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File: 1656120441633.jpeg (751.13 KB, 1220x744, 941288C0-94B2-4D41-9684-D3EBF9…)

No. 1571184

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1552379

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last thread
>Shayna was on vacation for 16 days in Ireland with her family, didn’t post much at all
>a farmer collected a few candid Shayna shots from a relatives Instagram >>>/snow/1552392, >>>/snow/1555160, >>>/snow/1557346
>Drank every day, posting her sugary drinks and cheap outfits on Snapchat daily >>>/snow/1556335, >>>/snow/1557244, >>>/snow/1557501, >>>/snow/1559340, >>>/snow/1561683
>Bitched about coomers liking and jerking off to her free porn >>>/snow/1557130, >>>/snow/1558996
>Put out a boring school girl video in the same outfit she’s had since she was 19 >>>/snow/1558424
>A cowtipper leaves a bunch of unfunny insults under her tweets, she gets triggered and tries to flex her “success” by bragging about the trip she’s taking on daddy’s dime >>>/snow/1559415
>Posts the same coping tweet she has already made about 100 times about how she’s thriving despite the haters >>>/snow/1561673
>Doesnt understand why people hate her >>>/snow/1563648
>Another one of her spanking videos is posted, she looks large compared to the other girls >>>/snow/1563818
>Back on seeking arrangements looking for new johns >>>/snow/1566165
>Had a guy from the internet over to her apartment for a “date” >>>/snow/1567116, the other canceled on her >>>/snow/1567138
>Gloated about the John comparing her body to the birth of Venus >>>/snow/1567198
>Another whore calls her diaper porn nasty, Shayna goes on a rant about sex workers being kink shamers >>>/snow/1567337
>Went to the store in a transparent white shirt with her cock eyed nipples showing >>>/snow/1568246
>Attempted a shitty eyeshadow look >>>/snow/1568274
>Her 25th birthday is on Sunday June 25th >>>/snow/1568274
>Is trying to set up a collab with an ugly troon

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1571186

t minus 30 mins until she’s supposed to appear on cam. taking bets for whether or not she actually shows now

No. 1571187

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No. 1571189

File: 1656120709038.jpeg (142.29 KB, 782x418, 9A514C0F-EB7B-4199-974B-5BD13B…)

Sorry if I messed anything up, had to make the thread on mobile and wanted to get it up before she goes live in 30 mins http://mfc.im/dollymattel

No. 1571191

Reminder for showtime to delete anything accidentally double posted, spoiler nsfw screenshots, use gyazo gif to take gif screenshots and screen record anything milky! Also don’t fucking cowtip, let the milk flow naturally

No. 1571197

Excellent OP, a blessing upon your house dearest nona!
Echoing this, hopefully this thread stays more milky and less shit clogged than the last

No. 1571199

And Dropbox works great for posting the video links

No. 1571219

File: 1656122546108.jpeg (996.29 KB, 1170x1989, CD9DCA2F-2E98-48E9-AEAB-F73509…)

Annnd we’re live

No. 1571221

File: 1656122579875.png (1.47 MB, 1400x1748, 34E9C3D5-8890-4E6C-9DCC-B36FAF…)

No. 1571222

File: 1656122641240.jpeg (423.79 KB, 1080x1845, D27F585A-ECBA-4FEA-94D6-29BF50…)

No. 1571224

File: 1656122722146.jpeg (917.8 KB, 1170x1730, D9EE3719-C750-43FA-A539-CD6D9F…)

And she already stepped away cause her hair tie broke

No. 1571229

She said that people told her she looks different and she was like “put on a little bit of weight, but I have tits and an ass now.” Keep telling yourself that Shay

No. 1571230

She looks slimmer in recent photos, this stream will reveal whether it’s editing or not

No. 1571231

It is the editing, her videos always reveal her true self

No. 1571232

File: 1656123247552.jpeg (909.9 KB, 1242x1300, F9C388A9-F218-4BAD-B706-E32095…)

Jason R Womack now goes by okietwister85 on myfreecams tipped 700 tokens

No. 1571234

Womack tipped her 700 tokens and she got so excited that I got curious how much it was worth. She spazzed about $35…

No. 1571236

File: 1656123341245.gif (Spoiler Image,14.47 MB, 806x458, c1a51b4c23ecf293561241a190af5a…)

gagged on an inch of dildo as usual after waving it around in the air like a spaz to avoid doing it

No. 1571237

Never seen a live before and holy kek at them blowjob skills. Tragic.

No. 1571238

File: 1656123411101.jpeg (480 KB, 1121x630, 2AA79C8C-C08D-4C18-8DA9-16BA52…)

No. 1571240

So glad she was able to treat herself to a hair-frying flat iron session and some horrifically dry liquid lipstick from 2016 for yet again another depressing birthday

No. 1571241

File: 1656123481535.gif (11.54 MB, 636x442, 32ad11efda3fa16361a2d771304d25…)

shes definitely been drinking already

No. 1571242

File: 1656123509646.jpeg (427.96 KB, 993x662, 8FCEF806-D48B-427E-B135-82F968…)

She threw the cap away to keep the wheel from coming off and she didn’t know what that was for and started laughing like a retard

No. 1571244

File: 1656123559290.jpeg (Spoiler Image,380 KB, 910x605, 852B76AE-60AE-4F41-9113-7161D7…)

No. 1571247

she looks pretty good, no boils on her snatch, definitely thinner then last birthday show too

No. 1571248

He said he was working as well. Wtf is wrong with him

No. 1571252

I wouldn’t say she looks “good” but she has definitely lost weight, she’s nowhere near as huge as she was in Oklahoma

No. 1571254

File: 1656123891377.gif (Spoiler Image,10.74 MB, 668x444, 7d5cf6e2b1f477dc6e26a718fe2dd2…)

definitely doughy as fuck but not OK level

No. 1571259

i actually agree, would be much better with a hydrating lipstick or just a gloss though

No. 1571260

File: 1656124168908.gif (Spoiler Image,10.35 MB, 612x440, ab232a2c0eaa3f1dc7d85e43aee037…)

a sober person would not have this hard of a time putting her lopsided tits away

No. 1571261

i wish she wasnt so awkward on cam, is this normal or is she just extra drunk today since its a special occasion

No. 1571262

this is normal, shes a fucking spaztic on cam, you can tell she hates doing it

No. 1571271

File: 1656124820786.gif (Spoiler Image,9.68 MB, 648x408, 2a9938c713e4d89c0699acc95a2ca1…)

this is fucking painful

No. 1571272

why does she put on blush the way an 80 year old grandma would? it makes her whole face look sunken. then we have the shiny foundation, highlighter, no concealer, no contour, & maroon shade lips. this whole look screams great-grandma realness.

No. 1571273

The dress looks like its wet and pulling her tits down lol tf

No. 1571274

samefag but I don’t understand how she’s been making vids for so long and still has no idea how to do makeup, in any way. it’s almost embarrassing and then you realize it’s Shayna.

No. 1571275

File: 1656125026410.jpeg (Spoiler Image,712.94 KB, 828x1426, 7FD50623-2BBE-4D15-8EA4-E31D9C…)

Is “mummamattel1” ellen degenerate?

No. 1571276

Is…is that dress already discolored???

No. 1571279

At least she’s nowhere near as wide as she was last year, so I guess that’s something

No. 1571280

I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s a mouth breather, hence one thing that makes blowjobs difficult for her.

No. 1571281

“the doctor told me I had to go on a diet”

No. 1571283

File: 1656125278731.gif (Spoiler Image,9.76 MB, 656x428, 53ef8db5c0247ac721848fcdba8dbe…)

the gut has been released

No. 1571284

sure is.

No. 1571285

File: 1656125372346.gif (Spoiler Image,9.41 MB, 682x408, 8e5ea4de23e6cc71c01cd1ac57f29f…)

the one titty shuffle

No. 1571286

What’s the website to captur .gifs? It has a cute-ish name

No. 1571287

Although she certainly looks slimmer, her nose looks more tragic than ever today. I wanna say more bulbous and protruding.

No. 1571288

File: 1656125500031.gif (Spoiler Image,10.17 MB, 762x386, af194b373eec1360d9bbf2929619b1…)

gyazo gif

No. 1571291

File: 1656125621336.gif (9.9 MB, 716x372, 48cb83595a7419d7492b44e7b3e059…)

No. 1571293

File: 1656125738358.jpeg (377.5 KB, 887x539, 7850336B-9577-4DD7-A688-E04F65…)

this is the face of a psychotic person and you can’t convince me otherwise

No. 1571295

File: 1656125854310.gif (Spoiler Image,8.08 MB, 710x396, ede48d49df7f19c2ff83747d3933dd…)

what the fuck

No. 1571296

File: 1656125907984.gif (Spoiler Image,6.17 MB, 622x300, e801888ef4d2507df65acb60659fb9…)

it just gets worse and worse

No. 1571297

File: 1656125945436.png (7.67 KB, 370x24, Screenshot 2022-06-24 195832.p…)

alright which one of you was this

No. 1571298

hes a regular kek. I forget which twitter coomer but hes from there

No. 1571300

She did this in response to one incel typing, "damn great tits. sorry i like boobs" btw. So erotic. Very glamorous.

No. 1571303

i just imagined doing a camshow on my birthday and got insanely depressed. doesn't she have anything better to do. anyone who loves her

No. 1571305

to be fair today is not her birthday, its Sunday

No. 1571308

She just recently started joining the cam shows. Shay actually blocked that account one time thinking it was a troll

No. 1571309

I feel like I've joined a very weird exclusive club for watching this. kek Do all these coomers just sit around with their dicks out watching this shit?

No. 1571310

File: 1656126607524.gif (9.28 MB, 670x360, 40095d81510a03a6c65a39902f2df3…)

its so scary when she tries to look cute and talks in a baby voice

No. 1571312

did anyone catch the "twerking"? kek

No. 1571317

Am I the only one who thinks that Wayne’s world sounds like a farmer?

No. 1571319

File: 1656126968467.gif (Spoiler Image,11.47 MB, 782x382, 84cd3b9b2ecae680bb72e1f6f45133…)

alight ladies i cant watch this shit anymore, someone take over gif duty

No. 1571320

if they are, they're wasting their fucking money

No. 1571321

he's been on mfc since at least 2011, not a farmer. just a gross lonely scrote

No. 1571322

Does anyone remember what's the highest number of viewers she's got simultaneously on one of these shit fests? The number has stayed at around 50 during the live and I bet half of them are farmers.

No. 1571325

she turned on his cam or something and said he was cute so i think he's a legit perv into her. kek womack better watch it, this one's dropping mad tokens on her.

No. 1571329

no fucking way was that actual shit near her butthole

No. 1571331

can you guys screenshot these things for those of us who can’t watch right now since gif anon is gone

No. 1571332

Did anyone get that? Is she still on? Or is my internet dumb

No. 1571334

it dropped for me. which i imagine is god telling me to look away and make better choices.

No. 1571335

She dropped off and said it was her computer’s fault. She needs to “touch it or it turns off”

No. 1571336

She’s still on

No. 1571339

File: 1656128053654.jpeg (788.41 KB, 1242x1180, BC3AB41F-7EF3-4A27-B346-46460C…)

No she got disconnected kek she’s threatening to get off cam. She’s so boring why is she typing instead of being entertaining

No. 1571340

File: 1656128106747.jpeg (Spoiler Image,434.16 KB, 1124x661, F46D86AA-7738-4A46-A3BB-BE05F3…)

She’s being nasty

No. 1571342

File: 1656128417363.jpeg (Spoiler Image,392.51 KB, 973x677, 89D024A4-EC2F-4D65-8DE1-B43B4E…)

napoleon dynamite dancing

No. 1571344

File: 1656128493533.gif (117.66 KB, 480x240, EF538B17-694D-47F6-AAF5-541FF8…)

Kek she logged off

No. 1571347

What was the context of the diet comment? Is she actually on a diet?

No. 1571348

Can some anon PLEASE crop her face in this into a banner. I will give my firstborn.

No. 1571355

Can anyone summarize what happened? I missed it

No. 1571356

Let it happensss, I want fatty to suffer kek
classic, poorly done. these look like press on but they are acrylic kek
>>1571077 her skin is horrible nona, can be worst and in fact there has been worst.
>>1571038 that's racist kek
>>1571016 smoking habits, dry skin bc she does not drink water, alcohol, pretty much. altho she has oil in her cuticles kek

No. 1571359

Damn. That’s the big birthday show? Womack tips $35 and Shay stays online for…a whopping 2 hours to jiggle her fat tit and lard ass. I wonder if she’s really lost weight like anons are saying, how would she have? She does the same shit now that she did in OK, maybe without daddy fupaul serving her cheemsborgners and beer all day she’s slimmed down? I still feel like she’s not changed much. She needs to call it quits, what else is there for her at this point? Does she think this is the peak of her life and that there aren’t hundreds of other pursuits she could chase? I’m just…she’s not even a cam girl. She doesn’t act or entertain or even stay on for more than 2 hours a week or month I’m sure there are thousands of other Twitter sex panhandlers but thanks cow god for giving us Shay. Goodnight nonnies!

No. 1571363

File: 1656129826514.gif (Spoiler Image,8.86 MB, 598x448, 85b34083b06e30705e3f68966d9325…)

a couple bonus gifs

No. 1571365

File: 1656129897612.gif (Spoiler Image,7.33 MB, 582x446, fb83a0ae4582dfaf917cb59d7dfdb4…)

No. 1571366

File: 1656129931931.gif (Spoiler Image,7.98 MB, 544x364, 2cbb3d597ffa0009a0d81152f7444b…)

No. 1571368

Wait, did she actually say this or are you just speculating in light of her weight loss?

No. 1571369

File: 1656130066314.gif (Spoiler Image,10.01 MB, 626x434, 78d66f4d585caa76007f5d6749c3bf…)

No. 1571375

File: 1656130506074.jpeg (206.2 KB, 828x566, A138EE95-AEC0-48B5-AD05-B819EC…)

She’s seeing another John tomorrow

No. 1571376

File: 1656130566908.jpeg (703.62 KB, 828x1299, 08FFDF97-3F75-44C3-9998-4154B6…)

No. 1571378

kek I called it, I knew she’d start with the “I’m thriving” posts. I can’t wait to see what this “v exciting” weekend amounts to.

No. 1571379

File: 1656131128816.webm (Spoiler Image,9.86 MB, 1280x720, «I’m sorry!».webm)

Here’s her explanation as to why she dropped off.

No. 1571381

its not that she's obese or severely overweight, but her body is just so piglike and flabby in all the worst places

No. 1571402

i swear to god shes still having that gunt line its terrible she looks slimmer but i can’t tell exactly how or where

No. 1571407

She's definitely severely overweight by BMI, and I would bet she's teetering on, if not already at obese. People just have no concept of what obese looks like anymore I stg…

No. 1571420

she lost weight during her hospital days (no real food, throwing up) followed by ireland trip and fathers house (structured dinners and meals, not greasy doordash 3x a day)

No. 1571433

File: 1656135056660.webm (14.93 MB, 1280x720, Vomit‽, a mention of her mom a…)

She vomited (?) on her desk and “playfully” tried to claim it was pink. Her chat, on the other hand, disagreed. She mentions texting with her mom while camming to remind us she’s a vile piece of shit, and lastly, here’s the “glitch” >>1571379 that took her out.

No. 1571457

File: 1656138132200.jpeg (607.67 KB, 1242x1062, 47D5FF4F-8E1B-4253-9BFB-784F96…)

This wig never fails to make me laugh. I can’t believe anyone buys these ugly videos

No. 1571459

Wait did she actually vomit on cam?

No. 1571460

She's still doughy and just really unfortunately proportioned, but I agree she's not a hamplanet like she was last year. Definitely fat and her legs have a ton of really gnarly cellulite, plus her mismatched tits are in a bad state at this point kek.
I agree throwing up a bunch and potentially smoking less has helped, but I also feel like she literally can't afford doordash 3+ times a day anymore. And since she can't cook anything, she just eats cheese and triskets. That's all Ive ever seen her post about eating since moving. Well, and comsuming alcohol. Im surprised she lost what she did though, being so sedentary and still not eating healthy, but hey, she dropped a good 5-10lbs.

No. 1571463

(ayrt) yeah this makes sense, her income is at its lowest. notice she doesn't seem to uber as much either, unless i'm missing that. i don't look at her twitter myself

No. 1571464

Sorry to be retarded, but the gifs are sped up, right?
She moves like a crackhead and awkardly in general, but some of these gifs are extra spastic.

No. 1571465

She only gets to go out to eat if Ellen or a scrote takes her. Must be why she's irl whoring more now kek. And same with going anywhere, she usually gets one of her "partners" to drive her.

No. 1571466

Jfc her actual voice versus the incredibly awful fake uwu voice in her vids is always so jarring.
Also gross she keeps showing the spit/vom spot…

No. 1571467

File: 1656138930108.jpeg (215.74 KB, 485x623, 7D990D21-84DF-4D0F-AAAC-D0D4F9…)

Yeah the puking has probably helped her lose a few pounds. She still has a life jacket pouch of a stomach and her legs are massive and have cellulite. I guess the doordash gift cards are dwindling

No. 1571469

File: 1656139026974.jpeg (842.49 KB, 1231x1084, D7E8D3D7-4E9C-4789-A65A-C0FE66…)

She still has an ugly figure

No. 1571470

No they aren’t sped up, she’s really that much of a spaz on cam

No. 1571516

too broke to order doordash

No. 1571533

she looks like a total crackhead

No. 1571535

I can't believe I forgot this mess of a video, with her lard belly rolling around in her tub on top of 1 bag of candy

No. 1571544

No idea, unfortunately this is when I came into the chat. If I had to guess, I’d say it was from one of her blowjobs.

No. 1571555

she look like one of them sloths from zootopia

No. 1571567

I remember her tweeting about being upset with the candy and instead of postponing the video and buying more, she just filmed it as is. So hard working and detail oriented, I understand why she’s sooo proud of her work.

No. 1571589

why does she look like a fat hispanic boy in this pic

No. 1571592

how the fuck are these supposed to play? I feel absolutely retarded. i’ve tried on multiple browsers, downloaded, etc. can someone get a streamable link?

No. 1571605

Looks like she'd been crying to be honest

No. 1571610

This shit is embarrassing she shouldn't drink before she gets on cam. I know she can't stand looking at herself live, but fuck I'd feel humiliated over half these gifs.

No. 1571637

On mobile you can just click the link it’ll ask you to download and then just open with VLC

No. 1571638

She kinda resembles momo here, it’s the ugly cosplay and and fat body kek

No. 1571644

hmm, she was talking about the computer failing. remember when she had some stupid bitch and her boyfriend in her discord build that piece of shit for her? bet, in a few days she’s gonna be blasting them for “sabotaging” her or “lying” to her about the quality when we all know she went for the cheapest most aesthetic looking parts. can’t wait for “I got scammed!!!” yet again from Shayna Clifford.

No. 1571647

it’s also her flat wide nose and odd skin coloration.

No. 1571661

The big 110

No. 1571753

she doesnt have as much money as she did in OK. she would doordash candy and fast food literally 3x times a week because everything is cheap in OK cause it's a hick town - nowhere, USA. she still drinks a lot but i feel like she was drinking like 2x more in OK as well too because she had extra cash.

No. 1571788

I still love that one cam show where she showed her phone screen and Fupa was texting her. I don’t remember what thread that was

No. 1571813

Oh come on, she’s nowhere near moo’s level of fat

No. 1571844

File: 1656181977761.jpeg (408.98 KB, 1170x1128, 271DFCA1-51F0-4983-BB56-0526BD…)

That sure is an accomplishment Shay

No. 1571877

File: 1656183953763.jpeg (885.68 KB, 1170x1442, 1FFB19AA-480E-45A6-B08C-8DBB30…)

With your ass and tits out. Always keep it classy Shay

No. 1571893

Most people spend their birthdays with family & friends or treat themselves to something fun, Shayna spent hers turning tricks out of her apartment. And she considers this brag-worthy. Let that sink in.

No. 1571896

The computer is probably overheating because she doesn't realise that she needs to clean the case filters. You could hear how loud that fans were in the stream and that's because the computer is doing what it can to get more airflow and cool itself.

No. 1571907

File: 1656186095467.jpeg (779.65 KB, 1080x2488, E77E64BC-3204-4569-80B8-07BE24…)

She better be having it doordashed, you cannot have your whole implant scar out at brunch

No. 1571908

kek I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks that.

No. 1571933

Blog but I need a shaynus support group. I can't eat mayochup without thinking about… the incident. Help me nonnies!

No. 1571945

The top is so small and shapeless it just looks like she's wearing a teatowel

No. 1571946

I feel you, I am the anon who found Mike Slack following his daughters sex work account and it literally keeps me up at night sometimes. Last night I couldn’t get her wedding photos I saw of Slack pulling her by the arm away from her husband and angrily spying on her and her husband kissing from behind a tree out of my head

No. 1571955

Do nonnies really think she's going to wear this out like this? She's going to roll the shirt down or throw on her favorite Jean Jacket. She rarely has her arm out, always wearing long sleeves with short skirt. Shayna has lost some weight (i hate when nonnies say this but it's true). I guess she's not doing that great with money and dropping smoking weed, probably made her chop down on her munching.
She'll gain it back though, since she drinks so much.

No. 1571991

Can we get the rich anon that donated during the /meta/ meltdown to give PTSD (Pretty Traumatized by Shayna's Dias-porna) anon here a massage & whichever of Shays vices she'd like (alcohol, weed, food, shopping)?

PTSD-anon, its ok to take a break. You shouldn't be this affected by the gross things going on in stranger's lives. Maybe your heart is too big to be a farmer.

Nothing says bimbo like a shirt that looks like the dirty rag in the kitchen.
You can see it's rolled up for the pics. But you're right, she's going to definitely wear that bulky bimbo jean jacket.

No. 1572037

She really does look like elmer fudd lmfao

No. 1572061

wtf is wrong with her arm? it looks so big, fat and long, her arm is the same size as her when she was skinny kek

No. 1572117

File: 1656201153877.png (143.39 KB, 416x397, D34CFECD-BBFD-42C6-9E0A-E19796…)

No. 1572132

File: 1656202671697.jpeg (256.69 KB, 718x1280, C6E5B3F8-59F7-4916-8D21-275E0B…)

Still using that yellow ass peanut butter
foundation. At least she pulled the top down over her tits and ass

No. 1572225

File: 1656209658473.jpeg (816.26 KB, 1242x1629, 39014881-77DF-407C-980D-2FEF26…)

Shayna, look out! Ellen is poaching Jason r Womack from you!!!!

No. 1572226

The ears are so off putting like how tf is stretched ears bimbo/girly/whatever the fuck?

No. 1572244

this was good bait, i'm impressed nobody replied saying "rattle rattle", "okay anachan" etc..

No. 1572274

Really? Ellen Degen is domming with Docs? Like not even some sort of thigh high boot or something? Shat & Degen truly belong together they are so unsexy & terrible at their “jobs”

No. 1572295

the girth of shaynus is smaller but she looks far from healthy. she looks sickly and without colour.

No. 1572305

The implant scar really is so obvious looking at it now and anons denied it for years and got pissed when the fake tit thing was brought up kek

But nonnie, everyone knows the staple of a "alt bad girl" is Docs! Her and Shaynus both seem to think Docs are the epitome of "dark" its embarrassing. Get some hooker boots or pleasers at least or damn even retarded ass goff demonias lol

No. 1572322

ayrt look, I love a good pair of Docs, but these morons think it’s “sexy dom” and it’s not. Especially on these fridge bitches, just makes them look butch af. Go get some Lamodas, they’re on sale, try harder

No. 1572334

>you cannot have your whole implant scar out at brunch
KEK my sides

No. 1572380

What an awkward way to photograph them. I know she’s a landwhale but as a Dom wouldnt it attract more coomers if she modeled them?

No. 1572398

File: 1656226071407.jpeg (468.76 KB, 828x899, A551C6ED-7DEE-4A53-A2FB-8917C4…)

I don’t think she could have picked a worse color if she tried. She has the complexion of a corpse and this look is really bringing it out

No. 1572399

File: 1656226109769.jpeg (918.06 KB, 1080x2880, 5C0C96A4-219C-410B-9F78-98CE90…)

No. 1572404

It's better than the ham color, at least it's muted, but if it was darker it would look much better. This isn't the worst we have seen Shaynus wear.

No. 1572407

If she went for this trashy bimbo look instead of cutesy diaper barbie bimbo look she could pull it off so much better. At least she'd own what she already has kek

No. 1572409

Keep telling yourself that your ugly pear shaped body looks good and doesn't attract poor scrotes who like rap music. There is also nothing wrong with being butch.

No. 1572425

i think she looks good (compared to how awful she looks in XS Amazon cosplay outfits) but the color makes her skin look even more off-putting than usual. can't she fix the goddamn lighting for her pictures?

No. 1572428

I daresay I don't dislike this, she looks better when she has a bit of confidence on her. It's a shame that being a "humiliated" diaper wearer isn't going to fuel long term confidence though

No. 1572431

I look butch af too because i’m a big old dyke, but that’s obviously not what Ellen Degenerate is going for, she’s just terrible at being a dom & isn’t at all a looker, chill out nona, touch grass

No. 1572438

Ot looks like she shooped her face on someone elses body wtf

No. 1572439

File: 1656229704461.jpeg (95.25 KB, 676x1059, 2DD77013-4047-455A-918A-2573A9…)

She literally wore this last year on her birthday date/"Make fupaul jealous" sugar date she went on. Here's the thing Shayna would be more disgusting if she spent large amounts on ill fitting clothes. At the same time, the refusal for her to buy new clothes for herself for "Special" occasions, while claiming to be a "Barbie Bimbo who cares about the details with a expensive taste" is telling.
If her fake sugar daddy didn't buy her that dress (Who knows if he really did), shayna would've probably wore this or something old to her brothers graduation. I never understand why she can't just buy cheap shit to wear because she's wearing cheap shit anyway. Like damn, for your own birthday you can get a ugly dress to pose in ONCE but can't by a dress to go birthday Dinner? Or cute clothes to go on vacay?

No. 1572441

There is no way this dude isn’t going to try to fuck her. I feel like he’s trying to get her comfortable to he can push for it… Here’s hoping if it happens, it’s consensual. Ugh. She is so careless about her safety. IMAGINE inviting some random scrote to your HOME to indulge their fetish. For fuck’s sake at least get a hotel or something. I honestly see a hooker saga coming, and there is no way that ends well. She is going broke and has two braincells to rub together on a good day. Shat is a fucking idiot and incredibly gross but I still don’t want her to get murdered.

No. 1572443

She’s got it coming, best we say our goodbyes now, because i honestly don’t see a happy ending for where she headed.

No. 1572446

I hate to say it but…whatever happens to her happens to her. I don't wish anything but she's the one doing this dumb shit and she could be just like her step sister siblings. She chooses to live like she has nobody but Hill Billy parents who never cared for her and she has to do gross shit with weirdos for cash. She doesn't and knows that. So one day if she ends up with a weird scrote or something happens. Welp. It is what it is.

No. 1572462

Mike Slack of Missouri?

No. 1572466

For all we know she is fucking these gross old moids. She’s clearly strapped for cash and her subscriber numbers have been consistently going down for a while. I feel like she’d start prostituting herself before she concedes defeat as a baby bimbo pornstar ~model~ and takes her parents up on their offers. I mean it’s not like she’d actually advertise the fact that she’s fucking scrotes for money

No. 1572470

It’s not the worst but it’s still horrendous. Her inability to dress/style herself never fails to perplex me, which makes the bimbo LARP even more ridiculous. She has understanding of the retarded, fugly aesthetic and associated lifestyle whatsoever

No. 1572518

She's a full blown prostitute and looks exactly like it. She thinks when she goes out people look at her and see a hot bimbo, but really all they are wondering is why that particular establishment allowed a hooker inside.

No. 1572590


I said this in the last thread and people insisted she's too sex repulsed. Doesn't matter, plenty of FSSW that are sex repulsed. She's not making enough money from onlyfans and e-begging alone to survive in a state with a fairly high CoL. If she's not already fucking for money, she will be soon. And she definitely won't tell Twitter about it, it would break her illusion of being independent only from selling her vids and pictures on onlyfans. Theirs a sex worker hierarchy, and prostitute is at the bottom, so most of the camwhores/ strippers don't mention they're selling pussy unless you're paying for it anyway.

No. 1572603

what is her thing with wearing nude dresses with silver accessories. for being a self proclaimed bimbo with an “eye for detail” she really can’t even put together basic color combos

No. 1572604

Im sure these pics are edited to hell, but they look better than last birthday when she wore the exact same thing (which btw is embarrassing and shows how lazy, broke, and uncreative she is). I just personally hate the silver heels and mail envelope clutch with it they look cheap and the color and sparkles are too much.

No. 1572613

I’ve said it before too, and had the same response. I don’t know why people keep insisting that being a prostitute and being sex repulsed are mutually exclusive. I’ve been convinced that she’s actually getting banged by disgusting scrotes for quite a while now, but there’s no way she’ll ever divulge that information of her own volition; as you said, there’s a whore hierarchy and she has to maintain the delusion she’s a super independent girlboss baby bimbo uwu.
She has the absolute worst taste I’ve ever seen, no hyperbole. I mean I fucking hate anything pink and anything sparkly full stop but she takes it to a whole new level of hideous.

No. 1572645

this color is meant for black women or women with deeper skin tones. not a pasty white woman with grey tones.

No. 1572646

this is not what pear shaped looks like. shayna is an upside down pear, if anything.

No. 1572661

>this is not what pear shaped looks like. shayna is an upside down pear, if anything.
Her accessories look like she went shopping at Payless

No. 1572671

Everything about this is unappealing. Her massive eye bags and greasy unwashed hair, the gray tones, her corpse-like complexion, the way she’s posing like she’s expensive but everything around her is so cheap and tacky. The fact that it’s her same birthday outfit from last year. So depressing

No. 1572679

She’s more apple or upside down triangle, they only look good when skinny.

No. 1572680

apple and upside down triangle are the same thing, nonny

No. 1572682

it looks like a 40-something mom posing in her 5 year old daughters bedroom to try and seem youthful.

No. 1572684

Keep telling yourself that men have standards. They fuck deathfats, dogs and rape old people and babies. They don’t give a fuck if those are pear shaped or hourglass or have a healthy BMI men will literally nut to anything and the whole rap scrotes thing you typed out is ridiculous you know damn well that that’s the current trend that’s why people have to get disgusting surgeries where they suck stomach fat out and inject it in the ass. These people have to shit standing up and bleed out of their ass and might even die just to be called ~thicc~

No. 1572687

If she is doing FSSW where is the money she's earning from doing it? Are her earnings from OF so low that she has to use the money for rent and essentials?

No. 1572688

damn we have a seriously offended bitch in here

No. 1572714


she's a fat alcoholic who probably still smokes like a broke chimney. She's also got a fast fashion addiction and three pets. Easy to see how she's always broke.

No. 1572756

>taking a nitpick personally
Imagine being this mad at the internet, on a gossip website of all places. Go back to Twitter.

No. 1572758

File: 1656261787011.png (874.4 KB, 680x679, stepping.png)

why does she insist on cosplaying as the stepping into the new year meme

No. 1572770

Kek anon this is spot on.
She tries to emulate the IG "model"/baddie look without realizing that she doesn't have the body type for most of the clothing items involved. She doesn't bother with trying to improve her appearance/herself because that would require effort and self-reflection, which she has clearly shown herself to be incapable of doing.

No. 1572771

File: 1656262111180.jpeg (1010.94 KB, 1242x1714, 2E190156-D6C9-4C18-B90B-81DA51…)

Happy girthday Big Shaynus you’re a horrible person but thanks for the milk

No. 1572772

File: 1656262262753.jpeg (158.95 KB, 567x1063, 81595195-48FC-4392-9B74-FAA74F…)

Shayna doesn’t even know how to “beat” her face properly

No. 1572775

File: 1656262558639.jpeg (770.12 KB, 1242x1411, A5C1BD34-B3F2-4BB7-989E-2B4C63…)

What a lonely scrote

No. 1572861

How many cats do you live with?

No. 1572867

hows her gut still hanging?

so this is his gift? kek

No. 1572912

NTA but why are you replying like an angry scrote, "slim thicc" is literally the ideal today and men will fuck anything I don't see the problem kek.

No. 1572923

kekkk that random comment REALLY got under your skin huh? go to therapy

No. 1572934

Oh my God, (c)rap chan is a shaytard? Iconic

No. 1572959

KEK is this the result of getting one bolt on?

I had no idea that implants were that damn stiff.

No. 1572970

how is she not completely embarrassed by only 1 boob bouncing around

No. 1572991

5he fact she didn't even like this. Kek.

No. 1572992

She does seem to be self conscious about it, she awkwardly holds her tits to her chest to keep it from happening when she notices on cam sometimes

No. 1572998

File: 1656278080446.png (403.57 KB, 704x467, lmfao.png)

These images are -so- edited and warped I'm dying laughing. Like what the fuck did she do to her foot, it's so fucking long.

No. 1573007

I hope all of you know this a celebricow thread icon in our midst. big fan (c)rapchan

No. 1573015

nona this is perfect next thread pic pls

No. 1573024

cope harder fatty

No. 1573046

This picture makes it even more shocking that she's the worst off financially than she's ever been. She was clearly fatter and even more bad-bodied back in Oklahoma but because she now only does diaper pedo shit, she's making like nothing. She really can't accept that she's not young looking for small enough to make it big in pedo pandering porn.
Well even if she prostituted herself you know she'd definitely be undercharging like hell. She doesn't have a business-minded bone in her body which is why she sucks at her job even if a degree of e-whoring does come down to luck. Knowing how "The Dad" pays her, we'll just be hearing about more Applebees dinners and uggs, etc.
If she's gonna get paid in dinner 1) that's bleak 2) at least upgrade from Applebees to Macaroni Grill or Longhorns or something that isn't microwaved food. We had an Applebees Hate Thread in /ot/ for a reason.

No. 1573053

>>1572680 No apple have a wide middle but not particularly wide shoulder which an upside down triangle would. Triangle would just have narrower hips than their shoulders, apple should have about the same shoulder - hips.

No. 1573064

File: 1656284046600.jpg (239.36 KB, 1000x667, pig-trotter.jpg)

It makes her feet look more porcine than usual.

No. 1573121

Why doesn’t she go on Pinterest or Instagram and see if she can update her style to something from the last 2/3 years not 6-7 years ago. Her style is so dated. Those shoes are ugly and look cheap, even cheap Steve Madden designer knockoffs would look better

No. 1573131

File: 1656290055893.jpeg (205.32 KB, 716x1280, D2799C85-A177-46EC-B00A-25D6A1…)

No. 1573132

File: 1656290078996.jpeg (206.36 KB, 702x1280, DD209A49-7DCB-4D88-9D83-68390B…)

No. 1573141

These outfits are hideous kek

No. 1573145

Sorry but I really like these shoes if they were styled with a proper outfit, does anynonny know where they're from?

No. 1573146

Dollskill she had them last year I doubt they sell them Anymore

No. 1573152

You can find some similar all over look up platform jelly sandals/shoes maybe throw a heart in there

No. 1573154

i'm very likely thinner than you.(infighting)

No. 1573156

are shat's shoulders really that wide? when she was thin she was just a rectangle, her weight gain just clings to her upper body.. but also most peoples shoulders are slightly wider than their hips, i think too often women are labelled as "inverted triangle" just because their ass/hips aren't noticeably super wide in proportion

No. 1573163

Why does the top look like the bikini triangles are flipped over as if shes wearing it wrong lol

No. 1573164

Is she going to a kink club? I cant think of anywhere else this outfit would be even mildly ok for.
And I assume the outfit before is to go swimming?

No. 1573173

File: 1656293853823.jpeg (91.99 KB, 971x488, E8B646E9-E82A-4A30-9D72-FE5EFC…)

At least she got a different plastic dress that doesn’t show her rolls. the other one did not fit

No. 1573176

File: 1656294540384.jpeg (248.19 KB, 740x1280, 37250EB8-3C51-4D0E-B3EE-04F1C5…)

No, it was to go get chicken and waffles kek

No. 1573177

also remember when she was thin she was still young. we’re finally seeing her actual adult body. it’s the epitome of peaking in high school.

No. 1573178

I see miss conehead is back

No. 1573186


i’ve actually seen that hack on tiktok, but she’s doing it so so wrong. it’s to make your boobs perkier and give you more support but it’s not supposed to look like that. it looks cute enough when it’s actually done right imo

No. 1573190

No. 1573192

BRUH your shoulders should absolutely be nowhere near your hip width… what's with all the fatty fridgechan cope itt lately

No. 1573194

please calm down, not everyone is as deluded or as braindead as you. go back to twitter

No. 1573196

so are you bitching about fat people or thin people with a certain bone structure? retarded

No. 1573198

I thought it sounded familiar. Good thing shay isn’t black

No. 1573203

No. 1573211

File: 1656297528478.jpg (89.02 KB, 275x275, 1585157452655.jpg)


No. 1573214

if your body fat is high enough that your hips are wider than your shoulders youre fat

No. 1573216

i'm glad you're happy with your diaper shaped bbl butt, anon.

No. 1573240

I vote for next thread pic

No. 1573242

the fact that you didn’t even have to edit it and she looks exactly like them is hilarious.

No. 1573256

nona no offense but you must be shaped like a man

No. 1573261

For the love of goddess can we please cool it with the weight sperging? I know we’re all bored while Big Shaynus and her implant scar are off doing degenerate shit for her birthday but this is getting ridiculous I don’t think the bone rattler is (c)rapchan because she’s a retarded pick me coquette and the person sperging here said there’s nothing wrong with looking butch (and rightfully so) but they’re clearly an attention seeking autist

No. 1573278

This is from years ago it’s old shouldn’t be thread pic

No. 1573294

It’s a trend people have been doing,

No. 1573302

Nta but
>women not shaped a certain way means look like a man
Brainrot and tranny rhetoric

No. 1573307

File: 1656307400204.jpeg (510.77 KB, 1536x2048, C78C4945-CD13-4D84-A915-C7B2C2…)

No. 1573309

File: 1656307468690.jpeg (536.77 KB, 1536x2048, E1406D4F-48BE-4C22-95F3-20AE50…)

No. 1573343

Looks like a transgender ape(sage your shit)

No. 1573344

File: 1656310789701.jpeg (447.04 KB, 1242x1683, 24D3313E-F7EB-46A9-A7AC-CB4EFE…)

Ariana grande and Ariana Trenta

No. 1573345

Tell me you have Shayna man hips & linebacker shoulders w/o telling me lmao. Looks like I hit a nerve with fridgechan

No. 1573348

no one cares, stop shitting up the thread

No. 1573351

Fridgechan cares, clearly. If Shayna is doing something more interesting then by all means post it.

No. 1573365

One poster was literally just saying women are not born requiring “shoulders nowhere near the width of their hips”, as in a ridiculous BBL like scrote brain body shape, you insecure Twitter whore. Yawn

No. 1573370

You do realize that some women do actually have that body shape naturally, right? Nobody is shaming you specifically for not being an hourglass or a pear. Take a break(derailing)

No. 1573372

Brainlet: hourglass literally is shoulders equal to hips lol. Fuck you are both stupid and obnoxious. Also you just keep blindly spewing moid rhetoric and assuming random anonymous peoples body types like an unstable cunt which is cringy

Go back.

No. 1573373

Seriously. You’d think farmers would know better than to take the bait/infight/derail by now, but alas
Whatever the fuck this facial expression is makes her look genuinely handicapped, and that fat girl leg pose to make herself look slimmer, it’s all so unfortunate

No. 1573378

Found fridgechan lmao

No. 1573380

Mocking other women for the body type/bone structure they’re born with is peak scrote mentality and is weird since so many lolcow users are feminists. Newfags need to just be insta banned jfc. So long as you practice hygiene and are a healthy weight you’re beautiful, now please shut the fuck up with the weight sperging

No. 1573382

They’re so obvious. Trannies even. Hell week now!!!!

No. 1573391

>Mocking other women for the body type/bone structure they’re born with is peak scrote mentality and is weird since so many lolcow users are feminists.
Are you new, or…?

No. 1573397

LCF, a famously non-superficial website

No. 1573400

I remember growing up in the 90s and early 00s and having a big ass or a more pear shaped body was considered fat and ugly.

Pam Anderson was considered peak attractiveness at least for white women and she definitely didn't have the body type that was fashionable today. She was a 'fridge' or an inverted triangle as anons like to put it.

There was even the phrase "does my bum look big in this"

Beauty standards change across time. Having a big ass wasn't a positive thing 30 years ago. It's only gotten more popular universally with the rise of hip hop culture.

I don't know why what are presumably other women are so obsessed Shayna's body shape in such a creepy scrote like fashion.

Maybe they grew up in the early 00s or 90s and still hate their big ass.

No. 1573401

Most of this thread seems to be made up of either alcoholics, autistics, anachans and size 14 camwhores with muh hourglass figure who collect pics of Marilyn Monroe. No one here is a real life feminist.

No. 1573402

This shade of pink actually suits her way better. The dress itself is vile but if she wore a nice, flattering dress or blouse in this shade she would actually look OK.

No. 1573404

Personally I think moo hangs out here. Huge tinfoil but it would make perfect sense.

No. 1573405

sorry you were built like a fridge anon. we are not laughing at you, we are laughing at Shayna so calm down, stop being a mirror.(infighting)

No. 1573406

This is all Mistress Gore it's obvious.

No. 1573407

Are you one of those fat whores that collects Marilyn Monroe merchandise?

Because "I'm just like her"?

No. 1573410

At least we know that nonny is a real woman since real women have curves.

No. 1573416

Real men want curves because bones are for dogs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1573466

Shayna is ugly and we're here to make fun of her for being an ugly loser. Her flabby ruler body is part of what makes her ugly, so we're going to make fun of it. If you're also a flabby fridge shape, just remember you most likely aren't trying to make your money by posting pictures of your flabby fridge shaped body in adult diapers.

No. 1573493

exactly, i wanna see some women who haven't had surgery that have way wider hips than shoulders. it would look absolutely comical

No. 1573515

This posing makes her look short and stumpy with a big head, surely she could have seen that while taking 30 minutes to edit it and retaken the photo…

No. 1573544

she edited her face an nose drastically in this one, oof

No. 1573547

What tf is up with this thread? Fuck off back to Twitter and cry about beauty standards. If we want to pick apart the looks of a disgusting cow who enjoys catering to the fantasies of pedos then we will. We’re not talking about normal womens bodies, we’re all normal women ourselves. We’re talking in particular about a scumbag who 1. Validates child rape and 2. Has a very normal woman body (ballsack vag and boss eyed tit aside) but thinks she’s so sexy that men should pay to look at it. We will tear her apart because her self confidence is gross considering who she is. If you look like her but don’t pedo pander or expect paid for it then sit down, we’re not talking about you and I’m sure you look amazing in ham pink and 2005 Uggs.

No. 1573549

I think it’s funny that Shay still hasn’t liked or acknowledged this

No. 1573640

File: 1656345960352.jpg (57.71 KB, 640x640, 35ccd4064608502d0848dd6bc53b97…)

Here's one for you nona(derailing)

No. 1573645

Literally no one cares. Quit shitting up the thread

No. 1573657

File: 1656347380544.png (475.72 KB, 640x640, fat_shat.png)


No. 1573663

File: 1656347943516.jpeg (91.92 KB, 750x536, 01F94394-E887-429C-829D-9D3DE4…)

No. 1573664

>>1573657 TOP kek

No. 1573665

The fucking pallor you gave her is absolutely perfect, best detail.

No. 1573667

People are tagging @fatspostingLs in the comments too Lmfao

No. 1573672

they post this every few months it seems. the most far-reaching impact she has ever had and her name isn't even on it… damn

No. 1573674

Didn’t they post this a while ago

No. 1573675

Reading this after the Ireland trip makes me wonder if she was talking about her step sister.

No. 1573676

I was about to report till I saw it was big shat. kek, she could look greyer nonnie.

No. 1573683

File: 1656349418993.jpeg (364.87 KB, 2110x1142, 2F99BFAD-AF72-40FB-8321-26F323…)

Kek the only reason she looks half decent is because she facetuned everything.

No. 1573685

Kek the most embarrassing Shaynus tweet of all time it should be a banner. Seethe more ugly. Not even coomers want to see your asshole, they would rather see a half dressed pretty woman than see your entire blob you call a body

No. 1573686

File: 1656349685286.jpeg (414.32 KB, 1242x1210, B268BE80-A833-485B-8C81-609DA4…)

The comments are dragging her and saying she’s fat. Shayna really is Big Shaynus >>1573667

No. 1573689

I hope she sees this post and dies inside.

No. 1573699

i was looking at them too lol a lot of them calling her fat and her username is not even showing wtf

No. 1573705

Well she did say they smile and be skinny, meaning she considers herself not skinny or pretty- which is the truth

No. 1573718

Good. If only people knew this girl has a family that was begging her to accept a paid education.
In the onlyfans thread, there was a girl who went viral because her lack of ass, i was thinking, "Man that could've been shayna", but I guess this is the only time she'll ever constantly be talked about outside of her gross circles and "She's wacist and wuvs hilter"

No. 1573725

Fridge bods really can't distinguish between hips & hipbones eh

No. 1573726

Anons in this same thread call shayna a tranny (a man) because of her body type and weight. I can't wait for summer to end.

No. 1573729

I wonder if they are calling her fat because she's whining about skinny women (So they assume she's fat/bigger) or because they actually found her page? Fuck scrotes and Shayna tbh.

No. 1573730

Shayna is fat and ugly. Her fridge body and awful clothing choices makes her look troonish. No one thinks she’s an actual man, she just acts like a scrote. Stop white knighting for this piece of shit and enough body sperging no one gives a fuck what your body type is

No. 1573732

And she never, ever will, but would it really be so hard to swap the broomstick lashes for some basic brown mascara? To use just a basic drugstore bb cream instead of coating her face in a thick layer of yellow crap? Maybe just a dab of lip balm? Most women look best in simple, natural makeup anyways, and by doing her makeup so badly, she just makes it clear that she isn’t a bimbo and doesn’t know the first thing about makeup.

No. 1573736

This thread is shit and shows you how retarded and unlikable the lol ow userbase is!

No. 1573741

I feel like anons ITT are always bringing up how Shay could do things like watch YouTube videos or go on Pinterest to find ideas to improve her style…she doesn’t even need to do that. Her look is so low effort, is such a mess that she could make huge improvements with WAY less effort than that. She doesn’t need a stylish Pinterest outfit, she needs a pair of jeans/basic shorts that fit her properly and a few basic tank tops/tees. If you just put her in a pair of beige chino shorts and a basic black tank top that covered all of her parts appropriately (no nips, no fried egg titty hanging out akimbo, no camel toe, no hiking the shirt out to release the gunt-kraken) it would be a vast, vast improvement. She doesn’t need stylish clothes, she needs CLEAN clothes. And YouTube makeup tutorials? Please, Shay could literally never. You think this bitch is gonna learn to cut a crease? She hasn’t even figured out how bad her foundation looks—how many years has she bee slathering her face in that peanut butter shit? Remember the sharpie brows? You don’t need a makeup tutorial to figure out how to use a fucking brow gel.

No. 1573743

> this thread is shit
> calling others in the thread retarded and unlikeable
> is ITT, despite saying that the thread is shit


No. 1573760

All I actually got from that post was
>lol ow

No. 1573763

Nice blog retard

No. 1573783

File: 1656355288065.jpeg (203.53 KB, 722x1280, 28019B66-5E8A-43A5-B9C8-1CA359…)

Nope not a kink club, a fondue restaurant

No. 1573787

Ew kek soy boy smile really shows off her big nose

No. 1573796

She dressed like a low-budget sex fiend to the melting pot. kek

No. 1573814

I'd probably kms if I had to whore myself out for melting pot, and on her birthday? Jesus. Not that I'm against it as a normal date location, but as a 'sugar baby' date on your BIRTHDAY? Even if I'm ordering endless drinks and extras, it barely reaches $100 per person. She's in Seattle, there's really no fine dining places this man could have taken her to? What's next? Cheesecake Factory as payment for an overnight?

No. 1573821

That’s a retard. Like seriously. She is not 100% kek

No. 1573825

I can just hear her retarded laugh in this picture. She’s the definition of obnoxious white trash

No. 1573827

Man I wish there was a reflection in that bowl thing lol.

No. 1573849

99% chance it’s Ellen I think

No. 1573862

Her nose is huge here

No. 1573920

Is it me or does it seem like the pedopandering has kind of simmered down since she got back? Or maybe it hasn't been posted as much. The thread has been so shitty, I barely remember much but talk about Pears, Apples and fridges.

No. 1573925

Her “work” in general has simmered down. She just hasn’t been doing shit, she’s still “recovering” from her vacation in her mind I assume. Or she feels the money she’s making from whoring herself irl is alright enough that she doesn’t have to “work” at the moment

No. 1573949

She’s on a high from the attention she’s getting from nasty irl scrote interaction. She has no need to work if she’s having her bare minimum needs met. Shayna is a lazy bum. She doesn’t run a business her income is just pan handling in exchange for her crusty nudes

No. 1573953

She still hasn’t even retweeted or replied. Shayna barely got less than ten happy birthday tweets so it’s not like she doesn’t see it kek. Grayhairincestlover needs to drop her along with Wocrack for Shayna to actually put effort in her content

No. 1573971

>less than ten happy birthday tweets
Fuck that's sad.
Even people who haven't logged onto facebook in 5+ years & who have only 200 friends will still get at least a dozen HBD messages every year.
I know that birthday posts are pretty meaningless & performative, but the contrast is still really sad. This is supposed to be her public account too.

No. 1573985

Coomers don’t care unless they have crushes on the women they subscribe to. Shayna doesn’t have an army of scrotes which is sad considering she’s been doing this for 4+ years. You think by now she’s have more than two fans

No. 1573994

i reported but i want to say that i unironically think this anon is a tranny because it is true that men's shoulders are manly when a troon tries to pretend to be a woman and i think that's why this anon is such an extremist. we all know how trannies on 4chan exhibit extreme black-and-white thinking and repeat their weird trancel ideologies. that's what this anon sounds like to me. trannies dont realize that male bodies are nowhere near the same as a woman with an inverted triangle body and that's just a fact.

No. 1574000

It's probably the same anon from last thread who wrote an essay about how rectangle w no curves is actually the most desirable body shape & men secretly want twinky-looking women kek

No. 1574023

File: 1656368772505.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x2475, 7AF5C183-145C-4865-A4A2-F57575…)

Sage for autist but it looks like boobs…?

No. 1574032

Kek anon what are you on

No. 1574038

I can’t believe I’m agreeing with them but I see the boobs too.

No. 1574041

File: 1656369965688.png (269.77 KB, 545x508, tempsnip.png)

Could be a bald man or a woman with long hair. It's a 50/50 chance it's ellen or a crunchy old scrote

No. 1574047


I ignored this post, smoked a bowl and came back and now I see tiddies too. im scared

No. 1574051

Imo it looks like Ellen in a bikini top. Could explain why Shayna is also half naked, maybe they're near a beach or something.

No. 1574055

The Melting pot is in Bellevue and it’s not by the beach, you people are seeing shit

No. 1574056

Damn I made this and I read nonnies say, "I see boobs" and I could'nt see it, now i do. Kinda looks like she's wearing a black dress,like you can see her long clevage. Maybe she's wearing a deep cut dress.

No. 1574057

I hate that I see it too. damn this Shayna thread really got me losing brain cells

No. 1574058

and seems like a big woman so it could fit Ellens body.

No. 1574059

File: 1656371113497.png (276.26 KB, 545x508, Okay.png)

Okay so hear me out.

No. 1574061

I'm glad I'm not the only one who tried to look at the reflection and then thought it was Ellen.

No. 1574062

Pretty sure it’s just a smudge on my phone, I took it on an old iPhone so the quality is shit. Maybe if someone with enough autism knows how to take a screenshot on Snapchat they can check if it’s still there

No. 1574064

File: 1656371451073.png (241.61 KB, 844x486, reflection.png)

I made a few adjustments in Photoshop
The person has a light behind them and this makes it difficult to see any details
The person is using an iPhone

No. 1574066


No. 1574068

Kek why does her going to dinner with either of her “partners” the fat 33 year old nanny or the bald John warrant this much autism. She said she was going to spend her birthday with her “partners” so obviously it’s one of them

No. 1574071

we're bored
This is exactly what I've been seeing lmao

No. 1574072

File: 1656372013281.png (101.07 KB, 1063x714, artifacts.png)

Doesn't really do anything. The image is too low quality.

It's preferable to another fucking body shape sperg

No. 1574073

Guys, I think I see purple gloves, a beard, and a nametag lanyard.

No. 1574075

File: 1656372142963.jpeg (591.78 KB, 750x1288, 6855E40A-B99A-45D6-9ED4-7EAC05…)

too add to the autism heres what i’m seeing. woman in black bra type top slightly turning to side.

No. 1574077

> She doesn’t run a business her income is just pan handling in exchange for her crusty nudes
lmfao nail on the fucking head. panhandler is the best way ive heard her “thriving career” described.

No. 1574078

Please make the boobies bigger anon. I’m begging you.

No. 1574081

Yes! A woman in a deep cut black tank top/dress, with long breasts! I'd even say she seems apple shaped from what I can see so far.

No. 1574082

i know its mostly just her being a lazy bones but its interesting how much time she needs mentally to re-adjust in her home/work. its almost as if she doesnt actually like what she does and hates her reality…

No. 1574084

I see it too. That’s definitely Fupa. She never actually left Oklahoma, she had us all fucking fooled.

No. 1574091

File: 1656373308878.jpeg (367.35 KB, 1284x2475, FDADE48A-F6C9-46B5-B3D9-83FFAD…)

I see something in the reflection too

No. 1574093

this thread is so autistic I love it

No. 1574096

>still coping this hard by accusing every lolcow user of being a fridgebody like shayna
Brain damage x1000

No. 1574102

stfu fridgechan

No. 1574103

kek not this

No. 1574107

You’re genuinely either obese or just an ugly twitter whore who thinks she’s a ~sexy hourglass/pear~ but is just even fatter than shay kek. Do you want me to brag and go uwu ACTUALLY I’m a natural hourglass? Because if I did you’d just say I’m lying anyways.

No. 1574109

lol calm down fridgechan

No. 1574112

Let’s see your figure fatty
I’m predicting “smol uwu shoulders” only because your gut is so big and hips that are shayna tier. Big cope going on here

No. 1574114

Hey fridgechan? Calm down. You're embarrassing yourself again.(infighting)

No. 1574116

I can smell the botched Twitter whore from here ew
I know you wish you were an hourglass and not just fat with filler and cellulite, but your cope and repetition are cringe

No. 1574117

i’m the op about the boobs reflection, but thank-you so much for entertaining my autistic brain you nonnas are why I stay itt because shat is honestly so boring lately ty ilysm i appreciate y’all

No. 1574118

My sides kek

No. 1574119

LMAO whatever helps you cope with being a big ole barrel bodied escalade babe. Ahem, sorry, I meant hourglass.

No. 1574122

I know the truth hurts, Twitter whore. Keep being obsessed and insecure “babe” kek so cringy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1574123

genuinely laughed out loud, good job nonnie

No. 1574124

Tinfoil but does anyone else think that ewhores fighting over body shapes is really Fat Shat and Pedo Ellen trying to derail the thread?

No. 1574125

File: 1656375351059.jpeg (147.87 KB, 712x1280, 5E8B180A-5F12-42F6-A421-B1FDBA…)

Shayna comeback, these spergs can’t handle a day without you posting something for them to nitpick before they start to attack one another

No. 1574127

Whatever makes you feel better about your fridge bod, fridgechan. Did you tucker yourself out already babe? Come on babe, sperg some more about how you're totally an hourglass babe.

No. 1574129

ily anon

No. 1574131

i think all the bickering is retarded but the blatant twitter whore who sobbed yesterday about how women cannot have shoulders even "near the width of their hips" is probably the one who doesn't know how to integrate or type correctly and who keeps infighting using "fridgechan" "fridgebody" etc.

No. 1574132

Nah we have enough autistic regulars, not everything is ewhores infiltrating. It seems like it's just the same poster who's spamming & refusing to be without the last word because she got triggered af hearing that most women have larger hips than shoulders. Truth hurts.

No. 1574133

obvious samefag is obvious

No. 1574134

I know being a cheap whore like shay and having her cellulite is tough but pls try to love yourself a little more, saggy pearchan with poor vocabulary

No. 1574135

ohhhh my god, mods please ban the triggered fatty & the posters poking her already(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1574137

Keep embarrassing yourself fridgechan babe. I don't think you've sperged nearly long enough yet babe.

No. 1574140

Genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a chubby fridge, it’s seeming like camwhore projection. I’m very sorry you aren’t the hourglass you wish you were

No. 1574143

Aww is fridgechan lonely? You seem really desperate to prove that the barrel body bitches club has more members than just yourself. Babe.

No. 1574145

Lol let’s see that big BBL diaper butt and those thicc child bearing hips you’re so proud of, miss piggy
In reality I think you’re just another used up Twitter whore who thinks her thunder thighs are top tier and that they tooootally offset her shayna style linebacker shoulders

No. 1574146

Jfc can we go back to the reflection spreging? This fridgechan bullshit is getting fucking old

No. 1574147

uwu I wish I could be ~ACTUALLY a natural hourglass~ like fridgechan says she is

No. 1574148

Calm down fridgechan babe. You're projecting again.

No. 1574149

File: 1656376449046.jpeg (106.84 KB, 934x1093, 0FCD32AF-C3CC-4D62-AD32-22D231…)

No. 1574151

Yes, you’ve made that blatantly clear how insecure you are! Okay I’ll let you win, we’re all fridgebodies and your saggy body is a perfect voluptuous pear with dainty loli shoulders. Is that settled, Twitter whore coper?

No. 1574152

This is what happens when you get 2 e-whores in the Shayna thread with the exact same personality who can't just stfu & let a post die. You're BOTH embarrassing yourselves and no one wants to read this cringey shit.

No. 1574153

Lol calm down fridgechan(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1574155

Nooooo you’ve said this to 3 different posters in the last 24 hours, I wanted something original

No. 1574157

File: 1656377007568.gif (2.6 MB, 500x500, 493B940C-B487-4384-B014-FCA597…)

To the wet brains shitting up the thread…

No. 1574161

Yeah I wish obese ass wasn’t obsessed with policing billions of womens shoulder widths as if an hourglass is now fridge shaped because uwu you need dainty loli shoulders and a fat hentai ass to be a hot woman!! The Twitter slut brain rot is unreal

No. 1574164

File: 1656377682208.jpeg (66.25 KB, 736x1264, 7D2765C8-55A1-4FA6-BF61-24A4FD…)

Fridgechan needs to calm down
This is peak femininity and fridge knows it. Relax, babe(derailing)

No. 1574171

Fridgechan, babe. Calm down.(retardation)

No. 1574180

File: 1656378824054.png (245.48 KB, 711x381, Capture.PNG)

can both sides shut up?

No. 1574184

they should kith

No. 1574190

File: 1656379339644.jpeg (641.75 KB, 2362x3458, 1610595772229.jpeg)

Lol nice try pearchan. Peak female form has been in front of us this entire thread.(infighting)

No. 1574193

My sides

No. 1574202

Such an underrated post that got lost in the body type/who's fatter sperging, smh

No. 1574205

Low key shipping fridgechan and pearchan right now. enemies to lovers arc

No. 1574206

imagine what a perfectly balanced stacy their daughter would be

No. 1574231

File: 1656382051568.jpeg (Spoiler Image,739.11 KB, 1170x1453, 581590A1-9596-4A54-B4FF-E5BEFC…)

I…no words

No. 1574241


Why… why does the drawing's anatomy look like that? It looks so off and bizarre. Shayna really is attracted to whatever demented creations that spring from a moid's mind.

No. 1574245

Thank you for the laugh nonnie

No. 1574249


Does anyone have the video of her when she was skinny where they shrunk her down and held her over a pot of boiling water?

No. 1574252

File: 1656384104971.jpeg (Spoiler Image,408.7 KB, 549x1092, E6271715-8F47-4A7B-8230-C91075…)

No. 1574253

KEK I choked on my own snort

No. 1574254

I love that it’s the work photo when he’s at peak füp

No. 1574270

File: 1656385774544.jpeg (113.3 KB, 828x438, 9955CD24-1CD9-41DA-B9E5-154C09…)

Look who’s drunk again

No. 1574285

Magical ER upchuck visit when.

No. 1574295

File: 1656388003450.jpeg (194.2 KB, 828x915, 04FBA793-9E9C-465B-9BDF-D20339…)

It’s an implant scar out summer I guess

No. 1574299

I know it’s been said before but my god those nails are horrendous. She’s so fucking rancid

No. 1574321

The image of her lopsided titty dropping onto the bar counter, her flabby ass stuck to the pleather seat leaving her snail trail about because she refuses to wear underwear while she’s ordering drinks and doing her goofy man laugh is killing me.

No. 1574322

File: 1656391169219.jpeg (137.06 KB, 1242x336, 01120897-6C0C-427A-AA28-FA85A8…)

She’s so “kinky and quirky” but can’t do any content besides laying on back and lawnmower vibrator while counting down to an obvious fake orgasm

No. 1574333

NTA I’ve thought about it really hard and I don’t understand why anon thought that shoulders couldn’t be the same size as hips. Do they think shoulders are always more narrow? Or wider? Neither makes sense if you see humans on a regular basis. What did they mean? /sperg(stop)

No. 1574334

Ah, the old rusty trombone

No. 1574335

bruh let it die

No. 1574339

No. 1574349

God I'd hate to be somewhere and see someone dressed like her. The secondhand embarrassment and just what the fuck of it all. It looks like a too small sports bra or something. Im okay with girls dressing slutty and showing some tits & ass but there's a way to do it that's stylish and appropriately inappropriate and then there's the way Shat does it… tacky, crackheady, and ugly. It's visual assualt to see stuff like that at some regular corner bar on a monday or the fucking Melting Pot. Like come on… Washington has clubs and cool spaces.

No. 1574351

My sides, I love you bitches

No. 1574370


Kek nonnie thank you for this early-morning laugh.

No. 1574377

Fridgechan and pearchan are none other than Shatna and Ellen.

No. 1574397

File: 1656403510272.png (399.87 KB, 720x722, Screenshot_20220628-110340~2.p…)


No. 1574407

File: 1656405159261.jpg (4.32 MB, 4096x7202, InCollage_20220628_113121757.j…)

Saged for retarded fanart(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1574409

Me too, bless the ladies who gave us a chuckle while the retards were fighting, you’re the real mvps
The fact that she pulls this Oklahoma trailer park shit in Seattle (or near Seattle or whatever) gives me such enormous second hand embarrassment, imagine being out on the town and seeing this monstrosity. With the even fatter and uglier Ellen Degenerate in tow, no less. I’d legit think it was a sped and their carer on day release from the home for spaccas

No. 1574422

Every city has its streetwalkers

No. 1574466

i rarely laugh audibly at this thread but this did it for me

No. 1574484

File: 1656421632465.jpeg (Spoiler Image,480.76 KB, 1170x913, 6AC90D45-E0EE-4388-94E7-66915F…)

Just stop Shay

No. 1574488

If the bacteria from her tongue touches the bacteria from a man's anus, there's gonna be some new zoonotic disease in the near future. Brace yourselves.

No. 1574489

I just threw up in my mouth, I fucking hate this ugly, fat, degenerate retard so much almost as much as I hate moids

No. 1574491

she says things like this for pennies. literal pennies

No. 1574497

File: 1656422862625.png (57.13 KB, 980x803, DC14FAC4-64B3-48C7-B4D0-042A12…)

Never forget. Attention’s always been the currency she cares about

No. 1574505

She is fucking vile and her desperation for scrote attention has no limits.

No. 1574506

File: 1656423530077.png (239.49 KB, 447x447, Capture.PNG)

She's just saying anything at this point. Honestly I believe it though. I feel shayna would happily lick the ass of a scrote if it was his thing, if she was into it. Sex isn't about her pleasure, it's only for her to serve scrotes. She never talks about wanting to be ate out, to be fondled or treated well. Nope, slap me, beat me,treat me like shit, use my body up. This fridge shaped idiot would'nt know a orgasm if it was on her top shelf.
Also, when you think about it, it's another way to avoid Penis in vagina. She'll be talking about strapping a dude next.

No. 1574512

Sometimes these threads are actually extremely great

No. 1574513

I find that both pic hilarious and revolting at the same time

No. 1574518

I can't think of anything more revolting than a moids arsehole, i'd feel safer drinker from a stagnant pond. Why is this the new handmaiden pick me go to? Disgusting degnerates deserve the rope, fuck women that entertain these scrote fetishes.

No. 1574565

I don't understand the disgusting ass licking thing either, but I also don't understand the need to have someone's mouth down there. Not all women find that enjoyable.

No. 1574566

Fuck me this is grim. Scrotes don’t even wipe their fucking ass properly and this disgusting pig would put her tongue in one just for a crumb of male attention. If a man ever disrespected me by expecting me to literally lick their ass it’s my foot that would be going to there not my tongue.

No. 1574567

There is no way she actually wants to do this. I think shay just says things that she thinks will impress her coomers.

No. 1574571

I would laugh at this honestly but I'm genuinely fucking bored of Fupaul. He's the most dull and narcissistic scrote imaginable. I know some nonas here definitely have a crush on him.

No. 1574611

A new std strain “hepatitis shay” the ugly men she fucks most likely (like a lot of men) doesn’t wash their ass and Shayna doesn’t wash her tongue/ or brush her teeth. Or even uses mouthwash

No. 1574613

at least lick a rich man’s ass. Shayna just fucks broke uglies for free. At least hookers/sugar babies get something out of it, unlike Shayna who comes home with leftovers from applebees. Shayna is embarrassing

No. 1574615

Nobody would look twice at her if she didn’t offer sex or got naked. she’s mousy and rodent like. Even when she was skinny she looked old asf in the face like a rat man

No. 1574617

File: 1656430659593.png (1.03 MB, 772x1166, CFA00DCF-5E4B-4135-BA79-021CAA…)

Serial killer vibes

No. 1574629

Does Ellen have lipedema

No. 1574636

Maybe. I mean her legs look really swollen. It could just be very strong genetics for gyneacoid fat distribution. Glitter and Lazers claims to have it and she has a similar body type to Ellen but much fatter.

No. 1574646

Lol at this clean-shaven gay man. FYI Shay it won't be like that irl.

No. 1574684


Her fat is proportional looking from what I've seen of Ellen. She's just fat and ugly like everyone else Shayna interacts with.

No. 1574691

File: 1656439471057.jpeg (286.98 KB, 1170x908, 3CE665CF-EDAA-4AFB-9D2C-E60453…)

More like: scammer, pedo pander, hates women, lazy, doesn’t like sex

No. 1574694

that is exactly why she doesnt show her in any form. and all the other daddies, if they looked like Fupapa she would be posting them all over the place but surely they are some balding disgusting fuck. gross.

i can imagine sad bloated Shayna tweeting all this bullshit, looking sad and dead inside. asking herself how did she go from “super porn star tumblr baby” to wear diapers and get excited about shitting on it.

No. 1574703

Does this fat bitch ever just shut the fuck up? It costs 0 dollars to not tweet every thought in your drafts ugly heifer

No. 1574706

You like pretty girls, but dates Ellen? And calls her "Mumma" cause she's older? She never compliments Ellen, call her pretty or anything. She also doesn't hang with pretty women. Just ugly Scrotes and ellen. She probably doesn't follow or interact with tradtionally pretty women, because she'd get jealous. She surrounds herself with people she KNOWS she'll look slightly better then and younger.

No. 1574709

File: 1656440729408.jpeg (120.33 KB, 600x450, C84617C3-250F-4A14-9E71-F6AC42…)

>pretty girls
Ma’am this is your “girlfriend”

No. 1574712

File: 1656441048373.jpeg (216.73 KB, 1136x1059, 9A5B22E3-052D-4A11-B1CA-7BAA4B…)

They’re both ugly plain janes in my opinion

No. 1574721

Honesty if this disgusting pacifer stealer, lost some weight and took care of herself,s he'd have a better looking face then shayna. Facially she looks "Younger" then shayna does. Better teeth and skin.

No. 1574728

File: 1656443044099.jpeg (148.85 KB, 750x746, D79BE558-F8BA-4D3F-887E-383420…)

She has a massive fucking chin, her face is just as unfortunate as her body imo

No. 1574738

Ellen is so gross. She probably has a gaggle of younger women she "orbits' just for attention. She's mentally ill and a female Fupaul, without the kids (Thank god). She carries herself like a sloppy mother of 3.

No. 1574746

Without her own kids, but unlimited access to kids through her job

No. 1574768

File: 1656446205373.jpeg (203.07 KB, 828x725, C0E562FE-621B-4786-A7A0-E52534…)

I wonder how far her of subs have dropped since her Ireland vacation, I can’t imagine many people are sticking around with no new content what so ever

No. 1574774

Who actually believes these excuses? Not that she has enough followers to care but still
>better teeth
Straighter but still blocks of rancid butter, specifically the bottom ones (see >>1574712)
She’s so fucking ugly holy shit

No. 1574776

File: 1656447088164.jpeg (679.34 KB, 1712x3177, 44259FEE-48FE-4891-81F7-AE0C99…)

She loves using excuses

No. 1574780

File: 1656447335115.jpeg (64.69 KB, 600x338, 071A90A1-1890-4E7D-8701-34FEFB…)

She really is fugly

No. 1574782

File: 1656447431071.jpeg (201.88 KB, 1151x1157, 516E6EE6-7A09-40BF-A5A7-B17051…)

Ellen with “her” Fupa. No wonder she’s latched onto Shaynus they’re both lonely kek

No. 1574787

How old are these pictures?

No. 1574792

They’re old from 2013 but her face hasn’t changed since she was an adult in these.

No. 1574794

Literal neckbeard, top fucking kek. These should be spoilered, my god these degenerates are all so repulsively hideous

No. 1574795

File: 1656447998490.jpeg (319.28 KB, 1242x1464, 07DC0FFC-EFE9-4167-8C52-A5030D…)

she’s trying to keep her subscribers

No. 1574804

I think she’s gotten uglier since her early 20s

No. 1574808

shes like Mama June kek

No. 1574848

Tbh I agree. Shayna is super wrinkly for her age and has those beady little eye. Ellen has firmer skin, normal teeth and her hair isn't fried to shit. Still ugly because she's a fat degenerate, but if she wasn't I'd find her face easier to look at than shays

No. 1574851

File: 1656451565766.jpeg (Spoiler Image,681.56 KB, 1242x1687, 5D95932B-035C-4EB4-B1F1-744459…)

Looks like a ballsack

No. 1574856

Yeah she’s okay. If she wasn’t selling sex/domination on Twitter she’d be just an “average middle aged elementary school teacher “ looking woman. She’s not pretty or cute. Just a face of a plain jane. Now Shayna is an ugly rodent looking creature. Very unfortunate. Some photos can trick you into thinking she looks okay but there is no surgery for those beady rat eyes

No. 1574859

jfc 380 vids for $5? what a fucking moron. you literally sell yourself for pennies shayna, this is beyond embarrassing. if she was some brand new sex worker who didn’t understand how it works it would be understandable. but 5+ years and THIS is what you have to show for marketing skills?

I don’t even think going to college at this point would help her gain any useful skills. she’s brain dead.

No. 1574862

Those are also 10 year old photos you’re going off of. This is the only recent photo we have of her in her 30s >>1574728

No. 1574870

Keep in mind that this number includes (majority of) videos that are less than 1 minute long. Examples from preview threads I can think of from the top of my head: heavy breathing in bed snatch rub with Snapchat filter, her flashing her lopsided boobs, her naked dancing videos in the bathroom, her public bathroom flashes. None of the videos are sexually appealing especially when half of them are her laying in bed nude with her double chins hanging out or they’re behind a paywall

No. 1574884

File: 1656452508703.jpeg (414.43 KB, 1242x403, 94C5B3F5-0847-4314-B8AE-3E8416…)

It’s easier to have 100 pictures from a “photo shoot” in one crusty outfit than to make daily content doing something different. She also repeats photos if she’s too lazy to dress up for a holiday or something. Like st patricks day she reposts the picture of her in a retarded green outfit. It’s just duplicates that makes it seem like you’re getting a lot of content for cheap when it’s just the same bullshit or days where she doesn’t post anything at all besides automated dms with a crusty mattress nude she takes when she wakes up so it’s considered “working”.

No. 1574885

what i’m saying is most vids should be behind a paywall if she wants to make any money. she’s advertising all these pics and vids for the entry fee. as far as I can tell she rarely does ppv which is really what onlyfans is designed for.

No. 1574887

she literally thinks quantity = quality when it comes to her content.

No. 1574888

Her full length videos are available on manyvids. Sometimes she’ll post five mins of it on onlyfans. Shaynus does do a lot of ppv in the dms for crusty patio nudes. It’s a rip off. 15 photos of the exact same pose just a different facial expression like the troon smirk. Even I unsubscribed, kek because it wasn’t even milky at all. She’s boring to farmers and porn addicts

No. 1574937

So she was around shaynas age now give or take a few? Even in the recent picture everything I said is true. Neither are lookers though, and Ellen's body is definitely more trashed than shaynasty so there's that.

No. 1574944

Oh my god this is the most boring nude ever, nobody wants to see a dimly lit grey flat ass frankly I think this cow has dried the fuck up. I’m not wking her she’s disgusting and fug but the past few threads have been really boring and onlyfans thots coming in to say how much more successful they are than shay and people fighting over body types. Rip

No. 1574968

File: 1656456202525.jpeg (411.67 KB, 1242x988, 44C68594-6CE6-499B-80B1-D92A60…)

She’s such a retard. She’s gonna get the wrong moid coming over and then she’ll be in trouble. Rest in pepperonis Shayna

No. 1574969

File: 1656456210586.jpeg (252.49 KB, 828x899, B906280E-36D4-4528-A188-702C67…)

Wanting to do more “In person sex work” is a real nice way to say prostitution Shayna

No. 1574970

Swear we've basically this photo about 10 times now.

She at least could change the hue so she doesn't look like a corpse.

No. 1574974

Jason R Womack is crying that she wasn’t doing this back in OK kek maybe he can save up to fly out and buy “in person sex work” aka prostitution

No. 1574975

Why though? She's overestimating scrotes.
You making porn not a fucking movie. The audio is secondary.people wank off to GIFs

No. 1574977

I seriously wonder how those sessions go. She is so awkward with anyone else, you can see it in her "pro" stuff. she's probably selling herself for cheap

No. 1574980

Still cant believe shes just letting porn sick scrotes into her apartment. Fucking retard. I kinda feel like this one is that sub moid frodowhatever or something though or some other gross degenerate Ellen maybe knows.
She's so stupid for risking it though. If she's not fucking for pay already, there will be moids who will pressure her for it at best and fucking assault her at worse.

No. 1574982

Whatever you say, hooker. Honestly, it's a better path than making diaper porn and catering to pedophiles. Just pointing that out shows how low she's fallen.

No. 1574988

Is this legal? This is prostitution and she isn’t even trying to hide it wtf, that is some messed up privilege mindset. I want someone to report her

No. 1574992

Anon who lives nearby said there’s a lot of families with children who live there too. Her one neighbor already hates her because Ellen hit his car, I’m sure they would all flip if they knew she was conducting basically an escort service out of her apartment with kids playing right outside.

No. 1574997

File: 1656459076575.jpeg (435.2 KB, 1136x1155, 08AB67C5-91B9-4BB3-9C93-30502D…)

She should just not call it “in person sex work”. “In person worshipping sessions” is probably not illegal based on this photo (worshipping doesn’t necessarily include sexual contact). Prostitution in Washington State can have a fine of up to $1,000 and can include jail time. She’s such a dumbass to be telling on herself. “Permitting” sex work is also a crime for property owners if they know it is occurring and don’t report it, so if her building found out they would probably report or evict her ( https://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=9a.88&full=true )

No. 1575000

I was actually wondering if it’s legal to use apartments as porn sets, especially since she’s taking pictures on the balcony

No. 1575007

It's funny how she starts doing in person sex work aka prostitution right after her family trip. Literally letting them in her house, I find this funny because in a way it implies either, this guy isn't going to pay for a hotel for Shayna, she offered it to be her home which is retarded/dangerous though I'm of the tinfoil that this dude is someone she knows though Ellen or "The Dad'.
Or he simply doesn't want Shayna in his home. Shayna moves like she's on meth or something? Imagine turning down college and fucking up your life, to have sexual encounters you don't even enjoy.
Thats the most funny thing about this, Shayna doesn't even enjoy 95% of it. The only enjoyment is attention (which she doesn't get enough of to justify it) and Money. She could be living her siblings life.

No. 1575008

I just did a google of this, and it seems like it is not illegal (makes sense given how many people seem to do this), unless there is something specific in the lease

No. 1575009

it is kind of interesting to see where her new prostitution saga will go, tbh. seems like she doesn’t want to make online content anymore and is fully embracing the life of a streetwalker.

No. 1575010

SA- Or he's married, which makes me sick to my stomach, I feel like the dad is married and Shayna knows. Thats probably the only enjoyment she gets out of it. Thats why he can't see her often

No. 1575011

doing it out of your home is so fucking unsafe. she is literally going to get herself killed due to her own stupidity and short-sightedness. she just wants money and attention and is too retarded to think past that. I bet she secretly wants something to happen so she’ll be on the news as some missing person and she’ll get all that fame and attention she wants so badly.

No. 1575014

she probably thinks she’s doing some serious domme work. i’d bet it’s just her laying on her bed, watching some stupid childish shit, while some old scrote rubs her feet. she probably just tells them to do whatever they want. she has no idea how to be a domme or how “worship” sessions work.

No. 1575037

That is absolutely what it is. He jerks off on her feet and gives her a $25 giftcard he got at the gas station down the street, she crows about feeling like a goddess. Bleak.

No. 1575038

She's absolutely insane, even in-call prostitutes usually use hotel rooms or whatever to protect their privacy. Hooking out of her house is a dumb move even for her.

No. 1575044

Other than the balcony part, why would it be? We can shit on her all we want for barely making it, but she does pay the rent. Why are we advocating for the policing of what people do in their own homes? If we start advocating for the eviction of people from their homes for doing things that aren’t illegal but we morally disagree with, they’re not gonna stop at just evicting the whores. It’s always a slippery slope with nanny states. Also I’m only talking about the porn sets part here, not touching the actual prostitution

No. 1575049

I know this is Shayna we’re talking about but it blows my mind that a woman can be so fucking reckless in this day and age. Especially in burgerland. How is it even possible to be this stupid? Rhetorical question, obviously. Regardless, I can’t see this full service sex worker arc ending well.

No. 1575059

Knowing her she probably leaves all her curtains/blinds wide open so passers by get a full view of her degeneracy. Plus it’s an apartment so there could well be children in the building that she’s endangering by inviting possible violent pedos in

No. 1575076

With Shay’s “I love women uwu” I’m surprised she’s never gone to a pride parade or event (I mean, we know why) but she’s never even mentioned it before

No. 1575081

Yeah, you’d think she’d put more effort into being “woke” in light of how everyone on twitter thinks she’s a reeeeeee nazi trumper!!11!!11!!!!

No. 1575092


She's probably not charging enough to get a hotel, and a lot of the lower end prostitutes (shaynas competition) live out of the motels they do their "work" in. They just don't stay in the hotel for too long. I'm pretty sure it's the old fuck that she had build her desk and only him for right now. I think if she starts taking on more Johns she'd be smart enough to get them to pay for a hotel, or Ellen would tell her to not have her Johns in and out of the fucking apartment

No. 1575112

its like, construction workers work 24/7? all the fucking day and all the fucking night? why not just “film” in the night time? i get that natural light and shit but she got so many partners and daddies and foot slaves, cant they got you some lights?

No. 1575129

She literally has light boxes like shes some kind of photographer. She’s just lazy

No. 1575154

File: 1656473921829.jpg (223.41 KB, 537x810, poster_noplay.jpg)

No. 1575157

johns as a group have a higher incidence of crimes (not related to soliciting prostitution) than men as a whole
inviting johns into a residential building introduces more people with criminal records than a normal business would

No. 1575158

File: 1656474306370.jpeg (870.36 KB, 1170x1416, EF16DA99-0A82-460E-A5A8-79871E…)

Cause total successful Bimbos wear the same outfits everyday

No. 1575159

File: 1656474382423.jpeg (513.78 KB, 1731x2048, 2111A551-E674-4B29-A170-E3A665…)

No. 1575164

It’s been three years but
I still can’t believe Shayna did this crusty casting couch video

No. 1575183

File: 1656476970937.jpeg (Spoiler Image,267.2 KB, 828x563, 60F5B4DE-8C48-46EF-9E12-E5FA64…)

She never ever retweets porn that isn’t her own. What the fuck is this obsession with licking mens assholes

No. 1575204

File: 1656478472797.gif (2.46 MB, 384x288, E45C1EBE-AC75-4939-9FF2-47E18E…)

No. 1575206

Except she doesn’t have that many daddies or supporters besides Womack and a few others who sometimes tip 20 bucks at best. She’s just lazy and making things up to imagine her lack of effort is out of her control.

No. 1575211

This is irrelevant and most of us are not OF whores. We don’t want to see this shit STOP

No. 1575238

100% this. She's doing prostitution lite mode rn and you know its awkward and unprofessional like her vids with other people. I can only imagine the type of incel that would pay to see Shaynus. She definitely retard nervous giggles the whole time and does that awful sped looking full lip bite.
I kinda think Ellen helped her or encouraged her into this too. Very likely some dude she knows. Ellen Degenerate seems to do some weird "domme" stuff herself. I can't even picture how awful it is and I don't want to.

No. 1575241

That year of doing that shit was the peak of her ~pron career~ too which is just extra embarrassing. Its the only reason she can pretend she's a porn star because as low budget nothing, disgusting companies as those are, they are technically porn productions. So technically she actually has starred in porn. Though I'd still say she's very far from a real porn star.

No. 1575244

I would bet money either the dude she's been having over or some other potential john is into this and she's being the literal ass licking panderer for any scrote that gives her attention as usual. She's "into" whatever gets her attention or money.

No. 1575266

Do you think Shayna will ever have a relationship publicly like she did with Fupaul or will she hide him because of the hayterzzz I want to see what other cringe neckbeard manlets Shayna will attract

No. 1575269

If there was a dude willing to claim her she definitely would. But no one ever has been willing to admit they're in a relationship with her since she started sex work.

No. 1575290

Her hair looks like she has dunked her head in fryer grease, holy hell. I can smell this fat retard through the screen with every damn picture she posts

No. 1575326

My tinfoil is Ellen has been arranging all the sessions for her because we all know Shay cannot talk to men without sounding retarded.

No. 1575343

“Mumma” is pimping out “baby bimbo” just so they can afford rent and triscuits, how fucking grim

No. 1575355

Seriously. Why the fuck would any of us want to see rancid moid ass and scrotum? Shayna’s unwashed orifices are nauseating enough

No. 1575458

Nonny, this is Seattle. The prostitution law is basically not enforced because the city is full of alt-left terrorists who would happily harm someone for reporting/arresting a sex worker

No. 1575462

Personal tinfoil is that big shaynus is only getting into FSSW because a well known pro domme recently moved away from seattle and the old man who built her desk was a customer of that domme and ellen was apparently in her orbit too so I think shayna is trying to move in and poach some of those customers.

No. 1575474

especially because seattle just had their big pride event this past weekend, it’s surprising she isn’t trying to exploit her being bisexual (aka going to an event and force everyone to be exposed to her depraved shit under the guise of kink)

No. 1575479


No need for tinfoil, she's going FSSW because she can't afford her lifestyle with crusty nudes and begging on Twitter alone.

No. 1575480

>alt left terrorists
Kek okay

No. 1575486

yes, CHAZ was a terrorist siege. Let’s move on.

No. 1575491

How many missing prostitutes do you hear about on the news? They are forgotten and discarded. Literally only her immediate family and farmers would care.

No. 1575492

>posts something unrelated to Shayna in intentionally inflammatory way
>let's all move on though, wouldn't wanna derail tehe
Classic shay thread poster(infighting)

No. 1575503

Her parents have enough money and are delusional enough to kick up a fuss about Shayna so there is a 30% chance if she goes missing she'd make local news. Most likely she'd just get a Facebook memorial and the guys who used to be subscribed to her will post pictures of her punching herself in the face for pocket change

No. 1575513

> Literally only her immediate family and farmers would care.
This is so grim because I immediately thought “and farmers” was a mistake and you meant to say friends and farmers. Fuck, Shayna.

No. 1575514

File: 1656515428718.jpeg (Spoiler Image,229.19 KB, 750x1292, 6426A6A6-0B96-48DE-8093-9C4A38…)

In memory of shayna this is my favorite picture of her. Ever. I think of this randomly and chortle but I can’t tell anyone what I’m laughing at

No. 1575515

fuggg forgot to sage it won’t let me delete it either ??

No. 1575517

The contrast between her face and the face on the cushion is cracking me up

No. 1575518

File: 1656515782064.gif (842.57 KB, 244x220, RIPShaynus.gif)

When Shaynus dies you just know there'll be a scrote somewhere out there using the monster inc gif.

No. 1575519

Someone here would probably make a in memorium banner that would be a gif of her most retarded faces over the years.

No. 1575522

As to mouth refers to sucking a man's dick after he's fucked you in your asshole. So slightly different, so while ass licking is still pretty vile, it not quite chewing on chunks of your own shit juice.

Shayna goes to ass to mouth on with her dildo all the time though, so Dante's advice is valid.

No. 1575528

if you watch true crime at all they definitely love to talk about sluts who got killed as “cautionary tales”

No. 1575621

I dont think she even did a performative pride ~rAiNbOw~ photo set this month. Nothing about pride month or queer resources, or pride festivals. Because she not really bi so she doesn't care. It doesn't matter to her and lgbtq doesn't affect her. She's a cis white woman who's "gay for pay" at best. Mostly just caters to moids lez fantasies which is harmful af. And pretends to be inclusive. She's only "with" Ellen because she has no one else in Seattle and Ellen drives her and buys her stuff. Its not out of attraction or love, just convenience. Shay doesn't mind getting her cunt licked by a girl, but you know she wouldn't return it and just be like "im baby i dont know how teehee but you can spank me mumma" and at the end of the day Shay just wants scrote attention most of all.

No. 1575624

Honestly. We know she's lonely, but you know she'd rather do one custom vid a month and just lay around taking lazy nudes for an hour if that could make rent. It worked for a while, but the cost of living has skyrocketed meanwhile her looks and relevance and effort (that were already a on a low bar) have plummeted. It's clear she's struggling to afford to even get by. Can't doordash every meal anymore so she's lost some weight kek

No. 1575629

You sound like you tweet too much.

No. 1575633

At least we didn't have to see her attempt at putting together a rainbow outfit this month.

No. 1575642

File: 1656524583464.png (335.8 KB, 786x609, thriving.png)

No. 1575731

File: 1656529702590.jpeg (284.18 KB, 758x1280, 8662D4C1-F284-451E-A876-F44F67…)

You don’t even own a car

No. 1575733

Why are all you suburban lifestyle folks so obsessed with her having a car?

No. 1575734

Because she’s had multiple sales for the purpose of buying a car, begs for a car constantly and has been talking about wanting a car for years, but she doesn’t have the money or will power to save up for one

No. 1575768

God, her dommey outfits are visually worse and less put together aesthetically than her pedo pandering garb. I second the anon who suggested that Shay is going to try and poach the popular Domme’s customers now that she left the city. She’s such a hypocritical coward, always bitching about other girls stealing her customers when she does this shit.

No. 1575774

I’ve had a car since I was 15 but I was in the suburbs. Now I live down the street from Shayna and really don’t need one. I wonder where she would go it she had one. The reason I asked is bc it is brought up a lot

No. 1575795

File: 1656534584695.jpeg (223.45 KB, 920x1024, C0D2BF58-EB3F-4FDC-BBE2-250203…)

You inspire me anon

No. 1575814

File: 1656536515032.jpg (33.56 KB, 247x275, toonice.jpg)

sorry nonita, your artwork is way way way too cute for shayna. don't let her see this and think she might ever look this cute even as unflattering as this is supposed to be, kek

No. 1575817

you ruined the veiny tit

No. 1575823

Not to be that person, but she’s lost weight, she looks a bit better… I would like to say some hope for her but this is the same day she’s talking about IRL sex work so, ffs Shay

No. 1575827

Wb the POV video? I just remember how the other girl ate her out and how she didn't return the favor KEK
> cis white woman
Go back to twitter, we hate trannies here

No. 1575837

Not the nazi domme outfit
>cis woman
So a real woman?

No. 1575839

forgive me, im not an artnon, just an idiot with a liquify tool and a dream

she only lost weight because of hospitalization/being with family like other anons said, it's not going to stick. she's already back to pounding down restaurant meals and alcohol like a maniac. she definitely ain't cooking for herself while so wasted that she can't even get her tits back in her shirt. she'll backslide and probably twice as hard

No. 1575853

she has lost a few pounds but she also sucks in for dear life in still photos and has a big gut in the rare livestreams she can't pose in

No. 1575855

File: 1656539868664.jpeg (240.13 KB, 710x1280, BECB12CE-C6EC-440A-920F-7257CF…)

No. 1575867

kek wheres the ass?

No. 1575894

Tf is with that caption I literally lol’d

No. 1575903

She may have lost a bit of weight, but she’s still doughy as hell. Literally no muscle tone at all & her arms still look HUGE.

No. 1575906

More like “grrrr woof”

No. 1575910

More like “Grrrrr oof” amirite?
Thread pic material?

No. 1575913

that fact that she has to hold that limp hat up is hysterical to me

No. 1575924

File: 1656544722764.jpeg (177.07 KB, 828x537, 80F4AF96-E34A-4CAB-AED2-A6ED48…)

This bitch has 0 shame publicity bragging about this

No. 1575927

He must have some sort of pig’s trotter fetish?

No. 1575929

This shit is so fucking embarrassing kek. Who's she posting this shit for???

No. 1575940

this just proves that she does no screening, doesn’t go over what the session includes, and just makes shit up as she goes. she’s acting like this is a flex but actual dommes don’t work out of their homes, they screen their clients, and only offer what the client has already paid for. one day she’s going to get someone who asks for more, she refuses, and they assault her. all because she didn’t screen them or have any boundaries.

No. 1575970

she looks a tiny bit less huge because she had to eat regular meals and walk around like an actual person for several days
give her a couple of weeks to gorge and sloth it back on

No. 1575974

yea… as a girl who clearly doesnt know how to say “No” not having hard limits set before a session is a bad idea. She is definitely the type who isnt confident enough to assert herself so will just go along with it and either:

1. Pretend she liked it and convince herself shes a “girl boss” because she earned some money doing it while continuing to add to her eventual mental breakdown
2. Afterwords claim she was raped

No. 1575976

Well now that she has publicly broadcasted that her worshiping sessions involve a sexual interaction for the exchange of money, she is breaking the law and is officially a prostitute. Why is she so dumb?

No. 1575978

Thank you for fixing the face nonnie. I couldn’t get it as accurate as yours, I figured someone would adjust for me

No. 1575982

She thinks this is a flex like people are thinking "oh I wish I got money for doing something so simple" but I think most people would be horrified by this situation.

Some pervy scrote in your space alone with you? You have to watch them wank off. Sounds terrifying and gross. I can only imagine the chump change she's charging for this. Sad.

No. 1575991

Rubbing your feet on some pervs face is so gross. I get everyone has their own kinks, w.e., but I highly doubt Shayna likes anything about this interaction other than attention and money. She should have just lived somewhere where there are clubs, then she could just go out and get attention and validation and free drinks any night, and then go home and not do this. She would still have to do OF or something

No. 1575993

And she doesn't even say how much.
>"Oh my god I did disgusting depraved shit and I got paid and he gave me extra to jerk off!!!"
like okay? Knowing Shayna extra could've been $20 and a dollar tree stuffed animal. She's probably getting like $200. It's really something that one family trip and she's turning tricks in her house. And because Ellen or someone probably knows them, she thinks she's safe. Because we all know Ellen is such a amazing judge of character.

No. 1575995

I bet Ellen is there when it happens, wasn’t she there when things happened with Sol? Or am I misremembering? I know her name was on the purchase but I seem to remember her being there

No. 1576001

She was there with her during the trip yes. Ellen is weird, she comes off like a Pimp, but I doubt Shayna is giving Ellen anything, she's probably giving Shayna money. I can't wait until they fall out. Ellen will probably try to get Shayna cancelled in the local circle of freaks when she accuses her of abuse or some shit.

No. 1576003

I doubt she collects money from Shayna, ever, but maybe is motivated for Shayna to earn money so she can spend less on Shayna’s rent

No. 1576016

the whole thing is gross but also doesn’t sound like something a domme would do.

No. 1576059

>actual dommes
Starting to sound a lot like twitter in here. Again.
Yep, no matter which way to slice it, the Big Shaynus full service whore saga has begun

No. 1576314

Assuming she actually stopped smoking weed everyday, it's no surprise she lost a little weight. It's been like a month right, since she quit? Good for her. Now if she would stop drinking multiple bottles of pink moscato daily, eating nothing but cheese and crackers for a group of 4, stop being a cunt, and quit with the pedo-pandering and asslicking, maybe she will be slightly below average in terms of shitiness.

No. 1576337

Professional Dominatrix here. Yes, it is something we would do. And no, I do not consider it prostitution.

No. 1576341

I honestly expected her to replace weed with good, both because she’d be looking for something to shove in her gob and because she’d have more money to spend on doordash. Unless she is actually eating but we’re not seeing the food nor the results (yet).

No. 1576344

File: 1656581041030.gif (24.4 KB, 506x67, 1655119604326.gif)

The prostitutes are getting comfortable again. To all the "sex workers" ITT, remember: you're not in any way superior to Shayna.

No. 1576346

Out of curiosity, how do you differentiate your work (or what Shayna did with the the guy masturbating), as different from a prostitute? What makes them legally culpable and you not? (Not saying I agree that they should be legally culpable, just what specifically is different?)

No. 1576347

sorry you're too stupid to get a real job, sis.

No. 1576352

Go away, Ellen

No. 1576356

>I don’t consider myself a whore
Everyone else does, cope harder

No. 1576357

File: 1656581782820.png (44.75 KB, 156x206, why.png)

why would you choose the shatna thread of all places to announce that you degrade yourself for pennies and do women everywhere the disservice of selling your body so that men keep thinking we are all whores who enjoy that? it's embarassing as fuck. please read the room

No. 1576392

Of fucking course, every time

No. 1576417

Unfortunately for you miss pro domme everywhere around the world considers dom work to be prostitution AND the bread and butter is pegging dudes, which is sex. You may not be letting them fuck you but you’re still paid for sex/sexual intimacy. Just like those rub and tug girls they don’t fuck scrotes.

You’re no better than the girls who work out of the hotels and sell their pussies for cartier and $700/hr you’re not better than the girls who walk the street for $50 and a car blowjob, you’re still a prostitute and in the US it’s illegal

No. 1576434

Hmm, I don't think I'm better, but I also have no issue with prostitution. I just don't touch genitals or have sex with any of them, which is why I personally don't consider myself a prostitute, although I am aware that people here will. And that's okay. and you say we aren't better then Shayna, but I disagree- I don't wear a fucking diaper and pander to pedophiles or cater to pedophilia. Which is why I am (and always will be) better then Shayna.

No. 1576439

"It's ilLeGAl." Not in all places, and you sound like a whining child. It's not like I don't engage in illegal activities- speeding, experimenting with drugs, etc. And I'm better most of you have done the same. Stop crying about legality. It's unattractive and unnecessary. No shit it's illegal some places.

No. 1576441

I don't degrade myself, I degrade others. And it isn't "for pennies". It's incredibly lucrative in the right places with a good reputation.(no1currs)

No. 1576442

Quit blogging whore, no one cares. You aren’t any better than shayna no matter how much you try to justify to yourself, or other people.

No. 1576446

yeah but youre a whore and no amount of money could buy most of the women here. It's degrading to allow a moid to pay you to satisfy his fetishes. you are the ultimate pick-me. A tool for men, and you're here boasting kek. You think it matters if you kick them in the balls? They still are in contol. because ou value yourself so little you'll accept cash for sexual favors from literal strangers.

No. 1576447

you sound super retarded. Maybe you should go into whoring?

No. 1576469

File: 1656592682627.jpeg (74.83 KB, 604x340, E79838D7-9C74-4FBC-A98C-BE0799…)

No. 1576535

this smells like kathy

No. 1576548

Who the fuck is Kathy? Are you talking about the big nosed bitch with the thread? You weirdo, I’m not fucking Kathy.

No. 1576603

>Which is why I am (and always will be) better then Shayna.
90% of Shaynus posters kek. You’re just as ugly and pathetic and no amount of copium will change that. The ugliest and poorest ones always blog post about muh success itt.

No. 1576673

> I just don't touch genitals or have sex with any of them, which is why I personally don't consider myself a prostitute,

Jesus the mental gymnastics. Cope harder.

No. 1576690

No one cares that’s nasty. Dommes do better you should just drain their wallet and maybe send one foot pic. Men are retarded and will do it because you’re a woman

No. 1576691

Shayna is so fat and boring she needs to do her “shoots” so we can laugh at her

No. 1576723

I have a feeling she’s going to be moving away from doing online sex work since it’s not making her money anymore compared to irl whoring, so the threads are gonna continue to dry up

No. 1576726

Personally, the reason I like calling you and Shayna illegal is because of your fucking privilege in thinking your work is somehow different than the women doing the same fucking thing on the street, while they probably have fewer options than many of you, are more at risk, and could get arrested. Asshole, get off your high horse. I think you are worse than them

No. 1576741

Yup. She hasn't been unique or in-demand for years now due the influx of the the next wave of e-whores. The only place she can stand out now and get attention is in real life from paying scrotes.

She really does think there's some line in the sand between "real prostitution" and letting a random paying customer enter your apartment and jerk off while you rub your feet in face topless (and probably intoxicated). They're the same thing, Shaytard.

No. 1576757

This is only week 1 of prostitution lite too. Then it’ll be a slippery slope to full service. I always said Shayna would turn to prostitution before getting a real job once her shitty porn stops paying the bills. I don’t think she’s gonna announce when she starts going all the way but we are going to notice her living much more lavishly

No. 1576764


You're exchanging sex acts for money, you're a prostitute. Dress it up however you like though. I really wish you sex workers would just shut up and enjoy laughing at Shayna like the rest of us. Y'all are actually more pathetic than Shayna, you're on an obscure gossip board talking about one of your colleagues, but you've deluded yourself into thinking you're above her somehow

No. 1576784

>I always said Shayna would turn to prostitution before getting a real job once her shitty porn stops paying the bills
I honestly thought she would go for the BBW/feeder route before doing anything sexual with clients IRL.

No. 1576799

tbf, in seattle and some other cities, being a dominatrix in a legit dungeon is NOT illegal. it’s like how stripping at a strip club isn’t illegal prostitution. you’re still exchanging sex acts for money but some cities allow it at certain specific places.

this is obviously not what shayna is doing, because she has no idea how being a domme works anyway. but dommes who work out of dungeons are doing legal work.

No. 1576802

this is already full service sex work. don’t tone it down to make her feel better about what she’s doing.

No. 1576808

I'm pretty sure they meant it as in "she's a hooker but she doesn't fuck her Johns" and not in a "i-its not sex work it's ~empowering~" way. But, she's technically officially a prostitute now, bet her mom must be so proud.

No. 1576827

She’s been a hooker since she let that one dude from seeking arrangements finger and punch her in a parking lot in exchange for dinner and Uggs. Now she’s just taking that idea and diving in head first since she can’t make rent anymore. That’s why I don’t think she would think twice about going farther with this

No. 1576869

File: 1656615993516.jpeg (878.41 KB, 807x1369, FC08E14C-783B-41E6-BE9A-3CF80B…)

No. 1576893

>living much more lavishly
Oh, you mean she will starting buying a $6.50 bottle of wine vs a $5 bottle of wine?

No. 1576896

File: 1656616801333.gif (1.5 MB, 498x259, masterbait.gif)

No. 1576902

Holy shit, is that an actual t shirt that fits even remotely normally? Jesus, this would be a landmark day for her if she’d picked one with an even slightly less retarded caption.

No. 1576931

Only happened because of Ellen, she would have never bought the right size herself

No. 1576936

Sex work is real work has lost all meaning. Sure it might be real work like doing the dishes is real work or helping your friends move for a few beers and pizza is real work. Too bad she can barely pay rent with her “real” job and none of her skills or experience will transfer when she decides she’s done spending her life making porn for random pedophiles. Add in not even trying to make an exit strategy or plan for the future. This cope is denying the inevitable.

No. 1576942

I can’t see her having sex with johns but she will continue to do this “lite” stuff if it’s paying her bills.
a friend of a friend of mine’s husband went to a bachelor party and the best man paid a stripper to do a live toy show. I can see shat doing stuff like that for awhile before she ever starts having sex with clients.

No. 1576945

how fucking ironic is it that the only shirt she owns that doesn't make her look like a retard on a field day or a sausage in casing or both has fucking sex work is real work written on it? i personally would rather die than wear this shit outside but i'm also not a three dollar whore

No. 1576963

Nah her narcissistic ass loves being online she’ll be a cow again she’s just being quit because she feels “empowered” When the money dries up again (and it will) she’ll cry about the same xyz shit

No. 1576964

Ellen's making sure she's advertising at all times. What if Ellen is Shayna's pill connect or something? I don't get their relationship. Ellen doesn't get shit from shayna worth anything to do all this, so I'm assuming she genuinely enjoys seeing/helping a younger woman fuck up her life until it's as sad as hers is.
All this points too if this is even a tiny bit more profitable and makes Shayna feel "Special" and wanted, she's going to fall back from online shit. Unpopular, but I would'nt care if she did. She's not milkly, she's disgustin, she's more annoying then she's entertaining. Let her get Scrote Pilled in real life. She'll either end up at home, getting with a scrote she mets through it or something worse.

No. 1576965

Pirating dvds is real work

No. 1576971

File: 1656619723453.jpeg (253.35 KB, 1242x962, 4ABD6904-525F-4D0B-81DB-711F21…)

I don’t know if this is a reach… but this sounds exactly like how child molesters creep on children. I’m disgusted

No. 1576973

ot but why do men cheat at their bachelor party. Isn’t the point of marriage to be committed to the other person?

No. 1576979

She's just saying anything. She has a boyfriend whose a "Old man" she can do this with. TBH, I feel like she licked someone's asshole & she's pretending it's "Something" she wants to do, to see how others feel before she reveals she's been licking scrote hole.

No. 1576991

>>1576973 One last free and fun day until you sell your soul to the she-devil yknow. Because if you feel that way that's a great person to marry legally.

No. 1576992

File: 1656620737914.gif (11.8 KB, 275x37, 27F8A370-8D35-4933-B1F7-916F11…)

Whatever you say

No. 1576997

Implying men need a reason to do anything

No. 1577005

Because they feel like it’s basically the last time they’re free until they're “chained down”.
the debate was whether it was even considered cheating since supposedly no one had sex with her or touched her. They just watched. Moids are so gross.(derailing)

No. 1577068

yes it is. she loves pushing pedo fantasies.

No. 1577097

Kek anon this is pretty funny

No. 1577098

I will never understand that mindset. It’s cheating. He definitely fucked some hooker, he just didn’t admit it. Praying for her.

No. 1577140

File: 1656632955025.jpeg (831.33 KB, 1170x1408, FA18B48B-B519-40BB-8968-7D618E…)

“Sex work is real work” shirt while at an Aquarium. Never change Shay

No. 1577158

File: 1656634694697.jpeg (215.91 KB, 1118x2048, C17F2042-2177-409F-9C17-7ED104…)

Of course fatty had to get candy. Damn shay has a greasy moon face. Why is she wearing that in public anyways? that’s embarrassing and cringe

No. 1577160

I don’t know what’s worse wearing this shirt or when she wore those abdl baby roleplay fetish overalls to play mumma and baby with Ellen at the aquarium

No. 1577161

this is so gross. and whats with that fucking fat face? you’re lacking consistency with your shoped pics, Shayna.

No. 1577166

File: 1656635320114.jpeg (332.17 KB, 1576x1082, B85B6330-F852-4D37-9EDA-AEDC5B…)

At least Shay covered the overalls with a denim jacket but I bet you could still see it since she most likely didn’t button up the jacket. Also her nasty ass cellulite covered legs showing. This shirt is more blatant…the cartoon along with the word sex is creepy. Two fatties looking at imprisoned animals

No. 1577167

is that Ellen with the bear?

No. 1577169

Old ass pic but she’s still fat as fuck and accurate

No. 1577178

Looking extra Amberlynnie today, I see. Second aquarium visit in a month or two. Is she advertising herself there? Does she view this as a good scouting location for dads? Or is it simple to please her paedophilic babysitter / caretaker girlfriend, Patricia Ellen Dresler of Bellevue / Renton / Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas?

No. 1577179

>wears the "sex work is real work" shirt for a day out with "mumma" where she buys stuffies and candy
The "pimping out a special needs adult for profit because the sped doesn't know any better" vibes are extreme.

No. 1577186


Ellen is taking her on the hoe stroll to search for men who look like they hate their family at the aquarium. Bet she has shaynasty do a bend and snap when she sees a dude who looks like he'd cheat on his wife with a $20 hoe

No. 1577259

Those shorts are absolutely screaming at the seams, lmao

No. 1577263

My screen recorder is horrible when it comes to videos. Some PLEASE screen record her Snapchat of her laughing like an idiot with her “sex work is real work” shirt while the reflection of actual children are shown clear as day

No. 1577273

File: 1656643623816.jpeg (228.63 KB, 754x1280, 61171A71-1B87-443C-BE3C-043A3A…)

No. 1577279

File: 1656643842524.jpeg (167.75 KB, 725x1280, 50AA978F-4B3B-42C0-86F7-2A90B7…)

Just chillin with a group of children in her stupid shirt https://streamable.com/ecb989

No. 1577290

Maureen Ponderosa lookin ass

No. 1577296

File: 1656644485474.jpeg (206.81 KB, 707x1280, E9BEF88F-04AC-4043-8355-69DA1B…)

This one was pretty painful too. She’s real proud of how edgy she is for always dressing like a degenerate around kids https://streamable.com/vrmj8l

No. 1577299

Look at that bulge. Shaynus is packing a big one.

No. 1577343

Waiting for the “all the dads TOTALLY wanted me and their old mean wives were jealous uw”

No. 1577388

Why is Ellen carrying that dog thing around, I am sure that isn’t from the aquarium. Also why do they have to make their whole lives about their sex persona

No. 1577395

Yeah the Seattle aquarium doesn’t have bears I have no idea where anon found that picture

No. 1577407

She’s so unfortunate that she’s a biological woman who looks like a Troon

No. 1577468

File: 1656656618944.jpeg (402.81 KB, 1080x2237, 3D83DF8C-6263-4951-A9AE-03E8AE…)

No. 1577475

I dare Big Anus to wash her hair just once. And turning your hair a disgusting dry shampoo gray doesn't fucking count.

No. 1577484

File: 1656658155432.jpeg (Spoiler Image,334.83 KB, 1500x1800, 9F1C683A-0E85-4E32-AFFD-9B642A…)

the big alcoholic red nose

No. 1577505

Maybe she likes going there because she looks like something you'd see at sea world. Looking like Shamus twin.

No. 1577530

Tragic. I wish I could give her a makeover.

No. 1577547

Loving the watermark stamp on her bingowing

No. 1577553

The bow makes her look so fucking special needs

No. 1577568

She’s obsessed with the cone head ponytail it’s so ugly

No. 1577605

Why the fuck is she posing in italic? Kek >>1577388
I said it was an old picture scroll up
Her sped laugh is so annoying
Shayna really has the mannerisms of a troon, the fashion sense of a troon, and the misogynistic mindset of one.

No. 1577608

Why are her legs the same color as her bathroom rug? Porcine

No. 1577615

what the fuck is ellen holding here? it looks like an old nokia cellphone

No. 1577626

File: 1656678902503.jpeg (195.72 KB, 828x939, D93C8911-61E0-44FB-A3EB-C90C58…)

My guess lol

Because she’s wearing pink tights or thigh highs. You can tell on the leg on the right. There’s a seam or the top of the sock right below the bottom of the skirt.

No. 1577634

File: 1656679845386.jpeg (869.56 KB, 1170x1405, 13090253-668C-48D5-AEEA-0FDC6F…)

Majority of these will be thrown out when she moves again

No. 1577663

The red scrunchie isn't a bad color for her.

No. 1577684


Shayna consoomer kawaii horde saga when?

No. 1577687

Not surprised, because it's Shay, but disgusted she added in playboy mags to the "decor" of what otherwise looks like the corner of a child's bedroom…

No. 1577721

File: 1656687078610.webm (1.17 MB, 382x718, Shaymu.webm)

.webm (1/2)

No. 1577722

File: 1656687174295.webm (2.36 MB, 404x720, It’s NOT real work.webm)

.webm (2/2)

No. 1577796

thanks for sharing nonnie but I think we can see your pic

No. 1577805

That’s a Snapchat filter anon

No. 1577822

the retarded laugh is2g i hate this fatty

No. 1577830

maybe ot but does someone know some app to screenrecord without notification?

No. 1577834

thanks my bad haven't used snapchat for a while. we know shat gets paranoid whos watching her stories

No. 1577838

Is it only me who think this is gross? She's wearing that shirt in public around kids, her and Ellen clearly like to do their "Old hoe and young trick" larp shit here. Especially since they both were probably holding Stuff animals like tards. Then after the kid laughs, she does this weird little laugh. Also was she purposely filming the child's reflection? I don't think anything to do with a child should be shown on any of her social medias.
Like now some kids/persons reflection is in a person known for pedo pandering videos. I truly think Ellen is a sicko, after the pacifer shit, I legit think she should'nt be around kid. In a way, her acting like Shayna's pimp mother, makes me wonder if she likes being around kids while Shayna acts "young". It's just gives me "secretly filming kids, for my pedo spouse" vibe. I know i'm reaching but god.

No. 1577839

The only real work around for iPhone I’ve found is to use another phone. Pretty much any screen recording app sends the notification now. Idk about android

No. 1577843

SA- This is the second time they went to the aqurium and everytime Shayna/ellen makes sure Shayna is wearing something that promotes their sick sick. from that tight ugly ass onsie, to the "Sex work is real work". Why are they doing this in a place they know will be childern/families?

No. 1577847

File: 1656697896533.jpeg (271.37 KB, 828x872, 8555AAF3-629F-4F15-9744-7DF64A…)

I think it’s just part of their mumma baby roleplay shit. Shayna has tweeted about it before. Ellen also gives me mad pimp/stage mom vibes, I think she gets off to parading around her prize pig since she’s too ugly to get attention herself

No. 1577852

Ellen treats Shayna how she wants men to treat her. It's telling the only person Shayna is using and benefitting from in a longterm way and who seems to "care" is another woman. She jumps through hoops for men, but what has she ever done for Ellen? Besides let her bite and slap her? They aren't attracted to eachother. If Ellen is pimping or flaunting Shayna, it's because she also gets attention from it. Like she's the "handler" of this "Young" girl who looks slightly better then her.
Ellen is a predator and the only dumb person who'll trust her now, is Shayna whose a huge user and not loyal to anything that doesn't have a dick.

No. 1577901

They are definitely giving Dee Dee Blanchard and Gypsy Rose vibes out in public

No. 1577904

Yeah I think Ellen Patricia Dresel has achieved what few other cows have achieved and is even uglier and more of a disgusting pedo than Shaynus is. Her role in the “relationship” (for want of a better word) is absolutely that of a pimp; all the degenerate moids Shaynus interacts with seem to be active in the local “kink” scene which Ellen was a part of prior to Shaynus moving to Washington so there’s a high probability that she introduced them at the very least. I find it very hard to believe that Shaynus can afford the rent on a two bedroom apartment when she has fuck all subscribers and we already know that Womack sends money to Ellen for rent (and fuck knows what else), it’s not a stretch to assume that there’s some sort of “arrangement” in place

No. 1577905

File: 1656702186291.jpeg (265.94 KB, 1170x1011, 4953E72E-2F95-453C-8A78-9F0D22…)

She still thinks she’s small. She’s so annoying these tweets only get ten maybe twenty likes. It’s not going viral Shat

No. 1577941

This doesn’t even make sense, a defining characteristic of rag dolls is that their limbs are flaccid, if you’re in a straight jacket (love that illiteracy, fat shat) you’re not resembling a rag doll you fucking dumpy sow

No. 1577954

amazing thing to tweet when you started IRL sex work and multiple scrotes know where you live.

No. 1577993

Nonny straitjacket is the correct term/spelling. It comes from strait meaning tight and narrow. Topkek

No. 1578007

LMAO I’m a retarded ESLfag. Emphasis on the “L”, which I’ll take for this

No. 1578055

These were probably made by loads of child slaves

No. 1578056

yeah i noticed pedophile creep fatty literally copying a little kids laugh, her brain is so damaged she thought she sounded like a child but she blatantly just sounds like an overweight retarded woman lol

No. 1578068

What is going on with the lash? Is it a filter glitch or is her falsie coming off?

No. 1578105

File: 1656716191709.jpeg (319.65 KB, 828x1969, 97E78538-D894-435E-8F74-34C43A…)

What a strangely shaped human

No. 1578109

So unfortunate looking.
Her head looks so small compared to the rest of her body and it looks fused to her neck like sid from ice age. Momma and shay are going to match with the same cottage veiny cheese legs, how cute.

No. 1578140

Took pictures of fruit but you know she didn’t buy a single piece of produce.

What’s with the bulimia cheeks? She looks so weird in this photo.

No. 1578147

>successful day
What's successful about it? She's in a lace shirt, lopsided breast out and calling it a "successful day" and Ellen got her flowers. Almost as if she's advertising herself and got some John's. Ellen's being a good pimp and giving her a useless cheap gift as a "Good job". I'm only half way joking. She even edited out her tit vein. From the sex work shirt and this, it really does feel like she's selling/advertising herself.

No. 1578153


No. 1578162

It's a really weird way to say that she went out and had a "normal" decent day lol. As opposed to a failure of a day where the car broke down and she didn't get a cheap gift?? Idek. She also looks so downsy irl except usually caretakers/wranglers don't let their speds go out dressed so raunchy.

No. 1578165

File: 1656720761478.jpeg (607.21 KB, 1080x1845, 06205BB1-6193-4EF7-B03E-5EDF01…)

No. 1578179

Lord her cheeks in the last pic on the bottom

No. 1578181

Why does she insist on those hideous nails? It's not hideous that they're so long, it's the way she has them painted.

No. 1578187

beside the colour and length, those nails look horrible because her fingers look very badly inflamed, they look like those fingers people make on halloween out of dough and almonds.

No. 1578197

her nail beds look red and swollen

No. 1578199

I was just about to say the same thing, they look so painful, given that she bathes about once a month and is just a grimy, unhygienic, rancid cow in general it’s a wonder she’s not absolutely riddled with mrsa or some other flesh eating bacteria

No. 1578200

Nice, another pile of stuffed toys that will end in the dumpster when she has to move again.

No. 1578207

looking like Tuna
her zombie tit looks terrible

No. 1578237

Grimy dirty bathroom selfies greasy combover and her boobs drooping out of her sheer lace bra … quite the look. Gross that her boobs are out in a public setting she couldn’t even wear those sticker bra pasties.

No. 1578240

shayna's lost weight anons are silent right now i see.

No. 1578267

Guess the "weight loss" was editing kek.

No. 1578268

She’s nowhere as corpulent as she was in Oklahoma circa 2020 but she’s still lardy.
Wearing her underwear as outerwear is a new low for her, surely this constitutes indecent exposure

No. 1578273

File: 1656729890867.jpeg (525.94 KB, 1170x2084, AF9DB4BB-062A-43E6-9C23-28D7AA…)

It’s really weird to me that they went all the way to the aquarium one day, and then went back to the same place for the market the next day. Dumb nitpick but it seems really weird. Also they never do anything but touristy things

No. 1578275

File: 1656729938548.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1242x1946, BF941307-907D-41EC-BAF6-301110…)

Has this pic been posted? I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

No. 1578278

I wish I could watch her trying to get up there lol

No. 1578282

File: 1656730395109.jpeg (2.15 MB, 1242x1757, C8DB7E52-701C-4342-9683-AB236A…)

She looks scared

No. 1578283

It would be way more funny than her making the dude videotape her walking like a sped

No. 1578285

File: 1656730491547.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x801, 74151BA2-3B38-4142-969E-299412…)

No. 1578287

File: 1656730573598.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.37 MB, 1242x1810, 2C762C2C-57C6-4AD8-8505-DE2508…)

No. 1578289

File: 1656730658631.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 828x1408, AC0C7B20-1479-4393-8072-30E752…)

Jesus Christ

No. 1578290

File: 1656730666208.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x808, A04E0A83-227C-4C6E-9165-A74E14…)

Last one

No. 1578293

File: 1656730691185.jpeg (559.13 KB, 828x602, 979B795D-47CF-4F47-8A28-C039AB…)

No. 1578294

File: 1656730745757.jpeg (Spoiler Image,908.81 KB, 828x1399, 5DE53DFE-1149-40FF-92B5-F41C31…)

No. 1578295

KEK the boils. I hope to Christ that these aren’t being posted by the photographer to promote his work

No. 1578297

Good lord the forehead wrinkles

No. 1578301

What on earth is going on with her knees?
Look like some kinda giant beast nipples.

No. 1578302

File: 1656731242254.jpeg (388.94 KB, 828x1288, 87EF5EB6-CE37-4598-A646-6B8B29…)

Her edit vs the unedited photo

No. 1578306


Those bathrooms at Pike Place are actually so fucking disgusting. How long did she stand there trying to get the uWu perfect pedo baby selfie leaning against those nasty walls? I swear that's why she has boils, touching shit in Seattle and then pulling her shorts out of her ass.

No. 1578310

That specific bathroom is always nasty and has trash everywhere, and they had to make the stalls low enough to see into them so that people stop using them for drugs. I would be so annoyed if someone was standing around in there bc there isn’t privacy. Also why do people take bathroom selfies in public places? I get there is a mirror but it’s the grossest setting designed for pooping

No. 1578313

File: 1656731866475.jpeg (Spoiler Image,445.06 KB, 1347x1080, C50A48B4-9BA0-4BEB-BF57-4D009F…)

Her edit vs unedited

No. 1578314

File: 1656732346952.jpeg (81.21 KB, 672x500, 311952F7-3574-4038-80AD-435993…)

No. 1578326

Rat lady spotted in the woods.

Is it just me or does her crotch area look really weird in this one. It looks like she has a dick or like a sex toy in there. I think the dark area is her hairy muff, but it's still weird looking. I guess because the underwear is cheap and badly made lol but it was a choice to not shave when wearing white lace seethrough panties.

No. 1578332

This is the best of the bunch because of the angle and her actually attempting a more intense expression. All her other shots she looks dead eyed or scared. Not giving the she wolf energy I think maybe she was going for. But then without the tail she looks more lke she's going for "bear". Also even though the lingerie is more flattering, it's weird with the animal concept.

No. 1578376

File: 1656737445716.png (7.33 MB, 1125x2436, CAB0A227-46FB-4F2E-A0C0-D3E78D…)


Not trying to WK but this looks like an express cami I also own, so not technically underwear. Her body type just makes it look extra vulgar

No. 1578399

It looks good here and most likely on you but Shayna it just looks so filmsy and ugly. Like if the dollar tree sold lingerie. Her body is just saggy and doughy

No. 1578423

I wonder why she edited her side boob out of the pic?

No. 1578432

They aren’t the exact same shot, she’s turned slightly between them (see her left foot)

No. 1578446

shayna might be boring these days… but her strangely hideous body and unreal cellulite are INSANE and she just keeps getting uglier each week.

No. 1578457

File: 1656748344299.jpeg (Spoiler Image,398.22 KB, 1154x1786, D8CE651E-D236-4275-9000-CD2FF0…)

What is the the thing on her bed?

No. 1578458

Can't help but read this as a "if you have boobs bralettes look vulgar and inappropriate on you" flattychan cope. That isn't a tank top lmfao it looks like a longline bralette, on both shay and the model. It looks better on the model because she's skinny but it has nothing to do with looking "vulgar", you sound like those teachers in school who dress code girls with breasts for wearing tank tops but ignore the flat girls

No. 1578465

I mean if you have boobs and wear something like that, then you will have boobs out and about and a lot of people will think it looks vulgar or more sexual. There are unfortunate realities to any body type, even if we want to treat all bodies the same, be fair, etc. Also Shayna tries to make things look as sexualized as possible

No. 1578494

she should wear her hair like this more. her hair still looks dirty but the style is nice and doesn't look retarded.

No. 1578498

I think that thing on her bed is a remote for a tri-pod/self timer I have one for my camera that looks just like that…so maybe she is lying about this "foot slave" lmfao I would believe it.

No. 1578500

That is what I thought too hahaha. Or I think it is more likely she did actually have a weird dude there, but took this picture separately to advertise, wanting it to be like “look what a session with me is like!”

No. 1578510

>flattychan cope

Sounds like a pancake titty cope on why wearing certain clothing will get you different attention depending on your body type. No ones saying curvy girls can't wear bralettes but don't act like there isn't a difference between someone with an AA cup wearing a corset top vs someone with full Ds. Blame society not the poor flattychans kek.

No. 1578512

File: 1656756867768.png (375.53 KB, 1023x1022, theIRLbarbie.png)

I was inspired nonnas.

No. 1578526


No. 1578529

thank you for blessing us nona

No. 1578550

We can tell, bless. I love these type of drawings because they get under her skin more than anything else, kek.

No. 1578556

Topkek, it’s always the little details that have me rolling
My sides, fuck is this facial expression?

No. 1578582

This thread is not the place to vent about your own body related insecurities. I'm sorry that you dress like Shayna and find it offensive when anons point out that it looks ghastly. Take it to /ot/ because I do not fucking care to read it.

No. 1578660


No. 1578679

I think it's because her thighs are photo shopped to hell and back.

No. 1578681

Thats definitely the camera clicker on the bed and that's so careless of her to leave it there so obviously when she's trying to pretend someone else took the pics. She's so fucking pathetic and stupid lol.

No. 1578683

It looks like a clicker to take a photo, which doesn’t make sense bc she claims her “foot slave” took it and usually the person is still holding it (unless the camera is on a timer)
I can’t believe she’s full ass naked during these “sessions”. From her own description, things are escalating quickly in each session and i think soon enough he’s going to demand full sex, no matter what she says. So scary these men know where she lives and can come over any time.

No. 1578695

why would a foot worshipping session involve being completely nude? she’s fucking these johns for cheap, bet.

No. 1578733

Wtaf is wrong with her fingers? I have dermatophagia and even my fingers never look this gross, shat seriously needs a good delousing and hand cream

No. 1578776

go buy a diary and an extra supportive bra if you're that bothered, nobody here cares

No. 1578900

Next thread pic Pls with maybe a tweet or something to fill in the white space. Thank you anon

No. 1578903

I don’t think she had any foot slaves. She would have posted a pic of the money or a pic of the scrote without his face showing. She took those pics by herself because she’s a lonely loser

No. 1579013

Art anons are truly a gift. She might cope by saying these are grossly exaggerated when in reality they are instantly recognisable as her. That fucking expression is spot on

No. 1579015

Her nose is a little exaggerated but it literally looks that huge sometimes especially when she does her soy boy mouth open smile. Kek it is spot on. The arms and wrinkles. Perfect!

No. 1579017


It's her nasty ass inflamed nails for me chef's kiss magnificent

No. 1579027

For me it is there sideburn tendril

No. 1579053

I think its for sure either that gross fat sub dude that built her desk a while back and had her spank him with a crop or whatever or some other kinkster scrote Ellen knows. Its one of those options or the third possibility is that she made it all up completely which is sadly not all that unbelievable with Shaynus.

No. 1579056

ya it sounds like shes fully naked on her back knees bent trying to push the guys face way. dudes probably catching wafts of her nasty snatch and maybe even slamming his face in her pussy. next thread has to be “prostitution saga”

No. 1579062

seconding. Its perfect kek

No. 1579155

add her stupid watermark on her fat elbow like she does please anon

No. 1579301

I’m so thankful for the art anons, this is amazing!

No. 1579386

shayna clifford the big fat grey bitch

No. 1579557

File: 1656870852532.jpeg (408.84 KB, 828x1356, F13286BB-F2C9-43E7-8657-61D14D…)

No. 1579560

Begging for money when she’s barely been active on twitter or making content since the Ireland trip

No. 1579562

I hope she goes and sees Sol or other people from twitter who have been trying to cancel her

No. 1579563

well she’s certainly not going to Exxxotica. maybe she could have learned something there.

No. 1579566

There’s something called fetishcon August 11 - 14th in saint petersberg, it’s probably that

No. 1579580

File: 1656873145671.jpeg (157.86 KB, 828x811, 342A833D-511B-4010-8E35-F46A67…)

>for enjoy Florida
Florida saga incoming

No. 1579582

Either Jason R Womack or Greyhair sent it

No. 1579586


She's such a bad ewhore. She asked for $100 in that first tweet and then posted the $50 like it was a big deal. I mean, I know $50 is a big deal for HER but what a bad way to signal that you will just take whatever kek

No. 1579593

File: 1656874604012.jpeg (221.89 KB, 828x893, 8A6A627F-016F-4403-A4C3-2DD3B7…)

Watch her pocket the money and not even go

No. 1579601

Why is someone so poor always traveling? I want Florida saga though

No. 1579609

Because she's never really suffered consequences before. Having said that I too want to see her do a trip to Florida. She won't be able to booze it up like in Ireland.

No. 1579615

We all know she’s going to pocket this and Ellen will pay for everything

No. 1579634

Why wouldn't she be able to booze it up in Florida?

No. 1579638

Because her dad won't be paying.

No. 1579639

I am so ready for Shayna Takes Florida

No. 1579663

Why she’s not even relevant to go to a convention? Who she going with? Ellen?

No. 1579680

So she's going to Fetcon, the only one we have going on next month.


No. 1579693

watch her show up in a saggy diaper to mingle with the other pedo freaks there

No. 1579696

From what I searched even the pedo freaks arent welcomed at a kink con. kek

No. 1579700

Based kinkcon. The idea of diaper Shay being turned down for a kinky people meet up because she's too smelly and degenerate is great

No. 1579712

File: 1656882997954.jpeg (750.88 KB, 1170x2035, E8D0668A-C55E-4794-9EAD-76C8A4…)

If she goes, she better read all the fine print

No. 1579713

File: 1656883080998.jpeg (747.78 KB, 1170x1992, 1E64E36F-A1B3-405C-8637-448B8E…)

Her next step in the prostitution saga

No. 1579724

Why is she going to this? For advertising I’m assuming? Watch her beg for money to buy stuff at the convention when we all know she uses the same vibrator no matter what toys she orders

No. 1579752

there’s usually talent and producers there. she’s probably trying to network, where she will fail because she thinks her existence warrants an offer.

No. 1579754

this shows her idea of what she thinks a findom does. she really thinks it’s just “take money say mean things move on”

No. 1579763

I don't get why she's coming to the southeast coast to "maybe" rub elbows with companies when she's on the northwest coast.

No. 1579772

>diaper man Dan
I’m sorry but I wouldn’t interact with these people ever. Shayna is rock bottom

No. 1579787

File: 1656889803590.jpeg (328.89 KB, 1170x1009, 61D4920F-9779-4139-88EF-71E728…)

Keep inviting these creeps to your house and it’ll happen in no time

No. 1579798

Coming from the bitch who felt unsafe because Vivi, who she travelled to do sex work with, kissed her ear. Riiiiight.

No. 1579804

File: 1656891572312.jpeg (134.25 KB, 1170x315, C817DCDF-E453-439B-B0C9-7D5D06…)

No. 1579814

File: 1656893324520.jpeg (167.61 KB, 1170x334, F3873303-D309-4DA3-8347-B7203E…)

This bitch is going to get herself assaulted one day I swear

No. 1579816

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 1579884

It's what she wants.

No. 1579891

This is sketchy to post when youre a SWer in general with depraved incels as your "fanbase"… but it's fucking retarded when you're doing irl prostitution at your own residence.

No. 1579900

File: 1656902138706.jpeg (Spoiler Image,507 KB, 828x1269, D7EE25E2-26A0-4492-AAA3-1A688A…)

Good times

No. 1579904

It was her one shot at going viral and she still didn't kek. She risked literally blowing her asshole out and burning her coochie and all she really did was upset her 'murica boomer coomers.

No. 1579910

That time she almost went viral and her Twitter account was nuked the next day kek

No. 1579911

I’m sure this was said a lot at the time but holy smokes, I can’t believe she did that on a flag

No. 1579916

I can’t believe she retweets stuff from when she was skinny.

No. 1579930

File: 1656905108963.jpeg (310.54 KB, 1170x712, 0947F2CD-FF98-406B-BE90-C6C1B8…)

No. 1579934

Leave it to some true 'muricans to be more offended by the sight of the flag on the ground than a woman possibly maiming herself for life

No. 1579943

File: 1656906513666.jpeg (155.25 KB, 1170x330, 78038115-8842-4EAF-BECF-A0CF89…)

You’re right anon

No. 1579952

Round 2 kek >>1579930 >>1579943

No. 1579965

Shoving a firework into your ass in a lazy attempt at shocking audiences for attention online is sexy but laying a piece of cloth onto the ground is big no-no. Access to social media and porn erodes the neurons in male brains.

No. 1579966

No wonder she didn’t go viral it wasn’t even funny and it didn’t even go off fully. Or spark. She’s so crusty why is she in a vacant field in the middle of nowhere.

No. 1579967

They’re retarded but being naked on a flag is weird. In a patriot way or an edgy way it’s still distasteful

No. 1579970

She could have gotten the same effect using incense kek. She can’t even get being “stupid viral” right

No. 1580031

Americans are truly a different breed.

No. 1580058

And the fact that her followers are okay with abuse, pedophilia and incest but take offence to muh flag is just… yeah

No. 1580068

it’s a cheap piece of nylon, anon

No. 1580112

It’s a flag it’s not like she’s burning it in protest lmao

No. 1580123

Burgers always get weird when it comes to their flag and I have no idea why. There's rules to how to treat your flag outside even. Like some strange ass pet. I've not understood it once

No. 1580149

If Shayna's attempt to go viral didn't fail per usual the alt rights and general crazies would have a field day with her. These people freak out if the flag is facing the wrong direction, let alone a trashy internet whore crumbling the piece of cheap nylon on the ground as she sits her bare ass on it with a firework up her bum in public. She did everything but set it on fire. The sped backlash would be a bigger migraine than the Nazi sperging. Imagine all the moids that follow her on secret accounts hopping on their primary accounts to vocalize their disgust lol

No. 1580174


I hope you're not a woman with this patriotic schtick, the U.S is doing everything in it's power to fuck over women, so why should we care about some greasy whore shoving fireworks up her ass on it? Also, I thought Shayna would have learned from the first time her boomers started crying about disrespecting the murican flag. Maybe she needed the engagement(derailing)

No. 1580221

Cause it’s nasty her pimpled ass is on a flag. I couldn’t care less but it’s a pick me thing to do with all that’s going on with troons having more rights than women. Nothing I said was patriotic it’s just distasteful

No. 1580235

christ the nationalism. it's a piece of fabric(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1580298

Does this stupid whore not realise braindead scrotes believe this is what she actually wants and are liable to play it out in real time?? Does she not get that scrotes cannot comprehend that sex workers are faking everything for money (pennies in this case).

No. 1580302

Not a burger but i'm pretty sure most countries can be weird about their flag been disrespected, kek.

No. 1580326

as an American, there's a large portion of the country that gets weirdly rabid about muh flag/muh country/muh patriotism, to an extreme degree where they take any criticism of the country as a personal attack, that i don't really see from other countries' citizens. but maybe that's me having my American head in the sand. Either way I agree that some Americans take the flag way too seriously, especially for a country that proves time and time again to not give the slightest shit about its citizens. Sorry for flag sperg, it's our independence day today so I'm extra over it. I'll take my derailing ban now, sorry

No. 1580368

Feeling more and more like she’s tempting fate and trying to have a big bad event happen that she can use as an excuse to quit sex work & move back home. She wants a situation where she can play mega-victim and publicly hit rock bottom without admitting that she wasted years as a sex worker with nothing to show for it.

No. 1580370

No one fucking cares stop derailing. I can’t believe we are nitpicking this old video because of Shayna’s lack of milk. Anyways it’s tacky to masturbate over any country’s flag. Boomers get triggered more and that’s who Shayna panders too with her uwu grey hair old men lick my pimpled ass and lift me because I’m tiny and bite my cottage cheese thunder thighs

No. 1580384

File: 1656965419382.jpeg (542.13 KB, 1170x1437, 35CF4399-16E4-427F-96BE-BEC5EC…)

Oh Shay, we all know this didn’t happen

No. 1580401

besides this being fiction, fuck her for acting as if catcalling is a compliment and that we women enjoy it. pick me ass bitch

No. 1580420

i cant believe this desperate ugly fat fuck gets all excited for something most women feel disgusted.

No. 1580425

She can't even make her story sound remotely believable? Straight scrotes don't speak like that but gay men certainly do. Watching too much RPDR and getting drunk alone in your apartment.

No. 1580429

I'm sure all the men there got enormous, turgid, pre-cumming boners as soon as she entered the queue for deli meats and saw her turd bun with her delicate face-framing sideburn tendrils and leggings covered with pet hair. Attention from men who would fuck a tube of Nickelodeon slime if given the chance is so affirming.

No. 1580432

today on things that never ocurred in reality.

No. 1580440

If a guy said “dammm ok” to me I would be offended, that is just uncouth.

No. 1580453

but that other e-whore's boyfriend asking for a BJ was uwu scawy. What a retard

No. 1580455

It sounds like he was shocked that a woman was walking around wearing leggings and no underwear. Knowing that the hog refuses to wear clothing in the correct size, he could probably see every contour of her rancid genitals.

No. 1580463

OH NO! NOT THE FLAG! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO! Like these nonnies >>1579934 >>1579965 said, it astounds me how a lot of 'Muricans (specially moids, obviously) are more offended at that useless piece of cloth being on the ground than the sight of this moron shoving a fucking explosive up her ass for a handful of likes. Patriotism is a mental illness anyway, but imagine being so porn sick that the most shocking bit about that video is the fucking flag.
Anyway, that video is still one of the dumbest things she's ever done, and that's saying a lot. I miss it when Shayna was that gross, retarded and reckless/impulsive, instead of just being gross, retarded and wearing diapers. Come on, Shay. Go ahead and do something mindnumbindly stupid, shove a fork in a power outlet and use it as a dildo or something.

And then everyone in the grocery store clapped and she was given a lifetime supply of free cheap wine and chicken nuggets.

No. 1580471

This bitch didn’t even go to the grocery store, let alone the rest of the story

No. 1580479

Straight men do not talk like this kek.
>you have no buisiness looking that cute this afternoon good for you

No. 1580510

Kek both her quotes just sound like they came from an overly camp black guy

No. 1580512

Todrick babe, I know you’re getting kicked out and you’re bankrupt but…

(Sage for detrailing about my other favourite cow)

High key the damn one I could see; the cute one… if she was giving a moid attention after cat calling there’s like a 0.01% it happened

No. 1580513

File: 1656975896178.jpg (178.53 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_2022-07-05-00-01-45…)

Shat is playing with fire here.

Alt right 'murica loving freaks can be ruthless and she's baiting them.
Not smart.

No. 1580516

When has “smart” ever been applicable to Fatty Mattel’s behavior? I go ahead, show me an example - I’ll show you an accident, kek.

No. 1580517

I hope she continues. She doesn't know these scrotes love the flag more then they'll ever love or care for her. They'd been more upset if that flag went up in flames and would probably jerk off to Shayna being burned to death.

No. 1580522

File: 1656977183863.jpeg (128.69 KB, 1206x1722, 4C2521CD-F495-43C7-B141-578963…)

>“You have no business being this cute”
Most likely looks like picrel
Sounds like she’s trying to larp as a scrote and ended up sounded like a gay guy.

No. 1580527

File: 1656977692619.png (500.28 KB, 917x965, dollymattel.png)

For you nona

No. 1580528

Greyhair sure has been quiet

No. 1580533

File: 1656978790251.png (9.25 MB, 1242x2208, 74DBB351-D747-42A0-9FD0-B103A9…)

Michael “Respect my flag, I fuck my daughter” Slack is awful quiet

No. 1580535

File: 1656978969270.jpeg (721.58 KB, 1242x1570, 05C519DB-0151-40A5-B516-036442…)

Mike slack tagged Shaynus in his daily good morning boomer meme tweets but he hasn’t commented or retweeted her content. I think the flag triggered his hick ass

No. 1580558

File: 1656981644797.jpeg (335.75 KB, 828x932, A2625006-F398-45E9-9D38-DE33D8…)

No. 1580574

Who put a bee in her bonnet today? She’s really trying to pick a Twitter fight kek

No. 1580575

It's really sad how she's wishing to be a part of an online community rather than a community in real life. The cope of being so intolerable you only have hope of having virtual friends because you're so insufferable in person.

No. 1580583

Shayna, you do it to yourself. stop bitching.

No. 1580593

And that's why it really hurts.

No. 1580598

literally pure perfection thank you

No. 1580602

i can never get over how much of a pathological liar she is. my sister with a similar body type but more in shape with a prettier face does not get hit on or nearly as much free alcohol as lardy ass does

No. 1580607

File: 1656986605726.jpeg (315.32 KB, 828x1721, AE8DBA91-75DA-45DB-B9CC-0EBA9E…)

No. 1580620

Who pissed her off this time?

No. 1580624

Anyone who sexualises babies deserves to be publicly shamed

No. 1580628

Oh because things have been around a long time that means they’re sane and moral and can’t be criticized? Like what is she even arguing with that? Meanwhile she’ll support any Twitter justice thing that was made up one week ago but ageplay and diaper porn is a sacred tradition of her people and culture

No. 1580629

File: 1656989746334.jpeg (584.4 KB, 1170x1095, 08EC2D1E-C407-4ED6-B22D-7198D1…)

DiapermanDan, your opinion is not valid

No. 1580631

Shay riding high on leaving her hovel a few times recently? There is literally nothing sane about sexualizing the trappings of being a child or baby.

No. 1580644

File: 1656992022013.jpeg (9.54 KB, 275x155, 1652608310909.jpeg)

I imagine this is the general opinion of the few people Shayna interacts in her small real life. Maybe they have sat down and talked about how horrible people looks down on their degeneracy and shay picked up some words because never used this amount of words that have more than a few syllables.
Her echo chamber is rotten, wish she'd do something that allowed her to meet people that's not scum but then again there's a reason they are friends

No. 1580648

Vivi said Shayna asked her for her benzos when she got there. Taking her word with a grain of salt im still going to assume since she stopped smoking weed she probably upped her pill intake. She would talk about how "muma" would make her take her "medicine". I dont doubt she's still taking them but just knows it's less "uwu bimbo baby" cute to be barred out than to be drunk on pink wine.

No. 1580686

Troll doll lookin ass

No. 1580688

Pedos have also been around for centuries… by her logic that makes it A OK

No. 1580690

>you have a right to be repulsed
>you do NOT have a right to shame pedos
Well guess what Mimi? We did.

No. 1580705

File: 1657003113379.jpeg (482.29 KB, 1242x1406, EC515557-F10A-4528-9712-91537E…)

She hid this onlyfans woman’s reply because Shayna does what she thinks is problematic

No. 1580709

More like she hid it because she has no defence to this besides continuing to parrot "b-but that's kink shaming!!"

I'm waiting for her to tell this CSA survivor that she should take a dick up her ass like she did with that young kid who called her out.

No. 1580712

File: 1657003593874.jpeg (541.24 KB, 1746x1893, 77E1FD72-7E1F-49BB-A481-9707EA…)

One of Shayna’s diaperfag followers got mad a degenerate diaper fetish account said pedos are welcome in their community. Which makes no sense considering they still produce DIAPER porn, but imagine getting upset when people are against pedophilia. It really hits a nerve because they know it’s fucking gross and it encourages pedophile’s actions.

No. 1580714

>said pedophiles aren’t welcome* typo sorry wouldn’t let me delete

No. 1580718

kek I hope this is the thing she finally goes "viral" for. Caping for pedos.

No. 1580730

File: 1657005394645.jpeg (393.3 KB, 828x950, 7956C188-A5D0-476B-A695-2C6425…)

No. 1580733

i can't believe i have to see this worthless evil fat hag call anyone else "disgraceful and disgusting" especially when all that stupid diaper account is saying is "hey fantasizing about molesting kids is wrong!"

her parents need to have her fucking committed. her brain is gone

No. 1580734

when she says she's just "pretending" pretending to be what shayna? a child for these sick freaks to coom to. she's so stupid or willingly ignorant not to see or realize this.

No. 1580740

Diaper fetish acct: Hey, maybe if you fantasize about actually fucking kids then you should stop
Shayna, a pedophile: REEEEEEE

No. 1580766

The mental gymnastics these repugnant pieces of shit have to perform to justify their behaviour, my god. Anyone who is involved in any form of “age play kink” needs the electric chair. Fuck their muh trauma bullshit, pedophilia is pedophilia. Normalise kink shaming in general, anyone who advertises whatever weird shit they do in the bedroom is fucked in the head

No. 1580767

She thinks these things are compliments but I’d want to punch that 2nd guy in the face, don’t talk to me or tell me about my rights. Shayna and that language piss me off, especially knowing Shayna made that commentary up. (Sorry I’m late)

No. 1580778

Isn't this the second time she's ignored a CSA victim so she can continue to pedo pander to gross scrotes?

No. 1580787

And it's not like Ellen was just pretending when she was talking about her baby fetish while watching real kids or putting a real child's pacifier in her mouth, it doesnt work to say "it's just a fantasy" when your "gf" took it into reality already and crossed those boundaries.

No. 1580807

>you can do diaper porn
This CSA survivor sounds like they’re almost as much of a degenerate as Shayna

No. 1580814

Idk nonnie… Not all of the diaper freaks are gross babyrape/pedopanderers like big shaynus. Some of them do it for the "aesthetic" of wearing it, some people with actual medical fetishes get off on it like "Oooh this person is sick and incontinent I sure hope they don't soil themselves OMG they did." Just as some examples.

Like there's levels to it, and they're all gross at the end of the day but Shayna Clifford is definitely the lowest rung on the diaper ladder.

No. 1580860

She could be having auditory and or visual hallucinations (srs)

No. 1580884

They seem fucked in the head, but Shayna is definitely worse because she's the one who is defending the graphic depiction of child rape that was a bridge too far even for that person. I'm not saying this to defend other internet degens, but because when anons say stuff like this it kind of lets Shayna off the hook for just how pedophilic she and Ellen are. Even most sex weirdos are not as repulsive as them, and that's saying something.

No. 1580920

kek. i would maybe believe this if she was still dabbing all day. relapse saga when?

No. 1580949

the fact that anyone is against what that dude is saying is weird. he’s saying if you view them as actual children you have a problem and are gross. don’t you want people calling out issues within their own community?

No. 1580967

okay, can we now put an end to the wks saying “Shayna isn’t pretending to be a child, so it’s not pedo-pandering?” forever
she admits it herself
the fact that she doesn’t succeed in looking like a child is irrelevant to her attempt

No. 1580982

why the everloving fuck is there an old RPDR meme on lolcow dot com

No. 1581117

File: 1657048242537.jpeg (1004.36 KB, 1242x1601, 3B657A33-BD23-487A-A6FB-5D4CE2…)

Next thread pic PLEASE the nose and watermark is spot on

No. 1581228

Because this thread is about 85% twitter e-whores. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

No. 1581289

File: 1657060031942.jpeg (448.4 KB, 1242x1140, 9C6C8823-9E3B-4271-B7E7-04BA7A…)


No. 1581321

Bitch you make diaper porn. Hell, a chick who just opened up an onlyfans account 30 minutes ago is enough of a professional sexworkers to tell Shayna she's a disgusting degenerate who should never be near children.

No. 1581324

>She's honestly just admitting after all these years she's not used to random scrote attention IRL and thinks it means something.

She's been a recluse for years so yeah. She definitely forgot that all it takes to be catcalled as a woman is to be a woman. Ellen has her on the hoe stroll and she's probably trying to save money because she's not pulling the same amount of money as when she peaked and she lives in a more expensive place. So basically now she's forced to interact with the general public more often. It's like she's a 18 year old with strick parents who finally got to escape to go to college. Only a lot less hope and a lot more pills and alcohol to cope

No. 1581327

Manifesting a Shaynus sighting in my state

No. 1581336

What does she think is going to happen at this con? (Assume it’s the fetish one someone pointed out ealier) - Does she think her unwashed ass and floppy tits will make her stand out against career professionals/ more successful e-whores? Her networking skills are piss poor and one google search just loops back to the gross pedo shit she posts. I hope she gets torn to shreds - or better, completely ignored on the con floor. Cue the Twitter hissy fit after saying the con sucked and people were mean, kek.

No. 1581344

Oh fuck I live where that's taking place. I'm sure I'll be able to smell Shaynus when she gets into town kek

No. 1581346

Don't forget she was featured as the special needs bimbo in some lame online magazine. She's there to show them hoes how it's done.

No. 1581367

File: 1657065095196.jpeg (297.54 KB, 726x1280, AC6FB862-640E-423E-A7FA-6523DB…)

God damn her eyes look swollen

No. 1581372

File: 1657065242107.jpeg (Spoiler Image,517.68 KB, 828x1190, 1D8B108A-8A5C-475D-BE5A-0A95D1…)

No. 1581374

Blurry, beady-eyed permadrunk. That's what those eyes & that swollen schnoz say.

No. 1581377

The blurred titties
She’s gonna have a meltdown at the skinnier younger hoes.

No. 1581380

she’s also too stupid to realize that even in porn, in order to network with producers you need a resume. not the same type for “regular” work; but actors/actresses (even in porn) have resumes that list what productions they’ve been in and such. she’s so unprofessional and thinks her amateur bullshit is worthy of professional praise. she thinks every production company works like Insex where you can just submit an application. I hope she gets the money and then embarrasses herself because she was wholly unprepared and then she comes home and blames everyone but herself and acts like she’s some victim of discrimination.

just waiting for:
“they totally discriminated against me because i’m a LITTLE chubby”
“ugh they kinkshamed me because they saw I did diaper porn where I tell the audience i’m underage!!!”
“this industry is so judgemental, i’m going to keep making my amazing content”

No. 1581383

I find it odd that she’s not mentioning the con name. feels sus.

No. 1581385

or she’ll have a meltdown when she’s told by security she can’t wear a see through top that shows her nipples

No. 1581388

I doubt she’s there to do “business” the girl has 0 sense when it comes to that. I’m guessing this is something Ellen wants to do and she probably just wants to fuck around in Florida. She seems like she could care less about making porn these days.

No. 1581396

She's got Pete Davidson butthole eyes… I know she says that she's not smoking, but people who chronically smoke weed can get puffy butthole eyes just like alcoholics do, so she's got double butthole eyes.

No. 1581399

File: 1657067180985.jpeg (484.13 KB, 828x1275, 0EC7003D-FE0E-4C12-B275-FEDE53…)

No. 1581410

“Come to Florida” Shayna gets assaulted by a southern diaperfag at a fetish convention saga coming soon

No. 1581422

It's okay nonnie men can assult her all they want but if some gross woman kisses her on the ear that's just RAPE.

No. 1581468

File: 1657074619593.png (68.93 KB, 524x363, pour vous, thesaurus nonnie.pn…)

Imagine interacting with someone calling himself DiapermanDan for any amount of money, never mind the peanuts that Shay is probably getting.

No. 1581474

Does her buddy Mia Buffoon live in Florida still? Lol

No. 1581478

No, she’s in Washington now too

No. 1581490

Weird that she didnt just go see her and instead went to other states to suck the troon bussy off Sols dick and get ~traumatized~ by Vivi then.

No. 1581503

Maybe she's scared of people finding her there. It would make sense that she feels comfortable inviting random disgusting coomers from the internet into her house but not revealing on twitter which con she's attending. Possible assault and/or murder by diaper freak is trivial, but god forbid someone like uploads a public candid of her here

No. 1581513

File: 1657083276212.jpeg (440.55 KB, 1170x2204, D4631AFD-A1A8-4D89-B1E8-F35D23…)

Is she trying to get to this event? It’s next week but seems relevant to her

No. 1581515

It’s Fetishcon in Saint Petersburg next month

No. 1581522

Ohh yes that seems to make sense. Thanks anon

No. 1581537

Considering how much Shaynus panders to that one troon that she calls 'mom', I'm surprised that she hasn't thought to make content with him yet. She always goes on about wanting to collab with others. And she says she likes both men & women so…
Could it be that Shayna doesn't wanna suck girldick? Or lick his stinkditch? kek. Cmon Shay, trans women are women aren't they?

No. 1581548

The troon “mom” doesn’t do porn, she was trying to hook up with a different tranny last thread though

No. 1581549

This is so cringeworthy, my god
>feeling knotty
If I’ve learned anything from Shayna’s threads it’s that this definitely has a double meaning for a lot of the degenerates that attend such events
>art of twerk
How much do you want to bet that the only people who attend that portion of the event are fat, white women?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1581572

You forgot
>curve confidence
a bunch of land whales pretending their guts are curves

No. 1581759

tbf Exxxotica is one of the biggest porn conventions in the country, they’re gonna have a lot of weird shit but also a lot of vanilla stuff too.

No. 1581790

File: 1657126080541.jpeg (538 KB, 1170x1344, A4314757-E14E-4D24-BD8B-12A69A…)

Annnd what do you do for her?

No. 1581822

Who cares, Ellen is a pedophile. She doesn’t deserve anything

No. 1581837

Wait, since when was Ellen a pedo too?

No. 1581871

You must be new here >>>/snow/1371415

No. 1581901

Is this the guy who’s been going to her house to sniff her feet? This reads like they had some kind of interaction irl. Maybe he was already booked up to go to the sweaty unwashed asshole convention and told her she should come.

No. 1581904

Diaperman lives in Florida

No. 1581914

File: 1657133958531.jpeg (205.33 KB, 828x735, 397A19BC-B503-49EB-99F9-2BF4F3…)

Shaysquatch p2 is here

No. 1581922

File: 1657134196018.jpg (Spoiler Image,317.6 KB, 567x850, p124596568-5.jpg)

No. 1581926

File: 1657134432096.jpg (Spoiler Image,404.18 KB, 567x850, p173958519-5.jpg)

No. 1581928

File: 1657134537214.jpg (Spoiler Image,445.71 KB, 567x850, p22008007-5.jpg)

No. 1581930

File: 1657134618853.jpg (Spoiler Image,433.36 KB, 567x850, p346385259-5.jpg)

No. 1581932

I like how the photographer had to edit these in black and white bc they’re that bad

No. 1581933

File: 1657134696259.jpg (445.31 KB, 567x850, p595219531-5.jpg)

No. 1581935

File: 1657134745587.jpg (438.73 KB, 567x850, p628918967-5.jpg)

No. 1581939

File: 1657134906885.jpg (Spoiler Image,756.49 KB, 567x850, p72610695-5.jpg)

No. 1581944

File: 1657135013014.jpg (Spoiler Image,421.4 KB, 567x850, p13916081-5.jpg)

No. 1581947

Look at that gut spillage

No. 1581948

File: 1657135089253.jpg (Spoiler Image,765.92 KB, 567x850, p112884067-5.jpg)

this one of her shoving it up her ass it so awkward

No. 1581950

File: 1657135161175.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1100x734, p1051475305-5.jpg)

No. 1581953

I want to see how she tries to edit these to make them post worthy

No. 1581957

she stands like a fat autistic boy in unsupportive old worn in sneakers. most classless, graceless human on earth goes to shayna

No. 1581958

50 year old tammy from the trailer park here

No. 1581961

The whole set is awkward. Who is this for? It's not sexy, it's not artistic. It's just odd.

No. 1581965

File: 1657135915709.jpeg (Spoiler Image,505.94 KB, 720x1280, C893431F-10DE-4147-93DD-E5E561…)

Her edit for comparison kek

No. 1581971

loving the 2007 angles! at least she looks clean?

No. 1582002

She gets butt-ass naked for some dude to "worship her feet" and she cant hit him up for $200. Literally what is the value of doing sex work.

No. 1582008

I hate those butt plug furry tails so much. People, we all had tails at one time. They didn't come out of our ass.

No. 1582031

File: 1657139888460.jpeg (12.59 KB, 216x234, images.jpeg)

I can't get the term "fursuit legs" out of my head everytime I see her unathletic fat legs.

Shoot me.

No. 1582034

Looks like she's wiping her fat arse but make it "sexy"

No. 1582039

It would look better just tied around her waist so it’s right above her ass, no one would have a tail literally inside their asshole looking like she’s shitting a squirrel out

No. 1582045

This photographer is legitimately bad at his job. The super intense “clarity” filter over black and white nature shots looks so amateur.

No. 1582063


Very soft white underbelly Shayna good job chef's kiss

if I didn't know about her I'd think someone had her dress up and take these pictures against her will

No. 1582073

Does anyone else think there's a chance she's let him play in her twat?

No. 1582080

any man who shoots amateur naked e-whore women is objectively bad at photography

No. 1582089

File: 1657144184999.jpeg (381.43 KB, 828x835, F05467B4-04EA-41F7-9D48-9CD325…)

What a surprise, bejeweled hot dogs again. It looks like she edited one of her rotten cuticles. Kek at the return of the weird hello kitty hair clip

No. 1582092

If only she used this skill for finding an exact match for her skin tone with her foundation

No. 1582095

On her Snapchat she has a filter over these pics, so no surprise

No. 1582111

File: 1657145083609.jpeg (146.38 KB, 828x1360, C78B31E0-8425-4074-88F6-70FF11…)

I think shes planning to whore herself out to him once she gets to Florida. He helped her for her ticket so she can come change his diaper irl since he lives there

No. 1582135

Looks like a drunk camper trying to take a shit kek

No. 1582145

He really thinks her going means she's gonna meet him kek.

She ignored his reply obviously. Unless this scrote shows up at the expo I don't think she's gonna go near this guy.

No. 1582197

She's doing the white girl leg pose in literally every single standing photo, kek. She probably thinks it slims her ham hock thighs.

No. 1582202

this photographer does really shitty edits.

No. 1582204

you can tell he edits to make the nature stand out and not the subject. his edits make his subjects look grim and out of place. why even bother shooting people if you’re this bad at editing them?

No. 1582209

the fact that her editing in this is better than the paid photographers edit is really shitty.

No. 1582211

the cigarette filter nails

No. 1582247

Jfc you can see her neck rolls from far away. It looks discolored like she doesn’t wash her neck.

No. 1582248

I don’t understand how she isn’t embarrassed to do this in public. It’s not like she rented out the place. Like imagine taking a hike and seeing Big Shaynus climbing on trees in dingy white granny lingerie and furry ears.

No. 1582257

lol why does her foot look like a schlong? every aspect of this photoshoot is truly awful.

No. 1582281

Honestly can't imagine paying money for a photo of oneself that turns out like this

No. 1582295

This one isn't bad to be fair. If it was edited better it would almost be nice

No. 1582316

When black & white can’t save the images.
She looks scared in this one.
And specially stiff and awkward in this one.
I agree, like those abduction pictures of Regina Kay Walters. Curious Nonas, be careful if you decide to Google. While the images aren’t gory, they’re very haunting.

No. 1582384

she's so long

No. 1582398

File: 1657164285838.jpg (70.89 KB, 500x500, golum.jpg)

Have you had your eyes tested recently? She looks like the bastard offspring of Golum from LOTR and a gorilla.

No. 1582399

they’re not saying she looks good, nonny. calm the fuck down. they’re saying this is one of the edits the photographer did that doesn’t look like complete shit. probably because it’s color.

No. 1582403

The photo you’re talking about will haunt me for the rest of my mortal days, nona. It’s absolutely terrifying

No. 1582412

she’ll probably see the thread and use it as inspiration cos she thinks it’s hot or some shit

No. 1582413

>let him play in her twat
Jesus, anon

No. 1582414

Her eyes look like her saggy labia

No. 1582447

File: 1657168285652.jpeg (292.96 KB, 828x910, CEAF6FD0-E10C-4CD3-A5AD-AAC772…)

No. 1582520

Be gone, moid
So the “dates” have increased in frequency while her online “business” has basically ground to a halt. You cannot tell me that she hasn’t finally accepted that no one wants to buy her greasy, grimy porn when better looking ewhores are a dime a dozen and has consequently turned to full blown prostitution