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File: 1662153450970.jpg (413.64 KB, 546x820, 2022-08-31T12-15-272.jpg)

No. 1633907

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1626398

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last Thread:
>A couple shoots from Shay's Florida adventure come out, a cheerleading one >>>/snow/1622899, and the wrestling one >>>/snow/1623189
>Shayna tweets about wanting a personal trainer again >>>/snow/1623938 and then deletes it
>Another Shayna asexual moment >>>/snow/1623960 tweeting about how she doesn't like sex
>Alludes to working with abustedpixie >>>/snow/1624372
>Finally goes to the dentist! ..In order to see about getting pink braces for pedopandering purposes >>>/snow/1625554, >>>/snow/1626568
>Goes full force into tiktok, posted tons of mega cringe and inappropriate tiktoks over the course of the week >>>/snow/1627448, >>>/snow/1628012, >>>/snow/1628002, >>>/snow/1628010, >>>/snow/1628917, >>>/snow/1630239, >>>/snow/1630498, >>>/snow/1631323, >>>/snow/1631554, >>>/snow/1631608, >>>/snow/1631634, >>>/snow/1633359 a number of which have been removed for violating TOS
>Did one extremely boring and uneventful cam session despite promising to cam every Saturday >>>/snow/1627795
>Starts publicly simping for "tattooed goth boys" once again, following a handful of basic white tattooed men on tiktok >>>/snow/1631613 and making a video about them >>>/snow/1631608
>Found herself a cringy tattooed tiktok dom she plans to fuck on camera >>>/snow/1628756
>Bragged about getting catcalled on twitter >>>/snow/1629945, is so proud of herself she makes a tiktok about it too >>>/snow/1630400
>Monthly "I hate women, they harass me" tweet which is quickly deleted >>>/snow/1631049
>Went out in public to brunch half naked with no makeup looking horrible >>>/snow/1632062
>Put out a forced diaper shitting POV video >>>/snow/1632239
>Begged for booze, cheese and crackers >>>/snow/1632252 and then fed it to her dog on her couch off her plate >>>/snow/1632409
>Had a John come to her apartment to watch Ellen beat her >>>/snow/1632931
>Her tiktok account keeps getting banned and unbanned, likely will not survive much longer >>>/snow/1633198

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1633909

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No. 1633910

File: 1662153565701.jpeg (295.35 KB, 828x1879, D3FBA886-8C3B-48B0-B593-C27697…)

Reposting cause the last thread ended on some milk

No. 1633914

I mean she isn't wrong, the Nazi stuff is stupid and way overblown. But they can only use that against her since they all Pedo-pander or worse.

No. 1633916

Shit thread

No. 1633917

What’s your problem? It’s fine

No. 1633920

I was just about to post my summary and make a new thread but anon beat me to it.
Last thread :
>Screenshots of the trailer of Shayna’s new “cheerleading spanking” video filmed in a hotel room at Fetcon >>1622899, >>1622904, >>1622934, >>1623004,
>More screenshots from another video filmed at Fetcon by grapplinggirls.com >>1623189, >>1624521,
>More Fetcon photos are found of Shaynus in the wild by anons >>1622978,
>Shayna is “looking” for a personal trainer >>1623938, AGAIN
>Michael Slack cooms over Shayna finally following him after years of support >>1623999, she lies, plays dumb, and says she thought she followed him this whole time
>Michael Slack also tweets about wanting to see bustedpixie and shaynus make content together
>Shayna continues to post cringeworthy dancing videos on Twitter >>1624898, shaking her flat ass to old man music >>1624906, >>1625035,
>Continues to wear and repeat outfits including Walmart leopard bra and nasty tank top >>1625100,
>Shayna wants pink braces so she can continue the “yellowfication” of her teeth >>1626465, >>1625554, sexualizing her dentist afterwards >>1626565,
>Deleted the tweet about how the dentist said she could benefit from braces >>1626568,
>Makes TikTok videos that flop tremendously >>1627448, >>1628002, >>1628010, >>1628012, >>1628707, >>1630400, >>1631368, >>1631554, >>1631608, >>1631634, >>1633178, >>1633291,
>Shows her ass and floppy underboobs in her videos. On an app children use >>1628917, >>1630239, >>1631307,
>Shayna’s subscribers go down all the way to 327 >>1627517,
>A year earlier on the same day she had 400 >>1627660,
> She loses more than half of her subscribers >>1627655,
>Shayna goes on cam with only farmers watching besides the four guests that have accounts on MFC >>1627795, really boring show
>Shayna tweets that she is speaking to a scrote and planning to film with him >>1628721, >>1628756, >>1629386,
>Shooting at Spedmore Academy in October again >>1629773,
>Changes whole face with TikTok filters >>1630389, and simps for “boys” on TikTok >>1631368, >>1631608,
>Shayna goes to lunch looking the ugliest without makeup and her boobs hanging out of a cheap crop top/bra >>1632062,
>Begs for money for cheese and crackers so she can make charcuterie board for her and her retarded dog >>1632359,
>Posts video on TikTok of it exposing her tacky living room >>1632409, >>1632474,
>Shayna and Ellen meet with a scrote so he can watch Ellen beat up Shayna >>1632931,
>Ellen tweets about her sex life on Twitter >>1633134,
>Shayna is still butthurt she’s cancelled by the whore community over her Trump video >>1633860,

No. 1633921

File: 1662154350164.jpeg (Spoiler Image,699.76 KB, 1284x1133, C21EFE1E-F4D3-4023-BFEE-ED4AE7…)

this is actually the shot she chose for her new vid. her lack of self awareness is astonishing.

No. 1633922

File: 1662154544527.jpeg (83.53 KB, 828x225, 429C63B1-D935-48DB-9BDA-7D0941…)

Poor smol and starved Shayna. It’s not like that’s because shes too lazy get out of bed until 2pm or anything

No. 1633929

Probably mad their fanart didn’t make it to thread pic.

Back when filters actually worked on her busted mug

No. 1633938

File: 1662155344133.jpeg (Spoiler Image,97.94 KB, 486x305, F81AC364-13A3-4415-9AB3-0634B8…)


No. 1633947

this pic wasn’t good on the thread before and isn’t good now. you look like one of those scrotes who jacks off to feet.

No. 1633949

the marionette mouth and triple chin is just so hilarious. she has ruined her body.

No. 1633958

And yet she's still fat

No. 1633959

intermittent fasting only works if you actually eat well and work out. otherwise it tends to cause you to eat more when you do eat and then hold on to the fat and calories because you’re body thinks it’s starving. she probably
thinks it’s cute and quirky like every other thing she does to wreck herself.

No. 1633960

Oh so everyone can repost the images what was said in the last thread instead of moving on or continuing the conversation? And when I point out that she doesn’t wash her feet and still has giant callouses I get called a foot scrote. Yeah okay.

No. 1633962

No she’s not doing intermittent fasting she’s passed out until 1-2 in the afternoon from binge drinking all night. She eats like a hog but she doesn’t starve

No. 1633973

It’s not a MAGA hat. But she still made a porn titled “grab me by the pussy” and was using Trump slogans in the description. Then the Trump mask and black dildo comment, which many WOC spoke out about

No. 1633976

She also tweeted her MV link to Mike Pence saying to buy her porn

No. 1633987

File: 1662159119213.png (2.26 MB, 1600x1200, threadpic.png)

Guess I should've checked to see if the new thread was up before making a whole threadpic collage kek but I'm just gonna post it in this one.

No. 1633999

File: 1662159966841.jpeg (749.25 KB, 1170x1843, 061A5BBC-F1D8-4850-ABE2-24D3E1…)

No. 1634012

if she doesn’t eat for long periods and then stuffs her face, it’s considered intermittent fasting. just because she’s not doing it the way it’s intended as a diet doesn’t mean that’s not what she’s doing based on the definition.

No. 1634013

it’s been in the thread rules for 20+ threads that you don’t post close ups to nitpick. it shits up the thread. take your foot fetish elsewhere.

No. 1634016

she always tries to cover up the Trump mask and black dildo fiasco. you can’t tell in the vid that her hat clearly says “fuck trump” and even if you can, it comes across like she actually wants to fuck donald trump. it is obviously trying to mimic the look of a MAGA hat anyway.

she pretends to be oblivious about why people hate on her for this. she’s what, 28, 29? she needs to stop acting like she doesn’t understand.

No. 1634024

>Mimic the look of maga hat
A cap is now a maga hat? It’s not even red, fucking retard

No. 1634026

I don’t have a foot fetish you fucking freak. Stop assuming everyone that calls out Shayna for being disgusting a scrote

No. 1634028

God she looks like an alien in those pics. Her eyes are so ugly and the editing was weird. Definitely don't miss the ugly retarded braids.
Yeah the idea and comments were distasteful, but not as bad as other shit she's done and said.
But it is ironic that she posted all that and yet she left out the rest of the story like anon said >>1633884

No. 1634033

>she's what, 28, 29?
lmao nonny
Surprised people don't just go after her for the fact that her cosplaying Trump taking a black dildo specifically is generally unsavory? Like, not aware of the video's content but if she's trying to act like Trump should be fucked in the ass with BBC for being a bigot, that's pretty shitty to black people. It was years ago at this point though so maybe she's realized that. Idk. People should be chewing her out for making thinly veiled pedophile bait but they won't because they're all complicit.

No. 1634084

I agree, excellent thread pic too!

No. 1634125


Lmao I think she just turned 25 a few months ago, but damn she doesn't look like it. 29 is generous.

No. 1634126

Classic fat girl shit tho. Especially since she binge drinks every night. She gets the night started around 2pm with her first IPA/glass of wine. Then she snacks on a family-sized charcuterie board until dinner. By 8, she's already had a full bottle of wine & 2000 calories of meat & cheese, at which point she orders a greasy takeaway & gets dessert. She drinks well into the evening and (miraculously!) isn't hungry the next day when she rolls out of bed at noon.

No. 1634127

>intentionally highlighted squidward nose
>hartley hooligans/AHS Pepper lookin selfie
>literally has 3 eyebags stacked on top of each other what the fuck. At age 25.
>celebrating her sub count decline
>gru from minions body type
I like it anon.

No. 1634131

I can't believe you called him gru from minions

No. 1634155

Guess that gym daddy and personal trainer she was talking about last thread didn't work out so this is what shes trying now.

No. 1634160

Oh my gooood, she cannot actually think responding to imaginary haters (in that nobody's made the monthly callout post yet) is a good idea. Proof that weed destroys brain cells.

No. 1634378

i love how she posts this like a flex but she would probably lose weight if she ate three meals like a day and didnt let her blood sugar spike and make her look like stay-puft

No. 1634383

intermittant fasting doesnt mean waking up at 2pm and eating until you pass out again. if shayna woke up at 2pm and then ate until 9/10pm every day then maybe but she is just literally lazy and isnt making an active choice. plus even if she did only eat in an 8 hour window each day, with the amount of carbs she intakes, asking us to consider the time she’s passed out as “fasting” is a bit of a stretch

No. 1634412

intermittent - occurring at irregular intervals
fasting - abstain from food by choice. may refer to metabolic state

y’all are fucking stupid. intermittent fasting does not only refer to a diet. it has multiple meanings. she chooses not to eat for long periods and then stuffs her face with garbage. this is not hard to understand.

No. 1634431

I know the milk is dry but why are y'all analyzing a stupid twitter post this much?
She used a meme format and said something for attention. It's not that deep. She's not doing it every day.
She's lazy and sleeps in most days, but she frequently posts about brunch and stupid shit.
She's not "choosing not to eat" then binging. She's just fucking stupid and has no structure in her life. In reality, she eats whenever she feels like it or can get donations for groceries and takeout. And she eats way too much and not healthy.
She's not going without until midday every day jfc. She probably posted that the other day when it was relevant because she's had to sell her boring content for a pitiful 90% off just to get some cheese and crackers and rent an bills are probably due. But you know, she loves her life and is thriving!

No. 1634448

why are you criticising people and then doing exactly the same, brainlet

No. 1634497

Nta but she's right. Every "uwu I'm quirky because I cant take of mysel like an adult" Twitter user posts about not eating until noon, this was clearly nothing to do with intermittent fasting but terminal anachans can't resist latching onto the idea that it os like rabid fucking pitbulls

No. 1634505

File: 1662223583187.jpeg (634.82 KB, 1170x1860, 033DD4E8-8708-444F-9147-0E516F…)


No. 1634507

File: 1662223690600.jpeg (274.45 KB, 1170x715, 2A36F63A-664D-4765-9B3D-D42D18…)


No. 1634508

File: 1662223733803.jpeg (682.65 KB, 1170x1385, 6629D51F-4078-4890-87A2-FDC47F…)

No. 1634513

please stop using this image im begging you

No. 1634514

File: 1662224985549.jpeg (460.78 KB, 1170x980, 8B2D6D71-7B93-4A2C-AFCC-1DE9BB…)

Using “adopted” in this sense is disgusting

No. 1634521

I can’t stand this fat bitch. She really thinks she’s unique and better than other girls. Such a god damn pick me. Zero personality. Only “hurr durr SpongeBob”.

No. 1634525

File: 1662226734653.jpeg (615.64 KB, 1170x1651, A06D8933-D74F-444F-A634-D9BAA6…)

Idk why she blurs out the names, cause you can see it on her MV profile

No. 1634546

It's polite. Dumb nitpick.

No. 1634551

Does fatty really think not eating until 2pm makes her a dainty kween? I'm losing it honestly, most people I know don't eat until around that time, a lot of people don't eat breakfast.

No. 1634562

File: 1662229187477.jpeg (328.72 KB, 1170x1415, 510BCC9C-E23A-4BFC-A7B7-59DAED…)

No. 1634569

Well he ain’t wrong

No. 1634600

I think of Shay whenever I'm tempted to get a cheemsburger or chimcken nuggets & it helps me abstain.

No. 1634628

File: 1662237823519.jpeg (312.43 KB, 1242x1283, 00EF8D58-B0F4-4E93-94B3-B7B524…)

No. 1634631

File: 1662238209725.jpeg (525.47 KB, 1170x1633, 9BDFD52F-980D-4D25-9ECD-5FAA87…)

No. 1634643

Because that went SO well with Vivi and her moid.

No. 1634647

Vivi saga all over again

No. 1634734

File: 1662245220453.jpeg (272.04 KB, 1081x1979, 39A3221D-F85A-410A-A5B7-01D406…)

Not the bandana and turd bun ugh

No. 1634763

File: 1662245705942.jpeg (225.6 KB, 1242x516, 1BE43D9B-B7C3-49EC-B5BF-A661FA…)


No. 1634834

She always looks like she's smelling something stank

No. 1634858

I mean she’s smelling herself all day. Too small shorts covered in discharge from last time she’s worn it jammed up against her snatch and her smelly sweatshirt she hasn’t washed.

No. 1634859

you can still see the slob stains eww

No. 1634863

File: 1662247316662.jpeg (391.37 KB, 1199x1307, A2F02901-AB42-47D8-8850-0B6213…)

Their relationship ended a long time ago Shayna just didn’t realize. She will be talking about it for years it’s embarrassing and pathetic. Fupa only came by to fuck because she’s too emotional and drunk all the time that he got sick of her and found a fiancé on the side.

No. 1634875

File: 1662247460394.jpeg (763.02 KB, 1242x1352, B09C2AEC-9145-44D9-A176-129F2B…)

kek wtf

No. 1634894

“Don’t belong to anyone”. But is always talking about wanting to be owned

No. 1634897

she’s so ugly like God hates her or something

No. 1634904

Scrotes have zero concept of aesthetics or what looks good, probably why the all look like bloated corpses by 30 lmao.

No. 1634919

As if she wouldn't kill to be in a monogamous relationship with a fupa 2.0

No. 1635052

File: 1662250571727.jpeg (620.69 KB, 1170x1429, FCF4CA04-02D4-489E-8972-ED7609…)

No. 1635084

File: 1662251222852.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1030x1558, 251EE1B0-C224-4B84-B563-664052…)

No. 1635088

Uh if you actually look, it’s not. It’s what the person commented on Shay’s pic. Not the tweet she made about Shay following her

No. 1635094

File: 1662251385729.jpeg (17.26 KB, 210x240, BB4DF54E-3C15-40F1-852C-CD4FD9…)

Land before time looking ass

No. 1635140

“its SO good” who talks like that?
also, Shayna, your ex is engaged now and youre in a “poly” relationship with one of the Slaton sisters and some 40something unhinged af.

No. 1635175

spit doesn't leave stain,Anon
I know that this is the premiere catty dramaminger site but u can chill a little bit

No. 1635194

Obvious newfag, remember what site you're on

No. 1635226

Spit definitely does leave a stain, especially when your mouth is gross and your spit is full of plaque.

No. 1635237

thread pics consistently suck for Shayna threads I don't know why because anons post some really funny edits.

No. 1635261

The summary is low effort too, I don’t know why retards insist on rushing through instead of waiting for someone who actually knows how to put together a good OP make one
She’s so fucking ugly, not even a filter can help. Those nasty little dark eyes are so hideous

No. 1635278

she might have rubbed something on it? either way this chick needs to move back in with her parents or something cuz I don't think she has anything good in the future if she keeps going in this direction.

No. 1635311

File: 1662259187700.jpeg (Spoiler Image,943.51 KB, 1242x1607, A756906B-DE0D-4241-8148-B131D2…)

Plush toy’s head is uneven like Shayna’s boobs

No. 1635334

File: 1662260869449.jpeg (179.86 KB, 828x669, 0A11CCB5-1A2A-4919-A006-43A445…)

No. 1635337

Like clockwork

No. 1635365

“Weird brain place” after tweeting about how awesome and perfect her life is belonging to no one and being in a poly relationship

No. 1635368

File: 1662263489628.jpeg (394.55 KB, 1242x1219, 5F360660-6632-48FE-9370-4ACB2B…)

Weird brain place aka drinking alone

No. 1635370

Disappointed you’re missing her stream, eh?

No. 1635375

File: 1662263902813.png (2.97 MB, 1242x2208, 44D71194-ABDD-4080-B5EA-58ABC5…)

i cant fuckibg believe this used to be her(old pics are not milk)

No. 1635391

tbf it got me to click the thread in shock so it did its job

No. 1635400

File: 1662264716034.jpeg (287.99 KB, 1242x2208, DB12D3A2-794D-48B0-8D0B-0CE311…)

She was never a stunner but god damn she actually looked decent here. Because of angles, posing, and being 110 lbs. Her nose doesn’t look too huge here due to her facial posing and thin face and her lips look bigger because of lipstick/lipliner. I know it must kill Shayna to see these old pictures. Woof the downgrade

No. 1635405

She blurs the line between things she says to cope and things she says pretending to be kinky
I think this one is a cope though. She more often says shit about wanting a partner who wants to show her off and is obsessed and in love with her.
She only likes poly rn because she doesn't really care about Ellen or the scrote guy. It's convenient for her to just use them for what she wants and then not have to be committed to them or be held accountable for anything in return.

No. 1635408

That may be the troon-est she's ever looked in a pic though tbh

No. 1635428

>obvious newfag cannot even admit an exactly matching stain is a stain and her dirty sweater isn't washed

No. 1635432

when you look back at pics like this from when she was freshly 18, you can understand why she looks so old now. facially, she looks around 22-25 in this pic. and then she outgrew her teenage body and now looks around late 30s. kinda sad.

No. 1635459

I believe it is definitely a spit stain. You see them a lot with baby drool as well.
Also are you new here? Or maybe you just dont remember when she was freshly 21 and letting a man more than twice her age abuse her. People have been saying she needs to move back with her parents since thread 1. Sadly i believe its too late for her.

No. 1635511

ikr the fucking cope. the fact that she’s got a super supportive family prepared to house and pay for college yet she insists on living this miserably failure of a life blows my mind. Ungrateful fat retard.

No. 1635526

I can 100% believe she hasn't washed that sweatshirt in 2 weeks.

No. 1635534

File: 1662279030753.jpeg (130.53 KB, 828x1514, 6CFE4B4D-AFB5-43E1-8E24-3F59F3…)

She deleted the tweet and the tiktok

No. 1635536

She has no top lip, unfortunate

No. 1635632

holy fuck she’s such a boomer kek. in that tiktok format you mouth the words to the audio, not the text you typed out…

No. 1635653

and how old are you? 12?
weird nitpick

No. 1635655

this is just an assumption, though. and would want to be depended on their family and until they've got a regular 9-5 job (unlikely to happen in this case)? her family is probably not ok w her drinking & choices in friends etc. It's why she's stuck in this deplorable situation you psychos.

No. 1635678

I don't know shit about tiktok or it's trends but that anon has a point if she's missing the mark on meme execution in classic shat fashion. She's always late and off point to everything. For someone who spends 24/7 just consuming online social media, you'd think she'd pick something up. It kind of drives home how she's a literal retard and not in the cutesy ditzy way she wishes… Hell, that's an insult to the mentally challenged - even they would be capable of basic pattern recognition, unlike our fine specimen here.

No. 1635680

The fuck are you going on about you stupid newfag, those aren't just assumptions. Go read the past threads and stop posting.

No. 1635684

>you psychos
Lmao okay, newfag. Lurk more you retard, it’s not an assumption, it’s a fact.

No. 1635688

because you live in her head and understand every nuance in her life? I mean, character she presents on social media in order to sell porn surely is all you need to see to make assumptions and run with them, right? quit being an edgy, puerile dumbass and get a life.

No. 1635693

dang she really hates her “job” doesn’t she? she constantly complains about customers and shit she has to do.

No. 1635696

What the fuck are you talking about? There are no assumptions being made, all this shit is documented because she fucking brags about it on twitter you complete sped.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1635698

Ignore the bitter ewhore, you obviously struck a nerve by pointing out that fat shat is spoilt piece of shit, kek

No. 1635699

Duh, of course. It’s an one in a lifetime event.

No. 1635701

>posting anonymously on an imageboard thread dedicated to a degenerate sex worker
>calling others puerile and telling them to get a life

No. 1635711

Yeah it's pretty transparent they're projecting, kek. Even funnier their initial sperg made it out like if your parents don't like your drinking and friends that's a good reason to ruin your life and not take the opportunity to improve it with free schooling, etc.

Obviously someone is still in their rebellious teen stage and doesn't know how privileged they actually are, and I'm not even talking about Shat… Keek.

No. 1635714

you got me! hideous bullies flinging the r slur with abandon are exact fucking same as me. oh woe

I have. I just don't stalk a random nobody who has no real power and who doesn't need the same 10-20 obsessive, toxic anons calling her ugly, fat and nitpicking about every little thing. You're just being mean. The board is no excuse for how you choose to behave you nitwit.

No. 1635716

File: 1662298232055.webm (2.58 MB, 732x1280, deleted.webm)

No. 1635717

Dead @ the Dewey apparition floating behind fatty in the thread pic

No. 1635719

How exactly will "FrEe ScHoOlIng" help a 20something alcoholic surrounded by abusers who has the most controversial type of p0rn of her floating around??

She needs an intervention, to make herself inaccessible to both you and her pedo scrotes and emotional support to help her through all this.

But ofc you're not the kind of people who think before you speak or even attempt to think things through? You wouldn't be here if you were!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1635720

>hideous bullies flinging the r slur
lmaooo child go back to twitter

I hate to tell you, but if you post every bit on your life on the internet, people are going to talk about you. she's bragged about all these opportunities she's squandered in the past as a "gotcha" to her parents

>thinking shat wants to improve herself instead of stubbornly dig herself into a hole
>implying we haven't suggested she try those things
>implying she doesn't dig her heels in more if anyone tells her that

No. 1635722

>the r slur
Fucking kek, retard. Go back to spreading your crusty, festering holes on the internet for the price of a happy meal(infighting)

No. 1635723

You need to be 18 to post here

No. 1635725

shut up retard(infighting)

No. 1635804

i wonder if the wk anon is the same anon thats been wking in all the other cows threads kek anon baiting so hard they almost got the attention their parents didn’t gave them.

No. 1635831

I somehow actually believe this one because she never looks this smug when posting her other blatant lies kek

No. 1635837

Why is she mouthing the caption lol

No. 1635842

what is she supposed to do?

t. boomer

No. 1635851

Lip sync the audio, as >>1635632 pointed out.

No. 1635938

this isn't even the part of his verse where he raps super fast… this is like average WPM for any hip hop song. what even is the meme at that point?

No. 1635961

Shayna doesn’t know how to make videos porn related or regular sfw ones. She’s retarded and can’t do trends right. The lips don’t match the words she looks autistic

No. 1635966

Idk Shayna is making fun of customers who want a custom video in detail even though thats the service she’s offering. So the semi fast rap is the customer? Even though it’s not that fast? I don’t even know if that’s a trend because I haven’t seen it but then again I’m not on TikTok that often

No. 1635970

Maybe that her few customers ask too much for her to do. She'd rather they just say "wear something pink and say Im youre daddy and the rest is up to you perfect princess!" It's too hard for her when they ask for specific or multiple things they want in the custom theyre paying her for I guess.

No. 1636003

Lmao ikr

No. 1636037

File: 1662316083444.png (47.53 KB, 736x292, Screenshot 2022-09-04 202642.p…)

>"i'm so unbothered you guise!!"
>proceeds to tweet about it
i wonder who is nonmentioning her this time

No. 1636044

File: 1662316289136.png (334.56 KB, 723x602, Screenshot 2022-09-04 203107.p…)

checked the tweets that are mentioning her and came across this autist. i know it's one of you kek

No. 1636065

File: 1662317583760.jpeg (351.82 KB, 828x1083, EE6A49AE-FCAB-4EB6-9DA3-D30B5E…)

Deleted ofc

No. 1636067

No, that girl has been discussed, she’s legitimately a Shayna fan girl

No. 1636070

File: 1662317672010.jpeg (125.72 KB, 828x609, E4762B21-00C1-4D28-924D-771A7D…)

No. 1636082

it'd be fucking hilarious if this was the dumbass anon upthread lmao

No. 1636085

File: 1662318042314.jpeg (514.97 KB, 828x1481, 0A6414DC-856E-4FCB-ACEB-C94FAB…)

Whatever this tweet was got deleted, but Robin LeFat is back at it again she’s obsessed with calling Shayna a Nazi

No. 1636100

Shay saw the word "viral" and hates that people who are hated still get more attention then her, so that's why she tweeted this. She doesn't care about doxxing and despite have a thread on kiwifarms it's dead.

No. 1636106

Kek her furthermore is her saying the exact same thing. What a tard

No. 1636255

> whorephobic
> constantly talks over poc
Do these deranged freaks just makes any old crap up as they go along? Yet when she's pedo pandering and involving minors in her degen bs it's crickets.

No. 1636258

There were POC on tumblr telling her all the time the stuff she said are racist, and she just looked over it. So that’s what I think they are talking about

No. 1636280

File: 1662329175616.jpeg (245.51 KB, 828x1743, 38152B5C-8A65-419D-B3C1-88CF6C…)

She’s working with lovinglyhandmadepornography again

No. 1636290


Minus the money

No. 1636298

I wish anons would stop posting celebrities and random e whores to compare Shayna to. Post them in their contained threads.

No. 1636311

Wow, a fat girl! Shayna irl!

No. 1636322

That guy sounds like such a loser and a retard. "Evenings on weekdays are a little better but I can do day times too" and theres all of like 5 days of the month he can't meet up with her… like just say you have nothing going on in your life besides creeping on and beating up women and go dude.
Is that Lana tho because holy shit wtf happened to her kek

No. 1636327

honestly I like this outfit more than the shit Shat wears tho

No. 1636328

Ugh no miss lana can afford to be a fat slob she's rich as hell, her fans are all fags and women so doesn't have to pander to coomers. Shays one job is to at the very least moisturize so she doesn't look like a 50 yo wine aunt.

No. 1636332

>Implying she’s not already 10x more busted than picrel
At least Lana dresses her size and had actual accomplishments in life

No. 1636345

File: 1662334766966.jpeg (377.28 KB, 3217x896, 7FF98D37-F621-430A-BC55-453394…)

Chubby successful Lana>>> Fatty Shatty the Pedo

No. 1636393

As if Lana didn’t also pedo pander

No. 1636398

>what happened to her
Karma for being a pedo-pandering, abuse-glorifying, woman-hating pickme piece of shit. Just like Shaynus.

No. 1636401

Pandering to who? Lana is very female gazey.

No. 1636405

Aw no, not Winnie the Pooh again.

No. 1636417

>pandering to who?
Anon explained everything and they’re right, stan.

No. 1636421

I wish I was autistic enough to do a collage of her at various weights

Does anyone know how much profit she makes off $3 subs?

No. 1636446

Yet 90% of scrotes don't pay any attention to her because she isn't flashing her tits or making porno tier music videos, if she panders to anyone it's her niche female and gay moid audience.
>Inb4 banned for ot kek.

No. 1636447

File: 1662345611034.jpeg (579.57 KB, 828x1198, DB655362-F818-4823-94A9-FA203F…)

No. 1636451

File: 1662345728911.jpeg (164.26 KB, 1205x1625, D0812AE1-DB9C-4787-B12D-D1574C…)

No. 1636466

I can’t get over that her legs look like that at 26 and she just doesn’t seem to care. at all. those are the legs of a 45+ woman.

No. 1636470

She just turned 25

No. 1636485

maybe the next thread description should include her actual age. I always feel like i’m being generous and I still aim too high.

No. 1636500

Jesus this looks so uncomfortable. Her fat actually looks painful, it’s weirdly hard rather than soft and doughy like most fat people of her age. She really has the body and face of a middle aged alcoholic mother of 5

No. 1636520

Maybe she has lipedema

No. 1636522

bruh. why would you purposefully post this….

No. 1636551

This has already been discussed ad nauseam
Anyone who gets off to this shit needs to be castrated and locked up forever

No. 1636564

File: 1662354847044.jpeg (213.42 KB, 1118x2048, 0BBAFCFD-A926-4494-A380-358F42…)

No. 1636571

Speedrunning a 40yo cougar decolletage I see.
Does anyone else think that Shay started botoxing? She used to have crazy forehead wrinkles even in her teens, but they seem to have faded.

No. 1636579

damn she looks like someone’s chain smoking auntie who gives them coupons as christmas gifts

No. 1636597

She's just smoothing them out. You can still see towards the edges of her forehead where she missed spots.

No. 1636602

Botox is relatively inexpensive, so it’s possible BUT she would have totally bragged about it and posted tons of photos. It would fit in with her “bimbo” aesthetic. So no. I don’t think she got Botox.

No. 1636632

File: 1662359354205.jpeg (157.76 KB, 1055x929, 352B0B26-3653-4F9B-8981-7F673B…)

Lumpy ass thighs JFC I get they are inside but it’s a lazy outfit. She really dressed like a trailer park mother of five to invite her “date” over for salami and ritz crackers while he slaps her and calls her retarded. At least wear pants cellulite isn’t cute. Also her washcloth is missing/moved. Did Shay finally shower?(nitpicking)

No. 1636641

File: 1662359771940.jpeg (312.73 KB, 1295x1695, 6683BDB1-46BD-4B82-AF72-B86431…)

Shayna’s simp Jason R Womack deleted his old reviews on her videos. He also doesn’t seem to comment as much anymore

No. 1636701

i was wondering what happened to him. good riddance - his retarded comments used to make me want to a-log and then kill myself

No. 1636708

He’s not gone, he still replies to her tweets fairly often

No. 1636713

ah. so the pain is never-ending.

No. 1636726

I wonder why he deleted his reviews. Maybe because he uses his real name his employer found out about his online degeneracy so he is trying to cover his tracks. Too bad the internet is forever, Jason R(etard) Womack of Oklahoma

No. 1636727

Yeah I dont think so. Why would she not smooth out those unsightly wrinkles under her eyes then? They age her so much more then forehead creases ever could.

No. 1636728

I’m not American but in my country Botox isn’t expensive either I get it for migraines however someone as broke as Shaynus is (or assumed to be) wouldn’t be able to afford the maintenance of it, as you need to get it redone every couple of months

No. 1636731

Knowing how shat is she'd probably get botox once and drop it out of laziness, like she did with the brow lamination, the lash extensions, personal trainer and meal prepping she was doing a while ago.

No. 1636742

I think he just deleted his manyvids profile.

No. 1636747

Exactly, she’s incapable of committing to anything besides self destruction and degeneracy. I don’t think she actually knows how expensive and high maintenance that retarded “bimbo” aesthetic is

No. 1636858

File: 1662379025953.jpg (467.77 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20220905_075749.jpg)

Monthly (weekly?) Shay telling us that she's touch starved and desperate for intimacy.

No. 1636866

these degenerate e-whores really think this is a kink and not normal human interaction

No. 1636870

"Reassurance kink" imagine being this terminally online and autistic holy shit. Trannies are so touch starved it's unreal. Shayna probably relates a lot to them, kek

No. 1636877

Jesus. I know I cellulite can appear on skinny people but she has more cellulite than most fat people I know. She’s pure grandma cottage cheese.

No. 1636881

Lana at least has money and talent. Plus she’s in her mid 30s and now sober so her weight gain was expected

No. 1636883

It’s inexpensive in terms of plastic surgery but still $200+ which she can’t afford. She can’t afford doordash or her bills, she definitely can’t afford botox

No. 1636929

this is so sad. this is the worst she's ever looked. i dont understand

No. 1636942

oxygen kink, the kink is that when I breathe it delivers oxygen to my heart and I continue to live, so hotttttt

No. 1636971

cottage cheese with pineapple chunks

No. 1637008

kek of course she's RTing trannies because she only wants to interact with men.

If only she would have a shower and do laundry kink.

No. 1637074

Shat hasn't had botox ffs, you can see were she's smoothed it out she probably didn't smooth the rest of her face because lazy.

No. 1637291

File: 1662397731620.jpeg (132.55 KB, 828x505, 516B6F19-7C16-46C6-A0ED-5F8212…)

She’s really pushing this narrative that she never eats suddenly

No. 1637294

File: 1662397812830.jpeg (337.63 KB, 2048x1366, 86B1BA1E-4AA8-4C36-B497-8C4830…)

Another wild fetishcon shot

No. 1637308

With that lovely chest zit on full display

No. 1637313

File: 1662398235384.jpeg (524.47 KB, 1170x1388, E6600AFE-2D98-415E-B33F-D0FCDD…)

And then cry abuse after

No. 1637334

File: 1662398786041.jpeg (312.49 KB, 828x917, 39329680-CC32-48D4-AE60-9541B0…)

No. 1637346


No. 1637349

I really feel bad for her

No. 1637360

Right, okay, what people is she telling this to. Because if she's talking to coomers they would never say that shit because they love watching women, any woman, get brutalized. If she's telling this to normal people then it's just like bitch what, why are you talking about this in polite society. Anyway, she looks like her breath smells like dog feet.

No. 1637369

hilarious because she looks like a degenerate and if I saw her in public I would assume she was into bad shit

No. 1637385

>I'm so smol and cute and uwu that people don't know I have a dirty mind
This is such old 2015 tumblr kinkfag shit. Shay, the whole kawaii BDSM shit isn't unique. There were a million generic degenerates before you and it's been that way for 7 years

No. 1637407

I didnt know she gained so much. But anyway, you obviously dont know why shayna gets all the critisizm if you think lana is at all comparable. Shayna can only hope to look this clean and put together in ten years. But she will most likely be wearing all mismatched pinks taking walking trips down to the local gas station so she can get minimal attention from disgusting scrotes and brag about it on her twitter…

No. 1637421

Yeah the back of her legs are the worst. Is there anything she couod do to fix that? Not that she would. Im just saying hypothetically. Is that something that you can get rid of or lessen or did that retard fuck her thighs and legs up for good?

No. 1637445

Just going walking her dog once a day for like an hour, doing some squats, anything other then sitting on her ass all day she would be able to see some improvement. She’s still young so it’s wouldn’t be that hard to fix, but with Shayna’s lack of willpower she could never

No. 1637456

Lmao she has such little interaction with people that she thinks this sounds realistic. Literally no one is telling her she’s too pretty for anything, because she looks like a middle aged alcoholic even with the filters. Look at her trying to kid herself on that she’s better looking than her fellow ugly whores who have to resort to the same extremes to get any sort of sexual attention. You’re one of them shaynus, that’s your tribe. You are a fetcon enjoyer, stop embarrassing yourself it’s painful to watch.

No. 1637459

Its been like 2 days since she posted she was able to panhandle for a white trash charcuterie platter for 5. Plus she keeps getting her "partners" to take her out to eat.
I only think she's eating less rn because she's too broke and lazy. She also seems to get on weird food kicks where its all she'll eat and talk about. Like remember her sushi phase?
She's definitely not got a doordash daddy or extra cash for takeout. And lord knows the bitch can barely boil pasta, so cooking for herself isn't an option. Hence the cheese boards.
Unfortunately for Shaynus, with the amount of weight she's put on it will take more than just only eating once a day to lose anything. Because when she does eat, she eats way over the daily rec caloric intake and eats things that aren't super healthy, usually late. Plus she doesn't do any physical activity. Coffee has a fuck ton of sugar and you know she got an extra large. I can't see her making coffee at home.
Anyway. If she is trying to ~uwu im starving myself~ post now its fucking retarded and doesn't even check out. Being poor and lazy isn't an effective diet plan, at least not for lardy.

No. 1637461

Why is her face the texture of cheap apartment ceilings?

No. 1637467

Okay, I kinda thought cellulite dimples that bad don't really go away because I swear Ive seen it on some skinny girls too. Maybe just bad genetics or lifestyle lol

No. 1637469

Thats what it looks like when you sleep in makeup and dont shower for days on end… i bet this bitch doesnt even know what exfoliating serums are…

No. 1637516

File: 1662403628341.jpeg (367.18 KB, 750x737, 5392AD0F-865E-4A90-8CB9-A1B670…)

She almost exclusively uses harsh drying scrubs from lush as her skincare, before that she was using the infamous st Ives apricot scrub every girl who knows anything about skincare would faint at the sight of. And that’s a great way to fuck up your face and give it that texturized look. It’s called over-exfoliating

No. 1637521

Jesus fuck, from one extreme to the next.

No. 1637526

She's definitely not eating less and you can tell just by looking at her. I think her dad and Ellen pay for much more of her lifestyle than we're aware of.

No. 1637539

cellulite is actually permanent once it develops and can only be made less visible by weight loss, exfoliation, caffeine creams, things like that

No. 1637550

Most women have some degree of cellulite. It's just fat pushing up against the connective tissue below your skin. Some people are more prone to it than others due to genetics, lifestyle, etc, which is why sometimes skinny girls have it and sometimes fatties don't. But regardless of how prone someone is to it, it's ultimately caused by fat, so losing weight decreases its severity.

No. 1637553

File: 1662404668739.jpeg (449.17 KB, 1170x1441, 0295C4A2-B625-4FEA-A740-7E477D…)

No. 1637595

File: 1662405804732.jpeg (381.47 KB, 828x1117, 583FAA58-8D37-45CE-89AA-04139A…)

inviting random internet coomer over after talking about wanting to get beat up all day, good idea

No. 1637625

Annnnd why can’t “the dad” do it?

No. 1637628

He’s probably got a wife and kids to take care of

No. 1637645

File: 1662407377767.jpeg (156.49 KB, 817x560, 60962786-3966-4676-BC31-06C2A5…)

Tweeting this right after this too >>1637595

No. 1637651

Ayrt. Thats my point. If she switched from all that exfoliating scrub to an exfoliating serum once a week and using an oil cleanser to get her makeup off before bed she wouldnt have the texture of a popcorn ceiling on her face. Add a retinol cream for night and sunscreen/moisturizer cream in the day, she doesnt even do bare fucking minimum face care. All this free time and internet is wasted on her.

No. 1637753

File: 1662409754946.jpeg (147.84 KB, 828x558, D395B3ED-7BD7-4218-BD4F-6CD812…)

This bitch has a death wish

No. 1637759

Kek. Sad. Or he's one of those totally useless types of males who can't actually build or fix things.

No. 1637787

I wish we could deport Shayna. She’s so useless and contributes absolutely nothing to society. The only thing she does is make content to pedophiles and pan handle.

No. 1637792

File: 1662410951583.jpeg (38.56 KB, 648x322, 3AAC7F03-0928-40F1-9632-63A5FF…)

Also Shayna:

No. 1637817

File: 1662411683095.jpeg (299.76 KB, 828x965, FAE93B20-D87F-4F50-937D-435BF0…)

After what, a year with Ellen now? She must be REALLY desperate. The guy in the comments is a coomer who keeps telling her he’s coming to Seattle, sounds like they have a “date” planned.

No. 1637835

File: 1662412199293.jpg (90.86 KB, 751x1024, FGM_uXZXsAIb8f8.jpg)

>I'm a bimbo baby googagaga can't do nuthin by myself
>dad "so you going to pick me up or not"

No. 1637849

tbh I'm surprised she hasn't shot with Facial Abuse. seems right up her alley based on her tweets

No. 1637882

anons maybe 1 or 2 threads ago were saying they didn't think she would shoot with them because Vivi did

No. 1637891

File: 1662413752806.jpeg (894.24 KB, 1170x1684, 80EF10FB-83BA-4F0E-825F-404525…)

No. 1637913

Why would I prefer making static wealth over making terrible sexy videos? Gee I don't know Shayna.

No. 1637946

File: 1662415618839.jpeg (188.67 KB, 801x524, 281FF3DE-7065-4BF3-9A85-519084…)

Thanks Ken

No. 1637954

Soon she's going to start posting about how her latest "kink" is to be loved & accepted by a member of the opposite sex in a mutually fulfilling relationship lmfao

No. 1637971

Please let Ken be the mext fupapa.

No. 1638015

she would never work with a legit hard kink site that would actually force her to work and not just take the abuse like she did at insex.

No. 1638019

i wish her and ellen would split so she'll get with another hideous freak of a man

No. 1638029

File: 1662419487346.jpeg (Spoiler Image,936.66 KB, 1170x1649, 44E3100A-F70A-49ED-BD09-3C3E84…)

All the skin smoothing

No. 1638033

File: 1662419806166.jpeg (303.66 KB, 1170x870, 611AADD9-A639-46F0-B88C-643BE4…)

She’s planning on working with this guy, but doesn’t follow him

No. 1638035

kind of offended on behalf of my cheap apartment's popcorn ceiling but you are also correct

No. 1638064

Yeah I don't think she's gonna go through with it, not meeting with pixie.
She's just gonna stick to the shit she knows and has done before aka shitmoore, lovingly Winnie the Pooh and maybe people she actually met face to face at fetcon.

No. 1638065

No. 1638098

>my hot ass
>the most excited little slut
This dude is such a fucking faggot kek

No. 1638141

Kek wtf seems to be a pattern. Last thread someone posted a pic of him and some chick that it seemed like he was seeing in person and yet she also didn't follow him. Weird and embarrassing

No. 1638155

They insult the girls' appearances and bodies. Inb4 being accused of being a scrote I've just seen the interview compilations and they're really mean, they pick apart every little thing and call them ugly cows, fat, saggy boobs, etc. Shayna wouldn't stand for someone being brutally honest with her like that.

No. 1638161

That's just vile.

No. 1638173

I mean they aren’t wrong you gotta be ugly to want to humiliate yourself by a bunch of crusty scrotes. Shayna is such a pick me loser anons need to stop feeling bad for her

No. 1638222

This is so weird. Working your way up to asking your partner to have sex (or whatever these two single cell blobfish consider "play") definitely sounds normal and not like sex repulsed behavior. Everyone is very jealous of her polyamorous lifestyle and the very sexy sex she definitely sexes because she likes sex.

No. 1638336

Yeah Shaynus' "kinks" always include being told that she's pretty >>1637753 >>1637313 >>1637334
It's funny she can't come up with a different adjective so she always just repeats "beat me up and tell me Im pretty". Almost like Trixie from Fairly Odd Parents, except Trixie was pretty. Shaynus is just trying to cope over the fact she looks and probably smells like a sewer rodent and fat goblin.

No. 1638355

I hate sex workers but I hate scrotes more, this is fucking disgusting

No. 1638452

Isn't that what everyone here is doing to Shayna? Posting close ups of her cellulite, floppy titty, dolphin vagina, every thread?

No. 1638466

We are telling her the truth on an anonymous board. That is not the same thing as some moid filming her being humiliated and then violently raping her on camera for chump change.

No. 1638472

Guess she conveniently “forgot” she was suppose to cam tonight >>1635334
I hope she goes broke she is so fucking lazy. If Twitter finally bans all nude content her “career” of pan handling and posting shitty nudes is over

No. 1638544


its still fucked up and kinda hypocritical to talk shit on her appearance so much. in general, lolcow culture is mean-spirited.

No. 1638558

Welcome to lolcow retard

No. 1638565

You must be new. I can’t speak for others but I feel like Shat’s appearance is fair game because she’s a truly awful person. That’s why these threads exist, not because she’s fat and ugly. She profits off violent misogyny and CSA. The more degenerate her behaviour gets, the more hideous she becomes.

No. 1638566

lol if she cared she wouldn't still be a cocky nudes posting bitch even with her literal obese 75 year old cottage cheese ass and legs from being a fatty eating junk and refusing to exercise. her narcissism knows no bounds, these threads are a favour to her that she's too brain dead to accept.

No. 1638567

I can’t speak for others but i don’t rip on other women I see and I rip on shat’s appearance because she’s an awful person. If I didn’t know shaynus/this website and saw her in the wild I might be like “wow I can’t believe she left the house wearing that” and then go on about my day. I also don’t humiliate her to film it and also violently degrade her for profit.

No. 1638570

Inb4 this anon starts saying we’re all projecting. There’s a WK anon doing the rounds atm and trying to get reactions. Let’s ignore them

No. 1638592

This made me chuckle Kek thanks, made me think of yo mama jokes

No. 1638719

Shayna stays fucking literal faggots. AIDS saga when?

No. 1638734

If you think talking shit about pedos online is mean spirited, I’d love for you to see the community protests in my country when one is discovered to be living in the vicinity. You’d be so upset for the pedos being escorted out of their homes by the police before the local parents can get their hands on them.

No. 1638877

i sometimes wonder about the pedo hunter videos where they mock the pedo for unrelated things like fucked up hair/teeth/being fat. the fat sexual abuse survivors are getting a glass half full experience.

No. 1638935

> inviting random bdsm moids off twitter into your private home as a single woman…
For someone who's been in sex work for her entire adult life I honestly can't comprehend how naive and fucking retarded shat is when it comes to men. I seriously hope she never gets into legitimate fssw because perverse scrotes sniff this insecurity and naivety out like bloodhounds.

No. 1638964

It's not about being mean, it's about crying foul when someone else does it and we all know Shayna is well aware of these threads existing and the sorts of things we all say about her. We laugh at her even more when she mentions the board and cries about it.

No. 1638969

I mean shayne doesn't seem to have much experience with men tbh. In her adult life, didn't she only date one dude who she was in a pity relationship with and fupaul. Surprisingly shayne doesn't have much irl experience with men that isn't directly connected to sex work. In fact I'd say every man that has touched shayne has been someone she's working with or fupaul.

No. 1638974

*poly not pity, anyway she doesn't understand the nature of men. If kiwifarms was who followed shay instead of us, I truly believe she wouldn't be like, "I hate scrotes they are so dangerous!!" She wouldn't make it a gendered issue at all, like she does the "ugh all my haters are women!!". Shayna is a pick me who keeps men at arms length. She's also very lucky in what disgusting scrote she let's has access to her (for now).

No. 1639000

You’re correct that she has basically no experience in adult relationships with men. She had some high school boyfriends, a couple fake girlfriends she hooked up with for content, Fupaul (closest she had to a real relationship but deteriorated into her being a secret FWB after about 6 months) and her equally fake relationship with Ellen who is functionally her occasional caregiver that she does not have sex with. Shayna would not know what to do with an adult relationship if she had one. Hence all these increasingly insane posts >>1636858 >>1637595
I sincerely think no man (or woman, for that matter) would want to be in her apartment with her.

No. 1639005

She looks stiff and fat

No. 1639011

File: 1662484067917.jpeg (Spoiler Image,507.91 KB, 828x1282, 8A5EBB36-FCDD-4C69-ABC8-489E53…)

No. 1639023

File: 1662484444612.jpeg (731.14 KB, 1170x1830, 792A0C37-8C4F-4B42-9600-DCAF42…)

No. 1639026

File: 1662484506032.jpeg (624.38 KB, 1170x1238, B40038C1-D128-4BE8-932A-A003B9…)

No. 1639029

File: 1662484622600.jpeg (303.24 KB, 1170x698, 2EA79990-2C36-4E56-A366-295418…)

No. 1639042

she can only cater to the most degen shit, she's ugly and its the only way she gains any attention at all. if she was attractive she wouldn't have to scrape by making rape porn

No. 1639072

Reminds me of when some anon mentioned thy girl scouts in her area already know they have to yell to get creepy pedos away from their stands.Not to a-log but I genuinely fucking hate her. She's actively playing into the fantasies some of these men have about kidnapping and raping an actual child while they're doing something as innocent as selling cookies or even just playing outside. Nasty fucking bitch deserves every shitty thing that happens to her and more.

No. 1639105

Imagining these two hogs eating each other faces is enough to make me feel sick

No. 1639122

Even worse… It reminds me of those three 5 - 8 girl scouts in Oklahoma 1977. They got brutally raped and murdered. It still makes me so sick and sad when I think of those girls. and the fact that she's doing this is disgusting.

No. 1639123

5 - 8 year old girl scouts*

No. 1639139

The way she phrased this makes it sound like no one voted or gave a shit kek so she's like "i guess Ill go with this theme". but almost 40k followers and totally thriving swer of 5 years!

No. 1639171

File: 1662490424032.png (149.44 KB, 1678x838, sickening.png)

I guess it would be cowtipping but I wish someone would point out how sick combining bondage and pedo play is in this context considering the Girl Scout Murders in 1977 as >>1639072 >>1639122 said. See picrel.

No. 1639193

All I can think about Girl Scouts is little cookie sellers but all Shayna can think about them is rape and bdsm. She is so fucked in the head, absolute bottom feeder

No. 1639197

This is especially sick considering she lived in Tulsa for years.

No. 1639205

Exactly this is shit that actually fucking happens everyday and it's fucking horrifying. It should not be a scenario to make arousing. It's so fucked up how many of these women don't care to think about the actual disgusting mentality behind with wanting to jerk off to a video of a child getting kidnapped and raped for five seconds. As if these men are going to jerk off to this shit then go out and not think about that porn instantaneously when they see an actual local girl scout.

No. 1639254

Oh, fuck off. You're getting your feathers rustled over dumbass shit for this
Fucking smug pedo for no reason.
There's a big difference between being disgusted by the fact moids are jacking off to the humiliation of a woman, thinking that they can do that shit with their irl girlfriends or just random women they hook up with; and making fun of a fat ugly fucking disgusting autopedophile who writes long ass fantasies about getting drugged and fucked as a toddler, It's the least we could do when most of the times the people reading this thread want to a-log her retarded ass.

No. 1639269

This. Girl scouts are only ever little kids. There's no justifying this. She's sexualizing children and otherwise innocent things. And not just sexualizing it like "slutty school girl" or "sexy nurse" halloween costumes, but going even further and making it into bondage and rape scenarios.
Absolutely abhorrent.
Most of these sick coomers aren't getting off to "adult female in a cute/sexy costume gets tied up" they are getting off to the narrative of girl scout gets kidnapped and raped and they fill in whatever else in their twisted minds that fits their fantasies and thoughts. Whores like Shaynus are just a body, a vessel for this. Just because she doesn't look like a kid doesn't mean shit. They'll imagine something/someone else or pretend she is and it just feeds their disgusting desires. The fact that she's happily complicit in this is irredeemable.
Yes, pedos will go for actual cp, but this shit is a gateway. It encourages it, it gives them a "legal" way to indulge. But that shit just isn't normal and ok.
I think some of these whores think theyre heroes because they think well "hey theyre looking at me instead of actual kids, so Im doing a service" or some shit. But theyre still profiting off of these moids sick fantasies about illegal and awful shit all while encouraging them and potentially leading them to worse.
Think of all the crime docs and info and when they talk about serial killers and rapists porn habits, its never "they looked at very average porn occasionally" lol theyre always into violent, bdsm, rapey, and pedo shit. It's not a coincidence.

No. 1639286

File: 1662494347674.jpeg (268.45 KB, 1170x843, 3483E227-4150-41D4-BE33-2147D6…)

Almost like the trend on TikTok of servers and strippers putting their hair in ponytails on order to get better tips

No. 1639326

Great to see her putting in the effort and committing to the look. Want to look as much like a real child girl scout as possible to really drive home the pedo dream!
Im so grateful she at least could never pull off the minor look like some of the whores aim to. She'll always look like a wrinkled, dry, and crusty lot lizard (so 40s). Which is why instead of looking like ~uwu pedo bait bbygirl~ like some whores, she comes up looking like a fat retarded adult that needs donations for clothes that fit.

No. 1639329

Exactly! I was nervous about my post being too long, but everything you said is what I was thinking. They're so self absorbed thinking they're hot shit that they don't realize these men are using them and their porn for the scenario visually while probably repeating a specific age or thinking about an actual child/teenager they know in that scenario with them. It's fucked up but I bet that Mike guy thinks about his actual daughter as a child/teenager while he watches her shit and she doesn't get it. Like if you being an adult makes it not pedopandering then why isn't the costume enough? It's like they can't tell the difference between making vanilla porn dressed as a cheerleader vs building the whole scenerio at a youth cheerleading camp with the main idea being a trusted adult taking advantage. As you said girl scouts are always children whereas cheerleading is something adult women do so there is no way around this already being disgusting. Adding the kidnapping aspect makes it so much more sinister. There is hardly anything more horrifying than knowing men out there think stalking a child, grabbing then raping them and probably killing them is arousing other than knowing women like shay will act out and encourage their fantasies for cheap attention.
Nitpick but it annoys me that people like her brag about liking true crime while seemingly not understanding this is reality, that was a real living human who had this happen to them and it can happen to you or someone you love. How can common sense and empathy still not hit after hearing real stories like that.

No. 1639338

I usually just lurk these threads but this is the most enraged I've been so I have to comment. I have two young female cousins who are in the girl scouts and this is disgusting me on such a personal level. everything she does is disgusting but this is so viscerally nauseating because I've seen how happy and pure the girl scouts can be. it should not be sexualized. I wonder how much shayna would like all the shit she tweets about if it actually happened to her. she's playing a stupid game and will win a stupid prize eventually. and even if it's evil of me to say, I can't wait. she's a plague that is facilitating pedophiles and propagating the sickness for money. UGH sorry for the rant I just can't with this girl scouts thing… it's one of the more upsetting things she's posted recently and that's saying a lot with that cellulite thigh pic yesterday.

No. 1639341

Desire to alog hardmode activated

No. 1639362

Shaynus must be shakin in her boots having all the traffic from KF being exposed to her failure of a life

No. 1639364

did her thread get bumped on there?

No. 1639378

They mean because Kiwifarms is down, they’re coming to lolcow and being exposed to our cows

No. 1639405

But no sex, just all this weird shit instead. Shayna and Ellen, truly two born-again virgins.

No. 1639423

File: 1662499785730.jpeg (312.32 KB, 1830x1080, BE331C16-0629-4359-B37A-DE79B3…)

No. 1639431

Is that her IG account? Nude on stories. She’s so stupid kek

No. 1639433

Haggard af

No. 1639446

What's worse is she says "oh its ok as long as it doesn't involve minors, animals, or unconsenting parties… its just kink and dont kink shame" but these aren't even her kinks. She's practically asexual. She likes being tied up and spanked and things a little bit because she doesn't have to do anything but it gets her attention. She doesnt have an actual med fetish, she doesn't have a school girl kink. She just does whatever degenerate shit scrotes like. If she had a kink, it would just be for attention and being wanted. She lives for compliments and being liked. Internet hearts and follower counts.
She's too dumb and ignorant to see how damaging the shit she does is. To herself and women and children etc. Her brain is porn rotten and all she can do is turn everything sexual because thats all that the moids and other whores will interact with her for.

No. 1639450

She frequently reminds me of the drag ugly step sister from Shrek.

No. 1639476

Shoulders like a linebacker

No. 1639479

Shayna has said she felt a way because a lot of the true crime cases she watched has scrotes into the same kink she pretends to be apart of. I feel like for coombrain nlog try hard women like Shayna, they use true crime to come up with "kinks" or gross paragraphs to tweet or themes for porn. They feel called out and kink shamed. i once watched a Hannahthehorrible video where she was talking about some sick shit a woman did to another woman, but went on a weird rant about how she doesn't "kink shame blah blah". It's annoying that how I feel women like Shayna are. When they see they share shit with people who are overwhelmingly male serial killers, they can't take it and start defaulting to being "kink shamed"

No. 1639480

File: 1662501889867.jpeg (204.73 KB, 1118x2048, 5191E777-CA0E-45DE-8C49-314D26…)

Her legs..

No. 1639507

Oh my God she's wearing lip gloss

No. 1639510

At least she's too fat and haggard to look like she's under 40.

No. 1639521

File: 1662502569557.jpeg (707.13 KB, 828x1339, 30CD34FD-6C57-48F4-9254-AE021E…)

At least the badges make sense

No. 1639552

she looks retardedly stoned and like her arms are going to bust open those sleeves. her frame is rather small, all this extra weight can’t be comfortable.

No. 1639556

File: 1662503697072.jpeg (516.35 KB, 1170x1051, 0EAF78F5-FFEE-4B0D-A1C0-12C48F…)

Asking for advice, but gets mad and demands to be paid when others ask her

No. 1639598

ffs shayna learn how to color correct and do BASIC PHOTO EDITING, this is horrendous.

No. 1639602

samefag but she clearly upped the contrast, lowered the brightness and exposure a bit, all so the pink would look more like hot pink. with no care in the world to how it makes her skin look purplish grey like she’s so fat it’s cutting off circulation. pure delusion.

No. 1639616

Legs look fucking dead.

No. 1639623

File: 1662504940548.jpeg (291.29 KB, 1118x2048, EC8B51EF-C460-4D0F-8FA1-6ABC10…)

call this a fan edit, idgaf but I did some very basic tweaking (brightness, contrast, white balance) and look at the difference.(don't post fanart)

No. 1639651

Wow what a difference. Her legs don't look as scary.

No. 1639656

and the rest of her skin isn’t yellow with hideous shadowing. she does 0 work and acts like she works so hard. it takes less than 5 minutes to do basic edits.

No. 1639682

All she keeps doing is playing Russian roulette. Every dangerous tweet spins the barrel. Eventually she'll meet the wrong scrote and/or couple and suddenly it's not just "my kink" anymore.

No. 1639720

File: 1662506962470.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1170x1672, 35CA344E-5E2A-40DD-A37E-2C14B8…)

No words

No. 1639734

Even her bondage is lazy as hell.
Love the shite "knot tying" story but there's not a knot in sight.

No. 1639748

File: 1662507770267.png (20.27 KB, 596x110, Screenshot 2022-09-07 12.43.27…)

aww did the fat nonce lurk and get her feelings hurt?

No. 1639758

File: 1662507922896.png (7.02 MB, 2586x3454, 9B935728-EEFB-4391-8EE9-9E4E21…)

Fatty stays lurking. Seethe harder fem-moid

No. 1639760

What a retarded fucking caption kek

No. 1639768

If you didn’t care Shay, you wouldn’t post statuses about not caring

No. 1639823

And yet if someone calls her out she's going to start whining. Not that she will simply because most the people who know of Shayna do the same shit.

No. 1639827

File: 1662509277062.webm (418.75 KB, 720x1280, her shitty braids are back.web…)

Interesting she specified “mumma” was her girlfriend, she’s never done that with her “dad” bullshit.
Here’s the video she also shared.
You’re a sick, vile and paedophilic creature, Shayna Leigh Clifford. May you never find inner peace or happiness.

No. 1639879

What's sick is she read what we said and/or she knows it's fucked up, but she only will care if someone with more followers/multiple people call her out. So she knows this isn't a good thing to do.

No. 1639907

Lets be honest, this is probably what inspired Shatna to make such a video in the first place. Shes vile.

No. 1639924

File: 1662511091544.jpeg (335.68 KB, 1170x712, 83CE4325-47D6-4D62-8F2F-8CB89F…)

No. 1639945

Yeah all the men that watch this content will view it from the pov that you're both minors and they aren't an adult male molesting a (pre)adolescent female. They won't go on to sexualize and recall your shitty porn when they see actual girl scouts either. Hell even if they do maybe they can just think of themselves from the pov of a minor so it won't even be an issue right? Fucking waste of space just don't make porn with implication that anyone is a child.

No. 1639956

That doesn't even make sense because her shit always looks like it's one awkward take. She sure as fuck isn't reshooting the actual porn parts. And she only retakes the intros when she fucks them up and says the wrong thing.
She more often does photosets. She does maybe one or 2 vids a month if that, but she puts on some ugly outfit and takes 200 pics a few times a month. You can tell they're not during a vid. There used to be OF anons and she's posted her cameral roll several times. How would trying to do pics during a vid be more "authentic"? All her porn and half her personality is fake as shit anyway. The fuck is she even trying to say. Like yeah she seems stupid enough to be mid dildo shoving and go "oh let me get a selfie!" but still.

No. 1639974

Jfc not that this "plot" isn't disgusting too, but it's so stupid. So both her and the "male" are kids in this scenario? The boy is some serial killer in the making that assaults his neighbor and they both happen to be getting back from scout camp at the same time? So fucking weird. I know coomers don't care or have brains but the shit this bitch comes up with.

No. 1639983

Yeah you should larp sexting a minor with these fucking scrotes too. Not encouraging pedophilia at all. The only thing stopping me from a-logging is knowing that this will be on the internet attached to face and legal name forever. She's doing all this edgy shit for fucking nothing it's just self destruction at this point.

No. 1639984

>pedophilia is okay because I don’t care!

No. 1639985

Ah yes the way to show how unbothered and how no fucks you give is to constantly post that you don't. I mean yes we know ultimately you don't care that your disgusting and shitty porn is damaging to women and children and encourages pedos, rapists, zoophiles, and other moid degens that their thoughts and sexual urges are totally fine. But she also cares enough to try to defend herself.

No. 1639990

She only made it like that to escape allegations that she's sexualizing a child being molested/raped. Too bad she isn't cause them both being minors doesn't make this okay like why couldn't this be some college incel revenge or anything else with adults? Why a kid doing this to another kid? She's so fucking gross.

No. 1640003

File: 1662512982599.jpg (186.59 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20220906-180737_Sam…)

Of course the pedo-incest-horseporn-poc fetishist moid approves

No. 1640006

File: 1662513053770.jpg (216.32 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20220906-180703_Sam…)

Part 2 of Shayna "I totally think what I do is ok and don't need to defend myself" Clifford

No. 1640021

So obviously unbothered guys!
Very heavily implying minors in the scenario and sexualizing children and child things is still wrong, sorry. Having animals on screen when youre on cam, filming, or taking nudes is still gross and coomers have visuals to put to their disgusting thoughts.
And she conveniently forgets all the times she's exposed herself in public (including done porn) and goes to places where there are kids and families wearing no panties and nipples visible.

No. 1640063

Is she talking about lolcow or did someone say something, regardless she clearly feels like she's under attack

No. 1640081

Feels like she was bitching about it too soon for it to be us, she basically posted then starting reeing. But there is nothing in her comments either. Maybe it was a dm. I hope she falls into a sinkhole and disappears. I generally think shes just mildly entertaining and a selfish dumb ass. But this one has me so disgusted that I want to a-log. I have never been so angry about something shes done or that the twitter whores who love to bitch about her wont even tough this.

No. 1640104

No, she's not wearing the beret right, why does it look like a chef's hat?

No. 1640125

Yeah, I feel where you're coming from. I was a girl scout and spent plenty of time in the woods having a blast during summer. Which is why her latest stupid kink video got under my skin. I felt deeply disturbed for days after reading about Camp Scott years ago and when the story would pop back into my head. When she brought up the bondage play for her video, it sent me over the edge. What a loser she is to try to act like she doesn't care what people think about her nasty GS porn when what happened was a tragedy.
I wish her braindead sex worker pals and haters would bring that up instead of her being a so-called nazi.

No. 1640134

omgggg this bitch breathe and gain weight kek

No. 1640136

oooo so u never shut up! that’s why you’re not successful Shayna?

No. 1640177

I'm not American but we have similar in bongland called brownies/guides, I loved brownies as a kid, it's so pure and innocent. I do not understand how a woman can twist it all into something so vile and debaucherous but then to double down on it when people rightfully call her out for crossing the line???? I feel like I need a break from this hideous bitch right now.

No. 1640179

Congrats Shaynus, youve now potentially turned some degen coomer into a Girl Scout kidnap/rape/murder fetishist. Imagine being proud of being the motivator for some innocent child’s murder.

No. 1640203

very young girl scouts just starting out are called Brownies in America as well. I have no idea why.

No. 1640209

If there was even a chance I could inspire a moid to rape or assualt a kid or woman… I would choose any action to avoid that. I sure as fuck wouldn't purposely act out those scenarios and post it on the internet.
She's such a selfish, ignorant whore. Only cares about herself – getting money and attention.

No. 1640211

File: 1662518724418.jpeg (343.09 KB, 1365x2048, 67F40ADE-0093-454A-8227-8AA950…)

> What is @theIRLbarbie thinking right here?

No. 1640213

All this, degrading childen, herself, other women the fact this will be on the internet forever, the fact it's all under her real name for not even 200 likes. Utterly bleak

No. 1640215

No. 1640223

Of course it's not like fucking a real kid, but assisting pedos in their fantasies of fucking a kid while you also get off to it is sick.

No. 1640227

Witchy realness, perfect thread pic for spooky season

No. 1640229

Mini skirts are meant to be worn at your hips, not as a high waisted piece or a belly belt. It just looks like the cheap thing was unintentionally made too short lol

No. 1640236

This is random but she literally looks like a shot from the website earthsworld (a photographer who takes snapshots of random americans at county fairs) here. She would fit right in with many of the rather lacking, trashy and whacked out folks who are sometimes captured.

No. 1640239

wtf is she even going for with this face and pose

No. 1640265

She looks like a dragon ball z villain or someth

No. 1640290

>>1640211 my god how many times did she wear this bra while in florida?? every day?!

No. 1640301

File: 1662522903508.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.96 KB, 828x965, RG5mnE5.jpg)

Horrifying.(repost/ nitpick)

No. 1640302

“I’ve been a naughty girl daddy”

No. 1640311

She is literally evil with this girl scout thing, and her “remember everyone, I don’t give a fuck!” attitude. She isn’t even willing to consider if her content is harmful because she is too selfish, wants attention, and that matters more than doing the right thing. I really want all the twitter whores to go after her for the GS porn. I know they usually can’t call her out for pedo stuff, because they do it too… but here they could at least call her out for mimicking in her porn something that resembles an actual tragic event for minors

No. 1640318

Comedic fart anon?

No. 1640320

File: 1662523426084.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1647, 9F960BCC-80AA-4705-B394-9D4E9F…)

She looks special needs. I couldn’t find the picture some anon posted of some old guy with a red nose with a close together face she looks exactly like that guy. This is pretty close though

No. 1640324

“Me want cookies”

No. 1640327

Everything about this pedophile is ugly. Her cheap ass fake gold bracelet, her life jacket cover, her ugly thinning hair, her hot dog nails and textured skin. Her tank top looks like cheap swimsuit material.

No. 1640375

legit looks like a fucking crackhead kek

No. 1640380

File: 1662526098370.jpeg (276.25 KB, 713x499, B9B8A49D-E262-4ACF-898A-AEDC31…)

Straight up looking like first form Frieza

No. 1640390

File: 1662526806934.jpg (485.65 KB, 546x972, 2022-09-06T21-58-40.jpg)

No. 1640401

Pity she hasn’t used taken advantage of one of her “bad brain days” to an hero. Anyone who does shit like this deserves the chair. This is why no one should have any hesitation in dragging her for being a fat, hideous, lumpy, diseased, beady eyed, witch nosed, brown toothed, subhuman, white trash degenerate piece of shit with a snatch like a smashed crab and a room temperature IQ. If only the other useless whores “cancelled” her for this literal pedophilic shit instead of some stupid joke she made years ago(a-log)

No. 1640408

File: 1662528444915.jpg (187.11 KB, 804x367, Screenshot_20220906-222721_Gal…)

Why is it such an accurate match up kek
I know its early but my vote for thread pic if nothing better comes up. It's too good

No. 1640417

If this is that "look" she always claims to shoot at men to let them know "she's down to fuck and a slut" then fucking KEK.

No. 1640418

Jesus fuck, imagine you experience sleep paralysis and that's the demon at the end of your bed.

My vote is on this being the "sexy come hither stare" she claimed made men do whatever she wants irl. This is like the creepy look downies get before they go full tard rage I swear to god

No. 1640423

Fuck anon you beat me to it. I unironically think that's the exact look… No jokes. I sincerely think that's what she's been doing

No. 1640465

File: 1662531607130.png (1.4 MB, 1365x2432, nasty.png)

Forgive me, Nonnas.

No. 1640468

Well now I won't be able to sleep for a week, thanks for the nightmares anon

No. 1640470

Just scrolled past this thread and thought it was an excessively unflattering fanart, than saw the ref

No. 1640474

Not enough cottage cheese or sandpaper face fungus

No. 1640484

She looks insanely familiar but I don't remember the guys name. Some ugly bald guy with a bulging nose

No. 1640489

File: 1662533302927.png (65.91 KB, 155x275, womack.png)

Womack. I was thinking of womack

No. 1640492

No. 1640501

It should be mandatory to put a spoiler on this festering, retarded, inbred piece of shit’s repugnant mug

No. 1640505

I hope Shayna will never find peace or love EVER. I have 0 empathy for women exploiting csa themes. Will put a magick curse on her this week if I have time lol

No. 1640536

File: 1662537551829.jpeg (672.6 KB, 1200x800, 15187FB7-91D0-4A39-9007-0604C1…)


No. 1640545

If >>1640465 and >>1640211 arent side by side for the next thread pic, i will throw a temper tantrum.

No. 1640554

File: 1662539881552.png (254.97 KB, 1242x1922, Shartna soijak.png)

Different anon and late as a bumbling bumblebee, but I thought I’d throw my own Shartna soyjak into the ring based on the Fetcon thread! >>1615281 Use it as you please!

No. 1640586

a brownie is a little sort of hobgoblin/fairy thing

No. 1640616

matching nose highlighter

No. 1640618

i take solace in knowing that she will die alone, fat, alcoholic, busted lungs and liver, with no one caring about her death and never having experienced true love. i just hope her death comes sooner than later so that we don't have to put up with her pedophilic ass anymore.

No. 1640620

that neckroll with that HUGE mole on it disgusts me so much i can't even put it into words. it's so funny how she once was skinny, she deserves her weight gain so much. imagine if she were born fat, you don't know what it's like to be skinny then. she knows and she must mourn it every damn day kek

No. 1640659

File: 1662553625470.jpeg (406.52 KB, 1170x897, 47E1C352-955F-4F0A-8289-493A23…)

I hate her

No. 1640660

File: 1662553778339.jpeg (13.83 KB, 165x172, 74375C25-EAC5-42E9-87B7-02E9C4…)

I hate how she types in that severe brain damage level of retard way, she always sounds like a fucking fluffy pony from those nasty ass 4chan comics.

No. 1640663

>Consensual non consent
I can't believe we've reached the point in which retards like shart can post that shit without getting instantly mocked, permabanned and receiving copious amounts of disgusted comments.

No. 1640680

Ugh I had forgotten these fucking abhorrent comics existed but you’re so right, fucking hideous sack of shit in both looks and personality
Twitter is fucking cancer, seriously

No. 1640700

This is 100% her "fuck me" face she's always shooting moids, holy kek. Imagine you're walking in a restaurant and see this fat, sloppy drunk looking at you like this. Nightmare fuel.

No. 1640731

File: 1662558503356.jpeg (425.88 KB, 1170x1219, BA6F6316-ED29-4603-83EB-906E8F…)

This is on a post Greyhair shared of Shay

No. 1640775

>daddy's tiny toddler 18+
I am going to a-log myself, goodbye everyone

No. 1640805

Actual tard here but i'm confused are they saying Shatna is under 18? Kek

No. 1640852

No, they’re saying the person who commented is under 18

No. 1640854

File: 1662563427388.jpeg (401.8 KB, 1170x1128, 0AFC6DF6-11AB-4978-AF47-A8DF4B…)

No. 1640862

HAHAHAHA this is what being a pedophile gets you. Her ugly nature is reflected in her face.

No. 1640866

Guys don’t get off to consensual non-consent, they get off to rape. Funny that it’s actually the same depiction!

No. 1640868

ah yes, the storyline where you tie up and rape your girl scout neighbor to “let out your frustration” definitely screams “consensual”

No. 1640926

She knows 10 men who masturbated to the idea of a little Girl Scout being tortured and raped, facilitated by this rat faced disaster and she’s celebrating that. Trying to recapture her former popularity has sent Shayna down a very fucking dark path. I pray that it’s only her who gets hurt because of it. A not insignificant number of women will help their fellow pedos in procuring kids for them to rape. Is that why she’s been hitting tiktok so much? Is she trying to find kids to pimp out to the pedos who buy her shit? I’m pretty convinced that’s what ellen is doing with her, so I don’t think it’s being dramatic to think this way.

No. 1640946

pedopandering is terrible if you're belle delphine or whatever but imagine doing all that for a whopping 10 men watching

No. 1641038

File: 1662568748381.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 1365x2048, 1662518724418~4.jpeg)

No. 1641069

She only put in Cnc so it doesnt seem as rapey and fucked up as it is. Ironic because she said she doesn't care snd is totally unbothered and confident in her "kink" stance. I doubt the vid or description will mention or even imply anything to support it being a cnc thing. How the fuck is it a gf experience? It's a sexual assault simulator vid. Just call it what it is.

No. 1641078

Also like other anon said, cnc snd rape look the same in vids and whatever. Cnc is meant to mimick SA. Just calling it that implies both parties are aware and ok with it. But that doesn't change the scenario of her video and the coomers arent watching it thinking "oh yes I should find an adult gf that would consent to letting me hand cuff and fuck her" theyre going to immearse in the scenario Shaynus has described and is depicting (albiet poorly im sure) and think much worse things.

No. 1641082

File: 1662570296161.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.63 KB, 940x818, windowlicker.jpg)

Windowlicker girl looking ass

No. 1641113

File: 1662571047779.jpeg (338.6 KB, 828x1660, 3B19849E-1CA0-4FBD-A5A0-19A631…)

No. 1641127

so the same thing but baby sa got it

No. 1641134

shes gonna reach amberlynn level legs

No. 1641198

Every bad thing that happens to her and she complains about is deserved, it’s so easy not to be a disgusting person

No. 1641212


She's literally the type of girl who ends up being killed and having her story featured in one of those true crime stories. At this point she deserves it (no, I'm not wishing death on her).

No. 1641219

Her arm in the middle pic looks like a third boob lmao

No. 1641237

Why do all of her concepts make no sense and sound so stupid and yet never fail to be disgusting.

No. 1641279

Hand maidens pay the ultimate price in the end. Pickmes never prosper, remember this.
This is fucking gold nonnie. I’m wheezing

No. 1641282

File: 1662576889965.jpeg (468.01 KB, 828x2363, 2940EA25-B449-49E4-A69D-413A58…)

No. 1641292

File: 1662577300611.jpeg (Spoiler Image,367.24 KB, 1348x1080, 2648FDD1-99AA-4ACA-8E09-A9C2AE…)

No. 1641307

what the FUCK is that liquid

No. 1641309

Cum lube

No. 1641319

File: 1662578676578.jpeg (323.55 KB, 1170x779, 222C8ED7-17EF-4069-A72B-700046…)

No. 1641320

this fat bitch makes me want to alog everytime.

No. 1641322

She puts on a costume and puts in an ounce more effort than other vids and she's just lit up over it acting like it deserves an oscar yet has to shill it so hard

No. 1641329

Looking like a FNAF robot kek

No. 1641337

this has got to be one of the worst vids she’s done since the cindy lou who “I don’t even know what sex is” vid.

>shaking her head no multiple times

>”what is this?!”
>”you’re taking it out on me?!”
>implying multiple times she does not want it

this is rape porn, 100% but yeah, call it “consensual non consent” all you want to save yourself Shayna. you made rape porn where you say “no” more than once. she deserves whatever comes to her.

No. 1641345

the fake cum always looks so gross. real cum does as well but this doesn't look like it, it looks like her vagina puked lmao

No. 1641346

she’s getting too big for that bed

No. 1641351

Bottom right looks like she poured ranch dressing over her genitals.

>she deserves whatever comes to her
The temptation to alog this disgusting hog is almost overwhelming. I guess it adds to the already existing schadenfreude of seeing her get fatter, uglier and more haggard.

No. 1641352

No where in the vid or description does it say cnc terms were set up. She just said that in her post to cover her infected ass because she knows this vid is fucked up

No. 1641361

if she pretends her and the viewer are both kids instead of one adult perpetrator one child victim then it’s ok!

No. 1641367

File: 1662582009726.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1640x1188, 97155DA8-CA34-4612-B1D6-C6C653…)

Sage for retarded fan art

No. 1641370

LARPing as a virginal child for men to masturbate to is totally girlboss! Only the HOTTEST and SEXIEST women have what it takes to live a life where you sexualize children’s activities for money! I’m so jealous of her fabulous and luxurious lifestyle.

No. 1641377

same fag but Christ, imagine thinking that your life is anything but miserable while you’re duct taping your own mouth shut so some useless scrote can cum into a Kleenex alone in his room. Post another tweet about how much you love your life, Shayna! We believe you!!!

No. 1641395

I feel so sick and disgusted reading this.

No. 1641396

i hope this tweet comes back to fuck her over. she's not going to stop being a pedo and she's only going to keep making worse and worse videos. she's so brain damaged by spending her early 20's looking at violent graphic porn all day to where she sexualizes every single encounter she has with another person (including her actual family)

No. 1641400

I think it will at some point she'll crave being around her family/normal people again and she'll realize normal people are disgusted by shit like this and it's going to be hard for her to redeem her dignity after that.

No. 1641405

She should have put another piece of tape on her double chin, ugly fat raggedy bitch

No. 1641406

This is the reason why I stay reading Shayna’s threads. The anons are too funny kek

No. 1641409

Idk why you’d want to pretend to be a child and you’re fucking another child?? Why does she love imitating a pedophile’s fantasy? That’s basically child pornography

No. 1641428

If she was actually the hot, lovable bimbo she thinks she is, she wouldn't need to be a vile pedo that caters to the lowest form of a male existence for the price of cheeseburger. Everything she posts about loving her life is extreme cope.

No. 1641430

Nitpicks result in a ban for however long you halfwit.

No. 1641442

I look in her eyes and see elevator music.

No. 1641451

did anyone get a screenshot of her saying she wants to charge other people $10 a minute to edit their trailers and videos? she deleted it

No. 1641455

File: 1662587629795.jpeg (653.03 KB, 1170x1515, E8F8F55E-01EC-4B45-A295-969169…)


No. 1641456

File: 1662587688377.jpeg (509.09 KB, 1170x1425, 3C977418-19A4-4B7A-AFAE-5096FF…)

Well if you have a “mumma” and “the dad”, do that to them

No. 1641475

Remember when she bitched about how Fupa would tell her to take her meds after they broke up and then stopped taking them out of spite

No. 1641477

File: 1662589492112.jpeg (400.24 KB, 828x1013, 2E147DD3-D042-48CD-8A96-4A6135…)

Samefag but this is what I was referring to, she used to love using her meds to manipulate

No. 1641481

sorry for offtopic, but i never thought i'd see another earther fan.

No. 1641486

File: 1662590062427.png (51.86 KB, 581x270, Screenshot 2022-09-07 11.33.59…)

She will not shut the fuck up about this particular shoot. Does it make her feel edgy? Is it because she's gotten the most pedocoomer coins from it in years? She's asexual, so I know she's not getting off to it herself. I truly don't get it - she wants to die on this hill.

No. 1641499

Yeah none of this description even implies it being consensual. This is rape fantasy. And girl scouts only goes to grade 12 so she is playing a child. She has the tiniest of a loophole if the Ambassador Dolly is 18 but this is so fucking disgusting. Girl scouts was such a safe space for me (sorry blog). It was for women and my leaders were amazing and sexualizing it is making me sick. It's supposed to make young girls feel confident and capable and this bitch is like "ok but make it pedo"

No. 1641515

Something tells me she subconsciously feels guilty about it, and that’s why she’s coping so fucking hard

No. 1641523

I really appreciate the detail and the fact you put her moles and red spots in the accurate spot

No. 1641526

I think it's a mix of her feeling edgy and her not knowing how to launch herself to the top of a category or subgroup without going 100% in and being "shocking". She's been trying hard to move her way to the top woth abdl/ageplay shit since her first "professional" diaper porn shit imo. Shows that she hasn't changed at all though since she continues to use "shock value" to get attention. It's clear she likes to seem like she has less boundaries than other women for her pick me shit. That's why she made those "your girlfriend doesn't do anal but I do" videos. All about being picked of course. I think being around abdl shit at that fetcon and no one saying shit yet on Twitter has filled her with enough confidence to go 100% 3edgy5me with pedopandering again.

No. 1641543

> “She’s very reluctant to being tied up and gagged”
> “She tries to fight back but it’s futile”

Can she please be canceled yet

No. 1641557

This post is scary n sad !!!!!

No. 1641560

I think she is afraid of getting shamed and called out, but I do not think she ever feels “guilty”

No. 1641563

File: 1662593089176.jpg (320.1 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_2022-09-08-00-22-34…)

I'm sorry, what?

Good luck shooting with this absolute nutjob Shay.

No. 1641571

Hahaha oh shit, this guy is something else

No. 1641590

File: 1662594108149.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1124x2155, 3B2E9657-AFF4-4C8B-BE04-E8E988…)

She should be friends with this hot tattooed boy and then they can be Dolly Mattel together

No. 1641592

oh my god he’s such a fucking freak. his desperate pathetic Twitter replies with no engagement and TikToks with the stupid drag makeup filters combined with this shit are setting off my psychotic AGP male sirens even though he’s not transitioning. i feel like shayna’s going to duck out of working with him like she did with vivi but I’m kind of hoping that she doesn’t because it’ll be milky as fuck, he’s not going to leave her alone after.

No. 1641595

Her shitty writing aside, the act hinging on the boy scout being so upset he couldn't earn one badge that he decides to forcefully take her virginity is so pathetic and grim. She's hiding behind "it's kink" to highlight misogynistic violence and enable shitty men to think that they're entitled to sex when they don't get their way (even for something like not getting a boy scout badge ffs), and dressing up and acting like a child on top of it all. Adults don't go to sleep away summer camp. And not only is it sexual assault themed, it's a child raping another child.
It must be an incredibly sad life to live where you're this desperate for male attention that you appeal to the absolute lowest of the low and trick yourself into thinking what you're doing is important and quality work.

No. 1641598

What do y'all think these pills even are? They're not something she's taking daily obviously.

No. 1641602

She takes anxiety meds, she used to never shut the fuck up about it

No. 1641603

He seems exactly the type to be a late life transitioner honestly, I'm betting on it. He gives me Lance Hart vibes

No. 1641612

this just translates to, “I want someone to rape me irl”

No. 1641622

This. The whole “it’s not real it’s just fantasy” doesn’t mean it’s okay. We don’t need to see sexual violence in any media. Porn just makes these guys feel valid in hurting other women. She’s encouraging pedophilia and rape.

There has to be at least one whore who doesn’t pedo pander or not into rape play that will call her out but no she’ll just have 99% of the ewhores back her for “fantasies/don’t link shame”

No. 1641688

Exactly. Pedos just "fantasize" about underage people. It's ok. Like ew. Fantasizing instead of acting doesn't make it ok suddenly

No. 1641707

File: 1662599680222.jpeg (461.8 KB, 1234x1446, FFEE036E-BA6E-434C-98F2-8B67CC…)

I tried to draw Ellen Dresel kek I’m not talented like the other nonnas

No. 1641712

It’s good but Ellen needs to be way fatter.

No. 1641729

File: 1662600640866.png (412 KB, 3464x3464, 2AB64087-961C-4D98-9AFB-1C14AF…)

Womack Wojak

No. 1641735

File: 1662601002555.jpeg (776.76 KB, 3465x3465, CED81DF9-41CF-4411-8B93-AC55FF…)

No. 1641740

I think in Shayna’s eyes a man wanting to rape you is a compliment, just like getting cat called.

No. 1641744

Ily, all of the artists involved in this

No. 1641749


No. 1641771

Womack wojak is the most beautiful word combination

No. 1641775

File: 1662603937144.jpeg (677.39 KB, 2753x1783, 613E7F35-B2F3-40B6-BB56-9F8086…)

The jealous whores or coomers that have a hate boner for Shayna made sock accounts to “cancel” ugly tattooed ken

No. 1641800

File: 1662606469107.jpeg (177.65 KB, 1002x2048, DBF67FF5-E829-4224-B860-F1BDE6…)

Kek I wonder if she’ll ever meet this horny scrote that popped up in a tinder shaming group. They both live in Renton and are embarrassing

No. 1641803

That’s probably that King Kinvar scrote who’s screeched about her non stop

No. 1641809

Well duh. I meant does anyone have a guess as to what kind?

No. 1641815

Idk but probably nothing “fun” like Xanax (she would never “forget” about them and would probably use them up immediately), and not an SSRI that would need to be used daily to be effective. Sorry I’m not helpful, but I am also curious to know what she takes

No. 1641827

it’s probably something like buspirone, which they tend to give before trying things like benzos (xanax, ativan). they’re not intended to be a daily/regular med, just used when you’re feeling especially anxious.

No. 1641835

Or beta blockers like propranolol. I think they are usually for “anticipated” anxiety like a performance, but I was given it to stop panic attacks

No. 1641839

File: 1662608795023.jpeg (65.47 KB, 474x474, FE786C71-B89D-4404-BDE8-841BDF…)

these are her "good girl pills"

No. 1641847

Kek honestly. Wouldn't surprise me if it was just a candy edible.

No. 1641876

I used to be prescribed that and the medication is only for the physical symptoms of anxiety like sweating, shaking, etc which are symptoms of anxiety far greater than whatever anxiety Shayna is claiming to have. I don’t think she’s prescribed something that she can take on/off to manage symptoms propranolol but she just doesn’t take her medication as she’s supposed to. Based on what she’s stated I would guess she’s probably prescribed bipolar meds. She will never be crafty enough to scam a doctor into a stimulant or benzodiazepine prescription.

No. 1641970

File: 1662615317064.jpeg (323.6 KB, 801x751, 93EA4012-EFF0-48DA-B5E5-1AF80B…)

She was on bipolar meds as well, not sure if she still is

No. 1641982

I feel you, but she does have a generally poor reputation and she's very much on a steady decline on terms of her career as a sex worker. She usually fucks things up with people she tries to work with. I think she'll continue to lose people in her life and be alone with no one to blame but herself.
or worse but like isn't it bad enough

Genuinely some fantastic work here, I love it.

No. 1641991

Ellen has a huge jay Leno chin though

No. 1642026

Does she ever mention being “bipolar” anymore? Not an expert but doesn’t seem to experience mania. Like sometimes she posts more or is happy for a few days (like during fetcon), but bipolar episodes are usually weeks or months long.

No. 1642030

She went on a rant about it last month >>>/snow/1589074

No. 1642037

She straight up looks like a Habsburg, her parents are probably blood relatives. Never in my life have I seen anyone as hideously putrid as the motherfuckers posted in this thread, Fat Shat included

No. 1642043

If she is bipolar it’s bipolar I, and the medication would definitely contribute to her rapid weight gain. With how terminally online she is if she wasn’t taking any medication we’d probably know about it because

No. 1642099

nonas this thread isn't your fanfic page

No. 1642114

File: 1662636067554.jpeg (656.6 KB, 1170x1737, 21CF4981-9321-43F3-A4E6-2531DB…)

No. 1642130

I love how she’s still trying to live out her tumblr dom dreams 10 years after the trend died.

Goth guys aren’t going to want a fat slob with no personality beyond SpongeBob

No. 1642136

>cheery baby bimbo princess
Shaynus you hideous festering hambeast, my fucking sides. You’re a miserable, haggard, white trash lot lizard with no self respect, personal hygiene or life skills who panders do pedophiles and promotes violence against women, it’s not just the goth boys who don’t want you, NO ONE wants you

No. 1642154

i cant stop reading this dude's name as Josh Topkek

No. 1642160

Yeah it's so weird that people would want a partner with similar style and interests. That's wild.

No. 1642190

Kek he went private

No. 1642225

Can’t wait for shaynus to sperg about haters ruining her collabs with “hot Goff dads”

No. 1642229

depressive episodes can go on for years.
She doesn’t look after herself at all. Can’t keep herself or her space clean. Doesn’t eat right, drink water or exercise. Has no sleep schedule, real job or even any hobbies beyond kvetching on Twitter and maybe shopping. She has a drinking problem. Etc.
It all screams depression and that’s before you even get to the ‘bad brain days’ and the uwu deathwish rapebaiting.

No. 1642251

Holy fuck, anon ily! Kekekek

No. 1642262

File: 1662650425353.jpeg (755.51 KB, 1170x1805, 61BE6CD7-65F2-49BF-8DFD-6C8092…)

Keep kissing ass Shay

No. 1642319

File: 1662654222263.jpeg (202.82 KB, 828x713, 716466AA-AA28-4E45-8D8A-322979…)

No. 1642336

Sadly true for a lot of people. A guy messaging someone out of the blue to tell them that he wants to violently rape them is seen as a kinky positive thing that validates that they're attractive

No. 1642338

She really doesn’t realize that everyone in the outside world sees her porn as pedobait, abnormal, and disgusting. Twitter, being a hug box full of degenerates, thinks baby roleplay is okay, but the rest of the world doesn’t.

No. 1642374

jesus my sides nonna

No. 1642402

File: 1662657727536.jpeg (602.39 KB, 1170x1308, 0F94BB23-4511-4DFF-A3E6-9A8A2C…)

No. 1642425

Gross. 5 years at sex work here. Forgets to post content when she has literally nothing else going on in life.
>>lyra has legs that they use to stand up!
Is that all she can muster to say? That this troon is a vocal keyboard warrior for other retards like Shaynus and of course that's what she says about them because thats what she gets from that person. Support and someone on her side against the boolies.
And yet this is the most we've seen her do and say about someone. Rip to her "partners" kek

No. 1642438

> i forgot there was an anal hook involved

No. 1642449

to me she seems manic now, about her last video; everytime she films something i think about her being manic. and also sorry for blogpost i got diagnosed as bipolar (even tho i think its just ADHD) and got on lithium and seroquel, i stopped drinking and since then i’ve had the best body ever.i hate when people blames on meds; the thing is that shes an alcoholic (she doesnt seems to share that as much because it’s embarrassing) and alcohol is a depressor and taken with some meds can make u a fatty in a small time, people seems to forget that so im going with this anon >>1642229 but im still thinking she got manic episodes like all the delusional tweets and “my life is perfect!!! yall just jelous of my perfect face and chubby lil tummy”

>i really needed this
just, sad

No. 1642451

I’ll never get over the fact that Shayna’s troon friend is a lawyer. Also he went viral on Star Wars twitter at one point, I believe.

No. 1642491

File: 1662662973493.jpeg (Spoiler Image,580.06 KB, 1170x1120, 6D556381-056F-4825-AA02-AA26BE…)

Of course it’s with this dude

No. 1642499

I WAS NOT prepared for the thing on the left

No. 1642503

The trailer is worse

No. 1642527

this looks like shoeonhead's ex HAHA

No. 1642536

File: 1662664969911.jpeg (131.37 KB, 395x472, 3D212F72-5432-4633-A879-EEEC3E…)

Damn her snatch looks like Pac-Man

No. 1642539

File: 1662665140449.jpeg (133.11 KB, 1200x958, 4562BA13-CA31-4DB6-B0E4-F7C9E9…)

She could star in a Broadway production of pink flamingos and she could be that fucked up adult baby woman who is obsessed with eggs.

No. 1642559

Damn her chin area is starting to look like a dolphin mouth too kek

No. 1642560

File: 1662666164693.jpeg (Spoiler Image,137.19 KB, 750x966, 59548B5C-C87B-424D-AF2C-67EF23…)

what's her obsession at the moment of young boys

No. 1642563

That is a really weird thing to say

No. 1642568

File: 1662666419663.jpeg (Spoiler Image,228.01 KB, 1178x317, F5AC16D0-C9CA-4D06-A6AB-DFA2BF…)

>Sadistic little boy
>using her fat to pull her back into frame because she’s unprofessional and clearly hates what he’s doing

No. 1642572

She makes it so obvious that she hates all of it

No. 1642575

Reminds me of when she deleted those tweets about Sid from toy story. She's so fucking gross and definitely the type of pick me to brag about actual teenage boys staring at her.

No. 1642599

File: 1662668250651.jpeg (363.19 KB, 1170x1220, 0262B33A-6474-4693-A55E-DDAFC2…)

But if a woman said it, she’d be FUMING

No. 1642607

I’m absolutely flabbergasted at how retarded she is. Does she have eyes? In what world did she look at the picture of her disgusting snatch that looks like a deflated ballsack that was beaten to sterilization with a baseball bat and thought it’s a good photo to post?

No. 1642609

She's actually an actual paedophile this cements it for me, it's one thing larping as a child whilst looking like a lot lizard it's thing to say you're fantasizing about little boys torturing animals, utterly bizzare.

No. 1642616

We did a full circle, her pussy looks more like a troonhole than any vaginoplasty I’ve ever seen. I know that ”innies” / ”fat pussies” look like the letter I but I’ve never seen a letter T before. Why she doesn’t just get it lasered off is beyond me, it’s not super expensive and you don’t need to do it consistently for it to be effective.

No. 1642621

I just… with a pussy like this, a necrotic boob, no waist and no hips and still thinking you’re solo porn star material, in the bimbo toddler genre… Ngl where do I get this level of self esteem / delusion? Is it because I live in a shithole that doesn’t DoorDash weed pizza and Lucky Charms to my house?

No. 1642629

Live action Statler and Waldorf

No. 1642672

It’s not a photo it’s a video, OP just posted a screenshot

No. 1642679

The lack of pussy these dudes get is insane if they're over here praising shaynus.

No. 1642686

Oh thank fuck. Regardless, she has to be fucking blind

No. 1642705

What i n gods name is going on with her cooch?

No. 1642709

Her vagina doesn’t make sense, she is built differently

No. 1642710

tinfoil but shayna always tries to be into whatever guy she likes is into and one of them is into being a little boy or something even more sinister and that's why she's been saying stuff like that

No. 1642717

File: 1662673533980.jpeg (176.84 KB, 860x736, 1638824949.jpeg)

No. 1642735

File: 1662675592938.jpg (Spoiler Image,111.91 KB, 800x533, pygostyle.jpg)

Her vag looks like a pygostyle from a raw chicken.

No. 1642741


No. 1642752

File: 1662676356967.jpeg (551.62 KB, 1170x1367, 1106C857-3BBB-4DB2-ABEF-5B684A…)

“Making new connections.” She’s literally shooting with that one dude and the academy again. That’s not new

No. 1642753

Why would you save this and then post this

No. 1642756

File: 1662676437314.jpeg (597.32 KB, 1170x1623, 05A261A7-5155-46B5-8BCD-33F354…)

Wow, three whole hours of working

No. 1642759

How can you not have seen a raw chicken before? The pygostyle is the part of the bird where the tail feathers grow from.

No. 1642803

and then we won’t see her for 6 months.

No. 1642806

File: 1662679257551.jpeg (208.63 KB, 828x1632, D4535227-0639-4A30-805B-9F0142…)

No. 1642817

omg they’re the same size kek

No. 1642822

File: 1662679595555.jpeg (Spoiler Image,189 KB, 828x1371, 48B73158-600E-4906-9268-0729A9…)

Every single frame of this video is horribly unflattering, I didn’t even have to try. And she acts like a spaz the whole time, smiling, laughing, complaining and then randomly screaming at him at the end?? Why even sell this

No. 1642825

File: 1662679651431.jpeg (Spoiler Image,192.09 KB, 828x1364, F4487717-995A-43DA-A67D-29E8BA…)

No. 1642836

File: 1662680114639.jpeg (Spoiler Image,217.38 KB, 828x1742, E6D25911-E2D1-4B80-AE60-DD4678…)

Her uncomfortable laughter and his Winnie the Poo as commentary makes me feel so uncomfortable just watching I want to crawl out of my skin

No. 1642837

They both look genuinely special needs but he's such a teeny slimy gremlin of a man who can't even buy pants in the right size, I hope he gets melanoma on the top of his dome, in minecraft.

No. 1642841

File: 1662680170600.jpeg (Spoiler Image,175.26 KB, 828x1375, B42EEBDE-0922-41D6-B95E-480342…)

No. 1642846

File: 1662680401250.jpeg (Spoiler Image,193.71 KB, 828x1375, 8738902B-66CA-4E1A-9E46-FE01BC…)

No. 1642848

This literally looks like they abducted some retard from special ed…

No. 1642856

File: 1662680677371.webm (Spoiler Image,3.66 MB, 1920x1080, e6dc028e0fc799e86f43_166267944…)

No. 1642858

File: 1662680804626.webm (Spoiler Image,4.97 MB, 1920x1080, 4552582a5167a92e5021_166267855…)

No. 1642860

Whoever is sending Shayna’s stepsister photos and clips of her videos, please stop. It’s disgusting and it won’t make her love Shayna any less. She’s pro-sexwork.

No. 1642863

Where did you see that?

No. 1642881


you can't just post this type of shit without proof, and if someone's sending her family porn again I hope it's not a farmer

No. 1642889

i’ll never understand why during these BDSM scenes she claims to like so much, she always looks like she doesn’t want to be there and constantly pulls away. it really seems like she doesn’t enjoy it, or even pretend to for the camera. does she think thats what viewers want to see? maybe that’s why she’s moving more towards the rape porn. it’s super obvious that she won’t give up the facade of being a kinkster. it was edgy on tumblr for a short while, and she literally cannot let it go. she makes these things her entire personality (pink, barbie, bdsm) and probably wouldn’t have any idea of who she is if she had to let those things go. and with kink the only way to keep people interested is by going deeper and deeper into the weird and problematic, which she’s currently going headfirst into. is she planning to kill herself at 30 or something? what is she going to do when she can’t use porn as her entire identity and personality anymore and winds up having no skills that translate to any sort of real world job?

No. 1642896

It's fucked up that people are sending her shaynas porn. It's also fucked up that people support their family members ruining their body/minds and doing porn where they larp as toddlers and compare a grown man abusing their body to a "little boy abusing animals". That's not love its, "I'm woke and sex work is real work, Im not really close to her anyway, so whatever not my business" But whatever. Whoever is sending shit is a idiot

No. 1642900

She said she wanted to be apart of club 27. I'm of the mind that most of her family think she's going to wake up one day or…they'll see her when they see her. It's clear shayna doesn't have any plans that don't include sex work and/or fame from sex work

No. 1642933

Wtf why would she include the animal torture part and then pretend like it’s endearing or sexy, literally sick. I don’t know how she even makes these connections in her mind. Throw in some animal abuse fetish with that pedophilia I guess, why not since she does the worst shit already.

No. 1642935

File: 1662684323149.jpeg (192.99 KB, 1118x2048, E78E6FA4-80B6-410A-84A2-707BC1…)

Her outfit to get drinks with “the dad”

No. 1642941

She smoothed out her cellulite so much it looks like she’s wearing stockings

No. 1642945

? Why is she dressing like she did when she was a stoner teen again

No. 1642950

I thought she put make up on them kek, guess she has been lurking. Anyway this genuinely makes her look her age vs. Her other outfits

No. 1642955

Damn I thought this was an older picture at first

No. 1642957

holding her leg up looking like a male dog about to piss on a tree

No. 1642958

the outfit and hair is giving me 45 year old trailer trash chola vibes

No. 1642959

File: 1662684980117.jpg (127.9 KB, 500x690, tumblr_a482bbbebdafe688d5ebf70…)

No. 1642960

please tell me that’s some clever joke

No. 1642967

> does she think thats what viewers want to see?
I think the whole idea that men want to see her enjoy herself while being tortured is us trying cope with reality. These sickos probably like that she hates it and pulls away.

No. 1642975

that’s what i’m thinking, that she knows her small audience enjoys that rapey, barely consensual, she doesn’t really want it, bullshit

No. 1642981

Why is it weird? It’s not a real Shaynus tweet if she isn’t aggressively pedo pandering and referencing small children in the context of her disgusting sexual fetishes.

No. 1642983

She’s not even good at pretending she’s being tortured or whatever though, she giggles and makes quips the whole time

No. 1642987

I think that’s because she sees it as part of her “brand”.

No. 1642996

Why does she try to pretend any of this shit is sexy? I’m no BDSMfag, but shouldn’t they at least try to convey some form of pleasure or sexual energy? She looks anxious, uptight and closed off in every shot. Anyone who gets off to watching an ugly man mildly bully a miserable-looking fat girl needs a straitjacket themselves.

No. 1643001

it’s because 1. she is truly anxious and doesn’t actually enjoy it & 2. she doesn’t know how to act/perform even though she’s been doing this for years. at this point she’s convinced herself it’s just part of her so-called brand.

No. 1643005

I don’t get why anons even care if Shayna’s family knows about her sex work. It’s clear they know everything and don’t care. I doubt they truly “support” the disgusting things she does, they likely just gave up on her and chosen to focus more on their other children who are actually accomplishing things in life. It’s not worth the drama of confronting her about it when they only see her once or twice a year at most.

No. 1643008


No. 1643011

>sexualized reference to animal torture
Eww, not Shaynus running through every other bottom-of-the-barrel coomer fetish and finally entering her zoosadism era

No. 1643013

This. Anons confused about the appeal of these videos (thankfully) can’t grasp the depraved mindset of her pedo audience. She specifically panders to scrotes who want to see a woman dressed as a small child, being violently abused and acting scared. Keep in mind these are the types of men who rape their own kids. They get off on the discomfort and anxiety.

No. 1643021

She hasn't been making that much content. She had those shoots in florida and that was the most she did all month. All her fetcon pics were clothed. And she conveniently forgets shes only got new subs because shes giving 100 $3 ones away.

No. 1643025

Why does it look like she’s still unpacking? JFC is she really using a moving box as a table? She’s too broke to buy cheap furniture?

No. 1643028

This is so unattractive. She looks like a chewed up piece of bubblegum getting stretched out by duck tape

No. 1643039

File: 1662689165989.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1242x1927, F8F5A22C-0125-4395-98F2-78E3FF…)

I thought the Russell scrote only made niche spanking content but it turns out he has sex with other whores and sells the videos. Shayna is all talk about being a whore but she never actually does anything sexual on cam besides using her crust covered dildo. I wonder if he ever asked her to. She’d probably catch an std since he doesn’t wear condom. Nasty ass moid

No. 1643048

Agree, this abuse image needs spoiler

No. 1643049

Spoiler that gross shit

No. 1643054

It’s not abuse? Just baldy pulling a ugly whore’s hair

No. 1643063

This is either Shayna herself or a family member

No. 1643065

Agreed its just too random.

No. 1643086

File: 1662693359596.jpeg (969.56 KB, 1170x1650, 2582F038-4764-4A86-9556-AA9680…)

It’s a Snapchat filter that made her this shiny btw

No. 1643095

those shorts are screaming for release

No. 1643103

Make me a hat too, nonas.

No. 1643108

I dunno where else that would have come other then someone with a personal connection to her sister. It’s not like someone was bragging about cowtipping anywhere

No. 1643110

At least she’s wearing colors that flatter her, she’d look good if she covered up with the shirt
I’m screaming, good job anon

No. 1643116

Not only is she wearing her sneakers in her bathroom, she's propping one of them up on her bathroom counter. Nasty bitch. Not surprising though. She's way too proud of this outfit (oversized flannel is sooo bimbo) with these leg poses.

No. 1643118

Years of dry fucking made it wrinkly kek

I can't even watch this shit, it's fucking disturbing.

Kek nonnie

No. 1643129

I was agreeing with both of you. If her stepsister had mentioned anything in her account(s) >>1642860 would have posted that and it wouldn’t be weird as we know farmers follow her.

No. 1643132

Are those new shoes? I was wondering why she was doing the Chris Chan pose, but then I looked closer and I'm like, "oh maybe those are new or shoes she hasn't wore in a while or she thinks they make the look" because these uncomfortable leg up poses are…something. It's not flattering or cute.

No. 1643135

Yeah I follow her, sister hasn’t said anything. Shayna most likely paid a little visit to the farm today. How fucking awkward if her sister had to text her to tell her to make people stop sending her her porn

No. 1643136

It's shay, Shays sister or a friend of Shays sister/someone who knows her. The "she supports sex work" part makes me think it's Shayna or someone who has read through the threads a little and think, "I'll add that she supports Shaynaa career, then they'll stop sending it because they'll know she knows and doesn't care".

No. 1643162

File: 1662703105997.jpeg (180.98 KB, 774x671, EC4E03D6-8B62-42F2-8F1A-0402AE…)

There are SEVEN more of these >>1642806 jfc

No. 1643164

Can’t believe that shit looking cheapass fleece straitjacket cost hundreds of dollars kek looks like sewing 101 with those dumb straps all along the side

No. 1643166

And it’s not like her sister is going to tell her to her face that she thinks she’s a repugnant degenerate, though I bet her and her friends laugh at fat shat behind her back, the whole family probably just grins and bears it to keep the peace

No. 1643167

File: 1662704444175.jpeg (329.87 KB, 828x928, 959B5204-DE07-4788-A9C8-F97BE6…)

God she’s such a fucking spazstic, in this one she won’t stop awkward laughing and and then just gets up off of the vibrator she’s supposed to be sitting on and he has to pull her to the floor and then grab her by the neck to get her to stop just laying here

No. 1643171

File: 1662704894826.gif (1.75 MB, 185x258, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

No. 1643175

File: 1662705246048.gif (Spoiler Image,5.23 MB, 680x484, 77e5de6cd0b2e6926cd642502eda5f…)

kek what the fuck was this

No. 1643177

Her face is genuinely terrifying, no hyperbole

No. 1643179

File: 1662705502528.jpeg (Spoiler Image,541.29 KB, 1080x3657, 6DA91D76-4668-4EEA-81D9-D659A7…)

There is not an moment in this 9 part series where she doesn’t look uncomfortable or miserable

No. 1643180

Looks like he's shaving her ass, I wonder how shayna thinks she looks when she makes these faces?

No. 1643185

This pussy doesn't look human at all. Alien granny vulva. Males have absolutely zero standards at all.(pussy nitpicker)

No. 1643188

I wonder if she thinks that's like an ahegao or that she looks out from a hentai manga? It's my only guess

No. 1643196

Yet this comment sounds exactly like something a moid would make

No. 1643199

Nta but it looks literally deformed, sorry if your pussy looks like that nona.(pussy sperg)

No. 1643203

Why are porn scrotes so fucking ugly and always bald? this looks like some sort of weird junkie fetish porn, busted up freaks.

No. 1643207

Not the vegans lmao

No. 1643221

No she's just always awkward, uncomfortable, and nervous when doing sexual things. Especially with other people. She retard giggles as a nervous reflex and acts goofy to distract from the fact that she's not into it.
Tbf the pulling away thing in some scenes is just a natural reflex to pain or being overwhelmed. Hence why in bdsm bondage is used to restrain.

No. 1643223

The kind of facial expression and involuntary movements a literal retard does.

No. 1643229

Can people make these kind of collages without showing Shay's nasty ass and pussy in the future? We all know what it looks like and I honestly rather want to laugh at her funny faces, I don't need to see her genitals all the fucking time

No. 1643231

Underrated comment

No. 1643233

Thank you, nonita! This >>1643175 and this >>1640211 are hilarious, even more so in the context of her uwu baby bimbo princess LARP, and the artanons add to the hilarity with their renditions of her sfw retardation, the same close ups of her chocha just clog up the thread and result in derailing

No. 1643238

File: 1662714028828.png (Spoiler Image,873.43 KB, 1098x629, Screenshot_2022-09-09 That han…)

lol can you imagine what this guy is thinking about her insane glow-down. he's repulsive too but wow, he probably didn't expect her to look like a completely different person

No. 1643247

I thought he was shaving her ass as well kek she is so damn ugly

No. 1643249

File: 1662716063860.jpeg (94.87 KB, 389x301, C2E8F89A-0186-408C-9D80-8A23D3…)

God that hair color she used to have was so awful.

No. 1643314


The weather girl hair is (sadly) the only improvement she's made outside of sorting out her disgusting boils.

No. 1643315

>>1642889 Shayna has always claimed to be a "brat" in kink terms so her behavior of pulling away and screaming and whining / complaining fits the persona she has cultivated. Plus like the other nona said scrotes get off her perceived discomfort. The only thing Shayna likes is attention and she has proven she will do / put up with anything to get a crumb of it.

No. 1643323

File: 1662725313569.jpeg (775.03 KB, 1170x1648, 17260BF6-892B-48B3-984C-8C9E19…)

No. 1643379

Gotta love how she actually feels like this is a career. Never change, Shatna.

No. 1643400

This shit looks like AI generated porn.

No. 1643501

I don't get it. I actually don't get it. Wtf is this code for? Even if you humor the existence of the concept of a "brat" in "kink dynamic" or whatever the fuck it would be called, nothing she does seems like it actually fits that role? She constantly contradicts every idea of every role she tries to portray and she doesn't seem to suit or understand any of them. This is akin to someone telling her she's a perfect "dominatrix" or "totally a bimbo". Like am I being too bold for trying to understand disgusting moids coom brains?

The only way this seems plausible to me is if Shat reminded him of some ex or other girl and he just projects the subconscious association as meaning they're both "bratty". That or he's just lying and saying what he thinks she wants to hear because that's what creeps do. Surely no one even with room temp perverted moid IQ could watch her "content" and sincerely come to this conclusion?

I know I'm overthinking it but it truly baffles me how anyone finds her porn enjoyable or worth paying even $3 for, even within niche fetish groups – outside of people whose fetish is watching someone who could authentically pass as a mentally challenged person being exploited. Even then, she's constantly freaked out on and scared off her "clientele". I get that moids are pathetic and would fuck anything, but other than giving out free content all the time, where is her appeal? There's surely so much free content out there and other gross ass online "sex workers" who play into whatever role/fetish/idea better/more consistently… I mean, at this point how do they even find her? She does next to nothing that would advertise herself and she has 0 consistency with any kind of schedule. I just can't really fathom how, even if her parents or someone pays her rent, she can even afford the amount of shit she eats/drinks to be such a fucking whale?

I've followed these threads since the MVloft saga and I just fucking can't, anons. Her existence is so bleak, even within 'porn' criteria I genuinely can't think of a single thing she seems to do "right", be good at, or that I can understand how even some gross moid would praise. She has 0 talents, 0 interests, 0 redeeming features, no will power, not even really much of a personality… I have never once witnessed someone who is actually this much of a human waste, what the fuck.

No. 1643549

the "tee hee im so humiliated" is definitely an act for the camera, but its kind of funny how this is legitimatelty more humiliating then just being a regular sex worker and shooting a M/F sex scene?

why the fuck does she make life so hard for herself and hang out with/appeal to the lowest fucking denominator in the industry when she could probably double or triple her income just having regular sex or anal on a semi regular basis?

if she actually booked professional even 3-6 times a year i might even admit she has a semblance of a "career". but with her current body of "work"… this is just a fat girl getting paid minimum wage to show her crusty, sour-milk pussy to literal pedos and the "bald&busted" demo.

No. 1643554

>The only way this seems plausible to me is if Shat reminded him of some ex or other girl and he just projects the subconscious association as meaning they're both "bratty". That or he's just lying and saying what he thinks she wants to hear because that's what creeps do. Surely no one even with room temp perverted moid IQ could watch her "content" and sincerely come to this conclusion?

its literally just this nonnie, dont think too hard.
moids can smell her desperation from a mile away and know putting in the extra 30 seconds to type more than just "i want 2 cum" will get her attention and free nudes.
its seriously pathetic how dependent she is on strangers for validation and self worth. i cannot wait until her 30s saga, gonna be hilarious to watch her spiral.

No. 1643557

I’m not sure which clip it is, but he’s not letting her cum yet and she screams in such an annoying stupid voice “I want it now!” And it makes my ears want to bleed when she does that dumb ass voice

No. 1643560

imagine your draw in porn is being the "homely relatable girl" who reminds guys of their fat ex girlfriend? yikes.

No. 1643575

It always gives “awkward adult virgin, can’t even bring self to orgasm” and I know it’s definitely not her intention. Frankly I don’t want to know her intention.

No. 1643624

I feel like it's because women like her are easy to read. Just blatantly compare her to other women and pretend she's the best at whatever category she's claiming it is. They just want to be told they're the best at degeneracy.

No. 1643630

Im sure she loves these comments that go "unlike other whores on here" which she gets from time to time. Congratulations Shayna Pickme Clifford, these bottom barrel ugly mouth breathing incest pedo zoophile retards chose you!

No. 1643640

oh my god the scrotes body looks like the butch lesbian manager who runs the mcdonalds like the navy kek

No. 1643652

File: 1662745817045.jpeg (395.58 KB, 1170x1661, 38EFA2CD-E69F-4618-9DB1-54C6F4…)

This is so stupid. They shouldn’t have to message her a screenshot, because she gets an email of every purchase that includes their username (as we have seen her post before with the name crossed out)

No. 1643654

File: 1662745882581.jpeg (Spoiler Image,733.17 KB, 1170x1770, 329DFFD1-601C-4E09-ABC4-845DD4…)

No. 1643675

Kek anon my sides that description is gold

No. 1643705

Sisters don’t let sisters live a life of failure and humiliation. If Nicole “supports” Shayna’s bullshit it’s because she knows it makes her look that much better next to Shayna, daddy loves her more than Shayna. She seems like that socially successful girl who’s toxic on the low.

No. 1643710

Why are you saying the step sisters name? Do not release her family’s names on here

No. 1643713

File: 1662749441552.jpeg (312.91 KB, 1170x1062, 22A454AE-4C54-4DBE-B11E-6D10D3…)

Shay, realizing you need to “get beat up more” for more sales isn’t a flex

No. 1643716

I genuinely think they aren't close and I still believe all that, " I wanna be a stepmother, I wanna steal ur college fund " shit might even been some jealousy towards her step mom/admiring her out of the hate for her actual mom. I also always felt that the "steal ur college fund" shit was some kind of sick fantasy she had towards her siblings. Like she sees them as only being successful because her dad & she moved out on her own (and fucked her life up). I get the vibe she hates people who are privileged like her but actually use that privilege. Vs being a "self made" idiot who is going to be famous vs. Mentally sane, successful and respected in society

No. 1643721

Didn't even notice it when I responded to that post, they should delete or report it like I did

No. 1643737

How does this collaboration work, does the bald loser get a portion of the sales or did fat shat pay him a flat fee for his… I guess performance/contribution?

No. 1643751

I was wondering this as well. And does she get any money from him if it sells on his site?

No. 1643810

Good question,I don't know I assume when idiors collab they do it for free and the money they make on their platforms is what they get? Is he giving her a cut? We know he's not paying her.

No. 1643850

File: 1662760670689.jpg (547.49 KB, 546x972, 2022-09-09T14-48-55e.jpg)

She looks like shes wearing old lady theater makeup

No. 1643864

No way this is an unedited screenshot. No freaking way

No. 1643867

Pretty sure this is old? pls don't call me a retard if I'm wrong

No. 1643874

i hate women who dress like little girls lmfao so embarrassing

No. 1643877

File: 1662761762096.jpg (11.44 KB, 464x360, droopytits.jpg)

Her face reminds me of Droopy.

No. 1643879

I have no idea how you could post this and think it looks good. this is pure delusional behavior.

No. 1643881

her fuckin bitmoji too

No. 1643884

Open her Snapchat story, she just posted it

No. 1643891

What is going on with the skin next to her boob on the far side? The weird folding?

She looks like one of those beat up animatronics from a shooting game at a boardwalk, but at least the skirt looks like the right size for her.

No. 1643893

something about this picture is so off it doesnt look like shayna ? like she looks awful but her middle section looks different, like maybe this is an older pic from when she first quit weed and was skinny for like a week when she went to ireland before gaining every pound back. anyone else think she started smoking again while in ireland and she said she found that dab cart in her luggage?

No. 1643895

The guy in the photo is ugly as shit. I'd say, "lack of pussy" is a safe inference.

No. 1643900

The moid sadist is a bald manlet. Imagine my surprise.

No. 1643901

File: 1662763226361.jpg (39.9 KB, 311x614, IMG_20220909_163933.jpg)

No. 1643910

File: 1662763641277.jpeg (49.87 KB, 600x500, FC19278C-D2C0-48EE-B5C0-568C23…)

All I can see in this pic. She’s truly so unfortunate looking and does nothing to help herself.

No. 1643912

Surely not. I know we say this a lot but why the fuck would she post this. Doesn't even look like her, but not in the way she's thinking. I wish she'd follow a current trend for once and take one of those online autism tests.

No. 1643916

Same boat nona. Her retarded baby voice makes me want to a-log also.

No. 1643920

it’s called having fat rolls

No. 1643923

shit, i’d rather see nigel thornberry naked than Shayna.

No. 1643926

File: 1662764510266.jpeg (47.98 KB, 500x500, 3C701A64-3D2F-47F6-9C56-A2E934…)

>primadonna grandma, yeah

No. 1643928

File: 1662764919833.jpeg (Spoiler Image,964.07 KB, 1170x1753, 9E711AB5-C09B-485A-8D79-3056FC…)

And more pedo bait

No. 1643929

File: 1662765035986.png (58.53 KB, 200x200, 02385B51-3D7D-4205-85A4-64516B…)

she looks like jacob sockness in this bodysuit thing

No. 1643989

No it’s recent. It’s just the angel and the skirt is actually hiding her fupa because she might have sized up finally. Also she has said she still smokes, hasn’t completely quit.

No. 1643990

Omg it really does. I hope a kind, autistic nonny shoops this

No. 1643993

Shaynus is a prime example of what being an alcoholic, never drinking water, never moisturizing, and eating like shit every day will do to your face and body. She looks at least 15 years older than she is.

No. 1643997

The eyes are too big and not an ugly dark brown like Shat’s are, kek
She probably has scurvy, I’m not even kidding

No. 1644003

Now now anon I've seen drunkards older than Shay who don't look as bad as her.

No. 1644011

File: 1662768107606.png (76.64 KB, 200x200, shaycob.png)

No. 1644027

nonna this is beautiful…. thank you

No. 1644041

I fucking love you. She looks like yanivs retarded sister ♡

No. 1644042

this pic is edited its so obvious like look at her waist and her face lmao poor pedo panderer fatty looking like a grandma

No. 1644047

It’s actually not, she posted it on her Snapchat. If she edited it herself and then posted it on Snapchat the top would say “from camera roll”

No. 1644065

I’ve seen less masculine/more attractive pantomime dames; she should audition, maybe get an honest job for the first time since her five minutes at Olive Garden. I bet the split second after this shot was taken, she blew her already-slack rectum out from the twisting and sucking in she’s doing.

No. 1644094

No that was the insex guys

No. 1644095

Gross. I'd hi moid if it weren't for the fact I can't really see the kiwifags taking an interest in shayna

No. 1644134

File: 1662776512552.jpeg (261.63 KB, 897x1772, 9676A746-68AA-4379-9467-EE68F1…)

No. 1644137

KEK anon

No. 1644164

It’s just regurgitated tumblr bimbo talk and was thrown around a lot in the early to mid 10’s.

No. 1644165

File: 1662780005845.png (1021.13 KB, 543x972, herlooksimproved.png)

I'm sorry Lord for I know not what I have done

No. 1644169

File: 1662780839980.gif (2.71 MB, 540x304, tumblr_dc923c1b6f1f6e38fcea9be…)

No. 1644176

Quick question - if Shayna's so disgusting for being the most unremarkable overweight 20something, what do those of you wasting times lagging off her appearance look like? All shiny and plastic and flawless, I presume? All the toxicity in these threads is just as concerning as Shay's stubborn, stupid lack of concern about herself + what she does.

Amazing. You think moids wouldn't love a stupid woman who is willing to fuck w her health/rep/sanity for a few bucks. She's an abuser's wet dream.

She's doing the gross abuse fetish porn cuz that's all that she knows how to do to make a living. Outside of this niche, the pay is abysmal, probably.

Watch any doc on porn, especially hot girls wanted which features literal 18year olds traveling to be part of porn industry and literally every single one fighted financial Independence and money as a reason for getting into porn. After the novelty factor wore off, the girls stopped getting work. The offers they got after like a few jobs were from hardcore producers asking them to do dangerous stuff.

Shayna apparently doesn't need a roommate to pay her bills if she allows herself to be degraded like this. Look at the toll it's taking her psychologically, physically… She's drinking to cope. She's overeating because she's under stress. She wasn't overweight in HS, right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1644180

Go back to whatever shit hole you came from.

No. 1644181

Bets on this being the step sister, the "mommy" troon Lyra, bustedpixie, or Ellen Degenerate?

No. 1644183

but your house is looking p uninviting anon

No. 1644184

Or a kf fatass with the autistic essays

No. 1644186

Ellen DeGenerate lmaooo

So you realize that these threads are circle jerk of less than a handful of the worst women you will ever know keep encouraging each other to become even worse, somehow?

if that Somerville study doesn't just prove that moids become worse when being influenced by a badly behaving moid. they thought that putting a well-behaving boy who is about the behaving one would help the bad boy see the error in his ways…..(wk)

No. 1644192

So go away? You sound like uggos who seethe bc you’re not welcomed at the mean girls table.

No. 1644194

I have no words

No. 1644195

It sounds like a troon. The “shiny” and “plastic” parts stick out. It’s exactly how troons talk about girls. Either it’s the “mommy” troon or some autist troon from kf

No. 1644198

NTA but I think the her step-sister is just a typical zoomer who blindly says she "supports sex workers" without thinking critically or looking deeper into it.
Kek you gotta love how she just gives out full nudes for free instead of censoring them and teasing moids into paying her more. Ik the thread is full of e-whores but myself and other anons who aren't have remarked that even we can see how bad she is at her job. She gives so much away for free. I think farmers with no e-whoring experience would be better at managing her social media and business than she currently is.

No. 1644199


yeah i am much much prettier and skinnier than shayna and get 10x more male attention with all my holes fully covered at all times, deal with it you delusional and likely hideously ugly cunt(infighting)

No. 1644201

dubs spoke the truth also i would bet 500 bucks that around 70% or more of women posting here are at least better looking than shat, as she is geninely so ugly and now so fat and cellulite ridden with a linebacker back and cottage cheese hank hill ass that i cannot fathom it some days. anyways, fuck off ugly

No. 1644204

File: 1662783774544.gif (Spoiler Image,12.89 MB, 1280x720, Q76Ucs6axWu699Gy_tag_12_mp4_Ad…)

No. 1644208

Casual saged reminder that shayna’s parents offered to pay for her education and support her financially and all she had to do was keep herself away from chicken dancing and showing off her feces on camera

No. 1644209

looks like one of those jiggly japanese puddings

No. 1644213

File: 1662784220883.gif (728.48 KB, 200x200, 7968D7E5-A3B2-4ECB-A2D6-7B7719…)

we aren’t human garbage. shayna is ugly inside and out. She’s not going to be your “fren” Get out of here

No. 1644220

File: 1662785485499.gif (2.27 MB, 276x252, 3F7EE508-7B00-43A1-AAA6-89FF45…)

No. 1644222

this mentality will be your undoing, sis. moids/society hate women and the moment you stop being hot and young your vanity will be ridiculed. both of you sound like you piss yourself worth off of male approval. sad.

Get some class consciousness and stop projecting your own problems on another idiot.

No. 1644223

Agreed. The bar is so low to be better looking than Shaynus kek. Like yeah theres probably some fatties or people with some flaws, but she really just hit all the marks for ugly everything. I think the only thing she missed was bacne but she had those horrendous pussy and ass boils. But literally everything from her greasy head to her yellow feet are gross and unfortunate at best.

No. 1644224

her hair is never greasy tho?

No. 1644225

And that doesn't even start on her awful personality (if you can call it that) and her behavior and mentality

No. 1644229

Was that sarcasm?
Her classic hairstyle go to is known here as the greasy combover.
Are you new or just straight up retarded wk?

No. 1644236

Lmao her head perpetually looks like it’s been dipped in a deep fryer

No. 1644240

Just gtfo troon or whore, you’re probably just as fat and greasy as shat and that’s why you’re defending her cuz you feel personally attacked.

No. 1644247

File: 1662787898133.jpg (40.15 KB, 828x860, 224cc07b3dd2ff14398add21630467…)

Imagine bragging about how hot you apparently are on a Shayna thread.

No. 1644250

The fat insecure pearchan internet whore is the only anon in this thread who uses the word 'linebacker' to describe Shat. Her posts are all really similar and she is obsessed with Shat not having any curves.

At this point the farmers are just as entertaining as the cow and they all have their own personas.

No. 1644254

Pearchan ewhore is also the anon who gets really salty about Shay being called fat and says "it's just on the wrong parts of her body". No doubt it's a whore fatter than Shay who has an obese BMI.

I have a tinfoil that it's probably Ellen.

No. 1644257

im tinfoiling ellen is a lurker and now maybe trying to integrate as a farmer? i saw someone in /ot/ claim to be in a very popular cows thread as a "side character" and people make lots of assumptions about them and make fun of their appearance. maybe it was vivi tho. weirdly lines up with the sperg coming into the thread to call us "boolies" and use the word moid weirdly.

No. 1644260

It would actually make sense because Ellen is probably secretly reeling over having to deal with Shat. Having to pay her rent and help her out financially and having to come second best to scrotes in a faux lesbian relationship. As much as they are both ugly lumpy cows Ellen is also probably a little jealous of Shat. Shat at least makes some chump change from being an ugly whore and Ellen makes fuck all from showing off her nasty lymphodema.

No. 1644269

Even if some of the women here look the same or worse than Shay they're not on the internet selling media of their holes to pedophiles and crusty abusive scrotes. Shay deserves to have people shitpost about her appearance and lame existence because of what she does and she's made herself available to public opinion. No one here makes fun of normal average to ugly women just trying to live private lives.

No. 1644273

you must be legitimately so ugly just like shatna which is why you're acting like anyone brought up moids, utter retard. maybe retards shouldn't try to accuse all posters here of being worse looking than hideous shatna

No. 1644274

I miss bikini barista anon….

No. 1644278

>from her greasy hair to her yellow feet
Kek she’s really is haggard and busted. >>1644274
Ever since I posted her Twitter account she hasn’t showed up. I think the fat pig got embarrassed

No. 1644280

Nta but if it is Ellen I am dying to know the inside scoop on Shaynus’s finances. How does Shay afford the apartment? Whoever it is doesn’t need to reveal their identity if they’re worried about that, just give us the milk.

No. 1644281

My theory is that smol sex worker anon is an HSTS passoid, but seethes deeply inside because he will never actually get to be a real female. No bio woman talks like this.(infighting)

No. 1644283

Nice try sneaking the 4tran (tranny incel) lingo in here but all troons are hulking ogres, not even remotely close to being “smol”, and you will never be a woman.
> No bio woman talks like this
> “bio woman”
Indeed, KEK

No. 1644284

Fuck, marry, kill:
Shayna, Nigel Thornberry, bald bdsm dude

No. 1644286

File: 1662790127416.jpeg (567.04 KB, 1080x1892, 1546780A-95E2-4C6B-A470-528B3F…)

>How does Shay afford the apartment?
Jason R Womack sends Ellen Dresel payments on Venmo for rent. They privated the transactions after a anon posted a screenshot of payment from Jason Womack that was public

No. 1644287

His posts scream catty faggot to me.

>References meangirls

>talks about how smol he is
>speaks way too highly of scrotes not to be one
>no real, young attractive woman gets hot over bald Russel (lovingly handmade) and talks about how they are hotter and smoler than Shayna.

It's definitely a tranny sex worker.

No. 1644289

Fuck Nigel because Shayna is disgusting all around and I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. (I had a crush on Nigel when I was a toddler watching cartoons) Marry bald bdsm dude but I wouldn’t fuck him and I’d take half of his assets when I divorce him. Kill Shayna and all her pedo scrotes

No. 1644290

> I had a crush on Nigel Thornbury when I was a toddler.

That's enough lolcow for me today.

No. 1644291

Russell Harmon’s fans should be called the lovingly handmaidens because why tf would any sane person find him attractive. He’s like a broke uglier version of Jeff Bezos

No. 1644292

Ayrt I was 3 anon don’t judge me, kek. OT but i hate using the word toddler because of what these pedo freaks turned it into. Pacifiers and baby bottles being used in sexual scenarios grosses me out.

No. 1644294

This, yes.
Go back.

No. 1644297

File: 1662790759817.jpeg (320.2 KB, 1242x1165, 03193604-10E7-433D-905E-C46E15…)

Why doesn’t this bitch ever eat meals at home? It’s a waste of money that she doesn’t have. Like how hard is it to cook? YouTube and recipes all online and she still does doordash and strip mall restaurants every day.

No. 1644303

File: 1662791253515.gif (843.85 KB, 220x205, wtf is that.gif)

No. 1644306

Girl the only thing worse than seeing shays deflated dolphin is seeing nonnies like u hyping yourselves up here. Actin like its some proud achievement being hotter & better than her. Its like going in Chris chans thread talkin bout how ur soooo much smarter than him. So is like 90% of earths population Lmao stfu

No. 1644307

File: 1662791481376.jpeg (195.72 KB, 1699x937, 55C998F9-5D1D-482E-BB41-4F5F69…)

Shayna is the same amount of ugly she’s always been, she’s just more fatter. Rat face vs moon face. I can’t tell which one is more hideous….

No. 1644308

her vulva jiggles like its filled with infected pus ready to burst out

No. 1644309

I bet Troon Lyria will show this to her doctor as a reference for bottom surgery.

No. 1644310

She doesn't even look like she's enjoying herself. All the footage she has with Russel is just so awkward. He looks constantly smug and self satisfied and it's just such a weird contrast.

No. 1644311

Her vulva looks like a spider's face here.

No. 1644314

Idk why she keeps going back to film with him. Shayna loves moid attention so much she’s willing to participate in kinks she isn’t into just to get attention. Moid attention is the easiest type of attention to get, you don’t have to be pretty or talented. Shayna is infatuated with the idea of being an internet star. She doesn’t make enough money to be doing this type of shit. She probably gets paid the same or gets paid more doing the whole dildo fuck machine coomshow videos. Anons have pointed out that she’s trying to go back in time and redo everything she did before Fupaul. Seattle move, getting back with Ellen Degenerate, filming with Max R Cameron and Russell Harmon, and having Splenda daddies. It’s pathetic how delusional she has gotten over being “popular” on the niche stoner side of tumblr.

No. 1644341

File: 1662796988235.gif (799.17 KB, 498x286, fucking kek.gif)

No. 1644344

look at this cringy illiterate twitter whore typing kek. leave or learn to read what anons are REPLYING TO(infighting)

No. 1644382

Happy Merchant IRL(racebait)

No. 1644416

fucking kek anon

No. 1644419

File: 1662811567253.jpeg (367.54 KB, 683x862, 7D0457FA-1313-4820-A8C9-FE500C…)


No. 1644429

what the fuck lmao

No. 1644545

How does she manage to only interact with the ugliest motherfuckers of that stupid app? Then again, she's probably spending half of her day trying to hit on hot guys and they all just ignore her.

No. 1644552

sorry nonnie I'm going to sage this, but in what way are you using alog here? i've tried looking it up and places are saying anthony lagato invented a-logging but I cannot figure out wtf that means. urban dictionary says alog means feeling hatred and wishing harm upon another and that alogging comes from him. does alog/alogging mean hating someone extremely? sorry for shitting up the thread with noob questions i've tried googling it but a lot of kf definition pages are down for me. it took me six months to figure out nyart means srry.

No. 1644558

I think it means hating someone but in an autistic/obsessive way

No. 1644563

“Desire to alog hardmode activated” = anon wishes she could go off about her intense hatred, but rules prohibit explicit wishes of violence. There’s also the stupid questions thread in OT.

No. 1644618

Ummm I actually speechless, she looks a hard 50 here, why would she even post this, I hope for her sake someone edited this.

No. 1644621

Reading the rules before posting is a suggestion
This cops a redtext ban while far more retarded and irrelevant shit goes unchecked, makes sense
Literally everyone who is into “kink” is a fucking ugly mongoloid, no normal people whose parents aren’t siblings participate in this shit, normalise kink shaming

No. 1644680

File: 1662834382218.jpeg (229.03 KB, 1170x835, 896833DB-54D7-4598-A674-AD8A08…)

No surprise there

No. 1644684

The word “breffast” makes me irrationally irate. Especially coming from a fat retard who looks like a cartoon witch.

No. 1644686

i always hear it in a british accent when its spelled like that kek

No. 1644700


never seen someone being able to even text repulsively

No. 1644740

File: 1662839279408.jpeg (80.34 KB, 768x768, d3b2105b-33eb-466f-833f-c24d77…)

Same texture.

No. 1644757

File: 1662840802405.jpeg (258.9 KB, 1242x876, 1AEC8394-06C5-488D-ACAE-996102…)

She looks so deformed

No. 1644759

File: 1662840873855.jpeg (210.73 KB, 1230x1202, C2735D05-F6E4-4207-B2F8-D14660…)

I’ve noticed even farmers stop watching her because of how boring she is

No. 1644760

File: 1662840954620.jpeg (272.02 KB, 1242x859, 928FAE0A-F9B5-4889-B71B-EBE507…)

No. 1644762

File: 1662841044565.jpeg (337.67 KB, 1242x1007, 568835DA-7596-4CB2-B759-09CDAC…)

Michael Slack says he loves Bald Russell’s laidback behavior. I hate them so much

No. 1644765

This bitch is so hypocritical about the ranking and numbers. She posts "it doesnt matter your rank or follower count" when she's doing poorly or in regards to others, but then if she moves up just a little, she wont shut up about it.
Its been discussed here that unless youre in the decimal percentages, it doesn't mean shit. She only moved up from 5% because she fibally is posting content and gave out a bunch of discount subs. Her tank and count will tank again in a month or 2 when she goes through her booklet of exuses and feels like she doesn't need to work for weeks on end.
Any time she has any "improvement" in her life or financials she gets on a high and feels like everything is fixed and so she doesn't have to try anymore. So stupid.
Dumbass should know by now when she claims SW iS ReAl WoRk that it means… work. And that someone like her especially has to maintain effort and putting in that work just to scrape by.

No. 1644774

~Just alcoholic things~

I can't tell if she keeps making posts like this to sound like shes uwu starving herself or what the fuck. Like a lot of people skip breakfast because they dont like it or it doesnt fit their lifestyle. It doesn't make you a smol bby it just means you're lazy or are still full from your 2500+ calorie intake the night before. Drinking coffee or sugary booze at noon still puts calories and sugar in you, you dumb fat bitch. Drink some water.

No. 1644778

Habsburg chin on full display here

No. 1644800

Any percent more than like 1% isn’t special, even 1% isn’t that successful or impressive when there are so many dead low effort abandoned accounts on there. Keep in mind she’s had 5+ years to build up an audience and name for herself. Absolute failure

No. 1644812

Two posts within days of each other that certainly have no correlation and give no reason to indicate she continues to read her threads kek

No. 1644831

there are people that drink coffee black or with only milk nonna, not everything has to be sickly sweet

unless you're an american i guess

No. 1644836

You really think Shaynus is drinking coffee black or with only milk?? Plenty of Americans do…she doesn't. Don't assume she represents the rest of us, nonna! Contrary to stereotypes, we're not all fatasses.

No. 1644837

We're talking about Shaynus, dumbass. You think she uses her pink coffee maker and drinks coffee with some half & half??
She posted the other day that she ordered coffee and every pic she posts of what she drinks is an extra large cup of sugared up garbage.

No. 1644859

File: 1662850942306.jpeg (282.47 KB, 828x845, AD09F82E-C743-41A9-9552-2725BE…)

I feel like she’s making this up I’ve never heard this

No. 1644861

File: 1662850978431.jpeg (588.11 KB, 1170x1672, 94EB3FB8-0857-48CC-A370-4374FD…)

No. 1644866

She's at the making up people to get at level of coping.

No. 1644868

I mean she had it in the last bit, but it begs the question… why does she have that childs canopy and made her "work room" look like a childs bedroom when thats where she films her porn??

No. 1644869

Keep coping, Shaynus. Even your dumb ass knows its not just the canopy itself that promotes pedophilia. It's the entire porn room you made look like a childs bedroom where you then make diaper porn, csa simulation, and other pedo pandering content. Nice try though!

No. 1644874

Nona, that’s not a Habsburg jaw. I mean yes, she looks inbred, but her jaw isn’t that deformed
My fucking sides, of all the things in her “work” space that promote pedophilia, the canopy is probably the least egregious. It’s just shit taste in decor more than anything

No. 1644876

Somebody should make a timeline compilation of all the times she bragged about her OF popularity percentage as it steadily declined

No. 1644883

File: 1662853086049.jpg (185.55 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_2022-09-11-00-36-39…)

Kek, was waiting for the excuse.

Why does having a period mean you can't cam? Especially when it's the start. She never seems to actually penetrate herself on cam.

No. 1644885

I thought she was "butt stuff Barbie"
Ain't bleeding out your asshole… Yet.

No. 1644895

I think she made it to 2% and posted a cap each time she moved a .1% up to it and was there for a bit, but once she slid from there she got real quiet about it and would occasionally post "rank doesnt matter guys!". I also like when she asks for promotion or shares but only from top 3% of whores.

No. 1644896

His fans are presumably similarly ugly men who self-insert into his porn. That's why men in porn tend to be so unremarkable or even unattractive. Makes it more relatable to the moid viewer.

No. 1644898

I don’t think you understand what a Habsburg jaw/chin looks like, nonny. cos it ain’t that.

No. 1644899

Classic. If its the start of her period, the flow shouldnt be so heavy she couldnt put a tampon in and tuck the string. Her cam shows are 90% her dancing and giggling like a tard. I dont think anyone tips for penetration or even "orgasm". She could get on just to follow through and try to build a schedule and just flop her tits and shake her hank hill ass a bit.

No. 1644901

I noticed she hasn’t used this excuse in awhile. She always used her period of a way to get out of work

No. 1644916

This is so weird and niche anon ily

No. 1644922

I love how this fat cunt is always blabbing about sex work being real work & then pulls shit like this. Women who have REAL jobs have to go to work regardless of being on the rag.

No. 1644925

Technically she can because she’s unemployed. No matter how many ways she tries to spin it, she is a pan handler

No. 1644951

> sExUalIzInG FurNITurE
Says the retard that sexualizes everything including children and animal torture?

No. 1644964

Let me guess it’s a canopy bed with pink fluffy curtains and a bunch of stuffed animals/toys on the bed? Yep I’m sure there’s no ulterior motive. Bitches stay willfully ignorant when they know they’re doing all they can to simulate looking and acting like an underage child.

No. 1644990

She can’t even stick to the most basic of commitments, and she wonders why no one joins her cam shows, lazy cow

No. 1645066

Has she even ever made cam schedule 2 weeks in a row consistently the last couple years?

No. 1645080

File: 1662874835470.jpeg (120.12 KB, 800x800, FFCE384C-B83B-40FE-B2EC-70C827…)

Not to mention she has a daybed that looks small enough for a child, it reminds me of my own twin-sized trundle bed that I had as a kid. Maybe it’s my own childhood bias but I really can’t see an adult preferring a daybed. It seems so explicitly childish and such a blatant choice by her to make the most “little girl” ish room possible.

No. 1645101

She's literally worn diapers and filmed porn in a crib???

No. 1645128

It’s a prop for her “work” room. She doesn’t use it because it’s too small to actually sleep on and it’s uncomfortable asf. She could easily make her stupid videos in her regular bed. She doesn’t need two rooms, she’s retarded. It’s more expensive for an apartment with two bedrooms. But no, Shayna needs to recreate a young childs room for her simulated cp videos. She’s disgusting.

No. 1645130

Ew you are right, she literally is paying for an extra room in her home to disguise as a child’s room to shoot porn in. How can you be in that environment every day, or return after a day out and not hate yourself.

No. 1645132

File: 1662881830568.jpeg (580.2 KB, 1242x669, 5ACA3921-6792-49CD-A030-DAE7F4…)

It’s not the canopy dumb bitch. It’s the whole context. You’re a pedophile plain and simple. At least bimbofication has nothing to do with children or infants, as it’s a process of being an over-sexualized adult woman. I’d rather see Shayna wearing skimpy fashionnova dresses and getting extreme Botox than see her sexualizing diapers and pacifiers.

No. 1645137

That look would honestly suit her so much better. Being an actual plastic surgery blow up bimbo barbie instead of a grown woman trying to look like a 5 year old

No. 1645139

I think I have been following Shayna for a long time and have been too desensitized to her. But right now it is hitting me that it is literally like a horror movie that this weird woman has a fake children's room in her home where she tries to dress up like a cute innocent girl, but then role plays the most horrible child rape scenarios; then casually closes the door and eats a cheese plate in the next room with no remorse. I just watched a scary movie so my head is in a weird place, but she is really a terrifying human being

No. 1645140

She’s like a character from a John Waters movie.

No. 1645142

I mean she would still look ugly because she doesn’t know how to take care of herself and if she got lip fillers her lips would be covered in scabs and flakes because she never uses chapstick or drinks water kek. It’s less creepy than trying to look like an adolescent

No. 1645143

What does her actual room look like? That is extremely disturbing that this purposefully childlike, infantile room is her “work” room

No. 1645145

From what I recall it is a small room with a king sized bed on a simple “cot” style frame (like no headboard, etc.) No decorations when she made a video of herself putting the sheets on the bed. Just a really boring room with a big mattress

No. 1645149

Kind of reflects that she has no personality outside of her pedo porn stuff

No. 1645153

File: 1662882883564.jpeg (Spoiler Image,905.43 KB, 3180x2608, 2A1184E6-DE7A-4BAF-8E9E-6EB1BB…)

It’s just a giant bed she never shows it. >>1291838 throwback pic of her making her bed

No. 1645160

File: 1662883135716.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3257x3432, 4863B1F7-91C0-413A-B0B8-03EDC1…)

No. 1645161

Fuck, her legs look so DIFFERENT. No rippling or indents.

No. 1645162

What a weird ass fucking woman to live like this but to also have a pretend children’s room for her OF and her social media

No. 1645165

I think it is just the lighting to be honest. Her cellulite is probably always getting worse, but she wasn’t “smooth” a year ago

No. 1645167

She really just walks around naked in her apartment in broad daylight, in front her window? I feel like I shouldn't be surprised at this point. I just hope that balcony doesn't face where she could be easily seen.

No. 1645171

File: 1662884063949.jpeg (350.95 KB, 1536x2048, 93FD318D-1DDD-4EF8-8A2F-561B81…)

This is her every day room. It’s ugly but clearly less pedophilic than her “work room”

No. 1645176

I live by Shayna’s apartment building and there are big trees so you can’t really see into the units. But if she is out on her balcony and someone happens to look towards her unit, it is still publicly visible

No. 1645181

Fellow women, how did she collectively scam us into thinking she lost weight before her Ireland trip? Did she actually lose weight and just ballooned up afterwards in such a short amount of time?

No. 1645183

Personally, I think that she was “sick” and throwing up and in the hospital so much that there was just literally less food in her stomach and digestive waste in her body so she looked slimer. If you look at pictures of people who fast or do “juice cleanses” they look massively smaller after a few days, but it just because there is literally less food and waste inside of their bodies. She probably lost some weight as well. But, then she filled herself up with food and alcohol and bloat.

No. 1645186

(Same anon) that said, she really does seem to have a lot more fat on her body now than she did a few months ago, I think she probably is packing it on fast

No. 1645188

This is so sad, she doesn’t even know how to make a bed, and look at those flat ass grimy pillows. Embarrassing for a grown women.

No. 1645190

File: 1662886141427.jpeg (519.5 KB, 1536x2048, FS_BZBXUUAA7pi5.jpeg)

Literally makes pennies with sexualizing childhood

No. 1645192

I mean everyone has different comfort preferences that maybe aren’t aesthetically pleasing… but if you are going to post a picture of your bed onto the internet, this isn’t it

No. 1645194

Is this new? Gosh I really hate her

No. 1645199

Comfort aside it’s disgraceful that an adult doesn’t know how to make a bed, much less post their incompetence on the internet. Though in the Shayna scheme of things not knowing how to make a bed is the least of her problems

No. 1645200

I’m pretty sure this is from months ago, still makes me want to a-log harder than ever though

No. 1645203

When I was 18-20 ish, I looked really young for my age (I am 30 now) and men on the internet were always trying to flirt about how I “didn’t look 18 yet!!”.
I got sucked into the “compliments” and I can confidently say that the men who I interacted with actually wished I was younger (“really babe??? 18??? I would have guessed 13!”). The guys into “daddy dom ddlg” are actually 100% pedophiles. Just an fyi. They don’t actually like Shayna

No. 1645207

You’re preaching to the choir nona, farmers itt (save for the fat whores who think they’re better than Big Shaynus when in reality they’re just as disgusting) know full well that anyone, male or female, who is into ddlg degeneracy is a straight up pedo

No. 1645211

File: 1662888124911.jpeg (31.43 KB, 399x399, FS1Ee-0UsAE52gy.jpeg)

Yeah, its a few months old, I just brought it up because of >>1644859

No. 1645220

once again by tweeting about this she shows how guilty she actually feels for being a pedophile piece of shit. she wouldn't try to justify her disgusting behaviour if she thought it was normal. keep going nonnas, this is really grinding her gears. we need more people to know that shayna clifford from renton, wa is a pedophile.

No. 1645234

I've been seeing more videos of pedophiles being caught that bring up ddlg in their chats I hope the trend continues so normies catch on and shame these pedopandering whores into the ground. i hate that bitches like her pretend her videos don't come to mind when they cross real teenagers and children especially ones who think they're into "ddlg" because they're an actual child with age appropriate interests blogging but was one of them and definitely got my shit fucked up. She's gross as fuck.

No. 1645260

I hope Shayna Clifford burns in hell for this shit.

No. 1645267

To be fair a lot of women are in severe pain during their period and some even have to call in sick… But we all know that Shay was just looking for an excuse not to cam, who knows if she's not even lying about having her period

No. 1645274

jesus that frame is flimsy.

No. 1645278


I remember when people kind of glossed over her gross pedo shit because we didn't really understand the implications or something I guess. But then the bitch started buying diapers and took pictures of herself with huge ass claws powdering her own asshole and that's when I knew I never wanted anything good to happen for her ever again.

It's one thing to do a sexy school girl roleplay but to pretend to be someone young enough to need diaper changes and those mittens that keep you from scratching your face with your nails? Go straight to hell. I feel bad for her family, I'm pretty sure they aren't aware of exactly how degenerate Shayna is. Probably just think she's a regular cam girl and try their best not to think further than that. Shayna constantly makes me want to a-log. I probably won't leave her threads until whatever her karma is gets her.

No. 1645282

it’s because when it started out she was still young and skinny so it was more pedo-light. now she has to go more extreme with everything to even get a crumb of attention, so of course she’s going to go deeper with her pedo ideas. she’s gone so far as the sexualize and profit off diapers, baby bottles, child rape, child porn, childrens clothing & furniture, etc. she has stated herself that she wants her viewers to think she might not be legal; and she has said she wants to be viewed as 13. she actively WANTS to be a child who gets sexualized and raped, because she thinks that’s arousing and hot.

is Ellen still nannying? Ellen probably takes pics of the kids she works with to send to Shayna for their little pedo ring. “omg Shay you’ll love this outfit!” sends pics of small child in a bikini - bet.

No. 1645285

File: 1662903404632.jpeg (355.29 KB, 828x1232, B2C168F2-1FED-46D8-B0C6-6E94B3…)

>this tho

No. 1645298

Moids are so retarded. “Who couldn’t resist your pussy” means everyone CAN resist it.

No. 1645303

Imagine thinking people shouldn’t be ostracized for participating in stuff like this. If all pedophiles and abusers feared for their safety when they stepped out of the house, the world would be a better place.

No. 1645313

This makes me wanna a-log so badly

No. 1645320

It's almost as if getting sexually abused as a child ruins your fucking life and the memories never fucking go away so your tolerance for such degeneracy is nonexistent.
>"Weird fixation"
The real weird fixation is needing to see yourself as a child getting molested or being the molester to get off. I fucking hate these creeps.

No. 1645321

File: 1662907930593.jpeg (911.02 KB, 3300x1889, 315790E2-6033-4EAD-992E-D90D3A…)

She makes my stomach churn. Why can’t more people call this bitch out for being a literal pedophile

No. 1645322

nona we all agree she promotes pedophilia but are you retarded? that's not the same thing. foot in mouth syndrome is a foot fetish thing and not even worded the same as "hand foot and mouth disease".

No. 1645330

They live in search a world where this shit seems normal and everyone is super afraid of kink shaming, in real life Shayna knows most people find her disgusting. Which is why I think she can't find people other then older Uggos to hang with. She has to surround herself in the same exact shit, I also think since fupaul hid her she wants a boyfriend who'll not care about her job and risk everything. Which is why her pickings are so slim. She knows due to her looks, hate of sex and job, that the only people into her are under the barrel, not even at the bottom. When she leaves the delusion she realizes that most men don't want a below average woman who wants to be treated like baby, while hating sex and thinks being useless is a personality. As scrotish as it sounds Shayna offers NOTHING to a partner.

No. 1645331

I knew nonnies were retarded on this thread but wow….you think this is pedophilia? with everything she’s done, you’re going to go with this?

No. 1645337

You google the title of her video and it’s the first result. She could have chose any title. Shayna is nasty

No. 1645372

Some women have a heavier flow at the beginning of their periods, wtf anons?
But as we know

No. 1645374

“foot in mouth” refers to an idiom where someone says something stupid/foolish/embarrassing. “foot in mouth syndrome” refers to someone who does it frequently.

although it is funny seeing you defend your sheer retardation. ironically, you’ve demonstrated the idiom.

No. 1645383

Babies put their foot in their mouth all the time. It’s nasty that she tries so hard to be an infant. It’s not that much of a stretch

No. 1645388

File: 1662913705472.jpeg (487.19 KB, 1242x1509, 33820B21-7050-4875-9074-B4EB84…)

Now she’s gonna have two pedophile rooms

No. 1645393

File: 1662913801112.jpeg (Spoiler Image,751.73 KB, 1242x1308, D5AE2CE0-325D-4A56-83C8-047A2B…)

No. 1645396

I was responding to the bonnet photo as you can see I tagged the post and said she’s a pedo. I wasn’t talking about the foot in mouth photo

No. 1645413

a remake of Pink Flamingos where Shayna wants to take Divine's place as the filthiest person alive with her cp simulation and Divine goes there and kicks her ass 'cause even Divine has principles and would see Shayna as a degenerate

No. 1645509

yes but "foot in mouth syndrome" still isn't related to that illness you posted.

No. 1645526

a measly 97 likes and she promotes her OF under it, kek

No. 1645528

ntayrt it sounds way too similiar to not be some pedo shit. maybe you know shit normal people don't because you engage in foot fetishism, but my immediate first thought upon seeing that caption was "this bitch too stupid to know it's called hand foot mouth disease or what?"

No. 1645529

I thought that was the blueprints or something idk I had to zoom in because that thing looks so thin and flimsy wtf. She's gonna snap it the first time she hoists her weight on it wrong.

No. 1645533

File: 1662921122267.jpeg (4.46 KB, 210x240, images (15).jpeg)

>N-n-n-hhaha-no-n-n-nope-nope-uhhuhuhnonono, n-nope, don't want to DURHURR

No. 1645595

Nonnie, it's sus that you know that. Wtf

No. 1645598

you are going really hard on this aren’t you?

No. 1645609

It’s not one person only responding dumbass. Just let it go. You’re annoying. And it’s right that is sus, just stop replying footfag

No. 1645709

How the hell does someone with a body like this make a living doing porn?

No. 1645724

Sorry but where is that picture from? I don't recall Shayna posting something as normal as this is. It feels like the one candid from Fetishcon where nobody knows who posted it.

No. 1645726

Most camgirls still cam on their period though if they’re serious, they just don’t show their vagina to the camera. But people only ever tip her to get to a cumshow or butt plug, she has no real charm and no one will tip her just for company.

No. 1645731

not one thing on her wall except two weird lights? no pictures of friends, family, not even her pets or ellen degen. no clock, no posters, no art prints, no framed photos? she really has no personality besides sex work and pedo pandering and it shows. not even a couch or a table or shelf for her plushies to sit on, just shoved into a corner on the floor. bland. grim. you think she would at least copy zoomers and put up like a hatsune miku or some loli shit (not that it would be better but).

No. 1645735

yeah that was weird, no one came forward and said where it came from lol

No. 1645752


If I recall, someone made her clean her room? Dada/Mama or some scrote on cam?

No. 1645755

I saw a tiktok of these DDLG OF thots and the comments had men with their real name and face saying "hell yeah baby ur so hot" and you click on their profile and they were following actual 13 year old random girls along with OF Thots who larp as children. Not sure if they went out of their way to follow them or if the algorithm suggested them along with the thots either way it's so fucked. A lot of these whores will use the "well at least it's legal and not hurting anyone" but the men who are subscribed would 100% try to molest an actual child.

No. 1645759

File: 1662934963130.jpeg (374.24 KB, 828x991, 9A0B89F7-BF74-48D3-9C19-05B4C8…)

It’s old

No. 1645766

Some anons are retarded who tf is going to Shayna’s Renton apartment to take a pic of her room and post it to the thread. We aren’t creepy moids.

No. 1645769

this is so dim and sad. she spends all her time trying to make her “work room” look as much like a child’s room and yet her actual bedroom looks like this. bleak.

No. 1645771

They're implying shayna is lurking and self posting, retard.

No. 1645772

Nta but babies don’t get HFM disease from sucking on their feet. That’s just where the virus shows up at kek it’s just a play on the idiom. Just accept that you’re wrong and move on. She does plenty of pedo stuff that she doesn’t need to hide in vaguely in foot fetish videos.

Such a sad looking bedroom void of all personality. Just like her.

No. 1645775

shanya is too dumb to realize the remaining followers she has are only there because they like the downfall and to see how much farther she’ll go to degrade herself. im scared for her. she’s going to die young.

No. 1645784

Nonita, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent responses were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it.

No. 1645804

File: 1662939770602.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1220x1702, A365799F-A4DA-41B0-8D04-7B2ABC…)

Her bed is too huge for her small apartment it looks retarded

No. 1645811

Kek at that sad jellyfish (?) light fixture on the ceiling. Like with everything else she does, the decorative decisions make very little sense and are a hodgepodge of things she believes make her that girl. What makes this so tragic is that we know her aspirations (to have one of those rooms, for example) are unattainable to her in her current path in life, which is just what she deserves, if not worse.

No. 1645813

I’ve been following sense her days in Seattle where she’d sleep on a blanket on the floor (Dec 2018ish)

I’m desensitized now, but I remember the first few times I binged her threads I’d feel legit sick and traumatized by her

Almost wish I could forget her and see this new era from fresh eyes

No. 1645817

It’s hanging from the fire safety sprinkler, god i hate Shaynus and her choice in decor

No. 1645821

So who built the bed frame, wasn’t she trying to find someone to do it for her?

No. 1645850

The stuffed animals collecting dust and bugs on the floor and the old crusty copy of Playboy. At least ask for a shelf off Amazon it can’t be that expensive.

No. 1645871

The comforter isn’t even the right size for the bed and those poor floor plushies are full of dog and cat hair ew.(autistic nitpick )

No. 1645887

oh no I meant its weird that we still don't know where that candid came from during the fetishcon, not the bedroom pic

No. 1645891

>The comforter isn’t even the right size for the bed
Jfc who gives a shit?

No. 1645894

I guess its an upgrade but jfc that is the cheapest looking bed frame Ive ever seen.
Her room almost looks minimalist but it's just because she has no taste or design skills whatsoever. No personality besides pedopandering and spongebob.
I hope the bedframe snaps when she's in it kek

No. 1645896

That jellyfish is killing me. It just looks like absolute trash and it being on the sprinkler. I'm dead.

No. 1645909

This is so ugly, cheap and trashy, perfect for Shayna. How is it possible to get to adulthood and not know how to make a bed? Her parents must have waited on her hand and foot when she was still at home

No. 1645910

it’s pathetic and bleak coming from someone who proclaims she’s fashionable and loves interior design. she’ll blow her money on shitty clothes, food, and childrens accessories yet won’t spring for even a nice bedding set. she decided she needed a mini fridge for her child roleplay bedroom but couldn’t bother even getting a comforter that fits the bed she actually sleeps in.

it’s just extremely telling of shaynas character and where her priorities lie. all she cares about is creating an image for the internet.

No. 1645912

she probably doesn’t even know it’s a sprinkler and thinks it’s for hanging plants or some shit

No. 1645914

And this is coming from the woman who claimed she wanted to design porn sets at one point

No. 1645916

Nona that doesn’t look remotely minimalist, minimalism is an actual lifestyle/design aesthetic, not just pure absence of possessions. This aesthetic is just “broke, unwashed white trash sow with no sense of style”.

No. 1645958

It’s not that deep and as someone who’s been following her since the second thread I’m proud she’s not sleeping on her piss soaked Walmart blankies anymore.

No. 1645966

Nona please. I know the bar is lower than hell for Fat Shat but still

No. 1645971

File: 1662962921104.png (59.79 KB, 275x148, 215ACF54-A3F7-420B-BC54-A47B4C…)

Newfags don’t even know.

No. 1645972

God I remember this shit. Fucking legendary.
I wish you had a better quality version though…

No. 1645973

KEK this reminds me of vivis room too

No. 1645974

The fact that she went so long without a bed and also slept in a fucking dog cage, never forget

No. 1645975

And the fact they advertise this shit on the internet, quelle bleaque

No. 1645977

File: 1662963500207.png (447.28 KB, 1454x784, 9CCB1E25-6843-4685-8DCE-B4EC93…)

Here you go nonna kiss

No. 1645996

Jfc true. The cursed star blanket and furry pink piss rug.
Even crackheads and the grimiest moids have an air mattress or just a dirty mattress on the floor. I cant imagine having less than that. And for so long.

No. 1646003

I suppose I need to look at the early threads, this is fascinating. How does one go from living her privileged childhood to this lol

No. 1646110


Her privileged childhood is what lead her to this life. Most people do well with two parents that's care for their well-being, but Shayna is a special case. She's one of the few people that needed a tiger mom to keep her off the internet and keep her head in books. She probably would have still been a failure the minute she left home, but at least she'd have some life skills and possibly a degree to fall back on.

No. 1646176

I think her parents spoiled her. Never made her do chores or help to cook. When she made that multi layer cake for her birthday video pre-fupa-era, she said it was her first time doing that. First time in her 20y/o life she made cake from a box. Idk about you guys but i knew how to make cake from the box by the time i was 6y/o. She seems like the brain dead type whose parents thought they would just learn everything magically or something. PSA- get your kids in the kitchen and cook with them. Even if its just a box cake. Kek

No. 1646180

This is parasocial behavior

No. 1646185

And when she had to watch her brother after school she cried “abuse” and that “her childhood was taken away”

No. 1646187

File: 1662998598692.jpeg (299.2 KB, 1170x909, D458788D-EE53-4641-B1EE-AA4687…)

But dressing and acting like a baby is okay?

No. 1646188

File: 1662998665273.jpeg (558.4 KB, 1170x1471, 4EDF4F57-2515-41C5-85EC-3177B4…)

No. 1646189

File: 1662998783944.jpeg (356.71 KB, 1170x666, C7B937A1-076A-4A23-BA24-1B8401…)

Yikes. These are your people Shay

No. 1646190

File: 1662998822037.jpeg (720.19 KB, 1170x1860, 3F336819-7A76-44B4-A526-71007A…)

No. 1646218

probably the only time she makes sense kek

No. 1646219

So her shoot was cancelled for other reasons even though she's on her period and can't "work?"

No. 1646243

File: 1663002289400.jpeg (467.78 KB, 1170x1298, 4ED2BE85-F0EE-4D74-8480-26042B…)

No. 1646245

She is the most annoying type of person

No. 1646273

The ruffled socks are an especially nauseating touch.

No. 1646281

I hope it breaks under her weight in the middle of the night.

No. 1646283

oh, so it's basically about degrading women? love how open they are about their misogyny

No. 1646290

It would take some heavy cognitive dissonance to pretend you're not a misogynist if you get off to anything these women post. Everything they post is about being owned and degraded by creepy old men.

No. 1646328

File: 1663006138789.jpeg (636.49 KB, 1170x1860, 13D59292-6C0B-4279-9A47-D2A6EB…)

Yes Shay, so edgy

No. 1646329

I think she wasn't expected to do much and didn't have many responsibilities. I mean look how she reacted to having to watch her brother? I feel she legit feels it's abuse she had to do what MANY people have to do. It's abuse that something was expected of her. It's telling that Shayna is the only sibling selling her ass, looking gross, constantly showing her mental illness online and behaving this way. It's telling that it seems NONE of her siblings really have a close relationship with Shayna. I legit feel like Shayna has always been how she is and has gotten worse with time. I feel she was never well liked by her siblings, she was always attention hungry, untalented and would do anything for attention. I feel she was probably given a lot of gifts and praise everytime she did something right and thats why she feels she needs to be thanked and honored for living and showing her asshole online.
Shayna interests me because she's someone who I feel would've ended up this way, regardless of privilege or "help". Sometimes I wonder if she was put in therapy for that indicent with that scrote and camming while underaged, if she'd maybe turned out differently. But then again, I genuinely don't think she would've. This porn shit is her wanting attention.

No. 1646347

File: 1663006722806.png (90.53 KB, 202x260, 405F22C6-43EE-4B95-92CB-21244B…)

No. 1646353

File: 1663007010391.gif (Spoiler Image,8.15 MB, 640x624, vomit cat.gif)

No. 1646391

I think she means its rescheduled because of her period. But its funny she says she'll shoot a vid and yet couldn't cam last night.

No. 1646444

Her one saving grace kek, hppefully this disgusting pedo whore will never procreate.

No. 1646450

She also cried abuse about her mom giving away her Littlest Petshops

No. 1646455

File: 1663012235083.jpeg (455.72 KB, 1170x1377, D7A89027-3B5B-4DCA-BD91-171610…)

Idk which sounds worse

No. 1646456

Alot of scrotes don't even see babies as as seperate indvidual soul you're bringing into the world. Nonas if you want a baby sperm banks are probably the safest route at this point.

No. 1646483

Riot grrrls weeping across the planet

No. 1646485

i swear i only see trannies do the ‘puppygrrl’ shit. she’s def picked that up from the troons she follows

No. 1646509

wow another video of shat acting like the school slut or acting like a retarded mutt? These ideas must be SO exciting for her five regulars. She never tries to do anything new then seriously wonders why no one cares about her shit I don't get how she sees herself as creative.

No. 1646512

Does anyone else think it’s Funny that she thinks the thought of pregnancy is “too scary” for her to find sexy but rape and kidnapping of a child isn’t?

No. 1646525

Observing cows is parasocial by default

No. 1646534

It's refreshing to see a scrote openly admit how sociopathic they all are. This is the real reason most of them hate Roe V Wade and were happy to see it overturned.

No. 1646542

When these degenerates die someone has to salt the grave so that nothing ever grows out of these human waste. This is one of the sickest shit I've ever read.

No. 1646552

Kek, reminder this bitch is like 5'6 or something. Not tall, but definitely not a "short lil kiddo."

No. 1646557

yep she looked HUGE compared to all the other girls in that spanking school shoot. not only fat but just in general like she-hulk compared go the normal sized girls.

No. 1646560

i derive great pleasure from knowing even if shaynus went 100% effort and lost all the weight she gained… she’d still look like a trailer trash crack head.

No. 1646574

File: 1663020811490.jpeg (782.75 KB, 1170x1860, E4AF5D00-4CA4-4E77-B2AF-5AA2A5…)

I wonder if she’s still filming with that Ken doll dude

No. 1646587

I love how Shayna's constantly TELLING people she's this or that.
>>Oh I'm so outgoing! I'm loud and energetic!! I love being the center of attention! I'm such a caring good person!!
Meanwhile, she barely interacts with anyone thats Ellen or the gross idiots she meets online, barely leaves the house, every single time she goes out she has some retarded story that involves someone saying something TO her and thats it.
Even at the Con all she showed was her taking pictures with people and awkardly dancing alone. If anything she comes off like someone who wears some loud ugly pink shit, who gets a glance & then she sits in the corner on her phone all day, or dancing alone. Kinda like Chris Chan at the Brony con.

No. 1646627

File: 1663023400513.jpeg (58.23 KB, 750x523, 5CB1C3E2-3AF0-4433-AD62-AB4A7B…)

I went back to look at the first few threads and she said almost the same thing in 2017, she hasn’t changed at all

No. 1646628

the internet has truly ruined generations of people. back in the day you were either forced to interact like a normal human being or i dont know, pick up an interesting hobby to fill your time and be a semi productive member of society. shaggard is not unique in the slightest, there are hoards of useless fucking people like her around now literally wasting Earth’s resources with their existance.

No. 1646657

it’s kind of amazing how she never changes. A side by side of what she looked like then versus now would be a great PSA for what happens when you regularly decide to have alcohol for breffast over the course of 5+ years

No. 1646761

This tweet sure comes off different when it's typed by a 110lb teen vs a 180lb hulking witch-nosed late 20-something that's hulk-ripping out of her clothes.

No. 1646795

This is the first thing that I thought of. Apparently Shay can't separate reality from fantasy with a "breeding kink" because she's too frightened of a getting pregnant but she'll die on the hill of "the scrotes who watch the faux CSA porn I make aren't actually pedophiles theyre just super into the LARP of teen fucking" and then tweet how she wants to be kidnapped and SA'd

Shayna reminds me of an AGP with body dysmorphia kek. She genuinely thinks she looks like a teen girl and gets off to the idea of being one getting SA'd. There's no reason why she can't just be her own age and be kinky with a "daddy" she's barely even in her late/mid 20s. It's fucking weird she's so obsessed with being a teen and I think it reflect her own gross pornsick paraphillas as opposed to her strictly doing it for male attention. If that was the case she'd be all over a pretty common degenerate kink moids tend to have in the ddlg realm.

No. 1646818

OT question but why do people now say SA’d instead of flat out writing sexual assault? Maybe some social media flags and removes graphic language but I’m sure it’s safe to say on here right?

No. 1646846

Short hand/some people are too lazy to type the whole thing out

No. 1646890

Most social media has a limit to how much you can type and after a while it becomes habit to just adopt short hand for everything to make things convenient

No. 1646907

File: 1663057664029.jpeg (172.8 KB, 1118x2048, 25A2911D-7BDA-4E58-8951-46D314…)

Even with a smoothing filter she’s still haggard

No. 1646908

File: 1663057695805.jpeg (218.06 KB, 1118x2048, 5C3E50B1-8691-42CD-9FB7-118B8D…)

Uh oh grandmas fallen and can’t get up

No. 1646925

she looks high asf. No wonder she stopped mentioning her 'weed withdrawals' or whatever like a week after she supposedly quit ir reduced intake.

also regarding that ken dude who said they would film together, i think he just does that to all e-whores who announce or express interest in filming b/g content. almost like the faggot is manifesting kek. i don't think they ever interacted honestly. that said im curious as to who the 'hot tattooed boy' was and what happened with that

No. 1646935

her goddamn armpit looks like a kneepit and her tit is the upper thigh from the back. arms should never look like legs but that*s what obesity does to a mfer

No. 1646937

It looks like her head is coming out of a mangled corpse’s ass

No. 1647005

I’ve never seen anyone with lips as non-existent as this musty dehydrated goblin. Even whatever face editing app she’s using doesn’t make her ugly beady little brown eyes any less nasty and rodent-like

No. 1647037

She should invest in colored contact lenses but idk those brown eyes match her dirty-gray-ashy color palette

No. 1647060

This made me wheeze.

Actually surprised we haven't gotten the "at least she's wearing black!" crew commentary yet

No. 1647062

God no. Eye infection saga so fast. I feel like she did buy some at one point but we theorized she couldn't get them in or something…

No. 1647114

The egirl heart on her cheek kek

No. 1647123

so 2012

No. 1647143

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She definitely said she bought a couple pairs of contacts a year or 2 back. But yeah, she probably was too incompetent to figure out how to put them in or maybe bought cheap ones that felt like shit and she couldn't wear them. But I feel like if it were the latter she wouldve at least gotten some pics.

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My sides are aching omg nonnie

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