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File: 1689392319325.jpeg (91.85 KB, 696x561, ScreenShot_20230714203949.jpeg)

No. 1864686

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1855512

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread.

>>1855519 - Pissed her coomers want to see her "new" tits despite tweeting about them. Pissed they want to tip $5 when she eventually charges them for $10 >>1861684 (At first it was $50) >>1858133
>>1855688 - constantly tryying to get people to buy her tit pics (see above line)
>>1855702 - buys more pink garbage even though she's going to be short on rent (AGAIN)
>>1855770 - went from mom's to dad, and back to her mothers because she's the only person who will put up with shat (>>1856046)
>>1856393 - finance anon sums up her spending in roughly 2 weeks
>>1856812 , >>1856815 - drinks through out her entire recovery time….
>>1856874 - shay posts this unedited photo of her in a mumu damn she's big
>>1857176 - shayna clifford the boob job expert
>>1857292 - more shitty hello kitty shit
>>1857523 - too stupid to eat healthy
>>1858963 - day drinking on a boat, a "frens boat" (bitch has no friends)
>>1859422 - keeps messing with her tits gonna fuck up the healing process
>>1859928 - so happy with how her boobs turned out, meanwhile we're waiting for the meltdown once they're healed and look like shit
>>1860419 - "reimburse me" crap

>>1860855 , >>1860856 , >>1860857 , >>1860876 - some drama with the dude who flew her out to alabama for a shoot that she bailed on because "her tummy hurt" and refuses to pay the guy back who's time and money she wasted

>>1860917 - pot. kettle. black. her lack of professionalism is insane
>>1860922 , >>1860938 - gets called out for being a scammer - if only it would stick to her Cancel Card
>>1860962 , >>1860977 - continues to whine about people trying to call her out for being a scammer and causing drama
>>1861299 - fugly kiki tries to stick up for shay (sorta)
>>1861463 , >>1862314 , >>1862382 - new tits lookin rough
>>1862561 - spends MORE money on MORE useless barbie shit - 100$ on oral hygiene products she won't use
>>1862934 , >>1862991 - complains that other sex workers are poaching her sugar daddies
>>1863415 - back to her "buy all my videos for X amount"
>>1863814 - kicked off her dads health insurance and doesn't know how to get her own
>>1864293 - diabetes lookin snatch (Open at risk)
>>1864360 - NSFL !!!!! Posts a pic of her snatch with shit crumbs and blood stains (im barfing typing this blarrgglaskjahkjh)
>>1864425 - her dog's sick and needs urgent medical care sounds like a UTI >>1864506

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

No. 1864688

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No. 1864690

fixed #37
i did my best babes.
i hope the pic is ok
i updated her age and i think all the threads are properly placed

No. 1864699

Genuinely great job with thread.

Has anyone grabbed the photo from only fans yet?

No. 1864704

File: 1689394085886.jpeg (Spoiler Image,642.89 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_3685.jpeg)

I need proof that the picture from >>1864360 was actually posted to her OF because it does not look like an actual woman’s vulva. Where is her labia minora, labia majora, her clitoris? I rotated the picture and it legit looks like a tranny neovag. I know Shayna doesn’t have the perfect pussy but she definitely did not have her labia or clit cut off?
I’m gonna be embarrassed if a troon seriously posted a neovag to try and “own” the terfs

No. 1864705

seems like someone wasn't present for the ye olde "where is her clit????" debates of yore. You used to get banned itt for tinfoiling about the details of her pussy.

No. 1864712

File: 1689395608045.jpg (15.55 KB, 283x320, cc43411c492f0899ae65ce51a757b0…)

please… we just escaped the vagfoiling from the last thread…

No. 1864713

I’m sorry but can whoever got this from of prove it’s from her? I don’t believe those literal warts and that insulin deficient vagina are hers

No. 1864714

I dont think its hers honestly. I hate that i just looked at this nasty shit. Shaynas is saggier and looks like a crab claw kek

No. 1864716

Oh damn u right
Homer Simpson dolphin mouth looking ass

No. 1864717

Those look so much like genital warts on her ass

No. 1864722

I’m voting not shays, after reading the threads for so long, I know shays hair on the vag doesn’t grow in pattern like that, that is most definitely a MtF, notice how the hair connects to the thigh.

No. 1864724

i'd recognize that never-healing ass boil anywhere, it's Shayna.

No. 1864729

File: 1689397877629.jpg (Spoiler Image,408.42 KB, 1289x1767, 1517381294401.jpg)

Is it on the right side though?

No. 1864731

Yeah where did that picture come from anyways? They said she posted it in her onlyfans but surely not just a grotesque closeup there has to be a source

No. 1864737

Wouldn't something from her OF have the watermark?

No. 1864741

Seconded, it just doesn’t look like her anatomy in any of her other photos ever, I wish only fans anon would show the full post if it is real bc wouldn’t she be finding ways to shoehorn her new boobs into anything she’s posting rn anyway?

No. 1864747

>after reading the threads for so long, I know shays hair on the vag doesn’t grow in pattern like that
this is so crazy to me.

No. 1864750

Aw shucks. Been bamboozled and now it's in the thread description.

No. 1864755

I work veterinary urgent care in her area and I'm working tomorrow, It would be hilarious to have shayna as a client I can't imagine how much of an irl dunce she is(no1curr)

No. 1864756

>that is most definitely a MtF
No it isn’t good lord

No. 1864763

Take a break from the internet. Not everyone is a tranny.

No. 1864767

Yes OF automatically watermarks everything.
>crab claw
>after reading the threads for so long, I know shays hair on the vag doesn’t grow in pattern like that
CMON you guys are killing me tonight

No. 1864820

It almost looks like terra-firma forme dermatosis. Someone get at her with an alcohol wipe and see what happens.

No. 1864866

Noodle is gonna be put down within a year, I have a prophecy.

No. 1864872

ok but actually why has it taken this long for anyone to post proof of this image being from her $3 onlyfans tho

No. 1864875

File: 1689433183639.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 1170x2321, 51EF6C85-F9E7-4D29-8966-D1A9C2…)

I think it is her vagina. Attached pic shows how you cant see the inner lips/clit and hood unless she spreads the outer lips open. It makes me question my sanity but I agree with nona who said at this point we can tell when its hers or not.

No. 1864881

File: 1689433458649.jpeg (321.12 KB, 1170x632, 82DC78D2-BECC-4BE2-86F2-0DC731…)

It was apparently deleted from her OF. Is there any way to prove this now?

No. 1864883

File: 1689433881571.jpeg (Spoiler Image,894.03 KB, 1170x1146, 907D1581-991F-40EA-A240-2FB741…)

it really does look a lot like hers, other than the nasty looking shit stain all over it which is new. but she has been gaining steadily, could be prediabetes.
honestly this post kind of convinced me. maybe one the images is flipped? but the boil is in the exact same place.

No. 1864894

File: 1689435160740.jpeg (409.66 KB, 1170x796, C7B38661-E892-4983-9F17-321EF1…)

don’t be an idiot. not everything different = tranny. i dont know if its shayna or not but you’re purposely being retarded if you think its a post-op tranny. this post smells scrotey as fuck because every woman knows plenty of people have “innie” vaginas where the labia minora doesnt spill out like other people. its completely normal and so is a vulva being a different shade. you people should care more that shayna expected people to pay for an unedited photo of her laying on a blood stained blanket with shit showing in her ass. i wont even mention the yeast infection because to shayna thats just a light snack. attached picrel is if you need examples of females with innie vaginas as proof it exists and is common.

No. 1864898

I wish we could see the original post. Did she post these by mistake? Like some unedited ones got added in and someone told her that her poop was visible? She does lurk here tho so maybe she deleted after she saw all the farmers throwing up over her post. How does someone who has been doing this for 7 years fuck things up so consistently.

No. 1864904

Her hair doesn’t look like it grows all the way up her thighs like >>1864704 though? And the thighs and ass shape look kind of small/pointy to be her? Idk I’m having a hard time believing she posted that on her of, even with the brightness turned down low on your phone you can still see shit specks

No. 1864905

My theory is that she never made enough content to post to her OF during her surgery recovery. She's now desperately posting whatever she can so she doesn't lose coomers and income. She could also be on pain meds that compromise her judgement.

No. 1864906

I’m with you, remember during the pandemic when a random anon tricked us all into looking at a piece of random literal shit in a toilet telling us it was from her OF? Kek good times

No. 1864907

Shortly after the surgery she could have taken pictures of her unhealed post-surgery boobs. I think there's an audience for that (no not us) who would throw money to see her horror tits.

No. 1864911

I was literally thinking about that exact thing earlier KEK probably a troll that knows it’ll cause a ruckus on these threads, and it always does.

No. 1864916

At this point, I want it to be Shayna just so we didnt just spend the last day studying a random Farmer’s pre-diabetic, hairy, vagina and shit covered anal warts. That would honestly break me.

No. 1864918

We don’t need a screencap of some creepy scrote porn subreddit as proof of a certain type of vulva kek. “Muh flawless perfect pussy”

No. 1864926

File: 1689437753506.jpeg (Spoiler Image,168.35 KB, 1200x900, F624A0C9-33CA-4932-9FE8-105990…)

i cant believe you guys think this is Shayna. her pussy has never been this disgusting BROWN.

No. 1864927

File: 1689437885649.jpeg (Spoiler Image,784.29 KB, 1170x1454, BEB69E36-A806-4F93-AE79-B78B54…)

it is growing up her thigh tho like the dookie pic

No. 1864929

i think Shayna is high on her painkillers and doing a Loona

No. 1864941

She's also never been this fat or close to diabetes.

No. 1864946

It's already brown here, it just looks even darker in the new pic because of lighting

No. 1864950

it doesn't have the onlyfans watermark so im beginning to think its fake. probably posted by whatever troll said they saw her new tits and wouldn't show us.

No. 1864955

File: 1689441627689.jpeg (400.08 KB, 828x985, 5CEF8637-43B9-4CEB-9E0A-9E2C21…)

why does she expect complete strangers to pay for her dogs care?

No. 1864957

Anon why are you posting a porn subreddit as proof…that is so embarrassing. Are you male or something

No. 1864959

WHY does she expect pedo coomers to pay for her dog’s urgent care????? How does she not see how ridiculous it is to post hauls of unneccessary plastic shit and lonely brunches and then beg for money for her dog’s antibiotics? Is it an uwu bimbo baby thing to make daddy pay for your retarded dog’s vet bills? Is she going to pay them back with photos of her dressed up as a puppy with diapers and some medical fetish thing??? I hate it here

No. 1864960

Gtfo kpoptard

No. 1864972

You're a retard, I hope you know that.

No. 1864974

lurk and integrate before posting you buffoon.

No. 1864975

Many white women have brown vaginas. It's normal. Kill yourself scrote your dick probably has hair growing down the shaft and is 4 different colours.

No. 1864985

you sweet summer child

No. 1864992

In regards to those snatch pics last thread… I dont believe this is Shaynus tbh something smells scrotey or weird itt. No to say she doesn't post gnarly and gross pussy pics but idk. The pube hairs up on the legs and things just don't seem right.

Peeing a lot sounds like uti but really bad smelling urine and the shaking and panting makes me think its worse. Its infuriating because she's blown her money on stupid shit when she herself cant work as much and is supposed to be saving for bills. She would have had the money if she skipped one useless shopping haul. I know shes gonna grift anyway. But its still fucked up and that she was going to wait still and she just fucking dumped the dog at the vet after ditching it for a month who knows where.

No. 1864995

I understand she probably just got an estimate for noodle's treatment to make the deposit (although I've never heard of a vet requiring a deposit unless you've already been shady with your payments kek) but $200 for urinalysis? that seems high. and just $50 for meds for a dog noodle's size seems really low? unless it's not actually for her antibiotics but for some kind of pain relief or sm. idk $400 for a deposit seems steep even for an emergency visit.

No. 1864997

Iirc we dont have on OF anon anymore. I think the person claiming those and tit pic are on her OF is a retarded troll that made us all look at either a neovag or some other abomination of a pussy pic. No proof of source, no watermark. And if they have her OF wheres the tit pic? Wheres the caps that show the OF interface or her retarded posts she makes on there like "gd morning daddies!! Tip ur fave bby bimbo $15 4breffast coffee delivered n my new boobies heal!"

No. 1865003

They're talking about shayna specifically anon not all women.
Besides, shayna does porn so holding her to a higher pube grooming standard than your average woman isn't crazy. You all need to stop this tbh

No. 1865004

For emergency vet the prices seem right tbh. But if she was smart she would have them to those procedures one at a time, in that order. The first 2 should tell them if its a uti or if its worse. I dont know if she'd need ultrasound/xray. But because Shay is a retard who ultimately doesnt give a shit, she just threw the dog at them and told them to figure it out. Probably Ditched her so she could take some grifted money to go get brunch.
And maybe because it's an emergency vet they have to take some upfront money. But otherwise ive not heard of vets doing that. The meds is probably for in house. Like just a dose of painkiller or antibiotic to get her started. There will be more for her to take home once they figure out whats actually wrong.

I bet she only took noodle in because even she knew something was really wrong and it would look undisputedly shitty if the dog died or went critical over the weekend after she broadcasted that shit and was told to take her in immediately. Not to mention the reckless spending on unnecessary garbage.

No. 1865008

I know that happens if you dont shave and she has done that before. Im saying that looks like a fucking troons legs and ass. The blemishes and the way the hair is. The shape. The vag lips line. Not to say she doesnt have assne, boils, hairy areas,etc. Unfortunately I feel like a lot of us have seen Shaynus' coochie way too many times and up close. I would bet money thats not her junk. But Idk how to prove it.
And idk what the point of the derail is other then sometimes we get an extremely unhinged tranny or scrote or whore itt from time to time.

No. 1865012

They look like literal dick hairs like dudes have growing on their mound and thighs. Thats not the kind of pube hair girls who shave and just havent in a while get. Which you can see in her pics. It feels autistic and gross to explain but that's what I mean.

No. 1865025

it’s actually disturbing that you’ve seen so many neo vaginas that you can analyze them at this point. sounds like you have a troon fetish.

No. 1865027

nta but seriously cut it out with the bait/infighting, don’t you have anything better to do than provoke anons itt? read a book(taking the bait)

No. 1865030

sounds like you’re the one that’s getting up in arms. the last few threads have been nothing but retard slap fights. i’m tired of hearing the troon neovag tinfoil bullshit from anons who clearly frequent troon threads to stare at neovags because they have a fetish. then they come here to show off their superior troon vag analysis skills. it’s disgusting.(Infighting)

No. 1865036

absolutely insane seeing her do her usual 'here's ur reimbursement opportunities, daddies~' grift but with medical care for her dog instead. jesus

No. 1865037

well ya know anon, porn addicted scrotes with money simply love spoiling bimbos so they can get their dog’s piss problems fixed. it’s not like they want to see porn or anything, nah, they simply love seeing perfect bimbo shayna taken care of.

(there’s a lot of retards and autists itt so please note this is a joke before you start throwing a tantrum)

No. 1865038

sage for tinfoil, but what if this is wetchan?

No. 1865039

its super weird how the hair is really thick along the the outer line of the lips but then sparse everywhere else. i bet it smells like pencil shavings.

No. 1865041

>had to put down
My heart skipped a beat for noodle

No. 1865042

that literally makes no sense.

No. 1865048

Makes sense to me. Who else do we know who posts in the Shayna threads who would be deranged enough to post such an unflattering photo of their own vagina just to troll the thread? They're probably cackling right now over us staring at their wetness. I personally still think it's Shayna, unless someone in the thread literally has a matching boil and pussy layout.

No. 1865052

File: 1689453514280.png (Spoiler Image,335.44 KB, 372x709, similar.png)

These look exactly the same to me except one is poorly lit and she's gained weight.

No. 1865058

File: 1689454006383.jpg (159.17 KB, 1080x467, girlwhat.jpg)

$750 in total? That seems insanely expensive just for a dog UTI. My tinfoil is she adds a couple extra hundred onto stuff like this just so she can buy more doordash or shein garbage

No. 1865062

wow she could've just read the posts from the last thread saying it was a uti and saved $400

No. 1865069

wetchan admitted he's a man anyways so that tinfoil makes no sense

No. 1865079

Idk, to me it seems that her pubes are WAY curlier than the first picture. I can't even believe I'm talking about this

No. 1865084

is there even an onlyfans anon anymore? if so why don't we have the tit pictures… i think the person who said they saw the tits and the person who posted the not shayna vagina are the same person and they're just trolling. if someone could show us her most recent onlyfans posts it would clear it up.

No. 1865086

File: 1689456646472.jpeg (153.29 KB, 828x741, C628CD92-12ED-4F9A-B1EB-FF7476…)

samefag but this is her most recent post. that anon is a troll. idk whos pussy it is but its not shats. they just wanted to gross us out, probably a scrote who follows other onlyfats girls and noticed that girls puss looked similar enough to shays to trick us. probably the same gross anon who posted r/innies and was accusing others of being a scrote to take the heat off themselves.

No. 1865092

She deleted the post >>1864881 according to this post. I dont think it would show up anymore if she notice she accidentally posted a photo showing shit in her crack.

No. 1865093

Or it could’ve been something more serious and then bye bye Noodle and everyone would be dragging her ass for being too lazy and broke to make sure her dog isn’t on deaths door.

No. 1865094

Can we have a mod check the IPs to see if this poster is right? Has the person who posted the pic still posting in here now?

No. 1865097

from shaving the external areas but not the closer parts. it's s style thing. ever heard of a bikini wax?

No. 1865103

Does anyone recognize this blanket from any of shayna’s pics? I don’t recall seeing this blanket before but I am not sure

No. 1865104

if the pic is legit than that anon should post the titpic to prove theyre actually subscribed then…

No. 1865110

>>1865039 Just the way some pubes grow, it is not a style thing like someone else said lmao

No. 1865112

Another consideration with her pubic hair is that she probably can't contort herself around her gunt to shave due to the tit surgery.

No. 1865114

File: 1689459705932.jpeg (862.3 KB, 1201x1281, C9485CCE-D61E-4610-A089-B1C912…)

The stench these two must produce must be nauseating

No. 1865116

File: 1689459800753.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1104x1559, A7A23117-2482-4243-9043-A4DD77…)

No. 1865118

File: 1689459875157.jpeg (532.62 KB, 1226x1563, E3C604F0-9223-4468-9E50-3A733B…)

Can some screen record or write what she says? I don’t want to hear her retarded voice

No. 1865120

To be fair, Noodle probably does stink. Big Shaynus can't even be bothered to bathe herself so the poor dog is unlikely to bathed or groomed either.

No. 1865121

not the dogs fault but noodle probably smells like wet dog and Shayna smells like hot dog water

No. 1865125

It’s over a minute and a half long but she just says what she already tweeted. That Noodle has a UTI, what Shayna did to try to help her, and how they’re set back $800 and would really appreciate any kind of help. More of the same shit. Except imagine it in that retarded high pitched voice she does that we know ain’t her regular husky ass voice

No. 1865128

Shayna even has a fat bitch voice

No. 1865133

The reason her dog has a UTI is because Shayna probably screams at her for peeing inside. So noodle holds her pee in because Shayna is too lazy to take her outside more than once a day. Such a bad dog owner. Like don’t own a dog in an apartment if you are too lazy to take it out more than once a day. You don’t have the privilege of a yard so suck it up or put her up for adoption, lazy pig

No. 1865135

Shayna says she’s going to put noodles UTI medication in cheese or turkey. Dogs eat cheese?

No. 1865136

I have no idea why she adopted a big dog that is mixed with an energetic breed. A small dog would have been much more appropriate.

No. 1865137

File: 1689461113674.jpg (167.66 KB, 1027x545, retarddog.jpg)

Take better care of your dog Shitna.

No. 1865144

They’re not supposed to, animals generally are intolerant to dairy but most owners think it’s cute to feed them people food despite it having the potential to cause stomach issues. If it’s just a small piece for the medicine it’s fine.

No. 1865149

most people asking for money to cover their vet bills post a picture of the actual bill, just to prove that they had to pay said amount and people don't think they will use the money for something else. It's just easier to get people donate money for your pet than for your next rent you missed to save up for because you had to buy pink shit. Sure, it can be expensive, but I believe nothing she writes until I see proof.

No. 1865168

To be fair it was probably retard Ellen who was in charge of noodle when Shay was away. Prob her fault.

Reckon she just popped in once a day like you would with a cat. Noodle was prob trying to hold it in for way too long cos no one was there to let her out. Obviously Shay is at fault for not setting up proper care for the dog before leaving

No. 1865170

It's fine to have a tiny bit unless the dog has a very sensitive stomach. It's a common thing people do. It's not poisonous or nothing.

No. 1865171

i was thinking the same thing! she couldn't have afforded to board her the whole time she was in mass, she would be asking for reimbursement kek

No. 1865184

>>1865170 If the animal is lactose intolerant, like the overwhelming majority is, it's not really fine. It's such an annoying thing dog owners tell themselves just to keep giving a certain kind of food " just a little is fine ". If they literally cannot digest it, no it's not fine no matter the amount ugh. Yes dogs like cheese, doesn't mean they should have it. There are plenty of other treats the dog would love and wouldn't risk stomach ache/shitting on the floor then getting shouted at because human is stupid. Wouldn't suprise me if Shay and Noodle share charcuterie boards either.

No. 1865187

They're not supposed too. Idk why she would even think of cheese, most owners just the meds in a chunk of raw meat.

No. 1865192

>Wouldn't suprise me if Shay and Noodle share charcuterie boards either

Lmao she literally posted pictures once doing exactly that

No. 1865201

Only meant for a rare occasion nonna

No. 1865227

That’s so sad, I bet you’re right. She deserves to be spending lots of vet bills now and it probably would have been cheaper to board noodle.

No. 1865230

What are the odds this nets her more money than usual?

No. 1865254

i’m betting that the 750 bill is actually mostly for vaccines/shots that she has completely neglected to keep up with. i bet noodle hasn’t seen a vet since they left oklahoma. that’s why she couldn’t board him, because he’s not up to date on all the shots.

No. 1865265

File: 1689474315614.jpeg (311.14 KB, 1242x744, CDFA84ED-6270-47BC-AE5B-D9B081…)

No. 1865267

>Has the person who posted the pic still posting in here now?
Two posted pic, and posted pic not still here.

No. 1865268

File: 1689474751591.jpeg (769.87 KB, 1242x1500, 0C00FE78-3FD3-42C0-A8E9-C4B751…)

The dude tagging her looks like the dude in the picture

No. 1865278

don’t you dare disrespect triple h like that

No. 1865301

i don’t understand what this means

No. 1865303

i think it means two different people posted the supposed vag pic, & the op hasn't posted in this particular thread, just the last one.

No. 1865308

File: 1689480108075.png (Spoiler Image,5.67 MB, 2074x1530, Screen Shot 2023-07-15 at 9.01…)

here you go nonas

No. 1865310

File: 1689480195762.png (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 736x1042, Screen Shot 2023-07-15 at 9.04…)

her only fans is nuts

No. 1865311

File: 1689480283740.png (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 760x1288, Screen Shot 2023-07-15 at 9.06…)

just posting the most nasty retched photos on there

No. 1865313

Despite everything else, those nails are a disaster.

No. 1865314

why would you post your Frankenstein nipple to onlyfans? its so much more jarring than just an underboob incision

No. 1865316

Just pasted that nipple back on huh

No. 1865319

Is just me or the frankentit now hangs lower than the other one?

No. 1865325

This is definitely a neovag that belongs to a tranny and not Shayna. There's a wart in this picture (not the unidentified shit between the asscheeks) that isn't present here >>1865310. Also, it doesn't even look like a natal vagina. You're being trolled.

No. 1865326

I can't stand that fake, cutesy voice she puts on when she feels like it. I'm glad noodle is okay though.

No. 1865328

toilet paper bits all over her pussy, jfc

No. 1865329

this HAS to be edited like i refuse to believe she looked at this image and thought ‘yes, this is content that people would pay for’

is the nipple always going to look…like that, or is it just because it’s still healing?

No. 1865334

Its incredibly disgusting she doesnt wipe herself before taking pics like that.

It makes the over editing on her face look bad ans fake and her body even more awful when she does that. Her body looks disgusting. She needs to at least use the smooth and blemish remover jfc. This is her job. She edits pics for twitter but then expects people to pay for this lazy crap? No wonder shes down to a couple hundred subs.

No. 1865335

Im still confused as to where the fuck the incision for the og necro fake tit is?? Did they not replace it???

No. 1865337

i fuckin knew it was a man’s ass!!!!!!

No. 1865341

i have never seen one of those but i’m amazed at how natural the hair grows

No. 1865343


incredible business woman! 7 years of boss babe realness! talking about your dog's medical problems on your WORK twitter (where you sell "sex")

No. 1865345


Jesus. It's kinda insane that necrotit is going to look more "normal" than the other one now. I can't imagine that lifted tit ever looking ok (I mean, maybe if she was taking care of it post-surgery but we know it's not going to heal at all).

No. 1865350

She needs to work on filters and editing, she looks so dirty and muddy

No. 1865357

The chronic assne from not bathing or washing her bedding has spread to her thighs and she's had the same two boils on either side of her ass cheeks since Oklahoma.

No. 1865361

Her greasy elvis combover does her no favors

No. 1865362

I'm screaming at this nonsensical response keke

No. 1865367

farmhand do you perchance smell burning toast

No. 1865402

The necrotit looks tight and uncomfortable and weirdly shaped it looks long still all I can think of is how stretched the skin is and the other boob… ugh

No. 1865436

Most cheese is actually quite low in lactose naturally due to the manufacturing process. Doesn’t mean you should feed a lot of cheese to a dog but a tiny bit is probably fine

No. 1865453

No. 1865464

yeah she was definitely crying in that car because they fucked her whole shit up. her nipple is NSFL

No. 1865473

Oh jesus christ, how many times do we need to go over that not everything is a fucking tranny. Literally the only reason people are saying its a neo-vag is because the inner labia and clit isnt showing. I’m not convinced it Shayna but its clearly a normal looking vulva of a fat cis female.

No. 1865474

Judging by the blood stain on the blanket, she probably doesnt think linens need to be washed

No. 1865478

A random post said wetchan was a man. literally could have been anyone. there have been 5-6 people “banned” for mentioning being wet in their post. i think people just add it now to posts as a joke. why would a man talk about getting wet? now that is what doesn’t make sense. dont be so gullible. its the reason why you guys studied a random farmer’s vagina for 2 days. i mean, the farm hands here clearly arent aware of VPNs and can barely form coherent sentences to boot.

No. 1865486

where is the OF watermark? how we do know this is actually her?

No. 1865487

relax nona, the neovag nonnies are just trying to bait the OP into sperging enough to prove theyre a woman and post another pic. they did the same thing before saying ass eaters were trannies to the point people started posting their tits. there are just weirdos on lolcow who want to force trannies into every thread and there’ll always be shaytarded farmers who believe anything posted.

No. 1865488

nonna, are you blind? her of watermarks on the bottom

No. 1865494

they just make her look fatter. there is nothing bimbo about looking like a linebacker.

No. 1865497

File: 1689502625536.jpeg (Spoiler Image,930.16 KB, 1170x1484, BD0E5FF7-334B-4173-B564-70FB76…)

Don’t worry, it’s not a post op tranny. NSFL image of an actual neovag to compare. its pretty obvious like you said from the pubic hair that this is just a very unfortunate looking vulva. would be hard to recreate that natural hair growth after frankensteining a chode’s cock and balls.

No. 1865499

File: 1689503517624.jpeg (Spoiler Image,990.74 KB, 2340x2532, 4E3A5B15-44D5-4718-B426-B7BAA0…)

it looks like a healing boil to me, what “wart” are you referring to? the boil matches where shayna gets hers in the pic i attached. the photo from onlyfans you linked isnt recent, shes posting old content while she heals from surgery. getting a boil might be why she hasnt posted her genitals in over a month even tho the surgery was only on her boobs.

No. 1865502

Gah, I hate that the link in the original post doesnt go to the Shaynatorium thread anymore like it used to. Can someone fix it for next time?

No. 1865503

The trail of body acne running through the pockmark valley of cellulite is nauseating. You are what you eat, nonas. Body by Cheese Platter with a dash of aquaphobia. Of course her dog can't cope with these living conditions.

No. 1865505

Absolutely putrid, this should be spoilered

No. 1865515

its alive!!! they're frankentits!
thats her hello kitty shower curtain

No. 1865532

Is she slowly running out of content she made before the operation so now she can only resort to posting the most unflattering, vomit-inducing leftover photos? I don't know how this decision can be beneficial to her when she's in such deep shit over the 2k she just spent on plastic shit and her dog. She's in debt, unable to create more content due to her boobs not being healed and her whole blown up body covered in acne, so she's posting old disgusting pics which would normally land in the trash. Maybe she hopes the coomers won't notice and won't leave?

No. 1865560

Bitch got walleye tits.
She better understand she can’t be a dirty hog unless she wants her nipple to rot off.

No. 1865585

I think this is the most realistic explanation. Her left tit really doesn’t look good on top of it, idk how she’s going to draw coomers in unless they get off on botched women (I hate them), I think we’re in for some next level desperation.

No. 1865596

Can a nona who has had a lift/implant tell us if her nipple will look eventually look normal? It really looks strange and there’s nothing gradual about the nipple skin fading to the rest of the breast. Did she have this done by a plastic surgeon or a different type of surgeon? They look even but now she has a necrotit and a frankentit. There are definitely fake breasts that look natural out there but I don’t think hers will be one of them. Sorry for mini rant I’m just perplexed and am close to feeling bad for her.

No. 1865602

Did you (and other retards) even see a surgical wound that's 3-4 weeks old? I swear to god… hope you never go under knife for anything if you think THIS is NSFL.

No. 1865624

The vag sperging I'm not sure about but we've seen enough photos of her tits in this pose to know it's her. Besides, the weird neanderthal neck/shoulder situation is a dead giveaway.

No. 1865645

this is actually a super normal surgical wound. you could be completely healthy and adhere to healing instructions perfectly, it still takes time to heal. we won’t really see what they truly look like for another 4-6 weeks.

No. 1865649

armpit. the necrotit didn’t need a lift like the other one. another anon explained it with actual medical terms but there would be no point in doing an under boob incision on the necrotit. through the armpit is one of the most common placements if you’re just getting implants and no other procedures (like a lift).

No. 1865687

hi nonna i had a breast reduction/lift done when i was 16 and i am now 21, so i am not sure if i will be of any help. i got it done so young because i had severe back pain despite being a normal weight i always just had massive breasts (including this incase any anon is wondering why i was underage). it was done by a plastic surgeon, insurance did not deem it medically necessary but i am unsure if that would affect who performs the surgery. i assume a plastic surgeon did shays as well. my nipples may have healed so well because of my age, but you cannot tell that they were looped through the skin (i didnt have them sliced off/reattached. did shay?) i can only see a very faint white scar if i examine them very close because i know i had that surgery. shays looked like they got cut off and reattached….but i dont know why the surgeon would do that incase she wants to get pregnant and breastfeed?

No. 1865691

just from looking it up, it seems pretty common in breast reconstruction surgery to completely remove and realign the nipples. i’m assuming they did it for her because they lifted the breast and then wanted the nipples to be symmetrical. look it up if you want but in some of the pics they seem to look more bruised and purple so i’m guessing Shaynas are healing okay because it doesn’t look bruised like that.

No. 1865692


OT but wow. Breast reduction surgery at 16 for no other reason than having big boobs. As someone with big boobs, it gives me the creeps. Why do Americans hate sex so much?

No. 1865693

she literally said it was because of severe back pain? fuck off. its not some "american thing".

No. 1865696

Literally just typed this out.
Must suck to live in a place where you're forced to live with big breasts and constantly suffering from chronic pain, at least here they'll reduce you so you're not suffering constantly.

No. 1865697

Weird of you to imply having big boobs is synonymous with sex and making your boobs smaller means you hate sex. You are a freak and a retard, I bid you farewell

No. 1865699

Usually, I only creep this thread but I’ll bite and chime in. I’ve had two sets of implants, the first operation was when I was 21 and then I replaced them last year at 30.. Which is something Shaynus probably hasn’t considered that she’ll eventually need to do. The odds are that she’ll have to do it sooner rather than later, since she has pre-existing issues and also went over the muscle. Anyways, her breasts are just going to be a slightly larger, symmetrical version of what she already had. You know that saying about eyebrows, “They don’t have to be twins but at least make them sisters?” Apply here. Her nipples might be frequently erect from the pressure until the implants settle (about 6 months out) and will be “evened out” because the breasts are better aligned. It’s not going to correct one nipple going far-east or west, but simply level what’s uneven from the one breast having been lower. Coloring isn’t affected by surgery or healing. There is a good chance her breasts will look different sizes, or even shapes, throughout the healing process because often they don’t heal evenly. A lot of women think that implants are going to magically give them these perfect breasts but it’s mostly a “blown up” version of what you are starting with. She’s already done herself a disservice in the long run by not taking her pre and post op seriously, but who is surprised? My surgeon’s office required that I sign a paper agreeing not to use nicotine products for at least one month before my surgery and several weeks after. Nicotine increases the risk for complications and is detrimental to healing. If she’s taking her pain meds (which we can take a wild guess that she is), she’s going to look extra bloated and even put on a few more lb’s from the digestive effects. Hell, those are even going to be amplified because she won’t drink water. She’s maybe shit three times since her surgery. Showering is complicated afterwards and I’d imagine her lazy ass just hasn’t bothered. Other anons are correct that they will “drop” and decrease in size once they are settled and the swelling goes down, again about 6 months out from surgery. Her scarring is going to be what messes with her head the most because it’s so visible, especially with the lift (anchor scar). When you minimally increase your size then the incision is always on display and you have to cross your fingers that it’ll heal nicely. That doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Shaynus, who is obviously prone to discoloring. Long story short, the results are going to be underwhelming at best — frankenstein at worst (stitch issues, scarring, capsular contracture, etc.)

No. 1865727

Shayna’s result we’re always going to be like this >>1865308 as she had two different “needs” in terms of surgery.
Of course she has considered it, this is her second implant surgery. It counts as such even if on the first one she only had one implant. Prior to that, she had several other procedures.

No. 1865730

>The trail of body acne running through the pockmark valley of cellulite
Such expressive language! Beautiful.

No. 1865754

I knew a girl in high school who had huge breasts and suffered from chronic back problems. when her back issues flaired up she had to sleep on the floor because it was too bad for a bed. she got a reduction and was a lot more confident and happy in her body afterwards. it can be for a medical reason. I have extremely large breasts and have chronic back pain as well. breasts aren't always related to sex or sexual activity, that's creepier to think about a teen girl.

No. 1865763

Nona's if she keeps gaining weight, won't she end up with lopsided boobs again anyway? I know the smaller tit Did get slightly bigger when she gained but It will never match the growth of big tit, or because it's "Even" now will she just gain even in both?

No. 1865766

This literally looks just like shaynas vag. She has no clit so why would that be a concern?

No. 1865775


Yo, I'm the big-boobed lady who commented before against getting a breast reduction at FKIN 16 YEARS OLD, when your body isn't even done developing.

You know why I brought sex into this? Because there's no other reason a young 16 years old would want her boobs reduction. "Back pain" my arse, and again, I know what I'm talking about.

It's just another way girls are brought to hate their bodies. Yes, big boobs got weirdo grownup men leering at me. Yes, it sucked. But FUCK THAT if I'm gonna maim my body because moids are deluded creeps. I just did what most big-breasted teens do and wore baggy clothes, until I got old enough to get the courage to own my sexuality.

Breast reduction at 16 is just creepy to me, because I can imagine a situation where I got to hate my normal body development.

No. 1865785

>>"when your body isnt even done devolping"
>>breasts so large at the YOUNG AGE of 16 ALREADY IN PAIN
>>fortunate enough to get them reduced to STOP the pain for the rest of her life

You're the weird one here for thinking women hate their bodies for simply choosing to lessen a pain so sufferable, we all completely understand the want and need for reductions. If we hated our bodies we would simply keep the big breasts and suffer through the pain and the stares of older men prowling on young women who cannot control the growth process.

No. 1865789

>"Back pain" my arse, and again, I know what I'm talking about

if you don't think having large breasts can cause back pain, then you absolutely don't know what you're talking about. i've seen girls crying in physical pain because of the strain that their breasts on their back muscles. I'm guessing you aren't as "big-boobed" as you think you are. (actually, i'm guessing you're a scrote who's obsessed with tits and identifying as a "big-boobed lady" to throw us off. the fact that you think this has anything to do with sexual appeal/men staring when op explained that it was a procedure to relieve physical pain is very telling. also your weird obsession with "natural development", particularly in teenage girls, is nauseating and absurd. check your naturalism bias you sweaty fucking scrote.)

No. 1865790

>wow. breast reduction surgery at 16 for no other reason than having big boobs

that's literally the reason the procedure exists…to reduce uncomfortably large breasts…

No. 1865794


Beetch, my nickname was "Lara Croft". I even got mocked for my big boobs.

And when I go online and read girls "crying for the pain of their big boobs", well, it's one of those moments that caused me dysphoria as a teen. "Wait, I have big boobs and somehow I don't feel that much pain, except I have to keep my arms crossed if I run without a bra? Why are these girls saying big boobs = back pain? Am I not a girl?"

Also the disphoria when I invariably get called a man just for not being a whiny self-hating bitch that swoons and faints and clutches her pearls because of her heavy bosom.

Fuck off. This kind of shit makes me very angry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1865796


Samefag, wrong quote.

No. 1865801

This just reads like someone pretending to be a girl kek why would you even try running without a sports bra on? I had large breasts as well and got a breast reduction and they do hurt a lot. You get rashes underneath your breasts from the sweat, you get indents on your shoulders from the straps from the weight, and your mid back and shoulders feel like they’re burning.

There’s nothing wrong with someone getting a reduction if they’re suffering. I would have loved to have had a reduction as a teen. It would have made life easier

No. 1865803

then they had bigger breasts than you. theirs caused them pain, yours don't. congrats on having """dysphoria""" due to your boobs being large but not to the point of being painful (that's literally the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard btw). also you miiiight be using that word wrong but go off i guess.

people who are getting breast reductions for back pain typically don't have lara croft sized breasts. if that's actually who you look like, then of course you didn't feel the need to get them reduced. imagine if your breasts were 2-3 times that size and your back muscles were exactly the same. it would fucking hurt.
but again, i REALLY feel like you're a scrote with a fetish. and now i think that fetish might be women in pain because of the size of their breasts.

No. 1865805

They couldn't have tried to match the implants more? The necro tit starts almost at her collarbone and her 'real' one starts at her armpit. I mean, you can't fix a broken canvas, but you can try to do better than this!
Coomer moid spotted.

No. 1865807

So what you're essentially stating is that because you didn't suffer, they didn't suffer? Got it. You're delusional that some women feel pain because of the sizing of their breasts.

Can we ban the manchan shitting up the thread and get back to shatna?

No. 1865809

File: 1689535472002.png (Spoiler Image,2.96 MB, 1290x2796, FE277C44-8B7F-4C57-8632-BA14A0…)

No. 1865817

NTA but why is the solution to mutilate a young womans body that isn't even finished developing? Sad af.
Unless you are one of the 4 women in the world with that rare gene mutation where their boobs will grow to the size of 50 inch TV's if they don't get the surgery.
This is just like those fats that will lie and say it's a thyroid issue and that's why they can't lose weight when those are incredibly rare, and the fat just won't stop eating and is lazy.

No. 1865818

it is definitely common when i had my reduction and lift they took them off & because of the scars my nipples are darker than before so shays doctor should have taken both her nipples off so that they look the same when it heals because i guarantee that one nipple is gonna stay darker

No. 1865819

she needs to stop taking photos like that the only time you should have your compression garment off is when you shower shes gonna fuck the scars so bad by pulling at them like that

No. 1865822

that’s right, criticize the decision of a young woman about whom you know nothing
every woman should just suffer with whatever until she’s 25 or whatever you think is “finished developing”

No. 1865823

There are solutions to "big boob syndrome" that don't include mutilating an underaged girls chest. I can't even believe this is an argument.

No. 1865826


Please shut up, we're all glad you didn't need to get a breast reduction because your breasts weren't big enough to cause you back pain, but some people actually do have those issues. Go sperg about "breast mutilation" in OT.

No. 1865829

I'm not the big boob anon, if you can read the "NTA" before my words. I have and have always had B cups. I just have a working brain.

No. 1865831

These were my only posts on the issue

No. 1865834


I can bet ten to one that my breasts are bigger than those of the lady who needed breast reduction at 16 years old.

But fine, this isn't the thread to talk against body mutilation and making underage girls hate their developing bodies. Back to Shayna.

No. 1865836

and both of your posts smell of scrote. there can be 2 of you in here at once.
"mutilation" lmao. you have no fucking idea what you're talking about. if you actually do have b cups (being an obese scote does not count btw) then you would have no idea how this feels. and it's not "rare", you're just used to seeing breasts that fell to the center of the bell curve. no one is talking about "hating their developing bodies". they are talking about a physical burden that will never go away without medical intervention. go wash your nasty fucking balls.

No. 1865838


Lol, are you quite sure you're against tranny logic? Because you sound like one. "How does this woman DARE not to conform to the social norm that wants big-boobed girls whining about back pain? She can't be a real woman!"

And I bet you then feel sorry about girls who go FTM, not realizing the irony.

No. 1865839

I'm a woman, it's pretty scrotey to be pro-mutilation of underaged girls though. And yes having such large breasts where it actually impedes your daily life is incredibly fucking rare. 16 year olds getting talked into chopping their tits off is not normal you fucking freak.

No. 1865845

tit-chan you're such a retard a lobotomy would raise your IQ. I'm not the anon who had a reduction at 16 but you need to realize that their are growth disorders that cause breasts so heavy and oversized that they literally cause nerve damage to the chest wall. Go get a breast reduction and see if any of your blood flows up into your brain with all of your blubber out of the way.

No. 1865848

tit-chans are 100% scrotes, report

No. 1865852


Reporting people because they didn't mutilate themselves as confused teens whose breasts got unwanted attention from scrotes?

I'm sorry if your family wasn't supportive and let you mutilate yourself, but fuck. off. I'm going to fight against body mutilation of teens.

No. 1865854

No, her surgery does not mean that her breasts will grow evenly if she continues to gain weight. If she has more natural breast tissue in one breast, then it will grow bigger than the other. It’s not uncommon for people to have different sized implants in each breast to achieve symmetry.

No. 1865856

Can’t wait to see the gofundme page anon. Please leave the fucking thread and be on with your courageous fight. I expect to see a mention of the horrors of correcting deviated septums as well

No. 1865859


Interesting and pretty revealing that, for you, big breasts are a "physical imperfection" that must be "corrected". Tell me you are afraid of your own sexuality without telling me you are afraid of your own sexuality.

Look, I'm not gonna keep OT'ing this thread any more. Me and others have made their point. You go keep defending the notion that a 16 years old girl with big boobs needs to be "fixed" of those sinful boobies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1865864

no one said that, who are you quoting?

No. 1865906

>their are growth disorders that cause breasts so heavy and oversized that they literally cause nerve damage to the chest wall
NTA with the big tits but these disorders are so incredibly rare and 90% of these girls that get their tits chopped off don't have it. Equivalent to "b-b-b-but there are people with fucked up thyroids and that's why im morbidly obese".(derailing)

No. 1865909

Retarded to think the only person who wouldn't want a teenage girl to chop her tits off is a horny scrote. Get your head on straight fucking retard. Do I have to post my tits with a written sign to prove it to you?(derailing)

No. 1865921

No. 1865941

Oh ok. We just haven't seen a pic from that angle unless Im wrong (so tbf no confirmation on that)
I think she was putting a regular bandaid over the anchor scar so we wouldnt see it went all the way to the nipple lol. Im sure it will heal some still and it could look less freakish and ed gein inspired job. But right now thats pretty disturbing that her og necrotit looks better.

No. 1865950

File: 1689546072034.jpg (Spoiler Image,658.39 KB, 3308x2124, notscroteproof.jpg)


No. 1865956

File: 1689546427428.jpeg (Spoiler Image,312.92 KB, 2074x1530, F3B5A52E-2DD5-40DB-8810-88D68F…)

I’ve done a scientific rendering of what Shayna Clifford’s anchor scarring will most likely look like when healed. Spoilered because female nipple = bad.

She really fucked up by having the breast reduction on her natural boob. Her tits are going to be very visibly scarred for next 3-5 years. At least before she could let guys play with her natural boob and use it for bdsm content. I dont see shayna ever doing hard play with her tits again with her nipple hanging on and poland syndrome in the other one. Why didnt she just save her own fucking money and go big and bimbo? She could have gotten a normal but larger size implant put into her natural boob with way less scarring (armpit entry) and then just fixed the poland syndrome to match? For someone who earns her money based on how she looks, she clearly puts no thought into things that drastically alter her appearance.(unsaged titsperging fanart)

No. 1865961

File: 1689546728648.png (Spoiler Image,474.74 KB, 706x396, E5E8CA7D-F714-4859-A8B3-2BCF59…)

Pfft, yeah right. This is “most likely” how they will turn out. Shayna is already putting no aftercare into her tits and barely been a month since surgery. The anchor scar was a huge mistake, her nipple is going to rot.

No. 1865962

Some of you nonitas need to touch grass. (You do have a great rack tho, good for you I guess?)

It’s not worth speculating now unless we have someone who’s had the same or very similar. Stuff settles weird after any op and you don’t know for sure the final results of something this invasive. I hope, for her sake, they look semi decent. She’s a pedo pandering POS but no one deserves to have paid for a botched pair of boobs

No. 1865964

>It’s not worth speculating now unless we have someone who’s had the same or very similar.
???? I literally got the source image for the anchor scar boob from a reddit for women who had breast reduction and post photos of how theyre healing. I took a photo that looked similiar to shaynas ethic status, size and nipple shape and then pasted it over her. Check yourself.

Not again

No. 1865967

Very nice tits. Leaking a little over ‘ere.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1865968

theyre covered in whiteheads and it’s skin looks greasy and unwashed. i’d bet money thats a tranny. the nipples look post op.

No. 1865971

NTAYRT but the whole point of lolcow is to speculate on cows.

No. 1865974

I just want one day where this thread isn’t full of bpd tit posting ass eaters holy fuck

No. 1865975

wetchan posting their vagina was my last straw. we all stared at it for hours.

No. 1865984

anyone who though that was shays vagina and not something from a troll/moid is more retarded than noodle

No. 1865985

interesting… how did two different people get the images from OF if its fake? im kind of back onto thinking the brown vagina pics are actually Shay? Has she posted any recent pics lately showing her vagina? She was bed ridden and on new meds, could explain the sudden change in her pigmentation. I mean, the healing boil being in the exact same spot as Shayna >>1865499 makes me feel like it might be hers.

No. 1865986

farmhands confirmed two separate people posted it from her onlyfans tho?

No. 1865990

it wasnt a moid, wetchan admitted it in /shay/ and was laughing saying how wet she got making us look at her pussy.

No. 1865991

I also think it's hers. It looks different because it's unedited with no filters and also she hasn't been shoving dog chewed dildos up there or trying to buzz her clit off with a cheap vibrator so it looks less red and swollen that it normally does.

The skin darkening is consistent with the incoming and long predicted diabetes and morbid obesity saga. She has already posted images where she had had toilet paper and shit around her asshole. The only thing that was really shocking or surprising about it was that it looks like she has genital warts.

No. 1865993

Ty for clarifying, I just saw the weird farmhand response and it didn’t prove it belonged to shay lmao the people shay attracts to her threads are wild

No. 1865997

Where? I'm looking and I can't find the post.

No. 1866002

nonny it’s been explained that they still need time to drop. it’s been only a few weeks, calm down.

No. 1866007

Nicest farmer boobs I’ve seen ngl but you’re still a weirdo

No. 1866009

shayna didn’t get a reduction though. she got a lift. there’s a difference.

No. 1866014

She wouldn’t have gnarly anchor scarring on one breast only if they didn’t remove extra skin from her saggy natural tit. If that’s all she could afford than her Poland Syndrome breast would also have an anchor scar. But obviously they were able to insert the implant with minimal scarring for that one. So why only one anchor scar? Because Shayna had enough skin to match the Poland Syndrome tit and then some due to weight gain so they had to give her a small reduction to make them match.

No. 1866019

File: 1689550669387.gif (Spoiler Image,429.52 KB, 960x791, 361389416_712410557526370_6976…)

Here's an example of healed anchor scarring from a breast implant. I wonder why her surgeon chose two different methods of incision? I'd almost want to go back later to increase the size of the one and make them give me an anchor scar so at least they'd be symmetrical.

No. 1866020

File: 1689550791088.jpg (87.47 KB, 768x432, kYQHKcI.jpg)

theyre great boobs but those arent even that big? I was expecting ariel winter boobs picrel(derailing)

No. 1866021

this literally never happened why are you making stuff up

No. 1866026

can this shit get deleted please ffs? it's only gonna attract scrotes like last time.

No. 1866032

Ah so you’re not actually a big boobed girl, that’s why you’re complaining about necessary breast reductions, they’re not even a fashion thing plus you associate boobs with sex and sex only

No. 1866034

File: 1689551785416.png (659.2 KB, 623x1047, funny shayna meme - electric b…)

never change, shayna

No. 1866036

that nona tried to say they were big boobed? KEK. they're flap jacks pushed down with her shirt and shot from below to try to look bigger. what a loser!

No. 1866037

Jesus her necrotit is really unstoppable, I thought the surgery might help its appearance. I wonder if there's any risk of it getting worse, especially if (when) Shay gains weight

No. 1866043

File: 1689552807645.png (Spoiler Image,94.64 KB, 731x210, better luck next time.png)

It's already been posted on 4chan. Exoect scrote posts soon.

No. 1866047

These aren’t even big…. Mine were close down to my waist without a bra and so large. I had to buy shirts two sizes too big for me to get anything over them. That’s why I got a reduction because of the rashes from the under boob sweat in the summer and immense back pain. Why are you so pressed about large breasted women getting reductions to be comfortable?(no1curr)

No. 1866051

Okay so I have the same incision type as her. It’s been 5 years since I’ve had them done. The first year the scarring was still visible but I was given scar cream to help with healing and reduce the appearance of the scars. After 5 years I can’t even see the scars unless I’m looking really close. They do remove the nipples for the incision and put them back on (found that out when I tried to put my nipple rings back in). Her breast will settle slightly lower than it is now but not drastically. However with the size she is they probably will sag more and since she’s not taking care of herself and gaining weight she most likely will have more issues.

For reference I’m an A cup now and after 5 years I’ve also lost weight so they’re basically still the same as they have been since they fully healed. I don’t think the same will happen for her.

No. 1866053

File: 1689553430082.png (313.28 KB, 601x654, cunty.png)

Shayna Clifford is larping as a lesbian again

No. 1866055

her breast size was not reduced, in fact it was made slightly larger. the anchor scar was from the lift. since she didn’t need a lift in the necrotit they just did it through the armpit like a routine breast implant. not all breast lifts are reduction + lift. many are implant + lift. you’re just a retard who can’t use google.

No. 1866056

It’s the same incision type, I got a reduction and lift. So even though I don’t have an implant I still have the same incision. Critical thinking.

No. 1866057

File: 1689553667324.png (443.02 KB, 633x591, lol.png)

this is who shayna is tweeting about

No. 1866059

File: 1689554047264.png (511.76 KB, 509x1401, beastiality.png)

Okay it's really not sitting right with me that Shayna is pushing her dog content right after she was posting photos of her real dog. There were some really creepy posts under the photos of her dog too from beastiality scrotes. I really hope Shayna didn't do anything weird to get the money for Noodle's vet visit.

No. 1866061

Can she even really advertise herself like this using photos with her old tits anymore? It's like false advertising… you think you're going to hook up with a kinda dorky cute girl and then you get frankenstein with a rotting nipple.

No. 1866067

File: 1689554579845.jpg (160.8 KB, 1080x2400, F00mQsuXoAEkYqu.jpg)

Shayna liked a tweet saying "how is this even plus sized". What do us sisters think? Is this cartoon thingy plus sized to you?

No. 1866068

You could’ve drifted away and have made your point but now we’ve all seen your objectively average sized boobs. Nice pair though. What a choice
Shayna is fucked up in the head for sharing photos of her animals and family in the first place to these creeps. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she doesn’t mess with her animals but she has zero protective instincts or morals

No. 1866070

a fortnite skin? shes worrying about a fat fortnite skin? man if i was an addict prostitute that would be the last of my problems

No. 1866072

Sorry for the confusion, there were multiple of us posting and I never claimed to have big boobs I said mine were B cups, but I guess they're probably C. Doesn't matter though I'm not the nona who claimed to have big boobs. There were at least two of us itt.(no1curr)

No. 1866074

I was just sick of being called a scrote for being against chopping off the breasts of an underaged kid. I'm not the anon who claimed to have big boobs. You can clearly tell we were different anons. (Last post about this sorry for the de-rail but I never claimed to have big boobs).

No. 1866076

Nona stop posting about lolcow on 4chan, it's embarrassing.

No. 1866079

File: 1689555147431.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1789, IMG_9782.jpeg)

Oh ffs, why upload an obvious edit.

No. 1866080

File: 1689555194103.png (14.6 KB, 850x127, wtf.png)

You aren't welcome here, please leave.

No. 1866081

not to white knight or be delusional but i honestly think that second pic is the best facial expression she’s ever made for a nude.

No. 1866082

same incision, different procedure. an anchor scar for a reduction and lift is going to look different than one for an implant and lift. critical thinking.

No. 1866083

I dont know watch wrestling, I just chose the first photo on google. Didnt know it was an edit, calm down bad-tooth-brit-chan.

No. 1866088

apparently nearly every anon itt now has had breast surgery specifically with anchor scarring and knows all about it. this is seriously the retard thread, omg.

No. 1866089

I reporting you for infighting. Didn't think so critically after all did you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1866090

Okay retard.

No. 1866092

You're reported.(consequences will never be the same)

No. 1866094

I'm 29 now but had the same surgery as Shayna when I was 26 and got anchor scars. This shop
>>1865956 is actually very accurate to how my healing looks three years later.

No. 1866095

Whoever that is is larping as me. I don't post in the shaynatorium.

No. 1866097

NAYRT but I had a lift with anchor scars and my friend had a reduction with anchor scars at the same time ours both healed the same. You're purposely being difficult at this point to get in the last word. For someone trying to tell other posters "don't speculate" you sure are fighting and speculating alot. Grow up.

No. 1866098

backtracking just makes it looks worse. no one wants to see your oily tits, ban-evader.

No. 1866100

When someone accuses me of being a moid I'll prove otherwise fucking twat.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1866101

it's actually sexist as fuck to say every woman has the same opinion on everything and if you don't you're actually a scrote in disguise. Women can have their own opinions don't you know?

No. 1866103

You scrotes have been at it for hours. Biological women aren’t this obsessed about the tits of a teenage girl.

No. 1866105

You posted your tits on lolcow and are now using a VPN to view the reaction. You are an embarrassment and need medication. You just ruined it for anyone who may have been warming to your retarded opinion, idiot.

No. 1866106

SA but the lot of you seem to think a breast reduction is a full breast removal by the way you’re talking and that’s just plain retarded.

No. 1866107

we’re on an anonymous image board, if you’re so offended about being called moidish by anons stop acting retarded enough that we think you’re a man

No. 1866108

You're clearly a tranny. No one will ever accept you a real girl, even with your botched boobjob. You didn't prove anything, scrote.

No. 1866110

..Or you could just ignore them. Like everyone else who's been accused of being a moid.

No. 1866112

Every time you ingrates accuse me of being a male I'll post my tits. Maybe I'll even post my cunt next to spice it up. It resembles roast beef so I bet the ACTUAL scrotes itt will make fun of me.

No. 1866113

Agree. Only a scrote tranny would try this hard to try to get people to believe they're a woman. And only a woman-hating tranny would have their stance that women shouldn't be allowed to have an elective surgery that helps them. I bet they posted the neo-vag too.

No. 1866114

NTA but I genuinely cannot imagine being so unhinged that I share my tits to an anonymous forum site.

No. 1866117

Who gave you unsupervised internet at the psych ward?

No. 1866118

Can DR's accurately recreate a vagina with very large/meaty inner labia? Because that's what I have and I'd be happy to post it to prove I'm not a tranny either.

No. 1866119

I think you’ve seethed enough, you should dilate now

No. 1866120

There is no way this wasn't posted by a scrote.

No. 1866121

No one wants to see your neovag, tranny.

No. 1866122

I don’t know a single biological female who would refer to a vagina as “looking like roast beef”.

No. 1866125

Agreed, reeks of men who have zero concept of breast development

No. 1866126

holy shit this entire thread needs to be destroyed and remade.

No. 1866131

File: 1689557233294.png (37.93 KB, 530x307, cheap ho.png)


Shayna bleeds onlyfans subs and lowers her OF monthly price to an all time low of $3. Now you can see her stink rotting holes FOR LESS THAN TREE FIDDY!!

No. 1866132

File: 1689557372684.jpg (Spoiler Image,704.53 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20230717-032949_Twi…)

Can we please stop this unhinged argument and get back to discussing the actual cow?
She is really pushing the beastiality-bordering puppy content today right after the noodle situation. Sicko.

No. 1866133

File: 1689557396090.png (292.55 KB, 529x518, ew.png)

they look so….wide. ew. still not as bad as the tranny who posted their tits in a shayna thread.

No. 1866134

How about you stop worrying about what other people are doing and stop posting >>1866059 literally the exact same shit that was posted less than hour ago, dummy.

No. 1866136

File: 1689557650321.png (587.76 KB, 611x614, ewww.png)

her couch looks filthy. maybe if you cleaned you furniture and house your dog wouldn't have gotten a UTI.

No. 1866137

This thread is about Shayna, not the tranny with the neovag. Cease discussion.

No. 1866138

Your mini-modding would have more weight if you didn't just literally re-post what another anon posted word-for-word. Cease your autism.

No. 1866140

why are you ingrates so obsessed with trannies? don't make me post my tits again.(ban evasion)

No. 1866143

i feel like you don’t know what ingrate means.

No. 1866144

No. 1866145

someone already posted this a few hours ago. there's still time to delete this post.

this looks like its from the same photoset from her onlyfans reveal. is she trying to pass this off as a new photo from this morning?

No. 1866151

Her Only fans used to be 3$
Im surprised that it wasn't tbh

No. 1866152

Good job making the entire site look like a joke on 4chan. Really helping out women. I agree without the nona who said only a scrote would talk about their own vulva like that. Fishy.

No. 1866154

If she’s a biological woman, she’s a pick-me. Having 4chan scrotes look at her tits is probably worth gold in his—sorry, HER mind.

No. 1866155

If you guys keep calling me a tranny I will seriously post my biological vagina. You're practically daring me at this point.

No. 1866156

You know most normal people just post their hand to prove their female, admin have used this for jannies for a while. You just want bottomfeeder incel attention.

No. 1866157

get a grip

No. 1866159

But I'm sure you'd call it a neo-vag because it is impossible for a woman to have a different opinion than yours. I said it resembles roast beef because it does kek. And I don't think neo-vag looks like that. What's a better way to describe it. An outtie? It hangs low? Idfk. But if you keep calling me a tranny I'll post it with another written sign so you can't accuse me of stealing a random photo from a woman online.

No. 1866160

where did I mention trannys with neo vag? biting people's heads off for letting you know you reposted something already in the thread less than an hour ago is just as derailing as any arguments. promote the good posts instead of focusing on the bad ones hun.

No. 1866161

Tell me you send random scrotes nudes at the drop of a hat for a crumb of attention without telling me you send…

Like nobody who is not severely pornsick and groomed thinks it's normal to start posting your body parts online for free, but clearly you've been sending these images to anyone who pings you online for years so you're desensitized, I don't envy the sober awakening you will have one day anon

No. 1866162

Why are you so invested in this? No one here cares, neovaganon.

No. 1866163

OT but what is it about Shayna that attracts so many MTF transsexuals' to her? this isn't the first time a tranny has infiltrated her thread.

No. 1866165

You called me a tranny AGAIN so you asked for this. Surprise! Biological women can have a different opinion than you.(stop posting your pussy for attention)

No. 1866167

it's not a tranny it's just a scrote who paid someone a sex worker to pose for a photo. literally no woman would advocate for not letting women get life changing surgery due to abnormally large breasts. he wants "teens to develop naturally" big red flag

No. 1866168

The only thing you’ve proven is that you’re just as pathetic as Shayna.

No. 1866172

Once proved I'm not a tranny, now I'm a paid sex worker kek. The cope. Some women have a different opinion than you. It's misogynistic to think otherwise.

No. 1866173

I have never seen a vagina with inner lips that look like lava rock. Put that gross shit away and get a life, loser.

No. 1866174

Sorry, it’s just hard to fathom that a biological woman would be this sad and pathetic. You’ve just surprised us is all.

No. 1866176

This is genuinely the most stupid thing I have witnessed online (at least that was done with sincerity) like nobody asked to see your vag, or boobs, this is the most inane way to "prove" to a bunch of strangers that you're female. Over a complete nothingburger diacussion about breast reductions. Like it literally doesn't matter in the slightest.
Though this is the Shay thread so I guess brainrot is a given.

No. 1866177

damn… if mine looked like that I would NOT be taking pics of it

No. 1866179

Holy shit bless you, anon

No. 1866181

ugly tits, ugly vagina, ugly unhinged idiot that acts like a psycho moid- you really showed us what’s what and I will continue thinking you’re a dumb man in the future probably lol

No. 1866184

nta but okay internet sleuth, we got it the first time you posted this

No. 1866185

Think your little plottwist was obvious to anyone with a brain, we all know moids lurk here, but it's also obvious this anon would dm her genitals to any stranger ten seconds after a "hi" messsage so not much of a victory for you

No. 1866187

the labia holding the paper killed me.

No. 1866188

the thought of a paper cut anywhere near my cooch is enough to make me cringe, anon is unhinged

No. 1866189

File: 1689559824922.jpeg (26.5 KB, 272x274, 754564295626504259290576549236…)

No. 1866190

Me screenshotting the three (so far) times this person has reposted this ahmazing plot twist with slight corrections, really like watching two chimps bang rocks together in here

No. 1866191

Surprise! I'm from 4chan and have been baiting you into posting your pussy by calling you a tranny for the last few hours. I'm like 95% of the posts replying to you. Didn't think it would take so little time, but thanks for the photos. Just remember to remove the metadata next time you post your tits and pussy online "anonymously".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1866193

she is really out here posting her rolodex pussy

No. 1866194

I didn't want to get involved in this but I can't hold it in. This is one of the ugliest vaginas I've ever seen in my life. Like how can you proudly post your snatch looking worse than the subject of the thread.

No. 1866195

people like you are literally the reason women aren't taken seriously.

No. 1866196

surprise! you’ve won a prize! send me your mom’s credit card number and those three silly digits on the back to claim it 4channer!

No. 1866197

You're so retarded it took you 4 times to post your anime villain larp, no one is impressed your obvious bait worked on some demented loser who was looking for excuses to post her pussy.

No. 1866199

We're up to four times now he's reposted the same message, truly a genius among men

No. 1866201

I’m laughing so much his variations of text are killing me

No. 1866202

you're sex is so retarded all it takes is calling you a tranny to see your pussies for free. truly some shining examples of feminine empowerment. lava rock pussy was funny tho.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1866203

No. 1866204

bro your gender jerks off to anime, you ain’t any better than her

No. 1866205

she does this frequently and it’s one of the only actual calculated marketing strategies i’ve ever seen her use. she’ll talk about something in her personal life, like spending time with her dad. then she’ll just “happen” to retweet a ton of her daddy daughter incest vids. same with her pets, she’ll post pics of them and talk about them and then immediately will post or retweet her beastiality shit. the one thing i’ll give her is that she knows her audience, but they’re pedos and degenerates who want to see her bark like a dog and fuck an animal dildo. knowing that’s your audience and pandering to it for pennies is fucking pathetic and disgusting.

No. 1866206

omggg why the ones that post are always the disgusting looking ones ughhh

No. 1866208

Highly doubt that’s why she isn’t posting anymore.

No. 1866210

What about females that sub or as twitterverse says "vagina havers"?? Not that there are as many pornsick chicks as scrotes. Especially subbing to Shaynus. But Im just saying she acts like she's a bisexual and inclusive woke qween then says shit like that that shows she doesnt care and its all for show lol.

No. 1866211

Don’t you need to go edit this post four more times or is the surprise you got it right the first time

No. 1866212

As opposed to moids, who would never post pictures of their genitals. The average 4chan scrote is proper and modest. You definitely can't find dozens of dickpics on there right now that males have posted free & unprovoked.

No. 1866213

literally this. /soc/ & /b/ are sausage fests.

No. 1866218

kek same price of two hot n spicys

No. 1866219

tinfoil that this is actually the girl who posted her vagina in a shayna thread, and she's pretending to be from 4chan to take the heat off her. would explain why she's suddenly not posting yet this "guy" won't shut up. distraction.

No. 1866220

i dont even see this post on 4chan anywhere >>1866043

No. 1866221

ooga booga darkweb

No. 1866222

to be fair, it’s literally just her topless in front of her shower. it would look the same regardless of when she took it.

No. 1866224

a little late

No. 1866225

Further infighting, derailing, and posting pictures of genitalia that is not Shayna’s or anyone she is working with is grounds for a 1-day ban. Take it to /shay/.

No. 1866227

What about this one >>1864704 half of us think it is hers and some don't.

No. 1866228

If you have to ask, it probably doesn’t need to be here. Stay on topic.

No. 1866231

It was previously discussed >>>/snow/1837472 that there are different incisions for lifts. In order to lift, sometimes tissue/skin needs to be removed.

No. 1866235

Shayna posting unedited photos with shit in her crack literally is on topic. I think there needs to be a new or more farmhands for the shayna thread. Tonight was really out of control. Multiple people reported the pathetic girl who posted her vagina when she was ban evading after posting her tits. If someone was working then she could have been banned before 4chan got involved. I honestly feel bad for her that her pics are on there now and some man tricked her.

No. 1866237

Sorry but mods aren’t responsible for removing that anon’s poor decision. It isn’t our fault she’s stupid enough to do what she did nor is it theirs.

No. 1866239

why do people fall for this? I don't believe any of the nonas posting their bits are actual farmers, suddenly when trolls just so happen to be stirring shit on the site, nonas get worked up enough to post their vagina's and tits? I know that it has happened on lolcow but I think this is probably just a moid posting pictures of a woman he paid to do this and/or some sex worker in their circle. Or for all we know we could be getting trolled by sex workers,

No. 1866241

It's so easy for a man to pay a sex worker $5 to post a picture of her pussy with a sign, I will never believe these. Not as fake as the ass eaters thread, but no woman is so angered by the accusation of being amab that she posts her nudes on a public platform.

No. 1866245

Same weird spelling mistakes/misplaced words too. You might be on to something.

No. 1866254

Nta but I agree. Doesn’t even have to be a sex worker either—a self-hating pickme discord kitten would definitely do it if her edgy daddy dom 4chan “bf” asked her to send pictures for le epic troll. Can’t believe no one pointed out “big-breasted teens” in >>1865775 which is 100 percent a porn title somewhere. I got shivers reading that. Just vile.

No. 1866255

Yup. Its all chantards and kiwifags that are frothing at the mouth to say "look at what those stupid sluts do". It's roleplaying.

No. 1866261

Shut the fuck up already

No. 1866267

I stopped posting cause idc anymore, also I know my vagina is ugly kek hence why I called it roast beef, it's double meat kek. But I'm against labiaplasty because I'm also against breast reduction because I don't think we should mutilate ourselves sorry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1866271

"lava rock vagina" cracked me up though, I have a sense of humour about my anatomy cause I sure ain't gonna cry about it, it's how I was born.

No. 1866273

post it again then if you don't give a shit. some of us missed it and want to know what the hell lava rock vagina means. you seem like a fat girl laughing it off in public but crying in private. you went dead silent as soon as you got clowned.

No. 1866274

don’t provoke her again, PLEASE.

No. 1866275

I went dead silent cause I posted it then left to eat dinner so I could read the chaos after I got back. Want me to post it in the Shaynatorium or will it be removed again?

No. 1866276

its fine in shaynatorium

No. 1866277

and I knew before posting that it would get clowned because I definitely have a weird looking low hanging puss. I have eyes kek and I see moids shitting on "roast beef" (Girls with outties you know what I mean).

No. 1866278

Nonna please it’s clearly a scrote who paid some poor sex worker for that image.

No. 1866280

Everyone should ignore the attention whores and report please. They just want attention.

No. 1866285

I can't believe this is just 60+ threads of some fat barrel chested attention whore posting her greasy little boobs. I thought Shayna did something extra retarded and funny. Ffs why does her thread attract such deranged retards nowadays?

No. 1866286

you're probably right. he's scrambling right now texting his discord kitten to see if she's still up lol.

No. 1866288

reposting the same photos doesn't prove shit, scrote.

No. 1866289

I'm trying to get the angle right. You guys made me self conscious about my lava rock (just kidding, obviously, idc what you think about how i look and i wouldn't change it if you paid me). I'll post it in the Shaynatorium when I'm ready.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1866290

What would prove to you I am a woman posting this of my own free will kek. Cause clearly I'll do whatever

No. 1866291

This is a LARPER not me btw. idk why this person is posing as me its rly weird.

No. 1866293

For the love of god, I am begging you Nonas. Stop giving this extremely low >>1866289 self-esteemed person >>1866290 attention.

No. 1866294

Y’all have gone full retard
nuke this whole thread

No. 1866295

normally I'd agree but ever since anons started sperging out about the "lava rock" my morbid curiosity outweighs my desire to tell retards to shut the fuck up.

No. 1866296

Nobody wants to larp as a chode posting photos from his spank bank. Even if they are real (which I douby) trust me.. no one wants to be a person desperate enough to be posting their nudes on lolcow.

No. 1866298

agree. i've been on the internet a long time and have heard our genitals called many things. but never lava rock.

No. 1866299

A lot of Shaynafags claim the milk is that she’s a total actual pedophile for doing her gross ddlg shit.

No. 1866301

This thread needs its own equivalent of a tard wrangler, like a janny who’s only responsibility is this thread for the sheer amount of autism and infighting this thread attracts.

No. 1866302

Because there are none. Terminally online men who spend all their time on discord and imageboards desire attention and they think using female imageboards as playgrounds makes them intellectual or superior or whatever. They post it in their communities like 'look at what I did' because they're emotionally homosexual and the validation from other losers gets them off. Women don't want the attention or validation from random female imageboards, but incels do and they get SO hype on being able to post ss from here and say "look what these stupid femoid slut cunt roasties are doing". They'll pay an onlyfans girl or discord kitten $10 and she'll write whatever with sharpie, they'll do the same with vocaroo etc. No woman is so bent out of shape by being accused of being a man that she will post pics of her spread pussy, it makes no sense and only appeals to incel sensibilities.

No. 1866305

All we can do is hope the sex worker providing these images is located in a non English speaking third world country and that the scrote’s $10 has some decent spending power wherever she’s from. Looks non white so I’m gonna assume SEA

No. 1866306

Like what happened to that farmhand who tried to talk big and put their foot down? crickets

No. 1866307

Well that person is getting a kick out of pretending to be me kek. Anyway posted it on Shaynatorium for the curious nonas.
I forgot the spoiler so I reposted on Shaynatorium under than response. and I don't even believe that's a scrote. Just a self-hating woman larping.

No. 1866308

they seemed to be having some sort of medical emergency from the way they were typing, maybe they died.

No. 1866309

she literally has auburn pubes anon

No. 1866310

Farmhands, Admins please lock the thread and let the tards cool off for a few hours.

No. 1866311

You actually might be the reason the Shayna threads get shut down. Kill yourself.

No. 1866313

I don't know why but this response has fucking killed me

No. 1866314

How much of a selfish pick-me do you have to be that posting your rancid vulva is worth nuking 139 threads worth of milk from Shayna. I hope the 4chan scrote gets your metadata and ruins you.

No. 1866315

NTA but after the literal stroke-like unintelligible response from yesterday i think maybe the joke holds water kek

No. 1866317

Nothing of value would be lost.

No. 1866319

no the reason is attention whores come here and act fucking crazy and everyone talks to them for hours. This person wants attention, scrotes want to derail threads.
People just keep letting them, this is the second time scrotes did this and right now a few other threads have the same problem.
>Scrote wants attention
>Nonas give it to them

No. 1866320

File: 1689568061850.png (120.57 KB, 1320x829, is this the end.png)

People are freaking out on meta over this. Nonas, I'm genuinely scared this stupid person who keeps posting nudes is actually gonna get us shut down. What the hell, I know it sounds stupid but checking this thread in the mornings with some coffee is part of my routine now. Ughh, I hate that stupid pick-me!!!

No. 1866322

you are all even more retarded than lava rock girl if you think the same admins who created an entire board for shayna would shut down the threads because of what essentially emounts to run of the mill lolcow retardation antics. Just sit back and laugh

No. 1866323

>threatening to post the lava rock again
nona, i'm crying laughing. i hope lava girl knows shes a joke. was posting her snatch supposed to make us take her seriously? truly deranged scrote logic.

No. 1866325

Pst! It's cuz she's not the one posting her photo. It's a dude.

No. 1866327

File: 1689568511658.png (6.92 KB, 574x102, gartfield.png)

No. 1866333

This thread should be perma autosaged though. Would any shaynafags even disagree with that?

No. 1866334

They won’t cause pussy poster is also a man. If it truly is an actual honest to god female posting this and not a man posting a sex workers’ images (which I’d bet so much money is what happening), then I hope nobody uses her metadata to dox her bc she’s clearly SEVERELY unwell and should consider checking herself into inpatient.

No. 1866343

they literally photoshop the dates etc. on random tit pics then larp as farmers. no actual farmer is pussy-posting

No. 1866351

! BEWARE! There are still moids among us trying to bait lavachan into posting more nudes.

You know what is funny though? The lava rock girl is cycling through IPs on her VPN right now desperately trying to defend herself and regain control of the conversation to the point you know she regrets that shit and her mind is racing kek. getting baited into posting her genitals on lolcow is gonna go through her mind for days, weeks, maybe even months and we’ll all move on as soon as Shaycow does something interesting again. And you know she will NEVER forget having multiple people laugh at her vagina looking like lava rock. Like congrats, you just unlocked a new life long insecurity, and a cringy ass memory you’ll never forget. Hope it was all worth it to “prove im a big girl with big girl opinions!”

No. 1866352

She literally posted it herself again on /shay she does not care. And she wasn't even baited, she came up with the idea to post bobs and vagene on her own, nobody suggested it. The moid trying to pretend it was all a genius scheme comes across as a young person or a girl (which the farmhand having the same typos would align with, farmhands arw gender checked afaik)

No. 1866355

lava crack is literally trying to accuse a farmhand now as being the person trying to bait her into showing her pussy and tits. wow. doesnt get more mentally unstable than that.

No. 1866358

posting your oily tits was your own retarded idea but you attracted scrotes from 4chan cause of it who wrapped you around their finger and got you to post your actual full on vagina in like 30 mins by calling you a tranny. you are a disgrace to women and to lolcow as a community, you do not speak for us, you are not one us. no amount of ban evading will bring back your self respect.

No. 1866369

Ah yes, the classic “idc” anon. Cares so little they can’t resist coming back over and over to “set the record straight”. Cares so little they posted nudes when they started to lose a little online debate on lolcow. Bleak as hell.

No. 1866397

It’s funny seeing unrelated anons getting accused of being me. Now you’re all infighting when you could’ve just ignored my vagina post and moved on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1866399

That anon you replied to wasn’t me kek I keep leaving and coming back to see the wreckage my double meat treat has caused.

No. 1866417

you just have no fucking idea what its like to have big bonkers you b cup becky

No. 1866440

Hello there, I'm the one who first said she was against 16 years olds getting cosmetic surgery due to big boobs, what is going on now on this thr- …….What the fuck.

No. 1866446

I would pay $3 to see Shayna’s reaction to the state of this thread.

No. 1866448

this is your fault. why did you have to make that woman show her beef jerky, shes never going to recover

No. 1866456

Says the troon who has proven they use VPNs to ban-evade and clearly is desperately lonely and can’t resist coming back for more attention. No one here would defend you. You posted nudes on lolcow because you couldn’t defend your argument.

No. 1866459

Don’t hate the playa hate the game. I am like a super villain at this point whereas you are a nobody anon looking at my lava.

No. 1866467

so i thought shayna might have gone live with the number of posts so far from the catalog… alas

No. 1866468

Personally I knew something was up because the stationery was ugly as was the handwriting. There was something too charmless about the whole thing that pinged my BS detector.

No. 1866537

Chameleon tits is definitely getting off on the humiliation.

No. 1866545

File: 1689599032469.jpeg (127.92 KB, 828x312, 091B98BC-5B76-441E-BEFD-786B0C…)

she's genuinely so weird… is this all because she was watching wrestling or saw some wrestler she found hot?

No. 1866546

File: 1689599111072.jpeg (105.02 KB, 828x341, B90E07A9-F6DE-4F59-8E45-D6C117…)

how does she manage to beg for everything

No. 1866551

If she was normal and had a normal boyfriend or girlfriend she could just /do/ this in the privacy of her own home. Such a basic thing. Maybe brag about it afterwards. Instead she’s socially, sexually, and romantically inept and can only fantasize about basic high school flirting with a porn rotted edge to it.

No. 1866553

Same anon, as in tickling and rough housing/play wrestling, not the retarded slapping or doing any actual harm

No. 1866597

With what insurance

No. 1866641

You must have missed her >>1866053 Rhea Ripley lesbian bait posting >>1866057 in the middle of the lava rock vagina chimpout yesterday.

No. 1866645

File: 1689604813831.jpeg (103.47 KB, 828x312, BBDD18D7-9D7D-4E4C-BD70-4D151D…)

No. 1866680

I hate when body parts that aren’t Shayna’s or someone in her circle’s get posted here. I just…ugh. I avoided this thread for a week and this is what I get coming back kek

No. 1866742

Did she break up with Ellen? Why doesn’t she wrestle with her true and honest gal pal?

No. 1866743

File: 1689612874030.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1170x1992, IMG_3963.jpeg)

No. 1866748

Should she be contorting herself to post Grimace tier nudes while her scars are still healing?

No. 1866750


No. 1866751

At this point get a job kek

No. 1866761

This thread is unreadable is it possible for an admin to scrub all the neo vagina spergs and big boob spergs. I don’t give a shit can we just talk about fat bitch Shayna??? Anyone who keeps getting baited and spergs is retarded

No. 1866764

Youre part of the problem.

No. 1866767

Join a judo class if you wanna be thrown and tackled Shayna. You'd be good weight training for them.

No. 1866768

File: 1689614491201.jpeg (583.87 KB, 1242x1564, 6779756F-4358-4293-A7B6-818BE6…)

The reply made me laugh Shayquasho Libre

No. 1866775

How about selling some of the stupid barbie junk you just bought? Most of it is probably still unopened anyway jesus

No. 1866782

>I'll give you a vid or custom when I'm healed
Curious how long it'll take for her to start working again. She's always trying to get out of working, wonder if she'll use it as a excuse in the future. "Sorry guise bad tit day today I can't cam, but gimme money anyways!". Post surgery, no insurance, no savings, sick pet, can't work. If Shayna's in her right mind she's crying rn

No. 1866785

She must be regretting alll those hauls now? Take this as an actual for real wake up call that you can’t support yourself with this lifestyle

No. 1866789

Is internet really that expensive in Washington? That's over double what I normally see people pay for decent internet.

No. 1866795

No, it's part of our history now.
She shouldn't be. Generally, the type of incision (vertical, horizontal) tells you which way you shouldn't be stretching ypur skin, ideally for 6 months. Meaning, if it's horizontal, no lifting elbows above shoulders. Vertical-> no stretching to sides. Hers goes both ways so I'd say contorting and holding camera to be above is not great. Doesn't have to be dangerous or anything, but scars can widen this way.

No. 1866798

could be a mix of her not paying for a few months plus some kind of reconnection fee. she’s a retard.

No. 1866821

She’s lucky it’s that low. That’s not much more expensive than some shitty co-pays

No. 1866828

is she behind on her internet bill for it to get shut off?

No. 1866854


i'm confused, you are a queen who has been flourishing in your industry and are extremely proud of yourself and all your accomplishments… you've been independently killin it for over seven years how are you broke? pick a narrative! are you a boss babe who can sell advice to other sex workers because you're so damn good at this or are you some retard with less than 20 dollars in her account at any given moment? also…. why post such a grotesque picture of your gross body when you're in need of money. no one wants to help a creature like this, stop all of this

No. 1866865

That means she actively chose to buy all that shitty Barbie stuff this month instead of paying her bills. Fucking insane. I really hate that she has three pets and isn’t capable of paying her own bills and their medical expenses, she is a selfish twat. At least we know her parents will intervene if something dire happens to the animals

No. 1866886

i stress when i’m a few days late on my mortgage. i cannot believe that she’s being so casual about owing at least a thousand dollars right now when she can’t even earn any money.

No. 1866895

Stfu and discuss Shayna, instead of dumbass twitter lingo. Its obvious you and Shayna aren't around actual real world adults virtually ever.

No. 1866897

Why doesn’t she just return some of the crap she got for her birthday? So very bleak.

No. 1866923

>>1866897 That would give a bad brain day nona.

No. 1866925

That wouldn't be very rich bitch stealing your college funds and making your mom cut herself boss babe princess queenly of her now would it anon? I can't wait for the Shayna eviction saga.

No. 1866953

especially because if we use pics of her bathroom counter as evidence she just leaves all those beauty products unopened to display as decoration instead of actually using them to take care of her appearance

No. 1867019

File: 1689635028079.png (17.6 KB, 536x200, shatna.png)

Guess she decided she has to work after all, not that it will even put a dent in her debt when she has 10 sales max.

No. 1867022

oh god if she gets spit in those incisions…infection city

No. 1867053

i'm the anon the subbed to her OF to get the franken nip pic. To come back after a couple of days to lava rock chan makes me regret my choice

No. 1867066

File: 1689639764150.jpeg (347.12 KB, 828x1232, 7A6298BC-2226-4924-8F8A-5F6A11…)

No. 1867069

She really thinks people are going to continue to pay for her walleye tits.

No. 1867070

More like being diagnosed with brain damage from all that weed you smoke

No. 1867072

it’s hilarious how many lazy, stupid people blame their laziness and stupidity on ADHD

this is so fucking bleak. having to spit on her surgical incisions for pennies so she can continue to survive since her “job” doesn’t pay her enough to take a break. give it up Shayna. imagine trying to explain the gap on her resume and absolute lack of any skills whatsoever kek.

No. 1867073

nah she’s just looking for a prescription

No. 1867079

I can’t tell if I would love or hate a neurodivergent authority shay era for us- “support sex workers who are on the spectrum!” also she will never afford the testing for adhd if she can’t afford her internet

No. 1867083

adderall addiction saga

No. 1867087

Yup. She's one of those fat people who goes to the doctor and complains that they feel tired all the time and when the doctor tells them to eat better they say "THANKS I COULD HAVE TOLD MYSELF THAT!" Apparently not if you can't put down the burger and cheap wine. Medication can't always make up for poor life choices, inability to do breathing exercises, keep schedules and try focusing techniques.

No. 1867088

I was staying out of this retarded and weird derail but "double meat treat" broke me kek
Thanks btw nonnie

No. 1867105

Do you think she wants an Adderall rx because she thinks it will make her magically skinny

No. 1867109

tinfoil but i think she was on tik tok and saw that moron who wanted accommodations for her "time blindness" and shay thought "omg that's just like me!" and now wants to be able to flaunt that she's a big dumb baby who has a reason why she "can't adult"

No. 1867113

Jesus christ, this is literally what adhd treatment is. Adderall doesn’t help if you don’t have your shit together. You obviously need reminders and breathing exercises, do you think the meds will just magically change you as a person? Ahhh I can’t wait for the manic adderall saga, she’ll lose a lot of weight and hyperfocus on oversharing in Twitter, I love it

No. 1867125

No. 1867126

Ah, stimmy seeking to get skinny quick. Wanna bet this sends her into psychosis and she fucks up her life in a new and scary way?

No. 1867133

She’s going to spit on her frankentits. When she doesn’t brush her teeth daily (we’ve seen plaque on her teeth in upclose selfies) and she doesn’t brush her tongue. She got a Barbie toothbrush but I doubt she uses it. She gets black out drunk and passes out before she even gets a chance to brush her teeth
Infection for sure gag

No. 1867139

I hope whatever doctor she goes to tests her rigorously for it and then flags her as a faker/pill seeker. Dumbass probably has no idea there’s an adderall shortage in America right now and they’re cracking down on everyone. You don’t have attention deficit issues, you’re just fucking lazy Shatna. Adderall isn’t going to fix your massive weight either, you’re better off seeking meth for that.

No. 1867144

granted I don't know her personally but she doesn't seem ADHD at all. a girl who overshares as much as her would be infodumping all over twitter

No. 1867150

Kek she’d only get fatter from stim scrolling tiktok for 10 hours straight and then binge eat before bed and repeat. Happens every time with undisciplined fat fucks who think stimulants are miracle drugs.

No. 1867154

can this warthog put that shit away and let them heal? i swear to god

No. 1867157

aw so you weren't a scrote all along! just a retard

No. 1867180

god forbid learning how to deal with ADHD with therapy and healthy habits. like most actually diagnosed people do that because everyone gets tolerance to meds eventually and the problems don't go away so you have to mitigate the damage by making healthy decisions. I'm so tired of med chasers, you don't have ADHD, just fucking stop smoking weed and drinking every day of the week and go for a jog, drink water and sleep at a normal time then your motivation won't be affected because you're not permanently hungover, dehydrated and tired.

No. 1867187

nitpick but ugh the fact that her tits are STILL going to be jarringly mismatched cuz now only one of them will have a huge ugly scar. that would drive me crazy if it was something causing me insecurity the way it obvi was for her before surgery. it feels like a weird metaphor for her whole life rn. literally can’t do anything without it being messed up.

No. 1867212

I feel like it somehow made the veins more prominent,too…gross

No. 1867239

She's not in treatment for the diagnosis she already has (BPD and bipolar I think?), so why add another diagnosis that she won't seek treatment for to the list?

No. 1867240

It seems odd that she wants to get an ADHD diagnosis after being removed from her parents insurance. Maybe while looking for her own insurance she realized that if she gets a diagnosis she can claim welfare and subsidized healthcare.

No. 1867255


yeah she definitely thinks adhd meds will be the miracle that will make her skinny again and save her "career". jfc she doesn't have insurance, she will not be able to afford any of the testing or anything and even if she manages that, i really don't think she'll be given adderall or vyvanse. she doesn't have a real job, she doesn't go to school and she has no desire to live a normal life and contribute to society in any meaningful way, so can't use "productivity" or "job performance" or "studying is hard" as reasonable sympathetic explanations or background for why she is so useless or why she needs a diagnosis… if she tries to explain that she's a ~sex worker~ she absolutely won't get a script bc WA state/seattle is already full of tweaker whores. can't believe she didn't try this sooner tbh

if she does get on adderall somehow i think it'll definitely worsen her shopping addiction or we'll see more random trips to the ER from mixing uppers and downers

No. 1867267

its increasingly easier to get an adhd diagnosis. you just tell them you did badly in school and couldnt sit still and that as an adult you disassociate and cant focus. if she pays her pysch, they'll fork over the script. if she doesnt have adhd, it'll be hilarious, if she does, there wont be any difference to us because the meds only make a noticeable difference when you have an actual job or something to do during the day, otherwise she will just sit around grinding her teeth, not eating for the day and binging twice as much at night after they wear of

No. 1867276


I can already see the white ring of dehydrated crust ringing her lips. Amphetamines will do wonders for her skin.

No. 1867308

She’s a depressed alcoholic, that’s the root of anything resembling adhd symptoms for her but her life is a series of quick fixes and zero effort. If she cut drinking down, not even quit, it would improve most of her problems but she can’t face her life unless shes self medicating

No. 1867384

There is no way to diagnose someone if they are constantly high and drunk, also adhd meds combined with substances will fuck your shit up. I really don't get why you would want to be diagnosed when you aren't doing anything with your life or to feel better.

No. 1867401

It would be easy enough for her to say “I can’t get/keep a job because I have ADHD” and it’s at least objectively true that she doesn’t have a job lol. She doesn’t even need to tell a psych she’s a sex worker.

No. 1867407

even if she does get a prescription she probably won’t be able to get it filled on a regular basis. People are going months without it during this shortage. It’s not going to be some magic bullet for organization and weight loss when she clearly doesn’t give a fuck about changing her habits and there is a high chance she won’t be able to refill the prescription on a regular basis for the foreseeable future

No. 1867419

File: 1689696540356.jpeg (892.82 KB, 1170x1468, IMG_3987.jpeg)

No. 1867432

No. 1867437

Walleyed worse than a Slaton sister.

No. 1867447

It's giving mom from mean girls but somehow still uneven nips.

No. 1867451

File: 1689701625680.jpeg (225.52 KB, 1242x826, 2185E9A6-456F-4BB9-9691-D1A623…)

Didn’t Ellen bite her all the time?? Kek are they not “together” anymore ?

No. 1867475

File: 1689705184769.jpeg (261.04 KB, 828x629, IMG_7788.jpeg)

why the hell is she so horny lately? she needs to get a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever she wants… she should date a troon.

No. 1867478

File: 1689705295015.jpeg (626.6 KB, 1170x1541, IMG_3989.jpeg)

“Huge tits.” Okay Shay

No. 1867481

File: 1689705370433.jpeg (280.71 KB, 1170x1023, IMG_3988.jpeg)

Not sure what this means

No. 1867492

sounds like shes been lurking

No. 1867494

File: 1689706651214.jpeg (741.74 KB, 1170x1847, IMG_3990.jpeg)

No. 1867497

lol josh topkek

No. 1867512

Still pretty lopsided, queen.
Bonus points for the animal hair all over her bra.

No. 1867523

File: 1689710415099.png (901.04 KB, 925x1521, Screenshot (25.png)

this bitch has had this in her screen name for how long now and she just now books her flight?

No. 1867526

Shayna going to either get into that npc shit and fail, or try to make nsfw version of it or shit on the girls doing it.

No. 1867543

File: 1689712984713.jpeg (486.9 KB, 1208x1704, 1AD2773B-0533-4AC5-9E2F-6DEA50…)

I love how she tries to act like she eats healthy

No. 1867554

She is absolutely straining her neck in this pic to not have fat neck and the folds kek. Probably still edited it too. Idk her boobs just kinda look large and wide set. Not like natural boobs but also not like big fake bimbo tits either. She also couldve adjusted her nipples in the top to sit even but its Shaynus so

No. 1867558

I took a break from this thread for three days and some random pick me posted her ugly tits and pussy amidst a mental breakdown, which I have the pleasure of not seeing, and a self-proclaimed 4channer tried to bait titchan, how beautiful…

No. 1867562

It was a great rack.

No. 1867570

it really wasnt. looked greasy and blackheaded.

No. 1867571

Stop fucking lying kek
How can she even afford a flight right now when she was just begging for money?

No. 1867583

She’s probably using Hopper or something like it.

No. 1867584

Why does she need a seat upgrade? Is it because of her obesity

No. 1867585

No, there’s actually been a row of triggered fat activists trying to shame airlines into not charging extra and just bumping skinny people off to accommodate. My guess is she’s flying Economy Plus; from SEA to LAS the price tag is too much for budget airlines like Frontier and Spirit, and Southwest doesn’t do seat upgrades.

No. 1867615

File: 1689722978829.jpg (Spoiler Image,235.91 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_2023-07-19-00-30-27…)


We are down to selling this "new boob" picture for twitter likes

No. 1867618

The sag is incredible

No. 1867620

I know it’s old but that’s one of her weirdest poses. She looks like one of those drawings middle schoolers do when can’t draw hands, and it looks like her legs would just melt into her torso under her skirt since they look to be the same width. A blurred mess contrasted by a hyper realistic wojack face, wrinkles, thin eyebrows and all. Sorry I just can’t get over how weird she looks some days.

No. 1867624

>flight insurance

No. 1867627

File: 1689724929064.jpeg (371.98 KB, 640x813, 68FFA174-CD71-4CED-9D91-60390E…)

Ugly af

No. 1867630

what is kek about flight insurance genuine question sorry for being slow

No. 1867638

I’d like to know too. When I first read it I thought Nona was just laughing at her blatantly adding more “reimbursement” scamming opportunities but now I feel that wasn’t it. Perhaps it’s foreshadowing her absence from FetCon? I can’t recall Shayna ever asking for flight insurance.

No. 1867647

Rat faced obese bitch woof

No. 1867658

File: 1689728522545.jpeg (13.72 KB, 205x313, IMG_0025.jpeg)

Her arm is trying to break free

No. 1867663

I think because she’s known for flaking on commitments

No. 1867671

I thought the same thing nonnie kek. Shayna’s irresponsible spending at it again. No one in their right mind would get a seating upgrade after claiming to be behind on their bills and having additional expenses they couldn’t cover from animal emergencies.

No. 1867679

Watch her turn into “I just want to be comfortable after my surgery so I can travel, network and make content for you, daddy^!” now that she’s read this. ^Kill me

No. 1867683

flight insurance can cover the cost of the flight if you get sick before the departure. sounds like she’s planning on pulling a “i can’t go, i’m too sick!!!” so she won’t have to face the drama.

No. 1867684


can we start a betting pool on whether she'll get another tummy ache and bail or actually show up and work but end up in some more drama?

No. 1867692

The thing I don’t get is, why break the costs down like that. Just say your flight cost $410 and I doubt any coomers would bat an eye. But I bet seeing “seat upgrade” would make some pause

Fetcon isn’t in Vegas. It’s in St Pete, Florida

No. 1867725

The autist in me wants to know her measurements. I bet her arm is the circumference of a short girl's leg.

No. 1867726

youd think shay would realise that her daily listing of 'reimbursement opportunities' only serves to make her look desperate and trashy and not in the way she wants to.
i know she's trying to channel findom energy or whatever but it really is just her begging for money, every day on twitter, which she's been doing for years and years. bleak.

No. 1867745

I feel online scammers/beggars think it makes it look more legitimate e.g. “I’m being transparent with how I’ll spend the money.” Rather than let people question how the money was used e.g. “so she asked for flights because she’s broke but is now flying 1st class?!”

No. 1867750

Or, get this, go through your 1000s of dms instead of posting this sad coomer shit and keep tabs of your paying customers

No. 1867763

Its because she wont get $400+ from one coomer. And if she phrased it that way she'd get a few $5-10 towards it. I think she feels if she splits it up like that she can get a dude to give her the lesser amounts per pop with hopes of the higher amounts being given by a "splenda" dad or some retarded scrote.
But we know she always fluffs the amount anyway because shes a grifter.

No. 1867778

Why doesn’t she try ozempic? It’ll be more effective for weight loss & safer.

No. 1867793

Cause she’s a broke ass bitch. Since she has to buy her own insurance now, she’s probably got a plan that doesn’t cover ozempic for purely reason of being a fatass. No way she can afford it out of pocket and she’s too retarded to use chinese unconstituted semaglutide.

No. 1867795

Money aside, would she even get a script for it without having type one beetus? Pls no booly, in my country semaglutide isn’t being used off-label for rich anachans the way it is in burgerland so I’m genuinely curious

No. 1867798

She'd never stick with it long enough to see results. It works, for sure, but it's rough on the body: exhaustion, vomiting, diarrhea, etc…most people give up after a few weeks because the side effects are so bad. That's not a large enough timeframe to lose any significant weight, like 10lbs maybe.

No. 1867845

Ozempic treats type 2, not type 1. Type 1 can literally only be treated with insulin management. Soz for medfag

No. 1867848

Oh my bad, in that case she is absolutely flying Frontier or Spirit kek

No. 1867865

Coming in with a third alternative, DeSantis says something predictable and Shayna Luther King protests Florida by pocketing her flight money and tweeting

No. 1867868

you mean saying something based nona?

No. 1867881

No, he’s a crayon eating retard

No. 1867896

Mmkay. Your opinion.

No. 1867899

File: 1689787270642.jpg (Spoiler Image,253.57 KB, 2048x1536, 20230719_132252.jpg)

And there we go.

No. 1867905

File: 1689787661738.jpg (244.24 KB, 1080x780, Screenshot_20230719-192503_Twi…)

She even ~~tried~~ to make calculated poses for photos for people not to notice and failed miserably. There's something hilarious in knowing that she obsessively used poses and angles to hide it and never succeeded kek

No. 1867908


holy hell what's happening to her teeth! she looks inbred

No. 1867916

Kek. they still uneven as fuck and only gonna get worse because she can’t stop gaining weight.

No. 1867918

How in the hell is she calling this "even"? Her one tit with the stamped on nipple could grip onto something with its underfold, like the ol' pencil test, yet her lightning tit is as stiff and ready-to-burst as ever. She's retarded. When she inevitably puts on more weight, her droopy tit will continue to gravitate towards the floor and her bolted on tit will remain hard and uncomfortable. She should have instead spent the money on her face and claimed it was due to the same disability that ruined her tits so insurance covers it.

No. 1867922

They still don't look even though, a lot better but now the necro tit looks bigger and the bigger tit looks smaller

No. 1867928

Her nosefolds are so ugly.

No. 1867930

can someone explain why her veiny tit isn't scarred/ doesn't really look different? I thought she got both of them done?

No. 1867931

File: 1689790522638.jpg (Spoiler Image,681.15 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20230719-201545_Twi…)

(sorry forgot spoiler)

No. 1867935

man they botched the shit out of her good one, genuinely unfair

No. 1867936

Her nipple looks like it's about ready to fall off, sheesh. She's going to have to keep doing this every 10 to 15 years right? She would have been better off just getting the other implant removed and trying to market herself as some sort of medical anomaly

No. 1867937

This is so disgusting. I would NEVER take my top off again if my tits looked so god awful. I'm in shock that she posted this, and it's HER JOB to show her body. Sex workers are the absolute scum of the earth.

No. 1867941

kek. good to see the old "nasolabial folds" meme alive and well.

ngl, her surgeon did a pretty solid job considering the mess they had to fix up. It's pretty symmetrical (even the weird mismatched nipples) given how completely different each side was. Still, it's nasty posting your surgical wounds all over your social media as a sex work content. It's hilarious she thinks this surgery is totally bimbo of her and not just fixing her literal deformities. Cute that she has a frankentit to match zombietit though.

Tbh the wounds are looking pretty okay, a little bumpy but it should even out and fade if she does proper aftercare. I could be wrong, but from what I've noticed with people who aren't wealthy and have breast implants they usually just get them done and let them age into oblivion. Lots of hard hanging breasted older ladies with capsular contractures who can't really afford to fix them. I fully expect this to be Shay's future. Unless we're going to see her dad in his old age paying for her third boobjob in another 15-20 years and on ward.

No. 1867943

now her frankentit is smaller than the necrotit and now they're both veiny. i think the veins are worse in necrotit too.

No. 1867944

File: 1689792580726.png (Spoiler Image,817.49 KB, 1064x1064, cock-eyed.png)

Her nipples are still uneven and pointing in opposite directions. Maybe this will improve as they heal. So far the only improvement is that the shape and size of them is now near enough matched.

No. 1867948

She needs a a nipple reduction surgery on the one to the right if she wants the actual nipples to match better. Though I still think the surgeon did a decent job matching areola size and shape though. They aren't completely botched like himeka's was, but they're still pretty ugly.

No. 1867949

tbf, no breast surgery is going to be perfectly symmetrical anyway. it’s nearly impossible what with swelling and other normal parts of healing. as others have said, you won’t truly see the final result for another 6 weeks or so. she’s happy with them now so I can’t wait until they settle into their final position and she winds up being pissed about it.

No. 1867957

kek they only look "Big" at this weird angle she's doing. "I can finally take pictures straight on". Take pictures of your whole body straight on from the front, oh she won't because even if she feels better about her tits, for some reason she's still ashamed to show off her belly that her coomers don't even care about.
They know you got rolls, they buy the porn where you are slumped over showing every single one. They look bigger but not as big as she keeps bragging about.

No. 1867960

Her going on about bigger tits- does that mean she will stop with the autopedophilic bimbo shit? Cause if not, I really don't understand why she wouldn't go smaller instead. Maybe she's going to do more mature porn?

No. 1867961

they aren't even big they are still swollen and slightly bigger then before. When they finally settle we'll see them.
The surgery was to make her boobs even due to her deformity, not to make them a certain size. If Shayna can be as big as she is looking 10 years older larping as a baby now, having slightly bigger boobs isn't going to change that. She genuinely thinks she looks 18 or younger. Though, maybe she's buying into, "So big! So plump!" she may be like
>So looking @ my boobs now, I wonder if I shud lean more into mommy/dommy play? Its so weird to see myself as the mommy but with these big things I cnt be baby convincingly all the time.
So you may be right nona.

No. 1867973

No. Now she's going to be a big tiddied bimbo baby. Shayna can't even call herself a woman, she'd never willingly make "mature" porn.

>Lots of hard hanging breasted older ladies with capsular contractures who can't really afford to fix them. I fully expect this to be Shay's future. Unless we're going to see her dad in his old age paying for her third boobjob in another 15-20 years and on ward.

Can't wait for shayna's toxic boobies saga once the bank of Dad closes down. You're right, she's definitely going to be one of those women walking around with a ticking time bomb she paid good money for strapped to her chest, I don't see her having the funds to fix anything wrong with her boobs on her own, and she already hit her peak so she probably won't find a willing sugar daddy either.

No. 1867976

Looks like they only replaced the implant for veiny tit. You can see the incision on the bottom pic in >>1867931.

No. 1867979

The one with the front facing scarring (both are scarred, one simply is just under the fold) was lifted. Usually lifting requires removing skin, hence the scar. An implant alone doesn’t require removing anything. It’s how it she was able to hide not from the tit autists in the thread, kek her previous implant (done only in the veiny one)

No. 1867980

That’s exactly what happened. On her “surprise, it’s a boob job!” Live, she mentioned she’d be getting an implant replacement on the veiny one and a lift and implant on the “normal” one.

No. 1867984

The boobs are still super uneven? Even more than before??

No. 1867985

File: 1689799388007.jpeg (913.26 KB, 1201x1290, 92671512-7FBC-45C6-A40E-3C2DC4…)

Wicked witch of the west looking ass

No. 1867992

You must have forgotten how bad they were before anon. They're definitely more even now, but that could change once the implants drop.

No. 1868018

File: 1689802658661.jpeg (57.63 KB, 780x438, IMG_7797.jpeg)

she literally looks like the evil queen from snow white

No. 1868020

this is the crustiest, nastiest shit. her boobs are bile-inducing.

No. 1868069

Ewwww the nose boil matches perfectly, holy shit!

No. 1868071

Samefag^ meant to reply to that post please forgive

No. 1868092

Did they accidentally sew that nipple on upside down?

No. 1868104

I guess when the franken-nipple one "drops" and if it heals,they might be ok. But I wouldnt say theyre even and match which you would hope that surgery would accomplish. Still think shes gonna end up with a scarred tit too. And her nipples are never going to match which I think makes the tits themselves look more wonky than they maybe really are.

No. 1868105

Yeah I don't think theyre much bigger than her normal, natural size, just that they are shaped particularly now. And since they both got done, they are more matched

No. 1868107

Samefag I just mean they are in a "fixed" shape now that makes them seem bigger, but they aren't much larger than what she had naturally with all the weight gain

No. 1868134

Necrotic looks more dead than ever and real tit is following in its footsteps.
She must have paper thin skin.

No. 1868154

omg!!! sorry but this is revolting! shay take it to realself if u are this desperate to post ur tits. literal surgical wounds on her sex work twitter. put them away, keep them safe and let ur tits heal ffs!! i knew she was going to sooner than later but i can’t believe she posted them for free this soon lol what an idiot

No. 1868171

Honestly. She just couldnt wait to "show off" and get a few likes. If she had any sense she would keep posting teasers and sending it privately for a good amount. Then have people pay for the fully healed results. The surgery incisions are gnarly. Im not a porn sick coomer but its very horror porn and not everyone is into that. Its a disturbing turn off for a lot, Id think.

No. 1868182

i honestly think they look worse now with her weight. of course if she was skinny they’d look like a decent amount and perky but with how big she is, they look like they’re actually smaller than they are.

No. 1868191

was her one nipple always that much bigger or did it somehow engorge after surgery… unfortunately going to go look back at old pictures to see how tf that is possible

No. 1868198

Ok so this is worse than I could have even imagined. Oh my god.

No. 1868207

Genuinely horrifying. She's lucky that Twitter scrotes have some of the lowest standards. Even if they're healing correctly, she's shilling her tits as if they're not hard to look at in this state. Why not just edit them even a little and take out some of the horror factor since appearance is her "job"? These look more like autopsy pictures or an addition to a TiM's transitioning timeline.

No. 1868212

Let's hope Noodle won't mistake her dangling nipple for a slice of salami and nab it during a charcuterie session.

No. 1868236

Anon what the fuck

No. 1868253

Why doesnt she even try to edit the tit veins out? Its so unsightly even most coomers are too repulsed to pay for a mcdouble priced sub. Yikes

No. 1868258

Real frankenstein tits here, shouldn't she address whatever issue is causing the prominent veins first before putting ber body through more trauma? Seems to be a blood flow issue around that area, I only post rarely in the Shayna threads but I know it has been discussed at length, but surely stretching and filling the area won't help. And the right side, I've never seen a breast surgery scar that is so far from the body, though I know the centre scar was necessary to reposition the nipple, the whole combination of issues is really horrific. She should have got surgery to improve the medical issues, not alter the general shape while maintaining the obvious blood flow issue in that area.
Surgeons continue to be butchers.

No. 1868259

I'm with you nonnie. I know that anons in the Shay thread tend to be all ~uwu women's bodies are all different, and some of us have veiny tits and lava rock labia and that's ok~ but it has been looking… concerning. For a while now too. The veins seem to have gotten worse with surgery. I have never in my life seen someone with veins so prominent as Shayna. Not just on the boobs either, but anywhere. My older female relatives have other visible signs of aging, but any prominent veins are mostly limited to little patches of varicose-looking things. Always on the legs too. She is a young woman with veins that look… like that. I don't even know what to call that. I have never seen it on anyone before.

I hope that she never gets a papercut on her boobs because it would bleed her dry.

No. 1868267

Interesting tinfoil with the blood flow issues. Not to medfag further but apparently Poland's syndrome is caused by limited blood flow to affected areas of the body in utero. Interesting that's the same side she has gnarly veins like that.

No. 1868313

Careful anon, you're going to make all the freaks of nature that lurk here sperg about how her boob veins and rancid snatch are totally normal, and "you must have never seen a real woman!!!1!". Shayna's got a lot of shit going on and she refuses to address any of it. Tbh at the rate she's going I'd be surprised if she makes it past 65. Her veins look horrible, I don't understand why the doctor would even humor her with this implant nonsense, one look at shayna will tell you she's not the type to do proper long term upkeep, she'd be the type that gets poisoned from her implants bursting and leaking into her bloodstream.

No. 1868366

you are the reason I had to look up veins in breasts, as I have a very visible chest vein myself, not like Shay a frankentit, just beneath my collarbones. There are some main reasons for these veins around the breasts:
- very pale skin
- hormonal changes
- weight fluctuation
- pregnancy
- breast implants
- gravity, as your breast will be pulled down and therefore the blood collects in the veins and make them appear more
- not wearing the right bra with the right amount of support

So, we have 4 reasons why Shay has those veins. You can get treatments to "remove" those veins so they won't be visible anymore, but she won't be able to pay for it and right now she has to start saving for the change of her implants in 10 years.

No. 1868386

Tbf in the comments some of the weird coomers do like her necro veins. Idk why besides being freaks. Average visable veins are normal. But having such a large amount that prominent on just one tit looks unappealing to me. Especially on a sex worker marketing her body.
If they both matched it could be passed off as kinda cool I guess and at least be even if nothing else. But shes just had the one. Now theres a couple on the other but it's still super asymmetrical.
And with that, different nipples, scars all over one, etc it just adds to making her tits look really wonky and botched and weird even if they are set and sized more evenly now.

No. 1868412

Yeah Poland’s syndrome often is paired with circulation issues on the affected side too. But another reason her frankentit is so veiny is because her body only made enough natural tissue for a flat/concave chest on one side as opposed to normal breast tissue, so the implant on the deformed side is stretching out that breast’s skin way more than the implant on the normal side. It’s like trying to blow up a normal balloon and a tiny water balloon to the same volume, one’s going to be under way more stress.

No. 1868413

File: 1689879740706.jpeg (106.97 KB, 828x261, IMG_7810.jpeg)

is this normal? i feel like she's gonna end up so botched from the way she keeps manhandling her boobs

No. 1868416

Ohh, so her veins are closer to the skin surface because they're being pushed outwards by all that fat gain & now implants too. Actually, it makes so much sense to me now why she used to have only 1 veiny tit, but now the other one is catching up. I think that it's mostly the implant then. And the combo of that with the Poland's syndrome giving her bad circulation just takes it to a freakish level.

No. 1868418

File: 1689880643455.jpeg (Spoiler Image,333.08 KB, 750x709, 62AA192A-FF4E-4987-AC05-7EBE30…)

did she photoshop her fat thighs? it looks warped also butt naked out on her patio again.

No. 1868419

kek well I got quietbanned for that post for "derailing" so I think that one of those body acceptance crusaders is a jannie. Or maybe it's the same mod who banned everyone that called out Shayna's uni-implant before it was confirmed (RIP fallen sisters).(derailing)

No. 1868420

File: 1689880732601.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.81 KB, 515x313, 2EA3D9E9-E1D9-4FC0-B3E6-C5D621…)

her boobs look like mismatched bologna that's gone bad

No. 1868432

ever since a nona said her nipple looked sewn on upside i cant unsee it. (obviously tinfoil)

No. 1868436

How long has it been since her boob job? It's probably normal if it's been 4-6 weeks. But Shayna is retarded so she's definitely going to end up botched. It's a matter of when, not if.

No. 1868445

I know she's just doing her usual beached whale position but that angle really makes her cut up tit look horrific

No. 1868462

Next thread title should be "nipple sewed on upside down edition" kek

No. 1868470

File: 1689889966422.jpeg (9.96 KB, 276x158, images (1).jpeg)

her nipple is the upside-down peas meme

No. 1868471

Can you have walleye tits AND symmastia (uniboob) because that what it looks like from this pose.

No. 1868480

This is horror tier. It literally looks like porn that’s been drug up from some dark gorno on the web. What the actual fuck.

No. 1868484

you like krabby patties dont you squidward

No. 1868492

File: 1689892989253.jpeg (Spoiler Image,292.83 KB, 2028x1170, 6ABB5D1B-1D4C-47BC-8739-451EC4…)

Hasn’t produce porn “in 30 days” and you can see in her face how enthusiastic she is over it. Jesus, what kind of dumbass makes her first scene in a pose that highlights her disgusting ripped up boobs.

No. 1868494

Bitch we know you photoshop the shit out of your normal content, for the love of god just blur those gross ass scars and bruises. Why does she look yellow?

No. 1868496

She looks like a reanimated corpse.

No. 1868502

I mean it's pretty common, as horrifying as it is. Surgeons aren't really worried about the orientation of the nipple, as long as it looks right enough. I've heard plenty of stories of people who woke up after their boob jobs and found their nipple piercings rotated.

No. 1868503

Call me a virgin all you want sexwork nonitas, but I genuinely don’t get if this was the thing she posted about “new shaved pussy” or whatever tbh, any of them other than the tag thing, she didn’t film it it faceless and boobless?

No one can look at this and be like “wow this is a fantasy” surely?

No. 1868506

is it just the photo quality or is there some weird dark pigmentation on her forehead/cheeks? like acne or something

No. 1868507

I think it's just acne, muddy makeup, and her not washing properly as usual

No. 1868512

Doesn't this kinda confirm those pictures with the hyperpigmation wasn't shayna?

No. 1868517

shes just shaved in the new pic with better lighting

No. 1868521

Surgeons dont flip nipples because they “aren’t worried”. They rotate the nipple depending on whichever position provides best bloodflow to the nipple once reattached. It is funny though her nip got flipped.

No. 1868543

File: 1689902657242.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.12 KB, 1080x598, Screenshot_2023-07-21-02-24-45…)

Nonnas who predicted Ms. Garrison were correct

No. 1868545

starting to think she isn't 'enhancing' the vein, that shit looks so gross

No. 1868547

lol her regular tit looks smaller than her dead tit now thats hilarious. the nipples are never gonna look even similar

No. 1868556

her new nipple is already lower, and her implant still needs to settle/drop right? I forget the term for it. they are going to look so different. tbh if I were her I would have gotten both done at once so at least the pasted on nipples have the same scarring. they look totally mismatched.

No. 1868561

I can't get over how the hideous necrotit looks worse than ever and her actually decent boob is now a mangled mess. Don't know how I ever assumed they'd make the shitty tit look better, there's clearly not much they can do about the veins??

No. 1868576

Face like an ogre

No. 1868581

File: 1689910424429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,37.47 KB, 588x407, IMG_0051.jpeg)

I can’t get over the ms garrison prediction being true but it’s uncanny

No. 1868584

her eyes look irritated like she was crying, or that she's high as fuck. likely both but damn shes bleak

No. 1868593

Shayna has truly obtained horror cow status

No. 1868613

On the plus side the breast enhancement made her shoulders look more narrow.

No. 1868637

do other online whores make content this soon after surgeries that show off their scars so prominently or is shayna being odd in this regard?

No. 1868645

Did you miss where she said she’s too broke to afford not making content anymore? >>1867019

No. 1868719

File: 1689936273965.jpeg (379.68 KB, 750x1281, C59D217C-C5F2-4714-8BAB-BA3BE7…)


No. 1868727

Those are drunk eyes, nona

No. 1868737

If she wanted to make the veins less visible, she could (after everything is healed) use retinol cream. Retinol in bodycream makes the skin thicker and therefore less translucent. It also helps with the appearance of cellulite.

No. 1868752

She'd have to stick to that as part of their routine, if she ever did use it she'd stop after like 3 nights and her skin would be even thinner and more fucked up.

No. 1868799

File: 1689954899568.jpeg (Spoiler Image,391.54 KB, 828x579, IMG_7820.jpeg)

she reminds me of shane p sonniers retarded velma in the second picture

No. 1868810

I cannot stress how much I HATE that ugly fuckin "Boobie" booth thing. It's so stupid and tacky, I wish it got burned down or something.

No. 1868828

Spoiler this Anon

No. 1868833

The most delusional thing about her is that she looks at this and thinks yeah I do look like a Barbie doll, and then posts it at a time when you can easily compare her with other girls who are doing the same at the same time and are way prettier

No. 1868834

File: 1689959717823.jpeg (265.66 KB, 1170x603, 905BC333-E37D-441A-80C4-555799…)

kek love that his been up for almost 12 hours, and every single follower of hers is too afraid to comment or say anything because they’re all walking on egg shells cause they know shes unstable an snap on them. You know theres 20+ other e-whores with fake tits sitting on their fingers dying to tell her its probably NOT a good idea to go braless after only one month of healing, especially when you’re complaining they feel heavy. I’m gonna soak through at least two layers when she finally does permanent damage to them. I agree with the others nonas that her nipples already look uneven and its just gonna keep getting worse as healing goes down. Who wants to bet she still has to pose super hard and take multiple shots before she gets her tits looking normal-ish in photos?(ban evading)

No. 1868835

wetchan please stop

No. 1868842

dont focus on the negative all the time

No. 1868847

Speaking of, Shane Pierre Sonnier has returned to fetlife as of 3 days ago. I posted the screenshots in /shay/ since I don’t want to derail. He didn’t even make a new profile, just reactivated the old one

No. 1868849

I agree. It just sounds retarded. Its not a funny or good play off Barbie at all imo. It always irritates me whenever it comes up lol.

No. 1868856

I hate that the bullies in this thread made you feel like you had to post milk in /shay/ because you were too afraid of their reaction if you posted it here. Right here is a prime example of Shaynatorium fallacy.

No. 1868859

File: 1689963797174.jpeg (300.25 KB, 1170x1847, 3F0E38B2-1175-4679-A767-DA745E…)

New Shane Pierre Sonnier photo just dropped

No. 1868860

how tragic that he lost weight and shayna gained

No. 1868862

He looks like he’s missing a chromosome. I always knew Shayna was the real predator in the situationship.

No. 1868867

Hard agree. Shane P Sonnier aka InkedUpViking on fetlife was the reason for Shayna’s psychotic break earlier in the year and her manic body mods lately. Him being skinnier than her now is FROTHY milk.

No. 1868869

Shayna has a ton of baggage. She tries so hard to larp as a Polyamorous but imagine people whispering about you: “the last couple she was involved with had to go into hiding for 6 month and DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING”

No. 1868876

File: 1689965311477.jpeg (202.78 KB, 1170x471, AC4C8B2D-136F-4A8F-855A-5C2EF7…)

No. 1868887

Did he lose weight or is he just doing extreme fat-girl-angle? Alternately, Shay’s face is looking better and her shoulders look less wide here >>1868543 is it possible she dropped 10 pounds in a month staying out of her Doordash weed hovel?

No. 1868915

Ayrt and yes! It makes me angry everytime I see it as well, it's just repulsive and stupid in every way possible. Kek

No. 1868925

File: 1689971837103.jpeg (480.9 KB, 2048x1536, C5B7CA38-941C-4AFD-9FE3-7F5B15…)

this is what scrotes mean when they say they like “thick” thighs. Shayna’s thighs look like uncomfortable, lumpy, sausages stuffed with too much pork.

No. 1868929

Don’t let the Shayngles fool you. She is bigger than before her surgery because she has been bed ridden and even more inactive than usual. Check this photo for a more accurate representation of her current weight >>1865308 she is purposely pulling back her shoulders and pushing her tits out in your example. She is been trying to hide her neck rolls after farmers clowned her over it.

No. 1868930

no i didn't miss it, and it doesn't answer my question. i'm asking if other women do this too.

No. 1868954

Nta but no, they don't

No. 1868975

File: 1689976899497.jpeg (207.36 KB, 1080x1920, download.jpeg)

No. 1868979

She looks like a haggard 40 year old lot lizard. She must be brain damaged to think this looks good.

No. 1868986

I'm always amazed that her skin looks worse than most of the skin I saw among people 35+ years old. Sunscreen is there for a reason, maybe she should use it.

No. 1869002

she looks so bad kek

No. 1869028

This is so embarrassing. She looks like such a weird mix of styles now but none of it is good. She should definitely give up on anything close to "loli" now, because the pigtails are somehow more retarded than ever before.

No. 1869029

My sister had a lift a few years ago (same method as her new Frankentit) and she stopped wearing a compression bra of her own volition around this time, because she is almost as dumb as Shay. I doubt her dr told her it was ok. Her tits are so botched looking now and she really regrets it. I'm expecting the same for Shay, but it's going to hit her even worse because it's not even just 1 or 2 people seeing her tits; they're literally what she works with.

No. 1869039

No because e-whores with good business sense queue extra content before getting intensive surgery so they arent showing off unsightly surgical scars to coomers/impeding healing. Shayna was too busy drinking pink wine, watching cartoons, and complaining on twitter to make extra content for surgery recovery. Lucky for her, she probably wont scare off too many paying coomers as they somehow could get off to Shayna’s crusty butt pics as they were. I hope I’m wrong and the bottom of barrel coomers move on to some other disgusting trailer trash so Shayna Job Search saga will start but I doubt it

No. 1869050

She's going to look SO BAD in the ID pic she won't post it. Lmao, she's probably not even concerned with renewing it.. Just trying to take a cute ID pic to hopefully go viral… Delusional bitch

No. 1869076

Or she will and she’ll FaceTune it lol

No. 1869132

Moar like retarded Appalachian hillbilly

No. 1869134

Oof. Yeah you can tell she thinks she's giving ~girly pop 90s Britney~ and looks like a teen but really she just looks way way older like 40s mom trying to still be cool or going to a costume party.

No. 1869135

What’s up with retarded polyfags obsession with being Vikings

No. 1869136

Why would she do this hairstyle? She looks more hideous than usual.

No. 1869141

Nta but I really don’t get it either kek, having Viking ancestry isn’t a flex as they are known for brutally raping and pillaging women. Maybe he’s envious of that as a self identified daddy dom though. He’s also the type of redneck American whose ancestors probably got here in colonial times so his family lost ties to Europe many generations ago.
Do these white American “Viking” weirdos have any crossover with neo Nazis? I notice the latter are redneck Americans too kek, just curious.

No. 1869143

Leave Dolly alone or else…………………………(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1869145

No. 1869147

if u put Dolly instead of Shayna it may look credible

No. 1869148

Weird how she hasnt posted any r/thathappened interactions or anything about the dmv or her photo.

No. 1869157


say what u will about Shay but she's got a good hairline for someone who wears their hair up so often lmao

No. 1869162

File: 1689996941014.png (8.6 MB, 3362x2160, Shayna Leigh Clifford, a Hagga…)

No. 1869166

Jesus Christ, these tits have really aged her. She has mom boobs now, it's weird to explain.

No. 1869167

>>1869162 she's the ugliest woman i've ever seen

No. 1869171

The fact you're supposed to wear a bra at least 12 weeks after surgery… I really cant. She's ignorant.

No. 1869243

Pixie self posting on the Shayna thread kek

No. 1869248

Its giving fat girl white trash and I guess that checks out

No. 1869257

File: 1690012984769.jpeg (53.25 KB, 655x478, IMG_7406.jpeg)

No. 1869277

She unironically looks like those ghetto fat white trash girls who fetishise black dick and talk about supporting their man 24/7. (Not racebait, but you know the type of girls)

No. 1869279

File: 1690022277519.jpeg (Spoiler Image,423.44 KB, 1242x1166, 455ABCA3-E702-49B2-941B-F988A6…)

Spoilered for botch surgery, but Shayna should never get a tummy tuck and bbl because this is how she’ll look a year later kek

No. 1869288

pigtails always age an already grown woman, but she is speedrunning trailerpark grandma

No. 1869289

don't focus on your cooter all the time, pooner

No. 1869315

File: 1690036275960.jpg (207.75 KB, 1080x892, 23072.jpg)

So many ways she's going to also end up ruining these bolt ons kek

No. 1869317

so her options now are stay fat or ruin her tits (even more). what a bleak dilemma.

No. 1869324

Be realistic, losing weight was never in her cards. She will never run the risk of undoing the surgery from weight loss, only weight gain.

No. 1869352

File: 1690047196818.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1290x2503, D2C660D4-57B9-45FA-8E2D-90114F…)

She is seriously so fucking ugly, such a rat face

No. 1869353

File: 1690047382996.jpeg (Spoiler Image,819.63 KB, 1290x1410, 3332DEAA-EC82-47AF-8A55-7029B2…)

No. 1869357

File: 1690048423872.jpeg (Spoiler Image,670.92 KB, 1170x1585, BC037CD4-4E7E-450C-8144-D14A40…)

holy SHIT she just posted a side by side comparison of how bad her tits used to look pre surgery and its shocking as hell

No. 1869358

File: 1690048458898.jpeg (Spoiler Image,251.77 KB, 2048x2048, 2FAD8443-2B23-484F-BFE7-06A370…)

the full image she posted

No. 1869359

Her tits are her karma. They will forever be jacked up.

No. 1869360


Before: normal tits. After: flesh balloons.

No. 1869362

I know theyre just braid curls but I wish she would wear her natural hair texture 90% of the time. the volume softens her face and her sorta short forhead. plus curly hair is cool and she could follow the curly routines she finds on tiktok. she would also like it because she could wash her hair less

No. 1869365

Yikes, She let her natural boob sag and now it looks like Frankenstein tity, The old breast looks the same but the saggy natural one is so bad now wow, She better take care of herself better or her boob's will be botched like, Trisha Paytas and Trisha makes WAYYY more money then her even with her botched nipples on OF

No. 1869371

I feel so bad because nonnas say such nice things like this and Shayna will do the complete opposite UNLESS her coomer followers says it

No. 1869374

I think the reason she relies on braid curls is probably cos she doesn’t know how to repair/restore her curl pattern after abusing her hair with heat for so long. She probably needs to trim the ends and that would help significantly without any additional treatment. I wonder if she ever learned how to deal with her curls properly.

No. 1869377

>>1869360 Normal tits? Are you fucking blind or coping?

No. 1869381

Anons itt clown on the saggy boob but it looks the best out of the four. Ik her other boob has the deformity so it’s sad she had to botch the other one. My prediction is that her implants will fall and then her nipples will be high up.

No. 1869384

yeah, the most depressing part about those pics is how much better the natural boob looks, but she could never have had two natural boobs as an adult.

No. 1869388

the new tit is absolutely botched for sure, but i have to give shaynus credit for hiding just how absolutely massive the different was because I had no idea it was nearly that bad, sure they looked weird as hell but not to the extent they truly were. i would say in terms of uncanny valley the saggy tit and frankentit are equal, just on opposite spectrums. truly tragic

No. 1869397

What's crazy is shayna was walking around bra less in public. She keeps saying "I was so ashamed!". Yeah for coomers/twitter to see it. When you were walking around the airport shitting on old ladies for staring at your nipples you proudly showed off. Think of all the shit shayna wore showing her nipples off? Think about how despite this she only owned two bras and wore one endlessly?
To me it's weird how she badly tries to hide her body online, knowing her porn showed her tit and her rolls, but proudly walked around town with that.
Those breakdowns and cancellings were 100% because her breasts. How she could only do certain angles or how she doesn't want her belly to show. If she doesn't fix her lifestyle shw will continue to have breast issues

No. 1869402

She’s an eye sore I’ve never seen someone so hideous

No. 1869403

Fr anons here get very defensive over boobs and they say most women have one boob that’s slightly bigger. Like duh of course but it’s not that drastic……those are two different cup sizes and ones sagging to her stomach

No. 1869404

She’s annoying everyone knew how uneven they were. She has them sagging in every video. Even if you didn’t buy her videos her trailers showed how ugly and grotesque they were. She acts like it was a big secret. Bitch you showed them crooked all the time you only got embarrassed when we pointed it out

No. 1869405

ntayrt but “sagging to her stomach” is ridiculous, her natural boob looked good but it never had a chance of being left alone since the other had no breast tissue at all. if you all think boobs like the natural one are “saggy” or gross then you probably need to get out and see more natural breasts.

No. 1869407

She was so worried about how the mournful tiddy looked directly facing forward that she forgot about her FACE! The plucky marionette lines of fat that anchor her double chin really age her and the midwest divorcée bolt ons, despite being brand new, signal "my best days are long behind me". Wild that a specimen as disgusting as Shane manages to effortlessly look more hydrated, better nourished and cleaner than crusty Shayna on her best day.

No. 1869408

It looks retarded compared to her frozened zombie tit. Any other woman would those boobs would looks fine. It just looks sloppy when it’s compared to a stiff veiny seethrough ghost boob. I hate Shayna. Not women. So stop comparing her to other women, that I’m not talking about

No. 1869409

She’s one old looking and ugly 26 year old that’s for damn sure. Woof

No. 1869410

Not even a good after pic, she’s leaning back way to much to seem like they are perkier

No. 1869412

>>1869403 And she ate her way into having it. I know ladies ITT are quick to argue that it's normal and natural for a person's adult body to be much heavier than it was at the end of their teens, but I disagree. If she hadn't ballooned so fast they would still be high and tight.

No. 1869414

She's just lazy and hates wearing her hair down, same way she hates wearing lip gloss. Shayna will do all kinds of uncomfortable shit for scrotes. But lip gloss even if for a quick selfie? Wearing her hair in a cute style down? Nope. Ponytails or crunch bun. Whatever is easier also I legit think shayna thinks she looks 18 (or younger yuck) just by throwing her hair in pigtails or bows. She thinks she is the picture of youth that she can go from bimbo slut to baby just with a hair style

No. 1869418

Also, what's really sick about Shayna is how much she tried to sexualize her childhood. Think about it. She sold a video to a moid where she mentions having to be in and out of the hospital as a kid, she didn't say it was for her tit but we know it was now.
Her whole fake medical fetish was bullshit. The only true trauma in her life, she sold and/or made into some fake fetish to please moids. Why didn't she go to consueling after those surgeries? If she did then damn.
Something is truly wrong with shayna. No shame in real life, very little shame online. The fact she even told stories of her childhood in a video clearly meant to sexual satisfy a moid is crazy to me. The fact she let scrotes bite and punch her bad tit only caring after she gained 90 pounds and had to get it replaced is crazy.
This womam flashed everytime she left the house during her fupaul Era. What's even more funny is we have yet to see her standing up full bodied because even if her tits are better, she still for some reason hates her fatness even if she sells that as well.

No. 1869420

Shaynas natural Boob looked great, it fit her weight gain, it hung low and it was full. It only looks horrible due to the fact she has a extremely small flat boob with upturned nipples. If both her breast was the size of bigger one it'd be fine. Why are people acting like it's so horrible or saggy looking?

No. 1869428

File: 1690061560811.png (454.35 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20230722-233439.png)

No. 1869440

The username of the other e-whore wtf

No. 1869449

Shayna is right for once, “Kiddo Violet” (gag) needs to shut the fuck up with her sloppy tits and go to therapy

No. 1869450

Because it was sagging to her bellybutton

No. 1869452

people just hate shayna, the boob isn't even "sagging to her bellybutton" its just a normal boob. it wouldn't look so bad if both her boobs looked like that. people just love to hate on shayna no matter what. at least she didn't have dense little greasy blackheaded tits like the anon who posted itt. "saggy" boobs are the norm for most women, especially since women have babies and breastfeed, those anons are probably just pornsick or still teenagers.

No. 1869457

Shays breast only started "sagging" after she gained a lot of weight. This is what happens to women (and men to a degree) when they get obese, it is not always natural development.

No. 1869468

It could be worse, it could be like momokun’s breasts, which are actually two sacks of dust.

No. 1869472

She is just obese which is why her boob got bigger than her implant(sage your shit)

No. 1869473

girl no it's what happens to any boob that exceeds like a C cup. the persons body doesn't need to be obese their chest just needs to be extremely well endowed and will sooner or later sag under its own weight. tho of course obesity can be the cause of larger breast size and subsequent stretching under their own weight. but it's by far not the only cause. i had a friend that was quite slim and had naturally really big boobs and with her bra off they hung down quite a bit, i felt kinda bad for her cause we were really young adults at the time. it happens a lot with women after birthing and breastfeeding because of the way your natural cup size swells way larger for milk production and overall natural pregnancy weight gain. plus any subsequent breast size loss as the mother sheds pregnancy weight and stops producing milk. that large change can stretch them. you don't need to be obese for your breasts to grow fairly quickly and to a large size that they get too heavy, but that change and heft can break apart some of the natural firmness in the connective tissue and make them saggier

No. 1869479

Nta and I kinda see your point but please stop mentioning pregnancy and breastfeeding cause it simply doesn’t apply to shaynus. Okay boobs naturally sag for various reasons but her natural one was indeed sagging close to her stomach and she did this to herself by gaining a lot of weight and abusing her natural boob. She’s responsible for it, in her case it’s not just Mother Nature doing its job of making her boob sag because XYZ.
No offense but you sound like you’re justifying her saggy boob with unrelated reasons.
Gaining 60+ pounds, paddling her tits, never wearing a bra and having a terrible lifestyle are why her boobs got to this point.
And her bolt ons will probably end up looking terrible if she doesn’t take care of them properly. She’s too lazy to even have proper hygiene, no wonder she looks like shit all the time. She thinks her biggest insecurity is gone now but soon she’s realize how botched she is and we’ll have another meltdown

No. 1869483

girl no google the BI-RADS breast density scale. Tissue density matters just as much as weight, not every woman with a C+ cup size is going to have low knockers so calm down. We watched her rack get blown out in real time due to her lifestyle, not genetics or becoming a mother.

No. 1869485

look, everything you say is correct, but Shays breast is sagging down because she gained an enormous amount of weight. There’s no reason to discuss this, all the threads are linked, we watched her breast go lower and lower with every kilo she gained. and she will keep gaining weight and her breast will again sinn lower.

No. 1869487

File: 1690067890557.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1290x1404, A98441A9-9604-4045-8BA5-9707C1…)

No. 1869490

I can’t believe she doesn’t look rancid as fuck.

No. 1869492

> low knockers
nta but gross, you talk like a scrote “girl”

No. 1869494

The only time does dressed appropriately for an event. She looks like a adult trying to dress cutesy. Too bad she walks around like this 24/7

No. 1869495

Also I wonder what Ellen is wearing? I see the reflection of her dress in sure she's wearing some curled at the top dirty white sandals.

No. 1869500

Shay could show up with a beard tomorrow and nobody could point it out without anons going “akshually some women have chronic hormonal conditions where they grow facial hair”

No. 1869502

File: 1690069544212.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.09 KB, 584x720, Sodacanchompingteeth.jpg)

Jesus.. those yeehaw lookin teeth with that ghastly smile reminded me of picrel

No. 1869506

She needs to start wearing jackets, her ham arms are huge.

No. 1869513

File: 1690070913294.jpeg (412.09 KB, 1536x2048, 09964E86-153A-4923-BAB1-09ED4B…)

She blurred her natural face texture

No. 1869515

File: 1690071056647.jpeg (254.95 KB, 1235x984, E99DB27C-01ED-4682-A4AD-CD59C7…)

She’s so obnoxious and stuck up. Shayna doesn’t even have a following who tf would want her engagement. She rarely gets any

No. 1869528

Yikes. Yeah I guess she'll take scarred and weird shaped over one boob melting away while the other rots in place. Her nipples will always be mismatched tho

No. 1869529

Looks like she should be at a Trolls movie. Perfect cosplay

No. 1869535

File: 1690078582002.jpeg (500.25 KB, 1170x1239, IMG_4062.jpeg)

She really can’t let anything go

No. 1869537

File: 1690078635250.jpeg (628.29 KB, 1170x1047, IMG_4061.jpeg)

No. 1869542

she has literally complained that someone celebrating their weight loss was fat-shaming

No. 1869545

File: 1690079652941.jpeg (Spoiler Image,837.98 KB, 1170x1599, IMG_4063.jpeg)

Still bitching

No. 1869549

Kek that whore has 1/10 as many followers as Shat yet still gets the same number of likes on her pictures, so who needs the promo there Shat?

No. 1869550

She did this with Vivi; she thinks she "wins" one argument and drags it on and on and on for weeks.

No. 1869553

File: 1690080664551.jpeg (416.32 KB, 1170x938, IMG_4064.jpeg)

No. 1869561

kek, care to post pics?

No. 1869564

You know if someone with a bigger following and actual engagement said this to her she wouldn’t be on her high horse and talk about how she’s being bullied and harassed kek her life is so dull Twitter back and forths make her day

No. 1869575

not wk’ing but i actually think shayna looks a lot better than usual here. clothes actually fit, shoes and purse match, natural hair texture with no poop bun (pebbles flinstone bow is still retarded) and the fact she seems to be genuinely smiling instead of the AGP smirk.

No. 1869608

I’m in such shock from this photo
I guess I knew she had a lazy tit but in no way could I ever believe it was this bad

No. 1869614

you get the body/tits you deserve and I’m thrilled that both Shayna’s natural and fake tits are fucking horrendous. I’m still laughing at that before/after. they’re both so awful in different ways.

No. 1869617

Ok why do thots write in textspeak even when they have a bluetick and can thus write lengthy tweets with (virtually) no character limit? Are their customers all 40+ men who are reminiscing about texting thots on their nokias?

No. 1869618

She has different vibes for sure, I think for once she was thinking about the movie and herself rather than johns, looking "sexy" and coom, the AGP smile she usually has suggests she dissociates herself from her body (and thus is sexualising someone else, mentally as separate as a man dressing up as a woman) while she does sex work which makes sense. She always seems so wildly unsexual even in still photos with her hand up her cooch, you can tell it's all utterly meaningless and unexciting for her. I wonder what she actually enjoys in life.

No. 1869675

I kinda hate that this is a look! But she actually looks like an adult here, even the shoes work and she’s not spilling her fat guts out all over the place. Too bad about her shit hair and horrific face.

No. 1869696

File: 1690117045348.jpg (88.04 KB, 1125x1500, troll_doll.jpg)

Her resemblance to 90s troll doll is uncanny.

No. 1869704

What the fuck, Shayna wearng something that fits her

No. 1869717

My girl look like a rat (sorry rats. You don’t deserve her relation) regardless but I will give her that she looks… normal. For once. I feel like when we end up saying she looks decent it’s always when she looks like a normal person who is enjoying themselves and isn’t dressed up like the 3 dollar pussy peddler she is. She’s dressing for herself here. Simple fit. Going to have a ~ baby bimbo ~ time at the Barbie movie.

No. 1869720

she genuinely looks retarded here. like downs syndrome.

No. 1869729

only Shayna write this retardedly. She have always done it it's not because of character limits. She is just stuck in 2014

No. 1869755

I went to see the Barbie movie today and Barbie literally says "Barbie is not a bimbo." I hope that upset her.

No. 1869764

No it didn't. It looked like a normal boob but I wouldn't say it looked like the type you take to a surgeon for reference. Which is fine for every other woman in the planet, but Shayna prides herself in being a "hot bimbo". So no. If you've got boobs like her developed breast it's fine and normal but they're definitely well on their way to sagging to her actual belly button if she keeps packing on the pounds.

I haven't seen it yet but I hear it's got a heavy mother daughter theme. I wonder how that went over, said she cried a few times.>>1869537 but I bet it's just cuz she thinks her mom should be proud of her failing sex work career, and not because she's a failure of a sex worker and her mom just wants what's best for her.

No. 1869771

I was thinking the exact same thing when Barbie said that kek I hope that pissed her off but knowing her she glossed over it and will continue with her bimbo barbie shit

No. 1869774

I feel like she probably thinks it makes her come off as younger to her old ass coomers

No. 1869786

File: 1690135936571.jpeg (383.67 KB, 1169x1733, IMG_5738.jpeg)

Can’t stop won’t stop

No. 1869791

It's funny that she's still so pressed about it, but tbh Shayna is on the side of truth with this one. Obviously her tits weren't just uneven, they were freakshow level. It's not like she posted pics of fairly normal unevenness and called that a humiliation. She's just engaging in the hopes that this goes viral tho so as usual she's a loser in the end.

No. 1869801

Agreed. Shat didn't have the average asymmetrical boobs. Her tits literally looked like each were from a completely different body. One was a stiff but infected fake tit and the natural one (which if the necrotit had not been fake wouldnt look so awful) was looking like it was trying to melt off her body. It wasnt about having lopsided breasts or some sag or the usual normal things. She literally had 2 completely different tits.
She kinda had to botch the other just so theyd even be in the same realm. It would almost be sad if she wasn't bottom of the dumpster garbage person.
But also tbf instead of being catty and going on like this, she could have handled it in a way that invoked pity and also spread her fake ~bimbo positivity~ bs.

No. 1869804

cracking up that this is the best she's probably looked in years in terms of outfit, and she spent the entire time in a dark theatre kek

No. 1869806

Don't worry we are going to see this outfit a lot more, she'll probably wear it to falcon. It'll be seen at least 3 or 4 more times before she out grows it or ends up in a pile somewhere

No. 1869814

File: 1690140411399.jpeg (299.7 KB, 1170x880, IMG_4072.jpeg)

And what about all the times you got ass hurt over people saying what you do is pedobaiting?

No. 1869815

Shes so unbothered and taking her own advice of minding her own business and just working

No. 1869825

She won't be saying this the next time a slim sex worker appears on her time line.

No. 1869828

File: 1690141520834.jpeg (388.59 KB, 1226x1278, 4097BD40-4AF6-45F7-A52C-3A504E…)

No. 1869830

File: 1690141661291.jpeg (347.2 KB, 623x760, AFB7D428-A075-46EB-9406-C15373…)

>here’s my face I’m not mad at you, kitten

No. 1869832

File: 1690141834038.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1629, 5BF13986-A92B-4EDD-957A-4FA720…)

Fatty should go celery shopping next

No. 1869845

>>1869828 they have the strangest relationship, can’t imagine that Fatna ever does anything sexual with pushover Ellen and can’t imagine if either have any real attraction towards each other

No. 1869847


she stole a pacifier from a small child with the intent to use it during sexual acts later… you love her and wish everyone could have what you have? a relationship with an inbred-looking obese pedophile

No. 1869849

At this point they're literally just friends that call each other GF to bait coomers. I'm sure they both prefer the sexual company of men, but can't manage to get much unless they market themselves as a two for one deal.

No. 1869899

File: 1690153833291.png (82.33 KB, 936x442, Screenshot_20230724-011032~2.p…)

She deleted this, kek

No. 1869901

Have you ever gotten notifs from Shayna's twitter in public?

No. 1869905

File: 1690155682195.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 1290x2150, 57146927-C2FC-43C0-8F7D-74D0D6…)

No. 1869909

yeah they don't even look that big here, I think when we get the full body reveal we'll see that they are just almost the same size and very slightly bigger. As the days go on won't they get smaller as the swelling leaves?

No. 1869910

Am I the only one thinking she's teasing scrotes about these huge tits kek. I'm sure the ones who saw the new ones may be a little tarded and believe the angles shayna uses to make them look bigger then what they are.
The way she's talking it's like she had big ass bimbo tits.

No. 1869911

That sounds like it wouldn’t be good for a new incision to pull the skin around with a too-tight top

No. 1869919

i could've sworn that before the surgery she was adamant that this wasn't to get bigger boobs, it was for a medical reason and she was perfectly fine with her size. so now i feel like she's just doing this to get more money out of stupid men.

No. 1869925

File: 1690160143180.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1290x1941, 701B4CAB-E7C8-4C7A-8767-E59097…)

She’s gonna use her new tits as the reason why none of her old clothes fit anymore

No. 1869932

That's relatively sneaky, if she had richer pay pigs, that would be a good strategy.
Maybe she even fooled herself. But, like this photo shows, she'd often leave her boobs to hang out of the top at the bottom, so it's possible the tissue just shifted upwards.

No. 1869943

It didn’t even fit like this, she folds her tops to have the bottom of her breasts exposed.

No. 1869961

bikinis are one of the most adjustable items of clothing lol. just adjust the strings

No. 1869969

I can't get over how much her nipple on the right resembles a bolongna slice.

No. 1869990

File: 1690176535785.jpeg (287.22 KB, 1170x484, 24A83F25-A5C2-42A7-8B8C-98F683…)

No. 1870009

File: 1690183717398.jpg (135.04 KB, 720x720, 1690183853508.jpg)

Sage for tinfoil, but how fucking funny would this be, if this was the same Violet that has been going off on Twitter. I mean they are like the same age…

No. 1870069

The new boobs make her look even wider

No. 1870070

That's… exactly what I was saying, nona.

No. 1870071

Honestly I think her uneven boobs could have been a weird quirk that makes her more memorable or draws in customers… and now they just look like typical bad surgery tits

No. 1870073

I know men masturbate to all kinds of things but this cope is on overdrive. Fucked up tits could work but symmetrically fucked up tits would be an easier sell.

No. 1870101

i agree her new tits look pretty fucked up rn but honestly when have you ever seen an e-whore advertise severely asymmetrical tits as a selling points or moids talk about being attracted to shayna's degree of asymmetry like are you hearing yourself

No. 1870109

There was some other (even fatter) sex worker with Poland's who used her asymmetrical tits as a selling point and tbh from the looks of it she's doing better than Shayna. People have brought her up before, and I've actually seen her buzzfeed article in the wild. Better than anything Shayna's done.

No. 1870162

this whole boob job saga really cements the fact that she does not have a humiliation fetish like she claims

No. 1870193

true and also medical fetish

No. 1870224

File: 1690225267187.png (Spoiler Image,959.99 KB, 863x1288, Screenshot_20230724-120300.png)

Noodle is sick again

No. 1870236

hope all the retarded dog poasters are ready for the noodle death saga(a-logging)

No. 1870240

Learn to spell, you sadistic animal hating freak. You should be put down instead. Karma’s coming for you!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1870244

File: 1690227957644.jpeg (27.69 KB, 484x350, ddwwdwd2;.jpeg)

I really wish she'd stop trying to make Lhasa Apso couture happen

No. 1870245

Why can’t animals do like in the Sims where they can just run away? It would be better for noodle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shayna fucked up giving her dog the antibiotics and gave noodle that shit wrong which made her dog throw up. Like at the wrong times or even the wrong dose.

No. 1870251

why does she feel the need to post that information alongside a nude and an update about her onlyfans. what a freak.

No. 1870256

File: 1690228799557.jpeg (Spoiler Image,406.99 KB, 1170x793, 697A77B4-F293-4E41-A96D-3DC2E7…)

yeah the way she keeps rubbing under her boobs over her scarring cannot be good for her healing process. there are so many ways to still make content without stretching and rubbing her scars; yet its like she’s purposefully trying to botch herself by tugging violently at her freshly butchered tits.

No. 1870258

File: 1690228939939.jpeg (372.16 KB, 1170x501, 4BA1EFCF-723C-4AF6-A29C-9F3912…)

her face looks so ugly in this preview pic. she looks greasy and bloated. is she even trying?

No. 1870259

Her nose totally ruins her face. It looks red and bulbous.

No. 1870260

Imagine one of her friends checking in on her after a few years and you see her with her weird botched nipple and soulless eyes. Mix in her powered baby diaper photos and that’s a yikes. Bleak.

No. 1870274

She really fucked herself over by not properly saving enough money to let herself properly heal after surgery. Her scrotes won’t be able unsee the copy pasta unside down nipple and red unsightly wounds. Even if she waited a month or two they wouldnt look so… gory corpse like. She could have just bought a bunch of sexy lingerie and still take photos or vids of pussy and anal play, if scrotes needed tits that bad then she could forward them to an existing vid. This desperate and bloody look is NOT cute and there are plenty of non botched women who are better at this than Shayna to choose from.

No. 1870275

I bet she didn't clean her bed properly

No. 1870285

its the alcoholism that does that. makes your nose grow and turn all red. i predict it will only get worse over the years. it wasn't nearly as bulbous when she started out years ago.

No. 1870292

Knowing that she also does not like to wash her hands makes it worse. It's hard to believe someone wouldn't be more protective of actual surgical wounds but this is Shayna after all

No. 1870293

And she’s gonna go parade them around Fetcon in 16 days, fucking wild. Slight derail but imagining Shayna at the Dali Museum is extra hilarious to me (it’s right across the street from the Hilton hosting fetcon). A candid pic of her bumbling around that gorgeous museum (the museum itself is beautiful architecturally even if it wasn’t full of cool Dali pieces) would be a work of art in itself kek.

No. 1870304

hey guys my dog is severely ill and keeps throwing up everywhere - here's my ass and i'm gonna do a camshow soon!
what a weirdo

No. 1870311

remember when she told everyone that ppl were getting too butthurt over changes on twitter.

No. 1870314

She's not sick, she's just smelling Shay's rotting boobs

No. 1870322

File: 1690235978214.jpeg (172.4 KB, 1170x1646, 4FE355C0-BA36-4960-BDF4-F56A09…)

No. 1870323

Can’t tell if she’s actually losing weight not being able to go out and brunch everyday or if the high bun and longer neck is throwing me off

No. 1870325

who wants to bet this is because her instagram lives were full of farmers? what coomers want to see her do her makeup.

No. 1870331

I think it's just the higher angle, it's funny she's been in this industry for years and only uses flattering angles accidentally

No. 1870344

File: 1690238922678.jpeg (439.66 KB, 1170x1091, IMG_4089.jpeg)

Only person you can blame is yourself Shay

No. 1870345

File: 1690239172951.jpeg (190.01 KB, 1170x666, IMG_4606.jpeg)

she’s still dodging the real problem. She went on multiple shopping sprees

No. 1870347


can the autist math anons please tell me, is this begging just part of her content now or is she really broke? didn't someone figure out she's making thousands per month? i'm confused if this is just part of her thing now or if she really has no money in her account at any given time. how does she afford rent, travel, eating out every day, weed, and all the plastic garbage she buys if she's not bringing in thousands? i'm honestly very confused about this and i feel like she's scamming and sitting on a pile but maybe she really is counting nickels to buy her next cheeseburger?

No. 1870349

The problem is that she chose to be a ~sex worker.

No. 1870352

absolutely wild that she (or anyone) still thinks this is better than getting a job

No. 1870355

Likely to be very deep in credit card debt

No. 1870356

None of them care, we were the only ones watching and she knows that. We have like zero OF anons now cuz no one wants to fork it over to her just for her to blow it on dumb shit. She wants to be an influencer lowkey sometimes or at least the popularity of one. She had a good foot in with being a popular weed blog, could have gone that route if she played her cards right. Yet she choose sex work. They don’t care about their makeup or her at all and she doesn’t see that and def never will. I think sometimes we end up giving more fucks about her then anyone else, even if we rip her apart.
>>1870352 that’s one thing I still don’t get after all this time. Where’s the pros? All this girl shows is the cons.

No. 1870359

>trying so hard 2 focus on promoting myself & advertising my content
That’s a funny way of saying going to the movies and blueberry picking, getting into bitch fights on Twitter, and posting essentially the same photo of your botched tits over and over

No. 1870373

If twitter was to shut down tommorrow kek, shayna wouldn't have a job. Has their been a month where she hadn't claimed to be "rly embrassed to admit" that she needs help? While spending every single penny she gets on dumb shit?

No. 1870406

Right? This girl is basically living a lifestyle afforded by working a basic retail job, all while making an absolute fool of herself for the world to see and diminishing her chances of finding an actual good job/partner/friends. I just can't rationalize the decision making

No. 1870410

All she does to promote herself is retweet her tweets kek. Such a hard worker.

No. 1870411

Lmao nona alcoholism does not make your nose grow.

No. 1870412

File: 1690246927794.png (29.82 KB, 630x146, Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 11.0…)

Nta but it actually does

No. 1870418

Nah I think this is better than a bad wagie job.

No. 1870419

I want to know too, because I remember contemplating this like a year ago at least and things have only gotten worse for her while everything else has only gotten more expensive too. Plus not being able to film anything during recovery for her surgery. There's no way it adds up. People joke that she is making minimum wage which I could see how she would be but you can't even really live off of that most of the time though I don't know how it is in her state. Plus she's off of her parent's insurance now. If she isn't low on money now it's only a matter of time? She will not be able to freely go to the doctor whenever she is sick monthly and now her dog is sick too??? Doesn't add up.

No. 1870421

File: 1690247554889.jpeg (231.17 KB, 1170x723, IMG_4091.jpeg)

No. 1870436

at 630 pm? she really thinks these tweets will make her money?

No. 1870440

i'm starting to genuinely think she's too retarded to be an adult. she really thought she could shop so much during her recovery and it wouldn't matter? if she's gonna do this findom thing, why doesn't she just have these men buy this shit for her? "reimbursement opportunities" are clearly not working. like i genuinely have no idea how she's gonna dig herself out of this hole besides actually selling her body for sex.

No. 1870447

File: 1690251615145.webm (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 1280x720, This cannot be good for the he…)

Yes, it has worked most of the time. What Shayna (and others like her) fail to realise is that that well isn’t unlimited and eventually it’ll run dry.
The scar in both breasts is pretty visible in this video. Here’s the .webm

No. 1870449

File: 1690252354716.jpeg (514.87 KB, 1125x795, ABF48C52-674C-4EDC-AE0A-55D7EA…)

NTA but why don't you at least click and read the information you're trying to push? This is directly from the link you posted. Shayna be giving us all brain damage

No. 1870456

lmao seriously. "are you thinking about dog puke now? how bad my unwashed bed stinks? good, here's my ass"

No. 1870460


Washington state has excellent poor person insurance, better than employer provided insurance if you’re in good health tbh because you dont have to pay copays. I think the only real downside is having to wait months for speciality appointments because there aren’t as many places that accept apple health. Really she just needs to learn how to go to urgent care because afaik she could go every week and not have to pay a penny. She better be brushing her teeth pretty good (doubt) though because they make poor person dental really difficult.

Her real problem is her addiction to buying ever consoomer good she sees. And Noodle… might be sol if Sanrio has a particularly big drop this week

No. 1870481

i think she was spending money so recklessly because she assumed the boob job would mean immediate cash and gifts. she can't tell her porn used to sell well only because she was really young and skinny and nothing else. she thinks going blonde, getting new tits or making more incest vids is somehow going to win them over again and make old school shayna money. i mean look at everything she does
>get gym membership and spend money because there will be more when im skinny!
>move out of fupahoma and spend money because my future rich sugar dadddys will pay!
>buy ipad and new desktop and spend because when i cam more now im gonna make so much money!

No. 1870488

No it’s not

No. 1870493

Imagine thinking THIS is better than a wage job. Cramming shit crusted dildos up your dry, irritated pussy for pennies while a bunch of people online document your every step towards a bleak downfall. Copium much…

No. 1870511

this is why i really don’t understand why she doesn’t even try to get a part-time job in retail or even at a coffee shop to supplement her income. It’s 2-3 days a week and she can sit on her ass the rest of the time. Inb4 she’s too retarded to work and has a decade long gap in her resume, I’m a retail manager in a similarly liberal area and i honestly could say if it’s a younger-run business she could flat out say she’s an e-whore and it would explain the gap and they wouldn’t really care, the worker shortage is real. She could even work at a sex shop for godsake and get her daily allowance of sick moid interaction. but she won’t because she’s stuck in her stubborn teenager mindset where she would rather scrape pennies and larp as a ‘super successful full-time baby bimbo’ than actually be able to pay her bills every month.

No. 1870532

>she could work at a sex shop
You know, nonnas sometimes say that Shayna could work at a dispensary & I've always thought "yeah right, wishful thinking". But I think you might be onto something here nonnie. A sex shop seems like the only job in the world that would actually be feasible for her. She would not only fill her creepy moid interaction quota, but she would finally have a new audience to fulfill her need for drama and attention. Maybe she would log off twitter for once.
She would also have a new way to victimize herself and play baby by making up customer interaction stories.

No. 1870582

The only thing holding her back from a sex shop is her unwillingness to shower daily. And probably her inability to hide her chronic pickmeism, but yeah. A sex toy shop would be the closest thing to a feasible job for Shayna. Her cam girl "career" would actually be a plus. on paper, but we all know Shayna knows nothing about female pleasure or safe sex toy practices

No. 1870586

I think similarly she probably thought she’d get pity, recovery gifts and then she could sustain off it. I’ve never seen someone fail at everything since Kelly Osbourne and even then she at least has random things she does/money to fall back on.

She really doesn’t get that the successful* of whores only make so much because they post a lot and look semi attractive. No regular coomer wants depression tweets and botched fresh scars. The fact that LC knows how to do her job better than her after almost a decade is embarassing kek

No. 1870589

Agreed a sex shop would allow her some constant money towards her rent and then whatever she e-begs or gets for pedo pandering/fetish crap she can blow on sanrio and doordash.

It’s honestly the best place out come for her, she could even mention her OF to coomers who come in. I doubt sex shops really care what you do as long as you don’t get cops or damage the store. They’re probably way more lax than regular retail.

No. 1870650

This, a dispensary, or a waitress at wafflehouse/ some sleazy restaurant old men like (think hooters/twin peaks with lower standards). I think it would create some fresh milk.
I'm the spreadsheet anon from the last (or the one before that) thread. I have absolutely no idea how shes paying for anything important. I feel like coomers mostly send her money for little things- a $5 here, a $10 there- or buy her stuff off her amazon wishlist. I have no ability to see what shes making from of/customs/venmos she doesnt post. If anyone knows how many subs she has on of/ what shes charging for it nowadays , I'd love to know because I remember in the much older threads she peaked at a little over 1000 subs a couple years ago, which dropped to 500 (also years ago), and is probably at less than 100 now. In the meanwhile I know her prices have dropped off a cliff. Frankly, Ellen/her parents have to be footing the bill for her rent and most of her food expenses, I would say household essentials too but we all know she doesn't spend money on soap/deodorant/detergent/papertowels. So she probably gets to pocket whatever money she does get from "working", which ideally could be emergency savings for her or even saving for a car, but she spends it all on pink crap.

No. 1870651

I don’t understand why people think Shayna will ever get a job. This is the person who quit after working one shift at Olive Garden. I think we would more likely see Shayna being homeless and prostituting herself on the street before we saw her working. This is someone who hated accountability in any way. Even if she wanted to work she would probably be fired soon for arguing with a manager, coworker, or customer.

No. 1870652

she actually worked at olive garden for a few weeks iirc but your point still stands. i could never see her waitressing like anon above said. i could see her working at a sex shop in her 30s when shes fell off more though. lori lewd from /w/ even managed to work at one for awhile, and shes frankly even lazier than shayna, unless shes been secretly working retail again and no one itt figured it out.

No. 1870654


There’s no way Shat could work at a dispensary. Everyone I’ve interacted with at one has been very knowledgeable, customer centric and have marijuana down to a science. Shat’s brains are too fried for that

No. 1870705

File: 1690310811962.jpeg (216.28 KB, 749x1028, IMG_3759.jpeg)

Shay had an emotional breakdown on Twitter

No. 1870706

File: 1690310836745.jpeg (274.77 KB, 749x1131, IMG_3760.jpeg)

No. 1870707

File: 1690310865238.jpeg (256.01 KB, 749x1196, IMG_3756.jpeg)

No. 1870709

It's honestly creepy how she acts like her life is so great, you can tell she regularly tries to convince herself that it's just money issues. Except when she's not whining about money she's whining about something else. She never seems happy at all, just getting by or currently not having a meltdown

No. 1870710

shayna luther king back at it again with the marx and clifford ideology

No. 1870711

File: 1690311054045.jpeg (241.35 KB, 750x1089, IMG_3758.jpeg)

> sumtimes i feel like im too sensitive for this world
Kek how can someone with no actual opinions and shallow emotions be “sensitive”? “Sensitive” doesn’t mean sensitive to criticism about yourself, Shayna. My guess is that she hates being sober.

No. 1870712

File: 1690311291821.jpeg (174.77 KB, 750x527, IMG_3761.jpeg)

Can that anon who dissected and explained the real reasoning behind her lobotomy fetish come back?

No. 1870722

>my life is absolute dogshit, anyways here are my unhealed tits
sorry but bleak

No. 1870723

Damn, did watching the Barbie movie give her an existential crisis?

No. 1870724

I wonder if she’s having to cut back on her alcohol and weed due to the money issues and its causing these chimp outs due to withdrawal of not being high or drunk literally 24/7. The whole Noodle being sick the second time seems fishy and like a last ditch effort to try to trick some of her regulars into a few more scheckles because it was a successful grift the first time. Would anyone put it past Shayna to wake up in a puddle of puke and try to pass it off as Noodle’s on Snapchat as “proof” to her last remaining pedo and beastality coomers?

No. 1870725

File: 1690314666837.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x2176, 86189A18-D574-473D-AFEA-01A703…)

Apparently she went to the mall wearing this outfit that says “Fuck Toy”. Also check the raging pimple on her tit.

No. 1870726

File: 1690314702984.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x1991, 6DE218EF-63D6-4D36-8844-9AC19B…)

One of the outfits she wants to buy for FetCon

No. 1870728

File: 1690314812074.jpeg (652.83 KB, 1170x1033, 20E69FC8-E31C-4CAD-8218-ACEFBB…)

No. 1870731

oh… oh wow… before i zoomed in i thought wow shayna doesn’t look too bad in this! oh the things i could do if i had her confidence

No. 1870734

How can she not feel embarrassed going out like this? I know the answer but it’s just crazy that she goes in public spaces and sees what other, regular women are wearing and yet she still feels ok to put these outfits and hairstyles together and leaves the house in them

No. 1870735

these picture are from last year newfag

No. 1870738

She's so annoying. She regularly wastes money on complete garbage then wants to suicide bait about "struggling to make rent". Bitch stop buying random pink shit!!

No. 1870757

Has she considered that maybe she's depressed because she's fat, unhealthy, alone and sells herself for less than the price a happy meal to coomers that even think of her as human? If I was forced to live her life I would have killed myself years ago.

No. 1870760

retard. she bought those two outfits those are old pictures she took from the con.
She’s fatter. This from last year

No. 1870762

Can new fags not post tweets if they don’t know what they’re talking about??? Shayna is notorious for using the same pictures. She wore both those outfits last year.

No. 1870764

Maybe exercise and stop stuffing your fat face. Bitch

No. 1870765

Shayna is so boring, farmers don’t even want to spend $3 freaking dollars on her OF. That’s so embarrassing. She’s losing coomers and farmers. All her content is just the same. When she doesn’t make content which is like daily, she reposts old nudes. She’s so lazy

No. 1870769

File: 1690321798232.jpeg (546.07 KB, 1242x1125, 2A6093B3-70E0-4E1F-ABF5-E90173…)

No she didn’t

No. 1870771

File: 1690322017611.jpeg (862.55 KB, 871x1635, C5537B7A-1244-4ADC-8A05-27FAF9…)

Kek these pictures made me go back to the Fetcon thread where these were originally taken >>1612892, in case some nonnas need to refresh their memories

Shayna was fat fishing at Fetcon last year because when she sat down she was ten times bigger.
Attached is a picture from last year. I wonder if her clothes still fit her

No. 1870772

Literally who cares. Oldfags need to keep up then if they want milk posted a certain way.("oldfags need to keep up" )

No. 1870773

The pig tails age her so much. She looks so haggard here.

No. 1870775

File: 1690322252215.jpeg (746.86 KB, 1043x1598, DFBF1227-A0B4-405B-A89E-162463…)

She literally looks like this:

No wonder she’s depressed

No. 1870776

Why the nona-on-nona violence when Shayna is the one posting year old photos as if they’re new? Redirect your rage, ladies. No need to repeat the same thing for 5 posts.

No. 1870777

why does she try to make viral tweets but with her obscure scary fetish that she pretends to like… even most “nsfwtwt” degenerates would probably find it weird and creepy

No. 1870778

Antinatalist collapsenik Shayna arc???

No. 1870782

im tired of dumb cunts like this newfag having access to our thread if they can’t even do basic research and read all the threads before posting. is there a way we can vote to ban newfags like this fucking idiot so they have to hit agree on every thread that they read it? or mantitory no-posting for one year minimum? absolutely enrages me ild shit like this is posted in my thread. only a fucking retard wouldn’t remember her posting this at fetcon last year. im on my last straw here and you don’t wanna see what happens when i snap.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1870784

I recognized her from the front page kek

No. 1870785


No. 1870788

Yeah Shayna I too hate the world we live in where catering to pedos is « sex work », where men can get their rape fill by browsing a tons of videos where women are abused, where whoring yourself is seen as empowering, where porn and vile things labeled as « kinks » is widespread, where bitches like you complain 24/7 on social media when they never lead a hard life. Cry me a river

No. 1870792

She’s really caught up on how angry and violent people are being…. I wonder if she directly reached out to one of her coomers for money and he flipped on her after her posting about all the shit she wasted money on.

No. 1870802

No. 1870804


all this boo-hooing about vengeance & violence but nothing about pedophilia. bitch you, your "girlfriend", your customers are the reason the world is ugly!

No. 1870809

truly one of her most deluded moments to act like she can blame ‘society’/capitalism for her not being able to pay her rent when she has literally never had a real job despite being able-bodied and capable, she just chooses to be broke.

No. 1870811

Must suck to have not only no drive, but no talent, power or capacity for change.

No. 1870812

Maybe you should get a job where you actually affect and contribute to the world in some way then, dumbass

No. 1870827

this fat slug doesn't even have a car

No. 1870849

What baffles me about Shayna is how she is addicted to everything. I get that life happens and we don’t always have the best coping skills. But I can’t believe she is addicted to vaping, weed, alcohol, food, internet attention, and shopping while not needing to work and having barely any responsibilities besides taking care of her pets. (Which she does poorly)

No. 1870870

It’s not even funny it makes no sense. She’s a retard who hasn’t grown out of her tumblr quirky phase

No. 1870876

shay is the one who’s posting old photos. she tweeted that today. anon isn’t under obligation to go through 20 threads just to make sure that two generic shay pics (that shay decided to reuse) aren’t from last year. shut up.

No. 1870879

shay reminds me of those MLM boss babes who are deeply in debt and broke as fuck but can’t admit that they’ve failed.

No. 1870882

It's not your thread and no one gives a shit if you snap you mentally ill psycho. Its really not that deep she doesnt deserve to be crucified over not knowing those pictures were taken last year. I couldn't imagine taking the Shayna thread this seriously its pathetic.

No. 1870907

Touch some damn grass!

No. 1870922

I had this exact thought. she's too dumb to know that's what's happening to her though. bleaque

No. 1870934

Big bitch. She was huge then and is only going to be bigger this year. I guess one positive of her going back to fatcon is we will get to see how much larger she really is.

No. 1870982

Nta and honestly who gives a shit that much, but it doesn’t take going back through the threads to realize her old bras don’t fit her anymore after her tit job and her hair doesn’t look like that anymore. Her roots are grown out to fuck

No. 1870996

Prettty sure that anon was mocking the nonas in the thread who were overreacting over Shaynas tweet with the old photos.
>I couldn't imagine taking the Shayna thread this seriously its pathetic
Oh the irony.

No. 1870998

Shaytards and their Janny being trolled is a weekly occurance here, newfag.

No. 1871004

Kek, I can see why anons assumed they were serious because there really are anons that are this aggro about old photos being posted.
If I have to see that leopard bra for another entire weekend I'm gonna lose it.

No. 1871026

She has absolutely no internal happiness or even contentment - she finds temporary happiness from external things like fetcon or the Barbie movie, but once those things end she's just lonely and empty… Omg she inspires me to find true happiness in myself because I never want to be like that

No. 1871033

>absolutely enrages me ild shit like this is posted in my thread.

Lmao I didn't realize you owned this thread anon. I am humbled to be in your digital presence kek

No. 1871041

Thank God she doesn't. Bitch can't stay sober to save her own life. I'm in the old threads for shits and giggles and I just got to the part where she had a bench warrant for driving like an asshole in Fuplahoma. She had just adopted Noodle and some anon was like ai bet she begs for money for her pets one day. She is so predictable and will literally never change.

No. 1871043

she competes with women all day for a man's pocket change what a miserable life

No. 1871044

The joke is flying right over a lot of y'all's heads. We're all autistic here but sheesh.

That's because she literally is one. Can't convince me that online sex work isn't just a giant pyramid scheme. Only the ones that got in early enough are really doing good. Shayna could have easily been one of those girls since she's been doing sex work since she was like 18, but she's always been a lazy retard.

No. 1871047

I don’t…get her for this reason. She really is addicted to everything you listed. She needs like a year of intensive rehab and therapy with no internet access and then to go live in an off grid halfway house of some kind kek

No. 1871049

File: 1690383064231.jpeg (135.81 KB, 1160x817, 9E8B4048-0F26-44EB-976C-ED1E26…)

She’s so embarrassing kek

No. 1871052

that was the part where it became obvious they were taking the piss

No. 1871077

it was was the “mantitory” for me

No. 1871091

That's not true though cause you can look at Pump & Dump as an example. From 'millionaire' back to pauper even though she started at 18…10 years ago.

No. 1871105

I said she could have, not that it was a guarantee. Hence the sex work being a pyramid scheme thing. But the smarter ones who got in early enough and didn't piss their money away on bullshit and kept their bodies up are probably doing just fine. That could have easily been Shayna. She was a thin upper middle class white girl who already had a large following

No. 1871108

File: 1690391144429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1290x1617, 4AEE18F3-EB57-4058-9FDA-54EBA2…)


No. 1871110

File: 1690391199806.jpeg (Spoiler Image,830 KB, 1290x1683, A18D16EB-2DBE-4D5E-9937-3AAF81…)

No. 1871128

Oh man I bet this is going to remind a bunch of scrotes that they had "renew" selected who had otherwise forgotten about it. I hope this decision backfires on her.

No. 1871134

shay, it’s your job to know this. It’s your job to look at trends and come up with new ideas.

No. 1871137

God thats embarrassing it reads as desperation like "tell me what to do to make you guys want my content because no one really does anymore"
Throw in the crusty towel already jfc.
And that free vid looks horrifying like it would be in a medical class about abnormalities and surgeries gone wrong.
With the state of her tits and body and repeatitive content she puts no effort into, I could see her losing a significant amount of subs this month tbh.

No. 1871138

Idk why she hasnt been posting pics from this angle or editing the scars down if shes gonna still "work" rn.
Like I almost wanna say its not her fault because she had to get that implant replaced and the other tit was looking like it was from a different person so she got it worked on too… but also she had months to stock pile content and prepare and she wont even take better angled pics or edit them. Hell she should market to the niche horror porn coomers and ones that het off on surgery or whatever weird shit. I know coomers will fuck a mcchicken or cum to a hairy armpit etc but objectively her tits gotta be at least a little off putting to a lot of them.

No. 1871150

This is beyond sad and hilarious

No. 1871186

It isn’t a pyramid scheme, you just have to pimp yourself out online and offline. There’s no way you’ll become rich from just selling nude or feet pics . You gotta do full on pornography or prostitution or let scrotes sniff your feet irl. Shayna is too lazy, retarded charges cheap, and she never saves her money. She could never be a millionaire.

No. 1871219

The sadness of not being able to give your tits the rest they deserve because you have no ass to speak of and your pussy is a grimy BV breeding ground

No. 1871230

File: 1690405707642.jpeg (407.55 KB, 1170x767, IMG_4180.jpeg)

Oh please Shay

No. 1871231

File: 1690405765041.jpeg (748.93 KB, 1170x1025, IMG_4181.jpeg)

No. 1871246

I predict her sticking to this for all of three days before she gets mad that no one is showing up because people have jobs.

No. 1871248

Even for an ig live this is stupid, but to expect coomers to watch her do makeup and PAY for some half assed teasing or whatever lazy shit she thinks she's gonna do is retarded.

No. 1871252

File: 1690409601237.png (91.65 KB, 1079x276, Screenshot_20230726-181518.png)

She must be really hurting for money

No. 1871255

and when was the last time she posted anything related to anal… rip "buttstuffbarbie"

No. 1871266

i know anons don’t mean it like this but onlyfans quite literally has a pyramid scheme system where you make a percentage off of every whore you recruit under your account, it’s how the majority of famous/early adopters make the bulk of their money

No. 1871282

Meaning shes likely 3% or less kek remember when she would post and brag every little point she went up on OF when she got to top 2%?

No. 1871314

Which is insane and should be illegal. Literally designed to groom 17 year olds.

No. 1871317

> or let scrotes sniff your feet irl
She was letting one sniff her asshole and doesn’t seem to be doing that well herself so there goes that part of the theory.

No. 1871319

I feel like a fucking moron for not catching that- mostly focused on literal men taking 20% from women degrading themselves and calling it empowering ty for pointing that out

No. 1871334

True. Also, last year at Fatcon she let that “dildoe” aka “major work” guy sniff her feet and rub them on his face for free.

No. 1871341

File: 1690420798722.jpeg (Spoiler Image,989.64 KB, 1170x1718, IMG_4183.jpeg)

New video

No. 1871344

so she clearly has labia minora and a clitoral hood that covers the actual clit, which is common. besides her unwashed filth and boils, i don’t get the shayna “weird pussy” spreg.

No. 1871347

Jesus, Broke as fuck with a botched breast

No. 1871348

File: 1690422530666.gif (2.98 MB, 640x640, huh-cat.gif)

nona wtf are you sperging about

No. 1871353

File: 1690422943603.jpeg (174.72 KB, 1169x743, IMG_5823.jpeg)

She can’t even put on lip balm

No. 1871358

Lmao she’s trying so hard to scam again but nothings working, literally scrambling around to post something that might get her some financial attention

No. 1871364

shayna’s pussy isn’t weird just disgusting and covered in warts

No. 1871384

so more work for herself with literally no profit. she should’ve spent her recovery watching econ lectures on youtube.

No. 1871399

File: 1690428560402.jpeg (28.39 KB, 1080x1057, received_186877177714998.jpeg)

Her boobs look like an average weeaboo's favorite emoticon circa 2009

No. 1871420

What happened to the shitty website she had made?
She's so dumb, lip fillers cost the same amount she spends on drinks and doordash in one day or those silly brunch outings she takes herself on.

No. 1871422

File: 1690431489503.jpeg (496.46 KB, 1170x931, IMG_4184.jpeg)

Sure you do Shay

No. 1871433

File: 1690434163336.jpeg (908.97 KB, 1187x1053, BBD8EBE7-EF8D-46A2-9A33-329368…)

Her cheap sweatshirt doesn’t even say bimbo on it anymore lmao.

No. 1871434

File: 1690434257367.jpeg (166.13 KB, 1208x910, CD8F702B-EAB2-40DD-ABC2-CDF785…)

Her broke coomers lol

No. 1871435

not her out on the porch flashing her ugly boobs my god

No. 1871437

God she is so fucking DUMB why would you not privately message people about this instead of desperately begging

No. 1871470

kek the ‘no bitches’ face its killing me

No. 1871476

I would like to see her finally take a shower. It wouldn’t make me want to buy her content, but her getting clean and moisturized would be nice for a change.

No. 1871486

Jfc lay that sweatshirt to rest already. There’s almost no letters left

No. 1871490

Didn't she buy this sweater a year or 2 ago? There's no way the letters have faded that much from washing it too much (it's Shayna, lbr). I bet she's been sleeping in it, then wearing it the next day like a crusty little gremlin.

No. 1871539

File: 1690470387419.jpeg (226.04 KB, 750x573, 04602B35-E0F7-48A4-A1E8-C399ED…)

even her friends are like bitch you smell take a shower

No. 1871579

Kek, she's tired of looking at shayna's musty vagina, crows feet and lumpy botched boobs.

No. 1871588

The boldest lie. Her lips are tiny and dryer than a desert. They are painfully cracked.

No. 1871589

"Take a shower and go to bed" thats what people wanna see kek

No. 1871598

Won’t lip filler just draw attention to her hideous teeth? “Dick sucking lips” shouldn’t be a concern when you gag on 2 inches and use your teeth like a cheese grater. There are women with even thinner lips than Shaynus who give better oral.

No. 1871615

File: 1690479382560.jpeg (Spoiler Image,569.08 KB, 750x1020, EFF3D8C5-C7A8-4215-A985-F6EBFA…)

new disgusting collab annoucned i'm assuming the man(?) is a rapist because that's the only people that will film content with her. what a sad pathetic life

No. 1871623

File: 1690480243495.jpeg (Spoiler Image,396.32 KB, 1170x1427, IMG_7032.jpeg)

No. 1871627

delete this it was already posted with a spoiler