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File: 1658977461756.png (1.69 MB, 1469x980, 1658866649337.png)

No. 1599657

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1585094

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last thread
>Went to a "pool party" in an empty pool in someone's backyard >>>/snow/1587617
>Ellen's catfish-y seeking arrangements profile is found >>>/snow/1587690, she's offering "twice the fun" dates with her and Shayna
>Shayna updated her questionable SA profile as well >>>/snow/1587695
>Got her hair dyed slightly lighter somehow making her look even older >>>/snow/1588118, her followers tell her she looks "mature" and like a weather girl, she doesnt appreciate it >>>/snow/1588249
>Posted and quickly deleted a tweet about how happy, as someone into puppy play, her dad having her ringtone set as barking dogs makes her >>>/snow/1588149
>Still desperate for another Fupa, tweeting about wanting a "goth boyfriend" >>>/snow/1588442
>Went off about being in a depressive episode for weeks and how she doesn't understand why she feels like a failure when her life is totally amazing and her relationships are so healthy (spoiler alert, its because she is a failure,) throws shade at her "abusive relationship" with fupa for the hundredth time >>>/snow/1588790
>Blames her bipolar on her mother in a snapchat rant >>>/snow/1589074
>Went to meet up with another SA John for a date despite being "horribly depressed" >>>/snow/1588918 looking like shit >>>/snow/1589049, >>>/snow/1589215
>Put out another femdom video in the only ill-fitting "domme" outfit she owns >>>/snow/1591216
>Ellen is looking for an "art daddy" to fund her preschooler level watercolor paintings >>>/snow/1590603, >>>/snow/1598777, >>>/snow/1599098
>A friend of Ellen's apparently "deadnamed" Shayna instead of calling her Dolly, Ellen cut her off >>>/snow/1591305
>The weight gain has become undeniable in a number of snapchats ft clothing so tight they look 10 minutes from cutting off circulation completely >>>/snow/1592857, >>>/snow/1595161, >>>/snow/1598822
>Has 5 shoots for the upcoming disaster of a fetish convention she will be attending next month in Florida >>>/snow/1593467
>Shayna is on the conventions website, fitting in perfectly with the cast of ugly freaks and trannies that will be in attendance >>>/snow/1593532
>Bitched about how sex workers are woke bullies because they dont like her baby rape porn >>>/snow/1593552, >>>/snow/1593535
>Entered yet another MV contest after having a melt down every time she inevitably loses >>>/snow/1593817
>More meet ups in her apartment with the John, er, "Massage Slave," >>>/snow/1594692, he pays her extra for something involving her asshole >>>/snow/1594813
>Has been desperately tweeting everyday for multiple days in a row about wanting a man to hurt her >>>/snow/1595911, >>>/snow/1595923, >>>/snow/1598106, >>>/snow/1599131 while having strange men come to her house for "sugar dates"
>The monthly tweet about feeling like a failure in her career >>>/snow/1598230
>Posted a disturbing video swaying around to lana del rey looking high out of her mind >>>/snow/1598560
>Once again says she will be camming, putting out a video, and doing a cum show once a week >>>/snow/1599244 like she has ever managed to do one of those things for longer then a week

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1599658

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No. 1599661

File: 1658977977241.jpeg (386.1 KB, 828x1925, 36EDCA33-A323-4AE2-9A0B-63CDD7…)

No. 1599662

File: 1658978091187.jpeg (Spoiler Image,353.04 KB, 1298x1080, BE24A1B7-6FB3-491F-8E9F-5AC6E9…)

I love that this cheap ugly dress is what she thinks a “rich girl” would wear

No. 1599663

File: 1658978192775.jpeg (507.65 KB, 1170x1480, 4606263B-6B5C-4871-A28B-FB4E31…)

Not surprised these are the two choices that are winning so far

No. 1599664

I always feel like this was her heaviest point, I distinctly remember seeing these Halloween "spOOkY" fat-tel pictures circa thread #59 and being shocked at how much she'd let herself go…but at the rate she's been drinking lately she is well on the way back here and then some.

No. 1599665


"super grateful 4 where i am in life rn"

bitch, you literally piss in diapers for white claw money

No. 1599666

The fucking countdown every time.

No. 1599667

Spoiler this

No. 1599668

Who is seriously browsing the shaynus thread at work/around family?? The spoiler pic is literally a chick upskirting with a censored bar. It is not sfw in the slightest. What exactly are you hiding from people that they can't already see when you're browsing?

No. 1599670

Not browsing this thread, it was on the front page

No. 1599671

File: 1658978824291.jpg (Spoiler Image,453.47 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20220727_231800.jpg)

I deleted it anyway, but here it is again and spoiler'd less for the content and moreso because it's technically rancid milk since it's from like two years ago.

No. 1599673

>The spoiler pic is literally a chick upskirting with a censored bar. It is not sfw in the slightest. What exactly are you hiding from people that they can't already see when you're browsing?

No. 1599674

File: 1658978882327.jpeg (Spoiler Image,388.73 KB, 1125x818, 3B2DFED0-6A30-48B3-9321-E5EEBC…)

I think you might be right, never forget picrel

No. 1599687

5 votes total kek really valuable feedback

No. 1599689

File: 1658980783801.jpeg (176 KB, 992x971, 58875450-31F0-4EB0-8336-B6191A…)

Mmm big shaynus hungry nomnomnom

No. 1599691

She ended up being #115 on the MV contest

No. 1599693

File: 1658980948595.jpeg (301.72 KB, 1789x1255, 535C7B15-A0E7-4681-97FE-4CB397…)

If pork sweats was a person

No. 1599697

File: 1658981324066.jpeg (576.45 KB, 989x800, C24B0E59-CD87-42DC-BCA8-0B7D22…)

She looks like a pile of deli ham slices. Kek her life is so porcine it’s poetic

No. 1599710

File: 1658982873281.jpg (367.06 KB, 2048x2048, dOewv-8Z.jpg_large.jpg)

The Barbie Princess longs for Prince Charming to come along and whisk her away to their palace…

No. 1599714

Fucking topkek, nona. Her face should be fatter though

No. 1599717

> sucks and slobbers
> gagging, drooling and crying the whole time
Misandry for life.
The hair looks specially horrid. Does it have a greenish tinge?
Bless the art anonas in Shayna’s thread. Thank you for the laughs. I think we’ve found out next thread picture less than 20 posts in. This has to be a record, no?

No. 1599724

Her hair doesn’t look nearly as blonde as it did when she got it done, now it looks just as brassy and even more fried then before. I guess that shitty toner washed out real fast

No. 1599729

Thank you for blessing us with this masterpiece nona

No. 1599820

I’m annoyed that she calls herself rich because her boyfriend is rich kek. Also wearing that shotgun-wedding dress totes screams “I’m rich”!

I still can’t believe this is what she chooses to do for minimum wage.

No. 1599904

The best is the classic "lays back on her bed" and fucks herself with obviously a dildo, ruining any bit of pov fantasy and doing the same fucking thing she does in literally every vid from there. Or did she leave out her lawnmower wand this time?

No. 1599923

File: 1658993057602.jpg (43.4 KB, 634x656, 4B40A7A200000578-5626291-All_s…)

she looks exactly like lena dunham in this

No. 1600059

i fucking cannot you guys. why does she look better with the fake cum on her face. she needs some hyaluronic acid and moisturizer stat. the matte foundations she uses do NOT do her any favors, it makes her look so chalky. please use some bb cream or tinted moisturizer or just something dewy please shaynus, tums are not your look. i shouldn't have to see her with lube on her face and think she looks objectively better just because she looks moisturized for once in her life.

No. 1600063

She looks so much like Yaniv in the thumbnail.

This description is literally why moids send dick pics on dating sites ew

No. 1600066

Why does she keep saying semen this has to be a part of the fetish, she used to just say cum and now she’s being clinical with it and it’s jarring for a tard like her

No. 1600107

why the fuck does she keep saying semen? it sounds so disgusting.

No. 1600108

lmfao the highlighter + fake cum makes her looks so fucking sweaty and hog like.

No. 1600109

i’ll never understand how she’s been doing this so long and can’t find a camera angle that doesn’t give her 5 chins

No. 1600125

Absolutely brilliant.

Jesus Christ I wish you’d spoilered this.

No. 1600306

They literally have the same nasty teeth. kek

No. 1600317

She looks like a fat carol kane

No. 1600320

File: 1659023480130.gif (466.02 KB, 230x231, FF3DF706-F082-4A5F-8377-2282D7…)

Patton Oswalt too.

No. 1600355

File: 1659025395639.jpg (114.24 KB, 828x593, dolly yaniv.jpg)

No. 1600463

This is art, nona.

No. 1600521

File: 1659036030530.jpeg (562.05 KB, 1170x1111, 3AA71EFB-31E3-44E0-A4A1-CFC4CB…)

Shay, you and your followers literally do this all the time

No. 1600555

File: 1659037557874.jpeg (414.3 KB, 828x2425, 003565A1-4EB9-4A4B-A620-DF719C…)

No. 1600562

Grayoldfaggot is so damn annoying. Always telling his life stories like anyone gives a shit. Nasty pedo child molester

No. 1600564

Gray hair when you molested your daughter did it mean a thing

No. 1600567

Post it so we don’t have to give her views

No. 1600568

File: 1659038127631.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1578, 4BE4E9F8-0A80-43E5-8FC6-956D49…)

I’m laughing so much.
Serving deli lunch meat realnesss

No. 1600574

Jason R Womack and Michael Slack both have tiktok account. Fucking weird. @okietwister85 is Jason. @Zap_man68 is Michael Slack

No. 1600578

Yeah that’s how we found out greyhair’s real name

No. 1600581

File: 1659038776292.png (7.75 MB, 1242x2208, 5ED3AA15-3E42-43CE-A61E-169EA9…)

No. 1600582

File: 1659038833004.jpeg (836.04 KB, 1242x1181, AE6B42B2-E0DF-4B8C-8A05-1B0859…)

>444 views 21 likes

No. 1600585


No. 1600629

she listens to the most bizarre music. what about this screams bimbo in any way?

No. 1600637

those are pathetically low numbers on views.

No. 1600640

You’d think she’d be smart and put a trending song or sound so she has more engagement but Shayna is not up to date on trends despite being online every day

No. 1600691

File: 1659046628485.jpeg (494.78 KB, 1242x1473, EAC22B2B-C6E9-46BC-A1DD-96BC17…)

She never shuts the fuck up lmfao

No. 1600699

I don't care about my haters! That's why I wrote another illegible tweet rant directed at them.
You do realise that if cp was legal, you'd have 0 customers left, Shatna? They're using your 'porn' as a buffer.

No. 1600707

File: 1659047018458.jpeg (312.16 KB, 1242x1002, 11B1CE41-D650-4D2C-90B7-9C343D…)

No. 1600711

she has the music taste of most stoner/burnout/hippy type of girls from the area im from shit i happen to be from new england, i hate when she tweets about 'wicked' she's really just stuck in 2014-16, and still can't move on from her stoner days on tumblr. honestly wish she would embrace the stoner/hippy/grunge look again, it was so much better on her, even tho she was nasty then at least it went more with an aesthetic than trying to larp as a barbie bimbo.

No. 1600712

File: 1659047105511.jpeg (343.35 KB, 1198x1252, C06C688E-AC15-4FD2-963A-08AE6C…)

She’s so bitter kek

No. 1600721

What is she even talking about? I can’t find anyone @ing her

No. 1600725

File: 1659047778849.jpeg (284.9 KB, 828x814, A5D4BC6A-20F8-4377-90BE-05606F…)

No. 1600734

A. Your porn is “pedophilic” aka relating to pedophilia, and you know that

B. You should care what people who don’t pay your bills think, because they are your pool of potential costumers and you sure need more

No. 1600746

> plays with binkies and diapers
> "grow up"

No. 1600747

She literally makes content with non-consenting people

No. 1600758

I hate the “just because you have a different opinion doesn’t mean you should…” reasoning she has. This difference in opinions relates to morals and I think there are real life implications her content has that people should speak against. She is so annoying an narcissistic, this is not about “taking food off your table” (which wouldn’t be a bad thing anyhow kek)

No. 1600767

File: 1659049332992.jpeg (95.92 KB, 828x671, 6DA15E17-88D1-43F3-848B-BBD8B2…)

And yet you keep tweeting about them. Bottom tweet was deleted.

No. 1600774

>taking food off their table
Kek her mine is always on food

No. 1600781

People have been calling her out for years, directing traffic to her page and she still has lower engagement than any ewhore I've ever seen kek. That should have clued her in a looooong time ago.

No. 1600782

>newbie sex workers
Uh oh. Big Shaynus got triggered by the prettier, younger girls who get paid just to smile again.

No. 1600786

hahahhahahahaha lmao that's exactly what you JUST did Shayna. Your constant rage-tweeting is one of the many reasons why no coomers can stand having you on their feed. They're following you to see you prolapse your asshole, not to read your diary. I thought bimbos weren't supposed to have opinions? Go to therapy, retard.

No. 1600812

File: 1659051998574.jpeg (213.74 KB, 828x1611, 443AE2CE-1E50-44CB-B2AD-FF8241…)

No. 1600813

File: 1659052035087.jpeg (307.78 KB, 828x2101, EFC7661D-F170-4483-9AA0-E23E53…)

No. 1600814

she's literally the only one arguing. she looks like such a stupid, dumb pedophile. it's a reason grey hair fuck face, and diaper freak are supporting her, not anyone that's even halfway normal.

No. 1600816

>daddy daughter porn
>underaged characters like cindy lou who
>school theme
>clothing that only babies wear
>gf stole pacifiers from a literal baby to use for her fetish
B-but I don't SAY the age that I'm pretending to be out loud so it's ok! Stop shaming me for things I should be ashamed of!

No. 1600817

I disagree, if you read the Twitter sex worker OF whore thread you'll see a ton of sex workers who are way more woke that are active within the community but also complain about no one buying their content kek. They're actually so much more insufferable and make Shayna look better by comparison. Mike Slack is a definite right winger for example but he replies to most of her tweets.

No. 1600821

My bad, I guess the only ewhores that I know of are the ones who actually make money.

No. 1600822

>25 years old (going on 13)
>strangers will question our legality

No. 1600823

Caping this hard for pedophile pandering videos is so weird. She acts like she will die if she doesn’t wear diapers for a niche degenerate fetish. She doesn’t wear diapers when she’s not on Twitter, so it’s not like she’s into it. She’s just defending men like an ugly pick me

No. 1600824

File: 1659052803235.jpeg (294.62 KB, 828x806, 305350E3-3FD6-4534-BC30-B500D6…)

Clearly she doesn’t give a single fuck kek

No. 1600825

File: 1659052809464.jpeg (429.78 KB, 1242x1541, 98EC432B-7A34-44B5-98D1-C1E6BF…)

She’s been ranting to herself for over an hour. Kek

No. 1600827

File: 1659053045460.jpeg (337.8 KB, 1242x1332, F2A10D3A-DF8D-4656-8B02-F3982C…)

>tiny toddler
These creeps should be bullied! That’s disgusting . Why tf would you want to act like a child. So fucking weird.

No. 1600828

if you truly don’t care, then shut up and make your content. but you care, because you want the “community” to accept you and shower love and praise upon you. you are pathetic shayna, and are constantly seeking outside validation for your delusions. get help.

No. 1600831

She's also purposefully ignoring the fact that wearing diapers ≠ pretending to be a baby. Don't get me wrong, they're both degen af. But there are people out there who are into shitting in diapers & that's the extent of it. It's the fact that she combines dressing in baby clothes with pretending to be a baby while fucking herself, and concocts these pedophilic narratives about how she wants dadda to fuck her that takes it from gross to pedo.
I vaguely remember her being called out by even the degens in the "diaper community" at one point for this. That should tell you something when even diaper pissers don't want to associate with your pedo shit.

No. 1600832

coming from you shayna, who literally supports indigo white who fucked her pitbull. yeah, you totally care about animals and non-consenting parties, got it.

No. 1600837

File: 1659053223616.jpeg (432.68 KB, 828x916, F49EFB5C-9760-49A9-8EFB-E33681…)

No. 1600838

>im not pretending to be a child
>ive never stated im underage
>Daddys tiny toddler

Her wetbrain is off the fuckin charts

No. 1600840

She doesn’t even make lots money making these embarrassing/creepy fetish videos for it to be considered “worth” it. It’s like bottom barrel niche porn next to scat. It’s one thing to wear a sexy adult school girl outfit while looking grown and acting mature. A whole other thing to wear a diaper and talk about wanting mumma and poppa to drug and touch you through your poopy diaper. Like even typing this out is disgusting.

No. 1600843

Shaynus the Martyr is only capeing for pedos because she's trying to help groom newer sex workers into degenerate pedo porn. What a saint kek.

No. 1600844

it’s actually untrue that shayna has “never stated she is underage.” there are multiple vids where she states she is under 18. she likes saying she’s 13 a lot as well.

No. 1600846

Her engagement is so low, I don't know how she can delude herself into thinking she's successful. She doesn't own anything of worth, no house, no car, no qualifications and no major life achievements. The only thing she's gained by doing sex work is weight.

No. 1600847

File: 1659053611623.jpeg (119.53 KB, 807x391, A633DC8B-772A-4C73-ABAB-F872BD…)


No. 1600858

Kinda ot but did Indigo White actually rape her dog? This shocked me so I looked it up and I can't find anyone talking about it

No. 1600867

Bye bye pedo

No. 1600871

Anon, please tell me you're just making shit up.

No. 1600872

You looked up indigo white fucking her dog ?

No. 1600874

Shayna, im so sorry, im so sorry that a ugly bitch like you has to appeal to pedos and daughter fuckers like Mike Slack. im so sorry that youre not that pretty, not that hot and got a fridge body so you have to wear diapers and shit yourself to get like 0.0017% attention and get some sales.
u are so bitter, get over it! you’re hideous and thats the only way you could get some pennies.

No. 1600875

> I’m successful and don’t care what you say
> rants on twitter for an hour

No. 1600876

File: 1659055792223.jpeg (725.54 KB, 1242x1770, 4C6C1872-654D-4C48-B489-1B5043…)

This is all I could find just screenshots of indigo interacting with a minor and not blocking them and cow tipping screenshot of indigos thread

No. 1600877

If she still had the same body she had when she just started sex work and cropped her face out in most of her nudes and took care of her pimpled snatch she’d probably have the same “success” as her butterfaced friend pixie.

No. 1600879

Her cognitive dissonance does my fucking head in, on what planet is she doing anything besides catering to pedophiles?! That’s EXACTLY what age play is, it is sexualising CHILDREN AND BABIES. The hoops these repugnant degenerates jump through to defend their disgusting behaviour, jfc.
It’s SO fucking hard not to a-log

No. 1600880

Bitch looking more like Kirstie Alley each day lmao

No. 1600884

Hell no, not to see a video. I tried seeing if people had talked about it on lolcow. I wanted to know why she's still got fans if she has proof of doing something so heinous. That's a huge deal and it should be enough to cancel her forever like Whitney Wisconsin.
Seeing as no one mentions it (especially moids who tell on themselves thinking of white women fucking dogs) I wonder if it's true then and not just something someone made up because she's a racist white woman. It seems like something that people would have freaked out about if it was real but I can only find one other person who mentioned it on lolcow in the Shaynus threads, not even the tradthot or Indigo White threads.

No. 1600892

I could be confusing her with another similar looking/sounding porn actress, but she put peanut butter on her vagina and made her dog lick it off.

No. 1600898

Take it to the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

No. 1600899

Or better yet Indigo’s thread >>>/snow/1343109

No. 1600900

IIRC was a vid of Indigo riding a dildo with her dog on the couch right in front of her and I think at the end of the video as a sort of “blooper” she included a clip where the dog started sniffing/licking her face while Indigo was still in the same position, I don’t remember if the dildo was in her at that point or not. The porn sites she tried to upload it to flagged it & she had a public shitfit on Twitter arguing that it wasn’t bestiality and that she should be allowed to include the dog since she wasn’t interacting with it for most of the vid… but the dog was there the entire vid

No. 1600909

thats whitney wisconsin, i think. i'm not looking that shit up lmao but i'm pretty sure.

No. 1600915

people get angry about lots of shitty things that have been around for a long time, since before they were born, etc.
Shayna’s argument is completely retarded

No. 1600916

search seems to think that it was Whitney Wisconsin, yeah

No. 1600926

I wish she'd fall asleep and never wake up in Animal Crossing

No. 1600930

Not the child molester customer using a gif of another molester to cheer on the need for creepy incest pandering porn. Wretched.

No. 1600936

OH I remember this, you're right. Thanks anon. Sorry for the derail.

No. 1600944

Exactly. Does she think any of her buyers are assuming this is an 18+ woman in these "fantasies"? Of course not. nasty pedo loser

No. 1600946

File: 1659063784273.jpeg (141.35 KB, 1170x317, A380601D-36B7-4FC8-8C34-6457B8…)

Cause Shay can’t handle any criticism

No. 1600965

File: 1659065256803.png (763.69 KB, 750x1334, D97E677C-05C1-492F-B040-FEF424…)

think i found the origin of the rants?

No. 1600972

These ho's really do need to find a better way to pass time. Like make content or something. As fun as Shats meltdowns are; its just the same "Nazi" shit every time.

No. 1600975

This is old it’s been going around randomly for over a year now. It doesn’t mention anything about pedo pandering which seems to be what she’s upset about just the Nazi shit

No. 1600983

File: 1659066290444.jpeg (679.01 KB, 1242x1570, 3CEB4C43-0E70-4FF8-991F-832BB1…)

This neck beard always talks about Shaynus on Twitter he’s such a beta soy boy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lurked this thread

No. 1600988

File: 1659066461086.png (712.79 KB, 750x1334, F833A8E9-B138-43B8-8F12-E38BB3…)

yes but the girl mentioned before share a thread about cancelled sw and some shit (a lot) about ahegao, its a mess honestly. theres a part missing that i supposed its the tweet calling Shayna out, and so they add this info. its like a megathread.
sorry for twitter in spanish. it says it was deleted.

No. 1601014

Wtf? She constantly refers to herself as a "little baby" and shares disgusting scenarios where "mommy" and "daddy" sexually abuse (sometimes after drugging) the "baby." They are absolutely sickening to read. The people who get off on these fantasies are vile people. When someone like Shay validates and encourages their perversions, it's a danger to all women and children. Holy shit, she is the worst.

No. 1601017

why won't these whores at least mention the 13 year old thing if they're going to cowtip its so annoying

No. 1601030

File: 1659069387308.webm (559 KB, 576x1024, “idk I look cute today” | 2021…)

No. 1601031

File: 1659069510828.webm (1.18 MB, 576x1024, “that wasn't supposed 2 happen…)

No. 1601033

File: 1659069610668.webm (16.15 MB, 576x1024, “ohmigosh #shoes” | 2021-7-14…)

No. 1601035

File: 1659069711347.webm (2.02 MB, 576x1024, “blondiiiieeee Woman Tipping H…)

No. 1601042

File: 1659069918691.webm (5.79 MB, 576x1056, “just dancin’ Smiling Face #e…)

These are all of the TikTok videos she’s posted so far. Some we’ve seen but here they are for the archives’ sake.

No. 1601044

File: 1659070055709.png (10.45 MB, 12268x2160, @fupapafattel.PNG)

Marginally related to her TikTok, @fupapafattel, you’re not as funny as you think you are.

No. 1601045

File: 1659070102721.webm (1.24 MB, 576x1024, @fupapafattel on TikTok.webm)

No. 1601046

that's pretty funny

No. 1601047

considering that the artist is known for being into older women i think it's perfectly appropriate for weather girl shayna

No. 1601048

wait is this actually his profile?!?!?!

No. 1601049

File: 1659070431342.jpeg (475.96 KB, 1170x2039, 31FBF0D3-F821-4715-8D16-2A7A1B…)

Ew I went down the rabbit hole on this one, and this individual looks and behaves a lot like Shayna and sometimes does the daddy thing too (pacifiers and here in a “daddy’s little monster shirt). So gross(derailing)

No. 1601050

As another nonette pointed out, these rancid sex workers can’t directly “call out” Fat Shat’s pedo-pandering because they’re just as guilty, but they’re also “woke” retards who love screeching about muh -phobia and ebil natzis so they just take that and run with it. Big Shaynus is scrambling for engagement because it’s nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds under her posts, she’s hoping she’ll get some tips or at least asspats for standing up to the big mean kinkshaming boolies

No. 1601053

Can you talk about these other whore in the e-whore thread? Dressing as Harley Quinn is the absolutely tamest think Whitney has done newfag. This is about Shayna though

No. 1601054

No. Unless he’s also making fun of himself in the process? It’s most likely a farmer with a penchant for tipping cows.

No. 1601055

No retard it’s a dumbass cowtipping farmer

No. 1601056

What the fuck I though this WAS Shaynus at first glance

No. 1601074

Yes, but I posted here because of the resemblance to Shayna and the daddy shirt (which is tame, but I really would have thought it was Shayna)

No. 1601095

Whitney Wisconsin, like the girl who tried to justify having sex with dogs. Is that really her name?(derailing)

No. 1601116

She has her own thread if u guys want to stop derailing >>>/snow/152333

No. 1601363

File: 1659116081638.jpeg (699.63 KB, 1242x1343, 9F3E90F6-1BF1-43A4-8F94-A1ECC4…)

No. 1601364

That's fucking eerie, it's the same nose

No. 1601365

I see it, nonna, but please don't do a talented individual dirty like that. Shayna could never have a fraction of comedic talent, no matter how hard she tries to go viral with her hog takes…oh, I'm sorry, her hot takes!

No. 1601367

File: 1659116323196.jpeg (515.22 KB, 1213x1477, F5C22482-2628-4258-A5B5-2C7FB5…)

So illegal stuff Michael? Wtf

No. 1601372

Who the f*ck puts their shoes in a cardboard box???

No. 1601374

lol this is sad, you would make more at a minimum wage job

No. 1601376

She was packing to move.

No. 1601379


Womack is punching the air rn and contemplating purchasing a ticket to Seattle

No. 1601380

File: 1659116904627.jpeg (284.21 KB, 1242x765, 3A5BBDCA-332B-4464-88BC-20EEFE…)

No. 1601381

Cute girls who actually take care of themselves, with pretty faces and sometimes killer bodies? Nah. Give me the average and below average women, with bad hygiene and crusty faces! And that's why Shayna thinks she's hot. Like it's been pointed out a million times before, she has customers, as few as they are, because she seems attainable for bottom of the barrel lowlives liker herself.

No. 1601383

Ok, my bad

No. 1601388

File: 1659117648172.jpg (356.02 KB, 671x1089, Screenshot 2022-07-29 135651.j…)

I'm not an art anon but this is so funny to edit, more nonas should try making edits of it bc she looks legit retarded near the end

No. 1601389

so you can accuse them of abusing you and not being professional?

No. 1601391

there’s already been a couple of duets/stitches of people straight up making fun of how dumb she looks and how bad her acting is. it’s not quirky or funny, she just wishes she could be those things.

No. 1601392

samefag but shayna you’ve had multiple opportunities and chickened out at the last minute, then accused your co star of abusing you. this has now happened what? 3 separate times?

No. 1601398

Can you post them? I don’t have tiktok

No. 1601401

File: 1659118672529.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1182x1544, 7408539B-3373-4E8D-901D-62F22A…)

No. Not relevant or worthy of posting. It’s just people cringing for two seconds at Shayna pretending to have anxiety and making quirky white women faces because she thinks it’s cute. Reminds me of this viral tweet. If you want to see if that bad make an account and delete it after.

No. 1601417

File: 1659120600140.jpeg (827.3 KB, 828x1442, B9AD8235-F012-4326-AE45-CC6D91…)

These are the only ones I could find https://streamable.com/e7kfks

No. 1601451

I love how she thought these were cute uwu sounds but she just sounds like she's pooping

No. 1601454

don’t tell her that she’ll probably use it in one of her poopy diaper baby vids

No. 1601552

she literally has with fupes tho?

No. 1601562

It’s been years since they’ve filmed themselves fucking on camera.

No. 1601601

The fuck is your problem? They just pointed out the obvious, plus Fupa is in Oklahoma and engaged to someone else

No. 1601629

File: 1659135104660.jpeg (Spoiler Image,263.14 KB, 828x1583, C7C61E0C-403D-4341-B7D6-754664…)

The last thing you see before you die. Pretty sure her finger is rotting off

No. 1601631

You're right, wrong week to make that joke.

No. 1601640

Jesus this is unflattering, looks like milf-gilf tier porn.

Her real boob areola is double the size of the zombie tit one now.

No. 1601654

lol she looks like shrek trying to be sexy, and then after the shitty green tinted dye job, looks like a grandma. please stop posting this shit, shay

No. 1601664

There's no way she's actually getting her nails done at a salon - I refuse to believe a nail tech this bad would still be in business, plus her nails always look like glue-ons. It would explain the cuticle damage if she was ripping off & reapplying new sets herself every week or two. She probably just says she's going to a salon to appear ~*expensive*~

No. 1601673

No. 1601675

she said she "never" has been fucked on camera tho? it still has happened before doesn't matter if it was years ago.

No. 1601689

Maybe she doesn’t count it because it was just a quick clip on her Snapchat story we were unfortunate enough to see. There’s no video out there for her coomers of her fucking on camera, just on lolcow

No. 1601709

File: 1659139296166.jpg (925.62 KB, 1090x966, 7.29.2022 1.jpg)

No. 1601716

File: 1659139442562.jpg (483.08 KB, 546x972, 7.29.2022 3.jpg)

She's gotta stop highlighting her giant schnoz

No. 1601718


This dress fit badly when she first debuted it, now it looks like she's a mom of three squeezing herself into her 14 year old daughters clothes as some sort of bizarre flex.

No. 1601726

File: 1659139830854.jpeg (309.98 KB, 1222x1080, 4A3756D9-E6B3-41AF-ABB0-93F3C2…)

No. 1601729

How does she not see how bad her makeup looks? Matte makeup seriously does her no favors and makes her look 20 years older. Just can't get why you'd post this picture online and not see how terrible it looks.

No. 1601738

this a pretty unflattering photo

No. 1601753

shayna is seriously uglier than ever, is her vision going? these photos are all utterly beyond unflattering, like her skin and makeup and body look horrific in every photo

No. 1601756

She just doesn’t edit them like you’re used to seeing people do on ig doing. That’s why some skin texture, flab and features that aren’t airbrushed freaks you out so much.

No. 1601757

That dress really emphasizes how tragic her yellow dye job is

No. 1601758

bitch she looks like peanut butter baby melted

No. 1601759

OT but people like you will complain about men only wanting to see perfect looking girls with with perfect bodies in porn then still complain about men being okay with crusty faced girls with saggy skin and dark buttholes and whatever like make up your mind lol

No. 1601760

I think she has permanently blurred vision from being perma-drunk

Let's not pretend that skin like that is normal for someone in their 20s. That's 40 year old skin.

No. 1601762

No one cares what moids want, we just think she's ugly kek

No. 1601774

you're fucking delusional lol. piss off

No. 1601786

>she look like shrek trying to be sexy
noni im dead kek

how are her arms the same size as her tits?

well if this isn’t edited or filtered, where are her giants forehead wrinkles? is she using paste wall?

No. 1601789

If your skin has as much "texture" as hers at that age it's probably time to actually wash your face

No. 1601790

You can see her forehead wrinkles, Snapchat shows if filters are on and there are none, these are awful unflattering photos she really should start using filters again

No. 1601799

She over-exfoliates, she uses so many harsh scrubs from lush, they just dry her out and make her skin look even older and more textured

No. 1601801

She needs to look up current makeup trends and hairstyles. She only follows ugly troons on social media, so she doesn't see how normal, attractive girls look and dress.

No. 1601811

The only outfit coordination this bitch ever manages is her wrinkly ass forehead matching her wrinkly ass clearance cotton clothes.

No. 1601846

I feel like I’m repeating myself, but holy fuck, this bitch is so TEXTURED!

No. 1601853

Jaundice Mattel kek

No. 1601863

Didn’t she buy a lot of various lighting equipment? The lighting here is emphasizing every shadow on her face

No. 1601864

And she’s so lazy that she can’t even do the bare minimum editing to smooth her crusty ass skin. And then she wonders why she’s not as “successful” as other whores

No. 1601865

Couldn’t be bothered to set it up or learn how to use it, that requires too much effort

No. 1601869

File: 1659151584304.jpeg (Spoiler Image,883.03 KB, 1170x1566, 79114F27-BF98-4A73-996B-06747F…)


No. 1601881

Her skin tone is so off putting, she needs to figure out better lighting and fix her circulation

No. 1601887

She looks pregnant

No. 1601896

I just know she doesn’t clean her stretched out ears. Smelling like ear cheese and hot dog water. Nasty MF

No. 1601900

File: 1659155879331.jpeg (484.77 KB, 1114x1906, 95C91A23-9606-4BA4-A44B-FAD5DF…)

No. 1601903

Why does she slather her entire nose bridge in highlighter, people usually do the tip or a small line along the bridge.
Beached whale

No. 1601908

Yellow is also not her colour. She’s looking so old to me in the latest images, I don’t get WHY.

No. 1601914

kek this photo looks like it belongs in one of those benadryl psychosis memes

No. 1601920

Why the fuck is she highlighting one of her worst facial features? I swear she has no idea what young trendy women are into these days.

No. 1601921

wait is this unedited? i mean obviously its filtered but did she post it like this? jeez she looks like a corpse

No. 1601927

FYI she does the “count down from 10” and cum thing in todays cumshow and in the Wednesday video, it is really riveting content

No. 1601929

Shes trying with makeup and I know its summer, but she always looks so greasy and sweaty and badly caked. Her skin is too dehydrated and yet oily at the same time.

No. 1601942

This is fan art, >>1601716 this is what she posted

No. 1601991

File: 1659163306334.jpeg (219.38 KB, 828x1587, BFA1FD31-C7CF-4F8A-97DA-C6B928…)

Allegedly she is getting on cam tomorrow. She edited the pimples out of the picture for twitter

No. 1601997

File: 1659163711950.gif (195.89 KB, 285x500, 7F4BEEDE-E392-455D-AA8B-231FF9…)

She made her face thinner too, way to expose yourself Shayna

No. 1602024

Imagine the stench emanating from this unwashed sow. She really does have the nastiest little black rodent eyes, and those bags, my god. If this is what she looks like with varying degrees of filter imagine how wrinkled, jowly, crusty, greasy and pimply she is without any. Disgusting

No. 1602072

some lovely anon please make a bingo for her cam show

No. 1602086

my god her fucking veiny tit is so gross I swear to god

No. 1602213


she looks like sick like damn. I've never seen a twenty something look so rough, including sex workers.

No. 1602220

She looks like a Rikki lake or Jerry Springer guest from 1995.

No. 1602221

Wrinkled, jowly, crusty, greasy and pimply – my nomination for next thread title!

No. 1602225

the delusion of this ugly cow wanna make me a-log so much.
also i just noticed that all the cows are really ugly and theyre always like “ lolcow is full of jellys” when they dont even look like human beings.

No. 1602286

File: 1659201462018.jpeg (251.59 KB, 828x875, 6895D8B2-BADC-467D-A290-6C6F80…)

Asking the important questions

No. 1602287

water and probiotics

No. 1602291

Dumb nitpick but, why does she always call it "pink wine"? It's Rosé. Or is pink wine something separate that I've never heard of?

No. 1602301

Rosé is a type of wine. There are other kinds of wine that are pink but not rosé

No. 1602302

this image literally made me compulsively put some moisturizer on my face, jesus fucking christ. i know it's edited to bring out the worst details but she aged 20 years in 2 years somehow. alcohol? weed? poor nutrition? poor care? all of the above? idk but i'm going to go drink some water now

No. 1602306

she’s leaving the door open to get some white Zinfandel or pink Moscato or Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill instead of rosé
because it’s all about the pink, not the actual taste of the wine

No. 1602322

File: 1659205264098.jpeg (679.87 KB, 1242x1349, 70C7856A-4C14-46F7-A6F4-4A2275…)

No. 1602324

File: 1659205340455.jpeg (304.07 KB, 1365x2048, 4B22AD4E-0854-4D93-9D6A-078C07…)

Woof she’s not a looker. But way more attractive than Big Shaynus

No. 1602330

That's because it looks like she's showered within the last 24 hours which is more than we can say for Shayna

No. 1602331

She was one of fugly girls that she did the strictmore academy shit with. I can’t wait for the fall out once people accuse her of being a Nazi fucker

No. 1602332

Go shit up the e-whore thread with her porn not here, we remember her from a few threads back

No. 1602335

Either become a mod or chill the fuck out.

Can't wait to watch this train wreck.

No. 1602342

I think she is pretty cute and doesn’t seem nearly as much of a lolcow as Shayna

No. 1602346

You have to be a cow to make videos with Shaynus Clifford the big red pimpled snatch

No. 1602350

Not only that but willing to sacrifice yourself to the horde of angry whores that will cancel you for being a “fascist fucker.” Shayna says she warns the people she works in advanced about these threads and the Nazi stuff, I wonder if this girl knows

No. 1602368

File: 1659208925535.jpeg (616.88 KB, 1242x1201, 78614758-6089-47CB-97B8-D12934…)

No. 1602370

File: 1659209018100.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x2089, F32FFE72-9210-4741-B93C-90554F…)

She can’t even do the bare minimum of editing the video to look like a Skype call

No. 1602375

File: 1659209317198.jpeg (239.08 KB, 828x1555, B2B996E4-1145-4B79-9330-069EB3…)

No. 1602377

i know it's been said a lot but i really want to put emphasis on how fucking old she looks. the yellow is TERRIBLE, it makes her teeth look even browner and she looks saggy as fuck. it's truly horrifiying what fucked genes and a bad lifestyle can do to a 25 year old

No. 1602378

she looks SO bad here

No. 1602379

Why is she so obsessed with that fucking countdown.

No. 1602380

File: 1659209453651.jpeg (Spoiler Image,548.87 KB, 1242x670, 4486FB4C-61C2-49DE-8D82-E7AC59…)

>lil sis
Has big ass thighs and looks like a obese trailer park mother kek at her lopsided boobs

No. 1602381

Today I have reached my goal of dropping from 149 lbs to 120 lbs and I have been using this thread every day as motivation. I have also gone from drinking “most days” to mostly just weekends just from looking at this train wreck and wanting to be nothing like her. Thank you lolcow.com and thank you Shayna /blog

No. 1602382

File: 1659209459918.jpeg (Spoiler Image,391.91 KB, 828x2289, 68BAB66F-7BC4-4718-85E4-D32875…)

This angle really enhances the double chin

No. 1602385

Bc it’s hot

No. 1602387

File: 1659209568978.jpeg (168.07 KB, 1242x570, 87090A60-8726-40A8-A00A-8CC1E9…)

It’s a category on MV
Be gone scrote

No. 1602388

uh-oh my scrote detector is going off

No. 1602389

The shadows on her neck rolls make her look like an obese caterpillar

No. 1602404

giving Beanie Feldstein in this one

No. 1602416

File: 1659212095466.jpeg (251.48 KB, 1170x833, 2EF755FE-5748-482B-B019-B3FC0E…)

Yeah then whine and complain when people try to cancel you for it

No. 1602418

She was just asking about a “stunt cock” the other day. So why didn’t she choose to work with one of the male attendees?

No. 1602426

File: 1659213212985.jpeg (88.46 KB, 615x721, 4FC194A8-D959-4EEA-AE6B-853CC1…)


No. 1602431

i think its pretty lame that she never get full naked because she knows her body is a disaster kek

No. 1602477

Congrats, anon! Literally same…I'm only down to 138 from 149 so far but this thread is honestly the BEST motivation to cut down on alcohol, eat healthy, & workout

Thank you, shaynus! You're an inspiration to all of us

No. 1602495

File: 1659216565844.jpeg (708.4 KB, 1234x878, 836DD4BE-A90A-42E7-A853-E7EBB9…)

Kek she does

No. 1602531

I wonder if she fixates on wearing this lip color so much because it reminds her of her own anus

No. 1602538

I know women in their 50s that look more youthful than she does. How does she not look at herself and realise that all she is doing is wrecking her body and wasting her life.

No. 1602575

obese shrek.

No. 1602604

I think she wears that color because it was popular a few years ago & she probably either doesn't know it's not anymore or she just never updates her makeup

The matte finish does her no favors

No. 1602612

File: 1659222526343.jpeg (945.57 KB, 1219x1688, 6EAB144F-E556-4049-BD15-D1551C…)

No. 1602615

Oh come on you’re being so cruel to Bernie.

No. 1602617

“I no longer wish I was dead”, Shay you suicide baited a few weeks ago

No. 1602627


The only things she's gained the move are eyebags and weight

No. 1602628

File: 1659223582297.jpg (1.09 MB, 1564x1564, snow_meitu.jpg)

5 mins editing would make all the difference in the world(do not post fanart )

No. 1602631

Can we start auto red texting these autistic retards

No. 1602633

Looks like an oil painting. Kek so fake and ugly. Stop making these edits

No. 1602645

The only good thing that big mayo queen has ever done. Gratz.

No. 1602657

I know we end up saying this a lot but she really be looking worse than ever recently.

The upcoming camshow gonna be a woof-fest

No. 1602660

Shat is looking BEYOND haggard recently, she really needs to join AA

No. 1602664

Sperg take but she'd look sooooo much better if she dressed more like this and embraced the alt goff whore look and started using moisturizer of course.

No. 1602666

File: 1659227501243.jpeg (369.32 KB, 1170x1007, 7FB0A5AD-8675-4650-8136-E2C017…)

Both are horrible

No. 1602667

at what time is the cam show?

No. 1602672

8 pm west coast time

No. 1602673

she said 8 pm PDT but in Shayna timezone (SDT) that means 1 more hour plus however long it takes for her to get drunk

No. 1602674


I'm guessing the schoolgirl one is that pink plaid belt etc that she's worn sooo many times.
So it's that or an un-ironed shein sundress. Thrilling.

No. 1602677

File: 1659228378713.jpeg (575.25 KB, 1170x1581, E94FB585-0BBF-4DE5-802F-C8396B…)

“What are some things you want to talk about?” Shay, people don’t watch cam shows to talk

No. 1602680

I know for a fact she will go off about the “haters” trying to “kink shame” her

No. 1602687

Lol wtf. Has she completely lost her mind?

It's a camshow not a ted talk.
Moids want you to shut your mouth and show your genitalia.

No. 1602696

It’s stupid and fake and nothing about that wrinkled ballsack vagina is hot especially the dehydrated secretions

No. 1602698

To be fair, her coomers Michael Slack and Jason R Womack are lonely and want girlfriends but can’t because they’re ugly and disgusting so they pay whores like Big Shaynus to talk to them. If she was smart she’d do the whole gf experience and pretend she cares about them. Instead of e begging for money and replying “jdjfjfkdk thanks dad omg” when she gets twenty dollars in cashapp

No. 1602703

Same fag but a cam show isn’t about talking. She can talk about herself and laugh like a sped in her private cam shows? Like keep these losers company and do a Skype date? And try to be sexually appealing in her cam shows? Like they are always so boring. Have a theme or something ffs

No. 1602705

Womack and Mike slack are gonna give her money regardless so she should try to cater to someone other than those 2 weirdo rednecks.

No. 1602707

Yeah you’re right which is what I said here >>1602703
She’s an idiot

No. 1602710

I think she's concerned about alienating her two biggest coomers. She could make different content and appeal to a new market but she won't because it could risk the support of Womack and Slack who have plenty of other gross OF accounts to choose from.

No. 1602711

Porn is porn. She made scat porn on accident and sold a video of her poopy dildo. She sent Womack back his weed pipe she put up her ass. Nothing will turn those losers away.

No. 1602712

>I moved…out of a shitty relationship
girl you got dumped by a loser and then hung around trying to get him back for a year

No. 1602775

Can’t wait for her to cry assault about this girl she’s working with because she asked her to film content or freak out because this girl is skinnier/better looking than her and for her to have a meltdown about the haters

No. 1602777

File: 1659236963391.jpeg (963.46 KB, 1170x1573, C0FEBD0B-66C1-41AA-8BB6-3DFBE1…)

Dear God, here we go

No. 1602779

File: 1659237008577.jpeg (507.28 KB, 828x1100, DBD84A30-E82D-472E-99EE-56B355…)

No. 1602781

File: 1659237054543.jpeg (933.62 KB, 1170x1483, 128B15D2-B705-4A61-89F2-CC5D1D…)

Also keeping it classy Jason R Womack

No. 1602782

File: 1659237059674.jpg (369.41 KB, 1440x1562, Screenshot_20220730-230949_Chr…)

Looking dead eyed as usual.
"I only cam on Saturdays"

No. 1602783

Kek she vapes now. She’s gonna look even older

No. 1602784

No that’s Michael Slack from Missouri.

No. 1602785

she looks like she has alien/witch hands.

No. 1602790

File: 1659237250746.jpg (499.86 KB, 1440x2144, Screenshot_20220730-231354_Chr…)

Doughy Mattel

No. 1602791

she looks like Womack in drag here kek

No. 1602794

Her voice is so ugly kek years later and it still throws me off. She said some dude comments on her trailers and says “this is funny” https://streamable.com/9a75c5

No. 1602796

You right anon, my bad

No. 1602797

File: 1659237469195.jpeg (Spoiler Image,284.86 KB, 726x665, 315F2BA0-8707-4955-8F40-C986F9…)

Not the gut belt kek

No. 1602799

File: 1659237512496.jpg (509.41 KB, 1440x2212, Screenshot_20220730-231739_Chr…)

Check autistic jiggling and dancing off the camshow bingo

No. 1602801

This fat pig doesn't breathe a single breath out of her nose. Also kek
>Is my porn funny in some way that I don't realize?

No. 1602803

File: 1659237618339.jpeg (631.06 KB, 1170x1194, FC21E831-AE0F-4E35-9C89-55AA8C…)

Shay, it’s time to retire this outfit

No. 1602805

Do you have a screenshot?

Kek I can’t believe all that bullshit about her having to quit smoking weed and then she just starts vaping. And aren’t they in the process of being banned? Cig addict when…

No. 1602810

shes looking like a tube and got that gluten gut is tragic. and why does she dance like that kek and omg shes tryna make it look like she has boobs its making me sad i need a live chat

No. 1602811

What should Shat name her tits guys?

No. 1602812

File: 1659237782559.jpeg (514.05 KB, 1034x682, 158D32EB-EB4F-4A14-8415-2EB262…)

The bows don’t go with her outfit and neither does her thong she looks so square
No she puffed on it as soon as she got on cam. No they aren’t getting banned. They were talking about juul getting banned though.

No. 1602813

So tempted to donate 14 tokens. Jesus Christ.

No. 1602814

>>1602799 her labia goes out further than her ass does. looks like shes packing

No. 1602818

Does she not understand small bras just make her boobs look more flat and appear like man boobs

No. 1602819

33 people, only 6 registered users. Pathetic kek

No. 1602822

File: 1659238078753.jpeg (308.07 KB, 768x584, E8934530-9B79-494E-BE34-5FF676…)

Kek she mentioned us uploading her retarded dancing and making fun of her https://streamable.com/rt947y

No. 1602824

File: 1659238164987.jpeg (382.34 KB, 860x617, 6982AADD-DCD1-4B85-8808-E8AE5C…)

How much ear cheese does Shayna have

No. 1602828

why is she playing disco this bitch does not know how to play music that doesnt age her

No. 1602830

File: 1659238293711.jpeg (365.83 KB, 820x603, 4B49A3EE-CA32-4FE4-BF9F-308A73…)

Okay got one
asthma attack when?

No. 1602831

File: 1659238377822.jpeg (401.2 KB, 918x602, 7786430C-C409-4E62-AA94-4AED5C…)

Ribmeat fell into her dogs water bowl apparently and she’s complaining about the water getting everywhere

No. 1602835

Why does she consistently make poor lifestyle decisions

No. 1602837

Are you guys really doing a minute by minute update on whatever she’s doing and sharing pictures of her literally not even there in case any one of you wants to draw it

No. 1602838

File: 1659238679177.jpeg (586.05 KB, 1242x686, 2240D308-079C-4FC6-BD87-449DFE…)

Her chair keeps farting when she sits because of her ass sweat. Kek I’m laughing

No. 1602841

File: 1659238792121.jpeg (Spoiler Image,266.72 KB, 766x667, 3AB40AB6-39D1-4694-8894-C85238…)

ew she’s making her fake cutesy voice now and spanking her hank hill ass

No. 1602842

File: 1659238814340.webm (3.74 MB, 720x1280, Little Ballerina Greets Us.web…)

No. 1602844

File: 1659238866865.jpeg (717.44 KB, 1170x1272, E0F70A3E-1FD7-46E9-861F-DE1130…)

“So thicc hehe”

No. 1602845

File: 1659238868578.gif (Spoiler Image,12.53 MB, 834x470, cf28ad6f21df926e2995c6b86ce6ad…)

the thong makes her weird flat ass look even weirder

No. 1602846

File: 1659238920584.jpeg (111.03 KB, 869x640, DA3B24E2-7A6D-47B1-9B13-C6A556…)

Thanks for doing that nonna I didn’t know how

No. 1602847

File: 1659238988037.jpeg (996.76 KB, 1212x1243, EA87567A-4294-41CF-82B2-C509DE…)

Gif Anon!! Welcome back

No. 1602848

File: 1659238986986.gif (9.56 MB, 642x432, 9886bb5a1f00adca27b025c8812982…)

No. 1602849

File: 1659239169355.webm (1.89 MB, 480x260, Man Voice, Witch Cackle.webm)

No. 1602851

File: 1659239220645.jpeg (453.05 KB, 1152x667, 698DFC94-6202-45A0-80D1-DD3E9E…)

No. 1602854

File: 1659239319175.gif (12.12 MB, 714x438, e739c7ab8d3d7de85cee2e7e5c0737…)

No. 1602855

File: 1659239354151.jpeg (344.92 KB, 882x620, D30BCB19-3154-48DA-934F-07057D…)

No. 1602857

She uses that $1200 maybe 5 hours a week

No. 1602858

File: 1659239450094.jpeg (Spoiler Image,284.06 KB, 699x674, 3C57A9A7-C093-4962-93A6-CF3D58…)

It really does make it look long and flat
She said she has a very nice computer but uses it five hours a week. Why tf did she get a custom gaming computer? She’s so dumb

No. 1602859

File: 1659239545463.webm (407.15 KB, 480x256, White Claw (?).webm)

Autist .webm Nona here. Can’t watch Shayna right now but have no issue archiving what’s shared.

No. 1602860

File: 1659239575063.gif (Spoiler Image,10.23 MB, 690x440, d84cab4d93e1a53d1bf9e6b5e4835c…)

No. 1602861

File: 1659239668818.jpeg (331.55 KB, 673x637, 8D384B2C-D9D5-49A6-A939-8EF690…)

Is “jay” Jason R Womack’s secret name

No. 1602862

File: 1659239704016.gif (9.37 MB, 632x434, c395c020a761b3e998e386f1ecd907…)

No. 1602867

File: 1659239910093.jpeg (326.23 KB, 1170x876, C07F769B-8AD4-4F2B-89E0-ECEE42…)

Go figure

No. 1602868

its back, she just has shitty internet

No. 1602869

She's back

No. 1602870

File: 1659240019380.jpeg (329.01 KB, 758x684, AF187C4A-E142-4F39-8412-1E02D1…)

Damn she huge

No. 1602872

File: 1659240181688.gif (9.24 MB, 738x446, 6401ec0b31f60381dbb8b96f08fce3…)

"I LOVE girls"

No. 1602873

File: 1659240282262.jpeg (399.18 KB, 972x611, 49AECCE9-89E3-43D0-9875-51D50D…)

She looks so hammered
“I love girls” - Shayna the lesbian activist

No. 1602874

File: 1659240306580.gif (Spoiler Image,11.98 MB, 754x440, 3bb135615d9056f973f2d74d0c7b50…)

No. 1602877

File: 1659240408681.gif (12.83 MB, 756x436, 1606715660b72a8826dbc62a6b6ec2…)

'I feel like I have hazel eyes!" Bitch, they are BLACK

No. 1602880

Shaynus really says her eyes are hazel/caramel

No. 1602882

File: 1659240568109.gif (9.66 MB, 690x364, d6710ced15adcd2b136b57c6cebfac…)

shes hitting that vape like no tomorrow

No. 1602883

File: 1659240578146.jpeg (Spoiler Image,371.35 KB, 859x605, F000CFA8-3B75-4657-900E-460DF7…)

She’s fanning her sweaty vagina I’m gagging

No. 1602885

"My fat pussy is sweating"
I cannot fathom how it would be to experience that irl

No. 1602887

shes talking about her irl session lol

No. 1602888

Did someone record that? she said one of her "In person" johns asked to see her ID because he didnt believe she was 18. She also implied she doesnt like doing irl sessions

No. 1602889

File: 1659240729576.jpeg (251.16 KB, 677x500, 85699AC3-6E05-4C3B-95AA-BAB10F…)

She said her client in real life didn’t believe she was of legal age tf so he had to check her ID. https://streamable.com/fsg7t0

No. 1602890

ah you missed the grossed out face she made when she said shes been doing irl sex work

No. 1602893

File: 1659240908917.jpeg (43.67 KB, 459x556, F135784A-267F-4C94-826E-50D287…)

She said randomly moaning is her hobby and if you are her friend in real life you know she just randomly moans. Tf? Also she really is shaped like a linebacker

No. 1602898

File: 1659241110745.gif (Spoiler Image,10.17 MB, 732x442, 7443f2ab7fe8d721e634d4db1a92df…)

Wide load

No. 1602899

File: 1659241155808.jpeg (535.67 KB, 1045x970, 70E7F054-147A-4CAC-8B87-19FC7C…)

Shayna slapping her face https://streamable.com/ucubul

No. 1602900

BIG Shaynus

No. 1602901

File: 1659241251646.jpeg (Spoiler Image,342.2 KB, 847x654, 4B12AF77-623A-4A0E-A7C6-C780A5…)

No. 1602903

what is that face? This is so unsexy. Who's watching this stuff?
It's just what certain white people, esp those from the south of Europe tend to look like.you can see English actresses obviously descended from Roman colonizers age into a chunky fridge body. Eh.

No. 1602904

File: 1659241287988.jpeg (310.32 KB, 1242x1200, F57727F7-D361-4C31-89B8-2507F1…)

No. 1602906

File: 1659241347852.gif (11.06 MB, 710x388, 526d2f865f46f5102a470cd04a950c…)

No. 1602908

Her tits look specially lopsided in this bra/shirt.

No. 1602909

File: 1659241587662.gif (Spoiler Image,9.3 MB, 658x390, bfe018ddb1b2be45a70a165e04d32a…)

"I'm pretty tipsy" yeah no shit

No. 1602910

File: 1659241627402.gif (Spoiler Image,8.19 MB, 588x374, 8df9a60f8f9a2d9c380d5c9fd0f2ef…)

the fupa

No. 1602911

File: 1659241680120.webm (158.45 KB, 720x1280, I Love Girls.webm)

No. 1602912

At least she isn’t breaking out badly down there at the moment. Maybe she’s finally exfoliating her ass.

No. 1602913

File: 1659241757533.gif (12.49 MB, 790x406, 1c374b7dc2c3e55aa1cc71651c1c0f…)

shes been talking about how sweaty she is all night

No. 1602915

That’s why her chair keeps farting when she sits on it. It’s all moist from her chronic pork sweats

No. 1602916

File: 1659241900659.webm (1.45 MB, 480x264, “He didn’t believe that I was …)

No. 1602918

File: 1659241952593.gif (12.88 MB, 784x416, 3f93d87059504b84848a5f7fbb8d48…)

the way the one tit bounces. She was talking about how shes too scared to get a nose job but she wont talk about it because the stalkers will hate on her for it

No. 1602919

I seriously want to know how this looked in her head as she did it cause it's embarrassing as fuck.

No. 1602921

Can anyone explain to me why someone with washed, styled hair who looks clean gets a torrent of comments about how supposedly unshowered she is?!

No. 1602922

I'm talking about the girl u obsess over in these threads

No. 1602923

kek i fell for that one

No. 1602924

File: 1659242149702.webm (353.38 KB, 480x260, ¢1.00 a slap .webm)

No. 1602925

>sex worker collabs with Shaynus
>anons post about it
>we are obsessed
that makes no sense but okay scrote

No. 1602926

Your cowtip was stupid at least sage it.

No. 1602927

File: 1659242481654.gif (12.4 MB, 796x396, 682c7f7f5065863d09dd61b8195477…)

No. 1602929

in her defense its like 90 in seattle rn and ac is not a common thing here. im suffering. good thing im not a fucking pig though

No. 1602931

File: 1659242856826.gif (Spoiler Image,9.05 MB, 674x420, 6be0e8a60011b665ee211bd24dbd48…)

I bet she thought this looked so sexy in her head

No. 1602932

File: 1659242884236.gif (Spoiler Image,8.74 MB, 652x392, beded349384800cb0b45620d3d6af3…)

the fupa and zombie tit have been released

No. 1602934

File: 1659242928194.png (Spoiler Image,606.6 KB, 792x444, 17161a518d8527286614a00a2d00fa…)

these are the outfits shes got planned for fetishcon

No. 1602936

And she needs $50 more in Amazon gift cards to get a leopard bra, jelly sandals, and frilly socks

No. 1602937

File: 1659243079688.jpeg (Spoiler Image,427.63 KB, 1170x644, AAB797C1-CF24-4E45-AAFC-CB025E…)

Keep it sexy Shay

No. 1602938

I hope someone caught the outfits she has planned for FetCon (?). They’re two tank tops, one pink and one white. One says »nasty« (I believe the white one) and the other one says »fuck toy«. Both to be worn with belt skirts, white and light pink. She is $50 short to get the rest of things she needs, these things are: leopard print bra, jelly sandals and frilly socks.

No. 1602940

that was totally one of her ~ IRL sessions ~ now im really concerned

No. 1602941

File: 1659243298035.png (Spoiler Image,750.01 KB, 815x479, 728da59435b282ac1399d93545ec82…)

what the fuck, someone tell me they recorded that "little secret" she shared. She said she met up with some guy from the internet who she was not attracted to and he fucked her with her head shoved in a toilet in a hotel room

No. 1602942

File: 1659243471737.gif (Spoiler Image,9.99 MB, 726x436, 550221ef15ce31f3e2d50c9d2804e9…)

homegirl is DRUNK and oversharing like crazy

No. 1602944

File: 1659243507822.gif (Spoiler Image,8.65 MB, 614x432, 906ec28adfa9fd33614134938c16d9…)

No. 1602946

File: 1659243582931.gif (Spoiler Image,10.73 MB, 694x442, 647de9cfad6cbac726a81ee5383447…)

"I love EYEFUCKING dudes, I love letting them know I'm DTF and I'm a FREAK"

No. 1602947

File: 1659243726442.png (Spoiler Image,738.43 KB, 763x521, 4bea1aa8ad15350737d25f1a27e347…)

Shes talking about Vivi aka "That girls I have huge problems with now"

No. 1602949

What did she say?

No. 1602951

File: 1659244101134.png (494.74 KB, 665x418, 612c2dc319463a221e8ef8d9e662b2…)

So she hasnt actually quit weed, she says she used to take 12 dabs a day now she just hits a pen every once and a while

No. 1602952

I thought she was about to rant about her but she starting talking about all the sex toys she flew with to "that girl she has huge problems with"

No. 1602953

File: 1659244295715.png (7.75 KB, 554x27, afe505e58645ff67a74165d4840109…)

"Aw you called me petite! I dont feel very petite but thank you"

No. 1602977

Also has not fucked in over a year

No. 1602997

File: 1659246256671.jpeg (Spoiler Image,442.78 KB, 1170x870, 61FD768E-2900-4018-BA2A-F10EAE…)

Even did the fucking count down on cam (I joined right at the end so I didn’t get to record) and her camera quality sucked

No. 1603016

But apparently let some ugly guy from the internet rail her with her head in the toilet?

No. 1603019

I wonder if this was the sex she claimed to have over a year ago or if that was a lie and this is recent. Or if it happened at all, I think making up stories of degrading sex is something sex workers use to hook in their weird clients since it portrays them as a megaslut

No. 1603036

God she’s fat, that disgusting beer gut is rock solid, it looks like it hurts. I don’t understand how people can give so few fucks about their bodies, it’s really not that hard to not be a lardass

No. 1603040

Her arms are bigger than my legs, no exaggeration, but >>1602953 uwu so petite
Tinfoil but what if it was Sully Hill aka Sol Salvatore the groomer, rapist and troon fucker who is living in the US illegally

No. 1603051

She looks like an actual hag. Like this Great Value Hocus Pocus ass looking bitch wtf

No. 1603078

Johns probably ask any whore for their id to avoid getting caught up with minors. Not because he actually believed she was. Just as a precaution. I mean pathetic to pay for sex and sex acts, but smart enough to make sure theyre not underaged. Does she think a bar checking her id means they think shes so uwu barely legal? No, because it's just protocol.

No. 1603088

I misinterpreted your comment “I joined in”

No. 1603090

she needs friends asap

i knew she didnt actually quit, i fucking knew it

that came up really awkward like she was starting to tell it and u could see in her face that it was something she didnt have to share. i think its obvious that she lies so she can keep her delusion of bimbo princess and to cope with the fact that shes doing unwanted sex work online and irl.

the skirt was about to explode and it wasnt even at the waist, she really is cursed with this fridget body, but shes looking like a two doors now.

No. 1603123

kekkkk thank you for capturing the essence of shaynus retardus maximus so perfectly. downie mattel

No. 1603125

sex work is so empowering uwu

No. 1603130

she could be talking about the guy with the foreskin she sucked off on video in OK or fupa

No. 1603132

Looks like she has a dick in this one

No. 1603157

So she's really just going around cooch out, tits hanging and eye-fucking every dude she sees and STILL can't get laid? topkek

No. 1603166

File: 1659263197014.webm (Spoiler Image,5.35 MB, 874x478, Doughy Mattel Dolly Manteca .w…)


No. 1603168

Regardless of her shape she’s just a bloated, greasy pig, she has completely ruined herself. She had such a nice body type (very slim, small boobs, small ass) beforehand and she destroyed it all with alcohol, garbage food, laziness, extreme lack of hygiene and overall degeneracy

No. 1603169

File: 1659263291718.webm (Spoiler Image,3.15 MB, 852x478, Kneading Herself-.webm)

No. 1603170

File: 1659263380882.webm (Spoiler Image,11.08 MB, 852x478, Shayna Leigh Clifford is a Slu…)

> It’s very toxic but I love possessiveness.
> I love people knowing that I’m a slut.
> I love going anywhere and flirting with old ass men […] I love old ass man knowing I’m into them.

No. 1603172

She’s so fucking nasty. All scrotes are disgusting but old ones are utterly repellant

No. 1603181

Imagine being so fucked up you’d film this and act like people recording it to laugh at you is somehow wrong? She expects to be paid for this world of embarrassment, of course we’re going to laugh. It’s hilarious to see.
Fuck off womack. She lives in filth, her clothes are unwashed and so is she. Enjoying laughing at the degredation of an ugly smelly woman who encourages pedophilia is not obsessing, being a pedo who pays her to pretend to be a child being raped by her brother is. Kill yourself please and thanks.

No. 1603182

File: 1659265058071.webm (Spoiler Image,4.09 MB, 852x478, Sober Mattel.webm)

(Bonus video)
> Used to smoke 12 dabs a day
> Currently hits a pen once very 3 days

No. 1603186

Plus she has even admitted several times that she doesn’t bathe. Not that she needs to admit it, she is visibly fucking rancid; covered in oil and pork sweat, brown, furry teeth, makeup caked on her acne, literal shit on her ass, not to mention the mayochup and the yeast chunks in her pimply snatch. All her pictures are pictures you can smell

No. 1603214

honestly nonnies, computer components become outdated so quickly. she definitely would get maybe $500 for that heap of junk now. and i doubt the computer was maxed out to begin with.

No. 1603218

and look where this type of behaviour gets you:

- Boyfriend or Longterm Partner: Nope
- Stable income: Nope

- Have to become prostitute to make ends meet: Yup
- Have to target old pedophiles and ugly aging fetishists as no guy your age wants you: Yup

No. 1603251

File: 1659272284344.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.94 KB, 661x1028, Screenshot_20220731-055436_GIF…)

God damn, she is one big bitch. I feel like you can actually see in her eyes when the deluded self-preservation kicks in after she sees her fat through the camera and tries to smile through the pain.

No. 1603259

She let those anons talking about her tiny weight loss gas her up too much. Looks like she gained most of that shit back kek.

No. 1603269

As gross as it is I don’t know why she doesn’t brand herself as chubby even throw herself into BBW (lower end) tags and stuff. Chubby girls and landwhales make money.

No. 1603275

I think so as well, I feel that’s why she turns around so much while “dancing”
Ego, a lot of things Shayna doesn’t do that sort of make sense come down to her having a giant ego.

No. 1603293

this is definitely a dab pen battery not a nicotine vape btw

No. 1603294

also her genetics finally kicked in. she peaked in high school with her teen body, and thought it would last. this is what she really looks like and will for a long while.

No. 1603297


Nah, it's weird of him to ask and weird of her to comply. Why would you just hand off all of your personal info, address etc to some trick? Beyond stupid, he could easily use it to find her family then extort her for more sex under the threat of blackmail. Or just show up at her apartment, anything. She doesn't look 17, this wasn't necessary and isn't standard. I'm sure she didn't see HIS ID because he knows better than to let whores get too close and risk tipping his upper hand.

No. 1603307

Her family already knows what she does. Scrotes have sent her grandma screenshots of her disgusting videos. Her own brother disowns her irl according to one local anon . But yeah I agree she’s an idiot. She could have just verified and gave him her onlyfans since you have to your show ID and face pic to have an account.

No. 1603320

File: 1659279462193.jpeg (99.73 KB, 558x1024, 997581AE-7B39-4813-9233-F55F51…)

Her stomach is so wide

No. 1603322

File: 1659279500346.jpeg (103.01 KB, 558x1024, DB682F47-A998-49C8-A66D-8FEC3C…)

No. 1603325

I agree, expecially when she herself doesn’t screen her clients or ask for ID or income or anything. she lets Johns into her home with no prior screening, and just gives them her personal information. I think a 5 year old
knows more about personal safety than she does.

No. 1603334

she looks pregnant

No. 1603336

she looks like a pregnant woman working at that scottish knock off of hooters …..

No. 1603350

omg did she really post this? kek i cant stop thinking she looks like a fat football fan drinking beer shirtless kek she makes those noises after sipping her drink thinking shes being cute but come off as your local fat beer lover.

No. 1603351

She’s not, these are lies she tells her dumb coomers

No. 1603377

I've seen plenty of 40 year olds that don't look both greasy and dried out at the same time. Most they have is crows feet and fine lines. Shayna just has lot lizard skin. My boss is 70 and while she has wrinkles, she also has fresh moisturized skin.

No. 1603415

I swear she only plays 4 songs max. It's all stuff you would find on a jukebox at a boomer or gen x dive bar.

No. 1603418

When does Shat ever go to the bar? She drinks alone in her house most evenings.

No. 1603439

File: 1659285755854.jpeg (555.15 KB, 828x987, 8C94B088-7FED-4577-BE33-D8BDB6…)

She said she will be getting on cam every Saturday from now on (yeah right) she downed 4 white claws in total

No. 1603445

File: 1659286027846.jpg (267.66 KB, 944x641, b94121982e373e71bb45b60da36068…)

It was a nicotine vape, she just added another addiction to her roster. However she did admit to still hitting a dab pen one and a while

No. 1603449

File: 1659286223247.png (784.38 KB, 546x972, 2022-07-31T09-43-47.png)

No. 1603450

> she did admit to still hitting a dab pen one and a while
Excuse you, that is “once every 3 days” per >>1603182 but we all know Shayna is a liar.

No. 1603452

Her skin “suddenly” has so much texture. She looks so much worse than she’s ever looked. Is alcohol really that numbing?

No. 1603465

File: 1659286777977.gif (7.82 MB, 462x828, ca81d6acc4472eb7bb2bd20a3b1152…)

Its funny how even the ugliest photos she posts are subtly edited. you wouldnt think twice because theyre still so bad. Snapchat >>1603449 vs Twitter >>1603322

No. 1603477

I knew it was idk why that Anon was trying to correct me. If it was a dab pen she would have been coughing

No. 1603488

Kek she should have cropped out her wide ass torso. Double door refrigerator

No. 1603490

Do we actually know how she managed to be so skinny back then? I know she was (allegedly) bulimic but bulimia isn't exactly known to keep people thin

Her voice always catches me off guard

No. 1603492

my bad i didnt watch the stream and from the gifs/screenshots posted it looked like one of those big ass batterys with a cart at the top… has she ever smoked cigarettes before? i know she smoked blunts but going from no nicotine to vaping suddenly is sort of weird. does ellen smoke?

No. 1603496

Your metabolism changed a lot when you’re no longer a teenager. Plus she probably ate a lot less as a lazy bitch who doesn’t cook before door dash came around

No. 1603521

She said on stream Ellen got her the vape in order to help her with quitting weed

No. 1603577

I know she plays up this "omg old men are so hot" because she came from Tumblr and has to cater to boomer coomers to keep her lights empowered, but it's obvious she's not actually into that. And like she used to act like Fupa was old and hes like in his 30s? Like yeah hes older than Shaynus and is literally a dad (gross) but I remember she would always play that up and it's retarded because she seems to think old men = anyone older than her. When most people think of old men they think 55+ but she would never get with a dude older than 40 I bet. Her type is clearly soy boy "dAdDy" that's the only type she would actually willingly fuck. Even if the "Dad" "partner" she had now is assumed in his late 30s or early 40s, she's clearly not into him more than just for boast posting about stupid shit and mooching what she can and just letting him finger and bite her. Shes not actually into him or Ellen and thats obvious. She still pines for Fupaul types.

No. 1603584

Ironically I think she looks way worse from the back. Her hank hill ass and wide shoulders and back are so bad. Yeah shes got a life jacket of fat/fupa shelf in the front and her tits are wonky, but I feel like sometimes her tits look ok and she just doesn't look as massive as she does from the side or back. And honestly wearing the skirt belt and poor fitted top make her look fatter than her just being naked if you compare. Which is why we always say if she just bought the correct size, she wouldnt look as noticeably bad all the time. Nothing can fix her face and she's still a chunky tub of melted butter,but…

No. 1603612

she’s the type of coddled dumbass that “only smokes when im stressed” but even the slightest of inconveniences will trigger their “stress”. She is 100% type to claim she -needs- sometimes to overcome an issue or feeling (“i actually need a hit after that” “i need a shot or i cant do it” “i need to order that or ill starve”)

No. 1603625

ellen is a fucking retard then. its 2022 and there’s hundreds of healthier ways to help quit an addiction or habit that doesnt involve starting another one. nicotine is way harder to quit than weed.

No. 1603629

all people are thin in their teens (unless youre a certified fatass), and if she took care of herself her natural build is slim. also its very common for teens who start abusing weed or cigarettes im their teens really thin out until eventually they fuck over their metabolism or are too high to realize the same habits they had in their early youth as slowly making them fatter

No. 1603630

I think she's now back to around the same size she was during her fattest. The infamous hank hill ass camshow picture looks exactly like she did last night

No. 1603672

Those hazel caramel eyes

No. 1603681

File: 1659292681708.jpeg (971.93 KB, 2806x3013, 35486481-F87F-464E-9D90-C5BA83…)

the four horsemen of the apocalypse

No. 1603704

File: 1659293417931.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 3465x3233, AAD410A2-038B-4B25-9038-574476…)

Shaynus cam show autism

No. 1603706

JFC I had no idea it was THIS bad… makes me want to hop on a bike and only eat celery for a week.

No. 1603717



No. 1603718

Shayna and Luna are the only cows you can walk away from for two weeks, come back and they've somehow doubled in size. It's insane. She's going to get the beetus before she hits 30.

No. 1603730

File: 1659294606550.gif (Spoiler Image,17.15 MB, 606x762, 02e82d0f5f14c343dcdb73c359ae04…)

I think you're right, top gif was from that infamous cam show last year where she was arguably at her biggest, bottom was last night

No. 1603748

God if she wanted to go that route she could at least go the non-nicotine route… they make vape juice without it.

No. 1603751

her fat distribution is so tragically male it's actually funny

No. 1603753

I think she must have some sort of food addiction issue, it isn’t normal to grow that quickly

No. 1603757

She doesn’t leave her house she’s bound to gain weight if she doesn’t walk daily and just eats whatever she wants all day.
Ellen is an idiot. She still hasn’t fully quit so that didn’t work!

No. 1603766

Wow so much for losing all that weight from barfing and her family trip. She gained it all back and more. I don’t think she was this fat at her heaviest just before leaving Oklahoma. I wonder if she is doubling down on the drinking now that she can’t smoke weed.

No. 1603796

File: 1659300205626.webm (Spoiler Image,2.61 MB, 808x452, bimbo vaaaaaape.webm)

She talked about how her stomach feels so much better now that shes not smoking, so I imagine her apatite has increased a lot. Feeling nauseous all the time and vomiting definitely took a lot of weight off, but thats why not eating is a terrible way to lose weight, when you go back to eating the weight comes back crazy fast.

No. 1603808

She absolutely is doubling down on alcohol. Her tolerance is probably increasing because looks like she's switched to white claw surge. The blue can white claws are the stronger ones (8% vs the normal 5%)

No. 1603817

File: 1659300788731.jpeg (531.99 KB, 1170x1494, 1387C376-1DCF-48D2-ADD3-1EA9B3…)

She literally goes on so many rants about people in the top for OF selling promos and tweeting people. Now she wants in on it cause her stats are falling

No. 1603830

Too bad her content sucks and all looks the same. She really believes in quantity over quality.

No. 1603881

Same anon. I have been watching feeder/gainer content (don’t judge me, I just really like train wrecks) and Shayna’s pace is similar to those intentionally gaining weight by eating massive quantities

No. 1603886

Yet the Romans had little to no genetic impact on the English, so would be pretty tough for us to ‘descend’ from them… American grasp on European history continues to be weak af

No. 1603892

File: 1659305446112.jpeg (247.02 KB, 828x672, 497B92C9-7112-4D58-95E8-FC9D67…)

No. 1603906

the fact that she writes like this unironically

No. 1603917

stream yourself cleaning your house, then get a job

No. 1603933

>guests have been temporarily muted by the model
Good she needs to do this more often to stop the retarded cowtippers.

No. 1603935

unfortunately they make accounts, she always has them muted.

No. 1603937

KEK anons pls

No. 1603945

File: 1659310862485.jpeg (461.29 KB, 1655x2048, 909C2CF2-92DD-45BA-A63C-192281…)

Her tongue’s edges wtf

No. 1603948

File: 1659310931200.jpeg (527.5 KB, 1770x2047, 916A3730-D438-46EC-A4E7-15D4B8…)

Dolly Manteca, with the chola headband.

No. 1603952

File: 1659311116704.jpeg (918.63 KB, 1242x1593, 7C1178DF-6F9F-428F-B608-1294F1…)

This “top” looks like a crusty old wash cloth. Kek It’s way too small for her and doesn’t even look like it’s suppose to be an under boob shirt

No. 1603958

File: 1659311229349.jpeg (639.44 KB, 1242x1133, C9A42A57-E89A-4FAA-BB00-084F6B…)

No. 1603959

What does that ,ean brine alcoholic tongue?

No. 1603962

her tongue is disgusting. it looks like she has thrush or mouth sores.

No. 1603964

KEK, her tongue is as crinkled as a ruffles chip

No. 1603977

shes so sad. like if she just worked out more and lost weight she could probably double her income even just putting out a couple vids a month + commissions

No. 1603981

Sometimes I wonder if Shayna wasn’t so fat and took better care of herself physically if she’d get as much hate on here as she does. She’s still a pedopandering mess but like half of the thread would be gone if it wasn’t for all of the body shaming.

No. 1603982

She did not look this dark on cam. Is she editing herself to look more tan?

No. 1603984

Even in her skinny days there was so much to make threads about

No. 1603986

It’s called a scalloped tongue

No. 1603987

She'd still be a pedopandering whore, so yeah she'd still be hated on here. There would just be less low hanging fruit for the summerfags.

No. 1604003

File: 1659314154854.jpg (84.6 KB, 720x535, Screenshot_20220731-202838_Sam…)

I STG, this is brought up every every thread. She has scalloped tongue because she's a disgusting degen who doesn't take care of herself. All of the boxes are checked.

No. 1604020

Incestuous old man craves his white trash mamacita.

No. 1604031

It's still gnarly and if your tongue looks that bad, you should keep it in your mouth js

No. 1604033

you can also get a scalloped tongue from having a naturally narrow palette. your teeth hit the sides of your tongue constantly and cause imprints. hers looks extra disgusting because it’s caked in white goop like she doesn’t brush at all, and it’s super indented because she’s probably dehydrated. it’s just one of those extra things that adds to her disgusting nature.

No. 1604039

Most things we talk about are also brought up every thread. It looks more intense here, so it was noteworthy

No. 1604040

File: 1659317779416.jpeg (Spoiler Image,203.25 KB, 1095x958, 2E47B67E-6CDA-4AFA-AD17-DFFDFA…)

This is a different cam girl Soy recorded this with but the whole scenario is very suspicious.

No. 1604041

Unfortunately this is not that rare of an action in the fetish community

No. 1604044

Yeah, but I agree it's sus she said that last night and has been sexual with Soy Sully. Not sure if it would be more gross and pathetic if it was him or just some random.

No. 1604048

i mean if shes posting things like >>>/snow/1598106 shes gonna get whats shes asking for. and i know it sounds terrible but shes a sex worker and should have boundaries, but she dont and she appeal to the worst kind of scrotes. shes not a high level bimbo as she think she is, shes just using diapers and too small clothes to get some pennies.

No. 1604049

>body shaming
Go back to Twitter. Shayna has an ugly body even when she was skinny. She just was shaped like hank hill and a gay guy instead of the Michelin Man and a double door fridge. Her skin is crusty and textured. No amount of money will fix bad genes.

No. 1604050

parasocial as feck

No. 1604053

she made a video ages ago talking about how some guy fucked her with her head in the toilet and her fake eyelashes fell off. this was long before Soy and possibly pre-Fupapa. think it was the video where someone paid her to tell the most humiliating things about herself, and she thought it was some coomer so she happily obliged, but it was a farmer instead

No. 1604055

File: 1659319042485.jpeg (286.53 KB, 828x818, F7B266CA-CA06-445C-877E-602C6C…)

I googled to try to find this video, and found this instead. MBTI anons go!

No. 1604058

This is so cringe.

No. 1604063

this is old.

No. 1604069

some of us have jobs, but I searched and couldn’t find this discussed before. correct me if I’m wrong ♥

No. 1604075

Who tf keeps typing like a retard and signs off every comment with a heart

No. 1604081

how many comments have you seen signed with a heart? you sound like a schizo. let’s just keep sperging about her tongue scallops or her wonky tit instead!

No. 1604084

File: 1659321225193.jpeg (758.98 KB, 1170x1535, 6A1AC1E1-AF19-4538-AFB6-4B0938…)

No. 1604088

At first glance I thought Yaniv's face photoshopped into hers actually made her look more attractive… KEK

No. 1604091

>YOU are so different
>you want attention and not just money, so you photograph your boils in HD

No. 1604094

fridgechan you gotta give it a rest(stop )

No. 1604099


No. 1604100

This is embarrassing and she posts the same pictures over and over

No. 1604101

File: 1659323357403.jpeg (Spoiler Image,198 KB, 750x1225, 70E93278-78CA-435D-9204-F8D1A3…)

kek but she doesnt even have a “””thicc””” body? and when she was skinny she had a manly shape, it was still ugly. but whatever anon

No. 1604104

"hey siri, show me pictures of a dying cocker spaniel”
ok >>1604101

No. 1604106

It's okay that you're shaped like a big body benz nonnie.

No. 1604109

Disrespectful to cocker spaniels nonnie

No. 1604124

Nyart, yes it has been discussed before so quit pretending you actually looked and stop with the retarded hearts

No. 1604125

“nyart”? lmao why are you making that sound nona?

her lower half looks necrotic. what is happening?(infighting)

No. 1604154

the bad lighting/filter makes her look like shes in whiteface wtf

No. 1604156

File: 1659331313756.jpeg (857.78 KB, 828x1170, 1D57B0F3-BCFE-4A5A-AD2D-F30E4E…)

Nothing but candy and alcohol

No. 1604157

>dusty pocky boxes as decor

No. 1604158

Not a fruit or vegetable in sight

No. 1604171

I think she has these same sorts of snack boxes as decoration in her cam room

No. 1604173

She’s using the fake Hello Kitty hair claw she bought in Ireland as kitchen decoration, bleak

No. 1604175

I wouldn’t be surprised if she hauls her shit from room to room for the sad * ~ a e s t h e t i c ~ * photos she takes.

No. 1604187


>you can also get a scalloped tongue from having a naturally narrow palette. your teeth hit the sides of your tongue constantly and cause imprints

can confirm, I've had this for years and yes hers looks much worse cause she's allergic to hygiene

This is horrendous and hilarious. Great contender for thread pic

No. 1604196

You can tell this bitch doesn’t cook

No. 1604197

I fucking hate Hello Kitty (and all cutesy/pink/kids shit in general) but the fact that this is the kitchen of a grown ass woman who lives alone is profoundly depressing, the kitchen should be the heart of the home, where you make beautiful meals for your friends ang family, this is beyond bleak
Using boxes of food as “decor” just WHY
What aesthetic would that be, fat retard-core?

No. 1604201

She doesn’t even eat proper food, only processed garbage

No. 1604202

probably fake because she knows how ugly she is without a filter and wants to make it seem like its something desirable

No. 1604205

I think it’s probably real but the fact she posted it means she doesn’t get that sort of message regularly

No. 1604207

>all wanna make money and do nothing
And Shaynus is different how, exactly?
And filtered up fuck (not that it even matters because her crusty, pimply ass skin is still visible)

No. 1604215

She has said in the past that she used to not eat. When she was living in her old Seattle studio apartment she straight up couldn’t afford food, she didn’t even have a bed or any furniture. Her weight gain skyrocketed when she moved in with Fupa because suddenly she had enough disposable income to order doordash every day and he would take her out for burgers and shit all the time. She was only skinny in the past because she was a teen,and then for a little while because she was poor, but it caught up to her fast.

No. 1604223

Surely she makes even less money now than when she was supposedly too poor to afford though, saying she couldn’t afford food might have just been a cover for starving herself

No. 1604244

Yes and no. Half of lolcow as a whole is weight sperging but you're saying that like there wasn't already threads on her when she was skinny. Shayna actually isn't that milky anymore and I agree that a lot of her thread is weight spergs, but don't pretend she wouldn't be a cow without the weight

No. 1604260

I think her weight just amplifies her cowishness because she deludes herself that she’s such a high class luxury baby bimbo all while looking and behaving like a fat special needs lot lizard

No. 1604311

sage for retard but she’s core 4>2

No. 1604321

Shayna acknowledges her weight though. She's made relatively recent tweets thanking people for making her feel good as chubby bimbo or something, it would have been posted in one of the recent enough threads. I think the actual milk from her weight is that she has no idea how to work with it. Someone in the Lillee thread made a very good point about having women who are overweight but still very attractive and well put together because they understand how to dress themselves. I think Shayna refusing to even try it is actually kinda milky just because her outfits are consistently funny

No. 1604339

Haha yep this.
Am a grown ass woman with an 'asthetic' matching kitchen and pride of place is a wall of racks with utensils and spices, a quality wooden chopping board and a multifunction food processor…
Shaynus clearly doesn't cook cause those kitchen photos show a bunch of impractical crap.
As someone who loves to cook am also stumped that she gains so much weight without enjoying to cook for herself…
Must be the alcohol.
Sage for blogposting

No. 1604349

If she was thin there'd still be weight sperging because most of this site are self loathing projecting anachans. Weight sperging on lolcow is as natural as rain in april

No. 1604362

lmao the contrast between all this cheap pink garbage and the default kitchen. not a single one of those utensils looks like it has seen any use. lugubrious.

No. 1604377


Nyart= not (the) anon you're replying too. At least try and learn the lingo if you're going to try and epically own someone anon on a basket weaving forum.

No. 1604386

>The plushies stacked up like it's a preteen girls vanity

Yeah this bitch maybe cooks once a month. And it's microwaveable meals at that

No. 1604402

came here to say this. no one who uses their kitchen even just bi-weekly would want this much shit standing around collecting dust. disgusting, imagine her cooking pasta sauce and it splattering on all that shit. i can't with shatnus

No. 1604405

>As someone who loves to cook am also stumped that she gains so much weight without enjoying to cook for herself…
Weight control is easier when you cook for yourself because you are able to select the exact ingredients and portions. Packaged food companies and take out restaurants are more concerned about their food tasting good, being cheap to produce and providing big portions for perceived value for money so people will buy more. Learning how to make some basic healthy meals would save her money and would slow down her weight gain but she's too lazy and retarded to follow a recipe.

No. 1604409

I think you mean nayrt …

No. 1604442

File: 1659372339925.jpeg (592.46 KB, 811x1453, 57F46768-DDBF-4768-A1B5-0E14D7…)

No. 1604449

You’re not supposed to put soft plush toys in the kitchen on the counter lmfao gross I’ve never seen anyone do that in my life, if she did cook she’d get rid of all that ugly plastic toy crap in favor of more counter space which is also easier to clean.

No. 1604452

Is that the only gif greyhair knows

No. 1604475

one thing is what she can tweet about, and other is covering your gut with shitty skirts and ranting about others girls just having to “smile and be thin” to get what she doesnt even showing her entire asshole. if she was good with it she will be showing her body naked and body checks all the time like when she was skinny, and finally, the bending pose for photos and the editing on her arms, waist and sometimes legs.
she wanna pretend shes cute with her baby belly tee-hee when in reality thats just a single dad beer gut.

but she is not a “weight control” kinda gal so obviously if she did actually cook herself she would be like AmberLynn now.

No. 1604478

Her kitchen has no theme. Just pink garbage and snacks as decor. The pink don’t even match and look so cheap.

No. 1604480

Ew why is she calling herself baby. At first I thought she was talking about an actual infant. Nasty pedo

No. 1604485

File: 1659375393043.jpeg (530.14 KB, 1242x941, ED39675C-E84E-4B71-B42C-E7779D…)

She hates other women. I find it milky and hilarious to see how fat Shayna gets. She deserves it for being a misogynistic pig. She’s so bitter. Reminds me of when she backhandedly complimented Zendaya when she was trending for being gorgeous. If you can’t get 100 likes on your nudes after making this your career you should quit…

No. 1604488

"i say good for her"
really because the rest of your post says otherwise.

No. 1604492

honestly after 5 years of sex work and 30k followers on twitter, shes still asking for OF promo lol

No. 1604495

zendaya also isn't just popular because she's pretty. she's talented and has made something of herself. (i guess shayna doesn't know how that feels.)

No. 1604507

This is honestly a horrible situation to be in as a e-whore. This has been said before but the unpopular girls who put out immediately out of desperation can never actually expand their fanbase because, well, the entire pussy and asshole is there from day 1. This is why theyre all so mad at the top 1% of OF whores. Because they are model type women who post bikini pics and have massive scrote fanbases who follow and invest for the opportunity to see a flash of nipple. Its all about stringing moids along and giving them hope

No. 1604520

File: 1659379485801.jpeg (453.42 KB, 1170x1260, E8ED430A-B747-4799-9626-9FD182…)

We’ll see

No. 1604531

I love how she won't take any fucking pointers from Zendaya and how she got to the level of fame and instead just bitches and continues to post pictures of her "whole ass pussy" expecting a different result. Like I dunno honey, make notes?

No. 1604535

Zendayas secret is that shes classy and refuses to debase herself. Shes very dignified. A lot of extremely popular female celebs are so popular because they refuse to sell themselves short. Shaynus lost before it even began because being undignified is in her nature

No. 1604540

not entirely true because some of the top 0.1% sell custom content to scrotes where they do the most deranged shit ever like eating their own shit or getting punched black and blue

No. 1604542

Honestly, I would enjoy a Shayna cooking saga. Sexual mukbangs are a thing and part of me just wants to see what she would cook and the N2F level of culinary skill kek

No. 1604547

I miss N2F and her raw sewage looking hot chocolate with skinny sauce. Shayna could never be so endearing.

No. 1604552


What pointers could she realistically take from Zendaya outside of bathing daily? Shayna already lost the game of life, and she doesn't even know it. unlike the rest of us who have the potential to grow, even from painful mistakes, Shayna hit her peak. And she hit in in highschool which is just extra sad considering she's not even 30 yet.

Even if she turns her life around completely, she'll never reach her true potential because her past is too much for a reasonable person to overlook. for employment, friendship, love. Anyone who's not a narcissistic abuser wouldn't want anything to do with a girl who's got peeing in diaper porn attached to her real name and face.

No. 1604553

No fucking way…that is so against ToS their account would be deleted instantly. And you're not allowed to arrange offsite deals, OF polices that shit really hard. This is just not true at all

No. 1604557

N2Fs lingerie pics + mirror selfies banging a guy outweigh Shayna in sex appeal and the fact N2F works makes her more valuable to society

No. 1604559

I'm sure a e-whore and a coombrained scrote can coordinate a Skype session/dropbox/whatever without OF caring. Unless you're implying that OF monitors all messages on their platform and acts without an account being reported or something

No. 1604561

File: 1659383802502.jpeg (249.93 KB, 828x898, 96213E7A-E535-4AE5-BD68-B357C5…)

Ellen’s gonna snap

No. 1604574

They’re right though. Lots of the 1% OF chicks just post bikini lingerie pics without showing their entire body. They take advantage of their clout and go from influencer to model. Like bhad bhabie for example. She doesn’t post nudes just semi sexual pictures and she made 1 million in a day. Shayna sells her full whale body for $3.

No. 1604582

Waiting for Ellen not being able to take Shay’s shit anymore and then Shay’s typical “I was abused” tweets

No. 1604583

Time to get the popcorn.

No. 1604588

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. OF does monitor all messages, no reports needed. Obvs there are workarounds - using coded language for example - but OF is really good at detecting that. I guess technically degrading shit (pun intended) could be arranged offsite via email or social media dms & then tipped for on OF, but that's still risky af. I'm sure some top .1% girls are doing that, I just don't think it's particularly common at all.

No. 1604612

Shayna just the typical depressed person, who knows her flaws but won't fix them. However, unlike most depressed people, Shayna thinks DESPITE her flaws she's entitled to fame, love, admiration and devotion. Every other day she has to remind people she's a "Caring good person" and "I'm not like those sex workers constantly calling people out, teehee, let me call them out while complaining about them being negative teehee".
She's female chris chan, except her "Sonichu" is "Dolly Mattel". Her made up world, is the uglies she surrounds herself with, so she can feel the least ugly and most desired. The merge will happen when she finally changes her name to Dolly Mattel and rejects all reality completely.

No. 1604630

is ellen jacob sockness?

No. 1604635

the way to success seems to be to either do rather tame content and slightly ramp up over time or do very very extreme niche fetishes not many people are willing to engage in. like dedicated feederism. feeders throw money at feedees because theyre rare. Shayna is doing neither. Shes in mediocrity limbo

No. 1604638


She's not pretty enough to get away with tame content and she thinks she's too pretty to do shit like feederism.

When she was a thin Tumblr famous stoner chick, she should have tried to be a YouTube weed influencer. She had enough clout, and she was a skinny white girl who looked good in grunge. She could have played up her pickmeism and used her raspy ass voice to be a "cool girl" type.

But, she's stupid so she caved and decided sex work was a better fit for her. Even though she hates it. Her parents probably would have supported her anyway, especially if they knew it was either delulu daughter who videotapes herself smoking 'O's for teenagers vs delulu daughter who videotapes herself peeing in her backyard for pedophiles. So she didn't have the typical "I was doing it for survival" angle that some SW have.

No. 1604642

Unpopular opinion, but Shayna would've ended up like this anyway. I think all timelines ends up with her being this size and miserable. The one thing consistent in Shayna's story is the need for attention, laziness and being entitled. She'd probably be in a walmart fucking the manager and getting into drama. Or in college, with a bad rep, failing and being the talk of the town. Or someone's baby mother. Either way, she'd still be chubby, an alcoholic/weedhead & she'd probably still hooked up with Ellen or Fupaul.

No. 1604643

It’s two letters switched I think most nonnies can conclude they mean the same thing

No. 1604665

think smaller nonnie.

she literally points out how Zendaya keeps her clothes on and gets more attention than her. she could make some simple ass changes based on this observation like stop showing her whole ass genitals for free. she could see that zendaya has some sort of talent in life, so she could develop any sort of hobby to make herself more interesting and maybe make real friends. and yes, she could also see that bathing and the slightest amount of effort into her skin and body could increase her popularity.

but nah, she'd rather just tweet about while stuffing goldfish down her neck hole in between sips of alcohol.

No. 1604668

Forgot to mention… if she actually took 6-12 months off to just focus on herself and her body she could come back and not show her stink holes off for free and gain a new following of people who havent seen her "new body". who cares if old noods are out, coomers want and will pay for fresh content to jerk their poodle to.

No. 1604671

yeah most of these girls will age out around 30 and blame it on survival and move on with some kids and a hubby. shanya is gonna sink with this ship and end alone and probably on heroin

No. 1604673

Who is this person, I get a lot of random things when I search n2f

No. 1604676

she doesnt get shit on enough for tag teaming with the fugliest fucking girl she could find: Ellen.

No. 1604686

And how would she have an income for a year off? Kek. She has no drive or any hope really to improve on a small scale and you fanfic her taking a year off to get in shape (which btw even when she was skinny she didnt have a hot bod) and work on herself to then come back just to go right back into sex work?? And you think she could pull income to make that worth it off her theorertically slightly improved looks and wondeful, bubbly, loving personality? Being another year older in an oversaturated dead end sex work internet world?
Come on nonnie
It would take more than a year to fix her weed and porn fried brain and a lot of dedication and money on her appearance and I'd hope that at that point she would not still think SW is the thing for her. But again, its all fanfic that would never actually happen.

No. 1604687

a bulimic cow from the proana thread

No. 1604695

File: 1659393450293.jpeg (385 KB, 1242x1304, 84A286A0-C9FB-45D6-A641-5F5B8A…)

Every day is a chill day with this fat lazy bitch.

No. 1604697

File: 1659393523547.jpeg (413.18 KB, 1242x1170, 961534FB-5FEB-4079-997E-75CD98…)

The way they talk to each other like daughter and father makes my stomach churn

No. 1604706

i hate you newfriend

No. 1604712

This was already posted >>1604520 but thanks for sharing again

No. 1604733

File: 1659396508975.jpeg (198.69 KB, 828x728, D5AEED20-E632-44F4-AF60-7480C1…)

I wish I could find these alleged posts talking shit about her

No. 1604737

Damn, it's just one after another with her recently. I wonder what is setting her off so much? It doesn't seem like anyone is talking about her

No. 1604744

why would scrotes care about bitches calling some piggy out?
Shayna, if other girls got likes and retweet’s it isn’t because of you, you are not some Belle Dolphin or whatever. You’ve been doing sex work for years and still a nobody.

No. 1604745

I honestly have no idea, I hope someone can find it, even when the call out posts were going around she wasn’t this bothered

No. 1604757

Might be thinking too much into it but I feel like she tries to use music her old man fans will like.

No. 1604763

releasing a video is not a productive day. It takes like maybe ten clicks of a button or taps of your finger. Just fucking cam more? what else are you possibly doing with your day? what is there to possibly lose?

No. 1604766

File: 1659399684342.jpeg (537.17 KB, 1170x1555, 177C6EF2-331E-4A58-990A-E50865…)

And then claim abuse

No. 1604771

this just reads as, “please give me attention. I don’t care if it’s negative attention. I need it or I will kill myself.”

No. 1604772

that’s exactly what setting her off; the fact that people aren’t talking about her and she’s getting barely any interaction.

No. 1604778

Willing to bet money she only picked this because it's Lana Del Reys MBTI type and Shaynus thinks she is the ewhore version of LDR despite having absolutely nothing in common with her. That MBTI personality sounds nothing like shaytard anyway

No. 1604784

She didn’t make that someone else did

No. 1604786

>stink holes
>jerk their poodle
anon you're killing me

No. 1604787

when's the last time she even talked about LDR? It can't be recently.
I don't think she sees herself as a LDR copy, I think she sees herself as a y2k playboy bunny bimbo or something. Not a specific person but an archetype. And she doesn't even try to fit it properly.

No. 1604793

All her interests are just doing what everyone else is doing. She had no genuine hobbies she is interested in. Smoking weed was to be cool in HS and just became a coping mechanism/habit. Ddlg pink bullshit was just trending on tumblr so she followed the trend. Now she’s trying to follow the bimbo y2k look. Even though blonde hair doesn’t make someone look like a Barbie. She’s literally white walmart trash

No. 1604794

>>1604452 apparently. yes.
>>1604485 lmao bitch thinks that zendaya and her are even in the same page.

No. 1604800

File: 1659405784479.png (265.84 KB, 1204x778, FZHrgYfUIAIIUmH.png)

Did Ellen send this to her

No. 1604801

Cause it’s cheap as fuck, being a discount shouldn’t be a flex

No. 1604802

Or Jason R Womack

No. 1604805

that’s not really a compliment

No. 1604814

File: 1659408299311.jpeg (259.81 KB, 1206x1236, 209068FE-5D39-43B6-BCE2-13003F…)

If I was Ellen I’d be so upset. She hates women idk why she pretends Ellen is her girlfriend.

No. 1604823

If I were Ellen I would feel angry

No. 1604827

File: 1659409281783.jpeg (312.82 KB, 828x1048, 715F0113-89E9-4DF0-AB43-2BB2E1…)

God damn she’s been so thirsty for a new Fupa lately

No. 1604840

Could you imagine the infection on that tattoo because of her poor hygiene, Luna saga incoming.

No. 1604848

"Bubblegum bimbo" just because she wears mismatched pinks and pretends to be a slut doesnt make her that. Her style is best described as ~special needs trailer trash~ really. Also like how she thirsts for tattooed soy boys but then will be like "omg old guys I want a sugar daddy old man to let me sit on his lap" like pick a lane you fucking idiot. I know shes desperate to reach any coomer she can scrape out of the bottom of the barrel but its obvious she doesn't like girls or old guys. She wants cringey dudes that will do everything for her that are alt lite.

No. 1604853

File: 1659412354136.jpeg (228.67 KB, 1170x808, D72FEFF1-E030-4B32-BF16-7527CF…)

Idk which is worse: the people who interact with her on twitter or the people who interact with her on tumblr

No. 1604854

What’s worse is that she reblogged that comment

No. 1604855

Idk anon I'd say mismatched pinks and griminess sounds just like chewed up bubblegum bimbo shit kek

No. 1604860

Like bubblegum thats been melted to the sidewalk and stepped on for years maybe.

No. 1604871

she's afraid of "just sitting there not getting tipped" when that literally a giant part of the job? she's so fucking entitled to think camming is just a constant stream of tips or else you're failing. she's just fucking lazy and self conscious about what a heffer she's become.

No. 1604882

In the Shayna-verse, everything is like a crunchy crusty porn set. She thinks that every man wants a barbie bimbo who dresses like a sissy and whose shaped like one too. A woman who wears diapers and acts like a baby online. She thinks whenever people see her with an "Old man" they think, "Wow, she must be 14 or something? Or his daughter? She looks so young! She gotta be his sugar baby, she looks so spoiled!!!"
and that if she's seen with some Soyboy with tats they think, "Oh wow, look at that super hot Goth boy, with this bubble gum pink bimbo baby slut in a wrinkled tennis skirt with crusty lips and two ponytails, oh wow..what a sight! Look at how opposites attract! They are going to do BDSM, wow so hot, i'm so jelly!!".
Whats so funny to me is a lot of the "men" Shayna want, don't respect her but Shayna doesn't respect them either. She knows they want sex and they don't care WHAT she really wants. As long as they can get sex, that she'll give them anyway to not be alone.
It's porn brain/main character brain. She thinks everyone is watching her & thinking the dumb ass comments she gets from womack.

No. 1604890

Ellen also doesn't like women and only lives for male attention. They are just two fat, lonely women who use their "relationship" as a way of appealing to scrotes. I think one of the reasons Shay has been sperging out about dick lately is that Ellen is getting some and she isn't.

No. 1604900

What makes it all the more bleak is that moids have no standards and will fuck anything but Shaynus STILL can’t get any. Sad!

No. 1604902

Of she is getting it during her “irl sex work sessions”, aka prostituting, and is hyper aware just how much she prefers the Fupapas and Soyboys following these sessions

No. 1604905

I was thinking about Shayna’s main character syndrome while I was at the mall yesterday (I go to the same mall as her and had just passed her Build-a-Bear shop). I noticed that people tend to glance at me while we passed, and I too tended to glance at people and just look at people out of curiosity. For her, I bet anytime someone looks at her, she gets an ego boost and assumes they are checking her out or jealous, thinking about what a hot baby jumbo she is

(my phone autocorrected “bimbo” as “jumbo” but it seemed appropriate)

No. 1604925

I’m surprised she hasn’t been sperging about the cringey old guy on tiktok who posts tattooed third traps to Lana del Rey to try and get teens. Thankfully most people are calling him out but he seems right up her ally

No. 1604939

LMAO she’s so delusional, no actual young alt dude with tattoos would be seen dead with her, she’s too ugly and frumpy and doesn’t fit their aesthetic. Even Fupaul’s fat, hideous, disgusting, degenerate ass was ashamed of her

No. 1604955

Ayrt actually yeah that makes sense. We're seeing less of her most regular scrote these days and I think she likes the fighting since it encourages her remaining scrotes to comfort her. Maybe she'll get one to pity her enough to replace Beardy McPedo

No. 1604956

File: 1659428082817.jpeg (127.39 KB, 750x483, 1634246081496.jpeg)


sperging here but i remember some discussion focused on her taste in men when she was going to LA to film with Sol, she was making horny tweets about frat boys, picrel. i truly wonder if she'll ever hook up with a guy in her age group ever again, it seems unlikely, she has zero avenues to even interact with them bc she doesn't have a job and didn't go to college. idk what exactly it is but i think that she's

1. finally realizing that the 2014 lana del rey tumblr "i love old men" shit isn't trendy or lucrative anymore. i don't think it ever was tbh. going through the "nsfw twt" creators she follows it is really obvious that the popular ones are young and attractive with young, attractive partners. even on non-porn platforms like tiktok, hot young couples with distinct aesthetics are huge. and tbh sex workers on there still fit this mold, none of the "popular" onlyfans tiktokers hang out with crusty old men. visibly old fupa-esque guys like the one described in this post >>1604925 are considered cringe.

2. freaking out because she's aging out of the niche she's attempting to be part of and doesn't have a partner that can drive engagement. she looks so awful now that if she actually had an old man in her videos they would just look like fat ugly swingers trying to spice up their marriage

i think she's been seeing stuff that's reminding her that she hasn't interacted with a attractive guy that's around her age in a long time and also that young guys probably think she's hideous. the fact that she has no peers her age, male or female, is so pathetic and it's also why she's stuck in her ugly 2014 fashion/makeup style… she's not going to stop posting like this until she gets desperate enough to go on tinder and jump on the first zoomer male desperate enough to say yes to her

No. 1604971

Fucking kek as if any frat boy Chads would touch her fat, ugly, greasy, crusty, diseased, degenerate ass with a barge pole. Hideous, fat, smelly old pedophiles and literal retards like Womack and Mike Slack the daughter rapist from Missouri are the best she can do and she knows it

No. 1604975

The sad thing is that if she was just some homely chubby nobody from Pennsylvania (or where is she from?), who DIDN’T have an online diaper-wearing, pedo-pandering, incestual weird sex history, she would have a lot more romantic success with guys her age range

No. 1604977

Even if she wasn’t a degenerate whore I think her style (or rather lack thereof), non-existent hygiene practices and the fact that she looks and acts like sped on day release from the group home every time she leaves the house would put most people off

No. 1605168

File: 1659453439325.jpeg (457.73 KB, 1170x942, F5CFE3DB-6430-4A73-8F1D-E509FA…)

No, what you are is a lazy slob

No. 1605197

>>1605168 yeah because that's what any partner/ spouse wants- someone who sits at home all day doing fuck all. She just makes herself less and less appealing and she doesn't even realise

No. 1605203

I assume she wants a boyfriend/husband so bad because Fupaul has a Finace. Anyway, I hate to say this about a woman and scrotes are NOT the prize but…Why does Shayna think that she can snag a "Rich man" and get this kind of treatment? I'm sorry but rich men have OPTIONS and Shayna would maybe be a one night stand or something. Not something a scrote with money would be like, "Damn, let me wife her up, take care of her". She's just not attractive enough. She's not charming, she doesn't have anything to offer a spouse. I don't get WHY she thinks men with money or even respect for themselves (the few that have it), want a girlfriend like her.
It's not "Cute" it's not "funny", it's weird. She doesn't even like sex and her whole appeal is, "i'll let you do whatever, while I lay here and giggle..ha ha, anal, ha ha". She also sells herself very cheap and in her actual relationship, SHE doesn't require much from them. Fupaul was getting money from her (shayna says), she paid for her own birthday tickets, shit he barely seemed to buy her much.

No. 1605223

i think the tik tok cowtipper got to her tbh shes been asking for dick since that happened, she did the “i got out of my toxic relationship one year ago” the same day kek everybody got better after ending a toxic relationship in like a year, people start to glow again and find themselves but this bitch really out here showing how weak she is.

No. 1605239

You think she’s going for the MGK and Megan Fox thing? The whole nymphet/coquette community on Twitter is pretty into Megan Fox and her and MGKs relationship seems to have a bit of a DDLG component to it. Idk, just a theory.

No. 1605245

Absolutely laughable that Shay thinks she could be a housewife. If her shitty 50 shades of clashing pink decor is anything to go off of, she would be a terrible home maker.
Then again, Alice (the crazy free birth tiktok mom who also has a thread on here) found someone to pay for her to stay home, so who knows.

No. 1605263

My favorite thing about this bitch is how much she tries to twist her utter laziness and lack of drive to do anything into some ~cute & sexy~.
Like when she would type her weird lobotomy or uwu baby "fantasies" it was all about her not having to do anything or make choices. It's so fucking weird and not attractive at all.
Very few people want a partner who contributes and does nothing but sit around all day. And if they are ok with it, it's either because the lazy partner is hot or has a savings or the giving partner is just so damn desperate and ugly with nothing else to give but to provide. Obviously Shay isn't the former, so she'd have to find the later. But then she thinks she's too good for someone like Womack so.

No. 1605276

Crop and make next thread pic? Her face is chefs kiss

No. 1605282

Megan fox may be cringe with MGK but she does not dress like an infant and doesn’t pedo pander. Gross

No. 1605289

File: 1659466072394.jpeg (199.63 KB, 828x1498, B5659130-ED93-4E04-9A24-211E9A…)

Not only does she need to start buying clothing in a larger size but she needs to stop wearing white, that thing is filthy

No. 1605311

Looks like she's trying to get a tan or she's been tanning a lot. I feel she's been mooching off of Ellen's friends/family members pool or something.
That shirt is filthy, but maybe she's applying some kind of tanning lotion or something?

No. 1605313

Shayna Clifford is so, so fucking ugly. Even her name leaves a putrid taste in my mouth. Not just this picture, but every single one recently has been so disgusting to me I just cannot keep it in any longer. She truly has one of the filthiest, most offensive appearance's I have ever seen. Every picture of her appals me. I don't understand how she lives with herself. She exudes the aura of a rotting corpse amid trash and gunk. That is literally her life. Fuck she is so revolting.

No. 1605325

She's tanning. Her decolletage looks wrinkled and freckled. Maybe all the grey skin comments got to her. The real fix is water and less booze but…

No. 1605350

I know she ain’t wearing sunscreen. Her skin is going to age even faster.

No. 1605353

File: 1659470001388.jpeg (506.23 KB, 1242x1545, 2440C54A-5509-4D22-B3F8-964149…)

The edgy black and white ski mask pfp is giving Fupa Perkins vibes

No. 1605359

Seeing as she's sex averse in real life, she wouldn't even provide sex. What she wants is literally to be put in Nordic prison where all she has to do is laze around in a room all day with no job and all meals provided.

No. 1605360

Her shirt is dirt brown. everything she owns always has a layer of filth covering it. Also nice pimple/whitehead under your big ass nose Shaynus

No. 1605365

Literally all of this has been in the back of my mind for years, nonny. Even down to the fact that she had a thing for “old men” when that was hip on tumblr, but the older she gets the older the men necessarily must be to qualify as “old.” There’s no way Shay is legitimately attracted to balding truckers and workmen with alimony payments, she’s just never dated a man her own age. Or woman, for that matter, since she and Ellen are just using each other. There are young scrotes with low standards, it’s not too late!

No. 1605370

Lol have you ever met a frat boy in real life, nonna? They're degenerate drunken pigs with no standards, of course they'd bang Shayna (for free.) She hates sex and wants to get paid for doing nothing though, which is why she's stuck pandering to gross old creeps online.

No. 1605386

Wow. I hope the vegan ecofascist edom is Shay’s new Fupa. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

No. 1605392

what a joke, hes just 23.

No. 1605409

Oh yeah what her leather glove level skin needs is more fucking sun damage. Good call Shayna.

No. 1605441

God can you imagine working a real job and coming home to a lazy slob who hasn’t done anything all day, but thinks it’s cute?

No. 1605546

File: 1659486699308.jpeg (208.61 KB, 2048x1152, 012C3E4B-3575-4BD1-98EC-95C575…)

Bitch gave herself a new face

No. 1605547

File: 1659486739240.jpeg (185.63 KB, 1118x2048, BF5839E9-F216-4D40-A062-535FF5…)

Shay, we saw the cam show. Your boobs do not look like that

No. 1605548

File: 1659486861378.jpeg (176.2 KB, 2048x1152, A1B66738-F880-465D-BCA8-960048…)

No. 1605588

Smoothed out her face but couldn't do anything to make that neck look better

No. 1605590

File: 1659490940518.jpeg (203.8 KB, 1170x775, DD7A912A-8037-4C31-A522-0FB4E5…)

Here’s her excuse to not work or cam. “Sorry guys this baby is so sick from her booster uwu. Send money to make me feel better”

No. 1605605

File: 1659492302773.png (Spoiler Image,385.56 KB, 1124x462, Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 9.05…)

wtf is going on with her cleavage omg did she airbrush it or something?

No. 1605608

File: 1659492448592.png (804.24 KB, 546x972, 2022-08-02T18-53-19.png)

How can you post this >>1605546 and this immediately after

No. 1605614

Kek I wonder if she saw her shooped pics from the Photoshop thread and decided to wise up

No. 1605617

grandma needs to go back to the nursing home

No. 1605620

LMAO whose face is this?
Please tell me this is edited, that crusty acne ridden skin is making me nauseous
>muh hazel caramel eyes
Shat, your beady black eyes are so fucking ugly, cope harder

No. 1605624

File: 1659493797934.jpeg (754.06 KB, 1170x1391, 5738B5F1-7DDF-48B2-9973-7F07D5…)

She hid this response, but is all over MAGA Mike Slack

No. 1605636

File: 1659494740989.jpeg (668.05 KB, 1170x1283, 73D6172A-5BEC-4263-A4E0-B18C3A…)

So she wore the same outfit for a custom and a strip tease she put on OF. Never change your ways Shay

No. 1605637

File: 1659494774165.jpeg (52.88 KB, 750x218, 199034A0-F162-4659-A8C6-763D4B…)

Nope, it’s on her Snapchat story right now

No. 1605639

kek what if she ends up scaring off her 2nd last coomer by challenging his antivax beliefs

No. 1605645

It blows my mind that of the entire plethora of whores on the internet some people choose to give their money to this fat, ugly, stinky, spotty, unwashed heifer who put no effort into anything she does

No. 1605651

lmao i thought this was Momokun at first

No. 1605673

File: 1659500013712.jpeg (400.92 KB, 2571x929, 4B11F049-1D88-49AD-A6A6-3CA780…)

Kek looks nothing like her, who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 1605682

Good lord that middle pic is ROUGH. Topkek at the filter on the right making her rat eyes bigger and lighter, she’s so insecure (and no doubt reading here)

No. 1605684

File: 1659501327339.jpeg (168.69 KB, 1251x942, B37D3D2F-569B-42C6-8A5A-73222C…)

No. 1605691

File: 1659502926678.jpeg (107.89 KB, 750x843, AFA4EE34-4636-4F84-9005-06D89E…)

Would be funny but I doubt it. Looks like he’ll troon out eventually just considering picrel.

No. 1605708

Here lies Dolly Mattel, laid in her casket wearing her finest Leg Avenue, and anus plugged with her beloved heart-shaped toy. May she be buttfucked by all the sexy alt daddies in the great beyond.

No. 1605714


Kek! Anon that is too funny.

No. 1605717

She looks a little less appaling in the face on cam imo the lower res cam quality probably helps. In her pictures she always does the yaniv smirk or has her nasty tongue and teeth out idk she just looks like a greasy rat.

No. 1605818

Hot dogs, anyone??

No. 1605838


Bimbo babies wind up as useless bonsai kittens in gilded cages for rich guys all the time. Not all old guys, either, lots of clueless young dudes w money in tech. (It keeps them powerless, without enough skill to make it on their own and totally under their control, in a state of immaturity)
The thing is though, you have to actually look the part. Not being a fatty with boils on her ass is the bare MINIMUM.

No. 1605897

She filtered out her face details to the point that she looks like an alien but she still has a double chin. LMAO.

No. 1605900

I know I'm late to the party, but DAMN.
Her ass is flatter than Denmark….

No. 1605958

File: 1659537407263.png (886.63 KB, 2758x1182, Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 10.3…)

She mentioned this in her "21 Humiliating Things" video commissioned by a farmer for her 21st birthday. I couldn't access the video - all links are broken what's the point of the archived copy link if it doesn't load? but here's the transcript. It's the first line highlighted in blue.

No. 1605969

No. 1605972

Why is she always pissing herself? That's so nasty. Maybe she does need diapers after all.

No. 1605973

I want to spoon my own eyes out after reading that but I don’t want that to have been the last thing I saw

No. 1605985

I still can't believe farmers actually commissioned her, Shayfags must have the most parasocially weird relationship with their pet cow on this site.

No. 1605993

You wouldn't get it.

No. 1606009

I mean she is a cheap whore. This probably cost $20 to commission it. $20 for secrets about fatty mattel that is still being discussed about after three years isn’t a bad deal.

No. 1606059

I had a mild version of this when I was a retarded vegan, this hog is super sick, yikes.

No. 1606090

she looks so fat

No. 1606093

File: 1659550116268.jpeg (460.3 KB, 1170x1307, 4DD931A1-0919-4713-8BD5-89C054…)

Such a flex Shay

No. 1606134

>last minute meet-up
not dangerous at all!

No. 1606185

File: 1659558413424.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3159x2898, 617A7383-939A-4063-94DF-71C8A4…)

Lurked through Shayna’s following and saw she’s now following a bunch of moids with tattoos. They wouldn’t look twice at a fat retard heifer other than a one night stand maybe

No. 1606191

This post killed me and robbed my house.

No. 1606193

Asian mans is hoootttt

Shay is insane to think any of these dudes would stick it in her.
Men, particularly men that take care of their fitness and selves, have standards.

No. 1606197

Bottom left is elite, she could never

Nonnie that's an Aiden kek look at those drawn on 2014 Tumblr "illustrated guide to use makeup to have masculine features for genderfluid folx" ass eyebrows

No. 1606202

Bottom left is the only hot one. The rest are crusty and ugly

No. 1606207

The tits on the guy on the bottom left are perkier than hers kek. See what it gets you when you actively take care of your body Shayna? Assuming these moids aren't pumped with roids.
How long til she finds herself entangled with a Fupapa 2.0? Maybe there will be one with low enough self esteem at the deviant convention. Hell I'll settle for anything at this point. She's been as exciting as a glass of warm spoiled milk and a bedtime story at night.

No. 1606216

bottom left looks gayer than james charles

No. 1606217

bottom right*

No. 1606225

So talking about the other whores Shayna interacts with or is going to work with makes everyone reee about other threads. But talking about the guys she follows on tik tok, is ok? Got it…

No. 1606246

Ok but who is bottom left I must have him.

At least if she’s ever murdered the cops will know who (plus dna apparently) since she over shares everything.

No. 1606258

I wonder if this is a way to rope in a more validating circle of scrotes. If these guys were paying her and kissing her ass, she would probably block GreyHair and Womack

(Bottom left is the supreme idc if he has a gay face, bottom right enjoyers can seethe)

No. 1606265

File: 1659563606180.jpeg (182.57 KB, 1100x2048, 966299AA-8FF1-4AF0-B449-E31C96…)

He mad cute. Scrotes ain’t shit but muscular men make me thirsty.

No. 1606272

File: 1659563792339.jpeg (337.33 KB, 1242x1295, 7121E90D-FF4B-4439-A988-04C36B…)

I didn’t know foot fags liked calloused heels and feet.

No. 1606291

I think it always says "archived copy" next to links regardless of them actually being archived or not

No. 1606294

Tbh a lot actually do…foot worship is a type of humiliation, so for a lot of footfags the grosser the better since it's extra humiliating for them

No. 1606304

He’s a tiktoker too

No. 1606311

bottom right is a troon kek

No. 1606361

Bottom left looks gay as hell.
Looks like he's had lip fillers and wearing lipstick.
Dunno why he's holding his own shirt like a game controller kek.
But hey attraction is subjective. Muscular bros do nothing for me personally and find his photos cringe whilst others are moist for him.

No. 1606364

I like muscular men but Apple products and posting selfies social media are a turn off. If I wanted companionship with something that is obsessed with it's own reflection I'd get a budgerigar.

No. 1606379

because this is girlcow.

imagine going to a bar and found Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard taking selfies and showing their rolls.

No. 1606386

Bottom right Aiden enjoyers coping hard

No. 1606402

All these moids are fucking rancid, the big muscles are so ugly. God I hate scrotes so much
Brb gotta barf

No. 1606416

Thanks anons! Agreed, all these dudes are fucking awful looking…you're not alone

No. 1606424


No. 1606449

> scrotes having standards
Stop being delusional nona, 99% of moids would stick it in shatna and any other flabby ugly easy whore

No. 1606452

Zoomers have the absolute worst taste, no wonder everyone is turning into a tranny freak.

No. 1606459

File: 1659575344335.jpeg (313.81 KB, 1242x695, 02CC44E1-1BFB-4964-9FEC-DD1CA7…)


No. 1606469

queens and goddesses get far better treatment than princesses but keep living your child fantasy I guess, fucking pedo.

No. 1606475

so he's rubbing some other sow's feet too and got them mixed up

No. 1606522


Yup. Or/and, even more likely, he's a locally black listed degenerate who smells fresh meat and is topping from the bottom so he can satisfy whatever horrible compulsion he has with her instead of…well, a professional, or someone who caters to the specific niche, or a non cow. This won't go well for her.

No. 1606529

This reeks of ewhore

No. 1606551

File: 1659582793660.gif (12.65 MB, 530x954, 53cb63d2169865d5068b16ee88f01a…)

Shes been playing fortnite all day and night lately

No. 1606552

File: 1659582848722.png (746.64 KB, 546x972, 2022-08-03T20-09-33.png)

No. 1606554

File: 1659583018098.jpeg (14.61 KB, 300x168, 95C5D405-C0FD-4143-AC27-9ADDB4…)

who wore it better, Shayna or Bette Davis?

No. 1606555

File: 1659583347071.jpeg (93.84 KB, 850x500, D889F427-8015-49AE-82A4-C3843B…)

“May I speak with the manager?”

No. 1606556

You wash your mouth out nonita, Bette is a legend
Good grief the crust on this woman, not even the Snapchat filter can hide that gross textured skin and horrific eye bags. Her eyes are so nasty they genuinely make me uncomfortable. Along with everything else about her witch face

No. 1606558

There’s no snap filter in that picture kek she’s just exposing her crustiness

No. 1606559

yeah shes been going filter-less on snapchat lately, its funny for us but she shouldn't expose herself like that.

No. 1606562

Oh right, I’ve never used Snapchat so I don’t know how it works. However I don’t understand why she would post unfiltered when she looks like this, like just why

No. 1606563

Her boobs look so long and deflated

No. 1606564

She mostly posts her filter pictures on Twitter. Since that’s the platform she uses but still exposes herself on cam and pictures she posts that aren’t edited

No. 1606576

File: 1659584462609.jpeg (361.83 KB, 1170x748, 48ACD31B-5596-4A76-8D6A-0D6DC5…)

Hilarious that she liked this. After all these “I’m so hot” “everyone give me money” tweets

No. 1606578

Ew the guys covered in ugly tatts what’s up with Shayna going from loving ugly old maga truckers with low to moderate income to liking mid men with tattoos

No. 1606579

I know nonnys say it all the time but holy shit how is she only in her 20s. She looks middle aged in the worst way.

Ironically Kate looks much younger than Shayna somehow, lmao.

No. 1606588

She looks like a southern cigarette mom

No. 1606624

File: 1659586618050.jpeg (601.21 KB, 828x1247, 35B8EBDA-10AF-4135-AE58-B69E86…)

No. 1606633

I mean, at least she knows her place and is accepting of the major downgrade from goddess.

No. 1606667

I thought that as well. You don’t just accidentally slip something like “goddess” unless you regularly use the term

No. 1606832

I thought this was a reply to >>1606185

No. 1606881

Tinfoils and for what? Hes not real. This is a fabrication.

No. 1606959

same nona, kek

No. 1607006

File: 1659624622811.jpeg (433.15 KB, 1161x1825, 6D7F76C7-1163-4196-8B27-1E432F…)

Annoying vegan posted not too long after this. Shay never acknowledged his milady post. I know scrotes on the internet are pathetic, but Shayna’s brand of scrote followers are on a whole other level. Wonder what’s got her thinking about men so much lately.

No. 1607032

Yikes such a typical incel mindset. wahh I was nice (creepy) to a woman and they DIDN’T give me sex it’s not my behaviour/social retardation that is the problem no it’s the world and those slutty bitches fault!! ):<

Making all us prissy vanilla bitches jealous with such rich high class clientele shay good job & stay thriving /s

No. 1607084

i really hope he becomes her new fupapa

No. 1607202

I’d love to see it too, but it wouldn’t last long. Eco-fascist edom would try and put her on a vegan diet and drink water UWU and she wouldn’t be able to stop shoving lunch meat in her maw.

No. 1607228

is there a reason this thread has a new fascination with this idiot? he’s interacted with her what, three times?

No. 1607241

People are just bored and tinfoiling. She has made a lot of "uwu I want a tattooed alt boy" and "I want to be thrown around and dominated and possessed" type of posts which are very pre Fupa era and bait for that type. Plus she's started following more guys like >>1606185 this.
Anons are probably just wanting new milk lol. She obviously just has Ellen and "the Dad" around for company because she has no one else. Not because she's attracted or interested in them as partners. They're placeholders until she finds an actual dude shes into to date aka Fupa 2.0. Not to say they arent using her as lonely void filler and a naked punching bag. It's all very sad and weird. Not sad as in feel bad. Sad as in desperate and pathetic kek.

No. 1607268

Lmao @ these poor naive anons thinking scrotes have any type of standards and wouldn't bang a hog like Shayna if they had the opportunity

No. 1607298

Anons be patient. You don’t have to make up milk. Fetish con is upon us and Florida is a dark and scary place there will be milk. Atleast in the form of candid photos.

No. 1607310

Yooo I can't wait to see her hulking around unedited in the attendees' photos

No. 1607311

File: 1659645597142.jpeg (155.3 KB, 828x598, E4D5A04F-3DFD-45AD-9166-C2CBA2…)

No. 1607312

what a sad existence

No. 1607340

Enjoy monkey pox you gross bitch.

No. 1607351

Weird how she spergs about being bipolar when she's depressed but doesn't acknowledge this possible hypersexual mania. I know she's just desperate for attention from people she finds hot right now and not actually manic but you'd think she'd consider the possibility.

No. 1607356

It's not a phase, mom

No. 1607366

I mean she'd still be the shameful throwaway lay. Just another unnamed notch in their belt if theyre the super slut type of scrote. They wouldnt boast more than "this fat chick let me punch her while I railed her ass". Shaynus thinks these guys would actually ~daddy dom~ and date her for some reason though. Like theyd brag about how great of a lay she was despite her having the sex appeal of a plastic bag and no sexual skills whatsoever and want to keep her around.

No. 1607369

Oh yeah, I'm sure they were totes 9-10s "really hot" Shaynus. I'd be surprised if she even found them legitimately attractive and wasn't just being a retarded ho because they were all drunk and she loves attention and they only way she can get any is by acting like a ~dumb slut~ which is just sad.

No. 1607409

File: 1659650163486.png (2.9 MB, 2191x1186, coompappi.png)

sage for derailing but this can't be unseen.

No. 1607422

fucking kek

No. 1607470

Oh god I cannot WAIT for fetcon milk!!

Ot/blogpost but I'm an e-SWer & was invited to attend fetcon…took one look at the lineup & was like "fuck no!" I've had some models who are attending hmu for collabs since I'm somewhat local & they've all been crusty, bottom-of-the-barrel, sketch af models kek

No. 1607493

You’re crusty and bottom of the barrel. Just because you shower doesn’t mean you still don’t need to get a job. Stop trying to defend being an ewhore

No. 1607500

are you going to fetcon? will you be supplying us milk? no? then shut up.

No. 1607505

hot? hot like Ellen? or hot like Fupa? or hot like the 45y/o that take you out for dinner so u can get bigger and bigger? Shaynas standards are so low yet she still cant get some.

No. 1607515

File: 1659657568159.jpeg (399.11 KB, 828x1221, 943F617F-4C61-4C4A-BA95-E77B0B…)

We’re back to the pedo fantasies I guess

No. 1607557

File: 1659659851653.gif (24.4 KB, 506x67, A1C5E2FD-4994-4BD8-AB13-BD0347…)

No. 1607573

Highly considering going simply for milk….should I? I'm down to lurk

No. 1607578

Never defended being an ewhore. I don't recommend ANYONE go down the path I did. It's fucking stupid & my future options are shot…probs why I'm here tbh. So thanks, I know.(no1curr)

No. 1607585

I'm not here to hate. Bring some milk. Don't disappoint us nonita, also it's never too late to start upskilling yourself.

No. 1607592

Bring the milk nonna. Then quit your "job" and start respecting yourself.

No. 1607596

Bet is was a couple of Ellen-eque women also stupid drunk.

No. 1607615

Please utilise this self-awareness and get your life back on track, nona. We’re all rooting for you
Or it didn’t actually happen

No. 1607622

I dont think you have to show your mfc or onlyfans page to get in kek Id think anyone could go, as with any convention, the principle being the attendees are interested in what the con is about. Like it would be weird for someone not into anime or "nerd culture" to go to an anime convention lol. Maybe that anon is just implying they live in the area and could go. But idk how likely it is they'll find Shaynus in a sea of sweaty, ugly troon looking degenerates. Guess it depends on how big the con is and how much she posts about her whereabouts.

No. 1607625

You really never know if Shat is really fluffing up some mundane experience or just flat out bullshitting. Its 50/50

No. 1607639

All "subs" are topping from the bottom, kek

No. 1607663

File: 1659667478850.jpeg (60.69 KB, 550x382, 72E626E4-C210-47CE-AC8E-E60577…)

No. 1607665

File: 1659667544613.jpeg (402.72 KB, 1212x1421, 947C7AA0-B55B-45A6-AFB0-59D0FE…)

lmao what?

No. 1607666


No. 1607668

File: 1659667822756.jpeg (812.62 KB, 3465x3465, E122429F-158A-49A8-8C9C-936D7F…)

Her coomers are such retarded losers. Mr “Michael Slack” with his “Sit Stay Good Girl”profile pic and “Mr Tucson Daddy” with his “Nice Butt” profile pic.

No. 1607669

>who doesn’t have a gf….


No. 1607701

I know this is probably about that other mfc cows dumbass tweets but istg I remember her having a similar rant a few years ago

No. 1607704

File: 1659669989827.jpeg (150.77 KB, 828x618, F15289C1-4EA0-42B3-AD84-493C7E…)

No. 1607729

Imagine not only being unable to afford a $20 lyft to the bar, but actually admitting it and ebegging for a gift card…

No. 1607732

Is she talking about what Pumpy said the other day and was getting cancelled for it? Kek

No. 1607747

Exactly my thoughts anon. So not only is she reading her own threads but others too.

No. 1607750

File: 1659674304356.jpeg (161.71 KB, 828x660, 56CF6B25-36DE-471B-A108-F96A50…)

No. 1607756

Lol she must have read >>1607729
"IM TOTALLY NOT A BROKE WHORE I CAN AFFORD A BAR NIGHT" Saving for what, retard? Your airport mimosas?

No. 1607765

This is one of her complaints she cycles through every so often, I recall seeing her say something similar on at least 3 other occasions

No. 1607772

File: 1659678165648.jpeg (205.29 KB, 1224x1080, 54F7AFB7-1D64-4238-92F2-74684F…)

No. 1607773

An absolute heffer jfc. The dress looks like a plus size chicks swinsuit or something its just awkwardly short and cheap looking. Id say she looks like a cougar but cougars dress better somehow in a weird way. I know she thought this was a look but its just not… its like white trash bridesmaids party or something

No. 1607778

File: 1659679750976.jpg (168.97 KB, 863x1390, woman-beside-run-down-trailer-…)

Shayna gives real big time "hottest" mom at the trailer park vibes. She's 42, smokes three packs a day, and has a few kids, but that doesn't hold her down, they've all been taken by the state and she's single and ready to mingle.

No. 1607787

The lady in the stock photo is more attractive than Shayna

No. 1607788

And she won't post a pic while she's out or with the "hot girl". Because she's full of shit and/or has lead such a disgusting and crappy life so she can't risk exposing other people to being criticized and looked up in the threads or by her creepy coomers. But she's only concerned about the former.

No. 1607790

No tea but I think it would be more fun to go and see a wild shayna sighting; but honestly it’s more cringe and weird than my tolerance could allow

No. 1607792

It does honestly look like a plus size swimsuit but atleast it’s not ham colored. It always surprises me that she goes for white clothes so often being as dirty as she is.

No. 1607801

This would actually be a really flattering style for her if it was a better color (black or a jewel tone). The crossover style of the top gives the illusion of a waist, and it’s actually shorts rather than a skirt so she cant flash her panty-less crotch at people at the bar. But she ruined it by a) choosing white and b) pairing it with that sped hair bow and those awful nails. I don’t even hate the shoes honestly, but white is just overall a terrible choice for her.

No. 1607805

kek nona I was just thinking the same thing, five minutes in the same space as these crusty degenerates would make me want to an hero

No. 1607806

And, y’know, if it was in her actual size. Her poor boobs are squished to kingdom come

No. 1607816

Right? It looks painful on the chest

No. 1607822

I feel like the top is really unflattering to her shoulders, but I guess that her poor hairstyle choices are also partly to blame there.

No. 1607830

Inb4 she gets involved and obsessed with some edgy tattooed idiot in his 30s and completely neglects Ellen and dad and falls out with them and their social circle over it. Then tattooed moron dumps her and she's forced to run home to her parents because she has nowhere else to go. She will cry about being homeless and everyone abandoning her.

No. 1607854

File: 1659691667996.png (21.72 KB, 348x469, png-clipart-female-pig-with-wh…)

The multiple layers of fabric ending at her widest part is making her look even fatter. She actually looks like Miss Piggy

No. 1607865


How did she claim she was raped? by who?

No. 1607870

File: 1659692956395.jpg (103.61 KB, 980x552, 131011163253-polyamory-07-hori…)

picrel the "hot ppl" at the bar

No. 1607875

babes? are you ok?

No. 1607895

that last reply is so weirdly long and specific and non-sexual kek. jesse what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1607898

What is this picture of Shayna, she looks like she is singling Carols

No. 1607903

Her tongue looks like mine did when I was taking a shit ton of Adderall. Shaynus seems like the kind of person who would continue to binge on an appetite suppressant.

No. 1607921

File: 1659702175407.jpeg (Spoiler Image,677.3 KB, 1170x1506, 14F46BD2-7B63-4AB3-B52B-939E43…)

No. 1607945

Biggest Shaynus

nice blurred butt and why is she in the floor? is this the only good angle left?

No. 1607948

Girl what the hell

No. 1607954

File: 1659706386094.jpeg (80.76 KB, 1024x1024, B31DD034-7D11-49E8-A0C3-A8A104…)

Her hair looks awful

No. 1607977

I wish she would stop doing this crusty little white dog updo

No. 1607986

File: 1659707437692.png (3.27 KB, 363x48, highway to hell.png)

nonnies…do i go to get milk for you all? i would feel really disgusted around the degenerates but its super close and i could have a couple of friends tag along with me.

No. 1607987

KEK so THATS what it makes me think of

No. 1607996

PLEASE go, even just to get some pics of Shaynus in the wild.

No. 1608004

this is an old pic, like 2+ years.

No. 1608007

Shaynus making triple quadruple sure of her ticket to Hell.

No. 1608012

Yes just dont interact obviously. And pretend you’re taking a selfie but take a photo of Shaynus

No. 1608022

I’m the anon who posted. I totally thought it was an old pic! I just couldn’t remember

No. 1608045

Sure anon, just be safe and if it gets too gross then don’t be afraid to bounce. I hope you’re able to get out, it’s never too late. Genuinely rooting for you. Don’t let assholes in this thread make you feel worse than Shaynus.

No. 1608048

I agree you can be a degenerate and not be a cow. Like most of these OF losers just e beg and complain about not getting money because they’re ugly. If you just model lewd and don’t show your snatch, I think that’s more respectable than degrading yourself/ wearing diapers for nickels.

No. 1608063

Gooo, you know it will be entertaining for you and we will take any scraps of info

No. 1608067

im not the swer anon, just a local floridian who didnt realize how close shayna would be kek. unfortunately im following the good girl path of college and a normal job, which id argue is just as degrading and depressing.

anyway im going to ask a couple coworker friends if they'd be down to go, they're usually into impromptu little adventures! ill update you all if it happens, otherwise i hope we can rely on the other florida anon.

usually i wouldnt care for this stuff but im all for spying on and capturing photos of fat waddling and female hating pedophiles.

No. 1608106

File: 1659714512692.jpeg (39.22 KB, 612x408, 397FBF3E-076C-41AF-B2FC-1AFCEF…)

Omfg you’re right it’s giving

No. 1608134

This. Thank you. I wanted to find a photo for this kind of joke but I wasn't having any luck. But this fr kek

No. 1608144

i love her back fat trying to escape the dress

No. 1608156

Please go nonna. Youre a godsend

No. 1608164

You’re going to traumatize your coworkers, but yes please go. It kind of looks so bad it’s almost a parody, it’ll be a good story to tell

No. 1608204

LMAO nona I love the idea of a bunch of autistic imageboard users going to this degenerate convention just to spot Big Shaynus. If I lived in the US I’d totally be up for it (though I’m sure I’d want to kill myself after less than a minute with these motherfuckers)

No. 1608213

File: 1659724264189.jpeg (11.82 KB, 275x183, CB7535EC-AE5F-4D5F-95DF-D48DED…)

always love a cringefest safari
extra points for a Shaysquatch photo

No. 1608221

File: 1659725515052.jpeg (850.7 KB, 1284x1404, F1F3C525-EA98-4E52-961E-EEC492…)

thought this was some sort of fucked up editing but it’s the shadow of her massive back boob pouring out of her dress

No. 1608226

I don't get it. I understand the "beauty/fashion is pain" mindset when it comes to certain things. But wearing things that fit should be a no brainer, you'll look better and not like a fucking Italian sausage about to burst on the grill.

No. 1608244

i just google searched "polyamorous" because those mfers are always ugly as fuck somehow and bingo

No. 1608356

File: 1659739135395.jpeg (339.6 KB, 1170x976, C381F3CC-6AFD-42DD-85B7-6F0CBD…)

No. 1608368

File: 1659740153255.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, doubt.jpg)

>i get sooo many ppl subscribing on OF

No. 1608375


It's funny because her "trailers" on the hub all have horrible ratings and comments are full of scrotes tearing her disgusting ass a new one last time I looked.

No. 1608377

File: 1659740907590.jpeg (416.75 KB, 1242x1504, 9CDDFF0F-C0C7-4D0E-9BDF-59CBD3…)

Herpe saga when?

No. 1608380

She already has herpes, anon

No. 1608381

File: 1659741213457.jpeg (375.71 KB, 1242x1251, 4C178DF4-EA2A-4CE8-A5E6-4D361C…)

listen to them

No. 1608382

Not mouth herps

No. 1608383

File: 1659741404341.jpeg (560.2 KB, 1242x1748, 39FF2644-F74A-4C6F-8729-BAA1C8…)

I hope the troons attack Ellen on Twitter

No. 1608413

>stop pedo pandering
>take a bath
>get a fucking job

I bet those are the "intrusive thoughts" she's having.

No. 1608422

I mean yeah of course, she won't get any men to pay her and simp for her like she wants except for the gross old degenerates she currently entertains. I was just responding to anons going "gym bros wouldn't touch Shayna with a 12 foot pole, they have s-standards!" when that is blatantly untrue if you spend any time around those moids. Not to blogpost, but I'm into fitness and a ton of guys in that scene are gymcels and/or have even lower standards than regular men because the roids make them indiscriminately horny.

No. 1608437

Trannies are so unhinged and bored, being referred to as “they” is enough to make them dysphoric. I will disrespect their pronouns at every opportunity.

No. 1608441

>indigo (it/they)
Is that the chocolate rain man keks

No. 1608465

honestly same, why people try to hard to please these mf bs kek I want them/they/ALL ruined now kek

No. 1608469

File: 1659749431581.jpeg (663.03 KB, 1242x1642, 66E5E169-AC66-4842-A7C1-2023D9…)

A pick me like you always talk about wanting to fuck lots of men. They will get the wrong idea. Normal women get them in their dms as well but since you advertise sex what do you expect, fatty.

No. 1608482

File: 1659750863889.jpeg (143.47 KB, 800x499, 3BF9FB7F-F5FE-4E52-93B0-4C4E82…)

Cue ptsd flash back to that gif of Fupas little lady hands in the black gloves

No. 1608491

File: 1659751385129.gif (1.67 MB, 291x291, 8BF5678A-437C-4C84-96C8-43A245…)

No. 1608503

I forgot that fat motherfucker was wearing a transformers shirt in this gif. Nothing more needs to be said. Lmfao.

No. 1608511

Christ. No amount of money (not that Shayna makes any anyway) is worth having a man in your mentions mansplaining the stupid dumb man logic of unsolicited dick pics. I would kms.

No. 1608516

She complains about what gross scrote do (which is her audience besides us) It’s annoying asf

No. 1608540

Wasn’t she just asking for a stunt cock? Why wouldn’t they show it to her if she’s begging online for someone to meet up to fuck? Fucking retarded bitch I swear, pick a lane.

No. 1608550

This gif makes me laugh so fucking hard everytime I see it.

No. 1608551

What the fuck is that reply though?? Can incels actually cease their existence please

No. 1608577

Statistically speaking they will continue existing even if occasionally 1 manages to successfully dematerializes

No. 1608579

Yeah, and that 1 is a bot kek

No. 1608583

Everyone dealing with her should be wearing gloves among other PPE

No. 1608595

File: 1659763350939.jpeg (Spoiler Image,420.39 KB, 828x1102, 96C22C52-4288-4B7F-9D25-FAAE5C…)

The misogyny of these degenerates makes me want to a-log so hard

No. 1608600

File: 1659763894041.jpg (25.31 KB, 400x400, _SeE2gn9_400x400-1.jpg)

zippy looks

No. 1608603

File: 1659764378679.jpg (1.47 MB, 1080x3256, Screenshot_20220806-082954_Chr…)

Sometimes I lurk Shayna's Twitter timeline and I notice the despicable, deranged, disgusting and demented digital shit smears she retweets. I also noticed that nothing is cohesive. She keeps retweeting (picrel) super shittty semi-realistic or whatever fairytale inspired art that fits her stoner day shit.. and then a broken bodied scoliosis patient nurse working at a hot dog stand?
Her brain is so fucking fried she doesn't know what she wants to do or be. Be woke and tweet pandering degen shit OR yap about herself and her vapid attitude? Retweet Hello Kitty shit she'll never own or random stoner shit? Retweet stoner coomer art or anime trash? Dress like a trashy 40-year old bimbo or a retarded toddler?
Sometimes, like when I am typing this, it is SO annoying how she can't, for the sake of her future, cultivate a single aesthetic and be it. Men think of her as a cardboard cutout 1 personality trait whore, there's no point in retweeting things you might actually like, dipshit.

No. 1608607

she treats it like a hobby, thats all there is to it. she thought she would've been famous by now when she was 18 so shes given up in all respects

No. 1608618

File: 1659765938932.jpeg (Spoiler Image,960.49 KB, 1242x1447, 77F836B7-9C57-425A-A623-88E2C7…)

Grimace mcnuggies vibes

No. 1608620

File: 1659766049702.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1171x1694, 5C9DF5CC-00C4-4F32-98F0-2B5AB8…)

No. 1608642

Wow, a video where she’s not just laying on her back. I don’t think she’s ever switched up positions before

No. 1608676

my bet is she did that pose only for the photoshoot, the video will be same old laying on her back

No. 1608683

Yeah it's not like shatnus can actually ride dick, we've seen before, she scoots like she has worms.

No. 1608701

kek this is too accurate

No. 1608711

womanly ass fingers

No. 1608737

File: 1659785463463.jpeg (Spoiler Image,293.67 KB, 1206x1744, 7DE2E53C-4382-4A00-8BFD-74DE8A…)

I apologise for the absolute autism of this but I couldn’t help myself kek

No. 1608769

she is the last person who should be riding a dildo with that many ridges. shes gonna grate her pussy cheese all over that thing.

No. 1608778

Spaghetti straps are every fridge-chans natural enemy anyway, even if they're normal weight, I don't get why she seems to always choose the WORST type of clothing for her body type. Same with the colours, white skirt with black top might work but this look also wouldn't suit her if the was still skinny. (the fact that none of her white clothes stay white very long aside)

No. 1608830

>grate her pussy cheese

No. 1608835

File: 1659801644121.gif (4.13 MB, 498x498, gross-nasty.gif)

Anon why

No. 1608914

You know its gonna go up her ass too so everyone bring a rain coat in case she splashes her mayochup ass fluid at us like dolphins at a dolphin show

No. 1608936

File: 1659809923392.jpeg (263.25 KB, 1242x848, 995F2C34-C081-440F-A2FF-C63A4D…)

So Ellen is replying to this person because she also has autism?

No. 1608937

File: 1659810011918.jpeg (444.13 KB, 1242x1368, 070A2170-0FED-4ED4-9CBB-1F8108…)

No. 1608942

is she going for a full Alabama incest fantasy?

No. 1608952

That reply is to be expected coming from a man who molested his own daughter.
Idk about you guys but I think the moment I truly lost all respect for Shayna was when it became clear that she’d turn a blind eye to anons exposing this molester. Maybe it’s a product of my own black and white thinking but I‘ve seen her as unworthy of any type of redemption since then. I think anons here do as well since the number of people trying to fix her life has dwindled since then, compared to earlier threads where we were all giving her advice on how to change her life for the better. This could also be said for the pedo pandering she’s been doing, it’s like farmers have realized that Shaynus is beyond redemption and deserves a life of misery kek.

No. 1608953

like, literally anyone who finds this even a tiny bit erotic should go immediately to intensive psychiatric treatment

No. 1608963

She doesn’t even like it herself! She’s just trying to be as niche as possible at this point by catering to psychos and people who are a menace to society.
Ellen seems like she has autism actually

No. 1608968

She lurks so she definitely knows. But I think the worst of it is she either is just ignoring it like she does his pro trump right wing bullshit which is still shitty and pathetic or even more fucked up is that she's envious of it because she wishes her dad was more supportive and probably even involved like that. It's sick to even type out, but it's likely a bit of both. She takes it all to a whole new low level of irredeemable character. It shows she absolutely would and does overlook pedophilia and sex crimes if it means she's getting something from it (money, attention, etc)

No. 1608982

She lived in Oklahoma for too long lmao

No. 1608984

File: 1659812934043.jpeg (141.31 KB, 828x604, DCB43C41-E1F6-444E-BA3A-87E1AC…)

She’s supposed to cam tonight

No. 1608995

She really misses sol huh? That’s his whole schtick. The one that got away uwu. Fucking vile

No. 1608998

Hey man leave him and his new sexy Walmart mama alone

No. 1609004

Fupa’s too. Fupa used to make tons of cringe dom gifs in his black latex gloves on tumblr and did a few shoots with Shayna in his gloves

No. 1609050

File: 1659818361718.jpeg (330.32 KB, 750x459, F30FBC28-0206-4E4D-AB84-5D2B94…)

she deleted her pedophile tweet and then posted it again. she's such a freak.

No. 1609053

Anything for the attention. Bleak

No. 1609055

File: 1659818799593.jpeg (Spoiler Image,462.47 KB, 828x1180, 51A44931-25CD-456B-8668-42FF39…)

Oh good lord she really just let it all hang out for this one

No. 1609064

File: 1659819811340.jpeg (Spoiler Image,243.07 KB, 1231x1080, 049D72D7-591F-48F8-9690-49EC5A…)

No. 1609065

The arm and leg warmers really make this look so troonish. Like a fat sissy trying to pass with their moobs.

No. 1609066

The ventriloquist double chin expression on middle right is killing me

No. 1609073

Total tinfoil, but does anyone else think she might have some sort of an intersex condition, specifically morris syndrome? Her undeveloped boob, her body shape, her strange proportions and absolute lack of hips, her strong preference for anal…
She’s also extremely messy and irresponsible, has never mentioned any kind of birth control, even when she was getting fuped on the reg., yet she’s never mentioned any pregnancy scares, nor even going to the gynecologist. Individuals with Morris syndrome have shallow genitalia which lead nowhere.
She’s also mentioned “health problems” when she was younger, which could have been related. We already know she had an implant put in at a young age around that time; it would make more sense for her to have gotten an implant at such a young age if there was some greater underlying issue. It would also explain why she was so secretive about it.

No. 1609075

File: 1659820922747.jpeg (34.86 KB, 208x180, EBC16622-B9BE-4D1E-BFFC-37EF96…)

woof that’s one big bitch

No. 1609087

I know that people cowtip and directly send her links frequently but I don't think that she actually comes here frequently and reads all her threads in detail. She may very well have missed the Mike Slack drama unless someone actually cowtipped and sent her the evidence.

No. 1609090

She was on the Depo Provera birth control shot when she got with Fupa

No. 1609093

File: 1659821564050.jpeg (31.67 KB, 201x194, 72D18158-434C-4C65-AA56-B33CBF…)

She’s still a piece of shit. She is a vicious asshole who told minors to take dick in the ass, and bullied a human trafficking victim because she politely disagreed with one of her many “woke” rants about sex work. There’s no redemption for this sack of shit.

No. 1609095

A cowtipper on twitter replied to Mike Slack on one of her tweets and told Shayna about the daughter stuff and she hid the reply

No. 1609096

No. 1609105

no. she gets her period which we’ve seen on vid. she just has shitty genetics and a fucked up boob.

No. 1609107

She is vile

No. 1609108

Lol this. She caters to absolute bottom barrel degenerates and theyre the only people she interacts with so it's not surprising she ends up looking like the troons and tards. Bad genetics and she treats her body like garbage by not practicing basic hygiene and eating like a fatass. Wastes money on mediocre or even damaging products she never uses for more than decoration anyway. The most activity she gets is when one of her degen "partners" gets her to go outside for a date. Laying around like a pig in filth all day doing nothing to improve oneself and only interacting with fat ugly porn sick morons plus Neanderthal genes makes her look like that kek.

No. 1609111

She blamed her weight gain on the depo shot. She’s been on it. Might still be

No. 1609146

Right side pics makes her implant really clear. She’s developed a double bubble bc she’s gained so much weight

No. 1609147

anon did you manage to get a screenshot? I don't condone cowtipping but that is vile if thats true.

No. 1609149

She blames her weight gain on anything but herself and her own choices. Same as everything in her life. Then flip flops on pretending she loves being "curvy" to she's so uwu depressed about it

No. 1609155

Most retarded tinfoil I've ever read

No. 1609217

File: 1659835416196.jpeg (199.75 KB, 828x1630, BA8E3637-EA83-4DD7-BD29-A8BECE…)

No. 1609222

Lol ayrt is a Retard but she doesn’t even have a clit I can get behind a laugh at it

No. 1609230

i literally read it as "horny bimbo monster rides cock" kek

No. 1609232

she definitely does and unfortunately we’ve seen it in gross up close detail thanks to Insex

No. 1609234

When she was skinny we saw it because she put a pump to it. But Anon is right, you can’t see it anymore because she buzzed it off with her lawn mower vibrator. rip Shayna’s clit-fford 1998-2020

No. 1609248

lmao you can’t “buzz it off” you autistic dumbass. she has a clit, an ugly vagina, and isn’t intersex. this thread gets really retarded when there isn’t milk for a few days.

No. 1609249

File: 1659838778988.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.57 KB, 750x1360, AA6C61D7-6341-4581-9AF8-187357…)

She definitely doesn’t. Wether she’s “buzzed it off,” is that a thing?, or idk she’s just sorry as shit in every department shayna, please tell me where the clit is

No. 1609251

Sf, sorry, but she can’t even have normal boobs lmfao what makes you think anything else is, I’m not saying she’s intersex I just said it was funny. Because it is, her body is weird all around and she’s fucked it up even more. Anons should stop getting so pissy with about mundane shit n just have a laugh. But really though point out the clit because it’s nonexistent

No. 1609252

You know that clits can be hard to see depending on the woman's hood and labia shape, right?

No. 1609258

For a thread comprising women in its entirety the lack of knowledge around female anatomy is concerning

No. 1609259

Sure, but there's a pretty clear view in >>1609249. It's either that tiny bump up by her pubes, or it is literally sitting in her vaginal opening. I don't see where else it could be in the photo, unless it was edited out

No. 1609263

You guys her outer labia are really sticky and get stuck together, and hide where the clit is. She said once that she can hear her labia when they peel apart and everyone was like wtf??

No. 1609266

ayrt I didn’t mean literally. Do I have to use the dumbass “/s” to say I wasn’t serious ? You can’t see it really because she smashes it all up on her nasty unwashed vibrator and pretends like she orgasms kek I’m not going to do a fucking analysis on her weird snatch

No. 1609269

the autism and retardation in this thread really knows no bounds. sometimes it sounds like 12 year olds speculating on what they think a vagina looks like.

No. 1609270

File: 1659840882652.jpeg (Spoiler Image,210.09 KB, 513x524, 3D1BE4A1-8E29-4F53-B016-786BAC…)

It’s obviously right here Anon /s

No. 1609271

Don’t take the autistic posts too serious. I think most of the nonnas are trolling

No. 1609272

>sitting in her vaginal opening

get off lolcow and go look at a vagina, this is embarrassing even for a Shayna thread.

No. 1609273

with the way plenty of adult men talk about clits and vaginas, I would be more surprised if they were truly trolling tbh.

No. 1609274

Seriously I mean we've seen her clit before it’s there she just is clueless how to get herself off which is hysterical considering isn’t that what sex workers are supposed to be good at?!
Ill never forget the time she was on shrooms and had her first real orgasm. >>1305231 She wrote about it like “omg I just had the most magical orgasm” and then proceeded to describe a normal orgasm. That’s when it hit me that she can’t even get herself off properly. Normally I would feel sad for a woman in that position but Shayna has created a safe space for incredibly fucked up people and I have zero respect for ppl like that. Anything for fame I guess even infamy is good enough for her apparentlyBleak

No. 1609276

I still don’t see the clit. Please enlighten me, I said show me where. Hard or not theres not even a hood. I’ll die on this hill. She may have one but it’s microscopic, if it’s there kek.
Fuck anon that’s her fucking vagina opening. If that’s her clit why is it so low? Either way like I said her body’s fucked, laugh and don’t get mad.
I’m not trolling(infighting about airbrushed vaginas)

No. 1609277

Shayna is vile human garbage. just because she happens to be a woman, doesn’t mean we can’t make fun of her. If she doesn’t want to be made fun of she should log out permanently. I personally see her as a scrote.

No. 1609278

/s means sarcasm, you fucking retard. Just because you can’t see it in a blurred out picture of her hitlerussy doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

No. 1609279

I didn’t read the /s bitch damn. She didn’t not blur he entire clit out. Would you like me to find another pic?

No. 1609280

File: 1659841256444.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1067x2041, 7F553F47-2A23-4CF0-B1BC-891509…)

Well Here you go. Doesn’t prove she has a clot though

No. 1609282

No thanks. No one wants to see her crusty mayochup factory vagina

No. 1609285

Okay if that’s a clit it’s microscopic and barely there like I said so do you guys want to wk her vagina anymore?

No. 1609286

maybe she's just never aroused enough to see it, you're kind of making me wonder if she does have a clit though

No. 1609288

You can’t see the clit in this picture because it’s behind the outer labia lol. It’s not microscopic

No. 1609289

File: 1659841486446.jpeg (473.41 KB, 690x731, CCDC68B8-0585-4ADC-85E2-3A7410…)

No. 1609291

no you’re definitely not trolling, you really are this retarded. I think the Shayna threads are rotting your brain. time to go out in the real world, touch some grass, and fuck a real woman.

No. 1609292

ANON. WHERE. It’s not.

No. 1609293

File: 1659841578566.jpeg (900.06 KB, 1242x1423, D2F4F733-B90C-4C58-9383-653175…)

No. 1609297

File: 1659841671531.jpeg (517.52 KB, 1242x776, 5064A59E-B4B7-4805-BEEB-863D31…)

2 minutes in and I’m already fucking bored

No. 1609299

I’ve been with plenty of women. I’ve never not been able to see a clit until now. I’m seriously curious. It’s either the tiniest one ever or I am an absolute retard but everyone is just talking shit and won’t show it to me.

No. 1609302

No time for this, we are busy analyzing her clitoris

No. 1609303

File: 1659841784741.jpeg (923.46 KB, 1242x1428, 2FE41BA3-FF9A-4741-B8F7-C6C468…)

She looks so retarded here like gypsy rose when she was on lots of meds

No. 1609304

File: 1659841818376.jpeg (Spoiler Image,803.09 KB, 1242x1165, FA8D8332-550D-424B-93FE-2552E2…)

Jason R Womack is here!!

No. 1609305

Why is she dressed as a pig?

No. 1609307

why so excited anon lol (just teasing im glad there's more mfc milk)

No. 1609308

File: 1659842158201.jpeg (901.8 KB, 1242x1371, 2FAC03EB-1B38-459F-B009-9E6E89…)

She’s laughing uncomfortably like a sped and doesn’t know what to do because Jason R Womack tipped

No. 1609311

ill gave her one star sticker for doing what she said and not make an excuse.

No. 1609315

yes, you are an absolute retard.

No. 1609316

Kek what did the guy say no thank you to?

No. 1609319

with the way she is acting on cam she gotta be either depressed af or extra xan’d up tonight

No. 1609320

She sounds lit af already slurring up a storm and just about nodding out as she spoke and can’t seem to entertain them goal already met her goal. Ever since she mentioned her “good girl pills” I've though she’s probably on benzos too which is extremely dangerous. She flat out just said she can’t function or even hold a convo and she is this fucked up She kept forgetting to open her drink!!
>> 1609304 I knew that sick fuck would be back unless he never left. He’s probably so pissed he didn't get to be an irl client lol

No. 1609321

no but fr she literally looks like one of those cerebral palsy kids in a specialized wheelchair

No. 1609327

She gets tipped immediately for a blowjob then spends 20 minutes procrastinating with other shit and trying to put things together like wtf she’s doomed to get new regulars if she’s just taking forever to do what she’s tipped for. These guys have their dicks in their hand while she’s drunkenly humming to abba and leaving to go find shit