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File: 1605030445702.png (347.87 KB, 542x534, irlfatty.png)

No. 1079389

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1070454

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>still mad her pedobaiting content is found disgusting by most people >>1071824
>cringe, unflattering fan art created by her orbiters >>1071825, >>1077510
>ordered candy via doordash from multiple stores on halloween >>1071970
>complained about another sw'er trying to put together an aid fund because they aren't "working for it the same way she did" >>1072409, >>1072417
>ends up donating to it days later anyway >>1074474
>has an orbiter building her a PC so she can "stream" >>1074157
>still sperging about fupa hurting her feelings and still being in love with him >>1074844, >>1075463, >>1075540
>more suicide bait >>1075613
>MV takes down one of her videos for "underage material" >>1075616
>someone fakes her out and pretends to buy everything on her amazon wishlist, suicide baiting and sperging ensues >>1075808
>considers herself "a hot girl" >>1076039
>complains about thin girls on her timeline making her feel bad about herself getting fat, continues to shovel absolute garbage into her mouth >>1078763, >>1078880


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No. 1079392

File: 1605030607743.png (38.09 KB, 591x387, 2020-11-10 12_49_18-Window.png)

>doesn't live paycheck to paycheck
>acted like she was going to literally die when her withdrawal took an extra business day to deposit

No. 1079398

File: 1605031011285.jpeg (941.79 KB, 1242x1713, FC991CFD-025B-44B7-ABE4-18D86E…)

High school anon was right. What an obnoxious cunt. Of course she deleted it. She sounds like a nightmare. Poor teacher.

No. 1079400

File: 1605031134283.jpg (131.09 KB, 1242x868, brokeassbegging4moneys.jpg)

>doesn't live paycheck to paycheck
>bank holiday mental breakdown sperg
>has to beg for money to take a "day off"
>Is thriving
okay shaytard

No. 1079404

Does she have a real job? what does she mean by day off? going a whole day without her filming herself shoving a blunt object into her disgusting snatch.

No. 1079405

File: 1605031423433.jpeg (Spoiler Image,807.69 KB, 1242x1581, 16BBD4C2-53E3-4D71-A39D-5012D9…)

This is nothing new?? You don’t work or do anything productive. You probably didn’t even film your “puppy chow uwu” video. Lazy fat whore

No. 1079409

File: 1605031647867.png (713.61 KB, 1242x2208, B188B59F-0862-4079-B032-3B7F1F…)

You literally lay in your disgusting musty discolored blankets all day. You don’t do anything why are you complaining about your job when it literally doesn’t require any effort. This bitch annoys the hell outta me

No. 1079411

Tinfoily but did she respond to this tweet because she read here, kek

She literally takes days off because she's just "sad" kek she thinks she's such a girlboss but she's a lazy piece of shit that will never keep a job when people stop paying for her pussy

No. 1079420

It's so funny how she angles her legbum to hide the disgusting fat rolls KEK never change fatty mattel.

No. 1079431

>>I make enough not to live paycheck to paycheck
Yet she was freaking out because she only had $2 when her check didn't come in on time.

No. 1079432

File: 1605034382905.jpg (218.51 KB, 1080x1585, 20201110_125304.jpg)

No. 1079433

>bimbo university
>schoolgirl custom

So the exact same video

No. 1079434

Imagine finding out the bitch that was a bitch for no reason is now selling her dry body, has a #62 part thread full of her bullshit, is constantly miserable, chasing after a man with 3 kids who does not want her FOR YEARS, rapidly gaining weight and no friends.
I really feel like everyone Shayna pissed off/bullied before all of this would be smiling at how her life turned out.

No. 1079437

"fashion show"? With what fashion?

No. 1079439

Maybe she'll do one of those videos feeders do where they purposefully try on too-small clothes and they rip off their fat bodies, kek.
>Trying on all my old XS-S clothes!
>Oopsie! My huge tits and fat ass are just bursting out of this dress!
>Actually just looks like a beach ball

No. 1079446

>giving me major #GIRLBOSS and hunbot vibes

Hey Hun 🤗🤗 Let me tell you about this AMAAAZING opportunity 💁‍♀️💋👠 Ever heard of sex work? 💩👈☝️ It's not the easiest since you have to do things sometimes (ewwww) 🤢😕 But lucky for us, there's 👉👉👉E-BEGGING 🤑😍💳💋💦💄👡 It's this AMAZING thing and you don’t even have to interact with GI-🤢😕 GIRLS 💃☝️💅 ONLY MEN… YES THAT'S RIGHT 🤤😍🍆🍖✨ and you can start your 👉OWN 👈 BRAND 🍣🍱🍔🍟 using just DIRTY HOLE PICS, 🌚🕳️🥜🟤 the 💋💗SEXUALIZATION 💌💖💘 of CHILDREN 🍭🍬🧸 and a 💫COMPLETE💫 LACK of SELF-RESPECT 😝😵😜🤪👸 fueled by ADDICTION (uhhh PARTY!!!) 🥂🍷🥃🍸🌬💨 and a constant need for VALIDATION YUM 🍾🙆‍♀️💋💋👅 What do you say, hun? Are YOU👩☝️ ready for this journey? 👌👌⬇️💅🧚‍♀️⬇️💣🍆⏬💥💀⚰️

pls don't ban for using emojis

No. 1079447

Kek I vouch for this anon and her ironic emoji use, but just this once.

No. 1079449

My sides.
Real shit though I doubt she could peddle some oils or whatever and make that huge five-dollar paycheck.

No. 1079457

am i losing it or has she started using better angles(still looking like a blob of lard though), maybe shes finally taking the threads advice kek

No. 1079458

Shayna has always seemed like the kind of dumbfuck to join an MLM and think it's empowering

No. 1079459

she’s been using these angles to look like she has an ass since she was skinny

No. 1079462

this is amazing. and honestly probably not too far off to how they recruit other girls into sexwork kek

No. 1079463

i mean angles to make her look skinnier, shes showing less of her rolls

No. 1079467

yeah it’s pretty easy to hide your rolls when 75% of your body is covered up and there are anons in here giving her advice on a daily basis

No. 1079481

>my teacher was just trying to do their job and teach an entire class of annoying students while I made their job infinitely more difficult for no reason

So cool Shay. I bet everyone still remembers it as such a funny badness moment and not the loud retarded girl being obnoxious in class. Imagine "peaking" in highschool and falling so hard from that a few years later you become hammy Mattel kek.

No. 1079485


“Hey, remember that obnoxious loser that used to interrupt class for attention?”
“Oh, yeah?”
“She punches herself for pennies and posts pics of her rancid snatch and butthole on the internet now.”

lololo. You really showed ‘em all, Shay!

No. 1079493

File: 1605040327768.jpeg (125.7 KB, 1242x1378, 72A6C22F-E9EA-4309-AE8B-3D7E24…)

>when you weren’t a popular, and pretty cheerleader so you have to live out your fantasies in your depressing, musty apartment in buttfuck Oklahoma by yourself and you pretend you’re getting “the hayterzz’s dad’s money” to cope with your sad pathetic bleak life but when in reality your only customers are ugly retarded inbred men who don’t have wives or children because nobody would fuck them. And you wasted all your young adulthood chasing after a deadbeat chode named Kyle Perkins when you could of been making memories and having an actual love life.

No. 1079494

…can’t call off because you’re your own boss?! Um, the amount of times she’s not made a video or gotten on cam or done her job because it was slightly cloudy or she was waiting for a different version of the same 10 buck Amazon outfit she already has or she was too busy stuffing her face is astronomical. She’s fucking joking, right? Why is she pulling the “entrepreneur grind hard work never stops” bullshit when she can’t even hold onto her promise of a video a day, let alone a video a week? Pig can’t even stick to under 3,000 calories a day or shower every other day, why pretend she can effectively be her own boss. She’s the weakest-willed bitch I’ve ever seen.

No. 1079499

Lol May your ban be soft and swift

No. 1079501

Tbh I think Shayna may be slightly autistic based on her behavior. Something isn’t right. She displays many “tics” the medications don’t seem to be helping

No. 1079502

>can't call off because you're your own boss!
>literally takes that very day off
Like. She just disproved herself kek. She's done it over and over, but why point it out.

No. 1079527

Sometimes being retarded is just being retarded and there's no reason beyond a naturally low IQ furthered by intoxication and malnutrition.

No. 1079545

> using just DIRTY HOLE PICS
I think cereal just flew out my nose. Fucking sent me. God bless you for this.

No. 1079578


I nearly spat out my drink. I don't know why her calling herself an entrepreneur makes me so irrationally angry. She's always been delusional but this retarded sack of fat keeps getting worse and worse.

No. 1079604

That and a lot of autistic people tend to be academicly smart just socially retarded and don't understand emotions. Shay just dumb all over

No. 1079610

Yo i'm trying not to talk about Cow's bodies anymore, but why does she look so much like a overgrown toddler or a trooned out boy with autism?
Like Shayna looks like what troons THINK they look like in too small sissy gear, in this outfit.
God bless her.

No. 1079652

Don’t eat cereal and drink while reading this thread anon be careful kek
Why not anon. She looks horrible, and is a horrible person. Also that is spot on description

No. 1079697

File: 1605056540846.jpg (243.09 KB, 1080x858, Screenshot_20201110-190142_Twi…)

Hilarious that she retweeted this, after just recently shaming other sex workers for making her hate her body

No. 1079702

Not true with everyone, especially not with female autistics or autistics with ADHD/other comorbid issues. She's definitely on the spectrum and her drug abuse, diet and lack of any structure whatsoever is making it 10000x worse.

Armchairing aside, imagine how much money she'd make if she had a regular part time job and made one video/photoshoot a week for her simps. Much like she already does but without wasting 90% of her time whining, eating, getting high and scrolling Twitter. It's ridiculous how much money she makes considering her looks, personality, internet presence and the fact she doesn't physically have to touch or even meet scrotes.

No. 1079710

>posts naked body online for all to see and pay for
>gets mad when people comment about said body

Idk… maybe dont try and sell your nudes for money then if you're that pressed about people calling you fat? Sex worker logic is so fragile for people who spread their assholes to strangers.

No. 1079726

Shes definitely not autistic, anon. Mentally ill maybe, but either way that's giving her an excuse for her stupidity. Shes just a shitty, stupid human being with delusions of grandeur. She peaked in high school and still lives in her Tumblr fantasy.

No. 1079727

File: 1605059787694.jpeg (108.71 KB, 600x589, 5D005D65-35B9-4C11-9251-3F5592…)

No. 1079731

Cus she tries to dress like a toddler and behaves like one. There are plenty of beautiful women with her bodytype but the difference is they dress for their shape and age and actually bathe and take care of themselves.

No. 1079734

Yeah and the whole job is superficial and all about looks, so why be a giant blob of lard and expect men who purchase your content not to judge you. Sex workers on Twitter are usually fat and ugly but bitch and moan about beauty standards. It’s annoying kek

No. 1079754

File: 1605062903920.jpeg (785.17 KB, 1242x1550, F9F4DFA2-A7E4-4CAA-A2AB-25450D…)

She’s so boring

No. 1079761

File: 1605063496624.jpeg (407.2 KB, 1242x1109, 1BC6E008-5875-41F3-925B-09EB93…)

>This weekend
Is she taking the whole god damn week off
Lazy tub of lard

No. 1079762

File: 1605063541244.jpeg (287.59 KB, 1242x859, 9ECD1F75-5214-44B3-B50C-C3CFD8…)

No. 1079764

because it's fun. it's not that deep.

No. 1079773

Did she actually go out while sick during a pandemic?

No. 1079787

No. 1079790

File: 1605066836372.jpeg (332.67 KB, 1242x974, A93C6BFC-8ABB-44E4-9B9E-DA8FED…)

No. 1079795

No. 1079800

Is it just me or is she constantly sick?

No. 1079802

Fupa probably gave her an STD

No. 1079809

File: 1605068443310.jpg (408.36 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201110-222034_Twi…)

No. 1079811

File: 1605068554211.jpg (305.99 KB, 3304x3304, shayna.jpg)

she should get this costume it would hide her fat rolls

No. 1079812

kek can you imagine making a ‘living’ by spending money and demanding strangers on twitter foot the bill after the fact and calling yourself an entrepreneur for it

No. 1079813

She really is like a caricature of a person. Sometimes I convince myself for a moment that she's been setting up an elaborate troll/persona this whole time. But no, in reality, she genuinely believes this concept is a good idea. This wouldn't even look flattering on her, much like a lot of the clothes she puts on.

No. 1079814

I honestly thought she meant this, not a kigurumi. Knowing her, she'd probably think it was so funny and quirky of her.

No. 1079816

she will 100% get it in a ~uwu size small or medium~ because she doesn't want to accept the fact she is an extra large. She is too stupid and ugly to be a troll. She genuinely think she is unique and hot.

I thought she meant that too. And that she was going to rip the plastic inflatable material to show her inflamed irritated butthole and stuff it with the turkey baster KEK

No. 1079817

File: 1605069677832.jpg (340.82 KB, 1242x936, IMG_4017.jpg)

you aren't famous Shayna you are just an annoying obnoxious cunt. nobody likes you

No. 1079820

Honestly, this is a new one for me, lol. I don't doubt it happened though.

Her fake worship of 60s-70s rock got on all the 40+ year old teachers' nerves because she'd always try to suck up to the (male) teachers by CONSTANTLY talking about her "musical tastes", and how she was "different from all the other teens" because she listens to classic rock!

Needless to say it was cringeworthy and annoyed more teacher than it "impressed" them.

No. 1079822

I've shown quite a few of our mutual classmates these threads, along with showing them some of her 'content' that's been shared around the net. We always have good hearty laughs (fucking wheezing) watching her try to be any form of 'erotic'.

Some dudes from HS who used to always hunt for her cooter/nudes are always so relieved they never ended up getting any of this thing after seeing what she's become.(admitting to cowtipping)

No. 1079825

File: 1605071110714.jpeg (656.41 KB, 1242x1544, 4A7AA90D-C179-4BB5-AD7D-776626…)

Turkey butt fuck coming soon anons

No. 1079826

I just hate this.

No. 1079828

God save us all.

No. 1079829

Shayna you are an XL

No. 1079837

It’s been a trend to look up how many randoms have blocked you on Twitter. You can do nothing and have 100+ people block you. She’s just referring to this without caps btw

No. 1079844

Bitch you’re going to give yourself an embolism

No. 1079861

Oh my fucking god. A size small? On what world, bitch? You're definitely an XL.

I don't know why I find this so hilarious.

No. 1079863

I meant to reply to the post below where she said she bought medicine and soup but I’m a retard

No. 1079871

>Size: Medium

um ok

No. 1079875

even worse, the confirmation email she posted after says size small

No. 1079895

File: 1605081410716.png (9.78 KB, 239x323, 2018-11-09 10_19_50-Mozilla Fi…)

LOL she flipped out a few years ago when someone suggested almost this exact idea.

No. 1079897


How times have changed

No. 1079906

I bet she reads her old tumblr shit all the time, reread this, forgot, got super stoked and thought she came up with it herself and that it was both brilliant and hilarious.

It's somehow more pathetic than if I believed she just stole the idea

No. 1079907

Smh autocorrect, meant stoned

No. 1079926

Tbh she's always pissed people aren't stoked on her

No. 1079930

It's crazy how back then it was so retarded she turned it down, not she thinks this retarded shit is fucking unique and ground breaking.
Her creativity levels is that of a first grader yet she thinks she's really doing some shit.
Porn is supposed to be about SEX and SEX APPEAL.

Then she's going to be like,"i worked so hard on this guys, please buy it!!"
Like girl, all you did was stuff yourself in a costume, stick something in your cooch or ass, with the same make up and dry lips.

No. 1079931

Wait a minute, how did she spend $60 on JUST cold medicine and soup? Cold medicine is usually less that $15 and chicken noodle soup is at MOST $2. Either she bought a stupidly huge amount of soup or medicine, she bought other things too and lied about it (probably more junk food but she already bought a ton of junk food from the dispensary and I can't imagine her buying food that isn't sushi or fast food) or she lied about how much she spent in the hopes that one of her ugly simps would buy this >>1079809 for her, which just so happens to be almost $60 if we add extra fees.
Sorry if it's too tinfoil-y and I'm overthinking it, but something just doesn't add up.

No. 1079942

Honestly 15 bucks for medicine and 30 for an order of soup (and bread because it’s Shayna) big enough to fill her trough delivered via DoorDash, plus the 15 bucks for tip and delivery fee almost makes sense, price wise

No. 1079975

Could y'all stop posting useless, uninteresting screenshots in the thread when the 1200 post warning goes off, I'm tired of needing to look for the new thread every time, because the old one gets locked and the link can't be posted.

No. 1079990

She used to have some semblance of awareness kek. If it wasn’t cowtipping I would die if someone sent this to her. I just wonder if she remembers saying this at all or if turkey basters are the only thing she can’t think of regarding thanksgiving kek

No. 1080026

It could be prescription medicine. Paying that much if not more is normal for burgers.

No. 1080033

I was thinking about that too anon haha

No. 1080075

File: 1605110854004.png (312.52 KB, 1820x1030, Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 11.0…)

She also said this exactly 7 days ago.

No. 1080081

Coming from the girl who made a Trump porn and made racist statements

No. 1080084

File: 1605112047165.png (5.1 MB, 1242x2208, 999BC35C-8DB2-4B27-8DD6-983938…)

No. 1080089

It’s not that hard to find the new thread >>1080075
>Barbaric holiday
Stfu you just don’t want to be cancelled

No. 1080090

I don’t think you order from food delivery apps, they don’t cost that much. She’s just lying about spending $60. Also we ALLL know she doesn’t tip those drivers

No. 1080091

If you can’t find the new thread you must be disabled. Sorry about your condition

No. 1080092

It’s literally part of imageboard etiquette newfag

No. 1080097

Bitching about everything isn’t

No. 1080098

NTA , but while this is true, it’s not that hard to look in the catalog. Anons should be making a new thread when the first 100 post warning comes up and have it ready to go by the imminent locking announcement. But they rarely ever do.

She has severe brain damage I stg. She’s not even a “stoner” at this point. She’s a drug addict with 2 remaining brain cells that barely function.

No. 1080101

>muh etiquette
Just ctrl+f, kek
Shay's threads are a special brand of stupid, so normal board rules are especially difficult for some posters.

No. 1080105

That get up isnt sexy at all and would only be mildly cute in a stupid way on someone who is actually hot. And shes going to cut a hole in it to put a non sex toy object in her butt or? Is she going to give herself an enema? Really lost on this concept and more confused because shes been against it multiple times so like why???

No. 1080129

This is just horrible. Why does she come up with these ideas? She doesn't even consider it parody porn. Any normal ethot using this idea would just wear turkey color lingerie and maybe some feathers to at least look sexy. This toddler turkey onesie is the least sexy thing imagineable.

No. 1080130

but you're okay with them thinking that you support pedophilia and incest? wtf

No. 1080132

File: 1605116436009.jpeg (547.96 KB, 1242x1293, 53D02DDD-C182-468C-8880-CE4F55…)

Can she even fit in the cage anymore? kek
Fat bitch

No. 1080136

File: 1605116783707.jpg (286.32 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20201111-114503_Twi…)

No. 1080138

File: 1605116806143.jpg (249.36 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_20201111-114549_Twi…)

No. 1080139

shayna, you look like a 37 year old mother of 3, the puppy shit doesn't work anymore. just call it what it is: fat bitch porn

No. 1080146

Did she buy a bigger cage size tho? Or does she not realize how huge and uncomfortable she’s going to look in the cage now that she’s ballooned?

No. 1080148

Doesn’t she realize that the average person (and potential customer) flicking through sex “””””workers”””””” feeds find the “video sold” spam extremely annoying at the best of times never mind a wall of 50

No. 1080159

For real it is annoying why doesn’t she turn that autotweet option off
Shaytard sucks at marketing

No. 1080171

tons of other sex “””workers””” do this.since theres a little preview i’m assuming its to draw attention to the video

Im assuming she wants it as proof of attention or something

No. 1080172

sorry you just loooove shatna so much you need every single one of her repetitive, throw away tweets to be catalogued here instead of the interesting stuff. maybe go suck off her weird dangling fupa if you like her so much, instead of getting the thread locked without a link for the 10th time in a row.
i swear 90% of users in the thread are sex workers living out their gossipy high school girl fantasies.

No. 1080180

It's gonna be so funny when she gets it and can barely squeeze her troon fridge body in it. I can't wait.

No. 1080186

Anyone else grossed out when Shayna tries to subtlety swallows her own snot? her nose is always runny for some reason. she does it in almost every video I seen of her it’s fucking gross I’m shocked no one hasn’t mentioned this on here lol

No. 1080189

wtf are you talking about

No. 1080191

File: 1605120628578.png (465.29 KB, 2048x1071, Screenshot_20201111-134944.png)

Shayna that's not something to be proud of. She thinks pedos and racists following her is somehow and accomplishment.

No. 1080200

all i can imagine is her getting in with difficulty, but getting stuck on the way out and there would be nobody help her…

No. 1080205

You sound like a catty sex worker who is too lazy to google “Shayna Clifford 62” on google. Why are you so upset it wasn’t linked to the previous thread? It’s not that difficult. 97% of us in this thread aren’t sex workers we just like to laugh at her ugly fatass

No. 1080207

I always think that too anon. Especially in her blowjob videos.

No. 1080209

I can’t wait to see her barely fit her lard sissy dad bod in her cage kek

No. 1080214

NAYRT but cease your OT sperging. If you're so unbothered why are you still replying? focus on the cow

No. 1080219

Imagine being this excited about getting fake fucked in a dog cage

No. 1080225

Uh…how is a dildo going to fit in between those bars? Let alone back and forth? Does she mean getting fucked with the door open?

Also, the idea of this porn is ….gross. So, she a puppy and some dude is fucking a puppy. And this is….sexy?

No. 1080256

The holes on the cage are pretty large so she can probably thread the machine rod thru and then attach the dildo
I'm more interested on how she's gonna position herself to not look like a Christmas ham for these vids since she'll be in a cage

No. 1080259

File: 1605126296658.jpeg (1.53 MB, 3464x3464, 881F2947-91D6-411C-8380-B89C98…)

I know everyone on this thread is making jokes about how Shay is gonna be too fat to get in the cage but; I looked up the exact cage she took a screenshot of and.. you guys are right, the cage she bough the largest size is a medium 36 inch kennel.

No. 1080260

File: 1605126372740.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, 20FDECD0-A09D-476A-A593-3BA371…)

2/2; I'm guessing noodle is lab mix so even she is gonna be to big for the kennel.

No. 1080269

The constant nose running is from smoking way too much
I hate how consistently knowing drug shit is coming in handy on /snow/ and /pt/ lately, but she literally has to be smoking an insane amount per day to have the constant drainage, only prolific users get it

No. 1080272

Noodle will be fine, she's on the small size and definitely less than 70 lbs. Iirc, Shay "gave" noodle the old kennel which is why she needs a new one (I think Noodle also chewed on it). I don't know why she said she could stick her fuck machine >>1080132
through the bars, they still look pretty narrow…

No. 1080318

Find the most recent video of her just plain talking. I’m sure she will do it at least once and you’ll see what I’m talking about she does it so often you can make a compilation out of it

No. 1080350

Who is her sugar daddy? Womack?

No. 1080352

Explains why she’s so nasally when she talks. I always feel like I need to blow my nose when I hear her talk.

I hope they connect and he’s the new fupa. Would be the best milk ever. It would never happen tho. He’s a maga fag and a porn addict. Shay would lose her mind with how hard he simps for other girls.

No. 1080379

File: 1605137554889.jpeg (677.92 KB, 1242x1272, 0B9FFF1A-25D9-43B5-BBE0-85A7A1…)

No. 1080393

No. 1080394

File: 1605138842672.jpg (Spoiler Image,289.6 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20201111-175404_Twi…)

Very domme

No. 1080395

File: 1605138882375.png (228.49 KB, 750x1334, B826BF83-AA76-47B4-8D1F-6D046A…)

No. 1080396

I almost thought this was an old photo because her hair is washed.

>sent a new dab rig

Womack is def her sugar daddy kek

No. 1080397

Bet. He really only retweets her. Like even her dumb non porn stuff. Hes pretty much her #1 simp rn and she really doesnt care if a guy is a perv. It would make her feel wanted. Just like why she still lets Fupa use and fuck her. If he keeps sucking her asshole and sending money, I think it's relatively possible if the stars align ie Fupa breaks it off again and her lease is running up or this or that and she gets desperate enough. Shes really that dumb and pathetic.

No. 1080400

Exactly but instead of blowing her nose like a normal person she just snorts it up and swallows it it’s fucking gross literally makes me wanna puke every time

No. 1080403

File: 1605139076526.png (2.86 MB, 1334x750, F7408B87-EF43-400A-8646-43AB5B…)

she looks so fucking grimy. i guess she’s just to the point now where her hair even looks dirty and gross when it’s brushed and straightened.
what about an old dirty hoodie and sweatshorts screamed “findom” to her?

No. 1080411

Why couldn't she invest in some sort of leather/pvc get up to actually give off an ounce of domme.

No. 1080423

File: 1605140227179.jpeg (Spoiler Image,721.97 KB, 1242x1345, CDD2C00C-21CB-401C-846C-6750D0…)

She looks like an giant hambeast

No. 1080427

she looks so much better with her hair flat ironed but i bet you she'll have it in those braids, crunchy scrunchie ponytails or those ugly ass wigs soon enough.

No. 1080430

it looks “better” but it doesn’t look good. she needs a trim badly and it’s so greasy for no reason here >>1080423

No. 1080431

This is the best she’s looked recently and she still looks like trailer trash kek

No. 1080433

>this is my only* pair of shorts

No. 1080437

The balls hanging out of her shorts just makes her look like a perverted step dad trying on his step daughter’s clothes

No. 1080438

File: 1605140815134.png (219.85 KB, 750x1334, D99BF9C8-1FA7-4B0B-9802-A53EAD…)

this is going to be such a cringefest

No. 1080442

does she just leave her clothes lying around dirty until she needs them again instead of washing them right after…?

No. 1080445

And we know she dunno how to iron or even own one. Gonna be a shitshow

No. 1080447

already deleted kek

No. 1080470

Lol, obviously no one replied.

No. 1080472

File: 1605142985746.jpg (502.5 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20201112_010236.jpg)

Congrats Shay, it looks like shit.

No. 1080473

Bet she says something like "ruined my clothes in the washer. send $$$ to help replace everything and cover my lost day of work" or some shit.

No. 1080479

I honestly have a feeling she never washes her clothes they always look dirty and she’s too retarded to know how to do her own laundry

No. 1080484

Lol one string of lights, lazily thrown on the tree. And she takes a picture and posts it like it’s something to be proud of.

No. 1080487

it was up for like 4 minutes

No. 1080488

her posting this thinking it looks good just shows how stoned out of her mind she must be right now

No. 1080495

I love all the little nasty bits on the floor that she couldn't bother vacuuming up before posting a pic. And before anyone says it's a nitpik, it looks like the same trash on the floor in >>1077632 4 days ago. She's such a pig

No. 1080515

This is depressing, I’ve seen better decorated Christmas trees in extremely impoverished houses. I guess weed makes anything look amazing.

No. 1080533

funny of you to assume that she has a vacuum, anon.

No. 1080589

She bought a new one quite a few threads back after 6+ months of living at her last apartment without one. Wouldn't surprise me if she threw it out like she does everything else when she moves. Otherwise she'd be making quirky housewife porn with it

No. 1080606

it honestly looks like a bunch of covid viruses stacked on top of each other

really grim

No. 1080615

She really bought 2 ornaments and one string of generic lights on a fake pink tree? That in the empty corner with debris on the carpet is so depressing. She just finally this year got some actual furniture like a couch and tv stand but it just occured to me she has no art or decor on her walls. Literally barren except for a single empty stocking and filthy sex toys in another room. Its bleak. Like other anon said, I've seen more decorations on trees and in the home in poor peoples' houses.

No. 1080617

She didn’t buy it anon she ebegged for it kek she is such a loser. Remember she had a meltdown because someone pretended to buy her entire wishlist? Now she’s not suicidal anymore wow did Fupa come back to the dollhaus uwu

No. 1080620

File: 1605156300961.jpg (274.87 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_20201111-224412_Twi…)

Coming from the bitch who was just throwing a tantrum yesterday about hating her body

No. 1080621

Shayna should just try meth or something. She’s broke we all know this. Weed edibles add up, and meth is cheap. Plus it will make her skinny again. I have a feeling she will turn to meth when nobody buys her content and she gets evicted

No. 1080622

given the state of her ~workspace~ when she lived with fupa i'm going to say yes. the same goes her for the blankets or whatever she's lying on and probably her sex toys. i mean she can't even regularly wash her hair so i don't expect that she treats her clothes any differently.

No. 1080623

this picture absolutely radiates a depressive energy. the combination of the sparsely decorated pepto-bismol tree, singular stocking, dirty carpet, and her overall ugly, beige apartment just makes this so incredibly bleak

No. 1080624

She looks like an English bulldog. Shayna pls.

No. 1080625

On a lot of this stuff (including the stocking) there's no proof that she didnt just buy the shit for herself because shes pathetic and only has a couple retards who like her porn and send her money for interaction and thinking they have a chance. I'm always skeptical lol. Some times I think she tries to e beg for food or items first and if it doesnt work, she buys it herself.

No. 1080635

There are ornaments on that tree?

No. 1080638

meth would be terrible for her weight.
> 7 day meth
> comes down
> eats 10lbs of candy more than usual
> drinks to help an upper come down
Some people who do meth get skinny, most lose a bunch at first, then gain it all back, and remain fatties. She's already got the Tweaker Chic look down though.

No. 1080645

File: 1605160133096.jpeg (Spoiler Image,668.33 KB, 1242x1295, 3C7258A5-4AD2-4BC0-9678-8C006E…)

No. 1080665

So fucking boring.

No. 1080806

What do you mean, anon? You don't consider butt plugs and and gags as wall decor? Kek

No. 1080840

Such a gross fat girl flat ass. Editing the cellulite and pimples off helps, but it’s still easy to tell.

No. 1080933

File: 1605198653936.jpeg (Spoiler Image,730.38 KB, 1242x1351, 9D5D41EE-3F9A-4779-9B93-0B0A36…)

I can smell these pictures barf

No. 1080934

File: 1605198823548.png (375.29 KB, 1242x2208, 8B97393A-917A-41A5-9BD9-9C4439…)


No. 1080938

File: 1605199632903.jpeg (271.08 KB, 1242x715, 67ABBCC5-7B8B-4664-B3AC-8A9778…)

Ass boils

No. 1080939

Musty vagina and greasy hair smells.

No. 1080940

Fast food, grease, shit covered buttplugs.

No. 1080952

Is this fat turd going to do any of the videos she promised?

No. 1080956


No. 1080971

cellulite and a wrinkly pussy

No. 1080991


No. 1080998

Pedo pandering, misogyny, drug addiction

No. 1081006

Uhhh, why aren't her clothes already washed? Is washing clothing something she does so infrequently she feels the need to document when she does? Ew

No. 1081056

File: 1605211551395.jpg (220.77 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201112-140407_Twi…)

She deleted this for some reason

No. 1081060

Ill fitting clothes, fat girl angles and poses, ugly teeth, addiction to weed, pickmeism, shit takes.

No. 1081064

i know anons probably really hate this shit but nothing makes me laugh harder than these outrageous-wtf porn ideas

No. 1081066

I have to agree. I definitely prefer fuck herself with a frying pan and carrot Shayna than pedo pandering and incest Shayna

No. 1081072

>fuck herself with a frying pan
holy fuck i forgot she legitimately did that. that era of shay milk was gold

No. 1081075

im waiting for another 4th of july asshole fireworks type video bc i actually thought that was immensely entertaining

No. 1081089

I know Shay specifically did this but still, sex workers are fucking retarded kek

No. 1081108

Rats, garbage and trailer trash, special needs.

She deletes anything that doesn’t get any replies or retweets. She thinks she’s interesting enough and has a super large following to post shit like this. She would probably get more traction on Facebook groups or something. I don’t get why she does this stuff on her sex work Twitter.

No. 1081129

>turkey color lingerie
Bless you anon this made my day

No. 1081174

I still remember the Easter she shoved plastic eggs up her ass and shat them out. I was surprised they didn’t break but I guess her butthole is pretty lax…

Yeah, plastic eggs up the ass, fucking a frying pan, pissing on a cake beats whatever the fuck we’re calling this era. Her best days are behind her.

No. 1081184

File: 1605226502388.jpeg (656.46 KB, 1242x1726, 98779A13-5C51-4B0C-8B99-6F3A39…)

What a lazy bitch wasn’t she suppose to film today

No. 1081188

why does jason always comment on every uselss post? what if he's a fake account shayna made to amp herself up

No. 1081190

Nah he’s a real person. Why would Shayna send money to her catfish?? He’s just a lonely retard who wants to put his chode in her and he probably has a good chance

No. 1081196

she would never make a sock who commented just as much on other camwhores as on her

No. 1081199

What the hell happened to that video anyway? I don’t think I saw it before it got taken down, shame it wasn’t archived since it’s probably the most outrageous thing shaynut has done in a while.

No. 1081205

Was it not? She shoves the wooden stick part in her asshole then set off the rockets. It's pretty amazing she didn't get hurt.

No. 1081207

Yeah I lurked through the threads I can’t find it. Does any anon have it I want to laugh

No. 1081212

unless someone saved it, it's gone because the person who originally posted the link to it used streamable and they delete nsfw content like instantly
here are the screenshots from the twitter posts though

No. 1081213

Wow it's kind of amazing how different she looks.

No. 1081217

She looked incredibly better (IMO) just a year ago it’s astounding.

No. 1081226

I forgot that she did it while laying on an american flag on the ground on someone else's land. Good lord, Shayna.
God, that's gotta be at LEAST sixty pounds. And counting.

No. 1081229

Don’t forget the candy canes !

No. 1081236

File: 1605233506234.jpeg (639.81 KB, 1242x1263, A35DFAA2-E64B-4758-BAF0-4018A7…)

Oh boy she’s back to reposting her greatest hits. Curious to see if she gets flames for this one.

No. 1081240

>when your peek content involved pissing on a cake

Whew. Honestly I block out most of what shay has done. I also couldn’t handle her rancid puss so I had to stop reading her earlier threads for a bit. It’s no surprise she ended up in Oklahoma fucking a divorced manlette.

No. 1081247

File: 1605234577590.jpeg (684.2 KB, 1242x1290, 34C7F287-FAF3-449B-B81A-C38241…)

Womack is getting ideas shay watch out

Wait a minute I knew shay sat on the cake with her pimply ass but she PISSED ON IT

No. 1081249

File: 1605234991868.jpg (463.93 KB, 1080x1281, Screenshot_20201112-203601_Twi…)

No. 1081250

File: 1605235039646.jpg (126.64 KB, 1080x378, Screenshot_20201112-203617_Twi…)

Another lovely follower

No. 1081252

File: 1605235148607.jpg (343.59 KB, 1080x1220, Screenshot_20201112-203732_Twi…)

No. 1081253


>Sensual John

I cannot even…

No. 1081254

The fact that she picked an old skinny-era picture of Shay, and Shay will be forced to look at it and reminded of it in order to thank her…

No. 1081261

File: 1605236660521.jpg (340.32 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20201113-040254.jpg)

Must resist the urge to not cow tip..

No. 1081264

if you post as a male show will love it.
Post as a woman she will meltdown and say you went too far

No. 1081266

ding ding ding
she's only into humiliation when it's a man doing it

No. 1081276

This is why I honestly believe shay likes these threads. I think it explains why she makes such fucking stupid grotesque porn. I wish so badly her selfposts in her threads over the years would be revealed.

No. 1081286

I also feel like she’s tweeting this as a “reverse psychology” thing in response to us shitting on literally all her porn material ever.
Don’t forget that we make fun of your weight too, Shayna!

No. 1081291

>willing to make this sacrifice
You sacrificed yourself long ago shay.

No. 1081299

File: 1605240550637.jpg (407.43 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201112-220833_Twi…)

Good job sexualizing assault and kidnapping Shay

No. 1081300

File: 1605240592272.jpg (259.6 KB, 1080x1038, Screenshot_20201112-220845_Twi…)

No. 1081302

if she actually liked us shitting on her she would:
1) not dirty delete so many of her tweets
2) openly discuss her threads like so many other narc cows do
she’s lowkey horrified that we exist and point out all her flaws constantly

No. 1081305

>i’m too lazy to clean

No. 1081307

Still amazed at how her simple ass makeup has continually gotten so much worse over the years

No. 1081309

This feels like some kinda catch a Predator shit, saying something dreadful and getting some simp to be like oooh yeah baby.
When's womack going down? I think he's genuinely too retarded to find these threads.

No. 1081315

How else are they going to force drug you, as is your fantasy, if not in that exact way.
Bitch is walking a really dangerous line here. She is disgusting. Guys like that might just take her up on the offer, and she legitimately asked for it. Sage for getting mad online.

No. 1081318

File: 1605242230577.jpeg (204.8 KB, 1242x1181, 19A6C903-8C6D-4F40-BD72-8F01AC…)

Poor shat is losing her king simp to a more successful camwhore(derailing, no1curr)

No. 1081319

Just more proof her claim of rape is a bunch of bullshit. What an edge lord.

No. 1081324

I don't mean to WK or derail. I won't respond to anon after this, but women who have forced/rape fantasies can be, and many times are victims of sexual abuse. Broken people who re-victimize themselves and don't recognize it, or feel like they have some control over it when it is a fantasy.
There are many reasons to disbelieve Shay's past, but her fucked up kinks that she shares with plenty of other fucked up misogynistic uwu BPD girls isn't one of them.

No. 1081329

Thanks for co-signing Shat's bullshit, rapeapologist-chan

No. 1081338

Isn’t this the same excuse women use to sexualize babies and children? Fuck off. Go to therapy like the rest of us.
Shay doesn’t even enjoy sex. She’s just saying shit to sound edgy. She has no kinks and clearly hates her job.

No. 1081347

Rapist thirst traps?

No. 1081359

Nasty. Begone wk camwhore chan, anyone who has read this thread enough knows she’s lying about being raped. Even high school anon witnessed her lying about cheating and saying she was assaulted so she wouldn’t get caught cheating.

No. 1081380

Hey “Savannah Solo” how many times are you going to self post in this thread? It’s getting embarrassing. You’re no better than Shayna, shouldn’t be throwing stones if you live in a glass house.

No. 1081381

savannah solo keeps self posting like we won't notice kek

No. 1081387

Lol glad I’m not the only one who noticed. She’s so similar to Shayna, desperate for attention, unattractive face and body, no engagement but convinced they are famous. She has barely any following, clearly in Womack’s DMs trying to one up Shay lol. Posted ONE MINUTE after he responded. Savannah get out of this thread before you end up with your own.

No. 1081414

Seeing Shay make a Thanksgiving porn as a turkey would be so fitting at this point. With the weight gain she already has the gobbler thing hanging under her chin (aka her double chins she gets laying in different positions). She really gotta label this stuff as parody porn at this point though, there's no way anyone's watching her in a turkey suit sweating, gobbling, and shoving a turkey baster up her ass thinking that's sexy. Also how did she go from "Thanksgiving is a barbaric holiday!" to this is a great idea! In the matter of a year or two? This girl's lack of logic is mind blowing to watch sometimes.

No. 1081425

Not wk or savannah but honestly she is more successful though, she’s got 100K followers and over 5000 only fans subs
I have no idea why she’s self posting but I will say at least she’s somewhat doing sex work right. She’s got a job outside of being a camwhore and I’ll respect her for at least not being useless

No. 1081426

I just cannot believe shoving a turkey baster up her dirty snatch I won’t be the pinnacle of her disgusting ways

No. 1081427

File: 1605263425849.jpeg (Spoiler Image,821.13 KB, 1242x1609, 5AB93B7E-CB4E-4207-B142-4C7461…)

Who the hell brags that an old broke retard from Oklahoma follows your shitty only fans. Never even heard of you. These dumb onlyfans bitches really think they are Mia Khalifia or some shit
Shayna is going to sperg about savannah

No. 1081436


Is there actually any proof that it's a self post or just some other bored whore trying to cause drama?

As hilarious as that would be that she's self posting, there's already a sperg keeping tabs on everything Womack posts, it's probably them rather than a self post.

No. 1081437

File: 1605265503859.jpg (286.33 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20201113_130427.jpg)

Does anyone remember a series on fox called last man on earth? Every time I see Shayna I think of her as the female embodiment of the main character, Phill 'Tandy' Miller. I can't get this out of my head.

No. 1081466

>50 likes on a post
Okay, whore-chan.
Shay really needs to look at PornHub or something, because her ideas are so fucking stupid and unsexy. Men don't want a fantasy of fucking some dumb fat bitch in a kigu. She's probably going to end up blowing air into her snatch and giving herself an embolism.

No. 1081472

You know, she might just luck out one day. It would be a great cosmic joke if Shay ended up coming up with an idea so ridiculous that she went viral like the lemon stealing whores meme.

Just imagine it - Shayna gets to the follower count levels she's always wanted, and it's because millions of middle schoolers dare each other to watch her stuff a baster up her ass while squawking about being a nasty turkey slut…

No. 1081483

Umm if sticking a firecracker up your ads doesn’t do it I don’t think anything will do kek. The only reason she does this is to “”flex”” to other sw but no ones gives a shit about her.

No. 1081498

I think it's possible Shayna will get her wish and go viral but it's going to fuck her over and will probably be more people laughing, roasting and judging her then her gaining true blue fans.
More attention means more criticism, especially if it hits places like reddit or outside of twitter, people won't be friendly.

No. 1081500


Y’know, I never subscribed to the idea that petite, small breasted girls look like adolescent twink boys… but god damn if this bitch hasn’t ALWAYS looked like a rat-faced troon. I guess the difference is most girls have hips or ass to make up for it, OR a feminine, pretty face. Poor Shay really can’t catch a break. Being skinny makes her look like a little sissy twink, and being fat makes her look like someone’s fat 12-year-old boy cousin: her body is just unfortunate no matter what. Maybe she should try something she hasn’t - working out.

No. 1081501

It'll be like the girl who sucked blood out of her tampon. No one knows her name, no one really remembers her face or thinks about her anymore, it's just an "oh god, remember that gross bitch? I can't believe she did that." Shayna won't be a name, she'll be "that [stupid thing] girl".

Are you new or just stupid kek

No. 1081504

omg now i can't stop laughing - this is actually spot on!

No. 1081511

Shayna is just as “successful” as you. I see you pay bloggers to write posts about how you “went viral” when you have barely any followers and nobody has ever heard of you. Clearly it’s not working if you have to come to lolcow to sperg about yourself! Imagine if your friends found out you come to a thread to talk about another camwhore all because you were so desperate for attention Savannah Solo

No. 1081516

This is not the first time she has posted about herself. The first time she did it farmers called her out and yet she is back. Ask yourself- what are the odds Womack would come across this girl who has already mentioned herself here in an endless sea of camwhores? She posted his tweet immediately, and like her other posts has no idea how to integrate. And then ran back to wk herself twice. It’s obvious.

No. 1081518

I really thought this could have happened back in the firework saga lol. It’s the kind of fame she truly wants.

No. 1081526

Shut the fuck up

No. 1081534

every time someone says ‘look at this more successful sex worker’ it reeks of self posting. you’re all bottom of the barrel, ladies.

No. 1081542

Imagine “stealing” a low IQ simp from a retarded, unsuccessful fat sex worker and coming here to brag about it and self post about muh 100k followers. You’re all the same. You think you’re better than shay, but you’re literally on the same league.

I’d bet any of the anons here could slide into Womack’s DMs and he would simp for us. But congrats on your success kek

No. 1081552

it’s hilarious how savannah solo is in here nitpicking shaytard when she’s equally fat, and quite frankly uglier. she’s not here for milk, shes here because shes actually jealous of the cow. i can’t imagine anything more pathetic than that, and i’ve been following shay’s threads for years lmao

No. 1081553

File: 1605286243878.jpg (35.73 KB, 720x353, 20201113_084501.jpg)

I hate that she does this instead of working or doing anything at all and it's even worse that there will be retarded enablers who send her the money. So she can take another day off but somehow still make money. It's disgusting. Can she really keep scraping by like this into her late 20s? Its gotta stop by then, right? Surely it only gets worse and there will come a point when she will only have 100 or so subs or OF gets nuked anyway. She wont have enough simps to get by. I'm really not jealous because her life is nasty and bleak, but it's annoying that she's still able to do shit like this.

No. 1081555

idk about that one chief, she at least has actual tits and a semblance of an ass.

But let's all stop sperging about other sex workers in the shat thread.

I think there's still a sex worker's general on snow if you wanna go bitch about other people.

No. 1081558

For $300 you get to watch a clip of her getting fucked by her fuck machine. What a deal. I’m sure it’s totally different than the other FREE clips of the same exact thing she has on her Twitter.

No. 1081560

i would love to get back to my regularly scheduled shayna milk but you keep shitting up the thread with your transparent self posting/wk-ing

No. 1081561

She’ll probably reach her goal because it’s low and her simps seem to have been paying her for no reason lately, but I doubt she’ll actually post the clip unless it’s pre-filmed. She’s so lazy.
I don’t believe she’s actually interested in any of these things either. They’re just easy money and get her a lot of attention…or would if she was attractive and any good at her job. That degenerate shit is popular. She’s blatantly said that she’s not even that interested in sex or BDSM for the pleasure, but for the attention. Pathetic.

No. 1081563

Shut the fuck up and stop responding to it already then you retard oh my god I’m sick of seeing you people talk about whoever this bitch is

No. 1081565

i wonder if she has any simps besides womack and grayhairolddude sending her money, it seems like a lot of tips to just be coming from two people

No. 1081566

No. 1081567

File: 1605287120670.png (65.33 KB, 719x282, airbrush.png)

No. 1081568

not even the anon you've been arguing with the whole time but smdftb, bitch.

Someone tells you let's all stfu and you jump down their throat, just stfu and let's get back to laughing at this fat dumb bitch as she continues her downward spiral in life.

No. 1081570

It's either pre filmed or will be just that: a short less than a min clip. Even for Shayna it's not that hard to stumble over and turn on the machine and let it pump in her dry cunt or asshole a few times.
But yeah, when you put it in perspective $300 goal is a lot for a clip when you could just spend 3 bucks on OF, scroll through Twitter for free, and/or watch her vid previews for more content.

Theres a few randos every time. I think she has 3-5 max steady simps, then theres always a few incels with money that probably browse twitter porn and send some cash to whoever got their dick hard that day. Something like that. You get the idea. Just pornsick dudes that spend money on sex workers.

No. 1081577

And a gunt to match

No. 1081579

Look rape/pedo apologist-chan, even with this being true for many women or victims of such violence, Shayna was never one of them. She’s lied about any abuse or rape that she’s claimed. She does what she does because she is disgusting, lazy, and money hungry.
Go to therapy like the rest of us instead of continuing these cycles of “””consensual””” sexual violence.

No. 1081585

This bitch is like Shayna and Lillee Jean had a calf. I bet she’ll have her own thread by the end of the year

No. 1081586

File: 1605288722351.jpg (531.79 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201113-113206_Twi…)

No. 1081593

savannah make your own fucking thread and get out of this one, no one gives a shit.

has shayna given an update on turkey costume? i bet she got it but didn’t fit when she tried on so she’s pretending it never happened

No. 1081602

File: 1605290321745.png (Spoiler Image,348.02 KB, 590x595, 2020-11-13 12_58_19-Window.png)

why though

No. 1081616

Because she’s fatter now? Idk kek. She looks better in dark hair and that navy blue, though, so can’t wait for this ugly washed out mess of the same video but worse.

No. 1081617

A creative genius.

Yikes she's gonna wreck her holes just going straight for that monster.

No. 1081618

File: 1605291686543.jpg (Spoiler Image,225.75 KB, 1566x2048, IMG_20201113_182016.jpg)

Forgot the picture.

No. 1081625

for the love of god i hope she actually uses lube this time, she's gonna regret it so bad if she doesn't

No. 1081628

File: 1605293014187.jpg (510.64 KB, 1080x1219, Screenshot_20201113-124312_Twi…)

1. You have no friends Shay

2. No shit you don't look like that. That's heavily filtered and photoshopped

No. 1081632

KEK the bruise to her ego if this story is even true, I'm dying anons. She doesn't even look good in those pictures.

God, why?

No. 1081633

am I just retarded or does that not even look like a dildo..looks like it would hurt. not that shay would care since she has 0 feeling down there anymore.

No. 1081637

Can you please stop self posting

No. 1081641

Well it's just fetish shit. I can't imagine anyone casually having a tentacle dildo they use to masturbate at home not on camera kek.

No. 1081646

this is the shayna thread, where anything is a dildo if Gapey Mattel makes it so

No. 1081648

I know, I doubt she was ever raped. I literally was just agreeing some girls get rape fantasy to feel control of their trauma. Don’t assume shit

No. 1081654

>$300 for a video of Shayna and fuck machine
>videos available for $6.99 or less on manyvids
What a retard

No. 1081688

File: 1605299755880.jpg (394.09 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20201113-143550_Twi…)

Cause you don't take care of her and she has to put up with you

No. 1081689

File: 1605299800326.jpg (211.32 KB, 1079x812, Screenshot_20201113-143636_Twi…)

Says the girl who has tried numerous times to be a domme and released domme type videos

No. 1081690

File: 1605299856356.jpg (450.96 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20201113-143732_Twi…)

No. 1081692

God she is brain dead and has 0 vocabulary recall

No. 1081702

I don't know why her simps keep throwing money at her when this is what she spends it on. Scammy Mattel back at it as usual.

No. 1081711

Bro what a nitpick. Would you prefer her to say earbuds? They’re practically interchangeable like backpack or book bag

No. 1081727

She really dirty deleted this? Lmao

No. 1081745

I really don't want to watch Shayna rip open her axe wound vagina trying to shove this in with no lube. The sounds she's going to make…what a nightmare.

No. 1081759

File: 1605306342171.jpeg (364.01 KB, 750x672, 49F651BA-FBDE-4B8D-80FB-0B495A…)

why on earth is she wearing the knockoff airpods with this??
also, sorry folks, looks like the awful clip in ponytails are here to stay a while.

No. 1081761

File: 1605306496832.jpg (185.3 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20201113-162756_Twi…)

Yeah, it's obvious how bone dry you are in every video Shay

No. 1081764

She looks genuinely retarded in the first pic….. is anyone gonna tell her that’s a school girl costume not a sailor costume

No. 1081767

I think she's referencing Dead Poets' Society

No. 1081783

Anons should just report and move on

No. 1081785

No, I think she’s just retarded. That wouldn’t make sense either, plus the little squid emoji says “sea faring” or whatever to me on top of the tentacle dildo.

No. 1081790

what? she said she's remaking a video she already did that was literally called "sailor girl rides the kraken" >>1081602

No. 1081800

Jap school uniforms are called sailor fukus, she probably just read the amazon listing as "sailor uniform" and went with it

No. 1081807

File: 1605309922998.jpg (299.65 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20201113-172522_Twi…)

She lurked

No. 1081809

Is she still convinced this is a sexy sailor outfit? It's literally a Japanese schoolgirl outfit. Retard.

No. 1081812

I mean, it is unfortunately seen as sexy because the internet is full of degenerates and her and people like her fuel it.

No. 1081813

File: 1605310150708.png (Spoiler Image,2.11 MB, 2048x1761, Screenshot_20201113-182826.png)

You can physically see her trying desperately to suck in that gut. Close your mouth Shayna, ffs.

No. 1081823

besides the too small shirt, she looks decent tbh. I'm getting sick of the crazy eye shit, she looks more retarded then most girls who do it.

No. 1081828

i don't understand why she even pretends to be into humiliation, she wants to be worshiped as the princess she thinks she is for absolutely nothing in her deeply flawed personality. if she was actually into it she'd love this place existing.
when she said before she doesn't like being sexual i assumed she was asexual and was just forcing this upon herself like anything else, but now i think she is just too emotionally fucked and not matured enough to know what she likes.

i honestly can't tell if that's plastic (and i wouldn't be surprised if her bitch ass bought a plastic replica of this sculpt) or body safe silicone, but otherwise if you buy it in the correct size and use lube i see no issue with it being good.

british anons about to come in to correct you that it's rucksack or some shit.

No. 1081829

i give her one complement, then I scroll down to see the dry ass poorly installed tangled drawstring ponytails, the busted "grabbing my panties" insta-thot pose and the, "i have to fart" face.
How hard is it to go on youtube and learn how to install the hair right and know that the cheap ass hair always looks like shit after a few uses?

No. 1081836

File: 1605312206855.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3464x3464, 722421B5-BD83-4E3B-8DCE-BA141D…)

Her Snapchat story posts

No. 1081840

File: 1605312617672.jpg (165.57 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20201114-000812_Twi…)

Wow I'm so shocked she's bailing again… Not.

No. 1081841

it would physically kill her to touch a toothbrush to her yellow rat teeth, wouldn't it?

No. 1081843

Controversial opinion- these ponytails are the best her hair has looked in a year or two. I don’t know why she won’t just take care of her real hair though, it used to be really pretty and unique when it was curly and blonde. If she washed it and combed it regularly she wouldn’t have to buy fake hair to cover her rats nest

No. 1081848

there‘s literally a big brown line between her teeth and her gums which you can see in the middle pic despite the fact that it is filtered to hell and back… those teeth haven‘t been brushed in a long ass time

No. 1081857

File: 1605313916355.png (Spoiler Image,7.64 MB, 1242x2208, 53315398-A08F-4A47-AC0F-5FCAB7…)


No. 1081859

jesus this is unflattering

No. 1081861

File: 1605314025527.png (Spoiler Image,7.87 MB, 1242x2208, 723B896F-C88D-45EB-9354-9746C6…)

No. 1081863

Yet another simple thing she refuses to do that could greatly improve her appearance. Her level of neglect for caring for herself has reached an all time low and is constantly getting worse

No. 1081866

her boobs looked much better and more proportionate when she was thin. now they are sagging and don’t stand out, she just kind of looks like a chubby blob

No. 1081867

she’s over 3 years late to the belle delphine thing. i don’t know how she stays so far behind on trends when she’s constantly online

No. 1081870

Looking at this picture makes me feel like I’m looking at a fat boy in drag.

No. 1081872

Anon, she lives in Tulsa Oklahoma what do you expect

No. 1081873

her insane sugar habit + lack of hygiene + alcoholism is going to leave her sans a few teeth by 30 unless she makes some drastic changes

No. 1081875

File: 1605316025044.png (39.54 KB, 702x272, discord1.PNG)

From discord, the probable reason she's not doing the shoot is she's too fat for her school girl outfit.

No. 1081884

Taylor R is a big size in China Shayna ofc you are.

No. 1081889

File: 1605317382007.jpg (353.15 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20201113-192913_Twi…)

On discord, it was the outfit. One twitter, it was the dildo

No. 1081890

File: 1605317418258.jpg (483.99 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20201113-192924_Twi…)


No. 1081891

File: 1605317442504.jpg (Spoiler Image,589.63 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201113-193034_Twi…)

OF anon, come through

No. 1081892

Jfc if this girl could just do the bare minimum and correct her posture and push her fucking shoulders back her man boobs would look 10x better

No. 1081895

she really tries to inject the “my pussy is fat” thing in anywhere she can. why the fuck would that have anything to do with a side view of something going in your ass?

No. 1081896

File: 1605318076816.jpeg (471.04 KB, 1242x858, EABBA135-5025-4304-8656-7B6BF6…)

Why does this fat bitch tweet the most unnecessary things?? Like I get she doesn’t have friends but cmon I get second hand embarrassment when she tries to have a convo with her followers and nobody cares enough to comment. Also why is she talking about AHS1984 ? That season already happened last year?? She’s late to everything lmaoo

No. 1081898

This is proof that she tries everything for the first time on camera, and that her super well thought out and planned videos is a bunch of bullshit. She thinks up the title the day before, then turns on the camera and wings it. It's why her dialogue, posing, everything is always shit. Way to out yourself retard.

No. 1081899

It's horrifying how dry she is

No. 1081903

edgy shayna > failed bimbo shayna
still fat tho

No. 1081906

What I don’t understand is why she was not riding the dildo to begin with when riding is in the title of the video. She truly is only capable of laying on her back I guess.

No. 1081911

Kek, she was 100% trying to flex those fucking air pods and then got embarrassed when we called her out.

No. 1081920

File: 1605320709625.png (623.67 KB, 750x1334, 16A2318D-562A-4B97-8537-D5B9B2…)

>i model

No. 1081922

File: 1605320855149.jpg (90.41 KB, 1500x607, 61v8CQIQZiL._AC_UL1500_.jpg)

So I'm guessing this is what she got and the sizing she's referring to. (Off Amazon of course) kek look at the suggested weight for the Asian L. I'm surprised she even got in it.

No. 1081925

Why the heck did she get an American medium/ Asian large? She’s at least 2x in Asian size. She’s not a medium ….

No. 1081929

She's more worried about an old lady then a creepy men, who'd endlessly try to hit on her and god knows what else?

She stays telling us how much she hates women.

No. 1081940

God her tits look awful in this top. If your tits arent small and/or perky, it's hard to pull off the no bra thing. Especially in tops with no support. Shes mashing them down into her fridge torso and they just arent sitting in the top properly, making them look extra saggy.

No. 1081948

What even are these excuses? So like, ride it? She has vids of her doing cowgirl for anal. What does she mean she's gonna do that next time? So she just went with the same unflattering, boring, stupid angle and fucking she always does. Thrilling. Totally worth buying the outfit and dildo to re-do a vid she already did this year. How can someone be so shit and yet still get by lol

No. 1081951

File: 1605323368841.jpeg (89.35 KB, 750x475, AAAFC190-578D-4789-A559-9C3AB6…)

Did the first tweet not get enough attention? She deleted it to post the longer one about the same fucking thing.

No. 1081956

She did delete one. She really tried hard on that tweet. Had to make multiple drafts,had to really make sure it was most likely to get those sweet, sweet 4 likes.

Why she look as inbred as Jason Womack?

No. 1081962

Shes at least a 4x based on that size chart. She just really can't admit it to herself. She wouldn't be a 4x american by any means, but she's def not a L in american sizing either. Dunno why she deludes herself like this.

No. 1081963

File: 1605324618388.jpg (146.44 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20201114-032931_Twi…)

Lmao, both gone now along with womack's replies.

This retard sends me under

No. 1081966

File: 1605324726405.png (1.12 MB, 1428x2048, Screenshot_20201113-223120.png)

5 minutes later: "send me money so I can get candy and snacks from the store and engorge myself!!!"

No. 1081967

File: 1605324993381.jpeg (225.94 KB, 1232x1274, 4C206D0A-44FD-48BE-ACA7-0C07C9…)


No. 1081969

I understand. Going from thin to fat is strange especially at such a fast pace and by all her many tweets we know she doesn't think fat people can be attractive. She will be clinging to "at least I'm not thiiis fat" but in no time it will be the case.
She wants to cling to smaller clothing sizes to prove to her own head that she can't be that fat if she's fitting in size s/m/whatever despite how uncomfortably tight it may be.

Accepting her weight gain and buying clothes her actual size would be much better for her head and noncy viewers. Own being a chunk or work to lose weight, that's the only way it's gonna work.

No. 1081970

In the end no one saw it cos she was incapable and thought she could just shove a giant dildo in without practicing stretching building up to bigger things.

I imagine her asshole bleeds every time she puts something in there.

No. 1081971

File: 1605325296590.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 3464x3464, 901710DB-4902-4FD7-B087-B5B7B2…)

Can’t wait to see her fit her fat lard self in that cage. Kek if Shayna keeps doordashing candy she’ll be this orbiters size

No. 1081974

File: 1605325847627.jpg (179.94 KB, 1080x1154, Screenshot_20201114-034701_Twi…)

Who the fuck is she moaning about now? (If anyone)

No. 1081976

What happened to "before posting something think: is someone's dick getting hard at this"?

No. 1081978

I remember an old tweet (or Tumblr post) where she talked about making one of her first anal vids where she uses the 3 butt plugs. And she said her ass was bleeding and she was crying so much she had to reshoot the vid like 3 times. She said it like it was something she was really proud of, like she worked to "get through it" or some shit.

I don't think she actually knows the first thing about anal training.

No. 1081982

File: 1605326444905.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1307x2048, Screenshot_20201113-225855.png)

Could be this (1/2)

Repost forgot to spoiler

No. 1081983

File: 1605326475648.png (643.71 KB, 2048x1159, Screenshot_20201113-225911.png)

No. 1081990

I get Shayna is a hypocritical bitch but how is she hurting minorities?? By doing a hentai o face?

No. 1081996

Some Asian cultures see Ahegao as racist

No. 1082004

I am sure the Ahegaoian community is crushed by her actions

No. 1082008

I remember some fat & very ugly SE Asian SW getting pissed at Shayna earlier this year over ahegao, like only Asian women are allowed to do it even though it came from cartoons. She was a cow in her own right, maybe four or five threads back this happened.

No. 1082010

File: 1605328448271.jpeg (951.54 KB, 1242x1601, D8B7C05E-60E1-4900-994F-8B092D…)

they are shading Shayna. Kek. Mutual aid is retarded though how hard is it to get Simps to buy your shit???? Ahegao is culture appropriation according to these twitfags which makes no sense . So all of Japanese culture is defined by pornography…..

No. 1082017

I think it’s so fuckin weird that she supposedly loves being a sex worker yet clearly doesn’t pleasure herself for fun, ever. She just goes for whatever fetishy/painful thing she thinks men will like but she never seems to enjoy any of it, it’s just a big chore for her. Like how do you manage to suck the fun out of the most basic thing. It’s depressing.

No. 1082023

File: 1605330681555.jpg (724.75 KB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_20201113-223042_Twi…)

This is something I found on twitter

No. 1082025

That was found to be debunked or no evidence to back up on it?? I literally don’t think that’s true. Not to wk fucking ahegao but can’t this be said about all porn? And sex work ???

No. 1082031

>found on twitter

there’s your problem

No. 1082042

It's a facial expression, retard.

No. 1082049

Now you're just being dramatic

No. 1082050

Had to check but Netflix finally has Season 9… a year after it being "new" of course. But the show's imagecard shows the "New episodes" label because of it. Shayna's an idiot for calling it a new season because of this. Like, she realizes it's not a Netflix exclusive show, right…?
It's especially stupid because if not for covid, an actual new season would have started about 2 months ago. That's how behind she is.

Why would she be in an old lady's car? Why is this the first concern she thinks of?

No. 1082051

Excessive drinking and recreational drug use without letting herself come back down, inconsistent usage of prescribed stabilizers, going over-the-top with her "porn" with max-power vibrators pressed so hard directly against her clit that she's probably rattling her whole pelvis, engaging in sexual activity when her brain is actively rejecting it, "bliss-point" junk foods. She takes everything that's normally pleasurable in moderation too far. She's probably basically fried her whole reward system.

No. 1082053

She would automatically look so much better if she would just correct her posture a little bit wtf

No. 1082054

I think she means like an Uber. Which is even stranger, because I'd be worried about creepy dudes assaulting me, not the off chance that some old lady would clutch her pearls and kick me out of the car.

No. 1082085

''a friend at the dog park'' lmao imagine showing your rancid porn to some poor random person at a fucking dog park

These could just as well be tweeted @ her. This flabby, greasy mouth breather really has no fucking place to talk.

Also, why would she casually just tell an Uber driver (or anyone) what she does for a living? Literally no-one wants to know.

No. 1082109

Honestly it'd be less embarrassing for Shayna to admit she does sex work than say she's a model.
Like imagine meeting Shayna and making small talk, you ask what she does & she goes, "i'm a model" I'd side eye that more than her saying she did sex work because she does not look, dress or act like she could be a model for anything.I'd ask what kind because…her body isn't impressive, her face, she does not have a unique style or anything.
I wouldn't look at Shayna and think she made money based on her body at all.
It's also very telling that she talks about how people were more open where shes from, yet she brings up a uber driver??
It makes me feel like thats the only human contact she has outside of Fupa & because of that she wants to talk to them.
Most people who do sex work say they "model" or something like that anyway.
Why would she want to talk about sex work with a random "boomer" old lady?
And does she think a male would be better?

No. 1082123

Kek imagine what went through that lady's mind. Either this fat bitch is delusional or if the modelling industry doesnt even care for a pretty face anymore

No. 1082143

oh my god she’s so fucking stupid, she must know she’s not 99-115 pounds right?

No. 1082197

File: 1605372929257.jpeg (748.93 KB, 1242x1438, 2DEC1C3E-B3F4-4439-BB83-625524…)

Of course you don’t mind about lockdowns you have no job, no friends or a life outside of posting nudes. I know damn well if Fupa asked her on a date she wouldn’t hesitate

You didn’t see anyone say anything you saw a tweet through your phone. You don’t leave your house

No. 1082211

What is the chance that Jason Womack is her replacement Fupa and they're actually fucking irl? I recall an anon saying that Womack lives in Tulsa but idk if that's actually true.

No. 1082212

Zero chance. As funny as it would be, Shayna isn’t interested in any guy who isn’t going to bring her some kind of internet clout. Womack is disgusting and weird even by her standards. I’m sure it embarrasses her that he’s all over her twitter, but she needs his money so she can’t block him

No. 1082213

He follows other swers and simps for them. Shayna would never be able to control her jealousy like that.

No. 1082214

Spot on anon, she doesn’t care because it doesn’t affect her at all. She sounds like an idiot because she’s the one who is only thinking of herself. There are people who actually work jobs and realize it’s not a sound financial decision to order doordash for every meal.

No. 1082217

I don’t think she wants anything to do with Womack regardless, but Shayna is a cuck. It came out a while back that Fupa is always talking to other girls. If he wasn’t ugly and fat he probably would have cheated on her and left already. She always has a twitter meltdown but still won’t leave him.

No. 1082219

File: 1605376255246.jpeg (397.3 KB, 1242x1094, CDA9576B-5C4F-4A15-BCBA-27C47C…)

Could this bitch be anymore transparent? She got flamed for the mutual aid thing (which is dumb IMO but that’s whatever) and immediately posts this lol

No. 1082220

>A couple of dollars

Jesus Christ Shay, even a homeless person could spare that.

No. 1082221

$5? wow such a philanthropist

No. 1082222

SLK out here saving the world.

No. 1082223

$5? You gonna buy these bitches a happy meal?

No. 1082229

well didn't shayna say once that some guy sending her like $50 was "Draining his wallet" or some shit?She freaks out over all tips she gets even though it's been years.

No. 1082231

FIVE DOLLARS???? Don’t bother at this point you cheap bitch. I have no respect for sw but even this is extra disrespectful

No. 1082235

File: 1605377905741.jpeg (553.33 KB, 1242x1099, D486B39E-CF92-47FF-ADED-FBA1F2…)

Maybe just give money privately then, shat. They are calling it performative because it is. You are literally wanting asspats for giving out pocket change.

No. 1082237

lmao annnd already deleted

No. 1082240

File: 1605378384551.jpeg (226.41 KB, 1242x663, CF1D60D8-2456-40F0-9E16-FF8168…)

WOW a WHOLE 5 dollars! Shayna Luther King at it again.
(Poor edit sorry I’m on my phone)

No. 1082249

She doesn't even understand what performative activism means. It's literally virtue signaling and telling everyone "look what I did, give me praise for being so woke and helpful to my community! Please notice me and praise me!!!" You can donate privately and not say anything, just because you're not getting attention and praise for it doesn't mean it's not helpful. Shes only doing it for asspats and sympathy so when she fucks up again people can say "well look what she did this one time, doesn't that make her a good person?"

No. 1082253

File: 1605380254315.jpeg (113.44 KB, 640x802, 2CDDFBD4-5468-4BF1-8643-1EB066…)

Tweeted and deleted. If she didn’t gorge herself on her last edible haul she could actually have some left over. Not that candy is very healthy when you’re sick.

No. 1082256

nauseous from not smoking? what the fuck is wrong with this bitch?
as someone that's smoked heavily daily and stopped cold turkey multiple times, that is not normal.

No. 1082260

Exactly. When she was thin, she could get away with not wearing a bra cause her tits were small and more perky. But…they ain't perky no more, sis kek

No. 1082262

There are edibles for everything. She could just get edible orange juice. I hope her teeth rot out because of all the candy.

No. 1082263

Yes it is, it just depends on the person. Some people get constantly sweaty hands for a few month, some people get nauseous, some people lose their appetite, and some people get no effects of withdraw

No. 1082265

>sweaty hands for a few months
why would it last months

No. 1082271

Drivers engage in small talk, "What do you do?" is the most basic question asked. They're trying to get a tip, of course they'll try to chat. I'm sure they regret it once Shay starts talking though.

No. 1082275

Weed isn’t the worst thing for you but the way she smokes is eventually going to lead to some consequences, aside from the financial ones she already has. Her lungs are in such bad shape a smoking-induced asthma attack could kill her. People with healthy lungs have coughing fits/ can’t breathe for a minute after taking a dab, it’s pretty scary to think of her hitting dabs back to back. NOBODY does that except for her.

No. 1082277


try google anon. weed is substance that is entering your body. it can have physically traced and effects on your body for 90 days or more (not saying its anything close to withdrawal from say heroin, but its real). not to mention its highly mentally addictive (the dependence on it) and we all know how anxiety can physically effect someone - same thing. most chronic users have three horrible days immediately after smoking (nausea/not able to eat, insomnia, night sweats, etc) and then symptoms slowly get less and less as time goes on. manifests differently for everyone.

No. 1082278

Some heavy smokers do experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches, insomnia, and nausea but it's usually mild. Some people don't, I'm not sure why.

No. 1082280

She also takes her dabs EXTREMELY hot and doesn't wait for the nail to cool down because she's an idiot. Shes probably hacking so hard after dabbing that she throws up.

No. 1082304

File: 1605387221036.jpg (225.92 KB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_20201114-205047_Twi…)

Another dirty delete.

That's not spoilt, just god damn stupid and potentially dangerous for the animals

No. 1082307

File: 1605387521192.jpeg (1.06 MB, 4096x2151, D623AB82-3711-463E-BCCB-3E2A61…)

No. 1082311

did she just admit to feeding her animals spoiled fish

No. 1082321

Her Corona Box is almost done.
Seriously, after finding out the boyfriend had Corona I would NOT want to go through with this.

No. 1082325

Not to WK but I doubt the fish was spoiled in a day, Shay is just a voracious pig who probably just wanted "fresh" sushi to satiate her daily sushi lust kek. She's a dumbass for feeding it to her pets though either way.

I still don't understand how a SW makes average money and blows it ALL on weed, sushi and immediately gratifying purchases. I cant imagine she has a lot of savings. Sushi isn't cheap and she doesn't even drive to go get it she spends the 15 dollar delivery fee + tip every time. Its grossly wasteful but I guesses it matches her new hammy mattel branding kek. Pure unadulterated gluttony wrapped in a neon pink sausage casing dress.

No. 1082327

she has zero savings hence her saying she had “$2 to her name” when she couldn’t get her onlyfans withdrawal immediately last month

No. 1082329

File: 1605389946672.jpeg (407.55 KB, 1242x1184, 274ECA94-A489-409D-8ABC-FCBC5B…)

How irresponsible she can’t even afford an Uber ride but wants another pet?!!!?

No. 1082338

A literal county shelter would be a better place for noodle

No. 1082341

>so they can keep each other entertained

Thats literally not how dogs work. Is she actually that stupid? If by "keeping each other entertained" she means "play" fighting by themselves then sure they definitely will and also destroy her entire house because they're constantly battling to be pack leader (because that's how dogs fucking work) while Shay sits on her fat ass and trains neither. Does she really think two dogs at a dog park would be easier than one?? Dogs don't fucking train each other moron.

No. 1082351

Also her cat hates Noodle and presumably all dogs, so just fuck Rib right?

No. 1082359

Jesus, please don’t. If you’re lonely go home moron. Her animals are already super stressed. Adding another dog (or animal) is such a terrible idea.

No. 1082363

I seriously hope the animals violently shit all over her apartment just from feeding them expired food

No. 1082381

File: 1605393754169.jpg (459.92 KB, 1200x627, pets.jpg)

Ugh, I can only imagine

No. 1082400

File: 1605394725393.jpeg (469.44 KB, 1242x890, 3DF2490A-72BB-43A7-9731-C1CC0D…)

No. 1082405

I think she's just lazy af. Her last live last yr noodle clearly was desperate for attention and wanted to play. I don't think she walks her even once daily and I don't think she plays with her much if at all either. Just like rib who she basically completely ignores (when your cat goes missing in a cabinet for 3 days and you don't even notice). The only pet she's capable of having is a pet rock

No. 1082408

File: 1605395714396.jpeg (235.36 KB, 1242x661, FDB25543-0D81-45C6-89D8-E6F8E3…)

Trash I know but kek

No. 1082410

Beautifully done, anon.

No. 1082416

more like your goals in life conflict with your income

No. 1082428

She wants cows and chickens? Is she completely unaware what it entails to have a farm and farm animals? She showers and washes her hair once a month. What makes her think her goals are even achievable with her laziness?

Living and working in LA is achievable within the porn industry but she’s fat and gross now.

No. 1082449

File: 1605398838705.png (1.4 MB, 1242x2208, 47C72689-15E4-4C93-B92E-2E7555…)

>Spends 100 for self
>Gives away $5 to a sex worker
>Wants asspats

No. 1082455

Not to WK but dogs can eat spoiled meat without it affecting their systems. Their stomach bacteria/acidity breaks down any potential germs, assuming the fish isn't riddled with living parasites. Dogs bury and unbury meat as an instinct. If her dog has a sensitive stomach, that's another story. But I recall her letting Noodle eat a bunch of shit and not posting a dozen tweets about dog shit/vomit all over her stye, kek

No. 1082460

File: 1605399619396.jpg (210.76 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20201114-182022_Twi…)

Puppy holes make this so bad

No. 1082466

It’s it me or does it seem like she’s having one of her mental breakdowns again she’s being extra lately

No. 1082467

Puppy holes?? She’s making pet play sound like straight up beastiality

No. 1082472

I was more concerned about what other ingredients may be in that sushi. Also how much she gave them since she's a fat fuck who buys way too much.

No. 1082510

Whenever she talks about her actual father, the next post is about daddy-daughter-porn. When she posts about Ribmeat, she makes catgirl porn. She talked about getting another dog, and now she's making puppy porn. It's like she's looking around a room desperately trying to figure out what to make porn of. Carrot porn? Gamer chair porn? Turkey porn?

No. 1082511

Like it's not bad enough already, she has to make the dog fucking seem non-consensual

No. 1082515

lord he really thinks he has a chance

No. 1082520

She will literally wear these once, maybe twice and we will never see them again.

No. 1082526

File: 1605405798237.jpeg (358.42 KB, 1242x1257, 0B78FBDF-9EA6-4D6E-BEF8-F25BA8…)

No. 1082531

yeah sushi rice usually has rice vinegar in it which apparently can cause stomach upset. Not sure what type of sushi she orders but unless is was just plain fish (doubtful) that's also my concern. Not surprising coming from her though

No. 1082543

She just posted a video and it sounds like she doesn’t know how lock a window

No. 1082545

File: 1605407803521.jpg (347.2 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20201114-203637_Twi…)

On today's episode of "what didn't happen"

No. 1082548

File: 1605408141369.jpeg (799.42 KB, 1242x1297, 224E816D-EBC9-4335-B4F0-3C638D…)

Is she a fucking retard? White claws are just flavored mineral water that has been spiked. Mineral water isn’t colored. I bet her body is crying for water. Fat lazy drunk slob

No. 1082549

File: 1605408156144.jpeg (227.83 KB, 1040x1312, FD4B200F-26B8-4CE4-A498-CBA4BC…)


Hmm, Shayna, do you think Coca Cola wants the best for their peers and everybody just can hug it out and be nice to each other? oh, wait…

This twat really can’t ever settle on a solid stance. Whatever suits her own selfish baby bitch needs is what she spews out of her mouth.

(Also, just noticed her analogy is stupid because Mr. Pibb is OWNED by Coke.)

No. 1082553

She’s been all over the place lately I’m still laughing at her $5 donations

No. 1082556

She constantly contradicts herself. She probably meant RC Cola or Shasta Cola. Either way I don’t know why she’s comparing herself to Coke and saying other sex workers are beneath her, when they all do the same shit and cry/beg for money because they make it their entire income which is retarded

No. 1082558

File: 1605408593170.jpeg (231.27 KB, 1242x463, 940FAD53-934B-4587-BF09-33B9F6…)

Nobody knows who you are you narcissistic asshole. I hate how she thinks she’s famous when in reality she’s a nobody

No. 1082560

Hey don’t call he a asshole. Sure she’s an asshole but she provides some of the best entertainment out there. I mean I personally never laughed so much

No. 1082561

File: 1605408686214.jpeg (470.55 KB, 1242x1401, D823C69C-9AA8-4C01-A657-3150A5…)

Shaytard only threatens to move because she wants Fupa’s attention. Is she even bipolar?! Not to med fag but she doesn’t seem bipolar she’s too lazy to be manic.

No. 1082562

Why the wk? I like laughing at her but it boils my blood how she thinks she’s hot and better than other women

No. 1082563

I was being sarcastic. This bitch is the definition of asshole lol

No. 1082564

nah she pretended to go to a psych and get diagnosed with bipolar and bpd but i am still not convinced it was a real diagnosis or that she is actively prescribed meds for it

No. 1082565

My bad anon. Yeah she is. Usually I don’t get this upset but man she’s been annoying lately. She hasn’t been making horror retard porn so she’s just been tweeting bitchy shit that annoys the ever living fuck outta me kek

No. 1082566

No she’s not bi polar she’s just one of many idiots brainwashed by tumblr there’s a documentary about it I forgot what’s it called but she’s faking

No. 1082593

the documentary sounds interesting, does anyone know the title?

No. 1082594

What the heck are you even talking about? And, surprise, a lot of cows on here have bipolar. That's usually why they act the way they do. I don't doubt for a second that she has it, having dealt with people diagnosed with it.

There's no hope for her without taking therapy and her meds seriously.

No. 1082604

a lot of them lie about it for attention too kek

No. 1082613

She constantly flips between bpd and bipolar based on what suits her pity party for that week. She went to therapy like twice and made a huge deal about it like she was on some serious mental health journey. She didn't get enough clout for it so she stopped.

No. 1082614

And we all know she's not bi, so there's no way she "matched" with a girl

No. 1082638

agreed it does sound interesting especially if it relates to her behaviour. I think her tumblr "fame" really fucked her up

No. 1082694

If that really did happen she would have screen grabbed the convo as proof and bragging points. Her made up stories are hilariously stupid and dumb.

No. 1082695

File: 1605416365497.jpeg (661.05 KB, 1242x1586, B8E9B930-D709-41C4-A195-1E0138…)

No. 1082696

File: 1605416422140.jpeg (578.06 KB, 1242x1456, 445C0636-B092-4A5E-B161-95100C…)

Fupa left her officially

No. 1082697

she says this every time her lease is "almost up" (i.e. six months left)

it's absolutely just a cry for Fupapa attention. I'll believe it when I see it. she's made nothing but bad decisions since leaving home.

No. 1082700

I really hope she commits to this. Imagine the milk kek

No. 1082703

Yup. Unless her dad comes down to Tulsa, packs all her dingy pink shit and loads it onto a truck, sprays his daughter with industrial disinfectant and personally drives her back to MA she's not going anywhere.

No. 1082704

Since when does she have money for a cabin? She can't even afford a car.

No. 1082708

‘anal training’ is a depressing concept and people who expect it from women are disgusting.

No. 1082709

central/southern NH isn't any less suburban than the area of mass that she's from anyway so I don't even know where she's getting the whole "woodsy cabin girl" idea from in the first place. the only way she'd be able to afford living in NH is if she got a shitty little studio in Manchester or Nashua which would fit her trashy druggy lifestyle.

No. 1082713

Weekly menace of moving out to scare fupa. It’s been a year and it never worked you dumb cunt. While would it work now?

No. 1082715

Maybe she’s going to a rehab with cabins kek

No. 1082718

File: 1605420328392.jpeg (78.63 KB, 750x697, 4D1B0B69-11E9-489B-A689-3433C5…)

Updated his about section on FB to single and thirsting over other thots

No. 1082720

File: 1605420406142.gif (784.11 KB, 306x178, 72C46DC8-19D9-4290-A377-D19CB3…)

How the fuck is she saying all this on HER MAIN ACCOUNT not realizing how fucking stupid she looks??

No. 1082722

ew lmao he’s making my skin crawl with that cringe ass tagline

No. 1082727

This is a 30-something-year-old father in a 20-year-old sad boy's clothing.

No. 1082732

who does this almost 40 year old divorced father of three, who WORKS AT AN AT&T CALL CENTER, think he is?!!

No. 1082736

Hasn’t it always said single ? Still sporting a photo of himself with her Lisa frank sweater tho.

I mean, I guess a downward spiral is fun when you’re blitz out of your mind 24/7.

No. 1082742

Imagine having a daughter like Shayna. What a nightmare

No. 1082744

File: 1605422782968.png (9.29 MB, 1242x2208, 466523A4-9286-4A51-B3A7-94C53E…)

Yeah he’s been single for a while
He was currently at a shitty nightclub somewhere whilst shay drinks white claws, eats sushi, and cries

No. 1082757

Yes, even when he was dating Shay his status was single

No. 1082765

File: 1605426249627.jpg (255.62 KB, 1388x2048, 5f79621e3b7cee124ae4ccf8fb430a…)

she wishes

No. 1082767

calm down

No. 1082771

YOU calm down

No. 1082791

I bet this is why Shayna has been pretending to care about people being out, maybe Fupa has been going out a lot.

Off topic but I wonder if Shayna has a facebook account she uses to talk to/stalk fupa?
I bet when they used to break it off he'd block her on facebook as well.

No. 1082834

I’m 99% positive Shayna has a trust fund

No. 1082855

Ehhhh, we'll see about that kek Can't trust these two when they've broken up 729 times.

I agree. She just gets pissed cause Fupa goes out to nightclubs and hangs out with other Tulsa thots or if he goes out with his family. We see she has no problem going out and doesn't feel bad about it at all.

No. 1082856

Lol yes, please go back to your hometown where you're already a laughing stock. Also, none of your old friends from MA want to be associated with you. According to high school anon, you were an attention-starved lunatic then and you're even worse now. Nobody wants that bad juju and drama.

No. 1082859

if she does i hope she uses some of it to fix her ratty teeth.

No. 1082873

Let's just humor her for a second… A cabin in the woods. For someone who' makes a living with work online.

I don't know about NH but around here cabins have no internet or it's very limited. Definitely not good enough to stream or regularly upload videos etc.

No. 1082898

i think if she did her parents would have made her go to college

No. 1082899

File: 1605451890112.gif (4.15 MB, 480x360, giphy (17).gif)

>1-800-DEADBOY if they wanna hit my phone

It's like he's actively, aggressively trying to come off as some college fuckboy. Nigga, you got KIDS and wear a name tag that unironically says "Kyle" 40hrs a week. Stop going to nightclubs and wearing unicorn sweaters with checkered Vans and go pay some child support.

No. 1082907

imagine thirsting after that and being continually rejected. shayna's standards are in the toilet.

No. 1082908

A+ work, but it depicts such a sad situation. I really hope they don't let her take another dog.

No. 1082932

Exactly, NH is completely out of her budget unless she gets roommates. Even the slummiest studio apartments there start around $1000. The cabins are further up north and are usually vacation homes of the ultra rich. She could never afford a decent apartment there, let alone a cabin which start at like $350,000 lmao. The absolute delusion.

No. 1082972


Underrated COMMENT OF THE CENTURY!!! "That unironically says "Kyle" and somehow it's still SHAYNA you think is gonna punch a white boy angry hole in the wall first. uwu unstable. It makes me laugh SO loud when I remember that like.. She used to brag on this man like he was god, knowing we could SEE him.


"I need to get my mental health back" honey.. You need to get your whole life in order.

Can ya'll imagine an alternate universe where Shayna one day just has a coming to earth moment, and reads her own threads from start to finish… Like, if it was another girl's name, but it was all her content.. Do you think she'd turn her life around or make fun of the girl, not knowing it's really her.

No. 1082982

Lbh she probably already has coming to Jesus moments the split second before she scarfs down another edible w/ sushi.

We all AU shayna would just be a different brand of a fuck up so she’d probably make fun of them and try to sue them for “stealing her ideas”

No. 1083016

File: 1605469494130.png (831.37 KB, 1641x2048, Screenshot_20201115-144438.png)

No. 1083017

File: 1605469582514.png (373.63 KB, 2048x906, Screenshot_20201115-144556.png)

nice job continually outing how much you lurk this thread and lolcow in general.

Id bet she posts in other cows threads.

No. 1083022

I love when she outs exactly how fucking stupid she is.
Maybe if she spend more time working and not lurking; she could be successful. Cause we know she ain't getting the hint about needing to work out/get off her cottage cheese ass.

No. 1083023

so was anyone a fan of her before coming here? I was a sexworkfag on tumblr during the baby hitler timeline but didn’t care about her.

No. 1083025

She acts like she’s ever had any fans kek
I personally found her here and had no idea such gross trash existed til coming across her thread. I stayed bc how fat she’s gotten is hilarious, in fact trying to catch up was kinda confusing bc she looks like an entirely different person. So no, “former fans” don’t congregate here, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s found and only stays up to date with her gross shit here kek

No. 1083037

>diehard fans
Shay, you were a skinny, rat-faced pothead on Tumblr, whose highest moment in life was seeing a girl wear a shirt with your face on it. Just because you had ~100k followers~ or however many doesn't mean people actually cared about you.

No. 1083048

Ntayrt but yeah I know. But if she does anal all the time anyway I wish she knew…

No. 1083053

shayna, 99% of farmers had never even heard or known of your ass (and never would have otherwise) if not for having a thread on lolcow. kek @ the cope and delusion.

No. 1083061

What irony would it be that shay says all this but is a constant shit talker in the PnP threads. She @‘s her all the time and is a huge fucking hypocrite.

No. 1083072

I followed her back when weed tumblr was popular around 2014. I still remember when her blog started getting really disturbing, I was one of the many minors she exposed to her fucked up fetish content. Not to be dramatic, but it truly scarred me for life. I found lolcow searching her old url a few years back, I wanted to see if she had ever turned her life around…lol

No. 1083073

File: 1605474502765.jpg (497.81 KB, 1080x1430, Screenshot_20201115-150826_Twi…)

No. 1083077

Please shut the fuck up Shayna you sound so fucking dumb. This is your sex work page not your uwu-personality-flavor-of-the- week page.

No. 1083078

i’m sorry you had to experience that, anon. it honestly makes my blood boil hearing firsthand accounts of her exposing minors to porn. she’s disgusting.

No. 1083084

This made me laugh so hard, she’s so stupid kek. Pathetic fucking baby, she probably read something that made her roll her eyes and turned it into an empath vent for asspats. Dirty delete when?

No. 1083088

I was exposed to ddlg tumblr as a minor and I am 99% sure I stumbled upon reblogs of her uwu photos. Never heard of her though she wasn’t popular and relevant even when the whole daddy kink aesthetic blew up. The two girls who dominated that aesthetic were Yungelita and Joanna Kuchta. They had their pics all over wattpad fanfics kek I remember. The only way I learned about this fatass cunt was through lolcow I was lurking different threads and stumbled across hers because it was a funny thread pic. Been following her since thread 53, she’s gotten extremely obese

No. 1083095

I doubt she’s crying about Trump. She is selfish and doesn’t care about anything or anyone but herself. She just wants to go viral and get interaction since politics is always trending on Twitter. She wants more potential customers and money. She literally does not care about BLM or other sex workers. She donated 5 fucking dollars after being a cunt and saying she’s not obligated to help anyone. If she just posted her shitty porn and didn’t tweet every 5 minutes she would be less annoying. She’s too retarded to even know what an nazi or facism is.

No. 1083104

she's crying about trump yet she made sex trafficking about the poor men who are in jail who aren't really pimps, then screamed at a victim of sex trafficking because, "My fans would never speak to me like this!!"
You'd think someone so passionate about sex work and making sure the community is safe and not looked at in a negative light would've been crying about that shit.

No. 1083108

I actually was a fan for a short time before I saw how truly fucked she was. I thought she was kinda funny and it seemed like she needed a friend, so I paid for her snap to try and chat with her. But I didn't know that she hates anyone who isn't a guy trying to pay for her gross porn or buy her food, so she was rather short and rude to a point. To be nice, I paid for 3 months, but her snap got deleted and she ignored my messages trying to be added to her new account. Not like I was out a ton of money, but she definitely scammed me and I'm sure many other people. I searched Tumblr to see if anyone else had the same experience, and thats where I found people calling her out, which eventually led me here

No. 1083170

I stumbled upon her Tumblr back in the days when she was a teenager with a stoner blog and she'd started gaining followers pretty fast with her smoking pics. I stayed because it was like watching a car wreck. All the attention prompted her to keep one-upping herself and say/do something even wilder that could keep getting her notes and followers and people talking about her. Her narcissism fascinated me. On top of that I couldn't help but notice a lot of inconsistencies in things she'd say/claim. It led me to google her name to see if anyone else thought she was a compulsive liar and lo and behold I stumbled upon Shay-gnar lolcow thread #1. Been here for the wild ride ever since.

No. 1083187

File: 1605479658059.png (9.01 MB, 1242x2208, F3A5AD24-1717-40FB-A364-D73710…)

She’s looking rough

No. 1083196

followed her original stoner blog circa 2013. at some point I noticed she had switched her aesthetic 180 to uwu pink baby bimbo. I was a woke libfem at the time so didn't think much of it. hadn't been on tumblr in years when in 2020 I discovered lolcow through unrelated means. imagine my shock to find that the girl I used to follow for bong rip gifs has been sticking lit firecrackers in her asshole and otherwise making herself the laughing stock of the internet since I saw her last…

No. 1083202

File: 1605480228075.jpeg (82.5 KB, 800x485, E33EC159-C354-43F4-989A-6D4B00…)

No. 1083211

I first saw Shayna in a Twitter thread of "problematic people to avoid from Tumblr" around the time they banned explicit content.

No. 1083220

I'm MA anon who knew her IRL and got the first thread deleted (my bad) I used to follow her antics on tumblr and was pleasantly surprised to find her thread on here. I really am a positive person and want to watch others thrive but I've always hated this bitch. Watching her rapid decline is my guilty pleasure. She's just as bad in real life as she is on the internet, karma karma KARMA

No. 1083224

you’re retarded for posting her family’s personal info and getting the first thread deleted for the record

No. 1083225

Yeah, spot on. I got carried away. Not that this is a valid excuse but I was new to this website and acted like a retard. I just lurk now

No. 1083234

File: 1605481801592.jpg (Spoiler Image,506.98 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20201115-170909_Twi…)

No. 1083243

She doesn’t even enjoy sex or can experience an orgasm properly. She wants to be picked so bad. If this actually happened to her she wouldn’t be fantasizing this. Put a trigger warning in the bio like the other hard kinks accounts at least inconsiderate cunt

No. 1083245

She’s so insensitive and retarded that one day she’s going to RT actual crime scene photos of victims with this “uwu want this!!” shit. Fucking nasty, I hate her and all of the psychopaths into this sick shit.

No. 1083247

When Jason Womack actually does this to her*

I would never, ever want or wish this on her obviously, but with how nuts he is and irresponsible she is…

No. 1083248

I don’t have a problem with a little role play or rough sex with your significant other but man these kinks are kinda strange. I’m not one to judge. Shayna is such a sjw uwu woke bitch you would think she would put a tw or be mindful of what she posts considering many sex workers have been abused sexually. But just fuck human trafficking victims and victims of rape right Shayna?? Can’t stand this whore

No. 1083249

File: 1605482519443.jpeg (883.54 KB, 1242x1563, ED5D29FE-7172-4D0B-BEE7-421E1E…)

Like you could ever afford a luxury car or a car in general you rat-faced, fat, dirty pig.

No. 1083256

This bitch is twisted. This gives me the fucking chills.

No. 1083266

File: 1605484472652.png (3.39 MB, 1242x2208, 1323571D-F8AA-4372-9E35-999E33…)

Fat ugly bitch even when you were blonde and skinny you weren’t cute. You looked like a rat faced twink man. No boobs and ass and now you’re three times your size with man boobs and still no ass

No. 1083270

File: 1605484749524.jpeg (Spoiler Image,881.09 KB, 1242x1481, 6A3D571E-1486-4D78-B66A-D4E201…)

The whole roof would collapse if they hung your fat lard ass to the ceiling, Shaytard. Nobody wants to see a tied up christmas ham .

No. 1083273

File: 1605485226999.jpeg (134.35 KB, 864x1300, 6C137E9D-30F7-43E5-8C13-BA7B5E…)

No. 1083286

i was active on tumblr from 2010 till 2016 and never even came across her. i found her through lolcow, saw a before and after pic someone posted and wondered how she managed to get so fat in such a short amount of time

No. 1083289

i wish we could see her posts because i‘m 100% certain she posts not only on other threads but also in her own

No. 1083306

She was only known in the weed community, she wasn’t an Acacia Clark level tumblr girl. She lost most of her interaction and followers when she went into SW, ironically.

No. 1083307

I think the Shayna everyone talks about from high school would not like what’s she’s turned into in fact I think deep down she really really hates herself right now

No. 1083309

She is the exact kind of person she would've made fun of and say "I'm glad I'm not like the other girls who sell their pussys for 3 dollars~!" as a teen.

No. 1083310

Coca Cola New Hampshire next thing you here she’s found dead trying to make her own ricin

No. 1083311

I would bet money on this.
She also let slip that she thinks we are all fans expecting her to live up to our expectations. A lot of farmers would like to see her improve her life just due to basic empathy but it’s crazy that she’s gaining massive amounts of weight, neglecting her hygiene, and ruining any chance of a good future all just to stick it to lolcow.

No. 1083312

Same fag maybe she just wants to be a bum like Colleen

No. 1083314

I forgot that Colleen lives in a cabin-like house. Shayna must be trying to copy her. It seems like Colleen has roommates and lives with her boyfriend. Shayna can’t handle living with other people and there are no men who are trying to let her live with them for free (except maybe Womack)

No. 1083333

File: 1605488446620.jpg (181.32 KB, 1080x580, Screenshot_20201115-190012_Twi…)

"In over a week", you were just at the dispensary

No. 1083358

um isn't she sick? She was saying she had a "cold" but lbr she didn't get a covid test and rn it's way more likely to be covid especially if she's still seeing fupa irl who is going out to clubs like there isn't a pandemic

also since she "went to the mental hospital" and basically admitted to being an alcoholic she seems to be okay admitting to drinking practically every day & night ON HER SW TWITTER.wtf

No. 1083359

When was she at the dog park showing strangers her "cosplay" pics?

No. 1083403

I love how her diet is 99% sugar. No wonder she has mood swings, she’s constantly having a sugar, alcohol, or weed crash.

No. 1083408

File: 1605491121446.png (Spoiler Image,4.3 MB, 750x1334, 5B8E851B-A276-4A48-82B8-36730D…)

Looking rough

No. 1083414

Christmas celebration by herself how bleak.
She looks dehydrated and old. Those eye bags though

No. 1083418

Why does she look like steve buscemi

No. 1083426

i was eating but then the boobs loaded.. im not hungry

No. 1083436


filters working overtime and still cant hide her ghoulish looks

No. 1083439

This is the worst she’s ever looked.

No. 1083440

I also found her here and didn’t know anything about her. I seriously doubt a single anon was ever her “fan”

No. 1083450

kek it‘s also dark as fuck in that picture and somehow she still looks like a 40 year old alcoholic mom of several toddlers

No. 1083459

This. I am a longtime cgl user and found the site via there. Then I stumbled upon her thread by way of casual lolcow browsing around 2018. I didn’t have any expectations for her, just wanted to have a laugh, but I find myself thinking, “Why? Do x, y, and z, and get your life together with every thread I read. Almost every single woman I knows has dealt with some crazy bs, but they eventually learn how to deal with it and grow up. I want her to do the same because it’s painful to watch this shit. There’s a better life out there. Not that I think she’ll take it.

No. 1083461

I honestly thought that was some leaked footage from a serial killer’s stash at first. She is going to retweet something crazy one day and not realize it isn’t roleplay/kink, then get angry when people call her out.

No. 1083464

Fun fact sugar doesn’t get you high, it a myth. But I don’t doubt the weed / drinking crashes what so ever.

No. 1083465

Oh god, she isn't even springing for bottled anymore? Just going straight for the wino aunt cheap boxed stuff

No. 1083475

Right but sugar still causes a “crash”

No. 1083479

inb4 another sega of her complaining about her teeth and how they hurt. this bitch is dumb as hell; honestly wouldn't shock me if she develops diabetes.

No. 1083482

insulin would like a word

No. 1083491

She’s not sensitive at all to the fact that she has shared and fetishized images of people actually suffering. Imagine coming across an image of someone you care about being brutalized and see this bitch captioning it “Omg this is so cute I want to be kidnapped and chained up in a basement uwu” It’s deeply fucked up and psychopathic. Then she tweets about how Trump supporters are so scary and the big mean world makes her cry when she enjoys and attempts to normalize depictions of extreme violence, it’s so retarded.

No. 1083496

If you lurk some the older threads, Shayna's self posts are really apparent because she uses the infamous "you bitches" all the time. I definitely remember her coming on here when dog-fucker chan saga happened and someone sent Dawn the video of Shay playing victim and there's a post saying, "You bitches can't help but stir the pot." Then there was the time Shay posted pics of her self harm and we talked mad shit about her wee kitty scratches and she came on here, obviously very fucking drunk cause everything was misspelled, and defended her baby scratches kek It's so obvious when she posts on here.

No. 1083499

Ironically, she'd probably still be at least semi-relevant on Tumblr if she'd stuck with the weed persona. She's never going to recover from the porn ban, whereas she'd still be able to post her regular degular shit if she'd just stayed SFW.

No. 1083501

File: 1605495983626.jpg (1.66 MB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_11-16-04.55.25.jpg)

I am sorry but how the fuck did she let this happen

No. 1083504

Kek That fucking star blanket. Put it out of its misery. Absolutely disgusting.
Also. She's never been a beacon of beauty but the Shayna now definitely looks developmentally disabled. Like…legit looks like she's retarded.

No. 1083505

Sex work and fupapa kek

No. 1083508

this is so sad… I used to think she at least looked cute back then but godDAMN did she take a nosedive

No. 1083510

This is why I always laugh when Shay goes on her rants about how great sex work is. Because DAMN this profession wore this bitch OUT. Yeah, you're doing real well, Shay! Totally thriving! Never been better! In a great place mentally and physically for sure. Your friends are so proud. Absolute queen lmaoooooo Really makes us chicks who got """"vanilla""" jobs and went to college regret it. Damn dude, I could have been 100lb heavier and offing myself over some 38yr old deadbeat dad if I had only listen to Shay's advice.

No. 1083512

The "Virgin" Oaf vs the "Chad" Bimbo

No. 1083518

She looks like an ogre. She should do shrek porn next. Kek

No. 1083521

File: 1605497554866.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2305x4096, 4968AD7B-3B06-4E79-A533-F2F7A1…)

caps from discord where she’s claiming she’s moving back north in january or february and that insex wants to work with her again

No. 1083535

Those insex bids were hilarious and horrific at the same time. Deffo up for seeing new and unimproved fatty Mattel have a go.

Fat Shay would be a better look for that bid where she was being boiled above a pan.

No. 1083544

File: 1605499193109.jpeg (422.51 KB, 828x889, 72621E69-3057-4302-8EDD-EBB7B5…)

Yikes … she’s just gonna keep ballooning. She’s showing no signs of slowing down. We keep thinking she must have hit rock bottom. But nope.

No. 1083558

Wasn't a fan or follower of hers, but I saw her around when I was on weed tumblr. I recognized her when I came to lurk on someone else and started following her threads then.

No. 1083562

I was scrolling snow/ because I was bored when my country was on lockdown and when I found shays thread I went “fuck, she has how many threads?!” I absolutely had to get in on it lol

No. 1083564

File: 1605502220319.jpg (390.9 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201115-225032_Twi…)

No. 1083567

sooo is this admitting that she never went inpatient because you do get therapy there or does she mean with her old therapist? She probably stopped seeing that therapist after her it's okay to get therapy vid

No. 1083568

>I'm sorry that happened to you ):
>so anyway, back to me

No. 1083569


Funny her mental illness gets called out on here and one day later she’s talking about going back to therapy hmmmm

No. 1083572

>Moids; not even once

No. 1083575

Kek she barely puts any effort into friendships.

>when covid is over

Not to go too OT but covid isn’t just gonna poof vanish. Those videos were terrible but working with a production company is better then her weird retard porn.

No. 1083579

She’s such a fucking asshole, it’s like talking to a wall. She makes it so obvious that she gives no shit about her interlocutors. I never seen her once being nice/polite to someone and she only wants to talk about herself. No wonder why she will never have any friends. Truly unlike able and a fat ugly rat-hog.

No. 1083590

You must've been one of her "die hard fans" lol

Think this is due for some reposting

No. 1083596

Insex would be looking at her dated ass “modeling profile” that says she’s still 120 or whatever she was. There’s no way they’d want to work with her after seeing how she looks currently. She’s like 80 lbs heavier now but I’m sure they have no clue yet because she’s actually too ashamed to update it. Is she really going to try to pretend she’s still the same girl they wanted to hire years ago?

No. 1083648

Every time I see this picture, I die at her complete lack of understanding of the purpose of the mouth gag thing. She really said "let me leave my teeth outside of the gag" lmao

No. 1083651

She's full-on alcoholic now and thinking that it's quirky & cute to drink yourself to sleep every day… wonder when it's going to hit her that she has a serious problem.

No. 1083663

It looks like Shay on the left ate Shay on the right lmao

No. 1083672

They have to check her socials though, right? Only way she can do porn again is BBW. I can’t imagine she’ll take it well when she’s forced to accept her weight gain on paper, in public. I might feel bad for her if she weren’t Shay.

No. 1083678

Yeah exactly, she just can’t admit to herself she’s at the plumper/BBW category already. Keeping in mind she most definitely sucks her gut a lot in, more likely in the BBW category.

No. 1083687

She’s going to flip once they tag it as chubby/call her fat since the insect guys aren’t exactly the most gentle lol

She’ll say they angled it to make her look bigger and she’s really still a tiny uwu baby

No. 1083716

i followed her on tumblr waaay back in the day during her stoner days (nowhere near a "fan"), then stopped going on tumblr for a while, and when i went back on i was shocked to find i was following some pink loving pedo pandering porn star wannabe, and realised its the same stoner girl as before and simply unfollowed. started coming to the farms shortly after for a different cow, then stumbled across shay's threads and have been a member of her hate train ever since

i hate that i cant tell if she just got out of the shower, or if she hasn't showered in a week

No. 1083721

File: 1605536487771.jpg (496.59 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20201116-082134_Twi…)

This is just a mess

No. 1083723

i never stanned her but i remember seeing pics of her back in 2016/2017ish when she was still skinny and blonde and idolizing her "aesthetic". i was also a baby bi and thought she was hot at the time
also idk if you can completely blame her for this one but despite the fact that i was underage at the time, like had my age in my bio and everything lol, she never blocked me even though i frequently interacted with her posts and sent her asks a couple of times.

No. 1083728

>t. baby puppy bimbo

No. 1083735

File: 1605538284618.png (9.94 MB, 1242x2208, FE2C2947-5F89-4342-ADA4-4ABCC6…)

No. 1083741

Train your fucking dog. It's disgusting just having your nasty dog rolling around in your bed.

No. 1083745

Agreed, I don't know how people do this. Sorry for blog but my ex did this and his dog looks like Noodle, and I imagine her bed and sheets are just as chewed up and smelly as his were. Eurgh. Dirty as fuck.

No. 1083746

What a nitpick. Plenty of people sleep with their pets in bed. It's a preference, nothing to do with training in this case.

No. 1083755

Well normal people shower themselves, do laundry consistently and make sure their pets are clean. So yeah her bed probably smells so bad. I bet noodle smells like ass kek

No. 1083756

We were mutuals on weed tumblr though she only very rarely reblogged my posts, maybe once or twice only.
I never really liked her because she was obviously a narcissistic brat & not in a cute way, but it gave me dopamine surges that I was mutuals with someone 'popular', so I continued following.
Deleted tumblr, about a year went by & I was curious about my mutuals so I did a little lurking & when I googled shay-gnar BAM immediately found her first thread (rip) maybe I was naive, but I never imagined she'd be doing sex work, especially some gross ass toddler shit. Been lurking ever since, it's been a wild ride ladies.

No. 1083757

File: 1605540141804.jpeg (738.29 KB, 1242x1337, D6D2B438-7866-412B-8554-F829FE…)

Shayna dirty deleted tweets

No. 1083758

File: 1605540240842.png (10.63 MB, 1242x2208, 8B53B581-3653-41C2-B667-1F1964…)

Her arm is about the size of her head

No. 1083762

Doing a really good job of “competing” when your entire work Twitter is dumb rambling shit that you delete and repost 24/7.
I don’t know how most successful sex worker Twitters look but I have to assume they’re nothing but sexy pictures and ads for their subscriptions, maybe the occasional Hashtag Relatable joke. Not whining about moving back in with your parents and getting your heart broken by a fat midget and doordashing meals to bulk up on and how hot other girls are.

No. 1083763

>essentially confessing how poorly you do and desperate you are on your work twitter
Never change, Shatna.
Does she not look at the photos she takes before she posts them?? Normal girls take bunches of selfies before they get a good one to post, but she just goes with one where her arm looks hammy as shit with an easily avoidable shadow that emphasizes how fat she is? Mind your weed and alcohol consumption lest you end up this brain dead, ladies.

No. 1083771

and how fucking yellow they are really makes them stick out too. i just can’t understand how one person can have such a lack of sex appeal

No. 1083780

Shayna barely washes herself, do you really think she's washing her sheets and her dog? She probably takes the dog to the park and then when she comes home, let's the dog just go on the couch and the bed. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1083782

>complains about other sex workers poaching her customers every other week
>”sex work is competing for people’s buisness”

No. 1083789

File: 1605542694944.jpeg (946.21 KB, 1242x1649, 10356262-49DE-4C6A-9AAD-11B307…)

Kek Shayna we all know you have nobody to spend Christmas with. You’ll just be spending it with your filthy poor animals and a bottle of wine.

No. 1083792

File: 1605542785868.jpeg (446.85 KB, 1242x1183, 58F9E7FA-BD92-435C-8885-C2F61E…)

The lack of self awareness is astonishing

No. 1083799

Whining about being alone on Christmas or her family being awful if she does somehow make it home when?

No. 1083805

Same. Followed her stoner blog then noticed it shift to disgusting ddlg stuff. Felt like looking at it would get me put on a registry or something. I unfollowed and pretty much forgot about her til I saw her on here. Honestly I'm glad she fell so hard. Pedo panderers get zero sympathy from me.

No. 1083809

Like how you always feel the need to bring up your "abusive" mother when people mention they have a good relationship with theirs?

No. 1083831

God she sounds like such a privileged white Karen. "Respect Christmas! It's not happy holidays it's merry Christmas!"

Shut the fuck up Shayna, damn.

No. 1083839

Shayna will really be like:
>sorry you were raped on Christmas but you are literally so negative, oh my god Christmas is about ME. It is my pink uwu bimbo holiday. God women are so toxic!!!11!!!!!

No. 1083847

Imagine how she feels about people who celebrate Hannukah or Kwanzaa or don't celebrate Christmas.

>"You're ruining Christmas for everyone! Why do you have to be such a terrible person and not celebrate like everyone else???"

Just when I thought she couldn't get any worse.

No. 1083851

She's retarded but I don't think that's what she's saying in those tweets at all kek. More along the lines of people who struggle during the holidays for financial reasons, troubled family, being alone, etc. Who gives a shit about them, though, they're killing Shay's good vibez…as she sits alone in her apartment with no friends nearby and an undecorated tree.

No. 1083858

yeah that was a bit of a hyperbole on my part kek but if someone on her discord talked about a traumatic event on Christmas she would be like "I'm sorry… anyways im getting more Christmas decorations from daddy womack.

No. 1083864

Oh pretty much, kek. I wouldn't be surprised if this rant was inspired by her discord or something, if not some random tweet she saw of someone struggling because of the holiday season. She's the only one with valid twauma and anyone else's that disturbs her life/happiness is just negativity.

No. 1083865

She's so unaware and selfish. I thought it was common enough knowledge that Christmas time isn't "happy families" time for many people. Domestic violence and domestic murders increase 25-50% during the festive period in the UK and USA. And as always when called out she just doubles down on her stupidity.

No. 1083882

So about that cabin thing. The only way that's going to happen is if her dad financially helps her move and get into one. Which if iirc he does have a cabin. Shes mentioned it a couple times. Like when she bought him those stupid plates for his birthday or something. So maybe she thinks she'll just stay in conservative dad's vacation cabin or whatever acting like she'll get her shit together. But she will hate it. She'll be isolated still, in NH. There will probably be rules about staying in the cabin such as no smoking weed. Etc. She could pick her life up a bit (wouldnt say turn it around or go far) but it will take a lot of effort and behavior changes. Idk if she has that in her.

No. 1083887

we really not gonna talk about how clapped her face is here or

No. 1083891

her eyebags are disgusting
she looks like she's dying

No. 1083906

To be fair her eyebrows look better than usual. I do wonder what is going on under the filter, she looks so haggard even with it.

No. 1083931

File: 1605551523349.jpeg (107.14 KB, 555x695, D14E6631-660A-4884-8AE4-CC0229…)

An orbiter made a review for her incest cheerleader video

No. 1083933

File: 1605551551305.jpg (44.93 KB, 1080x486, 20201116_123042.jpg)

She dirty deleted this. And she wonders why she has no friends or people that want to support her in her "community."

No. 1083935

What even caused this?

No. 1083938

that sounds like it was written by her…

No. 1083939

File: 1605551769744.jpeg (451.71 KB, 1242x1226, E1A5BA9C-2F5C-4037-929A-2520AE…)

Cause sexual harassment is so fun and flattering. A man will fuck a sandwich I don’t know how girls think it’s flattering it’s creepy

No. 1083961

It really does. I thought it was a shitty description of another new upload. Also, fucking disgusting. What about “ass to mouth” is so appealing that you point it out, just…..ew

No. 1084004

The girls who think its "flattering usually look like hammy mattel

No. 1084030

i honestly believe she's never been to any real therapy. yes she claims to have had a therapist, meds, etc but then we see her cycling through the same shit and does nothing to improve herself. idk why she puts this on her sw twitter aside from getting asspats when a few months from now she won't even mention going.

No. 1084051

Not to “hi cow” or whatever, but what a difference her putting outfits on in the correct size and having some fake nails would make to how she looked. (And you know, stopping the pedo pandering but Rome wasn’t built in a day…) it’s unreal how much better she looks using wigs for looks, if she’s not gonna quit/lose some lb/whatever then they could at least make her look better

No. 1084053

File: 1605558369959.jpeg (787.36 KB, 1242x1692, 8031BB28-A222-49BD-8A49-898314…)

Why show every tip you get and only donate FIVE dollars it will just make sex workers hate you even more kek

No. 1084054

File: 1605558408944.jpeg (209.39 KB, 1198x658, B843E1D8-A4CC-4DAB-822E-57F753…)

No. 1084085

Anon…have you seen her wigs kek
Is this something that all SWers do? I get it if a dude drops like a grand or some other really extravagant tip, but this is embarrassing.

No. 1084088

you are what you eat i guess

No. 1084093

Wait so you’re telling me she ATE a fat ugly troon???

No. 1084113

She looks like those babies with anencephaly…

This. Shay took a pic of Noodle straight up playing in the dog park's local water bucket. One that has probably been sitting out there for a good while and tons of other dogs have drank and played in. So I'm sure they went home and Noodle just got right up onto the furniture. That's disgusting. Sorry but wet dogs smell absolutely awful. Her apartment probably smells like mildewy dog, cat box, musty weed, and asshole seepage. This girl is just fucking gross.

No. 1084143

she goes to therapy, but then drops her therapist as soon as they say something she doesn't like. if they suggest that maybe she needs to change something about herself, or do something differently in order to improve, she freaks out (cannot handle someone holding up a mirror to show her her own behavior) and cancels all future appointments.

No. 1084168

How about calling out the person you are obviously subbing? I love how she goes on these five tweet rant because someone says something she didn't like but she does not want them too respond or listen what they have to say, so she whines on her dead twitter where she know they won't find her.

No. 1084175

Don’t encourage her to get fake nails again. I can’t bear the thought of her going back to scratching her pussy spots with the disgusting talons she gets

No. 1084183

Do we know if Colleen is still friends with Shayna? I’m curious if she really has any friends left in New England to go back to.

No. 1084186

the absolute state of sex workers. brain rot

No. 1084216


> and asshole seepage

holy fuck anon you put me off supper tonight

No. 1084232

Right? Literally when she did that stunt the other day, that very morning she got $50 in tips. Couldn't even give $10 to 5 girls or $20 to a few. It would be nothing off her. Plus the way she phrased it like she wanted them to humbly ask for a few bucks from her like a homeless person. She's disgusting. In appearance and personality.

No. 1084239

File: 1605572367865.jpg (261.43 KB, 1079x1076, Screenshot_20201116-181916_Twi…)

What happened to the tips you got for your "no nut November" thing Shay

No. 1084240

File: 1605572413033.jpg (517.53 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201116-181903_Twi…)

Shay, do not push your nasty kinks on a child's toy

No. 1084245

shayna, no one believes you came 8 times in under 30 minutes. every one of your “cum shows” is just you using a vibe on your dry pussy and making retarded “orgasm” faces. stupid liar.

No. 1084247

Kek came 8 times in 30 minutes, okay.

No. 1084248

That's like one for a normal woman, thanks for showing your true troon colors boo.

No. 1084252

uhh shayna.. that was just the guy's voice. he was literally 30 and sounded like that in all of their songs?

No. 1084257

Goddamn that’s Momokun?!?!
Talk about a throw back of a lolcow!
And she’s HUGE now just like a cow

No. 1084258

wtf is a “cumshow”

No. 1084259

are you literally retarded

No. 1084260

Anon… Momokun is about 10x bigger than that. She has an active thread in /pt/.

No. 1084265

I meant MOMOKO. From a long time ago. I’m so used to see Momokun that I confused the names. MOMOKO or m0m0ko that went to do porn snd got arrested for drugs and lost her daughter.

Who called me dumbass is the real dumbass for not knowing the lore of this website.

No. 1084275

>Shaytard got that dap

No. 1084277

Underrated comment kek why is that her twin

No. 1084278

File: 1605576222570.jpg (292.39 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20201116-192326_Twi…)

And here she is trying be to a domme again after not long ago she literally said she can't be one

No. 1084281

>slave boy
>good boy
>letting him talk to her in imperative


No. 1084282

File: 1605576597121.jpeg (433.67 KB, 1242x863, EB8570A4-AE00-4292-A250-473853…)

What a hypocritical cunt and she wonders why every sex worker hates her
She’s fat, ugly, bitchy, annoying, and complains about what other swers are doing. I’m sure that $5 you donated really helped those girls pay their rent!!! Wow SLK you really are an impowering feminist queen uwu

No. 1084290

more like DABS; dry ass ball sack

No. 1084293

File: 1605577575800.png (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 2048x1625, Screenshot_20201116-204536.png)

No. 1084295

File: 1605577679342.png (Spoiler Image,3.11 MB, 1833x2048, Screenshot_20201116-204727.png)

She used portrait mode and actually thought this looked good to post.

No. 1084301

File: 1605577865956.gif (1.58 MB, 151x275, 1543267307349.gif)

Sage for slightly off topic but whenever I hear her talking about being a domme all I can think of is this gif circa the Fupa era.

No. 1084302

Her cunt looks so irritated… I honestly feel pain just by looking at it. It looks like it would feel more like cardboard paper than an actual vagina.

No. 1084303

She should go back to blonde, maybe she would look less dumpy. She doesn’t have the Barbie body any more but she could at least go blonde and start getting her stubby ass nails done again.

No. 1084305

What is up with the static around her and the plug?

No. 1084306

>Turd braids make a comeback
>chapped dry lips
>yellow snaggle tooth
>too small clothing that shows how fat she’s gotten
Wow such a Barbie

No. 1084307


it's not static, it's a lace backdrop that's being blurred

No. 1084310

Oh anon stop suggesting her getting her nails done. She won’t take care of them. And she probably will get shit under her nails, especially, now with her big ass fupa in the way. Doubt she can see anything down there

No. 1084314

File: 1605578233285.jpeg (Spoiler Image,79.53 KB, 555x741, BFE13CFD-AE53-495C-B2AE-D639CD…)

Didn’t know Barbie had a double chin

Repost because forgot to press spoiler

No. 1084315

Christ how small that top is on her now.

And her underboob is not good. You got a flopper and a zombie tit.

No. 1084317

What is she looking at? Proper tard vibes.

No. 1084325

She said that she wants to go back to blonde and get her nails done but can't or won't because of Covid. That's fair.

Yikes. Android phones seem to do a terrible job at portrait mode

No. 1084342

How she go from borderline bulimic to double chins so fast?

No. 1084345

door DASH

No. 1084348

nta but she uses a pixl phone not android for her sw

No. 1084351

Hey retard anything that’s not iPhone is android

No. 1084358

File: 1605581878295.jpg (215.29 KB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20201116-205804_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1084359

File: 1605581935733.jpg (163.54 KB, 1080x563, Screenshot_20201116-205749_Twi…)

Yes, much uwu bImBo vIbEs

No. 1084361

File: 1605581975926.jpg (483.47 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201116-205932_Twi…)

No. 1084362

I really don't think she's going to move back to MA or do another insex shoot tbh

No. 1084363

Why the fuck would you ever post this publicly? Why do you have to put that on a platform you’re supposedly using to advertise? That’s fucking disgusting and trashy.

No. 1084364

She is advertising. There’s likely $250 on her ass right now

No. 1084365

probably trying to signal that she'll do anything for cash at this point. not because she's the ~princess of degradation~ like she wants everyone to think she is, there just isn't a shred of self-respect left in her

No. 1084367

Top kek

No. 1084369

File: 1605582954052.jpeg (727.71 KB, 1242x1460, 6090AAF6-3215-499C-BCC9-340A55…)

Day 290 of this retard trying to get Shayna to sleep with him

No. 1084372

holy fuck I laughed so hard, A+

No. 1084378

fuck. I forgot about this old gif. Bless, anon

No. 1084379

File: 1605585090810.jpg (319.9 KB, 1080x1001, Screenshot_20201116-215045_Twi…)

This was the first half. She really thinks men asking for tips to re tweet content is the same thing as these artists being mistreated and being under shady contracts

No. 1084380

Uh oh, Jason has a challenger.

No. 1084381

They must test their devotion and determine who is the better chump change provider for Shayna by measuring who has the bigger beer gut.

No. 1084389

A woman, aka Shayna wrote this dumb fucking shit.

No. 1084411

ashley m0m0ko? i always wondered what happened to her.

No. 1084484

Those stumpy manfingers and gross ass nails that look like she's been biting them…Yikes™.

The blurring is so bad, I think it's not even done with a portrait mode effect. The edges are so crisp and wobbly, there's no transition whatsoever - it looks more like she has done it manually in Meitu or some similar app. Which is embarrassing because it would literally have taken a little bit of zooming to not have the end result look like absolute cowshit.

No. 1084486

lmaooo this is meitu this fat bitch literally use every tool in automatic that's why everything looks weird,so lazy.

No. 1084529

All this android talk makes me remember the time she legit made fun of someone for using android rather an an iPhone. Ahhh, the assholery never ends.

No. 1084559

So she hasn't walked her dog in over a week…

No. 1084597

I think that's what she always does. From the pictures it looks like she has a backyard, so she just let's her out there. And maybe takes her to the dog park once a week if Noodle is lucky. As if dogs just tire themselves out. I wonder if she ever cleans the yard up.

No. 1084619

Probably not. My old roommate had a big dog that she didn't take care of and just let shit all over our front yard without picking it up ever, and it stunk to the point we got complaints and she was fined. I'm sure that's exactly how Shayna is. Dirty house, dirty lawn, dirty cat boxes. Why she has pets I do not understand.

No. 1084717

File: 1605636098761.jpg (171.57 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20201117-115639_Twi…)

No. 1084753

File: 1605639118440.jpeg (631.16 KB, 1242x1667, 624F0FAE-608D-4852-92BB-D6A1E4…)

What the fuck

No. 1084770

Even with a Snapchat filter she looks terrifying

No. 1084775

is this her real voice or is it the fake baby one that anons mention ? i never listen to her cursed videos with audio so i have no clue

No. 1084777

Her fake voice she has a regular voice that isn’t high pitched and annoying she sounds retarded with the baby voice

No. 1084781

no her regular voice sounds like a dude

No. 1084782

File: 1605640860076.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, B67C490F-03E4-4336-ACC7-DE3A83…)

she’s so fucking fat. like why? i think it’s so weird that she actively lurks here and sees all of us talking about the absolute state she’s ballooned to but just chooses not to do a single thing about it. zero shame.

No. 1084787

She’s gotten so huge her head looks tiny

No. 1084790

why the girl below her look just like Shayna but slightly aged, shit is creepy.

No. 1084791

That voice is disgusting

No. 1084795


I guess that Candy Cane her dumb ass put RIGHT IN HER MOUTH OUT THE PACKAGE NOT WASHING IT OR ANYTHING, will be in her pussy soon without her washing it.

How amazing, putting random things in ur mouth fresh out the package, thats not even safe pre-covid.

No. 1084796

She already has one though. She used it in that God awful Cindy Lou Who video

No. 1084798

she is so unbearably retarded. quoting vines which were funny in like 2015 really shows that she hasn't talked to anyone her age in a long time.
i never understood fat girls who dress in an unflattering way but with her it's just mindblowing. that bitch is a "sEx wOrKer" and brags about her body being her capital, yet puts on shorts and sits cross legged on the ground all while we tell her every single day how she can dress up in a more flattering way. she actively decides to look like a piece of shit just to spite us, but it just hurts her sales

No. 1084799

She'll remake the video, "Dolly Mattels Pink Christmas"

"… Dolly Mattel yanks the biggest candy cane she can find off the pretty pink tree, she's so horny she can't wait for Daddy Christmas to come stuff her hot pink stocking! She sucks the candy cane getting it nice and wet, before pulling aside her panties and sticking it in her warm pink pussy…"

No. 1084801

>I haven’t used bath bombs in a while
More like you haven’t bathed in a while nasty bitch

No. 1084806

Kek anon are you shays ghost writer ?

No. 1084807

not even the snapchat filter can help with her crooked teeth

No. 1084818

Sage for no milk but why does she look like Greta Thunberg now

No. 1084820

File: 1605643019263.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 81027DFA-3B52-4B33-B111-341DA8…)

she actually does look special needs here. it’s jarring.

No. 1084823

She's looked special needs for a while anon, you could probably argue that she really is special needs.

No. 1084825

She definitely bought all of this shit for herself and is pretending someone bought her a bunch of wishlist stuff. She was just saying the other day she ordered more lights and how convenient it all arrives at the same time. She didn’t once pull out a gift receipt, read it, and say “thank you INSERT NAME HERE” like she does when it’s an actual gift.

No. 1084826

She’s going to be 200 lbs by Christmas, if she isn’t already. It’s like she has given up on her looks completely. I don’t get how she can be so obsessed with shoveling junk food in her face that it’s worth ruining her appearance over.

No. 1084830

File: 1605643782631.jpeg (77.21 KB, 955x369, E09F6EC3-B5E8-43B9-82CE-EA709C…)

Slightly ot but I’ve been rereading the threads cause I’ve been bored. This one made me laugh out loud. If only the farmers 3 years ago knew what was to come…

No. 1084836

are we sure she isnt?

No. 1084849

Jesus. Her fake, untimely, fat-girl laugh is so cringey. She seems depressed and miserable but tries to hide it. She’s trying so hard to appear youthful and fun.

No. 1084890

She is depressed and miserable that’s why she does acts the way she does. Being a whore online is her coping mechanism

No. 1084891

Ugh her fake baby voice is the worst. She doesn’t even seem excited about what she got (assuming this is all from her wishlist from her simps and not cheap shit she got herself). Her personality is bland, even the one she fakes for the camera.

How bleak tho getting cheap amazon jewelry while you destroy your body for rent money. Uwu so bimbo

Also her pretending to be stupid is cringe “Teehee wut r those things called?! Hooks? And uh…ornaments?! I’m so dumb teehee”
Yes, you are a moron but you don’t need to fake it.

No. 1084898

I really think she has no control over it. She reminds me of someone I know and if she’s anything like her get ready cause I think she only half way. She’ll be double this size in 2 years unless she takes serious steps to prevent it

No. 1084905

File: 1605647272993.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1242x1727, 9249CDDF-A16C-4DAA-9801-EDCB28…)

No. 1084907

now I want to throw up

No. 1084909

the way the shorts are hiked up on her leg made me think she was actually wearing a diaper.

No. 1084911

holy fucking shit i didn’t think that bottom tweet was real ??? no way she isn’t under 200lb oh my god

No. 1084912

Brah that seriously looks like raw chicken… I don't think I'm gonna eat dinner this evening, gross….

No. 1084913

File: 1605647544043.png (Spoiler Image,4.71 MB, 1242x2208, DC6678DF-5166-4C21-B306-C1FF9A…)

Blobby Mattel

No. 1084918

File: 1605647616121.png (Spoiler Image,10.42 MB, 1242x2208, 1B8433B5-E000-454E-A844-3E5833…)

Her man thumb

No. 1084920

I was not expecting hole when I unspoilered that. Oh wow.

No. 1084928

Seriously one of her least flattering photos ever. I actually think she may rarely, if ever, look at any other porn besides her own - especially because she doesn't seem to take much pleasure in sexuality anyway. Because if you looked at other women's sexy photos you'd at least have some ideas on angles and positions. This looks like feeder shit for sure, not even just chubby girls.

No. 1084931

File: 1605648754853.jpeg (27.16 KB, 215x274, 2B5FFE7D-CD4F-4288-96EE-618C94…)

Holy fucking shit, that bottom photo. She looks enormous, like not even trying to look lean and attractive. It’s just a pile of skin. Also,
>suction cup clit licking toy
I’m going to vom. Her pussy is already deflated, she doesn’t need any more weird suction on it no matter how minute.

No. 1084934

man i'm trying to be nicer to women with natural bodies but..why the hell would he think this..this is a good thing to post?
Then you can tell it's spit or lube, she's not wet.

No. 1084936

it might have been natural to not have basic hygiene when humans barely stopped being monkeys, but at this point it's just disgusting and going against what's good for one's self.

No. 1084938

she probably won't look at other porn for reference because she doesn't want to be reminded that there are camwhores who look better than her

No. 1084947

all i could think of when she acted like she didn't know what ornaments are was amberlynn reid and how she calls them ordaments kek she resembles her more and more each day

No. 1084981

This is horrible. She needs to move home with her parents so that she has at least a little bit of accountability not to drink and overeat all day. She’s by herself in her apartment all day so there’s nobody there to keep her in check. In 6 months if she ate healthy and dropped the alcohol she could easily get down to a healthy/attractive weight again. Knowing Shayna though, she’s just going to keep doing what she’s doing and be 250 + lbs by the summer

No. 1084983

why does her thumb look like that fucking gross

No. 1084998

File: 1605655249825.jpeg (204.98 KB, 1284x558, CB1EB79B-BA29-4FBA-A892-CCDE7B…)

So let’s just get this straight, she can go out for wine and candy but has to ORDER groceries? what utter bullshit.

No. 1085000

It’s crazy to look at how much she has changed from just 10 threads ago. The rate that she is deteriorating is scary, I’m shocked that her family hasn’t intervened. Maybe they haven’t seen her in a while and don’t realize how bad it has gotten?

No. 1085005

Shayna's rapid weight gain genuinely motivated me to get my own binge eating in check. Now I'm down 35lbs and she's up twice that. Girl, get help. I can't believe the whirlwind she's been on in the last year, and it's even harder to believe that she's convinced herself it's fine.(no one cares)

No. 1085009

Why is she acting like she doesn't know what this stuff is when it's from her Amazon wishlist?

No. 1085010

I was wondering that too, tbh I think she probably bought them for herself but didn’t want to admit it. She claimed she had a PO Box that gifts get sent to, but these were sent directly to her apartment.

No. 1085018

Good for you anon! Shaytard has been doing the same for me

Sage for ot

No. 1085020

Needs more “soon enoughs” lol. I swear that is the only transitional phrase she uses.

No. 1085059

No. 1085074

can't this "bimbo" paint her nails if she isn't going to clip them or at least dig the grime out from under them? such attention to detail yet she posts shit like this

No. 1085078

She looks ridiculous in these outfits. They are made for thin/fit women, on someone her size it looks frumpy and ages her. She looks like a fat middle aged woman squeezing into her teenage daughter’s clothes. I can’t believe she’s only 24.

No. 1085090

File: 1605663271286.png (539.63 KB, 1242x2208, CD938174-12C5-42B8-8350-2EF430…)

Fatty can’t commit to anything

No. 1085092

None of her videos are "complicated"

No. 1085096

>only 24
Actually, it’s worse. She’s 22.

No. 1085097

File: 1605663763741.jpeg (32.47 KB, 480x360, D770470F-B16D-4B23-84F2-64D0C3…)


Bitch shaped like Patrick; lay off the DoorDash fatty.

No. 1085099

She’s not 22 anon

No. 1085102

File: 1605664013584.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, 6BC12106-AD6C-4C26-96F5-362BF8…)

Her customer probably made her refilm because her dirty apartment bothered him kek embarrassing

No. 1085104

isn't she 23?

No. 1085106

File: 1605664148774.png (922.79 KB, 1242x2208, BFCD5461-2D6B-40BF-9830-67FF0B…)

Loser doesn’t know how to do her job

No. 1085109

No. 1085112

The only reason she isn't sperging about this is bc the dude is sucking her asshole. Bet that if he just told her it was wrong and she should have asked him first, Shay would have been like "ppl that take advantage of poor dumb bimbos like me are awful!!"

No. 1085118

Us taking so long to remember her age is just further proof of how shit she looks. She needs to get her shit together already, before her actual age makes her look like that and not bad habits she could change.

No. 1085124

I think it’s more because it’s a guy saying it

No. 1085136

Do other SWers do this? Bragging and posting screenshots of entire conversations with people? I feel like most people would just make a generic, "I always want to make sure you're satisfied," not make several tweets with proof that they just care ~sew much~.

No. 1085168

File: 1605669781831.jpeg (126.69 KB, 676x1313, 249BFE3D-C861-4A8E-B396-463223…)

Yaniv Mattel doin a alcoholic

No. 1085173

kek she really thinks this is what successful advertising is huh?

No. 1085174

File: 1605670056246.png (2.63 MB, 1242x2208, ECD636A0-BB9A-4669-93A7-9F3070…)

why would you post this!???

No. 1085176

Her dog looks miserable.

Kek those buttons holding on like
Mufasa in the lion king.

No. 1085181

her head is the size of a damn pea

No. 1085182

i wish she never got a dog. this looks like it was taken in the fucking pound.

No. 1085183

Imagine being shaynas dog
>inhaling marijuana smoke
>doesn’t get fed some days
>listening to your owner fake moan
>watching her on her dirty couch pulling out her buttplug and inhaling the scent of scat
>being forced to sleep in a disgusting unmade bed with discolored sheets that haven’t been washed in years

No. 1085188

the fuck is that on the couch? has she torn/burned holes in the upholstery already? she hasn't even had it for a year

No. 1085189

File: 1605671549274.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 3464x3464, 1DB25CD3-6C0B-441A-A4CC-61D9A3…)

Shaynas followers are just as degenerate and disgusting garbage as she is. I almost puked lurking at her page
Sage for no milk

No. 1085201

File: 1605675936598.jpeg (81.47 KB, 630x677, B53D0C84-5299-49A2-B9E7-CD17C3…)

Her huge grotesque features look pasted on a tiny head. Weird

No. 1085202

those eyelashes are just awful. It’s like a new trans girl figuring out makeup and going for shit that drag queens use thinking it’s peak femme

No. 1085203

Amazing what abusing alcohol can do to a person in such a short amount of time

No. 1085205

I mean, nobody is going to be interacting with her publicly unless there is something seriously wrong with them. Disgusting though!

No. 1085224


No. 1085235

her opening up all this cheap amazon bullshit like a special needs child is giving me serious amberlynn vibes

No. 1085246

gd the things she got look cheap as hell. the ears fell right off the band as soon as she ripped them out of the package

No. 1085264

For anons that don't know, if you have an Amazon wish list people can buy literally anything and have it sent to you. It doesn't have to be something specifically from their list

No. 1085265

A sugar daddy is supposed to give you something valuable like diamonds, designer items, cars, or property. Fupa bought her cheemsburgers a couple of times and she was ready to move in with him. Sad that she’s willing to stick things in her ass online for some plastic jewelry and spare change. She really needs to get some help.

No. 1085299

File: 1605691584121.jpeg (29.82 KB, 400x323, D2A41D9B-5B80-4C65-9F5F-7B62EE…)

Fucking nitpick but why cant she use the doorhandle properly? She uses it to open but not close wtf.

No. 1085331

It looks like she's wearing sclera contacts cause her eyes are so tiny and rodent-like and the heavy eyeliner and drag queen eye lashes make them look even smaller. Get your shit together, Shaytard. Learn to do makeup and wear clothes that are flattering for your body shape. You look stupid as fuck.

No. 1085334

File: 1605700170433.gif (1.93 MB, 500x236, L9j7goO.gif)

The buttons on that shirt holding on for life like

No. 1085352

Grown women who do the whole kawaii look always look ridiculous in general. Even if you are thin and fit, you are going to look stupid and weird as a woman in your 20s trying to dress like a sexualized toddler.

She looks better in darker and more vivid colors. I have never seen her wear something normal.

No. 1085377

File: 1605709203590.jpeg (342.5 KB, 1080x1920, 790C77BA-D36B-4730-B4C9-96228F…)

>She looks better in darker and more vivid colors. I have never seen her wear something normal.
there's a lot of pictures of her in normal clothes from her shaygnar days and she looks much better

No. 1085379

she was also 100lbs lighter in this picture kek. her being a lazy bitch is her biggest problem, which causes her to be a fat, unhygienic fuck. she was filthy back then and stil is. look at the grime on her sock, how dirty is the fucking ground to get such a dirt mark on your sock

No. 1085380

File: 1605709694615.png (115.41 KB, 760x462, Screenshot_20201118-092214.png)

normal Tuesday night for Shatna Clifford. drinking, doing drugs, and eating junk food, alone in her apartment in a city she moved to for a man who doesn't care about her anymore.

she got kicked out of his house almost two years ago now and is still crying about it. move on, dumbass

No. 1085432

agree with all your points. the bar is literally on the floor for her so yeah it’s easy to say “x, x & x” would make her look better, when in reality she’s always looked like shit.

No. 1085458

fair enough
it's depressing to think that the only way she's ever going to break this pattern is if she meets a new fupa bf to obsess over and he forces her on a diet/weed detox or some shit. girl has no self love

No. 1085487

I know it's old, but I remember her getting very angry, when someone told her that they started following her after browsing her thread on lolcow

No. 1085496

This is actually depressing as fuck. When you’re 18 it’s not the end of the world if you’re a little unpolished and trashy because so many people learn the best makeup for their face and appropriate, flattering styling in their early 20s. I feel like most girls have their little glow-up and laugh or cringe or roll their eyes at how they looked in their “finding themselves” years, but somehow she’s gone backwards. She got WAY fatter, worse at makeup, worse at dressing herself, she seems to be struggling with every aspect of life including just bathing, eating well, and getting either an education or a career that makes enough to not leave her with two bucks at the end of the month; I just don’t know how it all gets this bad at the easiest point in life to better yourself.

No. 1085500

Dang, that is whole different person.

No. 1085513

Her wardrobe was better but her make up skills are still garbage. I would give 18 year old shay a pass because she was young at the time and most girls her age weren’t great at it. But her make up skills are still shit because she refuses to try.

No. 1085518

Shayna is the epitome of peaking in high school

No. 1085551

File: 1605726918562.jpeg (255.13 KB, 1284x570, 37E59805-5977-4EFE-B014-75E8C1…)

I’m not surprised she hasn’t gotten a monitor or keyboard yet, but really? You should have been looking at and ordering those things when you originally ordered the PC. how retarded.

No. 1085558

Everyday I think she can't really be this stupid. Every fucking day; she proves me wrong.

No. 1085581

Just watch and this retard doesn’t even know how to connect the monitor to the pc.

No. 1085587

She’s been talking about streaming for like a year now. Is it finally happening? I want it to be milky but her cam shows were soooooooooo boring.

No. 1085604

this. sex work is shit work and it fucks with your head big time. it clearly fucked with her big time. she didn’t really start to snowball until after her ‘high profile’ shoots. there was that real brief period of her working with people like the lovingly handmade loser and the insex shoot and then she picked up steam fast and crashed into the fucking wall.

shayna is the perfect cautionary tale/poster child as to why people need to stay the fuck away from sex work. even in its ‘least harmful’ forms, i.e. camming, it still fucks these people up and it still wrecks them. what, exactly, is empowering about gaping your asshole for scrotes? does she really think she’s the winner in that equation? at the age of 21 she’s basically destroyed her life. already gone past the point of no return, has fucked her relationships, all of the ugliest stuff is out there and it’s never going away. imagine being her mom or dad or grandma or just anybody in her family seeing that shit she did for insex? like you raised this person and had hopes and dreams for them and they just destroyed themselves for, in shayna’s case, literal pennies. i guess she has nowhere to go but up - if she chose to, i don’t even know if she could manage that - but damn, it’s ugly.

No. 1085610

Or better yet she'll connect it to the motherboard instead of the graphics card and then bitch about how she needs a better computer

No. 1085613

she should not wear white. it’s especially unflattering on her because it’s a crop top, of course she’s massive but why emphasize it?

No. 1085622

i wouldn't be surprised if she ordered a pink mouse and keyboard from amazon already. But i doubt she's smart enough to get a proper mic or webcam for streaming considering she ordered a stream deck instead of a capture card. What even happened to that?

No. 1085629

File: 1605733451598.png (379.18 KB, 760x1263, Screenshot_20201118-160150.png)

Scammy Mattel strikes again. this is the orbiter building the computer asking about including the monitors/keyboard

No. 1085630

Hate to say it, but if she streams she’ll make some $$$ if only from all of us watching to see how downsy she’ll get. She is the ultimate cringecow. ty to the anon who made the yt channel!

No. 1085634

File: 1605733717481.jpg (Spoiler Image,453.22 KB, 1079x1819, Screenshot_20201118-150836_Twi…)

No. 1085639

She is so fucking retarded. Throwing all this money at something that she's clearly done no research on and definitely won't get proper use out of. What a waste of time, labor, and money.

No. 1085645

I really hope she paid that orbiter for her labor. imagine investing months of your time and energy (this girl has been going through some rough shit too) into building a computer for someone, only to watch them let it gather dust in a corner. we all know she's not going to stream when she realizes it's not easy money, or when she gets torn apart by people on twitch, if she even gets that far.

No. 1085659

File: 1605735291137.jpeg (512.65 KB, 1242x970, 7533C02D-3397-4425-B8A6-0B8D1D…)

No. 1085665

you don’t have to give someone money to stream kek most people make little to nothing

No. 1085726

File: 1605740480368.jpg (321.81 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201118-170133_Twi…)

Get ready

No. 1085727

Yeah if shes talking about actual gaming streaming, shes not gonna make shit. People have to work quite a while to build up a significant following and be interesting/funny/attractive AND know the community and about gaming in general to play things people want to see. No nudity allowed so showing her tits wont help her with neckbeards this time. She just thinks because she's a girl who has delusions that shes cute and plays Apex at an average level, she can stream and her orbiters will support her. I think shes low key tired of sex work. She thinks streaming will be less work I guess.

Or shes just saying streaming because shes retarded and she really means camming. In which case, it will be even more hilarious watching her fail at kek.

Also lmao at 2 monitors. shes just going for what she sees ACTUAL gamers do without having a fucking clue about it.

No. 1085742

This. What she even needs 2 monitors for lol? She doesn’t play anything but fortnite, and that rarely too. Also if she figures out how to start streaming and all that, i doubt anyone want to see her fat stupidly high whitetrash ass dying over and over again.

No. 1085753

Maybe she’ll be like a female boogie.

She’ll make pathetic content and people will watch because they feel bad for her/want to laugh at her

No. 1085755

hard kek. if she even needs to "research" how to hookup 2 monitors, shes fucked with that pc.

No. 1085759

Shaytard should check on Jason Wacktard he’s suicide baiting again kek

Also in case anons were curious how his voice sounded. He sounds like an inbred hick loser

No. 1085762

File: 1605743813292.jpeg (424.16 KB, 1242x741, A0BEFA76-2377-41BC-9324-787ECB…)

No. 1085767

File: 1605744283269.jpeg (316.5 KB, 1242x926, F5195B73-0380-4301-B6D4-BE8E45…)

>Excuses excuses excuses
What happened to her puppy chow video and the dog cage video?

No. 1085769

Is she completely unaware of her cycle? Like how do you get caught off guard by that? And why do you not have content already to go for moments like this?

He sounds like I expected but I was guessing a little more cotton mouthy.

She is in for a rude awakening if she can’t flash her tits. For one, she’s hideous. And two, she lacks any genuine personality. I can’t wait for this train wreck.

No. 1085774


Sage because no milk, and clearly late. But what the fuck actually? Like how does this very lonely ham still go on the bimbo spree? Take a look at "bimbos" on reddit and holy shit. She wishes she could be them.
I just don't understand why someone would want to continue that kind of life? It would be one thing if she got her shit together and made um… not disgusting content. But she has zero motivation to do even the most simple thing.

No. 1085776

Why does this sound like the lyrics to a grant macdonald song

No. 1085777

Wouldn't it be obvious for a sex worker to just track her cycle and plan around her period so that kind of stuff doesn't happen? Or maybe I'm the dumb one expecting common sense from Shay.

No. 1085783

I usually know more or less when I’m about to start even without looking at my calendar. So wouldn’t you shoot the week before your period and put the content out whilst taking a break????
And without announcing that you’re taking the day off because no one cares and it will make you see unmotivated/lazy. She’s so retarded
Sage for dumb rant

No. 1085785

I think its another easy excuse for her not to work. She just needs to quit. Or be more upfront about what an e-beggar she is.

No. 1085796

I know periods can be inconsistent but iirc from the last two months she posted about her period… it's been the first week of the month or the 6th-ish to be exact. I know that's weird to know about her, but the other month I went to check if she was lying by looking at the previous month when she posted about it and she had said it the about the same time, so it checked out.

But this time it seems like an excuse for sure because she has "5 customs to do"

No. 1085807

use a menstrual disc or sponge and suck it up, shayna. you probably aren't on your period anyways and just want an excuse not to work

No. 1085815

File: 1605748548782.jpeg (342.84 KB, 1242x1073, CAD27E9F-6079-4A85-B43F-C0ABCD…)

Can’t believe this bitch thinks so highly of herself and thinks she’s a |uwu porn star Barbie~ Real sex workers film on their period with a sponge, have sex with other chicks on their periods, and they don’t take the day off. She would never last in the sex industry. She’s lucky she can sit on her pimpled covered ass and do nothing for money

No. 1085837

File: 1605751160279.gif (252.11 KB, 470x312, tenor (17).gif)

Can't wait till gamer version Shayna kek

No. 1085838

Damn, how did you find this picture of her? kek

No. 1085840

Well she is on the Depo shot and that can cause inconsistent periods. Some people don’t have any sort of normal cycle after a while with different birth control.

No. 1085841

File: 1605751705619.jpeg (619.66 KB, 1242x1519, BDB9442D-B04E-42D5-89FD-CFC804…)

No. 1085842

File: 1605751801616.jpeg (703.29 KB, 1242x1706, 5F644293-E3D8-46A4-A65D-6395E1…)

Kek she couldn’t even say thank you. She’s so ungrateful why would you give her your hard earned cash

No. 1085844

File: 1605751899736.jpeg (893.75 KB, 1242x1739, 9B7CD557-DE24-46B4-9CE6-1CBDB4…)

Shayna is fantasizing medial-rape ?

No. 1085846

This absolutely doesn't add up at all.

Has she just completely overpaid?

Also her dumbass just paying for the highest end stuff when she doesn't know how to use any of it is hilarious. This is gonna be such a waste.

No. 1085847

hold the fuck up. Is this for her whole build? or what?
Cause you can build a whole set up with keyboard, monitor, mouse,and pc for this price.

No. 1085848

She’s buying all this to “stream again” does that mean camming ?? Or has she streamed on twitch before ??? I’m confused

No. 1085849

It's apparently just for a keyboard, monitor and webcam!

No. 1085852

File: 1605752210616.png (566.04 KB, 1242x2208, FE58FD4D-05DA-4B73-B1E4-4B93E6…)

She knows what an enema is! Wow! Why is her buttplugs covered in poop then??

No. 1085853

the orbiter that put together her pc the other day said that it all added up to about $1300 so i have no idea whatsoever how the fuck she spent that on just a keyboard, mouse and webcam. at her level she could have gotten by spending $150 for all that…

No. 1085857

File: 1605752520227.jpeg (720.67 KB, 1242x1567, C8F2C5E4-9944-4852-822F-059CBA…)

Obese bitch spent 800

No. 1085858

>I’ve worked to get to this stage where I can drop money like that
>ebegs for coffee and bread

No. 1085860

She probably brought that Razor Quartz shit that the orbiter recommended because it's pink. One keybord is like 140.

No. 1085863

File: 1605752817488.jpg (2.88 MB, 3264x3264, BeFunky-collage.jpg)

form her screen shot i guessed it might be these 2 things. But I'm still not sure that math adds up.

No. 1085864

File: 1605752860284.jpeg (243.84 KB, 1242x1212, 13155F25-11F1-4AAF-A750-04B453…)

Queen of wasting money

No. 1085868

This bitch is really bragging and acting like she's balling.
>>a Had a aniexty attack because she only had $2 and was relying on her check, meaning she's living paycheck to pay check.
>>Does not have a car
>>Claims to be a bimbo but spent more on work out powder and food then she does on wigs/clothes.
>>begs all day
>>Looks broke
>>acts broke
>> Is going to spend a lot of money on this set up she won't use, because, "i don't feel comfortable with my body right now"
And then she'll spend more money pretending to eat healthy and work out.

No. 1085872

>I’ve worked to get to this stage where I can drop money like that
KEK riiiight. That’s why you’re wearing amazon dollar store jewelry and used or fake uggs. Thriving for sure.

She’s so delusional. She thinks she’s going to strike it rich steaming. She truly believes she’s going to make alll that money back. Yikes. This gonna be milky.

No. 1085875

I almost want to feel bad for this idiot; but I'm also popping the popcorn for the epic shit show this will be.

No. 1085877

800 on a monitor? What? I'm so confused because 4k tvs that are 55" + dont even cost that. Did she get one of those curved ones or something thinking it was cool? Good lord this next month is either going to be milky and hilarious or nothing is gonna happen with the shit.
Also the screenshot said 4 items, but she just said monitor, keyboard, and webcam. Maybe she forgot the mouse or shes scamming and bought herself something else that was expensive.

No. 1085880

I cant believe she said that I'm rolling laughing. But it is Shayna and she loves to be a delusional, condescending bitch.

She can afford to drop 1k on some shit she wont use each month, spend another 1k on food and weed and have just enough for another 1k in rent. No car, no new furnishings since she moved in, no nice decor for her house, nothing to pamper her pets. Is still squeezing into clothes shes had for years that are way too small. E-begs for make up, coffee, uber, etc. But yeah, she's so flush and worked so hard for so long to be this thriving!

No. 1085883

Even a decent size curved one is like $300 these days. She's overpaying big time on shit she's gonna touch once or twice and then go back to using her macbook all the time

No. 1085884

You'd think she was spending 10k the way she went, "I worked hard for 5 years to get this to point"

I can think of 50 different things she could buy that'd be more useful, maybe Rich Bitch Shayna will buy a Thread mill next, that'd actually be a decent investment..

No. 1085885

what the fuck!! if the orbiter told her to spend this much she needs to block her immediately. i don't understand how someone who started their career with a macbook and a logitech cam suddenly thinks spending all of this money just to cam is necessary. can't wait when she has a meltdown and decides this is all a waste of money when she can't make $2.5k-3k in 5 days.

No. 1085886

File: 1605754433344.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3464x3464, 5FE3377C-A0E3-4C7F-83C3-BCB378…)

No. 1085887

>$800 240 Hz gaming monitor
She is a fucking retard. What is she going to do with it? Play CS:GO professionally?

Razer is also overpriced shit that will break in six months.

No. 1085888


No. 1085890

File: 1605754627876.jpg (71.47 KB, 1080x572, Screenshot_20201118-205712_Twi…)

She ordered this too

No. 1085897

for $800 that had better be like, 60 inches wide. i didnt have high expectations for her but holy. shit.

No. 1085899

careful, she might plagiarize this! it's better written than her actual summaries.

No. 1085913

I’m screaming she spent $800 on a monitor but only $40 on a shitty Chinese keyboard (probably only because it’s ~piNk~) that’s gonna break in like 2 months time.

Also she is delusional, people who have been streaming for YEARS and have a following still struggle to get partner on Twitch, which is when she’d actually be making money off of streaming due to subs. It’s invite only, meaning Twitch seeks out affiliates with steady views (it’s about 500 LIVE viewers per stream) and a steady stream schedule with at least 3 dedicated streaming days. Oh, and they have to abide by their rules, such as their “dress code” and not having ANY mention of sex work on their profile or in their streams. Oh, and I’m pretty sure as of a few years ago they highly look down on drinking on stream (smoking weed has ALWAYS been a no no).

The Affiliate program will earn her next to nothing, and she’s not going to be getting any sponsorships and she’s definitely not going to be winning tournaments. So TL;DR she just blew almost $3k to start streaming when there’s like a 96% chance she won’t earn even 10% of that back through streaming alone.

Saged for super autistic stream sperging

No. 1085915

Lol my first thought was also that this bitch doesn’t even have a car. She is like a child with how she spends her money, no savings or investments because she spends all of her money on things she will use once and then never again. Good luck with retirement, hope she still wants to be doing this shit when she’s in her 80s because she’s going to have to.

No. 1085916

yeah i have multiple friends that are affiliates and you literally make nothing kek.
this might be her most half-baked plan yet if she’s planning on going the twitch route.

No. 1085920

She thinks she is going to be like Pokimane! What she doesn’t realize is that she is about 3 years late to the Twitch gravy train. Even if she was extremely attractive, amazing at gaming, and had an entertaining personality she probably couldn’t break into the oversaturated market, much like her current situation in sex work. Unfortunately, she has none of those qualities and is going to flop HARD. It’s so funny that she thinks she is going to make money.

No. 1085923

File: 1605757120158.png (220.86 KB, 510x736, pc.PNG)

okay so I "built" the pc in amazon based on these pics >>1082307 and minus the part sitting on top of one of the purple box it does come out to the estimate the orbiter gave. What's fucked tho and typical scammy shay is that the orbiter never charged her for labor.

The point still stands if she's just camming to the 40 people max I've ever seen in her room she doesn't need more than a basic ass chromebook kek. She hasn't even bothered to do lives in a couple months now with her phone even what makes her think a pc will motivate her?

No. 1085925

I’m hoping the Twitch saga will be extra milky. Maybe we will get some new farmers out of this! Regardless, she can count on me to tune into her streams, if nobody else lmao

No. 1085927

We really think this monitor is 800 or did she buy some other expensive shit shes not saying? Looks like she typed in "pro gamer streaming monitor" or something and picked the most expensive thinking its somehow better and necessary. What would make it so expensive? I know a bit about pcs but not an expert by any means. I know friends who actually stream and I'm pretty sure they didnt spend 800 on small monitor like this. 800+ on a pc, sure. But a monitor?

No. 1085928

LMFAOOOO what does she need a 240hz monitor for when she doesn’t even know how to set up dual monitors???? Wasn’t she crying about not being able to afford an inhaler or some shit a week ago? Holy shit can she not contradict herself every two seconds. I don’t get why some anons feel bad for her, she’s so fucking stupid and bitchy. Can’t wait for her to quit streaming after two days and waste all that money.

No. 1085933

I know I’m super exited for this saga too

What monitor is $800 holy guacamole

No. 1085937

Silly anon, she needs that 240hz monitor to stream Fortnite like the other cool kids!

No. 1085940

File: 1605758113299.jpg (352.32 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20201118-215454_Twi…)

No. 1085941

File: 1605758147046.jpg (203.04 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20201118-215513_Twi…)

Always so PuNnY Shay

No. 1085943

Razer is overpriced but I’ve had my razer keyboard for 1.5years and it’s still in good condition, but knowing Shay she’ll let noodle chew on it

No. 1085952

Does anyone else think that if Shay does move back to MA, her dad has an intervention planned?

No. 1085977

I feel like if they were going to intervene that they would have done so already. Then again if he saw how badly she has declined in just the past few months I think that there is a chance.

No. 1085979

If you were a normal, working, suburban dad, would you let your alcoholic fat pornstar daughter come live with you with no intervention?

At the very least I'm assuming he would make her quit onlyfans before moving in.

"Hey, Is your daughter that fat special needs girl who shoves turkey basters up her ass for 3$? not a good look

No. 1085987

File: 1605764757207.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3464x3464, 4058BD92-8639-4EBF-888E-386046…)

Can’t keep her fat lard ass outta drama

No. 1085990

Lmao true. At this point I don’t know what else would save her. She probably would rather continue this life than just taking the L and allowing her family to help her get on a better path.
I bet there is a deeper reason why she has avoided going home no matter how bad her life has gotten in Tulsa. Maybe she feels inadequate compared to her siblings and doesn’t want to come home the “prodigal daughter”. Safe to assume that she’s the family black sheep.

No. 1085994

They probably don't see the point. Forcing her to do anything is going to make her cling to the DDLG barbie sex worker shit for longer. I don't think it matters anyway. She's ruined her life and she's not even 25. Any future employer is going to google her name and find 60+ LC threads full of her boil covered asshole.

No. 1085996

Wasn’t this dumb bitch begging for money like a week ago because she spent it all on door dash sushi and couldn’t even afford her inhaler?

No. 1086000

Why does she act like she is at the point where she can drop this much in a whim? She’s been scrimping and planning to get a pc setup for a year now, begging for pocket change along the way so her lights don’t get cut off, and had to choose between this and a fucking car (something most people her age have had for a bit) even after months and months of saving. Most people could buy this with no regrets, second thoughts, or “omg look I spent all of my saved money” tweets in a few months.

No. 1086001

She can still decide to improve her situation instead of continuing to get worse. She might not be able to work some jobs but there are still options. She could even just improve her personality and looks enough that some guy will take pity on her and take care of her. The longer she holds out the less opportunity there will be though, and we know how she is.

No. 1086004

How is this drama? They’re just condemning some ejaculator.

No. 1086006

She is putting her nose in business and commenting on everything she sees when she does public masturbation all the time

No. 1086016

Tbh I can't wait till Shay starts streaming Among Us with her "Daddys", realizing she can never win, and then crying on twitch and rage quitting for good. I really want to watch her pretend to not be an imposter honestly, I will use my prime sub if it encourages her at least for a few days.
God knows she has no knowledge of vidyea outside of what is popular, she's worse than moo in that regard.

Its all just so splendid

No. 1086025

just use a menstrual cup you stupid toddler, since you are such an anal queen you can just not use your vagina.

this makes me wonder if she is off the depo shot, since until now she hasn't been consistently complaining about her period. maybe she is just figured out she can lie about this too though.

she said she wanted two but instead she is buying one for fucking 800$?

No. 1086027


is it possible she ordered two for $400 each

No. 1086029

File: 1605774146862.jpeg (118.12 KB, 720x720, 32211FDD-175C-4CDC-899D-F0D580…)

shay’s eating habits in a nutshell

No. 1086032

i'm not sure if amazon counts items as one even if you order multiply or not but the check out part of her screenshot shows 4 and i'm assuming the unscreenshoted mouse is the 4th item, unless for some fucking reason she decided to not buy it with the other stuff together?

No. 1086065

she has it like that but keeps bragging about how much money she's spent.
Does she think everyone is living pay check to paycheck and they see this as some huge amount of money?

No. 1086066

>>They cannot have it like you..
A bunch of broke people follow Shayna and really think she's making so much money.
When you look at Shayna the last thing you think is this person is well off.

No. 1086090

I know nothing about game streaming or Twitch, but if this is all true, I can't wait for her profile to be shut down and her have a massive meltdown about how she spent so much money because she absolutely can not adhere to rules and TOS. I remember her having epic rants when her Twitter and Snapchat kept getting shut down due to violating TOS and liked to blame lolcow and just women in general kek This is going to be a very Merry Christmas. More milky than last Christmas when she wanted to an hero after making a porno about a 2yr old getting fucked.

No. 1086096


>So much money, I'm quivering


Wow, such a high roller bimbo lifestyle! Total sugar baby! Last I checked real bimbos and sugar babies spend that without begging people on Twitter to "make them feel better" about it.

No. 1086098

My schadenfreude is LIVING. Unless you’re playing pro, there’s no fucking point to the frivolous spending. She has mentality of a child. I’m almost sure that orbiter is sabotaging Shay, she’s always shilling the most unnecessarily expensive shit so her Best Buy bf can make commission kek. There are people who are making it with 60Hz monitors and 720p webcam because they have something to offer. God I have waited to sooo long for this shit show aaaaa

No. 1086144

A good gaming laptop goes for around 2-2.5k. This is on the low/medium end of computers price wise especially since she "bought" parts individually. Not sure why shes acting as if its such a big price as if she's flexing. Custom built PCs are expensive as fuck and could easily go double for what she paid. I'm 100% sure she has no clue whats even inside her computer though so building a PC from scratch is pretty moot. You do it so you can manually change parts when they get old so you don't end up having to spend another 1300 on a whole new computer which I highly doubt Shay will ever want to do. She probably won't even open the case kek.

She could have easily bought a pre-built one online and saved herself the hassle. She's going to have no clue how to fix anything if they set it up wrong or if any of the delicate parts move out of place during the travel to her house. Again hammy mattel is a gluttonous wasteful pig and acting like she's a baller barbie.

No. 1086212

This bitch infuriates me. Why drop that amount of money when all she’s going to play on it is fucking Fortnite? She simply does shit for the sake of getting on the e-girl train and fails miserably. Then has the nerve to keep e-begging like the piece of lazy shit she is.

No. 1086223

Right??? She hasn’t even talked about playing her switch. She’s such a gamer but doesn’t play with the console she already has. She would rather spend thousands on a pc she is essentially just getting as an accessory to be cool and quirky. Sage for rant but I’m not even a gamer and this just pisses me off

No. 1086228

File: 1605800815421.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1082x1204, 34677DF5-8595-438E-AAC7-05B27B…)

Same fag but if she wants to play fort nite she could just play it on her switch. Doubt she has even touched her animal crossing game. She doesn’t even deserve to play such a cute wholesome game because she’s just going to sexualize it like she does with any innocent object. Disgusting bitch

No. 1086235

>She doesn’t even deserve to play such a cute wholesome game
You sound like a cow.

No. 1086236

Crop tops can look good on overweight girls if they are worn correctly. It's not 2002 where everyone is wearing one to show off their abs. They show barely anything nowadays especially with super high rise pants they are usually worn with. The white one she wears is just awful though as it's bursting open and worn with that hideous skirt as is how she tries to dress like a toddler from one of those pedo beauty pageants.

She's never dressed well. Even in her thinner days she dressed like a troon with her programmer socks.

No. 1086237

She barely goes outside and she sleeps late. Lack of vitamin D can cause your cycles to be abnormally long and irregular. I doubt she takes supplements to make up for it.

No. 1086242

Do most women really have a cycle that is that consistent? Aren't most women's cycles slightly variable without birth control? I didn't know how to track mine until I leant about fertility awareness and had children. I was way older than Shayna.

I wouldn't knock her for not knowing when to expect her period. That's a bit harsh.

No. 1086245

ntayrt but replying like that just makes you sound more cow-like

No. 1086246

I don’t think anon was attacking her for not being aware of her cycle, the point is that she uses her period as an excuse not to do her job every month

No. 1086252

File: 1605803822910.jpg (257.72 KB, 1080x726, Screenshot_20201119-103657_Twi…)

And here she is being a pick me "uwu I support men unlike other girls"

No. 1086257

Did she say/retweet anything for international women's day? Resisting the urge to say rude things about men kek.

No. 1086260

The irony of her condemning public sex when she's constantly flaunting her disgusting kink shit out in public.
Lest we remind her of her constant public flashing in many public, outdoor and even communal places like medical offices, constant masturbation in public toilets and in view of neighbors on her porch, and not to mention the absurd kink-based outfits she wears solely because she thinks someone is going to get hot and bothered seeing her sweaty, hog body in a costume version of teen clothing.

she's absolutely not tech savvy enough to have a custom PC. she's not going to stream on twitch or any platform for that matter. she's simply too lazy. she's going to flounder the second she needs to do anything more difficult than hit the power button. it'll sit in her room collecting dust just like everything else.

No. 1086278

File: 1605805565959.jpg (185.35 KB, 1080x1496, 1559006725753.jpg)

Never forget kek

No. 1086298

File: 1605807519304.jpeg (478 KB, 1242x1271, 638378B5-6049-440C-8897-95A6AA…)

No. 1086300

Hasn't she also had her whole pussy out in an uber more than once?

YouTube? Family friendly YT that stopped supporting their top creator? She, as a SWer wants to do youtube instead of twitch? Is she retarded?

No. 1086306

I know, twitch is cool with sw, but youtube has crazy rules and demonetizing left and right, but if she plans on doing live streams through YouTube she can still get some mad tips, but tips is all she will get

No. 1086308

Twitch is cool with sex work…?

No. 1086313

the anons that think she is going to get any real money are as delusional as she is and clearly don’t know anything about streaming games for a small audience

No. 1086315

File: 1605808824897.jpeg (788.63 KB, 1242x1388, EFCD1092-3676-42C9-ABB4-C2BABB…)

Sperg incoming

No. 1086316

File: 1605808880046.png (1.88 MB, 1242x2208, 10B93F54-D9C7-48CE-8095-4440D3…)

Interacting with Indigo White again

No. 1086318

File: 1605808914081.jpeg (286.92 KB, 1222x1525, 15DBB55B-3C79-42A8-9200-A4038A…)

She’s going to delete these soon if she hasn’t already

No. 1086321

Wtf. Does that mean all the tweets Shayna deletes are an admittance of a fuck up?

No. 1086322

File: 1605809107027.jpeg (568.89 KB, 1242x1340, 83113B97-C1C6-4DB6-96C8-2FBAF6…)

>Women are so evil

No. 1086325

Funny how she projected her own entire career as a sex worker onto cancel culture kek

No. 1086330

File: 1605810196786.jpg (315.66 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20201119-101906_Chr…)

Why is she advertising her OF is $3 on twitter, but it's been $5 all month? I'm not familiar with OF to know if the site would reset the price, but honestly I just think shes trying to get more money for subs again like she does now and then. And then goes "oopsie, I didnt realize the price got changed, its 3 again now and forever sowwry!"

When is she going to realize shes only ever going to be worth a small order of Mcnuggets and not a whole "cheemsburgner" kek

No. 1086333

File: 1605810409780.jpeg (403.93 KB, 1242x1063, 8F6EB1E3-4D27-4D30-A387-148B2E…)

Normal men don’t purchase degenerate porn Shayna

No. 1086336

Ok but then you're "sticking up for them" sounds performative af and that you just want them for money anyway. Which Shay has made comments about dudes just being atms and she only cares about money so… Not the best look of you're trying to actually advocate for mens issues.

No. 1086338

YouTube? Shayna really? You can’t be this fucking dumb. YT demonetizes people for everything. They were demonetizing creators for saying “COVID” ffs. Give it up, you spent almost 2k on a PC you won’t even get any use out of. How pathetic.

No. 1086339

So who called her out this time

No. 1086340

clearly the best way to show you're an ally to men is to brag about the money you make off of them

No. 1086343

File: 1605810937833.jpeg (568.28 KB, 1242x997, E18C42EF-171A-47C5-932E-C583C8…)

You are the poster child of a bad business model Shayna all you do is complain and be fat on the Twitter timeline

No. 1086345

she really thinks most people’s lives revolve around twitter likes, just because hers does

No. 1086346

File: 1605811024408.jpeg (209.77 KB, 1284x584, 152856A3-3754-47B5-A798-772BEB…)

you woke up wet because you have your period or pissed yourself stupid fuck

No. 1086348

wow if only i could be picked by jason womack. i’m so sad now.

No. 1086349

uhh yeah didn’t she say she’s on her period? that’s blood, shayna.

No. 1086350

while she sits around trashing women on twitter and then complains about the female sw community not wanting to associate with her, aside from 3 dedicated orbiters

No. 1086354

Girl just because you didn't tag whoever that dumb bitch was doesn't mean you're not doing the same thing rn? She's literally writing paragraphs about why cancel culture bad uwu, my god she is SO stupid.

No. 1086356

Shayna you are not attractive enough where simping for men will get you attention or a bigger fanbase, trust me.
This bitch really thinks these men care about her & will shower her with gifts because she's a pick me, nope.
You can't even get picked by a bottom of the barrell male with 3 kids who's a short manlet.

No. 1086358

>all you do is complain and be fat on the Twitter timeline
I legitimately lol'd, thank you anon.

Look at her giving free sex work advice out on Twitter. Didn't she used to charge like $50 for SW coaching?

No. 1086361

> hobbies include anal, butt stuff

is this satire because that is the same

No. 1086363

Yes the next thing is like "and shopping for things to put up my butt" and probably another mention of bUTtStUfF.

Anal (not like other girls), e begging & whoring for weed money, and retarded old guys that will take what they can get is her bio for everything. Well that was the honest version lol.

No. 1086366

God shes so dumb. I'm surprised she wasnt like "…oh wait. That's blood leaking from my pussy! Teehee" because that's what probably actually happened

No. 1086367

Shayna really annoys me because she goes on these long ass rants talking to NO ONE. I think she loves that her twitter is dead and people barely comment. She only cares about numbers/retweets.
She hates conflict so she runs to her dead twitter to flip out about shit where she know, no one will see it.
One day it's going to go horribly wrong and I'm going to love it.
I always imagine what Shayna would do if she was like Taylor Dean who actually has people interacting with her tweets, she'd go crazy. She wants to go viral but when/if she does she won't be able to take different opinions.

No. 1086368

Isn't this exactly what someone did when they politely disagreed with her on the subject of sex trafficking (as a victim of it themselves), after which she then proceeded to DM them telling them to "get their shit straight" while tweeting stuff like "i'm just never going to speak again/people are always trying to cause drama/not putting anymore personal stuff on this account," all whilst never apologizing or owning up to what she said? By her logic here >>1086316 that means she should be cancelled

No. 1086370

Shayna has said saying not all men are bad is like saying, "all lives matter" after Fupa sat on her heart again, she contradicts herself every other tweet.

No. 1086372

her OF was 3$ per month for quite a while, has nothing to do with the 3 month subscription. she even complained about losing Fans because she raised the monthly price from 3$ to 5$. are you one of her fugly orbiters or the hamqueen herself?

No. 1086375


i am not the hamqueen but its just advertising tactics why are yall nitpicking the price of her OF no ones buying that shit anyways regardless if it's $3 or $5

No. 1086376

it's always the cancelled retards like shayna who complain

No. 1086380

There was an idiot who said "her 3 month sub price breaks down to almost 3 a month retard" but then realized they were actually the retard and dirty deleted faster than Shay kek

It's just funny when she tries to get a couple dollars more but cant. why does she non stop embarrass herself? like 3 bucks for your thousands of ugly nudes and horrible vids is the max value hun kek

No. 1086386

File: 1605815545442.jpg (946.67 KB, 1920x3381, CollageMaker_20201119_13492597…)

I find it very funny that shayna pretends she's such a nice and peaceful person, yet makes fun of one of her more chattier discord members to the point he bailed from her discord. Kek

Pineapple dude had been pretty chatty and was always trying to gas up shayna until this week.

No. 1086392

God I can’t wait for her first stream, it’s going to be a train wreck. Doesn’t look like she’s registered a Twitch account yet.

No. 1086393

guess he didn’t pick her after all

No. 1086404

Don't you have to pay to have access to her discord?

No. 1086405

no. there are several farmers in there that post caps.

No. 1086407

Sex workers cancelling other sex workers is like watching two schizophrenics in a psych ward argue about who is more insane. No one outside the sex work community cares, the disgusting men who use them as fap fodder don't care, the sites that earn money from publishing their porn don't care. It's performative bullshit that has absolutely no worth to anyone who isn't a sex worker.

No. 1086413

But look at the men who send you money Shay. Good ol naked dude sitting on a toilet and Jason r Womack

No. 1086420

yes but most complaints come from butthurt people and she has compained many times. if it were unfair, i would defend her but it's not the case.

No. 1086421

Ah, thank you! I thought it was part of a package or something with her OF or snap or whatever. Either way, very wise of her to alienate her very few orbiters by being an utter bitch. She doesn't even feel bad. She clearly doesn't love her customers either, she probably hates having to be pleasant to Jason publicly, but he gives her money, so. What a grim, grim life.

No. 1086423

Hey shay. Stop telling other people what they can and can’t do or why they shouldn’t, when you just bitched about how other people do it for validation and a following.

You wonder why you’re a laughing stock of the “community” and failing hardcore.

Also, congrats on getting picked by a bunch of porn sick hick fucks. What an accomplishment in life.

No. 1086442

File: 1605820002352.jpeg (892.05 KB, 1242x1579, 565954B0-AC17-4EC8-A561-46DFBD…)

I feel bad for dog she looks miserable all the time. Someone save noodle

No. 1086443

kek to her saying having enough weed on hand to display is "a waste". bitch you have wasted and continue to waste POUNDS of weed because you barely inhale any smoke!

also "i puke every time I drink. I'm not good at drinking". no you're just an alcoholic. why would you tell that to people when you've basically admitted to drinking nightly for about a week or two or has it been a month?! Ahh sorry time passes fast in this pandemic

No. 1086447

Lol how is this working out for her? Let’s see… her fat, ugly, cringy, old boyfriend used her up and got bored. Her father married into a better family and got a daughter upgrade who he probably loves more and is more proud of than Shayna at this point. Where exactly is she getting picked? Men don’t value her at all, no amount of pandering is going to change that.

No. 1086449

File: 1605820150981.jpeg (390.44 KB, 1242x1246, 3870D2BF-14D7-45AF-918D-E0BF4C…)

No. 1086471

Does she not realize she can smoke the weed and use the accessories she displays? Like her sex toys? Oh wait, she doesn't use her sex toys save the same 3 in rotation, kek.

She is just so. Gross. And so is he. Everything about this is gross.

No. 1086478

File: 1605823561604.jpeg (860.87 KB, 1242x1656, F18D27A2-7CE3-4F9F-BD51-B01B87…)

Every time I open my timeline this bitch is talking out her ass about something. No one cares about your opinion Shayna. She’s literally just parroting the general Twitter consensus adding absolutely no original thought.

No. 1086487

There was a discussion about it in /ot/ lol.

No. 1086491

Im so glad her life is gone to shit . Everytime she makes these post im just glad she’s rock bottom while trying to talk down on others when she has to look up to do it.

No. 1086493

Didn't this bitch once make rude comments about people choosing to go to school and being in debt or something like that?

No. 1086505

Free college education will never be good. Isn’t there programs for low income people anyways?? Wasn’t she saying college is for boring people who want to start families? Why is she sperging over the dumbest shit?

No. 1086509

If she actually puked more than half the time she drank, she’d be skinnier. Not buying it, kek.

No. 1086513

Yep, she acted like she was so much better because she’s running a business and they’re going to school.