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File: 1619885250292.jpeg (356.75 KB, 1190x949, 1619597231449.jpeg)

No. 1221034

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

First Thread >>>/snow/344490
Last Thread >>>/snow/1213075

>orders herself party sized donuts to speedrun feeder saga >>1213081

>brags about scrotes playing her sped porn on her TV >>1213107 and her being their phone wallpaper >>1214611
>warns other sw of smoking on onlyfans as if she’s one to follow rules >>1213141
>then shows pics of rolled up weed on her underwear that she was probably too fat to squeeze into >>1213181
>decides that taking basic care of her pets is too hard for the uwu dolly bimbo, so wastes more money on a self-cleaning litterbox that will probably break in 2 months >>1213378 and a self-feeding bowl >>1219129
>buys xbox on rent so fupapa will have yet another toy >>1213513
>excel chart anon pulls through compiling a list of shay’s manic spendings, revealing she’s spent just over $2000 IN APRIL, including a dog dick dildo >>1213591
>shows off her Lizzie McGuire makeup set on filthy rug, another $168 down the drain because we all know she’ll keep the same ratty makeup look >>1213634
>tweets about being unable to find the oven light revealing how little she cooks kek >>1213662 also realises extremely late that you can display the Switch screen on a TV >>1216004
>decides the way to becoming a true bimbo is getting eyelash extensions, microbladed brows and and electrolysis on her coochie hairs instead of, idk, losing lard and cutting back on weed/booze firstly >>1213795
>mistakes vag boogers for cum and eats it, creating horrorcow worthy gif >>1214366
>brown lipstick makes a return when shay resorts back to puppy play, showing off her sweaty rolls, hank hill ass and yellow soles >>1213992
>can’t decide whether her pussy is fat or small, must be the weed frying your brain, shat >>1213909
>still pulling the ‘ur dad’ in 2021, captioned above a pic where her hand is weirdly tiny >>1213993
>naughty nathan announces he will not be renewing anyone’s sub this month, leaving shay with one less orbiter >>1214276
>anons speculate on what the fuck oozed out of her ass in a video >>1214342
>admits to the luna-levels of filth she lives in because too lazy to clean >>1214494 also exposed herself of not owning cleaning supplies in the first place >>1214516
>makes a dumb take about how Elle Woods was a bimbo, missing the whole point of the movie >>1214825
>decides she needs an iPad for ‘admin work’ and also an apple pen because her grubby digits are making the screen dirty >>1217893
>spends $300 at shein >>1215274
>attempts and fails at being a domme yet again and makes the professional decision of publicly posting customer interactions >>1215386
>shows off absolutely FILTHY apartment thick with dust >>1215709 and the spaghetti noodle on the disgusting carpet next to noodle >>1216479
>RPDR sperging on snapchat looking haggard as usual in the dark >>1215760
>ghetto charcuterie >>1216295
>more retarded copes trying to affirm herself that sex work is real work >>1216322 >>1216326
>cow crossover with indigo going on a complete pick-me sperg >>1216457
>shayna luther king returns using…you guessed it…spongebob pics to go with her dumb takes >>1217057
>returns to talking about moving and changes her prices presumably realising the amount of money she’s blown on crap after fupa has once again dipped >>1218036 also says she wants a yard so she can have a KIDDIE pool to take nudes in >>1219020
>former highschool students that went to school with shay discover her bleak life (no doubt pissing themselves laughing at her) and male OF poster comments ‘there’s a bunch of threads trashtalking you’ kek >>1218421
>gets a HIDEOUS grandma rug and in first few days spills lube on it >>1218444 >>1218488
>posts about the most mundane things revealing how bleak her life is and her absolute lack of social interaction >>1219053
>says that posting pics of you as a minor on your sw account is weird, anon pulls up pic of her doing exactly that kek >>1219186
>releases absolute retarded video titled ‘foot in mouth syndrome’ where we see the hog chomping down on her ogre feet >>1219237
>gray old fart makes backhanded remark in response to shay asking what she should do for her birthday, followed by shay having a moment of self-awareness to how true it is >>1219834 >>1219837
>wants to go on a cruise but couldn’t possibly be without weed for even a week!!! >>1219838
>just a downward spiral in general of her appearance as her vag ressembles more and more a neovag >>1220007 her busted asshole >>1220769 and her face becoming scarily close to that of yaniv’s >>1220771
>puts her mother on blast yet again on her sex work page, as if scrotes care. also meltdown ensues when a cowtipper posing as coomer points out that it’s only reasonable a parent would want something different for their child (didn’t even say ‘better’ but shay still loses it) >>1220059


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No. 1221036

No. 1221062

Looks good anon thank you for choosing this thread picture!!

No. 1221099

Good thread photo pic, and fantastic summary (jesus christ, did all of that happen in the span of ONE thread?).

No. 1221114

Thread anon you did amazing sweetie!

No. 1221126

Please make all of the Shayna threads from now on, anon. Wish all threads were this thorough yet concise.

No. 1221135

it's aight but most of it's not milk lol just opinions

No. 1221146

You made this in such a timely fashion! You’re a real one, anon

No. 1221200

Concise? Where??
A summary is supposed to summarize, jesus.

No. 1221215

>Shay is fat, lazy, rude, and still spending too much money
I s2g OP anons cannot win. If it's too short, people ree about how OP missed things, and apparently if it's too long that's bad as well for SOME reason. Skip through the recap if you think it's too long and you read all of the last thread.

No. 1221220

Its amazing how quickly she racks up threads. Can't wait to celebrate the big 100, prob happen this year too knowing how shes fucked up her life.

No. 1221240

my bad anon, i perhaps did put too many things. it’s really just for people who couldn’t be arsed to read last thread and want everything that happened, thanks for criticism though appreciate

No. 1221245

You did good, anon. Some anons just like celebrating every new thread by bitching about it.

No. 1221259

This thread is great, don't listen to that person. Summarizing someone as neurotic as Shat is no small feat. You did great summarizing.

No. 1221268

What happened to her getting lash extensions? Thought she was supposed to last Thursday?

No. 1221269

Anon I wish I could give you gold/a medal/a high five this thread is GOLD

Also, Shay really had bought all this shit for more than two grand and an iPad and not bought herself a fucking Apple Watch or something that might encourage her ass to go a walk

No. 1221271

thanks anons. im blushing

No. 1221286

stfu already fuck

No. 1221289

post some milk then

No. 1221290

Lol she would never. Cant have evidence of her just smoking drinking and sleeping her day away.

You salty cunts can fuck off.

No. 1221305

I always wonder how the people who donate to her moving funds feel after she flaunts all this crap. And she even had the nerve to beg for people to buy her an apple pen.

No. 1221337

Just because there's no milk right now doesn't mean you need to suck off OP repeatedly lmfao. Shut The Fuck Up!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1221360

File: 1619918883482.jpeg (215.69 KB, 997x446, 8F983511-31B9-4B97-8350-48945B…)

Shayna only did one video on her “schedule” will she ever stick to one? It’s so embarrassing
Sage for no milk also stop infighting

No. 1221398

File: 1619925141220.jpeg (45.32 KB, 750x205, 9828CB5E-C291-4FDF-AA81-E95856…)

She had one “good” month then stopped camming since she thought that money would keep coming in? What is this logic?

No. 1221464

File: 1619933203817.jpg (365.38 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20210502-002621_Twi…)

You don't even take care of the pets you have now

No. 1221591

She can't even save money to fucking move. Shaytard running a “doggie rescue” would end up being Purr cat cafe all over again.

No. 1221624

Kek even in her dreams she’s sitting on her ass not actually doing anything while feeling her spending addiction

No. 1221673

>saving money

Two things she’s literally incapable of doing.

No. 1221680

don’t forget to add cleaning on the list. imagine if this cow actually tried to run a doggy rescue? she can barely keep a small apartment clean with one dog and two cats, there’s no way she’d be willing to pick up dog shit and groom 10+ dogs.

No. 1221710

Oh please, please don't. Why is it always dirty, disorganized, mentally ill addicts like Shayna who hoard animals? It just makes their lives even more dirty and more chaotic and makes them even more broke. No, no, no. Hopefully she's just procrastinating like she always does.

No. 1221713

It’ll never happen. Even if she happened to come into the money to actually do this, she would spend it all in a matter of months on stupid shit. This is just something she posted to seem uwu so humble and wholesome and get retweeted or something.

No. 1221733

File: 1619973155401.png (325.89 KB, 750x1334, 892B8958-DDA5-43AC-84DD-E02A6E…)

her trying to force “i love dogs” as a personality is almost as bad as “i smoke weed” and spongebob

No. 1221740

File: 1619973686337.jpeg (87.25 KB, 750x722, 74D3B95E-7FEE-4E6E-A8D2-E808E6…)

>sells her asshole for $3/mth
>talking about saving up $2m
>can’t go a day without spending $100+ on weed, food, or stupid shit
I know it’s a fantasy but Shayna pls

No. 1221741

2 million? Better start chatting up those scat coomers asap, Shay. You might make it before you're 80.

No. 1221748

File: 1619974684972.jpeg (189.8 KB, 750x527, FD45A924-7B3D-49ED-A2AD-F24259…)

Ok is your new mommy gonna you 1k for you to move? When you eventually beg for that again Shatna?

Oh she’s just proud of your your disgusting retardation porn. Cool.

No. 1221751

The only woman Shayna doesn’t hate is -of course- a tranny

No. 1221754

She couldn't even begin to do these things for 2 million dollars. She has no concept of how much real things cost. It's sad.

No. 1221759

imagine birthing a kid just for them to grow up and disown you so she can call some random degen she knows online "mom". i know shay's joking but i'm sure that would actually hurt.

No. 1221764


Holy fuck, ofcourse depraved larper is proud of Shatna. She’s ticking all the boxes of what troons think a woman is and she does it just as well as many of them.

- a fuck hole
- dumb blowup doll (kek)
- piiiiiiinnnnnnnnkkkkkkk
- hates women!

No. 1221778

I would NOT be surprised if she moved in with that thing.

No. 1221781

OT as fuck but that purr cat Cafe story is really sad

No. 1221798

first we wished for the Womack Saga, but now we can wish for the Troon Saga

No. 1221839


No. 1221842

You know what I meant Anon

Trannys aren’t real women I’m not a retard

No. 1221843

I’m teasing, forgive me please

No. 1221861

Doesn't surprise me that this subhuman doesn't even know the difference between "adopted" and "adoptive".

No. 1221875


Hehehehe this tranny is lawyer

Will not give out legal advice on twotter.

But sure can fuck up terminology for a complex legal process.

No. 1221885

>adult contemporary rock music
>pink amazon shit that was trendy on tumblr six years ago

Imagine being the pinnacle of NPC/normie culture but still think you are an uwu qUiRkY girl with personality. Bleak.

No. 1221930

>1 mil on a mansion

I guess 1 mill could buy you a mansion in Tulsa. Where I live a mil will buy you a large house with an ok yard.

She really has no idea how the world works. But I think it’s funny she gave herself a 2 mil budget in her fantasy because it would likely be the most realistic expectation. Even if it would literally never happen.

No. 1221971

File: 1620002502844.jpg (429.19 KB, 1079x1560, Screenshot_20210502-194121_Twi…)

"Safe made success and icon." Oh PLEASE

No. 1221974

ew she's working for free because i'm sure that troon is getting off on pretending to be a "sex workers supportive mommy"

No. 1221976

She deluded to think she's gonna be like Paris Hilton. Paris has successful businesses, a beachfront mansion in Malibu, long blonde hair, thin body, plastic surgeries and beauty procedures, spoiled and happy dogs.

No. 1222002

Is it really self made when your main mode of income is begging/scamming people on Twitter for every single expense

No. 1222033

File: 1620008684449.jpeg (191.36 KB, 742x511, 04D1AC50-F83C-4869-A00B-B0F294…)

She really be sucking this tranny’s dick after an iota of attention.

Puts me in stitches though. Shatna thinking she does anything that helps anybody but herself. And she’s even shit at helping her own damn self out.

No. 1222089

File: 1620014930344.jpeg (238.05 KB, 1242x695, FF9B0569-CE7C-40F5-8213-364372…)


No. 1222096

>cute fad
Since when has dating people with childern been a fucking "fad"? and when has she BBQ'd or done any of that shit with Fupa besides drink beers? She dates a dude thats a dad, that has to hide their relationship and won't let her near his fucking children. She plays life on "retard mode' not even "hard mode", because the choices she makes are always retarded and for retarded reasons.

No. 1222101

It would be better but still degenerate if she dated a guy with children who are grown and moved out. It’s weird she is with a guy with small kids and she wants to steal Fupa from them. It would make sense to go with an old man who has money and she could have his will but she is too ugly to be a sugar baby

No. 1222127

She just said bbq specifically because it's such a "dad thing". Shay doesnt care what the food is, fat bitch just likes eating kek. Eating, drinking, boring music taste. That's what it really is.

No. 1222261

sage for reminiscing, but when i look at how Shayna’s turned into Jabba the Slut and does nothing but smoke weed and record herself leaking unnaturally from her asshole, my mind goes back to the first few threads from 3-4 years ago and how anons predicted she’d evolve to horror heifer status. Also, remember when she claimed she had Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome and became allergic to weed and called “pot smonkers” gross? TOP KEK.

No. 1222359

cheemsburgers, alcohol, and the same 20 songs on repeat. an embarassing admission. shayna is the dad, she doesn't need one, kek

No. 1222372

If she actually went out and made friends with people she would find out that everyone does this. Its not even a dad thing. Girl has tunnel vision or something.

No. 1222410

she honestly thinks those things are unique about her for some reason

No. 1222437

File: 1620062507103.png (51.92 KB, 378x243, upload_2017-4-30_14-22-2.png)


I know I'm late replying to this from the last thread, but just want to point out that even by her own standards of "never giving a specific number is what makes pedo-pandering okay," she's a hypocrite.

This was her Tumblr bio, I don't know if it still is after the tumblr NSFW nuke, but she was advertising herself as ~uwu 12 year old energy~. (the dumping baby powder on her vag and fucking herself while sucking a pacifier was all it really takes to see how gross and wrong she is)

No. 1222481

File: 1620064285133.jpg (Spoiler Image,221.24 KB, 1080x1350, 1579746683066.jpg)

I thought this was the peak tbh, I still think facially this is the most unattractive picture I've ever seen of her.

No. 1222488

File: 1620064630204.jpg (398.94 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_20210503-125703_Twi…)

Shay, you could never give up anything

No. 1222493

So now she's body shaming BBWs saying they're not widely accepted or easy to advertise. Good job Shay

No. 1222498

Nah, she is shit-talking skinny people cause she knows she will never be thin again.

No. 1222515

>What's your favorite food
all of it, apparently.

No. 1222549

Shes so stupid as if skinny people just dont eat burgers or anything once in awhile. It is called exercising oh wait I forgot her trainer was so racist she can never return to the gym.

No. 1222551

She acts like she can't just eat her favorite food less or in moderation. No she has to "give it up".
It's either pig out or fuck it.
Her body isn't easy to advertise because she's advertising it wrong. "Barbie Bimbo" but when you click her page or see her lives, all you see is a very average girl, with small lopsided tits and a flat hank hill ass, with a tiny crack.
Her fat went to all the wrong places.

No. 1222596

you know, if she's gonna moral grandstand about the fantasy not being about a child but an adult "with childlike characteristics" that kinda just describes someone with down's syndrome so congrats to her i guess.

in most of her pics you can see her straining to cover her gut or stuff it into something. she should really consider just selling herself as an average nonthreatening fat girl and let that shit hang.

No. 1222620

lol her fave food is wine.

No. 1222622

File: 1620070066133.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.21 MB, 3464x3464, chungus evolution.jpeg)

I tried to go back through the threads to find the point in time that she started ballooning. Turns out it's pretty sudden & almost exactly around the start of the pandemic (late 2019/early 2020).
I think the lockdown normalizing delivery is what did her in. She truly never leaves her house anymore. Even for groceries. Even for cleaning supplies from the dollar store! You can tell Noodle is dying for a walk. The pandemic has given her an excuse to be a lazy shut-in without shame.

No. 1222637

Even before the pandemic she didn't do anything. Just go to bars and "clubs"

No. 1222648

File: 1620071527541.jpeg (124.02 KB, 1124x927, 68562BB5-E04D-4A40-8806-432471…)

Holy shit I forgot how fucking ugly her eyeliner was. Her eye makeup now still isn’t my cup of tea but it does seem better

No. 1222660

File: 1620072008869.png (144.96 KB, 350x350, 745EF52E-75D6-4E2E-B2DE-169FBC…)

Will never get over how much she looks like Yaniv. She’s fucking ugly inside and out.

No. 1222677

their faces, and even their genitals resemble each other's now too

No. 1222708

Idk Jan 2020 shes already getting “thick” and the pandemic really close down the us (especially fucking Tulsa) until the end of March so she was already gaining and the quarantine didn’t help.

No. 1222709

yeah she randomly blew up like during the holidays 2019 and never looked back. she’s been essentially locking herself inside since she lived in seattle (not just a pandemic thing). it’s why we were all so horrified when she got a dog.

No. 1222713

File: 1620075624561.jpeg (283.72 KB, 1124x1178, 3B6DD3B7-E034-4A47-9AC7-E8C3F9…)

No. 1222715

File: 1620075723737.jpeg (625.05 KB, 1125x1711, 8E3A0BD9-4A7F-4FD3-8BD5-809266…)

No. 1222718

> for my therapist to call 10 mins after my appointment was supposed to start
So…….she didn’t go to her appointment anyways……..bitch what the fuck are you even talking about

No. 1222720

sounds made up and doesn’t even really make sense

No. 1222726

Cripes Shayna, moderation exists. Even the fittest people in the world usually have a treat once in a while unless they have super strict diets for their job or health reasons. She's so dramatic!

No. 1222728

File: 1620076439547.jpeg (190.39 KB, 1242x481, 0A3CB5C4-A6BD-4D78-846D-F98D04…)

No. 1222733

fupa, text her back!!!

No. 1222734

sounds like shes just moving elsewhere in Tulsa?

No. 1222736

File: 1620076649481.jpeg (217.41 KB, 1234x906, 8658774B-E07B-4724-9D76-BC2E1C…)

>House hunting

No. 1222737


Shayna you fucking idiot. It's called portion control. You can eat whatever u want in moderation. This girl is such a glutton that she cannot grasp the concept of moderation.

No. 1222751

File: 1620077946030.jpeg (91.16 KB, 750x307, 6B081AA0-DD4B-4607-9580-C17B7F…)

kyle come get your girl

No. 1222760

File: 1620078659603.jpeg (242 KB, 1242x810, DAA49EEE-CA36-4143-A31D-490748…)

Shayna trying to go viral

No. 1222764

i wouldn’t wish that on bill

No. 1222765

>I don't have the time of money
You have the time AND money. You've been spending like crazy, now since it's something you claim to need so badly (suddenly) you don't have either?
She's off with Fupa. She could've gotten a car and used the money she spent on make up she's not going to use and a ipad to get those things, but…that'd actually be smart.

No. 1222770

she actually had great cheek bones. it’s a shame she’s a lardass now.

No. 1222773

File: 1620080634188.jpg (258.18 KB, 1079x787, Screenshot_20210503-172353_Twi…)

No. 1222778

I know she’s joking, but this just makes me laugh bc Shayna sweetie….people have actual & active lives. Unlike you, people don’t tweet about anything and everything they do in their day-to-day lives and have actual reasons to leave their living spaces.

No. 1222781

literally 0 sense of self worth. what kind of high class sugar baby bimbo is sitting at the phone just waiting for someone to return their call?

No. 1222785

She used to dabble in contouring back then

No. 1222809

File: 1620082685552.jpeg (278.44 KB, 1125x1455, 5092D68E-C11D-4649-98D7-4F91F4…)

She is on one today.

No. 1222810

It’s so hilariously sad that she’s spending her declining income as a sex worker only on making herself less appealing to a broader audience and couldn’t care less because she has no life outside of stuffing her face and getting high. She’s way past her prime and getting left in the background as the market gets over saturated with conventionally attractive girls who care about their appearance and put effort into their image and lifestyle. And she has nothing to show for her 5 years of degradation.

No. 1222813

Aw is fupa with his kids and not responding to your manic texts?

No. 1222816

File: 1620083084556.jpg (307.64 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20210503-180438_Twi…)

No. 1222820

I don't know whats more sorry, her lying about her sugardaddy buying her shit and it's her, or a man out of ALL things buying her a mini fridge.
I know theres more things on her list that could benefit shayna more. If she wants people to buy her fridges and more things to help her eat more, again, why not just start appealing to feeders? She loves to eat. She'd probably actually find a sugardaddy who'd pay for all her meals, buy her whatever food related purchuses she wants.

No. 1222821


No. 1222832

as if a multi-billionaire needs a free trial of anything. meanwhile she's already giving herself away for free by posting uncensored nudes on twitter.

No. 1222839

File: 1620085283434.jpeg (588.67 KB, 1242x1725, E3CD72BF-F1E6-4698-8283-6255C0…)

No. 1222862

Kek. Prob just can't be arsed with timewasting patients who take up valuable slots and don't even show up like you Shay.

No. 1222877


this is nuts, is she 4'9? i can't figure out how a body can even change this quickly without intentional focused feederism. like i put on weight very easily and have been acting like a fucking hamplanet since covid started, yet my blowup has been nothing compared to this

how can anyone balloon like 3 dress sizes in 4 months and simply say "welp i just like to eat. haha whatevs"

No. 1222880

I think the boatloads of booze she drinks daily contributed to her weight gain, as well as the food of course.

No. 1222882

Yeah beer, Wine and just eating like crazy. It's obvious that along with weed and alcohol, food has become her newest comfort. It's all she talks about or does. Now with this new mini fridge it's only going to make her food addiction even bigger.

No. 1222884

what the fuck! she literally blew her entire moving fund and is just gonna ask for it again. how do people not see this ridiculous cycle?

No. 1222886

this is what it looks like when your peak was in high school, anon. it’s only downhill from there.

No. 1222892

She's about 5'5

No. 1222898

The way she typed in these specific ones is giving me a headache. Her uwu dumb baby shorthand really needs to go.
P sure this is how she also called out Scatman Nathan and put him on blast the first time.

No. 1222906

File: 1620092434870.jpeg (235.91 KB, 1242x580, B5EFE93E-F044-4770-86F4-2786CD…)

Shayna, American Feminist

No. 1222909

Shit someone already posted it. Anyway not to wk feet pic girls but I'm pretty sure anal and scat videos with your face in them are a completely different ballpark

No. 1222910

she's saying "idk if you guys understand how hard therapy can be to manage" like she is the only person to ever have to switch therapists

and she's staying in tulsa holy shit she cannot stop self sabotaging. he is never going to change and she said it herself

No. 1222912

Her nose is worse

Lol at her circling back to “I need to move!! And a car!!” when she just blew through, in less than a month, the money she got from begging since the beginning of the year. All that weed really did make her retarded. She shouldn’t legally be allowed to live alone, post porn, or manage finances.

No. 1222922

It's so obviously Womack good lord. What a retarded loser. Is he just giving her his unemployment money weekly or what? Fucking weird and gross.

No. 1222924

Fupa must be busy, shes posting a bunch of stupid shit today and talking about moving and a car.

Like everyone says, she needs to market to feeders. Slight rebrand into Big Bitch Barbie, Fatty Mattel.

No. 1222936

She was very quiet yesterday so I bet you fupa was busy with kids yesterday which is why shes raging the world doesnt revolve around her. Shes sick in the head if shes mad at him for not answering cause hes with his kids

No. 1222942

that or they hung out over the weekend and she has no concept of people going to work at an actual job during the week

No. 1222952

I think a billionaire can afford the $5 it takes to see your pussy boogers, Shay.

No. 1222964

Hoooly shit is it depressing how when she does these whiny tweets everyone just KNOWS who it’s about since she talks to one person and it’s fup@

No. 1223059

>kyle come get your girl
Solid chuckle out of me

No. 1223060

File: 1620105659282.jpeg (299.77 KB, 1242x650, 3281C740-4C7C-4F5F-A195-55C9F6…)

>Absolutely necessities daily
You mean necessities like smoking weed, drinking alcohol, sperging on Twitter and dirty deleting them.

No. 1223062

Because you don’t even try, retard

No. 1223064

lmao what necessities? because by the looks of it she doesn’t even brush her teeth or hair daily.

No. 1223068

So… what? You wasted (I think) about $300 on skincare that you’re too lazy to even use? What?

No. 1223070

>Gee I seem so unmotivated and forgetful. Must just be my stupid brain, definitely not my daily alcohol and weed habit.

No. 1223073

real barbie hours right here

No. 1223078

File: 1620108031455.jpeg (915.53 KB, 1242x1612, 9A5A8B49-D93F-44BC-B306-F05E9A…)

It’s literally not messy Shaytard all you have to do is promote your content, not comment your opinions, and don’t make any porns about politics or race (cough cough the trump vid) after you promote your videos log off.

No. 1223087

Arent therapy sessions supposed to at least be once a month, if not once a week? What good is it for her to be so inconsistent with it? She probably flaked on a bunch of appointments. Maybe the lady was just sick of Shays stupid lying ass bailing and not taking it seriously.

But honestly and most likely this is just some bullshit excuse to yet again not make any effort to improve herself and shift the blame on the other party. Exactly like with the gym trainer.
It also would be funny if her parents dropped her from their insurance and so she just can't afford it. That's a big possibility tbh with her moving scam and bickering with her mom lately. I kinda hope that's the case kek. It's not that the therapist isnt taking the insurance anymore, it's that Shay doesnt have it so it's not valid.

No. 1223103

What happened to this being your HoT bArBiE sUmMeR glow-up month? Dropped talking about the eyebrow and eyelash treatments and is instead admitting not knowing how to bathe and keeping a skincare routine. Such bimbo behavior!

Make another Twitter Shatna. Nothing is sexy about replying to the Spongebob page and talking about how you never clean yourself or your dwelling on your SW account.

No. 1223115

Wtf do you need alarms for with a skin care routine? Once in the morning and once before bed. Its the simplest thing in the world.

No. 1223131

Presumably if she’s checking a house out later today, that means it’s somewhere in Tulsa? Is this how she’s trying to get away with blowing her moving fund? Are her orbiters really so stupid that they don’t realise the whole point of a moving fund is to pay to move her stuff across states?
Knowing this crazy bitch she’s looking for somewhere closer to Fupa

No. 1223158

Maybe she saw the photo of eyelash mites that was posted last thread and got cold feet, kek

No. 1223172


This is seriously the weed brain. Knowing exactly what is wrong with you, but just not caring enough to fucking do anything about it. The fact she posts this to her SW account is just mind boggling.

No. 1223198

What a high class bimbo!
Someone reimburse her for the skincare she spent hundreds on and doesn’t use!!!!

No. 1223205

Is she seriously saying that she can’t open a pot of cream and rub it on her face?

No. 1223227

Lmfaooo, that’s the tweet that just proves it all. She will NEVER change, a lost case. Shayna, i have a good advice for you: start ACTUALLY working out, eat a salad for once in your life and stop ordering food, learn to cook and find fucking friends that don’t drink 24/7. even stopping with alcohol will make you lose weight.

It’s just sad at this point because seeing her spiral when she could change is just… bleak. You COULD be the bimbo you imagine yourself to be but you need do actually DO SHIT for it. If she doesn’t find a therapist soon things will get worse, I’m sure of that. She’s so fucked but it’s her own fault.

No. 1223233

File: 1620133774750.jpg (20.18 KB, 600x510, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

I know this image is posted every thread but Jesus Christ is it accurate now that she's fat

No. 1223253

She could be doing a virtual tour anywhere. I highly doubt it, but that’s always a possibility. Though
> house
Much doubt.

No. 1223278

she doesn’t want your advice

No. 1223287

Right? She said this is her month of BiMbOfIcAtIoN. But cant wash and moisturize her face when she wakes up and goes to bed? I mean she can remember to tweet as soon as she wakes up. She puts on make up a lot of days. Does she just not rinse her face or brush her teeth or anything in the morning/night? She keeps outing herself as being this nasty, unwashed goblin and the furthest thing from a bimbo. Shes not even doing normal girl hygiene kek

No. 1223290

Absolute necessities like sit on twitter and bitch, text Fupa, dab, drink booze and order food. Very neccessary to her daily life and "job". I like how shes acting like it's this huge time consuming big process when literally if she just used a face wash and moisturizer, she'd be doing enough. Or ffs get a nice face mask and slap it on while she dabs and watches tv. It's really not a big production.

No. 1223353

File: 1620146583665.jpg (541.35 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20210504-114233_Twi…)

1/2 Hilarious that scamming Shay is calling someone else a scammer

No. 1223354

File: 1620146623658.jpg (350.34 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20210504-114248_Twi…)

2/2 Well maybe if you moved when you were supposed to, you wouldn't have this issue

No. 1223356

WHY the fuck would she send in an application and fee without talking to the realtor or landlord and without touring it first. She is so fucking stupid to function. She deserves it

No. 1223364

Deleted as usual

No. 1223382

Wow so in the past day or so she
>said she was addicted to cheemsburgers and doesn’t know what moderation is
>bought a mini fridge
>admits she doesn’t wash her face

But she’s a bimbo. Riiiiight

No. 1223395

am i the only one still shocked she actually brought a mini fridge? She really tried to make it seem like it was a buiness expense, "So I can fuck my butt and eat snacks in between shoots! I need it for my work room UWU"
When was the last time she even begged for people to "buy groceries"? Why does she even need a fucking Mini fridge when all she does is buy take out?

No. 1223398

Surprised there's no pic of the mini fridge yet

No. 1223413

Wah wah it's so hard for poor Shayna to do adult things. Maybe if you had an actual job and didnt look like a trailer trash crack mom, you'd have an easier time. Also what kind of place does she think she needs?? Breaks her heart to settle for a decent, newish 2 bedroom apartment for under 1k huh?

No. 1223414

>I’m not getting my way
>how dare other people apply for the same places I’m looking at
>no one makes it easy
>breaks my heart

She is so pathetic.

No. 1223415

literally she has no steady income. why is she shocked she's struggling to get approved vs other applicants?

No. 1223419

File: 1620153733484.jpg (102.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Buy me meenee freedge

No. 1223432

shayna wishes her body looked like this, kek

No. 1223435

youre clearly not even close to ready to buy a house if you don’t understand that paying an application fee isn’t some sort of guarantee.

No. 1223445

an application fee is not a SCAM oh my god. how has she moved this many times and still acts brand new? application fee = fee to apply. it's not a rental car reservation, dipshit

No. 1223446

And the housing market is so competitive idk why she thinks she has a chance when there are people making cash offers and 100k over asking price to lock it in. She thinks it’s more important to buy stupid gimmick toys off of Amazon every day and literally had to hide a 1k check so she didn’t spend it immediately

No. 1223462

inb4 she asks for a microwave for her "WoRk SpAcE" to go with the mini fridge. kek

No. 1223477

a $50 application fee would be for a rental, not a purchase
as if she could buy a house even in Tulsa

No. 1223489

How can someone be so sheltered and live on their own for so long? $50 isn't even bad for an apartment application fee either

No. 1223497

File: 1620159343703.jpg (327.84 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20210504-151531_Twi…)

So now word of those other videos she was supposed to make?

No. 1223515

Shayna, those are your neckbeard customer base, be nice

No. 1223528

nO oNe MaKeS iT eAsY

Shatna you have no credit, no employment history, and no consistent income. The only one making it hard is YOURSELF. We're also in the most competitive housing market in US history where homes have sold for $1mil over asking. You will NEVER own a house posting porn for free on twitter dumb cunt.

No. 1223544

I don’t get why Shatna doesn’t stay where she is rn? I mean, she can never afford anything more upscale. She is lucky to have even gotten a place without stable income or credit. She is clearly on good terms with Fupa and hates her uwu bigoted mom again. If she really hates how she is living she could just get rid of all the cheap Amazon junk, and saves up for some nice furniture

No. 1223550

Wait, is she really looking to buy instead of rent? And she wants something fancy?
Call me crazy but I doubt Shayna even has however many thousand dollars from her moving fund in her bank account. She has no money for a down payment.

Even if she bought the shittiest trailer for $200k, she would need at least $40k as a 20% downpayment in order to avoid extra fees. Then add onto that a mortgage that would surely be more than her current rent…
She also has no credit & sporadic income, so how is she planning on getting approved for a mortgage in the first place?

No. 1223564

I doubt she is buying. Fupa previously claimed he bought fupette a house but they were just renting it.

No. 1223569


She previous said it was hard to find an apartment with what she wanted for under $2000. So if that is her budget, she may have switched up to looking at townhouses. Townhouses can be as low as $1400 + utilities for smaller units.

Lets just hope she isnt doing this for fupa.

No. 1223570

"Slutty schoolgirl"
Wasn't she shitting on a potential customer a few days ago for wanting some content where she hinted being underage? She acted so morally superior, put him on blast, and now she's out here considering making slutty schoolgirl (dunno 'bout you, but a schoolgirl is usually under 18 for me) content. The weed and booze have really tag teamed on the slaughtering of this retard's brain cells. Talk about not only being a hypocrite, but also having brain damage.

No. 1223582

she needs to get away to quit getting seduced by the fupapi

No. 1223604

Her bj content is god awful. I mean all her content is, but this fat hog gagging on an inch of silicone is pathetic and no it's not "cute" to be that terrible at it. She doesnt stage the dildo to look like a proper pov fantasy and shes so unsexy about it. Treating it like a corn cob and rubbing her rat teeth on it and practically throwing up trying to stick it in her mouth.

No. 1223623

she is not looking to buy
realtors don’t charge $50 application fees for people buying houses
that’s a rental application fee

No. 1223628

so why is she moving? the whole point of moving was to escape Fupa and "be close to family". Her issue wasn't her apartment, so why is she moving?
Her and Fupa are obviously off, which is why she's talking about her therpist and moving.

No. 1223653

File: 1620173495326.jpg (214.25 KB, 1079x637, Screenshot_20210504-191129_Twi…)

But she doesn't hold off on eating when doing anal content?

No. 1223660

File: 1620174215068.png (8.02 MB, 1242x2208, 170AF271-09DE-4459-9C1D-23773D…)

No. 1223661

File: 1620174295470.png (8.73 MB, 1242x2208, 645CB80F-24C7-4588-B7DD-6F73D4…)

When she’s belle dolphin heart eyes emoji /s

No. 1223663

File: 1620174383357.jpeg (89.06 KB, 676x864, 2945AE45-23E4-4841-918D-1A35C9…)

Special Ed vibes

No. 1223664

File: 1620174438702.jpeg (95.21 KB, 676x882, 63FEC912-B890-4289-B7C7-8D43CC…)

No. 1223672

wonder if fupa kicked her

No. 1223673

What is that wig line??
Her eyes always look so weird, beady & glazed over. It's frightening to look at her too long.

No. 1223676


so thats what she’s been hiding… she is noticeably gained weight in her face again.

No. 1223680

Grandma Claus roleplaying a school girl for Santa.

No. 1223682

File: 1620175989226.jpg (Spoiler Image,143.83 KB, 1707x960, 20210504_195300.jpg)

No. 1223685

Why the fuck doesn’t she stand or sit on a chair or like???????? Jesus Christ. I know it’s said a lot but now that she’s so big she really should stop sitting for pictures. Girl is the fucking definition of self-sabatoge.

No. 1223686


Man that rug gonna be crusty.

No. 1223687

she fucked up the lace front and brought her hairline down, making her forehead wrinkles more prominent. then added the glasses and now she looks like a grandma. simply amazing.

No. 1223689

her dumbass probably walked into a door

No. 1223690

File: 1620176842320.jpeg (281.06 KB, 723x608, 99D5C810-54FF-4428-848A-56AFE5…)

Granny Mattel kek

No. 1223697

File: 1620177345340.jpeg (729.34 KB, 1110x1152, 74086CE6-C672-4B84-B941-C2EDF7…)


She looks genuinely confused and retarded
Dropbox link for the archives

No. 1223698

kek this is thread pic worthy

No. 1223700

did she shoot this on a fucking flip phone?

No. 1223701

File: 1620177652138.gif (2.52 MB, 374x200, 6991CD29-353A-4E1E-8920-8D042F…)

No fucking wayyy

No. 1223702

do you think she actually glues/secures her wigs down in any way or does she just slap them on like a hat? lmao

No. 1223703

"gimmie your dick, i need to suck on it ASAP" sounds like some shit that Chris Chan would make on of his sweethearts say to him in one of his comics.

No. 1223705

Nah she just slaps them on, if she glued them on she'd posted about it.
Sidenote, Doesn't look like she used any of her make up. What was the point of it? I guess it'd be decor for her "Workspace" if she ever cams again.

No. 1223707

Nice forehead wrinkles bimbo

No. 1223718

>when you order belle delphine on wish

No. 1223721

does she really think she’s funny? honestly shayna just give it up, staring at yourself in the viewfinder like the retard you are.

No. 1223723

also gluing them on requires at least spirit gum or got2b spray, which we know shayna cant be bothered with

No. 1223733

This sounded so cringy and retarded it reminded me of Chris Chan and I shuddered

No. 1223734

File: 1620181741185.jpg (230.09 KB, 1079x691, Screenshot_20210504-212813_Twi…)

This shows that she literally knows nothing about kink. The sub in a ddlg dynamic is called a LITTLE. It's called Daddy Dom LITTLE Girl for a reason

No. 1223735

The entire kink is cringe, dipshit. Also nice way to call out a customer or potential customer.

No. 1223736

File: 1620181848179.jpeg (174.6 KB, 1242x810, 8CA5B073-EB16-4DB1-AECE-C5B7C5…)

Dirty deleted

No. 1223737

Ok yet again blasting one of her fucking customers like she can afford to lose them and turn off potential ones doing this shit. But what's with her insistence shes not a pedo pandering degenerate lately? And also like… that's the kink? You are an e-whore and an incel said you're sexy… that's how it goes, why would you act offended or post about them like this. Good lord, not a brain cell left in this ones ugly head.
For being so HaPpY and LoViNg her "job" she sure bitches about the community and customers constantly and shows how much she actually isnt into sex and sexual things often.

No. 1223739

Maybe lolcow helped her learn what DDLG stands for kek. Fucking retard. He literally complimented her in a pretty decent way by scrote standards. Would've been actually weird if he had been like "you look like a little school girl I'd wanna fuck" but ok.

No. 1223741

This looks like an adolescent boy.

No. 1223743

File: 1620182650193.jpg (326.95 KB, 1080x1367, Screenshot_20210504-214411_Twi…)

No. 1223747

Sage for stupid but can anons quit posting shit like this. It’s repetitive and boring. Shayna never listens and yet it’s said 3x per thread. What is the point.

No. 1223757

File: 1620184170428.jpg (261.37 KB, 1079x1029, Screenshot_20210504-220920_Twi…)

Doesn't matter, you post it all for free on Twitter

No. 1223759

Only the kiss ass troons would somewhat care to see you clothed, you dumb shit. The scrotes are there to fap. I guess theres a few other random retards like Jason "love you baby" Womack and the old guy that probably cant get a boner anyway.

No. 1223763

File: 1620185257327.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3464x3464, 74B0B9F0-69AD-4C75-84DA-16B225…)

Sage for no milk but Fatty was about to drop $76 on another light pink purse that would get dirty in a week. But she couldn’t because it didn’t ship to the US. She’s been spending money like it’s nothing.

No. 1223766

File: 1620185444003.jpeg (449.14 KB, 1242x1596, E6D9CC1C-3323-4492-8292-06F436…)

Like goddamn clockwork

No. 1223768


Kek your body hates your lifestyle, tard, it's trying to tell you to quit smoking, drinking, and fucking up your body

No. 1223771

"Anxiety meds" is probably just edibles or some shit or ya know, completely made up kek

No. 1223772

decompress from what?
ohhhh right, wearing clothes that are 2 sizes too small for her

No. 1223773

jesus instead of getting her eyebrows done, she needs to get some botox in her forehead.
those wrinkles from making that stupid face are only gonna get worse, shay

No. 1223784

She really counts work as twitter, editing some pictures (which she shows online for free anyway, so whats the point?) and..retweeting shit?
She's off with Fupa, we'll get a meltdown in like 5 mintues. She's having Fupa Withdrawals.

No. 1223789

Nah, she’s taking anxiety meds that she stopped taking a year ago and just left in her drawer somewhere lmao. she already admitted that she was prescribed meds after the “psych ward” and didn’t even take them.

No. 1223801

Why do you think going to therapy will help her become a better bimbo?

PPL.. stop writing essays about how much she's spiraled and how successful of a bimbo she could be if she did x, y and z. The reality is she can't because she won't and no amount of pseudo-advice will change that.

No. 1223805

File: 1620193633389.jpg (407.35 KB, 1276x712, Superimposed1620193619880.jpg)

Shayna's future

No. 1223834


You mean the "anxiety" meds she was prescribed by her THERAPIST (who are not legally allowed to prescribe medications) who quoted tupac to her, complimented her sex work, and texted her jokes? The one who diagnosed her with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder? And apparently prescribed (in magic land) "anxiety meds"? Which totally exist. And that she took enough of to also made her fat.

This bitch texted bots on betterhelp. She never once ventured out and sat in any psychiatrist's office. She can't help taking picture of all her drugs, and never once a single pill, ever, of her magical anxiety pills for borderline and bipolar (as if that's the magic med for these diagnoses) that made her a fucking whale

No. 1223839

In the past 24hrs alone, ignoring all other pedo-pandering content:
> “slutty schoolgirl blowjob”
> literally dresses like a schoolgirl with pigtails
> calls her vagina “doll parts”

But let’s alienate our customer base by thinking it weird someone said you look like a little tonight. I know her brain is fried but fucking hell kek

No. 1223907


does anyone else get the vibe her dirty deleted tweets are like, directed right at farmers. Its like all the tweets she deletes tend to be explanations and justifications for her life and career choice. its like she knows its bad for business and that scrotes dont care and just wanna see slit, so she posts them then deletes cause it somehow makes her feel better that at least her biggest critic (farmers) know “the truth” on how she feels about various scenarios to somehow make herself look good?

No. 1223909


has anxiety. thinks smoking will help. lol.
i’d say never change shayna, but you’ve already shown us you cant.

No. 1223935

File: 1620222381289.jpeg (737.98 KB, 1242x1504, 2F33C672-0DAA-42BB-ABF2-D9EDDF…)

Shayna won’t stop sucking this mans dick and retweeting him

No. 1223941

that tranny does his makeup better than Shayna

No. 1223942

File: 1620223788195.jpeg (190.29 KB, 749x1081, 308E190A-C625-434E-8D3E-1D60D2…)

No. 1223943

File: 1620223838582.jpeg (228 KB, 750x1100, 7408A97B-1C6D-478F-BF73-722186…)

No. 1223945

i swear she brings this up every two weeks. nobody gives a fuck but her, why is she still so mad about it?

No. 1223949

this is definitely naive of me but I’m hoping all of her moralfagging lately about sexualizing children means she’s actually starting to become 2% self aware and will cut down on the pedo pandering

No. 1223953

Didn’t she LITERALLY tweet telling everyone to delete their NSFW content

No. 1223961

And told people not to put in their names or bios "deleted at so and so followers"

No. 1223965

I sincerely doubt she is prescribed any benzos, so is she just taking an SSRI medication only when she actually gets anxious as though it's a tranquilizer? What a fucking retard

No. 1223967

Exactly. She maybe went to an actual therapist a couple times (she posted a pic once that might've been a lobby for it, but then again maybe something else lol) and only in the very beginning did she talk about meds but never showed them or said what they are. Only ever talked about refilling her inhaler prescription. She wanted to blame meds for getting fat because she watched Bojack. She hasn't even mentioned them since last year when she tried to say she hadnt been taking them for months.
Maybe bitch went to a crisis center during one of the initial big Fupa fallouts and got prescribed some Xans or something very basic just the one time and told Fupa and everyone shes on meds now and shit. Honestly who really knows with this crazy, dumb whore. But she is definitely a huge bullshitter and liar and lazy to her core. Anxiety meds just means edibles or leftover Xans or probably nothing most likely kek. She just loves to seem special.

No. 1223970

She also tried to say a medication she was prescribed made her hands breakout in a rash

No. 1223976

this tranny's tweet is giving off real groomer vibes, especially since he wrote it after shay's chimpout over her mom

No. 1223979

She could be prescribed something as needed for anxiety attacks that isn’t a benzo. They usually require you to pass a drug test before they’ll give you those. That being said- my tinfoil is that Shay is the type to buy street Xanax and then just pretend she was prescribed. fupa was no stranger to pills by the way he used to post on tumblr; she probably moved to Tulsa and got on pills. They’re rapidly available in Oklahoma, unfortunately.

No. 1223983

Istg she always blames meds, weed, even her fake nails for her rashes then openly admits she doesn't wash her fuckin nasty ass body ever lmfao. Must be ______! Can't be never washing your grimy ass!

No. 1223985

as another anon mentioned, i find it unlikely she's taking anything that she's not actively taking pics/posting about. i don't think she could resist some kind of tumblr-tier "aesthetic" pic with a bunch of xanax if that were the case.

No. 1223991

didn't she show her 'cutesie' pillbox though? (not that that's an indication of her actually taking anything)

No. 1224025

shes the type of person to buy one of those in hopes she gets medication. she does shit solely because she thinks it’s quirky.

No. 1224029

File: 1620234676179.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1765, 95961D29-DA15-4A6B-AE91-35F093…)

Still cannot get over how horrid this Grandma Clifford look was

No. 1224047

File: 1620236111058.jpeg (86.79 KB, 676x721, 30CF496B-B7D5-402B-8157-076A6F…)

No. 1224048

File: 1620236135653.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.34 KB, 676x745, EC90287E-4FD7-4FAB-9EEB-424E1F…)

She looks like a retarded elderly amputee

No. 1224067

File: 1620237854154.jpg (431.08 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20210505-130410_Twi…)

Really seeing the "love" Shay

No. 1224069

She's like what, 5 years late on this trend?

No. 1224070

Something about this picture makes her look like Rumer Willis to me

No. 1224071

Not with it open or any pills by or on it, so that's not evidence. She was most likely putting on a show for Fupa and for muh mEnTaL iLlNeSs points and the bpd tumblr bitch trend

No. 1224078

Really naive as these just happened yesterday >>1223497 >>1223757

She’s trying to moralfag. If she really was trying to crack down on that she would take down her pedo-pandering content which she never will because it sells and it’s what 95% of her content revolves around.

No. 1224085

Idk why she has to wear the dumbass granny glasses EVERY time she does schoolgirl content. I guess she's just that dumb and uncreative.

No. 1224117

Why is she making that face and why would she post this? I seriously feel like I'm losing my mind.

No. 1224118

She probably thinks it makes her look young when in fact it does the opposite

No. 1224144

File: 1620245383714.jpg (210.95 KB, 1080x1994, Screenshot_20210505-150937_Twi…)

Idk why she deleted this

No. 1224159

She’s so desperate. In high school she would of called this person a faggot and we all know she hasn’t changed

No. 1224162

Samefag. sad watching a racist homophobe pretend she’s not a racist homophobe and try to be part of a community that wants nothing to do with her.

No. 1224168

when was she homophobic?
I said this tranny was doing some fetish roleplay with shayna, they weren't trying to support her, they were trying to get off by being her "mommy". Shayna would never let a actual woman do this shit.
"Pls don't say you are someone's "new mom" when they are having mother issues. I don't want a new mom, I want my mom to be supportive and loving!" or some shit.

No. 1224172

People who know her from hs know this. She’s wasn’t a good person back then and I doubt she’s changed. she’s also from a very racist town which is why she use to praise hitler and nobody cares

No. 1224175

File: 1620247213431.jpg (Spoiler Image,516.66 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20210505-154013_Twi…)

No. 1224178

He is not old.

No. 1224181

File: 1620247806160.jpg (234.15 KB, 1079x682, Screenshot_20210505-154932_Twi…)

Shay, you can't even do 1 video a week

No. 1224185

When your vagina has the meat sweats

No. 1224186

Not to be "that anon" but…did she get rid of Rib?

No. 1224187

File: 1620248002463.jpeg (303.15 KB, 1242x1056, 81BB0FFB-85FF-4863-A1E0-062FE5…)


No. 1224188

She could easily spend 2 hours and pump out 5 videos because her videos are fucking identical. It's not like she's actually cumming for real each time or something. She puts on a retarded outfit, says some retarded shit, sits on the ground and stuffs a dildo in her dry snatch or asshole.
Thats literally it. She could do this all-in-one day and chill the rest of the week.

No. 1224191

File: 1620248190910.jpeg (177.34 KB, 1125x1242, F6217194-167C-403B-9B66-1DC4A1…)

The beady rat eye comments must have really gotten to this bitch topkek

No. 1224195

She still has Rib. She recently bought a self cleaning litter box, self feeding food dispenser, and automatic water dish for Rib

No. 1224208

This reminds me, when is she going to get her eyelashes done? Did she ever give a date?

No. 1224211

File: 1620249852918.jpg (229.38 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20210426-163817_Twi…)

nevermind found it

No. 1224213

File: 1620249897647.jpeg (483.28 KB, 1242x1166, CC2731C8-159C-410F-903A-EA0784…)

>big production
All you do it prop your phone up, say some cringe lines you think are cute. And then you take off your clothes while moaning and smack your hank hill flat ass.
Then put your phone at a low angle showing all your double chins and fake orgasm with a dirty unwashed toy

No. 1224216

so shit she's done at least twice and doing the same shit in EVERY video is "High conecept, big production"? bitch you are sitting on the floor in the corner on a fucking rug, with the same background, same toys and sometimes the same clothes mixxed and matched.

No. 1224232

eyes bigger than mouth = dead giveaway that it's a shoop

No. 1224240

yeah it’s literally been 2 weeks. are those her eyelash extensions? if so, major kek

No. 1224244

even with tons of photoshop you can see that those forehead wrinkles have turned into straight up crevasses. Shayna relax your fucking forehead. That face isn't cute anyway and we know you won't use skincare and damn are you ever beyond needing it

No. 1224253

File: 1620252985481.jpeg (151.87 KB, 1242x355, 99AB7285-C726-4BBE-8D9E-1B7C6D…)

she’s so annoying and repetitive

No. 1224254

File: 1620253077091.jpeg (429.04 KB, 1242x1014, 284F561E-3745-49EB-9DB9-1C6B85…)

Shayna is so fucking lazy
It takes her a month to do one fucking video thats less than 10 minutes.
You aren’t even cute Shayna

No. 1224256

is that a bruise on her leg or am i bugging?

No. 1224257

She's putting on ridiculously long lashes to compensate for her beady eyes and it's just making it look 10x worse. Why does she consistently make the worst decisions with her makeup? Look at that unfilled, sperm-tail eyeliner wing. That's middle school eyeliner.

No. 1224264

well you don’t so no one has to see that monstrosity.

No. 1224272

Thing is if a local sex worker befriended shayna and wanted to do this, her lazy ass wouldn't do it. Remember she was supposed to work with Bratty?

No. 1224279

She's self conscious about her tiny beady eyes so she's constantly lifting up her brows to widen them lol

No. 1224284

So this is supposed to happen tomorrow? And she hasn't said anything about it yet?

No. 1224304

I love you.

No. 1224309

I bet if she got them done she would still wear her fake lashes on top of them.

No. 1224335

File: 1620264037795.jpg (Spoiler Image,284.09 KB, 1079x874, Screenshot_20210505-201922_Twi…)

Another cringey video. And this horrible thumbnail


No. 1224336

File: 1620264103129.jpg (203.71 KB, 1078x557, Screenshot_20210505-202149_Twi…)

No. 1224340

File: 1620264613713.jpeg (81.96 KB, 1242x603, 148FA9DB-1A13-4170-9BA2-439987…)

Damn she’s really insecure that she had to film this video with a snap filter over it

Her face look so long looking like a foot

No. 1224341

What did she film this on? The quality is so bad.

No. 1224343

It looks like she edited it with the snow app

No. 1224347

I actually thought it said Eating the D at first when it loaded kek fitting because shes a fat ass and that's about how her blow jobs go.

No. 1224352

the vid quality is shit, you can’t hear her, and what she’s saying makes no sense. at first it sounds like she’s going for an “extra credit” plot line, but at the end she says she’s in detention? who fucking knows.

No. 1224353

lmao, did she take editing tips for Lori Lewd's thread in /w/? What even is this?

No. 1224366

I’m getting flashbacks from the cursed gif, this is literally the same video

No. 1224367

she has so many cured gifs, you’re gonna have to be more specific kek

No. 1224368

File: 1620269402670.jpeg (390.53 KB, 1284x1254, E440ECC4-40BC-4772-AAB2-8A430C…)

constantly begging for promo and interaction

No. 1224369

she must be feeling self aware about her extreme crustiness to put a smoothing filter over a video lmfao

No. 1224374


But the scrotes that want to pay her to pretend to be underage are gross (they are) but here she is sucking dick for extra credit or while in detention. She's totally not pretending to be a minor. What? No. Not Shayna Luther King, the morally superior retard.

No. 1224376

Love how bad the quality is yet in the last frame you can see all of her assne in its crusty glory. Fucking gross.

No. 1224409

>High concept, big production

No. 1224418

File: 1620278980458.jpeg (323.59 KB, 750x865, 78768E76-06B2-4255-AA3A-762E8A…)

The farm never forgets Shatna

No. 1224419

File: 1620279024189.jpeg (207.16 KB, 1284x596, 621761B7-2314-4FAA-A50D-04CC0A…)

Never. Forgets.

No. 1224513

her quality of work is that of someone who does sex work EXTREMELY casually/on the side, yet this is her damn livelihood, full-time job and how she survives/pays bills? girl…..

also the fact she buys literal thousands of dollars of junk every two weeks yet not once since starting sex work even considered buying a better camera?

No. 1224587

File: 1620310547985.jpeg (258.21 KB, 1242x1098, 21CBB02E-5B29-4E15-BF56-420B49…)

all she does is smoke weed and drink alcohol. And shove disgusting fried food down her throat. I’d be nauseous too if I lived like that every single day. Has this bitch ever ate a vegetable in the last two months?

No. 1224616

Lmao, what even is this? Hot girls get diarrhea in Barnes & Nobles, like & rt if you agree!!

No. 1224636

File: 1620317061607.jpg (373.48 KB, 1080x1354, Screenshot_20210506-110415_Twi…)

What's her obsession with this person now?

No. 1224640

File: 1620317119756.jpg (257.73 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20210506-110517_Twi…)

Yes Shay, because the Trans community cares so much about what you say

No. 1224643

File: 1620317176794.jpg (Spoiler Image,536.18 KB, 1079x1302, Screenshot_20210506-110602_Twi…)

Back to posting old photo sets

No. 1224649

I love how one trans person is nice to her and suddenly she gives a fuck about the "community", fuck you and Bruce Shayna.

No. 1224650

Phrasing, dear… It sounds like she's saying that misgendering Caitlyn Jenner is a requirement of liking her.

Big Luna Slater vibes.

No. 1224654

File: 1620318690324.jpg (237.4 KB, 1080x774, Screenshot_20210506-113119_Twi…)

Not sure why this reply is hidden on this post

No. 1224715

What’s with all this muh tranny rites lately?
Actually, Shayna selling herself as a post op troon would be her smartest business decision the past 4 years.

No. 1224720

Because a tranny said she was her mother. I can legit see Shayna start pandering to get attention and because she hates women.
Obviously a man saying he's a woman, is a better woman to shayna. She can call her mother/repubs/anyone she dislikes bitches, but don't misgender CJ.
More respect for a repub. troon then her own ebil repub. mom who sends her money to "escape" from her "Abusive" fupa.

No. 1224722

Clout im assuming. Look at their interactions- tons of likes/retweets. Shay wants it on her side. So she’s gotta act like she’s a warrior for tranny rights. They’ve interacted with Shay a lot so she likely thinks she can be BFFs for a little clout.

No. 1224737

It's not even a bad hustle, they may not buy porn or spend money on her but a few pandering tweets, may finally make shayna go viral. It's not even hard just say something like, "Cis sex workers think they have it hard, but trans sex workers have it harder".

No. 1224740

File: 1620322644198.jpg (182.91 KB, 1079x786, Screenshot_20210506-123716_Twi…)

Shay, I promise you, asthma is the least embarrassing thing about you

No. 1224781

Did the Yaniv comparisons trigger her or something?(namefag)

No. 1224810

File: 1620325964213.jpg (297.37 KB, 1080x1145, Screenshot_20210506-133233_Twi…)

I fucking hope not

No. 1224821

Shayna, you wake up nauseous every day because you are an alcoholic

No. 1224847


It’s the only male that gave her attention that actually posts shit tier takes for her to repost.

No. 1224861

File: 1620328543572.jpg (249.41 KB, 1080x739, Screenshot_20210506-141551_Twi…)

No. 1224864

damn shatna it's been years. let it go. all your mutuals moved on. stop clinging to your 15 seconds of fame it's getting overly embarassing

No. 1224916

Still no mention of her eyelash appointment

No. 1224961

huffing canned air would explain a great deal

No. 1224968

She acts like people still don't use that site

No. 1224985

File: 1620338958527.jpeg (649.15 KB, 1242x1564, E7B2343F-AB93-4933-8088-3AF965…)


No. 1224994

No. 1224999

Holy shit

No. 1225005

How do we know they're actually extensions and she's not just fooling people with fake ones she put on?

No. 1225011

They don’t look bad but they don’t do anything to improve her rat face or those god awful brows.

No. 1225049

If she feels "so pretty" with them, why does she still have a snapchat filter on?

No. 1225056

I’m an esthetician, they’re real

No. 1225057

Eyes looking more weasel-beady than ever. Great addition to the Oklahoma trash aesthetic too kek Nothing about her will ever look bimbo or even pretty. Bleak.

No. 1225058

I hope she knows she has to get them re done about every 6 weeks. Which we know she won't

No. 1225059

I couldn’t even focus on her eyelashes with her teeth, looks like she’s been gnawing on rocks.

No. 1225060

They look like shit

No. 1225070


genuine question. does anyone know the last time she took a picture without a filter over it? like actually… i feel like i havent seen her without one in months

No. 1225071


love how this bitch acts like she has any other option than being a kink SWer. the only way she can make a living is acting like a kid, dog and pig play, and shit porn.

No. 1225073

Why is she pretending she doesn’t know this speak when she literally started off sex work posting ddlg on tumblr?

No. 1225083

She's going to use them as an excuse to not wear makeup more often and take pictures looking stupid as hell in a full set with a bare face, I can feel it.

No. 1225086

Her scrotum eyes grew some ball hair, kek

No. 1225089

File: 1620349881601.jpg (Spoiler Image,251.48 KB, 600x600, dirty-eyelash-extensions.jpg)

she doesn't even want to do skincare cuz weed brain so >>1223060.

I can't wait to see her never clean them and get excessive eye mites/an infection. Clean people who sleep with their pets are predisposed to eye mite issues which is fine if you don't have fake lashes glued to yours collecting oils and dead skin and aren't completely nasty. We all have them they're only a problem is if they're excessive but she's made herself the perfect candidate for that now

picrel, spoiler cuz it's gross af

No. 1225104

File: 1620350976678.jpg (145.45 KB, 1079x465, Screenshot_20210506-202929_Twi…)

Is she back to claiming she's bi?

No. 1225105

File: 1620351027908.jpg (119.55 KB, 1080x384, Screenshot_20210506-203012_Twi…)

Doesn't she realize the tip jar option is only available for artists, journalists, non profits, etc?

No. 1225114

You’re acting like she’s not delusional enough to believe she’s an ~artist~ with her big productions and admin work kek

No. 1225131

I would'nt be surpised if shayna thinks being attracted to a man in drag is her "bisexuality" coming out again. Also, she must be dating fupa or she's just saying, "hey i'm apart of something! I won't date a woman and plan on dating men but i'm still bisexual" because why else would she like this?

No. 1225158

Shes not gonna get them redone in 6 weeks. She may scam and act like she did though. Also yeah fr if washing her face twice a day is too much for her, then these lashes arent gonna fair well. Idk what the upkeep and cleaning process on them is, but I imagine you have to brush them like she did in the vid (and she'll only do that when she puts on makeup maybe) and keep them clean and this bitch never showers and has a musty bed with no pillowcases.

No. 1225167

she barely takes her makeup off. the extensions are going to be crusted in mascara and possibly eyelash glue because knowing her she’ll still wear those ugly fake lashes.

No. 1225180

Sorry ot, but does anyone else notice that Shays voice has gotten way more nasally? I've been reading her old threads, and I wouldn't call her voice in older vids nice, but it didn't really bother me. When I hear her speak now it makes me rage how nasal she sounds

No. 1225187

She’s going to probably sleep on her side and they’ll all fall off in a couple days

No. 1225192

No she's piggybacking on this tweet because it went viral with a bunch of e-whores and SJWs.

No. 1225195

Shes been compensating by trying to do the extra stoney UwU ditzy voice and it's super cringe and fake

No. 1225210

idk where you got your lashes done but six weeks is WAY too long for her to go without getting them maintained. with a full set like that you have to go in every 2-3 weeks and if you miss an appointment you have to get a completely new set. you also aren’t allowed to wear false eyelashes with them (the lady who did mine said no mascara either) so shayna will have maybe three weeks with them before they just “fall out” and she’ll blame the woman that did them

No. 1225235

i give them 2 weeks at most considering she’ll probably rip em off like she does with her acrylic nails.

No. 1225308

her voice straight up sounds like jaelle here

No. 1225332

nah, the reason she rips off her acrylics is cause she's always been a nail-biter. she's never shown any signs of trich before

No. 1225342

I googled how long they last and it said 6 weeks, but I personally have never had them done

No. 1225350

NO ONE SAYS tumblrite. jesus. its tumblrina.(learn to integrate)

No. 1225362

Trich is hair pulling not skin picking. And I honestly sometimes wonder if she does have trich just due to how tiny her eyebrows have gotten recently.

No. 1225385

File: 1620399447247.jpg (234.19 KB, 1080x714, Screenshot_20210507-095724_Twi…)

No. 1225387

Also saw a random reel last night about having extensions and I guess you arent supposed to rub them either? Theres no way she's gonna be able to keep them. I give em 2 weeks, generously, before they fall out, get crusty, or she gets sick of them and pulls em out. She never researches or thinks about the long term of anything.

No. 1225389

File: 1620399642241.png (42.27 KB, 613x523, 2021-05-07 11_00_03-ButtStuffB…)

funny coming from someone that regularly openly begs for money for rent/bills

No. 1225394

Shayna, you hate sexual stuff, the community, and apparently even your customers if they arent just giving you money. You bitch all day every day about every little thing from your joke of a relationship with Fupa, other people, your mother, etc. That's not sexy content that reels in customers either. And let's be real, you're doing sex work because YOU have to. You have literally nothing else and at this point getting a legit job is becoming less and less possible. So have fun sinking even lower and having to do the really depraved shit to get by when you become totally irrelevant and age out.

No. 1225395

I fucking hate her. Apparently you can only be good at sex work if you’re privileged enough to choose to spread your ass online and anyone forced into it for financial reasons or physically coerced into it through abuse or trafficking is just :/ not gonna get sales :/ hate to break it to you guys :/
She has 0 redeeming qualities and not even 2 halves of a brain cell to rub together.

No. 1225396

>I can’t sugar/be full service bc I’m demisexual
>don’t interact with SWers if you only want to date them
Yeah that’s what coomers who want to indulge in the fantasy want to hear

No. 1225406

She acts like she doesn't realize 90% of sex workers are "survival sex workers" who realize it's degrading & degenerate.

No. 1225413

God. She is so fucking stupid. Sage for absolutely 0 contribution Shayna just makes me want to a-log so hard

No. 1225417

Shayna really woke up today and said "you know who needs a stern public call-out tweet? Struggling women who have been forced into sex work and don't enjoy it."

Good thing her life is karma for all the bullshit she spews.

No. 1225422

File: 1620403041250.png (16.27 KB, 608x221, 2021-05-07 11_57_15-ButtStuffB…)

the fact that it still only has 10 likes…

No. 1225426

this is warped even for her

No. 1225427

>over an hour
I can’t wait for the dirty delete. Then again, another grim, silent “try on haul” with no music and bad snap transitions could be fun.

No. 1225441

I want to see how ill fitting and tacky all her new shein stuff looks!
But you know she’s gonna be too tired and out of breath after squeezing her sausage ass self into one garment and call it a day.

No. 1225442

This disgusting bitch has said on her account multiple times in multiples ways that she does not enjoy sex or her job.
She claimed to be "Demisexual", talked about how her medicine was making it hard for her to get wet, flat out admitted she hated sex, talks about how she's failing on Onlyfans & no watches her shit etc.
Does she think men fucking CARE if a sex worker they are buying sex from enjoy it? Does she think Fupa gives a shit about how he feels when he comes sticks his tiny dick into her dry cold pussy?
she admits she doesn't enjoy sex yet Fupa fucks her. What the fuck is this idiot talking about?

No. 1225460

She’s giving out what was once $100 sex work advice for free, obviously

No. 1225472

Pretty sure she won’t fit into anything she got, if she ordered small sizes.

No. 1225490

>Says her Shein haul just came in
>Offers fashion show immediately after

Wash your damn clothes before you wear them Shayna. There is a global pandemic.

No. 1225523

She's a special type of stupid. Has she not seen the "sleeping with my landlord to pay for rent" type of porn? It's a weird kink for some. I guess because it is degrading? I'm sure they'll likely do a lot better than you, Shay. Also, I love how she continues to alienate everyone with these irrelevant rants and then she has the audacity to wonder why no one wants to interact with her. Not even if she offers to pay them. Kek.

No. 1225537

How is that going to stop disgusting Johns from buying their shit? If anything, it makes them feel as though that woman can't afford to say no to their fucked up requests, retard. Does she really think these dudes fucking care why any woman is doing sex work??

No. 1225538

Can this bitch shut up and mind her business? Why must she have to comment on other sex workers and their reasonings to do them? Why does she want attention so bad. No one asked you Shay.

No. 1225539

Like i said, Shayna thinks these men care about her/sex workers. She thinks that men are going to be turned off if they feel the woman they paid to fuck isn't 100% into it and empowered.
How dare women desperate enough to do something they'd never do if they had choices, NOT LIKE DOING IT. Whats crazy is people actually liked her tweet. I'd think one person would stand up and go, "this and you are wrong".
But I don't expect someone who has parents who send her money to move home, parents she knows she can run too if she quits this.

No. 1225555

No the cunt who

> Begs 24/7 for people to buy her content

> tweets every single dumb thought everyday
> Talks shit about the sex work ~ community ~ every other day
> Talks shit about customers / potential customers regularly
> Whines about her chode and suicide bates over him
> Re-tweets children's show content / cheap Chinese pink crap
> Posts screenshots of her EVIL mom's messages
> Openly admits that can not clean herself, her apartment, her animals, etc.
> Also openly admits she hates anything sexual

Posting this on her public sex work Twitter kek She is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Can't wait until she inevitably an-heros herself.

No. 1225580

We get it Shay. You come from a well off upper middle class family and CHOSE to do sex work, move to Oklahoma, and get morbidly obese. kek

Pandemic or not, you should wash your clothing before wearing them anyway. Especially shitty cheap stuff from fast fashion brands like Shein, they cover them with formaldehyde and other chemicals to prevent mildew, pests, etc. in shipping.

No. 1225601

I love how she *~wont~* order from Dollzkill or however its spelled (even though she still does), but has no problem openly ordering from shein…

No. 1225602

File: 1620424160115.jpg (301.5 KB, 1080x753, Screenshot_20210508-094809_Chr…)

Looks dry.

No. 1225605

She looks like fucking shit even with snapchat filters working overtime

No. 1225606

File: 1620424255185.jpeg (82.4 KB, 676x898, 92316FD5-72C1-499B-9B98-550CD6…)


No. 1225607

File: 1620424336485.png (280.09 KB, 590x391, Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 2.51…)


No. 1225608

That one of white strip is straight up going to break next time she washes it (well maybe it won’t since she doesn’t shower kek)

No. 1225612

It looks so bad

No. 1225613

Those forehead zits

No. 1225614

File: 1620424606535.jpg (205.11 KB, 1080x868, Screenshot_20210507-165628_Twi…)

No. 1225616

> I'm not blonde but I'm certainly blonde

No. 1225622

it looks so… straw-like

No. 1225627

You know when you get those barbie dolls and then you flat iron their hair, it burns and you try to comb it out? Thats what the ends of her hair look like.
Burned doll hair combed out.

No. 1225628

wow her hair is fucked up

No. 1225629

Those eye extensions make her features look bigger, she kind of needs those huge eyelashes to balance it all out. Especially when she does the troon smirk.

No. 1225634

it's still the giant nose that's throwing everything off. i don't think anything's really going to help that much until she gets a nosejob or tries to learn how to contour.

No. 1225639

She looks like a Facebook mom

No. 1225646

acting like doing it for survival isn’t part of the appeal for most porn watchers/sex buyers

No. 1225648

It's the faces she makes, she has a big nose but she makes it look even bigger, her lips look smaller and now her eyes look even smaller. She'd look normal if she held her face normally imo.

No. 1225654

Still not a bimbo

No. 1225655

File: 1620427488276.png (9.33 MB, 1242x2208, 2A42F00C-0485-4A47-81D9-592477…)

No. 1225657

File: 1620427558137.png (9.8 MB, 1242x2208, 877E21A8-5BD0-4E37-83DC-F13AFC…)

No. 1225658

Also, her forehead is too small

No. 1225661

she just looks like skinny amberlynn. Even if her hair is crispy it always looks better down, I don't know why she insists on doing this ugly up do's, braids and ponytails.

No. 1225663

F for fat

No. 1225669

File: 1620429179271.jpeg (Spoiler Image,855.9 KB, 1284x1658, E8EDECA1-AB5F-478C-AF15-370570…)

>”here’s my pussy to celebrate”

as if you don’t post your whole ass and saggy ballsack vagina on the daily

No. 1225673

i’m sorry but what the fuck is this face? 5 years of sex work and she still can’t manage to pull even a semi flattering facial experience in her photos.

No. 1225675

kek she's mostly thanking the bots she paid for.

No. 1225677

oh my fucking god, she looks like she belongs with the wonderful whites of west virginia now, just needs to lose a few teeth and get a trashy tattoo the transition is complete. i wonder how much worse it looks without a filter.

No. 1225698

She should be glad she has that plastic wig to cover it up when her brittle, damaged hair starts breaking off in chunks. At least until she goes back to the students Paul Mitchell to have them dye it brown again once she realizes how fucked it is.

No. 1225705

File: 1620434660732.jpeg (140.5 KB, 828x1296, 4B1D20EA-CD69-49BE-ABAD-BC2B47…)

Is it cowtipping if you take a space in one of her free trials?

No. 1225706

I wouldn't think so. Anons have paid for her subscription before

No. 1225709

This looks terrible and washes her out so much.

No. 1225712

She deleted this lol

No. 1225714

File: 1620436092203.png (43.74 KB, 582x271, Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 5.56…)

Does this bitch really not realize that a million doesn't go that far in modern life?

Anyways… you'll never be a millionaire Shatna. You have to beg every day as it is kek

No. 1225725

Lmao she looks like a fucking Karen.

No. 1225727

File: 1620437565430.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.26 KB, 632x632, 20210507_203238.jpg)

The wrinkles and that pimple

No. 1225736

Her makeup makes her worst features stand out. Her eyebrows being a mile apart makes her nose looks huge and her inch thick eyeliner makes her eyes look like little beads.

No. 1225737

Genital warts so kawaii

No. 1225748

File: 1620442029914.jpeg (Spoiler Image,883.81 KB, 1220x1440, F831E78E-49FD-403D-84ED-EEAB6C…)

Man alcohol is one hell of a “drug”
She looks so old and she couldn’t be bothered to fix her hair and put it in a cute bun

No. 1225750

File: 1620442102337.jpeg (Spoiler Image,828.57 KB, 1242x1424, DE91401B-62F8-4E68-ADAE-EBD5BF…)

Jason R Womack is down bad topkek

No. 1225751

File: 1620442175161.jpeg (685.3 KB, 1242x1022, 80872FF0-139B-4B89-A52F-F6DA10…)

Jason R Womack really thinks he’s in a relationship with her huh….. I wonder if she flirts with him

No. 1225753

File: 1620442264256.png (Spoiler Image,8.16 MB, 1242x2208, 73D23398-03E7-412E-B277-C679AA…)

More like Special Ed

No. 1225754

Did she edit her foot wtf

No. 1225756

Lmao her foot has got a right angle at the heel. Professionalism at its finest yall

No. 1225757

File: 1620442532125.jpeg (Spoiler Image,365.43 KB, 750x684, E26A3360-7BF4-489E-9BB6-A16C98…)


Jesus fucking Christ

No. 1225758

File: 1620442760358.jpeg (Spoiler Image,922.93 KB, 944x1574, CCD56BD6-8843-4270-AC9E-0BC7CC…)


No. 1225760

File: 1620442867806.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1242x1566, 444B6A5B-ACA0-447E-A0A6-9F8D04…)

her teeth match her skin oof

No. 1225761

>I’ll gladly stick it in
>love you

Please fucking kill me

No. 1225764

File: 1620443209582.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 3464x3464, 7A096701-A680-49A9-8920-5A731E…)

gynecologist chair vibes

No. 1225765

File: 1620443325820.jpg (Spoiler Image,64 KB, 460x422, aa5570cc-5c89-421b-83df-468d42…)

made me remember this

No. 1225766

File: 1620443388366.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1242x1433, 065D66AD-53EB-4BE6-910E-A20E08…)

When you’re too obese to take a photo standing up or posing.
She’s laying around like a beached whale Jfc
>fat girl mouth gape

No. 1225768


Shayna, what was the point of this post? This isn't a hot take. You're just being a hypocrite. You literally are doing "survival sex work" as this is your only means to pay for anything and you've made it your end all be all. Also, Shayna, you CONSTANTLY talk about how much you hate sex and sex work and it deters your customers. If anything, you just called yourself out…she's been doing this a lot lately with these hypocritical "hot takes" more than usual.

No. 1225769

File: 1620443913133.jpeg (Spoiler Image,873.66 KB, 3464x3464, C3BB4752-7878-4C69-9E95-A64EFE…)

whatever helps you sleep at night fat-ass

No. 1225770

File: 1620444106645.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 3464x3464, 7CB9D1C1-8FDC-446A-96AD-2383FD…)

Even her nudes are lazy god damn

No. 1225771

File: 1620444149237.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1021.47 KB, 1242x1507, DDC2DF25-19AF-4A23-878E-A9AE5D…)

putting the H in hemorrhoids
Spoiler because EW

No. 1225772

this is nastier than the actual scat video

No. 1225773

This image stresses me out. Also, God I hate to even say this, but this girl must have some serious issues on the toilet with her blown out asshole and shit diet…good lord.

No. 1225774

Shay’s spoiler images on her thread are a serious game of truth or dare.

Truth is I want to open this but I’m scared.

No. 1225776

I think it's a blister on her heel making it pointy. Gross!

No. 1225777

That’s it I’m fucking a-logging. It looks like a fucking cave full of stalactites that has to be so painful.

No. 1225779

Regina George's mom vibes kek

No. 1225780

Kek looks like the farmers took her free trials based on the last few photos

No. 1225782

I don’t understand how anyone could possibly find this hot. It’s not like the scrotes that sub don’t know what an asshole is supposed to look like because they have one? How does she not get concerned messages. Fucking bleak.

No. 1225783

her vagina constantly looks deflated

No. 1225785

she edited the fuck out of the one she has as her pinned tweet, and even that one looks horrific. WHY would you post this unedited torn up hemorrhoidal asshole for your PAYING SUBSCRIBERS?!

No. 1225786

At least we're finally seeing some of the horrendous shit she posts on her of. On the other hand, since she lurks here, will she know who the farmers are? Be careful of anon(s) but thanks for the nightmare fuel

No. 1225787

File: 1620447561483.jpeg (Spoiler Image,215.86 KB, 828x1142, 99866B14-49F6-49D4-AD92-22BD0A…)

I’ve been digging through her of for several minutes and honestly she posts the same stuff on Twitter, except she cares more and seems to post the highlight reel on Twitter.
There is actually no reason to buy her of because her twitter gives the same content?

I can’t remember if she posted this photo on Twitter with this particular set but the face is indescribable.

No. 1225790

Topkek nice double chin Shatna

No. 1225791

I know she lurks and you know she has seen us call some of her pics very gynecologist chair like. Now here we are. Really getting up in the nasty. Vagina sperging is frowned upon but no wonder she can’t feel that wand vibe

No. 1225792

File: 1620448169475.jpeg (Spoiler Image,534.84 KB, 828x1016, 9DD6F211-D374-4133-BE6E-E3F11D…)

The videos are anywhere from half a minute to 4 minutes long and they’re honestly making me a little sick. I know I’m not a scrote but I have no idea how anyone can stay erect.

No. 1225793

Yes, use the misogynistic stereotype as an excuse for your retardation

No. 1225794

File: 1620448402484.jpeg (318.64 KB, 1242x760, E7BCE24A-0BC4-4D52-833C-2EF995…)


No. 1225797

On what planet? Serious question. Who the fuck looks at a beached whale with a rat’s face transplanted on it like some Island of Dr Moreau experiment and thinks “yes, this is cute, make penor hard”?

No. 1225814

>gets 30 new items of clothing in the mail
>completely naked photoshoot

Really creative and not lazy at all

No. 1225824

File: 1620457705309.jpeg (514.25 KB, 2048x2048, F76FA69D-26D3-4727-8012-210573…)

sage for pure autism

No. 1225833

the fact that these images all have a filter slapped on top and still look this horrendous is bleak

No. 1225840

she literally looks like squidward in the bottom middle one omfg

No. 1225844

File: 1620460813050.jpeg (Spoiler Image,604.25 KB, 1242x780, C503B9B2-A93A-4C0F-86A7-F4F013…)

If you look closely around 2:40-3:00 is where a fly zooms past her which made me chuckle. Took me forever to load these on Dropbox.
Shayna cowgirl video:
Shayna “orgasming”:
Sage for no milk, and the “black speck” on her skirt in the screencap is the fly kek in case you’re too terrified to watch the video

No. 1225845

File: 1620460974353.jpeg (Spoiler Image,460.86 KB, 1068x659, B079FE89-ED1C-4AA5-8EBF-F140E9…)

Shayna’s face has gotten extremely fat
Can’t even see her chin anymore
how bleak

No. 1225851

the shit on the dildo, the fly, the heavy breathing before she even squats down… how anyone could get off to that video is beyond me.

No. 1225855

Are we just skimming past that pimple/wart inside her vagina?

No. 1225862

It's already aknown fact that Shay isn't good at sex, but the lack of any hip mobility in this video is insane. Good thing her scrotes wouldn't know good riding skills even if slapped them in the face with her crap covered dildo kek

No. 1225864

Idk, I'm not mad at it. Mostly I'm just sick of her pink wigs because they are not only overdone but make her look like wish edition of Delphine.

No. 1225866

Ladies, this is your brain (and butthole) on porn. Coomers are insane. I’m kinda giggling like an idiot thinking about future employers finding this photo of her ghastly asshole and dumping her resume in the trash

No. 1225888

I hate her fake baby voice so much holy shit

No. 1225895

File: 1620471527364.png (Spoiler Image,89.1 KB, 423x165, frown.png)

apologies for the autism but i couldn't not see this lmao

No. 1225915

Colour is fine, I quite like it for her but that is a godawful trim. Genuinely think the mass of her hair before had potential to look cute if it was healthier and cared for.

No. 1225919

How has no one said this should be next thread pic yet

No. 1225930

it's not funny enough. shay's ugly, it is known.

No. 1225932

1. Okay but what’s up with her breathing. 2. Kek at her trying to pull back the fupa during the first camera angle. 3. This is the worst lighting I’ve ever seen in any of her videos. What on earth made her think it looked good.

No. 1225946


That gigantic buldge of fat under her right shoulder looks like a third boob.

No. 1225947

Literally Amberlynn face

No. 1225949

I agree. While this shade of blonde is far more flattering and natural looking, the quality of her hair is so brittle and straw-like I'm surprised it isn't falling out in clumps.

No. 1225969

File: 1620484702548.png (41.73 KB, 320x280, 47-470730_pepe-meme-facepalm-p…)

There are filters and tools you can use to whiten your teeth that take a few seconds. Shayna is too lazy/unaware to even use those.

No. 1225978

Jesus sorry for saying what’s already been said but that is the nastiest shit I’ve ever seen. Why does it look like that just why…gauging my eyes out

No. 1225982

This sounds like horror porn kek

No. 1225984

At first Shayna was somewhat fascinating. I couldn't believe how she could live the way she does. But at this point, it's just sad and even boring.

No. 1225987

I love how she almost sounds hungry to consume the dildo, those aren’t “mmmm I’m so horny” moans but rather “shayna hungry, shayna eat” moans

No. 1225993

Legit felt like I was watching sped porn. The outfit and the crooked dollar store hat… even though she rode it the laziest way possible, I bet that's the most workout her legs and thighs have gotten in forever. Also tf is up with the ending? I couldnt even tell she was "orgasming" and it just like ended. She put the wand down and said a really cringy awkward Chris Chan-esque line and abruptly ended the vid. Jfc.

No. 1225995

"High concept, big production" bitch get an actual camera and stop using your phone. It's obviously shot on a phone and the audio is awful. The cheap costumes she buys nowadays especially are so tacky and her ideas that probably arent even her own are very bottom tier jokes.

No. 1226003

File: 1620490774696.png (94.89 KB, 600x315, 693BA482-5976-4F0A-9293-7FA554…)

When will she star in a DreamWorks film

No. 1226004

File: 1620491023677.jpeg (710.83 KB, 1125x2083, 87F2BE5A-2D6D-4BD3-A188-C81592…)

she’s so stupid she can’t fact check anything, it’s fake shay.

No. 1226006

Looks like she has chocolate crumbs under her mouth, I'd like to think she was putting the mini fridge to work and eating while she "Worked"

No. 1226019

File: 1620493681839.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 929x1837, 3C743438-3CFC-46D4-B45A-EECE15…)

Shayna’s morning nude on onlyfans with her new hair


No. 1226022

Again, the land before time looking ass bitch

No. 1226025

File: 1620494371822.png (9.64 MB, 1242x2688, CDFF55C9-462E-4638-8A15-095D5D…)

This face! I haven’t seen it posted but holy fuck the eyebrows make her look like a caveman.

No. 1226026

File: 1620494419220.jpeg (Spoiler Image,698.56 KB, 1183x1039, 052CD14C-2654-4579-B47E-450D0E…)

No. 1226031

She truly has a horse face. Also I know this shit happens when women smile but her nasolabial folds are killing me

No. 1226039

Her hair is so greasy that it looks like a dead spider.

No. 1226044

Even the filters can’t save her anymore. She probably thought this would make her hot again since the last time she was comfortable with herself is when she was blonde and thin… except she’s no longer thin so it horribly backfired oof

No. 1226067

File: 1620501507267.gif (3.47 MB, 498x280, 1500748948.gif)

Why did she do this

No. 1226072

File: 1620502474158.jpg (366.04 KB, 1080x1305, Screenshot_20210508-143417_Twi…)

Just why Shay

No. 1226073

File: 1620502533219.jpg (345.42 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20210508-143341_Twi…)

Get ready for some trash

No. 1226081


This reminds me of when PNP was "diagnosed" with "psoriasis" online. Maybe Shay is hoping for a free health check-up too lol

No. 1226083

What the fuck is that thing? Is it a sex doll of a dog in a gimp suit? Is it a limbless fuck doll? Put this filthy whore on a watchlist ffs.

No. 1226088

It's a person in a latex suit with their arms and legs folded so the hands touch the shoulders and the feet touch each other. The post is a video and they're being walked on a leash.

No. 1226097

Holy fuck I thought it was a blow up sheep. I didn't even notice it was a human kek

No. 1226103

aww her and fupa are going out on a date, get ready for some bathroom flashing

No. 1226111

They also make clear cases, what an idiot

No. 1226113

lmao cant get over how disgusted she looks at herself and what she’s doing

No. 1226157

File: 1620514385415.jpeg (294.43 KB, 1242x1126, 7E577329-BA6A-40E9-BB22-034C49…)

She’s going to the art festival with Fupa ew

No. 1226158

With her going the art festival, reminds me of when she went to the music festival and Fupa was caught in her sun glasses lol

No. 1226159

This is legitimately pathetic. Why get her hair done when she can't moisturize and ends up looking this rough?

No. 1226174

File: 1620516341923.jpg (121.11 KB, 1079x379, Screenshot_20210508-182547_Twi…)

No. 1226175

Sometimes I feel like she's talking directly to Lolcow because NO ONE CARED OR ASKED.

No. 1226182

File: 1620517908655.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2999x3999, 38BE6431-7C39-4E6F-93AA-98C4E2…)

She went live on onlyfans to avoid getting clowned on by lolcow farm
Her fatass squeezing into a size small velour two piece
Sage for old milk

No. 1226183

So she openly admits get buys smalls (we already knew that), admits her body is no where near a small, and that she only orders smalls cause how "nice" her tits look. Man if only she realized she doesnt need the size small squeezing the life out of her that a push up bra can do that same effect

No. 1226187

Sure, Shayna. It’s not like you visibly hated it when you had that latex hood smushing your face with Hard Tied or whatever.

No. 1226192

Shayna claimed a ghost was in her room when she went live when it was really just a piece of dust because she’s so dirty and never cleans anything. She also bleached like a man even though no one tipped her to do it….. yuck

No. 1226195

That obnoxious ass burp at the end. What the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 1226196

The saloon music a pleasant change

No. 1226200

Is that dust or an actual bug flying around lmao. Either way, yike. It never fails to amaze me how completely unsexy she is in motion.

No. 1226209

off topic as hell, but what anime is this from?

No. 1226211

File: 1620521763319.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 3464x3464, 403A8FC5-8C38-4DDF-8458-8471BF…)

>Shayna’s lives are so boring so I just uploaded a few clips she’s mostly being retarded, making weird faces, and laughing
>Shayna picking her boob scabs and admitting she’s a degenerate

>Shayna slapping herself in high quality her skin looks really awful


No. 1226215

are those seriously her lash extensions? they don’t even cover her whole lash line.

No. 1226216

No anon. My bad. These are old livestreams I should have dated them. My apologies!!

No. 1226222

I still can't believe she claims to have a fat ass but it identical to Hank Hill's ass. I'd 100% believe you if you told me this was someone's dad's back and ass.

No. 1226223

Nta, it’s from this iconic MV.

No. 1226260

File: 1620526080378.jpeg (272.06 KB, 960x1280, 841EAB4B-D43C-4CF3-8DE1-FD3CF3…)

No. 1226262

File: 1620526135441.jpeg (612.07 KB, 1242x967, D9D5464F-AD3C-4B35-88D7-61F061…)

It’s the desperation for me….

No. 1226263

looks like someone's retired aunt at a family reunion picnic

No. 1226264

From the neck up she almost looks cute. Never thought I'd say that about Shayna but here we are

No. 1226267

How does someone simultaneously manage to look both 6 years old and 40 years old at the same time?

No. 1226268

Fupa always doing her dirty with these pics lmao

No. 1226269

Please learn how to dress for your body type, retard. This is unflattering as fuck.

No. 1226270


Someone tell shatna dresses like this only emphasize her fat rolls

No. 1226272

Cheap ass Shein dress really emphasizes her linebacker shoulders. Girl shoulda tried out for football.

No. 1226273

I don't think an adult woman exists that would look good in that dress. It's atrocious anon.

No. 1226275

she looks like that girl with the rainbow bangs, she looks a fucking mess, her hair barely looks any different and of course she's not wearing that make up she spent so much on.
She looks a hot ass mess. That dress is very unflattering especially since her boobs are different sizes. I honestly feel bad for her.

No. 1226278

I honestly doubt this is the first time this fat bitch has had a corndog

No. 1226279

This half up hairstyle with the headband makes no sense, and the sleeves on that dress should not be pulled down that low especially on her body type. Reminds me of Lillee Jean

No. 1226281

Must have been nuts for her to be surrounded by actual talented artists and for her to stumble around drunk in her special retard dress and say, "u Kno, iM sOmeewHaT oF aN aRtIsT MySelF"

No. 1226282

jesus, so many bruises on her legs

No. 1226289

if the alternative is dingy too small clothes so she can flash her gaping maw of a vagina at passerbys i'll take this. she looks clean.

No. 1226290


Got a zombie tit, AND a zombie arm wtf.

No. 1226291

Wow… she is un recognizable

No. 1226295

She's still not wearing any underwear under that hideous dress, anon. She's definitely still flashing that deflated axe wound to the non-consenting.
She looks clean cause the poor hairdresser had to wash and comb out a rat's nest that's been in a bun for god knows how long and the fact she's wearing lip color for once and her eyebrows aren't 28 miles apart.

No. 1226298

this imagery is hilariously accurate

No. 1226302

I think the arm is from the vaccine.

No. 1226303

she absolutely looks like stupid fat pixielocks
they have the same smirking grandma face and lumpy physique

No. 1226304

Yeah it’s so odd how they have the almost exactly same face. Tbf shatna is just slightly uglier.

No. 1226305

She does know even if it was real they make clear cases. This isn’t bimbo this is just retarded

No. 1226308

Wrinkles straight out of the bag, smelling like plastic and the sweatshop it was made in. What a bimbo!

No. 1226309


Damn HD aged her like 7 years. Hope this answers any questions people have about her abuse of filters

No. 1226310

She looks like a middle to low class housewife for sure, if that's the vibe she was going for. They would definitely go to an art festival and order overpriced alcohol too.

No. 1226311

God that dress is hideous and so clearly cheap. I know everyone knows it's from Shien so like no shit, but still…

No. 1226312

Anon pls, she quite literally looks like Yaniv here

No. 1226313

That huge honker and black little eyes like pissholes in the snow, nightmare fuel

No. 1226319

jfc. she'd look so much more attractive if she had good posture. and her tits are too big now to not be wearing a bra, unless she likes the thought of them sagging down to her bellybutton when she hits 40.

No. 1226323

Let's not even start this

No. 1226338

Pissholes in the snow is the most accurate description of her eyes I’ve ever read

No. 1226342

File: 1620535214692.jpeg (28.56 KB, 275x275, 3D98BF3F-1BDF-4F6C-9EE9-139E58…)

Jeeeeesus I know it’s said all the time but holy shit she looks just like yaniv here.
That dress tho. Unwashed with the formaldehyde soak still on it. Uwu so bimbo

No. 1226375

I honestly do not understand why she is so insistent on marketing herself as a bimbo or barbie when literally NOTHING about her fits that aesthetic. She complains about not getting the attention or traction that other whores do but doesn’t seem to put two and two together. As retarded, fugly and misogynistic as it is, actual bimbos spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on maintaining their look; professional bleaching, extensions and wigs, teeth, filler, Botox, implants, body hair removal, etc, not to mention the upkeep of a gross caricature of the “ideal” female body (being skinny yet impossibly curvy), all that shit. She is grossly overweight, she self admittedly doesn’t bathe, her teeth are yellow and snaggled (and probably rotten from all the sweets her fat, unwashed ass consumes), she can’t apply makeup, she has a tit that looks necrotic, all her clothes are ill fitting sweatshop plastic, she has pimples and boils all over her ass and mouldy strawberry, her house is so filthy that there are flies buzzing around her when she cams amongst piles of trash, the fact that none of this registers with her is conclusive proof that she is an actual sped.

No. 1226405

yaniv's eyebrows are (slightly) better kek

No. 1226412

I stg we can't get through a single thread without someone saying oH mY GoD sHe LoOkS lIkE yAnIv.
We get it.

No. 1226456

Its either that or people posting walls of text with advice of what shay should be doing. Every single thread.

No. 1226464

People probably thought it was very nice of Kyle for him to bring his downsy cousin with him to the art festival. Also Shayna has horrible posture for someone who calls themselves a model but it looks like she couldn’t physically stand up straight if she wanted to because her dress is too small

No. 1226465

Where are all the junkies from TND or Luna's thread to analyze the bruises in her elbow ditch? >>1226302
They don't give you a vaccine in your vein.
Stumbling around a messy house while intoxicated with untrained animals means she probably falls/runs into things a lot. Alcoholics bruise easily too.ea

No. 1226474

If she wore a bra, had pulled it down properly so the middle wasn’t as shapeless, put on a necklace and worn an age appropriate handbag dare I say this could actually have been cute.

No. 1226489

File: 1620566154325.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, C9A77A46-30CC-4B78-9FE7-4AEAFD…)

oof here is more content that Shayna has on OF. The Cinderella video is pure nightmare fuel. It also doesn’t make sense because she’s acting like she’s giving a dude a blowjob but you can see the base of the dildo and she’s holding it with her fucking hand the whole time. Not the full video but these were the parts she looked like a sped
First part
Second part
Shayna shaking her flat square shaped ass
Short clip of shayna being really gross and ugly in HD:

No. 1226490

man she really has no ass. she gets fat but none of it goes there.

No. 1226499

It’s MA’AM

No. 1226506

File: 1620572621768.jpeg (335.95 KB, 1242x1149, 37EA6B82-0D52-445F-8F42-EF91C0…)

TOPKEK whatever you say broke fattie

No. 1226510

File: 1620572684163.jpeg (492.58 KB, 1242x1629, 4EE34847-B098-488E-BC61-BE8C03…)

No. 1226513

Tell me sex work ruined your life without telling me sex work ruined your life. Good god she is so pathetic.

No. 1226514

What the fuck do these people have no brain cells or something?

No. 1226515

Kek she is so pressed about being roasted for her outfit on here

No. 1226521

All the sex-negativity in this thread kinda makes me think you are all scrotes. Women support each other and know a queen who can hussle!

No. 1226529

Don’t worry, anonita, it’s just a scrote/tranny baiting the whole site.

No. 1226530

Oh yes, we definitely should support a woman begging scrotes for 3 dollars, a fucking meal and saying "FILL MY HOLES, I'M A USELESS DUMB LITTLE WHORE THAT JUST NEEDS CUM AND YOU CAN TREAT ME LIKE SHIT!" Then rip apart her asshole until it's just chunky raw meat with bleeding hemorrhoids. We're sooo sex-negative. Shayna! YAASSS QUEEN! Please show men that their taste for little girls is normalized.

So empowering.

No. 1226532

stop taking the obvious bait, retard

No. 1226534

Thank you for joining me in my goal to call everyone on this site a scrote! YOu sure got me, haha! I guess you win this one since you called me a scrote first! I think I have won in sheer numbers tho!

No. 1226549

lol her shein dress is completely see through. you can see her nipples. I can't believe she went to an art event dressed like this lmfao

No. 1226555

She's such a fucking baby. She's going to regret how she treats her parents one day. Her mom is so horrible but sends her gifts every holiday and money to move. Such a shitty horrible mom.

No. 1226558

NTA but idk how people aren’t getting that this is clearly a joke

No. 1226564

she has bragged out going out where you can see her boobs through her shirt. she absolutely would and does go out like that because she’s trash.

No. 1226569

File: 1620581811500.jpeg (45.06 KB, 412x278, 052A85F7-DEFB-4D0D-AE05-604781…)


The most lulzy thing about SWers on social media, is the fact they base their entire worth and identity off of the money they make. Every criticism they get, they have to always come back with “y’all can hate all you want, because I make sooo much money and I’m so happy!” but it NEVER comes off like they’re genuinely happy, it always sounds like the biggest cope on earth. A clown in that can pay their bills/has money is still a clown.

No. 1226583


The cope of pretending money justifies degradation is the funniest shit ever.

ESPECIALLY for SWers like Shatna and her ilk since she barely makes enough to support her globulous doordash lardo ways.

I wonder why they latch onto it in particular tho.

No. 1226603

But you look like shit on camera. Also she makes so much money but doesn't have a car. Shayna gives broke bitch energy even if she's not broke. She's a bimbo barbie but admits she does not give a shit about how she looks when she leaves the house.

No. 1226632

I cringed so hard I couldn't get past the video of her slapping her ass.

No. 1226635


She reminds me of Amberlynn Reid in that way. Amber makes a pretty decent amount of money, yet she still eats the lowest, garbage quality food and loves it like a pig in shit, and she STILL buys copious amounts of junk clothes and accessories at Walmart. Money just can’t buy taste. Also kinda like these OF whores that drop money on designer garbage that looks awful. They just think money = status but they trade every bit of their self worth/dignity for it. Which they also use the line “just because I spread my asshole for the whole world doesn’t mean I’m not fulfilled and don’t have a great life!”

No. 1226650

Her mom sent her money, bought her clothes and a WHOLE BED with a mattress, but she hates her because she’s this demon “racist” I literally cannot stand her. Imagine growing a child for 9 months and have her bashing you on social media after sending her money and a bed because she sleeps on the floor in bumfuck, OK. all next to pictures of her blown out asshole. So fucking bleak. Want to a-log so bad lmao. Ungrateful clown ass bitch.

No. 1226653

File: 1620590386980.jpeg (196.53 KB, 828x707, F84F73EE-A8B9-4163-94E5-F3C394…)

I guess admitting that you look like shit in your normal, day to day life pulls omega customers?

No. 1226661

File: 1620590852398.jpeg (128.87 KB, 555x915, D2A05281-493C-412F-8B66-B8C1FF…)

No. 1226663

Scroll up retard

No. 1226665

She’s so fat and shapeless, damn. Not even curvy or “thick”. Just a fat rectangle with moobs

No. 1226666

The nails are off already

No. 1226667

File: 1620591037078.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1224x1857, 15165D70-FBE8-4ADD-84E8-19F5B8…)

No. 1226669

She looks… kind of okay here? for Shayna standards at least. The hair colour seems to suit her.

Okay nevermind. I thought she actually bought something in her size for once but she's clearly bursting out of it, look at her thigh

No. 1226670

File: 1620591171242.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1075x1393, 6E948E8F-5EC1-45F0-8CCB-A55036…)

Sage for retardation but this is going to be Shayna in 2030

>I was famous on this website called tumblr. I used to go by Dolly Mattel back in the day.

No. 1226671

looking like a 35 y/o wine mom

No. 1226673

File: 1620591344961.jpg (163.74 KB, 1080x523, Screenshot_20210509-151539_Twi…)

No. 1226675

File: 1620591431100.jpg (154.81 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20210509-151713_Twi…)

Please stop

No. 1226694

somehow makes mother's day about herself, and sex. she's persistent at least but this is the least attractive thing she could tweet about mothers day (besides bitching about her own mother on her Work Twitter)

No. 1226699

besides the troon smirk she looks okay here, it's funny, this look is sexier then any of her nude shit. The possible editing and pose make her body look way better. Imagine being a sex worker who sells porn and you look better covered up then you do nude.

No. 1226701

I actually do believe Fupa is spending mothers day nutting in Shayna's dry puss, because I doubt he's actually going to give his ex anything or do anything special for her.

No. 1226702

Looking like a 45 year old single mother of 5 (all different fathers) that lives off of wine and weed in a trailer park.

No. 1226703

File: 1620593260265.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3464x3464, 28D8B3B0-1568-4CB2-9B9A-DB80CD…)

No. 1226704

File: 1620593286280.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 3464x3464, 7BCB4EBA-B16B-4E62-ADF5-52D1C9…)

These were posted on her OF

No. 1226706

true, the kids are most likely spending the day with their mother, and Shayna probably tweeted this right after setting up a pump'n'dump appointment with fupa

No. 1226710

That layer of grease on her face really completes the look. Shout out to ass acne.

No. 1226711

God it's so funny when pro whores whose entire business is their body look like a flabby mum of 5 (no offense to mums because they have an excuse) Shayna does nothing but sit about on her flabby arse all day playing with her dry pussy.

No. 1226712

Her roots are already greasy, does she constantly ooze meat sweat and bacon grease out of her pores?

No. 1226713

File: 1620593697900.jpeg (1013.61 KB, 805x1678, 58FAA322-6617-4AB3-9AE5-2F89F1…)

No. 1226715

TBH these onlyfans pictures look way better then her normal shit. At least she's trying

No. 1226720

File: 1620594476436.jpeg (37.89 KB, 469x466, 55CA5CEF-BA18-44A4-A513-4E056C…)

No. 1226722

I'm confused, is that a bikini or lingerie? I thought it was lingerie, but now I'm seeing the tie in the back

No. 1226725

Can't believe you retarded scrotes are actually jerking off to this.

No. 1226750

File: 1620597907371.jpeg (372.01 KB, 1242x1212, 52B7DBCB-E0F7-4795-9EE0-EA5BD4…)

They are both bikinis

No. 1226756

The highlights just accentuate her greasy roots now. The first pic she posted after getting it dyed looked proper blonde, but seeing it in the outdoor lighting without copious filters >>1226260 it's the exact same shade of brown as before, just with stringy little zebra highlights over top.

No. 1226757

she’s editing her stomach in all of these kek

No. 1226759

File: 1620598598852.png (7.05 MB, 1242x2208, 76FB4B02-EC8D-4494-A43F-CD6CB9…)

No. 1226760

I just want to know where her brows went. Please what is her logic taking her face in this direction….. is she trying to fake Ariana grande style straight brows? Does she think making her brows smaller makes her eyes look bigger? Is it just because she enjoys confusing brow anons? Lol WHY!!!!

No. 1226762

Her whole body looks like one big thigh

No. 1226763

Oh wow, the bra looks so uncomfortable in motion. That underboob situation is just painful to look at

No. 1226765

File: 1620599011241.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1114x2185, AC778BC0-4969-41F7-8F3B-F3B061…)


No. 1226767

File: 1620599172369.jpeg (27.35 KB, 600x510, C0AA73F0-9F35-4297-8A90-0CEB9E…)

No. 1226769

Kek at the lace piece on the bottoms that doesnt even go all the way around

Also that anon that said now that shes got the stupid eyelash extensions, she wont put on make up was right

No. 1226773

The top is awful and I can feel how uncomfortable it is through the screen, but that's the most fluid I've seen her move in forever if ever tbh too bad it was to cringy boomer music because "ur dad" is her whole music personality.

No. 1226787

File: 1620601000986.jpg (346.83 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20210509-175641_Twi…)

No. 1226794

I mean you give them content for free so…. they don’t need to pay for it especially if it’s repetitive and boring like yours.

No. 1226795

it's obviously not meant to be a compliment. it's a power play. like look at how worthless you are. nobody needs to pay to objectify you because you do it yourself for free.

this gets posted every thread and it's not only repetitive, it's also insulting to grimace. shayna wishes her mcnuggies were that thicc.

No. 1226797

Am I dreaming or has Shay not posted other tweets along the lines of "I just LOVE it when men tell me they jack off to me, uwu, it makes me so horny when men tell me that" ?

No. 1226802

File: 1620602440524.jpg (265.64 KB, 1079x812, Screenshot_20210509-182041_Twi…)

No. 1226806

File: 1620602739968.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3464x3464, FCB3D036-C9D1-489E-B04F-02E98D…)

Shayna threads in a picture
Sage for dumb shit post meme

No. 1226809

File: 1620603141122.png (162.82 KB, 250x433, Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 4.27…)

I… I don't even have words after watching this. She's going to have to cut herself out of this bikini kek also nice fupa shatna

No. 1226812

It will never cease to amaze me how she has literally zero sex appeal.

No. 1226813


jesus christ shay, shein has returns you know…

No. 1226814

File: 1620603389132.png (9.47 MB, 1242x2208, 9AD4584E-9712-48FD-A7B9-2111C4…)

No. 1226815


something tells me a scrote inquired about her services, didnt think she worth the money and probably told her he’ll just jack it to the free content on her twitter instead and triggered her hard. guess those new prices arent working out for her.

No. 1226816

I don’t think they take back discharge covered bikini bottoms, nonnie

No. 1226817

nightmare fuel, holy shit

No. 1226818


she got the lashes just the other day, why does it look like she already needs a fill

No. 1226820

wait, wtf, she only shooped the butt acne in some pics kek

No. 1226823

File: 1620603608624.png (9.02 MB, 1242x2208, 9BDB319B-A743-40F1-91F8-22A228…)

She looks so bad for the love of god drink some water Shatna you look dehydrated

No. 1226827


despite her physical appearance, i have to say its nice to see her attempt to look alluring/sexual for once instead of trying to be “cute” by making stupid faces or doing autistic roleplaying

No. 1226830


honestly thought you shopped yaniv’s face onto her body at first

No. 1226832

File: 1620604353138.jpg (204.71 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210509-185217_Sam…)

Her armpit looks like a vagina kek

No. 1226834

File: 1620604607507.jpeg (291.22 KB, 916x1629, DED65B88-83AD-445D-8771-7865F5…)

No. 1226835

She actually looks great in all the pics today and the pic dress pic

No. 1226836

ok jason r. womack

No. 1226837

File: 1620604839519.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, D5EB2E01-8412-4DD2-ABF3-708A33…)

Jason R Womack makes me want to a-log so bad god he’s insufferable

No. 1226838

agreed tbh

No. 1226839

>and the pic dress pic
im gonna piss my fucking pants

No. 1226840

ok maybe the pic dress is a little less good but overall, in comparison to usual

No. 1226848

>the land before time looking ass bitch

anon please kek

No. 1226850

File: 1620605667122.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2999x3999, E7D2E59E-473A-4658-AEFE-43551B…)

If Shayna wasn’t such a mean evil bitch I would be concerned about her safety. Jason Womack won’t stop mentioning dates with Shayna. Like do you not get the hint my dude??? She doesn’t want to. God he is such a retard. Hopefully he isn’t a violent “incel” who cannot handle rejection

No. 1226857

at least in this photo, the highlights in her hair looks just like the steaks of grey in the front of older women's hair that are just starting to go grey and it's aging her badly
body starting to look identical to pixielocks
only positive note is her makeup is better than usual in this photo somehow

No. 1226858

>let you drive up the river so you can experience the thrill of oklahoma summertime fun
so retarded yet almost poetic. is womack actually just an AI?

No. 1226865

Tbf womak would probably be a better fuck than fupa

No. 1226868

You forgot the worse/worst anons kek

No. 1226877

Hes her splenda daddy and pretty much only active customer besides the grey hair old fuck. I'm sure the troons only send her some money to be supportive of their CuMrAdE. So she has to probably flirt and be nice to him even though she probably fuckin hates it. She acts like shes thriving, but she pretty much literally needs the money of retarded incels like Womack. Her content probably covers her rent and utilities and basic shit. But she can only splurge on cheap garbage when she scams or has a splenda daddy.

No. 1226880

Lmao this is golden. Don't forget Fupa tinfoils, vag sperging, and fan art.

No. 1226883

What would possess you to even say something like this?

No. 1226894

But anon, he ISN'T old.

No. 1226896

We get it

No. 1226898

You forgot the "but it's the meds that make you fat right shay" anons.

No. 1226900

Didn’t she just post on twitter about how some guy sent her a video of him jacking off while watching her on his livingroom TV? I think the secret here is that she’s mad seeing men post shit like that about OTHER women

No. 1226901

Not as repetitive as the word bleak, it’s in this thread 10 times already get a thesaurus

No. 1226906

I'll indulge you, anon. I would have to agree, but only in terms of physicality would Mack Daddy be the better lay. If you're into whatever lame shit Fupa can roleplay, he might be the better fuck for nonnies that need that psychological stimulation. If you have even once thought about what it's like to fuck Womack you have realized that anything that comes out of his mouth will either be kekworthy or plainly a turn off

No. 1226907

It's gray hair NOT old anon.

No. 1226909

Womack is that you?

No. 1226911

NTA but anon this was pure nightmare fuel to imagine.

No. 1226913

File: 1620613350553.jpg (72.04 KB, 720x722, FB_IMG_1620613324201.jpg)

Does Womack even bathe? I would imagine that he stinks something rotten. Look at that hat.

No. 1226915

File: 1620613513170.png (352.36 KB, 720x654, Screenshot_20210510-052456~2.p…)

No. 1226918


Here go the Womack fans.

No. 1226922

lace on a bikini is weird tbh, which is a shame because it's a cute pattern

No. 1226923

>this fucking image
Topkek love it anon

No. 1226927

File: 1620614906449.jpeg (859.23 KB, 1242x1504, 57A7F4C5-2CFF-4E93-958A-6413B7…)

Kek imagine Womack and Shayna mudding

No. 1226928

You guys are so mean to him

No. 1226932

Ok Jason R Womack

No. 1226934

File: 1620615423117.jpg (157.33 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20210509-215656_Twi…)

OF anon, please tell me Noodle is not in this pic

No. 1226937

File: 1620615676973.jpeg (Spoiler Image,945.03 KB, 1242x1536, FD630459-5983-4F78-9B26-9B0A50…)

No thank goodness it is just grimace being chunky

No. 1226938

this isn’t bad tbh.

No. 1226939

this wouldn’t be bad if the damn thing fit her.

No. 1226940

I think she’s actually not high in a picture for once, so the open mouth thing doesn’t look like she’s just a drooling retard.

No. 1226942

The dirty blonde is a way better color on her and her wearing less makeup makes her look less of a hot mess.

No. 1226943

Play real games you tard

No. 1226946

I don’t get why she keeps riding the oldies.!It’s not bimbo, the people who are into this are rapidly aging out of the porn demographic. Who is this even for? 70 year olds with fetishes for delusional fatties? I just want her to be consistent with SOMETHING about her branding — for my own sanity. Goddamn. Been following her since thread 4 and she’s absolutely hopeless.

No. 1226950

Whoever said she'd start not wearing make up because of her eyelashes are right. Honestly i wonder if fupa is taking the pictures and thats why she's attempting to look sexy for once.
Or she's really feeling herself because of her eyelashes and dye job, but honestly she looks decent. It's crazy she does the most but looks better when she's doing the least.
Plus I she uses filters.

No. 1226953

This is the least offensive photo I've seen from Shayna in years

No. 1226958

it is sweet that you think grandpas aren’t into porn
they are into porn

No. 1226963

Sure, but olds living on fixed income aren’t exactly a cash cow

No. 1226965

Am i the only anon who thinks Womack is on par with Fupa in the looks department? Shit Womack may even be cuter than Fupa.

No. 1226968

Yes you are anon, as someone who isn't attached to white trash fupa and womack make me wanna kill myself

No. 1226971

File: 1620620299498.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, C4C869F2-898C-47DA-BF18-53E768…)

Man the bar in Shayna’s threads is set very very low. They’re both ugly asf but at least Fupa isn’t on unemployment and doesn’t sperg on his Twitter account with no followers on how he wants to kill himself. Shit, Jason r Womack and Shayna Clifford sound like a match made in the Tulsa Trailer Park

No. 1226975

File: 1620621352266.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, DA5B2E16-C679-4A0C-AC09-39A04F…)

Oof I guess our boy Jason R Womack enjoyed the fat cowgirl poop on dildo video. He keeps declaring his love to Shayna in almost every single onlyfans post. He hasn’t gone away he’s just trying to cover his tracks.

No. 1226976

The bar is so low for shaynas stupid self timer pics that all she has to do is stand up off the floor and anons are floored at how “decent” she looks

No. 1226988

I wonder how shayna luther king feels about her splenda daddy riding around in a truck with a confederate flag on the hood?

No. 1226989

>obnoxious emoji usage
>love you

As if we needed proof that Womack is her Splenda daddy.

I wonder if shay brings him up around Fupa to piss him off kek.

No. 1226990

>Let me slide it in balls deep
I physically shuddered reading that

No. 1227005

she could open a bakery with those back rolls though

No. 1227007

Wow! She looks her age and looks decent with washed hair. Wouldn't even know it's Shayna tbh. Surprised she produced anything remotely decent… Must be sober-ish!

No. 1227008

It must pain Fupa to know that this man is in better shape than him and most likely hides a better hairline under that greasy ass hat. And that’s still not saying much because they both scream Oklahoma redneck deadbeat dad. Shayna’s bar is so low it may as well be tunnelling through the fucking floor

No. 1227020

How anyone can say she looks decent today after seeing this is beyond me

No. 1227025

File: 1620630476313.gif (1.27 MB, 245x200, 107BF4C6-DD43-47E6-8301-754FDD…)

No. 1227028

File: 1620631007197.jpeg (200.33 KB, 640x480, B69E3BCD-FA9D-47AE-B47E-2B6627…)

Soon, just add 100 pounds.

No. 1227029

Fr. I think it's just that hair is "new", not what we got used to seeing, shes standing up for once, and not caked in crusty makeup. I think she is feeling herself rn though and the confidence shows. Shes still homely af tho and needs to stop squeezing into size small cheap shit.
Oh and dont forget the filter is putting in the actual work.

No. 1227032

File: 1620632310987.jpg (1.09 MB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_05-10-12.26.07.jpg)

This is shit, yes, but I wanted to show the difference between Shayna and bratty. Shayna will alienate her customers by kink shaming them and putting them on blast. Yes, the scrotes are disgusting, but c'mon now this is the path she chose. Did she expect them to be sweet gentlemen who would constantly toss money at her for being a 4, at best? Instead of shaming scrotes for sending her dick pics bratty will direct them to her of where she promises attention. She'll sell them the possibility of getting to sleep with her while Shayna has made it clear that - that will never happen. Idk. Shayna just comes off as very unapproachable and she really isn't worth the effort when other chicks will be nice to the scrotes. They wanna feel special, Shayna. Not be constantly berated by a bitter hog.

No. 1227033

kek this really illustrates how much of a boner-killer her twitter is. I'm waiting for the inevitable day when Womack gets on her last nerve & she tweets out something like "PSA - stop telling sw u love them. They r not ur girlfriend bc u tip them".

No. 1227039

>fuck a fan contest
that sounds revolting. she’s married to a cuck

No. 1227044

I keked at “I wanna tongue punch both holes”

No. 1227046

Alright Shayna you can leave now

No. 1227051

Time for you all to take a break from Shatna’s threads if you think any of this looks good.

> stuffed into bikini four sizes too small

> ass acne on full display
> her actual fupa making it look like she has a dick
> shitty zebra stripe hair
> shitty “strip-tease” to oldies
> still no sex appeal
> filters working overtime yet wrinkles are still showing through

“sHe LoOkS gReAt!1!”

No. 1227052

I never watch her videos when they're linked because i don't hate myself, and i guess for that reason i always thought people were exaggerating how fat she was. In most of the photos she posts she looks kind of average-chubby, but in videos she is straight up fat. And she doesn't even have any tits or ass to show for it. The only thing that would help her at all at this point is hitting the gym consistently for like a year. Yikes.

No. 1227056

Huh, who would have thought, not trying so hard and using flattering poses and angles could make you look better? WOA SHAYNA, ALMOST LIKE YOU COULD HAVE BEEN DOING THAT THE WHOLE TIME INSTEAD OF DECEIVING YOURSELF YOU WERE MEANT TO BE A "DUMB BABY"!

No. 1227057

Not necessarily the best picture, but the best we've gotten in a long while. She actually looks like a normal human who puts the bare minimum effort into themselves

No. 1227065

Anons keep talking about how decent shayna looks yesterday like she suddenly had a glow up. To me it doesn’t even look like her face, I mean she made her nose so much smaller, her eyes bigger, she thinned out her face, smoothed out her face lines and wrinkles. Amons in this thread can be so fooled by her shooping sometimes.

No. 1227066

This bitch is still fugly, raise your standards anons

No. 1227067

this is is the same woman walking around with a gaping asshole full of hemorrhoids and no panties.

No. 1227070

I'm dying at how even this shockingly flattering pic STILL has gross weird pedo pandering attached to it

No. 1227071

File: 1620644110948.jpeg (812.6 KB, 2000x2000, A689C810-79E2-4859-A3F8-6042DA…)

So, how much of this will Shayna buy because ~*~bArBiE~*~, and why is it that she’s going to wear 0% of it like all the makeup she’s purchased?

No. 1227075

good god shay, take care of your face! i feel like she's aged 10 years in the last 6 months… yikes

No. 1227076

The only reason he pays her so much money and attention is because she lives in Oklahoma and he thinks he has a chance

No. 1227118


this is the downfall of photoshop/facetune abuse. when you use it for every single photo, people are shocked when they see hints of your actual face. what is scary is these photos are still shopped too, so god knows how rough she is looking IRL.

shes one of those people who put off self care because theyre sad or upset over "reasons" (they will always find a new one) and then next they know theyve been not taking care of themselves for months on end. The weed brain doesn't help either.

No. 1227125

Don’t do Amy Poehler dirty like that

No. 1227166


"shes one of those people who put off self care because theyre sad or upset over "reasons"

Sounds like depression to me lol

No. 1227170

Only the mentally retarded would support such an ungrateful, scammy and unattractive sex worker. He's hoping she gets depressed enough to need him and his unemployment checks. You can tell he thinks of her an investment rather than coomer material.

Yes, take your "bimbo" retard for Budweiser in your dirty ass truck down a filthy river when she talks about fake lashes, pink shit, expensive drinks and weed.

No. 1227179


Part of self care is recognizing that and seeking out help, or new ways of living that improve how you are feeling. Obviously it wasnt implied depression is a quick fix. But this isnt a new thing for her, she admits it regularly yet does nothing to help herself. She would rather wallow in her depression by being constantly high and drunk and continue to let herself go.

No. 1227198

ooh check out grayhair_isold showing up as zap_man68… so he's 52. definitely old.

No. 1227216

File: 1620665166874.jpg (376.14 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_05-10-09.40.22.jpg)

I know that bratty is irrelevant to this thread, but she is/was buds with Shayna. And the difference between the two is hilarious. These two seem to have been tweeted with about an hour between them. And this why Shayna continues to sink further and further. She spends more time complaining than she does interacting with potential customers. There's no incentive.

No. 1227228

For the last time he isn't old.(this joke sure is)

No. 1227232

So, anons looking at Womack and Fupa side by side you really don't think Womack is better looking? I think Shayna should give Womack a chance kek. He spends all his unemployment checks on her, gasses her up 24/7, and would probably gladly drop his kids for her. I would love a Womack + Shayna saga. Sure he is a desperate scrote but I still think he's better than Fupa.

No. 1227233


if she wasnt such a narcissistic, jealous cunt she could actually make SW friends where it would be appropriate to bitch about stuff like this. she is braindead if she thinks coomers are going to ever change how they interact and treat her when theyre looking to pay to empty their balls.

No. 1227243

For the last time, we know

No. 1227251

Sage cause what even is this convo but, yes, Fupa IS a degenerate, but I'm fairly certain Jason's IQ is legitimately 70. You have to see that.

No. 1227253

This, pretty much. You Womack Stans want to know why she doesn't go for him? Shayna is the type that needs the psychostimmies from her fupa daddie. Womack would just say some shit like "yes baby it is daddy's baby baby yes huhuhhuh" during sex BUT FUPA, OH god Fupes just lays down that daddy Dom schtick like he's life depends on being a shitty two pump Tumblr scrote.

No. 1227254

Fupa is ugly, but he at least still looks human. Womack looks like the eighth dwarf the other seven keep locked up in the basement because he's even more underdeveloped and special needs than Dopey.

No. 1227258

I lost it. Ily anon

No. 1227262

yeah he unironically looks like oklahoma's quasimodo

No. 1227272

File: 1620669839522.jpeg (813.35 KB, 1242x1664, 28B79A41-7039-4CDC-B122-3E2254…)

OT but the only thing that’s cute from that collection is the heart shaped mirror. Shayna hasn’t even tried to use the makeup she bought.
Greyhairoldfart has an onlyfans with only one pic of his hands, he doesn’t have liver spots on his hands so he’s not ancient he’s probably an ugly inbred like Jason R Womack

No. 1227329

File: 1620674915792.jpeg (954.12 KB, 3464x3464, 5CA5435B-72B3-4843-B278-47BB32…)

This big bitch really spent $150 on weed

No. 1227332

File: 1620675207731.jpeg (395.85 KB, 1242x1003, 9153C998-21E7-4885-BB41-A94D61…)

You don’t have an audience Shatna you have 2-3 loyal scrotes that’s it
People who don’t have as much “followers” as you still manage to get more engagement and more subscribers than your ugly ass

No. 1227339

>king kong
kek you are what you dab

No. 1227352

Tinfoil but what if, aside from Fupa, her reasoning for not leaving oklahoma is so that her only steady source of coomer funds doesn’t dry up? The main reason he spends so much on her is because she’s local and he thinks he has a chance.

No. 1227357


Can we drop the Womack tinfoiling? He's just a lonely scrote with a very low iq and an internet connection. It's obvious he gives Shay some amount of money but I highly doubt it's any crazy amount of money to influence Shayna in any way.

No. 1227364

You say this like she didn’t offer it out that someone should take her out on a date in OK for $1k before she totez moved away. That was definitely for Womack kek he’s just too splenda to actually spoil her

No. 1227365

Is it normal to have so many different carts like this? Considering how she loses sex toys in her apartment I imagine a little cartridge that can roll underneath a couch doesn’t stand much of a chance against not getting lost or damaged.

No. 1227372

Her "glow-up" was that she covered up her body for once lol

No. 1227379

I used to wonder why all these makeup brands are coming out with a million useless novelty palettes of tacky garbage in the middle of a pandemic (see Lizzy McGuire makeup set). People in general are spending less money, wearing less makeup & the Kardashian look is dying. Who still buys this marked-up dollar store crap?
Well, go figure Shayna is exactly that target market. A 20-something that's making a little above minimum wage and is determined to spend every cent of it before the next paycheck on something garish, pink and plastic.
I'd imagine they have a picture of her in the Colourpop board room for when some naive executive asks "but boss, who's really going to spend $80 on this shit just because it says Barbie??"

No. 1227389

And had clean hair, at least for a minute or two.

No. 1227390

>Only 18 years old
>Asking Shayna for advice on selling hole pix online
How incredibly bleak

No. 1227393


wow, nazi much? how DARE you suggest she work out when the trainer at the gym made a pro-Trump/racist comment? WORKING OUT IS RACISM

No. 1227395

File: 1620681654763.jpeg (414.84 KB, 1170x1058, 3575CABC-60C7-4183-A2C9-197C3C…)

This shit is so fucking tired.

No. 1227398

It’s because people don’t have as much disposable income for justifying buying the latest $50 Urban Decay palette but $80 for a big box of average quality shit with a nostalgic branding gives people like Shay that daily dopamine hit because it’s a “omg huge box of goodies, I’m so spoiled!!!!” Same with her SHEIN hauling. I hope Shay has some serious storage in her place because at this point out of site must look like the Amazon returns warehouse with the amount of shite she buys.

No. 1227409

File: 1620683498526.jpg (198.41 KB, 1080x630, Screenshot_20210510-165134_Twi…)

No. 1227411

File: 1620683530427.jpg (353.56 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20210510-165111_Twi…)

No. 1227412

shayna, that's 99% because the way you do your makeup is horrendous

No. 1227415

Every picture she's posted has been with a filter lmfao

No. 1227416

File: 1620684776968.jpg (63.26 KB, 858x180, 20210511_001043.jpg)

Wait, hold up. Grayhairoldscrote has onlyfans?? That's interesting lmao

No. 1227418

anon did you read the post you replied to?

No. 1227426

Excuse my retardation. I kek'd as soon as saw onlyfans in the picture and sort of skipped the rest.

No. 1227449

>marked up dollar store crap
Colourpop is extremely affordable and decent quality from the reviews I’ve seen.
Palletes range from $12-20 eyeliner is under ten dollars. People still wear makeup are you living under a rock?

No. 1227459

i'm curious as to why she tweets about uploading (or not uploading) every day. it's not like the coomers are waiting on her specifically every day with bated breath

No. 1227474

I honestly feel like this is a lot of oil for one person, and a total waste with the way she smokes.

No. 1227481

Colourpop is bomb but the problem is people like Shatna who buy $80 worth of shit they don’t need in shades they don’t like because the cardboard is cute

No. 1227508

File: 1620694886804.png (Spoiler Image,786.84 KB, 828x1792, F8E222F8-2A97-4BB6-B3E6-9330DE…)

Has anyone seen the post she’s referring to? (Sorry forgot to spoiler last post)

No. 1227510

File: 1620694995016.jpeg (224.71 KB, 828x471, 94D3CFF0-B343-4B05-BB5D-15950B…)


No. 1227512

File: 1620695362769.jpeg (445.81 KB, 744x982, CEE1F6C1-79DF-4A58-98A7-C8B4A4…)

Thank God gray hair geriatric is here for her with that gif

No. 1227514

File: 1620695725740.jpg (107.77 KB, 1080x584, Screenshot_20210511-021339__01…)


No. 1227515

People agreeing that you’re ugly isn’t trying to ruin your life. What a fucking victim

No. 1227517

maybe that was a sign for you to go and get your life together shaytard. nobody is trying to destroy your life, you've been doing that yourself for the past 5 years

No. 1227518


I'd have to argue around 40% of it is good advice on how not to be so fucking retarded on the internet, and less of a slob in real life, Shay. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if your mom is posting here bc occasionally you do listen to us.

No. 1227519

File: 1620696002757.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 4E6B93DB-07A7-4416-BBDF-CD6801…)

a cursory twitter search of “dolly mattel” shows this

No. 1227520

File: 1620696110627.jpg (357.27 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20210511-022038.jpg)

Found the post. Vague tweets but fails to mention that the poster mentions she's human garbage (and also fat)

No. 1227522

File: 1620696233440.jpeg (141.64 KB, 750x318, 7BAA0AB1-BA36-4983-9C93-6C3158…)

Well I guess this explains a lot of why she doesn’t do shit to improve her lot.

She just straight up incapable of self reflection.

No. 1227523

and yet at the same time you also want to be internet famous. influencers get way more shit than you ever will shayna. we all know you like the attention, negative or otherwise.

No. 1227524

i think she is capable of self reflection, and that's why she smokes so much weed and drinks so much. she does anything she can to silence her common sense

No. 1227532

why does she say shit like this like she couldn’t just quit sex work and log off twitter TODAY and her threads would cease to exist? like? you’re the one giving us all the material, retard.

No. 1227535

File: 1620697775300.jpg (367.48 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20210510-204947_Twi…)

No. 1227537

File: 1620697843750.jpg (463 KB, 1079x1269, Screenshot_20210510-205025_Twi…)

No. 1227538

Fucking kek, that goddamn gif sends me every time.

No. 1227539

maybe people would be nice to you if you didn’t spend 6 years on the internet being an entitled cunt and ruining every relationship.

No. 1227540

she reminds me of gabbi hanna and her “no one has to deal with the amount of shit I do” crap. always making herself the victim and never reflecting to see if SHE did anything wrong.

No. 1227542

hahaha how is cyberbullying real just delete your onlyfans and get a real job hahaha

No. 1227546

Like one person in this thread has told shay to kill herself and they caught a ban. Half of the anons in here write essays on how she could improve her life. The other half are just here to watch the train wreck that is the content she willingly puts out onto the internet. Get a grip shayna. To be honest I wonder if there’s more trouble in fupatown, she seems extra suicide baity

No. 1227551

Kek they both have big noses as well
Long lost sisters

No. 1227553

lolcow isn’t your personal army, you complete raging autist

No. 1227554

Not an anachan but Shayna is my fatspo and I strive to not look like her. Just lose weight or get off the internet dumbass. Cyber bullying isn’t real

No. 1227557

>paranoid schizophrenia
God I've seen so many schizo larpers online I'm going to assume this anachan is one of them.

No. 1227558

Deleted it because I don’t want to be accused of making lolcow my personal army kek but yeah they are a cow themselves

No. 1227560

The same bitch who has shared that Tyler the creator meme multiple times about cyber bullying not being real

No. 1227561

Cyberbullying imo is when people like actively and directly harass someone. Like messaging them and reporting their shit and posting on their social media, saying shit to them that's threatening, etc.
The rules on the board are not to interact with the stupid cunts. I get that shes mad theres a long receipt trail of her adult life here, but it's all from shit shes posted publicly and it's the internet, that's how it goes. Literally don't read here and theres no problem. But she cant help herself. If she's worried about a future employer googling her, theres a lot of other things she needs to work on first to even get to that point kek.

No. 1227567

File: 1620700213176.jpg (Spoiler Image,571.81 KB, 1200x1050, Shay Mcnuggies.jpg)

Let me tweak it up a little, then.

No. 1227570


No. 1227571

they’d probably get along so well. constantly praising each other’s mediocrity and bonding over the fact that people hate them.

No. 1227583

Same. Shaynas decline motivated me to keep at my work outs and I've actually achieved some personal goals.

No. 1227591


meanwhile she sits on cam holding back tears and getting angry with viewers if they arent tipping while she just sits there shimmying in a chair and sweating.

No. 1227594

And blocks people if they talk sexual

No. 1227595

The only reason shayna would leave a big hole in anyone's heart is because she's a rude fatass

No. 1227599

The only reason anyone would miss her is because she’s a good daily source of entertainment

No. 1227601

My only qualm is that the pink text isn’t written with Shay’s obnoxious typing style

No. 1227602

she’s completely correct that most people in her position, every single move tracked and everything she says scrutinized, would want to kill themselves. she’s basically female chris Chan. hate her all u want but she’s not actively dangerous or evil, she’s just lazy and lulzy.

No. 1227603

She can not understand why people are “mean” to her or refuses to understand? Cows do not get almost 80 threads dedicated to them here just because; they get them because they are not good people. Actually relevant and decent advice gets posted here all the time for her but she does not listen. Look at how she treats her mother, fellow sex workers, and customers… She has said/acted/posted worse than anything here.

Can end some of it by quitting sex work, deleting all social media, and changing her name. Try doing that and maybe you wouldn’t have to get high and stay drunk all day Shayna.

No. 1227606

If she didn’t post every dumb thought and move, then she wouldn’t be criticized for it.

No. 1227607

yeah that’s what Twitter is for though lol half the girls i went to highschool with are worse. like these threads are funny but they are literally 99% nitpicks and not milk

No. 1227615

It’s not really a nitpick when people post her lulzy tweets because the difference between the girls you went to HS with and Shayna is that she’s on a “business” account technically. Her antics should have no place on an account that is supposed to be promoting a product that she’s selling: herself. That’s what makes it such a train wreck because all it does is drive her current customers and potential ones away.

No. 1227619

Shayna is a walking contradiction. She says one thing and does another. She is the definition of hypocritical. She is misogynistic selfish and rude. She always says her two cents on everything. Talks shit about sex workers, then act like the victim when they call her out. Shayna acts like she’s the queen of sex work and always gives her “advice”. She is also a scammer. Pink hair, the moving saga, the gaming computer that she barely uses, and the personal trainer sessions that didn’t even last a full month. And the most degenerate thing she does is pander to disgusting pedophiles.

No. 1227621

What personal twitter accounts are for. Not a public sEx WoRk account where you are selling to and interactig with customers
/potential customers. Imagine Bill Gates hopping on Microsoft’s Twitter shit talking customers and competitors. It’s common sense and business 101.

No. 1227636


this actually makes me sad, but tbh I feel sad for Chris Chan too! He's just so understood kek

No. 1227654


I can't help but laugh at how many likes this has, I bet it's the only reason she's sulking over it, almost 300 likes and she can barely crack 20 likes a day.

No. 1227666

If she disappeared tomorrow the only place that would notice that she's gone and miss her would be LC. Her scrotes would just find some other cheap twitter whore to follow. She might say she hates us, but she's lying. These threads are the most consistent form of fame and attention that she's ever going to get in her life.

No. 1227689

or if she sat on their chest

No. 1227708

Bro Chris Chan is mentally retarded and his parents were a fucking mental mess too. Shay is just spoiled and thinks she's a internet celebrity when in reality, all she's good for is fatspo

No. 1227715

when do we think she'll finally take the nikocado route?

No. 1227726

looks better than her actual vagina

No. 1227743

This is ashame. I don't think any of us here wants to see Shayna to hurt herself but she also needs to understand why she has so many threads here .. she doesn't reflect on the actions and choices she's made that have hurt other people. She seems more down to earth but she really used to hurt others via the internet. I don't want anything to happen to her but she also needs to understand she has also hurt/bullied people many times in the past.

No. 1227744

Any of us here want to see Shayna hurt herself**

No. 1227750

Is Shayna forgetting her entire interaction with "radfems"..? Doesn't that alone give her some insight as to why people online would dislike her?

No. 1227753

Why are y’all coddling her? wtf
…like she’s a teenager or something
Shayna is a grown big-ass (literally) woman kek I don’t know why you’re feeling bad for this woman-child, she doesn’t like you she hates woman. I’m tired of the Shayna circle jerking. She’s a shit person I have no sympathy for her.

No. 1227754

More like hank hill ass but still kek

No. 1227770

nobody forced her to do work where she gets naked on camera and degrades herself
add to that her incredibly lazy and incompetent results even as wankbait
top that off with her constant whining and griping on her business accounts
girl wants attention from strangers but can’t accept that some of that attention is going to be critical

No. 1227771

Glad other anons disagreed with this too. I get most "basic" women will post constant status updates on their personal feeds, but Shayna is posting these antics on her work twitter, not her fb timeline or something. She posts on her sw/porn twitter about her mental health updates, her "shitty mom" and break ups. Not to mention when she chimps out and goes aggro on random sw or customers.

I don't want to see her hurt herself but at the same time she does things like light fireworks off from her asshole and I can't help but keep watching.

No. 1227774

File: 1620743747880.jpg (190.12 KB, 1080x569, Screenshot_20210511-093549_Twi…)

Wtf is she talking about

No. 1227775


her inability drop fupa is depressing as fuck. i thought sex work was supposed to be empowering?

No. 1227776


its even more sad that she doesnt even fake having friends on twitter either who might actually care (i dont think bratty counts anymore, they clearly only communicate through twitter posts and barely even on discord anymore). she straight up admits shes on her own and doesnt “trust no bitch” or whatever. then wonders why the only person who can tolerate her only stays around to get his dick wet.

No. 1227777

Didn't bratty's boyfriend build Shat's gaming PC? Maybe Shayna didn't give them all the money they were owed.

No. 1227778

i think its weird shes a sex worker with only two clients yet doesnt take those relationships private and just work out a deal off twitter. without the grey old guy and the bong maker guy, she couldnt make rent and has no real connections

No. 1227779


imagine waiting on cash from shayna than having to watch her buy dog dicks, fake nails, weed and makeup she never use on her twitter feed? and on top of it, not even using the PC shes possibly in debt over?

No. 1227783

Aw Fupa stayed over and woke her up with morning chode. Fupa is her one and only friend and he just wants to fuck. Depressing as shit.

No. 1227784

no that was a different girl and guy from her discord

No. 1227790

iirc she sent them the money to buy the components first and then they put it together and sent it to her

No. 1227796


I’ll take the ban for this but damn, just checked on bratty and shes showing full pussy and tits pics for free on twitter. she used to be highly against this and would say she never would. can these girls not see them themselves falling down the slippery slope? shayna went through the same thing and we ended up with her sniffing a dildo with her own shit on it for $30 dollars? money and the slightest amount of attention fucks people up.

No. 1227797

File: 1620745560589.jpeg (1007.81 KB, 1242x1467, B2202188-5D58-41B1-93A4-497703…)

Shayna is a menhera chan now I guess ?kek
mUh mEnTaLl hEaLtH

No one wants to see Shayna hurt herself because she provides milk and it’s funny watching her be a fat failure. She’s just a straight up bitch so if you want to feel sad for her go to her discord…. I’m tired of reading your asspats for this degenerate pedopandering bitch

No. 1227799

She’s a dumbass for that but she has more interaction and subscribers than Shayna could ever dream of (even though she has a butterface)

No. 1227804

File: 1620746156772.jpeg (793.25 KB, 1725x3460, C5AB4305-4AF8-4264-81FF-1C2462…)

Shayna rarely interacts with grayhairscrote which is understandable because his page is just boomer memes and retweets of over degenerate sexworkers. Occasionally Shayna will reply to his cringe good morning tweets. But I don’t get why she won’t kiss up to these scrotes. Especially since she relies on two of her main customers for rent and food. She could at least pretend to like these guys back…. so they’ll spend more money. It would be smart if she did. Like Jason R Womack for example she could flirt back with him and say he’s cute and shit lmao. Maybe he’d buy her a handbag

No. 1227811

anon she's been cracking on about her mental health since before her fake mental hospital stint

No. 1227826

Can't wait for her twitter meltdown when she tries to cross the line into couples territory and fupa shopts her down. Friends with benefits won't work for you Shay kek

No. 1227828

Interesting thing about cows is that they don't understand, despite their obvious investment in their own threads, why they're posted here. 6 years is a long time to be keep relevant in lolcow and there's always a very specific cocktail. It's almost as if our long lived cows know exactly what to do to keep their threads relevant.

Yeah, it's the exact opposite. It's passive. A niche website most haven't heard of with hardcore rules about interacting with subject matter. The culture here is so passive that you aren't even allowed to speak about yourself in reference to a cow. The amount of self pity for herself is a great addition to the cocktail that keeps her thread on the first page of /snow/.

No. 1227838

> equating a love for animals with sexual desire
he is worthy of nothing but cringe

No. 1227840

File: 1620749586330.jpg (228.09 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20210511-111307_Twi…)

Then what was the point of getting your hair done?

No. 1227887


No. 1227909

you live alone in a two bedroom apartment. you don't have that many wigs. if she can't find it, she's confirming she doesn't store her wigs properly and it's lying under a pile of trash somewhere.

No. 1227975

What it should read: Me doing any work today depends on if I'm gonna get off my gross ass and find a wig I threw somewhere in my trash pit of an apartment or just not and get high, text Fupa, and order food.

No. 1227985


Yeah if you aren't able to locate where your wig is in an apartment, you got a lot bigger issues and maybe need to not be a fucking slob. Still have never gotten over her revealing mountains of clothes on the floor behind the door during one of her recent cam shows. Check there chubs!

No. 1227994


And what is funny is a lot of them come here and laugh at the other cows as if they are any different. There are probably millions of brain dead, stoner, sex workers with no dignity left, yet Shayna is Cow of the Year. And Shayna just doesn't get it.

No. 1228012

File: 1620761234769.jpg (133.06 KB, 1079x456, Screenshot_20210511-142717_Twi…)

She's so fucking stupid

No. 1228019

she's only cage free because you got too fat for that dog cage she used to sleep in

No. 1228058

File: 1620764843138.jpg (254.79 KB, 1080x967, Screenshot_20210511-152714_Twi…)

Does she not remember the disaster she had when cooking that penis pasta?

No. 1228083

Just shamelessly admitting she never cooks and only eats takeout… not cute.

No. 1228110

A bestie that you have to fuck to keep around amazing.

No. 1228114

she was almost on the verge of saying something witty… almost

No. 1228140

File: 1620771707909.png (312.47 KB, 2518x1024, chad fupa virgin womack.png)

Your move, Womack stans.

No. 1228149

This sounds directly contradictory. "Good for you, you're trying at last" followed by "make sure to keep yourself away from stressful things so you can ~restore~". How about you keep trying?

I'm so sick of how the concept of mental health awareness has been completely turned on its head to be an excuse for laziness for the internet generation. Coddling, patronizing bullshit like this doesn't help anyone with actual, crippling, long-standing depression.

No. 1228150

No. 1228153

topkek omg anon the ID badge and the hairline are sending me. excellent attention to detail.

No. 1228159


No. 1228162

this has to be the next thread pic, anon. this is gold lmao

No. 1228174

Seconded but maybe put a screenshot of Shayna since it’s her thread

No. 1228183

Honestly when I saw "IQ 70" I was like cool I made it, but anon, let me tell you, when I saw "IQ 80" I legit audibly cackled. Nice work.

No. 1228188

File: 1620775431469.png (518.14 KB, 2518x1024, chad fupa virgin womack.png)

Oh, you guys are really buttering my muffin.
My submission lol

No. 1228190

File: 1620775515623.jpeg (24.1 KB, 300x300, 8C40006A-3098-4B4F-9BDF-AE96F4…)

I held my cool until the end.

No. 1228205

File: 1620776846444.jpeg (647.65 KB, 3464x3464, F4CCD00C-ACB1-48E7-BFD8-DD2D3E…)

No. 1228219

Funny, this retweet is of another hambeast sw cow from /w/ Micky Moon.

Is this where Shayna got the, cage free = no bra joke from in >>1228012 From scrote boomer memes? kek

No. 1228233

oh damn, I haven't checked up on micky in ages. guess she changed her handle.

they've been mutuals for a while I feel like, so I guess it's not surprising

No. 1228249

>iq 70
>iq 80

Anon, I love you. Pls add a Shayna wojak in the center

No. 1228261

File: 1620783100723.png (449.57 KB, 640x555, E20C0A88-CF04-4111-B356-C4F985…)

Im fucking dying, I love shaynas threads so much.

No. 1228274

Shayna probably follows Micky to feel less fat and Micky probably follows Shayna because she lurks her threads

No. 1228283

Well, since you asked Shaytard and you’re known to lurk your own threads, for me it’s because you’re a pedo-pandering, disgusting coomer. I could really give a shit about any of the other shit you do. Because at the end of the day all your drinking, smoking and excessive eating effects really nobody but you. I enjoy making autopedophilic people feel bad about themselves. That’s about it. Sage for pure autism

No. 1228289

File: 1620786707578.jpg (Spoiler Image,593.81 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_20210511-213120_Twi…)

Why bother posting this on OF when you now have it on twitter

No. 1228292

> complains about customer calling her a "little" says it's weird
> continues to post pedo-pandering content by sexualizing a literal toddler icon

They really gave brain rot to the nymhet/ddlg community on tumblr 2013-2016 kek

No. 1228296

Somehow managed to simultaneously have hank hill and diaper ass

No. 1228319

File: 1620789511177.jpg (174.23 KB, 1080x505, Screenshot_20210511-221823_Twi…)

Such a luxurious sugar daddy

No. 1228330

Kek this probably doesn’t even cover this fat pig’s lunch. She eats for two people

No. 1228331

Spend it on feeding your kid, Womack.

No. 1228349


imagine thinking someone who gases up pedophiles isn't dangerous or evil

No. 1228358

Fuckin THIS. Anyone who can’t recognise that this repulsive fat misogynist whore who makes porn while pretending to be a child getting fucked by family members and pretending to be a dog (and even advertising her degenerate dog dick dildo) on top of hating women is an evil sack of shit is a fuckin degenerate themselves

No. 1228364

I’m wheezing, imagine thinking this is being spoilt lmao, this is so embarrassing

No. 1228367

everyday 4 like the past 2 weeks my irl job that contributes to the world had me waking up 2 $50, then $25 around lunchtime, then $100 more to save towards a car or 2 spend on other useless trinkets uwu

No. 1228386

so i take it womack likes fat chicks if he’s specifically buying doordash gift cards

No. 1228392

womack is a feeder, confirmed

No. 1228394

literally waitresses make 5x more in tips than this

No. 1228398

Shayna, I know the bar is low and you really can't expect more because that's all you've got, but that's called a splenda daddy. But honestly a sugar/splenda daddy typically implies in person stuff. Dudes just a hopeless incel throwing small money at online skanks for crumbs of attention. Practically as bad as Shay herself only Shay pays with her dignity kek.

No. 1228560

File: 1620831324099.jpg (137.94 KB, 1079x503, Screenshot_20210512-095529_Twi…)

Fupa ignoring you?

No. 1228573

It’s very obvious to me that fupa is her ‘sugar daddy’. They have some kind of fwb set up going on and I’m truly embarrassed for her.

No. 1228574

I never understand when uwu depressed people are like "drop memes/animal pics to help waaahh," like that's not going to help, retard. She just wants someone to talk to/pay attention to her, and she'll probably just have her troon mom, grey man, and maybe Womack to respond if that. It's almost more depressing to be faced with how alone she is, but that's her own fault.

No. 1228580

I guarantee Kyle Anthony Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma is not her sugar daddy, that dead beat wouldn’t spend a penny on her. I would bet my next paycheck that it’s Womack.

No. 1228586

You’re oblivious. Did you not see the last couple threads where shay pissed away her moving fund on fupa? Bought him an Xbox? Fupa would never spend money on shay. It’s the other way around. She’s never mentioned him buying her anything nice, ever.

Her Splenda daddy is Womack. Go back and read the notes from her tips she posted from her “daddy”. Uwu love you princess/ fire/lips emojis /

No. 1228588

Excuse me, anon. Fupa used to buy Shay all sorts of snacks from the local gas station! Spoiled~

No. 1228593

ha ha ha no
shayna is spending jason womack’s money on kyle fupa perkins

No. 1228604

He’s got her on an IV drip of pennies exclusively for her hog feed and she acts like he’s buying her something crazy…he’s literally just feeding the wildlife. Crazy that 5,000 calories worth of stale Applebee’s delivery is more exciting to her than like, buying anything useful/cute or investing it…or maybe even buying a new gym membership with it kek

No. 1228629

Sage for old milk but was old shayna anachan? Or just naturally skinny and didn’t eat like a hog

No. 1228632

She wasn’t anachan though she larped it for 5 mins when she wanted attention sometimes. She just barely ate because she was lazy. Now she’s still lazy but uses doordash instead of skipping meals.

No. 1228646

Kind of sad that the core reason Shayna's life has gone to such shit is that she is just pure lazy.

No. 1228678

File: 1620841149574.jpg (211.54 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20210512-123918_Twi…)

No. 1228680

sooo did her sugar daddy not send her money/door dash today? Why the fuck is she sending nudes and asking to be reimbursed for $15?
More #Fatgirlshit. Other girls are buying purses or clothes, meanwhile Shayna is begging for someone to spend her chump change.

No. 1228683

True, he brought her flowers but thats really it. Shayna seems to spend on him, then when she gets mad she calls him out for it.

No. 1228689

We all know this and repeat it over and over again but holy shit this girl is so wasteful?! Relying 100% on other people's goodwill and money, never saving anything for tougher times and spending money on the most useless crap ever.
Does she ever leave her house? Does she ever prepare something herself? She could also just walk her dog and buy a smoothie on the way. Damn how can anyone live like this?

No. 1228696

i think here shayna is trying her attempt at manipulation, she is wondering why that guy stopped sending her money as of today (which adds up to about 1050 dollars, lol)

here she's only saying this because she sad her dopamine fried brain no longer feels pleasure unless she is getting money or attention. she's hoping the "sugar daddy" (its probably womack) will feel bad and send the money again even though the guy already has sent over a grand in 2 weeks time.

$15 for a drink? she must overshoot the price to get scrotes to send a couple extra bucks.

No. 1228700

To Shayna spending $15 on a drink is a flex, it's a big purchase. She needs to reimburse.She's a bimbo barbie who only drinks expensive drinks.

No. 1228707

Probably including delivery fees.

No. 1228711

Sage for armchair but does anyone think shay needs some sort of ADD Med for her dopamine or would she just abuse them? The impulsive spending, the impulsive eating, retarded amounts of marijuana, quick dopamine is her only driving force it seems

No. 1228717

Give this bitch adderall and she might lose weight finally

No. 1228720

I’ve kind of felt like she might be ADHD for a while. She’s super impulsive and lazy. Minor blogpost but I didn’t get diagnosed until I was older and had a lot of issues with executive function.

Regarding the meds, she would TOTALLY abuse them, probably with alcohol. She is not responsible enough for kiddie speed. Still support her getting them though because she’s so fat and fucking annoying kek

No. 1228725

Ahh the ole Kardashian to Doordashian evolution

That's what happens when you make your body your only point of value to the world.
Get fat = lose all value.

No. 1228745

> Get fat = lose all value

You wannabe anachan/vindicta members really want to believe that but it’s not true. If you become a fat slob like Shatna, sure you’ll lose a lot but there will always be some creeps out there, but if you actually take care of yourself outside of diet… you will still be very successful.

No. 1228748

Did you read the sentence above it, retard?

No. 1228753

It's a completely true equivalency when you're selling your body and are incapable of performing a real job, like Shayna. Unless you mean that she still has value in the BBW market?
Nobody's saying a heart surgeon would lose value by getting fat.

No. 1228754

cope harder, fatty-chan

No. 1228780

No one is saying fat people are worthless. The point being made is that Shay has no value in the market she tries to sell herself in. She's a fat, greasy hog with abysmal personal hygiene standards that pretends to be a high maintenance ~uwu smol ddlg~ bimbo barbie. Think of it as seeing a real genuine Barbie doll in a toy shop and then looking at a cheap copy in a dollar store. One is worth more than the other. She might have more value in BBW and feeder porn but that's not where she's selling herself. It's like trying to spend Japanese Yen in Walmart.

No. 1228782

Anon pls my sides

No. 1228794

File: 1620847682767.jpg (136.99 KB, 1080x629, Screenshot_20210512-122611_Chr…)

Like fucking clockwork, trouble at the Fupa Farm yet again

No. 1228801

Every single week she tweets the same shit. She has no idea how to self-reflect or learn from mistakes jfc. Is she 10 or an adult lol.

No. 1228802

Literally why would someone pay $15 for some nudes when her entire OF is $5 AND you can see that shit for free right on twitter?
And yeah the smoothie was probs only $7 or so and the rest is fees and delivery.

No. 1228803

File: 1620848600442.jpeg (367.28 KB, 1242x863, 55255C04-7D36-40E4-961F-784600…)


No. 1228807

File: 1620848708865.jpeg (458.83 KB, 1242x1502, EC83728E-F37B-4C30-9B5D-04FB99…)


No. 1228809

File: 1620848782692.jpeg (204.44 KB, 1242x462, 07AEF193-2604-42ED-8082-2C9283…)

It’s not going to be okay you pathetic piece of crap

No. 1228811

File: 1620848848472.jpeg (887.38 KB, 1242x1494, 65849ABE-E1C1-441D-90D6-F59A1B…)

No. 1228814

this kills me every time

No. 1228816

Oh my god. Can she do something different and at least explain what the fuck happened? This shit is old ass hell. It's every other week at this point.
Yesterday he was her "best friend" now she's crying in the fucking shower again.
Can this dude get a new fucking gif?

No. 1228819

I wonder if Shay will ever address the fact that he uses the same damn gif every time. Probably not, since it's male attention

No. 1228823

Same anon, it gets me everytime

No. 1228824


Damn. They can’t even make it a week anymore. Shayna, if you want to be baby’d go back to your fucking parents and get your life together.

No. 1228829

File: 1620850670477.jpeg (248.91 KB, 1242x978, 01E650D3-91FE-40F5-9FAB-99B061…)

No one to pay for her “day off”?

No. 1228830

>spends time with Fupapa
>never mentions moving again
>buys dumb shit
>I’m sad
>depression shower
>oldgray fag sends thoughtless gif
>donate so I can move
>attack someone on Twitter

I’m so bored of shay now you guys. Like …so bored. The only things here that gives me pleasure are the art-anons and the occasional good roast from a fellow nonny. This ship is sinking.

No. 1228834

I don't know what kills me more, the fact that she tweets out this kind of boner-killer material, or the fact that 5 people have reacted "like" to this confession of drinking to cope.

Also, who's gonna pull out the screenshots of Shayna telling her mom to fuck off because she's HAPPY GOD DAMMIT, MOM. SO HAPPY AND FULFILLED.

No. 1228836


Drinking to emotionally cope that she can’t ride worthless fupa chode for a week.

Aw what an extravagant life our favorite bimbo partakes in.

No. 1228837


Why the feck does she need to upgrade her data when she never leaves her house?

No. 1228838

always astounded by the fact that this is a grown ass woman who feels comfortable sharing the most shitty intimate details about her life for ~20 likes lmao

No. 1228839

oh god not the “depression showers” again

No. 1228840

If utilities are included in her rent, that's what Shayna's landlord is gonna say about the water bill kek

No. 1228847

No. 1228848

Lol, it's the only time she gets "clean " more than once a week. Maybe that's why Kyle Nathan perkins breaks up with her every week.

No. 1228849

I think 10 years olds have more emotional depth than shayna.

No. 1228853

I'm dying, is he senile or something?

No. 1228859

You’re probably right.

No. 1228861

God, she is like clockwork lol. I’d honestly have more respect if this was just a grift but we all know she’s really stupid enough to cling on to Fupa and isn’t nearly smart enough to pull a grift off on purpose.

No. 1228866

File: 1620853836305.png (184.24 KB, 500x281, fa2.png)

saged, but does anyone else get genuinely fucking tired of this thread? i mean, holy fuck. this bitch complains constantly. she gives a lot of milk, but her actions and her personality genuinely fucking infuriates me. how the fuck do people stand this bitch? like, HOW does she not feel pathetic after sending these same ass fucking tweets, or is she just that stupid that she genuinely thinks her small amount of fans just believes her when she says she doesn't have any money? I'm seething because, how the fuck, does this bitch have so much money every week to still fucking complain?

No. 1228868

Based Yuno

No. 1228869


Lmao the fupapa withdrawals within 24 hours

No. 1228888

File: 1620857003762.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, 0896C1B5-CEDA-4527-8464-42FBA0…)

The juxtaposition is too good
God damn, he’s not even her friend, I doubt he even likes her as a person or finds her very attractive or charming anymore. I don’t know how he can stand to be around her when he technically has a family and probably more friends/peers around than she does. At least her excuse is that she has no one else.

No. 1228891

File: 1620857030480.png (346.82 KB, 583x499, 2021-05-12 18_03_46-Window.png)

more struggle charcuterie

No. 1228892

And it's low effort male attention. The coomer can't even be bothered to type "hug.gif" into google images.

Maybe she hasn't worked out that she can connect her phone to her home wifi network.

No. 1228898

That’s like for 2 people.

No. 1228900

I’m glad she eats like this kek she’ll just get fatter and fatter and then she’ll complain she’s fat

No. 1228901

holy fuck, so much cheese!!! leave some for the rest of the world, fatass

No. 1228914

>I'm going through a depressive episode
>better abuse this depressant substance
>that'll make me feel better

she's not even going through a depressive episode, she's just upset that she keeps getting played by fupa. getting your feelings hurt for the 4927592th time isn't an episode. as soon as he comes back she'll be right out of her uwu depression

No. 1228922

That is a metric fuck ton of cheese and crackers. If this were the only thing she ate today, whatever. But we know she got a big ass calorie bomb of a smoothie and probably ordered in lunch. I guess it’s better than DoorDash but jeez.

It’s honestly amazing how incapable she is of self reflection or even like… learning from her mistakes. And yeah, to the anon talking about how infuriating she is? Totally agree. I’ve been following her for years and she is insufferable.

No. 1228928

how many calories of just cheese are in there?!

No. 1228934

File: 1620861825551.jpg (168.2 KB, 1079x786, Screenshot_20210512-182343_Twi…)

No. 1228937

Looks like around 100g so that's 400 cal in just cheese.
At 20 calories per triscuit, and 17 of them, that's 340 cal of crackers.
Bushel of grapes is maybe 40 cal.
Prosciutto is like 30 cal a slice, so that's probably around 100 cal of meat.
Altogether 880 calories for a cheeky lil snack.

No. 1228940

She just ate something though, she's snacking already?

No. 1228941

File: 1620862374392.jpg (129.6 KB, 1080x1440, Chin chan.jpg)

This shit happens like clockwork every month. Does she get hormonal and emotional and unleash her bpd/fupa baggage around her menstrual cycle or what? She's a broken fucking record. This is what happens when you abuse substances like weed and alcohol to cope instead of getting to the root of your problems and miserable life. I would feel bad for Shatna but she's a condescending hypocrite. I'm ready for some new flavors of milk from this bitch.

No. 1228944

Its crazy because I believe thats why we never hear about the reasonings behind the problems started … Only her feelings behind the matter. Its almost like she knows she's at fault because she can't grow up and by this point the weed and booze has her cycling the same old material. Truuuuuthfully, i see the fall of "Dolly Mattel" within the next two years.. Just like her discords, the threads will get tired of the same old-same old being posted… She'll lose her last remaining customer.. Nobody will interact with her twitter.. She'll be 320 pounds looking like a cabbage patch kid, and that'll be that.

No. 1228948

I fuckin hate how she always squeezes her ass together like this,trying to fake a shape but it looks so stupid

No. 1228949

i wonder if fupa finally took her off his phone plan lol

No. 1228951

after seeing this pic nobody can dispute the claim that she has a ratlike appearance. absolutely nobody

No. 1228953

It's about time, honestly

No. 1228955

It's not like mommy or daddy wont foot the bill for her pathetic ass

No. 1228956

yes shayna that will get the men hard to give you more money.

oh ya wait- being "hot enough to be paid to be jerk off material" is really unfullfilling, sad, and sets you up for a lifetime of being treated and feeling like shit! almost as if just because you CAN become a "sex worker" doesn't mean anybody SHOULD sell their intimacy.

No. 1228957

i agree but i follow the threads since she has me still wondering what direction she can possible go next

No. 1228959

the only direction she’s going in is horizontal

No. 1228960

File: 1620866617343.jpeg (492.97 KB, 828x885, 4DCC12E4-5DCB-4653-8241-EA996D…)

This made me chuckle considering this is in her likes

No. 1228966

You just know she thinks this is healthy too

No. 1228971

This gives me ForeverKailyn vibes. How soon til shat starts chugging creamer?

No. 1228972

I was just thinking this, it makes her sad larp as a bougie hotgirl even more embarrassing

No. 1228979

its hilarious how much of a repetitive cycle shayna's life is, even down to the fucking same depreshun tweets being responded to by the same fucking guy even the fucking gif is the same, she lives a true horror where every day her life is the same nightmare she put herself in, she goes to bed and the next day is always the exact same.

No. 1228983

I wonder if she's crying about it in discord. Do we have any anons in there anymore?

No. 1228987

Groundhog Day in the dollhause

No. 1229003

They just went to the stupid art festival and he took that pic of her in her pink cloth sack from Shein and just yesterday he was her "bestie with his dick in her buttcheeks" fuckin kek

No. 1229009

Her discord is super dead, she dropped by to collect some asspats about her art festival muumuu and hasn't shown up since, even though one of her orbiters tried to kiss her ass some more after she tweeted those bikini pics

No. 1229011

I am skinny kek sorry you can’t accept that fat girls are doing better than you

No. 1229017

> implying the fall isn’t already happening

Shatna doesn’t have another two years kek

No. 1229032

She's already falling! I'm just waiting for the twitter posts of her filling out resumes and asking the void if it's appropriate to put in a link to her tumblr/onlyfans as reference to her management skills.

No. 1229044

File: 1620880754724.jpeg (Spoiler Image,730.42 KB, 1242x1390, 7958585B-11B6-4C1C-A702-E8A03C…)

No. 1229048

her pubic hair is always so weird looking. Even when its short.

No. 1229051

File: 1620881475861.jpeg (Spoiler Image,325.13 KB, 1536x2048, 407E39B3-53CE-41D0-AF29-DE87A7…)

Jesus, her rat face is so strong in this photo. Spoiler bc unrelated, but she reminds me of fellow rat-boy, Mitch Jones.

No. 1229053

holy shit they could be related

No. 1229054

Right? It’s weird. I figure maybe she flirts in d/ms because otherwise, literally why? S

No. 1229055

Look at her hide her gut. She claims to not be ashamed of being fat, but she tries her hardest to hide it cause she even thinks it is gross.

No. 1229057