maybe he would have forgiven her if lolcow didnt dox him —-> people like twitter girl are the same as the girls who originally called her out and caused a lolcow thread to be created which ultimately led to shane leaving which triggered memories of fupaul leaving for the same reason.

No. 1754099

Aint that the truth.
Hell I don't get why she doesn't abuse facetune she has an iPhone.

No. 1754100

File: 1674855411757.png (329.26 KB, 574x249, Capture.PNG)

I was looking up Shane Pierre Sonnier and this mugshot popped up, is this him in the past? The same tattoo

No. 1754102

File: 1674855588820.png (290.76 KB, 326x436, 7624FAB6-0BA1-4716-8140-C60706…)

yes thats shane sonnier in his Fucks Only Cattle era. Shayna sure knows how to pick ‘em!

No. 1754105

She really stole her dad's face man. And not in the good way either.

No. 1754107

kek, I think it's "Family over everything"

No. 1754109

the anon that said FUCK OFF CLIFFORD was iconic

No. 1754111

he's 1 bandana away from being a Breaking Bad background character. Did it say what he was arrested for, nonna?

No. 1754112

is the discord dead? does she even talk in the new one she made after someone dared to disagree with her in the old one?

No. 1754122

fittingly enough: meth!

No. 1754174


almost too perfect, the irony.

No. 1754191

File: 1674860104150.jpeg (183.99 KB, 750x710, 0163FAA4-AF25-4C48-9EA6-3A4617…)

who is this for?? womack doesn't care

No. 1754200

god why does she act like she's higher than that kind of behavior, she literally pedopanders

No. 1754216

We already know how they feel. They're not proud by a long shot. Did it hurt her feelings someone pointed out the truth?

No. 1754220

File: 1674862972301.jpeg (246.3 KB, 828x1037, 1EBE5615-4FC6-4E2B-B559-621A6B…)

Thirty dollars, what a flex. This is so embarrassing

No. 1754226

It's for us kek

No. 1754232

I would disown my child if they became a fat pedophile

No. 1754233

Imagine seeing their harem in a BB episode

No. 1754234

This is just pathetic.

No. 1754238

Omg!!!! Diaperman Dan rlly spoiled you there perhaps he cud be your new daddy hehe

No. 1754239

File: 1674864658739.gif (403.77 KB, 394x279, imageedit_4_8687591741.gif)

For those who care-
Shaynatourim Musical Meme Hour is starting come join us- >>>/ot/1481862
>post memes
>share new music via Shay-Memes

No. 1754244

More like a Trailer Park Boys background character

No. 1754280

Holy shit, same freckle on his cheek too. I would’ve never recognized him. Dude has lived like 50 different lives and has looked like a useless faggot in all of them

No. 1754294

I really can't understand Shane. What the fuck happened between >>1754102 and current day Shane that caused him to spiral into brony stuff and dye his hair rainbow? He looks like he defends She Hulk on Twitter. What the fuck happened to biker gang methhead lana del rey boyfriend nazi Shane?

No. 1754320

You shit and piss in diapers Shayna. You also put full nudes on the internet. Do you really have to play that useless uno card?

No. 1754368

File: 1674874582611.jpeg (391.86 KB, 1170x1098, 31C90E28-81AE-48EC-AE10-3F126D…)

She’s hanging out with the dude she put in drag

No. 1754371

File: 1674874709755.jpeg (133.67 KB, 848x1023, 324F8585-823D-485C-9D42-FCEC7B…)

Her outfit

No. 1754374

outfit is actually kinda cute? these look like new clothes?

No. 1754377

this is a legitimately cute outfit

No. 1754379


she actually looks presentable/bordering on nice for once because she’s wearing (new ?) clean-looking clothes that actually fit her and are neural colours rather than the usual tacky pink, also she looks much better in clothes that aren’t tight or revealing. she actually looks like a normal mid 20s woman here.

No. 1754380


No. 1754384

She looks good for Shaytard standards in this picture but god the way she has to contort to hide her gut…

No. 1754387

The hair kills the look, I find it so weird how every single person she hangs with is connected to sex work or a sex worker. She's basically tuned out everyone/everything thats not sex work related. She has nothing/nobody for herself not connected to her "job"

No. 1754390

shayna you can do most of those things and you can also get your ass off twitter so you don't have to interact with those 'judgemental' people. theres nothing stopping you. i hate when she posts about stuff that is within her own reach to do but she's too lazy so she chooses to whine on twitter about it instead

No. 1754396

what the fuck is wrong with her face

No. 1754397

she looks like a grandma who got bad fillers

No. 1754400

If you covered her face she’d look halfway decent. Literally anything is better than her pink shit.

No. 1754407

It’s weird af. I feel like some of it must be a larp or else I have to agree with anons who tinfoil about her being autistic. Even the biggest sex worker cows have off-the-clock hobbies, interests, friends etc. But not Shayna. She does this pedo kinkfag diaper shit obsessively to the point where there’s nothing else to her identity. She’s so committed to it she even scares away total degenerates like meth daddy Shane Pierre Sonnier, who just wanted to sit on a FetLife ho and ran off when he realized she wanted a literal caretaker to treat her like a baby 24/7.

No. 1754408

Her teddy top isn’t new. I remember it from a few threads ago, but she didn’t wear it often which seems refreshing

No. 1754409

better pose than usual but face is fucking busted. incapable of taking a good selfie. either fucked up face or fucked up body or both.
remember when her goals were getting a house and a car… now these are her goals? none of that shit is super expensive except maybe the braces. and even then braces are nothing compared to the car she used to ebeg for. the coomerbucks are not what they used to be. happy 7 years i guess?

No. 1754412

How many fucking days is she going to go on about "mean girls online"?? Try doing your sex work so you dont have to beg for as much rent money in a week. Or walk your sad, fat dog. Do some crunches. Watch a documentary. Clean your filth hovel. Reflect on yourself. Literally anything productive but sit on twitter complaining on your porn account. No one cares, truly.

No. 1754416

This outfit is fine but super basic, anons are only gushing about it bc it’s miles better than the tacky pink AliExpress microplastics aesthetic she usually inflicts on us.

No. 1754417

It’s all projection, Shayna IS the mean girl online. She’s constantly sperging out about people and trying to get them cancelled or even trying to sicc lolcow on them. She tried to cancel her own mom on her sex work account ffs, the moo is coming from inside the barn Shaytard

No. 1754429

Wouldn't it be funny and ironic if the fat faggoty hideous moid helped her put it together

No. 1754438

I hope she gets really into cooking HelloFresh meals and starts a food photography account instead of sperging about SW Twitter all day. Literally anything would be an improvement.

No. 1754449


No. 1754474

File: 1674887583864.jpeg (78.84 KB, 955x628, 05746FBB-45FD-4593-8E3A-4C4008…)

she’s bragging about going on a date with… this?

No. 1754479

Why do I feel like out of all Shat's moids he's the most psycho one

No. 1754516

File: 1674889033778.webm (9.78 MB, 518x1122, Screen_Recording_20230128-0035…)

Cute until you look at her insta story and see the cankles and two sizes too small pants. Also what happened to not smoking - didn't she just get out of the hospital

No. 1754548

File: 1674890212418.jpeg (218.26 KB, 1242x835, 7331E3DC-9106-499E-901B-BCBC02…)

No. 1754556

the way she dropped the cat and the ugly faces she makes are both so un-self aware and disturbing

No. 1754565

she just yeeted that cat wtf

No. 1754574

Those jeans are holding on for dear life

No. 1754581

OOF. THIS FUCKING VIDEO. I know those jeans are painful. Why can't she ever be bothered to stuff the rest of her gunt in her pants. That fucking waistband. Ouch. She really must hate herself deep down. Also
>dropping the cat like a fucking sped
Bitch what the fuck.

No. 1754583

She’s still off trend by 2 years. Those sweaters haven’t been in since the beginning of covid

No. 1754584

Twitter will call her out for stupid edgy nazi larping she did when she was a teen but wont say anything about how she always smokes weed near her pets? Can’t wait until she has to ebeg for a vet bill because her animals are wheezing and have to be put on asthma medication

No. 1754592

chola makeup, la sad eyes

No. 1754598

if tumblr was still her main platform she'd have been dragged so hard for that yikes. and probably soooo much more kek

No. 1754639

What the fuck that's shanimal abuse!

No. 1754661

Twitterfags won't cancel her because that side of Twitter that interacts with her is exactly the same as she is, they're all a bunch of losers that got a bunch of retarded fetishes (they're not kinks, they're fetishes) can't live without doing some drug and crave moid validation.

No. 1754672

bc hes into feminization/sissification (?)

No. 1754693

Why the fuck did she grab the cat like that? She grabbed it by the NECK and RIBS? I have never seen anyone handle a cat like that before. and then she drops the poor cat when it just wanted attention. She does not like them at all
She doesn't even clean up after them I saw the fucking water and kibble on the floor near their bowls.
admin PLEASE let us alog please oh my god

No. 1754708

they were on shein too right? kek high couture bimbo

No. 1754715

Yeah Shein and AliExpress anywhere you can drop ship

No. 1754717

For regular people trends don’t matter but someone who claims to be a high class bimbo/fashionista would understand they need to keep up

No. 1754718

File: 1674916328371.jpeg (443.8 KB, 1536x2048, 0FFA1CBB-44B8-4EF9-9053-CDD7E1…)

No. 1754722


i will never understand why she does that weird crooked tongue-biting thing. It looks terrible every time.

No. 1754745

File: 1674919339497.gif (10.86 MB, 416x647, Fupas Cat Gets Abused.gif)

did she do this to spite fupa?

No. 1754746

Holy shit the way she drops the cat so casually gave me chills. Not to medfag but ime the only people who act this callous to their animals are seriously fucked with some sort of personality disorder and it does add to my theory that she is incapable of feelings of love towards anyone/anything but herself. Most people would not treat their animals like she does and that’s just a fact. The cat dropping is either extreme special needs or a personality disorder that makes her incapable of empathy. Sick.

No. 1754748

Dropped like Shane Pierre Sonnier dropped her. This is like the retarded Alinity drama all over again. It’s a cat

No. 1754750

She really dropped that cat with some force judging by the way her arms swung afterwards.

No. 1754754

i knop its a cat but thats very bad for the cat's joints to just let him yeet himself like that. cat doesnt look like it was expecting it. check out her neck after she realizes how hard the cat dropped she's like "yikes"

No. 1754755

Kek nonniess where gushing over this look. Why the fuck did she choose two pink bows? She has to look so retarded in public with those bows, belly spilling out of her shirt, fupa and her one pair of jeans that are clearly too small. Then she drop mr.peanut butter like he had cheese on him. Shaybuser clifford. There's zero reason to do that to the cat. Make sure everytime that gif is posted its titled, Shayna Clifford drops her cat on purpose

No. 1754758

Nah how she drops the cat seems really fucked up, even if it's not hurt why couldn't this retard just put the cat down? It could've hit his head on the counter. Why even handle your cat like that? And she's smoking and shit, fat retard

No. 1754760

who picks a cat up by its neck????

No. 1754764

in the video she was mad the cat walked into her shot in the middle of her "toking one"

No. 1754772

It just shows that there is something wrong with her mentally that she's prepared to treat a cat that wanted to show her affection like that just because it got in the way of her pandering for moid attention. It's sad because unlike coomers, the cat doesn't care that she's fat and hideous.

No. 1754777

that's my biggest problem with it, you can drop a cat like that and it will just jump down from your arms but why does she hold it by its neck?! she doesnt hold it like any normal cat owner ive ever seen

No. 1754780

File: 1674921986042.jpg (246.35 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_2023-01-28-16-03-01…)

At least someone was honest kek.

No. 1754783

That was fucked, why would she post this?
I thought she was gonna pick up the cat and just do a dumb dance with it.

No. 1754790


No. 1754798

The way she did this makes her look so mentally challenged. The way she grabs her cat (by the fucking neck?? and that hand digging into its stomach?? poor cat) indicates that this retarded bitch can't empathize with it enough to understand that it's probably uncomfortable for the cat to be held like that, and the way she just dropped it so quickly without understanding that it's also uncomfortable for a cat to be dropped so suddenly from a relatively short height like that (she literally could have just held it and tipped herself towards the ground, the cat most likely would have jumped down on its own), the way she stares at the camera like what she did was SOOOOOO QUIRKY AND CUTE AND SILLLAYYYYY like holy SHIT. What a fucking retard, genuinely. She looks SO fucking special needs.

No. 1754802

If she does this on camera, imagine what she does to the animals when she's not recording. So to add to the list of the reasons why she's pathetic:
>rejects her parents help to get an education and a normal job
>drug addict
>hurts her animals on purpose
>autopedophile: films porn in which she acts like a child, wear diapers and calls people shit like "dadda" and "momma"
>pedophile: sexualizes anything made for children and children's media
>degenerate: sleeps with random moids and lets people punch her and such, lets people drug her as well
>extra degenerate: retweets and writes Child Sexual Abuse scenarios and tries to make them sound like they're something "hot" also writes rape and abuse scenarios painting them as something "sexy"
>is hideous looking
>puts down other women
>praises dick
>talks shit about her mom on her prostitution social media accounts
>fucks ugly fuckers

No. 1754810

fuck anything that comes in the way of your weed and beer, right shay? disgusting she reached for another drink instead of trying to comfort her cat after she clearly saw she hurt it.

No. 1754811

Samefag; she actually could have just used her hand to push it gently off of the counter. It looks like a calm cat, it probably would have jumped down if pushed. There was no need for the spastic retard theatrics.

No. 1754822

File: 1674925753595.gif (12.67 MB, 641x506, Abuse Shayna Like a Cat.gif)

doing what we all want to be doing after seeing shayna abuse her cat

No. 1754824

I think my parents would be proud I ostracize pedophile diaper shitters and have strong values, yes, anonymous or not kek

No. 1754826

File: 1674925952778.jpeg (57.05 KB, 750x236, FB40D38C-0672-4C7B-8D12-7AED9B…)

she's as fat snd ugly as she is stupid and poor

No. 1754841

Bitch fuck you I hope that video ends up on Twitter (if it's not already is)

No. 1754852

yes im praying

No. 1754860

File: 1674928823312.jpeg (124.11 KB, 1169x1169, 81D99F5C-996D-41C5-8FA4-D53F5D…)

No. 1754868

File: 1674929323617.jpeg (144.33 KB, 1169x1169, B32C8DCB-87EB-44CE-A673-44C193…)

Nitpick but I fucking hate that striped towel it’s so ugly and doesn’t go with her fucking bathroom theme

No. 1754874

Christ alive she looks so fucking uncomfortable, those jeans are two sizes too small and cutting off circulation in addition to the moose knuckle and gut spilling out. Absolutely rank.
This is fucking straight up animal abuse, what a piece of shit. I hate this fat greasy pedo so fucking much

No. 1754875

Her entire apartment is cheap, tacky, ugly, mismatched and out of date

No. 1754876

The turd bun is better then this outdated sloppy ass two ponytail and bows look. It's so fucking retarded looking. It's not cutesy or anything, it legit makes me think of those creepy movies where they dress an woman with a mental disability in childern clothes.
I can't imagine how many women they see who giggle and whisper when they see shayna. She probably thinks everyone thinks she's an adorable bimbo meanwhile the wondering why this chubby girl dresses in the same 5 outfits with bows

No. 1754879

Does anyone think her face actually looks way better than she used to when she was younger and “thin”. I don’t know if the makeup has got better, 2023 filters or the weight actually making her face less ratty. But I think she looks better, honestly. She could actually be cute and have some sort of appeal if she looked cleaner and got some flattering stylish clothing and toned up a bit.

No. 1754880

She conveniently didn't mention what the doctors said or if there was a diagnosis. They probably told her to not drink or smoke though, but she can't even bother to cut back. Next bad hangover she'll go back.

No. 1754881

File: 1674930012149.jpeg (341.27 KB, 1242x1165, FC9B7D77-7D16-4664-9E6F-FF220F…)

I hate this degenerate so much

No. 1754882

Inb4 anons tell you to kill yourself because of your opinion.

No. 1754883

File: 1674930055074.jpeg (144.34 KB, 922x1315, 2CEFB625-F3D8-4341-A0FC-E5230C…)

No. 1754884

File: 1674930124192.gif (2.17 MB, 275x273, 1DC6567E-7D5F-41DB-86AA-DB3184…)

no she’s still ugly just FAT and ugly now

No. 1754886

I dont even think it was about it being on the counter which is nasty. She was just drunk and stoned and the cat got in the way of her super important vanity snap vid. People that love their animals would laugh or hold their pet and just include them in the vid. Not grab them and drop them like a tard. Makeup and filters cant hide ugly, Shaynus. Pull the sweater down more and get some pants that fit ffs those pants look painful and the gut flab spilling out over the top isn't ~body posi cute~

No. 1754892

Honestly yes. More fat in the face makes her look younger. Too bad that her body is fat too.

No. 1754894

Who dresses themselves like this that isn’t literally retarded

No. 1754895

If you mean she looks less like worn crackhead lot lizard and more like a fat trailer park boxed wine mom… then sure. She is wearing more make up and using filters and editing now. And hair is longer and somewhat natural colored rather than the fried ramen hair. Also every time she opens her thin lips you see her rodent teeth, her nose is bulbous, her eyes are tiny and dark lost in massive eyebags.
Its really just make up and filters and even then shes still ugly

No. 1754901

manifesting the twitter whores add her abusing her pets into their callouts about her. she clearly doesn't have any empathy for others.

No. 1754907

I don't think she's special needs at this point, everything points to her being a narcissist. Those are the only people I've seen who will neglect and not empathize with animals but also not get joy from abusing them. Shat gets animals as a prop to use every once in a while and doesn't give a shit about their wellbeings. Everything is always about her.

No. 1754909

Her throwing the cat to the floor HAS to be in the next thread pic.

No. 1754912

File: 1674932692164.jpeg (246.38 KB, 750x350, 413CB3FA-323D-4E7C-B0BC-E4F6E5…)

i agree

No. 1754916

She just needs to take a visit to the shaynatorium

No. 1754917

Shayna hasn't dealt with any true consequences, like yeah she's fat and sick all the time, but I her mind, "ppl still pay me" and "I feel OK most the time".
We saw her jump.out the car because her mom disagrees. She basically got rid of every part of her life that WOULD judge her in a way she doesn't like. She does deal with shit with scrotes but she sees herself as a victim in those cases. Like they are just bullying her a d why can't they just be nice?
Shayna isn't going to learn until she's literally slapped in the face with the truth. I fully believe she was spoiled like she said, while naturally just being an attention hungry untalented brat who demands attention and love. That's what she got from her parents and when they stopped bending to her she basically said, "fuck yall". Shayna loves conflict she's not involved in. When she can day some shit and knows chances of her being challenged is slim. She also loves calling people out when she thinks they wronged her.

No. 1754955

She removed that bit of her story from Instagram, too late Shay we see everything kek.
In all seriousness though seeing her do that made my heart drop, she deserves people seeing what she did and having her animals taken from her

No. 1754968

Animal control would laugh you off the phone for wasting their time trying to call that abuse

No. 1754990

has she had any pushback on twitter yet about the cat? obviously not calling for cowtippers but >>1754955 her deleting the story suggests she realises she fucked up lmao

No. 1754992

File: 1674938553844.png (355.47 KB, 611x557, Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 1.40…)

deleted already

No. 1754993

File: 1674938609067.png (37.51 KB, 611x129, Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 1.40…)

you make yourself look like a bad person because you ARE A BAD PERSON

No. 1754995

Does she have any hidden replies?

No. 1754996

she deleted this as well

No. 1754999

Funny how she never posts about her cat until people don't like that she picked it up and dropped it like a fucking retard. I love how she doubles down. Also why the fuck does she have animals when she spends all her time high and drunk off her ass. I KNOW she is not grooming them.

No. 1755001

File: 1674939105532.jpeg (427.57 KB, 1170x1128, 0300FAD1-86AF-40C9-A204-F7560D…)

No. 1755002

So made