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File: 1686241718080.png (167.74 KB, 908x510, 1686009247737.png)

No. 1842861

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/1833931

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the Shaynatorium.

Summary of last thread:
>>1834569 does lots of IG lives lately, doing her makeup or whatever she calls that
>>1835078 is flying to vegas in a few days to see the sTD guy she shot that barbie porn with and seeing Robert Plant
>>1835133 throws a fit that someone is "copying her" but she's so NIce and Positive and Happy all the time, u guise.
>>1836228 Her new website is something to look at, that's for sure. The layout is awful.
>>1836984 gets absolutely blasted in her cam show - some nonnies are worried.
>>1837150 Shayna smoking weed after talking about quitting weed in the same camshow. Now she's begging for a laptop again saying she'll cam more if she gets one.
>>1838408 finds out people have been "actively talking shit about her for days"
>>1841465 obsessed with her brunch
>>1841024 realizies shes going to be even more lazy after her boob surgery and gets responses from other whores about how she'll "be completely fine for fetcon" >>1841031
>>1838853 puppikuma keeps trying to cancel shay for being a nazi >>1838414

>>1838657 has to quit smoking weed for the surgery and twitter whores tell her she will be fine >>1838680
>>1838588 Soy Boy Sol has been on the chopping block and whores are lumping lumpy old shay in with him because he "fucked a literal nazi"
>>1837855 Baldi Gaysics AKA KenTheDoll Kendall J Cox is on the chopping block as well and Shay is saying how uncomfortable >>1837782 she was working with him yet had him back a second time

tbh after the surgery was confirmed the last thread was kind of boring.

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

No. 1842863

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No. 1842864

if you hate the thread, just remember YOU can make it next time

No. 1842865

135: >>>/snow/1826178 (Boob Implant Confirmed)

(for next time)

No. 1842867

thank you nonita <3(<3)

No. 1842871

shitty thread pic but just glad something was made. hopefully next thread we get a based nona to step up and put in some effort again.

No. 1842872

File: 1686243378322.jpeg (95.81 KB, 828x776, CCC8F6A3-AD77-4F06-B870-D62287…)

stop doing kink on your balcony you weirdo

No. 1842873

File: 1686243579002.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.43 KB, 1170x1429, 602EF1B1-DBA6-490D-B5B5-C78A05…)

Horror movie tier screenshot from her new pig in the slaughterhouse dungeon video

No. 1842877

Could you expand your opinion behind why you think thread posters should have no say or opinion on thread's OP? I see this sentiment a lot and would be interested in hearing the logic behind it from someone who feels this way. There would be no thread without the posters within who contribute the milk, yet there is a subset of posters who seem to want thread creators to have some sort of "untouchable" aspect to them. How do the threads ever improve without feedback from it's posters? I think thread creators may need be the ones who need to be checked as they often have over-emotional responses when choices they made are questioned. I think an understanding of the culture is also important, it's a thread of lolcow. If a farmer doesn't like something, a "shit thread" is fairly standard and isn't something you need to defend or get overly upset about it. Not all feedback is going to be given to you nicely wrapped up in a "but thank yew so much for doing this :3 youre the best nonnnie!" type wording. People having opinions about the thread is just as much of a tradition as anything else we do here in the Shay threads. Criticism leads to better threads.(derailing)

No. 1842879

Kek thank you for the new thread nonnie thread pic gave me a good laugh

No. 1842885

ooh now she's going to get cancelled by the "kink belongs at pride!" kweers.

No. 1842887

Calm down and make the next thread yourself

No. 1842888

File: 1686245418622.jpeg (41.21 KB, 750x350, BB8EF9D1-FBB0-4C66-B663-C8DCF1…)

she deleted this the other day

No. 1842893

that post was made by this threads OP. I have seen other threads get shit on - i automatically assume any one I make will too- especially if its 3+ days since the last thread was made. i dont think i did a great job, therefore im sure others wont either. I hate going through the previous thread milk to find updates - even with hide saged posts on I had not a lot to work with and i wasn't going to sit there for an hour reading every single post - i got shit to do. but no one else was stepping up to make it- so i did (i said i would yesterday but i got busy with my life)
people always come out of the wordowrk saying "this shit sucks" the post was simply a forward to a potential "this shit sucks"
if you dont like it, make it yourself next time, is all im saying. not YOU specifically but you as in generally.
i dont want to continue to derail by piggy backing off of your derailment so thats that.

No. 1842896

what the fuck's going on?

No. 1842903

but showing your snatch in a bar or your titties in a public restroom is totally fine.

No. 1842906

God what an absolute hypocrite

No. 1842907

Gurl take your own advice. Jfc I wish someone would call her out for this dumb shit.

Also thank fuck nonnie that you finally made this thread,hate using Shay on the phone.

No. 1842919

ty so much nonita we needed a new thread

No. 1842921

Jobless behavior
I need a screenshot of the part where she puts a plastic bag over her head. That shit has to be requested by a would-be serial killer.

No. 1842922

I sense some salt at more successful sex workers here, Shay. I agree with the sentiment but you make fuck machine videos on your balcony, you have no room to talk.

No. 1842932

How is this derailing? Its literally an open discussion related to the Shayna thread asked in a non-argumentative way. Perhaps mods should update their own rules? Because the excessive banning in the thread is really out of control. What, so we need a Shayna-specific thread in meta now so you can tried to hide the glaring incompetency lately? How can you expect a true honest discourse when half of thread users here dont go to meta? Disappointed in you Mod team. You make life harder for the people who pay your bills and give reason for trolls to target us when you let mods moderate off of emotion instead of logic and set forth rules.('pay our bills' no one gets paid for this lol take it to meta.)

No. 1842943

File: 1686253430238.jpeg (Spoiler Image,112.49 KB, 1170x1348, C49E4E5D-05F9-477D-91A8-760FEF…)

Behind the scenes pics but it’s the same shit from her trailer. I’ll post the pull pics


No. 1842944

File: 1686253524994.png (Spoiler Image,465.71 KB, 1170x2532, 894B057F-D4AF-4906-83F5-5E3859…)


Behind the scenes close up of porky Shay being taken to the butcher

No. 1842945

File: 1686253619272.png (Spoiler Image,494.16 KB, 1170x2532, FCB30576-AC6F-4FFC-BCAA-6997A9…)


“Behind the scenes” Same shit

No. 1842965

Body type: Homer Simpson

No. 1842983

This generally gives me such a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Thinking about the moids who get off to this- these are the fantasies of a serial killer.

No. 1842988

Unfortunately 90% of moids have watched content like this before their 14th birthday.

No. 1842991

It’s actually crazy how much better her body was like 5 years ago when she wasn’t a fat pig yet. Her face was always kinda unfortunate but gaining weight just aged her by 20 years.

What’s dumb is she could literally get back to that figure just by losing 30-40lbs (which you can do in like 2-3 months without even dieting that hard) but Shayna has the self control of an obese toddler and can’t stop wolfing down the burgers for 5 seconds so she’s immortalized as a fatso forever.

No. 1842993

File: 1686258383567.jpeg (24.03 KB, 314x565, 888D1D3C-92C5-4437-8356-E9467C…)

Literally all she needs to do is lose 15kg and she will be back to this normal weight but no she lives to embarrass herself as not only a disgusting person but a flabby fatass too

No. 1842997

AYRT… You are so right. Again, there is so much to be said about Shayna contributing the harm of women & proliferation of these fantasies through this content.

No. 1843001

she should have lost the weight before her surgery, now it will look so strange when she might lose some weight and have her breasts designed for her fat body. But she can't even stop smoking to prepare for her surgery, I don't think that she will be able to quit the alcohol and change her lifestyle, without being high/drunk every day she wouldn't be able to do her job.

No. 1843003

Your efforts are appreciated Nona and wish I could discuss but I don't want to be banned too. Sadly, over-emotional modding is also a tradition here :( Maybe if we start posting the more milky recent content from Shayna in her KiwiFarms thread it'll pick up over there and hopefully put a fire under the lolcow jannie's butts to actually care about their userbase when they aren't the only source for Shayna milk. Her upcoming frankentitty botched surgery saga and terrible BigGulpGirls porn is definitely becoming Kiwi-worthy.(:()

No. 1843008

Damn Nona, body dysmorphia much? Shayna would NOT look like that if she lost 15 pounds topkek are you insane? Shayna is like 120-130 pounds there, and is now 190-200+ and has done unrepairable damage to herself. All that cellulite and extra skin doesn't just magically go away when someone drops 60+ pounds. Even at her age. She'll never look like that again.

No. 1843011

She literally has no more definition left in her body. Sorry Shayna, but moids you want like a "tight body". This is …everything but. So fucking pudgy. She's just a smelly mass of flesh at this point.

No. 1843012

15 kg is about 33 pounds anon. still not enough weight for her to lose to look like that picture but that anon didn't say 15 pounds.

No. 1843015

File: 1686259913054.jpeg (194.36 KB, 1131x1882, 16802CEA-9D25-4582-A4CA-C23B73…)

No. 1843016

she expects to maintain her old audience when they liked her for being "young, tight, with small perky tits". But now she's "aged, a blob, with wonky fat-boy tits"

No. 1843019

Moid: It's all good. No worries. You'll just be replaced with some other whore if you die and quickly forgotten on my quest for my next nut. Don't stress.

No. 1843020

File: 1686260223919.jpeg (9.4 KB, 223x275, 1686228229061.jpeg)

if she just lost like 10-15 pounds she could be beyewtiful again nonnies(sage your shit)

No. 1843024

>40 lbs
Try 80. She said herself that she used to be around 110 lb.
>you can lose 40lb in 3 months without even dieting that hard
Lmao doubt. You'd need to be close to fasting to get those kind of weight loss numbers longterm.

No. 1843028

she won’t ever look like this again. this was her body as a teenager and young adult and as she got older you’re seeing her true adult body. it’s been stated that she very much peaked in high school and thought she would look like that forever and not have to do any sort of upkeep. it’s hilarious to see because she deserves it tbh.

No. 1843053

I don’t know, she looked good but she had no definition and just sat around and smoked weed and ate like a neckbeard we all saw it coming.
She could dermaroll the cellulite away or go get a tummy tuck, she isn’t too far gone oml

No. 1843065

apparently cellulite stays after weight loss, and is "unrepairable damage" - biology lessons w nonnie

No. 1843069

>healing and protection spell
KEK what is wrong with these people I'm cackling

No. 1843074

She shoots this on a CAMERA?
How is her quality so shit when it comes out?
I am literally SHOCKED to learn this.

No. 1843093

Nice to see Mia got off fent but is still a pants on head retard

No. 1843095

she shoots it on her iphone, nonny.

No. 1843106

File: 1686268104911.jpeg (111.28 KB, 750x822, DF3A2219-1B80-497F-AD1B-E12DB8…)


No. 1843113

>the last tweet
She always says things that can alienate potential coomers. She's on her sw account being like "I hate men, I hate sex, I hate coomers etc." not surprising she can barely make rent

No. 1843114

File: 1686268413286.jpeg (173.94 KB, 828x1792, B5B03E39-AC95-4131-AAE0-247FA9…)

kek not me knowing this was her right away when I was looking for a new nail salon (i live in her neighborhood)

No. 1843116

Imagine walking into the “dungeon”, catching a whiff of her plaque-dehydration breath filling up the coomer den you were looking forward to all week, and moonwalking out. I’m just imagining four ugly half hard dudes semi circled around her, desperately trying to get into it as if cumming to this sight is the immunity challenge on Survivor, as Ellen shouts, “YOU KNOW, SHE HAS AN ONLYFANS TOO!” from whatever chair they tied her to in a corner.

No. 1843117

File: 1686268495449.jpeg (139.32 KB, 796x1511, 1F70A384-58B0-4BB6-8ABF-FD6C33…)

She’s been stuck at the same donation amount since the 1st even though she’s actively been getting donations from her coomers. Who thinks she’ll actually hit her goal by the 15th? I’m surprised she’s not more panicked right now.

No. 1843120

No. 1843125

Thanks for confirming that she actually does get her nails professionally done, does all the artists work look this bad with the long nail beds or do they just go along with what she wants?

No. 1843149

at least shes washing her dildos now

No. 1843150

Honestly there’s a good amount of the long nail bed look in the photos of their other work but a lot are really well-done so I think it’s more of a client choice than it is a skill thing. This is also one of the better sets shay has had imo (not saying much but whatevs) I def still think a lot of the other times she “got her nails done” they were press ons kek(sage)

No. 1843151

So many ugly hot dog nails on their google review photos. Shaynas trash style fits right in.

No. 1843154

This unironically looks like something the toy box killer would’ve had in his “trophy collection”

No. 1843156

A lot of nails salons give you shit for wanting long ass butt scratching nails so all the girls with nails like that probably flock to one place(sage)

No. 1843160

She’s not 200lbs kek get your brain checked anachan, she is around 170 at most. Losing 40-50lbs isn’t a hard feat, she’s just lazy as hell.

No. 1843162

This isn’t even classed as hardcore porn anymore which is worrying, it’s just normal mainstream fetish shit

No. 1843201

File: 1686274121225.jpeg (181.67 KB, 1170x1938, BD5FEB77-C865-4614-B139-A448F5…)

Shayna’s coomer- it’s just so hard to talk to e-whores with respect sometimes


No. 1843228

Hate Shayna but I agree with her here. Moids are awful for sexual passive aggressiveness.

Everyone knows the memes about that guy from class texting to ask for homework then quickly devolving to ‘so are u a virgin/do u finger yourself haha’.

Men love to ask women deeply intimate and personal questions about their sex lives and genitals to make them uncomfortable while pretending it’s just innocent curiosity, they know exactly how it makes women feel but they do it anyway because they want women to feel invaded and uncomfortable, thats the whole point.

That being said coomers are scum of the earth and anyone with a brain knows this, you can’t associate with moids who are the equivalent of filthy rabid flea ridden dogs and expect not to get bitten.

No. 1843241

File: 1686278504910.jpeg (78.93 KB, 1170x593, IMG_2988.jpeg)

No. 1843246

she literally goes to state parks and gets naked with the sole purpose of making furry porn, did she start smoking fucking crack?

No. 1843249

Dis bitch went to a DIY store with fupa and let him test out tools on her in store and got in dog beds at a pet store for her degenerate puppy porn.

No. 1843266

File: 1686282095419.jpeg (Spoiler Image,187.28 KB, 1170x1808, IMG_2995.jpeg)

New video

No. 1843268

no, you absolutely shouldn’t act out your kinks at pride.

No. 1843305

Isn’t Pride like a family thing? Like it happens in public squares and stuff, right?

No. 1843311

This depresses me so much…literally looks like a snuff film. How do men jerk off to this. It’s so disgusting

No. 1843337

Lmao I can always count on a hilarious and horrific shay thread pic

No. 1843413

These people are so nasty. People already associate gay pride with deviancy but they can’t stop pushing for leather daddies and bdsm play in the streets

No. 1843427

People like this have never read a book. They don't know what the Weimar Republic was and they don't know how it ended.

No. 1843437

File: 1686317449079.jpeg (220.81 KB, 1170x1681, IMG_3007.jpeg)

No. 1843480

This month long healing thing is going to make her balloon even more than she already has. Plus, don’t painkillers make you gain?

No. 1843493

File: 1686323924524.jpeg (191.87 KB, 1169x1594, IMG_5060.jpeg)

Filming with Scott Hancock’s diseased cock again

No. 1843496

File: 1686323961662.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.5 KB, 1170x1724, IMG_5061.jpeg)

No. 1843507

I’m not familiar with the Weimar Republic. Did it end because of homosexuality?

No. 1843508

Christ, she's busted.

No. 1843512

> May I double check you aren't putting kink in pride

>Why yes, I am absolutely doing that

….wow. am I reading that caption wrong or is dumbass Dolly Mattel

No. 1843514

I don’t understand why she’s filming with him again. the last video got taken down from the site and she got completely erased as a model. If it was any other person she worked with, she would have been having a multiple day tantrum the second she found out. What makes this diseased moid so special?

No. 1843517

she’s gotta be colorblind or something. her pics are always tinted grey with the saturation up and the brightness down. she also clearly ups the contrast to make her veiny tit show more. I truly do not understand her editing; the only explanation is that she really is colorblind. it would make sense given how her outfits never match.

No. 1843524

Her facial expressions are getting worse.

No. 1843530

the person she's responding to is saying that kink does belong at pride, it's sort of unclear with the conversation being cropped in two.

No. 1843532

Yes, anal fissures made everyone salty and less friendly. And so they became nazis.

No. 1843542

File: 1686328159326.jpeg (253.31 KB, 1170x1681, IMG_3009.jpeg)

No. 1843557

Crab claw pussy and the ugliest face I’ve ever seen

No. 1843577

There are few things more enraging than literal straights trying to LGBsplain why sex pests and serial killer paraphilic degenerates should be the face of gay rights. I bet you these mfs would think the kinksters are being persecuted by parents bringing along their children to Pride as well.

No. 1843580

Samefag but I meant straightsplained

No. 1843589

File: 1686332351027.jpeg (165.9 KB, 1234x2067, 28E6E921-9FD1-4A91-9DCB-3F5ADA…)

She’s just like latto with her leopard bra like she always wears the same pair

No. 1843591

File: 1686332647980.jpeg (289.17 KB, 1152x2048, 90C192BC-6808-4CBB-A319-7DA642…)

So ugly

No. 1843592

File: 1686332689179.jpeg (261.61 KB, 1152x2048, BB9A6CC4-ADEB-48CC-A6C8-8D04D6…)

No. 1843593

File: 1686332786436.jpeg (38.97 KB, 567x700, 95DC605F-909C-4318-8EA1-5158E3…)

This outfit does not fit her anymore kek

No. 1843594

I can't believe she chose to upload this image. Everything about it, the angle, the obviously too-small clothes, the high ponytail, it all makes her look even more overweight than she already is.

No. 1843615

Kek she looks so British in this

No. 1843616

Anon he held up a hose. They weren't doing kink in public kek

No. 1843625

Im so fucking sick of these jimmy neutron fucking cartoon greasy slick overs. Lord Shayna looks like she constantly smells of dog skin and anxious sweat. She just looks so stinky and clammy smelling all the time.

No. 1843627

He clearly has been love bombing her, but I also think it's because it went "Well". Shayna likes to work with certain scrotes a lot when the scene seems "Easy" and doable. I bet you she's probably going to re-do the "I'm a barbie thing" and because of that, she can just be stiff.
It's like Micky mouse scrote, when she's comfortable with people she will make identical content over and over with them.

No. 1843633

she really doesn't have any shame wearing the same CHEAP Bra, I'm going to point out it's cheap, because it's not like it's some amazing expensive push up bra. No it's one out of a three pack from Family Dollars thats $5.99. Instead of buying a bunch of cheap bras, she wears this outdated leopard print one and constantly has it showing.
She doesn't care how dirty it makes her look, she probably doesn't even wash it, so it's probably dunked in sweat, smoke and musk. She's been wearing this three days straight it feels like. I bet even after the surgery she's going to be pulling this bra out.

No. 1843674

They allow the troons to so why should this low be an exception?

No. 1843707

Lol for a second I thought this was an AI photo because her arm looked all twisted and disproportionate

No. 1843718

her skull looks insane in this pic. Maybe she is bloated and sagged because she's been crying too much.

No. 1843723

this picture would kill ariana grande

No. 1843746

Ariana muy grande

No. 1843751

KEK nona detente

No. 1843776

This pisses me off because pride should be about celebrating overcoming adversity and community not watching a bunch of ugly people walk each other on leashes or whatever. Like no one in the street adults or kids want to see that.

I hate how sexualised pride has become, first kink now we have to accept polyfags

No. 1843778

I giggled

No. 1843785

File: 1686353570143.jpeg (Spoiler Image,264.59 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_3036.jpeg)

No. 1843786

File: 1686353649424.jpeg (158.06 KB, 1170x1514, IMG_3035.jpeg)

No. 1843787

dirty bras will give you funky tasting nipples. i used to always wear the same bra and one time my nigel was sucking my nips then i kissed after and he had this disgusting smell and taste on his mouth. i cant even explain it, like citrus battery acid of something. after a few sexy sessions i came to realize it was my nipples. i started scrubbing my nips better and changing my bra daily and no more battery acid taste. I cant even imagine the smells and tastes shaynas body produces barf(blog)

No. 1843791

Shayfags are truly retarded like why would you ever admit to being this disgusting

No. 1843792

I thought she had drool on her chin but it's just her weird mouth lines and her lips are so dry that they look bloody kek.
I'm happy she discovered that she can put her limp greasy hair into a high ponytail!

No. 1843793

It's just dirt,sweat and skin trapped. I know shayna smells like musty shirt

No. 1843795

why does she look like one of Shrek kids? ugly bitch

No. 1843800

Im shocked she doesn't edit photos like these. ive never seen a rougher looking 25 year old

No. 1843802

i honestly dont think that dressing as the opposite sex and walking down the street (fully clothed) is at all comparable to wearing leather thongs and whipping your leashed gimp in public.

No. 1843813

Are you new here? She used to do that a lot

No. 1843814

File: 1686357849461.jpeg (81.75 KB, 1170x539, IMG_3037.jpeg)

Sure Shay

No. 1843815

File: 1686357925175.jpeg (128.79 KB, 1170x1217, IMG_3038.jpeg)

No. 1843826

her face editing is crazy, it really does look like adam sandler's click

No. 1843828

Kek why has she edited the whites of her eyes like that?
We all know you're still stoned Shay.

No. 1843831

I didn't do any of this, I just know men cannot be women

No. 1843837

Pretty sure we aren't nailing dead rats to trans shelters like they did with a woman's one lol

No. 1843845

File: 1686360705116.jpeg (Spoiler Image,206.23 KB, 1170x2042, 65156B52-38D5-483C-89CC-93FBBE…)

So fat you can’t even see her vagina behind the fupa from this angle

No. 1843862

Literally Yaniv but with tits

No. 1843863

File: 1686362072039.jpeg (Spoiler Image,211.26 KB, 1170x1534, IMG_3040.jpeg)

No. 1843868

absolutely foul

No. 1843877

Oh no, did one of the coomers point out that it’s a loud, distracting eyesore in her four weeks late custom video they had to follow up with her for?

No. 1843879

File: 1686365170448.jpg (67.87 KB, 500x464, dreamworks face.jpg)

What the fuck is this expression, my first thought was this kek

No. 1843880

File: 1686365347339.jpeg (171.58 KB, 1400x788, IMG_1212.jpeg)

More like “breeding ur defunct animatronic band”

No. 1843885

File: 1686366288350.jpg (27.53 KB, 480x360, piginsem.jpg)

Factory farm pig in a cage about to be artificially inseminated.

No. 1843887

She deleted this

No. 1843895

File: 1686368752741.jpeg (80.86 KB, 1170x585, IMG_3049.jpeg)

No. 1843896

File: 1686368802892.jpeg (151.06 KB, 1170x1400, IMG_3050.jpeg)

No. 1843897

she GENUINELY looks transgender here

No. 1843904

isn't that one of those applicators that come with yeast infection medication to insert the capsule inside you?

No. 1843908

Kek this website did you dirty nona

No. 1843917

wh…what the fuck

No. 1843927

she just admitted that she doesn’t wash herself for at least 4 hours after shooting something like that. she just leaves it sitting in her vagina. that’s fucking putrid.

No. 1843963

She should be showering after filming and cleaning her body. She truly is a hog

No. 1843982

didn’t she tweet this before like a couple threads back or am I losing my mind

No. 1843989

she's such an alco I'm sure she forgot.

No. 1844068

KEK you go queen

No. 1844073

So she’s just straight up telling her coomers that she is throwing shit together last minute? She is honestly so bad at her job and marketing herself. She must be an incredibly lonely person if she truly cannot keep comments like this to herself or close friends. Instead, she tells the people who she expects to buy her vids that she’s planning to to live off them buying some rushed videos she filmed back to back last minute (without showering in between apparently). Like - coomers. wouldnt. have. known. if. you. could. just. put. down. your. phone.

No. 1844075

Does she really think moids want to see a prostitute wearing a xlarge cotton tshirt just because it says “baby”. Like we can tell you hate your body but there are sexier dirt cheap clothes on shein that would actually show off your merchandise.

No. 1844085

Sage for irrelevancy and extreme nitpicking but it boggles my mind as a classic rock enjoyer how Shayna can be into stuff like Led Zeppelin but still uphold this tacky bimbo pink slut aesthetic which doesn’t suit her at all? I don’t know a single other person who likes classic rock and has this style/aesthetic. At least her old style was way more suited for her music taste and suited her generally way more. Not a shaystorian so don’t know too much about her lore from day one but when did she actually start transitioning into the bimbo aesthetic? It just makes me cringe thinking about how she will be the only one dressed like shein porkchop when she sees Robert Plant, nobody else will be looking like that and it’ll be majorly embarrassing, she’s going to stick out like a sore thumb, except she’d probably like the attention from it

No. 1844101

Her seeking arrangements profile says that “people will question our legality” or some shit, plus she acts out kink in public frequently with tit and vagina flashing, wearing see through shirts with no bra and chronicling the reactions of family members and strangers to her coomers, wearing “daddy”/“baby” shit, etc. Every time she “calls out” a behavior she’s talking to herself but doesn’t realize it.

No. 1844106

around 2016 or so when she started camming and getting really hard into the ddlg aesthetic. thats when she started wearing all the mismatched pinks. before that she had the stoner grunge thing and ahs coven style "goffic" look.

No. 1844137

i’m actually pretty sure hogs and pigs in general like water (they also like mud obviously) but i’ve heard that pigs/hogs are fairly clean animals. so the fact that she’s even worse than a literal animal that rolls in mud is disgusting.

No. 1844145

i’m actually pretty sure hogs and pigs in general like water (they also like mud obviously) but i’ve heard that pigs/hogs are fairly clean animals. so the fact that she’s even worse than a literal animal that rolls in mud is disgusting.

No. 1844185

im pretty sure pigs don't have sweat glands and they like to be in the water/mud to keep themselves cool and regulate their body temp. they're very dense-bodied animals, so they build up a lot of body heat.

No. 1844238

I know a few women who have the pink/super girly aesthetic but are into metal and punk music etc. I don't think it's that uncommon, but maybe depends on if you live in a city vs a town? That said, those women are actually attractive and about 5 years younger than Shay kek

No. 1844239

and I honestly miss when crossdressing was something transvestites did behind the shame of closed doors

No. 1844245

File: 1686427664785.jpeg (225.24 KB, 1170x1462, BE0BF75C-B802-431E-B794-00440E…)

No. 1844246

File: 1686427744865.jpeg (69.5 KB, 1170x830, AE1226C8-593E-485E-8CB4-D565ED…)

10 dollars kek less than hourly minimum wage some US cities

No. 1844260

why doesnt she just stay in mass while recovering it obviously doesn't make sense for her to travel right after a surgery!? or have ellen pick her up at the airport to carry her bags and her parent drop her off and carry her bag? why am i genuinely worried for her.

No. 1844262

I mean she can just interact with airport employees like a normal person and ask them for assistance with her bag for medical reasons, but that would require her to actually be social with someone other than a bartender

No. 1844288

She's had months to organise herself and figure things out to make things easier, why she hasn't done so is a mystery, she's literally causing herself stress manifesting in nightmares and she still hasn't worked out its because like always, she tries to rush things last minute in the most unorganised, chaotic way possible.
She also hasn't quit smoking so her healing time is going to be prolonged, I don't doubt that's also weighing on her.
She causes herself anxiety but does nothing to alleviate it and everything to make it worse.

I won't be surprised if she ends up with botched looking tits because she didn't organise herself, didn't quit smoking and plans to be moving/lifting too soon and she'll probably get back on the alcohol asap which also won't do her new set any favours.

No. 1844289

Why is she stressed about packing enough clothes, how does she still not know you can wash them?

No. 1844321

Almost a rhetorical question at this point but does she really not have anybody in her life whatsoever that could help her and be supportive during her healing time? Like jesus christ will Ellen not help her with her damn bags at least, or even her parents? Absolutely depressing for her.

No. 1844322

Shouldnt a ~successful and hot bimbo~ have an army of simps falling over eachother to help her carry her bags so she wouldn't lift a finger? Not even friends? Lmfao what a sad fucking existence. The only people who interact with shayna are degenerates who degrade and don't value her at all.

No. 1844329

File: 1686437742952.jpeg (240.04 KB, 1170x1833, IMG_3060.jpeg)

Shay, you CONSTANTLY give every one and every piece of drama attention

No. 1844342

Looks like she's having a stroke

No. 1844408

By does her pussy look like a tranny rot pocket here

No. 1844411

File: 1686445324061.jpeg (Spoiler Image,213.25 KB, 1170x1827, IMG_3065.jpeg)

No. 1844416

>>1844411 absolutely fucking horrifying

No. 1844417

why did she get a brown one lmao

No. 1844421

I bet it's because of the most recent nazi allegations kek big if true

No. 1844424

So she doesn’t look totes racist guys!

No. 1844425

She’s definitely feeling a financial strain. She really just needs to get a minimum wage job and if she has to, do online fetish stuff on the side. And stop doing the disgusting, pedobait stuff. It’s bleak considering she had other opportunities.

No. 1844429

big dolly is right

No. 1844431

plenty of ppl travel after surgery. instead of whining on twitter maybe call the airline and let them know you'll need assistance. it never fails to shock me how retarded she is.

No. 1844439

File: 1686447411208.jpeg (25.68 KB, 750x205, 2DD695F2-FC10-4F12-99C0-8BA3FD…)

she deleted this right away

No. 1844447

Forget snowbunny, that's big Shungus.

No. 1844448

Kek it does seem more racist, like why as a white girl would you put a black dick on a strap on? It seems like an deliberate choice because she normally doesn't use this one. It's looks fucking ridiculous,anyway, i hope she gets cancelled by retarded busy bodies kek. I'm sure there some retarded twitter post like
>yt women shouldn't use black/brown dildos at all,it's fetishizing black and brown men
What a funny fucking imagine, then she makes that tweet about removing the black dildo from the harness making her feel like she has a phantom limb, kek. Wow.

No. 1844459

She’s basically doing “lower blackface.” Black men were often castrated before being lynched, thus making a black disembodied penis especially offensive when strapped to a white person.

No. 1844460

File: 1686450616116.jpeg (86.73 KB, 1170x879, IMG_3066.jpeg)


No. 1844467

in her mind, she probably expects someone to see her struggling and immediately want to come over and help a silly beautiful bimbo like her. she creates these stories all the time because she’s delusional AF and doesn’t interact with people IRL. she thinks she doesn’t have to do anything because people will see her and want to do it for her. it’s beyond bleak seeing a 26 year old think this way.

No. 1844468

I know you're joking nonnie, but Shay obviously picked a brown dildo because she's doing some sort of "BBC" video…where she pretends to fuck someone with her "black dick". There's literally no other reason she'd do this at all, the Nazi accursers are gunna love this kek

No. 1844472

Please shut up and go back to twitter

No. 1844473

Most guys who are into pegging have a thing for black dicks/being sissified by a black man because of black mens association with masculinity and being tops

No. 1844478

File: 1686453894486.gif (2.06 MB, 498x323, 4116DC16-E0EC-4743-8298-3082BF…)

Nta but come on

No. 1844479

>Pride month
>shayna decides to make a video using a strap on
>targets the video towards "subby boys" into femdom
>chooses the only realistic black skintoned dildo she has
She's trying to be extra woke, I legit think it's the same thought process she had with the trump video
>fuck trump hate
>hmm what is even more woke?
>ahh yes, trump hates black people so I'll wear a fuxk trump hate and fuck myself with a black dildo! That's a fuck you to trump!
Its just retarded and weird. Not to mention she just looks so funny kek.

No. 1844483

no but genuinely?? lmao what. you'd think after the fuck trump video she'd have learnt to stay away from black dildos

No. 1844533

Why does it look so realistic. Ew

No. 1844548

BBC - Big Bitch Clifford

No. 1844564

tbh this is true and her big black dick stunt is definitely in poor taste. i think it's cute (relatively speaking) if she collects dildos in different colors and uses them on herself at random. or even for pegging at random. but to only use it for like race play or to make sure the biggest one is black as a fetish thing is just nasty, creepy shit. either racist enough to objectify black guys (while serving up a white moid power fantasy. i mean she's objectifying women most of all. but this is a bonus round "hey fragile white male ego how about a little black objectification and degradation, as a treat. remember you still rule the world!"). or she's stupid enough to not see the connotations. hillbilly behavior

No. 1844590

I guess she is really that stupid and as soon as this picture reaches the "right" people on Twitter they come after her to cancel her. As someone with her past (and I don't think she is a Nazi, she was just a stupid kid) she should have used a white or fancy coloured dildo. Well, let's wait, maybe this is the time for new Twitter drama milk

No. 1844608

Couldn't find a grey one to match her skin tone?

No. 1844613

*most U.S. cities and states. I still don’t understand why Shayna doesn’t just get a job or side hustle to do along with SW since she would get so much money. She doesn’t need all the time in the world to record videos of herself dressed as a child shoving dragon dildos in her loose vortex of a vagina. There’s no reason why she can’t work at least part time, she’s just a lazy hog who chooses to not make money at the expense of her well being.


Shaypig the “uwu I’m so innocent and don’t deserve this” victim card is long gone after recording dodgy rape porn dressed as a child or in some weird sex dungeon. Also what the fuck is with the weird typing style where she writes a bunch of 2s, it makes her sound even more retarted. I also don’t buy that she doesn’t lurk or even occasionally post

There is so much fucking wrong with this

No. 1844671

shes had that brown coloured dildo for a while now? why are you all suddenly freaking out over it?

No. 1844675

File: 1686496167360.png (684.89 KB, 2532x1170, E1D889F2-186B-4241-8AA3-45D3AD…)

If twitter didnt get mad last time she used a black dildo i dont think they’ll care now

No. 1844676

File: 1686496201829.png (Spoiler Image,824.01 KB, 2532x1170, 9FEF1649-05CD-48EA-AE74-F158BD…)

shayna taking bbc

No. 1844678

File: 1686496246348.png (Spoiler Image,901.64 KB, 2532x1170, 2EC272A3-69EA-47D4-9DC1-03EC53…)

shayna chokes on mexican dickito(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 1844679

remembers how shayna posted a clip of her full on crying and having a panic attack after she was doxxed for using a fuck machine on her balcony near a children’s school yard
better times.

No. 1844683

Either new fags or Twitter SW's getting their panties in a bunch over the least offensive or foul thing she has done.

No. 1844693

There's something about Shayna that attracts the newbies KEK they compared charlie sheen's daughter to her in the celebritycows thread KEK

No. 1844698

For a split second I thought that was Keffals while scrolling.

No. 1844707

Yikes she is just so grotesque and ridiculous… awful Homer Simpson body. Why didn’t she throw away the black dildo last time?? She’s just clueless

No. 1844708

You guys are posting an pitch fucking black dildo vs. A realistic brown dildo that's clearly supposed to look like the real thing. It's just weird that she decides to whip out the hyper realistic black dildo, while making a video for "stubby boys" during pride month. She's trying to pander. Plus it's fucking funny, she looks so retarded with that dildo over her clothes looking fat and ugly.
Like what the point? Nobody is offended. It's just so stupid and silly looking. She's been pandering hard asf lately

No. 1844733

File: 1686506184855.jpeg (48.69 KB, 750x701, 093B5647-D3F6-47FC-AD53-A8F58C…)

Nta but isn’t the bbc fetish (aka “raceplay”) more common among white republican moids?
then again I doubt Mike slack and friends are into pegging so she’s just fucking stupid really
Also the source of picrel “data” is from aellagirl, I’m skeptical of it myself.

No. 1844739

aren't most furries gay and liberal?

No. 1844744

Lots of furries are nazis or had “nazi phases”.

No. 1844746

File: 1686507316338.jpeg (Spoiler Image,38.56 KB, 750x523, 1F60F018-47B4-4C11-83AE-630F47…)

she needs to buy new clothes and stop being delusional

No. 1844755

what's weird is that most of her shirts are fine. she just folds them up for gross underboob.

No. 1844758

i'm talking about how the front of her pants are bending over because she's huge

No. 1844766

again no one cares that she has a brown dildo and uses it. that's fine. it's that shes using it to film raceplay material.

not all mixed race porn is raceplay shit. it's a whole fetishistic thing that's very obvious if you know the script. probably thinking it can't be racist if the black dick is big and satisfying tee hee.

its getting off to black people being objects for white pleasure. literally fantasies left over from irl plantation era sex abuse.

she probably has no clue about all that because she's not much of a reader or a thinker. but yea people don't take too kindly to raceplay if they're social justice minded. if she was relevant enough twitter would not be happy

No. 1844785

Feeder saga finally here

No. 1844790

What is she even doing that's raceplay? She just strapped a dildo to her fat body and humped her camera for a minute.

No. 1844804

These nonnies >>1844459 >>1844468 >>1844473
called it.
Oh Goddamnit, this fucking outfit again?

No. 1844819

File: 1686519894915.jpeg (87.61 KB, 1170x1334, 22A21BA8-D371-4883-86B7-4606C8…)

Why is she so nervous about going to vegas? Bc she has to have sex with the Big Bleak Girls moid and remake her parody tier sex doll porn?

Plus she’s supposed to go to come concert too so you’d think she’d be happy about doing something fun before her boob surgery.

No. 1844823

The idea of rape & ageplay being considered the same level of taboo as harmless stuff like latex & pegging is sickening. Fuck Shayna, Aella, and every other terminally online SW retard for their role in mainstreaming this disgusting shit. Bring back kinkshaming.

No. 1844841

Not to stand up for Shay here but, probably because she’s doing vegas then flying for her opp; basically means when she gets on that plane she’s not coming back to Seattle til she’s had her boobs done. Idk, just how I saw it.

No. 1844855

I second wanting to hear what you think Shayna is doing that is considered race play because simply using a dildo that is slightly more brown than usual is not race play. If you’re referring to her photo caption saying, “big dick energy (big dolly energy)” that has not a term specific to Black people or race relations. She’s referring to the expression “big dick energy” which again is the universal term white or black people and refers to giving off the “energy” of having a big dick.

No. 1844857

the reach is embarrassing. she probably just bought some new cheap dildos because hers melted together (something she mentioned happening on camera). Unless Shayna is in the video saying “im fucking you with my big black cock” than im not convinced this has anything to do with racism and twittards wonts care. The dildo is brown? Pretty sure these >>1844411 two >>1844678 are the same dildo.

No. 1844860

i get wetter each day as shayna grows more and more distraught. i love watching her misery. her tits are going to be so botched. she thought the wonky tit comments were bad now? just wait shayna… just you wait.(take your meds nona)

No. 1844867

>i get wetter
you are disgusting anon.

No. 1844902

Nta but you guys could just do a cursory Google to find out about raceplay or something, it's not that hard.

Do you really think Ms. Will-Change-Dirty-Diapers is suddenly doing super innocent non-degen videos? Kek.

Shayna doesn't have to be throwing out slurs for it to be raceplay. I agree with the other anon that this stuff is easy to notice if you know what it is. Random fat blonde white women don't pretend to have massive black dicks 'just because'- are you dense?

It's literally BBC fetish (which is raceplay). Being white and strapping a massive black dildo to herself says it all. She chose a dark skinned dildo for a reason…for the video for her 'subby' guys who want a white woman to force them to take a big black dick.

I'm not understanding what you guys don't get? It's quite simple and a commonly known kink so not really a tinfoil at all.

I think Shayna is a dumbfuck so probably doesn't get all of the racial implications, but even she isn't so dumb that she's never heard of the phrase 'Big Black Cock' before. She literally makes pedo and diaper porn for rednecks- you think she doesn't have guys who are into BBC raceplay?(learn2integrate)

No. 1844911

File: 1686531544265.png (127.85 KB, 539x960, eiz643FnDo.png)

how does she have the same date over and over, why the aquarium every time

No. 1844912

$150 on records when she’s still begging to save up so she doesn’t have to work after her boobjob

No. 1844913

Because it involves eating a 2 person sized serving of seafood boil.

No. 1844930

File: 1686534904860.jpeg (192.78 KB, 1170x1632, IMG_3089.jpeg)

But you’re so worried about money, right Shay?

No. 1844933

This is such a reach, it’s not raceplay imo
She hasn’t fucked a black dude for porn
Despite I guess wrestling with one in her skivvies
Another anon had it perfect she probably bought that one in attempt to “I can’t be racist I have a brown dildo” classic white move

No. 1844939

Looking at the dildo I don't even think that it is black, it looks more like her shitty lighting making it appear darker than it is.
Here >>1844678 it can clearly be seen that it's pink and here it looks like a standard white dildo.

No. 1844948

you're not wet, you've shat yourself, moid

No. 1844956

No. 1844967

Top kek, this chart was made by aella, a cow in her own right with a thread here.

No. 1844985

File: 1686544977514.jpeg (54.62 KB, 750x782, F382C75A-EDD7-44AC-9F5B-A0A449…)

she's so lame

No. 1844990

//HEY EVERYONE\\ This is another angle of the "BBC" >>1844411 people have been crying about from the same photoshoot. You can clearly see it's not suppose to be a black person's penis. It's just one of those "Realistic" dildos with shading and stuff. It looks olive toned and pink here. Are we still outraged if it's Latin cock? Shayna is just terrible at editing her photos and films in a poorly lit bedroom. The penis did look darker then normal but holy heck you guys look silly being upset over a slightly dark looking dildo and it's "deeper meaning" when there are actual racists you could be wasting your breath on. And there's plenty to hate Shayna about other than what shade of dildo she chooses to use in her dollar store porn.

No. 1844993

Lovebombing Ellen hard because she is expecting Cottage-Cheese-Thighs to take care of her when she gets home with her frankenboobs.

No. 1845014


bitch shut the fuck up, you're getting a balloon put behind your boobs. some of us carried a child for 9 months and then had to go through major abdominal surgery for delivery just to go home 3 days later and take care of that baby day and goddamn night, getting up all the time and not sleeping

you are getting elective cosmetic surgery and whining about having to do things FIVE WEEKS LATER, shut up bitch!!!! people have surgeries all the time and live their lives!!!!!!!!!!(calm down!!!!!)

No. 1845027


Stfu nobody cares you shat out Yr nigels spawn(infighting)

No. 1845031

Imagine bragging about ejecting a scrote’s goblin spawn on a thread about a degenerate “sex worker”, no one cares that you let yourself be used as an incubator for a parasite(infighting)

No. 1845076


You sound fat maybe if you did some abdominal crunches you could've birthed your own baby. It's not too late to get it together Nona, stop coming to the Shay thread with this "unlike her I have a good excuse" attitude(infighting)

No. 1845109

In most cases in developed countries, having a baby is also elective, so I'm not sure what point you're making. You could have picked anything, but you picked choosing to procreate as your big gotcha?

No. 1845113

Plus Shayna is having an implant replaced her parents had her get when she was still a deformed child that’s gone bad and is giving her health issues. Yeah it’s technically elective but Shayna had less choice in this matter than choosing to get knocked up and having a c section. I know it’s Shayna and everything she does here pisses us off, but getting mad at her for the completely normal and completely human reaction of being nervous before a major surgery (and one that requires general anesthesia too unlike birth) is one of the more unhinged things anons have nitpicked in the past 137 threads

No. 1845196

are you one of the ass eaters? You should go take your baby to the park and touch grass

No. 1845202

Lmao this thread is off the rails lately
Crunches to prevent a c section
This is the most anachan thing I’ve ever seen

No. 1845235

play stupid games win ugly prizes

No. 1845237

>maybe if you weren't fat you could have birthed your own baby
Bitch are you from one of those bum fuck witch doctor countries where they tell women they did something wrong if they have to give birth via c section or that it doesn't count as a real birth? Crawl back inside your cave retard

No. 1845245

Mothers are subhuman. I couldn’t have a parasite inside of me for nine months(derailing)

No. 1845262

File: 1686587171004.jpeg (Spoiler Image,248.51 KB, 1170x1687, IMG_3102.jpeg)


No. 1845275

This is so gross and scammy. There’s no way if Ellen is paying for all of this that she is getting her “reimbursements” and sending them to Ellen. And if she’s scrambling trying to save money then why is she going out at all? Make it fucking make sense.

No. 1845276

Go outside weirdo, stop the misogynistic bullshit

No. 1845277

It's so funny how radfem types are the most misogynistic people in the world actually(derailing bait)

No. 1845290

how do you know that person is a radfem? i suspect a tranny-ops(derailing)

No. 1845293

Not all radfems, there’s a special breed of farmers that are particularly hostile to mothers but also other farmers in general. Only jannies can really determine who is who— assuming you’re responding to a radfem is pointless and retarded. People on the internet are deranged and that can include terminally online “radfem” women as well in my experience.
Of course their annoyance is also because you’re bragging about something unrelated in a cow’s thread. No1currs about your personal victories in a thread for cataloging the downfalls of a fat pedophile.(derailing)

No. 1845294

>>1845245 pregnancy and babies are gross af but subhuman is a bit far. Unless theyre those kinda people who think "im a single mother i deserve x" fuck those, no you dont.(derailing)

No. 1845297

Ffs just report the obvious bait and stop seriously responding to it

No. 1845299

File: 1686589776551.jpeg (224.98 KB, 1170x2047, IMG_5082.jpeg)

Houston in November means she’s going to that fatass spanking party again. Can’t wait to see her take on the theme night outfits like last time

No. 1845309

Isn't that where she meet Shane?

No. 1845312

I don't, just making assumptions, not unlike you. If thinking mothers aren't subhuman makes me trans then lol

No. 1845322

It sure is!

No. 1845373

what do you think theyre doing in aruba? has she mentioned this trip at all!?

No. 1845403

She hasn't mentioned it because she hasn't found a fake reason to beg for money relating to it yet

No. 1845418

File: 1686601309135.jpeg (217.14 KB, 1170x1588, IMG_3107.jpeg)

No. 1845419

This picture of her nips showing through her shirt is obviously sexual—how is this not considered subjecting strangers to your kinks?

No. 1845420

It's just nipples nona kek everyone has them

No. 1845423

do we think shes actually sober from weed right now? if so that could be why shes feeling so anxious and sick, it could be withdrawals. i really wouldn't wish waking up during surgery onto her so i really hope she has quit for now. is weed legal in las vegas will she be able to get more there? i know its legal in mass…

No. 1845426

I know that, I’m not trying to say nipping is sexual but she posted it on her sex work Twitter for a reason which implies that it’s sexual/for coomers.

No. 1845430

yes weed is legal in nevada
you guys that really think she’s going to “wake up on the table” need to chill though kek

No. 1845434

I don't know why she keeps posting these nipple shots as though they're sexy, all it shows is how cockeyed her tits are.

No. 1845490

I think she actually is, but only a couple days in at best because she probably left it to the very last minute to actually put forth her real try. And I am absolutely loving that she will probably be miserable during her Vegas trip and Robert Plant concert as she sporadically attempts to quit until the day of her surgery. There's no way she isn't going to do some sort of drugs and alcohol when she's hanging out with a bunch of alternative, wannabe-edgy, new people she wants to prove herself to. I imagine these freaks take all sorts of drugs and party at these things. Shayna is just going sit it out after being cooped up in her apartment for months and probably still raw from Shane Pierre Sonnier? Not likely. Mix in her nerves about the surgery and we may have a very milky few weeks if she decides "fuck it, im just gonna have one last good time" type thinking and starts drinking heavily. Either way, I'm excited. I done been wet but I can get wetter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1845498

What kind of precautions do you think Shayna makes before these little trips? What happens if Small Cum Drip Boy ends up being abusive, weird, or something worse during their time together and she needs to escape him quickly? What if her and the mixed girl get in a cat fight and part ways? Does she use Twitter as her back up plan? That if something happens she'll just Tweet about it and hope someone help or will send her money for a taxi or hotel?

No. 1845538

File: 1686616191052.jpeg (57.45 KB, 1170x483, IMG_3112.jpeg)


No. 1845539

File: 1686616259927.png (220.72 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_3110.png)

2/2. The account her comment was responding to

No. 1845548

ahhh so they're going to get raped by a rando, loves it.

No. 1845549

File: 1686617295556.jpeg (72.33 KB, 1170x984, IMG_3113.jpeg)

I’m surprised Shay isn’t talking about this for more sympathy

No. 1845556

At least she changed the pfp with her ass. It was ugly

No. 1845567

I’m already going to start taking bets that Shaynus is going to flake on this trip or in the middle of it

No. 1845572

Shay doesn't care about her so called girlfriend, she just likes the attention and financial boost

Her leaving tweet says how she missed her pets already but not Ellen kek

No. 1845575

i would say poor ellen but shes a pedo who doesnt deserve our sympathy. must be frustrating for her listening to shaynas complaining though.

No. 1845577

If a moid is involved she won't flake

No. 1845610

I was going to bet $20 it’s a colposcopy because Shayna gave her HPV but she probably had it already

No. 1845615

What, and take the attention off of her? Ever notice how she always talks about what Ellen gets her for her birthday and Christmas but Shayna has never once (to my memory) talked about a gift she got for Ellen?

No. 1845620

There was a moid involved with Vivi too, and that turned out horribly.

No. 1845628

And with Dawn I’m p sure

No. 1845656

My theory on both of these is that Shayna eventually grew bitter because she entered the situations with the thought that she’d be able to steal these men from these women and when it didn’t go the way she wanted, she cried wolf.

No. 1845689

File: 1686634027787.png (65.63 KB, 720x404, JimmyoldMeg.png)

>"breakfast and drink"
why does she need to inform everyone she drinks every day and with every meal? she is in her late 20s now, it's really not cute and is rapidly getting more pathetic.

"bimbos" have reps as party girls who get too drunk with friends at clubs, etc. not sad chubby alcoholics who chug pink wine alone and need mimosas to stop the DTs.

No. 1845696

File: 1686637066679.jpeg (94.11 KB, 1170x1279, 76BA5F19-6111-4D4E-A25A-90D92A…)

I wonder if her tummy ache will keep her from doing her degen porn shoot

No. 1845755

didn't she have a stomach issue last time whe went to vegas too and postponed a shoot? or was that texas?

No. 1845771

>posting about having diarrhea on her sex work account
I'm not sure if this is a subtle play to attract scat coomers or if she really thinks that her existing coomers want to know.

No. 1845787

I really think she has undiagnosed adhd with a small side of asd. It’s pretty clear she can’t focus or plan long term or stick to goals. It’s a shame she likely wouldn’t be able to benefit from a med to treat it because her instinct would be to abuse it.(armchairing)

No. 1845795

Makes me laugh when she says
>hi everyone!
>hey guys
Because it feels like she’s addressing the farm

No. 1845820

Honestly, abusing ADHD meds would be good for her considering what she’s doing now. She’d stop binge eating, clean her hovel, hyperfocus on her dumb porn and maybe even take her retarded dog on walks. But her being her she’d probably keep smoking weed and catch psychosis or something

No. 1845850

Not to wk but even though Shayna is abhorrent and I enjoy laughing at the shitshow that is her life, it’s kinda messed up to obsess over the possible complications she may have from the surgery. She chose the awful life she has to numb with alcohol and weed, but I still don’t want her to get even sicker or for harm to come to her.

No. 1845851

Plenty of people smoke weed and use ADHD meds. I don’t think it would be a big deal. Im just surprised she hasn’t used any already considering she uses drugs like acid

No. 1845866

>>1845851 wouldn't it be too expensive for her to get? She barely scrapes by as it is now.

No. 1845879

It depends on how much she needs. I used to sell my 10 mg adderall pills for $5/pop so it’s not necessarily expensive. It could also make her more productive and skinnier so it would pay back the cost in increased earnings. Also Shayna might feel less inclined to door dash shit all of the time.

No. 1845883

Yeah, I've heard of weed triggering psychosis but this is the first time I've heard someone say combining it with ADHD meds would cause it.

Girl needs a low dose of Vyvanse.

No. 1845899

File: 1686672544252.jpeg (66.59 KB, 828x905, 64120891-5144-49CA-808C-576C5E…)

OT but adderall psychosis is really common in people who dont have adhd abusing stimulants.

No. 1845953

She's bipolar, she has even blamed it on her mom's genetic code for inheriting it.

No. 1845961

>>1845953 Well bipolar is usually inherited from your parents so she's not wrong about that. I do feel there is more to her issues than jsut bipolar though, doubt it's adhd though.

No. 1846073

do we think shes asleep or in the ER or something. the way shes so quick to go to the hospital at the slightest inconvenience i wouldn't be suprised. she usually has begged for "breffast" and coffee money by now.

No. 1846096

Probably in the ER again like last time when she burned the bridge with that tickle scrote she was supposed to film with in Alabama that she completely wasted the airfare on

No. 1846144

does anyone think shayna might be dumb enough to try to bail on her surgery last minute?

No. 1846183

maybe, but i kind of doubt it. im sure her boobs really bother her and i know shes having anxiety about the procedure but not getting the implant replaced has the possibility of making her very ill and she knows that.

No. 1846186

Why would she do that? She might be dumb but even she can understand that the surgery is necessary

No. 1846191

I think she’ll use her surgery as an excuse to get out of everything and as fuel to cry “poor me” at any chance she can.

No. 1846197

Most people prepare and understand the surgery they are getting into, have a healthy support system, and don’t need their tits to make a living. Shayna is just the kind of retarded to put off the surgery until later because “my tummy hurt” or “i didnt feel ready” “wanted to enjoy my birthday” “if i wait and go to fetcon i will be financially better and have more money saved for down time!”. I dont think she’ll cancel having surgery in general, but I definitely see her rescheduling last minute over stress . I mean she probably still doesnt know what type of implant she is getting and the type of incision let alone the aftercare needed. She thinks her tits are gonna fall out in the plane and when she picks up her suitcase. Shes unprepared and uneducated.

No. 1846199

I wonder if she purposely planned to have new tits for fetcon as a way to show off to Shane P Sonnier “what he gave away”. Seems like this surgery came up out of nowhere. You would think major surgery like this would be scheduled months in advance?

No. 1846215

it was scheduled months in advance. and it lines up with her being kicked off her parents insurance when she turns 26 this month.

No. 1846217

File: 1686706374342.png (368.85 KB, 828x1792, IMG_6239.png)

she’s with Scott

No. 1846225

Enough with the stupid Barbie box, jfc. Doesn’t he have anything else?

No. 1846230

For the last fucking time, implants need to be replaced every 10 years. not to mention it WAS scheduled months ahead of time, it was even originally supposed be around Easter and got pushed back.

No. 1846243

His name is Scott Reedy a.k.a. Scott Hancock of BigGulpGirls and TopWebModels who has been accused of forging HIV/STI tests.

No. 1846247

@akascotthancock on twitter

No. 1846256

File: 1686709796780.png (7.6 KB, 474x210, Shayna joins Greta.png)

Interesting development. Noticed this comment in Scott Hancock's twitter @akascotthancock where he is trying to sell his Management company called Greta that is based in Vegas to some other e-whore. Is Shayna possibly joining "Greta" and soon to be under professional management? Shayna in Brazzers??

No. 1846258

So instead of doing new content, she probably asked him to take it it so they can reshoot. I do not believe for a moment she will do another scene that's different. She probably didn't like the first and asked him to take it down and she will reshoot.
Just like she brought Kendall back a second time.

No. 1846298

I’ll never understand why she always repeat the same shit expecting to get a different outcome. Truly low IQ behaviour. She’s still gonna look fat and retarded in this one

No. 1846307

If Shayna had any business sense at all, she would buy herself semaglutide online for weight loss. $100-$200 for a month supply. Guaranteed appetite suppression, weight loss, and lowered interest in addictive substances like drugs and alcohol. I'm rooting for a bootleg Ozempic arc.

No. 1846413

I'd prefer an orlistat arc.

No. 1846493

>>1846307 That shit ruins your face.

No. 1846507

at this point it’s not like she has that going on for her anyways nonnie.

It’s shayna so it makes sense to her, and her repeated plots. I thought she was going to do the new set that he has tweeted her afterwards though. ice cream or something o think?

No. 1846508

agreed that were going to see a second “sex doll/robot” video with this chode if not soon in the near future. I have no idea why she caters to the lowest common denominator of scrote who would actually enjoy that weird fetish, versus just shooting a regular fucking sex scene where it starts with her talking to camera, giggling, building a realistic character and then just having normal sex with a man in a few different positions where they either actually cum or fake an orgasm . Or is that shes afraid she’ll look gross and fat compared to the other girls in the industry who do normal content and she likes weird fetish shit because shes still considered “cute” in that sphere?

No. 1846509

nothing has given me the shay-ick more than when she said ellen took her a fetish dungeon and spanked her infront of a group a guys and they “liked her little leg kicks” as she got spanked

No. 1846513

she’s doing it because she’s delusional and thinks she’s an actress. she thinks everything she touches turns to gold, and then when it turns to shit she blames the other party. i’ll bet anything she doesn’t take her clothes off in this one either, even though every other model did.

No. 1846523

I feel like he meant to say “great” rather than “Greta”, no?

No. 1846536

Shayna hates her body, sex and men too much to pull that off. She always looks like she's being tortured when she's filming basic sex scenes with scrotes, there's a level of acting skill, exhibitionism, self esteem and pickmeism you'd need as a porn star to give off "cute next door slut who wants it in all holes energy". Shayna doesn't have it and never will.

No. 1846537

being exposed to tumblr ddlg fetish autism at a young age was the final nail in the coffin for her drug-addled brain plus she's isolated in that degenerate mommy daddy baby diaper puppy rape lobotomy circle on twitter so honestly I think she's literally incapable of acting normie

No. 1846548

Didn’t the gross sex doll video get reposted on other sites anyways? Kek

No. 1846570

File: 1686767859758.jpeg (91.65 KB, 1170x737, IMG_3152.jpeg)

But you posted a photo of the “barbie” set on Instagram yesterday?

No. 1846572

>ruins your face
have you seen the face Shayna is currently wearing, though

No. 1846580

She is so fucking pathetic. A box of anti-emetic tablets and a bottle of water is less than $10.

No. 1846581

none of the words in this post are in the bible

No. 1846582

i couldn't imagine being such a drunk stupid idiot

No. 1846585

Genuinely what is wrong with her?? She gets sick every time whe goes anywhere I don't get it

No. 1846590

Shay your life is a vacation. What day-to-day commitments did you have to reschedule or organise time away from to go on this trip? Quickly.

No. 1846598

Goddamn Shay, detoxing is hard. You should have begged and pleaded on your Twitter for money to send you to rehab. Better yet, you should have asked your parents to send you to rehab. They would have fucking done it. All you’d have to do is quit your pathetic sex work “career.”

No. 1846606

Alchie & withdrawls.

No. 1846611

It’s possible that she has a stomach bug like she said >>1845696 here because there’s some bad ones going around right now, but I can’t imagine that her most likely being hungover or withdrawing is helping things

No. 1846613

Hahahahaha i fucking love it. Im like a slip and slide here. If Shayna had actually taken a tolerance break from weed back when she was first really talking about it a month ago she would be past the really bad first week of withdrawal and would have been totally fine by now. As for the alcohol, she could have cut back slowly and survived off one or two drinks of hard liquor a day on her trip and been fine (trying to be realistic with these goals, obvs total sobriety is best). But nah, she just fucked herself over like usual and probably wasted tons of money. Hope the concert is just as miserable and she has to leave early.

She just posted that as a “im in vegas” check in, probably for the farms or her small degenerate circle. the set was obviously not in use considering the lights were off and props were scatted in the corner. she was probably just visiting him and his management team. i mean, he’s obviously the one who recommended she get an IV of fluids considering shes never done that before. Shes easily influenced and wants to show off.(no1currs why are you even talking about how wet you are)

No. 1846635

I fucking love this thread sometimes.

No. 1846639

I’d believe the stomach bug if it was pretty much anyone else. Shay has a “tummy bug” literally every fucking time she flies or has to do anything even moderately stressful. It’s the sex worker who cried wolf. Even if she does have a legitimate stomach illness, she’s ruined any chance of doubt by her previous actions and inability to own up to her lack of self care.

No. 1846641

It’s so bizarre, she’s talking about being hospitalized and vomiting every few weeks it seems…like how have you not figured out ways to manage your health especially when you travel for obligations. being trashed daily and eating shitloads of takeout food is making everything worse. No wonder she lives in filth if she treats her body the same.

No. 1846643

Hasn’t Shay admitted on cam that the reason she gets sick every time she travels is because she drinks too much / can’t hit the bong while travelling? When she was super fucked up and looked barred out the last time she went live?

No. 1846650

No. 1846684

Wtf Mod? What are you even talking about? Wetness?!? Or banned for No one cares? That could be applied to half the comments in here. Explain yourself now.

No. 1846688

cuz she doesn't have access to weed and the withdrawals can be ass kicking…

No. 1846690

this same anon keeps coming in and saying how wet they are from seeing shaynas pain. either someone very fucked up or a male tbh… ive reported it almost every time.

No. 1846710

How doesn’t she have access to weed she’s in Nevada. There’s dispensaries all over in Vegas. She could just buy her fatass an edible like always to cure her withdrawals so she can work but she doesn’t want to. Her surgery isn’t for another week. Won’t be surprised when she’s magically well enough to do something she wants to do and goes to the concert

No. 1846728

That sounds hilarious tho. Do you report everything you don’t find funny? Seems a bit nitpicky.(derailing)

No. 1846733

>Im like a slip and slide here.
Okay, I chortled.

No. 1846745

I think it’s the alcohol, not the weed. Weed withdrawals will not wreck you nearly as much as alcohol withdrawals, which can be deadly in certain circumstances. I seldom hear of people having physical withdrawals from weed, it’s mostly emotional dependence.

No. 1846746

File: 1686792245191.png (3.25 MB, 828x1792, IMG_6273.png)


No. 1846747

Rough. The disgusting sow couldn't even be bothered to shower and wash her hair.

No. 1846752

File: 1686793556432.jpeg (230.85 KB, 1169x1751, IMG_3161.jpeg)

No. 1846756

So does this Scott guy do this for girls regularly or is she just the only one willing to fuck for a cheese burger and a stuffed animal?

No. 1846757

The word that came to mind is ratchet, what an unflattering look. Her skin always looks crusty and dull, I don’t understand spending hundreds on ugly nails but not putting some lotion on.

No. 1846758

Is she sunburned already? Her legs are looking piggy pink. Double kek at her barely managing The Shmirk.

No. 1846760

Always looking like Zinnia Wormwood

No. 1846762

File: 1686794728612.jpeg (255.96 KB, 1170x2074, IMG_5005.jpeg)

No. 1846768

filter working overtime

No. 1846772

Correct me if I'm wrong but…is that her shirt or the shirt that the scrote has other girls wear? She is literally wearing the same ugly outfit she wore last time. Also she looks so sweaty and sloppy. Her hair probably smells of mildew, she just looks very gross.

No. 1846774

didn't robert plant statutory raped a 14 year old? is that why shayna likes him? (besides I guess making dad rock or smthng?)

No. 1846778

it's probably the first time her stationary as fuck legs have gotten any bloodflow in months nona kek

No. 1846783

My tinfoil is that they are planning to film some weird in-public footage of her sucking him off or even possibly full on sex in public during or after the concert and that's why she's wearing the same shirt as the video. So they can say it's a "part 2". If they do, she better not be acting like a retarded robot.(Sage your tinfoil)

No. 1846784

Can she really not fit into that top compared to just a few months ago? I'm seconding nonas saying is disgusting she wearing the same top as other of his prostitutes have worn before and probably gotten thimbles of cum all over. The armpits on that thing must be foul.

No. 1846787

I'm pretty certain it's part of the scrote's dress up clothes for his influx of whores.

It's sad enough they're all in the same several outfits in the porn vids but Shay wearing it for a normal public outing is hilarious

No. 1846788

nonas dont forget to check tiktok, instagram and youtube by last uploaded for Robert Plant. And maybe even check the Snapchat map around the arena she is in to see if we can get any "Shayna in the wild" photos. She got drunk and embarrassed Fupa, she can do it to this scroter too.

No. 1846789

she never is able to afford new outfits for her trips because she spends it all on her own flights out/hotel and alcohol/snacks during the trip.

No. 1846794

she looks miserable

No. 1846795

she looks like a tube here. No curves or anything

No. 1846798

This dumb bitch ate an edible and got sick again

No. 1846799

File: 1686800008011.gif (Spoiler Image,9.09 MB, 312x238, small gulp.gif)

Let us never forget the "big gulp" she took from the scrote. Smallest. Cumshot. Ever.

No. 1846814

She legit looks like a Greek auntie

No. 1846817

Idk nonna the workout lines sticking out of the bottom of her bra are pretty curvy

No. 1846824

File: 1686802778170.jpeg (19.09 KB, 377x394, E7329EF5-CC39-490B-86B1-E54EA5…)

Bro looks fucking 47, she needs to stop calling herself a baby bimbo and make some homely middle aged unsatisfied Brooklyn wife porn. Bitch looking like Adam Sandlers sister in Just go With it, so hideous!!! if I were that fucking fat I would wear a poncho or cloak, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT! She is grotty. She is deplorable. She is humongous and growing like a goddamn malignant tumor, waddling around at a hootenanny with a walking balding STD , Scott Hancock of Big Gulp Girls in Las Vegas is the Mucinex mascot but for Genital Warts. She looks like a weathered lot lizard.

No. 1846825

Imagine the sounds she makes as she ambles around… The slapping of the sticky flip flops, overgrown keychain mound jangling, firetruck red thighs chafing audibly, a little wheeze or cough here or there for ambiance. Seeing/hearing her in motion in public would be the best nature documentary.

No. 1846826

File: 1686803004755.jpeg (67.92 KB, 750x537, 7D6299D0-3D2A-4577-94E7-4D8DAA…)

just watch the concert you fat blob

No. 1846828

she legit has the neck and chest of a elementary school receptionist who is two years from retirement wtf

No. 1846832

Led Zeppelin fucking sucks she has such shot taste in music and thinks she’s so cool for her “dad rock”(derailing about dad rock)

No. 1846834

im 99% sure shes exaggerating. she did not cry over this old man. shes just being a pick me. again.

No. 1846835

No1curr about how you personally don’t like Led Zeppelin.(infighting)

No. 1846836

What’s htt mean and why does she put it at the end of her excited tweets?

No. 1846837

do any of you remember when she posted her spotify wrapped on twitter and it showed she only listens to drake and doja? KEK there's no way she enjoys any "dad rock" music, she must be tuned the fuck out at the concert while tiny shimmying side to side and tweeting.

No. 1846838

N1curr about you and how much you like Led Zeppelin retard(quit it)

No. 1846839

i think it's supposed to be a gasp. according to google htt means "head to toe" which makes no sense given the context

No. 1846840

How are Shaytards this goddamn stupid it's the start of a url because she has pictures in the tweet.

No. 1846849

Anon is right hey hey momma said the way you move

No. 1846850

File: 1686807083543.png (760.28 KB, 794x650, 04596167-B088-4168-A819-A8E587…)

shes at the pearl theatre in las vegas

No. 1846853

nona pls take your anger meds

No. 1846941

It would be very understandable if she saw prime Robert Plant but he's a grandpa now(sage your shit)

No. 1846948

God, sorryyyyy anon. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the grey star blanket today.

No. 1846949

She’s just pretending to be into old dying men.

No. 1846983

It's also the only way she can still pretend "am baby", since she's now the same age as the guys she used to consider to be "daddies" lol

It makes me kek how she has a second, bigger muffin top floating above her first muffin top. If she gains any more weight her sides are going to go full Zoidberg.

No. 1846989

At work so can upload later, but if kind nona wants to jump in there is a few videos Shayna posted on her IG from the concert where shes screaming “Ow my gawdddd” when Robert Plant comes out. And plenty of weird glimpses of SmallGulpGuy’s voice. Embarassing.

No. 1846993

I wonder if she's not posting much to social media because the chode has told her not to.

No. 1847005

She spent the first half of her "vacation" sick as a dog right? She probably just looks and feels shittier than usual. I'm personally hoping she starts crushing on this weird scrote and has a meltdown

No. 1847012

Do normal people get sick every time they travel or?? Why is she sick every single time she goes anywhere or does anything??

No. 1847013

scroll up

No. 1847015

"Scroll up"
As if I didn't read the thread? Your reply makes no sense.

No. 1847017

No. 1847054

File: 1686847548055.webm (18.08 MB, 1280x720, RoPl.webm)

Here they are, Nona. I’ve combined them all into one video as to not flood the thread. Please excuse the quality, due to the file size limit, it’s not the best.

No. 1847055

Yeah I read that?
And?(infighting when should be lurking)

No. 1847062

Nta but did you really?

Because yesterday anons were talking about how she is saying it’s a stomach bug, but everyone else seems to think its just withdraw symptoms since it happens all the time. An anon even said she mentioned it on cam

No. 1847080

That was jimmy page anon

No. 1847085

While not that incident, the band apparently fucked a teen with pieces of a fish.

No. 1847087

Absolute fucking banger. Anon slagging off Zep probably solely listens to Drake. Wish she had a high enough iq to enjoy actual music(dad rock derail continues)

No. 1847090

File: 1686851836910.gif (1.06 MB, 244x184, jim.gif)

I… didn't wanna know that… I bet shayna is gonna lurk and make porn of this

No. 1847123

File: 1686858210339.jpeg (37.16 KB, 750x541, EE8A6734-B091-476F-B0E5-66E5E3…)

No. 1847125

this looks so boring. it looks like its all boomers

No. 1847139

File: 1686861095478.jpeg (98.68 KB, 828x1204, B325B00B-6483-425C-AC68-05C09A…)

>we will miss you
whys she tweeting like shes already dead

No. 1847164

REEEEE anyone who sees that my taste in music is the same as every other basic bitch with daddy issues must be an urbanite zoomer reeeeee. Kids these days with their hipping and hopping smh.(infighting)

No. 1847176

Here's a better drop box version of Shayna's IG stories from last night


No. 1847178

File: 1686865851735.jpg (121.9 KB, 1096x548, verno.jpg)

I am absolutely crying at the way Shaynus says "Holy shit…. HOLY SHIT!!" around the 12 second mark. She sounds exactly like the fat kid Vern from Stand By Me.

No. 1847199

File: 1686869040670.jpeg (114.87 KB, 828x884, IMG_1777.jpeg)

bet Shayna loves picrel

I’d be fucking pissed if I traveled multiple states for a concert and the moid who invited me put us in the nosebleed section. good thing it’s just some nasty old fuck who doesn’t matter (Robert Plant I mean, but the scrote who brought her is gross too)

No. 1847232

Ntayrt but remember the Girl Scout kidnapping porn? She definitely would take bits and pieces from that assault story in picrel if it meant she make money from it.
That reminds me that her video plots at one point were literally taken from murder cases. I wonder why she mellowed out rather than getting progressively worse. Maybe she read on here, kek.

No. 1847246

This girl was underage too when they did all this

No. 1847286

That's making Vern look bad as the "fat kid" he's less fat than Shayna the big fat pedophile

No. 1847318

Followed by pickledpetshop1
Cow crossover

No. 1847320

Okay, that's enough for me today.

No. 1847321

File: 1686885269078.jpg (93.05 KB, 1469x769, weekend with dad.jpg)

She will be spending this weekend at her dad’s which probably means her mom will be the one taking care of her during her recovery, right?
They’ve interacted a few times, mostly about being featured here.

No. 1847324

She sounds fat

No. 1847327

I mean, she is.

No. 1847329

it’s really disturbing that she refers to her actual real life sibling as “lil bro” on her porn twitter, and also uses the same term in her actual porn videos.

No. 1847338

absolutely agree and she's driving with him and opening up her sex work twitter account near him where he could see. she's so fucked up and it makes me confused how people root for her or have a soft spot for her. she's repulsive

No. 1847346

File: 1686888810278.jpeg (256 KB, 1170x1673, IMG_3175.jpeg)

Well maybe you should’ve been saving your money

No. 1847353

I don't get why she even mentioned him. Okay her dad? Whatever. Her mom? Whatever. Her little brother does not seem to be a big part of her life at all. There's NO reason for coomers to know exactly what she's doing, who she's doing it with, and the exact amount of time she and her brother are spending at her dad's house.
It's just weird, and I cannot be convinced that Shayna & other sex workers who mention their irl family members while making incest porn, don't expect or even like when people sexualize it. "Lil bro" is literally shit she says in her porn.
And YES I know regular people talk about their brother this way, but they also don't make porn where they use the same fucking kind of phrases, "Lil Bro, Lil sis". There's literally no reason for her to post this, even if she thinks coomers are waiting for an update on her life.
Simply say
>I'm going to stay with some family for the weekend, I'll post it x, y and z
Like I know she has no respect for herself but can she at least respect her fucking brother? Last time she saw him she posted about the sippy cup shit sexualizing a interaction with him.
Every time she mentions her family on her sex work account, it feels like a weird violation. Mainly because nobody cares but us, so who is it for? Or is it just what it's always been. She must share every single thing in her life, that she doesn't care about, because she has this "Weird pressure" on herself, that posting shit like this is "Work".
So saying, "hey i'll do this" is work and scrotes are sitting around their dick dorms waiting for Shayna to post when she's dropping hot porn, and she's a failure if she doesn't. So they must know exactly WHY she's not working or not focusing on work. She's doing things you see.

No. 1847375

File: 1686896836169.png (319.77 KB, 521x486, 78AA8713-3A58-470A-A0B8-826D09…)

I saw this dumb meme and the SpongeBob personified reminds me of shaynas ramen noodle hair phase kek

No. 1847378

It blows my mind that she’s pushing 30 and living like this. Her parents are fucking idiots for enabling her. You can bet they’ll be giving her money for rent and bills on top of her panhandling, fat lazy hog. One has to be a special breed of retard to believe that this lifestyle is preferable to working at Olive Garden

No. 1847391

>editing porn while staying with her family
She is fucking vile and is beyond fucked in the head. If she wasn't such a fat lazy sow she would have had all her sex work done before she left Renton.

No. 1847396

>so stressed about money
>has literally spent at least one months worth of rent on doordash, substances, and other worthless bullshit over the last few weeks while begging for reimbursements

I have a feeling this is truly the beginning of the end for ol Shay as we know her. Sure she’ll keep “going” but I think her post-surgery haze is really going to humble her in a way not seen before.

No. 1847459

She’s about to get her ass handed to her when the painkillers wear off from surgery.
It’s not wake up and BAM new boobs.
Plus I literally can’t imagine this lazy pig doing the aftercare required of a boob job.

No. 1847474

OT but can we please never talk about the Zeppelin-fish thing ever again it makes me want to go do violence to all men ty love you nonnas

No. 1847476

Call me soft but I hope she won't suffer any big or lasting damage. If her quality of life went down even more, the thread would never be funny, just depressing. I also don't enjoy watching people suffer.

No. 1847484

How is she not embarrassed that her lil bro has a car while she sells her body for less than the price of a cheeseburger in this economy and spends what little she makes on stuffed animals and clothes that don’t fit

No. 1847491

I’m with you, that made me feel so sad.

Sensitive nonas unite. I don’t think her suffering is funny, it’s how unaware and ridiculous she is that makes me come back. Like… she has no friends so she has to tell bottom barrel twitter how she’s feeling and life updates that she should send in the group text with friends. It’s not her misery that’s funny, it’s how absurd her situation is and that she constantly picks the worst possible option for everything.

No. 1847539

Tweeting on your sex work account about spending the weekend with your dad and “lil bro” and editing porn is just so icky. Her family needs to cut her off, she is a lost cause.

No. 1847579

Do you think there's any possibility she never leaves her parent's house and they pay to end her lease and get all of her trash and her poor animals shipped to her?

No. 1847592

no because her parents would probably make her get some job and Shayna would never. 1) because it’s beneath her and 2) her full name is attached to… (gesturing wildly) all of this

No. 1847600

How does her dad even look her in the eyes knowing she makes baby rape porn? Not just baby rape, but fantasies of “mumma” and “dada” raping their own child like wtf. No wonder she’s like this, her parents are totally devoid of morals as well.

No. 1847603

I wouldn't say that I have ill wishes towards her but Shayna certainly knows of the risks of surgery but she chose to engage in unhealthy behavior regardless. I don't think she will die on the table or become disabled but her breast will come out looking terrible.

No. 1847614

Her misery is funny to me because she makes baby rape porn. Pickmes never prosper, I hope one of her implants burst because she's a fucking retard and tries to take a sexy new boobs picture at a bad angle or something

No. 1847617

Her tits being botched or her fucking up the after care so they look worse than before would be the chef's kiss of schadenfreude.

No. 1847623

IMO her misery is not enough for someone who makes baby rape porn. It makes me doubt that karma is real because she really really deserves so much worse.

No. 1847669

File: 1686942111727.jpeg (136.65 KB, 1170x1525, IMG_0746.jpeg)

Has this been posted yet?

No. 1847685

why did they have to do that to Pat

No. 1847697


No. 1847700

someone edit this to look even more like big shaynus and it's thread pic material kek

No. 1847706

that sweaty greasy forehead. she was probably struggling to get into that cage meant for large dogs kek(sage your shit)

No. 1847720

Fat Shat at 35

No. 1847722

File: 1686949293763.jpg (161.27 KB, 602x1600, IMG-20230403-WA0009.jpg)

Thanks for reminding me about this anon

No. 1847783

And yet with her retard comedy porn we almost never see sister/brother, it's always dad/daughter.
>pushing 30
She's turning 26 nona…

No. 1847813

She's done loads of porn based on brothers anon

No. 1847840

A lot of her sibling porn is usually with blackmail “plot” which is even more disturbing when you realize it was her brothers friend who told her brother Shay was camming and then outed her.

No. 1847853

File: 1686963556627.png (622.22 KB, 988x812, SHAYNAS.png)

She does sibling incest porn all the time. Highlighted examples are all from the last month or so.

No. 1847859

File: 1686963996519.jpg (264.12 KB, 1280x1280, 1532486996175.jpg)

(unsaged old milk )

No. 1847860

File: 1686964020836.jpeg (74.72 KB, 573x990, 1533080292336.jpeg)

No. 1847861

File: 1686964051974.jpg (124.65 KB, 650x1280, 1532455711103.jpg)

(unsaged old milk)

No. 1847862

File: 1686964122341.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.2 KB, 540x278, 1532439385263.jpg)

(unsaged old milk)

No. 1847868

File: 1686964488661.jpeg (93.67 KB, 750x743, 46A8B6B0-8CCD-4905-AE96-7F520B…)

Idk if this is milk but she was active on her ABDL/diaper Twitter either while she was traveling in public or while she was driving with her younger brother yesterday yesterday. She might have even retweeted it today but I can’t tell. Is there a way to tell what time/day someone retweeted a tweet? June 15 is when the original tweet was posted.

No. 1847871

File: 1686964599979.png (66.5 KB, 683x631, KYLE.png)


No. 1847877

This was posted forever ago anon, are you new here? Lurk moar

No. 1847879

AYRT, my bad nonas.
Must be the same anon who spammed ShayFupa upthread.

No. 1847883

Not only that but he originally posted this while they’re were together, so I doubt it was about Shayna.

No. 1847899

Maybe. But the only scenario I can see that happening with is if she has a major mental health crisis surrounding this surgery, from (theoretically) having to be sober for the first time in probably a very long time and having to actually look at her life and not grab a drug to sooth herself. That whilst dealing with dysphoria/anxiety that can happen following aesthetic surgeries.

When do you think the last time she had been completely sober, for like 24 hours, was?

No. 1847902

File: 1686968329460.jpeg (208.15 KB, 1170x1562, IMG_3197.jpeg)

No. 1847917

This is top-tier

No. 1847964

File: 1686979578778.png (87.36 KB, 2220x1182, autistic evidence.png)

There's no way to tell on Twitter but according to this spreadsheet, she was the first one to retweet it on the 15th. So probably not too long after the time the tweet was originally posted considering she lives on social media and was tagged in it

No. 1847965

I thought this was a photo of some tacky Applebee’s wall-rubbish but it’s ceiling-rubbish at her dad’s ugly house.

No. 1847968

is this for real her dad's house? kek she is her daughter no doubt, the tackiness is genetic.

No. 1847970

What site is this?

No. 1847973

File: 1686981937727.jpg (125.95 KB, 624x846, 36584302845.jpg)

Wait how do you know it's her dad's house? Because here's the same place posted by some random online, and you can see the top of the cash register at the bottom. https://vsco.co/kaitlynnwilson2/media/63f279a734f610447d1194ac

Rows. There's a retweet tracker template https://rows.com/share/retweets-tracker-2-1nBbwBtABmCFqvRRIKTJYbQynjZ1R8ommNZzGasd1baI

No. 1847978

You're right and it's clearly a retail setting, Shaynons are just clinically stupid

No. 1847986

>hot girls
Sometimes I wish I was this delusional. Speaking of hot girls, I wonder if the stepsister is around for all this. I’m guessing not, seeing as she actually has a life and is probably off doing fun summer shit while Fat Shat is waddling around with smelly old coomers and marinating in pork sweats on her parents’ couch

No. 1848014

That and she can be really goofy and mismatched. Tacky. But for some reason I want her to stay afloat.

No. 1848044

Well, hopefully her boobjob will help with that. rimshot

No. 1848061

No it's not, that nona is just a tard.

No. 1848110

What is a workout line?

No. 1848117

Is that a pixyteri reference

No. 1848129

Our queen name be the in Christ, was born with workout lines on her stomach.

No. 1848154

It’s a breakfast restaurant in Thornton, New Hampshire. Good pancakes but very trashy clientele.

No. 1848182

nta but they just mean fat when they say work out lines.

another cow, pixyteri, one time replied to a comment under one of her photos (where her fat was spilling because her bra was too small) asking shy she had an extra set of boobs under her boobs. Her reply was that it they weren’t boobs, they were “work out lines”

No. 1848280

>Trashy clientele
Oh goddamnit.

No. 1848283

I don’t follow on twitter, is she just being quiet since her weird old man gig? Would have thought she’d be posting heavily about how much she loves being at home and last minute grifting for the upcoming surgery

No. 1848293

I don’t see anything on her Twitter. Someone in the shaynatorium just said they did something to produce milk ughhh I’ll be so bummed if we don’t have her tweeting through the tit surgery era

No. 1848301

lmaooo shayna looks so much like her brother. same tooth gap and all.(dont post photos of family members)

No. 1848313

File: 1687038518838.jpeg (Spoiler Image,293.29 KB, 1170x1617, 484F73BF-FCE3-4CCE-B280-9A189D…)

this looks like a shaynatorium edit

No. 1848333

he looks like a dyke

No. 1848335

At least his eyebrows look somewhat better kek

No. 1848346

Do we seriously need to include his picture here? He clearly hates being her brother as it has been stated before.

It’s not his fault to be her brother….

No. 1848347

ugh this is why Shayna should'nt post about her family at all, because retards can't help but include these innocent people into her retarded threads. First her step sister (who I had no idea she even had at first) and now her brother again. It's a violation imo
This scrote has very low standards, but then again, looking at him you can tell why. It's easy to simp after some average looking cheap woman then it is to get attention from desired women.

No. 1848348

No, it’s blatantly against the rules. Just report it and a farmhand will eventually get to it.

No. 1848350

File: 1687041885914.jpeg (200.59 KB, 1170x1412, IMG_3215.jpeg)

No. 1848440

She's always had massive weird fingertoe troon feet but holy hell that hoof is massive

No. 1848470

She's shown her unshaved legs before but omg I thought she had extra long leg hairs here but it's just a nasty filter. Why did he have to choose a filter that made her look even more porcine and mottled??????

No. 1848486

quality post

No. 1848495

Ugh sharing this on her sw Twitter is gross.

No. 1848496

She start a food blog because eating is obviously her real passion in life.

No. 1848508

File: 1687066141016.jpg (164.88 KB, 1470x1447, 2hr bukkake double anal orgy.j…)

She posts this so often you’d think eventually it’d click in that she hates this “job”. It’s also funny her they contribute to the demand and popularity of >2hr bukkake double anal orgy

No. 1848521

I hope that her last 3 coomers get mad and unfollow her. Kek

No. 1848605

File: 1687090633816.jpeg (Spoiler Image,160.01 KB, 802x1068, 831B8F2C-51B7-4755-8F60-002BCC…)

She’s such an idiot. There was plenty of raunchy porn in the 60s, it just wasnt as easy to access as porn today. There will ALWAYS be women attractive enough to make guys unexpectedly nut just from them rolling around naked in bed; Shayna just can never fathom that she is not one of those girls. She is proudly the bottom barrel girl who has to do the 2 hour bukkake scene because her face, body and personality isn’t enough. And topkek that >>1848508 called it out exactly, she is directly contributing to the increasing degeneracy in porn when she offers men a chance to buy a vid of her “sucking 7 fantasy cocks pretending its my brother Ryan” or “little baby gets bottled forced up its ass by big daddy Shaun” for a dollar a pop just so she has weed money that week.

No. 1848653

Ew, why does her pussy look so dark? Looks like a leech.

No. 1848658

Hmm I don’t know nonnie maybe because it’s a black and white picture? Stop derailing and projecting your own insecurities, this is a Shaypig thread.

No. 1848660

Dark labia, pubic hair, bad lighting

No. 1848663

Take this terminal retardation to /shay/

No. 1848757

That’s a really good looking leech(sage your shit)

No. 1848797

Someone post her most recent OF picture where she has toilet paper (or white dots) all over her vagina (I cant open OF right now)

No. 1848802

File: 1687114671850.jpeg (Spoiler Image,189.51 KB, 1170x1531, IMG_3224.jpeg)

Lovely Shay

No. 1848808

it’s so nasty that she is able to feel confident posting shit like this when she’s under the same roof as her actual father. on fucking Father’s Day. I feel sick. The cognitive dissonance she must have is unreal

No. 1848814

honestly loving how she bought this shirt already in the shade all her mismatched pinks turn into shortly after

No. 1848818

She looks like a housewife in her 40s lounging on the sofa watching tv and eating chips after the kids are finally asleep when she wears that muumuu

No. 1848853

Why is she wearing clown makeup? She looks like melting wax model of a 50 year old woman.

No. 1848858

No. 1848861

it’s almost like the progression of the porn industry has led to more and more extreme fetishes and increasingly violent sexual abuse towards women. weird.

No. 1848862

>thigh fat sticking out farther than her ass
>horrible marionette lines and nasolabial folds
>dead behind the eyes
How does anyone get off to her?

No. 1848902

File: 1687124917278.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.25 KB, 1170x871, IMG_3231.jpeg)

It just keeps getting worse

No. 1848915

It’s giving reverse Bell’s Palsy

No. 1848919

I think some of you are slower than Shayna. You can't deny that today's society isn't way more pornsick than they were in the 60s. Now everyone and their mom expects you to do anal and eat ass, back then it just used to be for the literal whores. Back then people had the good sense not to publicly declare all their kinks, it got left in the bedroom. So the mainstream normies would only expect normie sex. Now 11 year olds can watch a triple anal gangbang with ease, and expect that when he turns 18 every woman he meets will be willing to absolutely degrade themselves for him.

No. 1848920


Pornsick scrotes don't care about your looks, they care about how much you're willing to degrade yourself for their sexual pleasure. And Shayna is extremely willing. You never heard a moid say "any hole is a goal/a hole is a hole?"

No. 1848924

sometimes when someone goes through puberty, the hormones can cause the skin in certain areas (genitals/armpits, usually) to produce more melanin, making those places appear darker. it's genetic and completely normal, but a lot of people picture a "normal" labia as hairless and pink, thanks to the porn industry praising/preying on girls and women who share traits with prepubescent children.

No. 1849003

to be clear im not suggesting cowtipping but it absolutely infuriates me that her father is seemingly unaware of to the extent of her degeneracy, imagine seeing this while your daughter is sitting right next to you in your home. Like how would any human being rationalize this other than thinking your daughter is dangerously mentally unstable and unsafe to be around

No. 1849004

The thing is…is he unaware? I could have sworn Shay posted something about someone sending her dad her diaper porn stuff, or was that just a cowtipper bragging?

No. 1849010

I think it’s really mean and selfish of her to be potentially be putting her family in an uncomfortable position where she does family porn and gives updates about her actual family all the time. Porn is not that important, how can she justify it to herself?

No. 1849033

so how do you know

No. 1849039

I’m starting to think Shay got molested by her dad.
Imagine seeing this on your daughter’s public Twitter nestled in between posts about you on Father’s Day. Now imagine you’re just a perfectly normal dad who didn’t molest his daughter and you find out she’s publicly telegraphing Father’s Day daddy daughter rape porn from your house. Imagine wondering how many people wonder if you raped your daughter or not. Then realising moids actually jerk off to your daughter simulating being raped by you. The bleakness truly knows no bounds.

No. 1849046

I think it’s the opposite. she idolizes her father. she used to make up rape stories for attention. she makes porn pretending to be SA’d. she’s one of those raging pick mes who WANTS to be raped. she WISHES her father raped her because then she’d have a dramatic story to tell. she’s a disgusting pedophile who probably fantasizes about what it would be like if her father or brother touched her sexually as a child.

No. 1849048

File: 1687144126496.jpeg (Spoiler Image,195.31 KB, 1170x1872, IMG_3252.jpeg)

No. 1849055

the blurry ass shoop and drawn on filter kek

No. 1849060

sorry if im retarded and need spoonfeeding but did she ever specifically say whether she was just getting the implant replaced for medical reasons or getting a bigger one/matching ‘bimbo’ huge fake tits? just from seeing her selection of nail techs i can imagine her choosing the most incompetent plastic surgeon available, botched arc when

No. 1849090

iirc she’s using the same surgeon who operated on her in the past.

No. 1849096

I agree I think she wants to be molested by him and have some weird Freudian romance. Freud would have a field day with her.

Honestly though it is incredible twisted how much she wants to be a victim of violent sexual crime, domestic abuse, pedophilia. I wonder what a psychiatrist would be able to dig up on her that would explain this.

Before someone says she’s just a pickme, not into it, she likes attention blah blah, I know but at the root no normal person yearns for these things.

No. 1849101

sage for blog no1curr and whatever but as someone who was molested by their dad the main reason i think it’s just a kink she was groomed into accepting as normal a teen through tumblr and not actual incest is there’s absolutely no level of shame in her behavior, shame and disgust are driving factors in trauma and she’s the opposite with her exhibitionism and expecting praise(no1currs, not your personal blog, why are you even saying this if you know)

No. 1849109

I'm sorry you had to explain this bullshit to the dumbasses itt kek

No. 1849110

yeah, 4 months ago someone sent her dad a picture from twitter of shayna in baby gear with her pubic area censored with the text "your daughter is making pedo porn please stop enabling her" or something like that. After that shay went to twitter to suicide bait and saying she should quit whoring.

No. 1849228

This surgery is her chance to fake dying during surgery and legally change her name to reboot her deranged life.

No. 1849331

File: 1687188881352.png (140.71 KB, 864x1384, Screenshot_20230619-083600.png)


No. 1849334

File: 1687189022932.png (59.51 KB, 863x659, Screenshot_20230619-083644.png)

No. 1849337

File: 1687189174188.png (47.49 KB, 863x580, Screenshot_20230619-083751.png)

She's with her mom

No. 1849339

and as always she has to find a reason why her mom is so bad and evil but her dad is perfect. you’re in her house, Shat, the least you could do is show some respect.

No. 1849347

May her tits get infected. Shes always such a nasty cunt to her mom. We get it shaymu daddy wont rape you and your mom is always looking out for your sorry pos ass.

No. 1849367

I'm really sorry you went through that, nonny. I hope you're doing well.

No. 1849369

This manky bitch is totally not going to do the correct aftercare a boob job requires. Going to be hilarious.

No. 1849382

Her dad and stepmom know by now that she pretends to be a baby getting raped by its own parents and they do not care at all. I don’t care that she’s their child; she is a willing participant in making this type of content when she could have college fully paid for and a number of other conveniences that most people will never have. They are almost as bad as Shayna for enabling her knowing how sickening her content is.
I bet her family never even brought it up. Shayna probably only freaked out at the time because she saw the cowtipper wrote on lolcow about what they sent but it’s pretty clear her dad didn’t actually do anything because she still uses the Diaper Dolly account (which some anons suspected she would shut down) and is still staying with her family while also promoting on her porn accounts at the same time. Her step sister endorses her too and “loves her no matter what” so only her younger brother really deserves your sympathy. Fuck these disgusting pathetic people.

No. 1849389

>>1849331 Imagine being such a "successful" sex worker and still having so few "customers" that you can remember their names.

No. 1849398

Her step sister wasn’t gonna start roasting Shay to some weird freak tipper whom she probably assumed is a deranged man. In private though, she definitely feels smug as fuck and superior in every which way lol. Easily imagine she and her friends scrolling thru Shaynas twitter giggling and gagging at the pathetic morbid sight.

No. 1849402

File: 1687196364270.png (176.59 KB, 864x1094, Screenshot_20230619-103949.png)

No. 1849408

Some of you are so desperate to project onto the step sister. Her post on lolcow seemed like a plea to have people stop sending her pictures of Shaynus which she doesnt have a strong enough stomach to be looking at this shit. What kind of family member would go on a family member’s sex work account to look at their vagina? Not to mention all the sick incest titles? Not everyone is Mike Slack anon. Based on what she wrote here, it is most likely that the step sister pities Shayna and also thinks that farmers are deranged for contacting and sending her pictures. She isn’t and will never be on the same side as farmers—she’s an enabler just like the parents.

No. 1849413

dude probably had post-nut clarity and ghosted her or some other whore responded faster than she did

No. 1849414

Also I don’t care if I get banned for blog posting but I am speaking from experience as someone who has a personally unliked sibling that is also a sex worker. I am distant with her now and don’t feel protective over her but the stuff I have seen of her “career” still makes me sick and depressed. I have never laughed at it and I am convinced that anyone who could do that is probably emotionally defective or coping. You are not able to joke about it with friends because it’s humiliating and depressing. It might be different because they didn’t grow up together very long but it would still be somewhat depressing nonetheless seeing your older step sibling devolve into Shayna’s current state.

No. 1849422

File: 1687198033096.jpeg (45.54 KB, 750x383, 07E59A90-F308-4F4C-A33B-3AEC54…)

No. 1849440

girl that is so fucking weird kek I bet she has better things to do than going through shayna's nasty ass twitter just to make fun of her. She is a normie, she won't find that shit funny, she will gag and avoid any train of thought around her like the plague.

No. 1849441

>She's a enabler
I don't think shayna is close to her step sister and vice versa. She has never mentioned her. I think the sister is grossed out, feels indifferent but love towards shayna and doesn't want to know what she's doing. She may support sex work, 8n the basic way that collage students do, but they'd never live that life and don't think much on it.
Nonas are weird in thinking she's cackling or dealing anything but disgust or just, "why are people sending this to me?" Its cruel to do to her family.
Shayna doesnt care and she'd risk relationship with her whole family for this job.

No. 1849452

>I feel like she's the main one bringing up politics.
this, she is just an entitled degenerate that would take any opportunity to go "yikes plz say sike rn fr fr fr" just for some make believe sense of superiority because she literally has nothing to brag about but a phony pseudo political high horse.

No. 1849454

samefag why u deleted nonny, you were right on everything u said KEK

No. 1849465

This never happened. There was just one autistic anon who kept bragging in the thread that they sent her dad some photos from her Adult Diapered Baby twitter account. There was never any proof they sent it or that their parents got it. It was one of those “just trust me!!” posters. Shayna never cried over quitting when they were posting about it and she never deleted her Baby Rape twitter or take down the photos the anon said she sent. She did cry and almost quit sex work when someone send her apartment her nudes on the balcony with the fuck machine.

No. 1849467

remember last time she went to visit her mom and shayna brought up politics and then when her mom replied shayna ran out of her moms car like a freak?

No. 1849473

lol stopped in the middle street and ran away from her mom and made her mom worry and chase after her. shayna has insane mommy issues.

No. 1849484

File: 1687203607423.png (765.63 KB, 750x917, 44EB21C4-6128-4317-A373-1531BB…)

Well a nonny was discussing it here (link) so my tinfoil of her family using the tit job as an opportunity for an intervention still stands.

No. 1849489

File: 1687204020973.jpeg (167.54 KB, 1170x1541, IMG_3258.jpeg)

No. 1849490

The anon emailed it first and then contacted them using other means afterwards. They said that there was “no way that it wasn’t seen” so I’m assuming they got blocked by her parents either through a phone number or social media account.

No. 1849491

File: 1687204087587.jpeg (90.12 KB, 1170x591, IMG_3259.jpeg)

No. 1849492

honestly it makes me think her parents are shif and deserve ridicule in the threads. when they pay for the tits her daughter is going to sell to dirty scrotes for a couple bucks a pop is DIRECTLY contributing to your daughter being a PROSTITUTE! They are officially pushing their own daughter deeper into her downward spiral because theyre comfortable keeping their heads in the sand pretending their daughter isnt slowly dying infront of their eyes. SICKENING AND HORRIBLE PARENTING. (hope they both die)(alogging)

No. 1849493

File: 1687204186581.jpeg (56.82 KB, 1170x386, IMG_3260.jpeg)

No. 1849500

She wants conflict. I also feel when she's with her dad/brother they barely talk. They just go chill at the cabin, drink, he probably doesn't do much with the kidd. When shayna sees her mom, I think she tries to actual gasp speak to her and hang out. I legit think shayna watches everything waiting for something tweetable her evil mom is doing.
She doesn't like her so everything she does is wrong, if shaynas mom was so bad shayna would have thousands of stories and nobody would be able to fact check it, but they are the most mundane bullshit.
She may be a little annoying but it's never nothing horrific. Shayna brings up politics or bitches about the fox News being on TV. She baits her mom, she doesnt want to change her views, she wants more reasons to hate her because she really doesn't have any legit ones. Even the "they don't support sex work" isn't seen as scandalous or unique. She knows she can't whine about that endlessly.

No. 1849501

File: 1687204425843.jpeg (31.02 KB, 750x299, D13C3F89-DE22-4C58-B8CC-25C5A7…)

she deleted this earlier. it's crazy she was going to try and do another banking scam. like when she said someone was using her card despite it being in her wallet. she probably just got drunk and forgot she bought something.

No. 1849506

File: 1687204674200.jpeg (37.01 KB, 750x556, 17D3EB14-4019-4713-B72D-B3FD3B…)

shayna is a creepy weirdo. the people who argue she isn't a pedo are being willfully ignorant. sorry for old milk

No. 1849508

Shayna brags about shit that 12th graders brag about when they get a $50 vanilla visa gift card for Christmas break and make their first online purchase. She wants to buy cheap jewerly, Purses and perfume, so it makes it even more kek. Somewhere, the rare gross sex worker sold her ass for a Chanel purse, got a trip and is just as worn out mentally and physically as shayna is.
While shayna is saying she's worth a $200 purse, small bottle of Baths and Bodyworks perfume.and cheap seeing jewelry. There's women who have done less offline and online who get more, shayna is doing more and it's everywhere, while bragging/begging about the cheapest or most childish overpriced bullshit in the world.

No. 1849509

begging so she won't be homeless next month while wasting money on useless pink crap bleaké

No. 1849512

File: 1687205430120.jpeg (105.71 KB, 1170x1110, IMG_3262.jpeg)

No. 1849522

Since her parents are funding her new boobs they really should’ve given her an ultimatum years ago (since they knew she’d need new implants around now) and only paid for the surgery if she left sex work. I guess it’s possible they promised her as a kid that they’d always pay for her for related medical care or at least the first replacement so an ultimatum wasn’t possible. Who knows! I’d love to know what her parents are actually like because somehow I don’t buy Shay’s narrative that they’re a bunch of turbo conservatives just because they watch Fox.

No. 1849524

Agreed, the trumptards I know are evangelicals who have zero qualms over disowning their children for being liberal, lgbt, sex degens, whatever. In fact they take it as a point of pride. I'm convinced the "don't take the lord's name in vain" scenario is fabricated from her stupid brain. Anyone that hardcore Christian wouldn't want dark-sided Shaytan in their home or life.

No. 1849527

im pretty sure this person came into the shaynatorium and said that shaynas step mom blocked them through facebook but im not sure if thats what happened..

No. 1849530

Lol it’s actually the opposite for me. The people I know who voted for Trump are all really normal, not particularly religious, and not conservative just vaguely right leaning. I assume her parents are like that and not crazy Q tards like she wants people to assume they are. Like you said, if they were actually conservative or evangelical they would’ve disowned her years ago.

No. 1849556

Are they actually funding it? Isn’t that why she’s begging for a “surgery fund” she probably went in on it with them since she can’t grift all of it and insurance maybe be paying for the one that’s actually fucked theure both fucked but ykwim

No. 1849558

thanks, i get the vibe that most people here understood this concept and the person i was replying to is a scrote lmao. no hope for them

No. 1849559

I’m assuming they’re funding the majority of it and her begging is mainly to cover her living expenses while she isn’t working but this is just a guess. It’s also possible her surgeon convinced her insurance to cover two implants - no proof of this but some doctors really do go out of their way to bully insurance into covering things they don’t want to. Arguing medical necessity for two boobies might be difficult but I doubt it would be impossible.

The main reason I’m assuming she’s contributing very little, if anything, towards this is that she’s never been able to save up for anything, ever. She has no car and had no furniture for a very long time so I doubt she’d be able to save for this.

No. 1849560

I am 100% sure the insurance pay for it.
Does someone remember how she admitted she will fall out of her parents insurance soon, because of her age? It is not a coincidence she is getting the surgery right now

No. 1849567

Yes but there’s no way insurance is paying every last penny. She will absolutely have out of pocket expenses, we just have no idea how much.

No. 1849571

Her arms are so fat and big,LOL I'm imagining her idea of multiple bags is just some pink bullshit junk from forever 21, some type of hello kitty store garbage stuffed animal, and maybe 2 bags from one of the fat girl stores where she bought everything in a S to think she's a "smoll bb" and she's huffing and puffing trying to not fall down because she's out of breath

No. 1849574

tinfoil but I sincerely hope her recovery and being unable to leave bed, take stupid nudes etc is when her family stages an intervention.

As someone said before; she could fake it all going wrong and having to quit sex work as a result and try start fresh and I for one, despite prob missing the keks, hope she does.

No. 1849575

She always sounds like her idea of what humans do exclusively comes from shitty early 2000’s movies.

No. 1849578

Because in her weird, deranged mind she's a 2000s hot, Barbie, bimbo baby and she's going to act more obnoxious about it once she has her boobs done. She's so embarrassing

No. 1849588

she got a neck pillow and some face wash?

No. 1849599

She acts like she's not used to anything. Again, this is shit I would think when I was 15. Going to the mall walking out with multiple bags of 2 for $15 body mists, MK bag, some mall pretzels and forever 21 bags. This woman is 26, has been selling ass off and online for years, yet she seems so delayed and easily impressed. Like a woman who lived in a small trailer park qns never left town. It's hilarious her thinking people think she's a rich spoiled hot sugar baby, when she begs for cash app to get cheap shit.

No. 1849600

No. 1849617

File: 1687215981968.jpeg (579.99 KB, 1536x2048, 1C070B55-1626-4613-A6FD-3C0FBD…)

Apparently it’s
> dress - $80
> lush - $55
> f21 - $80
> sanrio - $30

No. 1849618

File: 1687216035946.jpeg (269.25 KB, 1152x2048, BD46DD8E-996B-4D06-87AB-317A51…)

A new ring that she’s claiming was $120

No. 1849621

imagine spending $80 on a shein quality sack that already looks dingey and wrinkled before your ham body even touches it

No. 1849623

WHY is she spending all of this money while also crying and begging for money while she recovers? She makes no sense to me. I’d be pissed if I “donated” and then she turned around and bought a new dress and shit.

No. 1849629

She has bad taste in everything

No. 1849630

File: 1687217605680.png (23.76 KB, 1119x303, She should stick to candy ring…)

Jewellery fag here, 120$ is extremely cheap for anything not made out of sketchy or imitation materials. I tried to find something that could closely compare to that ring in shape and stone quantity wise and a good quality (not luxury) ring is way beyond 120$. Her ring must be copper or if lucky silver, coated in yellow gold and with cubic zirconia, moissanite, or yag incrustations. you can get those fake ones on etsy for half KEK.

No. 1849640

No. 1849642

Why is she buying a form fitting dress (top part) when she's going to have new tits in literal days? She probably doesn't even know what cup size she's going to be. Just more junk to add to her luggage that'll be a wrinkled ball in some corner for the rest of its life.

No. 1849646

a) Her dad is buying this for her, he clearly took her on a spree because she's probably acting all anxious and spooked and needy around him. Dudes probably throwing money at it instead of actually nurturing and comforting her.
b)She is tho retarded for showing it off. She could easily post that in a week in bed and use these last couple days to just grift. But im guessing she already reached her actual goal awhile ago and the one she advertising is just a fake goal to entice coomers to donate more and just extra padding for her at this point so she doesnt really care to advertise or try anymore with her surgery 2 days away and he legit daddy spoiling her with a shopping spree (a pitiful one at that).

No. 1849649

File: 1687218906700.jpeg (637.32 KB, 1536x2048, 3C982D30-D961-4218-813A-9E0A31…)

At least the jacket is a size large

No. 1849666

I never get why she posts about average items, this is something you send to a friend. Not something I expect a sex worker who was crying about worrying about money to post. Like it's not extra ordinary or brag worthy, just retarded and confusing.

No. 1849679

It’s only funny bc I recently saw tweets about yt women doing bbc/blackface with dildos and they didn’t even @ her but I had a FEELING KEK

No. 1849710

File: 1687224875645.jpeg (103.04 KB, 1170x1109, IMG_3270.jpeg)

Oh so now everything is okay with you and your mom?

No. 1849719

File: 1687225840895.jpg (208.34 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_2023-06-20-02-50-06…)

Lmao wtf is she on about?

Shayna Clifford the big red hog getting put down?

No. 1849728

Felt, nonna. I also have SW relatives and sometimes the way farmers talk about Shay's family comes off as very unhinged. I don't see how forcing her parents or step sister to see her baby rape porn is any more appropriate than moids sending unsolicited dick pics. I wish this trend of (what I hope is only a few) Shaytards being so proud/supportive of cowtipping dies down. It's very weenish.

No. 1849745

That dress looks like it's made for (pushing it) a small c. But that is definitely made for a b chest. She's so retarded.

No. 1849762

"Euthanized" KEK. She's truly a bimbo just not in a good way or in the way she thinks she is.

No. 1849784

she's obviously trying to be funny

No. 1849804

Teenage behavior from a haggard grown ass woman.

No. 1849808

she’s always eating what she wants what’s the difference

No. 1849848

Her posts always sound like some stupid ass tumblr template viral post from 2016. She’s so outdated. And even if this did happen, who gives a shit. Just say oh sorry or don’t say anything. Like even if your not religious why you gonna pick fights with your mother when you’re about to hit 30 years. (I know she’s not but it feels like she’s 32)

No. 1849849

I forreal thought this was a fan art image of Shayna. The neck hump, the dusty pink, and ugly hairdo. This looks like her twin

No. 1849852

File: 1687244270776.jpeg (154.2 KB, 1083x1293, 1000FC0E-5122-469A-A1D1-88F126…)

No. 1849859

File: 1687246474939.jpeg (186.98 KB, 1242x1758, 2673BA57-EC63-4EF6-A375-C868BC…)

No. 1849862

File: 1687246688709.jpeg (647.55 KB, 3465x3465, 1CDC315E-9F79-45B7-B8EC-7DDF4A…)

The resemblance is shocking
…. holy shit. E-begging 24/7 over a blue lit screen for 5+ years and being a shut in who binge drinks all day ages you quickly

No. 1849865

kek nona this is great. it really does look like her(sage your shit)

No. 1849866

These are so good

No. 1849868

KEK nonna. I love you. The first one looked like a regular pic of her until I maximized it.

No. 1849908

Where she grew up, there isn't much of an evangelical movement. North Eastern conservatives are a different breed.

No. 1849933

File: 1687262596185.jpeg (165.76 KB, 1170x1506, IMG_3271.jpeg)

I can’t with the dumb “humor”

No. 1850020

>that profile pic
Girl your arm is not that skinny kek

No. 1850021

>that profile pic
Girl your arm is not that skinny kek

No. 1850043

File: 1687278380504.jpeg (36.56 KB, 750x413, 1916B564-9795-461F-8213-E35549…)

No. 1850069

I would be really impressed with Shayna’s surgeon if her implants were covered by insurance. The only time I’ve seen implants covered by insurance is with breast cancer diagnoses. She must have some legitimate diagnosis if insurance is covering them, not just “titty vein from flu shot.” For reference, breast implants from a reputable surgeon is usually a $4000 procedure at least. If she’s having surgery at a private clinic, it will not be covered by insurance. If she’s going to a public surgery center, there’s potential that the procedure was covered. Without knowing who her surgeon is, we can only tinfoil.

No. 1850106

then stop spending money. like jesus fucking christ, how retarded is she to keep spending money when she knows she will have no income coming in for weeks?

No. 1850131

so fucking tacky and embarrassing as a grown woman especially to put your birthday in your twitter name in hopes that random people you don't know will see it and wish you a happy birthday/buy you things. it's worse than wearing those "its my birthday buy me a shot" shirts to the bar

No. 1850190

lol I mean it's not like she's making shitty porn because it's just so great, either. she's obviously trying to squeeze as much money as she can out of this. what exactly does she think she'll be doing in 10 years? wearing more shein sundresses for the incestous grandpas in her audience?

No. 1850195

File: 1687288887886.png (720.1 KB, 863x740, Screenshot_20230620-122246.png)

No. 1850199

Those sharpie brows make her look like a chav granny ffs leave that shit in 2015

No. 1850207

Alcohol before a major surgery. Fucking idiot. She can’t even follow the pre surgery instructions. She certainly isn’t going to follow aftercare and that is going to be hilarious to watch her mess up her own boob job.

No. 1850217

on her sex work twitter account

No. 1850219

Why does she have to mention when she'd with her family? It annoys me. These coomers don't fucking care you are eating pizza with your mother. It adds no value but her further disrespecting them. Also, shayna claims she has stalkers and.thats why she can't post her lovers/Ellen. Yet every single time she does anything with her family she posts them. Maybe this is a nitpick

No. 1850223

the pic on the right makes it so easy to identify where she is too.

No. 1850228

Not to mention she looks trashed. Kek I wonder if her mom is encouraging the drinking because hates Shayna so much she wants to be done with it. That's really shitty for a mother to go along with a child drinking less than 24 hours before surgery.

No. 1850248

Nah it's the nicest thing her mom could do. Put that fat hog out down she has a bleak life.(a-log)

No. 1850254

>>1850195 ew and it looks like she’s wearing that grubby crop sweatshirt without anything underneath it around her mom

No. 1850267

Maybe at this point her mother is just done with everything and happy to spend even a little bit of time with Shay where she hopefully doesn't decide to spontaneously hate her mom again

No. 1850269

I can’t decide which looks more like shit, her or the pizza

No. 1850277

Why is her mom accepting her dirty whore money?

No. 1850280

i feel like her mom probably doesn't have any control over it, she cant really do much when shat starts ordering drinks other than tell the waitress "actually no, she cant drink alcohol" which im sure shat would have a meltdown if that happened

No. 1850288

It seems like a lot of her family members are heavy drinkers, so maybe her mom doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

No. 1850308

Theyre all playing nice cause they know Shayna might die tomorrow or soon due to complications. Also Shayna is probably love bombing her mom and not being her usual cunty self because she knows her mom is the only one that loves her enough to take care of her after she's franken-hooker.

No. 1850341

I agree with you nona. Alcoholism is often genetic. It's very likely one or both of her parents are alcoholics, too.

No. 1850355

I love how she’s acting like she’s paying when in reality her mum is fronting the money.

No. 1850367

i think she’s wearing it for the second day on a row

No. 1850373

But if someone called her out for begging for money and spending it all in the same day, she’d lose her absolute mind. Can she really not see how stupid she looks? How can someone be this painfully unaware of themself?

No. 1850380

File: 1687309495574.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.45 KB, 750x1006, A579F891-3BDD-42F3-98D0-B20C19…)

does anyone else think it looks like she's inside the shower taking this pic?

No. 1850387

Yes, and it’d be just like her to shower without any water. Lol.

No. 1850400

This bitch is in for the RUDEST awakening!
Can’t wait for the painkillers to fade and she start puking because she ate shit & booze less than 24 hrs before a major surgery.

No. 1850402

Doing SW at her parents’ house, in secret. Rancid.

No. 1850417

She probably has to shower. Usually they’ll tell you to shower with antibacterial soap beforehand and not use anything with perfumes, etc. At least she’s being forced to shower, god knows when the last time actually was.

No. 1850425

if this is the case and they told her to shower beforehand, i just know that she didn't do it properly. i don't trust her to do anything right anymore lmao. she's the kind of person to just stand in the shower and just let the water run over her.

No. 1850429

File: 1687316803993.jpeg (570.05 KB, 2000x1341, 85BABAFC-CE7E-44CA-811F-EB4BB7…)

rail trail in hudson, ma. shay technically being a local cow is always hilarious

No. 1850441

I know it’s been said before but she really is a prize retard for outing her exact location when she’s got literal pedophiles and rapists following her. It always blows my mind to think that she’s almost a decade into her degenerate “career”and is still so fucking abysmal at it

No. 1850442

Showering is one of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasures, the idea of hating it is fucking insane to me. I don’t even want to think about how she smells. Putrid fat pig.

No. 1850444

Thanks for telling everyone the exact time and time zone so we can tune in and watch. Wtf is the point of that

No. 1850463

she's been doing this since she was 14?

No. 1850497

Tj Maxx again. That's the only store that sells that sanrio creme shop shit. She's so basic and broke lmao

No. 1850499

She’s 26 and she started doing degenerate shit on tumblr before she was 18 so it’s been 8 or 9 years

No. 1850517

File: 1687339725754.png (118.78 KB, 639x533, hog_brook.png)

No. 1850524

File: 1687342885799.jpeg (57.69 KB, 750x660, B59075E2-850E-416E-8B0D-D3508A…)

do you think ellen would post on shaynas twitter if she died?

No. 1850530

Definitely wasn’t the booze you were having less than 24hrs before a major surgery. Recovery is going to hand this idiots ass to her. Enjoy shay!

No. 1850533

as I don't know the real amount she drinks, I can't tell how bad her withdrawal symptoms will be, but she will very likely not be able to drink the first few days after her surgery and is in for some psychological and physiological fun like depressiv episodes, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, fast heart beat and so on. Recovery will be fun, too, she didn't stop smoking/nicotine at least 6 weeks before the surgery, is still addicted to alcohol and weed and is overweight. 45 year old mum with painkiller addiction will be our new milk.

No. 1850561

Everytime I see this picture I am baffled at how much she resembles Woody Harrelson. It's uncanny.

No. 1850562

File: 1687349423782.png (464.1 KB, 1194x1246, 1.png)

imagine going into work and catching your coworker making paperclip art for a fat pedo sex worker

No. 1850566

File: 1687349893403.jpeg (117.91 KB, 828x1084, 04C6C4CF-AF89-4BD7-BB2E-499D27…)

No. 1850581

Looking forward to the drinking on painkillers arc

No. 1850583

It's funny how you think she'll go the first few days no drinking.
As soon as that cow has pain shes going to be lighting up or drinking if not both ontop of the pain meds.

No. 1850584

File: 1687352756696.jpeg (54.3 KB, 1170x350, IMG_3290.jpeg)

This will make her spiral

No. 1850595

Me too! Buckle up shayheads, we’re in for a wild ride.

No. 1850613

File: 1687357915453.jpeg (26.51 KB, 828x287, E87A6502-83DE-4485-A9B0-733A5E…)

shes so stupid her coomers have to point it out….

No. 1850625

Well I tested it and no it's too blurry. (I even went to the actual post)

No. 1850627

It’s gonna be a shit show.
We see how she abuses the ER every single time her lifestyle causes her the slightest discomfort. She is going to abuse & blow through her painkillers and then go over the edge when they won’t give her more & tell her to take a fucking Tylenol. I can’t stress enough how alcohol harms a body that needs to heal. She’s in for quite the ride.

No. 1850632

can't you like write it out in marker if the pic of it is too blurry to scan or is that just a myth? genuinely asking because I've never cared enough to see if it was bullshit kek

No. 1850637

>>1850632 Cant see why not, especially if you use those grid papers and just fill in

No. 1850652

She's definitely going to drink, if not because of the pain then definitely because of alcohol withdrawals. She's been drinking at such a high level for so long now she's for sure gonna feel like death even on nice strong pain killers

No. 1850666

File: 1687362480574.jpeg (87.72 KB, 828x705, 5A9D7ED8-769D-4036-8651-56528C…)

she should be out of surgery by now…. can't wait for her high tweeting i know she can't resist oversharing on twitter…

No. 1850669

I thought they only gave out codeine and Tylenol for BA's now. I doubt shay is gonna have an extensive, addiction-worthy pill script. I was under the impression that surgeons had become pretty conservative with post op pain meds, but I could be wrong.

No. 1850672

You’re way off base, sage for crunchsperg but they still prescribe opioids because if the patient gets addicted, it keeps them a patient indefinitely.

No. 1850676

You’re way off base, sage for crunchsperg but they still prescribe opioids because if the patient gets addicted, it keeps them a patient indefinitely.

No. 1850683

Not to someone who lives out of state with no established PCP.
She’ll get (if she’s lucky) 10 really good ones. Then it’s Tylenol that bombs your stomach and liver and suck it up buttercup.

No. 1850686

nah they still prescribe percs frequently for all kinds of routine surgeries like gallbladder removal (which is less invasive) and breast augmentation. her surgery may also take longer because the old implant needs to be removed and they are also working on her other breast this time. percs make you super depressed so I can’t wait for that milk.

No. 1850712

I think it would take longer for her. Taking out the old implant, putting in a new one, then doing a lift on the other boob.
I hope she's fine.

No. 1850716

Thank you for the inputs, I have not had a surgery since 2017 and did not account for the fact that her implant needs to be removed and replaced, not just added to only one breast.

No. 1850718

oh i didn't take that into account, i wonder if shes done by now. i'm also weirdly hoping she is fine after surgery too. wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her. i doubt she will do aftercare correctly though, she will be back to drinking and smoking as soon as she's out of that hospital. it's honestly crazy to me she doesn't realize she has an alcohol problem, she had drinks at 2 in the afternoon yesterday. shes admitted she has a problem with weed before and that she knows shes dependent on it, so how she doesn't have the same realization with booze i don't understand.

No. 1850729

its not as cool to be a 25 year old alcoholic as it is to be a pothead

No. 1850730

Yeah, chances of her taking care of it properly are slim, but maaaybe she has some memories of the last time and will try to match her previous effort. OR at least she could let someone else help her. Or let them nudge her. She should be done around this time so here's to hoping.
As for alcoholism, I don't know much but can't withdrawals be dangerous?

No. 1850732

If you larped as a child who wants to get raped I'm pretty sure you'd need to be wasted 24/7 to keep that mindset that you're not doing anything wrong. How could you not understand that? It's nice to see somebody have sympathy for her, but she doesn't care about you unless you're paying her 100 dollars for breffast. Don't worry, she'll be fine and back to posting "your little baby dolly got new boobies, daddy want to suck on them?" In a few hrs

No. 1850740

It's weird how y'all show concern for a pedo pandering pickme whore. Not to A-log but if she died on the operating table or died after due to her own mental retardation, nothing of value will be lost. She'll probably be fine though. Mommy will take care of her and her stupid tits just like the first time she went in.(alogging)

No. 1850746

We're probably not gonna hear much from big shaynus until late tomorrow. Anesthesia is a hell of a drug and with her prior habits, she's going to have a shitty time coming out of the fog.

No. 1850747

they can be dangerous in rare cases for extreme alcoholics and even lead to death (if you care for more information look up "delirium tremens"), but I think this won't happen to her. I consumed around the same amount as she probably does and could quit without serious physical withdrawal symptoms, so I think she will be physical not feeling well but not die.

No. 1850758

Got to wonder how much of her drinking we don't see though too. Probably not DTs no, I suppose her benzo script will help some of the withdrawals anyway?

No. 1850759

File: 1687374069891.jpeg (126.04 KB, 1205x1571, AC75D65F-FB39-4D8B-9814-DB9DD1…)

Her skin texture gives me the ick

No. 1850763

Am I the only one who thinks shayna isn't at the "get sick if I don't drink" point yet? She's has more issues with no smoking weed

No. 1850775

No. The amount of alcohol she consumes and has been consuming for years is enough to make her sick if she doesn’t drink

No. 1850777

What do you think is the longest she's gone without alcohol in the past 2-3 years? My guess is not longer than 24hrs. Maybe slightly longer, like 36 hours, after a hospital visit. She had one multiple day hospital stay and was taking edibles to help her pull through. She might not have DTs but she's probably nauseous, clammy, and anxious af if she stops for even that amount of time. I don't think she could make 1 week without alcohol.

No. 1850780

that tongue, it looks like she is eating it in her sleep

it obviously different from person to person, but she drinks for at least one year and that daily, she will get sick and I think the psychological side effects of being sober for the first time in a long while will make her drink and smoke again. Imagine waking up from your mind numbing addiction and seeing what your life is truly like for a moment, everyone would find alcohol or other drugs as fast as they can in such a situation.

No. 1850782

The way a tongue scraper and glycolic acid would change her life

No. 1850796

hmm maybe you are right, I forget, she probably has been drinking daily for a LONG time and when she can't smoke or tries to quit, she probably drinks more. Now that I think about it, there hasn't been a time where she wasn't drinking, while there's been a few days/weeks when she attempted not to smoke or didn't. So maybe she would get sick. She probably doesn't even think her drinking is "that bad" because she only gets hungover, not sick when she doesn't smoke and she doesn't "crave" it as much, because she's always done it never holding back.
I guess my view of someone who'd get sick if they don't drink is more extreme, but thinking about it this way, Shayna drinks everyday (and posts about it).
I bet she thinks she can do without drinking instead of smoking when the truth is, she never did without drinking, so maybe I'm wrong and she would get sick.

No. 1850801

Girls been a daily drinker for at least 5 years. I think she'd feel withdrawal symptoms. I hope they kick her ass

No. 1850803

File: 1687379278935.png (430.18 KB, 731x925, Capture.PNG)

No. 1850806

Okay, she's up(sage your shit)

No. 1850808

Kek so true

No. 1850809

in combination with the weed and nicotine withdrawals it definitely will. It's not like this is one single drug her body doesn't get anymore, we are speaking about three, she is in for some fun, except she starts consuming again tomorrow.

No. 1850814

do we think she did this to her stuffed animal herself or did a well meaning nurse really do this to try to make this immature womanchild feel better

No. 1850819

No. 1850821

Since she was given a fidget toy by the nurses (supposedly) I’m guessing they thought she’s mentally disabled so they tried to make her happy.

No. 1850824

It's saying 59$ for me. but it is a super basic dress. hmm…

No. 1850826

KEK oh my god its mortifying to think of bringing a stuffed animal to a surgery, or anywhere public with real professionals. If you’re nervous for a medical procedure they can give you meds to take ahead of time, carrying a stuffed animal just for the “uwu I’m smol baby” larp is embarrassing as fuck. People definitely assume she’s neurodivergent before anything else.

No. 1850828

not to mention super unsanitary and gross. imagine all the sickness and germs trapped in its fur now

No. 1850830

Shayflation at an all time high

No. 1850832

I can bet $100 she masturbates next to that thing and then holds it after having her nails all up in her asshole and pussy without washing them. Disgusting.

No. 1850837


an absolute case of shayflation as >>1850830 mentions. probably more accurate for shitty dress + like two beers.

No. 1850839

She is. Even if you only take minimal amounts of a substance, your body and brain chemicals adopt substances and regulate them for survival, as if they are a natural substance in your body. Even if one was to use only a little bit of drugs everyday, your body gets use to functioning with those drugs so when you come off of them, your body exhumes withdrawals symptoms (PAWS).
This surgery is a major event for Shaynas future, with threats from both post-op depression and the probability to become addicted to opioids. Some Americans who don't face addiction before surgery will still developed addiction to painkillers- and once the prescription runs out they turn to street drugs. She'll be in Renton flipping her shit unable to work soon. While I don't wish for her demise, there are too many people that actually deserve pity than this cow. That being said, BLEAK DIE LMAO(alogging)

No. 1850841

Nah. Nurse’s are overworked and underpaid. They will not have empathy for such as open degenerate. A grown ass woman checking into elective surgery with a dirty stuffed animal.
She did this nasty pedo ass leaning shit herself.
Recall all her “sure,Jan” stories with flight attendants.

No. 1850856

I think her mom did it.

No. 1850857

that dress is so ugly especially in that blue colour. there's much cuter ones in the "customers also shopped" section on the side.

No. 1850862

Oh I disagree nona, a Nurse totally did it. It's a cute trick to normalize surgery for small children, and any grown idiot who arrives with a stuffy in tow is likely to be delighted. A patient who feels tended to is easier to deal with every time. They're used to dealing with people who pull all manner of stunts>>1850841

No. 1850870

she did it herself

No. 1850918

She’s drunk every day of the week and has been that way for the last year at least. Also, has anyone else noticed that she’s graduated from pink wine, to white claws, to mixing vodka with Gatorade in the last two camming streams? Ik that its possible to be an alcoholic with just drinking wine but I always thought that she would move on to hard liquor as the alcoholism continued. Guess I was right then.

No. 1850924

Wine is harder than fucking white claws though even though rosé is the weakest of the wines.

It's easy to drink cocktails, I don't think binging cocktails is very "alcoholic". Of course none of it matters it's just about how much booze she is actually consuming. But honestly I think her laziness comes into it. She'd rather have ready out a can than even having to mix 2 whole liquids together lol. I don't think she knows how much is in a shot etc

No. 1850933

Too bad she isnt playing kingdom hearts and animal crossing in heaven

No. 1850942

Maybe the nurse thought Shayna was disabled and felt bad for her. Lol

No. 1850960

I think the nurses did it while cackling and making fun of her.(sage your shit)

No. 1850992

Dude some nurses are just super sweet and caring and like to make sick people feel good. They don't know shayna and probably just wanted to give a little touch to let her know shes in good care. Nurses do shit like this all of the time. Not everyone just automatically hates shayna and it's stupid to think that because everyone here does.(sage your shit)

No. 1850997

Yeah it probably took 30 seconds to decide to wrap a little bandage around it. And nurses aren’t always overworked to an extreme extent, usually surgeon practices will have someone to help you with waking up and taking care of you a bit as you leave.

No. 1850998

Thanks for keeping it real. Some people itt are blinded by their hate for Shayna and it's annoying

No. 1851000

Yeah, also I'm sure this isn't the first time doctors have seen a grown woman bring a stuffed animal or a comfort thing during a surgery. I went to the dentist and there was an normally dressed woman with a toothache and a bear. It's attention hungry for sure but for some people they do like comfort. I assume the doctors didn't care or understands. I donthink it's kinda odd how anons constantly act like every single normie who comes across shayna with zero context of who she is, sees her as disgusting gross pedo panderer. Like walking around the airport in a tacky outfit, that's 5 different pinks, lopsided nipples put and a big ass bow, with bell bottom jeans in giving her a muffin top? Sure she gets looks.
Going to surgery with a teddy? There'a 50/50 chance she did it or the nurse did the tape thing.
She also never said the nurse did it. Could've been her mom or something.

No. 1851007

This is the type of stuff they make the unpaid volunteers trying to either get into undergrad or med school do

No. 1851016

yeah I agree. I had a major surgery a couple years ago and a nurse saw me playing animal crossing and she asked to see my game and she had no knowledge of it and was really enthusiastic. I also had a stuffed animal that my boyfriend bought me and a bunch of the staff complimented it so I don’t really think normies really think she’s some sped or adult child or pedo panderer like everyone fantasizes about here. That said. I do think it’s possible shaymu taped up her own stuff animal. I just don’t think a nurse would touch a patients personal belongings. That’s my opinion tho. But I doubt a nurse would do it because “shaynas such a retard” retards don’t get boob jobs generally speaking. Even if deformed.(not your personal blog)

No. 1851017

I know a post-op nurse and she's got her heart on her sleeve and does shit like this if she hears something even remotely close to a sob story. Considering these nurses only knew Shayna for all of how many hours, they probably got some story about her being nervous and took pity on her like any other person would
But I would think it's her mom and not a nurse. Some hospitals have pre-op and then post-op nurses. There's a chance she had entirely different attendants post op

No. 1851018

I know a post-op nurse and she's got her heart on her sleeve and does shit like this if she hears something even remotely close to a sob story. Considering these nurses only knew Shayna for all of how many hours, they probably got some story about her being nervous and took pity on her like any other person would
But I would think it's her mom and not a nurse. Some hospitals have pre-op and then post-op nurses. There's a chance she had entirely different attendants post op

No. 1851021

If Shayna doesn't take her post op sleeping instructions seriously and sleeps flat instead of elevated at a 45 degree angle for a full month….her single implant will migrate out towards her armpit.

No. 1851028

she is 100% going to fuck up the new boobs by not following aftercare instructions, not wearing a wire free bra for 6 weeks, etc.

No. 1851029

Bets on what she’ll tweet way too late about the billionaires dying at the ocean floor? “omg sorry i ws getting my bimbofication surgery done nd missed this??”

No. 1851033

Why do you expect her to say anything?

No. 1851036

You might need to touch some grass nonnie and I say this out of love

No. 1851038

If Shayna doesn't take her post op sleeping instructions seriously and sleeps flat instead of elevated at a 45 degree angle for a full month….her single implant will migrate out towards her armpit.

No. 1851044

it was a funny thought in that moment but I am tired, I will touch grass in the morning… unlike said billionaires

No. 1851113

I’ll like gladly take my ban for derail, and I posted in ot. But where are people getting semaglutide?

No. 1851148

what grosses me out about this is that she definitely got this rabbit and the name for it from bluey. the little sister bingo has a stuffed rabbit named flopsy. what a fucking weirdo.

No. 1851150

File: 1687434675269.jpeg (111.44 KB, 750x1075, 32890EA9-3BF3-4658-8947-F205D1…)

No. 1851151

Bit of a reach I’ve never heard this idiot sperg about bluey, beyond that flop is a pretty common word and putting a ey sound at the end of a word isn’t that deep. It’s a flop ear bunny nonnie pull it together shayna doesn’t grow her interests she just spergs about SpongeBob and other tired 90s children cartoons

No. 1851152

She’s called the stupid rabbit Flopsy even before the show. I’m literally one of the Blueytards on this site and even I think it’s a stretch.

No. 1851153

File: 1687436378001.jpeg (50.97 KB, 828x410, 9594C33A-3CF8-4496-BB79-341562…)

No. 1851154

Because your mom probably hates you. Fuck you shayna you deserve to suffer you miserable cunt

No. 1851157

why is she tweeting this like her mom lurks her sex work twitter account. she's soooo pathetic

No. 1851159

shes already deleted all of these tweets, we will really have to keep a close eye on her account over the next week or so to catch all her little chimpouts

No. 1851161

So Shayna’s mother expects her to behave like an adult recovering from surgery and Shayna is so offended by the thought of being responsible for herself even a tiny sliver she throws a tantrum and cries for her dad to get her…ugh

No. 1851164

why did she even think that it would work out in the first place? Every time she visits her mother they hate each other and get into a fight, she should know by now that they won't get along and just stay away.

No. 1851165

She just probably wants to be at her dads instead so he can help her change her wound dressings and help clean her breast.

No. 1851166

her dad probably said fuck no and that's why she deleted those tweets out of shame

No. 1851170

Lol I'm sure that's what it is. Mom is just treating her like an adult and she had a melt down that mom had plans or a job she had to get to and can't be waited on hand and foot.

I hope her tits float to her back for being such a cunt.

No. 1851172

The name is pretty heavily associated with rabbits because of the Peter Rabbit books. “Flopsy” is one of Peter Rabbit’s sisters, along with “Mopsy” and “Cottontail.” There’s another book by Beatrix Potter about them specifically called “The Flopsy Bunnies”

No. 1851173

File: 1687439137514.jpeg (183.52 KB, 1473x2495, qp .JPEG)

No. 1851176

>>1851173 perfect! Now everyone will be able to tell she is actually a special needs adult

No. 1851181

It’s boob surgery, most people go to work 24-48 hours after getting boobs done. Wear your compression garments and get up? She’s being such a whiny bitch

No. 1851182

She’s acting like an ungrateful cunt, her mum probably sees Shayna smoking and drinking her life into a stupor, whoring herself out for pennies and is still expected to baby her? Shayna is 25 there are so many people who go through surgery with no one looking after them at home.

Breast surgery is considered low risk in terms of recovery.

No. 1851183

I get that the post-op process probably sucks a lot, but she could’ve just made sure she had all the shit she needs close to her, instead of buying plastic and a dress that she doesn’t even know how will it look like after the implants do their thing.
At this point she just uses anything as a reason to be a victim and cause drama in her family, because I’m sure her being a bitch to her mom has to make her family fight or at least make annoying comments.
Just why is she staying with her mom at all? She keeps insisting on pestering that woman when she knows she prefers being with her dad for whatever reasons.

No. 1851185

>sober me
kek, when was the last time she was 100% sober? Her sober me would cry about all the bad choices she made and all the horrible things she left forever on the internet, not thank her for ugly shoes.

No. 1851187

thats what i thought too. she really thinks her dad will pick her up at the drop off the hat but unlike her he has a life and work to deal with and was probably like hell no!!

No. 1851189

Is almost like they have real jobs, with real lives, and real places to be?? She really thought they were going to put work on hold to take care of her? lol Jesus Christ.
What exactly is your dad supposed to do? You're going to get the same treatment from him that you're getting from your mom? Ans i guarantee she won't bitch about him doing this. Absolute weirdo behavior.

No. 1851200

You're not supposed to lay in bed to rot fatty. She's acting like she just had a C-section. Even right after surgery they make you walk so you don't clot up. If she thinks her dad is going to be more attentive than her mother, she's in for a shock.

Men don't really to the empathetic caretaker thing that well. And her dad seems like the "give money, not affection" type. If her stepmom takes pity on her she'd be the caretaker,but if I was shaynas stepmom I'd be pissed off and refuse to do anything other than give her water sometimes. Shayna, a real sugar baby would either pay for a recovery house or pay a nurse to attend to her. (Sponsored by the man who bought her boobs)

No. 1851211

I thought she was lying, there’s no way she’s 25. Have I really spent this entire time thinking this cow was nearing 30?

No. 1851215


she shouldn't be laying around for long stretches anyway. If she's having trouble getting up to go to the bathroom that's nobody's fault but her own for being so woefully out of shape that she can't even lift her own bulk without multiple points of support like her hands and forearms. This should be a huge wake up call for her but instead she's pissed her mother isn't waiting on her hand and foot.

No. 1851216

No. 1851219

sage because blog but i had a breast reduction which is a bigger surgery & i had complications during the surgery and even then i was up walking the next day and barely took my pain killers she needs to go walk around her house every day otherwise shes at risk of blood clots unless she's on a blood thinner injection which i doubt because we all know she would sexualise the needles somehow also with healing unless she rips the stitches most of how the scarring will look is because of the surgeon and how good they are as long as she wears her compression garment she will be fine since you can't even take off the bandages at home everything needs to be done at a nurses office and they will clean them for her and apply new bandages/take out stitches etc(learn2sage)

No. 1851224

File: 1687446571412.png (99.68 KB, 864x1128, Screenshot_20230622-080928~2.p…)

No. 1851230

>rly traumatic surgery
She really thinks she went through an open heart surgery or something like that.

No. 1851231

it'd be hilarious if her mom got sick of her shit and kicked her out. Again, Shayna you got a boob job. It's major surgery but it was elective this whole time. You're an adult, if you want someone to wait hand and foot on you, you need to pay them. Otherwise you better suck it up and try to be as independent as possible. Seriously, she's been nothing but a burden on her parents her whole life and now she's crying about being the bigger person. Tons of people, farmers included would have been completely cut off from our families had they found out we were producing pedo pandering porn and shitting out Easter eggs like Shayna. Hers are taking care of her after elective surgery she got to make herself more marketable to coomers.

How the hell is she convinced she's being the bigger person in any scenario? Reminds me of the tantrum my ex threw while on oxycodone. And I bet it's the oxy putting this bratty ass battery in her back. I hope she keeps going till her mom tells her to GTFO

No. 1851238

This bitch…
Sage for blogpost but I had surgery on my spinal cord, had to lay flat for 2 days, had severe nerve pain but was still up moving as soon as they let me, sprung a leak a week later, the day before I was meant to go home resulting in a 2nd surgery. Was more upset I couldn't go home kek.
She is definitely gonna milk this surgery for all she can.
She is just pissed her usual shtick isn't working on her mother.(not your personal blog)

No. 1851246

>>'it's my responsibility to be the bigger person'
well she nailed that one, no doubt she's the 'biggest' person in that house. what a whiny cunt. 'wah, my mom wouldn't get up in the middle of the night to pat my ass' grow up shay.

No. 1851254

fucking ungrateful brat. guess where youd be without mom, cunt? trying to heal alone in your stink dingy apartment with your pedo coomers sensing your Monsters Inc GIFs for moral support. Like can she TRULY not understand why this wouldnt be a stressful situation for her mother? Let me spell it out for retard:

1. Your parents covered half if not all of the costs for your optional surgery. You didn’t plan this whatsoever and threw it on them last minute, guilted them that “this is a medical emergency”, and just expected them to have the money. You had 10 fucking years to plan how you would handle your Poland’s Diseased tit, yet you did this on a whim and expect the world to be your wonky ass jobless schedule. Your mother is the ONLY person in your 26 years of life who offered to take care of you. Not even your precious father who you think is better couldnt be assed to move around his schedule for you. Yet she did. She moved her fucking life around so you could have matching tits.
2. You have known for years that both your parents, but especially your mother, does NOT SUPPORT YOUR DEGENERATE LIFESTYLE. She has TRIED TO SAVE YOU multiple times. Despite you being the most ungrateful, embarrassment of a daughter - SHE STILL LOVES YOU, COMMUNICATES WITH YOU, AND PAYS TO KEEP YOU OFF THE FUCKING STREETS YOU WHORE. She gains ABSOLUTELY nothing from being your mother. You bring NOTHING to the table as a daughter. Infact, your life and existence actually makes your mother and father’s life WORSE. I wouldnt be shocked if both of them were hoping you’d just die on the table Wednesday so theyd stop having save you from yourself every month. You would be DEAD if not for your mother, have some fucking respect for her idiot.
3) If you didnt decide to get a second fake tit “to match” you wouldnt be in this much pain and be this disabled during healing. YOU CHOSE THIS SHAYNA. Why is it your Moms fault you did NO RESEARCH about a major surgery that will change your life forever? Why is your moms fault she is the only person left willing to care for you? Be fucking GRATEFUL.
4) You just went through optional cosmetic surgery and COULD HAVE DIED. Shes still your mom. You still could die from complications. She is fucking concerned about you making this dumb ass decision and risking your life just to post pics of your gross pussy in a diaper online for pedos. There was no reason she needed to get the new fake tit. If she wasnt a whore it wouldnt matter if her tits we’re slightly different sizes. Thats literally normal. Whats not normal is butchering and scarring yourself to impress people like Mike Slack.
5) In line with point 4, YOUR PARENTS KNOW YOU DID THIS JUST TO SHOW OFF YOUR TITS LATER ON THE INTERNET FOR PENNIES. So yes, its fucking stressful when your offspring risks their own life to be a prostitute.
6) Your mom has her own fucking life youre interrupting. She has that right. Especially when you have no real communication with her expect when you need something. Especially when you dont even attempt to understand her and her life. Especially when she still has you there after you have posted her texts and every info possible to make her look back on the internet on accounts linked to your real name. Yes, its stressful to have a fat stink embarrassment ringing a bell in your home expecting to be waited on

sorry gotta work will finish this later(kinda true, but chill out nona)

No. 1851258

not to whiteknight but it was not really an elective surgery, she has poland syndrome, she got the first fake tit ten years ago for medical reasons, and they have to be replaced every ten years. i guess the second boob is elective but she would have to get this surgery done either way. its not just for coomers she technically has a deformity.

No. 1851259

>a really traumatic surgery

routine breast surgery isn’t traumatic. you weren’t rushed to the ER needing intense emergency surgery. she wants to be traumatized so bad, she wants to be a victim so bad. it’s pathetic and disgusting.

No. 1851261

Still elective since her life isn't in danger from having lopsided tits. She could have easily just removed her implant and embraced being a medical anomaly like the other e-whore who had the same condition. Hell, the freak show status might have made her more money.

No. 1851263

>wahhhh dad come get me, mom is being mean!!
She is a full-grown dumpy ass adult who is stuck at the maturity level of an angsty pre-teen kek. You can tell that this is how she's used to "punishing" her mom for getting divorced.

No. 1851265

Can we skip the million blogposts about surgery and recovery please

No. 1851266

If your dad had room for you and wanted you there, you would already be there dumbass. You're stuck at your mom's because you are a failure-to-launch who is currently wearing thin the last few times that she will be welcome to live at home.

No. 1851270

File: 1687452154329.jpeg (83.56 KB, 750x812, 5BB74A88-06AD-4E96-B2DC-A0FAC7…)

I’m not even a mother myself but this reply triggered me a little. God forbid her mother isn’t perfect right? She’s such a whiny brat.

No. 1851271

shayna's mom wrote this, kek but you're right nonna and you should say it

this. you can tell she never grew out of the mentality that she has to "get back" at her parents and "harm" them by rebelling but in reality all she does is hurt herself. there's no chance her dad takes care of her and helps her recover at all.

No. 1851283

Literally soaked through my pants over her misery. Wow Shay! It's almost as if you and your mom should of had an adult conversation prior to you agreeing to stay at her house about both of your expectations of how things will go. You know, before you had the stitched up frankenboobs and are now stuck there? The real joke is her thinking her dad actually cares. I bet you $3.50 the best the deadbeat dad does is sends her money to stay in some ghetto hotel instead offering to have her back in his house. She really doesn't get her Mom and Dad are moved on now. She's an adult and they both have their own lives with other kids and significant others to care for. She really thinks the world revolves around her.(wetchan at it again)

No. 1851284

>you can tell she never grew out of the mentality that she has to "get back" at her parents
this. there is probably nothing the fat ass could do anymore that would shock them. you could tell them shayna actually fucked a kid and they'd probably tsk and shake their head. shes a "dealt with" problem now, her parents are both checked out.

No. 1851285

Her dad could be retired (idk if he is or not) but her mom definitely isn’t; she’s divorced, hasn’t remarried and her career had to restart when Shayna was in middle school. This is purely speculative but her mom probably has to work and save her ass off to consider retiring in the next 10-20 years.

No. 1851286

>>185126 nodders
Nonnies should make a thread in /shay/ if it doesn't already exist

No. 1851288

Damn, anon, you snapped keke.

But let me add this in:
The only reason Shay hates her fucking mom is because she was actually a parent to her. Lbh, her dad probably only saw her on a limited basis and bought her shit to make her happy. He never had to tell her no, keep her from killing herself on a daily basis, let alone have to directly care or feed a kid that he made. But because poor Shayna had an actual fucking parent, she latches onto the "fun one".
God, I don't blame her mother for wanting to snap her own neck. Because the moment, she goes over to her dad, watch he ain't gonna do shit for her. It'll be his wife waiting on fatso hand and foot because he can't be bothered. Of course, he'll give her food and entertainment but never the actual care she's too fucking stupid to do herself. I give it by october before fatty starts blaming her mom for the rough recovery and hideous dark scars she'll have because she neglected her body again. God lbh, staying with her mom is probably the most she's bathed all year alone. On top of not sucking down wine and whiteclaws by the gallon just because fatty got bored.
I'm shocked she didn't just throw her out the moment she started chimping out. If she likes her dad so much, she might as well go find out firsthand why the man is divorced

No. 1851289

Would her dad even bother taking care of her if her mom isn’t? I doubt the step mom would too..

more hideous things she doesn’t need, and when she is so concerned about not working. classic shay

most people that get BA are at least able to do basic stuff anon, but that’s asking too much of Shayna

No. 1851296

I can’t fathom how someone could type out something in which they’re so clearly the one in the wrong, and not even be ashamed of it. And at her big age too.

No. 1851305

Shat is so pathetic. She's has this like weird main-character-syndrome thing going on and forgets that other people aren't just her pawns or npcs. They are people with very real lives. Even if something really bad did happen to her, I still don't think she would ever learn… she would just keep playing victim.

No. 1851307

File: 1687456053533.jpeg (52.66 KB, 1284x406, IMG_0422.jpeg)

Good god this bitch makes me want to a log so bad. She’s really kicking up a fuss because her mom called her an ass, when Shayna was most definitely being an ass. Complaining about having a “traumatic surgery” - a surgery she had years before and clearly seems to have gone completely normally. Dear lord what would she ever do if she had to actually go through any kind of traumatic experience. She is being an overdramatic crybaby.

No. 1851309

In her self paralyzed state and being chronically online she’s about to spend so much money on stupid shit due to her shopping addiction. It’s only day one of being “bedridden” and she’s already spend 100 dollars on garbage
The totals will tally up fast hopefully accounting anon is watching

No. 1851322

Yeah, no. That's bullshit. Not because of the soreness but due to not being able to shower the first week or 2, nature of your job or amount of blood lost. That or complications. Shayna's a bum but tf.

No. 1851323

you can order these on the crocs website and get 25% off with free shipping. for someone whos been crying about finances all month shes so fucking bad with money, just hoping someone will reimburse her for this stupid shit. she should be waiting to see if someone will send her money before buying them, at the very least. also, those look 10x more retarded and childish than regular crocs, ugly ass pattern

No. 1851327

File: 1687459229540.jpg (46.09 KB, 294x1024, CLM-breast-aug-timeline-294x10…)

NTA but at least look it up. Info from Houston Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. This fat lazy sow only needs two days to chill. If she did the bare minimum prep of having her necessities near the bed then she wouldn't be waking her mom up for stupid shit. Shaynus is a scam artist trying to put off work longer, it's been her MO from the jump. She's a sex worker that hates sex and work.

No. 1851337

I genuinely believe the "goal" was a farse, and i think insurance covered her frankentitty (they cover under medical issues) while her parents paid out of pocket for the other. She just wanted money to spend, and if you calculate what shes spent since dishing out her goal information… Shes blown it on unbelievably stupid and miscellaneous objects.
She's gonna need money for rent, bills, etc. Because her rent is 2,200 a month right? Her goal was what, 4K? Or was it 8k? Its changed so many damn times.

No. 1851338

>will finish this later
KEK please do queen

No. 1851339

Are you illiterate? This says one can resume “normal daily activities” around 2-3 WEEKS, not days, after surgery. 24-48 hours is when she’ll be in the most pain and limited in what she can do but nothing about this infographic says she’ll be totally good to go after 2 days.

No. 1851343

File: 1687461998940.png (28.67 KB, 863x442, Screenshot_20230622-122759.png)

No. 1851344

Very classy. The edginess online surrounding this event is so unfunny in general, let alone using it to brag about how unstable you are. Why not compare yourself to the twin towers next?

No. 1851355

You're the retard lol. NTA but they're replying to someone who said Shayna can't shower for a week or two. The infographic is proving them wrong, because it says you can shower after two days.

No. 1851357

You'd think she'd take it more seriously, as basically all of those people on board were precious rich old men. She should be protesting or something

No. 1851359

Sure seems like infographic anon was stating she can fully resume everything after 2 days and if that’s not what she was trying to communicate she should be more clear. She didn’t once mention showering but did say Shayna “is a scam artist trying to put off work longer” indicating she thinks Shayna should be able to work after 2 days.

No. 1851365

this is all very based but let's be honest her tits were not just "slightly different sizes" at this point

No. 1851368

NTA but the size difference was nothing dramatic IMO. They’re obviously two very different tits when she’s topless but with a real bra and clothing on it wouldn’t be noticeable at all and a simple cutlet would help even out her cleavage if it looked uneven. Tons of women have a bigger discrepancy between the size of each breast but most don’t get plastic surgery to fix something that isn’t really a problem.

No. 1851369

What does Shayna even do regularly that she'd more than like 2-4 days max to recover from? Not take her dog on walks? Not excercise or cook healthy meals? Not touch grass. The bitch sits around all day anyways it's not like she's got a job or kids. She'd probably be fine to do whatever the hell it is she does all day since she's a sendendary creature. Maybe she wouldn't be able to film her sad porn till the two week mark, but she barely does that anyways.

No. 1851370

Extremely accurate. It’s actually really telling she isn’t recovering at her dad’s, I didn’t even think about it until it was pointed out. Am I misremembering, is her mom in Massachusetts and he’s in NH? Makes sense she needed to see a certain surgeon or use the same hospital system due to insurance constraints, but it speaks volumes her favorite parent isn’t taking care of her or present. I think you’re spot on that they know her tits being done will contribute to her whoring and they’re all grossed out.

No. 1851371

In addition to not being able to film (I’m aware she doesn’t film or cam regularly but this is her reasoning for trying to raise money), the main thing that comes to mind is that she’ll be unable to wash her hair but considering she regularly goes at least a week without washing it shouldn’t be a big deal for her.

No. 1851379

i said this earlier but it's insane she's posting about her mom like that on her sex work twitter account. also kek her mom has a boyfriend and shayna doesn't.

No. 1851380

Lmao I love how this lost Shaynatorium patient who was told to touch grass ended up being right. Unhinged Shay tinfoilers stay winning itt

No. 1851382

I find it so off how shayna often thinks posting what someone does to her on hee socials is a punishment. She ran to tell her dad on her mom/mom's boyfriend. She constantly does this, she doesn't just vent, you can tell she thinks that everyone is like her. That their "bad deeds" being posted online makes them want to kill themselves vs. Them being like, "why is this idiot posting about what I said to her to coomers on her sex work account?".
Her worst nightmare is being called out on Twitter and canceled. That's why she feel validated when people hate on her mom.
I wonder of this is run off from Fupaul? He was the only person in the shayverse who seemed to have bitch fits when she talked about him on Twitter.
Her mom,dad or step dad won't see this. And if they do they probably aren't going to say shit. It's so weird. She real thinks random coomers making comments about her mom means something

No. 1851387

It says 3-7 days after surgery, so a week is not weird at all. If someone doesn't clot well or needs that constant compression, it could be slightly over one week. You still dress the wounds but no shower. I say that for a reason.

No. 1851393

File: 1687469177258.png (149.96 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20230622-142553.png)

I gave the source because I didn't want to shit up the thread with a bunch of screenshots but fatshat absolutely can mosey around without pestering her mom at 7am. Her "work" is taking nudes.

No. 1851395

this may be a retarded question but what would she even need her moms help for twice in the middle of the night? can she not get up to go to the bathroom or something?

No. 1851400

I can already tell you this lazy retard was treating her mom as a butler. "bring me ____", "can you grab ___ for me", etc. the way her mom responded pretty much confirms this

No. 1851405

And no please to boot

No. 1851406

using her creepy annoying baby voice she does on cam

No. 1851420

spot on nonas

No. 1851449

When I helped my sister with her implant surgery recovery she needed to be woken up to take meds over night or to use the bathroom since part of her procedure involved stretching chest muscles to fit over/around the implant. It's worth noting sister couldn't talk much since she was so gone on meds so Shart was just being a cunt to her mom.

No. 1851455

She strikes me as the kind of person to snap and be nasty to someone helping her. I would turn my phone off, too

No. 1851470

I agree, but I wonder why her mom even offered to keep her phone on. Not to white knight, but her mom seems like the type to promise things and never follow through. Shaynus needs to accept this, grow up, and stop throwing temper tantrums. They have a really toxic relationship and I don’t think her mom’s a saint either. I mean, look who she raised.

No. 1851479

I'd imagine Shay has a fair weather father. Post divorce, Shahy's mam tuck the brunt of any care or 'discipline'. Shay acts out, ma tells her off and then she cries and da comes to the rescue, consumes her and is automatically the better more understanding parent. I had a similar situation with my folks when I was younger, but copped on at my late teens to the situation. She unfortunately/fortunately (hence lolcow) never matured to realise that. And over a decade later is still blaming her mam. Who has supposedly offered for her a home/education/tits and a million other things. Look, for all we know, her ma could be an absolute cunt, but based on the info Shay has divulged to us.. She's the better of the pair. Its probably cos 'mam rock' isn't a genre.

No. 1851485

Her stepmother offered to pay, not her mother. I think her dad’s a bad parent too and just throws money at things.

No. 1851489

Didn't she once go mental at fupa cos he wouldn't give her her weed pen and he filmed it. Boy I wish we got to see that one.

Also find it funny that all that was said is that she's "an ass". Not like her mom called her a useless cunt or something a bit more legitimately mean.

No. 1851492

I am also confused. She obviously should be able to get up for a piss. How did she manage to hurt herself? Kek
Girl you had a tit job not a fucking hip replacement

No. 1851499

Shouldn’t her parents have realized she’s an alcoholic or addicted to weed by now? There’s no way her dad wouldn’t have noticed because I recall her talking about drinking in the morning the other time that she was at his cabin.
This dynamic is fairly common among divorced parents so you’re probably right.

No. 1851501

Shayna treats her mom as she treats every single woman, she expects unconditional care/love no matter HOW she acts from women. She expects women to form a circle of protection around her when she needs it, but fuck off when she doesn't. She expects them to love her and help her in anyway possible, while she does nothing of the bare minium.
I bet you she told Ellen she's an better actual mom then her own mother, because only a retarded lonely idiot woman would literally be a grown woman's emotional slave.
And in the end, even if a woman/her mom is nice to her or does so many amazing things for her, the one bad thing makes her evil.
Meanwhile, Scrotes can literally treat her like dirt and she'll write paragraphs like.
"I know he was a bad person who abused me, but I still love him! i told him so much and he does have good qualities!"
With women/mom it's all or nothing, either you be my emotional slave forever and shut the fuck up, or you are my enemy. Until I need you again. Her mom loves her, so she'll always be back for Shayna (for now), so they can fuss at eachother but Shayna knows her mom isn't going anywhere (for now).
Ellen is retarded thristy and lonely, but i promise when she finds a stable relationship with a moid, she'll dump shayna and she'll be fucking evil to Shayna.
Shit, in a way, I'd say how she deals with men and women, is all based on her mom/dad issues.
Her dad doesn't seem that involved with Shayna. Seems like they only drink and hang in the same room at times. I feel her mom tries to talk to her and be engaged, but they both can't stand eachother.
It seems like both are waiting for a reason to be angry at the other. Shayna's mother seems more direct with her.
Probably had to deal with Shay full time while dad started a new family and dealt with shayna half the time.

No. 1851504

Oh please, the twin towers resulted in the deaths of 2000 innocent people. This submarine was some thrill-seeking billionaires willfuly entering a death trap.

No. 1851527

so she wasn't even supposed to be sleeping sitting up like she's complaining about here >>1851153

No. 1851539

>Tons of women have a bigger discrepancy between the size of each breast but most don’t get plastic surgery
They should(bait)

No. 1851540

Fuck off scrote

No. 1851543

I was being hyperbolic to exaggerate, I understand it’s very different but still, shayna only jokes about this because Twitter consensus is that making fun of a dead wealthy people/privileged explorers is activism.

No. 1851546

Funny how through all of this there was not one mention of her totally real medical fetish. Who knows if any of her coomers actually liked that but if they did she missed out. She's so bad at her job which is funny because she was so stressed about money.

No. 1851548

male detected. opinion rejected.

No. 1851576


There is actual alternatives to even out boobs without surgery. in this case according to Shayna it wasn’t elective it was a required surgery but who the hell knows

No. 1851577

I find it funny that now shayna is so "don't ask me to say I'm underaged!" Now, When she literally made a video for a moid about humiliation where she spoke about her being in and out of hospitals when she was underaged. I forgot the exact words but we now know for certain the reason she was In and out of hospitals was because her breast issues. She never had a medical fetish but Shayna tries so hard to be not like other girls, she will use legit traumatic situations in her life to get moids off. Her life is so mundane and focused on this "career" every single that happens is put into her porn.
It honestly is kind of sick when you think about this fake med fetish she claimed to have. It's weird how she has to sexualize most things in her life to cope with them.

No. 1851586

Wait is a breast augmentation an outpatient procedure? I know you guys have been back and forth about the after care but I wasn’t aware you can just go home after?

No. 1851589

How much do you want to bet she does actually say she’s underage in the customs she makes for her fat, smelly, inbred old coomers? She’s absolutely only saying she’s opposed to it publicly to appear less degenerate.

No. 1851592

she definitely does and i think she does fat fetish stuff too because she's following at least one feeder creepy guy

No. 1851595

She's so late to trends the croc charm trend was cool like 2 years ago lmao she's such a boomer

No. 1851599

eat the rich(sage)

No. 1851601

Totally. Beggars can’t be choosers, and she’s a literal beggar. OnlyFats whores are a dime a dozen, and while they’re all degenerate trash the pretty, thin women can make sales doing the bare minimum. There’s no way Big Shaynus with her cottage cheese in a grey burlap sack body, festering pussy boils, popcorn textured skin, beady black shithole eyes, witch beak, crusty cracked papercut lips and teeth like a third world cemetery can compete with women who are attractive and put effort into their appearance. I’m sure she knows it too, hence doing the disgusting shit that she does. I mean this putrid fat fuck doesn’t even shower or wash her clothes, she’s visibly filthy, that in itself is probably a fetish for some pornrotten moids

No. 1851602

No. 1851610

fat shat doesn't know what eat the rich means.

No. 1851637

File: 1687515653349.jpeg (43.38 KB, 750x449, F0324130-A971-43C3-9D66-3FBA5A…)

No. 1851652

The /r/raisedbynarcissists subreddit was a mistake. Now every zoomer thinks they're oppressed because their parents don't encourage them to chop off their tits or post nude photos of themselves online.

No. 1851664

Imagine taking advice from a man who calls himself “Sissy Precious” and whose entire profile reeks of male entitlement and narcissism. He dresses up (like a totally real woman princess uwu) next to a filthy litter box in his mom’s basement/garage/lair. I bet he calls his mom a narcissist too. These people are the most entitled disgusting freaks. They should’ve been on that submarine instead.

No. 1851665

As if she's not well versed in the topic of eating.

No. 1851668

Her mother just doesn't like her and her life choices, not everyone disagreeing with you or not patting your ass 24/7 is a narcissist. As stupid as she is, she would have realised by now if her mother was a narcissist and would have stopped visiting her by now.

No. 1851671

If her mom was a narcissist she would have dropped Shayna ages ago since she makes for a terrible narc supply and her career is embarrassing and pathetic. They like to play the victim but Shayna plays it harder and keeps it up longer, a narcissist mother would have moved on to someone else and came up with excuses for Shayna to not recover in her home. Or flat out told her no whores allot.

No. 1851674

How long can this cow go without showing her udders? I need to see the lollipop scarring(moid)

No. 1851695

underrated comment

No. 1851697

File: 1687525074167.jpeg (80.21 KB, 828x677, 36686C60-842E-43CA-B3BF-DC6097…)

opiate addiction saga when?

No. 1851702

Lol so this retard really called her mom in the middle of the night trying to wake her up so she could open her pill bottles?
>i honestly expected 2 be in a lot worse shape
So does your family every time you come home to visit

No. 1851709

File: 1687527391169.jpeg (45.56 KB, 1284x365, IMG_0426.jpeg)

Editing her vile sex work in her mom’s house.

No. 1851711

>Hurdur mommy opened my child proof pill bottles, now I'm independent.

But you were crying because she wasn't up at 7am to help you pee like 24hrs ago. And you're still recovering at her house… And you're not even paying her or doing anything helpful in return. Independent where Shayna?

No. 1851712

please wet anon not again

No. 1851715

And I guess she didn't call her dad

No. 1851729

I bet she did and he said no so she's stuck at her moms.

No. 1851737

havent browsed this thread in 6 months. why did she get a boob job? is there a reason?(do not ask to be spoonfed)

No. 1851738

go away commie-chan, this is the Shay thread

No. 1851746

Can’t wait till this vapid cunt blows through her supply of pills and goes over the edge when they tell her to take a fucking Tylenol.
If her mother had any sense she’d stick the out of pocket bill in a birthday card & tell her to fuck off after this crap.

No. 1851748

her dad owns a business; her mum is a city clerk, and the surgery is probably covered by her insurance (public employees in Mass usually get good insurance)
she is the most ungrateful cunt
mum’s boyfriend is the mvp here, telling Shayna to stop flapping her yap

No. 1851757

File: 1687539136011.gif (8.91 KB, 409x230, mastopexy_incision_suture.gif)

Anyway so I hope the lollipop scars look like shit and she makes even less money than her broke ass does now.

No. 1851777

>>1851757 wonder how the frankentit is gonna turn out

No. 1851797

File: 1687543138082.jpeg (112.58 KB, 1170x1002, IMG_3365.jpeg)

Another thing that doesn’t need to be on her SW twitter

No. 1851801

this is actually disgusting coming from her ewwwww leave your brother alone !!! and keep this off your sex work account!!!

No. 1851803

Holy fuck Shayna is such a fat retard. No scrote of yours wants to hear about your family let alone your little brother. If you want to post about your life post it on a seperate account from your professional sw one. Why does she seriously think this is okay and then wonders why she doesn’t make money?

No. 1851805

makes me sick she uses the term lil bro on her sw twitter to refer to her actual brother. next she's going to start calling her actual father 'daddy'

No. 1851808

Aside from how disgusting it is that she’s posting this on her $3 e-prostitute account (where she regularly posts incest fetish porn), this just randomly happening after her argument with her mom is a little too coincidental. Big Shaymu probably texted him that their mom is being abusive and narcissistic and whatever other buzzwords she could think of, and her brother probably feels bad for Shay because she’s recovering alone since all of the adults in the family have jobs kek.

No. 1851815

Ew what the actual fuck!? She won't make a private Twitter for this, because she's extremely uninteresting and won't get the attention that she's craves. Even if it's from weird scrotes. Like I can only imagine what her DMs look like talking about her "lil bro." Thoroughly and absolutely disgusted.

No. 1851817

Same fag, but didn't she already have all her pill bottles open so she doesn't have to "rely on anyone." It's a fucking boob job. Get it together. I wish I could show her what healing from a spinal fusion is like.

No. 1851828

File: 1687545467965.jpeg (62.7 KB, 750x636, 37294106-FD8B-429A-ACD9-B6DE1C…)

She posted this before the brother tweet like an hour ago.
It says a lot that with all the time in the world rn to be lazy, she’s choosing to fight imaginary strangers online when she could just be binging tv shows or movies.

No. 1851843

Leaving a lot of info out are we?
Called it.

No. 1851849

>Using baby talk- "Breffest"
>Telling coomers her mother went back to work
>"Good kid"
Even if Shayna wasn't a sex worker this post would raise my eyebrow, she's purposely speaking like a retarded baby. This isn't the first time she used this tone.
Remeber her brother said her cup looked like a sippy cup and she ran to post about that? This comes off so gross and he's not going to see it, coomers don't care. Why does she constantly give extra details? Why do coomers need to know the mother she just talked shit about "Went back to work". Why? It's so fucking wrong, I really hate this shit.
I don't think she cares when retarded nonas post pictures of her family, it bothers her more when we call her ugly or fat vs. calling her a pedo panderer, public flasher and disgusting.
Again, who is this for and who cares? She knows what she's doing. I'm going to say she does this on purpose. She wants scrotes to build some "Sister/brother" incest storyline from this shit.
This is content just like her, "Imagine-" Blocks of texts. Your brother doesn't think you are a bimbo baby retard. You are recovering and he's simply helping you.
It's crazy she only loves people when they do things for her, but when they aren't they are the devil in her eyes.

No. 1851868

File: 1687548375292.png (26.21 KB, 864x293, Screenshot_20230623-122437~2.p…)

No. 1851870

File: 1687548474549.png (86.71 KB, 863x779, Screenshot_20230623-122733.png)

No. 1851873

Just came here to post this kek Shayna is ridiculous. I’m sure her mom is trying to push her to get out of sex work and actually do something meaningful with her life, and all Shatna can take from it is to go running to tell her coomers about how mean and abusive her mom is. How is she not embarrassed to be posting these things?

No. 1851876

Kek at her turning the motivation from her mom into a way to avoid growth and bitch about politics to victimize herself. Keep begging for rent money from pedophiles!

No. 1851878

Well even if we know she’s dumb af, she certainly has the lack of conscience and the absence of morals to be a politician kek. Shayna Luther King 2024!

No. 1851887

Half of them are freaks who buy her incest videos. They probably love when she talks about her real family, it all feeds their fantasies

No. 1851891

Sounds like one of her coomers called her out for scamming for recovery money all month kek

No. 1851892

This cunt deserves a botched boob job.
It was same day surgery & she hasn’t mentioned drains… so I can’t even imagine how they fixed her busted tit to be at least halfway symmetrical with the other.

No. 1851896

Don't be lazy just read this thread and you can figure it out. Wanting to be spoonfed on lolcow.. tf you on nonita??

No. 1851898

It's so funny that her mom actually thinks she could be a politician. This has to be fake.
as if the government needs another pedophile in it lmao

No. 1851904

Amazing, her mom supposedly compliments her and she turns it into a fucking pity party. A personal attack, even. But yeah her mom is just an evil sack of shit.

No. 1851910

I think it's to signal her youthfulness is validated and approved of outside of Twitter as well.

No. 1851911

kek her mom picked a profession that’s known for manipulation, hate mongering, and lying.

No. 1851917

Wow I usually agree with Shaynus mom but not this time. She’s a fat unintelligent retard, she can’t do anything else. Like she’s even failing at sw. It’s BAD lol

No. 1851923

File: 1687555811471.jpeg (47.94 KB, 750x510, D889F5CD-E16B-45F8-AD94-4AC605…)

ewwww is this the guy who shayna had over to her house? with the gross teeth?

No. 1851924

Is Shay really so retarded she genuinely thinks her mom saying "Just kidding!" Meant she was kidding about the politician thing? Or am I retarded because I read that as her mom saying "just kidding" about not voting for her? Either way lmao Shayna is so goddamn sensitive, like girl the things you keep getting your camel toe twisted up about really arent that deep. Its like she tries to set her mom up so she can throw a tantrum anytime the woman opens her mouth lol

No. 1851926

Not trying to derail but what do you mean by drains? Is that necessary aftercare for a surgical lift?

No. 1851930

If your mom is so horrible fucking leave. She's an adult, it's hilarious that she shows her asshole to anyone who give her 3 dollars yet when it comes down to it she has to depend on family she hates at 26 and only them.
She has a girlfriend that she doesn't even let meet her family. It's really sad, that no matter who was in her life she'd be recovering at her mom's with only retarded people pretending to care. She really is acting like a child and not in the way she thinks. When you think about it she's not being mistreated in any real way.
She's a 26 year old bitching about her mom endlessly because nobody cares enough in her life to spend a few weeks caring for her.

No. 1851937

Nonnie.. how in the world did you get there from there? Some of you itt have to be 12 or retarded(infighting)

No. 1851957

Drains? She didnt get tranny surgery anon KEK

No. 1851960

Nta but there are so many threads on Shayna it's hard to keep up.. Just saying

No. 1851966

That's bullshit, she says she's showering.

No. 1851967

at first I thought you meant how soon she was showering after a surgery until I remembered it's shayna and you mean showering at ALL

gave me a good kek

No. 1851980

Non that anon, but some doctors leave drains in for few days to reduce swelling. Some people can do without and some need it to maintain good looking results and now swell up.

No. 1852013

having an s/o meet your family is for serious relationships, especially if they live out of state/you need to travel to do so. Shayna is straight, her relationship is a glorified friendship/someone to leech off of, she barely mentions her anymore i don’t doubt they only see each other every couple weeks/barely hang out

No. 1852015

I don’t think her mom really believes that nonsense. She probably was just trying to find a way to begin a conversation about “other options” without instantly sending Shayna into an episode

No. 1852019

it also depends on how much she bled. considering how much she smokes, i’d say that wasn’t much of a problem. her blood is probably as thick as she is.

No. 1852020

I think Shayna doesn’t realize that as a 26 year old adult she is a guest in her mother’s house and her mom isn’t obligated to take care of her unconditionally in this way. Having anyone stay at your house, even an adult child, is a stressor and routine disruption, and Shayna is literally bitching about not being served night and day to her preferences and sharing details of private family life to the internet. Bitch go home lol. Sounds like mom took some days off from work too. Shayna is so ungrateful

No. 1852058

File: 1687571805085.jpeg (81.82 KB, 750x867, DFB480C8-D9FE-4562-AE2E-B704DB…)

Shay tried to clown on some tradthot earlier today and got her ass handed to her. Not a self-post btw, I have no idea who this person is but they’re actually right in calling out her hypocrisy.

No. 1852059

File: 1687571847665.jpeg (33.68 KB, 750x410, EDF9B614-6F86-4EB2-BD1F-FD589A…)

No. 1852062

File: 1687572232941.jpeg (82.12 KB, 750x999, DC44103A-7721-44FE-A344-B02089…)

She also liked this response from a misogynistic coomer moid. Violent threats and misogyny are so funny when it’s towards random stranger women that Shayna doesn’t personally like.
im aware the woman (just pearly things, I think) being discussed is trash but why would you support a misogynistic moid making threats toward her? retard

No. 1852066

I'm quietly cackling at the that Shay can't open a pill bottle with a child lock and somehow managed to injure herself trying?

That's some infomercial shit

No. 1852067

File: 1687572807915.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.41 KB, 1170x1724, IMG_3375.jpeg)

Love that this is what she was editing at her mom’s house

No. 1852071

She is losing blood circulation in her legs. Also, she had all the time in the world to edit this and just waited around until now to do it

No. 1852081

File: 1687574026740.jpeg (131.37 KB, 1170x949, IMG_3377.jpeg)

No. 1852088

I wonder if she’ll actually put some effort into her gross porn now she’s had surgery, instead of the same camera angle of her laying on her back self consciously covering her fat rolls. Probably not.

No. 1852093

File: 1687575234214.jpg (55.82 KB, 1448x708, beg.jpg)

No. 1852096

File: 1687575471974.jpg (163.43 KB, 1447x1358, pill bottles.jpg)

It was amusing to me too but then this other harlot said it was a thing, so maybe it is?

No. 1852098

so desperate

No. 1852099

>ended up hurting myself getting up on my own.
If she feels there’s anything wrong with her frankentits, she’s going to find a way to twist this and blame her ‘narcissist mom’ (that’s taking care of her)

No. 1852102

File: 1687575609748.jpg (125.91 KB, 1449x1687, they get to keep their pride, …)

And lastly, Shayna will go to extreme mental gymnastics to normalise her choices.

No. 1852107

Her mom is the “villain” but she said she called her dad sobbing to pick her up and nothing. Yet, we’ve not heard her say she cannot believe her dad left her stranded and defenceless at an abuser’s house.

No. 1852111

File: 1687576320555.png (299.16 KB, 750x1334, 0B1F60F8-9CE4-4B9C-B2EF-F635CB…)

what is this face

No. 1852113

yeah except dairy queen workers will never get someone approaching them and saying "hey aren't you the girl who shoved fireworks up her ass?"

No. 1852115

File: 1687576606374.gif (2.8 MB, 375x278, A4rG.gif)

This is how I'm picturing Shay's apparent self injury
I mean what kinda tard doesn't know how to open a child safety pill container? The instructions are written on it. The safety protocol is literally for children so young they can't read

No. 1852116

what did she even need to take at 330 am? she's fucking inhaling those pain meds

No. 1852117

She just got her pectoral muscle area fucked with and cut open and now it's hard to open the pill tops because of the muscles you're required to use to push and twist

No. 1852118

She’s been making it a lot, it’s the same face she made in the grey sweater when she was at the degenerate manor and they were “bullying” the other girl.

No. 1852123

Or maybe that's just how her side profile looks? Kek when I to my shay mind palace I don't think I recall seeing her side profile much

No. 1852125

This is such a stretch, every job involves doing something with your body that you might not want to be doing otherwise(even existing at your desk to do tech work prevents your body from being other places and doing things), because we are human beings and anything we do is with our body

No. 1852126

having eye bags this severe is crazy when her "job" consists of her laying on her ass all day

No. 1852127

Wow what the fuck

No. 1852128

Anon why do you have a Shay mind palace

No. 1852130

I was joking
She's unable to speak about anything unless it relates back to sex work, even her own family. People struggling at jobs, "and people say we are selling our bodies!" But you are, probably for the same price or less.
Also you have to literally beg the most shitty people in the world for it.

No. 1852132

And yet those same workers still don’t have to debase themselves, film it, edit it, and then sell it all for the grand total of $3 and still beg for more money after KEK.

No. 1852133

File: 1687580677085.png (20.2 KB, 200x200, IMG_1212.png)

The rate at which she’s becoming increasingly hideous is proportional to how much more degenerate she’s getting and it’s glorious. The arianka ponytail does her no favours, she clearly didn’t learn the first time as per picrel

No. 1852134

Nta but yeah Shay doesn’t realize that a major difference between her and everyone else (even service workers) is that others don’t have to have their incomes rely upon literal retards, truckers, AGPs, pedophiles, and future serial killers for pennies. I don’t care how shitty your workplace is—HR, work clients, or a shitty manager will never come close to the scum Shay surrounds herself with.

No. 1852135

To me it looks less like eyebags and more like she has tissue depletion around her eyes, which happened to me over a period of time that I was heavily drinking. It’s like that part of your face gets depleted and hollow and everything else puffy. She is destroying her appearance in so many ways

No. 1852136

File: 1687581955915.jpeg (112.33 KB, 828x938, IMG_1726.jpeg)

The way she behaves like a total cunt to her pitiful “fan base” never ceases to confound me, how is this stinky, ugly, fat retard this fucking bad at her “job”?

No. 1852138

Kevin barely even cares, calm your tits Shay

No. 1852141

Every time i see this picture i think "Any bigger and poor shat gonna be looking like Ali C Lopez"

No. 1852148

god she is so retarded. the coomer was probably just attempting to wk and tell her she’s ‘beautiful the way she is’, and instead of being normal she names and shames a paying customer for 20 likes. i hate her coomers as much as the next anon but her constant cuntiness and complete lack of understanding on customer service always pisses me off

No. 1852149

File: 1687584104833.png (106.35 KB, 654x566, IOWGN8EEHSUZ1614290110513.png)

She literally looks like a fucking goblin. Her complete lack of top lip here is taking me out.

No. 1852152

File: 1687584463768.jpeg (105.1 KB, 897x1078, IMG_1727.jpeg)

kek Big Shaynus and Gorlock the Destroyer, separated at birth

No. 1852154

why does she keep pretending that she’s doing this for the looks and not because she has a frankentitty that is rotting like she didn’t post that video admitting her deformity

No. 1852157

I hate this putrid obese tranny almost as much as fat shat

No. 1852159

She really has nothing else better to do huh

No. 1852170

File: 1687589575061.jpeg (225.68 KB, 1242x1770, 6E7360A2-1CFA-4175-94E1-5F81B3…)

They’re literally just stretching. Why is she sexualizing what appears to be young teenagers at their summer job to justify her whoring? This fat unemployed piece of crap is always jealous whenever other people go viral fully clothed and her blown out ass hole pics get less than 100 likes

No. 1852174

File: 1687589740219.gif (3.1 MB, 480x270, 6066ECC9-9D5C-4DC4-ACE1-C7D99E…)

I’m surprised she didn’t bring up the retarded SpongeBob Kevin the pickle joke. Hurr durrr hi Kevin obese laughter

No. 1852175

File: 1687589929826.jpeg (159.25 KB, 1242x1758, F7890B07-509D-4FF2-83BF-5EA85F…)

Same fag or is she trying to say that they have bad working conditions and they’re also selling their bodies the same as her?? Anyways the replies to her comment are giving me brain damage. I wish she would stop commenting on random things and spouting off her shitty opinions cause every time she gets ratio’d she bitches and cries on her Twitter

No. 1852177

I don’t think she looks anything like this but okay
She hasn’t shared any information about her augmentation right? Like no one knows what kind of filler she got or if they’re under or over muscle?

No. 1852178

File: 1687590388465.jpeg (561.26 KB, 3465x3465, E541678B-A357-444E-B511-21E8C3…)

Sweet Home Alabama

No. 1852180

She deleted that bottom tweet about eating ice cream

No. 1852181

File: 1687590679743.jpeg (Spoiler Image,50.55 KB, 890x562, 109CC751-E22B-4269-A876-6C3526…)

She always look like a tub of lard whenever she’s fully naked laying on her bed. She sucks at being sensual. Like she looks like some fat hick sister wife trying to seduce her inbred husband from their other partners

No. 1852187

File: 1687592124119.jpeg (141.41 KB, 1000x1057, BABB3EFC-80F0-4487-936D-9F56F7…)

Why is she still called “theirlbarbie”? she’s obese with mousy brown hair. she’s delusional she probably thinks she looks like Margot as Barbie whenever she’s out and about in her crusty pink outfits and her giant big foot corn heels stuffed in her dirty heels

No. 1852188

File: 1687592174376.jpeg (666.57 KB, 3465x3465, 2C22D2FB-7B19-48BE-9012-EBFE7C…)

The new porn trailer is a mess. Kek.

No. 1852189

File: 1687592342916.jpeg (110.06 KB, 1209x1423, 23F8D004-A99E-44FA-97C0-4908E7…)

No. 1852190

File: 1687592374476.jpeg (20.07 KB, 509x548, 12DFBA5E-CD10-4595-848C-82DBF1…)

This white outfit is so tacky. I wish she would throw it away.

No. 1852192

A little too conveniently posted after anons upthread were talking about how embarrassed her brother must be

No. 1852197

This is obviously the face of a fat sped who just had a booty shit leak

No. 1852205

The fact that this tweet currently has 9 likes and 2 retweets (one of which is herself) after 6 hours of being up when all her following tweets that are completely unrelated to her actual “content” have at least double the likes is absolutely embarrassing. Nobody gives a fuck about her as a person and nobody gives a fuck about her as a sex worker her coomers don’t even care for her piss poor content. She got more likes and responses on her tweet begging for some validation about her shitty trailer.

No. 1852216

File: 1687602185912.jpeg (32.42 KB, 750x406, C62ED0A1-3535-4389-997A-BD3F98…)

old milk but i never realized how much she looks like grimes

No. 1852228

Grimes fat obese sister Gains

No. 1852246

I want to a-log myself for even remotely having the same pov as Big Shaynus but I'm pretty sure she's replying to a SS of a justpearlythings tweet in that image, and Pearl is also a moid pandering useless excuse for a XX chromosome. Kek they have that in common now that I think about it, just different flavors of hating other women.

But she's only doing it because a big (cow) YouTuber did a "takedown" on her very recently, so fuck off and go drain your fake tits Shay.

No. 1852247


Oh fuck Nonita you already mentioned who it was in the spoiler, forgive my shaytardation but I'd like to maintain the point that they have misogyny in common

No. 1852250

Next thread title. “Final boss of the Pick Me army”

No. 1852259

This is the most she’s ever looked like Amy Schumer.

No. 1852267

Kek how porn brained do you have to be to interpret the post that way?

No. 1852275