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File: 1666369473135.png (1.39 MB, 1056x1002, kenandbarbie.png)

No. 1680778

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1670692

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last thread:
>shay begs for someone to mooch off of in LA >>>/snow/1670717 and shares dreams of a future where she’s fucked ‘hundreds’ of men who will all tell her how ‘tight’ she is (bleak) >>>/snow/1670740
>anons argue about whether or not shayna sweats or bathes and what she smells like, why she hasn’t saved money, how she could’ve saved money, how much money she could’ve saved…
>a lovely anon brings old receipts reminding everyone that shayna usually showers ‘once a week MAYBE’ to shut everyone up and remind everyone how stinky shayna is >>>/snow/1670919
>more e-begging to fly out to LA to make porn with randos >>>/snow/1670943
>shayna reminds everyone how strong she was for building up the courage and leaving aboosive fupa (he literally didn’t want you) >>>/snow/1671001
>shay cosplays as nan from ahs: coven >>>/snow/1671360 >>>/snow/1671410 >>>/snow/1671761 >>>/snow/1671619
>shay begs her retarded coomers to change their usernames on social media from their full legal names >>>/snow/1671828
>shayna reeks (of jealousy) as she spergs about ‘bitches’ who don’t have to spread their entire holes and act like babies in order to get money from men >>>/snow/1672560 >>>/snow/1672575
>one of shayna’s ‘fans’ did a presentation at emerson college about how shay portrays herself online >>>/snow/1672757 and anons have fun imagining what the presentation consisted of & speculate if it was a fellow e-whore or a coomer
>shay looking rough and dirty in a restaurant bathroom ​​>>>/snow/1673155
>right after saying that sex workers should be expected to be sexualized all the time, shay complains about how one of her followers sexualized her shoe rack >>>/snow/1673652
>shay enters another MV contest ‘best smile’ with her rat teeth >>>/snow/1673660 and places 29th >>>/snow/1674987
>ken heads to shayna’s apartment to film for 24 hours >>>/snow/1674655
>shay films a sissification video >>>/snow/1675726 with rob schneider from the hot chick >>>/snow/1675730 and he’s just shayna’s type! (he brags about getting off to rape and torture) >>>/snow/1675744
>shayna’s content hits a new low with the previews for her sissification video >>>/snow/1676076 >>>/snow/1676080
>previews of more content with ken… not linking them for your eyes’ sake
>shay sexualizes forced intoxication and getting taken advantage of >>>/snow/1677079
>du rag shayna >>>/snow/1677180
>shay brags about masturbating to ahs: asylum scenes where a lesbian is forcibly receiving electroshock conversion therapy >>>/snow/1677654 and says that entire season (about ) is ‘porn’ to her
>shay makes amouranth being abused about herself and calls her customers ‘scumbags’ if they care that she’s not single (even though she is single) >>>/snow/1677762
>gross description of her ghostface video with ken >>>/snow/1678116 and preview >>>/snow/1678138
>shay gets salty over other women ‘scamming’ her precious scrotes >>>/snow/1678579 >>>/snow/1678624
>shay brags about having pet hair covered dildos >>>/snow/1678675
>ugly ass mini hot dog nails for her 1940s strictmoor shoot >>>/snow/1679680
>shaynus teases her twitch debut on halloween >>>/snow/1679797

https://www.tiktok.com/@itsdollymattel (DELETED/BANNED)
New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Supporting characters:
Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
John Kendall Cox of Pasco Washington
>Aliases: “Ken The Doll”
>44 year old divorced moid who talks about his 13 year old daughter on the same TikTok he talks about sex and posts cringe thirst traps
>Has a criminal record >>1669596, including fourth degree assault
>Divorced and had a restraining order on him in the past >>1669569,
>Floppy dicked scrote she let pork her on camera

“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend

Russell Harmon
>Aliases Winnie the Pooh, Bald Scrote
>Does non sex slapping porn and vibrator porn with Big Shay

”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327

”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow

”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1680781

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No. 1680784

i've only made a few threads and i always fuck up some details so sorry for the broken links and a few unfinished sentences! i started getting worried another thread was gonna pop up like halfway through making this one so i started to rush kek

No. 1680785

You’re good imo nona. The thread picture is horrifying and surprised me in the catalog.

No. 1680788

nonna nobody cares about shayna’s family and sister.

No. 1680789

so retarded that you idiot women have to be reminded not to nitpick and talk about her family.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1680790

File: 1666370348384.jpeg (787.72 KB, 1206x1348, CC87B4EA-16BB-484F-A9E9-488AFD…)

Oh god she really let him use that stupid gag. So nasty you know she didn’t wash it after she used it and she’s not going to wash it after he used it. And the teeth aren’t suppose to be out

No. 1680791

"You idiot women" sounds like a scrote. You could just say "you retards"

No. 1680792

File: 1666370399521.jpeg (394.53 KB, 955x628, 8960D23D-C1D7-4BFA-847B-226095…)

No. 1680793

Oh fucking vomit. He has the bottom teeth of a horse.

No. 1680795

Eww that is disgusting, why would you want that in your house?

No. 1680796

who tf mentioned her family or sister?

No. 1680797

File: 1666370585031.jpeg (Spoiler Image,535.97 KB, 1242x684, 36125337-0E27-4916-8A7A-AA8D57…)

I’m shocked why would you let this ugly man in your apartment

No. 1680798

I bet shat's nasty ass has been using this same mascara since she let this bitch boy use it

No. 1680799

That is so disgusting I think it qualifies for a spoiler

No. 1680800

File: 1666370720900.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1242x1604, 2DD8451F-3E72-4485-BDD6-4297B4…)

Why does Shayna take photos that make her look like she’s being held hostage? Kek

No. 1680801

File: 1666370801558.jpeg (1.88 MB, 3465x3465, 25249211-2A8C-4E72-BB6D-BA2EA9…)

Thousand yard stare

No. 1680804

Gotta love the bright blue clicker flash

No. 1680814

big bro??!!?! it's so nasty she used her stuff on him. why didn't she have him buy his own if she's going to do this.

No. 1680816

File: 1666371892385.jpeg (Spoiler Image,126.64 KB, 333x2048, C7E60E0D-250E-44EB-B6D9-F1BB18…)

Shayna and Aidan are the same type of scrote. They love shoving cheap dildos up their ass. They love taking unflattering pictures of their toys that have hair and fecal matter on them. And they both have busted assholes

No. 1680821

File: 1666372105784.jpeg (Spoiler Image,568.59 KB, 1242x2208, 746426D2-3B52-4797-8070-0616E5…)

This dude left his “mayochup” on the blanket when he shoved a big toy up his nasty ass. Warning: disgusting fecal matter and lube mixture

No. 1680825

it’s because she genuinely believes that’s sexy. she thinks being a victim is something to strive for.

No. 1680827

File: 1666372447862.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3465x2155, BF27393D-A1CE-42E0-B63A-E0B1AB…)

They both look retarded

No. 1680828

File: 1666372579477.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 978x1334, 57B0960A-D735-483C-AFAC-4A3611…)

Omg Shaynus got veeners I guess prostitution has really paid off!!! /s

No. 1680835

Lmfao. Great thread pic choice Nona. Welcome to Shayna's Club of Forgotten Wankers you bald, limp dick scrote.

No. 1680852

File: 1666374467002.png (68.37 KB, 875x291, shaynas stinky cunt.png)

Why do some Anons act shocked about her doing full service sex work? Her first thread literally mentions how she meets up with old dudes from Tumblr. If it wasn't for lolcow, I honestly think she would have become a full on prostitute as her main source of income a long time ago.

No. 1680853

At first I thought Shayna's hand was his and I thought he somehow got the same hotdog nails as part of the "sissy" thing and I was about to die

No. 1680854

File: 1666374605533.jpeg (676.97 KB, 1094x1316, C047BE20-3AD3-439B-B32A-773824…)

this pic is so good for a meme

No. 1680855

File: 1666374607760.jpeg (752.21 KB, 1170x1416, FD41BA15-E27F-47E4-B51F-35DC16…)

No. 1680856

File: 1666374650212.jpeg (Spoiler Image,610.71 KB, 1170x1543, BBCF9D93-9C8A-45CB-8891-C03E80…)

Literally using the same pic as last for the same contest

No. 1680858

that was just speculated, but never proven. at this point she brags about having strangers over to her home for prostitution work, so we have proof of it now.

No. 1680859

good thing her face is covered in this; maybe it’ll get her more votes, kek.

No. 1680865

I dont think shes even done any Halloween content this year besides getting the black version of her usual stupid cheerleading outfit and bought the limp dick baldfag the Scream get up. Which she then took the outfit off of him and the scream killer thing had 0 to do with the vid really. I guess they got a few pics and tik toks.

No. 1680873

Probably can't afford it

No. 1680879

KEK Do they both think that the gag thing is for going to the dentist or something? I'm baffled by how two fucking idiots couldn't figure out that maybe /maybe/ the nightmare device isn't supposed to display the nasty ass neglected horse teeth.

No. 1680891

that is fucking RANCID. spoiler disgusting moids like this next time please

No. 1680908

File: 1666381061299.jpeg (759.21 KB, 1170x1780, 4C759331-926F-4E86-9765-00929F…)

The video description. It’s priced at $15.99

No. 1680910

Bitch no one wants see your fridge body try to dry-fuck your cat-fur and shit-covered dildo.

No. 1680920

Are moids supposed to jack off to this? Literally asking because who is this for?

No. 1680925

i wish i was as clueless as you. go to the mtf threads or look up sissification fetish. it's basically the gateway to trannydom for pornsick misogynist moids

No. 1680931

So this Eraserhead-looking fat fuck had no problem fitting in shay-whale's clothing? Kek. At this point, she is blissfully ignorant of her incoming death-fat saga.

No. 1680934

Actually covers his ass more than it does Shaymu's holy kek

No. 1680939

She had a lot of posts about “meeting an old man at the mall” in her early tumblr sexwork days but there was never any solid evidence. Just long, spergy fantasy posts, shots of her OOTD to “see an old man” and her being like “omg it was so hot I’m shaking, guys.” I suspect she only started engaging with males for sex reasons recently.

No. 1680950

she looks like pixie locks here so much

No. 1680958

Pretty sure this is the limp-dick faggot shaymu fucked without a rubber. Or at least I'd like to think he saw his face included in the thread pic and sperged.

No. 1680988

probably that old, married dungeon guy that kept her in a cage in his basement while he and his wife hung out in the living room in seattle

No. 1680990

File: 1666388128567.jpeg (938.68 KB, 1242x1487, AAB3FECF-B176-4D1C-B3EC-A0D6CB…)

did she delete this? i wanted to check her placement but couldn’t find the tweet anymore

No. 1680991

File: 1666388185257.jpeg (55.87 KB, 642x680, BC0E9D51-61C3-48EE-A8C6-A9B1E8…)

This sounds like a blurb of one of her videos, I wonder when this will happen to her. He even looks like one of her scrotes

No. 1680999

This is why I support abortions. If you birth a scrote you abandon him and cut all contact. Deranged motherfucker. Sickening

No. 1681001

File: 1666389023752.png (Spoiler Image,9.17 MB, 1242x2208, F8FC294B-8885-4514-86A1-D33E08…)

Shaymu the Whale does a short and lazy “coom” show with her lopsided blubber frankenboobs https://www.dropbox.com/s/6h9fbbio9520ozm/trim.023A79CD-6D06-4A26-890C-3F815D04E6BA.MOV?dl=0

No. 1681005

File: 1666389293945.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1242x1485, D45AC0BC-FF10-4933-A3E1-E5D062…)

Ballsack Barbie

No. 1681007

File: 1666389512521.png (Spoiler Image,8.98 MB, 1242x2208, B9486FC9-7B3B-44F7-B14E-89ABC2…)

That side part…

No. 1681028

this is the most vile thing i've seen on this website and i mean that

No. 1681032

File: 1666392407519.jpg (603.44 KB, 1810x2048, 20221021_234515.jpg)

Who wants to buy some of Shay's crusty underwear covered in pet hair?

No. 1681033


Why does the description say link dress when he's clearly wearing a black dress? Why does this piss me off so much? It's Shayna. Her customers don't read the description. But what I really don't get is how anyone gets off to this shit. They're both ugly as fuck, I feel like I can smell that bastards rotting teeth and cum breath

No. 1681043

File: 1666393182906.jpg (154.41 KB, 600x786, bitch you stink(1).jpg)

Mods have mercy and don't ban me.

No. 1681048

I wondered how long she's had that ham coloured bedding set on but then I felt sick and had to stop

No. 1681076

Randy from TPB lmfao

No. 1681138

Someone clearly hasn't informed dolly that we've had perfumes and deodorants since at least the ancient Egyptians lol. Not to mention during the European dark ages other cultures were being super clean so this isn't even some remotely new idea that sweat smells bad

No. 1681165

Who’s dolly? Her name is Shaymu

No. 1681176

File: 1666404921790.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3465x3465, AE183C22-F29D-4624-9FA8-1B236C…)

Shayna was just making fun of twitch gamers yet wants to make her twitch debut on Halloween >>1679797
She’s spiraling because her account got banned and her cringetoks didn’t give her lots of followers like she wanted.

No. 1681182

Wtf she goes into doggy position and starts fingering herself, then stops because she claims her 'pussy is too tight' that she can't even finger herself. Then she flops on her back and whines asking why she is 'so tight'

No. 1681189

Her fingers and dildos go in with ease so idk if she's just being a chronic pick me or if she just stabs herself and its uncomfortable because she doesnt even know how or want to actually pleasure herself

No. 1681207

File: 1666410256661.jpeg (274.57 KB, 1170x967, AE18DEFD-5DE4-4C3C-96AE-164BBC…)

No. 1681208

Was there a underwear sale at TJMaxx. Those are so ugly kek I mean every woman has ugly underwear for those lazy/period days. But as a “sex worker” shouldn’t you sell something more sexy? I don’t think scrotes want some ugly underwear but then again I don’t know

No. 1681216

Didn’t know they made thongs in size fat fuck with no ass…

No. 1681219

File: 1666411575654.jpeg (209.55 KB, 1205x1938, A3FBB908-E4B4-44D9-8691-867F37…)

She’s really wearing this at the airport

No. 1681226

I hate Shayna’s side part

No. 1681232

She looks like a cleaning lady, no offense to those women because they actually have useful jobs and benefit the world in some way. She always dresses like a clown at the airport and then posts about moids at the bar staring at her nipples or some shit.

No. 1681237

She never wears underwear in general. So yes,she probably bought a clearance pack or some walmart ones for the purpose of selling them.

No. 1681238

Please Shaynus… its not serving. That satin durag thing is not a look. Its cheap and retarded

No. 1681243

She’s doing Ken’s cringe smirk and eyebrow raise

No. 1681246

>>1681176 i miss the short lived tiktok era already, that was so hilariously cringey

No. 1681264

File: 1666417839735.jpeg (365.41 KB, 1242x1506, 904A2290-40F3-441A-AE64-B335C5…)

She can’t get her fingers in because she’s dry as fuck.

Her airport outfits are usually the absolute worst and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Also that smirk so far across her face she’s starting to look like Ed from Ed Edd and Eddy

No. 1681279

looks like my bf's belarusian mom

No. 1681297

Shayna wishes her customers spent $250,000 on her. Even the desperate ones don't really send her much money.

No. 1681310


No. 1681326

is she high or just got done crying?

No. 1681344

Probably high
I doubt she has the self awarenesses needed to cry about her shitty life

No. 1681364

File: 1666434061124.jpeg (17.67 KB, 256x256, 40D14601-7431-4F22-9BD2-6F9672…)

She never wears underwear anyway so these are pretty much unworn.

No. 1681393

File: 1666441259819.png (1.32 MB, 1196x1132, screenshot.png)

She's so greasy

I love this pic so much kek

No. 1681399

This bitch has wrinkles at 25

No. 1681417

File: 1666446957530.jpeg (255.65 KB, 1170x847, 9B380925-F064-40A7-875C-3BB958…)

No. 1681420

she's laying on the plane seat that's so nasty

No. 1681433

Wait is strictmoor based in Hartford, CT?? Ew I used to live there…it is NOT a safe city. Tons of violent crime. Shay's gotta be careful & watch her back. Yikes!

No. 1681451

For the love of God, let go of the awful side part already! I know she does it to hide the grease/dandruff/etc. but you cannot wear a hair covering with a side part. /end sperg

No. 1681492

She couldn’t even be bothered to get her roots touched up. Totes bimbo shaynus!

No. 1681504

Is these trips to do fuckong spanking porn even worth it for shayna? It's not like they are paying for her to fly out (unless they are), like with food,drinks plus the travel costs, users etc. Is Shayna even going to make this money back via the video? Or do they pay her upfront? And I doubt it's a lot or money.
I just don't get the point. It's not even like the trips are glamorous and she goes out and enjoys/explores where she is. Besides falcon where she did work and at least go to a party, it all seems so pointless.

No. 1681505

Imagine smearing your gut on the plane seat like that just to look quirky.

No. 1681521

wasn't it posted here before that these are funded by some disgusting super rich scrote who is basically commissioning custom porn? pretty sure everything is paid for.

and it's pretty clear she does this for the social interaction more than anything

No. 1681544

Fatty needs her fried dough ASAP

No. 1681572

Iirc there was some other ewhore that said they had done a shoot with them and the pay upfront was decent and that yes it's owned by some scrote that funds it. I dont remember if she said they pay for travel and such though. They probably have rooms at the "academy" but I would think that they wouldn't cover transportation but idk. Like they pay her a set amount for the gig and she has to deduct her travel expenses from it herself. It looks like they prefer ugly, plain girls for the dudes weird fetishes. And since its just spanking and they were nice enough to her she's willing to keep coming back. I feel like even $100 profit would be enough for her to do it. She likes leaving her hovel to pretend she's a successful booked, traveling bimbo. Especially for things she has to put in very little effort for or can mooch (like seeing her family).

No. 1681632

There was an anon in a prior thread that said she did a shoot at strictmore and it’s a custom shoot. Some moids spends several thousands of dollars for these videos. I think she said the pay was ok but I can’t remember

No. 1681642

Pretty sure the pay enough is enough to cover the flight and board, but it's nothing life-changing or worth doing more than occasionally. If she really wants to do porn shoots, why doesn't she just move to LA or something, so she's available to more people (I know this saggy man ball shoot is in CT, just saying). Like, she's already giving up everything in her life for this "dream" - why not go big and just move to California or LA or something and just be a porn star? It's almost like she's afraid even though she's basically backed herself into this corner with her choices.

No. 1681658

Did you forget that she used to be signed to an agency until they dropped her ass for never working? She wants to call herself a porn star but doesn’t want to make porn.

No. 1681675


She already got dropped by an agency in her boil saga, and she definitely can't afford LA rent, plus… Shayna would never go anywhere that she doesn't have a caretaker type like Ellen or fupa.

No. 1681682

She 100% cant afford to live in LA or anywhere in LA county, pry not even orange county either. And the locals would eat her alive. No more quirky little "I went for a walk and everyone applauded" stories.

No. 1681742

File: 1666477515859.jpeg (190.75 KB, 827x932, 71D56DD5-7505-4278-83EA-671974…)

Fupa got married today, wonder how Shayna feels to be in the exact same place as she was in life when she first met him

No. 1681755

She's probably drowning her sorrows in White Claw and shit wine as we speak.

No. 1681762

Kek is that faggot wearing a shirt covered in roses? He really does look like a FtM especially with them bitch tits.

No. 1681764

Did they get married at a dive bar? That's Soundpony in downtown Tulsa.

No. 1681766

Goddamn, Shay must be losing her fucking kind. I don’t remember a single picture with Shay where he looked so happy kek. Fula is no catch so good luck to this new girl.
That’s just their profile pics, not wedding pics. Also nonna you forgot to scribble out her face in the upper pic

No. 1681768

Kek explains shaynas sad posting. Fupaul is still a piece of dirt. Youd think Shayna would see this and think,
>>I wasted years of my life, being played with and used sexually. Left mentally and physically drained, but he moves on less then a year, gets married to a normal looking woman and I'm still sad posting and accusing him of abuse but it doesn't effect him at all.
Instead she's just going to make the same mistake with fupaul 2.0. Waste more years of her life, using kink and sex as the foundation of the relationship. Then accuse him of abuse after it goes wrong and she's left, worse off then before,sadder,possibly bigger and more depressed. She's dating two people yet spends every holiday alone unless she sees her family. Dating two people but wraps empty boxes for gifts on Christmas. Dates two people but only had sex this year with some random gay scrote she just met.
She'll be okay for now because she left the house, but be prepared for a bad brain day when she gets home or posts about how much she loves life.

No. 1681769

Kek another layer. He has a woman he can "show off" aka he's proud to let people on social media know he's with. Isn't that what shayna wanted so badly? Yet she's dating two people that she can't show (and I really think she doesn't want too).

No. 1681773

I'm not defending shayna, I'm just saying that I hate this shit stain scum bag
hopefully that lady doesn't have any kids and already had her tubes tied

No. 1681777

Same, but despite it all Shayna would move right back if he wanted her. I assume this woman is just as disgusting as fupaul or doesn't know about his past

No. 1681779

He's still a creep but I think after his marriage breakdown that he didn't want a real relationship just fuck about with some how and explore his degenerate kinks.
He got to hit a woman in the face, Shay got get drunk all the time and feel wanted even though he clearly didn't give a shit. Shay got attached to someone who just used her for an easy shag.

But hey she's a piece of shit too so who cares.

No. 1681781

Hoe* not how

No. 1681783

He knew what he wanted with Shayna. However Shayna hit him up first. It was always about sex and he's a disgusting scrote who saw a thirsty young woman basically fall into his hands who'd open her legs and let him do whatever he wanted.
He probably enjoyed being able to degrade her in any way, and he probably thought she'd just be a dumb submissive sex doll he could control. Then the suicide baiting started and the fact that shayna probably told him her family hates her and she has nobody. He stuck around for as long as he could. He get sick of her but thats what happens when you date young women you meet on Tumblr and use them. I have no sympathy for shayna at this point though

No. 1681790

I wonder if this poor lady knows she married a filthy degenerate pseudophile who get off on punching retarded young attentionwhores?
I wonder how young she is, pfp looks like there could be a decade gap, but it's hard to tell since Kyle Perkins is so fat and schlubby
It's so sad that the best case you can hope for is that she deserves some piece of shit like him

No. 1681804

>When his wife finds this thread

No. 1681823

you know some tipper's gonna send his wife the thread with the gifs of him slapping shayna while they fucked

No. 1681838

She’s definitely way prettier than Shayna

No. 1681853

I don’t condone cow tipping but hopefully she knows her husband isn’t above hitting women with his tiny baby hands.

No. 1681870

Honestly may not be a horrible idea to cowtip before she reproduces with a ddlg pedo(do not touch the poop)

No. 1681872

Oh congrats, deadbeat pedophillic dad!

No. 1681889

He’s going to end up trooning out half way through their marriage and become Kayla “Fupita” Perkins. Degenerate men like him don’t change. Shayna is a retarded pedo pandering pos but she is better off without this deadbeat dad. She could find more simps that will put up with her laziness because men are retarded.

No. 1681891

I think Kyle Nathan Perkins deserves to have this thread haunt him. He’s a deadbeat pedophile father of young children who shagged a retarded ramen haired pedo panderer. He showed his full face and uploaded videos of him and Shayna Clifford having sex.

No. 1681909

She wants to be shown off so badly,but even the people shes dating won't post her. Does Ellen even do text posts about her? We don't know "the dad" identity confirmed but its safe to assume hes also not posting about hanging around an ugly greasy whores hovel kek. Even though she could post pics or tagged posts with Ellen since the threads already know and have known its her since Shaynus moved, she doesn't because Ellen is fat, old, ugly and tard looking rivaling Shaynus herself so even she's embarrassed I'm sure. Sure Shaynus can use the threads and creepy coomers as an excuse not to post things, but the other people she interacts could. But they don't. Just like Fupa wouldn't. Because at the end of the day shes a gross whore they use for kink or to fill their loneliness and that's it. They aren't happy or "lucky" to have her around, they aren't proud, they don't love or care about her further than they can throw her kek. Fuckin sad.

No. 1681917

I feel like she's young if this is the same girl that he started dating last year or whatever. Now that he's got her locked in he's definitely going to try his "kink" out on her. I could see Kyle telling her his ex was a porn star who did xyz as a way to push the boundaries with a new girl. Definitely would never name drop or get specific about his time with shaynus. I also don't condone cow tipping, but it would be hilarious if his new wife finds the Kyle saga and ends up posting here at some point.

No. 1681921

Shay is currently 124 in the MV contest

No. 1681922

File: 1666495464942.jpeg (509.06 KB, 1170x1653, 53019D05-9815-4640-ABFF-ABB32A…)

No. 1681923

It's pretty wild that he was well into his 30s at the time too. Like, how retarded can you be? I guess he's from Oklahoma.

No. 1681926

No one anywhere at any time has ever said that

No. 1681928

Tragic. I wouldn't even expect that many people to sign up.

No. 1681931

If she's serious about streaming she should start on YT instead. Twitch is way over saturated imo. You can only get big if you make important connections which I doubt she will ever do.

No. 1681933

fupa threw her away for a normal looking chick, sol threw her under the bus as soon as he was slightly pressured and ken couldnt even stay hard with her, i don't know how she doesn't realise how fat and homely she is.

No. 1681960

Is there a way to see how many contestants there are total?

No. 1681982

File: 1666504458444.jpeg (424.02 KB, 1196x981, 6E303702-2F64-4789-8E2B-84006E…)

She already thought about YouTube. She also did a free sfw talking video on manyvids called mattelivision or some shit. no one gave a fuck. So she’s thought she could get TikTok famous, YouTube famous or twitch famous. Because she’s so desperate to relive her tumblr days. And missed seeing 1-10k likes that weren’t bots . It’s pathetic how badly she wants to be famous. If she washed her ass, had a better personality, and practiced a hobby maybe she could have a semi popular internet following.

No. 1681988

>not taking advantage of the thousands of free imovie tutorials on YouTube
Holy shit. Yeah, the other anons were right when they said she is not going to stream. Thanks for the cap, anon.

No. 1682008

>looks a lot younger than him
>has at least a little girl
>cover photo of fups choking her on a security cam screen

Oh well best of luck to them. Cant think of a more disgusting thing than marrying that scrote. I have no sympathy.

No. 1682069

Surely this bitch has googled her beloved Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma… right? RIGHT?

No. 1682074

As of right now there are 952 total participants. Go to the contest page, there's navigation at the bottom.

No. 1682076

i feel like theres a bunch of newfags im this thread rn. like this basic bitch was already posted and discussed months and months ago. pretty sure she was cowtipped back then too and obviously knows about Shayna and the threads. Do you really think tiny-hands wouldnt jump at chance to play victim to his abusive and crazy ex Shayna? Theyre cut from the same grain, Shayna and Perkins. Theyre both the same type of crazy and thats why their relationship failed. They both think the other wronged them. Shayna already aluded to the fact that Fupa blocked and deleted her once she started dating the fat chick. Be played her once again and made her think it was her fault even tho he just wanted that crazy bitch finally out of his life. He said something like “knowing you have her i feel like i can finally move on” and triggered Shayna like crazy (and honestly i would blame it on her going FSSW as she probably thinks of it as a way to get back at fupa). Anyways, Fupas fiance isnt more or less attractive than Shayna. She looks the same weight if not more. But she doesnt sell herself to moids, so funnily enough, in a moids eyes that makes her more a “take home to mom type”. plus this chick already shit out some kids herself so they were both ready to settle with the first semi-stable semi-non-insane person they could find due to both of them being old. so yes, she knows about shayna but probably thinks shes just a crazy ex who cant get over her man. let them go die off together in peace and we can finally close the fupa chapter thank god. tho i do hope it ruins shaynas trip lol

No. 1682077

She would have no problem affording rent if she booked work regularly. Porn stars makes good money. Its a well known fact, the other known fact is they spend it like theyre always gonna be making that much and many girls get hooked on drugs and dont plan for their future. It really all comes down to the fact she is LAZY and doesnt actually want a career in porn.

No. 1682093

I honestly think this is why shayna is in her b/g porn phase. She’s the type of person to sabotage and hurt herself in attempts to hurt others. My abusive ex is super happy and getting married to someone he actually loves? I’ll show him how much better off I am by how much b/g porn I’m doing!

No. 1682164

File: 1666537248791.jpg (42 KB, 720x478, FE-7qY8WUAATlNV.jpg)

It gives the same vibe to me cuz I originally thought that was his hand

No. 1682175

I thought so, but can't be arsed to go back lol. If so there's a good chance this new chick is either a degen or stupid. I mean honestly what kind of woman would be into this manchild? Another turbo pick me if I had to guess. Peas in a pond

No. 1682188

File: 1666539565652.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1836, 31489698-F49D-40F1-B88B-F3992E…)


No. 1682190

File: 1666539628092.jpeg (609.03 KB, 1170x1253, E6A9DCA4-3973-4868-AB53-DFE934…)

2/3 She really thinks that interview she did was actually important

No. 1682192

File: 1666539704987.jpeg (333.59 KB, 1170x1052, DD1E9911-0A20-47C8-B6D7-CB305D…)

3/3 I honestly forgot about this

No. 1682195

Still funny because this is exactly what a bimbo is and I have no doubt that shaynus would agree if she had her old body

No. 1682200

Twitter users say it like being a bimbo is some kind of important serious political thing that needs "representation" and "visibility"

No. 1682201

100%. She only became “body positive” after gaining weight

No. 1682205

She's not even positive about her body. Maybe I'm wrong but when Shayna was thin didn't she hang around/be seen with/worked with mostly thinner women? Shayna now would never do that weird VR lesbian porn with that pornstar. Every woman we've seen shayna with has been a chubby/average shaped girl. The black girl, we know what Ellen looks like and vivid. So all this body positivity is fake. In fact she wants to see "different kinds of bimbos " because she thinks those women would make her stand out or look MORE like a bimbo in comparison.

No. 1682219

jesus fuck noone needs a bimbo lmao

is this line of retardation unique to shay? are there more people who have suddenly decided that bimbo means "bright and optimistic and a little ditzy"? instead of "redesigning your entire body to be the most sexual and over-the-top it can be to appease men"?

she's the same idiot that said Elle Woods was a bimbo and that just pisses me off to no end

No. 1682233

Fatty stay mad. The bimbo fetish/subculture is weird and gross imo but that IS correct. Shaynus and other poor, ugly fatties want to pretend its about being a whore in pink that likes money and is a retard so they can feel included.
And here she's just trying to be woke >>1682192
The chick that did the answer in the post is what bimbo is and should be. I do think there can be "himbos" and its not skin color exclusive. Though yeah, traditionally it is white and blonde women with big likely fake tits. These slobby fatties are just too broke and lazy to commit to it so theyre trying to change the criteria and turn against what is established and notoriously Bimbo.

No. 1682244

The fact that they will now try to cancel that alicia girl is hilarious. Scrotes will jerk off to her anyway, fat whores don't make much money no matter how many times they told scrotes that they are "valid bimbos"

Also it's retarded how they pretend that bimbo is anything other than jerk off material to anybody

No. 1682259

This is just nightmare fuel. There is so much filler here bitch looks greasy.

No. 1682260

I hate Kyle Nathan Perkins and don’t wish him upon any woman, however I love that he got married while she’s getting spanked for pocket change, and has to use Twitter as a diary since she has no friends

No. 1682266

File: 1666545434442.jpeg (416.16 KB, 1536x2048, ACE06626-1169-44AD-923F-593111…)

No. 1682267

File: 1666545479736.jpeg (473.5 KB, 1536x2048, 37D47F2F-E010-49D5-AE27-796E72…)

No. 1682275

the belly overhang

No. 1682279

Shaymu KKKlifford?

No. 1682300

File: 1666546545029.jpeg (645.96 KB, 1170x1750, 8387467D-AD68-4268-9211-3BDB70…)

No. 1682304

>sorry, big word
Good lord kek

No. 1682312

Who the fuck masturbates to a fat adult woman acting like a retard. I got it, it's pedopandering, but what didler will like them huge thighs and a beer belly.

No. 1682336

big fan of this already, the looks suits her

No. 1682341

>Peas in a pond
Oh you

No. 1682348

Holy shit, what sort of insane scrote would jack off to this? ANY woman in a stupid Looney Tunes dunce cap, let alone this big bitch? Fart comedian outtakes, on god.

No. 1682352

File: 1666548835801.jpg (41.43 KB, 509x490, 6xznbr.jpg)

No. 1682396

triggered lmao

No. 1682404

She literally said that being a bimbo just means being "feminine and sexual" as though that's unique. This bitch doesn't even know what her brand is.

No. 1682408

kek she's never getting over the nazi allegations

No. 1682482

I think also a little bit of it is that she's mad she's broke (again) and that she sees another woman with more money (those boobs and that mouth must've cost enough for a down payment on a house), who's doing better and is hot(ter).

No. 1682487

File: 1666554961160.jpeg (388.5 KB, 1170x910, EBD04616-9D39-42D2-95A7-0472BF…)

But it’s okay for you to gatekeep SW? Which you literally have said recently

No. 1682500

“Elle Woods is a bimbo” annoys me no end, the whole point of the movie is her proving stereotypes about being blonde, pretty and popular don’t mean your stupid.

There’s a whole generation of female lawyers (and female professionals in general) who thank Elle Wood and those movies for showing you can like pink, being girlie and be smart and for Shat to be like “lol she’s a bimbo tho” just angers me.

If there’s one online “bimbo” im shocked Shat hasn’t tried and failed to clone its that Chrissy off tiktok with the “oh me oh myyyy”

No. 1682505

next thread pic i beg holy kek

No. 1682512

This…is what the 1940s was like? Kek

No. 1682516

> we need more fat bimbos , flat chested bimbos, black bimbos, sped bimbos! Look at me such a yass queen girl boss supporting all the gals, gays and theys!
Shaymu you'll never be pretty or interesting enough to be an influencer no one wants to hear your tard takes, your 3 redneck coomers just want to scroll through you copy paste torn up hole pictures wank and get on with their lives.

No. 1682518

No. 1682523

Fucking kek I caught that too

Our thriving fat bimbo everyone. So representative of all fat and poor bimbos. God bless her.

No. 1682528

What is this supposed to be?

No. 1682550

Porn for geriatrics

No. 1682552

Bimbos are supposed to be bitchy and hate fatties like her I thought

No. 1682566

File: 1666561246646.jpeg (653.97 KB, 1536x2048, 9503E0E1-BD05-4995-9CBF-5A1078…)

quick edit

No. 1682571

This is top OP pic potential.
I'm a bit confused why nonnies don't get it though, I'm from a different continent and I know that's supposed to be a dunce hat.

No. 1682579

This is so funny coming from Alicia Amira because she's mentally fucked. Who tf is she to talk about taking care of your body when she is a walking self mutilation diagram? Kek

No. 1682602

Tim and Eric awesome show great job! lookin ass

No. 1682609

Great, looks like they're making more weird vintage school girl porn.

No. 1682622

You're doing the Lord's work, anon.

No. 1682625

it's so besides the point, but nothing about a klan-white spandex spaghetti-strap tank top says "40s"

No. 1682633

Twitter hoes tomorrow:
>"Check out this pic from the 1940s themed porn Dlly Mtt*ll just did."

No. 1682638

"we need more black women seen as dumb offensive stereotypes" okay shat

No. 1682654

Researching time period appropriate undergarments is entirely too much work for these creepy pornographers.

No. 1682740

File: 1666572718283.jpeg (334.63 KB, 1170x938, F8253A80-11E3-4A9D-9063-789930…)

No. 1682756

File: 1666573823157.jpeg (183.48 KB, 828x652, 087C4A6E-8B6F-49A4-8731-293434…)


No. 1682763

The mental image of Kmart Jackie Kennedy giving an enema is by far the worst thing to come out of this thread

No. 1682778

Nona I just spit my tea across the room.

No. 1682781

Oh nonnie, lest you forget this >>1680792 which happened in the beginning of this thread as well

No. 1682788

Tbf maybe the 1940s theme mentioned was for a particular shoot. Like theyre obviously doing different scenes and things. But the old coomer that's behind all this obviously wants a very vintage and particular look and feel to the porn which is creepy in it's own right. I also hate that she still went for an ugly acrylic french mani when called out and tagged in a post that specifically said natural nails only and if they had to be painted, to keep it nude or pale pink. She's so unprofessional and acts like rules don't apply to her which is so delusionally arrogant. And I feel like she's always been that way – feeling that she's special and pretty enough to have her way and doesn't have to do things others do, like just her presence is a enough of a gift. Idk where she finds that unbased attitude though.

No. 1682789

Hehehehe I giggle

No. 1682824

File: 1666578374486.jpeg (909.9 KB, 1170x1712, 271D4E7E-75A0-48CC-8E7D-8A44A0…)

Trying to get my screen recorder working. But it’s basically her sitting there smiling and nodding her head while you hear spanking and someone making noises in the background

No. 1682841

File: 1666579675753.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1927, 5F19BC0F-BE9B-4F5A-B62D-E6D67E…)

She’s so ugly

No. 1682853

File: 1666580244231.jpeg (Spoiler Image,519.35 KB, 1242x662, FFDF12EB-7BBA-4198-AE44-A076F5…)

Ken posted this clip on his Twitter ew

No. 1682891

File: 1666581886890.jpeg (452.85 KB, 1170x949, F92BCB93-1F5C-4004-A249-F1D44E…)

I wonder if this was Shay, probably not. But would be funny if it is

No. 1682893

File: 1666581915743.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 2894x3014, 10DF4136-91BA-48A3-86F6-C79412…)

Big Shaymu and Gayman hairyshoulders screenshots kek

No. 1682896

File: 1666581974941.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1504, 20CBADDC-1871-44E2-BAED-9A8623…)

I’m screaming wtf kind of date is that ??

No. 1682899

File: 1666582036549.jpeg (77.18 KB, 594x637, 6D7E3DD2-4EC1-443A-A3AE-E4A049…)

I can’t believe he licked fatty’s neck rolls

No. 1682902

File: 1666582140021.jpeg (Spoiler Image,600.14 KB, 1242x691, 5948941E-1439-4BBF-ADAF-305A6B…)

Big shays thunder thighs

No. 1682904

he is so unfathomably disgusting. his torso looks like those grimy bathroom tiles at gas stations when they have pools of unidentified dark liquid pooling in between them.

No. 1682905

Oh I’d bet money it was. She clearly never gets off

No. 1682907

File: 1666582279314.jpeg (979.19 KB, 1242x1451, 7088A6A2-D2CD-4F26-9384-ED761A…)

He seems to have a type (besides men) ugly failed sex workers who love cheap sunglasses and do their eyeliner horribly

No. 1682910

File: 1666582401056.jpeg (65.91 KB, 484x605, 8EADF258-E154-4E9D-AED0-B3A510…)

She’s clearly having an orgasm here don’t you see her open mouth and retarded squinting kek. Shayna is so damn ugly like her father

No. 1682912

anyone else extremely and completely grossed out they are kissing !! idk that seems so personal i couldn't imagine

No. 1682913

Sage idiot. Also having sex is intimate too but Shayna still puts out for attention

No. 1682915

She looks better than Shayna tho

No. 1682917

File: 1666582666704.webm (2.35 MB, 672x1232, Shayna Leigh Clifford @ Strict…)

No. 1682918

The face they are both making is as lopsided as shaynas tits. Literally made me giggle. So goofy looking

No. 1682919

How does she make a living? Who the fuck pays to see her pudgy flabby body when the internet is full of free porn with much more attractive women?

No. 1682920

Anything featuring John Kendall Cox of Pasco, Washington is specially revolting to me.

No. 1682923

Reading the threads my help you see some of the theories we have regarding how she makes a living.

No. 1682924

That is weirdly specific and also sounds so bad lol.
Nah it's very Shaynus energy. 100% something she would say and I mean look at the vids they did. Also just how she fakes it all the time in general and is such a pick me with scrotes and otherwise sex indifferent. I would absolutely believe that bitch has never actually had a proper orgasm, especially from sex.

No. 1682932

This is why shaynus is a hateful pick me bitch. Not only does fatty genuinely think men besides grey hair who actually wants to fuck his irl daughter are "choosing Dolly" over their partner to fuck but you know if that WAS the case she'd love it. She doesnt care how awful it feels for women to have their moid boyfriend after years together grow bored and rather use his hand to the ever growing pool of egirls or how mentally women suffer constantly comparing themselves to the pornstars their scrotes have an unstoppable compulsion to jerk off to. She LOVES imagining it because it makes her feel superior in some fucked up way to all the normie women around her. "Your girlfriend is so boring she's not as sex positive and kinky as I am!! Pick me!!" What a massive fucking cope.

No. 1682942

this is extremely disturbing. she’s amused by the sounds of a woman getting beaten, and thinks it’s fun.

No. 1682943

File: 1666585248228.jpeg (277.35 KB, 615x688, 2FF3BAAA-B5FA-4D3A-B9EF-8398B5…)

damn.. her gut officially sticks out further than her tits

No. 1682945

this made me sick to my stomach, violence against women is so sexy

No. 1682947

This looks so stupid with just the mask on his bald head where you can see the elastic band. Should’ve worn the full robe and hood, no one wants to see his ugly hairy tattooed body anyway.

No. 1682976

File: 1666588536863.jpeg (11.85 KB, 225x225, AD8755DE-D45D-466D-B669-354413…)

They are so gross. I’m so glad they’re not a couple and we don’t have to smell these photos for long.

No. 1682983

This is 100% about Shayna. She is so sex averse that she is afraid of having an actual orgasm. And it’s bleak that her retarded faces are the best she could come up with for faking an orgasm KEK

No. 1682988

Y'all are reading too far into it. She just posted that to be ~quirky thriving sexworker~ its likely she doesn't actually care either way. She just always wants attention and to go viral

No. 1683076

I hate this fucking chimp scrote so much. He can’t even keep his limp gross dick up and is talking shit about women faking orgasms in PORN. Guess what gaysquatch, porn is fake and cialis is cheap.

No. 1683086


No. 1683094

File: 1666603404326.jpeg (138.78 KB, 1440x1015, 5714EAB0-A3E0-4F32-ADA4-8A37EB…)

This guy has aids right? He looks like the embodiment of walking aids.

No. 1683106

I can’t get over how he literally looks like Shay kek

No. 1683117

I'm creasing

No. 1683129

>we need more black bimbos
isn't bimbo literally a racial slur? in my country it has the same meaning as slave or darky

No. 1683132

the stupid fucking faces this fat sack of shit makes. god grant me the strength not to a-log

No. 1683142

"Bimbo" is literally just a misogynistic slur, i have no idea why this shit is now considered to be "progressive" and "woke" and even "kweer" when it's literally how incels want women to be like.
Imagine perform the most misogynistic idea imaginable and call it empowering

No. 1683159

And men who are being left behind in academics and the workplace are especially thrilled to have misogynistic stereotypes of women advance. I’m not even a blonde or someone who wears pink but a boring looking brunette with a grad degree and I get treated as being less credible than my male peers. Even in JCrew chino pants and no makeup you can be stereotyped as a bimbo and talked down to. I doubt she cares but these bimbo stereotypes hurt women that are not in sex work the most. Men in high-earning male dominated fields absolutely hate women and undermine us at any chance possible.

No. 1683192

Literally how trannies wear woman face for example.

No. 1683231

I feel your point nona…but the mental image of a bimbo in J. Crew chino pants is fucking sending me! Holy shit ily

No. 1683247

File: 1666621013410.jpeg (318.47 KB, 1170x672, E5C3863A-4214-4E01-879C-8A28B8…)

No. 1683253

The old coomer who ordered this video was probably a catholic priest or some shit wtf is this weird soft child abuse shit.
It seems tame for porn but the more I think about how this is all a custom makes me uneasy.

No. 1683254

File: 1666621889889.jpeg (734.1 KB, 828x987, C62F118F-AC55-4F58-A24C-38DA07…)

such glamorous bimbo uwu

No. 1683260

When the moon emoji forgets to shave

No. 1683263

in Germany Bimbo is a racial slur so >>1683129 isn't wrong there

No. 1683268

I still can’t believe (well, I can) that Shay has gotten this wide. Her whole job is centered around her body and she couldn’t even manage to take care of it. Makes no sense. She looks awful.

No. 1683270

that or the old-timey equivalent to people developing weird deviantart fetishes from cartoons. regardless, they're so clearly made for a geriatric audience, it's jarring

No. 1683320

File: 1666626296341.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.11 KB, 681x1200, 48FE9856-1CDE-461A-B1DA-0F46FE…)

this shit looks AI generated

No. 1683322

File: 1666626326307.jpeg (Spoiler Image,484.74 KB, 824x794, 4E2BC20C-361E-418C-A6C4-475373…)

Nice roots, Shay. So bimbo.

No. 1683327

good lord she's chunky

No. 1683329

Oof, this place really has deviantart smelly coomer written all over it. If you showed 2016 Shay this image and told her this was her future she would probably be mortified lmao.

No. 1683426

File: 1666631592227.jpeg (807.54 KB, 882x1115, DC5B63FA-946D-4C1E-B822-747F03…)

Kek why do they look the exact same age and look like a trashy married couple

No. 1683431

her nails look so bad

No. 1683434

Women with arms like that stay away from tank tops challenge.

No. 1683439

proud to say I don't understand what the fuck is going on in about 80% of these images. Anyone who does should receive a felony conviction.

No. 1683446

usually these arms indicate proper cooking skills but this fat bitch can't do anything properly

No. 1683448

We all know Shayna wouldn’t season her food if she cooked. Bland ass bitch

No. 1683491

she looks like a creepy ventriloquist doll

No. 1683525

Those arms indicate the ability to incorporate lard in soul food at the potluck.

No. 1683550

>1940s themed
It's as though I've stepped into a time warp

No. 1683570

I still can't get over how fat she became, in such a short amount of time. Look at that arm,thats a whole ham right there lmao

No. 1683585

Kek I think some of those photos are from other shoots; I can see the wrestling theme in there from FatCon.

It seems like the geriatric priest who ordered the spanking video was very specific about his 1940s theme to the point that the girls can’t have pink nail polish.

No. 1683599

kek, i call them italian arms because they make me think of old italian women

No. 1683602

There's no way Shayna can look around the other girls and not realize she's part of the runts/butter-face gang. All those girls are unfortunate looking. The only semi-attractive girl (black chick) looks strung-out.

No. 1683606

I'm assuming the old mr.butterworth hag is the donor's wife? and he just gets off watching her do old-timey humiliations with shovel-face drug addicts?

No. 1683659

They have the budget to use a whole house as a set, yet their casting of women is absolutely horrific. This is so confusing lol

No. 1683669

>good morning baby gworl… let daddy take you to the thrift store

No. 1683680

He probably wants girl next door looking women is what i'm thinking. They all seem to be softer average bodied or wide, solid and chunky like Shayna. With below average or average faces. I assume that the scrote bankrolling this wants it to look as "realistic" as it can. Or these are the only women thristy enough to go do it and other women charge more or don't think it's worth it.

No. 1683687

looks like they do bigger sets with actually attractive girls, and then the pretty ones don't come back. this batch is the fuggos who need cash so will do more and more deranged things. like do you really think a NSFW model is gonna agree to wear a Dunce Cap for McDonalds money? Nope, they get their money - read the weird vibes - and peace out. This current shoot is for the fat and desperate (either for a semblance of a career or for their next hit of meth)

No. 1683697

File: 1666650569566.jpeg (404.89 KB, 1242x1528, 0B211634-6541-435A-8AF6-1B93FF…)

No. 1683698

File: 1666650662178.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1170x1926, 2FA1970A-956B-4EDC-AA15-0DCAE3…)

No. 1683716

what does that mean

No. 1683720

Spanked with a cane anon. Aka a wooden stick.

No. 1683738

Caning was what happened in the old British Empire and the Commonwealth, wouldn't paddling be more appropriate for America? Maybe the moid that pays for this is either British or Canadian?

No. 1683745

Jesus you guys are green. This shit is just all standard fetish shit, like tame as fuck standard BDSM. Or maybe yall just porn sick and used to the more deranged stuff and freak out when you see something semi normal. Like confusion over Caning? Kek.

No. 1683757

wtf are you even talking about, who's confused?
also congrats on being a degenerate, here's your prize:

No. 1683767

>>1683745 some people aren't native english speakers so I can see how someone would be confused, not a word or action that comes up a lot in normal conversations.

No. 1683787

Hills have eyes porno edition,fucking yikes….

No. 1683800

> Anon doesn't know what caning is so she must be a major coomer
What a weird conclusion to come to

No. 1683801

I don't know a single fatty that can cook, kek.

No. 1683802

I’m sorry you’re degenerate and bpd enough to turn it on other anons for not understanding hitting women with a stick is hot

No. 1683810

>thinking caning is tame and if you don’t get it you’re a degenerate

Kek wat

No. 1683816

Strictmoor gives me major salò vibes

No. 1683842

>Asks for 1940’s themed shoot
>gets Harley Quinn cosplay

No. 1683851

What’s with the fucking fake mole ew

No. 1683855

Again sticking her ugly rat face and beady eyes in every picture. Fat ugly knock kneed bitch

No. 1683856

The freaks have a tendency to get comfortable and out themselves on shaynas threads I noticed. Why is that? Y'all think we won't make fun of you too?

No. 1683857

I thought it was a disgusting zit

No. 1683875

File: 1666662993668.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1242x1612, C5CFAA24-375A-4003-AEAC-48E077…)

They look related

No. 1683883

His crusty beard matches her pubes.

If a Photoshop anon could swap their "lips" that would give me a giggle.

No. 1683888

Everyone already shit on you but I’ll add to the pile.. anon was saying if he wanted the 40s themed porn wouldn’t it be more appropriate especially if he’s from NA she’s smarter and clearly less of a degenerate than you

No. 1683913

what the hell is "no PPV onlyfans"?

No. 1683918

Meaning once you subscribe, you get everything. Unlike how Shay has people pay for certain videos

No. 1683928

She looks like she has no torso like some kind of deformity.

No. 1683937

File: 1666670881111.jpeg (376.58 KB, 1242x1363, A8A7FE61-3395-4F62-8EEA-132628…)

No. 1683946

Thank you nonita. This is exactly what I mean kek

No. 1683990

It looks really uncomfortable to be Shayna. Like your body would always feel “stretched” like after you ate too much. She doesn’t look like a normal soft fat person, she looks like she ate way too much and her body is uncomfortable. Idk how to explain it

No. 1684022

my question here is why did she go for the fugliest scrote she could find

No. 1684028

anon, this is the best she could score

No. 1684089

File: 1666693193954.jpg (Spoiler Image,545.84 KB, 922x1028, shurr.jpg)

I did this because I thought it would be funny but it's actually just weird how well they matched up

No. 1684103


His green nail polish looking like some kind of severe fungal rot is such a nice touch. Super sexy.

No. 1684106

kek i love you nonna this made me chuckle

No. 1684148

File: 1666699389812.jpeg (217.45 KB, 1151x1521, A8128C06-EE34-40BB-8EE0-261BB5…)

They both look like trailer park mothers

No. 1684149

File: 1666699451157.jpeg (192.43 KB, 1151x1501, 0A643DFA-2FC6-4F08-99A2-D4413A…)

Woof they’re both haggard kek. They look like they could be cousins

No. 1684156

even next to a chubby, very average looking woman shatna looks BAD. extremely flabby tits, huge ass arms und cottage cheese thighs, that honker she got from her dad, greasy fast food induced skin, and even with the iphone 4 front camera tier quality everyone can see that she has eroded teeth

No. 1684159

Pixyteri did it better

No. 1684162

Shayna is hella fat and homely. Even next to another homely woman, her big ass bingo wings she calls arms are getting bigger lmaooo

No. 1684166

File: 1666700542004.png (281.45 KB, 555x504, 69c.png)

The other girl looks better because she's not smooshing her tits down to make painful lopsided underboob. They both look like this guy though. Shaynas skin looks looks like if you poke it thick white pus comes out.

No. 1684171

this is fucking disturbing

why wouldn’t they put some makeup on and doll themselves up? Shat literally could have stayed home and made the same boring content.

No. 1684173

File: 1666701104129.gif (551.11 KB, 230x283, StarByFace.gif)

No. 1684178

Why does it match up so well????

No. 1684182

That big lump in her arm kek

Creep who ordered it probably requested no makeup so they would look younger

I love how this post has barely any likes, and one of the few it has is from the couple Shatna called out because they didn’t want to pay for her to make pedo content

No. 1684183

Kek new spoiler image for the shayna thread only

No. 1684185

someone stop men

No. 1684186

KEK i didn't know what you changed until i scrolled up

No. 1684192

why does she try SO HARD for the underboob in literally everything? It’s not natural or cute. Underboob is what you get when you wear like a crop top without a bra. But when you smush your boobs down it just looks like you didn’t adjust your tits when you first put your bra on. Idk how she thinks this is a look cause she looks like a retard.

No. 1684197

also samefag but it doesn’t even look like underboob here it just looks like the fat on her upper gut. The fat roll before the guy. Do better shaymu. Or at least fucking try yikes.

No. 1684200

How do they both look like faceapp gender swapped Pamperchu

No. 1684204

I'm sorry but is should be illegal to look that much like Yaniv

No. 1684233

Pamperchu and Shayna are unironically not that far apart, but at least Pamperchu can do tech shit and not just rely on being a pedophile for money

No. 1684240

File: 1666708690684.jpeg (417.41 KB, 1536x2048, 8C025F85-EFD2-4327-87C2-0EA5A6…)

Her “Sunday best”

No. 1684243

File: 1666708729726.jpeg (369.86 KB, 2048x976, F77F68D6-594E-4D6D-9636-36AAC4…)

No. 1684247


Fatties didn't wear shit this tight back then, Shayna would look better in 1950s/1940s clothes imo, she's not the curvy kind of fat that looks good at bigger weights. She's meant to never be bigger than like 130.

No. 1684251

Shatna's lunch lady arms are the same size as the other women's thighs

No. 1684252


I keep forgetting shaynas kind of on the tall side. Probably pissed her off that she's like second tallest and probably weighs more than all the other girls. Oof

No. 1684267

Sucking in her belly only makes her look wide at the top and makes her lack of his more obvious. She'd look better just embracing her actual body, this fake body shape isn't it or nice. She looks like a sissy

No. 1684288

She’s only the 2nd ugliest person there. Good for her!

No. 1684308

I’m dying, what in the world. Though it probably is right up Shays alley she can pretend to love sports and then shop for kids clothes she can squeeze her fat ass into.

No. 1684314

is the tall one a troon?

No. 1684318

late but fucking KEK

No. 1684341

could a talented nonnie shoop his face over hers in this pic?

No. 1684342

do they really put the fatties at one side and the slimy ones at the other side lmaooo fat shayna

No. 1684345

File: 1666714753905.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.5 KB, 1200x678, 2040CB63-D534-4417-9305-0989F2…)

I’m pretty sure they’ve taken the exact same picture last time they did a photoshoot.
However, troonosaurus rex looks like a fucking titan and whenever I see its face it always makes me wince.
Spoiler for jumpscare.

No. 1684354

lmfaooo yes they did.

No. 1684379

It would be more fitting if she was doing a teacher/miss Trunchbull character, she’s a beast next to them

No. 1684386

File: 1666717655408.jpeg (165.47 KB, 1208x516, F1BE9DD1-2A34-40DE-8FD1-915E6D…)

They did and shayna looks the size of the girl next to her now.

No. 1684397

Same anon, I also notice they always have one black girl, I wonder if it's a coincidence or the guy always asks for one black girl

No. 1684439

Idk why but she looks soo troony to me here like I can just imagine an agp troon dressing up like this kek.

No. 1684462

This picture cracks me up because the black girl looks like she's just now realizing how ugly they're all going to look. It looks like she's psychically trying to communicate to the audience that she didn't know it was going to be this retarded.

No. 1684476

File: 1666722142256.jpeg (198.64 KB, 1284x1584, A280F75B-1E8F-47A4-AEBF-FBCBCF…)

Just for you nonnita, mwah

No. 1684481

holy fuck she’s the fattest girl there KEK

No. 1684510

File: 1666724113570.jpeg (Spoiler Image,597.63 KB, 2048x2048, 9EC485CE-BCCF-4C12-9831-A700D8…)

No. 1684512

The black woman and the woman at the end are too attractive to be doing this white trash shit. Shayna and her twin look like tweedle dee tweedle dum. Big Chungi

No. 1684516

Cheerleader diaper? What tf how is this sexy? I’m so confused. Especially seeing how obese Shayna is, it wouldn’t be realistic to imagine her as a cheerleader

No. 1684518

File: 1666724404991.jpeg (26.75 KB, 612x407, 969CF621-5523-4DAE-911B-CDDC41…)

Knockoff Chanel look alike (Channel) dress and a plastic bag made into a hat. So bimbo chic Shayna!

No. 1684523

File: 1666724480287.jpeg (310.62 KB, 1170x636, 1EE296DA-4C5A-4598-98F4-B55312…)

No. 1684525

File: 1666724631905.jpeg (400.94 KB, 1536x2048, A9ED2EE3-02EC-498D-AB12-17002D…)

No. 1684526

File: 1666724664172.jpeg (419.44 KB, 1536x2048, 82B03885-1ECA-428A-BF3F-2839B6…)

“May I take your order?” vibes

No. 1684530

Am I mistaken or did Shayna say the black woman she stayed with at the porn convention was also going to this Strictmore shoot? There's only one POC here and that's not her. I wonder if they had a falling out behind the scenes and she decided to pull out

No. 1684531

File: 1666724773740.jpeg (581.42 KB, 1740x2048, CED41344-8864-4101-BDE7-1685B4…)

I don’t see how any sane person would fly out to get spanked by these creepy haggard ladies

No. 1684537

File: 1666724945445.jpeg (575.9 KB, 1536x2048, 04E9F7EE-7945-4BC7-B244-CBC5DA…)

Princess Sophia/ @Prin666ess is literally with Shayna, retard

No. 1684542

File: 1666725042005.jpeg (465.46 KB, 2048x1536, 2F846E19-6C58-44A0-89E8-1C643F…)

That’s the same person.

No. 1684547

They both look mentally slow. The house is cute though, I wonder if it’s an AirBnB or something. It looks more staged than lived in.

No. 1684562


The one on the left seriously freaks me out. Something about her evil looking rat face makes me feel uneasy

No. 1684586

They're all very homely and all look exactly like the type of girlS that have just the right amount of low self esteem to be into this degen crap.

No. 1684598


Sage for slight OT but I loosely know this girl from the London scene and she's a BDP nightmare who is into the same degen ddgl/abdl stuff as Shayna and also the gross hypno shit troons are into so it doesn't surprise me they're getting on well. Before she put on weight she was really small and looked a lot younger and really capitalised on looking about 12 which is so troubling.

No. 1684601

There's nothing about this that's sexy, my God.
That description is so disgusting.
Ew, Shayna's cousin's teeth are yellow.
You can tell she thinks she's the hottest one there.

No. 1684654

File: 1666729797483.jpeg (976.13 KB, 1170x1596, F45469DD-7CCF-412C-98D7-75F287…)

No. 1684660

Anon clearly is confused and was referring to this blackie >>1684476 and didnt realize Princess girl is just light-skinned and the far right of this picture >>1684386 yup(racebait )

No. 1684662

It was plenty weird with the vintage boarding school fetish and theme. Why did they have to sink to the very lowest with the abdl stuff and also it just clashes with the rest of the themed shoots.

No. 1684668

I know what you mean. She’s got a vibe like Rosemary West or some other woman who helps lure girls to her scrote’s death trap. The other one looks more demented, like when you go senile and hypersexual. Shit is too sad to be scary.

No. 1684692

I think that one weird fetishist nonny from threads back confirmed the producers of these icky shoots own this house and live onsite, sadly. Waste of a beautiful property.

No. 1684742

File: 1666734218220.jpeg (273.36 KB, 2048x922, 1A4C3785-3BD1-47FD-B14D-BE27F7…)

This looks like a Clifford Alabama Family Reunion jfc
He looks like a cancer patient tho

No. 1684746

Both of these sets look like they're in separate corners of the same musty basement ugh

No. 1684747

Almost getting poked in the butt isn't too much ONSITE, but your film partners bf asking if you wanted to film a bj scene is too much.

No. 1684751

It's okay because it's a man doing it and there's no female competition involved because Shayna is there to be a piece of meat like the other women there

No. 1684772

File: 1666738101506.jpeg (876.35 KB, 1170x1500, 9DF9908A-5CBD-46C3-933F-AA16F9…)

No. 1684774

place your bets here to guess what the theme for the murderbasement is
I wager 5 USD they're going to put her in a straight jacket and give her an enema

No. 1684779

the dark(er) skinned black one is actually pretty, I mean, the only one who doesn't look like she has a chromosomal problem, and definitely looks like she just realized she doesn't want to be there, and the one next to shayna looks like her fat sister or a face swap,I did a double take kek

No. 1684785

File: 1666738828048.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.71 KB, 777x506, 1337199667919.jpg)

The house is like a weird mix of mid century children's home and an old mental asylum. Enemas were something that was forced on inpatients.

No. 1684786

I'm going with some cheap kidnapped/abducted victim scene

No. 1684794

Caption on the post: “Corrupting humans since 1997”

No. 1684795

I didn't recognise her without her makeup

No. 1684797

Nonnie i am begging you not to manifest an enema scene into existence

No. 1684801

Looks like a literal retard saying "pull my finger"

No. 1684839

Comedian fart picture

No. 1684849

File: 1666743941716.png (Spoiler Image,584.17 KB, 1024x461, comedic_fart.png)

No. 1684875

Okay but who is 1st in your opinion?

No. 1684884

I hate how loud my single IRL bark of laughter was at this nonna kek

No. 1684888

This reminds me of Venus Angelic’s little hovel (sorry for posting)

No. 1684893

Fucking KEK at Shayna being placed next to her identical twin. Same fridge body, neglected bleach jobs, braids, everything. None of them are stunners, but the white girls are bottom barrel. Hope this is a reality check to the black girl in the middle and she quits SW forever lmfao

No. 1684894

The brunette looks like a skinny Ellen kek

No. 1684903

i love how she looks so fucking massive on candids lol

No. 1684905


NTA but it's between Jackie Kennedy and the one in the red dress for me

No. 1684912

File: 1666749056996.jpeg (552.87 KB, 940x959, 9E4D995D-0A23-427D-802D-A47CFF…)

No. 1684916

Ellen wishes tbh. She's no stunner but Ellen's kind of offensively ugly at this point.

No. 1684919

File: 1666749370509.png (341.41 KB, 600x427, mamrwj-b781003316z.12012091921…)

not the fucking smug face while wearing this olive garden fit

No. 1684921

File: 1666749796782.jpeg (Spoiler Image,267.3 KB, 1638x806, 7A407A47-218B-45BA-9E01-44D47D…)

No. 1684922

These are extremely weird people.

No. 1684923

Complete nitpick but the poofy split ends and frizzy edges on the girl on the left make me sad

No. 1684925

File: 1666750672074.jpeg (94.92 KB, 275x247, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbas…)

Did you forget picrel? credit to >>>/snow/1481574 and >>>/snow/1481586) She’s done this much more damage to herself in 7 months.
What’s with this hat? It doesn’t remotely match anything she has on.
Her hands!
Not the direction she took with her life? I just realised she also has extremely dry lips.

No. 1684927

I mean she has a different texture hair than white people, I think you should get over it.

No. 1684928

that girls lips look painfully dry. And Shayna and the scrote look retarded

No. 1684932

Oh shit is that a whole ass person in the bathroom with her?

No. 1684934

And in the one of her pink dress

No. 1684935

Does that mean she can’t take care of the split ends? Kek but you tried, nona.
Yes, it’s probably >>1684537

No. 1684936

File: 1666751244283.jpeg (296.1 KB, 1170x933, B0032D48-8377-4ABB-A6AE-859AA5…)

No. 1684943

That picture doesn’t even have enough resolution to know if she has split ends, but I think we are splitting hairs here

No. 1684946

we should get to the root of the issue, which is shayna's ugly repeat witchy black 2009 outfit.

No. 1684959

You are derailing the thread, cut it out

No. 1684967

File: 1666754589326.jpeg (414.42 KB, 1170x927, B02FD424-6041-459B-9A08-5B49A3…)

No. 1684970

The girl standing on her left could literally be her twin. That’s what she’s gonna look like in a few months if she doesn’t get her life together.

No. 1684974

The picture you are commenting on is reposted from many months ago
She is already bigger than that person

No. 1684997

File: 1666757516183.png (1.25 MB, 765x2030, 1666742619908.png)

sorry but i have to post this ive been howling all day

No. 1685009

>Sorry. My bad.
This is my third time seeing this post and it's still funny to the point of tears.

No. 1685014

what thread is this from kek

No. 1685017

The Shaytaan nvm-rageout was a beautiful moment.

No. 1685019

it says right there nona, ftm/tif thread.

I'm thinking it's time for a new shay nickname

No. 1685028

more like the amount of desperation. if all of them could be financially dependent without having to resort to endorsing schoolgirl fetishes I don't think they would choose to do this. it's not even glamorous…

No. 1685045

This picture cracks me up because all the girls get the same instructions like, “short nails, braids, natural/minimal makeup” and the black girl is obviously the only one that did concealer, highlight etc. and actually looks presentable.

No. 1685078

Why you guys are caping so hard for this girl when she’s a degenerate bottom of the barrel whore like the rest of them, including Shayna?

No. 1685081

They did this last time she did a shoot with her. They're so transparent.

No. 1685086

Idk she looks as haggard as the rest of them to me. Was "looking like you have a shallow gene pool" one of the requirements too?

No. 1685115

Because it’s jarring how much better she looks due to all the haggard women in that shoot kek not that deep anon.

No. 1685117

If they yassified Ellen Degenerate

No. 1685263

Underrated edit

No. 1685277

File: 1666798545706.jpeg (473.75 KB, 1170x1204, A97E467F-3175-43CF-8E2E-61941F…)

No. 1685330

worst and funniest part is her sex-repulsed bimbo larp is ruining everyone else's actually degenerate good time. maybe just from the smell but bathing could be in her contract (for once) kek

No. 1685354

Thought this was a tbt pic from her floor mattress apartment tbh

No. 1685357

that mattress is way too clean

No. 1685366

Man, comedian fart photo is and probably always will be my fave Shay meme. Please never change, nonnies.
I love the Spirit Halloween gangster hat. I wonder what the context for this bizarre photo with “Campus Security” could possibly be.

No. 1685396

It's the speed that she gained I think. Her skin hasn't really stretched out yet to accommodate it so she's got that overinflated Big Hero look going on.
I can hear her internal organs screaming for mercy as they're squished by an ever-increasing amount of visceral fat.

No. 1685399

>the muffin top protruding out further than the underboob
>underboob pulled down & squished to try & force it to be visible, which just makes her tits look saggy & pendulous compared to the other girl
>the absolute unit lunchlady biceps
>what is your lifting routine Shaynus damn
>halter neck top 2 sizes too small just emphasizes her hamhock batwings
>can she even get out of that shirt

No. 1685404

BRO they even have matching walleyed boobs. Is this the parent trap??

No. 1685405

The other girl is no looker, but at least the outfit fits her. Shaynus looks like a grandma trying to relieve her hs cheerleader days and is just sagging out of it. Less is more, Shaynus. A form fitting top is sexier than Smashed down "underboob" to your gut. She's such a try hard on the stupidest shit and it just looks worse.

No. 1685407

Mark Zuckerberg kewpie doll no soul lookin ass

No. 1685409

File: 1666809458038.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1862, 8083F0E3-9A49-4293-884A-CD0EC9…)

No. 1685411

File: 1666809793482.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1093x1904, B02E75ED-AF12-4B8F-8B25-7EC09F…)

Shayquash looks like she has big feet here. Also her face is just continuing to grow jfc five chin looking ass

No. 1685412

Caning instead of paddling

PG Tips teabags with a kettle

Jodhpurs and riding boots

The scrote behind this is probably British

No. 1685413

File: 1666809819489.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1993, 2DA36DBD-D30F-4D25-BB31-9DBD90…)

No. 1685415

kek this picture is cracking me up. Like, what fetish is this supposed to be?? Christian camp counsellor from 1920 finds out that you've been naughty and squishes you with her boots?

No. 1685416

File: 1666810127755.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1232x1154, 4E38C8D2-11A6-44D0-B84D-7DE743…)

>yeah i’m bri’ish ow’d you know?

No. 1685422

Kek why do BDSM scrotes all look like this?

No. 1685423

Why is this the best she's looked in a long time tho. Like she's still unattractive Shaynus but idk this ugly riding outfit getup is suiting for her homely ass kek. Seeing her completely covered up is so refreshing it actually seems good.

No. 1685424

There was furniture there to set her phone on why does she pic the worst possible angle??

No. 1685426

File: 1666810827501.jpeg (351.6 KB, 777x877, 951D2BC4-97DD-4CE7-9866-A56D2B…)

I don’t know how it’s possible to have negative ass cheeks

No. 1685427

i don't follow this thread but just from seeing her on the homepage etc., yeah she looks miles better in this outfit. i think it's probably because the sexy baby costumes contrasted with her features makes her look especially old.

No. 1685430

File: 1666811107812.jpeg (753.03 KB, 1098x1499, 35C272F0-9C0B-4A87-BA94-FA7548…)

She looks like a fat substitute teacher kek
>students talk
“I’ll wait” hands on hips

No. 1685436

Godspeed to the horse this big bitch sits on

No. 1685438

Just seeing her covered and wearing something thats maybe only one size too small/almost fit is a sight for sore eyes in Shaynus threads. But lord she has NO shape whatsoever. The manliest body on a non troon ive ever seen like what the fuck >>1685430 her tits have sagged into being moobs and its just one lumpy line from there. No ass, no curves. Just the most fridgechan body youve ever seen but she thinks she'll be famous and get rich off her porn kek

No. 1685439

Jackie nO.

No. 1685441

sage for nitpick but those aren't riding boots. this whole 'equestrian' outfit has issues but im refraining from blogging about it. the jods are so unflattering on her though lmao

No. 1685446

I cackled friend - thank you

No. 1685507

File: 1666816564738.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1170x1833, AAA848C6-2755-43E6-A9FD-9A8B04…)

What are these story lines?

No. 1685511

File: 1666816797713.jpeg (440.58 KB, 1170x1179, 01CD16C9-40BF-4EE3-A1AE-079968…)

No. 1685521

Omg KEK I ride and there are a couple heavier girls at my stables but they all have like, good weight distribution from the muscles that grow with riding all the time. Shat looks like Humpty Dumpty in those jodhs full on Dr Robotnik egg body I can’t LIVE

No. 1685528

I know we've talked her super unfortunate fat distribution to death, but how is it that all her fat missed her ass completely and went to her thighs?

No. 1685533

its so unfortunate when girl’s bodies start to look like this and they’ve never even had a kid yet.

No. 1685536

Its hilarious how awkward and unnatural she looks whenever she has to wear actual clothes. Her basic-bitchness really shines in these shoots.

No. 1685538

File: 1666818823750.gif (1.04 MB, 244x154, what-confusion.gif)

When you missed the end of the last thread and walk in like

No. 1685543

Or he’s just a weird Anglophile. They’re typically pseudointellectuals who think being British makes you cultured and intelligent or some shit, it’s funny.

No. 1685548

File: 1666819687861.jpeg (31.16 KB, 425x491, 6AF7ACD3-DAA8-45CE-BEBD-1922AC…)

too accurate lol

No. 1685550

enough with the sexism, handmaidens.

that's just her fucking body type.

No. 1685552

they both look like average white women to me, nonnas

No. 1685553

File: 1666820011371.jpeg (20.24 KB, 400x299, images (15).jpeg)

Late, but I finally realized who he reminds me of

No. 1685555

she's wearing the cheapest mustard yellow looking jeggings, too. doesn't look right. though, what can you expect of Shay.

No. 1685563

that Anon is a coomes "standard BDSM shit" my ass, how the fuck are people who have no desire to engage in abuse fetishes supposed to know what's normal in the eroticizing existing power imbalances between the sexes is subversive, actually™️ community?

No. 1685567

>>1685553 I think you just killed me, Nonnie. I audibly chuckled, it's perfect.

No. 1685568

File: 1666820625374.jpeg (581.69 KB, 971x1078, ADFBCE54-E065-4F5B-A865-96DF85…)

Shayna built like this

No. 1685612

She has an ass like this because she gets zero exercise. She rarely goes walking anywhere. I mean, bitch rarely shops for groceries. If she walked her dog more, they would both slim down and she'd gain some butt shape. Squats alone isn't going to do it.

No. 1685613

File: 1666823863385.jpeg (457.31 KB, 1170x1152, EDBA3535-EFAC-43B5-BB0E-78672C…)

No. 1685614

Ot but why the green guy from monsters inc lookin like a pear with a dick and balls imprinted on it lmao

No. 1685619

>green guy from monsters inc
kek nonnie, do you really not know his name?

No. 1685626

File: 1666825216951.jpeg (386.22 KB, 1242x1260, 7795B59C-E0A3-44C7-B16B-03BCC8…)

I’d say I hope she gets robbed but I know she has no money, and the luggage she packed has no value. No one wants a crusty Barbie backpack and a musty stuffed animal

No. 1685642

File: 1666826439341.webm (281.63 KB, 576x1024, ssstwitter.com_1663879865654.w…)

The one on the left looks like the Jacky Kennedy is retarded meme

No. 1685658

File: 1666827802985.jpeg (408.3 KB, 1118x2048, 60880DFE-DDD2-408D-8181-D85C29…)

Bim? More like BUM

No. 1685670

I'll never get over how tired that BIMBO sweatshirt is. She wears it outside all the time, I can only imagine the reaction she has gotten from normal, wealthy families flying out of Connecticut. If it wasn't Shayna I would think it was sad how socially unaware the retarded girl was.

No. 1685681

And it even has stains on it you cannot convince me shayna doesn't smell like booty and corn chips. She makes every bit of self care q spectacle. If she washed her clothes she'd made a tweet. I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't washed that since she got it.
She fucked a scrote in that sweater ,slobbed on it and was wearing it like 4 times a week. Just buy it in different colors.

No. 1685704

That’s the retainer she got put in her nose? It looks like a huge wart.

No. 1685724

Why couldn't she just take it out when filming? It's not gonna close up in 20 minutes kek.

No. 1685744

File: 1666832684064.png (425.88 KB, 1792x3072, future shay.png)

No. 1685748

>when… when I was your age I was a bimbo… on the Internet!
>yes we know nana, you’re wearing the sweatshirt right now (as they press the button for the nurse to put her to sleep so they can go to Olive Garden 2077)

No. 1685749

File: 1666833225212.jpeg (281.06 KB, 1170x911, B3CD2AAE-AC74-4600-8203-EAD16D…)

No. 1685751

File: 1666833237936.jpeg (422.48 KB, 1118x2048, 835A11D7-86A1-46A0-B2C1-95E8EA…)

Kek it looks like a pimple with a whitehead on her nose in this picture

No. 1685754

File: 1666833494585.jpeg (473.73 KB, 549x998, C8DFD135-015E-4974-A3D4-C66B7B…)

Thirty years ago, I was tumblr famous.

No. 1685755

File: 1666833684671.jpeg (Spoiler Image,520.72 KB, 1880x2048, 0A1D9ACD-8783-4BF2-8E41-49897C…)

I know it smells crazy whenever she pulls down her tight pants gags

No. 1685761

will she ever stop day drinking

No. 1685762

Let me guess, it’s that Faerie Willow degen

No. 1685773

imageboard nonna, post a pic
not all of us obsessively know her fellow hoes by name

No. 1685774

File: 1666835064005.jpeg (315.02 KB, 1118x1524, FBF49595-F0FB-48DC-B961-C2F10D…)

Be honest nonas, would you fuck Shane Clifford?

No. 1685779

No, He looks like he would give me a uti or an std.

No. 1685782

Get outta my swamp lookin’ ass

No. 1685789

We all know this is completely untrue and she’s just saying this for coomer attention and ~uwu I’m a bi bimbo~
She hates all women, especially ones skinnier than her even if they look haggard af like Fairy Willow or whoever the fuck

No. 1685792

Ben Shapiro's failed twinkdead clone.

No. 1685793

File: 1666836388708.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.25 KB, 538x649, 459538C4-54C4-47B4-A5A0-454457…)

New image(stop making these)

No. 1685794

File: 1666836407823.gif (1.78 MB, 455x256, 5FCCB094-479D-4B9C-AFE1-521016…)

No. 1685795

why the fuck would you make this

No. 1685797

Spoiler is never enough warning, goodbye nonnies, I’m off to toaster bath, it’s been real

No. 1685800

Good lord

No. 1685801

Insert the “shaynas thread giving me brain damage” meme here

No. 1685803

> a crush? On a girl? That i will never have to have sex with because she lives in another country?! But that i can still bait coomers with the idea…?!

No. 1685804

kek reminds me of that blond pooner from the ftm thread

No. 1685805

Anon appears to be suffering from shay-chan derangement syndrome.

I humbly request to be freed of my shayshackles.

No. 1685815

File: 1666838713886.png (Spoiler Image,280.98 KB, 538x649, YANIV.png)


No. 1685816

some of yall need to find jesus

No. 1685819

I hate it here.

No. 1685821

grrrr bark bark!

No. 1685822

Big 5’5” male who slips something into a girl’s drink energy. Shane needs a shower.

No. 1685826

File: 1666841514118.jpeg (912.73 KB, 1170x1688, FE3A0325-B4EB-437F-B489-098303…)

No. 1685834

File: 1666842979614.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1369, 4F2C36CE-5C2D-41D8-911C-141623…)

I always feel like somebody’s watching meeeee

No. 1685837

Do you think it’s possible to have a shaytard shayshackles containment thread where we can post our favorite edits, anon replies, and memes

No. 1685844

We need a shaynatorium where the most unhinged anons are banished to and can never return

No. 1685845

Jay-zus her fingers my god

I don’t know if I’m more horrified at the state of her skin or her corpse-like finger nails. Why would you choose to do that to yourself.

No. 1685891

Seconding this. We need some of the autism in a seperate place so it's stops shitting up the thread

No. 1685913


shaytard shayshackles shaynatorium PLEASE SOMEONE

No. 1685927

someone shayve me from this nightmare

No. 1685939

While she is a gross need-a-man. I STILL don't get why her threads fill up.

No. 1685940

He looks like Ethan Klein if he was skinny, so again no.

No. 1685952

Because due to her weight gain, ugly face and sad depressing life coupled with her freakish degenerate behaviour she is a perfect punching bag for failed sex workers and/or farmers with low self esteem

No. 1686001

inshayna ashaylum (send me there please)

No. 1686028

I'm not Muslim and idk if y'all are but I feel like you guys should repent or something

No. 1686042

I know Halloween is just around the corner but I fucking hate these, way too damn terrifying. Nonny please get help.

No. 1686047

god I love you nona, I was about to fuck around and do it myself but here you are, arriving queenlike offering us a link

No. 1686069

Farmhands shut that down faster than the gore and cp

No. 1686077

File: 1666881403248.jpeg (Spoiler Image,866.58 KB, 828x1286, 1152B04F-0DC2-4F43-9451-2F85FC…)

lame and gay. it’s like they don’t want us to contain our autism. why don’t you want your autism contained, jannies? are we perfect just the way we are? <3

No. 1686078

File: 1666881754944.jpeg (785.93 KB, 1242x1318, 15A68508-8D88-45AF-82F9-1ECFB6…)

She’s so fat kek

No. 1686083

Holy shit I’m crying at work. Fucking horrifying.

No. 1686086

They chose their path and can no longer bitch at our shit edits. Next time I see Shanya’s ripped asshole with a man head attached I’m blaming the mods.

No. 1686107

I literally though someone face swapped her with Yaniv

No. 1686116

This wlw schtick is tired and even less believable than the barbie bimbo larp

No. 1686137

I think she's realizing that she can manipulate other sex workers and relate to them more.i don't know why she has to fake attraction and dating. She does know that you can just be friends with people and if they are giving caring people. They'll do things for you without being in some fake "mommy/baby" relationship. Or she can just take pictures and fake larp bi without dating. She just loves to attach herself to women. Maybe she's learning that men just want sex from her and won't do more or less then what they need to do to get it.

No. 1686163

File: 1666889248094.jpeg (325.36 KB, 726x454, 8F252C1A-6D3F-4E6D-B867-377022…)

why does she think anyone cares?

No. 1686211

Nonna pls I'm crying

No. 1686212

I love it when women with hella internalized misogyny start to realize how useless and spite filled men are. But I doubt Shayna is completely there yet. She just realized women will buy sob stories and give money faster

No. 1686254

i think she never had a friend after her teen years so all she knows is flashing ass and tits to her coomers and she thinks thats how you make friends

No. 1686259

File: 1666897034845.jpeg (Spoiler Image,651.33 KB, 750x1005, 41799CAC-3D33-455E-AC9C-9E9BAF…)

she actually posted this

No. 1686263

Kek the bad cut out this is some chris chan shit. Just like when she badly photoshopped herself into SpongeBob kitchen. It's just retarded not funny.

No. 1686321

this seems like one of those instances where someone makes fun of themselves first before anyone else gets the chance to. insecure behaviour

No. 1686380

Remember when she photoshopped a "reflection" of her cat onto her stove in another attempt to go viral with a quirky tweet? Kek

No. 1686404


No. 1686414

File: 1666910822774.jpeg (18.31 KB, 128x128, FEA1E852-7F8E-4D5E-BABF-0785BA…)


No. 1686418

soz for spoonfeeding but could someone give me a brief explanation of the “comedian fart photo” meme please, I joined fairly late in the threads and can’t find where it started/the full context of it

No. 1686421

File: 1666911829550.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 1242x1636, 8262E814-93E6-4592-BA5E-AFEEA5…)

This bitch is purple lmaooo

No. 1686423

So mods ban >>1686038
But keep scrote comments like >>1686396
If we had an Ot Shaynus thread you could ask there. But it’s banned now

No. 1686425

File: 1666911932502.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1116x1616, A0C576E4-20F9-4A02-AE89-E5496B…)

Nice wart Shayna

No. 1686431

ew wtf is that her nose piercing?

No. 1686437

why tf did she not buy a clear retainer with a flat surface i don't understand

No. 1686445

File: 1666913416851.jpeg (593.15 KB, 1170x1120, 36132000-55C8-4105-8AD4-30F45D…)

No. 1686461


No. 1686471

File: 1666915929242.png (Spoiler Image,2.57 MB, 1242x1636, grimace_shat.png)

No. 1686477

She really doesn't understand any business does she?
It's just someone on Etsy and shat has thrown enough money at their overpriced guff that they throw in some cheap freebies to keep you hooked and more likely to buy again.

Dunno why she needed 2 pink straitjackets though. Cos Winnie the Pooh cut the other one up for that shoot?

No. 1686479

No one cares. Bruises healing up look ugly. They get green and yellow.

No. 1686480

File: 1666916413349.jpeg (146.26 KB, 1024x538, BB8D06B7-3216-42FE-9527-90E65A…)

No. 1686481

File: 1666916449367.jpeg (168.94 KB, 1024x487, 2FE55FB8-B4D9-4E2E-B807-43F464…)

No. 1686484

File: 1666916477632.jpeg (Spoiler Image,132.51 KB, 1024x508, 412AA7B7-2CD9-4FB2-A768-59E350…)


No. 1686486

File: 1666916499319.jpg (186.21 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_2022-10-27-16-57-14…)

Thought it was funny that John Kendall Cox tagged that fake account of Italian Shay on this picture.

No. 1686487

File: 1666916502291.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.2 KB, 1024x722, 5BC25628-792C-47D3-B211-CF67CE…)

No. 1686492

Even the older women exude more sex appeal than Shay. The rest of the women in this photo posed to make themselves look more attractive meanwhile Shayna just shoved her ham hocks and ugly greasy hair

No. 1686495

I'd be disgusted if anyone here made that. it's too far. and something moids would churn out. way to pander to misogynists, ig…

No. 1686498

Im the og comedian fart anon and its just become my cursed legacy. I stopped even making posts with the joke and just watch as other nonas carry on kek
But basically she just did some retarded pose that reminded me of an exaggerated "uh oh I farted heehee" photo a comedian or someone would do. Its hard to explain. The image is trapped in my brain.

No. 1686499

File: 1666916920430.jpeg (152.8 KB, 486x404, 08EDEE0D-1465-44AE-A01F-B5776A…)

She just posted an unboxing video of junk on her twitter and she looks fucking hideous

No. 1686503

White is SO unflattering on her
the lady in blue is the best looking one there even with her butterface

No. 1686504

File: 1666917127447.jpeg (234.57 KB, 750x403, 8208427B-4EB7-4D50-A6C3-69BB0F…)

New meme alert: What did Shayna order from door dash? Photoshop food into her grubby sausage fingers.

No. 1686505

Shaynas literally covering her whole body,you can tell she doesn't feel confident. This kind of looks like some weird bootleg "Charm Girls" rip off show photoshoot.

No. 1686506

if i didn't know any better i would think that was a keloid on her nose. sometimes it seems like she chooses the worst options for everything just to get farmers to talk about it

No. 1686507

Kek got home and still didn't take off the sweater probably didn't even shower

No. 1686510

Kek this whole shoot is weird. How is the women in the diaper more older looking and taller then the women with the paddles? Shayna could easily tackle that midget lady. I assume the theme is humiliation instead of pedo pandering. Also shaynas the second tallest girl there besides the teachers

No. 1686513

every single person in this picture looks like they shit themselves regularly, and are doing it in the photo

No. 1686515

She gives of Gypsy Rose Blanchard vibes whenever she wears these glasses

No. 1686526

File: 1666917984006.jpg (38.73 KB, 587x587, Screenshot_2022-10-28-01-43-11…)

Wow, she always acts retarded but that was something else.

People can only pull off those glasses if they're very pretty, and even then it can be a stretch.

Shay just looks like 50.

No. 1686529

I think it’s eraser off a pencil. I’ve seen some do this with ear piercings when they lose the backs but never for a nose piercing.

No. 1686536

File: 1666918493195.jpeg (289.32 KB, 828x428, F2F88AEB-C6DB-4D70-B98E-387594…)

No. 1686537

File: 1666918516273.jpeg (290.56 KB, 828x429, 610CD061-C70C-41C5-8A10-7A585B…)

No. 1686538

File: 1666918538836.jpeg (298.34 KB, 828x431, E600DA84-BA67-4C43-943C-C5265A…)

She looks like a tard

No. 1686543

Gypsy rose Blanchard got out of jail

No. 1686545

File: 1666918855413.jpg (173.49 KB, 720x798, 20221028_021659.jpg)

That one nonnie who flipped her lid about seeing Shayna mentioned outside her thread is going to go into cardiac arrest

No. 1686549

they shouldn't have locked the shaynatorium

No. 1686551

she puts her glasses on the tip of her nose to try to make it look smaller but she just looks retarded. We can still see the witch honker lol

No. 1686555

Looks like a Downey doing a toy haul

No. 1686560

Ayrt not letting us have a shaynatorium is like not letting the insane people have Arkham Asylum

No. 1686567

In before /shay/ drops.
Is there even a huge market or a market at all for giggling fake moaning/goof balls straight jacket porn? I know she loves this idea because she thinks it different and her literally being restrained means she's literally has to do less then she ready does. Seems like a retarded idea, like something you'd invest in for a customer whose 100% into that gross shit. Not just keep buying them. It's not not like her porn is dark dark and hard core. Seems like a waste of money and time, like almost everything she does

No. 1686574

File: 1666921464926.jpeg (12.51 KB, 260x194, F98267B7-30B4-4EAC-933A-14FA7B…)

No. 1686575

her nails look disgusting, wtf

No. 1686604

File: 1666923711168.webm (19.03 MB, 1280x720, Gypsy Rose Blanchard got out o…)

> be sure 2 check out all their amazing bondage gear @ (link)
For the local archives.

No. 1686609

her voice doesnt match her greasy rat face at all

No. 1686610

File: 1666924258916.jpeg (Spoiler Image,351.14 KB, 891x658, 95DFFF75-3EDB-44A2-BFE1-1C42B5…)

Grimace headass

No. 1686613

“I think they have a crush on me.” Ok Shay

No. 1686615

File: 1666924905137.jpeg (739.17 KB, 1226x1013, C2654B45-FC90-449F-9695-00DEE3…)

The quirky zoom ins she did makes me think she is trying to be a YouTuber now. Lmaoo. TikTok didn’t like her ugly moobs now she’s trying to get famous on YouTube

No. 1686616

File: 1666924995407.jpeg (Spoiler Image,759.79 KB, 1242x1085, CD90915A-1601-4527-B1E7-2F547C…)

Why Shayna built like that ?

No. 1686619

File: 1666925604779.jpeg (487.97 KB, 2074x1119, 6F5895A6-61A2-4658-8E0A-2B65BC…)

No. 1686624

File: 1666926392487.png (141.38 KB, 352x370, raw.png)

not the bobby hill pj dance at the end

No. 1686646

all of these girls besides the tall horsey brunette are covering their bodies with their hands/displaying super self conscious body language. which like, fine – lots of women wouldn't feel comfortable mostly naked in front of a camera – but maybe don't choose to make a living off it?? fuels the theory that this scrote particularly looks to hire inexperienced/homely girls BC he gets off on how uncomfortable and desperate they look IMO

No. 1686647

Don’t do my man bubbles like this

No. 1686649

Think that is part of it, plus shitty pay and just looking at their previous work probably keeps better looking, more discerning hookers away. On another note this scrote is totally some old british man commissioning this shit. The lingerie is Ann Summers style old lady shit that british moids love. That, the caning, the riding jodhpurs, i think its some creepy britbong scrote.

No. 1686657

man I really lost my shit over this one, wheezing choking laughter and all. Thanks nonnie.

No. 1686658

Nonnie dont do bubbles dirty like that. Hes just a sweet man who takes care of his kitties.

No. 1686660

If you didn’t believe she was mentally delayed, you will after this fucking “unboxing” vid. I was worried the FBI were gunna kick down my door and arrest me for watching a retard be naked on vid…

No. 1686667

File: 1666931955600.jpeg (661.04 KB, 1284x1599, 0563CF7B-DA41-42C8-80EA-D1C894…)

i can’t be the only one who thinks this looks like shayna

No. 1686671

you is the only one

No. 1686672

File: 1666932936708.jpeg (360.8 KB, 635x940, 0C995356-4A3A-4069-9D9C-92B759…)

Looks like she has a booger in her witch nose

No. 1686680

File: 1666933808611.jpg (162.24 KB, 1191x1493, 20221028_010833.jpg)

>tfw Patrick cancels your plans at the Goofy Goober last minute

No. 1686681

I don't get why she got a straight jacket that looks exactly the same as the one she already has?

No. 1686684

nonna you know you can just say something's ugly without comparing it to shayna right

No. 1686691

Underrated reply I'm in keks

No. 1686707

Kek nona what is this? It’s funny yet I am uncomfortable looking at it.

No. 1686720

I’m in tears. Bless you artnonnie

No. 1686734

This was actually the most legitimately retarded she's ever looked and acted. She looks so ugly on a whole new level it almost doesnt look like her if that makes sense.
Also its not uncommon for small businesses to throw in some extra shit if you spend a lot or buy from them multiple times. But of course she freaks out and thinks she's special.
And wtf are the pink rolls? She said she wants someone to mummify her?? Tf kink is that. I wouldn't say im vanilla but Ive never heard of wrapping someone in colored dog poop bag looking stuff.

No. 1686740

What in the mentally retarded serial killer is this look. Does she actually need prescription eye correction or does she just wear glasses thinking its quirky or something? She obviously doesnt wear them regularly and has only mentioned contacts that one time she said she ordered a few colored lenses and then nothing was ever spoke of them again, implying she was too retarded to figure them out. Granny glasses only kinda work on few types of girls and Shaynus aint one.

No. 1686745

Whose grandad is that? Kek

No. 1686747

I'd be mortified seeing my butt on camera looking like that and i'm not talking about the bruises.

No. 1686754

Maw Maw mattel. Sorry but she looks so much like a grandma with those glasses on I just can't.

No. 1686799

File: 1666946276058.png (9.14 MB, 1242x2208, B0EAB80D-0FCE-4617-9CDD-394961…)

Damn that’s a big cheerleader

No. 1686800

File: 1666946329159.jpeg (895.61 KB, 1242x1487, 1021A3B7-7B92-4951-929D-1BDE7E…)

Shayna’s “cousin” is her “crush”

No. 1686802

File: 1666946374307.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1447, 8EFFBCE8-7FA8-4F70-993B-4E6320…)

Two uglies woof

No. 1686804

kek just imagine being ellen

No. 1686809

Yeah Bubbles would flip his shit if he saw how she’s taking care of Ribmeat. That’s a nice fucking kitty right there

No. 1686810

Kek this is so blursed

No. 1686815

She’s probably the plainest of the damn lot. Doubt it’s a crush, I expect to Shayna is just experiencing normal female friendship for once.

No. 1686860

I'm really curious how she'd be and act if she never ballooned up and become a fatass. Would she be more chill or would she be more annoying if she was still 125 with nice tits and a slim body.

No. 1686863

File: 1666958188059.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.34 KB, 1169x1259, shaynakun.jpg)

oh god the mayo-chup in the middle pic. no breakfast for me this morning i guess.

No. 1686866

File: 1666958583191.png (1.37 MB, 1129x797, Shaynas Sick Sad World.png)

Damn. When you thought you were going to be a big porn star but you turn 25 and this is your "career". Heed this warning future whores.

No. 1686871

she really wants to be a youtuber huh

No. 1686872

You can tell that she still thinks she looks like the skinny, younger version of herself in her mind.

No. 1686875

The put-on cutesy voice combined with the super dark circles reminds me of Jay Aprileo kek
Also did she seriously edit zoom ins and shit like she's a youtuber lmaoooo

No. 1686876

No. 1686877

File: 1666959779256.png (969.21 KB, 971x583, Shayna Carvey.png)

Turtle Turtle Turtle

No. 1686878

No. 1686883

why does she put the first thing back in the plastic bag and not even unwrap anything else besides the straightjacket? didn't even understand the fucking concept of an unboxing but edits in zoom-ins like a wannabe youtuber. she doesn't have to put on this unbearable uwu stupid bimbo act, she actually is dense af.

No. 1686896

File: 1666961656122.webm (2.1 MB, 1080x1920, skirt go spinny.webm)

> daily reminder that i have a crush on @faeriewillow_ & i would like someone 2 fly her 2 me next spring so we can make out n snuggle n be stupid together thank u
Here’s the .webm
I guess >>1685762 was right, huh?

No. 1686962

File: 1666967974347.jpeg (544.67 KB, 1170x1424, C979427D-6996-41D0-B6AF-43FAA3…)

Cause you don’t wanna do any work. Just show up on camera

No. 1686971

Is it a sign of some self-awareness from Shayna to have a "crush" on this girl who is much thinner and shorter than her? She's at least aware enough now to know she's usually the fattest tallest aging whore in her weird porn groups. She used to throw a fit if she wasn't the smallest girl in a group.

No. 1686996

Soon she will be the aging-fat Ellen type supporting and taking advantage of a younger prostitute.

No. 1687002

I think if anything it's a lack of self-awareness. Anyone can see Shat doesn't have a "crush" on this girl, she wants to be her. She's similar to Shayna in looks but objectively more attractive for being thin and "smol" teehee. That combined with this girl treating shayna like a regular friend is enough for shayna to call it love when really it's social desperation and identity issues kek

No. 1687031

as it’s been said before, Shayna genuinely believes her presence is exciting and interesting enough for a video, and that she doesn’t have to do anything besides exist.

No. 1687036

File: 1666972005083.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 1242x1630, 5CFA7053-22A3-4729-AD74-B9A53C…)

Holy cellulite … this is a terrible angle

No. 1687039

they are basically coworkers. imagine if you worked with someone and they were tweeting this stuff. what a freak

No. 1687040

porn is so fucking confusing and bizarre

No. 1687046

File: 1666972716261.jpeg (216.42 KB, 1170x429, 14EF01CD-4734-4C6C-A1C5-0AB9DE…)

No. 1687047

File: 1666972732953.jpeg (495.76 KB, 1242x1545, 26320D85-90FD-4D63-B502-647D71…)

Scariest Halloween costume

No. 1687048

File: 1666972801198.jpeg (730.86 KB, 1153x1091, 4269C876-527C-4784-82A2-E5E104…)

Damn her twin is so homely

No. 1687052

she looks like a marching band

No. 1687083

Imagine being so ugly you're jealous of this homely mug kek

No. 1687104

File: 1666976612037.jpeg (159.94 KB, 828x748, 97667F59-3DCC-4DBC-BC25-73014A…)

Not like it was hard to figure out, she’s the one Shat was gushing about upthread with the cheerleader and diaper pics but nonas just hit me with the “who? imageboard.” topkek

No. 1687113

File: 1666976997506.jpeg (566.91 KB, 1548x1111, 7C04E0F1-270D-4A4F-B903-0DC21A…)

Woof she looks better in that bra than Shayna. Idk why Shaynus would retweet this. Embarrassing kek

No. 1687116

Anons are retarded

No. 1687134

Everything to shayna is about her musty aesthetic, people are props. She thinks older men make her look younger, slutty and "interesting", She looks younger next to Ellen. I lowkey think the reason she latched onto the black girl is because woke points AND she thinks she's equally attractive if not more than her. With this girl it's the same thing. They look "Similar" in concept. Brown/blondish ratty hair, ratty smiles, the girl is smaller but Shayna legit thinks she's a smol chubby baby bimbo. She probably thinks they look alike AND because the girl was goofy with Shayna and treated her nicely, she doesn't understand you can actually gasp be friends with people.
You don't have to fake date them, or do dumb shit, people who like you will do things out of the kindness of their hearts if they are giving people who like you. She's also not doing the "mumma" or weird shit with her. I assume she doesn't feel intimated by her and the girl was just nice. Which Shayna took as "falling for her" aka "Using her for emotional and possibly finical support". Thing is she can't do this with younger women with support systems or friends. Ellen is a sad sack of shit, with nobody but her parents. Younger women in Shayna's age group, at least have someone or friends or something. They'll either be fake long distant girlfriends or just flirt. It's retarded and I wasted my time writing this and you reading it.

No. 1687145

This. I know theyre all degen whores but Idk this is kinda creepy and unprofessional. Imagine if that other girl was just being nice and friendly to her and now Shayna is tweeting shit about being in love with her and wanting to fly out to be with her.
And yet Shaynus flipped on Vivi for having a crush on her and trying to kiss her when they were shooting content. Very moidy behavior. Awkward af to see.

No. 1687189

seeing this top properly fit on someone is so jarring compared to seeing it on Shayna who it’s 3 sizes too small for

No. 1687207

I hoped we'd never see this cursed substance ever again

No. 1687214


I know FW and she loves attention/drama and I can almost guarantee she would reciprocate/initiate this kind of shit esp with someone as gullible and similarly manipulative as Shayna. Agree this kind of behaviour would usually be creepy but in this case I've no doubt they completely deserve each other.

No. 1687215

Oh, she's well aware that shay is a DUFF. And also, ew. I hope she washed that shit before wearing it but they're all musty bitches that do diaper porn so I doubt it. So now that poor thing smells like two dusty camhoes

No. 1687250

Scrotes have very low standards

No. 1687271

Keking at this thriving slayQUEEEN totally independent, high class bimbo having to beg for a fucking plane ticket, I know it's been said a billion times but what a bleak fucking existence.

No. 1687286

Shayna would NEVER act this way towards a girl that was conventionally attractive/prettier than her. It's almost a dis to have her come on to you this way because it solidifies that she thinks you're uglier than her.

No. 1687289

Shaymu is in the stage of her weight gain where she cant fit properly into bra/panty sets. Either she gets a bigger top to cover her line-backer shoulders and gut, and then the panties hang off her hank hill ass, or she gets pantys that fit and has to squeeze into the top.

No. 1687305

Shaynus power move where she only acts into girls she thinks are uglier than her ugly ass kek

No. 1687307

Of course, But Shayna would never work with conveintually attractive women, it's not a coincidence that only when she was skinny, she was around skinny better looking women. Now every time she's on camera it's with these women. The VR porn she did had a decent looking pornstar, that manyvid thing she went too had okay looking women.
I felt then she felt she looked "young and thin".

No. 1687376

Any predictions for Shaynas Halloween Twitch Stream?

No. 1687382

she forgot about it and it's not happening

No. 1687392

File: 1666993986347.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1641, 5629320B-75BE-436E-B523-9D4609…)

This bitch is posting old ass pictures on her OF because she has to smooth out all the cellulite on her legs before she posts them.

No. 1687410

what is wrong with her hand kek

No. 1687419

I know the thumping on that floor was insane.

No. 1687441

why does she act exactly like nikocado

No. 1687456

File: 1666999582746.jpeg (601.33 KB, 1170x1506, CDC42ACE-63F3-41BC-8A15-D41268…)

No. 1687459

She's more attractive than her and more importantly not fat. I don't think Shayna is delusional enough not to realize she's the Ellen of the duo.

No. 1687461

So much for giving up weed.
She just outed herself as going twice in one week for someone who supposedly "mostly quit".

No. 1687466

Why is she so impressed someone remembered her

No. 1687470

I bet that girl LOVES taking pictures next to Shay

No. 1687485

It's not like anyone believed she stopped smoking weed anyway. Probably cut back for the first few days after she got out of the hospital, and for the Ireland trip but after that? Definitely went right back to smoking how she used too. Her life is too sad to handle sober kek

No. 1687494

Whats with her hyper bi baiting this week?? This isnt how she usually talks about women, even in a sexual regard. Her and Ellen going through a rough patch and Shaynus being a petty bitch or?? Lol

No. 1687510

It was men after she got some irl scrote attention last month, now it’s women after she got some irl bottom of the barrel girl attention. Ellen on suicide watch.

No. 1687530

ew why the fuck are you telling customer service workers about your porn shoots? that’s fucking disturbing, they have to be nice about it you fucking retard. you basically sexually harassed a service worker and are acting like it’s quirky. if a guy posted that he was telling a service worker about a porn shoot he was doing, he would be called a predator. this is abhorrent behavior. she literally has no idea how to interact with people in real life.

No. 1687549

Shayna Dahmer

No. 1687562

tone down the cattiness for a change, maybe? it's too much. don't you have better shit to do than to speculate pointlessly about some rando?(lost retard)

No. 1687570

prob to come off unbothered about fupa being married

No. 1687582

I forgot all about that nonnie. Now it makes sense

No. 1687613

File: 1667015401352.png (77.68 KB, 275x207, 64337830-7EFD-4833-9A5B-831427…)

No. 1687768

File: 1667037987349.jpg (179.33 KB, 1334x750, IMG_2661.JPG)

Linda looking

No. 1687842

I’m thinking she just said she’s doing some random photo/video shoot and not specified it was weird bri’ish porn

No. 1687906

I'd hope she has enough shame to not mention what kind of shoot she was doing and let the girl assume she's just some crusty plus sized model.

No. 1687912

if anything she probably tells people who aren't in the know she's some kind of model, like a nude model or maybe she did tell her she's a "Adult actress/model" kek. I'm sorry but Imagine a woman coming in looking like Shayna telling you she's any kind of model? Unless you are some "Sex work is real work/woke online" kind of person, you'd 100% assume she's lying or wonder what kind of "model" would an average looking woman with an average looking body would be.
However, no doubt she probably tells anyone whose nice to her what she does, even if she makes it seem more glam.
>>I'm going to do a photoshoot, they are flying me out so I can shoot some pictures!!
Like a normal person whose mind wouldn't jump to "Sex work/onlyfans" right away, would 100% be baffled why a woman who looks like any other chick at walmart would be a "model'and would probably think she's lying or embellishing. I would'nt even believe she's a pornstar, she just looks like a goofy goober musty chick who works at walmart or something.

No. 1687944

File: 1667057576754.png (607.96 KB, 986x746, Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 10.3…)

sy parrish fits better imo. one hour photo is my favorite movie

No. 1688010


Leave Kathy Burke out of this

No. 1688016

File: 1667065901789.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 1170x1992, 55D104C7-9577-44EA-AE6B-EDFC78…)

No. 1688040

File: 1667067549553.jpeg (359.96 KB, 1170x1010, 016BF55D-1D0F-4716-8E4F-6306E4…)

No. 1688043

OT but love how you can tell the scrote is a dumpy sack of shit physique loser while the sad pickme w the pumpkin head clearly works out. So fucking typical and sad.

No. 1688064

As-if she would let someone tie her franken-tit like that.

No. 1688081

it just reminds me of how bad she looked in that last rope bondage shoot she did. imagine if she actually did this.. so. much. cottage. cheese.

No. 1688091

Ew the bolted on tittles, tied in ropes

No. 1688100

this makes me feel sick

No. 1688108

Bondage only looks good on skinny girls really. Fatties just look like netted/tied deli meat kek.

No. 1688132

nitpick but I absolutely hate the way she wears her dirty sweater with her fat hairy cooch sitting out. In what world is that sexy? Just looks like a retard that escaped while getting dressed. It should be illegal to make porn acting like you have mentally disability

No. 1688224

I just don't get how in the middle of cold-season, during the pandemic, she doesn't immediately take off the clothes she was wearing at the airport and on her flight. She's so nasty.

No. 1688312

File: 1667085389114.jpeg (326.55 KB, 750x1115, 5133CBD7-AF77-4CEE-9693-676625…)

using the word kid and only fans in the same tweet she knows she's a loser that's why she limited replies on this tweet

No. 1688323

I don’t get the appeal of bondage like this outside of sexually interactive situations, it seems like it’s cutting off blood to her boobs and that’s it she just hangs there for a while? Just so some moid can take photos and laugh at how degrading it is? Perfect for shayna because all she has to do is exist.

No. 1688362

File: 1667088358663.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1135x1927, CCF7F54C-B8A5-4482-B895-5A0623…)

No. 1688365

That “company” can’t figure out what they want to be, with their school girls, diapers, flight attendants, murder basements, enemas, etc.

No. 1688394

being a serial killer victim is literally shaynas dream. she thinks it means someone wants her so badly that they plan out how they’re going to kidnap, rape, and murder her. she’s disgusting.

No. 1688427

these are terrible kek im dead

No. 1688438

not the fake polaroid filter wtaf is she thinking

No. 1688446

Don't people usually get better at something with practice? Yet Shaymu is making more disgustingly unattractive shit each time she posts, it's like her brain works backwards or some shit

No. 1688448

So far from actually abused. She can't act it at all, wtf are those faces meant to be? She looks like she's trying to hold in a massive dump

No. 1688457

The fact there are women who really suffer like this at the hands of disgusting people like the Toy Box killer and she’s out here glorifying it is truly one of her worst crimes. Shay is the kind of degen to listen to his monologue and brag about how it turned her on

No. 1688552

But when Vivi kissed her ear off camera, that was assault

No. 1688620

This is somehow the most wtf shit she has ever done. Asylum rape porn???

No. 1688630

This is very unsettling to me. It reminds me of something out of Cannibal Holocaust, and that's not a good thing. This is just straight up fucked up.

No. 1688636

File: 1667112942064.jpeg (432.45 KB, 2048x1312, B96D4727-6084-4FFA-B072-966E0E…)

Shayna wearing the same shirt she had when she was in HS and when she was skinny lmao

No. 1688639

File: 1667113224374.jpeg (Spoiler Image,725.14 KB, 922x2047, D44B4445-2F57-4908-BB08-03C350…)

Besides the nasty pedo shit the whole atmosphere of that house and the people producing this content give me the creeps. This dude is fucking creepy too

No. 1688641

File: 1667113270712.jpeg (492.23 KB, 1938x1816, DD8607F0-433D-4FB0-A787-14C108…)

Shayna’s “crush” is a haggard pedophile as well

No. 1688643

File: 1667113389146.jpeg (Spoiler Image,66.27 KB, 702x719, 16A4869A-9A25-4F12-AD83-62B47B…)

Big Shaynus

No. 1688650

He reminds me of the retarded guy from The Watcher who kept going in the dumbwaiter

No. 1688662

File: 1667116325149.jpeg (624.24 KB, 1022x1645, 72A2533B-C0F1-4732-9BB2-2D3ED7…)

Useless post but I don’t like this woman and hope she sees it

No. 1688670

Not entirely useless at all because I also think she’s uggo trash and this made me kek. Her haggard face tryna look all uwu just sends me.

No. 1688674

Exactly what I was thinking too anon, kek.
Definitely looks retarded.

No. 1688695

Why the FUCK is there just a dog there???

No. 1688743

File: 1667125680649.png (219.29 KB, 518x512, wtf.png)

It isn't even edited properly lmao

No. 1688763

Another hint that the moid responsible is British. The dresses they're wearing are what is worn by girls in primary school during the summer. I'm not going to post images of children in this thread so image search for "british summer school uniform dress" and you see it.

No. 1688775

this bitch watched the black phone and thought it was supposed to be sexy

No. 1688777

what da dog doin

No. 1688801

Kek omg nona why indeed

No. 1688803

File: 1667134177090.gif (660.47 KB, 230x299, A709074F-7567-4096-B1AB-049108…)

No. 1688831

Kek look how much that mattress is sagging under her weight. She's an absolute unit.

No. 1688846

Weird how the girl to her right in the braids looks exactly like her from the temples down. Same honker nose and greasy troon smile

No. 1688847

*to her left sorry nonitas its early where I live kek

No. 1688857

File: 1667139482877.png (133.3 KB, 622x196, family.png)

It weird how this looks more like a family reunion than a porn shoot. They all look similar enough to be related.

No. 1688874

i love you, starbyfaceanon.
thanks, i hate this. ugly ass white people.(racebait )

No. 1688910

He wanted average white women who look 45, probably remind him of his Nannie or something. That's all I can think of. It's telling all the white girls look similar and are below average and haggard looking but he wants them to dress in all these outfits and there's always one black girl.
I feel like if this scrote wanted women who looked "young" he'd pay good money for it. Or he doesn't pay much at all and that's why it's always these ugly sqaure bodied uggos. They disgust me. They all look so alike I feel he specifically asks for haggard white girls

No. 1688911

Also it's crazy how much the first girl looks like Shayna but midget version kek

No. 1688915

File: 1667144710176.jpeg (Spoiler Image,672.66 KB, 751x1719, 2C5F2F60-0D6F-4ADA-8812-144FF6…)

So fat and ugly kek she broke the mattress

No. 1688920

File: 1667145101263.jpeg (1.1 MB, 801x1687, 30FEC678-B301-4895-8933-79E570…)

She’s hella ugly and old looking kek the outfits and the braids just make her look more haggard

No. 1688926

File: 1667145379471.jpeg (353.49 KB, 1536x2048, 0A0DC523-1326-4364-929F-5910C2…)

No. 1688961

the people doing these shoots clearly have a thing for girls who look special needs.

No. 1688971

I wonder why Shayna doesn’t invite Patricia Ellen Dresel along on these trips. She’d fit right in with these dumpy hags.

No. 1688980

File: 1667149205487.jpeg (536.34 KB, 1170x1369, 95D03B92-7928-4839-98B8-CD928D…)

No. 1688998

I’ve never seen someone with fat over their shoulders like that. Is there a medical term for this or is it just really unfortunate fat distribution?

No. 1689026

>multiple producers
what?? did i miss something?

No. 1689066

Wow they probably tell this to every girl and the way shayna acts you'd think she was doing more then setting up a camera, laying on her ass back and fake moaning. Anybody can do what shayna does if are shameless. If you have a bed, stuff animals,cheap string lights and a phone/camera and a body you can do what shayna does.

No. 1689086

kek chinese food and white claws, now THAT'S baby bimbo style! a lot of money to be made in the disturbing porn found in a serial killer's closet industry, I guess.

No. 1689127

>same story lines
>same crusty dildo
>same lay-on-back position
>same tard faces
>same law mower

Muh creativity

No. 1689128

how many times is shay gonna associate herself with weirdos who include their dogs in their kink shit?are these the same people from this post? >>>/snow/1615427 save the poor puppies, this is so fucking nasty

No. 1689132

Yup, same people

No. 1689141

Cushing's syndrome, also known as "buffalo hump"

No. 1689199

it’s probably a growing dowagers hump, which is just from poor posture and oftentimes weight gain.

No. 1689274

File: 1667164802228.jpeg (493.3 KB, 1242x1358, A3FF184F-0054-42B4-B43F-A1451D…)

No. 1689275

File: 1667164809226.jpeg (Spoiler Image,881.49 KB, 1170x1340, 752A29F5-6C0D-4E90-962E-30F7D6…)

No. 1689278

File: 1667164945819.jpeg (573.77 KB, 1242x1586, 246326DB-D50E-4C0D-B200-B98DCE…)

She really obsessed with her twin lately

No. 1689284

File: 1667165135531.jpeg (540.56 KB, 1242x1408, A7EFE319-28B7-448B-811E-38FA75…)

Shayna must be desperate to poach customers because she’s never been this ass kissy to any other whore

No. 1689290

Hers isnt even a halloween theme. Just using that tacky dollskill costume for a disgusting pedo rape vid.

No. 1689297

File: 1667165885426.jpeg (713.53 KB, 828x1070, F66A4C47-D445-4538-8179-1E2385…)

How is this considered a collab? This is just three whores bundling their pre-made videos that nobody wants together like one of those movie 3-packs you can buy in the bargain bin at Walmart. Picrel.

No. 1689310

kek this is sending me, idk why

No. 1689315

File: 1667166930683.png (217.19 KB, 327x673, B23B8EA7-2165-4FCB-A1BD-C8FF60…)

While Shayna probably has or will soon have a Buffalo Hump/Cushing Syndrome, this nona >>1688998 isn’t referring to that considering her hair is covering the back of the neck.

Pretty sure they mean the chunk of skin missing from behind her shoulder/behind armpit. This was discussed last thread. Shayna had/has Poland's Syndrome which caused her one tit to be underdeveloped in her youth. They took a chunk from that spot and moved it to her missing tit to even things out. If she didn't get so fat it wouldn't look as obvious.

No. 1689321

My tinfoil is she checked lolcow or already knew Fupaul was getting married, so she's actually trying to branch out/fake flirt/collab, and interact with people to show him, "i'm moving on as well". Also it's telling that for years she claimed she was sooooo afraid of working with people because of lolcow or "they think they'll be cancelled". I think the truth is she didn't want to work with anyone, now she's forcing herself to do things she used to do or never did, which could be a mixture of her realizing her "career" is going nowhere so she has too, plus Fupaul watching, getting older etc.

No. 1689333

I know original anon was excited about finding this syndrome and applying it to Shayna, but it is pure speculation and she probably doesn’t have it because it doesn’t just affect a boob. She would probably have a lot of other deformities, like in her hands etc.

No. 1689340

File: 1667169015383.jpeg (602.42 KB, 2000x2582, 786C8763-D089-4635-B27C-0E6845…)

Actually I changed my mind, it seems a lot of people with Poland syndrome are just born without one boob (or pectoral muscle idk exactly). You know early on and it’s a significant enough deformity that I can imagine a parent of a teenager consenting to surgery, which is maybe what happened to Shayna.

No. 1689429

She doesn't have this. This kind of shit will just make the hypochondriacs in this thread who also lack two brain cells to rub together believe that they have it. It's not common.

No. 1689435

Yes, they insert an implant under the muscle and then insert the fat from behind armpit over the muscle for a more natural look. would explain a lot about how her frankentit moved so oddly compared to her normal tit, and would explain why the muscle is pushing her veins out so much in that one tit. it literally fits all her strange deformities so I dont know why some anons >>1689429 get all sus and upset about it. its the most likely explanation the farms have come to.

No. 1689458

File: 1667176993580.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.8 MB, 1224x1618, 1961F0EC-0FB7-4DE9-AE35-0F9728…)

I just know it smells disgusting in there. I doubt this bitch opens the window to air out her work place

No. 1689500

she clearly lightens her assholes and spot removes any boils, scuffs, fungi from her pussy area. the raw version of this must be horrifying.

No. 1689503

poor minnie mouse in the back. i hope disney orders a take down

No. 1689504

Wouldn't she have a scar from something like that?

No. 1689512

File: 1667181334063.jpeg (773.42 KB, 1242x1516, B970CF7B-E36E-4D01-A033-FB9ABB…)

Did he keep the costume Shayna e begged her scrotes for just for him to fuck another whore with it on? LMAO

No. 1689517

File: 1667181622684.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1668, 48FAFCA1-03EC-4B8C-BE01-1D8CC4…)

Kek John Kendall Cox didn’t even take Shayna out to eat during their collab. He just fucked her and stayed until his next shoot.

No. 1689519

File: 1667181706163.jpeg (573.16 KB, 1170x1536, 8CD1E118-AFE8-4566-9397-85E9E4…)

No. 1689524

File: 1667181825672.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1594, 95192684-6E9F-4999-A43D-51A647…)

He gets no engagement kek the (cringe) gift that keeps on giving

No. 1689538

File: 1667182175581.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3383x2902, 536861BB-380A-4CF8-88DF-7B7213…)

The triplets. God damn. They all look related the same shitty teeth, ugly smile, rodent features

No. 1689541

I swear all Shayna's mutuals are doing the same ass ghostface porn. I reckon that's why she tried to make hers different but it making absolutely no sense and just proved how much she doesn't care for sex. Her "acting" bored was just so true to life.

No. 1689544

Kek I swear this is the second time he's tweeted this too. He's so cringe. It's shocking that he's in his 40s and this is how he acts.

No. 1689570

File: 1667184796820.jpeg (495.56 KB, 1638x2048, 341FE51E-AD5B-49F8-BBF4-4CCF17…)

1/2 Shay’s costume for that spanking thing

No. 1689571

File: 1667184839555.jpeg (408.38 KB, 1638x2048, DBEABCBE-B254-4938-87CD-4F6DD9…)


No. 1689576

why she gotta ruin kill bill for me like that.

No. 1689577

No. 1689580

she would like kill bill, with the hospital scene of the bride getting sexually assaulted.

No. 1689587

She claims Kill Bill is her favorite movie

No. 1689588

yup, but anons in this thread are convinced a very tiny mark right under her weird boob indicates an implant. if it was poland syndrome, she’d have a scar on her back as well. she’s just ugly with a weird boob, there’s nothing deeper to it.

No. 1689589

Why do they use that scrote when he's so obviously a fag?

No. 1689595

samefag but also she would have a noticeable scar on her back if she had that surgery. she also clearly has in tact pectoral muscles. if she did have something like that you know she would be milking it, talking about how everyone was so concerned for her when she was a child. instead of coming up with her retarded vaccination-gone-wrong scenario.

No. 1689626

File: 1667190194018.jpg (150.55 KB, 910x910, 20221031_042054~2.jpg)

Her fucking trotters.
I'm laughing.

No. 1689627

The scar looks like any implant scar of the type plus she talks about her odd boob (not allowing scrotes to hit it only the other one) A back scar would 1) exist 2) be large

No. 1689628


No. 1689651


I thought this last time she was there but why is this places photo quality so bad? it always looks so amateur, even Shay's stuff has more appeal

No. 1689655

File: 1667193117679.jpeg (763.02 KB, 1217x995, 3D148C98-AD14-412C-8F75-A75156…)

Fat bitch mouth and neck rolls

No. 1689658

File: 1667193487424.jpeg (692.42 KB, 1242x1351, D4640C63-8DA0-4198-A0FA-52DBAE…)

I guess all his whores take videos of him pulling his twink jeans down before they fuck

No. 1689679

Her hand looks like one of those manicure practice hands.

His stomach and ass are literally the same

No. 1689767

fat ravioli hands

No. 1689796

pinkasmr lookin ass

No. 1689846

File: 1667217889224.jpeg (288.43 KB, 1170x933, 72F21986-F693-487D-ABB6-0D87BE…)

No. 1689848

File: 1667218147386.jpeg (212.79 KB, 1139x1080, 7152E7DE-3E4D-4D4B-84D8-BF5B2E…)

deep sigh I just really fucking hate her.

No. 1689872

It’s alright, she literally grows fatter and more haggard because of her behavior

No. 1689876

If curses/negative karma are real, that's definitely the reason why Shayna looks the way she does now. It's probably just random luck of the draw genetics, but it's funny to think it could be the result of how many nonnies have wished bad juju on her over the years.

No. 1689916


No. 1690016

I wish someone would give her what she's asking for so I don't have to see anymore of her braindead degenerate tweets. Please someone give this hoe a lobotomy for Christmas. She doesn't need the thing she calls a brain anyway, clearly it don't work good.

No. 1690039

File: 1667233426779.jpeg (Spoiler Image,739.95 KB, 1170x1517, C6D8AED1-08D4-4931-9F92-37F9E1…)

No. 1690042

If she ever did get lobotomized I doubt we'd be able to tell the difference.

No. 1690043

File: 1667233614795.jpeg (309.66 KB, 1170x678, 94D8BF27-FE6A-4BCC-B2F0-BE4903…)

No. 1690082

She is bad at being a bimbo, at least wear lingerie, being naked just exposes your fatness and unfortunate fat distribution, wear a cute push up bra with a belly curtain or something, ew. Second of all shave your coochie, like you pretend to be a baby but you have a hairy ass snatch and like a busted up anus, bimbos usually shave everything and moisturize, also she should at least STOP trying to gain weight maybe like tone down the alcohol and eat something that isn't processed..

No. 1690098

why type up all this free advice when theres over 100 threads of us giving her free advice and she literally never takes it? she is just bad at anything she does. accept it and stop trying to help her. she's too retarded and that's exactly what makes her the cow she is

No. 1690104

File: 1667238133431.jpeg (342.85 KB, 1170x668, 5A38A536-960B-4A7C-B085-D8B881…)

But when people say not to work with you, they’re “haters” and “out to get you”

No. 1690109

Hopefully she'd forget how to use social media and we wouldn't see anymore of her ugly snatch

No. 1690110

File: 1667238808855.jpeg (420.5 KB, 1242x1376, 30F709DA-6482-4D13-9EA8-E8F355…)

I know this is “roleplay” but this is so disgusting and wrong. You can say bondage is degenerate but at least it’s consensual. Making it look like you’re forced against your will and making porn for abusers is disgusting. No woman wants to be held in a basement you fucking creep. It reminds me of that horrible crime . I hate this bitch

No. 1690112

She hates lotion for some reason even though she boasts about being high maintenance and girly. I don’t know why. Lotion after a nice warm shower is the best feeling. I can’t stand being dry and dehydrated. She can’t shave because it will show her ingrown hairs and she breaks out in boils whenever she tries to shave kek

No. 1690116

I was thinking the same thing, nonna. This isn’t like, something pretend. This happens to real women and girls, and Shaynus likes to act like it’s sexy to imagine instead of horrifying and deeply sad.

No. 1690154

Deleted as usual

No. 1690162


Herpes, BV and horrid multi sexual-partner hygiene saga when?

Please lawd, The sooner the better.
Here nonstop capitalizing on female oppression and child abuse for twitter engagement is only going to get worse

No. 1690169

File: 1667243660907.jpeg (721.63 KB, 1809x3439, 9722994A-819F-4346-A02A-1E6B3C…)

I can’t believe Shayna Cuckford made her coomers buy this for hairyfag gayshoulders. Like the least he could have done was buy this costume himself. Shayna was just a rest stop to his other whore destinations. Bleak

No. 1690170

File: 1667243712485.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.18 KB, 651x325, Videodrome-2.jpg)

I swear to god i thought this was a videodrome reference for a second, even though I doubt these types of people watch Cronenberg movies. His hairy gut looks kind of like a long asshole.

No. 1690193

File: 1667244691680.gif (Spoiler Image,10.75 MB, 822x960, 105B66C0-AA52-4819-8AE5-43BC88…)

All I see(spoiler this shit)

No. 1690196

Needs to be spoilered

No. 1690197

Spoiler this shit before I report it

No. 1690198

File: 1667244917042.jpeg (366.03 KB, 1170x1175, 8AEF337D-52B8-40E2-BEE1-369B8F…)

No. 1690199

Am I retarded or.. Couldnt she just get out of those handcuffs by.. opening them?

No. 1690200

legitimately thought this was an elderly lady when scrolling past it

No. 1690201

Tgis retard would be 0.01% better looking if he shaved his manky body hair off.

No. 1690205

File: 1667245179671.jpeg (390.97 KB, 1170x1272, B539106D-C1E1-4841-B60E-7AB323…)

No. 1690207

Damn that's one fat hog, it almost looks like some sort of weird feeder porn, Shatna just needs a funnel and a pint of cream.

No. 1690213

fucking kek this sent me

No. 1690215

Even though its corny, just from that one image I can tell the "creativity" and quality of the vid he shot there with some other whore is leagues better than the cringe garbage he did with Shaynus.
She always acts like she has high production and great ideas that she executes well but its just another ridiculous delusion. Look at any other vid hes done or some of these other whores that actually put even a little effort it and the contrast is stark.
This sounds so shadey wtf. It sounds like she's implying Kendall was bad (well he was tbf) or like sketchy. I mean hes the only one shes worked with since "branching out". And we know how the Vivi and Sol stuff went. But I love how shes worked with barely a handful of other whores and thinks she's a reputable voucher and her advice is golden. She's always like this.

No. 1690224

in the of thread a nonny found he had a bunch of shit >>>/snow/1669596

No. 1690232

this has got to be the most disgusting part of sex work and part of why "sex workers" aren't taken seriously by the rest of society. it's just ugly fat people who want to be sluts and fuck whoever they want without having the scarlet letter attached them for uh you know, acting and carrying on like a complete whore.

Whore: But no, she's not just fucking random guys at the club like some "basic college bitch!". im -WORKING- and having sex with -OTHER SEX WORKERS-
Rest of the World: Sure, Jan.

No. 1690238

That's actually a clear sign of liposuction

No. 1690240

>>1690109 Easiest solution to not see shays nasty snatch is to not come to her thread nona.

No. 1690241

no, that isn't the most disgusting part. to you personally, having a high body count may be disgusting. but the most disgusting part about it actually is that it's an extremely misogynist concept to buy women and it fuels male degeneracy which hurts every woman. this bitch is literally taking pictures LARPing a kidnapping victim and you tradthot cry about "fucking whoever they want" is the worst part kek shayna couldn't even fuck everyone she wanted to if she tried her absolute hardest

No. 1690244

men especially just use SW as way to pick-up desperate chicks willing to fuck. i mean that fugly old dude with a limp dick got free room + board, free pussy, and an even a costume to go home with just cause he convinced Shaymu that he was a "totally legit porn star"

No. 1690245

File: 1667248790766.jpeg (360.28 KB, 1170x941, 6D95E70D-2344-4186-B1A1-7BB150…)

Every time she posts a schedule, she doesn’t follow through

No. 1690252

if we are talking just about scrotes, that's entirely true. i would never ever consider a moid to be a "sex worker" because they are just doing what they would do anyway (fuck mentally ill women) and as a bonus on top they get a few bucks out of it. but i don't think that any woman actually enjoys fucking limp dicked hairy shouldered gay fags unless they get money and extra moid attention out of it. shayna doesn't enjoy having sex with men, she likes the attention that she gets from themm from her coomers and the few coins she gets tossed at for posting full on sex tapes online

No. 1690253

>working my ass off!!
Shut the fuck up, you have to wet your bed and edit a video of it

No. 1690262

File: 1667250015139.jpeg (66.48 KB, 900x1000, funny meme.jpeg)

Did Vivi ever confirm if Shayna smells as musty as she looks? Vivi is clearly more musty though so maybe she wouldn't have noticed.

No. 1690275

I'm fully ironically looking forward to more tucked-in bologna hood

No. 1690277

>tucked in bologna hood

No. 1690299

Nitpick, but omfg nooo! Her nails. I CANT… she wears fake ones too fucking much and rips them off prematurly, her nails look likes she chews them half way down the nail bed! barf

No. 1690311

I wonder if she’s actually going to cam tonight.

No. 1690314

what the fuck is she doing on friday?

No. 1690317

can’t believe she spent 50 dollars on that shitty costume kek

No. 1690323

do you ever wonder about noodle, cuz I do

No. 1690325

Wow. Look ma, I called it.
So predictable and boring

No. 1690338

Wasn’t she going to toooootally start streaming on twitch tonight? She never mentioned it again lol

No. 1690346

poor noodle, poor ribmeat.

No. 1690350

She will delete this in 2 days and never talk about it again.

No. 1690382

im holding out hope she’ll show up on a laggy stream squeezed into this and immediately get banned for having a shitcovered dildo in the background

No. 1690437

Severe delusions of grandeur

No. 1690508

File: 1667267298650.jpeg (Spoiler Image,795.15 KB, 1170x1352, C01D10C5-C5D1-40CE-87F3-DEEADC…)

No. 1690520

Wait wait waaaaiiittt a second


No. 1690521

She has a black one right now

No. 1690522

low quality people, low quality production

No. 1690523

I swore she had a pink one. I might just be retarded

No. 1690537

File: 1667269216204.jpeg (959.88 KB, 1242x1400, 595B6478-1625-49CE-822F-85CCCC…)

No. 1690539

File: 1667269355335.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.22 KB, 267x290, Y12oPo3gllTvyzG.jpg)

she has this one

No. 1690561

this is the most embarrassing thing I have literally ever seen on the internet and I am old enough to have been on MySpace

No. 1690564

this man has procreated.

No. 1690566

File: 1667272425662.jpg (42.41 KB, 598x674, A96.jpg)

No. 1690571

She said it makes her feel "slimy." Literally everything related to personal hygiene sets off her autistic aversions kek

No. 1690596

the whole “boyfriend” act he is trying is ruined by his painted nails

No. 1690598

She is literally going to do the same thing she always does … dress up like a dog, suck a dildo, roll on her back, and use her vibrator. Probably squish into her stupid pink dog cage

No. 1690599

When was her last cam session?

No. 1690600

Moids can have painted nails but not a 40 something single dad with kids.

No. 1690612

>>1690600 fags can have painted nails

No. 1690646

now just image this as a tinder post. just ew. like she's begging for sex and showing her holes as her offering. ew.

No. 1690654

"Good morning" texting scrotes are the worst

No. 1690655

The flabby crevices parallel…

No. 1690657

She probably has only tried those cheap greasy 2.99 lotions that dont seep through her 9000 layers of unexfoiliated skin and grease.

No. 1690673

She has a pink one in her pinned tweet. But idk if the binky (disgusting) is attached to it or not. So maybe she wants one that's not so pedo pandering.

No. 1690675

I think black is the only acceptable color on moids to have it not be totally faggy tbh

No. 1690721

They even have matching snaggle teeth that peak out when they smirk

No. 1690792

im cackling what is he trying to be? him and shayna really are twins

No. 1690822

I hope his kids when they’re old enough to never speak to him again and pretend like he doesn’t exist for their own safety and sanity

No. 1690869

Maybe it will help and she'll realize what a fucking degenerate she is. Get a respectable job, quot drinking and volunteer at the local soup kitchen.

No. 1690992

File: 1667322130530.jpeg (276.86 KB, 743x721, 66C1CB37-1886-4429-87D0-54772D…)

she really did get paid chump change for that strictmoor nonsense kek how embarrassing

No. 1691010

Imagine doing your first b/g, prostitution activities at your apartment, selling all her content for $175 a few times, and a weird ass custom shoot, on top of your regular content… and already stressing about money for the new month. And that was october too, which Id think would be a good month to squeeze out a few extra scrote bucks.
Maybe sex work isn't a sustainable fucking job?? I know rent is expensive and her dumbass insisted on a 2 bedroom and all. But there's also things normal people have like insurance and gas and such that she doesn't even have to pay.
If you struggle to scrape together 2k for your rent, bills, and necessities, maybe its time to make some changes. She's been struggling for rent all year.

No. 1691015

File: 1667324373159.jpeg (407.87 KB, 1170x998, 9AE905DD-C894-43F9-AEBE-06059C…)

Does she not remember she already did a shaving video?

No. 1691028

Are moids into shaving???? Wtf

No. 1691037

imagine flying out of state to make some degenerate diaper/school girl porn and then three days later you post about how broke you are… Girl what was the point in even going? Did they even comp her ticket or did Shayna go there to make $50 in profit? Kek. She's gotta be the stupidest SW out there, which is saying a lot because 7/10 girls in SW are doing it because they're too retarded and lazy for shit like retail.

No. 1691041

9/10 do it because they're sex trafficking victims. Of the 1/10 that choose this "job" then yeah 70% of those are retards

No. 1691074

Sneaking in 'cnc' in there like she won't immediately cry rape if/when that does happen.

No. 1691095

There's a fetish for everything. But a lot are niche and for the severely porn rotten coomers.

No. 1691117

Pretty sure you're right. They hook girls in with a flashy price upfront and the stupid ones can't do the math to figure out after travel and expenses they're only making about $50-150 dollars for this degenerate shit to be published and monetized for the rest of their life. Though to Shaymu, $50 is probably a whole lot of burgers!

No. 1691128

almost positive the OF kink anon that did strictmoor before said they covered travel to and from and paid you about 2k for 3 or so days of shooting

No. 1691137

Tbh she is probably ok. Its just simp fishing

No. 1691162

Fat Shat probably did it because she wanted human contact and not for the money. Why stay in Renton where the only action she gets is Ellen chewing on her like a pitbull with a bacon joint when she can get caned in another state with a group of like minded retards?

No. 1691181

She's been on a rapid downward spiral since she went to ireland with her family.

No. 1691209

Hopefully she considered that the last time she’d ever see them and she’s finally on the suicidal death-spiral we’ve all been waiting for. Skip the death-fat saga and go straight to KYS.

No. 1691216

File: 1667337459135.png (526.38 KB, 600x526, 345FB62D-971D-434C-8A3C-7E7FDB…)


all those afterpay charges must be adding up if she’s already broke again

No. 1691224

Sinister but I kek'd

No. 1691228

>chewing on her like a pitbull with a bacon joint
My fucking sides, that’s beautiful

No. 1691272

File: 1667345058856.jpeg (Spoiler Image,413.13 KB, 1796x2048, 6AE2D4F2-3D84-45F7-9FD9-47BE9C…)

That fucking side burn kills me

No. 1691284

File: 1667346009904.png (299.03 KB, 447x826, chrome_5d49dqEKnn.png)

icky disgusting shayna core

No. 1691286

File: 1667346171586.png (79.58 KB, 587x632, chrome_nYkJcv4LaG.png)

she got so pressed over someone not liking her weird ass shit

No. 1691289

Listen the moid Shay. Even they don't want that.

No. 1691305

File: 1667348757409.jpeg (Spoiler Image,477.59 KB, 750x888, 7C1F7422-9186-406C-ACD6-542687…)

Everything reminds me of her

No. 1691313

KEK anon that is too accurate

No. 1691315

File: 1667349490832.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2156, 02DB2E18-0858-4120-94EA-0F7B0B…)

Wtf is this look

No. 1691316

You asked retard. Maybe take a picture with lighting that doesn’t make it look like you’ve been dead for a week. Get a job nobody wants your stank coochie fur

No. 1691317


No. 1691320

File: 1667349981913.jpg (206.89 KB, 1024x681, ham.jpg)

Cured ham

No. 1691326

Why is she so bad at everything?

If the bra was just black or pink then it could be acceptable. Trashy but acceptable.

No. 1691332

Holy kek nonna I love you for posting this I legit laughed so hard just at the image alone unrelated to shaytaan whew needed that at the end of a long day lmao

No. 1691340

the state of her lips

No. 1691343

Why is she so obsessed with that ugly sexy obese black woman leopard print bra.

No. 1691378

File: 1667355172961.jpeg (Spoiler Image,405.88 KB, 1760x2048, B15122CE-7929-4D07-9E1E-8DAED9…)

She edited the fuck out of her eyes lmaoo

No. 1691379

File: 1667355203653.jpeg (209.59 KB, 1242x863, C1AAA906-A913-4715-824A-5C3D23…)

No. 1691382

File: 1667355294203.jpeg (252.37 KB, 1242x624, 543BA735-6263-4A3F-BC1A-0D1418…)

It was this moid she got butthurt about kek

No. 1691387

She really thinks she’s some sort of mega icon celebrity where people would buy bags of her air or a water bottle she drank from

No. 1691402

Has she really? I think that's wishful thinking, she doesn't seem more depressed or like she's actually reconsidering her life choices to me.

No. 1691404

She's so insecure. This is not the first time she's subtweeted a customer because they didn't explicitly kiss her ass. What the fuck do you expect when your kinks get more disgusting and niche with every post? Someone who's trying to sell their fucking pubes should not be this sensitive. If this shit offends her, she should be very careful about the potential of her accounts ended up on the wrong side of the internet, she'd kill herself if she ended up on a TikTok cringe account.

No. 1691416

I find this to be inoffensive, apart from the dry lips. Idk why she doesn't buy some vaseline, it's literally one dollar. It's better than squeezing her tits into a shirt that doesn't fit and trying to pass it off as underboob.
KEK omg anon.

No. 1691419

no they're not she had surgery on them after a bad accident when she was 7

No. 1691420

every time I expand image I find myself horrified by her crusty diseased looking cuticles. Is it an allergic reaction to the fake nails? I know it's something she has struggled with since the fupa era, but christ. You think she would have done something about it by now other than filter the inflammation out.

No. 1691425

Nothing about this photo is nice, but wtf is happening around her nails

kek nona

No. 1691426

It's crazy because this only makes her breasts look more lopsided. Literally one breast is creating cleavage. Besides her dry lips this is what stands out to me

No. 1691428

lori lewd-tier clusterfuck eyesore

No. 1691430

File: 1667359981011.jpeg (500.83 KB, 1170x1289, 5E64C138-3D21-43D1-AA88-98A6A4…)

No. 1691435

Reconsidering her life choices? She's on a full on prostitution saga you retard.

No. 1691439

Had the nerve to clearly edit the hell out of her eyes with the iris filter in an app >>1691378 and act like its totally natural what the fuck you cant make this stupid shit up.

No. 1691440

>make sum dinner

shitty cheese board or doordash? place your bets

No. 1691441

Kraft mac n' cheese with dino buddies

No. 1691443

This used to be a possibility, but she's obviously actually barely scrapping by. She wouldnt be saying she's gonna make more content and putting up a schedule to work more (not like she'll follow through though) unless she really needed the money. She wouldnt be discounting her content 90% off unless she needed money quick.

No. 1691445


I've never seen cleavage from only one boob and not both.

No. 1691482

I think she looks quite nice her, aside from the gross 00s stripper styling and hair bows

She really needs to make herself over/rebrand and she might not be so repulsive

No. 1691508

her fingertips are rotting

No. 1691514

Her scrotum-textured eyelids gross me the fuck out

No. 1691561

I hate myself so much for just wanting to help her. I genuinely still hope for a turnaround one day. pls bully me for being empathetic to this bitch

No. 1691563

Go outside

No. 1691570

File: 1667386223094.png (122.28 KB, 734x652, tumblr.PNG)

No. 1691626

They’re only allowing Nudity in the form of drawings/art. They added further in their current TOS that if they want to keep on the App Store they currently won’t be able to “support the pornographic community”. They’re just trying to lure idiots who can’t read more than two paragraphs in to try get some traffic back since people are mad at Musk buying Twitter

No. 1691629

File: 1667393808692.jpeg (540.18 KB, 1170x927, B5358E35-3C72-4C4B-AA51-DC34C2…)

No. 1691630

File: 1667393834338.png (21.53 KB, 479x605, 012ED418-2ABA-4D3E-A0F1-D19984…)

Pic for proof that ugly ewhores nudes don’t count as human body art and them directly saying they don’t support porn

No. 1691631

She’s such a porcine woman. I’m surprised she hasn’t done a shitty version of the giant woman trend since she loves using the giant woman angle so much.

No. 1691642

I didn't think I'd have to specify I'm not referring to trafficking victims in a shaynus thread. Yeah, I mean the girls who choose this shit.

She's so nasty and stupid. Like I'm sure the smarter girls that sell their pubes take pictures that make it not look like ribmeat coughed up something concerning and she's taking the hairball to the vet. She's got no eye for aesthetics at all, and her moids are the type that think women are supposed to be hairless sex dolls 24/7, so they wouldn't want to buy her nasty pubes and ruin that mental image.

No. 1691696

Great way to speak to the 1 out of 3 degens that are paying your rent fatty.

No. 1691697

You'd be better off giving help to street workers than these entitled ewhores that groom young girls, they deserve zero empathy and are worse than the scrotes that pay them.

No. 1691698

File: 1667401323058.jpg (44.36 KB, 500x438, melon.jpg)

This so bad I actually laughed out loud. What the fuck is that hideous outfit? It looks like the plastic netting that's used to protect fruit.

No. 1691699

I'll pay him to stop posting and sending pics!

No. 1691783

File: 1667409059725.jpeg (577.1 KB, 1170x658, 97D8DCBC-E981-4EC2-BBA3-F2D2F9…)

No. 1691787

can i say the line this time?

No. 1691789

kekking the anon earlier who was trying to convince us she “looked good actually” in this outfit just cause she posted a super face-turned version first. Jesus she looks BEEFY. Thin framed girls like her look so… puffy… when they put on weight.

No. 1691791

the only time fat acceptance should exist is for naturally big and thick girls to feel like they arent monsters compared to twig models. a girl with shaynas frame will never look as good compared to a girl who was always that size. she just looks bloated and like she’s sick or something. like when people get heart disease and their face looks creepy and puffed up.

No. 1691812

File: 1667411032732.png (467.12 KB, 640x480, saytheline.png)

No. 1691818

File: 1667411314522.jpeg (Spoiler Image,879.22 KB, 1170x1427, 093ABE7C-DE99-47C2-835B-E9CFDD…)

No. 1691820

This is like a comedian picture where they farted or something

No. 1691826

this obese bitch is so sick I hope Shayna Leight Clifford get a fucking infection from fucking bottom dad John Kendall Cox and her fucking disgusting deformed vagina rot and fall.(a-logging)

No. 1691837

God she needs to get a real job. She's ruined, it's over. This face and attempting to sell her pubes?? Game over.

No. 1691843

it looks like noodle died from the smell

No. 1691850

kek look at how edited her ass is, Looks like she added some of her leg front fat to her ass in photoshop

No. 1691879

I thought she quit smoking bc she got cannabis hyperemesis syndrome?

No. 1691884

File: 1667416034048.jpeg (348.66 KB, 1170x1002, 4FBE01CE-0908-40DA-A400-0120B3…)

No. 1691907

That's a rare condition. The more likely cause of her issues was all the alcohol and junk food passing through her body on the daily. Daily alcohol use is far more destructive. Seems like she has slowed her roll a bit now that she's busy protistuting and making tacky spanking porn with other inbreds.

No. 1691939

Shayna has been smoking daily since she was a teenager and it's even in previous threads that she whines about CHS/being allergic to weed.

No. 1691944

go walk your fat fucking dog you stupid bitch

No. 1691987

and you’re such a sweet soul for believe this fat hog.
it was clearly a few threads ago that she never quit smoking as other naïve nonnies said.

No. 1691990

I never believed that she did stop smoking. What I was saying is that since she's been smoking since she was young up to now, it's more likely than not that she does have some form of weed sensitivity.

No. 1692002

Highly likely yeah, I do think her vomiting was partially alcohol induced too. Sounded like withdrawal that I see with addicts at work, made worse with cannabis use and an atrocious diet. Even if she's not hammering hard liquor she still drinks alcohol every day and has done for a while, that's going to be fucking up all her organs

No. 1692014

Don't forget Shauna is a chronic Over exaggerator. So her idea of `throwing up nonstop` could just be her having an upset stomach and throwing up a couple times. I have my own theory just had covid or something embarrassing she didn't want the farms to know about so she just went with the weed sickness story.

No. 1692024

My tinfoil is that she needed to have band ligation for the hemorrhoids in her wrecked asshole. She's been very quiet about anal ever since even though it was her entire personality.

No. 1692045

I feel like she's find a way to spin it into some sort of kink or flex from being hardcore. But also, I can see the reason she went to the hospital being related to her abusive relationship with her greasy asshole. I'm sure eventually someone will spill. Probably Ellen, when she gets tired of Shayna treating her like the redhead cave troll stepdaughter.

No. 1692057

I would believe this if we didn't have to keep staring down the barrel of her savaged intestinal exit; we'd see the cut/scar from a removal
Jesus Christ I have to stop coming to this thread, this is not okay

No. 1692073

Fat people always look gross.

No. 1692098

File: 1667429549316.jpeg (83.49 KB, 500x320, A54364A1-A904-4767-8392-7B19AA…)

No. 1692113

File: 1667430967708.jpeg (174.03 KB, 1284x1564, 4DB3E9DB-72F8-40F8-89C0-86E60E…)

Look at how dirty and grown out her nails are underneath her fake ones.

No. 1692116

It’s because 99.99% of the population isn’t meant to be fat. Some people (rarely) look better with some chub on them but Shayna isn’t one of them.

No. 1692118

File: 1667431207365.jpeg (Spoiler Image,556.64 KB, 1242x673, DAC0C71F-AC0C-4C85-AB00-FF7073…)

That’s one big bitch

No. 1692121

File: 1667431291709.jpeg (Spoiler Image,560.19 KB, 1242x686, C09B126E-1B9E-4B44-9C7B-26A58A…)

Shawty got a built in life jacket

No. 1692122

File: 1667431429757.jpeg (Spoiler Image,440.75 KB, 842x680, FBD7D4C7-B829-4A39-91D8-D59F83…)

Shayna Clifford the Big Fat Whore

No. 1692123

That snatch is dryyyy

No. 1692125

bruhhh you can see the seam of the implant now that she's gained so much

No. 1692126

There's so much wrong here. Shaving against the grain, in her fucking bed.
When a nona posts the video clip you can see how aggressively she goes at it. Horrific.

No. 1692128

She did the same thing in her old shaving video

No. 1692131

File: 1667432181901.jpeg (Spoiler Image,137.73 KB, 800x800, 53FFA41F-0DEB-4C61-99C5-B38A8A…)

No. 1692134

There was absolutely no reason outside of her being a lazy bitch to not shave in the bathroom. You could have proven to lolcow that you bathe and make "hotter" porn in the bathroom. She's got it decorated enough with her tacky hello kitty shit.

No. 1692138

Oy vey!

No. 1692141

Im gagging at her pube towel on the bed and then probably just getting tossed in her apartment somewhere… why wouldnt you do that in the tub??

No. 1692142

That has to be a implant or she really needs to go to the doctor, even some women who have extremely lopsided breasts, breasts don't look like the smaller one. Constantly red looking with a visible lump. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't a shit bag because lord her breasts look like they belong on two different people. It's crazy how much posing does for her because everytime we see her body front on we realize how much it's changed

No. 1692147

Is it me or does that one aerola look huge? I know it's big but it looks bigger then I've ever seen it look. Also she's wearing lip gloss so I guess that's an improvement? It's been like what? 5 years of dry ass crunchy lips?

No. 1692148

This was how veiny my tits looked when I was breast feeding my new born. Is it normal for an implant boob to vein so severely with (rapid) weight gain? It’s getting worse every new photo she posts

No. 1692149

This double act made my day kek

No. 1692156

Does she have a bathtub? From her bathroom mirror pics I think it’s just a shower.

No. 1692157

It's way bigger than before and by the looks of it also being zombified, judging by those veins.

No. 1692166

dry shaving on her child bed. i’m gonna vomit.

No. 1692168

even when she wasn’t fat it was tight and veiny. who knows.

No. 1692183

File: 1667435148162.png (441.63 KB, 1577x714, 1665273997675198.png)

bitch just go the fuck home, they will take you back

No. 1692185

Good Lord, she didn't wipe her ass correctly. I need eyebleach asap.

No. 1692189

File: 1667435394770.jpeg (Spoiler Image,456.73 KB, 1170x655, 194B5DB7-BF15-4FBE-9130-F34C6F…)

She literally looks like she’s about to shave her asshole off

No. 1692192

File: 1667435758154.jpg (95.57 KB, 500x453, ugh why just why_031632.jpg)

there's no way a woman's saving and sharing every scrap of nsfw content she shares. moid detected

No. 1692198

read the threads, that's kind of a constant here. otherwise wed have nothing to critique

No. 1692214

I'm sorry, but she looks like a pig, and has uneven tits too. At least wear a bra. Is she not ashamed? Are normies' standards that low?

No. 1692224

File: 1667440157739.webm (Spoiler Image,4.03 MB, 1280x720, WHY IN YOUR BED?!.webm)

> Shaving Ur Dolly (Razor Emoji) (Two Hearts Emoji)

No. 1692225

>"moid detected!!!!"
>anime reaction picture
>unfamiliar with shayna thread culture

No. 1692227

kek my thoughts exactly

No. 1692228

File: 1667440504910.png (9.36 MB, 3240x2160, QWERTY .PNG)

> decorated my work room w/ some LEDs & pink bdsm toys

No. 1692231

no thread auto-cannibalizes faster than shayna's

No. 1692233

I’m just imagining how many bugs and spiders love to hide under all the stuffed animals she has on the ground

No. 1692234

File: 1667441733783.jpg (30.97 KB, 640x562, 1464031526760.jpg)

I cannot believe I watched this.
it's besides the point, but after seeing her technique, I see why the boils and in-growns

No. 1692236

I'm sorry but that cheapass daybed just gets me every time. The aura of funk these pictures give off will never not be disturbing.

No. 1692238

What's with the fake moaning while shaving her pussy?

No. 1692243

She's a retard and thinks moids think shaving gives sexual pleasure?

I am shocked that she doesn't have a pink razor to be honest. Every other aspect of her life she has trashy pink garbage but when it's something pretty common like a pink razor; she doesn't have one? Weird.

No. 1692255

Weird nitpick, but since when are you all