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File: 1690846030079.png (2.57 MB, 1668x2388, 1690724997549.png)

No. 1873964

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1864686

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread.

>more sperging about whether the dookie diabetes pics were her or not >>1864704, >>1864926

>begs for money because she can't take care of her retarded mutt >>1864955
>noodle has a uti because shayna/ellen neglected the dog while she was in mass >>1865058
>finally posted a full pic of the new boobs on onlyfans >>1865308
>larps as a lesbian who wants to be wrestled and slapped >>1866053, >>1866545, >>1867451, >>1867475
>begs for medical bills because she's off her parents insurance and her new insurance doesn't start til august >>1866546 >>1866645, >>1866743
>starts looking into adhd meds because she confuses being permastoned with a developmental disability >>1867066
>flight to fetishcon is booked, has flight insurance in case she cancels, begs for reimbursements of course >>1867523
>posts tits for free and a measly 200 likes >>1867615, >>1867899, >>1867931
>starts going braless in a speedrun to botched boobs >>1868413, >>1868834
>shane pierre sonnier of wichita kansas makes a reappearance on fetlife >>1868859
>shows the reality of how saggy her boob was pre-surgery compared to the necrotit >>1869357, >>1869358
>gets in slapfight with another e-whore >>1869428, >>1869535, >>1869545, >>1869786, >>1869814
>goes to see the barbie movie in a decent outfit for once >>1869487
>noodle is still sick and she finds it appropriate to post about it along with a nude >>1870224
>new video drooling all over her open wounds >>1870256, >>1870258
>complains about money when she could have filmed a ton before her surgery >>1870344, >>1870345
>has a breakdown after the barbie movie and spouts more shayna luther king nonsense >>1870705, >>1870706, >>1870711
>announces collab with ABDL freaks who are coming to her home >>1871615
>tries to get together a gangbang at fetcon >>1871899
>drops the old set with biggulpgirls on her onlyfans >>1872147, >>1872867
>MFC sesh doing her makeup not even farmers watch >>1872212, >>1872255, >>1872272
>posts a creepy video of noodles face in her crotch >>1872329, >>1872390
>noodle STILL sick with a uti >>1873274
>posts about "muh ADHD" aka stoned behavior >>1873290
>ABDL freaks arrive for collab >>1873740, >>1873797
>shayna is silent for the rest of the day, we await the fallout of this collab

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

No. 1873967

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No. 1873971

Thank you for the thread nonnie

No. 1873975

Thank you nonna, you did great. I love the artwork, someone really caught her soul in that painting.

No. 1873985

That pic is perfect!
Thanks for the thread.

No. 1873987

Thanks nonny, no bully.
I can't wait for this curdled milk. Especially facial expressions.

No. 1873989

Cant wait for the shit show(no pun intended) that will happen after this. Would be hilarious if she gets more shunned by kink sws.

No. 1874008

Beautiful thread pic (the detail of course, not the subject lol)

No. 1874063

Great thread, thank you!
Also, bless the anons from last posts who managed to avoid the video of Shayna waving around a dildo covered in her own feces.

No. 1874065

Don’t tempt me nona

No. 1874067

If you want to suffer: >>>/snow/1174381

No. 1874073

File: 1690864062772.jpeg (276.13 KB, 750x575, IMG_3777.jpeg)

No. 1874075

countdown to her getting entirely too emotionally attached to this couple and trying to weasel her way into a relationship with them before ruining their "friendship" and turning around and making shit up about them.

No. 1874076

Thanks, I'm suffering a lot. That is so fucked.

No. 1874089

what a wretched creature. between the constant lying, collabing with nasty men and enabling pedos, how does she live with herself.

No. 1874098

File: 1690871671421.jpg (903.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-08-01-08-35-09…)

Ah the faded tracksuit

Titties still looking wonky as hell

No. 1874100

>fed snacks
This fat retard, feeder arc when?

No. 1874145

It's nice that she's not complaining and things went well, but girl needs a baby diet, not baby snacks.

No. 1874156

> things went well
She always posts about how excited and happy she is after collating with freaks and then a few weeks later goes “t-they were mean and unprofessional and blah blah blah,” so only a matter of time

No. 1874157

*collabing, for some reason I can’t delete and repost

No. 1874218

>felt comfortable in lil space
Pooped in a diaper, I’m calling it now

No. 1874219

The dark circles around her eyes are so dark it looks like she's been punched in the face.

No. 1874220

I guess it could still go wrong. But stable milk source would be nice. Some new reocurring characters.

No. 1874222

These two women look the exact same age. In fact, that other degen looks more youthful than Shayna, but I know she's to insecure to film with a white woman who's younger AND vaguely younger looking than her. Can't wait for the inevitable fall out once they stop babying her. Side note, i just know her place smells awful.

No. 1874229

it looks like she’s struggling to push her tits up. tenderness from surgery? or are her tits that botched that she cant push them together anymore to make cleavage?

No. 1874241

if you're not a moid imagine having the moid obsession with women's value lying in whether a woman is ~young~ enough to have value and be objectified be something that takes up permanent residence in your head

these threads attract nothing but pedophilic degens and mis0gynists(tiktokfag)

No. 1874250

nta but how old she looks is remarkable not because it's negative in general, but because of how young she actually is. she's 26 going on 46. her skin looks like it smells like an earring back. there is def a moid infestation here, but she's just gross and she 100% tries to film with uglies to boost herself

No. 1874254

Omfg that is the most wretched and vile thing I've seen in a long while. I shouldn't have let my curiosity get the better of me and followed the thread link. Absolutely putrid. I couldn't bring myself to watch the webm I just fucking can't.

No. 1874255

>her skin looks like it smells like an earring back.
Fucking kek I ugly snorted at this

No. 1874288

Please shut the fuck up. She's a sex worker, one who pedo panderers and larps as a teenager. She's still young, but she treats her body like shit so she looks even dumber than others when she tries her baby larp shit. Stop getting offended on shayna's behalf. She's a degenerate so she can get dunked on. No one cares about normal everyday women and how old they are/look outside of sad moids and pickmes.

No. 1874296

No. 1874311

Why is ”misogynist” spelled like on tiktok

No. 1874318

File: 1690906160387.jpeg (57 KB, 500x650, BBE550BB-3613-461C-BF25-8E89B5…)

Anons like calling Shayna old because she is a pedophile who loves pandering. We know she reads here so it’s just good to hit her where it hurts. She’s gross, and she looks like shit. Many older looking women are hotter than ugly fat Shayna. Just because you look older doesn’t mean you can’t look good. But that’s because they take care of themselves and don’t wear pink tacky outfits and ponytails. Pointing out that Shayna looks haggard isn’t misogynistic. Stop getting so triggered whenever we make fun of Shayna’s body or looks. If you feel boolied because you look similar than leave.

No. 1874333

File: 1690907967094.jpeg (326.31 KB, 828x1214, IMG_7878.jpeg)

anyone else think shes gonna be upset when this couple doesn't wanna be in a relationship with her? sounds like shes really attached to these degens… there will be a fallout soon just you wait…

No. 1874337

yeah im sorry but this sounds like some bpd favourite person manic shit. i feel like she's going to try and force herself into their relationship, keep asking to hang out and shoot again and again, and then inevitably when things go south as they always do with her relationships she'll go nuclear and say they were abusive etc

No. 1874347

How many times is she going through to pull this card before people stop believing her bullshit?

No. 1874350

damn this scrote may be more retarded than the others, she said she had a GOOD day and he replies asking if she's ok? sage for autism but that peeved me for some reason

No. 1874407

File: 1690915610969.jpeg (113.69 KB, 828x263, IMG_7881.jpeg)

i thought the guy was supposed to be the baby hes the diapered one in all those pics? shes definitely using this as a surrogate relationship. shes totally going to misinterpret this as more than just a business relationship and blow these people the fuck up…

No. 1874409

To be fair, all the crying emojis could make someone think she was being sarcastic about it being a good day.

No. 1874416

File: 1690916950623.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 542.65 KB, 828x1132, IMG_7882.jpeg)

why is this her new favorite pose? how long until she cries abuse…

No. 1874419

this isn't going to end well, Shayna is going to become obessed with those two kek, probably join a Poly relationship that she may actually be into because she feels they are going to baby her 24/7 and schdule out her life for her. Ellen better count her days, This could be nothing or big disaster.

No. 1874427

I guess she thinks showing her back rolls is better than showing her ever expanding gunt.

No. 1874433

because she wants to show off her briuses but also make it seem like she has an ass. If she took a picture showing her ass, everyone would realize how puny it is

No. 1874443

File: 1690919661553.jpeg (319.01 KB, 828x979, IMG_7885.jpeg)


No. 1874445

>work up the nerve
I wonder how Ellen feels to know the only reason Shayna is interested (or fake interested) in doing anything sexual with her is always for a video/attention. She thinks this video is going to do numbers.
Like she thinks ALL her videos where she has actual sex will do,instead she will gush about this and be begging for money and being "really embarrassed to admit that I need help".

No. 1874471

shane 2: diaper boogaloo

No. 1874545

shayna actually deigning to have sex with her gf would be the most shocking thing to come out of these threads in ages kek, there's no way.
>work up the nerve to ask her
what an embarrassing thing to post about your own relationship(sage your shit)

No. 1874560

File: 1690930156771.jpg (281.22 KB, 1080x2115, Screenshot_20230801_174950_Sam…)

Sorry if I missed anything; I didn't check the Shaynatorium, but this is last month's ebegging expenses. How much is her rent? It's at least two grand, right?

No. 1874567

kek at the fupa lookalike commenting on her post
absolute bpd and mania. How long until she cries about abuse?

No. 1874569

>To be fair [to the scrote]
Why tho

No. 1874593

Oh I am sure that Ellen is MORE than willing to pretend you're a small child that she is sexually abusing. I'm willing to bet that was a big reason why these 2 pedos even got together in the first place. They both LOVE the thought of kids and babies being raped so much that they want to act it out and turn it into a lifestyle. We've all seen the pacifiers that Ellen has stolen from the children she babysits… both of these freaks need to be kept over 500 ft from children at all times.

No. 1874597

Because it's literally the only pose that she can do now that doesn't make her look like a man. She used to have a handful of poses that she would cycle through. But as she got fatter, they dropped off one-by-one.
Even this pose doesn't have long left… Her back is one of the last places where she hasn't packed on too much fat (yet). She looks "passable" in this pose for now because she's hiding her gunt & lunchlady arms, and contorting her tits & ass around to give the illusion that she is not an obese refrigerator. But that backroll is coming in quick. Not long before she loses the butt dimples either.

No. 1874598

I hate this fat predatory pedophile and her even fatter, more predatory girlfriend Ellen Dresel who works as a nanny in Washington state and steals pacifiers.

No. 1874601

File: 1690935081418.jpeg (389.71 KB, 1170x1136, IMG_4283.jpeg)

And what have you done for your “girlfriend” Shay?

No. 1874609

i believe she's said 2100

No. 1874625

File: 1690938126310.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1779, IMG_4285.jpeg)

No. 1874626

File: 1690938220754.jpeg (695.38 KB, 1170x1660, IMG_4284.jpeg)

No. 1874634

Nice thread, thanks for using my drawing!

Today is the first of the month and there's barely a few hours left in her timezone. She is so stupid trying to milk as much as she can from her remaining coomers. AND she's begging for more money for fatcon when it's a couple days away? I hope all of them see through her bullshit.

No. 1874648

>You're silly n cute
lmao these whales

No. 1874652

File: 1690941343800.png (76.42 KB, 780x768, tumblr_pqs7d9Xq2p1to95x0_1280.…)

let's be real if she's posting this shit online, it's to titillate the elderly and not so elderly pedo coomers

All of these replies attempting to trivialize abuse scream moid to me but what do I know. If she was saying she would understand that what she's literally endorsing and experiencing is abuse and degradation and then not healthy. But. If you're self-loathing, then even abuse from degens is validation of some sort. moids brag about hunting for girls they deem "ugly" who are probably not as ugly & putrid as the moid because the attempt to condition these poor creatures into accepting abuse to make up for their lack of physical beauty. this is the kind of crap the toxic bullshit in this thread perpetuates. the validity of keeping other dumb women insecure enough to think that they tolerating abuse and mistreatment is something to be proud to have the ability to endure. shaypedo isn't on the streets yet and she doesn't give a fucking crap what any of you waste your lives doing, the damage being done is to the other drama addicted idiots not to her.

No. 1874658

File: 1690941730037.jpeg (790.97 KB, 1170x1983, D578CFDD-FB81-4EE5-956F-40DB00…)

She has it listed on her WishTenser as $2,900 for rent. Its unclear if she’s including utilities in this price though. Either way, she is living way beyond her means. With how lackluster her career is, she should be living in a musty trailer like Vivi.

No. 1874662

Anons aren't trivializing abuse, Shayna is the one who trivializes abuse by claiming it in very manipulative ways.

No. 1874664

File: 1690942514456.png (409.65 KB, 863x687, Screenshot_20230801-190642.png)

Do you live outside the US? It says $2200 for me

No. 1874666

Holy shit, that would get you a good apartment in a trendy area in LA. That's actually insane if that's what she's spending

No. 1874667

Samefag, didn't see this post before I replied. $2200 is definitely more reasonable but still a lot

No. 1874673

I’m calling bullshit on both these amounts, her apartment is a cheap, tacky, ugly shithole, there’s no way she’s paying more than 2k

No. 1874675

Strongly agree. Shay is the least pedophilic in the thread atp. Disgusting fr.

No. 1874680

When she moved in she did go on saying it was “fancy” or upgraded, looks like shit because decoration to her is plushies on the floor and packages of snacks on her desk. I could definitely see it being 2k though especially in the Seattle adjacent area. I’m paying just a few hundred less for a pretty sparse 2 bedroom in a cheaper state.

No. 1874681

for seattle? i can believe it. Washington is really expensive to rent right now.(learn2sage)

No. 1874687

Renton but yeah it’s expensive

No. 1874707

I know the building (as do a lot of anons bc it was posted here) and the prices were around $2,200 for a single bedroom unit when she moved in. Currently 1,950 - 2,000 ish. It’s exactly what I’d expect for Seattle/Renton

No. 1874711

Oh wait nvm, she is a 2 bedroom. Hers is more than 2k still then. Can’t believe she needs 2 bedrooms just for her self while living somewhere so expensive

No. 1874715

File: 1690954438125.jpeg (74.6 KB, 750x392, C92AD0CF-A54B-4447-816F-AA37B6…)

she posted and deleted this earlier. i think having a $3 onlyfans is the definition of a cheap whore

No. 1874716

File: 1690954615880.jpeg (468.26 KB, 750x655, 82D9A7A0-A680-4CE3-BB71-323205…)

also deleted the ones about elon and lizzo. why does she think she needs to put her opinion out there on her sex work twitter account. she needs a diary

No. 1874726

File: 1690957526970.jpeg (198.14 KB, 750x782, AC83AAE2-99EF-44D4-B227-0B2C42…)

No. 1874756

shay slowly learning the concept of misogyny? aw, who am i kidding.

No. 1874774

File: 1690970078677.jpeg (479.5 KB, 750x694, A147ED6B-7852-44A7-9839-54D898…)

she's so desperate

No. 1874777

Anybody else feeling she's sort of…. endearing? She's such a mess you can't even hate on her. Most of these onlyfans whores are sly, manipulative, nasty jerks, but I swear thi woman here is just so clueless and desperate I ain't even mad.(weak bait)

No. 1874782

Have you read the posts she makes? Gushing about how good it feels to stimulate child rape with people who wear diapers? Nonnie, you need a reality check. There’s nothing endearing about her, she is a monster who does and supports the most degenerate shit. Yeah she is a hapless loser but she’s still in a much better position in life than she deserves to be.

No. 1874785

Tf, how do you baby someone by slapping their face and humiliating them? Lol. Her tastes are so mismatched.

No. 1874791

No, I missed that one….. where?

No. 1874793

Nonna shayna is such a bitch and a bad friend to anyone she has. She’s not an endearing cow. I don’t hate her personally but she has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. There are videos of her cartoonishly dressed as babies and using dildos. She’s weird as hell.

No. 1874798

Ok but this fixation on seeing child porn everywhere is another matter.

No. 1874810

File: 1690978501862.jpeg (130.75 KB, 1159x1159, IMG_7412.jpeg)

She’s going to get these god awful nails again. Why doesn’t she just get pink gel nails? wouldn’t that fit the whole “baby bimbo” more than the hotdogs?

No. 1874811

Those are fucked up!! They look like sausages with little white hats

No. 1874822

Sorry she's a pedobaiter and her girlfriend is a NANNY? Absolute fucking degeneracy

No. 1874823

"I can fix her"

No. 1874825

You must be new here or just too nice. Get it together, nona!

No. 1874841

male hands typed this

No. 1874853

She doesn’t even have new nails yet and the nail fags are sperging this thread is so shit sometimes

No. 1874859

my bad, yes i am canada so the priced i was seeing here >>1874658 were in CAD. But god damn, that definitely puts things in perspective. I’m one of the stalker anons so can confirm the unit she is in is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with insuite laundry. Absolutely no reason for her to be living outside her means like this, the housing crisis is bad but she could find a nice one bedroom for 1,200-1,500 USD no problem. Especially considering she is a hermit who only goes outdoors to eat food. She doesnt gain anything from being in Seattle other than being near her handler and pimp Ellen. And she only wants a second bedroom so she can have “a work space” even though she doesnt utilize the rest of her house in anyway other than to sleep and get high. And she never has company over that she’d need to “hide away” her sex work stuff. Anyone that comes to her place is equally as degenerate, there to “collab” on sex work, or are johns paying to have sex. Ridiculous.

No. 1874865

File: 1690988766613.png (275.11 KB, 500x500, 71EA51F7-7E95-47FA-B505-4CBB6F…)

this is her apartment layout

No. 1874873

If that's the layout, then yeah that's $2200 easily

No. 1874875

All this for one person and 3 animals? I didn't even know she had two bathrooms and two walk in closets. She really is wasting her money.

No. 1874877

>2 bathrooms
>2 walk in closets
>spacious layout

Bro wtf, this is so wasteful. I had no idea she was living in such a big apartment this whole time. She doesn't seem to utilize this space well either considering we've only ever seen her cam room and her kitchen for a couple of tiktoks

No. 1874894

File: 1690992402781.png (66.95 KB, 206x275, 61DDC3E1-786A-45B5-A65F-EF90C6…)

i am going back in the threads to try to find pictures of Shayna’s apartment to match with the layout and I am actually crying laughing over this photo of Noodle I found. I understand now why people say her dog is retarded kek

No. 1874896

because she needs her special pedo room where she makes videos simulating child rape and incest. it’s like those rich creeps who make special rooms in their houses for kids to come and play. it’s the sole reason she got a 2 bedroom, and it’s disturbing af.

No. 1874897

what the fuck are you even talking about you schizoid

No. 1874899

File: 1690993310843.png (309.67 KB, 752x905, 5AC1BF03-399D-473D-90EA-20DA21…)

Saged for old milk, but the drop box video of her showing off the empty apartment to brag is still up if anyone is interested, props to this poster >>1289051 from the old thread for uploading


Its a slightly different layout where there are two smaller balconies connected to each bedroom instead of one long one like in the layout posted. But its still a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with ensuite laundry.

No. 1874901

shes got two balconies but im sure she just smokes her dirty weed inside her apartment still… gross.

No. 1874903

Wow so Aug 1 2021 is her move in? She’s been there 2 years officially. Each year they can increase the rent by a certain percentage (if its newer they can raise it by however much they want each year). I wonder if the rent increasing on Aug of this year is why she is struggling so bad with paying rent, apparently she hasnt even paid it yet (which could be a grift lie)

No. 1874905

File: 1690994006007.jpeg (176.83 KB, 1224x1080, IMG_5871.jpeg)

Well yeah she posts videos of her smoking out of her dirty bong inside all the time. The infamous cat video even started with it

No. 1874906

File: 1690994527362.jpeg (236.43 KB, 1170x1504, F43E0699-4924-4397-8019-4F447F…)

Washington state doesnt have rent control. So landlords can increase it as much as they want if they think someone will pay it. As long as its not to discriminate or retaliate against a tenant I think they can raise it up to 10% each year without setting off alarms. With this housing crisis they definitely will have increased it by some amount over the two years shes been there. On their site 1 bedroom units are going as high as $2000 per month. So $2,200 is probably a grandfathered price + according to this she is responsible for all utilities included (water, electric, heat) plus renter’s insurance. No wonder she’s struggling and cant save up for a car or condo/house.

No. 1874908

File: 1690994687073.webm (4.46 MB, 656x1280, shaynusinseattle.webm)

No. 1874911

File: 1690995043442.png (204.02 KB, 1080x1737, F01B38D0-951D-49FD-907D-D8704B…)

found this in old threads when she first moved in. nonas at the time said her rent was $2010-$2,200 at that time. So she’s also paying $75 extra a month for Noodle, the orange cat, and the disheveled grey one unless she’s hiding one of the cats to avoid fees.

No. 1874912

her gunt spilling out of her jeans while they cling to her literal wardrobe shaped body will never fail to be jarring

No. 1874915

looking at this, can I just say, Shayna has been very lucky she hasn't met a hobosexual that managed to get her heart, kek. I can see it now. Shayna shacking up with some homeless "Daddy" who managed to tik her boxes and played along with the "I'm daddy, I'll make a schedule for you". She claims she loves to live alone, but thats only until the right scrote comes around and manages to get her pick me ass to let him in the house.
She'd be paying all the rent while he lounges around, she seems the exact type of childless woman for child-having/ex married scrotes to use.

No. 1874921

File: 1690996151375.png (36.28 KB, 498x470, shaystats.png)

This is all very fascinating. I went on her apartment website and they have increase the pet rent to $40 a month, and is says she is only supposed to have 2 pets? She must be hiding one of her cats. I pulled together a rough draft her monthly expenses for her APARTMENT ALONE. This does not include extras like internet, phone, food, essentials, etc. And it definitely doesn't include all the bullshit like weed, alcohol, fast food, dildos, pills, and shein/amazon clothes.

No. 1874929

holy shit, so she is easily spending up to 5k a month

No. 1874933

Cowtipping anons - I know it's tempting to email her apartment with pictures of her having three pets living in the apartment but for the love god don't do it. The farms already look bad enough, we can't have another cowtipping incident.

No. 1874936

I feel like a big part of why Shayna signed off on a place way outside her means was as a "fuck you" to Fupa. I'm sure she had some fantasy of bragging to him how well she was doing and downgrading the size of the apartment she had compared to the one in Tulsa would have made her BPD see it as a failure.

No. 1874938

I'm surpised she doesn't flex more about having "two walk in closets, two bathrooms and-" when she does her yearly, "I'm so proud of myself for moving out at 18, escaping the Fupacaust and now i'm in a 2 bed room, 2 bathroom, 2 walk in closet home with a balcony and my 3 animals!"

No. 1874940

Probably because it would break the illusion when she tries to beg for cash. I'm sure she'd flips her shit if a scrote suggested she move into a smaller apartment or that she was living beyond what she makes a month.

No. 1874941

>escaping the Fupacaust

No. 1874943

File: 1690996890411.png (80.8 KB, 719x361, 32A39388-3345-44A4-9AF1-A21763…)

saged for old milk but its currently relevant. kek at her picking an apartment she cant afford just cause it had lots of food options. cue 50 pounds of weight gain since this tweet.

No. 1874944

do apartments in the states not do employment & credit checks? how tf did she even get approved

No. 1874945

it's honestly kinda shocking to me, I never knew she had so much space, let alone two bathrooms kek. It's not like she has non-sex worker guests at her own anyway. It's all johns and randoms from twitter.
Also where does Ellen fit in,in all of this? I don't feel like she's helping with rent but I would'nt be surpised if she helped Shayna out in some big way to get/maintain this place.

No. 1874947

It said she needed to be making 2.5x the rent pre-tax to qualify for the apartment. So either Shayna was making a steady $5,250 a month at her fattest in Tulsa - or, more likely.. her dad or mom co-signed and likely give her a monthly allowance to keep her off the streets.

No. 1874949

its the fact that she truly thinks she deserves this when so many people are suffering and struggling right now to find housing and make end meets. its one thing when someone works hard, has a real job, contributes to society and provides for their family and friends. but shayna is just a lazy scab on society, draining it and taking as much as she can for herself, not giving a shit about the future or the absolute mountains of waste she creates in her laziness. karma will get her.

No. 1874950

i'm 90% sure her dad is paying for it. with all the affirm/klarna/afterpay shit she does, her credit has to be shit. there's no way she's on the hook for the lease.

No. 1874952

this is starting to make more sense, that must be why she never goes mask off on her dad even on her twitter that he may not see. Maybe she pays half and her dad the other. She probably scams for the full amount to have some extra spending money.

No. 1874955


I thought we had already established tinfoiled that shayna's parents pick up her slack when it comes to rent? There's absolutely no other way someone like her would be able to afford a two bedroom anywhere that's not bumfuck, Hicksville.

The fact that when she first moved in and Ellen had picked up her keys and whatever was my clue in. I wouldn't be surprised if Ellen also is on the lease and the extra bedroom is for her when she needs a break from taking care of her parents. They also seem like they're sitting on money and are willing to support their fail daughter till she dies.

No. 1874961

Nonas, I'm so jealous of that space and layout. Space for clothes. Like it's not worth what she does but… I guess where you live determines that.

No. 1874963

Considering they paid for their other more loved and successful children’s school, cars, clothes, room & board, etc. I can definitely see their parents feeling somewhat responsible for absolutely failure to launch embarrassment and co-signing the apartment. Whenever money is tight Shayna texts her dad with some sob story and he sends her the money as to not fuck up his own credit. “I had to move cause of my abusive ex” “noodle was sick” “my deformed boobs are effecting my work if you help with this ill be able to make more money again” “mom was mean” “the internet is why i cant afford rent this month!”

No. 1874967

i feel you nona. in living in a basic 1 bedroom, barely any ammenties, making $65k a year in honest corporate work and would not be able to afford a place like that. dont feel too bad though nona - she ONLY has that place because she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. she in no way earned that apartment and she probably struggles daily and stresses because of it. just look at the living situation of all her mutuals compared to her, theyre all living with other people, in trailers, shacked up with gay men, dirty 1 bedrooms in bumfuck, usa. shayna just happens to have rich parents. and being a pedo panderer degenerate is how she chooses to live her life of privilege .

No. 1874969

I was under the assumption Ellen helped out/cosigned? I remember her talking about having a friend who was getting the paperwork or something ready while she was still in Oklahoma

No. 1874970

This is such a self-own lmao

No. 1874971

Wasn’t she just saying last week that she’s NLOG because she’s ~not into celebrities~

No. 1874973

Ellen barely has a job, she is basically an independent contractor. I dont believe her nanny job is a full time, secured thing. Ellen was just helping out Shayna with being on a video call with Shayna for the walkthrough and then picked up her keys. Ellen was in lovebombing mode and trying to lure Shayna to Seattle because Ellen is fat, ugly and lonely. And Shayna was pretending to be hot shit sending Ellen to a fancy apartment when it was actually her dad who was fronting the money for the deposits and shit, and cosigning for her to even be considered. I wonder if Ellen going was part of Shayna’s scam? Make it seem like there would be two girls moving into the apartment contributing to rent, with a rich dad co-signing. Easily would have been approved. Then a year later they find out its actually just Shayna living there with more pets than she said she had, and she’s filming fake rape videos on their balcony in plain view of people.

No. 1874977

seriously how does she not understand its because they DO hate sex workers

No. 1874983

it grosses me out that shayna specifically goes in into debt to have a “work room” and to host her pedo friends in. But in this photo >>1874098 the chubby red head is clearly laying naked in her bedroom on her real bed. she also fucked that bald guy with a limp dick on her real bed instead of doing it in her sex work room. whats even the point of paying so much when she barely uses the other room except to film the same goddamn video over and over of her whaled out on the daybed vibing her discoloured cunt while she fake cums.

No. 1874986

File: 1691000872945.png (38.5 KB, 595x247, 3E7B0B40-755C-4257-9BDA-FD8B32…)

Isnt she supposed be to live right now? She hasn’t been online since last Friday. I understood her missing the Monday show because of the collab with the Scat Couple but I guess this shows she’s already given up on the makeup streams kek.

No. 1874989

shes so retarded. she could have done her makeup on live on the monday before the scat twins showed up and promoted the project to people. maybe even had them show up while she was live and do a sly “gotta go get fucked now… you’ll have to pay to see it” or something. but instead she was scrambling to clean her hovel and get rid of the cat piss smell before they came kek

No. 1874990

Yeah I know people in Seattle who live in smaller ones and pay almost the same, that's easily 2200.

No. 1874995

File: 1691001555651.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1170x1486, 1D7381C3-7562-43B4-82B8-70E962…)

Talking about how your dad compared you to a highly sexualized character next to a giant photo of your child-like vagina spread open is truly disgusting. I wonder if this newfag >>1874777 finds it endearing how she talks about her real dad next to tweets about how she wants daddy and mommy to fuck her until she “calls red”

No. 1875000

File: 1691001891021.jpeg (688.32 KB, 1170x1523, E0939FA0-7AAF-40F9-8639-1F2B5B…)

Shayna’s asking prices for her pedi and mani

No. 1875003

File: 1691002086204.png (4.74 MB, 1170x2532, 2F85E9D4-B120-47B4-8191-C09AEC…)

kek, i love how lower down she’s asking for $10 less for the exact same thing. her day off from work pricing is interesting. doing the math… $200 a day x 5 business days a week = $1,000 x 4 weeks a month = Shayna is saying she makes $4,000 a month on average?

No. 1875012

>well i lied
at least this part is accurate kek

No. 1875016


It's probably cuz her room is the only one with an actual bed that two adults having sex won't break, while her work room just has the flimsy day bed. Anyone with sense would have stopped Uber eating and impulse buying barbie branded bullshit long enough to save $1000 for a decent bed and frame for her WORK, since she lets her johns and fellow sex workers into her home. At the very least, keep them out of your bedroom. My God.

No. 1875017

has she ever even shown half of those rooms? weird

No. 1875018

>toxic bullshit in this thread
>those dumb women
Do you re read the word vomit you type out before you hit send?

No. 1875024

Renton in-state is known for being more upscale compared to every place else. The only places that aren't crazy expensive are probably Olympia, Aberdeen, and Eastern WA.

No. 1875032

She thinks these dudes really love and respect her kek. "Just say you hate sex workers and go" she acts like this is something scrotes are ashamed to say.

No. 1875033


kitchen - 50s wife photoshoot with pink pots and pans, cat dropping incident shows marble kitchen counter so she was smoking her bong and drinking there
living room - make up lives by the window with kitchen in back, pictures of her on couch playing animal crossing
bedroom - shitty amazon king size bed with cheap canopy that looks like a swift breeze would knock it over, sex on her bed with gay balls guy, morning snap chat selfies, crying selfies
bedroom bath - nudes in mirror, cats in sink, outfit checks in mirror
2nd bedroom - sex work room with daybed, uses it for streaming, videos of her masturbating and dog cage
2nd bedroom closet - she went and pulled an old box of shoes from this closet on stream once and then spend an actual hour showing each dirty shoe on stream
2nd bedroom bathroom - hello kitty bathroom, shower curtain and tit healing pics, tried to piss on herself in the bathtub once but was too fat, bathroom counter covered in cheap pink crap, outfit selfies and nudes
balconies - fake rape with fuck machine incident that almost got her evicted, sunbathing nude pics, various selfies

No. 1875034

She wants to pedo pander so hard and she's so lazy, that she refuses to get a second actual bed for guests. She let's strangers in her actual bedroom, twitter fucking strangers kek. She could have a second bed for guests but knowing shayna she'd whine about having to move her "stuffies" off of it. That room basically just sits until she films. It's retarded

No. 1875035

What’s endearing about a fat whore who hates women and wants to get paid for doing nothing?

No. 1875036

File: 1691006183991.jpeg (952.31 KB, 1219x1497, C5D93CF8-08F0-497D-A534-F9C65D…)

She’s big mad because Elon got more interaction about anal over the self proclaimed “butt stuff barbie”. No one cares about Shayna and she wants to give her “opinions” because Elon and lizzo are trending right now. So when people press the topic she hopes they will see her tweet and like it. She’s pathetic. Get a job Fat Shayna

No. 1875037

File: 1691006285542.png (95.91 KB, 275x275, F623265D-038A-4A0B-B0EC-0421DE…)

>cats in sink

No. 1875038

Her actual bed is sturdy. Her other bedroom you cant fuck on it because it’s made for a child or tween. Not for two fat adults. She’s obsessed with having a bedroom look like a child’s because she’s a twisted individual. It looks like a room pedos have to make cp after kidnapping a child. It makes me sick

No. 1875040

Man I’d be retarded too if I barely got fresh air or walks. Had to inhale the scent of marijuana and human feces from fucking her unwashed ass for her degenerate job

No. 1875041

kek the brown counter matches with the cat drop pic. how rude of her to smoke weed in her kitchen right by the front door, then she yeets her cat for wanting attention and jumping in frame. i wonder if she’d had complaints? she gets pretty loud during her livestreams with music and screaming, and the weed smell, the dirty pets and litter, the random men showing up and leaving an hour later, the exposing herself to kids on the balcony. someone find her neighbours and link this thread.(cowtipping request)

No. 1875042

endangering her pets is what pisses me off the most. i cant believe she is risking something happening to them by letting fucking strangers into her house to do BDSM like shit to her. Like she let Shane P Sonnier tie her up and force her to drink while he hit her and slapped her around. She has let multiple 40-50+ men into her house to “clean naked” or put together furniture while theyre both naked. She let a strange brown old man sniff her actual asshole. She is going to be not so lucky one day. And fuck her who cares if she pays, but those animals rely on her for food, love, and care. Maybe it would be better if she just died and they were able to go better homes.

No. 1875043

I wonder if she charged the Scat Siblings money because she hosted? I can see her trying to change people because “i have a big apartment with a sex studio we can use”

No. 1875046

File: 1691007246090.jpeg (276.52 KB, 1206x929, ACDBF076-8712-4969-B749-E090D4…)

She likes incest and supports making incest content that fuels men into believing women in their family want that and encourages them to assault them.

No. 1875047

Why are you responding to redtexted bait. Stop.

No. 1875048

When Shayna first moved we speculated that she has a roommate and/or was living with Ellen. That wasn't confirmed or denied until later, so we just ran with it for a while.

No. 1875051

her "work" room literally reminds me of an episode of svu

No. 1875061

I'm going to get so much shit for this tinfoil but something had to have happened to her in the past for her to be this fucked up and perverted. I refuse to believe otherwise. I would bet money on it. Come after me all you want nonas.

No. 1875063

You just know that she's the type of filthy pethag that has hair in her food and drink and thinks it's 'cute'.

No. 1875065

have you lurked from the beginning? her childhood "trauma" was her mom making her babysit and her parents getting divorced. her "csa" was her cheating on her boyfriend with another teenager in her late teens. she would have talked about it if it happened.

No. 1875066

You say that but maybe this is the only thing she won't talk about? She still relies on her family financially. She may also not see anything wrong with what happened. She hid her boob job and her Poland syndrome for the longest time. What makes you think that she wouldn't hide anything else?

No. 1875072

I sincerely think she’d have used any CSA stories as pity points when people call her out. When she went nuts on the CSA survivor in the past, she’d have definitely used that. I think she just spent too much time online as a kid/teen and her brain is rotted

No. 1875073

File: 1691010854490.png (532.16 KB, 1080x965, C28C69E8-4FF3-4C06-AC46-6C24F3…)

im with you nona. no one gets off to and tweets about the shit she does without something seriously fucked happening to them during their developmental years. i think she was online unsupervised a lot younger than she lets on and was groomed by men into doing fucked up shit long enough to actually get off to it now. she truly gets wet over pretending to be a baby being raped by their guardian.

No. 1875074

Honestly nona, I'm right there with you. I don't think her dad touched her, but I don't think you end up as self hating and degenerate as Shayna without some form of traumatic shit happening. I've said it before, but I can totally see Shayna having a reputation for being the "drunk slutty girl that'd go for anything" and some scrotoid kid around her age took advantage of her one way or the other. She internalized it and rationalized it as something totally cool that she 100 percent always wanted and decided it "actually didn't affect her at all", but only, now she views herself as nothing more than a cum dumpster, other women as competition for top cum dumpster, and men as horny ATMs that only want sex when there's a power dynamic to abuse.

No. 1875075

I agree that she would probably be one of those e-whores who tries to pull the: “i do this content because i am a victim of abuse and now i have complex sexual feelings and like to be able to engage in my fantasies in an environment where i finally feel in control” card

No. 1875076

She was not groomed as a baby why tf is she tweeting about being abused and getting off to it

No. 1875078

i think shayna has complex trauma related to being taken advantage of while drunk. i think she probably was raped several times after drinking too much but plays it off like she’s just a kinky party girl and would have fucked them anyways. its like shes trying to constantly recreate a scenario where someone she trusts tricks her into drinking too much then sexually abuses her when shes asleep/blacked out. the whole “after care” shit doesnt sit right with me at all. its like theyre saying someone can rape you but as long as they cuddle and baby you after its okay? and means they love you? it paints a larger picture for sure…

No. 1875079

She was possibly raped by Shane when he stayed over for the week he was there, but anything other than that didn't happen—-it's just tumblr ddlg coomer brain rot.

No. 1875080

>having a reputation for being the "drunk slutty girl that'd go for anything" and some scrotoid kid around her age took advantage of her one way or the other.
I doubt the scrote her age made her wear a diaper and gave her “fussy baby juice” and got her off. Wtf Shayna is just a pedophile panderer for attention . She sees how excited they get over adult women writing these concepts and decided to do it as well. She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong because she’s an adult. Even though the men are imagining the adults as babies. Lots of women who are desperate for male attention will abuse their own child to make their partner happy. It’s disgusting and sick but there’s many cases of that happening.

No. 1875085

Ughh it's so gross it just makes it look like she has freakishly elongated nail beds

No. 1875088

Shaynas current state is a result of the “slippery slope” of sex work. If you told 18 year old Shayna what 26 year old Shayna was doing and for such little money - young Shayna would be scared straight or in disbelief. This is what happens when enter the degenerate echo chamber. You get exposed to fucked up shit every day, only interact with fucked up people, and end up surviving off peoples fucked up fantasies. One example is brattypixie, i feel like a year ago she was still in the “i dont show vagina for free” stance and only posted tit pics on twitter. Nowadays she posted full nudes of her pussy and asshole for free. In another year, she might be wearing a diaper too. Shayna started YOUNG so she has had many years to slowly become more and more corrupted. Mix in her mental health issues (BPD of whatever makes her incapable of maintaining relationships) and her weight gain and the rope gets slipperier and splippier when she can no longer afford her lifestyle. Like that shit video? >>1874067 she is purposely trying to get shit on the dildo and then she rotates the dildo and gets close ups to show off the shit under the head of the penis. that was a SPECIFIC custom for shit. i just know she does way more fucked up shit than we see behind closed doors.

No. 1875093

James Gordon Meek ass fantasy. I’m going to be sick

No. 1875095

File: 1691012271687.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 980.76 KB, 1170x2121, 0F7E7B14-D33A-470C-A31E-BB8F6F…)

Wow. She is begging on twitter for her coomers to pay for her STI tests for FetCon

No. 1875096

No moron, I'm not saying a scrote her age introduced her to her diaper fag pedo pandering shit, I'm saying she had an irl bad experience with a scrote that started her self hate issues. Then she went online and got groomed into DD/lg shit on Tumblr because "little space" gave her some sense of security. The older she got, the deeper into the kink scene and sex work she got. Most girls who's trauma is literally only getting groomed by degenerates online wouldn't stay in sex work this long if they weren't actually making money and progress. They'd be the girls who try it for a few months and then rage quit because they're not making money. Shayna's been a broke bitch since the beginning, the max she's made(according to her) is 55k a year. And we all called bullshit back then too. She's got daddy's money to fall back on, so she's not forced to do sex work either. Only someone who doesn't think I'm hey deserve better would still keep at something that's destroying them in every way possible. It'd be likely something fucked happened to her developmentally, and instead of going to therapy she turned to drugs, Tumblr and sex work.

No. 1875099

I don't think she was abused. Don't get me wrong, a lot of women who have fucked up fetishes like this have been, but I really think Shayna is just a pornsick pickme capitalizing on the extreme popularity of incest among men. Women who are into weird fucked up shit because of trauma tend to almost compulsively overshare about it and/or use it as a defense card whenever anyone criticizes them for their fetishes. She would have at least alluded to it by now, especially because she's not exactly a private person. Keep in mind that incest and pedophilia are extremely popular among moids, even though those search terms are banned on mainstream porn sites. They skirt around it with "step"mom/sister etc. and "barely legal" but it seems like women who get off on being an object of desire are simply meeting the demand. Even among women, the daddy kink thing is astonishingly common, including with women who've never been traumatized.

No. 1875100

Exactly, porn notoriously causes people to get more extreme in what they want to see, and the women who make porn often escalate their content to stay competitive, and if you get sucked into these insulated spaces, it's easy to forget just how fucked up these fetishes are because everyone is doing it.

No. 1875103

All this tells us is that she doesn't regularly get tested because she can't afford it despite fucking men whose dicks have been god knows where with no protection. Nasty as hell, she's lucky she hasn't caught anything yet

No. 1875106

it costs $400+ for people to get tested before these things? i bet there's a thriving black market for test papers in this scene. you're gonna catch something regardless if your coomers pay up or not, have fun

No. 1875107

Planned Parenthood would do it for free. Also was she in the grace period of her parents insurance still?
Either way its embarrassingly pathetic to be a whore and not be able to afford sti screening, but also sounds like a scam

No. 1875120

yup. if they are co-signers, which they most likely are,(as I can’t see any other way she could possibly get said apartment) if Shayna defers on rent then it is their legal responsibility to pay or else it affects their credit as well. she deludes herself into thinking she does it all herself.

No. 1875121

I think you're spot on, nona. This tweet, disgusting as it is, SCREAMS trying to take control of a shitty situation. As much as Shay sucks, there's no way her retarded choices haven't put her in dangerous situations.

No. 1875124

nona wtf is wrong with you? calling her vagina “child like?” you sound like a fucking pedo yourself, Shayna would take that as a compliment.

No. 1875125

lul imagine someone tweeting under being like "PP will do it for free!" and she deletes the tweet / blocks them kek

No. 1875128

>>1875106 Shayflation has finally affected the pharmacomedical industry, truly devastating

No. 1875129

I don’t think Shayna was abused. I think she just loved the attention and easy money that porn gives her. A lot of people say that Shayna should just get a regular job but she quit after working a few days at Olive Garden. She is just lazy.

No. 1875130

No, those prices are insane and I don’t believe this is normal. Her including a “shipping cost” makes me assume she’s using some pricey online service where they’ll mail her a kit and send someone to her apartment to do the blood draw or something like that. You’d think such an experienced and thriving sex worker would know about free and sliding scale clinics where she could regularly get tested but I guess not!

No. 1875135

True these other anons keep trying to justify with fictional scenarios but can’t comprehend that Shayna is an attention seeker

No. 1875153

Agreed. She doesn't have any redeeming qualities, she thinks gross sex is what sets her apart from other women. She wants love and attention and thinks that's the best way to secure it because she's an idiot, not an abuse victim.

No. 1875166

This. First of all, she's never mentioned testing and begging for the money for them before which is disgusting and sus. But also… there are tons of clinics, namely planned parenthood that do free or sliding scale services and they literally have at home testing too.
She's scamming and being retarded and again, its hella wack that's She's probably never tested before. You know she wouldve tweeted some gross story about the swab or uwu i got poked needle.

No. 1875176

I just watched a tiktok where a girl who outs and brings awareness to pedos talks about how her and her sister were given wine as a “treat” before bed to make them drowsy and forgetful of the CSA they suffered at the hands of their parents.

I don’t know how Shayna has so much disconnect but I hope she ropes one day when she realises how disgusting her fetishes are

No. 1875180

In Australia STI testing is free/$30 max if you don’t have Medicare. The testing she gets done is TTS (talent testing) which is the scammy over priced version of a full panel. Regular STI testing in the US wouldn’t be that expensive since everyone who doesn’t have monogamous sex should get tested and they have lower income based services at various public health clinics in Washington (even then you should since you never know if you’re being cheated on lol)

I know a lot about various tests because I’m phlebotomist and routinely do these tests for people

No. 1875182

File: 1691021536452.jpeg (820.98 KB, 1170x1371, 2FB44982-2FD8-49E0-A9B3-1757B6…)

part 1 of 2

shes only doing this cause that kiki girl heavily advertising she is “TTS” tested which is mail in service. girl probably looked at shayna like she was nasty when she said she was going to a greasy fuck fest without testing first

No. 1875183

File: 1691021610133.jpeg (339.24 KB, 1170x2132, 9CE2104D-D8AC-4514-8BD5-04225C…)

part 2 of 2
she is definitely scamming though. the highest price on TTS is $155. i spent ten mins googling full panel sti tests and nothing was higher than $150-200

No. 1875185

File: 1691022029713.jpeg (837.97 KB, 1170x2118, AD0549EB-C93B-4BAE-AF34-10E951…)

they list this clinic in renton as one of locations she can do it. the shipping, blood draw and swab fees actually match. so she tacked an extra $170 to scam her scrotes

No. 1875192

File: 1691022627817.jpeg (372.91 KB, 1170x2057, A9E5B21F-608D-4A3D-B983-788615…)

that arcpointlabs website has panels that go as high as she’s asking. so not scamming, just a wasteful idiots. hope she has aids.

No. 1875231

File: 1691026172037.jpeg (269.22 KB, 1290x585, A43BC3DE-15FC-4679-A3E9-143FE2…)

if she’s not 200lbs already she’s sure gunning for it!

No. 1875233

File: 1691026881735.jpeg (438.6 KB, 1080x2524, IMG_5874.jpeg)

>Harley Quinn

No. 1875237

The fatter she gets, the worse her trademark Shayspression looks. I swear she didn't look this retarded pulling that face 5 years ago.

No. 1875239

I find it hard to believe she’s not baiting feeder fetish moids with shit like this.

No. 1875243

Is fatty able to work out yet post surgery? Remember when she couldn’t wait to go home and get back to the gym kek

No. 1875251

File: 1691028753962.jpeg (135.19 KB, 1170x603, IMG_5875.jpeg)

Since when does she have more than one partner?

No. 1875257

>gets money
>has been begging all day
>Instantly spends it on alcohol and Sushi
Why do these scrotes ever give her money when she claims to be in a tight spot? She'll be begging for rent money or urgent very important money for something then go,
>I'm about to spend $234 on this retarded shit!
She doesn't even have to say that shit, you should'nt be bragging about spending money as soon as you get it while begging.
I know her coomers are retarded but it's just hilarious that her need to overshare & brag about every part of her life, makes her look stupid. Thats her issue, every cent she gets she spends and she looks up like, "Oh shit, I'm broke and can't afford this thing I claim I need!" and it's always on food or cheap pink shit she barely uses.

No. 1875261

Kek, she's probably treating that scrote with the nasty teeth. Or the poly relationship is progressing faster then we think. Regardless knowing Shayna, that $200 could've been the price of the dinner (which is the payment) or all she was getting from selling ass to some scrote. I 100% believe Shayna has been sleeping with her sugar dads and/or preforming sexual acts and she doesn't count it nor brag about it because it's unfilmed actual prostitution that she's ashamed of.

No. 1875266

why would you share every single detail of your life on twatter as if your SW account was a diary, though? she will obviously share anything she thinks will titillate the sick fucks who buy her disgusting "content".

what shame does she even have anymore? Why would anyone who felt that prostitution was below them even talk about it like she does? her life is not going anywhere good. It would be surprising if she didn't get addicted to more than just alcohol to cope and overdosed eventually. I'm sure all the cingy, humiliating online antics & allowing dangerous moids to get close to her would have made hers a life well lived, though!

No. 1875279

I use to think she has no real friends, but I believe every single thing she posts online she posts to her "friends" and her gf too, she just wants more attention and Shayna genuinely thinks her life is so amazing and interesting.
She will ramble about how amazing her life is and how much better it's gotten, but she doesn't do anything but leave her house to eat or go hang with ellen where she eats/drinks. She just thinks people truly want to know everything in her life with a side of her just wanting to talk about herself. She thinks she's very interesting.

No. 1875287


This is a very good insight, Nona. It makes perfect sense. All that I can add is that only a truly sick person would pay 200$ for time with Shatna

No. 1875289

looool imagine asking random scrotes to pay for your dinner. you know that the kinds of creeps will bite will be fat and old and allergic to boundaries. hope she knows self-defense and carries pepper spray.

No. 1875293

File: 1691034682250.jpeg (129.11 KB, 750x443, IMG_3782.jpeg)

1) who would bookmark this tweet
2) porn stars and sex workers use sponges (specifically cosmetic sponges) in their vaginas when they’re on their period to absorb the blood so they can still work. how does she not know this? there’s not really an excuse for missing filming/sex work unless you have unbearable pms symptoms.

No. 1875299

…do they really use cosmetic sponges? Why? Actual menstrual sponges exist and there’s also soft menstrual discs.

No. 1875300

FYI nonas, Flex discs work very well. Previous poster’s point that Shayna overshares. She just has no one to talk tk

No. 1875301

yeah anon that’s just one example but the point remains that there are work-arounds for women who are on their period. you’d think she would know that with over 7 years of doing this job KEK.

No. 1875302

Lena the Plug got a beauty blender stuck in her pussy in 2017 by doing that

No. 1875313

Umm, I need to know where some of you nonnas are just pulling these facts from kek

No. 1875326

They use beppy sponges which are available to regular people if they don’t like cups tampons, discs or pads, they’re a more natural type of sponge

No. 1875339

From their pussy, nona

No. 1875359

She absolutely does not need to spend this much, why is she buying a panel and shipping and not just going to planned parenthood or something? I wonder if she has medical insurance yet?

No. 1875407

She’s advertising this after she just did a collab with 2 people? And didn’t she say she got “fucked” during it?

No. 1875440

More like Whorely Quinn.

No. 1875443

Agreed, I don't know why people are making excuses for her. Some people are simply irredeemable all on their own.

No. 1875494

She's really giving Mike "The Situation" vibes in this pic. Except her situation is being a BUM!!!

No. 1875558

The last time she begged for medical expenses she said her new insurance was starting August 1

No. 1875568

I'm pretty sure TTS testing is like a standard in the porn industry, I was under the impression they have you go through there because its a centralized service that many producers use. I could be wrong, though.

No. 1875583

it's been a while since we've had that comparison itt, thank you for that nostalgic throwback.

No. 1875591

File: 1691089218378.jpeg (520.91 KB, 750x1072, 4DF7BE3E-AEAE-467F-9B35-6F398F…)

No. 1875599

File: 1691090223757.jpeg (396.99 KB, 750x715, 0F71DE5E-119F-4986-B6BD-7C662B…)

she's so fat, dumpy and ugly it's insane

No. 1875603

yeah, i think she’s doing this bc TTS has an online dashboard website for producers to check. Shayna wants a profile on there so she can be in actual scenes filmed by actual crews. highly optimistic on her part but whatever.

No. 1875610

Where did they get those allstar cheerleading uniform tops from… kinda insane when you consider that allstar cheer is primarily underaged participants. Can the actual cheerleading gym (Infiniti?) sue them for using their uniform in a porn video and monetizing it?

No. 1875612

Yes, Shay is still fat with newly cockeyed tits

No. 1875614

those filters should get battlefield pay

No. 1875622

File: 1691092750434.png (178.39 KB, 863x440, Screenshot_20230803-130103.png)


No. 1875624

Another story that didn’t happen

No. 1875632

For real. A rectal swab is common for normal testing as well.

No. 1875648

They were probably in the back like "nose goes" trying not to be the one to get anywhere near Shay's swampy, toilet-paper-fleck-covered ass

No. 1875656

It’s really gross to think that she probably enjoyed the testing process way too much.

Also kek; bets on what she turns up positive for?(learn2integrate)

No. 1875665

what a bold faced lie. if they offer talent testing panels, their employees would be familiar with the procedures involved. plus STI panels are pretty much normal for most blood testing centers. she’s so fucking stupid and thinks everyone is as out of touch as her. it also goes to show that she’s worked with people and clearly didn’t get tested beforehand. she didn’t do it for the con last year, but is doing it this year.

No. 1875671

Please, medical professionals are very aware about rectal swabbing and the like. I'm sure they've seen more than their fair share of actual whores who come in with God awful symptoms. Tired of Shayna showing off how much of a maladjusted NEET she actually is.

No. 1875674

They've probably got enough money to afford a costumer that can make a good enough dupe. Iirc the skidmore academy has some super rich degenerate scrote throwing a bunch of bills at them for "accuracy".

No. 1875692

Maybe I'm stupid but doesn't this just prove that she doesn't get this level of testing for anything else? Kek? Like she's slept with what? Sucked Sol's Dick, fucked Baldi Gaysics (two bisexual men), fucked that Boobie retard like twice and swallowed his drop of cum, fucked Shane Pierre (we know that was raw), then whatever random "Dads" in between, and this is the first time that I can remember that she's done this level of shit.

No. 1875694

Nothing says bimbo Barbie like ratty sweatpants

No. 1875698

Does she seriously think only porn stars have anal sex?

No. 1875700

And she completely forgot about the concept of gay men. Kek

No. 1875701

Yes, likely more because somebody who she plans or hopes to work with requires it for the collab than out of any genuine concern for her health.

No. 1875702

Not to mention attended fetish con last year without this kind of testing.

No. 1875703

its kiki, see this post >>1875182

No. 1875705

i hope last year people declined working with her because she wasnt tested and made her feel bad

No. 1875708

File: 1691101971182.png (429.69 KB, 1308x806, scrotebucks.png)

Some scrote gave Shayna $1,200 bucks. Anyone else feel like this might be Womack?

No. 1875711

That's definitely Woemack and shayna gonna spend that money on retarded shit and food while still begging for rent & last mintue begging for an outfit for the fatfuckfest. Shayna isn't going to leave without finding a new scrote.
my hope is it's that black scrote obsessed with feet. I feel like her dating someone who seems to be active online and who will claim her, would be great milk kek because then if she tries to blast them it'd be a slap fight

No. 1875712

Womack doesn’t type like that. He’s too retarded.

No. 1875713

File: 1691103046347.png (11.01 KB, 540x83, ew.png)

No. 1875714

My guess is Little Squirt guy from Big Gulp Girls

No. 1875717

File: 1691103296224.png (Spoiler Image, 380.41 KB, 651x481, grody.png)

this dude is grody

No. 1875722

Nah I bet it’s some sugar daddy paying her 1200 a month to fuck her raw

No. 1875729

She's sucking her rolls in for dear life. I just know after she took the photo she let out a huge gasp.

No. 1875730

That’s what I’m assuming, too. She likely is only testing because she wants to be more involved at the fetish convention this year.

No. 1875733

So what happens if she has an std? Will she make up some excuse not to go to fetcon? she probably has something

No. 1875735

please god let him drop the ball again so we get a freak out

No. 1875740

She could have something they don’t test for like HPV.

No. 1875741

hardly quinn

No. 1875751

That’s a fucking lie because when you do standard testing they often will do rectal and vaginal if you are a woman and ask for both.

She’s a retard trying to larp as a porn princess. They swab because regular people also occasionally do anal etc and STIs can be passed on through anus.

I know it’s a logging or sperging but a huge chunk of my job is actually testing the samples and she’s fucking so incorrect. They definitely know she has to go excuse herself to the bathroom and swab herself

No. 1875764

Proof she doesnt get tested bc if she did she'd know that rectal swabbing is very much standard

No. 1875777

That might not even be a real conversation lol. I don’t buy wtv she’s saying online even her receipts~

No. 1875789

Good job, anon!

No. 1875795

Greasy molerat.
Fat fuck Robbie Rotten Jaw.

No. 1875868

Bruh it’s been months and they’re still dragging the content from six months ago

No. 1875869

Another I’m so quirky and not like other girls story. Shayna is so fucking annoying with these stories like stfu bitch .

No. 1875871

File: 1691125217199.jpeg (846.56 KB, 1178x1235, 5A614050-FA41-40A6-A8A9-2BA8BA…)

her non existent chin from eating too much sushi and drinking tons of alcohol

No. 1875873

File: 1691125520349.jpeg (188.94 KB, 794x1108, A2C4C59B-0DAE-405D-8829-2867CF…)

I’m sorry but this frumpy retard does not look like a “pornstar sensual goddess” or whatever the fuck she’s marketing herself as now. Shayna looks like she got a spot on the team because she’s autistic and her mom will sue the school if they don’t allow her. Also retarded nitpick but the oddly long tennis “American Apparel” knockoff skirt doesn’t even go with the cheerleading top?? It looks so stupid

No. 1875874

File: 1691125675460.jpeg (71.55 KB, 329x295, 162B5D6B-C3C5-4712-A789-68D3F8…)

Shayna without filters:

No. 1875887

File: 1691128620204.jpeg (275.5 KB, 609x587, IMG_0373.jpeg)

No. 1875895

File: 1691132038536.jpeg (457.74 KB, 828x1268, IMG_1848.jpeg)

kek, okay Shaymu. Such luxury high quality lingerie at that price too, very sugar baby bimbo

No. 1875896

File: 1691132160118.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 280.74 KB, 828x745, IMG_1850.jpeg)

assne on full display, fucking disgusting

No. 1875897

Screams "I'm freaking out about having my gut on full display"

No. 1875898

File: 1691132785564.jpeg (483.09 KB, 828x1017, IMG_1851.jpeg)

But she’s feeling good about her body uwu

No. 1875916

File: 1691138399292.jpg (95.71 KB, 1080x694, Screenshot_2023-08-04-10-36-28…)

Can't believe she worked with these scat degens

No. 1875920

She's reached the point where her calves are wider than her feet. We are entering the obesity saga.

No. 1875924

>this perfectly posed picture where I'm sucking in my belly getting praised makes me like my body more
I don't get acting like you hate your belly roll exclusively online while walking around town with it flopping about.
I also don't get gushing over praise of a body that she knows she doesn't have in real life. It's mental illness.
She's constantly showing her belly in real life, seems like she's proud of it to me. Doesn't come off as someone who hates their body, just someone who hates that she's not thin anymore for online scrotes

No. 1875990

What’s funny is the first set the pink one is a $30 bad copy of a $350+ honey birdette set. They even offer afterpay, I’m surprised she hasn’t splurged on more expensive lingerie for her larp. They deliver, offer afterpay, AND they go into relatively big sizing.

No. 1875991

Maybe she can't get anymore credit.

No. 1875995

Don’t they have a big limit? Nvm it’s just hilarious she brags about being spoiled and she can’t even afford honey birdette or studio Pia or agent provocateur

No. 1876002

Seeing a selfie of her like this always reminds me to relax my facial muscles

No. 1876013

That's because the skirt is supposed to be one of those black ones with a slit on the side, but I guess that isnt modest enough for the scrote that faps to this shit.

No. 1876015

last minute amazon prime lingerie and a last minute $350 std test you'd think as a profeshonul she would've prepared long before fatcon

No. 1876042

File: 1691162549019.gif (1.25 MB, 498x371, fat cheerleader.gif)

if there was ever an argument for bulimia, its shaynas ass(*bones rattling*)

No. 1876074

I said this once a few threads back and some other nonna called me a bone rattler kek but let’s be real, Shat will never go about things in a healthy way (ANYthing, not any part of life) so getting an ED is prob the only way she’ll ever see her toes again

No. 1876076

Tinfoiling that Shayna’s parents left her to stew in her own shit diapers as a baby and that’s the ~trauma~ that butterfly effected her into a freak who fetishizes babies & scat.

No. 1876077

They certainly could if they ever found out, but what are the odds any of their higher-ups will stumble across it?

No. 1876081

goes to show how little interaction she usually gets if she thinks this deserves a thank "4 the lov" kek

No. 1876139

She's been buying Shein and Forever21 shit on credit for years and is probably repaying the minimum. She's being charged interest for clothing that doesn't even fit her anymore. I don't see how she would gain access to large amounts of credit because she doesn't have a stable income and she has no valuable assets such as a car or property to use as leverage.

No. 1876163

File: 1691173283014.jpg (382.78 KB, 475x1407, Screenshot_20230804_131944_Chr…)

She would've been more believable looking if she dressed as a linebacker or dumpy fat bandkid.

No. 1876172

I hate this so much. Why would you willingly want to poop in a diaper when you’re capable of walking and going to the bathroom??? Many disabled seniors wish they didn’t need a diaper

No. 1876175

Her friend Sarah Gregory gets moids to buy her those Honey Birdette sets, I wonder why Shay hasn’t thought of that yet? Probably because she’s broke as hell…

No. 1876176

Shes sucking in and it only looks like shes not got a massive fupa because those sweatpants are stretched out and look loose. So the way theyre sitting on her, the angle, sucking in, probably edited too… sure, it looks ok. No way shes lost weight though from being in recovery from the surgery. Maybe her mom was feeding her decent and properly spaced meals, but thats it. Shes been drinking and eating like shit on her own still.

No. 1876177

File: 1691174890901.jpeg (77.22 KB, 750x403, 2311A7BA-04C0-455F-9106-784DFF…)

she deleted this about an hour ago. she thinks the world revolves around her. she should stop smoking so much if she needs it that bad

No. 1876178

Not the type of karma we've been looking for, but definitely the type we needed.

No. 1876179

File: 1691175106756.png (165.71 KB, 863x482, Screenshot_20230804-115338.png)


No. 1876181

File: 1691175342078.jpeg (514.88 KB, 750x1154, DA4E9BC9-1137-4FB1-B378-FDD441…)

No. 1876183

Kek oh my god she’s in a polycule, of course

No. 1876188

is she going to a kids water park with a bunch of degenerates? ive never seen an adult playing at one unless theyre supervising a child

No. 1876200

considering it’s shat, probably. sickened by the fact these retard fucks are more than likely wearing diapers underneath their suits.

No. 1876203

Acting purposefully like a kid as an adult is so cringy and embarrassing. It’s not cute or quirky, it’s giving special needs

No. 1876211

its bc she’s not showing her ugly face

No. 1876216

she can hide her belly rolls but not her neck rolls

No. 1876217

Color me shocked that this bathing suit actually sort of fits??? It’s unflattering and she is a mess but at least her gunt is covered, praise His light! Kek

No. 1876225

From what I've seen it's normal for adults to go, as long as it's a bigger park with rides that adults would enjoy. It's only weird if you're a literal diaper wearing child sexualizer like shat and her gang of retards

No. 1876229

bruv that's meant to be a skirt, whys she wearing it up to her tits with her thighs all the way out lol

No. 1876236

Its serving as gunt containment, if she wore it properly she'd look like a busted can of biscuits

No. 1876246

it's kind of sad that she's basically given up on trying to be in anything normal.Like everything in her life, Shayna tries once (fupaul) then just gives up and settles for the next best thing (unless it's food or useless pink shit). Shit didn't work out trying for years with Fupaul, so now she's poly because she needs a comfort woman (Ellen), Shit didn't work out with Shane, now she's in a full on "Polycule" more then likely with those diaper shitters because they are convenient and treated her nice for a few hours. I don't believe Shayna can't find some sorry scrote, who'd deal with her selling ass and being who she is, for a crumb of pussy or even somewhere to stay. He may even pay a bill or two.
No it's all or nothing now, full degenerate in some poly shit so that she can mind fuck herself into thinking, "I like this, I'm still special and the center of attention". But we know once she finds the scrote she likes, she'll be "poly" with ellen but will only treat that scrote like a lover.
For now she's settling for this dumb shit. Who knows, maybe she'll spend the reast of her life in meaningless "Poly" relationships, that don't last long and she'll be 45 realizing she wasted her time and has made no true friends (besides maybe Ellen) or lovers. Just retarded pink shit, fat and countless men she's given her body for free or very little.

No. 1876262

pfft sure, okay
Nice skirt, Nona, why are you wearing it up to your tits? Lol

No. 1876266

so she just got her tits done less than 8 weeks ago and she’s gonna launch herself down water slides? i went to a water park last weekend and i was surprised how intense a lot of the slides are. extreme gravitation force, high speeds, you get whipped around corners and even on a moderate ride my friends flipped over on their tube. her tits are gonna be so botched kek

No. 1876271

I imagine she's just using it as an excuse to be in something revealing. She'll probably use her boobs as an excuse to not go on rides and God forbid, get wet and need to shower when she gets home.

No. 1876272

how does she ALREADY have dimpling in her new breast implants?! holy hell this is not gonna turn out well. her tits will be as dimpled as her thighs if she doesn’t take care of it now.

No. 1876280

File: 1691189283862.jpeg (150.37 KB, 1169x1636, IMG_5878.jpeg)

That degenerate she just had over has covid kek

No. 1876284

Lol I didn't say it was working, I'm aware it looks retarded. The skirt piece at a water park already doesn't make sense if she's going down any slides.

No. 1876296

okay I know I'm stupid, but I'm worried her implants are gonna come flying out on a fast waterside curve
I hope she wears the compression thing somehow

No. 1876297

she probably caught it from shat kek

No. 1876302

Betting now that Shat’s lazy ass will milk this to skip fatcon

No. 1876308

yeah it doesn’t work like that. if the speed and velocity on a water slide was great enough to rip open skin, it would no longer exist lol

No. 1876310

she deserves to have covid after working with degenerates like that. hope that’s why her asthma attacks have gotten worse.

No. 1876312

File: 1691192609835.jpg (92.38 KB, 1280x720, pour milk.jpg)

If she can't go to fatcon and make money because she has covid, the twitter breakdown is going to be too good.

No. 1876324

it’ll be amazing. she’ll absolutely go insane on the diaper degens and blame them for everything. she’ll probably demand they pay her for her “loss” from not be able to go.

No. 1876335

After pay isn’t credit, well it’s your own money but it doesn’t accrue credit you just pay it off in instalments.

$75every 2 weeks should be manageable for her to keep up her larp as spoiled in expensice lingerie

No. 1876337

File: 1691198131873.jpeg (74.66 KB, 1272x661, IMG_3793.jpeg)

Thankfully most water parks are not like Action Park

No. 1876339

File: 1691198594495.jpeg (301.05 KB, 1170x958, IMG_4372.jpeg)

Surprised she hasn’t hidden this comment or addressed it

No. 1876349

she's probably going to wild waves. i live in seattle and my friends went there last weekend. i'm pretty sure there's a like a bar there too so it's pretty adult friendly for a water park

No. 1876351

Maybe stupid but is chlorine and pool water and all that ok for healing tit scars??

No. 1876355

How new is this account

No. 1876358

File: 1691200650814.jpeg (322.68 KB, 750x728, 973BBB89-8416-40B9-B4D3-AD8871…)

No. 1876362

Lol why is she following shayna? That’s so random but I wonder how she’ll react to her comment

No. 1876364

nope. you’re not even supposed to go in a pool after a tattoo because it could get infected. pool water (especially public ones) are disgusting and do not mix well with any sort of healing wounds.

No. 1876376

File: 1691201904282.jpeg (285.05 KB, 750x993, 636C58C2-627F-4F9A-A4E4-5A29FE…)

but what about covid?

No. 1876379

what are the different dates? are those like the incubation periods for different diseases?

No. 1876388

Prepare for a new variant

No. 1876391

Is she even on birth control?

No. 1876392

File: 1691203832805.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 750x1334, AE02BE7D-AFD5-4726-9838-9F0A65…)

No. 1876393

File: 1691203883299.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 750x1334, 2398C4C2-4A69-42F0-8551-D195C8…)

how is she only in her 20's? she looks so run down

No. 1876400

>hands on the bathroom stall thinking she’s hot shit
She looks like an alcoholic mom of 3, with her fatty biceps the width of her head. Obese stomach. Bleak

No. 1876409

this is what happens when you peak in high school and are delusional enough to think you’re so perfect that you don’t require any kind of self care or upkeep. she really thought she could continue her life being a dirty 16 year old stoner and things would turn out great.

No. 1876412

Botched saga, botched saga, botched saga!
Pretty sure she does the shot.

No. 1876413

She literally could be Jennifer Archambault's (Dani cohn's mom) sister they look identical imo kek.

No. 1876429

Nobody cares about Covid anymore…

No. 1876445

Certain STI’s can go undetected for longer/detection.

most people even if they’re not whores should get tested every 3 months if they have slept with more than 1 person because you never know what someone could have.

No. 1876447

She has one of those moid beer guts. It’s hilarious that she hasn’t once thought about putting the bottle or doordash down.

I think more people need to feel embarrassed about how they look especially if your job is being objectified daily

No. 1876489

She looks like her lower body is the wrong way around.

No. 1876492

For real the front of her thighs are bigger than her actual ass how is that even possible??

No. 1876503

For real if she was a 30 year old mother of 2 with an office job and went out like this. I wouldn’t judge. But the fact that she tries so hard to brand herself as a young “teenager in her twenties uwu slutty bimbo sex worker” when she looks like shit all the time is hilarious

No. 1876526

1. twisted for even having that be a thing that crosses your mind
2. retarded for thinking that would even work in any way

No. 1876528

NTA. Swim diapers exist. It wouldn't surprise me if these sick fucks were wearing them in public places. The hog already exposes non-consenting third parties to her bullshit when she takes public bathroom nudes and goes to bars without underwear.

No. 1876531

That warped curtain lol I’m surprised she put in the effort to edit her ass

No. 1876569

Right, like any normie I’d be like whatever, her only job is to sell a fantasy that she’s sexy and beautiful and she can’t even pretend for 5 minutes

No. 1876570

I know she’s not a Troon but she genuinely is built like one

No. 1876571

Am I imagining things or has she lost a little weight? Her arms aren't as massive and the gunt is a bit smaller. Is she shooping herself slightly thinner in this pic? Because holy kek that's rich.

No. 1876579

She always makes herself look smaller. Her videos show what she actually looks like

No. 1876581

the weirdo she just filmed with tested positive for covid that's why i brought it up

No. 1876596

I genuinely wonder if these two things are related and if she deleted the tweet so she could still go out knowing she might have covid

No. 1876614

Honestly, thought the same thing. She also lost a tiny bit when she went through the puke thing. I'm wondering if maybe she couldn't eat/drink QUITE as much after her surgery, and that's why her gunt looks more human again. She'll definitely be bigger than ever after a few full months back in Renton though.

No. 1876620

The mental gymnastics that she goes through to try to re-frame her self-induced insomnia & diabetes as some kind of lifestyle kek

No. 1876623

Anons itt are so bitchy for no reason. Like, yes we can all see that the skirt looks retarded. It is also holding her gunt in. Both of these things are true. Why are you acting like nonna must wear her skirts like that just because she gave you the correct reason why SHAY does that when you are the one who asked that obvious question in the first place.

No. 1876624

>comfort woman
kill yourself

No. 1876625

I knew this was coming, NO she didn't. She just uses angles/editing. The only time we see her true body somewhat is when she gets drunk enough to dance naked . Even if her tits look slightly better, she's still going to be twisting and controting her body to hide the belly she's ashamed of the internet to see (but not paying customers for her porn) but she walks around town with her belly flopping about with no issue. She didn't lose any weight, she sucks it in, edits and poses.
We didn't truly see how bad her smaller tit was until she showed

No. 1876627

?Why, Ellen is her "Comfort woman" that is the best way I can describe her. I wasn't defending that shit, but Shayna only has her around because she's older, uglier and she will comfort her/"take care of her" and always listen to her. Their whole relationship seems focused on finding "Comfort" in eachother that they can't get from Scrote. Shayna often uses women this way, like how she would whine to Bratty + others to get them to bitch at other sex workers.
She looks as women as people who are supposed to coddle, care and comfort her while giving them nothing in return. While she will take anything from a scrote until he decides he has a enough.

No. 1876628

Her boobs look better than before, but it's weird how they stick straight out to the side while the rest of the fat on her gut, thighs & arms hangs down.

No. 1876629

Do you know what a comfort woman actually is nonna?

No. 1876631

The fact ellen probably thinks she looks so young and fresh next to older men/ellen, when she looks the same exact age, she looks like a 40 year old mom taking some time for herself, leaving the kids at the trailer part with baby daddy number 2, while she has her "Hot girl summer". She does not look her age nor does she look younger. She's very plain. I wonder if she still tells normie's she's a model kek

No. 1876633

I legit just put two words togeather, I didn't know it was a "real thing", I thought, "Ellen's job in shayna's life is to comfort and coddle her", so I went "Comfort Woman". So no, I didn't even know it was a thing.
Holy shit I just googled, that is NOT what I meant at all, sorry. I didn't mean that at all in what I was saying. My mistake

No. 1876639

Aw no worries if you didn’t know, I apologize. This thread has been infested with moids lately so it pinged my potential scrote radar to hear the term being used flippantly. I envy your ignorance of the male nature young nonna.

No. 1876647

The jannies kind of suck but I always report them for infighting/bait. Their comments are not genuine, they’re just trying to pick a fight and derail the thread. It’s obvious atp that there’s an anon or two who always tries to nitpick anons posts to infight. It’s likely either the tranny or one of Shayna’s friends. Another example of this happening that I recall is the anon who was shopping at Tj Maxx and happened to see a dress Shayna’s mom bought her but then a “nona” nitpicks her contribution and accuses her of purposely trying to find the dress.

No. 1876706

File: 1691262377704.jpg (164.83 KB, 1080x438, Screenshot_20230805_150747.jpg)

Noodle still isn't well yet. Also it's such a turn off she begs on every tweet

No. 1876741

Stop trying to attack people for no reason just ignore her comment she didn’t know. Fucking retards touch grass

No. 1876743

didn't she just get like a thousand? Everytime she gets a good amount of money, suddenly she decides to go out with "friends" or the "Polycule" I'm pretty sure she's always treating kek, she probably spent all that money the same day

No. 1876755

the e-begging is becoming an annoyance. I don't care that she's scamming some degenerates with the dumb baby bimbo shtick but if she such a successful SWer and active in the sugaring/prostitution scene, can she find someone who is in the Splenda daddy and not beg online for basic shit like medical treatment for her dog?

I just don't see how wherever the hell she's doing is worth the loss of dignity. she even started doing the more niche abuse LARPs when she was very young and got taken advantage of…

No. 1876756

some sugar babies saved up their money and open the business which became profitable so they didn't have to sell themselves to men. what's stopping her from doing that?

No. 1876758

Because she’s retarded and can’t think of a successful venture after she gets too old to prostitute. Shayna has rocks for brains and not in a cute way like she’s legitimately slow…..

No. 1876760

Anon was only being slightly aggressive because it pinged her potential scrote radar and she apologized afterward.

No. 1876797

She's so fucking retarded for constantly flexing when she gets money when she's just going to pretend to need "reimbursement" immediately after. That money should've went towards emergency vet bills for her pets there's no excuse anymore. I have a feeling she wasn't paid yet though since she hasn't fucked him and didn't post receiving the actual payment. She probably just wanted to brag about the possible future payment like a loser kek.

No. 1876852

File: 1691280319488.jpg (170.2 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_2023-08-06-01-05-46…)

She's really telling on herself here kek.

She thinks this amount of money is "draining" someone's bank account

No. 1876862

Measly 500 bucks.

No. 1876902

As long as she does more of this and less begging, it's all good. Like anon above said, begging is getting annoying. It's constant and for absolutely everything. Begging is not the same as being spoiled.

No. 1876911

>the timing of all this is literally so inconvenient
Get it together, Noodle. How dare that selfish dog be sick and ruin Shayna's plans. The nerve and fucking audacity.

No. 1876952

File: 1691295852747.jpeg (871.03 KB, 750x1294, 5910A7BB-2CF0-4178-9168-559A73…)

No. 1876955

File: 1691296172700.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 474.91 KB, 750x1171, F8583093-0600-4C5B-9C11-A86A6F…)

nasty wtf is going on with her body

No. 1876970

Still obese

No. 1876991

Her hand covering her botched nip is so small wtf lmao

No. 1876994

People like you make me miss hellweek.
The fact that this is the body of a child free, unemployed 20 something woman who sells sex/her body is goddamn dystopian.

No. 1877001

Did she ever go to the gym after buying a memberships a little while ago?

No. 1877006

And yet, she refused to take a flattering front onwards photo

No. 1877074

Holy shit this is bad kek she’s built like a balloon animal

No. 1877098

File: 1691324120700.jpeg (81.51 KB, 500x375, IMG_5880.jpeg)

Putting the watermark on her big disgusting thigh is hilarious. Her legs are so gross

No. 1877124

The ghostly outline of her skinnier assthigh is somehow visible through her backassthigh

No. 1877209

literally built like a fursuit

No. 1877218

File: 1691343883045.jpeg (374.32 KB, 1536x2048, DBE8BE81-B623-4F80-82C8-D2C73C…)

her complexion is so ugly and pink and these are so stupid and white trash looking.

No. 1877257

Imagine finding this card with that drawing and then unfortunately coming across the real thing…

No. 1877271

Will twitter dot com still work? Isn't it x now or some shit

No. 1877274

I'm sure we've been over this, but how are these women like totally getting away with being prostitutes?

No. 1877278

Good God, how much are you fucking eating that you need to spend $30 per person?

No. 1877282

Why ask such a stupid rhetorical question?
Does this look like someone who goes to the gym even twice a week >>1876955
Shaynus actually using a gym is a joke in itself. She claimed she got a membership but iirc she literally never went. She claimed to have got it after filming with the Scott Big Gulp scrote. She then did other things, then she had to "prep" for surgery and now shes been recovering.
Its possibly she went literally once and said something about the treadmill. But that's it.

No. 1877284

You would have to pay me thousands to maybe consider posting something so embarrassing and ugly. Hate to body shame but jfc she needs to take to the smoothing filter and soften whatever the fuck is going on here because this picture looks kinda grotesque. Like a character model for a horror game. Her thighs are so gross. But even if you cover them, her torso and tits and arms dont look ",right" either. Bleak.

No. 1877332

I have no idea but it’s totally a great idea to give these cards out in a state like Florida. Kek.
Does she think just because she’s going to pervert con, the local laws don’t apply?

No. 1877359

Her hand looks super weird in this picture. It looks like a pink monkey hand

No. 1877406

File: 1691365010543.jpeg (405.09 KB, 750x793, FD8DE49A-EE49-4FBB-B184-72FA46…)

No. 1877440

nipples remind me of luna slater.

No. 1877443

she makes her body look worser then it may actually look, by constantly sucking it in, wearing unflattering comically high waisted skirts in this unflattering style may hide her belly but makes her look even wider and weirdly shaped especaially wearing a underboob shirt.
I feel like Shayna gained more weight then we think. Thats why she's been going so hard to hide her belly. I also feel like her next issue is both her breasts are going to have that "Necro-tit color". Years later her necro tit still looked raw, irrated and red. I don't think thats going to stop, especially if she continues to gain weight.

No. 1877451

This looks goofy as hell

No. 1877458

I think Seattle/WA decriminalized prostitution, but she could still get kicked from her apartment considering she brings her Johns into the place she’s renting.

No. 1877459


No. 1877470

St. Pete police has way more important shit to do than bother hookers that aren’t even streetwalking.

No. 1877478

>She's everything!
She's literally nothing. No looks, no skills, no education, no money and the money she has is mostly from e-begging.
Hypothetically, if I were a man looking for a "bimbo" to finance I wouldn't choose her.

No. 1877486

More likely this means she pretends to be a bimbo / child / step mom / dog / slave / mistress / diaper lover, she will do PIV, scat and who knows what degen shit else. Jack of all trades.

No. 1877491

it’s amazing that a woman has lasted so long as a sex worker while having no traits or assets that makes her a good one.

No. 1877499

it’s more the principal of “surviving” versus “thriving”

No. 1877547

that is a normal amount to spend on a meal at a restaurant that sells things other than nuggies and tendies

No. 1877550

She does have some good traits. She's got extremely low self esteem and lives an isolated life, so she will do whatever it takes to get attention from degenerate men. And she has no shame and nothing to lose (in regards to family finding out). Not bad traits for a "sex worker"

No. 1877556

File: 1691399473402.png (3.83 MB, 1687x2500, FC5C0521-F801-444E-9C92-DE9B01…)

her tagline is literally from the barbie movie posters, she doesn’t have enough brain cells to rub together to make it any deeper than that

No. 1877562

Did she have to put on the skirt backwards to hide the fact she's unable to zip/button it? Buy bigger clothes ffs.

No. 1877586

not bad traits for a serial killer’s victim either.

No. 1877608

Kek this truly just looks like someone trying on a much skinnier person’s clothes as a joke. I think this would only look ‘sexy’ on a girl who didn’t routinely look like she was bursting out of tiny, ill-fitting clothes.

No. 1877690

I know I'm late to the show… but do you not remember that little kid that got decapitated at a water park in Kansas a few years ago?

No. 1877712

File: 1691434894664.jpeg (233.47 KB, 750x868, F5D2D70A-8C22-4EFA-A204-DCAD40…)

new vape but she was complaining about her inhaler. she's so gluttonous

No. 1877714

imagine waking up and immediately begging for money like a bum on the side of the road. it blows my mind how little shame she has to do this day after day week after week.

No. 1877719

lmao, good catch

No. 1877742

Its Monday, wasn't she supposed to be doing her makeup on a live or some shit?

No. 1877788

how often is she getting her nails done?? wtf is she doing to her nails? a fill should be like 30 bucks.

No. 1877794

shes a charity case

No. 1877801

The thought of having a sick dog, a still healing tit, getting STD tested to fuck a handful of coomers that look like Sloth from the Goonies in Florida and lose money while doing it, and then choosing to get a hot dogs with white top hats manicure is fucking wild

No. 1877804

File: 1691447060395.jpeg (177.44 KB, 828x759, IMG_7919.jpeg)

shes such a scammer, she already asked for flight reimbursements but didn't actually book her flight then… theres another tweet with kiki cali about booking her flight late…

No. 1877807

she asked for 70 dollars more here >>1867523

No. 1877816

A fursuit KEK, I know you meant fatsuit but this made me laugh
A pig fursuit though

No. 1877846

File: 1691452786725.jpeg (22.75 KB, 403x303, 3AA226BA-701C-4746-9849-235267…)

No a fur suit she has fat fur suit thighs that protrude more than her ass

No. 1877851

File: 1691453465235.jpeg (144.37 KB, 750x490, 2D7AF0AF-7A8A-4CE6-91A7-3CFFB5…)

shayna said she hates when the pinks don't match……

No. 1877853

File: 1691453715690.jpeg (731.26 KB, 750x1023, 17244C28-8D60-4D2C-99B5-D16A08…)

childlike is a weird term to use on her sexwork twitter. i know it's a retweet but still it's delusional.

No. 1877856

Who tipped?
>last tweet

No. 1877864

so I just looked it up; Fetcon starts on the 10th. she has less than 3 days and she’s booking her flight NOW. this is so unbelievably retarded. she’s going to panic and complain like every other time. she had months to plan this, to book a flight, to get her shit together, but no. she chooses less than a week before the date of the actual event to get stuff planned. so business. much professional. thriving.

No. 1877874

It’s true she’s coming for momokun’s fursuit leg crown kek

No. 1877884

others have mentioned before that she would take her nails off and get brand new ones each time she gets them. many have mentioned how that’s very dumb and wasteful (even for shayna) but she seems to continue doing that. one nonnie had posted a picture of the actual place she gets them at, and I would like to know if they actually charge that much.

No. 1877886

her nail techs must hate her. i know she’s wasting more money each time but the damage she must do to her nail beds by ripping off the acrylics is… ugh. what a pig.

No. 1877890

Why didn’t she just buy some press-ons from Etsy like the ones Trisha Paytas gets kek. Too late now but she could take them on and off super easily for shoots that can’t have long nails.

No. 1877894

nah they probably like her because a full set means a bigger tip. that’s just assuming she tips, however. if she doesn’t then it doesn’t really matter the service because most are paid hourly.

No. 1877896

File: 1691460604897.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1658, IMG_4431.jpeg)

No. 1877904

from how her nails and nail beds end up looking I agree. I can’t tell if she really is just that dumb or she refuses to do it a different way because she will feel she is losing by listening to what they have said here.

the dirty shows with hair and stains on them. I know that’s classic shayna but it’s so gross

No. 1877919

that's the point nona she markets herself as Barbie

imagine having worse taste than your 65yo coomers. even they know those brown hotdogs are terrible

No. 1877920

It looks like she has four toes on each foot in those sandals kek
Also is that the dildoe guy?

No. 1877923

File: 1691465508602.jpeg (318.32 KB, 750x414, 4840499B-FDFE-4512-99A2-462671…)

she deleted both of these tweets

No. 1877949

>longer 2nd toes than 1st toes
Give tf up on foot fetish shit omg

No. 1877950

the cracks in the sidewalk look identical to her cracks in between her dirt toes. yeesh

No. 1877961

Nonna was just explaining to the other anon, that’s why Shayna says she’s everything in her business cards… we all know Fat Shayna’s gimmick is Barbie

No. 1877963

File: 1691473504764.jpeg (554.69 KB, 1242x1245, C10E4243-9F3A-4C57-98EF-4E0B34…)

She packs the same grimy piles of pink shit everytime so she can take “aesthetic” retarded pink luggage pictures with the same crusty unwashed dildos.

No. 1877965

File: 1691473624975.jpeg (974.67 KB, 1042x1095, 3FE47902-3111-45FB-A3C1-09D72A…)

Not the dirty flip flops with bows made from cheap towel material covered in hair and crust. She looks like she has four toes.

No. 1877971

Also I know people have body hair but she’s little really got a patch of medium brown hair on her feet, not the hair that’s tangled in the bath towel shoes but actual foot hair, you’d think miss bimbo would get rid of that

No. 1877972

It’s more sanitary to shave or wax after a pedicure rather than before

No. 1878011

She doesn't shave her legs most of the time, I doubt she'd shave her feet either way

No. 1878026

micofiber is designed to grab as much dust and hair lmfao

No. 1878029

She tips like 8%

No. 1878055

I know I’m just saying in general though, you’d think she’d be into making herself as barbie perfect as possible and not neglect feature that aren’t typically bimbo like

No. 1878059


She doesn't even see the grime. Kinda like Luna, only without the excuse of being whacked out on heroin. Reminder this is the same chick who rebranded as Buttstuff Barbie because she was too stupid and lazy to figure put how to cure her pussy boils. The bar is on the floor.

No. 1878060

File: 1691498888789.jpeg (247.26 KB, 750x852, 8ACECF2E-A26D-42E8-91DB-FAA8C8…)

No. 1878061

Those sandals are ugly and stupid af, but honestly look really comfortable, especially when getting a pedicure. I just could never imagine actually going out in public with those.

No. 1878101

I'm so excited for fatcon. I wish we had a whole thread just dedicated to all the disgusting degenerates who are attending, and like livestreams and shit (of the con itself, not their obscene activities.) And looking for Shay would be like the grossest where's Waldo, it would be so fun.

No. 1878102

I mean, she'd have to be in public to wear them for a pedicure. Shayna's worn tackier shit in public but these just seem like errands/house slippers she doesn't take proper care of.

No. 1878108

I am definitely not considering this thread is how I found out these disgusting degenerates are going to be near my vacation in Florida I've been looking forward to for months. Guess I won't be leaving my resort, I don't want to be anywhere near these nasty freaks. Any Florida nonnies want to confirm how close St Pete beach is to this convention?? I feel sick kek

No. 1878111

Google it yourself. No one cares about your vacation but you

No. 1878129

because you booked a flight less than 3 days before the event, are still begging for funds, and know you look and smell like garbage. that’s why.

No. 1878136

Hm I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the people in the industry you’ve screwed over who are going to be there. Looking forward to the smackdown between her and the one who called her out for scamming that tickle scrote

No. 1878141

I guess someone could make this in /shay?

No. 1878145

Won’t Fupapa 2.0 be there?

No. 1878156

grow the fuck up lol

No. 1878159

File: 1691516269704.jpeg (300.28 KB, 750x973, B8E8F7A5-A2DD-4FBF-8952-66A352…)

No. 1878169

Use Google maps for the closest chapel, purtitanon.

No. 1878177

It’s far away and geographically distinct (like 15-20 minute drive), but you should probably head over and take a peak js

No. 1878182

she always gets that weird pink colour when she gets french tips. it makes her toes look like theyve lost circulation

No. 1878185

File: 1691519314170.jpeg (387.32 KB, 750x1076, D075D3F6-0537-46BD-AC1E-5769BA…)

No. 1878192

eww imagine getting tested to do shit with some scrote thats about to do shit with multiple women, maybe it's just feet shit, but ew. Knowing Shayna at least one of these people are troons. Also it seems she makes more "stable" money fucking scrotes local then flying to sell ass kek

No. 1878198

i love how she's tacked on at the end like an afterthought

No. 1878202

Dude seriousl, what the fuck is she doing? I can get a manicure full set,a pedicure gel on both hands and feet at the nicest nail salon in my area and it still wouldn't be THAT MUCH! plus I always tip above extra but I can't imagine her tipping and spending this much on both. Fucking scammer or her nail tech is doing her so dirty by charging her that much and doing the bare ass minimum nail work. KEK WAT

No. 1878222

File: 1691523926737.jpeg (718.53 KB, 750x1177, BB2F88EF-0284-4A02-BEC9-BD16E1…)

these look just as bad as every other time she gets them done

No. 1878235

Topkek seriously, anon. “Not [her] fave set” so that’s why she’s been getting the exact same one for years now? Who’s she suddenly trying to impress? I guess they’re more pink than ham-colored like her usual ones, but she looks a smidge less corpse-like this way. I love how her shitty sandals look even dirtier than the last time she posted them

No. 1878254

Is that the same scrote who commented last year on her going to Florida? He said something similar or something to do with him wanting to meet up iirc

No. 1878283

Maybe that's why she doesn't like them. They're too close to being almost not repulsive. Truly I think this bitch is color blind because at least this time she's got pink french tips and not spoiled undercooked hotdog colored nails.

No. 1878300

File: 1691533434281.jpeg (53.02 KB, 750x310, AED0D512-2C54-4841-8FC8-9A41C8…)

she posted this 16 minutes ago and deleted it right away

No. 1878301

File: 1691533499549.jpeg (522.92 KB, 750x712, A62DC985-5517-41C3-B833-6E765C…)

calls him an old creep and then says she relates to him a lot… ewww

No. 1878302

I had always thought her signature color was that ugly off-pink because that's always what pink shit from aliexpress looks like, but why does she choose nails in that color?

No. 1878310

Considering the age that she pretends to be, she IS an old creep. So yeah, she definitely relates. Water finding its level etc etc

No. 1878332

>Cool with my job
Isn't he buying your time/and possibly vagina? Kek why would'nt he be "Okay" with your job, he's your sugar daddy. Everything shayna does with scrotes it's like she's hoping for a potiental boyfriend irl. Even the ones she's not attracted too she keeps around to do "Friend" shit with like the rotten teeth dude. It's very weird to me, she constantly tries to bring her real life shit into work.
Why does his politics matter? Has she had sugar dads against her doing porn? Too many people know where Shayna lives and intimate details about her, only for them not to be in her life long and she just doesn't care. She just assumes everyone is creepy in the "Consenting" way.

No. 1878345

Yeah everyone's shoes get dirty and everyone grows hair on their feet, but she's posting this to sell her body, why can't she take more a flattering photo? Let your cuticles calm down and take a good photo at home tomorrow. It's like she took this from the bus stop outside the salon.
Probably realized a quarter of her coomers are conservative kek. Waiting for another Coomer v. Shayna twitter brawl, politics edition.

No. 1878347

Beggars can't be choosers Shungus.

No. 1878350

>everyone grows hair on their feet
…do they? This feels like another one of those situations where anons are not allowed to be honest and say how gross Shayna looks with xyz ugly characteristic because some other women might have it. "Some women have lopsided breasts, and volcano rock labia, and fridge-shaped bodies, and butthole eyes, and uwu you wouldn't want to insult any other women who have these traits by calling them ugly, would you nonnie??"
I really doubt that the majority of women grow hair on their feet…(retard)

No. 1878351

does she not realise the self own of having like 20 sugar "dad" dates she posts about, and she still can't make rent. Like how much are they even giving her, and how many want seconds? Dirty ugly hog

No. 1878353

>cool w/ my job
he literally hired you so why wouldn’t he be cool with it?

No. 1878362

eh not to wk but the photo is taken relatively close up and the hair looks pretty sparse. it's like a normal amount of light body hair on most women's bodies that's not visible from a distance, if that makes sense?
but i suppose a real bimbo kween who wants to pander to foot fetishists would have enough attention to detail to shave that off kek

No. 1878392

Has she ever seen a French manicure before? For the love of god how does she let the nail tech do the French so retarded and ugly

No. 1878405

maybe it's just some old man she met off of tinder that she thinks she can swindle into becoming her "sugar dad". notice she said "potential" - makes it sound like she paid for her own meal kek.

No. 1878411

Nail techfag, but some times you gotta do what the client wants even if it’s ugly as sin and sometimes you gotta do them dirty to teach them a lesson. I think Shaynus just doesn’t realise that her tech is doing them bad on purpose or she is too lazy to go else where and keeps paying the tech for shit nails. It’s all about comfort and convenience with this idiot.

No. 1878422

right, she could get white or metallic or pearl or anything that isn’t from the fucking shades of meat range and do one solid color but no, we have suffer her bizarre ground hog day behavior and marvel at how she can look at it and decide to share it with the internet.

No. 1878453

File: 1691552635158.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, D3CAFA8A-2DBC-422F-9C5D-F8C392…)

she's so filthy

No. 1878459

File: 1691554677451.jpeg (827.24 KB, 1170x1501, IMG_4461.jpeg)

More stories that TOTALLY happened

No. 1878461

not swearing on noodles life. what a fat lying creep

No. 1878468

she’s sooo embarrassing. I know it didn’t happen but to imagine her looking like >>1878453 saying she’s too pretty to go to college is hilarious… she’s not even too pretty for clown college. She’s the ugliest rat in the whole world, almost as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. She‘s the twitter equivalent to a street beggar knocking on car windows at a stop light. she can’t even make rent without begging for it.
Also that hat is covered in cat hair like she grabbed it directly from under the cats ass and didn’t bother to even give it a wipe before putting it on

No. 1878474

>hates mismatching pink shades
>those nails with that top
Why doesn’t she go with a more nude colored base? It’s so bad.

No. 1878475

See she’s already going braless. I would not be feeling confident with what she has going on at the moment. Still healing and about to get so many peoples bodily fluid and filth all over.

No. 1878479

What the fuck is going on with her skin? It looks like a bad texture from a 90s CGI movie.

No. 1878482

>be me, 40 something bar-fly scrote living in Florida
>trailer trash fat chick comes in wearing knockoff barbie gear from amazon that is 3 sizes too small
>gunt overhangs shorts like cantilever of dough
>poor thing, maybe it's retarded
>the big bessie orders 5+ drinks, each over 200 cal
>wait, is that THE Big Bessie?
>from uni 10 years ago?
>she looks a bit fatter and kinda haggard now, but maybe
>"excuse me ma'am, did you go to Backswamp U?"
>the butterhuffer scoffs
>"I'm too pretty for that tehehehe"
>immediately returns to her phone
>spends 2h engrossed in twitter, hunchback over her phone, drinking alone at the bar in complete silence
>gets up to leave
>"I make porn btw. Just so you all know. I'm going to go make porn right now."
>"Uhh, ok… Good work champ"

No. 1878483

Hobbit-footed mod got triggered kek(continued retardation)

No. 1878486

No. 1878521

File: 1691571938991.png (714.15 KB, 600x740, 2F30B539-1B67-4A58-BA66-0B29E5…)

No. 1878532

Kek nonna, this is likely exactly how it happened.

No. 1878545

She needs to ask for reimbursement for a lint roller because that hat is covered in pet hair. Disgusting.

No. 1878548

Isn't noodle sick right now? Maybe she's expecting her to drop dead this weekend when Ellen is "looking after" her again.

No. 1878580

lmao I feel like this is 99% of her fake stories, she says some comment she thinks is hilarious and then creates an entire narrative around it. Dude probably asked her about school to see where she learned to be an alcoholic and make a joke since she was casually pounding liquor, but she can’t interact with people outside of sex work or pick up social cues

No. 1878581

File: 1691591372455.jpeg (350.97 KB, 750x494, 2F5CEB70-5106-419A-B76D-74A68A…)

No. 1878586

I don’t think it hits the same to brag about being in first class on a flight when every other day you’re begging for the rent you can only pay when prostituting yourself

No. 1878587

File: 1691591720987.jpeg (931.2 KB, 1290x5354, 97E2FDE5-24CF-4802-8FD5-9572CA…)

No. 1878588

File: 1691591830582.jpeg (984.86 KB, 1290x5332, 87242C60-B7B7-479F-B8A1-2C9982…)

No. 1878589

File: 1691591858621.jpeg (791.86 KB, 1290x5351, B870E30A-72CE-4B8B-B8BB-CB22B3…)

No. 1878591

File: 1691592088088.jpeg (619.2 KB, 1290x1329, 1A1170F5-2C32-411B-B364-607158…)

$100 for airport drinks, just what the fat alcoholic needs!

No. 1878593

File: 1691592391474.jpeg (108.22 KB, 1290x580, 0D254F41-93BE-4FA1-95D9-095F22…)

No. 1878594

Woof, that is some middle-aged looking decolletage. It looks like she grew a new layer of fat on her chest. Like, the fat didn't even deposit into her individual tits, it's just layering up underneath them bit by bit, giving her this weird titty bib of fat. You can't even see her collarbone anymore, it's encased in lard. Then add in all the moles, the faded scars of pimples, her mottled alcoholic complexion and the contrast of it with her foundation.

No. 1878595

The fucking amount of pet hair all over that hat…

No. 1878596

Is it me or does that one breast have some light bruising or something? I thought it was a shadow but it's in picture in the same spot.

No. 1878598

It also has like..pimples? A rash? Some kind if red texture if bumps

No. 1878602

The "podiatrist website headshot" vibe of the dude's pfp juxtaposed with the context of the tweets is killing me

No. 1878603

There is no better fatspo/reminder to work out and eat well on this website than Shaynus. Close second and third are Tuna and Jilly tho. In all the free time she has to complain and get high and lay around being a waste of space, Shayna could have gotten skinny again like twenty times over. She boggles my mind because she has 0 shred of willpower or self discipline.

No. 1878604

File: 1691594106273.jpeg (587.91 KB, 1170x1132, IMG_4466.jpeg)

No. 1878610

That's not first class, I can tell from the ceiling it's a Boeing 737 800/900 and she's in business class at best. The first class seats on those planes have big rectangular leather seat backs, not that skimpy hard little round back behind her head. Not surprised she'd lie about that/be too broke to know the difference between first class and economy.

No. 1878616

She’s on a huge high right now. Compare her usual mood to this one which only lasts one week out of the year. She’s ecstatic rn because now she can larp as a baby bimbo sex worker who is super successful compared to drinking all day at home in Seattle and churning out weird videos that nobody buys. Maybe she should take this as a sign that she should try to change her life to be more like this normally?

No. 1878619

>sometimes you gotta do them dirty to teach them a lesson.
I hope you lose your job you asshole.

No. 1878623

god she is so aggressively ugly. why do her frizzy braids get so tiny at the bottom? it looks so stupid and bad. I would kms if I had her genes, surgery can't fix her

No. 1878625

Nta, congrats on outing yourself as an annoying client/person. You can never help it kek

No. 1878627

i was thinking the same, it doesnt look like first class at all. looks like shes crammed in economy

No. 1878636

Ugh the hat is dirty gross but she doesn't look that bad in a hat tbh. Almost like it could be someone else…someone who wasn't y'know, shayna clifford

No. 1878642

hold up, did she show up to the date in those sweats, the hair hat, with the turd braids??

No. 1878650

She seriously has the nerve to call herself a “perfectionist bimbo” one day and then the very next day go out in that filthy hat. Yeah that hat really screams “slutty materialistic bimbo,” good thing it made the cut.

No. 1878651

Wonder if Shane Pierre Sonnier is going to be there kek?

No. 1878668

File: 1691601502054.jpeg (292.86 KB, 750x926, IMG_3830.jpeg)

I wish these two could make it kek, maybe they could even star in the gangbang video Shayna always talks about?!

No. 1878678

File: 1691603375688.gif (480.46 KB, 245x170, F0D92872-D932-443C-995C-8DBD8E…)

What if Shame Velma and his tiny wife who crafts kinky paddles with her small hands and the other polycule yards straight up jump shayna?! Imagine he gets his white trash Pibble that he makes tiny shirts for to sic on her that’d be insane, the Pibble would be chewing on her hard stiff titties like in this gif, I think if Velma stabbed her with her beaver teeth shayna would melt into a pile of goo

No. 1878680

This is brilliant please someone do this

No. 1878682

Can't wait for all the obese candids from fat con. Hopefully the black chick shayna hangs out with comes back to post more

No. 1878683

This looks better than the last set, at least. The pink part is still way too long, but it's more obviously a french… did she seriously think the previous ones looked better? Omg she's so stupid and tasteless

No. 1878685


No. 1878688

File: 1691605202229.jpeg (680.42 KB, 1290x1861, 0B41BCFD-9F28-4549-8B4C-B32D0D…)

No. 1878695

Her nails look worse next to her peanut butter skin tone ew kek.

No. 1878700

Looks like she already has aging spots on her chest from sharing her lumpy moobs and growing gut for years. She does not use moisturizer or sunscreen. She looks awful.
Kek me too. Her coomers are so weird

No. 1878704

Almost looks like a 40 year old who smoothed out her face to look younger but forgot the most important part: her neck and chest. Woof
The tiny braids towards the ends are so ugly kek. Like stop braiding there is no more hair. One of the reasons we call them turd braids because they look so poopy on her

No. 1878707

There's no way that's first class. There's passengers right up on her ass, and with how Shayna is, she would've been obsessively posting pics of it saying how she's living her 'luxury bimbo lifestyle". With flights from Washington to Florida being high right now I doubt she's scoring a first class seat for 300 dollars.

No. 1878710

Did she ever even take her back to the vet after stopping the antibiotics that the dog needed?? Thats fucked up to leave your sick pet like that and not have even set up a treatment plan. Pretty sure the poor thing got a uti from Shayna ditching it and being too cheap and uncaring to board it or find someone she could stay with. So she leaves it with the cats in her apartment and probs just had Ellen come over once a day to "check" on them. Id be surprised if Ellen or anyone would go twice a day and thats just not enough so the dog is holding its bladder which is so fucked up.

No. 1878715

Why wouldnt you bag your liquids. What a retard. Assuming this actually happened.

No. 1878724

She said her flight was at 9 pm and she landed at 6 am which means she had connecting flights because that's like 9 hours and the flight time is 5 hours.

No. 1878733

File: 1691610852830.jpg (38.19 KB, 516x620, Simple-and-Glam-French-Tip-Cof…)

i just realized why her nails looks so weird to me. not only are they absolutely destroying her proximal nail fold, but the french tip is so poorly designed. it's supposed to start from the tip of her finger on both sides but instead they just cap off the nail, making them look like long hot dogs. pic related of a good french tip

No. 1878736

Literal truckstop hooker vibes

No. 1878737

File: 1691611196227.jpeg (346.92 KB, 1290x1059, EA54C4FE-6A65-44EE-BC89-14FC26…)

she said it’s a nonstop flight

No. 1878739

File: 1691611287578.jpeg (1013.86 KB, 1290x2124, 40D51832-3FBE-4DD3-A060-3E6566…)

No. 1878746

Shit I forgot the timezone change. But still, cross-country flights bought last minute that are nonstop will be like $600 minimum. $300 for a round trip across the United States nonstop is not typical. She’s definitely on some budget airline and then flying at night must also make it cheaper as well.

No. 1878755

I got u nonita, thread in Shay

No. 1878762

Guess who's been lurking!
Why don't these retards ever tell the tech they hate how the set looks?? Also, as read above from nail-chan, they're doing that to you on purpose.

No. 1878764

Be prepared to see the same
>looking over shoulder ans arching back to create a ass
>this ugly pose sucking in with her body leaned away from the camera
And obligatory
>nonas…idk it looks like shayna lost weight!

No. 1878766

File: 1691613821908.png (124.75 KB, 286x358, trotter.png)

She is so porcine

No. 1878776

I ride in 1st class a lot bc I have a big ol’ husband and it’s not that hard to do if you are smart about booking, especially for a night flight. However 1st class has big wide seats and she looks crammed in there and I don’t believe her(no1curr)

No. 1878777

No one cares about your husband, if you read the thread you’ll see not that far up that she booked her flight here for $272 just days before her flight >>1877804

No. 1878779

did she only book a flight there and not back? i was curious and looking at flight prices from sea-tpa and just one way is about the amount she begged for

No. 1878787

It did cross my mind but I really don't want to be near these freaks. Maybe I'll see her in a bar hunched over looking like a sweaty pig. Will be sure to get pics if I do.

No. 1878791

I did see that and that wasn’t the first time she talked about purchasing the ticket. It’s a reimbursement

No. 1878794

het sandals actually make me want to vom… they look so musty, why would she wear that in public?!?

No. 1878798

Holy shit take your meds kek

No. 1878822

Nice nicotine vape. Her poor healing tits

No. 1878836

File: 1691622450897.jpg (Spoiler Image, 538.35 KB, 1922x2048, 20230810_000522.jpg)

Her poor sad ass. If those thighs keep getting chunkier it's gonna consume the whole thing

No. 1878857

It’s so blurry I thought my glasses were dirty.

No. 1878870


No. 1878876

this is really unfortunate for someone under 30

No. 1878887

That doesn’t look like a first class seat, business class at best.

No. 1878896

File: 1691628018830.jpeg (899.54 KB, 1170x1632, IMG_4472.jpeg)

No. 1878900

when she asked for reimbursement last month, I think she only asked for this one. anyone correct me if I am wrong but if she booked a round trip she didn’t mention. which is kind of odd since she did mention that she bought the insurance and the upgrade for this flight.

she is either lying or thinks she is in first class because she supposedly paid an extra 100 dollars for that seat.

No. 1878908

Its the misadventures of dumpy and frumpy. And on the first day, god said: "let the milk flow".

Kek, in all seriousness though, get your popcorn nonnies. This is about to get milky.

No. 1878912

Kiki has kinda porked up, hasn't she? I feel like she didn't look as doughy last time we saw her. No wonder Shat is still hanging out with her, kek.

No. 1878913

….shes fucking driving

No. 1878917

I originally replied to you saying it looked like the backseat of a car, however I looked at the picture again and holy shit, you may be right nonna. I didn't know Shayna could even drive.

No. 1878921

didn’t she say a few threads ago she was renewing her license or something? I wonder how long it’s been since she last drove. Driving again for the first time in a long time in an unfamiliar city sounds like a great idea

No. 1878923

She used to drive when she was in high school. And just a bit ago she mentioned renewing her license or something about license/vehicles. Im not the nonny to spoon feed people though. Also i could be delusional and misremembering.

No. 1878925

she drove in Fuplahoma and has had a bunch of traffic violations, her license suspended, and even a bench warrant at some point >>>/snow/881238

No. 1878926

No she did make a tweet about the dmv but my dumbass never put two and two together. I hope she gets busted for pot down here and pulled over for being high/drunk.

No. 1878927

File: 1691632559190.jpeg (379.87 KB, 1148x1789, IMG_4474.jpeg)

No. 1878930

Dear god. Fugcon really does attract the most hideous degenerates, these two probably won’t even be the worst specimens of display. I genuinely wonder if they’d be doing this putrid shit if they were attractive

No. 1878931

omg, please nona who said you're vacationing there, stay off the roads!

No. 1878932

Somewhere in the threads from last year there was some pretty ugly fat degenerates on scooters and shit

No. 1878953

Kiki is average/regular ugly but Shayna is a special kind of ugly. She always looks tired and stinky and like she just caught a whiff of herself and thinks it’s funny

No. 1878955

I was actually just thinking about that, I was going to add that they were funny at least. There’s nothing funny about fug and fuglier here, they’re just inbred looking retards who are so mentally impaired and lazy that being impoverished while doing “sex work” is preferable to working at Burger King and actually being able to pay rent

No. 1878957

Nah kiki looks crusty and smelly too, all these whores look like they stink of literal shit, spicy BO, hot dog water and mildew

No. 1878967

Did she finally give up on the stretched ears? Haven't seen her gross plugs in a while

No. 1878972

>>1878588 these look like a mcdonald's worker's selfies but she's still lower than all fast food workers and janitors combined

No. 1878979

there's nothing low about being a fast food worker or a janitor. Both are better occupations than whore.

No. 1879001

File: 1691639456210.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1290x6838, 0CA96D8B-C86C-4192-928F-EF948A…)

No. 1879007

shayna diapered a grown ass man. at least janitors deal with shit and piss unwillingly.

No. 1879015

File: 1691641978988.jpeg (173.31 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_3834.jpeg)

Can’t believe no one pointed out the terrible blurring on her stomach. She was probably drunk when she edited this but it’s still embarrassing kek.

No. 1879027

File: 1691645135373.jpeg (296.09 KB, 494x1153, 749C3ECE-DA7B-4466-BE67-8C53E8…)

Also is it just me or does it look like she tried to edit her hip rounder while thinning out her calf? This looks like a botched BBL to me, especially compared to the other leg.

No. 1879028

>>1878979 basically any career that's looked down upon is better than being a prostitute and a failed one at that

No. 1879034

I'm going to get hate for this but she actually looks ok with her curly hair and her violet colored bikini. Pastel colors and straight hair look ugly on her.

No. 1879035

There is no way Shaymu could afford a BBL

No. 1879037

If she wasn't doing her DreamWorks smirk she would look like a normal plain woman here. She can look human outside of her Pekinese hairstyles and pinchy Shein shit.

No. 1879040

Of course she couldn’t. It’s just shitty editing.

No. 1879097

Damn Shay, use sunscreen on your décolletage. Face is not the only area that ages.

No. 1879100

Agreed, this shade of purple suits her.

No. 1879111

>implying she uses sunscreen at all
the skin on her face also looks sun damaged. shes the type of person to never use sunscreen on a daily consistent basis. maybe she would if she was going to the beach or pool, but she for sure doesn't use it as often as she should be. i doubt shay even has a skincare routine, if she does its probably trash products she got from amazon or something.

No. 1879119

The bar is melting in the heat of hell but I actually agree that she looks much better in a darker, more flattering colour and with her natural hair. If I didn't know this was Shay I would think that it was an ordinary women in her 30s relaxing by a pool which for her is an improvement from looking like a haggard 45 year old alcoholic.

No. 1879140

refund gap shaping up already, I see

No. 1879188


I understand what you're saying but it's still an insult to average 30 something women. Most of them, even the chubby ones at least have a skin and haircare routine. Shayna looks like a crack whore someone cleaned up for a YouTube video, instead of the dirty crackwhore who just got done fucking a John look she's usually got going on.

No. 1879190

The massive orange stain on her underarms is making me feel nauseated. She must stink so badly!

No. 1879195

YUCK i didnt even see that. God she's rancid.

No. 1879234

This didn’t happen kek but even so, it’s amazing how bad at her “job” she is. At least carry a handful in your carry-on/purse you fat slug

No. 1879256

I will never get over her bizarre leg fat distribution. Chicken drummers asf

No. 1879272

Sage for autism but her skin tone seems way too dark in most of the pictures she posts. She lives in Seattle, for fucks sake. And never an uneven tan like darker arms. Am I tripping or is it just not realistic considering her lifestyle?

No. 1879277

File: 1691691152533.jpeg (490.87 KB, 750x1126, 533729AC-AC4A-4A5D-B6B9-C16D17…)

she's so ugly. the eyelash lifting up in the corner

No. 1879278

Its still filtered and blurred af. And to me, its giving hobo but her in something not pink or white is always better.

No. 1879306

>>1878896 why is there orange under Shayna's armpit, Fake Tan or Pig Sludge? Or What she look's like a cave man transitioning

No. 1879311

ive been wondering the same thing, does she go to tanning booths or tan at home on her balcony or something? she looks so sun damaged. she used to be pale af in oklahoma.

No. 1879322

File: 1691695593982.jpeg (490.02 KB, 981x942, 0654992F-81E7-4223-B9BC-D76BAA…)

He can probably smell her all the way from behind

No. 1879324

christ she's probably lucky they can't

No. 1879325

Omg someone tell this bitch to let this costume go already. How many videos is she going to make in it? It’s so ugly and tacky too. She looks like she going to burst out of it

No. 1879326

She looks so old…. A pedo panderers worse fear

No. 1879331

speculation here but i'm starting to think she spray tans…
this might explain the orange stains

No. 1879335

File: 1691696598060.jpeg (454.8 KB, 750x1005, 1572EAE5-91AA-46B2-AB6B-60A518…)


No. 1879340

Is…that a Troon? Is this going to be the "fresh from fatcon" new relationship. Also she claimed she was buying new clothes besides bikinis she's been wearing the same shit

No. 1879342

That’s a woman on the left??? Looks even worse than Ellen

No. 1879345

Inb4 a bunch of anons start a "troon vs not a troon" derail, I also was curious and it does appear to be a woman on its Twitter, albeit an extremely unfortunate looking one. She's just another big forehead 300 LB female gastropod like shaynus

No. 1879347

Yep just looked not a Troon, just an bisexual/lesbian coomer with a gf. That must be why shayna actually kissed her. This women is actually attracted to women, if this is the fetcon poly romance then Ellen better pray to shaytaan. I could see shayna becoming the third in the relationship and causing trouble. Or they are just working togeather.
It was the hairline and hair quality that made me think it was a Troon.

No. 1879349

Also shayna has a type. She been around nothing but Ellen's and chubby/average girls she thinks she's on the same level as. Look at who thin Shayna worked with. Vs. Who chubby shayna is around. She makes sure she takes pictures with these types.

No. 1879357

The stains on her shirt jfc. Should say “soiled” instead

Even her armpits have skidmarks

No. 1879366

Tampa anon here, I live 15 minutes away from fetcon and I so badly want to see this cow in the wild. Fingers crossed she goes out in downtown St. Pete and lets the milk flow.

No. 1879368

i feel like she would be definitely be using it as a reimbursement opportunity if she was tanning… it could just be filters and lighting?

No. 1879371

Just go to the con, it's a guaranteed absolute freak-fest and you'll probably have a Shayna sighting.

No. 1879374

File: 1691701827185.png (578.04 KB, 738x850, Screenshot 2023-08-10 171142.p…)

From earlier with Kiki

No. 1879377

I don’t think she has a type, she just can’t date out of her league. We never saw her with anyone even somewhat conventionally beautiful/handsome.

No. 1879383

Because she has zero standards and will allow absolutely anyone to come to her house and do nasty things to her in exchange for cheap pink plastic shit or just a shred of attention. Of course that attracts ugly desperate coomers who also have no standards.

No. 1879388

Sister? She looks like this girl’s mom. It’s crazy how even the most bottom barrel OF hookers she works with still manage to look cuter and fresher than Shay

No. 1879393

There's something sad about this. It's like they're still teenage girls who are playing and doing dumb things. But most people their age moved on and are more serious you know?

No. 1879423

These retarded dog faces crack me up, it's not sexy or goofy, it just looks retarded and very unnatural

No. 1879430

Are you confused nonna? This is pedo pandering fetish porn.

No. 1879434

Don't tickets cost over $100? Hell, even if they don't it's still a bad deal. Forking over money to risk losing all five senses due to the sheer unwashed horrors know as fetcon.

That's how they market themselves to coomers. honestly there's a shit ton of aimless 20 somethings floating about, especially during this recession and housing crisis (in the US). The sad thing is how haggard they both look and how much of their dignity, youth, energy and money they're wasting just to "make it". A part time job at target while running a semi "successful" lewd onlyfans will probably afford you more luxury than what Shayna can currently achieve, even though she literally sells ass now.

No. 1879435

She's obviously too retarded for color theory

No. 1879445

File: 1691708808224.jpeg (544.59 KB, 750x1105, IMG_3836.jpeg)

Well you don’t even have to pay, just volunteer for a bit and you get a free pass.

No. 1879446

I looked into buying tickets for the pool party she went to last year. Unfortunately it's sold out tonight and tomorrow.

No. 1879453

File: 1691709693637.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 72.33 KB, 653x387, IMG_4484.jpeg)

No. 1879455

File: 1691709750269.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 87.89 KB, 565x421, IMG_4485.jpeg)

Love the target bag in the background

No. 1879456

File: 1691709788593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 60.21 KB, 489x399, IMG_4487.jpeg)

No. 1879458

File: 1691709878692.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.8 KB, 701x435, IMG_4486.jpeg)

No. 1879460

File: 1691709935392.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 440.69 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4488.jpeg)

No. 1879462

Everything about this looks unattractive and uncomfortable…who tf is even cooming to this?

No. 1879466

mother fucker hogtied our hog

No. 1879469

Kek imagine being an employee at this venue. I bet the staff talks sooooo much shit. Bet they all go drinking afterward to swap horror/comedy tales.

No. 1879475

Jesus, I thought that was Ellen.

No. 1879483

This is after the surgery because why?
Yeah this is Ellen 2.0's girlfriend. Shayna is going to cling to these girls like crazy, fatter girls who are openly degenerate so she can flaunt their relationship.

No. 1879493


Bleak. Do you think she is starting to regret her life choices just a little?

No. 1879495

File: 1691714610024.jpeg (342.84 KB, 1080x2102, IMG_5895.jpeg)

Nice right wing shirt on that jackass you’re working with/letting touch you, Shayna Luther King

No. 1879504


Nice job squashing your new poorly healing tits, Shay. They're already so fucked up and they're only going to get worse.

No. 1879505

>Yay im so hpy to take pics facing frntwrd again!!1!11
>Takes photos from the side/in 3/4 profile

No. 1879507

File: 1691716183566.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1205x2130, 08C90D06-F05C-42E3-AEB4-E7EDCF…)

Her face texture is so revolting

No. 1879508

File: 1691716231297.jpeg (395.34 KB, 2048x1536, A41D4969-71CF-4850-9C22-B78F3C…)

She has that weak obese lady chin. So ugly

No. 1879510

More like Soy boy. Obese and rejected by normal women in the outside world. Only way he can be around women is to be in the degenerate bdsm community so he can fondle obese chicks with lopsided tits. “Hashtag empowering”

No. 1879519

kek, two women trying as hard as they can to touch the fewest possible square millimeters of the other's lips

No. 1879520

It's almost like she read this thread and needed to post proof that she bathes.

No. 1879537

her facial expressions are revolting. I honestly don't understand why she's shoving her face online.

No. 1879540

Damn, look at that tooth erosion. Alcoholism, vommiting from hangovers/her "illness", and just generally not brushing unless she is going out (which is rarely) or seeing a john in person (also not often enough). This bitch has negative hygiene. I can smell her through this picture.

No. 1879547

Lmao right it’s giving ultra straight girls kissing at a college party in 2013 to get moid attention. Tell us you’re not actually attracted to women without telling us.

No. 1879554

File: 1691722315618.jpg (313.01 KB, 2160x1206, 20230810_194435.jpg)

They're all at FatCon so I wonder why Shaytard and Kikicali aren't taking photos with the Sophia girl or tagging her anymore.

No. 1879558

Haze? Has she been watching rush tiktoks or something? She's so delusional

No. 1879567

i was wondering the same too i was positive about Sophia being our undercover farmer

No. 1879576

Yeah I know? I was just saying their vibe is off putting lol

No. 1879581

My personal tinfoil is that Shaynus thinks/knows she is too and that’s why she’s not acting like they’re besties or filming degeneracy together

No. 1879582

Also funny how one of the only coomers whose tweets Shayna Luther King retweets, likes and replies to is gigaMAGAtard Mike Slack the veteran trucker pedophile from Missouri who raped his own daughter, buys her sex toys abf subscribes to her porn. I guess literal beggars can’t be choosers

No. 1879748

File: 1691769424389.png (139.54 KB, 275x269, IMG_2184.png)

thank fuck someone fixed this thread(not milk)

No. 1879750

Is this alogging? This is one of the weirdest things I’ve read on this thread

No. 1879751

File: 1691770333383.jpeg (243.57 KB, 750x780, IMG_3837.jpeg)

No. 1879752

Nah, it’s just schizophrenia.

No. 1879754

She might have called it off because Shayna is unreliable and a scammer. I remember Kiki and Shayna removing her from the collab add around the same time Shayna was screeching on Twitter about other female sexworkers and collabs.

No. 1879767

Kek they probably spent all that time getting high and bitching about all the other "mean girl" sex workers.

I notice irl she only seems to hang out with sex workers that are either fatter and uglier than her (rare) or minorities (because she thinks she's better looking by virtue of being white).(racebaiting)

No. 1879771

File: 1691772568550.jpeg (415.81 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4502.jpeg)

Back to the ghost white foundation

No. 1879772

File: 1691772619181.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 439.7 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4503.jpeg)

No. 1879774

at least she put deodorant on

No. 1879779

Is that ugly getup supposed to be a swimsuit or lingerie? Its failing at both and looks embarrassingly retarded. The frilly mesh arm things and the skirt are dollar store Halloween costume for kids (probably intentional) bad and the front looks really weird and clashing.

No. 1879784

That girl looks like this is the 11th attempt at a sexy picture and she’s bored

No. 1879785

I'm so fucking sick of this ugly face, just smile! Your teeth are uneven and yellow, but this doesn't help. It looks stupid

No. 1879788

I think facially the older woman/kiki are better looking then Shayna. She comes off try hard in the pictures, making goofy ass faces because she's insecure. I'd rather she do the troon smirk then almost biting off her ridged white tongue with her yellow chompers

No. 1879808

That angle doesn't even look like she HAS an armpit to put deodorant on

No. 1879809

Nta but they probably have better personalities as well. And we know that they’re much smarter than Shaynus—I think I saw on Kiki’s Twitter that she owns a house and Sarah gets her coomers to buy her Honey Birdette sets and has a house with her husband.
Not to whiteknight these women because I definitely would not be friends with them, but Shayna is deluded if she thinks they’re in the same league as Ellen and she’s the hottest among them.

No. 1879828

Jesus Christ the amount of foundation she's put to try cover her dark circles.

No. 1879829

File: 1691780161421.jpg (134.53 KB, 1024x734, 20230811_195716.jpg)

The faces get worse..

No. 1879830

Can confirm this does happen

No. 1879832

Why call off the collab if they're all 3 there anyway? And Sophia is suspiciously absent from all their pics/tags but they still follow each other and tagged each other on August 3rd saying they were all going

No. 1879845

Bold of her to be in public with her gut out, bows, surgery wounds and two retarded looking ponytails and those goofy big ass pasties.

No. 1879851

Pasties over your healing reattached nipple and scarring seems like a particularly bad idea but ok

No. 1879853

They look like they smell so bad and only live off of white claw and hot Cheetos during the whole con.

No. 1879865

Do these gross bitches live in Shein what is this

No. 1879866

Imagine being such a brain dead whore that you botch your own boob job.

No. 1879912

File: 1691789575425.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 589.45 KB, 1536x2048, C87300E8-AB84-470E-B974-298BEC…)

They’re both so haggard looking wtf. I wish Kiki would make a face that didn’t make her look like shrek but that might be out of her skill range

No. 1879913

File: 1691789704409.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 87.59 KB, 467x442, 69736FD6-499F-42B8-B569-5EAC12…)

Quit drinking shay, it’s wrecking your face

No. 1879915

Shayna if youre reading this for the love of god, dont spend any excess money for a few months and save up so you can get chemical peels and facials to fix whatever is wrong with your skin. Invest in skin care and a teeth whitening/cleaning at the dentist. While youre at it, get some botox and fix the crows feet. Maybe even some microblading for the eyebrows. Shayna really is hideous, I cant believe she is only in her 20s.

No. 1879919

File: 1691790101584.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.93 KB, 634x629, IMG_6015.jpeg)

Bit of a throwback to a whole separate cow but tell me this isn’t the spit of Tomm Watt (who was convicted as a pedo)

No. 1879921

This is such a scary Shayna picture. Microblading, lip filler, veneers, regular facials and sunscreen. botox for the wrinkles, good clarifying shampoo for her greasy scalp, gym/exercise and a healthy diet.

No. 1879925

Thank you for repeating the same advice she’s gotten for years that she absolutely will not listen to.

No. 1879926

Its crazy what angles and edits does for shayna face and body and her boobs still look lopsided and aren't as big as I thought. They look lumpy.

No. 1879928

Holy shit, she has Shrek nose! I can't unsee it now

No. 1879929

i was wondering what the bondage gear in the back could possible be for knowing it wouldn't fit a thin adult let alone shay. then my eyes panned to their plushes. ew. is this a bdsm themed "build a bear" booth with cheap stuffed animals at fetcon?

No. 1879931

File: 1691791246538.png (479.02 KB, 482x405, Shrek.png)

Samefag but OMG

No. 1879934

Kiki is still much better looking than Shayna.

No. 1879936

anon…are you there? be our girl on the inside please i beg

No. 1879945

Not just any unfamiliar city, but St Pete and pinellas county in general. Jesus Christ. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a car crash saga

No. 1879949

The wrinkles in her forehead looks like E.t

No. 1879950

Fellow Tampa anon but I don’t venture ancross the bridge, I hope you can go to the con and get some wild shaynus pics.

No. 1879969

Why are they making themselves look sad in this picture? It makes no sense. The socks and sandals combo looks so retarded

No. 1879972

She already has small eyes, these retarded faces only accentuate it.

No. 1879974

File: 1691795570474.jpg (324.33 KB, 1000x667, sham.jpg)

Shayna in every picture ever.

No. 1879996

this is their pouting face to beg for stuffed animals

No. 1879997

ANON Do not talk shit about my darling baby clams like that!!!!

No. 1880037

I mean much is a bit of a stretch. She looks like Trashy Paytas

No. 1880073

File: 1691808109253.jpeg (493.32 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_4509.jpeg)

No. 1880077

A strap-on on a stuffed animal.
Honestly, ending up as a Dateline episode would be too good for these worthless cunts.

No. 1880103

I thought someone had posted her brother and was surprised it hadn’t been deleted before I read your post fully.

No. 1880109

And the fucking pacifier. I want to a-log this fugly shrek looking degenerate piece of shit so hard right now

No. 1880127

File: 1691815536939.jpeg (284.83 KB, 1290x1000, 84D91AF1-2E4C-491A-9035-F0789D…)

everything about these two is fucking vile

No. 1880150

Hideous fits. Not even cohesive fetishy type of stuff. The top and skirt look stupid together, the knee socks with the cheapest looking chunky sandals… what the fuck. But yeah she cares about pinks not matching and has an "eye for fashion" totally

No. 1880237

>>1879912 hot DAMN this is grim. They look like caricatures in a John Waters flick. How is EVERY element off-putting? Fried hair, cheap ill fitting lycra strapped over fat flesh like ham trussing. The pairing of beady little eyes and bulbous noses. WHY the moratorium on blush? Ugh

No. 1880265

I just wonder is this begging supposed to be appealing to scrotes? Reading it in that way just seems very irritating.

No. 1880276

Trisha paytas also looks better than Shayna. Kiki is ugly as shit and I'd bet my last dollar she smells like old period blood, Cheetos and feet, but Shayna is just a horrific sight to behold without filter abuse.

No. 1880279

manufacturing fetish wear made to fit suspiciously baby-sized plush toys should put you on a list alone. posing with it and considering buying it like these two heifers should too. i hate these degenerates plaguing society

No. 1880296

That’s horrific

No. 1880323

Shay does the complete opposite of all the advice she's ever been given. "Shayna, don't get veneers, you definitely don't need them." Maybe she'll listen now lol.

No. 1880400

File: 1691868797910.jpeg (84.1 KB, 898x981, AE868183-6E8A-4423-814C-693708…)

She really shouldn't. She'll just look like a female boogie2988

No. 1880455

File: 1691879857339.jpeg (296.1 KB, 828x803, IMG_7982.jpeg)

can a webm nonna upload this???? disgusting video of her and and old ass man. she rubs her crotch on his face and then shakes her stinky ass in it…. the things she will do with old men disgust me….

No. 1880458

LMAO! I was just using that as an example, but ya know what I meant.

No. 1880465

File: 1691880877120.webm (11.49 MB, 720x1280, x0a-vKcbNqkXUDHt.webm)

Shayna does not carry herself like a grown womam who cares about how she looks/smells (probably). She has no issue looking a sloppy mess, so it leads me to believe that she has BO and her breath is probably always stank. I know that she works with people, but I feel that may be the only time she truly clean. She's the type who always smells like musty/dirty clothes and weed smoke.

No. 1880466

Like you can tell she woke up and didn't even redo her hair

No. 1880468

jesus christ this uncomfortable, made my skin crawl

No. 1880471

This is really gross but she did seem to know what she was doing and that guy in the back seemed to approve so maybe it could attract customers. It is weird that she rubbed her fupa on him. Idk.

No. 1880477

that guy comes off more as mildly amused and about to laugh to me but maybe i'm not good at reading people?

No. 1880478

File: 1691882604469.gif (3.84 MB, 600x1067, ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2).gif)

The faces she makes kek, shayna is truly ugly. Like nothing about her is attractive or cute.
She's so try hard. She looks like a 40 year old woman dressed like a teenager 2 times smaller. Look at this goofy shit

No. 1880479

File: 1691882645128.gif (8.93 MB, 600x1067, ezgif.com-video-to-gif (3).gif)

No. 1880481

File: 1691882748906.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.54 MB, 600x1067, ezgif.com-video-to-gif (5).gif)

To me seems like the scrote was looking at the guy more kek. He was like "butt butt butt " when shayna put her ass back in his face

No. 1880483

Yeah I guess by “approve” I meant he doesn’t seem disgusted or bothered. I don’t think he wants a turn of anything lol. Man I am sure these people see a lot of nasty shit there.

No. 1880485

File: 1691882821261.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.49 MB, 600x1067, ezgif.com-video-to-gif (4).gif)

Last one sorry nonas, just want to post for those whole don't want to wait 15 mintues for the video to load.

No. 1880486

it looks like she has a dick in this video.

No. 1880524

i want this to be part of the next thread pic so bad

No. 1880538

She looks huge in this. No matter what editing she does to her photos, videos always give it away

No. 1880540

The girl in the back is wearing a dumb schoolgirl outfit but it makes such a big difference to have her hair down in a normal style. Shay always looks like a drag comedy version of a schoolgirl.

No. 1880544

She’s a bigger man than him. This is absurd lol

No. 1880575

Kek she looks like she’s shaking him down for his lunch money. Love how she couldn’t get anyone to film this for her

No. 1880593

Giantess. And, for the love of God, put your fucking tongue away!!

No. 1880597

The thought of what the old moid must be able to smell makes me want to vomit. Imagine paying entry into a con so you sniff the ass of an overweight and unattractive woman, pathetic doesn't even begin to cover it.

No. 1880600

lmao so true. everything about this video is disgusting

No. 1880652

boogie and shayna polycule crossover when??? please it would be full fat milk, literally

No. 1880654

File: 1691900627014.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 578.62 KB, 750x1127, B3F08DC0-4077-4C6E-A25C-2AF460…)

holy shit i can't save the video but shayna is so trashy, wasted and ugly

No. 1880656

File: 1691900759111.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.67 KB, 750x1025, 04AECA11-68E7-40DF-B4A9-F23A34…)

No. 1880663

This is all I could see

No. 1880664

Her legs don’t look enormous

No. 1880665

Wow guys I just went to go see some of the new videos and she’s blocked me lmao oh no(no1currs)

No. 1880669

File: 1691903923277.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1290x2255, 1255377D-96DC-4C49-8B3A-62249D…)

Fucking kek they’re both so ugly and barefoot in public is disgusting. People in the background are wearing sandals so it’s just them

No. 1880671

Not the apron belly slapping around up and down!!

No. 1880684

File: 1691906813302.jpeg (47.66 KB, 220x450, AF64E588-3020-4728-AE63-F747DA…)

She built like a tia

No. 1880685

Did anyone else cringe at the guy in the back because he was definitely was trying to be acknowledged by them and possibly invited into it? Moids are the biggest attention whores.

No. 1880686

Nah he comes off like a guy trying to weasel his way into that exchange or be acknowledged by them. It looks like he has a whip in his back pocket btw, so a confirmed degenerate. Definitely an attention whore scrote. I know he doesn’t look as hideous as them but you can assume he’s porn addict since he’s at Fetishcon and carrying a whip.

No. 1880711


I mean, she was giving attention to his business, so he couldn't really turn her down easily lol

No. 1880747

Shayna acts like a frat bro cross dressing. Her facial expressions. How she dresses and moves, she also seems like she has to cling to someone in order to have a "good time". Everything about this let's me know shayna is one of those "always putting on a show" types. Always wants to outloud someone, out silly someone, has bursts of retard "lookatme" energy. No sex appeal or femininity at all.
I will say at least she's acting like an adult woman instead of badly trying to act like a child. She's tall, wide and chubby, seems like she's embracing that or she's too drunk to care how crazy she looks kek. Her breast look better but they don't look nice. Just solid/stiff perky boobs on a flabby body

No. 1880757

File: 1691919946186.webm (6.38 MB, 720x1280, 1.webm)

No. 1880758

File: 1691920045508.webm (3.59 MB, 720x1280, 2.webm)

No. 1880760

File: 1691920298147.jpg (1.29 MB, 1475x2079, Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_ma…)

Seems to be in response to picrel.

No. 1880761

File: 1691920840501.jpg (382.64 KB, 1394x1366, 20230813_110223~2.jpg)


No. 1880766

her fat stomach is so gross. disgusting alcoholic phenotype

No. 1880768

Not the trashy middle finger twice AND the chicken dance "twerk"

No. 1880781

File: 1691926578572.png (201.23 KB, 504x556, bollocks.png)

Those shorts are tragic. Not only are they too small for her, they make it look like she's hiding a dick and ballsack under her gunt.

No. 1880783

5"10 200lbs baby bimbo raids a retirement home and takes a frail old man hostage

No. 1880785

Kek she seems annoyed with shayna and the dumb ass baby voice, wanting to kiss her kek, I can't wait for the fallout.

No. 1880786

damn, she never got properly socialized and it shows. her mimic and gestures are exactly like how european 14 year old boys behave when they drink their first couple of beers. all she did during her teens was make underaged porn, send herself questions on tumblr and hit the bong in solitude.

No. 1880814

I mean, they're right next to a pool so that's probably why. I'd personally still wear those pool shoes since fatcon seems like a breeding ground for strange new STD types but this is a bit of a nitpick, unless they're also inside the con barefoot.

No. 1880816

I love how the other girl is actually trying to whine and twerk like the song says, and shayna's just jumping around like a little retard. Yeah, she'd never be able to just lose some weight and strip if she needed too. Sex worker with absolutely no sex appeal. Hate to see it.

No. 1880828

This guy lives in my city and he's known to be a textbook creep and to hit on/mildly assault customers to the point where he's been blacklisted from some places. It's not only a shock but funny to see him be completely smothered by Shayna's lumps.

No. 1880832

She is so fucking rank and feral and you just know her behaviour pisses off everyone around her.

No. 1880856

You need to elaborate.

No. 1880863

ha ha, that's a great joke, mister pedophile man

No. 1880869

> WERE DRINKING BETTER ALCOHOL DADDY !!! but like … u should pay 4 it (Smiling Face Emoji) (Pink Heart Emoji) $75 pls (Face with Tongue Emoji)
Forgot the caption and only now realised.

No. 1880873

File: 1691938872472.jpeg (394.64 KB, 750x1055, IMG_3854.jpeg)

What happened to her working with planning a gangbang video and wanting to get “fucked”. She’s said that her most profitable videos are the b/g ones so why not make one or two while she’s at this con?

No. 1880883

I caught the chicken dance too! Unbelievable she would do that in public. When she did the middle finger and funny face thing it looked exactly like that high school picture someone posted of her doing the same. That’s definitely her signature I’m such a wild party girl move

No. 1880908

>>1880873 weird as fuck, shouldn't she be exhausted and icing her gash after having a train ran on her, or something? Wtf was the point of getting the EZ pass sti test.

No. 1880932

Moment of silence for all the cleaning staff at this place. They work hard as it is but after a degen meetup of this size, they’re bound to see a lot of things they should never have to kek

No. 1880947

What gets me is if Shayna was a random girl, I'd still think,
>She's having fun but holy shit she looks stupid
I would'nt assume the chicken dancing, middle finger and faces was anything but drunk dancing.
This video too, I'd think, "Two drunken chicks, one making a fake valley girl voice joking."
but no, Shayna dead ass thinks that voice, those dances and those faces are it. She probably thought that kiss is super sexy to her audience.
I feel like her and that girl are going to fall out badly. Shayna is going to think this bonded them for life and become obessive with her. Expecting Ellen 2.0 from her. I seriously doubt a woman her own age, who is actually smaller then her in size/height, is going to treat Shayna like a fucking baby and waste time trying to "Help" Shayna exclusively.
Every clip Shayna is super hype/doing too much and the other girl isn't matching that enegry. I imagine she's the type who is constantly holding your arm/touching/kissing you.
This will either be milk or nothing at all. Knowing Shayna it'd be nothing at all. She'll pretend she loves this girl and then go home and never speak much about her after like a few weeks.

No. 1880967

File: 1691951119287.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 590.07 KB, 750x979, 7FA0C400-F04D-4C04-AF1A-0AD457…)

"big little sister" aka she thinks shayna is fat as hell

No. 1880977

>absolutely feral
Weird phrase for her to use. Maybe she's been lurking in her own thread again.

No. 1880985

i caught that too kek

No. 1881044

Their friendship definitely has an expiry date, I can't wait to hear what Kiki has to say about how Shay is in person

No. 1881045

It's a common phrase on twitter

No. 1881047

File: 1691959789688.jpeg (396.37 KB, 750x978, 7134AE1A-5E0D-4979-8355-879CBF…)


No. 1881060

File: 1691961352840.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.51 KB, 467x497, F2973934-D2B1-4249-997F-BBD912…)

Good lord. Can’t believe she retweeted this

No. 1881070

this is so incredibly unsexy

No. 1881074

If that bikini could say one word it would be "help"

No. 1881096

Basically exposing that none of the shoots she's done involve actual sex and she's dying to get laid kek

No. 1881132

The accordion folds of fat…

No. 1881148

Desperate for sex at a sex convention full of men looking for sex

No. 1881154

File: 1691971514985.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1170x1779, IMG_4548.jpeg)

No. 1881155

has she not updated on her attempt to film a gangbang video? imagine being a literal whore and not being able to find like 3 men willing to have sex with you

No. 1881159

>i just got the caning of my fucking life
KEK sorry but that sounded so funny for some reason, like a mob of geriatric portugal moids ganged up on her

No. 1881160

Can literally see holes in her skin she's just put plasters over like that is gonna help.

Damn it's sad the physical damage she takes to her body for a few dollars. That looks like it's gonna scar

No. 1881163

Kek same nona I just thought of that Sikh convenience store owner beating that robber’s ass and legs with a big stick kek

No. 1881168


No. 1881169

Her life sucks

No. 1881170

Shayna is fat, has an unfortunate face and looks like a 45 year old trailer mom. She’s pretty much the opposite of what moids find sexy, I’m not surprised that even at a sex convention in a country where the average woman weighs 172lbs she can’t get laid, I actually almost feel sorry for her. Imagine your whole life revolving around making men cum but not even being able to arouse them.

No. 1881173

Wonder if they popped a few pimples kek they definitely broke skin

No. 1881175

For someone whose existence revolves around pandering to pedos and roleplaying as a child in porn you’d think she’d at least try and look more loli by keeping her weight below whale tier but Shayna and self control go together like water and oil. She certainly manages to look like a fat baby anyway.

No. 1881180

You give moids too much credit. Many will fuck anyone or anything. Attraction doesn't even matter half the time as long as they getting their dick wet

No. 1881181

I love that your screenshots catch them at awkward angles and faces.
I hope she comes in here like Vivi.

No. 1881184

I am so curious what happened with the Sophia girl. I wonder how big this event is (like, are they definitely crossing paths?).

No. 1881187

Then why does she struggle so hard to get laid, even by disgusting ugly moids? Men don’t have low standards kek porn has rotted mens brains to the point even obese 1/10 scrotes think they deserve a 10/10 supermodel.

No. 1881193

If she just behaved like a normal person and went to a nightclub I am sure she could easily find someone to have sex with. But here she is jumping through hoops and somehow making things harder for herself

No. 1881194

She liked Shayna's video of her promoting that old guy.

No. 1881202

Well Shayna has had men like the Major Work “dildoe” moid try to do scenes with her and yet there’s no collab kek. I don’t think she actually wants to have sex except for the attention. Everything she’s ever said about sex makes me think she doesn’t enjoy it at all and gets zero pleasure from it. She probably sees other degens at the convention doing actual sex shoots with each other and is jealous of how meager her collabs seem in comparison.
Btw is it just me or does it seem like this year isn’t as bad as last year was? I swear there was more fatties and poly weirdos the year before.

No. 1881205

This one does seem tamer, and she seems to be with that one girl every moment

No. 1881230

File: 1691985863964.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 904.51 KB, 1290x1858, F3A5A8DB-01FA-40EC-8C51-9CB9D8…)

No. 1881232

File: 1691986119087.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.55 KB, 908x2016, 20230814_001029.jpg)


No. 1881233

i know she chose this life, but those bruises look very painful. i hope theyre enhanced with makeup or something, for the gross moids that get off to this garbage. i hope theyre not actually that bad

No. 1881240

Fuck man, since she’s never around any other people, I always forget how absolutely fucking massive she is.

No. 1881241

File: 1691989020442.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.14 KB, 200x182, 41586_2001_Article_BFnews01030…)

she looks like a baboon

No. 1881242

Wow, that really looks fleshy. What the fuck are the silver looking shiny orbs in the middle of each bandaged wound? This has to be the worst her ass has ever looked. She really just slapshots around fetish shit like, are moids whi like bimbos also really into their asses looking completely disgusting and scarred? And all this for like, not even rent money. This is the sort of thing I expect prostitutes/porn actresses to be paid well into the thousands for considering how badly injured she looks now. She’s begging for $80 worth of food sitting on a likely permanently scarred ass.

No. 1881243

The garter digging into her assthigh, with the streak of light on her left leg blending into her dirty and bent looking foot had me so confused

And jfk begging for doordash in return of opening those wounds even more? They look like raw hamburger patties that are going bad

No. 1881245

There's something to be said about Shayna's ability to get her ass severely beaten instead of just having sex with someone

No. 1881247

karma is proven real once again

No. 1881249

I thought it was just extra cotton/gauze stuffed under each bandaid but now i’m not sure…

No. 1881254

I think because I’m from mass. I don’t cow tip, I’ve never interacted with her
Comedian fart pose
I don’t know who buys her porn with these giant sores and brusied ass cheeks, it seems like it would be a turn off unless your into that specific niche

No. 1881277

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to need to do something like this to feel relevant. I’m sure that there are some people who are somehow able to enjoy this at some level, but for Shayna she is doing this to feel validated, to prove she’s special and can do more than other girls, so people notice her… right? This is wild to me. Same woman who was saying she just wanted to have sex last night…

No. 1881292

My best guess is that they were probably both drinking when this happened.

No. 1881312

She's not even using it right

No. 1881315

total nitpick but sarah please at least put on a nicer bra than the ol' faithful beige for a photo

No. 1881339

Literally thought the same. She’s going to a degen fetish gathering knowing she’ll likely be in a near constant state of undress and photographed and she’s wearing random mismatched underwear. Lazy.

No. 1881349

File: 1692022990050.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.04 KB, 1585x892, 20230814_001034.jpg)

No. 1881353

File: 1692023823481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 390.97 KB, 2048x1536, 20230814_103647.jpg)

She was tagged and seen with other degenerates throughout the past few days, so she for sure was there. She did retweet their plan to work together before the event… Something definitely happened between all 3 of them.

No. 1881354

More self shot poorly lit garbage taken from hotel room. Isn't this place suppose to be brimming with photogs? All the photos look like they're from a shitty girls holiday in 2009. It's sad that the only talent she can bring to the table is "willing to get the most inconvenient bruising"

No. 1881373

Maybe it's just the angle but it looks like she has lost weight since she was last posted in these threads. Knowing Shayna that could be why they aren't making content together.

No. 1881402

Shayna can't get laid because she doesn't actually like sex. Moids think they deserve 10/10 models as wives, but they'll fuck landwhales, the elderly, and chicken sandwiches while they wait.

No. 1881421

again, not one skinny woman hangs with Shayna or is around Shayna, unless they are older. Insecurity is a bitch. If shayna is around you, wants to take pictures/works with you it means
>She thinks you are chubby/fat
>She thinks she looks better then you and/or you are on her same level
>She thinks you are old (the only in shape woman she's around is Sarah, who is older).
If Shayna was thin, she'd be trying POORLY to fit in with the thin cute girls. I know where she is there's probably not a lot of stylish women, but I can't be convinced everyone is chubby/fat or crusty looking like the people Shayna's shows.

No. 1881432

>the only in shape woman she's around is Sarah, who is older
While I know this to be true, in >>1881349 they look the same age.

No. 1881436

true but you know to shayna, 30+ is old and makes her "baby" by comparision, even though she looks the same age if not older then them, especially in her costumes. Shayna looks goofy walking around with her fully grown out of shape adult body, with high ponytails, bows, dry lips, a face with no color except dark eyebrows and eye wing and too small clothing.
She cannot pull it off, so it comes off like a 40 year old woman jokingly dressing young on a sitcom. Except Shayna legit thinks she looks like a 18 (or younger ew) year old, who instantly looks like a baby next to Sarah, Ellen or the scrotes she dates.

No. 1881440

my first thought was she got caught spitting gum on the sidewalk in Singapore kek

No. 1881442

File: 1692032690574.jpeg (384.45 KB, 750x851, A83ECDE9-140D-4DD5-9529-9C6944…)

possibly unrelated possibly not about why they didn't work with that other girl

No. 1881444

File: 1692032831344.jpeg (578.44 KB, 750x1086, 917D2ADE-46C2-403F-A04C-AB80A6…)

they are both so greasy and gross

No. 1881445

File: 1692033202226.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 713.42 KB, 750x1119, AB78E154-2A88-49EC-AE61-FA542D…)

jesus christ shayna is legit huge

No. 1881449

I don’t think she really wants to fuck, we’ve speculated Shay is asexual before. As far as a gangbang goes? I can’t believe some of you ever took that tweet seriously. Shayna would never want to work that hard.

No. 1881455

Shay looks off her face

No. 1881456

ooooh maybe because in this pic she’s with a friend of Shane and that’s why they might be apart. maybe she’s working with them and Shayna got jealous or something

No. 1881464

doesn't that leave scars on her ass or something wtf

No. 1881465

tbf they all look like they're on high doses of edibles or benzos

No. 1881478

you know what weight wise this is better than she has looked in a while. like i'm sure it's shocking compared to the tumblr days but just looking at her compared to a few threads ago with fresh eyes i'm seeing less in her stomach and arms, biggest in the ass and thighs and boobs where you'd want it. (of course i know the boobs are home grown but from this angle it's all looking proportional).

the volume of the hair style probably suits her too even if i think two toned harley quin pigtails is an ugly look, wearing hair set high and fanning out on the sides of her face, any amount of curl or wave rather than straightened IS definitely working and on the right track.

her weird little underwear outfit is ugly as hell but yea im seeing progress im curious if anyone else does. this might be like a taste thing too like i think she looks chubby here but that's an improvement and some people see my idea of chubby as fat so. or is it because these pictures are that much more flattering than the one she takes of herself and this lingerie piece fits that much better than the insane stuff she wears at home so she just LOOKS fine because her sold pics and angles are that hideous i thought she was bigger than she really is this whole time

No. 1881494

How can you tell that’s a friend of Shane?
I personally think Sophia is a farmer or at least just fundamentally unlike Shayna and Kiki (maybe she has a little bit of self-awareness?). She’s way too quiet on Twitter and clearly doesn’t wanna be associated with them. I also think she was the one who posted that random candid of Shayna last year. I wonder if we’ll ever know who posted it.

No. 1881497

The only reason she looks thinner is because she’s not showing her body like the other two and you can only see one side of her

No. 1881513

nta but to me she does look a little thinner… i'd have to see a side by side comparison to be sure. maybe she's the kind of fatty that cuts back when she's around other people?

No. 1881514

>Less in her stomach
>Biggest in the ass
Nona in this very thread you can see her standing up straight, she has a belly pouch, her belly and front of her legs stick out more then her ass. She's been wearing the same hairstyle since she got there and her hair legit looks look hay or a old weave thats been in a drawer for months. The picture is just flattering. Everytime Shayna poses hiding her stomach, and sticking out her ass someone goes, "I think she lost weight" then we see a video when she's even bigger.
To me she looks horrible, worse then last year. She looks sweaty, pale and like she hasn't showered in days. Like she just rolled out of bed and put on these clothes. I don't get why people claim shayna looks thinner based on clearly posed pictures.

No. 1881590

By little one, she's not talking about a child right? Please tell me this pedo pandering pickme doesn't have a child, and she's just talking about some fellow DD/lg kinkster???

No. 1881593

Shayna and Kiki are most likely not hanging with Sophia because she's more attractive and less desperate than them. Would not be surprised if she was our secret farmer that took the picture last time, and I also would not be surprised to find out she's been posting in these threads on a semi regular basis. She seems like the type to keep a personal cow close by her so she can feel better about herself and her "sex work" career. Shayna probably wouldn't know if she's a snake or not, but she could probably tell Sophia was getting more attention than her last year, and it probably threw her for an extra loop because Shayna is supposed to be the first choice for scrote attention as a straight white woman with bleach blonde hair. Like the others have said, Shayna only hangs out with girls she thinks she's better than to use them as her props (but it never works because she's got so little self awareness she ends up looking the same age as a 30 something in regular clothing while she's doing her diaper baby bullshit).

No. 1881597

Am I the only one who thinks she could be referring to shaynus here? Shay hasn’t tweeted all day, we all know she doesn’t have a good work ethic and burns many bridges, and she tends to have medical emergencies when she travels and/or has to work.

No. 1881606

Shayna also seems clingy/goofy and annoying, maybe that other girl is to but but they hung out she wasn't kissing her on the mouth, posting posting many videos, dressing like her etc. I assume their personality doesn't mesh. Being friends with shayna feels like she expects to be babies, center of attention and constantly around you. She seems to act like people she likes are her best friends of all time simply because they are doing what she likes. When they aren't or are called out by people they are abusive and she'd throwing them under the bus

No. 1881607

File: 1692048980914.jpeg (76.27 KB, 573x615, D2362E38-1327-45C8-83EC-324C50…)

I was gonna say she probably does post in these threads especially with the amount of “Sophia is so much pretttier and got more attention that Shay” posts, admittedly I think she is pretty it surprises me she likes hanging around these degenerates but she is one and probably smells bad or isn’t all there mentally or something. I think she could have done regular girl next door porn without the weird extra creepy pedo she play stuff. A degenerate is a degenerate after all, there are obviously sex workers in the thread they stick out like a sore thumb with their posts about how working in retail for $15/hr is somehow worse than selling a video of yourself shoving a piece of plastic up your coochie for 3.99.

Kiki Cali looks like she has Down syndrome right there

wow Sara looking real powerful in the beige droopy bra

She looks like she’s RETCHING

No. 1881611

File: 1692049188072.jpeg (7.91 KB, 112x149, 07A51708-DDCF-41F4-8F4B-E1BA76…)

Globglogabgalab lookin ass

No. 1881613

My tinfoil is that the prettier black girl who wasn't working with them this weekend had a hard limit for not doing FSSW whereas Kiki Chlamydia and Shaynus are both fully degenerate now and were offering "private meet ups" with anyone willing to pay. Or the diaper shit is a hard limit. Either way, I think it triggered their insecurity and now their narrative is her not having "good work ethic" because she wasn't willing to walk the streets and hook with them. Kek.

No. 1881616

>"BIG little sister"
>"stuck up bitch girlyfriend @theIRLbarbie

Kiki has been making subtle jabs at Shayna all weekend. She gives me frenemy vibes.

No. 1881617

I'm just picturing Kiki and Shayna both trying to wait the other one out so their prescription meds don't get stolen when they fall asleep. They're both so grimy.

No. 1881620

I can't believe she's tying her tits up with rope and letting men grope them when her scars are still fresh and healing.

No. 1881626

File: 1692050571534.png (1.34 MB, 1225x1005, sophia skinny.png)

They dropped Sophia because she actually put in effort and lost weight since last Fetcon versus Shayna and Kiki who gained. As soon as I checked her Twitter and saw that you can see her collar bones again and her face looked thinner I just knew. Shayna doesn't work with girls who are skinnier and look better than her. And tinfoil, but she probably didn't want the farms clowning her doing side by side comparisons of them blowing up.

No. 1881628

Everything aside good for her she looks so good compared to the Kiki / shay dumpster

No. 1881634

Wasn't their screenshotd of the prettier black girl doing actual porn? Like she's doing actual porn with studios. I also have another Tinfoil I'd like to post in /shay/ as to why shayna hangs with who she does.

No. 1881637

I don't see any professional style videos on her manyvids (at least above the quality of shayna's videos, nothing pro, just weird shit like skidmark academy and wrestling). But pro vids is definitely on a different level than just advertising on your twitter you'll fuck anyone who shows up and pays (fuck a fan). Girls who stoop to fucking their followers and paying johns are on the lowest level of the sex chain. (child and animal rapists dont count and arent included as they deserve death)

No. 1881640

Yeah I assumed it was Shayna. They’ve been drinking a lot and staying up till 6:00 a.m. and Shayna is always ruining trips by not taking care of herself and getting sick.

No. 1881642

File: 1692051819588.jpeg (486.06 KB, 1169x1857, IMG_5921.jpeg)

She’s now retweeted the pics of her that Sarah and Kiki posted earlier today. Seems like the drunk finally woke up, though I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another ER saga

No. 1881643

File: 1692052249793.jpg (Spoiler Image, 251.47 KB, 1921x1280, F3hHzbAXoAAHglY (1).jpg)

dead over how illfitted Shayna looks compared to the black chick. shit is cutting circulation off from her asshole and digging into her thighs. doubt we'll ever see that pink outfit again without it having shit stains.

No. 1881647

File: 1692052604498.jpg (327.05 KB, 1351x2048, F3gVOydWkAA51ij.jpg)

Another shot of Shayna on the "Red Carpet" Not spoilering this because you see celebrities wearing less at actual red carpets and award shows.

No. 1881648

File: 1692052715700.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 729.69 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_7565.jpeg)

(Pic from last year). To me everyone involved looks exactly the same. Shayna doesn’t look particularly larger or smaller

No. 1881649

There is nothing sexy about girls who can barely keep their eyes open. Holy shit they both look so gross and faded. Black one couldn't even be arsed to put on makeup for the red carpet.

No. 1881651

This whole trip everyone is trying to take normal pictures and then Shayna is over there being goofy and kind of rude

No. 1881653

File: 1692053080863.webm (3.91 MB, 720x1280, Shayna Annoying.webm)

Vid from Fetcon Party. Kiki is filming a promo video of her getting tickled for an upcoming collab. Shayna gets jealous of another girl getting attention and tries to insert her self

what really happens: shayna hears barbie song playing and gets up and interrupts video to ask kiki to dance. still thought it was rude as kiki was clearly in the middle of being filmed

No. 1881657

shayna is terrified to do anything without her kiki security blanket. bitch is sitting down looking miserable waiting for kiki to finish her work when she could just go dance on her own and meet new people. probably afraid of bumping in someone she's burned bridges with like shane p sonnier.

No. 1881660

File: 1692053641127.png (43.45 KB, 535x383, kek.png)

kek i love when people discover shayna's true colors

No. 1881661

File: 1692053799055.png (96.71 KB, 548x982, shayna fet con drama.png)

more caps of people attending fetcon finding out about shayna and passing around the info to their mutuals.

No. 1881665

This is exactly what i meant, she's annoying and clingy.
>shayna in the cut watching her every movement
>Barbie song is on
>shayna bolts up like kiki is holding a cheeseburger with double mayochup
>Kiki come dance with me! Kiki!
She doesn't know how to interact in loud settings without someone to cling too. It also was kind of rude.

No. 1881666

This is so cringe. She really waited for the video to start recording to interrupt whatever degen shit Kiki is promoting. CAN WE GO DANCING??? Like damn, your “friend” is trying to make money, leave her alone.

No. 1881667

Am I retarded or is that Sophia standing in front/slightly beside shay in the background? I wonder why she didn't just ask her to dance instead since kiki was busy. Also that fucking voice Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1881668

That is her. Wonder why shayna didn't take take pictures with her, it also must bother shayna that someone that's not her is getting male attention but I'm sure shayna will film something with the same scrotes.

No. 1881673

File: 1692054824137.png (100.69 KB, 517x336, vid descriptio.png)

Here is the original caption. Video was posted Aug 13th at 11:40 pm. So Shayna was still interacting with Sophia as recently as last night? Agree its weird they haven't posted any pics together.

No. 1881689

I'm wondering if Kiki was the one that brought the matching outfits and Shayna lied about how big she is.

Shayna is fatter. There's more gunt and the front of her thighs keeps outgrowing her pancake ass.

No. 1881692

File: 1692056338711.jpeg (914.33 KB, 1006x1714, IMG_4055.jpeg)


Fucking kek

No. 1881695

File: 1692056856368.jpg (257.71 KB, 590x1054, Screenshot_20230814_204855_Chr…)

>>1881653 christ she's ALL gut. Her forearm shook as she speddishly swatted at thing 2

No. 1881702

these whores sure are retarded for conflating shayna making hitler jokes on tumblr 10 years ago as a teenager with her being a vicious neo nazi but i'm glad this will follow her for the rest of her life and prevent her from achieving even a modicum of success or lasting friendships in her "career"

No. 1881709

File: 1692058697727.webm (Spoiler Image, 5.63 MB, 1280x720, Why are you barefooted?.webm)

> Can't take @theIRLbarbie and me anywhere together (Woman Shrugging: Medium Skin Tone Emoji) especially when the lil princess has never had a royal face to sit on (Sparkles Emoji) (Pink Heart Emoji) and we at fetcon @FetishCon soo like hewwoooo new kink unlocked! (Locked Padlock Emoji) (Sparkles Emoji)

No. 1881713

File: 1692059004393.png (Spoiler Image, 360.52 KB, 472x275, ABF83457-A132-4F47-9D91-E26CCE…)

Oh.. gross. Shayna and Kiki Chlamydia were walking around the dirty carpeted con floor barefoot and rolling around on the floor half naked. Pic is Shayna rubbing her vag on Kiki’s face.

No. 1881714

what in god’s name is happening with her left arm here? its bending the wrong way?

No. 1881717

No. 1881718

And you just know those ass wounds are still open and leaking on Kiki's face.

No. 1881719

It’s just a hyperextended joint, that’s the least gross thing about this mess tbh.

No. 1881720

I was looking for Shayna content around the web and found this. What the hell is this shit kek which one of you weirdos did this


Ewwww. I bet her ass stinks like salve mixed with unwashed ass.(learn2embed)

No. 1881721

It kind of looks like Shayna is anxious sitting there around Sophia and the Barbie song was an excuse for her to run away to Kiki.

No. 1881722

This looks like something out of a pig wrestling contest.

No. 1881723

File: 1692059798102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.27 KB, 1212x616, 1.JPG)

I can't believe this is how she chooses to advertise herself to coomers. It's beating a dead horse at this point but her sex appeal is beyond non-existent.

No. 1881725

The video is stupid, but the profile name made me lol

No. 1881726

But imagine her making that face and crawling around really really fast

No. 1881728

File: 1692060701972.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 847x606, comedian fart pic (1).png)

I have something even worse…

No. 1881729

i feel like she got so much more out of fetcon last year compared to this year. last year she was like at pool parties and i think it’s where she met that shane guy. this year she just wrestled with another fatty and scarred her ass cheeks…

No. 1881730

I hate to compare a woman to a Troon but shayna looks like "charlotte" chymers (I think that's how you spell his name) when she makes these faced. Shayna only likes this girl because she gives along with whatever shayna says. I'm waiting for the selfie of the two of them in a strange hotel room because they are for sure selling sour cat together.
Shayna again is again doing the most for the camera, im sure when she leaves or before she'll tell stories about being the life of the party and all the scrotes that try to hit on her. Funnily enough she's butt naked at her fattest but no stories of, "omg some guy came up to me and was like, "oh my God you are like a bruised Barbie!"
"Omgshsbsks me and Kiki were at the bar and the bar tender did not want to serve us because we looked so young!!!"

No. 1881731

File: 1692060824136.jpeg (10.48 KB, 298x300, ODAtODg4Ny5qcGVn.jpeg)

I'm sorry to do this to shel silverstein, but why is she making the Crawlin on the Inside face

No. 1881732

Also I imagine this what she did when she was around fupauls friends. All she needs is someone to cling too and she seems to do like whatever she can to get attention and act like she's having fun. Yet when Kiki was busy she was sitting there staring her down nervously.

No. 1881740

File: 1692061457870.png (233.11 KB, 531x484, drama.png)

back in May, Kiki was still advertising Fet 2023 as a three-package deal.

No. 1881743

File: 1692061521111.png (1.48 MB, 784x1316, Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 8.59…)

No. 1881747

100% shayna probably fucked over sophia for hotel money like she has before with so many other people. she was buying her flights literally hours before she had to go. i bet you all my sheckles hotel payment was somehow involved in this drama. my guess is back in may sophia actually budgeted her money and covered a deposit for a room for the three of them. Then shayna suddenly needed new tits for fetcon (do you all realize now why she was in a hurry and her necro tit was suddenly an emergency) and probably hummed and hawed. I can picture Kiki just going along with it and not caring she lost out on the deposit money as she just turns tricks for money, but probably created bad blood.

No. 1881748

File: 1692061837915.jpg (145.36 KB, 750x750, IMG_2654-1.jpg)

No. 1881749

Shayna has absolutely no respect for other people's time and money. Thankfully, karma has put her in place. She's fat, miserable, broke, and hated.

No. 1881750

Anons keep bringing up Shane but he didn’t go to fatcon last year either. They met at that lone star spanking party in Texas that Shayna is going to in November

No. 1881752

>she lost weight I swear!

No. 1881755

File: 1692062620121.png (320.65 KB, 531x626, shayna is-weird.png)

the weird scat parents still havent posted any of the content from when they "collabed" with Shayna except for this photo. doubt they ever will. i think it's super weird that shayna is broke yet spends tons of money setting up these weird fetish encounters. its like she is doing this shit for her own sick pleasure instead of for the purpose of content for scrotes to fund an extravagant lifestyle.

No. 1881762

Sooper successful sex 'worker' can't even bother to coordinate her underwear and bra.
Shayna sticking out her diseased tongue in every fucking picture is seriously irking me. Yeah, you can do a silly one but try and look a little professional.
Where are they getting the wHoRePhObIc and classist accusations?
I may be retarded, but is that not Shayna's room?

No. 1881763

That JUST happened. When she shot b/g footage with the hancock guy it took weeks or even months for anything to be posted on his end. If im remembering correctly.

No. 1881765

Kek shayna is bigger and older looking then both these motherfuckers. Why does she choose these people to work with? If she's the baby it's going to be a hilarious video.

No. 1881766

File: 1692063000498.jpg (Spoiler Image, 446.01 KB, 1536x2048, F3iQ8ZQWwAA-SC9.jpg)

new photo of shayna at the pool party area. looks like her ass made outta bacon.

No. 1881769

The way she talked about it, she was the baby. KEK!

No. 1881770

That shit looks disgusting and kink fest or not, she's walking around with bloody bruises on her ass, probably sitting on everything bare asked. Is that not gross for her and everyone else? Even if she's not bleeding it's fucking gross.

No. 1881771

*bare assed. Seriously, I'd kick her ass out or ask her to put something over those cuts if I was staff. They clearly broke skin

No. 1881773

This is also true. Soph probably wasn't as willing to play nice with Shayna and be pawed at and kissed for male attention all day. I think she was Shay's roommate last time, kek it will be interesting to see how long Shayna and Kiki stay friendly, and to see how long it takes for anons to praise Kiki while shit talking Shayna. The girl burns through friends like no other. She's only got Ellen orbiting around.

No. 1881774

This isnt comic-con. No one is policing shit unless their is a full bottom/top naked person, or violence. Get real kek.

No. 1881777

File: 1692063433209.gif (1.55 MB, 498x371, IMG_5396.gif)

zoidberg looking ass(sage your shit)

No. 1881782

Gross. This is honestly the worst I've ever seen her bruising. I feel like the areas where skin is broken are going to permanently scar. She was literally oozing ass-puss and just running around barefoot getting her gross fluids over everything. They both look high as shit in every photo, so I doubt either of them really felt how bad it was or cared. I hope they're both waking up in pain right now realizing what idiots they were for allowing that shit to happen for a couple bucks. Most of the coomers replying on twitter seems grossed out by it. And now she's going to have a nasty bruised ass for like a month. like she was probably paid $200 and already spent it on booze and fried food.

No. 1881787

I guess you are right,then again I'm sure there's people walking around with worse.

No. 1881789

what brainrot causes one to hate themselves so much they allow this to happen to their ass? Don't say sex work, because the other girl didn't get it near as bad.

Shayna's got such annoying younger/disabled sibling energy, and in the worst way possible. She looks like Kiki's mentally disabled older sister that their mom made Kiki take with her to the party so she could "be normal for a night."

No. 1881795

Look at those bolted on totties jfc horrible painful dragon eggs

No. 1881801

File: 1692065477192.png (Spoiler Image, 227.91 KB, 556x275, tragic.png)

At first I thought "There's no way these are real, it looks insane, it has to be makeup". But the color and shape have hold up and disgustingly enough the fissures with deeper tones are indeed open wounds. She is out there barefoot, exploded butt veins, raw exposed skin like a burn victim with clear deep slits in hot and humid weather. Absolute horror show, sorry for the autism.

No. 1881808

reading comp anon. they said her open wounds free bleeding everywhere ought to get her kicked out. not for the nudity. though in that picture the cuts kinda look like they could be blood blisters instead which don't bleed, so that could explain why she's being allowed to frolic. for the sake of others like janitorial staff & shit i hope so

No. 1881810

it's funny how she's wearing the same exact shoes that accentuate her flat feet. she could have literally worn anything else but chose to be lazy

No. 1881814

i feel like flat feet is an insane thing to fixate on for a porn / beauty context unless you're literally trying to sell feet pics. it's important for health and athletics tho like imagine how much her feet hurt in those kek. anyway loving her draft dodging era

No. 1881815

it may really be the only way she gets to talk to people at this point

No. 1881817

File: 1692067685437.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 780.13 KB, 1377x925, IMG_0511.jpeg)

It just gets worse.

No. 1881819

File: 1692067772937.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.28 KB, 1024x461, IMG_0512.jpeg)

No. 1881821

File: 1692067958434.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.59 KB, 1024x527, IMG_0514.jpeg)

Warning: NSFL

No. 1881822

Kek at the people chilling in the background, this degencercy is so normal to them

No. 1881826

The fucking assne, MRSA saga when?

No. 1881827

This picture smells like literal shit, oniony BO and a fish market in the middle of summer, I’m going to barf

No. 1881828

because she posted that pic last year with Shane and Shayna and Sophia too on top of him and i totally agree with you but still wanted a new mysterious pic this year.

No. 1881833

I really hope she doesn't get in the pool with pus weeping wounds. She's gonna create a new spread of measles and MSRA that'll take out at least half the people there.
Jesus, I thought she split some open somehow. It's looking like she didn't. Why isn't she putting bandaids on the open areas??

No. 1881834

where the wide things are

No. 1881835

it’s some type of ointment/cream, i’m surprised she has the hygienic capability to properly disinfect her wounds kek

No. 1881837

literally who is this for??? BLEGH

No. 1881841

File: 1692072278804.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.89 KB, 1068x600, w=1068.jpeg.jpg)

For sadistic pieces of shit who will eventually turn into snuff seeking monsters that may even evolve into pic related. But that's just my personal opinion.

No. 1881845

I get that people have a pain or degradation kink but I can’t imagine this being anything pleasurable being hit so hard you get your entire ass bruised and skin bleeding like wtf it’s straight up Jackass stunt tier. She probably got paid a few hundred which will be spent on drinks at the airport or some bullshit with Barbie written on it

No. 1881849

PLEASE next thread edition name

No. 1881866

File: 1692077228007.jpg (60.4 KB, 432x432, kekekekekek.jpg)

> “Charlotte Anora Elizabeth” Clymer
I can see it.

No. 1881867

i think i was getting him confused with that guy who was basically begging to be able to fuck any woman at the con. thanks for clearing it up.

No. 1881877

Former BDSMfag: those aren’t going to scar. They’ll take like two weeks to heal but unfortunately she won’t have permanent tiger stripes on her ass.

No. 1881897


No. 1881946

File: 1692100604023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 3000x4000, bj0WKTNoWYJ7JBiyMad1zG43bsvnaL…)

If there are any oldfags left around from /cgl/ days, she looks like a fatter tunamelt-chan.
I feel like Kiki might be one of the few degens that legitimately likes fat Shat. I can't imagine her letting Shayna sit her swamps of Dagobah ass on her face just because they collab together.

No. 1881955

We are talking about Shayna. The bar is in hell. It's almost too easy to praise anyone when comparing them to Shayna. Kikicali seems to understand at least
something about marketing. She made her own website (and Shayna's too). She seems to be taking better care of herself. She advertised being fully tested for the fatcon. I bet it was Kiki who told Shayna to get tested too.

Sophie must have some sense in her whore brain, because she quietly dropped out of the collab without making a huge drama about it on twitter.

No. 1881964

Jfc blast from the past

No. 1881989

Sage for ot but I wonder what she's up to now. Literal stinky legend

No. 1882002

The pic loaded super slow row-by-row for me and reading this comment combined with it finally showing her arm absolutely killed me. What a horrifying thought. Shayna crawling directly at you at speed in the dark with her head backwards saying "daddy! daddy! daddy!"

No. 1882021

File: 1692110509802.jpeg (330.35 KB, 1170x766, IMG_8159.jpeg)

Is the fall out already starting

No. 1882023

and so it begins

No. 1882025

Trying to decipher this nonsense kek

Did big shaynus pressure her into the caning scene or something?

No. 1882033

File: 1692111221564.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1884, IMG_4572.jpeg)