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File: 1602780034167.jpeg (169.61 KB, 1242x782, 1602609959551.jpeg)

No. 1059375

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1048616

Recent milk:

>threatens to quit onlyfans after revealing she only has $2 to her name after not immediately receiving her payout after a bank holiday >>1057900, >>1057962

>this is immediately after mentioning that she spent $200+ at the grocery store for just herself whilst simultaneously buying large amounts of sushi >>1056092, >>1055178
>still convinced her shitty porn is going to be her "big break" >>1056861, >>1051511
>more sperging because fupa is sick of dealing with her >>1056739, >>1056716
>mentioned the possibility of streaming on twitch because she's "sick of the SW community" >>1056516
>creepy male twitter orbiter continues to be creepy >>1055557, >>1055248, >>1053133
>still boozing it up >>1054887, >>1054422
>claims to have no taken her psych meds for over 3 months >>1054663
>starting "new meds" for the 100th time this year >>1054598
>said she was cutting herself when still in school >>1054486
>appearance continues to descend further into cave goblin status >>1054013, >>1050339, >>1049610, >>1049265
>took multiple "days off" from doing nothing to do… nothing >>1053958, >>1053232

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ← she got locked out and transformed her SFW twitter
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ ← CURRENT

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No. 1059376

File: 1602780331499.png (587.34 KB, 750x1334, 1CD4BE69-15E5-482D-8C3C-A5D9BC…)

deleted tweets from last night

No. 1059377

File: 1602780370585.jpg (279.7 KB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_20201015-114736_Twi…)

Because they can get free nudes from your twitter

No. 1059379

Not the catfish but because your orbiters were dumb enough to fall for it kek

No. 1059383

its just cringe as fuck that she keeps trying to call it a "catfish" when in reality it was literally a farmer using pics from here and that she posts FREE and UNCENSORED on her own twitter

No. 1059386

File: 1602780778831.png (376.69 KB, 750x1334, 30EBAF69-EB9F-4CA8-A80F-AAB8CE…)

fat boy tits mattel thinks she has a D cup

No. 1059390

i hope shayna finally pulls through with the planned strap-on video, i want to see if jason the simp will comment on it with his usual "Mmmm I'd let you do that babygirl"

No. 1059393

makes you wonder if she bought clothes that fit she probably wouldn't feel like suffocating

No. 1059395

File: 1602782275099.jpg (613.52 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_20201015-121903_Twi…)

No. 1059396

File: 1602782301426.jpg (710.17 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201015-121923_Twi…)

But what about you being a total simp for all men Shay?

No. 1059397

File: 1602782344331.jpg (377.84 KB, 1080x2081, Screenshot_20201015-122033_Twi…)

No. 1059398

File: 1602782379538.jpg (347.95 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201015-122040_Twi…)

No. 1059402

Someone tell her she won't get picked if she keeps this up! Wonder if this is supposed to be a warning for MacDaddyGlass or something kek.

No. 1059403

File: 1602782724068.jpeg (627.82 KB, 1242x1463, 1C34DCC9-DDE3-4C64-BA5F-2143D8…)

It’s almost like.. sex work is a dangerous job. and you should be aware that men will constantly degrade and harass you because they think they’re entitled. sex work isn’t glamorous shaytard

No. 1059405

This. All men who pay for sex and for videos of a sexual nature are sick freaks. They all see you as nothing more than an object for them to cum to and use up. Thats literally what sex work is lmao.

No. 1059407

Why does he call her baby is he paying her for GFE or something, or is she too stupid to charge for that

No. 1059410

I bet you that she flirts with him in the dms because she’s deprived of attention since Fupa isn’t lovey dovey like he was in the beginning. Even in the beginning he wasn’t that romantic he called her kiddo and was only sexual towards her on tumblr

No. 1059411

hope she remembers this when she wants to complain about fupa perkins not picking up the phone

No. 1059413

This just types like Shayna, she probably sent them to herself for pity points. Look guys I'm so admired I even have a stalker!

No. 1059415

Literally was thinking the same thing anon

No. 1059417

Anon missed an opportunity to use "dollyfattel" instead
sorry if that joke has been made in the last thread: I don't really keep up with her thread

No. 1059429

Have you heard of men? They will stalk any girl, especially if there are nudes available. I'd be shocked if any girl with content out there like Shay didn't have a mentally ill stalker or two.

No. 1059439

If this happened to anyone else she'd think up some way to spin it back on the woman as being her fault.

No. 1059449

>Girls literally complain about men not being able to express their emotions, but when one comes to you with PERSONAL problems, they just block him??
>Like, imagine not having empathy for another human being coming to you in need just because they're a man?? With a penis?? Psychotic!!!
>Cocksleeve Animu PFP: Yeah girls are stupid
>RIGHT? eyes emoji Anyways stuff my asshole with tissues and pull them out when you need to wipe away your tears, daddy uwu.

No. 1059454

Spot on. No one is a victim until Shayna is.

No. 1059458

File: 1602789203121.png (1.13 MB, 1242x2208, 5EE20892-49AA-42ED-9E06-9350E4…)

Aw her two friends: fat fuck on the toilet and retarded old man
Kek I love how they basically conformed that shaytard talks to them

No. 1059460

File: 1602789313360.jpeg (727.78 KB, 1242x1460, 2CFED36D-889E-4FDF-95F3-2FFD9F…)

If I see her complain about money again this month I’ll rip my hair out. Stupid bitch. She doesn’t know how to manage her money yet her retard orbiters keep giving it to her

No. 1059466

She complains about money because it gets her retard orbiters to feel bad for her and give her money.

Only getting a few $100 tips after sperging. Saw some chick on insta making $100 a minute degrading herself at least, damn Shayna don't get too excited.

No. 1059471

File: 1602791104260.jpeg (121.98 KB, 828x1002, 4BA609BB-0D78-4F54-B741-9901B3…)

Her subscriber count seems to drop by about 100 every month nowadays. She’s truly fading into irrelevancy and fast. Just a guess but maybe by next month she’ll be down to 400.

No. 1059476

She should just drop the price to $1 kek

No. 1059482

File: 1602792490185.jpeg (Spoiler Image,788.49 KB, 1242x1423, 4185D5F4-0638-45BC-AC00-03A50D…)

Forgot to spoiler

No. 1059490

jesus the left pic is one of the most unflattering she’s posted in a while

No. 1059491


Shes morphing into that PuppyMilk troon nonce Aggy

No. 1059492

File: 1602794445029.png (845.12 KB, 760x2996, Screenshot_20201015-002127.png)

tldr; talking about being an incompetent cat owner, cat still hates dog and hides 24/7 because she has nowhere to feel safe

No. 1059494

What a fucking asshole.

No. 1059507

Her cat literally hates her and is scared of her and noodle. what a dumbass I hope rib gets a better home

No. 1059508

Every time someone puts zero effort into understanding and appropriately caring for or bonding with their cats: "omg cats are just naturally grumpy!"

No. 1059509

So she as a cat owner has not done any research on cat behavior at all?? A cat hiding consistently for so long is a sign of either pain/illness or anxiety/mental health issues. It's not a fucking personality trait shaytard, your cat is unwell.

No. 1059510

I can’t wait until this bitch gets her wish of “being a stupid baby that has to be taken care of 24/7” - because she’s gained 500lbs and now needs a caretaker.

And her dream of being famous when she features on “My 600lb Life”

I hate you shayna.

No. 1059512

It’s Shayna, she puts no effort into anything she does, including proper animal care. I don’t know why she even still owns Ribmeat, poor thing.

No. 1059514

File: 1602796992170.png (2.04 MB, 2048x1865, Screenshot_20201015-172420.png)

Her nose changes in every pic. Chill on the Facetune Shayna.

No. 1059521

Kek I swear last month she crawled back up to 800 and now shes down to under 600? Sad. Especially because her OF has tons of content on it for less than a coffee. I know its horrible content, repetitive. But dudes have low standards and she has a couple retard orbiters.

Why she look like a Great Value version BhadBabie or whatever the cash me outside girl calls herself lmao

No. 1059523

>doesnt see cat for days, doesn't care
>cat hides all the time so much it's literally hiding under the cupboard/in the floor, thinks it's just her personality and not a serious issue
Good fucking lord. I know she'll never give up Rib, but that cat seriously needs special attention. It clearly has behavioral/emotional issues that Shay has not only not worked on with her, but flat out made worse by adding stressors like frequent moves, the dog, and being disgusting and who knows as a person.

No. 1059524

Oh my god i’m so mad at her. When you get a rescue cat you’re supposed to get it used to people little by little. Sage for blog but i have 2 rescue cats, they were very shy during the first few months, not fucking _years_. Somebody needs to get poor ribmeat and noodle away from her. She can’t have pets on her state.

No. 1059525

She is so fucking ugly and seemingly goes out of her way to look as unappealing as possible. I truly don’t get it.

No. 1059527

Jfc Shay instead of blowing all your pity donation money on junk food and weed, buy a $100 6ft cat tree for your poor cat

No. 1059528

I doubt she has even any toys or any feliway. What she says it seems it’s at least borderline animal abuse.

No. 1059536

She did get a cat tree for her. An Amazon one, I'm sure that's probably thrashed by now if the cat interacted with it at all. She should get her more comfort areas to relax in/on, but overall she needs to actually WORK with the cat and try to help her be comfortable. But effort and Shay are strangers.

I'm gonna guess Noodle is hyper and overly interested in the cat and Rib hates it but again, Shay does nothing about it but make jokes.

No. 1059538

Exactly. Ribmeat has to be taken away from her at least. It’s not normal to hide away from the owner for a cat.

No. 1059542

Ribmeat did run away at one point. Makes sense why.

She really needs to stop that shit with her eyebrows or at least pick a more natural color. It looks like she used boot polish.

No. 1059553


No. 1059556

She never should have got noodle. She cant even take care of a cat properly. Let alone a cat and a dog at the same time.

No. 1059557

>she only comes out when everyone is sleeping
Maybe that’s because she’s scared of your loud fatass stomping, second hand smoke, annoying ass untrained dog, and heating you panting/breathing heavily

No. 1059562

That's a bit messed up that she wasn't concerned at all about not seeing her cat for "a couple days" when she never leaves her apartment…

No. 1059564

wouldn't surprise me if the cat hid in the cupboards and shit there; she's the type of person to not clean the litter box

No. 1059566

I'm sure her apartment wreaks of cat piss

No. 1059567

I bet ribmeat would be a farmer if she was able to communicate like a human kek

No. 1059569

Im betting on Hoarders level piles of cat shit.

No. 1059581

God this gremlin is so hideous. Also her pets deserve so much better. How the fuck do you not notice your cat missing for 3 days? I can never feel bad for her for these reasons. She’s so ugly on the inside and the outside.

No. 1059588

Exactly? Not even cat hoarders probably loose their cat _on their own apartment_ for that many days. I’ve never felt like tipping but this seems serious, to get the animals away from her.

No. 1059592

The thing is she noticed but didn't bother to do anything about it until she saw the board was crooked. That cat could have stayed missing for weeks and she wouldn't care.

No. 1059600

>grown ass old coomer incel men who probably genuinely think any time a girl is nice to them, it means they want to fuck them and that they're in a relationship with them
>you continue to make weird borderline pedo and rape tier fetish shit and direct it toward them and encourage them to be mouth breathing fetishists that think females actually like that shit

No. 1059605

>i can't believe ppl do that kind of stuff
oh the irony of dude saying this when he keeps trying to meet up with her irl.

No. 1059610

Wasn't she JUST going off about wanting to quit onlyfans

No. 1059614

No. 1059615

File: 1602810879626.jpg (436.72 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20201015-201432_Twi…)

No. 1059616

Does he..like…think they're dating or something?

No. 1059620

File: 1602811328266.png (Spoiler Image,6.87 MB, 1242x2208, F643EFAA-C12F-4EC7-835A-5B275B…)

No. 1059621

File: 1602811365794.png (Spoiler Image,6.82 MB, 1242x2208, 3CB7E109-FD09-4DB9-8ED9-64D5DF…)

Tubby needs to get a bigger size

No. 1059623

wtf is that pose? and her pussy literally looks like a lego mans hand

No. 1059627

File: 1602811653588.jpg (25.44 KB, 303x400, move over kassi kandi.jpg)

No. 1059629

The fucking wigggg. Oh my god that is so tragic.

No. 1059640

fuck lol

No. 1059642

This is her new fave retard face to make

Here's a tip Shayna: it's not any better

No. 1059643

She blurred out her areolas, wtf

No. 1059645

is it me or does she look like she's wearing someone else's face?

No. 1059646

The blur is terrible. Her vagina looks like dripping animation because it’s just one shade of blob. If your whole business is nudes why would you take such terrible quality edited photos like this? And at least edit out the deodorant chunks on your armpit.

No. 1059656

but yet left deodorant residue on her armpits
every day we stray further from god

No. 1059665

What's with the weird phrasing of animals sexually with her lately?
But then again what is even bunny about this? I guess I see the Ariana bunny mask thing on the skirt now that I saw the pics, but otherwise?? Not sure why the insistence on bunny this, bunny that when she's not wearing ears,tail, or anything related. And she actually has those things laying around somewhere.

No. 1059667

Wig: Tragic
Vag: Melted Plastic
Face: Spastic
Gut: Can't be contained by elastic

No. 1059672

File: 1602818117915.jpg (550.27 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20201015-221647_Twi…)

No. 1059673

Big night on the town with Fupa, huh?

Her face is so unfortunate. I feel like her slide downhill has been accelerating lately.

No. 1059674

Is this an old pic lol I remember the denim jacket

No. 1059675

Y’all I can’t deal with this

No. 1059676

whoever told her the stark black eyebrows was a look did her dead wrong

No. 1059678

That kind of thing only works on actual goth girls who also know how to properly style themselves and do their makeup correctly. Something she will never be.

No. 1059682

File: 1602819580601.png (213.53 KB, 750x1334, E46242AC-5564-40BD-AD51-C01F34…)

i’m sorry but the video description has me rolling

No. 1059690

File: 1602821017127.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 3464x3464, E2FD92C4-AF4F-4860-92CA-A99C63…)


No. 1059691

that filter literally erased 3 of her chins

No. 1059695

god damn, did womack ghostwrite this shit? this might be her worst description yet

No. 1059697

File: 1602821387652.jpeg (592.18 KB, 1242x1634, 953A5DF3-86CE-4C05-AAB9-9BF5A6…)

how sad is it that shaytard’s nudes is the highlight of your life. how bleak. Men are really a disease

No. 1059699

probably macdaddywomack1 or whatever kek

No. 1059718

This bitch really ordered more sushi?? Jfc. How is she not sick of eating it for weeks? What's with the sushi kick? She's ridiculous. She really thinks its fancy and healthy, huh? It's not really fancy and it's not healthy when you eat 4 rolls in one sitting filled with who knows what.

No. 1059795

She wears a jean jacket alllllll the time. You can take a peek at past threads and her main get up was a crop hoodie under a jean jacket, black leggings with discharge staining in the crotch, and ratched hand-me-down UGGs. It's all she wears when she goes out. She's the most basic white bitch. All those heels, and she won't put in the effort to actually walk in them and wear them out.

No. 1059799

File: 1602845768368.jpg (64.86 KB, 380x678, 1540178664242.jpg)

SigNatUre LoOk.

No. 1059819

File: 1602850732038.png (Spoiler Image,326.88 KB, 600x600, lego man hand pussy.png)

yeah, they are desperate and pathetic since catfished as her. How depraved must one be to want to catfish as the mess Shayna is nowadays.

tragic editing on the pussy, her clit looks like a gaping hole and the rest of it really looks like a ballsack, complete with some creases on the left

lol underappreciated comment, have a shitty edit (spoilered just to be safe)

No. 1059839

damn he really outed her like this lmaoo

No. 1059847

I‘ve laughed out loud, thank you anon.
How can a pussy even look like that?

No. 1059850

She looked like a cardboard cutout kek still better than human pig but damn, I forgot that she had a negative ass

No. 1059851

>most basic white bitch

No. 1059860

my kind of poetry

No. 1059862

File: 1602858135128.jpg (178.67 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20201016-092324_Twi…)

Well if you bought shit that fit you properly

No. 1059870

shayna PLEASE take a creative writing class i beg

No. 1059874

That's not what having a fat pussy is, stupid, just buy a large.

No. 1059883

It's always fun to go back and read the Fupa saga

No. 1059893

File: 1602862199253.jpg (219.88 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20201016-162913_Twi…)

Ah yes, they all jelly of $2 Shay.

Also wasn't she crying about being jealous of other sex workers success like 2 days ago?

God she's so brain-dead.

No. 1059900

i've been following shay for like 20 threads so the weight gain has just seemed like a slow, gradual thing to me. this, though…. this is the first pic ive seen of her where i've went 'damn that's a big bitch'.

No. 1059905

Big talk from someone who makes a whole $1500 a month and is desperate when it's delayed 1 day by bank holiday kek

No. 1059907

>Also wasn't she crying about being jealous of other sex workers success like 2 days ago?
Yes, yes she was. She does it constantly, too. She's just entirely brain dead and forgets her own twitter TL exists/assumes that if tweets were deleted they don't count. When she's doing well she can flex, but when she has $2, she crie evrytiem and other sex workers r mean.

No. 1059910

Samefag I mean with being generous on her MV sales and such, its probably closer to $1800-2000 max. But that's still minimum wage. Nothing to flex about when you have to spread your fat crater ass for nasty incels all month

No. 1059919

File: 1602863535389.png (Spoiler Image,6.25 MB, 1242x2208, B5EA8336-3F01-42CD-84FD-6A5E03…)

Did she make her lunch lady arms thinner kek

No. 1059920

Sex work is not flex culture, you just want it to be. You're not an influencer, that's not what sex workers do.

This is just more evidence of how she truly believes she's an iconic influencer and not a bottom barrel sex worker.

No. 1059921

Wasn't she just crying the other day about that Bella Thorne girl flexing??? You seemed very upset about it when others are clearly doing better than you Shayna.

No. 1059924

Makes her arms thinner but doesn't fix her wavy fat rolls on the sidem priorities Shayna.

No. 1059928

Her head looks weirdly big here.

No. 1059937

she says things like this and then wonders why it seems like the "community" hates her. she just can't practice what she preaches

No. 1059959

I wish her catfish could send her this screenshot kek

No. 1059993

this bitch JUST was complaining about being jealous of how much sex workers made and the attention they get.
She makes a couple hundred PITY BUCKS and she's bragging now?

No. 1059994

i just notice how she barely takes pictures standing up all her pictures are her hunched over and it makes her look bigger than she is. She's still making "horny transvestite" faces as well.

No. 1060010

>when other sexworkers flex it’s DetRimEnTaL to my mental health and I’m jealous and hate my life uwu
>gets pitty money
>other SWers are hating on me for flexing. Sounds like jealous hater talk to me.

I can’t. I literally cannot with this bitch. Why don’t her orbiters call her out on this??? She does this all the fucking time. She is so insufferable. And she wonders why people block her.

YOU are detrimental to other people’s mental health and sanity, Shay. You dumb fucking cunt.

No. 1060015

File: 1602874988905.jpeg (Spoiler Image,286.58 KB, 1242x1404, B68B71CF-F782-4C5D-9E36-DC3A13…)

Three hundred dollars for doing nothing wow

No. 1060018

File: 1602875140733.jpg (526.31 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20201016-140654_Twi…)

No. 1060019

You don’t understand. She put on make up and clothes and had to take a photo and edit it. That is a hard days worth of work for shay. Don’t you see all the creativity flowing from her?! It’s oozing out of her outfit she’s so stuffed full of creativity. Why does no one see her worth?! Why does no one see that she’s the fucking Spielberg of the sex work film industry?!

No. 1060027

it's nuts to me how we know her signature smile/face pose includes really deep forehead wrinkles and lately she has facetuned herself to have a totally smooth forehead. Makes me wonder about the state of them

No. 1060028

I’ve had a friend get mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi so it’s possible. She’d get a tuna roll along with several other rolls almost every single day for months.

No. 1060033

File: 1602876987888.jpg (561.52 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201016-140720_Twi…)

No. 1060042

File: 1602877952813.jpeg (192.04 KB, 1241x1364, 1AFA4BBA-A08A-40EF-BA20-FFE6B3…)

Shaytards pussy actually shrunk because of how fat she got

No. 1060044

File: 1602878184756.jpeg (834.74 KB, 1242x1684, 7A0546DA-FB37-4335-9886-377EDA…)

>your ugly ass

No. 1060045

File: 1602878485792.jpeg (1.5 MB, 3464x3464, A32FC80A-3B86-4C68-9D39-B0F5BF…)

Macdaddyglass and shayna have a lot in common: sticking their nose in business that doesn’t involve them, being ugly fat and retarded, and living in bumfuck Tusla Oklahoma. How cringy

No. 1060052

File: 1602879133857.jpeg (144.03 KB, 827x966, ADF90C8C-F31E-4DD6-B147-3009AA…)

She’s so brain dead. Back to door dash sushi. What about the 200$ worth of groceries? I swear, she has smoked so much that she has actually developmentally delayed herself, so she can’t remember her recent past and even attempt to learn from her mistakes, she can’t help but constantly contradict herself. Watching Shayna now is like watching someone in a weird dysfunctional time loop where she does the same shit all the time and never makes any progress, only continues to go downhill.

No. 1060059

Because those are probably their business hours retard

No. 1060064

She won’t say “ass” because it’s too close to someone just calling her a fatass kek

No. 1060077

Maybe she’ll get worms from all the sushi.

No. 1060095

File: 1602883535589.jpeg (488.68 KB, 1242x1373, E7DE0991-67D8-41C8-9EAD-485231…)

No. 1060096

File: 1602883609152.png (346.34 KB, 764x727, Capture.PNG)

Thought I'd seen that dress before on Amazon. It's "Bondage Bunny Overall Skirt" from some ageplay fetish shop. Any guesses which size she's at?

Shayna literally admits seeing other SWers do that makes HER jealous though..

>I wish I could snap his neck
Shayna's gonna see this and move in this guy and make him her new Dommy Daddy.

No. 1060106

File: 1602884695085.jpg (387.81 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-10-17_00-46-17.JPG)

Ha! Wadda story Mark!

No. 1060110

he’s seriously all i can think about when i see her in that wig

No. 1060112

Again with the bra size thing? You don't need tits to mars to be a D cup, if you think shayna's tits are smaller than a C cup you must be literally retarded or need to learn about women's bodies that aren't amerifats

No. 1060114

I'm guessing that she's probably a 36D (using the plus 4 method) which really isn't more than a large handful, it's average if anything.

Even she's talking about it like it's some kind of inconvenience and it gets in the way. They probably weigh half a pound each.

No. 1060117

It's large average, she's definitely over exaggerating but that's just most girls when they gain weight and get a larger boob size

No. 1060123

It’s really tragic seeing dumbass girls getting paid so much money and they piss it away on so much stupid shit because they have no clue how to invest for their future. Then they’ll just go back to e begging from gross old men. What a life lol

No. 1060164

I can't believe what a creeper this guy is. Ugh.

No. 1060170

File: 1602893339994.jpeg (710.99 KB, 1242x1823, 769D1F3B-1A09-49BC-81B2-383185…)

Her orbiters are so retarded… toilet dude replied twice

No. 1060176

File: 1602894989169.jpg (85.98 KB, 1049x590, IMG_20201017_013733.jpg)

Kek. She obviously thought this was cute. Bless.

No. 1060178

jesus christ shayna, this kind of scrunched up face can be cute on perfect doll-faced women but you look like a retired old sissy man. That nose and brow bone…

No. 1060179

File: 1602895216701.jpeg (982.46 KB, 3464x3464, E48AA3A4-5AF9-4795-BB8A-4A85F8…)

you gonna show ur nudes anyways cause you’re a pickme

No. 1060181

File: 1602895328027.png (6.62 MB, 1242x2208, 9FBBD9C6-16C3-46F3-9DFC-185C8C…)

Why does she keep punching/poking her face she looks autistic

No. 1060182

where the fuck did her top lip go

No. 1060184

She never had one, she's a boring basic flat ass refrigerator box built white girl

No. 1060191

Remember when she used to literally punch herself in the face for pennies? Pepperidge farms remembers.

No. 1060206

The filter stole the last of what she had

No. 1060226

looks like she sharted and wants my change for bus fare

No. 1060231

this unironically looks like one of those anime kid tiktoks

No. 1060233

that filename, jesus fuck. what a blast from the past seeing that name again

No. 1060240

New video

What happened to this being free on OF because she reached her goal?

No. 1060244

File: 1602902875480.png (262.78 KB, 750x1334, 8A71874D-BB7C-46C3-94E1-AA716B…)

lmao is this her larping with fupa since he only comes around to see her to fuck once a week?

No. 1060245

File: 1602902928620.png (2.63 MB, 1334x750, EC96C6E9-917F-4A64-BD28-BFD023…)

No. 1060257

>adorable face
so she wants ppl to lie to her lol.

scamming as usual, it's not even worth being free.

No. 1060260

how many times has she written about "counting down to cum?" she's SO CREATIVE

No. 1060269

Not sure why I was thinking of this but no wonder she has no friends. Can you imagine meeting her and asking what she does for a living and she tells you that she makes porn and you find out she basically only makes pedo pandering, incest, and bestiality suggestive porn? Like fuck that I'd be horrified/disgusted.

Also is this her attempt at switching things up?! There was no anal or wand. Lmao never change Shayna because it's still the same shit as always

No. 1060284

File: 1602909494748.jpeg (124.2 KB, 274x592, 402B8EE7-681C-413D-A13E-17E68A…)

it’s the texture of the hoodie that gets me most

No. 1060292

File: 1602911210640.jpg (600.95 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201017-000839_Twi…)

No. 1060293

I was going to say the same thing. She’s done this in every recent video, is it to signal to her retarded coomer customers that she “came” since she’s so bad at faking and doesn’t squirt? Men are disgusting and like to see evidence of it bc they don’t understand female orgasms. Shayna doesn’t either, but I digress.

No. 1060300

Exactly! Just like how in this tweet >>1059615 she oddly says that she:

>fucked her butt


Like tf wasn't that the point of fucking yourself?! And if she's such an uwu anal princess then wouldn't that be a given? Just like practically every cow she constantly outs her own damn self

No. 1060369


Sage for no milk but she looks so much like Corey Feldman mid-sneeze in this pic

I've been following her threads for years now and every time I see a pic of her from like ~2 years ago, the physical change is so jarring.

No. 1060370

That's a teddy fur jacket. They're really on trend and have been since 2019 or so.

I rest my case that she looks like a fat, bored Balkan housewife. All she needs to complete the look are fake crocs and a shapeless geometric print blouse that covers her ass.

No. 1060385

File: 1602930887430.gif (217.96 KB, 275x155, 1599648717858.gif)

getting strong LJ vibes from this one

No. 1060386

her teeth are arguably her most repulsive feature, they look so nasty and crooked yet she isn‘t ashamed to show them which baffles me. i just know she doesn’t brush them because she is a lazy fat stoner bitch, imagine how she smells from her mouth

No. 1060447

this filter is so bad, for a second i thought she had a shit ton of dandruffs in her hair.

No. 1060468

who the fuck is paying this much for her ugly ass porn i can’t

No. 1060469

her tits are small compared to her huge torso. she might be a D but defo needs a large band size

No. 1060472

We know she buys things way too small for her so she probably bought a 32 or 34 D.

No. 1060484

Girl, that teddy bear died in 2019. It’s crusty as fuck

No. 1060487

I think it curls up like 30% of the population. Have you not seen that before ??

No. 1060497

File: 1602949689890.png (1.26 MB, 2048x1337, Screenshot_20201017-114913.png)

My phone chose to stay on this frame while the video loaded and just…girl you look like a drug addict

No. 1060500

That sweater looks so cheap and crusty. Teddy bear jackets were a trend in 2018-19 shaytard late to trends as always

No. 1060502

File: 1602950114796.jpeg (397.72 KB, 1242x756, E271BC94-B79A-4CEE-9276-ED66CA…)

Imagine living in the same apartment complex as shayna and getting to witness this pig everyday.

No. 1060506

File: 1602950432285.jpeg (96.79 KB, 657x627, 604B7830-9EA8-4F16-9753-836D6F…)

the tooth peeking out and the two turd shaped braids I can’t she looks horrible

No. 1060510

If I didn't know her I'd think she was a oklahoma meth head native, kek

No. 1060517

she looks like an actual caveman here
imagine having the audacity to look like this in your videos while posting filtered pics on your twitter 24/7 talking about how "adorable" you are

No. 1060531

Damn those eyebrows are giving me major windshield wiper vibes. She looks methed out and like she only has one buck tooth

No. 1060532

This might unironically be one of the ugliest pictures I've seen from a cow and I've seen some shit. If I saw a pic like this of myself it'd be like it's own intervention lmao
>Turd braids
I'm crying anon my fucking sides

No. 1060550

Gypsy Downs-y Mattel and the Tooth of Buck

No. 1060581

File: 1602958513374.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 3464x3464, 0D8B893D-4D67-463E-B25B-63A990…)

this doesn’t even look like the same chick
Sage for no milk

No. 1060614

Yea shay. It’s called fresh air and sunlight. Dogs need more than just food and water. You’re a shit animal owner. You can’t take care of yourself, what makes you think you can take care of anything else? I’m so happy she’s on birth control. Jesus could you imagine her trying to raise a baby?

No. 1060624

Holy fuck

No. 1060656

This fish mouth thing she does in every other picture is the least sexiest thing.

No. 1060686

File: 1602966908716.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3464x3464, 5C5DB61C-D1CD-4AA5-B88F-A4ACA0…)

Shayna being nice to a female sex worker? This is interesting. This chick literally does the same schtick as Shaytard, shitty awkward talk host acting, ill fitting costume and bad orgasm acting. I’m surprised she didn’t start shit with her saying she copied the ~anal barbie original sex worker uwu~

No. 1060692

It’s so funny to see her stuff herself into her small clothes I can’t believe I’m seeing this

No. 1060700

Do we think she used the same top or did she buy the top again? Idk which is worse tbh.

No. 1060702

holy fuck they actually look very alike, similar nose face heavier weight etc. shay clearly sees herself in this chick. but at least this one has some bigger boobs that don't look totally like moobs

No. 1060725

What the fuck, it’s true they look very similar!!

No. 1060740

File: 1602974009860.jpeg (334.93 KB, 1242x1657, 47D23CB5-899B-4A67-8ECB-56B216…)

Fucking creep interacts with every single thing shaytard retweets. even poor sfw twitter accounts have to deal with his stalkerish behavior. he just screams red flag. but I guess shaytard wants him to be her boyfriend

No. 1060802

Shay in a year or 2 but add more cellulite,make the outfit 2 sizes smaller, and a dumber face kek

No. 1060821

More like shay in a few months if she doesn’t drop her shitty habits kek

No. 1060905

File: 1603000912946.jpg (626.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201018-010327_Twi…)


No. 1060907

File: 1603000951977.jpg (494.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201018-010332_Twi…)

The same dude who requested that mommy video

No. 1061065

This feels like bad business practice to tweet

No. 1061091

just sounds like she would be easily pressured into lowering her prices for customs (which she probably is since she lowered her subscription price to 3$ forever even when she calls it a discount).

No. 1061152

File: 1603036999212.png (1.16 MB, 1720x2048, Screenshot_20201018-120400.png)

Stop acting like you actually care about the pandemic. You're just a shut in with no life and no friends that only goes outside to get more drugs.

No. 1061154

File: 1603037074482.png (819.75 KB, 1587x2048, Screenshot_20201018-120604.png)

Let's all clap for Shayna doing the bare minimum

No. 1061155

She’s just upset people have friends and a social life kek. Hey Shaytard, people have to work to make a living it’s not being selfish. Why don’t you “tip” them instead of buying a cheap Chinese grabage quality lingerie from Amazon? Oh yeah you won’t because you’re a selfish fat pig who would rather use the money to buy cheap clothes and sushi. Stop being triggered about what other people are doing.

No. 1061156


IF she actually had friends that invited her out, she’d 100%, no hesitation, be going out and having gatherings and doing stuff. She’s bitter and so very transparent.

So, since nobody likes her and she has no friends, she pretends to take this stance. She has no problem going to buy drugs because she acts like they’re a necessity to her mental health so she HAS to leave to go get them. Guess what, you could get therapy and not have to even leave your rat hovel. But no, weed is the necessity.

No. 1061159

File: 1603037539137.jpeg (969.83 KB, 1242x1615, 9F7462A5-EF78-407D-9BFD-AAAEBC…)

Shayna Luther King, the influential thriving sex worker activist, can’t even donate a few dollars or buy someone food instead of using it for herself because she has a fridge full of food. Shaytard doesn’t need any food she’s a fat fuck and if she was a good person who practiced what she preached she would have been helping people instead of bitching about it. But she doesn’t care she just wants woke points.

No. 1061161

File: 1603037668357.png (476.09 KB, 750x1334, 74162BEA-C542-421D-A98D-CEB39E…)

Her favorite place. It looks pretty upscale, believable that she could spend enough money on food plus delivery to blow a whole paycheck to fill her fat ass.

No. 1061162

Kek mutuals? She’s so dumb nobody on Twitter likes her fat ugly ass except macdaddyglass and greyoldfart

No. 1061174

can you retards stop with the sushi sperg already

No. 1061176

she's not even doing the bare minimum. she's been going to bars/restaurants to black out with or without fupapa in the last seven months.

No. 1061193

Tbf she also keeps posting about her non stop sushi diet this month. She's the high class luxury sushi qween now!!
But yeah, people dont need to over analyze how much she actually spends there or what she gets. She said 40$ an order at least, which could easily be $200 a week. That's that.

No. 1061194

She thinks ordering takeout every day is safe too apparently. Cold take out no less. News flash Shay, you can get covid from a restaurant without actually going there. But that's a no brainier risk for her she happily takes daily to feed her fat ass.

No. 1061201

unlikely as long as you wash your hands after taking it out of the container

No. 1061208

so does shayna plan on going back and forth with Fupa forever? Whats her end goal? How far will she go for this baby daddy?
I sometimes forget Shayna is so young and she chooses to spend her good years chasing after Fupa, drinking/smoking and doing identical sex work.
She can turn it around but I doubt it.

No. 1061212

First of all, incorrect. There can still be particles on the food. Fast food employees test positive for covid too. And it travels in the doordash drivers car. There are a lot of points of contact for contamination risk. Washing your hands after touching the container doesnt magically wash away all germs on the food or elsewhere that you then put in your mouth.

And you really just insinuated Shay washes her hands? At any point in the day? Hilarious. I doubt even after she finger fucks herself. Not before she stuffs her face or ass. The only time her hands probably get washed is her weekly shower. Let's be real. Not only because she's nasty and lives in filth,but because shes stoned off her ass and drunk all the time.

No. 1061214

i mean a simple google search says otherwise but feel free to continue sperging

No. 1061217

Ok well I'm not gonna argue about the virus. The actual point was regardless, it's very doubtful the bitch is even washing her hands. At any point, much less after opening the containers. Shes stoned af and at that point her heavy breathing is increasing and she has to stuff her face hole kek

No. 1061220

Lmao I'm dead at "first of all, incorrect"

No. 1061248

Of course she has a goal! To have someone who takes care of her 24/7, does all the "adult" things such as paying bills, finding insurance etc and maybe a maid and a personal chef all without ever having to lift a finger. Oh wait, I forgot, she will be naked so it's ok because that makes up for her inability (read: laziness) to do even the most basic tasks.

No. 1061251

File: 1603047377637.jpg (220.7 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_20201018-195446.jpg)

She can't even hide her hatred and jealousy of other women. Pick me bitch.

No. 1061254


she goes out whenever fupa will agree to be seen with her

and to the dispensary

walk the walk your own self, goober, instead of lecturing others

No. 1061266

I dare her to name one Dolly Parton songs that's not Jolene or 9 to 5

No. 1061270

Reading between the lines and she’s just a jealous cunt that people are out with friends. You can still do shit with covid around and covid is going to be around for a long ass time. So learn to adapt or just die alone in your rat cave. You never had any friends before covid and you never frequently visited your parents. Just an excuse to piss on people that are having a good time and enjoying life. Something shay can’t and isn’t doing.

No. 1061297

idk man >>1061154 seems like she was going somewhere to me? also i'm pretty sure she talked about going out during the pandemic

No. 1061306

File: 1603052263384.jpeg (235.32 KB, 1427x1425, FC91B8AE-01D6-453F-8C70-6BB975…)

She’s just mad at Kyle Fupa Nathan Perkins because he wants to spend time with his family

No. 1061320

good god his wrinkles. he looks 50 yet dresses like a fifteen year old.what a waste of your life to thirst after THIS man

No. 1061324

damn fups, those nasolabial folds run deeeeep

No. 1061328

He looks like if a leprechaun & a gorilla had a son that worked at zumiez

No. 1061335

Are they still together?

No. 1061340

On-and-off again. Read the thread anon.

I honestly think she's latched onto this whole "muh meds made me fat" thing because she saw it on Bojack. Hear me out – she's obsessed with that show and in the recent-ish final season, one of the main female characters (Diane, Bojack's vietnamese biopgrapher/ghostwriter lady) struggles with depression. Once she finally accepts she needs to go on meds, she promptly gains a fuckload of weight and gets a terrible middle-aged mom haircut. Her friends talk shit about the hair and not her weight and it's supposed to be heartwarming or whatever I guess.

Saged for tinfoil but I really noticed Shay ramping up the "muh meds made me eat it!" angle around when those episodes aired. And I mean yeah, if you're unprepared, the effect certain drugs may have on your appetite can be a surprise and lead to weight gain. But I swear to god this bitch literally thinks it's the meds themselves, not the foods they're making her crave more of – assuming that's even the case. I don't remember what she's taking now but iirc the meds she first blamed the weight on don't even have weight gain as a listed side effect kek.

At any rate, I don't think I've ever seen someone go from stick thin to obese as fast as Shay has. >>1060581 is such a mindfuck.

No. 1061375

File: 1603059996220.jpeg (627.72 KB, 1242x813, 502E6452-0B30-4506-B0FB-FACBA6…)

KEK I love you girls

No. 1061379

holy shit lmao

No. 1061380

being reminded of what he looks like really makes this whole situation sadder. THIS is who she's flipping out over every other day.

No. 1061387

File: 1603061385834.jpeg (48.09 KB, 904x531, 91782E31-9406-4992-BE3F-580299…)

Holy fuck I’m WEEZING

No. 1061408

File: 1603063299275.gif (948.02 KB, 500x231, 3071F343-AB68-4EB5-BEDC-6C644B…)

I literally laughed out loud thank you anon. This thread never fails to make me laugh

No. 1061418

Fucking kek anon, oh my god.

That's exactly what I thought looking at that pic. She's not only flipping out over him, she's become a reflection of him. WTF does this man even have to offer her anymore? She's not even getting attention from him.

No. 1061464

File: 1603071105747.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 206A623C-05DF-4DB5-A8F4-E934FB…)

countdown to “i miss fupa” sperg when?

No. 1061465

he unironically looks older than some 60 year old men i've seen/know.. his skin is just so tragic. and he's only like what, 37 now? 38?

No. 1061468

he's only 35, which is even more tragic

No. 1061478

Watson, I think we’ve solved the case of the Mysterious Weight Gain! You see, as our chemistry studies have taught us, there are an excess of calories in alcoholic beverages.

No. 1061484

By jove Holmes, I do believe you are right.

No. 1061485

Wow… what was once a bright shining rainbow is now wide, faded, and worn out.
How fitting.

No. 1061510

File: 1603080655828.jpg (500.78 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201018-231233_Twi…)

No. 1061545

Lolz so quirky what a ~anime dorky waifu gamer girl that isn’t like other girls uwu~

OT kinda but do you guys think Shaytard actually thinks Fupa is the best guy for her in Oklahoma or does she know he’s all she can get because of how crusty and ugly she is?

No. 1061602

Remember when she wanted to tip SWers? She only did 2-3 and then stopped, just like retweeting minority SWers. She doesn't care so long as she's getting attention/money but no one else can have the attention she thinks belongs to her.

No. 1061607

Her version of dating seems to be an unrealistic mix of wanting a wallet to pay for her lazy fat bitch lifestyle, do everything for her, tell her she doesn’t look like shit and risk his sanity to have sex with her. Which is weird considering this whole RESPEC MEN schtick she’s bought into.

I think she knows she can’t do any better than good ol’ Pedophile Kyle though. There’s no reason she’d still be dragging that dead corpse of a relationship around if she didn’t. She’s too greedy, she’d be out looking for a blind sugar daddy without a sense of smell if she thought she could do better.

No. 1061616

>>1061510 Show us your KDR, Shay.

>>1061607 Shay doesn't respect anyone, including herself. Scrotes are dumb and think with their dicks and Shayna is probably fully aware of this, she just pulls the MRA "pick me!" bullshit because she likes the attention it gets her.

Deep down she wants someone she can treat like shit who will babysit her stupid ass and be supportive of her "dream" of becoming famous or whatever. She's a user, and despite all her hollering about how great men are and how much women suck, I reckon she hates everyone the same. She hates women because she's jealous and they don't take her BS, but deep down, she hates men just as much, for not falling all over themselves to shower her in money.

Shay just pretends to be nice to men because unlike most women (not counting her braindesd e-thot orbiters), men are more likely to pay for her gross porn and give her the attention she so desperately seeks.

No. 1061635

she learned what kd means and has to let everyone know how much she knows about video games. not like other girls!

No. 1061697

If your mental health meds make you gain a fuck ton of weight then that’s a bad side effect and you need a different type of medication. Is she fucking dumb

oh wait it’s not the drugs it’s her fat ass consuming a fuck load of calories

No. 1061740

File: 1603125294925.png (623.93 KB, 2048x1415, Screenshot_20201019-123550.png)

how can you be this tone deaf? Shayna, the majority of your infamy is from being problematic.

No. 1061741

NPCprincess666 isn't going to like that shay!!

No. 1061757

Bitch you literally made a Trump porno

No. 1061766

She is aware indigo white literally supports and made trump porn? I feel like she has to be cause she blocked indigo before. Weird she turns a blind eye to that.

No. 1061802

File: 1603132564235.jpg (Spoiler Image,512.67 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20201019-133744_Twi…)

Get ready for melt down when she doesn't win

No. 1061804

She can't have a meltdown over losing because she can't be delusional enough to think she'll actually win.

I wish she was relevant enough for someone to reply to this tweet with her own Trump porn, but she isn't anymore kek

No. 1061805

posing with the knife next to her pussy makes it look even more like an axe wound

No. 1061810

Wait you have to pay to vote for this retard?

No. 1061812

you can vote for free, but paid votes mean more. And put money into her account.

No. 1061813

I wonder if we can report her on onlyfans and mv since she doesn’t follow the guidelines(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 1061815

that would be cowtipping and even if it would be fun to watch the shitstorm she'd throw if her accounts were deleted she'd end up making new ones again anyway, like she does with twitter all the time.

No. 1061825

yeah it would be fun to see her meltdown but it’s funny to watch the shitty content she produces. She’s been so boring lately

No. 1061860

Surprised shes in the top 20 tbh.

She really does just give her albeit shitty content away for practically nothing though, when you compare the prices to the girls higher up the list lol

No. 1061864

The contest ends on Halloween, she won't stay there for long

No. 1061867

File: 1603136669593.jpg (265.67 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20201019-144514_Twi…)

Says the girl who constantly cries about people "stealing her ideas"

No. 1061890

You could make a 95 page powerpoint on every tweet Shayna has made complaining or calling someone out for something she did or does on the reg.
I sometimes wish Shayna would go viral just so people would finally pay attention and realize how much she does this shit and how angry & negative she is about other sex workers.
The only reason Shayna does this so often is because no one gi

No. 1061891

Damn, did Shay snipe you before you could finish?

No. 1061892

*no one gives a shit

No. 1061893

Kek this happened before when someone was trying to say something about her vagina

No. 1061894

that k/d is no joke anon

No. 1061896

Way to admit you’re fucking lazy and picking up the first garbage you find on Amazon . What a dumb bitch

No. 1061899

>>TFW Shayna pisses you off so much you can't even finish

my bad

No. 1061906

I remember when she used to enter these contests constantly and would have a meltdown every single time she didn’t win, I think she’s finally accepted the fact that now she that she’s fat she can’t even compete because she rarely enters them anymore

No. 1061989

File: 1603147433631.jpg (296.53 KB, 1080x1148, Screenshot_20201019-174532_Twi…)

No. 1062048


What she probably is trying to say is that SHE can't fit into the harness

No. 1062077

File: 1603152891624.jpg (Spoiler Image,443.91 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20201019-191555_Twi…)

No. 1062083

jesus christ shayna
she literally looks pregnant in the left pic

No. 1062084

The fucking tremendous pregnant looking gut paired with her shoulders hunched up to high heaven while she tries to suck in and makes the zoolander face…I’m going to cry

No. 1062086

why doesn't she just buy a bunch of cheap lingere or those shirts that ACTUALLY show under boob instead of cutting corners?
The things she shouldn't be cheap about (sissy cheap wigs for example) she's cheap on and the things that make her look bad (unhealthy food, weed, alcohol & props she only uses once) she spends a lot on.

No. 1062089

File: 1603154514461.jpg (Spoiler Image,281.44 KB, 1836x1032, IMG_20201020_014241.jpg)

The absolute flatness.
She outed herself tryna show off her back dimples lol.

No. 1062097

I can smell the stench of dirty unwashed ass and moldy toilet paper through my screen

No. 1062100

i was thinking about this earlier int he thread - she used to push these contests all the time, and was constantly promoting herself. now she just bitches about her numbers dropping and other sw'ers while putting in zero effort or time pushing her own content.

No. 1062103

it’s the iphone portrait mode that does the selective blurring for the millionth time

No. 1062104

her lumpy buttcrack is sending me. why was she ever claiming her weight gain went to her ass at all?

No. 1062105

cuz she already has a bunch of tops that are 3 sizes too small

No. 1062107

She uses an android. She has a google pixel phone. She’s the one blurring everything to hell and that’s why it’s so bad.

No. 1062108

She always tweets from a android I don’t think she can afford an iPhone

No. 1062112

File: 1603156140395.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, FF79DDBD-74C7-431B-B36F-7ACEE2…)

her previous phone is an iphone. she takes pics on it specifically for whatever reason (prob so she can use the portrait mode and not have to manually shittily blur her pics herself).

No. 1062116

Even her MacBook is dirty jfc she’s a nasty pig. everything in her house looks dirty and she never showers imma puke

No. 1062126

lol really? you can get an iphone for like $300. she makes that in a day sometimes.

No. 1062130

You know this bitch doesn't own a vacuum.

No. 1062134

Vacuums got me thinking…cant help but wonder what Cameron the autist in Vicky’s thread would have to say about Shay

Also, her ass is skinnier than her muffin top. That is so depressing. Do some leg lifts, smelly

No. 1062138

File: 1603158531409.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1125x1927, 36072548-A78B-4DC3-BB5D-DD6752…)

1/2 pancake ass

No. 1062139

File: 1603158555060.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1125x1717, 5B97A398-BBE1-4404-AE6E-7CA02F…)


No. 1062140

It's a twink

No. 1062146

This shitty, reductive point again where we pretend we don't know the context. As dumb as her video was, we all know she was going for an anti-trump message.

No. 1062164

But she made it worst by using actual quotes he said to assault women

No. 1062168

We still knew she was parodying it and wasn’t supporting him. Bad taste since she’s a sjw who supposedly hates republicans and was abused via fox news

No. 1062171

Who cares it was still retarded and in poor taste? Why fight about it lol

No. 1062174

I wonder if she realizes her ass is concave and has no definition??

No. 1062179

File: 1603164908699.jpg (153.52 KB, 1080x630, Screenshot_20201019-223546_Twi…)

And what about when Fupa ignores you or tells you to take your meds?

No. 1062182

File: 1603166396746.jpeg (660.23 KB, 1242x1575, 668BF310-CC85-4C30-A285-9C402F…)

Did you get picked by Fupapa yet Shaytard??? Also who gets hard at the sight of shayna kek

No. 1062184

Kinda wish I was illiterate so I didn't have to read this

No. 1062185

>cock owner
thank you for being so inclusive, queen SLK

No. 1062190

lol gross

No. 1062194

File: 1603169094912.jpg (51.48 KB, 640x628, FB_IMG_1553688079395.jpg)

Ah yes, I see Shay is attempting the Momokunt technique of pulling your underwear up ridiculously high to give a poor illusion of hips/thighs & hide the fupa crease.

No. 1062205


No. 1062210

Androids on the latest now have a built in portrait mode as well, so she's probably abusing it on that phone now too.

No. 1062288

File: 1603199639190.jpg (Spoiler Image,538.64 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20201020-091326_Sam…)

she was just bragging yesterday about being in 10th place


No. 1062294

Why the hell would she chose that shot…. just having your vage hang out is not sexy. Can't even see her face or her figure, it's just vage.

No. 1062296

no clue how OF works, but the names under the pics are the people who have spent money voting, right? cause our favourite shayna stalker is #1 there kek

No. 1062301

Also her vagina looks like it was carved out with the machete

No. 1062305


I know Shaytard has always priced her shitty videos grouped together really low (ex: give me $50 and you'll get ALL my 200+ vids!!) but seeing her prices compared to the girl beside her is a fucking joke. Even Fatty Mattel knows how low ranking her content is kek

No. 1062307

shes also the only one who included a faceless photo? how fucking sad.

No. 1062315

Men get boners looking at chicken tenders bitch relax

No. 1062319

really crazy, I looked up the girl on the second place and she has barely 700 followers on twitter. you would think with 11k followers, Shayna would do way better.

No. 1062332

What socials are you comparing ?

No. 1062336

700 real followers are better than Shay's 11k bought ones
Especially when a contest requires actual participation

No. 1062339

File: 1603206994294.png (1.82 MB, 2374x986, Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-20 um 1…)


Yeah, but that's really extreme, right? I don't know how these contests work exactly, it just seems really telling to me.

No. 1062340

shayna bought like what, 8k of her followers? too lazy to look into the older threads but there's been social blade screenshots which show her buying followers
also hi fellow german anon

No. 1062343

good luck being a lawyer sis

No. 1062344

I mean as long as she's not putting her full name out there like Shayna Clifford of Tulsa Oklahoma, she should be fine.

No. 1062345

File: 1603209554568.png (774.94 KB, 1421x2048, Screenshot_20201020-120001.png)

oh boohoo. you talk shit all the time.

No. 1062347

>Doing so much
>takes 6 days off a week

No. 1062348

Until one of her male coworkers recognizes her and decides to share her nudes with all his and her colleagues because that's literally what scrotes do. Let's not pretend that hasn't happened to multiple onlyfans girls already kek.

But yeah go be a boss bitch who moonlights on the side spreading her asshole. Nothing could possibly go wrong!! Still smarter than Shay thought for not using her full name

No. 1062350

Lol she’s not even top 10 with a photo that covers everything but her gross puss. Just shows that Shay thinks flashing vag gets her what she wants.

No. 1062351

Whoa look at that. A fuckin sliver of self awareness. She must be mad she’s falling behind on a contest she feels like she should be winning (the fuckin delusion)

You just got done saying how jealous you are of everyone else in the industry who is successful. Why would anyone want to support you? Wake the fuck up.

No. 1062353

All shayna does is complain and put zero effort into her videos. As more and more girls join onlyfans the less chances shayna has to make customers. The industry is already saturated with disgusting chicks with dirty yellow feet who somehow make more than shay.

No. 1062355

Kek she already dirty deleted

No. 1062356

One minute she hates and doesn't want to be a part of the SW community because it's toxic, the next she's moaning about how it doesn't benefit her kek. It astounds me that she actually thinks her content is good. She's so delusional, her porn is bad, period.

I was about to say lol, like reverse image search exists as well, you think scrotes nowadays aren't curious to see if every girl they know has a "secret" OF to exploit? These girls are retards and aren't/won't be fine. It doesn't matter that Shayna's name is attached because she's not going to do anything anyways, though.

No. 1062357

She's also saying it's only been her this whole time getting exposure when I'm pretty sure abrattypixie has done shout outs her her and her fan base is way larger.
Way to to be ungrateful to your fElLoW sExWorKeRs, Shayna. I don't even know why other SWs interact with this pig when she talks mad shit about them and complains about the community like EVERY DAY. I guess they're all goddamn brain dead.

No. 1062359

Maybe she dirty deletes before they see kek

>>"I do so much for so little and so few"

She really thinks she does so much and puts in sooo much effort, but it probably feels like it for her because she would rather do absolutely nothing and live like she did last week taking every day off and posting a couple nudes for attention. But that doesn't pay the bills or fill her fat gut. Shes right about the last half tho lmao but way to call what supporters you have insignificant when they've sent you $500+ in tips for nothing this week.

No. 1062360

there’s plenty of $$ work for lawyers in the sex/porn industry even if she winds up being confined entirely to that

No. 1062362

File: 1603210911745.jpeg (623.66 KB, 1242x1657, A0B4EE9D-2712-4362-B6A9-BC20B3…)

It’s because you are fat and ugly shaytard

No. 1062363

Okay? This isn't a WK for whores thread kek

No. 1062364

Not to even mention that her content is, in fact, NOT high quality.

No. 1062365


This reads like one of those affirmations you're supposed to recite to yourself in the mirror when you have no self-esteem. Fucking kek.

Shayna, here's what you're doing wrong: literally all of it.

>>1062364 Right? That little sliver of self-awareness sure evaporated quick lmao.

No. 1062368

Also apparently it was BrattyPixies birthday on the 12th and Shay didnt even post or send her anything?? If she did post she kept it up just long enough for Pixie to see then deleted it. I think she deletes all of the very few other SWers posts she retweets. God it's so petty and shallow. Then she complains about how shitty the community is like she isnt part of the shittyness.

No. 1062372

Because you're annoying, boring personality, content is repetitive af, not high quality, you've shit work ethic, you're not all that hot, you're fat, you appeal to bottom barrel incels, you are toxic towards fellow sexworkers and few of them like you, you've been doing this for nearly 5 years now and gotten nowhere, and the bottom line is there are too many girls doing it better that are more attractive or more interesting or producing better content. That's just to kick off the list. Not even getting into your personal life that is a dumpster fire you wont put out.

No. 1062377

It's interesting to compare how these two market themselves vs the content they put out. "Josefin" seems like the girl next door and her content fits that. Shayna is "theirlbarbie," DOLLY MATTEL, she sells herself as a bimbo who loves sex and money. But the content doesn't match up. She comes across as a goofy, overweight girl who loves spongebob and cheemsburger and makes porn bordering on parody no matter how many times she says "anal" like it's a personality trait and begs for money. It's been said before but she would have such an easier time if she didn't try to cram herself into this box that clearly isn't meant for her. Maybe if she went for "silly stoner that can hang with the boys" it would work (and then at least her lazy attitude would fit the image).

No. 1062379

She is like a parody of anna nicole tbh except she’s ugly and is shaped like a fat fridge

No. 1062385

>Maybe if she went for "silly stoner that can hang with the boys" it would work
Honestly true, and she'd probably be happier and make better content that's enjoyable for her and her customers. Not WKing, but I wouldn't mind a successful turnaround for her. She'll never do it, though, and the trainwreck is just as fun.

No. 1062390


No. 1062397

File: 1603214758966.jpeg (166.76 KB, 1242x343, E7B2C78E-E18E-49D8-A8C6-51E049…)

Is she reminiscing fupa

No. 1062404

also why out yourself on having old cum stains on your clothes? fucking wash it.

No. 1062406

File: 1603215817664.jpg (574.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201020-124459_Twi…)

No. 1062407

She's now at 15

No. 1062411

Literally no one else cares but you, grammar-chan. Get over it.

Why would you out yourself like this? Fucking gross. So BiMbO uwu

No. 1062416

File: 1603217066620.jpeg (421.71 KB, 1197x1378, 7AF503CC-6EBE-48D7-B9CA-FC4EA2…)


No. 1062418

I swear this nasty ass scrote would even tweet "Haha baby so funny" at her if she'd say she shits her pants daily and ate her dog

No. 1062440

can someone tell me what Shayna does for sex workers and the sex work community that makes her think she deserves so much support?
Also, maybe, just maybe the reason she does not get support is because people don't like her, don't know her and she admits she only reposts people who have a certain type of aesthetic? Not to mention the past two weeks she's been saying she's done with the community, it's toxic etc. etc.?

Then the sex workers who DO support her she throws under the bus, she's not a good friend, she just wants to take from people and give barely anything in return.

No. 1062442

>"Haha yeah, this reminds me of when I would suck and lick old cum off of Kyle Nathan Perkin's shirts and post about it thinking it was soooOoOooO cute & quirky!!"

No. 1062444

Cum stains come out after proper washing. Try to be less disgusting, Shayna. No one thinks that shit is cute besides your stalker loser who wants to turn you into a lamp shade.

No. 1062445

He sure would have a lot of material to work with. kek

No. 1062447

File: 1603219775656.gif (3.18 MB, 500x281, QuarterlyQuaintChital-size_res…)

He wants a whole human suit out of her.

No. 1062507

is she ever going to actually get on cam and interact with her few "customers" like she used to or i guess she's too ugly for that now

it's just i remember months ago she was still making camming schedules, promising to get on.. then nothing kek.

No. 1062512

Why does she constantly act confused about being ostracised from the "community" when she's been publically dragged for her racism and pedophile pandering enough times to know damn well why her "fellow sex workers" hate her?

No. 1062518

Its better to look like a victim than own her 'problematic' behavior I guess.

No. 1062522

I'm not even sure why she bothers to bring it up. She's been unliked by the community for years now, why not just stop attempting to go viral and just do your own thing? Why continue to keep appeasing a community that does not want you? She could go an be independent and not give a fuck and make her bag, but instead she chooses to self loathe and blame the community for her failings.

No. 1062524

Nobody likes her content she’s losing hundreds of customers on only fans because she does the same schtick in every video. Even her brain dead coomer fans are bored of her. She’s getting uglier by the day.

No. 1062526

File: 1603229080180.png (2.71 MB, 1242x2208, 5E1028F5-33C0-46EC-8792-C797F4…)

Those shorts probably don’t even fit her fat tree trunk legs

No. 1062529

Does anyone know why she stopped professional shootings? was she blacklisted?

No. 1062531

English isn’t everyone’s first language, and not everyone has had access to the same education. Fuck off grammar-chan, judging people by grammar in the year 2020 is low hanging fruit and is lame af.

No. 1062534

Pretty sure she was dropped for being a pain in the ass diva that would not do boy & girl work.

No. 1062539

It was mainly because she was pissed that the agency wasn't paying for her flights + lodging every single time. There was only one shoot that paid for her flights and lodging and even provided wardrobe and makeup. After that she expected that from every single producer and got pissy when that didn't happen. So she kept refusing work and they just dropped her.

No. 1062540

No, not every actress has to do b/g work in porn. you're allowed to have boundaries and limits, you know. it gets you less work, sure, but they won't fire you for it.

No. 1062548

i swear sex workers are so fucking annoying lmao what do you get from flexing in shaynas mentions like that?

No. 1062550

No one cares

No. 1062553

I love that she doesn’t realize how stupid she sounds. When someone hears that literally everyone in a group is supported but one single person, invokes no sense of pity; it just lets them know you’re shitty enough that a heavily diverse online community can come together to communally push you away. Why publicly broadcast that a huge group of people hate you for good reason? Go back to making toddler diapey porn and leave your “peers” alone.

No. 1062554

No one cares that it's current year and someone made fun of your grammar. Not the anon but both of you should shut up.

No. 1062560

*it's the current

Also it's "not that anon", not "not the anon".

No. 1062567

Is it the same one she kept just to lick his cum off of?

She does nothing. She's probably only RTed people maybe 2-3 times on this new account, she constantly posts how jealous she is, and she picks fights with SWers left and right.

She got dropped from the professional ones and left the area for Fupa so she couldn't film with that one bald guy or that sketchy torture-porn label she always did stuff with.

Probably just to see Shayna seethe which is fun for us.

No. 1062577

Yeah fr nobody cares but it’s funny to see shaytard have a meltdown

No. 1062582

File: 1603233766539.jpeg (532.2 KB, 1242x1054, 07EC6724-91F1-405C-B05F-47A9EF…)

Men will catcall anything. you aren’t special you fucking pickme

No. 1062584

File: 1603233853406.jpeg (Spoiler Image,806.06 KB, 1242x1674, C5E5FBCE-F99E-4DD9-B5A7-6F8741…)

She rubs her pussy like it’s itching or something. Wtf(spoiler)

No. 1062585

File: 1603233895715.jpeg (334.76 KB, 1242x814, 3D8E17D9-3445-4F68-B294-DAE68F…)


No. 1062591


The fact that she’s happy about being catcalled is pathetic and sick I hate men and pickmes like Shayna who enable them reeee

No. 1062595

What a fucking dumb cunt with no self respect. Why would you allow a bum screaming at you in the street and take it as a compliment? She reminds me of the troons proudly tweeting stuff like "OmG first time getting catcalled and not misgendered!?"

No. 1062596

She's just circling her pussy fat around kek.

No. 1062597

It's so sad knowing that if she was actually cat called, the man who did it is one of maybe three tops ppl she will interact with in person this month. Aside from weed shop clerks and Uber eats drivers.
No, I was referring to the state of it being current year, no "the" needed.

And "not the anon (you're responding to)" is just a shortening of a common phrase.

You being wrong just emphasizes the fact that both grammar nazis and illiterates itt need to shut up.

No. 1062598

File: 1603235421761.jpg (226.93 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20201020-181137_Twi…)


No. 1062600

it was probably some fat old man that looks like her main orbiters

No. 1062602

File: 1603235528355.jpg (337.77 KB, 1079x1444, Screenshot_20201020-181205_Twi…)


No. 1062604

Ffs Shay don't encourage them. Being catcalled is horrible.

No. 1062607

Think this is the first time she's actually replied to him publicly. He's probably cum his pants.

No. 1062618

He’s an absolute moid that deserves less than Shayna for being pathetic enough to buy her affection with weed, but she’s still pathetic for replying to him at all, even to thank him tbh. I guess he did pay for this interaction, so good for her for not scamming. /s

No. 1062626

sex work and porn really do rot your brain. Every single woman with a pulse has been catcalled by coomers. it's not fun or cute. it's creepy and uncomfortable to be catcalled. fuck,, she's so insufferable the way she panders to men.

No. 1062644

i read this as her being sarcastic about it being “nice to know” that she got catcalled ? but this is shayna, so i wouldn’t be surprised if she did like it

No. 1062655

Mmmmm baby thats so sexy wish I was there haha

No. 1062670

I made the poor decision to go see the full video and now I need eye bleach. Do not recommend.

No. 1062686

The emoji at the end plus it being Shayna is what tells us otherwise, anon

No. 1062696

This was painful to watch. I physically cringed. She does not know how to touch herself. I'm starting to agree with the anons that say she has no feeling down there cause jesus Christ, this is rough. Must suck to be her.

No. 1062707

File: 1603243024657.jpeg (168.55 KB, 750x1076, 2C05DB1B-3538-4507-9BCA-0F4B6F…)

People posting a gagging gif to the gross ass dudes comments kek. Shayna attracts the worst kind of men.

No. 1062723

He’s such a retard, shayna retweeted it so he thought he was replying to her. Old men shouldn’t be on the internet. He’s such a creep, now he’s interacting with SFW accounts because shayna interacts with them

No. 1062747

Nice attempt to cover your dumb ass but “No one cares that it’s current year” is not a grammatically correct English sentence, and you can die mad about that grammar-chan.(derailing)

No. 1062748

would you autists shut the fuck up about this already? everyone involved is a retarded sperg. move on with your life.

No. 1062750




No. 1062756


Then stop replying to bait already

No. 1062770

File: 1603248826723.jpeg (598.78 KB, 1242x1669, 23DE2F9E-EAF8-4F80-AE55-0995E1…)


No. 1062772

not 70 whole dollars!1
she is embarrassing and doesn't even realize it

No. 1062782

Not really. She was never bright and shining as a person, she's always been unfortunate in the face and awful in the personality. Sometimes it feels like Shayna getting fat has wiped your memories of why she got a thread in the first place.

No. 1062790

pretty sure anon was talking about the literal rainbow on her shirt, I don’t think any of us would describe shay as bright or shining kek. from pork sweats, maybe.

No. 1062796

70$ for a wig… Not flex shayna kek

No. 1062809

She really thought she had it, spending $20-30 more than the cheapest halloween tier costume wig kek

No. 1062810

Plot twist:
Jason r Womack stole it from her porch and wears it dancing to Goodbye Horses in nothing but a robe

No. 1062825

The 'how fitting' made it sound like anon meant it as a metaphor.

No. 1062831

i'm DYING anon
i wish photoshop anons would come through with an edit of jason womack's dumb grinning face on buffalo bill kek

No. 1062854

how is that even whiteknighting lmfao. depending on the content you peddle, having an OF isn’t the life-ruining and career-ruining choice many here seem to think it is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1062861

if you understand this is what people on lolcow think, why do you still want to defend your whore life here

No. 1062909

Nobody cares, whore.

No. 1062936

Once you do sexwork out in the open, all you can do is sexwork. You are excluding yourself from the normal job-market forever unless you compeltely change your appearance and maybe your name. Your co-workers WILL find it eventually and then you'll never be taken serious at work again and might even be fired if you work with customers/clients, cause "what if a client sees this? bad for the company".

Going into sexwork is an absolutely retarded choice. Sure you can say "well she can be a lawyer for other sexworkers", but who is gonna take her seriously in court? Nobody. She can write shitty DMCA requests for other prostitutes, but there are already a million scammy businesses out there doing that for little money and don't even require any legal expertise. No money in that.

No matter how "woke" you think society will become over sexwork, once people know you are a whore on the side, you will never be treated the same.

No. 1062937

ew she’s so dry

No. 1062940

all the replies were of her retarded simps saying “it’s cuz ur so sexy baby” so at the very least her followers didn’t take it as sarcasm lmao

No. 1062945

Sure got misogynistic in here. Read the OP, this is a Shay thread not an infighting thread

No. 1062948

Lmaooo. Exactly, this is a Shay thread, not a defend OF whores thread. Get back on topic and stop trying to wk retarded online SWers. It's not a real job, but you won't get a one after either. Sucks to suck, whore.

No. 1062949

Somebody is about to get the pink glittery tag kek SW is misogynistic and I’m phobic against bitches perpetuating misogyny.

No. 1062950

Based ♥

No. 1062970

She's ranked as MV girl 35. So she's way ahead of Shay on there

No. 1063012

Can we stop talking about the girl next to her in the contest? After the first post about her it started to smell like self posting or someone plugging her. No one cares about this other SWer. Most of them are better than Shay at SW for a handful of reasons. You don't need to pull specific examples and talk about them repeatedly.

No. 1063021

File: 1603295770539.jpg (309.8 KB, 1080x1969, Screenshot_20201021-105743_Twi…)

No. 1063023


No. 1063029

Does she really write this shit down as if they're funny? Um…this is just pathetic.

No. 1063041

She more than likely just wrote those and made up the lie to seem "uwu quirky"

No. 1063042

Imagine not knowing the difference between being funny and being stoned

No. 1063044

day #846732 of shayna embarrassing herself and thinking it's cute

No. 1063080

It's because she is literally always stoned. There has to be a haze of smoke in her apartment at all times. Which is great for her pets, obviously.

Pretty sure uwu anal princesses don't fart and leave it in their video unless that's what she means by "hear me gape," kek.

No. 1063089

This is autism levels of “funny”. I’m actually embarrassed for her that she thought this would be cute to post? Nothing about this is ….funny. Or quirky. Or cute. Or even creative.

She thinks she’s the funniest, most creative person ever and all she has to do is go viral to make it big. So she sits on her ass all day thinking of things that people might retweet.


No. 1063094

File: 1603304489103.gif (292.7 KB, 498x235, McDaddyBill.gif)

Garbage, but I tried.

No. 1063111

>anal princess
>hear me gape!
Shayna goatse porn when?

No. 1063116

Bless you anon, this is top kek material

No. 1063123

This is perfect anon god bless you
OT but who would win in a fight Kyle Fupa Nathan Perkins or Jason R Womack from Tulsa Oklahoma? I put my money on Fupa

No. 1063139

In general Fupa, but if they're fighting for Shay's love and affection, Jason because fupa would just walk away kek

No. 1063149

I would say fupa but let’s not forget fupa has little man syndrome which could leave him at a disadvantage lol

No. 1063157

i wonder how tall this jason womack is compared to our beloved, petite kyle

No. 1063182

Lmfao this is disturbing and hilarious

No. 1063193

Lmaoooo For real. Fupa would legit pay (with Shayna's money) for Jason Mattel to adopt this fat woman child and be free from her. Jason seems like the type that eats frozen meals every day so it's perfect.

No. 1063197

Fupa also has the dainty-iest hands. Those lady's driving gloves ain't gonna help when Jason is in his meth rage and can finally scrap like he's done out in the trailer park.

No. 1063206

File: 1603315140655.jpeg (945.82 KB, 3464x3464, 23989DA4-961B-4B64-A296-859294…)

Shayna truly attracts the hottest of men kek

No. 1063209

They all look inbred

No. 1063250

File: 1603319103289.jpeg (265.12 KB, 1080x1920, 58F0B2DB-F06C-4295-9703-FD6C23…)

w i d e

No. 1063252


No. 1063263

Is she not aware that that’s a bolero and it’s meant to be worn OVER a shirt, not AS one? I’ve never seen her wear it properly and wearing it this way is not cute.

No. 1063272

File: 1603319827010.jpeg (139.04 KB, 740x1180, 5D572E40-FB77-4EBD-93E6-ECF7A1…)

the main issue is she thinks she looks like this in it

No. 1063274

her face says she doesnt believe in anything anymore

No. 1063281

I can't get over how fat her arms are. Every time she squeezes into a top that's two sizes too small her arms look like minced sausage meat trying to escape it's casing.

No. 1063285

File: 1603320249009.png (918.21 KB, 842x1110, Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-22 um 0…)

I know it's been said a lot of times, but she is cheaper than every discount whore. 2$ is extremely low, I took a look at other MV girls and normal prices range somewhere between 10 - 20$.

No. 1063288

Dollar Store barbie

No. 1063296

don't even flatter her by calling her "barbie" at this point. at best she's an overgrown cabbage patch kid.

No. 1063308

Her advertising slogan needs to be "200lbs of woman for just $2!"

No. 1063317

File: 1603321674486.jpeg (32.59 KB, 375x500, 269FC8C7-7885-4F3D-8B68-C8493F…)

No. 1063322

massive exploding cankles and calves

No. 1063327

She has to keep up with the "Barbie" thing to feed her delusions and because her stupid ripoff SW name DoLlY MaTtEl. Also because she lacks creativity and so she can't come up with another schtick without changing her "name". The irl barbie thing though… kek. not sure how she could be THAT delusional or why she wouldnt do a variation of stonerbarbie or even the god forsaken buttstuffbarbie thing to at least be slightly realistic. Theres plenty of girls who do the true IRL Barbie thing and Shay is so far from being close to what they do lol.

No. 1063329

File: 1603322372232.jpg (277.24 KB, 1080x1920, Adobe_20201021_182054.jpg)

No. 1063330

Fuck, I forgot to sage. My bad.

No. 1063331

The musty blanket on the couch is so tacky. Girl just throw the whole Amazon cheapo couch away and get a new one. Invest in a pleather one ffs so it wont absorb your nasty pork sweats and piss stains.

No. 1063333

Is she reposting old pics pretending to be new, or did she re create the same exact look from this video https://www.manyvids.com/Video/2031912/happy-fathers-day/

No. 1063340

File: 1603323077984.jpeg (331.52 KB, 1242x2688, D2529364-F738-4C6A-A827-61B180…)

What the actual fuck is up with her face here

No. 1063342

The sparkles look like dandruff.

No. 1063345

Fupa would act tough the whole way leading up to the fight, but the crackhead would pull a knife and Fupa would start crying and begging not to hurt him

I'm not sure if it's just the face she's making, multiple filters, or one really obvious one. but her head is getting tiny just like Moo's

No. 1063349

That cabbage patch doll has more sexual appeal than her.

No. 1064254

Chonky lice atop ratty hair is a look

No. 1065382

What are you talking about? All three of her biggest fans are 8/10's by Tulsa standards.

This is why she's crying over only having $2 to her name before OnlyFans. She's bottom of the barrel and only making $304 a month off that, plus whatever she can scam from OnlyFans. After you factor in weed, wine, delivery food, and the shit she buys off Amazon.. she probably just barely has enough for bills/rent.

No. 1065388

She looks insecure as hell in this photo kek

No. 1065391

Well how long has she lived in that body? It must be uncomfortable. I've never seen anyone so petite balloon up. Was she drinking straight up bacon grease to get t his size?

No. 1065394

You don't have to wait for your cheap Amazon wigs, Shayna. You can still wash and style your actual hair. You know that, right? You can stop blaming the pandemic on being straight up gross and unwashed. I bet it would actually look nice if she washed and straightened her hair. Much rather see that than the Tommy Wiseau wig.

No. 1065411

The amount of alcohol she drinks and her very poor diet, also all the edibles she consumes. No suprise she has fattened up so quickly, shatna has 0 self control. But you know, of course it’s the medication as she says.

No. 1065416

File: 1603327908432.jpg (395.05 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201021-195329_Twi…)

No. 1065418

this will be her excuse to not work the next 7-10 business days

No. 1065421

The cheap 100 buck couch makes her look like a fucking Amazonian on it, what the hell lmao. Does she own anything that wasn’t bought as an Amazon knockoff or from a fast fashion shitty quality mall store?

No. 1065424

i thought she had a real couch as well? the gray one? maybe she’s already ruined it to the point of not being able to show it on camera tho

No. 1065425

I could smell this picture

No. 1065426

File: 1603329323742.jpeg (57.14 KB, 730x410, DFFA18CC-85D9-4198-BD29-0A2B3D…)

You’re in your mid 30s and you have kids my dude. Why are you shit posting like a teenage girl kek

No. 1065429

lmao him and shaytard are seriously the same person

No. 1065433

lamo he's such a raging faggot he belongs with shaytard.

No. 1065435

It's like they're morphing into one person. Shay gained her own fupa and looks more like a dude than ever while Kyle is no longer DADDY DOM and transformed into a mentally stunted, dramatic 13yr old girl that treats her social media as a diary.

No. 1065437

>cranked out
AKA Rushed through them, all about 7 minutes long, same outfit, same back drop, same toys, and just basically all one video kek

No. 1065446

File: 1603332465075.png (503.85 KB, 2048x472, Screenshot_20201021-220857.png)

Does she even know what a pirouette is?

No. 1065447

File: 1603332511509.jpeg (Spoiler Image,51.99 KB, 900x506, Ek5Y40UWkAMdkwK.jpeg)

Her vagina is creepy looking.

No. 1065448

File: 1603332573240.jpeg (141.52 KB, 1500x1500, DAF983D9-6FE0-4C0B-AFD8-C6201E…)

she's talking about these, right?

No. 1065450

But don't forget everyone, she was a ballerina for years (that she claims)

No. 1065452

Those are probably around the same size as the pindicks who sub to her

No. 1065459

Ew it’s gonna dissolve and break apart if she does.

No. 1065468

her breathing is SO labored in that snapchat video it's hilarious

No. 1065474

i don’t think it was literal kek

No. 1065491

File: 1603340230918.jpg (741.58 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201021-231843_Twi…)

I can't with the hand on her head

No. 1065493

the worst thing is her tiny fat-lady chin

No. 1065518

or consider…….
Dollar Mattel

No. 1065522

Looks like a rejected character from Trolls

No. 1065590

This could have been a creative and funny video if she decided to do porn parody, which her videos already look like anyways. Plus, she always bitches about putting hard work into her content, but again, the one time she had an interesting albeit stupid idea, she gave up after an hour of trying and it not working like she wanted. She’s delusional about her work ethic.

No. 1065664

“I put so much work into my videos, I’m absolutely exhausted from the amount of tender love and care I craft them with, nobody deserves as much credit as me, I can’t believe how under-appreciated I am!”

>dildo wedged into 3 ft tall plastic skeleton

No. 1065674

And she didn't even make that video.

No. 1065694

These two really were made for each other.

No. 1065707

File: 1603378938870.jpeg (128.93 KB, 1086x710, F05CCFE0-8564-4026-9F2E-7306E5…)

Thought this was fitting for shaytard
Sage for no milk

No. 1065824

File: 1603389679549.png (92.23 KB, 587x843, Capture.PNG)

Haven't we heard the wisdom tooth story before at least twice? And spending $500 to last her THREE DAYS?

No. 1065834

Cry me a fucking river boo hoo I need to waste all my money on weed and it’s just so hard to take time off of my busy schedule of never leaving the house.

No. 1065837

She should just get all her teeth taken out since she’s too lazy to brush them kek

No. 1065838

topkek Denture Mattel when?

No. 1065839

prepare for time off?
it’s like a week recovery max lol most people go back to their actual irl non-ewhore jobs within a couple days ???

No. 1065842

Most SW girls are dumb in this regard and piss away all their money on drugs and frivolous shit because they’re insecure and need to fill some other holes in their life.

No. 1065844

File: 1603390782327.png (8.38 MB, 1242x2208, 2EFC6093-98A9-40FE-A9DF-6AD6E0…)

Her hair is so greasy you could cook bacon on it. That bun or whatever looks like a pile of turds

No. 1065845

Exactly, and worst case she makes porn with her face cut out of them. Which might be a benefit
She already takes whole weeks off, just get them removed so we don't have to hear about it every year

No. 1065847

She looks retarded genuinely the fake voice lmaoo

No. 1065849

Isn't that the Lovense anal vibe she never figured out how to use? Dudes pay just to activate it and she spent ages on cam back in the day just staring at it trying to make it work before giving up.

No. 1065850

what the fuck did i just watch?

No. 1065858


she's got shit-speckled butt plugs on her wall because we all know she isn't washing them

No. 1065859

File: 1603392055697.jpg (181.18 KB, 1080x1257, 20201022_134145.jpg)

She was bitching about she's this morning again.

No. 1065860

i wonder if she and fupa are trying to be friends with benefits now kek

No. 1065861

Yawn, no one care Shay. Everyone knows you are bitter and hateful. That's why you can't maintain any friendships.

No. 1065871

Shay you have no friends! The closest you got was Dawn and she threw you out for being a pig and unlivable with. Then Fupa threw you out and now you're left in an apartment with two neglected animals.

No. 1065877

Being a good friend isn't doing nice things expecting people to pay you back tho. What a selfish bitch.

No. 1065883

This! The reason she doesn’t have any friends is because they can see through her bullshit. You aren’t suppose to do/give things just to get something back. You do it because you want to.

No. 1065891

>>these people
who the FUCK is she talking about? Does she mean Fupa? I cannot think of one person besides him that she's done anything for.
Especially not "Sex workers" and the friend she claims not to have or Fupa made her not have.

No. 1065896

Yeah wtf didnt she just go to get them out a few months ago? Cos she was complaining about it and begging for money.

No. 1065897

Then she'd be a true gypsy rose lookalike

No. 1065898

She looks like she had a fucking stroke.

No. 1065900

Hmm, honestly Shayna it just sounds like you take and take and take from everyone around you and when you can't take anymore you drop them. Friendships don't work one way. You can't expect people who are doing better than you to constantly allow you to piggyback.

No. 1065901

Nah, she's clearly talking about Fupa but calling him a "friend" to throw people off/be more relatable. He's probably the only one she doesn't take from since she always paid for his bullshit.

No. 1065903

I honestly think she believes Vivi and Bratty and those people are her friends. When in reality they're just more popular and creative then her and she wants to piggyback off them. I don't think she's had real friends since Colleen. I don't think she knows how to have a real friendship anymore. She's a pathetic human and needs to get off the internet and get some fucking help.

No. 1065905

Low key hoping someone is cat fishing him like they did in the Luna thread with Lurch, but I guess that would be a form of cowtipping

No. 1065920

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but was there multiple times where shat paid for fupa’s stuff? I know she said she was paying rent on the other place in addition to hers but I don’t know what else

No. 1065924

she has claimed she spent money on him but it also came out at one point that he was paying her phone bill so who knows what the truth is

No. 1065927

File: 1603401358595.jpeg (47.73 KB, 486x680, 5D2A3185-72E3-44E2-A784-BC380D…)

She's really going for the Mary Sanderson vibe, huh. Hairstyle evolved from rat's nest to rat king too, jfc

No. 1065929

Bacon grease Mattel is looking worse and worse. I wonder if she even sees sunlight anymore, or if she festers in her apartment with her poor animals.

No. 1065939

Lmao imagine Shay having a medical emergency or some shit and calls 911, and EMT finds this greasy, bloated pig wearing clothes 2 sizes too small, covered in animal hair. They look up and on the wall find animal ears, dog collars, ball gags and butt plugs thumb-tacked to the wall.

No. 1065947

She also bought HIM a ticket for a comedy show on HER birthday lmfao

No. 1065955

gimpgirl 2.0

No. 1065961

Topkek anon I always have a good chuckle reading this thread. The sight would be horrific

No. 1065963

That’s embarrassing. Did he even give her any presents for birthdays/holidays besides his chode dick??

No. 1065964

this is going to be her reality when she finally has an asthma attack but spent all her money on weed and doordash instead of an inhaler

No. 1065966

File: 1603404525119.png (285.28 KB, 750x1334, CF4D79D2-A767-40DE-93CE-46F585…)


No. 1065975

Do laundry? Doesn’t she wear the same I’ll fitting clothes everyday?

No. 1065984

serious question, not trying to start the stupid SW argument again, but does any sane person decorate their home with their sex toys? Because that just screams ‘I have no friends and nobody ever visits’ to me. Absolutely crazy.

No. 1065990

no and honestly it’s even weird and tacky for a SWer to do it in my opinion. does a doctor have a wall of stethoscopes hanging up at home?

No. 1065992

The only other house where it would make sense is Buffalo Bill's house

No. 1065995

Unless it's some kinda sex dungeon than nah. It's weird and lame.

No. 1066003

It's weird and just shows how fucked up her life is. Most normal people display family photographs and sentimental ornaments in their living room. It's the main room in the house and is usually where guest sit when they visit. Having crusty sex toys hanging from the wall isn't problem for Shayna because the only visitor she has is the Uber Eats delivery driver.

No. 1066007

Right, she likes being isolated her whole HOUSE is her workspace and that's unhealthy.
If I can recall does she NOT have extra rooms she could use?

No. 1066009

I'm actually pretty sure she has a two bedroom and the room with her desk, the white couch, and sex toy set up is her second bedroom. She has that Grey couch and rib meats cat tree in her actual living room.

No. 1066014

Oh my goodness anon, it totally does kekek! She thinks she’s being cutesy with that face (some girls are; just not Shat) and it’s tragic.

I wish with all my heart she would see herself as we see her… that would be a sight to behold. I think her brain is in survival mode with her delusions, she simply couldn’t survive seeing herself as she actually is. It would be sad for anyone else, but it’s this thing.

No. 1066022

No guys, shes gonna put out SO MUCH content today and tomorrow!!
Inb4 excuses tomorrow and a couple photos today.

She did do the customs though which means there will be vids. Seems like nowadays she only puts out videos if they're customs tbh. Like only because someone paid for them and told her what to do in them. So she has to make them. If no one bought customs, she'd only be posting over edited nudes.
But yeah since she did a couple customs all in 1 lazy go, shes done for the week.

No. 1066039

I'm pretty sure at her old apartment, she had a sign in the window with her SW name, and she would talk about contemplating answering the door naked.

No. 1066054

she had it inside by the door but did joke about that and/or implied a repairman or something saw it. she wouldn’t have the balls to actually display her socials publicly, i think deep down she knows that shit is embarrassing outside of her orbiter circle.

No. 1066062

I've been thinking about this for a while and like, if sex work isn't a 9-5 kind of job and you've got weird hours and shit, all she has to do is, you know, not say this. Just don't SAY NOTHING and take your ~day off. It makes her look like she does nothing ( she does but she doesn't have to make it so blatantly obvious). Just promote your most recent content or whatever and stfu. Stop drawing attention to not working.

No. 1066066

File: 1603414815696.jpeg (437.8 KB, 1242x1691, 9FAA4E0B-07CA-4666-85A6-42CE11…)

All that hard work is paying off shaytard kek nobody likes Fatty Mattel

No. 1066067

>"i do everything i can to support others"
>following 0 accounts on onlyfans

No. 1066077

how drunk and high was she to post this. absolutely retarded, cringe

No. 1066085

Exactly. No one is gonna wanna sit on a couch with objects that was literally inside your asshole right above their heads. The girl is so out of touch with reality. I don't even think Fupa takes her seriously.

No. 1066094

"these people" literally just equals kyle perkins, every single time.

No. 1066098

she has legitimately 0 friends whatsoever in real life in tulsa so nobody will see her crusty shit covered toys anyway lol

shayna is probably too broke to even follow other sexworkers, the weed alcohol and cheap amazon clothes + pet food eats up her humble earnings

No. 1066122

File: 1603424327640.jpeg (262.28 KB, 1242x1499, 5B8FCD7C-05E9-456C-A0DD-76A8A4…)

>When you’re so desperate for votes you retweet your ugly mentally challenged customer’s tweet basically begging for people to vote for you

No. 1066123

File: 1603424599001.jpeg (927.09 KB, 1242x1727, 52F46A8B-53CF-42BD-948E-0E8BC8…)

>no1currrs shaytard
Imagine trying to beat your meat and this bitch keeps talking about smoking weed, being a fat lazy cunt, and sperging about politics she knows nothing about
I’m not a maga fag but at least trump washes his toupee, you just have a rats nest/ pile of turds on your head. Stop trying to be woke for brownie points Shayna Luther King. You stopped retweeting woman of color as soon as blm wasn’t “trendy” you’re such a fraud

No. 1066129


u guys, orange man bad!!! now give me attention & money!!!!!!

the transparency is almost as disgusting as her weight gain>>1066123

No. 1066135

I have a feeling sweet daddy Jason is a maga fag and won’t have a huge boner after this little sperg kek

No. 1066137

He’s a biden fanboy he’s always liking/retweeting his fav sexworkers (gia paige) orange dude bad uwu tweets. Unless he’s lying to get in their pants which I wouldn’t doubt kek

No. 1066160

Actually painful to watch. The facial expressions??? Like everything she posts is always awkward and cringe but there was something extra not right with this one.

No. 1066166

Lol at her supporting no one on OF and expecting people to do it for her. She’s such a miserable fat cunt it’s unreal.

No. 1066169

Good eye.

No. 1066217


wait, wasn't she at a 1 000 fans a few months ago?

No. 1066253

I wanna say she was around the 1000 mark during her "hospitalization" but then dropped under during it and has just tanked since. Anyone is more than welcome to correct me.

No. 1066308

File: 1603464762626.png (302.87 KB, 1200x866, Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-23 um 1…)


she was at 791 3 months ago lol

No. 1066310

Nta but yeah, she was >>1003715

No. 1066324

File: 1603466571521.jpg (28.42 KB, 275x171, 1593376330752.jpg)

Thanks anon
I went to thread #55 and couldn't find an OF count pic or mention but that was the big Fupa break up and reveal of 2020 thread and it was a trainwreck kek and by it I mean Shayna.

Did find this though that's relevant to her following 0 other girls and being a hypocrite about supporting peers.

No. 1066344

What a supportive icon Shayna is.. and she wonders why no one goes out of their way to support her.

No. 1066352

Kek what a massive bitch. Literally and figuratively.

No. 1066371

It’s so funny to me how she is literally everything she hates and she is everything she despises about her “community”.

Her self hatred runs deep and probably why she’s so delusional about her content. Her brain is pure survival mode. I think a -real- mental break down is coming soon. I’m thinking thanksgiving or Christmas while Fupa prioritizes his family over her, and she can’t visit her family because EVERYONE ELSE BUT HER is “breaking the rules” with covid.

No. 1066390

File: 1603474891432.jpeg (188.49 KB, 1242x813, C5636FD2-351B-4EC9-94A3-6C11F6…)

Lmao her followers went down to 11.9k after she tweeted this

No. 1066409

>Thanks for 12k

Kek okay

No. 1066414

Fucking this. SHE IS everything she hates about women and sex workers/SW community. Everything she bitches and complains about she literally does not an hour later. Rules don't apply to her apparently. She's allowed to be a cunt, but no one else is. She's allowed to go out, but no one else can. She's allowed to not support every sex worker, but everyone must support her. She's allowed to have word vomit, but one thing someone says "wrong" to her, she has a full blown meltdown. She's need serious mental help and self reflection. And not in a narcissistic way, shayna. In a very uncomfortable way.

No. 1066416

>She's need serious mental help and self reflection.
She's not emotionally intelligent enough to do this. She'd only be able to do this with a therapist to guide her, and she won't even do the work of showing up to appointments. She will always be awful.

No. 1066430

He’s a MAGA man. It’s all over his fb

No. 1066439

Well on Twitter he agrees and likes all probiden stuff so he must be lying bc he thinks he will get in their pants

No. 1066446

File: 1603479655351.jpeg (Spoiler Image,196.84 KB, 933x743, 9B159933-DDED-48D3-A1CF-027B65…)

No. 1066449

File: 1603479787090.jpg (7.05 KB, 286x176, imagesVUR6DNTY.jpg)

No. 1066450

File: 1603479807957.gif (3.18 MB, 400x224, 345B0D9D-994C-46C0-9352-3C99CE…)

I mean…..yeah. Like these dudes care what these girls have to say about their political opinions or any opinion really.

No surprise that the ugly simp with a 50 IQ is a MAGA fag.

No. 1066451

That crusty ass dildo. Clean it.

No. 1066452

Fucking revolting. No wonder she gags on her dildos so easily…the crust build up is enough to make me gag.

No. 1066455


No. 1066459

couldn't be bothered to clean the most important part of the picture but remembered to blur the hairline on the wig. equal parts gross and hilarious

No. 1066465

She blurs every detail of her face off but leaves the filth on her dildo and her double chin.

No. 1066509

Wtf she just gets more grotesque I wonder if she even noticed. Based on everything she puts out I really think Shayna needs glasses lol

No. 1066526

Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #61: Disgusting Dirty Dildos Edition

I fucking can't…

No. 1066537

File: 1603486220254.png (239.77 KB, 496x598, Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-23 um 2…)

the shooping of her nose is hilarious

No. 1066548

>>1066446 This whole skeleton dildo thing is killing me. Her bloated, swollen limbs juxtaposed with this tiny little skeleton that's like, way smaller than even the avg human female skeleton but we're supposed to believe it's a boy skeleton with its teeny weeny hand in her wig?? mk

There'd maybe be room for a "hahaha I'm getting boned lol get it?" parody porn sort of thing, but the dildo is black not white so it doesn't even look like it's a part of the skeleton.

And then to top it all off, this dollar store Dita getup she's wearing. Fuck, I haven't laughed this hard in a while anons. I love Halloween.

No. 1066558

File: 1603487875913.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x3381, CollageMaker_20201023_16183913…)

And she wonders why other SW don't like her or want to interact with her.

No. 1066560

File: 1603488062232.jpg (322.88 KB, 1079x1858, Screenshot_20201023-162233_Twi…)

And right after.

No. 1066563

so is she a prostitute now? pretty sure cam whore isn’t the oldest profession.

No. 1066571

Ironic how the uwu baby bimbo~ calls the ddlg degens out. Shayna, you're one of them.

No. 1066572

what a piss poor take this is. yes shayna back in the days men used to marry and impregnate 10 year olds but i don‘t think we should be doing that anymore either. i wanna throw this fat hog into the dumpster where she belongs with her retarded opinions.

No. 1066575

She's trying to say sex work is the oldest profession but you're right, that means IRL prostitutes. being able to produce porn from your home and post it on the internet to make money is absolutely not the "oldest profession" she's just dumb and wants to think she's elite or some shit.

No. 1066578

>fat hog in the dumpster
Anon please do kek

No. 1066580

File: 1603489661677.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2208, CB93F64D-8963-482A-9672-F09A70…)

She’s so annoying also kek at the two ugly incel orbiters

No. 1066588

even if you were that's not as bad as sexualizing children…
why is she so willing to die on this hill? it's apples to oranges

No. 1066590

Someone's triggered kek
Y u mad, bro?
That guilty conscience.

No. 1066592

File: 1603491072629.jpg (174.4 KB, 1080x1590, Screenshot_20201023-231119_Twi…)

Lmao. Disappointing your poor simp.

Of course this gash outfit needs some new lighting.

No. 1066598

it’s probably a single strand of dollar tree lights

No. 1066607

so she spoke to the girl nicely then runs to her twitter to spazz out some more?

No. 1066621

can you buy OF followers? i only ask because it’s pretty bleak to have 800 fans and only 20-40 likes and 5-15 dollars in tips whenever she post anything. Most times there’s no tip included and barely any likes

No. 1066625

File: 1603493380158.jpg (283.07 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20201023-175100_Twi…)

No. 1066626

File: 1603493438601.jpg (620.2 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20201023-175035_Twi…)

No. 1066628

Ew that girls cosplay was nasty. It’s not pediphilic but it’s still weird and in poor taste how is a bitch in a rabbit hat and green dress “sexy” how do you make that sexy I don’t understand. Sex workers are the lowest IQ bitches ever

No. 1066630

I'm surprised she hasn't attached the plastic skeleton to the fuck machine.

>nonconsenting parties
How often has she gone to the dog park and got her tits and vag out?

No. 1066631

that was her original plan i think but she couldn't figure it out

No. 1066632

I'd love to see the skeleton flopping about strapped to the fuck machine dildo. That would genuinely funny.

No. 1066641

File: 1603495222028.jpeg (502.2 KB, 1242x1513, 3429293D-A5D2-40EA-8979-579912…)

Lmaoo did fupa leave her is that why she’s threatening to get a car?

No. 1066645

Watch next week she doesn’t get a pc or a car kek

No. 1066648

I don’t see the point of her tweeting “when I do this and when I get this” and then she never does what she tweets; it just makes her look like a retard. Like just tweet the photo of what you get/ do the things you’ll do. Also where does this fat bitch have to go ? She has no friends and she doesn’t eat groceries. Tinfoil but I don’t even think she got $200 of groceries or else she would of shown them off

No. 1066654

Didn’t she just have a zero dollar balance in her bank account? Also rent is due next week. I doubt she gets either of these things.

No. 1066655

ding ding ding

No. 1066656

Also what happened to the inhaler sperg
Did she ever get it or?

No. 1066661

our fav lard ass hog pickme would probably come up with some retarded reason as to why men are totally actually innocent sweet victims and it's all little girls fault

No. 1066673

Lmao Shay don't be ridiculous. You bailed on that so long ago and now you a porker who can barely breathe it's gonna be more tragic than ever.

P.s no one gonna tip you on twitch Shay, apart from ol' womacky creating an account just to stalk you even more.

No. 1066676

Is this a joke a car obviously that’s way more expensive. I doubt she can afford it tho

No. 1066678

File: 1603497804165.jpeg (Spoiler Image,431.48 KB, 1800x1240, 1576873480424.jpeg)

>getting on cam
dear god i hope she goes for the pc and decides to dust off her MFC profile. we need another good blunt and moscato-powered horrorshow.

picrel, from last december

No. 1066680

File: 1603497935209.jpg (426.88 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201023-190702_Twi…)

No. 1066684

What’s stopping her? She has a laptop with a webcam

No. 1066685

Man what garbage is she ordering from china

No. 1066694

tbh it sounds like it might be a bad dragon style custom toy or something. Not sure why else it would take so long since all of her other sex toys are from Amazon.

No. 1066695

Is it dog the bounty hunter's penis?

No. 1066698

I wish shaytard put in effort and made the skeleton dildo thing work she would look like a giant hippo next to the skeleton

No. 1066704

so how do you justify that video where you wore a diaper and onesie, put baby powder all over your pimply genitals, and talked like a baby the whole time?

I think she probably cried to her dad about it and he sent her enough money for the inhaler. so she continued to whine about the money being missing (after a bank holiday) but not the inhaler because daddy bought it for her

No. 1066707

File: 1603501062044.jpeg (207.72 KB, 1228x756, 3B9B11BB-BD27-4383-9190-90BA05…)

But it’s the meds, right shay?

No. 1066711

I don't even understand the reasoning behind this. Sure, cravings exist, but how can you reach a point where something as minuscule as candy requires you to spend upwards of $10 to have it immediately? She seriously couldn't wait until the next time she had to leave the house? Typical Shay though, ig.

No. 1066713

Why not take a walk to the nearest corner store or something? Wtf even justifies this?

No. 1066716

Kek right? It’s not like a rare occasion once in a while sort of thing. The thing that pisses me off the most is that she begs for money but openly tweets about how she’s wasting it on dumb things once she gets a bit of pity money. And she blames her weight gain on everything else. She doesn’t realize it’s because she’s constantly on her lard ass, she doesn’t move, and when she does move it’s only for ten minutes for her dog to take a shit. She doesn’t even walk her dog for long periods of time which is why her cat is pissed off bc it’s so hyper

No. 1066717

> But it’s the meds, right shay?

tbh I’m getting bored of seeing this same exact comment every time shay refers to food

No. 1066718

It’s a meme in the thread, newfag. It’s tradition. Nobody is asking you to read it.

No. 1066719

seems like It’s only been a (forced, annoying) meme since the psych saga but okay

No. 1066720

She always blames her meds for her weight gain and not her food choices. We are pointing that out. Don’t know why that’s triggering you so bad anon.

No. 1066721

the way she announces it literally every time she orders something to eat or spends a lo of money on food makes me think she gets off on the humiliation. is that a thing? sounds like something a braindead coomer would be into but shaynas remaining 3 braincells have to endure her taking countless dabs every day so who knows

No. 1066723

I’m not that bothered lmao, I just didn’t realize you all actually found it funny. not dragging this out any further.

No. 1066727

She thinks it makes her look like a spoiled bimbo

No. 1066728

It's fine, anon. We can share a box of cannabis-infused Crunch Berries and stare at our phones.

No. 1066729

God. This was truly a horror show. I remember this being specifically mentally scarring because she had a huge white/yellow loogie-looking glob of discharge come out and proceeded to scoop it up and show the camera in ultra up close up. I die everytiem.

No. 1066731

It wasn’t discharge anon. It was ~uwu Barbie bimbo cum~ kek she needs to go to a gynecologist

No. 1066738

the fuck she need a PC for? Get a car dumb ass stop pretending you are going to stream.

No. 1066741

And when she saw it, she was literally like "wtf is that? Oh, that would explain why I'm so wet"

No. 1066743

File: 1603503442051.jpg (556.45 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201023-203843_Twi…)

No. 1066752

This definitely says to me she is not an alcoholic. This is not a defense thing, she dumb as fuck but if you consume a lot of alcohol you lose your sweet tooth. Because alcohol is sugar you get your fix through booze and never really desire sweet food.
But then weed is supposed to have the opposite effect but she also gets high by eating sugary edibles. Maybe she's just beyond fucked.

No. 1066755

>Maybe she's just beyond fucked.
Yes this has been established many times

No. 1066761

exactly, her brain is literally melted and it's been apparent for a while now

No. 1066765

So she went from $2 couldnt even get her inhaler to now she has enough extra cash for a pc or a car? With rent due in a week and her already cashed out her meager OF earnings for the month? I know shes getting those paid votes on MV but theres a cash out period on that too and I dont think shes going to make as much as she thinks.
Also those are two very different things. A PC for Shay is gonna be what 1k tops? Doubt that though more like $500-600, if that. Then to do what? She absolutely will not go anywhere on twitch if she even tried. You have to be on consistently, be likable/attractive/funny, and good at games people want to see to even begin building a following.
Camming? In her physical and mental state? Kek. She gave up pretending she'd cam months and months ago.
A car on the other hand? A piece of shit starts at 1k on the street. She was talking about a dealership so that means getting lot fucked. Fees,money down, monthly payment, FULL COVERAGE insurance monthly, gas, maintenance, etc. Its an on going thing to pay for, not once like a pc.

I know neither of these things will realistically happen but the car one is such a retarded delusion/lie for Fupa.

Sorry for the long post

No. 1066769

these types of oversharing situations have happened time and time again and expose her as a pathological liar and yet she still can't comprehend why people want nothing to do with her

No. 1066770

Unless she gets like a 1,300 dollar computer then it would cost as much as a used old car. Honestly I hope she goes for the computer. I still wanna watch her fail at streaming on twitch.

No. 1066781

Yeah but a shitter will just fall apart on her and she'll get scammed probably. She would not be able to do a damn thing on a car nor afford to have a shop fix it.
Besides, she wants to fLeX and buy from a dealership anyway. And she wants a sleek fancy fast car for her ~totally bimbo Barbie lifestyle~. I honestly don't think she'll settle for a piece of shit because she'll want to post pics of course and she has to make people think she's thriving.

No. 1066783

Doesn't Shayna have an outstanding traffic warrant that would stop her from registering and insuring a vehicle?
Not that she'd ever consider the details.

No. 1066794

Girl can’t even order a capture card properly but she wants to spend, I’m guessing, $1k+ on a PC? LMAO

Also correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t one of her orbiters building her a PC? Shouldn’t paying the girl back for that be her main priority? She’s literally putting it out there that she has the means to pay it off but she doesn’t know if she should pay the girl or spend it on a car LMAO if I was PC girl I’d be pissed seeing that

No. 1066795

I just gagged at the memory of that. She is so nasty.

No. 1066819

I think it’s tired by this point as well tbh. it adds nothing to the discussion and after the 100th time it’s just… repetitive.

No. 1066832

Let's not forget that last month she claimed she bought car insurance

No. 1066950

Not only did Shayna do porn of Cindy Lou Who, she intentionally did the dialogue to be Cindy's canon age. She didn't act like an adult.

She has a point. After she got called out she didn't go away. She just rants and pouts from her little void about how no one will be friends with her because now she's notorious and warned about.

That's how she always does it. She'll say one thing and then run back to her own twitter to subtweet.

No. 1066961

File: 1603548595449.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.31 KB, 696x1108, 960C017E-ADD4-4527-8F28-00D700…)

Screenshot from an old thread of Shayna being a pedo pandering freak circa 2017, the muffin top quote at the bottom is pretty hilarious given her current state

No. 1066962

the orbiter was putting together a list of parts that shatna should buy, not building the computer for her themself. but yeah, still time and labor shatna should be paying for.

kek I did forget about this, these bold claims serve as markers for when she and Fupa 'broke up' for 24 hours until he wanted to hatefuck her again

No. 1066965

Her face is truly unfortunate. Ratlike with deep
>nasolabial folds
when she's skinny, and then the fucking moon emoji when she's fat. I wild to see a cow balloon up so suddenly in real time.

No. 1066982

OR and hear me out, Shay…
You could just put the money in fucking savings and not waste it on expensive things that won't benefit you! Make your first attempt at stashing some money for emergencies or to build up an actual savings so you can afford something that will help you progress in life later or even to help move from fucking OK.

No. 1067006

File: 1603555426455.png (862.73 KB, 1274x2048, Screenshot_20201024-120436.png)

I stg she brings up her Tumblr fame and how she misses it at least weekly. No one cares about you anymore Shayna, get over it.

No. 1067008

the delusions of grandeur are fucking strong in this one

No. 1067009

File: 1603555615131.png (718.41 KB, 2048x1551, Screenshot_20201024-120741.png)

Easy answer: because you're stupid and will do anything for attention.

No. 1067010

When you clog up the thread with how unbothered you are

This is stupid she would make no money with the pc, because she wouldn’t stream. A car is her best choice, but I’m rooting she get the pc anyways. Bc it’s hilarious

No. 1067013

What the fuck are you going on about ?
Plenty of people will eat candy/sweets with a beer

Also “weed has the opposite affect” ? What are you talking about ? Weed gets you high some people get munchies, some people dont. It affects everyone different, you can just claim how it affects her. My god

She is just a fat alcoholic who eats like a whale. Not to deep. Also she doesn’t just have 1 beer to satisfy her sweet tooth. She has like 6 white claws. Not to enjoy it, but to in fact get hammered.

No. 1067016

did she really just say it was special for her followers to see her transition from a stoner to an e-whore?

No. 1067022

The point is alcoholics don't crave sweet food ever because the amount of sugar consumed by drinking a shit ton. 6 white claws is still less booze than a bottle of wine. She ain't that much of a drunk. An overconsumer but not an addict.

No. 1067027

lmao yup! she really needs to grow up and realize that this path doesn’t bring anyone lasting fame or attention. even the most well known porn stars are quickly forgotten for new girls. she already hit her peak years ago, when she exposed her followers (who were mostly minors by the way, absolutely abhorrent) that were following her for weed content. even then she had a very small, irrelevant following, and it got even smaller when she started sex work. nobody wanted to see that shit even then. she is so delusional. time to get a real job shayna!

No. 1067034

how can you say she isn't addicted when she gets plastered every day? she also posted several times her breakfast being nothing but sweets, and eats a shit ton of sweet edibles. lurk the threads more, i have no clue how you came to these dumb conclusions.

No. 1067037

>the world had already known me
>the world

Yeah, Shayna. Sure.

Follower count on tumblr has poisoned this woman. Her “fame” on tumblr is like the equivalent of being a well-known regular poster on a message board with a decent number of users. Nobody fucking cares.

No. 1067039

She is so out of touch with reality because of it. There are influencers on instagram with twice as many followers as she had, and still nobody knows who the fuck they are. It’s almost like… high follower count ≠ famous…crazy.

No. 1067041

she wouldn't even save that much/any money by buying a car. she'd have to pay for gas, and cars are expensive to maintain/repair if anything breaks. it'd just turn into another thing to beg for money to keep up

No. 1067050

> There are influencers on instagram with twice as many followers as she had, and still nobody knows who the fuck they are.
this is the part she seems to not be able to comprehend whatsoever and it blows my mind how delusional about her “success” and “fame” she actually is. i think she’s actually mentally stunted.

No. 1067061

File: 1603560244701.jpg (469.87 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20201024-122529_Twi…)

No. 1067063

Shayna you are so delusional. Even tiktok “famous” teens with millions of followers are irrelevant in the real world. Nobody cares about them, besides 12 year girls who find them attractive. Then those girls grow up and move on. Literally follower counts don’t matter especially if you don’t move upwards in your career. Certain people get discovered on social media for modeling gigs, movie roles, and record deals. But you have no charisma or charm. Nobody wants to hire you for anything especially because of how problematic and bitchy you are, shaytard. Most of your followers are bots, you get two likes on average, twenty likes maximum. You’re washed up and never were a famous influencer. Even influencers with millions of followers are still irrelevant. Stop acting like your Kim kardashian kek. Grow up.

No. 1067064

File: 1603560286499.jpg (548.37 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201024-122623_Twi…)

But when someone unfollows her, she throws a fit

No. 1067066

Oh no, I am starting to feel real bad for her. Imagine being 23 (24?) and a has-been. How can she still think she has had any success in this field? How can she defend her choices?

She hadn't even put any thought in bettering herself in a realistic and lucrative business: editing. She could make a good living wage with an established union in very varied fields. Why doesn't she get any kind of certificate in post production? She nearly had a degree and it is still a freelance career.

No. 1067067

Her twin orbiter in the cow costume that barely covers her big gut and massive cottage cheese thighs. God it’s embarrassing how many shaytards are in the sex worker community like pretty much all of them are mentally ill, narcissistic, and tweet every thought they think of because they think it’s uwu cute and quirky but in reality nobody gives a shit

No. 1067068

>alcoholics don't crave sweet food ever

that simply isn't true. it might be true for the ones you know, but that's just your personal experience. besides, no one cares. shayna is fat. that's all that matters.

No. 1067072

>nearly had a degree
umm when?

No. 1067075

She is still a drunk. She doesn’t have to drink wine to be considered a alcoholic. Are you retarded ? Having six beers every other day is a addiction. White claw is still a 5% beer.

A wine bottle is avg 25 ounces with a avg of 11%

A white claw had 12 ounces X6 white claws is 72 ounces of liquid. With that 5% alcohol she should be just as drunk or more then a bottle of wine

I feel like people don’t realize how little is in a wine bottle. The shape of it make a illusion that there is more liquid in the bottle.

No. 1067078

It’s pathetic that she keeps such close tabs on her mutuals. If she put half as much effort into working as she does kvetching on social media she might not be such an irrelevant loser.

No. 1067081


Wasn't Shayna enrolled in some kind of school for design? She was on the school header's page with a camera for years. She knows how to use a camera and edit from school. Clearly not well, but she has had some kind of official training at some kind of institution.

No. 1067083

I think she went to something like a technical high school, and specialized in photography or graphic design there. It wasn't college/uni though. I'm pretty sure she has never attended a single semester of higher education.

No. 1067087

this is exactly what it was. it was her high school.
and i'm sorry but if her porn and photos are any indication, her camera and editing skills are at about the level of an average middle schooler.

No. 1067091

Wow, she really thought she was famous huh.

No. 1067131

Yes Shayna, we all know you only turned to sex work when your stoner "fame" started dwindling when SW Tumblr became really popular. You got naked on the internet so you could keep your Tumblr followers. You really are that pathetic.

No. 1067162

I mean she could rebrand and do all that and never fucking show her face but shes so fucking stupid and wanting to stick with reeree Mattel

No. 1067166

Sis it ain't something to be proud of being a basic camwhore for 3+ years.
Girls get in and get out, become actual pornstars and retire when they've been at it for a while, or become a slave to it literally or figuratively because they are destitute or have nothing else.

She sounds like an old brothel whore bitching about escorts nowadays or something.

No. 1067196


she should just quit sex work, it’s obvious she isn’t cut out for this. enjoy the horror show

No. 1067198

That was horrific. There's nothing sexy about her at all and it just felt seedy and uncomfortable to watch. I got second hand cringe.

No. 1067202

Why does she actually sound like gypsy rose in the beginning? Give me strength.

No. 1067207

File: 1603572706976.png (Spoiler Image,544.09 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20201024-165102~2.p…)

now with 4 whole chins

No. 1067209

File: 1603572729708.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.8 KB, 750x1298, FC05FA5D-DFF8-45C6-BFF6-D1B909…)

Hate everything about this

No. 1067210

Bet me to it anon, there’s a part where she tries to ~seductively~ stroke her body but her hands get caught in her rolls kek

No. 1067226

Go back and read the older threads when she was still in the house with Fupa. She drank a shit ton of wine and would spend $30+ on mimosas. She also did a shit ton of drinking during her cam shows and would stumble around, knocking bottles over. Seriously she has a drinking problem and has had it for years.


Anon, stop. She isn't worth the pity. She knows exactly what she's doing and she has other avenues she can go. She chooses this.

No. 1067236

she looks like a dying pig with an apple stuffed in its mouth

No. 1067239

Theres uwu bby voice and then theres this mentally retarded fake af baby voice and I just don't understand. And again with the awkward uncomfortable "hi I'm dolly and you're here to watch me fuck myself so that's what I'm gonna do"

No. 1067240

An anon who is good with photoshop should do this

No. 1067241

killing myself
her fucking voice here is suicide inducing i cannot

No. 1067243

Watching her literally wipe her fluids (what small amount there is probably) on her skirt after she rams her finger up and down her twat is nightmare fuel

No. 1067251

File: 1603575775919.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.55 KB, 787x406, retardporn.jpg)

can we discuss the ending where she just awkwardly and terrifyingly stares into the camera completely still and silent with the plug in her mouth for a good 10 seconds? perfectly on brand for the halloween season, genuinely had me feeling scared.

No. 1067259

It doesn't matter whether you have 5 shots of liquor, a bottle of wine (5 glasses) or 5 beers, it's all the same amount of alcohol. And plenty of alcoholics eat sweets all the time, wtf are you talking about? you have some weird ideas about what officially makes someone an alchy anon, you good?

No. 1067260

File: 1603576275062.jpeg (Spoiler Image,130.38 KB, 640x582, A332857B-04DE-4EE1-AC16-B14F8E…)

No. 1067265

File: 1603576590767.gif (Spoiler Image,3.23 MB, 596x218, A95FE7B9-963D-45EB-83CD-E3338D…)

What the fuck is this? She should just scrap the whole video at this point.

No. 1067266


No. 1067267

this is so fucking disgusting

No. 1067268

Yeah I'm just thinking a bottle of wine now n then ain't nothin. But yeah I'm a drunk and been to not aa but similar and everyone seems to say when they have stopped drinking their sweet tooth comes back.

But anyway enough alco spurge. She's already a full blown weed addict, she can't afford another vice. If you're high, why you need to be drunk an vice versa but hey I dunno. I shut up now(no1curr about ur alcoholism)

No. 1067269

Gasping for air lmao

No. 1067270

This just feels wrong, like some B footage that never should have been included.

No. 1067276

File: 1603577828585.png (Spoiler Image,2.53 MB, 2048x1155, Screenshot_20201024-181810.png)

No. 1067279

>>1067265 Shay consistently makes some of the most cursed solo porn I've ever seen. What is wrong with scrotes? Like how do you get off to this disaster?

No. 1067290

Next thread pic

No. 1067294

File: 1603579203377.png (Spoiler Image,498.63 KB, 612x760, suckling-pig.png)

No. 1067297

Next thread pic material

No. 1067302

Reaching like a mf but humor me.
A lil bit ago shayne posts a tweet that , among excusing pedo pandering, wk belle delphine. I think shes also trying (and failing) to mimic belles mannerisms, the weird foot squirming and aheago face. The wigs and sad attempts at being kawaii….is she subtly skin walking and trying to morph herself into a belle delphine-like version of shayna?

No. 1067304

She probably doesn’t even tip.

No. 1067305

This is fucked up but I’ve seen Down syndrome tards make that EXACT same expression, tongue motions and all

No. 1067315


I don’t understand why she forces everything. She tries WAY TOO HARD that it’s just bad acting. Just gasp for air. You don’t need to make a tard face and lick the air like a pig eating a fly.

No. 1067323

Belle Delphine is the most known of this crop of e-thots, no surprise that Shayna is trying to copy her mannerisms since she's still pretty popular. What's more funny to me is that she's so late to the game on it and half asses it so much she just ends up looking literally downsy.

No. 1067337

That heavy, congested gasping noise she makes is awful. Like an animal before it vomits, it's a noise that instinctively makes you feel like she's unwell.

This part was the worst

No. 1067338

It's astounding how this girl has hit rock bottom and somehow keeps digging deeper.

No. 1067366

It doesn’t seem like she’s trying to skinwalk Delphine specifically , moreso just the weeb e-girl scene.
Hence the constant twitch teasing, the catgirl photo set, the schoolgirl krakken dildo porn, etc.
sucks for her though, she’s already bad at being a regular cam girl, much moreso a weeb , and the markets already saturated.

No. 1067386

File: 1603590973327.jpg (70.79 KB, 1080x517, 20201024_205327.jpg)

From this morning, I wish I would have caught the rest of this tweet.

No. 1067388

i s2g if this is about fupa…
hopefully she deleted it because she realized because asking questions is how communication works.

No. 1067399

>can you remove your ego for like 3 seconds
Bitch can you? This is actual emotional manipulation. Just because your fat girl feefees got hurt doesn’t mean that you’re automatically in the right and entitled to an apology without question. I hope Fupa continues making her miserable, love seeing this dumb bitch “thrive”.

No. 1067403

it’s always about fupa unfortunately

No. 1067415

Alcoholic here, yeah, I literally hate sweets. But when I take breaks or go to rehab, I'll start eating candy when I get a craving for alcohol.

But that doesn't really matter, Shay is just fat with no self control. She has a drinking problem, but I doubt she'd get the shakes.
How do you fuck up being sexy this bad? Like, she's gross physically. But her mannerisms and the way she touches herself is repulsive.

No. 1067421

Remember when Fupa was trying to be Snapchat famous and recorded himself coming home, and her “work area” was littered with wine bottles, dirty sex toys, and clothes that didn’t fit that she claim she “lost”.
He accidentally exposed her and it was hilarious.

No. 1067422

that was some of the best milk.

No. 1067425

All while bitching about leaving the string lights on.
“I’m going to have to talk to her about that”. Lol their relationship was such a dumpster fire.

No. 1067435

Anon. You do know what "alcohol by volume" means, right? 5 shots of vodka and 5 beers are NOT the same at all.

No. 1067467

Ew. She makes the grossest fucking dentureless grandma drooling faces in every video. She genuinely looks like she has brain damage with how, like, floppily(?) she moves. Also we’ve graduated from 2 to 3 chins! Cheers anons! The only progress Shayna’s made for the last three years.

No. 1067492

>dentureless grandma drooling
Yes this!! I’ve been trying to figure out what she reminds me of, and it’s totally the Cotton-mouth old fucks at Walgreens who are missing teeth and buying hard candy.

No. 1067500

Alcoholic here too (Drunk rn) and I fucking love sweets. Can’t get enough of them. Even when drinking. See isn’t crazy how different people are effected differently.(no1curr)

No. 1067502

A braindead vegetable on their deathbed begging for you to pull the plug realness

No. 1067505

Yeah same here. It’s not so uncommon lol.(no1curr)

No. 1067546

Here’s a Rorschack test: If you think shayna isn’t an alcoholic you may be an alcoholic

No. 1067572

Spot on.

No. 1067574

File: 1603622553439.png (429.19 KB, 590x700, heypig.png)

No. 1067575


Everything about this is unappealing:

- The way she has no reaction to inserting the buttplug and says “Ok… whats next”
- The way she starts randomly moaning after putting on the ball gag as if putting it in her mouth somehow stimulated her clit
- The way she fingered herself like her pussy had no feeling for less than a minute before grabbing the pink vibrator
- Her sad attempt at foot fetish baiting
- The way she didnt even say if she was cumming and just finished in a few seconds.

Like bitch, if you’re going to fake an orgasm, dont pretend to be vibing your clit like you’re alone in your bed like usual. At least touch your pussy or tits before you start moaning. Ride a dildo or something. Use your hands and have an actual orgasm on film if your clit still works. Like fucking do your job or just work at Costco. She’d be way better off just fucking some 40 year old guy who will pay her bills and give her gifts than to put this shit content out thats now on the internet forever.

Worst porn I ever saw.

No. 1067577

kek i hate that you didn't have to shoop this to look like a pig, it does so by itself

i haven't dared watched a shayna video since before the skeleton crap so thank you for the help, anon
>randomly moaning after putting on the ball gag as if putting it in her mouth somehow stimulated her clit
she always does this while licking her crusty dildos too

No. 1067597

She looks like a fucking Hartley Hooligan.

No. 1067607

This is horror porn tier. I feel like I was watching a retard touch herself and couldn’t finish, fucking awful. Why did she have to kick her feel like a weird fat baby??

> she starts randomly moaning after putting on the ball gag
She has absolutely no idea how to touch herself sensually. It was legitimately disturbing and mac dads Jason should be arrested for enjoying sped porn.

No. 1067609

She did say she wanted to be baby and Mama Hartley could use a third to replace the first two.

No. 1067638

the bitch rubs her pussy like its hiding the final number that she needs to win on a scratch card.

No. 1067656

Next thread pic but maybe censored so it can go unspoiled
>Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #60- Crusty Dildos Edition

No. 1067662

She starts off saying she has a room full of sex toys and doesn’t use any of them save for a plug and that damn vibrator. At one point when the camera cuts, she has her skirt wedged underneath her vibrator. Attention to detail!

No. 1067670

Why are there so many alcoholics in this thread? Is this your drunk entertainment?

Putting the buttplug in your mouth after it's been in your ass… absolutely disgusting. She doesn't even lube it up, she just sucks on it a bit and it slides right in. I don't think that's normal.

No. 1067682

Someone asking why a thing upset you isn't being egotistical. It's trying to find out why said thing hurt you so they can FIX IT and not do it again! Shayna you cannot be this emotionally stunted.

No. 1067716

>Why are there so many alcoholics in this thread? Is this your drunk entertainment?
In their defense, downing some shots is the only way to stomach this thread.

No. 1067720

Just like how in the very beginning she sat there doing twitching movements for a solid 15sec before the baby voiced "Heeeeeeeyyyy thheeeerrrreee" Immediately my fight-or-flight response was triggered and I said, "Goddamn, there's four MORE minutes of this?"
How has she gotten WORSE at porn?? Her videos were always cringey and awkward with nightmare facial expressions but this is legit the bottom of the barrel of videos. She can't even trim out those 30 seconds were she's just staring awkwardly at the camera. But has the audacity to claim she's so good at what she does when she shits this out and calls it art and "cute and adorable"
It's like..
This should be classified as sped porn and be banned or found on the dark web. Grandma needs adult protective services ASAP

No. 1067732

I thought megvnmvrie did the fat pig starring in retard porn aesthetic best but here's Shay stealing the whole look. You really gonna jack another SW's shit like that, shayna? Kek

No. 1067743

every thread is the crusty dildo edition

No. 1067746

She sounded exactly like gypsy rose in the beginning, it was some uncanny valley shit.

No. 1067752


She doesnt even pretend to enjoy putting the used plug in her mouth either. She is biting down on it with her teeth trying to keep herself from actually tasting her ass juice.

No. 1067760

> The way she starts randomly moaning after putting on the ball gag

She always moans when she doesn’t need to and doesn’t moan when she needs to. It’s fucking weird. Like, she’ll jam a butt plug into her dry asshole and look into the camera Like a serial killer. But she will moan in ecstasy when she takes her clothes off.

No. 1067765

Holy fuck I'm crying bless you anon

No. 1067767

File: 1603648416360.png (440.34 KB, 2048x1175, Screenshot_20201025-135156.png)

How bleak. You wake up and are already passed out high on the floor, waiting for coffee delivery. Can she not even make her own fucking coffee? How can you be nearing 25 and have such a pathetic life?

No. 1067770

Does anyone know what kind of education she has?

No. 1067773

No. 1067782

it probably hurts so much for her to put in the plug without lube she can't even fake a moan.

No. 1067785

Wtf is coffee delivery? Who the fuck orders coffee? Fucking Americans man I stg

No. 1067786

Doesn't she have a cheap hello kitty coffeemaker too? she says "coffee" but it's absolutely coffee plus donuts/pancakes/other fatty breakfast foods as well

c'mon anon. this is Shatna 101. she graduated high school and immediately started bragging about doing nothing more with her life and how stupid college is. lurk more

No. 1067794

She is probably using an app like postmates. It's not specifically a "coffee delivery". Not sure how that is overtly American ha

No. 1067800

It’s American because how obese do you have to be to get coffee delivered to you? Especially if you aren’t working or studying ?? Like she does nothing and can’t even walk to go get it. Fatass American.

No. 1067804

Oh yeah she is definitely a lazy fat ass and I can list multiple other things that she does that are oozing with white American privilege.It's just funny using a food delivery app during a pandemic is specifically American.

No. 1067805

File: 1603652755248.gif (1.49 MB, 155x275, 3508C5CC-CBCA-4A62-9A37-8E8ACF…)

Anons: blonde shaytard was so much cuter and prettier when she was skinny
Blonde shaytard:

No. 1067810

This was one of the most hilarious recorded mental breakdowns I've ever seeb

No. 1067812

Fupa's lil cryptoid.

Does anyone remember what she was saying?

No. 1067823

She wasn’t cute or pretty lol but she was certainly cutER and prettiER than she is now. You also picked the most unflattering gif of blonde tumblr-era shayna that I’ve ever seen. She wasn’t especially good looking but she had way better photos than that.

No. 1067824

nothing of interest or anything related to a breakdown lol she was saying she was a giraffe because she had long limbs or something. not sure if it’s in this video but it was from the same night on instagram https://www.dropbox.com/s/c20q37rpxo4dmsv/dolly_mattel~1539064208~17987488144035087~1.mp4?dl=0

No. 1067825

samefag but it’s actually very jarring to see how much more energy she had even 2 years ago. the tulsa saga and getting fat as literally sucked all the life out of her.

No. 1067860

this was before the alcoholic saga really began. she started drinking a ton more/every day after she came back from Colorado iirc, probably to cope with the fact that two people kicked her out in as many months. makes sense that she's just bloated and drunk and can't think straight anymore

No. 1067864

Wasn't one of the reasons Dawn kicked her out because she was drunk all the time?

No. 1067870

this is nightmare fuel, jesus.

No. 1067872

The rest of the world isn't ordering coffee and donuts to their house just for one person, that's 100% a fatass American thing.

No. 1067881

Kek. Settle down and stop derailing. We get it you hate Americans. Why you so hyphie.

No. 1067882

she was already drinking a lot by this time if you go through the thread this is from (#18)

No. 1067910

I don’t think us Americans are proud of the obese culture we have here. It’s getting worse with the faux body positivity. Shaynasty needs to get off her cellulite butt and work out before she needs a sponge bath from Fupa Perkins

No. 1067925

File: 1603668759416.jpg (304.69 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20201025-183007_Twi…)

No. 1067930

It's because she ran into someone wearing a shirt with her face on it at some local cannabis festival in her tumblr days, and therefore she thinks she really is a household name across the nation

anon…. have you seen the state of her editing skills? The only thing she knows how to do is blur everything to hell and back

No. 1067944

It’s because he cheated on his wife with one, shaytard.

No. 1067961

Not only that, but for christian rednecks that somehow think trump is sent by god, sleeping with a prostitute would be extra taboo vs. just cheating or sleeping around in general

No. 1067971

It's not just that she was a sex worker. He cheated, and paid her off to be quiet. There's a whole scandal behind it.

No. 1067998

He did cheat but nobody cared when Bill Clinton cheated. People still like his wicked wife and don’t even care what he did. That was before his presidency anyways and he’s not even a politician so i don’t see why that matters. Not a maga fag but people voted for him because he’s not a politician and he’s a business guy. Shaytard needs to stop sperging about politics because she’s just going to piss everyone off. If she hadn’t made that porn of trump people wouldn’t be calling her racist. Besides the Nazi comment. Shayna is a dumbass. But I love when twitterfags eat her alive.

No. 1068009

the point is she’s mad for the wrong reason in the first place. her half-baked attempts at trying to be politically woke on behalf of “sex workers” is only made more futile by her misinformed commentary:

No. 1068056

Guess it's another tweet a retarded, unprofessional opinion or commentary no one asked for and then delete it immediately post kek

Either shut the fuck up or own up to your dumbassery and go for it. Dirty deleting is pussy shit and pointless.

No. 1068065

File: 1603679151166.gif (12.39 MB, 318x332, 3B9EAD80-94BD-41A8-8BDE-7241F4…)

She never even made a porn video with this tracking camera. Or did she? Cause I only remember her taking a video of her looking like a crackhead. Shay wasting money like always. Sage for no milk

No. 1068068

>Shay wasting money like always

God I wish we could see the budget for all the items she's says she's bought and then never used again. $100 tip vibe, $150 stream deck, however much that alien dildo cost, plus the sheer amount of costumes and shoes. I wonder whatever happened to the entire storage pod full of stuff Dawn made her take to Fupa's with her.

She must have lost well over $1000 in useless crap this year alone, plus whatever she's spending on weed on a daily basis. She could actually have a savings account.

No. 1068087

Dont bring this dark web shit back please its legitimately not ok


No. 1068090

So weird to see a sissy troon dad thinking she look like a tiny belle delphine

No. 1068094

Oh, to return to the milkier days when Shay would brag about not going to college and still making 50k a year. Where'd all that money go if she can't even but an inhaler?

No. 1068114

File: 1603735824870.jpg (327.68 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201026-130959_Twi…)

No. 1068131

I know you’ve been a sex
Worker for years but… paint your toes.

No. 1068132

File: 1603736931613.jpg (75.14 KB, 720x595, 20201026_112327.jpg)

She says the dumbest shit and genuinely believes it's funny & quirky. It's literally a Halloween and second a Christmas movie. Nothing about it is Thanksgiving. Just because it has both holidays.

Also I never understand why she acts like the weather has any affect whatsoever on her content?? You're inside with lights on. Don't act like your content is quality and that you use natural lighting to enhance it. You surround yourself with washed out pinks and dingy whites and edit your stuff poorly with no attention to color correction. Literally the weather outside has nothing to do with it but nice try as an excuse I guess.

No. 1068151

Tbh the vast majority of clients are cheating. "Sex work helps lonely men" is a meme, all johns are married or in relationships.

No. 1068154

She’s so brave, regardless of the drizzle outside that doesn’t affect her in any way, she’s going to brave though it to film 6 minutes of her fat prolapsed asshole half hidden behind a skirt that’s 2 sizes too small for her! I’m just so proud of her, omg!

Can’t wait for the tweet 45 minutes from now stating that it’s too rainy to do her indoor job and she’s going to need a day off. Again.

No. 1068161

File: 1603738209404.jpg (397.65 KB, 1079x1605, Screenshot_20201026-134925_Chr…)

Her moving home would be the smartest move, so she'll just stay in Tulsa. Kek

No. 1068162

File: 1603738243708.png (Spoiler Image,353.71 KB, 592x429, shittymattel.png)

love how at 4:10 where she pulls the plug from her ass, notices there's a shit stain on it, turns it a bit so you don't see it directly and still proceeds to puts it in her mouth

No. 1068168

If she doesn't pack her stupid ass up and go. She's so lucky her mom is literally handing her a way out of sw on a silver platter. Shay you know you're not happy doing sex work and living in tulsa just go home already.

No. 1068169

Sometimes I think Shayna lies about this shit because whose going to check her?
Feels like Fupa bait and the fact it might actually work is hilarious to me.
Shayna will only move if something happens and there's NO WAY Fupa will take her back.

No. 1068170

So she doesn't brush her teeth, doesn't shower, and sucks on literal shitty buttplugs. She could be a garbage pail kid.

No. 1068172

I'm going to vomit. That's a huge piece of shit lol.

No. 1068183

Are we not gonna talk about how this absolute freak is already trying to figure out where she would move to?? Dude is gonna straight up follow her! fuckin kek
I know it's hard to do sometimes, but if I was a SWer I would not even reveal what state I live in or where I was gonna move because of weirdos like Exhibit A here. But Shay tells the state and even the fucking city immediately. And if the guy creeped a bit more he'd see she's mentioned moving to specific states and where her fucking family live.

No. 1068196

File: 1603740424870.png (313.24 KB, 750x1334, C4634467-FE04-425D-A07A-5C9BA9…)

from discord

No. 1068199

File: 1603740494322.png (291.52 KB, 750x1334, 320BA942-5A26-48D7-A78C-48767A…)

No. 1068206

Can someone explain to me what would make her put shit in her mouth? Is she on meth or something??

No. 1068210


Up to 8 hours filming, re-filming and “checking the footage” yet she uploaded a video where she’s got shit on her butt plug… What else could she possibly be checking for if that made the final cut?!?

No. 1068220

kek exactly anon. it isn't a good look for her AT ALL to go on about how hard she works and that she spends so much time on editing when the content she puts out is just astonishingly bad.

she lays on her ass for three days in a row inhaling candy from doordash, yet she has the audacity to rant about how long she gets ready for her videos all while having 5 pounds of grease on her head and refusing to use chapstick.

No. 1068225

>Makeup that goes on beforehand
There are so many videos and photoshoots on where she's not even wearing makeup kek keep digging Shay

No. 1068231

Theres an old thread where someone photoshopped her onto a garbage pail kid card. I'll try to find it it's hilarious.

No. 1068232

Im honestly wondering what vids of hers have taken more than 20-30mins of editing, tops. She's really trying to get people to believe she spends 3 hours editing? Shayna everyone can see the quality of your videos. You edit it on a phone and use garbage windows movie maker transitions.

No. 1068236

not be a wk but that's not shit it's just a reflection. it looks to me like the shadow fades away as she pulls it out.

No. 1068246

File: 1603742819799.png (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 2122x1170, Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-26 um 2…)

I am fairly new to this cow and went through her threads, this is how bad her prices dropped. saged ofc

No. 1068251

I hope you’re right bc that’d be so nasty. I’d be more than happy to be wrong about that.

No. 1068257

yeah we’re aware. i’m like 99% sure nobody ever did her “sugar daddy” thing tho

No. 1068276

I mourn for her hair

No. 1068324

File: 1603748021170.jpg (Spoiler Image,705.94 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201026-163319_Twi…)

No. 1068327

She’s almost unrecognizable with all the editing

No. 1068328

I read
>I don’t wanna be clean
and thought, “wow she’s actually leaning in to being disgusting.” What the absolute fuck is going on with her hair? Is it wet? Super greasy?? Girl don’t tell anyone that getting ready was part of the time investment in this video bc you look like shit.

No. 1068348

Her hair has never looked this disgusting. Idk how she lives with herself. If you can’t take care of your hair cut it all off

No. 1068351


Okay but when tf does she walk her dog? Dogs need to be at least taken outside in the morning and at night to pee etc… I don't know what Tulsa's like, but couldn't you get coffee on your morning walk?

No. 1068352

Her hair looks so fucking sticky, like hair from a shower drain. That’s disgusting.
Also this gross ass editing “trick” of smoothing away her cellulite but leaving all the grey mottled shadows makes her look like she’s a bloated corpse. Find some plus sized big girl tights or stockings so we don’t gotta see that shit anymore.

No. 1068363

why does her hair look like a literal tarantula

No. 1068369

File: 1603750818830.jpg (63.35 KB, 450x600, syhu.jpg)

Shayna serving unintentional Y2k gyaru hair realness. Why make the effort when you can just not shower?

No. 1068374

8 hours for literal trash

No. 1068379

File: 1603751634969.jpeg (363.74 KB, 1708x2048, 1CC89293-061D-49B2-AE3F-78DCAC…)

Special needs Shayna

No. 1068380

File: 1603751724099.jpeg (875.06 KB, 1242x1560, CC89E277-856A-435C-BB39-095219…)

Maybe because it’s too small, fatass

No. 1068384

her tits look like an ass

No. 1068386

She's had this outfit since she started sex work, she must be at least 50lbs too heavy for it at this point.

No. 1068387

That looks almost painful.

No. 1068390

File: 1603752022485.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3464x3464, 606D9C16-B415-444D-A32D-1C9FF7…)

Imagine what her hair smells like

No. 1068391

File: 1603752118463.jpeg (324.41 KB, 1242x1119, 94881EA4-068B-45E1-9C91-8D0A06…)

If you don’t brush your teeth doesn’t your saliva smell

No. 1068392

File: 1603752179554.png (1.84 MB, 2048x1322, Screenshot_20201026-184048.png)

This is from when it actually used to fit. Holy hell she looks like a different person.

No. 1068393

File: 1603752203127.png (1.73 MB, 2048x1115, Screenshot_20201026-184200.png)

No. 1068394

can she even breathe in this lmao

No. 1068395

File: 1603752224389.jpeg (688.94 KB, 961x1182, 83E054D8-4925-4CAA-A742-C1EF86…)

The disgusting hair on her socks. Filthy pig(nitpicking)

No. 1068396

What are you even seeing anon? Everyone gets some lint or pet hair on their socks what a weird nitpick.

No. 1068397

I'm surprised she can even move her arms

No. 1068398

Ew omg

No. 1068399

yeah frankly I'd rather see her pet hair than her feet

No. 1068403

does she think this is like "uwu my boobs are so big"? the top is clearly screaming from her side and back fat.

No. 1068419

Shes still using that weird shitty scrunchie that has fake hair on it. That's what's going on with her hair. And the thing is just a matted piece of roadkill at this point because it was cheap and she hasnt brushed or cleaned it clearly.

No. 1068421

Yeah. The dress is supposed to be skin tight, sure,but it's way way too small so its mashing her tits down and making them look so bad. Her tit veins look like they're gonna burst

No. 1068422

There's a reason these pictures are only from above the waist. You know her minge is fully exposed cos the fat filling the dress

No. 1068441

File: 1603755245963.jpeg (1.62 MB, 3464x3464, CB9AC447-0EB7-4E93-BF4E-3CD486…)

Can shyana not afford new clothes?? She’s making the weight gain obvious by squeezing into her old clothes. Sage for no contribution

No. 1068442

File: 1603755285912.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3464x3464, BD632E4B-6808-4554-9C40-B4D38F…)

No. 1068445

File: 1603755954091.jpg (484.37 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20201026-184536_Twi…)

No. 1068447

File: 1603755982432.jpg (431.84 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201026-184508_Twi…)

Shay, it's painfully obvious you're not into anything you do

No. 1068450

File: 1603756090191.jpeg (1.53 MB, 3464x3464, F81DE467-3EB1-4EE7-ABF9-D35830…)

No. 1068452

File: 1603756135072.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, D9015CFA-111E-4C33-AB8C-DB0776…)

No. 1068458

These collages are really giving me some workout motivation lmao. It’s scary how much weight she gained so fast.. if she loved herself even a little she would just throw out the clothes that are too small. Is she flat broke or just delusional?

No. 1068495

>>1068452 This was just posted read the thread

No. 1068503

the only way it can take three fucking hours to edit is b/c she's drinking, getting high, eating and other stupid stuff while doing it.

probably a little bit of both as we've seen how much money she spends on booze, weed and food deliveries. when she does get new stuff it's still cheap and ill fitting b/c she hates being bigger but won't do anything about it.

No. 1068540

File: 1603761374001.jpg (304.47 KB, 1030x609, Screenshot_20201026-201458_Twi…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 1068542

File: 1603761458099.jpg (598.68 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20201026-201702_Chr…)

No. 1068543

File: 1603761753373.png (3.98 MB, 2551x2635, 72C0D76D-5C47-4DF6-B366-C8E6A9…)

giorno did it better

No. 1068546

I laughed out loud on mic to people. Dear god. Is it supposed to be so funny?

No. 1068554

what in the trisha paytas parody hell

No. 1068555

I have honestly never seen a cam whore that looks so fucking bored when she's doing her stuff.

No. 1068557

File: 1603762961972.jpeg (85.66 KB, 971x488, 10CF8516-CDA4-44DE-8D09-EBCFE5…)

that’s not a dress, it’s a sausage casing

No. 1068560

I don't know why she chooses to market herself as some Barbie bimbo type girl. That image really doesn't fit her. She doesn't seem giggly or fun and she's awkward, plain and dumpy. She looks mousy and uncomfortable in all her pictures.

She should probably market herself as some spergy, innocent, dorky girl nextdoor. She would probably get more traffic.

No. 1068563

File: 1603763885683.jpeg (225.55 KB, 1600x1274, 85B08383-2A67-4175-BF79-32F7F4…)

How the dress is suppose to fit. Oof

No. 1068566

how does she honestly have the audacity to rewear outfits she’s ALREADY BEEN RECORDED WEARING when she was half her size? like why even provide the side by side comparison material? i would rather off myself.

No. 1068568

this has to be a parody at this point… there's no other explanation

No. 1068570

File: 1603764399339.jpeg (76.58 KB, 595x642, FE70EF1E-BF31-40A4-B9D0-A5EE2E…)

The crooked yellow front teeth and the snaggletooth peeking out onto her chapped thin lips really scream ~bimbo barbie uwu~

No. 1068573

File: 1603764637778.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3464x3464, C4C0F6D3-0FA9-4A2B-9EF8-4F0B34…)

I lowkey want to buy this video just to take screenshots of the dumb faces she makes but I don’t want to give her money kek

No. 1068574

there'd be no point since there are millions of "girl next door" camwhores who are prettier or if not they at least put in the effort to stay physically fit. i honestly can't think of any gimmick that'd work for her in her current state, even the witchy stoner girl thing she used to have going on only works if you're thin.

No. 1068575

and yet she stays shocked that frumpy, fat, unwashed stoner doesn’t get her more OF subs

No. 1068577

File: 1603765194754.jpg (344.54 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-10-27_04-17-14.JPG)


How can any woman excited if she has to interact with these characters everyday?

(these are her fans and they're all like this)

I could never be a camwhore

No. 1068578

lmao as gross as the men are, her apparent dream man is fupa which is a literally on par with these guys in appearance

No. 1068581

She does have it written in her twitter bio that she likes 'older men'.

I'm wondering if she was sexually abused as a child. I'm not trying to make light of it and that's a horrible thing to have happen, it's just that the way she acts leads me to believe that something very bad happened as does her thing with old gross men.

No. 1068583

sage your bullshit. even she has said she was essentially born with a silver spoon in her mouth and the worst that happened to her as a child was she had to babysit her younger brother on occasion.

No. 1068594

The top right icon took me the fuck out. Shayna is really living the life.

No. 1068596

I understand why you'd think that, but it's mostly because she was completely spoiled all her life and treated like a 'princess' by her dad. Her mother was the actual parent, that's why Shay associates men with fun and hates all women.

Yikes hope that isn't the bottom left's wife in his pic.

No. 1068597

I'm so glad I'm not in public because that picture made me gasp and yell out loud. absolutely was not ready, haven't laughed this hard at a shay thread in a while. is this the kind of humiliation you're into shatna?

please please next thread picture I know it's early but it's top tier lolcow material

No. 1068605

I will never not laugh at the picture of the naked fat guy sitting on the toilet.

No. 1068617

Why would you ever film yourself from the worst angle possible? This can't be legit wtf is this Shayna.

No. 1068618

Cracking up at seeing her teeth like that

No. 1068620


Judging by their body language and the similarity in age I'm guessing that it is. How trashy and retarded do you have to be to put a profile pic of you and your wife up on a Twitter profile you use to follow cam sluts?

Men do something new to disgust me everyday.

No. 1068624

File: 1603768468318.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3464, 65469F60-98E0-4642-AE44-25F888…)

No. 1068625

I’m so sick of seeing people of threads say if your sexually abused as a child your a instant sex worker and that’s why you have a ton of creepy fetishes. Have you ever thought maybe that person is just fucked in the head ?

Most people that are sexually assaulted as children find sex to be scary and triggering to ptsd

This bitch is just fucked in the head it’s that simple.

No. 1068627

File: 1603768712719.jpg (126.1 KB, 1500x1500, toy_plush_SM_Birdo_s.jpg)

No. 1068628

Some people who are sexually abused early in childhood (prior to puberty) do become desensitized to sex.

It can also go the other way and make victims repulsed by sex or more apprehensive about it than average.

Child sexual abuse is a huge gateway to sex work for women. This is a known fact.(armchair)

No. 1068629

The lower right image is absolutely frightening

No. 1068631

Someone tell me why her pussy looks like two Jimmy Dean sausage patties

No. 1068632

Actually fun fact it affects every woman differently when people are sexually abused at a young age everyone is affected differently by it . No one is going to be a stereo typical type of way so don’t try to make it out to be that. it’s not a fact that people will instantly be like yay sex work. UGH this is so annoying I can’t continue with this(molesting derail)

No. 1068633

Don’t do birdo like this anon she’s cuter than shay kek

No. 1068634


Did this girl have a labiaplasty? She appears to have no labia minora whatsoever. Are some girls just naturally like that or did she get it all cut off?

I know some surgeons do a look called 'the barbie' where they leave no labia minora.

No. 1068635

> It can also go the other way and make victims repulsed by sex or more apprehensive about it than average.

Anon literally agreed with the point you just made.

It effects SOME women that way.

No. 1068639

File: 1603770217860.jpeg (88.18 KB, 582x588, 0E8A05A4-2519-4775-B961-00F888…)

No. 1068640

the fuck scrotes. She can't even afford soap and also she should go for facial feminization surgery to shave down her caveman browbone and giant nose before that.

No. 1068641

that literally doesn't look like her anymore wtf

No. 1068642

can someone ban this no-sage newfag already

No. 1068645


No, she’s just a fat hog. She has a fat girl vagina, the labia is hidden underneath her sausage-patty majora

No. 1068652

my first thought seeing this back in the tumblr days was that her face looked like someone’s mom

No. 1068657

But even when she parts her outer lips (majora) she has no minora. Just outer lips and a hole.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1068658

fuck off

No. 1068659

She looks like Claudine Blanchard but sounds like Gypsy Rose. Cursed.

No. 1068662

File: 1603773180639.png (790.75 KB, 2242x488, shay_equals.png)

No. 1068664

Fucking kek, nice work anon.

No. 1068672

File: 1603774098808.png (42.36 KB, 257x433, 7024251E-3C6F-4C95-9C66-952E9D…)

Plus this hair

No. 1068678


No. 1068679

So no ones gonna talk about how she edited her eyes 2 sizes bigger kek

No. 1068680

Holy shit. I haven't read earlier threads tbh but I didnt realize this bitch literally has been wearing the same shit for years?? We thought she was buying this stuff in size small, but is it actually that she's just trying to wear the same clothes she wore when she was 50lbs smaller?? These collages are very telling. I'm just… amazed. In a bad way.

So why is it we rarely see the new clothes she buys from F21? Instead we see the same cheap Amazon shit she just wont donate to thrift when she really needs to. If it doesn't fit now, it never will. Shes not a teen anymore firstly. And shes gained so much. I'm sorry I'm just baffled.

No. 1068681

So in other words… this isn't a housemaid video. Shay literally can't even pretend to clean or be tidy kek.

No. 1068682

We probably never see the new shit because she buys it, realizes it’s 4 sizes too small, and lets it gather dust in her closet while telling herself it’ll magically fit some day. She baaarely squeezes into the same stretched out shit every day. I wonder how much shit she’s busted the seams on now.

No. 1068683

This video makes zero sense? The maid thing is hardly there. "Highness"? The outfit and degradation doesnt go with any of it. And again she starts staging the dildo like a pov but then gets lazy and ruins the illusion when she fucks herself. And it's really refreshing to see her dingy wand yet again! /s

No. 1068684

These are all the same person???

No. 1068685

lmao no???

No. 1068686

I’m so sorry I’m just super stupid like really stupid sage for how stupid I am

No. 1068688

It was a joke but I mean… look close. The noses are all the same shape, same balding and facial hair, same reek of desperation you can almost smell through the screen. Kek. I know they arent the same person but they all look really similar its hilarious. Shay sure attracts a type.

No. 1068689

File: 1603777319133.png (5.63 MB, 1242x2208, F23F8D18-830B-4144-8423-E18C00…)

What the fuck is this

No. 1068691

kek this is amazing anons

No. 1068693


No. 1068694

She looks like a retarded pillsbury dough boy lol

No. 1068695

In case she deletes it or gets her Twitter suspended for the millionth time

No. 1068698

I'm really about to be done with this thread because she keeps acting more legitimately retarded and cringey every vid. I feel fucking weird watching her. She is mentally vacant and her attempts at acting cute are just absolutely uncomfortable. Its actually disturbing. Her brain is shriveled in a dense fog of pot smoke and liquor isn't hydrating her last brain cell enough. Idek. The few losers that follow her and enjoy this are actual incels and I just… ffs.

No. 1068701

how does she record this, watch it over, and still decide to post it. retake the fucking video girl and leave out the blank staring, it's unnerving.

No. 1068716

Isn't the point of these gags to cover your teeth? Who would want a bj that's nothing but teeth???

No. 1068723

I feel the same way except I keep checking to see if maybe she is doing better??? But then is just so much worse? I legitimately pray for her sometimes just bc it’s obvious she’s given up. I think she needs help but because she is an adult nobody can really force her to seek it. I don’t even want to try to imagine how her parents feel, God, I would be sick. I wish she would just put her pride aside, accept her parents help, and move on with her life. Getting sober would do wonders for her

No. 1068728

Momo looks better than Shat, yeah, I said it.

No. 1068741


next thread pic

No. 1068745

new thread pic pls

No. 1068765

Yeesh earlier today I was looking at the collage anon posted of screencaps from her latest video and for a split second I did imagine what this would be like as her parent. Idk but this recent video she posted has me feeling bad for her. Just, as a whole ,shayna has been painting a pretty bleak picture. The comparison pictures posted here(especially ones of her sales) don't help either. She doesn't even get her nails or hair done anymore. Shes so unkempt. Part of me wonders if shes too prideful to move back home because of how difficult it would be to walk away from her past but still have her content floating around. Imagine trying to put it all behind you but scrotes out in public still recognize you from your piss puppy pedo pandering videos… not to mention having to admit you were wrong and failed for years at becoming a super sexy desired bimbo baby porn star..probably easier to just keep digging that hole for herself I guess.

No. 1068769

God, her kawaii uwu voice is so grating and obviously fake. I don't know how anyone can listen to that for more than a second.

No. 1068771

Dude. Kinda sorta same tbh. I've been following the Shay threads for years for the absolute trainwreck but nowadays, it's fucking sad and uncomfortable to sit through her threads kek Like, if I cringe any harder or get any more second hand embarrassment, I might collapse in on myself like a dying star. I think she's legit retarded and/or so doped up on meds/weed/alcohol that she legitimately has brain damage. She's just so fucking awkward and ugly. And She has zero self awareness to see she looks awkward and ugly and needs serious help so it's never gonna get better. Only worse.

No. 1068777

Imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing this

No. 1068809

Yoo she looks like borat's daughter here

No. 1068812

holy fucking shit I was not ready for this lmao. the teethhh! I can't.

No. 1068824

File: 1603804899268.jpg (236.85 KB, 1080x1739, Screenshot_20201027-091924.jpg)

Cool, we're gonna see her try to jam herself into all her clothes that don't fit lol.

No. 1068826

are these two people farmers

No. 1068827

To answer your question: yes, some women naturally have nonexistent labia minora. Saged.

No. 1068835


why stand infront of a nice plain background if you're just going to blur all of it to shit including your own hair strands anyways? i BEG she takes some sort of online photo-editing class, looks up a youtube tutorial, literally anything to improve her content instead of just complaining about decreasing numbers.

No. 1068857

It's portrait mode.

No. 1068860

I was hoping I'd never get to see this cringe again, I swear I have a physical reaction from seeing her rock left and right with a retarded face every time I see it

No. 1068879

It will be difficult for her to move home and change her life, but it would be the most respectable thing she has ever done. Her content being out there will affect what careers she can choose, but there are still options. If she continues in this direction, imagine what these threads are going to look like even a year from now. Her ability to make money this way is quickly drying up, her looks are gone and continuing to deteriorate. I don’t even want to see the extent of the damage her addictive behavior will have done to her by next year, it’s going to be horrific.

No. 1068885

you guys have been waxing poetic about this bitch moving home for 2 years now. it’s highly unlikely it ever happens and if it for some reason ever did, she’d find a way to fuck it up like she did with dogfucker dawn

No. 1068906

Seeing the comparison photos earlier in this thread is so sad. She looked like she actually somewhat enjoyed making content back then compared to now.
She was lazy back then too, but still

No. 1068921

God I hate newfags and your armchair projection. Bitch just drank the tumblr ddlg koolaid that’s it.

No. 1068922

i don’t think she’s ever enjoyed making content, i think she’s just always wanted to be lazy & do nothing. we all know shayna would never in a million years hold a real job and that stood back then as well i guess..

No. 1068923

what's with all the sympathizers boohooing in here today? shayna is a shitty person.

No. 1068931

For real. Shayna hates women…. so why are we feeling bad for her?? It’s her own damn fault that she is getting more ugly and fat by the year. Sex work is a degenerate job but she’s a moron because she’s getting lots of money for doing nothing and she’s not investing in anything, she’s just blowing it all on drugs and food. I wonder how long it will be until she gets evicted because she can’t afford the rent.

No. 1068934

I wouldn’t say sad as in I feel bad for her but it’s hard to not see the difference from when she was actually camming even though it was cringe, she actually did work with other people (again cringe but she had to at least pretend to be “””professional”””), now she’s turned into a fat tub of lard who takes even LESS care of herself because she’s even more drunk and stoned and her thoughts revolve around fupa for the last two years. I love the train wreck and would feel way worse for her if she wasn’t a shitty person but she is

No. 1068938

Right, she doesn't seem to realize she's hit rock bottom ages ago. Bitch just keeps digging herself new holes like a rabid dog with bloody fingers and eating it all up as she goes. It's no use pitying her anymore, she's insane.

No. 1068943

I honestly think she is talking about lolcow when she says “subscribers” and this is the reason she post so many outrageously embarrassing things because she knows the thread is gonna flip out and she likes it

No. 1068945

>So sad, just look at the sparkle she used to have in her eyes when she spread her boney asscheeks for scrotes

Yeah Shay was totally ~*thriving*~ living on internet fame and the fact that some gross old men wanted to see her pussy kek.

The sexwork is the root part of her problem. Her whole persona and personality is based around degrading herself for peoples pleasure and 3 dollars for a "chemsburger". Even if she quit drinking and smoking what would she have left? A collection of disgusting nudes on the internet probably on a good day worth around $500 (for all of them). Shes focused all her time and energy into being a bimbo anal slut she's absolutely devoid of hobbies or special interests besides what plug she can stick up her ass and then tell twitter about. Thats it thats her life. When she ages out of the SW market (these dumb onlyfans bitches seem to think all their scrote fans will pay for their retirement kek) she will be left with nothing but an embaressing reminder how she sold herself online to strangers for literal dollars.

Shays drinking and smoking are the least of her problems. She probably does those things to cope with the fact her whole life is one big porn and not even the nice ones. Just one sweaty middle aged amateur couple on their couch in bad lighting kek.

No. 1068949

File: 1603821314696.png (768.74 KB, 750x1334, 25FE42AA-03BB-44ED-8CD3-10F7B2…)

she must be tired of seeing us roast her about her secondhand pair

No. 1068953

Oh they're ugly enough does she really have to get them in pink? I'm surprised she isn't going for those hideous furry ugg slippers that are trendy for ethots right now.

No. 1068954

she already has a pair, read the threads

No. 1068955

Haha she did get those, go back a bit and see

No. 1068956

She doesn’t even know how to wear uggs. She wears them with too small jean skirts and knee high socks. She has no sense of style. Uggs are basic I guess but lots of girls wear them with skinny jeans and they look really cute and well together. The pink Ugg boots are going to be filthy in a week

No. 1068957

Those are cute but ugly girls like shay look horrible in them. Especially with unpedicured goblin yellow callus feet

No. 1068959

maybe we’ll get another gem of an outfit like the one in the op kek

No. 1068962

File: 1603821906589.jpeg (1.93 MB, 3464x3464, 962B20FA-61CF-46B1-B48E-0FFB24…)

An example. Sage for no milk

No. 1068965

File: 1603821971911.jpeg (224.15 KB, 1216x1543, 24458FE9-FD70-4188-9ACC-0E3EBD…)

These are going to be dirt brown in a week

No. 1068967

This is some autistic boot sperging. Theyre just boots.

No. 1068992

File: 1603824853718.jpg (200.11 KB, 1080x882, Screenshot_20201027-134915_Twi…)

No. 1069007

File: 1603826146164.jpg (380.53 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20201027-141533_Twi…)

No. 1069024

and clothes are just clothes, and she is just a sexworker, and this is just lolcow. do you think people here wouldn't criticize her, even for the smallest of things? you are probably visiting the wrong website if you do.

No. 1069028

I fucking hate this gay earth.

No. 1069031

translation: that fat lazy bitch is making some money, bet i could too

No. 1069048

Watch shay get pissed when this girl makes more, just because she is skinny. kek

No. 1069050

File: 1603831139124.png (2.77 MB, 1242x2208, 7E3C0C3D-E8B3-4A28-B98C-670FF7…)

No. 1069062

she put off her devil cosplay for this?

No. 1069064

sooo a single string of stick on led’s?
okay then, shayna

No. 1069082

Doesn't she realize a ring light can also do this?

No. 1069088

No cause she’s a dumbass.
Colored lights aren’t going to make her videos better she’s delusional kek

No. 1069090

File: 1603833285343.jpeg (646.77 KB, 1242x1248, 84E5EB1F-EE2D-4ED6-B9C1-7CC54E…)

Lolz mental illness is so quirky and kewl uwu

No. 1069106

I see no meds or therapist here. Depression is sated with weed and orgasms, who knew.

No. 1069117

she forgot the 5th major tile which is kyle fupa perkins

No. 1069129

she's talking about the dog ears on the wall, not the lights anon.

No. 1069132

every cam girl's setup looks exactly the same. it's like they all ordered the same "cam slut in a box" kit and called it a day.

not sure I've seen any of them hang their sex toys on the wall though

No. 1069137

that's actually a brilliant idea: shilling aspiring e whores by selling an onlyfans starter kit with that one lingerie set from aliexpress all those bitches own, some 2$ sextoys from ali, a led string and cat ears. bet troons would love it too kek

No. 1069138

can't forget the creased and wrinkled fabric backdrop and jeweled butt plug

No. 1069147

And don’t forget the $2 cow costume

No. 1069194

my thoughts exactly!! except now she's like his daughter at the start of the movie. it's uncanny.

No. 1069216

File: 1603844983326.jpg (298.02 KB, 1080x987, Screenshot_20201027-192904_Twi…)

No buyer belongs to only one SWer Shay, that's not how the industry works

No. 1069217

File: 1603845036182.jpg (168.77 KB, 1080x598, Screenshot_20201027-193001_Twi…)

What happened to her having enough for a pc or a car? Now she needs more money?

No. 1069219

imagine deluding yourself into believing if one nasty scrote is buying naked pics, you’re the only one he’s looking at smh

No. 1069227

shayna seriously thinks men select one (1) online whore to jack off to and that a 3$ monthly subscription is going to trap men into being loyal to her..

No. 1069228

File: 1603846433472.jpeg (Spoiler Image,538.07 KB, 1125x622, 6ACCFC0C-9416-41EB-AC15-D3A4F1…)

expect this horror soon

No. 1069233

> u will always find more success in a natural following
says the girl that bought 10k followers kek

No. 1069234

this was already posted?

No. 1069235

I think the anon meant it's on OF (the watermark on the pic) and will be uploaded here

No. 1069236

Aren’t teeth supposed to go AROUND the fucking gag??? Its purpose is to invoke a toothless sex doll mouth. No one wants to rub their dick against dirty rat teeth. How can someone be so stupid.

No. 1069237

File: 1603847325973.jpg (597.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201027-200822_Twi…)

No. 1069238

She’s been sperging and dirty deleting tweets about girls taking her customers ever since Jason Wotard sent money to the person catfishing as her. She’s an idiot so she attracts idiots. She’s jealous it’s hilarious

No. 1069240

She’s mad that people are smart enough to go after her simps. They are clearly low IQ and have low standards since they ass kiss shaynas pimpled cellulite butt KEK

No. 1069244

Other SWs just figure that if a guy is willing to spend money on Shayna's "content", they would surely be willing to buy theirs too. Plus, they can advertise directly to men who they already know are willing to buy nudes. It's a good idea for them to poach her customers. That's how that industry works, and she understands embarrassingly little about it for someone who has been involved for so long.

No. 1069245

I'm going to vomit omg

No. 1069251

This is so embarrassing to reeee about, just say you’re insecure about having nothing to offer. I thought she’s into the whole stealing ur man/college funds thing, this wouldn’t be a problem if she was really the “picked” whore of her delusion. “Poaching” lmao you are literally all direct competitors??? That’s how business work. It’snot the saddle club.

No. 1069256

File: 1603849559577.png (486.51 KB, 2048x1166, Screenshot_20201027-214419.png)

Pure delusion. Shayna you are the laziest yet you have the audacity to tell people to work harder. Just admit you're jealous that you don't have anyone who solely simps for your lard ass.

No. 1069262

>It's not the saddle club.

Seriously, she's constantly talking about how she's not a part of the ~ community ~ and "Can't we all just support each other?? :(" but like, it's a job dummy. Each sex worker is their own business and sure, you can help each other out, businesses form symbiotic partnerships all the time, maybe you even become friends on a personal level, but at the end of the day the owner of Mcdonalds and the owner of Burger King are in competition with one another and you're not going to see Ronald Mcdonald cry because The King "poached" his customers

No. 1069263

"work 4 something"
god the irony

No. 1069269

She’s so fucking annoying all she does is complain complain complain. Instead of working on her appearance which could improve her sales . She’s one of the crustiest sw I’ve ever seen. Greasy knotted unwashed hair, callus unpedicured feet, yellow crooked plaque filled teeth, cellulite flat butt, manboobs, large fupa, and has double chined moonface. Idk how that’s bimbo Barbie

No. 1069270

She thinks the entirety of SW works like it did back on tumblr. It's extremely competitive. It will be hilarious to hear her reee about the other girls at the strip club/corner once she ends up going into full service. She thinks other SW are bad now? Lmao

No. 1069273