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File: 1647228865319.png (2.26 MB, 1153x1217, doughy mattel.png)

No. 1466923

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1449168

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos already posted zoomed in is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last Thread:
>Claimed she was going to start camming every Saturday night >>>/snow/1449985
>Cancels the cam show she had planned that Saturday, >>>/snow/1458781 sets a time for Sunday instead, and then just doesn't show up or say anything, hasn't cammed or mentioned camming since.
>Still blaming lolcow for the fact that no one wants to work with her >>>/snow/1449991
>Had one of her monthly "I feel like a failure" meltdowns, because "everyone hates me" >>>/snow/1455814, >>>/snow/1455825
>Is down to 348 OnlyFans subscribers >>>/snow/1450486 from her peak of 1.1k >>>/snow/1450662
>Shared some photos from her "goth phase" as a teenager, reminding us all of how far downhill she's gone >>>/snow/1451169
>After a day of unusual silence, it turns out she was in the ER, doesn't want to talk about why >>>/snow/1451528
>Went back to the ER the next day because she couldnt stop vomiting >>>/snow/1452522, >>>/snow/1452497
>Had to quit smoking weed >>>/snow/1454808
>Called her mom to demand she return toys to her that were given to a child 10 years ago >>>/snow/1453665
>Wants another fupa-esque "goth boy" >>>/snow/1454007
>Fat cowtipper from a couple threads back comes back to subscribe to her OF, Shayna calls her out >>>/snow/1456179, she deletes and goes private (again) >>>/snow/1456345
>Announced her plan to work with two ugly druggies, fat puke fetishist Vivi Clouds, who was posted previously for her apparent obsession with Shayna >>>/snow/1449530, and her boyfriend >>>/snow/1457262
>Wants to do a "Fuck a Fan Contest" for her first b/g scene >>>/snow/1458658
>Threw a fit and blocked a longtime coomer because he said he prefers her solo videos >>>/snow/1459101
>And later another fit over a girl liking a reply from Womack >>>/snow/1462176, >>>/snow/1462220
>Claimed her parents divorce in 5th grade made her go goth >>>/snow/1460019
>Multiple days in a row of drunk tweeting, despite continued stomach issues >>>/snow/1460997, >>>/snow/1461801
>Her first new clip with lovinglyhandmadepornography comes out >>>/snow/1463642, first half is her complaining about her "abusive ex" (fupa), gets punched in the face, acts cringy and touch starved with the scrote, whole thing is incredibly awkward
>Made a 2nd twitter for her diaper baby stuff >>>/snow/1461573, immediately attracts lots of new pedophile followers, leading to many disturbing comments under her posts >>>/snow/1465466, >>>/snow/1466613
>Back to the doctor, they allegedly have no idea what is causing her constant stomach aches, couldnt be her unhealthy lifestyle >>>/snow/1463210
>More suicide baiting from Ellen >>>/snow/1451257, >>>/snow/1465647, is jealous of another pedo account getting to sniff a newborn >>>/snow/1465673
>Put out another disabled doggy diaper video >>>/snow/1465661
>Will be doing a group spanking/schoolgirl fetish shoot where she will be the fattest of all the girls there >>>/snow/1466749

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad”
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”The Old Man"
>Max R Cameron, @maxrcameron on Twitter, married poly “bdsm coach,” has the dungeon she visits on occation in his house, ousted as an abuser in the Seattle kink scene >>>/snow/1371185

First Thread:

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No. 1466928

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No. 1466931

just when I thought the thread pic couldn’t be more punchable than the last one

No. 1466935

You’re welcome kek, there were too many great thread pic votes, I combined some of my favorite ideas

No. 1466944

Thank you nonny!! I love the thread pic.

No. 1466965

thread pic is possibly the MOST punchable thing I've ever seen jfc

No. 1466990

Kek this thread pic is hilarious great job

No. 1466998

She's gotta be wearing those armwarmers for an actual reason. I refuse to believe she thinks theyre a fashion statement. Theyre ugly af and I know sometimes she straight up copies the looks from Dollskill and whatever abdl places she gets things from, but shes also been covering her wrists in outfits like thread pic where it makes no sense.

No. 1467006

I think it's just that her wrists and ankles are getting quite fat and she is trying to hide them.

No. 1467035

Her upper lunchlady arms are more off-putting and noticeable though

No. 1467246

This makes me think a suicide attempt but I just don't see that as a possibility unless it was to guilt someone

No. 1467252

Personally i think she just feels uwu cute n smol in them

No. 1467288

Don't know who this Shayna is, but I'm so glad there is a new thread so I don't have to see that gif in the catalog again. So fucking gross!

No. 1467292

great thanks, now we're definitely going to have a grosser one next thread, dipshit

No. 1467295

Thanks for your input, wow, I feel amazing now that I know your opinion, you should write a book and create an Instagram with all of your hot takes because you blew me away, please create an Instagram account and post it here.

No. 1467334

File: 1647273118805.jpeg (415.58 KB, 1170x1139, B04B7A01-E271-4E80-B8F2-F51A60…)

So quirky Shay

No. 1467343

Didn't a scrote make a joke a about that to her on Twitter? I feel like this didn't happen or she was like, "maybe I need a kids menu, I too stupid" and he was like, "yeah, ha ha let me see".
All they do is go out to eat. I think she thinks a sugar dad is literally supposed to feed you sugar filled drinks/snacks, not actually pay bills, take you shopping or do anything but cheap meals and company.

No. 1467347

He’s so fucking excited to pay less for dinner lmao

No. 1467348

Wouldn’t it be more commanding of him to order for her and not make a retarded joke. As if the kids menu doesn’t have multiple options as well.

They must be an absolute sight in person.

No. 1467371

I’m surprised she hasn’t made a tweet about that shoot she was tagged in

No. 1467396

File: 1647277013149.jpeg (286.45 KB, 750x828, D5E17D94-601F-4E05-8ECA-E9AAE3…)

What the fuck is a plastic diaper cover? Sounds disgusting

No. 1467404

i'm going to hell for saying this, but the main thread pic reminds me of that poor brain-dead baby Luna in the thread down in this catalog.
I wish she would get cancelled for THIS shit, not some sjw bullshit from Tumblr 10 years ago

No. 1467405

File: 1647277539174.png (567.37 KB, 1080x1148, Screenshot_20220314-100405.png)

Pic rel, left is a legit one and right is a fetish one. They come in various sizes and fabrics. They're legitimately just for kids and babies but adults like shitting and pissing on fabric too, I guess. People like Shat and her coomers need to be put against the wall. She's sexualizing what is essentially an extra poop barrier for babies.

No. 1467427

She's been wishing for years to be someone's experiment and claimed she had this medical kink, Yet when she goes to the hospital she wants sympathy and clearly doesn't like it. Which is amazing and what she deserves.
It's all fun,games and Twitter likes until she seriously has a issue. I sincerely hope Shay gets every single "kink" she claims to have fulfilled in real life.

No. 1467433

Wow so fancy getting the spaghetti and nuggets off a kids menu instead of eating decent food? Pedo ass wouldn’t have the guts to ask because she looks busted

No. 1467450

That's what I thought too. Just shows her stunted pallet. She would never order off the kids menu because it's usually the actual portion an adult should be eating and that isnt enough for her as she regularly eats oversized uber eats portions. She'd end up ordering 3 things off the kids' menu

No. 1467461

if she was a smart, successful bImBo sugar baby like she pretends she would have just ordered the most expensive shit off the menu. absolute fucking retard

No. 1467492

File: 1647283359387.jpg (58.79 KB, 453x458, bb.jpg)

latepost but i just caught up with the last thread and noticed this… does shayna really steal her dog's brand new toys for herself? or does she have a barkbox subscription for herself? kek. picrel, the toy in her cage is from last month's barkbox. did noodle even get right of first refusal or did hogna see it in the box, think "ooh pink!" and haul it straight to her crusty cage?

No. 1467500

He’s probably like “this fat bitch would benefit from a smaller portion “

No. 1467504

When a sugar baby goes out with a sugar daddy:
Sugarbaby: I’ll have a glass of the Laurent Perrier Extra Brut and the branzino—hold the new potatoes.
Waiter: Right away, miss.

When a bimbo goes out to eat:
Bimbo: I’ll have the house salad, no cheese, no meat, dressing on the side, and a side of chicken breast.
Waiter: I’ll have that right out for you!

When Shayna goes out to eat:
Shayna: Can I pweaze have the chickie nuggies and some fries and some crayons for coloring?
Waiter, to her date: I think our children's menu is actually reserved for children under twelve; I can ask a manager if we can make an exception for her since she’s, uhhh…we welcome folks of all abilities here at Applebees.

No. 1467510


There is no correlation between a plastic diaper cover and a medical experiment. Or anything medical. I’m no expert but come on.

No. 1467512

Omg nonny I'm dying
Yep it definitely is that specific toy. Stealing your dog's toys or having a subscription to BarkBox… either option makes my skin crawl. God she's pathetic

No. 1467515

Literally the only thing her "sugar dads" do for her is buy her food. She never brags about her rent being paid, jewelry, vacations. It's always just food and she still has to panhandle on Twitter every week. Soon she'll be selling her shitty diapers.

No. 1467520

Ahh, such a spoiled bimbo that the restaurants she’s going to have a kids menu. Clearly, she’s eating at all the same Michelin starred restaurants as all the other bimbos. Any day now, she’s gonna get that car.

No. 1467543

Of course not, Shart is just being her retarded self by outing she knows nothing about the kink material she "made a career" of. Medical fetish gear would probably be bed pans or catheters, etc. Never seen a doctor call for a plastic diaper cover. Maybe I'm just not familiar enough with ABDL medical technology and lingo. Kek.
Waiters 100% assume she's either mentally challenged or a weird obese incestuous braphog. No way front of house doesn't sprint to the back to cackle like hyenas about the fat bitch crinkling in a diaper and her "Daddy" buying her a kids meal. Kitchen staff are ruthless even in chains and I'd give anything to be a fly on the wall at the local trough she frequents.

No. 1467564

I mean, if it’s a decent restaurant they wouldn’t have a kids menu kek

Is she talking about the diapers they give sick babies to poop and pee in so they can do a urine and stool analysis? The fuck is wrong with her.

No. 1467577

File: 1647287210873.jpeg (Spoiler Image,220.18 KB, 750x1595, 2A8F39F9-F637-4AAF-B921-14AB92…)

There is nothing flattering about a single aspect of this picture

No. 1467589

I was a waitress/hostess before in a shitty chain restaurant and guaranteed they're cackling about her in the back and telling each other to walk by her table and "see". She and her dates all look like fucking Uncle Fester, busted, homely, and pathetic as fuck. No way people don't notice the degeneracy.

No. 1467596

File: 1647287899571.jpeg (81.25 KB, 696x220, BAC82797-D6E3-4870-8225-BF7083…)

fatty deleted this

No. 1467626

They're not broke shatna, they just know you're a cheap attention whore who posts shit for FREE all the time. retard

No. 1467627

Remember when she said she’d have a house being a whore unlike these dumb college students? Well they graduated last year, Shayna, where’s your house?

No. 1467641

Her tits look like they melted, like they don't even look saggy just melted. Like a melted breast plate or some shit.

No. 1467645

Still trying to go viral I see. You'd have $1 dollar Shay, because I'm positive if a young college aged scrotes was I your Dms You'd mention it EVERY fucking time it happened.

No. 1467666

Her pussy is out there for free all over her twitter, no one needs to beg her fatass when it's glaring right at you

No. 1467692

Just went back to read her threads from the start, and I think it was in thread 2 (4 years ago) that she was roasting people in her asks for going to college and being in debt while she was soooOo successful and would own a house before them and isn’t throwing her life away like they are.

Look at you now, Shayna. Just fucking look at you now.

No. 1467785

File: 1647296491843.jpeg (423.25 KB, 1080x1727, 099F79AB-49CE-4D17-9598-3019E4…)

Just when you think she can’t look any worse

No. 1467791

Fuck this bitch is ugly.

No. 1467800

she looks completely shitfaced here

No. 1467810

File: 1647296992104.jpeg (171.08 KB, 750x463, B72D4134-0C73-4FB1-AFA8-B2806E…)

No. 1467812

she looks like raw chicken dropped on the kitchen floor

No. 1467815

File: 1647297099053.jpeg (652.88 KB, 828x1415, E4DF9837-40C5-4D05-9E4C-C1B65D…)

She looks so crusty and gone, wow. Imagine the shit she doesn’t post.(nitpicking)

No. 1467821

This color looks awful on her. Just musty as fuck.

No. 1467833

Why would she delete the one time she's wearing actual clothes that look like something someone her age would wear?
Sure, she looks disheveled and greasy, but this is legit better than that pink shit.

No. 1467836

She looks so drunk and goofy

No. 1467861

God imagine what that gut looks like when she’s not sucking in. She should avoid tight dresses like that at all costs, I can’t believe she wore that out in public

No. 1467864

Kek. You nailed it with that comparison anon

No. 1467871

File: 1647298807038.jpg (Spoiler Image,604.1 KB, 2048x2041, 20220314_225817.jpg)

Her eyes look especially disturbing in this picture and looks like she has gapped front teeth.

No. 1467884

did she edit a gap? to look more "childish?" she's always had gross little rat teeth but she's never had an actual gap

No. 1467893

File: 1647299176421.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2458x3072, E97382DE-8EC1-4A01-AB71-F5E8DA…)

the brown bears on those diapers are always unfortunately placed to look like shit stains.

No. 1467910

god her face is so incredibly old

No. 1467918

The signature dead fish eyes paired with the Yaniv smirk… she makes Momokun (as she is NOW) look lively in the face.

No. 1467919

Wouldn't put it past her. I mean she obviously went at them with the whitener tool.

No. 1467925

File: 1647299950268.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.12 KB, 735x1100, 11368080-Sausages-being-made-i…)

I'll spoiler because it does look suggestive and meat is gross but this is what I thought immediately upon seeing the pic. Musty sausage look isn't sexy, Shay.

No. 1467931

This looks like someone's square headed drunk dad in drag.

No. 1467998

File: 1647301668183.jpeg (386.81 KB, 1242x1242, F09467BF-A81F-4D25-B3AD-2188DB…)

The “bimbo” you ordered on wish.com vs the “bimbo” you receive

No. 1467999

I think she IS sucking it in..

No. 1468004

This set would honestly be decent looking on almost any other girl in her 20s; I think part of why it looks so bad on Shay is that she looks 40. You don’t see her and think, “young party girl,” you think, “oh my god, I wonder what happened to someone’s mom, that’s kind of sad. Did her husband leave her for a younger woman and she’s desperately trying to regain her lost youth? Did she steal these clothes from her high school aged daughter??”
Like, Shay may not be fatter than Ellen at this point, but she fully looks like she could be her older sister.

No. 1468007

Actually, maybe that’s why she has such a thing for older men. If she ever dated someone her own age, people that saw them out and about would assume she was some old midlife crisis bitch robbing the cradle.

No. 1468030

I've always felt everything Shay has ever done is out of laziness. She doesn't feel like getting to know someone so she uses kink/sex/sugaring as a short cut. She feels she can't compete with girls of her own age for men of her own age to take care of her, so she thought it'd be easier to attract a older scrote who'd treat her like a "daughter". Care for her, spoil her. All she has to do is open her legs and act like a child.
Shays whole life is her not thinking she can win by being herself, but by being a baby, a puppy, a sex doll. Then she gets into.these relationships built on bullshit but expects these men to love and respect her like they would a woman they actually pursued to be with.

No. 1468040

What a fucking weirdo

No. 1468043

Someone explain what the hideous moid's comment means. Is he just retardedly spelling "diapers?"

No. 1468046

File: 1647303675614.jpeg (235.69 KB, 750x873, 51051EE7-1FB5-4919-82DA-421398…)

I guess if you call your partner baby you also need to be into watching them crawl around wearing diapers

No. 1468049

It’s just a retarded moid misspelling diapers, it made me laugh though so I had to include it

No. 1468055

File: 1647303939190.jpeg (Spoiler Image,564.16 KB, 1627x2656, 69DF13FE-3CBE-4477-86BC-5CE362…)

She looks so filthy omg

No. 1468064

non pedos = kinkshamers

No. 1468097

I am officially more disgusted than entertained but I also can’t stop coming here.

No. 1468142

File: 1647308167259.jpeg (360.35 KB, 750x2218, 7AABB2DF-CF0A-40C8-8C92-DC120A…)

No. 1468150

Is that a shadow or some of that fatty nigricaans thing on her inner thighs?

No. 1468152

Alcohol Aunt vibes. Also is she ever going to clean her mirror? She takes musty boring selfies in front of it every day and she used to criticize other whores for LoW qUaLiTy pics with messes all the time

No. 1468178

File: 1647310362045.png (3.12 MB, 1242x2208, FDC7CF78-DBE2-4654-ADBC-10C3FE…)

Her banner on her diaper twitter is so funny like why did she chose an unflattering pic of her wonky boobs melting out of her dingy white turned grey top

No. 1468188

As disgusting as the entire theme/set is. I'm mostly really sick of her wearing those troon tier programmer socks and arm socks every time.

kek at "always-n-the-mood" being rightfully turned the fuck off though.

No. 1468202

imagine sinking so low for scrote attention uou turn into a pedophile. her life is so fucked. this is never going to to go away shayna. you will always be known as the fat diaper freak who does scat porn for $3.00

No. 1468221

Holy fuck look at all the hair sticking out from the bottom of her socks, I bet she never sweeps the pet hair from the floor

No. 1468225

File: 1647312809767.jpeg (98.63 KB, 270x400, 27354349-0B1C-440E-A462-0C4E45…)

she looks like The Orphan. shes starting making believe shes a child kek

No. 1468236

samefag but if shes into it and diapers and everything, why she doesnt shave??? isnt that the first thing pedos ask for??

No. 1468246

>>1468236 she gets boils if she shave

No. 1468251

impressive how she can look ugly even without showing her face

No. 1468254

File: 1647314296350.jpeg (89.35 KB, 750x811, 0D2FE01C-C741-4FBD-A37E-43B2F5…)

How often is she shitting herself?

No. 1468257

I think the anon who talked about these diaperfags being more of a "community" is on to something

No. 1468265

the bottom of her socks are filthy, mop your fucking floors you hambeast!

No. 1468282

I wish her real parents saw this shit holy fuck
I hope she gets chaffed irritated skin for sitting in her own waste

No. 1468283

i sincerely think this is honestly the worst thing she’s tweeted yet. this is fucking disgusting. ‘little baby patient’ does she hear herself??? literally sick in the head

No. 1468287

File: 1647317078041.jpg (481.97 KB, 1200x1789, The_Dream.jpg)

Dat fucking neck and veiny tit give me Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Vibes. Shayna is more horrific though

No. 1468292

Hush. She will take this as a compliment

No. 1468329

>whoa! dippers!
i don't know why but i can't stop laughing after reading this

at the last restaurant i worked in we had a game when old men would come to dinner with young women, called 'dad or daddy?' everybody in FOH would get involved. we would have had a field day with Shay.

No. 1468341

KEK at all this. I wish we worked together, anon

No. 1468387

File: 1647325960575.jpeg (263.38 KB, 750x845, DA4B7145-CF25-4A0F-BA3D-005C14…)

No. 1468395

File: 1647327231771.jpeg (223.05 KB, 750x764, 37A08D2A-D2FF-4522-A1B6-00F562…)

She’s already using the diaper account to vent about personal shit

No. 1468398

She really treats every twitter like her long lost tumblr account. I get blasted to 2012 every time she opens her goddamn mouth

No. 1468406

I feel like she is doing the exact thing she is complaining about. Complaining about people/content she hasn’t looked into much

No. 1468412

She's a massive (literally) hypocrite. She calls out people all the time for doing the SAME shit she did/does with no self-awareness. Between calling other women bitches publicly and all her old racist/edgelord antics. I always felt that the most vocal wokesters are the most guilty trying to deflect from shit they could very well get cancelled for, and Shayna is the perfect example of that.

No. 1468481

File: 1647339360245.jpeg (1.27 MB, 930x1244, A3161376-B5BE-4F05-8357-781958…)

Imagine being this ugly and living in this sick and twisted delusion that you’re some hot bimbo doll. She’s literally one of the most ugly women on the internet

No. 1468483

Her honker just gets bigger, jew energy and more droopy as time goes on which I don’t even know how that’s possible and she has zero self awareness to do anything about that horrifying predicament that is her entire physical self but most of all her face(moid)

No. 1468484

File: 1647339978939.jpg (206.57 KB, 585x601, Fishing-Gnome-gnomes-4263529-5…)

She has the face of garden gnome

No. 1468485

Baby has been a pet name since like the 40s, but diaper crinkle shit isn’t even acknowledged by the mainstream, and if it was it would be rejected everywhere because it’s fucking disgusting. Her attempts at ownage actually make me angry they’re so bad.

No. 1468487

Absolute space cadet. How many weeks/months/years it’s been since she was last completely sober?

No. 1468493

Farmers have been saying for months that this diapershit was going to scare off the more moderate coomers and what do you know? She’s scaring off coomers. When a guy horny enough to have a BDSM twitter draws the line at what you’re doing, I think it’s time to reassess.
Sitting her grown adult ass and vagina in her own waste for any amount of time is a recipe for disaster, especially since her immune system is fucked and, oh yeah, she never bathes. Any time she leaves the house she’s going to literally reek of piss. High maintenance bimbo moment.

No. 1468499

She really does have the face of like a wicked witch and gnome hybrid. Like she looks as ugly as she is on the inside and I find that so amazing and so perfectly crafted. Like her degeneracy is written all over her face. Probably why her honkey keeps getting fucking bigger and droopier.
Litterally a pinnochio moment but the uglier and more pathetic she becomes with her sex work the more it grows. It really is amazing how she has no self awareness at the predicament with her face. Her body is gross too but honestly I don’t even notice how fat she is because her face is so much worse

No. 1468539

Her roots look matted, does she ever brush that bird nest ass Hair for hers

No. 1468542

File: 1647348736491.jpg (25.72 KB, 266x268, remember when you were slim.jp…)

Big Shaynus sent me to lolcow herself when she recently cried about muh haterz and how there were message boards dedicated to her, previous to that I had just silently laughed at the horror show that is her life on my own through tumblr and twitter for probably 4-5 years but a quick google search brought me here and I've been going through the old threads while staying caught up on the current one and found this gem of that same top when she first got it from her favorite f21 and it actually fit and was still sort of white, circa 2 years ago.

No. 1468547

serving alcoholic bloat in sausage casing realness

No. 1468551

File: 1647349247321.jpeg (691.33 KB, 828x1361, 0C287F5D-8270-4282-8B4B-2FBB5D…)

That Yaniv smirk. Looking horrible and wrinkly and bloated underneath heavy filters and makeup… bleak.

No. 1468579

This picture is less than 3 years old. How fucking horrifying.
This is probably going to end up being her main account since she gets more interaction here.

No. 1468605

Blows my mind that being a "baby" is her chosen niche while there is not one single neotonous feature on her face

No. 1468742

File: 1647360653915.png (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 1508x850, downhill.png)

Decided to be an autist and check how much weight she's gained since moving to WA. Turns out she hasn't gotten that much bigger, but it does look like she's mimicking those "Faces Of Meth" campaigns.

No. 1468743

im actually surprised she hasn't gained more, considering she only eats fast food and drinks all day

No. 1468761

Those are all edited. Should have compared with the Sasquatch at the lake pics because they weren’t shopped and you can see her celulite in all its glory

No. 1468766

File: 1647361871188.jpeg (180.11 KB, 750x573, 4ECFE41A-D20F-498D-9D79-A853E8…)

now she’s switching between the two accounts to bitch

No. 1468776

File: 1647362316287.jpeg (285.07 KB, 750x1741, 693E0347-F2E7-48F2-BEAC-6F6F53…)

I guess she’s having a meltdown because someone made another call out post, but it’s been since deleted

No. 1468779

File: 1647362410441.jpeg (332.74 KB, 750x1008, AA57D0E8-B987-4C57-AABE-7D4A89…)

No. 1468780

File: 1647362456584.jpeg (56.35 KB, 448x422, F5509A53-270C-4E43-A7DB-0C9D19…)

Nice icon

No. 1468781

Is that a Troon leading a hate campaign against Shayna Luther King?

No. 1468782

Ntayrt but there’s no need to be a dick

No. 1468787

File: 1647363019958.jpeg (295.79 KB, 750x692, 8CA9B0D3-3FDF-40C7-839C-3814A3…)

No. 1468789

File: 1647363131397.jpeg (197.29 KB, 750x476, A6BD9DFB-87D2-47A9-97E3-980EB6…)

No. 1468790

File: 1647363197449.jpeg (190.95 KB, 750x449, 3262A1D6-BE08-4F33-82B2-88652C…)

Says the girl who’s always buddying up to Indigo White

No. 1468794

File: 1647363284160.jpeg (113.86 KB, 750x295, 1754755B-A5E5-4053-88B5-4134BB…)

No. 1468796

What was the post even about?

No. 1468799

uwu I'm such a smol persecuted lil baby victim give me money because I can't put out a video or photoset now (not that I ever intended to anyway) because muh mental health since everyone hates meeeeeeeee

inb4 this is her next post begging for money yet again for the current mental breakdown

No. 1468802

File: 1647363823576.jpeg (275.21 KB, 750x630, 19A700AB-337B-4EC9-89E9-EF4E71…)

No. 1468810

File: 1647364403753.jpeg (75.75 KB, 750x212, FE3689F2-CEC5-457C-9D8D-D8FF8E…)

No. 1468813

She’s pretty looks like a random girl, at least it’s not a kinky whale sex worker

No. 1468814

I showed this hambeast to my friend sitting next to me and he literally looked like he wanted to puke and said this is the ugliest bitch he’s ever seen and he didn’t have any words lol
Any normal guy/man would think she’s an ugly creature. Her last and only shot at life is scraping the bottom of the barrel and posting her hideous self so people can degrade her for pennies(no1curr)

No. 1468817

So she's going to ignore the people who stood up for her? How Bratty would constantly defend her? Sue can't even thank the "first " person by name to thank them.

No. 1468818

It’s amazing how levery normal functioning human thinks she is the ugliest bitch on the internet , its only in her disordered delusional world of people even uglier and fatter than she is where she’s passable. This bitch needs to die she’s too worthless.(a-logging)

No. 1468819

No. 1468820

Most scrotes have no standards and would stick their dick in anything and then lie about it to their friends.

No. 1468821

she is never going to admit that these people aren’t talking about shit she did as a teenager anymore. they’re talking about what she’s done recently like suicide bait, be awful towards other women in the community, her pedo pandering, and her manipulation, among other things. you’re still a shitty person who hasn’t changed, Shayna. sure maybe you’re less blatantly racist but you’re still terrible.

No. 1468822

selfies dont count nona, she edit her gut all the time, you can even see the bad editing kek

No. 1468824

seriously indigo white has proof of the disgusting things she’s done yet shayna is like “lol it’s just haturzzz girl!!”

No. 1468829

The tranny that called her out is also an adult baby, it looks like it was over the nazi shit again by what remains of the post >>1468776

No. 1468830

File: 1647365556126.jpeg (337.51 KB, 750x1582, BCB403C5-06A4-46A1-B07B-178095…)

Stay classy cowtippers

No. 1468833

Damn, you can really see how much weight she's gained in her face in the middle pic. She's grown an entirely new deposit of fat on the sides of her cheek like a squirrel or a cabbage patch kid.
The way her body lays down fat is so weird. She gains big square slabs of it at one time.

No. 1468837

Also lol at how she has to stick her leg all the way out just to give some kind of curve to her non-shape. Soon she'll be convex

No. 1468839

File: 1647365810547.jpg (79.62 KB, 500x598, dirk bouts mater dolorosa deta…)

I- the only feeling I have is embarrassment, is just us and her now I guess. We are the only constant in her life, no one has stuck with her as long as we. This is so sad.

No. 1468842

No, people are calling her out over the nazi shit. These people never call her out over the all the other things you listed because they are disgusting degenerate sex workers who all do the same thing as her.

No. 1468843

I’m laughing so much. Cowtipping is retarded but she really thought she owned the hayderzzz uwu she just looks stupid on her account. Coomers want porn/sexy selfies not rants about being hated on, and people calling her a big nose ugly fatty

No. 1468850

File: 1647366559634.jpeg (739.32 KB, 1242x1708, 13B0A5E9-DD30-4DEF-8B95-063506…)

No. 1468851

File: 1647366567092.jpeg (143.3 KB, 750x1202, 59B60F69-B648-4BDA-885A-AE94A5…)

The second I clicked on this tweet I knew what the reply would be

No. 1468854

File: 1647366719061.jpg (86.93 KB, 500x667, 1008423646-Roald-Dahl-lovely-q…)

oof. I'm not defending the cowtipper in the slightest but I don't know how she can post a picture like that and not cry her eyes out about how rough she looks. Hiding everything but the eyes just highlights the state of her. She quite literally has double eyebags at age 24. That is not normal at all.
Her face has been swollen & inflamed for so long that she's developing that alcoholic sameface. You don't usually see that in women outside of the trailer park until late 40s. And it's only going to get worse. Her nose will keep getting more bulbous, her eyes squintier and meaner, her brows permanently furrowed & arched. And fruitlessly trying to disguise it all under 6" snuffaluffagus eyelashes.

It reminds me of what GOMI's Alice has done to her face through years of boozing.
Being an alkie is unironically what Roald Dahl was talking about when he wrote picrel.

No. 1468949

She really just proved the point that she's an ugly gnome lol what the fuck is that weird self own

No. 1468987

Who cares what men think retard. Learn to sage and respect yourself.

No. 1469021

she's always going on about "research this" and "research that" in regards to literal drama and gossip, what tf is there to ""research""? does she even know what that term means at this point

No. 1469058

And if they did "research" they'd be lead right here with over 100 threads of her tomfoolery

No. 1469087

File: 1647380703706.jpeg (214.49 KB, 750x634, CE911BF7-FC73-447C-8689-8AEEBA…)

Sounds like she’s flying out to California I assume? For that Strictmoor Academy shit. I can’t wait for the unedited candids of her next to normal sized girls, judging from their other shoots they do the woman no favors with their awful lighting lack of any kind of touching up

No. 1469100

tbh she’s probably the same size as a lot of them, they weren’t too impressive from that photo someone posted

No. 1469115

File: 1647382555887.jpeg (345.4 KB, 1080x1366, B2D423E9-97B2-43F3-A5A4-0D4072…)

The girls from that post are different people then the ones she’s working with, they have different “students” for each shoot. I peeked at their profiles and they’re all smaller then her, besides the teachers

No. 1469123

File: 1647383126127.jpeg (724.28 KB, 1242x1267, 6CEE91CC-87EC-4FB8-B829-C4C684…)

No. 1469128

File: 1647383368377.jpeg (332.47 KB, 1697x1023, AA43671D-5C57-46F7-B40A-CFC2EE…)

how tf is big shaynus a bimbo

No. 1469130

File: 1647383433181.jpeg (909.31 KB, 1242x1540, 0CA4BC2A-A932-4658-9343-4EF37A…)

Top fucking kek I’m laughing so much

No. 1469148

File: 1647383866565.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3465x3465, 554344C6-15B8-4241-B407-098A09…)

The blonde “bimbos” who actually have work done to look plastic and then there’s mousy trailer park Shaytard looking ugly asf

No. 1469150

LOL they really interviewed her? Crusty, cheap, 0 beauty mods Shatna?? I mean look at the thumbnail. Those girls all have money, looks, and actually take care of themselves. Bimbos are ditzy, but high maintenance and that takes money and the strive to be bimbo beautiful. Shayna thinks liking money and buying pink things is all it takes while spreading her ass. Her idea of it is just being aa regular e whore. Despite sexualizing themselves with clothing and body mods, bimbos arent inherently sex crazy sluts imo.
It literally says the term "bimbofication" as in implying a transformation. The only thing Shayna transformed into is an overweight hog from being a board. Even when she was skinny, she was still white trashy generic blonde porn bitch honestly, barely even bimbo then. Certainly not now.

No. 1469153

File: 1647384037587.jpeg (493.17 KB, 1232x1471, 7EC8903C-C47D-44F7-B31C-D5E551…)

The best part is Shayna said being a bimbo is about being positive and making the world a better place. You can’t make this shit up topkek

No. 1469158

File: 1647384164063.jpeg (456.67 KB, 1752x1080, 00148248-2DF2-4CDC-9639-2DD113…)

No. 1469160

Fuckin kek at all the other girls having brands and actual careers and then Shays description is "e whore, self proclaimed 'baby bimbo'" like they dont even know who the fuck or what the fuck she is. Did she pay to get into this or something. Honestly only Alisha and Isabella embody bimbo to me. The bottom right girl is cute, but idk kinda boring and not super bimbo.

No. 1469162

File: 1647384241141.jpeg (422.88 KB, 1242x1102, 88F42337-1B21-4DD2-A45F-4F66D2…)

>capitalism is evil
>bimbo aesthetic consists of designer clothing, expensive surgeries.
>sells porn on onlyfans
these retards make no sense

No. 1469163

Of course she would say its more of a mindset. Because shes ugly and broke and can't afford or be bothered to maintain herself enough to be a real bimbo. Cringey.

No. 1469167

Oh god not the mY GoTh PhAsE shit again. She was generic stoner alt at best. She could never name one actual goth band.
Also she got into pink e whore shit from the tumblr ddlg bubblegum bullshit that had a rise then 100%.

No. 1469173

The whole bimbo thing is so horrific to me especially seeing that monstrosity on top right is very disturbing…Shayna is ugly but at least she hasn’t had the opportunity to alter herself in some freakish way and only ruins her body via food and alcohol. Tik tok is influencing kids to act stupid and focus on consooming gay and celeb culture to end up carving their faces and selling their image according to trends? Possibly bleaker than Shays existence

No. 1469174

With all the times someone suggested she go home, I’m surprised no one’s made a Shay version of sister sister’s “Go Home Roger” running gag.

No. 1469179

No one is saying that any of them are attractive (besides the bottom right girl who is pretty and not botched) Bimbofication is plastic doll/ big lips and big boobs fetish. Shayna can’t afford those surgeries which is baffling why she was even in this article to begin with

No. 1469185

She has half a boob job, does that count?

No. 1469187

But do bimbo's wear diapers though?

Bimbos usually drain the bank accounts of men in diapers.

Bimbos also don't pay ugly bald men to punch them while they, the bimbo, wear the diaper.


No. 1469191

Alicia looks disgusting and normal people seeing her in public would be freaked out by her fish lips but she is a bimbo and actually made enough money to look like one. Plus she has her own clothing brand, and has a lot more followers than Shaynus. At least those other girls have income that isn’t Amazon pink crap, doordash and ubereats gift cards

No. 1469194

It’s weird to see Shay be so personable and likable… if she did this side rather than the misspelt, pedo pandering shit, she might gain some actual “you go girl” followers

No. 1469196

I guess it makes sense given what she thinks being a bimbo is. So to her goth just means wearing black lipstick and a black shirt and listening to Black Sabbath. Though its ironic she would think of goth as more of a style, but says bimbo is just a mindset.

No. 1469200

True but it’s creepy that bimbos are some trend on tiktok now and they use pop fan bases like Ariana grande to promote that lifestyle which is mostly comprised of underage girls. Idk why the article is making bimbo seem as anything more than a degrading fetish that some successfully take advantage of via porn and male depravity and why it has to be flipped as some “akshually it’s empowering and social justice feminism” trash

No. 1469201

I think they got Shay as the “diverse modern bimbo” of the group, they all talk about how bimbos can be fat, disabled and ugly so they needed an example of one “unconventional bimbo”

No. 1469205

Holy shit she needs a new nail tech. Ugly, thick, asymmetrical, still too little white, and crusty jfc

No. 1469206

Her regurgitating the same bullshit she posts on twitter with the fake positivity and cringey shit is likable to you? Or do you just like how the article writer was able to type up her retarded shit so that it wasn't as awful as her tweets are to read?

No. 1469207

Seconded, if this were the first time I had read about her I would be so off-put by her twitter and her interactions there. She tries to hard to everything, while not being anything.

No. 1469212

Kek honestly though anon you're right. And the fact that she's got no brand or anything like the others and went for the "personality" aspect of bimbo.

No. 1469224

here’s a link to the MEL Magazine article https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/barbie-girl-aqua-bimbos

it’s just as depressing as you’d imagine

No. 1469230

File: 1647386280083.jpeg (264.7 KB, 750x677, D5E583B9-BCDF-414A-91AF-9F5D10…)

Good lord, being the diversity hire in a stupid article of a website no one has heard of is going to inflate her already humongous ego even more. Yeah totally famous with her 348 OF subscribers

No. 1469251

whats with them pretending its a "lifestyle"? I could actually kind of respect one of them (not Shayna) if they just admitted its a coping mechanism for daddy issues and because they like looking conventionally hot. But they won't because they don't look anything like barbie

No. 1469262

>it’s a mindset
Says the failing sexworker who can’t afford plastic surgery kek

Her description next to her name is so sad. These other women (as freakish as they look) clearly have a career outside of just porn. The bottom left doesn’t really look bimbo, but I guess she’s more Y2K Paris Hilton bimbo.

This was all just weird to read. She got a high off of wearing a pink sweater? Cause she was uwu so goffic

No. 1469265

File: 1647387723412.jpeg (187.85 KB, 1405x709, AEFE988D-6F33-4477-9CC8-3B73D9…)

What’s is up with the cowtippers today

No. 1469275

Some angry sex worker who sees themself in Shayna. Happens a lot here kek

No. 1469279

File: 1647388013703.jpeg (771.6 KB, 1170x1830, DF390174-6A75-4ACE-B08A-29BEC0…)

No. 1469290

she looks like a truck compared to 2 of these girls, they actually take care of themselves, that’s more fitting of a bimbo

No. 1469294

who is “we”? he and his hand?
and Shayna you are the ugliest nobody is telling lies lol
and i get cowtippers at this time its just too much kek but u know if people search her up, we are gonna come up!

No. 1469296

Cow tippers are embarrassing but womack and grey hair are even more so somehow.

No. 1469301

That photo does her no favours. I can see her gunt fighting to escape from the thumbnail.

No. 1469318

I deadass will never understand the cow tippers. Just watch and observe. Its so much more fun to let things happen. Now any hate or criticism she gets, she will just wave off as being the "haterz" from here.

No. 1469331

Can’t wait for the meltdowns before/ during/ and after the shoot - she builds herself up over the most pathetic ‘accomplishments’ , then loses it when reality hits her for a sober second.

God - imagine making poor choices in life only to get stuck in a group porn shoot with this greasy hog , screaming how she’s some “famous modern bimbo” you’ve never even heard of - Kek.

No. 1469335

File: 1647390350565.jpeg (Spoiler Image,877.66 KB, 1170x1633, 751A00BB-D9A6-4903-9243-8AAAFD…)

Now she’s going to push this “bimbo” thing harder because of the article

No. 1469336

she's deleted all her meltdown and her 2 coomers saying she's cool. it's embarrassing how she acts but the cow tippers are worse

No. 1469339

That one could be since the name seems a little feminine, but I think people should also keep in mind that if shayna is posted elsewhere, the normies will absolutely rip her to shreds. Remember when she was on that one old site that would post pics of her that were professionally taken or something? The men just nonstop called her and her body ugly. Pretty sure they called her ugly on reddit too, which is why she prefers places where she can better control who says what. Most men who consume porn are extremely cruel about womens looks, so if she actually gains attention off anything, a lot of the reactions to her will probably be negative. Men dont care about cowtipping or hurting "sex workers" feelings.

No. 1469358

File: 1647391081746.jpeg (207.13 KB, 750x714, D9B8A1F8-0E61-4A25-A8DF-A8E9AA…)


No. 1469364

>>1469362 my bad!

No. 1469369

Twitter is yet another pedo paradise like Reddit.

No. 1469427

Teenagers also go to the ER every other week from alcohol poisoning.

No. 1469469

Ugliest dirt of a woman i have ever seen on the internet(samefagging)

No. 1469476

They called her ugly on reddit because it’s true
No one is trolling her, she genuinely made me spit out my drink when I saw one of her selfies with her huge jew nose and wrinkled skin. I have never seen a whore THIS ugly, like there are street whores who have lived really rough lives and sleep outside in a tent , dont brush their teeth or hair and with zero hygiene who are more attractive than whatever this thing is. This bitch is a hog through and through, one of the ugliest sex workers known to mankind
The fact she chooses to ignore this blatant reality is absolutely brilliant(obsessed and baiting)

No. 1469518

File: 1647403282623.jpeg (456.79 KB, 1198x1999, E0DB34E9-8442-4031-8D0D-93E75E…)

nothing has changed

No. 1469519

File: 1647403344502.jpeg (320.94 KB, 1242x2208, CE3A78ED-4FE4-4631-A7AC-BA5789…)

The famooous bimbo everybody!

No. 1469521

Her nails have always been freaky and fucked up as hell lol

No. 1469562

File: 1647405786208.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 3225x2441, 51907944-E4A9-4BB9-8C51-0EC9D8…)

She’s always saying to message her if you have a custom because she will have to postpone when she will make it. Kek like how many customs do you have Shat? Like 2? Why does it take 10-15 business days to get a video ready for a coomer?

No. 1469581

You already know why. She’s lazy as fuck

No. 1469622

Uff I hate when she does that, it is so unprofessional. It’s literally supposed to be her JOB to keep track of that. Can you imagine any other professional being like “uhh, I forgot if anyone bought anything”

No. 1469642

That peace sign thing she does with her vag pisses me off

No. 1469722

Contribute to the ever growing male suicide stats

No. 1469854

top kek all the other "bimbos" bio's are porn STAR or only fans STAR and Shayna is simply porn CREATOR

No. 1469859

No. 1469881

File: 1647437482964.jpeg (362.01 KB, 828x1592, 901370C0-B705-4D4F-8EFB-C4E5F0…)

she has a linktree now https://linktr.ee/dollymattel

No. 1469886

maybe im nitpicking but her vagina from that angle looks like my ex private parts missing the dong (it wasnt that big tbh) like the fupa is real. why is she doing all of this that is so unflattering for her ???

No. 1469891

the fuck are these emojis?

No. 1469895

I bet Shayna didn't get paid for the interview. They picked her because she was free and available (plus irrelevant).

No. 1469918

Thank you for saying so, I wanted to but wasn't sure if it was too nitpicky

No. 1470018

fucking with the comic sans jeez

No. 1470022

File: 1647446325166.jpg (9.72 KB, 425x104, BETS.jpg)

Bet's on if she is going back to blonde or pink? I'm betting pink.

No. 1470032

Definitely blonde. Pretty sure her photo next to actual blonde bimbos killed her self esteem. We all know how she hates other women and constantly puts down successful sex workers and cries about how they’re prettier than her.

No. 1470036

I can't wait to see how fried her hair is going to be.

No. 1470050

I love that they kinda list each girl's successes in the SW business and then they get to Shay and they're just like

>a porn creator

And that's it lmao Not even a porn star like the other girls. So famous and successful!
They can at least list the multiple Cow of the Year title she's gotten kek

No. 1470103

wtf is the point of creating a second twitter account for your disgusting abdl pedo pandering if you're just going to rt everything you say onto your main account?

No. 1470104

Theyre retarded and remind me of Boomers trying to post on facebook or something. Also it bothers me she used the baby bottle one twice. Its disgusting regardless, but theres hundreds of emojis and she really couldn't find another one to pedo pander with and had to repeat it or maybe shes just sloppy and stupid as usual.

No. 1470137

File: 1647450650198.jpeg (190.43 KB, 750x629, B4A9F878-0465-4869-A14B-3FB8FE…)

Her hair is thin what the fuck is she talking about?

She said she’s slowly going back to blonde over multiple sessions, which is a good call. If she tried going straight to blonde it would fall out. I’m glad the current color is going away it really washed her out

No. 1470146

File: 1647451219347.jpg (95.04 KB, 962x518, Thriving.jpg)

It really is a shame she did not capitalize on the feeder community especially since she destroyed her body anyway she could have at least been paid for it.

No. 1470170

You can have thin strands and a lot of hair. I have the same and it takes about 8 hours to go through my hair and process it. It’s common in curly hair. It’s likely why she’s only had her hair partially processed the last couple of years. It’s expensive and there’s not a lot of hair dressers willing to spend 8 hours on your hair without charging you a few hundred dollars. Something shay doesn’t have.

No. 1470181

what kind of cheap ass hairdresser “doesnt realize how much hair” and leaving a second part for another day when its about blonde, idk

No. 1470184

Maybe Shay only had enough for a partial session. Has to go e beg and ask Jason Womack for more money lol

No. 1470198

she probably went to a hair dresser she’s never been to before and just set the appointment up on the phone without going in for a consultation first. the hair dresser could’ve set aside the appropriate amount of time for the appointment if she knew what kind of mess was existing on top of shats head.

No. 1470223

She was on Snapchat with her hair up saying they put a mask in it and will wash it out tomorrow, cut it, and style it. My screen recording app crashed so I couldn’t get it

No. 1470225

sure but its not professional at all to leave a “part 2” and not to just ask her to come back tomorrow and earlier to work on it, seems weird but im with the anon who said its to beg Womack some more lol

No. 1470226

File: 1647454428492.jpeg (326.26 KB, 1170x1005, 3A8137BA-0657-4ECF-9D77-708FFE…)

Scammy Shay once again

No. 1470234

She loves to give out free content and bitches when men don't wanna pay. She defies logic

No. 1470250

File: 1647455572525.jpeg (83.79 KB, 750x209, 5F5716A4-C244-4EEA-9F5B-F008DD…)

She’s already on it

No. 1470263

File: 1647456117951.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, DF82A79A-D6EE-4C12-A3CD-CD2991…)

She posted some videos of her pets, but all I could focus on was the state of her floors, no wonder her feet are always filthy. She’s still got moving boxes stacked up in the back as well. It’s been like 6 months. Every place she’s ever lived she only posts pictures from the one somewhat clean and furnished corner she keeps and does her best to hide the state of her living conditions

No. 1470312

File: 1647457719202.jpeg (553.08 KB, 1170x1004, E8F0C644-A541-4C8F-B296-D11FE9…)

But when she gets reported it’s the end of the world

No. 1470322

I'm genuinely surprised her current twitter has been active for like two years now. I remember the great twitter suspension debacle when she made at least 10+ accounts.

No. 1470346

File: 1647458674232.jpeg (72.53 KB, 750x595, 9FAAA769-B965-486F-81D4-FCF42A…)

It’s this newfag who came here bragging that her scrote friend wouldn’t fuck her. >>1468814 They keeps making new accounts to cowtip once Shay blocks them. Knock it off, it’s cringe, and it just validates her feeling famous

No. 1470347

i think it was when people give a shit and used to call her out and im sure it was for massive report, she barely get interactions now

No. 1470364

File: 1647459080691.jpeg (399.34 KB, 1170x1067, 08C3E940-C073-49E1-966C-BF3B0A…)

Why? I’m sure Ellen will clean her place when she’s gone like last time

No. 1470402

File: 1647460521184.jpeg (316.16 KB, 1170x1192, CB495486-5009-434A-A7C8-C034CA…)

You are neither Shay

No. 1470409

I have no idea how she managed to get worse at makeup

No. 1470411

ew she’s leaving a hair mask in overnight?! that’s disgusting wtf

No. 1470417

nona, they make hair masks for overnight use, mostly for bleach or heat damaged hair

No. 1470448

File: 1647462715349.jpg (66.44 KB, 597x682, BARF.jpg)

I really hope Shayna doesn't film with these junkies. The milk would be heavenly but even I don't hate her that much.

No. 1470449

Wow she used to have a really nice body. It’s so tragic, how does this happen in like 5 years?!

No. 1470453

Turns out home cooked food is much better for your health than takeout!

No. 1470467

Sage for foodblogging but, I don’t understand at all how someone can enjoy having take out and junk for every meal, doesn’t the girl just crave a plate of veggies after eating refined sugars and carb crap

No. 1470479

Shayna is just as gross as these people.

No. 1470483

assuming this is all true, it sounds to me like she pushed hard for a coloring/bleaching session that will further damage her already fried fragile hair and so the stylist is going to great lengths to try to cover their ass. this is not normal protocol lol, probably a cheaper salon that doesn't let their stylists say no and shayna is a demanding mouthy cunt too.

No. 1470502

Because it’s cope. Even the stupidest, ugliest, laziest person is capable of being a surgically-enhanced banghole for profit, bleating stupid slogans about equality… which is why Shaynus likes it, and also why it’s so insane that she can’t even manage that properly.

No. 1470607

This reminds me, I used to have her on snapchat to lurk, but stopped using it after awhile since all her milk is posted here anyway.

Well, about 2 months before she left oklahoma I got a notification pop up on my phone that I had a a snap from her… I opened it right away and it was a picture of her living room in an absolute STATE. Clothes everywhere, plates and bowls on the floor, trash scattered, and one small corner that was somewhat clean and the photo was captioned "finally working on cleaning up". It definitely was not meant for me, I didn't have time to screenshot before she realized I wasn't the right person and she blocked me. Her home is way worse than we even realize, nonnies. I'll never unsee that filth.

No. 1470619

Her floor literally has dandruff LMAO

No. 1470694

File: 1647473922546.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1871, A50B2E42-EC0E-47E4-8EFE-DFD48A…)

If she’s “being a domme” why is she calling him daddy?

No. 1470707

She’s so clearly not into being a domme, she’s awful at it. When did that video with Slave Dad she kept saying “do you like that daddy?” when she flogged him. She’s actually retarded

No. 1470725

“try to get hard” TRY? lmao

No. 1470739

Imagine thinking this pedo pandering cunt is a cut above these people/shouldn't film with them.

No. 1470744

shayna is genuinely fatter and uglier than these people too. i don't know why people think she deserves to have a single standard lol.

No. 1470768

That bit had me wheezing too.

No. 1470789

no domme says thank you, or daddy. what a joke.

No. 1470799

File: 1647478100924.jpeg (666.93 KB, 2754x1137, 67EBE495-7416-46A2-B598-92C103…)

Morgue feet realness

No. 1470804

File: 1647478189518.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1649, 1DBC87A8-DB00-409E-B7A6-4DF958…)

The hairy toes and the ugly ass mole on your foot is so ~bimbo~

No. 1470805

Saw corpse-looking pork-colored feet w/ terrible nails on the home page and instantly knew it was Shanya.

No. 1470807

Much bimbo with those hairy ass legs

No. 1470817

File: 1647478906402.jpg (52.08 KB, 723x569, trotters.jpg)

$10 says this is Womack.

Utterly porcine.

No. 1470837

This is horrific. Looks like a literal corpse. The bed is filthy of course too. This is nauseating but I'm sure some diaper eater will will force themselves to jerk off to it.

No. 1470839

Jesus Christ lol. This is horrendous, like everything about it.

It 100% looks like a corpse.

No. 1470845

These trotters actually look more alive than Shay's feet somehow.

No. 1470850

File: 1647480134197.jpeg (137.2 KB, 750x989, 114831D4-402B-4B74-BDD6-404CAA…)

No. 1470858

Imagine mama and dada putting you on a treadmill and cutting junk food from your diet uwu

No. 1470861

What’s with the bloated corpse tongue on the blonde… creature

No. 1470877

File: 1647481617542.jpeg (410.18 KB, 828x1136, 0E91130E-127F-4E17-B260-FFBDF1…)

every person surrounding Shayna is disgusting.

No. 1470892

Imagine being such a uwu naughty baby bimbo that mumma & dada tell you to get your shit together, stop embarrassing them and get a real job or education

No. 1470895

Sometimes I just seriously can’t believe there’s people out there masturbating to the idea of someone using a toy phone and pretending to be a toddler. These people are just vile.

No. 1470914

this bitch needs to learn how to light a photo, damn

No. 1470918

god that’s horrific
the alcoholism really is getting to that poor circulation

No. 1470939

it’s weird how some of you anons will attribute literally all of her issues to drinking when in reality she’s just really retarded and can’t do a damn thing with any effort. she could have just lit this picture and it would have been decent, but that requires effort and taking more than a few photos. serious problems don’t happen with alcoholism after only a year or so of heavy drinking. plus she drinks bullshit sugar wine mostly. she doesn’t drink straight vodka or tequila or anything. she’s not to the point where she’s buying nips for a fix or something.

No. 1470954

Her substance use issues certainly contribute to her retardation and inability to put effort into anything.
Tinfoil but I don’t think she’s stopped getting high, either. She may not be dabbing or ripping a bong, but I bet she’s still doing edibles or oils. But I also wouldn’t put it past her to stop smoking for a few days feel better and then pick it up again lol.

No. 1470974

yeah it's like she does consume too much alcohol of course but she's not a HARD drinker. it's the alcohol + endless sugar consumption and nothing but fattening greasy shit food + weed 24/7 + 100% sedentary lifestyle culminating

No. 1471007

again with the serial killer lighting

No. 1471071

That’s confirmation that she can’t afford electricity. That looks like just the flashlight was used to light up the pics.

Also her feet are really bloated. Look at her toes. I can only imagine the discomfort she feels when walking.

No. 1471088

Absolutely, they’re obsessed with Shay and Vivi is completely unstable, I truly believe this after seeing the head staple incident on the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1458592 not to mention the state of their living conditions. It would be milky as fuck, but Shayna is retarded if she doesn’t see all the red flags around these two

No. 1471114

Yeah, Shay has shit morals but I am not worried about her hurting people. These two weirdos are beyond unhinged.

Also, with Shay’s addiction tendencies I feel like she is at risk hanging around people who do harder things.

I’m no fan of Shayna, but I don’t want her to be unsafe

No. 1471120

Shay has a family willing to help her do anything else. She chooses to do what she does. Shay wishes worse on herself fucking daily. There's women who don't have a family who'd pay for college who have to do risky shit like this for money. She's a pedo pandering idiot, who surrounds herself with gross people. She doesn't deserve these people yet she "dates" Ellen a woman who stole a pacifier of a baby she was caring for,and posted about it sexually online?

No. 1471139

Get a grip. Her pedo pandering leads to children being unsafe! Messing around with crap like that comes with consequences. If she is stupid enough to film with these idiots instead of taking her parents' offer…oh well.

No. 1471163

Idk. Im a Sped teacher and maybe am too accepting of Shay. I don’t think she is cognitively able to understand how bad her decisions are

No. 1471193

vivi and her bf are an episode of dateline waiting to happen

No. 1471219

Usually I would agree with you, but a few weeks ago I saw my toddler cousin at a family event (the first time I’ve seen her since discovering big shaynus) and while I was watching her sing and dance around the room and just generally be a normal little girl, she said something that reminded me of the stupid way shay types and my stomach dropped when I remembered she and the tribe of pedocoomers she enables exist, and how she sexualises childhood innocence/naïveté and puts actual children like my little cousin in danger by catering to people who find babies and young children arousing. She’s a fat pedo misogynist bitch and if she’s dumb enough to shoot with these junkies then I don’t care what happens to her. She more than deserves whatever they might do to her. Sage for blog and sperg

No. 1471231

kek they dont even have anything to describe her. The other girls have achievements, money, people know who they are.
Then theres shayna, who they even recognize as "self-proclaimed"

No. 1471271

If you teach disabled children it's probably not very professional for you to be talking about being a 'sped teacher' in a Shatna thread. A bit shameful to be honest.

No. 1471272

It's the lighting on these photos. She's taking them with the flash on. She has no idea how to take photos. It's also no effort at all to shave your toes, at least before taking a close up pic of your feet. She's completely clueless.

No. 1471274

nta, but how do you think people talk here? if you talk the same way on lolcow that you do irl, you're foolish

No. 1471301

i agree, especially when you’re lecturing other people on respectability kek

No. 1471372

Maybe don't do an Ellen Dresel and talk about the children you work with when trying to be edgy.

No. 1471546

I thought "sped" was just short for "special education" and isn't offensive unless it's used as an insult?

No. 1471600

File: 1647536661772.jpeg (65.64 KB, 703x359, 5A14BD6D-6EEE-443E-BB9B-4F199F…)

She deleted this but good job admitting you only compliment other girls for that sweet sweet interaction

No. 1471602

As if she hasn't done the exact same thing her entire online life. What a hypocrite.

No. 1471693

SPED is an abbreviation for special education, it’s an actual term people in the field use not just an internet insult kek

No. 1471708

File: 1647541026401.jpeg (338.3 KB, 1170x1028, BCFEA0D1-8C93-44A3-8938-7BECE1…)

No. 1471725

Like, I really hate this bitch, and I know she's a dumbass to the highest degree and she reads everything here. But when everyone says, and it's extremely noticeable that the people you're going to "work" with are unhinged junkies, does her self perseverance alarm not go off and does she not think it's a bad idea?

No. 1471740

She's going to wear a hoodie and sweats so I don't get the point of this

No. 1471746

I think she’s talking about that shoot with all those other girls

No. 1471754

File: 1647542691998.jpeg (76.39 KB, 750x218, 8C8E6D40-6FA4-491C-903D-E2016F…)

Thanks Noah

No. 1471823

I really hope you don't genuinely believe that calling someone retarded is comparable to being a wannabe baby-raper

No. 1471833

she was all going for that baby diapper fat toddler sex worker and then, since someone said she was a “porn creator bimbo” shes all about it again, just fucking decide, are you gonna be some ed botched ass barbie wannabe or a fucking fat baby pissing in diappers ??? she should left the bimbo shit, she hasnt look like one since she was skinny, but like real skinny. or she tried. now its just tragic.

No. 1471853

File: 1647549417542.jpeg (Spoiler Image,989.96 KB, 1242x1438, 2013EA62-B219-4210-9EE0-017487…)

>using the teeth whitening tool on Facetune instead of brushing teeth
>Shaytard logic

No. 1471857

File: 1647549521155.jpeg (298.77 KB, 1145x1282, D5A31E5E-7E0B-48D6-8EF2-AD6751…)

them beady rat eyes really look smaller when she has those big Amazon lashes(nitpick)

No. 1471870

So this is the new hair color that took two “appointments”. Surprised she seems to be taking it slow to go back to blonde.

No. 1471878

Spoiler this
No she’s reposting old pictures as usual

No. 1471882

Does she still have the mask in? How is her hair still greasy after seeing a hairdresser? It’s not uncommon for them to have you come in with dirty hair when you’re having it bleached, but surely it would be clean by now? WTF?

No. 1471888

I cant believe she microbladed such ugly brows on to herself. She's entered Sharpie line territory,

No. 1471892

File: 1647551070402.jpg (244.3 KB, 1205x1958, 20220317_210304.jpg)

This is her new hair.

Barely any different.

No. 1471901

This is way blonder than she was, what are you talking about?

No. 1471903

yeesh, the lack of contrast between her skintone and hair isnt doing her any favours. ik this sounds nitpicky but if she wants to go blonde i think itd be best to just get it done in one or two sessions. having various shade of mousy brown and dishwasher blonde just looks… bad imo

No. 1471914

Oh my god, it’s CLEAN. Sure, the color is trashy and unflattering and very nearly the same as her orangey foundation, but when was the last time you saw shayna with any part of her body or outfit clean? The difference is staggering. This is the best she’s looked in months.

No. 1471926

It's looks okay, but she's just going to put it in two ponytails anyway, so what's the point?

No. 1471928

Also did she photoshop her arms? Her arm and torso looks odd

No. 1471942

Oh shay you know nothing about angles. And you're certainly no ANGEL.

No. 1471953

File: 1647553919967.jpeg (156.94 KB, 828x876, 11669BEC-69E3-4CC1-A89A-676FA2…)

this is so stupid i’m sorry

No. 1471977

body type like someone id kill in elden ring for 1000 runes

No. 1471981

File: 1647555296924.png (221.09 KB, 442x455, 783406E3-22E2-48A3-BDEE-D8B947…)

You slay me anon kek

No. 1471984

File: 1647555526595.jpg (32.42 KB, 527x527, EdzfXZgXsAM-Sxv.jpg)

who wore it better

No. 1472002

File: 1647556433393.jpeg (458.29 KB, 1080x1801, AFBD7E2B-4B44-4049-AD02-2EEA75…)

She looks like a reanimated corpse

No. 1472004

This did take two sessions. So sad. She just needs to go platinum the whole beige thing isn’t attractive.

No. 1472006

shoop on bottom left looks very strange, almost liminal

No. 1472014

She needs to stop obsessing over slave labor shein terribly fitted wrinkly tracksuits just because they’re pink. God forbid her dad takes her out to a nice store to get fitted garments instead of wearing dingy pants and see through crop tops. And to the airport of all places? She looks so fucking stupid with her wannabe barbie pink Amazon style

No. 1472017

The off-coloured, wrinkly pink “suit” pants. The weird shadows just makes it look like there are big, dirty, brown patches all over. Try again, or better yet don’t!

No. 1472019

pants looks dingy and gross. Bet they have never been washed.

No. 1472022

Those suit trousers are so tight at the waist and so baggy at the ass… girl…

No. 1472031

Just go in your pajamas like the slob that you are. She acts like these are both a serve but all I see is cheap itchy clothing and undereye circles so deep that they look like dents in her face. There's nothing spoiled about dressing head to toe in shein, having unwashed hair and probably smelling like parmesan.

No. 1472035

File: 1647557840128.jpeg (460.42 KB, 2048x1536, AC18EFBF-1D87-40FA-9024-3EFB15…)

She’s really trying to push this “bimbo” lifestyle now

No. 1472038

I can’t focus on anything but her sunken, sallow face. Those eye bags go on for miles.

No. 1472042

She looks like she just threw up and can still taste it - so uwu bimbo.

No. 1472045

jesus girl you have what, 2 ring lights and a soft box? and STILL can’t light yourself for shit. this is just sad.

No. 1472049

i can't with her scallopped ass tongue and those tiny rat teeth, like it makes me physically ill looking at her mouth and knowing how she whitened the shit out of it too is just sad

No. 1472051

You don't know what liminal means, retard

No. 1472057

Not her, the space around her, retard

No. 1472068

Those hair ties look like some kinda pink comedy cosmetic ears

No. 1472077

ok redditard

No. 1472081

She needs to learn how to make more expressions for photos. She's only got the smug smirk, the outdated and unflattering tongue and rat teeth grin, or the oops, that wasn't a fart face. Learn to rest your eyebrows, Shay. None of your trailerpark dads can afford botox.

No. 1472090

she appears to have finally contoured and highlighted her face. Congrats shay you're five years late

No. 1472105

Somehow it makes her look worse. Her face looks gaunt and sickly especially combined with the grey skin and those insane eye bags

No. 1472111

She may have whitened them, but it looks like she either has an insane amount of plaque or food stuck between her bottom middle teeth

No. 1472129

No amount of contouring will help her wide ass nose

No. 1472141

The way her two front rat teeth are completely different sizes cracks me up

No. 1472150

doubtful she actually did it. probably added it using the makeup feature in facetune. it can actually put makeup where it’s supposed to be, not how shayna does it.

No. 1472203


This shitty style is the best she's looked in at least two years. Now just lose ten pounds and go lighter shay. You're still young enough to be salvaged.

No. 1472207

Well cause you know anon poor Shay had her tooth chipped by Fupa cause he’s “aboosive”

No. 1472272

I would in fact call punching your girlfriend so hard in the face she breaks a tooth abusive, but you know at the time she would have bragged about how kinky she is for it. It’s only abuse after the break up. Fupa is a piece of shit for doing it and Shayna is a piece of shit for encouraging violence against woman in the name of kink

No. 1472276

>>1469562uuuuuuou you oP

No. 1472284

File: 1647564974365.jpeg (727.79 KB, 1170x1629, A33FB71F-52C2-4AA0-B03D-CEB211…)

No. 1472285

Anon are you ok?

No. 1472287

Thank you anon I’ve always wanted a notebook that makes me look like a retard in public

No. 1472321

For a whopping $16 you definitely can anon

No. 1472324

Its a fucking notebook? JFC I actually thought it was a shitty book.

No. 1472328

>it's a fucking notebook

No. 1472331

Generous of you to think Shayna owns a book

No. 1472334

She was showing off a book her dad bought her around Christmas time. She does have them. Doubt she reads them.

No. 1472361

God, imagine having to sit next to that on the plane. Good thing for her seat mates most people carry alcohol wipes these days; half their seat(s) will be eaten up by her unwashed, velour-wrapped fat folds.

No. 1472366

>praxis, marx, engels
Because nothing says socialism like the consoomerist bimbo lifestyle

No. 1472372

I still don’t understand how anyone could be like
>yeah let’s seriously say that bimbo has a lot to do with communism, they’re literally the same!
And not die from an aneurysm right there.

No. 1472434

Fandom - Sex Worker RPF
Characters - Shayna Clifford, Anon, Fupa, Womack, Ellen
Relationships - Shayna Clifford / Anon

Description - Anon wants to change her favorite lolcow, Shayna Clifford, and save her from her self destructive e-whoring and stoner lifestyle. However, Anon will have to fight off Shayna's legion of disgusting simps and exes. Will anon fight off the others without vomiting? Will Anon finally get to dress Shayna up in gross h&m clearance rack fashion? Or can she even get through to Shayna before the next doordash order.
[ 20k words, 15 chapters ]

No. 1472443

File: 1647574606613.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 1621490619913.gif)

nonny why

No. 1472471

File: 1647575981240.jpeg (513.44 KB, 1170x1402, F66EBE73-9996-48C7-B6C2-646C71…)

Incoming begging

No. 1472485

I'm guessing she didn't film her "free" show after her hair appointment either? She'll never mention it again.

No. 1472531

File: 1647580422929.png (7.92 MB, 1242x2208, 3A993741-DD02-4A38-9D34-6DFCAB…)

No. 1472553

Shes supposedly filming with them next month but I have a feeling she won’t actually do it. She’s a retard but no one is that retarded. Right?

No. 1472574

Ily anon

No. 1472577

kek!! Good shit Anon.

No. 1472634

Readytoglare is that you girly

No. 1472664

She should take her time to do Asian eye enlarging makeup instead of using those horrific spider falsies that emphasizes how small her eyes are. If she also loses some weight and tones up she won’t look like this anymore.

No. 1472673

jfc how trashed is the rest of her apartment if the only place she can take pics is in her "workroom"

No. 1472720

is..is..Shayna wearing a bra??

No. 1472732

File: 1647608240877.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1170x1797, ADB4AC66-188F-4731-A712-AFEAC9…)

This does not do her ass any favors

No. 1472733

File: 1647608263706.jpeg (Spoiler Image,615.13 KB, 1170x1020, BDF35095-2EC4-480A-BDC7-0A9DDD…)

No. 1472738

hides the gut though kek

No. 1472768


Fucking KEK. Great work nonnies.

No. 1472782

The shadow casted by those spider lashes really accentuates her old lady eyebags. The contrast of her Annabelle face compared to the rest of her is so jarring.

No. 1472784

She always looks so pained when she troon smirks

No. 1472852

What's up with the square areola edit she's been doing?

No. 1472869

File: 1647619897805.jpeg (154.45 KB, 750x1155, 93D99BFE-65C1-4DAE-9721-26B9D0…)

No. 1472874

File: 1647620132903.png (132.63 KB, 500x282, 3cd8a33a.png)


No. 1472889

File: 1647620901815.jpeg (518.58 KB, 1170x1337, 00238D68-33D6-4EFB-B3B0-0AB42A…)

“My life is going well.” Keep telling yourself that Shay

No. 1472892

Get ready for her to get drunk at the airport and start making up weird ass stories about all the men there that want to fuck her

No. 1472897

Imagine sitting next to this sloppy drunk disheveled prostitute on a plane, probably smelling like ass and bong water, while she’s pissing into a diaper for fetish purposes. Bleak!

No. 1472903

She's been glowing and posting slightly less unsightly pics because shes editing them to hell and back in the face especially to make her look thinner and younger.
Nothing in her life is any different. She's just riding an ego boost high from that retarded article and distracting herself with weird gross content with other people.

No. 1472917

wasn't she recently in the ER? is she that retarded to forget about her lies or…?

No. 1472919

File: 1647622477975.jpeg (311.45 KB, 1170x747, 9111D422-8E15-4D46-8111-0CBC63…)

No. 1472920

File: 1647622565653.jpeg (715.86 KB, 1170x1121, D8AE7CDE-8193-4717-A272-FC1795…)

What a sight

No. 1472924

She leaves the house so little that she must make a fucking spectacle of herself, get fucked up and then lie about her experience just going to the airport like it’s the most exciting shit in the world

No. 1472932

File: 1647623284179.png (8.23 MB, 2208x1242, D5A3B6C8-36CF-443B-A988-60876B…)

Shaytard Womack, 32, Oklahoma resident

No. 1472972

File: 1647624558241.gif (10.66 MB, 278x309, 61F22AA0-C7AB-4B33-85D9-6C19F7…)

Someone call fattykuma, Shay did ahegao again. The twitterfags are going to have a field day with this

No. 1472981

File: 1647624950983.jpeg (2.1 MB, 3024x4030, 4E27455F-77E1-4E6A-87C7-89C355…)


No. 1472984

Holy shit I think I’m gonna throw up. How does she not die from embarrassment when posting these vids?

No. 1472994

wanna watch her glow among all the other girls on that photoshoot or whatever

No. 1473005

Holy shit. My sides are in orbit right now. I am in physical pain from how hard I just laughed.

No. 1473007

If this were resized it would honestly be banner material kek, I am computer illiterate otherwise I would try it.

No. 1473015

File: 1647626626232.gif (399.5 KB, 500x328, e89.gif)

god this bitch is physically revolting. that fucking tongue

No. 1473016

File: 1647626634574.gif (1.79 MB, 480x270, 6b4.gif)

No. 1473038

File: 1647627686749.gif (17.48 MB, 885x301, 699FFCE9-F3B2-4425-A2DB-F2B299…)

Someone could probably do a better one kek

No. 1473039

File: 1647627743393.png (325.6 KB, 840x859, donkey-from-shrek-smiling-1154…)

I knew I recognized her from somewhere! I hate to admit it but the lighter hair was actually doing her features a favor until she started doing these DreamWorks does ahegao faces.

No. 1473103

File: 1647629993167.jpeg (34.45 KB, 680x643, 1608066867477.jpeg)

I didn't think I'd woke up to this, she's been at the bottom of the barrel for a while but… somehow she managed to dig through the barrel to go even further down…
"Shayna Go Home" soft country dad rock ver. by anon when?

No. 1473126

I know we're not far into this one but next thread pic please

No. 1473129

File: 1647630790202.jpeg (710.93 KB, 828x1346, A9775EBE-02CB-44F0-A58D-5BCC0E…)

can some autistic anon make a collage of Shayna’s pre-flight mimosa tradition? she looks so fat and depressed here, I’d love to see how she’s progressed from each time she’s taken airport bar selfies kek.

No. 1473130

File: 1647630863494.jpeg (774.24 KB, 828x1410, 3DD03106-FD46-4146-8A4E-5A2A14…)

Classic hot dog nails for her ProFesSioNal shoot

No. 1473134

she looks depressed AF

No. 1473136

She really is the ugliest e-whore. Actually looks like a retard. I don't know if she's just naturally revolting by nature in every way or if she's given up on trying cause she's fat and burnt out. Everything about this is a travesty. It's like something off eFukt, sometimes she really looks like a retarded woman coerced into doing sex acts on camera. I know I just said that but seriously it feels like watching a sex crime on tape. Anyone who came to this needs to be swatted and locked up for real.

No. 1473145

Haha so funny anon! Womacktards are fucking annoying.

No. 1473150

The idiots who constantly flip out everytime his name is mentioned are even funnier.

No. 1473153

go to bed you autistic spaz

No. 1473154

The visible plaque build-up on her buck teeth made me want to vomit.

No. 1473157

the “spoiled” is supposed to be on her tits right? yikes that shirt is doing all it can

No. 1473162

I know it's supposed to be spoiled as in uwu such a spoiled brat! But I always just think of rotton gone off fruit and veg which is way more accurate for shaytard.

No. 1473168

Is she wearing a bra?

No. 1473181

It definitely shouldnt be up that high, but Im sure its a Shein shirt so its probably a combination of not fitting her and just being poor quality chinese garbage.

No. 1473183

File: 1647634958626.jpeg (167.2 KB, 1118x2048, FA73B77A-AB8C-430C-83F9-3FFF8E…)

Of course not, she needs to figure out that her tits aren’t small and perky anymore so it’s not cute to wear tight tops without a bra

No. 1473192

That’s a child size mask from daiso bought some for my niece recently kek

No. 1473194

lmao the filter makes her head looks so small, its almost the size of her arm

No. 1473196

samefag but maybe her arm is too big

No. 1473204

If she were a normal e-whore and not a pedopanderer, I would genuinely feel so bad for her. She looks miserable, and why the fuck wouldn’t she be? I can’t think of one thing that would keep me from killing myself if I were living her life. Truly cimmerian.

No. 1473230

File: 1647638439837.png (3.16 MB, 1955x1022, study_in_brainrot.png)

it's so wild to see how much she changed

No. 1473240

tfw u peaked in highschool

No. 1473250

File: 1647640079270.jpeg (476.81 KB, 1203x1800, D0435D7D-0066-4173-AA83-027842…)

I get that her tongue is white but why is it also blue

No. 1473254

File: 1647640243039.jpg (39.9 KB, 1280x720, 1531431317719.jpg)

>the file name

No. 1473256

Probably from blue Gatorade. She doesn’t drink water.

No. 1473265

File: 1647640666370.jpeg (346.02 KB, 1170x1026, 9EA85A8C-3A32-4B10-9FBC-C4FCDE…)

No Shay, for you, it is with bitchy intentions

No. 1473275

They probably don’t even realize she’s staring at them, they probably think she’s cracked out and staring off into the space around them

No. 1473276

File: 1647641508950.jpeg (323.08 KB, 750x809, BD2AB3FE-D1B0-43E1-8B21-BA3227…)

What does she do to not deserve it honestly. What’s one good thing she contributes to society

No. 1473279

File: 1647642087440.jpeg (211.89 KB, 1280x1251, 290AC2A2-EB22-4723-8B88-F43E7E…)

that’s all.

No. 1473280

Re read all 102 threads Shay and then you’ll know why you deserve it

No. 1473283

>it doesn’t hurt my feelings, it hurts my heart
You know why shat. You just refuse to see it

No. 1473284

If it doesn’t hurt your feelings, then you would’ve never made this tweet

No. 1473285

File: 1647642549921.jpeg (185.33 KB, 750x573, DE1EA654-1BA6-4A80-B0FB-96194B…)

This fucking newfag cowtipper has a severe case of autism. Knock it the fuck off

No. 1473291

Off topic but what movie is this?

No. 1473293

she is literally flying economy to connecticut..

No. 1473294

“Spending my afternoon flying to a pro shoot” and whining about “haters”

No. 1473297

So she's flying out to take pictures?

No. 1473298

File: 1647643307098.jpeg (148.21 KB, 750x531, B6896185-0FB9-4936-BD6E-726FE8…)

kek yeah that’s why people are looking at you weird, not the fact that you look like someone’s mom with your gut falling out of your ridiculous size small outfit

No. 1473300

"Welcome to the dollhouse"

No. 1473306

I can't handle her faces, this popping up as the banner would send me into a fit of laughter every time oh my god

No. 1473308

It’s from the forever 21 clearance rack it was like $8 on sale when she first got it

No. 1473311

File: 1647643999172.png (9 MB, 2208x1242, 73C41654-CD0E-46CC-9EBC-54346E…)

You mean these faces?

No. 1473325

she said this as if it would take like all the afternoon when its like 3min lmao she would be better than the haturz if she didnt pay attention to them at all

No. 1473329

How does one still manage to look ugly while covering half their face? Youd think covering her fat, witchy nose, rat teeth, and dry lips would make her passable. But theres just something about her eyes and shitty lashes that look haggard too somehow.

No. 1473332

Wow look at her wild, goth phase! An absolute Vampire Freaks queen!!

No. 1473353

She still looked trashy as hell back then, but at least she suited this look better than whatever the fuck this “baby bimbo” bullshit is

No. 1473365

you are weird, sperganon who weirdly happened to show up writing paragraphs at exactly the same time "jewnose"-sperganon stopped showing up here writing paragraphs
stop making twitter accounts, it's so gross and sad

No. 1473402

Are they not the same thing? Lol.

She reads these threads and still doesn't know why. What a tard.

No. 1473429

Probably the oral thrush

No. 1473447

that’s what happens when you peak in high school.

No. 1473449

or she’s just a retard who stares at people.

No. 1473456

it’s in springfield, ma. why would she fly to ct?

No. 1473459

it’s funny that she keeps calling it a pro shoot when it very clearly is not. it’s a group of amateurs making what is clearly amateur porn and probably barely making profit. it’s not some company like insex like she used to work with. it’s funny that they don’t want her anymore.

No. 1473460

“ugh omg jimmy you’ve been smoking marijuana?!”

major disappointed/shocked old mom vibes

No. 1473464

>that is so much cum

shayna your pussy is DRY sweety

No. 1473483

Whether they have or haven’t, they’ve certainly never seen a “sugar baby bimbo” that looks like you, Shay. And they’re lucky that they haven’t.

No. 1473490

File: 1647651690413.jpeg (937.77 KB, 1170x1860, 9B24D32A-4E59-4C6A-A3A6-479877…)

No. 1473497

i think if we saw her irl she will be looking like a ice cream cone. looking thight from the waist fatty

No. 1473498

Looks like she’s giving herself a wedgie trying to pull those pants up over her gut

No. 1473503

The fact she thinks this is what a sugar baby looks like lol.

Even if it was a branded tracksuit it would still be tacky but the fact is so visibly cheap shit.

I mean who the fuck wears a crop top for a flight. Fat or not, yeah people gonna be looking at you like you trash.

No. 1473512

I can see why they are staring. She’s gotta be an absolute SIGHT in person. I wonder how she walks around. You think she over exaggerates her movements thinking she’s uwu so cute n bimbo

No. 1473523

I would feel ashamed wearing this to get the mail, let alone traveling through airports

No. 1473538

>greasy hair
>child's face mask
>crusty nails
>plastic handbag
>too small tracksuit that looks like it's made from a pink trash bag
>socks and sandals
Yeah, people are looking at her because they're wondering if she's having a mental health crisis.

No. 1473545

We’ve seen how she walks when she she’s live, she’s got awful posture, basically a hunch back and she kind of waddles when she walks, it’s very strange

No. 1473546

Now thats a blast from the past. Haven't thought about that site in years.

No. 1473548

File: 1647654778127.jpeg (64.67 KB, 700x525, B5CEE703-F255-4483-95AF-EDF117…)

These small cropped velour tracksuits do her no favors she looks like a crack head

No. 1473563

File: 1647655951330.jpeg (51.08 KB, 277x464, 485D23A5-8AB6-42B9-8D94-471A36…)

Her fashion sense screams “troon scrote attempting to pass as a woman” normal people don’t dress head to toe in miss matched pinks in too small cheap tracksuits from Shein to the fucking airport. An example of what a comfortable outfit that isn’t obnoxious and still stylish. Remember when she was hating on Zendaya for trending on twitter just for being pretty and talented kek

No. 1473586

besides that you are right, she just wants to be a clown and get attention, even if it is negative.

No. 1473590

I know it’s morally not good but this is some good fatspo. Seeing Shaynus go from a skinny girl with an actually nice body to that makes me want to never eat fast food again and run a mile every day. Is she in denial about how gross she is? I would quit. Fat bitches should be as covered up as possible and she just spreads her wide flat ass and fat person vagina for $3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1473598

Sage your shit and stop sperging so hard Jesus

No. 1473620

File: 1647659870825.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3465x3465, FBE7E551-2C91-4CA0-A983-0C40E9…)

True kek but it’s a lot better than ham colored polyester sweatsuit. Something you’d wear if you wanted to be comfy and not care about how you look. Better than these choices. Woof

No. 1473629

Bitch, I feel you, I’ve fully lost 20 lbs just watching her balloon. The ultimate irony of Shaynus is how her ugliness motivates other women to get hotter.

No. 1473636

Truly a SIGHT to not behold, fuck me dead

No. 1473646

Yea but her body language screamed insecure while she was naked on cam. She also knew we were watching. She’s probably more confident outside in her ugly outfits because she can delude herself into thinking every one looking at her wants to fuck her.

No. 1473657

File: 1647662261017.jpeg (889.28 KB, 1170x1992, 8D5B18C3-E6E2-407F-8DCE-A5310B…)

And it begins

No. 1473659

These pictures are vile.

No. 1473661

She looks so fucking cheap

No. 1473665

Sage your shit

No. 1473680

Even her luggage is cheap, what is this? The crappy plastic crap you buy from Kmart?

No. 1473691

File: 1647664891528.png (2.14 MB, 1284x2778, E21E7555-3102-4E33-8719-0E7578…)

Oh no guys, I found it online. I can’t imagine it’s gunna keep any of her belongings safe for only $130 down to $115 kek

No. 1473699

her legs kek

No. 1473700

That's pretty expensive for one bag ngl

No. 1473701

What are your expectations on how expensive/advanced a bag should be? It's clearly not a Walmart bag js

No. 1473706

Sad that her outfit this time is the best of the 3. The middle one she looks like a hobo crackhead and the right she looks like trailer park mom sleep over. The left she just looks like a typical walmart bitch. She finally learned having the waistband cradle her fupa wasn't cute.

No. 1473723

Top right for next thread pic lmao

No. 1473742

anon you’re obsessed and it’s coming off as unhinged. It’s luggage. Please seek help and take a break.

No. 1473743


Hope she loses her luggage again

No. 1473766

nta but you’re all obsessed including myself with this thread online all anyone has to do is google “leopard print luggage” and would easily find this pls touch some grass

No. 1473781

idk why nonnies are so easily offended for this fat ass, same with the cowtipping as if this site didnt show up when you google “Dolly Mattel” like we were the only ones hating on her when shes being cancelled every 3 months.
she buys all her shit online and cheap, its not news whatever that a simply google search and got it at first suggestion. take a chill pill nonnies its not that deep.

No. 1473784

it's weird to be googling it. Who cares what case she uses and how much it costs? Even spending 5 minutes on this shit is sad and a sign you're taking all this too seriously.

No. 1473794

Tbf I’ve seen pictures of her before&after at least twice showing up on fatspo/ED twitter without even looking for it lol. People are passing it around as PSA. She wasn’t tagged tho.

No. 1473829

File: 1647685119909.jpg (38.45 KB, 233x555, article-1035397-01F69609000005…)

Absolute travesty looking like a fat chav innit, is this how you staring at girls Shayna?

She goes out of her way to dress like an impoverished lass and then lies to herself as cope when people stare at her funny.

No. 1473841

you dunce, the only reason the site shows up first for a majority of us is because we VISIT this site.

and the cowtipping is against the rules, sped, THAT is why it gets called out when it happens. read the rules before you go around making complaints.

No. 1473855

I nominate "Utterly Porcine" for next thread title!

So, she went from wearing flip flops barefoot in autumn/winter, to wearing socks with slippers?? I am utterly baffled, why couldn't she wear normal shoes? Is it because the slippers and socks have pink in them; then why doesn't she buy some cheap pink sneakers, to go with her awful tracksuits? This is what you wear when you lounge around your place, not when going to an airport and certainly not something that a bimbo would wear. Like someone upthread said, she should just dress in pijamas, too, and call it a day…

No. 1473867

Anon, have you ever been to an airport? The pink is gross but this is on par with what people wear to the airport. It's shit like this, or it's spandex workout leggings, or straight pajama pants.

No. 1473887

Yeah, she just looks…normal. I doubt people are going to be gawking at her unless she does something. The pink may be noticeable but she won't stand out in a bad way at an airport in that outfit

No. 1473900

No, I haven't. Should've specified. It's understandable that people don't dress up to travel. Out of everything Shayna wears, it's the cropped tops that are the worst choice, I think.

No. 1473901

File: 1647695817167.jpeg (913.66 KB, 1242x1770, BAF0A76F-29A8-45DB-85CA-A064B6…)

I don’t see how a fat Shaytard in the wild looks “normal” in a cropped ugly velour hoodie without a bra on, cockeyed nipples out, and velour sweats hiked over her beer belly wearing a child’s mask that is clearly too small for her fat ass face and barely covers it. I mean it’s not a provocative trashy outfit where it would make people double take in disbelief but she looks ridiculous. And the hair style gives off tweaker hooker vibes

No. 1473909

I agree with everything you said. She should've cropped out her face in the photo. Since you can't really see her gut, it would've been somewhat sexy. Nipples peaking through are much better than the awful bathroom selfies she takes with her tits out. If only she knew how to be sexy…

No. 1473963

Why would any sane and normal person who has a healthy social life and fulfilling career want to google her luggage. At least I’m not searching up her luggage like a freak. It’s just luggage nonny, and doesn’t contribute to any milk. Come back when there’s actual milk to post instead of being reduced to being a sad little freak.

No. 1473967

She brings more luggage for a few days than she brought with her to move states

No. 1473973

Wow, I legitimately thought that was unable to raise her inner eyebrows anymore. She always does that pained face that looks like the sun is in her eyes 24/7 like >>1468481
I thought she was physically incapable of making any expression besides arched-brow troll doll at this point.

No. 1473979

File: 1647703489804.jpg (986.91 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220319-102404_Chr…)

Wtf is this?

No. 1473980

poor little thing, sucking her gut in for her life!!! Shayna you need to buy a waist on Amazon or something but uuuu my bad i forgot once you go fridge,you never go back!

No. 1473984

Maybe drop a link or something?

No. 1473985

samefag but lmao 52kg like u wish Shayna

No. 1473988

I just Google "dolly mattel wiki"

No. 1473995

Jfc you all Google and spend time on the weirdest shit(infighting)

No. 1473996

File: 1647704797253.jpg (30.03 KB, 491x585, 1633471885600.jpg)

>Net Worth: $200K USD

No. 1473999

Lol your on the same thread spending the same time baby

No. 1474005

this definitely isnt the own you think it is. you can spend all day on this thread hitting refresh on this thread but letting every single thing that this bitch does get to you makes you look pathetic.

No. 1474022

You dont have to be here. Go touch grass and dont come back?

No. 1474025

I love how you decide to go after the person who rightfully pointed out that it’s sad to think this much about a cow outside of their respective thread instead of the actual anon who refuses to post actual milk and uses this thread to repeatedly nitpick over the stupidest shit and thinks it’s fine to cowtip.

No. 1474031

This whole slapfight started over luggage? There are way more autistic things on this site, I've just scrolled past and didn't notice until people pointed it out. The OP was cringe tbh but all in all it's funny

No. 1474033

>I’m totally not threatened by women and overcompensating
>unironically hijacking others post to defend your cowtipping
Kill yourself dumbfuck. You are uglier than Shay.

No. 1474034

You know what's really sad? You dumb bitches arguing in this thread over nothing on a daily basis. Go fly a kite or something, damn lmao(infighting )

No. 1474046

this is what i was meaning, sorry english isnt my first language so maybe im not using the right words but stop with this shit accusing each other, just ignore it and keep the thread, you are so full of hate lmao maybe you all need to take a shower and just remind to yourself “Shaynas thread its not that serious” and the ones reflecting on shayna and getting offended for shit that people do in all threads, lose some weight.

No. 1474049

Is the cow tipper that fat goth sex worker?

No. 1474052

Yeah and she’s probably posting in this thread rn.

No. 1474056

File: 1647710630551.jpeg (Spoiler Image,920.59 KB, 1170x1253, BB12CA23-D5B1-486F-88F3-1D6775…)

No. 1474060


the outfit isn't bad, Shayna is. If she was clean and wearing the right size, you wouldn't look twice at her in public. The fact that it's too small and Shayna probably smells like an outhouse is what's making people stare.

No. 1474068

File: 1647711123449.jpeg (404.75 KB, 750x2071, 3ECA9FC9-6D9C-4E30-9237-1B87A9…)

What the fuck

No. 1474072


how badly do you have to fuck up as a parent for your kid to blatantly post such fucked up fetish scenarios?

No. 1474074

>the outfit isn't bad
Yes it is. Sorry if Shein sale items is your idea of high class outerwear but the pink velour tracksuit is pure fucking garbage. The quality and fit of it is just horrific. The conflation of Shay who always looks like shit and a tracksuit that will always look like shit regardless of who wares it makes for a truly hideous combination.

No. 1474075


Ok easy there fashion major nonita. I'm just saying it's pretty normal. Cheap and fugly, but not offensive like you guys are going on about. If you saw a chick with Shay's body type in a similar outfit (but in her actual size), you probably wouldn't think twice. Shayna makes it worse by smelling bad, having bad hair and being delulu about her weight.

No. 1474081

This has already been posted several times, but I guess we could always use another reminder of what a pedophilic sick fuck she is. I truly hope neither her nor her equally deranged girlfriend are ever allowed around children.

No. 1474085

It's not even a velour one. It's just cotton. Which makes it even cheaper looking. Velour track suits on skinny celebs in the early 2000s was one thing. But wearing that in public now and as often as Shay does, while wearing no bra and having her gut out isn't normal. It's something to wear around the house I guess or you know, doing actual excercise maybe.

No. 1474093

>it hurts my heart that people don’t like me because I don’t understand why!
>fully fetishizing raping little children

Shay, normal people hate you because normal people hate pedophiles. Because sexually abusing a child is the fucking benchmark for inexplicable evil, and you treat it like something fun/cute/sexy. How can you be this much of a piece of shit and not understand why people hate you??

No. 1474094

She just tweeted it 45 minutes ago

No. 1474105

Is this an old picture or has she lost weight?

No. 1474110

Kek… Anon. Please.

No. 1474116

Her face is so yellow it looks like she’s wearing a turmeric face mask. That’s going to look great on camera

No. 1474127

I have no idea how people still claim she is not a pedophile, while she is getting off to literal child rape fantasies

No. 1474157

wait until we see the unedited pics from her "pro shoot."

No. 1474162

File: 1647717447652.jpeg (Spoiler Image,395.42 KB, 1080x1693, B3ECAA4B-6C7D-482B-BCF5-31024C…)

God most of these girls look rough, who would want to see this low budget crap

No. 1474181

Besides Big Shaynus, Michael Jackson, Old Granny and rough middle aged mom of three dressing up as a school girl to bring spice back into the bedroom with her redneck scrote - the rest of them aren’t as bad. Idk I don’t care to look at their profiles

No. 1474189

why is some someone's granny there holy shit and it looks like leafy in drag the cheerleader one. this is going to be such a nasty shit show. is this what she has been bragging about? kek

No. 1474193

Why is an old lady doing this. Is this the only way she can support herself? Depression.

No. 1474197

when Social Security ain’t cutting it. granny trying to get the bag. I wonder if she sexualizes her depend diapers.

No. 1474199

The grandma is acting as the mean school mistress and getting the bag for beating these bitches’ asses with a paddle.
Not my own retirement choice, but honestly probably cathartic to slap whores and get paid.

No. 1474209

File: 1647719175322.jpeg (457.05 KB, 750x865, B0278890-7737-46BE-872D-FD6B0E…)

All the other girls are posting pictures together, retweeting each other pictures and all that except Shayna. I feel like the reasons she hasn’t named the shoot by name or interacted with the others is because she doesn’t want them to find out she’s “canceled” especially the 2 black girls, plus she’s terrified of cowtippers

No. 1474211

Yeah and what that anon is saying is that Shay has already posted this exact same scenario verbatim on her Twitter before.

No. 1474214

File: 1647719354786.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1088, C4891A87-16FD-4F50-B44A-575529…)

Leafy x Granny

No. 1474215

michael jackson omgggg

No. 1474222

I love how all the white women look old and haggard compared to the two woc. Kek

No. 1474224

I don’t think you understand what cowtipping means.

No. 1474227

I- who's grandmother is that??? This is so bizarre???

No. 1474229

Shayna could have done this at home with Ellen? Her flights and shoots are just for fun and to feel like a famous porn star uwu. I don’t see how she would be making much profit from this? It’s not a pro shoot with any big porn company? It’s just funny how much she’s a failure but she’s thriving guyzz

No. 1474230

holy shit this is grotesque

No. 1474232

Why are we posting about unrelated ugly bitches in Shay’s thread. Go to the ewhore thread instead. Post shit about shay or don’t post at all.

No. 1474235

She is filming with them. But ok

No. 1474238

Gross, she looks 12

No. 1474240

Post the video of shay with these women then instead of highlighting them each individually.

No. 1474246

They’re literally shooting as we speak retard. Go be horny for Shay somewhere else

No. 1474249

Then post it once it’s done being filmed?
I swear nonnys are grasping at straws. Just wait for the vid to be posted so the milk can flow.

No. 1474315

pretty white women don't have to stoop so low

No. 1474333

File: 1647725543317.jpg (28.43 KB, 480x360, 1495199453892.jpg)

No. 1474339

The black girl with the yellow/green leggings is the only attractive one. The rest of them are ugly or average looking at best. Shayna won't stand out much among giant cottage cheese ass and back rolls, no chin and two other plain, dumpy fridge shaped white girls.

No. 1474342

The white girl without a chin literally looks 11 years old anon. You can't beat that.

No. 1474353

Shayna’s probably seething over that girl as gross as it is

No. 1474354

rent free

No. 1474358

IMO posting about someone who posted about luggage is worse (and you have spent more time on it)

And then there is me, posting about someone posting about someone who posted about luggage. I am the worst one

No. 1474360

Are you luggage anon? Why are you being such a bitch? Calm the fuck down and hide the thread or hide saged posts jfc. Shat barely got there and hasn’t filmed with them yet. We did the same shit when she had that webcam stream party with the other whores.

No. 1474368

grandma looks like fucking willem dafoe

No. 1474372

This is gonna go exactly how that MyFreeCams whatever penthouse group shoot went years ago - awkward as fuck, hates working with other women (especially ones with better reputations), seethe that she’s not the best looking one in the group, and likely badmouth the whole experience once it’s done. Except now she’s much fatter and dresses like she’s about to ask you for spare change.

Kek - this is gonna be a hilarious weekend.

No. 1474375

When there is upcoming milk everyone on this thread starts fighting. It's like no one can handle the sheer excitement. Kek.

No. 1474378

If Shat was smart (she’s not) she’d use this opportunity to network with other whores so she could have “friends” to film with, but we all know she HATES women, especially hotter ones(or at least less ugly than her)

No. 1474392

it’s funny you think she gets paid anything for this amateur bullshit. they probably barely make profit.

No. 1474394

it’s also because as we know she hates other women and sees them as competition. she can’t retweet anyone who’s better looking than her, or has more fans, or who is actually decent at making sexy content. it’s always all about her. she did the same thing when she was with other models at the MV Loft. she was snotty and arrogant and no one wanted to work with her because she thought she was such hot shit.

No. 1474397

sounds like your gross pedophilic self just wants some of shaynas porn, nonny. check yourself.

No. 1474417

Tumblr: Not Even Once

No. 1474460

Holy shit haha right on

No. 1474461

It makes me sad they're down this low. Weird fetish shit like this is for ugly and weird looking Twitter sex workers like Shayna, they could definitely do fine in regular porn.

No. 1474524

no woman should do porn or even "do fine" in it, be gone scrote

No. 1474535

it's funny you're proud of being knowledgeable about scrotertainment

No. 1474536

nta but I think they were trying to say they aren’t disgusting like shayna and don’t need to do nasty niche fetishes like diapering and would do fine in normie videos. No one is rooting for porn here.

No. 1474563

This thread is full of fucking retards and the farmhands just let them run free

No. 1474596

it’s not that hard to tell the difference between amateur film makers and professional ones. stop trying to act like porn isn’t a huge moneymaker for film companies. there are plenty of legit actors who have done professional porn, not this amateur bullshit that barely makes profit.

the anti porn anons in this thread really blow my mind. you act like porn isn’t huge in hollywood. the anons who complain about people watching porn sound like idiotic prude evangelicals. get the fuck off lolcow and go back to your mormon church, retards.(derailing)

No. 1474597

I think at this point some anons have been here so long that they caught shaynas retardation.

No. 1474605

I wonder if she’s going to visit her family since she’s in Massachusetts

No. 1474608

First girl in the bottom row is too pretty to be there. Sad.

No. 1474610

>stop trying to act like porn isn’t a huge moneymaker for film companies.
>you act like porn isn’t huge in hollywood.
literally what the fuck are you talking about? are you okay?

No. 1474612

i’m saying porn is a huge industry you dumbfuck.

No. 1474614

When the fuck did I say it wasn't? I'm the one who assumed there was money being put in these womens' pockets, fucking obviously I believe it's a huge industry, jfc

No. 1474617

I think you might need your glasses, nan

No. 1474745

Is schoolgirl spanking role play really that weird to you?

No. 1474748

File: 1647751239456.jpeg (35.6 KB, 274x275, 9A24133D-D06D-49D2-8697-201F1A…)

No. 1474749

File: 1647751343335.jpeg (404.92 KB, 1536x2048, B282FA71-340C-4FB9-B3A4-4D752A…)

She looks retarded

No. 1474750

File: 1647751424870.jpeg (1004.35 KB, 1217x1523, 42B0D741-913A-47A6-9872-9C907E…)

No. 1474754

It’s depressing that this is the best she’s looked in two years. The lighting is forgiving and so are the clothes that actually fit. She’s still ratass ugly.

No. 1474771

I was just about to say the same thing

No. 1474773

The fact that porn culture has convinced you that fetishizing school girls isn’t weird is pretty depressing

No. 1474775

that forehead is really making me miss her ugly rockabilly chola wannabe bangs…

No. 1474785

Looking like a special ed seahorse [(whore)se]
Top left is Marie from breaking bad
Also why did they choose that picture it looks ghastly kek

No. 1474787

File: 1647754728936.jpeg (423.91 KB, 1242x868, FBB85859-52DF-4A64-8E4E-61EC32…)

The fact this looks like a uniform school aged children would wear makes this waaaay creepier than a cliché lingerie plaid skirt and tied crop top getup. It looks wrinkled and frumpy but at least it covers her ass boils

No. 1474789

File: 1647754774654.jpeg (765.76 KB, 1242x1531, CDCC0921-31E7-4821-AAF8-481C4A…)

No. 1474790

File: 1647754830533.jpeg (Spoiler Image,418.34 KB, 1242x895, 15765533-E6CB-488D-8788-01C363…)

No. 1474797

The hair and the outfit should be making her more “youthful” but she has the face and the bod of a fucking grandma jesus christ. Also Shayna you’re def a pedophile lol. Stop pretending you’re not actually trying to sexualize kids

No. 1474799

Kek what is this expression? It’s like her subconscious is peaking through.

No. 1474800

The look my dog gives me when I catch him shitting on the carpet

No. 1474802

Shes not wearing her ridiculous eyelashes for some reason. I couldn't figure out why she looked extra weird in these. Her falsies are awful and cheap looking but she always wears them so it's jarring to see her without them.

No. 1474803

It’s like final photos serial killers take of victims after making them dress up and pose. And no that’s not a good thing because god forbid but we know her fucked up brain will think that’s kinky

No. 1474838

She looks like the fat girl that would go around the lunch hall asking "Are you going to eat that?"

No. 1474840

Oh, that’s why her eyeliner looks extra shitty too, the lashes usually cover most of it. The wings just look like curved lines, it’s really bad

No. 1474860

The bendy shelf next to her cheek kek

No. 1474861

kek she looks disgusting but this is actual clothes that primary school children (under 11) would wear, at least in the uk. thats so fucked to me, they couldn’t have dressed her in some oversexualised “uniform”? it had to be a literally childrens outfit. disgusting

No. 1474867

Not my thing but bit odd to pretend this isnt among the most common role play depicted in porn

No. 1474878

so many bad decisions in life compiled in one image.

No. 1474886

>she looks retarded
Thats because she is anon

No. 1474893

I’m extra creeped out that this person has school set up in their living room.

No. 1474985

At least her face and hair looks somewhat cute here.

No. 1474993

no it doesn't you weirdo. she looks like a fat pedo as always

No. 1475002

"IM POOPIN">>1474790

No. 1475005

clearly the shoot has some sort of specific dress and makeup they go for. she probably wasn’t allowed to wear those shitty lashes.

No. 1475092

These are grosser than the diaper shoots; she looks legitimately freaked out, like an actual molestation victim, not like an adult willingly pretending to be a child.

No. 1475093

Yeah she looks like a mentally retarded woman forced to flash and pose sexually. It looks like a sex crime and she looks scared but not in the "uwu don't spank me mommy" fake playful scared way but in the down syndrome "hnnngghhrr where's da ice cream and puppy you promised me were here?" It's fucking gross. People who like Shay must also bust to the short bus driving by their house every morning.

No. 1475117

omg she looks huge
this pic is awful, flat hank hill ass and her face and her 40something single aunt wrinkles, yessss im living for the fall of this cow!

No. 1475137

These are legitimately gross and scary. And like, Shayna aside, I'm looking at this beautiful old New England manor and wondering what kind of piece of shit operates this kind of thing out of it. Anybody got details on this company?

No. 1475138

Yeah Im sure thats why. Its not ~BiMbO aCaDeMy~ they onviously want the girls to look as homely and average as possible. But that doesn't excuse the god awful "winged" liner or not wearing some chapstick.

No. 1475170

File: 1647797370331.jpg (301.14 KB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20220320-102353_Sam…)

She sold this vid the other day so it was on her feed. The video is even cringier and creepier. But for anyone who somehow doesn't think she's a pedo panderer just because she doesn't actually look like a child…

No. 1475171

File: 1647797405401.jpeg (259.61 KB, 750x1384, 5068B231-0486-42C4-A990-33323C…)

All I know is that this is the guy that runs the whole thing, @spankchief, his name is John Osborne, Shayna follows him

No. 1475172

Samefag, to clarify this is an older vid of hers. She's been doing this disgusting shit for years.

No. 1475173

Yeah this is old and it’s been discussed, still just as gross now

No. 1475174

Jfc a real family business!

No. 1475179

Honestly her older stuff was even worse. I was just posting it because it was on her feed and to show how many people bought, watched, and liked it and there are anons itt that still argue she's not a pedo pandering piece of shit and those ones that say they feel bad for her/think she doesn't deserve to film with some junkie weirdos by her own choice.

No. 1475194

She’s been doing pedo porn since she turned 18, if anything she’s going to ramp it up with the new followers she’s getting on her pedo account

No. 1475200

File: 1647799595539.jpeg (Spoiler Image,450.29 KB, 1536x2048, 2136F2D8-C752-48F7-A0FA-C64E2B…)

If this is the state of her ass boils in a filtered photo I fear for how they’re going to look in unedited in this shoot

No. 1475210

Just two giant red dots from touching each other cause big shaynus has no cheeks.

No. 1475236

File: 1647801639649.jpg (705.67 KB, 2048x1536, FOUAvSFWQA0gOGm.jpg)

if i was there i wouldn't be able to contain my laughter, shayna looks so retarded and so does the 'teacher'

No. 1475238

File: 1647801746122.jpg (447.31 KB, 2048x1536, FOUAfamWYAE9j6p.jpg)


No. 1475243

Her face is so wide unedited, and the difference between her yellow rat teeth and the blinding white she edits onto them is hilarious

No. 1475249

she forgot to edit her reflection kek

No. 1475253

Kek if you didn't know you would presume this was Shay and her parents. Tragic.

No. 1475266

the teacher's fucking face omg

this is going to be a riot

No. 1475270

Shayna really does look like the man. They both have same head shape, same eyes and nose.

No. 1475287

File: 1647805979495.jpg (464.88 KB, 1200x900, truthordare.jpg)

the teacher looks possessed like those people from "truth or dare" lmaooo

No. 1475291

The Teachers and Shay's face remind me of Chris Chan, not because they look like him but it's just the derpy smug look on their faces.

No. 1475294

File: 1647806413770.jpg (31.33 KB, 600x600, CRTX93SWIAEHlo5.jpg)

No. 1475307

File: 1647807146533.jpg (10.4 KB, 312x309, IMG-20201027-WA0006.jpg)

This saga is getting a lil too intense for me

No. 1475319

Why does she always press her tongue against her teeth when she smiles?

No. 1475325

File: 1647809342309.jpeg (15.52 KB, 184x274, A8AF52CE-9AD2-4204-BFAB-4E4C98…)

Kek why is his head built like that tho

No. 1475329

Ms. Trunchbull's beginning. No wonder she was so fucked up

No. 1475342

more like skidmark academy

No. 1475346

Why does this make me think of a cult?
Shayna would probably find being in a faux pedophilic cult sexy though.

No. 1475350

Because she is a literal retarded person

No. 1475392

This made me laugh while taking my break at work ty anon

No. 1475411

The urge to a-log has never been stronger but I’m sating myself with the knowledge that there’s nothing bad I could do to Shay that would be worse than anything she’s already done to herself. Imagine being a fat pedo shut-in with no job, no friends, and a body that’s giving up on you before you’re even 25. Truly thriving.

No. 1475431

she looks like Shrek

No. 1475450

File: 1647817880283.jpeg (348.54 KB, 1170x987, 0833E7AF-0B6E-44E3-B399-8ECB0E…)

No. 1475492

yeah because they edited her fat face, just look at the bent deformed bookcase lol

No. 1475539

File: 1647822165297.jpg (Spoiler Image,379.88 KB, 1630x2048, 20220321_002007.jpg)

Shat's first actual caning apparently.

I can't stop laughing at the statue bust head looking down in disappointment.

No. 1475546

File: 1647822652366.jpeg (Spoiler Image,889.98 KB, 1242x1369, B4AFA3C1-E383-4B1B-999C-D06365…)

She’s not selling any content she shot during this shoot

No. 1475547

File: 1647822713602.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x1619, 6C19489E-F834-4099-A700-70C75F…)

this is an ugly uniform tbh

No. 1475549

At least it covers her boils!

No. 1475551

File: 1647822846805.jpeg (669.78 KB, 1230x1616, 94BE8477-0A84-4AE8-A101-916FA2…)

More like sped academy

No. 1475553

File: 1647822871585.jpeg (651.07 KB, 1242x1483, 74CB2BD9-C5EA-4941-881F-D8A84D…)

No. 1475565

I think she looks so much better here than she normally does. Without the jarring makeup, and in neutral colors. And looser fitting clothes. Obv the uniform is dumb, though

No. 1475575


Probably just the light, but her socks look 2 different colors lol

No. 1475598

this disgusts me more because this looks exactly like my school uniform at 6 years old.
look at her retarded feet turned inwards trying to be cute. she still looks massive and pathetic

No. 1475601

The uniform makes her look skinnier ngl

No. 1475613

It actually does. Maybe she will ditch the pink after this?

No. 1475624

It’s because it fits her properly

No. 1475625

File: 1647827734689.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1148x1622, 8400F305-7C44-41A6-BD08-32F93D…)

Good grief

I bet Shayna is seething with envy over this girl

No. 1475638

Matilda and Marie from Breaking Bad

No. 1475652

File: 1647828739786.jpg (Spoiler Image,457.65 KB, 2048x1215, 20220321_021030.jpg)

Flatty shatty with her lunch lady arms got the worst beating as anon said, probably to hide the ass boils.

No. 1475653

Blog/derail but this is the same type of uniform I wore in high school. When I was 16 a classmate of mine was dating a 22-year-old. She told us he insisted she keep her uniform on during sex because he has a schoolgirl kink and at the time we all just shrugged and thought they were both weird but in retrospect it disgusts me. Shayna and her ilk are catering to and enabling sexual predators who are going on to offend against actual children. I genuinely hope that every man who cooms to this video and others like it dies slowly and painfully and burns in Hell for all eternity.

No. 1475656

Envious why? She looks like a sped too…

No. 1475657

Linebacker shoulders jfc

No. 1475661

Because she looks like an actual child

No. 1475662

Jesus her ass looks the worse like it was cut wtf

No. 1475666

It has the same rectangular shapeless cut that kids clothes tend to have, plus the shoes and everything else. And her facial expressions looking all confused and meek. Shayna loves those pedos so this is a peak opportunity in her mind to get her ass literally beat for men’s sexual pleasure

No. 1475670

She’s the widest and the flattest. A true spongebob

No. 1475681

OK, but her arms are really so fat that she can't touch her forearms together? They did her dirty by not hiding her flaps behind the other girls.

No. 1475682

Am I missing something?

No. 1475689

TIL that there are men out there who have a fetish for broad-backed, dowager-humped, dorito-shaped bitches

No. 1475696

Maybe she can but they made her stop because of the back cleavage kek

No. 1475718

she truly looks like a troon in this one

No. 1475752

Her arms have gotten MASSIVE holy fuck

No. 1475754

It’s the navy jumper—its large enough to fit her, and its a stiff, structured fabric, so it disguises her rolls instead of wrapping around them and emphasizing them, as many of her too-small clothes do. It’s also a nice dark, neutral color. If she had any sense of clothing/fashion/how to dress, she could easily build a flattering wardrobe well-suited to an adult woman that would flatter her in the same way, but she’ll wear her shein pink garbage until the day her liver finally kicks it.

No. 1475761

She would look semi decent if she at least did her eyeliner more like this and of course wore clothes that fit & aren't that hideous shade of pink. What really cracks me up most is that 10$ short press on nails look better than here's that probably cost a lot more. Tbh this is probably the best quality clothes we've ever seen her in & probably cost more than mosy pieces in her wardrobe

No. 1475762

Lunch lady arms? Excuse you. Look at those huge biceps, the bulging lats & those absolutely stacked traps. Her v-taper completely mogs the other girls.

No. 1475813

I love how she’s the fattest least attractive girl there kek

No. 1475814

Wow her body shape is supremely unflattering compared to the other girls. Most of them are average, but at least have a more flattering shape. She has zero ass and hips. I wonder what she got paid to do this shoot or what her payment will be, since she can’t sell the videos herself.

No. 1475815

He is fat and bald, nona. Nowhere to hide the ugly

No. 1475824

So the only time she looks better is in a literal school childs uniform with makeup and nails and hair suited to a minor at school.

The only time shayna will improve her look is so she can make more money from pedos and degenerates, shes disgusting and I hope she continues to squeeze her meaty ham body into badly matched pink shein outfits that show all her rolls and flat ass

No. 1475827

Idgi because wouldn't this style suit her pedo-pandering more anyway? What fucking child wears shein cropped tracksuits 2 sizes too small and calls herself a bimbo kek

No. 1475839

Male attention and she likes to cater to every moid she can

No. 1475840

She’s a baby bimbo, of course !

No. 1475844

A retarded alcoholic haggard child

No. 1475875

File: 1647844583987.jpeg (300.34 KB, 750x970, 8EE1AF1C-599B-49E7-879B-9E507E…)

What happens when you’re a shut in starved of any kind of social life or interaction with woman your own age

No. 1475888

Such a "pro" shoot. If you told me they kept people locked in the basement, I wouldn't be shocked. That the old lady seems so into this pedo pandering is a different level of disgusting.

No. 1475949

old photography trick; it's an easy way to disguise gaps between teeth/chipped teeth

No. 1475956

did i get this right, siblings are filming this together? how degen and vile

No. 1475957

File: 1647857370137.jpeg (24.33 KB, 675x454, 8E2BA0A2-ECB5-4C9E-A322-7E67C5…)

Damn when did Dr Oz transition?

No. 1475966

im dying, that’s the body of a bimbo pornstar princess

No. 1476095

File: 1647874950156.jpeg (Spoiler Image,532.42 KB, 2048x1275, F1BE9DD1-2A34-40DE-8FD1-915E6D…)

No. 1476096

Eeeeewwww all of them are gross.
Shayna is the second most fat girl. Hilarious. If this doesn’t make you want to change your diet, she’s a complete lost cause.

No. 1476111

What an unfortunate looking group of woman. Goes to show that everything on social media is fake, they all looked relatively cute with nice bodies in their own pictures. I would be surprised if Shayna retweeted this one

No. 1476112

Michael Jackson, Big Shaynus between the two fatties, and then the actual pretty girls who I feel could do a lot “better” shoots kek

No. 1476115

File: 1647876048743.jpeg (537.27 KB, 1041x802, 0C3354FA-2140-4663-817C-080CE2…)

They look related kek

No. 1476123

This is literally Shayna in 2 years. Her one asymmetrical tit hangs the slightest bit lower and everything.

No. 1476133

Not so pretty anymore without the facetune and flattering angles

No. 1476142

File: 1647878237600.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 2458x3072, 5DEC69B3-675B-4F35-804A-5ED22E…)

What 6 years of sex work does to a mf
(not implying she looked good in the first pic, just showing the difference between doing a collab with MV and this bargain basement shit)

No. 1476144

the black girl is the only actually pretty one in the group.
shayna must be delighted that she's not actually the ugliest one among them kek

No. 1476156

File: 1647879266435.jpeg (53.51 KB, 400x400, 69CF528E-AC06-42D2-841B-444331…)

I’ve been trying to figure out which one is @misty_lovelace because this is her pfp kek, they’re literally all such catfish I literally can’t figure out who she is

No. 1476163

I think she’s second from right

No. 1476164

She's the second girl from the right. You can see the mole below her eye.

No. 1476166

File: 1647879680255.jpeg (Spoiler Image,709.71 KB, 1242x987, 176660F5-5081-4D37-BBA7-D5D181…)

Its pretty clear which one she is if you look at her videos; she’s not able to edit herself into that. Shay should really hit her up for some tips on catfishing, she looks like she has a nice face before you see her in motion.

Spoilered for pedo shit, even though no one is technically naked

No. 1476170

This makes me so uncomfortable, put this shit in black and white and it looks like a old picture of mentally unstable women being taken advantage of in one of those old mental homes. They all look delayed and miserable.
Shay is next to her twin and is one of the tallest women there. Just tragic. I guess men who like chubby-ish average girls would be into this. They all almost have the same exact body type. I wonder if that's a requirement and why Shay decided to do this? She knew it'd be women slightly more, less or equally attractive as her.

No. 1476180

No. 1476181

It’s just low budget shit so they get who they can afford, which is generally the chubby average looking girls

No. 1476182

Does the little one have self harm scars on her thigh or am I seeing things?

No. 1476189

Of course, they’re all mentally ill, I guess it fits the weird asylum feel of the photos

No. 1476195

shayna should feel lucky she stood next to the only bitch that looks more like yaniv than her!

No. 1476204

She's probably the best looking in the bunch besides her party city Wednesday addams wig that's slipping

No. 1476208

The girl on the right looks like what would happen if shayna and ellen dresel fused into 1 dought fat bitch

No. 1476218

File: 1647882068745.jpeg (Spoiler Image,492.04 KB, 828x505, DB4B247A-E9A8-4274-9E6B-765696…)

No. 1476222

File: 1647882332890.jpeg (580.07 KB, 1232x3036, B2431889-C1BF-4816-9D2E-F5D086…)

No. 1476224

Her dye job looks so shitty? Can someone who knows about dying tell me, why does her hair always end up looking the same muddy brown-blonde stripey mess? It always ends up being the most unflattering color combo, like it fades quickly or something.

No. 1476227

It looks exactly the same as it did before too, I don’t understand how that took 2 days

No. 1476228

kek doesn't work for the teachers, they look like clapped old hags in both

No. 1476229

jackie want sheet metal

No. 1476231

The size of her cankles compared to the other women, rough.

No. 1476233

it can be that she choose a color thats not for her actual hair color so it kinda absorb it, her hairdresser should tell her what really suits her instead that tell yes to Shaynas imaginary dream hair when its not gonna happen, also she doesnt shower so when you dye your hair recently and keep it dirty it tends to look darker (im not professional but i wanted to be a hairdresser for a minute and got my license lol)

No. 1476237

I think she leans into pedo shit cause she thinks her awkward fat body resembles a chubby girl going through puberty but she doesn't realize she comes off as I guess "ran through" and haggard. The booze and weed has aged her so terribly. The only way she could pass as school aged is if they slapped the Kid filter from FaceApp onto her and green screened her head onto a decent looking short girls body. Even then, not really KEK. So abysmal and pitiful to watch, she really believes this is her peak potential and not only that, that she's only getting prettier and younger looking. Full on delusion. Compliments (bold face lies) from pedophiles must be a hell of a drug.

No. 1476258

This is such a dumb nitpick, but I hate that shays hair doesn't match the rest of the girls. They all started braiding down by the ears, shay did her ugly French braids. The point of uniforms is that everyone is supposed to look… You know, uniform.

No. 1476287

why do they all have braids? Is it supposed to be childlike? I've never seen any kids wear their hair in braids like that. Looking like a straight up cult.

No. 1476304

File: 1647885440589.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, 64E89611-3D50-484C-ACD1-3FD630…)

>Dress size: 4

No. 1476305

Cause ya know, Shay has to be “different” and “stand out”

No. 1476307

It must kill her inside that she is also the tallest girl there. We all know how much she tries to portray herself as "smol" and "little" yet here she is.

These two old women are like looking into Shay's future. Helping some disgusting old scrote live out his pedo fantasies by helping groom younger women.

No. 1476308

I think they're just going for the boarding school, strict dress code look, which would include how hair must be worn.

No. 1476323

Where is comedian fart picture anon when you need her?

No. 1476338

looks like stretch marks to me

No. 1476339

They all look like clapped old hags. Not a single girl looks cute. The black girl wouldn’t look so bad if they hadn’t forced her into a weird cheap wig to fit their gross braided pigtail requirement.

No. 1476347

kinda feel like they all should've shaved their cooch for this. not just ella

No. 1476348

File: 1647888857329.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1242x1829, 8D5B6BB7-136D-4D01-8E05-AFB9B3…)

they gave shayna the ugliest roleplaying name in the bunch lmao. Also her gaudy huge gauges are distracting in every shot. If you look at these profiles the girls are all retweeting eachother but her, not that shayna has interacted with thier profiles yet anyway.

No. 1476349

Ms Frobisher lmaoooo what is this all those girls are hideous if not average

No. 1476364

File: 1647889772922.jpeg (Spoiler Image,760.56 KB, 828x1348, 3DC8CA96-D15A-4E66-BC8D-EAC7C2…)

Dr. Jackie Kennedy-Oz offers SRS!

No. 1476366

Based MJ

No. 1476376

File: 1647890928061.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1830, 203DB34C-6859-4C70-8A80-280EDA…)

No. 1476381

Shay has only interacted with the youngest looking one

No. 1476384

File: 1647891125860.png (719.33 KB, 522x588, autism.png)

please forgive me for this autism

No. 1476386

Not only the youngest looking but the one with the smallest follower count.

No. 1476387

The disrespect

No. 1476395

File: 1647892016433.jpg (Spoiler Image,398.86 KB, 1536x2048, 20220321_194521.jpg)

Yes she does.

No. 1476396

wonder if the company told her not to interact. I would be surprised if someone didn't already try to cow tip, so they told Shat not to interact or cause any problems. And tbh she cant afford to fuck up filming with anyone else at this point. If she wants to stay relevant in porn.

No. 1476398

Honestly all these girls look pretty average 5/10 in these pics. Ofc they’re going to look awful in this shit vs their posed/filtered content but so does everyone else? I don’t get the influx of anachans that haven’t seen anyone nude that isn’t a fellow teenager smh look up pics of nude beaches. None of them even look remotely like kids but the one right next to the sped looking “teacher”

No. 1476409

File: 1647892830879.jpeg (216.74 KB, 1170x697, 7C987294-1589-4926-BCBD-8275CE…)

No. 1476411

They're all ugly. Shay and her twin both look like SpongeBob and the rest have ugly pear shaped bodies. They're all small and dumpy.

No. 1476419

Imagine giving birth and raising a daughter for her to turn into this
>sped looking "teacher"
Is that a troon? The blank autistic stare and unfortunate looking face confuse me. There are some chromosomal defects going on there
Like this is horrendous wtf

No. 1476428

Despite the odd facial structure Ms. Matthews is not a troon and was recently complaining about not being able to use the word "cervix" on OF "on International Women's Day" (???). Ironically, her OF subscription cost is significantly higher ($12.99!) than Shayna's and she appears to have way more subs, interactions and vocal fans looking… The way that she does. Step your game up, Shaymu! Granny's got you beat.

No. 1476443

How is that not a man. Jesus Christ.
> her OF subscription cost is significantly higher ($12.99!) than Shayna's and she appears to have way more subs, interactions and vocal fans
proof that ageism doesn’t really matter - even ugly ole broads like Jackie Oz (kek) can bank off of exploiting pathetic scrotes if they have no shame or personal standards!

No. 1476451

She looks like a Down syndrome.

No. 1476462

anon this had me on the fucking floor

No. 1476498

File: 1647900325537.jpeg (183.81 KB, 1284x1488, BCB02641-E894-4699-9AB8-A20C70…)

Just saw pic related right before coming here and seeing your post, anon. Definitely something Shayna can relate

No. 1476523

omfg this is the start of many law and order SVU episodes. what’s bleaker than bleak? how much money is worth this humiliation shayna…? depressing as fuck.

No. 1476751

>jackie oz

No. 1476788

genuinely hilarious; this is an honest to god dirty old lady who gets off on smacking stupid ass skanks and chopping off tranny dicks, I'm not even mad, I'm laughing too hard

No. 1476875

File: 1647928636533.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1242x1504, B7495C09-460F-4DF2-9CF8-AC51AF…)

No. 1476876

File: 1647928666309.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1242x915, 6010D382-6AD6-4903-8599-DDAD41…)

No. 1476877

File: 1647928770938.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1242x895, AB77F071-AE92-4953-82DB-8442B6…)

Nasty ass corn feet

No. 1476878

File: 1647928799653.jpeg (169.76 KB, 1242x544, BEEA4C13-C6FF-44B3-A112-92E3A6…)

No. 1476879

Her ass is becoming concave from her gaining everywhere else. How unfortunate.

No. 1476881

File: 1647929043378.jpeg (697.21 KB, 1242x876, 99CB295F-9240-4899-A99F-044DD9…)

How tf does she let her feet get so crusty? Blurring your corn heels doesn’t make them less callous shatna(nitpicking)

No. 1476886

File: 1647929923190.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.28 KB, 927x636, EO1bWvkX4AEg_UH.jpg)

No. 1476908

so this retard gets new trash tier manicures every week but can't get a single pedicure?

No. 1476914

Literally has a plantar wart pn display. Gross.

No. 1476926

hopefully the other girls brought shower shoes

No. 1476951

Oh god is that a plantar wart
She needs to freeze that shit

No. 1476957

She cant give tips, misty works w photographers that arent her phone on a tripod. Those photograhers edit her photos, she uses the best one.

The only real tip to be given is work with people decent at photoshop. And pose direction in shaynas case since she doesnt know angles to save her life.

No. 1476961

men will fuck a chicken sandwich. Stop giving scrotes so much credit.

No. 1477063


You are right, I am reminded of the guy that made a Chinese food fuckdoll.
Scrotes will fuck or coom to anything especially women that they see lower than themselves…
Makes them feel there are people, namely women, more pathetic than them..
Sage for blogposting and redditfagging..

No. 1477112

the guy who made a fucking what now..?

No. 1477136

Welcome to the shit orbit of Shatna. In 7 days you will be sanitizing your entire persona, butt and feet - you will have many warts..
You deserve to have a shit career if you exploit your Downie features to vile men.

No. 1477171

her hair already looks fucking dirty here what the hell

No. 1477175

File: 1647961252046.jpeg (148.8 KB, 750x472, FBE42B69-80FC-4DAE-9F56-2159B9…)

What the fuck kind of special needs school role play is this

No. 1477202

File: 1647962751445.jpeg (1.17 MB, 988x1688, 9AD39851-AEF3-48A8-B8B3-559CCE…)

No. 1477203

File: 1647962780605.jpeg (Spoiler Image,615.24 KB, 620x1157, B4F1A22C-42E2-4928-B7CB-CD1CF3…)

No. 1477227

Lowkey hope this shit broke skin so she can have a huge scars on her ass. All this for what? Some videos she's not going to make much on? She's not going to go viral because she did a set with a bunch of average women, let someone bruise her tiny cheeks and then got a diaper put on. I'm sure these people are benefitting more then shay is.

No. 1477232

it's obviously a lillee jean

No. 1477243

I think its just a blister or callous/dry spot tbh. Still shouldve been edited out.

No. 1477264

Man face and man body

No. 1477273

Aren't those mats meant for clean feet only? Ick

No. 1477275

She looks like she has two massive transfer tattoos of a person’s face on both cheeks. Susan Boyle on the left

No. 1477278

Kek I miss her too

No. 1477284

Here you go nonita, don't read while eating, especially Chinese food.

Sage for off topic

No. 1477286

Leatherarse saga incoming?

No. 1477294

File: 1647969599132.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1872, C454BEC0-DB71-45EF-A699-F271C7…)

Shay, you will most likely never interact with these other girls ever again

No. 1477297

This is the most socialization with people her own age I think she’s had since high school, that’s pretty sad.

No. 1477300

Nta, but how it nit picking when the wart is so humongous that its not even pixelated

Wart milk is the defining feature of a Shayna grade bimbo

Tinfoil: shaynous paid to be there and these girls volunteered to be beaten for free in exchange for petty cash and twitter validation.

No. 1477303

File: 1647970147984.jpeg (540.98 KB, 1170x1090, 0F1CD2B9-4E7C-42D4-A575-464E46…)

No. 1477307

Sage for blog but I'm a degen who's shot with strictmoor and they pay extremely well. It's hard work though and I'm sure she managed to annoy everyone - the vibe is demure schoolgirl not bratty bimbo.

No. 1477310

She really thinks that the general populace hasn't seen a sped-faced degenerate before or something

No. 1477312

How much do they pay? I'm always curious about how long Shayna and her kind can live off one shoot since she doesn't film often at all…

No. 1477315

Shayna, no one notices you even exist. No one cares about white trash.

No. 1477316

This comparison deserved to be acknowledged at least once.

Keks to you anon.

No. 1477317

>Reposting the same photos already posted zoomed in is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

No. 1477341

ooo someone’s got warts and is touchy about it

No. 1477343

damn that paranoid delusion kek shayna take ur pills

No. 1477345

did you work with the old lady or jackie oz? any milk on anyone or anything behind the scenes?

No. 1477351

Wtf does that even mean

No. 1477352

The fucking CIA couldn't waterboard this out of me.

No. 1477357

is she trying to imitate brittle bone disease in children with the way she is standing??

No. 1477364

>who's shot with strictmoor and they pay extremely well
>extremely well

Now that's a hearty subjective kek.

Especially when a $3-$9.99 monthly subscription to your butthole is considered thriving economics

No. 1477365

File: 1647973532788.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1515924029992.gif)

nonny I'm saving this as a reaction pic cheers

No. 1477366

I just had a look on their website, seems like they’ve got one across in England and have done it for years. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s low 4 digits they pay models

No. 1477370

her feet are so big

No. 1477385

File: 1647975510976.png (119.45 KB, 846x315, D8DD2E97-821B-4AE6-8E5D-EBA171…)

This but sex worker

No. 1477404

don't be shy nonny, spill the milk. you can't just come here and vaguely announce you're an e-whore without actually telling us anything of value in regards to the cow

No. 1477408

How much do you have to hate yourself to volunteer to have someone else do this to your body?

I believe that Shay's lifestyle is just a big act of self harm. She doesn't only want everyone else to believe she's 'thriving', it's also a cope for her. She doesn't want to confront the fact that she's pushing the self destruct button.

No. 1477412

Love yourself anon. Plus have some shame.

No. 1477413

Uh huh sure

No. 1477443

File: 1647979689203.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 1242x1582, C64900D8-3045-4172-A667-DE4B70…)

Shays boil

No. 1477450

What is this angle? Shay looks huge

No. 1477453

That black girl looks like 14 ew. She’d probably take that s a compliment But disgusting as duck

No. 1477458

File: 1647980600995.jpeg (941.52 KB, 1149x1296, 5812169D-DBAD-4585-9A98-DD589B…)

Hank Hill buttcheeks they both even have the same “uwu back dimples” kek

No. 1477461

the right looks like chef ramsey. so much beauty in the world

No. 1477463

File: 1647980740832.jpeg (631.93 KB, 1242x1833, B45B159B-08A8-4AC4-A6B6-F86A2E…)

New moid reaction pic used to reply to Shaynus

No. 1477464

File: 1647980789384.jpeg (264.54 KB, 1242x973, 0DE14DA2-2AD1-4D53-B13F-8B32B0…)

All this bitch does is eat junk and drink alcohol

No. 1477506

All that editing and you can still see her trash skin. Yeesh. Hope that girl got paid well to have to stare at that pasty ass hog and force a smile.

No. 1477578

This is model speak for:
"I undervalued myself and accepted a gig I normally wouldn't in exchange for 1 month rent and I'm afraid of being sued/doxxed by the company"

Her ancestors are definitely crying as she smizes at the white land whale, so desperate to appeas a porn-ring production that profits off the aesthetic recreation of historical sexual abuse on school aged girls.

Makes sense - The UK introduced the idea of a boarding school which led to the residential school system that Strictmoor Academy playfully maintains in their consensual adult content.

No. 1477709

File: 1647990461349.jpeg (860.03 KB, 1242x1584, B6F9CE1F-1100-4280-8EFE-687E33…)

No. 1477713

Dumbass is gonna get this guy fired for lying on twitter. Just for some clout. I hate this bitch.

No. 1477716

What the fuck.

Say goodbye to your job random dude

No. 1477717

Can flight attendants even do that?

I didn't want to samefag but I did want to say I think the other girl is super fucking cute. I wish I could rescue women like her from the deprivity of sex work.

No. 1477723

Why would he be fired?

No. 1477737

File: 1647991666894.jpeg (252.15 KB, 1170x786, 44261399-7DC5-4067-942F-FD2017…)

No. 1477742

Never happened, but also she must be so starved for attention that the most basic gesture makes her fall in love bleak

No. 1477752

Ah well… She's thirsting over a cute scrote for once. He cleans the floor with fupaul and dirty old men.

No. 1477755

She looks like she's 12 years old kek.

No. 1477771

Babe no, she's gonna take that as a compliment.

No. 1477777

File: 1647993959764.jpeg (337.13 KB, 1170x1130, B5FBB335-C13F-40C7-B877-219499…)

No. 1477781

Someone be on the lookout for any new twitter followers she gets. Could be him, he gets one look at her twitter and he’s gonna bounce. Kek

No. 1477783

File: 1647994146085.jpg (60.46 KB, 1080x423, Screenshot_2022-03-23-00-05-47…)

How sad she is so excited by a free fucking drink.

Fupa must've never bought her any back in the day.

No. 1477790

Or he'd see a whore and think he's hit the jackpot for an easy lay.

No. 1477809

what’s the opposite of a fag hag

No. 1477828

That was my thought, she'd be sexualizing this more if that was the case. She called him adorable.if it was a guy she felt was attracted to her she'd talk about it differently

No. 1477844

If she's flying first class this is standard

No. 1477849

This is dumb, but she's likely flying in first class and they give you alcohol for free. She's 100% stretching out the truth or is too stupid to understand they are complimentary. No flight attendant is going to pay for your drink.

No. 1477858

Yeah, first class domestic is surprisingly cheap. I assume that whatever porn company she shot with paid for the flight. And yeah, she's so dumb that she really thought "he's giving me free drinks because I'm so hot, that must be it" kek

No. 1477860

File: 1647996476796.png (337.73 KB, 1080x523, Screenshot_20220322-174734.png)

No. 1477863

much bimbo body, such an hourglass figure omg
i love that she always brag about men when theyre hideous and nothing to be proud about kek fatty always eating bc shes starving 4 attention

No. 1477908

No, Sarah Gregory and crew are very professional (considering the subject matter) and work very hard to make Strictmoor films which are, afiak, commissioned by one particular custom buyer. I just know form my experience that the kind of bullshit Shayna seems like she's always pulling wouldn't fly. And also minimal makeup/nails etc must have been super difficult for her. Strictmoor is long days where you have maybe one scene cantered on you and the rest of the time are in the background pretending to study or being scared. The custom buyer is very particular. I know I heard someone mention 20k as a budget for one of the Strictmoor films. I'm a shameless kink ho who is using their body to make money whilst the pandemic is destroying my other work, so I don't feel much shame for making money and capitilasing on moids. AMA.

No. 1477910

>>1477315 Day rate was 4 figures - just. More than I imagine Shayna gets anywhere else in her failing SW career. Who knows how she ended up getting in with them. I'm surprised they chose to shoot with her.

No. 1477911

All of that and you didn’t say how much you made shooting with them, which is what most people were actually curious about. Who gives a shit about what you think of them?

No. 1477917


Literally just exactly four figures - $1k. Which compared to my usually C/P filming work is pretty high when strictmoor is usually just spanking. No idea why Shaynus ended up with more punishment but I'm pretty sure she'd be paid the same rate regardless of taking more 'damage'.

No. 1477919

How did you come in contact with Strictmoor and how do you think she came into contact with them? Do they usually reach out to girls or the other way around?

No. 1477924

They got in contact with me because I am known for doing hard C/P content. I doubt Shayna approached them because their aesthetic is so different to hers and yes, you can't have unnatural nails/piercings/tattoos (ideally) and can wear very little makeup. I'm imagining they were just short of models and desperate. The whole operation is funded by one guy who pays for these shoots afaik. With covid a lot of models have to drop out last minute. That[s the only reason I can imagine Shayna got a gig because her aesthetic is NOT Strictmoor and she also doesn't do severe punishment from what I've seen. C/P (corporal punishment) is a whole, fucked up different ballgame to the usual e-whore stuff you see on here,

No. 1477930

Bro thats just cold.

Anon, thanks for talking about them.

No. 1477931

Why do they strictly hire ugly girls? Is it part of the buyers fetish?

No. 1477934

No idea. Lack of tattoos/piercings is the ideal. "Girl next door" is the look. It's not supposed to be traditionally sexy but a turn-on from a scrote who's into victorian schoolgirl fantasises. I think the buyer is more into that aesthetic than actual traditional beauty standards. Also let's be real, there's a small pool of people to pick from who are willing to do this shit.

No. 1477937

File: 1648000164075.jpeg (Spoiler Image,371.2 KB, 2048x1160, DE624B5B-0A71-41C9-94BA-FF157F…)

Kek lovinglyhandmadepornography finally posted the video with Shayna, and the screenshots he’s using to sell it look exactly like the compilations of retard faces farmers post

No. 1477980

File: 1648002614405.jpeg (881 KB, 3119x1920, E6181CF2-2FAE-4598-B876-BE5056…)

No. 1477982

A straight mate

No. 1477985

File: 1648002703973.jpeg (790.31 KB, 1242x1669, D4B3681D-0C8D-40AF-A32E-8C3B14…)

No. 1477991

lmao prematurely aged fat pedo panderers are seething that a guy has working eyeballs. classic

No. 1477992

i meant to sage. am sorry admins pls no ban

No. 1478049

I get that he's right (the girls look old), but basically he's saying he wants barely legal girls who do actually look underage.
Both things are fucked up

No. 1478073

>what age were you when you decided to be a prostitute
>was being a hooker your dream job as a child?
>do you envy your child self because you cater to pedoscrotes?
>Why don’t you kill yourself? Now?

No. 1478077

He pretty much just follows diaper pedo accounts and accounts with the word “kiddo” in them, definitely mad that they look like women rather then kids

No. 1478087

yea it’s gross but don’t bite the hand that feeds milk/context as a general rule

No. 1478102

I don’t know why whores think that we should treat them like human beings when the men they cater to don’t even see the, as one. Literally vile ass shit, look at the audacity of this
Online prostitutes enable these scrotes entitlement and fuel their pedophillic fantasies. Kys whore I hope you get evicted. They all think it’s funny to lurk here because they see shat as competition

No. 1478109

What's this coomer on coomer violence? disguteng

No. 1478179

admitting you can’t get hard for anyone over 25 is such a tragic self-own

No. 1478226


The marks on her ass look like the faces of the creepy old hag teachers

No. 1478376


I'm unbothered by people who think these things, I posted calling myself a degenerate and knew I would get these kind of reactions but I thought people might be interested in hearing about what those shoots are like. I'm genuinely amazed Shayna got the gig knowing her actions/aesthetic. They must have been struggling for models.
I started doing fetish clip stuff when the pandemic made me redundant. I don't really care if people think it's gross, I'm just surviving. If there's no other milk I can share I'll stop posting if it offends your delicate sensibilities, np.

No. 1478377

File: 1648025021583.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1221, 6DB7AF9D-0E26-4D85-861D-FE86F6…)

It’s like Terror Toad from Power Rangers except that you become absorbed by shayna if you gaze into the butt boil for too long

No. 1478384

No one will ever love you. Shut the fuck up, pedopandering worthless retard.

No. 1478393

I can only speak for myself in saying that survival sex work doesn’t elicit the same scorn from me that libtard mcfeminist “muh empowerment!!11!!!11!!” sex work does. Do what you need to do to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. Anyway, I’m curious as to how/why you think Big Shaynus ended up working with this company, given that she’s not their usual choice. Do you think she might have done it for free?

No. 1478406

No, they are one of the more professional outfits and there's no way they'd not pay a model. I'm imagining because of covid they might have had to re-book people last minute, and couldn't afford to be picky to go ahead with the shoot. They need a certain number of girls.

No. 1478408

i hope you can find a future where you don't have to appeal to scrotes and feed the suppression of women. but thanks for the info. it's very interesting and yet insane of all of this is for one rich guy's fantasy, wtf

No. 1478420

File: 1648030060847.jpeg (47.24 KB, 455x674, 758125C3-7401-4FA9-B63C-9D7200…)

OT but have you ever watched picrel? It’s a documentary about a bunch of interconnected tickle fetish websites that are paying college guys $5k+ for one tickle shoot, and the producers then stalking them and holding the footage over their heads and threatening to send it to their teachers, coaches and families for years. At the end it’s revealed that the whole thing was just one old gay scrote living off of his parents fortune and using all his time and money to produce all his own ticklefet videos and hire middle men to coordinate and film them for him. The bottom line is never put anything past a coomer with money to spare.

No. 1478423

Or you could go apply at McDonald’s instead of pretending like your ONLY option is letting random people beat the shit out of you for pennies? There are tons of work from home jobs if you’re disabled. You’re no better than Shat and must have thought you’d have more than one nonny patting you on the back for some information you just keep repeating. They’re “professional”, ran by creeps, pay crap, and are desperate for girls. Go work on your resume and take an online class.

No. 1478473


Can you not just be happy we're getting insider info on who Shat is working with? sperg about your hatred for sws somewhere else, you're shitting up the thread

No. 1478480

Not at all, I was under no illusions about how my posting would be treated. I've just been reading Shayna's threads since the beginning and could not believe our paths had crossed in this small way and felt I had something to contribute, after reading for so long.

No. 1478484

this is the shay thread; we just got insider ho info that shay is a struggle-choice even for a fucking fetish shoot, let's revel in that instead of shooing away more potential milk, shitass

No. 1478486

>surviving on a mcjob
is that like, possible in not-america? cuz it isn't here on 11 hour shifts five days per week, ime, I'll never be able to move out of my mom's garage lmao

No. 1478489

>I don’t know why whores think that we should treat them like human beings when men don't
We are not them, anon.
We are not them.

No. 1478500

Since when does the world revolve around how gooner scrotes treat people?

No. 1478503

who the hell survives solely on one income from mcdonald's? maybe anon has to do sex work on the side to make ends meet. take your meds and let them spill the info they got before you sperg god damn.

No. 1478549

Yeah that post reeks of ball sweat. Definitely a scrote or another cluster b pick-me.
You sound like a fucking cow yourself lol. The only people who suggest mcdicks as a job are fucking delusional and retarded themselves.
Thanks for the insight anon

No. 1478561

Anon you don’t know their situation, don’t be a bitch. Some people have been trafficked and their online presence destroyed by porn, making it near impossible for them to get a job. Plus, there are lots of other contexts that could cause this situation. Try having a heart and calming down? Jesus

No. 1478563

Especially in the US you can't survive on a McJob unless you have like 10 roommates or multiple McJobs–entry level anything in the US is not actually a living wage. That's why it's not really a reasonable alternative for people like Shayna. Her best bet is moving in with a parent and then getting a McJob or retail job to save some money and gain some work experience considering her resume is blank for her entire adult life.
If these videos are all made for one weird client are they still available for purchase from the regular coomer public? How were you made aware it was one rich, eccentric scrote? Is he, like, on set…because ew? Did they pay your air fare?

No. 1478566

How were you guys treated? Did you guys have any interactions with the guy commissioning it all?

No. 1478604

I'm curious about this too. How did you know there's only one coomer bankrolling it all? I'm imagining some middle aged scrote director going "Cut! That's not how coomer wants it"

No. 1478622

Yeah I used to work for mcdonalds like 6-7 years ago and I got paid £11 an hour (which was above minimum wage).
It wasn't like great money but it's not bad for a job you can get with no qualifications.

No. 1478623

another anon here but I'm not sure why we need to give asspats to an e-whore who admits she takes extreme physical abuse for pennies on the internet. Nasty, degrading shit all done for men to coom to. No excuse to not find a real job (or multiple) with the way the job market is in the US. but thanks to her for the skim milk I guess.

No. 1478631

Kek, reading his Twitter was a wild ride. What a nutjob.

No. 1478645

Based. Death is the preferable alternative to contributing to rape culture and coomsoomerism kek. Unless anon is being trafficked or lives in some rural hellhole with 0 other feasible alternatives (not naive enough to think a mcjob is good enough but there's things out there that are) no sympathy is wasted.

No. 1478655

Your only way to survive is to participate in pedo pandering porn where you get your ass beat? You are a seriously sick person seek help

No. 1478667

We should not be nice to ewhores who degrade themselves for pennies even if it’s for. “Muh survival”
I’m a pickme? You are literally replying to someone who dresses like an elementary schoolgirl and gets her ass beat for money. I would rather be labeled a pickme or a scrote than one of the man unimportant whores who will probably kill themselves and be memed like August Ames.
Answer the questions, retard or do I have to pay you $3 for you to say the answers while you shove some plastic up your ass in a custom video?

No. 1478685

As much as I agree with you nonny, chill the fuck out lmao

No. 1478696

File: 1648051834178.jpeg (426.54 KB, 1170x812, A25AE21F-AA4C-4E23-94AF-A87670…)

Well now back to Shay

She’s going to use this as an excuse to not work for weeks

No. 1478698

Also— women like this always love to say they’re doing it “to survive” but don’t tell you they make max $5k for a shoot and they don’t receive any money for the videos that are sold(emoji)

No. 1478706

Guess farmhands are taking a vacation from this thread. Kek

No. 1478709

He wouldn't. Some people on this thread really have as tenuous a grasp on reality as Shay herself.

No. 1478734

File: 1648054031536.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.1 KB, 1024x527, 20220323_141628.jpg)


No. 1478754

File: 1648054804863.jpeg (165.88 KB, 680x1024, 964C9771-6AF6-4D9B-9F21-435C29…)

No. 1478756

File: 1648054830978.jpeg (Spoiler Image,185.51 KB, 1024x682, 26E8CF7C-25FF-4D0C-9130-B03752…)

No. 1478762

File: 1648054942796.jpeg (365.91 KB, 1242x1416, 4CBBC185-55D3-4DD8-BB3E-F8CFC3…)

No. 1478764

File: 1648055020353.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1397, C19CEA1B-05E7-4B4F-9B45-20F619…)

Damn the white girl in front of shay has a weird shaped head lmaoo inbred looking ass

No. 1478765

File: 1648055068582.jpeg (530.16 KB, 2048x2048, 7180ED01-5816-4AC7-BF67-D4F361…)

I hate it

No. 1478767

File: 1648055113349.jpeg (545.48 KB, 2048x2048, 491F5F1B-AE72-4651-A8C8-5440C4…)

No. 1478768

WTF??? This makes no sense

No. 1478770

File: 1648055153454.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.03 KB, 1023x511, 915F8749-0546-420C-9051-35359B…)

No. 1478771

I can respect someone living at home working 50+ hours per week whether they could survive on their own or not because that's honest work, I can't respect anything going on in this thread

No. 1478773

We’re done discussing this and back to Shay now

No. 1478775

She is sucking in for dear life

No. 1478777

File: 1648055319617.jpeg (Spoiler Image,173.91 KB, 1024x629, 74D52DD0-54DF-42E8-8889-D834B1…)

No. 1478778

I'd say "yes ma'am" but I fear how that would look in this thread

No. 1478780

File: 1648055410117.jpeg (516.24 KB, 1170x1473, 27B0150F-4DC2-4F6D-A016-4863BC…)

Shay, we know you will never shoot with these girls ever again

No. 1478784

if it is true that a rich fetish scrote pays for all of this, does it mean he chooses the girls or does he just ask them to find the most abhorrent ones on twitter?

No. 1478785

File: 1648055534886.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1688, 678AAB42-A217-4FBD-9489-E6F7B7…)

I thought she was talking about the scrote that gave her wine kek but she was roleplaying at skidmark academy

No. 1478786

damn bitch, def you a Shay; you always with the YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN SHAYNA,like stop projecting ugly fatass. you are the same anon who always got extremely defensive always an anon say something u dont like, just fuckin move on and u should seek help for all that anger issues and hate lmao maybe u need a plastic up your ass it might help

No. 1478789

File: 1648055587666.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1678, CB7F3268-70BB-4911-A44C-6584F7…)

No. 1478793

I hope you get banned. Shut up and move on.

No. 1478794

Holy shit she makes the desk look miniature

No. 1478795

This one is giving me flashbacks to the lake pictures. Shaysquatch body type

No. 1478797

she looks decent here, is it edited? she looks less fat when clothes fit but still too big on the shoulders and no hips got her looking like a cone.

No. 1478798

>beat for 4 days creating content for multiple fetish sites
>Received $1000 for 4 days physical and emotional abuse
>"Feeling smol"

+1000 Emotional damage.

No. 1478800

why they didn't make her part her hair in the middle and take off that yellow make up is beyond me. if this is supposed to be like a historical fantasy thing the least they could do is not make her look like she came there straight from the mid-2000s

No. 1478802

>Skidmark Academy

My sides thank you, anon

No. 1478804

kek uwu smol baby shayna is the tallest one there, even taller than the "teacher" hilarious

No. 1478812

I know it's been debated for years but this pic really makes me believe she has one breast implant in the veiny tit and the other is natural. I never 100% believed it till now but the natural sag of the other one, the way the zombie tit never moves or jiggles, all the close up scar pics plus the two anons (one from MA and the other that was briefly friends with her in OK) confirm it for me.

No. 1478814

Lmao exactly what I thought, now that she’s had some time to process it she feels traumatized subconsciously. No one who’s had a great shoot where they feel happy and empowered would be like wow now that I’m done I want to fucking disassociate from my true self

No. 1478818

Damn her actually wearing black longer skirts, black underwear etc makes her look far better, whoda thunk it - I bet as well this has been her best pay in a while, she should look to do more of this nonsense, still grim but far less cringe than her baby blimpo act

No. 1478823

Is her skirt on backwards? Lmfao never change Shay.

No. 1478824

it's very telling that the only one of them she's interacting with happens to be the weirdest looking one kek

No. 1478828

Did they let her use their laundry or is this a new skirt? It’s not encasing her like a sausage like before.

No. 1478830

WOOF. fucking butterfaces, imagine paying for this as a coomer kek

No. 1478832

It seems they paired shats with the hobbit >>1478754 they probably wanted the biggest girl and the smallest girl together to show off their size differences kek

No. 1478833

body type: troon

No. 1478836

I think it is, cause in that picture wheres she's bent over the desk you can see the skirt folding weirdly at the back.
Surely she knows pencil skirts typically have the slit at the back lol.

No. 1478842

Why would she ever wear nice clothing like that, she has no idea how to wear adult business or business casual. She longs to look like a CSEM victim between the ages of 13-17, not pretty. Her fat ugly ass has no clue how to wear shitty tennis skirts either so naturally the hog wore everything wrong.

No. 1478843

Shat is so pornsick and retarded I wouldn’t doubt she thought the slit was for the front for “easy access” Also no need to samefag, nona >>1478839 >>1478842

No. 1478851

Not shayna just annoyed at sex workers. And yeah the one itt didn’t even give milk just “omg they’re so professional and pay a lot I don’t know how shayna even got to shoot with them she’s faaaat and ugly.” Like the sex worker bitch isn’t as well, she literally said she is into more hardcore stuff than shay and dressing in uniforms to get beaten by ugly old bitches is gross idc. We need to knock these sex workers down a peg because this is not Twitter im not gonna “yassss queen make money from the nasty scrotes” get a real job and stop catering to pedos.
>stop projecting you ugly fatass
I’m sorry shayna is doing better than you miss hooker.

No. 1478857

File: 1648059576537.png (142 KB, 3000x3882, dcrpun1-299545c3-fe68-42e1-8ab…)

Forget SpongeBob, she should start dressing up as bimbofied Plank. She's got the body for it!

No. 1478858

Skim milk was provided and skidmark nona never said shat was too ugly or fat to work with them you fucking idiot. If anything she’s ugly enough to work for them

No. 1478865

I'm anon your replying to (1478836) and I didn't samefag? I don't even know what CSEM stands for and there is no post 1478839 that I can see so did you make a typo or is there a deleted post?

No. 1478869

Her tits resemble the eyes so closely its freaky

No. 1478885

File: 1648060803098.png (76.24 KB, 305x255, Screenshot 2022-03-23 1.39.26 …)

why does she look so disappointed

No. 1478887

Maybe realizing being a whore isn't all that great.

No. 1478979

why must you start this fight

No. 1478981

I hope I don't get banned by getting very ot and autistic but… is appearing in porn equal to being a whore? I thought what you needed to be classified as a whore was literally working the corner. Is doing porn equally dangerous as working a corner?

No. 1478982

fuck sorry I had to correct my shitty grammar

No. 1478984

NTA but CP can also mean Corporal Punishment which is what I'm assuming they are referring to.

No. 1479025

You’re unlikely to be murdered working porn so no it’s not as dangerous. But having sex for money makes you a whore, whether it’s working the corner or you dress it up like appearing in porn or being a sugar baby.

No. 1479043

oh yeah, that makes sense.

No. 1479072

it's equally as traumatizing for sure. doing porn is definitely whoring yourself out, after all the word pornography comes from the ancient greek word for "whore"

No. 1479101

Can you blame them?

No. 1479105

Honestly I think it might even be worse than being a streetwalker. Your naked body can be seen all over the internet. Everyone will know what you look like. People will shame you, scrotes on the internet will send you death threats,

No. 1479107

File: 1648069654531.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1707, 0BADED9D-97D0-455C-B32D-78685E…)

shat looks constipated

No. 1479120

she looks like a 15 years old chubby boy from 2009 with that face

No. 1479125

i think its better, you can create a persona and then get rid of it, not having real intercouse and keep it all virtual seems safer. also if youre in it for the money and no the attention seeking behaviour, you can have no complications tbh, just that OF girls are def for the attention, thats why theyre so cringe and get haters, etc.

No. 1479150

The troon vibes are strong with this one like never before.

No. 1479152

> you can create a persona and then get rid of it
ok but there’s still porn of you online forever…?

No. 1479157

Not Shay related, but I’ll take my ban if needed. I dated a porn sick scrote (I discovered this too late, he’s thankfully not into young looking etc, he’s more female domination which is why I allowed it)
But genuinely after doing something I wasn’t into with him, or sexting about it with him I felt dirty for approx 3-5 business days.

The fact she feels dirty, porns not productive or healthy if it’s big shoots or just fetish pandering personally, no fucking wonder she feels gross after that shoot

No. 1479176

props to the scrote productions company for putting shaynus in clothes that actually fit her and at least one normal/age appropriate role.

No. 1479179

Sage for OT but why do anons always sperg about Shatna's body shape like having a fat lumpy ass and thighs and looking like a skittle makes you any more attractive when you are overweight? Fat is fat. It doesn't matter what shape you are. I guess it's a cope for anons who are fat like Shayna but store fat in other places. All women look good when they are really thin and have never been overweight so no sagging. The overweight body is inherently ugly and sick. If you are disproportionate enough to have a big ass, a bigger cup size or to look like Hank hill, you need to lose weight. People who eat less live longer and ideal body fat for women is around 19%. When women enter menopause their fat shifts around their organs regardless of where it was before and kills them.

No. 1479188

Nothing I said was untrue. I thought I did sage.

No. 1479191

Ana threads are elsewhere, skelly-chan. we don’t need an unsaged sperg.

No. 1479193

Kek, seek therapy

No. 1479197

Having a giant cottage cheese ass that collects shit and sweat between your deep cheeks and rubs it all over your underwear doesn't make you any better than plank shaped Shayna. Cope harder and go on a diet.

No. 1479199

File: 1648073765160.jpeg (75.93 KB, 577x433, EDC07D54-02E7-4DAB-B227-EA7934…)

Stop being jealous(infighting/derailing)

No. 1479201

No one is jealous of anyone's gynecoid obesity.

Put the fork down kek.

No. 1479205


But ReAL wOmEn HaVe CuRvEs anon.

No. 1479222

File: 1648075501030.jpeg (863.22 KB, 1242x1455, 141A4ABB-72D9-4757-9146-22175A…)

Look, anon, I also tend to think thinner always looks better(translation: have terror sweats at the thought of having a BMI 20+) but you can’t deny that body shape has something to do with it. I’m extremely curveless; my sister is the same height as me, but naturally has more fat distributed to breasts and hips. She weighs 20 lbs more than me and has the same waist size. If she were my weight, she’d look too thin; if I were hers, I’d look a bit tubby.
No one with Shay’s BMI looks good, but not everyone with Shay’s BMI looks quite as bad as she does.

I’m including a picture of a girl about Shay’s height that I think we can all agree is heavier than Shay (195 lbs) but I think we can also all agree is a LOT more attractive than Shay (although obviously she could stand to lose some weight)

No. 1479224

File: 1648075548537.jpeg (976.95 KB, 1242x1454, 1779D498-B264-403C-BF67-88C88A…)

Here’s a picture of an even heavier girl (205 lbs) looking rough af but still sexier than Fat Shat(derailing)

No. 1479230

File: 1648075686164.jpeg (906.3 KB, 1170x1466, 2C69B11D-205B-4E66-95DA-82466C…)

No. 1479232

Jesus Christ this thread is absolutely deranged lately

No. 1479237

That girl is not sexier than shay all I see is fat. Fat women just hike their underwear as high as they can to hide the texture and rolls.

No. 1479240

File: 1648075888298.jpg (56.95 KB, 800x442, tumblr_33caa6fa2d9060d1ebf32b7…)

No. 1479244

'sexy' to who? Low value scrotes? All high value scrotes like very thin women. Poor scrotes like gynecoid obesity.

No. 1479246

Girl you sound li