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File: 1713989303535.gif (259.11 KB, 795x491, porcine.gif)

No. 1988578

Previous thread: >>/snow/1980824

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26-year-old failing prostitute, pornsick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid-filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents’ help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread
Last Thread:
>Shayna does an extremely unflattering photoshoot for a spandex fetish website >>1980829
>Has an unexplained falling out with Limpcock, leaving her to beg her coomers for an overpriced hotel room >>1981713
>Her coomers catch on to her bullshit and call her out >>1981839
>Smallcock deletes every interaction with Shay from his twitter and uninvites her from going to see the B-52s with him >>1981935
>Shay returns to Seattle to find that she’s been gifted a clothes rack and a shelf from one of her “partners” >>1982501
>Farmers rehash one of the longstanding issues in the Shaynaverse: was Fupa abusive? >>1982604
>Shayna wears pigtails and medieval monk bangs to get her new ID photo >> 1983215
>Floats the idea of getting pink braces on twitter for the 5000th time >>1983337
>Gets 3 tacky rugs and puts them all in the same bathroom >>1983384
>Buys herself a leash that attaches to her nose with sharp prongs and has to be removed using a screwdriver >> 1983877
>Does cringe performative femdom with her pet fag >>1984101
>Lets said fag stay at her apartment alone while she’s away >>1984565
>Goes back to Vegas two weeks after leaving >>1985493
>Tries to drum up new business at the airport bar >>1985640
>Buys tickets to the B-52s for an opiate addict scrote who did the spandex photoshoot at the start of the thread >>1987208
>Claims to be out “with the girls” in Vegas, but only posts pictures of herself >>1987475
>Mentions a new crush calling her “little mouse” >>1987499
>A wave of redtext sweeps over the thread as countless farmers continue vagsperging >>1987754
>Farmers discover that Ellen is with Shay in Vegas >>1988327
>Goes to see the Beatles-themed Cirque de Soleil performance, debuts the conehead hairdo for the third time this thread >>1988384

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theirlbarbie

No. 1988581

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No. 1988585

File: 1713990380276.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x1794, IMG_5565.jpeg)

again with the e-begging kek

No. 1988587

her nails look so retarded i thought she was holding a cigarette but it's just her hotdog nail sticking out

No. 1988588

Why is she wearing the exact same of pink as her pinkish skin? She always looks so porcine and washed out. AND the matching wig. She looks like Patrick Star

No. 1988589

Shayna's philosophy on life can be summed up by the saying "more is more." That's why she's a fatty alcoholic sex pest. More sushi, more brunch, more alcohol, more extreme/degenerate kinks, more eyeliner, more twitter posting, more pets to abandon and ignore, more ugly partners, more identical clothes, and apparently more pink. Any good or pleasurable thing in her life she indulges in to excess. She has no concept of nuance or subtlety or moderation.

No. 1988609

File: 1713993581408.jpeg (130.73 KB, 728x970, IMG_1783.jpeg)

can someone PLEASE tell her to stop with that hairstyle?

No. 1988610

dude don't post a dog, she'll do it more lol

No. 1988611

Shayby, if you’re such a high-value bimbo who is ~sew good at sex werk~ then get the old men at the club to pay for you to go out. Save your ebegging for when you need to scrape together enough money for rent or vet bills or doordash. It’s almost like she’s bad at the lifestyle she’s chosen or something.

No. 1988624

that wig should be burned

No. 1988625

KEKKKKKK at the thread gif. nice, op

No. 1988626

Are she wearing the heels that she claims the females blood was on?

No. 1988638

The sissy moid is not female

No. 1988642

No, I thinks she's wearing those stupid flats that make her legs look even stumpier. The heels are the cheap white ones that she wears at every event that requires her to look "classy."

No. 1988644

File: 1714003031494.jpeg (535.36 KB, 1227x833, 132AFDCD-DB96-4259-83AC-25D031…)

No she IS wearing those bloody heels she kicked the scrote in
>>1984101 (the bloody shoes) the same as the ones she took here

No. 1988648

oh my god
you don't supposed that "scuffing" on top of the big toe is

No. 1988649

Fem boy somehow auto corrected to female, sorry I didn't notice until it was too late to delete.

No. 1988652

Kekk at her giant hoof, this reminds me of this autistic girl I knew in school who told me she loved her chunky white sneakers because they made her feet look like horse hooves lmao

No. 1988653

File: 1714007600662.jpeg (552.06 KB, 1170x1512, IMG_2806.jpeg)

she’s going to fatcon.

No. 1988661

File: 1714009193050.png (1.3 MB, 1170x1794, porcineprincess.png)

Posting this work of shart masterpiece a kind nonnie drew. It's too good to not be in the main thread

No. 1988662

>$300 to get tested before I go
What happens when it turns out shiny, limpcock, or one of her other gross johns gave her an std?

No. 1988668

Can u please take the britbonger speak elsewhere? I have no idea wtf you're talking about.

I do want to know why she can't just buy one of those $200 cotton corset dresses if she can afford $2500+ in rent each month. They're lined, the fabric isn't thin and they're made to flatter fatties. Why tf would you wear $20 tent material crap that fits like shit? I hope she gets yelled at for shoving her nipples in everyone's face.

No. 1988691

natyrt I detected 0 britishisms in that anon's post, it's plain english, what's your problem

No. 1988695

thems my scrote kicking wide-toes

No. 1988696

read a book retard

No. 1988698

Dw, I will translate for you, Americhan.

What >>1988589 said was:
Yee haw and howdy there partner. Shayna's big thinkins on life can be summarized as "supersize it!". More burgers, more fries, more PBR, more of everything. She has to be the rootinest, tootinest alcoholic in all of the AA meeting. God bless.

No. 1988699

anon, you are retarded
kek 300$ to get tested, good lord. that's the kind of thing you put in your sexy findom post, sure

No. 1988700

The one good thing about shaynus is she knows how to stay in her league. She knows young, fit, handsome men around her age could have a real looker and not her fatass. So she pretends to want gross old men and pervert attention because shes afraid of the rejection she would get from them where as old ugly perveted men are just happy to get thrown a bone.

No. 1988701

I am the burgeriest burger, you are just rarted lol. Maybe stop imbibing and smoking like shay and you'll actually be able to read a full sentence, lmao

No. 1988706

I hate americans

No. 1988712

she seriously needs to start fake tanning. she looks so ill

No. 1988713

File: 1714019878634.jpg (493.1 KB, 1080x1774, Sad.jpg)

No. 1988719

>"on a cock mounted to either strut or the floor"
not risking his own near shaytaan

No. 1988732

Or maybe he has a micropenis, kek

No. 1988777

lmaoooo nonners my country 'tis of thee

No. 1988778

“get tested before I go”
obviously didn’t expect shat to actually be tested at all but sad this is the first time I’m seeing her talk about it. most sw’s wont work without being regularly tested. gross.

No. 1988784

It wouldn't be surprised if she pocketed the money and spent it on door dash.

No. 1988794

“Britbonger”’s problem is not that they are an American, nonnie; ignorance exists in every country. They’re just stupid.

No. 1988796

She begged for over $300 for testing last minute before fatcon last year too and made up some story about the guys at the testing facility never seeing a rectal swab before only because that’s when she made Kiki her bff of the moment and Kiki would heavily advertise that she’s tested. It was funny too because I think it wasn’t long after anons dug up Scott Hancock’s fake testing track record then suddenly Shat who never mentioned testing started mentioning it

No. 1988800

Things like this are why the rest of the site makes fun of the shay thread for being retarded

No. 1988805

Don't think a tan will erase the traces of her shitty lifestyle, but I also want her to get into fake tanning

No. 1988815

File: 1714057936403.jpg (39.12 KB, 474x316, shayna_with_a_fake_tan.jpg)

No. 1988844

File: 1714062895211.jpg (391.2 KB, 1080x1349, 03.jpg)

She attracts the finest of men, extra points for all the mispelling.

No. 1988857

How could anyone take someone seriously as a master daddy alpha domly dom if he can’t even spell easy words ? Shay attracts the most retarded of coomers.

No. 1988870

the kind of shit she enables. we desperately need gulags back to put these misogynists to good use.

No. 1988887

Kek this visual is cracking me up the way she described it. Her massive self sprawled on a pool chair, sunburnt cellulitic blubber squeezing through the slats. Drunkenly squinting at her dark phone in the bright sunlight, catching sight of the deep lines settling in her thick foundation in the reflection of the screen. Doing her porky AGP smirk at the thought of some nasty postwall scrote tearing through her nasal cartilage with hooks. She's such a trashy bitch, just knowing I don't have her life fills me with confidence lol.

No. 1988893

love how the nonnies in the nitpicking asshole thread are the most angry because someone doesn't like britishisms. makes sense that this thread is populated by mad eurofags.

Should I be proud that I remember that? lol there were several people in the reply saying that $300 for a testing thing was highway robbery because they worked for planned parenthood or something and they were fully aware of what those kits cost when you're not buying them from someone marking them up as much as they can.

No. 1988921

nona im sorry but as an american I was able to comprehend what the poster said without issues. im afraid you're clinically retarded.

No. 1988951

KEK that's what I first thought too, It fits her white trash trailer park barbie aesthetic

No. 1988952

It is a masterpiece it looks like that ugly creature from the star wars movie kek who did this shit haha?

No. 1988955

She is ill af, She's a alcoholic and all her minerals get washed away she's prob anemic with the way she described her tiredness and shit kidney failure saga when.

No. 1988956

idiomatic ecpressions translate poorly between diff cultures nonnita
It sounds like every time she tweets it's got something to do about alcohol. If she's a ramping up consumption and being this casual about it because she thinks it's a ~~bimbo Barbie~~ thing and not a depressing alcoholic who is spiraling downwards thing this isn't going to end well.

No. 1988972

can some nonnas explain to me her obsession with alcohol since the fupa arc? for forgetting your bleak life isn't THC better? if she can't smoke why doesn't she do edibles constantly? does weed really make her feel sicker than the kidney damage, malnutrition, dehydration, and hangovers?

No. 1988973

you should be proud you're able to remember anything at all considering the post you're complaining about not understanding should be straightforward to a middle schooler

No. 1988974

>obsession with alcohol
That's just an addiction.

No. 1988975

I'm the one who made the original post and I am American lol, I still don't know what part of my post reads as British

No. 1988976

Lmao Nonnie I can't with the way you described it

No. 1988987

there aren’t any Britishisms in it! just ordinary words common to all English-speaking countries

No. 1988988

Nonny, she turned 21 around the time she met fupa. The events just line up but arent fully correlated. Maybe she holds regrets, resentment and other negative feelings from the end of the relationship and that may have sparked heavy drinking, but the whole YEAR after she turned 21, she was constantly on cam with a wine bottle. She is just an idiot who is self loathing enough to drink/smoke/drug herself through life.
Its really not that deep.

No. 1988992

I've been living in America for decades no one here uses sex pest. not unless you're one of those weird Americans watches British TV shows and talks like the British. I've only seen those kinds, online though.

enough derailing(stop language sperging)

No. 1988994

File: 1714091229357.jpg (533.26 KB, 1638x2048, 20240426_012634.jpg)


No. 1989005

ew shes starting to develop skin tags (lower back)

No. 1989008

Just googles the causes. It coul be from friction from laying on her back all the time, hpi from fucking dirty people, or obesity/diabetes. But she has always had extreme moles so it could also just be genetic or family history.

No. 1989021

Yeah I think it's just her genetics. The moles develop over time.
(I'm a drunkard but still never had a skin tag/mole but I know people who have who aren't drunks)

No. 1989035

File: 1714099956611.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_2865.jpeg)

kek sure shay.

No. 1989038

>mfw when a man is expressing his opinion

No. 1989045

File: 1714103183713.jpg (214.89 KB, 986x935, KBbq.jpg)

No. 1989051

Holy shit 5 shots in 30 minutes? Is that what she is used to with regular booze??

No. 1989062

Edibles take a while to hit, bong rips are instant.

No. 1989067

Oh god imagine Korean bbq replaces the charcuterie board. It’s never gonna happen but I desperately need a Shayna koreaboo arc.

No. 1989070

File: 1714108262752.jpeg (114.61 KB, 1170x432, IMG_2895.jpeg)

incoming drunk aunt activities.

No. 1989071

Most of the popular nightclubs are about $100 a ticket but knowing how cheap Shay is she wouldn't be able to get in let alone feel welcome around actual attractive people. She's better off doing the chicken dance drunk on Fremont Street.

No. 1989085

Shayna is telling on herself that she isn’t getting invited to any clubs by promoters having to ask where she should go. If you’re a cute woman in Vegas, it’s so easy to get into events for free. Actually surprised she hasn’t lied about this happening yet.

No. 1989091

Beat me to it, she's openly advertising she's too ugly to get in clubs for free. I think I've paid cover MAYBE once in Vegas.

No. 1989092

Out of all the things she does you nitpick this one thing that is almost certainly not her fault.
Will she dare to post her results?

No. 1989107

Is it possible she’s not aware of how dumb she just made herself look kek because that’s so embarrassing. I’ve seen plenty of mid girls get into trendy clubs bc they’re styled well or have hotter friends so she’s screwed on those counts too

No. 1989113

File: 1714129892646.png (48.04 KB, 300x297, proxy-image(1).png)

>She's better off doing the chicken dance drunk on Fremont Street.

No. 1989119

File: 1714134569433.jpeg (271.17 KB, 1170x929, IMG_5704.jpeg)

what happens in vegas, stays in vegas unless you’re shayna

No. 1989122

File: 1714134731380.jpeg (202.72 KB, 1170x652, IMG_5705.jpeg)

No. 1989125

File: 1714135757760.jpg (152.78 KB, 660x660, 1240038237853.jpg)

>making out with the hog
Considering that she rarely showers or brushes her teeth this is already disgusting.
>making out with the hog after she vomited
And this is another level of absolutely fucking disgusting.

No. 1989127

Gross gross gross, the way she must have absolutely reekeed. If Ellen weren't there, she would have absolutely been taken advantage of. Getting sloppy drunk and making out with strangers in Vegas after puking. Vile.

No. 1989128

"meat scissors sounds like a lesbian sex position"

Shayna you've never had sex with a woman (not counting her porn acting when she was obviously disgusted by it). Only nasty scrotes refer to genitalia as 'meat'.

No. 1989129

you can't even spell expression

sorry nonnie but the poster wasn't even british

You're either ESL or retarded, im unsure now(please stop language sperging)

No. 1989139

it's astounding how she is almost thirty years old and interacts with the most disgusting moids for a living yet still manages to know so little about how they operate. a moid who pursues you when you are a visibly drunk sloppy mess isn't doing it because you're just so pretty that he can't help but think you're still hot despite the way that you're behaving, he's doing it because moids are predators by nature and he thinks you'll be extremely easy to take advantage of. rapists aren't deterred by shit, piss, or vomit or even decay. to them you smelling like puke just means that you're inebriated and therefore vulnerable.

No. 1989141

i can't get over the band of her bra being pulled damn near up to her neck because she can't buy garments her size kek you know that shit is uncomfortable

No. 1989145

kek the majority of skin tags actually are the fault of the person who has them. poor diet, obesity, uncleanliness, not addressing health issues. also most people dont just leave skin tags on their body considering they are easy to deal with/have removed. like shayna is posting her body for $$$ - but its nothing new that she puts in no effort and is grimy as hell as a person.

No. 1989148

i honestly think shayna is drunk and a mess and dressed slutty enough to be invited into a club but you got to remember she has the fucking oogie boogie man from nightmare before christmas tagging along with her as the designated ugly friend. no one is letting that much cottage cheese into their club without cover kek

sadly thats what gets shayna off. she likes fear play and likes to push things to the absolute limit. its sad but also funny she tries to get raped so hard but she cant even manage that. she really must stink irl.

No. 1989153

File: 1714144428919.jpg (286.6 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_2024-04-26-16-12-04…)

Oh my god the outfit and lopsided tits.

She looks like a street hooker

No. 1989154

File: 1714144456917.jpg (429.77 KB, 1536x2048, 20240426_161144.jpg)

I can't..

No. 1989162

I thought it was just the posing, but no, you're right. One is noticeably larger.

No. 1989163

She looks like a newly divorced 55 yr old mom

No. 1989164

Kek "boys"
As if she ever gets approached by anyone under 35

No. 1989165

The right-hand titty is trying to escape from her body at this point. Please Shayna for the love of God wear a bra, you NEED support.

No. 1989167

File: 1714145368350.jpg (96.27 KB, 964x372, Kidnap.jpg)

>one of a kind i am
This was deleted obviously.

No. 1989169

she tries so hard to make it seem like she's a cool girl, "boys" and "girlie pops" as if she isn't talking about old decrepit loser degenerates

No. 1989170

Only Shayna could get an ego boost from some rapey scrote being furious that she won't fuck him on the first meeting. ♡~bimbo things~♡(emoji)

No. 1989174

How is this even a flex? She seriously acts like it's some kind of huge life accomplishment to have scrotes want to fuck you. It's not because you're hot or attractive, it's because scrotes are desperate.

No. 1989175

The size difference between her boobs seriously looks worse than before she got surgery. In the top right pic you can see she's covering up the way smaller one with her hand. What's weird is the size difference seems to be getting progressively worse, like what would even cause that? Is one infected, or did the saline bag burst or something? No wonder she's having to get blackout drunk just to be able to look in the mirror.

No. 1989177

This is so revealing holy shit, she's literally never turned a man down before. Honestly if Ellen wasn't there she probably would have said yes to those dudes. Also the part about "being older" making her less insecure is a total cope, back when she was younger and skinnier she had a strict no-b/g rule.

No. 1989179

I've noticed shes upped the Gen Z slang more too, no more "wicked" kek, I wonder If someone she's been hanging out recently is younger and their slangs rubbing off on her?

No. 1989184

You have to remember she's got two very different situations going on because of that weird non-existent tit. I think expecting implants to give her perfect matching tits is delusional. Add weight fluctuations and her lack of aftercare to the mix and you've got…this

No. 1989185

Do men in Las Vegas have lower standards than men in Seattle? Because she never mentions getting this much male attention when she goes out in Seattle.

No. 1989186

Oh you know they do, tons of drunk grody moids on holiday who fuck anything that moves.

No. 1989190

this is the kind of shit that happens to you as a teenager and you try to forget about it as soon as possible because its a really awkward disgusting story. this big bitch is making huge steps towards 30 and boasts about it online, as if it were a fun little story to tell in public. on her goddamn whore twitter no less. its giving stunted development. do you think your bookings will skyrocket by telling everyone you're a sloppy irresponsible alcoholic shat? there's men out there who are disgusting enough to be into puke, sure, but i think even they don't enjoy the smell of sugary alcohol throwup coming from a fat persons mouth.

No. 1989192

in german the moids have this misogynist little rhyme going "besser widerlich als wieder nicht" meaning it's better to fuck a disgusting woman than to not fuck at all. that's what men think about her, not any of the delusions she's fallen victim to.

No. 1989198

she really thinks it means she's special and unique and soooo hot when in reality nearly every woman who's gone clubbing as a young adult has that experience. kind of telling on herself

No. 1989200

That lighting makes her skin look like a 7/11 hot dog.
Truly incapable of being normal for one second. What does an interaction between Shayna and a normal adult her age look like?

No. 1989201

File: 1714152312004.mp4 (6.4 MB, 1026x1824, Drunk.mp4)

From last night off IG stories.

No. 1989202

Wow the way she chugs alcohol is screaming “I hate myself”

No. 1989206

Shay truly does not think she's attractive and this proves that despite all the men she sells herself too and all the attention she gets online from displaying herself like a slice of ham for a fat moid to eat, she truly doesn't understand-
>Men wanting to fuck you MEANS NOTHING.
>Men wanting to fuck you for money means NOTHING
>Men wanting to make out with a drunk hooker in vegas means LESS THAN NOTHING
>Men spending $3 a month to see every inch of your body means NOTHING.
You'd think someone whose been a sex worker since..what? 18? Would've found this out but she didn't.
She hands her card out not just to sell her assback, but because she hopes one of these moids is the one. Shayna somehow understands that
>all men want is sex
but she doesn't understand
>giving men access to my body for money/love/attention means nothing. They don't see me as someone they want to love/be with. They see me as simply a hole to fuck for a price and/or for free/low effort. I'm not special because I get attention in VEGAS of all places.
She truly thinks being a drunk girl in a club whose probably dancing like a retard, with her white tongue ridged tongue peeking out her crusty lips, probably groping her lopsided boobs,doing the chicken dance and moids paying attention is truly about how hot, desirable, special and amazing you are.
Nope, you are drunk, sloppy, average looking, and some of them probably saw you handing out cards. They KNOW you are a prostitute and/or they think you are just tonights body to fuck. They do not love you, they may not even be all that attracted to you or at all attracted.

No. 1989209

KEK, Wow, I never even thought about that
>While skinny and a lot more confident/cocky, Shayna did NOT want to sleep with men on camera/off camera unless she "had feelings".
>Now chubby, with lopsided botched tits, Shayna is sleeping with a moid a week it feels like. Constantly gaining and losing new sugar daddies and is somehow broker than she was before despite selling ass in real life.

No. 1989212

She didn't wear her supportive garments while healing and thus her tit bottomed out bc there was no scar tissue had healed around it to keep it in place, so now its just sagging more and more. Solely her own dumbass fault for not doing proper aftercare and letting moids tie up her freshly done tits and shaking them around with no compression bra on.

No. 1989219

>do men in las vegas have lower standards?
nona you got to understand that 95% of people on the strip where Shayna is are super fucking drunk. She’s getting extra attention because the guys all have beer/vodka goggles on and they’re too wasted to notice her deformed tits and yeast stench. most of thrm are probably away from their wives/girlfriends too and just want some sleezy attention to brag about later. notice shayna isnt getting any “work”? its clear from this post the guy had no intention of paying her for sex >>1989167 so she spun it into “i rejected him and he was feral!”

No. 1989220

i know we joke around and shayna has always been a mess who wasnt going to amount to much - but… I cannot believe she is now actual hooker stalking the Vegas strip drunk trying to pick up clients. She’s actually a desperate street hooker now. Incredible sad and depressing turn of events. I honestly thought she would only do weird ass camshows until her mid-20s then settle down with some beta cuck and just be an attention whore on twitter. You’ve really outdone yourself Shayna!

No. 1989222

its hilarious how she says it so confidently as if the moids didnt clown the shit out of her and ellen after they stumbled off. like just cause a guy kissed you doesnt mean he didnt think it and you were fucking gross. guys love “gross sex stories”. old bill will be ripping on tommy for the rest of his life for “being so drunk he made out with the sloppy fat chick with barf on her shoes and two different sized tits”

No. 1989232

Well the hair band Motley Crue had a bet who can hook up with the most women without showering and they actually were able to. I wonder how many men who didn’t wash their junk hooked up with Shayna. Men are disgusting but men with good hygiene isn’t going to hook up with a fat drunk smelling Shayna.
Vegas is notorious for it’s debauchery. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Both men and women want to be wild and do things they wouldn’t do in their everyday life. So most men who are kissing Shayna wouldn’t do it if they were not in Vegas. Also most people in Vegas are drunk.

No. 1989236

if a guy has worms and scratches his butthole, if he doesnt wash his hands he can transfer the worm eggs onto or into you if he fingers you. yuck. temporary money is not worth dealing with unknown geriatric dick cheese and worms.

No. 1989238

The top looks like grocery bag material
The bottom looks like it’s made from a bin bag

No. 1989242

The sissy puppy guy she’s been spending time with recently is only twenty so maybe she picked up gen z slang from him. I don’t recall her hanging out with other zoomers lately.

No. 1989246

File: 1714159773527.png (1.29 MB, 1195x1053, 1707570959571.png)

I'm wondering if it's the same black skirt from her Tulsa conehead era

No. 1989253

besides the ridiculous posing there is no way she did not shoop this. I don't understand why she doesn't Photoshop her on even boobs, too. why is she so inconsistent
not to mention how she claims that it was flattering that moid chimped out because she said no instead of it being scary. for the biggest pick me I've ever seen who consistently chooses the ugliest and the most disgusting looking men to make "porn" with she sure as fuck pretends to have standards at the weirdest times. does she think that a moid being angry means that he was desperate to get with her or something? she probably does. whether this is real or fake any man talking to her is probably thinking that she's an easy lay, and if they get angry at her saying no it's because they can't believe that she thinks that she's too good for them, which is not a compliment. tbqh I don't think Shayna enjoys much of what she does so she probably likes to say no out of spite.

No. 1989274

it's just her immature libfem worldview shining through. shay and women like her believe that it is empowering to cater to the male gaze and that saying yes or no to sex is a radical act of girl power when in reality not fucking someone because you don't want to should be considered a basic human right.

No. 1989276

She has Jabba the Hut as her personal security guard so she has nothing to fear.

No. 1989297

nonna thank you for the psa but why, why, why

No. 1989300

New to the Shaynaverse, when was this? She actually looks young here

No. 1989327

nayrt but it’s wild how badly she’s aged. Anyone with even a modicum of self-care will not age this drastically in such a short amount of time. It looks like there’s been 10 years between these photos and now

No. 1989329

Somewhere around thread 51 she loved the Ariana grande ponytail

No. 1989330

She's always looked like she does now. alcohol consumption, nicotine addiction and whatever else she does well dehydrate her and that will affect her skin but otherwise she doesn't seem to stay out in the sun all day so she doesn't look older than she is to me. I've always found the amount of hate she gets for how she looks to be extreme. comes off as insecurity on the side of the person making the comment.

Shat needs to buy some freaking moisturizer and lay off that super dry matte foundation she uses, though

No. 1989331

She's always looked like she does now. alcohol consumption, nicotine addiction and whatever else she does will dehydrate her and that will affect her skin but otherwise she doesn't seem to stay out in the sun all day so she doesn't look older than she is to me. She's just aged and looks fatter. I've always found the amount of hate she gets for how she looks to be extreme. comes off as insecurity on the side of the person making the comment.

Shat needs to buy some freaking moisturizer and lay off that super dry matte foundation she uses, and she'll improve by a 1000%.

No. 1989332

Shay's skin is bad for her age, but the juxtaposition with larping as a toddler while looking very much like a late twenties to early thirties woman makes it come off as so much worse. She doesn't look like she's in her forties like some anons claim, though, and tbh those are probably Zoomers that think anyone over twenty is ancient.

No. 1989334

she does look bad for her age though. i agree some anons can be extreme in their criticism but she has pretty deep expression lines on her forehead, lots of fine lines underneath her eyes and some premature sagging/loss of density in her cheeks and along her eyelids which you typically don’t see in people that young. all of this is due to her bad diet and alcoholism and while it isn’t terrible, it is still kind of surprising given she’s only 26-27. it’s also not always noticeable because she filters and strategically lights herself in a way you can’t always see them, but there have been other candids where her aging is more apparent. she is lucky as i think she looks her age as well, but you can tell she has an alcohol problem.

No. 1989335

I’m not insecure, but I do find it hilarious that her whole “job” is to look good and she can’t even do that, and her “job” is to simulate children being raped. I see other women with skin worse than hers and I don’t care because they’re not shoving their face into a camera going “uwu drug and fuck me daddy!!!11!!”

No. 1989339

Are you kidding me, I know people over a decade older than her who don't have the canyons on her forehead or the scrotum eyebags she does. She looks old and crusty as shit.

No. 1989341

Right? My fifty year old mother doesn’t have wrinkles or eye bags as deep as this hog. Only drinking alcohol and having no skincare routine is going to age you fast. When she was in her biker mom era a few threads ago she genuinely looked in her mid forties. As someone also in my mid twenties, I have literally never met a woman my age with huge scrotums under her eyes or cavernous forehead wrinkles. Even the fat ones don’t look as sloppy as her because they at least bathe and wear normal clothes instead of wearing clothes made out of swimsuit material a size too small and accentuating their flab.

No. 1989343

I know this may be hard to grasp but it's ridiculous to pretend that being wrinkle free is the norm and I have a feeling that a lot of you people have no cognizance on what is normal.

Go watch YouTube video of someone who doesn't use like four filters or just look at yourself in the mirror if you're over the age of 13, which I hope you are.

wrinkles are inevitable and a sign of wisdom. being dumb, mean & self conscious is forever

No. 1989345

sorry about your premature wrinkles, try drinking water

can anyone here remember the last time Shay exercised or ate/drank something moderately healthy?

No. 1989349

File: 1714183046885.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_2998.jpeg)

No. 1989350

Was she not in Vegas for some work thing? after all the e-begging she does traveling just to fuck around in some crappy club & see unwashed men in wigs and leotards seems like a waste of her johns' money

No. 1989351

>wrinkles are inevitable and a sign of wisdom. being dumb, mean & self conscious is forever

anon, this really isn’t the place for you.

No. 1989354

File: 1714184296389.jpg (496.66 KB, 1536x2048, 20000.jpg)

The greasy bangs, uneven eyeliner and polyester foam skirt is the cherry on top.

No. 1989356

Being wrinkle free is the norm if you’re in your twenties like Shay. I’m only a little bit younger than her and have zero wrinkles. If I raise my eyebrows I have two lines and have none at all when my face is resting. I don’t even have a crazy skincare routine or eat nothing but leafy greens and chicken, I just don’t have wrinkles or ginormous eye bags because I’m young and not a bloated alcohol who doesn’t wash her face. Where the hell do you live where deep, deep eye bags and a forehead like a shar pei are normal for a 26 year old?(blogpost/derailing)

No. 1989357

There was a time a couple of years ago where she went on a weird diet of blueberries and turkey cold cuts as part of a diet that only lasted a week. Since then all I can remember is sushi, aquarium seafood, and various alcoholic beverages.

No. 1989361

right, she thinks it's some kind of feat but nearly every woman has been put through that.

>she tries to get raped so hard but she cant even manage that
shayna has been involved in the ~sex work and kink scene~ for nearly ten years now and still hasn't figured it out that moids who want to take advantage of drunk/naive women are mentally deranged and want to actually ruin a normal or typical woman. she is "too easy" to them and they get off on the genuine pain and humilation, they aren't interested in women like shayna because she makes wanting to be ~taken advantage of~ her entire personality.

No. 1989365

her "eyebags" look like the eye bags of a lot of other people with her eye shape and depth. they're not associated with water retention you fucking zoomers. I've seen babies with under eye "wrinkles" like her's as you call them. you can't compare your flat fucking faces to someone who doesn't have a flat face. If you have a face where you have you have fat pads under your sinuses and the rest of your face, i.e. robusticity that she doesn't and zero wrinkles, congrats! you don't share her phenotype. your award is waiting for you

No. 1989367

Deeper nasolabial folds and some eyebags or minor wrinkles may happen in your early 20's, depending on genetics and skin (how thin your skin is, how sensitive). I wouldn't call being completely smooth-skinned the norm, even among my healthiest peers, but alcohol use has some really obvious effects. As does smoking (actually, especially smoking). Throw in a poor diet, poor lifestyle, and likely poor hygiene, and that will age you even faster. Then again, we mostly only see her through filters. She did look pretty rough in that 360° image booth, but it's hard to tell what's just her face and what's her stupid expressions. When was her most recent candid? I don't remember it. Who knows, I might have to take this all back once I find it, lmao.

Angry moids, especially intoxicated angry moids, make me feel a very base terror. It's an immediate primal fear. How does that give her an ego boost?

No. 1989370

It's a endless cycle. She gets home she's quiet for a bit, then posts a depressed posts where she's "srry 2 say" that she's having money issues. Then she posts about getting ready for a "Date", then she gets drunk and spends money on brunch before drunk tweeting and deleting how much she loves her life.
Then she's going to travel again for Fatcon and do it all over again. At least this seemed like an actual vacay where she did shit

No. 1989373

Shayna is very lucky that despite fucking with the men nobody wants and are so degenerate while posting her rape/abuse "kink" tweets, that she's never truly been in a situation with one of them that went "horribly bad".
I'm not talking about, some weird drama shit but actual fucked up shit, she's lucky ass hell.

No. 1989383

Either you have wrinkly walnut shells under your eyes like her and are pretending that is the norm for healthy 26 year olds who are capable of washing their faces and putting on spf to cope, or else you’ve been tricked into thinking that her huge alcohol bags aren’t as bad as they truly are because she only posts pics with crazy strong instagram filters on them most of the time, in which case you should just scroll up the thread of her worst pictures in the shaynatorium to see how wrinkly her eye scrotums are. Either way, it is definitely shaylusion if you think eyebags like hers are common for mid twenties people (which I can tell you’re not one of us btw by how you got mad over us “zoomers” telling you we don’t have eyebags that rival a middle aged trailer park mom kek).

No. 1989384

am i just elderly with no sense of time or did shayna not stay as long as she said she was? i thought they were there for 2 weeks

No. 1989390

File: 1714189326422.png (177.44 KB, 432x415, Zzdc7.png)

Jokes on her, they couldnt taste the puke on her breath because they also recently puked and had the same nasty rank ass puke breath.

No. 1989393

Seems like it trynna catch another ban day. OK idiot let me spell it out for you.

1. Washing hour face, cleansing etc, if done frequently and improperly strips your skin of the healthy oils that bacteria keeping your skin barrier functioning feed on. It's not healthy or good for you to remove your skin's natural protective barrier. This isn't 1930, none recs washing regularly.

2. Shut up


No. 1989394

She literally lives in a filthy ambient and is a sex worker who eats moids ass and "likes it"
How is washing face at least twice a day "not healthy" in her case, the fuck?

No. 1989399

I see that the ass eating anons are now arguing about wrinkles.

No. 1989401

File: 1714193106003.jpg (961.42 KB, 1079x1775, Gh.jpg)

Her poor pets.

No. 1989404

I hope she just moves for their sake.

No. 1989408

Her nipple is trying to look at the camera too, Jesus Christ.

No. 1989411

It’s been about two weeks, she left on the 14th

No. 1989423

She looks like a cheap Vegas prostitute. Ew.

No. 1989426

Kek you all are so retarded. Being a bloated alcoholic actually means you have fewer wrinkles, the bloat and the puffiness hides it. Everyone pointlessly bragging about their ~totally smooth skin~ is clearly a coping fatty. Yeah, the fat puffs out your wrinkles so you can't see them, but at what cost? My two year old daughter has lines under her eyes, it's literally musculoskeletal. Besides, I guarantee all the scrotes you're into have massive forehead lines and receding hairlines and nasolabial folds. I've had lines around my mouth since I was 16 because of the shape of my face, never had a problem finding partners or being made of feel beautiful. Shay is a gross fatty but her skin just looks dehydrated, not excessively aged. Some of y'all need to touch grass.(infighting blogpost)

No. 1989427

>gets defensive about her wrinkles in the shayne thread
>its normal you're all fatties reee reeee
Can you go play with your daughter instead of trying to lecture anons in a thread about a prostitute kek?

No. 1989428

I'm just saying that if you're so pressed about your skin barrier composition, your life is bleaker than Shay's lol. You realize your Nigel will cheat on you no matter how fat and puffy you keep your face, right? And my daughter is sleeping atm, but I guarantee she's more loved and held and doted on and played with than you ever were.(no1currs)

No. 1989435

doubtful given you are currently living out your bpd in the shayna thread

No. 1989436

File: 1714207138472.png (281.98 KB, 478x534, wrecked-1.png)

Being this level of haggard is not normal for a woman of her age. Her face shows clear signs of alcoholism.

No. 1989440

do you hear yourself? you’re saying fat makes you wrinkle-free, and that’s true to an extent. fat smoothes facial wrinkles. so how in the fuck does Fat Shayna look this bad?

No. 1989455

Are you coping bc your daughters father cheated on you with a wrinkle free girl?(infighting)

No. 1989463

File: 1714217513846.jpg (254.86 KB, 1080x857, 1000030782.jpg)


This is the "metkat meanie" dude she's working with. Fucking nasty

No. 1989464

Isn't this just the bald guy that already makes videos of him slapping and punching her?

No. 1989466

i have a personal aversion to completely bald men; they look like large babies. And this fucker TRIGGERS ME SO BAD. Ugh, he is absolutely disgusting on all level. Just ew.

No. 1989468

File: 1714219492351.png (96.99 KB, 350x193, IMG_0592.png)

No. 1989470

KEK, wtf is this She looks like a 1980's street walker wtf is that hair so bimbo am I right?

No. 1989471

File: 1714220626249.png (650.77 KB, 561x537, bathroom sandals.png)

why would she post this? is she that high? her face looks insane, her giant right tit is on the loose, and it looks like she's somehow wearing her shoes on the wrong feet
and why are there flip-flops in the public bathroom? what kind of establishment is this?

No. 1989473

Have you never been to a club? Some clubs sell random crap in the bathroom including flip flops for women tired of wearing heels and didn't bring their own.

No. 1989474

>Have you never been to a club?

No. 1989475

Apparently some people get out of the house less than Shayna. Kek(derailing)

No. 1989476

I've just never been to a club. Have you never met an adult who doesn't party?(derailing)

No. 1989477

What club puts a bottle of mouthwash out for its patrons? I think you might actually be retarded, nona.

No. 1989480

holy shit I didn't even notice that, jfc how many filthy ass girls like shayna put their mouth directly on it?

No. 1989481

Probably not that many considering it most likely isn’t at a club but whatever the nonas want to believe.

No. 1989482

It doesn't matter what kind of establishment it is, it's clearly a public bathroom, there are multiple sinks, so the public is all in there being trusted not to be gross with the mouthwash

No. 1989495

In a standard Vegas club bathroom there is usually a bathroom attendant, you can tip her in order to be able to use things like mouthwash and she will give you a little paper cup to pour the mouthwash into. To be fair, I have no idea what kind of establishment Shaynus visited, it’s possible that sort of low caliber location just expects you to figure it out on your own.

No. 1989498

he looks like the ‘cocky want boing boing’ guy

No. 1989499

the badly stuck on eyelash is just the cherry on top of the shocking foundation match

No. 1989513

File: 1714229631714.jpg (161.62 KB, 1065x902, 1cf8by.jpg)

>their enamel's fw

No. 1989514

I'm learning so much about Vegas from this thread, that is insane to me. A bathroom attendant that pours you shots of mouthwash, mother of God.

No. 1989515

She looks like her soft cartilage is swollen. Like how old people start looking goofy and big-nosed after they get to a certain age because their noses & ears don't stop growing. Except her nose is just swollen from being alcoholic.
She is giving Barbara Streisand's sister, who rides the short bus & who cut her own bangs.

No. 1989534

kek why is he holding his hands like a baby otter

No. 1989541

well, it’s done cause people literally go to vegas on 2-3 day club hopping binges, friday to sunday. like they won’t even sleep, just keep going up and down the strip until monday morning. as they don’t want to waste time going back to the hotel to change and freshen up, they do it in the bathroom kek. she should feel right at home though. vegas is raunchy and nasty unless you’re hanging out with the rich folks at the bellagio or wherever they go nowadays, which she isn’t.

No. 1989549

File: 1714238334500.png (719.87 KB, 861x876, shayna-vibe.png)

This restaurant in Fremont Street had me laughing. Vegas would suit her.

No. 1989564

File: 1714240899095.jpg (179.59 KB, 1080x783, P.jpg)

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1989567

I mean this is standard in a lot of American clubs. They also have bathroom attendants to discourage drug use. It's not specific to Vegas.

No. 1989568

File: 1714241585333.jpeg (1009.08 KB, 1170x1837, IMG_3028.jpeg)

more delusions kek.

No. 1989570

at least shes wearing lip balm now. someone get her some lanolips, STAT!!!

No. 1989579

File: 1714243284120.jpeg (169.32 KB, 1170x640, IMG_3034.jpeg)

No. 1989591

There it is. She's openly admitting that she does scat videos.

No. 1989599

She doesn’t have a single original thought. This was already a viral post on insta a few years ago

No. 1989602

Kek 10 dollars is pathetic, especially considering it's scat

No. 1989608

i think shayna has lost some weight but not in a healthy way. she has this weird turtle neck thing going on lately.

No. 1989623

File: 1714252763051.jpeg (721.82 KB, 1170x1226, IMG_3072.jpeg)

No. 1989643

Shay should be staying in Vegas until wedding season is over tbh. That’s why she needs to move asap so her pets can feel comfortable.

No. 1989649

I want her to drunkenly vegas marry a scrote she’s known for one evening.

No. 1989666

File: 1714261039002.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1154x1976, IMG_6183.jpeg)

No. 1989667

File: 1714261066356.jpeg (Spoiler Image,368.37 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_6182.jpeg)

full size

No. 1989671

Vegas is a trashy city that can be seedy at times, everyone knows about it. Even people who’ve never been there. It’s were degenerate losers go to be wild and crazy like Miami during spring break

No. 1989673

I don't think I've ever seen anyone at the airport stop to talk to other people there. Everyone is only worried about themselves getting where they need to be, getting some food, coffee, etc.
I've never been to the bars, but I think there's usually only people at the bars to eat or just have a quick drink and leave.
The airport delusions she has are the least believable. She wants people to believe someone had to stop to compliment her not once but three times? And a bratz doll and barbie doll when you're wearing a slobby old bimbo sweatshirt?

No. 1989681

Kek yeah and what are the odds of being complimented every time you go to the airport, and each compliment being the same boring compliments Shayna would want like “hi Barbie! Omg you look like a young bratz bimbo dolly, I’m going to buy you a drink because you’re so pretty! ” so predictable. Her outfits aren’t even cool enough to be complimented they just look trashy

No. 1989686

Shooped to hell and back.

No. 1989691

I can smell this picture.

No. 1989693

File: 1714265234158.mp4 (1.65 MB, 480x594, Pet.mp4)

No. 1989694

why cats always gotta lick your fuckin eyeball

No. 1989695

I swear to god she's made this exact tweet before

No. 1989697

File: 1714267009350.jpg (7.92 KB, 210x240, bfe1d47a3634ff5d5eb1beb3072530…)

Same nose, eyes, and physique

No. 1989699

I hope she realizes that she sounds insane

No. 1989703

She has openly sold scat videos though

No. 1989704

The fact that she wants randos to buy videos of her wiping her ass with those unsanitary claws is ick personified. I wonder how ppl respond. I hope she's not lying b/c she's gonna get razzed so bad for this shit. I'm not calling it scat, tho. It's just humiliating. The least barbie bimbo thing imaginable.

No. 1989705

>high class ~uwu spoilt bimbo barbie~ sugar baby
>sells videos of her wiping her ass to make rent
Her life is an oxymoron and the only person who doesn't realise it is her.

No. 1989722

in reality, they actually said, “what’s that stench?”. her brain translated it wrong. someone also told her, “you look like shit.” she heard “barbie”…kek.

No. 1989732

File: 1714278745255.jpg (258.45 KB, 2048x1536, 7 years old outfit.jpg)

No. 1989739

These filters are fueling her delusions

No. 1989752

Glad she will die alone one day. Every serious relationship she wants her newest scrote will cheat on her.

No. 1989756

this sounds like a chris chan facebook status from 2012

No. 1989768

File: 1714297873467.webp (29.99 KB, 811x541, IMG_3618.webp)

Same energy but 100x more sad

No. 1989772

is that old dress actually able to go on her body (because it likely still doesn't fit) again or did she cave and buy a bigger size?

No. 1989775

Does she feel sad when the filter glitches and she sees her haggard reflection staring back at her? Who is she trying to fool, everyone has seen her real face by now.

No. 1989778

File: 1714301465872.png (82.91 KB, 300x534, rolls.png)

Telling that she only posted her top half.

No. 1989812

hard disagree, Lucille Bluth was a terrible person but at least she had class and dignity and an actually expensive lifestyle outside of drugs. the most they have in common is alcoholism

No. 1989813

File: 1714312977246.jpg (234.89 KB, 1536x2048, No.jpg)

Based on how it's fitting her thighs, no.

No. 1989816

File: 1714313438751.jpg (315 KB, 1080x1298, V1.jpg)


No. 1989817

File: 1714313467244.jpg (45.7 KB, 966x307, V2-100519_X.jpg)

And deleted

No. 1989836

She really wants to believe the hog in fog photo shoot was some sort of significant high art with cultural relevance when in reality it was just a fat woman walking around naked in the woods.

No. 1989843

didn't she pay him for the pics anyway? anyone can book a photographer to take your pics. there's like zero connection between her getting shot by him and him being featured at some seattle literal who "erotic arts festival". as if the one thing got anything to do with the other besides the fact that he's a moid who takes pics of nude women.

No. 1989852

lol. "props" is…an interesting choice of words.

No. 1989854

Because there is no higher caliber of man than a man hanging out at a Seattle 'fast food' restaurant late at night. I do love that she told on herself about what they were eating. Maybe she does have a few bbw coomers that she's catering to; otherwise I feel like she shouldn't be open about eating shit when she looks like this.

No. 1989861

being fat and eating greasy slop is very much burger culture as y'all like to call it. attention seekers taking photos of those two feet tall "melting" sundaes that drip into your hand/arm is normal. i hate that this is what gets you clicks and likes on socmedia. disgusting, enormous servings of greasy food being normalized & made into this thing to envy and drool after while people are still being heckled for being fat.

that said, it's legitimately sad that ms. piggy's greatest happiness comes from strange men ogling & objectifying her for dressing sloppily in unflattering, too small clothes.

No. 1989872

File: 1714325959756.jpeg (34.63 KB, 602x339, 46446AB3-28A2-49FD-B6F4-DD654B…)

“Damn she’s hot, bro. I wish my kitten looked like that”

No. 1989890

Kek, they're giving them props for keeping her contained so that no one else has to.

No. 1989891

ive known people like her and they won’t do anything if it doesnt give them a dopamine hit. she is chasing that constant high because deep down she doesnt want to face the reality of her life. she jumps from sleep to sugary and fattening fast food and restaurant food, getting drunk or high, attention seeking online by posting her rotting asshole, and now hooking for money. there is nothing else to shaynas life. there is NOTHING else happening for her. even when she does something slightly good for her like when she paints or draws sometimes but its only when she’s tripping on drugs.

No. 1989917

Do American men have a thing for fat women or something? In my country (in EU) Shayna would be invisible to most men because of her weight and looks.

I'm not saying she's ugly, she's just very average and chubby and wouldn't turn any heads here. Yet she supposedly gets constant attention and compliments.

No. 1989925

She’s just lying about getting compliments every time she goes outside to make herself seem more attractive to her twitters coomers. I could see her maybe getting a pity compliment every once in a while, but no way are random people just happening to give her the exact type of specific compliments she likes (like saying she looks like a barbie doll) every time she goes outside and talks to people.

No. 1989930

my tinfoil is these guys are retarded coomers who see a woman dressing slutty and their porn brain interprets it as hot. Also I imagine they're balding old men so it's a combination of not having discerning tastes and having low standards

No. 1989937

she is at best average and chubby and turns zero heads in the US
but desperados abound and like to bond with their fellow losers, so I can imagine some putz haw-hawing with fat dad about “hurr hurr your girl sure is purty” in a restaurant line

No. 1989942

It's definitely a cope. She's too deep in the delusion to drop her bullshit now and she has said that she's narcissistic before. She feeds off of asspats.

I can't imagine what it's like knowing Shayna irl. I bet she starts fights when someone mentions her bad lifestyle habits. Selling yourself could be seen as high-seeking behavior, no doubt.

No. 1989944

Super size BBW porn exists, so there are men the like big women. While we laugh at her for being a fat sow, she isn't that big yet, at least by American standards, so I doubt that she's attracting that type of man. She's just chubby and plump, no one would notice if she wasn't attempting to squeeze herself into clothing that is too small.

No. 1989962

File: 1714344290195.jpeg (89.99 KB, 1280x720, GMSL-3fWEAAF7P0.jpeg)

New vid with this Dutch tranny

No. 1989967

She’s even bigger than the tranny!

No. 1989970

File: 1714346157780.png (388.91 KB, 740x803, pig-spanking.png)

No. 1989971

I'm not sure what you should do with yourself when elderly trannies are commenting openly on your degen behavior

No. 1989973

File: 1714346560515.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1917x1080, pig-spanking-2.png)

The video can be found here by scrolling down
I don't recommend it. She just gets slapped while making pig noises.

No. 1989979

where does she find these people

No. 1989991

File: 1714354053143.jpeg (457.38 KB, 859x1211, 6DB8D66C-5217-45B0-BDD9-DEE0B1…)

Ellen has a throne wishlist on her mistress larp account and she’s so fat and broke she’s asking for fruit snacks on it.
Along with
>rent $2,086.50
>Therapy $214.00
>art “liscense” $64.20
I wonder how her and Shayna afford to live. Because there’s no way they’re making enough for rent AND food/necessities. Unless they’re hooking on a dinner date.

No. 1989996

its moreso that she is a visible whore who looks easy. if a guy actually thought a woman in an airport was beautiful, he’d probably be too shy to approach her or maybe he’d try to have a genuine conversation with her and try to get her number. all of shayna’s stories sound like creeps just catcalling her because her nipples or came toe are out in the open. she looks like a freakshow so men aren’t as intimidated to approach her because its such a low risk situation. striking out isnt a big deal because she doesn’t bring anything to tabke other than a one night stand, and they can get that anywhere. she never gets any actual new followers or clients from any of these supposedly real airport encounters.

No. 1989997

File: 1714356288430.jpeg (70.83 KB, 1169x433, IMG_3207.jpeg)

what the fuck shay.

No. 1990000

>showing way too much of herself, and not behind a paywall, no, just on twitter

shading her business practices kek

No. 1990001

File: 1714357886008.jpeg (Spoiler Image,862.1 KB, 1261x2261, IMG_2026.jpeg)

Makes sense why she’s raving about this, he posted multiple shoots he did for this said “magazine”.

No. 1990002

It’s all fake. Even conventionally attractive women don’t get this kind of verbal attention all the time.

No. 1990012

File: 1714360909500.jpeg (151.72 KB, 1170x780, IMG_3216.jpeg)


No. 1990016

File: 1714361819339.jpg (240.91 KB, 1080x772, Health.jpg)

Let's see how long it lasts this time.

No. 1990017

File: 1714361864814.jpg (43.41 KB, 1008x318, Breakdown.jpg)

Of course both of these were simultaneously posted and deleted.

No. 1990019

forgot to post that one, damn. Maybe she’s having issues with the shinybound scrote?

No. 1990020

She loves to brag about shit before it even happens like anons have said. Like it’s embarrassing to say you’re going to do x y and z and then not do it. Especially since she’s been ballooning up since she bought all that protein powder many many threads ago. She doesn’t have the willpower to do anything healthy because it takes EFFORT and she’s fast cheap and easy

No. 1990021

This is probably going to be the one and only thing we will ever see about it. Cause ya know 9pm shots are coming up. People like this that post all the shit they are going to do are already setting themselves for failure. And well because… shayna

No. 1990023

What the fuck is an "art license"? The only art I know of that you need to be licensed to do is tattooing. Does she mean a sales permit for taxes or something? Wtf kind of art does she even do? i've only seen the first-grade-level watercolor paintings she and Shay drunkenly made one night.

No. 1990028

Also curious wtf she thinks this means. It would only be one or two art classes, obviously not a whole degree (even an associates). I'm not a cpa-chan but doesn't it cost a few hundred to set up an llc? So it's not that either. Retarded people are so mysterious, kek.

No. 1990031

I know I'm a softie but no woman deserves to be caught in the horrible lifestyle she's living. She's so unhappy in her body but no one is there to help her. She tweets this shit out to old saggy pedos that follow her because she hates herself enough to do the most degenerate sex shit for rent and to afford lots of plastic shit that makes her forget how miserable her existence is. She is doomed to fail over and over again.

No. 1990032

These posts are proof that she makes up all the scenarios in which she is complimented, hit on, or given free drinks as a cope mechanism. She doesnt get compliments on how she looks and it causes mental break downs to the point of faking it, and then mentally spiraling all on her public twitter account.
Shes an embarrassment.

No. 1990039

it goes without saying but she puts way too much stock into moid attention. she is 26, not old but old enough to know better…

No. 1990040

File: 1714369874508.png (497.01 KB, 520x580, Screen Shot 2024-04-29 at 3.47…)

tinfoil but I bet this is why she's spirling

No. 1990041

This woman looks just as haggard as Shat with equally sad teeth, but she does seem a bit slimmer at least. It's funny how she associates herself only with porn/poly men but then seems sad that they're not committing to her.

No. 1990042

File: 1714370166476.png (385.59 KB, 597x541, Screen Shot 2024-04-29 at 3.54…)

Her new moid works with a lot of slim/fit women, so I'm guessing this is what's prompting this new attempt to diet

No. 1990059

>no one will ever understand the depth of my every thought
Jesus Christ this bitch is so far up her own ass, she needs to get a diary already. Not only is sharing this shit online beyond cringe, but normal people realize that most of their thoughts just aren't that interesting.
This isn't even two meals?? The salad sounds like one, but just beef and broccoli aren't enough to make a stir fry. Watch her stuff her face with beef and cheese and let the fruits and veggies rot in the fridge.

No. 1990063

File: 1714379853658.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.29 KB, 454x680, GMUDrhraMAAklWg.jpeg)

No. 1990065

These are just regular food items and she's listing them off like she needs and wants applause.
She really is way worse off than I thought.
Big pig confirmed

No. 1990067

The OP image must have really got to her

No. 1990072

Well this will last a hot 5 minutes

So much for the all "I'm so hot" posts kek. Also has she had that gym membership this entire time but hasn't been in forever?

No. 1990073

or scott thimble cum

No. 1990075

Are you new? Shayna lives off takeout, which is ruining her body and her financially. Even having vegetables at home is a huge feat for her. To you it's no big deal but to Shayna it absolutely would be a huge deal to make herself some food.

No. 1990076

If she does have a gym membership it's a huge waste of money. She's fat, lazy and setting herself up for failure. She needs to start off with obtainable goals like eating within her TDEE and taking Noodle for walk every day.

No. 1990077

File: 1714388576569.jpeg (202.51 KB, 1170x779, IMG_3225.jpeg)

No. 1990081

Watermelon to put in her water bottle… just eat it fatass.

No. 1990083

I'm cracking up at her adding therapy costs to her wishlist. I thought dommes were supposed to be all tough and unbothered - why would you want your clients to know you're in therapy?

No. 1990084

If reincarnation is real then Shayna must have been a nazi soldier in her past life to deserve this karma. Getting spanked by a tranny who looks like he smells of crusty cum and cigarretes is something i wouldnt wish even to my worst enemy.

No. 1990086

Not new at all but tbh I just have a hard time imagine anyone living on takeouts alone as a grown person. It's my mistake being naive but I just assumed that over a certain age you cook at home and her excessive dd was more "bimbo life teehee" optics. I see now how retarded and wrong I was.
Shay is the kinda cow that with every revelation she just becomes more and more sad

No. 1990093

Dunno. She looks older than shay rather than haggard, but also like she takes care of herself. Not really comparable

No. 1990095

She does know you have to have actually done something cool with your life to be considered part of the 27 Club right? Being a poor SW in seattle does not count.

No. 1990102

she would have mentioned/showed a white lighter by now if she did I'm sure. poser

No. 1990110

agree but shayna could literally call mommy and daddy and probably get the cash for an ozempic script. with that said, you still need to give a shit about your lifestyle and exercise while you're on that shit, which she is absolutely incapable of.

No. 1990113

the way this photo style sharpens and enhances her cellulite is heinous

No. 1990114

File: 1714402480922.jpg (Spoiler Image,1010.85 KB, 1078x2905, Crime.jpg)

When you're physically grotesque so you have to resort to fetishizing your back dimples.

No. 1990127

Honestly, stfu and stop discouraging the walking desert from drinking water.

No. 1990140

File: 1714408584653.png (463.37 KB, 658x797, shayna smells of bile.png)

its actually a pretty popular "detox" drink that people make when they are trying to lose weight

No. 1990150

Citrulline is a non-essential animo acid. The human body uses it to synthesise arginine. The amount she would be consuming from putting a slice of watermelon in a water bottle is non-existent. Anon is right that she would be better off eating the watermelon if she's trying to derive any health benefits from it.

No. 1990153

The burnt skin is literally painful to look at. is she actually like giving herself sun damage? wth shat

No. 1990171

She whines a lot about how much she hates drinking water so I think the flavoring helps. It's childish but still a step up from only consuming soda, sugary sports drinks, juice, and booze.

No. 1990180

No. 1990188

Some people are into that. They are called dimples of Venus. For a moment, it was trendy for women to get piercings there.

No. 1990209

File: 1714428421569.jpeg (455.34 KB, 1170x1745, IMG_0604.jpeg)

She actually did the same thing last time she tried to lose weight 11 months okay. If I recall, she did actually lose some weight but it came from starving herself which she can only maintain for a week tops despite “hating i have to eat to live”

No. 1990216

it’s a start but she’ll never quit drugs and alcohol or whoring so what’s the point tbh

No. 1990221

File: 1714430409067.jpg (62.56 KB, 540x687, 20240429_233821~2.jpg)

Kek she's a fucking unit

No. 1990225

She looks disabled here, like those big sped kids in movies.

No. 1990237

say what you will about Ellen but at least she embraced her massive size and has capitalized on it by doing giantess/mommy/dominatrix shit despite clearly wanting to be "little" (her name on fetlife is still "actionsub"). Shay the big fat hog is still too egotistical and ashamed of herself to do this, even though she's a wide load and is taller than 70% of the moids she films with.

No. 1990240

Imagine getting paddled by a fat ugly old man in clothes made from swimsuit material that squeeze your fat rolls. I would rather die.

No. 1990254

File: 1714437102030.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1770, IMG_1197.jpeg)

Why do her hideous little black beady rodent turd eyes get smaller with every picture? You’d think she’d edit them bigger while erasing her whole ass bulbous beak but this is what we get

No. 1990255

she is so basic. and yeh beta insult but this chick acts like she’s god’s gift to men and some unique and special yet she looks like any random single mom in a grocery store. i dont know why she doesnt explore more with her looks and style considering she has no chance of ever having a normie life again. its just the same cheap pink shein garbage for years.

No. 1990260

She needs a lint roller.

No. 1990284

I agree that it just gets sadder and sadder when you realize how dire her situation is. She's not horrible enough of a person for me to think she deserves her existence. This new round of her desperately trying to change her body that she fucking hates and failing is so fucking sad.

No. 1990288

>she’s not horrible enough
She makes porn pretending to be a baby that gets raped by its parents and profits off the abuse of women and children in general, her customers are pedophiles and in the case of Mike Slack almost certainly molest their own daughters, she deserves much worse than this

No. 1990303

She looks like she has lost a little weight recently. She’s big still, but her pictures from Vegas weren’t as big as she has been before. I think a lot of people get motivated by seeing a little success, so am kind of wanting a weight loss arc.
At least it would be something new. It probably would eventually fail, which would be interesting as well.

No. 1990305

i was thinking this too, but i feel like every time one of us makes a "looks like she lost some weight maybe" post she ends up posting one the next day where it's like "oh shit nevermind". like we jinx it or something kek

No. 1990311

Oh wow I cant believe molding your life around being a sex object would feel isolating and unfulfilling! It’s almost like that success is fleeting and you need more purpose than having guys jerk off to you!

No. 1990366

Art LISCENSE ac according to her…

I see so many aspiring prostitutes on Reddit go for the same stick she is and it is the saddest fkn shit ever. This woman has a worse looking body than geriatrics and wants to prostitute. I feel bad for her but both she and Shat have fallen off the deep end and are profoundly sad. I wonder if she's living with that husband of hers.

No. 1990413

File: 1714489644553.png (Spoiler Image,226.64 KB, 580x495, gunt-peep.png)

>Why do her hideous little black beady rodent turd eyes get smaller with every picture?
Combination of increased body fat, alcohol induced bloat and chronic inflammation.

It's difficult to tell because she now always uses a skirt as a gunt cover and avoids posting any image that would reveal how fat she is.

No. 1990419

If you think that is the worst thing a human can do then you are so fucking sheltered. Shayna is a tool to some of the worst people on earth. She is not on their level.

No. 1990424

File: 1714491411122.png (440.48 KB, 393x1101, gunt-exposure.png)

Replying to myself. I took some of the images from this thread and lightened them in Photoshop to see if it would reveal anything. The skirts she's wearing are clearly too tight for her and the protruding gunt is visible. Overall it's inconclusive as to whether she lost weight or not.

While doing this I did notice that one of the plastic skirts, the top and boots are from the same outfit that she wore three years ago while she was still in Tulsa.
Thread 75
Her outfits are so fucking hideous that they're burned into my mind.

No. 1990439

The stomach is like the worst place to try to figure out if someone has lost or gained weight because every meal can make such a huge difference. It makes more sense to look at her chest and neck, arms, back. And her face is a huge tell imo. Skirt waistbands stretch out when you wear something for hours and you move/sit. It's like some of you have never worn a skirt for something like Christmas.

No. 1990448

She isn’t the worst but she deserves the life she made for herself.
She deserves getting fat. She’s always been a misogynistic bitch.

No. 1990527

Making CSA stimulation porn is a pretty low down thing. Sure, she's not a rapist or murderer, but pedo panderers deserve no pity or happiness.

No. 1990597

File: 1714530196098.png (151.67 KB, 594x1155, great.png)

No. 1990598

The jokes do write themselves…

No. 1990600

She did this on like the very first thread. Also was that person actually just insulting her?

No. 1990611

This is mental illness wtf

No. 1990638

if you think a chubster trying and failing to diet is sad you should see the rest of america

No. 1990658

File: 1714552236753.jpg (217.72 KB, 1080x1640, 1000030905.jpg)

Kek she deleted

No. 1990666

Not the bimbo pig comment lol

No. 1990684

she looks like could easily take that old guy out with her tard strength

No. 1990697

File: 1714566443047.jpg (35.93 KB, 972x250, BLEAK.jpg)


No. 1990707


No. 1990708

File: 1714568803500.gif (37.03 KB, 341x57, picasion.com_iGlg.gif)

Breakdown of the Hog's MV earnings for April. Calculations include the 20% cut taken by MV.

Video and item sales
Daily income
The current hourly wage for a McDonalds cashier in Seattle $22.58. She would earn more money if she worked for two hours a day at a real job.

Now we just need to find out how many OF subs she still has.
100 subs = $400
150 subs = $600
200 subs = $800

Even if she did have 200 subs her maximum income would still only be $2149.1
A 2 bed, 2 bath apartment in her apartment building is currently available for $2,926.

No. 1990709

god bless autists

No. 1990710

I wonder how many johns she sees just to be able to keep a roof over her head. Maybe she’s lost a bit of weight purely because she can’t afford to door dash 78527 calorie “breffast” every day anymore, kek

No. 1990713

if a woman called her piggy mattel right to her face like this she would completely lose her fucking mind but because it was a couple of moids she's purchase a costume and filming a video that they probably won't even buy because she gives it all away in her previews

No. 1990715

Clifford the Big Red Hog

No. 1990716

File: 1714570904624.png (35.91 KB, 877x282, bbw shayna.png)

I went to check the reviews of the butt plug out of curiosity and this was one of the reviews. I wonder if she's aware the scrote that sent her the money isn't into the ''pet play'' aspect, but rather a BBW fetishist getting off to a retard that lacks the self awareness to know the kind of audience she's attracting

No. 1990718

She literally had those same props in Oklahoma and already made a video

No. 1990720

File: 1714572536464.jpg (88.07 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_2024-05-01-15-07-50…)

Did her drunk ass literally forget? Kek

No. 1990725

would be funny if she's scamming her moid fanbase.

No. 1990729

Traveling is her new addiction. I bet she was really hoping to snag a scrote in Vegas so she could go there every other week and feel like a desirable "hot girl".
It's clear she hates being at home and alone with her thoughts and going out with her "partners" isn't cutting it. She always goes hard on one expensive/harmful thing that gives her temporary happiness but then crashes.
She loves to travel and get drunk in the airport, but she's so broke she can't do it without breaking the bank. She travels comes home a s the crushing reality of "holy shit you are so broke! Time to sleep with another scrote to make rent!"

No. 1990736

I feel sorry for the poor employee that has to pack these up at the Amazon distro center. Who knows what kind of degen stuff they see every day

No. 1990740

I think she’s knowingly scamming them. It’s a nice opportunity for an extra fifty bucks, pretending to need cash for accessories she already has which her coomers apparently want to see her in (if that person wasn’t insulting her).

No. 1990749

i dont think she's intelligent enough to scam them. She's a drunk retard so she probably just forgot. It shows she just ordered it.

No. 1990753

i hate how she talks sm
like 75% of her twitter is e-begging. I don't know if you can call that scamming but she is no doubt a grifter. she could be rooming with another SWer, and maybe go out with them occasionally or something but she's choosing to live in an expensive apartment by herself with two pets she neglects.

No. 1990761

Doesn't she live with Ellen?

No. 1990763

three pets

No. 1990769

She is not scamming them. She's only scamming herself by throwing away most of her belongings every time she moves.

No. 1990781

I feel bad for the people in china who have to make this stuff kek.

No. 1990782

She’s just going to cancel the order, pocket the money, and never tweet about it again. She should just use the money for some vegetables or something. Fatty needs to eat one once in a while. She literally talks about ideas, begs for money, and then never does them. Who knows? Maybe she’ll do it at her big size. She wasn’t done any of her usually photoshoots since she did irl prostitution.

No. 1990785

File: 1714588254715.png (20.36 KB, 620x259, desperation.png)

>She wasn’t done any of her usually photoshoots since she did irl prostitution.
It seems to be a cycle due to her own laziness. She hasn't posted any new content to her OF since the 25th of April and there's no new content on MV since the 16th of April. She needs to prostitute herself IRL because she doesn't earn enough money from OF and MV, yet the more she does IRL, the less content she posts online which then results in less subs, which means she has to prostitute herself IRL more. It's unsustainable.

Piggy has also been lurking because she's now having an OF sale where a sub is $3, less than half the price of a Big Mac and only $0.25 more than 3 strips of bacon in McDonalds.

3 x 50 = 150, so even if she does manage to get 50 new subs, it's not going to improve her financial situation by much.

No. 1990796

You're right, now I feel like an asshole kek

No. 1990799

File: 1714593320466.jpg (582.37 KB, 1080x2160, MYXJ_20240501152410100.jpg)

so… she did have bangs before but apparently they were literal coke bangs back then, clearly meant to look cutesy and Barbie like instead of unflattering and tacky. did she realize that unless you have the whole vintage Barbie get up down to a T that it looks ugly and ghetto? I wouldn't judge her if she wasn't trying to make money off of this shit tho

I think the current banks she got are just supposed to help hide her forehead wrinkles.

No. 1990803

She’s had on and off ugly bangs throughout her sex work career. They look so off putting the coke can bangs and the fake looking wig bangs she has now. I’d recommend reading the old sagas for new Shayna lore enthusiasts. Her whole career is just e begging, complaining, and not doing anything to improve her situation. She’ll buy watermelon and mint for her water but then will stop trying after two times. She needs instant gratification which is why she buys cheap shit from Amazon. Her deliveries are instant and fast. Just because something is “cute” and pink doesn’t mean she needs it. People like her are ruining the environment with consumerism. We are all guilty but most of us don’t throw shit out that’s perfectly good.

No. 1990824

It's not even foundation it's obviously that stupid Instagram filter she uses in every picture, 'slim and beauty face'. The edges of her face are freaking blurry.
WHAT can she do to improve her situation, though? it's not like she can get a normal job and expect that to pay her bills… It's just insane that she chose to do the degrading and potentially dangerous should right from the start, though. I don't doubt it for a second that she's anything but a delusional pornbrained woman who jumps from one way of dissociating from her life to the next (drugs, alcoholism, letting gross old people sexually abuse her). The fact that she fills her expensive apartment with 3000 random pink things from Chinese sweatshops really does make it seem like she's trying to use consumerism like an escape. is she going to throw this stuff away if she moves to a small place when she can't afford this current apartment?? what the hell is going to happen to the cats and the dog?

No. 1990831

File: 1714600953788.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.38 MB, 844x474, gag.mp4)

She looks like she's melting.

No. 1990835

Why is she always squinting? Does she need glasses?

No. 1990849

She's reconsidering her life choices.

No. 1990852

He changed his unsername but it's still Josh Toporek the fucking retard topkek

No. 1990871

What more could she possibly show in the actual purchased video that isn’t already here for free? Fuck she is so bad at this.

No. 1990890

Holy shit, her tits have gone back to what they looked like pre surgery, just bigger. It’s incredibly noticeable in this. What a waste of time, energy, and money. It hasn’t even been a year.

No. 1990899

at 11 seconds when shes tapping/wiggling her fingers to show off the duct tape she looks like a makeup influencer and it feels like a gesture that doesnt belong in such a video, very weird and just a reminder of how much she would rather be an influencer than SW

No. 1990905

File: 1714612012794.jpg (143.92 KB, 1080x579, Wth.jpg)

With all these recent trips, future Fatcon and now dad's vacation, how is she possibly going to afford summer rent and bills? Maybe they never stopped paying her bills.

No. 1990907

at any time, she could start wearing normal clothes from target, bawwwlete everything, tell her parents it was all the bpd's fault and she was having a long-term bout of mania, and they would take her back
at this point, either one of them would probably let her fully hikineet if she would just stop doing full-service prostitution with dangerous strangers at her legal address
just saying, pack accordingly

No. 1990912

Iirc she had these bangs because she accidentally burnt off a bunch of hair and was trying to make it look intentional.

No. 1990915

File: 1714615970927.png (169.62 KB, 292x468, Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 10.12…)

What the fuck is she holding here? Is that the tape? Why is it that color? It almost looks like a very well used menstrual pad. Gag, indeed.

No. 1990920

It’s all the foundation she spackles over her face

And with the unsightly lollipop scars now too. Paid to make herself look worse

No. 1990931

File: 1714617571847.jpg (754.64 KB, 1080x1768, 210837.jpg)

No. 1990933

Taco Bell napkin?

No. 1990934

My tinfoil is that they cover most of her expenses out of guilt because they blame themselves for how she turned out. Ironically if she wasn’t such a spoilt piece of shit she probably wouldn’t have ended up as an entitled, delusional, pickme whore

No. 1990936

It is crazy how many women take on the risks of boob jobs instead of learning to love their body or doing what they can to change it. Weight loss would have done wonders for Shayna. Instead she had her nipple cut off, sewn back on and her boobs are now more scar tissue than anything else. You know she's not happy with the results and that's without possible health risks in the future.

No. 1990942

I wonder if she would do a custom if someone asked her to lay on her right side instead of her left

No. 1990957


this boob job was a poor choice. The surgeon can only work with what she has already - lopside, asymmetrical and alreayd different sized breasts. It was never going to work for her and the surgeon would've told her it wouldn't - they can only do the best job with what the patient has. But she is too retarded and delusional and probably though she would have symmetrical, pert and perfect barbie boobs. But no, they are twice as bad as they were. Weight loss would've been a far better, and healthier (and cheaper) choice. Glad she did it though coz she deserves those tits kek

No. 1990980

Seriously. Fake boobs always look terrible, I’d much have saggy natural tits. I get that she has a deformity and I think that it’s fine to have surgery to correct something like that but if she lost weight she could have just had that single implant replaced and not touched the normal tit. Or even if she didn’t have an implant in the Poland syndrome tit she could probably make One Boob Barbie (TM) her unique selling point, I bet there are enough weird ass coomers out there for her to capitalise on it

No. 1990985

File: 1714634945394.jpeg (140.26 KB, 464x421, 1FCBC770-F036-46F0-A9F6-53C473…)

Oh my god her tooth is so razor sharp and tiny now. And her concern is braces?

No. 1990987

File: 1714635431598.jpeg (519.36 KB, 1218x685, 8736BF9E-EFBF-4FB6-8DFF-D7046A…)

Lol skirt too tight for Piggy Clifford and is squeezing her sides. I’m surprised she wore it again. Get a XL next time, Big Shaynus !

No. 1990992

Damn I liked the name josh “topkek” better kek

No. 1990994

She’s always talked about wanting to be something other than a sex worker. But she has no talent and she’s not interesting or funny besides being a laughing stock. I really think she genuinely thought her doing sex work would lead her to opportunities and offers to be an influencer. She’s lazy. There’s lots of people who become influencers and their content sucks and they are ugly. Shayna is just not meant to be one. She really wishes she was able to do the sex work to influencer pipeline. So few people are able to do that. Definitely not Shayna. She’s too boring all her experiences and stories are from high school. No one even cares about her as a sex worker. She’s a failure. Her only accolades are being lol cow of the year

No. 1990999

Can someone please make a compilations of Shayna being hilariously bigger than everyone she photographs with? I don't get why this always happens. Either the people she gets with are short as hell or she's taller than she says she is.

No. 1991007

I don’t get it either like nothing about her reads as particularly tall to me even when she was thin, but she’s clearly not no 5’5 kek. I also am a little impressed she manages to hulk and tower over almost everyone. im 5’10 and it’s rare to be taller than like EVERY man I encounter her broadness is also wild lmao I want a Shat bodybuilder arc just for the sheer insanity

No. 1991013

Those bangs are so bad. It looks like she cut them herself in a dark room with no mirror while she was drunk.

She's also wearing the skirt back to front. The seam that is supposed to be at the back of the skirt is clearly visible. I guess she's too poor to buy one in a larger size.

No. 1991014

She looks extra Yaniv-y in this

No. 1991016

i get what youre trying to get across but losing weight wouldnt have magically made her natural tit perky and look like the poland syndrome tit. sadly ladies - if you let yourself get fat like shayna you can cause irreversible damage to your body. loose skin, saggy tits, health issues. If shayna lost weight her freak tit would have looked normal and perking, and her natural tit would be hanging like a dirty sock next to it. She should have just got a lift on that tit and then tried to make her freak tit match that one in size. But she had to be TOTALLY BIMBO and have a bottomed out implant like the cool kids.

No. 1991017

lmao remember when she first got her tits and she was like “omg i love them and the more i lose weight the bigger they look!” kek

No. 1991018

wow shayna, seems like the only time your dad has time for you is once a year on his schedule. i wish i was a fly on the wall when he kicked her out early when she tried to run away from her mom during her tit healing saga.

No. 1991025

File: 1714647368107.png (224.53 KB, 1290x2796, IMG_6998.png)

MV payout is 60%, so they take 40. Onlyfans takes 20%.

No. 1991053


No. 1991055

kinda shocked that shayna hasn't posted some pick-me tweet sexualizing the man or bear question in another attempt to go viral. it seems like an obvious opportunity to boast about how encountering a strange moid in the woods is one of her fantasies and gain approval from her scrote audience who think she's so much more fun than any woman who would choose the bear

No. 1991072

I truly do believe the “shay is tall” tinfoil. We’ve seen so many pictures of her towering over other women and being the same height as men. Unless she somehow manages to meet mainly tiny people then she’s got to be lying. She’s absolutely the type of person who would shave a few inches off her actual height because she thinks being shorter makes her seem more baby-like. If she were actually 5’5 irl her MV account would probably say 5’3 or something.
I don’t think she’s a true giraffe, but I do think she’s definitely a few inches taller than most women. And I think being photographed next to that girl she was friends with in the older threads who was legitimately like 6ft tall made her seem average in comparison so farmers believed her. But all the pictures of her being the same height as men and much taller than women over the years are just so many. She has to be lying.

No. 1991076

i think she's at least 5'7, even in the old pics with colleen she's standing behind her to look shorter

No. 1991086

Of course weight loss wouldn't have given her normal tits. With her medical condition she was never going to look like the average woman. But she could have looked so much better. The way she treats her body has got to count as self harm.

No. 1991101

She’s gonna mention it in six months when it’s gonna be irrelevant. She’s too busy parroting some totally cool takes such as “pineapple on pizza”, “cilantro taste like soap” and “I only listen to old rock”

No. 1991105

File: 1714672821768.jpg (15.38 KB, 452x331, PukeyMattel.JPG)

this expression made me kek

No. 1991106

File: 1714672989008.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1170x1979, IMG_3471.jpeg)

No. 1991108

Sucking it in like a champ. Kek at how high she's lifting her right shoulder so her boob doesn't sag

No. 1991130

it's like she's trying to fight gravity

No. 1991151

Kek no. If she had never gained weight then yeah her boobs obviously would look better. But because she gained weight, there was absolutely no way to fix what she had without a boob job and lift, which iirc she DID get a lift. If she had lost weight, then the normal boob would be even more saggier than it was before and be oddly deflated looking. She didn't do hardly any aftercare and let her brand new boobs get tied up and dragged around, so of course they ended up go back to how bad they looked before. Basically a boob job was the only thing to "fix" her issue and she ended up fucking it up.

No. 1991194

File: 1714691096665.jpeg (392.75 KB, 1536x2048, GMmm40EbQAEzMKO.jpeg)

Filters working overtime.

No. 1991197

The way she constantly manages to come up with the absolutely ugliest hairstyles ever

No. 1991202

How does she manage to make her bowlcut bangs look worse in every selfie? Taking a reference to the hairdressers isn't hard.

No. 1991203

She's already letting every sketchy scrote who wants to use her, she doesn't need to say that, they know.

No. 1991205

They're so much thinner and gappy.
I definitely believe she's been wearing a clip in over the shit real bangs she cut herself.

No. 1991206

>house puppy
Seems like the troon is living with her. Probably sleeping on her nasty couch or in the pedo room.

No. 1991207

Sure, but paying for a hairdresser is hard for her. Every time she goes to one she begs for reimbursement for the cost and tip except for when she’s gotten her fucked up bangs, hmmmm (because she cut that ugly shit herself)

No. 1991208

She's got thick hair and it looks like she pulled some of her bangs into those stupid pigtails. Looks ugly
Probably lol

No. 1991210

File: 1714694634159.jpg (318.94 KB, 1152x2048, Mom of 4.jpg)

On the moid's boat

No. 1991211

File: 1714694878554.jpeg (628.89 KB, 1279x2279, IMG_2039.jpeg)

No. 1991212

>yfw you spend every year begging degenerate coomers to send you $300 for STD testing

No. 1991214

Who cares? She's always trying to humble brag whenever she does anything and it's so sorry. Show us these moids paying your rent without you having to beg, show us them buying you something expensive, isn't she a prostitute? She claims to be a sugar baby, but this moids seem to be literally feeding her ass Sugar and a few hundred dollars and they never stick around for long. Every trip, she has to fund, even if she's literally going to fuck a moid. SheinCock was the only moid to buy her new clothes and she literally wore that shit her second trip to vegas.
Whats the point of literally selling your ass, but be broke? I still don't get this, her family literally takes a summer vacays, she's middle class but you'd think she was raised by crackheads the way she acts so easily impressed by the smallest of shit.

No. 1991215

File: 1714695887229.jpeg (539.58 KB, 1272x2258, IMG_2042.jpeg)

Looking extra dehydrated.

No. 1991233

If I didn’t know this was Shayna and it remained a small thumbnail, and I admitted that I was retarded.. I might say this picture was cute

No. 1991237

File: 1714701297902.mp4 (6.51 MB, 480x852, Tooth.mp4)

>spoiled princess vibes

No. 1991244

It's her just adding FaceApp straight bangs to her existing bangs. That's why in some pics it looks thinner and then it looks magically clip in. It's insane how smoothed out and airbrushed her photos are now, but she still doesn't smooth out her chapped lips in >>1991210. This is also coincidentally the best photo of Shayna as of late and her eyes are no where to be seen and her skin is blurred to oblivion. At least she's wearing black more often.

No. 1991248

her bangs are pulled back into the little pigtails. you can see the little tuffs.

No. 1991251

tfw your splenda daddy takes you out on his fishing boat

No. 1991255

That's kind of a cute picture with the wild hair. Sucks that I know that's not her real face though. It made me realize just how much cheaper her cheap clothes make her look. I think that's something young women have to learn and.. she hasn't

No. 1991264

File: 1714714481853.jpg (185.81 KB, 1080x791, cheesmburger.jpg)

No. 1991267

At this point she’s just a caricature of herself

No. 1991279

do you think that eating a cheeseburger is somehow less normal than humiliating herself for scrotebux anon?

this. no doubts like 50% of her face is filter generated at this point but the weird bangs are definitely hers. Why speculate that she would edit them on or buy a clip-on? she doesn't have the sense to do either instead of jumping head first into a pretty extreme change. I wish she would just buy a decent wig that doesn't make her look like goddamn pinhead, lol

No. 1991285

Did she blur one of her tits out?

No. 1991286

The problem is that she isn't willing to work for anything she wants and she lets any LQ, overpriced thing her johns get dictate her style which is non-existent.

true, if she was desirable and getting a ton of expensive gifts it would be something to envy even if those kinds of women get treated like shit, too but it's not even her reality. she's not getting showered with gifts b/c the 50 yo moids are so charmed by her valley girl vacuousness. The best she can get is a $100 Michael Kors watch. She wore the $20 dollar shoes sheincock bought her to vegas. If she had any taste she wouldn't be who she is.

there's nothing cute about wearing clothes that you have to be constantly adjusting and aware of in case you embarrass yourself by flashing a boob or crack. Shat wears clothes that are both uncomfortable and unflattering.

No. 1991309

she’s way taller than 5’7. she looks closer to 5’8-5’9 and i’ve believed this for a while due to pics that have come out over the years where she either has noticeably long proportions or she is towering over others. there was another picture of her when she went out with her family and she was sitting by the river, and her legs and torso were really really long. even in the spinning photo booth, she looks tall, much taller than she claims. for some reason when she photographs herself she looks short and squat so idk if this is due to angles, lens distortion, her clothes, or she’s deliberately editing herself to look shorter. it was more noticeable when she was slim as well. also the fact that she is focused on being small and cute is another giveaway she is a big ol dino…most short women don’t go on about their height like that. only insecure giants kek.

No. 1991328

File: 1714748382295.jpg (Spoiler Image,326.26 KB, 1126x2160, 20240503_155802.jpg)

Grandma Gregory's height is listed as 5'7 on all her modelling pages and Shay is pretty much the same height.

No. 1991334

I do not know how prostitution works but does she get paid for any of this or is it just violence caught on camera and it's up to her to sell the material?

Why doesent she just sign with a porn company like vivid (if they're still around) or is she permabanned from having a "porn 9-5"? Like, she talks about wanting to be RapEd uwu and that's all the porn business is so it's would be right up her alley

No. 1991336

i think she just looks tall because all the moids she works with are shrinking old midget manlets. extra pathetic

No. 1991404

Is "five guys" a figure of speech or does she mean this scrote brought five more scrotes to fuck her?

No. 1991406

Five guys is the name of a burger place

No. 1991407

File: 1714760498435.jpg (178.27 KB, 1080x742, Bj.jpg)

Don't most sugar babies try not to disclose they're fucking their moids for a couple dollars? She is so bad at her job.

No. 1991415

kek i love shaytards

No. 1991417

File: 1714762943592.jpg (25.69 KB, 590x210, Screenshot 2024-05-03 120040.j…)

is he a feeder? got her the greasiest, fattiest burger there is

No. 1991418

plus it's shayna so you know it was slathered in mayo kek

No. 1991429

>Thinking about when I pretended to be a spoiled sugar baby taking a trip on a boat, but I'm really a prostitute impressed by a fishing boat ride that I would'nt get unless I sucked his dick!
And it's telling that she came home from sucking a scrotes dick and her "partner" brought her dinner.
So shayna sucked dick on a boat and didn't even get fed.
None of this is a flex. It's dry lipped nasty Prostitute sucking old crusty dick for a boat ride and to make rent & and she's still always broke.

No. 1991430

the fat girl undies lol
she doesn't tell her coomers what she's getting paid for shoots but if she's isn't getting anything other than "exposure" for compensation, she's an idiot. idk if she sells the pics, though? i don't buy them. or know what SW on twatter entails tbh
nonnas heightsperging was not what i was expecting form the shat thread lol

No. 1991452

File: 1714771953601.jpeg (48.78 KB, 640x480, IMG_4810.jpeg)

Big Shaynus just take the L and admit you’re a cheap obese bitch who prostitute for chemsburgers and garbage from amazon

No. 1991455

I hate to keep this going, but she really is only like 5'7". 10+ threads ago I talked about how my sister and I were finishing up at the University of Tulsa, and we went to a Starbucks a few miles down the road. And there she waS in all her glory. She wasn't wearing her retarded platform's, just regular flip flops. Weirdly enough she was super normal except for the fact that she told the barista her name was Dolly.

No. 1991467

Did she smell bad irl?

No. 1991478

Lmao no, if I didn't know who she was, she looked like a completely normal 20 something year old who doesn't know how to match pinks.

No. 1991480

Samefag. She touched her hair constantly though. That's probably why it always looks greasy.

No. 1991506

File: 1714782000481.png (22.32 KB, 585x152, run.PNG)

tbh, I would watch her run naked through the woods for onlyfans pennies lmfao

No. 1991518

I don’t know why she wouldn’t want to be tall. Actually I do, it’s to pander to men who like 5’0 women with no curves or boobs because they look like children. Short people sometimes look not proportioned right and have short arms and legs. Making them look stumpy. I’m short myself and I wish I was taller. The “Barbie” look is tall with long legs/arms. But Shayna ends up looks awkward tall like with a tall giraffe neck. She should just embrace her body but it’s funnier when she acts like she’s cute and small

No. 1991521

Such a flex. He couldn’t even take her on a normal date. There are some sugar daddies who just want someone hot to take on dates/girlfriend experience and afterwards they’ll expect “sugar” . This asshole didn’t wait. He didn’t want a normal date he just wanted his chode sucked by a fat middle aged looking lady because he wouldn’t bag a girlfriend without paying. Shayna is the type of woman men would fuck to brag about how they fucked the ugliest pig at the club. Men wanting to fuck you isn’t a compliment Shayna! They fuck anything with a hole!

No. 1991522

File: 1714784509485.jpeg (78.98 KB, 1200x673, roll safe.jpeg)

she's finally tapped into the really lucrative market! she's not as dumb as we think(sage your shit)

No. 1991528

File: 1714786535751.jpeg (983.27 KB, 1170x1707, IMG_3633.jpeg)

No. 1991529

This moid better be paying her rent at least for all of this but she's not bragging about having anyone pay her rent so I guess it has to be her parents paying it. She clearly is sucking this guy off just for a stupid boat ride.

No. 1991532

She wants someone to force her to exercise?

No. 1991557

File: 1714796264420.jpeg (Spoiler Image,886.92 KB, 1170x1872, IMG_1203.jpeg)

Still trying desperately hard to go viral

No. 1991559

I thought this was Anisa in the thumbnail version.
Who is Shaynus kidding, she has no control in any aspect of her life in the first place.

No. 1991570

This is upsetting and embarrassing.

No. 1991578

File: 1714800737398.jpeg (210.98 KB, 1290x962, IMG_3992.jpeg)

Girl wtf is this

No. 1991584

Like when she blew weed smoke on her cat’s face and threw him?

No. 1991590

File: 1714806978265.png (629.42 KB, 720x1508, Screenshot_20240504-151540~2.p…)

This website lists her as being 5'6


No. 1991642


I know these measurements are always made up but I actually believe dolly mattel has a 2 inch ass

No. 1991664

If she wasn’t with a John or customer, the fact that she used the name “Dolly” in her every day life to get Starbucks is actually so strange and sad. No “work”/life balance at all, she doesn’t get that a sex work persona should be part of the schtick and not who she actually is. Bleaque.

No. 1991675

I'm not saying she looks good but this really does hammer in just how god awful she looks in pink.

No. 1991677

It's giving me flashbacks to that classic video Fupa posted of her bouncing around on furniture in public acting like a sped while chanting "I want a cheeseburger"

No. 1991690

It’s crazy how much her teeth have dissolved over the years. She has a mouth full of happy teeth here kek

No. 1991695

Nta but that just reminds me of how porn stars usually try to go by another name in their personal lives because they don’t want people recognizing them. Just shows the difference between women who feel truly humiliated by their job and Shay whose career is unsuccessful, so she doesn’t face public degradation because no one knows who she is, and thus her porn persona continues to be a fantasy world in her mind. She doesn’t realize it but she’s actually lucky that no one knows who she is. Women like vidrel cannot live normal lives, even if you did one video like that woman called M@yli (not a twitterfag, just censoring her name because I feel bad for her) who is an extremely wealthy girl who impulsively did a porn video at 18. She did like one video (maybe two videos?) and quickly got out of the industry. Yet moids are obsessed with harassing her and her family, trying to ruin her career that she currently has. KF has a whole thread on her even though she has practically zero social media presence, so they’re basically just stalking her and her family. Shayna is so retarded that she would try to compare lolcow to that but the little bit of cowtipping she’s dealt with is nothing like the deranged scrotes who constantly harass women who appeared in porn videos. Anons here have tried to help Shay with various self-improvement regimens such as letting her parents pay for school or getting a part-time job, whereas actual porn stalkers would be doing everything they could to ruin your chance at another job (messaging your employer, blackmailing you to quit your job, messaging your coworkers) so they could drag you right back to making porn.

No. 1991702

She makes it sound as if she doesnt get invited to the family vacay often, oh wait thats right, she doesnt. Imagine being such an obnoxious eyesore of a dissapointment not even your parents regularly invite you to their family vacations? Why do you have to embarress your family like that shat??

No. 1991736

bitch owns the contender for the most depressed and rapidly aging dog, a severely matted cat and another cat that she wrangles on video and feels brazen enough to post this? did she forget the literal state of her pets or what?

No. 1991741

She should feel lucky that her parents can even afford to go on vacations and that they even like her enough to think to invite her sometimes.

No. 1991756

Extremely wealthy girl who impulsively made a porn video at 18? Bitch deserves the harassment.
By the way, pretty sure you -want- her harassed since I had never heard about her before but you made me find out.
Also, how do you even know about porn actresses? The only one I know is literally Shayna, and that's because of this thread.(infight bait)

No. 1991761

She’s been discussed in this thread before and she’s not innocent at all imo. She deliberately did some of the most vile porn out there by choice and now has to deal with the consequences which for here is just creeps being obsessed with her. It doesn’t appear to have hindered her terrible pretentious Asian art career or work in academia in any way. Before anyone brings up how desperate she was to wipe it from the internet, it clearly wasn’t her but her father because all efforts to get it removed from everywhere stopped when he died. It seems to be nothing more than absolutely insane and over the top teen rebellion from a girl who clearly didn’t need the money from porn and I really don’t feel sorry for her.(derailing)

No. 1991771

If any of you had actual feminist Consciousness you would realize that it does not matter how privileged a woman was no woman deserves misogynistic abuse from scrotes.

I understand feeling jealous that someone is loaded and rebelling by doing stupid shit that feeds into men's degeneracy and helps erode their inhibitions or w/e but considering the state of the world that we live in and the fact that she's not even pandering to women and even if she was, sexualized abuse is almost always something that is trying to appeal to a male audience because scrotes love abusing women. The vast majority of the billions of $ porn industry is violent and capitalizes on men feeling excited by violence against women, even that of a verbal nature, calling women "whores" or sluts like some of u do(derail)

No. 1991803

She recently had YouTube videos as a guest speaker for a college and they got taken down after scrotes left comments. I feel awful for her and hope she has a good life despite the dumb decisions she made over 10 years ago.
I wish her parents had her come home more. It almost feels like Ellen is her pimp rather than a gf. Hope she genuinely suffers because it’s fucked up that she’s trafficking Shay. No lover should be encouraging prostitution and yes, I know she’s “consenting” but she’s also a retard.(contributing to derail)

No. 1991827

Jesus Christ, it's really jarring to see old pictures of skinnynus in current threads. She was never much of a looker, but her current self manages to make tumblr Shayna look like a model. Not a conventional one, by any means, maybe those ugly-cute brands like American Apparel would cast. Maybe it's also because she used to style herself more according to the culture back then (pastels/eyenliner/skinny body/skinny jeans).

Nowadays her eye for style isn't cute anywehre because she manages to look objectively horrible in anything– because she attempts to squeeze her kilometric rolls of fat and bloat into cheap plastic Shein garments that are at LEAST 3-4 sizes smaller than hers. Sorry for rambling im really high. The difference is BLEAK. I wonder what tumblrina Shay-ana-chan would've said or done differently if she knew she would become Seattle's most colossal and baby pink porcine-like landwhale-mammoth before 30?

What kind of drugs rapidly dissolve teeth like that? Is she fucking using meth, or can one's teeth become so rotten in such a short period of time solely due to bad hygiene + poor diet?

No. 1991829

nta, but the teeth thing is from a combo of eating sugar, smoking, and not brushing
the way she eats and smokes, once a day would not have been enough to stop this, and I really doubt that she's even brushing every week based on the pace of the deterioration

No. 1991839

literally the only thing she had going for her was being skinny. she ruined that and now it just emphasizes how ugly she is.

No. 1991922

kek youre making Mayli sounds like some innocent teen who did two super tame g/b videos and was utterly harassed for it. She did fucking FACIAL ABUSE twice, fucking kek, that isnt something you do “impulsively”. she was spit on, facially fucked until she was puking all over her face, and she was smiling like a dumbass the whole time. then she went back and did it again lol. and this is a rich girl who didnt need the money. she straight up planned this and waited until she just turned 18 to pander to pedos to “make daddy even more mad”. how is this bitch any different to shayna? giving men an outlet for and encouraging them to be violent to women. she did literally the most degenerate porn you can do on the internet- no shit the degenerates of the internet are going to like it. hiding away and acting “ashamed” about actively choosing to accept money to be violently throat fucked and anally fucked only just makes watching her porn more exciting for these freaks. she doesnt look scared or drugged up or forced into the situation at all in these facial abuse videos, she repeatedly asks them to go harder on her and that she loves it. shes a sick puppy. if she truly felt bad about her shit decisions to make daddy mad than she should be more open and advocate to ensure other girls dont so the same shit. she probably would still being making fucked up abusive porn but her chinese dad probably beat the shit out of her for bringing shame to the family and has her locked up with a chain on her ankle in the basement.(stop derailing you retards)

No. 1991924

forgot to add that 99% of women, even the most fucked up of people, would neeeeverr everr consider shooting for Facial Abuse. Fuck even Shayna has said she would never work for them because she doesnt like to be humiliated in a way that actually makes her feel bad about herself. Like Shayna. One of the grimiest people in the bizz would not film the type of porn Mayli did. So trying to use her as an example like its some common experience to happen to women is just false and bullshit. the majority of women who do porn arent harassed and have kiwifarms threads. Mayli is a lolcow like any other. If you think Mayli doesnt deserve a thread and being mocked online - why the hell are you participating in a shayna clifford thread on lolcow kek like make it make sense(stfu this is the shayna thread)

No. 1991956

Holy derail batman… this threads a mess. If you wanna white knight shayna and preach about muh feminism, go to OT or shaynatorium.
Skinny shayna had major crack whore energy. Such a milky time.
What the fuck is this virtue signaling. Why is she pubilicly pearl clutching about this? As if its a unique pet peeve.

No. 1991959

The only time the farms are deranged enough to be considered stalkerish is when they go feral autist mode and expose the moids she is "working with" and make it tp where they dont want to be associated with her anymore. But she should be thankful because moids fucking suck, especially porn moids. Besides that, shayna is a notoripus bridge burner. If the farms dont scare her work partners away, she eventually does it herself.

No. 1991980

How about you "feel awful" for someone who actually deserves passion? That bitch deserves nothing.


So…. you're so "feminist" you think women don't have any agency.
So that even when a dumb rich bitch decides, entirely on her own accord, to shoot degenerate violent porn….. you still think she's not the one to blame.

I feel more sympathy for Shayna because at the very least she isn't rich and pretty. Nor is she pretending she isn't a slut.(illiterate retard continuing to derail despite thread full of bans)

No. 1992026

File: 1714943598040.jpeg (587.76 KB, 1170x1593, IMG_1332.jpeg)

No. 1992030

If he’s such a fan of suicide he should prove it by killing himself.

No. 1992036

Wonder what Shayna thinks of the Drake beef going on currently. Knowing her, the allegations are probably making her a bigger fan than before.
Kek it’s probably a reference to Suicidegirls aka sexualized scene/emo women

No. 1992047

File: 1714947530517.jpg (248.48 KB, 1080x905, Idiot.jpg)

She says this yet flies to different states for moids who waste a week of her time with no pay.

No. 1992048

File: 1714947695836.jpg (24.2 KB, 977x218, Fat.jpg)

Dirty deleted. What club will allow her to do her signature dance moves?

No. 1992052


Jfc, I finally caught up on Shay’s threads and I can’t get over her disgusting posts.

Going through them all I kept thinking, it can’t get worse and I get proven wrong every damn thread. I’d take multi day breaks, especially when the diaper content started happening. The age play, the non consent, the diapers, the poor hygiene, all of it is so disgusting.

Shay, be real. Your content is gross, your “fans” are gross, and you barely make money from your shitty porn. You’re not a bimbo, you’re not a “dolly”, you’ve become washed up and used. If you need to be “shocking” or whatever to make content, that says so much about your “talent”

No. 1992064

File: 1714954519442.gif (Spoiler Image,2.77 MB, 246x312, IMG_1418.gif)

Wow, blast from the past. I forgot about Suicide Girls; They were sooo cool when I was like 12 and thought it was just not yet ubiquitous alt chicks doing nude modeling.
What club WOULDN’T want to hire a gal with these moves?!

No. 1992065

People like you anon are so weird to me. Why do you need to fill your brain with useless thoughts of what an idiot thinks about another useless thing? Why are some anons so interested in reactions from the cow about whatever trending twitter topic is going on? Go outside(infighting)

No. 1992067

Idk, I could kinda see her doing her awkward gyrations at a trashy truck stop strip club next to a Waffle House somewhere.

No. 1992076

fucking kek at the farmhand seething and losing their shit cause farmhands have no real power(shitposting)

No. 1992081

File: 1714961910885.jpeg (129.35 KB, 783x420, IMG_8432.jpeg)

lol what a shady bitch tweeting that while her former bestie Kiki has crisis after crisis about how her stripping job isn’t paying enough for her to get to work or for replacement stripper boots etc.

No. 1992085

File: 1714964202971.jpg (1.1 MB, 1079x2577, Sephora.jpg)

No. 1992086

tbf real shaystorians know that drake is one of shayna's favorite most-played artists on spotify despite making "dad rock" a personality trait

No. 1992087

If she spent that ~$200 on good skincare instead of makeup to slather on top of her problem face terrain she would be at least marginally less disgusting provided she actually used it ugh $175 a month for spackle and brow sharpie smh

No. 1992088

File: 1714964951190.jpg (135.44 KB, 1080x750, W.jpg)

She's doing Seattle a favor.

No. 1992093

Seattle is known for being rainy and gray, there's no way she didn't know this before moving there.

No. 1992098

Moving to Vegas saga when?

She’s lived in Seattle for years and lived there before the Fupa saga so I’m not sure why she’s acting like this is new. Maybe she’ll be begging for moving funds and will use her declining mental issues as an excuse/pity points.

No. 1992101

Yep, considering she lived there before Fupa she knew what the weather was like so I also think this is foreshadowing a Vegas move. Is she does move to Vegas she’ll just use the extreme heat as her new excuse to not leave the house.

No. 1992107

agree. plus the pedos she tries to pander to probably prefer a no make-up type look to make their prey look underage

No. 1992109

She doesn't even go outside except to uber to another place indoors, kek. The boat trip was the first time in a long time that she showed an outdoor activity in Seattle/WA. I also feel like this is setting the stage for a move to LV and the e-begging for coomer help because she's ~so depressed~ in Seattle.

No. 1992115

File: 1714979679367.gif (11.16 MB, 296x170, feelingdamusic.gif)

>Pov: you walk into Seattle's cheapest strip club to see their biggest talent

No. 1992116

File: 1714981025144.jpg (Spoiler Image,370.04 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_2024-05-06-08-30-09…)

I'd drag you to the doctors shaynus to get that dead tit looked at!

No. 1992117

File: 1714981139959.jpg (271.03 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_2024-05-06-08-23-50…)

Kek at the moids who reply.

We already know noah is actually a retard and bubba has the same tard smile and angle.
How is she not embarrassed that the mentally disabled is her audience?

No. 1992118

Maybe they think she’s just like them fr since her stuff does so often look like real (horrifying) sped porn kek

No. 1992120

I giggled at this. She notices her necro tit is immobile and stops moving immediately.

No. 1992127

makes me think if its hard and engorged, her boobie surely must hurt also?? Like it's clear that she knows. Does she just not mind or is she too retarded to contact the surgeon?

No. 1992133

$175 to put lipstick on a pig when she's struggling to make rent. Her levels of financial retardation are off the charts.

>wanna leave my house regularly

No. 1992137

McDonalds is hiring.

No. 1992149

Howe about this Kiki goes and finds a job as a burger-flipper.
What's with these hoes and their constant begging? She's like Shayna.

No. 1992150

Lol, you beat me to it. Great minds think alike.(integrate)

No. 1992160

Noah wants to pour wax IN her that is incredibly disturbing and cannot be healthy. They really just want to abuse her and she takes it because she doesn't have any self worth and thinks submitting to it makes them like her and respect her when in reality they just want to abuse a woman.

No. 1992162

Shat may be covered in filters but these kinds of men are exactly the kinds who have a chance w her. She doesn't even need to pretend to be into violent shit, she can write cringy scripts that make men who look like a foot feel like a Casanova and she'd be exactly where she is now.

She has the ugliest body type. Her ass is shaped like a diaper, which is perfect for her pedo ass. She genuinely looks like sped in every video, I don't understand how she lives either herself. I'd have kmsed long ago if this was my life

No. 1992165

Have you seen what she looks like bare faced though? She may be stupid enough to think that her awful body will be tolerated by some desperate men but her face is just sad. I don't support anything she does but if she was making like non-violent "content" and using that freaking peabrain of hers to think up s* that actually gets women off maybe the 50 yo coomers would learn a thing or two in the case that they end up in bed with some unfortunate woman irl

No. 1992168

Ugh. I hate how she'll post this shit quote retweeting something unrelated to porn. People don't want to be subjected to this while just browsing QRTs, and then comes the fact that tons of minors might have seen it, like, sure, said minors could come across her content in other ways, but they'd have to make an effort to seek out certain keywords and whatnot.

No. 1992179

File: 1715009619401.jpeg (337.35 KB, 1170x903, IMG_0052.jpeg)

She posted it again. I love how she says this about stripping, but God forbid someone says it about SW she’ll throw a fit about how “it’s not easy” “just because you’re hot doesn’t mean you’ll do well” blah blah blah

No. 1992184

It doesn't move because she only has one natural tit. The stiff one's an implant.

(Was it ever confirmed that she also got an implant in her real tit when she had the original implant swapped out, or did she just get a lift on that side?)

No. 1992191

Kek all she has to do is go into a strip club and uh, apply I guess? It is like saying you think you’d be so good as an insurance agent, just do it, retard.

No. 1992193

Do it, Shayna. Get a fucking job. It'd be good for you.

No. 1992194

Fr she has nothing left to lose and has dropped to the lowest levels of porn. Just walk in and try it kek especially since she has such a high opinion of her physical looks. I know she’s talking out of her ass for validation from moids but I’d love to see a dumpster fire stripper saga from her.

No. 1992199

No. 1992203

K she's not replying but isn't this the kinda shit that should give her a paycheck on OF? Like, isn't there a DM function there for her to do this and get some money? I bet she things it's driving disgusting mods to her but why doesn't she just frame it as "tell me on of" or whatever.

Guess he's big break is soon to happen tou

No. 1992206

Wouldn't be too out of place lookswise imo. From the couple of those I looked at she wouldn't even be the ugliest girl. But she can't dance or act sexy for shit and could not see her being able to work with other women at all.

No. 1992210

>Can't dance
>Can barely keep men around that ARE PAYING HER FOR SEX
I was going to say, "Clearly insecure about her body" but for some reason, Shayna has no shame IRL showing off her lopsided tits, and belly roll, but on camera she tries to badly hide them.
I know she's not going to do this, but chances she would probably make her feel like shit.
She's not going to be able to control her enviroment. Shayna always is pictured with/around, women who are older and are average or below average like she is.
Imagine Shayna going to a strip club thinking she's going to be showered with money while she does a Chicken dance, and trying to speard her tiny ass cheeks to show her asshole, then she see's other women who actually can dance/pole dance, who have nicer bodies, and do better than her?
If anything, I can imagine Shayna being the girl who never dances on stage, just does lap dances and sells herself to every moid who she feels has a little money, to the point where she's slept with almost every other dude that comes to the club regularly.
She thinks she's going to chicken dance her way into a sugar daddy turned lover, when she can't even fuck her way into that.

No. 1992211

Yeah, if shayna lucked up and went to a club full of women who are her look match or slightly below it, she'd still find herself having drama/issues.
If someone is skinner or has a better body. I can imagine her getting on stage trying to do some extreme shit, I don't know strip club culture, but I can imagine some chick trying to give a moid a lap dance, and Shayna walks over trying to push her asshole in his face.
She seems like she's always trying to "out do" women in those spanking videos, so she'd probably be shooting butt plugs out her ass, and not get more money but would be happy for the "Attention".

No. 1992215

File: 1715018897657.jpeg (321.91 KB, 1170x896, IMG_3867.jpeg)

No. 1992221

>scrote: pour wax inside you

Jesus fucking Christ this is awful. Dude wants to pour hot wax either down her vag or her throat. Like there is no safe way to do this. Absolutely vile. I wonder if Shayna is secretly creeped the fuck out by these comments or if she is truly dead inside. These men want to see her actually hurt and in real pain.

No. 1992223

>have all the anxiety beaten out of me
Nah, this is fucking bleak self harming shit. Absolutely zero coping skills. Her brain is trying to tell her something is wrong but she just numbs it with alcohol and physical assault for moid pleasure. We evolved from prehumans and developed self awareness just for humans to become this kek

No. 1992228

There's no way that she would make any kind of good money as a stripper and stripping is just as unsafe as prostitution – women who worked in respectable clubs said that men would try to insert fingers while a private dance was going on. Inappropriate touching is ubiquitous. Customers follow you around and harass you. Basically this is not something that you want to do if you value your mental health or sense of safety.

There was one woman who wasn't a regular stripper and who had an unfortunate looking body who tried it for a night at some kind trashy club and she made like 5 bux that night, no joke. She danced on a pole all night for almost nothing. The only thing separating her and Shat is the fact that shat's younger and has dyed hair/a face full of greasepaint.

No. 1992235

It's hilarious that they advertise their failing mental health and needing therapy on their "business" accounts while pretending to be successful, in control and proud of their sad existences…
Nona sorry but your autistic visual is as bad as Shayna's made up scenarios kek

No. 1992244

I don't think so, we've seen how retarded shayna acts while drunk and hungry for moid attention. I can imagine her doing all those things with liquid/pill/weed/moid courage. She has not shame when she's too drunk to care and if in imaginary lane shayna did strip,she'd have to be drunk/high to "work" just like she does with porn.

No. 1992245

so she can cry abuse later on twitter like she did when that puke chicks bf asked her to suck him off?

No. 1992281

File: 1715031307182.webp (32.49 KB, 894x1350, Shaynas twin.jpg)

>unfortunate body earning $5
Reminds me of this random algorithm post I saw on FB of moids laughing at a pic of a Shayna lookalike working at hooters. Looks just like her down to the inverted ass, flabby arms, and pinhead high-ponytail. This is what her reality will actually look like in a work setting but in lingerie like >>1992115
I don't think anyone would hire her anyway, regardless.(dont post random girls)

No. 1992284

File: 1715032386855.jpeg (810.95 KB, 1170x1370, IMG_3879.jpeg)


No. 1992287

File: 1715033310442.jpg (275.46 KB, 1152x2048, Filter.jpg)

No. 1992288

The jokes really write themselves, huh?

No. 1992289

feels like she did this just for us kek

No. 1992291

Holy shit she has actual moids ADMITTING directly to her that they want to cut her up. Jesus Christ.

No. 1992297

holy fucking witchface.

No. 1992303

the way she lines her top lid makes them look like they have such an odd shape

No. 1992315

File: 1715042943759.jpeg (739.88 KB, 1170x1145, IMG_3889.jpeg)

No. 1992317

She definitely wants to move to Vegas because those gross drunk men kissing her in a club is like peak pickme narcissistic supply compared to how shleak things are in Seattle with her nasty polycule freaks.
Nta but I think she is trying to get moid attention rn because whatever happened in Vegas made her feel desired and she wants to feel that way again. Then again she’s done this before she went to Vegas so I think she actually just finds whatever these freaks/retards say genuinely flattering (which is astounding honestly, most women would feel disgusted reading their comments).

No. 1992318

omg i thought this was ellen at first!!! her thighs are huge bro

No. 1992319

File: 1715043829468.jpeg (174.05 KB, 1170x1735, IMG_0670.jpeg)

i think we got trolled. the account that said they wanted to pour wax into shayna isnt even real

No. 1992322

>could not see her being able to work with other women at all
It would definitely make her interesting again. She's been so solitary since covid/leaving fupa. We need some new side characters. And strippers bring drama.

No. 1992323

What is it? It won’t load

No. 1992326

File: 1715046305855.jpg (157.96 KB, 989x1143, Repost.jpg)

Why does she even delete and reword these degenerate posts?

No. 1992327

File: 1715047350119.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.71 MB, 1290x2216, IMG_5039.jpeg)

Sorry I deleted it because forgot to spoiler. Some degenerate ass shit.

No. 1992328

File: 1715047656813.png (3.46 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_5040.png)

No. 1992331

Is that not the old cow outfit she had 15 pounds ago?

No. 1992333

File: 1715051401238.png (Spoiler Image,710.29 KB, 446x968, 1696670085789.png)

It looks like it. She's either too poor to buy new outfits or she has lost enough weight to fit into her old clothes. She's now worn old clothing from Tulsa or from when she was first back in Seattle on two occasions.

No. 1992335

Probably because she first posts them high as fuck and then sobers out slightly and edits them to sound less clunky when she realizes she kind of sounds genuinely retarded and uneducated.

No. 1992336

I think she has lost a bit of weight, probably because she’s too broke to eat like she used to, but that outfit looks uncomfortably tight, it must be near impossible to move in it
This makes me want to a-log so hard, there’s a special place in hell for degenerates who capitalise off abuse

No. 1992337

this guy has had like 50 accounts throughout all the shay threads, no doubt he’ll be back soon under a different name kek

No. 1992339

Imagine admitting you let ugly porn sick losers degrade you like this for money and not even because you actually enjoy it. You can tell her "please abuse me" tweets she did here >>1992026 is just her hyping herself up for the pure sake of the cope. Truly bleak.

No. 1992349

That's just a fucking torture device, Jesus.

No. 1992357

kek did they really double up on condoms for that dildo

No. 1992384

Dare I say it fits her better >>1992328 here, than >>1992333 here. She definitely lost weight but her skin looks even more haggard than it used to.

No. 1992403

Look at those fucking foam gym floor tiles underneath that abomination; they're the kind that are soft and that liquids just ABSORB INTO. Can you imagine the colonies of filth growing on that shit?! the levels of self hatred these girls must have, christ.

No. 1992405

The coomer who wrote that is an actual retard. I actually feel kind of bad for him tbh, if he had people in his life who cared about him he could be kept offline and just watch the price is right and play with toy trains. Instead he got into the craziest, vilest, nastiest porn and is wasting his tugboat on fat shat.

No. 1992412

you're right, his tardwranglers fucked up and he should be locked up in some kind of facility. but don't ever feel bad for retarded moids because they are the biggest danger to women. moids with cognitive disabilities commit rape and murder too.

No. 1992434

retarded moids feel sexual desires just like regular moids but possess even less impulse control. just because you may find them pitiable doesn't mean they are harmless. they're fully capable of being rapists and pedophiles (just look at some of the retards on to catch a predator) and this one evidently feels the urge to maim women. why would you feel sorry for someone whose dick would get hard if you were permanently injured or killed by a violent, misogynistic sex act?

No. 1992435

that probably indicates its a farmer

No. 1992437

File: 1715101957928.png (Spoiler Image,1013.7 KB, 652x685, shayfore.PNG)

Not to be autistic but I feel like she just brought the same outfit again, Shayna is NOT as the same size as she was when she last wore this outfit. She was brusting out of it then, especially the skirt. Her legs/thighs are way bigger in the front, so is her belly.
She could'nt fit this outfit.I buy her squeezing into the shirt but not the skirt. IDK, I think she may have just brought the outfit again, she's not smaller than she was when she first wore it, her arms/legs/belly even face are clearly bigger.

No. 1992438

Ayrt, slight blog but rest assured I'm well aware of what retarded men are capable of. I know from experience that if you keep them away things like porn that accelerate their inherent male depravity, they're a lot easier to handle. For instance, I doubt this guy would have been into pouring hot wax down women's throats had he not seen it somewhere. If you keep them fixated on childish/academic interests, they tend to stay into them to the exclusion of sexual depravity. Shay on the other hand is happy to take their neetbux to further encourage them to go act on what they see on OF and become menaces to society.

No. 1992440

I'm inclined to agree w you on this nonny. Even accounting for the fact that the skirt is bunched up in the old pic, the new one still looks way longer on her than it did in the old shoot, and obviously a lot looser as well. But at the same time, the cow prints are all in the exact same spots…I thought with patterns like that each one comes out slightly different because of the way the fabric gets lined up for the belt loops and stuff. Any sewing nonnies itt that can answer the question of whether it's possible for patterned fabric like this to have the pattern be arranged the exact same way on two different pieces, even on different sizes?

No. 1992442

Her proportions are so awful

No. 1992446

I agree and it looks like she even bought the new one too small too kek Her upper thighs look so weird in the right photo like they're being squeezed together. I bet she can barely walk in it.

No. 1992448

Not to be too autistic but it’s gotta be the same outfit because the pattern lays exactly the same in both photos. One is just reversed because it’s a mirror shot.

No. 1992464

Let’s be real, a lot of these women were mentally ill to begin with and ended up in sex work because they’re otherwise unemployable. Most workplaces don’t want employees showing up drunk, high, disheveled, unhygienic and miserable; coomer moids don’t care, or even see these issues as pluses bc they leave women more vulnerable to getting abused for peanuts.

No. 1992465

What in the filthy disgusting Saw trap is this. I swear Shay must have a genuine death wish, putting herself in these situations with the worst moids imaginable. Sex work is already dangerous enough without specifically advertising yourself to men who get off on medieval torture.

No. 1992466

Ayrt I dont disagree with any of these points I just think their lack of self-awareness is funny is all. They all deserve it for being degenerate horrorcows.

No. 1992473

File: 1715116759793.png (20.08 KB, 593x233, of-sale.png)

The OF sale ends tomorrow and so far she hasn't even managed to sell asshole pics for $3 to 20 coomers.

I tried to find this outfit on amazon and I couldn't, which may indicate that it's no longer available and is the original. Another clue is that the outfit is clean which probably means that she wore it straight from the packaging, which indicates that it may be new. Overall it's inconclusive.

No. 1992475

File: 1715117863380.jpg (118.96 KB, 1080x468, Oscar winning.jpg)

No. 1992478

the outfit is, like nonna >>1992448 mentioned, the same, if you have a closer look at the pattern, you will see that it's identical and there is no way she bought the same outfit in another size with the exact matching pattern at the seams

No. 1992482

what's stopping her from audioning? her ego, no doubt

No. 1992485

Look at the spot where the button is on the skirt. The patterns look very similar, but they're not the same.

No. 1992488

File: 1715123207227.png (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 1304x1370, big-cow.png)

Mirror image flipped for easier comparison(autism)

No. 1992489

Omg, seriously, who the fuck cares? This is such boring, autistic, nitpicking. It’s okay to let a thread die if there’s no milk.

No. 1992490

I Google lens and they have the exact outfit on Ali express.

No. 1992494

what the hell posseses someone to make a new Twitter on a daily basis? who the hell has enough email addresses for that. I miss when you needed a phone number to create an account. there were no pornbots back then

No. 1992501

shay reminds me of moxxine from helluva boss

No. 1992502

lmao very aphex twin coded

No. 1992505

kek don’t slander Richard like that. Seriously though, why doesn’t she make an effort with her editing? She makes a point of editing her pics but she still ends up looking like… that

No. 1992513

File: 1715127728761.jpeg (Spoiler Image,256.46 KB, 1731x1080, skinny legend.JPEG)

Kek seriously she became a huge fucking load in Tulsa, I don’t get anons saying she’s bigger now and had to size up in her outfit that’s the exact same down to the shoes. Wouldn't her hooves have widened too if she’s so much bigger now? But I guess that doesn’t fit the narrative

No. 1992519

She has def lost weight since tulsa, tulsa was her biggest. I believe she just brought the same outfit out of storage because she can fit in it now. On top of that, the pattern is the exact same and the picture side by side here >>1992488 only show cases how she is back to almost the same weight she was the first time she wore it.

No. 1992521

No he's actually just a tard addicted to porn, he interacts with many sex workers and posts lots of retarded selfies.
If you've been through his profiles at any time you can tell he is a real person… Sadly.

No. 1992534

She does actually reference eating at home a bit now, and her treat food of choice is fried sushi - back in Tulsa she had Womackbux and would eat out at a different pub/burger restaurant every day. She had a LOT of pictures with beer and burgers back then. I think her diet is still frightening, but back then it was literally abysmal. She would've been an ssbbw by now if she still had Womack on board and lived in the Midwest.

No. 1992543

File: 1715136276715.jpg (150.55 KB, 1080x573, W.jpg)

No. 1992549

What does she even use besides foundation and eyeliner? And lashes? She just uses like three products her makeup is simple and not worth spending Sephora money at all. She doesn’t use eyeshadow or contour or use lipstick

No. 1992554

She does pencil in her brows but apart from that doesn't use products other than what you mentioned. She does own some that gather dust on her bathroom counter iirc but isn't interested in using them. She basically just acquires makeup for decor. I really wish she'd try and copy a contemporary makeup tutorial instead of doing this style that's a decade outdated. How is it that she's only 26 but already out of touch with current trends like a middle aged mom, especially when she's chronically online?

No. 1992557

she claims this happens to her every few months. it sounds like she smokes too much weed and then when she’s without it for a few days/a week or so, her body has an upset reaction when she tries to smoke again. maybe she throws up once or gets a bit nauseous. if she truly had chs she wouldn’t be able to smoke weed at all. I wonder what she needs attention for this time.

No. 1992560

Idgi why did you edit her mouth like that

No. 1992561

The skirt is the same. Pretty sure the top as well, but now stretched to hell and back. When comparing her weight I think we're all fooled by her new tits. They definitely make her look bigger than she is, I've thought that since she first revealed them.

No. 1992579

If she tried to look like a generic instabaddie consoomer she'd be a literal clown and it wouldn't appeal to 50 yo coomers and spanking grandpas. I am the last person who would say her basic bitch exaggerated cat eye is ideal but she doesn't do anything interesting and shows no interest in wanting to learn. I'd rather she did as little as possible rather than copy lame trend obsessed product shillers online.

No. 1992583

There are more makeup looks than "2014 cat eye" and "instabaddie who uses 27 different products"

No. 1992600

Try changing the moldy water in your bongs and see how you feel.

No. 1992605

why does she always go back to weed if it makes her sick. shes "quit" like 5 times in the last two years and every time it seems like she hasn't used in awhile she tweets about it or has obviously red eyes or theres raw cones spotted in the background. like obviously drinking is a much worse problem for her but how she not see how weed has contributed to the the downfall of her life. i think if she truly sobered up no weed and no alcohol for a few days she would have the biggest meltdown.

No. 1992612

looking at >>1992315 i noticed the starburst zipper pull which is a Delia's hallmark, i assume it must be from Dolls Kill

No. 1992613

File: 1715173353158.jpg (47.27 KB, 450x640, mooooo.jpg)

samefag, found the skirt. it is a delia's skirt. not sure about the top. the patterning on hers also doesn't quite match up

No. 1992623

Why does the skirt look so long on her now?

No. 1992641

File: 1715182760912.mp4 (2.88 MB, 848x480, Cringe.mp4)

Quite the actor material.

No. 1992643

>this is how you need to be dressed you look fabulous in this outfit
kekkk that is the frumpiest ugliest dress ever

No. 1992646

You sound pretty clueless about addiction. Obviously she'd have a breakdown if she quit, she's been addicted to weed among other things for like a decade.

No. 1992651

Who the fuck finds this sexy?
She looks like those toilet paper covering dolls that old women own

No. 1992656

I think he just made a typo when saying he wanted to pour hot wax on her

No. 1992658

It says in twice so I'm assuming he wants to do both, pour wax in and on her.

No. 1992668

for real, it looks like sissy fetishwear.

No. 1992681

whatever the case it's bleak that she's so desperate for moid attention that she asks literal retards what they'd like to do to her sexually

No. 1992682

>>1992651 If you bothered to watch the full preview it is making fun out of her mom making her wear something crappy and pink that even Shayna didnt like. kek(sage your shit)

No. 1992684

File: 1715194112744.mp4 (Spoiler Image,1.76 MB, 1280x720, ckP1cbK.mp4)

>>1992513 JFC I forgot how bloated she was back then. barfffff!(sage your shit)

No. 1992685

File: 1715194394222.png (1.16 MB, 764x1024, ff73e94c23a767476187cdb49346df…)

I found the top. Pretty sure she got it off amazon because it's found on dropshipping sites.

No. 1992686

its a cheap dollskill x delias piece, i'm guessing they changed the chinese manufacturer and they make a similar skirt a bit differently now. the picture is a current listing on dollskill, she bought the set years ago

No. 1992696

She can’t quit substances bc every time she’s sober she complains about crippling anxiety and suicidal depression. All her bad habits - weed, alcohol, junk food, compulsive shopping, letting disgusting moids beat the crap out of her - is either blatant self-harm, or cope to avoid dealing with her raging mental issues.

No. 1992697

File: 1715200064711.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1476x640, ok.png)

omg ew. I found men that actually are into her

No. 1992698

Anyone praising her current form over there or are they just reminiscing the days she was skinny?

No. 1992701

This was the beak yellow hair, boiled snatch, and pimples on her butt era. I can’t believe there’s deranged moids liking this look. She looked skinny but out of shape. She legit looked like a crackhead at times

No. 1992706

I'll be honest and admit she did have a nice shape when she was eighteen. It really didn't last long tho.

No. 1992708

Even when she was skinny she had a weird figure. Like a little boy but with breasts, I think it's down to her lack of a waist. Imo she actually looks better fat.

No. 1992709

every coomer is like Elmer Fudd thinking that Bugs Bunny with a mop on his head is a hot blonde

No. 1992711

OT but I always wonder how sex workers feel when people spread their pics around the internet like this guy. Shayna can wipe her OF and Twitter one day when she regrets doing sex work, but she can never wipe whatever forum this pic was posted on. Or lolcow obviously.

No. 1992714

God, this sends me back. Remember her sleeping on the floor on that pee soaked rug and using a toddler training toilet for "content". This cow stays horrifying. It's no wonder she was so ecstatic over that shitty Amazon daybed.

No. 1992715

should legitimately looked like a fucking idiot even back then. there's nothing sexy about being a poor 18-year-old taking pictures of your body, it just screams exploitation.

there's no way that the man who are into this care about anything other than the fact that she looked young and underdeveloped because she is such a narrow hip area which is a pubertal child trait.

No. 1992717

And that's exactly why her subs fell off a cliff once she got older and fatter.

No. 1992725

ayrt it's not a current listing, i searched on the website and it's not there. i found the picture on google images, linked to an article about delia's.

No. 1992726

File: 1715207704318.png (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 3827x987, Screenshot (17).png)

No. 1992729

No. 1992730

so this is where the random, every-so-often "where can i find more pics/content" posts must come from kek

No. 1992732

So it's basically just 1 bloke kek

No. 1992734

File: 1715208413569.jpg (Spoiler Image,265.63 KB, 1536x2048, 20240508_234521.jpg)

Get ready for another terrible Scott limpdick blowjob video.

No. 1992735

File: 1715208453760.jpg (Spoiler Image,265.29 KB, 1536x2048, 20240508_234536.jpg)

Posted on her twitter by the way

No. 1992738

No. 1992739

When she dies there will still be massive amount of porn she willingly released to the world including her scat content. Bleak

No. 1992740

Who in the fuck is going to jerk off to some girl in some face paint that looks like it came straight from the local summer fair.

No. 1992742

that has got to feel insulting when an ugly moid insists you have a huge butterfly drawn on your face to cover your ugly features.

No. 1992744

What is this site? Are they posting paywall stuff?

No. 1992747

Her face looks so much older than her actual age. It's weird.

No. 1992749

File: 1715209656065.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1629, 24772CCB-0E03-4331-8093-626D3E…)

As fat and disgusting as she is there is a small niche group of men that have been keeping her able to stay living on her own. She got some weird pedo fans though. Including Ethicalcaptions on Twitter. She’s model of the month.

No. 1992751

Yeah it is weird. It does look like kid's face paint rather than creative makeup.
Lol I wonder who and how much limpdick is paying as the "makeup artist" because they suck. The old ladies who do kids face paint do a better job.

No. 1992753

File: 1715210021155.jpeg (298.04 KB, 1226x406, 84D21D5A-A1D5-47AD-A038-D2F5FC…)

This is the moid’s twitter banner. it looks like a parody kek

No. 1992756

If you held a gun to my head and ask whether or not this is /shay/ banner I'd be dead lmao

No. 1992758

It appears to be woman. And seems to suggest people are paying for these crappy captioned pictures. Unsurprising as Shay is always paying other people for promos or edits despite it doing fuck all for her.

No. 1992759

She been prostituting herself because she can't make much onlone

No. 1992767

her one boob hanging way lower than the other kek

creeps who like adult women dressed and acting like a kid during a lewd act

No. 1992771

The blue butterflies on the floor in the butterfly makeup are very sinister. I don't want to delve into why but I think shat's getting mixed up with people who could actually pose a risk to her safety and well-being in a more serious way than before. The fact that she flipped out and hasn't seen sheincock since this was recorded is ominous. I hope she realizes just how disposable she is to men in general, but especially these degenerates. She's not gonna come out the winner here

No. 1992774

Uhm, what the heck did this >>1992488 nona do to this >>1992437 picture?? Her lips/mouth expression is terrifying. Is that a filter or weird editing?

No. 1992779

it's aphex shay

No. 1992784

>I don't want to delve into why
Reason? I don't get making a post about how she's endangering herself and refusing to elaborate.

No. 1992787

i kinda feel bad for shaynus. she was so happy and confident with her new tits for like a month. than it all went downhill kek.

No. 1992800

File: 1715220607312.jpeg (39.67 KB, 474x316, bugsisscary.jpeg)

It's schizo shit. Btw >>1992771 did you know she used to have a leopard print bra. Total CIA patsy

No. 1992806

>The blue butterflies on the floor in the butterfly makeup are very sinister.
i love this thread sometimes

No. 1992809

File: 1715221244854.png (65.59 KB, 307x102, not-a-real-banner.png)

It works as an LC banner. Even the aspect ratio was only a few pixels off for the perfect size. Her entire life is a parody.

No. 1992811

Shayphex Twin, perchance?

No. 1992814

i love you mwah

No. 1992815

shay has been stuck in the "sex kitten" part of programming for the majority of the past decade

No. 1992818

Please god let this become an actual site banner

No. 1992825

kek wtf I just noticed that.. the autism in these threads is unparalleled

No. 1992830

i'd pass away if STD bro tried to be her ana coach. how many calories in his thimble sized loads, shay?

No. 1992831

I assume the butterfly =sinister reference is meant to imply the pedo organisations that use it. However, being as fat shat is nearly 30 looking nearly 50,i sorn think that's it. I think cost cutting porn producers are just gonna get the cheapest, most creatively bankrupt fairground makeup artists. They couldn't exactly do a ninja turtle or did her a butterfly.
Always I recall my friend who is a psych nurse saying, regarding her mental hospital art classes :
"the mentally ill folk love a butterfly"

No. 1992832

Pretty sure they're implying it's something to do with anorexia, the blue butterfly is used in proana circles. It's mega autistic though

(Sorry I deleted cause I forgot to shayge)

No. 1992839

it’s literally just how little girls get their faces painted at fairs etc, it’s fucking gross and obvious in implication. everything she does is meant to imply she is underage. the hair clips, the butterfly wings on her back, the face paint and whole room setup are supposed to imply pedo shit - she is a broken record stuck on the i LoOk BaReLy LeGaL loop, and she is disgusting. it’s on par braces and high pigtails, nothing new here.

No. 1992859

File: 1715239169471.jpg (138.3 KB, 490x441, Screenshot_20240509_031710_Fir…)

It sure is schizo shit if you have no fucking idea what YOU're talking about.
Which is why that symbolism makes sense.It sounds farfetched to some ppl that someone as insignificant as Sheinc** would be involved and maybe it is but he could very well be inspired or maybe work as a human trafficker for the eyes wide shut people.

The mind control symbolism in Shat's video is unfortunately way too fitting to not be a red flag, and if any other person thinks that extreme abuse and using should like blue butterflies condition mostly girls/womem into dissociating is not happening look into the extreme abuse survey, which is associated with therapists networking and coming across multiple people who are basically share the same story like all over the world but there's a lot of them in the West. Almost none of them think that they are somehow part of government programs but many were in cults that purposefully traumatized them as children. There's decent proof that celebrities like Karen Mulder (see her feature on pseudoccultmedia – https://archive.is/XHdTD) were raped by their fathers and eventually used as as sex slaves, had repressed memories as a child that were eventually recalled and talked about it to people in media like and talk shows but mysteriously just stopped doing this right after allegations were made. These women's fathers are are sometimes blackmailed when someone finds out that they are child abusers and they might for example allow someone to exploit their child in order to avoid being held accountable for what they did. Marilyn Van Derburr has released multiple videos on how she dissociated because she was SA'd by her father as a child and how when she brought this up to him as an adult, after years of being seen by psychiatrists because she would seize up on instinct for months at a time b/c of the unresolved trauma, he took out a gun and said that he couldn't deal with the truth coming out so she better keep her mouth shut.



The butterfly shit and the rest of it is such a common element in disturbing media nowadays that it's unlikely that it's not there to trigger truma, reinforce psych conditioning and for the sick fucks in these industries to continue to brag.

See http://web.archive.org/web/20090211174922/http://in2worlds.net/mind-control-themes-and-programming-triggers-in-movies

There's multiple, though not v convincing, books on ritualistic crap and abuse of children that is unrelated to the butterfly shit but that nonetheless show the extreme lengths exploiters and child abusers will go to hide what they do to kids like David McGowan's Programmed to kill.

I've spent almost a decade reading personal accounts from people in the military who claim that they were abused and carefully analyzing symbolism in films. It's all way too big of a coincidence and the abusers do not want to hide what they're doing that's why the symbolism is everywhere.(schizo tinfoil)

No. 1992862

oh my god not every random butterfly is an MKultra reference anon that shit is much more obscure than you think , the reason why its disgusting is because of the association with butterfly imagery in a childs bedroom/childs face painting, not some ancient brainwashing psyop

No. 1992865

I'm not retarded Nonna. All things considered, a failing, desperate prostitute like Shat who is willing to go near pron degens makes the ideal victim for abuse/exploitation and monarch or blue butterflies are EVERYWHERE. Especially where you can find references to mind control. None of it is incidental. While this is unrelated there are plenty of trafficking victims who might end up involved with people who want to seriously hurt women or at the very least dehumanize them enough to where they'd more or less attempt murder, and the people are barbie bimbo is involved with could s3nd her down that path.

Many of you have noted that she tries to outdo the other abuse victims in the bdsm crap, she's exactly what someone who wants to kill or hurt these idiots without having to waste time lying and manipulating them into it wants.

Though to be honest she's so repulsive that I don't care.(schizoposting)

No. 1992867

as much as we all wish shayna was capable of a career shift she is much too lazy and talentless to become a useful sleeper agent and all her porn moids are not creative enough to see anything beyond pedophilia in whatever half assed decorations they use

No. 1992868

If you had any cognizance of what I was talking about you would realize that shat is not Sleeper Agent material.

She might get mixed with men who think none would miss her if she's gone and sell her to men with misogynistic and necrophilic inclinations, and including symbolism that these men recognize like dissociating symbolism which is the blue butterfly crap is how you advertise you have someone who is a potential victim available. Disguise what you're doing as a shoot and voila, you've hooked another chumpette.(schizoposting)

No. 1992886

This is beyond retarded. The only thing the butterfly symbolizes is that she wants to be seen as a child. It’s not that deep

No. 1992891

Normal person reporting in: they have her in butterfly facepaint because music festival whores look like that. It is 100% common to have some dank burning man ass bitch painted up off her face on drugs shagging everyone behind the portapotties, it's not that deep, they just have her as a common species of hole(get a grip)

No. 1992902

theres no need to call any women "species of hole" u just sound like a man

No. 1992904

Agreed. I fucking loathe Shayna and think she’s pretty vile and low as a human being but I also feel like calling any woman a ‘species of hole’ (ew???) is so scrote coded it’s just sad if a woman thinks that way.

No. 1992908

holy shit a real life schizo sighting

No. 1992910

welcome to lcf, it's the hotel california of mentally unwell women

t. am one

No. 1992911

as a child sex trafficking victim, please shut up. Shay has not been brainwashed nor is she being used to brainwash (Well at least not in this way I'm sure some pedo shows her vids to his victims tbh); she's disgusting all on her own. Also a "MKUltra" scrote is no more dangerous then a run of the mill John. You really don't think an average man wouldn't just do her in? lol she doesn't even care about her own safety. What is it with the Shay threads that all the autists and schizos come out?

No. 1992930

God I love this thread, it’s great whenever the farmers are just as milky as the cows themselves. Can we just acknowledge Shayna is very dumb for putting herself in harm’s way with degenerate moid creeps without derailing into retarded Illuminati conspiracy theories?

No. 1992939

did you even read that reply? being suggestible or believing in conspiracy theories which aren't easily dismissible unless they're overarching conspiracy theories is very different from being a schizophrenic, edgelords.(derailing)

No. 1992949

Why would mk ultra dudes want Shay anyway? She's not famous or influential in any way. She's a fat failing sex worker on twitter.

No. 1992982

>>1992740 probably EDM weirdos that go to outdoor festivals

No. 1992994

She hasn't talked about weed in awhile… so that brought me to a random thought/question. Have we ever seen Shay with an actual cigarette before? I feel like booze and cigs go hand in hand. Like especially if you're with a group of friends or something. (We all know she doesn't have actual friends, but sometimes she is social.)

No. 1993002

Not based schizo anonette but the mkultra style programming is big in rural WA and Seattle area & goes hand in hand with the porn industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets herself in over her head with these types. As far as looks - abusers at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole don’t care, she’s youngish and willing to self destruct. It’s not all Epstein islands and helicopters it’s also card carrying KKK member Joe Blo on a dirt road in Sheldon.

Although this nonny
Is also correct, Shayna doesn’t care about her safety anyways, if anything her thread on lolcow.com gives more of a fuck than she does(Unsaged schitzo)

No. 1993003


No. 1993005

No, but she's been vaping both THC and nicotine instead of smoking for some time now. You can see elf bars in the background or in her hand in most of her pictures, and she goes through them pretty quickly considering each one has the nicotine equivalent of like 50 cigs. Excess is the name of Shay's game, and vaping is a lot more conducive to excess than smoking.

No. 1993008

Thanks anon, I really didn't want to go back through the threads. I stopped smoking a long time ago, and the the 'cool'e-cig back in the day was Blu, so kinda showing .y age here haha. I just remember the pic where she had around 14 half-used pens lined up and just thought they were all weed.

No. 1993034

the color of his dick disgusts me. it looks dirty

No. 1993063

KEK, right? This grade A schizoposting is the last thing I expected to read in a Shay thread.
I'm honestly surprised she doesn't smoke cigs, but that's probably because it clashes with her pedo larp. The weed does, too, but she's an addict so that's not going anywhere. Can you imagine the stench if you threw cigarette smoke on top of everything else?

No. 1993069

Shayna is such a cow her appeal is universal. Conspiracy schizos, other sex workers, SAHMs, Linux users, doctors, moid ass eaters and NEETs, all congregate in these threads.

No. 1993071

Shaytards are a diverse group of unhinged weirdos for sure, something about Shat just brings people together kek

No. 1993078

It’s her life’s purpose kek to create a sort of Breakfast Club group of autists from different walks of life here

No. 1993081

I’m not an autist

No. 1993092

Why the hell do you think that your trauma is valid but not the trauma of people who might get involved with those who try to traumatize women into dissociating so they can be used by high profile abusers or something?

anyway. limpdick could very well just be a fucking weirdo who likes to put random butterflies in a porn shoot despite that being weird and not very sexy but considering Shayna doesn't put butterflies everywhere in her normal photos, like why would you do that? considering she had a pretty big fight with this guy but kept mum about the specifics who the hell knows what happened. maybe it was pretty serious.

I am too old for this bullshit. like, there's always someone talking shit in the replies regardless of how unremarkable replies here are so.

people in here don't want to accept that there's fucked up people everywhere and that conspiracies aren't fake just because they're depressing and too horrible to believe.

I mean if you read blogs online there's a ton of awful men who seem to get off on like the idea of celebrity women being used and abused and shit but besides that I don't doubt that there's a shit time of exploitation going on.

I think shayna's life is just bleak enough without her becoming involved with men who think they can make a quick buck pimping her out. I'm literally only going off of the worst case scenario but she could literally die If she keeps associating herself with the porn freaks, and not necessarily because she is a "sleeper agent", others have said that it's apparently not uncommon to drug anyone who is unwilling to do something which will be pretty extreme in her case, and an overdose could happen along other things.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1993094

File: 1715305230594.jpeg (544.52 KB, 1170x831, IMG_1263.jpeg)

Of course she thinks that the mutt harassing the poor cat is amusing

No. 1993095

File: 1715305375278.jpeg (725.37 KB, 1170x875, IMG_1264.jpeg)

This looks fucking disgusting and not a single vegetable in sight

No. 1993096

looks like the stuff she orders in restaurants. If it's already fried and breaded why does it need the cheese? That's just extra calories that her gunt will not appreciate

No. 1993098

show the other plates and these supposed dinner enjoyers you big bitch

No. 1993100

Don’t forget trashychan and “literally shitting microplastics” anons. Such a diverse bunch, we are.

No. 1993101

We've also got wrinklechan, fridgechan, and that anon who hates brown eyes with a passion.

No. 1993102

>I made dinner
She opened multiple packages and heated something up. It's honestly sad that no one in her life has ever taught her how to cook.

No. 1993104

it would be nice if this event leads her to cooking more (no matter how pre-assembled) and eating less takeout slop. one can dream

No. 1993105

jarred sauce, dry pasta, and premade chicken cutlets. comme c’est gourmand

No. 1993106

Turdeye-chan is a treasure. >>1993102
Imagine going to someone's house and they cook this for you. There were probably no sides, either. I guess Shat's 'friends' probably expected even worse, though, and Lord knows how much shit you have to eat to look like Ellen.

No. 1993117

Right, it is a huge step up from living off takeout alone, no matter how sad it is for a mid 20 year old to consider this cooking.

No. 1993124

the fact that she’s proud of this gross pathetic shit is proof this woman never cooks kek

No. 1993125

yikes, sauce from a jar and comically large untenderized cutlets. it would be sad like >>1993102
nonnie said, but most people nowadays learn to cook from the internet. youtube is full of step by step recipes. what the fuck does she do all day if she can't make a single decent meal from scratch at her age?

No. 1993137

nitpick but this looks almost as bad as american school food

No. 1993154

File: 1715333153386.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1867, IMG_6596.jpeg)

More day drinking

No. 1993157

>>1992734 you guys are so retarded. It's obviously her trying to look like a hot skinny EDM girl. Running around, "Looking" hot (imagine Shayna in her skinny era, and then imagine her with that decent looking face paint running around)
Butterfly - Crazytown

No. 1993161

You people are so retarded. Shayna isn't even a mkultra target.
She is literally trying to be a hot raver girl. She's fat, yet still tries to look like she goes out to outdoor festivals.

No. 1993167

And before you all try to hate, Shayna was always a dirty stoner mushroom bitch.

No. 1993169

Put you mkultra conspiracies onto to someone else. Shay is straight up too retarded for this tinfoil.

No. 1993171

Her and Ellen must really be struggling financially. They used to go out to eat huge seafood boils or sushi platters. Now they're eating slop cooked in polytetrafluoroethylene and perfluorooctanoic acid.

The way her face has changed over the years is tragic. The alcoholism, weight gain and general poor lifestyle choices are slowly deforming her face.

No. 1993176

to be fair anon its pretty hard to make most meals from actual scratch. making the sauce and breading the chicken herself still wouldn't be from scratch, she'd also need to hand make the pasta from flour and eggs. any step forward in the cooking department is a good one, hopefully next time theres some frozen microwaved vegetables or a premade salad on the side

No. 1993185

Sorry for the late reply, yes. They dedicate these forum sites to posting onlyfans creators paid content for free. I found it whilst looking for old shay pics from her snapchat era.

No. 1993186

She looks like she's channeling mushrooms with her most recent outfit >>1993154. Her gunt looks like a mushroom cap blossoming over her jeans

No. 1993191

course you're not nonny

No. 1993193

shayna and ellen going to the aquarium and following it up with a massive seafood boil will never not be funny to me. it says everything i need to know about them.

No. 1993210

This is something a 15 year old in danger of failing home economics would be proud of. This looks worse than inner city cafeteria slop, at least the lunch ladies don't burn everything.

No. 1993222

Nah, this is literally the only dish she can make. She made it for Fupa when they first moved in together, it's wild that her cooking skills have not improved at all since then.

No. 1993224

I know Shat is huge as it is, but the giant fake boobs make her look way bigger and older somehow. That, the cut of her top, and the way she's holding the drink out to the camera make her look like a haggard barmaid who's seen some shit because she works in a rowdy tavern.

No. 1993226

Speak of the devil lol

No. 1993235

Kek she has her entire boobs out in public. That thin shein material is not covering anything, especially not her mutated giant nipple.

No. 1993266

To be fair it's really not difficult to cook a meal from scratch or to teach yourself to cook like most people do in the early days of leaving home, Shayna is just a lazy retard.

No. 1993274

Cute that you think Shay would ever eat an actual vegetable.

No. 1993277

right, she thinks it’s quirky and cute that she doesn’t eat vegetables and only likes cheemsburmfgems

No. 1993283

Her and terry hall look like they could be twins here

No. 1993300

I wonder if her parents never fed her vegetables or if they did and now she refuses to eat vegetables because she hates her mom

No. 1993302

You are retarded for thinking anons think like that. The anon who brought it up wasn’t serious and said it was a schitzo conspiracy but of course you retards had to take it to heart and sperg shitting the thread. It’s exhausting trying to read these for milk when it’s mostly just anons arguing over stupid shit

No. 1993348

File: 1715390564020.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_4285.jpeg)

meemaw on halloween vibes.

No. 1993352

File: 1715393021706.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.82 KB, 1536x2048, Dumb.jpg)

The cheap crinkly bow really makes the look.

No. 1993353

File: 1715393144805.jpg (215.88 KB, 1080x830, Ass.jpg)

>like i pretty much look like a doll as it is
This was a choice beforehand.

No. 1993354

Her makeup look even more like shit today jc

No. 1993355

>tiny black turd eyes
>scrotum eye bags
>crusty paper cut lips
>gravel textured skin
>bulbous beak nose
>mismatched cockeyed tits with botched nipples
Such a doll!

No. 1993367

funny how she drew on marionette lines when she could’ve just used her own.

No. 1993373

File: 1715397058978.jpg (390.93 KB, 1080x1552, W.jpg)

No. 1993374

>I pretty much look like a doll as it is

No. 1993375

It’s like I summoned them, that honestly wasn’t my intention kek

No. 1993381

File: 1715400360158.jpg (375.21 KB, 1536x2048, agp.jpg)

No. 1993382

File: 1715400478158.webp (32.84 KB, 900x960, 1cabbage.jpg-1_91d7a110-3cbe-4…)

wow she is such a living doll

No. 1993383

Ugly ass no skill makeup vibes
Instead of spending money on makeup she doesn't know how to use how about buying better quality shit pink clothes?

No. 1993385

You know, I can actually believe she got compliments because it's very likely she's the only one wearing something as goofy as this. They're the sort of compliments you give when you admire the fact that someone had the balls to wear that shit in public.

No. 1993386

The shape of dress is a lot more flattering than what she usually wears. Lunch lady arms are somewhat contained, no chunky midriff spilling out of a waistband, illusion of an ass because of the poofy skirt and her weird thigh fat is covered. Could be so much worse.

No. 1993388

File: 1715403790954.jpg (435.78 KB, 1536x2048, Pc2.jpg)

No. 1993389

File: 1715403854100.jpg (461.3 KB, 1536x2048, Pc1.jpg)

The dress is so poofy it's making her look thinner than she is, kek.

No. 1993391

if i saw her like that in public i would think she’s an agp.

No. 1993418

I actually liked this look until I saw this topless picture. She literally can't do anything without sexualizing it can she? This could have been cute if she kept her clothes on for once, but knowhing her the dress or whatever she was going to wear would also be hideous like that frumpy shiny troon dress or something else completely ill fitting.

No. 1993419

Samefag, so sorry, but if only I had scrolled further down earlier. It is the god awful troon dress. I'm dead. I'm never complimenting shay again.

No. 1993431

my sides lol

No. 1993433

>troon dress
This is probably why she was getting compliments. People probably thought she was a tranny that passes.

No. 1993447

Why are her posters separating from the wall like that? Is her place super humid?
Sadly, fashion and taste is dead in Seattle and people are mostly lazy fleece-wearing, porn- and reddit-brained polycule autists anyway. If you go somewhere wearing like, 1 inch heels everyone will think you're Carrie Bradshaw. It's sad but people probably thought she looked great bc she's put in effort, at least.

No. 1993449

Those are vinyls she has on display, only the last one in the far right is a poster and I guess that thing she's standing in front of which you can barely see is also a poster. You can't see it well in that photo but they're on acrylic shelves

No. 1993464

File: 1715435010517.jpeg (287.49 KB, 1140x1612, IMG_8120.jpeg)

sorry if im just retarded but.. this looks like a guy standing there with his hands in his pockets lol

No. 1993473

I see what you mean. I'm like 50/50 on it being a random shadow or a man wearing all black waiting for her.

No. 1993477

definitely looks like a person, but it could just be Ellen

No. 1993497

File: 1715443658391.png (832.99 KB, 1140x1612, man-in-bg.png)

I lightened the image in Photoshop and someone is standing there.

No. 1993505

Ellen wishes her shadow looked like that.

No. 1993506

File: 1715446591563.jpg (149.6 KB, 1080x886, 1000011608.jpg)

Looked at her comments on insta & look who made a reappearance!

No. 1993512

File: 1715447922056.jpeg (589.35 KB, 1170x1616, IMG_4302.jpeg)

she’s upset.

No. 1993515

I mean, they paid her…is that not her job? What exactly does she expect when she brags about wanting to be treated like shit?

No. 1993517

>they're entitled 2 my time n energy jst bc they paid me
No shit fatty. You're a cheap whore and it's through your own volition. It sounds like she lost another john.

No. 1993518

shat is like the opposite of those moids who think the cashier is nice to them cause she loves them when it's just her job. your johns are not your actual friends - real shocker, i know

No. 1993521

Seriously, welcome to the working world in any client-facing position, dumbass. Everyone from cashiers to servers, salespeople, receptionists, bankers, realtors, even up to doctors and lawyers, etc. have to deal with entitled and rude people they don’t like because they’re paying them for their service. Prostitutes ain’t special. Since she likes using the term, sounds like she just has a customer service “skill issue.” She should work the night shift at a factory or store if she doesn’t like dealing with people

No. 1993524

Literally every job in the world that pays for your time expects you to uphold a certain attitude this bitch can't even be nice for pay

No. 1993526

If this is about coomers, Shayna these men don't respect you, they do not fucking care. They want to coom and they want to coom now.
If this is about someone else in her life, read above again.

No. 1993529

>prolapses her own asshole repeatedly for pennies
>"don't you realize you're lucky to even exist at the same time as me"
I know we're supposed to avoid armchairing, but literally the only people capable of having such low and high self esteem at the same time are narcs

No. 1993536

How is she saying this when she constantly wears shit that doesn't for on a daily basis? At least the dress is covering her gunt.

No. 1993540

I wonder how Jason R Womack’s dog is (the dog he named after a pornstar then proceeded to try and tell the pornstar about his dog)

No. 1993547

>they love and support me
>they pay me to degrade myself

also kek at her complaining about having to do her sO ThRiViNg “job,” which she chose, and continues to choose whilst constantly shitting on anyone who makes better decisions than her. sounds like a skill issue!

No. 1993552

yeah it reminds me of when she lost her shit because a coomer wanted to coom and went to another e-whore when shayna wasnt available at the time. and acted like he should have waited for her and worked around her schedule.

No. 1993553

what a dumb bitch. this is what happens when whores cant separate their real lives from their prostitute personas. as many have said before, she using hooking as a way to legitimately meet guys and then is hurt and shocked when they treat her like what they paid for. she says this bullshit yet if a guy didnt give her any money she wouldnt give him the time a day. pick a struggle chubs.

No. 1993584

I think Shay would be shocked at how easy a retail/food service job would be for her. She always says she doesn't want to be "stuck behind a desk" but she could be making $22.50/hr right now in Seattle working the McDonald's drive thru. Free meals for fatty, much better pay than she's currently making, lots of opportunities to brag on her socials about fake stories of getting hit on while working, she could commiserate with her coworkers when she has an annoying customer, and it would only have to be part-time. She's so close to realizing that "being your own boss" as an e-whore means no paid time off, no HR, no benefits, and literally the worst clientele of any business.

No. 1993598

Kek! Oh she would NOT make it as a stripper for sure. Imagine being treated like actual shit everyday by horny drunk scrites and then having a fit because they "dont respect her". Like no shit shay, your job is not respectable. She is a total clown.

No. 1993620

File: 1715469869006.jpg (328.04 KB, 1694x2048, 20240512_002217.jpg)

This ugly ass outfit again but also she wears it in the most unflattering way. Your frankentit poking out and exposing all the cellulite trying to have a an ass that doesn't exist is not it.

No. 1993622

Another image of a fat woman trying to wear clothes that are too small for her and failing.

No. 1993653

I have no idea why she thinks fat girl underboob is better than fat girl cleavage but I really wish she would stop

No. 1993656

File: 1715480812286.webp (108.85 KB, 900x1200, s-l1200.png)

Literally autistic sperging here but I hate the lines on her mouth. Why does she keep doing that? I collect dolls and you really never see a mouth like that besides on a ventriloquist dummy…

No. 1993721

She used to go on and on about her gaping asshole and how she loves anal, she could've taken that even further and become a ventriloquist dummy.
>This barbie loves fisting
I'm so sorry

No. 1993728

File: 1715512452957.png (1.86 MB, 1020x1253, dummy_shay.png)

This really does look like her. I think it's because the eye colour and eye liner.

No. 1993741

This is so fucking funny how dare you deploy such a misshayle so early in my time zone’s morning kek

No. 1993748

Next thread pic

No. 1993755

shouldn't have checked this thread so early in the morning before my brain has its defenses up, this is now burned into my neurons forever topkek

No. 1993766

Kek it’s too early for this. Next thread pic?? Or the latest shaynatorium one that Anon made

No. 1993841

File: 1715539542293.jpg (14.12 KB, 420x420, 464087.jpg)

I think she is trying to mimic old paper mache dolls with the opening mouths.

No. 1993851

File: 1715542132337.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.13 KB, 459x603, 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwGVM8qaoFi…)

the thing you see in your dreams sometimes

No. 1993866

File: 1715545790832.jpg (119.38 KB, 1080x501, Mothers.jpg)

I doubt she wished her mom a Happy Mother's Day.

No. 1993917

File: 1715559489657.jpg (1.32 MB, 1080x3060, Tan.jpg)


No. 1993918

so wait she's actually tanning not just using a fake tanner? what an idiot. skin cancer saga when.

No. 1993920

Christ. I feel like Shayna's thread in particular really sparks my humanity – I've been lurking internet drama circles for longer than I'd like to admit and always think I am desensitized to the degeneracy and utter hopelessness of cows' lives, but every once in a while she posts some shit that makes me just sick to my stomach lmao. I suppose she is uniquely talented in that regard.

No. 1993921

File: 1715561322792.jpg (953.94 KB, 1926x2048, Cringe.jpg)

No. 1993922

File: 1715561410415.mp4 (Spoiler Image,4.82 MB, 844x474, pred.mp4)

>Face Painted Face Fuck - DDLG B/G POV BJ [butterfly emoji, two hearts emoji] ft. @ akascotthancock

No. 1993924

I think living in perpetual rain and darkness 75% of the year balances things out

No. 1993945

I wonder how many White Claw Surges she drinks a day. They're 8% which is extremely high alcohol content.

No. 1993946

this is literal sped porn wtf

No. 1993959

Skin cancer nona, where were you when Shayna was on Aruba chilling in the sun all day? But you think she's going to get skin cancer from a few days of Seattle sun? Some people work in the sun for years btw

No. 1993960

File: 1715572147971.jpeg (788.58 KB, 1170x1791, IMG_4451.jpeg)

No. 1993961

god i pray she doesnt reproduce, her mom should've taken those electronics away and sent her to a conversion camp

No. 1993974

Good catch nonnie. I have no doubt that this is her new regular beverage, and not just a one-off purchase.
Drinking 8% beverages on the daily is hella alcoholic behaviour. Even if it's just one or two tbh. But I think the fact that it's a ""light"" drink like White Claw helps her to put that into the back of her mind. She's right on her way down the alkie spiral.

No. 1993976

1) You are not gay Shayna. Either put a ring on Ellen or shut the absolute fuck up about your fake-ass tryhard attempt at a coomer lesbian fantasy that flopped because you're too fat & gross for anyone to fantasize about you, man or woman.
2) This whole story is a lie. Your "3 brothers" are not even your mom's kids. Why the fuck would she care about your dad's 2nd family. And you know damn well she would support you being gay if you actually were. Your mom is miles more progressive than you are & even randoms on the internet can see it.

No. 1993977

>it was so nice of you to get my face painted!!
KEK. Even in her fantasies she is still a nobody loser who has to heap praises on an ugly moid in order to earn the $2 she spent on face paint from the fair.
This shouldn't be as sad and funny as it is. Maybe I'm just high lmao

No. 1993980


Did we forget lava rock chan?

No. 1993983

It's crazy how she'll tell the same few teenager stories over and over since her Tumblr days (muh stalker), but this is the first time I recall hearing this one about her being "so ttly gay".

No. 1993988

god i really needed to see this as gym motivation today.

No. 1993990

wheres the idiots who said this video was based on music festival whores?

No. 1994006

File: 1715592033308.jpeg (557.18 KB, 1125x630, IMG_5946.jpeg)

she is so fucking ugly

No. 1994007

the saddest part of this video is we all know shayna didnt get paid for this video, and probably spent more money to suck this gross guys dick than she’ll ever make back from it being on the internet forever. shayna is the lifelong intern of the porn industry. never seen a woman suck so much free dick and LOWER her place on the ladder. kek

No. 1994009

lmfao is this the 2024 equivalent to putting a paper bag over a girl’s head while you fuck her?

No. 1994010

Uglier than usual tbh

No. 1994013

This is the first picture that makes me agree with beady eye nona

No. 1994023

File: 1715598412760.jpg (56.18 KB, 399x623, 7wxw4k.jpg)

She calls herself his "sweet innocent little daughter" afterwards. Honestly she is fucking vile and ugly inside and out. She couldn't just pretend to be at a music festival like other anons thought, no she had to pretend to be a little girl and make a incest video.

No. 1994024

She really is. She somehow looks worse than when wearing her usual make up.

No. 1994028

Damn even the scrote filming this said "yeah those eye bags gotta go" and covered up 80% of her face.

No. 1994030

Letting that putrid unwashed mutt on the towel she’s touching with her bare skin, flea and ringworm saga when?(dog-sperging and nitpicking)

No. 1994036

I can’t fathom the amount of pickme whores out there so desperate for male validation they gladly participate in these kinds of pedophilic pornography content. I know we’ve been over it but its so fucking depressing and I’ll never fucking understand how you could do it, even if you’re trying to pretend it’s just some kink or fantasy. It’s fetishizing child rape and everyone just thinks it’s a normal porn thing so it’s fine to promote the abuse of children as something to jerk off to.

No. 1994040

File: 1715605987959.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1358x1641, IMG_6638.jpeg)

She looks so out of it

No. 1994050

File: 1715608338509.jpeg (263.97 KB, 1170x667, IMG_1278.jpeg)

Way to admit that no one gives a fuck about you anymore, even when you’ve got your rotten coochie and unwashed asshole spread for free, kek

No. 1994054

Yeah those Hitler jokes really went down well back then didn't they? Kek

Also there are ask apps on twitter, she could easily make one if she wants but anonymous ask things are always a cesspool.

No. 1994060

this is the same person who abandons her pets for weeks at a time to go on trips that serve no purpose beyond eating away at what little remains of her dignity and banking account. she doesn't feel bad about fetishizing a child's suffering because she is enormously self-centered and doesn't care about anyone or anything unless it brings her momentary pleasure. she thinks being selfish makes her a cute little spoiled brat instead of an intolerable grown woman driven purely by greed so it's not like she has any motivation to change.

No. 1994069

reminiscing about the good ol days of receiving asks on her tumblr blog as a grown ass 26-year-old woman

No. 1994078

Woof. She looks so sad and fed up, can't even be bothered to fake a smile nicely.

No. 1994079

I'd love for this tard to make a formspring or curious cat. She wouldn't last a day. Maybe it would humble her though. Nevermind, who am I kidding?

No. 1994089

she literally has an entire forum dedicated to making silly anonymous posts about her.

No. 1994109

File: 1715624901493.png (1.12 MB, 1080x774, Shmegol.png)

Wtf is that first frame kek its giving Smeagol/Gollum

No. 1994118

she looks like a caveman in these. the butterfly makeup really accentuates her neanderthal features

No. 1994120

File: 1715628452138.jpg (37.44 KB, 825x918, 20221019_224953.jpg)

dog on the towel, pillowcase directly touching the patio, the low probability that neither of these things will be rewashed before use

No. 1994121

why does she need a whole JBL speaker to sit on her tiny deck and tan? Just to annoy her neighbours with her shitty 60s dad rock?

No. 1994127

The facepaint really does make her face look even fatter than it actually is kek

No. 1994128

And you just know she probably puts her dog on the balcony to go bathroom rather than take her on a walk

No. 1994130

File: 1715631085095.gif (876.33 KB, 416x410, 1356588454464.gif)

She's sunbathing on a hot concrete balcony covered in evaporating dog piss.

No. 1994134

File: 1715632615678.jpeg (Spoiler Image,889.01 KB, 1170x1124, IMG_0232.jpeg)

Get ready folks

No. 1994143

Oh god no, please not another one of these shoots!!
I’m so curious if the photographer’s gonna do her dirty again by posting the unfiltered versions while she posts her usual highly filtered pics but if it’s like the last one, I’m scared

No. 1994146

Don’t forget the shit

No. 1994147

File: 1715635928422.jpeg (488.16 KB, 891x860, IMG_3043.jpeg)


No. 1994149

I think her apartment has a dog area to relieve themselves safely.

No. 1994151

Christ she looks so different. I’m not sure I’d recognize her if I didn’t know it was her

No. 1994153

i'm sure it does but do you think fat shat really takes her dog out there multiple times per day? i would guess noodle gets to go outside once or MAYBE twice a day and any other time she is just let out on the balcony because her fat retarded owner is too lazy to take her out

No. 1994155

I highly doubt that the fat lazy sow gets off her concave ass multiple times a day to take the dog outside.

No. 1994177

Someone please make Shay art of this photo. It’s perfect the big belly spilling out of her too small crop top and hanging over shorts. The ugly rodent smile. The huge thighs. It looks like she can’t get up because she’s too chubby and out of shape.

No. 1994178

I doubt she pick up her dog’s shit. She’s lazy and inconsiderate. Loud music blaring, fake moaning noises, using a fuck machine on a patio and filming it. Unstable income. Worst tenant ever

No. 1994182

i don't know a single slob on this earth who would not just throw them in wash after being on the ground outside are you retarded

No. 1994183

Shayna is that slob though, she doesn't change her bedding so there's no way she washed that skanky pillow

No. 1994194

File: 1715646632180.jpg (Spoiler Image,710.35 KB, 1536x2048, UGLY.jpg)

>holy shit tht shoot was incredible [tears in eyes emoji, pink heart emoji]

No. 1994196

This picture has the same vibe as that one picture of Lillee Jean

No. 1994203

Did she edit her boobs too much? The nipple area looks pure white

No. 1994208

it looks like a skin tag kek.

No. 1994210

why is she still not up on his website or manyvids or anything? it’s very odd.

No. 1994213

what if it's from reduced bloodflow and soon we'll have a literal necrotit

No. 1994226

This doesn’t even look like her, what the fuck. I know we always talk about how she looks like a literal retard but this is unprecedented. Hideous pedophile hog.

No. 1994242

this vid made me realize she looks like laur trueman

No. 1994247

File: 1715670288014.png (Spoiler Image,604.18 KB, 1246x360, coomerlevelcreativity.png)

It really is. She's filmed with him, like, three times now? I could only find one video fo her in his manyvids and she's not on his site. Side note, it feels like every other video limpcock has on his manyvids uses the Barbie/Boobie-set and sometimes literally titles them as "[x] is IRL Barbie" (not shayna's vid though KEK) So much for her being unique and special I guess

No. 1994249

File: 1715671939330.png (Spoiler Image,77.27 KB, 260x344, edited.png)

There's some weird editing going on in that image. She's removed her areola for some reason.

No. 1994251

That is unhinged even for Shay. Since when is missing a nipple attractive?

No. 1994274

File: 1715684084456.jpg (177.06 KB, 828x987, White claw, baby!.jpg)

We know it’s not a one-off purchase because she’s been drinking White Claw Surges for years and would down a bunch on cam when she still streamed. Many such examples

No. 1994281

These women literally sell out their whole gender and make us look like huge retards for less than 20 bucks…

No. 1994301

Kekkk she talks EXACTLY like those "men writing the girl next door in movies" parody videos. Lillee Jean is unironically a better actor than her lmao.

No. 1994308

Awful editing aside, who the fuck is this for? There are thousands of pictures of Shay naked in this exact same angle all over her profile, what does standing underneath a powerline in a field of invasive weeds add other than some white trash realness?

On a different note, I'll be interested to see the rest of this photoshoot, as I'm about 70% sure this is the trail to the Little Mashel Falls in Eatonville. Meaning Shay is letting her tiny cottage cheese ass hang out on University of Washington property kek.

No. 1994311

mark my words, shayna will suffer liver failure in her 30s.

No. 1994330

how can a naked woman be so utterly devoid of sensuality and sex appeal? when I see this picture all I can think about are ticks.

No. 1994366

File: 1715711116800.jpg (184.35 KB, 1080x914, fat.jpg)

But she claims she wishes she didn't have to eat and only eats to "survive", kek.

No. 1994368

I guess she's not on her diet anymore.

No. 1994391

File: 1715716345441.mp4 (2.01 MB, 480x852, Tard.mp4)

>runaway bride [two hearts emoji, sparkle emoji]
She always does that run like she has a developmental disability.

No. 1994393

File: 1715716540899.jpg (1.53 MB, 1079x3311, Lazy.jpg)

Why does she set these goals when they're never going to happen? She already admitted defeat in this same tweet before she even started.

No. 1994400

This is extremely special needs adult. She is so ungainly and her movements are so unrefined.

No. 1994401

File: 1715717680322.gif (895.71 KB, 360x202, runny.gif)

Anon who said she runs like a titan was so right kek

No. 1994402

W-who and what are these photoshoots for??? Do they make her extra money? Get more coomers? Kek she's literally paying money to get pictures taken of herself that she can gwak at.
Wouldn't getting professional head-shots be more useful? She's so obessed with herself

No. 1994403

I’ll take the heat for it but that bra is actually cute.

No. 1994405

I don't think she made any money from the previous hog in the fog photo shoots. She used to try and sell it on her MV items page and it's not there anymore. The biggest audience for it is this thread and we're not paying.

It's a dramatic improvement over her usual standards but it's too small. She's bursting out the sides and it's squashing her already deformed tits flat to her chest. Her nipples are pointing to the floor. At this point I wonder if she's mentally incapable of knowing what her size is. She could have googled "how to find bra size" and then got Ellen to measure her if she was too much of a sped to do it herself.

No. 1994406

how on earth can she watch this back and think it looks cute? she quite literally looks like a retarded person stomping through the grass barefoot flailing her arms like a true sped.

No. 1994407

File: 1715719073880.png (Spoiler Image,186.11 KB, 552x921, sales.png)

Her new video with Shein Smallcock has been available for two days and hasn't made a single sale.

No. 1994411

our retarded queen

No. 1994419

i have to wonder what the vision for this even was.. even a skinny/non retarded girl doing this would look fucking dumb.

No. 1994455

Does she have a single piece of clothing that is her size and fits her properly? God, this tight ass bra must hurt her sore ruined tits

No. 1994458

File: 1715729700562.jpeg (598.93 KB, 1170x1867, IMG_6683.jpeg)

The only vibes Shat gives off are mentally ill and desperation

No. 1994461

Is this her having a moment of self awareness and realising any looks she once had are long gone and she's now coping by thinking that she can still get male attention because they're attracted to her "vibe"?

No. 1994462

The bra is technically nice but it's doing nothing for her frankentits and it's obviously too small. The dress absolutely crushing her was even worse.

No. 1994463

Idk there are dozens of power line trails that look exactly like this around Shayna

No. 1994465

File: 1715731224151.jpg (52.75 KB, 474x316, women in field.jpg)

I think she's trying to emulate the "trad" aesthetic of a woman in a white dress in a field. Instead she looks like a special ed student that got let out a recess and is now doing the Naruto run through the playground.

No. 1994466

This is a really pretty place too bad Shayna is running and around showing her butt

No. 1994468

File: 1715731938608.png (1.37 MB, 1043x768, fat-shat-free.png)

No. 1994475

this is too funny nona youre a fucking comedian

No. 1994489

>I feel like so much of my personality has been lost
>because tumblr took away a feature

No. 1994490

Given her follow-up question in the replies, I think she's just trawling for ideas for her next photoshoot/video. Honestly I'm guessing the replies weren't what she wanted to hear, she wanted an easy new idea like "red wig" or "glasses" or something.

No. 1994504

The 80s music and found footage vibes make this seem like it came from a serial killer’s personal collection kek what the fuck

No. 1994505

Samefag, wonder how out of breath she was after that little bit of tard romping

No. 1994507

the ask feature hasn't gone anywhere, she just doesn't use Tumblr anymore

No. 1994518

File: 1715750297523.jpeg (308.93 KB, 1170x879, IMG_4631.jpeg)

No. 1994521

File: 1715751278604.png (2.17 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2024-05-15_01-31-59_AM.p…)

She's so annoying lol.

I decided to look her up on Facebook a few days ago and forgot to post it. But it looks like some guy made a fake profile of her and is running it, and interacting with it?

No. 1994549

lmao of course it’s some bobs and vegana pajeet(racebait)

No. 1994552

File: 1715756822594.jpeg (259.86 KB, 1170x536, IMG_1283.jpeg)

You’re not hot or a bimbo Shayna, you’re ugly and stupid. You have no talent and you’re pushing 30 while being completely incapable of functioning as an adult without assistance.

No. 1994574

How much longer can she possibly run from this epiphany? She’s a huge fuck up and the longer she refuses to acknowledge it the worse it’s going to get. I know listening to your inner child is a pop psych meme at this point but maybe Shayna should listen to hers. There’s no way 6yo Shay would have wanted this for her future self.

No. 1994576

Fat people look better in black. It’s a known fact Shayna. And even in mismatched pink when she was skinny she looked gross. Stop trying to make “bimbo” happen you’re ugly Shayna

No. 1994577

Unrelated but why do Indian men do this? I see white men do this shit too. Jason r Womack and other retards. But I see random Indian men accounts tag random celebrities in all their photos and comment on porn pages.

No. 1994588

I think the Indian profile is also fake.
Say its name with pauses, "a-cin-a" sounds like "I seen a" and isn't a real name.

No. 1994589

Indian men legit think western women are all like in porn and will readily sleep with them if they ask.

No. 1994607

Acina Pakhi is an unfortunate name but I don't think it's fake.
India just has a lot of names that sound terrible to Westerners, like Sukhdeep

No. 1994638

Supposedly it's because in their culture they are not allowed to explore sexuality and their marriages are often arranged. I think it's because indian men are really fucking low IQ.(derailing)

No. 1994644

nona it literally sounds like "I seen a paki"

No. 1994656

File: 1715791473806.jpg (317.3 KB, 1080x1734, Brok.jpg)

>extra funds
As if she even has funds in the first place

No. 1994657

File: 1715791525863.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.96 KB, 2048x1536, Boat.jpg)

Attached image. Spoilered for beached whale.

No. 1994660

File: 1715792101581.jpg (52.38 KB, 974x383, Lies.jpg)

Deleted, because we all know she is never getting back on cam at this point.

No. 1994665

she looks like a very special girl with that smile. Almost more than in her sped running through the fields video. Is it even being a bimbo if youre genuiely medically retarded?

No. 1994675

Why did she pull her bikini top down like that
It looks like when you wake up after a rough sleep and the titties have escaped from your pjs

The Malibu can and fake jewellery just elevate the trashiness

No. 1994681

yes shay, it’s definitely the site’s fault no one wants to pay to see your drunk fat ass chicken dance and punch yourself in the face

alcohol is making her look 50000% worse. how can she not see it? she’s aging like milk in the sun. not very BiMbO bAbBy bArBiE of her. weed and nicotine aren’t helping either. couldn’t be happening to a nicer sped.

No. 1994689

can't figure out what she's wearing on her lower body, but it makes her look like an amputee

No. 1994690

>$0.58 per video

>that facial expression
Soyjak moment

It's the black velour pants from the Bugs Bunny tracksuit.

No. 1994698

how retarded do you have to be as a man to pay women to hang out with you in the first place but then actively choosing this thing out of the masses of women sugaring and escorting? she isn't charming, she isn't attractive, she isn't young, she's a fat alcoholic sped. i really don't understand the thought process of that boat moid

No. 1994699

she’s probably the cheapest

No. 1994701

if you already own a boat, it’s a pretty low expense date that makes you feel flashy. no one will see you except the people in the marina, so it’s pretty discreet, plus you bring your own snacks and drinks. you have to take the boat out anyways, so it’s a win all around. perfect date for a john with means.

No. 1994703

it wouldn't really surprise me if Shayna goes on some of these "dates" without even getting paid, just because she's happy to have a reason to go out and get some attention from a scrote

No. 1994704

but he still has to be on the boat with her which includes seeing her and hearing her speak. there's got to be better options. or do you mean other escorting women wouldn't go on a cheap boat date?

No. 1994705

to be fair, the attracted ones are probably deluded that sex isn't an actual expectation and will more than likely refuse and find someone else, or are career hookers charging $1000+ for a date. shat is retarded and desperate enough to service a moid for a cheeseburger.

No. 1994710

She's cheap and they want to have sex with her, they aren't paying her to show up somewhere as eye candy, he literally brought him on a fishing boat, had her suck his dick and now 13 days later she's broke and needs more money.
Shayna is a prostitute, a cheap prostitute. She is not someone they are proud to have on their arm, if she was they'd date her dumb ass even then thats not "proof" of them being proud.

No. 1994711

She's sleeping with these men, she's literally sucked this scrotes dick on the boat. In fact I don't believe Shayna has ever been payed to hang out with a scrote in person that didn't involve sex and/or the promise of sex. Before she was letting them fuck her thighs, then she was putting her face in moids asses, now she's flat out admitting she's fucking them.
Also, i'm starting to believe it's a requirement they take her somewhere public for Shayna. Not even for saftey but Fupual hiding her and "not showing her off" did a number on her. Maybe she thinks everyone thinks she's a high paid young "Sugar baby" and that being seen with her is "proof" of this. Regardless she's being paid for sex.

No. 1994713

The moids she's going out with are probably low tier, low confidence and low self esteem who would feel intimidated by an actually attractive woman. Part of Shayna's appeal to coomers is that she looks obtainable. Ugly moids know that the young, skinny sex worker they lust after is never going to give them a second look unless large amounts of money is involved. Shayna's cheap and coomers see her as being in the same tier as they are. A lot of her johns seem to be from the same Seattle degen group as Ellen.

No. 1994717

File: 1715803652270.png (86.17 KB, 1043x1046, dDOpQg9.png)


No. 1994722

my thoughts exactly

No. 1994724

Yep, don't forget the time she tried to humblebrag that a moid was looking at her like she was the most amazing girl ever while she was riding him during sex and how good it made her feel. Yikes.

No. 1994738

he hires shay because he gets his dick wet for cheap by an easily manipulated retard who is impressed by shein and espresso martinis. that’s the appeal. don’t forget, nona, men will stick their dick in anything. some even like fat, greasy, unwashed women. off-putting as she is, for some coomers, shay is still a step up from a hand.

No. 1994768

File: 1715818800068.jpg (Spoiler Image,784.41 KB, 3840x2160, Fpm.jpg)

>fuck u, loser. [middle finger emoji] pay me !! [Hand over face emoji, pink heart emoji]

Spoiler because although she's clothed, her udders are hanging and she's wearing the yeast infection special.

No. 1994776

Good lord, the sleeves will rip right off that shirt if she raises her arms at all.

No. 1994821

lmaoo nonnie it needs to be edited into the next thread pic

No. 1994822

i fortunately am not a coomer so i don't fully know the details of findom, but i really don't believe it's this, kek. no matter how desperate, no scrote is going to fork over any amount of money over a strange, '80s-bully caption coming from a woman who looks like a melting romanian wax figure.

No. 1994840


I will never understand why she does this to her tits. All she's doing is pushing them down closer and closer to her navel. Does she want to reach the point where her nipples touch her gunt? Either have them at a normal height or just go topless.

No. 1994853

File: 1715851217628.jpeg (107.21 KB, 1170x257, IMG_1319.jpeg)

Beyond bleak

No. 1994854

She owns a keurig and could make her own coffee. What she wants is corn syrup slop from Starbucks.

No. 1994869

She thinks it’s giving like Sommer Ray cute/sexy underboob when it’s actually giving squashed diseased cantaloupes

No. 1994877

File: 1715863735074.png (253.02 KB, 1510x894, shayjak-edit.png)

No. 1994889

New thread pic please

No. 1994890

kekkkkkkkkk beautiful shart nona

No. 1994895

isn't it interesting that she cannot view sex as a mutually pleasurable experience instead of just another way to self-objectify? It's not like being raped by fat ol johns because they paid you to let them do it is going to be exciting instead of stressful but still. she's gotta be having reccuring STIs that will lead to sterilization and reproductive damage,and she's dumb enough to dismiss it as normal.


the tragedy of Shat's life is that she is probably washing her hair way more often than she should to appeal to 60-year-old rapists who probably don't even care to wash themselves properly. like that's nothing to make you grin like a fucking moron in every picture.

No. 1994906

File: 1715872909632.jpg (147.43 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20240515-140443.jpg)

she does the bully captions because that's an actual fucking fetish for these degenerates, Ellen did it before her and she just followed suit.

this is the kind of shit that men whore married or have a girlfriend would not want to tell them about, so they get desperate alcoholics like Shayna to pretend to want to talk to them like this. If she actually hated these men and talked to them like women who hate men talk to them, they wouldn't like it.(lurk moar/repost)

No. 1994921

the best her boobs have ever looked tbh

No. 1994936

currently rereading her old threads and she said this exact same thing back when she was 21. it is so insane to me how she doesn't realize the stagnancy she feels is due to trying and failing to become a 'pornstar' for the past 6 years.

No. 1994942

i love the shayimalist style you went for, threadpic quality for sure. either this one or the one in the shaynatorium where shes sitting at the computer desk.

No. 1994948

>she's gotta be having reccuring STIs that will lead to sterilization and reproductive damage
this would truly be a blessing to the world. i hope to god this beast never ever EVER reproduces. fuck, that’s such a terrifying thought. pedo-pandering freaks like shayna make me believe in eugenics. degenerate scum.

No. 1994998

how has this heifer not figured out how and where to get flavor syrups between tiktok and all the other brainrot she consumes?

No. 1995036

Because she's a fat lazy sow that would rather door dash a bucket of sweetened whipped cream, corn syrup and modified maize starch, instead of getting off her flat ass and walking to the kitchen.

No. 1995059

next thread pic pls

No. 1995083

File: 1715918528555.jpg (Spoiler Image,451.86 KB, 1559x2048, Diabetic.jpg)

>cake anybody? [cupcake emoji, two hearts emoji]

No. 1995085

She has lost a bit of weight but my god, her tits are so disgusting, even after editing

No. 1995088

enjoy your yeast infection, dummy. i bet she ate this whole cake afterward.

No. 1995092

The cake probably cost more than she'll make on the video