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File: 1618948322744.jpg (287.3 KB, 500x500, 1618652900248.jpg)

No. 1213075

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

First Thread >>>/snow/344490
Last Thread >>>/snow/1204635

>Milk from last thread:

> Shay begging for a car after blowing her moving funds >>1206664
> Finds more excuses not to work
> Making mass shooting/gun violence about herself. >>1207829
> Supposedly hanging out with a "friend" >>1210209
> Wanting to move once more after getting dumped by Fupa Again >>1211092
> Got the second vaccine >>1212018
>Got dogpiled by a bunch of radfems for a hot take nobody asked or needed. >>1212087


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No. 1213079

shit thread

No. 1213081

File: 1618948663329.jpeg (546.67 KB, 828x928, 20D74FCC-5E45-48F6-8D93-D15C58…)

This bitch ordered party sized doughnuts

No. 1213083

She's really never going to stop expanding huh

No. 1213093

Is this thread better?? >>>/snow/1213091

No. 1213095

File: 1618949297316.jpeg (327.5 KB, 1242x1148, 96F156AF-21AC-4516-8B67-554FD7…)

No. 1213096

What the actual fuck?? Even if she was sharing with Fupa.. that's an absurd amount of donuts. That's for an office or party.

No. 1213097

it’s gonna be gone by today

I’m guessing each donut is like 200-300 calories each but treat yoself shayna I bet you can stuff all of them inside your mouth

No. 1213098

No. 1213100

there's at least 25 donuts here..

No. 1213106

Sure, blame it on the shot you just got but not the copious amount of weed, alcohol, and junk food you consume every single day.

No. 1213107

File: 1618949906646.jpeg (Spoiler Image,232.14 KB, 750x555, 895B15CD-FA63-4D11-AB27-A097E7…)

Kek at her “fans” sending screen shots of her channeling full retardation fat boy face.

No. 1213108

“Oaklahoma” kek

No. 1213114

I hope Fupa is over because she really ordered that many donuts for herself? She just does not give a fuck huh? Shayna PLEASE just do naked eating mukbang/feeder content. She'd probably make more money being the female Nikocado then what she's doing now.
You know how she used to say,"I get paid to do what you do for free?" Well the same can go for eating, she could get paid for doing something she actually loves to do and people will actually pay for her meals and probably "reimburse" her.

No. 1213121

and she'd LOVE it, seriously don't understand why she hasn't. she's probably thinking like "I don't want to have to sit all ~cute~ at the table when I usually eat like a slob on my couch" but that's what they're looking for. sit with no pants on on her couch and ignore the camera while she eats 4,000 calories and then sticks her hand up her ass without washing it. it's all she does all day anyway, might as well make money if you're supposedly also turned on by humiliating yourself

No. 1213135

right, it's also WAY easier then porn, she hates working. She could get a table, a glass one, sit naked and eat food, burping, jiggling her belly and talking about how she's a "Stuffed Thicc Barbie". I'm dead serious, she probably could make her fake moving fund goal in 2 weeks if she started appealing to feeders.

No. 1213137

she thinks she’s above it

No. 1213141

File: 1618952880532.jpg (128.23 KB, 1080x439, Screenshot_20210420-071949_Twi…)

Like you're one to follow rules Shay

No. 1213143

The correct spelling was right there in the thread pic for them too

No. 1213144

File: 1618952976820.jpg (143.53 KB, 1080x496, Screenshot_20210420-160905_Twi…)

No. 1213145

How do we know that's not her TV and she faked this?

No. 1213148

i doubt she has anything hanging on the wall besides dildos

No. 1213150

in case anyone ever questions whether the farmers that frequent this thread are smart or not kek

No. 1213162

File: 1618954240952.jpg (290 KB, 1080x914, Screenshot_20210420-162952_Twi…)

Shayna Luther King's twitter page is full of these

No. 1213166

Shayna Luther King thinks retweeting this is the same as actually going out to do anything.

No. 1213167

Could you imagine fatty mattel at a protest? She wouldn't be able to keep up

No. 1213168

Also, i can't wait for her to post about how happy she is and this made her shitty week better, before retweeting her asshole & some dumb shit right after.

No. 1213175

it would unironically be the most exercise she’s had in years

No. 1213181

File: 1618956616002.jpeg (978.33 KB, 2048x2048, 1B6124A6-565B-49BB-B43D-7FC92A…)

I think it’s funny that she was too lazy to put these on and do a photoshoot so she just took pics of underwear

Anons always say she wouldn’t be successful on YouTube but she is a train wreck and YouTube loves that. She’d be like a less obese foodie beauty

I sincerely hope she sees this and goes for it because I would much rather see her eat herself to death vs stretch out her asshole to prolapse and the point of needing a diaper

please I’d love to see her attempting to flash for a twitter vid while getting tear gassed

No. 1213185

probably too small for her to even attempt to squeeze into. that and they're made for adults and she only wears children's underwear

No. 1213187


I would argue that she wouldn’t post such an ugly fucking picture of herself if it was a fake.

But then again she got no problems posting unwashed dollar-store whore content nearly everyday. The bimbo larp gets funnier with every donut/edible/rosé binge and Amazon shopping spree.

No. 1213189

cuz it's not on the floor.

No. 1213192

Perhaps it didn't fit her to the point where the seams would have ripped if she pulled it all the way up? The material looks cheap (yet another amazon order no doubt) and she probably ordered 2 sizes too small. If that's the case, this could be the only photo she could take of it.

No. 1213196

I doubt the text would be readable if she wore them. It would either be covered by her fupa or stretched beyond comprehension.

No. 1213197


Good god, she can combine this with weed reviews. What weed strain goes best with whatever doordash slop she scrounges up in Tulsa. All while babbling naked like an idiot.

Got me feeling like a highschool career counselor.

No. 1213244

File: 1618963555171.jpeg (224.59 KB, 1242x881, E62061D6-E9EE-48DF-91DE-D3C7FF…)

Shayna is so fat and lazy

No. 1213252

But why announce it? Just retweet old posts or something or idk, just rest and shut the fuck up? Also, a platter of donuts doesn't help when you dont feel good but ok fatty

No. 1213262


This would be out of character, indicative of a vaccine dose…

…if she wasn’t such a lazy sack of shit all the time. This is a tweet that could be posted by Shay any day of the year and wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

No. 1213294

I'm more annoyed with the fact that she's been going out to bars and restaurants without being fully vaccinated first. With how braggy she's been about going to places I thought she'd already gotten her second shot.

$5 says by this weekend she'll be out at the bars again thinking she can't get COVID.

No. 1213320


I'm the anon who came up with the name for this thread in the last thread and I was so bothered that I spelled Oklahoma wrong and I'm even more bothered that OP did too.

No. 1213325


this thread sucks, lacks effort. the picture is stupid.

also, who randomly eats a fucking box of donuts on a fucking weekday when there's no special event or holiday going on? WHO FUCKING EATS LIKE THIS, SERIOUSLY? an entire box, good fucking lord. her gluttonous useless life can't get any worse. she needs to be sent to the fields.

No. 1213333

>>1213081 I like how she waited until after she (or they) ate some first, to take photos.

No. 1213339

>the picture is stupid
The OP picture is the saving grace of this thread, wtf. It was well received last thread.

But, re: doughnuts, I'm also just absolutely fucking floored. Doughnuts go stale quickly, so it's not like she can claim she's saving them or anything. This fat sow is eating T W E N T Y F I V E doughnuts by herself over the course of probably one to two days. Shay, please, for the love of god, eat a vegetable. Her teeth must be horrible.

No. 1213343

Make the thread next time you fucking sperg. The OP is fine and the picture was the best submission from the last thread.

She could do this and probably should because it's better money but refuses the give up her disgusting porn to show the haters and her mom. Her whole existence is hilarious and bleak.

No. 1213348

Agreed, thread info sucks and the image is garish/poorly done and not in a fun way like most thread images are.

And I hate whoever took up the last post last thread to post a random screenshot. What idiot doesn't know by now that there are 1218 posts per thread, leave the last post for the next thread link, dumbass.

Mini donuts but still seens like an absurd amount. Fupa and fatty bond over food, such true love kek

No. 1213378

File: 1618986691503.jpeg (555.57 KB, 1242x1745, B55E2606-FD7B-4C7F-ADB3-83151C…)


No. 1213379

guess you're going to make the next thread it will be perfect then?
OP, thread is fine. Thanks for making it.

No. 1213380

Damn is it that hard to feed your cat properly shat? also why did she get that when rib just pees on the floor? shes so lazy she can't even do the bare minimum of taking care of a cat.

No. 1213388

She just not wanting to interact with or take care of Rib or Fupas cat at all then? Because Rib just hides all day anyway. And she hides the other cat herself. Those things are more for people with actual jobs and lives. Shay has zero obligations on any given day, she has time to fill the cat bowl jfc.
Literally nothing but filthy laziness from this moron.

No. 1213391

automated litter boxes break easily, you can't tell if your cat is sick, and the scent gets removed so your cat doesn't recognize its own scent

they are awful

No. 1213400

What a terrible pet owner. She can't even clean up her own cats' shit or interact with them. Like they have to be scared of her.

Wanna know something? Even though it "hurts," going out and walking and getting some Vitamin D and endorphins going through your body will make you feel so much better than taking 3 fucking naps in your obese body.

Last… omg to one of the last photos on the previous thread; I thought I was looking at a GD Arby's commercial.

No. 1213403

File: 1618989160923.jpeg (196.71 KB, 714x719, A561F69A-288E-4255-8ED7-6FEB11…)

I'm afraid you ladies don't know afroman

No. 1213414

I think they're just bitter the thread isn't up to their standards and their preferred OP pic didn't get chosen. "Garish," lmfao shut the fuck up. It seems like one person that is wierdly invested.
I honestly think this might be one of her better choices, if only because I don't think she actually changes the litter. She normally tweets every little though that crosses her mind, and I don't think I've ever seen her mention that.

No. 1213419

Blog post but I bought an automatic litter box because I have 3 cats and needed a 4th one anyways and it broke within 2 months of having it. $200 straight down the drain. The recepticals are tiny af too so you still need to empty it at least once a day with more than 1 cat (seeing she still has 2) and the blades don’t even hit the bottom of the pan so 90% of the time you have to scoop clumps of cat piss off the bottom of the box anyways.

No. 1213426

you know she washed that whole box of donuts down with some diabetes ridden starbucks drink

No. 1213429


lol i legit wasn't sure if it was for her or her cat

No. 1213444


Fresh anon here to say, OP just leave the thread to made by someone who can put more effort in next time. The thread summary is absolute shit considering how much milk we got last thread. Also just accept you fucked up and stoping crying trying to defend it. We just all gotta accept we’re stuck with this garbage now.

No. 1213450

No no anon! From the icE CoFFeE BaR at the gas station. Cause Tulsa is amazing, remember!

No. 1213456

is your life really that boring that you have to nitpick the thread as well as shay? stop clogging the thread and touch some grass ffs

No. 1213500

holy shit these bitches are too lazy to even feed their fucking cat one or two times a day?

No. 1213512

Right!? My cats hear me shaking around their food, and they come running wanting to eat, get attention, and purr all over me. Fricken so sad.

No. 1213513

File: 1619015002397.jpg (299.66 KB, 1079x1616, Screenshot_20210421-092244_Twi…)

And what's wrong with that limited edition Xbox your "sugar daddy" bought you awhile back?

No. 1213517

This pathetic bitch buying Fupa another toy so he'll visit her more often. The only thing she plays is Animal Crossing and Apex, both of watch she can play on what she already owns. Make your groveling for chode less obvious, Shay.

No. 1213520

That’s …. not even the console. It’s just a season pass to play games that no one cares about

No. 1213527

I think it's like the console with xbox online or something but shes a retarded broke bitch, so shes got it on monthly payments or whatever she was calling it to tr to make it sound like it ain't just layaway kek. Never seen someone with all the (now a gen behind but still) latest consoles and a pc rig who doesnt know what Steam is and plays all of 4 games total. Guess Fupas gotta have something to do after he cums in under a minute when he comes over once a week. That and she probs plays Apex and shit with him online.

No. 1213532

Is she lending the xbox or why does it say monthly price?

No. 1213539

huh?? why did she buy this? she has a fucking gaming pc??

No. 1213542

File: 1619017377437.jpeg (527.72 KB, 1284x2588, BF731C88-750B-4CC7-BCEF-D995AA…)

yeah it’s basically a 2 year pay off plan where you get “all access” to a console and tons of games. but she literally has a gaming pc so I don’t get it.

No. 1213558


you cant cancel these plans either and just send the xbox back, so this will just end up with dust when fupa bails again and probably just end up sending her to collections one day when she forgets to pay in a year

No. 1213559

I’ve never seen her play any xbox exclusive games (halo, forza, gears of war etc) and all the games she does play are cross console so she 100% bought this because Fupa has a xbox and she wants to play with him online/lure him over.

No. 1213565

Bitch has to be absolutely manic to be spending money like this every day. She’s been dropping hundreds of dollars a day on stupid shit. She could have used all the money she has spent this month on a car that she so desperately begs for every year on her birthday.

I’m still laughing at her spending $2500 on a gaming PC and NEVER using it.

No. 1213575

Wheres the anon that keeps track of her weekly spendings, the last two weeks have been batshit insane

No. 1213576

Why the fuck would she buy an Xbox when she already has a gaming PC?

No. 1213579

The gaming PC is absolutely INSANE how much she spent on it only to literally never use it aside from the occasional photo prop. I think that's the one I'll never be able to get over.

No. 1213587

because Fupa wanted a xbox kek, imagine seeing her flex about buying a xbox on a plan, then beg for money to move when her and fupa are off.
She's clearly back with him.

No. 1213590

Right? Noticed how she hasn’t been crying about wanting to die or uwu my depression naps. Instead it’s buying a 24 count box of mini donuts and playing games all day. She also hasn’t mentioned moving again. It’s so predictable and boring now.

No. 1213591

File: 1619024101572.png (23.46 KB, 275x486, broke ass hoe.png)


I went back 14 days and tracked everything she's bragged about with proof. Not included: all her dates with fupa, any extra ubers included when she got her vaccine, and any other food or spending she didn't brag about. Talk about spending outside your means.

No. 1213597

>microblading deposit
Holy shit I forgot she’s actually doing that. Does she know you’re not supposed to drink for like 24 hours prior and after? I can’t wait for that mess.

No. 1213605

I've known multiple stoners who are terrible with money simply cause they cannot remember they already "treated" themselves the day before. Also because the tire themselves out smoking all day and by mid-to-end day are lazy and just order food or buy items that makes things easier for their lazy asses.

No. 1213606

>I can’t afford to move out of this hell hole wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhh
>I need 6k saved to move 4 hours out of town
>blows 2k in a fortnight on absolute dog shit nonsense

No. 1213607

Jfc how does she have so much money to blow but gives off so much broke energy?

No. 1213609

Based anon

No. 1213610

An excel chart of all of Shayna’s retarded purchases
Bless you, anon. I love it

No. 1213611

File: 1619025416402.png (527.67 KB, 1284x588, gamergirlshay.png)

No. 1213613

she's been buying something almost everyday it seems like. I'm starting to think she saved like 1k and her parents sent money & she's spending that as well.
Just like that check her mom gave her to move the FIRST time never got mentioned again. Scamming her own damn parents, to spoil her fat baby daddy boyfriend.

No. 1213615

File: 1619026120554.jpg (242.63 KB, 1080x1115, Screenshot_20210421-122830_Twi…)

No. 1213616


im sorry but does she think buying random new crap for each new video is somehow going to help her porn sales? judging by this she probably either doesnt make her money back or only ever breaks even with her sex work. she is merely exists to sell her body and isnt even profiting of it anymore.

No. 1213617

why even ask? it's all the same at this point

No. 1213619

>Using afterpay to buy an xbox
Shouldn't this be a sign she needs to get a real job

No. 1213621

Remember she said she was putting shit on her Amazon Wishlist to redo her "Work space", notice she has yet to buy anything but is spending money on donuts, a xbox, on skin care shit she won't use, etc. etc.?

No. 1213623

Does Shayna even routinely use her makeup/skincare? What an unbelievably stupid waste of money.

No. 1213627

nope. she could've literally bought a bar of dial soap and a tub of cerave and would have come out better than she does on a regular basis.

No. 1213634

File: 1619028597121.png (1.95 MB, 1236x893, 2021-04-21 14_09_19-Window.png)

the disgusting rug is totes aesthetic, shayna

No. 1213641

That lip gloss isn't going to be used, I bet this is going to become background like those Pocky sticks.

No. 1213642

The fuck? It literally takes one minute per day to clean a litter box, she does fuck all except sit around stoned and sleep. Why does she even have pets if they’re going to be neglected by someone who’s purely just too lazy.

No. 1213643

It's essentially afterpay but not really. It's a service offered by Microsoft and retailers, it's really a good deal because you get gamepass ultimate for two years and shit.

But shatna only bought it for Kyle Nathan Perkins, so she's a dumb bitch.

No. 1213660


damn she has like no girlfriends or childhood friends to share this kind of stuff with she just gots to show it off to her coomers.

No. 1213661

i made the mistake of zooming in….that rug is actually so nasty what the fuck. i am disgusted. she should spend some of her money on house cleaning services if she can’t be assed to do it herself. if she has $2000 to spend on random shit she literally has no excuse

No. 1213662

File: 1619031600801.jpeg (170.38 KB, 1242x391, 97A3AD6F-BFEB-4908-8C69-CEE451…)

No. 1213666

She could spend her money on a roomba vacuum cleaner. It might be a expensive luxury for the lazy but at least it would serve a purpose and do something the improve her living conditions.

No. 1213667

>imagine ACTUALLY leasing a video game console

No. 1213669

And literally everything in her hovel looks like this too, does she not care?!?

also sorry to reiterate what everyone else is saying but she seriously bought an Xbox lmao… fuck man. How many days until she’s crying about how she needs money??

No. 1213682

Is that a pube in the upper left corner? Jesus Christ.

No. 1213684

More likely her hair? Looks to long to be a nasty pube or noodles hair.

No. 1213686

idk if a roomba could handle her level of filth or anything less than an industrial carpet cleaner for that matter barf

No. 1213705


I don’t get this? Is it to appear like a dumb bimbo? To let all her 3 scrotes that she doesn’t do laundry very often?

Such bimbo vibes.

No. 1213729

Kek what a gamer

Anyone remember last thread/the thread before when a scrote on her stream asked if she played any Fallout games and she thought Fallout was just one game?

Sage for Fallout sperg but for fucks sake, Shayna, it's one of the most prolific series in gaming. Even casual gamers know about it.

I just wish she'd pick a niche and stick to it. She's trying to mash stoner/bimbo/gamer/fetish pandering into one character and she's failing miserably at all of them.

No. 1213735

anon, she didn't even know what Steam was lmao she's utterly hopeless

No. 1213748

This bitch could literally just use a VPN and pirate PC games FOR FREE as well, she justs wants to try and pass as a gamer
Its incredibly sad

No. 1213753

I thought someone told her she can use her playstation controller on her pc already. You can do the same with xbox. When you drop that much on a pc rig (then again maybe she exaggerated or got ripped off) you may as well just use it since you can play almost everything on it. Fupa must have an xbox or something or shes absolutely crazy braindead.

No. 1213755

she can't even pluck her eyebrows properly, how's she gonna figure out VPNs?

No. 1213757

>(then again maybe she exaggerated or got ripped off)
an anon in a past thread spec'd it out based on the pics and i think it was legit. she's just an actual retard.

No. 1213764

File: 1619039127191.jpeg (339 KB, 1242x1153, C235E74E-7C8E-4C08-9EEB-D4B0C3…)

Get ready for another Fatty Mattel video nonnies

No. 1213769

I can't get over that tiny keyboard and its awkward fucking placement.

No. 1213772

Her brain is way too fried to have the coordination/patience to git gud at any rhythm game

No. 1213778

prequel to feeder pandering saga?

No. 1213780


No. 1213783

luna does the same shit. they’re both trashy but have decent manipulation skills to ebeg.

No. 1213795

File: 1619044690803.png (338.79 KB, 750x1334, 29107442-9BF3-4DD7-A056-2E9ED2…)

of all things to focus on…

No. 1213796

love you high-functioning-autism-chan

No. 1213797

File: 1619044957079.png (418.73 KB, 750x1334, 6ADF60E4-F6CF-4A4D-B275-80A34D…)

how tf are you going to talk about your “pup anal punishment” video and then immediately launch into some fake story about your irl dog???

No. 1213799

File: 1619045039223.png (284.91 KB, 750x1334, CE77643D-6B70-429E-A18B-572242…)

i guess this is the new priority instead of moving

No. 1213800

File: 1619045087422.png (8.73 MB, 1242x2208, C926ACFA-C5EF-4058-9D39-342A13…)

No. 1213802

We all know none of this is going to happen

No. 1213803


If she is gonna waste all that money she should have atleast gotten a nose job.

No. 1213804

LOL true. Also what is she talking about, I haven’t heard of anyone getting electrolysis in like a decade, everyone just does laser hair removal now.

No. 1213805

And her teeth fixed, and the ugly moles on her neck removed

No. 1213806

nose job, getting serious about losing weight, buying clothes that fit, olaplex, chapstick, fixing her chipped snaggletooth… the list goes on

No. 1213807

She really bought all that colourpop makeup and isn’t wearing a single item of it.

No. 1213809

can't get a car or hair professionally done but wants to do all this.

No. 1213810

Why would she prioritize moving when Fupa is around and she brought him a new toy?

No. 1213811

File: 1619045840376.png (Spoiler Image,7.23 MB, 1242x2208, 74FFBBD2-C039-4996-B536-0B6233…)

No. 1213812

File: 1619045921637.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 3464x3464, 5F031E2A-5F84-4CD0-9A36-F30A72…)

Fatty thinks discharge is cum

No. 1213813

Lmao fat chance. Does she not realize that in order for electrolysis to work, she needs to go once/twice a week to get it done. I tried for a bit but it wound up feeling like a $60 money sink each time. Would it kill her to google these cosmetic procedures

No. 1213814

the still images don’t capture how fucking nauseating that clip is. i wanted to puke.

No. 1213816

her dumb ass thinks it’s the same thing, kek

No. 1213818

Just like that one time on cam when she had a huge wad of discharge and was like "oh, that's why I'm wet" and then ate it barf

No. 1213821


Things she could do towards being a "bimbo" that cost $0:

1. work out
2. practice her makeup skills

she's going to be a fat, lazy slob that spent money to put rhinestones on a pile of shit. Ugly rat face, just throw some lashes on it.

No. 1213822

imagine buying a extremely expensive gimmicky make up set and still get on camera with dry lips.

No. 1213827

No. 1213834

kek she's so fucking retarded. electrolysis removes hairs one at a time with a needle. it would take a ridiculous amount of time and money.

No. 1213836

oven lights are in ovens, where food is cooked, and she is at a different appliance, a dryer, which reminds her of an oven (somehow despite all her meals being doordash) enough that she was looking for an "oven light" button, then decided to tweet about it which would be on brand for porn centered around food consumption

No. 1213840

this is such a stretch of autism

No. 1213841

File: 1619048382815.jpeg (801.18 KB, 1212x1444, 62CBBF2F-5D18-4B22-8AA3-730435…)

woof is right… ugly ass bitch

No. 1213842

it was a joke. when it has to be explained this much of course it sounds autistic lmao

No. 1213843

be funnier then

No. 1213846

you really have to be one of the saddest man alive to find this even remotely appealing…

No. 1213850

I know scrotes/men fuck anything but Shayna is the ugliest cow on the internet. Her obese body, her neck rolls, her yellow feet, the way I can smell her through the screen. Also this dog nose is so stupid, looks like poo is on her nose

No. 1213856

she really is one of the least attractive cows and that’s saying something

No. 1213857

You say this but then cows like Amberlynn and Nikacado exist. Shay is dumpy and rat faced with an aversion to basic hygiene but come on.

No. 1213867

Tbf I sometimes think I'm in a Nikacado thread when in a Shay thread. Their constant mental breakdowns, lard bodies, and busted buttholes make them kindred spirits

No. 1213870

I mean Shayna looks like the lovechild of Nik and Amberlynn kek

No. 1213889

Agreed. Nasty eyebrows, butthole eyes, greasy hair, sweaty fat rolls AND a rotten personality. I cannot think of a single redeeming quality. How is she so delusional about herself? Is it denial?

No. 1213896

File: 1619055046564.jpeg (Spoiler Image,93.77 KB, 676x958, 7C2DC813-0DFB-4BE6-9AE0-31FE8E…)

No. 1213897

File: 1619055080004.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.34 KB, 676x965, 353BC86E-3835-475E-AC20-C99D86…)

That stomach damn

No. 1213898

File: 1619055117854.jpeg (Spoiler Image,793.42 KB, 1242x1463, A7891673-8FC2-4870-9A52-E7A5F1…)

No. 1213901

I thought there was melted chocolate on her nose at first, what a shitty makeup. Looks like she’s been eating turds from the doggie bowl, why is she so busted

No. 1213903

Kek I love how she forgot to blur out her pimple near her ass crack. And those yellow heels are so disgusting

No. 1213909

File: 1619055715613.jpg (154.2 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20210421-204133_Sam…)

She makes no sense. She's always "uwu my fat pussy"

No. 1213911

Literally looks like she smeared shit on her face.

No. 1213918

I guess it’s because she’s trying to pass being unable to get wet or use lube as
>it doesn’t fit! Not because I’m unable to feel aroused at all! But because I have a tiny pussy uwu

No. 1213921

Ironic since her pussy has a massive mound, ballsack labia and the inner area looks blown out especially lately.

No. 1213922

Next step towards bimbofication: purchase a pumice stone (and use it regularly)

No. 1213934

is she using the brown lipstick that made her look like a literal corpse as face paint?

No. 1213950

you know shayna, if you have pink and white ears you could have used some of that new makeup, with tons of pink in it, to give yourself a pink nose instead of a shit brown one. but yes please continue to talk about how you are soO0o creative.

No. 1213951

it’s because she does makeup after getting completely stoned so she thinks she looks amazing

No. 1213988

File: 1619064381641.jpeg (564.03 KB, 750x1035, 108D65AB-8BC5-4D00-88C9-4E08F3…)

yes it’s the same kek

No. 1213992

File: 1619065328490.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.96 KB, 960x960, F8E2BF5A-C76A-4419-8FAD-0BB41B…)

What happened to the pet ears and tail her ~uwu Splenda daddy~ got for her? She literally did the same video with these exact ears and dumbass bone gag . All she did different was add ugly poo brown lipstick on her nose

No. 1213993

File: 1619065445396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,792.02 KB, 1242x1473, E986463C-F16B-4E9E-8AA6-2F86FC…)

The whole “yOuR dAd” shtick doesn’t work when you look like an overweight mom

No. 1214000

The ears look so terrible and musty (also reminds me of those really thick cloth pads). They’ve probably been laying on her grimy floor for months and she just stuck them on her head like that. She blows thousands of dollars in weeks on the dumbest impulse shit so she can be lazier and continue living in filth.

No. 1214003

I don’t understand why her hand is so tiny here

No. 1214018

The “ur dad” schtick doesn’t work when you can’t even pretend to live a life worthy of someone’s trust fund. I wonder why she hasn’t had a seeking arrangement saga yet

No. 1214020

kek anon I didn't even notice that at first but now I'm dying at how weird it looks

No. 1214031

Jeremy Beadle hand looking ass

No. 1214032


All this just cause she’s too lazy to just put down the mini doughnut and actually lose some weight.

No. 1214105

Even if she manages to leave the house every week to maintain this (she won't) there's no way Shayna will be able to withstand the pain of having electrolysis in a sensitive area. I just hope she isn't going to students for this, too, or she's in for a world of pain

No. 1214127

When she used to get waxed almost every week she made up a story saying the pain made her wet and that the waxer made a comment about it

No. 1214160

Nah she just tries to sexualize every single thing in her life. Shat has never been turned on or gotten wet from anything

No. 1214168

because she doesn't actually like sex and thrives off of male validation. it's been said before, but she wouldn't last a day being a full service sex worker.

No. 1214170

She even said she could never be a full service sugar baby cause she's "uwu demi sexual." But we all know it's because she hates sex

No. 1214207

hilarious imagining this, it would be so funny if people really greeted her dog but ignored her. doubt those tweets actually happened though, knowing shayna

No. 1214226

Fits in with her new scat theme perfectly, naughty Nathan will be sorry he missed it.

Has she got the dog dildo yet? (I feel gross typing that out) makes no sense doing these videos before that arrives.
Then again it's Shayna, nothing she does makes sense

No. 1214228

I always wondered if she actually went to get waxed or did it herself and asked for “reimbursement”. I just can’t picture shay leaving the house for anything besides weed and booze

No. 1214260


oh thats just fucking nasty. she straight up eat a yeast cheese curd like it’s normal. bitch just edit it OUT.

No. 1214267

No. 1214276

File: 1619117593113.jpg (369.07 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20210422-135254_Twi…)


No. 1214279

File: 1619118054773.jpeg (164.12 KB, 483x440, FB49BFCF-16A1-40B0-9CE3-249568…)

why shayna

No. 1214280

File: 1619118118615.jpeg (229.41 KB, 1242x870, 8F8AD055-42E6-4B69-A1E6-2AF73A…)

Did Shayna redirect him here? Lmao nobody cares about scat boy Nathan fucking degenerate

No. 1214286

File: 1619118381764.gif (Spoiler Image,3.86 MB, 960x960, FEEC327D-F9FF-4E30-B26E-5D8DD8…)

Pure autism

No. 1214289

File: 1619118485995.jpeg (Spoiler Image,537.33 KB, 1039x677, 3D5B0877-70D3-43E7-B75B-769651…)

Nice ass pimples Shayna
~ so bimbo ~

No. 1214290

Oh god. Someone put her down.

No. 1214299

Ok ladies…hear me out

What if she and nicocado avocado made a sex tape together? And they where selling it for £20 a pop would you buy it?
I know he’s gay as hell but maybe she could peg him.

No. 1214306

are you fucking okay, anon? like legit

No. 1214309

Anon she couldn't peg laundry out on a clothes line, please get help

No. 1214311

no but enjoy your little fantasy far away from me

No. 1214314

File: 1619121013580.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3464x3464, 01F07303-99EF-43C0-A6BE-08DCEC…)

How big Shayna’s arms have gotten…. shocking sage for no milk

No. 1214318

she went from longbodied alien to straight up dude

No. 1214319

File: 1619121346044.jpg (29.65 KB, 612x428, no thanks.jpg)

No. 1214321

File: 1619121493392.jpeg (26.21 KB, 368x363, 9AD749A9-9FD9-4A16-9DB0-1B922C…)

No. 1214322

you owe me £20 just for making me read this

No. 1214342

File: 1619123441073.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.99 KB, 525x461, 01FA922F-664F-4EE1-B73A-98140F…)

Wtf is the opaque, yellowish puss coming out her asshole at 00:27??
Unspoiler at own risk but like…is it shit mixed with lube?

No. 1214354

I just got sick in my mouth

No. 1214355

Oh god thanks for the warning anon but I read it too late. I have no idea but that's absolutely sickening

No. 1214358


i think thats the chunk she licks off her hand later in the gif another anon posted early up.

No. 1214359

I’m disgusted beyond belief, i was eating and unspoilered before reading. Oh god oh no..

No. 1214365

It looks like a blob of that rancid cum lube she uses sometimes

No. 1214366

File: 1619125046490.gif (Spoiler Image,3.56 MB, 268x480, 5DC85638-2C7E-43BA-AD04-B9BB6D…)


That would be what Shayna calls a work snack.

No. 1214368

god this is so nasty. and you know she doesn't wash under her nails…

No. 1214370


Real answer: She has been having a lot of white discharge lately because all she does is eat sugary or greasy food and smoke weed. Probably discharge mixed with lube and ass liquid.

Or she probably lets her lube expire and it congealed with her ass liquid.

No. 1214371

File: 1619125360084.jpg (21.25 KB, 494x484, original (1).jpg)

no way I just saw that with my own two eyes

No. 1214373

this thread is too much for my fucking stomach these last couple days jfc

No. 1214385

the way she looks at it like she just picked a booger and then eats it…

No. 1214386

Lmao Shayna has yellow mustard coming out of her ass now

No. 1214389

I’m genuinely upset.

No. 1214392

Why are you upset nonnie? Shayna is just having an afternoon low calorie snack

No. 1214401

Agreed. Every time I see that gif I have to hold in puke. No. Just no.

No. 1214402

Kek anon, I was thinking the same thing. She has zero sex appeal.

No. 1214405

the noises she’s making sounds like a dying rooster

No. 1214407

She seriously ate her vag boogers??? Ughhhhh

No. 1214411

she ate them on camera for her “job.” i don’t have a weak stomach but i almost gagged. what would possess someone to do that?

No. 1214412

File: 1619128848729.jpeg (160.33 KB, 1242x670, 237E3786-9E4D-4AD0-B6DC-3D876D…)

When your big ass crusty yellow feet are bigger than your head. ~uwu little girl bimbo barbie~

No. 1214418

File: 1619129390953.jpg (5.54 KB, 210x240, 1545700556682s.jpg)

She's absolutely repulsive. In fact, shes VOMITROCIOUS

No. 1214421

I actually, genuinely, seriously puked. What the fuck.

No. 1214424

File: 1619129807065.jpeg (564.48 KB, 1080x724, 7279B358-904A-405C-954D-5BC49F…)

She should go the feeder route since she’s obese and ugly. Here’s the perfect ball gag for you Shaytard

No. 1214426

Did you really anon? Sorry that happened lmao Shayna is gross and ugly

No. 1214427

i’m sympathetic, i held back literal gagging twice

No. 1214434

Does the average coomer actually get off on shit like this or is this just what Shayna thinks they enjoy?

No. 1214452

File: 1619133323656.jpeg (253.41 KB, 1242x1577, 1A871961-087C-425E-BE4B-40E0BA…)

>Like clockwork

No. 1214454

File: 1619133390626.jpeg (299.57 KB, 1242x1050, 0C9A4A50-325E-495A-955A-A67B9F…)

You mean sit on your fat ass and order more doordash like the ugly obese hog you are

No. 1214455

as embarrassing as it always ends up being for her, she actually needs to get back on cam because her twitter engagement has been comedically low lately. like even for her bought followers standards.

No. 1214458

File: 1619134020022.jpeg (393.12 KB, 1242x1244, 540425D1-1317-478C-8346-A4CB29…)

okay anons place your bets
Will Shayna come on cam????

No. 1214460

she won't because it's friday and fupa's probably going to invite her to a bar or something

No. 1214462

>>1214460 I agree w this anon. And if she doesn’t we all know she’s either going to bail last minute or end on OF

No. 1214480

I feel like this all but confirms the tinfoil about "Nathan" being a farmer. The account conveniently stopped all posting/retweets of disgusting porn right after the drama where they burned bridges with Shay. Now "he" comes back for one final tweet to explain why the account is dead and also mentions lolcow. Would a degenerate scrote really be so butthurt over twitter drama with a single e-whore to the point of cutting himself off from all his other coom fodder? I highly doubt it

No. 1214481

File: 1619136424553.jpeg (319.65 KB, 1242x761, A4C02ACF-A941-49CE-B181-7687E9…)


No. 1214485

File: 1619137039803.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1170x1581, IMG_2502.jpg)

can't wait till shay gets lash extensions and doesn't wash them like you're supposed to and gets lash mites. lol
spoilered bc holy hell it's disgusting

No. 1214490

I don't think I can handle an eyelash mite saga

No. 1214492

i don't think i can either… but we all know it's going to happen.
and then she's going to blame it on the salon and put them on blast on twitter.

No. 1214494

File: 1619138241653.jpeg (290.07 KB, 1242x734, EF7C954D-D903-48B2-9FEB-6E8921…)

This ugly fat hog had a pigsty even before COVID

No. 1214495

In b4
>Guys I need 2 take the day off because I had an allergic reaction 2 the lash extensions

No. 1214496

The only person that came to her house was Fupa, she never cleaned her place up because I'm sure Fupa is so used to how she lives. Remember she was saying "I was just getting used to sleeping alone"
Meaning Fupa was laid up on her pillow case free pillows and dirty ass house. Seriously, I don't think Shayna has had any vistors to where she lived besides fupa in years.

No. 1214500

>"I was just getting used to sleeping alone"

I literally can't get over how she said this and made such a big deal about finally being over him and then it turned out that they'd only been broken up for ONE fucking week before she took him back again

No. 1214506

I have a strong stomach and can easily handle the neovag gore in the MTF thread without being phased but holy shit this actually had me throw up a little in my mouth. Shay is so fucking disgusting.. just… casually eating shit-and-yeastinfection-swirl goop.

No. 1214508


My theory is she’s just painting the narrative that they’re broken up to throw everyone off again. He’s still over at her place.

No. 1214512

Or they got into a argument, which would be a shame, she just got him a new xbox!

No. 1214514

No I agree with >>1214508
Because if Shayna and Fups broke up she’d be crying and talking shit about sex workers and their content. Shayna is still getting Fupa’s chode wet

No. 1214516

File: 1619140402082.jpeg (416.86 KB, 1242x930, 3D9473A7-BA25-4536-A457-084949…)

This isn’t self care or “having good mental health uwu” it’s called being an adult you obtuse whale

No. 1214521

Lmao. This nutjob said she throws away plates rather than cleaning them like that's normal. That's just insane.

So I guess she washed a plate today woooow

No. 1214523

Does she even have dishes to wash? She orders out all the time especially since her “healthy eating” saga, I feel like I’ve only ever seen her use the same Hello Kitty bowl and plate with a fork and spoon, and she doesn’t even cook, so…?

No. 1214528

remember when she said moving into this apartment would be the first step in getting her mental health back to normal? and that it was going to fix all of her problems because she was sooo unhappy in her shithole of a hovel before?

lolcowfarm remembers

No. 1214532

The fact that she announces every little thing she does down to cleaning her apartment is really something. Like keeping your space clean is what an adult does and she doesn't deserve any asspats for it.

No. 1214537

It’s the fact that she doesn’t already have cleaning supplies for me

No. 1214538

File: 1619142852529.jpeg (499.98 KB, 1242x1568, D416C535-92B3-4970-AF6F-E59154…)

is she that damn lazy

No. 1214540

So, safe to assume that "doing my dishes for the first time in forever" meant throwing them in the dishwater without rinsing the dried gunk that had been sitting on them for weeks.

Come onnnnn shay. I know her shtick is uwu dumb baby bimbo, but she can't really be that stupid right? (Rhetorical question, I know she is that stupid)

No. 1214541

I mean if you rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher as soon as you’re done with the dish…it wouldn’t be an issue.

Dish washers aren’t meant to scrub off week old crust and rot.

All you need is a sponge and all purpose spray. How is she a complete utter failure at life?

No. 1214549

Looks like mayo or what they suck out during liposuction

No. 1214551

it's called fat

No. 1214553

It makes me physically sick knowing she uses the same rug to take pics of her shitty new makeup in >>1213634 after she's wiped her pussy and ass all over it.
Imagine how disgusting that whole room smells!
I wondered why there was a lack of animal hair on the rug, but her pets are probably as repulsed as we are and steer clear of that room

No. 1214555

No. 1214556

anon there is literally hair all over that rug

No. 1214563


classic example of the mental illness she has where she just lives off the serotonin from SAYING she's going to do something vs actually doing it. she got a tiny little high from ordering all the cleaning stuff and thinking about how things will be different. then she rolls over, looks at her dab kit and decides to get high. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1214565


shes probably still has dirty dishes from when she tried to cook the premade healthy meals, like that egg and mash recipe she heated up that looked like brown chunks of bile. probably has been sitting there for weeks.

No. 1214569

>When you’re so obese you ooze mayonnaise

No. 1214576

ew wtf, you don’t just tell people this kind of shit

No. 1214579

File: 1619148664786.jpg (131.81 KB, 630x1200, Shaynas apartment.jpg)

I bet her sink is moldy as fuck. She's living in Joe's Apartment.

Can someone shoop shatna and fupa on this poster

No. 1214582


sounds like either kyle called her out on living in filth during a fight, or she was just rightfully embarrassed after having someone actually see how she lives.

No. 1214585

File: 1619149042315.jpeg (192.44 KB, 1195x771, B8FAE4BB-8562-4D71-B98E-DC7B3F…)

I doubt she is off her lard cottage cheese ass she probably picked up the rose pedals from Valentine’s Day and called it a night. If she did clean I doubt it will stay clean for long

No. 1214587

I feel like cleaning supplies was just dish soap and sponges and she threw some dishes in the dishwasher and maybe threw some garbage away and that's her idea of cleaning

No. 1214591

why does she always say “house” to try to make her little shitty apartment sound better? like, we’ve seen your filthy cracker jack box a thousand times now, shatna.

No. 1214597

That's definitely what's happening.
Guessing she didn't buy laundry detergent to clean her clothes and bedding or she'd be harping on about that too. At this point she's better off paying a professional cleaner

No. 1214611

File: 1619153379606.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3464x3464, 28D57880-BD20-416D-86B1-3EBB6B…)

This is just embarrassing for her and her these coomers… imagine being on some crusty incel’s phone as phone wallpaper

No. 1214612

if i saw this besides the obvious, 'ew disgusting scrote alert" i'd think, "Usually men use super hot chicks as their screensavers"

No. 1214617

seriously this is like charity work kek

No. 1214673

ppl are supposed to have this as their lockscreen in public and she still couldn't take a clothed/half clothed pic. i feel like she has her pussy out in literally every post on twitter.

No. 1214681

That's 'cause she literally does have her pussy out in almost all of her Twitter posts. I'm surprised she makes any money at all considering how many free nudes she posts on a daily basis.

No. 1214697

How about you take the initiative of actually getting off your lard ass and going to the store instead of ordering everything for delivery? If you stopped spending money on absolute shit you could even drive yourself there via your own car like every other 23 year old.

No. 1214698

The thing is, portraying a uwu dumb dolly bimbo on the internet would mean never talking about shit like this and not being an overall dirty cretin. Imagine taking about having to “take initiative” to clean your hovel because it’s gotten so disgusting on your sex work Twitter kek

No. 1214702

>ok i am taking the initiative 2 buy a bunch more shit I don't need instead of actually taking action to improve my life in any way

Even cleaning up after herself involves a shopping spree as step #1 kek, I wonder if she's running up credit card debt?

No. 1214724

she’s said in the past that she has no credit. she’s apparently using afterpay for all this.

No. 1214819

Does she own a vacuum? Kek

No. 1214825

File: 1619189137034.jpeg (337.21 KB, 750x868, DFAEBA9A-A698-489D-93DD-D0DDAE…)

the brain damage is real.

No. 1214826

Does she think she’s profound and more importantly does she really think she’s not mean

No. 1214832

other girls are your competition. Shayna got triggered someone who actually puts effort in was "mean" now she's throwing shots. She's so jealous, I doubt the girl even did anything.

No. 1214835

Can't believe I'm going to sperg over this but… a bimbo, definitionally, means someone who is stupid. It has come to include sexualized in addition to stupid. "Bimbo is a slang term for a conventionally attractive, sexualized, naive, and unintelligent woman. The term was originally used in the United States as early as 1919 for an unintelligent or brutish man." The whole point of Legally Blonde is to show that just because a woman is attractive or hyper-feminine, that does not mean she is stupid. Elle Woods is not a bimbo. Any retards like Shayna trying to """reclaim""" "bimbo" or assign meaning to it that it simply doesn't have are deluded.

No. 1214841

love how every other day she writes an essay on what a bimbo is and isn’t like it matters to the world. she’s so desperate to feel like being a fat camwhore in Oklahoma is actually being part of some special, exclusive club

No. 1214849

I love how some of the activities she calls “bimbofication”, normal girls call “maintenance”. There’s nothing special about getting your nails done how you want, getting body hair removed, picking out new makeup, since most girls do it regularly. Or her whole schtick “bimbos should act like this uwu”, like no, normal girls should act like this lol.

No. 1214850

The only person here who doesn’t understand what a bimbo here is you, you slob. Just because you’re too lazy to be a bimbo doesn’t mean you can redefine the word to fit you.

No. 1214863

This is hilarious cause on tumblr she used to call herself the Regina George of sex work

No. 1214864

I mean aside from actually dressing cute, she just described herself so…
But shes not a bimbo. Shes dumb in a "weed fried my already underdeveloped, idiotic brain and I've been coping with said weed and alcohol for years now because I continue to ruin my life with sw ad not be able to function like a normal person outside it" way. Not a ditzy, airhead way.

No. 1214867

I was just about to say the same thing. Elle Woods got into Harvard Law with a 4.0 GPA and a 179 on the LSAT, which is better than 99% of all test-takers. "be an Elle Woods" okay Shatna go to law school then

No. 1214890

>making girls feels like your competition

what is she even talking about? did she see someone more attractive than her with better engagement and got demi levato level triggered because she perceived it as not fair?

first of all, she’s admitted multiple times how competitive sex work is, especially in the OF era. I feel like simply existing would be enough for Fartna to feel threatened.

No. 1214896


She's stupid, but far from a bimbo or bimbo aesthetic. Her shit makeup, greasy tendril hair, unshaved bush, buttery teeth, terrible fashion choices and downright awful attitude make her just as much of a "valid bimbo" as Kevin Gibes

No. 1214899

Didn’t she say a month ago that a bimbo is whatever you want it to mean? Kek

She’s so insecure.

No. 1214900

File: 1619195108841.jpeg (653.35 KB, 828x1312, AA2E6382-50BF-4F92-BE3F-55BA62…)

This is rancid

No. 1214905

the last thing I'd think if I saw Shayna on the street in her normal clothing is, "She's going for the bimbo/barbie look". The last thing I'd think if I saw her in her actual "bimbo/barbie" outfits is she's going for that look, I'd just think she's a trashy boxy white girl in clothes too small.

No. 1214908

Just hammering down how far she is from bimbo to me. She seems like she enjoys stoner and y2k aesthetics but confuses it for bimbo shit just because it’s pink. Truly stupid.

No. 1214909

She called herself the regina george of sw when people were angry and disgusted at her cindy lou who pedo video on christmas kek

No. 1214911

this is fun as a piece of art but definitely more for a colorful goth-y alt chick not a barbie baby girl bimbo cutie pie wannabe like shayna

No. 1214919

File: 1619196279752.gif (1.49 MB, 480x270, CABEEEE5-563B-4470-9D0C-3D765C…)

I cackled

No. 1214927

This shit is the ugliest item I’ve ever seen
The eyeballs and the texture of it makes me want to barf. It’s so ugly. I get that it’s probably an art piece rather than an everyday item but it’s so fucking ugly

No. 1214929

File: 1619196584802.jpeg (353.4 KB, 1242x1581, 5D218598-3052-41E0-97AF-C57494…)

No. 1214931

After what she did to the countless fur rugs and pillows she’s had can you imagine what the inside of that thing would look like after she puts her vibrators and goldfish in there kek

No. 1214935

Shayna is a mean girl at heart, but she knows she's not attractive enough, well dressed enough and does not have enough fans or fame, to be a mean girl without a care.
She's only nice because it looks good, if she could be mean and could have a bunch of loyal orbiters attack anyone who called her out she'd love that.
this is probably Fupa paying back some money he owed her, kek.

No. 1214937

File: 1619197013375.jpeg (377.28 KB, 1242x948, E7BF6D16-8916-499B-83AF-056B67…)

Why tf does this fat greedy hog need an iPad ????

No. 1214940

> she’s only nice-
Anon she’s not even nice! I know what you mean, but truly, she already does this. Her orbiters just aren’t actually willing to do it.

No. 1214943

In a past thread she said she wants an iPad so she can do "admin work" from her couch

No. 1214945

i should have wrote, "She only pretends to be nice sometimes.
The only orbiter she has thats willing to really get involved in her shit is Bratty. The few scrotes who interact just send her some dumb bullshit or Monster Inc Gifs.

No. 1214951

Elle is supposed to be a counter to the stereotype that Blonde, well groomed, girly girls can be smart AND NOT BIMBOS.

I wonder why Shayna adopted the Bimbo persona? She's clearly bad at it and had a decent following as a stoner. She dresses so poorly and does pink so badly because she doesn't really like any of it.

I know she's gross, but sexy stoner girl in flannel and 90s fashion and "omg trippy" quirky >>1214900 could be pulled off more naturally. It'd still be terrible but the grungy appeal would be more natural. Is the pink Bimbo just so she can ask for money for doing nothing? "OMG I'm so helpless please sugar daddy. me like the movies!"

No. 1214953

>i just wanna shop all day
if this trailer trash looking friendless obese bitch was given a million fucking dollars it would STILL only take her about maybe 30 minutes to spend it all on tacky, ugly, useless bullshit all because its "pink" "barbie" or "omg bimbo aesthetic!" and it would all sit there untouched and gather shay's dirt, dog hair, and vagina boogers and whatever the fuck leaks out of her nasty asshole.

No. 1214955

reminder that she got $200 in giftcards and she wants to spend it on tacky clothes and/or "Save" for a ipad, but she's yet to spend on redecorating her "workspace".

No. 1214957

Shayna: girls need to build each other up! uwu positivity!
Shayna every other day: "bitches on this app, bitches, you're all bitches"

>she’s so desperate to feel like being a fat camwhore in Oklahoma is actually being part of some special, exclusive club

just highlighting this for emphasis. she really feels like she's at the center of the world, when in reality she had 15 minutes of "fame" YEARS AGO on a website used primarily by children and NEETs, and somehow that was her peak. And she's OKAY with it admitting it was her peak. she has never had to live in the real world, she's just stayed fried since high school on her parents' dime.

No. 1214959

Yeah this. She literally looks like she’s going for the super white trash look. Matching for how wt she is.

No. 1214961

she adopted it because ddlg and that whole aesthetic was extremely popular on tumblr at the time. that’s literally the only reason. and now she feels she has to stick to it or, idk, she’s not being true to herself or something. in reality the girl next store that smokes too much weed and listens to her dads old records is really who she is. and if she had stuck with that instead of lying to herself that she’s an expensive top of the line bimbo, she might be more confident and comfortable with herself.

No. 1214962

File: 1619200250345.jpeg (Spoiler Image,677.46 KB, 1284x929, 6042932D-8E77-4D2C-B515-752604…)

if my math is right, that means each full length video is .52¢ a piece. what a high class, expensive bimbo.

No. 1214963

File: 1619200296219.jpeg (827.44 KB, 1242x1541, 710343A4-8262-4DFF-9C10-45FD18…)

>worth over $600

No. 1214971

Bratty hasn’t even been in her corner the last few times she’s gotten into some shit despite being online which is hilarious

No. 1214972


Lmfaooooo Discount Dolly hard at work.
(Worth $600x5) $3,000
(asking $100x5) $500

I stg one day her asshole is going to pop out while she's on cam and ask why she ruined it this bad for the pennies.

No. 1214973


am i insane? cause i remember that at some point she had meds to take which means she had to be in some sort of therapy. that is self care for good mental health. but im asking if this really happened, cause i genuinely have not seen mention this in so much time i dont even know anymore.

and we all know, if she was taking meds or going to therapy, she would tweet about it every single time like she did gym etc

No. 1214974

I think Shayna would gain more fans and money doing what she loves, smoking, eating, listening to old music, drinking and talking about memes. I know she can't smoke on cam, but this bimbo/barbie/baby shit comes off so try hard and thats why she's not getting anywhere.
It's not her, it's fake and does not at all match her body.

No. 1214978

I agree 100% but she keeps pushing this ugly bimbo stick that no one cares about

No. 1214986

sometimes I think it's easier for her to market something she isn't so that failure doesn't sting as harshly. she also would throw a huge fit if her ~one tru aesthetic~ ended up being copied by younger and hotter egirls kek

No. 1215030

File: 1619205137100.jpeg (507.64 KB, 1242x1611, CC35E07C-C18B-4883-943A-5132A3…)

Lmaoo shayna is never going to move she’s a broke bitch and she cannot afford a car either

No. 1215031

File: 1619205162868.jpeg (146.62 KB, 1242x292, 87804A64-1F9F-479E-9AA0-1CC083…)

more like
>just thinking about Fupa, doordash, and cheemsburgers

No. 1215051

exactly, she should really play up her coolgirl stoner thing. She barely cares for her body either, she has nice tits to start with but neglects it insanely and is completely shapeless with no way to flatter herself. She's willing to blow tons of money on waxing, microblading, etc but doesn't wanna get a damn gym membership or even coolsculpting if she's gonna be lazy?

No. 1215054

I don't remember when, but she definitely used to tweet about going to therapy and how much she loved her therapist.

No. 1215070

I'll never forget when her dad came to visit her grungey apartment in OK and she had to take down all her sex toys nailed to the wall (because according to this retard that is home decor) and she literally had no furniture so he had to chill on her children's day bed that she fucked herself on for a couple dollars. I knew her father must have been dying inside.

Shayna: Don't be a Regina George, be an Elle Woods!
Also Shayna: I'm the Regina George of sex work.

Shayna, I will literally pay you to not contradict yourself and not be a massive hypocrite for 24hrs. She's so fucking stupid.

No. 1215072



I know it’s early but “eating vag boogers for profit???” for the next thread name.

No. 1215102

I had to stop reading shay threads for a few months during her pussy-boil phase and came back just before the Fupa Saga. I don’t want to, but I legit might hide the next threads if “pussy boogers” becomes a thing. /gag

No. 1215107

someone do it. Shat's apartment

No. 1215125

Fatty lazily fucks her ass with generic dildo, laying like a beached whale on her back, ends vid mashing a loud wand on her whole pussy and fake cums. Featuring a few different stained white and musty pink fast fashion too small outfits. Roulette through a few poorly acted out roleplay scenarios such as "blackmail", bitchy gf, fat mutt in heat, and daddy's special retard.

No. 1215134

hard agree

No. 1215137

>daddy’s special retard
lmao anon

No. 1215176

>nice tits
The nonnies in this thread and their insistent claims thay shatna would be “successful” if she stuck to a different “aesthetic”. No, she’ll always be a disgusting irredeemable slob, she’d never get popular or well-liked in any circle or any community, no matter what it’d be. Stop trying to insist she would. She is a rancid and vile person through and through. There’s nothing to her, she has a tragic lack of personality, she’s not funny or witty, her only value is providing constant stream of cringe to this board.

No. 1215187

I am howling anon

No. 1215194


But if her look was horrible disgusting slob with no personality and she advertised it correctly the scrotes will come filing in.

There is enough of them who would prob get off to it.

She wouldn’t be popular but she would be more successful then doing this “bimbo” act.

Imagine the milk if she had money to botch herself.

No. 1215202

i 100% agree

look at PnP, she pretty much markets herself as exactly what you're saying, has a better body than shaytard and still has less engagement

you guys just need to admit it's a total loss kek

No. 1215214

File: 1619219753249.jpeg (650.42 KB, 1218x2208, 5E100AAF-62A1-4ED8-9333-53A4DA…)

I tried to do it nonnies I’m sure another anon can do a better job kek

No. 1215222

based art anon

No. 1215224

>graphic design is my passion

No. 1215226

Kek, good job

No. 1215228

File: 1619220609988.jpeg (528.15 KB, 1242x766, 9B21DDD6-F1E8-4007-8FAC-EFF547…)

No. 1215229

Yeah, we know. Kek

No. 1215230

doesn't she only have like 5 articles of clothing in rotation?

No. 1215234

KEK I love it.

Although the “edition” should be something else for the next thread picture because if this isn’t the OP pic I will never forgive this place.

No. 1215237

calm down it’s not even good kek
i get having a laugh but some of you need to raise your standards

No. 1215238

What confuses me the most is why she doesn’t understand that she’d make more sales if she censored her photos?!! Why is she giving away dollar menu content away for free? She could lure in a handful of more guys if she just put a fucking star over her puss and linked it to OF/MV.

No. 1215239

I laffed. Thanks anon. This level of quality is perfect for Shatna.

I second this vote.

No. 1215242

I don't really think you can compare Shayna and Ariana. Shayna is a chronic pick me who actually tries to appeal to scrotes by being a Frankenstein's failed stoner/memelord/bimbo/Barbie/brat. Ariana, on the other hand, makes no attempts to appeal to anyone and all her tweets and interactions are bitchy and spiteful.

No. 1215245

i think the outcome would still be the same

No. 1215255

File: 1619223274415.jpg (245.13 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20210423-191422_Twi…)

Please God no

No. 1215256

File: 1619223304930.jpeg (1.06 MB, 812x1424, A0162119-7405-4CF5-ABFF-1128D8…)

Graphic design is my passion Anon here. I made some changes but it still isn’t that great kek

No. 1215257

Annnnd where does she plan to make this happen without getting seen?

No. 1215258

File: 1619223379875.jpg (285.25 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_20210423-191512_Twi…)

No. 1215265


Isn’t this with everything she likes tho?

Bimbo, gaming, anal, sex work.

She just likes the aesthetic but doesn’t know fuck all beyond that. Just parade them around on the internet to make it seem like she has a personality.

No. 1215266

Her whole life is fraudulent. Her pretending to have a high sex drive despite never being aroused or orgasming, her whole fake bimbo persona, she clearly doesn’t like to be high maintenance. She’s filthy and doesn’t shower. Her luxury life in her “house” that’s actually a small apartment

No. 1215267

with what friends??? take fupa out there and he might drown ya

No. 1215270

God now I'm imagining her like a fat, beady-eyed cryptid awkwardly running naked around the lake

No. 1215273

Remember those Jason nudes she took at the beach?

No. 1215274

File: 1619224886867.jpeg (609.52 KB, 1242x1487, 77050F88-F05B-4BBA-8BFE-0F0524…)

What the actual fuck

No. 1215275

File: 1619225010351.jpeg (179.72 KB, 1202x404, 4387B18D-41E5-4AEF-A312-0FAA17…)

So no MFC cam show. Figures…
lazy ugly bitch

No. 1215280

who the fuck spends $300 at shein? girl go spend $50 at target on shit that actually fits you wtf.

No. 1215282

What does she even like? How can someone be over 10 years old and be so boring and basic?

No. 1215283


No. 1215286

why do grown women shop at places like this and forever 21? there’s no way anyone can feel sexy in a dress that cost $9.99, wrinkled at the bottom of a bag. I feel like as women get older we should invest in ourselves more. What is the point of acquiring a bunch of cheap clothes that will have holes in them in a years time? She could’ve gotten a few well made basics from a nicer place like Los Angeles apparel for the same price.
I always wondered what type of adult woman shopped at forever 21 well into their mid 20s, now I know.

No. 1215288

she honest to god still sees herself as a petite teen and that’s going to continue to be her main issue until she confronts reality

No. 1215289

by the time half that shit comes she might not be able to fit it considering she buys shit way too small and how much she eats.
Shein can take forever sometimes.

No. 1215290

Forever 21 is better quality than Shein. And you can find some basic pieces for a good price. And if you get bored or it’s no longer in trend you can cheaply replace it. Shayna picks out the ugliest shit from forever 21 literally all tacky Barbie merchandise

No. 1215297

add it to the excel sheet

No. 1215298

She’s trying to move… yet she buys more stuff that she has to haul or throw out

No. 1215299

she’s not really trying to move kek. i’m sure fupa’s en route to the trash castle right now

No. 1215305

It is crazy how long she has been selling content and still doesn’t understand how to do this right. You don’t gain customers by selling ALL your content for cheap as shit like that, or showing full nude uncensored content for free. This is so sad.

No. 1215308


Anon you give her too much credit.

Trash castle is for the bougie rednecks, she just got a trash hole.

No. 1215315

>create emergency moving sale
>supposedly reach limit, pretend to be ready to move out any day now
>get bored and decide moving is too much work
>brag on the Twitter you used to crowdsource your donations about spending 10% of the entire cost of what you raised
>on fucking shein no less
I feel retarded by proxy.

No. 1215317

didn’t she quite literally claim she put in her notice with her apartment manager like… a while ago? are scrotes really this blinded by ballsack pussy?

No. 1215323


I think this is one of the funniest things I’ve read in the Shatna threads hands down.

No. 1215324

there’s no credit to give. it’s still trash.

No. 1215330

I know Shay isn't ~WoKe~ enough but a lot of people nowadays know fast fashion is problematic. And Shein is one of the most known ones. But she also shops at DollsKill so I guess I'm not surprised. I would say that I pray she at least ordered her actual size, but the sizing is gonna be bungled anyway because cheap, sweatshop garbage.

Wants to be a bimbo, living luxuriously. Can't seem to buy proper fitting clothes that are decent or nice quality. Incredible.

No. 1215341

File: 1619232199865.jpg (256.22 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20210423-214313_Twi…)

No. 1215342

whenever i see her spending hundreds on shit that will fall apart after a few uses i have the same thought. like why not take that money and put it towards something that isn’t mass produced as cheaply as possible? she could definitely afford to invest in a few higher quality clothing items every once in awhile. or she could put some money towards a couple of nicer furniture/decor items for her apartment. literally she could even take the money and treat herself to a nice bottle of wine and a fancy dinner instead of $5 pink moscato and bar food

but ultimately it’s all about the dopamine rush she gets from each purchase. when your only source of “happiness” in an otherwise empty life comes from buying material goods, it probably seems more fulfilling to buy 32 items for 300 rather than 3-4

No. 1215346

File: 1619232545702.jpeg (728.08 KB, 1058x1418, 1DB57E8F-2D33-436C-8B88-C7A16E…)

Throwback to this meme that anons edited to make it look like her kek
Man she’s so lazy she doesn’t even work or have a job it’s more like a charity fund

No. 1215347

>Domme mattel doesn’t know that men in chastity cages like to be humiliated

She's literally saying that she DOES know that

No. 1215350

File: 1619232886011.jpeg (265.5 KB, 1242x592, 8935335C-0C22-41A6-B11F-577429…)

No. 1215362

File: 1619234333330.jpeg (732.49 KB, 1120x2134, 3B03F2DC-3610-4BC4-977B-AB6B19…)


No. 1215371

this has cracked me up since she was humble bragging about being a 20-something sex worker with a house, and even tried to keep the charade going like when she put some ratty blanket on the ~porch~ that one time.

then she outs herself like this >>1214516 though we've known she's been in an apt since she moved in it and we barely see anything other than her 'workspace' b/c the rest is a disgusting mess.

she says that to justify her laziness or when ppl here point out things she does aesthetically which aren't in the bimbo category.

No. 1215374

File: 1619235335245.jpeg (610.14 KB, 1221x803, C73A31B4-2D04-4E05-AFFE-545764…)


No. 1215375

isn’t that a whiskey glass? it’s def not a wine glass.

No. 1215378

I know she has a high tolerance because she gets high/drunk literally every single day but uh, wouldn't combining those two make you extremely tired? Like does she want to pass out in the tub and drown (rhetorical question kek)?

No. 1215382

That $400 puffco in that $10 shower caddy…. not a dab mat in sight….. I can’t fucking do this ladies how am I supposed to believe she can order shit online but doesn’t go into whatever passes as a head shop in Tulsa?

No. 1215386

File: 1619235927442.jpeg (617.62 KB, 1143x1571, 4AF805FF-48C7-4ECB-9324-B6A1E6…)

No. 1215387

Hope she realizes that with the way Shein sizing works she is a 1x. She probably bought a bunch of M size shit that she won't even begin to fit into.

No. 1215392

Fuck, I know scrotes are dumb but c'mon Shatna at least try to do better?? How are you this bad at sEx WoRk after five years? B L E A K

No. 1215396

How is she terrible at making fun of someone’s micro cock? He’s asking to be humiliated. He doesn’t need to be told it’s small I’m sure he already knows that. Or maybe I just don’t understand how this all works kek

No. 1215404

File: 1619236970800.jpeg (345.7 KB, 1242x724, DE254F66-48C8-4871-8596-DB60AF…)

Gee I don’t know… maybe you wash your stinky ass and get clean???!?

No. 1215409

File: 1619237114253.jpeg (658.41 KB, 1242x1285, ADB8FBD6-7AA2-43E0-8F67-C6E64E…)

Did Fupa call her out? kek

No. 1215413

Seen alot of people order from shein and find bugs in their packages. Yikes and knowing how shay just throws on clothes straight out the package we can only imagine how well thats gonna go. If she can even fit in them kek.

No. 1215414

I'm dead, does she just LAY there in the bath and think the soapy water does all the washing?

No. 1215416

i get that she thinks this is like "bimbo" for the TL or whatever but knowing what we know it's just disgusting

No. 1215418

I know the answer but seriously will she ever realize she doesn’t have to post every dumb thought on her “work” Twitter? In the past 24 hours alone she admitted to not doing the dishes, laundry, any type of general house cleaning, and now shows she doesn’t even know how to bathe. That isn’t hot Lardy.

No. 1215422

So fuck this right? She’s just gonna sit in her own shitty stew and pretend she never talked about getting on cam.

No. 1215425

Ok yeah people have been saying this for ages..so if shayna does browse the farms why doesn’t she take the advice. Do you think she lowkey knows she’s too ugly to post censored provocative pics because it won’t entice anyone anyway

No. 1215426

I mean… she did say that she only gets likes when she posts her tits

No. 1215427

>most anime
>implying she watches more than one
Like what bitch? I guess she didn't like anything Fupa showed her. If she actually watched anime she'd be all over those ecchi shows.

No. 1215440

Right? Everything except have some semblance of calorie awareness. She’ll eat shit off a crusty dildo, but slightly moderate caloric intake? Might as well ask her to put on lip chap/blush/take a giant swing of h20.

No. 1215448

I think she’s too brain dead at this point to strategize and build alliances to grow
her following. iirc, she was going to hang with bratty at one point (obviously not going to happen, but it was still mentioned), but now she’s in her own warped version of reality because she can’t face anything herself. She won’t get a car because she has a (likely) expired Massachusetts learners permit kek and she can’t cope with the thought of taking a test to get licensed in OK. Tickets/warrants aside, she doesn’t have the motivation to go to the DMV because they don’t stock edibles or hard seltzer. She’s incapable of lying about being committed (receipts or it never happened, she can’t even fib properly because it never occurred) and the fact ole’ Fupa won’t acknowledge her even halfheartedly.

No. 1215455

File: 1619240518467.jpeg (143.37 KB, 1242x294, 87652729-849F-461A-A17D-565A6F…)

No. 1215465

Uh oh trouble in fupa land

No. 1215466

I love it when she gets drunk and spergs out, my popcorn is ready. Definitely sounds like Fupa trouble. My tinfoil is that she assumed they were going out, he bailed, and now she’s copedrinking in the tub “pampering” herself. Would explain the salty tweets and spending spree. Sheesh girl, may as well have gotten trashed on cam and made some of that money back.

No. 1215479

File: 1619241983229.jpeg (316.98 KB, 1242x787, 2E0F3F00-73B3-4FDE-AB14-2D34C0…)

What happened to her “bathroom nudes”? Did she realize how fat and gross she is ?

No. 1215486

Who does she think she can pay

No. 1215489

i’m sure it would go over just as well as when she hired someone to add shitty editing effects to that bimbo quest video

No. 1215490

At what point do Shay's irresponsible purchases count as an actual shopping addiction?
Tinfoil but maybe showing off hundreds of dollars wasted on fast fashion is some elaborate cry for help?

No. 1215491

Like attracts like Fatna. Perhaps try being nicer to people online and irl.

No. 1215493

Yeah i was just thinking about that. So doesn’t that mean she’d have to be moving out by the next month? Which won’t happen bc shartna is lying like she always is.

No. 1215494

Nah she's at home alone. He must have his kids and isn't giving her attention

No. 1215496

Her last shoot was so vile I almost vomited looking at the stills posted here. I can’t imagine subjecting another human to the smell.

No. 1215500

“hire a photographer” most likely loosely translates to “convince fupa to take the pics”

No. 1215519

That’s…. exactly what I implied?

No. 1215522

Maybe it is, but Shayna has been lurking this thread since the beginning and everyone and their mom has been telling her for 3 years to stop spending her money on cheap shitty useless items and invest in a car, moving, a bed, better equipment … anything…. at this point she’s just willingly obtuse. I think that she’s figured that despite every warning she’s had her living situation is still passable, so she thinks she can continue to recklessly spend money on useless stuff for the quick dopamine rush since she always prefers the easy low effort route.

No. 1215536

kek. You can bet she got an S because she's still tiny in her brain. I can't wait for her to like chorizo, squeezed into cheap clothes that'll likely burst at the seams within a day or as soon as she sits. Which will be within minutes because that's all she ever does.

No. 1215565

Gj anon. Poor Noodle and Rib!

She can cry all she wants while the rest of us openly laugh at how stupid she is.

No. 1215569

Women who don't make a lot of money perhaps? Not all women in their mid 20s onwards have a professional job anon. When you are looking after several kids or doing a manual or retail job and thrift stores aren't accessable cheap brands like F21 is all you can afford. Working class people exist, shocker. Shayna does have enough money however.

No. 1215575

I don’t wanna “eurofag here” but I’m assuming this is stuff for her videos… why does she insist on buying all her video costumes from f21, SHEIN, Amazon etc and never see her doing hauls from places like love honey, bondara etc?!

Is this her thinking she’s a more or a bimbo because she’s “not like the other SW’s/girls”

No. 1215587

I’m not gonna go ot but forever 21 is not viable for “working women” kek most of their shit is cropped and sized for teenagers (not including plus size), made of cheap/ugly fabrics, or says some shit like “taco to me nicely” on it. Forever 21 literally did a hot Cheetos collab, it does not market to “working single moms”. My mother was a single mom and shopped at Ross and tj maxx like every other normal working class adult woman in and out of poverty. don’t act like adults shopping at forever 21 is some kind of class issue kek. I respect women who shop outlets and places like Marshall’s vs fast fashion bs because they’re actually being smart with their money.

No. 1215590

she’s probably too stupid to have thought of doing that in the first place. after all, we all know that she thinks of herself as more of an ‘internet personality’ than an actual sex worker - most girls are using at least a portion of their sex work money to put back into their ‘business’ by buying nice lingerie and trying out their new sex toys on camera, but shatna buys cheap, tacky, ill-fitting clothing and brags about smoking because she doesn’t see herself as a sex worker unless she’s literally prolapsing her anus on camera. tldr braindead from all her uwu smonking and alcoholism

No. 1215592


I know other anons say she makes over minimum wage, but honestly its juust barely. If you consider how much people take off in taxes in year, plus consider how most people get some sort of medical coverage if they work full time. If Shayna was actually being responsible with her money and caring about her future, she’s really not making much at all. It only seems like shes making more than minimum because she’s so frivolous with her money and spends til she’s completely broke.

No. 1215603

I mean, aside from Shayna being a fat lazy slob she’s literally admitting she hasn’t had anyone over in weeks which, even considering covid restrictions, is kinda sad

No. 1215633

it's responsible not to have guests during a pandemic. we all know she just doesn't have friends anyway, and doesn't give a shit if fupa sees how nasty she lives (he's used to it after three years) but entertaining people biweekly during a pandemic is stupid. don't expose yourself like that anon

No. 1215640


She would be posting video call selfies all over her twitter crying about "how hard it is to be apart" if she had anyone who was willing to be seen with her, but..

No. 1215643

She was already dumb enough going out during covid before she got her shot for non essentials, and then went and treated fupa to day drinking for like a week straight. Dont act like shes being uwu responsible when she never has been a single day in her pathetic life.

No. 1215660

omg I thought this was Nikocado on first glance because of anons talking about him above…

No. 1215665

nice tits?? is this bait? im not one to find another girl's boobs weird typically but hers are completely asymmetrical and that one nipple that got pulled by that guy in that porn shoot years ago has never looked the same. shay has no sex appeal and could never be successful doing the shit she does. she doesnt even seem like a sexual person to me.

No. 1215672

And all this because she RECEIVED money, which triggered her need to impulse shop for useless crap.
She must be seriously broke when her first thought upon receiving money is "I need to spend this right now".

No. 1215709

File: 1619283069436.jpeg (302.48 KB, 2048x1152, 4CB0D2B2-FEC3-40A8-BB34-8C87DE…)

1/ 2

No. 1215710

File: 1619283109536.jpeg (15.33 KB, 680x383, 1E4D1174-77E5-4D1A-AE08-BDF573…)

2/2 she’s the most predictable and unfunny bitch I can’t

No. 1215712

that’s literally the name every teenage boy gave their xbox in 2006 when they were storing their internet porn on it.

No. 1215717

I know we say this over and over but damn Shayna really does not have a personality besides making every single thing in her life sexual

No. 1215723

yikes at the garbage in the reflection. wasn't she supposed to clean her apartment?

No. 1215725

Oh anon, that's home decor obviously!!

No. 1215726

The dust on that table is thicker than Shayna's eyeliner

No. 1215729

the fact that she bought a new Xbox to play on her $200 tv is very on brand. is her bed being used as a table? also nitpick but the tv stand is kinda ridiculously dusty for the type of varnish used wtf. I hope that is not a forever 21 bag in the corner

No. 1215753

I don't see an issue with fully adult women wearing cropped shirts as long as their pants are very high waisted. You can get also cheap basics at F21 like plain full length shirts, flannels, hoodies, jeans, leggings, sweats, yoga pants, bike shorts ect, women of any age can wear those things. Not everything is for little girls.

No. 1215754

can you autists chill with the forever21 sperging? jesus.

No. 1215758

f21 is for teenagers and anyone who shops there over the age of 23 deserves to feel embarrassed, not be coddled by strangers on the internet. you want randoms to not care about where you get your clothes keep it to yourself then. this thread isn’t about you and your cheap clothes

No. 1215760

Shayna being a retard on Snapchat

No. 1215762

File: 1619286660142.jpeg (863.74 KB, 1179x1642, 9C5B611C-C362-479D-A713-EFF9CC…)

No. 1215763

of course she’s an avid drag race watcher still

No. 1215766

Shut up retard. Stop sperging about forever 21
Wow we get it you’re so rich and better than regular young adults. Fuck off asshat. The fact you have to brag to anons on a Shayna thread that you think you’re better is peak autism(infighting)

No. 1215769

it's like she's rping pixielocks

No. 1215770

This thread isn't about you either. No one cares about what you buy. Go flex on facebook.

No. 1215772

I don't even live in the usa but I watch clothing halls on youtube from the usa and lots of adult women buy things at F21 because it's affordable. Not everyone can afford to shop at banana republic and not all women over the age of 23 want to wear beige potato sacks.

No. 1215773

Has shayna discovered the potato cam because not even a filter can hide how rough she looks?

No. 1215774

the retardation just jumps out. she sounds wasted as fuck and thinks it's cute lmao

No. 1215776

i think it's just because she's trying to film in total darkness because she's a cave dweller

No. 1215782

She has a nice voice when she doesnt do that dumb baby voice

No. 1215784

Kek she is the epitome of white trash. She must be too high to check her posts for quality control. The layers of dust on her tv stand and hoarders trash in the reflection of her TV are nauseating.

No. 1215785

for what reason did she get an xbox for? seriously..
did fupa take the ps4 or something

No. 1215797

File: 1619289217997.jpg (104.49 KB, 1080x1440, Jesus christ .jpg)

This bimbo is oozing with sex appeal

No. 1215801

File: 1619289365484.jpg (122.5 KB, 1036x1382, High class bimbo.jpg)

Men trip over themselves to hold doors open for her

No. 1215813

She looks like a pasty teenage boy.

No. 1215828

ya but half the people who read shaynas threads lack reading comprehension and get too big of a dopamine rush telling another anon why they're totes wrong.

No. 1215829

That Neanderthal brow ridge…

No. 1215834

I'm starting to have theories about the lights always being off in this apartment because they were never off at the last one.

a)She just likes them off and I never noticed. b) She turns them off to hide the mess for the vid then turns them back on after. c) she is broke but at this point needs booze and weed so tries to save money by keeping them off. c) She's trying to hide her rat face and thinks this looks good. d) combo of the above

No. 1215846

Living in the dark means you don’t see the trash pile you live in

No. 1215869

It's a depression hovel, anon. There isn't some big expose needed.
Plus, being stoned/drunk all the time or recovering from being stoned/drunk all the time means dim lights and soft sounds.

Also, like every light bulb is LED now and costs literally less than Shay's monthly sub to run it for an entire year.

No. 1215881

why would she be turning the lights off to save money and spending $300 at shein? some of you retards come up with the least coherent tinfoils.

No. 1215887


You’re forgetting the tinfoil is about the queen of all retards. I can totally see her freaking out every month at her electric bill and thinking “I’ll keep the lights off to save” to try to remedy it while at the same time spending $500 on dog dildos, cheap clothes and weed.

Its the exact same rationing she uses for why she doesnt buy a car but spends hundreds on ubers every month just to go get ice coffee and wine.

This is shayna we’re talking about anon. She defies logic.

No. 1215888

you're reaching to a ridiculous point. stick with the stuff there's actual evidence of. it's possible her electricity is included in her rent anyway.

No. 1215918

If Shayna is planning to move why the fuck is she buying so much shit? Sage for blogpost, but I'm moving and I hate packing so much. I only see her throwing away most of her random shit.

Also Shayna makes pennies for a sex worker but if she bothered to save up a little bit of her money and not buy a million eyeshadow palettes she will never use then she wouldn't be in this sorry state. Can't picture a bright future ahead for her.

No. 1215924

Because she isn't planning on moving. The moving sale was her just scamming for money and trying to get a reaction out of Fupa.

No. 1215936

Does her mom pay her rent? I can't see shayna being able to afford monthly payments on anything

No. 1215938

holy shit imagine this without the filter, she aged so hard. don't drink and do drugs kids

No. 1215944

File: 1619302877542.png (50.62 KB, 1280x1280, marionette-lines.png)

No. 1215951

Shay thrives (lol) off after pay and klarna or whatever. So she can pay twice as much but over months. I'm sure she pays rent, begs for more money and then gets everything on after pay

No. 1215960

This bitch really just lives in darkness like a cave troll jfc. She trying to save money on the power bill or what the actual fuck? The bathroom was one thing. But shes posted even in the kitchen in total darkness except for a night light type of thing. It's honestly the weirdest shit to me, and I'm a person who doesn't just leave lights on in rooms and stuff and takes showers with the light off. But I dont get sitting in darkness during the day in the living room or kitchen or something. Bizarre little sewer rat energy.

No. 1215973

I love her voice and if I didn't know anything about her I would genuinely enjoy watching her more normal/sfw videos.

No. 1215977

kek, pathetic. Get well soon ladies

No. 1215980

Sounds like the average annoying white girl to me but ok

No. 1215984

anons itt that compliment shayna are probably the same ones in her inbox trying to be her friend or “fix” her kek

No. 1216002


shes so fucking stupid marketing herself. people following her in snapchat are coomers. literally just sad pathetic coomers. there arent any girl friends to talk about rpdr there. cause its a straight girl shit. and theres obviously no gay man to talk about it there either. but she has no friends, so she posts this to her coomers, who will absolutely have no idea or interest in any of this.

i doubt she got like replies about this at all. and if she did, they were just simping, but not actual discussion of rpdr, because why the fuck would a coomer be following a sex worker on spanchat for rpdr content

No. 1216003

File: 1619311438095.png (127.67 KB, 1182x232, 01.png)

This reply killed me

No. 1216004

File: 1619311558750.jpeg (291.52 KB, 1242x1059, 7BD0B79F-4500-445E-9189-A8AB97…)

she has such a low IQ

No. 1216006

I can’t even believe this honestly. Who buys a switch and doesn’t grasp the concept that it switches from handheld to console?

No. 1216007

I know. Right? Kek that’s literally the whole point of a switch. The switch lite is $100 cheaper because it doesn’t come with the cords and dock to play it on the television. She really thinks being a retard is being “bimbo” this isn’t even cute ditsy…..

No. 1216009

Please tell me she's lying to appear dumber than she really is 'cause I can't take any more of this horseshit

No. 1216010

I do think Shay would love to move, but she is just too lazy and useless to ever do so.

No. 1216012

gaming is a personality trait for her kek

No. 1216013


No. 1216040

Gamer Queen. I'm glad she and Fupa rubbed their 2 braincells together to figure that out. Wait until they learn that Apex has crossplay so there was no need to buy an xbox.

No. 1216047

File: 1619320084471.jpg (114.76 KB, 1080x1440, Ohmahgerd.jpg)

The switch comes with an hdmi cord, how is she this braindead?

No. 1216048

f21 is affordable for a reason. it’s cheap quality sweatshop aliexpress tier garbage. fuck, even ali is better because it’s priced at what it’s actually worth. don’t even try to turn this into a class issue. shayna is spending hundreds of dollars on f21 and SHEIN when she could be using that money to thrift higher quality pieces (don’t tell me oklahoma doesn’t have thrift stores or that she doesn’t have anything better to do), or even finding quality clothes at Ross or depop. her f21 spree is just going to result in overstretched polyester and fast fashion debris. also, just because you watch american f21 haul videos means you’re enlightened now? you have an mfa in burgerfag fashion studies? newsflash banana republic and f21 aren’t the only two options for buying clothes. a 20-something year old can dress appropriately and look good without wearing a “beige potato sack” or spending $1000 on an outfit. sorry for sperging but i can’t stand the eurofags.(derailing)

No. 1216059


No. 1216061

Did you get the last word in? Now will you shut up? Jfc

No. 1216062

no one cares about your opinion on forever21 or shien. shut up and stick to the topic

No. 1216066

Surely she can’t be serious. Shay is a dumb burnout but this is something that you would expect from someone who is literally mentally retarded, like missing or extra chromosomes retarded.

No. 1216067

That’s the whole selling point of the switch… I……. can’t lol

No. 1216079

>Men trip over themselves to hold the door open for her

Lmao Shay is Vicky 2.0 with her delusional "I'm the type of woman where men hit sign posts looking at me"
Guarantee Shayna will be in her thirties still on her 15 minutes of fame high 2 decades ago jumping from house basement to basement stealing rolls of toilet paper and with creepy men talking shit about the absolute squalor she lives in but it's totally Da HatURrrS fault just like ol Vicky.

No. 1216080

WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CALL IT A SWITCH. Every single advertisement shows it SWITCHING from hand held to playing on tv. Holy Jesus titty fucking Christ, I don't even play games and know this.

No. 1216115

lars ulrich….

No. 1216127

Can she be declared legally mentally handicapped (read: retarded) yet? The copious amounts of weed and alcohol have fried her brain. It’s going to look like Swiss cheese before 30. Hello Alzheimer’s!

No. 1216148

She looks genuinely mentally challenged here. Maybe some of her sad simps are into that? I'm just genuinely surprised no one has directly called her out on spending $1000+ a month when she was just pushing a moving sale a month ago. It is entertaining, thoughl.

No. 1216162


theory: she's too lazy to change a lightbulb

No. 1216168

She probably is. How else she’d be that dumb? Shatna making actual retard porn.

No. 1216249

So this basically confirms for me that she has never even touched a Lysol wipe. She doesn't clean at all not even when she tweets about it.

No. 1216250


Based comment.

No. 1216268

File: 1619368530051.jpeg (Spoiler Image,699.72 KB, 1242x1373, 9E9F6E16-E93E-4B28-98CF-B63960…)

No. 1216278

No one believed she was doing a full or deep clean of her hovel. Sounded like she just had to scrub the months of build up off some dishes and threw them in the dishwasher. That's pretty much it. I mean she didnt post any pics of cleaning her workspace or even mention laundry or anything. Just the dishes and that was DoIn a ReAl ClEaN in her mind and everyone should clap and praise her.

No. 1216282

File: 1619369901320.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, 8A6DC1C7-4AD2-4636-A6BC-04CB0D…)

She has to be lying about not knowing her switch can broadcast on her tv if she has it next to her tv? Also is this dust or the color of the wood? And if it isn’t dust, tinfoil of cleaning up her place for fupa to come over and play on her xbox kek

No. 1216284

Christ that dust build-up. She hasn’t cleaned or dusted since she moved in.

No. 1216286

Thought all that dust was just a pattern on the wood until I saw the record player. Jeez.

No. 1216288

again and again I can’t count how many times she’s posted an image of her trash home to prove to us she’s dirty and doesn’t know how to clean, can’t even take care of a record player

No. 1216289

That shit is disgustingly dusty omg. Like she needed to look at the pic before posting, then go get a rag and wipe the thing down and try again. I know stuff gets dusty when you've got pets and not everyone goes around wiping every surface routinely, but for a picture, when it's been pointed out last time AND you were just acting like you were cleaning your place.. girl, I just- Its knowing that she has never dusted since moving in really.

No. 1216292

File: 1619370993178.jpg (59.11 KB, 715x645, 20210425_101356.jpg)

Just saw this random but relevant meme. If it ain't Fupa and Shay tho kek

Fupa be hanging out at crack trailers and shit, but sounds like he doesnt want to stay over at Shays anymore. Probably because her house is not only trashy but filthy. Pumps n dumps her then leaves her no pillow case having pimpled ass lol

No. 1216294

i'm gagging… who the fuck lets dust in your main living space get this bad and then on top of it decides it's presentable enough to photograph????

No. 1216295

File: 1619371281380.png (8.54 MB, 1242x2208, EC414DDE-61F7-45AC-8AA5-1181BF…)

This brunch looks so ghetto

No. 1216296

Well, context is everything. If this was a snack or small meal someone threw together, fine.
Deeming it a photo-worthy plate of food is a bit sad though, as is the fact it seems like a half-arsed attempt at charcuterie which isn't exactly brunch.

No. 1216298

that busted ass cupboard door… the record player… good lord

No. 1216299

Tbf it almost looks better than the one she ordered a few weeks ago at a bar on a that metal tray kek

No. 1216301

File: 1619372062710.jpg (778.39 KB, 1080x1315, 1600729927094.jpg)

She is a cave goblin. Throwback pic related.
I remember her posting this as some kind of "you knock at the door & catch me" roleplay, but it just turned out so… bleak. The hanging gut, the glassy bug eyes, the dark room with blinds pulled behind her contrasted with the full sunlight outside, her ratty pajamas, the fact that she thinks this would be an attractive thing to stumble upon and isn't just incredibly visually sad

Guess this is why she prefers to live in the dark


No. 1216305

I didn't even notice, that's so disgusting. but she's uwu so quirky and has the best taste in music. I wonder how many times that record player has been turned on. Not in the last 6 months from the looks of that caked-on dust. More likely not since she's moved in.

Such attention to detail. should keep her "bitches on this app need to clean their rooms before posting pictures, I'm better than all those bitches" tweet on hand because it's a daily issue for her at this point.

No. 1216308

I was kind of in denial about the dust because the grey on top of the record player is the foam disk to keep it from being damaged but when you look at the sides with the pink you can really see the dirt.

No. 1216315

Rise up charcuterie anons

No. 1216321

Triscuits were an interesting choice (read: white soccer mom getting ~fancy~ with her kid's school lunch items) to say the least. I wonder what kind of gross cheese she paired with them.

No. 1216322

File: 1619373905036.jpg (476.14 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20210425-130448_Twi…)


No. 1216323

File: 1619374012032.jpg (334.66 KB, 1079x986, Screenshot_20210425-130555_Twi…)

No. 1216326

File: 1619374299515.jpeg (274.96 KB, 1242x773, 713A405C-56A6-468C-8FDE-41293F…)

Onlyfans chicks are the most annoying losers on the internet. It’s not a job stop trying to convince random people online that it is. You don’t need to market yourself just spread your pussy out and you’ll get money. Men are degenerate coomers that will fuck anything. I don’t see how that’s an achievement or how that’s considered a job

No. 1216328

Do any of these people know what "empowering" means kek

No. 1216335

>lives in perpetual darkness like a rat
>"it powers the lights in my house!!"


No. 1216339

she's been reading, probably got offended someone said she probably doesn't pay her light bill. Why else would she be talking about "empowerment"

No. 1216340

I think you mean “plate of food for my toddler”.

No. 1216341

I love how the idiot responding to her goes, "Sex work can be empowering" and then says, "People will miss you if you disappear" and talks about how sex work benefits everyone else mentally and literally does not "empower" anyone.
If you believe it's a job, then it's a job. For once I agree with Shayna, people selling it as "empowerment" are trying to make young girls think selling ass shots for $3 is something deeper then selling ass pictures for $3.

No. 1216355

Why is there shredded wheat on her charcuterie?

No. 1216359

they're triscuits because she has no taste

No. 1216372

>tfw you have to sell your ass to keep the lights on
Yeah nothing comically dystopian about that and everyone should think that is acceptable.
>sw brings light, pleasure, and gratitude to your fans. Isn’t that empowering?
Ohhh empowerment means elevating and empowering men.
Why are whores so fucking stupid.

No. 1216405

It’s not empowerment if it’s exactly what your oppressors want

No. 1216407

And if it really was empowering to women, men would hate it and try to shut the whole thing down. These whores are brain dead

No. 1216417


kek the hoops these types of girls have to jump through to try to feel like they compare to actual working class. sex work isnt work. especially the shayna kind.

No. 1216451

This is a Luna tier grime flex. I'm sorry I know everyone discussed it 5 hours ago but I cannot deal. She's so musty.

No. 1216456

I'm still not over it either, and the fact that shes perpetually high and her vaporizer is always within arms reach

No. 1216457

File: 1619388640107.jpeg (547.96 KB, 1790x988, 781B59FB-8B32-4174-86F8-FAB134…)

Someone seems upset.

No. 1216470

>there's guys being banned for making sexual gestures while these girls..

And there's why she's even getting involved. Pick me.

No. 1216473

two broken clocks. still funny to see her interacting with Indigo after publicly denouncing her

No. 1216474

porn literally spreads to every platform. Tumblr, twitter, even only fans wasn't entirely meant for porn at first if i remember. Lets not forget how many times she got banned on Twitter for breaking the rules. I can't comprehend why they would be this mad about something when they have complied with sex work spreading across different platforms (some of which were also geared towards kids). She's just mad that she knows its probably too late or she's too unlikeable to make money on twitch

No. 1216476

>girls like this belong on porn sites
Exactly indigo the whore get off of Twitter and TikTok it’s creepy you are on there if there are minors on those apps. Man, is Twitter ever going to ban these people? I’m tired of degenerate porn being easily accessible on Twitter. And it would be hilarious to see Shayna cry on discord after her Twitter gets deleted.

No. 1216477

File: 1619390548383.jpeg (678.94 KB, 1242x1689, 06C0EA4D-52DC-4962-96C8-B02DF9…)

No wonder shatna is up this bitches ass. She’s just as retarded. I wonder how she would feel if she saw shays tiktok clown stunt.

No. 1216479

File: 1619390788694.jpeg (537.14 KB, 2048x1152, 821C8ECC-8D06-41AF-8253-FB024F…)

God, she is so fucking nasty. Look at the carpet and then the couch, how can she think this looks ok. Especially after her “deep clean”. She’s the stupid fat bitch who’s always covered in animal fur and smells like b.o.

No. 1216481

I love when she gets upset because she sees women making money doing what she does for free on twitter. Thats what this is about. It's not about the "childern", if it was she would'nt be like, "Men get banned for sexual gestures!" they should be. Thats a good thing.
They should be banned for sexual gestures and twitch hoes should be banned for twitch hoeing.
She saw a oppounity to shit on girls who take their clothes off, make what she makes in a month and to cape for men. I see she's still interacting with racists trump lover indigo.

No. 1216483

god there are abandoned buildings that are less dusty, take out the tv and food and you’d never think a person lives there. but yeah, I’m sure once her Lysol arrives it’s over for us.

as sad as her porch and beach pics were, at least she used to go outside

No. 1216486

exactly, like I said before, Shayna would be fine with outwardly being a bad person 100% of the time instead of 70%, if she could make money and gain fame from it. If she wasn't lazy and had people who'd throw money at her for being on twitch halfway dressed, she'd do it and be like, "guys, my stream has a 18+ warning before you click, children shouldn't be interacting". This has nothing to do with her. Disgusting women abusing the twitch rules, has nothing to do with disgusting Shayna on twitter showing her asshole for free and sexualizing children shows and toys.
She just hates when women are more successful than her, especially women who are doing bad things.

No. 1216487

ah yes who can forget Barbie’s Dream Linty Ass Dog Hair Covered Ottoman from the coveted dream house expansion pack

No. 1216496

kek I love this dumbass thread so much

No. 1216499

God this comes off as so petty and bitter. None of them would give a shit if they could do it and make that money too. jealous ugly whores just mad because they have to spread their asses for chump change while girls skinnier and hotter can tease with underwear and bikini and make bank. Work smarter, not harder ladies!

Anyway. On the flip side, yeah this shit isnt supposed to be allowed on there. I would like it if Twitch stayed anti-whore and they should. It's about game streaming content. And yeah, there are minors. I thought there was a sex work twitch equivalent anyway?

No. 1216500

File: 1619392637203.jpeg (493.6 KB, 1142x907, DC37C00E-A734-4C36-827B-2BEBF9…)

Shayna and indigo are both women hating pedo pandering pieces of crap. They post their porn on social media and expose minors to their degenerate porn. Shayna is friends with indigo because she knows indigo isn’t a threat to her because she’s just as ugly as shay

No. 1216501

She bought the cheapest, ugliest looking couch she could and not even a year later it's looking nasty af. She needs to shave the little lint fuzz pills. Pretty sure they have a tool for it on amazon for like 10 bucks. People give away those kind of couches for free idk why she went with it when literally anything else would have been better.

No. 1216502

Right? This pic is just so much bimbo energy and luxurious vibes. Shes such trailer trash and just wont admit it and own it.

No. 1216505

don't forget the weed. i can only imagine how nasty it smells at her place

No. 1216507

It's this exactly. Even when she's streaming on an actual porn sight her views drop once she gets naked. Of course she's seething at the idea of girls just making money out of sad gamer coomers on a regular streaming site by just hanging out in a bikini. They usually aren't streaming from a literal pile of garbage either, kek

No. 1216514


SW being upset with this, when they essentially do the exact same thing with their OF. My sides. Or is it upsetting them that they themselves got duped into thinking they needed to do that absolute raunchiest embarrassing things to make a living and these girls dont? Twitch has age restrictions. The same “children being corrupted” are the same ones who might accidentally see Shaynas torn and gaped asshole with her hems showing if they by pass the exact same age restrictions. Whats the difference? Shayna is literally selling porn dressed up like sponge bob. Get a fucking grip.

No. 1216517

I would respect her more if she actually streamed a few hours a day 5 times a week, or any sort of schedule she could stick to. She doesnt grasp 95% of average looking girls are going to have slow periods while camming and you just … work through it? Thats why its called work… do something interesting on cam to get through the slow periods.

She just sits there sweating and getting mad that shes not being tipped and then shits on herself like “guess im a piece of shit” if she doesnt get tips thans pouts and leaves.

She really needs to accept shes may he a special unique person to her family and friends but she is nothing special in SW. If she puts effort in she can making a living but she stays high and pretends she’s famous.

No. 1216530

File: 1619396469624.jpg (Spoiler Image,373.09 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20210425-192102_Twi…)

No. 1216536

it's why sw hate when celebs join OF, they know most are just going to post tame shit, meanwhile they are showing everything for less then what it takes to buy a mc donalds meal.
Shayna has a hate for girls who can make money with clothes on. She hates attractive girls can post a fully dressed selfie and get more attention then she gets in weeks.
She knows even before she was chubby she was never going to be that girl who made it big outside of tumblr, based only one looks.

No. 1216539

>staying alive is more important than feeling empowered by sex work
these girls out themselves daily. so in the context of a prostitute it's more important that she is merely making money, regardless how horrible women genuinely feel doing jobs like that?

No. 1216540

for a fraction of the money she spends on useless garbage she could hire someone to clean her place every couple of weeks or so, like her little shein spree alone cost more than what i pay for two months of house cleaning in a high COL city. i guess cleaning services don’t have afterpay though

No. 1216558

File: 1619398344829.jpeg (517.48 KB, 1242x1544, 4D625EA7-B86B-4F7E-AEC4-214240…)

If I saw Shayna’s lard cottage cheese ass in public i would barf

No. 1216566

she’s either a) only going to do 1-2 of them or b) do all of them less than half assed

excited for her scheduled train wreck though

No. 1216589

Jesus Christ this is like, Miss Haversham levels of dust accumulation. She needs psychological help if she's this oblivious to her surroundings.

No. 1216592

But Shay, think of the children!! Oh it's only bad when other women do it, I see.

No. 1216597

it attracts the fupapa

No. 1216611

Does this bitch sit bare pussy on an uber seat what the fuck ??

No. 1216612

The dust on the record player, mixed with dog and car hair + faeces her place probably smells rancid. She probably has lung problems because she doesn’t dust or open a window

No. 1216621

That's just, like, a bimbo thing Anon gosh, you wouldn't understand. Flip flops, 2 sizes too small unwashed forever 21 skirt, bare pussy on the seats of an Oklahoma uber.

No. 1216626

Poor landlord kek, he’s going to have to tear down the walls and replace the carpet when she leaves. I hope he will charge her for the damages. Her way of living is mind boggling how can someone be ok in this environment.

No. 1216633

File: 1619406232328.jpg (148.35 KB, 1079x682, Screenshot_20210425-215207_Twi…)

What is the point of this status?

No. 1216634

unironically spelling it wrong was a choice

No. 1216636

okay shayna ur dumb and???? imagine u spend ur life chasing something so boring, the need of everyone perceiving you as dumb.

No. 1216637

which she does on her own just living her daily life without the whole “bimbo” schtick. like she’s naturally low IQ, not sure what makes her feel like she needs to force it kek

No. 1216642

foot in mouth syndrome? 1) gross 2) can she even reach her foot to her mouth?

No. 1216645

biggest npc of the century, shayna has 0 personality of her own.

No. 1216659

isn’t that a legit disease that literal children get?

No. 1216669

No, that's foot-AND-mouth disease. Foot in mouth syndrome is used to describe people who have a habit of saying dumb shit, so it's actually an unusually self aware title.

No. 1216680

i just turned my brightness up and holy shit..how could she post that absolutely filthy, dog hair covered couch with her stained ass carpet littered with food crumbs in the background?? the second hand embarrassment is too much.

No. 1216684

File: 1619415452907.png (349.63 KB, 540x370, asfwewe.PNG)

I know I'm late but wtf is that shit?

No. 1216714

late but the meat looks like lonza?? which can go for $30/lb why would she fucking pair it was triscuits

No. 1216736

File: 1619422087608.jpg (66.31 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-184342977-612x612.…)

Maybe the flat pack parts?

No. 1216747

pretty sure this is speck or prosciutto that you can buy at aldi

No. 1216750

>masturbating to my porn sales
well, she claims to have a humiliation kink, so maybe that's how this would work

No. 1216763

These whores are demons that want to drag every woman down with them

No. 1216776

not to sound like a scote but sex work isn’t real work in that regard, not camming atleast. putting in hours does not = making money in that industry. it should never be full time, unless you’re legitimately trying to make it a full time job, and if so what’s the point of being an online sex worker then? It’s supposed to be somewhat easy money, not laborious torture. photography and maintaining a subscription page is one thing, but if anyone isn’t making money camming they should quit because it’s not worth the abuse/stigma/ and permanent recording of it online if you’re not making bank

No. 1216786

You don't sound like a scrote. 'Sex work is not real work' is a pretty widely accepted opinion on this site, or in SW threads at the very least. There's even a banner saying exactly that iirc.

No. 1216797

Beat me to it, anon. No self respecting woman thinks sex work is real work, and the only women who willingly participate in it are degenerate pickmes who hate other women. Sex work will never be real work.

No. 1216877

does noodle ever get bathed or groomed? poor thing. stepping foot in this broom closet would be anaphylactic shock times a billion, fuckin’ oi the filth.

No. 1216935

She sent Noodle to the groomers I think once. And other times she mentioned that Noodle would roll around in the water dish at the dog park

No. 1216944

Right? The piece of garbage on noodle's mouth and in between her paws and the dust in her fur look so gross. And that eye booger.

No. 1216969

She doesn't even bathe herself, let alone her dog.

No. 1217014

File: 1619458492309.jpg (241.64 KB, 1080x785, Screenshot_20210426-123448_Twi…)

No. 1217017

more stuff to collect dust on!

No. 1217019

So…. let me get this straight….
She needs an iPad but doesn’t need acne body wash for her assne…
a pumice for her yellow feet…
face wash for her raggedy skin
some whitening strips for her yellow teeth
some floss for the plaque in between her teeth
and she doesn’t need a duster for her filthy broom closet she calls a house….
Okay Shaytard

No. 1217051

rose gold Apple products arguably the ugliest color possible next to gold and red

No. 1217056

What a strange nitpick Anon…..

No. 1217057

File: 1619461069252.jpg (729.06 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20210426-131737_Twi…)

Shayna Luther King at it again

No. 1217084

it’s true though

No. 1217097

I’m sure Republicans or whoever really care about being compared to fucking spongebob characters. Activist of the year.

No. 1217114

first came rosa parks, refusing to sit at the back of the bus at the detriment to her own safety. then came malcolm X, using his voice as a marginalised black man to speak out against the societal oppression he faced. then came shayna luther king, using her privilege to speak up for the oppressed voices within america through the medium of shitty spongebob screenshots and memes stolen from twitter. thank goodness for their bravery

No. 1217130

Shayna only like republicans who hate women like her friend Indigo.

No. 1217141

File: 1619466115080.jpeg (111.01 KB, 750x635, 9C17A649-86F6-4FDE-8A13-5792E7…)

Hahahaha I started following that page after they mentioned shatna and here she is again with her retarded tweets. Wow more engagement than she ever had!

No. 1217143

I doubt. She doesn’t even brush ribmeat, poor cat’s fur looks matted af everytime shatna posts pictures of it.

No. 1217149

File: 1619466619888.jpg (401.76 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20210426-144929_Twi…)

You mean you got yourself flowers

No. 1217150

File: 1619466673933.jpg (469 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20210426-144922_Twi…)

Always keeping it classy Shay

No. 1217163

No. 1217166

She was just going off with Indigo about e-whores on twitch with minors watching yet thinks it’s okay to proudly proclaim she’s Butt Stuff Barbie on a children’s show public tweet.

No. 1217172


and to think she bitched about the landlord of her last apartment charging her for carpet cleaning when she moved out. Now we know why. And is that a piece of fucking spaghetti on the floor next to her dog? The dog has shayna's hair all over his face and she couldnt even be bothered to remove it for the photo?

No. 1217174

Noodle is actually a girl thank god cause Shayna just ordered a “dog” penis replica dildo god I feel like a degenerate just typing that out
And I thought that was a ramen noodle on the ground but it could be spaghetti. It’s probably a microwave meal or take out.

No. 1217189

Fupa is really happy about his xbox, he decided to spend $15 on Shayna!

No. 1217240

File: 1619473122697.jpg (229.38 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20210426-163817_Twi…)

Get ready everyone

No. 1217242

File: 1619473152621.jpg (191.33 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20210426-163829_Twi…)


No. 1217246

Bimbos aren’t fat, Shayna lmfao

No. 1217247

Fix your teeth and get fillers first, that's literally bimbo 101 when you look up the bimbo tag. Oh and maybe book for lipo if you're too lazy to eat right and do some exercise.

No. 1217255

idk what the cost would be like in Butt-Fuck OK, but by me laser hair removal packages are between $400-600 for a few sessions, depending on the size of the area, or like $1k for a year. She’s probably just going to go once and think she’s perfectly done.

No. 1217257

Lashes, hair cut and coloring, a skincare routine and hydrafacials, and waxing is all stuff I get done at least every 2 months and I’m like an outdoorsy girl with a desk job. Not remotely a “bimbo”. Why does she view routine maintenance for normal women as bimbofication?(no1curr)

No. 1217260

You give her too much credit. IF she even goes to the (assuming free) consultation, she's not gonna actually go through with it. It's also the dumbest thing to start with for her since shaving or waxing is cheap and easy. Shes just so fucking lazy. Always the quick fixes for this one, but even then she doesnt follow through because she's dumb, broke, and still just plain lazy.

No. 1217264

It's the same fucking thing with the eyelashes honestly. She's got nothing but time and this is her "job", but it's just too much work to apply and remove her lashes a few times a week. She should get her fucking teeth fixed, but she doesnt brush or take care of them, so it doesnt require effort, therefore not a priority. Fillers would probably look bad on her but literally all actual bimbos have big, plumped lips. Skinny, big tits usually, tan, etc. Shes just going for the things shes too lazy to maintain herself it's so obvious lol

No. 1217270

i can’t fathom being as fat and perpetually unwashed as she is and that not being her main priority… like? i bet when she goes in anywhere to get hair, nails, etc done that they have to literally hold their breath due to the smell coming off of her.

No. 1217275


okay its actually fucked up she is interacting with a childrens show twitter with her sex work account! this is exact why this dumb bitch needs a SFW personal twitter.

its not even a casual comment, she is clearly promoting herself here. ON A TWITTER AIMED FOR KIDS.

I cant even imagine some poor kid clicking her profile and seeing her gaped asshole.

No. 1217282

taking a shower is where she starts failing at bimbo

No. 1217298

So she's like fuck her weight, hair and everything else, she's focusing on eyelashes? Her job is her body, which is unimpressive, I'd start there if she wanted to be a bimbo, save up for breast implants, or lipo or something.

No. 1217299

All the money she has spent in the last 30 days, she could have gotten her lips done and more. Instead she just buys cheap worthless garbage to fill her hovel.

No. 1217310

File: 1619478221453.jpeg (756.53 KB, 1242x1726, FFC3748F-D191-44EA-91F8-122A0C…)

I almost had a stroke reading this

No. 1217316

lol retarded bitch

No. 1217324

File: 1619479910186.jpeg (283.51 KB, 1242x982, 896EA4D1-8392-430E-A254-0EE0C6…)

Bruh is Fupa going to do this?

No. 1217325

And this is coming from the same bitch who was reeee’ing last night about twitch girls in skimpy outfits being inappropriate for kids to see

No. 1217339

>Why are whores so fucking stupid.
Why are radfems so misogynistic? Lmao

No. 1217343

Not all women are whores, but sex workers like Shay are.

No. 1217345

File: 1619481537562.png (38.23 KB, 776x464, Capture.PNG)


No. 1217347

Her only options are Fupa or Uber so it's a 50/50 chance

No. 1217348

Did that hit to close to home? Are you lost?

No. 1217349

Radfems are just being truthful they aren’t sugar coating sex work by saying it’s a real job. Whores profit off of the exploitation of women and contribute to scrotes seeing us as sex objects

No. 1217350

wtf does “radfems” have to do with anything? lmao

No. 1217352

OF whores want so badly to act like sex work is widely accepted because it is in their hugbox echo chambers online but 90% of people irl are still side-eyeing you

No. 1217362

Yup. Twitter will attack anyone who says anything bad about sex work but irl the world doesn’t view sex work as a career. It’s the easy way out, and easy way to make money. And respectable people won’t date you only scrotes or pornsick troons

No. 1217364

From normal and understanding to femcel

As if every scrote dates whores lmao

No. 1217368

How tf is that a femcell? I hate men. I’m just saying scrotes are more likely to date you if you’re a whore. OT so stop replying to this thanks

No. 1217369

shes the kind of person who would wear a cow outfit out in public and have an uber drive her around in it. instead of being a person with regular IQ and just packing a backpack.

No. 1217373

File: 1619482851607.jpeg (244.63 KB, 1242x561, 7E4E53A2-B0E8-4368-B78C-777DF9…)

> a nice soft blanket

You mean the crusty disgusting star blanket shatna

No. 1217378

Dust bunny uwu~ porn when?

No. 1217379

this proves that she lurks here. 5 days ago she was talking about getting electrolysis >>1213795 but anons explained why laser would be a better option >>1213804 >>1213834. I doubt she figured it out on her own, and it's unlikely that any of her followers privately messaged her about it.

No. 1217380

File: 1619483149326.jpeg (400.73 KB, 1242x1745, 894372ED-8E26-43F5-8D5A-4989AF…)

Fatty can go to Chick-Fil-A afterwards and get some free food.

I’m placing money she is going to buy and try to squeeze her lard cottage cheese body in that ugly overused e-whore cow bikini

No. 1217383

File: 1619483290990.jpeg (418.61 KB, 1242x1056, 6F27358A-F3C5-4171-B8C8-88595C…)

Kinda like how you were when radfems were arguing with you and you told them to take dick up their ass when some of them were underaged..

No. 1217384

Of course he is. He’s all she has out there and did the firework set kek

No. 1217385

These “whores” are still women tho

No. 1217386

File: 1619483415677.jpeg (379.29 KB, 1242x1312, 0782AE96-D15C-4F1C-A8DD-F6F487…)

Samefag but why does this bitch always talk about how people who criticize her want “the world to burn uwu” no dumb bitch we just can see through your bullshit and we know that you’re a selfish, woman hating pedophile

No. 1217388

I don’t consider degenerate pedos like Shayna, as women. Profiting off of rape, incest, and beastiality is disgusting I don’t care if you’re a woman, you deserve to be called out.

No. 1217389

Give her a few years. She always gets into trends in at least a few years later. Shatna’s pretty slow like that.

No. 1217399


Bon Apple teeth haterz.

Y’all just jealous of how stunningly well she is doing.

No. 1217401

File: 1619484427053.jpg (33.29 KB, 583x438, 18dkxe.jpg)

You tell em Shayna

No. 1217406

Is this bitch chronically incapable of closing the door to her work room? I swear like every single time she cams there's at least one screenshot of her shooing away her pets

No. 1217411

congrats but no one in this thread cares how often you get waxed

did Fupa tell her to get help again?

No. 1217416

File: 1619486002892.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.96 KB, 275x163, 96EF2255-638A-4CDF-9F71-748243…)


Watching her sad hank hill ass march over to the door when she suppose to be “sexy” is traumatically funny.

Truly on brand for her.

No. 1217419

I’m pretty sure she’s referencing a video going around right now of a hotel employee who had a mental breakdown on the job.

No. 1217430

fingers crossed for eyelash mites

No. 1217440

File: 1619488853609.jpeg (498.69 KB, 1242x1296, D69160E2-96B7-46C8-8CE1-241CC4…)

She’s gonna vacuum noodle’s barf….

No. 1217441

File: 1619488890842.jpeg (Spoiler Image,632.73 KB, 1242x1284, 29830047-2BBA-439E-9F3B-C65749…)

These ruined my appetite thanks shay!!!

No. 1217444

She probably ate whatever Shay has laying around the house

No. 1217445

Why did this dumb bitch shave when she supposedly had a laser hair removal consultation on Wednesday?

No. 1217446

it's recommended to shave within 24 hours of the appointment, so if anything, she shaved too soon

No. 1217448

i still don't get her mindset with the laser hair removal. the hair isn't even one of the 3 main issues with her pussy.

No. 1217449

not everyone who posts here is a fucking radfem

No. 1217450

>couldn't film because the dog barfed
i kek'd. this may be one of her most retarded excuses to get out of filming so far, although that time she refused to film because it was cloudy outside comes to mind

No. 1217455

She probably left her weed or edibles out and noodle ate them, what a bad owner

No. 1217458

Right??? I don’t know why this prevents her from filming we all know damn well she isn’t going to take noodle to the vet or take care of her. Shatna can easily do the video in a different room but nah she’s lazy as always.
my bad forgot to sage

No. 1217462

Fupa got her flowers?

No. 1217466

File: 1619491258897.png (7.14 MB, 1242x2208, 1A499C1F-9D47-4D29-9BFB-C1ED33…)

>instead of cleaning my disgusting couch I am just going to put my dirty pink blanket over it to hide the filth

Shayna Logic™

No. 1217468

It really is a bullshit excuse. Pets throw up all the time and Shay is nasty. I bet between Noodle and Rib and FupaCat her apartment is covered in half-cleaned up piles of vomit. I doubt that’s ever stopped her before.

No. 1217478

with laser it’s just gonna look even more like a neovag/ballsack. I think she likes the troon look.

No. 1217481

tbh these “radfem” replies sound like shayna.

No. 1217487

lmao she really makes it obvious she reads everything we say here like the bible. take the rest of the advice, shayna! not just the stuff about how nasty your living space is!

No. 1217488

i thought the original one did but didn’t want to “hi cow” kek. since we all know she learned a new word here during her last twitter fight.

No. 1217498

Dirty deleted as usual

No. 1217501

so it took her almost 2 hours to realize that your dog throwing up on the floor isn’t a normal reason to cancel an entire night’s worth of work?

No. 1217509

And? Some women are dumb as shit and are not exempted from criticism by virtue of being women, the fuck lol

No. 1217510

omg this reminds me of the Instagram ads where the girl is fat and bald and smelly but the game only gives you options to add eyeliner or dye her hair pink

not everyone who is anti sex work is a rad fem puritan. do you chicks not realize ex sex workers exist too.. you retard baby sex workers think women who have more experience than you and want to warn you are just “radfem haters” it’s pathetic. keep trusting scrotes then, they definitely have your best interest at heart

kek what can she really do to fix that though other than plasty? have you seen those surgeries they are literal horror shows I don’t want her getting one she won’t be able to practice after care

and this is everything that is wrong with feminists. they are willing to excuse women’s behavior even if it is nefarious or harmful just because she is an “uwu boss babe fighting the evils patriarchy!!”. using that logic Ghislaine maxwell would be a girl boss icon. I mean she was the very first famous female predator in Hollywood, historical

No. 1217511

File: 1619498136335.png (319.88 KB, 1146x448, 01.png)

This is still my favorite excuse though

No. 1217512

kek jail saga for trespassing when

No. 1217520

“Women supporting women” doesn’t apply to sex workers who actively harm our entire gender by telling men that it’s okay to objectify, exploit, humiliate and abuse women. Back to twitter with you.

No. 1217525

Holy shit I never saw this so thank you for sharing, topkek

No. 1217527

But by that logic aren’t they also objectified, exploited, humiliated and abused?

No. 1217530

By their own choice. They don’t get a seat at the table when they’re willingly participating in systemic misogyny. Regardless of whether you’re a degenerate whore yourself or just retarded enough to buy into this false “empowerment” narrative, this is not the place for you.

No. 1217570

Some women will always be sympathetic to the misogyny women face, even when said women are participating in misogyny with men. Other women are not so empathetic and they have every right not to be when the women in question are celebrating pedophilia, abuse, etc.

No. 1217572

Tbh I sympathise with women who have grown up in systemic poverty or have abuse/trauma and they use sex work as a way to get by. It’s usually these women who are desperate to get out of it and will admit to the horrors of sex work. Girls like Shayna who come from comfortable backgrounds and have seemingly caring parents don’t even have to engage in half the shit real sex workers have to deal with because they don’t have to have sex with their johns or put themselves in dangerous situations, plus they have said families to fall back on and other options in life. People like Shayna tout the uwu sex work is empowering mantra whilst being blindly unaware of their privileges….

No. 1217577

Anon, respectfully, most of what you’re saying is referring to prostitution and prostituted women, not “sex work” but I agree with you overall

No. 1217582

100% this

No. 1217616


i dont really think women can draw the line in the sand in sex work and say “well im not a real prostitute!”. Whether its full service or not, sex “workers” are all in the same boat. At least thats how the majority of people feel about it in real life/offline. And when people like Shayna and the OF girls try to groom underage girls into this lifestyle, they leave them hanging on the slippery slope of whoredom while at the same time promoting an industry to the mainstream that truly hurts the majority of women working in it. But none of these girls are capable of thinking of the long term consequences of their actions.

How exactly can Shayna climb the ladder in her “career”? By becoming an escort? Like… sex work is so bleak.(derailing)

No. 1217620


can you imagine a former “OF girl from the 20s” trying to apply to real job later on and trying to use this as her relevant experience? lmfao. the echo chamber these women live in so they can look in the mirror every morning… wow.

No. 1217623


“I just love Facebook and being on Facebook is a REAL JOB.

Is it a sales job? I sold an old couch on marketplace - yes!

Is it a photography/videography job? Have you seen my cat pics - yes!

Is it an editing job? I run filters over my selfies and add a watermark - yes!

Is it a marketing job? I am an admin of cat facts group and its grown 20% last quarter because I shared it! Yes!

Is it a customer service/responding to messages/office job? I manage at least 3 group chats with family and friends DAILY - yes!”

You could literally make anything seem like work if you try hard enough.

No. 1217640

Nitpick nonnie but I hate that she calls herself a “content creator” when all she does is take low effort pics/clips of her arsehole. Am I a content creator when I take a picture of a new mole I have?

No. 1217657

I mean there’s a diff between what girls like bhad bhabie and Bella Thorne are doing and what shayna is doing. She exploits and abuses her body in exchange for money, that is prostitution. She’s not trolling dudes on onlyfans with half nudes she’s doing irreversible damage to her body. You can claim some women are online prostituting themselves but shayna is.

No. 1217688

Did a bunch of the radfems Shay argued with during the week google her name and come her to bitch about SW or something? The anti SW sperging isn't normally this intense.

No. 1217711

She's gonna vacuum it up, not even scrubbing or disinfecting the area, then sit her bare vag right on the floor where noodle barfed. Bleak

No. 1217714


and will probably not empty the vacuum after. barf.

also a little confused why she has a wet vacuum but clearly doesnt have a regular one judging by every photo we’ve seen of her carpets and upholstery.

No. 1217723

Maybe she doesn't even have one and is going to order it on amazon and wait for it to come or something. She lies about fucking everything

No. 1217774

She does "create content," I guess, but it's incredibly low-effort and just fucking nasty. Shay's claim that she's a content creator is the perfect example of "technically correct" lmao.

No. 1217850

It’s probably not a wet vacuum so even if she does try it she’s probably gonna fuck whatever she has. Can’t believe she doesn’t know about carpet cleaner.

No. 1217868

she didn’t even say noodle vomited she said “got sick”, it could’ve been diarrhea which is even nastier

No. 1217880

File: 1619544093558.jpg (338.72 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20210427-122039_Twi…)

It's either Jason R Womack or that Grey haired dude

No. 1217887

i feel like womack is the only one truly low IQ enough to say he "loves" her multiple times kek.
other possibilities that wouldn't surprise me:
1) shayna sent it to herself
2) fupa's buttering her up and for some reason used her dumbass stage name

No. 1217892

Nah it’s definitely Jason R Womack. Fupa doesn’t care about Shayna. Shayna is used up and old now. Fupa liked her when she was a new girl in his life, now she’s just a washed up land whale that cries for his attention which doesn’t make him want to chase her

No. 1217893

File: 1619544985565.jpeg (560.37 KB, 1242x1200, 6DE4D39F-1767-4724-A6A4-72A841…)

Why tf does she need an Apple Pencil, she doesn’t even draw??

$700 down the drain

No. 1217898

she thinks it’s the exact same as a stylus because she’s an actual retard, and just wants to flex money she doesn’t have.

No. 1217900

Nah anon, Shay pays for all of her outings with Fupa. Very telling how they "broke up" right after all of her moving funds went down the drain. He wouldn't spend a dime on her because he knows she's desperate for attention

No. 1217901

She lives in filth and could be in a gorgeous apartment right now, especially in bum fuck.

No. 1217904

she's not talking about moving anymore so he's clearly still in the picture lol

No. 1217912

she is so incredibly wasteful, so much plastic and other shit that will go to waste. she doesnt care about anything or anybody else she is just plain selfish

No. 1217915

File: 1619546647628.jpeg (272.88 KB, 1242x643, B62A7B21-AB40-4A98-8342-BF6AA7…)

Now she’s talking about moving kek

No. 1217917

she has a free place to live up in new hampshire with her parents which she could get a job and afford a place of her own but unfortunately that means no anal and no online attention/validation for being a shut in with no friends

No. 1217918

kek lurk much, shatna?

No. 1217921

based anon, it's refreshing to read something intelligent in a shatna thread

No. 1217925

does shatna realize all she has to do to have her pets in a no pets apartment is get a fake emotional support animal note from an online doctor? sage for blog but i live in student housing with a strict no pets policy but everyone has a dog through one of those services. + once you have an esa note you can’t be denied housing based on pet size nor can you be forced to pay a pet fee

No. 1217945

She really spent $700 when she has a computer she probably used twice. Then she has the nerve to beg for more shit.

No. 1217946

she's makin excuses, I don't think her and Fupa are off, she knows it looks bad for her to be e-begging for a $700 ipad, plus accessories when she said she was saving up for moving.
Now she "hunting' but she can't find anything.

No. 1217949

she has like a bunch of phones, macbooks, an expensive gaming pc, switch, ps4, xbox, other random shit

this is an adddiction.

No. 1217951

Her dog is dirty and untrained they would know she’s bullshitting. And I think that just means for one pet not two dirty cats and a dog. Nobody needs that many emotional support animals

No. 1217963

Shatna does kek

No. 1217965

at this point the animals probably need emotional support for being subjected to her

No. 1217979

Seethe more.
This has Womack vibes. He types in low IQ run on sentences like this

No. 1217983

Well we know for sure its not Scatman Nathan

No. 1218027

File: 1619553606861.jpeg (Spoiler Image,614.05 KB, 1242x1397, 616E3D66-52D6-4994-B8F0-0F4AFD…)

No. 1218029

File: 1619553641514.jpeg (456.75 KB, 1242x1599, F06462B9-0218-4FBF-B8C0-1B73BE…)

This bitch really said productions kek

No. 1218036

File: 1619553999934.jpg (163.54 KB, 1080x809, Screenshot_20210427-150543_Twi…)

These fucking prices

No. 1218038

File: 1619554056395.jpg (135.07 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20210427-150552_Twi…)

No. 1218040

What the fuck? She has gone off the deep end. No one is going to pay that for her crappy ass videos.

No. 1218043

File: 1619554154091.jpg (116.15 KB, 1080x1088, Screenshot_20210427-150608_Twi…)

No. 1218045

File: 1619554197722.jpg (143.79 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20210427-150621_Twi…)

No. 1218048

File: 1619554226742.jpg (261.07 KB, 1079x1456, Screenshot_20210427-150533_Twi…)


No. 1218054

hi im bisexual i need a suger mama or suger daddy to send me money pls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1218056

happy to see eating fetish, Shayna just have feeders pay you to buy food and eat it, cut the shit.

No. 1218066

Kill yourself.

No. 1218071

>no scat
It's a bit late for that, Shayna…

No. 1218072

KEK at cosplay being $99

No. 1218074

More like the few customs she gets are too much work for her, so she'd rather do 1 or 2 a month. Its doing less work for the same amount basically I'm sure is the reasoning. Kinda like having her OF at 5 bucks, while having less subs. 500 x $3 is the same as 300 x $5. Thing is, when you do desperate sales constantly and have come so far down on your pricing, theres really no incentive for customers to pay more when they're not getting any more or better content. She lives off her few somehow still mostly loyal incels and a few random desperate scrotes and troons that kiss her ass kek.

No. 1218084

Hey Shatna, did you know that if you would have built up your credit over the last 4-5 years and saved your scam money you could possibly be in a starter home where you wouldn't have to worry about places not accepting your filthy animals? Sure you would be in Bumfuck, Oklahoma but you know you're not going anywhere anytime soon because of Fupa.

She is beyond financially illiterate. Imagine wasting thousands on electronics that you never use, thousands more on clothing and cosmetics that you never wear or use/wear only once because your putridness destroys it, and God only knows how much on drugs, alcohol, junk food, and ride shares. Her scams may be stupid and she has to beg all day long but it works on scrotes. Why waste it all on a crappy life when you can put it towards a somewhat better one?

No. 1218097

>no scat
lmao we really affected her with that one huh

No. 1218099

this is exactly what she’s doing. the prices are fucking insane either way though because all her videos just consist of her laying on her back like a beached whale and fake moaning with her vibrator.

No. 1218138

Kek honestly I think it’s because a bunch of us suspected that Nathan guy of being a farmer and him ordering a custom scat video.I think she realized you can’t go back from taking a shit on cam and selling it. And the fact that a couple farmers bought it and showed it here. I don’t think she expected that.

No. 1218140

I mean a couple farmers bought her first video. Sorry for shit sentence structure.

No. 1218206

Yeah and hasnt she been doing them for like half those prices at least?

No. 1218211

File: 1619561487677.jpg (137.08 KB, 1080x622, Screenshot_20210427-171119_Twi…)

No. 1218221

Do I need to even say it? She’s not making all 3 of these today kek

No. 1218223


more confirmation she lurks. damn, she must of really been raw about all of us clownin’ her around sniffing her shit dildo on cam for $30 bucks

No. 1218230


im just waiting for the inevitable sperging when someone is too demanding or points out she didnt so what they asked, and rightfully so, at those prices they would have the right.

No. 1218233

That’s a retarded entitled thing to do. There’s a reason property owners don’t want random people with their nasty animals stinking up the place and causing property damage. Shayna is just lazy and cares more about buying Amazon shit than getting a decent home.

No. 1218238

really can't get over the fact that she thinks lash extensions are the right place to start lol

even if she was capable of maintaining them more than she maintains her apartment, body, bottom of feet etc they aren't nearly dramatic enough to show up on webcam so she'll still need to use falsies for "work," and it's not like anyone ever sees her in person

(also idk why people get lash extensions when latisse is a thing)

No. 1218260

I wonder why she won't do joi. I had to urban dictionary what that is but jack off instruction doesn't seem that deviant compared to her legacy of degeneracy

No. 1218266

okay so we know she never brushes rib so I'm sure rib constantly has hairballs (like at least 1 a week probably) plus surely little orange dude has puked at least once in her care. Idk about how often dogs puke but does she just pick up the chunks from the hair ball and leave the rest without cleaning the carpet?! same goes for noodle, if it wasnt in her work room would she just have left it? ew wtf sorry anons I just made myself want to puke hope none of you were eating
omg i don't even want to consider this possibility but she would/will probably do the same "cleaning"

No. 1218298

probably because she’s repulsed by actual penises

No. 1218302

As far as Noodle puking, my dog has asthma and used to puke from asthma attacks when my roommates would dab around her. Noodle probably has asthma and this dumb bitch smokes around her. Poor dog.

No. 1218304

She doesn't know how to work a cock, would be my guess. Based on her god awful bjs and whatnot. Plus it's too dommy and effort to do. She cant lay on her back and mash a wand on her mound to fake orgasm lol.

No. 1218307

> (also idk why people get lash extensions when latisse is a thing)
people with blue or green eyes mostly don’t want to change their eye color

No. 1218315

Nta but latisse is a lash growth serum

No. 1218318

File: 1619567754947.jpg (220.54 KB, 1080x659, Screenshot_20210427-185510_Twi…)

No. 1218319

nta but it can cause your irises to turn brown

No. 1218320

File: 1619567821297.jpg (249.37 KB, 1079x955, Screenshot_20210427-185628_Twi…)

Funny, cause when you look at her MV activity on her MV profile, there's no notification about a custom video sale

No. 1218323

why does she bother mentioning cleaning every day and then as soon as we get a glimpse of her apartment it’s dirtier than ever? like just don’t say anything, bitch. we know you’ve never cleaned in your life kek.

No. 1218332

With all due respect, that sounds like bullshit

No. 1218344

google search it you stupid fuck(infighting)

No. 1218347

File: 1619569130658.jpeg (166.46 KB, 750x326, 7656C753-3545-4B6F-B703-FC302F…)

google is free. this is literally from latisse’s official website faq. move on.

No. 1218379

File: 1619570556973.jpg (306.32 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20210427-194211_Twi…)

Well you're real name is all over Google attached to your OF and these threads. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to find it Shay

No. 1218382

I bet they are laughing so hard. Sucks to suck Shayna, should have made better life choices.

No. 1218384

KEK has she really not googled herself recently? because yikes, shayna. it’s all out there and on the front page at the very top.

No. 1218421

File: 1619574207385.jpg (225.98 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20210427-204258_Twi…)

Major kek. A male OF creator too

No. 1218423

Aside from the ridiculous pricing… This bitch doesn’t even own real latex, all her shit is PVC. She’s gonna have some pissed off coomers because latex coomers are extremely particular and can tell the difference.

No. 1218424

she just going to hide it or rage?
Lets place bets now kek

No. 1218427

Shayna has poop brown eyes so it doesn’t matter for her. But for any light eyed nonnies reading, Revitalash works really well for lash growth with none of the weird side effects.

No. 1218428

Did she just get to cleaning up Noodles throw up or shit or whatever??
Bet those fake petals are still on the floor though kek

No. 1218440

I’ve been on these threads for along time now, but I can’t remember if shaynas middle name has ever been posted. Does anybody know it?

No. 1218441

File: 1619576053819.jpg (323.05 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20210427-211350_Twi…)

As usual

No. 1218442

it's leigh, newfag

No. 1218443

Leigh. from the unpaid ticket saga

No. 1218444

File: 1619576091637.jpg (505.57 KB, 1536x2048, 20210427_211332.jpg)

Her new rug

No. 1218445

File: 1619576125904.jpg (165.01 KB, 1079x802, Screenshot_20210427-211458_Twi…)

Can't wait to hear her heavy breathing from trying to bring her foot to her mouth

No. 1218447

stinky old grandma living room vibes

No. 1218450

Nobody come for me for digging too deep, but I simply did some googling of just her name and found what I’m pretty sure is all of her and her family’s information. Phone numbers, address, I would never in my life dream of doxxing her but I feel like with the trouble she gets herself into, this could be extremely dangerous?
It is this normal to have that much personal information on the internet? Or is it just because she has literally everything connected to her real name?

No. 1218451

let’s see how long she can keep it clean

No. 1218452

we're already aware, you fucking retard. learn to sage. you can do that with anyone you know that doesn't know how to take their info off peekyou.

No. 1218455

Too many stains on the other one, she probably just tossed it after the dog threw up on it last night and put this one down. At least it's not white, but it's still ugly and cheap looking. Throw out the dead grandmothers lace curtains while you're at it, Shay

No. 1218457

fingers crossed that there's a new microfiber blanket in the works

No. 1218459

how kawaii. She definitely got that poopy wine mom maroon hoping it would hide her filth.

No. 1218461

Definitely not scrotes buying her OF to make fun of her photos, it's because she's so alluring and irresistible!

No. 1218467

bdsm would cost more because of supplies as well, assuming that’s why cosplay is 100 fucking dollars

No. 1218468


>BDSM 14.99

>Blackmail 19.99
>Ignore fetish 19.99
>In the bath 19.99

she… does realize that BDSM is way more popular than those other categories and that its more effort than you know, "ignoring you" niche shit?

>Double Penetration 29.99

>Say My Name 49.99

B-but double penetration will actually require effort, saying someones name wont. how can you be this fucking stupid?

beyond fucking retarded.

No. 1218469

Saying someone's name means she can't re sell it for cheap

No. 1218470

File: 1619577753942.jpg (74.6 KB, 800x513, cursedimage.jpg)

>Oh jeez, they have their phone numbers and addresses available online!

KEK did you shit your pants in fear the first time you heard about the phone book?

No. 1218471


i mean, you're right. but the few scrotes still following her will just pay 14.99 for this idiot to do BDSM which is super popular. they will absolutely not give them 49.99 for her to moan

>"Oh, Jason R Womack"

No. 1218472

Right??? I said that about some of these lol


>>eating fetish

>>foot fetish
>>ignore fetish
>>smoking fetish

And then theres
Like, those are all fetishes dumbass..? Sooooo, why not flat rate those.
Scammy but ignorant

No. 1218473

I just enjoy that BDSM is much cheaper than her simply taking a bath. Seems very on brand for Shayna.

No. 1218488

File: 1619579744668.jpeg (146.1 KB, 750x739, ED878153-3D4C-4985-A21A-4E706A…)

always keeping it classy and clean

No. 1218490

i think she has a pair of gloves but just /c she said they are latex doesn't mean they are.

can't wait for it to look the same as always or a hot mess that doesn't go well with the faces she makes in vids.

No. 1218492

File: 1619580236260.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.35 KB, 676x832, 20210427_222347.jpg)

No. 1218496

Wouldn’t that leave stains? Especially when you know she doesn’t clean or wipe her areas down.

No. 1218497

I wish we had a super autistic nonny who could compile a monthly catalog of her weight gain. I wish I could but it being on mobile sucks trying to navigate the threads. It would be amazing and depressing to see.

No. 1218498

I guess this is what I deserve for following Shay's threads

No. 1218499

Does she still pretend she can get her legs behind her head? She looks so uncomfortable, i can hear the heaving through the screen.

No. 1218506

the threads are pretty much that in and of themselves. just go back in 90 day increments.

No. 1218515

File: 1619583535536.png (260.91 KB, 1080x1468, PicsArt_04-27-09.16.48.png)

Man, if they're flipping burgers at burger king, seeing Shayna's thriving career will really give their ego a good boost. At least they ain't spreading their cheeks for .10 cents

No. 1218519

This was already posted nonnie

No. 1218524

File: 1619584478098.jpeg (268.46 KB, 1084x874, C35E3078-9C39-4EF9-A45E-7CC910…)

this is garbage but I don’t want to look at it anymore

No. 1218525

KEK I love this, good job anon

No. 1218527

>deleted my social media
funny she says that, like lolcow isn't the first search result of her full name on google

No. 1218533

next thread pic

No. 1218535

needs a fatter barbie

No. 1218538

And spaghetti on the carpet.

No. 1218553


No. 1218554

It's good actually, but could you paste in Shay instead of Barbie? Kinda weird to have a (potential) thread pic without the cow in it.

No. 1218567

this made me physically cringe. the way she's acting like she has an uwu secret double life and boys from her hometown are finding her secret sexy persona to jerk off to. when in reality it sounds like all her old classmates know and talk shit about her and laugh at the farms.

No. 1218575

That's exactly what she's doing and it's a big fat lie. Her failed porn career pics and this thread pop up immediately when you google Shayna Clifford and she knows that.

No. 1218584

File: 1619595182325.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.38 KB, 1339x1080, Shatna'sDreamHovel.jpg)

Can a nonnie please remove the Barbie kek

No. 1218588

Paste business-man fupa over Barbie. Or maybe a grossed out Prime delivery driver kek

No. 1218590

My vote is for business fupa

No. 1218592

+1 for business fupa, but also cover up her vag.

No. 1218598

File: 1619597231449.jpeg (356.75 KB, 1190x949, 1284EB17-6C98-4E55-9B6C-0F39E0…)

I tried my best ladies
Any other anons feel free to make a better version

No. 1218603

KEK next thread pic please ilu anon

No. 1218608

Maybe a weird question, but how does she know they find her? Do they contact her, follow her, like her pics, etc? Sorry if it's a weird question but I wonder

No. 1218611

This one's perfect. Thanks queen.

No. 1218616

This is amazing, nice work anon. I love the attention to detail. The black mold is a nice touch. I think the only thing that's missing is her favorite kwik trip gas station coffee

No. 1218622

File: 1619600825102.jpg (348.3 KB, 1354x1080, ShatnasShitHouse.jpg)

I added two alternative texts also

No. 1218623

File: 1619600855152.jpg (348.46 KB, 1354x1080, Shatna'sShitHouse.jpg)

No. 1218640

The one without text is better imo

No. 1218654

> no JOI
Why that’s literally so popular amongst moids and easy and less humiliating than what she already does kek

No. 1218665

KEK, I knew I could count on you all

No. 1218669

The old grayhair meme on the phone. I can’t. This is my fave Shayna fanart. Well done anons.

No. 1218686

I don’t get why she doesn’t cash in, it’s literally instructing them how to masturbate and potentially giving a handjob to a dildo? She can do it fully clothed and can even do submissive ones. God she’s an idiot for not cashing in on less humiliating shit

No. 1218702

The pickme that never gets picked lol

No. 1218703

the fucking phone i cant

No. 1218717

I’m actually wondering this too.

No. 1218720

File: 1619617662299.jpg (635.21 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20210428-084738_Twi…)

No. 1218721

I love that she can only post a photo of one tiny awkward close up of a corner in her house because you know just out of frame are her massive piles of shit and mess

No. 1218730


-dumb scrotes using their real name
-dumb scrotes using the same username/alias for everything, so she recognize it
-dumb scrotes messaging her (not subbing) asking if she's Shayna Clifford from highschool with a lol, then her getting triggered from it.

No. 1218732


lmfao anon, this is amazing. the oldman grey gif gets me every time.


this looks a bathmat from wish dot com. she will buy the cheapest fucking shit just to try to keep a "pink aesthetic"

No. 1218893

>passion for graphic design

No. 1218911

Constantly posting her entire vag and asshole for all the non paying coomers and her former schoolmates to see and only taking the time to smooth everything into oblivion without color correcting her disgusting yellow feet (or, y'know, actually using a fucking pumice)

No. 1218919

it was probably ONE dude, but she loves to over exaggerate and it probably was a coomer who followed other coomers/sex workers who reposted shayna's daily tard nudes. I doubt they were trying to "find" her. If they were, i'd guess it was like a "Oh shit, remember Shayna? She's selling ass pictures on onlyfans lol" kind of thing.
Either way they are looking down on her.

No. 1218935

File: 1619631662362.jpg (243.28 KB, 1079x972, Screenshot_20210428-124034_Twi…)


No. 1218937

File: 1619631690222.png (21.84 KB, 730x126, Capture.PNG)

Just outed herself. She ordered food to Fupa's place and now she can't even go get it. Also how much food did she fucking order to be worth the cost of an outfit?

No. 1218942

or you could just keep a bottle of water out of frame like a normal human being?

No. 1218943

samefag but why would you be eating in between fucking your ass? that’s how shit happens, you fat fuck. real anal porn actresses usually fast and do water enemas. what a fucking pig.

No. 1218946

proof she can’t go more than 10 minutes at a time without eating

No. 1218947

We already know she doesn't care about getting shit on her toys. She eats her own discharge and did scat videos. She's gross.

No. 1218962

File: 1619634084880.jpg (175.44 KB, 1080x793, Screenshot_20210428-132104_Twi…)

No. 1218965

Kind of seconding this, I think it'd be better with just the one speech bubble of Fupa going "damn bitch you still live like this?" cause I immediately associated the same meme with the image once Fupa was added in.

No. 1218971

Walk to your fridge, you fucking sow. Why would you ever need a mini fridge in an apartment you live in on your own???

No. 1218982

This is true fat girl shit. She's not someone working in a office working hours, she's probably in her "Workspace" for less then 30 mintues, maybe 45 mintues. Didn't she also say she eats before she works? Feeder Barbie is coming. All she does now is talk about food and we know she constantly makes shit her personality.

No. 1218983

seems like she's going to skip the feeder part and just go directly to bedridden deathfat for free

No. 1219009

I’m keking at the thought of her outing her obesity habits to Fupa, imagine ordering a meal for an entire family (we know she does) and it turning up at your exes house with your name attached. Cringe

No. 1219011

She acts like she lives in a huge two-story house. Her kitchen is probably 20 seconds from her "work" room. Does she really need a fridge for her luncheable snacks and capri suns? This shows she really has no intention to move by wasting money on shit like this. She has a food/shopping/fupa addiction. Mini fridges arent exactly portable, it's just gonna be more shit for her to take if she really plans on moving halfway across the country again. She just likes instant gratification, its exhausting.

No. 1219020

File: 1619638492864.jpeg (358.11 KB, 1242x1162, 050D9303-EF9B-46A5-B7DC-7AE8F7…)

Now she mentions looking at apartments lmao

No. 1219021

Fupa is just as crusty as Shatna so it doesn't really make sense that he would judge her or call her out on how dirty she is

No. 1219022

File: 1619638544156.jpeg (791.44 KB, 1242x1344, 49D6CAAE-E901-4A66-8031-A21100…)

No. 1219026

She's acting like she didn't just buy a fucking Xbox, clearly thats for Fupa or a waste of money.

No. 1219046

what kind of apartment building has a secluded yard? or is it naive of me to think she wouldn’t take nudes in front of god and everyone?

No. 1219049

it’s a waste of money either way

No. 1219053

File: 1619640378759.jpg (529.89 KB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20210428-150539_Twi…)

On today's episode of what didn't happen

No. 1219060

Wow, so she put a straw wrapper in her purse, amazing.

No. 1219063

this is the most mundane thing in the world, people do this all the time. she has no metric for normal behavior anymore.

No. 1219064

lmao my thoughts exactly. like, okay… i think that’s what 99% of people would do in that situation if they couldn’t find a trash bin.

No. 1219072

courtesy makes her anxious, who woulda thunk it

No. 1219077

Her life seems so fucking boring, everytime she interacts with someone she posts about it, whenever she tries to friendly interact with someone (like Fupa's friends) 90% of the time it's a disaster and she doesn't want to say why.
But she can talk about putting a wrapper in her purse.

No. 1219082

i'm sure she's going to have some totally normal interaction with a tech at the laser hair place that she's going to blow up as some uwu speshul moment too

No. 1219095

Bless the tech that is going to touch her disgusting body. I really hope this bitch showered before her appointment I bet she still has shit flakes in and around her busted asshole

No. 1219097

Didn’t she film today? Bitch probably still has crusted lube round her asshole and down her legs

No. 1219103

File: 1619642409884.jpg (235.81 KB, 1080x987, Screenshot_20210428-154002_Twi…)

She really can't be this stupid

No. 1219109

File: 1619642947802.png (26.29 KB, 594x412, 2021-04-28 16_48_53-Window.png)

she's trying to seem cute and ditzy but even the coomers have lost patience

No. 1219121

> the tech said my pussy was so fat I need extra sessions
> send cshapp

No. 1219129

File: 1619644307512.jpeg (182.53 KB, 1242x424, 8516C07A-576B-4ACA-A0A4-7EEE6E…)

I bet rib loathes Shatna

No. 1219130

File: 1619644439514.jpeg (229.72 KB, 1242x888, 1C31204F-D10C-49D1-944B-85F880…)

More like you’re a lazy piece of shit who is a terrible pet owner

No. 1219135

those water fountains get so disgusting and bacteria ridden if you don't deep clean them at least once a week (which we know she won't)

No. 1219136

Why is she still pretending that Mr peanutbutter doesn’t exist?

No. 1219139

because she and fupa are ~totez broken up~ and she wouldn't have another explanation for suddenly accumulating another cat when she's supposedly trying to move across the country

No. 1219140

i really don’t know why shay doesn’t go and try to get knocked up by a guy. she’ll have a steady flow of money for years to spend on unnecessary bullshit.

No. 1219142

kek anon where exactly would that money be coming from? knowing the type of dudes she goes for she'd be a pump and dump lost cause with a baby and child support dodging baby daddy

No. 1219143

Why would you want her to bring an unloved and unwanted child into the world? and for what? No, fucking thank you.

No. 1219144

i would imagine people who went to HS with her maybe run into each other and during conversation about school it's like:
>"hey, remember that ugly bitch shayna clifford?"
>"omg yeah! she was so fucking annoying."
>"well you should google her sometime to see what she's been up to (:"(no1curr)

No. 1219145

>have baby


No. 1219149

What's the fucking point of having pets if you cant do the bare fucking minimum. I feel so bad for them jesus christ.

Plastic kiddie pool for porn content? Not only is she creepy, but too broke and white trash for a real pool, like an actual bimbo should have. She might as well just live in a trailer and become trailer trash barbie, it's more ideal for her image.

No. 1219155

You’re asking why shay doesn’t have a baby? Are you fucking serious? And why she doesn’t profit off of it?

I…what….are you insane nonny?

No. 1219163

File: 1619646341830.jpeg (266.13 KB, 1125x753, 54D40C52-E786-4B85-8559-8730B4…)

coping with her spending addiction

No. 1219164

File: 1619646410774.jpeg (56.21 KB, 500x375, 0C944F79-E581-49F4-B628-3C7B58…)

Ew that’s disgusting I don’t even think Shayna can get pregnant. Which is a good thing. Imagine having that obese woman-child as a mother. She’d probably sexualize her child and take their pacifiers and diapers and shit
Shayna is going to look like pic related if she gets a kiddie pool(medfagging)

No. 1219167

she already made kiddie pool content a long ass time ago in the beginning threads iirc

No. 1219169

"B-b-but mom im literally happy with my life and job puppy eye and fingers pointing emojis

No. 1219175


Sounds like patented manlogic™️ to me

No. 1219180

I know anon. That saga was disgusting her pimples covered coochie and the pedo pandering arm floaters were just gross. I’m saying it’s going to be her again just fatter and she’ll put it in her living room and act like it’s luxurious and uwu bimbo.

No. 1219183

Kek she didn’t say anything about her appointment which means she can’t afford it and now it’ll never be mentioned again.

No. 1219184

she said she was going to put it outside though

No. 1219186

File: 1619647908421.png (14.31 KB, 586x172, 2021-04-28 18_11_11-Window.png)

commenting on nickelodeon posts on your sex work account is totally cool though

No. 1219187

She’s literally done this tho. And posted a photo of her dad. And got all pissy about it when people called her out.

No. 1219189

yeah didn't she post some shitty pic from when she was in a kid's dance class and claimed she was a child model… like not that long ago?

No. 1219193

yes she did. Her brain is fried and/or she knows that no one cares to even call her out on it.

No. 1219202

Typical hypocritical virtue signalling.

No. 1219208

Kek she did this when she pretended she was modeling as a kid, and it was just like a sears glamour shot

No. 1219210

File: 1619650095953.jpeg (87.64 KB, 750x514, 38318F4E-E928-4404-9FCE-5F896E…)

Having a clean litter box, water and food isn’t being spoiled you careless retard

No. 1219211

No. 1219213

Given her horrendous lifestyle, she is probably not currently fertile enough to get pregnant.

No. 1219216

Shayna Thunberg over here thinking she's a hero for not littering. Somebody give her an award.

No. 1219218

say that to all of the methheads chicks with ten kids

No. 1219229

File: 1619652903889.jpg (238.32 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20210428-183446_Twi…)

No. 1219236

2 years of misery for that poor animal i'm sure

No. 1219237

File: 1619654458058.png (Spoiler Image,387.04 KB, 579x478, 2021-04-28 20_00_09-Window.png)

every day we stray further from god's light


No. 1219238

holy heck she looks 250 pounds

No. 1219240

Somehow she managed to make this look a hundred times worse than it sounded, and it already sounded fucking awful

No. 1219243

Couldn’t even bother to get a pedicure for foot related porn. No surprise there.

No. 1219245

File: 1619655280660.jpeg (Spoiler Image,417.59 KB, 883x1060, A80D3751-FD44-4100-B639-74A2C8…)

Such sex appeal
So bimbotastic

No. 1219251

File: 1619655769685.jpeg (Spoiler Image,452.45 KB, 766x753, 279572E4-14F9-4F1A-811A-37C3C3…)

this is extremely autistic I’m sorry

No. 1219259

Wow this is absolutely autistic as fuck but I would be lying if i said it didn't make me cackle

No. 1219263

File: 1619656840242.jpg (141.96 KB, 1410x793, hidethepainharold.jpg)

Okay, but the "hide the pain" smile though. kek

No. 1219265

Is she looking at HOUSES again?! Apartments don’t have yards unless you get a townhome and then it’s only a sliver of lot and they are not private. AND if she were to somehow miraculously find a 2bed+ house to rent for under 1k, the fence isn’t going to be a private fence that surrounds the lot and more than likely will be near a school since it’ll probably be a section 8 property

No. 1219268

I have never laughed so hard before, good god. Keep thriving, shay.

No. 1219275

Bitch shoved those talons up her ass. I want to die.

No. 1219277

File: 1619657521090.jpeg (Spoiler Image,134.25 KB, 1124x612, 01F81F6F-26C3-43C8-974C-E64BAE…)

This may be kind of nitpicky but the yellow feet make be ill.

Also, you can kind of see something stuck to her foot, did she not clean this Amazon rug before sitting her naked ass and vag down on it? Most of amazons shit is made in countries with little to no regulation. She could actually catch something. Nasty. You’d expect her to notice her dirty feet considering that this is literally a foot fetish video and they’re the focal point.

No. 1219280

Omg I just noticed her nails are all diff shades of pink like we always rip on her for doing with her furniture/outfits. She really bases all her decisions/moves on this thread.

No. 1219281

The sagging pussy lips in this shot is what truly does it for me

No. 1219283

File: 1619658529532.jpeg (4.98 KB, 168x301, download.jpeg)

Similar vibes.

No. 1219290

cant wait for her to neglect these devices and act shocked when rib gets sick from old spoiled food or a mouldy filter/old water. Also can see the automatic litter filling up and breaking/no longer functioning and her being unable to figure out why

No. 1219302

anon, she’s had those nails for going on 3 weeks now

No. 1219313

serving some Beanie Feldstein here

No. 1219314

I. I thought she was crossing the line at scat porn but this fills me with an extreme sense of primal fear. she has transformed into a creature beyond our comprehension anons we need to close the thread before she grows too powerful

No. 1219316

File: 1619661416968.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.91 KB, 446x405, 20210428_185517.jpg)

I guess I'll spoiler this because it's just gross to look at kek

No. 1219318

almost the exact same screenshot was already posted >>1219237

No. 1219321

File: 1619662301970.png (Spoiler Image,2.4 MB, 1136x640, 0A52BF6D-9B20-44BA-931D-08C0AF…)

This is nightmare inducing. She has the worst angles.

No. 1219324

File: 1619662835970.png (Spoiler Image,350.38 KB, 598x317, Capture1.PNG)

She legitimately looks like some creepypasta character.

No. 1219336

File: 1619664098457.gif (346.73 KB, 400x170, 583e8911-94c2-4cbc-a4ab-2d2cbc…)

No. 1219341

nta but why wouldn't she be able to get pregnant, can you smell infertility through the screen or something

No. 1219354

Yeah those anons are autistic. It's very uncommon for a woman in her early 20s to be infertile.

No. 1219363

Not to medfag but Shay is so close to prediabetes based on her lifestyle choices and the way/places she gains her weight. Plus her daily alcoholism will fuck up her hormones and any egg that might take hold.
She has already established her periods aren't predictable (likely an excuse but taking her at her word). I know she isn't honest about herself or lifestyle, but just basing this on her self-reported lifestyle, symptoms and observation.(medfagging)

No. 1219365

Is this supposed to be a play on Foot in Mouth syndrome in psychology or Foot and Mouth Disease in children?? Major kek for the former, complete disgust for the latter

No. 1219368

I bet we can count how many times she's walked that poor dog on one hand

No. 1219370

>not to medfag
just shut up already

No. 1219379

File: 1619667684142.jpg (40.64 KB, 828x600, FB_IMG_1619667658335.jpg)

Just saw this on fb and it is totally Shay(not milk)

No. 1219381

go to any walmart and count how many 300-pounders you see with infants and toddlers
you may be surprised at how many

No. 1219387

Actually her periods are consistent. Hate that I know that. But i have checked on her posts about it to see if it was just excuses. But they really do line up

No. 1219390

yeah i think there were only like 2 extra ones she threw in as excuses to not film for a day or two

No. 1219441

She would be able to get pregnant but her lifestyle would put her at higher risk of miscarriage and pre-eclampsia for sure. Anyway let’s just pray she never procreates because that would be a disaster for the poor child…(medfag)

No. 1219488

File: 1619691625731.jpeg (85.04 KB, 749x413, 1617417198907.jpeg)

It's the gagging on her own foot for me.(twitterfag)

No. 1219492

You should want a yard for the poor dog you keep trapped in your shithole apartment but okay. God forbid you keep some clothes on when you enter the outside world with non-consenting parties.

No. 1219527

File: 1619702510498.jpeg (Spoiler Image,597.29 KB, 1213x656, 3D0FA75F-330B-4485-8AB8-A9A863…)

Probably because it tastes like shit because she can’t reach her feet to wash they in the shower. Kek, fucking fat-ass.

It’s the torn up soon-to-be hemorrhoid asshole for me(twitterfag)

No. 1219536

Her new rug is so disgusting. I know this is nitpicky, but because of the shade of pink and matted look it feels like I'm looking at an old, moldy bathroom rug that makes a squishy noise with you step on it. The whole aesthetic is fucking gross.

No. 1219542

unsettling, she's folded up like a spider after it dies

No. 1219555

POV: you are an ant in Shayna's Barbie Hovel looking for food after eating the crumbs of last week's cheemsburger

No. 1219558

don't worry, there's some spaghetti on the floor by the couch

No. 1219560

File: 1619705805939.png (51.5 KB, 733x446, Capture.PNG)

We know, Shayna. Then you dirty delete when you get called out on the shit that comes out of your mouth.

No. 1219577

Shayna gagging on her foot reminded me of that one black sabbath song. Sage for retardation and no contribution


No. 1219589

she would probably take this as a compliment

No. 1219625

this should be new thread picture, she's censored her cockeyed tits for us already and it's fucking hilarious

this on the other hand is bleak as hell. her face just reads "I am so high I can't think because that's the only way I can get in front of a camera". the angle, the fact that she's STILL ON THE FLOOR, her expression, all just creepy and pathetic

No. 1219644

nobody wants to look at that at the top of the thread

No. 1219657

This made me choke kek

No. 1219686

File: 1619716386315.jpeg (63.27 KB, 750x362, F43F4208-341B-416B-AC88-4C0757…)

And here come the excuses

No. 1219687

this bitch just loves to out herself on how lazy she is. i can understand people having self cleaning litter boxes and automatic feeders/water bowls because they work a REAL full-time job away from home. unlike shatna who is home all day, sitting on her pimply ass and stuffing her moon face with fast food 24/7

No. 1219693

sage your day-old ice cold take that literally everyone else already iterated

No. 1219695

did her dog shit on the floor this time?

No. 1219703

this looks like a scene from literal gore. Her lower body looks like it's been gouged and deformed and her wasted/stoned face and makeup only adds to the horror factor. Her attempt at contouring by her hairline just looks like bruising along with the eyeshadow

No. 1219712

I have said it before and I'll say it again. It's the weed and the booze. This woman spends 80% of her life intoxicated. Muh medicinal cannibais is just an excuse to get high. Her life won't improve until she gets sober. It's killing her motivation.

She's a different person now even to when she first appeared on the website.

I have met plenty of people like her and they always end up speaking and acting like ozzy osbourne.

No. 1219717

File: 1619718824309.jpg (85.72 KB, 925x693, Totally a diva.jpg)

How can she retweet this bullshit when she takes more days off than she actually works?

No. 1219729

I second this. She will probably end up obese and on welfare within the next 5 years minimum. I’m not even positive about the welfare though because I don’t think she qualifies if she’s never worked a real job?

No. 1219735

True but to be fair even ozzy works more frequently and harder than Shayna and he’s in his 70s with health conditions. Shayna needs to get her shit together

No. 1219749

The booze that was the last nail in the coffin. Everything went downhill once she started drinking. She was always a stoned but somehow managed to not be how she is now kek. Then add in the food and it’s just a nice continuous spiral. Berthing is just a recipe for her to end up dead or in a trailer somehwere in OK.

No. 1219778

One of the most annoying thing to me about Shayna is this, she'll retweet or make some corny ass "PSA" about something she just done, has done or will do.
"Hey guys just shove all the shit out of the frame! It makes the picture looks more professional" then a day later, she's taking pictures of shit covered in animal hair with filth in the background.
"Hey guys, numbers don't matter!" but then, "I'm looking with someone with 50K followers or more for promo , I'll pay!". I truly think she's retarded.

No. 1219807

File: 1619725991296.jpeg (Spoiler Image,496.02 KB, 1242x1477, 514CD809-2BC1-4E84-BFA4-73CD09…)

Shay is really twice the lady she used to be ain't that right @GNotold ? kek

No. 1219834

File: 1619727838646.jpg (333.71 KB, 1079x1471, Screenshot_20210429-152308_Twi…)


No. 1219836

Honestly I wish we could make a thread with just all the evidences of her constantly contradicting herself. Leggit just save things of she says/claims one day and it's opposite another. Expose how much of an hypocrite she is. Like I know we all /know/ about this already, but sometimes it's so unbelievble she forgets shit she said literally the day before etc and I wish we could keep up with this exact subject (shaytard's own words again herself) & have some sort of easy next to eachother comparaisons

No. 1219837

File: 1619727931468.jpg (319.71 KB, 1079x1255, Screenshot_20210429-152346_Twi…)


No. 1219838

File: 1619727969232.jpg (352.05 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20210429-152441_Twi…)

This is just sad

No. 1219842

File: 1619728438940.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3464x3464, 486AC59B-5368-477D-8608-55403F…)

The farms will always remember

No. 1219843

someone should edit it to say "Lolcow Farm Remembers"

No. 1219845

I think he just lowkey meme'd on her kek

No. 1219846

Kek even gray hair knows she has no friends to celebrate with (even with the mask wearing and distancing)

No. 1219850

File: 1619729986521.jpg (195.66 KB, 1080x625, Screenshot_20210429-155945_Twi…)

No. 1219856

reminds me of TND having to leave Disney early because she had to go home to shoot up. Can't go on an actual destination vacation because of drug dependency, and somehow thinks this information is cute and quirky?

No. 1219860

File: 1619731114731.jpg (253.98 KB, 1080x1183, Screenshot_20210429-161833_Twi…)

No. 1219862

R.I.P. to whomever might have the mispleasure of touching that

No. 1219864

Covid vaccine or no, why doesn’t she just spend what she’ll spend carting fupa on holiday with her (couple of hundred dollars a night hotel, couple of hundred on food, god knows on weed) do a sweet sixteen style buy herself a car and slap a ribbon on it and she can pretend to be “spoiled”

No. 1219881

No, shes just hoping her parents or some scrote will magically buy her whatever car. Even though shes never specified what kind or literally any details. It's a delusional thing anyway, but she hasnt made even a little effort towards it herself but thinks someone else will

No. 1219882

When you can’t take yourself on a vacation weekend because you can’t binge drink or green out. Jesus Christ, this is bleak.

No. 1219922

You can binge out on cruises

She just can’t handle being away from pot

No. 1219933

File: 1619735903241.jpeg (142.31 KB, 1284x397, F11D0888-4FB8-4A8B-A11F-3F86AD…)

this idiot really thinks an apple pen is the same as a regular cheap stylus. it sort of is but it has more features meant for digital artists. she just wants it for the name.

No. 1219935

girlll jus WIPE it and wash yo fingers gotdam

No. 1219936

Had it for less than a day and already fucked it up with her disgustingness. All touchscreens are going to have fingerprints but when it becomes an issue… your gruby ass hands are the problem

No. 1219937


Constantly outting herself as a greasy pig.

And yeah she’s a dumbass. She has no need for an apple pencil whatsoever when she’s just gonna use as a stylus to click and scroll. Like .. you can literally just buy a cheap stylus for the ipad…

No. 1219944

File: 1619736767599.png (4.27 MB, 3464x3464, 1619728438940.png)

No. 1219946


dumb bitch won’t even consider a screen protector for her $1000+ tablet that she’s probably just going to watch videos on and tweet from????

no no no, she needs an additional $100 accessory instead of the basics. god she’s fucking stupid. news flash, you’ll still have to tap the damn screen sometimes even with the pencil.

No. 1219949

calm down with your double spaced sperging

No. 1219950

File: 1619737345967.jpg (232.62 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20210429-180142_Twi…)

Didn't she post something similar not top long ago?

No. 1219952

V based burn anon

No. 1219956

i've just seen the repetitive double spaced posts in multiple threads now and it's driving me nuts

No. 1219958




Bother you, nonnie?

No. 1219961

all I can say to this pedopandering shit is: gross

No. 1219965

She makes pointless tweets like she has a quota to meet every day

How does she not understand that she would get better engagement and retain more followers if she kept her feed even a little more focused

No. 1219985

File: 1619742212885.jpg (Spoiler Image,419.61 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20210429-192305_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 1219992

What's with her mentioning Disney constantly lately? Did Fupa say he was gonna take his kids or something kek

No. 1219993

That's just you being fat, sweaty.

No. 1219996

thick thighs save lives
flabby thighs just block traffic

No. 1220007

File: 1619746107344.jpg (Spoiler Image,437.17 KB, 1079x1307, Screenshot_20210429-202809_Twi…)

Is she posting an old pic? Or did she rip her acrylics off?

No. 1220009

File: 1619746216845.jpg (483.42 KB, 1079x1680, Screenshot_20210429-192323_Twi…)

No. 1220012

the hello kitty is angry because of the cope

No. 1220013

Probably ripped them off, but there is something about this angle that is more unsettling than usual. Looks like a slab of raw meat someone cut a gash into.

No. 1220015

meat is muscle tissue. "meaty" implies muscular, strong, solid. she's got fat, not muscle. big blubbery thighs. notice the cellulite that she couldn't blur around the edges without blending her leg into the background.

No. 1220016

yeah her pussy looks like someone sliced into some memory foam and put some raw chicken bits in there. probably pussy sperging but her mound doesn't even look human to me here(vagsperg)

No. 1220021

looks like a slab of salmon with a peach pit in the middle of it.

No. 1220032

Ugh I hate how disgustingly accurate this this