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File: 1661216682449.jpeg (345.93 KB, 980x1516, D3E359C4-2537-4EE5-946A-F7F40B…)

No. 1622896

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1612892

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last Thread:
>Shaynus surprisingly does shoots while at Fatcon. Non sexual of course >>1612940, >>1615146, >>1615986, >>1616008,
>She rooms with fellow e whore Sophia >>1612967,
>Retard cow tips information to Puppikkuma from the OF whore thread >>1612994, >>1613448, >>1613004, Fattikkuma spergs as per usual
>Shaynus does wrestling porn with Grappling Girls ?? >>1612998, >>1613066,
>>1613028, >>1613041, >>1613068, >>1613065,
>Shayna also does special ed cheerleading spanking shoot >>1613238,
>Turns out our cow Vivi Clouds didn’t quit porn after all >>1613265, too much of a scared bitch to go after Big Shaynus so she admits to changing her “stage” name >>1613267,
>Big Shay of course packs her deli ham two piece outfit for the red carpet >>1613340, completed the look with a TJMAXX clearance rack purse >>1613365,
>Takes a photo with old man dressed as Santa >>1613366, >>1613376,
>Gets a rash from hand spanking and unwashed paddles >>1613974, >>1614910,
>Hammered Shayna takes selfie without filters
Posts it on Snapchat TRIGGER WARNING: >>1614232, >>1614256, >>1615024,
>Takes photos with some crusty sex worker scrote >>1614272, >>1616099, wants to replace her “dildoe” >>1616123, simps over him on Twitter >>1616125,
>Allows another scrote to sniff and inhale her callous covered foot >>1615375,
> Shayna jumps on top of a scrote who identifies as a trampoline >>1614450, >>1614515,
>Closest Shayna pics in the wild we will get >>1614459, >>1615075, >>1615442, >>1615465, >>1615466, >>1616063,
>Big Shaynus on top of a BBW looking like a fat cow >>1616107,
>”Dances” publicly at Fetcon >>1619381, >>1619716,
>Now that she’s back in her shitty Renton apartment she gets sick from Ellen and surprise surprise, doesn’t want to work >>1620935,
>Horrible photo shoop tries to make her fat face skinny >>1619802, when everyone knows she’s a fat fuck irl >>1619810,
>Films video being sick and sounding disgusting >>1621740,

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1622899

File: 1661216709039.jpeg (487.89 KB, 1242x692, 26916E29-DDD5-498D-A354-5A1E95…)

No. 1622904

File: 1661216883905.jpeg (152.66 KB, 377x659, 60C4099C-0EB5-4C0E-B00D-C25A93…)

Why she standing like this

No. 1622905

File: 1661216930063.jpeg (148.33 KB, 332x699, C2637A1B-6FCD-4D9B-AE27-AC8729…)

No. 1622906

File: 1661216986421.jpeg (928.6 KB, 1242x1259, F2A104B4-433F-43E7-870A-367BC4…)

No. 1622907

File: 1661217019028.jpeg (694.86 KB, 1170x1473, 429CD1D8-F2AE-40CB-9F41-CAB361…)

I love how she uses “good food” to convince Mia to move to Seattle

No. 1622908

File: 1661217020405.jpeg (71.32 KB, 324x284, 66E43B39-0D98-42AA-B9D8-59D28E…)

No. 1622919

File: 1661217739324.gif (Spoiler Image,18.67 MB, 570x321, Oof.gif)

ˈʤiːzəs ˈkraɪst, Shayna. On the last thread, >>>/snow/1621734 mentioned that Shayna looked «cracked out». She does and it’s even more apparent in motion. In a few of the frames she reminds me of Lillee Jean. Threw a spoiler over the .gif because while there are no sex scenes in this, she’s bottomless and her vibrator is next to her.

No. 1622926

beer belly queen yassss

No. 1622934

File: 1661218319398.jpeg (357.55 KB, 828x1118, 0A4C07B3-A994-4DF7-9259-66C59D…)

No. 1622935

The capital H mouth makes a comeback

No. 1622959

I hope all those didgusting degenerates tipped housekeeping. That hotel should have put up "no whoring or porn shoots" signs or not agreed to host that kind of convention. I know people party, do fucked up stuff, and fuck in hotels - including prostitution and hook ups. But I feel like hosting an entire convention for porn and sex obsessed freaks is just extra gross. Their using the rooms as the settings and backdrops of their porn. Which is so dumb and funny because none of them can afford their own studios or production locations because none of them are legitimate. Love how she bragged about her many "pro shoots".

No. 1622960

Shoulders look wider than the pedo scrotes.

No. 1622977

my god, get a fucking waist trainer at the very least. take a page out of momokun's book.

No. 1622978

File: 1661220741587.jpeg (748.85 KB, 827x1485, E9CC83E7-F897-40E4-9B4B-AF7C77…)

found this on one of the fetcon photographers pages

No. 1622987

File: 1661221119848.jpeg (33.76 KB, 304x450, 2BD31C82-AD66-48D7-83B4-ED3CB7…)

No. 1622988

File: 1661221241361.jpg (41.96 KB, 270x360, 526279_v9_aa.jpg)

She should rebrand to IRL Miss Piggy it's more suiting
Even looks like thread pic too

No. 1623004

File: 1661222412769.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.76 MB, 1170x1578, D53455A2-FA98-47F5-A1A8-7D4510…)

Congrats Shay, you finally made the front page of a website that isn’t lolcow

No. 1623011

Her porn is so weird like she’s just getting spanked and doesn’t do anything else sexual. Like how many spanking videos do you need to make?

No. 1623014

This is from the same people who put together that Strictmore thing, you can see that Sarah Gregory country madam woman in the upper left pic

No. 1623016

How much can they truly be paying for this? $500 maybe, at best?

No. 1623022

That doesn’t answer my question on why she’s doing it

No. 1623026

File: 1661224114309.gif (9.9 MB, 600x338, posture, Posture, POSTURE!.gif)

Autism, sorry. Bleakanon, avert your eyes

No. 1623031

is she going to be the new Dawn?

No. 1623033

File: 1661224448438.jpeg (Spoiler Image,178.17 KB, 1024x768, D5668D0A-D934-4567-8C90-F7AD55…)

No. 1623038

She really looks like an evil cackling witch here

No. 1623053

File: 1661227027482.jpeg (Spoiler Image,556.67 KB, 1725x2048, AFC21C01-C317-4DF9-9205-F53273…)

God she’s so bad at being sexy

No. 1623058

Spoiler that shit you fiend.

No. 1623068

Because she doesn't like sex and sexual things but is too useless and stubborn to give up porn because she has no other hobbies or skills. Being a human punching bag and getting naked for attention is all she knows at this point.
Shes not excited to do b/g content. She doesn't want to do actual g/g content where they have sex either. She only says it because its what coomers want and ultimately she's going to have to if she stays in sex work.
But she just wants to get spanked or tied up otherwise she'll just lay on her back and pretend to masturbate on her own. Its a combination of not being a sexual person and laziness.
You can see she just (badly) tries to imitate what she thinks is sexy. If she could get attention just by being pretty and interesting, she would. But she knows she has to show her tits and holes or no one cares. Bleak.

No. 1623077

the sad thing is that i honestly do think that this is what she’s best at despite not liking it or being particularly good. she could never actually get a degree or hold down a meaningful job. she’s full blown retarded. so she’s found her calling here, really, she just sucks ass at it and hates it.

No. 1623079

That pussy smirk

No. 1623102

File: 1661230850593.gif (4.77 MB, 320x240, robot-monkey.gif)

it always kinds of reminds me of this things mouth tbh.

No. 1623131

NTA but I couldn’t agree more. It shocks me that she ever did a legit lesbian porn scene. I wish I could find the full thing just to see her reactions as a straight woman when the other girl (Reena Sky) eats her out. From what I can tell Shayna didn’t eat her out, even for a damn porn scene kek, which says everything you need to know about her supposed bisexuality. I’ve heard that other women in porn just pretend to like pussy and eat it to get paid but it really says it all to me if she couldn’t hide her repulsion. Not saying that sexuality is a choice but acting is part of the job so…

No. 1623136

i think her foot arches are collapsing ouch

No. 1623189

File: 1661239632462.jpeg (Spoiler Image,342.62 KB, 828x2094, 1987C2B7-3861-46C9-81FB-C93DB4…)

“Curvy” kek. This looks hilarious though, who’s buying?

No. 1623211

What fucked up moid pays for this shit. How is this sexy in the slightest? I truly don’t understand.

No. 1623212

>head in Shayna’s crotch
Imagine the stench

No. 1623214

His head directly in Sophia’s unwashed ass and shaynas unwashed crotch. I hope he got paid good to be there

No. 1623215

So much for small bimbo, she’s wider than him and because of the perspective looks way taller kek

No. 1623232

scrotes like him probably love the stench

No. 1623328


No. 1623376

I know she’d probably take this as a compliment but the fat belly makes her look like a baby

No. 1623413


Babe he's a scrote there's a chance he paid them. No matter how rancid these bitches are there's a man who'd jump at the chance to fuck them.

No. 1623415

She's ugly, asexual and wants to be known as a hardcore bimbo that's still a ~wittle bb grill~. It works perfectly for her, she can be ugly and asexual and still get to call herself a porn "star" doing weird fetish shit like this.

No. 1623469

No one needs to buy it. Is there a preview clip?
If not, I'd still say don't bother. We can assume it's Shaynus and Black Shaynus flopping around in a walmart excercise ensemble doing shitty submission holds on an ugly scrote. The pictures or a trailer are enough. She looks crusty, massive, and awkward as usual.

No. 1623472

File: 1661272670011.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1849, 435CA3C9-66F5-48B4-A893-A7F03C…)

She really thinks this con was her big break

No. 1623490

File: 1661274028596.jpeg (909.48 KB, 820x1398, 38DE1B77-3611-4794-AEEC-D7D2DB…)

She’s bold for posting photos like this with that facetuned to hell pfp

No. 1623492

where even is she on this? i've read through 50 different variations of goddess and tranny names like lilith but i can't see her at all kek. congrats on making it shayna!

No. 1623493

5th row on the top page towards the bottom

No. 1623527


Those gorilla arms though

No. 1623535

File: 1661277149335.jpeg (669.16 KB, 1242x1629, 86821E73-69F0-4BA4-A4FD-31EF42…)

Kek that’s so pathetic

No. 1623537

Nice track marks

No. 1623570

They're not track marks retard

No. 1623712

Kek. Ah yes no better place to hit a vein than in your outer forearm! Obviously just a scab.

No. 1623813

File: 1661296837542.jpeg (565.24 KB, 1170x1361, DB2302D0-4BC7-430D-85EE-B46ABC…)

Not even in your dreams Shay

No. 1623832

Shayna does nothing but pout and bitch on Twitter, how does she think this applies to her?

No. 1623869

So deep in her delusion she thinks this IS her now, not even some phony "manifesting" or "me next year", literally all of these could have a few words removed or altered to make it fit 100%
>She always smells
>The definition of a bum

No. 1623897

File: 1661305248632.jpg (796.5 KB, 3917x4317, itsureis.jpg)

fixed it for you Shay

No. 1623902

I love you anon

No. 1623917

This is one of the funniest photos I've ever seen of Shayna and that's saying something. I can't even explain it. It's just so freaking weird. The wibbly forearms shopped to be smaller, the giant bobble head because anons called her out for making herself a pinhead, the smirking dolphin undercarriage, the fupa, the stringy hair, the dead eyes, the shiny ham suit. It's all just so much.

No. 1623921

why does it look like her head is pasted on? there is so many creepy things about this picture that I just can’t describe.

No. 1623933

It’s because her face is extremely lightened relative to her body to the point that it looks like something you would create on the faceinhole picture editor.

No. 1623938

File: 1661309605314.jpeg (567.25 KB, 828x1264, D6F13481-B722-42C6-8B9A-772241…)

So you can go twice and then make up some crazy excuse to never go again?

No. 1623944

Uh have you ever met a scrote, nonna? This is mild on the scale of fucked up shit they pay to see.

No. 1623947

kek. so pretty much every girl ever = a "dream girl"
NLOG harder Shaynus.
Literally every girl ever besides 2% is just enjoying her life, dressing how she wants & being kind while also not entertaining scrubs.
The only difference is that Shayna's income is dependent on seeking coomer attention, while 99% of other girls just exist as themselves & attract it involuntarily as they maintain gainful employment through venues that actually contribute to the world in some way.

No. 1623949

Also bc she's giving some kinda Price is Right smile like "Eh? This one's on sale 50% off"

No. 1623951

lmao no one

No. 1623954

Cutting calories and alcohol would do more then 30 minutes at the gym, then you go home, smoke weed, drink the calories back and eat a board of cheese,meats and grapes big enough for two people.

No. 1623959

who's gna be my calorie count zaddy n log my days of 3k+ cal from charcuterie & whiteclaws uwu

No. 1623960

File: 1661311989955.jpeg (168.56 KB, 798x527, C8D7B578-93FB-4401-AFA1-256BDC…)

Shayna asexual moments

No. 1623964

enjoy the day of the rope post-roe then you fucking misogynist degen

No. 1623965

She should try getting off her fat fucking ass and doing daily workouts at home or going to the gym regularly before she gets a personal trainer. We all know if she hasn’t formed the habit she will just stop seeing the personal trainer and it will be a waste of money.

No. 1623967

Why does she need 1:1 support to exercise idgi. Just drink 1 less White Claw Surge every day (220 calories), make one diet-related choice (idk, 100 cal), and walk for 30 minutes (100 calories) and you will lose a pound a week.

No. 1623968

She should try eating <1800 calories a day kek. Exercise won't fix it when she eats enough to fill a 6ft man. We all know she will never decrease her food/alch intake though. Bitch is stuck in her fridgey barrelbod for the rest of her life. Love that for her!

No. 1623970

istg it's as if she would have never lost her virginity if she wasn't a giant pick me or saw sex as a way to get things from people easily.

No. 1623971

File: 1661312840478.jpeg (66.15 KB, 1242x822, 762A9E47-E8ED-4EE9-A844-2EA5FA…)

This is what she meant.

No. 1623972

It’s so frustrating because she has SO MUCH MORE TIME than literally 99% of the world to do anything good for her body and she never does. Laziest person I’ve ever seen

No. 1623974

Imagine not getting horny for normal sexual activity and only liking things that explicitly don’t provide you pleasure. Usually that cringe bdsm shit is hot because it leads up to sex, no one is going to cum just from sitting tied up in a room all day or getting hit by someone but what do I know.

No. 1623976

File: 1661313287681.jpg (332.68 KB, 960x1280, 1306877354458.jpg)

it's like she can't conceptualize it could happen to her for real
>all our fw she lets some "foot slave" in her hovel and he fucking kidnaps her

No. 1623981

File: 1661313566372.jpeg (194.68 KB, 828x585, EBD4D01A-BD6B-4D28-B2B4-7EB749…)

No. 1623983

it’s really bold to say kidnapping makes you horny and then invite random men into your home.

No. 1623984

Her regular drunk-and-alone tweeting

No. 1623985

Right, I can’t imagine how complicated a jury decision would be if she ever was harmed

No. 1623987

>I just hope her dreams come true
you are pathetic, just as bad as she is

No. 1623988

get some friends you pathetic fatso. dream girl? more like nightmare girl.

No. 1623990

File: 1661314813479.jpeg (302.25 KB, 828x772, 34C91869-92C9-4913-8E42-E305C2…)

No. 1623994

Average spicy straight response. We’ve seen her thirst after men and only interact with women sexually for her content or for companionship/presents a la Ellen.

No. 1623999

File: 1661315840645.jpeg (448.64 KB, 828x1339, 5FD5B2D0-8FAF-455C-B426-CA1B1F…)

No. 1624000

imagine having to tell these molesting monkeys you love them to stay on their payroll of $50 a month

No. 1624001

Big Shaynus is now following Michael Slack of Missouri, Trump-licking racist veteran, trucker and pedophile who raped his daughter, follows her sex work account that he interacts with and buys sex toys for, and telling him that she loves him, I hope the twitter whores see this and sperg for the ages

No. 1624003

I wonder if it was some kind of subtle jab for them to make big shaynus out of all people wear a uniform that says “titans” on it kek.

No. 1624005

KEK this is so petty but I love it

No. 1624009

not this shit again

remember last time when she was supposedly besties w her pt and then she dropped her after like two sessions for being racist or something? i really doubt this one is gonna last any longer

No. 1624015

Why does she have those flags kek

No. 1624021

She doesn’t this is the studio she filmed the wrestling porn at when she was in Florida

No. 1624037

this has real mean girls burn book energy anon, lmao

No. 1624043

Can't wait to see what weight loss diet she attempts this time

No. 1624052

They don't give af because he's their top subscriber too. If they started caring about subscribers they would have none. blog but I saw this one TikTok of some girls doing a gross ddlg thirst trap and one of the guys commenting heart eyes had his face on his profile and he was literally following pedo pandering sex workers and actual random 13 year old girls like how did he even find them? I bet the algorithm mixes up whores who larp as underage with actual underage girls and these men don't care, the pedo pandering whores don't either Tenshii or whatever her name is is a good example of that.

No. 1624054

File: 1661321768331.jpg (20.01 KB, 464x617, IMG_20220824_161323.jpg)

Sage for nitpick but ew, the lumpy skin texture combined with pit cheese, gross.(nitpick)

No. 1624055

what is going on with her legs? it looks like her left leg is cut off from bad editing

No. 1624058

Shaynus hoping for those amputee fetishists' pennies.

No. 1624072

As a transplant floridanon, this is just how deodorant looks til you find one that works with your body's natural chemistry. It's a humid, tropical climate & it takes adjusting to (including adjusting products) if you're from up north. She def should've edited this out, but at least it shows she was wearing deodorant! Low bar, but still…one smell mitigated!

No. 1624076

It probably isn’t even helping the stench. She likely reeks and we all know putting deodorant on unwashed pits isn’t going to make it suddenly not smell, just adds a chemical smell ontop of the BO. She likely just swiped some on to help with her smell and lack of showers

No. 1624082

Normie moids don’t pay for this shit. I get they fuck anything, no doubt about it. But I don’t think a lot of people are into full clothed non sexual wrestling like that such a retarded niche kink.

No. 1624083

This fat bitch just wants money she’s always doing “fundraisers” for dumb shit like weather girl hair and a gaming desktop she never uses. Why doesn’t she save up for a down payment on a home or a car? She can use the car to do instacart as a side business so she has a steady income. She’s such a retard. She’s going to die a broke, fat, alcoholic with thousands of threads of her stupidity forever documented on the internet. Bleak

No. 1624092

The book cellulite is weird. Not gonna lie

But honestly surprised that she wears deodorant. She seems like the type to spray some "spritz" Al a Axe body spray, & thinks it will mask her putrid BO

No. 1624093

How fat and out of shape do you have to be to have cellulite on your armpit?
She said her personal trainer was Trump supporter so she quit because she didn’t want to be supporting a bigot. She also e begged to get out of her gym membership. Like it really matters what someone’s political preferences are when you’re suppose to be working out. That has to be the dumbest excuse she’s ever made to get out of doing something. She just made that up because the free/discounted trial sessions were over.

No. 1624094

File: 1661327566025.jpeg (282.36 KB, 1119x1454, C70BFA2C-AE2C-4FA4-B04B-98AD80…)

Deodorant doesn’t cover B.O if you don’t shower. I don’t think she showered the whole time she was in humid ass Florida. I mean she’s was covered in a slick of grease towards to last few days of the convention.

No. 1624104

Also why would she care about the trainers political views when her top coomers like Mike Slack the incest pedo are blatantly right wing. If you're gonna act woke and like you give a shit, commit to it

No. 1624109

Shayna says whatever she can to fit in. She has no mind of her own. And not in a cute bimbo ditsy way. She’s legitimately low iq. She can’t think for herself, she just does what other people do because she has no personality. She will never get rid of Michael Slack from Missouri because that’s her number one cashcow. He’s too retarded to realize she doesn’t give a fuck about him. His shady tweets whenever Shayna lies and monsters inc gifs are funny though not gonna lie kek

No. 1624114

>Why doesn’t she save up for a down payment on a home or a car?
kek, it kills me to think that she's been selling her dignity for half a decade now & is still running on her hamster wheel at $0 net. Only gonna get harder to maintain that $0 as she gets older & greasier. And yet she has managed to convince herself that this is 'thriving'.
The same girl who tried to dunk on her normie sister & classmates bc they pursued an education to get real jobs with actual earning potential. She thought she was above them bc "hurr durr moved out at 18". Now they've all got cars & 20% down payments for nice houses, looking at starting families, while Big Chungus over here is clinging onto the desperate hope that some rich moid might swoop in and pick her lot lizard ass. She will never own anything worth 5 figures, let alone the cheapest, shittiest trailer property. Love that for her.

No. 1624123

I hope she knows she’s giving 2011 jersey shore and not bimbo with that outfit

No. 1624171

imagine telling some inbred yokel who subscribed to his DAUGHTERS onlyfans and most likely molested her "i love you so much". what a rancid, miserable whore

No. 1624174

Shayna, this man is a blatant Trump supporter. Wasn't that the reason that you stopped seeing your personal trainer? Where's that energy now?
She'll refuse to do a burpee because her trainer is a right-wing woman, but she'll spread her orifices for any old right-wing man, tell them she loves them & call them daddy to boot lmao

No. 1624184

Not just that, but “i love you so much daddy”, fully playing into his attraction for his literal daughter. These girls cannot be saved.

No. 1624225

>one tit facing left and the other towards the floor
My fucking sides!

No. 1624265

The raging angry pimples on her chest in plain sight. The thick sheen of grease on her face. The dry crispy hair. The wrinkles on her forehead.

All things that make her such a high class bimbo kek

No. 1624356


Yup. At one point I was fairly pro-sexwork/sexworkers, but most of these girls and their coomers deserve the rope for their irresponsible behavior and all the damage they've done to society.

At least the sexworkers/whores of the olden days had the decency to keep the way they make their money a secret. There's no reason to proudly display your kinks to public internet spaces. We truly do not need see a e-whore call her virtual John daddy.

No. 1624372

File: 1661358260694.jpeg (409.9 KB, 828x1327, E466832C-259A-4D37-9B2C-875CCE…)

I am kinda shocked this is happening, Pixie is busted in the face but she’s so much thinner then Shayna who only seems to work with girls who are fat too so she doesn’t end up dwarfing them

No. 1624379

They already planned to meet up once a year or two ago, then it got washed out forgotten with no explanations from both of them. I guessed that pixie backed out but she really does want the company of her? I think they even bought tickets last time it just never happened and was never mentioned again.

No. 1624381

Kek as she's close to if not at her highest weight again too.

No. 1624414

in case any nonnas forgot what it looked like the last time they "worked" together there's plenty of cringe in this thread
including mia forcing shay to actually bathe, kek

No. 1624451

Mia and Pixie are different people retard, she’s never worked with Pixie

No. 1624505

File: 1661363660258.jpeg (642.99 KB, 1170x1278, 83A15BF0-7860-4995-9882-B9172F…)

This literally looks like something she could’ve made herself

No. 1624510

Nothing screams bimbo more than a cheap breaded necklace children make. She’s disgusting

No. 1624518

She should at least get a hobby and make her own bracelets

No. 1624521

File: 1661364462805.jpeg (78.88 KB, 764x632, 1CC34BD7-BB6B-4F5D-BA1E-D91596…)

TW: Big Shaynus committing a hate crime

No. 1624574

Isn't pixie like under 5ft and under 100lbs?
Shay's gonna look like an absolute monster next to her.

No. 1624603

Yeah she's objectively got a really cute body or at least knows how to pose and edit it that way. Total butterface though. But again, unlike Shay she usually leaves her ugly face out of pics.
She definitely puts out the ~uwu smol bbygirl~ thing Shaynus could never kek. Not wking Pixie just saying the difference between the two is hilarious. Big Shaynus is gonna look even more massive next to someone like that.
she's lucky at least pixie has an ugly face but you know even next to unattractive whores, Fat Shat still manages to look crustier, older, and more busted somehow even with editing.

No. 1624632

I just looked up that pixie whore and her face is mediocrely cute or at very least average. Just cause you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they’re a “busted” “butterface”… you seem bitter

No. 1624661

File: 1661372711303.jpeg (353.58 KB, 1170x1016, 57F3F4AD-32E4-4EF8-8119-DCF58C…)

I wonder if she’ll get on cam this weekend

No. 1624675

File: 1661373554668.jpeg (439.33 KB, 1170x1278, D78008AB-7C94-4B32-A795-976B9E…)

No. 1624715

Smells like a Twitter whore who has the same ugly mug as pixie. She’s not cute at all. She uses snow and is still mad ugly

No. 1624716

Everyone whos not new to the thread calls her abustedpixie and calls her that. And personally even with all the editing, I think her face isn't particularly attractive. I said her body is though and you can tell she knows that's the case too.
She's not an absolute hag or crusty and rodent like like Shaynus, sure. She's average I guess if that makes you feel better.

No. 1624732

this bitch is always sweaty. this is an issue of, she doesn't know which deodorant "works best with chemistry" because she never fucking wears it. she realized she'd have to actually be around people and put on whatever cheap shit she could find and had pit cheese cause of it.

youd think after having a rep for being sweaty and shit and having giant yellow pit stains during pro-scenes that she'd had this shit figured out by now.

No. 1624748

File: 1661378749488.jpg (Spoiler Image,117.14 KB, 357x472, Homer Mattel - Pussy Lips.jpg)

No. 1624755

She probably doesn't even know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

No. 1624760


No. 1624765

Learn to spoiler and sage retard

No. 1624769

late response but showing off that fupa for fupapa

No. 1624791

relax retard go have sex(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1624830

If you’re gonna have autism and not sage you could atleast make a joke that hasn’t been made here 1000 times

No. 1624832

I can only imagine the stench of booze coming from her pores and thrush mouth. Vile.

No. 1624846

File: 1661387013820.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1551, 555C820C-A9FB-498A-9741-AAC08C…)

Why would she post this

No. 1624848

File: 1661387065686.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1513, EC2B26C2-D6D1-4ECA-95FC-08223B…)

No. 1624874

> halp!

No. 1624878

File: 1661390103201.jpeg (866.29 KB, 1170x1428, F0EB5DD2-5C24-4F22-967A-11A8FA…)

She also posted this on Snapchat saying she bought a curling iron

No. 1624880

Shayna is the only person on this planet that goes somewhere in clothes she wore thousands of times, but think it's such a look she goes home and does photoshoots in the same clothes. Even though she/others took pictures of her in those clothes. It was ugly/basic/simple the first time. This shit is self serving and she thinks that her "fans" are flipping out over 30 clothed picture in outfits they saw 30 times before. She acts like a influencer with zero style and 10 outfits.

No. 1624882


kek, you made me smile nonny

No. 1624884

Sneezing out like that is so gross. You know shes one of those people that does that and coughs without covering it in public too.

No. 1624886

File: 1661391384456.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3084x2808, 0A9F0A54-E5FC-41E8-A148-0A5F44…)

I don’t get why she thinks patterned bra with a white tank is a look. It screams ratchet white woman living in a trailer park on food stamps. Her cleavage also looks like a long ass buttcrack

No. 1624887

it cannot be unseen

No. 1624892

File: 1661392227480.jpg (239.21 KB, 794x787, woof.jpg)

She needs to retire these spaniel styling. The curls add to it.

No. 1624894

Because she probably got more looks gasps because she actually had a little cleavage. Shayna thinks her legs and ass are her good parts along with her face. Now she discovered a good angle, cleavage and a push up bra. Whatever year cheetah print and tops of bra showing was in is where she is now. We all know Shayna is always at least 5 years behind the times. So in about 5 years she'll learn clear lip gloss looks better then that ugly brownish pink matte lip color she loves, maybe she'll start lining her lips and wearing low riding jeans with her thong showing in 3 years when that goes out of style again.

No. 1624896


She's the most uncomfortable looking cow I've ever seen. Bitch can't even fully open her eyes and fake smile for any picture. Not to mention, it's getting harder and harder to believe she's in her twenties. Even druggies like Tuna look more youthful somehow. Can't imagine how her parents felt having to see how haggard and sickly she looked during that vacation

No. 1624898

File: 1661392731122.png (7.22 MB, 1242x2208, C96B2FC4-10A0-45F4-8D93-9F856E…)

I’m laughing so hard

No. 1624900

File: 1661392991117.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1039x2152, 33FC9D90-5627-4723-A044-89A3CD…)

Her thighs are so massive why are they so fat in the front

No. 1624901

She really is the female version of Yaniv.

No. 1624902

What the hell is she wearing? The size too big heels, the short/belt hiding her gunt, the shit she wore at Fatcon, cockerspaniel curls?
KEK bless you for stopping the video when she makes retarded faces.
I'm in love with you anon.

No. 1624903

Try to go a night without getting drunk and you might feel better quicker

No. 1624905

File: 1661393281568.jpeg (1.07 MB, 3465x2424, FE0C2E47-3899-40D4-A7E0-42F6FB…)

Ur welcome Anon kek it’s fun to do

No. 1624906

File: 1661393405840.png (6.7 MB, 1242x2208, CF436143-73B2-4B1F-B8C1-130E46…)

Even the way she stands is retarded what’s up with the fucking granny spandex undies?

No. 1624908

Why does she keep wearing swimsuit looking pieces as actual clothing?
This looks so retarded. What does the shirt even say? Nasty? I guess that's accurate. Maybe she can get another that says ~Disgusting~ or ~Stinky~

No. 1624909

File: 1661393472938.png (7.4 MB, 1242x2208, 2607F122-E585-4385-B9F7-385596…)

ilysm daddy (do not use emojis)

No. 1624910

That seems to be a swimsuit, I wonder what happened to the top part.

No. 1624913

The way she looks, moves, and acts plus the song choice makes her look like a full on troon.

No. 1624916

Unironically looks like she’s tucking a penis here

No. 1624918

File: 1661394047911.jpeg (306.36 KB, 1242x1983, 1C7A54B6-3531-4E8E-A499-B53EE6…)

No. 1624922

The shadow makes it look like she passed herself.Ive heard of girls tweaking, or being pretty and doing this goofy dancing, but what is this and who is this for? It's very self aware of her to know that she can't be like Zendaya or one of those tiktok girls and be fully dressed and act goofy & get loads of attention but this is baffling. All these weird lip syncing dance videos should go in her personal shay bank or something. Nobody wants this. It fits no genre. At least when Chris Chan makes his weird dance videos he got attention for them. Maybe in Shayville she gets loads of attention for this shit.

No. 1624923

*pissed not passed

No. 1624930

took me a second but nicely done

No. 1624932

Anon pleas buy the wrestling video, I bet it is wonderfully awkward

No. 1624936

Then you do it if you want to see it so bad

No. 1624996

Probably one of the few smarter things she’s done. Takes too much effort so I don’t see it lasting long.

Curl out, girl. Not in.

No. 1625023

File: 1661401430393.jpeg (183.97 KB, 1242x783, BB9C3D0D-6034-4290-90A5-74BC8A…)

No. 1625031

File: 1661402034242.jpeg (850.79 KB, 828x1321, 4AC28090-E5AE-468D-9864-A64E92…)

That was fast, It’s better then the pinhead photo at least it looks like her

No. 1625033

File: 1661402091178.webm (551.51 KB, 672x866, 1.webm)

Her cat is so precious.

No. 1625035

No. 1625037

File: 1661402263335.webm (3.23 MB, 672x1232, 0.webm)

Seeing her in motion is always something else. Anyway, here’s the .webm

No. 1625038

You can tell she really thought this was a good idea, and that she ate while doing it. Big ooof…

No. 1625041

File: 1661402443365.jpg (718.79 KB, 1536x2048, poiuytrewq.JPG)

No. 1625044

This was just posted >>1625031

No. 1625049


why does she think flat chunky sandals are sexy? they look orthopedic

No. 1625056

her highlight looks like a rectangle of sunblock and her tits look like they hurt. and this is the edited version of the best set in the batch.

HD was a mistake. SW was a mistake.

No. 1625059

she already deleted this? I guess she decided to continue to be fat

No. 1625061

That's one busted, ugly cat. They do say that cats look like their owners.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1625063

she dances like she's holding in pee. kek

No. 1625085

Ikr, it’s so fucking hideous
How is this the face of a woman in her mid twenties. How.

No. 1625087

File: 1661404897598.gif (12.33 MB, 412x732, 83353f0e918bc24ddd4e158520d5f9…)

kek she cropped her face out for twitter cause it looked awful

No. 1625089

File: 1661405003598.jpg (938.5 KB, 1090x966, 0824221.jpg)

I feel like she always takes the most photos when shes looking her worst

No. 1625090

File: 1661405037855.jpg (1013.99 KB, 1090x966, 0824222.jpg)

No. 1625091

Jfc that cat is so ugly

No. 1625092

The cat is so cute… the cat protesting after she sneezed, omg

No. 1625094

this cracks me up along with retarded dog-chan

No. 1625095

I think she takes a lot of pictures when’s she’s feeling her fantasy. There’s a cockiness about her in these.

No. 1625096

It's literally just a normal cat wdym lmao

No. 1625100

File: 1661405714212.jpg (1.04 MB, 1090x966, 0824223.jpg)

No. 1625101

File: 1661405893066.webm (2.67 MB, 554x984, ezgif-4-92d7689175.webm)

the videos are giving creepy Lynchian vibes, not the sexy she was going for at all

No. 1625102

I’ve never stepped foot in these threads after a certain point but can we all agree that shayna really isn’t even that ugly and that no matter how funny it is when anons try to call her innocent cat ugly that it’s poor grasps for milk? These threads should be locked at this point, she’s nearly unmilkable.

No. 1625103

shes milky as fuck, the pet spergs are retards and just fucking with us, it happens every time. Just hide the fucking thread instead of bitching, whats the point of posting here if you dont even follow the thread?

No. 1625105

> Intends to zoom in and focus on winking eye
> Zooms right into the textured area in between her eyebrows instead
Shayna, you make it too easy. Thanks?

No. 1625107

She really thinks theyre serving. Theyre all she's been wearing since she got them. They can be cute, especially black ones, if you know how to style them with outfits. Shaynus doesn't know how to style anything current and cant even replicate outdated shit well enough.

No. 1625108

>not that ugly
Nona…she’s literally one of the ugliest active cows on this site. The only other one that repulses me more is Luna.

The animal sperges are just bored trolls that need attention. Best to ignore them.

No. 1625109

The right one is the best of the bunch and it's giving trailer park mom high af trying to lure in her 3rd baby daddy.

No. 1625111

I know who and what you are.

No. 1625112

I know she is in her own home but why doesn't this nasty butch covet her mouth when she sneezes
Imagine all the smoker lung phlem that projects all over the place, I would be pissed too if I was her cat and had to lie in that

No. 1625113

She’s really ugly what’s up with the abutterfacepixie and shaynus white knights imagine getting bent out of shape because anon called her cat ugly. Who tf cares if you think it’s not ugly?? Replying to it and arguing shits up the thread you are all stupid

No. 1625114

She should beg for an “air humidifier daddy” I hope she opens her windows and gets fresh air at least. Fucking nasty

No. 1625115

Why is she like five different colors? Kek not even a tan can cover her cellulite cottage cheese thighs. She needs to put her tongue back in her mouth, no one wants to see her scallop tongue.

No. 1625118

File: 1661407492901.jpeg (671.67 KB, 1242x1638, EB0C309D-15A5-491E-B1C2-611402…)

My autistic ass found the retarded skort she was wearing. It was $39 marketed for strippers. She can’t even twerk or dance sensual/raunchy

No. 1625129

say it

No. 1625133

File: 1661409532734.gif (406.71 KB, 500x281, 50546593-D138-4F2E-98D8-A52ACA…)

No. 1625136

File: 1661410241138.jpg (86.09 KB, 1080x435, Screenshot_20220824-234652_Chr…)

Damn, I kind thought her mons pubis was always like this, but looking back on old threads I realized this bitch really gains weight in her pussy. Incredible. Does this count as a FUPA?

No. 1625139

Even Luna Slater’s mound isn’t as monstrous as Shatna’s
This is so unsexy, I know it’s been said before but she legitimately looks special needs

No. 1625143

Giving 55 year old hooker vibes

No. 1625166

My sides are wheezing kek

No. 1625195

Her swimsuit bottom honestly kinda looks like postpartum diapers with the high waist and thick bulging pad inbetween the legs

No. 1625206

The high waisted bottoms, weird shadows, retarded facial expressions and dancing giving me foreverkailyn vibes

No. 1625210

Pretty sure it's fungal acne causing that disgusting skin texture. Forehead is a really common place for it.

lmao, I love you.

No. 1625213

>fungal acne
I just threw up in my mouth, I didn’t know that was a thing, how fucking disgusting does one have to be to get fungus growing on their face?

No. 1625217

afaik using dirty towels on your face frequently is enough to get fungus on your face. hers is always hanging right next to the shower so it can never properly dry which causes all kinds of fungi to grow in it. she also sleeps on uncovered pillows and i bet she sometimes doesn‘t take off her makeup because she‘s a sloppy drunk and she’s 100% using makeup brushes and especially sponges that never get cleaned which is also a source for fungal or bacterial skin infections

No. 1625307

She looks so jaundiced here it's insane

No. 1625407

One has to wonder if the "nasty" top is intentional at this point, like if her way of coping with the humiliation of being a shitty sex worker online is just letting it all hang out, forehead wrinkles, textured acne, suffocated boobs and all.

No. 1625412

Calm down anon you can get it just by going on holiday and sweating more than usual

No. 1625461

Poor cat cant haz cheezburger, she ate them all

No. 1625494

File: 1661447182065.jpeg (488.46 KB, 1801x1080, 3C324648-7CD4-4DBD-AF70-DBBAC3…)

Snapchat vs Twitter

No. 1625496

Shayna is the type of bitch to not wash her feet in the shower because “the soap washes down so there isn’t any need.” gag

No. 1625507

I’m surprised she hasn’t put gel on her side burns and use them to lay edges. She’d look so retarded. She’ll probably do it a few years too late

No. 1625552

God I’ve never been one of those people who wants to mess with other peoples zits or whatever but I just want to take a washcloth and aggressively scrub her face, I don’t know how she can stand not exfoliating, does it not fucking itch? Grimy.

No. 1625554

File: 1661450459201.jpeg (162.02 KB, 828x471, C4145195-2B3D-455A-B627-8F0F35…)

No. 1625567

And even more pedo pandering

No. 1625568

Holy fucking shit are her eye wrinkles really that bad? That's actually so sad.. I honestly almost feel bad for her, but her gluttony has gotten the best of her. Untreated bpd really does some shit

No. 1625573

nah, she's horrible inside and out. the cat is fine, is just a fucking cat kek some anons just want to hate on everything she owns bc they can.

No. 1625579

Christ, imagine a blow job from this rodent-toothed, gagging on only 2 inches bitch with fucking braces on. Her pedo pandering and overall lack of sexual skills knows no fucking bounds and yet some gross scrote will have no problem shredding his dick skin in her mouth. What a world.

No. 1625594

nasty, we know she wont be brushing her teeth after every meal.

No. 1625629

If she got braces you just know the cheemsburgers and charcutie board shit would get stuck in it.

No. 1625637

The dandruff bits and forehead wrinkles are giving homeless, hungry, anything helps

No. 1625641

Nah cuz what’s with the porn industry and making child themed content, why do so many ppl want to fuck kids(don't use emojis )

No. 1625659

Her snaggle tooth is so tiny there isn’t any tooth left. Pretty soon all her teeth with be sharp tiny nubs you see on people who get veneers except she won’t be fortunate enough to get them fixed. Just brush your teeth, you fat pedophile. Invest in a tongue scrapper. Bimbos/Barbie lookalikes have white straight teeth not yellow rotten teeth with braces slapped on.

No. 1625660

It’s been 14 hours let it go

No. 1625701

Her teeth are gonna go from yellow to brown to gone if she follows through with this

No. 1625721

It’s men. And learn to integrate.

No. 1625742

The silver lining to this is that braces are like $5,000 so it basically means that she will never afford them and we can be spared this pedopandering

No. 1625764

Like other anon said. Theyre expensive and a whole procedure.
When does she follow through on anything anyway? She's just drunk and stoned and posting any stupid thought as usual. It's pedo pandering coomer bait.
She thinks it would be cute and be a look but she'd look even more sped and busted in reality.
Too bad she only thinks of things through a porn filter and not things that would actually improve her appearance and life because she should definitely get dental work done. From some routine cleaning up to invisalign. That would be actually beneficial and more bimbo.

No. 1625780

>nah cuz
u have to go back

No. 1625781

File: 1661463753246.png (62.2 KB, 201x202, kys retard.png)

maybe if this slack jaw yokel looking cunt wasn't such a mouth breather she wouldn't be such a slack jaw yokel looking cunt.

everytime she makes this stupid smirk i wanna alog.

No. 1625783

is losing your metabolism a gradual thing or can it happen overnight? cause i swear piggy mattel lost any signs of a healthy metabolism at the start of the year has been gaining steadily ever since. anons who think this is weight she could "easily lose" in less than a year have their own personal delusions to deal with. She has - FUCKED - up her body. How embarrassing to have same body type as a woman who's given birth.

No. 1625786

Why is no one talking about the fact she looks drunk and high as fuck in these photos. That is why it looks like she's feeling herself despite looking at her worst. And its why she's spamming this shit even though she looks like a greasy fat chick who sucks guys off for a tenner.

No. 1625811

I feel like if she cut out her face (her entire face, not just the upper half like she does sometime leaving her marionette fat bitch mouth) these photos would be less abrasive.
Not saying she has a great body but her face just ruins everything.

No. 1625823

I think she looks nice with curled hair. Tbh I think she’s looking better and cleaner these days(sage)

No. 1625825

Learn2sage faggot also she's just as disgusting as ever

No. 1625826

did she get her shoes from a drag queen, wtf

No. 1625842

Agreed. If it was cropped, she would probably get some retweets from pink y2k aesthetic twitters. Her face completely ruins it

No. 1625843

Zoom whitening

It's all a result of excessive alcohol consumption. The bloating would go down after ~1month sober, but she has visceral fat now. Not even the best metabolism in the world can do shit about that. Diet w/ intermittent fasting & cardio are the only solutions.

No. 1625858

I have braces in my 20's because my parents couldn't afford them, not only do braces alone cost thousands, but your teeth need to be in perfect condition and so do your gums, I can guarantee this bitch has gingivitis from not brushing which she will have to get rid of, she will also have to pay for pre-dental work to fix any cavities or other problems which I'm sure she has and she will need multiple cleanings. Pre-brace work alone can rack up to hundreds if not thousands. No orthodontist will even touch her disgusting mouth in the current state it's in, has she ever visited a dentist in her adult life? Does she keep up with a professional clean every 6 months? She can't even brush her teeth twice a day and she's constantly scoffing sugar into her gob so there's probably all kinds of rotting and holes in her teeth.

She will never be able to afford it or do the upkeep braces need. Dream on shaynus, she sounds sped for even sexualising them.

No. 1625863

File: 1661471032223.jpeg (Spoiler Image,582.09 KB, 1899x2048, 181BCBC7-82A5-4FED-A9E3-196D16…)

That dumbass face like always

No. 1625865

File: 1661471088458.jpeg (Spoiler Image,686.2 KB, 1813x2047, 0DBEC3EF-6256-4A84-AE36-160FAE…)

She obviously edited her feet in this one, but not the other

No. 1625869

is it normal that i feel sorry for her? i can’t believe people like Shayna exists, like maybe if it was all an act, maybe it would be okay but she ruined herself for fucking nothing and being a drunk ass fatty only makes it worse.

No. 1625874

Remember when she had a multi-day meltdown because an anon compared her weird clunge to a dolphin nose

No. 1625877

It would have been dolphin mouth not nose, but when did this happen?

No. 1625878

The nasty ass shoes on the bed are triggering me

No. 1625884

File: 1661473409489.webm (7.02 MB, 332x720, kaikhaod.webm)

YES! I’ve thought so for a while and what solidified it for me was >>>/snow/1616817 . Anyone that has seen both Kailyn (vidrel) and Shayna dance can probably agree. More importantly, just like Kailyn, Shayna wants to be an influencer/popular online (?) for mediocrely existing and sharing *~content~*. Despite their failure, both defiantly continue to pursue their “calling”.
Ugh, this is one of the reasons I think she’s not redeemable.
She announced a dentist visit in 2020 >>>/snow/1036903 the conjecture was she had at least a filling >>>/snow/1037082 I feel if she wanted/needed braces when she was younger, her family would have paid for them. It doesn’t seem like they’d be unable to afford them.

No. 1625888

It while she was still in Oklahoma. Another OF whore on twitter, tweeted that Shayna's snatch looked like a dolphin and she had a mental breakdown over it.

No. 1625893

nona, when is this from? I haven't checked up on her in over 3 years because she'd gotten sooo boring (even for her)

No. 1625894

the “hehe I sharted” face mixed with the marionette mouth and double chin. just wow.

No. 1625895

her feet are fucking purple holy shit

No. 1625897

Her diet coupled with the fact she cant be bothered with any physical activity aside from stuffing her holes

Her muscles are very clearly underdeveloped and this rate of body fat percentage increase she’s gonna have a gnarly fat lady hump back in no time kek

No. 1625898

Holy hell! Jumpscare.

No. 1625899

TikTok, which she sadly deleted a few weeks ago. The engagement is off, her ex addressed a few things publicly and she’s on the prowl again. Other than that, you haven’t missed much. I wish we had a Kailyn thread, her threads on GG, YTT and KF are a mess.

No. 1625902

ty nona. I'd love an active thread about foreverkailyn here, a big reason I stopped checking on her was because it became such a huge chore to sift through the literal hundreds of posts of absolutely nothing.

maybe some other nonnies could chime in and see if there'd be enough interest for one here

No. 1625904

It was here >>>/snow/958871 she called this bullying

No. 1625905

those fucking ugly nails, her witch nose and her ugly tranny face. depressing.

No. 1625916

The obvious editing to make her butt smooth and round while she leaves the cottage cheese cellulite patch a few inches down where her leg bends, kek. Her drunk ass rose tinted goggle vision must be something else. Also the smidge of male attention at fetcon has made her BPD go brrrr, you can tell she feels hot in all these smug photos she's been posting.

No. 1625917

okay i hate shay but her voice is cute here and so is this video even if the filter is squishing the cat's face

No. 1625922

I will never understand why she insists on always keeping her knees together? She does it in all of her pics and dances, movement is more fluid when you treat your legs as two separate limbs and it keeps your thighs from looking so fat and hips from looking so narrow. She could learn this shit from a fucking tiktok video.

No. 1625970

Knock knees

No. 1625976

This is one of the funniest things to come out of a shat thread.

No. 1625980

Oh my lord, I must be brain damaged because I completely forgot about this, I’m roaring. If you’re posting your gash on the internet, especially on fucking twitter, you’re inviting people to make comments you don’t want to hear. Fucking idiot.

No. 1626001

Stop blog posting retard no one curr

No. 1626011

Hurr durr me Big Shaynus voice ain’t cute at all

No. 1626039

I bought the wrestling video and it redirects you to a site called “clipsforsale” and you have to login to see your purchase. My login didn’t work so I used the “reset password” function literally 2 times and can’t get to my purchase.I keep getting “incorrect password”. I actuallly bought it twice and am mad at myself and am too ashamed to try again

No. 1626043

That’s what you get for giving Shayna money retard

No. 1626053

Good job, retard.

No. 1626064

Hopefully most of the profits don’t actual go to Big Shaynus you’re retarded for that though

No. 1626065

What would possess you to buy it twice? Why didn’t you reach out to their customer service department first? Surely there’s a “contact us” option somewhere? I don’t see how we could help.

No. 1626067

This is hilarious

No. 1626068

File: 1661493653572.jpeg (85.44 KB, 259x292, 4A37CB2E-265F-4FCE-9406-FDB470…)

Two words: magic eraser Shayna clean your fucking shoes you disgusting finger toed bitch(nitpicking)

No. 1626069

Fart comedian anon is that you

No. 1626071

Wtf why are her toes so long

No. 1626073

Iirc the girl who said it was making a playful comment and prefaced it with something to suggest that. She couldve been a fake bitch and totally just meme-ing on her, but I think it's funny the girl seemed to not even mean it in a mean way or to booly Shaynus.

No. 1626074

She's morphing into Ellen. I swear her bottom half has filled out a little and she has more cottage cheese. They do say that people who spend lots of time together end up looking alike. Maybe that's what's happening.

No. 1626075

Some people's toes are just long. There's actually a surgery you can get to fix it.

No. 1626076

If a cat can brainwash you into thinking that Shay is cute then you definitely have toxoplasmosis.

No. 1626096

Given that this thread is riddled with fugly degenerate sex workers who use Shaynus to feel better about themselves I’d put money on that ewhore being a farmer, or at least a lurker

No. 1626108

File: 1661500796100.jpeg (326.42 KB, 1242x1784, BAFF36FF-B9B5-46F5-A6BE-240D2A…)

She most definitely was a cow larping as a farmer and making fun of Shayna to feel better about not having money for rent, until she got ran off of Twitter in 2020 by other e-whores with pitchforks for this retarded ass tweet.(this is a Shay thread)

No. 1626109

She's an obvious fatty who edits her face to look like a child's. She's probably the pick me pearchan anon.

No. 1626112

Apply for jobs at Walmart or Target, get some roommates. You are not the only young adult without family support that is struggling in America. Just admit that you are a BPD cow that lives off of the attention of ugly disgusting scrotes and you don't even want to try to get out of the situation you are in. Most women would simply be too disgusted to be even Shayna level of successful as online whores. There has to be something wrong with you to begin with.

No. 1626113

Ok I stand corrected. Still funny because it really upset Shaynus and it was a funny meme for a few threads. The whore wasn't lying at least, it was an accurate comparison kek

No. 1626115

Nah she was fucking funny for that. It became my favorite Shaynus meme along with fupatrans.gif but still a cow even if she wasn’t a farmer

No. 1626117

File: 1661501696907.jpeg (567.76 KB, 965x1090, B709AA6D-17CF-4485-99D7-8F151D…)

Why would you need braces when your teeth are rotten from not brushing them daily? By the time she gets a fundraiser for them or gets a “braces daddy” she will be missing some of her snaggleteeth

No. 1626125

She just needs some whitening toothpaste. That would make her teeth look a whole lot better. I understand that orthodontic surgery is fucking expensive and often painful, but at least just spend a few fucking dollars on some toothpaste to make your teeth look clean. It's not that hard.

No. 1626127

watch her live, her teeth are so bad you'd think she's English

No. 1626134

Prescient in light of revelations about inbred redneck Trump supporting pedophilie and probable daughter rapist Mike Slack from Missouri. As per the suggestion >>1626112 made why is it it so hard for these degenerates to do what the rest of us functioning adult members of society do and get a fucking job? Imagine thinking you’re above wagie work but insist on spreading your unwashed holes on the internet for the price of a happy meal. Women in survival sex work don’t have a fucking choice. I can guarantee that if you asked any of them if they think it’s “empowering” they’d laugh in your face at best or punch your lights out at worst not that anyone cares but I work with abused and disadvantaged women and this fuckery really makes my blood boil

No. 1626171

Zero words for this

No. 1626222

File: 1661517909791.jpeg (42.65 KB, 249x397, C884ADB3-0270-4381-ABE3-7CBC83…)

She used #igotacuteface when she looks like Tubbs from League of Gentlemen. Shayna often makes me think of LoG as well, she could be a character from the show easily.

No. 1626224

File: 1661518327895.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1367x2050, F12BE361-5B6A-4A34-A30A-A6C01E…)

She’s what you’d get if you spliced Tubbs with Vicky Pollard from Little Britain
>yeah but no but what’s all this shouting?

No. 1626304

My fucking sides, nona! Royston Vasey’s premiere sex worker, for sure!

No. 1626398

File: 1661531149254.jpg (499.26 KB, 793x1188, nonono.jpg)

No. 1626402

File: 1661531320107.jpeg (40.59 KB, 680x680, 18D6BB86-7248-4849-869F-B756CE…)


No. 1626404

No. 1626409

Kek anon that you actually took the time to do this. I love you

No. 1626415

Next thread pic contender for sure. We know Big Shaynus lurks, she’s going to seethe when she sees it

No. 1626418

File: 1661532135047.jpeg (Spoiler Image,527.02 KB, 1170x1441, B6C9E96B-C222-4F62-BAF6-FC106C…)

No. 1626460

Kek, the hair is better than Shays

No. 1626465

File: 1661534555429.jpeg (472.83 KB, 1242x1603, F7112B48-1AE5-45E5-8C21-9CB854…)

I hate this bitch

No. 1626469

Fuck off fatty(nationality sperging)

No. 1626472

Good thing she can’t afford them

No. 1626473

why would we use a edit of kailyn for shayna's thread pic? you don't even know what you're responding to

No. 1626474

Kek bongs have the thinnest skin. Must be all the inbreeding.

Taking advantage of her last year on dad’s insurance. Braces are pointless just brush your teeth nasty bitch(nationality bait)

No. 1626480

Actually surprised she hasn’t bought some shein fake ones already

No. 1626492

I hope they shut her down and tell her she needs a ton of other work before they can consider braces. And that braces arent a fucking accessory. Theyre a ton of work to have put in and then maintain. You have to have even better oral hygiene than average with braces. Or there's no point.
Also I dont think her teeth are all that crooked and shit to warrant it. Invisalign or something like that would work better.
Bitch can't even clean her makeup off her face day to day. Obviously has never brushed her tongue.
It would be like when she tried lash extensions and microblading, but worse.

No. 1626498

She doesn’t even need Invisalign. She just wants braces to pedobait, like how belle delphine had braces for awhile. I think she’d end up hating them because they won’t make her look more childlike, they’ll just make her look like a fully grown fat dork.

No. 1626500

Imagine how dry/chapped her lips would be with braces? I can see it now,her trying to do a goofy Bella delphine smirk with her lips looking like dried cracked clay.

No. 1626509

the only solace in this disgusting scenario is if she miraculously gets approved after following her bpd whims she will absolutely suffer the consequences, physically and financially. all for the approval of 3 scrotes and chump change.

No. 1626525

File: 1661537661314.jpeg (27.45 KB, 460x260, 7DA00A10-92AE-4966-AC19-AB87E5…)

OT af but ellen looks like pablo escobars wife, anyone else agree ladies?

No. 1626526

Honestly. She has this delusional "fantasy" that they'll look uwu cute. But braces just fucking aren't. Kids hate them growing up. And as an adult you'll just look stupid.
I wish instead of pedo baiting and doing things for coomer attention, she'd do things that actually would improve her health and appearance.
I mean ultimately I dont because she's rotten. But ya know.

No. 1626527

File: 1661537719908.jpeg (501.26 KB, 1170x1357, B265572C-EBC4-4F84-A426-945915…)

Annnd what do you do for her Shay?

No. 1626538

Ellen is a disgusting pedophile, why do you all think she needs to be treated right?

No. 1626539

Nta. No one said she deserves it. Just pointing how extra shitty Shayna is

No. 1626541

NTA, but I've never seen a single tweet from Shay talking about how she spoils Ellen. Its such a weird and gross one sided relationship.

No. 1626545

not even spoils - just anything, anything at all. i'll buy the grossest shanya porn i can find at full price if a nonnie can find me ONE example of Shaynus doing something nice or considerate for her "girlfriend". Letting that mongoloid beast touch her does not count even though it is considerate.

No. 1626547

The only image I’ve ever seen in a shayna thread that isn’t a disgusting nude that made me say ‘oh my god’ out loud. Brava nona brava!

No. 1626553

Shayna’s mere presence is enough of a gift, duh!

No. 1626554

It just shows what a selfish shitty partner Shaynus is.
In all the threads the only gift or anything Ive ever seen her give was a retarded yankee candle to Fupa and supposedly she bought tickets for him and her for some comedian. Literally that's all I can recall.
And yet she goes on and on about how she's such a caring loving amazing person that deserves the world.
All she does is offer her body as a punching bag in any relationship and thinks that's more than enough. And that her partners should boast and show her her off like she's a prize catch.

No. 1626561

Kek this is so fucking random.

No. 1626565

File: 1661542731585.jpeg (460.21 KB, 1170x1340, 00685AD5-D174-4565-9F51-919120…)

And more sexualizing people without their consent

No. 1626568

File: 1661543036579.jpeg (53.18 KB, 828x460, 6B026F39-9E13-4A0F-A32F-9BD1B4…)

No. 1626575

it’s so disgusting that she really wants to LARP as a 13 year old.

No. 1626576

She deleted this too

No. 1626577

bragging that she has busted teeth so she can larp as a teenager. thriving

No. 1626585

Ugh. She’s gonna look so busted and she will endlessly complain about them when the novelty wears off.

No. 1626594

she wouldn't keep them clean either, can you imagine how bad her breath would smell?

No. 1626597

File: 1661545809025.jpeg (680.93 KB, 1242x932, 6EA22A2B-8DF7-457E-910B-80BB51…)

I see it

No. 1626599

This bitch doesn’t even clean her stretched ears. She smells like earring backs and hot dog water already

No. 1626600

braces are so fucking expensive, is she really gonna go in debt over fucking braces? no car, no house but braces so her teeth can turn from yellow to brown kek

No. 1626613

File: 1661547516996.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3465x3465, F700C9A9-C4F6-41FE-97C2-48BB0D…)

No. 1626614

the braces fetish is so fucking weird (and pedo obviously). i had braces as a kid and it absolutely sucked. also all dentists will 'upsell' you on braces.

No. 1626615

the dentist isn’t upselling her if she’s being referred to an outside orthodontist, retard.

No. 1626617

you don't think the dentist gets a kick back from referring her to that specific orthodontist? dumbass.

No. 1626619

God, even as someone who tries to be body positive I find this deeply depressing.
How did she let it slip so bad?!

No. 1626620

Alcoholism. Not even once

No. 1626621

Huh? I’ve never had two people work on my mouth at once when I go to the dentist. It’s usually the hygienist and then the doctor comes in for a minute to check. Braces will look so fucking bad on her but she probably thinks she’ll become Belle delphine.

No. 1626622

did you shoop the before? it looks awful.

No. 1626623

File: 1661548572471.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3465x3465, DA72E6FC-AFE6-4487-8547-581CA9…)

I know age has a lot to do with it. As well as metabolism. But god damn she’s HUGE. She’s always been so fucking ugly and rodent like even when she was skinny. Like those wrinkles before she was even 20

No. 1626624

That’s just how Shayna looks kek

No. 1626627

I stg she was born looking 45 years old

No. 1626630


I think the last time she drank water was when she was toddler and her mom said she'd get juice after she finished the WHOLE (mini sized) bottle. That probably helps keep you looking nice and old.

No. 1626631

her sole redeeming feature was her body, and she ruined that. what’s amusing is that she still thinks she looks like that.

No. 1626634

Huh, her body was nice. I never read the earlier threads so I could’ve never guessed she actually looked like that in a million years. Sad

No. 1626644

Winghouse vibes

No. 1626645

Eye out for selener

No. 1626651

File: 1661552025101.jpeg (Spoiler Image,427.53 KB, 1440x1080, E96DFDF6-FE0C-4542-91AE-F9B4EA…)

It was thin but it was far from nice, that was just a flattering pose and angle. There are very few photos in the early thread where her body actually looks good like that, it was horrifying to behold

No. 1626660

It looks so irritated and covered in assne god I don’t get how tf they could have leaked these unshooped pics. She looks so crusty it still baffles me

No. 1626691

Kek even her snaggle tooth aged terribly.

No. 1626695

File: 1661554640036.jpeg (128.77 KB, 1242x883, 0CE2E351-61CD-4B46-9075-F69079…)

The face only a republican mother could love

No. 1626746

File: 1661560028000.png (2.6 MB, 1536x2048, unknown (7).png)

the face only a democrat mother could love(unsaged retardation)

No. 1626748

This reads like a shay porn description

No. 1626752

Is this the stwawbewymilk pedo?

No. 1626758

nta but no its a different one although idk who this one is kek, i get them mixed up from far away as well

No. 1626766

Means she must have been getting some type of work done. Dental assistant and doctor work in your mouth at the same time.

No. 1626772

Loooool. If this bitch does get braces bet she will use the pain from them as a cop out for doing her "job" ala "I can't cam tonight my tweefs hwurt twoo much daddies UwU"

No. 1626773

File: 1661562231964.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1080x2957, 3D91AF71-2FD7-4866-AAE0-72EBAD…)

No. 1626775

Why can she spend money on everything besides an iron. Just why.

No. 1626811

Even just a little spritz of water and a minute in the dryer to dewrinkle would help a ton since, let's be real, she's too lazy to iron

No. 1626817

OT but I can’t see how she’d really have an implant back then, her veiny boob looks naturally shaped and smaller than the implant she has now

No. 1626818

Look I know she's never gonn buy and use an iron, but ffs she could just wash these skirts then fucking hang them up right after and they wouldn't look so god awful and wrinkled as her forehead.
Her clothes either sit in a pile or are stuffed in a drawer.

No. 1626823

Post your actual dog Shay. This isn't what people want to see

No. 1626828

File: 1661569108420.jpeg (602.98 KB, 1080x1422, A6CFBEAA-B58E-4C30-B7B9-8DB7E3…)

No. 1626830

She really just violated peoples eyes because the dog day was trending on Twitter for people to post their love for their actual pets imagine trying to see some cute dogs and you stumble across big shaynus. She’s so disgusting

No. 1626849

That’s legitimately foul. Don’t BDSMfags claim their kinks are all consensual? Yet freaks like Shayna can expose unconsenting people (including minors) to fetish content.

No. 1626862

File: 1661571652344.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1796, 4E36200C-48A5-4665-BE05-8BE7F3…)

She’s disgusting . She just wanted engagement because it was trending on Twitter and shows up when you look at the topic. Showing her crusty ass snatch with no shame

No. 1626865

maybe she will get banned

No. 1626880

Yeah thats fucking disgusting. Im convinced that while she has always been a degenerate pick me, this last year in WA kink scene and things like fetish con + desperation and unchecked mental illness has completely porn rotted her brain.
She doesn't give a fuck about her poor pets. Couldn't even post a pic of her damn dog. Not that posting her pets on her porn twitter is much better knowing the creeps that follow her, but jfc.

No. 1626884

File: 1661573986996.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1510, 9851872F-7D7A-473B-B84D-234C47…)

Comparing this to the thread pic is hilarious she looks nothing like this pic

No. 1626885

is that her back fat sticking out?

No. 1626889

Kek I think it’s her pillow but she looks hunch backed there

No. 1626891

lol she's been liquifying her eyes bigger in these recent pics they look insane if you zoom in. Those piss hole comments got to her

No. 1626906

No. 1626918

i got vibes that shes been lurking like crazy from all the pics and shits shes posting on

No. 1626926

Mother anons, wyd if this you find this bitch in your infants room closet?

No. 1626935

I wish I had this much confidence, there’s nothing pretty or little about you, fat shat.

No. 1626936

kill it

No. 1626944

And they’re still tiny, beady, ugly puddles of shit with bags underneath like those of a geriatric

No. 1626948

File: 1661579460207.jpeg (885.89 KB, 1217x1626, B54E9B38-D343-4D70-AA84-3099DD…)

Damn does she not own any other outfits?

No. 1626950

File: 1661579529621.jpeg (393.56 KB, 1440x1800, CC198940-3B00-4477-AC2E-2EBF69…)

That pimple whitehead on her veiny dying boob screams bimbo. That shirt is so cringy and retarded.

No. 1626953

I wonder if any prospective clients have actually found this thread while vetting her as nanny

No. 1626956

lmao such a spoilt, luxury bimbo, this is so embarrassing

No. 1626961

You know you'd think since she's loving the groundbreaking combo of cheap tank top + bra, she's I don't know, go down to the local Walmart or mall and spend $50 on multiple tank tops/bras. Instead she wants to put on the same bra and one of the same tank tops, one she brought back twice. Is Shayna autistic? Does she believe that the attention she got at that con was because the amazing outfit, instead of anything with genitals getting attention? The outfits are basically identical. I don't get it. Weed can't fry your brain that bad can it? This is deeper then clothes,the choices Shayna makes legit gives me autistic mentally delayed alien woman who is trying to understand the world but her only guide is mentally ill sex work Tumblr before the purge. It's like Shayhog day everyday in here. Same 10 pieces of clothing, 2 hairstyles and eveeytime she acts like it's a brand new stylist outfit. Does she forget?

No. 1626966

How much do you want to bet that she hasn’t washed these “outfits” since fatcon?

No. 1626972

File: 1661582175168.jpeg (302.53 KB, 803x774, 5FA157C3-F8B2-40E9-9465-60F80F…)

This is just depressing

No. 1626974

>the attention

No. 1626975

File: 1661582598730.jpeg (319.08 KB, 1242x560, DED8BDCC-0E7C-4583-A96C-902933…)

She constantly complains about how much she sucks at sex work

No. 1626979

For adls much this is the ugliest of outfits I have ever seen, I am so happy she is wearing a bra. Maybe in the next decade she will find one that actually fits her

No. 1626981

This is so tragic that it's actually hilarious kekkk

No. 1627003

Also Shay: sorry no “free Friday cumshow” today because I had to go to the dentist this morning

No. 1627009

She's trying to look y2k but instead she looks like she never stopped wearing things from the early 00s.

No. 1627017

She's so dumb, dentists don't do braces and she can't even afford them. She won't be able to smoke or binge eat when her teeth hurt like hell for days after every adjustment either.

She's the type of chick to get braces and then let them go crooked once they're off because she forgets to wear a retainer or breaks it.

No. 1627028

Also I don’t really see that many kids with braces besides Invisalign’s anymore. Would be an awkward conversation with the orthodontist

No. 1627031

She absolutely just wants them for the “aesthetic”, if she really wanted to fix the Colombian graveyard in her fat bitch marionette mouth she’d save up and get veneers like normal adults do

No. 1627052

I don't know where the hell you live but I have never lived anywhere where getting veneers is something most people do. Not only do they fuck up your actual teeth but they are incredibly expensive and need replacing every 10 years. Some of the famers on this thread really do have smooth brains.

No. 1627053

No doubt her father is paying for the braces, probably like he's going to pay to get her boob implant replaced.

No. 1627075

At least she's saved up $30 for a bra after finally making the realization that she doesn't have the tits to go braless.

No. 1627148

Shayna reminds me of a super out of touch, pick-me middle schooler.

like I can just imagine her saying things like

“oh no I don’t sweat I have a super rare condition where I don’t sweat” (said while visible sweat marks form under her boobs)


“no my boobs are weird cos I had a super traumatic event and you guys just don’t understand, it’s a SUPER RARE condition no one even knows about. my boobs aren’t naturally weird, you’re all just bullies over my condition”

“I totally don’t get pimples like normal girls, idk what you’re talking about. those spots are from my very rare serious skin condition that no one knows about. but I don’t get gross pimples.” (said while she has multiple pustules on her face and chest)

“YES i’m a size small! no it’s not too tight on me, you just don’t understand my very unique body type that requires clothes to fit like this.”


No. 1627216


No. 1627287

Her teeth are already tiny and fucked up veneers wouldn’t be a bad idea

No. 1627288

You could have just stopped at the first example retard

No. 1627292

File: 1661617701835.jpeg (335.95 KB, 1242x1478, 465F8A65-0BFC-41EA-AFDB-FAD03C…)

I notice she deletes when no one likes or comments right away

No. 1627299

> “oh no I don’t sweat I have a super rare condition where I don’t sweat” (said while visible sweat marks form under her boobs)
Nice prince Andrew tier fanfic

No. 1627302

Amberlynn Reid said she doesn’t sweat and is like 500lb and often visibly greasy/flushed… Same preteen stunted ptick me energy as Shaynus

No. 1627315

Mods are banning people left and right yet they won't ban this retard and her retarded fanfiction

No. 1627371

File: 1661623042257.jpeg (359.6 KB, 1170x790, F90D67A9-264A-4038-9E30-EDA661…)

No. 1627378

putting a smell to the name, huh? i bet she hasn't washed that 'nasty' tank since she bought it.

No. 1627384

She needs to do a stream from her bathroom where coomers tip her to shower and wash.

No. 1627388

Honestly, that would be a genius idea for her. Now if she could only rub her two brain cells together to figure that out.(sage)

No. 1627396

>girl scout uniform
Crazy how okay that fetishcon made her with being more open about wanting to larp as a teenager/child sexually. Feels like before she tried to be slick about it more often.

No. 1627405

She did that with Mia and it didn’t go well

No. 1627409

File: 1661626034992.jpeg (468.53 KB, 828x1328, 183EA0E3-D93D-414A-A993-935212…)

No. 1627431

File: 1661628008033.jpeg (26.56 KB, 474x436, 7A1294E9-48BA-438E-A4DB-6C435A…)

No. 1627439

She really just posted this dancing video on her TikTok

No. 1627447

i hope she gets banned like soy or she goes viral for being a weirdo on a kids app

No. 1627448

File: 1661629520935.jpeg (821.47 KB, 828x1450, E3E0E4D4-FD91-4BD6-8ACC-17E7DD…)

With quality content like this how is she not tiktok famous yet https://streamable.com/b1z86z

No. 1627451

her full ass is out in that vid and she thinks it’s okay to post to tiktok? at this point i’m convinced she wants minors to view her porn and look up to her or some weird pedo shit.

No. 1627458

KEK she will never look decent enough to go viral for this.
I'm baffled by how boring she is, even when she's trying to write and do the most nasty shit, she's not interesting or pretty enough to go viral at all.

No. 1627464

she also has no idea how to use trending sounds or shit like that. she still has this delusion that her going viral on tumblr was because she was actually good at taking pics or some shit. in reality it was just popular in the stoner community.

No. 1627470

It reminds me of boomers using memes or something. There's just something about her posts that are so basic and stupid like she can't even use tiktok right. A montage of her over edited pics… yeah that's amazing viral content.

No. 1627489

>#e girl #bimbo #blonde #fyp
Ooh she’s so desperate to go viral. Kek she’s never going to get praise. And will most likely get bullied by zoomer kids for being a fat pedophile. Also photo collage videos like this don’t usually go viral. This looks like a shitty video an aunt made to post on Facebook

No. 1627494

File: 1661632834105.jpeg (Spoiler Image,814.37 KB, 1242x1188, 5A6ECF49-7B6A-4B9D-B469-8CCC57…)

Yeah she only got one like so far and the most she will get is 10-20 from bots or accounts that like anything. She’s shaped weird.

No. 1627501

File: 1661633278642.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1713, 6969DD99-6A1E-4F7E-B40C-E89DD4…)

Same sound on a video that did go viral by an actual pretty girl. It wasn’t a stupid collage neither. Shayna needs to stop trying so hard. It’s giving me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1627503

fucking kek at a glance I thought the TikTok interface was edited on to it.

Tragic. Her entire existence is just her giving everyone around her a bad experience.

No. 1627505

File: 1661633586093.jpeg (827.13 KB, 3465x3465, 54A6394C-6E5C-45B4-BB89-9255F6…)

Lurking through the gooner community and it’s just a bunch of loser moids who get zero action and resort to jerking off all day for hours and hours. They love sexualizing tiktok e girls and underaged tiktokers. There’s a lot of gooner accounts dedicated to preteens and underage teenagers. Shayna is pandering to them, because she loves the attention they can give her due to them being unemployed and lonely. So pathetic she tweeted she loves gooners after a goon account followed and complimented her. Disgusting bitch

No. 1627517

File: 1661634205680.jpeg (Spoiler Image,540.12 KB, 990x652, B6B1872E-6E07-4AB6-8E90-2B3587…)

Fatty exposed herself she only has 327 subscribers kek wtf that’s so low for a five year uwu pornstar veteran.

No. 1627521

Highkey I wish the bots would blow her up and put her on fyp of the meanest zoomies

No. 1627528

File: 1661634657828.jpeg (262.86 KB, 998x1594, B1BAC02E-FDA7-41EB-8094-B7DD2A…)

Same but I don’t want more Twitter fags and sexworkers on the thread. And it’s more funny imo to see 30 something views and only 1 like.

No. 1627542

That’s what I thought. I am older than Shayna and don’t use TikTok but she seems like an old lady who doesn’t know how to make relevant content there.

No. 1627546


No. 1627556

She used to have 1.2k, that’s pathetic

No. 1627557

File: 1661636022545.gif (4.11 MB, 340x255, 592ADE3B-C672-45B4-A6FC-DA4EA7…)

No. 1627565

kek what in the powerpoint presentation is this why is she posting slideshows in tiktok?

No. 1627566

thank you anon i knew it reminded me of something

No. 1627567

Like she’s so fucking dumb. Tiktok doesn’t have a shortage of ugly whores getting clout on it, she could try either making videos shilling sw or tell fake ass ~story times~ about being an e-hoe. Dumb ass little girls eat that shit up.

No. 1627569

lol this makes it so clear that shayna just doesn't understand the platform, the point of using that sound is that you pretend to be knocking on a door and then use that for whatever your joke is, it's not just using what's a popular sound

No. 1627575

I hope she's not encouraging her twitter audience to get on tiktok to like her content there. That app doesn't need more pedos. At least they're somewhat contained on twitter with less children to interact with

No. 1627588

Maybe she could end up on one of those pages that reposts and shares cringe content for people to laugh at and be made uncomfortable by kek that's her best shot at semi viral

No. 1627600

I always find myself wondering if she's so full of herself because she has to be to keep going or if she's really that delusional.
Like does she fake it to make it because what other choice is there really or does she truly believe her existence is a gift and she's great at what she does and she's very hot and pretty?
They say confidence is key but I think self awareness is important too. She's not the ugliest most disgusting whore Ive ever seen but I would put her in a below average tier at best objectively.
For being a sex worker, she talks big game about being a slut, but when it comes to actual content she's very unsexy and not into it obviously. She just wants attention and positive internet interaction. She'd love to just post pics and vids of herself clothed on tiktok, but that wont get her money or attention and deep down she knows that at least.

No. 1627608

Well it ain’t working she doesn’t have any likes kek her retarded photo slideshow reminds me of cringe flipagrams middle schoolers made in 2012

No. 1627620

Lurk more, retard
She was only popular on tumblr because she was an NLOG stoner at a time when weed wasn’t legal and ubiquitous like it is today. It wasn’t for her looks beyond the fact she was skinny and dressed to fit the tumblr aesthetic that was de rigueur at the time. If she hadn’t been tempted by the promise of attention and validation that whore rhetoric uses to ensnare young women she could well have kept on being a popular alt-lite wasteoid

No. 1627630

>>1627494 If she could angle her phone in a very flattering way she has a chance to look normal

No. 1627644

File: 1661643361712.jpeg (194 KB, 750x782, 0D3A557C-8856-4EB6-979B-9F685F…)

the guy replying to her creepy tweet is younger than her. is she the dad in this situation?

No. 1627645

File: 1661643366721.jpeg (385.89 KB, 1221x1183, EC1FE639-4FF5-4A54-8F1D-E1F387…)

She looks downsy and retarded in her TikTok pfp

No. 1627648

File: 1661644320973.jpeg (581.17 KB, 1170x1830, 55C93074-A8C6-4978-8EFF-13CCD5…)

No. 1627655

File: 1661645981133.jpg (657.31 KB, 1592x1305, Timeline of Thriving.jpg)

No. 1627660

File: 1661646469305.jpeg (595.28 KB, 1242x1541, D60E03B4-F903-4F34-AB33-22C22A…)

Same day, one year later. This is so bleak and embarrassing

No. 1627662

Did you purposely choose that color to censor her asshole to make it look like she's shitting herself?

No. 1627671

yes, i did.

No. 1627695

Love ya nonna

No. 1627708

I simply do not believe that Big Shaynus makes anywhere near enough money to support herself without assistance from her parents and/or Ellen Degenerate, especially not in WA. And has anyone else noticed that she never posts about doordash or even food in general anymore?

No. 1627728

File: 1661654284317.webm (1.74 MB, 576x1024, lol.webm)

Local archive, I hope you don’t mind.

No. 1627746

She's definitely not living like she did in OK. She has Jason Womack to help and Im sure Ellen and Shays parents help too. She doesn't get doordash daily and buy shit all the time now and has had to get into in person sex work. And the idiot still tries to flex about her 2 bedroom apartment in "Seattle" when a week later she posts she's short on rent.
Her weight, age, and work ethic combined with sex work not being a long term thing anyway has brought her down to barely 300 OF subs. No wonder shes whoring irl. Yet she still tries to act like its great and shes thriving.

No. 1627750

File: 1661656327922.jpeg (370.1 KB, 769x699, AAC9566D-CAB3-4E0B-8EEE-0402C5…)

I thought fatty lost this outfit

No. 1627751

File: 1661656511474.jpeg (76.49 KB, 551x617, 29DBCBBF-15BD-4FBB-827A-780948…)

No. 1627753

File: 1661656637883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.41 KB, 763x651, 027BD182-312C-48D0-8880-2FE019…)

Oh lord her fupa is spilling over her underwear

No. 1627756

Oh yeah, didn’t she try begging for new costumes and suitcase? Not surprised though

No. 1627759

File: 1661657038654.jpeg (624.08 KB, 1242x1018, 9DDCC0E6-619E-4E7D-9863-4058DB…)

Michael slack tells Shayna he loves her. And she says I love you back to him

No. 1627760

I swear this big bitch gets more downsy looking with each stream

No. 1627762

File: 1661657235977.jpeg (105.99 KB, 774x683, 4BDCBEFF-A579-4FC6-9E04-171692…)


No. 1627764

File: 1661657276621.jpeg (Spoiler Image,710.78 KB, 1242x1060, 67E9B1C6-866A-476A-8CF8-002D45…)

I wouldn’t be surprised if she bought this costume again after losing it or just straight up lying about it

No. 1627771

File: 1661657644957.jpeg (997.44 KB, 1242x1704, 7261AA16-B1D4-4CC9-A9E5-B70F48…)

Not Shayna shaking her flat ass to Billie eyelash she’s really trying so hard to be a trendy zoomer

No. 1627776

File: 1661657899492.jpeg (723.94 KB, 1242x1019, B017A788-AAB1-45E1-8340-92C1C4…)

The switch between her manly hurrdurr big shaynus voice and then to a high pitched uwu sped voice is jarring https://streamable.com/3jfs1g

No. 1627778

File: 1661658202660.jpeg (363.11 KB, 859x670, 9684EC5F-9BA7-4868-AC98-74FC81…)


No. 1627793

She makes retarded faces and her body looks way worse, but unpopular opinion I think her face looks best on cam shows. The bar is in Hell and Im not saying she looks good, but her hilariously bad over edits and crusty selfies make her look the worst. She looks less like a horribly worn lot lizard on cam. Looks more like the average fat girl.

No. 1627795

File: 1661658848163.jpeg (480.85 KB, 984x911, 5CEC814E-7782-4F27-9461-057CFA…)

No. 1627798

File: 1661659035201.jpeg (46.63 KB, 471x310, AF071635-C01A-485B-893C-C81F90…)

I agree she looks really damn huge (especially arms) on cam but her face is more blurry due to poor quality and you cant see her textured dry skin. Also the low quality makes her huge nose look slimmer

No. 1627810

File: 1661659657223.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.21 KB, 763x696, 4B95202B-C165-4E52-986A-46EF6F…)

No. 1627811

File: 1661659829938.jpeg (375.01 KB, 998x610, AE3D32C8-1C21-4C17-B32F-918BCA…)

No one is tipping and the only person typing is a moid named Carlton

No. 1627814

File: 1661659922898.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1242x1547, 2F56059B-FF15-4B4C-AE07-9613A9…)

shay only knows two genre shitty EDM tiktok songs and the same ten dad rock playlist

No. 1627822

I’m convinced that the only moids who get off on this have a fetish for actual retards

No. 1627827

File: 1661660310852.jpeg (688.13 KB, 1242x963, EBBDAEF6-CB74-41D4-848C-82644A…)

“I was thinking the same thing but I’m staying hopeful people will come tip”

No. 1627828

Yeah its def the lighting and cam quality but her face looks normal colored and smoothed out lol

No. 1627834

She’s threatening to leave cam because no one is talking to her KEK

No. 1627839

she wants someone to fight for her so bad she does this every time lol just go bitch no one cares

No. 1627846

she is gonna pop the implant in her fake tit with how tight that damn top is squeezing her chest omg also her fake is so annoying as she asks what she’s doing wrong. everything shat. it’s all wrong

No. 1627859

File: 1661661457945.jpeg (560.03 KB, 1170x1035, 7F59465C-C3D2-4479-B268-24173F…)

Going thru photos of Halloween costumes on her phone and came across a bunch of Fupa photos kek

No. 1627876

File: 1661662217970.jpeg (953.54 KB, 1170x1718, 2D475C30-00DF-41D9-AA2D-6A5E45…)

Kek they’re fighting in her chat

No. 1627880

File: 1661662516403.png (29.11 KB, 479x128, chrome_IRI8g14TCG.png)

this is the type of person she attracts, she must be so proud

No. 1627895

Fupa is so ugly and disgusting why not delete them? She can do way better than a fat ginger father. It’s not that hard to find another scrote simp as a woman

No. 1627903

shayna is also ugly and disgusting physically and mentally, fupa is worse for other reasons but even though shes a woman she is utter gutter trash and her lifestyle is a recipe to attract the worst men imaginable

No. 1627906

Fupa is grosser because he’s a father to little kids.

No. 1627911

yes that's pretty much why he's worse

No. 1627918

He is worse purely by virtue of the fact that he’s a moid

No. 1627936

please make "shaynus the slack jawed yokel" the next thread title

No. 1627961

File: 1661667658413.jpg (153.45 KB, 920x1415, Don-lino-shark-tale.jpg)

No. 1627965

File: 1661668319963.webm (3.19 MB, 720x1280, “Thank you for the tips”.webm)

No. 1627967

File: 1661668528614.webm (8.41 MB, 480x256, Big Daddy 6 9 Cheeseburgers.we…)

No. 1627968

Me when I ask for advice but people don't say word for word what I want to hear

No. 1627971

File: 1661668768059.webm (17.11 MB, 720x1280, Big Billie.webm)

No. 1627979

No Womack in the chat? No chugging cheap pink wine? How long was she on for? She really is hitting an all time low. Keep telling yourself and everyone else how much you love being a cheap, degenerate whore and how great it is for your mental health, Shayna

No. 1627989


There's something really sad about watching a grown woman paddle herself while sim dancing to bille eyelash

No. 1628002

File: 1661670493259.jpeg (248.98 KB, 828x1539, 652F6C16-3642-4373-AD1E-670B7A…)

She made THREE more super cringe tiktoks

No. 1628009

her chronic cellulite and fat below her ass cheeks is literally bigger and fuller than her butt. shayna please grow a pair of eyes and try to improve

No. 1628010

File: 1661670906534.jpeg (295.9 KB, 828x1545, 76866BA0-F21D-4C26-8311-F74856…)

No. 1628012

File: 1661670982412.jpeg (296.6 KB, 828x1533, 504AA199-072C-4BA6-A550-E917CE…)

No. 1628013

File: 1661671021923.webm (5.48 MB, 576x1024, cringey.webm)

Her last three TikToks stitched together.

No. 1628015

so bad

No. 1628017

She’s so awkward it hurts

No. 1628036

Jump scare

No. 1628037

They’re all embarrassing as fuck but this one is terrifying. Does anyone actually interact with her posts? I feel like bitchy zoomers would eviscerate her if they saw this shit

No. 1628039

She’s so out of touch for someone her age, she genuinely comes across as a boomer with arrested development

No. 1628049

File: 1661673465098.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3465x3465, 2A479DFB-ED5D-4C03-B31B-C5FC77…)

Kek she didn’t even do anything worthy of likes or comments in these videos. No cool dances, she doesn’t have a nice body and she ain’t pretty. Example of the type of women using this sound, managing to be sexy with clothes on and actually going viral in 6 hours. Unlike shaynasty getting less than 100 views and 2 likes with her floppy titty hanging out

No. 1628055

>inb4 the underboob and ass hanging out under the skirt-belt gets the videos removed

No. 1628091

As much as I hate the uh oh stinky meme I mean the face is identical how is this sexy?

No. 1628098

She's so offbeat it's almost circled back around to something entertaining.

No. 1628099

You can tell she rolled up and tucked the shirt so it would show her under boob but it just makes her look like the top is too small and she’s too fat.

No. 1628104

OT but I have an irrational amount of hatred for that fucking meme, holy fuck

No. 1628105

im shocked shayna hasn't jumped on board the "drop kiwi farms" propaganda wagon. guess she doesn't want to risk angering them into making her thread active there. but you gotta admit days are numbered for lolcow and her thread if keffals keeps the heat on. the longer KF is down the less time we have here nonnies.

No. 1628114

I dunno, I feel like it’ll take more than a bunch of trannies to get us shut down. This isn’t kiwifarms.

No. 1628116

Lolcow has 1/10th the protections in place that KF has to prevent DDOS and ISP attacks. the reason lolcow isn't down is because Lucas hasn't noticed us yet/is busy with KF at the moment. he could send the troon army if he got a bad waft from his neo-vag that annoyed him enough to focus his attention here.

No. 1628125


this website is held together by spite and glitter glue

I thought the point of the TikTok dancing was that it edits the video so you look like you're on beat. She's so unenthusiastic about it too. Like she's got Ellen holding a hose and threatening to clean behind her grubby ears unless she dances

No. 1628148

This one she moves so slow and it's awkward. She definitely was lurking and saw people talk shit about the slideshow.

No. 1628151

hartley hooligan retard head.

No. 1628152

I'm surprised she even tried to learn choerography. I guess she really wants to be a tiktoker

No. 1628180

“Have you ever danced before?”

No. 1628186

> not even 10 likes
When will fatty learn no one is attracted to her outside of her 3 redneck boomer coomers kek

No. 1628191

Shayna get a matching foundation challenge

No. 1628233

you are spot-on anon, you actually made me snort

No. 1628244

Her poor pinky

Lol she didn't even do her usually "had such a great time on cam guys!" Tweet after. She logged off and started making tiktoks kek, must've been a shitshow

No. 1628266

When she was live last night someone tipped her to flash and she could barely get the top to pull back down over her chest bc it didn’t want to fit

No. 1628268

There was this loser who kept chatting with her but I don’t think ever tipped. He was on some captain save-a-hoe shit bc he was asking her if she’d do SFW lives, telling her she should get into podcasting or asmr, and got into a fight with another guy about making everything too sexual kek

No. 1628305

gypsy rose vibes

No. 1628308

Whyyy does that sound like Ellen incognito to steer Shays career in a different direction? Especially when you described the last part. Ellen must be her room wrangler

No. 1628309

so now it’s full ass and tits out on an app with a ton of minors. we get it shay, you want minors to see your porn.

No. 1628377

genuine question - is there any way for her to go back to looking the way her body did before? not talking about like willpower and discipline, but did she perma-fuck it?

No. 1628389

She’s not that fat that she would have extra skin or anything, she could look that way but it would take a shit ton of effort

No. 1628521

File: 1661707015818.jpeg (788.5 KB, 1242x1285, 11744382-2DE4-43FE-A323-47B32B…)

No. 1628525

She did all that for nothing because the three videos she posted haven’t even hit 10 likes. Bleak

No. 1628526

On the right the shadow of the skirt literally makes it look like she has a penis im cackling

No. 1628530

I know moids will fuck anything and their standards are low, but idk how anyone could get off or even begin to with that. When theres so many camwhores on there actually being sexy especially. She's just smacking her lumpy ass and moving around like a tard like she's trying to be as unsexy as possible with it.

No. 1628538

She's a shameful fetish fuck to them basically, bleak af.

No. 1628544

And then she complains no one is tipping or talking.
If I paid or saw someone pay a camwhore to do something sexual and they did shit like that… yeah I'd go watch someone else and not wanna pay either.

No. 1628551

Jfc. Those were all so painfully embarrassing, but especially the middle one. What the fuck was that.
She doesn't seem drunk enough to be thinking that was cute and worth posting.
I don't think she's even relevant enough to end up on a cringe meme reshare page, but that's where that shit belongs.
I don't watch tiktoks like that, usually just see joke reels and stuff, but I think only attractive people use those sounds and people who actually know how to dance. Shaynus is neither. It's just the secondhand embarrassment you feel when you watch her in motion… ugh.

No. 1628595


I think to some she reminds them of their exes, people they know. They get off on her being a dumpy ass mess because the fantasy is perverted by their own insecurities in who they can even attract - or deserve.

No. 1628612

The juxtaposition of this post and her empty, no audience cam shows, TikToks with zero interactions, and her two pedophile twitter audience is just idk sad. Help me anons I’m starting to feel bad for her. Oh wait no I don’t, she’s a woman hating pedo panderer. Haha she’s a clown dancing for our amusement only because she sure as shit ain’t making any money from it.

No. 1628623

She’s more likely to give the scrote attention, she’s more “in their league” and obtainable. Where a model isn’t likely going to chat with them or do customs. She’s easier to insert into their fantasies.

At least that’s my perspective kek.

No. 1628652

Also she's fucking stupid and a push over. You can tell by her posts about her irl sessions that being a desparate hoe, she can be manipulated into things beyond her comfort zone because she's an idiot and she wants money.

No. 1628654

File: 1661712730375.png (935.71 KB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_20220828-114439.png)


Sorry I'm late to the party. Just catching up. Seriously though, all those idiots 'reimbursing' her nail appointments

No. 1628656

I think she deleted the first 2, I only saw the last one (the lizzo one) on her tiktok lol

No. 1628663

Shayna knows she can't dance, she knows she can't be sexy, so she tries to pull of the awkward girl next door thing. Everything she does is her coping. The bimbo dumb thing? No she's legit stupid but need to not face it. The "I'm useless, I wanna daddy" thing, is her literally feeling like she can't do shit but she wants to make.it seem "cute" to cope. She's trying to pull off the effortlessly awkard pretty girl thing. But it's try hard and she's not attractive or entertaining enough for people to ignore it. If you can't get fame having your ass out on multiple platforms for free, if you can't get viewers while literally naked on cam, what makes her think she'll blow up on tik tok? Shayna is so outdated because she hates women and genuinely can't watch tutorials or pretty women doing the shit she wants to do, to learn how to do it.

No. 1628667

Here's the comparison >>1620396
Do we think they're cheap press ons confirmed? Maybe that explains why her cuticles and nails always look so busted.

Also I dont think shes had a ~nail daddy~ reimbursing her on salon trips in a while. Maybe Jason Womack does sometimes but you can tell she gets hardly any sales and subscribers let alone any tips or extra money nowadays

No. 1628690

I mean… They're the exact same nails. I could probably find her horrid French hotdogs too

No. 1628705

Is it possible that nail salon just gives her press on because she's clearly allergic to whatever they use and her nail beds are always inflamed

No. 1628707

File: 1661714873898.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1073, 9FB56CC3-8BFA-40B4-A8F9-567675…)

Nah it’s still there she didn’t get many likes on them. It’s embarrassing I’d just delete my account if I was her

No. 1628721

File: 1661715290638.jpeg (63.49 KB, 667x193, 8383272A-D6F6-4F24-B1E1-A1930A…)

i wonder who she thinks is getting jealous over this, or will be impressed

No. 1628723

the one with the least views is the one with her ass out lmao embarrassing

No. 1628724

I think she's doing this because the gooner thats been interacting with her obsesses over tiktok girls.

No. 1628726

When this flops and he doesn't want to date her or have feelings she's going to have a melt down. Or this will turn into her doing increasely more disgusting boy/girl content hoping to go viral and possibly accusing one of the guys of abusing her or something.

No. 1628740

Those are blue and pink and hers look purple and pink, but I figure they have different colors.
Also would explain the hot dog color they always are.
That's so pathetic. Imagine pretending to go to the nail salon all the time and just putting ali express press ons on. Also why the fuck is she putting tape and stuff on them when they break? Like girl, the whole set is a couple bucks… just replace it.

No. 1628753

Any guesses on who it is?

No. 1628754

File: 1661717101525.png (8.3 MB, 1242x2208, 24821601-410C-4029-BFFE-A08D82…)

The “sexy tattooed man” in question

No. 1628756

File: 1661717134675.jpeg (395.98 KB, 1195x1244, 53B3CED8-FACA-4A8C-9967-0DCF93…)

“Barbie” and “Ken”

No. 1628757

File: 1661717213124.jpeg (Spoiler Image,224.24 KB, 933x1244, DB7D9C3E-BB62-490B-8068-979A4D…)

Why is this beta chode having scrote on tiktok? It’s giving pedophile

No. 1628759

Get the popcorn ready ladies

No. 1628762

File: 1661717382615.jpeg (Spoiler Image,358.76 KB, 1208x2048, FD5F8C02-61F2-4B61-BBA8-890E06…)

Shayna definitely has a type. Ugly beta males with shitty tattoos, polished nails, a small dick, and stretched ears who like to larp as a dom

No. 1628764

Ew, spoiler wasn’t enough. Why is his dick so tiny?

No. 1628765

File: 1661717627604.gif (1.43 MB, 500x280, giphy.gif)

No. 1628766

>Pop her cherry
Since when is she a virgin? Unless this is going to be some virginity loss RP? Gross

No. 1628768

that man looks gay as hell

No. 1628769

File: 1661717784983.jpeg (308.47 KB, 828x1104, 5966C350-F467-42C3-AC73-28F396…)

He’s a fugly reply guy with 13 followers who tries to get every sex worker he sees to work with him and most ignore him or straight up reject him. Great catch, Shay.

No. 1628770

I think it’s in reference to her first b/g sex scene on camera (besides with Fupa on Snapchat)

No. 1628775

It is her first b/g video in general. Fupa didn’t count since they were in a long term on/off situationship. This is her first with a random scrote. Besides Soy but they didn’t fuck she just sucked his chode

No. 1628778

File: 1661718199272.jpeg (Spoiler Image,470 KB, 701x951, D0CDA9C3-FB77-4DD9-8E2C-03046D…)

>very sexy

No. 1628779

$100 says she's going to back out last minute

No. 1628782

This shit is so fucking embarrassing and creepy kek

No. 1628787

this is why she has almost no men watching week after week, it is total dogshit even to the most desperate fat ugly inbred moids, hence womack and mike slack

No. 1628789

It would be funny if she told him she's a virgin, but yeah theyre borh stupid and probably meant it as being her first b/g penetration scene.
Bets on her chickening out?
Or just getting used up by this ugly desperate moid and crying aboose later?
I think scrotes will buy the vid (if it actually happens and makes it to the porn sites) but then it will put pressure on her to do more b/g pen stuff. You can't just go back after that. The scrotes have already gotten pretty bored of her lazy solo routine of "hi daddy! Let me lay on my back and use this same generic dildoe to do missionary on myself, then Ill use my same obnoxious wand and countdown to a fake orgasm in 30 seconds!" so after seeing her get dicked down, they won't want any of that anymore.
She's been at the end of the sexwork line where she has to go into full sex porn, irl prostitution, or something extreme like feederism if she wants to continue with it. Bleak tho.

No. 1628803

File: 1661719005344.jpeg (642.75 KB, 760x1216, 04C26E62-E1C7-4B75-A14F-2A7A20…)

I’ll wait to post more until it’s confirmed that they’re actually working together but from what I’ve gathered, he’s a single dad who complains about his ex being toxic yet has all the time in the world to hang around shirtless making gross tiktoks with zero kids in sight. He also expressed several times that he’s into trans women and MILFs.
This tiktok made me kek. Get ready for a rollercoaster, dude

No. 1628804

I mean you can only do the same old “rolling on back and dirty dildo” routine until scrotes get bored. Just because you have different scenarios and outfits doesn’t mean it’s any different. Saying “stepbro” or “daddy” to the camera doesn’t change the fact it’s the same exact video. She’s not a sexual person idk why she doesn’t quit (I know why but still)

No. 1628806

File: 1661719091110.jpeg (524.31 KB, 671x922, 7A7F9141-DB43-43A3-ADF4-941AE4…)

I feel the need to shower and brush my teeth after looking through some of his tiktoks.

No. 1628807

Wait, i know he did alot dildo play, but didnt soy stick his dick in her on camera?

No. 1628814

Who’s Jason Shaw again? He was just banned because he was posting in the kf thread and a mod red text him saying he was banned before for namefagging in shaynas thread

I’m dead this guy is sally from coronation streets husband

No. 1628819

Methed out Jackson Galaxy looking fucker

No. 1628829

In her mouth. She sucked his dick. But there was never any video released. It was just based on what he and Shaynus tweeted.

No. 1628833

No, she sucked his dick.
The only person she's had PiV intercourse with on camera was fupa, there are gifs of it somewhere in their old threads.

No. 1628836

how old is she again? she looks like a 40 something mother trying to squeeze herself in her daughters clothes to fit into the "teen" porn category it's so trashy

No. 1628839

Ayrt. Oh yeah i remember those… how he held his hand against his groin the way fatty men do… gross. Shes such a fucking liar.

No. 1628841

File: 1661720446656.jpeg (769.69 KB, 1615x2196, C7FD1F02-C94B-4A71-81D9-69C490…)

The “hotties”

No. 1628845

The parallels are crazy!!
Fear grimace
Terrible tattoos
Ugly dicks
Daddy complex
Troon fuckers
Willing to fuck shay
Stupid goatee beard things
How punchable their faces are

Good job shay!! You definitely have/attract a speshul type of men!!

No. 1628865

Weird type to have but idk what "type" I'd even expect Shaynus to have and then what type her ugly pimpled ass would be able to pull at that lol.

No. 1628871

Oh god I bet they would do some disgusting "daddy takes my virginity" type of thing if they actually end up doing it. Fucking foul.

No. 1628884

does the new guy also fuck dudes?

No. 1628898

File: 1661722426179.jpeg (249.71 KB, 750x948, 2C64960E-FC0C-4BE7-830C-2CC26F…)

she attracts the ugliest fucking freaks omg

No. 1628903

She posted yet another cringey TikTok

No. 1628909

This dude looks gay af. She definitely has a type- soy boy faggots. Even Fupa had feminine features and was a borderline fag with his girly hands and wearing Shaynus’ clothes.
He even has an uncut dick. He’s like fupa #2 just less body fat.

No. 1628912

The Fupa Lite kek. Now bald and skinny!

No. 1628914

do you remember how dd/lg fags told us that it has nothing to do with the father/daughter dynamic?

just wanted to add that “kiddo” and “kiddy” are whistles for cp, when i’m on a spree to report pedos under the german network law, i see Shayna pop up pretty often in their likes or retweet’s.

No. 1628917

File: 1661723093471.jpeg (380.67 KB, 1242x2208, EE1C4BF9-F321-4177-911A-93B0F5…)

why do whores want to show their ass so badly on an app that’s meant to be SFW….

No. 1628919

Not even a little in sync and she just looks so autistic. And having her floppy tits dangling and cottage cheese ass out on tiktok… jfc.

No. 1628923

File: 1661723348166.jpeg (318.94 KB, 1241x1582, 489592E8-A6EA-4C93-95AF-FFC22E…)

serving “comedy fart anon” realness(fanart)

No. 1628931

No. 1628932

I stg this is the only dance move she was doing on cam and in her bad dance videos https://streamable.com/cxo4ir

No. 1628933

>the camera shifting when she lands on her feet
Kek it looks like she shakes her whole apartment when she does the jump twirl. Fat ass. This was terrible and not even in sync.

No. 1628937

this thread makes me asexual

No. 1628946

omg the floor shaking when she jumps and the dirty ass socks

she better be careful tiktok zoomers hate fat people and this vid is too much

No. 1628962

File: 1661725468577.jpeg (190.83 KB, 828x782, 7B47A676-81B3-40FB-BA94-8BF6AC…)

Not posting any of it for obvious reasons but this coomer that Shayna has been RTing and interacting with lately has all types of graphic zoophilic, raceplay, pedo & incest themed porn on their page and I feel like puking. It’s literally just pictures of Shayna & one or two other sex workers on his page in between him posting his collection of shit that should be illegal. That’s who she panders to.

No. 1628970

Fucking kek, I didn't even realize that whole thing shook when she jumped. And honestly, I don't even think those socks are dirty (for once), that cheap dollskill material is so stretched to the max that you can just see her skin through it.

No. 1628978

I also made the mistake of clicking his profile. Fucking disgusting moid that needs to rope himself. All his posts are racist shit, "daughter" incest and pedo scenarios, or horse zoophilia shit. There's animated scenes of horse fucking, then you look and his pinned tweet is some girl fucking a horse dildo and he captioned it "bought my daughter this so she can practice at home and not just the stables" or something vomit inducing like that.
And whores like Shayna say there's somehow a line between "fantasies"/kink and real life and that it's all ok if it doesnt invokce animals, kids, or non consenting parties… and feels totally fine retweeting and interacting with guys like that.
It's abhorrent that whores like her pander and encourage any degenerate mindsets of moids but particularly the nasty illegal "themes" like pedophilia, incest, and zoophilia.

No. 1628985

File: 1661726388431.jpg (1.16 MB, 1500x1500, BeautyPlus_20220828153820249_o…)

The only funny thing was that he also retweets from Shaynus' twin.
Like literally you'd think one of them was skinwalking the other.
Ugly, greasy, no style whores that cling to a "bimbo barbie baby" gimmick.

No. 1628997

My sides, what the hell is that sock and shoe combo?

No. 1629004

God what the fuck is wrong with these retarded whores? I want to a-log so bad. Those shoes and socks just made me so violently angry. What the fuck.
Is Shayna aware of that gross moid? Will she make excuses for him too like “it’s just fantasy, consensual etc”? How does she not fucking understand that this disgusting world these men live in bleeds over into reality all the time because of how rampant this shit is. I hate her so much, I’m so sorry. These retarded tiktoks and now this are just… sending me over the edge.

No. 1629011

I mean she never spoke out about that person (can’t remember the name) she was retweeting who made art that depicted pedo and beastiality

No. 1629025

She clearly stages these vids in front of her "work" space to try & convince people that she's a teen girl & this is her bedroom, but I don't think she realizes how pathetic it comes across when she looks over 30.

No. 1629026

File: 1661728531038.jpeg (1.49 MB, 932x1881, E2802017-EB3F-4788-9646-E33A82…)

She really loves wearing socks with heels and ugly tacky claw nails

No. 1629029

File: 1661728607073.jpg (50.52 KB, 960x958, 7nm9hy7of9661.jpg)

No. 1629036

He looks like he took one look at the demo/template poster on the tattoo shop wall and said "yeah, I'll take one of all of those"

No. 1629043

Why do red-flag bpd moids always think that they attract "crazy" girls rather than confronting the reality that they ARE the crazy, deadbeat ex?

Nice sunnies from the women's section kek

No. 1629044

German Anon where are you when we need you most?
Her “work” room gives me the creeps. There’s no personality or anything sexual about it. It looks like a recreation of child’s bedroom at pedophile’s house to lure children.

No. 1629086

This man definitely has STDs. I’m hoping she makes him wear a condom

No. 1629095

Shayna's nails are shitty, but they're actual acrylics. You can tell by the thickness and the height of the arch. She probably saw these press ons and showed her incompetent nailtech a pic.

No. 1629098

KEK >hidden replies

No. 1629100

Oh god he does the same dodgy smirk as Shay.

No. 1629107

I'm dead. Shay's first big b/g is some dude who has less followers than your average nobody person and just pesters all sex workers to "work with them"

Is there any evidence he's actually worked with anyone?

Sus as fuck.

No. 1629120

Oh dear god, I think this is male Shayna…

No. 1629131

File: 1661733471720.jpeg (929.67 KB, 828x1339, F1A56B8A-9586-4A65-9D73-54EF31…)

He seems to be in a one sided relationship with a local whore, she doesn’t follow him back but he’s tweeted her a bunch of times in ways that imply they’re seeing one another irl regularly.

No. 1629132

Friday the 13th Sale having motherfucker

No. 1629133

13 followers? Shaynus why not work with that black moid from fetcon who was talking about giving you that #MajorWork
Maybe she's choosing to work with a micropeen because she knows that she'll be dry as hell

No. 1629169

File: 1661735669032.webm (1.59 MB, 576x1024, stop, please.webm)

No. 1629173

File: 1661735791058.webm (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 1280x1280, cxo4ir.webm)

No. 1629174

I thought his name was Josh Topkek at first glance. Sheesh what an ugly mf
anything is better than her crusty #dildoe

No. 1629194

Weird how she hasn't gone on and on about ~anal~ as much as she used to. Maybe one or more of her hospital stays were related? Seems like before this year she was always talking about anal and making anal content.

No. 1629203

I think she’s just replaced “anal” with “quirky degenerate fetishes that don’t involve actual sex” as her main personality on account of not actually enjoying sex of any kind

No. 1629212

File: 1661739591208.jpg (Spoiler Image,982.5 KB, 1090x966, 08292022.jpg)

snapchats from last night

No. 1629214


Serving mentally delayed cheerleader who needs to pee while performing a routine

No. 1629229

How is it possible for her to be so lacking in awareness as to why she’s not successful. She’s losing subscribers, the content she posts in social media gets fuck all interaction, the only time I’ve seen anyone engage with her TikTok videos is people who have stitched her to express disgust and ask why she’s on their fyp or call her a nazi (though those accounts all have very few followers and get about as much interaction as she does). You’d think she’d be trying to figure out why everything she does flops but here we are. The attention she got at fatcon clearly emboldened her but that’s going to wear off soon if it hasn’t already

No. 1629234

you're onto something nonnie.. and this post >>1629203 trying to immediately detract is kinda fishy as shayna's snatch.

she totally dropped the anal bit after making it her personality and "trademark" for several years.

i mean.. we've straight up seen inside her gaping asshole and saw the inflamed hemorrhoids. dumb fuck probably left her hems untreated for too long and caused some permanent damage. probably has a thrombosed hemorrhoid and it burst.

No. 1629238

File: 1661740486532.jpeg (120.43 KB, 800x409, EF957F4B-4F46-4A16-B6FA-A602FA…)

What else is new

No. 1629249

>inb4 extreme copium about ~thriving~ since leaving Fuplahoma

No. 1629251

File: 1661741009290.jpeg (334.51 KB, 1242x781, AC8AEDDC-10A8-44D9-8FAF-476667…)

No. 1629255

File: 1661741139828.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.22 KB, 931x1910, 20220829_034430.jpg)

Lmao. Her moids are repulsive.(wtf)

No. 1629271

Didn't that "she's a ten" meme format die off like a month ago? Literally HOW is she so bad at keeping up with trends when she's so terminally online.

No. 1629272

Ew. Nobody wants to see that.
Had she been doing it for her recent videos? Not planning on watching her gross porn to find out

No. 1629274

She makes that custom “say my name” tweet like once a month

No. 1629275

Why would you post his dick

No. 1629293

Why is it so red

No. 1629301

that is my question too… It really well with the lime green sock kek

No. 1629313

I initially thought he was wearing one green sock and one red sock, kek.

No. 1629319

the whole fucking building shaking after she jumped my sidess

No. 1629334

She looks like an anencephaly baby

No. 1629368

File: 1661749807202.jpeg (102.3 KB, 828x363, 8C20EB83-78EF-4F23-BBC5-F10E9E…)

Not this again

No. 1629375

All the more reason she should let majorwork black moid be her dildoe tbh not the bald troon fucker nobody kek

No. 1629379

How is she not ashamed. Zoomers are SO mean on tiktok too kek, she better hope this doesnt end up on the wrong fyp. This is "tiktok cringe compilation #485" tier shit.

No. 1629381

Dildoe still makes me laugh and the dumb ass hashtags he uses is so cringe. Babaha comparing him to “Tattoo Ken” he looks like a super model. Shayna is attached to the ugliest moids

No. 1629386

File: 1661751564426.jpeg (483.67 KB, 1219x1485, 811B7FA6-EEED-49B3-8FD6-DA2CD4…)

No. 1629393

>first b/g scene
dirty deleting the soy one makes it not count I guess?

No. 1629394

I mean technically he didn’t stick his pencil dick inside her crussy. For a “slutty uwu bimbo pornstar” she has never done porn with a person who wasn’t her bf.

No. 1629395

File: 1661752104010.jpeg (170.74 KB, 1242x649, 8C0E9051-5AB3-415B-B601-70CA9E…)

She lurking

No. 1629396

>writes that
>says that a kiss on the ear is sexual harassment

No. 1629402

File: 1661752867366.jpeg (600.94 KB, 1221x991, 216A1F9F-5950-4AE1-8741-6D2B07…)

Kek Vivi clouds may be a crack whore but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Shayna totally manipulated the situation to make herself the victim, Because she was jealous that she got dumped by fupapa .

No. 1629404

Her movement is so stiff. You can see her over thinking the dance and it makes her look uncomfortable. How can she have such bad camera presence?

No. 1629407

Get out of here moid

No. 1629427

I bet if it was vivi’s scrote who did it she’d have been frothing at the gash over him the way she did with Soycuck Salvatore. It was only “traumatising” because it was a woman who did it. I hate this fat, bootlicking, misogynistic retard so much

No. 1629434

Yikes, this tells me she’ll definitely back out. No way will she be okay with those things happening if she thought being asked for a BJ was terms to get the fuck out and blacklist the people involved. She shouldn’t LARP as a kinky sex person when she doesn’t even have sex and is choosing to work with a stranger who only knows her through this shit she posts.

No. 1629485

Why get drunk and tweet stupid shit when she knows if she's even partially sober for that she's going to cry abuse kek.

No. 1629596

hes actually not that bad looking, in terms of all of the guys she's had a chance with he's miles ahead of sol, fupa and that guy with the creepy dungeon, and all her creepy orbiters. and judging by the girls he reply guys to on twitter he likes "bigger" girls and milfs, so he might just genuinely be attracted to the way she looks.

if it wasn't for the weird body modifications he'd look like a normal 40 something guy with a decent build and height? like if he didn't have body mods or make the stupid tiktok face he could almost be like a normal middle aged white guy in a commercial or something

there is just something "off" about him (other than the extremely fugly tats, possibly among the fugliest i've ever seen…) like there's just something incredibly off that sends alarm bells ringing in my head, in the way fupa and sol didn't. i dont know what it is. like almost serial killer vibes.

sorry for the essay. this guy is just very unsettling.

No. 1629604


He looks like Shrek and he's, big, middle aged looking and bald. Sol is a creep and not attractive either but you can't say he looks worse than this guy. He has all his hair and doesn't look like an ogre.

No. 1629626

New dude gives off bipolar "this is my new life path after the last meth binge exploded my old life - but everything's cool now". Sol can't even keep his child bride fed. They're both disgusting.

No. 1629743

Shay doesn’t even follow him lol

No. 1629760

First non-fat, non-elderly, non-diaper wearing dude that vaguely fits her chosen male performer “aesthetic” and she just says yes without vetting him at this point. Her downward spiral has been a speed run, I never thought she’d say yes to anyone given how much she hates sex.

No. 1629773

File: 1661795646713.jpeg (Spoiler Image,976.63 KB, 1170x1770, FAB57264-E00C-44C8-9015-5B74B7…)

No. 1629774

If she really does meet up with him, she’ll prbly back out of vaginal sex and offer anal instead

No. 1629776

File: 1661795769138.jpeg (744.09 KB, 1170x1843, 1DFC21E7-8FE5-44D9-B573-395BE3…)


No. 1629793

The way the whole room shakes when she jumps…I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard

No. 1629796

Sorry everyone but isn’t it more likely her camera wobbled?

No. 1629800

And this unfortunate specimen is one of her least repulsive coomers. Bleak doesn't even being to cover it.

No. 1629801

Doesn't matter… it's funny, anyway. Her stupid nails, her stupid face, her stupid underboobs and her cellulite ass/thighs…she does NOT have the body for those clothes anymore, but she's too stubborn to realise it - that's what's funny

No. 1629806

Sol is uniquely repulsive to me. It’s the big teeth and extremely narrow face that he accentuates with his haircut. Pisses me off for some reason

No. 1629816

It's telling every dude she attracts either fucks troons or interacts/acts feminine, while she claims she wants a "Daddy' and all that shit. She attracts Soyboys bisexuals who'll do anything with a hole.

No. 1629819

She really is totally ok interacting with that racist, incest, horseporn loving disgusting moid huh.

No. 1629822


Their scene together would be overall much more lulzy but even he probably has better options than Shayna. She's too jealous and insecure to fuck a guy that's definitely had a better onscreen lay. With this new creep, if she actually meets up with him, she's got the bigger audience and can spin it however she wants.

No. 1629842

File: 1661798363424.jpeg (423.99 KB, 1170x1346, 749AE6F2-F6C6-43A7-8FE3-FC0CB6…)

No. 1629857

100% she’ll get stage fright

No. 1629881

Or ya know, try sticking to your one night a week and actually doing it consecutively for a while before adding more.

No. 1629900

Too real, anon. I went back on his tiktok and he posted a few times about being a single dad and starting new with his son before devolving into constant shirtless thirst traps about being a “single DILF” & duets with random fugly girls begging for their attention. Most of them don’t seem to reply, probably because he’s a bundle of red flags. I hope Shay dates him. Trailer park Barbie and Ken.

No. 1629902

First time checking her thread in forever, leaving again for indefinite amount of time peace and love nonas

No. 1629915

File: 1661801402294.jpeg (829.2 KB, 1170x1587, BA2A9FB8-A5E8-4D88-A8FE-9B1A92…)

No. 1629935

NGL I'm mildly impressed by this coomer's mixed-media approach to getting off. More creative than I would have expected.

No. 1629945

File: 1661802468241.jpeg (190.79 KB, 828x549, 718E9C08-3DA1-4611-9BD1-3DF255…)

No. 1629947

He probably called you a dumbass or clumsy

No. 1629956

He probably was making fun of you, if that actually happened. Like a mocking type of holler because you are a fucking retarded mess.
Anyway. Always with this bitch and her catcalling stories. Catcalling isnt flattering or to be encouraged. Its pesky at best and distressing and more at worst.

No. 1630014

>fat whore trips
i'm a woman and i'd find it hard to not catcall that

No. 1630017

people who brag about street harassment are the very lowest form of pickme

No. 1630026

File: 1661805180646.jpeg (180.62 KB, 828x532, CFB7D0DD-8AAF-49D4-B265-A98CFD…)

She must be drunk the delusions are off the charts today

No. 1630028

File: 1661805237291.jpeg (156.5 KB, 828x472, 605E131D-676A-4CA4-A320-83F4DE…)

Ah she has been drinking, big surprise, that explains it

No. 1630033

holeyyyyy FUCK. the skin hanging off her chest doesnt even look like TITS anymore. theyre so fucking low i thought i was that weird under-tit fat roll that some girls get.

No. 1630038

i'm late but this is unreal. she looks like a fat cellulite ridden down syndrome guy in drag. and she moves like a fucking block. but yeah she toooootally gets cat called every single time she goes out because shes so alluring and sexy, uh huh

No. 1630043

They're $15 "say my name" cumshows. Not actual customs amounting to hundreds of dollars.
That snapchat thing sounds like the first custom she's had in a long time.
Also very believable selling that you can totally orgasm 7 times for real in a row for those vids. I guess moids are too stupid to know or care how female orgasm works and when girls fake it anyway but still.

No. 1630047

What kind of half brained losers or perverted old men is she looking at? Sounds like another made up story. She's really gasing herself up today and on one.

No. 1630049

Because you seem desperate and he is also desperate.

Kek if this actually happened because he was likely making fun of you. But any moid attention is good attention. It’s like life fuel for her.

No. 1630053

NGL the way nonnies scream, "She's lying" about these dumb ass stories is annoying. Firstly, this shit happens everyday to women. Most women are annoyed by it, some may be annoyed but take it as a compliment. However, very few women who aren't pick me/low self esteem women post about mundune ass shit, such as "some guy cat called me, omg I'm so sexy!!". Real sugar babies brag about men giving them gifts/money, attention from rich men or given special treatment because of their looks (as dumb as that all is), Shayna brags about randos in cars or smiling at someone who smiled back at her everytime she leaves the house.
It's not one of her, "Omg I asked for a drink and the whole bar is staring at me like, "Is she legal? Why is that baby bimbo buying adult drinks!!".
None of this shit is crazy and Shayna brags about it because she in general thinks she's not attractive unless somebody even a hobo on the street, looks at her or cat calls her. She's a huge liar but she's also someone who thinks any attention from a scrote validates her, "I'm a living barbie bimbo".

No. 1630056

Also, I'm not getting the "Even though I tripped he still catcalled me" I don't get the connection. You almost fell, he didn't even ask if she was okay. Just cat called her and kept it moving. Doesn't mean you are sexy to him, shit he could'nt even ask if you were okay.

No. 1630061

she makes this repetitive crap up literally every 3-4 weeks lol. it has become unrealistic. however shat is a fat whore who dresses like a skinny whore in bright pink so i can imagine other ugly fatties noticing her once in awhile and whistling

No. 1630072

Because she makes them up weekly. And yea it happens to women all the time but with shat it’s constant. Sorry, I don’t know anyone who gets harassed this often. Sure I get moids who stare but rarely anyone hollers at me.

And most women have to avoid eye contact with moids because it causes them to think you’re interested in them and they try to talk to you. But shat takes it to the next level. If anything she just encourages that shit and most of us aren’t interested in garbage scrotes.

No. 1630086

It depends on where you live honestly, I'm not saying Shayna is telling 100% the truth. I'm saying that, it's low level idiotic scrote shit and because Shayna doesn't leave the house/Doesn't get much scrote attention whenever she DOES and she gets a little she posts about it. COnsidering how she carries herself and how thristy she is, I would'nt doubt one guy beeps and she tweets. Also, where i live I get cat called all the time, even when covered up in winter gear. Not because i'm super hot, but I'm a woman and scrotes are weird. It's just most women don't post that dumb shit online

No. 1630104

my fucking sides

No. 1630125

I'd probably be embarrassed if someone simply posted my request on their twitter. Probably the first sincere shit she ever got in some way

No. 1630173

File: 1661811361317.jpeg (450.59 KB, 1202x911, DE7BBDC0-EAB0-4369-A259-E568C1…)

No. 1630174

I am interested in being Shayna’s personal trainer. I am not qualified in any way but I do know how to tell her to get into a treadmill, and would even make her take water breaks. The benefit for me would be that I find her to be personally motivating for my own fitness goals and it would be entertaining. The downside is she might smell(autism)

No. 1630179

this is fan behavior

No. 1630185

Where's the anon that was mad we called Pixie busted and butter face??
Look at that and tell me she's pretty.
You can see how edited her face is and yet she still looks like an ugly teenage boy trying to be emo or something kek

No. 1630202

It was probably Pixie herself. She mad ugly even with ten snow filters slapped on her ugly mug.

No. 1630205

To me she is just very unremarkable and I wouldn’t call her pretty or busted. Like if you were shopping at the CVS pharmacy and she was browsing the makeup section for some black lipstick, you probably wouldn’t even register she was there.

No. 1630208

her face is so smoothed in that pic up there its like she has a mask on anyway

No. 1630215

Im actually surprised shes got so many followers and things because the bitch looks homely af. Troony or like a cliche stoner/metal head boy in a movie lol. I can't describe it really. She was better when she didn't feel brave enough to post her face. She takes good nudes/body pics and edits them well. But her face has been smoothed and edited into nothing and she still looks fugly. Not crusty and offensive like Shaynus' mug but still.

No. 1630239

File: 1661814352797.jpeg (841.22 KB, 828x1539, C570A0E4-5DE4-4E90-8F16-ABE605…)

Oh my god another one

No. 1630241

It’s a video, she edits her face in pictures a lot better but in videos all she can do to hide it is slap a filter over it and hope no one notices how busted she looks

No. 1630243

She sounds so stupid and nasaly

No. 1630256

Apparently he is open to the idea of troon fucking according to this anon…

No. 1630262

File: 1661815713781.jpg (70.19 KB, 852x480, The baby.jpg)

She's really gunning to become the cop with a diaper kink in A Dirty Shame

No. 1630265

Kek nona im dead! Looks just like her!

No. 1630272

the ruffles, bonnet, wrinkles, it’s a fucking portrait of her

No. 1630277

Why is she posting all this shit on tiktok now? Is it seriously just because a "tiktok gooner" or whatever interacted with her four times?

No. 1630279

She tries and fails at TikTok every few months

No. 1630301

Love you for this ref

No. 1630303

Wow little miss "you're in your mom's basement" made this shit without any actual self awareness. Imagine not being afraid of old classmates seeing this shit. Embarrassing.

No. 1630328

File: 1661818728585.jpeg (513.33 KB, 1400x1984, received_921043772185439.jpeg)

Didnt want to get kicked from her snap so don't mind the pic of my phone, but looks like she already ripped off her nails kek

No. 1630331

Im sorry nona but this guy is NOT at all better looking than any of them. He gives me creep vibes and he obviously does you too. Thats what "something off" about him is. Hes the kind of guy to want to "just hang out" and then tries to get sex out of you. The type of guy who doesnt have female friends because he tries to fuck them all or smart women get the creeps just from his face and stay the fuck away. Lol hes ugly and no sol isnt handsome but he doesnt have a grand canyon on his fucking forehead. Men seriously should learn something about retinol and sunscreen because YIKES…

No. 1630351

File: 1661819836680.jpeg (128.13 KB, 729x1205, 0A87B304-6D8A-47CA-A3EE-70A02A…)

I think she is pretty cute when she doesn’t use the black lipstick, it really doesn’t suit her. (Yes this is blurry, it’s from a video and is the only thing in recent history that doesn’t have the fucking black lipstick)(derailing)

No. 1630352

Jfc the swollen cuticle

No. 1630358

File: 1661820416431.webm (2.08 MB, 576x1024, Oh my god another one.webm)

Some of you think she’s hideous, some of you think she’s cute and some of us don’t care about abratty at all. What I’m sure we can all agree on is to shut the fuck up about her in Shayna’s thread.
How can she not be in pain?

No. 1630376

she looks like a child and edits her pics to make her face more childish. she’s disgusting.

No. 1630389

File: 1661822726175.png (7.92 MB, 1170x2532, E451FDAD-2457-40A9-A204-E5C8B9…)

Now she has TikTok filters to abuse

No. 1630390

File: 1661822841443.jpeg (529.74 KB, 1170x533, E5772F4C-617B-47D6-838D-05DBF6…)

The skin tone change

No. 1630391

>i know i'm sexy because he catcalled me
Attractive girls don't brag about things like this.

No. 1630392

being proud of catcalling is so disgusting

No. 1630393

the song she used with it, I can’t.

No. 1630397

if you look at the filter, it doesn’t darken your skin tone. this is weird, why is she trying to pretend she’s a tan bimbo after posting multiple vids pretending to be a pasty white child? what app did she use to darken her skin so much?

No. 1630400

File: 1661823367900.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1547, BFBDB9B7-B6CE-40AB-B15A-7DDE55…)

No. 1630401

im autisticly hoping Shayna gets her wish and goes viral for this dumb ass shit she posted on TWO different platforms bragging about being cat called. This almost looks like a meme in itself, with the filter and everything.

No. 1630404

4 different platforms now, she posted it on tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram and twitter

No. 1630405

also the tags, the song, we are "big mad" that you tripped and instead of asking if you okay a scrote cat called you? I'm still confused about the "Still" wording. I don't get it.

No. 1630409

Tiktok has a lot of girls and women who are very anti catcall/usual scrote behavior so even if she does get reach they won't like her bragging about being catcalled and call her a pickme lol

No. 1630410

asking for a custom vid and going into that much detail just to get cucked by a dildo lmao porn-brained moids never cease to amaze me.

No. 1630412

The tag says "#Bimbo" so she'd be like, "I'm a bimbo, its a character", Yet you can see she posted this story 4 places and plenty of other stories like this showing she genuinely thinks this shit makes her a bad bitch,

No. 1630419

File: 1661824582552.png (92.19 KB, 284x213, Tyler.png)

Who gets this excited about some gross scrote catcalling you (most likely taking the piss out of you anyway) moids love catcalling busted up hogs. Really reminding me of the American dad ep were roger (similar body types tbh) thinks a cute frat boy fancies him but it was just a bunch of scrotes trying to find the ugliest, most low self esteem women to make fun of at a frat party.

No. 1630421

File: 1661824741708.png (492.51 KB, 744x502, sub-buzz-20967-1481142682-1.pn…)

I feel like shay has never seen this quote. Men will catcall at everything in hopes of getting laid or just to idk… feel powerful? She is so bleak and milky she deserves an award.

No. 1630423

Lol that is so embarrassing, especially when you have to use that my filter while posting about being hot

No. 1630425

at least Roger can say he has decent hips and a booty, and no linebacker shoulders kek

No. 1630427

File: 1661824930051.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1515, AEFDF2AC-AEDE-4930-9161-26C346…)

She’s gotten two from us

No. 1630438

Ayrt this is beautiful. Remembering her beg people to "be proud of her" for doing basic fucking chores or other "adult" stuff, if only her coomer fans knew she has won not one but two awards on lolcow! I wonder if they would be proud, i know im proud of her! Shes famous! Kek never change shay.

No. 1630441

Wtf weirdo…you're weird

No. 1630442

The thing is, if a woman is dressed like Shayna, scrotes assume the woman wants the attention or that they are entitled to catcall and will do it even if the women isn’t that hot to them. Also, the fact she gets so excited and tell everyone about it is so insecure. I can’t imagine enjoying that attention the way Shayna does, but I guess this is better than her claiming victim points and trauma every time it happens

No. 1630445

It’s so funny because she can’t even go viral in a cringe way because no one gives a fuck about her but us. She’s never going to make it. Poetic really.

No. 1630449

A lot of frats actually do "hog nights" where the goal is to pick up the ugliest girl possible…whoever scores the nastiest wins.

Obvs that fucked up, but it's a real thing.

No. 1630452


No. 1630454

The saddest part is that tiktok is sooooo easy to go viral on if you actually know how to use it! All it takes is using trending songs & good hashtags…the fact that she can't even break 10k views on a single vid is so fucking sad. It's NOT hard!!

No. 1630455

File: 1661826399881.jpeg (977.48 KB, 2718x3310, 88DCA4E2-A0B5-4C19-B3F5-F27797…)

Those are some two fugly bitches miss pig nose and uncle fester

No. 1630457

It’s not hard if you’re pretty or funny Shayna isn’t either.

No. 1630459

and her sister went viral just by smiling and being pretty

No. 1630465

File: 1661826577604.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2075, 42810C20-0085-4409-8357-5BB261…)

Damn. That con really has given her more delusion than usual. Why would you post this

No. 1630472


They're both busted but you're cringe incarnate

No. 1630473

Shayna at her Renton apartments

No. 1630475

Cringe because I pointed out they’re busted with ugly noses?

No. 1630484

lmao at her trying to contour her giant squidward honker into a button nose

No. 1630485

Damn, this must be a rare event in her world lol

No. 1630487

Bruh her face/nose is so long & manly now. It's so jarring combined with the little girl styling. She truly looks like a crossdresser.

No. 1630491

File: 1661828262924.jpeg (520.67 KB, 1242x2432, 007CB0E2-B1A3-44EF-8305-9EAF75…)

The irony of her using the “I’m pretty, I’m smart I get along with every one, even ugly girls” sound when she is in fact an ugly girl inside and out.

No. 1630492

File: 1661828294312.jpeg (743.14 KB, 1179x836, CDB2C14E-41ED-4F7A-A433-54D961…)

No. 1630498

File: 1661828526080.png (8.27 MB, 1242x2208, 14499125-AF25-4C86-A51C-F955F3…)

No. 1630500

So what made her put on her favorite bra that probably hasn't been washed since the con for this video?
In ShayVille only the PU goddess recieves such treatment.

No. 1630524

File: 1661829559914.jpeg (223.67 KB, 1171x1865, 4D893499-F43B-44CC-84F1-C2DF29…)

I’m surprised this video is still up it got 300 views and less than ten likes

No. 1630533

when we know from her endless Twitter beefing that she gets along with almost nobody

No. 1630534

What you see in the mirror vs what your camera shows you

No. 1630542

WTF I thought she was wearing a fanny pack

No. 1630543

She definitely looks like a witch. A hag. Got that part right at least.

No. 1630564

File: 1661832653120.jpg (13.21 KB, 250x250, Ao_ONI_.jpg)

No. 1630567

I can’t breathe. She has a life jacket under those mom jean shorts

No. 1630572

File: 1661833829305.jpeg (173.95 KB, 1242x698, F249C8F8-3C81-47BD-A1FD-563EE2…)

Lmao nona

No. 1630585

File: 1661835857579.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3465x3465, 3AC3B2DB-62EA-4F72-8786-4490E7…)

Any of these pics would make a good thread pic she looks really fucking hideous in them

No. 1630614

We had this at my school too. (Source: was in a sorority- and frat guys would brag about these contests. Men can be so evil and cruel.)

It's been hammered in time and time again, but Shayna really is extremely maladjusted. Women everyday face men staring at us, catcalling us, speaking down to us, etc. The fact Shayna wears these things like a badge of honor really goes to show how out of touch with reality she is.

No. 1630620

File: 1661839534935.png (735.05 KB, 546x972, 2022-08-29T23-02-01.png)

No. 1630622

NGL That’s low-key kind of funny. Fatties are retarded enough to sleep with crusty frat scrotes?? Shayna would totally fall for the fake asking out on a date and think she’s a sexy bimbo. She’s such a autist

No. 1630629

File: 1661840457732.jpeg (400.5 KB, 2048x1012, 958C6FA5-6FFA-40C2-AD07-728727…)

Kek I can’t unsee this now

No. 1630631

Ffs spoiler whatever the fuck this is
She legitimately looks like circus freak in this, how is she not being bullied mercilessly by the zoomers of TikTok? I wonder if she’s baleeting mean comments and blocking people like she does on instagram, I find it very hard to believe that she’s not getting hate for this shit given the hashtags she’s using

No. 1630634

No one cares enough to even make fun of her

No. 1630635

lmao I was just about to say this too, there must be infinite cavern of disconnect between what she thinks she looks like and what she actually looks like, how can she look at pictures or footage of herself and not see how offensively hideous and cringeworthy she is?!

No. 1630636

It’s not even about making fun of her, I’d expect some mean teenagers to just straight up call her fat and ugly

No. 1630637

>circus freak
kek she looks like Pepper from American Horror Story

No. 1630639

File: 1661841133766.jpeg (Spoiler Image,65.16 KB, 600x856, 78A4294C-555F-490D-B6E5-7D3229…)

kek, I was going to say the same thing

No. 1630640

Fucking kek nonna. made me laugh on a bad day, thank you

No. 1630651

File: 1661843145554.jpg (116.23 KB, 600x900, potato.jpg)

This is hideous and the angle is horrific. She looks like a sack of potatoes.

No. 1630654

calm your autism, there are plenty of ugly photos of shanya to pick from. you dont need to pause her mid-movement to try to prove it.

No. 1630655


An actual retard. Also lol at the file name

No. 1630657

the saggy howie mandel guy is low-tier popular on tiktok (5,000 followers on tiktok, 5 followers on Twitter)

he snuck in her DMs after one of her quarterly attempts to try tiktok and has been gassing her up enough she’s gonna do the whole “pay to fly out to fuck a moid for free” thing again.

considering he’s a complete nobody, this is just guy flirting with shayna and she just generally wants to fuck him if it was filmed or not. so shes putting in the work to keep him interested by posting on his medium of choice.

No. 1630659

it constantly brightens my day to know shayna can go full effort with her costumes, makeup and tits, asshole and pussy on display and still barely be noticed.

i fucking hate sex work culture but i have to say its numbing effect on coomers is kind of hilarious. sluts really fucked themselves over and made it harder to get the attention they so desperately crave.

No. 1630665

I agree nonita, she just wants a crumb of irl moid attention to fill the giant fupaul shaped void
For fucking real, I’m aggressively opposed to sex work and I think anyone who willingly participates in it (ergo complicit in the exploitation, abuse and subjugation of women) is a special kind of reprobate so they deserve to be fucked over (no pun intended). Stupid games, stupid prizes.

No. 1630686

Ew I’ve never seen her before just stumbled on this thread. I’m embarrassed for her. She’s gross

No. 1630695

File: 1661851854771.webm (2.39 MB, 576x1024, No one cares enough to even ma…)

Both combined into one. The caption in the “I’m pretty and smart” one is
> decided 2 try the “look @ the camera when u say ugly girls” trend but the truth is ur all very pretty #egirl #fyp #blonde #bimbo

No. 1630702


i really hope she keeps making tiktoks & gets on the radar of those tiktok cringe accounts or at the very least hope that she gets a reality check from the zoomers on there, lmao. i think she's probably not going to stop or at the very least might start exclusively trying to record/take selfies in app, because the facial and skin filters on there are a lot better or "realistic" than the ones on snapchat, the tweaks are somehow subtle not subtle at the same time, and it's prob easier for her to delude herself into thinking that's how she actually looks. you can tell she was really feeling herself in the first one kek

she might also just get banned tbh. the app's moderation is mostly automated, the algorithm is crazy and ban evasion is hard. there are gross sex workers who show more on there, but it seems like you're less likely to catch a ban for it if you do it while wearing something "normal" or normal but still slutty (like a tiny string bikini) and more likely to get banned if you're wearing straight up costumes and shit like that nasty ddlg cheerleader outfit. the unflattering porky pink color that she likes so much might also work against her if it gets read by the AI as exposed skin, let's hope her TT era isn't cut short because she's retarded

No. 1630713

Can we take bets on how long it’ll take her to film tiktoks in her deli ham dress?

No. 1630718

File: 1661857424579.jpeg (830.61 KB, 828x1404, 085257F2-4EFE-4A57-8784-B8DB34…)

Even with that heinous filter she’s still an absolute beast.
Her nasty skin texture and dry ass cracked lips trigger me so bad

No. 1630719

She’s already made one

No. 1630726

I had to go see the original because I thought there was no way you didn't edit this to make it uglier. Lolcow might have discovered the missing link


No. 1630740

I seriously doubt anyone will care enough to even make cringe duos and such, she's just so irrelevant and ugly that people just ignore her.

No. 1630755

holy fucking shit her fingers look absolutely fucked. do you see how much thumb is above her nail?? it's just her blank nailbed, what the fuck

No. 1630759

This. I thought cringe accounts might post her and anons keep thinking zoomers are gonna shit on her, but I think she's just one ugly gross retard out of thousands that post on there daily. If she even shows up on on normal peoples feeds somehow theyll probably just immeadiatly scroll past.
She'd have to catch the attention of someone relevant on there and I just don't think she will.
It's just like her twitter: posting to a void that only a few disgusting coomers orbit, despite claiming to have like 40k followers and be an amazing personality.
Her personal posts and things that arent nudes get 2 whole likes though.

No. 1630774

Exactly, even if she posted long ass texts of her "fantasies" nobody would pay attention to her because she's ugly as fuck but not completely disgusting while not reaching the pretty standard.
Just looking at her during these years really shows that if she was born to crash and burn, because even when she was "popular" it was just with a niche community, she never went viral and she will never go actually viral to the point of being recognized as some tiktoker or Twitter celebrity.

No. 1630777

how do her lips not hurt all the time

No. 1630849

She's way too unremarkable to go viral on Twitter.

Lolcow only knows who she is from her stoner days. If she started out as a whore we wouldn't know who she was.

No. 1630853

Hope its not just me reporting her TikTok’s(cowtipping )

No. 1630854

Because they think if they put “18+ only” in their bios that makes it okay

No. 1630871

It is just you, retard.

No. 1630891

Wtf don't do that! Her tiktoks are hilarious. Why ruin the supply?

No. 1630893

Why the fuck are you cowtipping

No. 1630896

Go back to mumsnet and stop ruining our fun

No. 1630912

She looks dead lol. Also how does this bitch have no nails, like clearly chews and tears them down to nothing, but won't touch her lips?? Her lips have 1st degree cracking and dry scabs. If she wont hydrate or use any kind of lip product, she could at least peel them. That's just the worst I've ever seen someones lips ever. There's so many other options out there, if she's too autistic to touch chapstick.

No. 1630969

File: 1661883380942.jpeg (723.6 KB, 732x1406, C15D8414-0C5C-4961-A3A5-2A0DF7…)

New Ken Tiktok. The audio says
>you don’t need class when you take it in the ass
so… that answers that. imagine this being your dad. poor kid and ex-wife.

No. 1631008

>She legitimately looks like circus freak in this, how is she not being bullied mercilessly by the zoomers of TikTok? I wonder if she’s baleeting mean comments and blocking people like she does on instagram, I find it very hard to believe that she’s not getting hate for this shit given the hashtags she’s using
Last night I saw two zoomers (obvious from the way they typed kek) making fun of her but now those comments are gone, they were along the lines of
>i- wtf is thisss girlie blink if you need help LOLLL
>tw: jumpscare

No. 1631038

it says there's 2 comments on the video but I can't see them. is this just because I don't have an account or does it show up that way when they've been removed?

No. 1631041

Yeah that's what happens when you block someone and/or remove comment

No. 1631047

Freud would love (hate) this bitch.

No. 1631049

File: 1661887026696.jpeg (44.25 KB, 772x173, 47C9D6D3-7740-4C26-A6E6-3B67F8…)

Deleted ofc

No. 1631055

Shaytard would rather have men go online and describe how they want to kidnap her and rape her asshole than have women tell her she's fat KEK, your brain on Pickmeism.

No. 1631058

File: 1661887946283.jpeg (390.85 KB, 1200x1251, 0D9BF300-D583-4F42-91BC-E95F03…)

I’m confused is the lawnmower vibe going to top her?

No. 1631061

Men only harass women they find attractive or women that are loud about feminism I've noticed. Moids only really think of her as an easy fuck once they get past her appearance.

No. 1631062

Because women are being brutally honest and the scrotes that you pander to who compliment you would fuck a jar of peanut butter.

No. 1631071

No, she’s saying that she is playing a dominant role in an abdl themed video

No. 1631073

Jesus Christ, I thought that when she kicked she wasn't wearing underwear and nearly had a heart attack.
Twitterwhores calling her out for digital brownface when?
I hope tiktok feminists get a hold of that video and lambast her to hell and back.
>'See! I'm not ugly! I have fat tits!' You only have tits now because you're the size of two 19 year old yous.

No. 1631076

Kek might explain

Is he suggesting he takes it up the ass? KEK what a loser. I can’t believe Shaynus is falling for his buttering.

No. 1631077

I bet he gets ass fucked by trannies

No. 1631089

File: 1661889416227.jpeg (210.58 KB, 750x716, A56CD646-AA35-41DE-8300-4DCDE7…)

she's such a bitch

No. 1631094

her passive aggressive style of bitching will always irritate me

No. 1631095

Idk what she expects. She’s never stuck to any schedule. Even when she made weekly schedules she never did them. It’s been going on for years.

Her 5 coomers don’t even care to vote cause they know it’s pointless.

No. 1631108

Maybe it's because you lambaste women constantly, while pandering to the most depraved, sexist men. She'll cut ties with her personal trainer & wokescold the woman all over public twitter because she "supports Trump". Meanwhile, when a certain old grey scrote supports Trump she's all "uwu love you so much daddy, pls don't cut me off"
Face it Shayna. Women hate you because you hate women.

Also, she has no friends at all, let alone male friends to give her insight into what normal males her age think of her. If she were actually capable of retaining a friend group, she would be laughed at by men & women equally. But as it stands, she only interacts with other whores (95% women) and coomer customers. The male customers would absolutely call her a fat whore if she came for them the way that she comes after women & other sex workers. But she has to worship their chodes to make a living, so she tries hard not to piss them off.

No. 1631114

You don’t show up 90% of the time lol? What’s the point of this poll

No. 1631115

god i wish one of her coomers would call her out. she never cams, and when she does it's a snoozefest with 2 genuine viewers. she really has zero ground to be this bitchy.

No. 1631118

Shaynus women are criticizing you because your shitty life choices and pedd pandering directly affect them lol. Your retarded ass isn’t a problem for men because they take advantage of it. Why is it so hard to understand?

No. 1631124

Her coomers will never call her out because she doesn't have any coomers singularly devoted to her. She's just one of many OF girls they follow. She has no exclusive followers, no followers that are actually invested in her content. You pay a few bucks and don't expect much out of her.

No. 1631139

They won’t because they feed off of the female attention she gives them for free as much as Shart feeds off of the moid attention.

No. 1631191

What if she’s been doing what Luna does and she’s been getting her nasty hotdog press on nails and she’s been shoving them deep under her cuticles, i could vom

No. 1631201

File: 1661899192830.jpeg (195.74 KB, 828x617, EE96A6EE-DF36-47CD-8A8C-B1F331…)

kek Shaynus you’re losing subscribers, not gaining them. Bonus retweet of that disgusting piece of shit who posts actual child porn on his page

No. 1631208

He’s disgusting and a self fetishizing coomer who is a “bbc” he posts horse porn and incest abuse rp.

No. 1631211

File: 1661899840965.jpeg (242.41 KB, 544x526, 2F914356-19E0-4DC7-A369-0412AB…)

Shayna “learned” the tiktok “dance” to Lizzo’s song, only to have 26 likes with a thousand views. Bleak

No. 1631248

His page is absolutely rancid, I want to a-log so hard. Moids like that need to be castrated and lobotomised (amongst other things)

No. 1631255

File: 1661901769741.jpeg (795.13 KB, 1242x1690, 124B6BC4-6039-490F-9920-86261B…)

Two Bobby pins on fried straightened weather girl hair is a hairstyle apparently

No. 1631256

File: 1661901812606.jpeg (349.9 KB, 1242x1482, DF112D40-2222-4D0E-97A8-177A59…)

No. 1631263

This is the first "Modern" looking hair stye she's done in a while. Hold on, did she actually lurk Tik tok and looked at some videos and realize that there's more ways to style her hair?

No. 1631267

this probably took her at least 30 minutes because she’s so fucking retarded.

No. 1631282

I just can't get over this Hartley Hooligan angle

No. 1631285

Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle learned how to apply false lashes

No. 1631287

It’s better than the combover

No. 1631288

File: 1661903997046.jpeg (187.38 KB, 1206x1652, CC8958B9-A9DD-405F-876B-659486…)

this is way way too small on her

No. 1631291

Unless there is a clasp or tie in the back, there is no way that top is coming off without it ripping. She's gonna need to cut herself out of it.

No. 1631293

Get the jaws of life for this poor bitch

No. 1631307

File: 1661906429021.png (7.08 MB, 1170x2532, 5DF4B8D1-A26F-4755-884F-F0CBFA…)

And another one

No. 1631312

Fuck her boobs look like they're turning purple because that ugly top is cutting off circulation

No. 1631315

File: 1661907137063.jpg (1.81 MB, 1692x1472, das.jpg)

When did she post this? It seems to have been deleted.

No. 1631317

Aww this hairstyle is sorta a little bit cute! It's still about 7 years too late, but infinitely better than the cockerspaniel bows. Our cow is evolving! So precious. KEK.

No. 1631319

It's on her twitter but not on tiktok.

No. 1631323

File: 1661907435051.webm (646.02 KB, 720x1280, W_FZTtPY_l6qxdxS.webm)

No. 1631327

This whole thing is sad. She looks like a 40 year old retired flop pornstar trying to rebrand herself as a 20 something year old tok toker. Except she is 20 something. Anyway, maybe she'll realize tiktok girls wear lip gloss and copy that next. I find it crazy she won't use lipgloss because she bites her lips, but she can use it for 2 seconds? She comes off so unnatural. You can tell she wants to be like the effortlessly funny/cute women but she can't pull it off.

No. 1631331

File: 1661908000692.webm (428.65 KB, 1232x672, this is not your real face, Sh…)

I love how optimistic some of you are. You have to know she hasn’t retired them.
Thanks, Nona! Do we have any theories on why she’d post this on her Twitter but not her TikTok?

No. 1631335

File: 1661908152152.png (54.99 KB, 200x200, 00218105-3054-47EE-B129-1C30F3…)

she copied it from the black girl she was with at the fatcon and shes still years late.

Winslow looking ass

No. 1631345

Had no idea tik tok had filters I think that's why she really uses it. The filter makes her like a lot better facially and it's even more low effort then porn. Is there a way you can use TT to film with the filters and not upload it but keep the video? Is that possible? i don't use TT obviously

No. 1631346

her arms are screaming for release

No. 1631348

the filter makes it look like she has one big tooth

No. 1631349

You can post it on your drafts and save it to your phone or upload it so only you can view it. That’s probably what she did.
She’s been doing this hairstyle forever. You must be new. Cause Shayna is not precious

No. 1631367

Thanks for uploading to the archives. No theory but that she thinks she will be able to reach more people on Twitter because she’s not getting much engagement on TikTok

No. 1631368

File: 1661910133226.jpeg (269.59 KB, 1198x1070, 4A2B4E81-83FB-4097-9797-8D9C63…)

Fupa 2.0 coming soon

No. 1631369

The fucking arm fat being squeezed to hell. Kek

No. 1631380

the literal pancake tits, i can't

No. 1631386

I 100% know without a doubt she'll be bringing them back like yesterday, but I AM optimistic! I'm also optimistic she'll exfoliate her lips & use some nice balm and/or gloss.
Not new. Just sarcastic, nonnie!

No. 1631391

Oh I didnt look enough to see hes black my bad. I take back the parts of my posts where I said he was racist. He's just incest, pedo, zoophile, troon and poc fetishist!

No. 1631399

>when you learn a new word

No. 1631400

Badly tattood single father moids, but idk why she keeps saying "goth" it's kinda pissing me off. Just say alt or something.

No. 1631403

Ive watched it more times than I want to full volume and I can't fucking tell what she's poorly lip syncing? Like I can't hear what the artist is "singing" to understand the joke. Why does she always say goth boys it's so cringey. She's looking at adult men (scrotes) that have receding hairlines and child support payments that looked at a tattoo parlor wall stock image and said "yes that on me"

No. 1631404

He could be a white boy larping as a bbc idk he doesn’t post himself. He has said the n word. he only posts animal porn and cp i reported it

No. 1631405

What the fuck is this? Her behemoth size aside, who the fuck thinks an outfit like this is a good look? This big bitch never fails to blow my mind with her complete lack of style

No. 1631408

Why doesn’t she keep using the tiktok filters, at least she looks cuter with them than not. Like the cat call video she deleted. She should use face filters more because her natural face isn’t good enough

No. 1631412

me too the shit he posts is straight up illegal, it’s sickening. Shit like this should be punishable with the death penalty

No. 1631413

The one that contours her face and gives her a tan really does make her look almost decent. She should learn how to actually do her makeup and go to the tanning salon irl kek

No. 1631415

I thought it was her shein Halloween outfit, she's a "sexy" mummy!

No. 1631416

Some girls I think even film “tiktok porn” but don’t post it on Tiktok, they post it on onlyfans.. I’m not sure but I think there is a niche of Moids who like this kind of stuff

No. 1631420

I agree the super tan one looked good. I think some really fat and ugly SW on Tiktok do well, I forget their names but occasionally I see them on my FYP because they also have transitioned into “lifestyle” blogging and live near me. But they rival Shayna in terms of looks, but because they use filters and strategic camera angles/editing I think they do very well for themselves on Tiktok.

I never understood why she doesn’t just use good filters. Half of these girls do these days. I don’t get why she thinks she can compete with her natural face.

No. 1631425


The farms called her out on her filter abuse back when she was skinny and she's been trying (and failing) to prove a point ever since. Hopefully she'll keep up with the filters and be inspired to get a fake tan. It will look a mess irl

No. 1631427

>chav Oompa Loompa filter makes her look good
Anon please

No. 1631431

File: 1661912975523.jpeg (17.03 KB, 275x158, 631A824B-E90D-4FC3-8F5F-165113…)

No. 1631432

She seems to have stopped using that one Snapchat filter that blurs out all her features to the point that she looks like no face with the addition of hearts around her head

No. 1631437

we will probably see her doing alot, ripping videos off tiktok and only posting them on twitter. when you post on tiktok, they have some ethical rules where they will show what filters are being used. there's a lot of beauty filters on there are just simple tweaks that almost be undistinguishable if you dont have context of what someone actually looks like. So to "help girls self esteem" they make sure you can see its just a filter. that probably makes a girl like shayner seethe not being able to catfish like usual.

No. 1631440

She can also save the video she made and repost it so it doesn’t show. I’m sure a lot of people do that so they look natural.

No. 1631446


No. 1631453

Can you save a TikTok of yourself with filters onto your phone so that the name of the filter isn’t showing, but then re-upload it back onto TikTok and get away with filter abuse? I haven’t used TikTok in my life

No. 1631454

Just caught up with the thread and i think shats been snooping. She did her hair >>1631255 right after this fat whore was posted >>1628985

No. 1631479

damn, hate to admit it but i'm team #bracesforshay

No. 1631483

this is the one.

No. 1631497

File: 1661917307076.jpeg (Spoiler Image,532.48 KB, 828x1142, 30D33527-2BE4-4291-AAA3-51A1C1…)

This is so fucking gross, wtf

No. 1631498

File: 1661917467513.jpeg (224.31 KB, 828x460, C0ECDFD7-7109-468E-917D-A1BDEC…)

Hey Shayna, never film from this angle again

No. 1631511

File: 1661918536246.jpeg (813.3 KB, 828x1405, FBD23D56-77D8-4699-92F2-7C9359…)

No. 1631514

…that geriatric bra…..

No. 1631524

You can screen record the preview TikTok. The preview doesn't show the username watermark and then it can be reuploaded and look like a normal video.

No. 1631534

File: 1661920345879.jpg (474.86 KB, 546x972, 2022-08-30T21-15-40.jpg)

She just said fuck it and cropped out her gross legs for twitter

No. 1631553

File: 1661921419673.webm (1.05 MB, 720x1280, what is this bra?.webm)

Here’s the video. My tinfoil is she’s trying to direct those that interact with her other social media to TikTok.

No. 1631554

File: 1661921521935.jpeg (1005.5 KB, 828x1539, 554C33FF-93EC-44B1-8863-FB6580…)

Oh no leave the fucking corn kid out of this

No. 1631555

I think it’s great she’s unable to figure this shit out, it helps us point out she’s likely using a filter. The alternative would be the poor souls increasing their “she’s looking so much better! If only…” comments.

No. 1631557

Nona, your profile picture is showing, you might still have time to delete this.

No. 1631558

That’s a tiktok audio, not my pfp

No. 1631563

I love how she went from one extreme to the next in the exact opposite way. When she went on that trip with her family some thought it'd depress her and make up change it up. Instead she started doing IRL sex work. Then she goes to fetish con and now she's wearing wearing bra and trying to be a tik toker & a middle part.
Her wearing a bra baffles me and seriously makes me think that lipgloss/color may be next.

No. 1631565

It’s not even a bra, it’s that ill fitting swim suit top

No. 1631566

I think she has lipedema

No. 1631567

File: 1661921922123.webm (3.87 MB, 576x1024, Tacky Mattel.webm)

Here’s the local archive. Shayna Leigh Clifford, you’re a tacky paedophilic loser. Nothing in this looks as good as you think.

No. 1631571

What makes you think that? Honestly curious. Sometimes people are just fat.

No. 1631575

Just the heavy amount of dimpling and cellulite and that her legs look disproportionately big compared to her upper body, and that her ankles aren’t very defined (which is a sign of lipedema). But you are right, it could just be regular fat and perhaps a bit worse because of how quickly she gained it. Idk, I know a lot of people her size that look less “soft”

No. 1631577

Shay-Tok era is just cringey. Every video her face looks different except for her ever present dry lips and eye bags. Then it's the same background as her porn. You can tell her parting her hair and adding pins is because she was looking for popular tik tok trends to mimic &is just copying bits and pieces of the girls she watches style.
No creativity, nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if she thinks Tik Tok will be her new Tumblr and she'll come across another fupaul this way. Its weird.

No. 1631578

I'm not trying to be bitchy but can you stop posting streamable and just wait until the webm anon does it? Or just convert the file yourself it takes like five minutes.

No. 1631579

>nose glow
Kek. She really shouldn’t draw attention to her second worst feature.

All these tiktoks because some fag from tiktok with a small dick wants to fuck her? How embarrassing. I’m honestly impressed she’s putting effort into this. Girl must be DESPERATE.

No. 1631580

I like streamable better as a mobile user

No. 1631583

I also prefer the streamable please nona keep posting them!!

No. 1631586

I think she was afraid to use TikTok because she might have harsher feedback, but now is less intimated bc she isn’t getting a lot of hate

No. 1631588

She deleted the face filter tiktoks kek she continues to expose herself for looking like three different people
Not the cellulite. Jfc she’s trying to be trendy and use meme/tiktok/Stan Twitter lingo that’s been overused. She jumps on trends years late. She looks like a grown aging mother of three trying so hard to be a “hip young teen influencer” in her childhood room. It’s disgusting

No. 1631589

Why can’t there be both? It’s easier to view on stream able and Dropbox. But I understand what you mean since they can be deleted off those sites. I just wish you could instantly play and post videos without converting them.

No. 1631593

it looks like her bathroom is in the kitchen? Kek so luxurious

No. 1631597

The way she greases up her entire honking shnozz with highlighter makes me fucking triggered, ITS ONLY SUPPOSED TO GO ON THE TIP SHAYNA, MAYBE A TINT BIT ON THE BRIDGE, NOT YOUR ENTIRE NOSE (sorry if nitpick, but if anons can nitpick her granny bra and ugly shirts then I should get to nitpick the highlighter)

No. 1631608

File: 1661927241978.jpeg (1020.91 KB, 828x1538, 298DA298-EA49-4FB2-955D-13B4A5…)

She needs a real friend to tell her to just stop, this is so embarrassing https://streamable.com/535mox

No. 1631610

this is terrifying

No. 1631612

File: 1661927898620.jpg (677.45 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220831-013753_Duc…)

If only you knew how bad things really are(nitpicking)

No. 1631613

File: 1661928311878.jpeg (428.92 KB, 1569x1080, F26CE3B7-2FC1-411F-93D5-6FC60C…)

These are the tattooed “goth” boys she’s simping for on tiktok

No. 1631614

Her tiktoks are her cringiest content yet honestly

No. 1631615

lmao nona you took the words out of my mouth! You’d think that her abysmal engagement would be enough, alas

No. 1631616

They really ram home how much of a clueless shut-in she is. How is it possible to be as terminally online as she is and her age and still be so tragically “how do you do fellow kids?”

No. 1631617

Get a load of those rotting fingers

No. 1631618

There's no part of this that isn't absolutely terrifying but the top contenders in my book are the scrotum eyebags and those fucking gory cuticles

No. 1631619

Half these guys look old, dirty and homeless kek what a low standard to simp for but I guess she’s used to having unfavorable clientele that she pretends to love.

No. 1631620

I feel like she would find their attention seeking behavior frustrating bc she wants the attention in her

No. 1631624

How is she not getting lambasted for these hashtags? On what planet does she bear any resemblance to an egirl or bimbo? Even TikTok filters can’t make her look remotely decent, this is hilarious.

No. 1631626

File: 1661930206028.webm (1.84 MB, 576x1024, NAILS & CUTICLES!.webm)

I’m one of the .webm anons. Because it’d be difficult to catch all she posts, I appreciate the Streamable/Dropbox nonas immensely. It takes a village to tend to certain cows. I’ll continue to upload the .webms as any other hosting platform could be subject of a report and because of autism. To avoid being a pest, I’ll continue to sage all post that serve only as way to preserve locally what’s already been shared.
Local archive.

No. 1631627

If it weren’t for the fact that we’ve seen her taste in everything, really. I’d just think she was trying to drum up business for her failing sex work ~career~ by pandering to these losers.

No. 1631630

I think the fact that the only “fans” she has on twitter are fat, smelly, old yokel moids is starting to get to her. She wants attention from people she thinks are “cooler”. Fatcon probably made her feel like she’s too good for Mike Slack the pedophile and Jason R Womack the retard

No. 1631631

Because no one cares about her existence but us. Her content isn’t popping up on anyones timeline unless they search her user (the only people doing that are farmers). And if she does land on the For You Page it’s one of those tiktok videos you cringe at and swipe up to see the next one. Nothing about her is creative or eye catching. Shaynasty can’t even be “cringe” famous. She’s just so useless

No. 1631634

File: 1661931992286.jpeg (889.67 KB, 828x1530, 9C4246EC-9F54-4B62-8750-6DBC44…)

It just doesn’t stop

No. 1631636

File: 1661932684382.webm (710.54 KB, 576x1024, It just doesn’t stop.webm)

This attempt to revive her Tumblr ~fame~ on TikTok is so pathetic and embarrassing. If it weren’t because she’s a vile human being, I’d feel sorry for her and her arrested development.

No. 1631644

I love how the sweater still has her slob stains on it. So she's been wearing the same bra off and on since the con, now she's doing this weird tik too shit, where she throws on whatever is clean and pumps out three videos of boring content. With dry lips, bloody fingers and the same damn bra. I can't wait for her to make a whiny tweet because she didn't instantly go viral after a few days.
>I worked so hard on my tik toks just for them all to flop, I know I'm pretty with a cute personality but….
Something about this seems very manic and odd.

No. 1631656

That guy she's supposed to shoot with commented on one of her TT and it's sad and weird if she's doing this for his attention or male attention. Why not just go on a normal dating site? Or a fetish site and do the same damn thing? She's also following the black girl from the con on tik too.

No. 1631661

be careful nonnies looking up shayna on twitter on your main account. twitter now thinks i like onlyfans girls and keeps recommending me e-whores to follow; and I must be being recommended to them too because im being swarmed with whore-bot follow requests

No. 1631671

her uneven front teeth are so distracting. Just get the long one filed down so they're even Shaynus

No. 1631701

shayna is in some sort of weird midlife crisis situation rn kek. posting tiktoks, ditching the dated ass side part, trying hard to seem cool and catch up on trends.. all happened within a week. if she wasn't a broke bitch i'd bet that plastic surgery was next but alas

No. 1631708

they match her boobs lol

No. 1631716

i can't with her fucking nails. do you remember how there was always this one kid in elementary school who chewed down their entire nails? she looks like that and how fucking bold of her to display her ragged ass fingers with nailbeds showing front and center in her cringy ass tiktoks

No. 1631727

>>1631263 kek modern? this look was very popular in the 90's with pencil thin eyebrows…ala clueless

No. 1631730

racks on racks on racks on racks anon basically she is saying she would be much richer if she got a dollar for every boy she simps for than she is selling her infested holes for $3 a month

No. 1631733

my sides nonna

No. 1631736

she has been, but she’s been swiftly deleting comments to make it look like she’s not.

No. 1631737

is she trying to look mentally impaired? it’s working.

No. 1631740

File: 1661947653987.jpeg (Spoiler Image,983.98 KB, 1170x1838, A3212FA8-6165-4E42-B590-4FC340…)

No. 1631757

Yep, every single video has had comments on it but when I click to view them there’s none there, so the only comments she’s getting are mean/mocking and she’s immediately deleting them. How embarrassing.

No. 1631763

Did she put fake tanner on she’s looking more orange instead of her usual pale deli meat tone

No. 1631764

Dreamworks smile personified

No. 1631767

Literally maybe 2 of them are even somewhat "goth". The top and bottom second in from the right. Top one seems like a cringe eboy though.
Why doesn't she just say "tattooed daddies" or something. All those guys literally just have tattoos, nothing else in common. Theyre not goth or even all that alt besides the 2. She's so retarded and annoying.

No. 1631771

Ok thanks I was having a hard time hearing. The artist is barely audible and her ugly bad lip syncing was distracting.
She thought that was funny enough to make 2 different tiktoks for though huh??

No. 1631772

Never understood her quirky “I only listen to oldies” thing considering most of it is too old for the boomer coomers. Just further emphasizes how out of touch she is with her own generation. I will say the middle part is an improvement from the 2013 combover look!

No. 1631773

Not saying they all are or that she's not getting comments of people making fun of her. But is it possible some might be spam/bot comments? Does that happen on there? Like on insta when you use certain tags, you immediately get spam bots that comment. It could be like that. Also farmers that just can't help themselves.

No. 1631777

I think her music taste is literally just from her weird love for her own father tbh. Just anything that he likes or played while she was growing up. She made that nostalgia her personality. Plus some cliche shit like Britney and Lana. But she's always been overly hype about anything her dad does or has. Music has been mentioned. She's a fucking freak.