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File: 1698249245411.png (1.44 MB, 1200x800, inshayneclownposse.png)

No. 1919147

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1911665

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>shat and kiki take a visit to the ABDL store, ebegging incoming >>1912811
>she's obviously been high as fuck the whole visit to kiki, raw papers spotted in the background >>1912860
>she thinks she's a size small >>1913198
>moid pics dropped, we will see if this clip ever releases >>1913780, >>1913781
>uh oh stinky.jpeg >>1914206
>she heads back to seattle, begs for drinks at 9 am >>1915135, >>1915137
>as shay happily returns home >>1915213, it seems her pal kiki is miserable >>1915212, >>1915423
>boob update, still botched >>1917559
>more views into shays dark and twisted mind with clown drawings >>1917620, >>1917687, >>1917691
>she goes to play DnD with some people >>1917895, >>1917912 her character is a cult leader >>1918050
>met a guy at the barcade, new fupa incoming? >>1918338
>"gofftober" moment >>1918473, >>1918672, brags about her prostitution >>1918657
>thread was mostly full of derailing and shitty behavior so this recap ends here

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie

No. 1919149

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No. 1919152

File: 1698249730434.jpg (164.3 KB, 1292x964, delulu .jpg)

Some Tweets.

No. 1919153

Thanks for the new thread nonna! Still dead over the fucking threadpic kek

No. 1919154

File: 1698249772207.jpeg (408.52 KB, 1295x2291, Tweets.JPEG)

No. 1919163

How surprising that her several day bender of prostitution and binge drinking leads to a depression spell. Also, is she texting a John or one of the dudes she met while thriving at the arcade?

No. 1919165

So even when she’s just dating or flirting with random guys she met who I presume aren’t her clients, she refers to herself as a “stupid little girl”? Stupid, yes—little girl, no. She’s so fucking disgusting. I shouldn’t be surprised since she did this with Fupa and others, but she hasn’t grown up or learned from anything at all. This pornsick, privileged, punchable, pedophile pisses me off so much. Lol.

No. 1919166

I’m glad she’s depressed. She should be.

No. 1919167

>while thriving at the arcade
kek anon I'm stealing this

No. 1919168

his texts seem like he's not interested in her weird ~kinky bimbo~ shit. she's the biggest pick me, so embarrassing. i predict she will get ghosted

No. 1919177

yeah he seems like he's trying to keep the conversation normal and she's shoehorning her weird fetishes into it

No. 1919178

I think this is the first time shayhog has ever "flirted" with a normie moid so her whole personality being e-whoring she's falling flat on her face kek

No. 1919180

yeah His first text seems nice enough for a moid. The idea of making fun of a girl he likes for not being good at something stupid sounds alien to him but all Shay knows is guys that probably neg her all the time. She's texting him like a potential john/source for coombux kek maybe thats what she's hoping for anyway. She probably thinks she's so hot she can turn a normie moid from the barcade into another source of income

No. 1919182

File: 1698254127505.png (84.86 KB, 1192x312, sure jan.png)

she's so coombrained she can't interact like a normal human with anyone- even if its in her shaymagination

No. 1919190

she really walks around imagining her life is like the intro of a porno and every man is the pizza delivery boy

No. 1919192

If this dude is a normie and not one of her Johns he's definitely ghosting after sex. Read the room Shayna, not all guys are into that uWu stupid baby shit. In fact, most aren't.

No. 1919193

She looks so haggard he prob thought she was wearing it ironically kek

No. 1919201

Can we please stop calling everyone a pedophile, a nazi, a racist, an autist?
Do you know all it does is dilute the meaning of the word, which only helps REAL pedophiles, nazists and racists - while damaging real autism?

No. 1919203

This is how she texts normal guys? THIS?? This has to be fake.

No. 1919205

I agree with your sentiment but come on, calling Shayna a pedo isn't much of a reach at all. She sexualizes childhood, hell, she even sexualizes babies. I'm pretty sure lumping her in with her OF clientele isn't that much of a sin..

No. 1919206

File: 1698257180331.png (2.13 MB, 985x2176, Ethicalcaptions.png)

I don't know what's ethical about these captions. The description on that first pic though. Is that supposed to be sexy?

No. 1919210

I don't know a lot so I could be wrong but "captions" means writing sexual fantasies over pictures of women. The problem with this is that pictures that women upload to normal social medias can be used to do this and also underage girls pictures. "Ethical captions" doesn't mean that the fantasies written in the pictures are ethical (they are not), just that the subject of the pictures is a sex worker and of age

No. 1919213

the cherry-bomb breast is super apparent on the second picture kek

No. 1919214

This is so desperate and pathetic, he’s trying to be fun in a text conversation and she’s like “aren’t I such a stupid lil girl uwu you can slap me around if you want” I wonder if she’s ever casually dated with people who aren’t degens. She needs to practice flirting because what the hell

No. 1919226

KEK omfg I am dying, this thread pic. Members of my household came to check on me I laughed so hard holy shit. Best thread pic ever.

No. 1919234

yeah, those pictures are usually of random teenage girls taken from their social media with degenerate captions put on them. The “ethical” part is just that he got consent from the woman to use their photos, which means shayna willingly allowed this degen to edit photos of her. God I hate scrotes

No. 1919235

Shaynaphile, shnazi, shaycist, shautist

No. 1919263

Ok, mom. It won’t happen again.

No. 1919264

No. 1919266

I can’t believe she talk to dudes like this iIRL…. This is super embarrassing

No. 1919286

the way she tries to be clever while talking about being a bimbo is so irritating.

No. 1919302

Does anyone know if she still has that discord server where she vents to her friends/customers?

No. 1919334

oh kek I wanna know too, remember when she was asking for full ID photos in order to be added? keeek

No. 1919460

Wow any normie who is talking to her would be put off so bad by her life she has to lie about it

No. 1919469

jqJ68penxf is the code for
her new discord server btw

No. 1919573

File: 1698324511142.jpeg (323.45 KB, 1170x970, IMG_1548.jpeg)

No. 1919584

Lurk more, shay is a textbook autopedophile. Also, the comment you responded to didn't even mention autism – go back, this is a bizarre place for you to soapbox about what words we can and can't say here.

No. 1919597

"Autopedophile". You had me chuckle in front of the screen! …..Wait, you're not serious, right?

No. 1919599

It's because she has a thuggish mean girl mentality and is trying to be a big fish in a small pond. She thinks that if she sets her competition to be other "bimbos," she can easily be the smartest of them all and outmanuever her competition to get all of their clients.

No. 1919603

A pedophile is someone attracted to kids. Shayna isn't.
What next…. people in fursuits are zoophiles? Heck, I bet some people here would argue about this being a fact.(bait)

No. 1919611

This is extremely embarrassing white knighting, highly recommend you lurk more and look up the meaning of words you don't know. Shay sexualizes herself as a child. Look up erotic target inversion - pedophiles frequently do imagine themselves as a child and as the subject of the behaviors they want to force on a child. Shay does this all the fucking time. Even the texts just a few posts upthread, she's calling herself a little girl. It gets wayyyy worse than that though.
>Shay isn't.
How the fuck are you so sure about what Shay is attracted to? Her autopedophilia is something that can easily be observed from the content she puts out literally sexualizing herself as a toddler and baby. Your claim to know what she's attracted to, on the other hand, is completely baseless, unless you can read her mind.

No. 1919621

File: 1698328918370.jpeg (34.24 KB, 499x500, IMG_6428.jpeg)

I hope this was the case otherwise you’re both retarded

No. 1919626

Yeah let's not indulge the nutcase thinking that a prostitute doing prostitute things is a pedophile.

No. 1919647

Shayna is a pedo. She posts fantasies about being a toddler that gets drugged and raped by their parents to twitter, she dresses as a baby or toddler to make porn. Her entire sex worker career is formed around the sexualization of childhood. She is not forced to do this, she hasn't been sex trafficked and is not a survival sex worker, she has done this entirely through her own volition. She is perfectly aware of what she is doing and who she is catering to. She is a pedophile.

No. 1919656

Yeah, I give 1/10 to this bait, it's a bit too obvious.
I wish kids these days learnt the importance of words, but you do you.

No. 1919670

Shayna is a pedophile. maybe hits a bit too close to home for you, which is why you're defending her? who knows but any person doing what Shayna has been doing is 100% a pedo. case closed, get some eyeballs that work if you don't see it.

No. 1919672

The porn she makes is simulated child sex abuse. I don't understand how you can argue that she isn't a pedophile.

No. 1919674

Nonnas I'm begging you guys stop it now. You're never going to convince each other so this leads nowhere.

No. 1919696

Take your retarded infighting over shaymu's pedophile status to /shay/. You're eating up posts with pointless bullshit.

No. 1919712

File: 1698338997546.jpeg (77.65 KB, 550x883, 598954C9-58FF-44F3-BD4D-281FF6…)

First of all look at Dawn Willow’s boyfriend in the shay and friends thread, most furries ARE zoophiles. Why does sensei Ricky Delgado work with children? He could have easily chosen a blue collar job, an office job but he made sure to pick TWO jobs where he’d be around children and in his spare time he fucks fat ugly women who pretend to be children. He’s sick. Look at Ellen Degenerate too.

I can’t get over the her trying to be Cher Horowitz picture, she looks so old and her hair looks dead and limp and greasy. Another thing that’s funny is Alicia Silverstone has the same body type as Shayna (soft natural) but Shayna is fatter, she needs to lose weight. The pouty look she does to look like a bratty teen makes her forehead disgusting.

No. 1919716

this might be sage but ive been following this thread since i got scammed by her back in 2018 i wanna say? did she ever release the videos she made at the manyvids hq in canada like yeeeaaaars ago? ive just started following this disaster again

No. 1919717

samecow, it was definitely not 2018. it was 2016 my bad.

No. 1919718

>buying shat’s porn unironically and admitting you got scammed by her even anonymously

No. 1919719

saying "this might be sage" and not saging and samecow instead of samefag is so fucking funny

No. 1919729

i put sage in subject my bad. ive always been a lurker never a poster. so idk what im doing also i didnt buy her porn! i bought stuff from her amazon and she never sent pics of her wearing the stuff back LMAO

No. 1919732

it is actually kinda cute too

No. 1919737

I'm pretty sure she didn't. >>1919729
Sage goes in the email field.

No. 1919743

thank you! i've been around since before the fupa saga so whenever i do pop back on lolcow, shayna always exceeds how low i think she can go

No. 1919761

Wait, so, you bought clothes/lingerie/whatever for Shayna off of her Amazon wishlist and she didn’t send you pictures of her wearing them? Why would you want the pics unless you’re going to jerk off to them? I’m confused.

No. 1919764

File: 1698344445412.png (16.75 KB, 500x500, IMG_0078.png)

Shayna had a depop, and Shayna did a bing giveaway on tumblr that she never sent. Anon sounds like a depop shopper.
Don’t start, we just got a new thread. I’d type out a plea to anons to not engage this “pedo or not pedo” shit but nobody will read it anyway.

No. 1919768

Oh, anon said they bought stuff from her Amazon so I thought it was the wishlist, not depop.

No. 1919776

why would anon expect pictures of her wearing it in return for buying something from depop though? sounds like it was amazon wishlist stuff

No. 1919781

No she's just retarded and wants to act like she's hot and funny and that the bimbo persona is her totally real personality because she's too boring and dumb to have genuine qualities. There's no ploy ~pink n slutty~ was just the most generic and easiest theme for her to cling to. And she has never been able to separate her degen porn terminally online whoresona from herself. It basically is her because she's devoid of any other personality or interests and has chronic coom brain.
Reading those texts is embarrassing. She's texting like shes talking to a retarded coomer trying to set up an applebees dinner for a fuck.

No. 1919788

They literally said it was from her Amazon. It must be the Amazon wishlist. This person wanted pics back because they’re a perv. Lol.

No. 1919797

Are you trying to LARP as an oldfag or something? Pedo-pandering is not some new zoomer twitterfag concept and neither is autopedophilia. Shayna sexualizes children and sexualizes herself in the position of being a child or preteen/teen girl being abused. Even if she’s not actually getting horny from this shit she’s still promoting this degeneracy and in the court of public opinion and probably the opinion of professionals who rehab sex predators she’s likely giving off tons of red flags. Would you want someone like Shayna working at a school or daycare? Working with children? Be fucking honest

No. 1919799

samefagging, I meant to reply to >>1919597

No. 1919800

Exactly. These retards need a refresher on reading comprehension.

>i bought stuff from her amazon and she never sent pics of her wearing the stuff back

This degen wanted pics of Shay in some made in china garbage

No. 1919810

kek at all the nonnies saying "shay totally posts here" while this retarded mega-lurker coomer y-chromosoid can barely sage

No. 1919817

Shayna may be stupid but even she's smarter than a y-chromosome coomer

No. 1919827

File: 1698349781275.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1129x1224, degen.png)

Sensei Ricky is posting on his porn twitter again. He posted this teaser with Shay's giant gut in the way but didn't tag her kek wonder why

No. 1919828

Yes furries are quite often zoophiles. You'll never convince me that someone wanking to sexy drawings of huskies wouldn't also fuck one

No. 1919830

File: 1698350039402.jpeg (145.11 KB, 1080x1920, Shay at bar.jpeg)

Shayna's insta story. The filter is working overtime. I thought she was wearing a witch hat at first.

No. 1919834

File: 1698350370780.png (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 1828x1489, pig banging.png)

another new video sensei uploaded but shay hasnt promoted it at all. i dont think anyone posted it yet

I only watched the preview but its literally shat just laying there and making her retarded ahegao face. I think kiki is the one filming it which is fucking weird

No. 1919840

for a moment there, I thought she had dipped her toes into corpse porn
probably not long now anyway

No. 1919842

overweight utah mlm salon worker

No. 1919845

Her hand is literally blending into her cheek

No. 1919856

I hope this doesn’t sound whiteknighty but this was way before she started going crazy with the baby stuff. And the Amazon wishlist was just cute clothes. People really thought I was Shayna this is awful.

No. 1919861

i thought it was a witch hat too.
she really is an alcoholic. is she at the bar alone again or is ellen with her at least?

No. 1919864

Sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO looks to be using some judo skills on Shat

No. 1919872

Kiki had the sense to turn away from the camera, while Fat Shat is there with her gunt on full display

The absolute state of that hat. It's covered in fur and hair.

No. 1919875

the ghostface mask … the retarded hentai facial expression … who on earth finds this shit sexy???

No. 1919879

shayna looks huge. angles can no longer save her, she just gives off “bigger girl” energy now. at least now her tits have somewhat of a shape to them now. pre-surgery her tits would have been hanging on either side of her gut in this shot.

No. 1919880

shit thread.

also for what reason you guys have a section here about this hambeast pedophile? do you guys look at hee a different way from the other pedos here?(bait)

No. 1919886

nothing you typed here makes sense. try again, in english this time.

No. 1919888

agree….. i really struggle to believe anyone is willingly buying this shit unless they are one of shayna’s handful of orbiters. this type of porn looks like a 1-and-a-billion screenshot you’d scroll past on a random porn free website and still not click. Only reasonable explanation to put this shit out would strictly be for their own sick perversions of wanting to be publicly humilated.

No. 1919908

I can’t get over how ugly his body is and knowing what his hideous inbred rat face is like under that mask just is the icing on the kek. Shayna looks awful and fat as usual but I love shitting on ugly males’ bodies so much.

No. 1919930

Holy shit those belts are screaming for a merciful death. I shamefully admit I thought she might be losing a little weight, clearly from this angle I was wrong wrong wrong.

No. 1919972

you're right, i'm retarded and didn't read OP's post right
>i bought stuff from her amazon and she never sent pics of her wearing the stuff back LMAO
Maybe she wanted pics for us to laugh at……?

No. 1920008

degenerate old moids. (or moids in general tbf, none of them are particularly picky irl)

imagine the balls on them. they know they're granpa-ass mfers and they can't keep themselves from creeping on an absolute idiot like shay>>1919875

No. 1920015

Shayna's got that levantine matron look. she looks VERY ethnic and that's what i feel draws vaguely antisemitic haters to her. (and the inevitable "oMg AnON ArE YoU SeeING yOURsELf iN hEr? whenever anyone calls out the gross bullying in here)(wat)

No. 1920016

File: 1698377137377.jpg (525.61 KB, 1079x797, 0.jpg)

Her cooking ability is so limited

No. 1920017

File: 1698377171322.jpg (625.57 KB, 2048x1536, Peanut Butter French Toast.jpg)

No. 1920018

Shayna proves again and again that what she wants is to be a(n online?) personality.

No. 1920020

File: 1698377577968.webm (4.66 MB, 1280x720, sped.webm)

Everything about this is retarded

No. 1920021

That filthy thing with its shit-encrusted feet not only on the bench but all up in her food, I’m going to be sick

No. 1920022

not surprised, but still absolutely disgusted she is letting her cat walk all over her counters while she's making food and for her "gf" too.

No. 1920029

this is woefully 2010 ugh

Shay just sitting that one out ig

she's doing ahegao and still manages to look bored like it's supposed to be an oface Shay

No. 1920030

File: 1698379148682.jpeg (64.93 KB, 200x388, 18FD2E31-DCE8-4410-AC33-78B4E5…)

I know exactly what you mean anon. She looks like Snot’s mother I don’t know why she won’t do milf shit

No. 1920054

Imagine marketing this as a bimbo in the porn world. Gauges in her ears, fat, greasy hair that’s dishwater colored, ass boils, general unclean

No. 1920065

Its not cute to let your shit, piss, and filth foot cat walk on your tables and counters especially when literally making food. Thats extra disgusting to post it.

No. 1920066

This is literally "you cant eat at anyones house" because what the fuck. Pet hair and shit particles on the food.

No. 1920067

Not to sound scrotey, but it must burn them that the random whore they bought in is actually somewhat attractive and skinny. Leagues beyond their fat ogre asses. Also like how Shaynus is just there on the side awkwardly kek

No. 1920077

I literally thought the exact same thing so don't worry.. I've never seen Shayna around a skinny woman like this in a long time, and we know why….

No. 1920081

Yeah I truly don’t understand why she’ll yeet the cat for blocking her camera but not walking in her waffles truly depraved

No. 1920103

I bet she was pissed and so insecure when she saw this girl that was obviously chosen by Kiki and/or Icky Ricky

No. 1920143

maybe this is why she's been "depressed"

No. 1920161

The Shayker Quaker is out and about, with pilgrim turd braids and a comically sized hat! Rhis outfit is sending me - why is she dressed like she owns a slave in 2023? Girl, AHS Coven happened like 10 years ago. Get a lint roller.

No. 1920179

That would be an interesting arc: Shay gets toxoplasmosis.

No. 1920183

So looks like Shayna won't actually be participated in the "FFFM" foursome and is just there to whale around so they can add a extra "F" to the sale. I bet she just sits on the side the entire time playing her fat gunt or touching kiki's tits or something and doesn't go near or interact with the skinny girl the entire time. She definitely hates the skinny more attractive goth girl.

No. 1920185

File: 1698418413657.png (125.26 KB, 376x218, ew.png)

lmao shayna looks angry for kiki that the goth chick is putting in the work on kiki's bf

No. 1920199

Angry? I thought this was her seductive face. Biting the lip and all. Kek.

No. 1920207

File: 1698421236305.jpeg (87.16 KB, 500x259, IMG_5302.jpeg)

The hair style is so stupid with some of her hair sticking up in the ponytail and the bald spots around her edges. Idk why she thinks it’s sexy. It reminds me of this character from Freaks kek

No. 1920228

Cracking up at this comment lol seriously tho how can somebody go out with that much disgusting pet hair on and around them??

No. 1920233

Shay is just so unfortunate looking. Kiki is not attractive at all but she has a human, feminine (enough) profile. I'm always fascinated by the way Shay looks ugly at every single angle. Even if she had a trendier hairstyle she wouldn't look normal due to her caveman/witch hybrid genetics.

No. 1920261

File: 1698429307236.jpg (326.88 KB, 1080x1512, wtf.jpg)

No. 1920263

File: 1698429560431.jpeg (72.64 KB, 750x545, F2592CAB-0972-4359-8387-6C168C…)

she deleted this tweet i wonder why she's feeling angry? probably that normie guy is ghosting her for being pornsick

No. 1920269

I bet the normie guy she was texting and trying to seduce with her diaper baby tactics stopped showing interest.

Now she wants to self harm by proxy and let some moid beat her up bc her self worth plummets when any moid rejects her.

No. 1920272

File: 1698431222930.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1630, 469AF4BE-50E5-4D5F-91EA-8F8472…)

It’s really disgusting how kiki has three rooms for her nasty porn. A baby room with a literal crib, a child’s room and then her regular room.(this thread is about shay)

No. 1920273

exactly this, she is textbook bpd. grasping at straws for validation

No. 1920275

File: 1698431416493.jpeg (609.29 KB, 1242x1505, 436B86A4-953F-497A-91BF-9DB5BC…)

She’s so fucking annoying

No. 1920276

File: 1698431497661.jpeg (472.14 KB, 1213x1695, 78040368-DDF5-45E9-8871-65161A…)

Not even degenerate freaks love her kek

No. 1920287

You're so right nona >>1920276. Also lol Grayhair has a new gif.

No. 1920293

File: 1698433916287.webm (Spoiler Image,9.31 MB, 720x1280, black.webm)

so bimbo

No. 1920297

File: 1698434587712.png (1.61 MB, 1016x1782, much bimbo.png)

The chicken wing butt wiggle, check
Opening a new bottle of wine and chugging it like trailer trash, check
Pulling pants down to show off her fupa from an unflattering angle, check
Slapping herself/inflicting pain on self to deal with being rejected and unable to self regulate, check
Metallica to get asspats from her truck driver coomers, check

No. 1920298

File: 1698434690418.png (55.89 KB, 806x356, This is sad.png)

she's spiraling today

No. 1920300

File: 1698434728237.png (648.07 KB, 555x742, click.png)

she literally looks like the overly airbrushed adam sandler movie poster meme KEK

No. 1920306

is this about fat ass ellen? who is telling her she loves her? or is it random moids telling her anything she wants to hear bc she's desperate? it's so funny to me she can't find or keep any kind of boyfriend

No. 1920318

File: 1698437243658.png (72.72 KB, 296x319, demented_40yo.png)

Why would she upload this? She's doing the chicken dance while drinking alcohol alcohol straight from the bottle. This isn't sexy, sensual or attractive, it's depressing.

No. 1920319

you can just tell she thinks she's so hot by the way she's eyefucking the camera it's giving buffalo bill

No. 1920320

jezz here we go again

No. 1920324

literally who loves her?? the only person who truly loves her and puts up with her ass is her mom. other than that there's no one in her life right now with that level of commitmet.

No. 1920326

Shayna please listen to us, the juggalos would LOVE this, they'll call you their "freaky girl" please go to party city and buy some face paint I beg of you this is your call

No. 1920333

File: 1698438117387.webm (2.62 MB, 376x640, classy.webm)

caption: in the mood 2 fuck somebodies dad

No. 1920339

Day drunk aunt Shaynus at it again. Messy and embarrassing

No. 1920340

KEK, she is not beating the nazi allegations
What in the Appalachian hootenanny? Tbf Mike Slack and the other hillbillies enjoyed this

No. 1920342

Keep drinking, Shaynus! You’ll never lose weight. Love to see it.

No. 1920351

blemish filters working so hard that you can barely even tell she has a buttcrack the first 5 seconds it's on the screen

No. 1920352

lmao why did she pound that wine in one gulp

No. 1920353

File: 1698440629610.jpeg (244.07 KB, 1170x619, IMG_5307.jpeg)

Imagine losing it this hard over a moid you met a few days ago

No. 1920357

5 bucks she doesn't go back to that barcade ever again

No. 1920400

Counting down the hours now for the "actually I love my life and everything is great" heel turn when Ellen shows up with fried sushi and beer.

No. 1920413

Kek, nothing about this is sexy or alluring. She looks like she's trying to make herself puke.

No. 1920421

I wondered that too, and noticed that when she finished her big chug-a-lug the Pantera song goes "is there no standard anymore?" kek

Interesting that she's advertising being a fan of Nazi-salute-giving, "White Power"-shouting Phil Anselmo…

No. 1920434

Kek if you think Shay is actually into any of the stuff she posts about on her Twitter. She has a pretty low sex drive and started out "sex work" very vanilla

No. 1920439

No, you’re right. I don’t think she “likes” it like normal people “like” eating ice cream or having regular sex. My view is that she uses the beatings, slapping herself, canings, etc. as a form of self harm because she can’t self regulate her emotions like most unstable women like her and they resort to some kind of self harm- be it physical harm, binge drinking/drugs, and/or self destructing interpersonal relationships. That’s why I connected it to her probably being rejected by some guy she was infatuated with.

No. 1920442

Eh, it might not be that deep. But TBH, if I were Shayna, I'd want to harm myself too kek

No. 1920446

You'd think that Shayna Luther King wouldn't upload a video listening to Pantera, but I guess asspats from her hillybilly coomers like Mike Slack are more important than virtue signaling to her fellow e-whores.

No. 1920465

I bet she knows nothing about the band. It’d be funny if someone called her out. Lol.

No. 1920475

File: 1698454452241.jpg (149.26 KB, 1152x2048, 20231027_205344.jpg)

No. 1920476

Am I retarded or she editing herself to look like teenaged Shay

No. 1920478

she looks as big as Tuna

No. 1920487

She completely changed her nose and lips.

No. 1920542

File: 1698458425854.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1170x1513, IMG_6122.jpeg)

Changed her face once again

No. 1920544

File: 1698458471416.jpeg (Spoiler Image,647.07 KB, 1170x1588, IMG_6123.jpeg)

Either going through something or begging for attention

No. 1920553

>>1920475 from Yaniv to >>1920542 the no bitches meme. Truly a woman of many talents.

No. 1920554

I think it’s the only way she really gets moid attention, so she tweets outlandish nonsense like this so degen daddy doms comment/reply.

No. 1920555

both. she seems to be particularly spiral-y today.

No. 1920559

Does anybody here know why she does the stupid butt-shaking thing? Did she pick it up from some other ddlg blogger on tumblr? I'm just baffled whenever I see it. It's goofy, not at all sexy, and I have never in my life seen somebody move like this in an attempt to be sexy.

No. 1920563

I always assumed it was her attempt at twerking.

No. 1920564

Trying to keep up with the little girl act after getting her tits engorged is a strange move

No. 1920568

what shayna wishes she was.

No. 1920577

She's been wearing her hair curly a lot more since hanging with keke.

No. 1920581

She scares men off so fast. I truly think it's because she's in sex work/twitter mode at all times. Since her whole personality is based off of tumblr/sex work twitter/sex work and Donny Mattel, she probably annoys even the most retarded coomer.
Everything is about how she's a dumb baby or corny jokes you can find on the back of a fruit roll up but "sex edition".
The sex probably is easy to get when she likes someone but isn't that good. She's not thin anymore, so it's just a chubby chick snorting and making corny jokes about sex 24/7 yet they know she lays around like a slug during.
Then she's clingy and she's not super attractive so there's nothing. It's what these scrotes deserve.
They are just as disgusting if not more than her. Yet she never sees it. She makes the same mistakes over and over. Everything Is someone else's fault. I think even Womack would tire of shayna. Men aren't prizes but they are to shayna and the fact her whole life is based on male validation yet she can't make it work must hurt badly.

No. 1920582

When she got chubby fupaul told her she had a ass, because her tits were lopsided and she had a belly, I assume she believed the cope Fupaul told her and felt her ass is her best feature now. The twerk is a shattempt to hide her belly and tits. I also genuinely thinks she thinks she has a nice ass and it's big.

No. 1920593

File: 1698465308233.jpeg (677.91 KB, 828x1421, IMG_1569.jpeg)

Her teeth after she takes the gulp look so frightening

No. 1920597

I wonder if she's gonna start skinwalking kiki. Maybe she'll quit wrecking her curl pattern
and stop straightening it 24/7 but most likely not

No. 1920602

Well nonnies I think she finally found out about FaceApp. Because this is definitely not her real face.

No. 1920609

File: 1698467932089.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x2022, IMG_5315.jpeg)

We know the truth, Shay

No. 1920617

File: 1698469734306.jpeg (575.45 KB, 828x1431, IMG_1570.jpeg)

How many videos did she take of her gunt drinking wine. In this one she sucks her middle finger and gives double chin realness. Also her grill is completely fucked she should get veneers and start over.

No. 1920650

wtf it's not Metallica, it's "Walk" by Pantera, fucking retard

No. 1920653

Mainstream metal like it’s that big of a difference. Inb4 infight, no one cares.

No. 1920672

Since it's so mainstream, that means you should know who it is??

No. 1920687

how nice of shaynus to remind us to brush our teeth twice today

No. 1920689

Ntayrt, but that’s true. Anyhow, both of these crusty old man groups need to just give it up and retire already. Now back to Shaynus…

No. 1920698

Her plug is COATED in crusty blood and looks super blown out. Clearly that uwu impulse bimbo ear stretching is working out.

No. 1920701

File: 1698490068413.jpeg (1016.63 KB, 1085x1484, IMG_6487.jpeg)

No. 1920717

>>1920276 lmao now THIS is how I expect Shayna to react when a John cancels on her.

No. 1920721

Come on Shaynus, it’s time for your Juggalette baby princess era, just doooo itttttt kek. Seriously all the validation and scrote attention she could ever want is just within reach; I bet she would even find a lot of Juggalo moids hot, bc of her unfortunate attraction to fat uglies.

No. 1920726

the way she edited her eyes bigger and way lighter than they actually are is proof of how the poop eye/beady rat eye comments have gotten to her kek

No. 1920737

Young adults who get veneers and crowns over healthy teeth are retarded. They can give you serious dental problems and they are expensive to maintain. Imagine shay having that on her list of expenses.

No. 1920738

File: 1698499272822.jpg (153.2 KB, 1080x650, 92021.jpg)

No. 1920740

File: 1698500238232.jpg (294.95 KB, 1051x945, excuse me.jpg)

In response to the photo

No. 1920786

File: 1698507398004.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x2271, IMG_5317.jpeg)

Kek this is the person she’s responding to. Shaynus isn’t to far off from this body type

No. 1920789

Always knew that Phyllis from The Office was a freak

No. 1920823

Why is every person she interacts with so utterly fucking rancid? I can smell this image and I really wish I couldn't.

No. 1920825

No. 1920843

The saying that you become who you hang out with is so true in her case lmao

No. 1920848

shes got that signature shaynian leg fat distribution and cottage cheese

No. 1920851

>shaynian leg fat distribution
kek anon

No. 1920852

Agreed but Shay’s teeth don’t look healthy

No. 1920909

File: 1698525782392.png (174.11 KB, 1080x359, 20231028_233149.png)

Oh no, Donny! Not the tripod. Shayna coming up with new excuses for skipping "work".

Stop moping Shaynus. Haven't you learned by now that the johns are your customers. They don't love the service provider. Just like you don't love your hairdresser. Try the juggalo make up if you want to find real love. Kek.

No. 1920911

No. 1920932

She is so fucking stupid.

No. 1920941

Sorry I’m not an expert in your retarded ass music kek seethe

No. 1921047

File: 1698545589852.jpg (324.28 KB, 2048x1152, 20231029_021200.jpg)

She really has gone full hooker.
She's leaving the house with a "sugar dad" in this monstrosity

No. 1921048

She looks like she's trying to hide a bad tuckjob in the right photo, kek. Tranny streetwalker bimbo, so hot.

No. 1921049

EW anon you're right, I didn't even notice.

No. 1921052

what is that red stuff in her fat rolls on her leg?

No. 1921053

it's just chafe. sometimes when its healing it turns the skin a darker red/purply color. makes sense given what she wears on a daily basis (and what she's literally wearing in that photo)

No. 1921061

Im sorry but the little curl of her overgrown bang and the smirk is killing me. She has ruined her curls but because she hung with Kiki she's trying to embrace them, but because she dresses so outdated and odd she looks like she's in a costume. This isn't a sexy look it looks so dates if I saw her out with the hair I'd think she was dressed as a character from some 80s/90s show or something.
It's not even a hooker look, it's just party city rocker chic

No. 1921068

It is 42 degrees in Seattle, going to get to 35

No. 1921074

The song choice is cracking me up, if only she actually walked or got any form of regular exercise. As cringy as this is though, the normal black clothes, curly hair, and the divorced middle aged man music suit her. I wish she would lean into this and her juggalo paintings, and attract some sort of man, I just want some fresh milk.

No. 1921080

They don't look rotting and all the issues she has appear to be cosmetic. She would probably be better off with braces if she wanted to do something about it.

Sorry to blog but I never bothered with braces because of sensory issues and I have really crooked teeth that are otherwise healthy. I wonder if that's why Shay doesn't want to see an orthodontist.(blog)

No. 1921082

I'm glad that she isn't wearing the ham pink anymore but the ultra skimpy wardbrobe just looks so bad on her now. It's clear in her face and body that she's not a teenager anymore and it would look so much better if she put on a midi skirt with a split in it or something. She needs to start following the rule of only one part on display at once.

No. 1921100

That's a TIM.

No. 1921102

She wants braces as mentioned in the previous thread sometime around her birthday i only remember this because she didn’t get them then because her insurance or something when turning 26 you get off your parents or something retarded idqr
But I presume she only wants them so she can pedo bait. Realistically she wouldn’t take care of them and it would take forever. Also idk her teeth look.. chipped? It’s almost like she looks inbred

No. 1921105

Ayrt but I’m not the metal head that said it was Metallica but if you like metal and think these two bands aren’t mainstream then you’re not into metal. Which is fine nonny but calling other retards on here retarded for not knowing something when they don’t listen to metal isn’t a big flex. Regardless shat is not a metal head so . You win.

No. 1921106

Looks like the cigarette smoking 50 year old single moms who tried to find hookups on craigslist

No. 1921111

I think that women in their 20s can still wear skimpy things, and actually the world would be a better place if we didn’t suggest that this was something specifically reserved for very young women/girls. It just doesn’t look good on Shayna because she looks worn out and out of shape. Or I’m just bitter because I’m older than Shayna and still want to wear whatever I want.

No. 1921114

>It just doesn’t look good on Shayna
I'd argue that this outfit wouldn't look good on anyone.

No. 1921115

Shayna should be covering up completely because she is ugly as sin, there's nothing attractive in her. No personality, fried to hell hair, mike wazowski with chiken legs fat distribution, huge male nose and face and on top of that she pedo panders. No matter her age or weight she is repulsive. You can be 80 and if you are attractive in some way you can "get away" with wearing anything you want, is all about knowing how to balance you body type, head and clothes. That "only show one thing" bullshit to not look like a prostituted woman is brain damage speak.
sorry for the paragraph but it pisses me off when women police other women (who don't deserve it) in the most retarded godless way. Except Shay, she deserves everything bad coming to her.

No. 1921119

is this her halloween costume? and why is she holding her pussy

No. 1921124

>huge male nose
kill yourself. women are allowed to have big noses.

No. 1921127

she literally has her father's nose anon

No. 1921128

>male nose
Does her nose have a penis and balls anon?

No. 1921133

You can't know if her father got that nose from his mother which would make it a female nose by your logic.

No. 1921137

File: 1698562933651.jpeg (439.22 KB, 750x1070, 0897E412-19E6-4779-9497-87D4F1…)

what did the coomer mean by this?

No. 1921149

So… women can only wear short skirts if they are 19 or younger? Do they hit the wall at 20?

No. 1921151

NTA. Don't be disingenuous. What that anon means is that Fatty thinks she still looks like a skinny teenager, when she doesn't. She looks like a haggard alcoholic in her 40s and needs to dress accordingly. Also the outfit is bad, no matter who was wearing it, no one is going to look good in 100% faux leather PVC. It would look ok, maybe it would even look nice on someone else if the skirt, top or jacket were used individually as part of another outfit. As it is now it looks cheap, dated and it doesn't even fit her.

No. 1921153

To me it sounds as though he’s the one that purchased the outfit and is relieved (?) it suits her. Perhaps Shayna said she doesn’t know if she’d be able to pull it off, black being one (?) of her supposed hard limits.

No. 1921171

There isn’t anything that looks good on Shayna.

No. 1921192

File: 1698589308508.jpg (320.33 KB, 1290x1064, Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colo…)

And to think some Nonas were worried we had caused a rift between Ricky Delgado and Shayna Leigh Clifford, when they were actually Fuping us.

No. 1921197

File: 1698591821412.png (592.83 KB, 514x770, her neck wtf.png)

her turkey neck is getting really bad lately.

No. 1921201

Super normal nitpick nonnie. It def doesn't feel lie my iq dropped 5 points from a minute's worth of scrolling itt

No. 1921213

It certainly LOOKS like a penis and balls kek

No. 1921219

I don't mean it like that. Teenagers are essentially still kids so they can get away with outrageous and bad outfit choices and they don't need anyone to take them seriously. When an adult woman wears something too revealing it just looks inherently ridiculous, like they are still trying to stick it to the man.

No. 1921221

Omg anon did you know that boys come from daddies and girls come from mommies? No one ever taught you that? If she has her dad's nose then he must have been the one to call the stork which means that shay is really a boy.

No. 1921227

Kek just say you’re insecure about your giant honker and move on

No. 1921228

Don't have a big nose but calling her nose male is just retarded.

No. 1921245

File: 1698602625378.jpeg (305.12 KB, 750x664, D6AC2473-409E-4498-AC51-49012D…)

holy shit that anon is right her neck looks so bad like she swallowed a slinky or something

No. 1921246

Haha she's fat.

No. 1921247

its literally insane noodle is only like 4 years old… she used to have an all black muzzle…

No. 1921249

this thread of full of obese factivists with fat noses and no necks getting butthurt

No. 1921251

For a 26 year woman the state of her skin is tragic. She's a walking reminder to drink water and avoid alcohol.

No. 1921253

Bella Hadid showed her surgeon a photo of my nose for reference.(derailing)

No. 1921278

Carla Bruni is a shaytard confirmed(derailing)

No. 1921281

She's just trying to push her balls back inside her knickers

No. 1921295

that poor dog is aging poorly just like shay and everyone else in the shosmos (shay cosmos). it must be because of her cursed aura. she attracts uglyness, she spreads uglyness, she causes uglyness, she IS the uglyness

No. 1921318

File: 1698613008231.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1620, IMG_5327.jpeg)

Why is her entire franken-nipple visible? I can see her areola through this cheap Shein costume

No. 1921321

I’ve heard people say “you are your crowd” and talking to disgusting freaky white trash coomers and calling them daddy is probably a form of fucked up intimacy along playing into their weird fetish must have transformed her into a pink skinned fat greasy hog. Avoid these people like the plague otherwise you’ll turn into one.

No. 1921327

jesus. this is making me believe the rumors that the surgeon put her frankenipple on upside down. its so oddly shaped.

No. 1921333

File: 1698614895473.mp4 (1.21 MB, 720x1280, Scooby-Doo .mp4)

She posted this too. Notice how her foundation is different color than her hand. Is that eyeliner on her hand? Wash your hands Shayna goddammit!

No. 1921334

she's so fucking nasty posting this on her sex work account. i hope the twitter freaks drag her for this

No. 1921335

File: 1698615223600.jpeg (214.41 KB, 1080x1920, Fat dates.jpeg)

Shayna's sushi date. You can see someone's knee next to Shayna's. So this whole platter is not just for Shayna.

No. 1921337

>thinking she's gonna share

No. 1921366

Insecure bignose spotted. Shay doesn't have a "male nose," and neither do you, insecure nona.

No. 1921368

I wonder who it is.

No. 1921369

Lmao the blur is turned up so hard she literally doesn't have a nose in the first second

No. 1921370

File: 1698619811332.png (7.37 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_5629.png)

Topkek looks like she’s missing a front toof and is once again using a filter that gave her a whole new face

No. 1921375

For real. I knew nothing would happen to him anyway. He gets to make his nasty pedo pandering porn and work with children. He’s thriving now! What a world.

No. 1921377

I’m gonna kms because we have the same costume this year

No. 1921384

I always have to kek at how normalized it is for someone’s face in a shitty tiktok or Instagram post to be an entire fucking airbrushed blur minus eyes nostril and mouth. I feel bad for kids growing up who’ll feel insecure over having literal skin. It looks fucking retarded.

No. 1921412

No sugar daddies buying her a new costume this year I guess kek

No. 1921423

What's with Mr. PB's head? Has she managed to end up with a short haired cat with matted fur?

Looks like she dropped a glob of grease on its head.
Also we know shaved ribmeat is probably hiding in a closet miserable somewhere.

Poor bastards

No. 1921427

Even her stupid corgi stuffy or whatever it is, is matted to hell and back. This bitch lives in filth!

No. 1921440

She's blurred herself so hard she doesn't even look human. She must be able to see for herself how rough and haggard she looks if she's doing this.

The moid is probably going to eat three pieces and allow the hog to inhale the rest. Any coomer paying for Shayna's company must be into larger women and probably gets off on seeing her shove food down her throat. Her sugar dates always include food.

No. 1921455

At least it isn't deep fried and covered in mayonnaise this time

No. 1921532

She's doing this because her coomers are all geriatrics that grew up having their first hard on to the original Daphne.

No. 1921556

File: 1698659413487.jpg (200 KB, 1304x986, Ben Mayes Tweets Shayna Leigh …)

Interesting comment under Shayna’s Tweet. @punxsychuck also happens to be @maye4401474 who we saw here >>1921137, his secondary (and newer) account (@maye4401474 made in July 2023) only interacts with Shayna and Miranda Lambert he seems obsessed with Miranda and Tweets at her regularly in his “main” (?) account. I feel this is that “daddy” that Shayna had to “convince” to keep her. This is a tinfoil base solely on how he speaks to her, with more familiarity than someone like Womack or Mike. For those interested in discussing your Ben theories with me, >>>/shay/165871

No. 1921625

just wanted to say - oh shit!! i can watch this on my mobile! praise the mods for mp4 usage.

No. 1921676

No, it'd look good on someone hot.

I've never seen a dog that actually looks depressed until noodle.

No. 1921718

File: 1698690482633.webm (1.56 MB, 576x1024, 7996e7af-dca4-4cae-86a2-d4ed7d…)

using this sound once again

No. 1921719

seeing her in motion is such a trip

No. 1921720

File: 1698690662184.webm (2.11 MB, 576x1024, cf5341d5-d28d-4c51-8945-3072ec…)

this was also posted

No. 1921724

bitch get your jacked up corn chip teeth fixed already and that clown honker

No. 1921728

full face of makeup but lips still crusty as hell.. also is she wearing some kind of pasties with fake nipples sticking out?

No. 1921730

I thought her nipples literally looked like those fake boob chest plate things trannies wear

No. 1921732

at least shes gotten better at lipsyncing

No. 1921753

Lopsided sided titty,one looks weirdly dented, crazy teeth, mouth sync is all off and delayed. Crazy

No. 1921754

File: 1698696711345.jpeg (298.38 KB, 750x734, F21B5427-8451-4766-B2F6-D1EAC9…)

she's the one that typed out "meddling KID"

No. 1921755

File: 1698696732067.jpeg (237.38 KB, 750x544, 4E3221DF-5C7D-4A8B-9047-8B32B7…)


No. 1921757

Shayna literal pedos contact you. And you never release any information you have yet you will post personal messages from your mom,John's, boyfriends and anyone you are actually mad at.

No. 1921758

So you want people to bully and cancel all your disgusting customers instead? How will you pay rent if people go after the "real pedos" Shat?

No. 1921759

Samefag but doesn't she also cry victim and jump to their defence when ebil lolcor goes after and exposes the identity of the countless actual pedophiles she hangs out with regularly? Stupid whore.

No. 1921761

Oh so other people are supposed to do the mental gymnastics for them? They are dressing up as the exact same version of that character when it's underaged but we are supposed to be like IT'S AGED UP DUH !!! Shayna please. Also she dresses up as a literal baby so who cares about ageing up characters at this point.

No. 1921768

she says all this with her chest like she doesn't wear actual diapers now

No. 1921778

she took pictures with this outfit, noticed how disgusting her lips look and applied lipgloss, failing to understand (even after years of us telling her) that you need to moisturize such cracked anus lips with actual lip balm. neither pretty nor smart, which we can tell solely by the state of her lips. she also looks like a forty year old, saggy tits with huge areolas and thats right after her boob job. fat bitch.

No. 1921783

"Meddling kid" caption and putting the wig in pigtails when Daphne doesn't wear pigtails afaik, but yeah! totally an aged up version!

No. 1921789

But she claims she's a "dumb little baby" ew. So the smart part doesn't even make sense, and obv the pretty part isn't even worth mentioning because she's ugly as sin. And also she doesn't get along with anyone LMAO the whole video is lie after lie

No. 1921791

Not trying to WK this bitch, but meddling kids/kid is what they call the people in the group on Scooby-Doo…

No. 1921800

yeah bc they are kids retard

No. 1921807

When did she return to TikTok? How long till the comment section roasts her out?

No. 1921812

>ripped skinny jeans
She’s hooking for some low class moid and not a sugar daddy that’s for sure. And the fact that his knee extends out as far as her, giga manlet confirmed.

No. 1921816

Not even trying to dance, literally BLINKING. the lack of talent is astounding also WHY does she do her hair like that its terrible

No. 1921820

File: 1698703207436.jpg (104.66 KB, 1208x1920, 1000007803.jpg)

>>1921807 Shayna?

No. 1921824

keek the off beat blinking, the peanut butter foundation, smudged eye shadow, cracked anus lips and palm tree lhasa apso up-do. what a sight.

No. 1921827

>not to WK but let me WK this dumbass

Daphne is a teenager in the show, that's why they call her a meddling kid. Shayna also literally sells diaper porn so she's not like a regular e-girl dressing up as a character that happens to be a minor. I bet this bitch will release a Daphne porno again and then cry when people point out she's being gross.

There's plenty of adult redhead characters she could have done. Jessica Rabbit, Poison ivy and starfire are common enough ones. Jessica is even more covered that Daphne is and is basically drawn as all boobs. She could have bought a red dress with a high slit, some guy control panties and no one would say shit to her

No. 1921839

She never really left TikTok, her previous ones @itsdollymattel and @dollhausbarbie were (shadow)banned/deleted, she made this new account, @theirlbarbie, soon after. This is from April (pre-Vegas and surgery) and I’m sure it was also posted here, tried to find it but gave up, it had to be around threads 130-133.

No. 1921840

File: 1698705860633.mp4 (3.34 MB, 720x1280, conshayted.mp4)

It’s so easy to tell when Shayna gets an ounce of confidence by her posts. This is from her Instagram Stories.

No. 1921843

It looks like she transferred her forehead wrinkles to the duvet

No. 1921849

File: 1698707172890.png (529.02 KB, 1222x875, Screenshot 2023-10-31 000456.p…)

even with half her face covered in a party city wig, the full drag beat and filters working overtime, her ugly still shines through

No. 1921850

No. 1921858

the fucking bangs??

No. 1921867

The drunkass wobbly eyeliner on her upper eyelid kek

Only people really good at makeup can pull off that look, even the filter can't save it so why she didn't just rub that bit off I don't know

No. 1921870

Damn I was gonna say that her lips actually look proportionate until I realized where they actually are. I see why she wants lip fillers now.

No. 1921872

Your icon is showing

No. 1921874

ty nonnie. I'm a retard. Luckily its a trash account that I use for shay screenshots but I dont want to get blocked kek

No. 1921879

she should dye her hair this color. would be a decent change from the trailer park look

No. 1921880

i bet ellen did this makeup on her.

No. 1921881

File: 1698710449499.jpeg (913.95 KB, 1170x1782, IMG_5337.jpeg)

No. 1921882

What a weird fucking video.. the awful white noise. The eye twitch while she's sucking on an elf bar the whole thing is pointless and creepy.

No. 1921890

The file name KEK
KEK x2

No. 1921891

File: 1698711665389.mp4 (2.74 MB, 720x1280, Daphne boots lipgloss.mp4)

This one hasn't been posted yet. She shows her boots and applies lip gloss. Has she lost weight, is it filter, or is she just good at hiding her gunt? Pls no fight.

No. 1921894

these videos are so bizarre. the movements, the music, her face blurred into nothingness, the pedo room, my brain is melted.

No. 1921898

Why did she just whip the lipgloss out of her sleeve like that? How blasted was she when she filmed these?

No. 1921899

This makes me uncomfortable

No. 1921911

What in the Buffalo Bill is this uncanny valley horror show bullshit?!

No. 1921915

where did Dropbox anon go? The mp4s have been great for those who can’t watch webms… pls more mp4/Dropbox

No. 1921924

her nose is so blurred by the filter that you can barely see it in the beginning.

No. 1921935

File: 1698718784283.png (325.1 KB, 518x474, Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 11.20…)

No. 1921946

i think she’s trying to make herself look like a cartoon?

No. 1921947

Putting on lipgloss so we can shut up about it. This is a joke. I think she has deflated a little but she was looking like >>1919827 in her latest candid, a Shaynatorium Patient brightened the same photo here >>>/shay/165850 and she still has her rolls.

No. 1921950

Her neck looks like an uncut penis

No. 1921954

File: 1698721370307.mp4 (Spoiler Image,4.08 MB, 1280x720, Shayna Leigh Clifford ft Ricky…)

The trailer is out for the “Scream” video between Shayna and Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO. >>1921840
perhaps this will answer your question in regards of her weight loss.

No. 1921957

File: 1698721816999.jpeg (861.53 KB, 1300x5147, Tweets.JPEG)

Some of her latest Tweets.

No. 1921958

File: 1698721843520.jpg (188.18 KB, 1169x1723, nknk .JPG)

No. 1921960

File: 1698721946433.mp4 (2.57 MB, 720x1280, Stuffed.mp4)

Bratty princess findom video response session.

No. 1921962

File: 1698722042767.mp4 (2.75 MB, 720x1280, Shayrizo.mp4)

No. 1921964

Poor dog is neglected, doesnt get exercise, poor quality food, no attention, no wonder she is aging so much

No. 1921965

That dress wasn't made for saggy tits like hers. She's so ugly for a sex worker.

No. 1921970

> for a sex worker
Kek, you say this as if there was a certain aesthetic criteria to meet to be a whore.

No. 1921975

I think this is Shayna's first staged sexual assault video with a moid? She makes this shit for what, maybe a maximum of $200 from the sales, if she's lucky? I just find it laughable and depressing how she panders to the lowest rung of society–including rapists & pedophiles–and this rat-faced beast still can't get picked and still isn't popular. She makes content for rapists & pedophiles and those videos still aren't enough to pay her bills. She's selling out women and children just for crumbs of attention from the likes of Diaperman Dan, Jason Womack, and Mike Slack. And idk if the last one even really counts because half of his tweets for her are just that Monsters Inc gif.

No. 1921978

Not to defend big Shaynus here but that dress would look like shit on anyone because it's some cheap synthetic fast fashion shit that costs a shady Chinese factory $2 per dress to make. And >>1921970 has a point, the majority of self-identified sex workers are ugly as sin.

No. 1921980

That is NOT the way to treat her inflamed boobs

No. 1921987

Does this freak (ricky delgado) film any normal content or is all rape shit?

No. 1922000

i immediately started cracking up over his weird nerd voice

No. 1922001

Her boobs are so lopsided still. What a waste of money

No. 1922014

>>what makes you so special?
Shart, what makes YOU so special? You’re not even attractive enough to get by while being completely devoid of any personality, the absolute copium.

No. 1922020

The tube-like nature of her body while she's laying down… Not even a boob job can save her.

No. 1922031

File: 1698733586327.jpg (116.25 KB, 960x540, YbFGwIPQybJNcBB-1600x900-noPad…)

The way he grabs her and drags her back on the bed is like a scene from a state fair hog wrestle.

No. 1922049

I'm cackling

No. 1922052

kek anon that is so on point

No. 1922053

File: 1698739773753.png (344.46 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_20231031-040832.png)

Shaynus deleted the video she just posted with Ricky and is now ranting and being extra delusional.

No. 1922056

what the fuck shayna calm down keeeek

No. 1922062

once again, a soft dick

No. 1922065

File: 1698742039342.png (Spoiler Image,1022.19 KB, 1293x1541, Ricky Delgado ft Shayna Leigh …)

He’s still advertising the content they shot together. I wonder if her little deleted rant >>>/snow/1915852 is related to this? Or if it’s related to
> also horny men who don’t wanna provide an ID & sign paperwork need not apply

No. 1922089

Good lord the second hand embarrassment

No. 1922090

I still really can’t believe that after everything has happened in her life she is still thinks she is going to b me going to be mainstream famous and what is she even talking about! Who, other than Jenna Jameson in the 90s I guess, is a “famous” porn star? Does she not understand that normal people don’t consider Random Fuckhole #998 on the same level as Margot Robbie? She’s trying to get A list fame with a career that wouldn’t even get you on the Z list. Genuinely bafflingly retarded.

No. 1922098

Hey now, there was also Sasha grey in the 2000s, we're over a decade due for a famous pornstar, you can do it shayna! Stick another fire cracker up your ass, you go gurl!

No. 1922100

No one who makes diaper porn is going to ever be famous, what a delusional retard.

No. 1922107

She’s probably talking about all of the moids who will inevitably comment and say they’ll fuck her for free lol. These sites require IDs and paperwork now

No. 1922127

Chloe Cherry was a recent pornstar who transitioned into acting on the silver screen (Euphoria). Mia khalifa isn't an actress but she's somewhat well known. Pornstars can transition into Z-lister status and in theory work their way up to maybe C-list. But not ones who do niche degenerate pedo play and diaper porn like Shayna. She shot herself in the foot big time. I think she could have actually been some sort of semi-close to relevant E-girl type if she just stuck to having a stoner blog where she posts thirst traps. She was popular enough on Tumblr and believe it or not, Tumblr fame also transitioned into IRL "fame" in the mid 2010s.

No. 1922128

“someday” - bitch you’re a 26 year old prostitute… i am so lost by what potential she thinks she has to unlock kek

No. 1922129

she ruined any chance she might have had by getting fat anyway

No. 1922134

The only place she will ever have any sort of recognition resembling fame is LC. Even then she's a niche cow that will never have notoriety in the wider lolcow community.

She could keep getting fatter and be the next Amberlynn Reid.

No. 1922145

I disagree that she's niche, when I was a newfag I saw a lot of random Shayna talk/references in lc threads that I didn't get until reading all these, and other anons there always complaining about the Shay discourse kek, so we know a lot of users are at least aware of her. I think its beautiful irony that the only place she is well known is here. Be careful what you wish for Shat

No. 1922151

The falling out with Sensei Ricky Delgado has begun! Nonas get your popcorn.

No. 1922152

That's what I mean by her being niche, sorry I should have explained it better. She's a big cow on LC and any farmer will know who she is regardless of if they follow her threads or not. Outside of LC nobody cares. Her thread on KF is dead and she's never been mentioned in other lolcow communities like /cow/.

No. 1922154

there’s also cardi b, not a porn star but still the same industries. You can’t convince me she was a “straight and narrow strictly dances” type stripper either.
Shay is probably expecting the same turnaround to happen for her.

No. 1922156

Searching "chloe cherry" on porn sites brings up a diaper pissing video and a video where a guy is forcing her to vomit on the first page. I didn't want to look any further but I'm sure there's more. I wouldn't say she avoided degenerate pedo shit and she still managed to "make it". Shay wouldn't have an ice cube's chance in hell though, she'd still need to be attractive in some small way. Shayna is the antithesis of quality.

No. 1922157

difference being cardi b already had a number 1 album at 26 years old

No. 1922158

As though reality matters in her shaylusions kek

No. 1922166

Shayna isn't attractive enough. The only "fame" I can see her getting is being arrested for some dumb shit involving a moid, or some gross sex work shit. Nothing based on any "talent" she thinks she has.
Almost every sex worker who has some fame now, was attractive or had a look that fit their gross porn niche. They also had a pinch of talent in other areas or at the very least are capable of doing something else.
Chloe Cherry was doing parody porn and that gross coomer saw her and wanted her on the show. Shaynas so lazy and destructive that even if that did happen she'd fuck it up or be do bad they'd kick her.
Kim k came from money and chased fame, not to mention she was naturally pretty.
Cardi B was funny,an actual hustler and got on a popular reality show,used that to launch her music career.
Even the less famous sex workers can go on twitch and be charming or at the very least attractive/well known enough to get twitch simp bucks.
Shayna can't do anything. She genuinely thinks her porn being special will make her famous. She has a huge ego and thinks she's creating works of art. But she has no charm,no looks, nothing unique or entertaining.
She's not even Chris Chan level of "special interest fuck up" that some people have. There's nothing more with shayna. Just an below average girl doing identical gross porn who for some reason thinks laying on her ass back making faces will make her rich and famous.

No. 1922180

And by the time she had her number 1 album, she had already been a personality for 5ish years. Cardi started getting notoriety when she was 21. Sasha Gray was Z-List at best during the time of her brief mainstream popularity and had quit sex work by 21. Tracy Lords made her mainstream movie debut at 20, two years after having quit the industry. And while Jenna Jameson was still a porn star when she made her debut, it was a minor role with only 7 lines that required full frontal nudity and she was 23; all of her other work was sex work adjacent. Point being that Shayna is quite late.

No. 1922187

as a degen nona the top porn stars i can name off the top of the dome is: jenna jameson, cytherea, stormy daniels, sasha grey, stoya, riley reid(no1curr)

No. 1922188

Shaylusions of grandeur. IMO, Shayna's idea of fame/main stream is probably the same level of fame as riley reid. Overall I think she wants to be respected in the industry. She wants to be invited to that big porn award show with like Ron Jeremy and shit and booths. She wants ass pats for doing what any girl with a cell phone can do. She is not willing to do the things those girls do to reach that height of porn-stardom. She couldn't even handle being up on that BigGulpGuys website and asked him to take it down after it didnt get a good reception from his regulars (her rating on his site dropped when it was released). not to mention her many examples of not being professional. and last but not least, as much as it sucks, shes kind of past her prime in that sense. unless she completely transformed her body and became fit and got giant fake tits and became one of those used up porn stars in their 30s she could maybe do some crazy scene that would give her notority, but at her age in this industry you basically need to be doing double penetration, gang bangs, etc to stand out.

No. 1922190

i'd bet money that shayna thought when that professional shoot dropped she would instantly be discovered and shoot to fame. whereas everyone in her circle was just kind of like "cool." because it was the tamest shit ever and she gave the worst blow job of all time. so she had a bpd splitting episode and told him to delete fucking everything.

No. 1922196

Half you bitches nonstop mentioning BPD must have it yourselves with how often you bring it up when there's no proof she has it. And no I'm not a triggered BPDchan I'm just tired of the constant unsubstantiated armchairing. Not every dysfunctional woman has muh BPD, get off Tiktok and stop pathologizing everything it's just retarded and makes anons look like they're projecting. If you think her retard behavior proves BPD maybe that indicates just how filmsy the diagnosis of the condition really is in the first place if any dumbass attention seeker can get slapped with it. Anons stop your BPD coping already I beg

No. 1922197


Shay won't even do the bare minimum of eating a non-fried vegetable and washing her face and yet she thinks she is god's gift to the world. Astounding levels of delusion.

No. 1922198

this. its really annoying and its armchairing.

No. 1922201

I'm tired too, she is just an immature idiot, no amount of armchairing will make her a cluster b

No. 1922204

she's something. there's nothing normal about wanting to LARP pedophilia and wanting to be violently assaulted/hurt by deranged moids.

No. 1922206

she's a groomed immature idiot then

No. 1922211

nta but what does sexual trauma and crippled emotional regulation skills often times lead to? thats right, borderline personality disorder. it doesn't mean she definitely has bpd, but she sure does show a lot of behaviours that are common with that disorder and i feel it's not armchairing to point that out. if she's not borderline then it's hpd. a bitch as delusional as her must have some kind of personality disorder.(armchairing)

No. 1922213

Don’t forget Traci Lords.

No. 1922220

how is she not embarrassed not only of how her body looks but her personality and who she attracts. what a miserable life she's made for herself.

No. 1922222

Nta but she has zero sexual trauma, she basically begs to be raped because she somehow has made it this far in life as a woman without being assaulted. Shayna, in summary, is a coddled womanchild who got groomed into sex work as soon as she turned 18. That’s her biggest actual “trauma” unless you think having a Republican mother that cares for you and having to babysit your siblings in middle school are as traumatic as she claims. Her parents were way too lax imo, they clearly never instilled enough fear and discipline in her given how disrespectful she was in school and how little she took her grades seriously. This is what happens when you’re way too gentle and you let your kid be raised by the internet. If your kids have unsupervised internet access, they will end up embarrassing themselves and acquiring warped views of sex and degenerate fetishes. Shayna is an older case, I’ve been reading story after story in anti-porn communities of people’s 12 year old siblings having search histories full of piss kinks and other degen “hardcore” fetishes.(armchairing)

No. 1922236

File: 1698777419838.jpeg (420.44 KB, 1280x720, IMG_8939.jpeg)

this is literally all i can think of whenever shayna has one her monthly tweets begging her followers to rape her(posting family members, unsaged shitpost, general retardation)

No. 1922242

File: 1698778069058.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, 4974B567-289E-44A9-A4E5-96EA0F…)

even she looks fed up

No. 1922246

That's right shaynus, just smile through the pain. You'll get your breakthrough one day! You'll get discovered at fatcon next year, I just know it.

No. 1922255

Cringe to the point its not even remotely sexy. Also those style dresses look awful on her. Like she didn't learn from that shoot with std moid in Vegas. Its like her tits and lunchlady arms just look deformed in those dresses. Does nothing for her gunt. She really needs shapewear.

No. 1922256

The fucking insanity of her delusions. Shes below average at best in every way. Shes not good at porn and shes not particularly attractive in ANY way. Her personality is mostly fake and annoying regardless. What an incredible cope from a washed up 26 year old whore. Can't imagine being so painfully average, talentless slob yet thinking youre an amazing special person destined for fame. Cringey and bleak.

No. 1922259

Also horny men with no id or paper signing dont need to apply because she'll fuck them for a couple hundred and strip mall sushi.

No. 1922274

Shayna is spoiled and entitled. I personally don't think Shayna thinks she's that attractive. She just larps and when she has a filter on she feels slightly more confident. I think she genuinely thinks she has "it".Shes a diamond covered in old crusty spoiled milk and a mean girl holding the diamond captive.
That all it will take is one porn to help wash the milk away and tell the mean girl shayna is a beautiful barbie bimbo meant to be a famous twitter worker. Then everyone will see now special and amazing she truly is…at showing her bits and making generic "I'm a good person" tweets while doing nothing for anyone in real life

Or whatever she wants. I always have said that Shayna would take being twitter famous with a shit personal life over having a great personal life and being what she is now.
This is the same chick who said she wanted to be the lead singer in a band and become rich and famous before dying at 27. Someone with no talent/interest in singing or instruments.
On lolcow I've seen other sex workers talked about, so many of them have the same exact set up as Shay I often mistake them for her or think they are in her house.

No. 1922275

File: 1698786007631.jpeg (429.97 KB, 1170x1153, IMG_6256.jpeg)

No. 1922276

I dont see how this is different from any other day for her

No. 1922277

Literally what just happened. The shaylusions fell fast today

No. 1922284

why does she keep mixing caffiene and liquor… no wonder shes so manic and delusional. if shes mixing adderall with that to it explains all her crazed posting lately.

No. 1922289

The ups and downs of a thriving alcoholic. She was on an up while drunk and tweeting about her hollywood dreams and then the alcohol depression came back.

No. 1922292

File: 1698788993267.jpg (79.8 KB, 1024x1024, 1697663342321.jpg)

She is so revolting. Stuff like this is so fucking vile and it's always dumb privileged bitches who try to make it sound cute and fun. God i fucking hate women like her that enable violent scrotes. Gives them the perception that they can treat all women like trash and that we enjoy it.

No. 1922302

praying she doesnt end up like that poor woman with a psycho bdsm freak lover who killed her for his sick fetish

No. 1922306

it's not, i checked because i was morbidly curious and she's a girl.

No. 1922309

literal rape porn. wow.

No. 1922319

Old shayheads will remember when shat used to be obsessed with the fact that she was skinny. She once said that "…its our jobs as naturally skinny people to realise our privileges as skinny people.." in some rant once that was basically a brag that she doesnt have to try to be skinny she just is but its still bad to acknowledge that uwu.

My sides are all kekked to shit watching her now. She probably thought that youthful metabolism was gonna follow her forever and she would always be skinny while eating everything and anything and chugging alcohol. Now she is a fat, miserable alcoholic who has to see all these pretty, "naturally skinny", teenage girls walking around in their cute halloween costumes and getting all the scrote stares that she feels are rightfully hers.

What a delusional cow i love it.

No. 1922345

How does she make even pokebowl, which typically consist of fresh and vibrant foods, look like brown slop..? the invishayble touch

No. 1922350

He tagged Kiki and the other girl but not Shayna, maybe that’s why she’s upset

No. 1922355

File: 1698800802174.png (1.67 MB, 2188x2200, 2622628_sh4db3ll3_nerd-emoji.p…)

>>1921954 His voice is like this emoji kek

No. 1922359

File: 1698802236106.jpg (Spoiler Image,222.54 KB, 1536x2048, ¿¡DAPHNE?!.JPG)

> get on ur knees & pray [Folded Hands: Light Skin Tone Emoji] [Black Heart Emoji] [Sparkles Emoji]
From her Twitter.(spoiler this)

No. 1922360

Does ol limp dick big gut Ricky really say "need some company, fatty?!" in this video

No. 1922361

the file name kek

No. 1922368

Wait so has she ever posted a video where the guy had a full erection? It’s so embarrassing…

No. 1922391

so she posts her video with limpy nerd
he posts their weird group sex doesn't tag shayna
she throws a fit and deletes her video and cries in a grocery store?

No. 1922400

File: 1698808132710.jpeg (788.36 KB, 1242x1400, shaynushasbipolarandbpd.jpeg)

don't worry nonas, she has bipolar and bpd. we can all be right. peace in the shaynus thread.

No. 1922401

im cackling and cannot unhear this.. is that seriously what he said?

No. 1922408

File: 1698810272012.jpeg (212.71 KB, 1170x606, IMG_5345.jpeg)

No. 1922421

I’ve only heard people say the “energy” compliment to people that they pity, usually desperate ugly fatties

No. 1922425

File: 1698813131828.jpeg (Spoiler Image,443.3 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_1659.jpeg)

Definitely hasn’t lost weight anyone who thinks so should refer to this photo of her waist

No. 1922450

File: 1698816456883.jpeg (139.44 KB, 750x734, 08762CFB-FFA3-451B-98DD-4B6611…)


No. 1922451

File: 1698816639255.jpeg (221.08 KB, 1170x851, IMG_5347.jpeg)

KEK WHAT. She must be drunk and on a shaylusion again. Can’t wait for her hungover depression texts tomorrow

No. 1922453

I’m expecting some kind of huge meltdown tonight or at least soon. The tone of this tweet is sad, angry, and…. you nonnas already know what I’m gonna say kek

No. 1922455

she looks psychotic

No. 1922464

KEK this is priceless

No. 1922471

Shaylusion maximus

No. 1922477

grim, even

No. 1922479

I guess it’s pornsick guys like these that all get instant ED when they don’t have a death grip on their dicks or aren’t actively assaulting and jackhammering some prostitute. The one thing a guy has to do in porn is remain erect and they can’t even do that with a nude woman ready to fuck them right there. Moids out here literally breaking their dick function from too much coom kek it is really embarrassing for shayna too. Nothing worse than a guy trying to fuck with a half flaccid penis.

No. 1922483

Yeah I remember in one of the videos the guy is pretty flacid but he does end up ejaculating, and Shayna’s face is a mixture of pure joy, pride, shock, and relief. She got the validation she was seeking but was worried wouldn’t happen because dude couldn’t keep it up. Sex with these guys (and with Shayna) probably always sucks

No. 1922503

Has she ever been this close to genuine self awareness?

No. 1922525

I know she's supposed to be Daphne but her torso does a very convincing Homer Simpson impression

No. 1922560

File: 1698839767528.jpeg (453.69 KB, 1170x1887, IMG_1747.jpeg)

No. 1922562

File: 1698839847963.jpeg (711.77 KB, 1170x1661, IMG_1748.jpeg)


No. 1922565

All this & u cudnt write like a normal person so ppl dnt hav 2 read ur stupid fuckin "bimbo" typin?

No. 1922568

I hope someone gasses her up and we get to see some line reads, a monologue or two. I'd love to see her reading for something other than uhh baby bimbo slut, slutty baby bimbo, gothy slut baby, or bratty gothy slut - which, albeit is an impressive range.

No. 1922569

Shayna's bpd confirmed kek.

No. 1922570

What comments?

No. 1922571

File: 1698842167536.png (92.08 KB, 1180x374, Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 11.3…)

No. 1922573

I know the porn industry is gross but big studios shoot for several hours and do several takes under studio lighting, they have to fluff up the actors in between takes there are usually people in the background to put the actors in better positions etc. >>1921954 is just two fat ugly people fucking in a dingy room and it was probably only one take.
Foreeal sex looks awful with these guys they’re all so ugly and old with flaccid dicks and not to mention hairy and greasy. I would not touch Ricky or Baldi or Sol with a ten foot pole they’re slimy and sexually revolting and predatory

No. 1922577

All this text because not enough coomers are responding to her free asshole pics?

Soy is also more than likely infected with STDs from raw fucking trannies.

No. 1922578

File: 1698844187913.png (Spoiler Image,2.82 MB, 1136x640, 35B2009F-539B-4CAB-B710-AF1D54…)

Bro’s penis is deflated

No. 1922580

Small and soft

No. 1922590

I've tried to interpret it in other ways but all I clearly hear is "fatty" kek

No. 1922593

Afaik his shrimpy little weenie has been erect in his other videos right?

No. 1922594

File: 1698847423080.jpeg (446.52 KB, 1170x1051, IMG_6267.jpeg)

No. 1922595

KEK its so tiny and his voice is so faggoty

No. 1922597

Lmao he says “need some company, Dolly” not fatty

No. 1922602

Why the fuck does she post these fucking text interactions she has? It's so embarrassing that she apparently doesn't understand privacy and only thinks about her quirky sex work persona!!1!

No. 1922606

File: 1698848490071.png (741.96 KB, 1290x2796, IMG_9972.png)

KPDA’s comment

No. 1922616

I know we know Shayna is into the absolute worst, degen shit at this point but it still grosses me out how she’s actively protesting/saying no when Ricky Delgado from Boulder, CO begins to drag her onto the bed like a hog. Rape/cnc porn is the some of the worst stuff and very harmful to women

No. 1922617

that and incest is her favorite apparently

No. 1922623

File: 1698851681998.png (477.04 KB, 1080x1972, Screenshot_20231101-111311.png)

More of her comments. Can't wait for big Shaynus to throw a fit and delete all the tweets

No. 1922627

Who’s that ho?

No. 1922628

File: 1698852142610.jpeg (117.67 KB, 1080x1283, IMG_8592.jpeg)

No. 1922629

Looks like some random college “feminist” with no followers and an onlyfans page

No. 1922635

it's an old screenshot, from like 2019

No. 1922636

My tinfoil is that Shayna’s tweets here >>1922560 and here >>1922562 came from her being triggered by this comment in the thread >>1922190 . The whole “putting your all into what you create and getting less out of it than you hoped” seems like a majorly triggered projection. Almost like she’s yelling at herself as a cope.

No. 1922640

File: 1698853601932.png (Spoiler Image,115.21 KB, 293x299, 45623C33-3D0D-4C1A-A2C6-76F312…)

OG nonas who were part of the great doxing of Ricky Delgado remember this picture confirming he got the baby dick. Looks like a child’s thumb.

No. 1922649

>OG Nonas

It was a week ago

No. 1922651

you don't need to experience rape or CSA to have sexual trauma. it's obviously not entirely comparable, but i think repeatedly watching women being harmed and forced to do sexual acts by moids must have some effect on a developing brain.(armchairing/derailing)

No. 1922657


At least she's doing a better job than tuna on that fairywhatevervape

No. 1922658

Honestly, being exposed to porn too young is enough for a child to develop sexual trauma. And Shayna grew up in that generation where grown adults would post nudes and use tags that were popular with younger audiences. Like, I'm sure so many of us have had the experience of being a kid or teenager looking for something innocent enough, like anime or outfit ideas and you scroll down a little and see someone's NSFW fanart, porn gifs or nudes.(armchairing/derailing)

No. 1922683

Are you really implying that Shay's got sexual trauma from looking at porn at like 13? If that's the case, 99% of Zoomers and at least 50% of the previous generation also have sexual trauma and probably some personality disorder because of it kek
Not that it isn't true that that kind of material can really rot the brain if viewed at a young age, but this isn't the same as someone being raped or molested (regardless of age).
Kek newfags looking to give themselves some cred(rehashing ancient theories)

No. 1922687

yeah, they said its not the same so idk why your reiterating that. if viewing porn at a young age causes you to sexualize yourself, especially online as a middle schooler or teenager i would consider that to be some sort of mild sexual trauma, and its become extremely common. you dont think that underage girls on tiktok twerking or talking about how they cant wait to turn 18 so they can do porn or OF is the internet grooming mass amounts of teenagers all at once with little to no effort? they are completely primed to be groomed by an individual and end up actually sexually traumatized, if its not sexual trauma in and of itself then its the precursor.(stop this armchairing derail)

No. 1922703

Not reiterating anything, my friend.
>you dont think that underage girls on tiktok twerking or talking about how they cant wait to turn 18 so they can do porn or OF is the internet grooming mass amounts of teenagers all at once with little to no effort?
You'll have to realize that you don't see every facet of a person's life through their social media. I highly doubt that watching porn or being terminally online was the catalyst for these young girls to act out that way. CSA, poverty, neglect, or otherwise poor living conditions are far more common, and likely, reasons for that type of behavior—none of which apply to Shayna. Porn alone does not typically result in age inappropriate behaviors, unless we're discussing very young (=<12) children.

No. 1922713

Ntayrt, but since we don’t see every aspect of a person’s life on social media, couldn’t this then apply to Shayna? We actually don’t know if she’s been abused (and I’m not talking about having to babysit her brother). I guess we’ll never truly know. She’s still a horrible person though.

No. 1922723

You're right about that, but in the past we've also had anons who knew her in her youth (with proof) to relay that she was just a normie (albeit rude and a compulsive liar, IIRC) with caring but otherwise hands off parents, plus her siblings come off as relatively stable adults. Maybe her parents were too hands off which lead her to do stupid shit as a teen. I do think Shay has got issues, and I agree that we will probably never know for certain, but those issues more likely are not coming from severe childhood (i.e. <10 years old) trauma. I think it's more her addiction to weed which she has cultivated since her teenage years, plus the alcohol abuse, and an ounce of her friend group (who were junkies and are mostly or all dead now) that have contributed to her current state.

No. 1922724

You are thinking of trauma the wrong way. While there are events we socially think of as traumatic (CSA, rape, assault, etc) because so many people would have a trauma response to doesn't mean only events like that are considered trauma. Seemingly banal things like porn, in general, can be traumatic for someone young. It's perfectly possible Shay is enough of an immature autist to be traumatized by sexually violent material on tumblr or even being responsible for her younger brother though I don't think that makes her beyond reproach.(stop this armchairing derail)

No. 1922732

AYRT and yeah it's possible to receive trauma from events that most people would view as normal but I think the conversation was specifically relating trauma to personality disorders (i.e. BPD), which generally arises from severe and prolonged abuse during early childhood. A divorce can definitely be a traumatic event for some people, especially children, but it would not be enough to develop a personality disorder in general (maybe if Shay were exposed to adult content many times throughout her very early childhood, then I could understand that factoring into her current dysfunctional state). Since Shay's parents are separated I could see that as a cause for her acting out as a teen, but teens in general act out until tempered with age once they reach young adulthood. Shay's been smoking weed since her teens, and it's known that weed can stunt mental development and cause mood regulation issues. Factor in alcohol and Bob's your uncle. Anyway, we ultimately won't know the actual answer unless someone very close to her comes in this thread and spills the milk. I won't shit up the thread anymore with useless speculation and medfagging.(stop this armchairing derail)

No. 1922733

File: 1698866774076.jpeg (294.51 KB, 750x990, D94E9D20-00AD-4ED5-8969-29A911…)

she deleted those tweets from last night

No. 1922736

Good. It's ironic because doesn't she often post about how little interaction she gets? I think that KP DA user had a good point, Shay gets to talk about how s00oo0oper hard sex "work" is and how people should quit SW if they can't handle it because she at least has a fall back (i.e. her father/parents), but a lot of these women are chained back by poverty or abuse to quit. She's not successful anyway and has no room to preach about what she does

No. 1922738

She puts the bare minimum amount of effort into her work and expects to be belle delphine famous for simply exisiting. Also kek
> normies will never understand all that goes into advertising
her idea of advertising is retweeting her tweets. So difficult, so much hard effort and work.

No. 1922741

i don't know if she still does this but i remember when she would retweet other sex workers and then foood her page with her own retweets basically hiding the other person. it was so obvious too.

No. 1922745

Shayna has always bitched about no one interacting or retweeting. She even paid for people with more followers to share her posts kek telling sex workers online not to complain is laughable in the first place, let alone coming from her.

No. 1922760

File: 1698869544337.jpeg (452.36 KB, 750x1060, 4A2D72E5-9492-4561-A55B-B58026…)

she gets shit interaction always even when people see her posts they don't like or follow her. she's ugly and boring

No. 1922766

How does she always manage to give “rotting sweet potato forgotten on a white microwave”

No. 1922772

File: 1698871000667.jpeg (104.03 KB, 828x265, IMG_1669.jpeg)

Isn’t this in like a week? Is she retarded?

No. 1922778

i still think theres trouble in paradise and she’s dodging kiki. they dont interact anymore other than just tagging eachother on already completed work which I imagine is just business. They clearly aren’t trying to hide their relationship like people thought as they are advertising their scene so why aren’t they suddenly all “MY BFF” anymore?

No. 1922781

Either she's being retarded with money or she isn't earning much from her johns. I suspect it's the latter.

No. 1922782

this is total speculation but i feel like shayna jumps into these friendships with people and over does it because she’s so depraved of human interaction. She basically lovebombs people for a certain period and then its like she can’t keep up that same “energy” consistently around them and so she lets the friendship fizzle out or creates unnecessary drama. She doesn’t seem capable of having casual long term friends, she just picks one person to fixate on until she’s bored.

No. 1922783

she looks 50 years old in the right pic like her face is melting off or something jfc

No. 1922784

i feel like there may be difference between when kiki lets random whores cuck her who they dont really interact with much after versus having her “best friend” cuck her with Ricky and it caused some distance between them. I

No. 1922785

girl you already barely have a visible neck, the giant black choker is NOT helping things.

No. 1922790

File: 1698872165763.jpeg (136.7 KB, 750x574, CB987767-F482-484E-97D0-E32741…)

imagine choosing this life

No. 1922794

This face she does when spreading her holes is just so uncomfortable and disturbing.

No. 1922798

She's lucky nobody gives a fuck about her, I'm not sure how she would recover if a random rw twitter scrote quote retweeted one of her pics ripping her appearance apart.

No. 1922802

She looks like a fat teacher or something like a lunch lady or the trunchable idk

No. 1922813

File: 1698874842104.jpeg (184.49 KB, 1170x1227, IMG_1754.jpeg)

So her comers paid for it, but she wants to make the money back

No. 1922814

leaving her pets alone once again, why does she even have them

No. 1922815

She got a loan for her money probably, or used a credit card. Either way she’s mega poor for this trip

No. 1922817

>i made it happen
>but it was like $600 so i'd love to make some of that money back
It sounds like she had to find most of the money herself because she only got $50 of some coomers NEETbux.

No. 1922819

I don't even know why she bothers going to these kink events, she always ends up in a depressive spiral afterwards because she's deeper in the hole after spending money she doesn't have to go to them and leaves with no content or content that doesn't sell kek

No. 1922823

why would you book these whore trips without being absolutely 100% certain ahead of time you’re going to earn travel to + from plus a profit? it sounds like she’s unsure about even making $600 off this. so why bother? is she really that cheap? I know she’d say “I rly just luv spanking tht much so I dnt even care abt the money, I’m such a slutty baby hehe” but then she could just find someone local (like her gf?) to spank her. I look at her thread and put myself in her shoes for five minutes and instantly want to kill myself.

No. 1922824

she probably thinks shes gonna be discovered at one kek

No. 1922832

She met that brony guy Shane there last year. She is going to do her drunk mating call. She was complaining in twitter no one wanted to fuck her at fetcon tho, so not sure how much success she’ll have this year. This is Shane’s stomping grounds and I’m sure he’s been talking.

No. 1922833

$600 for a fucking flight to texas? what a joke. that’s retard levels of not being able to handle your money. just wow.

No. 1922836

I hate that face where she makes her eyes big and makes her mouth into a little 'o' she looks legit special needs. All of her "spreading" vag pics are like being confronted by a cave beast and having to fend off being sucked into her black hole of darkness.

No. 1922842

"…wasnt able to" is a weird way to say "i was too lazy and kept putting it off."

No. 1922847

More like “couldn’t afford flights then and still can’t afford flight now”

No. 1922853

File: 1698881078616.png (2.47 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8965.png)

this is the cost of a basic flight

No. 1922857

I hate when she does these weird lectures. I don't know why she does them and the fake, "I'm just trying to help!" You can always find her ranting/doing the thing she's complaining about as well

No. 1922862

This is how you know shayna messes with broke John's who only pay her like once/twice a month when they get paid. Cause how you selling ass but can't afford this without begging? Shouldn't you be able to sell yourself for this? What's the point of having sex on and off camera if you are stil this broke. It's like everytime she flies out to add another moid she doesn't want to have sex with to her roster. She is extra broke.

No. 1922872

File: 1698885100771.png (2.33 MB, 2560x2560, 4B517656-26E2-40F2-BE84-4D49A5…)

sorry for the poorly cropped image but why is she asking for different amounts? drunk?

No. 1922875

File: 1698885588673.png (1.74 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9166.png)

time to drink some more today

No. 1922877

she looks like she hasn’t showered in over a week

No. 1922878

File: 1698885909751.png (323.57 KB, 648x784, wtaf.png)

I lol'd IRL and startled my cat. She must be completely wasted on pink wine and then attempted to put on make up.

No. 1922879

She photoshopped out something huge from the center of her forehead. Wonder if it's related to when she was hiding her face for a couple days from photos when she came back from Kikis. Giant pimple?

No. 1922880

imagine THIS showing up at your bar. The poop birds nest egg head up-do, the caked-on makeup, fungal acne, anal ring dry mouth, clumped lashes, uneven eyebrows, flareup on chest while wearing a polyester tracksuit completely covered in animal hair. I would be freaking scared kek

No. 1922881

No. 1922882

She's probably going to see that bartended she's been trying to chat up too. Literally wearing the same outfit she did last time she saw him except this time she looks even more disheveled. Dude's gonna wonder if she even changed her clothes since the last time she was there.

No. 1922891

Imagine your whole online persona is barbie bimbo, but this is the fucking look you go with while out at a bar and while trying to pick-up no less… she looks more like she’s going to her local pub or TAB (down underfag, dunno if it’s called the same in burgerland, sports bar?)and the only people who hang out there are old labour worker types who blow their whole pay check on greyhound races.

No. 1922897

Forehead wrinkles. She’s so obviously drunk or xanned out that she did a shit job of it. Look how harsh the lines are on either side of the blur.

No. 1922901

these rhombus ass bangs always trigger me, I dont even understand how one would straighten bangs so wonkily unless they angle the straightener 45 degrees away from the direction the hair grows

No. 1922905

What is the point of blurring a small amount of this is but leaving her side forehead wrinkles and pimple texture?
She’s got a lot going on on her face, explains her ultra-blurring on all her Halloween pictures

No. 1922906

File: 1698888528243.jpg (164.38 KB, 1169x1712, 20231101_200405.jpg)

recycling the same 2 outfits per week

No. 1922907


Didn’t she one time make a post/rant directed to male sex workers, or men interested in sex work, that it isn’t the woman’s responsibility to keep them erect?
I mean she’s not completely wrong, they should probably be confident in their functioning, but it’s funny that’s she says that but seems to be to common denominator with all these porn videos with flaccid guys

No. 1922908

its a filter

No. 1922911

I know that, I’m just old and misspeak. Still, what’s the point? Can’t you adjust the filter or look at it and notice it looks stupid?

No. 1922917

Shayna et al always do this. None of them ever have any intention of skipping the events they’re begging for, it’s all a ruse to get the maximum amount of money they can with very little effort on their part. Same goes for salon visits, food, hauls and so on. Shayna doesn’t beg because she needs to and no, this doesn’t mean to imply she’s well off. Shayna begs because so far, it has worked for her.
I don’t think so, the same thing happened after FetLife. I feel they are intentionally fuping us duping us as Shayna did with Fupa after the doxing debacle.

No. 1922921


EIGHT years of whoring yourself and destroying your holes and you can't afford a 600 flight? LOLOLOL

No. 1922931

File: 1698894568175.gif (577.82 KB, 480x320, 2D688377-DD3D-46EA-AA14-32C48E…)

Late but her body moves like a plate of jello

No. 1922940

This get up is from the Steve Madden Walmart line lmao I can’t

No. 1922944

We all saw this coming. She had a john or 2 at first give her like a grand and thought she was making big money and was riding that high. Then quickly had john bail and started to take less and less.
Last she said she was taking like 500 bucks to get fucked by some disgusting old crusty coomer.
Shes been taking trips left and right, abandoning her pets, and putting little time into releasing content. She stopped trying to make content for a minute because she thought the prostitution money would carry her. Now here she is barely a month later selling all vids desperately for $100 so she can go fuck off somewhere again.
Shes not as popular and desirable as she thinks. Very few coomers are buying her content. The economy sucks so even pornsick scrotes have to pick and choose what to spend money on and it aint her repeatitive, bad content.

No. 1922945

File: 1698897299829.jpeg (29.13 KB, 750x172, EF436BE8-1579-46F9-B649-49B69B…)

whatever this was she deleted it kek

No. 1922967

I unfortunately did some digging and Ricky’s chode is actually not flaccid in his many of his most recent videos with other women so I actually wonder if the reasoning behind his limp penis may actually be Shaylated. Not that moids are any prize or that their performance issues reflect solely on women, but the fact that all of the moids in Shayna’s videos are flaccid and/or can’t orgasm is so humiliating. Such a sex goddess! So much for 8 years of sex work kekkkkk.

No. 1922983

Lol thanks for doing that I guess. I would feel so embarrassed having videos like that shown publicly. I am sure Shayna would explain it away that they are setting up different scenes and using scripts and that this takes away from them being in the moment together, but that’s the price for their really professional content.

No. 1923022

File: 1698920473865.jpeg (79.74 KB, 750x417, 1985DD1A-B136-4BE3-90DD-2C0D2A…)

she deleted this

No. 1923023

File: 1698920512608.jpeg (418.03 KB, 750x1128, B5AA0321-212B-44FE-B48F-ECDF33…)

she's genuinely so lame

No. 1923025

anyone who is stupid enough to think that on- and offline prostitution make you anywhere near rich needs to be confronted by the cautionary tale that is shayna clifford. it's the biggest mlm scheme out there.

No. 1923026

the flapper dress in that colour is gonna make her look like she's got strings of ham glued to her dad bod. not looking forward to it

No. 1923027

Cant he pop a viagra? I thought he was a professional

No. 1923037

wtf how are either of these on theme for a ho down

No. 1923038

That’s the perfect description, nonna! I chortled. The flapper costume is gonna look horrific. At least the poodle skirt would somewhat cover her, even if it’s dumpy looking. But then again, I see she wants it in a size xs/s, so she’ll probably use it as a gunt belt. Kek.

No. 1923039

No way she can wrap that around her rotund body

No. 1923046

Fat women popping out of their clothing is trope in BBW porn so maybe she just knows what her true audience wants.

No. 1923066

that's not even close moiderino

No. 1923069

>her holes

kys moid(report suspected males, do not reply)

No. 1923073

>i wanna commit cri
NTA and you replied to the wrong post >>1922921

No. 1923094

File: 1698938371376.png (302.62 KB, 1800x1068, 2023_event.png)

I'm assuming Shayna is going to this

No. 1923099

Looking like she's being forced on a flight to a rehab center, yikes

No. 1923100

For such a hard working sex worker she does barely the bare minimum for her stunning looks. The first result on Amazon and 2 sizes too small - the shaycipe to shaycess.

No. 1923101

>$70 for a cheap ass cliche too small poodle dress
She can’t find a single 50’s-esk outfit in her stink hovel to do a rockabilly outfit? She could do her coke bangs and attract some fat “alt tat dad” or whatever. I don’t understand her thought process.

No. 1923107

she could do her coke can bangs with that faux leather walmart outfit to go as a greaser!!

No. 1923114

this boomer tier graphic design, kek

No. 1923115

i like how she screenshots a size small when in reality shes changing her cart to an XL

No. 1923120

No. 1923122

All I remember from last year is her doing skeevy private shoots on hotel rooms. What do they even do at the main events of this "spanking party"? Are people just getting spanked (while clothed) out in the open?

No. 1923126

exactly… i could ALMOST understand going broke over attending this event if she truly enjoyed it and was prepared and created fun outfits for each day. But even tho she has intentions to go places a year in advance, she treats everything like an afterthought.

No. 1923134

if truly the first website on amazon for the theme, surely they'll be like 20 different gross people wearing exactly the same outfit? she prides herself on being so creative but whoa this is lazy, even for her

No. 1923137

she's going to look like absolute shit in that flapper get up. Hopefully she'll buy some gut control panties because she'll really look like a bedazzled prize pig

No. 1923143

guarantee there'll be more than 20; like harley quinns on Halloween

No. 1923152

File: 1698950185555.jpeg (196.45 KB, 750x573, 82BD16A4-61EA-4679-8FB8-594E2D…)

not even on her personal account

No. 1923160

Didn’t Shayna say like 50 threads ago that she was groomed as a teenager and the guy came to her school? She said homeland security came and nonas said DHS doesn’t show up for stuff like this but they do when it’s child sexual exploitation online (not to blogpost but it’s relevant to because it happened with me)
Not trying to add to the derailment but just wanted to mention that in previous threads Shayna did mention this happening to her, whether or not it’s true is really up to you, honestly I believe her and I believe that’s why she went down the route of exploiting herself but she’s like 26 now and has had years to get therapy and unlearn shit and my sympathy and other nonnies sympathy dried up years ago too

No. 1923161

Wtf is this look supposed to be? 80s shih tzu?

No. 1923162

This is the hardest I've laughed at the thread so far since the threadpic kek. Who tf is she fooling??

No. 1923163

What happened to her multiple partners if she wants a man in her life so bad? Could it be that poly relationships basically mean nothing? Hmmm

No. 1923164

File: 1698951300672.jpeg (Spoiler Image,328.08 KB, 750x779, A15CFE99-1172-43D9-A87A-0357BD…)

xs/s kek

No. 1923166

she takes the same pic every time

No. 1923177

how do her thighs not constantly chafe? her body looks so uncomfortable to be in.

No. 1923179

She’s not doing much walking tbf

No. 1923184

Kek I seriously thought she just reposted the same pic all the time

No. 1923187


No. 1923192

you can see her ingrowns from here. looks so itchy

No. 1923216

I found it—it’s in thread #25. Also, I’m so sorry that happened to you, nonna.

No. 1923231

she’s also said she’s a liar and lies for attention about a lot of shit which has been corroborated by the anons who have said they went to school with/were in the same town as her. so take that as you will.

No. 1923241

i fucking HATE when shayna takes this tone in her tweets like she's so all knowing and "just giving friendly advice" when it's all just about wanting asspats and to pretend to have some sort of experience or authority over people that she will NEVER have in real life.

No. 1923252

File: 1698967152371.png (9.77 MB, 4860x2160, IMG_6399.png)

She could’ve saved money by wearing this outfit that she already has from her “viral”TikTok video. Then she could’ve used the outfit as a conversation starter to promote her social media

No. 1923260

No way shes buying that size.
This nona has the right idea. Thats why its in her cart and not a trackable purchase/receipt.

No. 1923262

not sure if its the pink but her face is so piggish in this shoot

No. 1923274


hilarious she still pines for fupa. it's also a mystery how EVERYWHERE she goes EVERYONE flirts with her but she can't find a man??? HMM

No. 1923281

she was already barely squeezing into it. she probably ripped some of the seams. doubtful she’d still be able to squeeze herself into it again.

No. 1923289

I feel like it could be a smell thing? Porn sick makes losing erections or having weak ones is nothing new but it is interesting that quite literally no one can get hard for her. Perhaps she doesnt clean her folds

No. 1923297

File: 1698974704351.jpeg (Spoiler Image,316.9 KB, 828x1477, IMG_1693.jpeg)

Was looking over the events, Sarah Gregory will be there. So I imagine Shay will try to spend time with her. As mentioned in the image you shared two of the themes are speak easy and 50s. Ofc the 50s event will have a buffet so ofc our queen will be in attendance. It’s actually so funny she seems to only attend the events with food. Also seems she does the sign ups for stuff like being spanked by certain people which is curious because does she pay for that?

No. 1923299

Fuck it, sensei Ricky should commit to the larp and mainline viagra into his dick with a syringe like a real porn star. I bet he’s too scared to do this, man up Rick. For the lulz.

Shayna should make her hovel a safe injection site for limpdick moids.

No. 1923309

File: 1698976446274.jpeg (Spoiler Image,361.2 KB, 828x588, IMG_1695.jpeg)

Kek. How old even is Sarah gregory she’s deceptively old looking. Seems to be the only good influence Shay has (stop drinking, stop being fat etc) but even still she’s a porn peddler so lmao it is especially funny to see Sarah gregory dressed in school girl outfits trying to pass as one. Anyways onto the next bestie picrel.

No. 1923321

kek it kills me that grandma gregory has a better looking body than shay

No. 1923334

>be me
>reading Shayna's thread because have no life
>new Shayna screenshot
>expand image
>phone screenshot fills entire laptop screen
>VictoriaEva by evskaya working overtime, as usual
>ratty turd bun, a Shayna classic
>anon needs to charge her phone
>pink low res profile pic mocking Shayna's face as I scroll
>grease tracks look like she has clip-ins on the front of her forehead
>brows are tiny this year
>wings are better than where we started
>foundation cakey
>nose ring and plugs making a comeback
>Shayna's going to the bar
>black crop hoodie covered in dog hair
>Shayhog Day
>see you tomorrow, anon…

No. 1923357

Nitpick but she has such a cartoonishly evil face. Does anyone know of her mom’s background/heritage?

No. 1923359

her mother is of Irish heritage

No. 1923362

Definitely of the potato variety.

No. 1923423

She’s 41.

No. 1923427

Frfr. For every Julia Fox’s or Chloe Cherry’s there are ten thousand Shayna Clifford’s; there’s a massive success bias in SW that most people prefer to pretend doesn’t exist, which only goes on to harm the girls who think that it’s an easy gateway to fame and fortune and who set up an OF as soon as they turn 18.

No. 1923442

I thought her mom was part Irish and Greek.

No. 1923457

“Grandma Gregory.” Damn, you sound like a scrote. Women totally depreciate in value while men just get better, right?!?(infighting)

No. 1923479

>>1923457 normally they don't, but when they submit themselves to the porn industry and push and promote that industries standards, then yeah, by those self imposed standards, they do and they are personally responsible for maintaining those standards and them bleeding over from porn into society.

No. 1923482

Girl shut up(infighting)

No. 1923483

Would you shut the fuck up? We mock cows here, female and male. You need to go outside if you’re reading this far into anon’s dig.(infighting)

No. 1923486

>>1923442 Isn't she british on her dad's side too with the name Clifford? She looks pretty inbred and chavvy.

No. 1923525

In one of the older threads someone posted a facial construction pic of a stone age Southern English woman and she looked uncannily like Shay. She's got a very stereotypically English face with the pasty skin, narrow eyes, long, wide nose and thin lips. My tinfoil has been that she has Italian ancestry somewhere down the line ever since reading the "mob boss eyes" comment someone made ages ago kek, it's so accurate

No. 1923526

Clifford the Big Red Hog kekekek

No. 1923531

do you know where you are?(infighting)

No. 1923542

Shayna definitely has a stink to her. For the reasons of which I will list below:

- We have on multiple occasions seen unhealthy amounts of yeast chunks in and around her vagina. Shayna not only has no concern over them but actually will finger them out and eat them pretending it is her “cum”

- Shayna has said multiple times she does not like to shower in the past. Even now, she is type of person who only showers when they think “they need to” compared to most people who just shower in regular intervals and don’t wait until they actually stink before doing so.

- Shayna smokes and drinks frequently and likely has dry mouth/white tongue that causes chronic bad breathe. Her teeth also indicate poor dental hygiene.

- Shayna has asthma or some shit so she is constantly huffing and puffing and making weird mouth sounds like she is struggling to exist. Or even worse that gross super loud nose breathing she does. Just imagine trying to stay aroused while Shayna is blowing hot rank air at your face while she tries to keep up with the physical activity. She also probably needs to stop frequently to catch her breath.

- Shayna is now obese. Even though she’s been officially obese for a few years it’s still “new” to her and she is full on delusional about it. So she doesn’t know or do any of the fat girl tricks that life long fatties do to keep down odours or embarrassments (more frequent washing, wearing certain fabrics, powdering fat folds). So she probably just smells sweaty and like BO all the time.

- Shayna frequently has unprotected sex and doesn’t properly wash her sex toys. She definitely has or has had BV multiple times and probably smells like bread down there.

No. 1923546

when i was in college we said girls who look like shayna “looked salty” kek

No. 1923547

She also doesn't wash her clothes or bedding and do basic household chores like vacuuming. The musty miasma of her apartment probably lingers on her when she's outside.

No. 1923562

She runs and organizes the Lonestar Spanking party. I wouldn’t be surprised, considering she is friendly with Shayna, that she helped her out with her flight ticket. Can’t wait for her to scramble for their Aruba trip.

No. 1923570

Where did she say her mom is part greek? That would make a lot of sense

No. 1923577

absolutely rancid, yet accurate. you forgot that her barely taken care of pets sleep in her bed and shit in her apartment (at least the cats but since she walks the dog like twice annually… who knows)

No. 1923579

Fuck, I had a dream about these two last night, that they got into a huge fight and I was there to witness. I need to log off kek.

No. 1923591

File: 1699037113245.jpg (424.15 KB, 1044x1697, Doordash.jpg)

She is so last minute with everything. It also irks me she spends less money on all 3 of her pets' food than she does stuffing her face daily.

No. 1923601

confirmation she just buys whatever is available for pet food on uber eats/door dash instead of actually buying what is best for her pets and/or planning a monthy bulk order of a decent brand to save money.

No. 1923609

I totally forgot about the aruba thing

No. 1923620

>Dasher tip $4

No. 1923623

shay's 100% going to get sick in aruba. my prediction is that she'll spend the entire trip puking, maybe she'll have to go to the hospital, but knowing shay she won't have travel insurance and will have to beg her coomers to cover her hospital bill

No. 1923651

I'm sorry, but what is she feeding her pets for $70. She has 3. I spend around $80 monthly on food just for my one cat. How can you feed a big dog and two cats for $70?

No. 1923654

She tells on herself all the time. Whining about people not paying enough to support her lifestyle, but she can't even bother to tip appropriately. Entitled ass bitch.

No. 1923657

people make this nitpick all the time and its retarded. yeah she lies about finances all the time and what she actually spends but theres hundreds of different brands of dog and cat food and cat litter out there. without knowing how much she feeds her animals and what brands she buys there is literally no way to assert how much money she should be/is spending on them.

No. 1923661

Fat lazy heifer could have gotten her pets' food herself. <10% tip is an insult, better to have not tipped at all. Ugly inside and out.

No. 1923668

especially to have them lug heavy pet food/litter

No. 1923686

She probably buys pet food more frequently in smaller quantities. Or she's too shitfaced to remember what she actually bought and needed to make something up for her e-begging post.

No. 1923687

Like the fact she couldn’t even do 10% is just horribly entitled behavior. It’s people like her that make DoorDash have to force people to tip now

No. 1923707

File: 1699058961055.jpeg (Spoiler Image,658.68 KB, 750x1153, 0BFEB081-99D3-4333-9AA9-647D26…)


No. 1923710

Kiki's done a good job at making Shay looking extra troon-ish by comparison.

No. 1923717

Why is the image distorted? It makes Shayna look huge and gives her a troon head shape.

No. 1923722

It must kill her inside to not be the shorter one >>1923715
It looks like she’s tucking a dick in her gross cheap leotard

No. 1923734

Probably to make themselves look thinner even though Kiki failed miserably at doing so

No. 1923736

Sarah has a nice body, it’s a shame her face is so busted. She looks like she’s in her 40’s, but i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s younger than that. Whoring ages you.

No. 1923744

File: 1699066068683.jpeg (956.98 KB, 1275x2858, qwerty.JPEG)

Fuping us.

No. 1923749

File: 1699066229915.jpeg (850.82 KB, 1266x2895, asdfgh.JPEG)

No. 1923750

File: 1699066723805.jpg (237.3 KB, 980x934, 7384.jpg)


No. 1923751

I’d say that being a degenerate not so much ages you as it does just make you ugly. The packaging becomes befitting of the contents
I’m honestly amazed that these two are still friends, knowing how fast Shayna burns bridges this has to be a record for her

No. 1923752

why on earth does kiki make that gormless facial expression in every pic? it looks so stupid and unattractive

No. 1923760

Looking at this again it becomes obvious that Kiki is much better at making flattering poses for photographs than Shayna.

In this image >>1919827 Kiki has a back turned to the camera, hiding her front and is actually part of what is happening, while Shayna is just there on the side looking awkward with the full depth of her gunt on display. The text placement draws attention to it because her fat rolls are right at the end.

Now Kiki has intentionally turned to the side which shows off more her ass and breasts than it does her middle section. Dumbass Fat Shat is contorting her fridge body to give herself some sort of ass when her ass isn't even in the shot. Because she's arching her back, she's sticking her abdomen out which makes her look fatter than ever and this is further accentuated by the lines of the leotard. The middle parting of the gunt cover tutu is in direct camera view which shows her lower fat roll and bulging pubic mound. Pink socks and pink shoes once again make her feet like pig trotters.

No. 1923764

No faster way to make a boomer moid go soft than to make spongebob references kek.

No. 1923768

Not to white knight but she's 41 so what do you expect her to look like nonny?

No. 1923776

This sweater is seriously so ugly it’s just grey with a SpongeBob png what the fuck, I bet you that thing will be scraped off after one wash.

No. 1923782

Her continued SpongeBob obsession is so cringe and autismo like really of all things, fucking SpongeBob SquarePants?? I can’t imagine at this point in my adult life caring about SpongeBob so much. It must be the most intellectually stimulating content she consumes.

No. 1923791

She really loves doing that tongue out smile so much but it doesn’t at all do what she thinks it does for her .

No. 1923841

I was wondering about this too. She doesn't make that face in her solo pics. Nonitas claimed Shayna doesn't collab with women who are more attractive than her. Maybe Kiki is trying to make Shayna feel better about herself. Kiki would make a excellent tard wrangler.

No. 1923849

>>1923760 w2g shayna highlighting the widest part of her barrel torso. It's giving Elon. Her hands looks so tiny, the shrunken baby fist next to the expanse of thigh is killing me

No. 1923850

I hate it so much. I've said it before and i stand by it, it looks like a dog's dick, it's so off-putting and gross yet somehow she probably thinks it makes her look hot and "bratty". Delusional bitch.

No. 1923851

>>1923841 she probably gives Shay a few options for which to post and Shat only thinks she "looks cute" in the photos where Kiki is ugging herself down

No. 1923852

>Cute but WILL have Daddy execute you
Is that daddy next to her?

No. 1923864

Shayna is too fat and top heavy for this outfit. She's covering up her boobs and trying to show off an not existent ass when she should be doing the exact opposite. It's just another way this little girl larping REALLY doesn't suit Shayna. I understand she doesn't pick outfits with a lot of cleavage cuz that's usually not associated with the DD/LG kink, but bitch you got a boob job for a reason. It's not much but it'd be her best asset to show off for scrote attention.

No. 1923883

I should be used to it by now but I cannot et over how Shayna does her hair. The little bits sticking up, I've never in my life seen another girl do this hair so I have no idea where she picked this up from. It's so stupid looking.

No. 1923884

kiki looks drunk as fuck in every photo.

No. 1923886

File: 1699110470605.jpg (67.82 KB, 625x837, dog.jpg)

She looks like a badly groomed dog.

No. 1923983

I wonder how they settled on an outfit that makes both of them look terrible. The peplum tutu thing makes them both look like they have no waist, the weird arm cuff things look like pool floaties and gives them both lunch lady arms, and the pale pink knee socks look like grandma's diabetes compressionwear. The loooong gunt-hugging crotch of that leotard 100% makes it look like Shay has a dick. Even just taking off the tutu and socks would have made this look 10x better.

No. 1924000

why would you even search for, save, and then post this

No. 1924005

because i had to exaggerate exactly how anon was saying shaynas tongue looks? its disgusting isnt it? but anyway its a fucking dogs private parts and i deleted it right after kek. if you struggle to see dogs privates good luck being around french bulldogs lol.(seek help)

No. 1924030

you are weird for posting this

No. 1924034

This is an even weirder response to being called out for how weird it is you did this. dogfucker dawn, is that you?

No. 1924035

why do you know so much? dog fucker

No. 1924049

Holy fuck, this thread always goes to utter shit SO fast.

No. 1924055

File: 1699139785478.jpg (62.51 KB, 1292x292, Fantashayland.jpg)

It’s going to be quite a stumble when she crashes, and I mean fully crashes, from her latest fantashays.

No. 1924056

what the fuck is wrong with you guys?! why do i know so much about DOGS? because i fucking work with animals and people make comments about tailless dogs? like why their privates hang out? have you guys no knowledge of anatomy jesus christ you guys are sick for suggesting i fuck dogs. im never posting in the shayna threads again helll nah bruh….maybe dont make comparisons do dog private parts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1924060

File: 1699140748660.png (2.45 MB, 2880x2880, Packout.png)

Shayna is totally funny. Just look at this term she just made up. Packout! Y'all better start laughing soon. Also, hotdog nails incoming.

No. 1924062

File: 1699140854818.jpg (485.13 KB, 1472x1604, Tweet.jpg)

> You should sell them to your fans
And she’d expect to get more than $3 for her art, bleak.

No. 1924066

rorschach test artwork obviously. you guys tell her to seek help but judge her when she does. ugh.

No. 1924070

File: 1699141187949.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.45 MB, 2048x5366, D-.JPEG)

Paintings in detail. Under a spoiler as it’s a rather large image.

No. 1924080

Translation: my dopamine receptors are fried because I'm an addict, so I can't do "boring" normal things like pack without getting super fucked up first. This leads me to complete normal activities poorly and forget if or how I did them. #thriving

No. 1924086

>begs for mani/pedi
god no please no her nail bed are DESTROYED by this point I can't deal with more necrotic nails

No. 1924094

This is the only thing she does that she doesn't sexualize. Her only true hobbies is going over her fake girlfriends house, probably drinking and painting

No. 1924096

I can literally see her genitals?! Dogfucker anon at it again. Mods clean this up.

No. 1924101

No. 1924104

She only started painting after people itt started talking about how she has zero productive hobbies, it’s definitely related

No. 1924111

Ah some Shabstract paintings this time. Sigh I miss the clowns…

No. 1924124


No. 1924138

Stop shitting on Shay for her one interesting hobby!!!!!!!!!

No. 1924145

I feel like these are the affirmations she tells herself while drunken in the mirror to cope and distract herself from reality. She’s not saying it to convince everyone, it’s for herself so she doesn’t get hit by the sad truth

No. 1924146

My only hobby is shitting on Shayna, so no.

No. 1924148

I want to put my dick in her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1924149


No. 1924154

File: 1699152823697.jpeg (438.06 KB, 2100x1400, IMG_8454.jpeg)

Posting animals isnt against the rules. Why was anon banned? Should we censor photos of animals with their tooshie out? Tranny jannie strikes again.(retarded derail)

No. 1924157

KEKKKK God this thread is so autistic

No. 1924162

Top heavy anon here who is bigger than Shayna. If she's going to wear a crop top she needs to wear it with a loose, wide midi or maxi length skirt or really loose pants.

No. 1924164

It's still possible to dress without cleavage. She would need to wear things that flare out at the bottom, like a trapeze style and things with raglan sleeves and yokes that draw attention away from the chest and break up the shoulders. As someone with boobs way bigger than shay who dresses modestly/in a cutesy feminine style I don't understand why she would choose to get big implants because it makes that sort of style more challenging.

No. 1924165

itd be more interesting if she were actually trying to paint stuff around her or visualise concepts instead of just chucking paint around on the paper or doing weird clowns.
like im happy that she's doing other stuff w her life but that doesn't mean we need to sit here and kiss her ass when her 'art' legitimately just sucks

No. 1924167

not until she paints the fupapa gang!!!!!!!!!

No. 1924179

File: 1699156730417.jpg (82.47 KB, 1080x371, Soprano58.jpg)

No. 1924185

I would rate her a D which is a passing grade also something she is desperate for kek

No. 1924186

File: 1699157488582.jpg (601 KB, 1080x1780, 00212.jpg)

Jfc buy them some toys or a cat tree.

No. 1924187

File: 1699157534626.jpg (305.95 KB, 1536x2048, 20231105_001240.jpg)

The absolute state of the couch

No. 1924191

He’s clinically depressed because his owner is smelly and a whore who brings Johns over and he eats cheap piled up cat food while he watches his owner order doordash three times a day

No. 1924193

anon i dont think a cat cares if their owner is a "whore"

No. 1924195

She’s a literal whore, you mongoloid.Go back to twitter.(Infighting)

No. 1924197

yes. i dont think her cat cares though.

No. 1924198


it feels like the sort of thing people do at like community art therapy (which is probably a good idea for shay I support her terrible art)

No. 1924241

Nona, I think she means she blacks out as in, she’s packs without care. Not that she literally drinks until she’s blacked out to pack.

No. 1924277

File: 1699185739947.jpg (44.17 KB, 500x375, ryfvjnqdugdy.jpg)

Correct. She has a meltdown every day but her cats don't give a shit.

No. 1924285

The threads have been on her for having no interests other than moid attention and SpongeBob for years now. I actually wouldn't be surprised if a moid were motivation for the painting phase too, that or Ellen's tard wrangling.

No. 1924294

It's surprising she was never a Lana Del Rey larper. Older men? sugar daddies? Drugs? Chronic NLOG? I think even the new wave of pink obsessed hello kitty bimbo types are usually big time Lana larpers

No. 1924317

she has posted about lana multiple times over the years including recently

No. 1924322

that's different from larping

No. 1924329

File: 1699202573989.jpeg (167.98 KB, 750x246, C55DB265-88CD-4036-84B3-A8D875…)

imagine being such a fat pig of a woman. she deleted this btw

No. 1924330

If there’a one thing that never changes it’s Shayna begging for sushi

No. 1924332

I know that's what she's implying, but I guarantee the reality is that she literally blacks out because she's a sad no-life alcoholic and drug addict. It's literally in the thread description, she's pretty much constantly fucked up on some kind of substance. She always try to retcon her obvious alcoholic behavior as a cutesy ~dumb bimbo uwu~ thing, when it's super obvious that it's just from being drunk. (Tripping/falling over a lot, embarrassing herself in public, always getting "sick" after travelling, "packout," generally forgetting things, etc.)

No. 1924333

I don't think she's ever had the willpower/mental capacity to become a real fan of anything, especially not enough to be a larper. Even her knowledge of things she claims to be super into is extremely superficial. Like when she used to post more stoner content nonas would always point out that she can't hit a bong correctly, and keeps the smoke in her cheeks like you would with a cigar when she smokes joints kek. Likewise, she claims to be super into 60s rock, but she really just knows the greatest hits of the biggest artists that they play on the classic rock radio stations. She claims to love fashion and makeup, but her style and makeup are both super dated and she always looks crusty and shabby. She's spent the last 8 years constantly indulging every hedonistic whim she has - literally doing nothing other than eating fast food, downing sugary cocktails and wine, smoking weed, playing vidya, and jackhammering her clit with that massive nasty vibe - and so she has literally no willpower because she's never had to develop it. I don't think she's capable of putting in the work to actually become knowledgeable or talented at something anymore.

No. 1924339

cute and based cat for destroying shaynas property

No. 1924340


Has she never heard of a throw? Her pets sit on the couch and she has nothing to protect it. You can even buy those ones with elastic underneath that conform to the couch. The cat needs a scratching post.

No. 1924349

File: 1699207722217.png (649.82 KB, 1080x1468, Grayhair.png)

A 26-year-old unable to complete simple tasks such as packing her bags sounds depressing. Even Grayhair knows she is gonna fuck it up.

No. 1924351

ayrt posting a picture isn't a larp. She was tumblr famous I'm an era where a bunch of women were Lana larping on tumblr, so it's not like the concept is alien to her. She builds her whole personality around liking older men, being an NLOG, etc. it's just weird she never did the larp since Lana is essentially a template foe a fantasy you can easily sell to an old scrote

No. 1924393

File: 1699215104721.jpeg (154.11 KB, 750x239, B77620A3-C36E-49CF-88D1-B765C6…)

i can't check right now but that has to be a shit show

No. 1924397

poor kiki, having to get near big shaynus genitals especially with your mouth and nose is a punishment no one deserves.

No. 1924398

What is double caning? I'm scared.

No. 1924411

What I've been saying. If she really wanted to even them out, I don't understand why she wouldn't go smaller. Or even almost flat, because at least then she wouldn't need to deal with implants ever again. Probably a personal fear, but the idea of having something put underneath the skin/muscle makes me more uneasy than reduction.

No. 1924413

File: 1699217712296.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 2034x1170, IMG_9015.jpeg)

Gotta say I’m actually shocked Shayna ate out Kiki. Even more gross is that Ricky was definitely filming this.

No. 1924414

she looks like she's trying not to vomit

No. 1924415

especially if she was going to end up with a lollipop scar regardless - makes no sense

No. 1924431

File: 1699221137118.jpeg (Spoiler Image,353.57 KB, 655x634, IMG_5366.jpeg)

Oh my god Shay’s fupa is horrifying. The ingrown hair hyperpigmentation and the amount of rolls KEKKK it kind of looks like she’s about to pee on Kiki with that weird ass stance

No. 1924441

Jesus fucking Christ this looks horrible

No. 1924444

Why is her torso shaped like those Kong toys for dogs?

Also you can beg for money for sushi but not to just get a proper wax or laser hair removal?

No. 1924457

it literally looks like the profile of a man looking left and down. her vagina lips are his mouth and her fupa is his cheeks/jaw, you can even almost see his nose.

No. 1924459

File: 1699224475123.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.87 MB, 1280x720, fake lesbians.mp4)

Horny Sorority Girls Eat Each Other Out tongue-out-smiley

staremoji link in thread !! staremoji

No. 1924460

I still can't believe she tried to pass this off as "going blonde"

No. 1924465

KEK oh god now i can't unsee it

No. 1924467


Kek She pulls up her gunt belt skirt and immediately realizes she pulled up too high showing her gut and adjusts her hand to hide it again. Their “eating pussy” is so forced. They’re just licking each others vagina like they’re the tootsie pop owl licking a tootsie pop

No. 1924468

Kek. They did NOT enjoy that. Shat’s grotesque claws sitting on her bumpy red cooch, I couldn’t even watch the whole thing because I felt sick. It looks like it smells in that room.

No. 1924472

File: 1699226201892.jpg (61.86 KB, 600x516, CnP0FKV.jpg)

>I feel like, maybe you should just, shut up and eat my pussy
The class A actress Dolly Mattel demonstrates her talents with an ethereal musicality and unmistakable eloquence in her passionate soliloquy. Truly an immersive, one of a kind experience.

No. 1924474

Ewwwww you can see big toilet paper pieces on Shat’s cooch at 0:19.

No. 1924476

Imagine shaynas crunchy crusty lips on your coochie or touching you in general. Shayna is doing so much and none of it is working. This is what she thinks will make her a star. Boring porn with her slightly better looking friend showing her below average body. Weird

No. 1924477

File: 1699226864256.gif (3.46 MB, 498x429, IMG_2791.gif)

Stanky and skanky.

No. 1924508

from 0:20 you can see toilet paper crumbs on shaynas labia then kiki pauses licking to remove some crumbs out of her mouth. i feel sick

No. 1924511

let us pray it was chunks of toilet paper and not chunks of… something else

No. 1924522

Shayna only has two characters: the annoyed bitchy girl that tries miserably to be Regina George (she chose that one in this video apparently) and the one where she pretends to be innocent and comes off as dumb with the weird wide eyed stare, crusty lips in an O shape and robotic fast blinking

No. 1924524

File: 1699237366492.jpg (613.9 KB, 1080x1698, Skinny__Queen.jpg)

I remember that! What a blast from the past, it happened all the way back in thread #2

No. 1924527

>kiki pauses licking to remove some crumbs out of her mouth
jesus fucking christ

No. 1924528

I wonder if she had ever had sex with someone and not done those sorts of things

No. 1924532

I think it’s just shiny

No. 1924536

File: 1699239025634.jpeg (957.72 KB, 1262x2940, And on her farm, Elsie had two…)

Shayna confirming to us again that she actually loves it here. For those who might not now, Katherine is another cow >>>/snow/1853190. The odds of these two finding each other organically are very slim.

No. 1924544

Kek, even he knows she doesn't have a bathroom scale at home or she would have roped by now

No. 1924545

Kekk Shayna must have been seething so hard that she doesn't get to be the cute petite girl on top and instead has to lie there with her flab leaking out on either side. Kiki is a bottom of the barrel ewhore and she still looks so much more comfortable and poised than Shay in literally every shot.

No. 1924547

I think her persona with her johns seems to be "rowdy drunk cool girl who will listen to Zeppelin with you" but she's probably just trashed and way too loud and giggly and tries to make them watch spongebob with her in her stinky apartment

No. 1924549

File: 1699242766242.png (Spoiler Image,496.19 KB, 574x717, Screenshot 2023-11-05 225129.p…)

Nah it's toilet paper because when the camera moves there's still the same bright white spots. (1/2)

No. 1924550

File: 1699242804531.png (Spoiler Image,473.43 KB, 559x708, Screenshot 2023-11-05 225207.p…)

No. 1924553

Now that you mention it she has done that persona on cam before, she does that low-pitched goofy laugh and acts in a very one of the guys sorta way. I honestly think that's her truest self.

No. 1924558

I hate scrolling past this thread I hate all of you

No. 1924568

How hard is it to just have everyone shower before filming an oral sex scene jfc that’s so embarrassing for her and Kiki

No. 1924570

She just needs to carry some wipes to use before a scene, or even wet a clean rag with some water and clean herself off… I can’t believe she has been a sex worker for 8 years and is still having this issue kek

No. 1924588

I think it’s vaginal chunks because this happens to her soo often. I feel like someone would notice and clean her up ahead of time, but they can’t because this stuff comes out during the act

No. 1924592

>$30 for sushi
kek so either she got 2 jumbo rolls or she washed down a normal serving size with alcohol again. I don't think she is even capable of eating one portion of food anymore, let alone a diet portion. It's always either 2 portions or added drinks. Sometimes both. This is why you're fat, Shayna.

No. 1924593

O:23 she looks less than impressed then wipes it off her fingers

No. 1924598

>She's spent the last 8 years constantly indulging every hedonistic whim she has - literally doing nothing other than eating fast food, downing sugary cocktails and wine, smoking weed, playing vidya, and jackhammering her clit with that massive nasty vibe.
Does she even play video games though? I think her life is even emptier than you say. She has a gaming PC that just sits collecting dust. I recall her playing Animal Crossing one single time. She only bought it for the aesthetic. I would call her the female equivalent of a neckbeard failure-to-launch, but she is somehow more empty than that… At least neckbeards have media that they obsess over. They have some semblance of a personality there, even if it's a shallow one. I don't think Shayna even watches media while she drinks/smokes/eats all day. I think she literally just scrolls twitter. That's her whole day. Seven days a week. Getting crossfaded, then binge eating and scrolling the internet. My brain is unwilling to believe that someone can exist and be so void of personality.
As bad as her paintings are, I'm glad that she is at least doing something with her time now.

No. 1924615

Shouldn't you like Ideally be freshly bathed without dingleberry crumbs being shaken from your maw

No. 1924621

Its astounding as a whore for 8 years she just doesn't… rinse her coochie before making content. I mean even a washcloth or wet wipe. Its fucking disgusting.

No. 1924625

I'm gonna vomit nonas

No. 1924632

If I was Kiki I would literally delete and check myself into a hospital, how do you think having to pick crumbs out of your mouth from another woman’s vulva is such a quality life.

Also if I was shat I would feel so gross and ashamed

No. 1924635

She went through a phase of playing the sims 4 a few years ago. I doubt she can afford all the packs and is too dumb to sail the high seas.

No. 1924638

>>1924621 it's the ultimate display of selfishness, and it speaks to how little she actually cares for sex or her partners. it didn't even enter her mind to think it would be more enjoyable for kiki (or the audience) if she wasn't distracted by tongue shoveling debris

No. 1924639

looks like yeast to me. shayna probably fingered some out during the scene.

No. 1924652

File: 1699273874547.webm (3.72 MB, 828x1792, a9beefed-ec9a-4b98-a8f4-46dc03…)

Shayna's night out

No. 1924662

File: 1699277988128.jpeg (325.81 KB, 1170x1658, IMG_1881.jpeg)

Back with the retarded house key necklace

No. 1924672

The first photo of her attempting to wink just looks like when drunk people can’t coordinate a blink and each eye blinks separately.

No. 1924674

That bar looks so empty and sad. Then again, it was on a fucking Sunday; most people have jobs the next morning.

No. 1924678

I know I have bitch eating crackers syndrome for shay because the video of her making uncomfortable faces during the wap x bohemian rhapsody remix made me irrationally irritated

No. 1924683

i take it that prostitution isn't going well since she's doing everything by herself and going back to e-begging now. seriously though - the bar alone on a sunday? is that even too degenerate for ellen to tag along?

No. 1924688

No Sunday nights for Ellen. She needs to get her ugly rest so she can prepare for a new degenerate workweek of stealing babies’ pacifiers.

No. 1924700

Oh nooo how DARE people make jokes with her precious dad rock!! God she was so punchable in that story

No. 1924703

I'm surprised she is showing her face in the barcade again so soon

No. 1924724

File: 1699291252346.jpeg (160.27 KB, 750x407, 24D90B82-BE5D-49A7-A390-FE919E…)

her whole self worth is based upon degenerates finding her appealing and they don't even care

No. 1924758

When will she realize that boners are not a dependable currency and that men will get hard for just about anything and it doesn't make her special

No. 1924760

men will literally get a hard on for a fucking corpse, but somehow she thinks she’s special.

No. 1924761

>It's possible to dress without cleavage

No shit, but she's a goddamn cam whore who makes money from bottom barrel scrotes finding her "hot". Y'all need to stop comparing your normie selves to sex workers.

No. 1924767

>Sucking on bohemian rhapsody
>Hating on WAP
Says miss "Drake please marry me you're #1 on my Spotify wrapped"

No. 1924774

Sage for beersperging but this girl is always drinking IPAs and it’s so fucking funny to me because they are so calorie dense and filling. Those Lucille’s are almost 200 calories a can, and the drunk feeling they give you is so heavy and bloated. Totally uwu bimbo.

No. 1924797

Right? I'd say nothing if that would be more invasive than what she got, but… her decision makes very little sense.

No. 1924812

Probably when she also realizes that she is objectively atrocious at having sex (so, never!)

No. 1924813

File: 1699302536498.jpg (33.61 KB, 676x509, vsbqkloqukw01.jpg)

Her leg kinda looks like this(unsaged + no contribution)

No. 1924815

File: 1699303182987.gif (966.76 KB, 245x220, giphy.gif)

No. 1924820

File: 1699303676522.jpeg (Spoiler Image,353.02 KB, 828x667, 3572CBA6-C1F9-48BC-A1BD-A4E79D…)

Why would she retweet a picture showing her crusty black feet? Perfectionist my ass.

Sage cause nothing new

No. 1924827

The entire lower half of her body is cottage cheese and this is with a filter.

No. 1924830

No. 1924836

If only she fell off the bathroom counter at the same velocity she dropped Mr. Peanut Butter lmao. Filthy bitch, her whole apartment is a biohazard

No. 1924839

Her boobs are so discolored I thought she was wearing a bra, looks like the Dr. Mario pills

No. 1924844

to even think there is a genuine personality behind this groomed pornsick creature is where you're wrong. all of her personalities are acts she puts on in order to cater to men. she sees herself only through the eyes of men.

No. 1924893

File: 1699315000155.jpg (102.68 KB, 713x477, 20231106_235417~2.jpg)

Kiki posted this.

Shay has a beard of pimples, da fuck is going on?

No. 1924895

monkeypox saga

No. 1924897

kiki looks like a troll doll with FAS on her own but just how atrocious Shat’s skin is makes her look very glowy and clean, their collabs make sense

No. 1924900

File: 1699316884031.png (526.28 KB, 606x694, crusty.png)

All these images are distorted. Is Kiki using a broken camera?

No. 1924901

dude she looks 40

No. 1924902

tinfoil: her skin looks like shit because of side effects of whatever drugs she was doing with Kiki

No. 1924903

Nonas were speculating she was hiding her face in selfies after leaving CO because of her acne and I think you guys were right because woof

No. 1924905

I'm wondering if it's the same problem as when she was waxing during the pussy boil era. From the location of the acne on her face, it looks like she's waxed her facial hair and then not followed through by cleansing the area afterwards.

No. 1924907

she probably contracted something bacterial from going down on random old men for sushi and trips to the mall

No. 1924909

Ayrt! Omg yesss!! You remember and you spoonfed! True MVP nona.

Geez did you make this edit?? Her picture in the corner is chefs kiss.

If it was all the way in #2 then she was saying this on tumblr. Ddaayyyuumm.

No. 1924911

hormonal acne era

No. 1924915

The audio on this is so dogshit I just saw it and died. But really though.
medfags I need you. Does she borderline have a goiter wtf is going on with her neck lately

No. 1924916

Kiki lowkey looks like a half black Trisha so whoever said FAS really cooked

No. 1924919

It’s kind of a weird spot for facial hair waxing? I would expect more of it on her upper lip if she was waxing her facial hair off- unless she’s waxing peach fuzz off her cheeks . I feel like she’s messing her hormones up with the weight gain and alcoholism

No. 1924920

Honestly I think some nonnies can get really nitpicky with shaynas skin but this is absolutely atrocious. This is hormonal acne brought on by being miserable and using greasy food, alcohol, and vaping to cope. Her style of living is all over her face

No. 1924928

Don’t forget the fact she likely doesn’t wash her face for days, and when she does it’s not some involved skincare routine. I bet she just uses makeup wipes and like…idk maybe cleanser sometimes. I hope.

No. 1924929

File: 1699323323607.jpg (265.63 KB, 2048x1365, 20231106_211514.jpg)

>date w/ my sugar dad tonite

No. 1924931

She has to be editing the acne out of these pics. No way her face cleared up so much in just a couple weeks

No. 1924934

She is making her same stupid expression that usually causes a bunch of forehead wrinkles. But you can only barely see them peaking out from the side of that industrial grade faceapp filter. So no she didnt clear up. This is edited to shit and back and its very obvious considering this facial expression + the lack of forehead wrinkle.

No. 1924951

And if she does use any sort of cleanser/wipes it’s probably that awful tj maxx quality hello kitty novelty stuff. The perfumes in that junk alone would make a lot of people break out in their face.

No. 1924956

Why are her breakout zits so round? It’s strange to me that she doesn’t really have skin problems like this normally (sans forehead fungal acne) and then all of a sudden she has nodules/pustules on her face for a week or two?
Wow is that a new lip and eyeshadow color? I’m very impressed kek

No. 1924958

If she left her hair down and looked after her curls I think she would actually look ok here. Her curly hair could be her most attractive feature but she doesn't know how to look after it.

No. 1924959

File: 1699330036052.jpg (294.74 KB, 720x960, -139914967-1419174539 (1).jpg)

I think Shay could actually look nice if she chose a jewel toned boho look with lots of florals and natural makeup. I'm picturing her in something like this with her natural curls and natural hair color.

She already likes all this 70s dad rock and goes for old scrotes so she might as well do the whole flower child thing.

No. 1924960

I think what is happening is, she always/mostly has these bumps, but edits them out of her own pictures. But since this is a post from kiki, she didnt get to control the photoshop and kiki obviously hates her. If she didnt hate shay she would have atleast edited her a lil. Because, woof.

No. 1924961

Kiki is an absolute bulldog, but it's so funny to me how she has similar traits/features to Shay, just better.
>brown eyes that actually have some depth
>curls that appear to be cared for, not just bleached and straightened into oblivion
>actually short, kek
Shayna is uniquely talented at making even the most homely looking women look vaguely passable. Aside from Ellen, that is; those two are two ugly ass peas in an ugly ass pod.

No. 1924962

File: 1699330461431.jpg (815.33 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231106_201316_Sam…)

Whats funny is when you look up her old pics from her shaygnar days, she used to dress like that! I couldnt find any of the floral patterns but she even wore that specifically. Picrel are just what immediately pop up.

No. 1924964

File: 1699330489548.jpg (794.8 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231106_201244_Sam…)


No. 1924965

File: 1699330711941.png (1.01 MB, 1293x844, Caption.png)

The caption for this is so cringeworthy that it deserves to be featured. It would hopefully put to rest the “they are not interacting as much” narrative.

No. 1924982

Agreed, she looks pretty good.

No. 1924984

Only because she's edited the shit out of her pictures. Just imagine what the unedited versions look like.

No. 1924987

yeah she probably smoothed out her face like every girl on the internet. but her outfit doesn't have animal hair on it and looks new. her makeup looks different and more flattering. and her hair/curls look a lot nicer than usual.

No. 1924997

Skinny Shay-gnar is still not the prettiest person by any stretch of the imagination, but blowing up into an absolute hambeast really ruined any semblance of her “attractiveness”

No. 1925024

yeah, she didn't show her teeth and didn't have jowls to emphasize her nasolabial folds. the nice hair also helps.
it's just sad, she was at her prettiest in a low-key, relaxed aesthetic. like she was a quirky cute girl with a style that suited her and clothes that fit. she got high off body positivity bullshit and the sex work lie and traded it for contrived bimbo stuff that only suits barbie-looking women with delicate features. the blond emphasize her giant schnoz, the pastel pink emphasizes her brown genitals. this whole things shows just how much she hates herself and how delusional she is to think she can fool everyone to think she has a barbie face and body.
maybe when the 2010's become trendy she'll try to go back to being tumblr

No. 1925025

>her brown genitals
Shay does not have brown genitals are you fr… You shayheads are retarded.

No. 1925029


No. 1925032

I know what they mean though dirty worn elephant skin around her genitals and they’re right

No. 1925042

I’m sorry nonna, but this dress is so fucking ugly. No offense! I guess any outfit would be an improvement over the crap Shayna wears.

No. 1925044

4 day delayed (i have a life) kek at this level of autism, thank you nona this contribution made me kek heavily>>1923542

No. 1925047

Even though I’ve read the threads from the beginning ages ago it’s still absolutely jarring to see her when she was cute-skinny and her face wasn’t an abomination. She’s got the body and face she deserves now.

No. 1925065

File: 1699357014473.jpg (13.42 KB, 480x360, 90s fitness.jpg)

She looks like something out of a 90s fitness VHS tape, only without the fitness part.

No. 1925068

File: 1699357821554.jpeg (108.48 KB, 683x1200, 1fc0cdc5c3411702483d589fc3466b…)

She could be wearing ribbons and bows like the coquette girls, which is somewhat on trend currently. But instead she opts to style herself like a troon.

No. 1925073

Shayna already looks like a troon. If she styled herself like a coquette it would accentuate her troon appearance.

No. 1925081

File: 1699361691645.jpeg (405.03 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1903.jpeg)

No. 1925109

she already does this sometimes and it still looks like shit

No. 1925112

I agree completely with the nonnies tinfoiling it's her stench keeping these men deflated. That's a visceral reaction anyone would have to bad odors. Also why her johns try to buy her fresh clothing kek

No. 1925113

But she does it in the ugly lhasa apso updo, she manages to always choose the weirdest and ugliest styles and colors, it's almost a talent

No. 1925114

i'll take that over the weird ariana grande clip-in ponytails she was doing for a while there

No. 1925141

What happens when two ugly, dirty gross bitches eat each other out… massive herpes outbreak or something

No. 1925146

she looks high af

No. 1925155

I'm reminded of way back when she was super skinny and did cam sessions with that Mia girl (the Jewish girl that defended her Hitler shit). Girl did a shower show before pretending to go down on shay. People always talk about bathing her, too. How is she not embarrassed as a sex worker? I'm surprised Kiki even put up with her stinky ass. As a stripper she of all people should know how sensitive people, especially horny scrotes are to smells.

No. 1925169

why are her eye bags so big? I thought she slept 12+ hours a day or something

No. 1925171

she stopped talking about weed altogether didn't she? we can safely assume she's back to hitting her vape every 2 minutes and that selfie in the bottom left is evidence enough

No. 1925186

She got the vapid jason r womack stare in the bottom left pic

No. 1925200

Weed for years + doesn’t drink water + drinks lots of alcohol + nic vaping + no skincare if I had to guess kek

No. 1925209

I agree, nonna. The Ariana ponytail was her absolute worst look. She had a cone head and it made her face look fatter.

No. 1925217

Look at the difference between their curls, shayna looks like she has a bad curly perm and it dried her hair out. I prefer her with curly hair because I hate how she styles her hair when straight but it's funny how she hangs with her curly hair friend who ate her tissue crumbs now she's walking around with her hair curly 90% of the time

No. 1925229

File: 1699388791901.jpeg (289.16 KB, 750x838, C8C72305-6D94-43AF-A9C9-8A25E8…)

unrelated but could you imagine posting something and the people liking it are sissy guys, diaper freaks, fat fetish creeps and literal pedos. i would kms

No. 1925233

Scammer Mattel back at it again, begging her scrotes for nail money when she had no intention of spending it on nails. Guess scamming is how she “made it work” to afford the trip.

No. 1925234

With how much Shayna tries to capitalize on the smallest inconveniences, its clearly lie just based on the fact there are no pictures or vids attached her with a dumb sad face showing her “stranded” by wherever the Salon is. Also if this actually happened she would be begging for uber money or “money for a drink to make it worth the trip”. Full on scam.

No. 1925255


she’s so stupid, most nail salons have their own instagram and facebook pages for updates.

No. 1925267

Topkek I was not expecting to see Liz McDonald in the Shayna thread
Seeing old Shaynus photos is always such whiplash. Bizarre.

No. 1925318

I don't understand, why would strippers consider smells more? I always assumed strip clubs smell gross so it wouldn't matter.

No. 1925333

She now looks like Dee Snider lmao
Her curl pattern is so dead

No. 1925346

What in retardation? Does she know you can like… call and ask if they are open? You think with her nose in her phone all day she would know how to call her regular nail salon and book an appointment or ATLEAST check if they taking walk ins? Alas just more proof that NONE of this happened… because you would think… she would make an appointment…

No. 1925347

ex-stripper anon here
as a stripper your job is to make being physically close to you as appealing and enticing as possible for as long as possible, so yeah smell is a big part of it. most strippers are super into perfumes, essential oils, etc.

it’s honestly kind of stupid how much drunk horny men can be lead on by smell(blog)

No. 1925374

A nail salon being closed on a Tuesday seems weird.

No. 1925380

It’s not really a bar, there’s like a little mini fridge with beer and a couple on tap but there are kids there etc., it’s an arcade. It’s called 8 bit arcade

No. 1925385

File: 1699414109860.jpg (845.48 KB, 1109x789, Shayna at the Barcade.jpg)

>8 bit arcade
Here's a photo of the place she sits and drinks her IPA beer and tries to hit on the bartender. I added in Shayna for effect.(don't post fan art)

No. 1925386

Shes she still buying clothes 2 sizes too small for her though.In >>1925081 you can see her boobs go down 2 inches below the cups of this top.

No. 1925395

Kek this is beautiful nonnie

No. 1925398

I nominate this for next thread pic

No. 1925400

File: 1699417201243.jpg (238.21 KB, 1080x1441, embarrassing.jpg)

imagine willingly admitting this on a frequent basis

No. 1925402

Is this really the place she goes to drink all the time?! OMG that’s fucking sad as fuck.

No. 1925403

trashy looking place, you know those carpets don’t be cleaned and reek of stained beer.

sounds like shes right at home.

No. 1925404

Seconded for next thread pic, and eww, she wears her nasty getups to a place where kids play and leave their crayon horse drawings? Both their psyches and appetites will suffer.

No. 1925408

It’s so tiny and looks like it’s literally a place just for kids. It’s weird that they even serve alcohol there.

No. 1925409

File: 1699417711553.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1170x1819, IMG_6880.jpeg)


some other photos, what makes it worse it’s heavily catered for children’s birthday parties.

No. 1925412

> heavily catered for children’s birthday parties
Gross, I wouldn’t doubt she saw this is a great place to find dads.

No. 1925413

i’m crying please make this the next thread pic

No. 1925419

Based on their facebook photos, it looks like it's regulars are neckbeard soy boys. She's probably on the hunt for the next fupa

No. 1925428

damn looks real cozy i wanna go

No. 1925429

That’s totally her angle ewwwww.

No. 1925437

File: 1699422796607.jpg (21.27 KB, 1080x121, 1000006218.jpg)

>at times
those times are definitely when shat is there

No. 1925438

File: 1699422830601.jpeg (437.69 KB, 1276x1122, 3ECB59EB-6BBF-4CCF-9313-C70A42…)

Adding on to the shart that should be in the shaynatorium. Bless you nona

No. 1925439

There's gotta be a "I'm a widdle kid too!" angle involved too…

No. 1925453

nah the original is better

No. 1925464

File: 1699428247527.png (174.29 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20231108-022302.png)

No. 1925465

Damn most people I know wouldn’t be caught dead at one of those shitty loser events. She’s out of her mind. Legit nobody wanna go there kek

No. 1925489

What does one gain from hanging out with Shart

No. 1925496

tetanus, probably

No. 1925498

It might be an interesting place for someone that enjoys vintage arcade games but Fat Shat isn't even interested in playing games on her gaming PC.

No. 1925499

it would do her some good to get her nails done somewhere else. her nail tech obviously hates her with the monstrosities they give her time and time again.

No. 1925504

File: 1699442437554.jpeg (305.36 KB, 750x699, F4447CC4-EA64-40D9-97F6-87345D…)

9 likes on the begging post

No. 1925507

The beer is served because 99% of their clientele just have a couple beers while stand by the machines and play the games. This is definitely not the type of place people just go sit at the bar and kick back beers and not playing anything, like the bar has 6 chairs and is tiny.

No. 1925508

File: 1699444155212.jpeg (838.71 KB, 1446x2271, “cute nubs”.JPEG)

She might but we need to remember the problem is Shayna’s taste.

No. 1925509

File: 1699444173051.jpeg (102.82 KB, 1280x720, 051BD76F-C24D-4941-8755-643C8F…)

kek this whole time i thought she was going to an actual bar that just had like 20 arcades for drunk people to play but she is literally just going to a dingy arcade that sells beer on the side while you play. This place is hardly a “barcade”. Seems like a John or Ellen took her here once and now she just goes because the bartender was nice to her once because it was slow and she was taking up space.

No. 1925515

File: 1699445208462.jpeg (334.28 KB, 1169x2327, IMG_9036.jpeg)

i looked at like 20 nail salons in renton and this was the only one closed on Tuesday

No. 1925532

No. 1925550

>Or have your cute nubs!
KEK at the way Granny Gregory is always negging her. The weight watchers comment still makes me laugh too

No. 1925564

A lot of Asian-owned places are closed on Tuesdays, I'm not sure why. Granted, I still think she's lying, and someone with some advanced autism could probably prowl the threads and find proof of her getting her nails done on a Tuesday.

No. 1925565

her appallingly low standards are indicative of how badly porn has destroyed the way she perceives the world around her. total moid brain. how many women would consider a convention attending solely by sexual degenerates to be an exciting event that a functioning adult would kill to be a part of? the mere thought of stepping foot into such a place would fill most of us with horror and revulsion.

No. 1925569

she said the hours weren't listed anyway so this is a waste of your time

No. 1925570

File: 1699453176937.jpeg (236.1 KB, 750x981, BB94B323-EA33-4812-A012-EF4507…)

genuinely a fat slob look how stained and dirty she is

No. 1925571

is this one sweatshirt the only thing that fits her now or what?

No. 1925572

The pinball 'scene' is kinda a thing in the Seattle area tho, and a lot of places are left purposefully shitty looking because people are into that fake dive vibe. This looks like so many places in Seattle proper/the Eastside where actual young people hang out, so in a way it's a slightly wholesome choice in Shayverse terms.

No. 1925573

Her hair looks like she's been rubbed the wrong way with a balloon to generate static electricity.

No. 1925574

the pic you're responding to isn't the place, this is >>1925385. not really sure how getting drunk alone in a place primarily intended for children's parties is wholesome but yeah.

No. 1925575

File: 1699453596477.jpg (90.24 KB, 1080x362, 2649.jpg)

The moment that never happened attached

No. 1925576

new bimbo sweater (once retired) and it's already starting to look dingy…

No. 1925581

File: 1699453928163.jpg (75.87 KB, 1005x636, Alcoholic.jpg)

No. 1925587

Jesus Christ what in the alcoholic. I can’t believe she’s admitting this, it’s not quirky it’s insane

No. 1925588

I feel like someone could make a fake Shay story bingo card at this point. It's always someone commenting on how she's so baby, so pink, so uwu- get some new material Shayna

No. 1925592

AYART, sorry nona that picture i attached is what i imagined she was going to. this is an actual photo of the arcade she goes to and the area she sits at >>1925385 and >>1925409 kek it looks like a hole in the wall that they use to serve warmed burgers and hot dogs through. ive been to a few barcades now and i thought the bare minimum to being a barcade was actually having a bar lol. looking at the pics from google reviews it just looks like a straight up arcade to me. so its super weird she’d go there to sit alone and kick back beers. it doesnt even looks like theres anything entertaining to look at or watch while sitting there, like I can understand drunks who go to a bar to watch a sports match but it boggles my mind what she is doing while she sits there other than scroll through porn on her twitter feed or editing pedo porn on her phone, possibly exposing innocent people to the horrors of her holes.

No. 1925594

just because they serve you doesn’t mean they aren’t judging you. drinking alcohol at strange hours is done by people on layways or arriving with jetlag from being in a different time zone (or people who do it once/twice a year on vacation). shayna is in her own time zone and just waiting for a flight yet wants to get bombed because “the lawlessness of airports!”

No. 1925601

she said they werent listed on their website, which are not, cowdink. their site is mylashusa.com

No. 1925602

This is jarring. Confirmation she really is a full blown alcoholic. This is in no way a socially acceptable thing to do, reminds me of a guy on an early morning flight I was on who drank wine.

No. 1925604

File: 1699456866387.jpeg (512.12 KB, 750x1021, 0F917A52-2808-4396-A6D2-9100A1…)

farmer flight attendant?

No. 1925607

File: 1699457480575.jpg (911.02 KB, 3840x2160, AirplaneBathroom.jpg)

No. 1925610

The Shaylusions are really strong today

No. 1925611

what's her obsession with dirty bathrooms on airplanes

No. 1925616

I still don’t get the point of having an airtag attached to her iphone that already has built in localisation features, like is she retarded enough to not know this despite having owned multiple apple products for years now

No. 1925626

I’m pretty sure it’s her key fob to her apartment. I’d like to think even she isn’t that stupid.

No. 1925631

drinking at not even 6:30am and by herself no less, how does she not feel like the biggest loser in the world? everyone else walking around the airport is drinking coffee, on actual business trips or taking real vacations and she's sitting at the bar alone again in a stained bimbo sweater on her way to a spanking party for boomers.

No. 1925634

I don't see any keys…does she push a fob button to open her apartment?

No. 1925637

topkek i love it when nonnas describe the aura of le bleaqué that surrounds shayna

No. 1925640

If it is a fob it's probably for the outside/lobby door, and other access points like the laundry room or an elevator.

No. 1925659

she really bought a new sweatshirt, maybe take care of this one properly

No. 1925680

I see, thank you for answering!

No. 1925690

what is the point of this photo. it's giving nothing

No. 1925692

It's the exact opposite actually lol. Sex workers have to pander to every male fantasy and smell plays a big role.

No. 1925694

I feel like Shay is suffering from extreme arrested development and never got over the late-2000s - early 2010s glorification of binge drinking culture. Newsflash shay, being drunk all the time isn't cool anymore, LMFAO hasn't had a hit single since 2012 and you haven't been a teenager for 6 years. Time to grow up.

No. 1925697

File: 1699472495484.jpg (462.7 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20231108_144126.jpg)

No. 1925698

>>1925697 cabbage path doll esque face in the left picture.

No. 1925700

Her expression on the right is giving late 40s cold Irish-American aunt who does nothing but smoke, drink and take xanax

No. 1925701

File: 1699473121162.png (62.82 KB, 161x165, what happened to baby shay.PNG)

this is the stuff of nightmares

No. 1925703

I see, thank you. I only saw them in movies and here, and movies usually depicted either very run down places or something extremely luxurious. So based on people associated with Shay I assumed it was really bad.
I think the right photo is fine, but the left… uff.

No. 1925712

my unpopular opinion is that these interactions are 100% real. when people see someone dressed strangely they get the urge to comment on it and almost no one will tell a random stranger that they look bad or weird. so instead you get neutral observations that could be taken as compliments, like a generic "omg your outfit!" or "you're very… pink!" because she is shaytistic, shayna doesn't pick up that having your appearance getting commented on isn't necessarily a genuine compliment, and so posts every single one of these interactions to brag.

No. 1925715

Shay is lurking kek that anon said she should wear bows or ribbons like the coquettes and she really did, even in white like the image anon posted

No. 1925716

File: 1699475411565.png (5.2 MB, 2532x1170, IMG_9068.png)

ew she looks like that creepy swimming dead corpse from The Cell.

No. 1925718

r u trying 2 compliment her? she’d luv dat life(usr has bn put out 2 pasture)

No. 1925731

Nah, Shayna would be triggered to see someone calling her old

Yeah, it's usually flight attendants, servers and bar tenders who give her these comments. All customer service. It's kind of part of the job, Shayna is pretty clearly an extrovert attention whore who gobbles it all up. When tells these stories and it's a random "complementing" her I don't believe it, but anyone who's worked retail/customer service for more than 6 months has probably had experience with a person like Shayna. Someone who wears certain clothing items to get attention, and is easy enough to appease with ass kissing. (Even if you're being sarcastic because she's too dumb and narcissistic to tell the difference).

No. 1925736

File: 1699478015921.jpeg (555.43 KB, 1170x1007, IMG_1940.jpeg)

Looking homeless

No. 1925742

she looks like she's in a crackhouse

No. 1925750

it looks like she's doing the uncanny valley makeup trend kek

No. 1925762

God. The bed bug esque blood on the pillow in the right pic and those disgusting yabba dabba doo shoes on the bed.

No. 1925763

luna vibes

No. 1925771

her fat girl belly button irks me so much. actually it might be a portal to hell. it must smell of death and rotten cheese in there

No. 1925782

File: 1699484720830.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.07 KB, 1360x2048, Garbage Pail Kid.JPG)

Full size. I wonder if this is from one of her hooking sessions or simply one of the previous conventions?

No. 1925797

atleast she's not showing her belly shelf, it's mere cm away

No. 1925811

she looks absolutely ghoulish kekk

No. 1925816

File: 1699492200583.jpeg (216.97 KB, 2048x1360, F-b2v3pagAAYnJb.jpeg)

The filthy shoes on the bed, blood crust around her ear plug, stains on the pillow case. You can really tell she's a perfectionist

No. 1925827

It only looks like that because of how Shayna presents. Take her out of the picture and that looks like a standard lower-tier hotel

No. 1925833

>blood crust around her ear plug
eeeeeeeeeewww I just noticed that

No. 1925843

File: 1699498945494.jpeg (337.47 KB, 1170x1699, IMG_5382.jpeg)

KEKKK Girl, can u breathe down there?

No. 1925851

Before I expanded the pic on mobile I thought this was a man sitting on a woman based on the size difference

No. 1925852

the stain on the pillow, what the hell?

No. 1925854

holy fuck shay looks huge in comparison

No. 1925860

Kiki is also there and mentioned Sarah in a tweet recently but afaik hasnt interacted with Shat at all, at least not on Twitter anyway

No. 1925864

I wonder what her bestie Sarah Gregory thinks of her alcoholism? At this point she definitely has seen how Shayna drinks in the morning?
It’s an old photoshoot but idk the specifics

No. 1925868

yeah because her leg is as wide as (wider than???) Sarah's entire back

No. 1925869

File: 1699504843137.jpg (52.22 KB, 550x550, cb2b2ae5c9d02f0d1daf2a5b9d4fea…)

>>1925701(how many times)

No. 1925906

kek obvious lie becuase the TSA ain't thanking nobody for just going through security

No. 1925928

The fact she still has those plugs in is killing me. Not to bodymod sperg but proper treatment for the heinous blowout she’s had for weeks would be absolutely no plugs and saline soaks. I don’t even understand why she stretched more in the first place bc just leaving them out at 0-00g like she was would’ve given her a good amount of shrink - they close surprisingly fast. Her ears are going to be her new most hideous hole, they are permanently destroyed now.

No. 1925942

never in my life did I think I'd see the cell ref'd in the shayna thread on lolcow

No. 1925945

File: 1699530832250.jpeg (521.71 KB, 1170x1665, IMG_1971.jpeg)


No. 1925975

built like a fuckin snowman

No. 1926001

I just know that whole hotel smells rank.

No. 1926048

She blew out her asshole giving her hemorrhoids to match her crusty bloody ear holes. That’s so Shayna

No. 1926049

Her teeth look rotten and her upper body is huge and looks unwashed/crusty.

No. 1926096

dirty shoes on bedsheets….for the love of god.

No. 1926117

The way you couldnt pay me or a "normal" woman to even talk to a moid like that. But Shaynus and her gross degen group interact with him sexually for free.

No. 1926120

You couldn’t even pay me to look at him. He looks like a skin tag with teeth.

No. 1926150

No, it's even worse. Sometimes they pay those degenerates to make content with them..sex work is just L's on top of L's on top of cope.

No. 1926175

omegle shut down today. was shayna ever active on there?

No. 1926184

there is absolutely zero way someone like shayna was not on omegle at least daily for all of 2014

No. 1926201

Isn't this the moid who's married to Sarah Gregory? If my husband posted a picture like this I would divorce him, scrotes are so embarrassing oml

No. 1926203

File: 1699575385764.jpg (350.83 KB, 1536x2048, 20231109_191648.jpg)


No. 1926204

File: 1699575410550.jpg (382.23 KB, 1536x2048, 20231109_191650.jpg)

Look who's back.

No. 1926205

The button on the gunt containment shorts are begging for relief.

No. 1926207

File: 1699575634890.jpg (415.78 KB, 2048x1536, 20231109_191652.jpg)

No. 1926209

Oh my God she looks like someone was playing with old lady filters, she really does look elderly

No. 1926210

File: 1699575740169.jpg (383.21 KB, 1536x2048, 20231109_191655.jpg)

No. 1926212

why does she look like pepper from AHS in this? Jesus christ

No. 1926216

the cameltoe is brutal, the last time those jorts were comfortable must've been at least 30 lbs ago. She has to be aware that sizing up would not only feel better but actually make her look less obese since her clothes wouldn't be visibly straining over gunt. It's pure shaylusion.

No. 1926217

File: 1699576354681.jpeg (715.85 KB, 2073x2048, @SarahGregory04 and @Tubaman20…)

No, this is Scott from the Las Vegas concert and Barbie box porn. Sarah’s husband is even older (@Tubaman2020 on Twitter)

No. 1926218

lol probably cause she looks absolutely wasted with a drink in hand. girls will be friendly with anyone when theyre drunk. i still believe the tinfoil she hates shayna.

No. 1926222

These are literally the ugliest men she’s ever interacted with. This is in no way a flex, I almost feel bad for the current state of her life. I thought she’d be in her 30s before she started hooking for the bottom of the barrel.

No. 1926236

Her husband is some other moid into spanking about 10 years older than her. This guy is just another degenerate she does fetish content with.

No. 1926250

File: 1699579622702.jpg (306.03 KB, 1287x1015, oops.jpg)

I assumed he was because of this exchange, as they’re not that “loving” (?) with others. I stand corrected.

No. 1926252

REEEE i hate this stupid ass hairstyle.

No. 1926256

Is that her convention pass tied to her purse? What if she gets blasted and sets it down where someone could snag it or she could lose it? I dont go to cons so maybe a more social nona could explain if this is common or if its just shay being stupid?

Though knowing shay, if this happens, she would just beg for the money to replace both.

No. 1926257

File: 1699580708902.jpg (390.43 KB, 1080x984, thin asf.jpg)

literally looks like one of those custom items you can order on amazon

No. 1926263

holy shit why is her outfit so ill-fitting! the absolute shaylusion

No. 1926265

everything about this pic makes me wildly uncomfortable. dude looks like a sex trafficker/serial killer with the way he’s posed and she looks freaked out and confused about life.

No. 1926271

I don't know what's worse, the greasy comb over or the frontal butt she has going on.
I just can't deal with this picture it's just shleak

No. 1926282

Nonas is there a chance that Shayna will have a run-in with Shane P Sonnier at this convention?

No. 1926285

File: 1699584139758.jpeg (191.65 KB, 750x672, ABE231AB-9AA5-4C57-94C5-F1BF07…)


No. 1926303

Imagine being in your 20s and the only time you go out is to a degenerate spanking party that old people and washed up Z list hookers attend

No. 1926315

When you just look at the photo as a thumbnail… the font makes it look like it says “Dobby Mattel” then you open the photo and it doesn’t anymore.

No. 1926336

Random thought but I’m surprised the doesn’t call herself “Doggy Mattel” when she does her gross dog cage things

No. 1926365

That's just some random degenerate thumb-looking moid, not Scott Hancock. Lurk moar

No. 1926381


This is Sarah's husband. Not sure why all the tinfoiling. Source: have met them (i'm Strictmoor anon)

No. 1926385

God. You are right. Would work too. We farmers somehow out here doing her job for her. if she starts using it you get the cred nonna lol

No. 1926396

Apropos. I'm sure Master will be giving her a sock this trip

No. 1926397

Pinhead Mattel! Anencephaly never looked so greasy!

No. 1926401

This dude looks exactly how you would expect a seedy pervert to look like, down to every detail. He looks like the kind of guy that hides in alleyways and jumps out and flashes kids.

No. 1926415

If this is for spanking, wouldn’t it make sense for the text to be reversed so that it leaves a legible imprint of her name on a body? It’s just gonna read lettaM ylloD

No. 1926419


Didn't she get herself a paddle with her name with this exact font on it? But it showed up reading "Dolly Mottel" and she attempted to shoop the error on pics and we never saw the paddle after that?

Forgive me nonnas I'm sleep dep'd

No. 1926428

I’m sorry for yelling but her EYEBAGS HAVE EYEBAGS holy FUCK. I have seen fifty year old women who have better under eye areas than this 26 year old. How…how can she not look at herself and she the conshayquences of her lifestyle etched upon her face like an indelible cautionary tale…

No. 1926457

Good to see you Strictmoor nonna. I hope your life is going well and free of degeneracy. Is Sarah's husband as creepy as he looks? He comes across as that kind of soft spoken creep with a high pitched giggle.

No. 1926474

She looks like she’s holding back tears

No. 1926476

Sarah’s husband looks like he is her biological father their features are so similar it made me ill to think on too deeply kek

No. 1926479


Hey! Stepped back from posting because I got a lot of stick volunteering info even as an ex SWer but happy to answer questions.

He's actually not that creepy - seemed like a nice guy. He's English so maybe that makes it harder to tell lol, I think I give more leeway to people with British accents. Honestly I didn't have much to do with him - I only shot the Strictmoor stuff (which is commissioned and v specific) and not shoots for Sarah's other websites (mommaspanking and whatever else). I refused to work with men anyway but they're often involved (lot of domme women filming clip content use subs/ex sub guys to film, set up, do bitchwork etc) and so I was used to having to at least share space with creepos but John (Sarah's husband) was fine.

The tinfoil that Sarah is a complete bitch is spot on though. She was difficult to work with, bitchy, and obsessed with her own image/weight to a degree that makes someone insufferable to be around - constant complaints about what she can/can't eat bcause she has to maintain an image for this career. Her "subtle" comments on Shayna's Twitter are absolutely no surprise and if you are reading them as catty you'd be 100% correct. I have no doubts their BFF twitter posting is a complete sham for likes/attention.(again with the whore blog)

No. 1926504

Nta but I find it hard to believe that these moids aren't sex pests and all they do is spanking. Wouldn't being around young women in sex work (typically low self-esteem, desperate financial conditions, lacking support system) make the scrotes more likely to be creepy and try something? I guess I struggle to understand why these scrotes wouldn't go further knowing how sex-obsessed moids are.

No. 1926505

ayrt Very informative! Thank you nonna. So it sounds like Sarah's husband is a soft pushover while having fetishes. Makes sense. I'm really unsurprised Sarah is a complete bitch, she definitely has the look and attitude. I love that you've confirmed it so we can actually read her commentary as the catty BS we suspect it to be kek. Like for her age Gma has a decent body, don't get me wrong, but she ain't as hot as she thinks she is. Shayna must be kissing her ass constantly and being her whipping post lmao. I wonder if Sarah is eventually going to groom her for a matronly position at Strictmoor.

No. 1926510


I mean, like I said a lot of the guys who I worked around (never directly with) were actually submissives so they were I suppose creepy in a different way but weren't pushing boundaries or trying to touch/spank us. I think the guys like Sarah's husband it's maybe different if you are working with them on a scene? Like maybe he's a creep if you have to let him spank you, IDK, I only ever let women touch me. I would never have done scenes where men hit me because it just feels a lot more gross and problematic.

There's also quite a large divide between spanking models and FSSW. There are kink/spanking models who do sexual stuff, but a majority of the girls I worked with who did spanking or impact didn't do anything sexual. And that was taken as a given - so there was less "guys pushing for sex" that I saw, because the work I was doing wasn't sexual in that way. As weird as it seems (even to me), a lot of guys buying corporal punishment clips aren't interested in the sexual bit. They just want to see punishment. I think even stuff Shayna has done like that caning clip didn't feature any sexual content. It's a quite specific niche.

Honestly though I know it's not what people want to hear but for a lot of those people it's a job like any other. Like there is definitely a higher percentage of creeps and degens in kink SW (duh) but the women I worked with were mostly dommes shooting clips for dudes to get off to, not at all getting off themselves to what we were doing. Nearly 100% of the women I worked with felt at least a little bad spanking/hitting me, and said they much preferred hitting men - had no guilt about that whatsoever. But nobody (or hardly anyone) wants to buy clips featuring men getting punished.

There is definitely a HIGH instance of crazy BDP attention seeking women and unstable models. I also met some really nice girls I still keep in touch with. I did it for a short time because I needed money after my job ceased existing post-pandemic, got out, now I read these threads and follow a few people on Twitter for the lols.(whore blog)

No. 1926556

File: 1699644225174.jpg (551.93 KB, 1536x2048, 20231110_142320.jpg)

The lack of editing is making her look more unruly than we're used to. I can only imagine in the flesh.

No. 1926562

Would you be able to ballpark a dollar amount of how much money Sarah makes? Idk I’m just so curious how much this butterface is making to have such a Regina George attitude.

No. 1926564

There is an inch of foundation spackled over her nasty crusty unwashed haggard skin. I am going to be sick. Fellow skincare nonnas, hold me…

No. 1926567

how are her under eyes worse than his???

No. 1926572

Damn, that 80 year old lady looks better than her. Lol.

No. 1926573

ill never understand how she allows herself to be photographed with such greasy hair when shes in a literal hotel with showers in every room.

No. 1926574

For real. I’m also wondering how she got into this “career path.”

No. 1926576

like does she really get that greasy in less than 24 hours from casually walking around an air conditioned hotel and socializing? hog sweats i guess.

No. 1926582

File: 1699646809516.jpg (588.62 KB, 1080x1339, Stop.jpg)

So she was being hit like a hog in front of a crowd of approximately 8-20 people

No. 1926583

File: 1699646865907.jpg (115.99 KB, 869x1023, 111.jpg)

No. 1926584

File: 1699646950439.jpg (105.48 KB, 837x1024, 222.jpg)

Those stupid ass uggs and socks.

No. 1926586

This entire outfit is "special needs adult escaped the group home"

No. 1926587

Am I crazy or is that one boob closest to us inflamed and really red?? I hope it’s just a result of her degen session bc otherwise yeesh what the fuck

No. 1926589


I don't wanna catch a ban for derailing the thread about general kink SW stuff too much but honestly no - I knew it was a short term thing for me so I took money for shoots and never produced my own clips/sold my own work. I turned up, paid, got to go home and not think about/interact with the gross men buying the content. You obviously make way more money making clips you can sell over and over again, but she also has to pay the models. I wasn't involved long enough to know how much you'd make if this was your career, but maybe someone else in here does.

I will say that nearly every producer I worked with would complain about how much they paid us and how little they made but it seemed like bullshit to me. I think Sarah is probably making good money - not astronomical, but enough to have a v comfy life. The Strictmoor shoots I remember hearing had a very high budget, around $20k, but that was paying for all models & feeding/housing them (it's a big production so lots of girls), flying people in from the UK, venue hire, possibly filming/editing although I think her husband does a lot of that.

The most I ever heard of someone getting paid for a shoot was a girl I knew who got $3.5k for a very severe caning shoot. More severe than the one Shayna did that everyone found really horrifying. You will eventually ruin your ass doing that though and you have to take long breaks between shoots (having a mark-free ass is almost always a requirement of spanking shoots) to recover. The kink stuff like that can actually pay a lot better than FSSW (unless you're a very high end escort) but I would say it's definitely more physically demanding and is nearly guaranteed to leave permanent marks on some level. Also, unless you're a masochist it's obviously actual torture. So maybe unsurprising it pays well.

No. 1926592

Both boobs look swollen and inflamed. There's a stark difference in colour between her breasts and the emerging fat rolls underneath them. It could be because she's compressing them into a top that at least two sizes too small for her girth.

No. 1926593

Ty Nonna. Idk maybe others would disagree but I feel like you’re providing some type of milk since you’re giving us insider info on the stuff Shay doesn’t talk about publicly. The amount of money going into those things are insane

No. 1926599


Thanks! Not sad I never worked with Shayna (ew) as she fell in with those people after I'd quit, but it is crazy to me that this world is so small. Also I was so surprised she got booked for Strictmoor because the guy who commissions those films has super strict requirements for models and her bimbo claws and ditzy dumb girl thing is a million miles away from the demure girl next door image I was told he's so obsessed with. I was really surprised to see her continue to worth with Sarah but I guess for their other sites she's fine. Also I assume Shayna is pretty fake in social situations so that's why her and Sarah get on, or pretend to.